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I ROBERT NORTHCOTT GORDON HYDE POLLY KURTZ ROBERT SCHRAYER Managing Editor Business Manager Associate Editor Associate Editor . FOUR YEARS MORE OR LESS More than the non-entity of its architecture, Michigan is made up of faces. The student behind the face has chosen Michigan for its infinitness, its foot- ball team (now past tense), its Engineering School or its reduced rates for state-residents. He has not chosen it for its serenity, its compactness or its Romance Language building. As a freshman he belongs to a mass of faces, but in four years he is expected to be less conglomerate and more specific. His only security must come then from his immediate contemporaries; though he may believe college-life to be broadening, he is actually narrowed. This is part of the system, for the necessity is to find one ' s niche some will substitute clique if to maintain normality at all. (To attempt more invites the superficiality of the pseudo or demands the breadth of genius). He will graduate with a minimum of ideals and a leaning toward the standards of midwest society, for Michigan has taught him the virtues of specialization. He may in a few cases attain an individuality beyond this, but he is known chiefly for the groups he represents. His total existence is a compromise. THE DIVIDING LINES Michigan rarely generalizes itself into a mass; it exists in parts. The student learns early that he cannot work on all the levels that the university offers. He must choose and every choice imposes its own limitations, even its own stereotypes. He lives his college career tagged with defining phrases and these set in capitals- Independent, Young Democrat, maybe Phi Beta Kappa the leading ques- tions are similar. Where to house? How much to study? Who to date? Individual answers to these set up the boundaries of the Michigan group. DEFINING The foreign student, intense and naive about his new surroundings, seeks almost desper- ately for a certain degree of americanization. If this degree is kept at bare minimum it is because the campus accepts his presence only passively. He is left to seek companion- ship among his fellows. The fraternity lad subjects himself to various indignities, pro- gressing in events from initiation to Michigras ' pie-throwing. His suffering is campusly translated as heroic honoraries will use similar methods. The idea suggests conformity and loyalty to a cause; no effort is too great for a Michibuck. L The professional (he ' s bending over an architectural drawing-board) takes his studies seriously and his draughtsmanship meticulously. It is part of the em- phasis his education lays on him. He learns efficiency and the painful cliche of " business before pleasure. " His reward is a college career concrete enough to impress the outside world, and this is his aim in life. The married student with child watches a campus dis- play of spirit with the interest of an outsider. Although his apartment may be used for parties, although he may dress baby in a small-sized " M " shirt, he is em- phatically not rah-rah. He makes the most intensive of students, for his family is there to remind him that it is counting on his education. The B.M.O.C. here takes his least political and perhaps- most sincere form. He has specialized his interest and worked to the top, and the Student Publications build- ing has become the center of his campus life. He studies, parties and pores over editorial copy here and invar- iably returns home (an apartment) in the early A.M. The honoraries have taken notice. The lower classman, the female in minority, is faced with the bewildering problem of adding her individuality to the eighteen thousand or so populace of Michigan. Sororities want to rush her, activities to capitalize her and the Time Schedule offers a glittering array of courses. She lives in a dorm, dines cafeteria style everything is over- sized and too big to handle. ANN ARBOR: HETEROGENEOUS AND PROUD OF HERSELF The Michigan student reflects a certain existence midwestern dignity with a dash of sophistication. A closer look reveals his heterogeneous surroundings, his serious academic pursuits, his cultural leanings (he likes to think he ' s intellectual), and his " weekends only " social life. When he graduates he doesn ' t wear a Princetonian polish or a " college-in-the-sun " tan; he ' s ready to face reality, at least materially and practically. ON THE SURFACE Michigan dresses differently from gothic-clad Princeton or colonial Virginia. While she sports a few unusual accessories, Victorian Romance Langauge and Greek-faced Angell Hall, her basic dress is confined to conservative mediocrity. And the student ' s dress reflects the influence of his environment. In a moment of eastern recklessness he may don Bermuda shorts or an oxford grey suit, but he usually restricts himself (fittingly he feels) to the conventional somber khakis and slovenly white bucks. , . Vv ' 4 :iag, core of academic activity - a chaos of walks, students and buildings m ; tttu. rl v, _i . . the quiet of campus-town after hours, no longer a campus, no longer a town m - . . the arcade haven for window shop- ping, rainy days and music students n 13 - - . i , ...J . ,! ...I __( m mm mm mm - - - mm mm m mm m mm m m m m C E W W W W id d i 3 3 3 d mmmmm r l . . a stretch of dorm brick, a parked bicycle -the formula for college living stark buildings, the new campus towering angles against the sky .ij fp ' . . football, massive enough to photo- . graph; the surge into the bowl THE ACADEMIC If Michigan can be said to have any core (and this is dubious), it must to the relief of the regents ' conscience be the academic. The day may end with a Daily deadline or a concert, but it inevitably begins with a class and even Saturday is not held sacred. There are as many libraries as there are buildings and al- most as many students as chairs. The student in his more op- timistic moments will try for " A ' s " but faced with a pressing semester will accept the mediocrity of " C ' s " . His most common com- plaint is that each prof suspects that his course is the only one. I Classes rather than conferences form the back- bone of student-professor relationship. They cover several acres of campus and take in several styles of classrooms, from the mech- anism of the lab to the every-man-for-him- self survey. They deal with facts or ideas, train to memorize or to think, test objec- tively or essay-ingly and Michigan fosters EPHP I ABOVE AND BEYOND Dr. Elizabeth Crosby, (above), professor of anatomy, rates a reputation as one of the world ' s top women scientists. She was one of six last year to attend an international conference in neuro-anatomy. Alexander Valeric (upper right) is nationally known for his exhibits in lithography; his art students love him for his Italian accent and fiery personality. Ralph Aigler (right), law prof, has a habit of finishing his lectures on the way out the door. One of his extra-class activities is a post as Big-Ten Representative with the task of drawing up rules for NCAA. 21 One of the mainstays of Michigan ' s prestige is its program of research available in any size, shape or form of department. Above, a Middle English dic- tionary (the first of its kind) is compiled with two I.B.M. machines and several PhD candidates assist- ing; right, a wind tunnel experiment at the university- owned Willow Run air-strip. These projects reflect Michigan ' s insistence on the concre te and the specialized . 22 s1 4 fM; , ' ' f ' ' ' ] J ZU Ann Arbor has been dubbed " cultural " and it bears the title with conscious dignity. It fosters the professional and the amateur, for the Ann Arbor audience has a certain reputation that attracts challenge. Its concerts, lectures and dramas make the coke-date obsolete and study-hours secondary; they supplement the purely social and the pure- ly academic. It is also a prediction that Hill Auditorium will outlast even the Phoenix Project, for it has centuries of art behind it. HILL: CLASSROOM OF CULTURE A typical audience at Hill is typical of no other place. It divides itself into vague class stratas the professors, Ann Arbor- ites and Detroit dillentantes fill in the main floor while students get pretty possessive about the second balcony which may not see but always hears. (The really prac- tical student goes free with an ushering pass, proving that he ' s willing to work for his culture). And somewhere, perhaps in INTERMISSION WITH THE STARS 26 t dark glasses, is the Daily critic product of Michigan ' s critical spirit. These are entertained by the height of cultural suc- cess, for Hill ' s program does not pretend to support the neophyte. Washington re- porter, Drew Pearson (upper left), with his reputation for the last word, Bidu Sayao (lower left) a petite figure and a peerless soprano, Rise Stephens (lower right) known for the rose between her teeth, the Buda- pest String Quartet (upper right) an en- semble of matchless co-ordination these are but a selection of the year ' s repertoire. Michigan theater finds a wide range of expression. Drama of all kinds is available to the student theater-goer, some of it good, much of it bad. But whenever he attends a Gilbert and Sullivan production he is certain to be, at least or best, in satiric hands. Ingenious scenery and make-shift costumes blend in an astonishingly professional manner. Stage busi- ness doesn ' t usually measure up; a point for the Daily critic. Hero Leonard welcomed back from war. Grim headsman poised ready to perform. Dramatically, the people pray for mercy. At last, the public-demanded happy ending ELEPHANTS AND ART Michigan has its quiet moments. The spacious intimacy of its mus- eums are frequented by a select cli- entele which interests itself in Japan- ese prints or neathanderal man with the self-absorption of the expert or the passing-fancier. Michigan, nour- ished on the nineteenth century ideal of progress, will insist that its dis- plays change clothes with versatility. 30 Moses didn ' t conceive of the modernity of Michigan when he came up with the Lord ' s ten com- mandments; but then many stu- dent interpretations of the Sabbath fail to go back to Moses either. This basic discrepancy has shown two poles of campus reaction. Many find their faith here, for they are not as radical as they think. Those who go to church, discounting those with new hats or a boy-friend in the choir, are either the orthodox or the " avante guarde " (that is, followers of T.S. Eliot), the ones who fall between this gap, " sleep in " because of Saturday night dates, or uphold the soul as independent of Gothic architec- ture. These last, hedonistic or agnostic or individualistic, tend to emphasize Sunday as a day of rest; their literature (when not a home bible) is symbolized by the Sunday comic-strips. This leaves a faith easily dis- turbed by circumstance, for comic-strip char- acters are hard to idealize and harder to predict. When Lil Abner, defying all tradi- tion, married the persistent Daisy Mae, there was a noticeable swell in church ranks. , w I IX ' THE SOCIAL LIGHTS Michigan noticeably lacks any real social glitter (its culture and morality restrain it from any blatant displays), and dating is distinctly exclusive in scale. Its big dances are most representative, but even these begin or end with a more intimate cocktail (or front porch). In its youngest form, social life is a specta- cular rat-race, but it progresses from the arbitrary to the pinned date, eventually to integrate itself into individual careers. 36 PARTY - PARTY When the Michigan student parties, he spends his greatest effort in look- ing like he ' s having fun. This is a substitute for the more classical em- phasis on conversation. Since Socrates, the flappers have come in and it is these we imitate. Drinking is excessive, singing raucus, dates intermixed ah yes, the Michigan party generates much energy. The age twenty-one is celebrated because this legalizes drinking; games are instituted when there ' s a lull. Finally, the Michigan student is most ill at ease (and here he departs from the flapper) when he ' s forced to go for- mal. 37 BETTY HlfTON ' U EU IN TFCHNlOLOR ON THE TOWN Because of Ann Arbor ' s indifference, the student creates his own clustering-points. His coffee significantly comes without a red checked tablecloth, for he thrives on the most prosaic of atmospheres. He is enthusiastic about British films although Orpheum seats (above) leave no room for knees of any knobbi- ness. His patronage is rarely sought, but he, too, is indifferent; the university and its facilities leave little time for the town. Lacking what one calls a really good restaurant, the student pays over- charged prices for food he often times can ' t eat. He manages to survive from one day to the next on the delicacies (and coffee) of the corner drug store. 39 Michigan has neither the wea- ther nor the natural facilities to set recreation in anything but small type on its campus calendar. It becomes more a relaxation, and this not taken without a certain feeling of guilt, for Michigan demands activity. Perhaps a bike ride or pool in the Union these are weekday events and all moderate in scope. The stu- dent will reserve his more pagan pleasures for spring vacation in Florida (left). On campus he retains a conser- vative reserve Bermuda shorts are never worn without a tennis racket to justify them; mass-sunbathing encounters raised eyebrows. Michigan is too utilitarian to allow campus ritual to exist in any thriving form; it feels conspicuous in formality and is inclined to sneer at the unpractical. Yet it does nourish several quaint anachronisms. A girl ' s not a coed until kissed under the Engine arch at midnight, although Stockwell lounge is ad- mittedly handier. Football rallies insist on " roll ' em up " (argyles show up best). The lawyers, always rabid on tradition, indulge in the habitual past-time of penny-pitching. Then the Union mentions something about its front door. TRADITIONALLY MICHIGAN THE YEAR OF DECISION At Michigan it is considered only proper and right to have political opinions. These may be anywhere on the governmental garnet; the collegiate lawyer likes to think he is ultra- conservative; the eager young journalist, on the other hand, may proudly consider himself a radical. During the fall campaign, from the outward manifestations, all Michigan defi- antly supported these extremist views. But at the polls the student stoicly compromised with his conscience ; the tabulations showed the middle-of-the-road by a landslide. Election night in the Union ' s smoke- filled ballroom can be a pretty ex- citing event, especially if you ' re a " not-too-certain " candidate (right). POLITICS ON THE LOCAL Twice a year Ann Arbor braces herself for all- campus elections; windows are smothered by campaign posters, radio breaks are clogged with propaganda and dinners interrupted by pretty J-Hop candidates. (In Michigan ' s highly competitive atmosphere, much stress is placed on winning.) The whole business is looked upon as " undergrad " by the grads, " representative " by the SL and " child ' s play " by the administration. Whatever the case might be, the student finds it impossible to avoid local politics altogether. He may appear to be indifferent and only occasionally rabid; but when asked to comment, he in- variably voices an opinion. Whether it ' s SL ' s squabbling over student rights or the YR ' s " never- say-die " attitude, the Michigan stu- dent takes his politics seriously. i I THE INEVITABLE f Perhaps the safest prediction a senior can make about next year is that he, in some way, will be involved in the military. The choices are the same and only a genius can plead insanity. For some, the ROTC programs ha ve offered aca- demic security and a taste of what ' s to come (summer camps, left). But to most seniors the choices are depressingly familiar enlistments, Grad School, or two years as a draftee. 49 STUDENTS WERE TALKING ABOUT . . . STUDENTS WERE TALKING ABOUT . . . The leviathan modernity of the new Haven Hall embellished with rubber plants . . . The radical-radicals occu- pying their time with the only news item they could get their pink hands on, the Rosenburg Case . . . The callous removal of the last concrete evidence of Michigan Tradition from the middle of the Diag, the crumbling but nostalgic Michigan Seal . . . The unostentatious arrival of that grotesque Little Man on Campus who cut a good many campuses before he reached ours . . . General Eisenhower ' s unexpected sweep of the nation on election day . . . The absurd popularity of that maudlin little song " I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus. " STUDENTS WERE TALKING ABOUT . . . Charles Boyer ' s nasal philoso- phizing in the Laughton production " Don Juan in Hell " . . . The obstinaney of Michigan State when they refused to transfer next fall ' s contest to the more accommodating Michigan stadium . . . The small success of the one-night J-Hop stand which could represent the growing student apathy . . . The interminable length of John Steinbeck ' s East of Eden . . . The quads ' tyrannical ruling for- bidding the hanging of SL campaign posters . . . The unbelievable snowless winter Ann Arbor grudgingly experienced . . . The uncanny repetition of the hockey team when they skated into their Fourth NCAA championship. STUDENTS WERE TALKING ABOUT . . . The death of the infamous Russia n Premier Joseph Stalin and the restless world tension it caused . . . Paul Klee ' s whimsical " Obvious Conversation " . . . Michigan State ' s noisy entrance into the Big Ten . . . The new spring draft call which definitely affected the college student . . . The smooth harmony of Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians . . . The public indifference which greeted Professor Allan Seager ' s tragedy of Amos Berry . . . The rejuvenated Spring Weekend which replaced the dead Tennis Ball . . . The Art Theater ' s navel production of Sophocles ' " Oedipus Rex " . . . The Daily ' s brave but unsuccessful call to Malenkov and Moscow. STUDENTS WERE TALKING ABOUT . . . The scanty anniversary of last year ' s panty raid . . . The unlucky professor who had his ankle crushed by a burly lawyer during the fracas at Slide Rule Ball . . . Bernie Backhaut ' s raves and rants against the narrow-minded Young Republicans in his frequent Letters to the Editor . . . The traditional Greek Week and IFC Sing which missed the voices of that fraternity tossed out of the running because of an inauspicious drinking party . . . The brilliant bow-ing of world-renowned Francescatti on Sat- urday afternoon of May Festival . . . The long-awaited graduation day which brought with it unwilling expulsion into a nervous world. 51 t In the thick of campus activity (South U. in front, diag in back) the President ' s house, colonial in grandeur and midwestern in dignity, is just what the administration ordered for its president. His children and collie play in the back-yard in its swings and sandboxes; college dignitaries enter up the front lawn, cared for year-long by a bevy of gardeners. President Harlan Hatcher (in office for his second year) has, too, taken over the tradition of student teas; several times a month he offers up his home and family to curious hordes of students who have come for coffee and cake, a tour of his newly decorated rooms or a warm handshake with their college president. 54 ADMINISTRATION The Board of Regents (below) is the governing body of the university elected by the residents of the State of Michigan. The Regents accept all endowments of the university and vote on increases in dormitory fees. The administrative officials who execute the policies of the Regents are (left to right) Wilbur K. Pierpont, Vice- President; Herbert G. Watkins, Secretary and Assist- ant Vice-President; Marvin L. Niehuss, Vice President and Dean of Faculties; Frank E. Robbins, Assistant to the President. Board of Eegents Front Row: Harlan H. Hatcher, president; J. Joseph Herbert; Vera B. Baits; Alfred B. Connable, Jr.. Back Row: Lee M. Thurston; Leeland I. Doan; Kenneth M. Stevens; Roscoe O. Bonnisteel; Otto E. Eckert; Charles S. Kennedy. AND F MANKIND, STUDENT AFFAIRS Walter B. Rea, Dean of Men Erich A. Walter, Dean of Students Sarah L. Healy, Associate Dean of Women Deborah Bacon, Dean of Women The Student Affairs committee (below) has supervision over all student activities except athletics. Recognition of campus organizations, student eligibility and driving permits are handled by the committee or Dean Walter ' s office. The newly established office of the Dean of Men and the office of Dean of Women have similar responsi- bilities. Housing facilities, enforcement of housing reg- ulations and general welfare of the students are their main concerns. The two deans are also members of the various supervisory committees on campus. 57 I I ' LITERARY SCHOOL There are those who use Lit School as a stepping-stone, there are those who dabble in electives, and then there are those God bless them who ask for nothing better than a A.B. degree. Many of these seek the security of a teacher ' s certificate and yet there are many who don ' t . . . who after four years emerge incompatible with the world they can do all but make money; the world can do nothing but. 59 EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF Housing the A. P. teletype, the journalism news room ' s atmosphere is made for would-be-reporters. Once the core around which Michigan grew, Lit School has taken a back seat with the rise of the vocational trend. However it still holds diverse attractions, the most apparent of which is pure breadth. It houses the potential Hopwood winner and the political aspirant, ranges alphabetically from astronomy to zoology all with perfect self-complacency. The Lit student is hard to tag with any minute accuracy but it can be said that he occu- pies head campus posts, is found to be at ease at concerts, lectures and in crowds generally and drinks his coffee (when in public) black. Dubbed anywhere from " egg-head " to party-boy " , he continues to thrive. In a final analysis, Angell Hall becomes the great campus melting pot, where all types rub elbows on its broad stretch of classical steps or squeek on crepe-shoed feet over the rubber tiles of its modern building-additions. You ' re on the air! Grease paint, bright lights and cameras are in order at Operation 4006. 60 Anything from Freud ' s analysis of dreams to a dis- rourse on the Andaman Islanders can be found in the Mason Hall library. One can rarely find a vacant chair in this most popular study hall on the campus. Germinating seeds, cross sections of stems and micro- scopes are standard equipment at the new Botanical Gardens. The Botany 2 student has a fifteen minute bus ride (included in lab hours ) to reach the building. 61 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The coldly efficient Bus. Ad. School harbors many a would-be- Rockefeller in its towering structure. The student (most often a former Lit schooler) takes pride in his separateness from campus. He is singular for his numerical marking system, Coffee Room, smoking lounges and private Placement office. With no small degree of self-consciousness he sips tea in the faculty ' s plush ninth floor lounge. After classroom stress on business theory, he graduates into the practical training programs of GM or the Paw-Paw State Bank. 62 8RN - ' : ; 64 ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN Although the atmosphere in the art school is informal, the pressure is quite real. The Architecture student is forced to stay up several nights each week in order to finish rather lengthy projects; he bands together in his own circle not only for discussion but for mutual sympathy. The Design student has less of this in-group- ness and more stress on indi- viduality although he inevitably leans toward the abstract. Both are less Bohemian than they would like to think. 65 MUSIC The music student learns to thrive on the example of celebrities. Out of a fire-trap structure overflowing with musical noisiness he and his fellows build spotless student performances which are presented on a stage that at other times may hold a Horowitz or a Steber. Living on his own personal thirst for music, he is a willing victim of his school ' s emanating nervous- tension. Under pressure of practice hours and final juries he finds his classes, his activities, his recreation, even his friends are almost exclusively musical, for this is the only way he can match a Julliard education. In rare spare moments, he sandwiches and cokes at the Betsy Ross where he meets his own kind. 67 68 MEDICINE The freshman in med school works to keep from flunkingout. Once past this initial insecurity, however, he has time to acquire a more professional interest. He rarely forgets he ' s a med student; he uses his medical vocabulary for classes, local jokes, perhaps charades it becomes a part of his life. Hatcher teas and Union mixers are outside of his realm, for he has little time to browse. 69 To supplement hours spent with nose-in-book, A long stretch of cadavers (one a student) the student can view top-operating technique. represent the daily routine of anatomy lab. The microscope becomes the tool for many nights of study and black coffee. HUMMKUK Hospital patients get the recreational benefit of a Student Legislature sponsored movie. 1 MEN IN WHITE COATS With a 6-8 hour day of classes, recreation is important enough to take seriously. His athletics and his parties are thus destined to be efficient and intense, his dating likely to lead to marriage. He graduates well prepared to settle into a practice or pursue specialized courses. 71 J ENGINEERING I The most romantic thing about Engine School is its arch. But the pale green plaster walls of third-floor West Engine deny this ro- mance; there is little plush and no lobby, for the backbone of Engineering is its reality. The student lives in a male world ; if he wears glasses they are not horn-rim and he doesn ' t shop at Van Bovens. In fact, he ' s pretty much confined to a small corner of the diag, but then he sacrifices expansion for concentrated study. In the end, he learns a hell-of-a-lot of engineering under constant threat of flunking out. 73 The engine student has come a long way from the classical pen and ink-well. He learns instead to live with machines and love it, and this, a la rolled-up shirt sleeves and loosened tie (if at all). The student below is operating a high-powered metal cutting machine in the production engineering department. The others range from automotive (top), naval architecture (middle) one of the few such depart- ments in the nation; aeronautical (bottom). PHARMACY A major in pharmacy immediately limits one ' s space and time on campus but by this very reason fosters intimacy within its own circle. The students socialize in classes as well as over coffee cups; they do their dunking traditionally and conveniently at the League, a test-tube ' s throw away. 75 J 1 The Nursing Student lives in a world com- pletely void of campus issues. Her daily existence is one of continued reading, study, observation and investigation. Socially the nurses are the same as any group except for the fact that their time-consuming work leaves little room for large social functions. It ' s a bridge game here, a movie date there and coffee whenever there ' s a break in the schedule. NURSING An ordinary day in the nurse ' s life calls for work in nutrition, lab, clinic and the classroom not to mention the actual working with patients. Service to mankind is the primary function of these maidens as they assume responsibility for creating a physical, social and spiritual environment conducive to recovery. 77 LAW Despite physical proximity to campus, the law student pre- fers confinement 350 of 900 law students eat, sleep, study and attend classes within the radius of a walled block. If he graduated from the East he remains true to it, Michigan becoming real only by the very length of its study hours or its five-hour exams. For recreation he drinks his coffee at Gokenbachs and his liquor almost anywhere. For sport he pitches pennies and watches the stream of noon- day traffic file past his Gothic tower. When he graduates, he has had one of the best legal educations available to the country. CULT OF THE TWEED The lawyer will work late his typewriter can be heard any hour of the night but he is easily distracted. He will take time out for a beer or play practical jokes on his fellows or shout cat-calls to the maidens of Martha Cook. And though he ' d be the last to admit it, he is more collegiate than us all. The lawyer takes pride in his library it is bigger and better than most. He spends much of his time in its spacious hall or related cubicles. In his hurry to complete his studies other luckier lawyers are waiting at the Bell he often sneaks ' reserved shelf books past the unsuspecting librarian. 80 Lawyers and law school are not without tradition senior practice court, like penny pitching, has been con- ducted in the same manner for years. Here lawyers-to-be present their cases for the plaintiff or defendant. Through this arch a freshman enters the lawyers ' sanc- tuary. Not until three years later does he return, the proud possessor of a letter and law degree, a collec- tion of statutes and codes, and in desperate need of a job. Some Christian gentleman may offer him one. 81 - NATURAL The natural resources, student is at home in the woods and casual in civilization. Cigarettes and Tom Col- lins are somewhat too sophisticated; he prefers cigars and pipes and is notorious for his beer-drinking; he takes his date to a movie rather than a concert. He upholds plaid shirts as regular class attire, for he believes in rugged comfort. He looks forward to a summer in forestry camp to relieve him of formalities (shaving, ties, etc.). It is rumored that he has hair on his chest. Weekly field trips are a class-routine in the school of Natural Resources. Students in Fisheries (right- above) form a chain-gang to drain a pond by netting and sieving fish. (If the trip had lasted any longer than an afternoon, they ' d have taken the opportunity to grow a beard). (Right) a student in wood tech- nology learns to operate a wood press as part of a course. Conservative in building structure only, the Univer- sity ' s Dental School has one of the finest reputations in the country, not only for the dentists it turns out, but also for its extensive research program. The dental student finds that the majority of his day is consumed by a prescribed curriculum in clinic and in class. He times-out at the League and is known for his flannels, clean bucks and either a reptile tie or the equally favorite bow. His neatness is perhaps his greatest asset and his most crowning glory. On politics there ' s little dispute it ' s Republican all the way. On parties they ' re quite in agreement, there ' s a cocktail preference, but beer is cheaper. 84 p i .. The young man (rt.) is in the depths of creative expression at the Ed School-supervised University Fresh Air Camp. EDUCATION To be in Ed School is to involve oneself in many things, from puppet- making to part-time jobs in a state hospital, and most assuredly in ' progres- sive ' methods. The two years of teacher training are measured out by observation reports; everything learned or already known is written down. For one hectic semester the Ed student (predominantly female) is swept up in the very non-collegiate existence of a practice-teacher, as she abandons saddles for hose and sanity for practical experience. She learns the construc- tive value of colored paper and felt, of farmer-in-the-dell and football at recess (right), of logs and lesson plans, and on the high-school level the problems of puberty. University Elementary-High School finds her in- dispensable in its classrooms. During this busy time of the student teacher ' s life, there is a notable drop in her bridge and coffee hours. She tolerates this infringement on her time because she wants something to do when she gets out of school (perhaps for security when her potential husband dies) or because she loves her work. Some want to teach, others want a teaching certificate. 86 87 . PUBLIC HEALTH One is immediately impressed with the modernity of the School of Public Health, along with its warmth and inclusive- ness. It exudes an air of comfortable plush, famous for its friendliness. It is very much its own school (one of the coun- try ' s best) and insists on the progressive. Health questions are as current as experimental equipment and weekly lectures allow. 88 SOCIAL WORK Working four days a week, going to classes two, the social-work major has little time for any but the concerns of the patients she counsels, the families she investigates for welfare aid. In such a plan of education, she (a grad student) lives chiefly off-campus in a world of socio-emotional problems. 89 _ GRADUATE SCHOOL There are hints of a second Columbia in Michigan ' s flourishing stress on its grad departments. The man with brief-case comes here uninterested in the Big-Ten, unaware of Michigras. He knows where to register, where to research. And he has the impassivity of an Olympian living above campus actualities; he will fail to see J-Hop posters. When he parties it is informally in apartments or over the round discussion tables of the Bull Ring. Though having few classes, he is quite selec- tive with his time. He browses in Bob Mar- shalls and attends movies at the Orpheum although his chief recreation is conversation and records. He may be the tweedy country- squire or the less meticulous, hair-scratching variety with a wife who may work to support him, maybe some children. In any case whereas the under-grad may become dis- tracted the graduate student never loses sight of the fact that he came to Michigan for an education. 90 Rackham was built for the grad student, but in actuality it comes off as somewhat of an over-deluxe structure, quite photogenic (above) and most certainly picturesque alums would point with pride. But its very luxuriousness destroys the myth of the grad ' s as- cetic life; it ' s too plush for the humble. It fails (out-of-the-way loca- tion may have something to do with it) to bring the scattered grads to its central bosom. This could be a hint that the graduate is individual enough not to need a centrality based purely on physical environment. 91 At . ' - , P William Jentes president Jack Ehlers secretary MICHIGAN UNION Every male student at some time enters the front doors of the Michigan Union, and on football week-ends a few women slip in too. It will be recalled by hundreds of Michigan men that they saw political history made via video in the smoke-filled Tap Room. Some of the more mundane may associate us with the purchase of bluebooks, a haircut or a tax- free dinner. And a few will undoubtedly recall our famous steamroom. Whether its a swim, a game of pool or a meeting of the Young Progressives, the Michigan Union will never be forgotten. Visiting alumni, if they ' re lucky enough, can spend a week-end in our comfortable rooms and suites. All this has been going on for half a century. From top to bottom, from the Indian whoops in the tower to the esoteric whisperings around the basement coffee counter, the Union has offered every feasible facility and service for the Michigan man. But, while serving the needs of students, it is the Union ' s constant desire to achieve something greater than the promotion of its facilities. Through furnishing their use, it hopes to attain a focalization of campus spirit and activity. And in doing so it aspires to provide a " group feeling " more closely associated with the school itself a feeling that engenders pride in the university. 94 Campus Affairs: George Chatas, Ron Kaminsky. Public Relations: Jay Strickler and Hal Abrams. Student Service: Hugh Kabat and Ruedi Gingras. Coordination: Steve Fuerth and Stuart Mittenthal. Social: Art Bublitz and Al Magnotta. Personnel and Administration: Bill Libby, Phil Flarsheim. Front Row: Mr. M. H. Waterman; William Jentes, president; Jack Timers; Mr. C. O. Wisler. Second Row: Dean Walter Uea; Mr. F. C. Kuenzel; Mr. A. L. Clark, Jr.; Mr. F. A. Hooper; Howard Willens. Back Row: Robert E. Baker; Frederick Pike; David Ponitz; Mr. T. H. Tapping; Samuel Alfieri. The Michigan Union is the only male stronghold left on campus, symbolized by familiar blue and gold membership pins and matchbooks that flood Ann Arbor. It provides varied recreational facilities: bowl- ing alleys, swimming pool, cafeteria, Little Club, and grooved tables in the Tap Room. A spacious ballroom affords space for the weekend dances and many annual events such as the Homecoming Dance and Santa ' s Fantasy. The Union has also become a service organiza- tion handling all types of activities: Red Cross and Infantile Paralysis Drives, lecture tickets sales, football ticket resales, the co-ed study hall, travel bureau, and guide service. It houses various student organization offices and the Pendleton Library where there exists no co-educational distractions. Clothed (thank good- ness) as completely in tradition as in ivy, the Union is the place where men are " men " and women are merely honored inconveniences ; the policy of outlawing female use of the front door provides perpetual suffragates. The building the Union now occupies was constructed in 1916 B.C. after the Union had outworn its first home. The president, secretary and junior executive council of the Union supervise over fifty projects carried on every year. Council members chairman the six committees staffed by freshmen and sophomores. 