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I I ' ..... fev,, .... ' .,. THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN ichigan her three dimensions height Stretching up into the yellow and blue is the new Haven. Offices of the oracles; a place for casual chats, serious conferences, and occasion- al coffee. Frequented but not inhabited by stu- dents, the tower retains a slight cast of ivory. breadth ? It 4 i i r . 1 I HI! I I 1 : . I ' ! The Hill embraces five dormitories that run the gamut in architecture and occupants. The Hill embraces small-towers and main-liners. The Hill Embraces freshmen and foreign students. The Hill embraces a world within her walls. M I | I " i depth - . The Michigan Marching Band presents the ex- tra ordinary in the extracurricular. Football fanatics become band enthusiasts avidly absorb- ing precision performances of music and move- ment. Here is depth of color, depth of pride. Who come to Michigan to achieve academic heights have chosen well : the elevations are here. Even those who approach with less serious intent find they too attain new stature, if un- wittingly, pressured by the competition of climbing a curve. iving W Prior to claiming status as a University resident, community and family life have pretty firmly moulded a student ' s living- habits. But the converging and unpredictable demands of group living at Michigan shatter the patterns, broadening his sphere. A Michigan student has vast opportunity to delve beyond living and learning. Participation in the activities and traditions of college life will deepen his experience, giving a new di- mension to a personality shaped and tempered by the University. 9 g g learning I Mason Hall land of the Lit where faculty endeavor to foster maturity in understanding, judgment in apprecia- tion; wh ere students learn to apply the past experiences of mankind for the betterment of society and the individual. LITERATURE SCIENCE AND THE ARTS The means of education shall forever be encouraged. 13 I Pillared tradition and glass-fronted contemporary are linked by a passageway which is better utilizedformeditationorconversationthansimplyasthe shortest distance between two lectures. Ten minutes between classes leaves little time for coffee or completing the assignment for the next class, but fresh air does help harrassed perspectives. 14 " We do have a section that meets Tuesday, Thurs- day, and Saturday at eight. " You can thwart registration frustration just change your last name twice a year with the rotation system. Located on the main floor of Angell Hall, the Hopwood Room is an integral yet informal part of every English major ' s erratically scheduled career. The atmos- phere is literary, the furniture comfortable. Both conditions are favorable to re- laxed reading of the latest reviews, or to catching up on departmental attractions. 15 IP Framed against a striking background of snow-capped alluvial fans, eager geology students take to the proverbial hills seeking know- ledge in general, fossils in particular. Equipped with genuine un- breakable hammers, they slowly make their way up to the icy wall of the Grand Ledge Gravel Pit. A two-way trip via University bus. - , rt n ir Who thinks that he shall ever see a botany student without a tree? Clutching notebooks and clippers, botany lab sections perenially field-trip the campus in search of common trees with Latin names and complicated descriptions. Returning with fist-fulls of wilting leaves, they later learn that the most staid oak has its sex problems. 16 . - - local natior Election night at the University television station. Weeks in advance, the staff familiarized themselves with the national picture in order to broadcast complete coverage and analysis. Here is a professional devotion developed in an atmosphere of tension and teamwork. Here is practical and artistic experience within the Lit School where students bring the University to over half a million people in Michigan. Born and bred under closely controlled conditions in the Mason Hall experimental psych lab, rats run through mazes suffering bumped noses and electric shocks, but are happy in revealing important factors in learning that will implement scientific investigation. To really know and appreciate art, one must be continually exposed to it. This often entails virtually taking up resi- dence at Alumni Memorial Hall for a more detailed study of color and line. 17 As executive director of the American Council of Learned Societies, Dr. Charles E. Odegaard, the youngest dean ever to head the Lit- erary College of the University of Michigan, brings to the Uni- versity his extensive knowledge and experiences in the field of hu- manities and the liberal arts. Zoo 38 has much to offer a student besides four hours credit in natural sci- ence. Other than a glimpse into the mysteries of peck-order and protective inhibitions, a student may listen to Marston Bates, a man of unique wit, extensive education and renowned reputation in his field. Dr. Bates is now writing the greatest book since THE NATURE OF NATURAL HISTORY. Diversity of Greatness Characterizes Its Faculty 18 ' Dr. Hazel Losh, assistant professor of astronomy, takes an avid interest in personal as well as celestial relationships. Former students will testify that her memory for names is nothing short of phenomenal. Supplied with students who are demanded by various curriculums to absorb the complexities of economic theory, Professor Shorey Peterson effectively stresses the social implications of economics. Student interest in Russian History may be attributed to Professor Lobanov-Rostovsky in addition to the inter- national situation. To the class he brings wit, charm and narrative delivery of the course which he animates with rare spontaneity and polysyllabic names. ' fit IBO MT. Noted for his energetic lectures, steeltrap wit, genuine personality and deep sincerity, Professor of English Bennett Weaver teaches literature to prepare his students for life instead of blue-books. Taking the hide off a student may be part of the process, but his only aim is to get that student to think for himself and become alive. Though a stickler on class attendance, he ' s a pushover for an old arrowhead or George Goebel. Cutting records for use in the language laboratory is Professor Otto Graf, chairman of the German Department, who has promoted the oral method of foreign language study on campus. . 20 When the sun proves too strong a rival for the rigidity of the classroom, a professor may be persuaded to hold forth on the green. He may even suggest it himself. Author of TOPOGRAPHY OF MANIFOLDS, Raymond Louis Wilder is Research Professor of Mathematics and Research Mathematician in the Engineering Research Institute. Professor Max Loehr, expert in Far Eastern Art, is known to his students for his charm, continental demeanor and amazing knowledge of languages. 21 or ENGINEERING Epoch of the Engine . - : ' . 22 .r. Founded to supplement the literary curriculum, over a century ago. the Engineering College has developed a short shirted, khaki-clad personality of its own. Her stu- dents, pledged to the honor code and the academic dog- mas of logic and experimentation, emerge, however, into a world where supposition and conventions affect even the engineer. ()l)tained as surplus property from the government after World War II, Willow Run, one of the nation ' s largest commercial airports, is a center for University research in aeronautical engineering. The resources of the Engineering College are employed in advanced research as well as in teaching. The results of complicated tests, some of which require as many as 1500 hours, make valuable contri- butions to man ' s quest for better living. 24 n is t i in The analyses of chemical and metallurgical manufacturing processes in the unit operations laboratory are applied in design- ing machinery and devising in- dustrial techniques for greater efficiency. Forming a nucleus for further development on the 350-acre North Campus, the Phoenix Memorial Laboratory and accompanying nuclear reactor provide facilities for atomic energy research. Financed by alumni donations, the promise of the continuing project to harness atomic power for humanity, lies not only in what has been accom- plished, but in what will be achieved in the future. T . . . Utilizing all available science, experience or judgement to arrive at the best practical solution Often meeting at night, while undergraduates feverishly cram in homework and entertainment, senior and graduate seminars offer opportunities to obtain employment information from resource persons drawn from industry. When he has mastered the essentials, the engineer faces his greatest challenge developing and applying his knowledge to fulfill the needs of humanity. )n Left: Dr. George Granger Brown, Edward DeMille Campbell University Professor of Engineering, was appointed dean of the College of Engineering in 1951. Middle: Interested in social health and welfare, Dr. Ferdinand X. Menefee, professor of engineering mechanics, was instrumental in the establishment of University Health Service. Right : Assistant professor of electrical engineering, Dr. Henry J. Gomberg serves as assistant director of the Michi- gan Memorial-Phoenix Project. Although a West Engine bulletin board cannot rival the D.O.B. for complete coverage of campus events, publicity chairmen vie for space and atten- tion in posting their notices. 27 -. esWfWWWWW- V I - 8, , . - r .- . ' . V, ' - . . -U ; 3T ' Civil engineering students, framed in the tripod of the sextant, measure the height of campus landmarks a famil- iar sight most any time of year. To the visitor on campus, the 360-foot naval tank offers a weird ride on its observa- tion platform. For the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineer- ing, the tank is a unique laboratory for teaching ship design and construction and for research; but to Joey the goldfish, who is undisturbed by scientific experi- ments, the mammoth tank is home. Mathematics and drawing are the languages of engineering. Quantitative meas- urement explains and verifies existing principles and supplies the foundations for research. After its conception, the birth of an idea occurs in its graphic translation on the drawing board. m Business Administration students here congregate for literature dealing with all phases of business. Others come for the fine lighting, comfortable chairs and an expansiveness that lends a sense of freedom to a rather confining activity. Bl c. 30 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Caveat Emptor! 31 I The Bureau of Industrial Relations Library which this year celebrates twenty years of service to labor unions and companies throughout the nation, was the second reference collection of industrial relations materials to be estab- lished in the country. Left: Available to the entire campus, the battery of automatic calculators in the statistics laboratory of the Business Administration School is used to solve advances accounting and statistical problems. Biz Ad students coffee-down at Gokenbach ' s along with architects and lawyers. In solemn tribute to the service, lawyers have immortalized " Goke ' s " in mock trial movie. 32 A distinguished author and teacher, Russel A. Stevenson, dean of the School of Business Administration, has served as director of the Employment Stabilization Research Institute and as consult- ant on business economics for the Michigan Planning Commission. Functional modern design stretches up to meet the needs of the modern student of business administration. Besides the spacious classrooms and library, this nine-story structure offers ample room for statistics and accounting laboratories, research and staff officers. 33 . . . Here is provided an appreciation of the position of businessmen in the social order. A An innovation this past fall, Internal Revenue Agents must now attend University Biz Ad classes for one semester as part of their regular training. A weekly lecture series is an added part of the program. Dr. Charles Gaa on the right directs the advanced training of the Internal Revenue Service. Guest speaker Edwin Kahn at the left directs the technical planning division. 34 I If Biz Ad Council mans non-profit coffee urn for students and faculty morning and afternoon. The modern lounge is pleasant and word has it the coffee is two cents cheaper. Holding many offices in the American Business Law Association, Professor Gerald Dykstra is also esteemed by his students. His lectures are stimulating, his illustrations entertaining and unforgettable. Author of DETROIT MONEY MARKET, PRINCIPLES OF MONEY AND BANKING and MONETARY AND BANKING SYSTEM, professor of finance G. Walter Woodworth is now working on the Bureau of Business Research. I Creative expression is an important part of the University ' s Elementary School curriculum. Here, first graders are at work on a mural backdrop for " My Father ' s Dragon, " a play they wrote and enacted for the school. 36 EDUCATION ill IIP Nickel coffee, candy bars and study tables make the second floor lounge a sanctu- ary for student teachers, Ed. School Council and faculty. Dean Olson studies the portrait of William H. Payne who taught the first education courses on campus 75 years ago. A DIAMOND IN DEWEY ' S CROWN 37 University Elementary research includes a yearly measure of a student ' s skeletal development. Progress is correla- ted with his school achievement and other factors included in total growth. In the counseling laboratory, where high school counselors are trained, two graduates in education examine a space relations test, one aspect of general ability. Frog ala formaldehyde is sacrificed in the name of experience in a U. High science course that includes units in zoology, botany and human biology. Field trips and a journey to a conservation camp are other activities in which students participate. 38 Sheltered by university buildings and student teachers, the little ones of U. Elementary School enjoy the out-of- doors. UES kids are rumored to be exceptional, but the passerby would report their shouts and squabbles sound and look like those of children everywhere. MUSIC SOUNDS OF THE TIMES The music of Michigan. The Burton Tower carillon not only represents the Music School, but symbolizes the entire University to her students and alumni. Tolling the hours, the carillon regulates and coordinates the campus. Playing carols at Christmas time or recitals at dusk, Prof. Percival Price and students make her bells echo over the campus and furnish music to Michigan. 1 Held in inestimable affection and respect by their students are Mrs. Ava Case and Mr. Glen McGeough. A warm and understanding teacher, Mrs. Case was educated in Europe, has appeared as a concert pianist and can forsee and advise her piano students as to the problems musicians encounter in the world. Mr. McGeough, professor of music lit and an authority on Wagner and opera, imparts his enthusiasm to his classes through his great physical vigor, verbal fluency and stimulating lectures. Though their classes meet in twelve buildings scattered over the campus, music students have their Mason. On the steps of Burton they have a cigarette or a siesta between theory classes and music lit labs. 42 Proximity to music school, fast service and personable management make " The Betsy " in the Arcade a habitual haunt for coffee clientele and lunchers-out. It is said that music students monopolize her, but TV majors and many others find her more private booths and calmer atmosphere preferable to other campus-town hang-outs. Co ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN Co-ordinated Programs, Collaborative Projects and a Classic Profession. An instructor criticizes an advanced design project in one of architectural drafting rooms. After eight weeks of work, the drawings will be presented to the instructor and visiting architects. 45 Photography students process their own pictures in the darkroom of the well-equipped, glass-roofed photo lab. Scale model of an office building is presented to instructor of advanced interior design. Working with architects, students design furniture and materials with greater attention to human comfort and convenience. Using black and white media, life drawing students translate the movement and structure of the subject into art: With practice they will eventually be able to draw the human body without a model. 46 I. 1 Student sketches landscape and ruins for beginning course in draw- ing. A D lobby is frequently decorated with exhibits, projects exchanged with other Art Schools, and architects who break every hour for a smoke as below. Ann Arbor eye-catcher is the Uni-strut, experimental office building that spans a large distance with a minimum of material. This unusual struc- ture is the object of extensive engineering and architectural research. 47 NATURAL RESOURCES Prosperity Depends on Conservation. National Guided by the philosophies of Burroughs, the dynamics of Bunyan, and the principles of biological science, the School of Natural Resources stresses the theory and practice of conservation. Numerous research projects in the field, typified by night netting to determine the distribution of fish, are characteristic of the program. While the wood chipper machine makes chips out of old blocks, a wood technology student adds glue. The mixture, combined with other ingredients, will eventually be compressed into a board. In this manner, synthetic wood is fashioned from waste products. In the wood technology laboratory, students examine native and foreign wood specimens. Aided by excellent equipment, they become familiar with the structures of various trees. A disturbed child engages in play therapy at the Michigan Childrens ' Institute. The social worker may discern her problems through a study of her drawings. He will try to improve home difficulties, will offer her friendship and counsel. SOCIAL WORK Personally Rewarding and Socially Valuable so The medical social worker provides for the patient ' s needs during convalescence. Procuring financial aid of a public health nurse to care for the woman ' s chil- dren and administering shots when the patient returns home, the medical social wor ker can assist in almost anv situation. Uy ai i 52 Operation plate-rate: As part of a current research project testing automatic dishwashers, this public health student swabs a freshly-washed dish. The swab will then be microscopically examined for bacteria. PUBLIC HEALTH and Preventative Medicine for the Masses Hygiene Injecting a monkey during the early stages of an extensive polio vaccine research program is Dr. Gordon Brown of the faculty. PHYSICAL THERAPY Rehabilitation Motto of the Profession A group of physical therapy students watch as one of their number practices use of a diathermy machine. When applied to patients suffering from muscle strain, fractures and traumatic condi- tions, it produces high frequency currents without stimulation of irritable tissues. At right, a therapist instructs and aids amputees in the use of artificial limbs while members of the class make careful observation of the procedure. Juniors spend hours in pharmacognosy lab examining slides of drugs, which are derived from plant products. The course is a study of medicinal plants. Students coat tablets in the manufacturing lab as part of a senior elective for the study of production of the various, drugs. In the sterile solutions lab, containers of medicinal solutions are filled and examined for foreign particles. 56 In the prescription laboratory, senior pharmacy students put to practice the accumulated knowledge of four years. It is here that they receive their practical training, here that they decipher and compound physicians ' prescriptions. PHARMACY Relatively Small Enrollment Takes Advantage of a Class " A " College 57 DENTAL HYGIENE Versatility Derived from Necessity Giving profilaxes and tooth brush instructions are only two of the ways in which a dental hygienist serves the com- munity. One of her main tasks is teaching methods by which the patient can improve his dental health himself. After graduation she may be employed by the community as a public health hygienist or assist a dentist. In this capacity she will aid not only in lab work and at the chair but also as book-keeper and receptionist. In her two years of intensive training, long days and endless exams, the hygienist makes the rounds of dental school. She learns to aid the dentist in performing a root canal. She spends hours in the lab examining cultures of diseased tissues and the bacteriology of caries. She even plays patient while classmates practice timing and taking X-rays. 59 A nursing student assists in an operation as scrub nurse, a position of prestige and responsibility in the operating room. Having worked with the surgeon, a good nurse will anticipate his demands. Here teamwork saves precious minutes. NURSING . . . And, Above All, an Understanding of People Sophomore nurses must take an academic acid test in bio-chem lab and other rigorous med school courses. But later years bring more rewarding tasks. Seniors look forward to rooming-in duty where they share the care of new ones with new mothers. DENTISTRY Service to State and Student This junior dent student fits a child for braces in the orthodontia clinic. In a special course in child dentistry, students investigate growth and development patterns and child psychology regard- less how malicious the child ' s conduct, the dentist must praise some aspect of his performance. 62 No whistling allowed in the 150 complete dental units where junior and senior dent students work on friends and patients from the examination room. Waiting for an instructor ' s approval and working with infinite care, progress proceeds slowly, but the idea that dentists learn the profession entirely through experimentation with patients is false. Intensively trained in one of the finest schools in the country, Michigan ' s dentists enter the clinic academi- cally informed and emerge with a profound professional integrity and skill in all phases of dentistry. The superlative facilities and faculty of " U " Hospital attract students from throughout the world to Ann Arbor. White-jacketed med students claim to discuss differential diagnoses on the front steps during breaks in daily routine. MEDICINE Honor and Integrity in Profession and Practice I 64 Studying the effects of various drugs on peristalsis and blood supply, sophomore medics observe the intestine of a living rabbit. Experimenting to determine the effect of toxic ions on the heart, white-coated physiology students employ the kymograph which graphically records the frequency of the heart beat. 65 m And how long have you had these symptoms? A senior med student takes his patient ' s history. He will later give her a physical examination followed by extensive lab work. His work will culmi- nate with the presentation of a diagnosis of her condition. Study of human gross anatomy is a necessary but time-consuming requirement for the freshman medical student who spends twelve hours a week for twenty-four weeks in the gross lab. The knowledge which he obtains is basic to further medical studies. I White coated and seriou s, med students spend countless hours in the laboratory. Pipetting blood samples in clinical microscopy or determining the effects of drugs on muscle tissue, medics are conscientious and accurate, for the essentials which they learn must be applied in the saving of human life. Though perfection in amount of pressure and placement takes practice, drawing blood is a strictly routine procedure. Students needle each other and themselves before they puncture patients. 67 " . r. An inordinate rattle in the lungs does not demand three junior medics for diag- nosis, but in beginning patient contact it is good listening experience for everyone. ! i I; A regent of the American College of Physicians, Dr. Cyrus Sturgis is the director of the University ' s Simpson Memorial Institute for Medical Research and the chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine. Internationally reknowned for advancing the techniques of thyroid surgery, Dr. Frederick Coller, right, is chairman of the Department of Surgery. 68 Elected president of the American Academy of Oph- thalmology and Otolaryngology in 1954, Dr. Albert C. Furstenberg, dean of the Medical School and chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology, will begin his term of office in January, 1956. A center for advanced research, the University Medical School, aided by financial grants, fosters numerous projects to advance man ' s knowledge of preventing and combatting disease. 69 The legal outlook on Michigan ' s passing parade is pronounced from within the central tower of the William W. Cook Law Quadrangle. An unnatural amount of precipitation in this area is reported by those who commute through this " ivory " edifice in the spring. " THE CHARACTER OF THE LAW SCHOOLS FORECASTS THE FUTURE OF AMERICA " . WM. COOK 71 The effervescent dean of the Law School, F. Blythe Stason, has functioned in that capacity since 1939. In addition to his responsibilities at Michigan, this versatile and brilliant man is a member of the Hoover Commission and in charge of several programs dealing with the study of peaceful uses of atomic energy. Professor Marcus Plant is graphically explaining about successors to holders in due course in a well- known course called Bills and Notes. Even in the area of Domestic Relations, this complacent student would vow all work and no sleep is certain to make Jack a dull boy. Two years in LawSchool can result in a monumental accumulation some estimated eighty-three and a half pounds of texts and notes. But even in the midst of such heavy fare, provision is made to lift the spirits. An intent senior wades through a quagmire of particularities in duly processing some of the law contained in over 800,000 volumes stacked in the Legal Research Building. These Gothic cloisters provide a shelter for the dropped books of students who have divorced themselves from the tasks in hand to take advantage of the plush facilities inside the Lawyers ' Club. The imposing, church-like structure of the dining hall would belie the fact it is most often the gathering place for many a free-time frolic. Anyone have a penny? Looking into the Quadrangle from any angle is sure to he impressive. The great outer dignity of this splendid education plant i.s sym- bolic of the solemn integrity of the effort within. V " ; " ' , ' _ Not the least known of the characters about Law School are those men who are an integral part of the architecture. Colored glass panes in Hutchins Hall allow the light to shine through certain legal situations, below, while a stonyfaced justice, left, guards the egress from the dining hall. RACKHAM School of Graduate Studies The thick carpeting, high ceilings and comfortable appointments of the Rackham graduate study hall make for silence and a suitable atmosphere for study. The second floor sanctuary is practically grad-proof ; many have been diplomatically deported ignorance of the law is no excuse. I X Far from the white buck trodden Diagonal is the Rackham School of Graduate Studies. Rarely does the undergraduate use its facilities, hut the graduate has access to its study lounge and con- ference rooms for the preparation of his thesis. Dr. Ralph Alanson Sawyer, who was des- ignated by the American Men of Science as one of the nation ' s outstanding scien- tists, was technical director of the Bikini Atoll bomb tests for the government. He has been dean of the Graduate School since 1946. In achieving a gracious balance between protocol and informality, the Hatchers have earned the respect and admiration of the University community. Endowed with magnetic demeanor and genuine hospitality, the entire family contributes humanism and warmth to the campus. Legally responsible to the people of the State of Michigan, but more importantly, intellectually responsible to the academic freedoms and goals of education, Presi- dent Harlan Hatcher guides the Uni- versity. 78 Executive Officers of the University are from left to right: Wilbur K. Pierpont, James A. Lewis, President Harlan Hatcher, Marvin L. Xiehuss, Herbert G. Watkins, and Arthur L. Brandon. ADMINISTRATION Playing important roles in the non-academic side of campus, Dean of Men Walter B. Rea and Dean of Women, Miss Deborah Bacon, supervise the staggering amount of student activity that goes on within the University. Among their more specific duties is giving competent aid to students with problems of most any type or scope. William S. Zeiman, Assistant to the Dean of Men in the Office of Student Affairs, is the familial- counselor to campus fraternities. Responsible for the coordination and development of the aspects of student life outside the classroom, University Vice-President of Student Affairs, James A. Lewis, right, assumed this newly created administrative post in July. 1954. The three assistant deans of women, Mrs. Elsie Fuller, Mrs. Elizabeth Leslie, and Miss Gertrude Mulhollan, are instrumental in the direction of coed housing at the University, as well as in assisting women students who wish to obtain financial aid. V 80 . MEANS OF 1. FOKHVF.R HAPPI . , ,, j - OOLS CAT 10 BOARD OF REGENTS. Front Row: Roscoe O. Bonisteel: Otto E. Eckert: Harlan Hatcher; J. Joseph Herbert; Vera B. Baits. Back Row: Kenneth M. Stevens; Alfred B. Connable, Jr.; Leland I. Doan; Charles S. Kennedy. Symbol of the complexity of the University, the Administration Building from its spacious executive offices to its filing cabinet crammed cubicles is Michigan ' s nerve center. XI STUDENT ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE For all practical purposes, the Committee on Student Affairs is the all-campus student government. Particularly through its functions of calendaring and recognition of student organizations, it has become the supreme authority in the realm of student affairs. Its functions have now been transferred to the Student Government Council. Front Row: Mrs. Ruth Callahan; Helen Peak; Dean Deborah Bacon; Ruth Rossner; Lucy Landers; Sally Stahl. Back Row: J. Will- cox Brown; Philip Duey; Tawfiq Khoury; Leo Schmidt; Dean Walter Rea; Eugene Hart wig; Stephen Jelin, Richard Townsend; Tom Leopold. 82 living Sandwiched in between the interminable academics and the realm of activities, there is life which is, after all, essen- tial. Wherever one hangs his crew neck sweater, one becomes a part of all encompassing University life and living. 83 DORMITORIES Though of unpretentious facade, Clark ' s is a haven on the Hill for those retreating from beef birds or simply desirous of a change of environment and music with their meals. To celebrate the passage of the c ollege years, room-mates often smuggle in birthday cakes to illuminate the anniversary and fill friends who creep in after hours for cake and congratulations. card 1 1 84 One wonders what men did for diversion in pre-television days after co-eds were deposited at the dorms. Now even card games die on the vine as squad lounges fill up with those who like to wrap up the day with the 11 o ' clock flick. After a novelty meal outside the dorm dining room, one is invar- iably tempted to import a few goodies for the customary crave at midnight. The lower calf is assuredly covered, but the Victorians join with Michigan men in com- plaining against the coeds ' kneesocks. ADAMS HOUSE Front Row: Peter Black; Aldrick Sirard; John Taliaferro; James Whitten; James Wassail; Teny Ouchi; Josepli Bailey; Ken Anderson: Charles Van Atta. Second Row: Greg Schmidt; David Gasman; Kdward Boseker; Richard Thurston; Mrs. M. B. Dickerman (Asso- ciate Adviser); Arnold Bauer (Resident Adviser); John Glass; Wallis Hoyle: John Harris; Martin Conway: David Flowers. Third Row: Philip Nichols; Gary Sprague; Robert Dukarski; Edward Driese; Thomas Davis; Victor Long; Cornelius Sippel; Paul Koehn; Acton Ostling; Joe Flora; Sheldon Rosenthal. Back Row: Jerry Klooek: Bill Stumpfig; Harley Ristad; Newell Miller; John Davies; Fred Cross; Paul Coogan; Stanley Weiss; David Hedrich; Ralph Bleyaert; Roberto Maldonado. Front Jotoi PtW Front Row: Don Pallin; Lewis Carlson; Albert Bush; Harold Chetrick; George Colburn; Michael Chen; Shiu-Hon Wong; Robert Murphy; Michael Soter. Second Row: William Evans; Tom Barnhart; Philip Michel; Bernard Bebeau; Mrs. M. B. Dickerman (Asso- ciate Adviser); Arnold Bauer (Resident Adviser); Raymond Rowley; Wayne Slawson; George Jones; Richard Voda; Preston Gurxvin. Third Row: James McClintock: David Danes; Walter Wegst; Robert Johnson; Harry Wheeler; Fred Poposki; Joe Sisko; Don Carl; Charles Casey; Robert Bredin. Back Row: Dick Siunmerwell; John Emery; John Hanson; Robert Segar; Mike Flynn; Bill Skellenger; Robert Plaskett; Harvey Jame; Dean Reichenbach; Joe Cox; Roger Fredrick; Clare Schindler. 86 ALLEN RUMSEY Front Row: Chester Lehman; Adam Patrick; Vincent Nelson; Donald Godell; Edward Schotland; John Simonds; John Sprague. Second Row: Richard Brewer; Kevin Buckley; James Bower; Herbert Bensinger; Paul Jansma; Mrs. Mildred Hale; Arthur Graham; Mark Salmi: Richard Beaudry: Jerome Ostrov; Ronald Riem. Third Row: Thomas Gregoire; Brenton Mattes; Donald Hadley; Carl An- drews; Robert Davis; Thomas Brown; Scott Rader; David Moore; James Galligan; Richard Maslyn; Eduardo Santamaria. Back Row: John Steinhelper; Robert, Egly; Joseph Johnson; Jerome Libby; Robert Stasiuk; Kenneth Knapp; Donald Wattrick; William Coulter; Peter Minoff; James Sergeson; Robert Waldeck. h f ; Front Row: Raymond Newman; Lee Weatherbee: Ivan Wade, Jr.: Richard Bach; Brewster Pcaliody: Karl Stone; John Taylor; Robert Steinberg: Frederick Woodard; Gary Thomas. Second Row: Paul Walker; Richard Clark; Fred Bohler; Adam Pachana: Thomas Windeknecht; Alan Arms; Mrs. C. C. Hale; Arthur Graham: Anthony Taddeo; Frank Yakouac; Donald Mac Dougall; Henry Chandler. Third Row: John Boston; Donald Francoeur; Richard Brackenbury; Ernest Schwartz: John Ruiz; Fred Beaver; Richard Bailin; Kirk Balcom; John Lelivelt; Henry Moravec; David Caplan; Thomas Propson. Back Row: William Seeman; Patrick Noonan; Thomas Np- wak, Jr. ; Neil Booth; Glen Gale; James Kanitz; Frank Dasse; Gerald Pruder; Robert Rodgers; Maurice Chase,Jr.; Phillip Welch; David Harris; John Osmer; Carl Marcucci; William Reader; Edward Westerlond, Jr.; Herbert Kline. 87 5r I Front Row: Dean Morley; Fred Nelson; Gene Terpstra; Ernest Plant; Kenneth Murk; Kurt Keydel; Tom Ainsle; Mike Gaston; Robert Mixer; Khvin Brainerd. Second Row: Joe Dydasco; James Hantula; Barry Neft; Richard Dick; Dana Underwood; Miss Sara Rowe; Martin Holtgrieve; Harry Katzenmeyer; Clyde Coxey; Alfred Szemborski; Kilmer Forsen; Robert Wine. Third Row: Keeling Warbur- ton; David Lundy; Herbert McCullagh; Miles Riggs; Robert Denton: Hans Kardel; Willard Tayler; Fred Stegenga; Karl Koenings- mann; Ron Bowen; Frank Zimmerman; Back Row: Stanley Kostman; Fred Heyner; Tom Seelman; Ron Miller; Dick Ward; Bruce Miller; Bob Radell; Emery Easton; Edgar Coffman; Joel Sussman; Alan Weinberg; Gary Hofmaster. ta V ANDERSON HOUSE Front Row: Ronald Anderson; Bill Watson; Ron McCreight; Ralph McCormick; Allen Smith; Charlie Yu. Second Row: Tom Frank; John Hayes; Joel Margenau; Martin Holtgrieve; Miss Sara Rowe; Charles Jones; Dana Underwood; Bob Sounders; Dick Mason; Bill Wright; John Hartmann. Third Row: Don Cosgrove; Eugene Mrowka; Bob Konecny; Robert Durham; Gordon Meinhard; Maurice Dean; Lester Johnson; Karl Weinacker; John Gallagher; Fred Smith. Back Row: Ron Dill; Bob Armstrong; Dick Kendall; Roy Paul; Bruce Budde; Al DeVries; Bill Herrnstein; Tom Peterson; Pearce Klazer; Don Mick; Andre Despres; Al Burdinie. Front Row: Shirley Ruthig; Constance Shumate: Lyime Burrows; Diane Lakin; Barbara Thorne; Angeline Pyrros; Joan Donohue; Marilyn Miller; Gail Brooks; Phyllis Cantwell; Sally Simon. Second Row: Galye Porath; Alice Madsen; Barbara Wittow; Katherine Adams; Elizabeth Stone; Carole Brumbaugh; Mrs. Katherine Glass: Joanne Clark; Margaret Conn; Bailey Apple; Ruth Israel; Barbara Sklouer. Third Row: Carol Sapp: Karen Hansen; Carolyn Simmons; Jayna Leibovitz; Carol Goldshine; Meredith Tigel; Susan Sturc; Renee Tobias; Lyla Leipzig; Ilene Lifshey; Virginia Skelly; Patricia Harvey; Janet Roberts. Back Row: Elaine Barn; Jane Simmons: Diane Yukon; Sandra Bowman; Barbara Rose; Edna Carlson; Ruth Katzman; Deborah Kopelov; Laura Wallace; Diane Weingarden; Paula Wallach; Nancy Rappaport; Marilyn Levey; Iris Bennett. ANGELL HOUSE (MR Front Row: Charlotte Costa: Vongphan Suthipongse: Carolyn Berlowitz: Xancy Bell; Alice Louise: Shirley Todd: JoAnne Berkowitz; Roberta Labovitz. Second Row: Elaine Saltsman; Rhoda Coggan: Elaine Koffman; Ethel Kovitz; Mrs. Glass; Bernadine Bartram; Jo Ann Scharbat; Joan Gallancy; Ruth Halushka. Third Row: Harriette Garfinkle; Ann Tarlowe; Sue Xovitsky; Bonnie Watson; Marilyn Houck; Elaine Terner; Patricia Herrman; Ann Heath; Carol Wheeler; Eileen Pruder: Xancy Poggemiller; Zelda Lebowitz. Back Row: Marcia Zeidman; Anne Robinson; Constance Fontiou; Molly Kinkema; Janet Magers; Mary Schwaderer; Shirley LaVere; Julie Arkin; Mary Lou Lackie, Lois Gavorin. . Front Row: Ann .letter; Barbara Glaser; Linda Jacobacci; Jobel Tyson; Elizabeth Ban-is; Sue McCotter; Carole Ruhenstein; Carole Stutzman; Genevieve Leland. Second Row: Eileen Levy; Nancy Yeakey; Susan Bergdahl; Peggy Ross; Marion Charvat; Marge Wyche; Xatividad Dimaya; Jean Boch; Judith Reynolds; Nancy Estes. Third Row: Jean Teutsch; Margaret Brake; Sally Lennington; Eleanor Shaw; Marg Beck; Judy Klein; Patsy Langdon; Helen Jamison; Judy Huntington; Beverly Scales; Diane Whitman; Patricia Corchan: Ida Lyness; Marian Miller: Antonia Sacchetti. Back Row: Joan Bryan; Mary Croteau; Connie Davidson; Janice Adams; Clare Lehenz; 3; Sally Arnold; Mary Fulton; Cherry Harris; Susan Doherty; Fairy Sakai. Ann Kienzlen; Sue Strahle; Pat Booze; Fro to : i BETSY BARBOUR Front Row: Mary Hult; Mary Hague; Joanne Manning; Joan Arent; Margaret Phillips; Janet Dietrich; Mary Glover; Elizabeth Fralick. Second Row: Shelley Scarney; Martha Whaling; Gerry Van Dusen; Julie Harris; Marilyn Gerred; Nancy Kanitx; Roberta Evans; Betsy Palmer; Lois Gamier; Mary Cyms. Third Row: Gail Shovein; Joan Heiden; Sheila McKenzie; Jeanne LaBelle; Jeanne Seaborn; Mary Claire Stewart; Judy Koelzer; Dolores Smith; Pat Skelly; Joan Fairbairn; Margery Barber; Shirley Kaye. Back Row: Sally Woonton; Mary Knecht; Polly Van Schoick; Mary Dwyer; Margaret Davidson; Joan Wellman; Carla Schram; Elizabeth Kay; Carol Prins; Judith Col well; Janet Gatherer; Sandra Hecke; Mary June Foster. I - II ( ' Front Row: Joan Boehm: Helen Napier: Carol Hotham: Marianne Goes; Arlene DeCook; Irene Kunst : Dorothy Brandon: Elissa Panush. Second Row: Roehelle Goldstein: Isabel Martin: Susie Lau: Sylvia Troy: Mrs. Lois Kemf: Ellen Rober: Shirley Hatlem; Carolvn Ver- den: Lucille Kurian. Third Row: Helen Erickson; Roslyn Heim: Marguerite Hall: Lueanna Marquardt; Mary Marshall: Elizabeth Dykstra: Carey Wall; Sarah Sue Jackson; Eunice Richards. Back Row: Joan Cox: Barbara Hahn; Ilyne Weisman; Sharon King; Mary Anne Pahl: Margery Blatchley; Ruth Heald: Dorothy Uren; Patsy I ' chil: Shirley Benkovi?s: Shannon King. CHICAGO HOUSE Front Row: Joanne Zaparyniuk: Carrine Hamilton; JoMarie Button: Shirley Xorquest; Jane Binding: Maureen Keimor. Second Row: Wai-Jun Chan: Lenore Davis, Ann Becker, Elizabeth Yee; Mrs. Lois Kempf; Ellen Rober: Mary Jinqozian; Dora Edwards; Joan Camp- bell. Third Row: Donna Varner. Jean Berry; Barbar Field: Climetene McClain: Xancy Colquitt; Ronnie Kopelson; Christa Eckhard: Sally Tucker; Myra Golden: Lois Taterka. Back Row: Eleanor Hagler, Sarah Loveless, Carol Larwin: Carolyn Bradshaw; Lou Ann Moxlev: Joan Ganis; Cecile Friedlander; Roberta Corwin; Janet Moonev; Susan Raunheim. MARTHA COOK thia Diamond; Priscilla Heft; Gloria Anton: Elizabeth Cope; Prisrilla Bickford; Betty Veres. Back Row: Marjorie Barlow; Jane Brill: Dorothy Fink; Elaine Domke; Camilla Heller; Martha Kisel; Margaret Cook; Linnea Johnson: Ann Mulcahy; Kathryn Kneiske Alice Burton; Xoreen Helliwell; Barbara Deoring; Lynn Zimmerman: Margaret Burton. Morton; Patricia Umphrey; Nancy Koyaek; Jeanne Andersen; Ann dimming; Barbara Hansen; Bess Lyoe; Victoria Milton; Mary Richards; Marcia Lubeck; Dolores Messinger. Back Row: Donna White; Elizabeth McDonald; Sheila Hubbard; Susan Raiford; Esther Goudsmit; Sally Stahl; Margaret Lord; Jane Newberg; Phyllis Rode; Elaine Gulden; Julie Flynn; Gwendolyn Williamson; Carolyn Lentz; Mary Hellthaler; Patricia Stenberg; Mary Jane Soper. 92 COOLEY HOUSE Front Row: Ramon Perez; Thomas Logan; Robert Weibel: Marvin Greene; William Milne; Patrick O ' Brian; Paul Treado; Walter Hall; Richard Roe. Second Row: Kenneth McDowell; James Cruthis; Bruce Darnall; John Erlanger; Richard Ruhala; Caleb Atwood; Gene Antonides; William VanKoughnet; William Zimmerman; Murray Milne; Bing Lau; George Paraskevas. Third Row: Alexander Camp- bell; Robert Fuller; Kimber Greene: Robert Kramer; Daniel Stobierski: Raymond Ramsey; James Powers; William Kirke; Drake Duane; Loren VanTassel; Joel Gottlieb; James Evans; Richard Pompian. Back Row: Gene Ferrell; John Cunningham; William Phillips; Michael Murphy: Herbert Arkin; Donald Tyler: Walter Hapkc; Donald Frandk: Bruce Clark; Robert Sedestrom; James Morris; Robert Cooper: Ronald Smith; Joseph Powers: David Lopez. Front Row: Clarence Allain; Donald Haapala; Gilbert Kucera: Jerome DeSormier: Ambrose DeLeon; Robert Galen; Lee Cross ; Orlin Allen; Richard Borkoski; Emil Lebedovych. Second Row: Gerald Braun: Jim Crathis; John Erlanger; Dick Ruhala; Jason Millman; Peter Knoblock; Mrs. Dornan; Frank Kucera; Frank Flint: Bruce McGarvey; Bruce Highstreet: Edward Bernreuter; Eric Garbutt. Third Row: Steve Boros; John O ' Leary; Norman Kiel: Harry Smith; Stanley Cool; Daniel Parson; Gerald Jackowski; Charles Wil- Icms: David Feurfile: John Hitchcock; Douglas Xauts; Xeil Taylor; Gaylord Richardson; Fred Cotton; David George; Peter Ekstrom. Back Row: David Chesley: Joel Bussell; Richard Reichle; William Buehfer; Gerald Lohr; Eugene Gray; Peter Ahlstrom; William Evans; David Shaub; David Redding; Gene Gignac; John Mazloumian; Philip Marshall; Paul Zenian; Joseph Devyak; John Lynn; Donald Shepherd. 93 M Front Row: Elizabeth Sharp; Joan Austermiller; Nancy Loprich; Xancy Grezesiuk; Nancy Kinietz; Bette Kervvin. Second Row: Sandra Rose; Susan Scott; Claudia Kanga.s; Marile Jones; Ann Hunter; Pat Hawkins; Shirley Peterson; Virginia Schmuak. Back Row: Francis Klinkman; Louise Morrow; Kathryn Crossett; Katherine Hamilton; Ann Roden; Pat Ruggles; Mary Dickman; Eva Griffith; Joyce Albiston. COUZENS HALL i Out of uniform, costumed nursing stu- dents parody " This Is Your Life " in the Couzens basement assembly room as part of a farewell party " for an in- structor. 94 i Hi f : Bt f ' T F ' y f i Front Row: Pete Harris; Dick Snyder; Joseph Decker; Xormun Burdick; Xick Redfield; Kenneth Wolvin; Max Roensch: Harry Strauss; Gordon Kelly: Jerry Wells: Larry Walders; Ronald Rogers. Second Row: George Glattes; Jim Miller; Jack Kelsey; Howard Gilford; Bob Bruce; John Drake: Jim McClurg; Mrs. Edith Lynch; Harvey Wax; Henry Moses; Don Parko; Christopher Pyrros; Bob Trautner; John Landeryou. Third Row: Pat Donahue; Paul Wellington; Ken Swarts; Bernie Berman; Joe Morelewski; Duncan Magoon; Bob Mann; Gerald Reimers; Frank Ford: Xick Milanytch; Jerrald Barren; Ralph Fear; Stephen MacArtuur; Bob Steed: Tom Jolls; Richard Marino: John Payne; Bruce Eaton. Back Row : Murry Frymer; Paul Medura, Tom Blues; Phil Brown; Dale Hanson; Eugene Williams; William Kwech; Dugald Munro: Tom Dever; Mike Lutsch; Richard Grauer; Bernath Sherwood; Pershing Lin; Frank Sokolitz; Ronald Walter, Don Kay; John Xeily; Xeil Ege. GOMBERG HOUSE Front Row: Paul Hays; George Sawyer; Bob Gardner: Dick Ishida; Roger Seymour; Stan Johnson; Don Pobuda; Bill Toyama; Kent Dalley; Herman Besselink; Bill Gintner: Bill Kelsey; Second Row: Jack Schultz; Bill Hamil; Gerry DeMaagd; Fred Schwarb; Jim Reveno: Edward Godfrey: Robert Woschitz: John Dubois; Lee Stern; George Mclntyre; Richard MacQueen; James Pace: Joseph Winger; Dexter Bartlett; Jerry Richards: William MacPhee. Third Row: Jerry Bruemmer; Buss Wells; Bill Graessley; Richard Xara- gon; Blain Harper; Robert Robbins; Robert Granger: Jack Grunawalt: Robert Sharp; Robert Mattson; Virgil Grumbling; Xick Wiese; Richard Xeil: Robert Smith: Paul Goodman: Robert Mills: Robert Coleman; Jerry Flalland. Donald Adamski. Back Row: Ross Fiske; Carl Placeway; Bill Heath: Mike Sakkinen: John McFatridge; Frank Greene; ' Michael Szezygiel; Don Wille; Jon Bruemmer; Jack Ciupak; Dick Vanderkolk; Richard Scamehorn; John Bosnia; Bradley Johnson; Fred Warner; Bill Hesselgrave; Stanley Johnson; Carl Dila; Charles Dayharsh; Reid Winston. Front Row: John McCabe; William McIIattie; Frederick Sage; William Weber; Mrs. . H. Newell; Wayne Warren; Thomas Kroczek; Steve Schneidei ; Jerome Delene. Second Row: Barry Merenoff; Victor Manzo; Russell Nowlcn; Franklin Lemkey; Richard Giles; William Angell; Hamilton Robichaud; Martin Frank; Charles Diver; Kenneth Kline. Back Row: Ivan Vissepo; Jacob Booth; Grant Hildebrand; Guillermo Lozano; Dan Forbes; Leland Moy; Richard Carver; Richard Rockafellow; Louis Roberts. GREENE HOUSE Front Row: Norman Rosman; Joseph Fuller; Jan Tanenbaum; George Baumann; Roger Kidston; Frank Butorac; Richard Watson; Edgar May; Ka Lun Fogg. Second Row: David DeBoer; Guillermo Gonzaies; Norman Sagansky; Jerry Wikstrom; Robert McKeough; Gregory Dexter; Frederick Carman; Robert Massenberg; Burton Beerman; Wayne Blakely. Back Row: Jasper Harris; James White; Donald Davis; Norman Potter; James Young; Robert Katchke; Edward Hargadon; Bruce Siegan. 96 Front Row: Richard Cooper; Byron Hestevold; John Skorna; William Maloney; Karl Betz; Robert Eggers; Thomas Gaffield; Larwence Keller; Donald Danzer; John Mayrose; James Johnson. Second Row: James Lange; Jon Zoner; Thomas Connolly; James East; Marcel Saliye; John Woodruff; Mrs. R. R. Baker; Gary Boe; William; Curt Sugiyama; Robert Tazelaar; John Uilkema; Kdwardo Argilar. Third Row: Billy Parker; Edward Rogers; Louis Dame; John Myers; David Beattie; Vince Layher; Walter Ring; Thomas Altenbern; Robert Van Valkenberg; Fedrick Chessna; William Woodruff; Robert Hovey; Jon Collins; Barney Silverman; Jerry Wright; James Duncan; Kurt Mikat. Back Row: Makoto Ohorl; Robert McClellan; John Bindeman; David Joyce; Robert Reid; Keith Alford; Kenneth Preston; Henry Schnelbach; Harvey Johnson; Willis Cunningham; Donald Dame; Stanley Smith; Robert Holloway; John Christie; Douglas Bell; James Hazlett. HAYDEN HOUSE Front Row: Valentine Pfaffman; Richard Kulick; Armando Xavarrete; Howard Russell; Albert Hilburger; Ivan Franson: Don Didelius; Jesse Conti. Second Row: James Burke; Richard Benson; Ralph Martin; Donald DeBusschere ; Jon Ditz; Mrs. R. R. Baker; John Nixon; Dean Savell; Raymond Shirven; Leon Redler; John Leitch. Third Row: William Labby; Charles Young; Roger Wooton; Arthur Pollakowski; Richard Haken; Randolph Tarrier; Stanton Kleinert; Joseph Reid; James Hulett; Carl Schultz; James Knipp; Brian Kidston. Back Row: Jack Mitchell; Howard Oldford; James Staskowski; Stephen Zervas; Bernard Maeiejewski; Jack Seastrom; John Blaha; Joseph Aponte; William Duncan; David Reiser; John Taylor; Frederick Adams; Lynn Becker. 97 HINSDALE HOUSE Front Row: Alice Greenberg; Priscilla Torsleff; Violet Gaishin; Carol Hampner; Sylvia Katz; Alice Kurtik; Sandy Feldstein. Second Row: Myrna Morton; Helen Levy; Janet Berkey; Judy Faber; Ann Bernheim; Carol Portney; Fran Gudemann; Maude Xichthauser; Maureen Isay; Lois Stern. Third Row: Mary Anderson; Janet Strutz; Dorothy Wattrous; Judy Wolgast; Su Stenglein; Sandra Beer; Elaine Chazanow; Pat Miller; Cynthia Smith; Shirley Jones. Back Row: Faith Fowler; Barbara Mason; Carol Moudry; Illane Klein; Ann Shotwell; Lucy Sugarman; Esther Margolis; Soretta Robin; Sue Bobcean; Carol Morgan; Mary Harrington. - Front Row: Adriana Cooper; Louise Sprowl; Lois Morse; Marilyn Schwartz; Cynthia Law; Margie Galdonyi; Edythe Nelson; Caroline Sillick. Second Row: Rosemarie Feldstein; Zina Gefter; Carolyn Fisher; Michele Kushner; Davidine Krasney; Mrs. Ruth Hawthorne; Leda Cosmenco, president; Ivy Dickstein; Murial Knobloch; Diane Goldstein; Rene Markohff. Third Row: Jacqueline Allen; Marylen Segel; Joanne Marsh; Diane Singer; Eleanor Shur; Annette Krause; Artis Lockwood; Pearl Reinhardt; Saovuni Vejjajiva; Jean Scruggs; Kathryn Gilley; Karol Doherty. Back Row: Carol Jones; Judith Engelke; Marilyn Maille; Ann Orebaugh; Marsha Bartha; Jessica Tanner; Mary Jo Palmer; Martha Collins; Harriet Cohn; Arlene Fauek; Edith Risman; Barbara Umanoff. F: I : h I 98 HINSDALE HOUSE Front Row: Bruce Robertson; James Van Wagoner; Lauren Wilcox; Fernando Bonilla; Gary Filsinger; William Wood; Alvin Ziv: Bruce Parsons; John Artz. Second Row: Robert Barth; David Lemon; Alvaro Juliao-Gelmch; Hugh Grey; Ray Snider; Mrs. Peck; John Cederna; Emmett Xorden; Paul Drake; Dannis Butler. Third Row: James Blanchard; Dan Morse; Douglas Schroeder; Charles Klee- kamp; Edson Gallaudet; Gerald Weil; Michael Wolf; Edward Jiongo; Frederick Zinger; John Wonser; William Green. Back Row: Gerald Schmidt; William Webster; Jerry Frank; Frederick Roeben; Peter Workmar; Peter Hay; Geza Gyorey; Gerald Burdett; Don Sanzobrin; Bruce Meyer; Walter Charney; Thomas Rudd. Front Row: Paul Bleckley; Gerald Dundas; Edward Vanderventer; Wyland Gibbs; Robert Holt; Frank Sevcik; James Fawcett; Richard Weber. Second Row: Hugh Allen; George Worden; Richard Souslin; Donald Upham; James MaeKay; Charles Straayer; Jerry Mohrig; Leonard Sipiora; Xiles Kinnunen; Herbert Pollock. Third Row: Joseph Mclntyre; Duane Diedrich; Thomas Hauser; Ross Fletcher; John Mendel; James Oom; Langoon Marvin; Bradford Foster; Michael Bergeon; Douglas Mac Dougall; Carl Krouse; Lawrence Youse. Back Row: Paul Van Order; Howard L T row; Frank Shaklee; Samuel Riggs; Robert Kleinberg; William Smith; Kenneth King; George VerWys; Bruce Robbins; Roger Barnes; James Varin; Dale Soumela; Peter Wilson. 99 HUBER Front Row: Philip Wargelin; John Bitzcr; Karl Albrecht; Ohannes Samuel; Roger Frock; Fernando Ramirez; Don Linclman; William Brumm; Peter VanCamp. Second Row: Jerry Mills; Chuch Heuchert: James Lee: Stewart Hill Aron; Charlie Green; Mrs. Florence Atkinson; Robert Rickert; William Stern; William Huggett; Henry Haehmuth; Ron Bhada. Third Row: Jim Owens; Robert Carr; Hap Atherton; Charles Hedetniemi; Sherwin Sokolov; Ralph Londal; Arthur Simon: Michael Eisman; Mohammed Edwards; George Osius. Back Row: Donald Honkala; Toni Perfect; Charles Elstradt; John Mayne; Louis Zako; Harvey Krage; Dave Epstein; Rick Jossem; Paul Plato; William Moebs. LOB Am- PlW Front Row: Russell Townley; Bol) Sparks; Chuck Jackson; Dayton Selby; Bruce Carpenter; Leland Henry. Second Row: George Pai; Charles Russell; Jim Doni Kolas; John Brabant; Mrs. Florence Atkinson; Richard Wall; Jerry Gray, president; Richard Burdick: Mau- rice Barancik. Third Row: Thomas Marshall; Robert Usher; Bruce Foucek: George Elison; Robert Finley; Albert Kandarian; Gershom Morningstar; Sandy Golden. Back Row: Jack Willson; Jerome Skelly; Frank Rizzo; Richard Rieder; Kenneth Tucker; Stuart Mc- Dougall; Mile Mapes. 100 JORDAN HALL Front Row: Ruth Epstein; Virginia Royal; Ellen Austin; Irma Saulson; Fran Whitaker; Sue Epstein; Sylvia Binkley. Second Row: Lois Xovak; Carolyn Stinebower; Margaret Heizman; Joann Purcell; Joanne Buttons; Dorrit Smetana; Margot Corby. Third Row: Ann Neely; Janet Krause; Louise Milligan; Lorna Koontz; Peg Lane; Jane Abeshouse; Judith Levy; Beverly Ashby. Back Row: Shirley Price; Patsy Gerstner; Elizabeth Boynton: Ellen Quirke; Margaret Brown; Pamela Bowles. Prospective freshmen are frequently toured through the Jordan lounge. The great fireplace and comfort- able furnishing insure a pleasant scene for house part- ies, pre-dinner discussions, entertaining and this spring weekend meeting. 101 KELSEY HOUSE Front Row: Leslie Kert; Lawrence Ellenbogen; Tom Kregor; Lewis Craine; David Shuirman; Terrenee Tweetie; Jose Valenzuela; Peter Stanger. Second Row: James Booth; Arthur Bady; Gray Allan; William King; Herbert Freedland; Fred Robins; Tom Gougeon; Donald Gregor; Xorman Barr; Michael Russell; William Granse. Third Row: Hugh Kennedy; Richard Stiesel; Gordon Angler; John Burt; James Powell; Dale Houston; Gerald Miley; Anthony Sulfaro; John Schick; Lynn Evan; Robert Conn. Back Row: Bronson Murray; William Hosshines; Stewart Smith; Robert Putman; Robert Amor; William Muir; Frank Betts; David Hecht; Paul Koshewsky; Sey- mour Manello; John Denton. I - : - - PN O Front Row: George Davidson; Sanford Wolf; Edward Hamilton; John Fitzjohn; Theodore Friedman; Ronald Eschenburg; David Bates; Clinton Wagner. Second Row: Jack Chudnoff; Allan Lawson; Hugh Fleetwood; John Brinley; Joseph Betts; Eloise Drake; Phillip Slowick; Eugene Derricotte; Franklin Smith; Richard Adams; Morris Phillips. Third Row: Darrill Mullenix; James McBirney; Charles Sims; William Alger; Fredrick Meyers; Hubert White; Rodney Blackman; Calvin Will; William Meyers; Harry Detweiler; William Hanks. Back Row: Dean Case; Ronald Baumer; Monte Ecloff; Frederick Galperin; Michael Fisher; Edward Dobbin; Richard Ketteman; Stan- ley Kraushaar; Richard Gooel; Charles Taylor; Richard Oles. I 102 KLEINSTEUCK Front Row: Beverly Becker; Harriet Eaton; Mary Martz; Irene Moutsatson; Marilyn Klockow; Patricia Stoddard; Mrs. Tate; Eliza- beth Parker; Elizabeth Magioll; Babette Steinhardt; Merrill Ann Martin. Second Row: Peggy Spaulding; Gail Shilling; Joan Yarrow; Shirleyan Chennault; Lois Louthan; JanisTinkham; Nancy Farrell; Xancy Hoyt; Charlene Toman; Betsey Dettling. Back Row: Phyllis Feldman; Rita Hochman; Elizabeth Jones; Nancy Fiegel; Barbara Gall; Loretta Weingarden; Dana Wright; Helen Jones; Gloria John- son; Kathleen Kelly. n n 9 o a n n u, , oNrt V Front Row: Carol Kinzio; Suzanne Vaughn: Linnea Taylor; Jacqueline Lefler; Vera Khoury; Harriet Sayles; Marian Ellias; Shirley Gustafson; Sally Myers. Second Row: Rosemary Warnemende; Jean Sullivan; Antonette Deflorio; Jeanette Wozniak; Benita Rovin: Mrs. Tate; Rosemary Gargone; Nancy Jach; Marjorie Beal; Helene Reicher. Third Row: Sue Sabel; Arline Popper; Dorothy Kahl; Judith Berliner; Barbara Littky; Barbara Stomos; Sharon Baker; Barbara Bendlin; Mary-Julia Baker; Jeanette McCullough; Rita Czewski; Barbara Crinke; Gloria Antebe. Back Row: Ann Johnson; Julie Crandall; Jannett Spence; Naomi Goldman; Greg Argus; Joan Kinsey; Jacqueline Gold; Judith Beallo; Susan Dorfman; Marlene Olen; Marilyn Borin; Marcia Taylor. 103 The evening meal may represent leisure in the midst of a hectic day, or it may be a hurried process of refueling for continued activity. The prepara- tion, quality and selection of food may be criticised, but it is after all, nutritionally balanced by trained dieticians and available on schedule. F: . F: Q I I! ' i I Serving coffee in her apartment after dinner, Mrs. Virginia Harryman, Associate Adviser, maintains a sincere interest in the men of Taylor House. 104 Front Row: Bruce Nordquist; William Chen; Richard Foss; Henry Stibitz; Doug Rudolf; Jack Sweet; Jerry Zalenka; Mike Barie; Juris Slehers. Second Row: Richard Jackson; David Scruggs; John Bauman; Richard Mill?; Brian Sanford; Mrs. Grace Cook; Jerry Alfano; Robert Kruger; Guillermo Herrera; Dan Kurtz; Rudecindo Gomez. Third Row: Gary Engelgau; John Shepanek; Don Sarin; Bill Mason; Stewart Gordon; George Vilson; Norwood Dixon; Dave Evans; Robert Huntsinger; Larry Wagner; David Rochna. Back Row: David Harris; Norman Komar; Fred Nott; Jerome Spevack; Samah Helal; Jim Dickey; Robert Kirby; John Korte; Eugene Lewis; Robert McCarty; Herb Trevarrow. MICHIGAN HOUSE Front Row: Gurney Pearsall; Louis Pang; John Kinsella; Paul Balanger; Alan Robbins; Charles Richm ond; Gus Coutsourakis; Joseph Brown; Alexander Leak; Thomas Donkin. Second Row: Glenn Dentel; Dennis VanAlst; Gerald Goldberg; Russell Lew; Henry Newlin; Brian Sanford; Mrs. Grace Cook; James Bakeman; James Keppy; Byron Sabin; Richard Roemer; William Smith; Gerald Covault. Third Row: Setsuo Masaki; William Beard; Larry Miller; Gerald VanDreummel; Philip McCarthy; Berthold Treiber; Larry Drollet; Macy Landau; Robert Tally; Elmer Zink; Andrew Bell: Nelson Howe; Jack Aurelia; David Basket; William Wine-miller: James Barden; Bradley Beam. Back Row: Roger Hunt; Sebastian Caro; Lyle Sensenbrenner; William Johnson; Rodney Hagenbuch; James Haller; Leonard Schlain; Allan Bramson; Gerald Valberg; Joseph Tizziani; Charles Thomas; Carl Sammelroth; Frank Willette; Lee Miller; Ralph DiDomenico, Jr. 105 MOSHER HALL mm Silver service and a centerpiece add a festive touch to the pleas- ant leisure of Sunday teas in the lounge. Front Row: Constance Sherman; Gloria Szweda; Elaine Borkowski; Margaret Stein; Verdia Wingate; Sally Garner. Second Row: Gwendolyn Huttenga; Carol Berger; Barbara Schanz, Helen Matoras; Janet Fradkin; Barbara Senate; Barbara Smith. Third Row: Carole Adams; Sharon Kass; Jennie Gibson; Jocelyn Feingold; Mary Taylor; Alice French; Alice Newton. Back Row: Ruth Cameron; Charlene Barnhill; Lila Kaplan; Dorothy Durst; Ann Singer; Phyllis Adelstein; Barbara Hecht. 106 HELEN NEWBERRY Front Row: Gretchen Karsch; Lois Klausner; Doris Bengtsson: Mary Jones; Judy Barnes; Dorothy O ' Brien; Janet Voyce; Barbara Hentschel; Marcia Flucke; Patricia Norton; Donna Hall. Second Row: Margaret Fletcher; Sara James; Ann Grettenberger; Coe Cookson; Anna Mills; Jane Hooker; Karen Angers: Jacqueline Johnson; Sylvia Rose; Patricia Wagon jack; Florence Lodge. Third Row: Janet Klein; Janet O ' Brien; Carol Carman: Grace Cool; Phyllis Sehaberg: June Hardisty; Eleanor Becker; Katherine Mooney; Shirley Eckwall: Patsy Lake; Mary McKenzie; Eliot Rowland: Judith Gamble. Back Row: Susan Fox; Cynthia Hardy; Martha Papo; Diane Fraser; Nancy Hornby; Diane Dowsett ; Doris Linton; Jean Storm; Elizabeth Benjamin; Julianne Marx; Virginia Mussin; Charlotte Gleeson; Carol Kirshner . ' toon Front Row: Catherine Eckennan: Mary Reinholz; Bonita Fisher; Mary Baird: Lyda Sullivan: Carol Foote; Maureen Lair; Joy Squires; Coralyn Fitz; Lynn Markus; Donna Hanson. Second Row: Avis Lowery; Margaret Davis; Clarice Miotti; Barbara Toepfer; Jean Crocker; Elizabeth Evans; Marilyn Francis; Angela Suino: Patricia Ashbaugh; Zdenka Ptak: Marjorie Putnam. Third Row: Arija Brekte; Dianne Crpwell; Carol McKillop; Judith Dodge; Lois Fennig: Patricia Johnston; Marjorie Hammond; Carolyn Predmore; Lorraine Stasak; Winifred Feingold; Judith Mann; Jan Rau; Marjorie Becker; Ann Heystek. Back Row: Jeanne Seitz; Mary Ann Garcia; Ann Marshall; Kae Colladay; Gwen Wortinger; Dorothy Chacarestos; Laura Webber; Carolyn Wysocki; Wanda Perelli; Rosalin Gackstetter; Barbara Kneale; Lois Steinberger; Trese Quarderer. 107 Front Row: Grace Marden; Lenore Gildemeister; Marcea Sherman; Barbara Rule; Gayle Turner; Winifred Strock; Judith Shapiro. Second Row: Linda Goodman; Marilyn Altman; Marjorie Robbing; Helene Schneider; Margaret Kausch; Carol Klick; Esther Richter; Marilyn Deitch; Ruth Bassichis; Lois Gold berg. Third Row: Suzanne Victor; Linda Nelson; Jolynn Wiggins; Jean Antrobius; Joan Duryee; Nancy Wolf; Ann Elderman; Sandra Schechter; Carolyn Vogel; Linda Ascher; Louise Ruchman. Back Row: Ellen Mayer; Jeannette Tobie; Joyce Millig; Margaretta Dascalos; Deane Meisner; Beverly Brown; Patricia Morton; Mary Lue Condon; Jeanne Sykes; Helen Mendelson; Joanne Anderson. PALMER HOUSE Front Row: Barbara Watson; Norma Newell; Haniett Davis; Barbara Mitchell; Roberta Ewing; Ann Rothman; Rosemary Micks; Shelby Key well; Martha Himmelhoch; Rosalind Eagleson; Lillian Bickert; Mary Reed. Second Row: Ruth Goehner; Nancybelle Shelky; Barbara Greiner; Judith Richman; Joyce Zuieback; Joan Mason; Rosara Wine; Joan Mack; Carol Schmier; Miss Susan Lock- wood; Bonnie Silberman; Ann Risman; Nancy Amberson. Third Row: Diane Koppin; Ann Garland; Cynthia Levin; Mary Bert Born- stein; Irma Brollier; Janis Boltz; Susan Friedman; Ellen Leonard; Merla Samuels; Betty Thompson; Mary Jean Passman; Laila Sadi; Deborah Carl; Sharlene McClintic; Judith Bordin. Back Row: Eleanor Perry; Betty Bidigari; Barbara Satlow; Mina Shulman; Ann Rutledge; Jeannette Cameron; Elaine Steiger; Dorothy Cellentani; Magdalen Eggerling; Bonnie Fessell; Jorene Johnson; Linda Wolf; Diane Shaver; Carole Lageson; Lynne Shapman; Joan Callaway; Barbara Packer; Erna Betty Rundman. I n Front Row: Anne Grossman: Barbara Hiss; Joyanne Gray; Betty Shuptrine; Lois Yandell. Second Row: JoAnn Geitz; Elynor Popovich; Sandy Hoffman; Brenda Wehbring; Shirlee Clark; Sharon Chynoweth; Ebba Jalaya; Carol Jaeger; Miss Margaret Sloman. Third Row: Carole Hackett; Catherine Clark: Mary-Kay Bewalda; Nancy Thompson; Patricia Barnes; Susan Edwards; Lynette Ferrell; Pat Siros- key; Doris Anderson; Jane Fennel. Back Row: Xorma Bennis; Elaine Diamon; Lois Lamdin; Sylvia Levi; Geraldine Beck; Bune Roth- bart; Sadie Godo; Ruth Johnson; Helen Schols; Carol Guy; Lois Ash. PRESCOTT HOUSE Front Row: Ellisia Sprynsky; Jean Nichols; Grace Cheney; JoAnn Ropeta; Janet Dixner. Second Row: Xorma Cline; Clarice Wilks; Maye Stern; Jean Cavanaugh; JoAnne Osmond; Janet Ruft ' ner; Ann Trench; Sandra Task; Margaret White. Third Row: Patricia Hanson; Helen Gudemoos; Beverly Reid; Barbara Enright; Clara Matych; Karen Grooms; Barbara Anderson: Glenda Heath; Virginia Lang; Janet Tuttle. Back Row: Harriet Cohen; Lois Shultz; Barbara Peshkin: Linda Brozan; Sally Dorr; Ann Cohn; Judith Goldstein; Carole Schwartz; Sheila Drezner; Ann Bromberg. r S Front Row: Brooks Sitterly; Gordon Jacobs; Ben Wise; George Googasian; Ronald Karpanty; Richard VanGemert; Kenneth Dufresne; William Stewart; Carleton Heist. Second Row: John Stevenson; Jerry Thornton; Jack Kelly; Henry Baylis; James Weitzman; Tom Cleveland; Donald Gilger; James Lutz; Robert Fear; William Kraznick; Allan Kalt; John Ohrenberger; John Stuart. Third Row: Kmil Gathmann; Allan Orange; Richard Austin; Mindaugas Balanda; Ross Debosky; John Kober; Tony Hoffman; Lewis Burnham: Paul Lay; Fred Bjork; Al Pugno; Michael Gordon; John Walper. Back Row: Jim ' Buzzell; Harold Poindexter; Dean Richardson; Michael Arent; Charles Waldron; Richard Stanley; Richard Winkler; Steven Taylor; Walter Galloway; Thomas Ray; Stanley Zax; James Glas- pie; Lawrence Smith. REEVES HOUSE Front Row: Lee Jorgenson; Dick Moline; Peter Schauer; William Millar; Robert Weisman; Robert Stahl; Robert Luft; Richard Ray; John Ronan; Richard Cramer. Second Row: Philip Rice; James Rennell; Julius Anderson; Stepehen Fordell; Robert Harger; William Helms; Mrs. Clark; Albert Pearlman; Michael Kanoch; Richard Leavitt; Sim Gordon; Lawrence Palzewiecz; Norman Beauchamp. Third Row: Donald Carek; John Kutt; Charles Lynch; David Collier; Carol Tresselt; Paul Foster; Harry Walker; Robert Dossett; John Sharp; James Isbister; Mark Outcalt; John Sonneborn; Philip Maloney: Frank Provinzano. Back Row: Carl Werner; William Leicht- man; Robert Myers; George Zuckerman; Robert Messner; Kenneth Burgess; Charles Saxon; Hugh Johnson; Charles Rubin; Thomas Klein; Arnold Zeff; Michael McGrath; Robert BosHoven; Larry Weisman; Dallas Kytonick; Marvin Starman. 110 Front Row: Edwin Rathbone; John Ferris; Theophile Wybrecht; Craig Ballinger; Joel Katzin; Lawrence Morton; Clinto Cox; John Sebaly; Arthur Cavin; Donald Kilgore. Second Row: Warren Sherman; John Shepherd; John Wargelin: Martin Adelman; Alvin Rez- nik; Richard Burt: Fiank Schwartz; James Gripe; Paul McKelvey; Michael Rubin; James Elsman. Third Row: James Gessner; William Powell: Raymond Maginn: Richard Fowler; Johnson Woods: Kim Gardey; Cowan Ercwn; Ecbert Kump: Hamann; Jerry Smith; James Brady; Ronald Kilgore. Back Row: Emile Riley; Joel Berger; David O ' Brien; William Barlow; Danny Bedsole; Theo- dore Roumell; Charles Crowell; Marshall Rosenberg; Walter Schrenk; Marvin Burke; Martin Klein; John Emanuelsen. SCOTT HOUSE Front Row : Terence Small ; James Laughlin; James Baad; Don Cameron: David Newman: Ronald Gest : Sherman Chessler; John Maurer; Charles Schrader; Peter Eckstein; Raphael Pevos; Robert Budae: Richard Mayer: John Barrett. Second Row: Irwin Adflson; Norton Steuben; Leon Monroe; Robert. Yampolsky; Lawrence Kersten; Shelbon Ginns; Joseph Kosik; Mrs. Wood; Ralph Puchalski; Charles Kriser; James Vratny; George Mason; Robert King; Richard Root. Third Row: Thomas Storm; Neill Peters; Michael Wood; Jon Ryall; John Collins; Gordon Sheldon; Frederick Fensch; Albert Smallman; Robert Kirkbride; Bernard Rinella; Peter Tillotson; James Donohue; James Dawson; Ralph Ramelme ier; Thomas Mazanec; David Price. Back Row: Nelson Thomas; Edwin Murbach; Stuart Meek; David Symons; Victor Walton; David Weine: Fred Wilson; Harold Borkin: Michael Goldberg; Dolf Bass; Richard Spindle; Sidney Yip; John Blaser; Robert Lauer; Lewis Engman; Richard McGhee. h STOCKWELL HALL Even in a Stockwell converted single where one must hang more decorative drapes over uniform khaki curtains, there is always room for a gathering, particularly a third and fourth. I v i, I Front Row: Mary Lee Dingier; Patricia Wright; Carol Bernstein, Geraldine Posen; Nancy Leffingwell ; Jo Burgess. Second Row: Joyce Reuben; Marion Blakeslee; Carol Kritt; Nancy Schaft ' ner; Maiy Poore; Mary Woodworth. Third Row: Catherine Campbell; Elinor Kahn; Helen Long; Jeanette Grimm; Lynette Peters; Jacqueline Davie; Catherine Stomos; Frances Truman. Back Row: Martha Johnson; Tobye Davidson; Margaret Centala, Jean Irwin; Marilyn Wilbur; Marjorie Clifford; Gitta Gosziniak; Mickey Gendell; Carole Shanberg. STRAUSS HOUSE Front Row: Robert Jones; Richard Billiard; Walter Xewton; Chris Wilhoit; Michael Jamgochian; Thomas Croucher; David Endicott; Dwight Xewton. Second Row: William Surridge; Duane LaMoreaux; Charles Broecker; William Mosher; Robert Warrick; Mrs. Eva McKi-iizie; Robert Baker; Donald Licbreich; Conrad Gilewski; Sol Rosen; Roger Dalton. Third Row: Peter Vandervoort; Ralph Goldberg; George Majoros; John Gat-bier; John Erickson; Donald Spiekerman; James Gray; Mark Angeli; Robert Fountanesi; William Adams; James White; Bernard Tolpin. Back Row: Jack Holbrook; Donald Briggs; John Dawson; Bernard Bogdon; George Lempio; Paul Brower; Robert Portere; Raymond Laakaniemi; Roderick Stafford; Robert Gardner; Wsewolod Hnatczuk. Front Row: Akira Sasahara; Charles Rhodes; Peter Zimels; Jerry Monticello; Mitchell Rycus; Charles Cremin; Jack Meagher; Clinton Stimpson; Frederick Osborn; Thomas Toft. Second Row: Gust Deloglos; Keith Kepler; Ronald Stacilauskas; Peter Berland; Bruce Brunson; Alvin Klein: Mrs. Eva McKenzie; Charles Maki; Gerald Brumm; John DeMallie; Wallace Platts; Arthur Gehrard; William Hall. Third Row: Robert Baker; Joseph Talbot; Peter Koerts: Laurence Mieras; Edward Locker; Robert Polkinghorn; James Ellis; Peter Washabaugh; Louis Hartesvelt; Johathan Beck; Joseph Miller; Chris Krueger; Allen Benson; Peter Leemon; Clarence Gobrpgge; Robert Warrick. Back Row: Rinaldo Ignagni; Paul Otter; John Poletti; Forrest Williams; John Suhr; Robert Xeaves; Marvin Siegel; Roger Wilkins; Lawrence Eckoff; David Gerarduzzi; Richard Stewart; Michael Lammers; Frank Balle. 113 Front Row: Ralph Gregory; Carl Karaba; Richard Bennett; Donald Kamin; Stanley Head; Donald Mason; Philip Novack; Hareus Hendershott; Peter Early; Wallace Ardussi; Joseph Ogden; Arnold Raskin; David Guerra; Wolfgang Schunter. Second Row: Henry Pontious; Bert Bez; Donald Dunton; Ronald Brooker; Lawrence Wilk; Warren Kennedy; Richard Wohlford; Lawrence Bizer; Nicholas Havinga; Charles Sacquety; Tom Thomas; Mark Menzel; James McDonald; Robert Jones. Third Row: Michael Miller; Philip Ragains; John McCarus; James Hogan; John Hungerford; James Ebert; John VanBlarcom; Donald Sproat; Richard Tinney; Brock Dew; James Eltringham; Craig Smith; Harold Grisoni; Jeremy Johnson. Back Row: Morris Wyman; Donald Scherer; James Wittenberg; Nino Masnari; Donald Patterson: Michael Freeman; Marshall Badt; William Corson; Joseph Silver; Lawrence Levine; James Shingleton; James Larkin; Allan Krafve; William French; Sidney Mayer. TAYLOR HOUSE Front Row: Thomas Glaza; Jack Roth; Robert Griffith; James Perkins; Peter Pritchard; Roger Danford; John Macht ; Bruce VanDerveer; George Stathopoulos; Eugene Chardoul; Albert Meyer; James Dayies; Michael Cohen; Robert Burns; Gordon Parker. Second Row: Daniel Goodrich; Richard Lewis; Thomas Dent; Homer Nahabetian; George Stanciu; Otto Blendin; John Skaisgir; William Jensen; Claude Robinson; Charles Murdoch; Richard Rotz; Gordon VanOtteren; Henry Donald; Harvey Bailey; Daniel Pro vine; Walter Klinge. Third Row: Dan Chapel; John Bilspn; Charles Hocking; Harold Rossen; Richard _Gaskill; L Albert Svec; Walter TrittipojJVilfrid Hufton ; Thomas Jones; Frederick Crafts; Stuart I Johnston; Jay Tavarozzi; , , -x " ' ' Robert Braunstein; Joseph DeCook; Vf.rnon Nahrgang; Robert Gumming; Ralph Duggan; James Byers; George Sherman; Lowell Rifas; Samuel Ching; Douglas Holden; John Akpabio. Front Row: Mary Shehan; Penelope Adams; Raya Stern; Joan Ladd; Shirley Grundy. Second Row: Mildred Gleeson; Elizabeth Sny- der; Martha Rasch: Joan Jackson; Mrs. Wonder; Janet Spencer; Lois Peisachow; Natalie Grodnick: Marilyn Mattis. Third Row: Geraldine May; Janice Cole; Marilyn Dodge; Edith Heupel; Dorothy Jerneycic: LuBell; Judith Palmer; Suzanne Reasoner; Francine Feldman: Barbara Knowles; Migdalia Martinez. Back Row: Constance Anderson; Marjorie Lazor; Jacqueline Orr; Susan Smith; Marilyn Whitman; Suzanne Verb; Barbara Perlman; Donna Caplin; Janice Titsworth. TYLER HOUSE Front Row: Marcia Lorch; Kathryn Protzman; Nancy Homeister; Jeanne Leland; Rosalind Shlimovitz. Second Row: Anne Savell; Dorothy Diehl; Joan Kustodowich; Mary Monkoski: Mrs. Wonder; Mrs. Passmore; Helen Lusko; Shirlee Diamond; Mary Piguet. Third Row: Patricia Pavlik; Lorraine Leonelli; Ann Lunsford; Patricia Gardner; Jane Long; Jean Richards; Nancy Plastow; Mary Hendry; Carol Friebolin; Sally Steenhusen. Back Row: Joyce Richardson; Kathleen Taylor; Kathleen Truemmer; Linda Brockie; Sara Gullette; Ilene Pavlove; Elizabeth Yeaw; Francis Shaffer; Patricia Wood; Ann Kimpton; Mary Hope; Elaine Smith. Front Row: Paul Maker; Richard Annable; Robin Ollivier; Gary Sandal]; Martin Schiefer; Thomas Lajiness; Forest Minger. Second Row: Herbert Luke; Wayne Arner; Kdmond Clarke; William Russell; Elliot Murray; Mrs. Jean Bailey; John Hatton; Morton Sogaard; Arnold Sarya; Xorman Heller. Third Row: Robert Brown; Paul Kerastas; Allon McGlothlen; Sherwood Dusterwinkle; Arthur Eggert : HaroldLynde; Allen Krynicki; James Hedburg; Ernest Nagle; Jack Rice; Henry Appelman; Clancy McKenzie; Walter Gut chess; Wil- liam Lynn. Back Row: Thomas Rowlson; Stuart Pernick; Jack Roth; David Johnson; Roger Lichon; Wayne Lehr; Carl Jordon; Henry Baker; Gordon Britz; John Mannix; Edward Roda; Carl Herkimer; Ronald Green; George Keefer; David Amos; Robert Sawicki; John Sander; Ned Miller. f: - VANTYNE HOUSE Front Row: Winston Bell; Jerry Martinson; Fred Murray; Michael Rosenberg; James Pullin; Anthony Dobey; James Clovis; Charles Neff; Albert Krill; Michael Sloan; Marion Sierachi; Frank Fifo; Scot Dykema. Second Row: Gordo_n LaVanway; Bruce Franklin; Galen Lefferts; John Loeb; John Harlan; Arthur Kangas; James Aurand; Richard Bloss; William Martin; Howard Ellis; Sylvere Hou- ques-Fourcade; William Hodge; Bernie Tautz. Third Row: William Dalgliesh; William Fouts; Robert Pumfery; Cleveland Turner; Robert Hughes; Garnett Hegeman; Janson Stevens; Conval Hornburg; Lawrence Schreiber; Ronald Perry; Paul McKee; William Rich- mond; Victor Nelson; Glen Bachelder. Back Row: Kenneth Rutherford; Richard Either; Robert Herceg; David Eisonmsin; Leonard Kalanowski; Anthony Ottaviano; Thomas Morcom; Frank Pletyak; John Davidson; Roland Steubner; Robert Shutz; Kent Biel; Thomas Cook; James Robertson; Thomas Burns: Kerry Johnson. h . i OgjJJO -t i {. I 116 ' " . Front Row: Sally Ayling, Janet Myers, Eleanor Tindall, Doris Koan, Barbara Mason, Roberta McQuiston, Carolyn Griesing, Linda Simon. Second Row: Mary Akrigg, Dorothy Brown, Margaret Prickett; Eleanor Thibedeau; Sylvia Herrera; Miss Lauielle O ' Leary; Julie Sage; Gertrude Parnes: Deana Kleiner; Helene Brender: Romance Fredrichs. Third Row: Mary Clexton, Elda Evans, Miriam Arron, Patricia Lloyd; Sandra Cohen; Judith Goddess; Selma Rosenfield; Susan Kaplan; Charlotte Frank; Mary Ryan; Carolyn Awtry; Darlene Kopf: Carole Davis. Back Row: Alice Rice; Sylvia Baum; Carole Mitnick; Margaret Jock; Joyce Booth; Judith Jerhoeven; Alice Adelman; Sharon Cohn; Sue Bleyer; Margaret Michner; Winnefred Wohllebe; Ruth Verduin; Barbara Kliesrath. VICTOR VAUGHAN Front Row: Barbara Hayohan; Mary Godfrey; Angela Saleh; Xancy Hartt; Peggy Maclver; Ruth Mossner; Margaret Durant; Judy Shagrin; Anne Morrow; Fronda Kennedy; Robin Springette; Barbara Jaworski. Second Row: Audrey Dorstewitz; Cynthia Xoiton; Gail Key well, Carole Bachman; Annette Robbins; Miss Esther Brown; Beverly Robbing; Terry Asher; Gisela Luque; Jeanette Bednarsh; Vera Siegel; Mary Kamen; Kay Jordan. Third Row: Marianne Peltier; Gloria Fowler; Patricia Fletcher; Patricia Gismondi; Patricia Clancy; Suzanne Sharrer; Anita Hatch; Jane Coburn; Eleanor Schonfeld; Margo Pauly; Mary Fosnaught; Eleanor Goldman; Judy Frankenfield; Janet Wellman; Carol Hart wig; Bessie Grivas; Elizabeth Neuberger; Sandra Lerner. Back Row: Lucy Miller; Ann Mc- Dougall; Barbara Wieczorowski ; Mary Bauer; Beverly Riley; Mary Lease; Ruth Sease; Mary Anne McCormick; Elizabeth Nelson; Hclaine Becker; Elizabeth Riddle; Judith Brown; MyraTopliss; Diana Bredendieck; Jeanette Driscoll; Margaret Kiesel; Donna Johnson. 117 WENLEY HOUSE Front Row: Ronald Bunncll; Martin Abbrecht; Robert Osintoski; Rolf Hartung; Stanley Kulakowski; Alan Brown. Second Row: Richard Cowles; Larry Dodd; Joseph Santa; James Corbett; James Morosky; Thomas Hartin; Robert Stewart; Bruce Bennett; Ronald Malcolm; Wallas Lynn. Third Row: Daniel Kornacki; Paul Dygert; James Wilcox; Howard Walker; Hans Baumgardt; Xorman Ziel- iiski; Douglas Amacher; George Petrie; Malcolm Fergusson; Herbert Greening. Back Row: Morton Krasmet; Peter Rottenbucher; Robertson Augustine; Richard Dodd; Ted Xaugle; Howard Davis; Ronald Rosenthal; Fiank Haynes; Malcolm Walker; Henry Rosen- baum. Front Row: Donald Johnson; Joseph Bugeia; Robert Boyd; Donald Kimball; Judd Patterson; Stanley Kwasiborski; David Hamil; James Brewbaker; Jay Victor. Second Row: Orrin Bush; Louis Colasacco; Jack Strong; Lee Castleman; Richard Criger; Daly Mac- ); Mrs. Eva McCormick (Associate Advisor); Allen Mandelstramm (Resident Adviser); Alvin Michaels; grayne (Assistant Adviser), Donald Murwin; Raymond McFadden; William GafFney. Third Row: Dale Hofman; Willys Mueller; David Hubly; Phillip Rotche; Doyne Jackson; Joseph Jerkins; William Davis; John Corcoran; Bruce Clemenz: Warren Pelton; Donald Larson; Eddie Mull; Robert Dulude; Laurence Lieberman. Fourth Row: William Drake; Walter Chestnut; Gerald Rigg; Thomas Stranberg; Sanford Marlott; Lawrence Curtiss; Ronald Holbrook; Ernest Kozmo; John Harrison; Richard Dulude; Phillip Oles; David Engelbert. Back Row: James Hunter; Mervyn Gerson; Victoi Peckham; Stewart Chastain; Sherwood Berman; Paul Kors; Fred Schaen; Rolla Baumbartner; James Callahan; Wayne Hart; Kent Chernetski. 118 K ' WILLIAMS HOUSE Front Row: David Transue; Charles Jennings; Jim Friedman; Bruce Terry; Lian-Kai Lim; Kim Sun Hyoo; Irwin Hicks. Second Row: Dale Gierthy; Tom Johnson; Jim Schmidt; David Mishel; Mrs. Ailing; Tom Dick; Bill Leibengood; Gerald Boyd; Roy Home; Dale Priester. Third Row: Al Rideout; Robert McCarthy; Sam Mallory; Gilbert Wolter; Robert Lester; Harlan Givelber; Ronald Coosaia; Sam Leventhol; Robert Dunsky; Boyd Bosnia. Back Row: Koh Kawewaga; Al Tochet; Mike Mocinsky; Robert Raz; Bob Chapman; Walter Corteg; Ronald Rifle; Gary Miner; Jim Dennamy; Tom Milford; Loyd Nolan; Jim Eckenrod; Bill Cook. Front Row: Ron Oechsle; John Fisher; David Wallingford; Bill Mikle; Charles Bankcroft; Rupert Cotter; Sam Ching; Karl Marsh; Jim Segesta; Glen Smith. Second Row: Alan Dover; Frank Verbeke; Carl Pingel; George Xokes; Mrs. Ailing; Pete Goldstein, Presi- dent; John Steiner; Bill Berlin; Norm Rotter; Tony Hirt; Phil Hill. Third Row: Leonard Latcher; Andy Dickson; Al Larson; William Yang; John Quigley; John Hillyer; Ken Fisher; Tom Sieb; Phil Graf; Bill Lountz; Francis Bellil; Bob Crosby; George Telmpus; Roger Daniels; John Lucas. Back Row: Phil Yen; Mike Meridith; Jim Feiedman; Ben Ginyard; Bruce Terry; Bill Perkins; Marlin Bussey; Peter Calkins; David Henry; Harold Bibb; Jerry Jenecke; John Leslie; Gene Smith; Robert Armbruster. 119 I I Front Row: Kent Olsen; John Sheldon; Richard Michalik; Harry Kincaid; Donald Dudgeon; Douglas Gunkcl; Robert Hartlein. Sec- ond Row: Joseph Bruckman; Burr Joslin; David Kiplinger; Paneracio Palling; John Elder; Mrs. W. H. Lytle; George Baihak; James Bauch; Russell Dodge; Marc Goldberg; Stephen Harper. Third Row: William Seils; Robert Karcheviski; John Sikorski; Frank Bracy; Rudolph Blatt; Carl Lindow; Michael Reh; Roger Carter; Robert Steinke; Richard Thombs. Back Row: Hugh West; Fred Ormand; John Van Haften; Gerhard Grunwald; James McClelland; Wellington Stevens II; Dale Morrissey ; Gerald Taylor; Edward Becker. ILL HOUSE Front Row: Joseph Schneider; Juo-Chiew Quan; Edward McDermott; Daniel Anbe; Robert Linde; Mrs. W. H. Lytle; George Wilhelm; Patrick Carrier; Leo Angelos; Robert Worline; Eduardo Sevilla. Second Row: Rudolph Mancini: Edward Knorr; Eugene Odell; Charles Ciotti; David Deuter; Ronald Sandilands; Somsiddhi Vudtithornetiraks; Thomas Taylor; Richard Daum. Back Row: Paul Romero; Robert Reilly; Tin Myint L ' ; Stuart McClelland; Theodore Treiber; Buzz Stevens; George Houchens; John Pasquill; John Beaudoin; Robert Tomlinson. ' - ADELIA CHEEVER In the widely publicized sub-basement of pro-prohibition Adelia Cheever, there still survives a still, great tourist attraction for those who appreciate antiques of rare vintage. Front Row: Marie Greimel; Eleanor Shinohara; Margaret Scott; Joan Kadri: Barbara Millbrook; Maryjane Ernst: Orpha Merrill. Second Row: Illene Hunley; Elizabeth Tassone; Helen Weaver; Mrs. Gladys Vorys; Jean Underwood; Anne Rayl; Anne Gould; Mar- jorie Wright. Third Row: Joan Case; Lil Lampinen; Joan Grucza; Betty Cross; Gina Rovedo; Karen Snyder; Carol Hillman; Dietlind Hermes: Bertha BoldyrefT; Esther Hefman: Pat Sinesio: Cora Carver. 121 FLETCHER HALL Boasting one of the few remaining nickel Coke machines on campus, the coeds who live in Fletcher Hall prepare their own meals and tread the up-hill path to campus which rivals the walk to the Diag from the Hill in length. Front Row: Alexandra Trcptc, Alice Antler; Muriel Claflin. Second Row: Marjory Tomchuck; Ann Chen; Pat Bubel; Shirlee Weber; Judith Slater. Back Row: Mary Reshetar; Alma Volpe; Janice Warner; Marjory Brooks; Dee Sobczynski. II hi I WEST QUAD COUNCIL Front Row: Walter Williams; Norvel Hubbel; Hans Petting; Alan Arms; David Huhly. Second Row: Nancy Colquitt; James Bauch; John Surbis, president; Alan Daver; Eleanor Hagler. Back Row: Edward Knorr; William Mueller; Jack Hale; Kenneth Graham; Nelson Howe; Dale Rice; David Caplan. 123 A rendezvous after football games, a comfortable spot for study, and a convenient place for piano practice, the modern lounges of South Quadrangle provide the comfort of foam rubber luxury. SOUTH QUAD COUNCIL Front Row: Jim McClurg; Henry Baylis; Jerry Gray; Al P earlman; Richard Bloss. Second Row: Richard Kabakor; William King; Arthur Kangas, president; John Harlan; John Emanuelsen; George Mason. Back Row: Arthur Bady; Ted Roumell; George Osius; James Aurand; Richard Snyder; Dwight Kraai; Joseph Betts. 124 Educators assert that the din of a radio reduces studying efficiency, but South Quad residents claim that spurts of static are more disturbing than the wildest Dixieland. Stretching nine stories, the newest quadrangle is a community in itself. Drawn magnetically by classes to the campus, its residents block the Union intersection with bicycles and groups of pedestrians every hour on the hour. 125 The walls of quadrangle rooms begin each fall as barren expanses of plaster, but as the semester and the crises of education and so- ciety wear on, a collection of hanging pennants, programs, sched- ules, and mementos soon bedeck the rooms. Music in the lounge is " verboten " during quiet hours, but infrequent playtime attracts considerable talent and an audience only too pleased to participate. 126 Front Row: Charles Straayer; Gary Boe; Robert Warrick; David P ndicott. Second Row: Mr. Lucasse; Janet Snow; Ralph McCormick; Eunice Coleman; Jerry Mohrig. Third Row: Barry Xeft; Shirlee Diamond; Mary Monkoski; Shirley Clark; Gerald Delene. Back Row: James Evans; William Weber; Charles Jones; Peter Knoblock. EAST QUAD COUNCIL Operation Ransom, basement expansion program at East Quad, will finish a three-room radio station as well as council and practice rooms. 127 Contrary to rumor, league houses do not shelter only those who registered too late. Personalized furnishings and a clientele that remains relatively intact, tends to give the house a character above and beyond temporary housing or even a more permanent dormitory. Residents may retain their independence and at the same time enjoy the intimacy of a small group, not to mention the brisk trudge from campus. CO-OP AND LEAGUE HOUSES 128 EVANS SCHOLARS Evans Scholars, students attending the University on golf scholarships, form a foresome to shine up the woods, during the winter lull when snow covers Ann Arbor ' s links. Front Row: William Haney; Donald Janovvski; Matthew Shadeck; Morton Cohen; Bernard Lucci: Donald Bradley; Gary Badoud. Second Row: Paul Mundinger; James Dygert. president: Harold Wolf, advisor; Roland Zagnoli, executive advisor; Timothy Reardon; David Setiz; Richard Selvala. Third Row: Robert Wrona; George Hoaglin: Tony Drabik; John Schubeck; Michael Vzelae; Gerhard Mueller; Steven Vzelae; Russell Bucci; Earl James Wiley; Robert Davis. Back Row: James Haug; Frank Mahalak; John Hirtzel; Robert Stevens; Ian MacDonald: John Stroh: Robert Kent; Gerald Heind; George Hess: James Owens. 129 GED DES HOUSE Front Row: Kay Wilson; Audrey Xewton; Margaret Patterson; Lenora Loebar; Jeanette Shappell; Sylvia Zuck. Second Row: Sandy Bissonette; Karen Brochocka; Joan Katsock; Mrs. Leidy: Arlene Honess; Laverne Bierwat; Carol Moore. Back Row: Mary Lou Whit- ney; Eileen Harmer; Yoshie Izumi; Janet Lambert; Judy Haswell; Jean Harmon; Carol Frey; Florence Danby; Sylvia Holtz. Until educational television becomes more promi- nent on the airwaves, homework must be tuned to commercial channels. 130 mam Front Row: Shirley Croog; Joan Rajczi; Verna Brownlee; Barbara Barren; Judy Barich. Second Row: Elaine Kuhovski: Barbara Gourley; Mrs. Elsie Paull; Joanne Blechu: Patricia Pemberton; Katherine Stott. Third Row: Laura Tweedie; Jean Isaacson; Sue Thomas; Gertrude Anschuetz; Mary Blair: Marianne Sippola; Ann McKinzie; Patricia Rosman Twing. Back Row: Dora Pierce; Patricia Baskins; Joan Bianchi; Sonia Valler; Elaine Bush; Bernadine Miller; Janet Mason; Carol Fischer. HENDERSON HOUSE NELSON INTERNAT ' L HOUSE Front Row: Akiro Vshio: Louise Yarm an: Mrs. Kirkwood Yarman; Christine Yarman; Alcides Xarvaez; Diedrick Snoek, president. Second Row: Benjamin Santos; Hirozo Seo; George Kuwayama; Sheldon Meyers; Mya Maung; Mickey Marimoto; Joan Laansma; Kdgar Su. Third Row: Xick Ajay; Muhammad Afzal; Krishna Reddy; Hans Schulte; Carter Pate; James Stanback; S. Allan Murch. Back Row: Mehmet Kirca; Hirohide Hinomoto; Richard Phillips; Harry Kim; John Palmer; Wan Mun Chung; Than Tin. Front Row: Paul Dunn; Kay Eggieston: Mary Joan Anderson; Ellen Price; Stewart Hunter. Second Row: Hal Boyne; Dorothy Hin- richs; Arthur Wilner; Klaine Veti ' iigle; Stefan Vail; Luther Buehele; Christian do la Menardiere. Back Row: Richard Clark; Arthur Gomez; Wilbur Wright; Paul Strauss; Richard Bruce; Paul Basch. CO-OP COUNCIL The work schedule has evidently designated dustpan duties to these two of the fifty resi- dents of the John Nakamura House. Each member contributes four hours ' work each week shoveling coal, cooking, washing dishes and keeping the house shipshape. 132 First place in Fortnite and participation in Skit- nite are testimony to the spirit possible when twenty-five get together under one roof. Hobhs House residents also hang a mean sprig of mistle- toe. . ' ' ' . ' t, CO-OP CANDIDS The keystone of the cooperative housing system, the Robert Owen House furnishes office space for the Interco-op Council which coordinates the activities and government of cooperatives. When the studies and week ' s housework are completed there is always time for chess at the Michigan House, right. - ; V 1 " 133 AFFILIATES In a moment the lady with the candle will lead her sisters in returning the fraternity ' s serenade. Pinning ceremonies vary from house to house, but singing and solemnity are always a part of the momentous occasion. 134 Grinning gourmandes surround " Coop, " chief cook and pillar of the House. Rows of rolls are the least of his cuisine. Another delectable dish is the lovliest lady of them all, the newly-crowned queen of the mudbowl beauty contest. IFC Christmas parties open fraternity doors to Ann Arbor ' s small fry. Sororities usually pro- vide Education majors to supervise games and referee. 135 Front Row: Galen Lefferts; Chris Salvo; Michael Whitegold II; John Denton; Maurice Miller. Second Row: David Hecht; Victor Hillard; Richard Xeil; Richard Strickland; William McElfresh; Max Roensch. Third Row: David Reynolds; John Hickman; Xeal Hillerman; Roy Wetterholt; David Zerbel; Xorman Brink; Curtis Atkisson. Fourth Row: Charles Wickman; John Arms; Charles Blaekett; Thomas Platt; Thomas Tuttle; Kingsley Joneson; Richard Meyer; William Fox; Emerson Hibbard. Back Row: Rolf Scharen- berg; John Galbreath; Duane Dunlaf; David Dow; Richard Xyberg; Eric Aupperle; Leonard McCalla; Jame s McCormick; Pa trick Fischer; Donald Walker. ACACIA Gee, You ' ve Got a Funny-looking Face! In stadiums or backyards, football goes well with fall afternoons, particularly with inter-house competition in the wind. Acacia politely accommodates passer-by who seems to have put his head in for a light. 136 Notes are in evidence here, but apparently the sisters would rather be regaled by some shaggy rug stories. A Chi O ' s could study at the dining room tables after hours if the kitchen, coffee pot and cups were not so close. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Oh, Shooby Dooby! r Front Row: Claudia Walters; Mary Ann Baker; Anita Houie; Xaney Somers; Marijane Potter; Justine Hoffman. Second Row: Patricia Hurt: Judy Frankenfield; Shirley Maloney: Diane Duncan; Linnea Swanson, Margie Vance; Margie Wyler; Virginia Scott; Barbara Sanregret; Xary Guernsey: Xancy Haarer; Janet Garret. Third Row: Rosemary Warnemuende; Virginia Lee; Marcia Boothe; Carol Hers hey; Mary Sue Fleming: Dorothy Philip, president; Julie Bowles; Dianne Keyport; Anne Campbell; Suzanne Gilbert; Janet Bur- well, Peggy Hubbard. Fourth Row: Shirley Worrell: Margaret Morang; Mary Jane Gillespie; Barbara Harris; Judy Drake: Patt Drake; Marcie Molyneaux; Jean Supernaw; Joan Lerne; Jackie Povenz. Fifth Row: Patricia Carroll; Alice Rants; Barbara Brown; Jean X ' ewell; Patricia Ruggles; Sylvia Malecki; Ann Brager-Larson ; Barbara Clark; Sally Engel; Sue Harkin. Back Row: Xancy Colwell; Dorothy Ojala: Eleanor Hooper; Mary Slawson; Mary Zair; Alice Robertson; Cynthia Xicholas; Erina Olsson; Susan Armstrong; Betty Brown; Mary Dietrich: Ann Titterington; Sonja Janich: Martha Taugher: Ann Todd: Helen Louise Jones. ALPHA DELTA PHI Lunchmeat Front Row: Phil Rentschler; William Herrera; Bob Boyd; Brian Fingerle; Dick Fierstine; John Richcn; Don Denbrayen. Second Row: Jim Ryan; John Grant; Ed Swanson; Jim Durand; Chuck Drake; Bill TenBroek; Ken Misar; Chuck Webber; Jim Kicker; Charles Wagner. Third Row: Dick Jones; Xels Jenson; Jon Maier; David Lundquist; Tom d ' Arcambal; Bob Durand; Gordon Moore; Roy Deng; Larry Brown; Dick Hayman. Back Row: Bob Schleh; Bob Brown; Tom Conlin; John Morit ; Bill Housmann; Lawrence Dooge; Ed Ackerman; Lloyd Mason; Gil Schafer; Fernando Camacho; Dick Erwine; Stanley Seiffert. Months of hard labor lay behind a successful rushing season, with emphasis placed on even the smallest details, i.e., a life-like record rack over the fireplace. Group singing and the operation of a Zippo receive special stress. N X 1 ft t f It ft i t t " f t I ill,: . Front Row: Dorothy McElroy; Mama Morris; Marjorie Rout; Sue Stickels; Xancy Johnson; Jean McRae; Marlene Crawford; Anne Grossman. Second Row: Barbara Grossman: Joanne Hager; Sue Kaeppel; Xancy Briggs; Sue Longpre; X ' ancy Davenport; Virginia Cooke; Barbara Shilling; Betty Powell; Lynn Wasburg; Margaret Goebel. Third Row: Grace Birney; Marlene Martenson; Carol Hoi- ley; Rosemarie Safron; Lee Roose; Mrs. Mae Ufer; Ann Bartlett ; Janice Siefert; Mary Ann Hassler; Jane Fenner; Janice Sieder. Fourth Row: Ann Sterling; Janet Walter; Eloise Sarraf: Elynor Popovich; Xadine Cook; Erica Erskine; Mariel Bennett; Jill Umhs; Joan Rob- ertson; Gail Clark; Donna Winstead; Martha Young; Ann Patterson; Marlene Davis; Ruth Hay ward; Wilma Carme. Back Row: Joyce Mendenhall; Xancy Murphy; Mary Klawson; Louise Blanchard; Sharon McXeely; Marjorie Clittord; Jane Fowler; Roberta Johnson; Patricia Brophy; Phyllis Erwin; Betsey Appel; Barbara Bigelow; Rebecca Collie; Margra Underhill; Barbara Gorden; Barbara Whit- taker; Marilyn Wendel. ALPHA DELTA PI All Things Are Happening Only . . . Must be the sandwich man is below. He ' d better have a big stock of ham on rye to pacify that raven- ous mob. The musician in the house is always in great de- mand, besieged with requests ranging from Bach to Brubeck. After the brisk trudge from campus, A E Phis are only too glad to linger in leisure while a sister serenades. Though not much consternation is apparent in this carpet crew, Ingalls inhabitants are evidently floored by their studies. ALPHA EPSILON PHI Have a G.T., Ladies! Front Row: Cecilia Ostiov; Ruth Click; Maxine Gordon; Elizabeth Huber; Nancy Druker; Kuth Helfenbein; Lorraine Falberg; Miriam Shapiro. Second Row: Sue Novitsky; Nancy Blumberg; Jacqueline Pattiz; Joan Hyams; Mary Berinstien; Allene Miller; Nancy Stern; Judy Meyers; Ruth Bassichis; Patricia Loraw. Third Row: Marilyn Tobacman; Deborah Shavelson; Lois Mishelow; Joan Hyman: Mrs. Jerome Blum; Lois Klein; Barbara Burstien; May Garfinkle; Lynn Miller; Rae Livingston: Nancy Petricoff. Fourth Row: Isabel Feldman; Nancy Rpuner; Ellen Jones; Nancy Rosenberg; Lois Saidel; Janet Maas; Nancy Smith; Barbara Fisher; Carol Friedman. Fifth Row: Carol Gpldshine; Gail Cohen; Helen Cohodes; Myrna Chenin; Judy Levy; Janet Levine; Sandra Waldman; Joanne Karch; Donna Wolcoff; Gail Goldstien; Maxine Sterling. Back Row: Ann Steinberg; Barbara Hexter; Joanne Marsh; Gloria Benovitz; Judy Beallo; Merla Samuels; Georgia Elin; Joyce Lane; Klissa Beigler; D iana Yukon; Edith Grallek: Sandra Brown; Roberta Rifkin; Lynn Oxenhandlei. ALPHA EPSILON PI Come You Men of the Pearly Pin Front Row: Allen Bagdade: Ronald Rosenthal; Edward Schotland; Cyrano; Stephen Adler; James Fox; Stewart Shear. Second Row: Shenvin Goldstein; Irving Weiner: Jerry Millman; Richard Kanner; Carl Franzhlau; M. Jack Isaacs; Herbert Zarrow; Kenneth Stou- men; Alan Willens. Third Row: Donald Mazin; Marc Kromelow; Herman Moehlman; Barry Kroll; Howard Weisblat; David Kroll; Alan Goldberg; Larry Cohen: Irwin Solomon. Back Row: Alan Camiener; Robert Greenberger; Robert Cutler; Fred Zechman; Milt Meckler: Curl Loesberg: Seymour Carpenter: Jerome Schneyer; Albert Warshawsky: David Goldstein; Lewis Siegel. Cross-campus conversationalist sends out S.O.S. (Succor on Studies) while brothers try their luck in games of skill but satisfied smile on the face of the kabitzer reveals he has struck luck in another game of chance. j I Front Row: Sue Schovill; Joanne Early; Marilyn Wilbur; Sally Staples; Jean Alexander; Peggy Lamb. Second Row: Barbara Holler; Clare Jalon; Sue Hetherington ; Joanne McDonald; Geraldine Mankowski; Gloria DeFeo; Joan Campbell; Valerie Dunn; Sue Holbrook. Third Row: Sue Turner; Mary Ritter; Ruth Brandt; Margaret Koehler; Mrs.Wigle; Nan Swinehart; Jane Straka;Mary Nordstrom; Virginia Reubene; Lynne Edwards. Fourth Row: Carol Kirchner; Carol James; Kathy Severance; Donna Hewitt; AnnMaddoxjNorma Brandt; Winnie Wohllebe; Diane Dowsett; Jackie Balas; Evelyn Button; Beth Abbott. Fifth Row: Sally Scheu; Dorothy O ' Brien; Mary Ellen Jones; Sally Schimmel; Beata Kaulfuss; Alice Dutcher; Joan Holmberg; Mary A very; Ann Morrow; Mary Jo Skidmore; Barbara Giimore. Back Row: Jane Carson; Joyce Kemp; Eva Czarnecki; Nancy Sue Wyle; Julie Arkin; Barbara Courtright; PJIaine Bice; Judie Shagrin; Shirley Sikkenga; JoAnn Reavis; Donna Anderson; Gail Lundstrom; Carolyn Moeller; Joan Randolph; Mary- Bauer; Mary Winn. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA You Are Right, You Fox! Such smiles in this musical multitide! Maybe they ' re lighting up in preparation for the ' 55 Lan- tern Night. It is difficult to ascertain the bid, but intensity of concentration indicates four hearts are in the game. 142 ALPHA OMICRON PI Apathy Forever! Front Row: Elizabeth Stone; Lucy Blackburn; Marilyn Morris; Wanda Michaels; Camarie Harder; Mary Kane; Joan Freier; Kathryn Leo. Second Row: Margaret Brandt; Jeanne Xagel; Amelia Dustman; Sue Gary; Patricia McFarland; Gregoria Argus; Janet Streicher; Anne Shot well: Maryanne Domenic: Carol Sevebeck; Sylvia Keach. Third Row: Xancy Plastow; Pamelia Mills; Carey Wall; Claud- ette Hawes: Mrs. Beryl L. Worrall; Mary Lou Kierdorf; Elinor Sines; Louise Sprowl; Margaret Davis; Kathryn Brooks. Fourth Row: Paula Strong; Mary Jane Storrer; Carol Jones; Mary Sue Curry; Dorothy Ham; Elaine Maki; Joan Jackson; Sue Mitchell; Judith Sweet; Ann Sumner; Diane Paradis. Fifth Row: Janice Goldman; Mary Stuart; Jane Howard: Ellen Brown; Sarah Burroughs; Xorma VanTuyl: Cornelia Vandeveer; Georgiana Davidson; Carol McMacken; Sharon Baker; Elizabeth Rice; Mary Hanchett. Back Row: Mary Hawkins; Irene Kellog; Carol Miller; Mavis Fors; Barbara Dowd; Mary Hoyt; Mary Anderson; Beverly Arment; Donna Ham- mill; X ' ancy Jack; Sari Barker; Janet Mabarak. If the Turkish situation has produced a rift in their toweling too, it ' s curtains for this shower stall. Hope is where the hearth is and that radiant glow seems to indicate that someone ' s dream has come true. Front Row: Dave Redden; Howard Wilson; John Palmer; James Randall. Second Row:Robert Turner; Isaac Gardner; Al Jones; Wil- liam King; William Hill; Donald Kuddy; James Stanback. Back Row: Albert Chennault; Eldon Martin; Maurice Martinez; John Codwell; Harold Croswaithe; Barrey Putna; Peter Strong. ALPHA PHI ALPHA First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All Bob artistry of the Birdland variety on the piano, trombone and bass occupies a hot midnight combo at Alpha Phi Alpha, while an artistry of a different form supplies absorbing diversion for the avid connoisseurs settled on the couch. 144 rtf- : IK 4- I The lady at the left is distracted from desk duties by the ever more engaging enterprise of conversation. Evening finds Alpha Phis taking LIFE seriously. In the rush and rattle of group living a piece of peace. i. Mi ALPHA PHI Jelling Around I Front Row: Lu DeHart: Xancy Webb; Mary Mullins; Ann Morrow; Betty Hall: Sara Luedders; Emily Hardy; Kathy Mooney; Eliza- beth Hait. Second Row: Joyce Perry; Ellen VandeVusse; Lorraine Baldwin; Mary Sherman; Greta Jorgensen; Margaret Spindler; Xancy Howes; Judy Lough; Mary Lou Conant. Third Row: Joan Patton; Janet Sluyter; Ruth Flanders; Margaret Moreland; Sher- rell Adams; Rita Coding: Sally Fernamberg: Janet Storey; Xancy Henry; Jill Kent; Jean Davis; Xancy Jacquet. Fourth Row: Xancy MacDonald; Millie Zeder; Rae Cruthers; Helen Luth; Kathryn Lucas: Ruth Bulderis; Ann Watson: Emily Jewell; Xancy Wright; Sara Terrill; Joyce Tobeler; Mary Hoover; Helen Southgate. Fifth Row: Virginia Swaggerty; Xancy Birney; Barbara Baehre; Jean Bahr; Sally Truesdell; Eileen Mooney; Janet Sheahan; Janice Fillinger. Back Row: Theo John: Xancy Bell; Sue Whinery; Patricia Hussey; Kim Henry; Joan Wellman; Susan Bergdahl; Judy Wolgast; Sally Arnold; Sherri Page: Pat Morton; Linda Sutton; Sally Simon. I tar ALPHA XI DELTA Ahey Doll!! First Row: Judith Franklin; Sandra Rose; Jane Condon; Gale Steekert; Betty Doman; Madeline Thompson; Diane Quinlan; Barbara Beach; Marilyn Larkin; Janet Bradshaw; Jeanette Wozniak. Second Row: Marilyn Carnegie; Margaret McCord; Jeanne Sykes; Ann Jetter; Kathryn Adams; Jane Cameron; Gretta Cullers; Carol Moudry; Sharon Henry; Janet Smith; Jean Boch. Third Row: Karen Angers; Susan Atherton; Carolyn Rundell; Charlotte Thomas; Dorothy Clarkson; Mrs. Robert Romine; Barbara Heider; Patricia Neff; Eliror Hardie; Cynthia Potter; Georganna Bronaugh; Dorothy Cullers. Fourth Row: Clarice Larsen; Patricia Parkinson: Elizabeth Shuptrine; Joy Ann Williams; Mary Searles; Joyce Neumann; Shirley Shelton; Paula Wilson; Joyce Murray; Diane Young. Fifth Row: Margaret Ross; Janet Wolfle; Helen Barrone; Millincent Rowe; Susan Meach; Margaret Hammond; Balig Berber-inn; Marilyn Shoares; Jeanne Derr; Marilyn Houck; Judith McGinley. Back Row: Carol Griesing; Ann Neely; Sally Hacker; Minerva Chizek; Jaylee Duke; Margaret Farrar; Virginia Lenning; Mary Ryan; Ellen Zoller; Christine Dittmer; Sally Myers; Marilyn Smith; Sandra Richards; Char- lene Edwards; Frances Truman. 111 I! The annual Easter egg hunt is going fine, but appar- ently one gal no longer believes in the good old Bunny. As the pianist vamps ' till ready, the remaining sis- terhood prepares to knock Lantern Night for a loop. n r -:-. - - Front Row: Bill Peters; Joe Simon; Roger Zucchet; Dave Lewis. Second Row: Bob Sievers; Dave Hamil; Frank Arens; Dave Mills; Bill Bookman; Jim McCafl ' erty; Bruce Jacobson. Third Row: Gorclie Xitz; Jim Lynn; Kent Shoemaker; Carl Reinholz; Maynard Schuur; Howie Gaberson : Tom Briggs ; Bob Griffiith; George Trubow. Fourth Row: Dick Shirley; Russ MeKennan; Dave Hansen; Bill Weber; Doug Andrews; Pete Fuss; Roger Park; George Stewart : Pete Rathbone: Jim Pett: Bruce MoCubbrey. Back Row: Gene Mets- ker; John Summers; George Schuster; Jim Van Brocklin; Jim Coates; Al Prybylowicz; Larry Green; Charlie Chopp; Don Miller; Bill Eckerman; Roger Smith; Chuck Carscallen. ALPHA SIGMA PHI Time for Pie Flip A little scratch goes a long way with Ripp to help encourage his constant vigilance as night watchman and head bouncer. Some brothers, and friend, find a game of bridge one of the most easily accessible indoor sports. To be played any time of the day or night; the only prerequisite: four eager people. Flag-raising on A T O front lawn often includes lofting the chapter banner along with the Stars and Stripes. This brother ' s fair companion may not be an entertaining conversationalist, but she fills the role of paper doll. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Just Checking First Row: Jim Braden; John Campbell; Tom Peterson; Ron Hall. Second Row: Charles Beattie; Ted Kilar; Russ Haynes; Dave Ben- ner; John Pallin; Edward Wehner; Joe Pascoff; Fred Culver; Dick Hiss. Third Row: Dave Thouin; Jerry Davis; Jim MacVicar; Don Jabonski; Glenn Marshall; George Condon; Jack Krapohl; Carl Kamhout; Themie Majoros; Andy Balent; Chuck Warner. Fourth Row: Dave Critchett; John B laser; Charles Morton; Brent Sherman; Jack Jacobs; Don Daam; Steve Eggelston. Fifth Row: Hobart Jones; Dick Hartig; Tom Boyle; Bill Booth; John I ' ilkema; George Scott; Lou Baldacci; Brad Davis; Allan Frutig; Don Kennedy. Back Row: Dick Bowen; Roger Peapples; Mil Pryor ; Hugh Wenk; Ron Pudduck; Bob Tally; Charles Gunn; Joe Shomsky; Don Harvey; Eaton Adams; Mai Gumming: Tom Joseph. BETA THETA PI Give ' em a Little Gas Front Row: Dean Gilehrist; Tom Ottcnjohn; Pete Pritchard: Bud Brown; Ted Clarke; Dave Pryor; BillJolinson: Walt Xaumen. Second Row: Frank Taylor: Glen Robertson: Max Holden: Diok Wiltse; Tom Hibbard; Al Killeen; Ken Pierce; Joe Whiteman, president; Bill Schreiner; Dave Kissenger; Bruce McClelland; Ron Cayo; Phil Beach; George Trowbridge. Third Row: Jim Barton; Steve Kott; Don Sandercoek: Don Schultz: Bob Gillow; Ed McCliment; Bob Guy: Doug Holden; Bob Kuehne. Fourth Row: Tom Brandt; Jim Hogen; Tom Zilly: Dave Redick: Wayne Thiessen: Bob Berner; Gene Tolfree; Bob Smythe; Dave Owen; Ed Heck; Rogerr McGuineas; Denny Larkin. Back Row: Phil Halsey; Tom Cleveland; John Mannix; Jim Stadler; Cop Chastain; Dug Munro; Bill Chase; Skip Gathmann; Keith Gordon; Ben Kleinstiver; Gordon Barnes; Tom Raisor. Disregarding the disapproval of the piano-leaner on the right, the Betas around the chapter Steimvay practice for the IFC Sing, a feature event of Greek Week. On the stairway a bet is sealed with a handshake and a witness. o iv vv P v -a Pirst Row: Jane Ann Griffith; Mary Jean Smith; Patricia Sackandy; Joanne Pausehert; Ann Mercer; Georgianna Clark. Second Row: Kaye Wheeler; Mary Milliard; Allene Widdis; Marilyn Miller; Abby Justice; Peggy Day; Mary Minier; Janet Berkey; Margaret Mc- Grath; Nancy Bennett. Third Row: Marcia Melntyre; Jane Devvall; Joan Kissick; Margaret Bell; Mona Rosenman; MaryTowne; Mrs. H. A. Russell; Delpha-Jeanne LeDuc; Yvonne Cousins; Joan Merril; Nancy Kaser; Eileen Schumacher; Carol Ford. Fourth Row: Plorence Arnold; Sally Haas; Katherine Fodel; Marilyn Jackson; Tina Mamazza; Betty Jeanne Franklin; Elizabeth Muir; Lynnette Vollrath. Fifth Row: Becky Ninness; Leda Cosmenco; Barbara Bendlin; Janet Winklchouse; Margaret Lane; Louise Fonteine; Ann Reichart; Janet Rearick; Joan Mainville; Sandra Cook; Meridith Hardy. Back Row: Judy Wilson; Jacqueline Boggan; Sue Chorpcn- ing; Lois Buchbinder; Cynthia Wilkins; Phylis Friscke; Marilyn Maile; Virginia Royal; Lorraine LeDuc; Janet Doggett; Jac queline Lefler; Phylis Rinne; Paula Limberg; Pat Marx. CHI OMEGA Answer on Two! Chi O bike brigade decides the shortest distance be- tween 1525 Washtenaw and anywhere is still too long. Blind dates were strictly uniform on Army Weekend as Cadets stormed the social fort as well as the athletic. 150 The musical-minded are instrumental in group living. The gentleman on the right is indifferent, but the " Gay Cavalier, " upper left, seems to approve the rift in routine. The enforced shower punishes offenses from pinnings to pranks. Though this Knight of the bath protests pleasantly, the brothers are bound he will soon be all wet. CHI PHI Wesley, Wesley FrontRow: Terry Gillen : Gordon Mars; Ramon McCarus: Mike Arent; Dick Jasinski; Barry MaeRae; David Lang. Second Row: David Cooper: Philip Ardussi; Donald Gilger: David McDermid; James Blum; Bruce Robertson; Jack Lepard; Sheridan Springer; Hamilton Robichaud. Third Row: Kdward Furdak; James Howell; Edward Patterson; Russell Patterson; John Patrick Kelly; Fred Baumgart- ner; Dick Sanderson; Roger Tuttle. Fourth Row: Terry Tweedie: Brooks Sitterly: Peter VanCamp; John Treadway; David Hampton; Lee Krumbholz; John Rapson; Tom Gaffield. Firth Row: John Williams; Joseph Murray; Bruce Avis; Roger Comstock; John Hodges; Ralston Schultz; John Crouse; David Schmidt; George Hammond: Robert Halleen; Joesph Hazelett; Dan Gulden. Back Row: Chuck Hutching; Charlie Wise; Henry Gildner; Robert Creel; Tom Forgacs; Wayne Kuhn; James Snediker; Peter Groner; Chuck Hamilton; Donald Dll worth; Donald Kimball; Gerhard Hoffman: Dick Menge: Robert Marousek; James McGee; Dick Fink; Harry Evans. fair. i 151 CHI PSI Once a Chi Psi, Always a Chi Psi Front Row: Dick Spindle; Jim Miller; Dick Palma; Tim Putney; John Campbell; Stan Kuasiborski. Second Row: John Lama; Stu Smith; Jim Powell: Murray McDonald, Jim Clatworthy; Wayne Lehr; Fritz Brace. Third Row: Hill Williams; Dick Glass; Bob West- over; Bob Law; Dick Schacht; Stu Scheifele; Jim Willis. Fourth Row: Jim McGuire, Corky Smith; Dale Ewart; Gary Knapp; Neil Barnett; Dick Brown; John Boyles. Fifth Row: Jack Self; Fred Everett; Art Fairbanks; Pete Banzhaf; Bruce Allen; Jerry Hill; Dick Anslow; Brad White. Back Row: Pete Wragg; Tim Moulthrop; Jam Mabry; Al Flynn; Ken Moore; Ed Velden; Don Chapman; Bob Brown; Ted Peters; Pete Kramer; Chuck Hatch. Though television is ever-present in the parlor, there are still some few who ignore the happy medium. Chi Psis rise for the occasion. Driveway basketball court serves sports-minded here and in other houses. r tjp,.)9 Front Row: Susan Fox; Gretchen Ebling: Mary Crane 1 : Xancy Jo Circle; Genevieye Leland; Roberta Piatt: Carol Klein; Xancy Brinker: Sanelra Ruedemann. Second Row: Helen Chesbrough; Sylvia Schreiber; Christine Crawford; Catherine Eckerman: Emily Kinde; Sandra Lee; Rosemary Chesbrough: Sarahanne Reeves; Xancy Willard: Mary Hull; Rosemary Roth. Third Row: Jo Rohleder; Mar- jorie Mclntyre: Marilea Kleinert; Marilyn Mosier; Margery Kervin: Joanne Craft; Juelith Cushing; Joanne Kindley; Delores Doll; Diane Thompson; Victoria Wehmeier; Gretchen Hult; Mary Ann Kerlikowske. Fourth Row: Cynthia Woodward; Sally Blackman; Cynthia Stone; Carol Carrigan; Susan Shakespeare; Sally Burke: Heather Hutchins: Virginia Dolliver; Dietlind Xixdorf; Mary Crocker; Carolyn Travis; Ann Dinius: Mary Jones; Barbara Grinncll. Back Row: Anita Hatch; Carole Adams; Katherine Micou: Sandra Aid- rich; Roberta Arnold: Sandra Hughes; Judy Geeting; Terry Carney: Virginia Zieman; Kathy Luhn: Ann Ellis; Marian Blakeslee: Ruth Cohen; Barbara Barker. COLLEGIATE SOROSIS It ' s Beauty! Relaxing time at the Sorosis House often means banter and bridge before the fire Monday through Thursday. But Friday brings a change of pace and place as inter- est averts to another kind of evening ' s entertainment. A rare moment away from their studies finds four music-loving Greeks engrossed in a jam session. The Delta Chis of ten discuss daily problems and decis- ions with Henry, their house advisor and consultant. DELTA CHI Back Under Your Bridge, Troll! Front Row: William Pugh; Don Skinner; Philip Church; Dale Theil; Paul Walcott; John Nicoara. Second Row: Paul DeMarrais; Mar- vin Teutsch; Harry Carson; Robert Stakenas; Art Angood; Richard Bogg; Tom Hemenger; Robert Fear. Third Row: Boyd Bosma; Richard Flodin; Charles Murdoch; Philip Jones; Tom Fegan; William Thewalt; John Jenkins; Larry Smart. Back Row: Tom Michal- ski; Bruce Korzelius; Russell Jack; Fred Dawe; Gene Holeombe: Fred Pincoe; Tom French; Dave Edwards. J] ill DELTA DELTA DELTA All Good Things Come in Threes Front Row: Joan Young; Jane Kohr; Dee Galonska; Kay Frauenthal; Xancy Lepard; Char Studer; Nancie Swanwick. Second Row: Diana Cook; Addie Ciavola; Ann Caris; Jeanette Cameron; Gay Campbell; Mary Jane Grabill; Noreen Rupp; Ann Cordill; Carolyn Ulrich; Marilyn Schaefer; Sue Garfield; Jane Holben. Third Row: Barbara Wood; Janet Holtz; Pat Goddara; Lois Grabill; Elaine Kihen; Pat LeRoy; president: Mrs. Dorothy Frost; Sue Fricker: Bonnie Balas; Barbara Uebel; Connie La Rue; Mary Ellen Eckert; Beverly Shea. Fourth Row: Betty Boynton; SherrieStraub; PatFletcher; Sally Fisher; Jo Yates; Audrey Griffith; Sue Kitson; Bonnie Bittner; Joan Slugget: Ann Shantz; Carole Sparkie. Fifth Row: Ann Grettenberger; Margaret Wilkins; Barbara McXaught; Sheila Cummins; Pat Smith; Deeon Utley; Xancy Ward; Sharon Russell; Beverly Scales; Rosemary Tomicic; Pat McGuigan; Bette Meagher; Lois Louthan; Gail Wren; Gertrude Reams. Sixth Row: Laila Sadi; Georgia Strain; Sally Lyon; Beberly Rahn; Ann Milligan; Berkey Blashfield; Katie Salo; Jo Decker; Judy Ross; Barbara Avallone; Ann Hammond; Carole DeBruin; Shirley Lawson; Phyllis Frank; Judy Rankin: Cathy Clark; Carol Ellis; Kay Thomas. ' t The art of stair-gazing may be perfected at the Tri-Delt House. Best in Bermudas, it can be done while attending to the quips of sisters and squires or while simply chatting with others who like to loiter on lazy afternoons. kt li V T Front Row: Sue Harwood; Ann James; Vcra Ptak; Donna Darling; Sydney Boales; Joan Sayles; Nancy Lane. Second Row: Marria Nelson; Janet Weber; Ann McDonald; Ann Stuart; Susan Smith; Tiana Economos; Sue Christy; Barbara Thorne; Harriett Thome: Janet Furst: Barbara Frey. Third Row: Diane Williams; Mimi Buckinghan; Joan Conroy; Ann Mustard; Martha Baker; Nancy Stevens; Mrs. Atoou; Judy Brown; Virginia Abbey; Cherry Harris. Fourth Row: Judy Maxwell; Joyce Gah ' ert; Salli Fagan; Gloria Meier; Margie Kempe; Jean Tammi; Jean MeCaskey; Judy Westphal; Jane Murbach; Kllen Loveland. Firth Row: Jane Waterman; Janice Tinkham; Katherine Tunis; Mary Belt; Jacqueline Boyer; Ann Heidbreder; Mary Eliot; Judy Ver Meulen; Sue Cleminson; Virginia Zinn; Janet Rutherford; Mary Cross. Back Row: Diana Brouse; Sally Miller; Carol Murphy; Elizabeth Elliot; Gretchen Streit; Barbara Roaper; Jean Webster; Ann Preston; Judy Webster; Mary Lovell; Patricia Perigo; Patricia Patterson; Margaret Williamson; Susan Potter; Linda Lofberg; Mary deTar. DELTA GAMMA Movie Train! A comfortable corner in the DG House isthe beau par- lor where gents may enjoy television or conversation with the sisters while awaiting the lady upstairs. Men complain that womens ' residences are impossible to reach, but communication continues, and DG smiles testify that in Ann Arbor, any news is good news. H II No recreation room in the DKE domain, but plenty of room for recreation in the ping-pong and pine-paneled TV quarters. AVhile the more energetic work out in the Davidson room, a video victim adjusts the built-in tube. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON There ' s No Micky Mouse in the DKE House Front Row: James Stark; Lawrence Baker; Robert Durham. Second Row: William Cassel; James Knaggs; Hugh Ryall; Gary Knight; Paul Gruber; Thomas Straszewski; Frank Hirt. Third Row: George Astor; Joseph Benton; Calvin Strom; John Chadwell; Carl Eckert Peter Dow; Robert Hutchinson; Thomas Comparet; Terence Adderly; Neil Call. Fourth Row: Stephen Monroe; Alex Wood; Brian Burke; George Planck; Neil Peters; Barry Brand; John Bradfield; Raymond Babin; James Reindel; Derek Tatlock. Back Row: Glen Miller; John Rhodes; John Delaney; Walter Poar; Charles McAlpine; Edgar Puthuff; Hall Snowday; Joseph Haselby; Donald Tyler; Dewis Beran; Paul Elvidge; Michael McCarthy: Joseph Varady; Carl Lukenbach. DELTA PHI EPSILON Pass the Poor Man ' s Sugar Front Row: Marilyn Spiro; Elaine Klein; Dolores Sloan; Norma Madalia; Judith Shapiro; Judith Cantor; Valerie Perin. Second Row: Marcia Gellert; Audrey Friedman; Edith Schneiderman; Mrs. Hildreth Sanders; Shirley Baylis; Ninion Bloch; Nina Katz; Suzanne Mogul. Third Row: Marjorie Beal; Sylvia Schwartz; Ann Elderman; Joan Feldman; Barbara Levin; Jackie Gold; Noami Goldman; Carole Moskowitz. Back Row: Sue Sabel; Edith Rubin; Myra Joseph; Lois Malzman; Carolyn Fisher; Joan Kaplinsky; Lynn Towlc; Sharon Kass; Sandra Brauman; Sarah Eisenberg; Joan Levin. Temporary housing topples records in comfort and beauty at D Phi E. Two modern living rooms accommodate bridge players and TV fans, but not the new pledge class. The expanding chapter will seek a larger house next fall. r f% i Front Row: Jack Strobel; Ken Hallenbeck; Bud Osmun; Bill Moolin. Second Row: Ned Robinson; Charles Walgreen; Dave Payne; Don McWatters, Dave Huthwaite; Brad Dewey; Dave Hilderley; Bill Zaharee; Jim Hayford. Third Row: Tom Jones; Dick Grimes; Jim Meyer; Walt Gerdes; Al Bush; Chuck Donmyer; Jim Hedberg; Dick Hoek; Dan Slowe. Back Row: Tom Hunter; Hugh Rabat; Art Gaudi; Dick Hamilton; John Buster; Jim Olson; Dan Hunter. DELTA SIGMA PHI Hey Hey, Let ' s Get Some Fire in the Ball Club! Inspired to creativity by the festive holiday decora- tions, Delt Sigs get together to blow their own horns. Michigan victory in ' 50 Snowbowl at Ohio State is recalled by 20 foot penant copped from Columbus. 159 While creative designers ponder architectural problems of stress, strain, and aesthetics, the contemporary design of the president ' s suite at Delta Tau Delta affords comfortable surroundings for less academic pursuits. DELTA TAU DELTA It Couldn ' t Matter Less Front Row: Dave Evans; Bob Bowen; Abe Xicolaou; John Hoos; Bill Neumann; Oleg Lobanov; Paul Murphy; Jim Phelps; Frank Burger: Ken Johnson; Cal Hay wood. Second Row: Bill Koepke: John Demorest; Paul Vitz; Douglas Hetherington; Bob Sowatsky; Richard St. John; Jack Schaupp; president; Tom Berglund; Chuck Sweet; Paul Guy; Chuck Wood; Chuck Schafer; Dick Kruse. Third Row: Herb Klinker; Jack Ryan; John Moule; Dick Hartman; Don Duff; Jim McClune; Bob Dombrowski; Jim Bauer; Jim Rieder; Ted Reis- sing; Ken Schoof; Ray Waggoner; Don Shepard; John Hatgia; Gary Grenfell; Jerry Harwood; Bill Strieker; John Heald. Back Row: Pete Xaylpr; Don Fitch; Andy Kaul; Ray Hockstad; Al Price; Jim Sargent; Nort Stuart; Jay Roos; Jim Holton; Bernath Sherwood: Richard Zimmerman; Gary Xersesian; Leonard Gell; Vic Krause; Don Davidson; Richard Stringer; Don Young. DELTA UPSILON People Are No Good Front Row: Robert Ward; Larry Jerome; James Sergeson; Kenneth Rutherford. Second Row: Bruce Goldsmith, Robert Smith; Paul Xewcomb; Frederick Barrett; Elmer Whipple; Joseph Cox. Third Row: Charles Melfi, Jerry Underwood. William Doney, Robert Brown; John Layman; Robert Lieblein; George Hellwarth; Robert McSweeny; John Barrows; Frederick Hohwart. Fourth Row: Tom Gibson; Robert Ruffner; George Schatz: Greg Neff; William Morse; Charles Domes; Richard Booth; Herman Goering; Robert Mans- field; Dean Truespell. Fifth Row: Robert Adams, Richard Maier. James Sherman; Michael Fitzsimons, John Hackett; David Cobb; Eugene Goebel. Back Row: Xormar Beck; David Baad; Steve Kovacik; John Dixon; James Laarman; Richard Buck; Don Goldsmith; Stewart Evans; Ben Stole; Richard Atkin; John Heath; Fred Gorree: Jerry Davies; Keith Heslip. Jungle parties have long been standard events on fraternity calendars, but St. Bernard races promise to be a tradi- tion of the future. The DU ' s ready Brandy to challenge Lambda Chi ' s Major in the first contest along the Diag. m BUM .V Julia Harris; Alcorn; Donna ._, __, Jrsula Gebhard; Janet Mewhort; Mrs. Sanford; Etta Luhke; Mimi Buck; Dawn Maine; Colleen Campbell; Susanne Watt. Fourth Row: Susan Wesley; Nancy Walser; Janette Hickey; Carolyn Walker; Jo Osmun; Marcia Keep; Judy Engelke; Mary Sullivan; Judie Owen; Nancy Amber- son. Fifth Row: Ellie Benson; Mary Fay; Dorothy Handley; Cornelia Von Mach; Donna Ginn; Nancy Herkenhoff; Ellen Lauppe; Eugenie Reagan; Jane Stellwagen; Mary Pike; Helen Schimpke. Back Row: Jane Higbee; Barbara Black; Wanda King; Carolyn Thomas; Nancy Havermale; Sally McKeighan; Barbara Marriott; Joan Hewlett; Elaine Bacheller; Jane Stoltz; Dorothy Cant; Shirley Burk- hart; Debbie Townsend; Jackie Touscany; Pat Pernell; Margaret Smith. GAMMA PHI BETA Home of Gracious Living Conversation on two levels transpires on South U. Double decks conserve space, and are comfort- able nests for guests who can stand the altitude. Gamma Phis reflect on sign-out sheet, highly regarded reference book of gentlemen callers who flip back the pages to discern the whereabouts of favorite femmes. 162 Thetas convene to confer. Such social seminars are high- lights in spirit and spontaneity. Academic difficulties require different surround- ings, but four heads are still better than one. KAPPA ALPHA THETA Study!! Front Row: Louisa Hart; Nancy Yeakey; Betty Sykes; Jeanne Seaborn; Mary Rupp; Shelley Scarney; Carolyn Blaul; Mary Lease; Georgina Dunn; Martha Stockard; Susan Doherty; Mary Hafer. Second Row ' : Margie Chew; Esther Heyt; Judy LeMessurier; Linda A t 1 1 -i if i . i n TV !_ i _ . TT; li _ I J . T 1__ O 1 .. T .. T3 1 ; . , r P_;U. T .,. . XT n ,. H if " _, . 1 A K . Bergland; Joan Pfeiffer; Ann Xaylor; Linda Huntington; Judy Huntington; Joan Robinson; Sue Smith; Nancy Thompson; Joyce Judson; Janet Fildew. Back ' Row: Sharon Callahan; Kitty Smith; Barbara Leonard; Pam Stattley; Virginia Arbucklc: Carla Schram; Cynthia Conway; Sue Rutledge; Joyce Moffatt; Terry Burke; Ann Nickerson; Marge Schroer; Cynthia Or; Janet Dietrich: Nancy Marsh: Ruth Plant: Elizabeth Metcalf. KAPPA DELTA Anyone for a Cab? Front Row: Marie Jo DeWitt; Judith Bettison; Bonnie Watson; Xancy Stout. Second Row: Caroline Silliek: Judith Huher; Sandra Bader; Alice Waugh; Lynn Laviolette; Margaret Pettit; Gretchen Schweizer; Roberta Gubbins; Valerie Geisz; Peggy Mattox; Ruth Metzger. Third Row: Mary Vanker; Claire Taylor; Edith HarTner; Carol Cunningham; Diana Skaff; Judith Rogers; Mrs. Diekerson- A I .,1 ' I ._ .. T 17 " 1___ _. TT _ 1TT _ _ . T 1 ' it f 1 1 -n i -wv CAUIMUBWU , i o,iiLj _r A UVJL. jjavn. ivuw . j uvuw ;n , OU.VH mil ivi uegerj ooruara i uuii ; r aLricia jonnstone; L aruara riuinpnrey ; Diana Paris; Darlyne Saho; Marilyn Smith; Barbara Schicks; Janet Her; Mary Ellen Galvin; Renata Hantel; Harriet Scott; Lynda Evans; Priscilla Miley; Margaret Weinert; Leea Peirce; Jacqueline Schields. Whether rehearsing jury selections or just idling on the ivories, the pianist is usually supplied with an appreciative audience. Another kind of appreciative audience awaits below as KDs descend to the beckoning buzz. Front Row: Jane Kline: Pat Booze; Rachel Tiedke: Sally Reynalds: Mary Lou Manger; Paddy Cooper; Pat Skelly; Emily Lingelbach; Jean Bimey; Pat Arrington; Laurie Smith; Second Row: Sally Garner; Jane Joachim; Ann Cummings; Sally Thayer; Dorothy Swan- son; Carol Guy: Pauline Shamhes; Pam Scolaro; Emily Harding: Mary Knecht; Frannie Crowley. Third Row: Alice James Betsey Dwan; Ellen Lewis; Jane Prindeville: Barbara Ingwell; IPat Wright: Mary Johnson. Back Row: Andrea Snyder; Shirlet Curtis; Ann Spohn; Jan North way; Shelley England; Sue Sullivan; Sally Laube; Pam Farley; Barbara Reed; Kay Maktnzie; Mary Bloemendahl; Mary Klauer; Sue Martin; Xancy Crawford: Graechen Baker; Sue Chaffe; Mary Hague. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA A Pat on the Head for You, Pooch Even the mirror reflects an aura of ease as Kappas gather for pre-dinner talk time. But after dinner, leisure is lost and talk is taboo as tables are cleared and brows are furrowed for dining room digestion of a less savory nature. 165 Reclining on the window seat, a Kappa Sig absorbs studies and steam heat. Magazine merriment does not appear to be in celebration of the season, though a tree is in view as the brothers peruse the January issue. KAPPA SIGMA When Is the Dog House Going to be Finished? Henrioh; George Davidson; David Da vies. Back Row: Robert Arno; Kirk Daly; Gary Schroeder; Robert Busha; Charles Skala; Law- rence Houck; Edward White; Mark Ferrelli; Donald Briggs. o V I LAMBDA CHI ALPHA You Sly Old Fox, You! Front Row: Bob Clark; Tom Gougeon; John Erlager; Dan Maybee; Stan Head; John Walper; George Vollis; Fred Schreiber; Fran LeMire; Dick Heusel. Second Row: Bart Snyder; Joe Betts; Kerry Johnson; Jim Hart; Tom Burd; Frank Bragaw; Bob Luft; Ed Woods; George Friess; Bob Hovie; Tom Vanden Bosh. Third Row: Gordon Merritt; Don Scotilla; Pat Cleary; Jack Xicholls; Ralph Richter; Les Knowlton; Dick Good; Jim Dutcher; Neil Cords; Bill Larson; Hal Cruger; Jim Pickard; Lloyd Anderson; Hank Lang; Wendel Chadwick. Fourth Row: Don Rupprect; Bob Thome; Bill Beillmeier; Roy Pero; Dick Ward; Fred Sheffler; Dick Smith; Al Haynes; Gus Gianakaris; Chuck Forrest; Al Williams; Jack Nichols. Fifth Row: Dick Morgan; Wes Wheeler; Dave Hurst; Jim Lawrence; Dick Blodgett; John McCrae; Ian McLeod; Ray Stokes: Vic Gibbons; Ralph Cadger; Dave Grupe. Back Row: George Nasse; Don Reisig; Gene Terrill: Fred Walker; Dick Sonntag; Mike MacMichael; Bob Yanko; George Fomin; Don Good; George Grove; Al Sim- mons; Dale Jensen; Jerry Case; Gerry Stein: Don Head; Bill Guy. . Mesmerized by television or mellowized by music, Lambda Chis still boast two living rooms, a sun-deck and a char- iot-racing, pedigreed St. Bernard who on the football field or the Diag has proved he can outrun man and beast. Front Row: Clifford Johnston; Kenneth Meyers; James Van Pelt; Robert Sullivan; Bruce Terry; Thomas Hotchkiss; David Bowers; Donald Catro; Jack Lichty; Thomas Sheehan. Second Row: Charles Green; David Ralston; James Friedman; William Alger; Peter Schauer; Richard Murry; Peter Tillotson; Bernard Rinella; Jay Newberry ; Thomas Isely; Ronald Mauer; Peter Wolgast; George Beau- champ. Third Row: Robert Sommer; Charles Kropf; Gregory Hooper; Richard Harrison; Timothy Reiman; Richard Little; Robert Collins, president; Fred Baer; Peter Ward; Wayne Cooke; Robert Henderson; John Friess. Fourth Row: Robert Dunn; David Hershey; John Kirchgessner; John Rodgers; William Bohnsack; Thomas Singer; Edward West wood; Lee Bcrtling; Robert Fritts; William Chapel; Frank Moore; William Rexford; George Clark; Prescott Crisler; Russel Miller; Richard Cota; John O ' Reilly; Thomas O ' Keefe; Richard Courtney; William McArthur; Douglas Roby; Parker Ward. Back Row: Robert Walker; James Maddock; James Barrow; Frank Gazzola; Arthur Boylan; Edward Shannon; David Gilchrist; Thomas Jorgenson; James Barger; Charles Jung; Frank Haag; Jerry Goebel; Lawrence Kelly; Robert Leland; James Bates; Andrew Samosok; Norman Harbert; Milton Gkekas; Phillip Mitchell; William Barrett. PHI DELTA THETA Diversity Makes for Greatness The corner of South University and Washtenaw was once again the scene of what is fast becoming a campus classic, the annual Mudhowl game. Out of the huddle came Phi Delt to claim both trophies and applause as victors. Half- time soccer champs, Theta, shared the winners circle, to the cheering of a sidewalk-blocking, traffic-halting crowd. 168 A megaphone to cue the inside plays characterizes practice sessions as Fiji actives prepare to meet the pledges in an annual football contest. Strumming on the guitar, the inimitable Al Wall entertains in true Wildcat style. PHI GAMMA DELTA What Have You Done for Phi Gamma Delta Today? Front Row: Steve Simich; William Heath; CharlesSteiner; James Hardy; Samuel Riggs; Donald Young: Robert Stahl; Phillip Burt; Robert Meyers; Gordon Emery; Dale Eldred. Second Row: Ron Clarke; Keith Pohl; Van King; Al Christman; Robert Knutson; Frank Zinn; Ed Grouse; James Deland; Thomas Anderle; Ross Fletcher; Clint Wagner; Jack Wheeler. Third Row: Doug Murray; Eugene Halbrook: Pierre Welch; Richard Pinkerton: John Upton; Tom Leopold; David Fleisher; Paul Geiger; Eugene Hartwig; John Bairy; Al Mann; George Warner: James Da vies. Fourth Row: Robert Wells; James Hodgman; Ernie McCoy; Ron Portwood; Fred Lyons; Ross Smith; David Wakely; David Grey; Al Schadel; Fred Williams; Tom Shannon; Casper Grathwohl; Kaye Mercer; John Hodgman. Back Row: william Moeller; Henry Loeb; Bud Wilcox; Allan Hartwig: Paul Melgaard; Charles Sharp; Thomas Brush; Roger Anderson; Howard Liverance; Barry MacKay; Steve Kale; Frank Gregory; Keith Coats; Bruce Boss; Charles Patton; James Cook. PHI KAPPA PSI College Days Rah, College Classes, Who Knows Front Row: Bill Tripp; Bob Pauzek; Ron Eschenburg; Bill Green. Second Row: Chuck Boylan: John Hoffman; Dick Stanley; Bob Griffith; Steve Harper; Kent Biel. Third Row: Doug Povenz; Jim Mills; George Nichols; Don Olson; Steve Hauser; Paul Bofinger; John Cooper: Milt Knee. Fourth Row: Bob Wozniak; Dave McCullough; Bob Meyer; Ralph Cross; Alan Holderness; Dave Carson; Bill Husted; Gil Snyders. Fifth Row: Ed Arnold; Roger Law; Gordon Busby; Phil Sears; Kerry Ainsworth; Rob Effinger; Bruce Ren- frew; Dick Brings; Rex Steele. Back Row: John Settle; Steve Pauli; Fred Albrecht; Bill Meyer; Chuck Cole; Jack Gallander; Ted Dieth- rich:Bill Roeder; Fred Hertel. Don ' t make a chore out of studying. A pleasant atmosphere is esseitial to put you in the right frame of mind. Whatever you do, be sure you are comfortable, for comfort is conducive to every type of intellectual activity. 1 - Front Row: Robert Sanegret; House Correa; Robert Brand; Gerald Williams; Robert Johnson. Second Row: William Lawrence; Xathan Kanous; Ralph Fagge; Lester Nelson; William Stredl; James Preston. Third Row: Dean Ludwig; Robert Keevil; Richard Petrie; James Vukovich; Gary Underbill; Ralph Boeker. Back Row: Ernest Myers; Louis Rodriguez; Robert Tanny: Frank Podleski; Jimmie Dear- ing; Scott McCollum; Dale Hicks. PHI KAPPA SIGMA Biggest Little House on Campus Tis a solemn hour when Phi Kappa Sigmas get together with the trophies for a card game. Tiger stands aloof from such trivialities, explains his feelings, and receives non-directive counseling from an understanding friend. 171 p B - ,. Railing at the railing are the Phi Kappa Taus, in their house accentuated with age darkened oak. Both the banni- ster and the fire place provide convenient spots for discussions of the academics and non-academics of university life. PHI KAPPA TAU Fourth for Bridge? Front Row: William Maloney; James Lange; William Cook; John Stephenson; William Powell; Kieth Kepler. Second Row: Robert (lailhraith; Thomas Masenac; Richard Borth; Ernest Nagle; Donald Wattrick. Jr; Robert Taylor. Third Row: Gene Patterson; Fred Bowdle; Paul Thibault; Malcomb Campbell; Calvin Covell; Glenn Girardin; Donald Kelly. Fourth Row: Frank Starbuek; James Thur- low; Robert Hoy; Douglas Donnan; Dale Baker; Gordon Werfer; Richard Faulhaber. Back Row: John Ulrich; Rex Youse; Walter Zong; Kenneth Hafer; Brude Stevens; Howard Buchanan; Alvin Ranger. u I r PHI SIGMA DELTA Beyond the Twelve Mile Reef Front Row: Sid Ruby; Xorm Levy; Herb Kline: Roy Missner; Chuck Birke; Marty Frank. Seco nd Row: Stan Berger; Bob Brown; Gary Kane; Marty Fine: Rick Levitt; Jerry Spielman; Harlan Givelber. Third Row: Larry Charfoos; Ed Cohn; Al Tarr: Earl Abram- son; Bob Floum; Marc Brand; Howie Shapiro; Burt Fainman; Simmy Brinberg; Joel Siegel; Bernie Lis. Fourth Row: Lee Xewman; Bernie Rozran; Howard Goldberg; Chuck Schwartz; Dave Weisenberg; Jerry Warchaizer; Paul Cohn; Mike Zucker; Lee Egrin. Fifth Row: Frank Pollack; Larry Weiss; Fred Schwimmer; Pete Wulfsohn; Joe Hanchrow; Harvy King; Gene Salesin- Rick Barnett; Herb Schneider; Ted Amdur. Back Row: Dave Klausner; Joel Hepner; Bob Paley; Lee Abrams; Larry Rosenthal; Mitchell Harris; Isaac Zucker: Fred Schatz; Warren Singer; Barry Stulberg; Steve Bronstein; Lou Silverman; Mai Schlusberg; Ed Marks. I Modern study rooms afford ideal cramming condi- tions, but private phone, congenial company and an at- mosphere of j oie de vi vre thwart any thought of study. Lull in routine results in international incident- Greeks give attention to a Great Dane named Caesar. John Stoehr; Peter Guck; Robert Morrill; David Sloss; Tom Taylor. PHI SIGMA KAPPA Perusing books and magazines before gleaming windows, these Phi Sigma Kappas have forgotten the Saturday morn- ing work sessions of pledgeship when a windowglass was but a pane among the pains of cleaning up the house. 174 - I Pi Phi sunporch accents the informal with a new TV, provisions a-plenty for cards and a casual evening. PI BETA PHI Wunnaful! Pi Phis stand behind their chairs to sing Grace pre- partaking. A pleasant pause in the day ' s agitation. Front Row: Sue Beebe; Jeri Fox; Lucy Landers; Cynthia Cook; Laura Thorn; Marjorie Price; Martha Mac Gregor. Secood Row; Sonya Douglas; Xancy Bruneau; Patricia Earhart; Mary Lou Grandbois; Carol Loveless; Ann Taylor; Joan Melges; Nancy Riley; Lynn Davison; Patricia Ward; Mary MeParlan. Third Row: Patricia Mooney; Fern Barbara Law; Sarah Jo Brown; Marjorie Beeman; Ruth Xolen; Jean Kurtz; Ann Pletta; Catherine Mackay; Mary Barton; Martha Wallbillich; Gail Glover; Emily Baker; Donna Netzer. Fourth Row: Alice Louie; Mary Xolen; Catherine Campbell; Gloria Lightstone; Clare Malcolm; Judith McKnight: Xancy Nungester; Janet Jewell; Suzanne Reid; Xancy Pletta; Janet Kruse; Ann Hess; Grace Hallek; Lois Murphy; Fredrika Haines; Henrietta Brown; Jane Germany. Back Row: Jane Xolen; Vera Khoury; Linda Balling; Jane Wilson; Claire Lenz; Sue Boomer; Barbara McGrath; Jane Grathwohl; Sue Brown: Mary Julia Baker; Alicia Terrant; Xancy Howell; Caryl Dumond; Janet Neary; Xancy McComb; Dorothy Allaben: Polly Van Schoich; Joycelyn Watt; Corrine Groscup. I j PI LAMBDA PHI Does Anybody Wanna . . . Stop at the Tower? Front Row: Gerald Golberg; Larry Weisman; Alvin Ziv; Ed Lubin; John Mendel; P. David Weisman; David Schlain; Gary Gerg- man; Michael Miller; John Loeb. Second Row: Lee Marks; Burton Stein; David Morgan; Donald Kahan; David Caplan; Ben Uchi- telle; Lenard Drubkin; Carey May; Barry Joseph; Jerry Stern. Third Row: David Levy; Burt Epstein; Milt Pereira; Bernard Levine; Norm Sussman; Marv Cherin; Joe Fishman; Dick Nachman; Stan Kampner; Bob Weinbaum; Dick Levitt; Leon Greenblatt; Marv Davidson; Bernard Barrpn; Larry Seder; Lenard Veliok. Back Row: Carl Stern; David Hershberg; Bernard Goodman; Bob Ginsberg; Wally Handler; Steve Hill; Peter McGroot; Fred Izenspn; Bill Berinstein; Henry Berinstein; Bill Pittler; David Weisman; Gerald Wol- berg; Ron Stone; Larry Sheeman; Ivan Goldberg; Laurie Scher; John Burwald. At least one U. of M. student has not yet thrown in the towel in despair of the discouraging world news. Art appreciation runs high as Pi Lams try group eval- uation of some expression of the sensuous dimension. Front Row: Howard Johnson: Frederick Sheldon; Dana Larson: Karl Litzenberg. Second Row: Richard Stiefel; Andrew Murbach; William Hoffhines; Michael Carey; John Powers; John Goodrich. Third Row: Robert Sandling: Thomas Bender; John Calvin; Timothy Leedy: Ronal Larson: Douglas Robinson; Charles Irvin; Boyd Rainer. Fourth Row: Richard Rearick; Thomas Prunk; Edwin Spence; Hugh Banninga; Jerome Williams; Arthur Kuiper; Russell Mustard; John Hubly. Back Row: John Littig; Richard Ingwersen; Mich- ael Lynch; Webly Taylor; Edward Bitzer; Boyd Shertzer; Howard Webber; Theodore Emerson; Samuel Stewart. PSI UPSILON WAZZ . . . Burdened with books the Psi U ' s trudge through Ann Arbor ' s slush toward campus, but behind their lodge, texts are exchanged for even icier matter as snow balls hurtle through the air above their converted sunken garden skating rink. 177 Looks like the SAEs are ready to take the plunge into the mud as the gridiron greats engage in epic battle. In this the most spectacular of the bowl games, victor and vanquished alike emerge muddy but unbowed, the cheers of loyal fans and a smile from the lovely mudbowl queen leaving no doubts as to whether it was worth the trouble. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Phi Alpha! Front Row: Cal Chapel; William Bernard; MacMartin; William Grierson; Richard Weiss; David Hulbert; Robert Monroe; George Haddad; James Hague; Ed Ravenseroft; Karl Betz; Melvin Johnson; Victor Stoeffwer; Ronald Malis. Second Row: Ronald Poland; Earl Engel; Gary Schneider; Donald Valli; Roger Markhus; Thomas Ehni; Herbert Berwald; Barry Pat row; Wallace Wilcox; Carl Ernst; Carl Hirsch; Howard Tommelein; William Adams; James Craddock; Paul Brown. Third Row: Wally Roeser, James Orwig; John Powell; Michael Russel; Martin Belser; James Simmons; Robert Jones; Michael Rotunno; Thomas Bullen; Jack Davidson; David Rentschler; John Vermeulen; Eric Tripp; William Mosher; Duane Linderman; William Reinhold; Robert, Lcckhard; D wight Galloway; James Bradley; Fred Furth. Back Row: John Wolfe; Terry Eikenbery; Frederich Richmond; Larry Wise; James Stevens; James Hiit- tenlocher; William Mestdagh; Louis Gliders; Donald Browne; John Kuchka; Donald Liebrich; George Corey; Richard Bingham; Wil- liam Elliot; Roger Power; Thomas Krause; John Kirkjian. SIGMA ALPHA MU Whatta Ya Hear from Your Head? Front Row: Edward Tanenbaum; Harvey Weiss; Mark Sabin; Martin Albion; Henry Baylis; Marvin Starman; Fred Gordon; George Finkel; Ronald Radway; Biuee Siegan; Stuart Sueherman; Michael Luckhoff. Second Row: Richard Meyer; Groffrey Grossman; Jan Tanenbaum. Harvey Zuckerberg; Charles Sachse; Bernard Shapiro; Thomas Kovan: Paul Richman; Berry Merenoff; Richard Moss; Robert, Fisher; James Weitzman; Allan Kalt: Lawrence Bizer. Third Row: Ronald Seltzen; Arnold Shifman: Myron Waxberg; Warren Wertheimer; Envin Rubcnstein; William Wise; Paul Groffsky; Marc Jacobson; Ronald Ross; Allan Schecter; Basil Nemer; Stewart Krakoven; Michael Weinberger; Robert Bergner; Elliot Kleppen. Fourth Row: Milton Goldstein; Bruce Stiglitz; Donald Medalie; Arthur Columbia; Merrill Kaufman; Burton Stillman; Arthur Laszlo; Ronald Boorstein; Nathan Firestone; Jerry Laker; Ivan Bender; Ivan Polls; Armand Cohn. Back Row: David Silver; Alan Mendelssohn; James Leven; William Siegel; Donald Robiner; Lawrence Pearlman; Donald Persellin; Stephen Koplin; Joel Tauber; Louis Kwiker; Walter Goldsmith; Lloyd Newman; Kenneth Shevin; Herbert Solomon: Martin Weisbard: Stephen Cahen: Harold Berritt. Too many trophies? Sammies ponder: Enlarge the mantle or Greeted by grins, the mailman cometh. Ex- discourage future participation to accomodate additional cups? am mail elicits greater variety of expression. Front Row: Ed Cole; Jack Garvy; Russ Lue; John Hauch; Rob Trost; John Simmons. Second Row: Phil Kosewarne; Dave Stirkney Steve Bloom; Nick Kauchoukas; Paul Drake; Jerry Victor; Mike Basford; John Shepanck; Xick Karay; Third Row: Bill Bass; John Monaghan ; Jack DeVries ; Dan Cline ; Will Perry ; Jerry Hockstad ; Mike Barnard ; Art Wynne ; Norm Canty ; .Jerry Benson ; Paul Thomas ; Lance Minor; Irv Cannon. Fourth Row: Payson Chapman; Jim Crozier; Bob Appleman; Glen Carlson; Jerry Prescott; Jim Walters; Phil Jacobus; Chuck Weir; Carl Norborg; Fred Smith; Pat Mahorey. Fifth Row: Bob Becker; Kurt Cannon; Chuck McCann; Jeff Dooley; John Wylie; John Madigan; Leo Schlicht; Jack Warmholts; Henry Berliner; John Wroma; Ed Meads; Fred Trost; Chuck Brooks. Back Row: Terry Roberts; Bill Miller; Larry Faul; Bill Minor; Ron Richardson; Larry Coleman: John Peckham; Chris Chris- tie- Gordie Morrow; John Morrow; Tom Maentz; Charlie Stark; Jack Varley; Marv Nyren; Mike Higgins; Wimpy Trumbull; Drew Radel; Frank Vick; Bill Hill. SIGMA CHI In This Sign We Conquer The Sigma Chis and their horseshoe court are both staked out on South State Street. Scoring requires close scru- tiny and adroit posturing, while pitching the iron shoes demands a careful aim to avoid the basement windows. 180 When a bridge game gets underway, there are usually any number of enthusiasts on hand to give advice. SDT gestures for a level conversation, but her sister has tuned her out for meditations metaphysical. SIGMA DELTA TAU Fourth for Bridge, Can Anybody Get a Third? Front Row: Marilyn Deitch; Diane Intriligator; Sue Verb; Natilie Grodnick; Dorothy Berg; Dorothy X evas; Phyllis Klein; Barbara Hecht; Gwynne Finkleman; Lois Union; Eleanor Shur; Joan Rosenberg. Second Row: Elizabeth Greenberg; Janice Rose; Mary Lou Goldberg; Lynn Landwirth: Sue Bit man; Mrs. Delia Feder; Patricia Klein; Connie Jackson: Ancclla Wcinstein: Marlene Jaffa; Libby Joffe; Rita Oilman. Third Row: Marcia Gulman; Esther Riehter; Marjorie Saslow; Beverly Falk; Maxine Levinsohn; Bea Minkus; Barbara Weiss; Shirley Towhin; Myrna Eisenberg. Fourth Row: Helen Cohen; Donna Green; Adiienne Kolb; Sue Sturc; Sandra Beer; Linda Rubenstein; Arlene Gottesman; Shiela Bleichfeld; Sandra Rauthbord; Marcia Kphnstamm. Back Row: Beverly Arnovitz; Betty-Ann Rosenfeld; Marilyn Rudman; Sue Werbelow; Barbara Lewis; Ann Kutner; Marcia Wilson; Mary Stein; Laura Karp: Barbara Rubin; Marilyn Perlman; Doris Lipton; Ann Landwirth; Barbara Sidonberg; Elaine Kozin; Janice Glass; Joy Pasternak. SIGMA NU Too Pooped to Participate First Row: Robert Webster; Robert Monroe: Thomas Donkin; Joseph Brand; Frederick Anderson. Second Row: Robert Smith; Gary Morse; Peter Marsh; Robert Groff: John Kreger; Theodore Horn; Thomas Kroezek; Donald McNeil; Carl York. Third Row: Charles Davies; Alfred Ewert; E. Lee Sansum; Richard Plunkett; Robert Koester, president; Richard Patterson: Craig Campbell; Lawrence. Hardy; Peter Wende!: Roger Core. Fourth Row: Allan Reidinger; Kent Robinson; Hans vonBernthal: Jerry Schuur; Niles Gilmour; James McGarvey; Michael Montgomery: Gordon Black; Conrad Michael; Harlan Yelland; Eugene Moore; Arnold Brown; Richard Lassy. Fifth Row: Donald Chisholm; Reginald Norris: James Russel; Robert Richardson; Paul Richardson; Ronald Chipps; Daniel Dahl; John Pate: Joseph Coleman; William Stansell; Ronald West; Alexander Sarros; James Talcott. Back Row: Guy Martenson; E. Robert Ferguson: Uri Carpenter; George Schmidt; Leonard Miller; James Fenton; Edward Downing; Jon Mandell; Harold Franz; Frank Lexa; John Newton; W. Mitchell Sams; Duane Schultz. As the Sigma Nu Calliope Two knock out another vaudeville tune, the nonchalant indifference of the brothers sug- gests the inkling of a plot to crate up the infernal instrument and slyly smuggle it aboard the next slow boat to China. Via short wave, the Sigma Nus often trade jokes with their Bombay chapter, ham up the AOPi ' s TV reception, too. Front Row: James Gripe; Herbert Hedges; George Carr; Gene Davis. Second Row: Fritz Glover; Donald Johnson; John Hibbard; Grant Harris; John Leppelmeier; William Whitney. Third Row: Joseph Moore; James Finlayson; Daniel Webb; David Burchfield; Bruce Coleman; Robert Spath; Ray Newton; Robert Pease; Larry Winters; Clark Benson. Back Row: Curtis Wells; William Ross; James Cullen; Donald Ridge: Thomas Spiers; William Simons; Robert Nelson; John Heidgen. SIGMA PHI Conservative Carrying out an old tradition, Sigma Phi senior winds the clock. A pledge formal is also wound up as late-rising brother sleepily contemplates his attire of the previous evening - - sole vestige of froth and formality. 183 That after dinner bull session which seeks an answer to the weightiest of the world ' s problems confronting the college male spans a range of subjects from contemplation of the blind date last week to speculation on the one for this. Some Sig Ep ' s prefer to exercise a different set of muscles, choosing a novel method of becoming masters of fast pitch. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Later Front Row: Bruce Wisniewski; Don Fleming; Robert Thompson; Alex Bochnowski; Dave James; Jim Cartwright; Don Hanley; Steve Shawaker; Dick Wood. Second Row: George Cress; Kogcr Maugh: Chuck Wicktor; Charles Turner: William Gouldthorpe; George Pipper; Morgan Davis; John Guiding: Mike MeGrath: James Laughlin: Richard Underwood. Third Row: Dick Bachmann; Richard Kuisel; Dwight Allen: Keith Turner; Allen Clark; Morton Cox; Albert Fey; George Bashara; Joe Jefferis; Arthur Rautenberg; Richard Crawford; Otto Gutowsky; Richard Lowery. Fourth Row: Lawrence Mitchell; Donald Campbell; Richard Haitle; Daniel Quick; Thomas Rockwell; Robert Schaefer; Robert Hoydic; Ronald Karpanty; John Gillis; Byron West: Robert Richardson; John Kagay; Thomas Deyer. Fifth Row: Thaddeus Ketchum: Walter Kutch; Bruce Barrett; Larry Lavercombe: Jamie Martin; Dwight Baebcock; Kenneth Shields; Frederick Schoettley: Joseph Naylor; Theodore Dodenhoff; Thomas Gilmor e; Robert Pearson. Back Row: Charles Shields; Robert Monardo; Thomas Berger; George Rockwell: Donald Vance; Lee Gunn; John Vallortigora; John Thomas; James Hellenn- berg; Donald Ellison; John Sills; Robert Goedjen; Richard McGowan; Eugene Hawthorne; Frank Knox; Richard Potter; Thomas Sexworth. JHT TAU DELTA PHI Not Really! Front Row: Allen Winklestein: Paul Goodman; Landa; Peter Gould; James Hack. Second Row: Martin Blatt: Bruce Schlussel; Ned Doner: Larry Harris; Allen Eisenberg; Barton Cowan; Henry Rosenbaum; Milton Xathanson. Third Row: Myron Laban; Stanley Bernstein: Michael Gale; Allen Schuster; Mrs. Gerace; Hanley Gurwin; Jack Horwitz: Jay Kaufman; Herbert Feinstein; Gerry Solo- mon. Fourth Row: Irving Dunaief: Richard Flaxman; Seymour Ziegclman; Joseph Pruzan; David Hermelin; Philip Bellack: Robert Kaplan: Allen Kovinsky; Ira Schamach. Fifth Row: Ronald Charfoos; Allen Horowitz: Burton Scott; Larry Friedman; Charles Baraf; Philip Douglis: Aaron Podhurst; Stuart Pernick; Allen Lyness; Robert Wartell. Back Row: Steve Heilpern: Michael Eisman; Martin Goldman; Irving Miller; Jordan Rossen: Herbert Gardner; Eugene Cohen; Theodore Simms; Edward Salem; Steve Fishman; Harvey Brandes; Larry Rosen. Dandy for dancing, the Tau Belt ' s back porch can also be used for serving ping-pong balls and foods. Electric football was two week rage. Overwork then retired the mechanical athletes to upstairs closet. f Front Row: Chau Kim Dihn; Gerald Estes; Larry Posner; Raymond Bellas. Second Row: Ramon Chase; Donald Stephen; Robert Pehlke; Henry Chow; Richard Schreiber; Grant Scruggs. Back Row: James Kearful: Xorman Garrett; John Appman; David Zelisse; John Cruise; Floyd Reid; Glen Musselman. TAU KAPPA EPSILON Yuk Sauce for Dinner Tonight When the pressure of an exam has passed there is time for glancing through current magazines before the fire- place, but when exaninations are impending, shoeless comfort and steady concentration are necessary for review- ing reams of lecture notes. 186 y 111 Theta Chi ' s combined library, trophy and card room, fifth for bridge indicates offensive move for defense. A porch is a place to absorb sun and light litera- ture. A Dignified Dalmatian speaks for himself. THETA CHI Big Steve First Row: Peter Solar; David Satterley; Tim Felisky; Don Karston; Harold Spehar; Carlos Anderson; Frank Willette. Second Row: Joseph Ray; David Rohn: George Lennon; Charles Sonneborn; Robert Mackenzie; Douglas Hill: Robert Reardon; Ken Kleyn; Ken Johnston; Gerald Fedor; Charles Barnhart. Third Row: Kurt Myers; Jack Cross; Gary Paulu; Paul Lay; Dann Deaver; Harry Metz; John Tower; Charles Jehle; Ray Roble; Bill Bryant. Back Row: Nick Masters; Alan Miller; Jack Vise; Wally Merkling; Robert Rude- sill; Lindsey Sedwick; Herbert Falk: Kit Gielow; Eugene Kelly; James Haller; Douglas Middleton; John Foy. THETA DELTA CHI Famous Bar and Grill Service Front Row: Bill Kirker; John Etter: Don Meier; Frank Dufft: Dave Trautman; Conrad VanTienhoven. Second Row: Ron DeBover; Dick Hausler: Ted Sichler; Bruce Work; Stu Meach; P nie Xigg; Pete Armstrong; Lyn Graziani; Jack Dunn. Third Row: Bill Hein; Al Wise; Jan Gogulski: John Fleure; Gerry Conley; Hal Johnson: Bill Miller; Bob Loucks; Joe Gilmore. Back Row: John Verhoven; Elwood Hansman; Claude Coats; Bill Brinker; Clyde Whipple; Jack Campbell; Don Kirkpatrick; Pat Phillips; Dan Hable; Kurt Ewend. Tinsel time in Ann Arbor and houses are dressed for the festivities. Theta Belts take advantage of high ceiling, bay window get in trim with a jolly green giant tree. There are few things in a fraternity house that could so fix the concentrated attention of a group of men. In this particularinstance, it ' s television. W Front Row: Richard Ham; David Harris; Irvrin Hicks; Ward Bissel; Charles Carter; Charles Wilson; Mike Flynn; William Lehma. Second Row: William Gilbert; Melvin Devers; John Amrhein; Dudley Chap man; Carl Hinricks; Richard Trackler; Ronald Ritzier; Paul Salditt; Robert Wisner. Third Row: James Easley; Bruce Bacon; Eugene McCrachen; Richard Doolen; Kenneth Perkins, presi- dent; Earl Lundin: Robert Ilgen fritz; Kenndall Fowler; Donald Carlsen; Fred Bryan. Fourth Row: William Andrews; Gordon Summer- bell; John Ross; Tom Chamberlain; Ted Betts; Richard Salditt; David Arnold: Kirk Lewis. Fifth Row: Donad McXaught; Lee Mc- Laughlin; Xorman Gersabeck; Cliff Michael; Jon Deimel; Robert Gersabeck; Dale Dawkins; Alvin Haggerty; Len Scott. Back Row: Walter Averill; Jarry Yardley; Cliff Johnson: Arthur St. Clair; Robert Gettel; Edward Garlick; Roy Lowe; Eugene Lehman; Robert Patterson; James Sturrock; Jack Burchfield. THETA XI Drink Brew A bicycle built for three would solve the transportation problems of these Theta Xis after the daily schedule of classes. Come party time, those involved seem content to be called down on the carpet for an evening. Christmas gift from Ann Arbor policemen was Roque, mascot of the Trian gle gallery. Building up hotrods is a popular hobby in the house. Carburetor work in a modified Ford is inspected by some of the engine enthusiasts. TRIANGLE I. H.T. F. P. Front Row: Richard Barrow; John Hegstrom; Rhody Xornberg; Richard Balogh. Second Row: Raymond Sand; William Barnard; John Denman; John Rackov; Bradford Barr; Robert DeLosh. Third Row: George Rassweiler; Harry Anderson; James Burnett; Robert Proestel; Gene Myers. Back Row: Arthur Pierson; David Thomas; James Roof; Lawrence Bostrom; Arthur Cieslak; Mitchell Rackov. rf j f I I Front Row: Chester Kendzior; William Xighbor; Dorrance McCullen. Second Row: Jon Brake; Jay Kcllaway: Douglas Bailey; Robert Roensch; Victor Carlson; Thomas Bailey. Back Row: Robert Prentice; Glen Howell; Ralph Canfield; Floyd Smith; Charles Stephens; William Wait. TRIGON Every Man a Tiger With the world in the background, a less gregarious Greek passes time with some passages in Time, while more bois- terous brothers perform at the piano. Mascot Dagmar, an appreciative audience, serves as best friend, and critic. 191 ZETA BETA TAU . . . and Loyal Through the Years Front Row: Kreh Connart; Tom Klein; Tom Lewy; Mike Jacobson; Mike Gordon; Richard Grauer; Mort Dubnmv: Howard Ringel; ' Boh Segar; Jim Meyers; Rodney Leslie. Second Row: John Leslie; Chuck Kriser; Ronald Shorr; Al Konop: Gene Schiff; Sam Harris; Jay Cohlen; Bernard Maza: Steve Rykoff; Mark Mojot; Herb Wander; John Harris; John Macht; Mike Cohen. Third Row: Bill Stone: Stan Sheyer; Gene Loring; Jay Martin; Lou Slavin; Sam Dodek; Mike May; Buz Victor; Stanley Leiken; President; David Smcrling: Max Bergman; Norm Giddan; Joel Kaplan; Chuck Kaminsk: Barnet Helzberg. Fourth Row: Bob Herzfeld: Lou Tishler; Lee Tenen- baum; Ken Rogat; Stu Lerman; Al Grinsf elder; Mike Bernstein; Bob Ziegleman; Mark Gallon; Chuck Rivkin; Howard Boasberg; Nort Remes; Stan Alfred; Ralph Rose; Sta n Levenson; Kirke Lewis; Joe Jankowsky; Bob Nederlander; Mike Kadena; Bob Hoffman; Harry Israel; Mickey Silverman; Bob Littman; Lou Hamberger; Phil Pines; Norm Shubert; Don Cohodes. Back Row: Lea Salans: Art Fried- man; Mort Siegel; Ivan Kushen; Herb Karzen; Larry Rattner; Paul Pappas; Todd Lief; Bill Caro; John Lewy; Howard Siegel; Dick Kahn; Roy Steinberg; Gerry Schreiber; Bob Cohler; Harvey Freed. r ' Revelry at reveille rouses the ZBTs from sack time as pillows plummet through the dorm. Below in the music room a more wide-awake contingent slips in a few popular platters to supplement the required classics in Music Lit. i Front Row: William Wiard; Stuart Allen; Nicholas Wassil; Bruce Campbell. Second Row: Fred Swart : James Filgas: Howard Lipsey; Andrew Roedel; John Schippel; Charles Smillie. Third Row: Henry Schaafsma: Maurice Ramsey; Frank Rpstocil; Maurice Wester- dale; John Hellyer: Richard Jones; Jerome Grantz: John Gushing. Back Row: Robert Morden; Charles Franti; David Frayne; Donald Christian; Donald Way; Carleton Heist; Charles O ' Malley; F. William Block. ZETA PSI Tau Kappa Phi Zetes practice rushing techniques on their Doberman. A thoroughbred, Lord Mac Duff commands an exclusive and formal greeting. Once in bonds, Duffy receives warm congratulations and grooming for ' 55 squirrel-chasing Olympics. Annual tea intake in sorority houses during alumni entertaining, faculty hours and rush parties astounds tea totalers everywhere. Over the years, many develop a taste for it. When dressing formally, the eye of a brother is usually more perceptive than one ' s own in the mirror. When a beau needs a bow, he is fit to be tied for the occasion. 194 Though differing in purpose from the social, the professional fraternity fulfills similar needs in the individual. One may join very practically for professional contacts but his allegiance is welded through common studies as well as living quarters. For the married members, houses are still a social center. Frequent parties provide an inexpensive evening among friends of mutual interests. PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES 195 Front Row: Larry Wheatin; Ronald Town; David Kenny; David Wulfram; David Endicott; David Harmer. Second Row: Dick Miok- ka; John Angus; George Gryka; Morley Russel; Ronald Carstans; Orville McCurdy. Third Row: Robert VanDyne; Robert Tripp; Howard Hall; Charles Eckfield; Leland Boddy; Wallery Sergy. Back Row: Sherman Susman; Earnest Salter; Dayton Hunt; George Clark; Otars Ilisgin; Harry Cosway. ALPHA CHI SIGMA Chemical Fraternity Despite the raging rivalry between engineers and lit school chemists, AXS men snatch moments of comfort. 196 Taking a break from the grind of the medical curriculum, the Alpha Kappa Alphas lounge among Grecian columns or resort to a gambol with Goren in the card room. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Medical Fraternity Front Row: Ree ; e Jones; Duane Person: Michael Paparella; Joe Kinoaid: John Carter; Dennis Van Alst; James Langley; James Rosbolt. Second Row: Leonard Howard; James Gibbons; Ted Pearce; Russell Hanlon: Donald Harris; Larry Clanon: Dr. DeWeese ;Fred Pierce: Stanley Michaels: Robert Hoover; Philip Hunt. Third Row: Jerry Navarre: Gene Homeister; Paul Linnell; Jerry Powley; John Mc- Coll; Richard Chess; Tom Coles; Dave Lodbell; Costas Kleanthoiis: Lud Breiling; Dick Baker. Back Row: Dave Stiff; Paul Rowe; Dan Renner; Jack Vincent; Owen Robins: Frank Merriek; Paul Radgens; Jim Pappin; Ken Bitman; Steve Schweinsberg; Chuck Tan- nel; Jerry Anderson ; John Somers; Jose Correa: Bill Fox. ALPHA KAPPA PSI Business Fraternity Even members of the oldest professional fraternity in the country will occasionally grow weary of maintaining decorum. Fro - Gi c Front Row: Peter Repenning; Kurt Retzler; Glenn Daffern; James Sharp; Thomas Strang. Second Row: Owen Reinert; James Ryan; John Panfil; Harry Pawlowski: Ralph Goodwin; Roger Kinnear; Edward Kettenstock. Third Row: Robert Linde; William Seeburger; Dick Gresla; Richard Shower; Thomas Grove; Rollin Shoemaker; Eugene Yehle; Robert Vokac. Fourth Row: Clifford Franklin; Amnuay Viravan; Kenneth Gedris; John Rausei ; Dean Bussart; Thue Rasmussen; Gene LaBelle; Ted Sample. Fifth Row: John Ne- quist : Peter Wright; John Ziolkowski; Alan Butterworth; Jack Nolingberg; Marvin Billow; Richard Haertel; Gilbert Lavey. Back Row: John Donovan; Sam Bradley; Carl Bergstrom; James Morrison; Neil Bersch; Philip Belleville; David Smith; Pkiward May: Mamichohr Azarpour; Gerald Beiser; David Salter. : 198 Front Row: Jerome Greene; Loren Daniels; Sheldon Sonkin: Herschel Horowitz; Sheldon Plotnik: Stuart Falk. Second Row: Herman Sehiff: Bruce Billes; Albert Rosengarten; David Stulborg: Fred Garber, president; James Benson; Clifford Heller: David Edgar; Shcrwin Fifihman. Third Row: Dr. Samuel Xagel; Conrad Goode: David Goode; David Weine: Richard Bernstein; Morton Demak; Sanford Greenspan: Paul Hichman; Bernard Shapiro. Back Row: Jerry Grossman: Jason Goode; Verne Primack; Sheldon Abramson; Stanley Pusikov; Murray Shekter; Ted Miller; Irving Freedman; Melvyn Eder; Harold Firstone. ALPHA OMEGA Dental Fraternity The Alpha Omega house is equipped with a private dental lab, complete with blowtorch, for producing plates and bridges from castings of the patient ' s mouth. 199 Although the Christmas tree is conventionally decorated, the Alpha Rho Chi ' s d vell amid modern furnishings, reflecting contemporary architecture and design. ALPHA RHO CHI Architectural Fraternity Front Row: Thomas Williams; Donald Manzagol; John Kuieck; Douglas Sehroeder. Second Row: Marvin Flam; Carl Goldberg; Robert Johnson; John Myrhre; Samuel Morello. Third Row: John Owen; William Demiene: Elton Robinson; Carl Bradley; Thomas Flynn; Nicholas Lardas. Fourth Row: Harry Montague; Donald Bergsma; Frederick Stevenson; Ronald Rogers; Stanley Bohinc; Kenneth Ball. Back Row: Art Muschenheim; Robert Stevens; Gordon Ryan; Stanley Aizinas; Robert Brown; James Baldwin; Kenneth Kaji. 200 Front Row: Nicholas Semos; John Marshall; William Bowles; William Osgood; Henry Milczuk; Edward Sohaeki; I arry Jackson. Sec- ond Row: William Todd: Milo Danzeisen: Robert Lorey: Clifton Rautioloa; Ward Cole; Stanton Gilliland; David Mills; Ian Lament; Duane Bigsby: Edward Hiene. Third Row: Charles Dixon; Haven Doane; John Cameron; William Swanson; Danvin Van Raulte: William Goering, president: Haivey Turner; David Thompson; Donald Fragnoli; Joel Vugteueen; Carl Cross; Kenneth Hock. Fourth Row: Ronald Sharier: William Bottomry; Donald Cole; Salvatore Gregory; Robert Peterson; Koji Kanai; Robert Westman; W T arren Finkbeiner; Donald Xafe; Gary Baker. Fifth Row: Donald Spengler; John Chapleski; Charles Murray; William Shelton; Kirk Hamilton; Aldan Granigan; Edward Jennings: Bernard Ozinga; Walter Stewart. Back Row: Raymond Shegos; Donald Mclntyre; Jack Lewis; Michael McKenna: Edward Hollar; John Clark; Robert Evans; Peter Clifford; Harold Maude; Donald Kelly; Richard Kocon; James Xordoff; Robert Xominelli: Ronald Huey; Radford Fisher. ml Supplied with the proper equipment for academic and visceral digestion, a Dent student attacks pathology. DELTA SIGMA DELTA Dental Fraternity 201 Front Row: Peter Kussurelis; Josc])li Bugeia; Eugene McKelvey; Orriu Bush; John Lawyer; Albert Meyer: Walter Charney. Second Row: Richard Morton; Donald Fairhairn; Lawrence Gilbert; Nate Newkirk; Morris Wyman, president; William Freyermuth; Leonard Kujawa; Guillermo Hernandez; James Woolf. Third Row: Richard Royce; Robert Croll; Sherwood Berman; Chester Weed; John Spoutz; Donald VanStone; John Hungerford; Gary See. Back Row: Donald Nissle; David Pelton; Alan Grant: Richard Rotz; Charles Bancroft; David Caplan; Fred Buhler; Burr Joslin; Glen Southerton. DELTA SIGMA PI Commerce and Business Administration Fraternity The Delta Sigma Pi ' s, realizing that business has its social moments, take a reprieve from the statistics of trade regulations of commerce at their Christmas formal. 202 Medical men are strategically located be- tween speech and psych clinics. Such sur- roundings may benefit telephone manner. - NU SIGMA NU Medical Fraternity Front Row: William Wilkinson; Gordon Finnie; Richard Bourne; Edward Lewis; Thomas Stafford; Gordon Hyde; Thomas Skrentney; James Ross; Xeal Vanselow; Xorman Amos. Second Row: William Yost; Bertil Larson; Robert Knode; Lathrop Berry; Hayden Pal- mer; Philip Anderson; Richard Bartlett; Douglas Person ; Theodore Osius: John Ingold; Richard Hodgman. Third Row: John Kennedy; John Bull; Dean Carlson ; Jeremiah Turcotte ; Charles Emery: John Harper; Alfred Schroeder; Charles Schroeder; Robert Kerry; Ed- ward Reifel: Robert Messer: George Allen; Richard Reilly; William Reamer. Back Row: Robert Baker; John Hartzell; Wallace Jef- fries; Orville Weaver; James Youngblood; Donald Babcock; Robert Johnston; John McGrae; John Colwell; Maurice Pelto; Harold Kostoff; Harry Allis; James Vercoe; William Bow; Clarence Christensen. Holding degrees from Calvin, Hope, and Western Michigan, Phi Alpha Kappa ' s com- plete their graduate work at the University. PHI ALPHA KAPPA Front Row: George Hoekstra; .lim DcHaan; John Cook; Dale Artz; Jay Vandersluis; Bruce VanVoorst; Everett Huizenga; Dewey Bakker. Second Row: Ronald Stegehuis; Bob Rector; Chris Helmus; Dewey Heetderks; Don Bosker; Gerald Dykstra; John Santinga; Jim Timmer; Vern Gebben. Third Row: Jacob Scheeres; Bernard Ozinga; Gerald Vanderwall; Roger Postmus; John Hofstra; Harold Ravesloot, president; Norm Thompson; Don Sikkema; Gene Talsma; Bob Baker; Clare Venema. Fourth Row: Dale Alkema; Dick Caldwell; Phil Huizenga; Ken MacClary; Herm Nienhuis; Gene VanDyken; Bob Vanderwagen; Armond Start; Glenn Kleinsasser; War- ren Exo. Fifth Row: Roger DeHaven; Jim Ryskamp; Dick Niewsma; Earl Visser; Dave Learned; Allan Russcher; Paul Newhof; Hugh VanderWoude; Gerald Rietburg; Rodney Wierenga; Stig Anderson. Back Row: Charles VanDyken; Bob Lyzenga; Ken Eriekson; Darrell Jaques; Vern VanderKooi; Carl Koster; Don TerKeurst; Bob Walgotten; Jim Huizinga: Dwight Penning; Claude Wezeman; Ken Boersma; Bob VanEeuwen. 204 Front Row: Richard Smith; Jerry Young; James Jacobs; William Burdick: Melvin Xoah; John Fushman; Robert Rooney; Rasem Ghan- nam; Talter Tabar; Herbert Ware; Dan Parsons; Don Blaney ; August Roty; Marvin Anderson ;Jack Sheets; Jay Xichols. Second Row: Louis Helder; Lloyd Kammeraad; William Lukash; James Lowell; Robert Wilson; Warren Winkler; James Johnson; Frank Xorman; Edward Curtis; Gerald Gleich; Jack Kihm; Robert Carbeck; Peter Aliferis; Richard Byrne; Ray Croasdale; James Burke. Third Row: Harry Snyder; Robert Visscher; Charles Wilkinson; Roy Goethe; Ken Veenstra; Frank Linn; Charles Votaw; John Cobb; Jack Hallitt; Fred Sanocki; Jack Doucette. Fourth Row: Ralph Cram; Harry Visscher; John Doolittle; Edwin Kerr; Jay Wark; Wallace Pearson; James Davis; Robert McDonald; Richard Elwyn; Robert Clark; Charles Dafoe; Norman Welch; Jarry Strauch; George Beni- sek; Ford Keitzer; Herman Outcault; Robert Buchanan; William Bateman; William Lubke; Bud Dejong; Richard Pollars. Back Row: Harry Easom; Ray Culver; James List; Carl Reiley; Robert Albers; Larry Sweet; Alfred Kiessel; Forrest VanDam; Tom Galantowicz; Dr. Frederick Wentworth; Henry Januszka; Patrick Walsh; Jack Dubois; Dale Scott; Robert House; Greg Burhans; Ben Blackett; Edwin Mauer; Roland Hiss; Richard Gilmartin; Craig Ramsay; Lee Weatherside. PHI CHI Medical Fraternity . : Set back in the woods of Washte- naw, Phi Chi house harbors medics and Mugger, an experimental span- iel, rescued from the pharmacol- ogy lab. 205 Meeting at the Union and in apartments, Phi Delta Chi co-sponsors the Apothecary Ball and includes a spring dinner dance and stag dinner in the year ' s social program. Students work to win the prize Phi Delta Chi annually awards the out-standing pharmacy student. PHI DELTA CHI Pharmacy Fraternity Front Row: Allen Leonard: Jack Austin: Duncan McVeari; Marshall Grillp;Barton Feldman; King Kwan; Wilfred Inoue. Second Row: James Bower; Roland Zagnoli; Edward Draheim: Dr. Warren McConnell; Daniel Kornacki; David Loveland; John McCormick; James Richards; Theodore Benya. Back Row: Peter Rottenbueher; Thomas Jordan; Wayne Marine; Ralph Duggan; Emerson Green; Bert Bez; Stanley Kulakowski; Hans Blaubach; Henry Schnelbach; Robert Duzsky. 