96 Among the social activities on the Union calen- dar are the informal weekend dances held in the Union Little Club. Here a member may bring his date and dance to the music of the Alley Cats. The Alley Cats ' trio (right) play its novelty number for the evening. Other Union members (bottom) prefer to watch the Saturday night wrestling matches on television while they snack in the tap room. Union Tryouts Front Row: George Beauchamp, Jr.; Joseph E. Moore, Jr.; Elliott Burd; James Easley; Roger DeVries; John Vandenburg; James DeLand; Ronald East- erling: Robert Busha; Michael Lyons. Second Row: Lloyd Anderson; Sund Raymond; James Moore; Louis Slavin; Stanley Bohrer; Richard Pinkerton; David Smith; Thomas Leopold; James Reveno. Third Row: Ronald Poland; Alfred Weisz; Robert Herzfeld; Aristedes Nicholas; Thomas Murphy; Charles Rawlings; Deane Dixon; Robert Blossey; John White, Jr.; Santo Ponticello; Leonard Miller; Ronald West; Bertram Shapero. Back Row: Keith Gordon; Eugene Chardoul; Thomas Baker; Edward Sichler; Allan Bonnell; Conrad Proctor; Richard Roth; Donald Rairbairn; Frederick Ziegler; Bruce Work; Charles Scholl; Dieter Hanauer; Norman Harbert; Todd Lief; Keith Pohl. 97 Director Fred Evans and general chairman Herb Harrington check over the new script. The Michigan Union Opera male chorines donned their cold-weather duds for their first winter-vacation junket in years. " No Cover Charge, " a satire on modern lavish Chicago night clubs a la gangsters rocked audiences in Ann Arbor, Cleve- land, Chicago, Toledo, Flint and Detroit, as " How do I do whaaaat? " became the watchword. " The Illusion Is You " paced the show ' s musical portion and Ice-Pick Sadie ' s kidney troubles vied with B-B-B-Bruno ' s speech impediment for comedy honors. UNION OPERA Phyllis Kaufman, president MICHIGAN LEAGUE The house lights dimmed and the audience waited for the curtain to rise on the first act of the popular all-women production, " Michigan Women ' s League. " The show was re-opening for its sixty-third consec- utive season on the University of Michigan campus. The dual plot of social activities and service was skillfully woven into a unity. The time was set in the 1952-53 school year and the first scene, opening in Orientation Week, created a mood of friendliness. New and old actors were caught in the whirl of fall activities: dance classes, bridge lessons, Hatcher Teas, and the League Fall Dance. In the second act the classes took the stage. The sophomores presented their annual cabaret with a clever interpretation of music heaven and the juniors, in the spirit of ' 54, captivated the audience with " Vanity Fair " . League Executive Council Front Row: Xancy Pridmore; Phyl- lis Kaufman; Deborah Ewing. Back Row: Xancy Born; Joy Sidenberg; Judy Clancy; Xancy Baehre. 100 Front Row: Jill Coleman; Ardith Brask; Adrienne Shufro; Nancy Baehre. Second Row: Joy Sidenberg; Elizabeth Kwing: Phyllis Kauf- man; Nancy Pridmore; Judy Clancy; Nancy Born. Third Row: Iris Leja; Sue Alderman; Joan Heiderer; Marilyn Hey: Alice Mencher; Lorraine Butler; Nancy Fitch; Mary Hodges. Back Row: Donna Hoffman; Lorraine Baldwin; Audry Murphy; Marion Charles; Bette Robinson; Janet Gast; Jean Waidley. The Michigan League, co-ed White House, is the an- swer to the problems and questions of the Michigan woman. It is an organization for and by the women on campus, and it works to make their years at Mich- igan vital and happy. The League means bridge lessons, dancing classes, and orientation programs. It means a place to find a tutor when course, student and instructor don ' t jibe. It means record concerts, coffee in the Round-Up Room, and easy chairs for studying. It means a college edition of the town square where friends meet and fun thrives and facts and scuttlebutt make the rounds. It means organi- zation, activity, accomplishment. Because Michigan women are the Michigan League, it means the fem- inine haven where the lass comes before the laddie. 101 J. G. P. f Jane Thompson and Mary Hodges make changes in the script: Sue Schafter, Mary Harrigan, Jackie Schiff and Jane run through the musical score. mi Vanity, Artistry, Novelty, Intrigue, Tender- ness, Youth . . . Finesse, Laughter, Ability, Interest, Romance. Magic floods the air at the approach of a summer vacation, and Chris bubbly, enthusiastic finds wild fas- cination in the West on a Texas ranch while her twin Joan demure, dramatic finds sophisticated enchantment in the East at a resort. Both find adventure, excitement and love. Music of Broadway, dancing of the follies, costumes of Hollywood all com- bine to form a brilliant extravaganza for which Detroit clamored. There ' s a bit of everything and talent ran rampant. This is JGP ' s 1954 " Vanity Flair. " Trust a man to flair up the vanities of the effervescent Junior girls. Front Row: Joni Marlow; Iris Pumroy; Jacqueline Schiff; Mary Hodges; Carolyn Swartwout; Joyce Clements; Beatrice Johnson. Second Row: Virginia Jones; Joan Kleinpell; Sue Martin; Faith Cook; Mary Harrigan; Cynthia Hendrian; Alice Field; Catherine Wilson; Sue Shafter. Back Row: Jackqueline Shields; Carolyn Call; Joan St. Denis; Lynn Robbins; Margaret Carter; Mimi Blau; Jane Thompson. w A J SOPH CAB Jane Murbach, Carolyn Sny- der and Dottie Fink, slap- happy doctors from Lower Slobvia, examine the Queen of Music Heaven, Audrey Coy, in attempt to d iscover the properties of the Lost Chord buzzing in the queen ' s head a most perplexing case. In " Music Heaven, " couples attending Soph Cab found a myriad of themes and tempos. The floor- show, written by Lois Klein and Joanne Waxman and directed by Dolores Messinger related the find- ing of the Lost Chord and the elevation of jazz to a place of distinction in Music Heaven. Dancing was slow and dreamy in the ballroom; in the Michigan Room people jitter-bugged, polkaed and schottisched with the " Alley Cats. " Special booths featured musi- cal games of chance: Test Your Perfect Pitch and Get on Key with Three Sharps. The Photographer ' s shingle, " Make a Note of Your Perfect Time, " drew a souvenir-seeking crowd. Jill Coleman, general chair- man, held the keys to the golden gate of song and amusement. Profits were used for charity. Front Row: Carolyn Thomas; Margaret Spindler, Kathleen Mooney; Janet Reinstein; Jill Coleman, chairman; Janet Wolk; Lucy Landers; Nan Swinehart. Back Row: Nancy Stevens; Priscilla Miley; Miriam Buck; Rosemarie Safron; Mary Mc- Cabe; Arlys St. Clair; Helen Schwarz; Dawn Maine; Dulcie Batson; Joan Merrill; Delores Messinger. 103 - Front Row: Carolyn Snyder; Sally Lorber; Xancy Baehre, chairman; Jean Purvis. Back Row: Rachel Byron; Ann Schmitz; Barbara Stienko; Regina Gibbs. INTERVIEWING COUNCIL The Interviewing Council is the League Extra-Curric- ular Employment Agency, always seeking enthusiastic, capable women. It offers positions in varied activities to all undergraduate co-eds. Applications stating qual- ifications, plans, and particular interests in a position are submitted to the Council Office. The personnel staff of three sophomores, three juniors, and two seniors informally interviews each applicant and selects the girl who shows the most knowledge of and inter- est in a certain position. A girl who is not placed is urged to re-petition. The Council offers to its appli- cants pleasant working conditions, a high salary of enjoyment bound to increase with time, and a regular bonus of invaluable experiences and lasting friendships. 104 I We all agree that we have to be governed except anarchists and they carry bombs. But being primarily pacifistic we have pre- ferred government by, for and of the students. Its virtues and shortcomings are thus a direct reflection of our own. If our govern- ment isn ' t strong, it is because our indifference which is itself a direct result of our pacificism has not allowed it to be. STUDENT LEGISLATURE The S.L. members develop a chronic hurryosis in their daily routine of work in public, human and international relations, campus action and the fields of culture and education. The pur- poses of their endeavors as outlined in the Student Govern- ment Constitution are to discover and express student opinion, to appoint students to student-faculty administrative committees, to conduct all-campus projects and to coordinate student ac- tivities. S.L. ' s projects include the annual Homecoming Dance, the Student Book Exchange for the economic scholar, the Cin- ema Guild with its top movies and bottom prices, the Inter- national Buffet with its array of foreign culinary and the Student Advisors services. The primary responsibility of the S.L. group is to keep themselves aware of the needs of the campus and to apply practical solutions to campus problems. Front Row: Steve Jelin; Sam Davis; Ned Simon; Peter Dow; Duncan Magoon; Ronald Mauer: James Youngblood. Second Row: Sondra Diamond; Shirley Cox; Fred Hicks; Rohin Glover; Howard Willens, president; Robert Neary; Lee Fiber; Sue Popkin; Roger Wilkins. Third Row: Ruth Rossner; Robert Perry; Morton Friedman; KennethBeers; Jean Jones; RajeshGupta; Cristine Reifel; Robin Renfrew. Back Row : Barbara Mattison ; Janet Xetzer; Janet Alarie ; Dudley Chapman ; Leah Marks ; Mary Jo Gibbs ; Paula Levin ; Audrey Murphy. 106 Howard Willens, president In the spring and fall, campus store windows and dorm hallways bristle with posters, each one urging the election of a worthy candidate to the Student Legislature. Campaigns spill over into classrooms and dining halls where the hopefuls debate their platforms and their ideas for improving the campus scene. Behind all this furor is the basis of the Michigan Student Legislature system of popular election of members from the campus at large. An S.L. member is elected to represent the ideas and opinions of those who vote for him. His opinion, tempered by study and discussion of a particular problem, joins those of other members to produce the motions which express " campus opinion " on certain problems and situations. This fall, 47 per cent of the campus voted. This per- centage demonstrates that interest in the student gov- ernment at Michigan is greater than at any other school of the same size. The members of S.L. elect a Cabine t to carry out the special duties of keeping minutes and a treasury. The Cabinet also coordinates committee projects and watches activities all over the campus in order to direct S.L. into new interests. The Cabinet appoints student members to the Board of Control of Publica- tions and to the Men ' s Judiciary Council. To keep student interests represented and to make student perspective available, S.L. members are representatives to the Lecture Committee and to the Student Affairs Committee. The new S.L. member, as soon as his campaigning is successfully completed, has a great deal of learn- ing to do. He must acquaint himself with S.L. policy and past action, and he must decide where he thinks S.L. should be heading in the future. His biggest task is keeping his eyes and ears open, so that he can be aware of student problems and act on them as student opinion directs. With the efficiency and at- tention of this member, the S.L. can continue being effective in solving problems and improving life in the campus community. 107 Administrative Wing Front Row: Hugh Anderson; Frederick Smith; Delores LaFond; Ruth Rossner; Gay Duerson; Victor Hampton. Second Row: Xoreen Helliwell; Ruth Keller; Alan Strauss: Alex- ander Wood; Joel Kaplan; William McArthur; Margaret Smith. Back Row: Shirley Baylis; Jane Ger- many ; Marilyn Funk ; JoAnne Yates ; Donna Netzer; Mary Woodruff; Donna Green; Rea Gordon; Edith HafTner; June Golten. 108 MEN ' S JUDICIARY Front Row: James Labes; Irving Stenn; Joel Biller; David Brown. Back Row: David Frazier; Peter Lardner; Vernon Emerson. Without benefit of powdered wigs, black robes and oak benches, the Men ' s Judi- ciary Council sits in judgment of the actions of fellow students. As a matter of routine business the seven-member council regulates campus elections, super- vises initiation procedures of men ' s honoraries, and attempts to resolve disputes between campus organizations. Recently, a new phase of the council ' s work has developed into its major function. For the past two years five members of the Men ' s Judiciary have met with five representatives of the Women ' s Judiciary to form 1 the Joint] Judiciary Council. This group handles the more serious cases in volving infractions of the University ' s rules governing student conduct. Although final approval of the Council ' s disposition of all cases rests with a three-man Faculty Sub-Committee on Discipline, students and administration members have joined in hailing this step forward in student self-government and responsibility. 109 WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY The purpose of the Women ' s Judiciary Council, which works in conjunction with the Dean of Women, is to encourage cooperation in the work of women ' s student self-government, to delegate certain disciplinary powers to House Judiciary Councils and to coordinate and review the work of these House Councils. The primary aim is to have each coed feel a responsibility towards her- self, her fellow students and the University com- munity to uphold the rules and regulations which were made by her or her predecessors. By bring- ing the enforcement of minor infractions down to the house level, the realization of this aim is fulfilled. The Women ' s Judiciary Council has become more and more a counselling and administering body and less a punitive organ. Behind closed doors, the seven members review cases weekly as a fair but unyielding jury of peers. Even in the hand- ling of the more serious cases delegated to this council, the spirit of helping fellow students to want to be better citizens dominates over the idea of punishing for punishment ' s sake. 110 Front Row: Ann Plumton; Barbara Bos; Jean Martin; Judith Clancy; Barbara Buschman; Marjo Miller. Back Row: Anna Marie Breyfogle; Janet Luthringer; Janet Rutherford; Susan Riggs; Karin Oldberg. Front Row: Richard Thomp- son; Esther Ham; Donald McEwen; Patricia Krueser. Back Row: Martha Seger; William Marcou; Edward Leutheuser; John Metzger; Esther Hawkins ; Forrest Fer- guson. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COUNCIL The students in the School of Business Administration are blessed with exceptionally fine physical surroundings combined with a capable and cooperative faculty and staff. It is the purpose of the Bus. Ad. Council to help integrate the student body into this setting. Student- Faculty teas are held periodically in the faculty lounge under Council sponsorship. Coffee is served to the stu- dents, faculty and staff every morning in the student lounge. In the spring the Council has a faculty evalua- tion program which is accepted by the Dean for serious consideration. These and other service functions are per- formed by the Council in order to build and maintain a strong, cohesive Business School. Ill Front Row: Peter Lardner, chairman; and Howard Nemerovsky. Back Row: Frederick Waltz; Norman Thai; John Munn; Robert Ely. Missing: Robert Erf; Bernhardt Pederson; Tawfiq Khoury. ENGINEERING HONOR COUNCIL Composed of nine engineering students, the Engineering Honor Council admin- istrates the honor code within the Engineering College. Their job is two-fold: they indoctrinate the students with the philosophy of the code, and they hear and judge cases involving violations. Under the code, engineering students take examinations without proctors and enjoy maximum freedom during the tests. For example, students may leave the room perhaps to relax over a cup of coffee and return to complete the exam. Deriving their authority from the Faculty Disciplinary Committee, the Council is empowered to make recommendations for disciplinary action. These are re- viewed by the Committee. Four Council members are chosen each semester for the Committee through interviews; one is an ex-officio representative of the finan- cial sponsors, Vulcans, senior engineering honorary. 112 Students in honoraries (either the academic or activity brand) are very special animals. They have been singled out with showers of beer, dunks in the League fountain, or the more sedate black robes and singing chain-gangs. Often accused of doing nothing, they somehow maintain a solid line of prestige. For some, an honorary is an end in itself; for others, a reward for disinterested labor. MICHIGAMUA ALL CAMPUS SENIOR HONORARY Bulging Beaver Berry Babbling Bull Brown Guardum Bucket Brunsting Little Hollow Thunder Connable Doum Damndest Davies Eager Weasel Ehlers Chasum Buck Green Full Tepee Greene Scoopum Up Haynam Flyum High Hurst Sputtering Fish Jeffries Jackal Jowls Jentes Spreadum Fire Lawrence Lumpy Legs LeClaire Fire Fly Matchefts Scribblelot Northcott Never Tarry Perry Twitching Turtle Thorpe Shivering Shanks Wilkens Powow Whooper Willens Tale Chaser Young Bunting Balsam Billings Big House Boxwood Bohuszewicz Bounding Bamboo Bruner Crawling Crabapple Carlisle Double Dealing Dahlia Demmer Deadly Dogwood Dugger Grappling Ginko Gallon Go-Getting Gooseberry Goetz High Hollering Hollyhock Hedner Krusading Kumquat Klaus Laboring Larch Laing Loquacious Lavender Lilac LaRue Militaristic Mimosa Maguire Maneuvering Maple McKennell Money-Minting Magnolia Messer Murderous Mahogany Messer Recommending Rhubarb Robertson Scribbling Sandalwood Sewell Slipping Sequoia Smith Spieling Spruce Steinberg Tackling Teakwood Tinkham Whispering Willow Whipple LITERARY SCHOOL SENIOR HONORARY DRUIDS 115 Wallace Atchison Gordon Carpenter Lawrence DeBoer Gary Dudley Jack Ehlers Robert Erf Duncan Erley Paul Francher Charles Good Bruce Haynam William Hermanson William Hickman Paul Hodges John Knudson Fred Kohmeyer William Konrad Alfred Lang Peter Lardner Ronald Martinson Warren Norquist Reynold Oas Benjamin Pederson John Ritter Norman Thai Robert Timm Frank Westervelt VULCANS ENGINEERING SCHOOL SENIOR HONORARY ,1 s a 116 ' ' ' ' ' : ' ' ' ' .-: ' - ' .. ' ' Richard Balzhiser Donald Bennett Richard Curry Robert Ely William Fisher Richard Huff Edward Kress Lawrence Mack Richard Manchee Roger Maugh John Munn Howard Nemerovski Stephen Qua Thomas Propson Frederick Waltz TRIANGLES ENGINEERING SCHOOL JUNIOR HONORARY SPHINX ALL CAMPUS JUNIOR HONORARY Pildosh Marvin Andersen Aram Richard Beison Hazo Berton Braun Shafer Jack Carroll Gresylo George Chin Kathenz John Codwell Micah Jack Corbett Pharoah Ruedi Gingrass Thasash Donald Hill Thoth Gordon Hyde Bumps Willard Ikola Kepher Leon Krumbholz Chafed Eugene Knutson Amen James Labes Zohar Miles Lee Zothin Harry Lunn Moreashes George Lynch Handsmo Robert McGrath Roumi Milton Mead Osiris C. A. Mitts Safalax Norvard Nalan Sepa Robert Neary Hwartback Roland Nilsson Piddlebut Dick O ' Shaughnessy Knozope Gino R. Pella Gumi John Ross Mugi Mike Scherer Balknot Robe rt Schrayer Baluk Thad Stanford Bilda Jay Strickler Phalzad Thomas Treeger Thorizeman Eric Vetter 118 MORTAR BOARD ALL CAMPUS SENIOR HONORARY Beverly Arble Nancy Baehre Evelyn Brooks Joan Campbell Judith Clancy Donna Clark Sondra Diamond Betty Ellis Grace Fink Nancy Fitch Lois Gauger Donna Hendleman Jean Jones Polly Kurtz Mary Nielson Marjorie Nimz Nancy Pridmore Joanne Sanders Joy Sidenberg 119 AFFILIATED WOMEN ' S SENIOR HONORARY Ann Black Nancy Born Nancy Brewer " " Barbara Busohman Elizabeth Comstock Janet Gast Robin Glover Diane Harris Marilyn Hey Berta Houston Sue Jacobson Marilyn Karasek Cyrille Landes Maryanna Larson Nancy Lewis Audrey Murphy Mary Jane Mills Janet Oldberg Barbara Riley Patricia Texter Justine Votypka Barbara Wildman Margaret Zaeger 120 Carol Alchin Lorraine Butler Gloria Cheek Joyce Dudkin Grace Fink Lois Gauger Glenna Gregory Violet Heintzelman Donna Hendleman Gail Hyman Diane Johnston Phyllis Kaufman Lisa Kurcz Lore Leidig Alice Mencher Marjorie Nimz Doris Oliver Carolyn Pickle Frances Reitz Fay Ringer Adrienne Shufro Beth Smilay Joanne Spencer Barbara Watson Gloria Yough SENIOR SOCIETY INDEPENDENT WOMEN ' S SENIOR HONORARY WYVERN ALL CAMPUS JUNIOR HONORARY Sue Alderman Phyllis Bettman Miriam Blau Barbara Bos Anna Marie Breyfogle Frances Brown Karin Fagerberg Vonda Genda Eleanor Hope Catherine Hutchins Janet Netzer Ann Plumton Sue Popkin Jacqueline Schiff Betsy Smith Mary Swanson Virginia Voss Teri Youngman 122 PHI ETA SIGMA FRESHMAN SCHOLASTIC HONORARY Lee Abrams Hugh Anderson Richard Annable Bernard Backhaut John Baity Richard Baker Joseph Bicknell Stanley Bohrer Ben Bray Jere Brophy Oliver Campbell William Cohen David Da vies James Durand Gordon Epding James Ford Conrad Giles Frederic Glover Richard Goodman Frank Greene Leonard Gusser George Hellwarth Roland Hiss William Holtz Robert Hutchison Robert Jaffe George Kling Richard Kohn Herbert Krickstein George Laaksonen Richard LaBarge Charles LaDue Ronal Larson Roger Law David Learned David Levenson George Liddle Leonard Loren Duncan Magoon James Mann Richard Menczer Herbert Newman David Palmer Kent Pickard Edward Pierce Nathaniel Pierce Vidyut Prakash Robert Raz Alan Rice Kenneth Rice Edward Rockwell Melvin Rothenberg William Russell Stanley Sattelberg Robert Schoenhals Lawrence Schreiber Bertram Shapero Fred Shure Ned Simon Harry Smith Jonathan SobelofT John Stone John Talayco Henry TenBroek David Tice James Walters Thomas Waltz William Weber Irving Weiner Thomas Wilcox Robert Wiley Pino Wiser Stanley Woolams David Zerbel 123 Seated: Herbert Harrington; Richard Joy; John Daugherty, president; Donald Ghareeb; Donald Rosenberg. Standing: James Mills; Allen Dickinson; Morris Vedder; Peter Katz; Lloyd Evans; Jack Rue; James M. Miller; Stephen Qua; Robert Ely; William Schreiner; Paul McDonough; James W. Wright; Carwin Strout; Jay Mills. MIIMliS UNION OPERA HONORARY Front Row: Delmae Wyllie; Sally Katzel; Lois Klein; Miriam Buck; Carolyn Lentz: Darlene Rhodus; Lillian Bickert. Second Row: Barbara Hansen; Linda Reck; Sue Beebe; Jessie Brunton; Nancy Neff; Donna Hoffman; Berna- dette Schildberg; Mary LaDue. Back Row: Margery Milks; Marianna Sippola; Alice Kretzschmar; Anne Campbell; Enid Stenn; Jane Stoltz; Dorothy Myers; Donna Chapin; Frances Hauss. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA FRESHMAN SCHOLASTIC HONORARY 124 Michigan has found that its Music School is good enough to rate an audience and with this in mind has provided it with vast opportunity for performance. The music activities are wide in scope, selection and student body; but whether they perform on a football field or Hill ' s platform they are destined to be good, for they have been fostered by a University that takes its music seriously. After more than 20 hours of practice per week with few time-outs bandsmen race onto the gridiron with machine-like precision. 126 MARCHING BAND Some students (their number is growing) are known to go to football games more for the Marching Band than for the sport. Although this is extreme, there have been moments in our football history when the half-time has definitely saved Michigan ' s day. The student is immensely proud of his 150-piece band; there is a noticeable swell in the home- stands whenever the St. Louis Blues March or the Al Jolson number (above) take the field. Few bands can come close to matching the perfection maintained under retiring drum major, Dick Smith (left). 127 t K ' v William Allen Marvin Anderson Doris Anderson Waldie Anderson John Andrae Royce Armstrong Eleanor Becker Sally Bennett Jerry Bilik Jack Bittle Victor Bordo Jere Brophy Ajexander Campbell Virginia Catanese Eugene Cohen Gerald Corey Thomas Course Doris Cronkwright Carol Cunningham Charles Daas John Davis Harold Deutscher Ellen Dodge David Dow Harriet Falls Joseph Fishman Anceo Francisco Susan Fricker Francis Gloster David Green Richard Greenfield Donald Haas Herbert Hammond Alice Harper Francis Hart William Hawkins Neal Hillerman Lois Hixon Richard Hodson Charles Hollis Beverly Houghton George Humensky John Jenkins Gary Johnson Nathan Judson Robert Kavelman Harold Keiyit John Kincaid Eunice Knape Theodore Koenig Robert Koester Edward Knob Helen Kurtz Robert Lapham Robert Lauer Lonny McCollum Don McComas Sara Manning Don Mattran Wesley Measel Kenneth Miesen Margery Milks Joseph Moore Marge Mowrer Ruth Muntis Dennis Napier Sanford Norian Gerald O ' Connor Robert Onofrey Mitchell Osadchuk Benjamin Patterson Russell Pizer Harold Portner James Pullin Jacque Radant William Radant Arthur Raper Sally Rentschler Harley Rex Robert Reynolds Robert Ricks Keith Saxton Mary Seavoy Mayda Sherman Sylvia Sherman Charles Skala Richard Smith Carmen Spadaro Robert Stakenas Erick Starnal Charles Stauffer Nancy Symmonds Hosea Taylor Kathleen Taylor Eleanor Tibbels Allen Townsend Joyce Walters Frances Watson Robert Whitacre Charles White Bruce Whitener Henry Wood Barbara Woolcox Raymond Young 128 SYMPHONY BAND Literally thousands of musical selections are in|the library of the university ' s renowned symphony band. Everything from a Bee- thoven symphony to " Sleigh Ride " with Leroy Anderson con- ducting was offered during the course of a year ' s concerts. 129 MEN ' S CLUB Six years short of a hundred is how long the Men ' s Glee Club has been active on the Ann Arbor Campus. In the past eight years it has extended its reputation far beyond the state of Michigan in its efforts to serve as an ambassador of good-will from the university. RKO came from Hollywood to make a movie of the Club in 1951 entitled " Songs of the Campus. " Nation- wide CBS, NBC and ABC radio broadcasts have also featured the Club. Appearing this year in Milwaukee, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York, the men traveled over 7,000 miles. The highlight of the year was an appearance on Ed Sullivan ' s TV show " Toast of the Town, " in April. A professional director and accomplished arranger, Dr. Duey, who directs the Glee Club, was greatly responsible for its excellent performance. Concert programs included Dr. Duey ' s arrangement of a med- J i 3 ley of Gershwin tunes, Handel ' s Hallelujah Amen, Shadrack, Clementine and thirteen of the most mem- orable Michigan songs. Music, singing, trips and rehearsals combined through- out the years have created a lasting fellowship among the men who belonged to the University ' s Men ' s Glee Club. Charles Balkema Ara Berberian James Berg Bruce Bowman Clarance Broomfield David Calahan Russell Christopher Edward Grouse George Dutter Arnulf P]sterer Eugene Fischer John Fortenberry Ronald Foulds Richard Frank Morton Friedman Larry Frohman Richard Gess Constantino Gianakaris Stuart Gordon Frederick Goree George Hardwick Carleton Hedner George Helhvorth Fred Hindley Bernard Jennett Andrew Karloy Hugh Kinney Thomas Lester Richard Maier Robert Marousek John McCreary James McGarvey Robert McGrath William Munroe Merle Xelson Daniel Parsons Edward Purdo William Redmon George Richardson Ronald Richardson William Roberts Timothy Rudolph Leonard San ford David Satterly Thomas Sehill Henry Shapley Gordon Sharp Jerry Strauch Wayne Slawson Donald Smith Hugh Smith Frederick Sparrow Robert Swantz Bruce Treweek Bruce Turnbull Wesley True David Wallingford Frazier Wellmeier Roy Wilson Top: Roy Wilson, Vice-President; Carleton Hedner, President. Bottom: Thomas Sparrow, Publicity Manager; David Calahan, Business Manager. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB Front Row: Terry Ham; Donna Hoffman; Janet Leisenring; Marilyn Larkin; Gwendolyn Williamson; Barbara Buchman: Barbara Gleason; Maxine Kessler; Janet Grover: Barbara Kidall; Mary Dumbrigue; Geneva Evanoff. Second Row: Jacquelyn Klak: Edna Carlson; Roxanne Herrick; Beverly Wolf; Jeanne Caris; Verona Smukal: Barbara Dowd; Dorothy Ham; Mary Lynn Donally; Iris Pumroy; Jean Allen; Venetia Enzian; Ann Handler; Jo Anne Yate. Third Row: Susan Pricker; Sandra Ryburn; Dawn Maine; Marion, Charles; Carol Leybourn; Jacquelyn Ross; Amy McAvity; Harriet Scott; Jeanne Guilbert; June Stone; Shirley Thomas; Sally Beuthien; Irene Kellogg; Beverly Ginsberg; Ann Jo James; Marti Cecil. Fourth Row: Nora Granito; Rosemary Huston; Robina Quale; Dorothy Sedlmayr; Georgiana Davidson; Patricia Mooney; Priscilla Heft; Jean Davis; Sonia Janich; Suzanne Gilbert; Janice MacVaugh; Mary Ladue; Terry Stinson; Margaret Lord; Evelyn Challis; Patricia Williams; Beverly Miner. Fifth Row: Nancy Mitchell; Ruth E. Wilcox: Mary Jean Monkoski; Marilyn Shoares; Nancy Karnishky; Cornelia Vandeveer; John M. Graether; Thue Rasmussen; Stephan Konz; James Cape; Peter Kivy; Herbert S. Bensinger; Bill Hein; Douglas Cook; George Steinmetz; Leonard Holder. Back Row : Vernon Boer- man; John P. Dunnett; Richard Bogg; George Gryka; Howard Frisinger; Douglas Long; James Filgas: Fred Hough. 132 AND ARTS CHORALE In the past the Women ' s Glee Club and the Arts Chorale, as separate groups, played an active part in the University of Michigan music world. This year, with a wealth of singing experience behind them, they merged into a unified group under the direction of Maynard Klein. The members of the new Arts Chorale found themselves faced with a full schedule of activities. Their Christmas concert in Hill Auditor- ium included the Schutz Christmas Story and Vaughn William ' s Magnificat. The event featured artists from the faculty and student body of the School of. Music. Joining in the Christmas spirit, the entire group caroled at the University Hospital, and an ensemble from the Glee Club sang at the Hatcher Christmas tea. Be- tween semesters, the Women ' s Glee Club set out on their annual tour through the state of Michigan. Their program ranged from highly religious hymns to a collection of snappy folk songs. One of the most fruitful aspects of the Chorale is that its members have the opportunity to do choral work in every kind of music from Bach to Modern bop. Early in the second semester, the whole choir again appeared in Hill Auditorium; this performance was quickly followed by other concerts in and around Ann Arbor. The Arts Chorale, with the Glee Club as a sub-division, is an all-campus choir which is open to all who love to sing; it is noted for its wide variety of music sung throughout the year. A well-rounded program is offered through parties and social activities and the annual banquet at which membership awards and scholarships are .presented. 133 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Alpha chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, professional music fraternity for women, celebrated its golden anniversary this year. Big events were the Candlelight Service, American Music Program and luncheon honoring May Festival artists. n Front Row: Evelyn Brooks; Doris English; Beverly Luce. Second Row: Nancy Symonds; Judith Horstad; Sally Bennett; Kathleen Bond; Mary Hutchins; Glenna Gregory; Jane Townsend. Third Row: Ellen Dodge ;i Ann Canfield; Justine Votypka; Patricia Mann; Esther McGlothlin; Mary Frakes; Elise Kuhl; Marjorie Kingland. Back Row: Lois Ganger; Frances Skaff; Carol Wilkey; Mar- jorie Mowrer; Frances Brown; Carol Alehin; Joan St. Denis; Mary Jo Kohl. Pledges, programs, projects, one eye fixed on the University calendar, but always to music. Pick your color, Scarlat ti to Shearing. MU PHI EPSILON Front Row: Ruth Orr; Lily Fox; Elizabeth Jones; Carol Van Asselt; Velma Streicher. Second Row: Jeanne Kress; Joanne Kress; Lenore Brooks; Betty Ellis; Norma Heyde; Joyce Roper. Back Row: Francis Hanslovsky; Lucille Stansberry; Mary Seavoy; Faith Cook; Carol Lyman; Janet Adler; Helen Karg. TAU BETA SIGMA Tau Beta Sigma, national honorary sorority for college bandswomen, was installed on this campus in 1948. Its activities include the promotion of high musical ideals and achievements within the Symphony and Wolverine Bands. Front Row: Gwendolyn Williamson; Margery Milks, Jean Kurtz, Doris Cronkwright; Susan Fricker. Second Row: Mary Seavoy; Sylvia Sherman; Marjorie Mowrer, president; Carol Wilkey; Barbara Perelman. Back Row: Jean Mumford; Franres Brown; Alice Newton; Eunice Knape; Nancy Symmonds; Lois Hixon; Ellen Dodge; Delpha-Heanne LeDuc. Kappa Kappa Psi, a fraternity for outstanding members of the University Bands, is dedicated to the advancement of bands and music everywhere. Front Row: Raymond Young; Richard Ban; Joseph Moore; Richard Smith; Keith Saxton, president; Floyd Zarbock; John Davis; Jack Andrae. Second Row: Nathan Judson; William Revelli; Herbert Watkins; Walter Rca. Third Row: Alton Kliekmaii; Gary Johnson; Charles Hollis; Robert Koester; Calvin Hay wood; Norman Sparks; John Dudd; Herbert Hammond: Harold Deutcher. Back Row: Mitchell Osadchuk; Eric Starnal; Timothy Rousos; Alesander Campbell; Robert Whitacre; Jere Brophy; Garth Dewey; Charles White; George Ca vender; Charles Stauffer. KAPPA KAPPA PSI v l " wl The Gilbert and Sullivan Operettas are well suited to the exuberance of a college company. Ability to act, desire to dance, penchant for the pun, gift of grimace, fancy for frolicking all these find welcome excuse for self-expression. But only a willingness to sing and work are essential. The weeks of rehearsal that precede any produc- tion are enjoyed. There is the process of striking up acquaintances between singers and orchestra, the sweepstake on who will be the first member of the cast to be k.o. ' d by a falling battlement from the set, and the varied but inevitable trag- edies of dress rehearsal. Somehow the production survives the humors of errant chance. This year The Yeomen of the Guard, Pinafore, and Trial by Jury were success- fully presented to a merry public, proving if it needs (o be proved that there is a place for Gil- bert and Sullivan wherever song and laughter are valued. GILBERT AND SULLIVAN There is little to say about publications, for by very definition they speak for themselves. When they philosophize, it is in the direction of individuality the press is more a means of self- expression than a melting-pot of student opinion. Thus when the Daily last year called itself " plucky " the Ensian " damn pernicious " and Generation " precocious " each was stating its own independence. THE MAYNARD ST, CROWD The Press, although it readily cultivates the facetious, cannot dis- guise its basic idealism. It aims at the most humane, yet with a cynicism peculiar to its sincerity; it never hesitates to express an opinion. 