206 t ' , Front Row: Ralph Wolfstein; Jack Labin; Donald Olshansky; Fred Kapetansky; Leonard Loren; Fred Horwitz. Second Row: Conrad Giles ; William Rubinoff; Henry Guralnick; Larry Abramson; George Blum; Melvyn Wolf; Herbert Sherbin; David Litowsky; Frank Blumenthal; Stanley Kathlcin. Third Row: John Loomis; Lawrence Okun; Martin Lee; Xorman Bolton; Lawrence Wellman; Charles Weingarten; Milton Green; Richard Kommel; Paul Levin; Daniel Schechter. Back Row: Charles Berman; Marvin Gordon; Ronald Schwartz; Harold Katzman; Marvin Siegal; Herbert Rossin; Howard Robinson; David Levenson: Jules Margoles; Robert Gantz. PHI DELTA EPSILON Medical Fraternity Stressing intense professional interest, Phi Delta Epsilon holds " Journal Club " twice a month when a member of the medical faculty addresses the group in their house on Washte- naw. Once a year, the fraternity imports a prominent physician who speaks before the entire medical school. 207 Front Row: Donald Butler; John Eaton; Kenneth Averill; Keith Averill; Russell Howard; Robert Jewel t; Richard Paterson. Second Row: Larry Kelly; Richard Simpson; Joe Zrull; Michael Lashmet; Pete Malcohm; Richard Foss; William Pollock; Bruce Lessien; Rob- ert Armstrong; Ward Taylor. Third Row: Mark McQuiggan; George Viscomi; Almon Schut; Roy Correa; Arche Pequet; Donald Woomer; Reginald Pugh, president; Eugene Smoley; Charles Friend; William Mahoney; James Kermath: Luman Hughes. Fourth Row: Thomas Varbedian: John Dwyer; John Palmer; Theodore Hariton; Alden Parker; Paul Baldoni; Richard Ferrington; James Dyll. Fifth Row: Sherwood Deriton; Allen Allie; James Mullaney; Gerald Jackowski; James Cassidy; Jack Cox; Richard Wilson; Grant Withey: Thomas Rea; Daniel Palmer. Back Row: Robert Jardinico; Jack Martin; Gilbert Kucera; Charles Zimont; David Dawson; Donald Visschei ; Edward Miller; William Olsen; Dale Armstrong; Lynn Howell; Richard Ryan; John O ' Sullivan; John Ison; John Parker. PHI RHO SIGMA Medical Fraternity After a hard day in the operating room, three-handed pinochle affords an opportunity to relax and to dis- cuss unusual cases while bidding, melding, and fol- lowing suit. 208 h ' I r , Psi Omegas boast a well-equipped dental lab in their Hill Street House, but emerge occa- sionally for parties and ivory inspection of a more entertaining nature. PSI OMEGA Professional Dental Fraternity Front Row: Robert Xissle; Donald Ambrose; Joseph Karkut ' Richard Ray; Roger Sullivan; John Laman; Carl Pevrach; Herb Carpen- ter: Eugene Buatti. Second Row: Joseph Rutz; Charles Madden; Larry Kinstle; Dan Miner; Theodore Touma; Jerry Xiswander; Larry Lenhardt; John Leitch; William Oles. Third Row: Eldon Bailey; John Cederna; William Fowler; William Spencer; Ralph Pu- chalski; John Lingon; Ken Frieswyk; James Greig; Philip Slovick; William Najjar; Donald Sprague. Back Row: Richard Wheeler; Ralph Smith; Roger Tuck; Peter Witzky; John Kukula; Lester Volke; Robert Streelman; Al Lang; William Thompson; William Rahn: Lester Tomaszewski. v y In addition to the social functions, companion- ship and more intimate living conditions afforded by a social organization, the professional fratern- ity adds the natural bond of a common occupa- tional interest. A great percentage of the members are married, but those who do live in the house may take advantage of equipment for work in their field and for the customary diversions of group living. CANDIDLY 210 locating . ; ORGANIZATIONS Basically the University offers an opportunity for formal education, but beyond the classroom, perhaps at the ex- pense of the classroom, is the rewarding extracurricular field of publications, student government, arts, and special interest groups. STUDENT OFFICES MON.-FRI. 3 -5 p.m. MICHIGAN UNION Tom Leopold, left, president of the Union, serves as its representative to the campus, while Dick Pinkerton, executive secretary, supervises the service and activity program of the Union. Both strive to make the Union a hub of men ' s activities. MA II _ _______ _ m mfm The Union celebrated its fiftieth anniversary this year with a face lifting. The addition of a sixty foot wing to the north of the present structure will provide a modern snack bar and cafeteria in addition to meeting and conference rooms. 212 ad tt ' s The Executive Council, nerve center of student activities at the Union, directs student pro- jects and service. Above: Keith Pohl, Merrill Kaufman, in charge of personnel and admin- stration; and Bob Blosey who oversees campus affairs. Beloxv: Gus Gianakaris, social chair- man; Mark Gallon, co-ordinator of student services, and Harvey Rutstein, head of the dance dominion. Executive Council To focus the attention of the cam- pus on the facilities and services of the Union, Todd Lief, Jerry Hayes, and John Collins respectively han- dle Union public relations, Union- University relations, and publicity. 213 Representatives to the Board of Governors of the Michigan Union include both faculty and students who share in the formulation of Union policy. Front Row: Chester Wisler; Donald May; Dick Pinkerton; Tom Leopold; Wil- liam Palmer; Joseph Hooper; Hawley Tapping; Walter Rea. Back Row: Otto Graf; Dick Buck; Robert Henderson; Steve Jelin; Robert Baker; Howard Nemerovski; Gregg Schmidt; Douglas Hayes; Franklin Kuenzel; James Lewis. Pool, billiards, and ping pong tables are available on the Union ' s second floor. For the sports minded, there is a ticker tape which reports the latest athletic results. Across the hall is the Pendelton Memorial Library which is one of the most comfortable spots on campus to study or browse. 214 Remodeling and construction banged their noisy heads at the Michigan Union. The swimming pool was modernized and piles of pipe and orange steel girders became the superstructure for the north wing. Gaining valuable experience working as Union tryouts were: Front RowrSteve Cahen; FredAengat; DickCramer: HarlanGivelher; Mel Devek; Mort Lippman: Xeil Barnett; Bill Bohsach; Larry Walders: Burt Schwartzberg. Second Row: Duane LaMoreaux; David Shuirman; Robert Budde; Buck Bebeau; Mark Sabin: George Henrich; Bill King. Third Row: Al Grinsfclder: Don Seltz; Jack Vise: Russ Ray man: Russ McKennan; Al Drebin; Fred Zechman: Roy Lave; Steve Shalanta; Dave Thovin; Fred Williams; Fred Trost; Dave Benner: Herb Karzen; George Jones. Back Row: Bill Moeller:Jim Leven; Tom Gougeon; Ron Malis; Loren Singer; Burt Ep- stein; Kirke Lewis. Gerry Mohrig; Jay Victor; Sheldon Rosenthal: Bob Wisener; Lee Tenebaum; Stewart Shear. 215 " Hail to Victor, " the thirty-fifth Union Opera burlesqued the struggle for coeducation at the University in the Gay Nineties. President Harlan Diagonal promised to admit the coeds, if their leader, Madelon Stactwell, would make a man of Victor Valiant. Murry Frymer wrote the book for the opera and collaborated with Paul McDonough and Richard Sein on the lyrics. Behind the stage illusion is the reality of grease paint, nail polish, peroxided wigs, and costumes with appropriate padding. The hustle behind the scenes is as much a part of theatrical glitter as the actual appearance before the audience. Union Opera costume fittings are hilarious; the costume committee had more fun than anybody. 216 UNION OPERA Victor Valiant, the central figure in the coed ' s fight for University admission, was portrayed by Gordon Epding. Earl Sayer, as Madelo n Stactwell, and Tom Lewy, as Phil Phybart render " Season for Love " in the epic J-Hop scene. FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY Right: With an immense birthday cake over the door and a festively decorated ballroom, the Union celebrated its golden anniversary on October 30, 1954. Left: Tom Leopold, president, and Dick Pink- erton, Executive Secretary, greet Bob Parker, first Union president and Bethune D. Blaine, first Union secretary, before the anniversary banquet. Present Union President Tom Leopold and Bob Parker, the first president of the Union, share the ceremonial shovel to turn the first spadeful of earth for the multi-million dollar addition. 218 The Spring Weekend Committee consisted of: Front Row: Jan Xorthway; Andrea Snyder; Nancy Fisher; Jo Ann Yates; Barbara Burstein; Joyce Lane; Carol deBruin; Peg Lane. Back Row: Bob Gillow; Dave Da vies; Tom Chamberlain; Kirke Lewis; Stan Leiken: FredTrost; Herb Wander; Edith McClusky. SPRING WEEKEND Spectacular publicity and weather drew the cam- pus into Spring Weekend events when men ' s houses raced soap boxes in the Wolverun Derby and com- bined talents with women ' s houses to produce skits depicting " Life in These United States " with themes ranging from television to juvenile deliquency. ' .. .$ 219 MICHIGAN LEAGUE As first lady of the League, Lucy Landers ' duties are varied and voluminous. She coordinates, approves, dis- cusses, evaluates, meets and acts. President of a mas- sive organization, she claims the resposibilities are heavy, but the contacts and experience rewarding. Members of the 1955 League Council are: Front Row: Mary Lee Birmingham; Alice James; Sally Wilkinson; Jo Karsh. Second Row: kSally Lorber; Hazel Frank; Helen Schwartz; Nancy Wright; Lucy Landers; Nancy Schiller; Mary Blunt; Sally Stahl; Mary Jo Park. Back Row : Lu De Hurt ; Debbie Shavelson ; Joan Hy man ; Pat Marx ; Barb Uebel ; Mary Sherman; Jeannette Grimm; Nancy Riley ; Margie Price; Char Rolnick; Joanne Craft. The lady herself the Women ' s League - - important center of events artistic, academic and social - - and highly organized nucleus of womens ' activities. 220 $W, 4 _ a?Jff - : v I Anticipated with anxiety but faced without fear in their atmosphere of sincere interest and friendliness are Inter- viewing and Nominating Committee members: Ricky Erskine; Betty Jean Kafka; Lois Klein; Sally Lorber, chair- man; Alicia Tarrant; Nancy Jaquette; Martha Wallbillich. Assisting in the Undergrad office, the Burocats perform essential services for committees and at the same time become familiar with the functions of the League. This prepares them to assume responsible positions in the League and on campus as a whole. ' Ww B 1 ' ? - s? Functioning as a link between women ' s housing units and the League, the Wom- en ' s Senate discusses campus issues and plans, evaluates projects and services to synthesize the opinions and actions of Michigan women. 221 Women who wish to channel spare time into volunteer work in the hospital or seek a paid position in the community are aided by Community Service Committee members: Bernice Pericin; Ursula Geb- hard; Charnie Butman; and Joan Hy- man, chairman. Bottom: Char Rolnick, Dance Chairman, checks on a practice session as Shirley Baylis. Shirley Sikken- ga, Ed Arcila, and Dave Shaub swing into the Charleston. Coordinating and reviewing various judiciary councils all over the campus are Women ' s Judiciary Council members: Joycelyn Finegold, Sally Stahl, Mary Nolan, Sally Wilkinson, Ginny Cooke, Eve Tyler, and Lois Mishelow. 222 Production and try-outs of Gulantics is one of the major concerns of the Special Projects Committee, headed by Debbie Shavelson and assistant Gwen Finkleman. As members of the Public Relations Com- mittee, Ruth Bulderis, Mary_ Sherman, and Xancy Davenport deck the League halls for the Christmas season, publish the Lowdown and work with the Union in publicizing activities through the Union- League calendar and radio programs. Beyond their extensive activities within the League, Social Committee members Grace Ritow, Elaine Bice, Carolyn Moehler, Dorothy Clarkson and Chairman Joanne Craft cooperate with the Union in joint social affairs and help Mrs. Hatcher entertain at the monthly student open houses held in the President ' s home. Central Cymmitte for the 1955 Junior Girls ' Play was: Front Row: ancy Johnson; Cathy King; Carol Ford; Judy Tatham; Elinor Ricker; Louise Blanehard; Barbara Backlar. Second Row: Ruth Hayward; Betty Powell; Yvonne Cousins; Marilyn Mi ller; Alice James, chairman; Mary Streib; Elizabeth Garland; Emily Harding. Back Row: Tobi Zuieback; Sarah Hayden; Sue Garfield; Mary Bauer; Ingrid Arnesen; Mary Slawson; Betty Brown; Irene Kellogg; Edith Mc-Clusky; Paula Strong. JUNIOR GIRLS ' PLAY Rehearsing scenes from " Cock-a-Hoop, " junior girls again took the opportunity to display their talents in song and dance, increasing friendships within their class via participation in the many committee activities and in the play itself. 224 Satirizing the history of Michigan, the class of ' 57 presented skits embodying the spirit and sport of Ann Arbor ' s evolution from the Indian era on the Huron through the war years when the campus suffered a singularly depres- sing man shortage. Narrated by Chief Michidrama, the skits were climaxed by the finale " Keep it Cool " which set a precedent for future years at Michigan. SOPH SCANDALS I Central Committee for the Scandals: Front Row: Vickey Adelburg; Patricia Drake; Diane Cook; Mary Gromberg; Ruth Bassichis; Mickey Eisenberg; Janet Fildew. Second Row: Mary Jean Crocker; Mary Rupp: Sharon Callahan; Mary Lee Birmingham, general crriirman; Xancy McDonald, assistant general chairman; Jeanne Xewell; Pat Sackandy. Back Row: Natalie Grondick; Doris Linton; Allison Everett; Constance Butler; Sharon Shantz; Ann Reichardt; Wilma Larmee; Suzanne Sullivan. n Assembly President Hazel Frank heads the or- ganization that gives unity and voice to Mich- igan ' s independent women. ASSEMBLY Directing Assembly activities are 1954 Board members: Sylvia Levi, Personnel chairman; Sally Hirsch, public relations chairman; Lois Yandell, social chraiman; Grace Rito v. secre- tary; Hazel Frank, president; and Mary Jo Park, vice-president. Back Row: Madge Law- rence, second vice-president; Judy Leib, Big Sister chairman; Lois Shein, special projects; Mrs. Elsie Fuller, advisor; and Judy Jennis, treasurer. 226 Assembly and IHC put heads together to plan the agenda for the April weekend when Michigan will host the Big Ten conference of independents. Delegates discussed current, common problems of dormitory living. In the Front Row: are Leonard Schaadt, Judy Leib, Lois Shein, Judy Jennis, Hazel Frank, and Sylvia Levi. Allen Smith, Ken Gram, and Tom Bleha are in back. A spectacular I ' nbirthday cake dominated the Alice in Wonderland theme of the annual Assembly Ball. At right, Judy Jennis and Hazel Frank discuss the purchases and policies of dorm stores, those convenient supply houses for after-hour demands ranging from soap to nuts! Essentially a policy-making organization, the Assembly-Dormitory Council discusses cur- rent issues in independent women ' s housing. Top topics this year were combatting prob- lems of increased enrollment and constitution- al revision. f A Bunch of Bananas and A Bottle of Gin " inspired faculty judges to award Hobbs House first place this year in the annual Fortnite when independent women entertain each other with short skits that run the gamut in tone and theme. i 1 v : PANHELLENIC President Jean Bromfield who repre- sented, guided and coordinated the activi- ties of the Panhellenic bodv. 1 Panhel Council discusses individual problems such as the housing of an ineligible pledge and questions of a more general nature loan funds. Front Row: Carol deBruin; Junior Panhellenic President; Jeri Fox, Treasurer; Jean Bromfield, president; Margie Spindler, Rushing chairman; Beckie Xinness, secretary. Back Row: Barbara Heider, first vice-president; Ginny Abbey, second vice-president; Debbie Townsend, Rushing counselor chairman; Marlene Jaffa, Public relations. Members of Panhel and IFC, Peggy Hubbard, Joe Simon, Nancy Stevens, Betty Brown, Mary Nolen, Alleen Wid- dis, Ginny Abbey, and Jerry Goebel make plans for Greek Week which included workshops, a president ' s retreat at the Fresh Air Camp and a picnic featuring a talk by Walt Kelly, creator of Pogo. The Public Relations Committee, left, consisting of Peggy Hubbard, Alice James, Marlene Jaffa and Jean MacRae, arranges sorority-dorm exchange dinners and supervises Panhel publications. Right: Rushing counslors are trained to serve the rushee vith this end, counselors serve in every capacity from sorting masses of preference cards to making a difficult decision more comfortable. Once a year Panhel puts service aside in favor of a completely social soiree Panhel Ball. Members of the Candy- land Central Committee were Front Row: Peggy Hubbard, general chair- man; Dorothy McElroy; Jane Kohr. Back Row: Sally Miller; Betty Thomp- son; Cynthia Krans; Mary Cross; Ruth Cohen. 230 Junior Panhel serves essentially as a training center but also executes projects and services of its own. This year ' s officers, Jan Tinkham, Ginny Royal and Carol DeBruin plan the study forum. Junior Panhel members form u bucket brigade, at right, to collect funds for the Fresh Air Camp. " JUNIOR PANHELLENIC H III At fall rush parties, future members of Junior Panhel are first introduced to each other and part of the system. 231 After a hectic beginning in the spring of 1952, the Interhouse Council solved the difficulties of organization and University recognition, to become the representative of quadrangle residents. Stressing the constructive, the IHC completed Operation Inquiry, a survey to evaluate the quad system and its role in the University community. INTERHOUSE COUNCIL Explaining the basis of the increase in board and room for residence halls was just one of the many problems that confronted Stan Levy as president of IHC this year. As head of the three-year-old organization, Stan guided the IHC in assisting individual houses to develop internal strength through suggested activities and projects. The body also tackles the monumental task of repre- senting the very independent views of three- thousand independent men. IHC Committee Chairmen were: Front Row: Don McLennon; Sylvia Troy; Dave Hubly; Karen Grooms; Russ Hol- land, and Back Row : Bob Warrick; Hank Bayliss; Vic Nelson. The planning of the Big Ten Residence Halls, House Presidents, and IHC conferences as well as the coordination of IHC committees is performed by the Cabinet, the IHC ' s executive branch. Front Row: Dave Hubly; Stan Levy, president; Tom Bleha; Sandy Task. Back Row: Ralph McCormick; John Harlan; Vic Nelson; Al Dauer. 233 WBSSKBito Leading the Michigan Interfraternity Council were: Stanley Bernstein, secretary; James Walters, executive vice- president; John Baity, president; Robert Weinbaum administrative vice-president; and Frank Vick, treasurer. The smooth-running IFC office is the center of a net- work of communications between the executive com- mittee and the Administration, the Fraternity House Presidents ' Assembly and other campus groups. At right, President John Baity who guides the activities of one of the most effective IFC or- ganizations in the nation. 234 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Top: Twice honored by the National Interfraternity Conference for its outstanding pro- gram, the Michigan Interfraternity Council was guided by its Executive Committee con- sisting of Jack Krapohl, Frank Vick, Lt. Col. Sam Beckley, Ron Larson, John Hibbard, William Zerman, Harold Angelo, John Baity, chairman; James Walters, H. Seger Slifer; Richard Good, Stanley Bernstein, Pete Dow, Fred Lyons, and Robert Weinbaum. Bottom picture shows IFC Committee Chairman with Administrative vice-president Rob- ert Weinbaum, center front. Others are left to right: Roger Comstock, John Boyles and Richard St. John. Robert Knutson and Keith Coats stand behind. With paint brushes and mops, sorority and fraternity pledges serve the University. During " Help Week " each fall, the Junior IFC, in conjunction with Junior Panhel, works to refurbish the Fresh Air Camp at Brighton. JUNIORMFC Pledge class presidents meet as the Junior IFC, under the direction of officers chosen from the pledges of the previous semester. Front Row: Bob Stahl, secretary; Joe Cox, vice- president; Fred Lyons, former president; Rob Trost, president; and John Etter, treasurer. Back Row: Dick Fink, former secretary and George Henrich, former treasurer. STUDENT LEGISLATURE For the first time since 1949-50, two different peo- ple served as SL president during one academic year; Steve Jelin filled the post in the fall, while Xed Simon took over in the spring. Fate thereby compensated for her earlier miscalculation which had thrown Steve, an ardent Democrat and Xed, a future Young Republican president, together as freshmen roomates. She eventually steered their interests into the same activity. In the December all-campus election, stude nts decided by a 7 - 2 margin to combine the functions and powers of the Student Legislature and Student Affairs Committee into a new group called the Student Government Council. The " SGC Yes " decision climaxed a campaign during which the pros and cons of the proposed structure were debated via the Daily, by the SL candidates and various campus interest groups, and in a poorly attended all- campus forum. The SGC awaited only the spring election to become a reality, and the SL and SAC wound up their respective eras on the campus scene comparatively unnoticed by most. ., As usual, SL candidates in the fall decided that posters were the best method of getting their names before the voters. And as usual, store owners in the student populated areas of Ann Ar- bor were beseiged with requests for window space. Perhaps because of the doubtful future of SL, the posters as a group were more conservative than usual with the black and white standard size predominating. Speaking to house groups or holding forth on the diag, candidates employed the conventional means of becoming known on campus. An innovation in Michigan elections was the advent of the first campus student political party, the liberal Common Sense Party that supported twelve candidates, eight of whom were elected. 238 r Front Row: David Levy; Donna Xetzer; Ruth Ressner; Steve Jelin; Xed Simon; Bill Adams: Sandy Hoffman; Diana Hewitt; Sue Levy; Paul Dormont; Bob Chigrinsky. Second Row: Paul Vitz; Joan Bryan; Shirley Lawson; Sandy Cook; Carol Dumond; Janet Xeary; Sally Staples; Shirlee Clarke; Brenda Wehbring; George Litwin; Bob Leacock; Bob Sommer; Si Silver. Third Row: Tony Trittippo, Hank Berliner; Ron Richardson; Joe Collins; Carroll Williams; CalCovell; MarvStarman; Ron Boorstein; RonShorr; Harlan Givelber. Herb Schneider. Ballot box workers and voters withstood wintry blasts during the December all-campus elec- tion. Count workers tallied until 5 A.M. to determine who among the 34 candidates had gained the 25 seats on what turned out to be the last Student Legislature. SALE. I WO Be it now hereto and forinafter resolved that the Sunbathers are met on that sacred ground which does spout with rubber cement and photographer ' s hypo, where advertisers do hang dollars on trees and where each dawn doth coincide with a deadline, where chocolate ice cream doth drip in gallon drops and printers ' ink courses in the citizens ' veins. i ( J L SUNBATHERS Scraped up by beach-combers are Sunbathers: Front Row: Muffled Manley Gurwin; Check-Choker Cordill; Always Tweed the Weader Kindwy Roelofs. Second Row: Little Eva Alstrom; Money Myth Smith; Teachem Tactics Goddard; Krafty Koordinator King; City Snooper Myers;. Third Row: Pro- motion Potion Harrison; Pub Pricer Pollak; Lateral Lover Livingston; Coed Cornerer Corn well. Fourth Row: Master-Measurer Montgomery; Youse Guys A ' dvert-Wise ; She Soldem Goldman; Plead um Plenty Porter. Fifth Row: Photo-Phoner Palmer; Thoughtfully Thorough Urow; Wringem Wam- num Welch. Sixth Row: Campus Campaigner Cook; Willinghand Wiseband; Deep Dilemma Davis. Seventh Row: Photo Finish Fennig; Don ' tcallme I ' llcallyou Pericin; Inez P. Evans; Cherokee Cherub Lubke. 240 BOARD IN CONTROL MEMBERS Left to right: Warner Rice; James Lewis; Wilbert McKeachie; Ink White; Harland Britz; Maurice Rinkel; John Reed, chairman; Robert Wells; Glenn Mac Donald; Arthur Brandon; Dudley Phelps; Kenneth Stewart; Alan Price. BOARD IN CONTROL OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS Not so much controlling as listening, looking and laboring, the Board does a more than adequate job of supervising and supporting the student-run manuals of Michigan. 241 THE MICHIGAN DAILY Backed by some of the more outstanding Daily front page spreads, Managing Editor Gene Hartwig over- sees the general welfare of the paper and represents the Daily to the outside world. Pat Roelofs, Associate City Editor, assists City Editor Dorothy Myers who assigns news stories and deter- mines coverage. Soph staff trainer Becky Conrad, as Associate Editor, was also responsible for the Sunday Supplement, an inno- vation this year. Jon Sobeloff, Editorial Director, criticizes an editorial with a staff member. Associate Editor Nan Swinehart supervises the Daily try-out program. Associate Business Manager Phil Brunskill coordinates business and edit staff, public relations and supervises the personnel training program. Mary Jean Monkoski is Daily Finance Manager. She supervises accounting departments for advertisements and subscription billing. - r m Business Manager Lois Pollack administers and es- tablishes the budget and keeps check on the expend- itures and revenues. Bill Wise supervises advertis- ing and plans ad promotions, filling the position of Advertising Manager. 243 Night Editors of the Daily Sports Staff: Phil Douglis; Bob Jones; Ken Copp; Al Eisenberg; Jack Horwitz; Don Lindman ; Corky Smith. Paralleling the organization of the night desk, each is responsible for the make-up of the sports page one night each week in addition to covering regular beats. At right, Sports Editor Dave Livingston and Associate Sports Editors Hanley Gurwin and Warren Wertheimer check the AP wires for the latest athletic results. These editors formulate the administrative and editorial policies of the Sports Desk. I Daily Night Editors: Front Row: Joel Berger; Murry Frymer; Louise Tyor; Dave Kaplan; Debra Durschlag; Jane Howard. Back Row: Jim Dygert; Wally Eberhard. Missing: Dave Baad. Each night editor is responsible for the make-up of the straight news pages of the paper one night each week in addition to covering the largest news beats. 244 BUSINESS STAFF:Front Row:. Mart in Weisbard; Allene Miller; Sandra Wasserstein; Dorothy Goldman; Patricia Lamberis; Linda Rubenstein: Milton Goldstein. Back Row: Richard Alstrom; Stewart Evans; Kenneth Rogat; Peter Solar; Robert Ilgenfritz; David Silver; Jem- Pasch. " N Joy Squires, Associate Women ' s Editor, Roz Schlimovitz, Women ' s Editor, and Jan Smith, Associate Women ' s Editor, formulate policies, make out assignments, set standards of writing and coordinate the activities for the entire women ' s staff. Xight editors Barbara Hecht, Mary Hellthaler, Elaine Edmonds, Jane Fowler and Virginia Robertson write exclusively for the women ' s page and receive special critiques from associate editors. 245 Phil Davis, Sports Editor; Herb Wander, Features Editor; and Marilyn Larkin, Schools and Colleges Editor, tied up telephones scheduling photog- raphers and subjects, and cropped pictures for mounting while manipu- lating complex proportion dials and slathering on the allegedly invigo- rating rubber cement. Mary Palmer, Assistant House Groups Editor, and Dick Trackler, House Groups Editor, arranged numerous photographic appointments for group shots and candids to portray University living. Diana Cook, Assistant Tryouts Editor, and Pat Goddard, Tryouts Editor, gathered their charges together weekly to teach the essentials of picture cropping, proof reading, and yearbook organization. Right: Assistant Organizations Editor Lois Fennig, and Organizations Editor Bernice Pericin shuffled photographers and organizations while eyeing the omni- present deadline. 955 ,Tue, v. 246 ' Ensian Ettatorial! Pacifying the printer, encouraging the engraver, and refereeing jurisdictional disputes among office workers, Managing Edi- tor Etta Lubke supervised " The Big Book " with omnipresent eye. THE MICHIGANENSIAN Fortified by chocolate ice cream and rubber cement, Mimi Buck, Copy Editor, met the dawn with a ream of copy and a minimum of difficulty. Mike Montgomery, Engravings Editor, spun the pro- portion dial with dexterity, checked photo proofs with an all- seeing eye, and rocked the office with piano roll recordings to pro- vide inspiration. Left : Paul Kerastas, Photography Ed- itor, took courage and Rolleiflex in hand to answer the call of desperate editors. Amid exploding flash bulbs and trays of developer, he and other photographic staff members, such as Sherman Chessler and Chuck Saxon, seen at right, produced the graphic portrayal of the year. Office Manager Ann Cordill directed the Business Staff tryout training program, arranged senior picture appointments, and coordinated the activities of the business office. Marilyn Smith, Accounts Manager; handled the ledgers, invoices, and the checking accounts. , It -! Business Manager Paul Geiger unhappily watched engraving and printing costs de- vour advertising and sales revenues, but ultimately managed to balance the Ensian ' s finances successfully. Tantalizing the campus with the myster- ies of ERD Day, General Sales Manager Fritz Cornwall led a vigorous sales cam- paign. Canvassing local and national concerns, Pierre Welch, Advertising Man- ager, emphasized the permanent value of yearbook advertising. 248 TRYOUT STAFF: Front Row: Martha Aiken; Pat Fletcher; Peggy Schwartz; Niaomi Goldman; Jacklyn Gold. Second Row: Eleanor Shaw; Robee Schultz; Judy Gamble; Dee Golonska; Barb Uebel; Barb Schatz. Third Row: Julie Crandal; Sue Novitsky; Audrey New- ton; Christine Dittmer; Ruthie Plaut. Fourth Row: Kay Olson; Jean Xagel: Kathie Xorman; Mary Ellen Eckert; Louise Ruchman; Inga Soloman; Meg Pattersor; Paula Wallach; Gretchen Himes. Fifth Row: Bob Leland; Keeling Warburton. Back Row: Howard Urow: Art Friedman; Nelson Howe; Richard Moss: Bill Johnson; Glenn Carlson; Bronson Murray; Hal Barron; Charles Sharp; Duke Gregory; Bruce Boss; Al Sehadel; Greg NefT; Bill Heath; Ron Baumer. .A. Left: Employing the essentials of salesmanship, Morgan Davis, Assistant Advertising Manager, procured both local and national ads while Cynthia Stone directed sales in campus housing units. Right : Promotions Manager Dick Harrison planned campus campaigning for ' Ensian publicity, Assistant Office Manager, Cathy King, managed spring distribution, and Campus Sales Manager Bob Porter arranged direct subscription sales at strategically located card tables on campus. GENERATION As Managing Editor of the campus inter-arts maga- zine, Ruth Misheloff supervised staff writing, gave careful consideration to submitted material and intoxicated by the first day of spring, even read outloud on the " diag " . Pondering the merits of a student manuscript that has come to their attention are staff members Donna Hill, Mike Braun, and Bob Holloway, as well as Editor Ruth and faculty consultant Dr. Arno Bader. 250 Left: Associate Editor David Tice contributed scholarly music articles and reviews to both the DAILY and GENERATION, and Assistant Editor Bill Weigand, drama expert of the staff, pro- nounced critical opinions on campus productions. William Caro, right, solemnly figured finances as GENERATION ' S Business Manager. Convening in the Hopwood Room, the GENERATION staff discusses the reception of this fall ' s first issue, in an attempt to better evaluate and further consolidate the gains made in six years of publication. I GARGOYLE GARGOYLE is a magazine, what has an editor J. W. Malcolm, who is gloomy by disposition and smiles rarely like at left .... I An art editor L. H. Scott, who never smiles, but smokes Bulgarian cigar- ettes, wears high black boots and draws good .... 252 E A staff who are: Front Row: Inez Pilk; Gigi Groznick; T. Vickers Rowlson; Babik, son of Chigrinsky; John Mannix; Michael Braun ne Pilk; Inex Pilk. Back Row: Rodney Blackmail; Dave Wakely; Gordon Black; Shirley Price; Don McXeil; David Newman; Stewart Shear; Robert Karchevski; Laurry Webber. And some more editors: Front Row: John Apple; Bob Busha. Back Row: Dave Da vies; Norm Giddan; Dave Kes- sel; Stu Ross. 253 TECHNIC Putting in his fourth year on the TECHNIC is Editor-in-Chief Chuck Stickels who writes an editorial every month in addition to supervising the entire magazine. Managing Editor Hank Hosteller, right, acts as liason man between the staff and the Craft Press and plans much of the make-up. TECHNIC Staff makes the monthly drive to meet the deadline in their West Engine office which will be torn down next year. The oldest engineering college magazine in the nation, the TECHNIC covers all engineering news from Slide-Rule Ball to engineering advancements over the nation. 254 Associate Editor Carley Meikle assists in make-up and accumulates copy while Jim Snedi- ker, in his capacity as Business Manager, supervises advertising, circulation and accounting. TECHNIC STAFF: Front Row: Jim Snediker; Xancy Allen; Chuck Stickels; Carley Meikle; Hank Mosteller. Back Row: Dottie Lewis; Gene Metsker; Shelly Levin; Dave Collier; Ian MacDonald; Rally Schultz; Chet Fine; Don Miller; Howie Urow; Dick Asmus; Pat Forbes. 255 Annually elected students in Business Administration School compose the membership of its Council, functioning as co-ordina- tors of its student body, faculty and staff. ; Front Row: John Ziolkowski; Alison Thomas; David McClurg, chairman; Kurtz Retzler; Theodore Sample. Back Row: Richard Strang; Harold Josehart; Samuel Bradley; Glenn Daffern; Charles Bancroft. M BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COUNCIL 256 Xewly-elected officers Georgiana Davidson, Dick Balzhiser and Howard Xemerovski head Joint Judic which functions to inform the campus of university regulations, deter infractions and determine equitable punishments. The Council is composed of students so that defendants may be judged by a jury of their peers who have experienced the same problems. JOINT JUDICIARY Joint Judic members from left to right are: Roger Wilkins; Elizabeth Garland; Georgiana Davidson; Norman- Giddan; Jan Rutherford; Tawfiq X. Khoury, chairman; Audrey Kapetansky; Dick Balzhiser; Cris Reifel; Howard Xemerovski. . jiHHtl HUH ffllf s I Ut ll ALPHA PHI OMEGA Service Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega stresses campus service. Members manage to dull the pandemonium of registration, to dot the lawns with signs of polite request, and to post innumerable notices for coming events. Front Row: Robert Burns; Van Bluemel; Robert Polkinghorn; Joseph Miller; Frank Butorac; Frank Rizzo; Gershom Morningstar; Robert Geake; Stephen Sniderman. Second Row: Dr. Frank X. Brown; Richard Bloss; Bruce Bevelheimer; Robert Finley; Sherwin Sokolov, president; Burton Zack; Wilfrid Hufton. Third Row: Walter Hall; Roger Seymour; Victor Nelson; Joseph Valentin; Joseph Litvin; Lynn Evans; Neil Taylor; Charles Rubin; Ted Wuerthner; James Shedlowsky; Thomas Blues: Charles Waldron; Fred Zinger. Back Row: David Brown; Richard Thombs; Gordon Parker; James McDonald; Lawrence Schreiber; Ronald Boorstein; George Keefer; Kenneth Tucker; Richard Either; Robert Eppinger; Fernando Ramirez. I if ! Front Row: Patricia Henshaw; Frances Gudemann; Mary Sue Fleming: Marcia Boothe; Mimi Buck; Eugenie Reagan; Bette-Jean Robinson; Carol Aldrich; Carolyn Walker. Back Row: Florence Greenberg; Ruth Landy; Suzanne Gilbert; Dawn Maine; Lois Fennig; Xancy Havermale; Joan Tubbs; Francine Leffler; Carol Kauffman; Wandalie Henshaw. ZETA PHI ETA Professional Speech Fraternity Assisted by their sponsor, Professor Clari- bel Halstead, Zetas combine service and profit-making projects in serving coffee and sandwiches to starving actors during re- hearsals. 259 First Row: Nelson Isada; Armando Navarette; Jose Asuncion; Juanito Abcede; Santiago Victorio; Pascual Bautista. Second Row: Ruben de la Paz; Mariano Artiaga; Phoebe Madayag; Ester Ronquillo; Lourdes L. Lontok Cruz, president; Florinda Suguitan; Luisa Hufano; Alma Gonzales. Third Row: Gabriel de Coyoca, Jr.; Agustin Mercado; Rizalina Bernal; Conception Pascua; Rebecca Aquino; Aurora Bautista; Priscilla Florentino; Natividad Evangelista; Josefina Reinante; Alma Pedro; Filonila Madamba; Ella Gomba; Editha Gonzales. Fourth Row: Jesus Artiaga; William Young; James Pua; Severe Guerrero; Leoncio Qui; Romeo Umanos; Bonifacio Man- zano; Kian Kai Lim; Florante Bocobo. PHILIPPINE-MICHIGAN CLUB T First Row: Napoleon Campomanes; Paciano Victorio; Santiago Victorio; Ruben de la Paz; Phoebe Madayag; Ester Ronquillo; Sonny Hufano; Lourdes L. Lontok Cruz, president; Florinda Suguitan; Nelson Isada; Antonio Fernando. Second Row: Lilia Amansec;Rosario Gaerjan; Rosa Vallejo; Prof. R. Swinton; Grace Wood; Mrs. J. R. Hayden; Prof. H. H. Bartlett; Natividad Verzosa. Third Row:Ramon Garcia; Jose Soberano; Helen Buhay; Pacita B. Dominado; Jose Alma Jose; Natividad Dimaya; Adelaida G. Makabeli; PetronilaM. Dipasupil; Ruby K. Mangahas; Leila Padilla; Malaya Bocobo; Angel Arguelles. Fourth Row: Melecio Gulla; Garnett Palling; Severo Senen; Ruperto Roque; Nicanor Afable; David Capobres; Alfonso Que; Eduardo Sevilla. Front Row: Daniel Nadar; V.B. Raju; Dhananjay Dholakia; Bhaskar Khanorker; Jaysingbhai Chaudhari. Second Row: Mamatta Bhattacharya; Shivajirau Desai; Jayantilal Barirya; Prabhakar Sheth; Monrombu Krisnamurthy; Indu Dave; Avtar Singh. Third Row: Anil Parikh; Vinayak Xadkar; Bhogilaj Sheth; Lai Sansari; Arun Parikh; H. M. Patel; Suresh Chitnis; Rajendra Kapoor. Back Row: Deleet Hazara; Kishor Mehta; Harkhaji Patel; B. J. Bhakta; Robindra Chakravorti; Guenvand Sutaria; Rhubir Lath. INDIAN STUDENT ASSOC. THAILAND STUDENTS Front Row: Chaleovongs Komarakul; Phuchong Bhengari; Patiphat Arayasastra; Somaiddhi Vudtithornetiraks ; Vithoon Viriyapan; Kamchorn Sathirakul. Second Row: Samniang Musik abhumma; Vichai Panyadilok; Mani Dharmgronoartama; Amnuay Viravan; Prachoomsook A. Amrung; Tanomruedee Pumipak; Chamroon Vajrabhaya; Boonma Dhajabongse. Third Row: Mally A. Rachathon; Vongphan Suthipongse; Chalao Chaiyarutana ; Vimol Tongpoonsakdi ; Pongparn Devahastin Na Ayudhya; Saovani Vejjajiva; Yiva Srisomwongse; Praneet Wiriyawit; Arunee Narkacrows; Vachari Sathirakul. Back Row: Kriang Sarajoti: Sneh Charoenrath; Prasert Navaratana; Pravit Ruyabhorn; Chulanope Snitwongs; Nandha Kitjalaksana; Somnuek Unakul; Prawati Thipayom; Visari Chowchuv- ech; Wirojana Tantraporn. n n XX Front Row: Abdul Salam Abbass; Mohammad PJl-Moslimany; Salah El-Dareor; Mahmoud Mehdi. Second Row: Majid Alwastiti; Salah P]l-Samarrai; Jamal Abdulla; Naman Xakfoob; Rasheed Muriby. Third Row: Khalil Beitinjaneh; Abdul Asadi; Abkul All; Husni Alul; Munir Bunni; Ahmad Dalati. Back Row: Mohammad Ridha; Ahmad Wardi; Hasson Al-Amiri; Hassan Mahmoud; Joseph Paris; Walid Rimawi; Adnan El-Bakri. ARAB CLUB PAKISTAN STUDENTS Front Row: Muhammad Husain; Jaffar Ali Ismaili; Jalil Ahmad. Second Row: Syed Zahid Ali; Abdul Moid; M. Sulaiman Kakli, presi- dent; Saida Kulsoom Karamat; Ayub Khanzada. Back Row: H. Masood Sohail; Mahmud ul-Hassan Yazdani; Kamal Hossian; Manir uddin Ahmad; Khalid Aziz; Muhammad Afzal. IM Front Row: John Sheperd; Jean Mumford; Carol Cohen; Gloria Fowler; Sandra Lerner. Second Row: Elinor Kahn; Jean Carduner, Assistant Director; Marjorie Greenfield; Charles Koella, Director; Lillian Bickert, president; Lee Joseph; Ed Irvine. Back Row: Bami Bourne; Mary MacDonald; Xickie Christopoulos; Henri Maget; George Valenta; James Galligan; John Hyde; Marie Caspe. FRENCH CLUB SPANISH CLUB Front Row: Barbara Ross; Hugh Kennedy: Carolee Briley; Ann Bandler, president; Mr. Alfred Triolo, Faculty Advisor; Marjorie Green- field; Dolores Lazar; Jean Scruggs; Sharon Slobin. Second Row: Barbara Bandler; Liz Dykstra; Gonzalo Rodriguez; Bill Parker John Schubeck; Gordon Sutherland; Robert Fuller; Charles Donnelly; Rick Kostoff; Marilyn Shoares; David Wolfe. Back Row; Lee Joseph; JudyPickard; Eunice Richards; Winnie Strock; Marilyn Jory; Joyce Taggart; Carey Wall; Jeanette Bednarsh; Julie Sage; Eliza- beth Evans; Silvia Herrera; Gisela Luque; Bernice Glasner. STUDENT RELIGIOUS COUNCIL Front Row: Ted Beals; Marylen Wilkins; D. L. Subrahmanyam; DeWitt C. Baldwin; Marjorie Frogel; Edna Carlson; Alice Green berg. Second Row: Joan Katsoek; Russell Thayer; Richard L. Smith; George S. Elison; Raymond Sund; Glen Howell; William Ripley: John Appman; Edith Skobo. Back Row: Claudia Smith; John F. Smith; Frederick Foss; Whit Gray; Grey Austin; Dave Newton: Doris Harpole; Gerald Bowen. Lane Hall is the center of inter-religious student activity at the University. The Student Religious Association sponsors numerous lectures, seminars, and intercultural activities to increase one ' s un- derstanding of his basic religious orientation. 264 - ] Front Row: Elizabeth Tassone; Joan Carol Katsock; Jack Stone, president; Lou Ann Moxley; Marjorie Barlow. Back Row: Charles H. Church; Maurie Ruddy; Mike Woolson; Xorman L. Miller; Robert Sanregret; Roberto Maldonado. NEWMAN CLUB For Catholic students, the Newman Club offers both a var- ied social program and a schedule of classes in doctrine, philosophy, scripture, and church history in the modern, new Father Richard Center. GAMMA DELTA The University Lutheran Chapel, a student con- gregation, is the home of Gamma Delta, association of students and friends of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Gamma Delta sponsors a supper and religious program every Sunday the University is in session. Front Row: Lenore Loeber; Richard Weber; Guy Berry; Larry Kersten; Victor Stoeffler; Charles Heuchert; John Van Dyke; John Schick; Ralph Eilers; and John Ebling. Second Row: Marforie Blake; Marilyn Montooth; Carole Kaiser; Shirley Dalby; Mary Lou Piehl; Lois Miller; Sylvia Binkley; Ruth Weiss; Janet Strutz; Linda Nelson; Marge Burkley; Jerry Kloock; Richard Gresla. Third Row: Carol Kloha; Hertha Adler; Katherine Norman; Pauline Baumler; Laura Trowi-r; Martin Gehner; Mariam Melchiori; Pastor Alfred Schcips; Mrs. Scheips; Richard Koester, president; Martha Jean Johnson; Ivan Zahn; Joan Gassaway; Gale Steckert. Fourth Row: Louise Muel- ler; Virginia Gillespie; Clarice Veitengruber; Barbara Knapp; and Ardea Meyer. Fifth Row: Harold Franz; Arlene Papke; Walter Han- nenberg; Joyce Hillig; Clarence Gobrogge ; Robert Newland; Kenneth Willman; David Blair; Donval Hornburg; Richard Stroebel; Norma Wunderlich; Harvey Krage; Donald Trepanier; Charles Zill; William Reader; Bert Treiber; Dorothy Drews; Arthur Recksiedler; Donna Haynes; James Bower. Back Row: Violet Cushnack; William Gaffney; Edward Boseker; Dorcas Mueller; Gayle Porath; Patricia Young; Marie Larson; Robert Schorling; Gary Schneider; Marjorie Braunz; Lois Button; Walter Sebald; Carol Palmer; Kenneth Anderson; Terry Ross; Donald Daenzer; Virginia Brueckner; Theodore Benya; Kenneth Spurgat. f i SLA 7 The Hillel Foundation of B ' nia B ' rith provides an extensive program of religious service, community projects, per- sonal counseling, and fellowship. Dr. Herman Jacobs, Ivan Bender, Rhea Kantner, Hal Jos ehart, and Jeanne Salter serve as the Hillel Executive Council. HILLEL The Hillel Advisory Committee is composed of Fred Kapetansky, Dolores Messinger, Sally Stahl, Roz Schlimovitz, and Avram Charlip. 267 A Methodist women ' s organization, Kappi Phi Members are: Front Row: Luree Merillat; Fairy Sakai; Charlotte Rhodes; Carolyn Holler; Alice Liddle; Janet Belshaw; Jean Sullivan; Kathryn Protz- man; Shirley Price. Second Row: Virginia Cooke; Norma Grosse; Barbara Smith; Nancy Birne, president; Mrs. Donald Katz; Kathryn Nylander; Marilyn Cortright; Kathryn Anderson; Nancy Davis. Third Row: Harriet Lehman; Rita Pryer; Suzanne Vaughn; Janet Wurster; Pat Sincock; Carolyn Gilbert; Kathryn McColl; Judy Holmquist; Gail Rothwell. Back Row: Helen Fason; Nancy McLain; Linda Beatty; Gail Johnson; Nancy Crawford; Arleen Bryant; Joan Duryee; Margaret J. Urban; Marilyn Gerred; Ann Griffiths. KAPPA PHI " ED " SCHOOL COUNCIL Front Row: Claudia Smith; Colleen Campbell; Marcia Lubeck; Dolores Messinger; Sally McKeighan; Janette Hickey. Back Row: Caro lyn Moeller; Nina Katz; Sarah Roberts; Len Manheim; Bob Alexander; Noreen Helliwell; Maxine Burnham; Kathy Gemuenden. U- I ra Jfk v I Members of Eta Kappa Xu, national electrical engineering fraternity are: Front Row: John Harlan; Hsien Chang; David Boige; Henry Hosteller; president; David Thomas; Douglas Hamburg; Richard Bloss; Chung Jeu; Kuo-Chien Quan. Second Row: George Hellvrarth; Ronal Larson; William Hodge; Jack Westaway; Peter Fuss; Bill Diam- ond: Charles Wickman; Cheng Wen; Robert Ilgenfritz. Back Row: Robert Richardson; John Mau; Frank Frazier; David Zerbel; Joseph Coleman; Kenneth Grabowski; William Kalton; John Pangborn; Alfred Ewert. ETA KAPPA NU PI TAU SIGMA Pi Tau Sigma, national mechanical engineering fraternity members are: Front Row: Merrill Raufman, David Ayers, Robert Schoenhals, Walter Schrenk, Lewis A. Burnham, president; William Sommers; Bruc e Bacon, Mel Bernia, Richard Sonntag; Albert E. Fey. Second Row: James M. Kruthers; Kahlid Aziz; David O. Stewart; Charles Tomilson; Dale Mohr; Carl Peterson; James R. Durand; Roger Comstock; Colin Fisher; Jim Evans; Ted Emerson; Jim DeHaank; Richard DeLong; William Salisbury. Back Row: Bob Clark, Richard Kendall: Howie Gaberson; Roger Maugh; David Fleisher; Robert Helleen; Glen Howell: John Hibbard; Roger Andersen; Donald Burch; Don Kirkpatrick; Gene Lehmann. A i This seal mounted in the West Engineering Building identifies Chi Epsilon, a national honorary fraternity in civil engineering. CHI EPSILON Front Row: Visarl Chowchuvech ; Bruce Douglas; John Evans; Norman Gabel. Second Row: Moises Wasserman; Lee Jager; Jerry Bassler; E. A. Glysson; R. B. Harris. Back Row: Xorberto Calderas; Charles Cremin; George Alexander; Rafael Boteno; Valerian Skrylov. Front " utki; 270 Front Row: Conrad Heiderer; Richard Brehn; Don Lascody; Robert Fabian: Ronald Cooke; Larry Horacek; Dan Weinstein; William L. Mason; James Avrand. Second Row: Dotlie Lewis; SorjoRanta; George Glass; Ralston Schultz; William Sproull, chairman; Robert Lauer; Roger Xyenhuis ; Robert Thomas; Robustiano Martinez; Walter Gerdes. Third Row: Bruce Xordquist; Richard Xagel; Allen Ben- son; CharlesGunn; George Falkenstein; Charles E. Kroll: Joseph Liu; Robert Wallace; Roger Dunlap; Paul Melgarrd; Jim Cook; Joe Morelewski; Fred Stegenga. Back Row: Maurice Brull; Ramon Perez; Gordon Kelly; John Beaudoin; Joe Santa; William Nighbor; John Ohrengerger; Jorge Roxo; George Kelly; Alvin Ranger; Philip Webb; Robert Wesel; Ahmad Jalil. INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Front Row: Jim Richards, president. Second Row: Trenna Kdmonson; Sandra Van Doren; Margra Underbill; Rollie Zagnoli; Kay Osborn; Vicki Middleton; Stan Kulakowski; Barbara Peshkin; Bart Feldman. Third Row: Philipl Schubert; Frances Ling; Emily Hsie; Marshall Badt; Robert Wiley; Herb Zarrow; Don Roach; Len Allen; Dave Loveland. Back Row: Sherwin Goldstein; Daniel Kof- nacki; Dora Pierce; Edward Draheim: Dan Dengel; Philip Hill; Anne Doerr; Wayne Marine; Helen Henkel. r Michigan members of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers are : Front Row: Rohinton Bhada; Don Ciller; Ben G. Bray; Keith Coats; Chuck Stickels; Victor Long; Donval Hornburg. Second Row: Alfred Szemborski; David Lundy; Robert Fisk; Richard J. Shields; James Knipp; Walt Gustchess; Alan Camiener; Brymer Williams. Third Row: George Small; Fred Baumgartner; Gerald Schuvr; Edward Stoyack; James Paul Shedlowsky; Richard Criger; Alan Christ- man; Warren Reed. A.I.CH.E. ii Representatives of the International Student Association are: Front Row: Tony Wallwork; Renate Quastler; Turker Karamizrak, president; Rasheed Muriby: Paz Dominado; Salah El-Darrer. Back Row: Bohdan Maksymiuk; Chuen Cho Lo; Kamchorn Sathirakul; Chee Tao Chan; B.V. Govindaraj; S. P. Muljono; R. Gonzalez- Baquero; Diego Maruiri. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS Front Row: Leland Moy; Richard Beaudry; Maung Aye; Stacy Catey; Paul Hubbell; Alfred P. Ewert; Harvey Krage, Jr.; Anthony Schiro; Jules Cummins; Harold Thomas; Gerald Goldberg; Shivaji Desai. Second Row: Royce Kriewall; Neil Booth; Don Spencer; Grant Gabel; Joseph Sabo; Bob Richardson; John Harlan; Ronald Schwartz; Herbert Arkin, Jr.; Bhaskar Knahorkar; Leonard Novak; David Joyce; George Hellwarth. Back Row: Norbert Torzynshi; Robert Van Eeuwen; Richard Maslowski; Maung Swe; Robert Proestel; William Haydanek; Frederick CafTrey; John Denman; Vincent Dambrauskas; David Thomas; Larry Bostrom; Eric Aupperle. 273 Front Row: David DePres; John Evans; David Knickerbocker; Donald Oin; Constantin Micuda; F. A. Mammel; C. E. Bottum; Robert Harris; James Rienstra; Eugene Glysson; Donald Cortright; Milton Redick. Second Row: Dean Wheeler; Andrejs Broze; John Tread- away; Glenn Alt; Stanley Cool; Alvin Haggerty; Thomas Weyand; Norman Gabel; William De Young; Walter Hannenberg; Sideny Leyenthal; Edward Furdak; Frank Sokolitz, Jr. Back Row: Theodore Banner; Henry Cremin; Alnis Banga; Frank Balle; Richard Kaiser; Richard Brender; Raymond I lliott; Dave Henry; Edgar Ferguson; Gerald Van Valkenburg; Visarl Chowchuvech; Roy Russell. AMERICAN SOCIETY- CIVIL ENGINEERS IS Front Row: Rune Evaldson, faculty advisor; Stephan Konz; William P. Sommers, president; William Salisbury; Ken- neth M. King; George Hilsabeck. Second Row: John P. Ivanick; Colin Fisher; Eugene F. Kreuzberger; Gilbert A.Walter- Gerald C. Kaercher; Taurind Martinez; James R. Stephens. Back Row: Walter J. Schrenk; Cordy M. Russell- Stanley B. Koehler; Jim Snediker; John L. VanBecelaere; Sheldon L. Levin. AMERICAN SOCIETY- MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 274 ENGINEERING COUNCIL Front Row: Alfred Ewert, Charles Stickels, H. William Diamond; David G. Davies, president; Professor H. R. Colby; Professor J. G. Young; Anne Campbell. Second Row: William Salisbury; William Sommers; Keith Coats; Robert D. Richardson; Roger Maugh; Louis A. Dame; William C. Sproull. Back Row: David Burchfield; James Rienstra; Santo Ponticello; Jere H. Brophy; Bill Vander Kloot; Tom Platt. I ENGINEERING HONOR COUNCIL Front Row: Bill Diamond: Dave Davies; Bob Ilgenfritz; Anne Campbell, president : DaveFleisher; BobD. Rich- ardson. Back Row: Roger Anderson and Dave Burchfield. 275 Front Row: Kenneth Ludema; Douglas Taylor; Louis Dame, president; Irving Stewart; Donald Graham; Philip Visser. Second Row: Keith Suderlund; Henry Knight; Bill Lozano; Bob Redmon; James McGill; Charles Morton. Third Row: James Burwell; Tom Despres; Charles Smillie; Ivan Zahn; Harold Landis; Al Mumma; Dick De Long. Back Row: Frederick Meyer; Roger Andersen; Kingsley Jone- son; Donald Greiger; Leo Geisler; Fred Beard; Don Dame. AMERICAN SOC.--TOOL ENGINEERS Front Row: Xorma Wunderlich; Professor Brown: Professor O ' Roke; Professor Lagler; Dean Emeritus Dana; Professor Davis; Mr. Franz; Judy Franklin. Second Row: Bill Fischer; Caroll Williams; Larry Davis; Pete Black; Mike Myers; Al Weisz; Roger Baehmann; Maynard Johnson; Bob Cassagnol. Third Row: Jim Hale; George Burfiend; Frank Ruggeri; John Ackerman; Jack Young; Jack Hoover; Don Pallin; Bohdan Maksymiuk. Back Row: Norm Kiel; Jack Gwynn; Bud Cansfield; Willy McElfresh; John Sprague; Jim Ward: Bob Scharf; Don Jones; Dick Jones; Rupert Cutler. FORESTERS 276 1 ROTC The four year Army ROTC program stresses the funda- mentals of army organization, history, operations, logis- tics, and leadership. The use of scaled terrain models, ingeniously contrived of sand, bits of sponge, and foam rubber imparts graphic realism to tactics problems. In what is termed postal match competition the ROTC rifle team fires a match during a given week and then ex- changes scores with other ROTC teams who have gone through a similar project. Application of classroom fundamentals is provided by a five day bivouac and mock battle during the six week summer camp for advanced ROTC stu- dents at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. 277 The intricacies of torpedo steering mechanisms and the use of the Dead-Reckoning-Tracer to locate attacking ships are unveiled and mastered during the four year NROTC program which leads to a commission in the Navy or Marine Corps. NROTC Operation of the forty millimeter gun requires a three man team. While the center cadet loads the shells, the man at the left trains the gun horizontally and the cadet at the right points it vertically at the target. 278 Air Force ROTC students attend an eight week summer camp between their junior and senior years at the Uni- versity. Although the formal classroom teaching is still present, the camp introduces the cadet to the rigors of daily inspection, where an uneven bed sheet can spell demerits. AFROTC Flying is the keynote of the AFROTC program, and preparation for flying is vitally essential. From the orientation flights of the freshman year to the final solo test, safety is constantly stressed. These cadets learn to adjust a parachute properly. Front Row: William Chase; John Farkas; Jerry Bruemmer; Tom Croueher; William Jensen; Dick Reichle; Wayne Marine; Michael Jamgochian. Back Row: Ted Peterson; Pete Betz; Richard Pompruy; George Elison; John Cole; Gary Boe; Albert Senter; Bill Vander Kloot; Lewis Ramsdell; Peter Early. PERSHING RIFLES RIFLE CLUB Front Row: Gerald Goldberg; Philip Yen; Eduardo Sevilla; Rhody L. Xornberg; Xgwe Nyunt; Walter Tin. Second Row: David Ches- ley; Dick Roemer; Norbert Torzynski; Jan Gogulski; Dick Schwing, president; John Fleure. Back Row: Charles Belotte; William Yang; Maurice Martinez; James Burnett; Gaylord Richardson; Bill Woodruff; Philip Michel; Joseph Aponte. S MILITARY BALL With Ralph Marterie as the big attraction, Military Ball was opened ' to the entire campus for the first time this year. Annually, the theme is military; this spring it took place in the main hall of a medieval castle, or the League ballroom, miracuously transformed. Metallic flags and authentic coats-of-arms prooved colorful decor for a flurry of formals and full dress uniforms. as NreKlK ; ?; 281 N Nationally famous for its intricate and spectacular half-time displays, the 159-man Michigan Marching Band sets a breath-taking 200 steps-per-minute pace. Dr. William D. Revelli, Director of the University Bands, demands expert musicianship and precision from the band members. MARCHING BAND While the band performs its colorful routines depicting the heroes of Walt Disney, a Brazil travelogue, or the varied international interpretations of " The Victors, " a running commentary describes the action. The high-stepping men of Michigan, after endless hours of practice, toe the line to perfection. 282 Surrounded by a circle of sousaphones, Dr. Revelli in- structs the musicians. The band is paced by high-step- ping, back-bending drum majors and dextrous baton twirlers. Traditionally, when Michigan is the winner, band members reverse their gold braided hats and render a jubilant performance of " The Victors. " if 1 . Michigan ' s renowned Men ' s Glee Club presented joint concerts with the Michigan State and Ohio State glee clubs, toured Texas during spring vacation, and produced Oulantics with the Union and the League. Gordon Ferguson, left, served as president, Richard Maier, middle, as vice-president, and George Dutter, right, as business manager. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB An emminant professional musician, Dr. Philip A. Duey, professor of voice in the School of Music, is the dynamic director, tour chaperone, and guiding spirit of the Men ' s Glee Club. 284 Richard Bailin James Berg Robert Brown Barry Collier Wayne Cooke Joe Cox Merton Crouch Ed Grouse George Dutter Gordon Ferguson Barry Floyd Robert Fritts Larry Frohman Gus Gianakaris Dave Groupe David Hagen James Hardy Steve Hauser Bill Hein George Hellwarth Richard Heusel Fred Hindley Robert Hoexter Dan Jordan Richard Kabaker Richard Kaiser Andy Karoly Ernest Kozma Gene Lehmann Thomas Lester Oleg Lobonov Richard Maier John McCrae Bruce McCubbrey James MeGarvey Ken Misar Gordon Nitz James Phelps Ronald Poland Bill Porter Ron Portwood Dan Pressley George Richardson Ron Richardson Don Ridley Dave Satterly Harry Scarr Charles Schaefer Thomas Schill Doug Scott Thomas Singer Jerry Smith Lee Solomon Thomas Tuttle Garry VanOtteren Roy Waggoner Reed WagstafF Fred Walker Clyde Whipple Brad White I , SYMPHONY BAND Alexander, John L. Anderson, Doris E. Anderson, Lewis Anderson, Mary A. Baird, Sally J. Balduf, Carl R. Bates, David Bauer, John H. Beaupre, James H. Becker, Eleanor Becker, Fred Bennett, Mariel Berry, John W. Bilik, Jerry H. Bittle ,Jac ' k D. Brodie, Paul Brophy, Jcre H. Buckingham, Ann Burdick, Richard L. Burr, Elaine P. Busdicker, Southard L Carney, Harry K. Catanese, Virginia R. Chesnut, Walter M. Christie, John M. Course, Thomas V. Dart, Fred M. Davis, John I. Depoy, Dean R. Ekstrom, Peter T. Eliason, Robert E. Elwell, Sumner B. Emmons, Kathleen A. Erickson, Lorraine J. Finney, Douglas M. Flowers, David M. Fricker, Susan J. Gard, Wayne Gardner, Janet M. Garrett, Glen Gassaway, John Green, David L. Hall, Martha A. Hanchrow, Joseph G. Hause, Robert Head Emerson W. Heier, James Hiss, Richard N. Hollis, James M. Holm, Kenneth L. Howard, Howard T. Hubard, James D. Humenansky, George D. Jack, Russell H. Jenkins, John A. Jenkins, John A. Justus, Drayton R. Justus, Judith Karapetian, Karl Keivit, Marilyn R. Knops, Darlene A. Knutson, James L. Koester, Robert F. Lauer, Robert J. Lawless, Jerrold A. Legband, Rolf Leland, Jeanne E. Longfield, Richard O. Loomis, Bruce A. Manning, Sara Martin, Patricia J. Mason, Janet B. Mattran, Don A. Michener, Margaret A. Mindlin, Jackie E. Mohler, John D. Moore, James E. Moore, James L. Moseler, Louise M. Mueller, Therese Xoffsinger, Patricia A. Ormand, Fred E. Ostling, Acton E. Palmer, Judith A. Pizer, Russell A. Polera, Rocco Pullin, James R. Quayle, Robert Reynolds, Robert H. Roberts, Ralph L. Schmidt, George F. Schnierle, Christina K. Scovill, Susan R. Secor, Diana J. Sherman, Sylvia Y. Small, Terrence S. Smith, Fred D. Smith, Glen D. Suavely, Jack Spadaro, Carmen S. Stanberg, Patricia J. Taylor, Kathleen E. Tibbals, Eleanor Wagner, Jack K. Whitby, Kenneth R. Wilcox, Don G. Wirth, Janet L. Wojciak, Robert H. Wright, Elaine Young, Raymond G. 9 9 .9 Belonging to the National Band honorary fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi are: Front Row: Stanley Kennedy; James Moore; Carmen Spadaro; Robert Reynolds; William Revelli; George Cavenden; Jere Brophy; David Green; Raymond Young; Fred Dart; Emerson Head. Second Row: Bruce Jacobson; Carl Balduf; Edward Downing; John Jenkins; Bob Koester; Tom Weyand; Bill Herman; Tom Kauper; Ken Teppo; James Moore; Richard Hoek; Gerald Schuur. Back Row: Bruce Loomis; Robert Laur; Richard Longfield; Wilbert Porter; Sumner Elwell; Robert Olsen; Jack Bittle; David Lundy; John Bauer; John Davis; Barton Cowan. KAPPA KAPPA PSI TAU BETA SIGMA At Michigan, the National Band Sorority, Tau Beta Sigma includes: Front Row: Jeanne Leland; Patricia Martin; Susan Fricker. Second Row: Doris Anderson; Margery Milks; Virginia Catanese. Third Row: Sara Manning; Ann Hammond. Back Row: Patricia Stenberg; Janet Mason; Eleanor Becker; Elaine Bunn; Kathleen Taylor; Maureen Stienen. 287 Active membership for 1954-55 in this National Music Sorority was: Front Row: Mary Cyms; Barbara Gibson; Erlene Otto; Ann Plet- ta; Svea Blomquist; Margaret Schwartz. Second Row: Sara Scott; Joan Carlson; Lorraine Folberg; Ellen Sherman; Grace Cool; Geri Posen; Katy Micou. Third Row: Ida Nyberg; Elizabeth Garland; Barbara Burstein; Constance Jackson; Dr. Louise Cuyler; Carol Kenney; Donna Westerberg; Betty Jo Richter; Mary Ellen Eckert. Fourth Row: Mary Sloan; Marty Taugher; Camilla Heller; Jane Stoltz; Mary McParlan; June Howe; Priscilla Bickford; Barbara Hagen; Mary Saver; Judy Huber; Sandra Keckonen; Marian Mercer. Back Row: Joan Baker; Beverly Wales; Fern Law; Dawn Waldron; Kathryn Lucas; Marguerite Erickson; Carol Sunningham; Mari- lyn Eliason; Margaret McGrath. MU PHI EPSILON Belonging to the National Music Fraternity, Sigma Alpha Iota were: Front Row: Mary Witham; Jeanne Leland; Janice Hatchett; Marguerite Long; Doris Bergtsson; Elizabeth Fischer; Rebecca Badger. Second Row: Linn Bevis; Beverly Green: Linda Reck; Car- olyn Lentz, president; Kathleen Rush; Phyllis Rode; Meredyth Manns; Mary Ellen Roosa. Back Row: Mary Burden; Rosalie Say- arino; Neva Virkmirovich; Betty Lester; Sylvia Sherman; Elaine Friedman; Kathie Norman; Eleanor Becker; Jackie Mindlin; Virginia Catanese; Patricia Stenberg; Phyllis Stringham; Nancy Witham; Jean Carlson. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA 288 Scabbard and Blade, national honorary so- ciety for outstanding ROTC students rec- ognizes military leadership, scholarship and activities. Brandishing wooden swords and capped with newspaper hats, the initiates stand guard jiver the library steps and the flag pole. i Gm Jw SCABBARD AND BLADE Front Row: Lt. R. M. Davies; Arthur Wynne; Bill Barnard; Dick Buck; Dean Fisher; Capt. A. A. Pabst. Second Row: Bob Wiley; Harry Carson; Tim Reiman; Gilbert Hitchcock; Bill Meikle; Donald Dodge; Bill Weber; Charles Irwin; Paul Salditt; Dick Pinkerton; Wayne Thiessen; John Fildew. Back Row: Bob McSweeney; Charles Kelsey; Gene McCracken; Jim Kuipp; George Hill; Bob Miller; Bill McArthur; Bruce McGarvey; Mickey Karimuto. . X 1 1 I On Rope Day, the old braves of Michigan, all campus senior honorary, test the young buck initiates with a grueling duck walk from the Tappan Oak to the Union. Lashed together and chorusing " Seven flights up and seven flights down, " they climb to the roof of the Union tower. MICHIGAMUA Runnum Around Baer Belching Bull Baity Catchum Quick Cachey Swingum Pine Cline Shifting Wind Dow Many Hides Eaddy Flaming Scalp Gieger Gopher Basket Groffsky 290 Trembling Twig Hartwig Melon Belly Jelin Sea Turtle Jones Never Fall Kaul Churping Chipmunk Khoury Canoe Beak Leopold Lightning Limb Lepley Little Lynx Levy Pump ' um Paw Pinkerton Wheezing Weasel Simon Scampering Squirrel Scruggs Water Whipper,Walters Wrong Wing Wisniewski Honorary Sachem: Brave Builder.Keen Bruising Birch Bates Bulldozing Butternut Branoff Beaii-Brummell Balsam Brunskill Dapper Dahoon Dombrowski Doleful Dalia Dutter Guiltless Gum Giddan Gangling Goseberry Gora Grinning Greasewood Grant Hedge-Hopping Hemlock Hickey Jazzing Juniper Johnson Leafless Locust Livingston Loose-Limbed Lodgepole Love Lucubrating Lucern Lucier Manipulating Mahogany Martin Mincing Myrtle McDonald Matchless Mahaleb Mann Mercurial Mimosa Moule Rifle-Arm Redwood Ritter Shepherding Shadbush Schmidt Sapient Sandalwood Sobeloff Whapping-Whooping Weichselwood Walker Wizzarding Wintergreen Walter Well-Wishing Walnut Wells Whirling Willow Winkler Wampum-Watching Whippletree Wise DRUIDS Growing from the lowly seedling to the very inferior sapling, Druid initiates intone, " I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree, " while the members water their roots. This senior honorary claims the mighty oaks from activities and athletics. VULCANS HELLO, Dick Balzhiser EROS, Tom Benner PROMETHEUS, Jere Brophy PLUTO, Lewis Burnham MELAMPUS, Dave Davies ADONIS, Al Fey KADMOS, Ron Geyer ORPHEUS, Fritz Glover BACCHUS, Roger Maugh APOLLO, Tim Moulthrop AEOLUS, John Munn VULCAN, Howard Nemorovski KRATOS, Santo Ponticello HERMES, Dave Ragone POSEIDON, Bob Richardson LOKI, Bill Salisbury DIONYSSUS, Bill Sommers HERAKLES, Chuck Stickels MARS, Ron West " The die is cast. Mighty Vulcan has spoken! " When the lampblacked neophytes have passed the rigors of initia- tion and have become members of the senior engineering honorary, they stress community and University service. The Vulcans provide an Engineering School scholarship and furnish local hospitals with radios and TV sets. ft) - ' 1 292 Front Row: Keith Coats; John Surbis; Dave Fleisher; Roger Anderson. Second Row: Bob Ilgenfritz; Dave Burch- field; Merrill Kaufman. Third Row: Bill Diamond; Roger Comstock. Back Row: John Collins. TRIANGL Jon Collins Keith Coates Roger Anderson Charles Balckatt David Burchfield Jack Burchfield Roger Comstock William Diamond David Fleisher Gus Gianakaris Frank Hirt Robert Hoffman Robert Ilgenfritz Merrill Kaufman James Kruthers Robert McMasters Robert Rudesill John Surbis While the brothers in Triangle prod them on, the dunce-capped neophytes of the Junior engineering honorary glide across the Diag on one roller skate. Smoking long, black cigars the initiates diligently scrub the floor of Engin Arch vhich contains the seal of Triangles. 293 SPHINX Dick Salafax Alstrom Dave Knozope Baacl Lou Pharoah Baldacci Jim Kourtkidd Barren Hank Perizzites Berliner Tim Sanafrans Bleha Mark Hamul Booth Neil Potiphar Buchanan Mike Hazo Delaney Jim Phalazh Dygert Gordon Huz Ferguson Mark Mugi Gallon Bob Baluk Gillow Pete Shafu Gray Don Raumi Haney Larry Osiris Harris Dick Zohar Harrison Tom Chuccer Hendricks Tom Piddlebut Jorgenson Bob Thorpizemar Knutson Todd Thoth Lief Bill Wocar MacFarland Ed Thorizeed Meads John Chesed Morrow Keith Aram Pohl Jerry Meri-Ra-Ankh Prescott Ken Pildash Rogat Frank Gumi Vick Burt Kaitcher Wardrop Jacks Amanophis Wardrop Bob Sepa Weinbanm " What are you looking for, neophyte? " chant the Sphinx. " Looking for the River Nile, " reply the ladder-bearing initiates. Chosen as sophomores for outstanding leadership in athletics and activities, the neophytes swim the River Nile in the League fountain. I ' Ft+ Unique in the nation, Hectorians was formed two years ago to recognize outstanding leaders in the fraternity sys- tem. Members form the wheel of the Trojan hero Hector to initiate those who have served as president of their fraternity or as a member of the IFC executive council. HECTORIANS John Baity Stanley Bernstein John Bock Norman Canty Kenneth Cutler Peter Dow Ralph Dwiin Albert Fey Howard Gaberson Paul Geiger Richard Good Charles Hamilton John Hibbard Harry Jones Ronald Larson Stanley Lciken Monte Marshall Walter Rea John Schaupp Samuel Siporin H. Seger Sliter Clarence Tinker Neal Vanselow James Walters Byron West Joseph Whiteman William Zerman 295 GALENS Dr. William C. Baum is the faculty adviser of Galens, junior and senior medical honorary. Founded in 1914, Galens is both a charitable and a social organization. Their annual Christmas Tag Day supplies funds to provide a joyous holiday for children in University Hospital, and their news stand furnishes income for medical scholarships. The Caduceus Ball and all-med school smoker are also Galens projects. Members are: Front Row: John W. Hallitt; Morton Solomon; Roy Correa; Bernard Kimmel; John R. Young. Second Row: Charles Birdsall; Ray Goethe; Christian Helmus; Marvin Lubeck, president; Kenneth Averill; Ray Snider. Third Row: Milton Green; George Viscomi; George Hoekstra; Mel Wolf; Mark Ardis; Richard Chess; Charles Dafoe; Thomas Coles; J. Masters Harper; R. Clarke Reilly; Wendell P. Searer. Members of Mortar Board, All Campus Senior Women ' s Honorary are: First Row: Lucy Landers; Donna Hoffman; Lois Klein; Sally Lorber. Second Row: Joan Hyman; Joan Merrill; Betty Jean Robinson; Mimi Buck; Shirley Bayliss; Sue Beebe. Back Row: Barbara Heider; Dorothy Fink Ungerleider; Cris Reifel; Anne Campbell; Marge Lord. MORTAR BOARD Shirley Bayliss Sue Beebe Miriam Buck Anne Campbell Betty Cohen Becky Conrad Barbara Heider Donna Hoffman Joan Hyman Lois Klein Lucy Landers Margaret Lord Sally Lorber Joan Merrill Dorothy Myers Cris Reifel Janet Reinstein Bette-Jean Robinson Dorothy Fink Ungerleider Anne Young Selected for scholarship, service and leadership, Mortar Boards don garb for after-hour tapping, a surprise inva- sion of women ' s residences to climax the year ' s activities. Mortar Board campaigned for campus approval of SGC and publicized the University to Michigan high school seniors. Composed of Senior Affiliated Women, Scroll Honorary included: Front Row: Sue Fricker; Sally Fernamberg; Marilyn Martin, presi- dent; Jean Bromfield; Betsy Sherer; Carolyn Van Boven; Nan Swinehart. Back Row: Etta Lubke; Barb Uebel; Debbie Shavelson; Jan Rutherford; Ginny Abbey; Pat Marx; Marjorie Price; Connie Hilton; Barb Burstein; Jane Kohr. SCROLL Virginia Abbey Margaret Blunt Jean Bromfield Barbara Burstein Rae Byron Jill Coleman Sally Fernamberg Sue Fricker Connie Hilton Connie Jackson Jane Kohr Etta Lubke Marilyn Martin Pat Marx Marjorie Price Jan Rutherford Debbie Shavelson Betsy Sherer Margaret Spindler Nancy Stevens Nan Swinehart Barbara Uebel Carolyn Van Boven Dawn Waldron Janet Wolk 298 Senior Independent Women tapped for Senior Society were: Front Row: Ann Heystek; Xan Schiller; Pat Bubel; Diana Hewitt; Mari- lee Jones. Second Row: Mrs. Ardis; Edna Carlson; Babs Hillman; Linda Reck, president; Audrey Kapetansky; Gwendolyn William- son. Back Row: Carole Foote; Frances Hauss; Nan Leavy; Ida Nyberg; Carol Fischer; Sally Stahl; Dolores Messinger; Cece Cole- man; Mary Jean Monkoski. SENIOR SOCIETY Patricia Bubel Edna Carlson PJunice Coleman Carol Fischer Carol Foote Camilla Heller Diana Hewitt Ann Heystek Barbara Hillman Marilee Jones Audrey Rosin Kapatansky Carole Leybourn Kenney Nancy Leavy Carolyn Lentz Carolyn McKechnie Dolores Messinger Mary Jean Monkoski Ida Nyberg Linda Reck Frances Hauss Reuter Nancy Schiller Rosalind Shlimovitz Sally Stahl Gwendolyn Williamson Marjorie Wyche 299 WYVERN Suzanne Blau Ann Cordill Georgiana Davidson Cynthia Diamond Debra Durchslag Carol Ford P lizabeth Garland Jane Germany Pat Goddard Anna Gonda Alice James Cathy King Joyce Lane Lois Pollak Eugenie Reagan Grace Ritow Claudia Smith Dawn Waldron Nancy Wright Front Row: Cathy King; Anna Gonda; Xancy Wright; Pat Goddard, president; Alice James; Dawn Waldron. Back Row: Grace Ritow; Cynthia Diamond; Joyce Lane; Ann Cordill; Carol Ford; Georgiana Davidson. 300 Freshmen women having a 3.5 average or above are members of Alpha Lambda Delta: Front Row: Barbara Millbrook; X ' ancy Lepard; Ruth Bassichis; Susan Holbrook; Gayle Turner: Tobye Davidson; Shirley Eckwall; Arlis Garon. Second Row: Suzanne Mogul; Margaret Patterson; Jane Fowler; Virginia Cooke; Barbara Clark, president; Kathryn Adams; Mary K. Sloan; Jocelyn Watts. Back Row: Marjorie Barber: Xadya Spassenko: Kathie Norman; Ruth Hayward; Xancy Dreibelbies; Mary Esther Woodworth; Louise Fonteine; Jeanne Xewell; Mary Hellthaler; Katherine Stott; Patricia Stenberg. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA MIMES Members of Mimes, honorary of those concerned with Union Opera, are: Front Row: Dan Weinberger; Walt Williams; Bruce Work; Tom Silmore; Gordon Epding, president: Ron Poland; Harry Blum; Paul McDonough. Second Row: Don Seltz; Murry Frymer; Claude Coates; Tom Chamberlain; Dick Huff; John Christiansen; Stewart Gorden; Chris Pyrros: Dan Webb; Guy Moulthrop. Back Row: Ron DeBouver; Dexter Bartlett; Leonard Scott; John Bradfield; George Mclntyre; Dave Cobb; Wayne Cooke. I Phi Eta Sigma, national fresh- man honorary society, elects all men who have maintained a 3.5 scholastic average dur- ing the first two semesters. At left: John Heidgen; Duane Shaffner, president ; Tom Platt; Dave Thouin. PHI ETA SIGMA Stephen Adler Eric Aupperle Thomas Bailey Dick Bailin James Barber Maurice Barancik Henry Baulis John Baxter Johnathan Beck James Beissel David Benner Robert Bennet, Jr. Roger Berg Ronald Boorstein Richard Botth Bruce Boss David Blair Jon Brake Wilbur Brown Joseph Bruckman Thomas Chamberlan Bruce Carpenter Charles Chopp Lawrence Cohen Roger Comstock Miles Cramer Wilson Dalzell Bruce Darnall George Denison Edward Downing Richard Dulude Roger Dunlap John Emanuelson Lewis Engman Spaulding Eberett Patrick Fischer David Fleischer Forest Fowler, Jr. Gilbert Friedman Robert Fuller Hamon Garcia Dwight Galloway Mervyn Gerson Avery Goldman Theodore Goldsmith Donald Gonyou Paul Goodman Bernard Goodman George Grove Francis Guza Richard Hausler Peter Hay Emerson Head John Heidgen Richard Helmer George Hoaglin Alan Holderness Edward Isenberg Gordon Jacobs Thomas Kauper Marvin Katz Gerald Kessler Benjamin Kleinstiver Stephen Kott Andrew Krapohl Robert Kuisel Roy Lave, Jr. Sheldon Levin Jacob Lifsitz Lawrence Lieberman Richard Light James Lutz Lee Marks Nino Masnari Alvin Michaels William Mitchell Jerry Mohrig John Moore Brian Mariarty John Marz Brownson Murray Milton Nathanson Robert Nelson Lee Newman Richard Nonas Harold Nordgren Richard Opal James Orwig Donald Patterson William Peer Harold Platt Herbert Pollock John Powell Olgerts Purans Stuart Rappaport Walter Reister Henry Riemersma Frank Rizzo Waldomar Roeser Keith Ryan Lester Salans Duaine Schafner Charles Sharp David Shlain Norman Shubert Frank Sevcik Jr. Bruce Smith Lee Solomon Victor Spear Robert Stenger Frederic, Stephenson Bruce Stiglitz Burton Stillman Robert Thorne David Thouin loannis Tsilikis Leonard Velick David Ward Howard Weisblat Kenneth Welke Bradford White David Wilkinson Donald Wille Albert Williams Donald Young 302 Front Row: Robert Schoenhals; Merrill Kaufman; Dick DeLong; Cowan Brown; Lewis Burnham; William Weber; James Ford; Richard Jones. Second Row: George Small; Jack Westaway; James Midgley; Victor Long; Raymond Sund; Peter Fuss; Jere Brophy; Carl Peterson; George Hellwarth. Back Row: William Sommers; Robert Luecke; Robert Clark; James DeHann; Don Burch; Albert Fey; Paul Maker; Arturs Kalnins; John Harlan; Charles Stickels. TAU BETA PI Seated at left are Harold M. King, na- tional president of Tau Beta Pi, who met with Lewis Burnham, president of the local chapter; Dr. Harold Osborne, and Professor Axel Marin, faculty advisor. 303 Members of the professional club keep in touch with educators through lecturers and movies, as well as broadening their outlook on physical edu- cation through reading related literature. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Front Row: Joan Kufltoiowioh; Liga Zirnitis; Lee Roose; Mickey M osier; Margaret Smith; Sally Fernamherg; Winifred O ' Shaughnessy; Sharon Chynoweth; Second Row: Marge Wyche; Judy Hofstra; Shirley Lueker; Betty Veres; Diana Cook; Joanne Fehlberg; Patricia McClelland; Betty Lou Wolf; Joan Campbell; Joan Hyman. Third Row: Rita Pieron; Suky Reid; Edythe Nelson; Marge Blake; Kath- leen Rust, president; Robin Piatt; Carolyn Evans; Judy Rood; Joanne Osmond; Jackie Dailey. Fourth Row: Lu Anne Austin; Lyla Leipzig; Marill Bennett; Sue Strahle; Helen Ehrat; Marion Charvat; Jean Harmon; Virginia Mullins; Kathryn Mooney; Harriett Conn; Janet Strutz; Patty Hallett; Sharlene Stewart. Back Row: Eleanor Perry; Marjorie Diamond; Ellen Litus; Helen Staebler; Wilma Larmee; Patty Perigo; Dorothy Allaben; Mary Reshetar; Alice Madsen; Betty Rider; Margaret Warren; Maureen Lair; Janet Mabarak. ; F _ x The referee ' s signal indicates it is kick-off time for another big year of athletics at Michigan. As in the past, her mighty traditions continued to imbue her sportsmen with spirit, her students with loyalty, her alumni with pride. ATHLETICS Made for the Men of the Maize and Blue 305 SSSSE -. k Top: The Michigan bench looks hopeful, awaiting the con- version after the tying touchdown against Iowa. Middle: Ron Kramer, recipient of the Morton Meyer trophy for the most improved player in spring practice. Bottom: Art Walker, whose stubborn defensive work and outstanding offensive play made him a unanimous choice for All-Ameri- can honors. " A Dark Horse. " These three words sum up the sportswriters ' evaluation of the Michigan Wolverines in early September. Eight games later Michigan was in Columbus, Ohio, to meet Ohio State in a contest to determine the Big Ten Title and the recipient of the Rose Bowl bid. From this final game Ohio State emerged the Western Conference Champion, but Michigan had lost no laurels. The 1954 Wolverines will be long remembered as the surprise of the confer- ence. Under the shadows of Mount Rainier, Michigan opened its season against the Washington Huskies. The Wolverines blanked Washington 14-0 in a game that indicated that nothing great was to be expected of the " M " eleven. Michigan played host to Army, in the home opener, and with little trouble they rolled over the Wolverines 2( -7. Even the most loyal Michigan rooters figured a mediocre season for 1954. 5 1 1 ;; r 1 306 , Ranked as the nation ' s number four team, the powerful Ha vkeyes of Iowa invaded Ann Arbor the following week. Eight minutes after the opening whistle Iowa led 13 - 0. Many feared that perhaps this game would prove to be the worst home rout in Michigan ' s history. At this point the Wolverines jumped to their feet and made a tremendous bid for the Big Ten Crown. For the second year in a row Iowa bowed to Michigan 14 - 13. Under dark, damp, and dreary skies in Evans- ton, Illinois, Michigan eeked its second straight con- ference win by handing Northwestern a 7 - defeat. Homecoming brought the powerful and previously unbeaten Gophers of Minnesota to their crucial test. Dominating the game from the opening kick-off to the final whistle, Michigan dumped one of the nation ' s top teams 34 - 0. With victory came the return of the Little Brown Jug. Gloom fell on Wolverine stands the following Saturday afternoon as four-times de- feated Indiana upset Michigan 13 - 9. Michigan had upset Iowa and Minnesota but the tables turned. Illinois, the Big Ten team which was to lose all six Western Conference games, was the next to invade Ann Arbor. Since 1949, Michigan had been unable to conquer the Illini, but the jinx was broken as the Wol- verines triumphed 14-- 7. Before a capacity crowd of 97,239 football fans in Michigan Stadium the Wolver- ines thoroughly routed the Spartans of Michigan State 33-7. The four year reign of the men from East Lansing was broken and the University of Michigan returned to state supremacy. The stage was set for the traditional final game of the season. Would Ohio State University or the Univer- sity of Michigan reign as Big Ten Champion? Who would be the Champions of the West? The Big Ten game of the year is now history. By the score-board Ohio State won 20 - 7. Michigan was fine on November 21, 1954 Ohio State just a little finer! Michigan fans may well be in complete agreement with the Chicago Daily News prediction that the Wolver- ines will be the nation ' s top team in 1955 . Front Row: Duncan McDonald; Fred Baer; Fritz Crisler; Ted Cachey; Bennie Oosterbaan; Edgar Meads; Arthur Walker. Second Row: Daniel Cline; Dave Hill; Charles Ritter; Ronald Geyer; John Veselenak; Donald Drake; Stanley Knickerbocker; Edward Hickey. Third Row: Thomas Hendricks; James Bates; John Peckham; William Kolesar; John Morrow; James Fox; George Corey; Robert Marion; Tony Branoff. Fourth row: Richard Hill; Louis Baldacci; Michael Rotunno; Jerry Goebel; Gene Snyder; Ron Kramer; Charles Brooks; Thomas Maentz. Back Row: Jim Hunt; Gerry Williams; James Maddock; Terry Barr; Edward Shannon; Glen Bearss. 307 I Top Row: Fred Baer; Jim Bowman; Dan Cline. Second Row: Donald Drake; Ted Cachey; Peri Gagalis. Third Row: Ronald Geyer; Edward Hickey; Ray Kenaga. Fourth Row: Stanley Knickerbocker; Duncan McDonald; Charles Ritter. Bottom Row: Joseph Shomsky; John Veselenak; Arthur Walker. 308 Head Coach Bennie Oosterbaan and Line Coach Jack Blott: Fine Michigan coaches who turned a dark-horse into a national powerhouse. Coaches and Captains Captain Ted Cachey: Big, little man of the Michi- gan line, led the 1954 Wolverines to the virtual Big Ten title. Front Row: Bob Hollway; Pete Kinyon; Don Uufek. Back Row: Wally Weber; Matt Patanelli; Ben- nie Oosterbaan; Jack Blott; Don Robinson; Cliff Keen. 309 V ' ; George Corey stops a Husky halfback as Michigan ' s defense continually halted Washington in the season opener. Washington 14-0 Michigan played from a T-formation in a run- ning-passing game that gave the Wolverines a 14-0 decision over the victory hungry Husk- ies. Baldacci opened the scoring by slicing over right tackle and dashing 21 yards for a touchdown after Art Walker recovered a Wash- ington fumble. Although the Huskies played an effective game with Lederman hurling passes behind fine line work, Baldacci again bulled his way to the one yard line after taking a pass on the ten. A one yard plunge from a single-wing put the Wolverines on pay dirt and McDonald converted for the 14-0 margin. In the end zone, Ron Kramer misses a fourth down pass from Duncan McDonald as Wash- ington stops a Michigan drive on the four. Army ' s fullback, Tommy Bell, a thorn in the side of Michigan ' s defense, catches a pass as McDonald moves to stop him. Army 7 - 26 The Black Knights of the Hudson bounced back hard from their opening season loss to South Carolina to trounce Michigan 26-7. An inexperienced West Point forward wall did a brilliant job of opening big holes in the Mich- igan line for its hard running fleet of backs who were able to cover 263 yards on the ground. At the same time Army was able to limit Michigan ' s ground attack to a mere 71 yards. Michigan ' s lone marker came in the first period when Ron Kramer, who starred both offensively and defensive- ly all day, took a short pass from quarterback Duncan McDonald. After side-stepping one Army would-be tackier and dragging another Army man five yards, Kramer lateraled to Ed Hickey, who ran unmolested do vn the sidelines to hit pay dirt. McDonald added the conversion to make the score 13-7. At this point, Michigan ceased to be in the contest. Army rolled on to win as they had in their previous four meetings with the Wol- verines. Thus Army retains its claim to having never been beaten on the gridiron by a Michigan eleven. Michigan ' s pass defense proves effective as it stops an Army drive deep in Blue territory. - ' V.- : ' : Ash sr I JB3 Iowa 14 - 13 Seconds before the first period ends, Michigan starts its roaring comeback as Jim Maddock throws a final block, enabling Dave Hill to smash into pay dirt for Michigan ' s initial touchdown. Midway in the second period, end Ron Kramer kicks the winning point to provide Michigan with a one point margin. f . .-- " I - ) - Fumbling twice, underdog Michigan spotted Iowa a 13 point lead early in the game. They fought back magnificently to score seconds before the end of the first period and again midway in the second in one of the most brilliant upsets of Michigan gridiron history. The first tally, set up by Ed Hickey ' s two consecutive eleven yard gains, cli- maxed a superbly directed drive by quarterback Jim Maddock. To highlight the game, Maddock completed a 29-yard pass to Ron Kramer for the final TD. Kramer then converted for the second time to provide the margin of victory. The second half was all Michigan as Iowa never advanced past the Wolverine ' s 42-yard line. The Wolverines drove deep into enemy territory in two sustained drives of 71 and 51 yards only to lose the ball each time within sight of the Iowa goal. Jim Maddock throws Iowa ' s fleet halfback, Earl Smith, for a substantial loss, a common occurrance in the second half of the game. Iowa quarterback aims downfield as Ron Kramer closes in. Michigan ' s Tom Maentz intercepted the pass on the 11 to stop a late Iowa drive in the second half. Ww 313 Northwestern 7 - Left: Baldacci and Fox are right on the spot as Northwestern completes one of its few passes. Right: A host of wildcat tacklers await Dan Cline as he skirts right end in the opening minutes of the game. Statistically, Northwestern had thoroughly over- powered the Wolverines, but when it was all over,the Dyche Stadium Scoreboard read Michigan 7, North- western 0. Piling up over three times Michigan ' s total yardage, the Wildcats succeeded offensively in doing everything but score. The Michigan eleven played heads-up football defensively as they recovered four Northwestern fumbles, twice climaxing long Wildcat drives within sight of the Wolverine goal. Michigan ' s air defense was especially effective as they blocked all but six of the opposition ' s 22 at- tempted passes. Michigan ' s sole touchdown came in the second quarter after guard Ed Meads recovered 314 a Northwestern bobble and eight plays later halfback Dan Cline scored. Kramer then converted for the extra point, ending the scoring for the afternoon. Northwestern completely dominated play in the second half. Wildcat runners repeatedly drove deep into Michigan territory only to be thwarted time and again by the tough Maize and Blue defense. Coach Bennie Oosterbaan turned in a masterful job of juggling his lineup as he skillfully alternated the right half, guard, and quarterback positions. In the second period after linebacker Jim Bates was knocked out, Lou Baldacci, directing Michigan ' s touchdown from the quarterback spot, proved invaluable in his familiar linebacker post. Gerry Williams gains ten yards for Michigan early in the game on one of the three completed Wolverine passes. Michigan fullback Fred Baer starts the scor- ing early in the game for the reclamation of of the Little Brown Jug. Homecomimg For housing groups, Homecoming eve is punctuated with amplifier blarings, frantic hammerings, and paper napkin spraying to com- plete displays, fantastic and amusing; for the young sons of Michi- gan the circus of festivities is expressed in the classic pennant of maize and blue; but for undergraduates, homecoming is where the keg is going when football Saturday arrives. 316 Minnesota 34 - Left: Baer slips through left tackle for another long gain. It was this same play with which he scored his second touchdown from the 23-yard line early in the second half. Baer led the ground attack for the afternoon with 94 yards. Right: Minnesota ' s quarterback, Swanson, is caught by a Michigan lineman behind the line of scrimmage. The Michigan line roamed the Gopher backfield at will throughout the afternoon. Several long Wolverine passes contributed to the touchdown drives. The play of the afternoon was a 50-yard runback of an intercepted pass by Mike Rotunno in the closing minutes of the game. Left: Milt Campbell goets through the Michigan line picking up blockers for another Indiana gain in the drive for the first Hoosier touchdown. Right: Besieged by tacklers, Lou Baldacci fights for the last few feet at the line of scrimmage. Ron Kramer goes to the three after catch- ing his third straight pass on a first quar- ter 66 yard drive to set up the only Wol- verine touchdown. 318 Indiana 9-13 The Indiana game looked like one of the softest touches on the Maize and Blue schedule at the beginning of the sea- son, but it proved to be Michigan ' s hardest game of the year. Decidedly the underdog, the Indiana eleven were determined and stubborn as they upset the Michigan Rose Bowl aspirations 13-9 in a tough, hard fought game. Covering 66 yards, the Wolverines scored as soon as they got possession of the ball in the opening period. Three completed passes to Kramer highlighted this sus- tained drive. This early success made it look like the Wolverines were going to win hands down, but Indiana was yet to be heard from. Indiana recovered a fumble on the Michigan 27, and the Hoosier quarterback, Florian Helinski, was given his first opportunity to shine. Fol- lowing two running plays, Helinski passed for a first down down to the Wolverines 4-yard line. Four plays later he was over the stripe. Michigan took up the fight again and succeeded in moving as deep in the Indiana 20. Here Helinski climaxed a pass-studded 67-yard drive by throw- ing a 20-yard touchdown pass to halfback Milt Campbell. Helinski then ended the Indiana scoring for the day by kicking the extra point. Indiana gains 20 yards on one of Helinski ' s frequent passes. The Hoosiers were able to get behind the secondary several times during the afternoon and gain substantial yardage via the air route. Top: With 40 seconds remaining in the first half, miracle-man Ron Kramer pulls in a pass on the Illini 21 to set up a score. Bottom: Hard-running Dan Cline picks up valuable yardage as he scoots around Illinois ' s Harry Jefferson. 320 ILLINOIS 14-7 Once more on the victory march, Michigan defeated Illinois 14-7 for a Big Ten 4-1 record. The win was the first the Maize and Blue had been able to gain from Illinois since 1949. The Illini got off to an early lead with a series of long gains scoring after a sustained 72-yard drive. The Wolverines initial touchdown came on the first play of the second quarter as Lou Baldacci picked up the final yardage. The 69- yard drive, completed in nine plays, was beauti- fully directed by quarterback Jim Maddock with Lou Baldacci doing most of the work from the fullback spot. With less than two minutes remaining in the first half, Michigan took over possession of the ball after an Illinois punt rolled dead on the 11. In just six plays, sparked by the running and passing of Dan Cline, the Michigan eleven had scored. On a brilliantly executed transconti- nental play Cline received the pitch-out, sped to the left behind a mass of blockers, looked straight down-field where the Michigan ends had drawn pass defenders, and then threw a long pass to Maddock who stood all alone along the right sideline. Maddock scampered over for the score just twenty seconds before the end of the half. Illinois moved within striking distance three times in the last half but their backs proved in- effective within the Michigan 20. .. . Michigan ' s line again proves its superiority as it opens a huge hole in the Illini forward wall to provide the oppor- tunity for Baldacci to tie the score. This type of team work provided the winning margin and enabled Michigan to beat Illinois for the first time in five years. 321 Baldacci runs 46 yards, after gathering in a pass from Danny Cline on a 63-yard pass play, to score the third touch- down of the day. This was the play that broke the backs of the Spartans as the Wolverines romped triumphantly over MSC. MICHIGAN STATE 33 - 7 Playing before a capacity crowd, Michigan routed the Michigan State Spartans in the seas- on ' s final home game. After losing four previous encounters with Michigan State College, the Wolverines finally found themselves in possession of the famed Paul Bunyan trophy. The Maize and Blue took a two-touchdown lead after defensive play was combined with the offensive punch as needed. The first rally came late in the second quarter following an inter- ception of a Spartan pass by center Gene Snider. After eight plays and 64 yards later, Baldacci plowed over for the first f his two touch- downs. The key play of this drive was a fourth down Maddock-to-Maentz pass, good for the first down. The clincher came when Cline fired a touch- 322 down pass to Baldacci who grabbed the ball on the State 46-yard line and galloped the rest of the way for the score. Proceeding this, the Spar- tans scored their lone touchdown of the game after intercepting a Michigan pass. Throughout the game, the outstanding per- formance of end Ron Kramer sparked Michigan ' s offense and defense. A few plays after his open- ing kickoff of the second half, Kramer broke through the Spartan line and blocked a punt. Snatching the ball out of the air, he lumbered into the end zone for the score. Michigan scored again on Ed Shannon ' s plunge, after Baldacci had picked up a punt that was partially blocked by Kramer. Michigan ' s final score came after a superb 68-yard punt was returned by Tom Hendricks. Jerry Goebel stops a MSC halfback who has attempted an end run. Later, Kramer aids the same Spartan who has been winded by a Michigan tackier. A few plays after the opening kickoff of the second half, Ron Kramer breaks through the MSC line and blocks a punt. He times the bounces just right, gathers the ball in on the six yard line, and covers the remain- ing distance to the goal line to score the sec- ond Wolverine touchdown. 323 OHIO STATE 7 - 20 In the final and most important game of what turned out to be a highly successful ' 54 football season, the Michigan Wolverines bowed to the dauntless and unbeatable Ohio Buckeyes, 20-7, at Columbus. Consequently, Michigan finished in a tie for second place in the Western Conference. The Wolverines, who outplayed Ohio State for three frustrating quarters, marched 68 yards after the opening kickoff to score before the Buckeyes had their hands on the ball. Dan Cline swept left end, ran seven yards for the touchdown, which terminated the initial drive. From then on Michigan had plenty of scoring opportunities, but none of them materialized. OSU ' S defense proved tough to crack as they stopped Michigan drives on three interceptions and two fumbles. After Michigan had failed to score on a fourth and one foot situation, Ohio State took over the ball and proceeded to march 99 2 3 yards for the score which ultimately sent them to the Xew Year ' s Day classic in Pasadena. Though caught in mid-air, Kramer catches a pass in the right flat for a short gain early in the second quarter. Instead of giving the ball off to Kramer on an end around, Baldacci lateraled to Cline, ten yards to his rear, and the latter ran around the open end for the only Wolverine score. This was the surprise play of Benny ' s that caught the Buckeye ' s defense way off guard. In the heart breaking play of the season, Hill tried three times to score what might have been the winning touch- down, but the official ruling was that he failed in the attempt. Here he makes the third attempt at the goal line. THE CROWD A football Saturday is the sum of all its parts. As the great crowd gravitates to the bowl, traffic halts and cars creep bumper to bumper until an emphatic voice and beckoning hand convinces drivers they can proceed no further. Even if some economical soul has preserved a tattered sunshade from the previous fray or has just consumed a box lunch in the parking lot, enthusiastic visor vendors and peanut peddlers are sud- denly endowed with great powers of persuasion and the most parsimonious will participate in the pervading joie de buy. Inside the bowl the crowd is still more unified as cheerleaders draw fans into the fever that unites the color and variety of Michi- gan ' s mosaic. S ' ? - $ ' r? " V A J v4 STATISTICS WASHINGTON M O First downs 16 12 Rushing yardage 117 68 Passing yardage 120 178 Passes attempted 17 37 Passes completed 9 15 Passes intercepted by 1 2 Punts 6 7 Punting average 32.9 28.6 Fumbles lost Yards penalized 30 75 ARMY M O First downs 13 15 Rushing yardage 71 263 Passing yardage 180 81 Passes attempted 19 Passes completed 8 5 Passes intercepted by 3 Punts 5 Punting average 37 28 Fumbles lost 4 Yards penalized 55 72 IOWA M O First downs 15 Rushing yardage 179 148 Passing yardage 29 48 Passes attempted 8 12 Passes completed 1 4 Passes intercepted by 2 Punts 5 Punting average 36 36 Fumbles lost Yards penalized 20 10 NORTHWESTERN M O First downs 6 15 Rushing yardage 63 229 Passing yardage 26 45 Passes attempted 5 2 2 Passes completed 1 4 Passes intercepted by 1 Punts 10 2 Punting average 40 . 9 44 . 5 Fumbles lost 2 4 Yards penalized 38 20 MINNESOTA M O First downs 17 5 Rushing yardage 261 43 Passing yardage 182 95 Passes attempted 18 Passes completed 6 Passes intercepted by 2 1 Punts 5 10 Punting average 27 38 Fumbles lost 1 Yards penalized 20 25 INDIANA M O First downs 18 11 Rushing yardage 236 Passing yardage 52 103 Passes attempted 23 Passes completed 10 Passes intercepted by 4 Punts Punting average 38 Fumbles lost 1 Yards penalized 10 55 ILLINOIS M O First downs 15 17 Rushing yardage 173 190 Passing yardage 112 85 Passes attempted 15 Passes completed 6 10 Passes intercepted by 2 Punts 4 4 Punting average 38 27 Fumbles lost 1 2 Yards penalized 30 10 MICHIGAN STATE M O First downs 8 12 Rushing yardage 86 141 Passing yardage 114 50 Passes attempted 17 19 Passes completed 5 6 Passes intercepted by 1 2 Punts 5 7 Punting average 39 26 Fumbles lost 1 Yards penalized 40 35 OHIO STATE M O First downs 15 13 Rushing yardage 229 196 Passing yardage 74 58 Passes attempted 14 Passes completed 6 Passes intercepted by 3 1 Punts 5 Punting average 42 24 Fumbles lost Yards penalized 86 35 327 HOCKEY Top: Michigan defenseman Bernie Hanna sweeps in to deflect a shot on Lornie Howes against Montreal. Bottom: Bill McFar- land and Jerry Karpinka ride in right on top of the goal as McFar- land completes a hat trick. 328 ' Yves Herbert outraces the Spartan defense as he receives a pass from the corner, but MSC goalie Ed Schiller fails in his scoring attempt. Left: Michigan ' s Jerry Karpinka carries the play right into the crease but it ' s no score this time. Right: Dick Dunnigan backhands one into the MSC nets as the Wolverines start their eight game winning streak on home ice. Shocking the collegiate hockey crowd, Vic Hey- liger ' s icers took their fifth NCAA crown in the tournament ' s eight years of existence. The Wolverines started the season with four non- league game wins, looking like potential champ- ions. But on a Western jaunt over Christmas vacation, the short-handed team lost three out of four to Denver and Colorado and seemed about to relinquish the title of " the New York Yankees of college hockey. " But suddenly with a double victory over MSC and splits with Minnesota and Michigan Tech, dreams of the Broadmoor began anew. With a conference record of 5-5, practi- cally the only way the Wolverines could have done it was to win their last eight games. And they proceeded to do just exactly that, placing second in the WIHL standings. For the third straight year, Michigan was able to make a late season comeback and to win a berth in the NCAA playoffs. This time the Maize and Blue were out to bring that trophy home to its proper nesting place with Captain Bill McFarland to lead the way. Harvard and Colorado fell before such determination and the weekend was Michigan ' s. In these last two games, much credit must be given to Wolverine goalie Lome Howes who stopped a grand total of 89 goal attempts, help- ing our pucksters claim a successful season. Losing one senior, Bill Lucier, and gaining eight freshmen, Michigan will be even better next year. Montreal goalie, Cy Guevremont, deflects Dick Dunnigan ' s shot at point blank range, but Michigan ' s power was combined to take the season ' s opener 3-2. 330 All alone, Yves Herbert moves in to beat the MSC goalie in the opener of the four-game series with Michigan State. Goalie Lome Howes duels Spartan Jim Ward for the possession of the puck in Michigan ' s 3-1 triumph over State. 33 Top: In a tense battle with MSC, Harvey Wil- liams anxiously awaits the result of Kramer ' s tip in the closing minutes of the game. It was good, but to no avail; the Wolverines lost 84-82. Bottom: Coach Bill Perigo and his assistant, Mat Patanelli, did a remarkable job of guiding this year ' s basketball team to a sixth place berth in the Western Conference. 332 Ron Kramer, leading scorer for the Wolverines, lays in another two points as Michigan loses a close one to MSC. BASKETBALL Front to Back: Jim Shearon; Don Eaddy; Tom Jorgenson; Tom Raisor; Bob Sharland; Milt Lingle; Jim Barron; Ron Kramer; Paul Groffsky; Tom Fegan; Jim Beissel. 333 . Don Eaddy receives the rebound while several Spartans watch him. Tom Jorgenson breaks a tie to put Michigan in the lead early in the Wisconsin game 334 Harvey Williams tries one from the pivot while Paul Groffsky scores on a fast breaking lay-up as Michigan routs Wisconsin 90-63. Once again, the Wolverine cagers under Bill Perigo started the season like a house afire, win- ning five of their first seven games. Everyone be- gan hoping for a Big Ten darkhorse in the Wolver- ine team. But after opening their season with these non-conference wins, the Maize and Blue proceeded to lose to Indiana; however, they recovered to win the next two, before losing a close one to MSC and another to Northwestern. A non-conference game with Los Angeles State was a rout which Michigan took easily. The Wolverines next lost to Illinois, but defeated Purdue. Later, a last-second basket by Kramer gave the " Ole Blue " the edge over Northwestern and put Michigan in a tie for fourth place in Big Ten competition. The Maize and Blue entered a five-game losing streak before gaining a final win over Iowa, the conference champion. The Wolverines ended their season in a three-way tie for sixth place and a record of 11-11. A big surprise to Michigan fans was the outstanding performance of Ron Kramer who had gotten off to a slow start, but who ended averaging 16 points per game. Tom Jorgenson and Don Eaddy played exceedingly well through- out the season, averaging about 14.5 points per game. Despite the loss of Seniors Don Eaddy and Captain Paul Groffsky, prospects for next year with Jorgenson as captain appear prom- ising. 335 Diver Jim Walters displays the form that helped him win the Big Ten low board championship the second time, since 1936, that Michigan was able to wrest the title from OSU. SWIMMING 336 I L-: 1 The s vmming team traveled to sunny Florida for practice during Christmas vacation. Posed beneath the palms are: Front Row: John Hubley; Jim Thurlow; Bunvell Jones; Glenn Miller; Tom O ' Keiffe. Second Row: Gus Stager, coach; Ron Pudduck; Tom Prunk; Mike Delaney; Pete Dow; Don Potter; Joe Haselby; Al Hangelman. Back Row: LeeGunn; Fritz Meyers; Ted Reissing; Harrison Wehner; Wally Goldsmith; Buz Gutowski; Burt Wardrop; Jack Wardrop. Left: Jones and Gora, both rather happy after the first dual meet of the season with Iowa State College. This was the beginning of a promising year as they both set new pool records and Jones broke a XCAA dual meet record. Right: Bruce Harlan had a fine crew of divers to work with in his first year as the diving coach. Front Row: Charles Bates; Jim Walters; John Narcy. Back Row: Bruce Harlan; Edward Cole; John Murphy; David Markstone; Andrew White. 237 J Jack Wardrop, being congratulated after setting a new world ' s record in the 220 free- style. He broke the old record by nearly a full second surpassing Ford Konno (the old record holder) by a full nine feet. Michigan ' s new swimming coach, Gus Stager, undefeated in dual meet competition as a coach, took over the Wolverine squad this year and in turn won all the dual meets. A strong win over Iowa State before a four meet tour in the East between semesters, started the season with a bang. Then the Michigan swimmers downed MSC, Northwestern, and Iowa in preparation for the big one with OSU. The Wolverines were able to defeat the Buckeyes in a close one for the first time since 1950. Top: Freestylers JackO ' Reilly and Harrison Wehner tread water while listening to instructions from Coach Stager. Both of them have been instrumental in gaining the depth needed in meets. Bottom : Backstrokers Jim Kruthers and Fritz Meyers about to make a turn in a race during a prac- tice session. These two have taken many honors contrib- uting to Wolverine victories. 338 Seniors Glenn Miller, Pete Dow, Don Potter, Ron Gora, and Bumpy Jones poised and ready for a practice race. Then at the Big Ten Meet in Columbus, the Buckeyes won the title by a close margain to retain their championship. This was one of the best seasons that Michigan has had in several years, and coaches Gus Stager and Bruce Harlan de- serve much credit for their outstanding work. Bert Wardrop starts the last leg of the crucial freestyle relay in the OSU dual meet. He turned in a surprising 51.3 time to overtake and beat the OSU anchor man. He had just recuperated from three days in the hospital and posed a big question mark for those concerned with the meet. It was this turning point that enabled the Wolverines to win the the meet 47-46. 339 WRESTLING An underrated Wolverine wrestling squad returned from Minneapolis with the Western Conference wrestling crown, and the championship commemorated Coach Cliff Keen ' s thirtieth year as coach of Michigan ' s wrestling teams. Earlier in the year the Michigan grapplers were victorious over strong eastern competition in the Wilkes College Invitational, but the team did not reach its pre-season peak, losing to Illinois and Iowa, until the climactic Western Conference Meet. In this, Michi- gan amassed fifty points to triumph over the second place, pre-meet favorite Iowa, by four points. Led by Captain Andy Kaul, who won the 137-pound title, the Michigan grapplers captured the most individual titles, as Max Pearson, unbeaten Don Haney, and Mike Rodriguez, won the 130-pound, 147-pound, and 157- pound honors respectively. In consolation matches, Michigan ' s Don Deppe, Tom Kruse, and John McMahon took fourth places to round out one of Cliff Keen ' s finest all-time wrestling squads. Don Haney grabs the leg of his OSU opponent in an effort to gain a takedown. Struggling, he went off the mat and fell to the floor hitting his head. He recovered from the blow after several minutes and went on to win, keeping his record clean of blemishing defeats. Max Pearson, the 13C-pound Big Ten Champion, gains two points, defeating his Indiana man and starting the rout over the Hoosiers. Mike Rodriguez, the 157-pound Big Ten Champion, shows his unusual technique, pinning his man in a quick three minutes and fifteen secon ds. Captain Andy Kaul is awarded a one point predicament attempting to pin his Indiana opponent. Andy later became the Big Ten Champion for his second straight year. 341 GYMNASTICS In a year of rebuilding, Coach Newt Loken ' s 1955 Michigan Gymnastics team compiled an admirable 5-3 dual meet record. The Wolverines climaxed the season by finishing a solid fifth in the Western Conference Championships, which brought together the nation ' s finest gymnastic stars. Coach Loken and five members of the team also attended the Fourth Annual National Gymnastic Clinic, held during the Christmas holidays at Sarasota, Florida. Michigan opened its dual meet season by over- powering Notre Dame, 70-26. After losing to Michigan State, 59-37, the Michigan team downed Wisconsin and lost to Minnesota by identical scores of 58-38, in a triangular meet. Although Illinois ' Big Ten gymnastic championship team handed Michigan a 61 -34 1 loss, the Wolver- ines rebounded to close the season by trouncing Indiana 71-22, and stopping Ohio State, 51-45. With six returning lettermen, headed by Cap- tain-elect Tony San Antonio, the 1956 team should provide Newt Locken with a potential Western Conference power. Top scorer for this year ' s team was Frank Adams, who was voted the most valuable team member. Frank, as well as specializing in tumbling, cop- ped fifth place in the trampoline and sixth place in the high bar at the Big Ten meet. Captain Bill Winkler, trampoline star of the 1955 Wolver- ines, placed first in many dual meets during his three year varsity career, and finished fourth in his specialty at the Western Conference Gymnastics Meet. Left: Xick Wiese, sensational sophomore flying rings star was also a consistent scorer in the high bar and tumbling events, earning the distinction of being second highest scorer for the Gymnastics team. He placed fifth in the flying rings and eighth in the All-Around competition at the Conference Championships. Right: Norm Xiedermeier and Tony San Antonio, Michigan ' s star parallel bar performers, give a demonstration of their skill. The parallel bar trio of Wayne Warren, Xiedermeier and San Antonio contributed greatly to a successful rebuilding season. Xorm Xiedermeier, X ' ick Wiese, Frank Adams, and Captain Bill Winkler discuss strategy with Coach Xewt Loken, right. if I Top: That approaching streak will soon be recorded by the official camera and stopwatch as it breaks through the tape at the finish line of the NCAA Meet. Bottom: Captain John Moule confers with Coach Don Canham during one of the winter dual meets. John had the winter ' s best mile, with a time of 4:09.9; Canham says that he can do it in 4:06.0 if pressed. TRACK This winter the Michigan track team won the Big Ten Indoor championship by taking six first places and tying for a seventh. This ended the four year supremacy of Illinois in the Western Conference. The indoor season was completed without a dual meet defeat and extended the Wolverines winning streak. There were many individual standouts during the season and the prospects for a bright spring were very good. 344 X Right: Grant Scruggs crosses the finish line as the half-mile relay team, composed of John Vallortigora, Dave Hessler, Bob Brown, and Scruggs, set a new varsity record with a time of 1 :26.6 beating the old 1931 time by four-tenths of a second. Left: George Lynch wins the mile run with a time of 4:21.1 during a dual meet with MSC. Left: In the discus throw, Roy Pella won firsts in both the Drake Relays and the Big Ten meet. His best distance of the year was 171 ' 6 " . Middle : Senior Roger Maugh was the mainstay in the pole vault, conquering 13 feet several times last spring. Right: Junior Stielstra, who jumps consistently around 23 feet, is a constant point-getter in both the broad jump and low hurdles. Left: Ron Wallingford, who has run the two mile in 9:24.5 for the best time in the Big Ten this winter, and Geoffrey Dooley, who has vastly improved since last year, will help Michigan ' s team this year in distance running. Right: At top, Bob Appleman vaults 13 ' 6 " against Notre Dame, bettering his old record by six inches. Tom Skimming, bottom, who also has vaulted 13 r 6 " , participated in the British Empire Games in Vancouver last summer. Michigan ' s two mile relay team, Roy Christiansen, John Moule, John Ross, and Peter Gray, pose with Don Canham and the trophy they captured in the Invitational Chica- go Relays. Their indoor time was 7:35.0. Last May, they placed fifth in the Los Angeles Relays with a time of 7:32.0, the race in which all times recorded in the first three places broke the world ' s record. ll ' Mark Booth, who only measures b f " , himself, cleared 6 ' 6% " in a dual meet with MSC last spring. He later tied for second place in the NCAA meet in June. Tom Hendricks, left, tied the field house record with a :07.4 time in the 65-yard low hurdles, beating Jim Love, right, by a step in a dual meet with Notre Dame in February. Fritz Nilsson took fourth in the shot put and fifth in the discus last year in the NCAA meet. This senior from Sweden has taken numerous double honors during the last three years in these two events. Last spring, Michigan ' s track strength was evi- dent in every meet in which they participated. On a western tour during spring vacation, the Maize and Blue were undefeated. Many indi- vidual honors were gained later in the season at the Penn Relays, Drake Relays, Big Ten Re- lays, and several others. Although the Wolver- ines were nosed out of the Big Ten Champion- ship by Illinois, the rest of the season was highly successful. Climaxing the season by playing host to the NCAA Championships at Ferry Field in June, Michigan garnered its fair share of medals. - JM Expressions are varied on the faces of the reserve players sitting in the dugout as they intently watch the play on field. From left to right are: Levy, Pavichevich, Tadian, Kuchka, Ferrelli, Woschitz, Bellows, Raleigh, Peterjohn, Finch, Leach. Fagge, and assistant coach Patinelli. BASEBALL Coach Ray Fisher and Captain Jack Corbett discuss the coming game as they keep a careful eye on the workout session. 348 Top: On a close play at first, Howie Tommelein is safe on first and becomes a Michigan scoring threat. Middle: Moby Benedict sids a hit which brings a run in. Bottom: Benedict throws to first, completing a double play and putting the Wolverines at bat. This year ' s captain, Dan Ciine, starts a walk to first base. He is expected to be one of the main- stays of the team this spring, being tops for Michi- gan in Western Conference batting last year. 349 Dick Peterjohn fields a bunt during the last game with Indiana; Eddy runs back to third base to cover as the batter starts running toward first base. Michigan won their last two games of the season, both of which were with Indiana. The camera was faster than either the ball or the player in this case. Don Eddy ' s out-stretched hands caught the ball and tagged the Michigan State player even before he had started his slide into third base, during one of the exciting MSC encounters. 350 Left: Dick Leach comes up to bat in the Indiana game, welcoming Howie Tommelein to home plate for another Michigan run. Right: Another Michigan player is safe at home in the Indiana game. The final score was 6-3 in favor of the Wolverines. Michigan ' s ' 53 conference winning baseball team started their pre-season Southern tour by winning eight out of ten games. Coach Ray Fisher ' s athletes continued to pile up wins until they were on the top of the conference with five wins and only one loss by May first. Then Michigan State edged to the top and remained there to win the title. As the season drew to a close, Michigan faced a three-game series with State, who has a one game lead; Michigan won one and State took the other two. This put three teams ahead of Michigan in Big Ten standings, but title hopes weren ' t yet extinguished. If the Wolverines could win their last three games and if State and Wisconsin would each lose one of their final games, the title would once again go to the U. of M. The Wolverines finished in a tie for third with Ohio State. Jack Corbitt did a fine job of pitching for Michigan, winning all of the seven games that he pitched. He also placed third in batting for Michigan with a .321. Tony Branoff had the top average for the Wolverines with .333, and Don Eaddy was second with .322. Dan Cline was fourth with a .301 batting average for the year. The prospects for the 1955 season appeared to be better since the squad had lost only a few lettermen after last year ' s graduation. 351 ' Peter Paulus, a senior who has proved a consistent winner, is de- pended heavily upon in both singles and doubles matches. TENNIS The 1954 tennis team was: Front Row: Al Mann, captain; Ron Morgan; Bob Mitchell; Bob Moore; and Back Row: Bill Murphy, coach; Bob Nederlander; Bob Paley, Peter Paulus; Bob Sassome. 352 Coach Bill Murphy ' s 1954 netmen sported a fine season record. In dual meet competition Michigan turned in eleven victories against only three setbacks. Except for a split with Michigan State, the Michigan team bowed to no Big Ten squad. The Big Ten Championships at Champaign saw MSC edge out a fine Michigan contingent for the title by half a point. Al Mann and Bob Xederlander teamed up to win the second- Seniors Bob ' Paley and Bob Xederlander demonstrated their fine form during a win- ter double practice. slotted doubles championship. Bob Mitchell, playing in number five position, reached the finals. In number one position, Al Mann climbed to the quarter-finals before being eliminated by runner-up Conrad Woods of Illinois. With five returning lettermen, Captain Bob Nederlander, Al Mann, Peter Paulus, Bob Paley, and Bob Mitchell, Michigan should compile a great 1955 dual meet record and be a top conten- der for the Western Conference championship. Hard-hitting Bob Paley shows the excellent serve which helped make him a man to be counted heavily upon in his third year of varsity tennis. Showing great improvement, 1955 Captain Bob Xeder- lander played a steady and scrappy game throughout his third year of college tennis. 353 Kneeling: Boyd Redner; Harold Andrews. Standing: Bert Katzenmeyer, coach; Jack Stumpfig, captain; Charles Blackett; Richard Harrison; Tad Stanford; Robert McMasters. GOLF Dick Harrison, a sophomore letterman, takes time out to practice on the putting green. Bert Katzenmeyer ' s crew had a spotty season last spring. In dual meet competition, they emerged victors six times in their thirteen out- ings. O.S.U., Big Ten champions, and fourth- running Purdue each dropped the Wolverine golfers three times. The bright spots of the 1954 season included wins over Indiana, Illinois, MSC, and Northwestern. Sparking the Michigan golfers, Bob McMasters and Jack Stumpfig con- sistently won many matches last spring. On a cold, dismal day in Minneapolis, the Wol- verine golfers were only able to garner enough points to take ninth place in the conference tournament. Returning lettermen Andy An- drews and Bob McMasters should bolster the chances of the 1955 golf team. Wolverine captain Jack Stumpfig and Coach Bert Katzenmeyer confer on Michigan ' s home links during a practice session. Top: Andy Andrews follows through on a long shot on the home course. Middle: Jack Stumpfig, captain and number one performer, steadies himself before a long putt. Bottom: Constantly playing in the low seventies, Bob McMasters here chips up to the green. Membership in M-Club is limited to those men who have won a coveted major letter. Front row: William Kolesar; GoefTrey Dooley; Stanley Knickerbocker; Tony Branoff; Glenn Miller; Grant Scruggs; Edward Furdak; Robert Nederlander; Robert Paley. Second row: Paul Vawter. Jr.; John Moule; Lawrence Thomas; Bert Wardrop; Donald Potter; John McMahon; James Love; Harold Andrews; Marvin Wisniewski. Third row: Duncan McDonald; Ted Cachey; John O ' Reilly; James Barren; Peter Paulus; Burwell Jones; Milbry Benedict; John Veselenak. Fourth row: George Corey; Charles Blackett; Robert McMasters; Lou Baldacci; Richard Harrison; Thomas Jorgenson; Jerry Goebel; G. Edgar Meads. Fifth row: John Peckham; Richard Balzhiser; Mark Booth; Jack Burchfield; Robert Woschitz; Al Mann; Robert Brown; Fred Baer; Pete Dow. Sixth row: Gene Snider; Jack Wardrop; Robert Kurd; Donald Haney; Daniel Cline; Charlie Anderson; Frank Hirt; James Maddock; Thomas Hendricks; Andy Kaul. Back row: Thomas Benner; Charles Ritter; Jame Kruthers; Charles Bates; Gerry Williams; Edward Shannon; William Winkler; James Bates; Frank Ronan. M-CLUB Prerequisite: The ability to sell a hot dog to a customer who does not want one is a special talent of M-Club men. 356 Front Row: Larry Houck, basketball; T. Hawley Tap- ping, alumni advisor; Albert Katzenmeyer, faculty ad- visor; Dick Petrie, president, football; Glen Bearss, foot- ball; Stuart Hirschman, intramural. Back Row: Gilbert Schaefer, football; George Aster, track; Ivan Bender, wrestling; Merrill Kaufman, baseball; J. B. Davenport, gymnastics; Clark Gibson, hockey; Casper Grothwohl, football; Dave Lundquist, football. MANAGERS The sports managers are the men behind the athletes. Individually, they function as another right hand to a coach by keeping a multitude of small details under con- trol. Being responsible for the equipment of their par- ticular sport, a typical task, for a basketball manager to cite an example, is to check on the whereabouts of those balls. After spending several years in hibernation, the Michigan Undergraduate Athletic Managers ' Council is striving to re-establish itself in its former active position on campus, via a general reorganization. With excellent cooperation from the Michigan Athletic Managers ' Club, a group of past and present varsity managers under the able direction of President Eddie Saier, a com- petent group has made notable progress toward establishing managing as an institution at this university, as it is in other Big Ten schools. With the expansion of athletic facilities, there is need for a larger, more unified organization of managers to better serve the athletic department and to aid its smooth functioning. Members of the Council feel it is quite a rewarding oppor- tunity to participate in this managerial experience. Paddleball offers students a convenient vay to let off excess energy. A point is about to be scored here in this doubles match in the intramural handball tournament. INTRA- MURAL SPORTS Weight lifting provides an opportunity for men to strengthen themselves and gain valuable exercise at the same time. 358 " It makes no difference whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. " The game on the left is a rout, and one on the right is a tight one; but they fight to the end, victors or not. Competition is keen among the teams partici- pating in the Intramural Sports Program. The teams are grouped into leagues: social and professional fraternities, residence halls, independent groups, and faculty. A group may enter a team in any number of sports that are offered during the year. Points are awarded on the basis of participation and placing in the tournaments. The ultimate goal is the champion- ship trophy given each group winner at the year ' s end. Sigma Delta Psi, national honorary fra- ternity, also recognizes individuals who have passed a series of rigid athletic tests. After a long day of brainwork there ' s a lot that is satisfying in some musclework down at the IM Building. The intramural ping pong tournament attracts many who enjoy the skills of this indoor game. Water polo is true sport if one does not mind being stepped on, pushed around, and drowned, that is. 359 Left to right: Prof. Robert H. Sherlock, Prof. Olin W. Blackett, Prof. Gardner Ackley, Dr. Philip M. Northrop, Tony Branoff, H. O. Crisler, Chairman, Miss Norma Bentley, Prof. Marcus L. Plant, Arthur Brandon. John Hib- bard, Dr. Arthur D. Robinson. BOARD IN CONTROL OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS 360 The recently-completed women ' s swimming pool has become the focal point in the Women ' s Athletic Association ' s well-rounded aquatics program, providing opportunities for synchronized swimming, diving, and speed swimming. WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS 361 The House Athletic Managers constitute an important link between the women students and WAA Board. Front Row: Barbara Thorn; DianneYoung; Margaret Stein; Patricia Dow; Sarah Jo Brown; Alison Brewster; Joan Rajczi; Sue Arm- strong. Second Row: Antonia Sacchetti; Carole Shanberg; Joan Randolph; Paula Strong; Robin Piatt; Margaret Smith; Pat Bubel; Darlene Martinson; Edythe Nelson; Mary Clagette. Third Row: Sarah Loveless; Nancy McDonald; Nancy Blumberg; GwynneTinkel- men; Dana Wright; Jacqueline Touscany; Kathryn Leo; Mora English; Sally Blackman; Dina Bredendieck ; Betty Veres. Back Row: Phyllis Criswell; Jean Webster; Louise Fonteine; Ann Roden; Alma Volpe; Elsie Fisher. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOC. Composed of club managers and executive committee, the WAA Board is the governing body of the Association. Front Row: Mary Sullivan; Jean Isaacson; Pat Bubel; Meredith Tiegel; Cynthia Camp; Paula Strong; Roberta Gubbins. Second Row: Jaylee Duke; Robin Piatt; Dorothy Clarkson; Margaret Smith; Margaret Lord, president; Barbara Burstein; Marion Charvat; Gaille Valentine. Back Row: Joan Campbell; Sue Prakken; Pat Gerstner; Mary Hellthaler; Margaret Moreland; Barbara Thorn. 362 Since most all of us have admired the swashbuckling, rapier- wielding heroes of old, it ' s very easy to see why the art of fencing appeals to so many girls The Women ' s Athletic Association offers an ex- tensive athletic program. Organized into twelve clubs for women and five clubs for co-recreational activities, it helps promote sports enthusiasm for both women and men. In addition to solely athletic projects, Lantern Xight, the all-campus women ' s sing, is a famous WAA tradition boast- ing a long and colorful history, while those festive events of alternate years, Spring Weekend and Michigras, are brought to successful realization under the co-sponsorship of the Women ' s Ath- letic Association and the Union. If you have scoffed at the idea of girls attempting to play basketball, look twice at the skill dis- played in maneuvering this jump ball. With a little more practice, these girls at right will be ready to compete in the Bowling Club ' s tournament an excellent opportunity for amiable competition. Mischifish members synchronized swimmers supreme pose by the side of the pool : Hammond; Phyllis Erwin; Martha Sanders; Grace Moore; Flo Eckfeld; Shirley Eckwall; June Hardisty: Audrey Miller ; Susan Arnold : Margaret Lord; Judv McClenahen; Joan McAfee; Joan Pfeiffer; Jane Prindeville; Janice MacVaugh; Phyllis Abbott; Elizabeth Ware; Shirley Abbott Back Row: Ernestine Johnson; Janice Tinkham; Claire Shepard; Linnea Swanson; Susan Scovill; Carol Zimmers. Some co-recreational enthusiasts find modern dance a wonderful medium for self-expression, but others are more magnetically attracted by a racquet and shuttlecock. DIVERSIONS The passing panorama of concerts, theater, celebrities, informal parties, and dances is catalogued religiously in the signout book at women ' s residences. For the coed, each evening is measured from sign-out to sign-in, from the prom- ising expectations for social life and culture to the final moment when it is gone forever, except in the records. m ::i m First presentation of the seventy-sixth annual Choral Union Series was Metropolitan Opera coloratura soprano Roberta Peters, who gra- ciously signed autographs in her dressing room after the concert. Outstanding among the performers presented by the University Musical Society this year was internationally known pianist Walter Gieseking. Critics and music-lovers alike succumbed to the spell of this master technician who has received many awards, including the Legion of Honor. 366 THE MUSIC THAT CAME TO MICHIGAN From any angle, a full house at Hill to hear the Boston Symphony attests to general campus enthusiasm for the classical. But jazz pianist Oscar Peterson as well as the trumpet and antics of Dizzy Gillespie will also fill every seat. It would seem if the style is good, Michigan will wear her hair any length. 367 A newly formed civic project, the Dramatic Arts Center, brought theatre-in-the-round back to Ann Arbor. Included on a varied play-bill was Jean Anouilh ' s adaptation of the Greek tragedy " Antigone. " PROFESSIONAL DRAMA Every spring the Drama Season brings Broadway to Lydia Mendelssohn. On the 1954 list of productions was the French farce " The Little Hut " whose shipwrecked cast, starring Barbara Bel Cieddes, leave their Indian chief high and dry. 368 In presenting " Dream Girl, " Play Production class had the rare experience of working under a Broad- way playwright and director. Elmer Rice, on campus for a semester as a lecturer for the English Department, directed his play for the Speech Department. STUDENT DRAMA The ghost prostrates Hamlet with his revelation of the queen ' s infidelity in the Speech Department ' s fall production at Lydia Mendelssohn. Director B. Iden Payne, eight years a director at Strat- ford-on-Avon, felt the modified Elizabethan setting the most appropriate for the play. 369 LECTURE I General Mark W. Clark ' s address, " The Strug- gle in Asia " launched the 1954-55 Lecture Series of the University Oratorical Association in Hill Auditorium. As Commander-in-Chief, Far East Command, in the Korean War, Gen- eral Clark directed the truce negotiations and signed the Armistice agreement at Panmunjom. Author John Dos Passos analyzed, from the viewpoint of Jeffersonian democracy, the national problem of adapting our institutions to a rapidly changing industrial society, while still preserving individual liberty. 370 Tension builds in " Caine Mutiny Court-Martial " when Wendell Corey as Naval Pilot Barney Greenwalu cross-examines Captain Queeg, played by Paul Douglas. Questioned by the Court, Greemvald is confident, determined, convincing. " The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, " brilliantly performed by a proficient cast, was as much acclaimed in Ann Arbor as throughout the country. 371 k r iJLM 111 The Hall of Evolution hang-out for geology students, retired trilobites and first-graders. The children may not understand the great scheme, but they are always awed by the colorful display cases and the Owosso mastadon. EXHIBITS Displaying exhibits from its own extensive collection and the traveling exhibits of other museums, the University Art Museum offers the campus a steady flow of artistic works which survey the traditional masters and the modern expressionists. 372 The most prominent pirate of Penzance finds romance, but Mabel is evidently not the very model of a modern major general ' s ward. GILBERT AND SULLIVAN Even maid-of-all work Huth rolics on the rocky shore of Cornwall, but the guest of honor at the pirate party is in a quandary. Seamen celebrate Frederick ' s coming of age, he will now be a full-fledged felon. " The Pirates, " like past G S pro- ductions, was skillfully and enthusiastically executed, a colorful event on the entertainment agenda. L VISITORS Visiting the United States at the invitation of President Eisenhower, Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, was awarded an honorary doctorate of civil laws by the University on June 7, 1954. Expressing his gratitude, the Emperor presented the University with a rare Bible from his homeland. Dr. Edwin Franko Goldman chats with Dr. William D. Revelli, director of Uni- versity bands before the annual High School Band Day program at the Michigan- Indiana game. Dr. Goldman premiered his new march " Michigan, " during the pre-game ceremonies. " The Mouth, " Joe E. Brown, middle, kicked off publicity for the Union Opera. In a lecture sponsored by the Music School, Ralph Vaughn Williams, " Dean of English Composers, " spoke at the University on his eighty- second birthday. " When I am asked to justify the existence of music, " he declared, " all I say is that it ' s axiomatic. That ' s all I know and all I need to know. " 374 A- i As their football team humbled the Michigan eleven, the cadet contingent from West Point drilled precisely on the field, manhandled Michigan cheerleaders in the stands, and marked their football victory with a triumphantly whistled rendition of " On Brave Old Army Team. " 375 Apartment parties offer all the atmosphere and conveniences of home. The two in costume are undoubtedly disguised as refrigerator raiders. s PICNICS AND . . . 376 A new kind of evening attire comes into fashion at fraternity house pajama parties. Antic entertainers pass the hat via pockets before the night-capped audience. n: Ladies with full skirts and a flare for the square lead their first gents to Lane Hall every Tuesday night when Grey Austin calls the campus part- ners for ' a grand allemande. PARTIES 377 . -.. Campus bop combos may crop up from time to time, but the Ann Arbor Alley Cats have been the only authentic dixieland band at Michigan for the past five years. Since they use no music at their jazz concerts and dances, there is no limit to the creative inspiration that often results. 378 South Quad ' s spectacular Noel Moderne has become more elaborate since its premiere in ' 51. The decorations are devised months ahead and the committee makes an all night stand to provide spectacular and appropriate adornment for the traditional season and the modern surroundings. MUSIC, MOODS, AND MIRTH Panhel Ball drew couples into Candyland where lollypop programs and gumdrop decorations carried out the theme of the most successful dance in Panhel ' s history. While the between semester siesta lured some students down beneath the sheltering palms of Florida, J-Hop Weekend offered fountains, orchids and other tropical traditions to those who lingered in the frozen North. The compact and always exhausting weekend featured parties and sports from swimming to sliding down hills in the Arb. The rustic visage of the IM Building underwent its annual plastic surgery for the social event of the year. Adorned as an island, the building backdropped the sea of couples who swayed with the palms to the music of the Dorsey Brothers and The Commanders. Members of the two bands received orchid leis. General Chairman Mark Gallon decks Dorseys ' vivacious vocalist. The pause that refreshed an oasis in a desert of people and palm trees, the refreshment stand attracted the thirsty and breathless for a while away from the whirl. Relaxing in one of the many fraternity-furnished booths, couples recuperate in a between-conga collapse. 381 J-HOP COMMITTEE The happy producers of " Bali Hai " pose for posterity beneath their palms. Kneeling in front is Jim Wills, who was in charge of Buildings and Grounds and at left is Jerry Prescott who handled Programs and Favors. Standing from left to right are: Earl Lundin, tickets; Pat Goddard, Publicity; Bill Diamond, Decorations; Dave Smith, Bands; Gene Cohen, Booths; Lou Kwiker, Finance; Mark Gallon, General Chairman; and Sara Jo Brown, Special Events. 382 mm i-s W Left: Equally entertaining on the stage of Hill, astride a prehistoric tail in a Michigras parade or booming out slide narrative in the Natural Science Auditorium, the Geology Department ' s Russel C. Hussey is a figure of warmth and vitality to the entire campus. Right: Activities and honoraries decree Howard Xemerovski outsiding, but to the student on the street the name " Xemo " means inimitable wit and a contagious comic attitude that has permeated the campus from informal parties to Union Opera scripts. 1 PEOPLE Former prizefighter, undertaker and tavern owner is Phi Gam Houseman Al (Wildcat) Wahl, who taxis the tardy to class and entertains the campus with his recitals of plaintive poetry and western ballads on his banjo and baritone ukelele. i Two senior Barristers who cam ' great weight around Law School are Herb Drukker and Bill Brown. Herb, who played Mother in the ' 53 Union Opera " Up ' X Atom " re- gales friends with his " Joisy huma ' , " while speedy Bill ' s astounding capacity leaves all those at 120 E. Liberty gulping. 383 TRADITIONS Decoding the time schedule to determine if you can have the course you want, taught by the prof you want, at the time you want it, is complicated by the problems of co-ordinating two schedules so that free periods coincide. When I was one and twenty, the Pretzel Bell did make A pitcher full of foaming beer in lieu of birthday cake. Now I ' m one and twenty, and in this sovereign state my plasticized ID card no longer must I fake. Right: from engine arch to Museum gate old traditions coeds rate. Ladies who these lions avoid had better read a book on Freud. to . 384 The verdant hue of the Museum lions and the straggly S ' s splashed on the Diag portend a Saturday when green chrysanthemums appear among the yellow and blue. Badged with pennants, corsages, and miniature footballs, surfeited with hot dogs, and parked in Ypsilanti, 97,000 thronged to the traditional Michigan-Michigan State con- test. As the multitude separated after the rout, there was little to cheer the trip back to East Lansing but green beer. Demands of " Roll ' em up " meet every speaker at a Michi- gan pep rally. Undergrads sport argyles, but this loyal alumnus, in undying Michigan spirit, wears the true colors. 385 Delta Upsilon ' s Brandy and Lambda Chi ' s Major competed for grade A steaks in the first annual Saint Bernard race across the Diag on Homecoming morning. The contest promises to be a tradition in the future. Rigged with ropes and possessed with u demoniac voice, DU ' s diabolic spider en- tices Minnesota ' s fly to his web of Home- coming defeat. Iii the grim co-existance of distance and driving ban, determined cyclists intimidate pedestrians on the Diag and even stem the tide toward the quads at noon to maintain the Michigan student ' s right to be mobilized. The College Student ' s Best Friend Most bicycles spend the winter mothballed in the basement or shrouded in plastic in the yard,[but every year the Ann Arbor police pick up vagrant vehicles that have been abandoned to the elements. The question always arises, what happened to the owner? Whether he acquired a driving permit or his walking papers is anybody ' s guess. -r- BENEDICTION - - 388 leaving . . . Gl Class of Michigan ' 54: holder of the world ' s record for the minimum in commencement ceremonies three minutes. The suddenly inclement weather disappointed a few, dampened many, but future plans and expectations were generally sunny. GRADUATION 389 Dolores Messinger Education James Richards Pharmacy David Kennedy Business Administration Carol McKechnie Architecture and Design Judith Berger Nursing Robert Richardson Engineering Phillip Steinhaus Music Judith W. Purcell Dental Hygiene Marvin Lubeck Medicine David Stephen Dentistry Jack Tomion Law SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENTS Robert Dombroski Literature, Science and the Arts, and President of Senior Board When presidents, officers and interested visitors of each Senior Class convene, most likely it is Senior Board meeting time again. Representing the seniors in their respective colleges, members attempt to bring a multitude of aims and activities into efficient and effective order, uniting the many into one. Virginia J. Abbey W. Hamilton, Flint, Mich. A.B. in Political Science 914 Joan E. Abbott H. 3, Albion, Mich. Issam M. Abd-El-Baki Has -Beirut, Lebanon Lee N. Abrams A.B. in Pro-legal Studies 431 Aldine, Chicago, 111. B.S. in Dent. Hygiene B.S.E. (Ch.E.) p. jtrJ _ mim mm ' Am Alice E. Abramson B. S. in Botany 107 Florida St., Laurium, Mich. Earl B. Abramson B B A 2051 Arthur, Chicago, 111. Eugene Abravane A.B. in Psychology 551 Claremont Pkwy., New York, N.Y. Terrence E. Adderley B.B.A. 810 Whitmore Rd., Detroit, Mich. Alan S. Adelson A.B. in History 18204 Warrington Dr., Detroit, Mich. Murli C. Advani B.S.E.(M.E.) Kittridge Rd., Colaba, Bombay, India Ursula M. Albert B.S.N. Shepard ltd., Macedonia, Ohio Jack J. Alberts D.D.S. 1629 Federal, Grand Rapids, Mich. Margaret J. Albright B.S.N. 5891 Parkside Dr., Monroe. Mich. Sa ' d M. Al-Durrah M.S.K. (Structural E.) Karadat Mariam, Baghdad, Iraq. Mary S. Alexander A.B. in English 140 X. College, Grand Rapids, Mich. Gerard Alfano B.S. in Zoology 280 Walnut St., Newark, N. J. Keith A. Alford A.B. in Social Studies and Teacher ' s Cert. 948 Dewey, Plymouth, Mich. Peter Aliferis M.D. 22471 S. Kane, Detroit, Mich. Amina R. Al-Kaisy M.S. in Physics Al-Wazia, Baghdad, Iraq. Eugene Alkema L.L.B. 43 W. State St., Grandville, Mich. Jean M. All A.B. in Education 201 1 Barth St., Flint, Mich. Bruce B. Allen B.B.A. in Finance 412 Lincoln Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. M. Jennifer Allen A.B. in English 530 E. 23rd St., New York, N.Y. Ruth T.B. Alley A. B. and Teacher ' s Cert. in English and Speech 719 Oakland, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hilmi H. Al-Mufti M.S.E. (C.E.) Al-Solaikh, Baghdad, Iraq. Hamid M. Al-Shamma M.S.E. (C.E.) Khaik Abwl Ala, Mosul, Iraq. Khalid A. Al-Shawi L.L.M. Haibet Khatoori, Adamiah, Baghdad, Iraq. S. T. Herz Amdur B.B.A. 2051 Arthur, Chicago, 111. A. Drachoomsuk Amrung M.S. in Education Bangkok, Thailand Dorothy D. Anderson B S N. 260 Dover ltd., Springfield, Ohio. Jeanne M. Anderson A.B. in Fine Arts 649 Lake, Saugatuck, Mich. Lloyd S. Anderson A.B. in Political Science 14230 Indiana, Detroit, Mich. T. E. Andrews M.D. 2320 Springfield Dr., Kalamazoo, Mich. James H. Anthony B.S. in Design 918 W. 6th Ave., Flint, Mich. Eduardo Arcila B.S.E. (Ch. E.) Sevilla-V, Colombia, S.A. Paul H. Ardelean A.B. in Zoology 2425 Christine, Wayne, Mich. 392 Joan M. Arent A.B. in Zoology 18000 Ardmore, Detroit, Michigan Alan A. Arms A.B. in History 1568 Beach, Muskegon, Mich. David W. Arnold B.B.A. in Marketing Woodleigh Rd., Chagrin Falls, Ohio Dale E. Artz M.S. in Industrial Education 699 E. 16th, Holland, Mich. Don M. Arveson B.S. in Physics 357 Broadway. Berlin, Wis. Katherine N. Ase B.S. in P.H.X. 2323 W. Fullerton, Chicago, 111. Phyllis E. Ash A.B. in History 17573 Woodingham Dr., Detroit, Mich. George H. Aster B. of Arch. 1148 Hermitage, Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard H. Atkin B.B.A. 1445 Queen St. E., Sault Ste, Marie, Ontario, Canada Julie Ann Atkinson A.B. in Political Science 507 Edison Blvd., Port Huron, Mich. Curtis T. Atkisson, Jr. B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 18 Edgewood Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Robertson J. Augustine B.S. in Physics Woodbeck Lake, Gowen, Mich. Bargara A. Avallone A.B. in Speech 1109 W. Third, Jamestown, X. V. Keith H. Averill M.D. 202 Paterson, Flint, Mich. Kenneth Averill M.D. Abdul-Ghani Ibrahim Azhari A.B. in Economics Rue Omar Alkhattab, Beirut, Lebanon Khalid Aziz B.S.E. (M.E.) Mt. School. Karachi-Pakistan Brigitte H. E. Bach A.B. in Chemistry 14639 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, Mich. Bruce H. Bacon B.S.E. and M.B.A. (Ind.E.) 2257 Innisbrook, Toledo, Ohio Barbara L. Badertscher A.B. in Education 847 Bernardston Rd., Greenfield, Mass. Fred N. Baer A.B. in History 35 S. Spring, LaGrange, 111. George J. Baibak B.S. and M.D. 502 Center Dr., Tecumseh, Mich. David L. Bailey A.B. in Economics 123 McKee, Manistee, Mich. John C. Baity A.B. in Economics 505 Third, Wilmette, 111. Carmela T. Baker A.B. in Education 1756 Quincy Ct,, Willow Run, Mich. Jacob K. Baker B.S. in Wildlife Management 1801 Berkshire, Union, . J. Kathleen M. Baker A.B. in Journalism 3000 Monroe, Grand Rapids Martha F. Baker A.B. in El. Education 918 Beard, Flint, Mich. Robert E. Baker L.L.B. 8514 Forest Dr., St. Louis, Mo. Bonnie E. Baker A.B. in Math., Sec. Education 1528 Golden Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. James T. Baldwin B.S. in Design 1 Gordon PI., Verona, X. J. William J. Balgooyen, Jr. L.L.B. 3842 Henry, Muskegon, Mich. George F. Bamber A.B. in Speech 22587 Xona. Dearborn, Mich. Charles Y. Bancroft B.B.A. in Accounting and Finance 4602 Dorr, Toledo. Ohio Ann M. Bandler A.B. in Latin American Studies 2263 Tuxedo, Detroit, Mich. Peter G. Benzhaf A.B. in History 2904 E. Kenwood, Milwaukee, Wis. 393 tit i Jayant H. Bariya B.S.E. (C.E.) Limbdi, India Vernon D. Barker B.S. in Pre-Professional 7730 Detroit Blvd., Walled Lake, Mich. Marjorie L. Barlow A.B. in Geography 15834 Rosemont, Detroit, Mich. Donald L. Barnyard A.B. in History 16760 Heyden, Detroit, Mich. Michael A. Barnard B.S. in Zoology Harroun Rd., Sylvania Ohio John R. Barnes L.L.B. 128 Tower, lona, Mich. Nancy L. Barnes B.S. in Med. Tech. 2017 Swensberg, N.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Yvonne M. L. Barnes M.A. in Library Science 405 University Dr., East Lansing, Mich. Barbara A. Barrett B.S. in Anthropology 3334 Willett, Pontiac, Mich. James A. Barry B.S. in Pre-Professional 432 Hamilton PL, Ann Arbor, Mich. Nancy L. Bartholomew B. of Mus. Education 527 Lindbergh Way, Lewistown, Penna. Ann E. Bartlett B.S. in Physical Therapy 4357 Leslie, Detroit, Mich. Otto D. Bartlett A.B. in Pre-Professional 2708 Manor Dr., Midland, Mich. Richard J. Barrett M.D. 87 E. Southern, Muskegon, Mich. Mary S. Barton A.B. in El. Education East Long Lake Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Henry J. Bartosik B. of Arch 6910 Pinehurst, Dearborn, Mich. David E. Basket B.S. in Pre-Medical Colidge Ave., Ironwood, Mich. Geraldine M. Baskin M.S. in El. Education 13320 Broadstreet, Detroit, Mich. Diane L. Bassin A.B. in Education 17412 Wildemere, Detroit, Mich. Shirley A. Bates Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 523 Grace, Flint, Mich. Carolyn J. Bauer B.S.N. 1317 Bishop Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. James W. Bauer A.B. in Arch Jefferson, Blissfield, Mich. John W. Bauknecht L.L.B. 515 W. N. Ave., East Palestine, Ohio John E. Bauman, Jr. B.S. in Physics 7338 Madison St., Kansas City, Mo. George W. Baumann B.S.E. (E.E.) 607 N. 24th St., Saginaw, Mich. Stella M. Baumann B. of Mus. 1923 Loekmoor Blvd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Aurora Yatco Bautista M.A. in City Planning 1623 Dapitan, Manilla, Philippines William L. Baxendale B. of Arch 1166 Lakeview, Detroit, Mich. Richard H. Baxter B.B.A. 1952 Burns Ave., Ypsilanti, Mich. Shirley R. Baylis A.B. in El. Education 906 Spence, Pontiac, Mich. Willard F. Beard B.B.A. 6 Martin PL, Manhasset, N. Y. Glen D. Bearss B.S. in Education 6376 Abbottsford, Goodells, Mich. James W. Beatty L.L.B. 2226 Drexel, Ft. Wayne, Indiana Ross F. Bechard B.B.A. in Finance R. R. 4, Chatham, Ontario Norman E. Beck B.B.A. in Accounting 15506 Winthrop, Detroit, Mich. Helaine M. Becker A.B. in Political Science 184-50 Midland Pkwy., Jamacia, N. Y. 394 jTMIb La ' ' W - -7. ' S w vft sg r Ji rt- r " 1 T ;. , f -f V 1 ft dl n t f I I Danny T. Bedsole M.A. in Mathematics 1919 Alpine Rd., Longview, Texas E. Sue Beebe A.B. in Political Science 117 X. Elm, Owosso, Mich. Francis G. Belill B.S. in Chemistry 633 Foss, Flint, Mich. Aden D. Bell A.B. in Education 738 S. Main, Adrian, Mich. Margaret L. Bell A.B. in English 41 Grove, Galesburg, Mich. Gloria A. Bellgraph B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 241 F. Main. Ionia, Mich. Jose J. Bengoechea B.S. in Pharmacy Managua. Nicaragua H. Thomas Benner B.S.E. (M.E.) 1217 X. George St.. York. Pa. Janet C. Benner A.B. in Political Science Ashland, LaGrange, 111. Nancy J. Bennet A.B. in Spec. Education 1125 Salida Rd., Mentor, Ohio Ellen L. Benson A.B. in El. Education 715 S. Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. James M. Benson D.D.S. 4102 Clements, Detroit, Mich. Jerry S. Benson A.B. in History Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D. C. Theodore J. Benya B.S. in Pharmacy 4020 W. 219th St., Fairview Park, Ohio Ara Berberian L.L.B. 12884 Broadstreet, Detroit, Mich. Paul K. Berg B.S. in Zoology 653 Forest Ave.. Staten Island, X. Y. Joel S. Berger A.B. in Political Science 1210 Washington St., Farrell, Pa. Judith C. Berger B.S.N. Euclid, Bay City, Mich. Max H. Bergman A.B. in Economics 4918 Walnut, Kansas City. Mo. Robert Bergner A.B. in Political Science 600 Woodmere Blvd., Woodmere, L. I. Donald J. Bergsma A.B. in Arch 5 Milford, Mich. H arriet L. Bergstein A.B. in Spec. Education 711 185th Ave., E. Duluth, Minn Mary F. Berinstein A.B. in El. Education 268 Brattle Rd., Syracuse, X. Y. Doris E. Berland A.B. in Social Studies 13815 Droxmore Rd., Shakers Height, Ohio Stanton H. Berlin B.B.A. 1444 Fargo Ave., Chicago, 111. Sherwood N. Berman M.B.A. in Marketing (102 E. Emerson, Ithaca. Mich. Melvin J. Bernia B.S.E. (M.E.) 11975 Hamburg, Detroit, Mich. Stanley B. Bernstein B.B.A. in Accounting 1876 E. 26th St., Brooklyn, X. Y. Jean A. Berry Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 2222 Proctor, Flint, Mich. Lathrop F. Berry, Jr. B.D. 811 S. Durand, Jackson, Mich. Blanche C. Bersch A.B. in Philosophy 819 Third St., Ann Arbor. Mich. Richard Bertoia B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 7791 Warwick, Detroit, Mich. Herbert T. Berwald, Jr. A.B. in History Le Hermon A.H., Presidio, San Francisco, Cal. Judith A. Bettison A.B. in Sociology 2501 Thornapple River Dr., GrandRapids, Mich. Rohinton K. Bhada B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 806 Empire Mahal, Dadar Bombay 14, India Joan M. Bianchi A.B. in American Culture 30 Ellington Rd., Wollaston, Mass. 395 Barbara Ann Bickel H.S.X. 2850 Hospital Rd., Saginaw, Mich. Lillain Bickert A.B. in French 2 W. 86th St., New York, N. Y. Priscilla Bickford B. of Mus. in Voice Kast and Main, Greenfield, Iowa John N. Bicknell M D 9100 Manor, Detroit. Mich. Joseph M. Bicknell A.B. in Psychology 13225 Binvood, Detroit, Mich. LaVerne M. Biernat B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 738 S. Pleasant St., Jackson. Mich. Barbara J. Bigelow B.S. in Design 110 Kim Park, Pleasant Ridge. Mich. Jerry H. Bilik B. of Mus. Education 133 Valley Rd., New Rochelle, X. Y. Bruce Billes D D S 150 Corbin PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. Marvin L. Billow B.B.A. in Sales R. F. D. No. 1, Ney, Ohio Charles S. Birdsall M.D. William R. Bisbee Plains, Kansas B.S.E. (M.E.) A. Sue Bitman A.B. in Pre-Professional 1601 Monaco Blvd., Denver, Colo. Donald G. Black L L.B. 420 Chandler St., Flint, Mich. David A. Blanchard B of Arch 3495 W. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. Charles A. Blankenship B.S. in Forestry 3310 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, Va. Frederick W. Block A.B. in English R. 4 Box 59, Mason, Mich. George L. Blum M D 4367 Wnverly, Detroit, Mich. Frank S. Blumenthal A.B. in Pre-Professional 908 Mary, Ann Arbor, Mich. Margaret L. Blunt A.B. in Education 626 Park Ave., Albert Lea, Minn. Malaya D. Bocobo M.A. in Counseling and Guidance 216 Villamel, Posay City. Philippines Ralph W. Boeker B.B.A. 13 Oak Park Ave., Darien, Conn. Shirley J. Boers A.B. in Mathematics 705 Edgemoor, Kalamazoo, Mich. Paul O. Bofinger B.S. in Forestry 685 Walter St., Uniondale, N. Y. Jacqueline M. Boggan A.B. in Spec. Education 1488 Glendale. D ayton. Ohio Fernando Bonilla M.A. in English Stop 1, Isabela, Puerto Rico Marcia E. Boothe B.S. in Music Drama 4210 Sandy Lane, Birmingham, Mich. Mary B. Borns ' tein B.S. in Med. Tech. 2303 Village Dr., Louisville, Ky. Frederick J. Bosco M.A. in French 1222 X. Monroe, Bay City, Mich. Helen A. Boughton A.B. in French 514 Maywood, Monroe, Mich. Mary E. Bouldrey A.B. in Education 801 Copeman, Flint Mich. Warren L. Bowerson A.B. in Psychology 4065 Helen Ave., Port Huron, Mich. Julie A. Bowles B.A. in Education 5536 Yorkshire, Detroit, Mich. Robert H. Bowman A.B. in Economics 22300 Inkster Rd., Framington, Mich. James B. Bradley B.B.A. 316 Washington, Geneva, N. Y. Samuel P. Bradley B.B.A. in Advertising 15750 Biltmore, Detroit, Mich. 396 Alfonso F. Brady A.B. in History 1243 Lieth, Flint, Mich. James J. Brady A.B. in Journalism 20846 Lennon, Harper Woods. Mich. Robert L. Brand A.B. in Mathematics 1250 Meadowlawn, Pontiuc, Mich. Walter M. Braun B. of Arch 6169 Xeff Rd., Detroit. Mich. James C. Bray A.B. in Political Science 4005 Cuthhertson, Flint, Mich. Joanne A. Bregand A.B. in Psychology 17343 Whitcomb, Detroit, Mich. Elmer C. Brehmer B.S. in Pharmacy 27659 Arsenal Rd., Flat Rock, Mich. Fred C. Breisch A.B. in Mathematics 11856 E. Shore Dr., Whitmore Lake, Mich. Richard A. Brenner B.S. in Pre-Professional 300 Columbus Ave., Fostoria, Ohio James F. Bresson B.S. in Zoology 66 Pine St., Torrington, Conn. Richard C. Briggs A.B. in Economics 180 Spring, Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Carolee J. Briley A.B. in Spanish 855 Tappan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Simeon Brinberg A.B. in Political Science 1111 Ocean Dr., Brooklyn. X. Y. Gordon D. Britz B.B.A. in Marketing 25 Otho St., Iverell (5X) Xe v South Wales, Australia Norman I. Brock M.B.A. and L.L.B. 19383 Prairie, Detroit, Mich. Elaine R. Brohn B.S.X. 2220 Begole, Flint, Mich. Margaret I. Brohkoff B.S. in P.H.X. 1327 Mt. Hope, Pottsviile, Pa. Jean S. Bromfield A.B. in English 217 X. Grove, Oak Park, 111. Georganna Bronaugh A.B. in English 14610 Grandville. Detroit. Mich. Ernest G. Brookfield M.D. 205 X. Bowen St., Jackson, Mich. Jere H. Brophy B.S.E. (Ch. and Met.E.) 3 Briarwood Rd., W. Hartford, Conn. Arnold E. Brown A.B. in Russian Studies 2021 March St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Barbara A. Brown A.B. in Education 337 S. Vochran, Charlotte, Mich. David J. Brown B.S. in History 57 Majestic, S. E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Edward I. Brown D.D.S. 1451 Dudley, Willow Run Mich. Ellen E. Brown A.B. in El. Education 2723 S. Rose St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Elsie M. Brown B.S.X. 122 Michigan Ave., Clinton, Mich. Ira A. Brown, Jr. L.L.B. 901 Cherry. Xiles, Mich. Jack R. Brown M.D. 5730 Coniston Rd., Seattle, Wash. Janet L. Brown A.B. in Sec. Education 1992 Shipman Blvd., Birmingham, Mich. Judith N. Brown A.B. in El. Education 1002 Kensington, Flint, Mich. Loretta B. Brown A.B. in History 2020 W. Philadelphia, Detroit, Mich. Robert E. Brown A.B. in Economics 1617 Brooklyn, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert L. Brown B. of Arch 3315 S. Dodge Rd., Clio, Mich. Robert W. Brown B. of Mus. 2565 Lenox, Trenton. Mich. Don R. Brown A.B. in Mus. Lit. 1301 Eleventh, Alpena, Mich. 397 life 4 J 5 Ci ft E V " 5= - - lit It Andrejs Broze B.S.E. (C.E.) 1136 Prospect, Ann Arbor, Mich. J. Lester Brubaker M.A. in Education Rohrerstown, Pa. Philip J. Brunskill B.B.A. 2239 Charlestown, Toledo, Ohio Fred A. Bryan, Jr. B.S. in Physics R. 2, McLean, Va. Joan M. Bryan A.B. in Philosophy 32-22 170th St., Flushing, N. Y. Patricia A. Bubel A.B. in Speech 11735 Tuttle Hill, Milan, Mich. Russell J. Bucci B.B.A. in Insurance 18431 Hickory, Detroit, Mich. Lois A. Buchbinder A.B. in El. Education 16815 Normandy, Detroit, Mich. John T. Buck A.B. in Journalism 33731 Macomh, Farmington, Mich. Miriam E. Buck A.B. in Speech 457 Cranbrook, Birmingham, Mich. Richard L. Buck B.S. in Geology 1016 S. Spring, LaGrange, 111. Anton F. Buczak, Jr. B.S.E. (Nav. Arch.) 705 Fulton XW, Grand Rapids, Mich. Fred C. Buhler B.B.A. in Marketing 5)07 Woodbridge, Flint, Mich. James Bulloch B.B.A. in Accounting R. 1, Hickory Corner?, Mich. Donald G. Burch B.S.E. (M.E.) 3359 Millard, Muskegon, Mich. Denzer W. Burke B.S. in Pre-Professional 1324 Swansea Ct., Ypsilanti. Mich. Lewis A. Burnham B.S.E. (M.E.) Port Lambton, Ontario, Canada Gordon A. Burns B.S.E. (E.E.) 1765 Barclay, Muskegon, Mich. Robert W. Burns B.S.E. (Aero.E.) 2100 Leroy, Jackson, Mich. Elizabeth A. Burris A.B. in English 3215 Croydon Rd., Canton, Ohio Barbara E. Burstein B. of Mus. in Music Lit. 316 Clark, Xeenah, Wis. Margaret H. Burton A.B. in History 4317 Verona Circle. Royal Oak, Mich. Jack L. Bush B.S. in Pre-Medical 19 X. Hamilton, Ypsilanti, Mich. Lawrence H. Bush A.B. in Journalism 526 S. Center, Gaylord, Mich. Charles W. Butler, Jr. M.D. RFD 1, Deshler, Ohio Donald E. Butler M.D. 14591 Penrod, Detroit, Mich. Alan Butterworth B.B.A. Asheville, X. C. Joanne B. Button B.S. in Zoology 5 Phillips Lane, Darien, Conn. Judith M. Byers B.S.X. Route 2, Sault St. Marie, Mich. Richard R. Byrne M.D. 208 S. Lincoln, Kent, Ohio Rachel A. Byron B.S.X. 614 Whitney Rd., Conneaut, Ohio Ted J. Cachey B.B.A. in Finance 10443 S. Bell, Chicago, 111. Frederick R. Caffrey B.S.E. (E.E.) 500 W. 175 St., Xew York, X. Y. Norberto J. Calderas B.S.E. (C.E.) Mendoza Fria, Venezuela Neil J. Call B.B.A. in Accounting 229 Wildwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. Fernando Camacho B.S. in Wood Tech. Carrera 4, 73-16, Bogota, Colombia 398 I ' r. . ( CV CS lrl. I I Alexander T. Campbell B. of Mus. Education 31)55 Ninth St. Ecorse, Mich. Anne K. Campbell B.S.E. (E. Mech. and Math.) Sherman St., Caro, Mich. Colleen G. Campbell A.B. in El. Education 536 Orchard, East Lansing. Mich. Donald J. Campbell B.S. in Mathematics 21 1 Lange St., Birmingham, Mich. Napoleon V. Campomanes Ph.D. (C.E.) Manila, Philippines Irving L. Cannon B.B.A . 