139 MICHIGAN DAILY EDITORIAL Crawford Young: the southpaw with an infectious grin, managed well as Kditor in spite of tensions, catwalking his way through a maze of editorial policy-making. The Michigan Daily bears the very singular distinc- tion of being the only college newspaper in the country whose editors are considered left-wingers by local right- wingers and right-wingers by local left-wingers. The confusion arises because some of the staff believe in vivisection, while others are determined advocates of trial marriage. Though some may be radical as re- gards such salacious views, all hasten to avow that they are loyal Americans on all other counts. Daily editors take a great deal of pride in their intelligence; they also have an inimitable way of cloaking their folly with deliciously convincing words. Yet, there is much to be said for the papers they produce, and even their natural enemies those who write letters to the editor will have to admit that, without the Daily, life would be unbearable. Sid Klaus Associate City Editor Harland Britz Associate Editor Donna Hendleman Associate Kditor Barnes Connable C ' itv Kditor Cal Samra Kditorial Director Zander Hollander Feature Kditor BUSINESS Daily success begins on the ground floor of the Student Publications building where tryouts can smatter themselves with printer ' s ink and dream of the time they will spend above, writing, editing or running the business for the Nation ' s Oldest College Daily with Con- tinuous publication. An eye for news, grit and a propensity for late hours can bring the willing editorial worker a spot on the junior staff. After years at hard- labor, the best of this crowd may attain the sanctuary of the senior edit office where they can wield the whip in the comparative ease of Authority. Sports and Women ' s staffers follow a similar path to fame, while business tycoons their time to learn the somewhat more staid arts of advertising, circulation and finance, their goal being the four senior busi- ness positions. For others, there is the Daily newscast five times weekly over WHRV. Directed by Radio Editor, Al Luckoff (below) and produced by the staff. But whatever the task, participators in the giant enterprise on Maynard street can be sure of this the many coat posts at the Daily make a good place to hang one ' s hat. Alvin Green Business Manager Milton Getz Advertising Manager Diane Johnston Associate Business Manager Judy Loehberg Finance Manager Night Editors Front Row : Harry Lunn; Virginia Voss; Mike Woff; Alice Borgdonoff; Eric Vetter; Jerry Helman. Back Row : Crawford Young; Cynthia Boyes; Teri Youngman; Joyce Fickies; Helene Simon; Robert Jaffey. " Sports Edson Whipple, Editor; John Jenks, Associate Editor; Richard Sewell, Associate Editor. Sports Night Editors Front Row : Paul Greenherg; Richard Lewis; Richard Margolin; Edwin Smith. Back Row : Ivan Kaye; Richard Buck; David Livingston. r, Women ' s Page Lorraine But- ler, Editor; Mary Jane Mills, Associate Editor. Women ' s Staff Front Row: Katharine Zeisler. Second Row: Marilyn Campbell; Rozalind Sklimovitz; Ruth Torrant. Back Row: Judy Silverman, Beatrice Johnson. Business Staff Front Row: Lois Padover; Carol Altman; Harriet Tepperman: Harlene Hankin; Sydney Lefton; Diane Movvrey; James Shapira. Back Row: William Seiden; Thomas Treeger; George Kircos; William Kaufman; Joseph Frank; William Wise; Richard Xyberg; Xorman Giddan. ENSIAN EDITORIAL Bob Northcott: editor, brooded over a hand-full of unmanage- able women and several unman- ageable deadlines. Polly Kurtz, Associate Editor Robert Schrayer, Associate Editor 144 The Ensian, once dubbed " Playboy Publication, " lives on from year to year never quite realizing its purpose. Its predomin- antly female staff thrives on All-American ratings and naive assurances that the current book will stand head and shoulders above any previous attempts along the same line. It is inevit- able, however, that staffers become entangled in problems in- volving student photographers, the French Club or a " not-too- social " fraternity. Burying themselves in details, they rarely have glimpses of the brown and green monster in creation and scarcely recognize their transfigured efforts in May. But this year more than ever, the editors have tried to take an honest squint at the university through its students. As usual, their point of view will be appreciated by very few; the rest of our 4400 subscribers are primarily interested in the proper spelling of his name on that most important page of all. BUSINESS The business staff, inspired by Dick Huff ' s enthusiasm, began the year by scotch- taping leaflets to football stands at 6:00 a.m. ; the students found they made better paper airplanes than propaganda. When tryouts wandered in, looking for " inter- esting " work, Jean gave them sales stubs to file. When the ambitious had finished this, she had them remove the cards from the file numerically, in order to re-file them alphabetically. Undaunted by lack of sales, the staff invaded the quiet sanc- tity of dorms to convince the apathetic that they couldn ' t exist without an Ensian. Lois and Gay sent bills to everyone they could think of, to raise a little capital. Unfortunately, some didn ' t pay. This really didn ' t matter because Gordie Hyde in his shrewdest manner restricted the supply of Ensians, to make a huge profit, in spite of all concerned. Gordon Hyde Business Manager Richard|Huff Sales Manager Anne Henderson Accounts Manager Barrett Wayburn Advertising Manager Jean Barnby Office Manager 145 ENSIAN STAFF Conrad Giles, Features Editor; Reg Werner, Sports PMitor. Top: Maureen Sweeney, Schools and Colleges Editor; Pat Kreuser, House Groups Editor. Bottom: Vonda Genda, Activities Editor; Pat Marx, Assistant Activities Pklitor. Left: Jeanne Doerr, Copy Editor; Virginia Pike, Assistant Copy Editor; Joan Marlow, Office Manager. Right: Jeff Pemherton; Jack Bergstrom, Photography Editor; Don Campbell. 146 Upper Left: Bob Wells, Sales Manager: Sue Hemp- ing, Campus Sales Manager. Upper Right: Lois Holtz and By West, Assistant Advertising Man- agers. Right: Gay Thurston, Contracts Manager; Carolyn Call, Assistant Office Manager; Sally Habermann, Sales Accounts Manager. Front Row: Claudia Moore; Janet Levy; Paul Geiger; Kenneth Perkins; Jean McCaskey; Marjo Miller. Second Row: Betty Dettling; Nancy Bennett; Patricia Olsen; Diane Foley; Marion Charvat; Jean Shieferstein; Marilyn Yolles; Lois Buckbinder. Back Row: Bibi Abril-Lamarque; Maurice Weiss; Michael Montgomery; Barbara Baker; Lois Diecke. Eleanor Suslow Hope, Managing Editor GENERATION When outstanding talent dries up at Michigan, Generation will dry up. An inter-arts magazine does not exist for the students as a whole. Not one in ten would be caught dead with a copy and that one is immediately quarantined with the title " arty. " Fortunately for Generation, its subscriptions go beyond this campus. Never- theless, it has its function here literally hun- dreds of U. of M. students write bad poetry and Generation reads it all. Moreover, it prints as little as possible. When one considers the poor taste of most of those who work on Generation and the feeble genius of most of those who submit work to Generation, it becomes astounding that most of what we do print is really quite good. Some of it, in fact, is very good. The magazine abounds in paradoxes. Why, for instance, should the Harvard library keep Generation in its elegant poetry room, the only student magazine among the professional publications, while our own library doesn ' t even recognize its existence? Pos- sibly because no Generation editor has ever walked across the diag and asked the General Library to subscribe. But on the other hand, the legitimacy of a charge of Michigan Philistim- ism is not beyond all conjecture; no one ever went out to Harvard and asked them to subscribe either. Seated: Rosemary Bachman, Drama Editor. Standing: Anne Stevenson, Poetry Editor; Alton Becker, Junior Editor. 148 Much of the real talent between Generations ' covers has extended to some outside success. Writers now appear in national publications; composers have received music awards; artists have given successful shows. Generation is modest in the face of this phenomena; it just thinks that it has picked some winners. This is justification enough for existence. Carolyn Pickle, Art Editor: Daniel Green- berg, Associate Editor. Front Row: Janice Everett; Phyllis Willar; William Allen; Marjorie Jacobson. Back Row: David Tice; Roland Trogan; James Shapira William Holtz. 149 The importance of any organization does not lie in .superficial things like its accomplishments but in the happy memories its name conjures up. Like Larry Pike falling into the printing press and having the cover of the fall issue printed on his forehead ... or Stu Ross playful ly soap- ing the Student Publications windows on Hallo- ween . . . L. H. Scott getting roaring drunk and trying to sing the Internationale at a Hatcher Tea ... or gales of laughter when Jim Labes em- bezzled $10,000 and fled to the Yukon to enjoy the monsoon season . . . and the typographical errors which K ' agula etaoin glmmmph. GARGOYLE wmr 1 Donald Malcolm, managing Editor Front Row: Stuart Ross; Mary Alice Jessup; Donald Malcolm; Jan Wynne; James Labes; Back Row: Thomas Harris; Will- iam Russell; Lawrence Pike. Front Row: Barbara Henkin; Larry Schwartz; Carol Balgoo- yen; Janet Levy; Wayne Bouch- er. Second Row: Carol Gaeb; Robert Chigrinsky; Joseph Berger; William Zakariasen; Swvynn Edelson ; Donald Kelley. Back Row: Leila Deutsch; Rita Isbitts; Marilyn Alger; Janice Clark; Margaret Tollzien; Mary Fenton; Justine Mamazza. 151 TECHNIC Richard Curry (below) is top banana as editor-in-chief with the guiding assistance of Law- rence Mack (right), managing editor. Top: Kingslcy Joneson, Associ- ate Editor. Bottom: Peter Ap- pendu, Business Editor. The Technic, student publication of the College of Engineering, has the distinction of being the oldest engineering college magazine in the country and the first student publication on the Michigan campus. The Technic is published monthly during the school year and is sold to libraries, in- dustrial and engineering companies, alumni, as well as the students and faculty on campus. The aim of the Technic is to sell engineering to the engineer. This purpose is accomplished by presenting articles and features emphasizing the importance of the new advances in the field. The staff endeavors to make the magazine interesting and of educational value. This year marked the seventieth anniversary of the founding of Technic; one issue celebrated this event. Another edition was devoted to the bi-annual Engineering Open House sponsored by the College of Engineering. 152 Operated by a group of engineering students under the combined guidance of a faculty advisory board and a stu- dent publications board, the Technic staff is led by managing editor, asso- ciate editor and business manager. With headquarters in the West En- gineering Annex, the staff can be found at all odd hours amid deadline boards and make-up benches. Again this year, as in recent years, the female element has played a vital role in the success of the magazine. The Technic annually sponsors an event which recalls the feud between engineers and lawyers. As a part of the festivities, it is the job of the engineers to protect their king-size slide-rule from the barristers. Front Row: Marge Maurer; Kingsley Joneson; Peter Appendu; Richard Curry; Larry Mack; Manette Brandt. Second Row: John Douglas; John Borrowman; Lee Eaton; Robert Schoenhals; Charles Stickels; Jerry O ' Neil. Back Row: Mary Beth Coon; Julian Chalk; Arnold Kloock; Morton Fleischman; Joan McDougal. 153 PUBLICATIONS BOARD The Board in Control of Student Publications is many things to many people: To an editor guilty of journalistic irresponsibility, it is an ogre with power to chastise, suspend or dismiss. To the shop superintendent who needs a new linotype machine, it is a chancellor of the ex- chequer, with a firm hand on the purse strings. To a business manager who proposes a new scale of advertising rates, it is a board of directors passing on the wisdom of a new business policy. To a freshman tryout, it is a shadow which materializes monthly in the conference room to discuss whatever it is that boards discuss. To a petitioner for a senior staff position, it is the door open or closed, as the case may be to a position which provides much experience, some prestige, and little pay. To the University com- munity at large, it is a bulwark against encroach- ment upon a free student press. Front Row: David Belin; Professor Joshua McClennen; Marjorie Nimz; Mr- Conrad Church. Back Row: Alfred Blumrosen; Professor Wilbert McKeachie; Dean Erich A. Walter; Mr. InkWhite; Dr. Arthur Brandon. Missing: Professor John Reed, chairman: Professor Ernest Brater; Professor Wesley Maurer. 154 A normal college education has increasingly less normalcy. The drilling squads of men in blue and khaki are a constant reminder of the nameless fear that haunts our generation. The student educated in the arts and the professions is also being trained ,in the military sciences. The stress is a completely modern one; neither the U.S. nor the mid-west is remaining traditionally isolationist. The Army ROTC opened the year with a change to the Branch General pro- gram which permits grad- uates to accept reserve offi- cer commissions in any of the b ranches of the army. All men now take a gen- eral military course and at- tend six-week summer camp between the junior and senior years of the branch in which they will be com- missioned. Much of the pro- gram centers around the military subjects of tactics, weapons and communica- tions; stress is placed on development of leadership qualities. Advanced course cadets have opportunity to lead not only at drill but in the classrooms where they assist the army staff in teaching basic subjects. R. O. T. C. As part of the training received at summer camp the cadets are given instruction in marksmanship. Here an infantryman blackens his sights to cut down glare from the sun. The Elizabethan Salute was executed by mem- bers of Queen Elizabeth ' s own guard unit. Today it is used primarily in crack drill outfits like the Pershing Rifles, an honorary organization which concentrates on intricate drill movements. 156 N. R. O. T. C. Military inspections, no matter how routine they may seem, are nonetheless important in every branch of the service, and special stress is placed upon them in the XROTC. Here the Battalion Commander and his staff are inspecting the University midshipmen unit. These men as students in the sophomore gunnery course as- semble a loading drill for a 5 " gun which is used in combat. Three summer cruises are ex- pected of every Naval officer in the NROTC. Thus, for seven weeks each summer the midship- men receive valuable training which they will utilize to their advantage if called to active duty. These men are firing a 3 " -50 caliber gun aboard ship. 157 The Air Force ROTC unit, with 1,026 cadets, is the largest ever organized at the University. Headed by Colonel William Todd, PAST, the permanent staff is comprised of 22 officers and airmen. Functioning since August, 1952, under command of the Air Uni- versity the AFROTC pro- gram is now guided by a separate and distinct head- quarters responsible for the education of Air Force officers. Cadet Officers Front Row: Bertram Warr; Clare Shepard; Yvan Brabant: Gerald Mart as; William Palluth; Bronson Rum- sey; Jacques Brabant: David Smith; Cuss Hough. SecondRow: William Burke; Leighton Kong; John Gray; Sidney Pachter; Kdward Pickett; Charles Daw- son; John Webster; Scott Ban- man; Stanley Friedman; Nick Madias; James Shaner; Jim Nylx-rg. Back Row: Louis Dyll; Lysander Ashloek; James Deg- nan; Noel Bisel; David Stevens; Richard Conover; Russell Bailey: Charles Atwater; James Holmes; Kugenc Bennett; Michael Mc- Kone; Richard VanHoutum. A. F. R. O. T, C. Front Row: Capt. Gane; Capt. Maxam; Major Davis; Col. Todd; Lt. Col. Beckley; Capt. Callow; Capt. Van Nest. Second Row: Lt. Gould; Lt. Reilly; Capt. Winslow; Lt. Nixon: Capt. Jordan; Sgt. Morton; Sgt. Russell; Sgt. Miller; Sgt. Campbell. Back Row: Sgt. Vavrek; Sgt. Jenks; Sgt. Miller; Sgt. Gates; Sgt. Smith; Sgt. Cass. MILITARY BALL The best thing that can happen to a cadet is that he becomes eligible for Military Ball. The Ball this year transformed the Union into its decorating scheme of a mock-operations program. Couples entered through the doors of a landing-craft and circulated to a prop field-station with genuine walkie-talkies to amuse the non-dancers. The air-force erected a spotter-station a map of red-lights, one light to each fictional plane. The navy sported the bridge of a ship as part of its decorative equipment and puzzled for days on where to get a wheel. 159 Q o 1H| Front Row: Richard Davis; James Harsant; George Beckwith; Bruce Maguire; Bronson Rumsey; William Filkins; Donald Shoff. Back Row: Michael Chirio; Ralph Hauke; Robert Clifford; Adelbert Tweedie; Robert Brehm; Julian Allen; Allyn Barrows; Gordon Coates. SCABBARD AND Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary society, composed of Midshipmen and Cadets in the advanced ROTC programs. The company sponsors lectures, dinners and excursions in order to prepare members to take an active part in the military affairs of their communities, and to spread intelligent information con- cerning the military requirements of our country. The National Society of Pershing Rifles is dedicated to the encouragement of the highest ideals of the military profession. Company D of the 3rd Regiment is composed of Army and Air Force ROTC cadets who have shown outstanding ability in the perform- ance of their military and academic pursuits and a sincere desire to be worthy leaders. Front Row: Norman Smith; Lawrence Brenner; Rex Willoughby; Carl Loesberg; Neil Young; Melvin Ringelberg; John Campbell; Kenneth Kaji; Ronald Corey. Second Row: William Corson; Frederick Baumgartner; Douglas Robinson; Gordon Garlick; Edward Leland; George Beckwith; William Fisher; Vincent Dambrauskas; Jack Deppen; Gene Ferrell. Back Row: Anthony Giambalvo; Gerald Munitz; Robertson Augustine; Richard Gereau; Robert Strain; Stanton Perkins; John McClay; William Meikle; John Fildew; Robert Wiley; Charles Rawlings; Allan Pratt; Robert Miller: Ronald Todd. PERSHING If the student is especially serious about his field of concen- tration, he can (with proper qualifications, mainly scholastic) join an organization that carries his major into extra-curricular life. This is done, of course, on the basis of professionalism it is understood that college has been leading to a job in a specific field. The organization itself gives an extra boost in this direction. r A. I. CH. E. Front Row: Aristedes Nicholas; David Fletcher; William Hegarty; James Knudsen; Eugene Elzinga, president; James Riggs; James Taylor; Wayne Cheng. Second Row: Donald Anthony; Charles Lombard; Thomas Slykhouse; George Gry ka; Glenn Coury; Edward Hirschbeek; Kenneth Moore; Rusi Siganporia; Kenneth Luyk; Surendralal Gupta. Back Row: Paul Friedman; James Ryan; Walter Rensch; Richard McCard; Violet Heintzelman; Lawrence Reger; Robert Hennig; Ronald West; Francis Dawson; Donald Moore. The Michigan Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers has the distinction of being the oldest student chapter in the United States. Organized in 1922, under the direction of Professor Emeritus White, the A.I.Ch.E. aims to extend the education of student engineer beyond the classroom by sponsoring speakers from various chemical industries. It attempts to relate theory gained in classroom with practices in industry by conducting tours through factories engaged in chemical processing and by bringing in- dustrial movies to its members. Meetings are arranged outside the classroom to promote better student- faculty relations. To encourage scholarship, Alpha Chapter annually makes an award to the junior chem- ical engineer who has achieved the highest scholastic average during his freshman and sophomore years. 162 A. I. E. E. - I. R. E. The local joint branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers offers the electrical engineering student an opportunity to visit with his classmates and instructors in an atmosphere unmarred by blackboards and note-taking. At the monthly meetings the members hear authori- ties speak on interesting and important subjects that widen knowledge of theory and current practices in the power and electronics industries. Field trips, which are conducted several times a year, take the student electrical engineers to see engineering in action at power plants, steel mills, and research centers. A ten day field trip is usually arranged over spring vacation and engineering takes the place of home cooking and loafing. Members also have a chance to become acquainted with the professional groups that offer membership after graduation. In these ways the AIEE-IRE strives to help the student develop a professional as well as technical attitude toward engineering. The activities of the group are directed by the student officers in cooperation with faculty sponsors, Professors Carey and Holland. Front Row: Allen Krass; Richard Eggleton; Harold Green; James Shaner; Lauren Feldkamp, president; Lester Arquette; Eugene Haas; John Oliver; Robert Richardson. Second Row: Larry .leu; Edward Toton; Richard Kinsey; Arthur Bublitz; John Bacon; Prof. John Carey; Prof. Lewis Holland; John Harlan; Ivan Zahn. Third Row: Harold Powers: Booth Tarkington; Bernard White; Dale Brown; James Healey: Lawrence Kaufman; Frank Windes; Edward Kendall; Roberto Valenzuela; Marvin Curtis; George Curry; Harold Ast ; Eric Khu. Back Row: Hatim As-Sahab; James Kubota; Vincent Gabriel; Martin Story; James Linderman; Albert Xeuman; Robert Scott; George Heminger; Gerard Krammin; Max Treece: Donald Wright; Richard Carnicom; George Davidson. 163 I B wJ 1 Front Row: John Kosinski; Maung Tin Nyo; Prof. K. W. Hall; Charles Averill; Richard Pereles, president; Dee Solether; Ernest Mulder; Edward Palmer; John Nack. Second Row: Edward Sattelherger; Claire Shepard; Edgar Prince; Victor Brooks; William O ' - Keeffe; Louis Krzych; George Winslow; Richard Atherton; Robert Murphy; Fay Higgins. Third Row: Louis Dame; Duane Luse; Chester Mielke; Norman Clifford; Peter Moore; Howard Beatty; John Munn; Warren Norquist; Huber Whitlock; Vinod Doshi. A. S. M. E. The objective of the student branch of the A.S.M.E. is to broaden the educational background of the college engineering student. More specifically, its purposes are the advancement of knowledge of engineering theory and practice, acquaintance with activities and personnel of the parent organization, and the promotion of a professional consciousness and fellowship among students and faculty. Membership offers the student engineer the opportunity to keep abreast of current technical developments through the A.S.M.E. monthly journal, Mechanical Engineering. Student branches also sponsor technical lectures by representatives from industry. These are held during branch meeting and are followed by a free discussion period. Another impor tant function is the conduction of field trips and tours to local industries to acquaint the student with industrial operations and with the opportunities offered a college engineering graduate in industry. In addition to broadening the student ' s technical knowledge, A.S.M.E. gives the young engineer valuable experience in dealing with fellow engineers outside the classroom. 164 Front Row: Pierre Carmona; Franklyn Delgado; Robert Tracy; Jayant Thakkar; Reynold Oas, president; Rasoul Istrabadi; Richard Lowery; William Home. Second Row: Moises Wasserman; William Xelle; Karl Charlson; Millard Derr; Robert Baltzer; Robert Lander; Francisco Go; Anthony Xemec. Back Row: Horensio Dawood; Mounir El-Khatih; Mohamed Kubba; Porter McDonald; Ekrem Ihtiya- robla; Muang Tu; Htun Thein; Ernest Constan; Hazim Rassam. A , D. v . ETA KAPPA NU The American Society of Civil Engineers fosters fellowship and greater technical understanding among students, faculty and professional men. Eta Kappa Nu chooses its members from those who have exhibited outstanding qualification in the electrical engineering profession. Front Row: Eric Khu; James Shaner; Michael Mitchell; Eugene Haas; Richard Kroll; Lester Arquette. Second Row: Francis Pickel; Robert Scott; Kenneth Webster; George Curry; Russell Vance; James Roof; Vincent Dambrauskas; Frederick Waltz; James Hamburg; Russell Spencer; George Wilcox. Back Row: Martin Story; George Heminger; George Timor! ; Edward Gilbert; Arthur Bublitz; Elmer Gilbert; William Danek; John Bacon; Lawrence Griewski. Front Row: James Shaner; Barry Henning; Alfred Lang; Frederick Kohlmeyer, president; Eric Klin; Phillip Lake; Albert Demmler. Second Row: Martin Story; John Lauer; Gordon Fox; James Hamburg; Michael Mitchell; John Oliver; Merle Nelson. Back Row: James Butt; William Hermanson; Reed Romine; Richard Reimus. TAU BETA PI The aim in Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society (founded in 1855 and represented at the University of Michigan since 1906), is to foster the spirit of liberal culture in the College of Engineerin g. Front Row: Ronald Dalton; Ronald West; James Ryan; Herbert Spencer; Hugh Smith; Morton Fleishman; Eugene Haas; Clarence Donnor; Lawrence Mack. Second Row: George Curry; Eugene Kemp; Victor Brooks; John Knudsen; Leland Boddy; George Hem- inger; William Danek; John Bacon; Robert Erf; Bruce MacGregor. Back Row: William Hegarty; William Strickler; Richard Eggleton; Kenneth Webster; Francis Pickel; Frederick Asmus; Robert Beattie; Markar Hachigian. Front Row: John Loss; Marion Charles; Dorothy Allaben; Vivian MacLeod; Frederick Pitman; Denis Schmiedeke; Joseph Schroeder. Second Row: John Dawson; Harold Jenkins; Louis Kilgore; William Flynn; Prof. R. M. Hammett; James Wilson, president; Robert Weatherill: Richard Newton; Thomas Bisbee; James Meacham; Chester Stempien; Sherry Wekili. Back Row: Chester Steffey; Ralph Price; Charles Wagoner; Robert Boerema; Dale Paape; Donald Gustafson; Roger DeVries; George Hewlett; Hugh Cuithin; John Carey; Marvin Jordan; Heidi Fujii. A. I. A. SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON The American Institute of Architects provides " architectural exposure " to benefit society through the improved environment of contemporary planning. Sigma Gamma Epsilon strives for scholastic, scientific, and social advancement of the students of the Earth Science. Front Row: Karl Newman; Ronald LaLonde; Crawford Fritts; John Lemish; John Barnes; Cecil Kersting; George Leney; Richard Hulstrand. Second Row: Claude Hibbard; Stewart Turneaure; Edwin Goddard; Donald Boydston; Robert Breitenwischer, president: Herbert Crandell, Russell Hussey; William Buettner; George Ehlers. Third Row: Carl Signer; Frederick Newman; Norbert Archbold; James Rogers; John Hultman; John Wagner; Douglas Dunn; Herschel Wilson; Peter Lucas; Richard Woodhams; Kenneth Doe; Law- rence Hamberg. Back Row: Roy Wendt; James Hume; Daniel Bradley; George Musselman; Robert Jurko; Edward Poindexter; Harold Meisler; James Richter; Richard Crick; Robert Linsley; Stanley Lefond. The theme of Gamma Pi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity for this year was " Expansion " . And like Topsy, " we jest growed " . Membership was in- creased over 50 per cent and service projects on the campus over 100 per cent. The administration recog- nized our growth by giving us a suite of offices. The campus recognized APO by what we did: manage- ment of registration in fall and spring, bulletin board service, blood donor drive, " U " hospital work, Home- coming and J-Hop coat-checking, campus guide tours, S. L. elections, donations to charities, and the famous " Grass Should Be Seen and Not Hurt " signs. We ALPHA PHI OMEGA I ..f -!? 1U; A ALPHA PHI OMEGA Front Row: John Garter; Douglas Bailey; Alan Rice; Richard Miekka; James McDonald; John Schultz. Second Row: Berton Braun; Ralph Bielawski; Thomas Dudley; Chester Mielke; Ted Wuerthner, president; Lawrence Wilk; Harold Lynde; Morris Feitel; Herbert Newman; John Deppen. Third Row: Hugh Johnson; Marshall Badt; James Ege; Grover Farnsworth; Eldred Lokker; Lawrence Sch- reiber; Richard Bloss; Barton Cowan; Dieter Hanauer; Charles Turner; Matthew Kessler; Mark Menzel; John Neumann; Gordon Garlick; Richard Struck; Jack Bindemen; John Cochrane; Frank Beattie. Back Row: Burton Zack; Joseph McCallion; Louis Mara- viglia; Raymond Maginn; Richard Bogg; John Hall; Hugh Hart; Richard Eicher; Wallace Hanford; Warren Mead; Thomas Stapleton; Richard Gregory; Jon Collins; Robert Eppinger; James Eppinger; Joseph Valentin. recognized ourselves by social affairs, meetings, the pledge ball, and the initiation banquet. Gamma Pi attended state and national conventions of APO, coming back even more determined to remember the principles of our founders. 168 The art of conversation was invented by the female of the species. However, the male of the species, as usual, sees the jewel and added it to his " man ' s world " . But he underestimated the power of woman. The suffragettes didn ' t stop at emancipating the vote. In 1893 they freed speech and professionalized it by founding Zeta Phi Eta, National Professional Speech Fraternity for women. Being composed of women, Zeta Phi Eta fulfills the usual women ' s exercises holding meetings, parties, and conventions. But, auspiciously, Zeta Phi Eta does more by performing social a nd civic services in the speech field (see below). A Zeta Phi Eta is a Zeta Phi Eta. ZETA PHI ETA Front Row: Sylvia Koplow; Margaret Paysner; Vonda Genda; Barbara Carse; Patricia Texter. Second Row: Teetah Dondero; Mary- anna Larson; Polly Kurtz, president; Joanne Kaiser; Frances Reitz; Nancy Born. Back Row: Jacqueline Scruff; Beverly Arment; Diane Halbrook; Melba Abril-Lamarque; Joan Blieden; Marilyn Me Wood; Joan Heiderer. Front Row: Hasan Cetin; Muwafag Kubba; Ka Lun Fogg: Ha .im 1 ' assam: Harold Butler: Donald ShofT; Paul Rodenbeck; William Rieger. Second Row: Eugene Glysson; Robert Harris; Moises Wasserman; Robert Baltzer; Edward Sulkowski, president; Robert Beattie; Melvin Peden; Duane Fultz; Jack Borchardt. Back Row: Pravin Bhuta; Robert Burd; Richard Darr; Richard Lowery; Arthur Derr; Elwin Pell; William Betts; Allyn Barrows; Charles Salmon; James Wiggert; Herbert Gold; William Home. CHI EPSILON Chi Epsilon, National Civil Engineering Honor Fra- ternity, is composed of undergraduate students who have demonstrated high scholastic ability. It is based on the broad objective of increasing efficiency of the Civil Engineering profession as an instrument of social betterment. Chi Epsilon fosters the development and exercise of fundamentally sound traits of character and technical ability which will work toward a higher standard of service offered humanity by the profession. The student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association shares the aim of its parent organization to encourage the advancement of pharmacy as a science and a profession. Programs which carry out this objective include speakers from specialized fields, movies of professional interest, and a tour of the Hospital Manufacturing Pharmacy. October 7, 1952, marked A.Ph.A. ' s 100th anniversary. In the nationwide celebration all branches heard speakers from Washing- ton over a unique telephone broadcast system. A. PH. A. Front Row: Patricia Pauling; Marilyn Jakus, Joan Rice; Leona Schmidt; Phyllis Moore; Winifred Moon; Sandra Greenberg. Second Row: Harold Salen; Henry Pryzbek; Bruce Wilmarth, president; Warren McConnell; Thomas Rowe; Paul Norris; Franz Geisz; Joseph Schultz; Eugene Alpern; Henry Goschnick. Third Row: Martha Wilcox; Martha Nearhoof; Raymond Stenseth; Daniel Kornacki; Richard Allen; Jay Grosmark; Daniel Moroney ; James Richards; Fred Swart; Shirley Swinson. Back Row: Duane Millar; Paul Koch; Roger L ' Hommedien; Richard Ponsetto; Lawrence Preitz; Joseph Samyn; Duane Possanza; Leslie Grosz; Clement Tarn; Bryan Baker. Michigan has found that it can house many different, even con- flicting groups under its wing. It has the all-inclusiveness and the curiosities of a little boy ' s knicker pockets. But instead of resorting to the easy title of miscellaneous, we have chosen " interest groups " as having more meaning, for each group has meaning individually. They range unselfconsciously from recreation to religion. Front Row: Beatrice Hull; Roxane Klingbeil; Priscilla Moore; Lorraine Corhett; Lillian Bickert; Carol Oelbaum. Second Row: Phyllis Peterson; Betty Robinson; Connie Pokela; Josephine Gomez; Pepe Arena; Lois Wasserman, president; Ann Bandler; Roberta Meyers; Mary Rose Hall. Third Row: Julio del Toro; Lilia Pachon Gomez; Marjorie Greenfield; William Baird; Charles Balkema; Luis Osvaldo Bocco; Robert McMillin; Wanda Michaels; Giro Vivas; Carlos Hoyos; Carlos Flinta. Back Row: Arthur Newell; Beverly Ross; Nancy Karnischky; Marilyn Shoares; Wayne Smith; Arnold Sarya; Marjorie Cramer; William Kggleston; IvanZappatajFranklyn Delgado. Firmly convinced that it is easier to learn Spanish while conversing with a smiling partner to the strains of a Latin rhumba than it is in the classroom, La Sociedad Hispanica aims to give students a chance to meet socially the people whose language and culture they are studying. Sponsored by the Romance Lan- guages Department, the club presents a general pro- gram: consisting of a weekly " Tertulia " over coffee in the League, where " espanol " exclusively is spoken, a singing chorus, movies, lectures, parties, and dancing. Picnics where Spanish food is cooked and the student presentation of the annual Spanish play are held in the spring. Free tutoring is provi ded for those strug- gling along in elementary classes. Through its activities the club promotes understanding and friendship be- tween English and Spanish speaking peoples. SPANISH CLUB Le Cercle rancais, the oldest club on the University of Michigan campus, celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Sponsored by the Department of Romance Languages, it was organized in 1902 for the purpose of introducing students to French culture and language. Meetings, which are held twice a month in the League, include skits, movies, slides, lectures, dances and refreshments. All meetings are conducted in the French language and programs are planned by members for the cultural and entertainment value. Highlight of the year is the presentation of the French play under the direction of Professor Charles E. Koella, advisor to the group. Members are also given the opportunity to speak French informally at bi-weekly coffee gather- ings of La Petite Causette, which the French Club has sponsored since 1946. Those who .have difficulty preparing their classroom lessons are given free tutoring by advanced students. Congratulations on its anni- versary were extended to the club by the French cultural attache in Washington, D. C., who attended a reception December 4 in the Rackham Memorial Building. Le Cercle Francais provides an excellent medium, both socially and intellectually, for students interested in French. FRENCH CLUB Front Row: Anne Gould; Anne Fenech; Lillian Bickert; Robert England; Barbara Levinsohn; Barbara Hubbard; Arlene Liss. Second Row: Vernon Merky; Frances Whitney; Bruce Henry; Lydia Font, president; Prof. Charles Koella; Arthur Rooks; Dorothy Meyer; John Hyde. Back Row: Carole Lofgren; Cecilia Giza; Gordon Xeufang; Charles Sleicher; Benjamin Broms; James Gould: William Baird: Irmgard Vanden Berge; Gilbert Beguin; Ann Klein. 173 Front Row: Alejo Aquine; Luis Luna; Cristeto Angala; Juanito Abcede; Eugenio del Fierro; Jose Abueva; Pablo Ocampo. Second Row: Clarita Luna; Grace Wood; Napoleon Campomanes, president; Prof. Harley Bartlett; Cathy Guerro; Cynthia Guerrero; Pro f. Roy Swinton; Raymon Portugal; Ella Gomba; Tala de la Paz. Third Row: Edita Gonzales; Florence Guererro; Xellie Guion; Marina Navarro; Florence Cu; Lucia Manikis; Constance Guion; Maria Santos; Filonela Madamba; Liria Palafox. Back Row: Severo Guererro; Juan Ang; Tomas Garcia; Denis Sun; Florante Bocobo; Tomas Lazatin; Manuel Say; Eric Khu. PHILIPPINE The Philippine Michigan Club is an association of students from the Philippines now at Michigan. Besides providing the means whereby Filipinos and their friends enjoy each other ' s company, the club also serves to strengthen the ties that bind the Philippines with Michigan and the United States. The India Students Association, representing the active interests of all students from India, seeks to promote greater understanding between Americans and the peoples of India. Through the year the Associa- tion participates in various projects in cooperation with other campus groups and sponsors social and cultural activities which are truly international in scope. INDIA STUDENTS Front Row: Buddha Govindaraj ; Muhammad Tayyabkhan; Vish was More, president; Vinod Doshi; Jayant Thakkar; Sharrad Shah; Mahadeva Sivaraman; Shivajirad Desai. Second Row: Prof. John Kohl; Maureen Patterson; Gwendolyn Mathews; Maya Deb; Lois Creamer; Sherry Stone; Martha Mitchell; Doris Reed. Third Row: Murli Advani; Charles Correa; Alfred Lobo; Yudhistara Grover; Rajesh Gupta; Surendralal Gupta; Kizhanatham Raman; Chavali Gopalarao; Ananthasivaiyer Mahadevan; Navnitlal Patel. Back Row: Dr. T. S. Chelvakumaran; Bharat Bhushan; Jagdish Bagai; Robin Weerakoon; Ram Rattan Verma; Chimanbhai Patel; Hum- ayune Dada; Anukolu Vardhanrao; Rajapalayam Sivagnanam; Ramesh Vakil; Kameshwar Prasad. Front Row: Walter McMurtry. Second Row: John McClay; James Ryan; Robert Martin; Eugene Woodruff; John Woodruff. Back Row: George Beckwith; Ralph Hoffman; Maung Tin Nyo; Richard Hogg; Ernest Anderson; John Gaebler; Maung Maung Than. RIFLE CLUB The primary goal of the Michigan Rifle Club is to select a team representative from the best marksmen of the University for competition in the National Intercollegiates, Western Conference, and Illinois Invitational Matches. The club has also managed the firing of the all-campus intramurals during the last three years. Organized in 1905 as the Indoor Yacht Club, Quarter- deck Society has evolved into a technical society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. It strives to emphasize the practical and theoretical problems of ship-building and naval designing, and field trips to shipyards and related industries further this objective. QUARTERDECK Front Row: Harold Benford; Louis Baier; John Ritter; John Case; Prof. Henry Adams; Prof. Willet Spooner. Second Row: Xorman Clifford; Albert Jadach; John Gilbert; Paul Dahan; Niels- Alf Svenson; John Pirozzolo; Sheldon Cass. Back Row: A jit Choksi; Benjamin Andrews; Bruce Whittemole; Robert Dayton; Wilber Kruger; Walter Devine; Thomas Bridges. S. R. A. Realizing that a more effective all-campus approach can be attained by united effort, the Student Religious Association has as its main purpose bringing together the members of the organized campus religious groups. T hrough discussion and action on these issues, members of S.R.A. and the primary groups learn to understand their differences and to grow in their own faiths. Through the broad approach of the organisation and the diverse opinions of its members, S.R.A. also pro- vides opportunities for religious expression for those students who do not wish to orient themselves with one of the primary groups. Front Row: Susan Reinoehl; Carol Rush; Barbara Webb; Morton Friedman; Sally Haas; David Bronson; Xorma Seidon. Second Row: Margery Sherman; Doris Eichstedt; Arlene Bitman; Phillip Davis; Brewster Peabody; Roberta MaoGregor: Diane Johnston; Dora Polk. Back Row: Grey Austin; ona Grosse; Doris Harpole; Alfred Hunting; William Ridley; De Witt Baldwin. Five departments carry on the work. The Study and Discussion Department provides opportunities to learn about religion and the related fields through speakers, seminars, cell groups, and the Saturday Luncheon Discussion Group. Through the Social Action Depart- ment, the students find expression of religious values in campus, community and national projects. Activi- ties include hospital work, relief projects, summer service work and the displaced students ' committee. The Intercultural Department helps students of all backgrounds to reach understanding through weekend outings and faculty-student discussions. The Social and Recreational Department offers weekly coffee hours, square dancing, open houses, a music room, T.V. game room and photographic dark-room. The Public Relations Department publishes a weekly Newsletter and publicity media to provide interpersonal and intergroup contact. 