13 Douglas St., Millburn, X. J. David J. Caplan B.B.A. 18262 Muirland Ave., Detroit, Mich. I. Albert Camputo M.S.E. (Ch.E.) 9148 Ellis. Chicago, 111. Edna P. Carlson A.B. in Education R. 3, White Cloud, Mich. Frederick R. Carman A.B. in Latin 670 Ivy PL, Uniondale, X. Y. Lois J. Carmer, A.B. in History 914 Norwich S.W. Grand Rapids, Mich. Beverly A. Carmichael A.B. in Russian Studies 308 E. Sixth St., Perrysburg, Ohio Herbert A. Carpenter D D S 1134 Thomas St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert S. Carr A.B. in Pre-Professional 1205 Roosevelt Blvd., Ypsilanti, Mich. James Carras L.L.B 1407 Eleventh St., Bay City, Mich. Carol A. Carrigan A.B. in Economics 626 Oxford Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. David E. A. Carson B B 48 Turnstall Rd., Scarsdale, X. Y. Harry B. Carson B.S. in Forestry 103 X. Detroit. Buchanan, Mich. Charlotte W. Carter B.S. in Design 1412 Geddes, Ann Arbor, Mich. Janet B. Case B.B.A. 126 Rosemont Ave., S. Charleston, W. Va. James T. Cassidy 219 Cedar Ave., Oil City, Pa. David B. Cavitch 334 W. llth St Ronald J. Cayo M.D. A.B. in P nglish Traverse City, Mich. A.B. in Political Science 155 Parker, Benton Harbor, Mich. Dorothy M. Cellentani Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 376 McKenzie, Adrian, Mich. John T. Chadwell, Jr. A.B. in History 2739 Colfax, Evanston. III. Julie J. Chamberlain B.S.N. Grand Rapids. Mich. Paul E. Champeux B.B.A. 146 E. lona, Muskcgon, Mich. Pin-Chi Chang M.S.E. (C.E.) Chung Shan North Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, China Donna A. Chapin A.B. in German 4536 Bay City Rd., Midland, Mich. Sneh Charoenratha M.B.A. Soy Ruen Rudee, Bangkapi, Bangkok, Thailand Jaysing R. Chaudhari M.S.E. (E.E.) Paldi. P.O. Unta Ta Visnagar, Bombay State, India Franklin R. Cheng B.S.E. (M.E.) Causeway Bay, Hongkong, China Mary E. Cheng B.S.X. 1929 Collingwood, Detroit, Mich. Samuel C. H. Ching B.S. in Pharmacy 1701 Kewalo St., Honolulu, Hawaii Ronald S. Chipps B.S. in Zoology 543 Campbell, Kalamazoo, Mich. Donald S. Chisholm B.B.A. 16950 Parkside, Detroit, Mich. 399 James G. G. Chock B.S. in Pre-Professional 47-101 Kum Highway, Kaneohe, Oahu. Hawaii Casimir A. Chomicz B.S. in Education 8182 Lantz, Detroit, Mich. Visarl Chowchuvech B.S.E. (C.E.) Trang Songkrogh Hospital, Trang, Thailand Jim Christis A.B. in Pre-Law 208 E. Cross, Ypsilanti, Mich. Wai Mun Chung M.B.A. in Accounting 3630 Waialae, Honolulu, Hawaii Mary L. Ciranni B.B.A. in Accounting Greenfield, Dearborn, Mich. Mary L. Claborn A.B. in Education 1702 X. Lynch, Flint, Mich. Muriel Claflin A.B. in English Ridge Rd., Danbury, Conn. Harriett E. Clark B.S. in Botany 3118 Meadow Lark, Louisville, Ky. Nancy M. Clark A.B. in Education Caledonia Ave.. Cleveland Hgts, Ohio Robert B. Clark B.S.E. (Ind.E.) 23363 Glenwood, Mt. Clemens, Mich. Joyce A. Cleaveland B.S. in Med. Tech. 2035 Paris Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Denzel R. Cline B.S. in Geology 134 Kensington, East Lansing, Mich. Dorothy L. Cline B.S.X. 3130 Glenn, Toledo, Ohio J. Daniel Cline B.S. in Pre-Professional 230 Halley, Brockport, X. Y. William G. Cloon L.L.B. 125 W. Francis, Ironwood, Mich. Henry R. Cloots B.S.E. (M.E.) 506 W. B. St., Iron Mountain, Mich. Richard D. Coak M.D. 142 V. Pearl, Coldwatcr, Mich. Claude W. Coates, Jr. A.B. in Economics 908 Summit, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. John K. Cobb M.D. 4415 Motorway Dr., Pontiac, Mich. John E. Cochrane A.B. in Political Science 6347 Moraine, Hammond, Ind. John E. Codwell, Jr. B.S. in Phys. Education 2524 Wichita, Houston, Texas Sandra B. Cohen A.B. in Economics 2316 Sanford, Muskegon Hgts., Mich. George L. Colborn B.S.E. (N.A. and M.E.) 3312 Ave. R, Brooklyn, X. Y. Eunice C. Coleman A.B. in Political Science R. R. 3, Greenville, Mich. Jill A. Coleman A.B. in Pre-Professional 4 Clinton Dr., Battle Creek, Mich. Barbara L. Collins A.B. in Spec. Education Logan Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Dennis W. Collins B.S.E. (C.E.) 4240 Gratiot, Port Huron, Mich. Nancy M. Colquitt B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 12025 Kennobec Dr., Detroit, Mich. Robert P. Colton A.B. in History 255 W. 84th St., Xew York, X. Y. Patricia R. Comstock B.S.N. 11 X. Marvine, Auburn, X. Y. Mary L. Conant B.S. in Geology Washington, D. C. Gerry M. Conley A.B. in History 4678 Ottawa, Okemos, Mich. David D. Connell B.B.A. 92 Park Blvd., Stratford, Conn. Becky Conrad A.B. in Political Science Clairton, Pa. Mary T. Constant A.B. in History 402 S. Second, Ann Arbor, Mich. 400 Robert N. Constant B.S.E. (E.E.) 402 Second, Ann Arbor, Mich. Cynthia G. Conway A.B. in Political Science E. River Rd., Grosse He, Mich. James R. Cook B.S.E. (Aero.E.) 3225 Nelson Park, Rocky River, Ohio Margaret R. Cook A.B. in El. PMucation 104 W. Bennington, R. R. 1, Owosso, Mich. Wayne T. Cooke B.B.A. 445 X. Prospect, Bowling Green, Ohio Joan Cooper A.B. in English Highland Ave., Merion, Pa. John B. Cooper B.B.A. in Finance Box 112, Alden, Mich. Mary E. Cooper A.B. in French 210 Third, Jackson, Mich. Carol A. Coplin A.B. in English Knickerbocker Hotel, Milwaukee, Wis. Kenneth W. Copp, Jr. A.B. in Speech 104 Glendale Ct., Monroe, Mich. Horace W. Corbin, Jr. A.B. in Psychology 816 Corbin Point, South Hero, Vt. Neil A. Cords B.B.A. in Personnel 16880 Littlefield, Detroit, Mich. James D. Corfield, Jr. M.D. 1510 Oxford, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Frank M. Cornwell A.B. in History 348 X. Chestnut St., Jefferson, Ohio Jean A. Corrigan B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 23321 Marshall, Dearborn, Mich. Andrew Cosgarea, Jr. B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 751 E. Chesterfield, Ferndale, Mich. Glenn E. Coury B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1061 Maryland, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Barton Z. Cowan A.B. in Economics 14489 Summerfield, University Hgts.. Ohio Joanne J. Craft A.B. in El. Education 406 W. Witherbee, Flint, Mich. Ralph A. Cram M.D. 3115 Valley Dr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Marilyn E. Crandall A.B. in English 1208 Bydding, Ann Arbor, Mich. Sterling Crandall B. of Arch. 1616 S. Fourth Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. Daniel G. Crawford B.S.E. (M.E.) 559 W. Brown, Birmingham, Mich. Jean M. Crawford A.B. in Social Work 2419 E. Hill, Flint. Mich. Nancy J. Crawford B. in Mus. Education 1 Berwick Lane, Dearborn, Mich. Charles Q. Creager B.S. in Forestry R.D. 2, Raccoon Rd., Canfield, Ohio Robert E. Crevier B.B.A in Marketing Research 4291 S. Henrv, Muskegon, Mich. Robert F. Croll M.B.A. 582 South Ave., Glencoe, 111. Georgia E. Cronkhite A.B. in Education 5920 Xeuman, St. Clair, Mich. Betty J. Cross A.B. in Mathematics 228 X. Seventh, Ann Arbor. Mich. Rose M. Crossen A.B. in El. Education 852 Victoria, Flint, Mich. Marjorie L. Crozier B.S. in Design 7436 Warwick, Detroit, Mich. Lourdes L. Crus M.A. in Public Administration 130 Labo, Q. C., Philippines Fred C. Culver, Jr. A.B. in Political Science 427 Main St., Hudson, Mich. Cynthia J. Cummings B.S.X. 511 Westmoreland, Lansing, Mich. Jules A. Cummins B.S.E. (E.E.) 68 St. Cyrille, Quebec, Canada 401 Sheila A. Cummins A.B. in Political Science Okemos, Mich. Darwin J. Currie B.B.A. in Accounting 13038 Frankfort Ave., Detroit, Mich. Janet Currie A.B. in Social Studies Maniton Way, Madison, Wis. George R. Curry B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) 2713 Bronson, Kalamazoo, Mich. Dorothy R. Curtis B.S.N. 1134 S. Harvey, Plymouth, Mich. Edward G. Curtis M.D. 409 Josephine, Flint, Mich. Daniel M. Curts A.B. in Political Science 413 W. 5th St., Flint, Mich. Judith A. Cushing A.B. in Sociology 2205 Melrose, Ann Arbor, Mich. Douglas E. Cutler L.L.B. 158 Mark, Pontiac, Mich. M. Rupert Cutler B.S. in Wildlife Management 938 W. Lantz, Detroit, Mich. Mary M. Cyms B. of Mus. 125 Plumwood Rd., Dayton, Ohio Glenn D. Daffern B.B.A. in Marketing Box 309, Ypsilanti, Mich. Patrick L. Daly M.A. in Eng. Lit. 8721 Third Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Vincent Dambrauskas B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) 18715 Buffalo, Detroit, Mich. Louis A. Dame B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 15776 Coyle, Detroit, Mich. John E. Davenport A.B. in English 213 Elm, Wyandotte, Mich. Peter M. Davidson A.B. in Economics 1037 Yorkshire, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Jacqueline L. Davie A.B. in English Lang, and Lit. P.O. Box 6005, Flint, Mich. David G. Davies B.S.E. (Nav. Arch, and Mar. E.) Box 809, Rt. 6, St. Louis, Mo. Harry A. Davis D.D.S. 7491 Hamburg Rd., Brighton, Mich. Howard E. Davis A.B. in Botany 1344 Beechwood, Grand Rapids, Mich. Phillip E. Davis B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1131 W. Packard, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Ronald I. Davis B.B.A. in Ind. Management and Relations 16400 Bell Creek Lane, Livonia, Mich. Lynne Davison B.B.A. 1115 Buckingham, Birmingham, Mich. Charles W. Dawson A.B. in Psychology 19184 Hoover Rd., Detroit, Mich. Dale B. Dawson A.B. in Psychology 825 E. University, Ann Arbor, Mich. Norman J. Deac A.B. in Political Science 164 Lincoln Blvd., Merrick, N. Y. David R. Dean M.B.A. in Finance 310 Third St., Jackson, Mich. Frederick S. Dean R. R. 2, Newaygo, Mich. Joan J. Dean R. 2, Williamsburg, Mich. Ronald V. DeBona 4120 Pontiac Trail, Pontiac, Joan H. Becker 804 N. West, Wheaton, 111. A.B. in Philosophy B.S.N. L.L.B. , Mich. A.B. in Speech Maurice H. Decoster B.B.S. in Marketing 1209 Miles Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Gloria M. Defeo A.B. in El. Education 3232 Hartzell, Evanston, 111. Anne DeForest A.B. in English 324 Royal Ave., Royal Oak, Mich. Priscilla DeForest A.B. in Education 324 Royal Ave., Royal Oak, Mich. 402 I I I ( o James De Haan B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 3040 Eastern Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Lulu I. DeHart A.B. in Mathematics 135 S. York, Dearborn, Mich. William L. Demiene B. of Arch. 432 Thompson, Ann Arbor, Mich. Albert W. Demmler, Jr. Ph.D. (Met. E.) R. F. D. 1, Spring Lake, Mich. Robert W. Denial A.B. in Economics 16532 Evergreem, Detroit, Mich. Mary D. Denison A.B. in Sociology 415 S. Fifth Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Mary C. Dennany A.B. in Education Mackinac Island, Mich. Patricia J. Derr B.S. in El. Education 854 Winchester, Lincoln Park. Mich. Fletcher W. Des Autels B.S.E. (C.E.) 133 Glendale Blvd., Kalamazoo, Mich. David R. Despres B.S.E. (C.E.) Marne, Mich. Jane Deuvall A.B. in English 803 Race St., Dover, Ohio Mani S. Dharmgrongartama M.A. in Education 306 Rajvithi, Bangkok, Thailand Dhananjay L. Dholakia M.S. in Pharmacy Psilamsai Rd., Ahmedabad, India Shirlee R. Diamond B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 546 W. Atherton Rd.. Flint, Mich. E. T. Dibble A.B. in Petrology Ottuma, Iowa Samuel S. DiCarlo B.S. in Mathematics 1007 Huey, New Castle, Pa. Mary L. Dickman B.S.X. 544 Lincoln, Zeeland, Mich. Ralph J. Di Domenico, Jr. A.B. in Psychology 23 Wing St., Fort Edward, N. Y. Dorothy E. Diehl Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 503 Ro.ewood Ave., Monroe, Mich. Richard A. Dinger B.B.A. in Finance 2040 W. Frances Rd., Mt, Morris, Mich. John B. Dixon A.B. in Economics 1248 Yosemite, Birmingham, Mich. Lorraine M. Dmock A.B. in Journalism 329 W. Genesee St., Flint, Mich. Lois J. Dock B.S. in Physical Therapy 6081 Belleair, Cincinnati, Ohio Samuel M. Dodek, II A.B. in History 1751 S. Portal Dr. N.W., Washington, D. C. Marilyn J. Dohr, B.S.X. 700 Cambridge, Jackson, Mich. Delores A. Doll B.S. in Dental Hygiene 2570 Paducah, Flint, Mich. Robert K. Dombrowski A.B. in Political Science 20414 Eastwood Dr., Harper Woods, Mich. Paul Z. Domeny B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 9997 Rutland, Detroit. Mich. Paul N. Doner B.B.A. in Accounting 1820 Overhill, Flint, Mich. William J. Doney B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 18020 Gilchrist, Detroit, Mich. Richard M. Doolen B.B.A. in Marketing 427 Highland, East Lansing, Mich. Geoffrey H. Dooley A.B. in Speech Val Moren Station, Quebec, Canada Perry C. Dooley 12 Riker St., Pontiac, Mich. John E. Doolittle 727 Kingsley, Paul Dormont B.S.E. (M.E.) M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. B.S. in Mathematics 10 W. 96 St., New York, N. Y. Charles W. Domes B.S.E. (Mar. and M. E.) Argonnne Dr., Kenmore, X. Y. Bruce Douglas B.S.E. (C.E.) 1745 Squirrel, Auburn Heights, Mich. Peter A. Dow A.B. in Political Science 1052 Seminole, Detroit, Mich. Leonard P. Drabkin A.B. in Classical Studies 573 Ellsworth Ave.. New Haven, Conn. Carol S. Drake B. of Mus. 7126 Middlebelt Hd., Garden Citv. Mich. Charles F. Drake B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 346 Woodlawn, Glencoe, 111. Herbert Drucker L.L.B. 41 Warren PL, Montclair, X. J. Nancy J. Druker B. of Mus Lit. 17597 Fail-field, Detroit, Mich. Helen S. Dubpernell A.B. in Pre Social Work 9125 Meyers Rd., Detroit, Mich. Joan S. Dudd M.A. in Mus. 415 S. Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann S. Duellman B.S.X. 508 Walnut St., Ann Arbor, Mich. William J. Duffy A.B. in Political Science 1430 22nd St., Des Moines, la. Bonnabelle M. Dugan B. of Mus. Education 8123 Manor, Detroit, Mich. Shirley C. Durance A.B. in Education 5516 Lakepointe, Detroit Mich. James R. Durand B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 2990 Military, Port Huron, Mich. Alfreda M. Duster A.B. in Spec. Education 3239 Prairie, .Chicago, 111. James D. Dutcher B.S. in Phys. Education 510 Adams, Alpena, Mich. Hubert E. Dutil B.B.A. in Accounting 7205 Wiegand, Centerline, Mich. Donald J. Eaddy B.S. in Phys. Education 1145 Logan, Grand Rapids, Mich. James R. East B.S. in Pharmacy Box 304, Ramsay, Mich. Roberta A. Eastman A.B. in Education 10590 Harlow, Detroit, Mich. Crosby J. Eaton M.D. 462 Fisher Bldg., Detroit, Mich. Faye S. Ebach B.S.X. 508 Lawrence, Ann Arbor, Mich. Wallace B. Eberhard A.B. in Journalism 1225 Vermont, Lansing, Mich. John K. Ebling M.D. 2225 Englewood, Grand Rapids, Mich. David L. Edgar D.D.S. 18008 Cherrylawn, Detroit, Mich. Dave H. Edwards B.S.E. (M.E.) 1970 Bay Blvd., Indian Rocks Beach, Fla. Lynne E. Edwards A.B. in EL Education 511 LaSalle Blvd., Port Huron, Mich. Reid A. Edwards, Jr. M.B.A. in Marketing 520 Park Ave., Albert Lea, Minn. James N. Ege A.B. in Political Science 1460 Bennaville, Birmingham, Mich. Elizabeth A. Elliott A.B. in Education 105 Middle Dr., Ypsilanti, Mich. Duane G. Ellis B.S.E. (Ind. and M.E.) R. R. 5, Des Moines, la. Lois T. Ellwart B.S. in Zoology 695 Latson Road, Howell, Mich. Salah K. El-Samarrai M.S. In Physics 22 16 Samarrah. Iraq Keith A. Emerick B.S. in Physics 937 E. Seventh St., Flint, Mich. Diego J. Enciso B.S. in Pre-Professional 621 X. Warren, Saginaw, Mich. Patricia L. Endres B.S.X. 119 Caledonia St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 404 Earl R. Engel B.S.P]. (C.E.) 14835 Manning, Detroit, Mich. Sally L. Engel A.B. in Education 33 Emmons Ct., Wyandotte, Mich. Lois A. Engler A.B. in Economics Lake wood, St. Clair Shores, Mich. Mora L. English B. of Mus. in Piano 1915 X. Adams. Hutchinson, Kan. Pauline J. Engstrom A.B. in Political Science 805 W. Hazelhurst. Ferndale, Mich. Fordon E. Epding A.B. in Speech 14660 Winthrop. Detroit. Mich. John C. Erfurt A.B. in Economics 726 Garland, Flint. Mich. Conroy V. Erickson A.B. in Journalism 2522 Begole, Flint, Mich. Alice I. Esterer A.B. in Eng. Lit. 3411 Geddes, Ann Arbor, Mich. Elizabeth E. Evans A.B. in Spanish 15741 Piedmont, Detroit, Mich. John C. Evans B.S.E. (C.E.) 124 E. Oak, Mason, Mich. Lynda L. Evans B.S. in Design 626 W. Horner St., Ebensburg, Pa. Alfred P. Ewert B.S.E. (E.?:.) 4827 Bedford, Detroit, Mich. Betty J. Ewing A.B. in English 1407 White, Ann Arbor, Mich. Waldo C. Fahling B.S.E. (E.E.) Kenowa Ave., Conklin, Mich. Donald R. Fairbairn A.B. in Economics 114 Sunny Reach Dr., West Hartford, Conn. Lorraine P. Falberg B. of Mus. in Piano 1560 Grand Concourse, New York, X. Y. Gene O. Fanger B.S. in Chemistry 1525 W. Dartmouth, Flint, Mich. Ardith F. Farris B.S. in P.H.X. 1127 E. Ann, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert E. Ferguson B.S.E. (C.E.) 822 15th Ave., Prospect Park, Pa. Sally C. Fernamberg B.S. in Phys. Education 514 W. Park, Wauseon, Ohio Dominic J. Ferraro L.L.B. 128 S. Main. Nazareth, Pa. Kenneth R. Ferrington B.B 1376 Mooreville Rd., Milan, Mich. Carol L. Ferris A.B. in El. Education Lincoln, Mich. Albert E. Fey B.S.E. (M.E.) 240 X. York Ave., Dearborn, Mich. Barbara M. Field A.B. in Mus. Lit. 1896 Summit Ave., St. Paul, Minn. Ruth M. Filter B.S. in Biology R. 1. Britton, Mich. Arlene R. Fineman A.B. in Education 18490 Bireherest Ave., Detroit, Mich. Dorothy L. Fink B.S. in Education 641 Buckingham PI., Chicago, 111. Carol L. Fischer A.B. in Education 2557 Fischer, Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth A. Fischer B. of Mus. Education 1075 Martha St., Dubuque, Iowa Eugene E. Fischer A.B. in German 3868 Glendale, Muskegon Hgts., Midi. Elsie C. Fisher A.B. in Psychology 2813 Cooper, Saginaw, Mich. Jerome W. Fisk B.S.E. (E Phvs ) 76 Mallery, Elgin, 111. Marianne L. Flack A.B. in Political Science 114 82nd Rd., Kew Gardens, X. Y. Gerald T. Flahavin A.B. in Political Science 617 Baxter Ct., Canton, 111. 405 Donald C. Fleming B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 3248 3 Cherry St., Toledo, Ohio Mary S. Fleming A.B. in Speech 615 Ogden, Escanaba, Mich. Foy J. Fleming B.B.A. Accounting 1618 Cascade St., Jackson, Mich. Gale F. Fletchall M.D. 554 Sixth St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Tom W. Flynn B.S. in Design 2364 Wooster Rd., Rocky River, Ohio Ka Lun Fogg B.S.E. (C.E.) 7 Tonnochy Rd., Hong Kong. China Carol M. Foote A.B. in English Honors 14514 San Juan, Detroit, Mich. Charles A. Forrest A.B. in Economics 15857 Evanston, Detroit, Mich. Richard H. Foss M.D. 757 Washington Ave., Dunkirk, X. Y. Harold W. Fowler D.D.S. 1411 Lake Shore Dr., St. Joseph. Mich. Robert L. Fowler A.B. in Political Science 115 Maple, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Jeralee A. Fox A.B. in English 1042 S. Maple, Ann Arbor. Mich. Mary E. Fox A.B. in El. Education 523 E. Bridge St., Portland, Mich. Phillis E. Frank A.B. in Speech 963 Fisher ltd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Ann M. Franklin B.S.N. 280 College, Ferndale, Mich. Clifford J. Franklin B.B.A. in Marketing 1444 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles E. Franti A.B. in Mathematics Ewen, Mich. Harold C. Franz B.B.A. 8211 Pinehurst, Detroit, Mich. Beverly E. Franzblau B. of Mus. Education 18651 Roselawn, Detroit, Mich. Kay Frauenthal A.B. in Philosophy 1670 Peck, Muskegon, Mich. Frank W. Frazier B.S.E. (E.E.) 244 W. Front, Perrysburg, Ohio Robert E. Fremlin B.S.E. (Xav. Arch.) 625 Half Acre Dr., Milford, Mich. Alice E. French B.S. in Geology 11405 Berwick, Livonia, Mich. Robert S. Frey I..L.B. 124 Ford Ave., Wyandotte, Mich. Phyllis J. Fricke B.B.A. in Marketing 996 Colfax, Benton Harbor, Mich. Susan J. Fricker A.B. in El. Education Wellington ltd.. Franklin, Mich. Elaine C. Friedman B. of Mus. Composition 3529 Sherbourne, Detroit, Mich. Laurence Friedman A.B. in Psychology 19 Parkside, Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. Kenneth E. Frieswyk D.D.S. 1019 Alexander St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Ronald T. Fukushima A.B. in Pre-Professional %Maui Pine Co., Kahului, Maui, T. H. Edward J. Furdak B.S.E. (C.E.) 7445 Freda, Dearborn, Mich. Howard A. Gaberson M.S.E. (M.E.) 15107 Seneca, Detroit, Mich. John F. Gaebler B.S. in Physics 18410 Xorthlawn, Detroit, Mich. Joyce Gaffert A.B. in Education 1224 Cherry St., Winnetka, 111. Pericles Gagalis A.B. in Geography 201 S. Revena Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Carol Galin A.B. in El. Education 15788 Appoline, Detroit, Mich. 406 n ft w4 I 6 f? ) 5 r . s .-vt k I!li I n r j u f Nancy C. Gallery B S N 233 X. Aimer, Caro, Mich. Mark M. Gallon A.B. in Pre-Law 4034 Kingsbury, Toledo, Ohio Joella C. Gamble B.S. in Zoology R.F.D. 3, Hudson, Mich. Eleanor P. Ganger A.B. in Near Eastern Studies 48-05 75th St., Woodside, X. Y. May W. Garfinkle A.B. in Education 1030 Fern St., Xew Orleans, La. James A. Gary B.B.A. in Accounting Chase, Wheaton, 111. Elsie D. Gaunt B.S. in P H X 609 H E. William, Ann Arbor, Mich. Paul K. Geiger A.B. in Economics 3609 Woodlawn Dr., Honolulu, T. H. Earl M. Genzberger A.B. in Pre-Legal Studies 214 S. Washington, Butte, Mont. John A. Geralt M D 3829 Roulo, Dearborn, Mich. Marvin H. Gerber A.B. in Economics 2542 Hawthorn, Ann Arbor, Mich. Elizabeth O. Gerstner M.D. 123 X. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard M. Gerstner M.D. 123 X. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert C. Gertel B.S. in Economies 2683 Unionville Rd., Sebewaing, Mich. Ward D. Getty B.S.E. (E.E.) 5591 Greenway, Detroit. Mich. Herbert R. Geyer B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 555 S. Detroit Ave., Toledo. Ohio George J. Gianakaris B.S. in Phys. Education 416 Florence, Ypsilanti, Mich. Theodore E. Gibson B.S. in Economics 757 Covington Dr., Detroit, Mich. Norma n S. Giddan A.B. in Eng. Lit. 2207 X. Sheridan, Peoria, 111. Suzanne L. Gilbert A.B. in Speech Medina, Ohio Donald J. Oilier B.S.E. (Ch. and Met.E.) 524 Harrington, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Eleanor E. Gillespie A.B. in Eng Lit 11391 Columbia, Detroit, Mich. Stan ton L. Gilliland D.D.S. Jonesville, Mich. Richard Gilmartin M.D. 1724 Colgrove Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Donna E. Ginn A.B. in English 18485 Roselawn, Detroit, Mich. Barbara R. Glaser A.B. in English 12 Maple Drive, Roosevelt, X. Y. Bernice Glasner A.B. in Spanish 44 Sherman Ave., Xew Haven, Conn. Ruth S. Click A.B. in El. Education 2637 Colchester Rd., Cleveland Hgts, Ohio Ralph F. Glowacki A.B. in History 4753 W. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. Francisco C. Go B.S.E. (C.e.) M.S.E. (C.E ) P. O. Box 71, Celon City, Philippine Islands James W. Goebel B.S.E. (M.E.) 193 McKinley, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Sharon T. Goebel A.B. in Education 12719 Sussex Ave., Detroit, Mich. Robert W. Goedien B.B.A. in Ind. Relations R. 1. Two Rivers, Wis. John W. Goering D.D.S. 17352 Santa Barbara, Detroit. Mich. Roy M. Goethe M.D. 618 E. Ridge, Ispheming, Mich. Helen M. Goetz A.B. in Sociology 132 Highbrook Ave., Pelham, X. Y. 407 Mary L. Goldberg A.R. in El. Education 6820 Crandon. Chicago, 111. Paula L. Goldberg A.B. in English 3424 Goddard Rd., Toledo, Ohio Bram J. Goldman B.B.A. 2980 South St., K. Ann Arbor, Mich. William D. Goldsberry L.L.B. 9183 Oldtown, Detroit, Mich. Sherwin S. Goldstein B.S. in Pharmacy 8245 S. Maryland, Chicago, 111. Daone B. Columbia A.B. in Education 18945 Oak Dr., Detroit, Mich. Richard M. Goodman A.B. in Political Science 20140 Warrington, Detroit, Mich. Leroy B. Goodson B.S. in Zoology 235 Oberlin Rd., Elyria, Ohio Ronald R. Goodwin A.B. in Political Science 125 Sherman Ct., Benton Harbor, Mich. Chaval V. Gopalarao M.S.E. (M.E.) Re-pa He, Anclhra State, India Ronald F. Gora B.S. in Phys. Education 2008 W. Webster, Chicago, 111. Connie C. Gordner A.B. in El. Education 2381 Kildare, Windsor, Ontario, Canada Keith A. Gordon A.B. in Zoology 1705 Dover Ave., Dover, Ohio Maxine Gordon A.B. in El. Education 17576 Oak Dr., Detroit, Mich. Frederick R. Gorree B. of Arch. 17540 Melrose, Detroit, Mich. Arlene R. Gottesman A.B. in History 329 Field PI., Hilside, X. J. Esther M. Goudsmit A.B. in Zoology Benson Ave., Sayville, Long Island, N. Y. Barbara Ann Gourley B.S. in Botany 14965 Terry, Detroit, Mich. Buddha V. Govindaraj Ph.D. in International Law 38 Bungalow St., Shevapet Salem, Madras, India Lois A. Grabill A.B. in Spec. Education Linwood, Flint, Mich. Philip G. Graf A.B. in History 329 Clinton Hgts., Columbus, Ohio Ralph A. Graham A.B. in Design R. 3, Williamston, Mich. Nora V. Granito A.B. in History 140 Chapel Rd., Manharaset, N. Y. Jay Grant A.B. in Journalism 1125 Trout Brook Dr., W. Hartford, Conn. John C. Grant B.B.A. 1951 Jefferson S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Patricia A. Graves A.B. in English 273 Chalfonte, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Sarah L. Greek A.B. in Education 20410 Audette, Dearborn, Mich. Beverly G. Green B. of Mus. Lit. 612 X. Saginaw Road., Midland, Mich. David L. Green B. of Mus. Education 6121 Lotz Rd., Plymouth, Mich. Henry L. Green A.B. and M.D. 13340 Xorthfield Blvd., Oak Park, Mich. Juanita B. Green M.A. in Xear-Eastern Studies 47-32 Union, Flushing, X. Y. Milton H. Green M.D. 1444 Washington Hgts., Ann Arbor, Mich. Elizabeth A. Greenberg A.B. in English 263 Fail-mount Terr., Bridgeport, Conn. Florence E. Greenberg A.B. in Speech Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Frank P. Greene A.B. in Psychology 1666 Broadway, Ann Arbor, Mich. Frank T. Greene " B.S. in Chemistry 1008 Balfour St., Midland, Mich. 408 Gayle Greene A.B. in English 17177 Wildemere, Detroit, Mioh. Ann M. Greenfield A.B. in English 444 E. l!)th St., Brooklyn, X. Y. Seymour D. Greenstone A.B. in Political Science 15841 Steel, Detroit, Mich. Michael T. Gregoric A.B. in Anthropology 3828 Fourth, Wayne, Mich. Jean A. Gregory B.S.N. 1201 Linwood, Ann Arbor, Mioh. Dolores M. Greig A.B. in Speech 2121 Cleveland Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Marie L. Greimel A.B. in El. Education 811 W. Franklin. Jackson, Mich. Thomas L. Griem A.B. in Economics 724 Williamshury, Birmingham, Mich. Roma B. Griffiths B.S.X. 1808 X. Sheridan, Bay City, Mich. Jack M. Grimm A.B. in Political Science 1681 p:d vin St., Muskegon, Mich. Paul Groffsky A.B. in Political Science 44!) Richmond Ave., Maplewood, X. J. Roy O. Gress D.D.S. 334 S. Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Sharon B. Gross A.B. in French 707 Mineola Ave., Akron, Ohio Winona E. Grosse A.B. in El. Education 37129 Glenwood Rd., Wayne, Mich. Thomas K. Grove B.B.A. 2521 Chevrolet Ave., Flint, Mich. Martin W. Gruenfeld A.B. in Speech 1532 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, X. Y. Margaret A. Grunawalt A.B. in English Madison. Lapeer, Mich. Frances E. Gudemann A.B. in Speecli 567 W. 170th St., Xew York, X. Y. - Elaine E. Gulden A.B. in El. Education 841 E. University, Ann Arbor, Mich. Rajeshwar K. Gupta " B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 16 1803, Xaiwala Xo. 52, Delhi-5, India Mike W. Gural B.S.E. (M.E.) 8827 Silvenvood Rd., Silverwood, Mich. Henry Guralwick M.D. 3813 Humphrey, Detroit, Mich. Hanley M. Gurwin A.B. in Pre-I,egal Studies 16623 Princeton, Detroit, Mich. Robert D. Guy A.B. in Economics 410 X " . McKinley, Muncie, Ind. Sally L. Haas B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 400 W. 25th St., Sioux Falls, S. Dakota Raymond M. Haddad B. of Mus. 1729 Erie. Toledo, Ohio Raymond M. Hagan D.D.S. 22412 Manor, St. Clair Shores, Mich. Joann R. Hage Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 2971 Xewburg, Wayne, Mich. Barbara R. Hagen B. of Mus. Meadowbrook Road, Benton Harbor, Mich. John A. Haines, Jr. A.B. in Pre-Legal 125 E. Huron St., Vassar, Mich. William G. Halby L.L.B. 2077 W. High St., Lima, Ohio Charles A. Hall L.L.B. 41 Second St., Geneseo, X. Y. Elizabeth S. Hall A.B. in El. Education 55 Canal St., Xavarre. Ohio Howard D. Hall B.S.E. (Ch. and Math.E.) 605 X. Main, Marine City, Mich. John C. Hall A.B. in English 2550 Stair, Detroit, Mich. Mary E. Hall B.S. in Chemistry 3121 W. Gilbert St., Muncie, Ind. 409 Nancy A. Hall A.B. in Education 1022 S. Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert M. Halleen B.S.E. (M.E.) Middlepointe, Dearborn, Mich. Kenneth L. Hallenbeck, Jr. A.B. in Geography 2009 Washtenaw, Ann Arbor, Mich. John J. Halloran A.B. in Social Sciences 935 Washingto n Ave., Muskegon, Mich. James D. Halpern A.B. in Physics 20213 Strathmoor, Detroit, Mich. Dorothy E. Ham A.B. in El. Education 1709 S. University, Ann Arbor, Mich. Don E. Hamachek B.S. in Social Work 311 Dillon, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. William R. Hamil B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 12 Adams, Dearborn, Mich. Charles F. Hamilton B.S. in Pre-Medical 615 Trumbull, Bay City, Mich. Lynn M. Hammond A.B. in El. Education Box 22, Midland, Mich. Angello J. Hampares L.L.B. 501 Crescent N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Katherine Hampares A.B. in Spanish 501 Crescent N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. David R. Hampton A.B. in Psychology Woodcrest Dr., Royal Oak, Mich. Victor H. Hampton M.B.A. in Accounting 15717 Provost, Detroit, Mich. Donald L. Hanley B.S.E. (Aero,E.) 229 Summit Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. Russell Hanlon M.D. 314 W. Superior, Wayland, Mich. Barbara Ann Hansen A.B. in Spanish 20 Dickinson St. S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Renata C. Hantel B.B.A 3362 Roosevelt, Dearborn, Mich. Margaret A. Hardie B.S.N. 218 Fourth St., Jackson, Mich. Cynthia A. Hardy A.B. in Spec, and El. Education 109 Northland Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Emily Hardy A.B. in Sociology 4720 Three Mile Dr., Detroit, Mich. Eileen L. Harmer B.S. in Phys. Education 49 Monterey, Pontiac, Mich. Arlys A. Haroldson A.B. in A. Education 537 S. Division, Ann Arbor, Mich. Elaine L. Harper A.B. in Sociology 1827 Florida Dr., Ft. Wayne, Ind. Coralie Harper A.B. in Journalism 322 Leta Ave., Flint, Mich. Jean Toepfer Harper B.S. in Design 305 Prospect, Vassar, Mich. Sam E. Harper B.S. in Design 1827 Florida, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Shelby A. Harrington B.S.E. (Aero. E.) 1520 Longfellow, Detroit, Mich. Velma M. Harris A.B. in El. Education Pierce St., Birmingham, Mich. Theodore N. Harrison D.D.S. 3200 W. Chicago, Detroit, Mich. Marjorie J. Harry B.S. in Design 6160 Flushing Rd., Flushing, Mich. Dora M. Hartwell A.B. in El. Education 2607 Court St., Saginaw, Mich. Eugene L. Hartwig A.B. in Pre-Legal Studies 3391 W. 158 St., Cleveland, Ohio Don S. Harvey A.B. in Economics 1249 Pennoyer, Grand Haven, Mich. Mary A. Hassler A.B. in English 220 Waverly, Highland Park, Mich. Charles P. Hatch B. S.E. (E.E.) 4137 Seminole, Royal Oak Mich. 410 1 I I I I I Of v -- John H. Hatcher B.S.E. (E.E.) 318 E. University, Royal Oak, Mich. John D. Hatton D.D.S. 3921 St. Clair, Detroit, Mich. T. Stephen Hauser B.B.A. in Marketing 1437 Fostoria Rd., Findlay, Ohio Frances E. Hauss B. of Mus. in Piano 12571 E. Outer Drive, Detroit, Mich. Nancy M. Havermale A.B. in Speech Correction 937 Pilgrim, Birmingham, Mich. Claudette V. Hawes B.S. in Chemistry 7 Farragut, Bay Ridge, Md. Virgil P. Hawkins B.S. in Pharmacy 321 Hoover Ave., Akron, Ohio Walter H. Hay A.B. in Psychology 2020 Galewood, Grand Rapids, Mich. William J. Hayeanek B.S.E. (E.E.) Coachville Trailer Park, Ypsilanti, Mich. Jerry F. Hays A.B. in Fine Arts 18116 Melrose, Detroit, Mich. Ann C. Heath Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 440 Buckingham, Flint, Mich. Jeree L. Heeney A.B. in Psychology 23720 Farmington Rd., Farmington, Mich. Margaret A. Heidbreder A.B. in English 327 7th, Traverse City, Mich. Barbara Heider A.B. in Fine Arts 1019 S. 6th St., Ironton, Ohio Paul R. Heildel B.S. in Mathematics 15508 Sussex, Detroit, Mich. James B. Hellenberg B.B.A. 612 Scottwood, Monroe, Mich. Camilla D. Heller B. of Mus. 533 X. Tonka St., Appleton, Wis. Clifford B. Heller D.D.S. 18434 Indiana, Detroit, Mich. George A. Hellwarth B.S.E. (E.E.) 14429 Terry, Detroit, Mich. Donald J. Helv ' y D.D.S. 10 X. Wallace, Ypsilanti, Mich. Robert J. Henderson A.B. in English 3430 Armour, Port Huron, Mich. Caroline L. Herald B.S.N. 226 Tremont Ave., Greensburg, Pa. Rozanne Herbert A.B. in History 1203 Oakland, Ann Arbor, Mich. Henrietta Hermelin A.B. in Speech 4281 Pasadena, Detroit, Mich. Dietlind L. Hermes B.S. in Design 41 Clinton Ave., Maplewood. X. J. Ronald H. Herr B.B.A. in Marketing 1411 Olive Ave., Chicago, 111. Jay B. Herschman B.S. in Pre-Dental 3349 Military Rd., X.W. Washington D. C. Carol S. Hershey A.B. in Speech 3223 E. Meadow Brook, Phoenix, Ariz. Robert E. Herzfeld A.B. in Economics 317 Tyne Rd., Louisville, Ky. Diana L. Hewitt A.B. in Sociology 1711 W. University Ave.. Champaign, 111. Ann E. Heystek A.B. in English 20154 Steel Ave., Detroit, Mich. Thomas R. Hibbard B.S.E. (C.E.) 2832 McKoon, Xiagara Falls, X. Y. George D. Hickman M.S. in Physics 723 Cornell Dr., Ypsilanti, Mich. Nancy G. Hicks B.S. in Design 1472 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. David L. Higgins B.S. in Design OrchardRidge Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Linda L. Hiler B. of Mus. Education 235 Washington, Ionia, Mich. 411 Douglas J. Hill B.B.A. 6739 Sampson Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio William G. Hill A.B. in Zoology 105-04 29 Ave., PI Elmhurst. L. I. Mary A. Hilliard A.B. in El. Education 432 W. Button, Kalamazoo, Mich. Barbara C. Hillman A.B. in K . Education 1911 Lenox Rd., X.E., Atlanta, Ga. George J. Hilsabeck B.S.E. (M.E.) 2501 16th Ave., Menominee, Mich. Constance Hilton B.B.A. 12 Terrace Ave., Ionia, Mich. Ng H. King M.D. 1714 X. Saginaw St., Flint, Mich. Mickey H. Hiraga B.S. in P. H. Admin. 719 Argo Dr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Stuart Z. Hirschman A.B. in Psychology 2300 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, X. Y ' . Gary K. Hobbs B.S. in Pharmacy 810 2 Congress St., Ypsilanti, Mich. Charles S. Hocking B.S.E. (E.E.) 3066 Keith Dr., Flint, Mich. Howard J. Hockstad A.B. in Speech Box 991, Elk Rapids, Mich. Lois G. Hoenecke B.S. in Design 2C1 Spring, Plymouth, Mich. Donna J. Hoffman A.B. in English 14432 Piedmont, Detroit, Mich. Frederick K. Hohwart B.S.E. (M.E.) 19381 Sussex, Detroit, Mich. Niles R. Holland D.D.S. 873 Kings Hwy., Lincoln Park, Mich. Carol M. Holley B.S. in Design 24719 Wingna. Dearborn, Mich. Robert W. Holloway A.B. in English 5097 Pennsylvania, Detroit, Mich. Carolyn M. Holtrey B.S. in Botany Frankfort, Michigan Barbara J. Hondorp A.B. in El. Education 1351 Giddings, S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. L. Gregory Hooper A.B. in History 7573 Macomb, Grosse lie, Mich. Roy W. Home B.S. in Zoology 18171 Buckingham, Birmingham, Mich. Harvey A. Howard L.L.B. 17360 Ohio Ave., Detroit, Mich. Russell V. Howard M.D. 615 W. Sixth St., Flint, Mich. June B. Howe B. of Mus. in Voice 1032 X. Pleasant, Royal Oak, Mich. Glen W. Howell B.S.E. (M.E.) 1346 Ransom St., Muskegon, Mich. Nancy J. Howes B.S.X. Meridan, Dearborn, Mich. Robert W. Hoy B.B.A in Sales Beechmont, Dearborn, Mich. Robert D. Hoydic ' B.B.A. in Finance 1518 E. Carpenter Rd., Flint. Mich. Emily Hsie B.S. in Pharmacy 33 A. Wong Rei Chong Rd., Hong Kong, China Henry C. Hsu B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 708 Rua General Mona Barretta, San Paulo, Brazil. Kathleen G. Hsu M.D. Rednaxella Terr., Hong Kong, China Earl F. Hubacker, Jr. B.S.E. (M.E.) 1449 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Sheila M. Hubbared B. of Mus. Education Mitchell St., Norwich, X. Y. James W. Hubbell B.S.E. (C.E.) 1200 Milford, Milford, Mich. Elizabeth L. Huber A.B. in Speech 2023 E. Olive St., Milwaukee, Wis. 412 Ronald F. Huey D.D.S. 10415 Coventry, Detroit, Mich. Peter W. Huff A.B. Political Science 22515 Olmstead, Dearborn, Mich. Lumen H. Hughes M.D. 501 2nd St., Stambough. Mich. Gretchen A. Hult A.B. in El. Education 1204 Lake Shore, Gladstone, Mich. Jack L. Humm H. 4. Ithaca, Mich. John G. Hungerford Xewlmrg. Md. Naomi I. Hunley Hobina, Berkley, Mich. Ann L. Hunter 301 Rosemary St., Grand Haven. Mich. D.D.S. M.B.A. in Accounting A.B. in Sociology B.S.X. M.D. John Huntington 2100 Vinewood, Ann Arbor, Mich. David N. Hurst A.B. in History Riverview Rd.. Napoleon, Ohio Robert C. Hutchison B.S.E. (Aero. E.) 2151 Burns, Detroit, Mich. David P. Huthwaite A.B. in Political Science 527 W. Iroquois, Pontiac, Mich. James W. Huttenlocher B.B.A. in Insurance 6251 Middle Lake Rd.. Clarkston, Mich. John K. Hyde A.B. in French 27500 Spring Valley Dr., Farmington, Mich. Joan R. Hyman B.S. in Phys. Education 219 Hamilton, Elyria, Ohio Robert A. Hypes A.B. in Economics 435 Budlong, Adrian, Mich. Ida L. lacobucci B.S. in Psychology 521 1 Grayton, Detroit, Mich. Marvin Imber D D S 2693 Webb, Detroit, Mich. Nancy C. Ingram A.B. in Education 17334 Dorset, Detroit, Mich. Wilfred M. Inoue B.S. in Pharmacy Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii Charles E. Irvin, Jr. B.B.A. in Real Estate 619 E. L ' niversity, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hampton Irwin M D 18732 San Jose Blvd., Lathrup Village, Mieii Willard A. Irwin D D S 14169 St. Marys, Detroit, Mich. Jean Isaacson A.B. in Sociology 930 Sheridan Ave., New York, X. Y. Rita B. Isbitts A.B. in Political Science 1 Sickles St., New York, X. Y. Eleanor M. Ishibashi A.B. in El. Education 539 Kilauea St., Hilo, Hawaii Harry J. Iwasko L.L.B. 6886 Bruckner, Detroit, Mich. Tomoaki lye A.B. in Sociology Akahira, Shuri, Okinawa Bernard J. Jacks D D S 13475 Caldwell, Detroit, Mich. Constance R. Jackson B. of Mus. in Piano 2390 Alton Rd., Miami Beach. Fla. Doyne E. Jackson A.B. in Journalism 17236 Dora, Melvindale, Mich. Linda C. Jacobacci A.B. in Psychology 47 W. 35th St., Bayonne, X. J. John Walter A.B. in English 230 Columbia, Lake Worth, Fla. Marc Jacobson A.B. in History 2108 Jacson St., Petersburg, Va. Philip R. Jacobus B B A 39936 Warren Rd., Plymouth. Mich. Marlene L. Jaffa A.B. in English 18225 Oake Drive, Detroit, Mich. 413 ft fci fc Melvin Jaffe A.B. in Psychology 19379 Westmoreland, Detroit, Mich. Lee E. Jager B.S.E. (C.E.) 444 Delaware, Grand Rapids, Mich. David P. Jahsman M.D. Box 131, Franklin, Mich. Nancy D. James A.B. in History 561 Wildvvood, Jackson, Mich. George A. Jayne A.B. in Economics 1435 Harpst St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Stephen J. Jelin A.B. in English Honors Redway Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Cecil C. Jenkins M.S. in Tropical Fisheries 411 Watson Rd., Canton, Ohio Edward B. Jennings D.D.S. R. 1, Mason, Mich. Libby L. Joffe B.S. in P. H. Mountaindale, N. Y. Donald A. Johnson A.B. in History 526 Clinton, Grand Haven, Mich. Helen J. Jenkins Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 19795 Pennington, Detroit, Mich. Hugh C. Johnson B.B.A. 155 N. Green Ave., New Richmond, Wis. Martha J. Johnson B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 206 E. Prospect, Marquette, Mich. Robert A. Johnson B.S. in Chemistry 726 Packard, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert L. Johnson B.S.E. (E.E.) 14814 Sussex, Detroit, Mich. Vernon L. Johnson M.B.A. R. R. 1, Six Lakes, Mich. Frank N. Johnston B.B.A. in Finance 31 Arden Park, Detroit, Mich. James O. Johnston M.D. Camden, Detroit, Mich. Kenneth B. Johnston B.B.A. in Finance 2711 Woodbine, Evanston, 111. Allan M. Jokela A.B. in Speech Rock, Mish. Burwell O. Jones B.S. in Pre-Medical 5652 Pontiac Trail, Pontiac, Mich. Elaine Jones A.B. in El. Education 675 Morreville Rd., Milan, Mich. Elizabeth A. Jones B.S. in Med. Tech. 18517 Stoepel, Detroit, Mich. John O. Jones M.A. in School Admin. 230 McLeod Ave., Ironwood, Mich. Marilee L. Jones B.S.X. 150 1 Roosevelt Rd., Muskegon, Mich. Martha S. Jones B.S. in Design and Teacher ' s Cert. 8206 Craig, Overland Park, Kansas Kingsley P. Joneson B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 652 Hill Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Thomas J. Jordan B.S. in Pharmacy Victoria Ave., New Kensington, Pa. Grete J. Jorgenson B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 14688 Rutlano, Detroit, Mich. Harold E. Josehart B.B.A. in Life Insurance 1919 State, Saginaw, Mich. Barry E. Joseph A.B. in Psychology 1032 E. Landis Ave., Vineland, N. J. David R. Joyce B.S.E. (E.E.) 3 Cameron Dr., Ancaster, Ontario, Canada Richard H. Judd B. of Mus. Education 223 W. State, Edon, Mich. Robert J. Kabcenell M.D. 243 Cherokee, Pontiac, Mich. Gerald C. Kaercher B.S.E. (M.E.) 6155 Pontiac Tr., South Lyon, Mich. Donald A. Kahan A.B. in Political Science 2275 Tuxedo, Detroit, Mich. 414 i i t f h Y fefc Barbara L. Kahn A.B. in Speech 17500 Pennington, Detroit, Mich. Ivan J. Kahn A.B. in Pre-Medical 1070 K. 28 St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Arturs Kalnins B.S.E. (Eng. Mech ) 604 Oake St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Medora M. Kaltenbach A.B in French 512 Dunkirk Rd., Baltimore, Md. Bernard A. Kaminsky L L B 1106 D St., Belmar, N. J. Lloyd A. Kammeraad M.D. 2108 Wyoming Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Arthur M. Kangas, Jr. A.B. in Psyhcology 212 Huhbell St., Houghton, Mich. Claudia R. Kangas B.S.X. 894 Broad, Conneaut, Ohio Nathan L. Kanous B.S. in Pre-Professional 1271 Stever, Flint, Mich. Frances S. Kansaki B.S.N. 1511 Colburn St., Honolulu, Hawaii Rhea L. Kantner A.B. in Social Work 10 Sheldon Terr., New Haven, Conn. Audrey R. Kapetansky A.B. in Anthropology 17215 Santa Barbara, Detroit, Mich. Joel A. Kaplan A.B. in Economics 2212 Cranston, University Heights, Ohio Joan Karabelnick A.B. English 19323 Sorrento, Detroit, Mich. Turker M. Karamizrak B.S.E. (C.E.) Kizilirmak 14 8 Ankara, Turkey Mickey M. Karimoto A.B. in Pre-Law Paia, Maui, Hawaii Leo M. Karl A.B. in Political Science 1822 Casselberry Rd., Louisville, Ky. Robert S. Karp A.B. in Political Science. 1 E. Parkway, Clifton, N. J. Peter S. Katz B. of Mus. Lit 137-82 75th Rd., Kew Gardens Hills, N. Y. Erie G. Kauffman B.S. in Geology 2918 29th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. Theodor S. Kaufman A.B. in Psychology 3(508 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, X. Y. Andrew Kaul B B A 188 Center St., St. Marys, Pa. Fred H. Keidan L L B 20106 Picadilly, Detroit, Midh. Margaret A. Keithley A.B. in Education 924 Chapin, Beloit. Wis. Fred J. Kellman D D S 12841 Darthmouth, Oak Park, Mich. Deloy H. Kelly B.S.E. (E.E.) 7475 Greenwood Rd., Jackson, Mich. Dow E. Kelly D.D.S. 501 Lakepointe, Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. John P. Kelly A.B. in English 61 Royal St., Allston, Boston, Mass. Lawrence M. Kelly A.B. in Political Science 2465 W. Chicago, Detroit, Mich. John H. Kelly, Jr. B.B.A. in Advertising 342 W. State, Wellsville, X. Y. Jocelyn C. Kemble A.B. in English 332 S. Fifth Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard D. Kendall B.S.E (M E ) 19366 Hickory, Detroit, Mich. David D. Kennedy B.B.A. in Finance 1041 Pawnee, Wilmette, 111. Carol L. Kenney B. of Mus. 541 S. Division, Ann Arbor, Mich. William E. Kent A.B. in German 306 Van Buren, Augusta, Mich. Margery E. Kenvin A.B. in Speech 7975 St. Paul Ave., Detroit, Mich. 415 Mary Ann Kerlikowske A.B. in Speech 4988 Goddes Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Marilyn R. Kerr A.B. in El. Education 56 Pare St., Clawson, Mich. Dianne E. Keyport A.B. in El. Education 1702 Montclair, Hint, Mich. Tawfig N. Khoury B.S.E. (C.E.) 313 E. Second St., Flint, Mich. Joan K. Kiegler B.S. in Physical Therapy Watts Hill, Honesdale, Pa. Elaine C. Kihen A.B. in El. Education 1119 Kensington, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Duane P. Kimmel D.D.S. 414 E. Dayton, Flint, Mich. Joseph C. Kindermann B.S.E. (M.E.) 3604 Bangor, Bay City, Mich. Joanna L. Kindley A.B. in Speech Correction Kennesan, Birmingham, Mich. Linda L. King A.B. in Psychology 340 Pleasant, Charlotte, Mich. Sylvia W. King A.B. in Education 1328 21st St., Port Huron, Mich. Theodore A. King B.B.A. in Accounting 2059 Clairmount, Detroit, Mich. David F. Kiplinger A.B. in Eng. Lit. 15113 Faust, Detroit, Mich. Nell A. Kirby B.S.N. 1830 W. Main, Ovvosso, Mich. Robert V. Kirchen B.S. in Zoology 1212 George, Lansing, Mich. Elizabeth R. Kirsch B.S.N. 114 Main St., Gibsonhurg, Ohio Martha A. Kisel B. of Mus. Education 18330 Powers, Dearborn, Mich. Kathryn S. Kitson B.S. in Design 762 Sunningdale, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Jacquelyn J. Klak A.B. in History CanfieTd, Milan, Mich. Suzanne Klame A.B. in Political Science 400 W. Glenaven, Youngstown, Ohio Maryjane R. Kleer II. R. 3, Three Rivers, Mich. Judith E. Klein B.S. in Zoology 179-30 Grand Central Pkwy., Jamaica, N. Y. Lois I. Klein A.B. in Fine Arts Fairmount, Shaker Hts., Ohio Patricia H. Klein A.B. in El. Education 2013 Marlindale Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio Phyllis Klein A.B. in El. Education 231 E. University Pkwy., Baltimore, Md. Susan G. Klein A.B. in English 8545 Second, Detroit, Mich. Marilea Kleinert A.B. in El. Education 5761 N. Snowshoe Cin., Birmingham, Mich. Karl K. Klipfel B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 807 Heidleberg, Toledo, Ohio James T. Klomparens, Jr. M.D. 616 State St., Holland, Mich. Raymond E. Knape L.L.B. 827 Cadillac Dr., Grand Rapids, Mich. Gazy H. Knapp A.B. in Prc-Professional 1407 Borton, Essexville, Mich. Sylvia R. Knight A.B. in English 232 S. 40th St., Galesburg. Mich. Muriel R. Knobloch A.B. in History 100 Van Cortland Pk. S., Bronx, X. Y. Robert E. Knode M.D. 55 Central, Battle Creek, Mich. Bruce F. Knoll . B.S. in Chemistry 2002 Scottwood St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard J. Knopf B. of Arch. 413 Madison St., Chelsea, Mich. 416 Henry K. Knowlton B.B.A. in Actuarial Science 995 Harvard, Berkley, Mich. Leslie L. Knowlton A.B. in Economics 904 K. Kcnnelworth, Flint, Mich. Gerald L. Kochanny, Jr. B.S. in Chemistry 1017 S. Jackson St., Bay City, Mich. Janet L. Kochenny B.S. in Chemistry 702 S. Pleasant, Royal Oak, Mich. Christine B. Koeff M.A. in Far Eastern Studies 1113 Leith, Flint, Mich. Frederick W. Koehn Harbor Beach, Mich. Iseli Koenig Knox, Pa. Robert F. Koester M.A. in Wood Tech. A.B. in Psychology B. of Mus. Education 905 Jefferson Rd., Fostoria, Ohio Jane A. Kohr A.B. in English Wimhleton, Birmingham, Mich. Charles W. Kolak B.S.E. (C.E. and Math.) 47035 X. Territorial, Plymouth, Mich. Richard H. Kolloff B.S. in Chemistry 3446 Richard St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Eve R. Kommel M.A. in Speech 1445 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard M. Kommel M.D. 5112 W. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. John W. Kormes A.B. in Economics and Pre-Law 119 E. 84 St.. New York, X. Y. Daniel E. Kornacki B.S. in Pharmacy 21923 Gudith Rd., Trenton, Mich. William J. Koselka B.S.E. (Aero. E.) 1741 Lima, Dexter, Mich. Suresh C. Kothari B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 182 Dady Seth Agiary Lane, Bombay, India Navanitray C. Kothary M.S.E. (Ch.E.) 5 148 Sion Rd., Bombay, India Nancy D. Kovack A.B. in Speech 2742 Golfside Lane, Flint, Mich. Margaret M. Koykka A.B. in Greek 1255 Oakridge Dr., Cleveland Heights, Ohio Ernest S. Kozma A.B. in Pre-Professional 7044 Palmer Ave. E., Detroit, Mich. Stewart M. Krakover B.S. in Wood Tech. 310 X. Mercen St., Xew Castle, Pa. Alice M. Kretzschmar A.B. in Mathematics 422 Alter Rd., Detroit, Mich. Gloria B. Krigsten B.S.X. 3020 Pierce St., Sioux City. Iowa William S. Kristofetz M.S.E. (M.E.) 6382 S. Henry St., Muskegon, Mich. Barry L. Kroll A.B. in Psychology 7822 Merrill, Chicago, 111. Charlie W. Kropf A.B. in Geology 5059 Drexel, Detroit, Mich. Joseph E. Kubacka A.B. in Economics 31100 Stafford, Birmingham, Mich. Frank E. Kucera M.D. Pinconning, Mich. Robert E. Kuehn A.B. in English 1619 X. 17th St., Sheboygan, Wis. Leonard J. Kujawa B.B.A. and M.B.A. in Accounting 1011 Selmser Ave., Cloquet, Minn. Beverly A. Kulaski M.D. 7500 Robinwood, Detroit, Mich. Robert L. Kunz B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 13 Long Ave., Hamburg, X. Y. Lucille Kurian A.B. in Sociology 2245 Chicago Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Helen J. Kurtz A.B. in Speech Correction 804 S. Second St., Clearfield, Pa. John M. Laansma B.B.A. in Accounting 832 Dorroll, Grand Rapids, Mich. 417 - I James D. Laarman B.S.E. (C.E.) 15344 Northlawn, Detroit, Mich. Marilyn Labiner A.B. in Education 8607 First Ave., N. Bergen, New Jersey Shulamith Laikin A.B. in Social Studies 8360 LaSalle St., Detroit, Mich. Anne P. Lampman A.B. in English 415 Moran Rd., Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. Milton S. Landau 20437 Marlowe, Detroit, Mich. Lucy F. Landers A.B. in History 3419 Warden Dr., Philadelphia, Pa. Ruth B. Landy A.B. in Speech Correction 15500 Van Aken Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Edward M. Lans A.B. in Psychology 383 East 17th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Henry S. Lang, Jr. B.S. in Mineralogy 400 E. 83rd St., New York, N. Y. Ruth J. Langs A.B. in History 1762 Iroquois Ave., Detroit, Mich. Joyce A. Langschwager M.A. in Education 2206 W. Farwell Ave., Chicago, 111. Russell J. Lantz, Jr. B.S. in Pharmacy 216 N. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Helen e G. Lapides A.B. in Education 18205 Parkside, Detroit, Mich. Lois A. Larsen B.S.N. 14815 Cruse, Detroit, Mich. William A. Larson B. of Mus. Education 1305 14th St., Monominee, Mich. Homer I. Larson M.D. 2644 Maplewood St., E. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ronal W. Larson B.S.E. (E.E.) 3575 E. Huron River Dr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Margaret A. Lashbrook B.S.N. 421 W. Jefferson St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Jacob Lassner A.B. in Near Eastern Studies 5100 15th Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Raghubir P. Lath B.S.E. (Ch.E.) Bargarh, Orissa, India Sook Han S. Lau A.B. in Education 258 Kam. Ave., Hilo, Hawaii Richard A. Lawrence B.B.A. 1809 W. Farneen, Royal Oak, Mich. John C. Layman B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 2330 Lake Dr., Grand Rapids, Mich. Nan J. Leavy B.S.N. 6345 Fenton Rd., Flint, Mich. Barbara A. LeBost A.B. in English 3839 First, Wayne, Mich. Delpha- Jeanne LeDuc B.S. in Physical Therapy 405 University Dr., East Lansin g, Mich. Harry Lee M.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1008 Michigan St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Virginia J. Lee B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 1550 Sawmill Ruh Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Marvin G. Leech A.B. in Design 4449 Filbert Dr., Round Lake, Brighton, Mich. Francine N. Leffler A.B. in English 1010 5th Ave., New York, N. Y. Mildred F. LeGault B.B.A. 205 South " E " St., Cheboygan, Mich. Eugene A. Lehmann B.S.E. (M.E.) 214 DeWitt Rd., Syracuse, N. Y. Stanley J. Leiken A.B. in Pre-Medical 2520 Talmadge, Toledo, Ohio Eleanor O. Leise B.S.N. 7230 Montour, Philadelphia, Pa. John M. Leitch D.D.S. 15777 Ashton Rd., Detroit, Mich. John B. Lelivet B.S.E. (E.E.) 1306 Underwood, Grand Rapids, Mich. 418 o f% to " f JB P (ft O P JL i Laurence G. Lenhardt, Jr. D.D.S. 1310 S. State, Ann Arbor, Mich. Virginia M. Lenning Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 1437 Widdicomb, N.W. Grand Rapids, Mich. Sally R. Lennington B. of Design and Teacher ' s Cert. 417 Rosewood, Monroe, Mich. Carolyn M. Lentz B. of Mus. 68 Rippon, Hillsdale, Mich. Thomas M. Leopold A.B. in Economics 1244 Linden, Highland Park, 111. Paul M. Lepley B.S. in Phys. Education 2979 Division, Clinton, Ohio John W. Leppelmeier A.B. in Latin American Studies 406 Hill St., Bay City, Mich. Patricia J. LeRoy A.B. in El. Education Edgewater Dr., Ashtabula, Ohio Elizabeth J. Levin A.B. in English 1350 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, 111. Artin Levon M.S.E. (C.E.) Rashidst, Pilos K, Baghdad, Iraq Allan B. Levy A.B. in Speech 18993 Oak Dr., Detroit, Mich. Stanley R. Levy A.B. in Psychology 28 Pearl Avenue, Winthrop, Mass. Barbara R. Lewis A.B. in English 782 Pelham Pkwy., New York, X. Y. Georgia Lewis M.D. Box 300-A, Bangor, Mich. Roberta Licht B.B.A. in Accounting 158 Ocean Dr. W., Stamford, Conn. Rita Lichtblau B.S. in Med. Tech. 1710 Vassar N. W., Canton, Ohio Joanne K. Lichty B. of Design 2215 Devonshire, Ann Arbor, Mich. George H. Liddle A.B. in Education Merriman Rd., Romulus, Mich. Robert V. Lieblein B.B.A. 16519 Clifton, Lakewood, Ohio Donald E. Liebreich B.B.A. in Ind. Management 2658 X. Main, Waterbury, Conn. Deborah Lincoln A.B. in Fine Arts 2226 Parkwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. Barbara J. Lindberg B.S. in Genera! Science 503 Hill, Ann Arbor, Mich. Lenora L. Lindhorst A.B. in El. Education 15110 Penrod Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Donald E. Lindman A.B. in History 6907 Oakman, Dearborn, Mich. Frances Chi-Chang Ling B.S. in Pharmacy 11A Hart Ave., Kowloon, Hong Kong, China Emily K. Lingelbach A.B. in English :uid Sec. Cert. 1513 Brookwood, Flint, Mich. John G. Lingon D.D.S. 1120 W. Washington, Ann Arbor, Mich. Phyllis S. Lipsky A.B. in History 1870 E. 27th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. David Litkowsky M.D. 17544 Greenlawn, Detroit, Mich. Marilyn A. Little Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 145 Washington, Freeland, Mich. Howard H. Liverance A.B. in Economics 416 Hawthorne, Birmingham, Mich. David G. Livingston A.B. in Economics 920 Park, Van Wert, Ohio Rae Livingston A.B. in El. Education 545 Bunker Hill, Ashtabula, Ohio James G. Locke A.B. in Pre-Legal Studies 118 E. Prairie, Grandville, Mich. Lenore M. Loeber B.B.A. 16927 Chandler Park Dr., Detroit, Mich. Janet L. Lofgren A.B. in Education 1020 Edgewood, Royal Oak, Mich. 419 Victor C. Long B.S.E (Ch.E.) and B.S. in Chemistry 913 Michigan Ave., Adrian, Mich. Edwin K. Longpre B.S. in Biological Science 2212 McKinley Ave., Bay City, Mich. Sally A. Lorber A.B. in Sociology Lake Nebagamon, Wis. Marcia A. Lorch A.B. in El. Education Briarwood, Grand Ilapids, Mich. Margaret J. Lord A.B. in Sec. Education 1010 W. Cross St., Ypsilanti, Mich. Eugene C. Loring A.B. in Economics 894 Oakdale Rd., X.E., Atlanta, Ga. Robert L. Loucks A.B. in Economics 622 Hull Terr., Evanston, 111. Judith A. Lough A.B. in Fine Arts 311 South St., Greenfield, Ohio James G. Love A. B. in Economics 2607 Miller, Ann Arbor, Mich. David B. Loveland B.S. in Pharmacy Knox St., Ecorse, Mich. Ellen E. Loveland A.B. in Education 1707 Morton Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Sarah A. Loveless B.B.A. Button, Mich. Stanley W. Lowe B.S. in Zoology R. R., Caldwell, Kan. Avis M. Lowery B. of Mus. Education 116 S. Park, Union City, Mich. Richard L. Lowery B.S.E. (C.E.) 923 University, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Marcia B. Lubeck A.B. in El. Education 2650 Tray more Rd., University Hgts, Ohio Marvin J. Lubeck M.D. 2650 Traymore Rd., University Hgts., Ohio Henrietta Lubke A.B. in English 6349 Alamo, Clayton, Mo. Sarah B. Luedders A.B. in El. Education 1225 Harvard Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Herbert K. Luke B. of Arch. 2564-B Kupiolani Blvd., Honolulu, Hawaii Virginia R. Lund A.B. in Spec. Education R. F. D. 1, Midland, Mich. Helen E. Lusko B.B.A. in Marketing 28136 West Road, New Boston, Mich. Harold W. Lynde, Jr. B.S. in Geology Alden PL, Maplewood, X. J. Edward H. Lyons A.B. in Psychology 14355 Abington, Detroit, Mich. Michael M. Lyons B.B.A. in Accounting 6726 . Bosworth Ave., Chicago, 111. Harry B. MacCallum B.S. in Design Sugnet Rd., Box 222, Midland, Mich. Marilyn M. MacCallum B.S. in Art Education 5620 Lake Shore Rd., Port Huron, Mich. Martha A. MacGregor A.B. in El. Education 226 Church St., Parchment, Mich. Peggy I. Mac Iver B. of Design 24935 Waycross Ct., Birmingham, Mich. Kathleen L. Mackay A.B. in English 336 Forest, Hinsdale, 111. John R. MacPherson A.B. in Pre-La v 1414 Lake-shore Dr., Muskegon, Mich. Charles I. Madden D.D.S. 15806 Oakfield, Detroit, Mich. Nick M. Madias B.B.A. in Accounting and Finance 9353 Littlefield, Detroit, Mich. Hassan R. Mahoud M.S.E. (C.E.) Kaniskan, Sulaimania, Iraq Susanne Maihofer A.B. in Speech 17392 Santa Rosa, Detroit, Mich. Richard A. Maier A.B. in Psychology 1111 Fair Oaks, Ann Arbor, Mich. 420 Dawn M. Maine A.B. in Speech Correction 18635 Fenton, Detroit, Mich. George L. Majoros M.A. in Public Administration 4290 Dirker Rd., Saginaw, Mich. Richard S. Makino A.B. in Pre-Professional 59 Market St., Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii Rudolph A. Mancini B.S. in Zoology 5285 Kensington St.. Detroit, Mich. Rosalee J. Mandell A.B. in English 20051 Freeland Ave., Detroit, Mich. Johanna M. Mandelstamm B. of Mus. Education 738 S. Park St., Saginaw, Mich. Geraldine Mankowski B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 4805 Williamson, Dearborn, Mich. Alex W. Mann A.B. in History 1251 Beaconsfield, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Carl O. Mann B.S.E. (M.E.) 1173 Nottingham, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert N. Mann M.B.A. in Accounting 201 Park Ave., Grayslake, 111. Meredyth G. Manns B. of Mus. in Voice 1940 Upton Ave., Toledo, Ohio Bonifacio B. Manzano M.S.E. (M.E.) Santa, Ilocos sur, Philippines John A. Margoes A.B. in Pre-Legal 8344 Lagoon St., Pontiac, Mich. Ester P. Mark A.B. in El. Education 229 Amherst St., Brooklyn, X. Y. Roger C. Markhus B.B.A. in Accounting 3927 Kushland. Toledo, Ohio Robert ]. Marousek A.B. in Economics 20263 Klinger, Detroit, Mich. Glenn G. Marshall B.S.E. Ind. Management 936 Franklin, Grand Haven, Mich. George W. Marti A.B. in Pre-Legal Route 6, Saginaw, Mich. Bettye J. Martin A.B. in Education 644 Marietta. Grand Rapids, Mich. Eldon L. Martin B.S. in Phys. Education 1473 Lee PL, Detroit, Mich. Jay Martin A.B. in Economics 3821 Gramercy St., X. W. Washington, D. C. Marilyn J. Martin A.B. in El. Education 1955 Wellesley Dr., Detroit, Mich. Louis J. Marx M.D. 28773 Everett St., Royal Oak, Mich. Patricia A. Marx A.B. in Spanish 954 Lakepointe, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Hansel S. Masaki B.S. in Zoology 149 E. Bassettlaw Ave., X ' . Sacramento, Calif. Barbara I. Mason B.B.A. in Marketing and Sec. Cert. Box 174, Iron River, Iron River, Mich. Helen M. Matoras A.B. in Eng. Lit. 4416 Fifth, Encorse, Mich. Marion J. Matuszewski B.B.A. 6500 Oakman Blvd., Dearborn, Mich. Roger E. Maugh B.S.E. (M.E.) 1535 Roxbury, Ann Arbor, Mich. Beverly J. Maun B.S. in El. Education 287 Deerhurst, Kenmore, X. Y. Carey H. May A.B. in English 14 Grandview Beach, Lasalle, Mich. Iris E. Mayberry B.S.X. 3035 Marlborough, Detroit, Mich. William R. McArthur B.S. (Ind. Management) 5010 Bruce, Minneapolis, Minn. Ann E. McAuley A.B. in English 432 E. 2nd St., Perrysburg, Ohio Mary J. McCabe B.S. in Zoology 110 West " E " Street, Iron Mountain, Mich. Leonard M. McCalla B.B.A. in Accounting 1301 Granger, Ann Arbor, Mich. 421 Clair M. McCann M.D. 316 E. Prospect, Marquetto, Mich. Philip E. McCarthy B.S. in Pre-Medical 194 Main St., North Easton, Mass. James Z. McClune B.B.A. in Personnel Admin. 1730 W. Stadium, Ann Arbor, Mich. James E. McClurg B.S. in General Science 3147 McKiriley, Dearborn, Mich. Donald E. McComas B. of Mus. Education 202 Grandview, Billings, Mont. Samuel L. McComb B.S.E. (M.E.) 320 Crapo, Alpena, Mich. Alicia McCormick A.B. in Psychology 2528 Maffett St., Muskegon Hgts., Mirh. Frank C. McCormick A.B. in Psychology 2528 Maffett St., Muskegon Hts., Mich. Nancy L. McCormick A.B. in French 40 Kiwassa Rd., Saranac Lake, N. Y. Patrick McCormick B.S. in Pharmacy 227 E. St. Clair, Almont, Mich. Eugene F. McCrum A.B. in Philosophy Pardee Rd., Taylor Center, Mich. Jeanerte McCullough B.S. in Mathematics Box 30, Thompsonville, Mich. Duncan B. McDonald A.B. in Economics 109 N. Thayer, Ann Arbor, Mich. Joanne M. McDonald Cert, in Dent. Hygiene R. 3, South Haven, Mich. Paul H. McDonough L.L.B. 701 S. 15th St., Escanaba, Mich. William A. McElfresh B.S. in Forestry 220 E. Church St., Woodsfield, Ohio Dorothy M. McElroy A.B. in English 1479 Victoria Ave., Lincoln Park, Mich. James M. McGarvey A.B. in English 204 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. Harold J. McGill B.S.E. 3001 Waalkes St., Muskegon Hgts., Mich. John D. McGinty M.D. 754 Grand Marais, Detroit, Mich. Patricia J. McGuigan A.B. in Speech 18031 Appoline, Detroit, Mich. Marjorie Mclntyre A.B. in English 1804 Linwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. Carolyn McKechnie B. of Arch. 3450 Eastham, Dearborn, Mich. Sarah A. McKeighan A.B. in El. Education Avalon, Wis. % Geo. Moore Melvin J. McKinley M.B.A. 238 S. Green St., Henderson, Kentucky James M. McMenamin B.S.E. (E.E.) 16192 Snowden, Detroit, Mich. Mary Ann McParlan B. of Mus. Education Oakwood Dr., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. William A. McPherson A.B. in English 710 Cedar, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Robert H. McSweeny A.B. in English 23505 Playview Dr., St. Clair Shores, Mich. Stuart B. Meach B.B.A. 434 W. 9th, Traverse City, Mich. Earl A. Mead B.B.A. in Factory Management Horatio, Charlotte, Mich. Elizabeth C. Meagher Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 2161 Center, Bay City, Mich. Wesley W. Measel B. of Mus. Education 22649 Curie, Van Dyke, Mich. Dorothy J. Meier Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 3305 Wood. Lansing, Mich. Carley L. Meikle B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 19200 Charleston, Detroit, Mich. William M. Meikle B.B.A. 211 Livingston, Celina, Ohio 422 ft ft m ' A 4 A Joan E. Melges A.B. in El. Education 314 Orchard Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. John V. Melick, Jr. L.L.B. 4540 Brookside Rd., Toledo, Ohio Edgar P. Menning B.S. in Wildlife Management 8349 Walnut Dr., Munster, Ind. Norman J. Menton M.D. 18676 Parkside, Detroit, Mich. Margaret A. Mercer A.B. in English 917 Moulton, North Muskegon, Mich. Joan E. Merrill A.B. in Speech Correction 55 Stanton Lane, Grosse Pointe, Mich. David H. Merritt A.B. in Anthropology 12724 Monte Vista, Detroit, Mich. Lorraine J. Merten A.B. in Zoology Hart, Mich. Dolores P. Messinger A.B. in El. Education 441 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. Janet E. Mewhort A.B. in El. Education 1083 Chesterfield Rd., Birmingham, Mich. Richard P. Meyer B.B.A. 96 Covington, Rochester, N. Y. Robert D. Meyer B.B.A. in Sales 2600 Pine Lake Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Stanley L. Michael M.D. Schoolcraft, Mich. Wanda C. Michaels A.B. in Spanish 404 Manor Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Richard A. Michalik B.S.E. (E.E.) 6916 Mercier, Detroit, Mich. Constantin V. Micuda B.S.E. (C.E.) 616 X. River, Ypsilanti, Mich. Kurt W. Mikat A.B. in Mathematics 5937 Carney, Yale, Mich. Richard G. Miles B.B.A. 319 Spink, Milan, Mich. Priscilla M. Miley B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 1606 Anderson Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Margery J. Milks A.B. in History 914 W. Ionia St., Lansing, Mich. Alice J. Miller A.B. in Sociology 103 Wright St., Shepherd, Mich. Elizabeth D. Miller B.S.N. 711 E. Ann St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Leonard G. Miller B.S.E and M.S.E. (Mat. E.) 993 Pilgrim, Birmingham, Mich. Lynn R. Miller A.B. in Education 40 Birckhead PL, Toledo, O. Marlene L. Miller A.B. in English 609 Crystal Ave., Crystal Falls, Mich. Myra L. Miller B.S.P.H.N. 1148 Grove St., Cleanvater, Fla. Robert A. Miller B.B.A. 925 Waukazoo, Petoskey, Mich. Anne L. Milligan A.B. in Spanish and Sec. Cert. 2608 Woodstock Dr., Detroit, Mich. Jason Millman A.B. in Education 700 Myrtle, Albany, X. Y. Jerome I. Millman B.S. in Pre-Professional 17555 Birchcrest, Detroit, Mich. David B. Mills D.D.S. 209 Hersey, Cadillac, Mich. James R. Mills A.B. in Journalism 7235 Hartwell, Dearborn, Mich. Victoria S. Milton A.B. in Sociology 26560 W. Outer Dr., Lincoln Park, Mich. Daniel W. Miner D.D.S. 1219 Cherry, Kalamzaoo, Mich. Lance C. Minor, Jr. A.B. in History 360 Pleasant, Birmingham, Mich. Marianna P. Minore A.B. in Education 1610 Hollywood, Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. 423 Philip D. Miske D.D.S. 17305 Kentficld, Detroit, Mich. Carol M. Mitchell A.B. in El. Education 1714 Harwood, Royal Oak, Mich. Evridick K. Mitchell M.A. in Kl. Education 420 S. Park, Saginaw, Mich. Joyce K. Miyamoto A.B. in Education Kaumana 5 Miles, Hilo, Hawaii Herman Moehlman A.B. in Education 20132 Ward, Detroit, Mich. Hattula S. Moholy-Nagy A.B. in History 81 Bedford St., New York, N. Y. Richard C. Moline B.B.A. in Accounting 807 Washington, Stambaugh, Mich. Mary E. Monaghan A.B. in Sociology 32475 Bingham Road, Birmingham, Mich. Mary J. Monkoski B.B.A. in Marketing Atlantic Mine, Mich. R. Michael A.B. in English 587 Wehford Ave., Des Plaines, 111. Janet E. Mooney Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 306 Sherman St., Saginaw, Mich. Kathleen M. Mooney A.B. in El. Education 1894 Charles Rd., East Cleveland, Ohio Joseph R. Moore B. of Mus. Education 901 Gladstone, Detroit, Mich. William J. Moore LL.B. 423 Elmore, Park Ridge, 111. Joseph J. Morelewski B.S.E. (Aero. E.) 2053 Hertel Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. David J. Morgan A.B. in Political Science 64-11 !)9 St., Forest Hills, N. Y. James M. Morgan B.S.E. (M.E.) 224 Douglas, Jackson, Mich. E. Dean Morley B.B.A. in Finance 232 East Isabella, Muskegon, Mich. Audrey E. Morris A.B. in El. Education 14171 Rutherford, Detroit, Mich. Martha J. Morrison A.B. in Education 16632 Iverness, Detroit, Mich. William H. Morrissey B.S. in I.M. 1 17 Summit, Ypsilanti, Mich. Ann M. Morrow A.B. in English 43!) Merrill, Birmingham, Mich. William G. Morse B.S.E. (M.E.) 2331 Seminole, Okemos R. 2, Mich. Stuart D. Morton A.B. in English 4901 Rosalie, Dearborn, Mich. Joyce E. Moser B.S.N. 633 South Terrace, Huntington, W. Va. Harold F. Mosier, Jr. B.S.E. (E.E.) 2125 Leahy, Muskegon Hts., Mich. Marilyn R. Mosier B.S. in Phys. Education 91 Renaud Rd., Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. Henry W. Mosteller B.S.E. (E.E.) and B.S. in Mathematics 161 Glastonbury, Detroit, Mich. John W. Moule B.S. in Zoology 68 North Oval, Hamilton, Ont., Canada Guy T. Moulthrop B.S.E. (Ch. E.) 2257 Center, Bay City, Mich. Marilynn D. Mowrey B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 5503 Holmes Run Pkwy., Alexandria, Va. Leland L. Mox B.S.E. (E.E.) and B.S. in Mathematics 1514 Lycaste, Detroit, Mich. Harvey E. Muehlenbeck M.D. 1916 Adams Blvd., Saginaw, Mich. Dorcas E. Mueller A.B. in Education and Social Studies 130 W. Church, Reed City, Mich. Robert E. Mueller B.S. in Physics 900 Edgewood PI., Ann Arbor, Mich. George C. Muellich B.S. in Journalism 304 Court, Bowling Green, Ohio 424 Sami E. Mukhar M.S.E. (C.E.) Basrah, Iraq Mary A. Mulcahy A.B. Pre-Profewional Social Work 1805 Prairie St., Essexville, Mich. Saptono P. Muljono M.A. in Linguisitics 27 Pav, Terbantaman, Jogjakarta, Indonesia Mary A. Mullins B. of Design 708 Worden St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Jean L. Mumford A.B. in French 741 Michigan Ave., Adrian, Mich. Gerald F. Munitz A.B. in History 75 Prospect Park S.W., Brooklyn X. Y. Melvin L. Munk D.D.S. R. 1, Box 128, Lansing, Mich. Jane Murbach A.B. in English 601 .V. Defiance, Archhold, Ohio Kathryn G. Murphy 16145 Stansbury, Detroit, Mich. Robert D. Murphy B. of Design B.S. in X ' av. Arch. 512 Capitol Trail, Xewark, Del. Dorothy H. Myers A.B. in Political Science 5530 Prospect St., Chevy Chase, Md. Mathilda Nahra A.B. in Eng. Lit. 33 W. Hayes, Hazel Park, Mich. William K. Najjar 131!) S. State St. Arunee Narkacrows Dept. of Health. Raja T. Nasr D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. M.P.H. in P.H. Bangkok, Thailand ED.D. in English 16 Jeanne D ' Arc, Beirut, Levanon Armondo F. Navarrete M.S.E. (M.E.) 708 Antipole, Sta-Cruz, Manila, Philippines Jack C. Neal A.B. in Journalism 117 W. Iroquois Ave., Watertown, X. Y. Roger W. Neault M.D. 201 X. Sophie St., Besslemen, Mich. Robert E. Nederlander A.B. in Economics 11534 Byron, Detroit, Mich. Patricia L. Neff A.B. in El. Education 115 W. Adams, Three Rivers, Mich. Joyce A. Neidecker A.B. in Psychology Elm St., Port Clinton, Ohio Jerome D. Neifach B. of Ind. Eng. 77 Chatham Ave., Buffalo, X. Y. Edythe E. Nelson B.B. in Phys. Education 5629 William, Detroit, Mich. Lester R. Nelson A.B. in Political Science 884 Catherine, Muskegon, Mich. Barbara E. Nemec B.S.X. Randall St., Downers Grove, 111. Carolyn E. Netherton B.S.X. Patterson Rd., Dayton, Ohio Joyce E. Neumann B.S. in Education 512 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor, Mich. Janie Newberg A.B. in Education 4808 Ottowa Dr., Okemos, Mich. Joseph Newmyer, Jr. A.B. in Education 654 E. Isabella, Muskegon, Mich. Mary L. Newson A.B. in El. Education 1752 Edgewater St., Muskegon, Mich. Alice C. Newton A.B. in Education 325 First, Xorthville, Mich. David E. Newton B.S. in Chemistry 1064 Fairmount, Grand Rapids, Mich. Suhaila A. Niazi M.A. in Eng. Lang, and Lit. 40 22 1 Az Alwazia, Baghdad, Iraq. John C. Nicholls A.B. in History 20151 Warrington, Detroit, Mich. George J. Nichols, Jr. B.B. A. in Marketing 1652 Lavender, Flint, Mich. John O. Nichols A.B. In Political Science 1621 Bennett, Flint, Mich. 425 Stewart N. Nickel M.D. 172 Longwood, Detroit, Mich. James E. Nickelson A.B. in History 16703 Rosemont, Detroit, Mich. M. Stanley Niehaus M.S. Actuarial Mathematics 4140 Love Grove Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. Donald E. Nissle B.B.A. 3165 Geddes Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard B. Nissle B.S.E. (Mar. E.) 443 S. Division St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Jerry D. Niswander D.D.S. 120 Linden Ave., Orrville, Ohio John C. Nixon M.D. 712 Helene Ave., Royal Oaks, Mich. Joyce Noh B. of Mus. in Piano Rogerson, Idaho Ruth A. Nolen B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 1477 Peck, Muskegan, Mich. Jack M. Nolinberg B.B.A. 204 4th, Iron River, Mich. Robert J. Nominelli D.D.S. 1023 Lincoln, Hancock, Michigan Bruce O. Nordquist B.S.E. (Aero. E.) 229 Grant St., Troy, Ohio Mary Lee Nordstrom B.S. in Zoology 2711 Overhill, Jackson, Mich. Leonard L. Novak B.S.E. (E.E.) 1018 22nd St., Bay City, Mich. Ida M. Nyberg B. of Mus. 6011-14 Mile, Warren, Mich. Richard Nyberg B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 10505 S. Bell, Chicago, 111. Roger J. Nyenhuis B.S.E. R. R. 3 Zeeland, Mich. Catherine H. O ' Brien A.B. in Education 314 Catherine, Ann Arbor, Mich. Eugene I. Odell B.S.E. (M.E.) 1402 Mills Ave., N. Muskegon, Mich. Michael M. Okihiro M.D. Box 4, Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii Karin K. Oldberg A.B. in Sociology 762 Puritan, Birmingham, Mich. John C. O ' Leary B.B.A. 38 Homer Ave., Cortland, N. Y. Josephine H. Olesky B.S. in Pharmacy 5472 Williamson, Dearborn, Mich. Robert B. Olsen L.L.B. 309 Broad St., L ' Anse, Mich. James L. Oom B.S.E. (M.E.) 3257 Essex, Grand Rapids, Mich. Clara Eva Oppenheimer A.B. in Psychology 1003 S. Douglas, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Arthur P. Oppermann, Jr. B. of Arch. 629 Packard, Ann Arbor, Mich. Allan H. Orange A.B. in Political Science 665 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. Michael H. Orend A.B. in Political Science 14882 Regina, Allen Park, Mich. Dennis C. Ormond A.B. in History 18601 Santa Barbara, Detroit, Mich. Donald E. Orne B.S.E. (C.E.) 212 Lafayette, Michigan Center, Mich. Kathleen A. O shorn A.B. in Pharmacy 618 N. West Ave., Jackson, Mich. Thomas H. Ottenjohn B.B.A. in Finance 1326 Park Ridge PL, Cincinnati, Ohio Robert E. Overholt B.S. in Pre-Professional Traverse City, Mich. John V. Owen B. of Arch. R.2, Box 246, Benton Harbor, Mich. Mary Wedge Owen A.B. in Zoology 15361 Indiana, Detroit, Mich. 426 ret 1 ife I 1 ., ( i I ' ) f - % X _ s Robert J. Paley 440 Drexel, Glencoe, 111. Richard S. Palm B.B.A. B.B.A. in Finance 4535 Martsmith, Fair Oaks, Calif. Robert C. Palmer A.B. in English Bluff Rd., Rt. 1, Traverse City, Mich. John C. Pangborn B.S.E. (E.E.) Levering, Mich. Vichai Panyadilok M.B.A. in Statistics 38 Kasen Lane, Bangkok, Thailand Martha O. Papo A.B. in Political Science 888!) Brookline, Plymouth, Mich. Ruby J. Paque B.S.X. 2200 loth St., Menominee, Mich. Alden R. Parker M.D. 3816 Xewberry, Wayne, Mich. Christopher J. Parker A.B. in Speech 800 Lake Shore, Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. Paul P. Parkus D.D.S. 723 E. Kingsley, Ann Arbor, Mich. Lyle H. Parr A.B. in Education 17600 Roselawn, Detroit, Mich. Robert A. Parr L.L.B. Hawthorne St., Royal Oak, Mich. John C. Pate B.B.A. 16585 Lindsay, Detroit, Mich. Hoshang C. Patel ' B.S.E. (Ch. and Met. E.) 16 Sleator Rd., Bombay, India Barry R. Patron A.B. in English 323 Marquette, Ishpeming, Mich. Edward S. Patterson B.S. in Design 16864 Linwood, Detroit, Mich. William C. Patterson A.B. in Geology Foxcroft, Birmingham, Mich. John E. Pattison A.B. in Psychology 834 W. Huron, Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles H. Patton A.B. in History 1581 Williams Blvd., Springfield, 111. Peter J. Paulus A.B. in Pre-Professional 6816 Ashland, Chicago, 111. Harry T. Pawloski B.B.A. in Accounting 938 Lyon, Grand Rapids, Mich. Bertha V. Peacoc k A.B. in History Box D, Xewaygo, Mich. Edwin T. Pearce M.D. 142 Maple, Wyandotte, Mich. Adele R. Pearlman A.B. in Psychology Morris Ave., Providence, R. I. Albert Pearlman A.B. in Pre-Medical 1114 55th St., Brooklyn, X. Y. Lawrence D. Peck B.S. in Mathematics 1440 Birmingham Blvd., Birmingham, Mich. Gordon L. Pederson B.S. in Design 611 Marion, Big Rapids, Mich. Leea A. Peirce B.A. in Mathematics 16725 Shaftsbury, Detroit, Mich. Janet M. Penner B.S.X. 1354 Geddes St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann C. Penning L.L.B. 2036 Francis Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Jacqueline J. Penrod A.B. in Social Studies 700 Bridge, Linden, Mich. Margaret A. Perkin A.B. in Education 1600 Graefield Rd., Birmingham, Mich. Kenneth V. Perkins B.B.A. 1702 Olive Rd., Homewood, 111. Patricia H. Pernell B.S. in Dent. Hygiene Box 506, Chandler, Ariz. Nancy M. Perrin A.B. in English 14245 Lander, Detroit, Mich. Joyce M. Perry A.B. in Education 2030 Waite Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. 427 Wilber A. Perry A.B. in Journalism 918 Price St., Morris, 111. Douglas A. Person M.D. 2720 Hope St., Huntington Park, Cal. Joh E. Petersen B. of Mus. in Piano 510 Minor Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. William R. Petrie B.B.A. 21 X. Aimer St., Caro, Mich. Barbara L. Pfeffer A.B. in Mus. Lit. 70 East 96 St., New York, N. Y. Larry C. Pfeiffer B.S. in Forestry Green Springs, Ohio Dorothy M. Philip A.B. in Education 5540 Bishop. Detroit, Mich. Richard A. Phillips B.S. in Physics 11661 Coyle, Detroit, Mich. Kent L. Pickard B.S. in Physics 1118 Bydding Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Dora M. Pierce B.S. in Pharmacy Mayfair, Dearborn, Mich. Edward C. Pierce A.B. in Pre-Medical 1660 Boardway, Ann Arbor, Mich. Gail H. Pierce A.B. in English 474 Broadmoor, Pittsburgh, Pa. Arthur H. Pierson B.S.E (Phys.) 27 Edmond St., Darien, Conn. Ann E. Pilling B.S. in Botany 38 Brandon Rd., Cranston, R. I. Richard L. Pinkerton A.B. in Economics 10 Moss Ave., Apt. 406, Detroit, Mich. Carlton Placeway B.S. in Chemistry 213 E. Third St., Imlay City, Mich. Elaine Platt A.B. in Speech Correction 17546 Birchcrest, Detroit, Mich. Alice A. Pletta B. of Mus. in Piano 603 Draper, Blacksburg, Va. Diane M. Plushnick B.S. in Art 418 W. Green, Marshall, Mich. Theodore E. Poledov B.B.A. 211 W. Marion, South Bend, Ind. Robert L. Policy A.B. in Journalism 1021 W. 6th St., Marion, Ind. Robert J. Ponitz M.S. in Orthodontics 1524 Park Ave., Bay City, Mich. Santo Ponticello B.S.E. (M.E.) 1400 Butternut, Syracuse, N. Y. Duane E. Poole A.B. in Journalism Bad Axe, Mich. Eleanor L. Poole B.S.N. Bad Axe, Mich. Diane E. Popp B.S. in Med. Tech. 2556 Scio Church Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Virginia M. Potter A.B. in El. Education 27 Oak Road, BriarclirT Manor, N. Y. Jennie M. Pounds A.B. in Speech 46 Massachusetts, Highland Park, Mich. Eugene H. Pourcho D.D.S. 13148 Sycamore, Wyandotte, Mich. Janice E. Powers B.S. in Design 1407 S. State, Ann Arbor, Mich. John B. Pozza A.B. in Political Science 600 Fairbanks, Iron Mountain, Mich. Eugene A. Praschan B.S.E. (Ch.E.) Scott Lake, Lakeland, Fla. Allan D. Pratt A.B. in English R. D. 1, Grawn, Mich. Peter P. Pratt M.A. in Anthropology 8 Sussex Ave., Toronto, Ont., Canada Leonard J. Prekel L.L.B. 19458 Sunset, Detroit, Mich. Helen K. Preston A.B. in Fine Arts 804 Monroe, Ann Arbor, Mich. 428 irnwr-iatr iAfi ' f Kenneth W. Preston A.B. in History 34 Dow Ave., Mineola, X. Y. Alan E. Price A.B. in Economics 101 Farrogut Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio Marjorie J. Price B.B.A. 4115 Orchard Hill Dr., Birmingham, Mich. Patricia M. Price B.S. in Physical Therapy 123 Wahash, Brewster, Ohio Vernon H. Price M D Box 1, Price, X. Dak. Gordon D. Prichard B.S.E. (C.E ) 3105 " K " St., Dexter, Mich. Robert C. Proestel B.S.E. (E.E.) 12637 Steel, Detroit, Mich. Thomas P. Propson B.S.E. (C.E.) 15021 Hartwell, Detroit, Mich. Eileen E. Pruder Cert, in Dent. Hygiene 4511 Radnor, Detroit, Mich. Gerald D. Pruder B.S.E. (C.E.) 219 Occidental Blvd., Duluth, Minn. Millard H. Pryor, Jr. A.B. in Enterprising 465 Marion, Mansfield, Ohio Ralph L. Puchalski D.D.S 4726 E. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. R. P. Pugh M.I). 14960 Hartwell, Detroit, Mich. Alice Pullman A.B. in Psychology 32 W. 82 St., New York, X. Y. Tanomruedee Pumipak M.S. in Anatomy Siriraj Hospital, Dhonburi, Thailand Joann Purcell A.B. in El. Education Inkster, Romulus, Mich. Anne Purdy A.B. in English 1222 Kensington, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Neil D. Purdy B.B.A. in Advertising R.R. 3, Box 305, Battle Creek, Mich. Beatrice J. Purcell B.S.N. 1616 Second, Jackson, Mich. Judith A. Purcell B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 328 Edward, Jackson, Mich. Kuo-Chiew Quan B.S.E. (E.E.) 411 Pohlcte St., Mnaila, Philippines Andrew A. Radel B B A 21 Oldficld Rd., Fairfield, Conn. Joann Ragni A.B. in Speech 6301 Maxwell, Detroit, Mich. Craig Ramsay M.D. 9508 Watertown Plank Rd., Milwaukee, Wis. Joan E. Randolph B.S. in Dent. Hygiene Pembroke Rd., Huntington Woods, Mich. Floyd A. Rappaport A.B. in Pre-Legal Studies 18420 Parkside, Detroit, Mich. Joyce L. Rasbach A.B. in Spanish 1075 Winona Blvd., Rochester, X. Y. Thue O. Rasmussen A.B. in Economics R. R. 4, Box 781, Battle Creek, Mich. John G. Rauser, Jr. B.B.A. in Management 1020 Oukkigh Rd., Grand Rapids, Mich. Arthur Rautenberg B.B.A. in Ind. Management 12072 Racine, Detroit, Mich. Clifton A. Rautiola D.D.S. 1026 Second St., Hancock, Mich. Norma J. Ravas B.S.X. Brookview, Albany, Ind. Joseph W. Ray B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 100 Ashley St., W. Sprin gfield, Mass. Robert W. Raz A.B. in English 19302 Andover, Detroit, Mich. Robert E. Reardon B.B.A 2001 Murdstone Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Marlene B. Rebits B.A. in El. Education 26444 H umber, Huntington Woods, Mich. 429 " I ' Linda M. Reck B. of Mus. Education 665 W. Main St., Manchester, Mich. Robert A. Rector D.D.b. 2338 Horton S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. David L. Redden A.B. in Political Science 1333 Russell St., Covington, Ky. Milton D. Redick B.SJB. (C.E.) 10900 Willow, Willis, Mich. Boyd H. Redner, Jr. A.B. in Economics 820 Country Club Dr., Battle Creek, Mich. Melvin L. Reed M.D. 1002 Egleston, -alamazoo, Mich. Warren A. Reed B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1514 Court, Port Huron, Mich. Floyd S. Reid B.B.A., M.B.A. in Accounting 17364 Santa Rosa, Detroit, Mich. Christine E. Reifel A.B. in Political Science 1908 Austin Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Thomas J. Reigel, Jr. M.D. 1354 Geddes Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Duane C. Reilich D.D.b. 621 W. Hazelhurst, Ferndale, Mich. Patrick A. Reilly B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 6134 Grayton, Detroit, Mich. Timothy A. Reiman B.B.A. 4223 Gratiot Ave., Port Huron, Mich. Owen C. Reinert B.B.A. 509 State, Saginaw, Mich. Pearl J. Reinhardt A.B. in El. Education 3468 Reinhardt Rd., Monroe, Mich. Melvin J. Rein hart M.D. 13375 S. Norfolk, Detroit, Mich. Nancy S. Renkenberger A.B. in Speech 1485 Lakeshore Dr , Muskegon, Mich. Albert Resnick A.B. in History 18076 Whitcomb, Detroit, Mich. Kurt E. Retzler B.B.A. in Accounting 804 S. Jackson St., Jackson, Mich. Virginia L. Reubene B.M.E. in Mus. Education 207 Ridgewood Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. David B. Reynolds A.B. in Astronomy 1444 Cambridge, Lansing, Mich. Sharon R. Rich B.S. in Design 19745 Chesterfield, Detroit, Mich. James W. Richards B.S. in Pharmacy 4252 Sixth, Ecorse, Mich. Mary A. Richards A.B. in French 1569 Pierce, Birmingham, Mich Dean A. Richardson B.S. in Zoology 1103 Gayle Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Judith M. Richardson B.S.X. 1620 Prestwick Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert D. Richardson B.S.E. (E.E.) 332 E. William, Ann Arbor, Mich. Patricia J. Ricks B. of Mus. in Violin 337 E. Beardsley Ave., Elkhart, Ind. Robert W. Ricks B. of Mus. 631 E. Court, Marion, N. C. George E. Riddell A.B. in Public Address 137 Ivanhoe N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Elizabeth A. Riddle A.B. in History 23134 Arlington, Dearborn, Mich. James C. Riecker A.B. in Economics 2109 Wallingford Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. James P. Rienstra B.S.E. (C.E.) R. R. 1, Alto, Mich. Catherine A. Ries A.B. in Philosophy 2151 Nixon Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Jean M. Riley B.S.N. Woodmont Rd., Detroit, Mich. William A. Riley, Jr. A.B. in English ' ' , Det ' " ' 8635 Elmira, Detroit, Mich. 430 t I fc ft u tt Phyllis M. Rinne A.B. in El. Education 15466 Cruse, Detroit, Mich. Edith M. Risman A.B. in Sociology 89 Cliff Ave., Winthrop, Mass. Leo J. Roach B.S. in Interior Design 36621 Bibbins Rd., Romulus, Mich. Nancy C. Roach A.B. in El. Education 3561 Brewster, Dearborn, Mich. Bruce A. Robbins B.S.E. (M.E.) 2232 Lansing, Jackson, Mich. Sara R. Roberts A.B. El. Education 1018 Third, Marquette, Mich. Joan B. Robertson A.B. in Sociology 748 Waddington, Birmingham, Mich. Mary A. Robertson B. of Art 1091 Lake Park, Birmingham, Mich. Bette-Jean Robinson A.B. in Speech 188 Church Rd., Winnetka, 111. Elton S. Robinson B.S. in Design 269 Millard Ave., North Tarrytown, N. Y. Edward G. Rockwell, Jr. B.B.A. in Accounting 361 Wellesley, Birmingham, Mich. Andrew E. Roedel B.S. in Pharmacy 214 E. 22nd St., Cheyenne, Wyo. Patricia D. Roelofs A.B. in English 831 Tappan Ct., Ann Arbor, Mich. Barbara A. Roeper A.B. in El. Education 1350 Allerton, Grand Rapids, Mich. Judith A. Rogers A.B. in English 26266 Dow, Detroit, Mich. Rita G. Roha B.S. in Education 580 North St., Meadville, Pa. Jo A. Rohleder B.S. in Spec. Education Middlebelt Road, Garden City, Mich. Charlotte L. Rolnick A.B. in English 17 Adams, Bangor, Maine Joanne E. Roman A.B. in Social Studies 440 E. Front, Traverse City, Mich. Paul J. Romero B.S.E. (C.E.) Caracas, Venezuela Ester M. Ronquillo A.M.L.S. 289 P. Burgos, Caridad, Cavite City, Philippines Carol J. Roof A.B. in Education 128 Winter, Battle Creek, Mich. James L. Roof B.S.E. (E.E.) 128 Winter, Battle Creek, Mich. Arlene J. Roose B.S. in Phys. Education 8925 Birwood, Detroit, Mich. Ruperto C. Roque M.S.E. (M.E.) Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines Arthur Rose M.D. 2688 W. Philadelphia, Detroit, Mich. Janice H. Rose A.B. in Education 13660 Fairhill Rd., Shaker Hgts., Ohio Irwin Rosen A.B. in Journalism 1411 Bedford, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Karen S. Rosen A.B. in Speech Correction 1632 Peck, Muskegon, Mich. Joan M. Rosenberg B.S. in Pharmacy 411 8th Ave., Belmar, N. J. Ruth M. Rosenbusch B.S. in Education 11930 Portage Lake Ave. t Pinckney, Mich. Edie W. Rosenfeld A.B. in Fine Arts 825 S. First, Ann Arbor, Mich. Albert H. Rosengarten D.D.S. 18943 Prevost, Detroit, Mich. Linda R. Rosenkrantz A.B. in English 1713 Andrea, Hempstead, N. Y. Mona G. Rosenman A.B. in English 2901 Hampton, Shaker Hgts., Ohio Louis J. Rosenthal B.B.A. in Accounting 4003 Boarman Ave., Baltimore, Md. 431 Judith M. Ross A.B. in Political Science 302 Monterey, Highland Park, Mich. Kenneth H. Ross B.S. in Architecture 174 E. 75th St., New York, N. Y. Ronald D. Ross B.B.A. 17611 Sussex, Detroit, Mich. Stuart I. Ross B.S. in Design 193 X. Shore Dr., Miami Beach, Fla. Ruth C. Rossner A.B. in Political Science 8325 W. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. Irwin Roth L.L.B. 2700 Grand Concourse, Bronx, X. Y. Marcia C. Rothenberg A.B. in Eng. Lit. 2576 Komper Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Melvin G. Rothenberg A.B. in Philosophy 2576 Kemper Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Luigina M. Rovedo A.B. in Spanish 300 Pearl, Ishpeming, Mich. Kenneth E. Rowe M.D. 112 Pewabic, Laurium, Mich. Raymond K. Rowley B.S. in Mathematics 14505 Glastonbury, Detroit, Mich. Richard M. Royce B.B.A. 322 S. Revena, Ann Arbor, Mich. Claire M. Rozelle A.B. in English Harbor Island, Detroit, Mich. Jorge E. Rozo B.S.E. (Aero. E.) Ave. Caracas Xo. 33-51, Bogota, Colombia Erwin A. Rubenstein B.B.A. 18275 Mini-land, Detroit, Mich. William Rubinoff M.D. 2716 Cortland, Detroit, Mich. Kathleen J. Rude M.A. in Library Science 2248 Drummond Rd., Toledo, Ohio Mary G. Rudolph A.B. in English 1005 S. Washington, Aberdeen, So. Dak. Sylvia J. Rudolph B.S. in Design 966 Alcoma, Sharon, Pa. Robert H. Ruffner A.B. in English X. Highland, Dearborn, Mich. Carolyn S. Rundell A.B. in Psychology 76 Rolling Green, Library, Pa. Patricia A. Rupert A.B. in Education 475 Pratt St., Ravenna, Ohio Robert L. Ruskin M.D. 19121 Berkeley, Detroit, Mich. James M. Russel A.B. in Economics 2120 Sheffield, Kalamazoo, Mich. Cordy M. Russell B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 51 Benton Road, Saginaw, Mich. Robert F. Russell B.S.E. 900 X. Mildred, Dearborn, Mich. Roy J. Russell B.S.E. (C.E.) 15457 Dixie Dr., Detroit, Mich. Janet T. Rutherford A.B. in Sociology 435 E. 1st St., Hinsdale, 111. Joseph A. Rutz D.D.S- Carsonville, Mich. Pravit Ruyabhorn M.S.E. (C.E.) 362 Petchburi Rd., Bangkok, Siam Gordon J. Ryan B.S. in Design 4215 Mapledale Ave., Cleveland, Ohio James E. Ryan B.B.A. 1961 Severn, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Joseph D. Sabo B.S.E. (E.E.) Box 164, Crystal Falls, Mich. Virginia A. Sadacca A.B. in Education 503 Church St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Barry E. Safir B.B.A. Stratford, Detroit, Mich. Rosemarie Safron B.S. in Design 3144 Waynesburg ltd., Canton, Ohio 432 Rudolph J. Sakal A.B. in Journalism 7903 K. Morrow Circle, Dearborn, Mich. Leigh Sakamaki B.S. in Zoology 917 17th Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii James H. Sakar M.D. 15337 Glastonbury, Detroit, Mich. William A. Salisbury ' B.S.E. (M.E.) R. No. 3, Shepherd, Mich. Dale L. Sample B.B.A. in Accounting 35290 Ridge, Richmond, Mich. Wiley M. Sams A.B. in Pre-Professional 5721 Granada Blvd., Coral Gables, Fla. John E. Sander B.S. in Geology 4275 Dobie Rd., Okemos, Mich. Richard L. Sanderson B. of Arch. 414 Lenox, Oak Park, 111. Nancy W. Sands A.B. in Education 5761 Geddes, Ann Arbor, Mich. Kriang K. Sarajoti B.S. in Forestry 113 Banbatra, Boribhatra St., Bangkok, Thailand Donald E. Sarason B.S. in Physics 18980 Ohio, Detroit, Mich. Maryann C. Sarnak B.S. in Chemistry 3512 Campbell, Dearborn, Mich. Kularb Sasananonth M.S. in Phar. Chem. 1630 Nakornsri, Thamaraj, Thailand Kamehorn Sathirakul A.B. in Economics 307 Urupongse Rd., Bangkok, Thailand Vachari Sathirakul M.P.H. 307 Urupongse Rd., Bangkok, Thailand David W. Satterley A.B. in English 604 Pine, Ishpeming, Mich. Amelia A. Savell A.B. in El. Education 1413 Sheridan, Saginaw, Mich. Thomas R. Sawyer M.D. Baw Beese Lake, Hillsdale, Mich. Edith J. Schaefer B.S.N. 1465 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Hadley P. Schaefer B.B.A. in Accounting 718 Riverside Dr., Lowell, Mich. Charles W. Schafer B. of Arch. 217 Berkshire Dr., Youngstown, Ohio Nelson S. Schafer A.B. in Pre-Professional 515 Copeman Blvd., Flint, Mich. John R. Schaupp B.B.A. 6517 Riverview Dr., Indianapolis, Intl. Allan H. Schecter A.B. in Journalism 18069 Wisconsin, Detroit, Mich. Nan Schiller A.B. and Teaching Cert, in Speech Correction 2600 St. Johns, Highland Park, 111. Helen A. Schimpke A.B. in El. Education 28050 Goldengate Dr., Birmingham, Mich. Anthony R. Schiro B.S.E. (E.E.) 46 Oakdale St., Bridgeport, Conn. Leo R. Schlicht B.S. in Education R. No. 3, Waubesa Beach, Madison, Wis. Malcolm D. Schlusberg A.B. in History 107 Kingsboro, Gloversville, N. Y. T. Gregory Schmidt A.B. in Political Science 2754 Elmwood Dr. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Henry K. Schnelbach B.S. in Pharmacy 16165 Pierson, Detroit, Mich. Shirley A. Schnell A.B. in Eng. Lit. 739 Spring, Ann Arbor, Mich. Jerome L. Schpstak B.B.A. 17555 Muirland, Detroit, Mich. Jacqueline J. Schrader B.S.N. 18775 Merriman Rd., Livonia, Mich. Lawrence J. Schreiber A.B. in Pre-Medical 2471 Traymore Rd., University Heights, Ohio William H. Schreiner A.B. in English 1315 Hayward Ct., Cincinnati, Ohio 433 ft .O. City ! Mi rj o - Walter J. Schrenk B.S.E. (M.E.) 104 N. Woodbridge, Bay City, Mich. Gary W. Schroeder A.B. in History 610 Barrington, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Marjorie A. Schroer A.B. in History 6522 Seventh PL X.W., Washington, D. C. Phillip G. Schubert B.S. in Pharmacy 222 X. Grevillea, Hawthorne, Cal. Eileen B. Schulak A.B. in Sociology 2489 Cortland, Detroit, Mich. Donald E. Schultz B.S. in Zoology 3300 Washington Ave., St. Joseph, Mich. Ralston W. Schultz B.S.E. (Aero, and Math. E.) 4755 Walnut Lake, Birmingham, Mich. Maynard E. Schuur B.S.E. (C.E.) 1007 Lane Blvd., Kalamazoo, Mich. Robert G. Schuur L.L.B. 174 Edgemoor Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Marilyn T. Schwartz A.B. in Education 660 Whitmore, Detroit, Mich. Richard N. Schwartz A.B. in Political Science 36 Wendell, Battle Creek, Mich. Helen M. Schwarz B.S. in Chemistry 452 Beech St., Highland Park, 111. Charles F. Scheim B.B.A. 76 Eason, Highland Park, Mich. Raymond L. Schodeller A.B. in History 745 Miner, Ann Arbor, Mich. Charlotte R. Scott A.B. in Education 324 Thompson, Ann Arbor, Mich. James F. Scott D.D.S. 22542 Garrison, Dearborn, Mich. Sara C. Scott B. of Mus. Washington College, Tenn. Richard M. Scroggins B.B.A. 8535 Esper, Detroit, Mich. Judith A. Seaborn A.B. in El. Education Hendrie Blvd., Royal Oak, Mich. Robert C. Searls B.S. in Astronomy 25034 Schoolcraft, DetroH, Mich. Philip H. Sears, Jr. B.B.A. 1212 Allerton S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. William A. Seeburger B.B.A. Glen Lake, Maple City, Mich. Melvin K. Semerly A.B. in Psychology 44 Benjamin, Grand Rapids, Mich. Lorraine Semnoski B. of Mus. Education New Britain, Conn. Nicholas A. Semos D.D.S. 809 Church, Flint, Mich. Susan M. Serotte A.B. in English 74 Frontenac, Buffalo, N. Y. Kathryn A. Severance A.B. in Political Science 124 W. Fifth, Rochester, Mich. Lorraine P. Shaffer A.B. in Spec. Education 129 Ninth Ave., Iron River, Mich. Sharad S. Shah B.S.E. (E.E.) W. Rodge, Dabholker Rd., Bombay, India Carole J. Shanberg A.B. in Sec. Education 7000 Clyde, Chicago, 111. Thomas E. Shannon B.B.A. 145 Cambridge, Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Deborah H. Shavelson A.B. in El. Education Blueberry Dr., Stamford, Conn. Stephen B. Shawaker A.B. in Psychology 2309 Robinwood, Toledo, Ohio F. Michael Sheehan M.D. 4862 X. Bouvier, Philadelphia, Pa. Aaron E. Shelden L.L.B. 18091 Cherrylawn, Detroit, Mich. Carol A. Sheldon A.B. in El. Education 1504 W. Main St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 434 A I f " V i - 4 UA:fel AA AA William L. Shelton D.D.S. 3765 Cass, Detroit, Mich. Herbert Sherbin M.D. 2684 Webb, Detroit, Mich. Ellen J. Sherman B. of Mus, 17344 Xorthlawn, Detroit, Mich. James R. Sherman A.B. in Political Science Beaconsfield Blvd., Rocky River, Ohio Mary E. Sherman A.B. in El. Education 1515 E. Fulton, Grand Rapids, Mich. Sylvia Y. Sherman B. of Mus. 529 Godfrey, Monroe, Mich. Ann E. Sherrer A.B. in History Frazier Dr., Rocky River, Ohio Margaret A. Sherwood A.B. in Social Studies 14585 Piedmont, Detroit, Mich. Sophia Shewchin A.B. in Biological Science 706 S. Division, Ann Arbor, Mich. Kenneth H. Shields A.B. in Economics 14875 Rosemont Rd., Detroit, Mich. Takeshi Shimabukuro A.B. in English Lang, and Ling. 9-3 Yamagawii, Shuri, Okinawa, Ryukyus Claire Shinnick B.S. in Med. Tech. 945 Poppleton, Birmingham, Mich. Donald C. Shipsky B.B.A. 115 Francis Court, Jackson, Mich. George T. Shiroma B.S. in Zoology 1217 McCully St., Honolulu, Hawaii Rosalind Shlimovitz A.B. in Journalism 1720 W. Reeve, Appleton, Wis. Marilyn A. Shoares A.B. in Spanish 239 E. Main, Gloucester, Mass. Joseph G. Shomsky B.B.A. 324 W. Genesee, Flint, Mich. Allen Shuster B.S. in Pre-Professional 2316 Milhournc, Flint, Mich. Paul D. Siegel B.B.A. 13660 Fairhill, Cleveland, Ohio Harvey M. Silets L.L.B. 4836 X. Avers Ave., Chicago, 111. Otylia E. Simansky B.S. in Zoology 1791 Fisher Rd., Auburn, Mich. Virginia T. Simansky B.S. in Zoology 1791 Fisher Rd., Auburn, Mich. Ned S. Simon A.B. in Political Science Winnetka, 111. Harutyun Simsar M.S.E. (M.E.) Bebek, Bebek Cad., 226 5 Istanbul, Turkey Patricia J. Sincock B.S. in Design 1314 Second, Marquette, Mich. Elinor A. Sines B.S.N. 601 W. B, Iron Mountain, Mich. Leonard P. Sipiora A.B. in English 5 Pleasant Terr., Lawrence, Mass. Marianne I. Sippola B.S. in Chemistry 14617 Horger, Allen Park, Mich. Kathryn A. Sisson B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 311 E. Pottawattamie, Tecumseh. Mich. Charles E. Skala B.B.A. 957 College Ave., Adrian, Mich. William S. Skellenger A.B. in Psychology R. R. 1, Box 185, Richland, Mich. Virginia M. Skelly A.B. in El. Education 1501 X. Lafayette Dr., Dearborn, Mich. Gary B. Skidmore A.B. in Economics 260 Orchard Ave.. Battle Creek, Mich. Mary J. Skidmore A.B. in Speech Correction 1720 Randolph, Detroit, Mich. Aldonna J. Skirb A.B. in Sociology 3636 Glencairn Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Mari A. Slaggert A.B. in Social Work Lakeshore Dr., Ludington, Mich. 435 . " ? , t , George J. Slagon D.D.S. 19414 Stahelin, Detroit, Mich. Jack I. Slater, Jr. A.B. In Political Science 422 Hill, Ann Arbor, Mich. Judith J. Slater B.S. in Pre-Professional 4525 Henry Hudson Pkwy. W.. Riverdale, N. Y. Mary A. Slater A.B. in Latin 422 Hill, Ann Arbor, Mich. Louis J. Slavin A.B. in Economies 619 Edgemoor, Kalamazoo, Mich. Albert W. Slawson A.B. in Mathematics 14611 Sussex, Detroit, Mich. Philip J_. Slowick D.D.S. 8550 Groenlawn, Detroit, Mich. Thomas E. Slykhouse B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 2221 W. Leonard, Grand Rapids, Mich. Albert W. Smallman A.B. in English 716 W. Columbia, Chippewa Falls, Wis. Edward C. Smart M.B.A. in Marketing 588 Pavone, Benton Harbor, Mich. Larry R. Smar t A.B. in History 325 Lyon, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Maryann Smeltzer M. of Mus. in Piano 16549 Northlawn, Detroit, Mich. A.B. in Economics David W. Smerling 5555 Everett, Chicago, 111. Allen R. Smith Box 294, Newaygo, Mich. Barbara H. Smith 1214 Pettibone Ave., Flint, Mich. Betty C. Smith A.B. in Education 2921 Palmer Ct., Port Huron, Mich. A.B. in Economics A.B. in Journalism Clair P. Smith, Jr. B.S. in Design 22881 Outer Drive, Dearborn, Mich. Elaine A. Smith A.B. in Sociology 6 Rosshire Ct., Pontiac, Mich. Harry A. Smith B.S. in Chemistry 436 Cedar St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Laura L. Smith B. of Mus. in Voice York, Flint, Mich. Norman R. Smith B.S. in Chemistry 135 Ogeman, Pontiac, Mich. Richard A. Smith M.D. 2956 Lenox Rd., Atlanta, Ga. Ellen A. Snader B.S. in Dent. Hygiene Sashabaw Rd., Clarkston, Mich. Wilbur R. Snider M.D. 6512 Rockhill Rd., Kansas City, Mo. Harry L. Snyder, Jr. M.D. 711 Oakdale, Jackson, Mich. John L. Snyder B.S.E. (C.E.) 200 Mark Hannah, Ann Arbor, Mich. Jonathan H. Sobeloff A.B. in Economics 18203 Muirland, Detroit, Mich. Hamid M. Sohail B.S.E. (M.E.) 7 Intelligence School, Karachi, Pakistan Alfred H. Sokolowski M.I). 5550 Mitchell, Detroit, Mich. Barbara L. Some A.B. in English 245 E. 178th St., New York, N. Y. William P. Sommers B.S.E. (M.E.) 10428 Duprey, Detroit, Mich. Mary J. Soper A.B. in Pre-Social Work Moss St., Keego Harbor, Mich. Robert B. Sowatsky B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1328 Crapo, Saginaw, Mich. Peggy Lou Spaulding B.S. in Med. Tech. Muir, Mich. John Spencer M.D. Harsdale Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Stanley E. Spencer B.S.E. (M.E.) 216 W. Genesee, Flint, Mich. 436 William A. Spencer D.D.S. 83 X. Howard, Croswell, Mich. George Sperling A.B. in Math. Physics 115 Eastern Pkwy., Brooklyn, X. Y. Ruth G. Spielberg A.B. in Sociology Broadstreet, Detroit, Mich. Margaret M. Spindler A.B. in El. Education Cross Rd., Tokeneke, Darien, Conn. Audrey Springer B.S. in Physical Therapy 31631 Grand River, Farmington, Mich. William C. Sproull, Jr. M.B.A., B.S.E. (Aero. E.) 811 Shirley Dr., Birmingham, Mich. Elmore V. Spaunger B.S.E. (Aero. E.) R. R. Xo. 1, Berne, Ind. Yiva Srisomwongse M.B.A. in Banking 350 Mahamek, Bangkok, Thailand A.B. in Psychology B. of Mus. Education Sally A. Stahl Oil City, Pa. Robert G. Stakenas Freesoil, Mich. Stephanie P. Stanislaw A.B. in El. Education 3347 Wakefield, Berkeley, Mich. Emilo J. Stanley A.B. in Geography 655 W. Kirby, Detroit, Mich. Frank C. Starbuck B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 303 W. 8th, Traverse City, Mich. Norman Starr A.B. in Philosophy 73-1235 Ave., Jackson Hts., Long Island, X. Y . Lorraine P. Stasak A.B. in Social Studies 7807 E. Morrow Circle, Dearborn, Mich. James T. Staskowski A.B. in Pre-Professional 811 Harvard, Berkley, Mich. Barbara L. Stauffer B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 311 Bryn Mawr, Birmingham, Mich. Lois V. Stauffer B. of Mus. Education Vanderbilt, Pa. Burton K. Stein B.B.A. in Accounting B704 Presidential Apts., Philadelphia, Pa. David J. Stephen D.D.S. 2315 Fernwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. James R. Stephens B.S.E. (M.E.) 246 Holly St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Nancy A. Stern B.S. and Dent. Hygiene Cert. 1350-52 St., Kenosha, Wis. Jason H. Stevens A.B. in Psychology 105 Grace Blvd., Painted Post, X. Y. John P. Stevens B.B.A. 1245 White ' s Rd., Kalamazoo, Mich. Nancy A. Stevens A.B. in El. Education 624 X. Ball, Owosso, Mich. J. Douglas Stewart B.S. in Product Design 267 W. McCreight, Springfield, Ohio Richard D. Stewart M.D. 1448 U. Terr.. Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert N. Stewart A.B. in Political Science 1465 N. Emerson Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Charles A. Stickels B.S.E. (Ch. and Met.) 13620 Ashton. Detroit, Mich. Raymond E. Stieg D.D.S. 1435 Jorn Court, Ann Arbor, Mich. C. Junior Stielstra A.B. in Education 405 X. Rath, Ludington, Mich. Andrew M. Stiglitz A.B. in Mathematics 709 Huntington Ave., Plainfield, X. J. Vincent E. Stock A.B. in English 27548 Edgemoor, Farmington, Mich. Patricia A. Stoddard A.B. in Political Science 40 Linden Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Raymond F. Stokes A.B. in Political Science 16530 Warwick, Detroit, Mich. Benjamin A. Stolz A.B. in Russian 654 X. Water, Owosso, Mich. 437 I it Catherine E. Stomos A.B. in Political Science 1615 Stanton St., Bay City, Mich. June H. Stone A.B. in Mathematics 2632 Tuxedo, Detroit, Mich. Philip M. Stone B.S.E. (E. Phys.) 1308 Macon, Pittsburgh, Pa. Robert F. Stoner B.B.A. in Ind. Management 1517 Chestnut, Port Huron, Mich. Kenneth A. Stoumen A.B. in Political Science h l 36-11 Henry Hudson Pkwy., Riverdale, N. Y. Jane A. Straka A.B. in El. Education Bernardsville, N. J. R. Jack Straub B. of Mus. Lit. 43 N. 7th St., Lewisburg, Pa. Harry Strauss A.B. in Journalism 714 W. 181 St., New York, N. Y. Robert F. Streelman D.D.S. 410 Delaware, Grand Rapids, Mich. Jane E. Strom A.B. in Psychology 3745 Zeigler, Dearborn, Mich. Peter E. Strong D.D.S. 4837 Tireman Ave., Detroit, Mich. Donald F. Stubbs L.L.B. 2140 Princeton, Berkley, Mich. Charmaine L. Studer A.B. in Economics 604 Feet Rd., Chesaning, Mich. David H. Stulberg D.D.S. 801 W. Madison, Ann Arbor, Mich. Florinda H. Suguitan M. of Mus. in Piano 275 Syquia, Sta. Ana, Manila, P. I. Raymond E. Sund B.S.E. (Math, and Phys.) 21901 Beech, Dearborn, Mich. Joan A. Sundquist B.S.N. 2550 Third St., Trenton, Mich. Gunvant C. Sutaria M.S.E. (Ch. E.) Limdi-Sheri, Petlad, Bombay State, India Edmund B. Swanson B.B.A. in Airlines Management 1073 Monroe, Benton Harbor, Mich. Nancie K. Swanwick A.B. in El. Education 1021 Michigan Ave., Adrian, Mich. Fred O. Swart B.S. in Phramacy 14114 N. Genesee Rd., Clio, Mich. Maung T. Swe M.S.E. (E.E.) 175 51 St., Rangoon, Burma Phebe N. Swinehart A.B. in Education 5950 N. Kenmore, Chicago, 111. Robert H. Szczarba B.S. in Physics 1831 Hollywood, Dearborn, Mich. Margaret U. Takagi B.S. in Zoology 415 High St., Ann Arbor, Mich. James P. Talcott B.B.A. in Finance 167 Hazel Ave., Glencoe, 111. Raymond J. Tarn A.B. in Economics 45 Westervelt St., Wahiawa, Hawaii Donald W. Tann B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 4881 Sturtevant,. Detroit, Mich. Betty R. Tannenbaum A.B. in Speech Correction 809-73 St., Xorth Bergen, N. J. Alan B. Tarr A.B. in Political Science 626 Bergen, Jersey City, N. J. Mary C. Tate B.B.A. in Marketing 6737 Huron St., Dearborn, Mich. Harry C. Tatigian L.L.B. 8106 Indiana, Detroit, Mich. Patricia S. Tavidian A.B. in English 14039 Freeland, Detroit, Mich. Beverly J. Taylor B.S.N. Crooks Rd., Royal Oak, Mich. Douglas J. Taylor B.S.E. (Prod. E.) 3133 Ridge Rd., Erie, Pa. Henry W. Tenbroek B.S. in Physics Prospect Ave., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 438 r4 f J Joan Terpstra A.B. in El. Education 955 Hancock, S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann E. Terrill A.B. in El. Education 162 Moss, Highland Park, Mich. Htun Thein M.S.E. (Trans. E.) 243 I ' Ohn Ghine Rd., Rangoon, Burma Marilyn A. Thibaudeau B.S.N. 22852 Cherry Hill, Dearborn, Mich. Wayne C. Thiessen B.S.E. (Nay. Arch, and M.E.) A.B. in Political Science North Bloomfield Rd., Nevada City, Cal. Prawati Thipayom M.B.A. 85 1 Wireless Rd., Bangkok, Thailand Carolyn R. Thomas A.B. in El. Education 508 East Ann, Ann Arbor, Mich. David C. Thomas B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) 12138 Roselawn, Detroit, Mich. Harold E. Thomas M.S.E. (M.E.) 2552 Overlook Rd., Cleveland Hgts., Ohio Kathryn M. Thomas B.S.N. 3728 Parker, Detroit, Mich. Mary A. Thomas B.B.A. 31 Academy PI., Canandaigua, N. Y. Mortimer H. Thomas B.S.E. (C.E.) 3024 N. 25th, Tacoma, Wash. Paul W. Thomas A.B. in History 919 Ridgewood Rd., Millburn, N. J. Tom Thomas B. of Arch. 12830 Telegraph, Taylor Center, Mich. David S. Thompson D.D.S. 1346 Somerset, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Diane E. Thompson B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 1346 Somerset, Grosse Pointe, Mich. John R. Thompson B.S. in Chemistry 916 Regent, Niles, Mich. Thomas W. Thompson A.B. in Geography 1919 Trenton Dr., Trenton, Mich. Laura M. Thorn A.B. in Education 4815 Garfield So., Minneapolis, Minn. Ruth R. Thornley B.S.N. 604 Johnstone, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Robbin W. Thorp B.S. in Zoology 184 Robbins Ave., Benton Harbor, Mich. Richar E. Thornton B. of Mus. in Music Theory 700 Chautauqua, Norman, Okla, Herbert L. Tillman B.S. in Geology 156 S. Genesee St., Montrose, Mich. Louis B. Tishler, Jr. A.B. in Economics 2410 E. 77th St., Chicago, 111. Robert Tobe M.D. 1005 Cornwell PI., Ann Arbor, Mich. Jack H. Tobias A.B. in Journalism 1616 Brooklyn, Ann Arbor, Mich. Andrew Todd, Jr. A.B. in History 30 Everett St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Daniel E. Tolfree A.B. in History 311 Sidney St., West Branch, Mich. Margaret L. Tollzien A.B. in Speech West Maple, Birmingham, Mich. Elizabeth J. Tomchuck A.B. in Psychology 3424 Clinton St., Buffalo, N. Y. Jack W. Tomion L.L.B. 240 N. Collins, Fowlerville, Mich. Charles L. Tomlinson B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 15474 Ashton, Detroit, Mich. Arthur M. Thownsend, III A.B. in Pre-Frofessional 3673 Cook Ave., St. Louis, Mo. John D. Treadaway B.S.E. (C.E.) 839 Bloor, Flint, Mich. Bernard R. Tresnowski B.S. in P. H. Admin. 4758 Euclid, East Chicago, Ind. Thomas J. Troske A.B. in Economics 1338 Wealthy, Grand Rapids, Mich. 439 George B. Trubow A.B. in English 304 Garfield, Battle Creek, Mich. Kathleen A. Truemner B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 717 Blanchard, Flint, Mich. James N. Tsaggaris B.S.E. (E.E.) 2140 MatTett St., Muskegon Heights, Mich. Maung T. Tu M.S.E. (C.E.) 109 Boundary Rd., Rangoon, Burma Joan A. Tubbs A.B. in Speech 502 Mulford, Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert C. Tuck A.B. in Economics R. F. D. 1. Homer, Mich. Freddie A. Tucker B.B.A. 714 Dickinson, Flint, Mich. Preston T. Tucker, Jr. B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 1 Q 1 A N. Park St., Ypsilanti, Mich. Shirlee Tucker A.B. in Education 18095 Santa Barbara, Detroit, Mich. Irene Tung A.B. in Mathematics P. O. Box 2092, Ann Arbor, Mich. Katherine A. Tunis B.S. in Dent, Hygiene 1002 Cherry, Saginaw, Mich. Almon G. Turner, Jr. B.S. in Chemistry 20425 Hull, Detroit, Mich. D.D.S. B.B.A. Harvey L. Turner, Jr. 619 E. University, Ann Arbor, Mich. Thomas A. Turner 24505 Fairmont, Dearborn, Mich. Eve E. Tyler A.B. in Sociology 10805 Gooding, Cleveland, Ohio Jobel A. Tyson A.B. in Social Studies 18282 Woodingham Dr., Detroit, Mich. Patrick J. Tyson A.B. in Geography 2376 Elmhurst, Detroit, Mich. William T. Tyson A.B. in Pre-Law 22422 Olmstead, Dearborn, Mich. Benjamin Uchitelle A.B. in Philosophy Honors 65 Arleigh Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. Barbara L. Uebel A.B. in History 11855 Edgewater, Lakewood, Ohio Romeo O. Umanos M.S.E. (M.E.) Agoo, La Union, Philippines Somnuek Unakul M.S.E. (P.H.E.) Div. of Sanitary Engineering, Dept. of Health, Bangkok, Thailand Gerald J. Underwood B.B.A. 19352 Woodingham, Detroit, Mich. Richard A. Underwood A.B. in Journalism 1341 Sheridan, Plymouth, Mich. Betty Lou Ungerleider A.B. in English 425 W. Ormsby, Louisville, Ky. John H. Upton A.B. in English and Teacher ' s Cert. 2104 Dorset, Ann Arbor, Mich. Margaret J. Urban A.B. in Education 2230 Joliet, Flint, Mich. Oscar J. Vaerno A.B. in Politi cal Science Carl Kjeldsens vei 13, V. Aker, Oslo, Norway George J. Valenta, Jr. A.B. in German 5070 LaFontaine, Detroit, Mich. John R. Vallortigara B.S.A in Real Estate 11225 S. Park, Chicago, 111. Malin VanAntwerp L.L.B., M.B.A. 2419 Lexington Ave., Ashland, Ky. Maurice S. Van Auken B.S.E. (C.E.) 1717 Iverness, Lansing, Mich. Carolyn S. VanBoven A.B. in English 1228 Prospect St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Margaret A. Vance B.S. in Physical Therapy 333 E. Lawrence, Charlotte, Mich. Arthur J. Vander A.B. in History 3251 Oakman, Detroit, Mich. Margery Vander Ploeg M.A. in Social Work 1134 Alexander, Grand Rapids, Mich. 440 Jay L. Vander Sluis B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 475 Washington, Holland, Mich. Gerald L. Vander Wall D.D.S. 2221 Jefferson Dr., Grand Rapids, Mich. Jessica B. Vander Wall A.B. in English 2221 Jefferson Dr.. Grand Rapids, Mich. Keith A. Vander Weyden L. L.B. 1732 Paris Ave. S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Mary K. Vande Visse A.B. in Education 1122 Dallas Ave. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Ellen K. Van de Vusse B.S. in Design 602 N. Cowton Ave., Bloomington, Illinois Robert J. Van Duyne M.S.E. (Ch. E.) 127 W. 68th St., Kansas City, Mo. Robert C. Van Eeuwen B.S.E. (E.E.) 1810 Federal, S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Mary E. Vanker A.B. in English 9231 Devonshire, Detroit, Mich. Paul H. Van Order M.A. in Political Science 856 Ardmore, S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Gerald W. Van Valkenburg B.S.E. (C.E.) R. 1, Tecumseh, Mich. Donna R. Varner B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 711 Graceland, Grand Rapids, Mich. Henry S. Vaughn A.B. in Pre-Professional 6043 Hazlett, Detroit, Mich. John G. Veenstra A.B. in Foreign Languages 634 Ada Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Kenneth Veenstra M.D. 807 Arch St., Ann Arbor. Mich. Clarice Veitengruber B.S. in Med. Tech. 103 Butler, Clio, Mich. Saovani Vejjajiva 39 Pipal Lane, Bangkok, Thailand. M.B.A. M.D. Jay H. Veltman 1112 Tamarack, Grand Rapids, Mich. James L. Vercoe M.D. 1432 Dunham, Grand Rapids, Mich. Karl N. Victor, Jr. A.B. in Political Science 2140 Bonnycastle Ave., Louisville, Ky. David L. Vincent L.L.B. 1005 33rd Ave. X., Nashville, Tenn. Donald W. Visscher M.D. 19725 Chesterfield, Detroit, Mich. Harrison C. Visscher M.D. Box 68, Hudsonville. Mich. Robert D. Visscher A.B., M.D. 621 S. 4th Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert Visser B.S. in Pre-Professional 1437 Garfield Ave. X.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Lester E. Vocke D.D.S. 2525 Chevrolet Ave., Flint, Mich. Charles L. Votaw M.D. 1417 E. Hile Rd.. Muskegon, Mieh. Justine M. Votypka M. of Mus. in Piano 15360 Heyden, Detroit, Mich. William V. Wait B.B.A. 19221 Bretton, Detroit, Mich. Donald W. Waldenmayer B.S.E. (E.E.) 2318 Arlington, Flint, Mich. Marvel D. Waldron B. of Mus. in Voice 621 W. Allegan, Lansing, Mich. Jesse P. Walker B.S. in Pharmacy R. 1, Fulton, Ky. Donald S. Walli A.B. in Journalism 241 Douglas St., Ishpeming, Mich. David G. Wallingford B.B.A. in Personnel Administration 400 Royal Ave., Ferguson, Mo. George O. Walters Jr. L.L.B. 21708 Stephenson, Hazel Park, Mich. James H. Walters B.S.W. (Ind. E.) 225 Leicester, Kenihvorth, 111. 441 Arthur G. Waltz M.D. 4709 Orchard, Dearborn, Mich. Patricia E. Ward A.B. in History 8120 E. Jefferson, Detroit, Mich. William D. Ward B.S. in Actuarial Science 340 Tamarac RcL, Westport, Conn. Ellen B. Warg B.S. in Zoology 23118 Beech Ave., Dearborn, Mich. John R. Warmolts A.B. in Pre-Medical 2730 Coventry, Lakeland, Fla. George E. Warner A.B. in English 5474 X. Lake Dr., Milwaukee, Wis. Richard L. Warren M.B.A. in Ind. Relations 278 Hillcrest Rd., Grosse Pointe ' Farms, Mich. William G. Warren L.L.B. 3398 John Rd., Rochester, Mich. Marjorie A. Warrener B.S.N. 110 E. River, Ontonagon, Mich. Jean M. Wasserberger A.B. in El. Education 91 Illinois Ave., Pontiac, Mich. Lee J. Wasserberger D.D.S. 91 Illinois Ave., Pontiac, Mich. Jane M. Waterman B.B.A. 1140 Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Carol A. Watson A.B. in Sociology 544 Englewood, Detroit, Mich. Jack L. Watson A.B. in P nglish Indian Rd., Beloit, Wis. Richard M. C. Watson M.A. in History Fortune Lake, Crystal Falls, Mich. Susanne J. Watt B. of Mus. Education Lake Shore Dr., St. Joseph, Mich. Myron D. Waxberg B.B.A. 7 Harvard Rd., Woodmere, X. Y. Joanne M. Waxman A.B. in Eng. Literature 3878 Greenville Rd., Cleveland, Mich. Helen A. Weaver B.S. in Dent. Hygiene Grand Ave., Connersville, Ind. Barbara A. Webb B.S. in Dent. Hygiene 29847 Beechwood, Garden City, Mich. Joyce A. Webb B.S., R.X. 712 E. Gd. Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Nancy D. Webb A.B. in El. Education 320 Burrows Rd., Kalamazoo, Mich. Philip E. Webb B.S.E. (Aero. E.) 811 S. Division, Ann Arbor, Mich. William B. Weber B.S. E. (Aero. E.) 304 X. Main, Edwardsville, 111. William E. Weber B. of Mus. in Piano 509 Savings Bank Bldg., Marquette, Mich. Robert B. Webster A.B. in Letters and Law 423 W. Frank, Birmingham, Mich. Edward H. Weeby A.B. in Pre-Legal Studies 58 W. Davison, Highland Park, Mich. Michael J. Weinberger A.B. in Psychology 3620 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, X. Y. Irving B. Weiner A.B. in Psychology 625 Rosewood, Grand Rapids, Mich. Ancella Weinstein A.B. in Eng. Education 323 Greenbay Rd., Glencoe, 111. Ilyne Weisman A.B. in Spec. Education 3018 Broadway, Kalamazoo, Mich. Morton P. Weisman 36 Schuyler, Roxbury, Mass. M.D. Joseph J. Weiss A.B. in Economics H- 2240 W.Gd. Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Pierre R. Welch, Jr. A.B. in Economics 5043 Lowell, X.W., Washington, D.C. Robert N. Wells, Jr. A.B. in History 30 Hubinger, Xew Haven, Conn. Peter K. Wendel B.S.E. (C.E.) 33 Morrow Ave., Lockport, X. Y. 442 J fl -4 I I fctfft O fll Hugh A. Wenk A.B. in Pre-Professional 106 Pleasant PL, Ann Arbor, Mich. Carib A. Wenzel B.S. in Zoology 7907 Lynnhrook Dr., Bethesda, Md. Margaret E. Wenzell A.B. in English 17395 Zena, Los Gatos, Cal. Warren Wertheimer A.B. in Psychology 1813 E. 17th St., Brooklyn, X. Y. Jack Westaway B.S.E. (E.E.) 504 Keech Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Donna L. Westerberg B. of Mus. in Piano 16816 Mendota, Detroit, Mich. Robert F. Westover B.B.A. 2314 Groveland, Bay City, Mich. Roy N. Wetterholt B.S. in Chemistry B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 9115 Longworth, Detroit, Mich. Thomas A. Weyand B.S.E. (C.E.) 5043 Wayne, Wayne, Mich. Anderson G. White B. of Mus. Education 19957 Indiana, Detroit, Mich. Lynn T. White B.S.E. (Nav. Arch., Mar. E.) 214 Park PI., Audubon, X. Y. Joseph D. Whiteman A.B. in Political Science 1824 W. 12th, Hastings, Xeb. Alan A. Whitefield B.S.E. (M.E.) 223 S. Mountain, Montclair, X. .1. Frances P. Whiting B.S. in P. H. Admin. 750 X. Park, Owosso, Mich. William H. Whitney B.S. in Design 608 Washington Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Charles R. Wickman B.S.E. (E.E.) 900 Lake Shore. Excanaba, Mich. Allene M. Widdis A.B. in English 15744 Vaughn, Detroit, Mich. Robert D. Wiegand A.B. in English 18975 Whitcomb, Detroit, Mich. Anita L. Wiesner B.S. in Design 104 W. 14th Hays, Kan. James M. Wilcox B.S. in Physics 9971 Ruthland, Detroit, Mich. Thomas P. Wilcox, Jr. B.S.E. (Physics) 23145 W. River, Grosse He, Mich. Robert A. Wiley B.S. in Pharmacy 10304 Kensington Pkwv., Kensington, Md. Marilyn M. Wilkerson B.S.X. 1010 E. Sixth, Royal Oak. Mich. Charles A. Wilkinson M.D. 260 Douglas, Jackson. Mich. Neil V. Will B.S.E. (Ind. E) 927 E. St.. Hastings, Mich. Calvin Williams M.D. 6511 Hazlett, Detroit, Mich. Carroll B. Williams, Jr. B.S. in Forestry 3222 Washington Blvd.. Chicago, III. Francis S. Williams D.D.S. 301 Main St., Xorway, Mich. Gwendolyn J. Williamson B. of Mus Education 284 Teeumseh, Dundee, Mich. Rex E. Willoughby B. of Arch. 17701 Shaftsbury, Detroit, Mich. James G. Wills A.B. in Pre-Law 901 Rosewood Ave., East Lansing, Mich. Howard L. Wilson A.B. in Political Science 916 Lippincott Blvd.. Flint. Mich. Richard C. Wiltse B.S. in Pharmacy 986 Roosevelt. Plymouth. Mich. Donald C. Wingard D.D.S. 36215 Eureka. Romulus, Mich. Charles W. Wingert B. of Mus. Education 4426 Elrmvood, Royal Oak, Mich. Henry R. Winkelman B.B.A. in Accounting 17206 Fairfield, Detroit, Mich. 443 A.B. in El. Education Ann Arbor, Mich. D.D.S. Detroit, Mich. A.B. in Spec. Education 3030 Lawrence, Detroit, Mich. Charles F. Wise B.S.K. (Ind. E.) 290 Lakewood, Detroit, Mich. Patricia A. Winney 1305 Broadway Arnold I. Winshall ' 3030 Lawrence, Hilda Winshall William J. Wise B.B.A. in Accounting 217 Franklin, Waukegan, 111. William E. Wisner 938 S. West St. Mary M. Witham L.L.B. Findlay, Ohio B. of Mus. Education 320 8. llth St., Escanaba, Mich. Nancy J. Witham B. of Mus. Education 320 S. llth St., Escanaba, Mich. William Woladarsky B.S. in Geology Aubley, Quebec, Canada Beverly M ' . Wolf A.B. in Music 2448 Napier Ave., Macon, Ga. Evelyn E. Wolf B.S.N. 827 Tunnel, Port Huron, Mich. David L. Wolfe A.B. in Linguistics 6406 Heyden, Detroit, Mich. Janet H. Wolk A.B. in English 33 Egremont Rd., Brookline, Mass. William A. Wolk L.L.B. 17369 Ohio, Detroit, Mich. Aileen R. Wolsky A.B. in Education 2615 Ave. L, Brooklyn, X. Y. Barbara L. Wood A.B. in English 953 Moran, Lincoln Park, Mich. Gary F. Woodward B.S.E. (M.E.) 613 St. John, Ypsilanti, Mich. Donald F. Woomer M.D. 1780 Allard, Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. Janet L. Wormley A.B. in Speech Correction 14584 Penrod, Detroit, Mich. Robert Woschitz B.S.E. (M.E.) 1518 Edgewood, Anderson, Ind. Peter L. Wragg B.B.A. 8850 Littlefield, Detroit, Mich. Gail Wren A.B. in Political Science 49 Ashland Ave., Pleasantville, N. Y. Margery N. Wright A.B. in El. Education 2266 Pittsfield Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Marjorie A. Wright A.B. in El. Education 1023 Beall, Wooster, Ohio Wilbur I. Wright A.B. in Political Science 5640 W. Warren, Detroit, Mich. Ted W. Wuerthner A.B. in Russian Studies 52!) Kipling Blvd., Lansing, Mich. Marjory J. Wyche B.S. in Phys. Education 324 Angle Rd., Lapeer, Mich. Arthur V. Wynne, Jr. A.B. in Speech 21 Taft Dr., Short Hills, X..I. Winifred J. Wylie A.B. in Classical Studies 6561 Warren Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Delmae C. Wyllie A.B. in Spec. Education 200 Hursley Ave., Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Morris H. Wyman M.B.A. in Ind. Management 616 4th Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Donald G. Wylie A.B. in Speech 9815 Berwick Ave., Livonia, Mich. Carolyn M. Wysocki A.B. in Speech 16212 Forrer, Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth T. Yeaw A.B. in English Paris Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Elizabeth Yee A.B. in English 5215 Lincoln, Detroit, Mich. Raymond K. S. Yee B.S.E. (C.E.) 239A S. Vineyard St., Honolulu, Hawaii 444 Vesta A. Yoder B.S. in P.H.X. Route 4, McPherson, Kan. Henry N. Yokoyama A.B., M.D. 1123 12th Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii Marilyn J. Yolles A.B. in English 17190 Woodingham, Detroit, Mich. Karl F. Yoshonis B.S. in Pre-Medical 7740 W. Morrow Circle, Dearborn, Mich. Alexander Young B.S. in Design 82 Adela, Aviles, Manila, Philippines. Ann A. Young B. of Mus. in Piano 2836 Chesapeake, N.W., Washington, D.C. John L. Young B.S. in Forestry Box 254, Cumberland, Wis. Raymond G. Young B. of Mus. Education 285 Voorheis, Pontiac, Mich. Roland C. Zagnoli B.S. in Pharmacy 226 Highwood Ave., Highwood, 111. Mary E. Zaio A.B. in Spec. Education 515 West B, Iron Mountain, Mich. Herbert D. Zarrow B.S. in Pharmacy 36 Bridgeport, Worcester, Mass. Fred R. Zechman A.B. in Psychology 6433 X. Bell, Chicago, 111. David Zeff D.D.S. 3325 Richton, Detroit, Mich. David W. Zerbel B.S.E. (E.E.) 920 S. 13th St., Escanaba, Mich. John D. Zioliowski M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing 7145 Wilkinson Dr., Rockford, Mich. Liga Zirnitis B.S. in Phys. Education 232 Barclay, N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Ellen J. Zoller Cert, of Dent. Hygiene 14119 Sussex, Detroit, Mich. Xanthrophina Zuzzuzi Ph. D. in El. Education Box 1955 Burton Tower Yanthrophina Zuzzuzi B.S. in Psycho. Medicine Box 1955 Burton Tower Zanthrophina Zuzzuzi B.S. in Forest Pathology Box 1955 Burton Tower fl tt 1955 MICHIGANENSIAN STAFF Editorial Staff: EDITOR, Etta Lubke; ASSOCIATE EDITOR ENGRAVINGS, Mike Montgomery; ASSOCI- ATE EDITOR - - COPY, Mimi Buck; FEATURES, Herb Wander; SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES, Marilyn Larkin; SPORTS, Phil Davis; HOUSE GROUPS, Dick Trackler; assistant, Mary Palmer; ORGANIZATIONS, Bernice Pericin; assistant, Lois Fennig; TRYOUTS, Pat Goddard; assistant, Diana Cook; PHOTOGRAPHY, Paul Kerastas and a large, assorted staff. Business Staff: BUSINESS MANAGER, Paul Geiger; OFFICE MANAGER, Ann Cordill; assistant, Cathy King; ACCOUNTS, Marilyn Smith; CONTRACTS, Cynthia Stone; ADVERTISING, Pierre Welch; assistant, Morgan Davis; PROMOTIONS, Dick Harrison; GENERAL SALES, Fritz Cormvell; CAMPUS SALES, Bob Porter and a multitude of campus salesmen. 445 Dear Reader: By way of an epistolary epilogue on what finally turned out to be the fifty-eighth edition of the ' Ensian, it seemed appropriate to acknowledge the participants in our pet project. It certainly took a lot of them like those who stopped in to chat and were cajoled into being creative, or others who evinced an interest in the first place and were never allowed to forget it thereafter. It was fine experience; it was exciting and fun and To Mr. Rogers, patience personified in a printer, to Carol Fox, John Hancock, Jim Oldham and many friends at Jahn and Oilier for their concern and cooperation in engraving matters (like filling a few hundred rush orders) and to Ed Kase, so instrumental in helping " cover up " the whole matter for us a humble and hearty thanks. To genial Sam Fields, representative of Delma Studios who speedily shot, sorted and sent those senior pictures, and to Mr. Nelson who nightly pacified and pictured house groups galore we are indeed grateful to them as we are to those newspapers who so kindly furnished desperately needed pictures for our pages, The Detroit News, The Ann Arbor News, and the Columbus Dispatch. Much obliged are we also to those who plaj r ed photographer for and with us to Mr. Christo- fides, for that wonderful shot of Mr. Abernathy at work on his wheel to Student Publications ' own Don Campbell who fussed, fumed and fought for those fine color shots in the opening section to University News Service whose files were a vertiable vault of pictorial aid and to Photo Service for all the service rendered when things got a bit dim in our own darkroom. Thanks are due those around the building as well to Mr. Mattson who rounded up paper clips and rubber cement and donated the lamp by which we burned the midnight oil, to Carol Has- kell who doled out petty cash and played postman, to Ken Chatters, a good friend about printing- problems and parking permits. And to the Daily people who kept us company on deadline dates, who offered much advice, but little consolation and who usually came through with a few extra inches in which to publish our pleas about personnel and price rises. To Mr. Rinkel and Mr. Reed and the others on the Board in Control of Student Publications who stood by in the face of some adversity from certain organized sources to each and every one of you, our appreciation. But no editorial bouquet would be complete without a generous scattering of orchids to a staff that was supreme, if slightly insane. To Paul, potentate of the purse, and a business staff that functioned efficiently (from three to five each afternoon, anway), we owe a debt of affection in our common cause. To Mimi and Mike, cohorts who congregated most faithfully, to the Junior Editors and their assisting hands, who rallied ' round and rose to each occasion, to the photog- raphers who often procrastinated but finally produced, and to a tremendous bunch of try outs whose labor filled many a gap how else can I say it? Thanks, you all ! EDITING ETTA 446 Now here ' s a difference I can feel!. what this Full-time Power Steering . I does for me at the wheel! " THE LOOK does things for you no Other Cars Can do! For instance, power steering that works the instant you move your wheel! Even if you ' ve tried other power steering, you ' ll feel the big difference at once! With other kinds, you have to exert 5 pounds of pressure before the power cuts in. Chrysler Corporation ' s exclusive Coaxial power steering requires less wheel motion . . . fewer wheel turns . . . and gives you unmatched control over rough roads, soft shoulders, tracks, ruts and sand. After a full day of driving and parking, you feel fresh as a daisy. Only Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto, Chrysler and Imperial have this and many other wonderful new features. See and drive THE FORWARD LOOK at your dealer ' s soon! PLYMOUTH DODGE DE SOTO CHRYSLER IMPERIAL CHRYSLER CORPORATION 447 Student Index Abbass, Abdul 262 Abbey, Virginia 156, 229, 298, 392 Abbott, Elizabeth Abbot, Joan Abbott, Margaret _ Abbott, Phyllis 364 Abbott, Shirley 354 Abbrecht Martin Abcede, Juanito 260 Abd-El-Baki. Issam Mohamed 3 Abdul, Moid 262 Abdulla, Jamal 262 Abeles, Frederic Abeshouse, Jane 101 Abrams, Leen -- 173, 392 Abramson, Alice 392 Abramson, Earl - 173,392 Abramson, Larry 1! Abramson, Sheldon _ Abravanel, Eugene - 39 Acacia Ackerman, Edward _ Ackerman, John 276 Ackley, Prof. Gardner ... - 360 Adams, Carole 106, 153 Adams, Eaton 148 Adams, Frederick Adams, Janice 90 Adams House Adams. Karen 164 Adams, Katherine 89 Adams, Kathryn 146, 301 Adams, Penelope 115 Adams, Richard 102 Adams, Robert 161 Adams. Sherrell 145 Adams, William J 178 Adams, William W 113 Adamski, Donald _. 95 Adderly, Terence 157, 392 Adelberg, Vivian 225 Adelia Cheeyer 121 Adelman, Alice 117 Adelman, Martin 111 Adelson, Alan 392 Adelson, Irwin 111 Adelstein, Phyllis 106, 222 Adler. Hertha 266 Adler, Stephen - 140, 302 Advani, Murli Chandiram 392 Acngst, Fred 215 Afable, Nicanor 260 Afzal, Mohammad 131, 262 Ahlstrom, Peter 93 Ahmad, Jalil 262 Ahmed, Manir . 262 A, I, E. E. I. R. E. 277 Aiken, Martha 249 Ainslie, Richard 166 Ainslie, Thomas 88 Ainsworth, Kerry 204 Aizinas, Stanley 200 Ajay Nick _ 131 A. I. Ch. E 272 Akpabio, John . 114 Akrigg, Mary 117 Al-Amiri, Nasson 262 Albers, Robert 205 Albert, Ursula -392 Alberts, Jack 392 Albion, Martin 179 Albiston, Joyce 94 Albrecht, Frederick 204 Albrecht, Karl D 100 Albright, Margaret 392 Alcorn, Judith 162, 364 Aldrich. Carol 259 Aldrich, Sandra 153 Al-Durrah, Sad Mustafa 392 Alexander, George 270 Alexander, Jean 142 Alexander, John L. 286 Alexander, Sylvia 392 Alexander Robert 268 Alfano, Gerard.... 105, 392 Alford, Keith 97, 392 Alfred, Stan 192 Algenfritz, Robert 189 Alger. William 102, 168 All, Abdul _: 262 Ali, Sayed Zahid 262 Aliferis, Peter 205, 392 Al-Kaisy. Amina Ramzy 392 Alkema, Eugene 392 Alkema, Henry 204 All, Jeanne _392 Allaben, Dorothy .175, 304 A.I lain, Clarence - 93 Allen, Bruce 392 Allen, Dwight .._ . 184 Allen, Gary 102 Allen, George 203 Allen, Hugh 99 Allen, Jacqueline 98 Allen, Jennifer 392 Allen, Leonard E 258, 271 Allen. Nancy 255 Allen, Onlin 93 Allen Rumsey House 87 Allen, Stuart 193 Alley, Ruth . 392 Allie, Allen 208 Allis, Harry 203 Alpha Chi Omega 137 Alpha Chi Siema - . 196 Alpha Delta Phi 138 Alpha Delta Pi 139 Alpha Epsilon Phi 140 Alpha Epsilon Pi 141 Alpha Gamma Delta -142 Alpha Kappa Kappa .... 197 448 Alpha Kappa Psi 198 Alpha Lambda Delta 301 Alpha Omega Alpha Omicron Pi 143 Alpha Phi 145 Alpha Phi Alpha 144 Alpha Phi Omega 258 Alpha Rho Chi ._ 200 Alpha Sigma Phi 147 Alpha Tau Omega 148 Alpha Xi Delta -146 Al-Mueti, Hilmi Haqqi - 392 Al-Shamma, Hamid Matid .392 Al-Shawi, Khalid Abdulla . 392 Alstrom, Richard- 240, 243, 294 Alt. Glenn 274 Altenbern, Thomas _ - 97 Altman, Marilyn - 108 AIul, Husni 262 Alwasiti, Majid - 262 Amacher, Douglas 118 Amansec, Lilia 260 Amberson. Nancy 108, 162 Ambrose, Donald 209 Ambruster, Robert 119 Amdur, S. T. Herzl 392 Amdur, Ted 173 Amrhein, John 189 Amrung, Prachoomsuk A. - _ 261, 392 Amor, Robert . . 102 American Society of Civil Engin. 274 Amos, David 116 Amos, Norman - 203 Anbe, Daniel - _ 120 Anderle. Thomas .- 169 Andersen, Jeanne 92, 392 Andersen, Marvin 205 Andersen, Roger ...... 169, 269, 275. 276, 293 Anderson 88 Anderson, Barbara 109 Anderson, Carlos 187 Anderson, Charles 356 Anderson, Constance 115 Anderson, Donna -_ 142 Anderson, Doris 108, 286, 287 Anderson, Dorothy 392 Anderson, Frederick 182 Anderson, Harry 190 Anderson. Jerry 197 Anderson, Joanne 108 Anderson, Julius 110 Anderson, Kathryn 268 Anderson, Kenneth _. 86, 226 Anderson, Lewis ..286 Anderson, Lloyd 167, 392 Anderson, Marilyn ..92, 98, 1.32 Anderson, Marilyn . _ _ 92, 98, 132, 143 Anderson, Mary A 286 Anderson, Nancy 164 Anderson, Philip . 203 Andersen, Roland 88 Anderson, Stie 204 Andrews. Andy 354 Andrews, Karl 87 Andrews, Doug 147 Andrews, Harold 356 Andrews, T. E _ 392 Andrews. William 189 Angeli. Mark - _ -113 Angell House 89 Angeli, William ...._ - 96 Angelo. Harold 235 Angelos. Leo 120 Angers, Karen 107, 146 Angler. Gordon 102 Angood, Arthur 154 Angus, John 196 Annable. Richard 116 Anschuetz, Gertrude _ -131 Anslow, Richard 152 Antehi. Gloria 103 Anthony, James Antler, Alice Anton. Gloria Antonides, Gene 392 122 _ 92, 259 _._ 93 Antrobius Jean 108 A. Ph. A. 271 Aponte, Joseph 97, 280 Appel, Helen 139 Appel, John 253 Apple. Bailey 89 Appelman. Henry 116 Appleman. Robert 180 Appman. John 186, 264 Aquind, Rebecca .260 Arab Club . - 262 Arayasatra, Patiphat 261 Arbuckle Virginia 163 Arcila, Eduardo 97, 222, 392 Ardelean. Paul 392 Ardis, Mark _ 2% Ardussi. Wallace 112, 151 Arens, Frank 147 Arent, Toan 90, 393 Arent, Michael 110, 151 Arguelles, Angel -260 Argus, Gregoria 103, 143 At kin, Herbert 93, 273 Arkin, Julie 89. 142 Arment, Beverly _.143 Arms, Alan 87, 123, 392 Arms. John 136 Armstrong, Dave 208 Armstrong, Peter 188 Armstrong, Robert 88, 208 Armstrong, Susan 362 Arner, Wayne 116 Arnesen, Ingrid 165, 224 Arno, Robert 166 Arnold. Edward 204 Arnold, Florence 150 Arnold, Roberta 15; Arnold, Sally 90, 145 Arnold, Susan 165, 364 Arnovitz, Beverly 181 Aron, Stewart Arrington, Patricia - 165 Arron, Miriam Artiaga. Jesus Artiaga, Mariano 260 Artz, Dale 204, 393 Artz, John Arveson, Don Asadi Abdul 262 Ascher, Linda 108, 222 Ase, Katherine 393 Ash, Lois 108 Ash, Phyllis 393 Ashbaugh. Patricia _ 107 Ashby, Beverly 101 Asher, Terry Asmus, Richard _ 25 A S M E 1 ' 4 Assembly 226 A.S.T.E. 276 Aster, George 157, 360, 393 Asuncion, Jose Atherton, Harper Atherton. Susan - 146 Athletic Club _ _ 304 Atheltic Managers 360 Atkin. Richard 161. 393 Atkinson, Mrs. Florence .100 Atkinson, Julie 92, 393 Atkisson. Curtis .136, 393 Atwood, Caleb Aiwood, Mrs 156 Aughey, William _ 183 Augustine, Robertson ... 118, 393 Aupperle. Eric 136, 273, 302 Aurand, James 116, 124, 271 Aurelia, John ..105 Austermiller, Joan 94 Austin, Ellen _ -101 Austin, Grey 264 Austin, Henry Austin, Jack - 206 Austin, LuAnne 304 Austin, Richard - 110 Avallone Barbara 155, 393 Averill, Kenneth.... 208, 298, 393 Averill, Keith 393 Averill, Walter 189 Avery. Mary ._ Avis, Bruce 151 Awtry, Jeanne 117 Aye, Maung Ayers, David 209 Ayling, Sally _ 117 Azarpour, Manuchehr 198 Azhari. Abdul-Ghani _ 393 Aziz, Khalid 262, 269, 393 Baad, David 1 Baad. James Babcock, Donald Babcock. Dwight Babin, Raymond Bach. Brigitte Bach, Richard Bachelder. Glen Bachellor, Elaine Bachman, Carole Bachmann, Dick Bachmann, Roger Backlar. Barbara Bacon. Bruce 189, 2 Bader, Dr. Arno_ Bader, Sandra .- - Badertacher, Barbara Badger, Rebecca Badoud. Gary Badt. Marshall 1 Bady. Arthur ... Baehre. Barbara _ Baer, Fred Arnold, David -189, 393 168, 290, 307, 308, 3 Bagdade, Allen Bahr. Jean Baibak, George 1 Bailey, David Bailey, Douglas Bailey, Eldon Bailey. Harvey _ Bailey, Mrs. Jean Bailey, Joseph Bailey, Thomas I 1 Bailin. Richard 87, 2 Baird, Mary Baird, Sally Baity, John 169, 234, 235. 290, 2 Bakeman, James Baker, Carmela Baker. Dale Baker, Emily _. Baker, Gary Baker, Graechen Baker, Henry Baker, Jacob Baker. Toan Baker, Kathleen Baker, Lawrence Baker, Martha Baker, Mary Baker, Mary- Julia H Baker, Mrs. R.R Baker, Richard Baker, Robert A 2 Baker, Robert E 113, 2 Baker, Sharon 1 Bakker, Dewey Balanda, Mindaugas ..... Balanger, Paul Balas. Bonnie - Balas, Jackie Balcom, Kirk Balckatt, Charles Baldacci, Lou 148, 294, Baldoni. Paul Balduf , Carl - - : Baldwin, De Witt C Baldwin, James ..- Baldwin. Lorraine - Bale. Michael Balent, Andy Balgooyen, William Ball, Kenneth Ballard, Richard Balle, Frank Balling. Linda Ballinger. Craig Balogh, Richard Balzhiser, Dick 257, Bamber. George E Bancroft, Charles -..159,202, Bandler, Ann Bandler. Barbara Banga, Alnis Bankcroft, Charles Banninga, Hugh _ Banzhaf. Pete Baraf, Charles Barancik. Maurice Barber, Margorie Earclay, Donald Barden, James Barger, Frank Barger, James Barich, Judy Barie, Mike Bariya, Jayantilal Barker, Barbara . Barker. Sari Barker, Vernon Dale - Barlow, Marjorie. 92, Barlow, William Barnard, Donald - Barnard. Michael Barnard. William Barnes, Gordon Barnes, John Barnes, Judy Barnes. Nancy Barnes. Patricia Barnes, Roger Barnes, Yvonne _ Barnett, Neil Barnett, Rick Barnham. Lewis Barnhart, Charles Barnhart, Tom Barnhill, Charlene Barr, Bradford Barr, Norman Barr, Terry - Barrett, Barbara Barrett, Bruce Barrett, Frederick Barrett, John Barrett, Robert Barrett, William _ Karris, Elizabeth Barren. Barbara . Barron, Bernard Barron, Hal Barron, Jim . 168, Barron, Jerrold Barrone, Helen Barrow, Richard Barrows, John Barry, Tames Barth, Robert Bartha, Marsha Bartholomew, Nancy _ Bartlett, Ann Bartlett, Dexter . 95, Bartlett, Prof. H.H Bartlett, Judith Bartlett, Richard - Barton, Tim Barton. Mary Bartosik, Henry _ Barttam. Bernadine .. Baru, Elaine - Basch, Paul _ Basford, Mike Bashara, George Basketball I..- Basket, David Baskin, Geraldine Baskins, Patricia Bass. Dolf Bassichis. Ruth 108, 140 Bassin, Diane _ Bassler. Jerry ... Bateman, William Bates. Charles Bates, David Bates, James - 168, 291, Bates. Shirley Bauch, James Bauer, Arnold .._ Bauer, Carolyn Bauer, James Bauer. John H. Bauer, Mary 117, Batiknecht, John Baum, Sylvia Bauman, John Baumann, George Baumann. Stella Baumer, Ronald Baumgardt, Hans Baumgartner, Fred 105 _ 190 102 307 184 161 Ill - 174 168 .... 90 131 176 _ 249 294, 333 95 .._ 146 190 .... 161 394 99 98 ... 394 139, 394 301, 394 _ 260 - 164 203. 394 . 149 .175, 394 394 89 .... 89 .... 132 180 184 . . 333 105, 394 .... 394 . 131 111. 180 , 225. 301 .... 394 _ 270 .-205 337, 356 102, 286 307,. 356 .. 394 ..120, 123 _ 86 .. - 394 . 160, 394 . 286, 287 142, 224 394 -117 105, 394 ...96, 394 .92, 394 102 249 _ 118 ..151, 272 STATE SAVINGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR MAIN AND WASHINGTON STS. BRANCHES: Packard Stadium Blvd. Washtenaw Ave. Pittsfield Blvd. COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS BANK SINCE 1893 Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ANN ARBOR BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System Complete Banking Service MAIX STREET at Huron STATE STREET OFFICE 330 State St. SOUTH UNIVERSITY OFFICE 1108 S. UNIVERSITY AVENUE PACKARD-BROCKMAX 1923 Packard St. WHITMORE LAKE OFFICE Whitmore Lake, Michigan Complete Trust Service Mortgage Loans Property Management Real Estate Service Ann Arbor Trust Company You can rent a Safety Deposit Box for as little as one cent a day MAIN AT HURON ANN ARBOR FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION ORGANIZED 1890 MEMBER: FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN INSURANCE CO. FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK SYSTEM 401 E. LIBERTY CORNER S. DIVISION E. LIBERTY 449 Baumgartner, Holla 118 Baumler, Pauline 266 Bautista, Aurora 260, 394 Bautista, Pascual 260 Baxendale, William 394 Baxter, John 302 Baxter, Richard 394 Baylis, Henry 110, 124, 179, 302, 233 Baylis, Shirley... 158, 222, 394, 297 Beach, Barbara Beach, Phil Beal, Marjorie_ Beallo, Judith.... Beals, Ted Beam, Bradley 146 149 - 103, 158 .103. 140 .264 ' , 267 Beard, Fred 7.. 276, 394 Beard. Willard 105 Bearss, Glen 307, 360, 394 Beattie, Charles 148 Beattie, David 97 Beatty, James 394 Beatty. Linda 268 Beauchamp, George 168 Beauchamp, Norman 110 Beaudoin, John 120, 271 Beaudry, Richard 87, 273 Beaupre, James H 286 Beaver, Fred _ 87 Bebeau, Bernard 86, 215 Bechard, Ross Francis 394 Beck, Geraldine 108 Beck, Jonathan 113 302 Beck, Marg 90 Beck, Norman 161, 394 Becker, Ann _ 91 Becker, Beverly 103 Becker. Bob 180 Becker, Edward _120 Becker, Eleanor 286, 107, 287, 288 Becker, Fred 286 Becker. Helaine _ 117, 394 Becker, Lynn _ 97 Becker, Marjorie 107 Beckley, Sam 235 Beckman, Bill 147 Bednarsh, Jeanette .117, 263 Bedsole Danny m 395 Beebe, Sue 175, 297. 395 Beeman, Marjorie 175 Beer, Sandra 7798, 181 Beerman. Burton _. 7 96 Beigler, Elissa _ 140 Beillmeier, Bill ]67 Beiser, Gerald _ 198 Beissel, James .._ _ _ 302 333 Beitinjaneh, Khalil 262 Belcher. Robert 166 Bell, Andrew .._ mi Bell, Arlen Dale.7 Bell, Douglas 97 Bell, Lu _ ZllS n e ' x Mar aret - -7-150, 395 " e . Nancy 89 145 Bell, Winston _ m Bellack, Philip _Z ]g s Bellas, Raymond 186 Belleville, Philip ]9 g Bellgraph, Gloria Ann I 395 Uellil, Francis .... 119 791 Belotte, Charles ... ' 280 Beiser, Martin ]7g Eelshaw, Janet 268 Belt, Mary . _jS 5 en j er ' Ivan _ 179; 267, 360 Bender, Thomas 177 Bendlin, Barbara... 103 150 Benedict, Milbry ... ' 35 Bengoechea Jowime _7 395 Bengtsson, Doris 107, 288 Benisek, George ' 205 Benjamin, Elizabeth 7l07 Benkovics, Shirley " 9] Benner, Dave _ 148. 215, 302 Benner, Janet ... _ 395 Benner, Thomas 292, 356 " 395 Benner, Robert .. 302 Bennett, Bruce " UK Bennett, Iris g | Bennett, Marie! 139, 2867304 Bennett, Mary Bennett, Nancy 7l50 395 Bennett, Richard .... ' 112 Bennis, Norma io Benoyitz, Gloria Bensinger, Herbert ... 87 Henson, Allen 113 vj-i Benson, Clark ' fi Benson, Ellen Leah ! 395 Benson, Ellie _ 162 Benson, James 199 395 Benson, Jerry igo ' v c Benson, Richard 97 Bentley, Miss Norma 360 Benton, Joseph _ Benya, Theodore ___ B " n . 206, 258; 266; 395 neran, Denis it? Berberian, Ara .... 395 Berberian, Balig j Berg, Dorothy Berg. James .... 41 Berg, Paul .... ,Sc Berg, Roger -777 Jol Bfr! M " " - " , 90 145 ' 222 ' 231 nergeon. Michael 90 Berger, Carol l Berger, Joel lif 244 w? Berger, Judith. 7 390 ' 395 Berger, Stan Berger, Thomas }oi Bergland, Bonnie Berglund, Tom .... j Bergman, Max 192 191 Bergner, Robert 179 ' lot Bergsma, Donald 200 395 Bergstein, Harriet ' 395 Bergstrom, Carl Z7l98 450 Berinstein, Bill _ 176 Berinstein, Harry 176 Berinstien, Mary 140, 395 Berkey, Johanna 98, 158 Berkowitz, Jo Anne 98 Berland, Doris 395 Berland Peter 113 Berlin, William 119 Berlin, Stanton 395 Berliner, Henry -180, 294 Berliner, Judith _ 103 Berkowitz, Jo Anne 89 Berman, Bernie 95 Berman, Charles 207 Berman, Sherwood _ 118, 159, 202, 395 Bernal, Rizalina 260 Bernard. William 178 Berner, Robert _ 149 Bcrnheim, Ann 98 Bernia, Melvin 269, 395 Bernreuter, Edward 93 Bernstein, Carol 112 Bernstein, Micheal 192 Bernstein, Richard 199 Bernstein, Stanley 185, 234, 235 Berritt. Harold Berry, Guy _ Berry, Jean Berry, John Berry, Lathrop Bersch. Blanche .. Bersch, Neil _ Bertling, Lee Bertoia. Richard ... Berwald, Herbert .108 .. 92 Besselink, Herman Beta Theta Pi Betsy Barbour Bettison. Judith Betts, Frank Betts, Joseph 102 Betts, Ted ... Betz, Karl Betz, Pete _ Beuthein, Sally Bevelheimer, Bruce Bevis, Linn Bewalda, Mary Bez, Bert Bhada, Rohinton 100 Bhakta, B. Bhattacharya, Mamata Bhengsri, Phuehong _ Bianchi. Joan-- Bibb, Harold _ Bice, Elaine _ Bickel, Barbara _ Bickert, Lillian Bickford, Priscilla Bicknell, John Bicknell, Joseph Biel, Kent Bierwat, LaVerne Bigelow. Barbara Biggs, Thomas Bissby. Duane _ Bilik, Jerry 286 Billes, Bruce Billow, Marvin Bilson, John Bimey, Jean ! Z1 Bindeman, John Binding, Jane Binetsky, Lois Bingham, Richard Binkley, Sylvia Bioigari, Betty Birdsall. Charles _ Birmingham. Mary 163 Birney, Grace Birney, Nancy Birtles, Ronald Bisbee, William Bissonette, Sandy Bither, Richard 7. Bitman, Kenneth Bitman, Sue Bittle, Jack _____ Bittner. Bonnie Bitzer, Edward Bitzer, John Bizer, Lawrence Biork, Frederick Black, Barbara Black, Donald Black. Gordon Black. Peter ' " _ Blackburn, Lucy Blackburn. Mary _ Blackett, Benjamin 7 Blackett, Charles Blackett, Olin Blackman, Rodney Blackman. Sally Blaha. John Blaine. Bethune Blair, David _Z Blair, Mary Blake. Mariorie Blakelv. Wayne __ Blakeslee, Marian Blamenthal. Frank Blanchard, David Blanchard, James Blanchard, Louise _ Blaney, Donald Blankenship, Charles Blaser. Tohn Blashfield, Berkey ZJ Blatchley. Margery . Blatt, Martin Blatt, Rudolph _ Blaubach, Hans Blaul, Carolyn Blaurock, Joan _ TSlecha. Joanne ,295,395 179 266 -91, 395 286 203, 395 395 _ 198 168 ..395 178. 395 95 _ 149 _ 90 164, 395 102 124, 167 189 -97. 178 280 162 258 . 288 108. 222 112, 206 , 272, 395 _ 261 . 261 - 261 .131, 395 119 142 223 . 3% , 263, 3% . 288, 3% 396 3% 116, 204 396 139, 3% 147 201 , 287, 396 .. 199, 3% - 198, 396 - 114 - 165 97 91 178 - 101, 266 108 -296 3% , 220, 225 139 -145, 268 ---- 114 ------- 3% - . 130 - 116, 258 - . 197 . 181, 3% 286, 287 ----- 155 177 100 112, 179 110 16? 3% .. 182, 253 86, 276 143 - ......... 94 . 205 -. 136, 351 360 _ 102.253 .-153,362 _ ........ 9 ' 218 266, .W 131 .. 266, 304 112, IW - 20 ...... 3% 99 ... 139, 224 _. 201 396 Ill, ]4 ------ 155 ----- 91 ------ 1R5 - ......... 120 _ 206, 258 _______ 163 ........ 222 -. 131 Blechfeld, Sheila 181 Bleckley, Paul _ 99 Bleha, Tom 233, 294 Blendin, Otto 114 Bleyaert, Ralph _ 86 Bleyer. Sue 117 Bloch, Ninion . 158 Block, Frederick 193, 396 Blodgett, Dick _. 167 Bloemendal, Mary ._ _ 165 Blomquist, Svea _. 288 Bloom, Steve 180 liloss, Richard .116,124,258,269 Blossey, Bob 213 Blott, Jack 309 Bluemel. Van 258 Blues. Thomas 95, 258 Blum, George 207, 3% Blum, Harry 301 Blum, James _ 151 Blum. Jerome _ _ 140 Blumberg, Nancy _. 140, 362 Blumenthal, Frank 3% Blunt, Margaret 163, 220, 3% Boales, Sydney _ 156 Board In Control of Intercollegiate Athletics 360 Board in Control of Student Publications 241 Boasberg. Howard 192 Bobcean, Sue 98 Boch, Jean 90, 146, 394 Bochnowski, Alex 184 Bock, John 295 Bocobo. Malaya _ 260, 3% Boddy. Leland 1% Boe, Gary 97,280 Boehm, Joan 91 Boeker, Ralph 171,3% Boers. Shirley 92, 3% Boersma, Kenneth 204 Bolinger, Paul _ 204, 3% Bogdon, Bernard _ 113 Bogg, Richard . 154 Boggan, Jacqueline 150, 3% Bohinc, Stanley 200 Bohler, Fred 87 Bohnsack, William 168, 215 Boice, David 269 Bcker, Martha _ 156 Bolton, Norman 207 Boltz, Janis log Bomberg, Ann 109 Boldvreff. Bertha . 121 Bonilla, Fernando 99, 3% Boomer. Sue 175 Boorstein, Ronald -.179, 258, 302 Booth, Jacob % Booth, Tames ]02 Booth, Joyce 117 Booth, Mark 294, 356 Booth, Neil _ 87,273 Booth, Richard _ 161 Booth, William 14g Boothe, Marcia 137, 3% Booze. Patricia 90| 165 Bordin. Tudith _ 108 Borin. Marilyn 103 Korkin. Harold Borkoki. Richard 93 Borkowski, Elaine 106 Bernstein, Mary _ 108, 396 Boros, Steve 93 Borth, Richard Z 172 Bosco, Frederick 3% Boseker. Edward 86, 266 Boshoven, Robert _ HO Bosker. Donald _ 204 Bosnia. Bovd _ 118, 154 Bosma. John 95 Boss. Bruce 169,249,30 ' ? Boston, John g7 Bostrom. Lawrence 190,273 Botero. Rafael 2 " 0 Botth. Richard 302 Bottomly. William 201 Bottom. C. E. 274 Rouchton, Helen 3% Bouldrey. Mary 3% Bourne, Bami 263, 36-1 Bourne. Richard _. ' 203 Bow. William 203 Howdle, Fred ._ 172 Bowen, Bob ]60 Bowen, Dick ]43 Bowen. Gerald _ 261 Bowen, Ronald Rg Bower. James 87, 206, 266 Bowers, Dnvid _ ]6g Rowprson. Warren 3% Bowie, Pamela ]Ql " owler, loan 143 Bowles, Tiilie 137,396 Howies. William 201 Bowman, fames 308 Bowman, Robert 395 Bowmpi, Sandra 89 Royd, Gerald _ _.. 119 Pcyd, Robert _ _ l]g, 13$ Boyer. Jacqueline _ 156 Boylan, Arthur ]fis Tiovtan. Charles 204 Boyle. Thnmas __ 148 Bovles. Tohn 152,235 Bovne, Harold _ 13? Boynton. F.lizabeth _ 101, 155 Brabant, Tohn 100 Brabaw. Frank ..... .. 16 ' Brace, Fritz .. 152 Brackenburv, Richard ... _ 87 Brary, Frank 120 BraHen. James 14g Brad ield. Tohn 157,301 Bradley, Carl _ 200 Bradley, Donald 129 Bradley, T ames j7g Bradley. Samuel 198, 256, 3% Bradshaw. Carolyn 91,364 Bradshaw, Janet _ ..... ___ 146, 364 Brady, Alfonso __________ ........ 397 Brady, Tames _____________ ..... 111,393 IJrager-Larson, Ann __________ 137 Brainerd. Elwin ______ __ _ 88 Brake, Jon ............. ________ 191, 302 Brake, Margaret ___________________ 90 Branson, Allan ...... _ ......... _____ 105 Brand, Barry ..................... ______ 157 Brand, Joseph _____ ' 182 Brand, Marc ____________________ 173 Brand, Robert ............ ____ 171, 397 Brandes, Harvey ____________ 185 Brandom, Arthur ________ 241,360 Brandon, Dorothy ......... ______ 91 Brandt. Margaret _____________ 143 Brandt, Norma ____ ........ ____ ...... 142 Brandt, Ruth ____ ....... __________ 142 Brandt, Thoma.s ____________ 149 Branoff, Tony 291, 307, 356, 360 Brauman, Sandra _______ 158, 258 Braun, Gerald ........... __ 93 Braun, Richard ______ ...... 250, 251 Braun, Walter _____ ............. ___ 397 Braunstein, Robert ..... __________ 114 Brauwz, Marjorie ___ _266 Bray, Ben ........ ______ ...... ________ 272 Bray, James ...... ......... __ 397 Bredendieht, Dina _____ ..... 117, 362 Bredin, Robert ____ .......... _________ 86 Bregand. Joanne ___________ 397 Erehm, Richard ____ ..... _ 166,271 Brehmer, Elmer _______________ 397 Breilung, Lud ........ - ....... ___ _ 197 Breisch, Fred _______________ 397 Brekte. Arija ______________________ 107 Brender, Richard ________ 247 Brender, Helene . ..... _____________ 117 Brenner, Richard ..... _____ 397 Bresson, James ...... ....... _____ 397 Brewbalker, James ........ __ 118 Brewer, Richard ___________ 87 Brewster. Alison ........ __ 362 Briggs, Dick ............. _ ...... 204, 397 Briggs, Donald ............... ___ 113, 166 Brings, Nancy ............. ____ 139 Briley, Carolle ......... _ ........ 263, 397 Brill, Jane ___________________ 92 Brinberg, Simeon ________ 173, 397 Brink, Norman ..... __________ 136 Brinker, William _____________ 188 Brinker, Nancy ________________ 153 Brinley, John .................. . ..... _ 102 Britz, Gordon ........ ___ 116, 397 Britz, Harland ______________ 241 Brochacka, Karen _________ 130 Brock, Norman ___________ 397 Brockie, Linda ____________ 115 Broderick. Dale ________ 174 Brodie, Paul ............ _________ 286 Broecker, Charles _____ 113 Brohn, Elaine ______________ 397 Brokhoff, Margaret _____ 397 Brolczyk, Katherine _ .......... _ 92 Brollier, Irma ...... .. _ 108 Brorafield, Jean 165, 229, 298, 397 Bronaugh, Georganna 146, 397 Bronstein. Steve .......... _____ 173 Brooken, Ronald ______ ..... ______ 112 Brookfield, Ernest ........ __ 397 Brooks, Charles ..... . ........ 180, 307 Brooks, Gail ........... _ ..... ____________ 89 Brooks, Kathryn ........ ________ 153 Brooks, Marjory ________ 122 Brophy, Jere _______ ...... 275, 286, 287, 292, 303, 397 Brouse, Diana - .......... ___________ 156 Brower, Paul ...... ____________ 113 Brown, Professor ___________ 276 Brown, Alan ________ ....... 118 Brown, Arnold . 182, 397 Brown, Barbara 137, 224, 229, 397 103 149, 174 _. Ill, 303 258, 397 _____ 117 397 , Brown, Beverly Brown. Bruce Brown, Cowan Brown, David Brown, Dorothy Brown, Edward ___________ Brown, Ellen ______ .............. _ 143, 397 Brown, Elsie ...... _ ............. 397 Brown, Miss Esther ___________ 117 Brown, Dr. Frank ________________ 258 Brown, Henrietta _____________ 175 Brown, Ira .......... ___ ................ 397 Brown, Jack ........ _ .............. ___ 397 Brown, Janet ._ ...... ____________ 397 Brown, Toseph ______ ..... 105 Brown, Tudith ........... 117, 156, 397 Brown, Larry ............ _________ 138 Brown, Loretta ....... ______ ....... 397 Brown, Margaret ________ .......... 101 Brown, Michael ........... _. _ 253 Brown, Paul ............. _ 178 Brown, Phil .......... ________ 95 Brown, Richard ______ 152 Brown, Robert 116, 138, 152 161, 173, 200, 285, 356, 397 Brown, Sandra ..... ___________ 140 Brown, Sarah _______________ 175, 362 Brown, Sue . ........... ___________ 175 Brown, Thomas ______ ..... _____ 87 Brown. Wilbur ....... ________ 302 Browne, Donald ............ 178, 397 Browne, Shirley ............ ______ 92 Brownlee, Verna _________________ 131 Brozan, Linda ....... ___ .. ..... 109 Broze, Anores ......... _______ 274, 398 P.rubaker. T. Lester ..... _______ 398 " nice, Richard ....... ____ 132 Bruce, Robert ___________ ..... ____ 95 Bruckman, Joseph ______ 120, 302 Brueckner. Virginia _______ 266 T ruemmer, Terry ............. _ 95, 280 Bruemmer, Jon ............ _______ 95 Brull, Maurice ..... _ ..... ___ 271 Brumbaugh, Carole ___________ 89 Brumm. Gerald ................ ____ 113 Brumm. William _ . ____ 100 SIUO OS 521 Fifth Ave. New York, N. Y. OUR OfflClflL yfflRBOOK PHOTOGRflPHfR MAIN OFFICE AND LABORATORY 9 W. 20th St. New York 11,N. Y. Telephone: Watkins 9-1880 451 Bruneau, Nancy 175 Brunskill, Philip _ 243,291, 398 Brunson, Bruce 113 Brush, Thomas -169 Bryan, Frederick 189, 398 Bryan, Joan 90, 398 Bryant, Arlene 268 Bryant, Bill .._ 187 Bryant, Carolyn 164 Buckingham, Ann 286 Buatti Eugene _ 209 Eubel, Patricia 122, 299, 362, 398 Bucci, Russell _ 129, 398 Buchanan, Howard 172 Buchanan, Neil _ _ 294 Buchanan, Robert 205 Buchbinder, Lois _ 150, 398 Buchele, Luther 132 Buck, Dick 214, 289 Buck, John - _398 Buck, Miriam _ 162, 247, 259, 297, 398 Buck, Richard 161, 398 Buckinghan, Mimi 156 Buckley, Kevin 87 Buczek Jr.. Anton _ 398 Budae, Robert Ill Budde, Bruce _. __ _ 88 Budde, Robert 215 Buehler William 93 Buhler, Fred ..._.1S9, 202, 398 Bugeia, Joseph 118, 159, 202 Buhay, Helen 260 Bulderis, Ruth 145, 223 Bulderis, Ruth 223 Bull. John 203 Bullen, Thomas 178 Bulloch, James 398 Bunn, Elaine 287 Bunnell, Ronald - 118 Bunni, Munir _ 262 Burch, Donald _. 269, 303, 398 Burchfield, David -.183, 275, 293 Eurchfield, Jack _______ 189, 293, 356 Burd. Tom 167 Burdett, Gerald 99 Burdick, Norman 95 Burdick, Richard 100,286 Burdick, William 205 Burdinie, Al 88 Burfiend, George ._ _ _ 276 Burgess, Jo __ 112 Burgess, Kenneth 110 Burhans, Gregory 205 Burke, Brian 157 Burke, Denzer Wanman 398 Burke, James 97, 205 Burke, Marvin _ 111 Burke, Sally 153 Burke, Terry 163 Burkhardt, Barbara 165 Burkhart, Shirley 162 Burkley, Marge 266 Burnett, James 190, 280 Burnham, Lewis 110, 269, 292, 303, 398 Burnham, Maxine 268 Burns, Gordon _ 398 Burns, Robert 114, 258 Burns, Robert 398 Burns, Thomas 116 Burr, Elaine Burris, Elizabeth 398 Burroughs, Sarah 143 Burrows, Lynne 89 Burstien, Barbara 140, 219, 288, 298, 362, 398 Burt. John 102 Burt, Philip ._ 159 Burt, Richard m Burton, Alice 92 Burton, Margaret 92, 398 Burwald, John 176 Burwell, James 276 Burwell, Janet _. 137 Busby, Gordon 204 Busdicker, Southard 286 Bush, Albert 86 Bush, Elaine 131 Bush. Jack L _ .398 Bush, Lawrence 398 Bush. Orrin _ _. 118, 159, 202 Busha. Robert . 166, 253 Business Administration Council ._ 256 Bussart, Dean _.. 198 Bussell, Joel __ 93 Bussey, Marlin _ " 119 Butler, Charles : 398 Butler. Constance 225 Butler, Donald 208, 398 Butler, Dannis 99 Butman, Charnie 223 Butorac, Frank 96, 258 Butterworth, Alan 198, 398 Button, Evelyn _ 142 Button, Joanne _. 398 Button, JoMarie _ 91 Button, Lois 266 Buttons, Joanne _... 101 Butzlaff, William _ _ 97 Buzzell. Jim _ no Byers, James H4 Byers, Judith 398 Byrne, Richard 205 ' , 398 Byron, Rachel 393 Cachey, Theodore... . 290, 307, 308, 309, 356, 398 Cadger, Ralph 167 Caffrey, Frederick 273, 398 Cahen, Stephen 179 Calderas, Norberto _ 270, 398 Caldwell, Richard _ 204 Calkins, Peter _ _119 Call, Neil _ _ 157, " 398 452 Callahan, James 118 Callahan, Sharon 163,225 Csllaway, Joan 108 Calvin, John 177 Camacho, Fernando _ 138, 398 Cameron, Don 111 Cameron, Jane 146 Cameron, Jeanette ....108, 155, 221 Cameron, John 201 Cameron, Ruth 105 Camiener, Alan 141, 272 Camp, Cynthia 362, 364 Campbell, Alexander __ 93, 399 Campbell, Anne 137, 275, 297, 399 Campbell, Bruce _ 193 Campbell, Catherine 112, 175 Campbell, Colleen -.162, 268, 399 Campbell, Craig - 182 Campbell, Donald 184,399 Campbell, Gaye 155 Campbell, Jack 188 Campbell, Joan . 91, 142, 304, 362 Campbell, John 152 Campbell, Dr. Lorie 304 Campbell, Malcolm _. 172 Campdell, John _ _ 148 Campomanes, Napoleon 260, 399 Candler, Henry 183 Canfield, Ralph 191 Cannon, Irving 180, 399 Cannon, Kurt 180 Cansfield, William _ _. 276 Cant, Dorothy 162 Canter, Judith 158 Cantwell, Phyllis ____ 89 Canty, Norman 180, 295 Caplan, David 123, 159, 176, 202, 399 Caplan, St uart 114 Caplan, Donna 115 Capobres, David Caputo, I. Albert Carbeck, Robert Carduner, Jean Carek, Donald Carey, Michael Caris, Ann __ _ 155 Carl, Deborah 108, 364 Carl, Don 86 Garland, Ann _.. 108 Carless, Mary 164 Carlson, Dean 203 Carlson, Donald 189 Carlson, Duane _ 114 Carlson, Edna .__ 89, 264, 299, 399 Carlson, Glen 180, 249 Carlson, Jean 288 Carlson, Joan 288 Carlson, Lewis _ 86 Carlson, Victor 191 Carman, Carol 107 Carman, Frederick 96, 399 Carme, Wilma 139 Carmer, Lois 90, 399 Carmichael, Beverly 399 Carnegie, Marilyn 146 Carney, Harry Carney, Terry 153 Caro, Sebastian 105 Caro, William 192,251 Carpenter, Bruce 100, 302 Carpenter, Dave 183 Carpenter, Herbert 209,399 Carpenter, Seymour 141 Carpenter, Uri 182 Carr, George _ 183 Carr, Robert 100, 399 Carras, James 399 Carrier, Patrick 120 Carrigan, Carol __.153, 399 Carroll, Patricia 137 Carscallen, Charles 147 Carson, Dave _ 170, 399 Carson, Harry 289 Carson, Jane 142 Carstens, Ronald 196 Carter, Charles 189 Carter, Charlotte 399 Carter, John 197 Cartwright, James . 184 Carver, Cora 121 Carver, Richard % Case, Dean 102 Case, Janet 399 Case, Joan ]21 Casey, Charles ._ g6 Caspe, Marie _ 263 Cassagnol, Robert _ 276 Cassidy, James _ 208 399 Cassel, William 157 Castleman, Lee H8 Catanese, Virginia R. . 286,287,288 Catey, Stacy 273 Catrow, Donald _ 168 Cavanaugh, Jean 109 Caveden, George 287 Cavin, Arthur m Cavitch, David -399 Cayo, Donald _149 399 Cederna, John _ 99! 209 Cellentani, Dorothy 108, 399 Centala, Margaret 112 Chacarestos, Dorothy 107 Lhadwell, John . ' 157 399 Chadwick, Wendell 167 Chaffee, Susan _ _ 165 Chaiyarutana. Chalao _ " 261 Chakravorti, Robindre .. 261 Chamberlain, Julie _ 399 Chamberlain, Thomas _ . 189, 219, 30l " , 302 Champeux, Paul 399 Chan, Chee Tao 272 Chan, Wai-Jun 91 Chandler, Henry " 57 Chang, Hsien 269 Chang, Pin-Chi " 399 Chang, Wai Mun 131 Chapel, Cal 178 Chapel, Dan 114 Chapel, William - ___ 168 Chapin, Donna _ 399 Chapleski, John 201 Chapman, Donald 152 Chapman, Dudley 189 Chapman, Jean 221 Chapman. Payson 180 Chapman, Robert 119 Chappell, Donna 221 Chardoul, Eugene 114 Charfoos, Lawrence 173 Charfpos, Ronald 185 Charlip, Avram 267 Charney, Walter 99, 159, 202 Charoen-rath, Sneh _261, 399 Charvat, Marion 90, 304, 362, 364 Chase, Maurice 87 Chase, Ramon 186 Chase, William 149, 280 Chastain, Clark 149 Chastain, Stewart 118 Chaudhari, Jaysingbhai 261, 399 Chazanow, Elaine 98 Chen, Alice 122 Chen, Michael 86 Chen, William 105 Cheiiey, Grace 109 Cheng, Franklin 399 Cheng, Mary 399 Chenin, Myrna 140 Chennault, Albert 144 Cbennault, Shirleyan 103 Cherin, Marvin 176 Chernetski, Kent 118 Chesbrough, Helen 153 Chesbrough, Rosemary 153 Chesley, David 93, 280 Chesna, Fredrick _ 97 Chesnut, Walter 118, 286 Chess, Richard 197, 2% Chessler, Sherman 111, 247 Chetrick, Harold 86 Chew, Margie 163 Chi Epsilon 270 Chi, Omega 150 Chi Phi _ 151 Chi Psi 152 Chicago House 91 Chilb, Barbara 92 Ching, Samuel 114, 119, 399 Chipps, Ronald 182, 399 Chisholm, Donald 182, 399 Chignis, Sueesh 261 Chizek, Minerva 146 Chock, Alvin 114 Chock, James 400 Cbomicz, Casimir 400 Chopp, Charles 147, 302 Chorpening, Sue 150 Chow, Henry 186 Chowchuvech, Visarl 261, 270, 274, 400 Christensen, Clarence 203 Christian, Donald 193 Christiansen, John 301 Christie, Chris 180 Christie, John 286 Christis, Jim 400 Christman, Alan 169, 272 Christopoulos, Nickie 263 Christy, Suzanne 156 Chudnoff, Jack 102 Chung, Waimun 131, 400 Church, Charles 265 Church, Philip 154 Chynoweth, Sharon 108, 304 Ciavola, Adeline 155 Cieslack, Arthur 190 Ciotti, Charles 120 Ciranni, Mary 400 Circle, Nancy 153 Ciupak, Jack 95 Conn, Robert 102, 258 Clabprn, Mary 400 Claflin, Muriel 122,400 Clagette, Mary 362 Clancy, Patricia 117 Clanon, Larry 197 Clare, Margaret 92 Clark, Mrs. HO Ciark, Allen 184 Clark, Barbara 137,301 Clark, Bruce 93 Clark, Catherine 108, 155 Clark, Gail 139 Clark, George 168, 1% Clark. Georgianna 150 Clark, Harriett 400 Clark, Joanne 89 Clark, John ___ 201 Cline, Norma Cloon, William Cloots, Henry Clovis, James Coak, Richard - - ..109 Clark, Lee Clark, Nancy 114 dark, Richard _ _877l32 Clark, Robert -.167, 205, 269, 400 Clark, Robert 303 Clark, Shirlee 108, 127 Clark, Thomas 166 Clark, Edmond 116 Clarke, Robert 303 Ciark, Ronald 169, 235 Clarke, Theodore 149 Clarkson, Dorothy -.146, 223, 302 Clatworthy, James 152 Cleary, Patrick 167 Clemenz, Bruce 118 Cleminson, Sue _ 156 ...92, 400 ..110, 149 Cleaveland, Joyce Cleveland, Tom Clexton, Mary Clifford, Marjorie _ Clifford, Peter Cline, Daniel 180, 296, 307, 308, 356, 400 Chne, Denzel 400 Cline, Dorothy 400 201 400 400 116 400 Coates, Claude 188, 301, 400 Coates, Jim 147 Coats, Keith 169, 235, 272, 275, 293 Cobb, David 161,301 Cobb, John _ _ 205, 400 Coburn, Jane 117 Cochran, Patricia 90 Cochrane John 400 Codwell, John 144,400 Coffman, Edgar 88 Coggan, Rhoda 89 Cohan, Sandra 400 Cohen, Carol 263 Cohen, Gail 140 Cohen, Eugene 185 Cohen, Harriet 109 Cohen, Helen 181 Cohen, Lawrence 141, 302 Cohen, Michael _-114, 192 Cohen, Morton 129 Cohen, Ruth 153, 230 Cohen, Sandra 117 Cohen, Steve 215 Cohlen, Jay 192 Cohler, Robert 192 Cohn, Ann 109 Cohn, Armand 719 Cohn, Edmond 173 Cohn, Harriette 98, 304 Cohn, Paul 173 Cohn, Sharon 117 Cohodes, Donald 192 Cohodes, Helen 140 Colasacco, Louis 118 Cclbuen, Geroge 86, 400 Colby Professor H. R 275 Cole, Charles 170 Cole, Donald 201 Cole, Edward 180, 337 Cole, Janice -115 Cole, John 280 Cole. Ward -201 Coleman, Bruce 183 Coleman, Eunice .127, 299, 400 Coleman, Jill 400 Coleman, Joseph 182, 269 Coleman, Larry 180 Coleman, Robert 95 Coles, Thomas 197, 2% Colladay, Kae ___ 107 Collegiate Sorosis 157 Collie. Rebecca 139 Collier, Barry 285 Collier, David 110,255 Collins, Barbra 400 Collins, Dennis 400 Collins, John _ 111 Collins, Jon 97,213,293 Collins, Martha 98 Collins, Robert 168 Colquitt, Nancy 91, 123, 400 Colton, Robert __ 400 Colwell, John 203 Colwell, Judith 90 Colwell, Nancy 137 Comparet, Thomas 157 Comstock, Patricia 400 Comstock, Roger 135, 151, 235, 269, 293, 302 Conant, Mary 145, 400 Condon, George _ 148 Condon, Jane 146 Condon, Mary 108 Conley, Gerry 188, 400 Conlin, Thomas 138 Conn, Margaret 89 Connart, Kreh __ 192 Connell, David 400 Connolly Thomas 97 Conrad, Rebecca 242,297,400 Conroy, Joan 156 Constant, Mary 400 Constant, Robert 401 Conti, Jesse _ 97 Conway, Cynthia 163, 401 Conway, Martin 86 Conway, William 205 Coogan Paul 86 Cook, Cyntia 175 Cook, Diana 155, 225, 240, 246, 304 Cook, Mrs. Grace 105 Cook, James _._ 169, 271, 401 Cook, John 204 Cook, Margaret 92, 401 Cook, Nadine 139 Cok, Sandra 150 Cook, Thomas _116 Cook, William 119, 172 Cooke, Ronald 271 Cooke, Virginia 139, 222, 268, 301 Cooke, Wayne ....168, 285, 301, 401 Cookson, Coe 107 Cool, Grace _ 107,288 Cool, Stanley 93, 274 Cooley 93 Cooper, Adriana 98 Cooper, David 151 Cooper, Joan _ 401 Cooper, John _ 170, 401 Cooper, Mary 401 Cooper, Paddy _ _. 165 Cooper, Richard _ 97 Cooper, Robert 93 Coosair, Ronald 119 Cope, Elizabeth 92 Coplin, Carol _ 401 Copp. Kenneth 244, 401 Corbett, James 118 Corbin Jr. Horace 401 Corby, Margot 101 Corcoran, John _ 118 THE CHAS. A. STRELI NGER CO. 1 49 East Lamed Street Detroit 26, Mich. TEL: WO. 2-7474 MACHINE TOOLS CUTTING TOOLS INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES Serving Industry Since 1884 All Types of Equipment, Tools, Shop Supplies Our firm is organized to supply Michigan Alumni all over the world with professional books, especially in the field of medi- cine. Let us serve You OVERBECK BOOKSTORE Ann Arbor, Michigan Sexton 453 Cordill, Ann ...155,240,248,300 Cords, Neil 167,401 Core, Roger 182 Corey, George _ 178, 307, 356 Corfield, James 401 Cornwell, Frank __ 240, 248, 401 Correa, Jose 171, 197 Correa, Roy 208,2% Corrigan, Joan 401 Corson, William 114 Cort, Marjory 221 Corteg. Walter 119 Cortright, Donald 274 Cortright, Marilyn 268 Corwin, Roberta ... 91 Cosgarea Jr., Andrew - 201 Cosgrove, Donald _ 88 Cosmenco, Leda 98,150 Costa, Charlotte 89 Cosway, Harry 196 Cota, Richard 168 Cotter, Rupert 119 Cotton, Fred _ 93 Coulter. William Course. Thonias - 286 Courtney, Richard _..168 Courtright, Barbara ... Coury, Glenn 401 Cousins, Yvonne -150, 224 Couzens Hall 94 Covault. Gerald 105 Covell. Calvin - 172 Cowan, Barton 185, 287, 401 Cowles. ' Richard 118 Cox, Clinton 111 Cox, Jack _ 208 Cox, Joan _ 91 Cox, Joseph 86, 161, 236, 285 Cox, Morton 184 Coxey, Clyde _ 88 Craddock, James _ .178 Craft, Joanne .... 153, 220, 223, 401 Crafts. Frederick 114 Craine, Lewis 102 Cram, Ralph ._ 205, 401 Cramer, Richard 215 Cramer, Miles 302 Cramer, Richard 110 Crandall, Tulie 103, 162, 249 Crandall, Marilyn 401 Cvandall, Sterling 401 Crathis. Jim 93 Crawford, Christine 153 Crawford, Daniel ...... 401 Crawford, Jean 401 Crawford, Maulene 139 Crawford, Nancy 165, 268, 401 Crawford, Richard 184 Creager. Charles _ 401 Creel, Robert _.._ 151 Cremen, Tacquelin 165 Cremin, Henry 113,270,274 Cress, George .. _ 184 Crevier, Robert 401 Criger, Richard 118,272 Crinke, Barbara _ .103 Cripe, Tames 111, 183 Crisler " . Fritz .. 307 Crisler, H. O ...360 Crisler. Prescott . _ __ 168 Criswell. Phyllis ...362 Critchett, David 148 Croasdale. Raymond 205 Crocker, Tean 107 Crocker. Mary _ 153, 225 Croll. Robert ...119,159,202,401 Cronkhite, Georgia 401 Croog, Shirley 131 Cross, Betty 121,401 Cross, Carl ' 201 Cross, Fred 86 Cross, Tack 187 Cross. Lee ... 93 Cross, Mary 156, 230 Cross, Ralph ..... _ 170 Crossen, Rose 401 Crossett. Kathryn ... 94 Crossman, Anne 108, 139 Grossman. Barbara 139 Crosswaithe, Harold 144 Croteau, Mary ... 90 Crouch. Merton 285 Croucher. Thomas 113, 280 Crouse, Edward 169,285 Ctouse, John 15] Crowlev. Frannie 165 Crowell. Charles Ill Crowell, Dianne . 107 Crozier. Tim Igfj Crozier, Marjorie ... 401 Cruder, Harold 167 Cruise, John 186 Cruthers. Rae 145 Cruthis, James .... 93 Cruz, Lourdes ... 260,401 Cullen, James .1 183 Cullers. Dorothy 146 Cullers, Gretta 145 Culver, Fred .... 148,401 Culver. Raymond ... _. 205 Cumings, Ann ....165 Cumming, Ann _ 155 Gumming, Robert 114, 148 Cummings, Cynthia ... 401 Cummins, Tules 273, 401 Cummins, Sheila 155, 402 Cunningham, Carol 164 Cunningham, Jack 178 Cunningham, John _ 93 Cunningham. Willis 97 Currie, Darwin 402 Currie, Tanet _ 402 Curry, George ..... 402 Curry, Mary 143 Curtis, Dorothy . 402 Curtiss, Lawrence ... 118, 205, 402 Curtiss. Shirley 165 Curts, Daniel 402 454 Gushing, John 193 Gushing, Judith 153, 402 Cushnack, Violet 266 Cutler, Douglas 402 Cutler, Kenneth 295 Cutler, Robert 141 Cutler, Rupert _ 119, 276, 402 Cuyler, Dr. Louise 288 Gyms, Mary 90, 288, 402 Czarnecki, Eve 142 Czewski, Rita - 103 Daam, Don _ 148 Daenzer, Donald 266 Daffern, Glenn 198, 256, 402 DaFoe, Charles 205, 2% Dahl, Daniel 182 Daily 242 Dailey, Jacqueline 304 Dairkoths, Jim 100 Dalati, Ahmad _ 262 Dalby, Shirley 266 Dalgliesh. William -116 Dailey, Kent 95 Dalton, Roger 113 Daly, Kirk 166 Daly, Patrick 402 Dalzell, Wilson .302 Dambrauskas, Vincent 273, 402 Dame, Donald 97,276 Dame, Louis 97, 275, 276, 402 Dana, Dean 276 Danby, Florence _ 130 Dandison, Chloe 162 Danes. David 86 Danford, Roger _ 114 Daniels, Loren 199 Daniels, Roger 119 Danner, Theodore 274 Danzeisen, Milo 201 Danzer, Donald 97 d ' Arcambal. Tom 138 Darling, Donna 156 Darnall, Bruce 93,302 Dart, Fred 286, 287 Dascalos, Margaretta 108 Dasse. Frank 87 Daver, Alan 123,233 Daulu, Gary 187 Daum, Richard 120 Dave, Indu 261 Davenport, J.. B. 360 Davenport. John _ 402 Davenport, Nancy 139, 233 Davidson, Connie 90 Davidson, Don 160 Davidson, George _ 166 Davidson, Georgiana 143, 257, 300 Davidson, Jack 178 Davidson, John 116 Davidson, Margaret 90 Davidson, Mary 176 Davidson, Peter _ _ 402 Davidson, Tobye 112, 301 Davie, Jacqueline .112, 402 Davies, Charles 182 Davies, David _ 166, 219, 253, 275, 292, 402 Davies, James 114, 169 s, Jerry Davies, 161 Davies, John _.... 86 Davies, Lt. R. Rm 289 Davis, Brad _ 148 Davis, Carole 117 Davis, Donald % Davis, Gene 183 Davis, Harriett _.. 108, 402 Davis, Howard 118,402 Davis, Jean 145 Davis, John _ 286 Davis, John 287 Davis, Larry 276 Davis, Lenore 91 Davis, Margaret 107, 143 Davis, Marlene 139 Davis, Morgan 184,249 Davis, Nancy _ 268 Davis, Phillip .-166, 240, 246, 402 Davis, Professor 276 Davis, Robert 87, 129 Davis, Ronald 402 Davis, Thomas 86 Davis, William ... 118 Davison, Lynn ..175, 402 Dawe, Frederick 154 Dawkins, Dale _ 189 Dawson, Charles 402 Dawson, Dale 402 Dawson, David _.. 208 Dawson, James 111 Dawson, John 113 Day, Peggy _ 150 Dayharsh, Charles 95 Deac, Norman _ 402 Dean, David 402 Dean, Frederick 402 Dean, Joan _ 402 Dean, Maurice 88 Dearing. Jim -.171 Deaver, Dann 187 DeBoer, David .._ _ _. 96 DeBona, Ronald 402 DeBauver, Ronald 188, 301 DeBruin, Carl ....155, 219, 229, 231 Debosky, Ross 110 DeBusschere, Donald 97 Decker, Joan _ 402 Decker, Joseph .... 95, 155 DeCook, Arlene 91 DeCook, Joseph 114 Decoster, Maurice 402 De Coyoca Jr., Gabriel ._ 260 Dedeor, Ambrose . 93 Deoring, Barbara 92 DeFeo, Gloria 142, 402 Deflorio, Antonette 103 DeForest, Anne 402 DeForest, Priscilla 402 DeGroot, Peter -.176 DeHaan, James . 204, 269, 403 DeHart, Lulu 145,220,403 DeHaven, Roger . 204 Deimel, Jon 189 Deitch, Marilyn 108, 181 Dejonge, Bud _ 205 de la Manardiere, Christian 132 Deland, James 169 Delaney, John 157 Delaney, Mike 294, 337 De La Paz. Ruben 260 Delene, Gerald 127 Delene, Jerome _ 96 Deloglos, Gust . 113 DeLong, Richard ..269, 276, 303 Dclosh, Robert 190 DeHann, James 303 DeMaago, Gerry 95 DeMallie, John _ 113 Demak, Morton - _. 199 Demarrais, Paul 154 Demiene, William 200,403 Demmler, Albert 403 Demorest, Jack 160 Denbraven, Donald 138 Deng, Roy _.... 138 Dengel, Daniel 271 Denial. Robert 403 Denison, George 302 Denison, Mary 403 Denman, John -.190, 273 Dennany, James 119 Dennany, Mary 403 Denson Robert 88 Dent, Thomas 114 Dentel, Glenn 105 Denton, John 102, 136 Denton, Sherwood 208 Depoy, Dean 286 DePres, David _ 274 Dernberber, Robert -.174 Derr, Jeanne 146 Derr, Patricia ..... 403 Derricotte, Eugene 102 Desai, Shivajirao 261, 273 DesAutels. Fletcher .._ 403 Desormier, Jerome 93 Despres, Andre 88 Despres, David 403 Despres, Thomas 276 deTar, Mary _ _ 156 Dettling, Betsey 103 Detweiler Harry 102 Deutcr. David 120 Deuvall, Jane 403 Devahastin Na Ayudhua, Pongparn ... .. _. 261 Dever, Tomas 95, 184 Devers, Melvin 189 DeVries, Allen 88 DeVries, Jack 180 Devyak, Joseph 93 Dew, Broch . . 114 Dewall, Jane 150 DeWeese, Dr. Marion 197 Dexter. Gregory 96 Dewitt, Marie _ 164 Deyoung, William 274 Dhajabongse, Boonma 261 Dharmgronoartama, Man! .. 261, 403 Dholakia, Dhananjay ...261,403 Diamond. Cynthia 92, 300 Diamond, Marjorie 304 Diamond, Shirlee ... 115, 127, 403 Diamond, William .... .. 266, 269, 275, 293 Diamonstein, Elaine 108 Dibble, E. T 403 DiCarlo, Samuel 403 Dickman, Mary 403 Dick, Richard 88 Dick Thomas 119 Dickerman, Mrs. M. B. . 86, 164 Dickey, James 105 Dickman, Mary 94 Dickson, Andy 119 Dickstein, Ivy 98 Didelius. Donald 97 DiDomenico, Ralph 105, 403 Diedrich, Duane - 99 Diehl, Dorothy 115,403 Dieterich, Barbara 94 Diethrich, Thomas 170 Dietrich, Janet 90,163 Dietrich, Mary _ 137 Dihn, Chau _ 186 Dila, Carl _ 95 Dill, Ronald 88 Dillman, Daniel 174 Dilworth, Donald 151 Dimaya, Natividad ...90,260 Dinger, Richard _ 403 Dingier, Mary 112 Dinius, Ann 153 Dipasupil. Petronila 260 Dirtlind. Hermes 121 Dirke, Charles 173 Dittmer, Christine 146,249 Ditz, Jon _ 97 Diver, Charles % Dividson, George 102 Dixner, Janet 109 Dixon, Charles 201 Dixon, John _ 161, 403 Dixon, Norwood 105 Dmock, Lorraine 403 Doane, Haven ._ 201 Dobbin, Edward 102 Dobey, Anthony 116 Dack, Lois 403 Dodd, Larry 118 Dodd, Richard .. -.118 Dodek, Samuel .192, 403 Dodenhoff, Theodore 184 Dodge, Donald 289 Dodge, Judith 107 Dodge, Marilyn 115 Dodge, Russell 120 Doerr, Anne _ 258, 271 Doggett, Janet 150 Doherty, Karol 98 Doherty, Susan 190, 163 Dohr, Marilyn 403 Doll, Delores .. _ 153,403 Dolliver, Virginia 153 Doman, Betty 146 Dombrowski, Robert 160, 291, 391, 403 Domenic, Maryanne 143 Domeny, Paul 403 Dominado, Pacita 260, 272 Domke, Elaine, 92 Donahue, Patrick 95 Donald, Henry _114 Doner, Paul 185, 403 Doney, William 161,403 Donkin, Thonias 105, 182 Donnan, Douglas 172 Donnelly, Charles 263 Donohue, James _ 111 Donohue, Joan 89 Donovan, John 198 Dooge, Lawrence - 138 Doolen, Richard 189, 403 Dooley, Geoffrey .... 180, 356, 403 Dooley. Perry 403 Doolittle, John 205, 403 Dorfman, Susan 103 Dormont. Paul _ 403 Dorr, Sally _. 10 Dorries, Charles 161, 403 Dorstewitz, Audrey . 117 Dossett, Robert 110 Doucette, Jack _ 205 Douglas, Bruce _ 270, 40) Douglas, Sonya 175 Douglis. Philip 185, 244 Dover, Alan 119 Dow, David 136 Dow, Patricia 163, 362 Dow, Peter _ 157, 235, 290, 295, 337, 356, 404 Dowd, Barbara 143 Downing, Edward ....182, 287, 302 Dowsett, Diane 107, 142 Drabnik, Tony _ 129 Drabkin, Leonard 404 Draheim, Edward ...206,258,271 Drake, Carol 404 Drake, Charles 138, 404 Drake, Donald 307,308 Drake, Eloise 102 Drake, John 95 Drake, Tudy 137 Drake, Patricia 225, 137 Drake, Paul 99, 180 Drake, William 118 Drebin, Allan _ 215 Dreibelbies, Nancy _ .... 301 Delta Chi .... 157 Delta Delta Delta 155 Delta Gamma .._ 156 Delta Kappa Epsllon 157 Delta Phi Epsilon 158 Delta Sigma Delta 201 Delta Sigma Phi 159 Delta Sigma Pi 202 Delta Tau Delta 160 Delta Upsilon 161 Drews, Dorothy 266 Drezner. Sheila _ 109 Driese, Edward 86 Driscoll, Jeanette ._ 117 Drollet, Larry 105 Drubkin, Lenard 176 Drucker, Herbert 404 Druker, Nancy 140. 404 Druids 291 Duane, Drake 93 DuBois, Tohn 95,205 Dubnow, Mort _.. 192 Dubpernell, Helen 401 Dudd, Toan 404 Duey, Phillip 284 Dudgeon, Donald 120 Duellman, Ann ... -404 Dufek, Donald 309 Duff, Donald _ - 160 Dufft, Frank .._ _.. 188 Duffy, William .404 Dufresne, Kenneth 110 Dugan, Bonnabelle 404 Duggan. Ralph _ ... 114, 206 D ikarski, Robert ... 86 Duke, Jaylee 146, 362 Dulude, Richard 118, 302 Dulude, Robert -. 118 Dumond, Caryl 175 Dunaief, Irving 185 Duncan, Diane 137 Duncan, James 97 Duncan, William _ 97 Dundas, Gerald 99 Dunlaf, Duane 136 Dunlap. Roger 271,302 Dunn, Barbara 164 Dunn, Georginia 163 Dunn, Jack _. 188 Dunn, Paul 132 Dunn, Robert 168 Dunn, Valerie . 142 Dunsky, Robert 119, 206 Dunton, Donald 114 Durance, Shirley .404 Durand, Robert 138 Durand, James 138, 269, 404 Durant, Carolyn _.. 92 Durant, Margaret _ 117 Durden, Mary 288 Durham, Robert 88, 157 to remember . . Edison will help you . Plan your kitchen Select your lamps Do the laundry easier One of these days, perhaps very soon, you ' ll be starting a home of your own. When that time comes, look to the trained young women in the Home Service Divi- sion at Detroit Edison. They can help you solve many of the homemaking problems that frequently puzzle a new bride. Without charge, they will answer your questions over the telephone . . . send booklets and folders ... or in some cases make a personal visit. In Detroit, telephone WOodward 2-2100. In other areas, call your nearest Edison Office. P.S. Mother might be interested in some of their answers right now. . y Plan a menu Plan a one-dish meal Preserve foods easier Plan party refreshments DETROIT ISDN 455 Durschlag, Debra 244, 300 Durst, Dorothy Duryee, Joan 108, 268 Duster, Alfreda Dusterwinkle, Sherwood 116 Dustman, Amelia _ Dutcher, Alice Dutcher, James _ 167, 404 Dutil, Hubert -404 Dutter, George 284, 285, 291 226 295 165 _ 208 90 Dwan, Mary . Dwan, Ralph Dwan, Mary Dwyer, John Dwyer, Mary Dydasco, Joe 88 Dygert, James 129, 244, 294 Dygert, Paul Dykema, Scot 116 Dvkstra, Elizabeth 91, 162,221,263 Dyll, James - 208 Dykstra. Gerald 204 Eaddy, Donald 144, 290, 333, 404 Eagleson. Rosalind - 108 Earhart, Patricia - 175 Early, Joanne - - 142 Early, Peter 114,280 Easley, James - 189 Eason, Harry - 205 East, James _ 97, 258, 404 Eastman, Roberta _ _ 404 East Quad Council 127 Eaton, Bruce - 95 Eaton, Crosby 404 Eaton, Emery 88 Eaton, Harriet 103 Eaton, John _- 208 Ebach, Faye Siersma _ 404 Eberhard, Wallace 244, 404 Ebert, James -114 Kbling, Gretchen 153,404 Ecbert, Carl 157 Eckcrman, Catherine _ 107, 153 Eckerman, William _. 147 Eckerrod, Jim 119 Eckert, Mary 155, 249, 288 Eckfeld, Florence ._ 364 Eckfield, Charles 1% Eckhard, Christa 91 Eckoff, Lawrence 113 Eckstein, Peter 111 Eckwall, Shirley _ 107,301,364 Ecloff , Monte _ 102 Economos, Tiana 156 Eder, Melvin ... 199 Edgar, David 199, 404 Edmonds, Elaine _ 245 Edmonson, Trenna _. 271 Ed. School Council 268 Edwards, Charlene 146 Edwards, Dave 154, 404 Edwards, Dora 91 Edwards, Lynne 142, 404 Edwards, Mohammed 100 Edwards, Reid 404 Edwards, Susan ... 108 Eewen, Robert 273 Effinger, Rob 170 Ege, James 95,404 Eggelston, Steve 148 Eggerling, Magdalen 108 Eggers, Robert 97 Eggert, Arthur 116 Eggleston, Kay 132 Egly, Robert 87 Egrin, Lee . 173 Ehle, Rockne 166 Ehni, Thomas 178 Ehrat, Helen _ 304 Eibling, John _ 266 Eikenbery, Terry 178 Eilers, Ralph _ 266 Eisenberg, Alan 244 Eisenberg, Allen _ 185 Eisenberg, Mickey 225 Eisenberg, Myrna 181 Eisenberg, Sarah _ 158 Eisenman, David 116 Eisman, Michael .. 100, 185 Ekstrom, Peter __ _ 93, 286 El-Bakri, Adnan 262 El-Dareer, Salah 262, 272 Elder, John , 120 Elderman, Ann _ 108 158 Eldred, Dale 169 Eliason, Marilyn _ 288 Eliason, Robert 286 Elin, Georgia _ 140 Eliot, Mary ..._ 156 Elison, George 100, 264, 280 Ellenbogen, Lawrence _. 102 Ellias, Marian _ 103 Elliot, William _178 Elliott, Elizabeth 156, 404 Elliott, Raymond _. 274 Ellis, Ann 153 Ellis, Carol ._. _155 Ellis, Duane Gerald 404 Ellis, Howard _.. 116 Ellis, James 113 Ellison, Donald 184 Ellwart, Lois 404 El-Moslimany, Mohammad 262 El-Samarrai, Salah 262, 404 Eisman, James 111 Elstradt, Charles 100 Eltringham, James _ 114 Elvidge, Paul 157 Elwell, Sumner _ 286, 287 Elwyn, Richard _ 205 Emanuelsen, John 124, 302 Emerick, Keith 404 Emerson, Theodore 177, 269 456 Emery, Charles Emery, Gordon Emery, John - Emery, Richard Emmons, Kathleen Enciso, Diego Endicott, David 113, Endres, Patricia Engel, Earl En gel. Sally Engel. Sally Engelbert, David Engelgau, Gary Engelke, Judith .._. Engineering Council Engler, Lois English, Mora England, Shelley Engman, Lewis Eiigstrom, Pauline Ensian Kpding. Gordon Eppinger. Robert Enright. Barbara Epstein, Burt - Epstein, Dave Epstein, Ruth Epstein, Sue Erfurt, John Erickson, Conroy Erickson, Helen Erickson, John Erickson, Kenneth Erickson, Lorraine Erickson, Marguerite .... Erlanger, John Ernst, Calvin _ Ernst, Maryjane Erskine, Erica Erskine, Ricky Erwin, Phylis Erwine, Richard Eschenburg, Ronald Esterer, Alice Estes, Gerald Estes, Nancy Eta Kappa Nu Etter. John Evagelista, Natividad - Evaldson, Rune Evan, Lvnn Evans, Carolyn Evans, David Evans, Elda _ Evans, Elizabeth __ 107, Evans, Harry Evans, Tames 93, Evans, John 270, Evans, Lynda Evans, Lynn Evans, Robert Evans, Roberta Evans Scholars .. 203 169 _.. 86 166 ..... 286 _ 404 127, 1% 404 178, 405 137, 405 405 - 118 _ 105 . 98, 162 _.275 .... 405 405, 362 165, 226 111, 302 . 92, 405 246 301, 405 ..._.. 258 109 176, 215 ...... 100 101 . 101 ....... 405 _ 405 91 113 204 .... 286 ... 288 93, 167 ..._ 178 121 139 - 221 139, 364 -138 102, 170 405 186 _ 90 . 269 188,236 260 .... 274 _ 102 - 304 105, 160 117 263, 405 _ 151 127, 269 274, 405 164, 405 258 _ 201 _ 90 129 240, 245 _ 93 86 . 165, 225 152, 302 152 Evans, Stewart 161, Evans, William Evans, William Everett, Allison __ Everett, Spaulding Ewart, Dale _ Ewend, Kurt Ewert, Alfred _ 182, 269, 273, 275, 405 Ewing, Betty 405 Ewing, Roberta 108 Exo, Warren 204 Faber, Judith 98 Fabian, Robert 271 Fagan, Salli - 156 Fagge, Ralph 171 Tabling, Waldo 405 Fainman, Curt 173 Fairbairn, Donald 159,202,405 Fairbairn, Joan 90 Fairbanks, Arthur 152 Falberg, Lorraine 140, 405 Falk, Beverly 181 Falk, Herbert 187 Falk, Stuart _ 199 Falkenstein, George . 271 Fanger, Gene 405 Faris, Joseph 262 Farkas, John 280 Farley, Pamela 165 Farrar, Margaret 146 Farrell, Nancy 164 Farris, Ardith ... 405 Fason, Helen 268 Fauck, Arlene 98 Faulhabcr, Richard 172 Fauli, Larry 180 Fawcett, James 99 Fay, John _ 166 Fay, Mary 162 Fear, Ralph 95 Fear, Robert 110, 154 Feder, Mrs. Delia 181 Fedor, Gerald 187 Fegan, Thomas 154, 333 Fehlberg, Joanne 304 Feingold, Jocelyn 106, 222 Feingold, Winifred 107 Feinstein, Herbert 185 Feinstein, William 258 Feldman, Barton 206 Feldman, Francine 115 Feldman, Isabel 140 Feldman, Joan 158 Feldman, Phyllis 103 Feldstein, Rosemarie 98 Feldstein, Sandy 98 Felisky, Timothy 187 Fenner, Jane _ 108, 139 Fennig, Lois .... 107, 240, 246, 259 Fensch, Frederick 111 Fenton, James 182 Ferguson, Edgar 182, 274, Ferguson, Gordon ...284, 285, Ferguson, Robert 182, Fergusson, Malcolm Fcrnamberg, Sally 145, 298, 304, Fernando, Antonio Ferraro, Dominic Ferrell, Gene Ferrell, Lynette Ferrell, Nancy _. Ferrelli, Mark Ferrington, Kenneth Ferrington, Richard Ferris, Carol Ferris, John Fessell, Bonnie Petting, Hans _ Feurtile, David _.. Fey, Alberte 184, 269, 292, 295, 303, Fiber, LuAnn _ Fiegel, Nancy Field, Barbara 91, Fierstine, Richard Fifo, Frank Filch, Donald _____ Fildew, Janet 163, Fildew, John ___ ___ Filgas, James . Fillinger, Janice Filonela, Madamba _ Filsinger, Gary Filter, Ruth Fine, Ched Fine, Marty Fjneman, Arlene Fingerle, Brian _ Fink, Richard 151, Fink, Dorothy . 92, Finkbeiner, Warren Finkel, George _ Finkleman, Gwynne _ 181, Finlayson, James _ Finley, Robert ...._ 100, Finney, Douglas Finnic, Gordon Firestone, Harold Firestone, Nathan Fischer, William Fischer, Carol ...131, 299, Fischer, Elizabeth 288, Fischer, Eugene Fischer, Patrick 136, Fischer, Barbara ... Fisher, Bonita Fisher, Carolyn - 98, Fisher, Colin .._ 269, Fisher, Dean Fisher, Elsie 362, Fisher, John Fisher, Kenneth Fisher, Michael Fisher, Nancy Fisher, Radford _ Fisher, Robert Fisher, Sally Fishman, Joeseph Fishman, Sherwin Fishman, Steve Fisk, Jerome _. Fisk, Robert Fiske, Ross Fitz, Coral yn Fitzgerald, Mary Fitzjohn, John __ _ Fitzsimons, Michael _ Flack, Marianne _ Flahavin, Gerald Flalland, Jerry ... Flam, Marvin Flanders, Ruth _ Fleetwood, Hugh Fleisher, David 269,275,293, Fleming, Donald 184, Fleming, Mary 137,259, Fleming, Roy Fletchall, Gale _ Fletcher Hall _ Fletcher, Margaret _.._. Fletcher, Patricia ....117, 155, Fletcher, Ross 99, Fleure, John _ 188, Flint, Frank Flodin, Richard Flora, Joseph Florentino, Pricilla Floum, Robert Flowers. David __ 86, Floyd, Barry Flucke, Marcia Flynn, Albert Flynn, Julie Flynn, Mike Flynn, Thomas _ 200, Fodel, Katherine Fogg, Ka Lun . 96, Folberg, Lorraine Fomin, George Fonteine, Louise 150, 301, Football Foote, Carol 107, 299, Forbes, Daniel Forbes. Patricia - _ Ford, Carol 150, 224, Ford, Frank 405 Foster, Bradford 99 294 Foster, Mary 90 405 Foster, Paul _ 110 118 Fotiou, Constance 89 Foulek, Bruce 100 405 Fountanesi, Robert 113 260 Fouts, William 116 405 Fowler, Faith - 98 - 93 Fowler, Forest _ 302 108 Fowler, Gloria .... 117, 263 .103 Fowler, Harold .406 166 Fowler, Jane 139, 245, 301 405 Fowler, Kendall 189 208 Fowler, Richard 111 405 Fowler, Robert 406 111 Fowler, William 209 108 Fox, William -197 123 Fox, James 307 ... 93 Fox, Jeri 175, 229, 406 Fox, Mary _ 406 Fox, Susan __ 107, 153 Fox, William 135 Foy, John 187 Fradkin, Janet _105 Fragnoli, Donald 201 Fralick, Elizabeth 90 Francis, Marilyn 107 Franck, Donald 93 Francoeur, Donald 87 Frank, Charlotte _ 117 Frank, Hazel - 220, 226, 227 Frank, Jerry ... __ 99 Frank, Martin 96, 173 Frank, Phyllis 155,406 Frank, Thomas _. 88 Frankenfield. Judy _ 117, 137 Franklin, Ann 406 Franklin, Betty _ 150 Franklin, Bruce 116 Franklin, Clifford 198,406 Franklin, Judith 146, 276 Franklin, Smith 102 Franson, Ivan 97 Franti, Charles 193, 406 Franz, Mr. Norman 276 Franz, Harold -...182, 266, 406 Franzblau, Beverly 406- Franzblau, Carl 141 Fraser, Diane 107 Fraunthal. Kay 153,406 Frayne, David _ 193 Frazier, Frank 269,406 Fredrichs, Romance 117 Fredrick, Roger 86. Freed, Harvey - 192 Freedman, Irving 199 Freedland, Herbert 102 Freeman, Michael 114 Freier, Joan 143 " Fremlin, Robert _ 406 French, Alice _... 105, 406 French Club 263 French, Thomas 154 French. William 114 Frey, Barbara 156. Frey, Carol 130 Frey, Robert 406 Freyermuth, William .... 159, 202 Fricke, Phyllis _ _ 406- Fricker, Sue _ 155, 286, 287, 298, 406 Friebolin. Carol -115 Fricdlander, Cecile 91 Friedman, Arthur 192, 249 Friedman, Audrey Friedman, Carol 140- Friedman, Elaine 288, 406 Friedman, Gilbert -302 Friedman, James 168 Friedman, Tames 119 " Friedman, Larry 185,406 Friedman, Susan 108 Friedman. Theodore 102 " Friend, Charles 208 Friend, Virginia 162 Friess, George - 167 Friess, John 168 " Frieswyk, Kenneth 209, 406 Friscke, Phylis 150 Fritts, Robert 168, 285 Frock, Roger 100 Frogel, Marjorie 92,264 Frohman, Larry 285 Frost, Mrs. Dorothy 15S Frutig, Allan 148 " Frymer, Murry 95, 244 Fukushima, Ronald 406 Fuller, Mrs. Elsie 226,300 Fuller, Joseph 96 Fuller, Robert 93, 263, 302 Fulton, Mary _ 90- Furdak, Edward 151,406 Furst, Janet 156 Furth, Frederick _ ... 178 Fushamn, John 205 Fuss, Pete 147, 269, 303 Ford, Tames Fordefl, Stephen Foresters ' Club Forgacs, Tom Forrest, Charles Fors, ' Mavis Forsen, Hilmer Fos, James Fosnaught, Mary _167, 405 165 103 405 138 116 160 225 289 193 145 260 . 99 405 255 173 405 138 236 405 201 179 223 .183 258 286 203 199 ..179 276 405 405 405 302 .140 107 158 274 289 405 119 .119 102 219 201 179 155 176 199 185 405 272 . 95 107 164 102 161 ..405 .405 . 95 200 145 .102 302 406 406 406 406 122 .107 249 169 280 . 93 154 - 86 260 173 286 285 107 152 . 92 189 406 150 406 288 167 362 307 406 . 96 255 300 95 303 110 276 151 406 .143 Foss, Frederick Foss, Fritzie Foss, Richard 105, 208, Gabel, Grant 27? Gabel, Norman 270, 274 Gaberson, Bruce 147 Gaberson, Howard 269, 295, 406- Gackstetter, Rosalin 107 Gaerlan, Rosario 260 Gaffert, Joyce 156, 406 Gaffield, Thomas 97, 151 Gaffney, William 118,266- Gagalis, Pericles 306, 406 Gaishin, yiolet 98 Galantowicz, Thomas 205 Galbraith, Robert 172 " .141 Galbreath, John 136 117 Galdonyi, Margie 98 264 Gale, Glen 87 162 Galens 29$ 406 Galen, Robert 9? l l kere C verubodu eir Chester Roberts Gifts 312 SOUTH STATE STREET B. E. MUEHLIG Dry Goods Quality Service Courtesy 126 S. MAIN PHONE NO 2-3184 Liberty at State Ann Arbcr Jacobson ' s Dial NO. 8-8389 Second Floor MODERN BOOKBINDING IS DIFFERENT The mass production of books requires modern machines, efficent methods and the " know how. " Select for your bookbinder a progressive concern with the experience and ability to give your book the style, " feel " and durability it should have. The best is available. " COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND " BROCK AND RANKIN Edition Book and Catalog Binding For More Than 60 Years 4501 W. 16th Street CHICAGO 23, ILLINOIS 457 Galonska, Dee 155 Galperin, Frederick 102 Galvin, Mary _ 164 Gall, Barbara 103 Gallagher, John Gallancy, Joan Gallander, Jack Gallaudet, Edson Gallery, Nancy Galligan, James Gallon, Mark ... 192, 213, Galloway, Dwight Galloway, Walter Gal in, Carol - Gamble, Joella Gamble, Judith 107, Gamma Delta _ Gamma Phi Beta Ganger, Eleanor Ganis, Joan Gantz, Robert Garber, Frederick Garbutt, Erie Garcia, Hamd Garcia, Mary Garcia, Ramon Card, Wayne Gardey, Kim Gardner, Robert Gardner, Herbert Gardner, Isaac Gardner, Janet Gardner, Patricia Gardner, Robert Garfield, Suzanne Garfinkle, Harriette 89, Gargoyle Garland, Elizabeth 224, 257, Garlick, Edwerd . Garner, Sally Garon, Arlis Garret, Janet Garrett, Glen Garrett, Norman Garvy, Jack Gary, James Gary, Suzanne Gase, Jerry _. Gaskill, Richard Gaston, Mike Gatherer, Janet Gathmann, Emil - Gaunt, Elsie Gathmann, Skip Gavorin, Lois Gazzola, Frank Geake, Robert Gebben, Vern Gebhard, L ' rsula Geddes . Gedris, Kenneth Geeting, Judith Giller, Donald 89 _ 170 99 _ 407 _ 87, 263 294,407 ..178, 302 110 406 ..407 164, 249 266 ......162 407 91 .... 207 199 _. 93 _. 302 ..._ 107 260 -286 111 95 185 144 286 - 115 113 155, 224 140, 407 - 252 Gefter, Zina Gehner, Martin Geidgen, John ___ ......... __ Geiger, Paul ............. _ 169, 248, 290, Geisler, Leo __________ ....... _. Geisz, Valerie ......... __________ Geitz, Toann . Cell, Pete ......... _____ Gellert, Marcia 288, 300 189 106, 165 ___ 301 137 286 186 180 407 143 ____ 167 ...... __114 _ ..... 88 ........ 90 110 407 149 89 ___ 168 _ 258 204 162, 222 130 198 153 98 266 302 295, 407 276 164 108 160 158 . 92, 268 112 250 407 93 ._ 185 407 407 271 176 175,300 113 ... . 113 90,268 _ 189 118,302 - 407 101, 362 407 Ill Ill 189, 407 .407 407 307, 308 205 Gemuenden, Kathryn Gendell, Mickey Generation Genzberger, Earl _ George, David Gerace, Mrs Geralt, John Gerber, Marvin Gerdes, Walter Gergman, Gary Germany, Jane _-. Gerarduzzi, David Gerhard, Arthur Gerred, Marilyn Gersabeck, Norman Gerson, Mervyn Gerstner, Elizabeth - Gerstner, Patsy Gerstner, Richard Gessner, James _ Gest, Ronald Gettel, Robert Getty, Ward Geyer, Herbert _ Geyer, Ronald 292, Ghannam, Rasem Gianakaris, George r-K, , 167 ' 213, 285, 293, 407 Gibbs, Wyland 99 Gibbons, James .... 197 Gibbons, Victor .___ __ 167 Gibson, Barbara 92, 288 Gibson, Clark _ 350 Gibson, Jennie 105, 221 Gibson, Theodore 161, 407 Giddan, Norman 192, 253, 257, 291, 407 Gielow, Kit . 187 Gierthy, Dale 119 Gignac, Gene 93 Gilbert, Carolyn .. 268 Gilbert, Lawrence 159, 202 Gilbert, Suzanne 137,259,407 Gilbert, William -....189 Cildemeister, Lenore 108 Gilchrist, David 168 Gilchrist, Dean ._ _. 149 Gildner. Henry .... 151 Giles, Conrad 207 Giles, Richard L % Gilewski, Conrad 113 Gilford, Howard 95 Gilger, Donald _. . _ 110 151 Gillen, Terry 15] Giller, Donald 407 458 272 Gillespie, Eleanor 407 Gillespie, Mary 137 Gillespie, Virginia 266 Gilley, Kathryn 98 Gilliland, Stanton 201,407 Gillis, John __ - 184 Gillow, Robert 149, 219, 294 Gilmartin, Richard - 181, 205, 407 Gilmore, Barbara - Gilmore, Joseph - 188 Gilmore, Thomas - _ 184 Gilmour, Niles 182 Ginn, Donna .162, 407 Ginns, Sheldon 111 Ginsberg, Robert - 176 Ginter, William Ginyard, Benjamin Girardin, Glen - 172 Gismondik, Patricia 117 Givelber, Harlan 119, 168, 173, 215 Glaser, Barbara 90, 407 Glasner, Bernice - 263, 407 Glaspie, James -. 110 Glass, Richard - 152 Glass, George 271 Glass, John 86 Glass, Mrs. Katherine 89 Glass, Sally 221 Glattes, George Glaxman, Richard 185 Glaza, Thomas 114 Gleeson, Charlotte 107 Gleeson, Mildred 115 Gleich, Gerald - 205 Click, Ruth 140,407 Glover, Fritz 183,292 Glover, Gail . 175 Glover, Mary Lynne 90 Glowacki, Ralph 114, 407 Glysson, Eugene 270, 274 Go, Francisco - - 407 Gobrogge, Clarence 113, 266 Goddard, Patricia 155, 240, 300 Goddess, Judith _ 117 Godell, Donald 87 Godfrey, Edward - Gasman, David 86 Gassaway, Joan 266, 286 Godfrey, Mary -117 Goding, Rita - 145 Godo, Sadie 108 Goebel, Eugene . Goebel, James 407 Goebel, Jerry ... 168, 229, 307, 356 Goebel, Margaret 139 Goebel, Sharon _ 407 Goedgen, Robert 184, 407 Goehner, Ruth Goering, John 407 Goering, Herman - 161 Goes, Marianne _ 91, 164 Goering, William 201 Goethe, Roy 205, 296, 407 Goetz, Helen 163, 407 Gogulski, Jan - - 188 Gold, Jacqueline __ 103, 158, 249 Goldberg, Alan 141 Goldberg, Carl 200 Goldberg, Gerald 105, 176, 273, 280 Goldberg, Howard 173 Goldberg, Ivan 176 Goldberg, Lois 108 Goldberg, Marc 120 Goldberg, Mary 181,408 Goldberg, Michael 111 Goldberg, Paula 408 Goldberg, Ralph 113 Goldberg, Susan 259 Golden, Myra 91 Golden, Sandy 100 Goldman, Avery 302 Goldman, Bram - 408 Goldman, Dorothy 240, 245 Goldman, Eleanor 117 Goldman, Janice 143 Goldman, Martin 185 Goldman, Naomi -103, 158, 249 Goldsberry, William 408 Goldshine, Carol - 89, 140 Goldsmith, Bruce 161 Goldsmith, Donald 161 Goldsmith, Theodore _ -.302 Goldsmith, Walter 179, 337 Goldstein, David 141 Goldstein, Diane - 98 Goldstien, Gail -140 Goldstein, Judith _ 109 Goldstein, Milton - 179, 245 Goldstein, Pete 119 Goldstein, Rochelle _ 91 Goldstein, Sherwin 141, 258, 271, 408 Golf 354 Golonska, Dee _ 249 Columbia, Arthur _ 179 Gomberg 95 Golumbia, Daone 408 Gomba, Ella 260 Gomez, Arthur _ 205 Gomez, Rudecindo 105 Gonda, Anna 300 Gonzales, Alma _ 260 Gonzalez - Baquero 272 Gonzalez, Editha 260 Good, Donald 167 Good, Richard 167,235,295 Goode, Conrad 199 Goode, David 199 Goode, Jason _ 199 Goodman, Bernard 176, 302 Goodman, Linda 108 Goodman, Paul - 95,185,302 Goodman, Richard 408 Goodrich, Daniel 114 Goodrich, John 177 408 Goodwin, Ralph 198 408 Grodnick, Natalie ...115, 181,225 Gooel, Richard 102 Googasian, George _..110 Groff Robert 182 Groffsky, Paul 179, 290, 333, 409 96 408 Grooms, Karen 109, 233 280 291,408 139 301 408 Grossman, Geoffrey 179, 199 Groscup, Corrine 175 Gross Roy 409 Gordon, Barbara ... -.. Gorden, Stewart Gross Sharon - 409 Gordon, Frederick Gordon, Keith Gordon, Marvin 179 .149, 408 ... 207 140, 408 110, 192 Grothwohl, Casper 360 Grove, George 167, 302 Grove Thomas 198, 409 110 Gruber Paul 157 105 Gorree, Frederick 161, 408 112 Gruenfeld, Martin _ -409 181, 408 93 Grunawalt, Margaret 409 Grundy, Shirley - 115 Grunwald, Gerhard - 120 Grupe Dave 167, 285 Goudsmit, Esther 92, 408 Gougeon, Thomas - 102, 167, 215 185 Gouldthorpe, William - 184 131, 408 105 272, 408 155, 408 ... 155 Gubbins Roberta 164, 362 Goutsourakis, Gus Govindaras, Buddha Grabill, Lois - Guck Peter 174 Gudemann, Fran ..98,259,409 269 Graessley, William Graf Philip :- 95 119, 408 . 214 Guerrero, Severe . r.iMp-.i Fl-iine - 92,409 87 Graham! Donald - -276 Graham, Kenneth 119, 123 Grnham Ralph 408 Gulla, Melecio 140 Grandhois, Mary Grane, Mary 175 153 95 r iinn Tharles 148, 2 1 " nun T ee 184, 337 Gupta, Rajeshwar - 8ura!nic I k C He a nry I. 207, m Granigan, Alden _ Granito, Nora .... 201 - 408 .... 102 Gurwin :,Hanleyk,240,244,409 159, 202 291, 408 138, 408 -114 Gustation, Shirley .. WJ Gutchess, Walter _ 116, 272 Gutowsky. Otto 184, 337 193 192 ruv " Robert H9, 409 164, 408 ... 169 ..- 175 nv ' Carol 108, 165 Grathwohl, Casper _ Guy, Paul . - 95 93 wynn, jac 113 H 100, 124 ..... 108 294 264 Gray, Jovanne Gray, Pete 188 Greek Sarah 408 Haarer, Nancy Sallv - 150, 409 Gregory, Frank Green, Beverly ... Green, Charlie Green, David 286, 169 288, 408 100, 168 287, 408 181 Hachmuth. Henry _ Hacker Sally I 4 r 1 v 206 Hackett, Carole - Hackett, John Haddad, George - Green, Henry ... 408 _ 408 Green, Milton 207, 2%, 408 116 99 98, 264 181, 408 259, 408 141 -.176 96 ... 170 95, 408 .... 409 199 93 Green, William Greenberg, Alice Greenberg, Elizabeth ... Greenberg, Florence Greenberger, Robert _.. Greenblatt, Leon Greene House ... , .... Greene, William Haertel, Richard -I ffnpr Fdith -164 Hage n n, r Barbara7. ...288,409 Hage, Joann .. Hagen, David . - 285 Hagenbuch, Rodney 105 Greene, Gayle Greene, Jerome Haggerty, Alvm .... 189, 274 147 Hague Mary 90,165 93 P t " ' 1 1 409 263 Haines! Jr., John 409 Halt Elizabeth 145 199 409 Haken, Richard - 97 Halbrook, Eugene _ Halby William 409 102 409 C Tl 87 Hale jack 123 Gregory, ' Duke - 249 Gregory, Jean 409 Gregory Ralph 114 Hale! Jim - 276 FOURTEEN ' - MICHIGAN- Hale Mrs Mildred 87 201 409 Hall Betty 145 209 Hall ' Charles - 409 Greiger, Donald Greimel, Marie 276 121, 409 409 Hall! Donna 107 Hall, Elizabeth .... - 409 Hall Howard 196, 409 108 Hall ' Tohn 409 Grenfell. Gary 160 198, 266 107, 155 169 Hall! Marguerite 91 Hall Martha 286 Grettenberger, Ann - Hall ' Mary 409 Hall ' Nancy 410 99 Hall Ronald -148 94 Hall Walter 93,258 Grierson, William Griesing, Carolyn Griffith Audrey .178 117, 146 155 Hall ' William 113 Halleen, Robert -.151, 410 Hallenbeck Kenneth 410 Griffith Eva 94 . 150 147, 170 268 Haller Charlotte 162 Griffith, Jane Griffith Robert 114 Haller, Grace 175 Haller James 105, 187 Hallett Patty 221,304 dm Hallitt John .205,2% Grille, Marshall 206,258 Grimm, lack - - 409 Grimm, Jeanette 112, 220 Grinnell, Barbara 153 Grinsfelder, Alan 215, 192 Grinsoni. Harold .... 114 Halloran, John -410 Halpern, James _ 410 Halsey, Philip 149 Halushka Ruth 89 Ham Dorothy 143,410 Ham. Richard .... 189 MEAL MART CAFETERIA 338 MAYXARD STREET STEVE STROMBUS, Prop. ' SERVE YOURSELF THE BEST ' BREAKFAST 7:00 - 11:30 LUNCH 11:30 - 1:30 DINNER 5:00 - 9:00 OPEN SUNDAYS THROUGH THE ARCADE " Hrstaurant 203 E. WASHINGTON CHICKEN IN ROUGH STEAKS CHOPS BEER WINE A Favorite in Ann Arbor for 25 Years Your Favorite Restaurant in Ann Arbor VIRGINIAN PURCHASE CAMERA SHOP " Purchase From Purchase " JOHN W. RANSOM Manager Res. Phone NOrmandy 3-4240 1116 S. University Ann Arbor, Michigan NOrmandy 8-6972 For Good Fun and Good Food Go to the Palace of Home Cooking Ann Arbor ' s Finest (german 120 W. WASHINGTON ST. 459 Hamachek, Donald Hamann, Norman Hamberger, Lou Hamburg, Douglas _ Hamil, David Hamil, William Hamilton, Charles _ 151 Hamilton, Corrine Hamilton, Edward Hamilton, Katherine ... Hamilton, Kirk ... Hammer, Claire Hammill, Donna .... Hammond, Ann 163, 155, Hammond, George Hammond, Lynn Hammond, Margaret ... Hammond, Marjorie ... Hampares, Angello .... Hampares, Katherine Hampton, David Hampton, Jerry Hampton, Victor Hanchett, Mary Hanchrow, Joseph - Handler, Wally - Handley, Dorothy ... Haney, Don ... Hangelman, Al Hanks, William Haney, Donald Hanlon, Russell Hannenberg, Walter Hansen, Barbara Hansen, Dave Hansen, Karen Hansman, Elwood ... Hanson, Dale Hanson, Donna . Hanson, John Hanson, Patricia Hantel, Renata Hantula, James .... Harbert, Norman Hard, Roberta _ Harder, Camarie .-. Hardie, Elinor Hardie, Margaret Harding, Emily ..- Hardisty, June Hardy, Cynthia Hardy, Emily _ Hardy, James Hardy, Lawrence Hardy, Meridith - Hargadon, Edward - Harger, Robert Hariton, Theodore Harkin, Sue Harlan, Bruce Harlan, John 87, 116, 124, 233, 269, Harmer, David - Harmer, Eileen 130, Harmon, Hean Harnett, Andy Haroldson, Arlys .... Harper, Blaine Harper, Coralie .... Harper, Jean - Harper, John _ Harper, Samuel Harper, Stephen . Harper, Steven Harpole, Doris Harrington, Mary ... Harrington, Shelby Harris, Barbara Harris, Cherry . Harris, David Harris, Donald .. Harris, Grant Harris, Jasper __. _ Harris, John Harris, Julie Harris, Larry Harris, Mitchell Harris, Peter Harris, Robert _ Harris, Samuel Harris, Velma Harrison, Dick 249, 294, Harrison, John Harrison, Richard Harrison, Theodore Harry, Jane __ Hart, James Hart, Louisa . Hart, Wayne Hartesvelt, Louis Hartig, Richard Hartin, Thomas Hartle, Richard Hartlein, Robert Hartman, Richard Hartmann, John Hartt, Nancy Hartung, Rolf Hartwell, Dora Hartwig, Allan Hartwig, Carol _ Hartwig, Eugene 169, 242, Hartzell, John Harvey, Don Harvey, Patricia Harwood, Jerry Harwood, Sue Haselby, Joseph Hassler, Mary Haswell, Judy Hatch, Anita Hatch, Charles _ _ Hatcher, John Hatchett, Janice Hatgis, John Hatlem, Shirley Hatter, Kenneth 460 410 Hatton. John 116,411 ....111 Hauch, John 180 192 Hause, Robert - 286 269 Hauser, Stephen .... 170,285,411 118,147 Hauser, Thomas 99 . 95, 410 Hausler, Richard 188, 302 295,410 Hauss, Emily 92 91 Hauss, Frances 92, 411 .102 Havermale, Nancy 162,259,411 94 Havinga. Nicholas - 114 201 Hawes, Claudette 143, 411 92 Hawkins, Mary 143 143 Hawkins, Patricia - 94 287, 364 Hawkins, Virgil 411 151 Hawthorne, Eugene 184 410 Hawthorne, Mrs. Ruth... 98 146 Hay, Peter _ 99,302 107 Hay, Walter 411 .... .. 410 Haydanek, William 273.411 92, 410 Hayden House 97 151,410 Hayden, J. R 260 174 Hayd en, Sarah .... 224 410 Hayes, Douglas 214 - 143 Hayes, Jerry 213 173, 286 Hayes, John 88 176 Hayman, Richard 138 162 Haynes, Al 167 Haynes, Donna - 266 337 Haynes. Frank 118 102 Haynes, Russell - 148 356,410 Hayohan. Barbara _ 117 197,410 Hays, Jerry - _ 411 266,274 Hays, Paul - 95 92, 410 Hayward, Ruth .... 139, 224, 301 147 Hay wood, Calvin _ 160 Hazara, Deleet 261 188 Hazelett, Joseph 151 Hazlett. James 97 107 Head, Donald 167 86 Head, Emerson ....... 286, 287, 302 109 Head. Stanley _ 114,167 164, 410 Heald, John -160 88 Heald Ruth 91 168 Heath, Ann _ .80,411 150 Heath, Glenda 109 143 Heath, John 161 146 Heath, " Margaret 92, 364 410 Heath, William 95,169.249 165, 224 Hecht, Barbara ........105, 181, 245 107,364 Hecht David 102,136 107,410 Heck, Edward 149 145, 410 Hecke, Sandra 90 169, 285 Hectorians 295 182 Hedburg, James 116 150 Hedetniemi, Charles 100 % Hedges, Herbert _ 183 110 Hedrich, David 86 208 Heeney, Jeree 411 137 Heetderks, Dewey 204 Heft, Priscilla 92 Hegeman, Garnet -116 273, 303 Hegstrom, John 190 196 Heihreder, Ann - 156 364,410 Heidbreder, Margaret 411 130, 304 Heiden, Joan 90 _ 174 Heider, Barbara ... 410 146, 229, 297, 411 95,410 Heiderer, Conrad - 271 ...-.410 Heidgen, Jack 302 410 Heidgen, John 183 203,2% Heier, James 174,286 .... 410 Heilpern, Steve 185 120 Heim, Roslyn 91 170 Hein, William ... 188,285 ....264 Heind, Gerald 129 98 Heindel, Paul 411 410 Heirman, Margaret _ 101 137 Heist, Carleton -.110, 193 90,156 Hclel, Samah 105 105,189 Heider, Louis ..- - 205 197 Helen Newberry 107 183 Helfenbein, Ruth 139 96 Helfman, Esther 121 86, 192 Helleen, Robert 269 90, 162 Hellenberg, Tames _ 184, 411 185,294 Heller. Camilla 92,288,299,411 173 Heller, Clifford 199,411 . 95 Heller, Norman . 116 270,274 Helliwell, Noreen 92,268 192 Hellthaler, Mary 165, 410 92, 245, 301, 362 354, 356 Hellwarth, George 118 269,273,285,303,411 168,240 Hellyer, John 193 .... 410 Helmer, Richard 302 162,410 Helms, William -110 167 Helmus, Christian 204, 296 163 Helvey, Donald 411 118 Helzberg, Barnet _ _ 192 113 Hemenger, Thomas 154 148 Hendershott. Marcus 114 118 Henderson House -131 184 Henderson, Robert 168, 214, 411 - 120 Hendricks. Thomas 294, 307, 356 160 Hendry, Mary ...._ _ 115 88 Henkel, Helen 258,271 117 Henrich. George ... 166, 215, 236 - 118 Henry, David 119, 274 165, 410 Henry, Kim 145 - - 169 Henry, Leland 100 117 Henry, Nancy 145 Henry, Sharon _ 146 290, 410 Henshaw, Wandalie 92, 259 203 Henson, James 178 148, 410 Hentschel, Barbara 107 89 Hepner, Joel 173 160 Herald, Caroline 411 156 Herbert, Rozanne 411 157, 337 Herceg, Robert 116 139, 410 Herkenhoff. Nancy 162 130 Herkimer, Carl .... . 116 .117, 153 Herman, William 287 .152, 410 Herman, Lee . .._ 92 -.411 Hermelin, David 185 288 Hermelin. Henrietta 259, 411 - 160 Hermes, Dietlind 411 91 Hernandez, Guillermo - 159, 202 172 Herr, Ronald ... 411 Herrera, Guillermo 105 Herrera, Sylvia _ 117, 263 Herrera, William 138 Herrick, Roxanne 92 Kerrman, Patricia 89 Herrnstein, William 88 Hershberg, David 176 Hershey, Carol - .-137, 411 Hershey, David 168 Herschman, Jay 411 Hertel, Frederick _ _ 170 Herzfeld, Robert 192, 411 Heslip, Keith 161 Hess, Ann _ Hess, George 129 Hesselgrave, William 95 Hestevold, Byron 97 Hetherington, Corkey 160 Hetherington, Susan -142, 364 Heuchert, Charles _ 100, 266 Heupel, Edith _ 115 Heusel, Richard 167,285 Hewitt, Diana 299,411 Hewitt, Donna 142 Hexter, Barbara 140 Heyner, Frederick 88 Heystek, Ann - 107,299,411 Heyt, Esther ..163 Hibbard, Emerson - 136, 183, 235, 269, 295, 360 Hibbard. Tom 149,411 Hickey. Edward .-...291, 307, 308 Hickey, Janette - 162, 268 Hickman, George ....411 Hickman. John 136 Hicks, Dale 171 Hicks, Irwin -119, 189 Hicks, Nancy 411 Hicks, Rosemary .... Higbee, Jane - 162 Higgins, David - 411 Higgins, Michael ... Highlands, Marcia 165 Highstreet, Bruce 93 Hilburger, Albert .... Hildebrand, Grant _ - 96 Hiler, Linda 150, 411 Hill, William 180 Hill, David 307 Hill, Donna - 250, 251 Hill, Douglas 187,412 Hill. George 289 Hill, Jerry 152 Hill, Philip 119,271 Hill, Richard 307 Hill. Steve 176 Hill, William ... 144,412 Hillard, Victor 136 Hillel 267 Hillernian. Neal 136 Hilliard, Mary - 150, 412 Hillig, Joyce - 266 Hillman. Barbara .... 92,299,412 Hillman. Carol - 121 Hilsabeck, George .-.274,412 Hilton, Constance ...163, 298, 412 Himes. Gretchen 249 Himmelhoch, Martha 108 Hinomoto, Hirohide _ Hinrichs, Dorothy 132 Hindley, Frederick 285 Hindricks, Carl - 189 Hine, Edward 201 Hing. Ng 412 Hinkle, Russell 114 Hirsch, Carl 178 Hlnsdale Hiraga, Mickey 412 Hirsch, Sally 226 Hirschman, Janice - 181 Hirschman, Stuart 360,412 Hirt, Tony 119 Hirtzel, John - - -129 Hiss, Barbara - 108, 163 Hiss, Richard 148, 286 Hiss, Roland - 205 Hitchcock, Gilbert 289 Hitchcock, John 93 Hnatczuk, Wsewolod 113 Hoaglin, George 129,302 Hobart, Cynthia 164 Hobbs, Gary 412 Hochman, Rita 103 Hock. Kenneth 201 Hocking, Charles 114, 412 Hockstad. Howard 412 Hockstad, Terry 180 Hockstad. Ray 160 Hodge, William -116, 269 Hodges, John 151 Hodgman, Richard 203 Hodgman, John 169 Hodgman. James _ 169 Hoek, Richard _ -..287 Hoekstra, George 296 Hoenecke, Lois 412 Hoexter, Robert 285 Hoffines, William 177 Hoffman, Robert ._ 192, 293 Hoffman, Donna 162, 297, 412 Hoffman, Gerhard 151 Hoffman, John 170 Hoffman, Justine 137 Hoffman, Sandy 108 Hoffman, Tony 110 Hofman, Dale 118 88 __ 204 ..164,304 114 149 ..161,412 155 .113 Hofmaster, Gary Hofstra, John Hofstra, Judith Hogan, James Hogen, James Hohwart, Frederick Holben, Jane Hoi brook, Jack Holbrook, Ronald 118 Holbrook, Susan 142, 301 Holcombe, Gene : 154 Holden, Douglas 114, 149 Holden, Max 149 Holderness, Alan . 170, 302 Holland, Niles 412 Holland, Russell 233 Hollar, Barbara 142 Hollar, Edward _ 201 Holler, Carolyn 268 Holley, Carol 139, 412 Hollis, James 286 Holloway, Robert ._ 97, 250, 251, 412 Hollwarth, George 161 Hollway, Robert _. 309 Holmberg, Joan 142 Holmquist, Judy ._ 268 Holt, Robert _ 99 Holtgrieve, Martin 88 Holton, James 160 Holtrey, Carolyn ._ 412 Holtz, Janet 155 Holtz, Sylvia - Homeister, Gene 197 Homeister, Nancy Hondorp, Barbara 412 Honess, Arlene 130 Honkala, Donald 100 Hooker, Jane 107 Hooper, Eleanor 137, 226 Hooper, Gregory 168,412 Hooper, Joseph 214 Hoos, John 160 Hoover, Jack -- 276 Hoover, Mary - 145 Hope, Mary - 115 Hoover, Robert _ - 197 Horacek, Larry - 271 Horn, Theodore 182 Hornhurg, Donval - 116, 266, 272 Hornby, Nancy 107 Home, Roy _ 119, 412 Horowitz, Allen . 185 Horowitz. Herschel 199 Horwitz, Frederick 207 Horwitz, Jack _ 185, 244 Hosshines, William - 102 Hitchkiss, Thomas -168 Hotham, Carol Houchens, George 120 Houck, Lawrence 360, 155 Houck, Marilyn 89, 146 Houie, Anita 137 House, Robert 205 Housmann, William 138 Houston, Dale 102 Houaves-Fourcade, Sylvere 116 Hovie, Robert - 97,167 Howard, Harvey - - 412 Howard, ' Jane 143,244 Howard, Howard 286 Howard, Russell 197, 208, 412 Howe, Judith - 92 Howe, June - _ 288, 412 Howe, Nancy 92 Howe. Nelson - 105, 123, 249 Howell, Glen .._. 191, 264, 269. 412 Howell, James 151 Howell, Lynn 208 Howell, Nancy 175 Howes, Nancy 145, 412 Hewlett, Joan _ 162 Hoy, Robert 172, 412 Hoydic, Robert 184, 412 Hoyle, Wallis 86 Hoyt, Mary 143 Hoyt, Nancy - 103 Hsie, Emily _ 258, 271, 412 Hsu, Henry - 412 Hsu, Kathleen 412 Hubacker, Earl 412 Hubard, James 286 Hubbard, Peggy 137, 229, 230 Hubbard, Sheila _- 92, 412 Huhbel. Norvel _ 123 Hubbell, Tames 412 Hubbell, Paul 174, 273 Huber House 100 Huber, Elizibeth 139, 412 Huber, Judith 164, 288 Hubley, John 337 Hubly, David 118,123,133 Hubly, John - _ - 177 Huey, Ronald 201, 413 Hufano, Luisa 260 Hufano. Sonny 260 Huff, Dick - 301 Huff, Peter 413 Hufton, Wilfrid 114, 258 Huggett, William 100 Hughes, Luman 413, 208 Hughes, Robert 116 Hughes, Sandra 153 Huizenga. Everett 204 Hulbert, David 178 Hutchins, Heather 153 Hulett. James . . 97 Hult, Gretchen 153, 413 Hull, Mary 90, 153 Humenansky, George - 286 Humm, Jack .. 413 Humphrey, Barbara 164 Hungeford, John 114, 159, 202, 413 Hunley, Naomi 413 Hunt, Dayton 196 Hunt, James 307 Hunt, Philip 197 Hunt, Roger 105 Hunter, Ann 94, 413 Hunter, Tames - 118 Hunter, Stewart ._ 132 Huntington, John - 413 Huntington, Judy 90, 163 Huntington, Linda 163 Hunley, Illene __ 121 Huntsinger. Robert 121 Hurst, David 167, 413 Hurt. Patricia 137 Hurtik, Alice 98 inhilliilll T ' ' START RIGHT WITH WHITE UIPMENT When you set up in practice your aim is to build a steady reputation for professional competence. That ' s why it pays to install S. S. White equipment. Scientifically engineered and attractively styled in the modern conception, it not only supplements your skill; it conveys an instant impression of competence to your patients. And in this important matter of favorable patient impressions we can also be of real help to you through our free office planning service. Any S. S. White dealer will gladly show you this equipment and explain our convenient financing plan ... or, if you prefer, write direct for detailed information. THE S. S. WHITE DENTAL MANUFACTURING CO. PHILADELPHIA 5, PA. 461 Husain, Muhammad 262 Hussey, Patricia _ 145 Husted, William _ - 170 Hutchins, Chuck 151 Hutchison, Robert 157, 413 Huthwaite, David 413 Huttenga, Gwendolyn _ 106, 150 Huttenlocher, James ..-178,413 Huttenlocher, Richard 178 Hyams, Joan 140 Kyde, Gordon _ 203 Hyde, John 263, 413 Hyman, Joan _ 140, 220, 222, 297, 304, 413 Hyoo, Kim 129 Hypes, Robert 413 Interhouse Council 232 Her, Janet 164 lacobucci, Ida _ 413 Institute of Aeronautical Sciences 271 Ignagni, Rinaldo 113 Ilgenfritz, Robert 245, 269, 275, 293 Imber, Marvin 413 India Student Association 261 Ingold, John 203 Ingram, Nancy 413 Ingwell, Barbara 165 Ingwersen, Richard 177 Inoue, Wilfred _ 206, 413 Inter Coop Council 132 International Club 272 Intriligator, Diane 181 Irvin, Charles 177,413 Irvine, Edward _. 263 Irwin, Charles _ _ 289 Irwin, Hampton 413 Irwin, Jean 394 Irwin, Willard 413 Isaacs, Jack 141 Isaacson, Jean 131,362,413 Isada, Nelson 260 Isay, Maureen 98 Isbister, James 110 Isbitts, Rita 413 Isely, Thomas 168 Isenberg, Edward 302 Ishibashi, Eleanor _ 413 Ishida, Dick 95 Ismaili, Jaffar __262 Ison, John 208 Israel, Harry 192 Israel, Ruth Ivanick, John Iwasko, Harry lye, Tomoaki Izenson, Fred Izumi, Yoshie ablonski, Donald .. ach, Nancy ack, Russell ackowski, Gerald acks, Bernard _ _. ackson, Charles ackson, Connie ..181, ackson, Doyne ackson, Joan ackson, Larry ackson, Marilyn ackson, Richard ackson, Sarah Sue acobacci, Linda _ acobs, Dr. Herman acobs, Gordon acobs, Jack acobs, Tames 1 acobs, John Jacobsen, Michael Jacobson, Bruce Jacobson, Marc : Jacobson, Michael acobus, Phillip : acques, Darrell acquet, Nancy aeger. Carol affa, Marlene ... 181, 229, ; affe, Melvin ager, Lee ..._ L; ahsman, David ,.. alava, Ebba alii, Ahmad Jalon, Clare _ ' _ Jame, Harvey James, Alice 165,220,224,; James, Ann _ James, Carol James, David !H_Z James, Nancy ] James, Sara Jamgochian, Michael _ ] Jamison, Helen Janich, Sonja _ Jankowsky. Joseph Janowski, Donald _ Jansma, Paul Januszka, Henry Jaquette, Nancy Jardinico, Robert Jasinski, Richard Jaworski, Barbara Jayne, George . Jafferis, Joe ] Jehle, Charles .._ Jelin, Steve 214, 237 2 .274 ..413 -413 148 -.103, 143 -.154, 286 -93, 208 413 Jennis, Judie ...................... 226, 227 Jensen, I ' a 1 r ________________ 167 Jenson, Nels __________________________ 138 Jenson, William ....................... 280 Jensen, William ______ ......... 114 Jerhoeven, Judith .................... 117 Jerkins, Joseph ._ ......................... 118 Jerneycic, Dorothy ---- ..... 115 Jerome, Larry ...... _ ........ ______ 161 Jetter, Ann ................ _________ 90, 146 Jeu, Chung ___________________ ..... _ 269 Jewell, Emily ........................... -145 Jewell, Janet ............... _ ....... _ ...... 175 Tcwett, Robert ......... ____ ........... 208 Jingozian, Mary -------- ...... 91 Jiongo, Edward .......... _______ ....... 99 Joachim, Jane __________________ 165 Jock, Margaret _______________ 117 Joffe, Libby _________ ...... _ 181, 414 John, Theo ........................ ___ ..... 145 Johnson, Ann ............... ........ 103 Johnson, William ............ 149, 249 Tchnson, Bradley _______ ..... _____ 95 Johnson, Cliff - ...... ________________ 116 Johnson, David ......... ____ ...... - 116 Johnson, Donald ....... 118, 183, 414 Johnson, Donna _________ ...... _____ 117 Johnson, Eleanor ......... ___ ......... 162 J Kafka, Betty Kagay, John _ Kai Lim, Kian Kahan, Donald Kahl, Dorothy Kahn, Barbara Kahn, Richard _ 165, 221 184 260 176, 414 - _.103 415 Kelly, John Kelly, Lawrence . Kelsey .. Kelsey, Bill Kelsey, Charles Johnson, Ernestine 364 , Johnson, Gail ................... _ ......... 268 Johnson, Gloria ___________ .......... 103 Johnson, Harold ....................... 188 Johnson, Harold ........................ 291 Johnson, Harvey --------------- 97 Johnson, Helen ........... ........... 414 Johnson, Howard ............. _ ..... 177 Johnson, Hugh ..... _ ....... _ 110, 414 Johnson, Jacqueline .......... ..... 107 Johnson, James .............. ___________ 97 Johnson, Jeremy ..................... -114 Johnson, Jorene ................ _ ..... 108 Johnson, Kenneth ................ 160 Johnson, Kerry ................ 116, 167 Johnson, Lester ________ ......... 88 Tohnson, Linnea ___________ ... 92 Johnson, Martha ... 112, 266, 414 Johnson, Maynard _____ ............. 276 Johnson, Melvin ____ ................. 178 Johnson, Robert ________ ............ 414 Johnson, Robert ___________________ 86 Johnson, Robert ____________________ 200 Johnson, Robert ._ ......... _ ......... 414 Johnson, Roberta ............ _ ....... -139 Johnson, Ruth ___________ ......... 108 Tohnson, Stanley ......... __ .......... 95 Johnson, Thomas ______ ......... 119 . ohnson, Vernon _____________________ 414 ohnson, William .. .................. 105 ; ohnston, Clifford __________ ....... 168 Johnston, Frank ................ .414 Johnston, Tames ____ ....... -205,414 ohnston, Kenneth .... ....... 187, 414 Johnston, Frank ____________ ..... . 114 Johnston, Joseph ....... _ ....... 87, 165 Johnston, Nancy ... ........... -139, 224 Johnston, Patricia ............ 107, 164 Johnston, Robert ........ ____ 203 Joint Judiciary ........ ________ .......... 257 Jokela. Allan .............................. 414 Jolls, Thomas ...... _________ ...... _.. 95 Jones, Al ................. 144 Tones, Burwell 290,337,356,414 Tones, Carol _ .................... _ 98, 143 Jones, Charles ........ ________ 88, 127 Jones, Donald .......... .......... .... 276 Jones, Elaine ....... _________ ...... 414 Tones, Elizabeth ................ 103,414 .Tones, Ellen .............. _________ 140 Jones, George . .._ ....... _ ........ 86,215 Tones, Harry ..... _ ........ _ ...... 295 Tones, Helen ........................ 103, 137 Jones, Hobart ......... ______________ 148 Tones, John ........................ _________ 414 Jones, Julie ......... _______ 164 Tones, Philip ...................... 154 Jones, Marilee ..... ...... 94, 299, 414 Jones, Martha _______________ ...... 414 Jones, Mary ...... 107, 142, 153, 221 Tones, Reese ...... _ _ 197 Tones, Richard 138, 193, 276. 303 .Tones, Robert ... 113, 114, 178, 244 Jones, Shirley ................. ________ 98 Jones, Thomas ............... ____ 114 Joneson, Kingsley ........... 276,414 Tordan, Dan ____ ..... _______ 28 Jordan Hall ..................... __... " -. 101 Jordan, Kay ............. ______ . 117 Tordan, Thomas .............. 206, 414 Tordon, Carl _ ..... __________ ]]6 .Torgenson, Grete ............. 145,414 .Torgenson, Lee ________ no .Torgenson. Thomas 168, 294, 333 .Tory, Marilyn ______________ 263 Jose. Jose ._ ..... __ 260 Tosehart. Harold 256, 267, 414 Joseph, Barry _________ ........ 176 Joseph, Lee __________________ _... 263 Joseph, Myra ........ _________________ 158 Joseph, Thomas _________ 148 .Toslin, Burr ._ .......... _120, 159, 202 Tossem. Rick ._ ..... _______ _ 100 Joyce, David ......... _.97, 273, 414 Tudson, Joyce .................... 163, 414 Tuliao, Gelmch _ .............. ______ ..... 99 Tung. Charles ........ _ ....... _ ...... 168 Justice, Abby .......... ____ 150 Justus, Drayton _____________ _ 286 Justus, Judith ___________ 286 Jenecke, Jerry Jenkins, John 154, ; Jenkins, P. E Jennings, Charles Jennings, Edward _ ' , Kabaken, Richard .... Kabcenell. Robert Kadens, Michael Kadri, Joan Kaeppel, Suzanne Kaercher, Gerald _ 192 Kahn, Elinor 112, 263 Kahn, Ivan 415 Kaiser, Carole 266 Kaiser, Richard 274, 285 Kakli, Sulaiman 262 Kale, Steve 169 Kalnins, Arturs - 303, 415 Kalt, Allan ..110, 179 Kaltenbach, Medora _ 415 Kamen, Mary 117 Kamhout, Carl 148 Kamiii, Donald 114 Kaminsky, Bernard _. 415 Kaminsk, Charles 192 Kammeraad, Lloyd 205, 415 Kampner, Carol _ 98 Kampner, Stanley .176 Kanai, Koji 201 Kandarian, Albert 106 Kane, Betty _ _... 94 Kane, Gary 173 Kane, Mary _ 143 Kangas, Arthur 116,126,415 Kangas, Claudia _ 94, 415 Kanitz, James 87 Ka nitz, Nancy 90 Kanner, Richard _141 Kanous, Nathan 171,415 Kansaki, Frances 415 Kantner, Rhea 267, 415 Kapetansky, Audrey .- 257, 299, 415 Kapetansky, Fred 207,267 Kapke, Walter _ 93 Kaplan, David 244 Kaplan, Joel 192,415 Kaplan, Lila 105 Kaplan, Robert 185 Kaplan, Susan 117 . 151, 415 168, 208, 415 -102 95 289 Kelsey, John 95, 415 Kaplinsky, Joan 158 261 163 164 165 287 _ 124, 285 414 192 121 139 274, 414 Kapoor, Rajendre Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Phi _ _ _ 268 Kappa Sigma 166 Karaba, Carl 114 Karabelnick, Joan 415 Karamat, Saida _. 262 Karamizrak, Turker . - 272, 415 Karay, Nick _ 180 Karch, Joanne 140, 221 Karcheviski, Robert 120,253 Kardel, Hans _ ..... 88 Karimoto, Mickey ....131,289,415 Karkut, Joseph ., 209 Karl, Leo _. 415 Karoly, Andy 285 Karp, Laura 181 Karp, Robert 415 Karpanty, Ronald 110, 184 Karston, Donald _ 187 Karsch, Gretchen _ 107 Karsh, Jo _ 220 Karzen, Herb 192, 215 Kaser, Nancy ._ . .. 150 Kass, Sharon 106, 158 Katchke, Robert _ _ 96 Katlein, Stanley 207 Katsock, Joan ... ... 130, 264, 265 Katz, Mrs. Donald 268 Katz, Gary _ 114 Katz, Marvin 302 Katz, Nina 158, 268 Katz, Peter - 415 Katz, Sylvia ... 98 Katzenmeyer, Albert 460 Katzenmeyer, Bert _ 354 Katzenmeyer, Harry 88 Katzin. Joel HI Katzman, Harold 207 Katzman, Ruth 89 Kauchoukas. Nick 180 Kauffman, Carol - 259 Kauffman, Erie 415 Kaufman, Jay .185 Kaufman, Merrill 179, 213, 293, 303 Kaufman, Theodor 415 Kaui, Kenneth _ ... .. 200 Kaul, Andv ..160,290,356,415 Kaulfuss. Beate _ 142 Kauper. Th omas _ 287, 302 Kawewaga. Koh 119 Kay, Donald _ 95 Kay, Elizabeth 90 Kaye, Louise 164 Kaye, Shirley 90 Kearful, James 186 Keckonen, Sandra 288 Keefer, George 116, 258 Keen, Cliff 309 Keep. Marcia _ 162 Keevil, Robert _.. _ 171 Keidan, Fred -.415 Keimor, Maureen 91 Keithley. Margaret 415 Keitzer, Ford 205 Keivit, Marilyn 286 Kellman, Fred .415 Kellawav, Jay 191 Keller, Lawrence _. . 97 Kelley, Kathleen 103 Kellogg. Irene 143, 224 Kelly, DeLoy 415 Kelly, Donald -.172,201,415 Kelly, Eugene _ 187 Kelly, George - 271 Kelly, Gordon .. 95, 271 Kelly, Jack 110 Kelton, William _ _ 269 Kemble, Jocelyn 415 Kemp, Joyce 142 Kempe, Margie 156 Kenaga, Ray 308 Kendall, Richard 88, 269, 415 Kendzior, Chester 191 Kennedy, David 390, 415 Kennedy, Don 148 Kennedy, Fronda 117 Kennedy, Hugh 102, 263 Kennedy, John 203 Kennedy, Stanley 287 Kennedy, Warren _ 114 Kenney, Carol 288, 299, 415 Kenny, David 1% Kent, Alice _ 164 Kent, Jill 145 Kent, Robert .... 129 Kent, William 415 Kenvin, Margery 415 Kepler, Keith _ 113, 172 Keppy, James 105 Karapetian, Karl _ 286 Kerastas, Paul 116, 247 Kerlikowske, Mary Ann . . 153, 416 Kermath, James - 208 Kerns, Robert 259 Kerr, Edwin _ 205 Kerr, Marilyn 416 Kerry, Robert 203 Kersten, Lawrence 111,266 Kert, Leslie 102 Kervin, Margery _ 153 Kerwin, Bette 94 Kessel, David _ 253 Kessler, Gerald 302 Ketchum, Thaddeus 184 Ketteman, Richard _ 102 Kettenstock, Edward - 198 Keudel, Kurt 88 Keyport, Dianne 137, 416 Keywell, Gail 117 Keywell, Shelby -.108 Khanorker, Bhaskar 273 Khanzada, Ayub 262 Khoury, Vera . 103, 175 Khoury, Tawfiq . 257,290,416 Kidston, Brian 97 Kidston, Roger 96 Kiegler, Joan 416 Kiekema, Mrs. Leona 92 Kiel, Norman 93,276 Kienzlen, Ann 90 Kiesel, Margaret 117 Kierdorf, Mary 143 Kiessel, Alfred 205 Kihen, Elaine 155, 416 Kihm, John 205 Kikuchi. George 114 Kilar, Ted _ 148 Kilgore, Donald Ill Kilgore, Ronald .111 Killeen, Alan _ 149 Kim, Harry _ 131 Kimball, Donald -.118, 151 Kimmel, Bernard 296 Kimmel, Duane _ 416 Kimpton, Ann - 115 Kincaid, Joseph 197 Kincaid. Harry 120 Kinde, Emily _ 153 Kindermaiin, Joseph . ...416 Kindley, Joanne 153,416 King, Cathy 224, 240, 249, 300 King, Harvey 173 King, Kenneth 99, 274 King, Linda 416 King, Robert _ Ill King, Shannon 91 King, Sharon 91 King, Sylvia 416 King, Theodore 416 King, Van 169 King, Wanda ._ 162 King, William 102, 124, 144, 215 Kinietz, Nancy 94 Kinkema, Molly 89 Kinnear, Roger ... 198 Kinnunen, Niles _ 99 Kinse lla, John 105 Kinsey, Joan ... . 103 Kinstle, Lawrence 209 Kinyon, Pete ... 309 Kflnzie, Carol 103 Kiplinger, David 120,416 Kirby, Nell 416 Kirby, Robert - 105 Kirca, Tsmet 131 Kirca, Mehmet 131 Kirchen, Robert 416 Kirchgessner, John _ 168 Kirchner, Carol 142 Kirkbride. Robert Ill Kirke, William 93, 188 Kirkjiaw. Tohn 178 Kirkpatrick, Don 188, 269 Kirsch, Elizabeth 416 Kirshner, Carol 107 Kisel, Martha 92, 416 Kissenger, David 149 Kissick. Joan 150 Kitjalaksana, Nandha , 261 Kitson. Suzanne ' 155,416 Klak, Jacquelyn 416 Klame, Suzanne - _ . 416 Klauer, Mary 165,221,364 Kausch, Margaret _ ... 108 Klausner. David _ 173 Klausner, Lois 107 Klawson, Mary 139 462 has served Michigan students for 83 YEARS " Your College Book Store " 336 S. STATE PHONE 2-0814 ' The Dependable Stores " CALKINS-FLETCHER DRUG CO. We have served Michigan and her students for sixty-seven years DRUGS COMPLETE STOCK KODAKS COSMETICS FILMS INTERESTED SERVICE ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 324 S. STATE ST. 818 S. STATE ST. THANKS FOR YOUR PATRONAGE MEN BEST WISHES FROM Lee ' s Barbers EAST UNIVERSITY BY POST OFFICE Fun! Fun And More Fun At Ann Arbor ' s Butterfield Theaters MICHIGAN STATE ORPHEUM WUERTH 1492 National Bank Bldg. Detroit, Michigan M. F. GOWTHORPE, PRESIDENT 463 . 88 197 . 99 416 113 153 158 . 98 107 416 416 111 416 416 416 192 . 99 117 416 . 97 103 302 179 187 108 204 117 173 165 96 114 160 . 94 416 103 266 416 266 294 117 110 417 417 119 201 417 417 86 142 274 263 . 90 417 160 113 417 286 89 181 417 417 116 181 356 307 417 105 261 417 417 88 192 274 101 . 89 91 117 179 108 258 417 417 88 105 151 417 102 111 20( 88 203 263 417 417 221 30 - Kregor, Thomas 102 Larmee, Wilma 225, 304 KI w ri S i as Kreuzberger, Eugene 274 Kriewall, Royce 273 Larsen, Lois 418 Larson, Allen _. 119 Krigston, Gloria _ 94,417 I, arson, Bertil 203 vi n ' r i Krill Albert - _ -116 Larson, William 167,418 Kriser, Charles - 111, 192 Larson, Dana 177 Klein lllane Kristofetz, William .. 417 Larson, Donald 118 Larson, Hnm r 41R Kritt, Carol - 112 Klein Judy 90, Kroczek, Thomas 96,182 Kroll Barry 141,417 Larson, Marie 266 Larson, Ronal . 177, 235, 269, 418 Klein, Lois 140,221,297, Kroll Charles - - 271 Klein, Patricia -181, Klein Phyllis 181 Kroll David 141 T.arwm, Carol OJ Klein, Susan Klein. Thomas 110, Kropf, Charles 168, 417 Krouse, Carl 99 Krueger, Chris - - 113 Lascody, Donald __ 271 Lashbrook, Margaret _ . 418 Lashmet, Michael 208 Kleiiiert, Marilea 153, Kruger, Robert 105, 302 Lassy, Richard 182 T.asyln, Arrlinr 170 Kleinsteuck 1 . Kruse, Dick 160 Latcher, Leonard _ 119 Lath, Raglnihir 261, 4!R Fll ' Kruthers, James 267, 293, 356 Laii, Tling 03 TT, e e T- l .. Krynicki, Allen . 116 Laii, SIIRIP 01, 41R Klick, Carol Kubacka. Joseph -417 Kucera, Frank 93, 417 Laube, Sally 165, 220 Kleisrath, Barbara Kline, Herbert 87, Kucera, Gilbert 93 Kuchka, John 178 Kueera, Gilbert 208 Kuehne, Robert _ 149, 417 111,184,271,286,287 Laughlin, James Ill, 184 Lauppe, Ellen 162, 364 LaVanway, Gordon 116 Kuhn, Wayne 151 Lave, Roy _ 215, 302 K 1 ' L- F Kuieck, John 200 LaVere, Shirley 89 Klipfel Karl Kuiper, Arthur 177 Lavey, Gilbert . 198 Kuipp. James 289 Kuisel, Richard 184, 302 Laviolettp, Lynn 164 Law, Robert 152 Kujawa, Leonard .... 159, 202, 417 Law, Cynthia 98 Kukula, John . 209 Law, Fern _. 175, 288 Law, Roger _ 170 Lawless, Jerrold 286 Knutson, Robert 169,235, Kulakowski, Stanley _ 118, 206, 258, 271 Kulaski, Beverly 417 Kochanny, Gerald Kulick, Richard 97 Kunst, Irene 91 Lawrence, Richar d 418 Kocinsky, Michael Kocon, Richard Koeff, Christina Koehn, Frederick Kuenzel, Franklin 214 Kunz, Robert _ _417 Kurian, Lucille .. 91, 417 Lawrence, William 171 Lawson, Allan _ 102 Kurtz, Dan 105 Kurtz, Helen 417 Lawyer, John 159,202 Lay, Paul . 110, 187 Kurtz, Jean 175 Layher, Vince 97 Kushen, Ivan 192 Kushner, Michele .... 98 Kussurelis, Peter 159,202 Kustodowich, Joan _. 115, 301 Kutch, Walter . 184 Layman. John . 161, 418 Lazar, Dolores . 263 Koella, Charles Koelzer, Judith Koenig, Iseli ... 162, Lazor, Marjorie 115 Leach, Sylvia 143 League 220 Koerts, Peter Koester, Robert 182,286,287, Leak, Alexander _ 105 Leared, David 204 Kut t, John 110 Kuwavama, George 131 Lease, Mury _117, 163 Koffman, Elaine -... Kohnstamm, Marcia Kohr. Jane 155,230,398, Kwan, King 206 Leavitt, Richard 110 Kwasborski, Stanley _ 118, 152 Kwech. William 05 Leavy, Nancy 299, 418 Lebedouvch, Emil 93 Kwiker, Louis 179 LeBost, Barbara 418 Kolanowski, Leonard Kolb, Adrieiine . L Laakaniemi, Raymond 113 Lebowitz, Zelda 89 LeDuc, Delpha-Jeanne .150,418 Kolesar, William _ Kolesar, William Lee, Allgood -166 Lee, Harry 418 Kolloff, Richard Laansma, John 417 Lee, Martin 207 Kommel, Eve Laarman, James 161,418 Lee, Sandra 153 Kommel. Richard 207, Lee. Virginia 137, 418 Labby, William . 97 LaBelle, Teanne 198 Leedy, Timothy _ 177 Leemon, Peter 113 LaBelle. Jeanne 90 Koontz, Lorna Labin, Jacob 207 Lefferts, Galen 116, 136 Lcffingwell Nancy 172 Kopelson, Ronnie Labovitz. Roberta - 89 Lacey, Marilee ..-. 94 Leffler, Francine 259, 418 Lefler, Jacqueline 103 150 LeGault, Mildred 418 Lrphaml Rnlf ?XK Ladd, Joan 115 Kormacki, Kaniel Kormes, John Kornacki, Daniel 118. 206,271, Kornigsmann, Karl Kors, Paul Laikin. Shulamith -418 Lair, Maureen 107, 301 Laiiness, Thomas _ 116 Lake. Patsy . 107 189, 269, 285, 418 Lehman, Harriet 268 Lehman. William 189 Lehr. Wavne 116, 152 Korte, John Laker, Terry 179 Takin Diane 89 Leib Judith 226 227 Koselka, William Leibengood. Bill 119 Koshewsky, Paul Kosik, Joseph .. Lamati. John _.___ .,...209 Lamb, Peergy 142 Leibovitz, Jayna 89 Leichtman, William 110 Leidv, Mrs. Gertrude 130 Koster, Carl Lambda Chi Alpha .... 167 Lamberis, Patricia 245 Lambert, Janet 130 Kostman, Stanley Leiken. Stanley 192, 219, 295, 418 Leipzig, Lyla 89, 304 Kostoff, Harold Kostoff. Rick Leisi, F.leannr 94, 41R Kothari. Suresh _ Kothary, Navanitray Kott, Amalia Lammers. Michael 113 Lamont Tan 201 Leitch, John _ ...97,209,418 Leland Robert 249 LaMoreaux, Duane 113, 215 Leland, Genevieve 90 153 Kott, Steve 149 Leland, Teanne 115, 286, 287, 288 Leland. Robert 168 Kountz, William 119 417 161 179 185 89 131 417 181 285 285 114 124 273 417 152 93 333 230 302 98 98 101 178 160 102 110 182 Kovack. Nancy 92 Land a IRS Lelivelt. John 87,418 Kovacik. Steve Kovan, Thomas Landau, Milton 418 LeMire, Fran 167 Kovinskv. Allen Kovitz, Ethel Landers, Lucy 175, 220, 297, 418 Lemkey. Franklin % Kowavama. George Landis, Harold 276 Koykka. Margaret . 92 Lenhardt, Lawrence 209,419 Lenning, Virginia 146, 419 Lennington, Sally 90, 419 Lennon. George 187 Lentz Carolyn 92 288 299 419 Kozin, Elaine Kozma, Ernest _ 417, Kozmo, Ernest 118J Krafve, Allan Landy, Ruth 92, 259, 418 Lane Toyce 140 219 300 Kraai, Dwight 114, Krage. Harvey 100, 266, Krakover. Stewart 179, Kramer, Peter Lane, Margaret 101, 150, 219 Lane, Nancy 156 Lenz, Claire .... .... 90, 175 Leo, Kathrvn 143, 362 Lang, Al 209 Leonard, Allen 206 Lang, David 151 Leonard, Barbara 163 Leonard, Ellen 108 Kramer, Robert Kramer, Ronald 307, Kramp, Robert Lang, Edward 418 Lang, Henry _ 167, 418 Leonelli, Lorraine 115 Krans, Cynthia 169, 212, 214, 218, 290, 419 Lepard, Tack 151 Krapohl.Jsck . _.. 148.235, Krasner. Morton Krasney, Davidine ... Krause, Annette Krause, Tane . ... Lange, James . 97, 172 Langley. James 197 Langs. Ruth 418 Lepard, Nancy 155, 301 Lepley, Paul 290,419 Leppelmeier, John 183, 419 Langschwager, Joyce 418 Lantz Rusell 418 Krause, Thomas Lapides, Helene 418 Krause, Victor Lardas, Nicholas 200 Kraushaar. Stanley .... Kraznick, William Kreger, John ... Larkin, Dennis 149 Larkin, Tames 114 Larkin. Marilvn 146.246 Lerner, Sandra 117, 263 Leslie. John _ 119,192 Lerov. Patricia ... .. 155. 419 Leslie, Rodney 192 Lessier, Bruce 208 Lester, Betty 288 Lester, Robert 119 Lester, Thomas 285 Leven, James -179, 215 Levenson, David 207 Levenson, Stanley 192 Leventhal, Sidney 274 Leventhol, Samuel -119 Levey, Marilyn _ _ 89 Levi, Sylvia 108, 226, 227 Levin, Barbara 158 Levin, Cynthia 108 Levin, Elizabeth 419 Levin, Joan 158 Levin, Paul 207 Levin, Sheldon 255, 274, 302 Levine, Bernard 176 Levine, Janet 140 Levine, Lawrence 114 Levinsohn, Maxine 181 Levitt, Richard _-- 176 Levitt, Rick 173 Levon, Artin 419 Levy, Allan 419 Levy, David 176 Levy, Eileen 90 Levy, Helen 98 Levy, Judith - 101, 140 Levy, Norman 173 Levy, Stan _ 232, 233, 419 Lew, Russell 105 Lewis, Barbara 181,419 Lewis, Dave 147 Lewis, Dorothy 255,271 Lewis, Edward 203 Lewis, Ellen 165 Lewis, Eugene 105 Lewis, Georgia _ 419 Lewis, Tack 201 Lewi s, James 214, 241 Lewis, Kirk -..-189, 192, 215, 219 Lewis, Richard 114 Lewy, John - 192 Lewy, Tom 192 Lexa, Frank 182 Libby, Jerome 87 Lichon, Roger 116 Licht, Roberta . 419 Lichtblau, Rita 419 Licthy, Jack 168 Licht y, Joanne _ 163, 419 Liddle, Alice 268 Liddle, George _ 419 Lide, Robert 120 Lieberman, Carol 164 Lieberman, Lawrence ... 118, 302 Lieblein. Robert 161, 419 Liebreich, Donald 419 Liebreich, Donald 113,178 Lief, Todd . 192, 213, 294 Lifshey, Ilene 89 Lifsitz, Jacob -302 Light, Richard _ 302 Lightstone, Gloria 175 Likert, Patricia 165 Lim, Lian-Kai 119 Limberg, Paula 150 Lin, Pershing 95 Lincoln, Deborah 419 Lindberg, Barbara 419 Linde, Robert _ 198 Lindeman, Donald _ 244 Lindeman, Mary 221 Linderman, Duane 178 Lindgren. Nancy 221 Lindhorst, Lenora .419 Lindman, Donald 100, 419 Liiidow, Carl - 120 Linesio, Pat 121 Ling, Frances 258,271.419 Lingelbach, Emily 165, 419 Lingle, Milton 333 Lingon, John 209, 419 Linn, Frank 205 Linnell, Paul ... 197 List, James _ 205 Linton, Doris 107, 225 Lipsky, Phyllis _ _ 419 Lipman, Morton 215 Lipsey, Howard _ 193 Lipton, Doris _ - 181 Lis, Bernie ... 173 Littig, John 177 Littky, Barbara 103 Litowsky, David - . 207, 419 Little, Marilyn 419 Little, Richard 168, 192 Litus. Ellen 304 Litvin, Joseph 258 Litzenberg, Karl 177 Liu, Joseph 271 Liverance, Howard 169, 419 Livingston, David ... 166,240,244,291,419 Livingston. Rae 140, 419 Loomis, Bruce 286 Lopez. David _ - 93 Loprich, Nancy 94 Loraw, Patricia 140 Lorber, Sally - 92, 220, 221, 297, 420 Lorch. Marcia .115,420 Lord, Margaret ... 92, 297, 362, 420 Loren, Leonard 207 Lorey. Robert 201 Loring, Eugene 192, 420 Loucks, Robert 188, 420 Lough, Judith _ 145. 420 Louie, Alice 89, 175 Louthan, Lois _ _ 103, 155 Love, James ... 291, 420 Loveland, David 206,258,271,420 Loveland, Ellen 156,420 Loveless, Carol .... 175 Loveless, Sarah 91, 362, 420 464 NELSON PHOTOGRAPHERS 2450 DIXBORO RD. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN PHONE 26268 COMPOSITES PANORAMAS GROUPS PORTRAITS For generations of Michigan men and women Wahr ' s has meant books. After you leave Ann Arbor, remember our fine service. Special attention given to all mail orders. WAHR ' S UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 316 South State Street " Michigan ' s Oldest and Most Complete Store " 455 Lovell, Mary Lowe, Roy Lowe, Stanley Lowell, James Lowery, Avis _ Lowery, Richard Loye, Bess Lozano, Guillermo .. Lloyd, Patricia Lobanov, Oleg Lo, Chuen _ Lobdell, Dave Locke, James _ Locker, Edward Lockhart, Robert . Lockwood, Artis ... Lockwood, Susan .... Lodge, Florence ...... Loeb, Henry _ Loeb, John Loeber, Lenore Loesberg, Carl Loberg, Linda Lofgren, Janet Logan, Thomas ._ Lohr, Gerald Long, Victor 156 189 420 _ 205 107, 420 184, 420 92 96, 276 117 160 _... 272 197 419 113 178 98 _ 108 107 .... 169 116, 176 130, 266, 419 ]41 156 419 Loomis, Bruce Loomis, John _ Londal. Ralph Long, Jane Long, Helen _ _. Long, Marguerite _ Long, Victor Long, Walter Longpre, Edwin .... Longpre, Suzanne .. Longfield, Richard Lubeck, Marcia Lubeck, Marvin Lubin Edward Lubke, Etta .. 162, 240, Lubke, William Lucas, John Lucas, Kathryn Lucci, Bernard Lucier, William Luckoff, Michael Lucyshyk, Peter Ludenia, Kenneth . Ludwig, Dean _ Lue, Russ . Luecke, Robert Luedders, Sara Lueker, Shirley Luft, Robert ._ Luhn. Katherine ... Lukash, William . Luke, Herbert Lukenbach, Carl Lund, Virginia Lund in, Earl Lundquist, Dave _ Lundtjuist, Sally Lundstrom, Gail Lundy, David Lunsford, Ann Luque, Gisela Lusko, Helen Luth, Helen .. Lutsch, Micheal Lutz, James Lynch, Charles Lynch, Mrs. Edith Lynch, Michael ...... Lynde, Harold Lyness, Allen Lyness, Ida Lynn, James Lynn, John Lynn, Wallas Lynn, William I.yon, Sally Lyons, Edward Lyons, Frederick ... Lyons, Michael Lytle, Mrs. W.H. Lyzenga, Robert ... M Mabarak, Janet Mabry, Jam MacArthur, Stephen MacCallum, Harry MacCallum, Marylyn MacClary, Kenneth MacDonald, Glenn _... T .. MacDonald, Ian MacDonald, Mary MacDonald, Nancy MacDougall, Donald MacFarland, Bill MacGrayne, Daly ... MacGregor Macht, John Maciejewski, Bernard Maclver, Jeggy Mack, Joan . MacKay, Barry _ Mackay, Catherine MacKay, James Mackay, Kathleen ... Mackenzie, Richard Mackenzie, Kay Mackenzie, Robert Mackey, Kay Mackoff, Rene MacMichael, Mike _ MacPhee, William .... MacPherson, John MacQueen, Richard MacRae, Barry MacRae, Jean Macuicar, James MacVaugh, Janice Madalia, Norma 466 _. 93 93 420 287 __ 207 100 115 _ 112 .....288 ... 86, 272 303 172 420 139 287 . 92, 268, 420 296, 391, 420 ......176 247, 298, 420 205 _ 119 145, 288 129 291 179 ...143,301 152 95 420 _ 420 204 241 ... 129, 155 263 145 .. _ 87, 99 294 ... . 118 ... 175, 420 ..-114, 192 - 97 ..-117,420 108 169 175 - 99 420 183 _ 165 187 364 _ 98 167 95 420 95 - 151 230 148 364 158 Madayag, Phoebe ... 260 209, 420 Martinson, Jerry 116 Maddock, James 168, Maddox, Ann Madias, Nick 307,356 142 420 180 Martz, Mary 103 Maruri, Diego 272 Marvin, Langoon 99 89,304 Marx, Louis 421 Maentz, Thomas .180, 307 89 Marx, Pat 150, 220, 298, 421 Mar7, John .102 263 Masaki, Setsuo 105 421 Magill ' , Elizabeth . 103 111 Maslowski, Richard _.. 273 Maslyn, Richard 87 95 Masnari, Nino 114, 302 Mahalak Frank 129 Mason, Barbara 98 117 421 262, 420 Mason, William .. . 105 180 Mahoney, William 208 284 Mason, Richard 88 Maier, Jon Maier, Richard . 161, Maihofer, Suzanne . 138 285, 420 420 98, 150 Mason, Janet 131, 286, 287 Mason, Joan 108 Mason, Lloyd 138 Mason, William 271 Maine, Dawn 162, 259, 421 150 Masood, Sohail _ _ 262 Massenberg, Robert 96 113, 421 Masters, Nick 187 Makabali, Adelaida 260 116, 303 Matoras, Helen 106, 421 Mattes, Brenton - 87 113 Mattis, Marilyn 115 Maik, Elaine _ 143 . 421 Mattox, Peggy 164 Mattran, Donald _ 286 272, 276 Mattson, Robert 95 Malcohm, Pete __ 208 175 Matuszewski, Marion 421 Matych Clara 109 252 Mau, John 269 Malcolm, Ronald Maldonado, Roberta 118 ... 86. 256 137 Maude, Harold _ 201 Mauer, Edwin 205 Malis, Ronald _- 178. 215 119 168, 184, 269, 275, 292, 421 no Maunz, Beverly 421 137 Maloney, William . 97, 172 158 Maxloumian, John _ 93 Maxwell, Judy 156, 226 150 May, Carey 176 421 274 May Donald 214 120, 421 May, Edgar % ... 182 May, Edward 198 421 May, Geraldine 115 Mamlelstamm, Allan _ 118 421 May, Mike ...._ 192 Maybee, Dan 167 102 Mayberry, Iris ... 421 260 Mayer, Ellen 108 165 Mayer, Richard 111 Manheim. Leonard Mankowski, Geraldine 268 .... 421 Mayer, Sidney 114 Mayne, John 100 169, 291, 352, Mann, Carl Mann, Tudith 356, 421 421 107 Maza, Bernard 192 Mazanac, Thomas _ _ 111 Mazanee, Thomas _ 172 95 421 Mazin, Donald 141 Manning, loan 90 286 287 McAfee, Joan 364 McAlpine, Charles 157 M-innix, James Mannix. Tohn . Manns, Meredith 92, Mansfield, Robert _. 149 116,253 288, 421 161 200 McArthur, William 168,289,421 McAuley, Ann 421 McBirney, James 102 McBride, Paddy 163 McCabe, John % Manzano. Boniface 260 421 MrCahe, Mary 421 96 McCaffertv, James 147 100 McCahn, Charles 180 Marcucci, Carl 87 McCalla, Leonard .... 136, 421 Marden, Grace 108 421 McCann, Claire 422 McCarthy, Michael 157 Margoles, Tules Margoles, Esther Marganau, Joel Mariarty. Brian Marine, Wayne 206, Marino, Richard Marion, Robert Majoros. Themie Mark, Ester 207 98 88 .... 302 271, 280 95 307 148 421 McCarthy, Philip 105,422 McCarthy, Robert 105,119 McCarus, John 114 McCarus, Ramon ._ 151 McCaskey. Jean .156 McClain, Climetrene 91 McClellan, Robert 97 McClelland. Bruce _ 149 McClelland, Tames 120 Markhus, Roeer 178 421 McClelland, Patricia 304 142 McClelland, Stuart 120 Marks, Kenneth 88 McClenahen, Judy ... . 364 Marks, Edward 1 ' 3 Marks. Lee 176, 302 McClintic, Sharlene 10S 337 McClintock, James 86 Markus, Lynn 107 163 Marlott. Sanford 118 McClune, Tim 160 Marousek, Robert Marouardt. Lucanna Marriott. Barbara Mars. Gordon .... 151,471 91 162 151 McClurg, David _ ... 256 McClurg, James 95, 224, 422 McClusky, Edith 219, 224 McColl, Tohn 197 Marsh, Toanne 98 140 McColl, Kathryn 268 Marsh, Karl Marsh, Nancy _. Marsh, Peter 119 163 182 McCollum. Scott 171 McComas, Donald 422 Marshall, Ann .. Marshall, Glenn Marshall, Tohn 10 ' 148, 471 201 McComb. Samuel 422 McConnell. Dr. Warren 206 McCord, Margaret 146 Marshall, Mary Ql McCormick, Alicia 422 Marshall, Monte Marshall, Philin ... _ _ 295 95 McCormick, Mrs. Eva McCormick, Frank 422 Marshall. Thomas 100 Martenson, Guy 182 McCormick, John 206 Martenson, Marlene 13 " ) Martha Cook 92 McCormick, Nancy 163, 422 Marti, George 4?1 McCormick, Patrick 422 Martin, Bettye Martin, Eldon Martin, Isabel 421 144, 421 91 McCormick. Ralph .. 88. 127, 233 McCotter. Suzanne 90 Martin, Tack 208 M Club 356 Martin, Tamie 18-1 McCracken, Eugene 189, 289 Martin, Tax ._ 291 192 421 McCrae, John .. 167, 285 McCreight Ronald 88 Martin, Mac Martin, Marilvn 163, Martin, Merrill 178 298, 421 103 McCrum, Eugene 422 McCubbrey, Bruce ..147, 285 McCullagh Herbert 88 Martin, Patricia Martin, Ralph Martin, S " an ... 287.286 97 163 McCullen, Dorrance 191 McCul lough, Dave _. 170 McCullough, Jeanette .... 103, 422 Martin, William Martinez, Maurice 116 144 280 McCurdy, Oville _ _ 196 McDermid, David 151 Martinez, Misrdalia Mirtinez, Robustiano Martinez, Tiurino Martinson, Darlene 115 .. 271 274 ....... 362 McDermott, Edward 120 McDonald, Ann 156 McDonald. Duncan _ 291,307,308,356,422 182, McDonald. Elizabeth McDonall, James McDonald, Joanne McDonald, Murray McDonald, Nancy McDonald, Robert McDonough, Paul McDougall, Ann McDougall, Stuard McDowell, Kenneth McElfresh, William 136, McElroy, Dorothy 139, McFadden, Raymond ... . McFarland. Patricia McFatridge, John McGarvey, Bruce McGarvey, James McGee, James McGhee, Richard McGill, Harold _.. McGill, James McGinley, Judith McGinty, John _. McGlothlen, Aloon McGowan, Richard McGrae, John McGrath, Barbara McGrath, Margaret McGrath, Michael McGuigan, Patricia McGuineas, Roger McGuire, James McHattie, William Mclntyre, Donald Mclntyre, George Mclntyre, Joseph Mclntyre, Marcia Mclntyre, Mariorie - McKeachie, Wilbert McKechnie, Carol ...299, McKee, Paul McKeighan, Sally ....162, McKelvey, Eugene McKelvey, Paul McKenna, Michael _ - McKennan, Russ McKenzie, Clancy McKenzie, Mrs. Eva McKenzie, Mary McKenzie, Sheila McKeough, Robert McKillop, Carol McKinley, Melvin McKinzie, Ann McKnight, Judith McLain, Nancy McLaughlin, Lee McLennon, Don McLeod, Ian McMacken, Carol McMah, John McMasters, Robert McMenamin, James McNaught, Barbara McNaughty, Donald McNeely. Sharon McNeil, Donald McParlan, Mary .... 175, McPhersoii, William McQuiggan, Mark McOuiston, Roberta _. McRae, Jean McSweeny. Robert 161, McVean. Duncan Meach, Stuart Meach, Susan Mead, Earl Meads, Edirar 180, 294, Meagher, Elizabeth Meagher, Jack Measel, Weley Meckler, Milt Medalie, Donald Mederlander. Robert Medura, Paul Meek, Stuart Mehdi, Mahmoud Mehta, Kishor Meier, Donald Meier, Dorothy - _ Meier, Gloria - Meikle, Carley Meikle, William ...- Meinhard. Gordon Meisner, Deane Melchiori, Mariam Melfi, Charles Melges, Joan Melgarrd, Paul Melick. John Mendel, John Mendelson, Helen Mendelssohn, Alan ._ Mendenhall, Joyce _ - Meiige, Richard Mennine. Edear ...- Men ' s Glee Club Menton, Norman Menzel, Mark Mercado, Agustin _ Mercer, Ann Mercer, Kaye Mercer, Margaret Mercer, Marian Merenoff, Barry _. Meridith, Michael Merillat, Luree Merkling. Wally Merrick. Frank Merril. Joan _ 150, Merrill, Orpha - Merritt, David Merritt, Gordon Merten, Lorraine Messer, Robert Messinger, Dolores 92, 267, 268, 299, Messner, Robert 92 114,258 142, 422 152 225, 362 205 301, 422 ........ 117 ...... . 100 . _ 93 276, 422 230, 422 ....... 118 ________ 143 ...... 95 93, 289 285, 422 ........ 151 ____ 111 _________ 422 ...... _.. 276 _ ..... 146 ....... 422 _____ 116 ........ 184 . ...... 203 . ... 175 150, 288 _ . 184 155, 422 ........ 149 .... 152 ..... ...201 95, 301 ........ 99 150 153,422 ... 241 390, 422 . . 116 268, 422 159, 202 ....... Ill _______ 201 147,215 ......... 116 ........ 113 ..... 107 .._ ..... 90 ........ 96 ...... 107 ......... 422 ......... 131 ... 175 ... 268 ..... 189 .. ______ 233 _ ...... 167 ........ 143 356 293, 354 .... 422 .... 155 ........ 189 ..... 139 182, 253 288, 422 ..... 422 117 139 289, 422 206, 258 188, 422 . 146 174, 422 307, 356 155,422 113 _ 422 _ 141 179 352 _ 95 ... . Ill 262 _ 261 _ 188 .. 422 156 255, 422 289, 422 108 .... 266 ... 161 175, 423 169, 271 423 99, 176 ....... 108 .... 179 139 _.. 151 . 423 284 .... 423 114 .... 260 ... 150 _ 169 .... 423 288 .. 96, 179 119 221.268 187 197 297, 423 .... 121 423 ._. 167 423 203 390, 423 110 BARNES-GIBSON -RAYMOND PL YMOOIH PLANT DIVISION or ASSOCIATED sf WINS CORP. COOK PLANT PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN 4 " TWO PLANTS ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 467 Mestdagh, William 178 Metcalf, Elizabeth -163 Metsker, Gene -.-147, 255 Metz, Harry 187 Metzger, Ruth - 175 Mewhort, Janet 162, 423 Meyer, Albert 114, 159, 202 Meyer, Andrea 266 Meyer. William 170 Meyer, Bruce 99 Meyer, Fredric 276 Meyer, John 114 Meyer, Richard _ 136 Meyer, Richard 179, 423 Meyer, Robert 170, 423 Meyers, Dorothy 240 Meyers Fredrick 102 Meyers, Fritz 337 Meyers, Jesse - 114 Meyers, James 192 Meyers, Judy Meyers, Kenneth Meyers, Robert Meyers, Sheldon 140 169 . 131 Meyers, William 102 Mhas, Janet 140 Michael, Stanley 423 Michael, Cliff 189 Michael. Conrad 182 Michaels, Alvin _ -118, 302 Michaels, Stanley 197 Michaels, Wanda 143, 423 Michalik, Richard 120,423 Michalski, Thomas 154 Michel, Philip 86, 280 Michener, Margaret 117, 286 Michifish _ 364 Michigan House 105 Michigamua 290 Mick. Donald 88 Mickle, Carley 255 Micou, Katherine 153, 288 Micuda, Constantin 274, 423 Middleton, Douglas 187 Middleton, Vicki 258,271 Midgley, James 303 Miekka, Richard 1% Mieras, Laurence . 113 Mikat, Kurt 97,423 Mikle, William 119 Milanytch, Nick __ 95 Milczok, Henry 201 Miles, Richard 423 Miley, Gerald 102 Miley. Priscilla 164, 423 Milford, Thomas 119 Milks, Margery 150,287,423 Millar, William 110 Millbrook, Barbara 301 Miller, Alan - _ _ 187 Miller, Alice 423 Miller, Allene 140, 245 Miller, Audrey 364 Miller, Bernadine 131 Miller, William 180, 188 Miller, Bruce 88 Miller, Carol 143 Miller. Donald 147, 255 Miller. Edward 208 Miller, Mrs. Elizabeth 423 Miller, Glen 157,337,356 Miller, Irving 185 Miller, James -.95, 152 Miller, Toan 92 Miller. Joseph 113, 258 Miller, Larry 105 Miller, Lee ._ 105 Miller, Leonard 182, 423 Miller, Linda 163 Miller, Lois 266 Miller, Lucy _._ 117 Miller, Lvnn 140, 423 Miller, Marilyn 89, 150, 224, 230 Miller. Marion 90 Miller. Marlene 92,423 Miller, Maurice 136 Miller, Michael _.. 114, 176 Miller, Myra _ .....423 Miller, Ned ... 116 Miller. Newell _ 86 Miller, Norman 265 Miller, Patricia _ 98 Miller, Robert -.289,423 Miller, Ronald , 88 Miller, Russell _168 Miller. Sally 156,230 Miller, Theodore 199 Millig, Joyce , 108 Milligan, Anne ; 155, 423 Milligan, Louise 101 Millman, Jason 93, 423 Millman, Jerome 141 Mills, Anne 107 Mills, David 147, 201, 423 Mills, James 170,423 Mills, Terry ..... 100 Mills, Pamelia 143 Mills, Richard - 105 Mills. Robert _. 95 Milne. Murray 93 Milne, William _ 93 Milton, Victoria 92,423 Mimes .... 