176 The Hillel Council represents the membership of the B ' Nai B ' Rith Hillel Foundation. Its purpose is that of satisfying the religious, soc ' ial, and cultural needs of Jewish students. This ar Hillel reeved into a new building containing a (life!, kvrge, rreeting rccms, music room, library, trd ucuaticral icerrs. Because of these enlarged we have expended our programs. HILLEL Front Row: Deborah; Eleanor Haar; Eve Kadden; Betsy Nebel. Second Row: Toby Regenstreich ; Joy Sidenberg; Sam Dodek; Fred Kapetansky, president; Shirley Lapinsky; Morton Friedman; Joyce Dudkin. Back Row: Becky Faginbaum; Jerry Schostak; Dolores Messinger; Mark Jacobson; Sue Bittman; Bill Weiss; Elaine Rathman; Daniel Fogel. Sabbath services followed by discussion groups are an integral part of the weekend events as are the Sunday evening supper clubs which give students a chance to combine good food with socializing. Services during the High Holidays, weekly coffee hours, the performance of the play, Underground, by the Hillel Players, and the presentation of " Hillelza- poppin " were but a few of the activities of our various interest groups. During this past year we have made great progress toward our goal of making the Michigan Hillel Foun- dation " the most precious gem in the crown of the combined B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundations. " 177 As the official organization of Catholic students, the Newman Club is designed to provide for the threefold needs of the student religious, intellectual, social. The religious side is cared for by the full program of St. Mary ' s Student Chapel and by the various acts of charity under- taken by the Club. Six different classes, philosophy, apologetics, ethics, religion, book reviews and lectures on current prob- lems make up the intellectual stimulus. Newman Club is governed by an elect- ed executive council, headed by Paul Wolfe, and staffed by Ed Pickett, Marlene Aird, Gerry Harrington, and Lisa Kurcz. It has the advice and assistance of the three chaplains. Catholic students on a secular campus have the responsibility of representing to the University world Catholicism at its best. In helping each student to meet this challenge adequately, Newman Club is fulfilling the task en- visioned for it by John Henry Cardinal Newman, after whom it is named. NEWMAN CLUB Front Row: Edward Pickett; Father McPhillips; Paul Wolfe; Marlene Aird; Father Burkhardt; Professor Harrison. Back Row: Dora Polk; Rober Wiselogel; Gerald Harrington; Pat Riley; Mary Jo McCabe; Anthony Steimle; Kathleen Baker; Donald Hodges; Lydia Font. 178 LUTHERAN CHAPEL Conveniently located on Washtenaw Avenue is the University Lutheran Chapel and Student Center, the campus church home for students of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and affiliated Lutheran groups. Erected in 1949, the Chapel seats over two hundred and the Center provides a home atmosphere of lounge, library, assembly room, kitchenette, and office. Some two hundred students gather every Sun- day morning for worship. Tau Chapter of Gamma Delta, the International Asso- ciation of Lutheran College and University Students, conducts a Christian knowledge and service program consisting of Bible study, religious discussions, Sunday suppers, coffee hours, and special socials. Gamma Delta Front Row: Pastor Scheips; Mrs. Scheips; Gloria Strutz; Lois Beyer; Alan Drake, president; Richard Atherton; Catherine Alt; Xorman Krupp; Carolyn Hartmann; Janet Love; Martha Johnson; Lenore Loeher. Second Row: Lorraine Miller: Sally Colberg; Harold Franz; Eunice Ruff; Lorraine Wilke; Carolyn Jewell; Phyllis Heideman; Rita Gedrovics; Barbara WoHer; David Hurst; Carol Drake; Richard Weber; Ronald Hawley; Bruce Compton. Third Row: Barbara Knapp; Larry Griewski; Richard Koester- I . . 1 . . . JT_A_ . " A f _ 1 . . . f I T7 1 J . Tl_l A TT _ 1 1 . TV 1 1 1 iL W7 " ' _J. . . A T _C1_. I T -i r-, t i TIT Roy Euker; Lawrence Kersten; Joan Kehrer; Carol Schoenheit. 179 Front Row: Judy Livingston; Beverly Kennon; Carol Waite; Priscilla Miley; Rosaline Sappington; Susan Schafer; Janet Banninga Louise Blanchard. Second Row: Mary Jo Jadvvin; Nona Grosse; Helen Brown; Barbara Steinko; Audrey Murphy, preisdent; Marjorie Van Eenam; Carol Rush; Marion Xowlin; Kathleen Bond; Joan Newsome. Third Row: Linda Irwin; Dorothy Schomeyer; Shirley Siler; Barbara Ray; Beverly Ross; Shirley Whitman; Beverly Davis; Lois List; AnneSaveli; Pat Spangenberg; Rosemary Huston; Meredyth Manns. Back Row: Sue Rogers; Marilyn Jory; Mary Wells; Marilyn Smith; Barbara Leedom; Ruth Langs; Marilyn Sharland; Virginia Cooke; Elizabeth Jones; Mildred Knapp. KAPPA PHI Numerous activities which range from making bean bags for children ' s homes to a mother and daughter weekend are undertaken by the members of Kappa Phi, an organization of college women of Methodist membership or preference, who meet bi-monthly for dinner, worship services, social and charitable programs. The Dental Hygiene School offers to women a pro- fession of great importance in the practice of pre- ventive dentistry. Under the leadership of its Dean, Dr. Dorothy G. Hard, it has increased in size from a few students to forty graduates in the Class of 1953, and in stature as an integral part of the dental pro- fession. DENTAL HYGIENISTS Front Row: Darrell Flint; Patricia Anderson ; Joan Lumbers; Sally Hubbard; Tobelle Regenstreich; Patricia Misiolek; Frances Windham; Mary Jo Jadwin; Jacquelyn Myers; Susan Myers. Second Row: Xancy Hogan; Jeanne McXaughton; Ruth Olsen; Lucille Klein; Pa- tricia Spangenberg; Roberta Trautz; Suzanne Huber; Dorothy Rice; Margaretha Davis; Barbara Topolski; Betty El wood; Sally Steen- rod; Patricia Brown: Betty Carlson; Helen Tappen. Back Row: Lucille Bowman; Patricia Jaffke; Irene Edwards; Janet Donner; Janet Mason; Donna Williams; Shirley Holland; Xancy Kane; Dora Wilson; Maxine Barlow; Vivan Cesar; Judith Leas; Geraldine Glass; Florence Turner; Ruth Young. SUNBATHERS CLUB Front Row: Farouk Xorthcott; In-a-Huff; Slothful Schrayer; Purple Wells. Second Row: Liver-lips Lunn; Kat-tail Kreuser; Biscuits Hyde; Jolly-boy Giles; To-be-typed Marlow; Hula-hula Geiger. Back Row: Perambulator Perkins; Doe-eyes Doerr; Main-line Kurtz; Sweeney-among-the-Sun-Bathers; True-love Werner; Man-hater Marx; Hot-lips Vetter (2nd cousin to Liver-lips). The Sun-Bathers in spring, the Polar-Bears in the fall, we glory in extremes of temperature. Caught here in unconventional moment that is to say, sans tank-suits and minus baby-oil we find ourselves in the unnatural lighting of a flash-bulb camera. In full regalia we are often mistaken for a Michiguama initi- ation, but we didn ' t let this bother us. Actually we are a reactionary branch of the 1950 AICC (American Institute of Class Cutters) who have decided to do something constructive with our time. We worship Apollo. 181 Front Row: William Lihby; Herbert Stier; Weldon Montgomery; William Anier; Raymond Haushi; John Stewart; Robert Hayes; Richard Herrmann. Second Row: Galtjo Geertsema; John Carow; Willcox Brown; James Ward; David Sharer; Jack Williams; Michael Eber; Thomas Miscovsky; James Fox. Third Row: Jack Gwynn; Bohdan Maksyniuk; Arthur Wardner; Burton Barnes; John Backels; John Moule; John Morgan; Robert Novy; John Phillips: John Clements; Albin Santala; Ralph Hoffman; Ray Peterson. Back Row: Xixon Wilson; John Curry; Charles Brown; Gordon Garlick; Edward Keough; Arthur Easterbrook; Lawrence Davis; Henry Webster; Peter Black; Jack Cody; William McElfresh; Thomas Grow; Roger Bachrrmnn. CLUB Since its organization in 1933, the Foresters ' Club has worked to promote interest in and to advance the study of natural resources. Composed of students and faculty members of the School of Natural Resources, the club has brought about the close relationship which exists between these two groups. One of the first fall meetings takes place around a campfire in Saginaw Forest where members become acquainted in a friendly, wide-open-spaces atmosphere. At the Michigan-Michigan State College banquet, the club competes for the statue of Babe the Blue Ox which is awarded to the winner of the annual liars ' contest. Too, the club publishes the Michigan Forester, its own yearbook. The Foresters ' Club is probably most widely renowned for sponsorship of the all-campus Paul Bunyan " For- mal " . This dance, watched over by Paul Bunyan and Babe and featuring the longest bar in Ann Arbor, continues to be a favorite because of its uniqueness in bringing the forest to the campus. 182 GALENS Organized in 1914 as a group of junior and senior medical students devoted to bettering student-faculty relationships, Galens Honorary Medical Society has since broadened its objectives. This year the Society ' s largest project, the Christmas Tag Drive, netted $8,000 for children at " U " Hos- pital. In addition the Society sponsors a tuberculosis survey for the Medical School, provides subscriptions to the Hospital Bulletin for junior and senior classes, furnishes the student laboratories in the hospital with microscopes, and provides a scholarship and loan fund. Caduceus Ball held each February, is the official social event of the Medical School calendar. April brings the Galens Smoker, probably the one occasion when the student medic can officially give vent to his gripes in as dramatic and as unflattering a fashion as he desires. Dr. Walter Bauer of the Harvard Medical School acted as guest lecturer for the Annual Galens Lectureship, a week-long session of clinics and lectures directed toward the student body. Front Row: Seymour Gordon; Brian McCahe; John Williams; Arthur Weston; Clyde Spencer; Peter Siegel. Second Row: Walter Kirsten: Oliver Champion; Robert Burton; Thomas Peterson; A. J. French; Milford Panzer: Carl Ranch: Barry Breakey. Back Row: Richard Kraft: Shattuck Hartwell; Howard Postma; James Poppy; Paul Roberts; George Porretta; Gilbert McMahon; Jack Court; David Ausum. ,ft ft Front Row: Betty Mares; Charlotte Pritchard; Margaret Penny; Gloria Yough; Joyce Dudkin, president; Carol Giddings; Jeanette Scoville; Barbara Riley. Second Row: Donna Westerlund; Georgia Shambes; Carol Hostetter; Mary Ann Beatson; Marion Charvat; Claudia Brantley; Ceil Kaplan; Margie Gilbert; Margaret Hult. Back Row: Sally Fernamberg; Marilyn Mosier; Barbara Fithian; Linda Brainard; Joan Hyman; Marjorie Blake; Winifred Saar; Sharon Chynoweth. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB The professional curriculum in Physical Education pre- pares students for teaching children and youth from the elementary grades through high school. The undergraduate course of study enables students to learn and experience the basic knowledges and skills of physical education for all age groups. It includes extensive laboratory experiences with chil- dren and youth which offer opportunities for personal development. Students ' educational experiences are further enriched through professional contacts in the local and university communities. The student who 184 majors in physical education is well prepared for work in recreation, camping, physical therapy and other allied fields as well as for her future as a parent and a citizen. The purpose of the Physical Education Club is to provide students with leadership opportunities in both social and professional activities. Through cooperative endeavors offered in the club, students may meet to exchange and blend educational and personal interests and ideas thus giving them a wholesome, healthy, and happy group experience. WOLVERINE CLUB The season was highly productive for ths Wolverine Club. A revamped flash card section, now called the Block " M, " proved successful. Numerous and color- ful designs appeared at the Minnesota, Illinois and Purdue games. Included in the stunts were a script Michigan, a Brown Jug and the clever Block " M. " Some 11,000 enthusiasts gathered for the " Beat State " and " Beat Purdue " pep rallies to set new attendance records. The Fiji Band, a group of Pied Pipers, led stu- dents from all corners of the campus to the steps of the Union Building where the cheerleaders directed them in the " roll- ' em-up " chant and other Michigan cheers. The Michigan Marching Band spearheaded the torch par- ade down to the huge bonfire at Ferry Field, where former University of Michigan football captains Al Wistert and Bill Putich and J. Fred Lawton, com- poser of the campus favorite, Varsity, heightened Michigan spirit while other outstanding sportsmen and promoters added humor and interest to the rallies. Over 115 students climbed aboard the " Wolverine Special " buses to Northwestern University for a week- Front Row: Patricia Pierson; Kenneth Cutler; Robert Golten; Laurence Bloch, president; Jack Gray; Avram Charlip; Patricia Venokur; Judith Goldsmith. Second Row: Xancy Wright; Sheila Albert; Wallace Handler: Robert Berman; Stanley Boherer; George Miller; Stuart Fenton; Robert Weinbaum; Jack Ginsberg; Ellen MacPherson; June Golten. Back Row: Myra Mirkin; Dorothy Fink; Peter Solar; Joel Kaplan; Harold Mathers; Kenneth Croteau; Marshall Badt; Ivan Bender; Donna Green; Carole Goldstein; Gail Lundstrom end which included living in the Evanston Hotel, witnessing a lopsided football victory and partying in downtown Chicago. Members of the co-educational Wolverine Club cli- maxed their work with a mid-year banquet honoring outgoing President Larry Block whose leadership fired all the activities of the group. 185 I (WW 11 IBn 1 II II THE YEAR IN RETROSPECT A monstrous roar for the de-emphasis of athletics arose from the campus community toward the end of the 1951 football season. " More emphasis " might have been a better slogan, for the ' 52- ' 53 athletic season proved disappointing in many respects. After losing to Illinois, the football team came back to defeat powerful Purdue, which temporarily raised hopes for another big ten championship. But then the fiasco at Ohio State in the season ' s clincher dumped Michigan to fourth place in the final standings. Our NCAA hockey champs scraped through the year with seven loses, four of which were against conference competi- tion. Under its new mentor, Bill Perigo, the basketball team abandoned its old methods and presented a splendid show for the fans; the final standings, however, looked much like last year ' s. Fortunately, there were a few sports (i.e. baseball, wrest- ling, track, and swimming) which came up to traditional Michi- gan standards. " More emphasis, " then, might be the cry next year so that the fans can sing praises to the " Champions of the West " without a twinge of conscience. Board in Control A. D. Robinson; Robert Perry; Philip Northrop; Ralph Aigler; Olin Blackett; H. O. Crisler; Milton Mead; Robert Sherlock; Arthur Curtis; Norma Bentley; John Hibbard; Gardner Ackley; Marcus Plant. 189 MICHIGAN AT THE OLYMPICS Many countries were represented in the 1952 world Olympics by Michigan. John Davies, Australian breast stroker, made the most outstanding performance of the Michigan lettermen by winning the 220 yard breast stroke race and setting a new Olympic record in this event. Matt Munn, Michigan ' s famed swimming coach and coach of the American natators, witnessed the Davies victory and also the splendid performances of his own team represented by Ron Gora and Bumpy Jones. Don McEwen, Canada ' s one miler, was unable to enter the event because of illness, but his country was well represented by two other Michigan trackmen, John Ross and Jack Carroll. It is interesting to note that although many Michigan runners were entered in the Olympic events, none were members of the American team. 190 Wolverine track star, Roy Pella, captured a Dominion record in Canadian Olympic trials, then proceeded to the Olympics at Helsinki, where he threw the discus to finish in fourteenth place, a rather notable record. Canadians Jack Caroll and John Ross, well- known for their outstanding records at Michigan, both ran in semi-finals in Olympic competition. Caroll went into the final heat of the 400 meter run and finished third. Representing; Sweden, giant Roland Nillson took fifth in the shot put, as well as capturing seventh place in the discus throw. Ron Gora and Bumpy Jones (below) were members of the American Olympic swimming team. 191 I " JSB H ii ! i id ;: mu " i ' i i wi 7 52 Front Row: William Billings; Tony Branoff; Richard Beison ; Robert Topp; Donald Bennett; Merritt Green, Captain; Charles Ritter; Theodore Kress; Richard Strozewski; Cark Kamhout. Second Row: Ronald Williams; James Balog; Ray VanderZeyde; Robert Hurley; Joseph Shomsky; Robert Milligan; Stanley Knickerbocker; James Bow- man; Melvin Bernay; Kenneth Shields; Casimir Chomicz. Third Row: Dean Ludwig; Donald Drake; Norman Canty; Richard Balzhiser; Junior Steilstra; James Duttcher; Robert Dingman; Peri Gagalis; Eugene Knutson; Donald Oldham; Lowell Perry. Fourth Row: Edward Hickey; Duncan MacDonald; Stanley Bowns; Daniel Cline; George Muelich; Herbert Geyer; Russell Swaney; George putter; Fred Caffrey; Robert Timm. Fifth Row: John Veselenak; Thad Stanford; Richard O ' Shaughnessy, Captain-elect; Donald Evans: Ralph Stribe; Richard Rex; Russel Rescorla; James Wagner; Donald Dugger; Laurence LeClaire. Sixth Row: Donald Zanfagna; Theodore Topor; James Bates; Wayne Melchiori; Robert Matheson; Bruce Bartholomew; Bernhardt Pederson; Roger ZatkofT; Thomas Witherspoon. Back Row: John Treadway; Ted Cachey; Fred Baer; Ray Kenaga; John Rahrig; Arthur Walker; Frank Hall; David Tinkham. THE BIG BLUE The varsity football team this year completed one of the strangest sea- sons of its history. At the beginning of the season sports writers predicted that the team would rise no higher than eighth place in the Big Ten standings; nobody was expecting too much from Oosterbaan ' s side of the field. Dropping the first two games to Michigan State and to Stan- ford away from home, the maize and blue returned to defeat Indiana, Northwestern, and Minnesota, before it bowed to its first underdog, Illinois. Rebounding the next week to defeat a weak Cornell team and then upsetting the heavily favored Purdue squad, the Wolverine team put in a bid for the Big Ten crown. Unbelievingly though, the same team that beat Purdue lost the next week to a weak Ohio State team and dropped to fourth place in the conference standings. 193 All will agree that it was a bright day in the history of Michigan football when Merritt " Tim " Green was selected as captain of the 1952 squad. After winning the Meyer Morton Trophy for outstanding perform- ance in spring training, Tim jumped into the function of leader, personnel manager, coin-flipper for the Sat- urday afternoons to come. Filled to the brim with enthusiasm, Green attempted to generate the same " spirit " into each member of the team. After losing to the underdogs from Illinois, it was no easy job to infiltrate that spirit and lead the men to victory the following week over highly rated Purdue. Merritt Green, besides being an outstanding football captain, is one of the few athletes who has ever taken an active interest in campus activities and the functions of the student body. The loss of Green will vacate a key position and necessitate the recruiting of a powerful new defensive lineman. Graduating with Tim will be many other valuable players. At the right are Ben Pederson, Dave Tinkham, Don Dugger, Bob Matheson, and Bob Timm. In the bottom row are Laurie LcClaire, Don Oldham, Frank Howell, Roger Zatkoff, and Bill Billings. These men will leave behind vulnerable positions in the ' 53 line-up. A TEAM WITH MERRITT The 1952 Michigan Varsity elected teammate Ted Toper as the most valuable player of the season. Dis- playing unusual passing and blocking skill, the south- paw quarterback was chiefly known as a brilliant offensive signal caller. The annual Meyer Morton Trophy for the most im- provement during spring practice went to Gene Knut- son this year. Gene was an important factor in a strong defensive line which was the most powerful throughout the Western Conference. 195 f MIC 196 f As the season opened, the Wolverines faced mighty Michigan State, the sportswriter ' s choice. Although the Wolverine first string platoon met State ' s string on equal terms, the Spartan ace in the hole (their reserve strength) decided the final victory. The Yellow and Blue, reminiscent of the old " king " took the first quarter both offensively and defensively. But in the second quarter Spartan Captain Don McAuliffe found a hole in the Mich- igan line and took off on a seventy-yard touchdown jaunt. Using steamroller tactics, State scored again in the second quarter and again after a Michigan fumble. State dominated the second half AND the rest of the game, Michigan ' s only threat dying on the State fourteen yard line. The Maize and Blue travelled to sunny California to drop its second encounter before a nationwide tele- vision audience. Michigan ' s one scoring thrust started late in the first period from the Wolverine 28-yard line. A flurry of passes advanced the ball to midfield. Ted Kress then skirted left end for 31 yards, behind solid blocking. Defensive holding against Stanford set the stage for Toper ' s pass to Perry who waltzed across the line. Stanford retaliated in the second period when Mathias ' disputed fumble gave them possession on the Michigan 19. The remaining distance was covered by Garrett ' s TD pass. Neither team was able to break the tie until late in the fourth period when a pass interference penalty in their own end zone crushed all hopes for a Michigan victory. Both teams fumbled frequently but where Michigan failed, the Indians were able to convert the crucial errors into a winning score. 198 STJANI 199 , ' - ' : " ' .- IA1 Michigan, during one of its few hey-days, romped over an out-manned Indiana eleven, copping its first Big Ten win. Scoring midway in the second quarter, the Wolverines stacked up three more scores in the second half. They held the Hoosiers to one touchdown each half. The victory wasn ' t all it seemed however. The Hoosier schoolboys did score more yardage than the Yellow and Blue and their passing combination proved a trouble spot. But mighty Michigan (for a day) countered with its own passing combination, Topor and Kress. Michigan ' s win was the sixteenth in the twenty game rivalry. p w r tf Rose Bowl hopes soared, as Michigan won an easy victory over Northwestern ' s Wildcats. The white- jerseyed Wolverines found that their offense easily overpowered Northwestern ' s offensive strength, and Michigan had possession of the ball in Wildcat terri- tory for most of the afternoon. Especially in the lime- light, before the more than 1000 Michigan students who accompanied the team to Evanston, was halfback Ted Kress, who proved to be a flashy and hard-to- tackle ball-carrier. Kress established a new Conference record of 218 yards rushing, at the same time that he piled up a spectacular rushing average of about 11 yards per try. As the afternoon wore on, it was evi- dent that Michigan had a team which could take ad- vantage of the breaks when it wanted to, and especially that the team could function very well as an organized, efficient machine. But as Michigan fans looked to Rose Bowl dreams, the question still was how much the Wolverines could keep up their potentially power- ful team. NO ERN 201 202 A festive spirit pervaded the air as the Gophers came to town. The Phi Gams and Chi Omegas took Home- coming awards, and the alumni band marched onto the football field as in days of old. There was the football game which returned the little Brown Jug to Ann Arbor. The Wolverines showed a strange com- bination of strength and drive, and of an inability to move in certain spots. The Gopher quarterback, Paul Giel, gave Michigan quite a bit of trouble, but the Michigan defense was, amazingly enough, able to stop him. When the Wolverines marched eighty-one yards (in ten plays from the kickoff for a touchdown) the Michigan fans relaxed, realizing that a victory was secure. EStiTA 203 Before the game, people would have told you that Michigan was a cinch to win, and to go on to the Rose Bowl. But something happened in this Illinois game. Possibly it was overconfidence and a general lack of any real drive which caused the Wolverine downfall. At any rate, Michigan committed just about every error in the book in the first half, and by the time the second half arrived, a 22-0 Illinois lead was too much to overcome. Both the offensive and the defensive lines couldn ' t hold back an inspired Illinois team. In the first half, Illinois blocked two punts in succes- sion for a two-point safety. A 25-yard dash by the Illinois fullback made it 9-0, and an intercepted pass and a recovered fumble gave the Illini two more touchdowns. In the second half, Michigan recovered itself for two touchdowns, becoming a strong team once more; but by this time, it was too late, and all attempts were in vain. NElJL In their first non-Conference win in two years, Michi- gan rolled to a very easy victory over a completely outclassed Big Red team. Cornell ' s passer never got the protection he needed to gain large yardage by the aerial route, and the ground attack picked up a total of only 39 yards in 20 attempts. To make matters worse, Cornell fumbled nine times during the game. The Wolverines scored quickly, with Kress passing to Perry for the touchdown. Five minutes later another touchdown was set up, this time on a Kress to Stan- ford pass. Michigan had to wait until the second quarter to score again, with Dan Cline, subbing for the injured Kress, as the key man. In the third quarter, the Wolverines unloaded for three touchdowns to bury the Cornell team, and put the finishing touches on a run-away and almost dull game. 205 V 1 There may have been a few in the big stad- ium who felt that Michigan had a good chance to win. The Wolverines had played an im- pressive game the week before, and there were hopes that even against the powerful, Rose Bowl-ambitious Purdue squad, we could pull out a triumph which would put us in a tie for the Conference lead. And sure enough, the Wolverines exploded that power and efficiency which had been only a potential up to this point. Purdue demonstrated its own strength by piling up an early 10-0 lead, but Wolverine touch- downs in the second and third quarters gave the game to Michigan. Again, with the score 10-7, the Wolverines took advantage of a lucky break, a fumbled pass from center on a punt attempt, to march for the touchdown. But generally, Michigan fans really had something to cheer for; the Wolverines showed them- selves fiery and aggressive, working as an effi- cient team for the victorv. 207 208 Michigan went to Columbus full of confi- dence after the Purdue victory, hopeful of defeating the underdog Ohio State team and going to the Rose Bowl. But while Wis- consin ' s Badgers tied with Purdue for the Conference Championship, Michigan en- countered stormy weather, a tough Ohio State line, and three Buckeyes named Borton, Joslin and Bruney. Both the offen- sive and defensive lines were opened easily by the Ohio State front guard, and the John Borton to Bob Joslin passing combination wrought havoc on Michigan ' s pass defense. Fred Bruney will probably be long remem- bered as a defensive back who managed to snare three Michigan passes to stifle Mich- igan ' s offensive threats. At half time, Ohio State had piled up a two-touchdown margin, as Borton twice passed the ball to the wait- ing Joslin. Again, the Michigan inability to win against a sharp-passing quarterback, as shown in the Illinois and Michigan State games, seemed to be once more conclu- sively proven. In the second half, two Mich- igan errors contributed to Ohio State ' s final two touchdowns before the Wolverines were able to come back strongly to score an almost last-minute touchdown. , 209 The Ohio State game invites close comparison with the Illinois game. In both, the Wolverines could not move against their underdog opponents. In both, a strong passing combination defeated Michigan. In both, errors and poor playing gave the opponents an early lead. Mostly because of these two games, Michigan finished fourth in the conference. It was a slippery, muddy and rainy day in Columbus, Ohio when Michigan faced the Buckeyes. Possibly this was a factor which contributed to the Michigan defeat, but it is not the only factor. Michigan just couldn ' t move against a fighting Ohio State squad, and the offensive backfield was consistently bogged down. Here Ted Kress goes for a short gain just before being tackled by an Ohio State defensive back. 210 FOOTBALL STATISTICS MICHIGAN STATE STANFORD INDIANA M O First downs 14 12 Rushing yardage 161 223 Passing yardage 151 210 Passes attempted 24 16 Passes completed 10 8 Passes intercepted 1 1 Punts 5 6 Punting average 40 30 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 35 45 M First downs 17 10 Rushing yardage 122 203 Passing yardage 102 81 Passes attempted 30 17 Passes completed 18 6 Passes intercepted 1 4 Punts 5 4 Punting average 43 32 Fumbles lost 2 4 Yards penalized 80 80 M O First downs 17 10 Rushing yardage 157 144 Passing yardage 184 211 Passes attempted 17 38 Passes completed 12 18 Passes intercepted 2 1 Punts 5 5 Punting average 41 37 Fumbles lost 1 1 Yards penalized 40 75 NORTHWESTERN MINNESOTA ILLINOIS M O First downs 19 10 Rushing yardage 443 110 Passing yardage 57 197 Passes attempted Q 32 Passes completed 4 13 Passes intercepted 4 Punts 8 4 Punting average 31 31 Fumbles lost 2 2 Yards penalized 58 00 M O First, downs 22 10 Rushing yardage 205 85 Passing yardage 118 50 Passes attempted 20 21 Passes completed 8 8 Passes intercepted 2 I Punts G 9 Punting average 37 33 Fumbles lost 4 3 Yards penalized 45 30 M O First downs 10 14 Rushing yardage 123 130 Passing yardage SO 124 Passes attempted 22 28 Passes completed 8 14 Passes intercepted 2 4 Punts 6 Punting average 22 39 Fumbles lost 3 2 Yards penalized 20 10 CORNELL PURDUE OHIO STATE M O First downs 20 5 Rushing yardage 257 39 Passing yardage 262 55 Passes attempted 31 20 Passes completed 14 8 Passes intercepted 3 1 Punts 4 10 Punting average 34 32 Fumbles lost 2 4 Yards penalized 85 03 M First downs 10 12 Rushing yardage 134 95 Passing yardage 92 153 Passes attempted 10 29 Passes completed 11 15 Passes intercepted 1 2 Punts 7 5 Punting average 39 36 Fumbles lost 2 2 Yards penalized CO 75 M O First downs 14 12 Rushing yardage 188 120 Passing yardage 134 151 Passes attempted 19 18 Passes completed 8 11 Passes intercepted 4 Punts 5 9 Punting average 39 34 Fumbles lost 4 2 Yards penalized 51 65 The Michigan hockey team has always been noted for its groat offensive strength, and an ability on the part of the front line to penetrate opposing defensive alignments. Here is the fast-skating Michigan system at its height, as George Chin skates by an almost completely open net to score one of Michigan ' s 122 goals of the 1952 season. There isn ' t very much a goalie can do in a situation like this, and you have to give the Michigan defense much credit for holding opponents to only 77 goals. 212 HOCKEY The 1952 Michigan Hockey team, defending champions of the NCAA, were expected to come back as strongly this season as ever. However, the loss of star forward Earl Keyes due to mid-season graduation and the unexpected loss of John McKennell due to a mid-season mis-understanding, made the season a great deal tougher than expected. Working with a primary forward line which included the elusive captain, John Matchefts, and hacked by star goalie Williard Ikola, however, the Wolverines were able to finally enter the play-offs at Denver. With five games left in the season Michigan found itself faced with the necessity of winning all, to gain a play-off berth, which they proceeded to do. Facing a tough Min- nesota team in the play-offs, the Wolverines went on easily enough to win the championship by an overwhelming margin. And although the Hockey team may have been dying, it certainly came back with enough vigor to justify the Michigan spirit. In compiling a season ' s record of 15 wins and seven defeats before sweeping the conference play-offs, Coach Vic Heyliger ' s champion pucksters met some of the toughest opponents in the country. A powerful Min- nesota front line always gave Michigan trouble, while Michigan had to fight its way out of fourth place against a strong North Dakota squad. Without stal- warts like captain John Matchefs (left) the hockey team would never have made the NCAA playoffs M O St. Lawrence College 6 1 Toronto University 6 3 Colorado College 3 2 Colorado College 10 6 University of Denver 5 2 University of Denver 4 5 Michigan State 6 University of Montreal 13 2 University of Montreal 1 2 Michigan State 10 2 M O Michigan State 4 Univesity of Minnesota 2 5 University of Minnesota 4 U. of North Dakota 5 3 U. of North Dakota 8 3 McGill University 7 McGill University 1 2 Michigan State 8 4 Michigan Technical Inst .8 3 Michigan Technical Inst. 10 2 215 Marquette Pittsburg Iowa Illinois Indiana Purdue Butler Indiana Ohio State Northwestern Iowa Michigan State Washington Illinois Wisconsin Minnesota Wisconsin Northwestern Minnesota Purdue Michigan State Ohio State M O 80 72 85 78 77 85 66 96 60 88 88 73 63 67 88 91 46 79 57 84 66 61 64 66 74 56 62 92 63 75 83 90 52 74 84 85 69 83 99 81 52 55 71 95 BASKETBALL At the beginning of the season, the cry around campus was " We go Perigo! " With a new coach, Bill Perigo, in charge of the basketball team, it was hoped that a new life and a new vigor might be injected into the Wolverines, along with a new style of fast-breaking game. Furthermore, new blood came onto the court in the form of sophomore star Paul Groffsky, who became the highest scorer for the Wolverines at the end of the season. However, it seemed to be the same old story with Michigan basketball. With a record of six wins and 16 losses during the season, Michigan finished in last place in the Western Conference. Thus, the " New Look " in Field House basketball did not seem to be too new. However, it is possible that it will take Coach Perigo a few years to rebuild Michigan basketball into a strong sport, with the capability of rising in the Conference standings. SWIMMING Before beginning their undefeated season, Michigan swimmers piled up impressive records in the Michigan AAU Meet. In building for their impressive record, the Wolverine natators had to overcome a great deal of opposition from a very strong Ohio State squad, which they narrowly defeated in a brilliant victory. However, it was the same Buckeye squad which came back to win the Big Ten Championship. 218 220 1 During the season, one record after another fell by the boards. In the AAU Meet, Don Hill smashed a state record for the 50-yard sprint, while Bernie Kahn equalled the AAU record in the 100-yard event. In facing Minnesota late in the season, three records fell by the wayside, as Michigan swimmers took the mile, 500-yard and 600-yard events. And in beating Michigan State, the Michigan squad ended a five- year Spartan streak. But it wasn ' t just a matter of breaking records. There was a lot of hard swimming and a lot of courage involved in the triumphs and the losses. Captain Wally Jeffries, Bumpy Jones and Ron Gora were high scorers for the Michigan natators. Michigan divers gained laurels during the season a strong team, composed of Jim Walters, Bud Hurd, and Andy White. Walters took six first places and two seconds in dual meets to pace the divers. 221 222 WRESTLING Coach Cliff Keen ' s top-notch mat men scored an excellent record of eight wins against one loss, before going on to win the Big Ten Meet. After an early-season loss to a tough Pittsburgh squad, the team went on to take seven straight and then the Big Ten Championship. Every Big Ten team fell before the strong grapplers from the Field House except Minnesota and Wisconsin, whom the Michigan squad did not meet. Moreover, two of the Wolverines held fast to their titles in Big Ten competition. Captain " Snip " Nalon and Dick O ' Shaughnessy won their final matches to defend their titles successfully, as well as contributing to a final 27-22 margin over Michigan State in that Conference meet. These two wrestlers con- sistently won their matches during the season, while Andy Kaul, Joe Scandura (left bottom) Bronson Rumsey, and Miles Lee (left) gained points for Michigan in one meet after another. As the scores might indicate it was a rare day when Michigan did not pin at least three of their opponents. For instance, the squad easily won over Illinois by a 23-3 score, and handed Purdue an overwhelming 26-5 defeat. GYMNASTICS With a record of four wins and two losses in the season ' s gymnastics competition, Coach Newt Loken ' s team finished the season in fourth place, before going into a slump and taking sixth place in the Conference play-offs. Although various in- dividual members were able to give a good deal of competition to their opponents, the fact that the team was crippled by eligibility rules knocked it out of contention for high Conference honors. Probably the greatest star of the team was workhorse Marvin Johnson, who won honors in quite a few of the meets during the season. Captain Don Hurst also contributed to the " Wolverine victories by his fine work on the trampoline. 224 www - ' : : ' . ' ;, i .: " =r= In one of the most exciting track meets ever held in Ann Arbor, the Michigan squad lost the Outdoor track title to a strong Illinois team by ] points. In this meet, not only did Michigan suffer the defeat, but Don McEwen was disappointed in his ambition of winning both indoor and outdoor titles three years in a row. 226 Unfortunately spiked in the ankle, and tired from running another race a short time previously, McEwen fell behind team-mate John Ross as Ross crossed the finish line to insure first place for the Wolverines. In another race (right), Van Bruner crosses the last hurdle before racing to the finish line in first place. TRACK Michigan ' s short distance runners made an outstanding showing during this season. Although their strength wasn ' t quite equal to that of the longer distance men, various individuals garnered winning points for Coach Don Canham. In both low and high hurdles, Van Bruner consistently won, while Jack Carroll provided a great deal of competition for opposing quarter-milers. John Valloritgara and Ross Coates did well in the shorter heat s. But generally, the Wolverines had to put up with some pretty stiff competition in these races, and especially in the Big Ten Meet, where Illinois ' runners shone. 227 The Wolverines have always maintained a powerful squad of long-distance runners, and this year was no exception. In spite of the loss of star Don McEwen, Michigan milers and two-milers continued to win individual honors and contribute to Mich- igan victories throughout the year. At the Big Ten Meet, for instance, John Ross and George Lynch won in the mile and two-mile runs, respectively, while the Mile Relay team of Rankin, Barton, Hickman, and Carroll scored a close tri- umph. The Wolverine two-mile relay team of Lynch, Dooley, Christiansen and Ross also contributed to the success of the Michigan track team, in general, includ- ing an important win at the Michigan State Relavs. 228 In indoor field events, high-jump honors went to Bob Evans and Howie Liverance, while spectators at Yost Field House were amazed by the sensational high-jumping of freshman Mark Booth. Roland Nillson continued to provide a strong throwing arm in the shot-put and discus events in gaining points for Michigan. In the Big Ten Indoor Meet, for instance, Nillson made his best attempt of the season in the shot put, and kept a long winning streak alive for himself. However, the broad-jump and pole-vault events still seemed to provide quite a bit of trouble for Coach Canham, especially since the graduation of star broad- jumper Horace Coleman (lower right). 229 When you take a mediocre 1951 ball club, remove its four top hitters, find yourself with four untried pitchers, and finish in first place, you either have a good coach or have depended on the usual Michigan winning spirit. That ' s just what happened to Michigan when Ray Fisher led the Wolverines from seventh place in 1951 to tie Illinois as Conference Champions. In tying for the Conference lead, Michigan demon- strated strong abilities in the batting department. With pitching ability handled by Jack Corbett (4-2), Dick Yirkosky (2-1) and Marv. Wisniewsky (2-1), Paul Lepley hit a high .343, Don Eaddy pointed out a .337 average, and Bill Mogk batted an even .300. Frankie Howell provided the long ball hitting with three homers, thereby tying the Conference season ' s record. The Wolverine ' s perhaps taking a lesson from their cousins on the football team, also led the Conference in defen- sive play. First baseman Mogk and outfielders Lepley and Bill Billings completed an errorless season, while captain-shortstop Bruce Haynam combined with second baseman Gil Sabuco for a double-play duo which accounted for 11 double killings in 12 games. 230 HBMBIBi 231 Bill Mogk, regular first baseman for the Michigan team, races home ahead of a throw from the- field. Mogk led the Maize and Blue in the batting department with a .300 season ' s average. 232 With almost all the players returning to the field in 1953, and many good prospects among the tryouts, Coach Fisher can look forward to another winning season and the possibility of his 21st Conference cham- pionship. Moreover, with a more experienced staff of pitchers, and excellent prospects for both Lepley and third baseman Dick Leach, Michigan seems almost destined to an even better season in 1953. Possibly, Michigan will be able to win first place uncontested instead of merely tying for the lead of the Conference. T TENNIS With three of his top stars, ex-captain Steve Bromberg, Mike Schwartz and Gene Barrack, leaving the team, Coach Bill Murphy will have a rebuilding job on his hands this spring. However, he should be able to center his team around the sparkling play of Al Mann and Birdie Stephens, both of whom have shown a great deal of promise for the future. Mann combined with Schwartz to show great ability as a doubles partner, and he has been rated an outstanding player in his own right. The team ended its season with five wins and three defeats, and placed fifth in the Western Confer- ence playoffs. Individual playoff honors went to both Mann and Stephens, who finished first and fifth in con- solation singles, respectively. rl BE After a rather weak start, which saw Coach Bert Katzenmeyer ' s crew drop three straight matches, the Wolverine linksmen went on in Conference play to win five straight, and eight of their last ten matches. Later the Michigan golfers dropped a tough match to a Purdue-Ohio State combination, wh ' ch they made up for by winning the Big Ten Championship meet at Champaign and taking the crown for the 12th time. 236 With Captain Dean Lind (bot- tom), Lowell LeClaire (left), and Dick Evans to provide a basic trio, Coach Katzenmeyer (right, center) could boast a golfing tee squad. All three men were veterans from previous year ' s team experienced and able to work well in the keen Conference competition. In ad- dition, the secondary trio of John Fraser, medalist twice during the season, Russ Johnson and Hugh Wright, provided a follow-up en- semble which could easily rank as the primary trio. Captain-elect Johnson, for instance, tied a course record at the playoffs by taking a 70 on the first 18 holes, and went on to take second place while piling up a part of the 1559 point total which won the crown. Any time you happen to wander down to the Coliseum or to the baseball diamond at Ferry Field, you can see Don Dugger or Laurie LeClaire with their shirt sleeves rolled over their elbows, dispensing hot dogs and coffee to voracious Michigan rooters. But basically, this is only one of the many responsibilities of the M-Club, made up of Varsity lettermen. The M-Club members have always generously contributed their aid to campus activities, such as the March of Dimes drive or the Phoenix Project. The Club also becomes host for visiting teams, and provides all sorts of pleasantries to make the stay of these athletes in Ann Arbor enjoy- able. In addition, the M-Club sponsors a day in the spring when former members return for another look-see at Michigan athletes. M " CLUB However, the main function of the M-Club is to give an oppor- tunity for athletes to get together for friendly bull sessions and a bit of frolic every once in a while. The Club rolls out the napkins and pickles for a picnic in the fall, and also sponsors several informal dances during the year. Every major sport is represented in the Club, although the system at Michigan which considers all sports " major " makes it possible for almost every letterman to enter the Club ' s cozy little hang-out in the Field House. Because of its now-flourishing concession business, the Club manages to maintain an independent income. 238 M Front Row: Milt Mead; Don Bugger; Carl Brunsting; Laurie LeClaire, president; Bob Matheson; Joe LaRue; Ben Pederson; Tim Green; Dave Tinkham; Jim Balog. Second Row: Gene Knuteson; Bob Dingman; John Vallortigara; Dave Stinson; Jim Walters; Miles Lee; Paul Geyer; John McKennell; Jack Gallon. Back Row: Dough Philpott; Pat Cooney; William Ikola; Ron Martinson; Jim Haas; Gino Pella; Jeff Dooley; Bill Billings. 1 Bob Carpenter; John Webb; Dick O ' Shaughnessy; Andy Karl; Frank Adams. A V " pf v " ' T M M M M M W I. M. SPORTS One of the more important methods of maintaining male morale on campus is found in the Intra-Mural Building, where students can take time off from studies to par- ticipate in almost any number of indoor and outdoor sports. If he isn ' t a member of a house team, a student will find plenty of independent activity in the hand-ball courts, the badminton, tennis and basketball areas, and in the swimming pool. If he is the real athletic type, IM competition gives him a chance to show off his abilities in basketball, volleyball, bowling, football, and a host of other sports. The Intramural sports program also gives a good opportunity for social athletics, such as the coeducational swimming and athletic activities on Friday nights. There is a good deal of prestige for a house on campus, if it manages to do well in IM com- petition; a trophy is awarded the house which leads in a particular sport. When you climb down into the three-wall hand-ball court to take a picture, you ' re liable to have your head chopped off by the high speed of the ball as it comes off the server ' s hand. However, this is a risk we leave for photographers. It ' s pretty rough, but mighty exciting, when ten men get together for a game of basketball. There ' s nothing professional about it all, but they play as though they were old hands at the game, and the action is fast-break all the way. Hit it high and hit it low, but be sure you get the ball over the net. Everybody gets into this one, as the ball bounces frorn one man to the next and a feeble prayer is offered to help ' the ball over before it hits the floor. 240 As a relief from the staid business meeting of clubs and as an escape from rigorous study, some seek the diversified athletic activities of women ' s sports. And others prefer the recreational activities held in the IM Building on Co-rec Night. While various organiza- tions usher in Spring with their seasonal formals, the W.A.A. sponsors Spring Weekend complete with Skit Night and Soapbox Derby. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BASKETBALL MODERN DANCE Tired of studying? Need some fun? Want some people to go bowling or ice skating? Then W.A.A. is for you. From Field Hockey and Camp Counselors to Modern Dance and Ice Skating, W.A.A. sport clubs provide an activity for every interest. Both men and women enjoy the nine co-recreational clubs while clubs like Tennis, Golf, Officials and Coaches are for women only. Skilled or beginner, you can find a group with your interests 242 CAMP COUNSELORS HOCKEY and talent. The machinery behind this wide program is the W.A.A . Board, made up of all club managers and executive heads. Working hand in hand with the Athletic Manager ' s Club, composed of one representa- tive from each women ' s house on campus, the W.A.A. Board coordinates club activities, intramural tourna- ments, and yearly campus-wide projects to provide opportunities for fun and relaxation for every student. Front Row: Nancy Lewis; Ann Henderson; Betty Comstock; Nancy Fitch, president; Barbara Riley; Katherine Wakeman. Second Row: Phyllis Peterson; Mary Malcolm; Jeanette Scoville; Ann Petrie; Joyce Dudkin; Marian Swanson; Ann Batchelder; Gloria Yough. Back Row: Elaine Kihen; Carol Giddings; June Miekka: Margaret Penney; Jacqueline Turner; Joan Hubbell; Marilyn Campbell; Donna Hoffman. W. A. A. BOARD ATHLETIC MANAGERS Front Row: Frances Benovitz; Georgia Shambes; Marian Swanson; Barbara Riley; Joyce Dudkin; Winnie Moon; Gloria Strutz. Second Row: Mary Day; Patricia McGuigan; Elinor Corfield; Anne Schmitz; Judy Potts; Barbara Hill; Marylee Gravelle; Marianne .Sippola; Dulcie Batson. Back Row: Joan Abrash; Grace Schoonover; Libby Joffe; Margaret Bell; June Vollrath; Eileen Harmer; Peggy Spaulding; Nancy Hogan; Bernice Ozga. Co-Rec Board -Front Row: Louise Tracy; Nancy Lewis, chair- man; Vera Simon. Back Row: Stuart Browne; Allen Van Liere; Jeanette Scoville. To some a volleyball game means relaxation. At this point it is anybody ' s game as this group demonstrates its ability to return a serve. The Co-rec Board supervises this activity. MICHIFISH Co-rec clubs include Badminton, Ballet, Modern Dance, Ice Skating, Folk and Square Dance, Soft- ball, Riding, Town and Country. The managers of these clubs comprise the Co-rec Board which co- ordinates co-recreational activities and plans the Friday Co-rec nights at the I.M. Building. Front Row: Donna Hoffman; Polly Moore; Mary Robertson; Barbara Meyer; Dee Foley; Marion D ' Amour; Jeanne Derr; Martha Sanders; Judy Rankin: Donna Xetzer; Margaret Lord; Rosemarie Safron. Second Row: Xancy Mohl; Dorothy Allaben; Lois Grabill: Barbara Uebel; Margaret Heath; Jane Kohn; Joyce Guffert; Kate VanHaan. Back Row: Sue Martin; Klaine Kehen; Martha Baker: Mary Streit; Kay Ryska; Marion Charvat. It takes many afternoons of practice to perfect the intricate tech- niques of ice skating. This club not only stages performances at some of the hockey games, but also gives instructions to beginners. No longer a dream, but a reality! The new women ' s swimming pool, a magnificent million dollar edifice, is to be erected on Forest and Geddes. Alumni, swimming teams, Michigras, W.A.A., Union Opera, and many other campus groups worked for years to realize the dream. Last W.A.A. ACTIVITIES fall the W.A.A. president got eager and started digging the hole herself. Contractors came to the rescue and promised a pool ready for the fall of 1953. In the near fu- ture three more units will be added to the pool unit, giving students a completely modern plant for recreational acti- vities. Women ' s Athletic Association occupies a unique position on the university campus. Although it is a func- tional part of the Women ' s League and works hand in hand with the Department of Physical Education, W.A.A. maintains its independence at the same time. In a position to be one of the most unifying organizations on campus, W.A.A. cuts across the barriers separating freshman from sophomores, juniors from seniors, affiliates from indepen- dents, and coeds from the other part of the three to one ratio. W.A.A. sponsors many of the special events which are traditional at Michigan. Lantern Night, Spring Week- end, and Michigras deal out campus-wide fun and satis- faction. ,11! II IIIMI HI li Mil PANHELLENIC Panhellenic Association teams with Inter-Fraternity Council to represent all the Greek letter organizations on campus and as a result is one of the more powerful policy making bodies. When joining a Michigan sorority the coed automatically becomes a member of Panhellenic and finds that her life as an affiliate is often curtailed or expanded as a result. Included on the roll call of Panhel are eighteen sororities, one negro group and numerous individual members who do not find chapters of their sorority on the Michigan campus. Panhellenic works for the betterment of all these Greek societies. Panhel Board: Martha Hill; Beverly Arhle; Maryanna Larson; Diane Harris; Peggy Zager. Included on Panhellenic ' s long list of activities this past year was a system of sorority exchange dinners. The series of Monday night parties was designed to facilitate the individual houses to become better acquainted with girls in other chapters. Also on the agenda of activities was the system whereby Panhellenic supplied hostesses for the League student-faculty lounge. In addition to this project each house supported the hospital volunteer program by sending girls to the University Hospital each week to act as nurse ' s aids in reading to patients, writing letters for them, etc. Junior Panhellenic contributed considerably to the program by making stocking dolls at Christmas time for the children ' s ward. Jr. Panhel also lowered the boom on the Fresh Air Camp when they teamed with Jr. IFC to give that camp a complete uplifting of paint and repairs in the spring. 248 249 IHHBHBMHBB I Highlight of Panhellenic ' s social sea- son was " Wonderland " , the annual formal party for affiliated coeds and their dates. The League Ballroom was transformed into scenes from the familiar hook of Alice in Won- derland while two bands, Red Harper and Paul McDonough, sup- plied continuous music for dancers. Early in Match Panhellenic teamed with the Men ' s Glee Club to present Fred Waring and his Pennsylvan- ians before two jammed houses of responsive s tudents. Color, talent and personality sparked this show of the well-known TV troupe. 250 Initiating a two year trial plan of fall rushing, the usual mid-semester slush and bad weather were replaced by the more enjoyable aspects of Autumn. The first two weeks of the new semester were devoted to rushing and the planning of outdoor supper parties which empha- sized informality. (The schedule called for sweaters and skirts at all parties with the exception of the last round of Final Deserts.) The number of sets was decreased, the length of parties increased and skits were done away with in the revamping of the rushing schedule. Each house was represented at the League during the two weeks of rushing by a disaffiliated member who served in the capacity of rushing counselor for the rushees. Tours of sorority houses, final deserts and the inevitable stories in the sit-down tradition of Greek rushing it ' s all part of the Panhel system. With gallons of green paint and a flurry of brushes, sorority and fra- ternity pledges attacked the Fresh Air Camp (typical of the Greeks). ALPHA CHI OMEGA Front Row: Fran Ware; Ann Rodrequez; Mary Sue Fleming; Julie Diehl; Sue Arthur; Sally Heineman; Joan St. Dennis; Marion Oakes; Dorothy Clague; Margaret Hubbard; Diane Keyport; Judy Drake; Beverly Barth. Second Row: Diane Swendeman; Patsy Wheeler; Lynn Anderson; Roddie McDonnell; Jean Wiadly; Marian Cloots; Sherry Truesdell, president; Mrs. Nettling; Janet Alarie; Joan Kay Brush; Marie Creola; Jane Jessup; Sue Pullon; Julie Bowes. Third Row: Sue Gilbert; Virginia Jones; Lynda Leaver; Marilyn Pederson; Jacquelyn Rossi; Elinor Cochran; Anne Campbell; Sandra McPherson; Judith Potts; Margaret Wappler; Sue Sargent; Betty Brassfield; Marilyn Lama; Carole Lofgren; Patricia Hurt; Judy Daines; Nan Gregory; Back Row: Sonia Janich; Carol Hershey; Judy Menzies; Mary Zaio; Marsha Boothe; Dorothy Philip; Shirley Maloney; DeVee Janich; Ann Arthur; Shirley Mason; Alice Robertson; Martha Taugher; Mary Slosson; Janice MacVaug h; Sue Armstrong; Betty Pierce. The above Comedy of Errors was once again under the guardianship of Olivia. We, seemingly fastidious, finessed bridge, English movies, and the New Yorker, and lived As You Like It and loved it. We were not oblivious to national Tempests and elections. We rushed and gained ground with 22 pledges and not one Shrew to Tame! Measure for Measure we matched the rest! And as Shakespeare said, " All ' s Well That Ends Well, " but this is really Much Ado About Nothing. 252 ALPHA DELTA PI Front Row: Kathleen Bond; Beverly Riley; Dorothy McElroy; Nancy Davenport; Addie-Ann Tolhurst; Nancy Briggs; Carolyn Call; Jeanne Hager; Sylvia Hagopian; Lois Hixon; Justine Votypka; Nancy Buese; Beverly Pack. Second Row: Suzanne Kaeppel ' , Rosemarie Safron; Mary Anne Hassler; Shirlee Jorgensen; Joanne Gessner; Beverly Arble; Mrs. Ufer; Barbara Henderson; Margaret Willaims; Iris Leva; Irene Ghini; Barbara Gorden; Darlene Martenson. Third Row: Janice Siefert; Marlene Schulhauser; Jan Saxon; Shirley- Thomas; Pauline Ericson; Joyce Noh; Gretchen Gay; Joan Robertson; Joyce Oliver; Ann Bartlett; Barbara Herrider; Joanne Boros; Sibyl Lutz; Jeanne Killoran; Joyce Leonhard; Ruth_Hayward Marylee Gravelle; Eloise Sarraf. Back Row: Beatrice Johnson; Nancy Eriks Roos yi Lnlla] Jeanne xvnioraii; Joyce Ajeuimaiu, ixui, Aia vwaiu, i Aaij ' ic uo f L JI uanm. WA xxvw. AJ LI ju, i " ' j ksen; Barbara Bigelow; Phyllis Thombs; Pricilla Bickford; Betty Bayliss; Barbara Grossman; Marcia Shafer; Janet Kinney; Arlene ose; Rachel Byron; Carol Downs; Patricia Burford; Jill Umbs; Carol Holley; Suzanne Longpre; Jean Gunderson. When we remember A.D. Pi and what it has symbolized to us in the past year, we remember all sorts of senti- mentalities and some solemnities too. But A.D. Pi isn ' t something that can be pounded out on a typewriter. It ' s coffee and talk late at night, a song or a bridge party at the slightest provocation, perhaps a glow that comes in knowing everyone ' s door is always open. But most of all we remember laughter, warmth and friendly smiles that are A.D. Pi to us. tmumm ALPHA EPS1LON PHI Who can be specific about AEPhi? That ' s a leading question, one to which we would like to have an answer. We ' ve been asking people for centuries now: " Who can be specific about AEPhi? " and all we get is silence. Nobody cares to answer. Because nobody volunteers to give us even a clue, we try to be specific about ourselves and we arrive almost nowhere. We have discovered that we like the typical things: men, bridge, men, food, men, sleep, and see what we mean? Not specific! Oh, we know a little about ourselves, like for instance, that we ' re all beautiful, clever, wonderful geniuses but that ' s not specific either. Surely there is someone out there who can help us. It ' s a leading question. Phone number 2-3119. Ask for the social chairman. Front Row: Ethyl Atlas; Frances Benowitz; Deborah Shavelson; Lois Klein; Maxine Gordon; Maney Druker; Elizabeth Huber; Margaret Meyers; Arlene Elconin; Marilyn Limpnd; Rona Cowen; Lorraine Falberg; Betty Hess; Sandra Hearsh. Second Row: Margaret Pasner; Carol Altman; Marcia Goldfarb; Gloria Prince; Joan Bleiden; Mrs. Chandler; Cyrille Landes; Ann Lewis; Sandra Sipkin; Ilene Purdy; Judy Isenberg; Phyllis Mann; Lee Kaplan. Third Row: Ann Frank; Allene Miller; Eileen Patis; Norma Seiden; Lois Mishelow; Susan Miller; Enid Stenn; Leone Koppelman; Eleanor Rosenstock; Harlean Hankin; Harriet Polier; Barbara Goldblum; Ruth Helfinbein; Marilyn Remes; Judy Lowenberg; Gloria Krigstein; Barbara Burstein; Jacqueline Schiff; Ruth Gilbert. Back Row: Ruth Glide; Sandra Brown; Joan Benzion; Mariam Mesirow; Marie Blum; Rae Livingstone; Lynn Miller; Maxine Chainson; Helen Lapides; Joan Hyman; Clara Fischoff; Nancy Petricoff; Judy Bercovici; Shirley Klein; Sonny Cohen; Lynn Robbins; Nancy Sterns; Barbara Mayer; Joan Karabelnik. 254 Front Row: Jean Alexander; Margaret Koehler; Janet Hodges; Carolyn Moeller; Second Row: Gail Lundstrom; Carrie Misiolek; Connie Misiolek; Barbara Keller; Carol Kaase; Becky Conrad; Mary Hart; Ruth Brandt; Judy Neal; JoAnn Ileavis; Barbara Courtright. Ann Courtright; Phyllis Peterson; Sue Smith; Nancy Welty; Marie Darling; Betsy Huette; Barbara Platte. Back Row: Florence Turner; Jane Straka; Margaret Logan; Barbara Steinko; Virginia Ruebene; Dorothy Schpmeyer; Nancy MacFarlan; Maury Clark; Marge Mowrer; Abigal Nickerson; Ruth Olsen; Roseann Wood; Pat Misiolek; Nancy Rein; Carolyn Bergman. They ' re off! The Alpha Gamma races open with New Annex as the favorite. Rushing immediately takes a lead over Studies. Pledges catch up on Songs and Sisters. Homecoming booms into the lead with Big Money. Old Pan-Hel is sparkling but shortly fades away. Christmas Formal takes its place with Studies still in the rear. Wait a minute! Finals block our view. Pledge Formal pushes Pledges up to New Initiates. Mother ' s Day gracefully takes the lead. Studies now limp badly. Senior Night gallops along side Satire and Hilarity. Other entrees running along at an even keel are Activities and Coffee Hours. Now they ' re nearing the Commencement Gate. It ' s going to be a photo finish between Arb Parties and Finals! ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 255 ALPHA OM1CRON PI Anyone who tromps six furlongs to campus twice a day has to eat their oatmeal. The outstandingly rugged ride bikes on roads and over pedestrians. Exer- cise like this is what gives the quiet girls at 800 Oxford their peculair ability to cope. We cope with all kinds of things: our position happy seniors . . . Sigma Nu ' s serenades at 3 a.m. . . . Pogo . . . blind date who was grossly misrepresented . . . trumping aces . . . waiting for our fathers to come home from the P-Bell with our ID ... a man on each phone . . . initiation-who ' s first . . . smoke signals during quiet hours . . . Music students and their everlasting Bartok . . . and after a year of this we have to take finals already! Front Row: Loraine Schoolmaster, Gretchen Quine; Sari Barker; Elinor Sines; Sarah Burroughs; Ann Knickerbocker; Jeanne Freshour; Sue Wilson; Sue Stockle; Connie Vandervere; Caroline Nix. Second Row: Tamra Johns; Claudette Hawes; Phyllis Peterson; Terry Ham; Nancy Lewis, president; Mrs. Roberts; Alice Ann Ryan; Sue Jacobsen; Marion Charles; Wanda Michaels; Jane Streicher. Third Row: Jane Howard; Laura Roberts; Beverly Swan; Betty Rice; Barbara Dowd; Carolyn Von Voingtlander; Pat Mann; Dorothea Addis; Joanne Karnatz; Evelyn Allee; Charlotte Charles; Caroline Balduf; Anne Hepler; Mary Hoyt. Back Row: Paula Strong; Marilyn Morris; Beverly Armet; Mary Lou Mantz; Pat Corrigan; Sylvia Leach; Audrey Murphy; Diana Brockmiller; Sallie Wilson; Dorothy Ham; Pat Million; Mary Lou Kierdorf; Sue Mitchell. 256 ALPHA PHI Via carrier pigeon we send news of our year ' s activities. The last member who journeyed to campus reported (three months later) that Haven Hall had burned, and we wish to send sympathies to President Angell. Sent girls to p lay basketball last fall, but when they reached Barbour Gym, the other team was finishing spring tennis tournament. Dogsleds from all points on campus brought brave Nordics to our combined pledge and winter formal. Remembering that we are part of Michigan, members bought bicycles and went to par- ticipate in varied activities also we are pleased with grades received in extension courses. In parting we urge you to support Wilson ' s League of Nations; we oppose isolationism. Front Row: Nancy Baehre; Carol Rogers; Barbara Riggs; Lusetta Bush; Sue Roesser; Marilyn Grove: Carolyn Fisk; Marilyn Hey; Sandra Brown; Margaret Harrigan; Eleanor Cannon; Barbara Cremers; Carolyn Abbott. Second Row: Iris Pumroy; Margaret Meade; Nancy Fuller; Cynthia Hendrian; Diane Halbrook; Susan Kalmar; Barbara Andersen, president; Mrs. Eckhart; Agnes Dunn; Ann Christensen; Mary Kuhns; Elinor Corfield; Katherine Wakeman; Joan Sheahan. Third Row: Ann Plumton; Luella Stinson; Lulu Dehart; Mary Mullins; Sally Fernamberg; Nancy Millar; Mary Sherman; Barbara Bos; Mary Harrigan; Margaret Spindler; Kathleen Mooney; Barbara Mattison; Nancy Howes; Ann Morrow; Phyllis Bettmann; Cynthia Boyes. Back Row: Elizabeth Burnett; Nancy Blair; Ann Watson; Marilyn Pefferly; Joan McLaughlin; Janet Storey; Elizabeth Griffin; Jill Kent; Elizabeth Korn; Nancy Henry; Jean Davis; Sherrell Adams; Mary Holmes; Margaret Moreland; Barbara Watson; Ellen Van de Vusse; Ruth Flanders; Lorraine Baldwin; Nancy Wright; Joan Patton. ALPHA XI DELTA Front Row: Diane Young; Dorothy Clarkson; Laura Hoffman; Anne Ochs; Carol Lutz; Marilyn Larkin; Stirling Cockburn; Cynthia Potter; Sharon Taylor. Second Row: Janet Bradshaw; Joyce Neumann; Kathleen Keely; Eleanor Hardie; Elizabeth McKamie; Mary Caris; Nancy Dean; Madelene Thompson; Dona Davenport; Paula Rizzo; Patricia Mahaney. Third Row: Barbara Riley; Martha Co- burn; Mary Hastie; Patricia McVeigh; Sally Hansen; Mrs. Romine; Jean Carson; Elizabeth Brophy; Joyce Watson; Janice Ayers; Jacqueline Bergey; Lynn Rundell. Fourth Row: Janf Cooley; Patricia Flowers; Rosalie White; Cynthia Krans; Marilyn Shoares; Patricia Neff; Pauline Marx; Judith Willets; Sally Habermann; Greta Cullers; Janet Gast. Back Row: Barbara Ellacott; Elaine Surbrook; Char- lotte Thomas; Joan Hegener; Jean Parker; Elizabeth Butler; Marian Swanson; Ann Houck; Roberta Shaw; Margaret Farrar; Marie Abendroth; June Miekka; Mary Masten; Margaret Shaible. Inflation! Prices are going up all over the country, and as usual, Alpha Xi is following suit. Scholarship is rising (4.1), knee sox, the fire escape, and our voices are getting higher (our basses graduated), not to mention the seniors at the Bell. Also on the increase are Ed school majors, Pogo fans, users of Granny ' s lye soap, devotees of the Charleston, and engagements. And above and beyond these inflationary trends, we continue to have a whale of a good time. 258 ill CHI OMEGA Front Row: Jacqueline Boggan; Elizabeth Hearn; Jane Rathslag; Justine Mamazza; Xancy Kaser; Eileen Schumacher; Carol Ford; Yvonne Cousins; Rebecca Ninness; Katherine Hoffman; Lois Buchbinder; Marilyn Miller; Nancy Bennett; Mona Rosenman. Second Row: Sarah Traverse; Catherine Taormina; Jane Cook; Patricia Texter; Jean Allen; Lois Suckow; Ann Black, president; Mrs. Russell; Nancy Symmonds; Polly Kurtz; Margaret Atkins; Barbara Belote; Lydia Reifel; Jacqueline Turner; Sally Haas. Third Row: Marilyn Robertson; Jane Richards; Phyllis Fricke; Ruth Lamy; Shirley Griggs; Ann Hoebeke; Esther Miller; Marjorie Shafer; Patricia Rupert; Patricia Kreuser; Elaine Packard; Elaine Bethell; June Vollrath; Linda Hiler; Delores LaFond; Margaret Bell; Mary Towne. Back Row: Nancy Nelson; Diane Cooley; Jane Deuvall; Darlene Rhodus; Joan Merrill; Greta Shehan; Patricia Marx; Martha Dieterle; Barbara Clark; Nancy Aiken; Marjorie Ketelhut; Mary Hilliard; Ann Mercer; Delpha-Jeanne LeDuc; Carol Wilkie; Mary Jo Kohl; Shirley Keen; Margery Milks. Many solstices ago, when Ann Arbor was inhabited by a long-gone tribe of wandering Greeks, Perseph ' nee, daughter of Demeter, was dabbling her toes in the Huron, a discus ' throw from home, and humming " Roman in the Gloamin ' " . Came along Pluto Cratic, local cad, and with promises of Pomegranete seeds and apricots, too, whisked her off to his temple in nearby Arbor Eden. No one, since then, has seen the temple or ' Seph, but every spring stalwart souls still venture out to the ancient site, hoping Demeter. A near myth. COLLEGIATE Xo wonder our 1952-53 version of " Sorosis Follies " was such a success! Our rushing producer was responsible for a superb cast of pledges, and in short time they had active roles. At cast parties they did their share of scene stealing, but veteran stars held their own. We were proud of our leading men and joined them in Father ' s Week-end performance. Regulars with singing ability were cast for Lantern Night, while others tried out for the swimming meet. It took a large stage crew to erect the set for the Homecoming Show, and the make-up and lights proved to be a year-round job for the House " Judic " Council. Pledge formal and initia- tion climaxed a successful run and the seniors left the U. of M. stage and student roles to their stand-ins. Front Row: Nancy Collie; Karin Lexen; Ann Willard; Jean Jones; Pamela Egeler; Janice Kindley; Nancy Brinker; Robin Piatt; Sally Blackman; Margaret Hamelink; Mary Brown; Janet Bosworth. Second Row: Gretchen Hult; Kitty Crane; Susan Hemping; Patricia Jahns; Elizabeth Novy ; Margaret Vose, president; Elizabeth Magyar; Dorothy Brand; Marilyn McWood; Karlin Johnson; Carol Clifford; Louise Morgan; Laurie McLean. Third Row: Sally Williams; Beverly Blancett; Judith Cushing; Carolyn Travis; Susan Van Boven; Marila Carrigan; Carol Carrigan; Janet Scott; Marilea Kleinert; Mary Kerlikowske; Dolores Hanula; Beverly Stryker; Barbara Conroy; Anne Lautner; Elizabeth Janis; Patricia Shambes. Back Row: Joan Abrash; Marilyn Mosier; Victoria Wehmeier; Audrey Mclntyre; Margery Kenvin; Nancy Circle; Mary Shoop; Mary Doelle; Nancy Hall; Sally Shepler; Cynthia Woodward; Emily Kinde; Joanna Craft; Amy McAvity; Marjorie Mclntyre; Rosemary Rehn; Cynthia Stone. Missing: Joanne Kasier; Ellen MacPherson; Sylvia Schreiber; Joanne Miller. Front Row: Ruth Torrant; Barbara Wood; Elaine Kihen; Jane Kohr; Carolyn MacVean; Carolyn Swartwout; Susan Kitson; Ladonna Brockmeyer; Constance LaRue; Susan Garfield; Elinor Childress; Susan Flicker. Second Row: Jean Butler; Ann Geary; Patricia God- clard; Beverly Shea; Sandra Whittington; Judy Johnson; Susan Trometer; Joan Cooper; Jean Wasserburger : Katherine Frauenthal; Joan Young; Bonnie Balas; Anne Bailey; Charmaine Studer. Third Row: Lois Holtz; Louise Boonstra; Xancy Stevens; Joyce Halbrook; Beverly Brown; Evelyn Brooks, president; Mrs. Frost; Jean Purvis; Mary McAllister; Ann Albert; Xancy Dorsey; Marilyn Rauschen- berger; Doris Ingraham. Fourth Row: Mary Eckert; Judith Ross; Barbara Avallone; Beatrice Purcell; Beverly Smith; Marie Wollscheid; Barbara Uebel; Rosemary Tomicic; Patricia Le Roy; Sheila Cummins; Patricia McGuigan; Carol Bower; Susan Parmelee; Ann Cross; Patricia Brown; Kathleen Von Haam; Alicia Spraag; Joyce Bevan. Back Row: Xatalie Zwick; Janet Holtz; Jean Knechtel; Xancy Anderson; Lois Grabil; Jane Ellet; Sally Cushman; Sally Hubbard; Gretchen Ross; Beverly Jones; Elinor Rust; Enid Foster; Carol Gaeb; Joyce Clements; Elinor House; Kay Thomas; Phyllis Hess. Hail! Magnificent magnitude, and multitudes! The age of wars, demonstrations, ambivalent political apodeixis and ambiguities fail to dishea rten our valiant derring- do and bulldog courage, we are more than demi-gods; we are veritable Bayards! Ne ' er was there a breach or schism in our deathless perpetuation of agnostics and jollifications: football contests, aquatic meets, caco- phonious cantatas from the tenebrosity of night ' s noon, patron and pedagogue teas, refund repasts et cetera, et cetera. Important assemblages and functions of any gravamen vented, we retreat to effete consuetude and conventionalism, biding ' til the momentous arrival of viands, comestibles, and stipends from distant domiciles voila! The deglutition begins afresh. To better buffoonery and drollery. Nothing hoodwinks us. WE SHALL RETURN! la la DELTA DELTA DELTA 261 DELTA GAMMA What is this feminine object of fame and fortitude? Start as a starry-eyed freshman, add the sophomoric flaire of the fourteenth year, then a dash of twenty- one joviality supreme a junior, power of Michigan at her finger tips, next a bit of sophistication and charm our senior. What is a d.g.? Take D reams of a degree in Mrs. plus E nergy to Avork, L ucky pieces in pocket and smiles to smoother her T rying three point troubles, but A mbitious, she ' s G arnished with per- sonality and A bility, M emories of homecoming, ice cream socials, M eets problems with a grin with her A nchor and bronze, pink and blue, a D.G. here she is! Front Row: Janet Furst; Janet Gallery; Mary Lynn Ross; Mary Hea; Mary Anne Davison. Second Row: Harriet Thome; Katherine Tunis; Frances Slawson; Judy VerMeulen; Susan Potter; Louise Ruoff; Laura Lee Mares; Linda Lofberg; Virginia Abbey; Ann Wheat; Janice Kinkema; Mary Cross; Betty Lou Givens. Third Row: Elizabeth Potter; Joyce Gaffert, Evelyn Brache; Ann Heidbreder; Jane Badgley; Nancy Regester; Barbara Wildman, president; Mrs. Piatt; Carolyn Rourke; Patricia McDonald; Donna Clark; Martha Baker; Margaret Lewis; Judith Davies. Fourth Row: Anne Waterbury; June Williams; Alice Field; Janet Campbell; Jeanette Scoville; Joan Marlow; Louise Olmsted; Polly Kuenzel; June Howe; Lorna Harrington; Janet Rutherford; Arlys St. Clair; Barbara Fithian; Jane Waterman; Margaret Brown; Esther Hawkins; Carolyn Good. Back Row: Martha Hill; Georgia Hertzman; Mary Lee Funk; Nancy Stevens; Barbara Wagner; Winifred Sadler; Ardyth Marquardt; Jane Kolb; Virginia Granse; Harriat Mooro; Judith Brown; Gretchen Meier; Jane Thompson; Joan Prescott; Elizabeth Mares; Margaret Kennedy; Jane Murbach; Judith Westphal. 