301 Mindlin. Jackie 286, 288 Miner, Daniel ...209,423 Miner, Gary 119 Minger, Forest _ _ 116 Minier, Mary 150 Minkus, Bea _ 181 Minoff, Peter 87 Minor, William _ 180 Minor. Lance 180,423 Minore, Marianna 423 Miotti, Clarice _107 Misar, Kenneth .. . 138, 285 Mishel, David 119 Misheloff, Ruth 250, 251 Mishelow, Lois ..140,222 468 Miske, Philip 424 Missner, Roy 173 Mitchell, Barbara 108 Mitchell, Robert 352 Mitchell, Carol 424 Mitchell, Evridick 424 Mitchell, Jack 97 Mitchell, Lawrence 184 Mitchell, Phillip 168 Mitchell, Sue 143 Mitchell, William 302 Mitnick, Carole 117 Mixer, Robert 88 Miyamoto, Joyce 424 Moebs, William - 100 Moehler, Carolyn 223 Mohler, John -286 Moehlman, Herman 141, 424 Moeller, Carolyn _ 142, 268 Moeller, William 16, 215 Moffatt, Joyce 163 Mogul, Suzanne ....- 158, 301 Moholy-Nagy, Hattula 424 Mohr, Dale - 269 Mohrig, Jerry .... 99, 127, 215, 302 Moline, Richard 110, 424 Molot, Mark - ... 192 Molyneaux, Marcie 137, 364 Monaghan, John 180 Monaghan, Mary 424 Monardo, Robert 184 Monkoski, Mary 115, 227, 243, 299, 424 Monrembu, Krisnamurthy ...261 Monroe, Leon 111 Monroe, Robert _ _ 178, 182 Monroe, Stephen 157 Montague, Harry 200 Montgomery, Michael 182, 240, 247, 424 Monticello, Jerry 113 Montooth, Marilyn 266 Mooney, Eileen 145 Mooney, Janet 91,424 Mooney, Katherine 107, 145, 304, 424 Mooney, Patricia 175 Moore, Robert 357 Moore, Carol _ 130 Moore, David - 87 Moore, Eugene 182 Moore, Frank 168 Moore, Gordon 138 Moore, Grace 364 Moore, James 286,287 Moore, John 166, 302 Moore, Joseph 166, 183, 424 Moore, Ken .. 152 Moore, William 424 Morang, Margaret 137 Mor avec, Henry 87 Morcom, Thomas _ 116 Morden, Robert 193 Moreland, Margaret 145, 362 Moreland, Peggy _ _ 364 Morelewski, Joseph .95,271,424 Morello, Samuel 200 Morgan, Carol 98 Morgan, Cynthia _. 163 Morgan, James ._ 424 Morgan, Richard .... 167, 176, 424 Morgan, Ron 352 Mo-genson, Tom 352 Moritz, John _ 138 Morley, Dean 88, 424 Morningstar, Gershom ....100, 258 Morosky, James 118 Merrill, Robert 174 Morris, Audrey 92, 424 Morris, James 93 Morris, Marcia 139 Morris, Marilyn 143 Morrison, James .198 Morrison, Martha 424 Morrissey, Dale 120 Morrissey, William 424 Morrow, Anne 117, 142, 145, 424 Morrow, Gordon - 180 Morrow, John _ _ 294, 307 Morrow, Louise 94 Morse, Dan 99 Morse, Gary 182 Morse, Lois 98 Morse, William 161,424 Mortar Board . .. 297 Morton, Charles 148, 276 Morton, Clarissa _ 92 Morton, Lawrence 111 Morton, Myrna _ 98 Morton, Patricia 108, 145 Morton, Richard 159, 202 Morton, Stuart 424 Moseler, Louise 286 Moser, Joyce 424 Moses, Henry 95 Mosher Hall 106 Mosher, William 113, 178 Mosier, Harold 424 Mosier, Marilyn 153, 424 Mosier, Mickey 304 Moskowitz, Carole 158 Moss, Richard -179, 249 Mossner, Ruth 117 Most, Carl _ 114 Mosteller, Henry .. 269, 254, 255, 424 Moudry, Carol _ _ 98, 146 Moule, John .. . 160, 291, 256, 424 Moulthrop, Guy 301,424 Moulthrop, Timmins 152, 292 Moutsatson, Irene 103 Mowrey, Diane 424 Moxley, Lou Ann 91, 265 Moy, Leland 96, 273, 424 Mu Phi Epsilon _ 288 Muehlenbeck, Harvey E. 424 Mueller, Dorcas 266, 424 Mueller, Gerhard ... .... 129 Mueller, Louise _ 266 Mueller, Robert 424 Mueller, Therese 286 Mueller, Willys 118,123 Muellich, George 424 Muir, Elizabeth - 150 Muir, William 102 Mukhtar, Sami __ 425 Mulcahy, Mary 92, 425 Mulsono, S. P - 272,425 Mull, Eddie ..... Mullaney, James 208 Mulleiiix. Darrill 102 Mullins. Mary . 145, 425 Mullins, Virginia - 304 Mumford, Jean _ 263, 425 Mumma, Albert 276 Mundinger, Paul 129 Munitz. Gerald - - 425 Munk, Melvin Munn, John _ 292 Munro, Dugald 95, 149 Muranaka. Joan Murbach. Andrew _ 177 Murbach, Edwin _ - 111 Murbach, Jane 156, 425 Murch, Allan --. 131 Murdoch, Charles 114, 154 Muriby, Rasheed 262, 272 Murphy, William 352 Murphy, Carol - 156 Murphy, John 337 Murphy, Kathryn 425 Murphy, Lois ... 175 Murphy. Michael 93 Murphy. Nancy 139 Murphy, Paul 160 Murphy, Robert . _ 425 Murphy. Robert 86 Murray. Brownson 102, 249, 302 Murray, Charles _ 201 Murray, Doug -.169 Murray, Elliot 116 Murray, Fredrick 116 Murray, Joseph Murray, Joyce 146 Murry, Richard - 168 Murwin. Donald 118 Muschenheim, Arthur 200 Musikabhumma. Samniang 261 Musselman, Glen .... .. 186 Mussin, Virginia - 107 Mustard, Ann 156 Mustard Russell 177 Mrowka. Eugene 88 Myers, Dorot-hy 242,297,425 Myers, Ernest 171 Myers, Gene 190 Myers, Janet 117 Myers, Tohn - 97 Myers, Kurt _ 187 Myers, Mike 276 Myers, Robert 110 Myers, Salley 103, 146 Myhre. John 200 Myint U, Tin 120 179 N Nachman, Richard Nadar, Daniel Nadkar. Vinayak Nafe. Donald Nagel, Jeanne Nagel, Richard Nagel, Dr. Samuel Nagel, Ernest Nahabetian, Homer Nahea, Mathilda Nahra, Mathilda Nahrgang, Vernon Naijar. William Nakfoob. Naman Napier, Helen Naragon, Richard Narcy, John Narkacrows, Arunee Naruaez, Alcides Nasr, Raja Nasse, George Nathanson. Milton Naugle, Ted Naumen, Walt Nauts, Douglas Navaratana, Prasert Navarre, Jerry ... Navarrette, Armando 97, Naylor, Ann Naylor, Joseph Naylor, Peter Neal, Jack - Neary, Janet Neault. Roget Neaves, Robert Nederlander, Robert 192, Neely. Ann Neff, Charles Neflf, Greg . --. Neff, Patricia _ Neft. Barry Neidecker, Joyce _ Neifach, Jerome Neil, Richard Neily, John Nelson, Edythe 98, 304, 362, Nelson, Elizabeth Nelson, Frederic Nelson International Nelson, Lester _ Nelson, Linda Nelson, Marcia Nelson, Robert Nelson, Victor 116, Nelson, Vincent Nemec, Barbara ... 176 261 ._. 261 .... 201 143, 249 166, 271 199 116, 172 _ 114 92 .... 425 114 . 209, 425 _ 262 91 95 337 261, 425 131 ........ 425 167 185, 302 .... 118 149 93 ...... 261 ... 197 260, 425 163 _ 184 160 .... 425 175 425 356, 425 101, 146 .116 161, 24Q 146, 425 .. 88, 127 .... 425 425 95, 136 95 364, 425 .... 117 ... 131 171,425 108, 266 156 183, 302 233, 358 87 .... 425 Nemer, Basil Nemerovski, Howard 2]4 .. 25 - 292 Nequist, John ........................... Nersesian, George 160 Xetherton, Carolyn Elizabeth .... Netzer, Donna .......... .............. 175 Neuberger, Elizabeth ....... Neumaier, Walter ............ Neumann, Richard ---- Neumann, Joyce ........ 146, 425 Nevas, Dorothy ........................ 181 Newberg, Jane .................... 92, 425 Newberry, Jay ........ ........... 168 Newcomb, Paul ----- ..... --- 161 Newell, Mrs. N. H ........... _ % Newell, Jean ........... 137, 225, 301 Newell, Norma . ....... ................ -108 Newhof, Paul .......................... 204 Newkirk, Nate ............ . ...... 159, 202 Newland, Robert .................... 266 Newlin, Henry ----------- Newman, Audrey .... Newman Club 265 Newman. David ....... ..... Ill, 253 Newman, Lee - ........... 173, 302 Newman, Lloyd ............. Newman, Raymond .... Newmyer, Joseph ............ Newsom, Mary ....................... 425 Newton, Alice ___________ ...... 105,425 Newton, Audrey ................... - 130 Newton, David Edward -- 425 Newton, Dwight ......... Newton, John ............ - ......... Newton. Ray .................... Newton, Walter ............... - ........ 113 Niazi. Suhaila A. . ____ ........... _ 425 Nicholas, Cynthia ...- .......... 137 Nicholls, John .................... 167,425 Nichols, George ................. 170,425 Nichols, Jay ............ .............. 205 Nichols, Jean ............................ 109 Nichols, John ....... - ........ -. 167, 425 Nichols, Philip ............ - .......... 86 Nichthauser, Maude ------------- ! Nickel, Stewart Newman ..... 426 Nickelson, James ..... .....426 Nickerson, Ann ....... Nicoara, John ................... Nicolaow, Abram --------- Niehaus, Stanley ............ ...... 426 Nienhuis, Herman .... Niewsma, Dick ..... Nigg, Ernie ----------------- ........ 188 Nighbor, William - ........... 191, 271 Ninness, Becky .......... 150, 229 Nissle, Donald ........ 159, 202, 426 Nissle, Robert .... ................ 209 Nissley, Richard B .......... ------- 426 Niswander, Jerry _ .......... 209, 426 Nitz, Gordon ......... - .......... 147, 285 Nixdorf. Dietlind .............. 153 Nixon, John ...................... 97, 426 Noah, Melvin .... ........................ 205 Noffsinger, Patricia - .............. 286 Noh, Joyce ............ - ............... --- 426 Nokes, George ............................ 119 Nolan, Loyd ....................... Nolen, Tane --------- .......... ---------- 175 Nolen. Mary ..... _______ 175, 222, 229 Nolen, Ruth ..................... 175, 426 Nolinberg, Jack ....... - ..... 198,426 Nominelli, Robert .... ........ 201,426 Nonas, Richard ... ......... Nungester, Nancy ----- ....... 175 Noonan, Patrick ------- ............. 87 Norberg, Carl ........................ 180 Norden, Emmett ...... ....... Nordgren. Harold ............... 302 Nordgren, Ronald .......... Nordoff. James ................... -- 201 Norquest, Shirley .... ....... 91 Nordquist, Bruce .... 105, 271, 426 Nordstrom, Mary ...... . ..... 142, 426 Norman, Frank ._ ................... 205 Norman, Katherine .............. - 105, 249, 266, 288, 301 Nornherg. Rhoda - .......... 190, 280 Norris, Reginald ------------- 182 Northrop, Dr. Philip ._ ............ 360 Northway, Jan ................. - 165, 219 Norton, Cynthia ......... ............. 117 Norton, Patricia .................. 107 Nott, Frederic ................ ----- ....... 105 Novack, Philip ............ ........... 114 Novak, Leonard ................ 273, 426 Novak, Lois ........................ 101 Novitsky. Sue ............ 89, 139, 249 Nowak, Thomas _ Npwlen, Russell ................. ---- 96 Nu Sigma Nu ........ .......... .. - 203 Nyberg, Ida . ........ .288,299,426 Nyberg, Richard ............. 136, 426 Nyenhuis, Roger ............. 271,426 Nylander, Kathryn ............. _. 268 Nyren, Mary ........... ... 180 Nyunt, Ngwe ............................ _. 280 Oam, James 99 O ' Brian. Patrick 93 O ' Brien, Catherine -426 O ' Brien, David Ill O ' Brien, Dorothy 107, 142 O ' Brien, Tanet -107 O ' Brien. Rupert 114 Odell. Eugene 120,426 Oechsle. Ronald ... 119 Ogden, Joseph 114 O ' Hara. Geraldine 364 Ohorl, Makoto 97 Ohrenbcrger, John 110, 271 Oiala, Dorothy _ 137 O ' Keefe, Thomas 168, 337 fashion conscious coeds shop at. . . ANN ARBOR covers on the 1955 fHICHMSIflfl produced by . . . The S. K. Smith Company Chicago 18, Illinois JOS. SCHflfER COIHPflfiy 7313 Mack Avenue PAINTERS DECORATORS Walnut 1-3760 JtffRESS-Di BUILDERS 469 Okihiro, Michael Okuii, Lawrence . Oldberg, Karin Oldford, Howard _. O ' Leary, John Olen, Marlene Oles, Phillip Oles, Richard Oles, William _ Olesky, Josephine Ollivier, Robin Olsen, Kent Olsen, Robert _ Olsen, William Olshansky, Donald Olson, Donald -.... Olson, Kay Olsson, Erina O ' Malley, Charles Onders, Louis Oom, James - Oosterbann, Bennie Opal, Richard Oppenheimer, Clara Oppermann Jr., Arthur Orange, Allan Orebaugh, Ann O ' Reilly, John Orend, Michael - . Ormand, Fred Ormond. Dennis - Orne, Donald O ' Roke, Professor Orr, Cynthia Orr, Jacqueline _ Orlwig, Ralph Orwig, James Osborn, Day _ . Osborn, Frederick - Osbom. Kathleen Osgood, William .. O ' Shaughnessy, Winifi Osintoski, Robert _ Osius, George Osius, Theodore Osmer, John _ Osmond, JoAnne Osmun, Josephine Ostling, Acton ._ Ostrov, Cecilia Ostrov, Jerome O ' Sullivan, John _ O ' Tool, Nancy Ottaviano. Anthony . Ottenjohn. Tomas . Otter, Paul Otto, Eriene _ Ouchi, Terry Outcalt, Herman Outcalt, Mark Overholt, Robert Owen, David Owen, John .... Owen, Judie : Owen, Mary Owens, James Oxenhandler, Lynn ... Ozinga. Bernard Pabst. Capt, A Pahst, Nancy Pace, James Pachana. Adam Packer, Barbara Padilla, Leila ... Paetzke, Charles _ Page, Sherri Pahl, Mary Pai, George Pakistan Students Paley, Robert . .173, 352, ; Tallin, Donald _ Pallin, John Palma, Richard ] Palmer House Palmer, Betsy Palmer, Carol _ _ Palmer, Daniel Palmer, Elizabeth Palmer, Hayden _ Palmer, John 131,1 Palmer, Judith _ ] Palmer, Mary _ 98, Palmer, Robert _ Palmer, William __i_ Palting, Garnet _ _ Palling. Pancracio Palzewiecz, Lawrence Panfil, John Pang. Louis Pangborn, John .... Panhel Panush. Elissa Panyadilok. Vichai 2 Paparella, Michael Papke. Arlene Papo, Martha ] Pappas, Paul Pappin, Tim Paque. Ruby Paradis, Diane Paraskevas, George Parikh, Anil _ Parikh. Arun Paris, Diana Park, Mary Jo _ 2 Park, Roger Parker, Alden ._ Parker, Billy Parker, Robert Parker, Christopher Parker, Elizabeth Parker, Gorden 1 Parker, John Parkinson, Patricia 470 Parko, Donald - Parkus, Paul Phillip Fames, Gertrude Parr, Lyle Parr, Robert Alan Parson, Danile Parsons, Bruce Parsons, Daniel Pasch, Jerry Pascoff, Joseph Pascua, Concepcion Pasikov, Stanley Pasquill, John _ Passman, Mary Jane .... Passmore, Mrs Pasternak, Joy Pataiielli, Matt Pate, Carter Pate, John .._. Patel, Harkhaji _ Patel, Hoshang Paterson, Richard Patrick, Adam Patron, Barry Patrow, Barry Patter, Don Patterson, Ann Patterson, Donald Patterson, Edward Patterson, Gene Patterson, Judd Patterson, Patricia Patterson, Margaret Patterson, Richard Patterson, Robert _ Patterson, Russell Patterson, William Pattison, John Pattiz, Jacqueline Patton, Charles Patton, Joan Paul, Roy Pauli, Steve Paull, Mrs. Elise.... Paulus, Peter 352, Pauly, Margo Pauschert, Joanne P; uszek. Robert Pavlik, Patricia Pavlove, Ilene Pawlowski, Harry Payne, John Peabody, Brewster Peacock, Bertha Peapples. Roger Pearce, Edwin Pearce, Theodore Pearlman, Albert .-110, Pearlman, Adele Pearlman, Lawrence Pearsall, Gurney Pearson, Robert Pearson, Wallace Pease, Robert . Peck, Mrs. Peck, Lawrence Peckham, John Peckham, Victor _ Pederson, Gordon Pedro, Alma Peer, William _ Pehlke, Robert Peltier. Marianne Pelto, Maurice Felton, David Pelton, Warren Pt-irce, Leea Peisachow. Lois ... Pemberton, Patricia __ Penner, Janet Penning, Ann Penning. Dwight Penrod, Jacqueline Pequet, Arche Pereira, Milton .... Perelli, Wanda Perez, Ramon Perfect. Toni .. Pericin, Bernice 92,222, Perigo, Patricia Perin, Valerie Ferkin, Margaret Perkin, Peggy Perkins, James Perkins, Kenneth Perkins, William _ Perlman, Barbara Perlman, Marilyn Pernell, Patricia Pernick, Stuart Ptro, Roy " Perrin, Nancy Perry, Eleanor Perry, Joyce 145, Perry, Ronald Perry, Wilbur Persellin. Donald Pershing Rifles ...._ Person, Douglas Person, Duane Peshkin. Barbara ._ 109, Peter, Neil Peters, Bill Peters, Lynette Peters, Neill Peters, Theodore Petersen, Jon Peterson, Carl Peterson, Robert Peterson, Shirley Peterson, Ted Peterson, Thomas Petricoff, Nancy Petrie, George Petrie, Richard 171, Fett, James ._ Petterson, Donald Pettit, Margaret 95 Peuos, Raphael 111 -427 Pevrach, Carl 209 117 Pfaffman, Valentine 97 _ 427 Pfeffer, Barbara 428 ..... 427 Pfeiffer, Joan . 163, 221, 364 93 Pfeiffer, Larry 428 . 99 Phelps. Dudley 241 ._.. 205 Phelps, James 160, 285 245 Phi Alpha Kappa 204 _ 148 Phi Chi ... 205 .... 260 Phi Delta Chi .... T06 199 Phi Delta Epsilon 207 120 Phi Delta Theta 168 103 Phi Eta Sigma .._ 302 115 Phi Gamma Delta 169 181 Phi Kappa Psi _ 170 309 Phi Kappa Sigma 171 . 131 Phi Kappa Tau _ 172 182,427 Philip, Dorothy 137,428 261 Philippine-Michigan Club ... 260 427 Phillips, Margaret ... 90 208 Phillips, Morris 102 87 Phillips, Patrick __ 188 _. 427 Phillips, Richard 131,428 178 Phillips, William _ 93 ... 356 Phi Rho Si?ma 208 139 Phi Sigma Delta 173 114 Phi Sigma Kappa 174 .151,427 Piatt, Roberta - 153 172 Fiatt. Robin 304, 362, 364 _ 118 Pi Beta Phi 175 156 Pickard, James 167 .130,301 Pickham. John ._ ___ _ 356 _182 Pickard, Tudy 263 189 Pickard. Kent 428 -151 Piehl. Mary 266 _ 427 Pierce, Dora 131, 258, 271, 428 427 Pierce, Edward ._ 428 .. .. 140 Pierce, Fred 197 169, 427 Pierce, Gail . 428 145 Pierce, Kenneth _ _ 149 88 Pieron, Rita 304 170 Pierson, Arthur _ 190, 428 -. _131 Piguet, Mary 115 356, 427 Pike, Mary 162 117 Pi Lambda Phi 176 150 Pilling, Ann- 428 _KO Pilk. Inez _ 253 115 Pincoe, Fred 154 115 Pines, Phil 192 198, 427 Pingel, Carl _. 119 95 Pinkerton, Richard 87 169, 212, 214, 218, 289, 428 92, 427 Piotrowski, Carol ynn 164 148 Pipner, George 184 ._.427 Pi Tau Siema 269 197 Pittler, William ..._ _ 176 124, 427 Fizer, Russell _ 286 427 Placeway, Carlton 95,428 179 Planck. George 157 105 Plant, Ernest _.. . 88 184 Plant, Prof. Marcus ... 360 205 Plaskett. Robert _ 86 183 P ' astow, Nancy _ 115, 143 _ 99 Plato. Paul .._. 100 . 427 Platt, Elaine 428 . 180, 307 Platt, Harold _ 302 118 Platt, Thomas 136,302 427 Platts, Wallace 113 -260 Plaut, Ruth 163,249 . _ 302 Pletta, Alice 428 186 Pletta, Ann _ 175,288 117 Pletta, Nancy _. 175 203 Pletyak, Frank 116 202,159 Plotnik, Sheloon _ 199 .... . 118 Plunkett, Richard 182 164, 427 Plushnick, Diane 428 115 Poar, Walter ._ 157 131 Pobuda, Donald 95 427 Podhurst, Aaron 185 427 Podleski. Frank _ 171 204 Poggemiller, Nancy 89 427 Pohl, Keith -.169,294 208 Poindexter, Harold 110 176 Poland. Ronald 178, 285, 301 . 107 Poledor. Theodore _ 428 -93,271 Polera, Rocco . _. . 286 100 Poletti, Joan 113 240, 246 Pulkinghorn, Robert 113, 258 156, 304 Pollack, Frank 173 -158 Pollack. Lois 240,243 427 Follakowski. Arthur 97 163 Pollard, Richard _ 205 114 Polley. Robert 428 189, 427 Pollock, Herbert 99, 302 119 Pollock, William 208 115 Folts, Ivan 179 181 Pom, Keith 213 162,427 Fompian, Richard ... _ 93 116,185 Pompruy, Richard 280 167 Ponitz, Robert -428 162.427 Ponticello, Santa 108, 304 166, 275, 296, 428 221, 427 Pontious, Henry 114 116 Poole, Duane 428 180.428 Poole, Eleanor 428 179 Poore, Mary 112 280 Poposki, Fred - _ 86 203,428 Popovitch, Elynor -108,139 . 197 Popp, Diana _ 428 258,271 Popper, Arline .- _ 103 157 Porath, Gavle 89,266 147 Porter, William 285 112 Porter, Robert 166, 240, 249 111 Porter, Wilbert __ 287 152 Portney, Carol 98 -..428 Portwood, Ronald 169, 285 269, 303 Posen, Geraldine _ 112, 288 201 Posner, Larry _ 186 94 Postmus. Roger _ _ 201 .. 280 Potere, Robert 113 88, 148 Potter, Cynthia 146 _ 140 Potter, Donald 337 118 Potter, Marijane 137 360, 428 Potter, Norman _ 96 147 Potter, Richard 184 -302 Potter, Susan -156 164 Potter, Virginia 428 Pounds, Jennie Fourcho, Eugene Povenz, Douglas Povenz, Jaqueline 1 Powell, Betty 1 Powell, James _ Powell, James .. Powell, John 1 Powell, William 1 Power, Roger Powers, James Powers, Janice -. Powers, John Powers, Joseph Powley, Jerry Pozza, John .. , Prakken, Sue Praschan, Eugene Pratt, Allan Pratt, Peter Predmore, Carolyn Prekel, Leonard - Prentice, Robert Piescott House Prescott, Jerry Pressley, Dan - Preston, Ann _ _ Preston, Helen Preston, James Preston, Kenneth Price, Alan _ -.160, Price, David Price, Ellen Price, Marjorie 175, 220, Price, Patricia - Price, Shirley 101, Price, Vernon Prichard, Gordon Prickett, Margaret Priester, Dale Primack, Verne Prims, Carol Prindeville, Jane Pritchard, Peter Proestel, Robert Proestel, Robert Propson, Thomas Protzman, Kathryn Provine, Daniel Provinzano, Frank Pruder, Gerald Pruder, Gerald Prunk, Thomas Pruzan, Joseph Piybylowicz, Albert Pryer, Rita Pryor, Dave Pryor, Millard _ Psi Omega Psi Upsilon Ptak, Vera Ptak, Zdenka .... Pua, James Puch, Reginald - Puchalski, Ralph -. Ill, Pudduck, Ronald Pu?h, R. P Fugh, William _ Putnio, Alfred Pullin. James Pullman, Alice Pvjmfery, Robert Pumipak . Tanomruedee Purans, Olgerts Purcell, Joann Purdy, Anne Purdy, Neil Pursell, Beatrice Pursell, Judith Puthuff, Edgar Putman, Batney Putman, Marjorie Putman. Robert Putney, Timothy Pyrros, Angeline Fyrros, Christopher 119 199 _ 90 165, 364 114, 149 273, 429 ... 190 87, 429 115, 268 . 114 -110 . 89, 429 . 87, 429 177, 337 -185 147 . 268 __ 149 148, 429 ... 209 177 156 ._. 167 . . 260 208 209, 429 148, 337 .... 429 154 ... 110 116, 286 .... 429 116 261,429 ... - 302 101,429 429 . 429 429 429 157 144 ... 107 .... 102 152 89 . 95, 301 Q Qua, Alfonso 260 Q ' uan, Kuo-Chiew ... 120, 269, 429 Quardere, Trese 107 Quastler, Renate _- 272 Quayle, Robert .... Qui, Leoncio 260 Quick, Daniel 184 Ouicke, Ellen 101 Quigley, John Quine, Gretchen 143 Quintan, Diane .._. 146 Raban, Rhoda Rachathon, Mally .... Rackov, John Rackov, Mitchell _ Radel, Andrew Radel, Drew - Radell, Robert Rader, Scott Radgens, Paul Radway, Ronald -. Ragni, Joann Ragone, Dave Kahn, Beverly Rahn, William .... Raiford, Susan Rainer, Boyd Raisor, Tom Rajczi. Joan ... Raju, V. B. Ralston, David Ramelmeier, Ralph Ramirez, Fernando ... Ramsay, Craig 92 .- 261 190 ... 190 429 .... 180 87 _ 197 179 429 .... 292 155 209 _ 92 ..177 149 .131, 362 261 _168 111 100, 258 . 205, 429 Addition to the Michigan Union Building view from state street looking southwest EBERLE M. SMITH ASSOCIATES INCORPORATED ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS THE GAGE LINEN SHOP 11 NICKELS ARCADE ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN ATTENTION GRADUATES For remembrance of your wonderful days at Michigan we alone carry Michigan Place Mat Sets. Pictures of Famous Campus Buildings in 13 Lovely Shades. f oM 13-15 NICKELS ARCADE ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Where Students Meet to Chat and Eat BREAKFAST - LUNCHES SODAS CANDIES Fresh from Our Farms to You ICE CREAM Famous For Quality Since 1896 MILLER ' S DAIRY FARM STORES 471 Ramsey, Raymond Ramsey, Maurice .... Ramsdell, Lewis Randall, James _.. Randolph, Joan 142, Ranger, Alvin Rankin, Judythe Ranoch, Michael Ranta, Sorjo Rappaport, Floyd Rappaport, Nancy .-. Rappaport, Stuart Rapson, John Rasbach, Joyce Rasch, Martha .-. _ 93 193 .280 144 362,429 .172, 271 _-155 Reynolds, Sally 165 Reznick, Alvin Rhodes, Charles Rhodes, Charlotte Rhodes, John Rasmussen, Thue Rassweiler, George _ Rathbone, Edwin Rathbone, Peter Rathslag, Jane Rattner, Larry _ Rau, Jan -271 429 .... 89 302 151 429 115 198, 429 .... 190 111 147 _150 192 107 Raufman, Merrill Raunheim, Susan Rauser, John Rautenberg, Arthur Rauthbord, Sandra Rautioloa, Clifton .... Rauts, Alice Ravas, Norma Ravenscroft, Edward ... Ravensloot, Harold Ray, Joseph Ray, Richard Ray, Thomas Rayl, Anne Rayman, Russell Raz, Robert Razor, Tom Rea, Thomas Rea, Walter Reader, William Reagen, Eugenie 162 Reamer, William Reams, Gertrude Reardon, Robert Reardon, Timothy Rearick, Janet Rearick, Richard Reasoner, Suzanne Reauis, JoAnn _ Rebits. Marlene Reck, Linda Recksiedler, Arthur Rector, Roger Redden, Dave Redding, David Reddy, Krishna Redfield, Nick 91 198, 429 184, 429 181 201, 429 -.137 .... 429 _ 178 204 .. 187, 429 ...110, 209 110 121 215 ..119, 429 333 208 .. 214, 295 87,266 , 259, 300 203 155 -187, 429 129 150 177 Redick, Dave Redick, Milton Redler, Leon Redmon, Bob Redner, Boyd Reed, Barbara Reed, Tehn Reed, Mary Reed, Melvin Reed, Warren Reeves House Reeves, Sarahanne Regains, Philip Reh. Michael Reichart, Ann Reichenback, Dean . Reicher, Helene Reichardt, Ann Reichle, Richard _ Reid, Beverly Reid, Floyd Reid, Joseph Reid, Robert Reid, Suzanne Reidinger, Allan Reifel, Christine 257, Reifel, Edward Reicrel, Thomas Reilich, Duane _. Reilley, Carl Reilly, Patrick .... _ Reilly, Clarke _ Reilly, Richard Reilly, Robert Reiman, Timothy 168, Reimers, Gerald Reinante, Josefina Reindel, James Reinert, Owen Reinhardt, Pearl Reinhart, Melvin Rheinhold. William Reinholz, Carl Reinholz, Mary Reiser, David Reisig, Donald Reissing, Theodore Reister, Walter Remes, Nort . Rendziperis, William Renfrew, Bruce Rennell, Tames Renner, Daniel Renrenberger, Nancy Rentschler, David Rentschler, Philip Repenning, Peter Reshetar, Mary Reshick, Albert Retzler, Kurt 198, Reuben, Joyce Reubene, Virginia Reuter, Frances Revelli, William .._ Reveno, Jim Rexford. William Reynolds, David Reynolds, Judith 90 Reynolds, Robert 472 .....429 288, 430 _ 266 204, 430 144,430 93 131 95 149 . 274, 430 97 276 354, 430 .... 165 241 108 430 272, 430 110 153 .... 114 120 150 86 ... 103 _ _225 93, 280 -..109 186, 430 97 97 ..175, 304 182 297, 436 203 430 430 205 430 2% 203 120 289, 430 95 260 157 198, 430 98, 430 430 178 147 ... 107 97 ... 167 160, 337 302 192 - 258 170 110 197 430 178 138 198 122,304 . 430 256, 430 112 . 142, 430 299 287 95 _ 168 ..136, 430 , 162, 364 286, 287 Rice, Alice Rice, Dale _ _ Rice, Elizabeth Rice, Tack Rice, Philip .... Rice, Warner .... Rich, Sharon Richards, Eunice 91, Richards, James 206,258,271, Richards, Jean Richards, Jerry ... Richards, Mary Richards, Sandra Richardson, Robert 273, Richardson, Dean Richardson, Graylord Richardson, George Richardson, Joyce Richardson, Judith Richardson, Paul Richardson, Robert 182, 184, 269, 273, Richardson, R onald Richert, Robert Richman, Judith ... Richman, Paul Richmond, Charles Richmond, Frederich ... Richmond, William Richter. Betty Richter, Esther Richter, Ralph Ricker, Elinor Ricker, Tames Ricks, Patricia Ricks, Robert Riddell, George Riddle, Elizabeth Riddle, Gladys Rideout. Alan Rider, Betty Ridge, Donald Ridha, Mohammad Ridley, Don Rieben, John Riecker, James Rieder, Richard ... Riem, Ronald Riemersma, Henry _ Rienstra, James .... 274, Ries. Catherine Rietburg, Gerald Rifas, Lowell Rife. Ronald Rifkin. Roberta Rifle Club 111 113 268 157 117 123 143 116 .... 110 .....241 430 221, 263 Roby, Douglas 168 Rigg. Gerald Riggs, Miles Riggs, Samuel Riley, Beverly Riley, Emile Riley, Jean Riley, Nancy Riley, William Rimawi, Walid Rinella. Beranrd Ring. Walter . Ringel, Howard Rinkel, Maurice Rinne, Phylis - 391,430 . 115 ... 95 . 92, 430 146 292, 390 110, 430 ..93, 280 .... 285 _ 115 _ 430 182 275 " , 430 180, 285 100 108 179, 199 105 .._. 178 .... 116 288 .108, 181 _ 167 224 . 138 430 430 430 ..117, 430 259 119 304 .... 183 .... 262 285 .... 138 430 100 87 302 275, 430 ....... 430 .... 204 .... 114 119 140 280 118 Risgin, Otars Risman, Ann Risman, Edith Ristad, Harley _ Ritow, Grace ...... 223, Ritter, Charles 307, Ritter, Tack Ritter, Mary . Ritzier. Ronald _..... Rivkin. Chuck _ Rizzo, Frank _ 100, Roach, Donald Roach, Leo Roach, Nancy _ Reaper, Barbara Robins, Alan Robbins, Annette Robbins, Beverly Robbins Bruce . Robbins, Marjorie Robbins. Robert Rober, Ellen Roberts, Janet ._ Roberts, Louis Roberts, Ralph ._ . Roberts, Sara 92, Roberts, Terry Robertson, Alice Robertson, Bruce _ ....... 99 _ 117 ___ 111 . 430 175.220 264, 430 .. 262 111, 168 . 97 ........ 192 241 150, 431 _ 196 108 .. 98, 431 ... 86 226,300 308, 356 . _____ 291 _ 142 189 .. 192 258. 302 271 .... 431 Robertson, Glen _ Robertson, James Robertson, Joan Robertson, Mary Robertson, Virginia Robichaud, Hamilton .._ Robin, Michael Robin, Soretta Robiner, Donald Robins, Fred Robinh, Owen _ Robinson, Anne Robinson, Dr. Arthur Robinson, Betty 165, 289, 297, 431 Robinson, Claude 114 Robinson, Don 309 Robinson, Douglas _177 Robinson, Elton 200, 431 Robinson, Howard 207 Robinson, Joan 163 Robinson, Kent 182 Roble, Ray 187 .._. .... 156 ....... 105 ____ 117 ....117 .. 99, 431 .... 108 _ 95 .. 91 ___ 89 .... 96 286 268, 431 ______ 180 __ 137 ... 99, 151 ________ 149 _ ..... 116 149, 431 ..162, 431 162. 245 . 96. 151 _______ 111 ________ 98 ____ 179 .... 102 _... 197 _______ 89 ..... 241 Rochna, David Rock, Linda Rockafellow, Richard Rockwell, George Rockwell, Thomas .... Roda, Edward Rode, Phyllis Roden, Ann . Rodgers, John Rodgers, Robert Rodriguez, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Louis Roe, Richard Roeben, Frederick - Roedel, Andrew Roeder, William Roeloffs, Patricia ...240, Roemer, Richard Roensch, Max 95, Roeper, Barbara Roeser, Waldomar Roeser, Wally Rogat, Kenneth .192, Rogers, Edward Rogers, Judith Rogers, Ronald Roha, Rita Rohleder, JoAnn Rohn, David Rolnick. Char 220, Roman, Joanne ._ Romero, Paul _ Romine, Mrs. Robert Ronan, Frank Ronan, John Ronquillo, Ester Rood, Judy - Roof, Carol Roof, James Rooney, Robert Roos, Gerald Roose, Arlene Roose. Lee 105 299 184 , " 431 184 . 116 ... 92, 288 ... 94, 362 168 87 _ 263 171 93 99 193, 431 170 242, 431 105, 280 136, 191 .... 431 302 178 245, 294 .. - 97 . 164, 431 ....95, 200 - - 431 .153,431 _ 187 222, 431 . . 431 . 120, 431 _146 356 110 .260,431 304 _.431 190, 431 _ 205 160 .. - 431 139. 304 . _ 111 260, 431 166 .... 197 431 89 ...181, 431 192 .- 94, 146 107 _ 103 431 431 .... 185 113 118, 185 258, 431 111 116 140 431 181 431 _ 117 199, 431 . ...431 .150,431 _ 173 ... 431 .118,141 ...86,215 _ 180 Root, Richard Roque, Ruperto Rorabacker, David Rosbolt, James Rose, Arthur Rose, Barbara Rose, Janice Rose, Ralph Rose, Sandra Rose, Sylvia Rosemary, Gargone Rosen, Trwin Rosen, Karen Rosen, Larry Rosen, Sol . - Rosenbaum, Henry Rosenberg, Joan 181, Rosenberg, Marshall .... Rosenberg, Michael Rosenberg, Nancy _ Rosenbusch. Ruth Rosenfeld, Betty-Ann .. Rosenfeld, Edie Rosenfeld. Selma Rosengarten, Albert Rosenkrantz. Linda Rosenman, Mona Rosenthal, Larry Rosenthal, Louis Rosenthal, Ronald Rosenthal, Sheldon Rosewarne. Phil Rosman. Norman _ Ross, Barbara Ross. James Ross, John Ross, Judy Ross, Kenneth Ross, Margaret _ Ross, Peggy Ross, Ronald Rohs, Stuarte Ross, Terry Ross, William Rossa, Mary _ Rossen, Harold Ross en. Jordan Rossi, Joan Rossin, Herbert Ressner, Ruth _ Rostocil, Frank Rotche. Phillip 118 Roth, Irwin 432 Roth, Jack 116 Roth, jack _ 114 Roth, Marcia ... 221 Roth, Rosemary 153 Rothbart, Bune 108 Rothenberg, Marcia _432 Rothenberg, Melvin 431 Rothman. Ann 108 Rothwell. Gail 268 Rottenbucher. Peter 118, 206 Rotter, Norman 111 Rotunno, Michael 178,307 Roty, August 205 Rotz, Richard 114, 159, 202 Roumell, Theodore - 124 Rouner, Nancy 140 Rout, Marjorie _ 139 Rovedo, Luigina 121, 432 Rovin, Benita 103 Rowe, Kenneth 432 Rowe, Millicent _. 146 Rowe, Paul 197 Rowe, Sara 88 Rowland. Eliot _ _ 107 Rowley, Raymond 86, 432 Rowlson, Thomas 116 Rowlson, Vickers 253 Rowmell, Theodore _ 111 Royal. Virginia - 101, 150, 231 Rozelle, Claire 432 Rozo, Jorge 271,432 263 203 189 155, 432 ._. 432 146 .. 90 179, 432 253, 432 266 _.. 183 288 114 .... 185 259 207 432 ..... 193 Rozran, Bernie - 173 Rubenstein, Carole 90 Rubenstein, Erwin 179, 432 Rubenstein, Linda 181, 245 Rubin, Barbara 181 Rubin, Charles 110, 258 Rubin, Edith _ 158 Rubinoff, William 207,432 Ruby, Sydney _. 173 Ruchman, Louise 108, 221, 249 Rudd, Thomas 99 Rudd, Mauris 265 Rude, Kathleen 432 Rudesill, Robert _ _.... 187, 203 Rudman, Marilyn 181 Rudolf, Douglas .105 Rudolph, Mary 432 Rudolph, Sylvia 432 Ruffner, Janet 109 Ruffner, Robert 161,432 Ruggeri, Frank 276 Ruggles, Patricia 94,137 Ruhala, Richard 93 Ruiz, John 87 Rulo, Barbara 108 Rumlell, Carolyn 146,432 Rundell, Carolyn 432 Rundman, Erna 108 Rupert, Patricia 150,432 Rupp, Jfary _ 163,225 Rupp, Noreen 155 Rupprect, Donald 167 Rush, Kathleen 288 Rush, Kathleen 92 Ruskin, Arnold - 114 Ruskin, Robert ...432 Russcher, Allan 204 Russel, James - -182,432 Russel, Michael -178 Russel, Morley _ 196 Russell, Charles _ 100 Russell, Cordy - _._ 274, 432 Russell, Howard _ 97 Russell, Michael 102 Russell, Robert _432 Russell. Roy 274,432 Russell, Sharon 155 Russell, William _ 116 Rust. Kathleen _ 304 Rutherford, Janet 156, 257, 298, 432 Rutherford, Kenneth . . 116, 161 Ruthig, Shirley .._ 89 Rutledge, Ann 108 Rutledge. Susan 163 Rutstein, Harvey 213 Rutz, Joseph ... 209, 432 Ruyabhorn, Prauit 261,432 Ruedemann. Sandra 153 Ryall, Hugh 157 Ryall, Jon 111 Ryan, Gordon 200,432 Ryan, Jack 160 Ryan, James 138, 198, 432 Ryan, Keith _ 174,302 Ryan, Mary _ 117,146 Ryan, Richard 208 Rycus, Mitchell 113 Rykoff, Steve 192 Ryskamp, James 204 Sabel, Sue - -.... 103, 158 Sabin, Byron 105 Sabin. Mark .87,179,215 Sabo. Darlyne 164 Sabo. Joseph 273 432 Sacchetti. Antonia _ 90,367 Sachse, Charles ... 179 Sackandy, Patricia .150,225 Sacquety, Charles _ Sadacca, Virginia .432 Sadi, Laila _ - -108, 155, 221 Safir, Barry 432 Safron. Rosemarie _ 139, 432 Sagansky. Norman % Sage, Frederick 96 Sage, Julie - 117,263 Saidel, Lois 140 Sakai, Fairy 90,268 Sakal. Rudolph 433 Sakamari, Leigh 433 Saker, James 433 Sakkinen, Micheal 95 Salans, Lester _ - .... 192, 302 Salditt, Paul _ 189, 289 Salditt, Richard 189 Saleh, Angela 117 Salem, Edward - 185 Sal esin, Eugene 173 Salisbury, William 269, 274, 275, 292, 433 Salive. Marcel 97 Salo, Katie 155 Salter David 198 Salter, Earnest 19 Saltsman, Elaine - 89 Salvo. Chris . ._ 136 Sammelroth, Carl 105 Samosok, Andrew 168 Sample, Dale 433 Sample, Theodore 198, 256 Sams, Wiley 182.433 Samuel, Channes 100 Samuels, Merla 108, 140 Sand, Raymond 190 Sandall, Gary 116 Sander, John 116, 433 Sandercock, Donald 149 Sanders, Mrs. Hildreth ...... 158 Sanders, Martha 364 Sanderson, Richard 151,433 Sandilands, Ronald 120 Sandling. Robert 177 Sands, Nancy 433 Sanford, Brian 105 The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan The official spokesman for the 160,000 graduates and former students of the University Divisions THE MICHIGAN ALUMINUS UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CLUBS COUNCIL THE ALUMNAE COUNCIL THE CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL Keep contact with Michigan by reading THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Official publication of the Alumni Association For Seniors only a special " Introductory Price " has been established. By ordering early these New Alumni may have the mag- azine for the whole year for only TWO AND ONE HALF DOLLARS. This special rate applies to new alumni only for one, two, three or four year subscriptions. An annual subscription starts anytime and runs for twelve months. It ' s not the cheap- est subscription rate in the alumni world - but the Michigan Alumnus is the best alumni magazine. The regular annual subscription rate. Thirty-six months three years of your alumni magazine. A bargain rate for alumni is TEN DOLLARS. However, for New Alumni taking advantage of the " Introduc- tory Price " a three-year subscription costs only SEVEN AND ONE-HALF DOLLARS. $2.50 $5.00 $10.00 Even greater percentage savings are avail- able for those who subscribe for a five-year period. The cost averages only THREE DOLLARS per year in this special bargain rate of five years for FIFTEEN DOLLARS. 900 pages annually of interesting reading. The Life Subscription to The Michigan Alumnus will reach your library table as long as you live without further payments. Regular price is SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS or six annual payments of FIFTEEN DOLLARS each. New Alumni may obtain the life subscription for only SIXTY-THREE DOLLARS. For Alumni families, a husband and wife, both alumni, can assure receiving their mag- azine always. $15.00 $75.00 $95.00 473 Sanocki, Fred . 205 Sanregret, Barbara 137 Sanregret, Robert _171, 265 Sansari, Lai Sansum, Lee Santa, Joseph -118,271 Santamaria, Eovardo - Santinga. John Santos, Benjamin _ Sanzobrin, Donald 9 Sapp, Carol 89 Sarajoti, Kriangkrai ...261,433 Sarason, Donald Sargent, James _ Sarin, Donald Sarnak, Maryann 433 Sarraf, Eloise - Sarros, Alexander _ Sartin, Harry Sarya, Arnold _ Sasahara, Akira ... Sasananonth, Kularb _ Saslow, Marjorie ... Sassone, Robert Sathirakul, Kamchorn _ 261,272,433 Sathirakul, Vachari 261,433 Satlow, Barbara Satterley, David ...187,285,433 Sattley, Pamala Saulson, Irma Savarino, Rosalie Savell. Amelia Savell, Anne - I " Savell, Dean _ --97 Saver, Mary Savon, Charles Sawicki, Robe rt -.116 Sawyer, George Sawyer, Thomas Saxon, Charles - Sayles, Harriet Sayles, Joan Scabbard and Blade Scales, Beverly 90, 155, 221 Scamehorn, Richard - 95 Scarney, Shelley 90, 163 Scarr, Harry _ Schaadt, Leonard Schaafsma, Henry - Schaberg, Phyllis 107 Schacht, Dick _ 152 Schadel, Albert 169,249 Schaefer, Robert - 184 Schaen, Fred _ 118 Schafer, Chuck -..- 160, 285, 433 Schaefer, Edith -433 Schaefer, Gil 138 Schaefer, Hadley 433 Schaefer, Marilyn 155 Schafer, Nelson _ - 433 Schaffner, Dwaine 302 Schaffner. Nancy _ 112 Schaller, Carol Schamach, Ira - Schanz, Barbara 106 Scharbat, JoAnn 89 Scharcnberg, Rolf ...._ - 139 Scharf, Robert . _ 276 Schatz, Barbara 106, 249 Schatz, Frederick _ Schatz, George - 161 Schauer, Peter - _ .-110, 168 Schaupp, John _, 160, 295, 432 Schecter, Allan 179, 433 Schechter, Daniel _ - 207 Schechter, Sandra - _ 108 Scbeeres, Jacob _- 204 Scheifele, Stuarte 152 Scheips, Mrs. . 266 Scheips, Pastor Alfred 266 Scheu, Sally - - 142 Scher, Laurie 176 Scherer, Donald 114 Schick, John _. - 102 Schicks, Barbara - 164 Schiefer, Martin __ 116 SchielcU, Jacqueline -164 Schiff, Eugene - _ -192 Schiff, Herman 199 Schill, Thomas _ ._ 285 Schiller, Nancy 220,299,433 Schimmel, Sally 142 Schimpke, Helen 162, 433 Schindler. Clare .._ 86 Schippel. John _ -193 Schiro, Anthony -273,433 Schlageter, Irmgard -- 92 Schlain, David ' 176 Schlain, Leonard 105 Schleh, Robert _. .138 Schlicht, Leo 180,432 Schlimovitz, Rozalinde _ 245 Schlusberg, Malcolm __ 173, 433 Schlussel, Bruce 185 Schmidt, David - 151 Schmidt, George 182,286 Schmidt, Gerald _ 99 Schmidt, Greg . 86, 214, 296, 433 Schmidt, Tim .._ 119 Schmier, Carol 108 Schmuak, Virginia 94 Schneider, Gary 178, 266 Schneider, Helene _ 108 Schneider, Herbert 173 Schneider, Joseph 120 Schneider, Steve - % Schneiderman, Edith 158 Schnelbach, Henry .... 97, 206, 258, 433 Schnell, Shirley 433 Schneyer, Jerome _ _. 141 Schnierle, Christina - 286 Schoenhals. Robert 269,303 Schoettle, Frederick _ 184 Schoich, Polly 175 Schols, Helen _ 108 Schonfeld, Eleanor 117 474 Schostak. Jerome 433 SchoofT, Kenneth 160 Schor, Valerie 259 Schorling, Robert 286 Schotland, Edward 87, 141 Schrader, Charles 111 Schrader, Jacqueline -433 Schram, Carla 90, 163 Schreiber, Fred 167 Schreiber, Gerry 192 Schreiber, Lawrence _ 116, 258, 433 Schreiber, Margaret 92 Schreiber, Richard -186 Schreiber, Sylvia 153 Schreiner, William 149,433 Schrenk, Walter 111, 269, 274, 434 Schroeder, Alfred 203 Schroeder, Charles - 203 Schroeder, Douglas - 200 Schroeder, Gary .. 166,434 Schroer, Marjorie 163, 434 Schubeck, John - 128, 263 Schubert, Phillip 271, 434 Schulak, Eileen - 434 Schulte, Hans 131 Schultz, Carl - 97 Schultz, Donald 149, 434 Schultz, Duane 182 Schultz, Jack 95 Schultz, Ralston 151, 224, 249, 255, 434 Schultz, Roberta 249 Schumacher, Eileen 150 Schunter, Wolfgang 114 Schuster. George 147 Schut, Almon _ _ Schuur, Jerry 182 Schuur, Maynard 147,434 Schuur, Gerald - _ 272, 287 Schuur, Robert 434 Schwaderer, Mary 89 Schwarb, Frederick 95 Schwartz, Carole 109 Schwartz, Charles 173 Schwartz, Ernest 87 Schwartz, Frank -Ill Schwartz, Helen ._ .220,434 Schwartz, Margaret ._ 288 Schwartz, Marilyn - 98, 434 Schwartz, Margaret 249 Schwartz, Richard 174, 434 Schwartz, Ronald 207, 2 ' 3 Schwartz, Sylvia 158 Schwartzberg, Burton 215 Schweim, Charles 434 Schweinsberg, Steve 197 Schweizer, Gretchen 164 Schwimmer. Frederick 173 Schwing, Richard - 280 Scodeller, Raymond 434 Scolaro, Pamela 165 Scott, Burton _ 185 Scott, Charlotte 434 Scott, Dale 205 Scott. Douglas 285 Scotilla, Donald 167 Scott House Ill Scott, George 148 Scott, Harriet 164 Scott, Tames _ 434 Scott, Larry 252 Scott, Leonard 189, 301 Scott, Margaret - - 121 Scott, Sara 92, 288, 434 Scott, Susan 94 Scott, Virginia 137 Scovill, Susan .. - 142, 286, 364 Scroggins, Richard 434 Scroll 298 Scruggs, David 105 Scruggs, Grant - 189, 290, 356 Scruggs, Jean 98,263 Seaborn, Teanne 90, 163 Seaborn. Judith 163, 434 Searer, Wendell 296 Searles, Mary 146 Searls. Robert _ 434 Sears, Philip 170, 434 Sease, Ruth 117 Seastrom. Jack _ 97 Sebald. Walter 266 Sebaly, John 111 Secor, Diana - 286 Seder, Larrv 176 Sedestrom, Robert Sedwick, Lindsey . 187 See, Bary 159, 202 Seeburger. William 198, 434 Seelman, Tom 88 Seeman. William 87 Segar, Robert 86, 192 Segel, Marylen 98 Seger, Sue 165 Segesta, Tim - - 119 Seiffert. Stanley 138 Sells. William 120 Seitz. Jeanne 107 Selby. Dayton 100 Self, Jack - 152 Seltz, Donald 215, 301 Seltzen, Ronald _ 179 Seltzer, Carol 92 Selvala. Richard 129 Semerly, Melvin 434 Semnoski, Lorraine 92, 434 Semos, Nichlos 201, 434 Senen, Severo 260 Senior Board _ 391 Senior Society _ 299 Sensenbrenner, Lyle 105 Senter, Albert ._. _ 280 Seo, Hjroshi 131 Seo, Hirozo 131 Sergeson, James 87, 161 Sergy, Wallery 1% Serotte, Susan 434 Sctiz, David 129 Settle, John - __ 170 Sevcik, Frank 99, 302 Sevebeck, Carol _ 143 Severance, Kathryn 142,434 Sevilla, Edvardo 120,260,280 Seymour, Roger 95, 258 Sexworth, Thomas 184 Shadeck, Matthew 129 Shaefer, Gilbert 360 Shaffer, Francis 115 Shaffer, Lorraine 434 Shaffer, Ronald 201 Shagrin, Judy - 117, 142, 364 Shah, Sharad 434 Shakespeare, Susan 153 Shaklee, Frank 99 Shambes, Pauline 165 Shanberg, Carole 112, 362, 434 Shannon, Edward ... 168, 307, 356 Shannon, Thomas 169, 434 Shantz, Ann 255 Shapiro, Bernard 179, 199 Shapiro, Howie _ - 173 Shapiro, Judith 108, 158 Shapiro, Miriam 140 Shappell, Jeanette 130 Sharland, Robert ._ 333 Sharp, Charles 169, 249, 302 Sharp. Elizabeth 94 Sharp, James 198 Sharp, John 110 Sharp, Robert ._ - 95 Sharrer. Suzanne 117 Shath, Prabhakar _ 261 Shaub, David - - 93, 222 Shavelson, Deborah 140, 220, 223, 298, 434 Shaver, Diane 108 Shaw, Eleanor 90, 249 Shaw, Mary 92 Shawaker, Steve 184, 434 Shea, Beverly 155 Sheahan, Janet 145 Shear, Stewart 141, 215, 253 Shearon, Tames 333 Shedlows ' ki, James 258, 272 Sheehan, Michael 434 Sheehan, Thomas 168 Sheeman, Larry 176 Sheets, John .. . 205 Sheffler, Frederick 167 Shehan. Mary -. 115 Shein. Lois 226, 227 Shegos, Raymond _ 201 Shekter, Murray 199 Shelden, Aaron 434 Sheldon, Carol 434 Sheldon, Frederick Sheldon, Gordon 111 Sheldon, John 120 Shelky, Nancybelle 108 Shelton, Shirley -146 Shelton, William , 201, 435 Sbepanek. John _ 105, 180 Shepard, Claire 364 Shepard. Donald 160 Shepard, John . 263 Shepherd, Donald 93 Shepperd, Tohn - 111 Sherbin. Herbert 207, 435 Sherer, Betsy . 298 Sherlock. Prof. Robert . 360 Sherman, Brent 148 Sherman, Constance 106 Sherman, Ellen - 288, 435 Sherman. George . 114 Sherman, Tames - 161,435 Sherman, Marcea - - 108 Sherman, Mary 145, 220, 223, 435 Sherman, Sylvia .... 286,288,434 Sherman, Warren ._ _ 111 Sherrer, Ann _ -435 Sherrer, Betsey 165 Schertzer, Boyd - 177 Sherwood. Bernath - 95 Sherwood, Budge - _ 160 Sherwood. Margaret 435 Sheth. Bhogilal 261 Shevin, Kenneth 179 Shewckin, Sophia 435 Sheyer. Stanford 192 Shick. John - 266 Shields, Charles 184 Shields. Kenneth 184, 435 Shields, Richard 272 Shilling, Barbara 139 Shilling. Gail 103 Shimabukuro, Takeshi 435 Shingleton. Tames 114 Shinnick, Claire _ 165,435 Shinohara. Eleanor 121 Shipman, Lynne - 108 Shipsky, Donald 435 Shirley. Richard 147 Shiroma, George _ 435 Shirven, Raymond - 97 Shitman. Arnold 179 Shlain, David 302 Shlanta, Stephen 166, 215 Shlimovitz, Miriom ... ...92 Shlimovitz, Rosalind 115, 267, 299, 435 Shoares, Marilyn _. 146, 263, 435 Shoemaker, Kent 147 Shoemaker, Rollin . 198 Shomsky, Joseph .. 148, 308, 435 Shorr, Ronald 192 Shotwell, Ann - 98, 143 Shovelin. Gail 90 Shower, Richard - _ 198 Slmbert, Norman 192, 302 Shuirman, David 102, 215 Shulman, Mina 108 Shultz, Lois _ 109 Schultz, Robert 116 Shumate, Constance _ 89 Shuptrine, Elizabeth .... 108. 146 Shur, Eleanor 98. 181 Shuster, Allen _ 185, 435 Sichler, Edward 188 Sidonberg, Barbara 181 Sieb, Thomas 119 Sieder, Janice 139 Siefert, Janice 139 Siegal, Joel _ 173 Siegal, Marvin 207 Siegal, Vera 117 Siegan, Bruce _ 96 Siegan, Bruce 179 Siegel, Howard 192 Siegel, Lewis 141 Siegel, Marvin 113 Siegel, Morton 192 Siegel, Paul 435 Siegel, William 179 Sierachi, Marion 116 Sievers, Robert 147 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 178 Sigma Alpha Iota 288 Sigma Alpha Mu - 179 Sigma Chi 180 Sigma Delta Tau 181 Sigma Nu 182 Sigma Phi 183 Sigma Phi Epsilon .... 184 Sikkema. Donald -204 Sikkenga, Shirley 142, 222 Sikorski, John _ 120 Silberman, Bonnie 108 Silets, Harvey 435 Sillick, Caroline _ .164 Sills, John 184 Silmore, Thomas 301 Silver, David 179, 245 Silver, Joseph 114 Silverman, Barney 97 Silverman, Louis _ 173 Silverman, Mickey 192 Silvertone, Janis 164 Simansky, Otylia 435 Simansky, Virginia 435 Simich. Steve _... 169 Simmons, Alan - 167 Simmons, Carolyn _ 89 Simmons, James 178 Simmons, Jane 89 Simmons, John _ 180 Simms, Theodore 185 Simon, Arthur - 100 Simon, Joseph - 229 Simon, Linda - 117 Simon, Ned 237,290,435 Simon, Sally _ 89, 145 Simonds, John _ 87 Simons, William -183 Simpson, Richard _ 208 Sims, Charles 102 Simsar, Harutyun 435 Sincock, Patricia - 268, 435 Sines, Elinor . 143, 435 Singer, Ann 106 Singer, Diane _ . 98 Singer, Loren - .. 215 Singer, Thomas 168, 285 Singer, Warren 173 Singh, Aytar _ _ 261 Sipiora, Leonard 99, 435 Siporin. Samuel 295 Sippel, Cornelius 86 Sippola, Marianne .131,435 Sirard, Aldrick _ 86 Siroskey, Petronella 108 Sisko, Joseph _ 86 Sisson, Kathryn - 435 Sitterley, Brooks 110, 151 Skaff, Diana 164 Skaisgir. John _ 114 Skala, Charles - 166, 435 Skellenger, William 86,435 Skelly, Terome - 100 Skelly, Patricia _ 90, 165 Skelly, Virginia 89,435 Skidmore, Gary - 435 Skidmore, Mary 142, 435 Skinner, Donald 154 Skerb, Aldonna 435 Sklouer. Barbara 89 Skobo, Edith 264 Skorna, John - - 97 Skrentney, Thomas 203 Skrylov, Valerian 270 Slaggert, Mari 164, 435 Slagon, George 436 Slater, Jeanne - 267 Slater, Tack 436 Slater, Judith - - 122, 436 Slater, Mary 436 Slavin, Louis 436 Slavin, Louis 192 Slawson, Mary - 137, 224 Slawson, Albert 436 Slawson, Wayne - 86 Slebers. Juris - - 105 Slifer, Seger _ Sliter, Seger 295 Sloan, Dolores _ 158 Sloan. Mary _ 288, 301 Sloan, Michael _ _ 116 Slobin, Sharon 263 Sloman. Miss Margaret 108 Sloss, David - 174 Slowick. Philip -102,209.436 Slugett, Joan 155 Sluyter, Janet 145 Slykhouse, Thomas - 436 Small, George 272, 303 Small, Terence 111, 286 Smal lman, Albert 111, 436 Smart, Edward ._ - 436 Smart, Larry 154, 436 Smeltzer, Maryann 436 Smerling, David 192,436 Smetana, Dorrit - 101 Smillie, Charles 193,276 Smith, Alan 88 Smith, Allen 227,436 A Good Name is our most priceless possession In war or peace . . . thru depression or prosperity, Van Boven has con- tinued to cling to a single purpose . . . " quality " . This has been the foundation of our business, our creed and our gospel Van Boven Oxxford Clothes - Dobbs Hats - Burberry Coats - Johnson and Murphy Shoes Compliments of LUBKE and LUBKE St. Louis. Missouri Kitchen Equipment Bar and Restaurant Supplies MICHIGAN ' S OLDEST COMPLETE SUPPLY HOUSE Food Service Equipment For Hotels Restaurants China - Glass - Silverware - Cooking Utensils A. J. Marshall Co. 3639 Woodward Ave. TE. 1-9450 Detroit, Michigan Free Parking WEBER ' S SUPPER CLUB Fine Foods Deliciously Prepared Coton tib Country i oom Fine Foods Deliciously Prepared Michigan ' s Finest Selection of Imported Domestic Wines Beer Banquet Accommodations OUT HURON STREET ON HIGHWAY U.S. 12, 2 MILES WEST OF ANN ARBOR The PRETZEL BELL A Michigan Tradition 120 EAST LIBERTY 475 Smith, Barbara _ 105, Smith, Betty Smith, Bruce Smith, Clair Smith, Claudia 264, Smith, Courtland .... Smith, Craig _ Smith, Cynthia Smith, David Smith, Delpres Smith, Elaine Smith, Flo) d Smithi Frej 88, Smith, Gene Smith, Glen Smith, Harry Smith, Janet Smith, Jerry Smith, John Smith, Kitty Smith, Laura _ Smith, Lawrence Smith, Margaret Smith, Marilyn Smith, Marilyn 164, Smith, Mary _ Smith, Nancy Smith, Norman Smith, Pat Smith, Ralph Smith, Richard 167, Smith, Robert ... Smith, Roger Smith, Ronald - Smith, Ross Smith, Sherrill Smith, Stanley Smith, Stewart _ _ Smith, Susan 115, Smith, William Smoley, Eugene Smyle, Caryl _ Smythe, Robert Snader, Ellen Snavely, Jack Snediker, James 151, Snider, Gene _ Snider, Wilbur 99, Sniderman, Stephen Snitwongs, Chulanope . Snoek, Diedrick Snow, Janet . Snowday, Hall Snyder, Andre Snyder, Bart Snyder, Elizabeth Snyder, Gene Sr.yder, Harry Snyder, John Snyder, Karen Snyder, Nancy Snyder, Richard Snyders, Gilbert Sobczynski, Dolores Sobeloff, Jon 242, Soberano, Jose Soderlund, Keith Sogaard, Morton Sohacki, Edward Sohail, Hamid Sokolitz, Frank Sokolov, Sherwin . Sokolowski, Alfred Solar, Peter __ Solomon, Gerry Solomon, Herbert Solomon, Inga _ _. Solomon, Trwin Solomon, Lee Solomon, Morton Some, Barbara Somers, John ._ Somers, Nancy Sommer, Robert Sommers, William 269. 274, 275, 292, Sonkin, Sheldon Sonneborn, Charles Sonneborn, John Sonntasr. Richard Soper. Marv _ Soph Scandals Soter, Michael Souders, Robert Souslin, Richard 268, 436 436 _ 302 .... 436 268,300 152, 244 .....114 98 198 90 115, 436 191 180,286 119 119, 286 . 93, 436 146, 245 111, 285 264 .... 163 165, 436 110 _162 146, 362 240, 248 150 140 436 155 209 205,436 161, 182 . 95, 147 93 169 364 ... 97 102, 152 156, 163 .99, 105 208 92 _ 149 _ 436 286 255, 274 ... 356 2%, 436 258 ... 261 131 ... 127 . -157 165, 219 167 115 307 205, 436 ... 436 .._ 121 " 95,124 170 .122 291, 436 260 276 201 .... 436 95, 274 100, 258 ... 436 187, 245 185 ....... 179 249 141 285, 302 2% 436 197 137 .... 168 303, 436 199 187 110 167, 269 92, 436 225 _ 86 Southerton. Glen Southgate, Helen South Quad Council Sowatsky. Robert Spadaro, Carmen Spademan. Ann Spanish Club Spark ie, Carole Sparks, Robert Spassenko. Nadya . Spath. Robert Spaulding, Peggy Spear, Victor Spehar, Harold Spence, Edwin Spence, Jannett Spencer, Donald _.. Spencer, Janet Spencer, John Spencer, Stanley Spencer, William Speneler, Donald Sperling, George Spevack, Jerome Sphinx _ Spiekerman. Donald Spielberg, Ruth Spielman, Jerry Spiers, Thomas Spindle, Richard Spindler, Margaret 145, Spiro, Marilyn Spohn, Ann 476 99 159, 202 __ 145 124 160, 436 286, 287 163 263 155 100 301 . 183 103, 436 302 187 177 103 273 ... 115 436 . ....436 209, 437 201 _ 437 105 294 113 .... 437 173 183 111, 152 229, 437 158 .165 Spoutz, John 159, 202 Sprague, Donald 209 Sprague, Gary 86 Sprague, John 87, 276 Springer, Audrey 437 Springer, Sheridan 151 Springette, Robin 117 Spring Weekend 219 Sproat, Donald 114 Sproull, William 271,275,437 Sprowl, Louise 98, 143 Sprunger, Elmore 437 Sprysky, Ellisia 109 Spurgat, Kenneth 266 Squires, Joy 107, 245 Srisomwongse, Yiva 261,437 Stacilauskas, Ronald 113 Staebler, Helen _ 304 Stafford. Roderick _ 113 Stafford, Thomas 203 Stahl, Sally 92, 220, 222, 267, Stahl, Robert 110, Stakenas, Robert Stanback, James Stanciu, George Stanford, Thad Stanger, Peter -_ Stanislaw, Stephanie Stanley, Emilio Stanley, Richard _ Stansell, William Staples, Sally Stapleton, Harvey Starbuck, Frank Stark, Charlie Stark, James 299,437 169, 236 154, 437 131, 144 114 ._.. 354 102 437 437 ..110, 170 182 .... 142 _ 174 ..172, 437 180 _ 157 110, 179 437 204 ..107, 437 ._ 87 .-97, 437 114 . 165, 437 437 189 100 221, 266 95 ....170 115 204 . 88, 271 108 ... 162 176, 437 _ 167 106, 362 181 140 _ 87 192 . 107 169 - 119 103 390 87 120 ... 162 Starman, Marvin Starr, Norman Start, Armond - Stasak, Lorraine Stasiuk, Robert Staskowski, James Stathopoulos, George Stauffer, Barbara _ Stauffer, Lois St. Clair. Arthur - Stean, William _ Steckert, Gale 146, Steed, Robert Steele, Rex Steenhusen. Sally ._ Stegehuis, Ronald Stegenga. Fredrich Steiger, Elaine Steigleder, Suzanne Stein, Burton Stein, Gerry Stein, Margaret Stein, Mary Steinberg, Ann Steinberg, Robert Steinberg, Roy Steinberper, Lois Steiner, Charles Steiner, John Steinhardt, Babette Steinhaus, Philip Steinhelper, John _ Steinke, Robert Stellwagen, Jane Stenberg, Patricia _ 92, 286, 287, Stenger. Robert Stenglein. Su Stephen, David Stephen. Donald Stephens, Charles Stephens, James Stephenson, Frederick Stephenson, Jack Sterling, Ann Sterline. Maxine _ Stern, Carl Stern, Terrome Stern, Lee Stern, Lois Stern, Maye _ - Stern, Nancy _. Stern, Raya Steuben, Norton Steubner, Roland Stevens, Bruce Stevens, Buzz _. Stevens, Jason Stevens, John ... Stevens, Nancy 156, Stevens, Robert Stevens, Wellington Stevens, Wynne Stevenson, Frederick .... Stevenson. John Stewart, David _.. Stewart, George Stewart, Irving Stewart, Douglas Stewart, Mary Stewart, Richard Stewart, Robert Stewart, Samuel . Stewart, Sharlene Stewart, Walter Stewart, William Stiblitz, Henry ._ Stickels, Charles _ 254, 255, 272, 275, 292, 303, 437 Stickels, Sue 139 Stickney. Dave 180 Stiefel. Richard 177 Stieg, Raymond 437 Stielstra, C. Junior 437 Stienen, Maureen 287 Stiesel. Richard 102 Stiff. David 197 Stiglitz, Andrew 437 Stiglitz, Bruce 179, 302 Stillman, Burton -.179, 302 Stimpson, Clinton 113 288, 301 - 302 98 391, 437 186 191 . 274, 437 302 172 139 140 176 176 _. 95 _ 98 .. 109 140, 437 115 111 116 .._. 172 .-.- 120 116, 437 178, 437 229. 437 129, 200 120 92 200 110 269 147 276 437 . 90 113, 437 118,437 177 .... 304 201 .110 .105 Stinebower, Carolyn 101 St. John, Richard 160,235 Stobierski, Daniel _. 93 Stock, Vincent 437 Stockard, Martha _ 163 Stockwell Hall 112 Stoddard, Patricia -103, 437 Stoeffler, Victor _ 178, 266 Stoehr, John 174 Stokes, Raymond 167, 437 Stoltz, Jane 162, 288 Stolz, Benjamin 161, 437 Stomos, Barbara -103 Stomos, Catherine 112, 438 Stone, Bill 192 Stone, Cynthia 153, 249 Stone, Elizabeth 89, 143 Stone, Jack _ 265 Stone, John 114 Stone, June 438 Stone, Karl 87 Stone, Philip 438 Stone, Ron 176 Stoner, Robert 174, 438 Stong, Jack _ 118 Storey, Janet 145 Storm. Jean 107 Storm, Thomas 111 Storrer. Mary _ 143 Stott, Katherine 131, 301 Stoumen, Kenneth 438 Stout, Nancy 164 Stoumer, Kenneth 141 Stoyack, Edward 272 Strayer, Charles 99, 127 Strahle. Suzanne 90,304 Strain, Georgia 155 Straka, Jane 142, 438 Stranberg, Thomas 118 Strang, Richard - 256 Strang, Trmmas 198 Straszewski, Thomas 157 Straub, Tack 438 Straub, Sherrie ._ 155 Strauch, Gerald 205 Strauss 113 Strauss. Harry 95, 438 Strauss, Paul 132 Stredl. William 171 Streelman. Robert _.. 438 Streetman, Robert 209 Streib. Mary 163, 224, 364 Streicher, Janet 143 Streit, Gretchen 156 Strieker, William 160 Strickland. Richard 136 Stringer. Dick 160 Stringham. Phyllis 288 Strock, Winifred 102, 263 Stroebel, Richard 266 Stroh, John 129 Strom, Calvin 157 Strom, Jane .. . 438 Strong, Paula 153, 224, 362 Strong, Peter 144, 438 Strutz, Janet 98, 304 Stuart, Ann 156 Stuart. Tohn 110 Stuart, Mary _ 143 Stuart, Nort _ _ 160 Stubbs, Donald 438 Student Legislature 237 Student Religious Association 264 Studer, Charmawe 155, 438 Stulberg, Barry 173 Stulborg, David 199, 438 Stumpfig. Bill ...._ _ 86 Stumptig, Jack 354 Sunbathers 240 Sturc, Sue 181 Sturrock, James _ 189 Stutz, Janet 266 Stutzman, Carole 90 Su. Edgar . _ _ 131 Sucherman. Stuart 179 Sugarman, Lucy 98 Sugiyama, Curt ... 97 Suguitan, Florinda 260, 438 Suhr, John 113 Suino, Angela 107 Sulfaro, Anthony . 102 Sullivan, Tean 103, 268 Sullivan, Lyda _ _ 107 Sullivan, Mary 162,362 Sullivan, Robert _. 168 Sullivan, Roger 209 Sullivan, Sue _ 165,225 Summerbell, Gordon 189 Summers, John 147 Summerwill, William 86 Sumner, Ann 143 Sund, Raymond 303, 438 Sundguist, Joan 438 Sunninhgam, Carol 288 Suomela, Dale 99 Supernaw, Jean 137 Surbis, John .._ 123 Surbis, John 293 Surridge, William 113 Susman, Sherman 196 Sussman, Jorl 86 Sutarra, Gunvant 261, 438 Sutherland, Gordon 263 Suthipongse, Vongphan ... 89, 261 Sutton, Linda . 145 Svec, Albert ._ 114 Swaggerty, Virginia 145 Swanson, Dorothy 165 Swanson, Edmund 138, 438 Swanson, Linnea 137,364 Swanson, William 201 Swanwick, Nancie ...155, 438 Swart, Fred 193, 258, 438 Swarts. Kenneth 95 Swe, Maung 273, 438 Sweet, Chuck _ 160 Sweet, Jack 105 Sweet, Judith 143 Sweet, Lawrence 205 Swigert, Sally 162 Swimming 337 Swinehart, Phebe 438 Swinton, Roy _ 260 Sykes, Betty 163 Sykes, Jeanne 108 Sykes, Jeanette 146 Symons, David 111 Symphony Band 286 Szczarba, Robert 438 Szemborski, Alfred 88, 272 Szezygiel, Michael 95 Szweda, Gloria _ 106 Tabar, Walter 205 Taddeo, Anthony Taggart, Joyce 263 Takagi, Margaret .438 Talbot, Joseph ... _ 113 Talcott, James 182, 438 Taliaferro, John 86 Talley, Robert 105, 148 Talsma, Gene _ ..204 Tarn, Raymond 438 Tammi, Jeanne .156 Tanenbaum, Edward Tanenbaum, Jan 96, 179 Tann, Donald - - 438 Tannel. Chuck 197 Tannenbaum, Betty 438 Tanner, Betty 221 Tanner, Jessica _ 98 Tanney, Robert 171 Tantraporn, Wirogana 261 Tapping, Hawley 214,360 Tarlowe, Ann -.-. 89 Tarr. Alan - 173, 438 Tarrant, Alicia - 175, 221 Tarrier, Randolph . 97 Task, Sandra 109, 233 Tassone, Elizabeth 121,265 Tate, Mary 92, 438 Taterka, Lois - 91 Tatham, Judy 224, 364 Tatigian, Harry 438 Tatlock, Derek 157 Tauber, Joel -.179 1 au Beta Pi 303 Tau Beta Sigma 287 Tau Delta Phi -.185 Tanglier. Martha 137, 288 Tau Kappa Epsilon 186 Tautz, Bernie _ 116 Tavarozzi, Jay .114 Tavidian, Patricia 438 Tayler, Willard 88 Taylor House - -114 Taylor, Ann __ 175 Taylor, Barbara 165 Taylor, Beverly 438 Taylor, Charles 102 Taylor, Claire ._ 164 Taylor, Douglas 276,438 Taylor, Frank 149 Taylor, Gerald 120 Taylor, John _ 87,97 Taylor, Kathleen 115, 286, 287 Taylor, Linnea 103 Taylor, Marcia 103 Taylor, Mary _ 106 Taylor, Neil - 93,258 Taylor, Robert 172 Taylor, Steven _ -.110 Taylor, Thomas 120, 174 Taylor, Ward - 208 Taylor, Welby 177 Tazelaar, Robert 97 Technic - 254 Telmos, George 119 TenBroek, Henry 138, 438 Tenenbaum, Lee 192, 215 Tennis _ 352 Teppo, Ken ..-287 Terkeurst, Donald 201 Terner, Elaine . 89 Terpstra, Gene _ - 88, 439 Terrill, Ann 439 Terrill, Gene - 167 Terrill. Sarah 145 Terry, Bruce 114, 168 Teutsch, lean 90 Teutsch, Marvin 154 Thai Association 261 Thayer, Russell _ _...264 Thayer, Sally - 165 Thein. Htun 439 Theta Chi 187 Theta Delta Chi 188 Theta Xi _ 189 Thewalt. William 154 Thibaudeau, Marilyn 439 Thibault, Paul 172 Thibedeau. Eleanor 117 Thiel, Dale . 154 Thiesen, Wayne 149, 289, 439 Thipayom, Prawati 261,439 Thomas, Alison 92, 256, 439 Thomas, Carolyn 162, 439 Thomas, Charles 105 Thomas. Charlotte .146 Thomas, David 190, 209, 273, 439 Thomas, Gary 87 Thomas, Harold ...... 273, 439 Thomas, John 184 Thomas, Kathryn 155, 439 Thomas, Laurie 356 Thomas, Mortimer 439 Thomas, Nelson ._ _. Ill Thomas, Paul .._ 180, 439 Thomas, Robert 281 Thomas, Sue 131 Thomas, Tom 114, 439 Thombs, Richard 120, 358 fiEi pf F ? sP e . ULL _MJ for sixty-five years . . . one of the leading college newspapers in the nation. Stye mtcijtgan lath} 477 Thompson, Betty .... 108, 165, 230 Thompson, David 201, 439 Thompson, Diane 153, 439 Thompson, John 439 Thompson, Madeline 146 Thompson, Nancy _ 108, 163 Thompson, Norm _ 204 Thompson, Robert 184 Thompson, Thomas 439 Thompson, William ... 209 Thorn, Laura 175, 439 Thome, Barbara _ 89, 156, 362 Thome, Bob 167, 302 Thorne, Harriett 156 Thornley, Ruth 439 Thornton, Jerry 110 Thorp, Robbin 439 Thouin, David 148, 215, 302 Thuma, Ann 251 Thurlow, James 172, 337 Thurston, Richard 86, 439 Thwing, Patricia __ 131 Tibbals, Eleanor _ 286 Tice, David _ 251 Tiedke, Rachel .. . 165 Tigel, Meredith _ 89, 362 Tillman, Herbert 439 Tillotson, Peter 111, 168 Timmer, Jim 204 Tin, Than _ 131 Tin, Walter 280 Tindall, Eleanor __ 117 Tinkelman, Gwynne .362 Tinker, Clarence _ 295 Tinkham, Janice 103, 156, 231, 364 Tinney, Richard _ 114 Tipp, Eric 178 Tishler, Lou _ 192, 439 Titsworth, Janice 115 Titterington, Ann 137 Tiziani. Joseph. 105 Tobe, Robert .439 Tobeler, Joyce ..145, 221 Tobias, Jack r 439 Tobias, Renee 89 Tobie. Jeannette 108 Tobocman, Marilyn 140 Tochet, Al 119 Todd, Ann ....137 Todd, Andrew .... 4 9 Todd, Cynthia ; 163 Todd. William 1201 Toepfer, Barbara 107 Toft, Thomas 113 Tolfree, Gene 149, 439 Tollzien, Margaret 439 Tolpin, Bernard _ 113 Toman, Charlene 103 Tomaszewski. Lester ... 209 Tomchuck, Elizabeth 439 Tomchuck, Marjory _ 122 Tomicic, Rosemary 155 Tomion, Jack _ 391,439 Tomlinson, Charles 269, 439 Tcmlinson, Rebert _ 120 Tommelein, Howard 178 Tongpoonsakdi, Vimol 261 Topliss, Myfa H7 Topp, Shirley gg Torsleff, Priscilla ... 98 Torzynski. Norbcrt 273,280 Touna. Theodore 209 Tourtellot, Tan 221 Touscany. Jackie ... .... 162, 362 Tt.wbin. Shirley 181 Tower, John ig7 Towle, Lvnn 158 Towne. Marv 150 Town. Ronald 196 Townley, Russel 100 Townsend, Arthur 439 Townsend. Debbie 162, 229 Toyama, Bill 95 Trackler, Richard .... ... 189, 246 Transue, David ....:. 119 Trautman, Dave .... 188 Trautner. Bob 95 Travis, Carolyn .... 153 Treadaway, John .... 151,274, 439 1 reado, Paul 93 Treiber, Berthold _ . 105 266 Treiber, Theodore .... 120 Trench. Ann .. 109 Trepan ier, Donald .... .1. 266 T repte, Alexandra 122 Tresnowski, Bernard _ " 439 Tresselt, Carl ]]Q Trevarrow, Herb ins Trianele j Triangles 293 Trible. Margaret ... 263 Trieon jjjj Triolo. Alfred .... 263 Tripp, Bill _.. _ j7g Trinp. Robert ... ]% Trittipo. Walter ... 114 Troske. Thomas 439 Trosl I.Bob 180,236 Trost. Frederick 180, 215, 219 Irowbridge. George _ 149 Trower. Laura . 266 Troxell. Thomas ' .114 Troy, Sylvia 91 233 Trubow, George _ 147] 440 Truemmer, Kathleen 115 440 Truesdell, Sally 145 Truesdell. Dean ._. 161 Truman, Frances 112 146 Trumbull, Wimpy 180 Tsaggaris, James 440 Tsilikis, John 302 Tu. Maung 440 Tubbs, Joan 250, 440 1 uck, Robert 440 Tuck, Roger 209 Tucker, Freddie 440 Tucker, Kenneth .... 100, 258, 440 478 440 91 440 440 .156,440 .... 203 Tucker, Preston Tucker, Sally Tucker, Shirlee Tung, Irene .. Tunis, Katherine Turcotte, Jeremiah .._ Turner, Almon 440 Turner, Charles 184 Turner, Cleveland 116 Turner, Gayle .108, 143, 301 Turner, Harvey 201, 440 Turner, Keith ... _ 184 Turner, Robert _ 144 Turner, Suzanne 142 Turner, Thomas 440 Tuttle, Janet 109 Tuttle, Roger _ 151 Tuttle, Thomas 136, 285 Tweedie, Terry 151 Tweedie, Laura 131 Tweetie, Terrence 102 Tyler, Eve 92, 220, 440 Tyler, Donald 93,157 Tylor, Louise 244 Tylson, Jobel ._ __. 90, 440 Tyson, Patrick _ .440 Tyson, William 440 u Uchill, Patsy _ _ .... 91 Uchitelle, Benjamin 176, 440 Uebel, Barbara .. 155, 220, 249, 298, 440 Ueselenak, Joe 356 Ufer, Mae ... 139 Uilkema. John _ 97, 148 rilich, Carolyn 155 Ulrich, Tohn ... 172 Umanoff, Barbara 98 Unianos. Romeo 260, 440 Umhs, Jill 139 Umphrey, Patricia _ 92 I ' nakul, Somnuek 261,440 Underbill, Gary _ 171 Underbill, Margra - 139, 258, 271 Underwood, Dana _ 88 Underwood, Gerald 161, 440 Underwood, lean 121 Underwood, Richard - 184.440 Ungerleider. Betty 92,440 Ungerleider, Dorothy 297 Union 212 Union, Lois 181 Upham, Donald - 99 Upton, John _ _ 169, 440 Urathy, Tames 111 Uiban, Margaret 268, 440 Uren. Dorothy .. ._ 91 Urow. Howard ..99,240,249,255 Usher, Robert 100 Ushio, Akira 131 Utley, Deeon 155 Vaerno, Oscar Vail, Stefan Vairabhaya, Chamroon Yalberg, Jerome Valenta, George Valentin, Joseph Valentine. Gaille Valenzuela. Jose Vallejo, Rosa Valler, Sonia Valli. Donald Vallortigara, John Van Alst, Dennis Van Antwerp, Malin Van Atta, Charles Van Auken, Maurice _ Van Becelaere, John Van Blarcom, John Van Boven. Carolyn _ Van Brocklin, Jim _. Van Camp, Peter Vance. Donald ._ Vance, Margaret _ Vance. Margie Van Dam, Forrest Vanden Bosh. Thomas . Vander, Arthur Vander, Tay . Vander Kloot. Bill Vanderkolk, Richard Vanderkooi, Vern Vander Ploeg. Margery Vandersluis, Jav Van Derveer, Bruce Vandervoort, Peter Vanderwau-en. Bob Vanderwall. Gerald Vander Wall, Jessica Vander Weyden. Keith . Vanderwoudf, Hugh Vandeveer, Cornelia .... Van Deuventer. Edward Vande Visse, Mary Vande Vusse. Ellen Van Doren, Sandra .. .. Van Dreummel. Gerald Van Dusen, Gerry Van Duvne. Robert Van Dyke, John Van Dyken. Charles Van Dyken. Gene Van Dyne, Robert .. Van Eeuwen, Bob 204, Van Gemert, Richard .... Van Haften, John Vanker, Mary .. Van Koughnet, William Van Order, Paul Van Otteren, Gerry 440 -..- 132 261 . 105 263, 440 258 164, 362 102 - 260 ._ 131 178 .440 105, 197 440 86 440 274 114 298, 440 . 147 100, 151 184 440 __ 137 205 167 440 _ 356 280 95 . 204 . 440 204, 441 -- 114 113 ..204 204, 441 441 441 204 143 99 441 145, 441 27] 105 90 441 .... 266 204 . 204 196 273, 441 110 ...... 120 164, 441 93 99,441 174, 285 Van Otteren, Gordon 114 Van Pelt, James 168 Van Raulte, Darwin ._ 201 Van Schoick, Polly 90 Vanselow, Neal 203, 295 Van Stone, Donald 159, 202 Van Tassel, Loren 93 Van Tienhoven, Conrad 188 Van Tuyl, Norma 143 Van Tyne House 116 Van Valkenburg, Gerald 274, 441 Van Valkenburg, Robert _ 97 Van Voorst, Bruce 204 Van Wagoner. James 99 Varady, Joseph 157 Varbedian. Thomas 208 Varin, James _ 99 Varley, Tack 180 Varner, Donna 91,441 Varrow, Joan 221 Vaughn, Henry 441 Vaughn, Suzanne 103,268 Vawter, Paul 166 Veenstra, John 441 Veeiistra, Kenneth 205, 441 Veitengruber, Clarice -266,441 Vejjajiva. Saovani ...98,261,441 Velden. Edward 152 Velick, Leonard 176, 302 Veltman, Jay 441 Venema, Clare ..204 Verb, Suzanne 115, 181 Verbeke. Frank _ 119 Vercoe, James 203, 441 Verduin. Ruth 117 Veres, Betty ..- 92, 304, 362 Verhoeven, John 188 Vermeulen, John 178 Vermeulen, Judith 156 Verwys, George 99 Verzosa, Natividad ... 260 Veselenak, John 307,308 Vestal, Carol 364 Ventengle, Elaine 132 Vick, Frank -- 180, 234, 235, 294 Vickers. Garey 174 Victor. Buz 192 Victor, Jay 118 Victor, Terome 180 Victor, Jr., Karl _ 441 Victor, Suzanne - 108 Victor Vaughan .... 117 Victorio. Paciano 260 Victorio, Santiago - 260 Vi ncent, David 441 Vincent, Jack 197 Viravan, Amnuay 198, 261 Viriyapan, Vithoon 261 Virkmirovich, Neva . 288 Vischer, Donald . 208 Viscomi, George 208,296 Vise, Jack 187, 215 Visscher, Donald . 441 Visscher, Harriaon 205, 441 Visscher, Robert ... 205, 441 Vissepo, Tvan % Visser, Earl _ 204 Visser, Philip 276 Visser. Robert 441 Vitz, Paul 160 Vocke, Lester 441 Voda. Richard ... 86 Vogel, C irolyn 108 Vokac, Robert ... 198 Volke, Lester ...... 209 Vollis. George 167 Vollrath. Lynnette 150 Volpe. Alma - 122,367 Von Bernthal. Hans 182 Von Mach, Cornelia 162 Vorhaus. Joanna 164 Vorys, Mrs. Gladys 121 Votau. Charles 205, 441 Votypka. Justine 441 Voyce, Janet 107 Vudtithornetiraks, Somaiddhi Vugteueen. Joel 201 Vukovich, James 171 Vulcans 292 W WAA Wade, Tvan Waggoner. Roy Wagner. Clint Waggoner. Raymond HRiier, Charles Wagner, Cli nton Wagner, Jack Wagner, Larry Wagonjack. Patricia Wagstaff. Reed Wait. William Wakely. David Walcott. Paul Waldedk, Robert Waldeiimayer, Donald Walders, Larry _ Waldman, Sandra Waldron, Charles Waldron. Dawn Wales. Beverly Walgotten, Robert Walker. Arthur Walker, Carolyn .. Walker, Donald ... Walker, Fred Walker, Harry Walker, Howard .... Walker, Jesse Walker. Malcolm Walker. Paul Walker. Robert - Wall, Carey 91, Wall. Richard ... Wallace, Robert .307, 362 87 .....285 .169 _160 .. 138 102 ... 286 .... 105 107 ...285 ..191,441 ..169, 253 154 .... 87 441 ...95,215 140 110, 258 . 288, 441 .... 288 ... 204 291, 308 162, 259 136 167, 285 110 118 441 118 87 168 143, 263 100 ..... 271 Wallace, Laura 89 Wallach, Paula 89, 249 Wallbillick, Martha 175, 221 Walli, Donald . -.441 Wallingford, David 119,441 Wallwork, Tony ... 272 Walper, John _ 110, 167 Walser, Nancy 162 Walsh, Patrick .... 205 Walter, Erich _ 291 Walter, Janet - 139 Walter, Ronald .... 95 Walters, Claudia 137 Walters, George -.441 Walters, Jame 180, 234, 235, 295, 337, 441 Walton, Victor 111 Waltz, Arthur 442 Wander, Herb 192, 219, 246 Warburton, Keeling 88, 249 Warchaizer, Jerry 173 Ward, Bissef 189 Ward, David ... .... 302 Ward, Dick .... ..... 88, 167 Ward, Jim ... 276 Ward, Nancy _ 155 Ward, Parker Ward, Patricia Ward, Peter ... 168 ....... 175, 442 ..168 Ward, Robert 161 Ward, William _ 442 Wardi, Ahmad 262 Wardrup, Bert 294,337,356 Wardrup, Jack 294, 337, 356 Ware, Elizabeth ..162,364 Ware, Herbert ...205 Warg, Ellen 442 Wargelin, John 111 Wargelin, Philip 100 Wark, Jay .....205 Warmolts, Jack 180, 442 Warnemende, Rosemary 103, 137 Warner, Chuck 148 Warner, Fred .. 95 Warner, George - 169, 442 Warner, Janice _ -122, 258 Warren, Margaret 304 Warren, Richard . 442 Warren, Wayne - 96 Warren, William 442 Warrener, Marjorie 442 Warrick, Robert 113,127,223 Wartell, Robert 185 Wasburg, Lynn 139 Washabaugh, Peter 113 Wassail, James 86 Wasserberger, Jean _ 442 Wasserberger, Leo 442 Wasserman, Moises 270 Wasserstein. Sandra 245 Wassil, Nicholas 193 Wasters, James .290 Waterman, Jane 156, 442 Watson, Ann 145 Watson, Barbara ... 108 Watson, William _ 88 Watson, Bonnie 89,164 Watson, Carol ... _ 442 Watson, Jack 442 Watson, Richard . 86, 442 Watt, Jocelyn 175,301 Watson. Susanne 162, 442 Wattrick, Donald 87,172 Wattrous, Dorothy 98 Waugh, Alice -164 Wax, ' Harvey _ 95 Waxberg, Myron 179,442 Waxman. Joanne .. 442 Why. Donald .193 Weatherbee, Lee 87,205 Weaver, Helen 121,442 Weaver, Orville 203 Webb, Barbara ... 442 Webb, Daniel 183, 301 Webb, Joyce -- 442 Webb, Nancy ...145,442 Webb, Philip 271,442 Webber, Chuck 138 Webebr, Howard 177 Webber, Laura - 107, 253 Weber, Tanet .156 Weber, Shirlee .. 122 Weber, Richard . ...99,266 Weber, Wally - 309 Weber, William 96, 127, 147, 289, 303, 442 Webster, Jean 156, 367 Webster. Judy 156 Webster. Robert 182, 442 Weeby, Edward - 442 Weed, Chester 159,202 Wegst, Walter - 86 Webbing, Brenda .._ _ 108 Wehmeier. Victoria 153 Wehner, Edward .148 Wehner, Harrison _ 337 Weibel. Robert 93 Weil. Gerald - 99 Weinbaum, Robert 176, 234, 235, 294 Weinacker, Carl 88 Weinherg, Alan 88 Weinberger, Daniel 301 Weinberger. Michael ..179,442 Weine, David Ill, 199 Weiner, Irving 141, 442 Weinert, Hermine - 164 Weinert, Margaret 164 Weingarten, Charles 207 Weingarden, Diane 89 Weingarden, Loretta 103 Weinstein, Ancella 181,364,442 Weinstein. Daniel 271 Weir. Chuck _ 180 Weisbnrd, Martin .. 179, 240, 245 Weisblat, Howard 141.302 Weisenburg. David 173 Weisman, David 176 reassuring FAMILIAR... because it has appeared in thousands of the country ' s fnest year- books for the past half century. REASSURING... because those years of specialized experience bring complete service, outstanding quality and de- pendable delivery to the yearbook staffs, with whom we work. JAHN k OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 817 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago 7, Illinois 479 J Weisman, Ilyne 91,442 Weisman, Larry 110, 176 Weisman, Morton 442 Weisman, Robert 110 Weiss, Barbara 181 Weiss, Harvey - 179 Weiss, Joseph 442 Weiss, Larry 173 Weiss, Richard 178 Weiss, Ruth 221,266 Weiss, Stanle y 86 Weisz, Alfred 276 Weitzman, James _..110, 179 Welch, Norman 205 Welch, Phillip 87 Welch, Pierre .169,240,248,442 Welke, Kenneth 302 Wellington, Paul 95 Wellman Janet 117 Wellman, Joan 90, 145 Wellman, Lawrence 207 Wells, Buss 95 Wells. Curtis 183 Wells, Terry 95 Wells, Robert _ 169, 241, 291, 442 Wen, Cheng 269 Wendel, Marilyn 139 Wendel Peter _ -182,442 Wenk, Hugh 148,443 Wenley House 118 Wentworth, Fred 205 Wenzel. Carib 443 Wenzell, Margaret _ 443 Wepfer, Gordon 172 Werbelow. Sue -181,364 Werner, Carl 110 Wertheimer, Warren 179, 244, 443 Wesel, Robert 271 Wesley, Susan 162 West, Byron 184, 295 West, Hugh 120 West, Ronald 182,292 Westaway, Jack _ 269, 303, 443 Westerberg, Donna 288, 443 Westerdale, Maurice 193 Westerlund, Edward 87 Westover, Robert 152, 201, 443 Westphal, Judy _ 156,390 West Quad Council 123 Westwood, Edward 168 Wetterholt, Roy _ - 136, 443 Weyand, Tom 274, 287, 443 Wezeman, Claude 204 Wiard, William 193 Wickman, Charles 136,269,443 Wicktor, Charles _ 184 Widdis, Allene _ 150, 229, 443 Wieczorowhki, Barbara .. 117 Wiegand, Robert 443 iegand, William _ -251 Wierenga, Rooney 204 Wiersma, Margaret 221 Wiese, Nicolaas 95 Wiesner, Anita 443 Wiggins, Jolynn 108 Wigle, Clara _ 142 Wikstrom, Jerry 96 Wilder, Marilyn 112 Wilbur, Marilyn 142 Wilcox, Donald 286 Wilcox, James 118, 443 Wilcox, Lauren 99 Wilcox, Rex _ 169 Wilcox, Thomas 443 Wilcox, Wallace _ 178 Wiley, Earl 129 Wiley. Robert 258,271,289443 Wilhelm, George 120 Wilhoit, Chris 113 Wilk, Lawrence 114 Wilkerson, Marilyn _ -443 Wilkins, Cynthia _ 150 W ' ilkins, Margaret 155 Wilkins, Marilyn 264 Wilkins, Roger 113,257 Wilkinson, Charles 205,443 Wilkinson, David -302 Wilkinson, Sally . 220,221,222 Wilkinson, William _ -203 Wilks, Clarice 109 Will, Calvin 102 Will, Neil - 443 Willard, Nancy 153 Wille, Donald _ 95, 302 Willems, Charles 93 Willens, Alan _ 141 Willette, Frank 150, 187 Williams House _ 119 Williams, Albert -.167,302 Williams. Brymer _.... 272 Williams. Calvin _ 443 Williams, Caroll ....276, 443 Williams, Daine _ 156 Williams, Eugene 95 Williams, Francis ................... 443 Williams, Fredarck _____ 169, 215 Williams, Forrest ......... _ ...... 113 Williams, Gerry ..... 171, 307, 356 Williams, Hill ______________________ 152 Williams, Jerome ................ 177 Williams, John __________________ 151 Williams, Joy ...... -------------- 146 Williams, Thomas ______________ 200 Williams, Walt __________________ 301 Williams, Walter ...... _ ..... __123 Williamson, Gwendolyn ..... 92, 299, 443 Williamson, Margaret ...... ___ 156 Willis, Jim ..................... __________ 152 Willmar, Kenneth ---------------- 266 Willoughby, Rex _ ............. 443 Wills, James __________________ 443 Willson, Jack ... ......... ____________ 100 Wilner, Arthur __________________ 132 Wilpon, Fred _ ...... _ ...... ______ 111 Wilson, Charles ........... - ......... 189 Wilson, George ......................... 105 Wilson, Howard ..... - ...... -144, 443 Wilson, Jane .................. _______ 175 Wilson, Tudy .......... _____________ 150 Wilson, Kay __________ .......... _130 Wilson, Marcia ................. _ ...... 181 Wilson, Paula __ ..... _________ 146 Wilson, Peter ..... ____________ 99 Wilson. Richard ........ _____ 208 Wilson, Robert ............ _ ..... ...205 Wiltse, Richard ____________ 149,443 Winchell House _ .................... 170 Windeknecht, Thomas _______ 87 Wine, Robert ......... _______ ...... _, 88 Wine, Rosara ........... _ ...... 108 Winemiller, William .......... _ 105 Wingard, Donald ................ -443 Winger, Joseph ..................... 95 Wingert, Charles .......... __________ 443 Wingert, Verdia ________ ....... 106 Winkelman, Henry ............. 443 Winklehouse, Janet .......... ___ 150 Winkler, Warren ................... 205 Winkler, William _ ........ 291,356 Winklestein, Allen ............. -185 Winn, Mary ........ ______________ 142 Winney, Patricia .......... ___ 44 Winshall, Arnold ....... - _____ ..... 444 Winshall, Hilda ______ ....... 444 Winstead, Donna _______ .............. 139 Winston, Reid ............ _________ ..... 95 Winters, Larry ___________________ 183 Wiriyawit, Praneet .. .......... .261 Wirth, Janet ......... _ ............. ____ 286 Wise, Alfred _ ......... ___________ 188 Wise, Benjamin ____________ ...... 110 Wise, Charlie ........ __________ 151,444 Wihe, Larry _______________ 178 Wise, William Wittenberg, Jam Wittow, Barbara 179, 240, 243, 291, Wisencr, Bob ___________________ Wisler, Chester _____________ Wisner, Robert Wisner, William __ ........... Wisniewski, Bruce _ .............. Wisniewski, Marvin _______ 290, Witham, Mary ........ ........ 288, Witham, Nancy ................ 288, Wit!,cy, Grant ames . ra Witzky, Peter _________ Whaling, Martha _____ ..... Wheatin, Larry ............ ... Wheeler, Carol .......... Wheeler, David Wheeler, Dean Wheeler, Harry ...._ Wheeler, Tack ........ _ ................. Wheeler, Kaye Wheeler. Richard ... Wheeler, Wes ........ ______________ Whinery, Susan ________ Whipple, Clyde _ ........... .188, Whipple, Elmer Whitaker, Barbara ................ Whitaker. Fran ._ ...... __ Whitby, Kenneth _ White, Andrew _ _ White, Bradford .152, 285, White, Donna _ ..... White, Edward White, Andreson White, George ......... White, Hubert White, Ink ... ....... ... .. White. Tames .................... 96, White. Linn ... ................. 173, White. Margaret Whitegold, Michael ....... Whiteman, Joseph ....149, 295, Whitfield, Alan .................... Whiting, Frances 444 215 214 189 444 184 356 444 444 208 114 89 209 90 1% 89 166 274 86 169 150 209 167 145 285 161 364 101 286 337 302 92 166 .443 174 102 241 113 ,443 109 136 , 443 443 443 Whitman, Diane 90 Whitman, Marilyn 115 Whitney, Mary Lou 130 Whitney, William ...183,443 Whittaker, Barbara 139 Whitten, James 86 Wohlford, Richard -114 Wohllebe, Winnefred -117, 142 Wojciak. Robert 286 Woladarhky, William 444 Wolberg, Gerald - 176 Wolcoff, Donna - 140 Wolf, Betty Lou ... 304 Wolf, Beverly 444 Wolf, Evelyn - 444 Wolf, Harold 129 Wolf, Linda 108 Wolf, Melvyn .207,2% Wolf, Michael 99 Wolf, Nancy _ 108 Wolf, Sanford 102 Wolfe, David _ - 263,444 Wolfe, John 178 Wolfle, Janet 146 Wolfstein, Ralph _ 207 Wolgast, Judy - -98, 145 Wolgast, Peter 168 Wolk, Janet 444 Wolk, William 444 Wolsky, Aileen 444 Wolter, Gilbert 119, 274 Wolvin, Kenneth 95 Wonder, Mrs. Lilliam 1115 Wonser, John _ - 99 Wong, Shiu-Hon 86 Wood, Mary - Ill Wood, Alex _ 157 Wood, Barbara 155,444 Wood, Chuck _ - -160 Wood, Richard 184 Wood, Grace 260 Wood. Michael 111 Wood, Patricia 115 Wood, William 99 Woodward, Cynthia 153 Woodward. Frederick _ 87 Woodward, Gary - 444 Woodworth. Mary 112, 301 Woodruff. John 97 Woodruff. William 280 Woods, Edward - 167 Woods. Tohnson Ill Woolf, James 159,202 Woomer, Donald - 208,444 Woonton, Sally 90 Woolson. Mike 265 Wooton, Roger Worden. George 99 Work, Bruce 188, 301 Workman. Peter 99 Worline, Robert 120 Wormley, Tanet 444 Worrell. Shirley -- ...-137 Wortinger, Gwen 107 Woschitz, Robert 95, 444 Worniak. Robert 170 Wozniak. Teanette 103.146 Wragg, Peter 152.444 Wren. G il - 155,444 Wrieht, William 88 Wright, Dana 103, 362 Wrieht. Elaine , 286 Wright, Terry 97 Wright. Marjorie ... 121,444 Wright, Nancy 145,220,221.300 Wright Patricia ... 112. 165 Wright. Peter 198 Wright Wilbur 132,444 Wrona, Tohn _ 180 Wrona. Robert 129 VVuerthner. Theodore .... 258, 446 Wulfman. David 196 Wulfsohn. Peter 173 Wurster. Tinet 268 Wunderlich. Norms 266,276 Wvbrecl ' t. Theophile - . Ill Wyche, Marjorie 90, 299. 304, 444 Wyler. Margie 137 Vyle. Nancy - 142 Wylie, Donald 444 Wvlie, Winifred . - 444 Wylie, John .... 180 Wyllie, D lmae 444 Wyman, Morris 114, 159, 202. 444 Wynne. Arthur 180, 289, 444 Wysocki. Carolyn 107,444 Wvtonick, Dallas 110 Wyvern 300 Vakouac. Frank ... 87 Vampolsky. Robert Ill Yandell. Lois _ 108. 226, William 119. 280 Yatiko, Robert ... 167 Yanthrophina, Zuzzuzi 445 Yardley, Jerry _ 189 Yarman, Christine 131 Yarman, Ginny 131 Yarman, Mrs. Kirkwood 131 Yarman, Louise 131 Yarrow, Joan 103 Yates, Jo Anne .155, 219 Yazdani, Mahmud - 262 Yeakey, Nancy 90,163 Yeaw, Elizabeth 115, 444 Yee, Elizabeth 91, 444 Yee, Raymond .444 Yehle, Eugene 198 Yelland, Harlan 182 Yen. Pilip 119,280 Yerden, Carolyn 91 Yip, Sidney _ Ill Yoder, Vesta 445 Yokoyama, Henry 445 Yolles, Marilyn _ 445 York, Carl _ 182 Yoshonis, Karl 445 Yost, William __ 203 Young, Alexander 445 Young, Anne 297, 445 Young, Charles 97 Young, Dianne _ 146, 362 Young, Donald 169, 302 Young, Jack _ 276 Young, Prof. J. G 275 Young, James Young, Joan . Young, John _ 155 - 205, 296, 445 Young, Martha 139 Young, Patricia 266 Young, Raymond 286, 287, 445 Young, William 260 Youngblood, James 203 Youse, Lawrence 99 Youse, Rex _ 172 Yu, Charlie 88 Yukon, Diane - 89, 140 Zack, Burton 258 Zagnoli, Roland 129, 206, 258, 271, 445 Zahn, Ivan 266, 276 Zaio, Mary -445 Zair, Mary 137 Zako, Louis 100 Zalenka. Jerry 105 Zaparyniuk, Joanna _ 91 Zarrow, Herbert 141, 271, 445 Zax, Stanley - 110 Zechman. Fred 141, 215, 445 Zeder, Mildred 145 Zeff, Arnold - 120 Zeff. David ... .. 445 Zeidman. Ma rcia Zelisse, David ..- 186 Zenian, Paul 93 Zerbel, David 136, 269, 445 Zerman, William 235, 295 Zervas, Stephen 9 7eta Beta Tau 192 Zeta Phi Eta 259 Zeta Psi Ziegelman, Seymour 185 Ziegleman, Robert 192 Zielinski, Norman - Zieman, Virginia 153 Zill, Charles 266 Zilly, Tom 149 Zimels, Peter 113 Zimmerman, Dick 160 Zimmerman, Frank 88 Zimmerman, Lynn . 92 Zimmerman, William Zitnmers, Carol 364 Zimont, Charles 208 Zinger, Fred 99,258 Zink, Elmer 105 Zinn, Frank . - 169 Zinn, Virginia 156 Ziolkowski, John .... 198, 256, 445 Zirnitis, Liga - 304,445 Ziv. Alvin 99, 176 Zoller, Ellen .- 146, 445 Zoner, Jon - 97 Zrull, Joe ... 208 Zucchet, Roger 147 Zuck, Sylvia __ 130 Zucker, Isaac - 173 Zucker, Mike ...- 173 Zuckerberg, Harvey 179 Zuckerman, George 110 Zuelch, Peggy 165 Zuieback, Joyce 108 Zuieback, Tobi 224 480 r

Suggestions in the University of Michigan - Michiganensian Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) collection:

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