262 DELTA ZETA The courtrooms buzzed with excitement. Prosecution The Society for Propagation of Unfriendliness and Unhappiness. Defense Delta Zeta, being tried for revolt against the society ' s rules. A D.Z. arises to state her case . . . " Members of the jury, we plead guilty. Everyday we break another of the society ' s laws; with our nightly bridge games . . . front quad popcorn parties . . . dawn patrol study group ... 11 p.m. ice box stampedes . . . mechanical endeavors for homecoming, Christmas formal (featuring mistletoe) . . . vacation eve celebrations . . . hair cutting fiascoes (poodles, natch) . . . knitting (size 15) argyles ... " Verdict: Delta Zeta ' s are guilty of spending a year brimming with fun, contentment and happiness at their chosen college career being D.Z. girls! Case dismissed. Front Row: Mary Coon; Dona Knorr; Barbara Rassweiler; Barbara Laver. Second Row: Carolyn Bauer: Joyce Warney, president; Mrs. Adah Zimmerman; Georgia Rese; Mary Elizabeth Vaughan. Back Row: Letitia Bell; Marjory Maurer; Mary Thompson; Mary Ann Chacarestos; Grace Seavoy; Judy Palmer; Mary Sullivan; Ruth Renner. GAMMA PHI BETA y t - k . Front Row: Jacquelyn Touscany; Ann Nelson; Sally Swigert; Joan Martineau; Anne Henderson; Nancy Perrin; Donna Hoffman. Second Row: Lucille Begrow; Janet Mewhort; Deane Taylor; Jane Higbee; Judy Alcorn; Carolyn Walker; Ursula Gebhard; Mary Lynn Donally; Mary Alice Robertson; Kaye Baker; Barbara Nemec; Margaret Smith; Margaret Pettit. Third Row: Margaret Kermath; Virginia Friend; Diane Foley; Betsy Sanders; Barbara Buschman; Joyce Woolfenden; Mary Ann Suino, president; Mrs. Sanford; Joyce Roper; Barbara. Meier; Suzanne Huber; Susan Byers; Nancy Hogan; Sue Spurrier. Fourth Row: Dawn Maine; Susanne Wyatt; Anne Madigan; Virginia Pike; Mary Pike; Etta Lubke; Helen Schimpke; Edith Buckwalter; Anne Woodard; Jane Stellwagen; Ann McDonald: Eugenie Reagan; Jane McCarthy; Betty Ellis; Mimi Buck; Elizabeth Clapham. Back Row: Carol Bonine; Nancy Havermale; Joan Howlett; Margaret Avsharian; Patty Fisher; Lucille Stansberry; Carolyn Thomas; Barbara Townsend; Mary Lee; Beverly Luce; Colleen Campbell; Ann Petrie; Susan Roos; Eleanor Johnson; Debbie Townsend; Elizabeth Sharp. We ' re all collectors and look what we ' ve come up with. Complicated diet tables for dainty tasters. Eleven o ' clock classes and late labs, capricious kids for home- coming headaches, post-date post-mortems, songs for singing any time we feel like it which is most of the time, laughable limerics to announce anything and everything, and just lately a half dozen or so diamonds. But most of all we collect people also collectors items because they can ' t be duplicated even among them- selves. 264 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Front Row: Gay Duerson; Virginia Arbuckle; Joan Irving; Margaret Hult; Mary Jane House; Terry Matheson; Sue Shafter; Fanchon Hollis; Joanne Lichty; Judy Seaborn; Lisa Hunter; Nancy Washburne; Anne Cowan. Second Row: Mary Jo Gibbs; Anne Furstenau; Mary Northrup; Patricia Dow; Nancy Scott; Diane Harris; Mrs. Snow; Helen Allen, president; Elizabeth Ewing; Patricia Raney; Margaret Perkin; Jean Barnby; Deborah Lincoln; Jo Wennerberg. Third Row: Mary MacMalcolm; Bonnie Berglund; Sally Woodruff; Linda Huntington; Judy Gallup; Karin Carlson; Karen Jack; Dorcas Strong; Sue Reynolds; Betsy Ross; Joyce Judson; Helen Goetz; Martha Mclnally: Barbara Hill; Bernadette Schildberg; Jean Davenport; Marilyn Martin. Back Row: Pam Sattley; Ann Nickerson; Jane Spence; Miriam Baxter; Ann Bross; Anne Tunnicliffe; Aleen Allsop; Dorothy Anderson; Paula Barge- man; Sally Angell; Catherine Wilson; Constance Hilton; Nancy McCormick; Arline Patton; Barbara Barnum; Mary Marsh; Marjorie Schroer; Virginia Ellis; Marjorie Beenen. The Theta house, like any other, has noises that are uniquely its own. From the low voices of Dads ' weekend to the softer ones of our Mothers, from the " real gone " gaiety on Friday nights to the soft, sentimental sere- nade, from the silent Saturdays when social life takes over, to the noisier nights when the house plays hostess, to the continuous, determined ruffling of textbook pages. From these you can take the cross-section of a Theta ' s life friendly, busy, lively and really worth living. KAPPA DELTA Hear that ukelele playing at 1620 Cambridge? That ' s Vic strumming " Tea for Two " to liven up rowdy night. Hula dancers? Of course, and if you want vocals, call on Berta. You say you like pianos better? Come into the KD living room. That ' s Woody pounding out boogie ... he belongs to Dorie, but we all share him, along with the other assorted males who ' ve wandered into the bear-traps over there in the shrubbery. But men and music aren ' t everythin in life. They aren ' t? Then there ' s the Homecoming display . . . anyone care for a Minne-soda? And pledge formals and oh, those after- game open houses. When do we find time to study? This is primarily an academic institution, but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Therefore, no knowl- edge. Cherchez la joie! Front Row: Claire Taylor; Gail Maxwell; Sally Yuille; Doris Hawthorne; Theresa Misuraca; Marlin Carder; Jere Ann Palmer; Joey Vorhaus; Gretchen Schweizer; Diane Willis; Valerie Geisz; Mary Vanker; Patricia Endres. Second Row: Judith Rogers; Leea Pierce; Susan Bender; Lore Dengler; Dolores Hammel; Phyllis Gira; Mrs. File; Betty Anne Gruschow, president ; Charlotte Hauers ; Jacquelyn Shields;Virginia Keller; Patricia Bittner; Katherine Tenney;Marge Quimby. Third Row:Alberta Houston; Dolores Rakoczy;Emma Lou Tate; Carol Parkhill; Helen Borden; Bette Corbette; LoisKinietz; Mona Babcock; Nancy Laskoske; Barbara Hills; Marilyn Breclaw; Carolyn Bryant; Alice Kent; Mary Ellen Graybiel; Sally Clarke; Frances Hirschman. Back Row: Billie Reed; Darlyne Sabo; Patricia Wolf; Janet Iler; Hermine Weinert; Martha Landon; Edith Haffner; Polly Miley; Emily Todd; Marilyn Smith; Mary Ellen Galvin; Barbara Lou Schicks; Diana Skaff; Barbara Butterfield; Diane Decker; Margaret Carter. Front Row: Dorothy Hammett; Xaiify Bauer; Graechen Becker; Barbara Taylor; Joann Xiemann; Alice James; Sarah Weed; Carolyn Snyder. Second Row: Ann Cumings; Laurie Smith; Sue Mason; Dorothy Swanson; Maryelizabeth Newton; Janet Oberg; Barbara Stauffer; Sue Jones; Betsy Sherrer; Barbara Lindsay; Kerrie Keim. Third Row: Velma Harris; Martha Seger; Jean Bromfeld; Sue Wilson; Ruth Oldberg; Elizabeth Baldwin; Judy Clancy; Gloria James; Janet Voorheis; Dora Hartwell: Mary Jo McCabe. Fourth Row: Jean White; Louise Fiber; Teddy Maire; Libby Garland; Nancy Brewer; Brita Lindblad; Sue Adams; Mary Longmaid; Sue Nasset; Darrell Flint; Pat Wright. Back Row : Alison Brewster; Laurie Cumings; Centes Morrill; Gay Thurston; Nancy Upjohn; GeargiaShambes, Joan Kleinpell; Jill Predmore; Sandra Reynolds; Ann Tracy; Sue Ralston; Karen Oldberg; Karin Fagerburg. Missing: Ingrid Arnesen; Joan Daley; Nancy Etherton; Nancy Comstock; Betty Comstock; Robin Glover; Delores Lowry; Sue Riggs; Nancy Strome; Betty Thompson; Robin Renfrew. In this, an historic election year, we, the Kappas, state our platform: First and foremost, we are all united by a common bond university regulations. Our common goal is scholarship; our common interest, fraternity. On this issue of foreign policy we stand for friendship. Evidence of fulfillment can be found residing with us now, and next year she will wear the Kappa key back to her native Stockholm, Sweden. On the domestic scene we heartily endorse participation in all authorized activities of the campus, and now and then we have been known to moderately indulge in an unauthorized one. Furthermore, let it be known that no Kappa wears mink, and our deep freeze was donated by alums. For an account of funds spent while at Michigan, we refer you to our fathers. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 267 PI BETA PHI Once young creatures went about the earth singing " Oh happy day, oh, joyous hour. " They would amble up and down cobbled streets and usually Lady Godiva would happen by. Lady Godiva as everyone knows wore an arrow in her hair period. Indeed, there were many happy days and joyful hours for the young creatures and Lady Godiva with an arrow in her hair, but this was before the Age of Modesty and other things, and so now young creatures scurry down con- crete walks without bothering to say much of anything and young women happen-by encased in knee socks. Moral: If you can ' t wear one in your hair, just forget it. Front Row: Anne Fenech; Joan Hubbell; Nancy Fitch; Ann Henderson; Jean Martin; Sally Gouldthorpe; Gail Cook; Joan Pruitt; Julie Lowe; Betty Brown; Katie Schultz. Second Row: Dee Prettie; Pat Morgan; Greta Giles; Mary Gillooly; Nancy Born; Frances Windham; Jeanne Marshall, president; Maryanna Larson; Margery Boos; Sue Boll; Marg Hilfmger; Anne Schmitz; Donna Netzer; Third Row: Ruth Nolen; Carol Loveless; Patty Murphy; Ellen Comper; Nancy Nungester; Laurie Thorn; Janet Luthringer; Kay McLaughlin; Ruth Blight; Barbara Palmer; Bev Warwick; Lee Fiber; Janet Netzer; Sally Scoggin; Barb Carse; Sally Seymour; Marcia Babbidge; Sarah Jo Brown. Back Row: Fern Barbara Law; Ann Pletta; Marty Wallbillich: Nancy Morris; Lucy Landers; Sue Beebe; Mary McParlan; Cynthia Cook; Louise Raish; Jean Kurtz; Jeri Fox; Cathy Mackay; Nancy Gmeiner; Grace Halleck; Emily Baker; Joanne Pincoe; Ann Hess. Missing: Jill Coleman; Helen Morris; Sandy Ryburn. 268 SIGMA DELTA TAU Years from now, we SDT ' s glancing back over this book will be gazing again at faces once so close to us. Though these faces may appear somewhat dim, the memories they recall will live on. We ' ll never forget our beloved housemother, our pledging days or our dorm- itory, " The Snake Pit, " when we hear our children making noises in their sleep. We ' ll all remember sharing Dailies at breakfast, the jangling phone no one would answer when you couldn ' t " switch over, " sunbathing while Hill Street used our backyard shortcut, friendly waiters, riotous Friday night meals, rooting for Steven- son it ' s these things that will make us sigh as we recall these smiling faces. Front Row: Dolores Kaplan; Elizabeth Greenberg; Ellen Serck; Doris Lipton; Beverly Falk; Marlene Jaffa; Janet Schuster; Betty Auer; Donna Green; Barbara Bachler; Lois Freedberg; Janet Donner; Mary Jayne Shumsky. Second Row: Lenore Serck; Myra Gross- man; Margery Himmelreich; Sheila Frenkel; Joan Sail; Barbara Bernstein; Joy Sidenberg, president; Mrs. Feder; Marilyn Karasek; Peggy Zager; Margot Abels; Sondra Diamond; Janet Donner; Lora Lee Michelson; Eva Kauffmann. Third Row: Dorothy Glasier; Barbara Gilbert; Rhoda Paris; Joy Whitman; Patti Pasternack; Connie Jackson; Jani Wolk; Joan Rosenberg; Sue Bitman; Mary Lou Goldberg; Natalie Gold; Kay Kranzberg; Teri Youngman; Rhonda Finestone; Adrienne Kolb; Patricia Klein; Ellie Haar. Back Row: Doris Hyman; Janice Gaines; Ricki Gilman; Barbara Silverblatt; Lois Solinger; Ruth Krantz; Audrey Seligson; Libby Jaffe; Regina Gibbs; Patricia Oppenheim; Eleanor Pope; Renee Mann; Florence Greenberg; Janice Rose; Sandra Croll; Andy Weinstein; Carol Rothenberg; Joan Fried; Rosalie Kolk. INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL Pete Thorpe speaks softly but gets things done. Directly or indirectly, he ' s respon- sible for IFC ' s past two years of progress. I.F.C. Executive Council: Samuel Deyo; Eli Schoenfield; Stan Goodwin; Charles Thatcher; John Messer; Sherburne Brown; Peter Thorpe, president. Missing: Sanford Robertson; Richard Tinker; Richard Nepstad; Sidney Small; Douglas Hamiall; William Terman. F " - (Top) Time out in the Beta kitchen to check IFC ' s standard food cost list. (Right) Sign here and get permission from home for the Christmas party. (Bottom) Distinctive in the Big Ten are Michigan ' s fraternity rush counselors. An organization composed of all the social fra ternities on campus, Inter fraternity Council strives for the combined ideals and aims of fraternity brotherhood. Representing some forty-four house groups and ap- proximately 2000 men, IFC coordinates the efforts of the different houses so that fraternities have an effective voice on campus. IFC works not only for the betterment of brotherhood but also sponsors a bevy of beneficial projects for the community. Included among these is the traditional Christmas party for four thousand kiddies at Hill Auditorium. Help Week, which replaced the former " Hell Week, " puts fraternity pledges to work for social groups in the community. Also in conjunction with Inter fraternity Council is the Jr. IFC which claims pledges for members and strives for the development of interest in IFC and the fraternity system in general. The council is broken down into various committees including rushing, public relations, IFC Ball, Big Ten, scholarship, publications, co- ordinating and office staff. Among the many projects at hand is the food buying plan which the council hopes will some day enable the fraternal system to buy food on a large scale at reduced rates. 272 Front Row: Mitchell Drake; Darrell Yeager; Clifford Schutz; Sheridan Springer; Alan Price; Russell Mustard. Second Row: George Wedum; William Modlin; Ernest McCracken; Lewis Siegel; Robert Weinbaum; Stuart Scheifels; Harold Cruger. Third Row: Rolf Kreitz; Donald Thall; Edward Arnold; Edward Sichler; Sidney Smock; George Kling; Donald Ferguson; Marshall Blondy; Robert Pease; Kenneth Rogat; Robert Pehlke. Back Row: Maurice Marr; Murl Webster; David Fleisher; Daniel Tolfree; Xels Jensen; Evan Hirsh; Ken- neth Croteau; William Eckerman. Front Row: Albert Fey; John Nichols; Jerry Gordon; Jay Martin. Back Row: Lance Minor; Robert Philpott; David Smerling; Frederick Hertel; Robert Jewett; Steven Shawaker; Lee Allgood; Fred Shure; Sherwood Denton. Seated: Robert Steinberg, chairman I.F.C. Ball Committee; Clifford Mitts, co-chairman Rushing Committee. Standing: Richard Manchee, chairman Big-10 Committee; Monte Marshall, assistant chairman Public Relations Committee; Robert Dombrowski, assistant chairm an Social Committee; Samuel Siporin, chairman Public Relations Committee; Charles Pollard, office manager; Arthur Wynne, assistant chairman Rushing Committee; John Baity, chairman Scholarship Committee; Henry Crapo, chairman Social Committee; Kenneth Cutler, chairman Coordinating Committee. ACACIA What club are you in? Acacia. What? Acacia. It means everlasting life, you uneducated clod. Any real Greek will tell you that. It also denotes the best house on campus. We ' ve got the best chow, the most scholarship cups, and the smelliest bull-dog. In 1929-30-31 we won the all-campus horse shoe pitching singles champion- ship. Now we have the roaringest parties on campus. Just this fall our chem majors and engineers finished a long project of perfecting a home-made wheat drink that really had some kick. Our lawyers and bus-ad men solved their legal difficulties. Everybody sampled it. With the whole chapter pulling together we have enjoyed the best spirits yet produced at Michigan. These spirits are Acacia ' s expression, in aesthetic terms, of campus life! Front Row: Robert Dildine; Neil Letts; Roy Wetterholt; Theodore Ploughman; Robert Kany; Stanley Woollams; Charles Blackett. Second Row: John McKnight; David Reynolds; James Martin; Stanley Wynn; Richard Merrill, president; John Rogers; Richard Nyberg; Warren Williamson; Gerald Freeman. Third Row: Richard Hodson; Charles Wickman; Curtis Atkisson; Kingsley Joneson; Herbert Wagner; Miles Letts; Arthur Bublitz; Richard Meyer; James Douglas; William Fox; David Evans. Back Row: John Galbreath; Gerald O ' Neil; David Dow; Clarence Mason; Theodore Daykin; Carwin Strout; Reymond Tittle; James Nyberg; Philip Kearney; Philip Diamond; James Magary. Missing: Daniel Dow; Howard Frisinger; Harry Lunn; Herbert Neil; Richard Osborne; Rolf Scharen- berg; William Strickler; Thomas Tuttle; Frank Windes. 274 Front Row: Thomas Collins; Foster Aschenbrenner; Richard Bannasch; Nels Jensen; Fernando Camacho; Stuart Wagonner; Paul Goehel. Second Row: Thomas Verhake; Richard Noel; Martin Edwards; Aristedes Nicholas; Stanley Goodwin; Robert Loeblein, Presi- dent; Gordon Mathews; Robert Carpenter; William Freihofer; George Hammond. Third Row: Roy Deng; Edmund Swanson; Kenneth Misar; Charles Webber; Charles Drake; James Durand; Buel Quirk; David Pfluke; Lawrence Dooge; John Winslow; Henry TenBroek; John Grant. Back Row: Harold MacCallum; Kenneth Oberg; James Riecker; Ross Campbell; Francis Dawson; Harold Andrews; Thad Stanford; Robert Buchanan; James Stephens; George Cotter; Roger Mulier; Robert Crawford; Stanley Seiffert. Missing: James Allen. With the acquisition of a new cook this year, two things have occurred in the group at 556; less com- plaints and less visits to the Health Service. The House Manager ' s job is actually becoming a tolerable position. Everything else is running at its usual rate including the usual Bell trains pulling out at various intervals during the week. The Brothers are still awakened at ungodly hours by the T.G.I.F. club. Blue books are still taken as seriously as they always were. The boys with the slide rules still eat breakfast around here, (a forgotten art) and manage to make it to their eight o ' clocks. The lit school crew still come to lunch in bathrobes. Such precedents were established in 1846 and it looks like they ' re here to stay. ALPHA DELTA PHI 275 ALPHA EPSILON PI This is a fraternity. What is a fraternity? A fraternity is a group of healthy, clean cut all-boys. Here is a fra- ternity. Remember clothes-pins in the refrigerator, the old garbage man, Garrison getting his finger stuck in the telephone dial, melted spumoni jars, an airplane ticket to romantic places, left foot . . . right foot all these things. Learning to live together with one another, borrowing soap, borrowing toothpaste, lending soap, lending toothpaste, give a little . . . take a little . . . borrow a lot. What is a fraternity? Words cannot describe it. Front Row: Irving Weiner; Robert Segal; Kenneth Stoumen; Jerome Millman. Second Row: Martin Rosenthal; John Appel; Irwin Scult; Warren Robbing; Sanford Greenspan; Marvin Dubrinsky; Herbert Zarrow; Sanford Kesten. Third Row: Jay Edelson; Carl Franz- blau; Frederick Zechman; Melvin Sachs; Robert Rosenman; Marvin Gersuk; Lewis Siegal. Back Row: Herman Moehlman; Morton Demak; Jay Goode; Joseph McKible; Herbert Gold; Barry Kroll; Julian Linde; Sherwin Goldstein. Missing: Kenneth Bronson; Peter Cooper; Stanley Herman; Peter Lederman; Norman Lewis; Richard Myers; Lawrence Pike; Samuel Reiter; Gerald Roth; Ronald Rubenstein. 276 ALPHA SIGMA PHI First lap . . . we picked up some pledges . . . we also picked up Rocky (front center) to replace our mascot of last year who died of stupidity . . . three brothers dropped their pins . . . one got married in the shuffle . . . won our league in football and quit there . . . we studied . . . and partied ... in the spirits of good fra- ternity men . . . Second lap . . . more pledges . . . Rocky remained ... no divorces . . . redecorated house . . . we now have sides to match top and bottom . . . parties . . . studies thrown in for effect . . . Home stretch . . . re- cuperated from first two laps . . . either social life or parties had to go ... tough decision to make . . . after all, what are we in college for? . . . excuse us ' til next year . . . gotta get ready for the dance . . . Front Row: William Eckerman; Raymond Walmoth; Rocky (dog); Richard Shirley; Joseph Atkins. Second Row: Allen Magnus; Gurnee Bridgman; Arthur Cox; David Weigel, president; Ralph Griffith: Harold Shirley. Third Row: Thomas Biggs; Robert Griffith; George Stewart; Robert Sievers; Otto Reisman; Russell Price; Robert Hermann; Howard Gaberson; Allen Smith. Back Row: Alan Donahue; Maynard Schuur; John Brandenstein ; Carl Reinholz; Thomas Ehman; James Hilbert; Wesley Wenrich; George Gannon; Louis Daniel. Missing : Alfred Miller, Robert Knevels ; John Roach ; Joseph Simon ; James Westrope ; Charles Williamson ; George Trubow. ALPHA TAU OMEGA ,-1 r n r i- M h: A Front Row: James Dreyer; Bennett Young; William Monroe; Ian Lamont; Robert Speybrueck; Robert McMillin; Frederick Culver; Joseph Shomsky; Donald Head. Second Row: Bruce Martz; Lawrence Eckstrom; Achilles Taraches; Darrell Huntley; Terence Damon; Edward Griffin; Donald Weir, president; Bertram Wicking; Robert Dingman; John Klassen; Donald Klassen; Donald McClelland; Francis Seichter. Third Row: Edward MacRae; David Netting; Eaton Adams; Kenneth Greiser; Richard Aspinwall; Harold Copp; Burke Smith; David Bishop; Louis Baldachi; James Bond; Lawrason Thomas; Kenneth Plumb; Wayne Chapman. Fourth Row: Millard Pryor; William Reason; Edward Xelson; John Jacobs; James Ison; James Haas; Donald Ferguson; James Wagner; Brennen Gillespie; David Wood; Donald Kennedy; Charles Gunn; Robert Pickard; Charles Beattie. Missing: Earner Bigsby; Bruno Boelstler; Ronald Bonatz; John Daugherty; David Dixon; James Hogan; James Johnson; Louis Mclntyre; Michael McXerney; Jay Mills; Karl Kamhout; Duncan McDonald; John Rue; Hugh Wenk; Roger Staff. Far from the strife of the troubled world, Baccus arose from the arms of Morpheus, and with a yawn founded our fraternity. Dedicated to the finer things, A.T.O. has pledged itself to leadership, honesty, perseverance and numerous local establishments on the outskirts of Ann Arbor. The Taus attitude of " Me Tarzan, you Jane " has however marred our social standing at various coeducational soirees. During the school year, the Brothers have perfected alchemy, reincarnation, and mass hysteria to the point that we are dedicated to the proposition. 278 BETA THETA PI Front Row: Charles Carter; Donald Byron; John Brown; Charles Brown; Robert Gillow; Siegfried Heuser; Kenneth Pierce; Robert Berry; Floyd Graham. Second Row: Arthur Iverson; Neil Hurry; John Smith; William Myers; Edward Jones; Robert Rice; Charles Clippert; Robert Patton, president; Neal Vanselow; Thomas Trimble; Gerald Webster; John Miller; John Heseman; David Ridgeway. Third Row: Richard Conover; Franklyn Taylor; John Gelder; Harold Myron; Thomas Zilly; Peter Oak; Eugene Tolfree; Gordon Tar- rant ; John Steck ; Ralph Smith ; Bruce McClelland ; John Hultman ; Walter Atchison ; William Laney . Back Row : James Standler ; William Schriner; Keith Gordon; Richard Fisher; Glenn Robertson; Joseph Whiteman; Galtjo Geertsema; Donald Schultz; William Buell; Ronald Cayo; Robert Guy; Richard O ' Connor; Bryan Baker; William Captain. We stand or fall with our ancient temple which still braves the State Street winds, the Chi Psis, and the Quad Revolutions. Our group is no longer divided into merely actives and pledges; we now have a sizable group of well fed mice whom, due to their mal-adjust- ment in the house, we are seriously considering for initiation. Other than that Jiggs is gone for good; Frank was excommunicated; and Wooglin is working on the Alumni for a new house. CHI PHI Where is this place? Right across the street from the Sorosis house. Been here since 1927: where have you been? After a short but sweet summer vacation, " hit- ting those books " is once again the song. It has to be or else we wouldn ' t be here. The social calendar is well under way, the house being filled with alumni after every football game at record dances, listening parties, and poker games. Something happening every week- end, football game or not, so come over, your presence is welcome. Our pledges are never to be found when you want them, but do show up when you least expect them. Swiped the porch furniture the other night. But who cares, its fun. Pledge Raid!! What ' s that you say, pledge raid? See what I mean, be seeing you . . . Front Row: Gorman Culver; James Henson; James Howell; Richard Robertson; Wayne Kuhn; Sheridan Springer; Bunker Clark. Second Row: Richard Branerd; Dale Armstrong; Norman Spencer; Glenn Dunphy; Harold Jones; John Kolb. Third Row: John Tread- away; Herbert Spence; Richard BeGole; Carl Ulbrich; Roger Comstock; Clemence Arrison; John Scorill; Raltson Schultz; Peter Berhydt; Ronald Wright; William Nelson; Thomas Plum. Back Row: Neal Robertson; Charles Wise; Russel Patterson; Thomas Forgacs; James Rupert; Donald Brown; Rodney Chubb; Derek Orth; David Sebald; Oilman Rodger; Richard Wilson. Missing: Donald Alexander; Carl Brunsting; I.eon Krumbolz; Richard Murphy; Edwin Patterson; Benjamin Pederson; Charles Smith; George Stoner; Roger King; James Snediker. 280 Front Row: Robert Sabo; Robert Law; Robert Westoever; Ross Bechard; Richard Glass; William Wilkenson. Second Row: Charles Smith; Benjamin Bennett; Robert Wuerfel; Dean Carlson; John Webb; Edward Laitner; Richard Zeder; Ronald Foulds; Ronald Wells. Third Row: Russell Johnson; Hilliard Williams; Richard Schact; Garry Knapp; Peter Banzhaf; William Diener; Bruce Allen; Gordon Brooks; Robert Ely; Timins Moulthrop; Roy Christiansen; Charles Hatch. Back Row: Stuart Scheiffle; Theodore Hariton; James Wills; Kenneth Moore; Chandler Randall; Dale Ewart; Theodore Peters; James Mabry; John Boyles; Richard Brown; Courtland Smith. " I have never tried to be in the fashion for the sake of being in it, and seldom, I think, to be out of it for the sake of being out of it. Logic and history have been the only external guides I have accepted in temporal things, except where pure taste has reigned alone . . . When they (wines) were good they pleased my sense, cheered my spirits, improved my moral and intellectual powers, besides enabling me to confer the same benefits on other people . . . Life is adventure in experience, and when you are no longer greedy for the last drop of it, it means no more than that you have set your face, whether you know it or not, to the day when you shall depart without a backward look. " CHI PSI 281 DELTA CHI On Politics: all philosophies were to be found, ranging from the house Stevenson conspirator to the somewhat embittered Taft man who refused to remove his button and kept smuggling the Chicago Tribune into the living room. On Traditions: the traditional straw drawing ceremony was held beneath the charter- short straw Homecoming Chairman. On Social: the social season started uproariously with the non- alcoholic State weekend and staggered through two formals, J-Hop, IFC Ball, and various costume affairs to a roaring close with our yearly non-alcoholic soft ball game with the State chapter. On Scholarship: scholastically well we still owe thanks to the five grad students chained in the depths of our basement. Front Row: Robert Weir; William Cortright: James Hicks; Darrell Yeager; Frederick Pincoe. Second Row: Reynolds Cordes- Patrick " I . _ T __ I. A T " 1T ._.!_. . . T . 1 _1 Pll rf T71 1 1 T t. T- i 1 T-r T-. . i -r-. I i i Robert Haddock. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Situated majestically upon the heights of Geddes Hill the Deke house overlooks the serenity of Nichols Arboretum, and significantly in the background, the unrelieved oppressive din of the Michigan campus. Free from the quagmire of campus activities into which many of their contemporaries have fallen the members of Delta Kappa Epsilon engage in mature reflections, realizing that theirs is to lead, not to follow, to com- mand, not to obey. Encouched in the venerable heritage of the Omicron Literary Society the Dekes look back upon a successful year for Omicron and Michigan. A year which has served to emphasize the unquestion- able fact that Dekes, sometimes indulgent, sometimes CONSERVATIVE, are here to stay. I FrontRow: Calvin Strom; FrazierWellmeier; William Royer; Raymond Babin; Xorman Covey; Alexander Wood; Thomas Troske. Second Row: Joseph Burke; Charles Boas; Arthur Ryan; Roger Getting, president; Donald Noah; Bryden Dow; Robert Moffatt; Richard Aster. Third Row: George Aster; Thomas Comaret; Terence Adderly; James Higgins; Daniel Converse; Robert Clapham: Baert Brand; Gordon Epding; Charles Liken; James Reindel. Back Row: John Weed; John Chadwel; Prentise Wickham; Leo Angros; Theodore Brick- head; Carl Eckert; Neil Call; Peter Dow; George Zinn. DELTA SIGMA PHI Front Row: Kenneth Hallenheck; David Huthwaite; Hugh Kabat; Philip Embury; Walter Bailey. Second Row: Samuel Deyo; James Olson; Edward Leutheuser; Kenneth Moore, president; Richard Hamilton; Pierre Carmona. Back Row: David Hilderly; Ronald Hagen; Bently Crane; Burton Perry; William Betts; Robert Dalton; William Pollock; William I ' nderhill. Ours is that isolated manor house far out on Washthe- naw Trail. It is hard to find and locate. And often is the reason for our dates being late. They always re- member our parties, however. None are too bold, but many get cold at our Sailor ' s Ball blasts. It is only right to include among our other spare moments trips to State, jaunts to the Bell, sojourns to the Arb, and others upon which space and good taste forbids us to elaborate. 284 DELTA TAU DELTA Front Row: William Redifer; Franklin Barger; Major; Robert Sowatsky; Charles Schafer. Second Row: Richard Saint John; Charles Hetherington; Thomas Bergland; Robert Cutler; Charles Sweet; Nelson Gilbert; Richard Stringer; Richard Neumann; Charles Wood; Gerald Roos. Third Row: Eugene Fischer; William Herlihy; Thomas Palmer; RobertCarter; Joseph Murphy; Luther Claborn; Reymond Waggoner; Alan Price; John Birtwell; Paul Guy; Raymond Hockstad; John Gorman; Oleg Lebanov-Rostovsky. Fourth Row: John Pinney; Douglas Cutler; Samuel DiFrancesco; George Hardwick; John Porritt; Thomas Schmidt; William Williams; Robert Shetler, president; Kenneth Cutler; Donald Dodds; Richard Brennan: Thomas Dale; Richard Gess. Fifth Row: Robert Morrison; Richard Mac- key; Richard Zimmerman; Donald Stubbs; Horace Kruger; James Holmes; Robert Philpott; James McClune; James Goudie; James Bauer; Lindsay Duff ; Allen Norris; John Pierce; John Schaupp; Edwin McClellan. Back Row: Richard Murray; William Allen; Andrew Kaul; Bruce Treweek; Richard O ' Shaughnessy ; Robert Overholt; Robert; Danials; James Jacques; Hubert Garver; Harold Turpin; Robert Dombrowski; Lloyd Yeo; James Himmelberger; Fred Teaque; John Golden; Dale Brown; James Hanasack; Donald Duff. Miss- ing: Robert Carroll; Carleton Hedner; Richard Tinker; Gerald Dudley. __ Being but " a short ten minute walk from campus " , the ghastly struggle to morning classes is aided and abetted by several ancient vehicles in various states of ill repair. Daily mechanical miracles performed by these relics and bull session time saved by knowing the results of the presidential election in advance (thanks to our political analyst Major, retired campus political figure) enables us to concentrate on the yearly task of transforming forty monotones into the harmonious IFC Sing entry. Thus life goes on from week-end to week-end. DELTA UPSILON We have a miserable bunch of pledges, but the actives are even worse. None participate in activities. There are no athletes. Our I-M teams are a travesty on sport. Our alumni have disowned us. We have no four- pointers. Neither do we stage parties, exchange dinners, or Homecoming displays. House bills are atrocious. Brandy scrounges from the neighbors. The third step above the second floor landing is fastened securely, but there ' s one helluva hole in the roof. And the eave- troughs are so full of leaves that the melting snow runs all over the front steps and freezes again. Cliff the porter manages to exist by peddling empty bottles, We ' re looking forward to another horrible year. In general, people are no damn good. r . Front Row: Paul Ganzehuber; Deane Truesdell; Brandy; Robert McSweeny. Second Row: Edson Whipple; Richard Buck; William Doney; George Schatz; Donald Goldsmith; Fredrick Nohwart; John McClay; Benjamin Stolz; William Morse; John Hackett. Third Row: Gerald Underwood; Nathaniel Pierce; Norman Beck; Ara Boyajian; Leo Efimchik; William Whitfield, president; Sanford Tweedie; Gordon Wyllie; Charles Dorries; Thomas Scwaderer. Fourth Row: Earl Cline; Paul Malloy; Roger Watson; Edward Schneider; Robert Lieblein; George Hellwarth; Richard Maier; Ross Finny; Benjamin Andrews; Neil Purdy; Lawrence Holbrook; Frederick Goree; Robert Johnson. Back Row: Roger Vogel; Richard Young; William Filkins; John Layman; Ralph Beck; James Sherman; Robert Brown; Louis Chabut; Stephen Pannes; Arnulf Esterer; James Laarman; James Morse; DanielSayles. 286 Front Row: Morton Fleishman; David Goldstein; Jerome Klegman; Stephen Burstein. Second Row: Conrad Giles; Arvin Bennish; Abraham Golos; Harvey Tushman; Reginald Werner. Back Row: Richard Rosenfeld; Robert Abrash; Sheldon Shapero; Herbert Zellnik; Alan Strauss. Missing: David Goldstein; Malcolm Lawrence; Simon Dresner; Wilbur Freidman; Kenneth Adler; Norman Brock; Morris Peltz; Myron Marko; Leonard Brandt; Joseph Schwartz. Never let it be said, by Deans or Damsels, that we of Kappa Nu could not drink harder (home-distilled), .sing louder (off-key) and make merry more (back yard arb) than any other fraternity at this or any other institution. Between hangovers, we participate actively in most extra-curricular fields; engage in all intra- mural athletics; travel en masse to Evanston, Colum- bus, and points west; have a normal number of sober bull sessions, all-night card parties, and house meetings; and maintain our record of outstanding scholastic achievement. And most important of all, we work together, have fun together, and form warm, lasting friendships that will make us look back on our days at Kappa Nu as truly " the best years of our lives. " KAPPA NU 287 KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma Fraternity was first founded at the Uni- versity of Bologna in Italy, in 1400, and as at this date we proudly boast of 124 chapters. Our University of Michigan home is the Alpha Zeta chapter of Kappa Sigma and was organized of February 22, 1892. Since that time the chapter has enjoyed a prominent position on the Michigan campus. The Kappa Sig ' s are proud of their representation in both scholastic and social activities, and occasionally we have a ... PARTY. The chapter always enters the interfraternity athletic competitions and each year ends with Kappa Sigma close to the top in its respective leagues. Front Row: John MacDonald; David Davies; Kirk Duffield; Donald Dugger; Charles Heimerdinger; Glenn Thomet; Dennis Harbath; Gene Mertz. Second Row: Radford Fisher; Richard Roth; William Cowlin; Richard Manchee; John Piazza; Norman Thomas; John Wagner; George Kling; Jay Vawter; David Livingston. Third Row: David Green; Charles Paetzke; John Ostrominski; Robert Reynolds; Lawrence Houck; Dale Banker; Jere Brophy; Richard Smith; Lee Allgood; Robert Burwell; Walker Lloyd; Thomas Case; Richard Brehm. Back Row: Charles Skala; Delman Wright; Richard Emery; Robert Campitt; William Landman; James McCullough; Raymond Peterson; Lawrence Price; Robert Tuck; Donald Mitchell; David Yates; Robert Bowman. Missing: Donald McEwen; Peter Thorpe; Robert Guise; John Ross; Alfred Silerberg; John Jeffrey; Edward White; David Martin; George Scott; Gary Schroeder; Mark Ferrelli; Sherman Fill- more. 288 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA I live a dog ' s life at Lambda Chi. As a matter of fact, I am a dog. Like all my brothers, I ' m quite a scholar. Every morning I run through the papers. Already, I ' ve been recognized as the social leader in the house. I was the center of attraction at all the social functions; pledge formals, J-Hop, IFC Ball and the Orphans Christmas Party. I had the profound distinction of being the only male in the house during J-Hop. Dog- gone it, I ' m a great asset. At least I ' ve done more for the front lawn than Vigoro has! No bones about it, I ' m glad I ' m a good Lambda Chi. Front Row: Major von Schwarzwald Hof IV. Second Row: Richard Gates; Walter Simmons; William Larson; Robert Griffith; Harold Cruger; Douglas Andrews; James Pickard; Gerald Stein; James Butcher; Angello Zannis. Third Row: George Chatas; Vincent McLean; Fredrick Barrett; John Cannon; Richard Sonntag; Lloyd Anderson; Xeil Cords; Baird Swigert. Fourth Row: Xorman Burke; Richard Morgan; Donald Good; Lester Knowlton; Harold Timmins; Elliott Burd; James Smigel; Richard Good; Peter Vestevich; Raymond Stokes; Paul Duncan; Raymond Wine; Paul Gruner; Donald Kaiser; Thomas Fricke. Back Row: Paul Bachmann; Mark McQuiggan; Blake Couse; Gordon Merritt; Monte Marshall; David West; John Xicholls; Gerald Grort; Ralph Ritcher; Richard Brown; Wayne Leengram; John Breen; Eugene Kochkodan; Peter Goff; Paul Lobo. Missing: James Fehlig; Andrew Hess; John Hobyak; Allen Scaccia; Paul Trojan; Lyle York: Rodger Zatkoff. PHI DELTA THETA Front Row: Robert Walker; Douglas Roby; William DeLoria; Richard Harrison; Thomas O ' Keefe; Donald Sawyer; Richard Little; James Andreae; John Lichty; Bruce Breiholz; Dennis Whitley; Kenneth Copp. Second Row: Frederick Pistilli; Marvin Wisniewski; John Cor- bett; Joseph Yope; Robert Fritts; John Cartwright; Lee Bertling; James Xewman; George Muellich; Charles Dare; Mitchell Drake; Frederick Grove; William Rexford; Richard Courtney. Third Row: Thomas Mericle; Robert Neary; Eric Wild; Herbert Harrington; Haward Rogers; Jan Wegenka; Henry Heil, president; Terence Nulf; Ronald Foit; David Tinkham; Theodore Kress; Kenneth Kellar; Thomas Edwards; Russell Layland. Fourth Row: Russel Swaney; Dean Leith; Donald MacLaren; Ronald Eckert; Henry Triana; Charles Kropf; Peter Davidson; Charles Betts; George Dutter; Paul Geyer; George Clarke; Frederick Leydorf; Peter Walgast; David Krupp; Gene Weaver; William Michaels; Ronald Mauer; James Green; Joel Sebastian; William Libby; Karl Klipfel. Back Row: George Beau- champ; Harold Athanson; William McArthur; John Buck; John Jenks; Norman Borgerson; Ernest Graf; Robert Kunz; Robert Strain; Jack Petrie; Howard Gordy; David Calahan; James Moore; Robert Henderson; Norman Harbert; David Czachorski; Gregory Hooper; Robert Collins; Bruce Rogers; Harold Seitz; Richard Shepherd. Once again the old brick home, scene of many Sunday morning hangovers and all-night poker parties, is functioning after a summer of rest (?). Though some- limes referred to as a haven for weary athletes, Phi Delt can claim only 74 actives and 23 pledges listed as varsity lettermen. The other four members attempt to carry the load in intramurals. Social activities are at a minimum; we ' re STUDENTS; we want to improve our average IT WAS ONLY 3.75 last year. 290 PHI GAMMA DELTA Front Row: David Smith; David Fleisher; Casper Grathwohl; John White; Alan Christman; John Schaefer. Second Row: Anthony Bonadio; Clarence Tinker; John Putnam; Robert Carr; Joseph Heinlein; Robert Erf; Joseph Middleton; Kent Holwadel; Don Codding- ton; John Stumpfig; Harold Holt; Maurice Decoster; Robert Wells. Third Row: Peter Paulus; Charles Fatten; Ross Coates; Paul Geiger; Stephen Qua; Howard Liverance; Clair Cox; Thomas Leopold; Ruedi Gingrass; Charles Zimont. Back Row: Pierre Welch; Robert Mc- Grath; Clark Gibson; Eugene Halbrook; Jay Strickler; James Cook; Eugene Hartwig; Frederick Cornwall; Arthur Sweet; Alexander Mann; Eric Vetter; George Warner. A Tudor house of timber and plaster and men . . . address 707 Oxford Road . . . timbers and plaster and men . . . diverse yet one in their unity under a single roof ... a house of hospitality . . . hospitality during Dads ' weekend, Mothers ' House Party, Pig Dinner, and those football Saturdays ... a house of fun . . . at pledge formals, serenades, bull sessions, and busts in the Arb ... a house with spirit . . . spirit in the Fiji band, in IM sports, and in the songs around the longest board table on campus. PHI KAPPA PSI Phi Kappa Psi at Michigan reflects the ideals of our national organization. Our men strive for an intimacy and companionship which is typical of a true fraternal brotherhood. Compactness is the byword with Phi Kappa Psi. In line with our conservative principles, Phi Kappa Psi encourages, but does not demand, par- ticipation in extra-curricular activities. In the big ivy-covered house on the corner of Hill and Washtenaw, we enjoy many social events our regular Saturday night parties, moving out of the house for J-Hop and Mothers ' Weekend. We take great pride in our pledge formals. Havi ng many, many good times is just as important to Phi Psi ' s as having high ideals, in fact, we think they go hand in hand. (Phi Kappa Publicity Manual, p. 245). Front Row: Milton Knee; Edward Arnold; John Effmger; William Roeder; Charles Wilkie; Charles Cole; William Stuart; James Fritts. Second Row: Eugene Smoley; John Popp; David Marshall; Richard Tennent; Edward Randa, president; Henry Arnold; Richard Briggs; Paul Jones; James Linderman. Third Row: Gabriel Durana; Samuel Harper; Roger Law; Stephan Hauser; Galvin Kline; Philip Sears; George Nicholas; Donald Olson; William Lord. Back Row: Ralph Cross; John Coolidge; Robert Myer; Fredrick Hertzel; William Minick; Lynn Howell; Richard Eckec; Robert Jewett; Douglas Pouenz; Gilbert Snyders; David Carson. f I Front Row: James Hobart; Lawrence Smith; Franklyn Delgado; Michael Paparella; Jose Correa. Second Row: Millard Derr; Robert Sanregret; Nathan Kanous; Robert Steiner, president; Gordon Coates; Bruce Boeker; James Dunbar. Third Row: Peri Gagalis; Anthony Branuff; Gerald Williams; Ralph Boeker; Robert Hobbs; Robert Beynon; Robert Keevil; Dean Ludwig; Russell Whitfield. Back Row: Sherwood Denton; Lesster Nelson; Robert Johnson; Franklyn Lyndall; Luis Rodriguez; Russell Rescorla; Robert Hurley; Howard Chandler. Missing: Elias Arcoulis; James Barbero; Carl Lowery; William Billings; Casimer Chomicz, Donald Drake;Michael Lashmet; David Plumer; Gary Underbill; Raymond Elliott; Roger Simon. Just off Washtenaw, amid the lofty, leafy maples of Lincoln Avenue, squats the Skull House, firmly em- bedded in acres of unraked leaves. From the first fall weekends, when the alums begin to gather and the actives debate far into the night about this year ' s homecoming display, through the winter ' s parties and dances, into the spring picnics and outings, 907 Lincoln Avenue remains a veritable beehive of extra-curricular activity. Gathering place for the Michigan backfield, home of the smallest canine mascot on campus, and the liveliest parties, possessing one of the higher scholastic averages on campus, Phi Kappa Sigma takes great pride in offering tutorial services in a number of unrelated subjects; when in need of this service just call 2-9874. PHI KAPPA SIGMA 293 PHI KAPPA TAU There was a lot of newness in " Old Phi Tau " this year. The Tappan Tabernacle clan really rejuvenated this old homestead improvements, improvements. We attacked the lawn with vim, vigor, and Vigoro the result, a thriving sparrow ranch on the premises. The brothers felt the pressure of last year ' s scholastic standing; those trophies are mighty weighty. However, we rose to the occasion. From the time we first opened a book (the fourth week of school), the least of us were fired with enthusiasm someone turned up the thermo- stat. The future looks rosy! Front Row: Walter Long; Maurice Marr; Frederick Bowdle; John Ulrich; Richard Faulhauber; Thomas Smith; William Rector; Stephen Jaffe; David Cherry. Second Row: Thomas Graham; Frank Pauly; Thomas Wilkerson; Robert Northcptt; Thomas Ricketts, president; Roger Gilmore; Richard Nepstad; Arthur Stade; Charles Clarke; Robert Buchanan. Third Row: Alvin Ranger; George Hopper; Roy Novak; Malcolm Campbell; Gerald Martas; Robert Ridgway; Henry Levering; Douglas Donnan; Richard Phillips; Dale Bowins. Back Row: Ernest Constan; Kenneth Hafer; James Bulloch; Eugene Brunelle; Frank Starbuck; Thomas Kriewall; Gordon Wepfer; Rodney Watson; William Nelle; Lysander Ashlock; Donald Majeske; Guy Dunkin. Missing: Richard Bergman; David Tyson; Charles Stickles. 294 PHI SIGMA DELTA Who is more indefatigable in toil, when there is occasion for toil, than a friend? Who is readier to rejoice in one ' s good fortune? Whose praise is sweeter? From whose lips does one learn the truth with less pain? What fortresses, what bulwarks, what arms are more steadfast than loyal hearts? . . . " If all good people were clever, and all clever people were good, the world would be nicer than ever we thought that it possibly could. But some- how, ' tis seldom or never the two hit it off as they should; the good are so harsh to the clever, the clever so rude to the good. " Front Row: Bernard Liss; Stuart Sperling; Howard Shapiro; Joel Hepner; Donald Thrall; Robert Floum; Edmond Cohn; Robert Isaacs; Alan Leland. Second Row: Leonard Simon; Ivan Kahn; Barry Safir; Eli Berger; Norman Thai; Mervyn Manning; Neil Bernstein; Robert Packer; Simeon Brinberg; Philip Barad. Third Row: David Wulfsohn; Lee Abrams; Martin Gruenfeld; Robert Portnoy; Alan Tarr; Max Drobner; Ted Amdur; Alan Levinsohn; J. Robert Blumenthal; Howard Robinson; Robert Paley. Back Row: Daniel Honig- man; Eugene Mackevitch; David Markowitz; James Grekin; Malcolm Schlusberg; Richard Kostoff; Howard Binkow; Peter Katz; Earl Abramson; Robert Becker; Bernard Volkman; Alvin Gendelman. PHI SIGMA KAPPA Front Row: William Andrews; Norman Mangouni; Edward Harding; William Chapman. Second Row: James Goebel; Galen Podesta; Duane Luse; Robert Russel; Henry Buslepp, president; William Miller; Joseph Frank. Third Row: Thomas Cook; Richard Mueller; Donald Towse; William Jewell; Robert Mueller; David Harden; Robert Corrigan. Back Row: James Loree; Robert Kennedy; Russell White; Arthur Lane; Thomas Dooley; Henry Eckfeld; Stephen Kovacik. Missing: Lynn White; Franklyn Hart; Salvatore Dimucci; Ralph Barrett; Robert Morrill; David HamptonjTAlan Kramer; David Jahsman; John Cobb; Robert Wilson. Dear money the stereotyped salutation of all our letters homeward bound. Don ' t get us wrong now, we really enjoy doing business with the Salvation Army. We live solely by Cardinal Principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character; and brother, do we have characters! Apart from eating, sleeping and drinking most of our spare time is taken up with card playing and parties. Yes sir, things are really jumping around the Phi Sig house this year. We have to in order to- keep warm. 296 PI LAMBDA PHI Front Row: Allen Englander; David Franks; Daniel Weiss; Robert Weinbaum; Frederick; Joseph Ferstein; Henry Strauss; David Covitch. Second Row: Frederick Neuwirth; William Pittler; Henry Berinstein; Stephen Hill: Peter DeGroot; Gerald Stern; Howard Buggenheim; Robert Cranberg; Leon Felman; Bernard Levine. Third Row: Ernest Robinson; Armin Buggenheim; Kenneth Ross; Richard Nelson; Jules Belkin, president; Harland Britz; Robert Ney; Kenneth Robinson; Jerome Hirsch; Jerome Rovner; Benjamin Whitelle. Fourth Row: Leonard Drabkin; Lawrence Gutman; David Potyk; William Kaufman; Stephen Mittenthal; Kenneth Dick- stein; Thomas Fabian; Barry Joseph; Donald Leavitt; Paul Greenberg; Corey May; Seth Colodney; Donald Fashow. Back Row: Aaron Lutz; Lawrence Levy; David Weisman; Ralph Haber; David Morgan; Melvin Blum; Byron Sporber; Geeber; David Goldstick; David Caplon; Robert Rosin; Ronald Fox; Burton Stein; Paul Seigel. Leaves, slowly silently withdrawing from silky smooth limbs to drift noiselessly to earth; breezes, quietly rustling the old majestic maples; children ' s tinkling laughter floating down from above; birds aphonicly, noiselessly winging their way south ; the hushed echo of placid water; squirrels gingerly mincing their way over soft green foliage; smoke, slowly swirling upwards, drifting to meet the infinite spaciousness of the blue beyond; flowers sluggishly opening to fill the air with sweet moist scent, remind us of quietness, serenity, and tranquillity. I ' m so glad mother gave me a lexicon for Christmas. PSI UPSILON Behind the tudor facades of our hallowed halls various and illustrious brothers have pursued the good life in the ancient traditions of Psi Upsilon. These halls greeted our return with the display of new drapes and a remodeled guest room (whoopee!). An energetic black and brown creature of the Daschund clan, formally addressed as " Dosh " , has proved to be the most colorful addition to the brotherhood. Intensive scho- lastic endeavors were complemented by abundant diversions on the social calendar. Christmas formal, pledge formal, and invasions of happy parents for Mothers ' and Fathers ' Weekends were among the traditional festive events. Innovations, in pursuit of the good life, included entertaining the Alpha Dslts for a lobster dinner and a party for the purpose of appraising the Presidential election returns with the D.U. ' s. We locked the four democrats in the shower. Front Row: Samuel Stewart; Michael Lynch; Howard Webber; Harold Warnock; John Littig; Jerome Borsum; Hubert Banniga. Second Row: Russel Mustard; Robert Dunbar; Ronald Harbert; Richard Featherstone; Bruce Maguire; Ronald Larson; Michael Johnson; John Sweetland; Michael Doelle. Third Row: Daniel Brown; John Calvin; Richard Taber; Timothy Rudolph; William Downey; Thomas Bender; Theodore Nagle; Charles Leaf; Jerry Williams; Thomas Gilmore. Back Row: Douglas Robinson; Harrison Quirk; Lawrence Clapp; Carl Heller; John Borsum; Ronald Home; James Gilmore; Charles Irvin; Robert Sandling; Boyd lledner; Theodore Emerson; Edward Bitzer. Missing: Ralph Dwan; Robert Rearick. ' ' i i 298 Front Row: Almon Turner; James Hague; Carl Hirsch; Richard Hulstrand; Donald Arveson; Edward Ravenscroft; James Lundquist; Carl Corneliuson; Charles Waggoner. Second Row: Roger Markhus; Milan Marich; Anthony Herbold; Donald Rahrig; Richard Young; Daniel Antrim; John Taylor; James Smead; Barry Woodell; Robert Webb; David Kestel; David Metz. Third Row: Anthony Georgilas; Christian Brix; Frederick Richmond; Jerome Shull; Walter Voss; Robert Bell; Merritt Green; Richard Strozewski; Philip Rice; Joseph Bicknell; Earl Engel; James Huttenlocher; John Vermeulen; Richard Ernst; Joel Zrull; Robert Timm; James Ghysels. Back Row: James Bradley; Murl Webster; Charles Dawson; Russell Raymond; Stuart Browne; Hadley Schaefer; John Iverson; Cecil O ' Boyle; Donald Browne; Kenneth Lloyd; John Kelly; Blair Munns; Herbert Berwald; Donald Liebreich; Lawrence Preuss; Luther Lloyd; John Mac- Kenzie. There is something about our old castle that makes life worth living. Maybe it is our neighbors soccer with the Thetas, borrowing rakes from the Phi Belts, and having coffee with the Gamma Phis ... or relaxation- pinochle in the cardroom and bull-sessions in Lower 3 ... or parties singing " Drink Beer " in the bar or dancing with our best girls ... or studying mass migrations to the General library and accounting problems at 3 a.m. ... or campus activities intramural sports, Homecoming, and the IFC Sing ... or our own specialties the Mudbowl game, the Black and White Ball, and the Apple-polishers Banquet ... or the brothers themselves athletes, intellects, singers, casa- novas, and even those with no special claim to fame. Whatever it is, SAE and " good times " just seem to go together. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 299 SIGMA ALPHA I MU As one approaches the long white porch and barren lawn at 800 Lincoln, he is immediately aware that this is the Sammy house. This sudden revelation is not so much due to the fact that this house is known for consistently placing among the top fraternities in inter-mural athletics as well as academic achievement, or because it has 800 of its active membership in out- side activities, or its reputation for fabulous social events. No, it is rather due to the fact that over the door of this remarkable edifice it places a convenient 15 foot electric sign that heralds bold greek letters . . . S.A.M. Front Row: George Edelman; Harold Mallon; Kenneth Cort; Marvin Siegel; Paul Richmond; Kenneth Shevin; Lawrence Pearlman; Herbert Solomon; Martin Cohen; Stanton Berlin; Ivan Bender; Michael Lyons. Second Row: Walter Segaloff ; Arnold Check; Bruce Rifkin; Arnold Shifman; Ronald Seltzer; David Levine; William Siegel; Louis Kwicker; Thomas Kovan; El iot Klepper; Theodore Kaufman; Donald Mendelssohn; Geoffrey Grossman; Richard Radway. Third Row: Robert Margolin; David Kaufman; Joseph Berke; Charles Mayer; Clarence Borns; Stuart Baruch; Robert Gross; Robert Steinberg, president; Alan Luckoff; Jerome Altman; Nonny Weinstock; Richard Lewis; Morton Friedman; Murray Yolles. Fourth Row: Erwin Rubinstein; Stuart Orman; Stanley Blumenstein; Robert Zeff; Paul Groffsky; Marc Jacobson; Stephen Jelin; Allan Schecter; Richard Meyer; Barton Hamburger; Warren Wertheimer; Basil Nemer; Daniel Fogel; Leonard Loren. Back Row: Lawrence Shongut; Myron Waxberg; Robert Bergner; Robert Gantz; Jerome Schostak; Stewert Krakover; Frederick Yaffe; Alfred Wolin; Donald Rosenberg; Irving Tobocman; Donald Tann; Bertram Shapero; Jerome Jerome; William Wise; Ronald Rosefield; Davi d Bornstein. 300 ill SIGMA CHI Yes, this year marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of Sigma Chi on the Michigan campus. It isn ' t the memory of these seventy-five years which means so much to us, but the memory of this past year, the history which we ourselves have written and will re- member long after less personal facts are forgotten. We will remember all the work that went into our new basement . . . sterling performances of our IM athletes . . . the more sedate Christmas-Pledge formal . . . brawling parties for our mothers during Mother ' s Week-end . . . the rollicking Miami Triad . . . and on . . . and on ... This is the history which we will re- member. Front Row: Wilbur Perry; John Brennen; Andrew Vick; Gusipher Cavalaris; Tina; Richard Yirkosky; Irving Cannon; Gerald Prescott; Stuart Waters; Kurt Cannon; Don Mahoney. Second Row: Maurice Pelto; Frederick Newman; Ralph McClurg; Edward Highley; William Stason; Franklyn Jeffries; Dale Jackson; Henry Berliner; John Peckham; George Heim; Robert Clark; Drew Radel. Third Row: Charles Weyand; James Peterson; Carl Kaltwasser; Gordon Carpenter; Charles Cousland; William Konrad; Thomas Edge; Robert Littleson; Paul Fancher; Richard Demmer; Sanford Robertson; John Matchefts; William Sadler; Charles Thatcher. Fourth Row: Richard Doll; Edwin Parker; Thomas Benner; Cass Hough; James O ' Brien; Lowell LeClair; David Higgins; Gene Knutson; Donald Hill; James Baloz; Charles Pollard; Peter Burchfield; James Young; Xorman Canty; Daniel Eesley ; John Maddox; Willard Ikola. Back Row: Gerald Harrington; John Zeigler; Clifford Mitts; James Walters; Paul Thomas; Thomas Dyckman; Lancelot Minor; Charles Stark; Charles Ritter; William Ammerman; John Warmholts; Russell Chandler; John Fildew; Michael Barnard; John Lager; Arthur Wynne; David Watson; Bronse Rumsey; Jerry Benson. Jj- SIGMA NU Front Row: Charles Davies; Franklyn Rice; Samuel Krussman; Dicran Doumanian; James Russel; Sidney Smock; Terence Andre. Second Row: Eugene Hamaker; Walter Denison; Ronald Chipps; James Kneussl; Wayne Lambert; Ronald West; Leonard Miller; Peter Wender; John Pate; Richard Scroggins. Third Row: John Oliver; Franklyn Lexa; Robert Koester; James McGarvey; John Stitt; James Talcott; Gorden Sharp; Michael Montgomery; Thomas Skrentny; Franklin Eckhart. Back Row: Alfred Ewert; John Newton; Robert Ferguson; Richard Rex; Gary Hobbs; William Merner; Wiley Sams; PAigene Kozlovich; William Gay; Carl Dubac. The Sigma Nu House was built during the Spanish Inquisition to replace the Iron Maiden. It remained a prison until the early nineteenth century when the moat was drained and the draw bridge permanently lowered. During the Civil War the University of Michigan was established in order to provide the inmates with a draft deferrment. Before long, all the world caught on, and young men came flocking to the Fraternity. Ever since then the University and Sigma Nu have grown, and grown, and grown . . . and grown! 302 SIGMA PHI Front Row: Raymond Newton; Richard Mackenzie; Robert Pease; Daniel Webb; Martin Kelly. Second Row: Frank McCarthy; Donald Seaton; Peter Lardner; Sherburne Brown. Third Row: Allen Brodhead; John Hibbard; Walter Blackett; Frederick Glover; William Whitney; Grant Harris; Ronald Morgan. Back Row: Henry Crapo; William Patterson; Robert Merereau; John Boyce; Clayton Cormier; George Rowen; Thomas Roderick; David McCracken; Edwin Conger; Richard Arnesen. Missing: Frederick Bradshaw; John Leppelmeier; James MacMillan; Richard Van Houtem; Nemer Simon. Fraternities are organizations founded upon the prin- ciples of brotherhood and ' comraderie ' . The fra- ternity provides an opportunity to develop the social graces, honor, integrity, and tact. If the fraternity has a house mother, it provides an opportunity to develop the social graces, honor, integrity, and tact plus! If the fraternity has a dog or other mascot one develops a sense of humor, or fleas. If the fraternity is in a pre- carious position on a cliff, stability and resourceful- ness are developed. Ut Sic Sigma Phi. - SIGMA PHI EPSILON President Brother Sigma began the year by directing the long, long Sig Ep lance forward, crossing his fingers in hope of a fifth consecutive all-sports trophy and more first place floats and displays. Immediately following this inspiring ritual, attention was placed on pledging the quarter-hundred typically versatile men taken to help carry on our many and varied activities. In addition to these men and their activities, we have a substantial backbone of Ann Arborites who provide numerous locations for pre-parties, post- parties, and headquarters for the social lubrication teams. Considering these things, we are all confident that we have ample spirit and enthusiasm to carry us through the year as directed by Brother Sigma, suc- cessfully handling academic, legal, and feminine on- slaughts. Front Row: Curtis Murton; Robert Cutting; George Pipper; Herbert Hood; Francis Haas; Donald Rock; John Vennerholm; Thomas Waltz; James VanCleve; Robert Knox. Second Row: John Moreland; Warren Wood; John Sills; Robert Goedien; David Davidson; Thomas Stone; Thomas Gilmore; Robert McGlaughlin; Franklyn Spencer; Arthur Rautenberg; Austin Chapman; James Hubbell. Third Row: Alan Clark; Burwell Jones; Leonard Martin; Sydney Cook; Joseph Jefferis; Lome Norton; Joseph LaRue, president; Mrs. Vibert; John Main; Gerald Kuisel; Warren Gast; David Stinson; Hugh Gouldthorpe; John Vallortigara; Donald Graham. Fourth Row: Stephen Shawaker; Pieter Thomassen; Richard Underwood; Barrett Wayburn; Joseph Naylor; James Romaker; Kenneth Shields- Dwight Babcock; Frederick Schoettly; James Youngblood; Ross Pfalgraff; Robert Peck; Maurice Van Auken; Robert Nichols; Donald Fleming; James Cartwright; Walter Kutch; Ronald Stackowiack; Stanley Burns. Back Row: Kenneth Croteau; Paul Doelle; Victor Fluere; James Schaefer; John Elert; Morton Cox; Louis Freybler; Robert Hoydic; Richard Fiegel; Joseph Hipfel; Edward Rockwell; William Graefen; Morgan Davis; Albert Fey; Richard Lowery; Jerimiah Turcotte; Frederick Waltz; John Knudsen; Donald Hanley; Ronald Bieke; John Naylor. 304 Front Row: Mortimer Thomas; Walter Meyer, president; Richard Patterson; David Manwaring. Back Row: George Granger; Donald Hawkins; Paul Van Cleve; Joseph Lee; Carl Gaylord; Jerome Sluggett. " The adventurer is within us, and he contests for our favour with the social man we are obliged to be. These two sorts of life are incompatibles; one we hanker after, the other we are obliged to. There is no other conflict so deep and bitter as this, whatever the pious say, for it derives from the very constitutions of human life, which so painfully separate us from all other beings. We, like the eagles, were born to be free. Yet we are obliged, in order to live at all, to make a cage of laws for ourselves and to stand on the perch. We are born as wasteful and unremorseful as tigers; we are obliged to be thrifty, or starve, or freeze. We are born to wander, and cursed to stay and dig. " SIGMA PI 305 TAU DELTA . ' V PHI Somewhere in the Sahara there is a wandering caravan route that torturously creeps its way from Timbuctu to Gadames. As the sun sets, swirling desert winds toss the sands feverishly through the air obliterating all landmarks. If, someday you should find yourself upon this trackless waste, you might well see a solitary figure standing forlornly along the path. Some say he is a Moslem pilgrim or a Marabout or a leper left to die. But if you approach him, and look closely at the pin on his chest and his outstretched thumb, his identity will be obvious: he ' s just a Tau Delt who got a poor hitch to his eight o ' clock. Front Row: Jay Kaufman; Maury Friedlander; Evan Hirsch; Landa Von Lattenberg; Lawrence Harris; Leonard Schreier; Max Caplan. Second Row: Edwin Smith; Stanley Bernstein; Dennis Aaron; David Bittker; Allen Abrams; Marshal Hershon; Malcolm Ochs; Eli Schoenfield. Third Row: Clyde Hale; David Sanders; Frederick Shure; Laurence Friedman; Sarnie] Siporin; Arnold Callif; Philip Douglis; Morton Perlmutter; Jacob Hurwitz; Eugene Curtis. Back Row: Irwin Goren; Samuel Kriegman; Eugene Paul; Gerald Avrin; Hanley Gurwin; Marc Bomze; P ugene Cohen; Stuart Hirschman; Gerald Cohn; Martin Siegal. Missing: Robert Colton; Paul Doner; Alan Shuster; Stephan Speyer. 306 TAU KAPPA EPSILON From " hi guys, how was the summer? " to " so long everybody, see you in September " the past year was crammed full. The highlight of the year for Upsilon chapter of TKE was the gathering of ten other chapters from three states for our annual area training school. More than two hundred Tekes assembled around our triangle. And we must mention those Teke parties. How ' bout that Halloween party, that Hawaiian deal, or but we ' re boring you. All of you had parties almost as good or entered almost as many activities; this was a great year for all of us. So, let ' s drink a toast to TKE, and all the Greeks. Front Row: Richard Tromley; John Nicita; Robert Pehlke. Second Row: Russell Chappell; Richard Collins, president; Noel Bisel; Robert Kashmerick; Harry Hing. Back Row: Albert Miyama; James Cline; William Severance; Armin Tufer; Richard Sehreiber; Allan Bonnell. THETA CHI Front Row: William Barton; James Castelli; Robert Reardon; Charles Barnhart; Rolf Kreitz; Richard Needham. Second Row: James LoPrete; John Pfluke; Roger Willoughby ; Gerald Stonkoff; James Hull, president; James Prior; Gerald Schaack. Third Row: Charles Paul Sage; John Dudd; Jack McGrae. Theta Chi is a house of extremes! We have men so crazy about school they come back year after year. (These are 6 semester pledges and men hiding from the draft.) Theta Chi is a house of physical wonders and physical wrecks. In the rear is the Gobi desert where the athletes work out, and in the front is a big tree which pledges climb. We also have an ROTC lieutenant 1 foot high and other so-called wonders of the world. Bring on school, bring on parties. Years from now we ' ll still be here. 308 THETA DELTA CHI Front Row: Frank Abbott; William Trunck; Warren Culver; Charles Fehlberg ; Gus; Edward Sichler; Richard Smith; Peter Armstrong. Second Row: Roy Bloch; John DesJardens; Kenneth Rice; Gary Frye; John Price, president; William Whittingham; Roger Penning; Donald Landis. Third Row: Patrick Phillips; Bruce Work; Dale Oswald; David Pethick; Lee Morrison; Herbert Jennings; Donald Kirk- patrick; Phillip Hogan; Herbert Boothroyd; Alfred Wise. Back Row: Dan Habel; Ralph Clay; Harold Langell; Eugene Miller; William LaXouette; Stuart Meach; Charles Scholl; Harry Easom. Missing: Roland Johnson; Gerald Conley; Robert Loucks; James Harris; William Williams; Harold Johnson; Thomas Griffing. It is evident and indisputable to us Theta Belts that our Truth, Wisdom, Courage, Intellect, Character, Justice and pancakes are superior to the Truth, Wis- dom, Courage, Intellect, Character, Justice and pan- cakes .of- all ' other fraternities. It naturally follows that our dog is most famous, our firecrackers loudest, our twenty-first birthdays most frequent, our showers the wettest (ask any Chi Psi), and our parties most notorious. Our scholarship is astounding. Our activ- ities are wide spread. But we ' ll be ?% !$ if we can win a basketball game. THETA XI Following a Michigan tradition, Theta Xi reopened its doors in September to the droves of cosmopolitan brothers. Immediately upon receipt of a 19 man pledge class, we commenced with our internal reconditioning program. This largely took the form of redecorating and refurnishing the first floor, for which our " Thanks " go to the alumni. In line with this we felt the need for a broadened social calendar balanced with increased study time. Thus, we studied partied through the year with Homecoming, Quiz No. 1, Pledge formal, Quiz No. 4, Christmas tea, Quiz No. 15, J-Hop-cut that one and Monte Carlo. Perhaps we did disturb the balance, but we left the individual intact. All in all, we feel this year has been memorable in our Theta Xi reverie while next year promises an added plus. Front Row: John Amrhein; William Andrews; Lee McLaughlin; Donald McXaught; Robert Mayer; Dale Dawkins; Eugene Mc- Cracken; Herbert Mueller. Second Row: Robert Ilgenfritz; Jerry Yardley; James Rasbach; John Mauriel; Peter Johnson; Thad Epps; Frederick Wiedle; Donald White; Richard Heineman; Arthur St. Clair; John Vandenburg. Third Row: Theodore Sogard; Theodore Betts; Richard Salditt; Richard Huff; David Arnold; Richard Schmitz; Roger DeVries; Joseph Latendresse; Paul Salditt; Peter Reed; Donald Knapp; Earl Lundin; Dudley Chapman; Jack Snyder. Back Row: Bruce Hinrichs; Gene Lehmann; Jack Begrow; William Mor- rissey; Bruce Bacon; James Easley; David Ramsey; Leonard Scott; Kenneth Perkins; Frederick Bryan; Donald MacKinnon; James Stewart; Gordon Neufang; Seth Ely. A L i - 310 Front Row: Harry Anderson; Robert Johnson; Charles Van Atta. Second Row: Peter Moore; Irwin Drut; Harry Criel, president; William Palluth; James Roof; Bruce Honeck. Third Row: John Denman; Richard Pereles; James Burnett; Robert Engelman; John Borrowman ; William Barnard. Back Row : James Rawlins ; Julian Kycia ; Clifford Schutz ; Alfred Jones ; Warren Xorquist ; Herbert Ashley. THE ETERNAL TRIANGLE (a two-yak play in two scenes) Time: Late Place: We ' ll never tell. Act I: Scene I. Garrulous Triangle: Dance?? Demure Co-ed: Golly, aren ' t you from Triangle, the only social all engineering fraternity? . . . Home of the Pres. of A.S.M.E., Sigma Rho Tau, the Sr. Engineering Class, the cadet Col. of the A.F.R.O.T.C.? . . . Aren ' t you one of the men who planned that fascinating booth at Michigras, and ingenious Homecoming display? . . . Am I standing in the presence of a man whose House twice won the Pledge Scholarship Trophy and has pinned more girls than a governess? . . . Are you? . . . Can I? ... Oh, that IS a lovely pin!! Act II: Scene II: One breathless moment later. Big Brother: Darn it, Hubert! Stop impressing that girl! TRIANGLE 311 TRIGON These are the men of Trigon. Brave-hearted, soft- hearted boys one and all. This stalwart band represents the only exclusively U. of M. fraternity on earth. Our Ann Arbor chapter is both Alpha and Omega, and all things in between, to the unbroken line of Trigons who have built our traditions since our 1905 founding. We boast the youngest housemothers on campus (median age: 19), the best-disguised parties (ask the campus gendarmerie), most lovable alumni (they give us money). Note to adventurous souls: We are initiating a fraternity version of the East Quad co-ed living plan, just as soon as the Dean signs the papers. Front Row: Lorenzo Burrows; James Sellgren; Adrian Oudbier; Robert Roensch; Dagmar. Back Row: Allen Hertler; James Ryan; Thomas Griem; John Chapleski; Ray Lewis. 312 ' v. . ::: I TAU Looking forward to another year of achievement, the men of 2006 Washtenaw returned to a newly renovated house ready for another year in their home away from home. Studies and football in the side yard were at- tacked with equal vigor, in between activities and a full social program. Last year Zeta Beta Tau attained a high scholastic average, played a large part in campus activities, won the intramural championships in volleyball and tennis, and placed first in Hillel- zappoin ' contest. This year we ' re helping to do every- thing from writing the Union Opera, and working on student publications, to raising school spirit through the Wolverine Club. Yes, ZBT is at it again! Front Row: Stuart Lerman; Barnett Helsberg; Thomas Rykoff; Harvey Freed; Howard May; Howard Segal; Mark Gallon; Max Bergman; Norton Remus; Richard Shapiro; Harry Isreal; Myron Berman. Second Row: Charles Rivkin; Louis Tischler; Todd Leif; John Lewy; Phillip Flarsheim; William Seiden; James Labes; Mark Oscherwitz; Sidney Kripke; Howard Boasberg; Charles Kaminsky; Kenneth Rogat; Robert Hoffman. Third Row: Daniel Danton; Edward Strauss; Richard Rosenthal; Phillip Reicher; Harry Freeman: Herschel Ostrov; Morris Weiss; Thomas Harris; Howard Willens; Harold Marks; Robert Schrayer; Robert Rose; Stuart Heifetz; Morton Blum; Norman Libman; Michael Gordon. Fourth Row: Louis Grotta; Henry Goodman; Howard Sokol; Samuel Dodek; Robert Apple; John Rubel; Harry Blum; Daniel Schecter; Richard Klein; Gerald Gordon; Howard Xemorovski; Earl Jacobs; Eugene Loring; Jack Milan; David Smerling; Jack Levy; Morton Maza; Richard Kohn; Barry Freeman. Back Row: Karl Victor; Stanley Leiken; Norman Giddan; Frederick Horwitz; Stuart Glasier; Stanford Sheyer; Herbert Krickstein; Stanley Bohrer; Thomas Treeger; Harold Katzman; Robert Nederlander; Jay Martin; Stanford Gelbman; Harold Abrams; Ronald Kaminsky; Donald Silberberg; Joel Kaplan; Louis Slavin; Richard Katz; James Shapira; Lee Miller; Ned Simon; Robert Herzfeld; A. S. Winkleman. I Front Row: William Burke; Frederick Allen; Kenneth Shantz; Peder Field; Leonard Robinson; Frank Rostocil; John Childs; Felix Reis; Kirke Comstock; Robert Allen; Charles Bassett. Second Row: William Kempf; Richard Storrer; David Pear; David Smart, presi- dent; Richard Jones; George Gillooly. Third Row: James Buck; Charles Hoag; Donald Courtright; George Wedum; Andrew Roedel; David Frayne; William Block. Missing: James Brodhead; Harold Boyer; Roger Gilbert; John Jones. For your pleasure we present the following outline of memorable events at the University of Michigan: 1857 Xi chapter of Zeta Psi was founded at the University of Michigan. 1858 University officially recognized this chapter, thus allowing the brothers to enroll in school. 1930 Frank H. Culver, 75, of Zeta Psi, proved conclusively that the University of Michigan was, indeed, founded. This settled some sort of dispute raging since President Little ' s administration. 1952 Zeta Psi graciously donated its stately State Street chapter house to Student Legislature. 314 The professionals who band together in the common living-quarters of a fraternity, do so in earnest. They are willing to pay for a page in the Ensian, for they like to have their picture taken; but when it comes to writing their own copy, they are more shy. Their self-expression, for the most part, is limited to their founding-date and their chapter name, and when they quote, it is out of a text-book. ALPHA CHI SIGMA Alpha Chi Sigma is a professional fraternity composed of men who expect to make some branch of chemistry or chemical engineering their life profession. This year the fraternity celebrates its semicentennial anniversary; the Alpha Beta chapter has been on the Michigan campus for the past thirty-six years. As projects, the chapter sponsors the annual scholastic award to a senior chemist or chemical engineer, laboratory safety campaigns, both technical and non-technical p ro- grams for members and guests, bagpipe concerts, and " Be Kind To Alpha Chi Omega Week. " " Club 13-19 " maintains its sterling sports program, including the annual " Bowl " classic between the " Plumbers " and the " Potwashers. " Our social schedule includes frequent dances to expose the engineers to the advantages of co- education. Contrary to rumors, the White Shoe Ban is still strictly enforced, (right). Front Row: George Clark; John Cornell; William Hegarty; David Fletcher. Second Row: Henry Beck; Erie Doberenz; Raymond Stenseth; Ralph C. Schatz; Orville McCurdy; David Harmer; Donald Anthony; Roger Klemm. Third Row: Donald Moore; George Gryka; Edmund Blum; Robert Cox; Kirk Buddirigton: Bruce Bray; Ojars Resgin; Edwin Przybylowica ; Edward Leon. Back Row: Kiyoshi Kitasaki; James Simonsen; Thomas Houser; Philip Purcell; Michael Plizga; George Paulus; Donald Kenney; George Dombrow- ski; Dean Pierpe. Front Row: Thomas Andrews; David Ausum; Keneth Bitman; Floyd Lyster; James Boatwright; Richard Chess; William Foster; Bernard Woodley; Bo Hinman; Fred Peirce. Second Row: Richard Dickes; Louis Mahue; David Jahsman; Joseph Jender; Gordon Verity; Harry Loughrin; Dr. Whitehouse, Royal Hamesl; Thomas Myers; James Sisson. Third Row: Donals Wysocki; Leonard Ginne- baugh: Lawrence Clanon; Edward Whale; Stanly Michael; Richard Neuman; George Poretta; Walter Kirsten; Donald Harris; Russell Hanlon; Frank Whitehouse; Theodore Loughrin; Gilbert Bazil; Robert Hoover. Back Row: William Bennett: John Batsakis; Warren Thamarus; Jack Finger: Heinz Hoenecke; Wayne Armstrong; Gilbert McMahon; William Grabb; Samuel Jefferson; Ricardo Flores; Harry Tarpinian; Richard Johnson; Donald McCandliss. AKK was founded at Dartmouth in 1888; the Alpha Iota chapter at Michigan in 1906. Its objects are the advancement of medicine, the promotion of good fellowship and the mutual benefit of its members. Health is life, within the zone of normality but in- cluding advantageous mutation. Disease is life, outside the zone of normality and disadvantageous to the race. The constitution is the morphologic, physiologic, and psychologic resultant, variable in each individual, of the properties of all the cellular and humoral elements of the body, and of the combination of these in a special cellular state having a balance and functional output of its own, a given capacity for adaptation, and a mode of reaction to its environmental stimuli. Such a resultant is determined primarily by the laws of hered- ity and secondarily by. ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA 317 ' ALPHA KAPPA PSI Long ago in days of yore, when sword and lances were stained with gore; out like thunder came a cry let ' s call the outfit A.K. Psi. So an organization was founded one day that practiced vice in an unlawful way. " Lust, Wine Women and Song, " rang the corridors all day long. " Professional Business " one fellow roared, and they collected taxes at the point of a sword. Now, back to vice that wonderful thing which was the primary purpose of this unholy ring. The house had it ' s share of tribulations when ten were arrested for drinking violations. Although Vice and Gambling has been our cry, the campus will remember A.K.Psi. 1 Front Row: Richard Miller; John Degnan; Robert Crawford; William Mollhagen; Edsel Willett; Kenneth Wesby; Xoah Fischman. Second Row: William Chase; Robert Linde; Harold Piper; James Tetreault; Forrest Ferguson, president; Gus Pyrros; Robert Vokac; Kenneth Tootell. Third Row: Clayton Bergdahl; George Shatzel; Peter Gorshe; James Campbell; John VanderHenst; Theodore Mills- Alexander Serbich; Myles Gray; Robert Anderson; Donald Hemple. Back Row: Barney Green; Donald Colby; Robert Ploeg; Floyd Petiprin; Robert Lowry; William Marcou; William Ohst; Thomas Dudley; Burrill Getman; John Reeber; William Baur. 318 ALPHA OMEGA On shady Washtenaw Avenue at the corner of Oxford Road stands the home of Alpha Omega Dental Fra- ternity, which has completed another year of offering the never-to-be-forgotten fraternal and educational associations that we, its members, enjoy. 1952-53 has been one of our chapter ' s most star studded years, and graduating seniors will reflect on the fraternity ' s efforts in their final year with pleasure and pride. The social season contained many parties and open houses along with many sports events. The annual inter- national convention in Toronto saw our chapter awarded The Undergraduate Chapter Efficiency Award and also saw an alumnus of our chapter become Na- tional President Elect. Front Row: Lawrence Newman; Sherwin Fishman; Melvin Eder; Gilbert Plotnik; John Gersuk; Leon Bloom; Bernard Fogel; Bruce Billes; Benjamin Sorcher; Allen Frankel; Herman Schiff. Second Row: Leslie Sher; Milford Ginsburg; Sheldon Applefield; Allen Ash; Sheldon Simons; Marvin Ross, president; Seymour Barahl; Leon Fogel; Allan Weiss; Leonard Posner; Dr. Martin Xaimark. Third Row: Barry Collier; Stuart Falk; Harvey Grodzin; David Edgar; Albert Korby; Marvin Imber; Carl Cohan; Maurice Goldberg; Lester ZefT; Emanuel Carlebach; Robert Miller; Verne Primack; Theodore Miller. Back Row: Sheldon Sonkin; Joseph Langnas; Leon Blum; Herschel Horowitz; Sheldon Plotnik; Kenneth Adler; Clifford Heller; Samuel Nagel; Jerome Kutinsky; Harold Firestone; David Stulberg; Frede- rick Kellman; Lloyd Waterstone; Albert Rosengarten. Missing: Daniel Gilbert; Arthur SchifT; Conrad Goode; Theodore Harrison. ALPHA RHO CHI Front Row: Nicholas Lardas; William Flinn; Donald Greenhalgh; Thomas Richmond. Second Row: Arden Pryce; James Wilson; Richard Newton; John Dawson, president; Fred Lappin; Basil ' Bohovesky; Richard Her. Third Row: Thomas Flynn; Dale Paape; Donald Bergsma; James Paul; Gerald Lockhart; John Flynn. Back Row: Gerd Schaefer; John Owen; William Demiene; Arthur Muschen- heim; Roy Albert; Chester Stempien. In order to stimulate the thinking and broaden the experiences among men enrolled in the College of Architecture and Design, Alpha Rho Chi was estab- lished in 1914 and has since been an energetically active group in furthering recognition and appreciation of contemporary developments in the plastic arts. While our prime purpose is to become more acquainted with the discipline of interpreting man ' s needs, no little attention is given to social activities in dev eloping personal confidence. 320 DELTA SIGMA DELTA Front Row: William Schelton; Robert Nomenelli; Gerald Bowers; Richard Grover; Ronald Huey; Leonard Veatch; Benjamin Brabb; Robert Grossman; David Seibold; Warren Louis; Stiles Davis. Second Row: James Strong; Mac Sullivan; Perry C. Herman; John Whitman; Theodore Hall; James Schindler; Leo Wasserberger; Donald Eifert; William Goering; Robert Bice; Milan Glover; Fred Pike. Third Row: Norman Storm; Rickard Stevens; Robert Vernier; Richard Murphy; Donald Coddington; George Anderson; Richard Vinson; Arthur Nolen; Fred Schelkun; Raymond Sawasch; John Glick; James Currier; Robert Vedder. Fourth Row: William Simpson; Robert Vander Roest; John Vickers; Donald Davies; Jack Carson; David Thompson; Robert Wickland; Raymond Chalmers; Edmund Hagan; James Masty; Frank Henny; Henry Milczuk; Owen Taylor; Bernard Johnson; Clyde Brasher; Edgar Garrison. Back Row: John Collins; Weldon Burchill; Allison Vanzyl; Thomas Treloar; John Porritt; Edward Aamodt; Charles Murray; Donald Kelly; Kenneth Hock; Harvey Turner; Richard Brooks; Paul Friese; Stephen Masty; Eugene Schwarze; Robert Raube; Richard Brooks. Missing: Bill Bartels; Richard Tarnutzer; William Marshall; George Wagner; Richard Corpron; Donald Burns. Upholding the high ideals of the dental profession, Delta Sigma Delta embodies the typical graduate attitude toward campus activities and life in general. The Ensian is good to fill up space in the library and the Daily is good for its movie data. Athletics claim the major interest of the Delt Sigs that is when you disregard the TV, the VFW and the other local pubs. A new modern interior, lots of midnight oil in the lab, parties, parties and study seem to round out the " peek " into 1502 Hill. DELTA SIGMA PI Although we returned to a new chapter house, 18 new pledges, the smell of paint, the fumble of moving and the resulting confusion of alumni about our new ad- dress 927 Forest Avenue we still managed to get our professional social program under vay. Our activities have been characterize d by a strong accent on social service through sponsorship of industrial tours and speakers from commercial, civic, and educational institutions speaking both at Bus. Ad. School and the chapter house. Although we are a business organization with men in many fields of concentration we are not all business. From the autumn season of post-game cider and donuts to the spring pledge formal, we ' ve laughed and danced in the midst of hay, crepe paper and balloons not to mention knotty pine! Front Row: Howard Swihart: John Metzger; Raymond Schneider; John Gary; Raymond Martin; James Suits; Gordon McDanokL Second Row: Robert Burns; Albert Polen; Prof. Donald Cowan; Prof. Robert Dixon; Roger Easton, president; Prof. Merwin Waterman; James Gellatly; James Enrietto; Robert Edwards. Third Row: James Pilcher; George Elgass; Thomas Derro; Frank Siller; Prof. Howard Myers; Russell Baum; Arthur Hann; Jack Carpenter; Donald Riley. Back Row: Arnold Adams; Robert Kimbrough; Richard Campau; Harold Thompson; Fred Smith; Edwin Hicks; Larry Ferguson; Gerald Arcangeli; Eugene Beuthin. Missing: Armand Blair; Thomas Griem; Bud Strout; Wallace Gardner. Front Row: Harold KostofT; Hayden Palmer; Xorman Amos; Gilbert Ross; Clarence Christensen; John Harper; Theodore Osius. Second Row: Robert Kerry; Thomas Roche; Carl Ranch; Peter Hamill; William Cutler; William Bartlett; David Horning; Bruce Stewart; John Williams; John McGrae. Third Row: Philip Frandsen; Barry Breaky; William Graves; Thomas Peterson; Ralph Straffon; Eugene Winkleman, president; Glenn Carpenter; Edwin Morey; Webb Wilson; Richard Park; Edmund Andrews. Fourth Row: George Allen; Richard Bartlett; Paul Balstad; Donald Hiles; Bertil Lorson; Robert Knode; Mark Aedis; Daniel Buckley; Douglas Person; William Dunlop; Philip Anderson; Robert Bishop; James Vercoe; Richard Mills. Back Row: John Kramer; William Kopp: Rae Johnston; William Forsythe; Charles Birdsall; Henry Boldt; James Cornefld; John Ingold; Robert Troske; Shattuck Hartwell; Robert Messer; Richard Reilly; Judd Heinemann; Paul Gikas; William Cameron. Missing: Oswald Clark; Roy Gerard; John Hallberg; John Hess; Thomas Sawyer; William Yost; Charles Emery; Richard Hodgman; John Pridmore; Edward Reifel; Daniel Reed; Charles Hattoway. This year has not been remarkably different: We are continuing our struggle (opposing the Communists, the Eggheads and the coterie of Disciples of the Michigan Daily) for the rugged individualism of our grand- fathers, for an economy untrammeled by the bureau- crat and most particularly against socialized medicine. We continue to accept athletic honors gracefully. We continue to have very good parties. We continue the annual debate as to whether or not we should waste money buying space in the Michiganensian. The most remarkable difference from past years (only a few of us can remember Hoover) has been the refreshing develop- ment on the political scene. One of the Brotherhood voted for Mr. Stevenson (see cut) but he was excused on grounds of following family tradition. We like tradition. NU SIGMA NU 323 PHI ALPHA KAPPA The men of 1010 East Ann are the active part of a fra- ternity born in 1929 by 20 graduates from Calvin, Hope, and Western Michigan Colleges. Today, as then, the fraternity is composed of graduates from these schools who can be found in almost every school on campus. Following the adage " Study With Modera- tion, " the social position of the group is well main- tained. Football weekends, Spring Formal, weekend parties, and those inevitable stags help make the Men of P.A.K. not so " dull boys " . Knowing that the greatest pleasure is derived from helping others, the fraternity sponsors a war orphan and presents an annual Christ- mas party for the needy children of Ann Arbor. Front Row: Gerald VanderWalljBurnie Wiersma; Martin Vandenberg. Second Row: Charles Meetsma; Edgar Prince; Edward Vanden- berg; Martin Wyngarden; James DeHaan; Peter VerKaik; George Hoekstra; Eugene Re; Gordon Kiester. Third Row: Jack Haverkamp; Calvin Lane; James Strikwerda; Robert Rector; Larry De Boer; Maynard De Young; Howard Postma; Bernard Apol; Jay VanderSluis; Wayne De Neff. Fourth Row: George Kamps; Kenneth Olthof; William Nawyn; Bernard Ozinga; Peter VanPutten; Andrew Broekema; Gerald Rietberg; Jay Veltman; Robert Boerema; Donald Pruis; William Reus; Christopher Masselink; Jess De Young; Earl Visser. Back Row: Durward Bakker; Donald De Nooyer; Christian Helmus; James Ryskamp; Cornelius Ravesloot; Albert Ristema; Theodore Feenstra; Robert Roos; John Hofstra; Roy Lumsden; John Vander Velde; John Loidens; Gordon Bos; Sherman Van Solkema; Robert Baker. 324 PHI CHI On December 16, forty-eight years ago, a group of medical students decided they needed a place to hang their stethoscopes and an outlet for their professional frustrations. Since that time, Phi Chi Medical Fra- ternity has been a haven for its members ' weary, lecture-beaten souls. Here the brothers share their mutual problems, participate in sports, party, and not infrequently, study. We try to maintain the highest ideals and encourage the molding and training of the finest of medical men. In addition, Phi Chi ' s try to maintain good student-faculty relationships, encourage scholarship, and further the hypothesis that the medical student is a human being. Front Row: John Fushman; James List; Harry Burdick; Wallace Pearson; John Dubois; John Kihm; Robert Albers; Charles Dafoe; Jack Doucette; John Doolittle; Robert Rooney; James Jacobs; Donald Nichols; Ward Litton. Second Row: Richard Byrne; Joseph Earl; John Hallitt; Xorman Welch; Donald Waatti; Gerald Gleich; Ralph Cram; John Young; John Sheets; William Davis; Jack Court; Robert Wilson; Robert Clark; Franklin Norman; Forrest Van Dam; Alfred Kiessel. Third Row: John Cobb; William Mason; George Greenman; David McCubbrey; Donald Bullington; George Mills; Robert Burton, president; Robert Schmidlin; Denneth Rose- now; Charles Krecke; Roger Buslee; Edwin Smith; Ford Keitzer; Richard Ilech. Fourth Row: Craig Ramsay; Keith Lusted; Walter Boerman; James Fish: John Brink; Louis Helder; Chester Szemborski; John Allaire; Lloyd Kammeraad; Robert Visscher; Richard Gerstner; Bud DeJonge; Kenneth Veenstra; Harrison Visscher; Roy Goethe; Richard Gilmartin; Robert Joseph; James Johnson; John Crawford; Lyle Allis. Back Row: William Keskey; Kenneth Herrington; Ernest Brookfield; Peter Aliferis; Charles Votaw: Frederick Sanocki; Warren Winkler; Charles Sargent; William Busteed; James Klomparens; Richmond Simmons; John Penner; Charles Wilkinson: Frank Matthews; Harry Snyder; Clyde Spencer; Frank Linn. PHI DELTA CHI Front Row: Kmmitt Turner; Wayne Good; Lowell Good; Harvey Knitter; Joe Schultz; Richard Ponsetto. Second Row: Duane Millar; Daniel Moroney; Roger L ' Hommedieu; Dr. MeConnell; Jack Nearhoof, president; Richard Allen. Third Row: Henry Pryzbek; Paul Koch; James Richards; David Loveland; Henry Januska; Lawrence Preitz; Frank Geisz; Bruce Wilmarth; Charles Tickner. Back Row: James Bower; Richard Stasiukinas; Daniel Kornacki; Fred Swart; Thomas Jordan; Bradley Spaulding; Patrick McCormick; Charles Claffey; Bruce Gillespie; Henry Goshnick. Missing: Robert Kirk; Edward Draheim; Anthony Bubrowski; Henry Schnelbach. Embodying the professions of Chemistry, Pharmacy, and their allied sciences, Phi Delta Chi enjoys the fra- ternity brotherhood although lacking the facilities of a house. Weekly chapter meetings are held in the Mich- igan Union and from here the group functions as any ordinary brotherhood. This past year the Phi Delta Chi ' s brought in speakers for the College, co-sponsored the College of Pharmacy dance, held a Stag dinner in the Fall and a Spring Banquet. The men participated in all the intramural sports in addition to numerous social functions. 326 PHI RHO SIGMA Front Row: William Hubbard; Arch Piquet; Roy Correa; Louis Rosenbaum; Thomas Varbedian: Alden Parker; James Dyll; Virgil Fairbanks; Allen Mau; Robert Lee. Second Row: John Bean; Philip Evans; James Faircloth; George Danz; Harvey Muehlenbeck: Paul Baldoni; Robert Grunawalt; Richard Ferrington; Gene Smoley; Richard Simpson; Kenneth Averili. Third Row: Donald Xitz ; Ralph Knopf; William Larsen; Leo Lindquist; James Conrad; Richard Foss; James Spanieling; Vernon Bick, president; William Fellner; Walter Green; Jack Eaton; William Bauer; Russell Howard; Kenneth Yost; Edmond Eary. Fourth Row: Richard Kraft; George Hart; William Kemp; Grant Withey; Luman Hughes; William Alt; James Cassidy; Lloyd Appel; Douglas Blanks; Paul Roberts; James Poppy; Norton Cooksey; David Anderson; Edward Larsen; Thomas Rea; Walter Stanton. Back Row: Thomas Kerns; Donald Butler; James Winkler; Robert Anderson; John Rahm; Herbert Kaufmann; Ralph Brandt; Donald Vissher; George Viscomi; Donald Woomer; Keith Averili; Reginald Pugh; Giles Bole; John Reid; Cory Cookingham; Frank Cook; Richard Kutcipal. Feeling deeply the pulse of the times it may modestly be said that Phi Rho Sigma has striven forward with zest and zeal, with tenacity and perserverance, our shoulders to the wheel, dedicated to the task, unswerv- ing in our course, unflinching and flint-jawed with our eye on the BIG PICTURE, never losing sight of the overall view, confident in the dignity of our purpose . . . hush Dowdy! Esoteric to the teeth just because . . ., we jibber of swimming pools and of black iceboxes and grey television and Phi Rho Albert. PSI OMEGA Dental school without its professional fraternities would be something quite unusual for Michigan . . . " Sometimes give your services for nothing, calling to mind a previous benefaction or present satisfaction. And if there be an opportunity of serving one who is a stranger in financial straits, give full assistance to all such. For where there is love of man, there is also love of the art. For some patients, though conscious that their condition is perilous, recover their health simply through their contentment with the goodness of the physician. And it is well to superintend the sick to make them well, to care for the healthy to keep them well, but also to care for one ' s own self, so as to obssrve what is seemly. " Front Row: Richard Pew; Ronald Pelton; I arl Kik; Richard Peck; Clifton Rice; John Larder; Robert Dean. Second Row: Theodore Touma; William Holt; Thomas Judd; Theodore Cage; Irvin Fieber; Arthur Adams; Bernard Jachimowicz; Edward Brown; Robert Getschman; John Leitch; John Lingon. Third Row: Robert Ponitz; Hubert Overholt; Leland Hendershot; Donald Wingard; Jack Weers- ing; James Aaronian; Daniel Miner; Jonathan Hoesman; Wilbert Fletke; Stewart Scott. Fourth Row: Richard Shick; William Majjar; Joseph Rutz; Homer Cleary; Jerry Niswander; James Glugla; Xiles Holland; William Spencer; Donald Draper; Thomas Russell; Ralph Puohalski; Warren Ross. Fifth Row: Robert Protzman; Myles Markey; William Daines; Leonard Kaminski; Dr. Russell C. MacKenzie; James Reese, president; Robert Everett; Edward Martin; William Love; Jack Sullivan; Richard Ruggerole; Maurice Smith. Sixth Row: William Gregory; Leland Parks; Charles Madden; Philip Miske; James Idema; William Fowler; Gene Pourcho; Raymond Hagan; John Davidson; Wallace Franzoi; Vincent Greeson; George Slagon; Jack Allen; Anno Vander Kolk; Ward Morgan; Charles Kelly; David Stephen; Robert Beneteau. Back Row: Lester Vocke; Herbert Carpenter; Robert Haag; Robert Cording; James Smith; Richard Graves; Robert Christie; James Laidlaw; Laurence Lenhardt; Kenneth Frieswyk; Frank Williams; James Harris; Elmer Brudy; Richard Sullivan; Harry Davis. Missing: Donald Briggs; Hugh Cavanaugh; William Later; Richard Lehmann; Clarence Petchatier; Roger Sullivan; Donald Waters; Robert Waltz; Robert Young. 328 The dorm system of mass living is a result of a university that does things in a big way. In response to a boomtown education South Quad has grown to phenomenal proportions, casting a shadow on spralling West Quad and rendering the dorms on the hill but an echo of its development. The result innumerable, identical doors with thousands of people living behind them. r Working to further coordination of interests of the independent women on campus, Assembly Association carried out a busy program this year. The elective body of nine women who make up the Assembly Board acts as representatives for all women living in dormitories, private homes, league houses and co-ops. The Board airs problems that arise and holds meetings to hear opinions from all quarters. Combining with inde- pendent men from Inter-House Council, Assembly presented I-Hop, the first big all-campus dance of the 330 year. Fortnite, Assembly Ball and Frosh Weekend were some of the social events on the agenda. Service projects included Tag Day, dorm stores and student-faculty coffee hours. Assembly again carried out its Big Sister Program to welcome freshmen and elected a panel to set up dorm government in Prescott House, all- freshman house in East Quad. As for the academic side of university life, Assembly awarded scholarship cups to coeds and houses with the highest scholastic averages for two previous semesters. Smiling Adrienne Shufro, head gavel-pounder for Michigan ' s thronging female independents. Assembly Council: Sue Alderman; Delia Galloway; Marlene Rothenberg; Gail Hyman; Adrienne Shufro: Mimi Blau; Ardith Brask; Katherine Zeisler; Evelyn Malawista. 331 House Preside its Front Row: Laura Guttentag; Adrienne Shufro; Gary Higley; Angelina Lamerato. Second Row: Lore Leidig; Barbara Keller; Lois Holmes; Gloria Vajda; Nancy Roddick. Back Row: Jane Townsend; Nancy Karnischky; Gloria Cheek; Delores Messinger; Joanne Spencer. Assembly, representing the 85 percent of Michigan co-eds who claim their independence, works to assure alert house governments. But the calendar proves its procedures are not solely parliamentary. At Fortnight, dorms, League houses and housemothers get in the act and compete for top skit. Installation of house presidents and awarding of scholarship trophies lend a little solemnity to the occasion. This fall, the Board rolled up its jeans with Panhellenic to paint their joint office; and in May, rolled up its sleeves to help make Tag Day its annual success. 332 ADELIA CHEEVER Front Row: Jane Fehrenbach; JoAnne Brunson; Mary Wedge; Liliane Hirsch; Joan Wedge. Second Row: Mathilda Nahra; Betty Brown, president; Mrs. Elizabeth Davis; Dolores LaFond; Marya Wester; Gloria Strutz. Third Row: Carolyn Little; Carol Alchin; Betty Cross; Marjorie Cramer; Dietlind Hermes; Luigina Rovedo; Marilyn Alger; Constance Pokela; Glenna Gregory. Back Row: Florence Wilkins; Joan Rice; Shirley Duboyce; Ann Rayl; Beth Douglas; Arlene Rybak; Anne Gould; JoAnne Tobachki; Roseanne Stas- wick. No one in Cheever House can avoid work, for the girls do all the work in the house, including cooking! Cheever House, contrary to much public opinion, is a residence hall, although with only 30 girls it is somewhat " un- usual " . The girls like the Cheever life, and have again come across with a high house average (though judging from such things as the frequent dance sessions on the 3rd floor, this is a rather surprising result). 333 O A A Front Row: Addie-Ann Tolhurst; Ann Ochs; Alice James; Ruth Bulderis; Darlene Martenson; Gloria Grigsby; Carol Brumbaugh; Sandra Stolorow; Ardith Brask. Second Row: Patricia Hurt; Gretta Cullers; Rebecca Allen; Joan Lumbers; Patricia Anderson; Dorothy Kandt; Carol Jones; Barbara Webb; Andrea Mollhagen; Eleanor Peer. Third Row: Fay Ringer; Sonya Schwartzman ; Valda Heine; Paula Goldberg; Ellen Sherman; Caol Schaaf; Margot Hamburger; Marta Fischer; Joanne Clar; Winona Grosse; Patricia Morriss; Claire Rosenkoff. Back Row: June Kielson; Dorothy Clarkson; Elissa Beigler; Judith Subar; Marilyn Trautz; Roberta Trautz; Lenora Lindhorst; Jan Voorheis; Harriett Thome; Kay Gardey; Judith Gregory; Pearl Reinhardt. ANGELL We may not be Angells . . . But we ' ve got all the angles . . . we can work, we can loaf, we can play In Alice Lloyd Hall, we ' re most on the ball . . . ' cause we do things the Angelic way. Front Row: Helen Thompson; Molly Virmond; Ilene Tobias; Mary Ann Busby; Suzanne Blau; Nancy Petricoff; Diane Engelman; Barbara Bruder; Elinor Cutler; Betty Powell. Second Row: Margaret Smith; Joan Sacquity; Shirlee Diamond; Frances Benovitz; Lore Leidig; Mrs. Katherine Glass; Ruth Gilbert; Lois Klein; Donna Blazevic; Sue Kenitz; Constance Reed; Ruth Wilcox. Third Row: Char- lotte Thomas; Anne Robinson; Marian D ' Amour; Mary Jean Monkowski; Ann Sayell; Cynthia Krans; Annette Movitz; Patricia Harvey; Carol Schroeder; Raith Goldberg; Mary Detwyler. Back Row: Gloria Du ve; Patricia Price; Gail Pierce; Joan Randolph; Marcia Schafer; Patricia Jeanne Derr; Laura Salmon; Janet Bradshaw; Eleanor Parkhill; Patricia Hanson; Rosa Cantor. Front Row: Donna Netzer; Laura Mares: Sherry Adams; Patricia Dow; Joanna Vorhave; Helen Masneff; Carol Lyman; Frances Reitz; Joan Heiderer; Jill Coleman; Mary Smith; Shirley Baylis. Second Row: Jean Scheiferstein ; Rea Gordon; Virginia Arbuckle; Gay Duer- son; Carla Schram; Anne MacDonald; Mrs. Martha Strauss; Sylvia Wagoner; Lu Ann Fiber; Sarah Brown; Barbara Taylor; Judy Ver- Meulen; Marilyn Kotz. Third Row: Jane Hohn; Christine Crawford; Virginia Eugene; Fern Law; Carol Leybourn; Mary Anne Davison; Margaret Cook; Frances Mooney; Patricia Pierson; Miriam Broderick; Eleanor Shaw; Nancy Strome; Carol Cunningham. Back Row: Doris Iser; Anna Azimow; Marilyn Morris; Julie Flynn; Diana Skaff; Eleanor Rosenthal; Georgiana Davisdon; Priscilla Heft; Claire Hammer; Jean Davis; Ann Valentine; Mary Back; Thirza Millar. BETSY BARBOUR They call us the " Betsy Buds " . . . and though the Barbour garden may contain clinging vines, morning glories, and several hothouse varieties . . . we certainly have never been classified as ... wall-flowers (House Phone: 2-2591) Front Row: Joyce Walli; Margery Milks; Happy Rosenbaum; Linda Jacobacci; Sally Lennington; Joan Arent; Anna Marie Breyfogle; Constance Shepherd; Rachel Pancheri; Carolyn Clucas; Barbara Scott. Second Row: Alexandra Ryburn; Dorothy Allaben; Elizabeth McDonald; Barbara Lewis; Barbara Glaser; Marjorie Wyche; Gloria Cheek; Geraldine Wunsch; Jane Patterson; Marcia Gellert; Carol Kauffman; Mary Nimrichter; Marjorie Barlow. Third Row: Katherine Hoffman; Helen Klein; Judith Klein; Naomi Cheney; Susanne Dunbar; Cornelia Vandeveer; Marion Charvat; Janet Ford; Cynthia Diamond; Ellen Lonetti; Glenna Burkitt. Back Row: Kay Mc- Laughlin; Mary Harlan; LaVerne Seeman; Mary Jean Woodruff; Sharyne Stockle; Ann Armstrong; Joan Leddick; Merle Dinsmore; Virginia Voss; Sarah Eisenberg; Joan Bryan. Front Row: Doris Graebner; Donna Bryan; Beverly Baikie; Lois List; Carol Schaller; Marjprie McLean. Back Row: Margaret Guen- ther; Geraldine Steiner; Gary Higley; Margaret Hardie; Jeanne Gregory; Jeanne Pew; Marilyn Jager; Carolyn Hartmann. Not far from campus, as distance goes in Ann Arbor, stands an ivy covered building known as Couzens Hall, shared by student nurses, birds, and campus students alike. Although we live in a little world of our own most of the time, we are much a part of the Uni- versity. After our Sophomore year most of our classes are in University Hospital that imposing building which stands across the street from Couzens. Hours out of class are spent gaining experience which will fit us for our future career. At first the thought of spending Summers in Ann Arbor seems rather brutal but trust a student nurse to be ingenious. If you ever need any information about lakes or places of amuse- ment just ask any of us. Then with fall comes campus students, a new class of student nurses, football games, and all the rest of the things we are all so familiar with. 336 COUZENS I Front Row: Gretchen Hahn; Martha Pappo; Memory Jones; Fern Kotenstreich; Barbara Rosoff; Virginia Mussin; Joy Stanlea; Barbara Ridall; Rosemary Nagel. Second Row: Phyllis Bently; Carolyn Holtrey; Kathryn Murphy; Paddy McBride; June Golton; Donna Green; Eleanor Levy; Jan Hickey; Donna Sommers; Beverly Ross; Yvonne Bristol. Third Row: Nancy Cohen; Nancy Boell; Margaret Parrott; Mary Hellthaler; Priscilla McClay; Patricia Coyne; Coralyn Fitz; Betty Sittman; Gwen Wortinger; Carol Hahn; Elaine Surbrook; Suzanne Garfield; Sarah Bailey. Back Row: Jean McCaskey; Sue Mitchell; Patricia Wright; Nancy Circle; Susan, Potter; Mary Pike; Lynn Davison; Dorothy Chacarestos; Jan Nelson; Louise Kleis; Cynthia Hardy. HELEN NEWBERRY The 100 coeds in Newberry take pride in living in the- oldest official women ' s residence on campus, dating from 1915. The dorm provides a homey atmosphere for those who like a small group while our advantageous, location enables us to set the alarm five minutes before Angell Hall eight o ' clocks. Front Row: Mary Brown; Roberta MacGregor; Mary Beatson; Lorraine Butler; Carol Foote; Elsie Kerlin. Second Row: Gretchen uine; Betty Levinson; Katherine Zeisler; Marilyn Campbell; Juanita Williams; Lois Holmes; Margie Jilbert; Ollie Saunders; Nora ranito. Third Row: Ann Heysteck; Jane Higby; Francine Leffler; Colette Fischer; Ruth Hay ward; Mary Foley; Margaret Ardis; Nadine Haskins; Elizabeth Griffen; Francis Horton; Helen Beatson. Back Row: Dawn Waldren; Virginia Friend; Esther McGlothlin; Mary Rpehl; Ellen Van DeVusse; Muriel Watson; Shirley Robinson; Margaret McCord; Dulcie Batson; Rosalyn Gackstetter. Front Row: Mary Fox; Eileen Harmer; Mary Dudinetz; Marlene Rothenberg; Elsie Kuffler; Ann Steinberg. Second Row: Barbara Miller; Vera Brewus; Doris Oliver; Carole Stuart; Dorothy McElroy; Xaney Karnischky, president; Sandra Cohan; Delores Kaplan; Laura Karp; Sheila Somberg. Third Row: Ann Pilling; Frances Upton; Gloria Yough; Marcia Lee; Elvera Bamber; Virginia Gillespie; Pauline Baumler; Miriam Melchiori; Barbara Grossman; Marilyn Gee. Back Row: Carol Castator; Ann Kaminsky; Mary Potter; Bibi Abril-Lamarque; Laris Stalker; Marilyn Shoares; Sally Schimmel; Carole Roberts; Suzanne McCotter; Dorothy Sodergren; Carol Sheldon. HINSDALE Four years have passed and the crude beginning of Hinsdale House is just an echo. The same spirit that struggled with policies and problems still remains. We gathered our share of distinctions, initiated plans for a faculty-associate advisor, tolerated scalding showers and long walks home. The growing pains are over and on to better things! Front Row: Rosalind Shlimovitz; Lois Pollak; Ann Burkatt; Barbara Sanregret; Lillian Cicurel; Joyce Thomas; Janet Adler; Arley Berwald; Xancy Moore; Judy Wymer. Second Row: Judy Silverman; Rita Lichtblau; Carol Barnett; Marilyn Schwartz; Jo Collens; Mrs. Ruth Hawthorne; Marilyn Gordon; Barbara Some; Xancy Rudel; Adrienne Shufro. Third Row: Lynn Zimmerman; Jane Rathslag; Xancy Briggs; Barbara Sinder; Mary Cross; Patricia Mowrey; Joyce Lindberg; Margaret Moreland; Laura Smith; Ann Watson; Barbara Barrett. Back Row: Adriana Cooper; Deborah Knoppow; Bertha Alexander; Sally Stahl; Leda Cosmenco; Bernice Pericin; Lauretta Clark; Joan Malamud: Marlene Miller; Elaine Platt; Audrey Rosin. JORDAN House Council Front Row: Carole Dougherty; Jo Reeve; Carolyn MacVean; Natasia Melnichuk. Second Row: Donna Yocich; Milli- cent Vinitsky; Ruth Laug; Ruth Keller; Marilyn Sharland; Noreen Helliwell; Jo Spencer, president; Loretta Zane; Shirley Cochell; Joyce Cleveland. Back Row: Carol Giddings; Ninion Block; Patricia Pauling. Dorm living has aspects and aspects most of them good, we think especially Jordan living! We ' ve had our committee meetings, council meetings, and house meetings and out of all this managed to buy a TV set mounted on a solid gold setting with a diamond screen, now located in the Radio Room. En- trenched with this mark of material solidity we sat back and concluded conclusions. What would we have done without our unique institution a house father! who supervised our parties, made funny cracks at closing hours. We decided we ' re liberals and we like informal parties. But we have our serious sides too. We ' ve thrashed out a million and one problems, and come to another conclusion: People are pretty special and we like living with them! 340 Front Row: Karen Jack; Ann Cordill; Joyce Lane; Sally Beuthien; Alice Seitzman; Wanda Burks; Martha Himmelhoch; Rebecca Ninness; Joan Newsome; Marilyn Larkin; Louise Tracy; Edythe Nelson. Second Row: Gwendolyn Williamson; Ruth Helfenbein; Ruth Donner; Sara Edmunds; Marilyn Stelt; Mrs. Dorothy Parker; Angeline Lamerato; Marcia Lubeck; Gloria Giardini; Alice Robert- son; Janet Holtz; Katherine King. Third Row: Barbara Backlar; Linda Huntington; Beverly Ginsberg; Sherry Spivack; Alice Preskill; Bertha Kramer; Patricia McBride; Carol Watson; Hattie Jenkins; Jeanette McCoullough; Constance Misiolek; Beverly Falk. Back Row: Joan Levin; Barbara Smead; Marlene Moleski; Irene Kellogg; Shirley Chennault; Eugenie Morin; Eunice Knape; Phyllis Rust; Carol Larwin; JoAnn Robins; Sandra Golding; Helen Wong. KLIENSTUECK We are a house of individuality and individuals, four- pointers and those who pass, party girls and those who prefer the companionship of their own fair sex and coffee drinkers. Above all other aspects of dormitory living we enjoy our independence the most and our ability to complain about the food. Front Row: Gertrude Parnes; Nancy Druker; Maxine Gordon; P lizabeth Meyers; Sandra Hearsh; Lois Mishelow; Claudia Moore; Marilyn Funk. Second Row: Ruth Rosender; Judy Gottesman; Grace Ritou; Janet Wexler; Ann Bernard; Sandra Brauman; Mary Jane Smetana ; Barbara Walker ; Marilyn Gordon. Third Row : Jane Cesler, Peggy Spaulding ; Marilyn Tollzien ; Janice Clark ; Ann Klein ; Kathleen Hughes; Louise Collison; Jeanette Levy; Rita Czewski; Barbara Grinke: Bonnie Dugan. Back Row: Justine Mamazza: Con- stance Gallagher; Mary Lou Ciranni; Sue Osborn; Elizabeth Bowen; Nancy Loeprich; Graechen Becker; Susan Armstrong; Joan Mc- Dougall; Madeline Thompson. Front Row: Helen Brown: Marjo Miller; Roxanne KlingbKil; Pat Olsen: Connie Brizman; Malvern Gleiher; Mary .Jane Soper; Helene Simon; Sally Colberg; Dorothea Wiesenthal; Doris Marsh; Alberta Cohrt. Second Row: Grace Schoonover; Helen DeVoss; Lois Hoenecke; Joyce Collins; Ernestine Winston: Virginia Bender; Susan Popkin; Pat Mallett: Mrs. Deikema; Joan Semegen; Annemarie Rack; Roberta Richardson; Joyce Winter; Vera Simon: Margaret Koykka; Martha Kisel. Third Row: Virginia Quiatt: Ellen Dodge; Elaine Gulden; Verona Smukal; Barbara Spencer; Priscilla DeForest: Joyce Lallier; Eunice Ruff; Mary Ann Dunworth; Mary Secan; Anne Wheat; Xancy Wright; Susan|Schafer; Jean McFarlane; Shirley Swinson. Back Row: Frances Skaff; Frances Hauss; Marlene Fisher; Mary Kemp; Jane Alexy; Mary Ladue; Dorothy Hohman; Grace Fink; Josephine Scherer; Frances Brown; Mary Haven; Phyllis Moats; Ruth Briggs; Catherine Alt; Jan Everett; Pat Steel; Mary Leila Curtice; Lois Batchelor. MARTHA COOK We live in neo-gothic splendor and eat hash for Monday dinners in order to serve cookies for Friday teas. We accept this as part of the system. If we are, in individual cases, inclined to be improprietous it is only because the opposite is expected of us; and what we insist on most, hash or not, is our independence. Front Row: Barbara Watson; Karen Von Reis; Joyce Kanser; Shirley Browne; Anne Stevenson; Doris Schwiekert; Virginia Wise; Xorma Cohen; Mary Lou Goodrich; Antonina Chronowski; Mary Lou Bongort. Second Row: Ellen Bird; Helen Brogren; Mary Lou Seabright; Mary Christie; Mary Fryfogle; Inez Krouse; Vonda Genda; Polly Colliver; Xancy Hoddick, president; Tula Diamond; Carolyn McKechnie; Phyllis Willar; Jeanne Toepfer; Dorothy Meyers; Beth Smilay. Third Row: Betty Lou Ungerleider ; Alison Thomas; Jeanne Anderson; Elaine Jones; Ann Weaver; Vivian MacLeod; Elise Kuril; Xancy Shiels; Diana Marriott; Audrey LaRouche; Elizabeth Cohen; Joan Larsen; Cynthia Vary; Adele Huebner. Fourth Row: Caroline Starr; Sue Alderman; Sally Bersey; Janet Reinstein; Siri Von Reis; Rosemary Bachman; Marge Lord; Terry Stinson; Jo Anne Mendlow; Laura Jean Ackerman; Meredith McSweeney; Robin Squier. L 1 MOSHER 155 Front Row: Betty Drake; Rae Okamoto; Gail Hyman; Marcia Lorch. Second Row: Ruth Bard; Dolores Messinger. Back Row: Betty Carlson; Mary McLean; Alice Harper; Miriam Bruder; Betty Beckwith; Xorma Lageman; Mary Weber. Though Mosher is a large dorm, its friendly atmosphere and varied activities make it a wonderful place in which to live. Every girl from freshman to senior has the opportunity to participate in a class project. Mosherites displayed their " gifted " at Talent Xight and tried to help others by having tin-can dinners and " collection " parties. For any girl who has a little time on her hands, we have a glee club, library committee and publicity committee. It ' s almost 100% student government in Mosher. Through bi-monthly house and corridor meetings, the girls are brought together more closely. Any problems that the girls may have are sub- mitted to the Houss Council which is responsible for student policy-making. Last year Mosher ranked first in its class in scholarship and recsived the scholarship cup at Fortnight. Front Row: Margaret Bell; Betty Seiff; Muriel Claflin. Second Row: Eleanor Klein: Eileen Schulak; Miriam Bruder; Rosemarie Koch; Carolyn Krigbaum. Back Row: Sylvia Peterson; Joanna Mumma. 343 Front Row: Bernice Oshinsky; Patricia Albin; Myrna Stein; Ledra Hirgh; Judy Traum; Marilyn Miller. Second Row: Susan Sacher; Sandra Brown; Sandra Schulman; Helene Jackson; Jean Kurach; Carol Lichterman; Barbara Begin; Yvonne Coussins; Nancy Somers; Barbara Bowen; Patricia Newell. Third Row: Diane Koppen; Lillian Bickert; Sylvia Arkin; Daone Columbia; Judith Greenfield; Joanne Kramer; Beverly Wolk; Rebecca Badger; Grace Blerney; Patti Babb; Dorothy Leaf; Barbara Sussman; Jean MacRae. Back Row: Cynthia Potter; Sandra Brason; Shirley Davis; Dorothy Schutz; Bonnie Silberman; Janice Seifert; Ann Butterworth; Joyce Noh; Carol Osterweil; Dorinne Reifler; Barbara Perelman. We ' ve survived our first year! From here on in it ' s easy . . . Palmer House is here to stay. We ' ve enter- tained royally and " just between us girls. " You can see dozens of us gathered in one room jumping over everyone ' s feet the minute a buzzer rings and gabbing for hours instead of studying. We like it. PALMER Front Row: Anita Sigesmund; Gail Cohen; Estelle Posner; Alice Noecker; Marilyn Schook; Beverly Barkham. Second Row: Judith Lichtblau; Mary McKinney; Loraine Stuerzl; Jane Manning; Laura Guttentag; Roberta Snyder; Martha MacGregor; Helene Jackson; Carol Osterweil; Marilyn Warrat. Third Row: Doris Wilson; Beatrice Hill; Jane Harry; Jynda Evans; Marlies Douglas; Lois Steinberg; Mary Kay Caris; Marianne Sippola; Margaret Keithley; Charlotte Pritchard; Ann Hillyard; Eloise Sarraf; Dorothy Goldman. Back Row: Christina Koeff; Lois Wordell; Helen Page; Nancy Bennet; Victoria Bozich; Frances Kochin; Sophia Fedonis; Kathleen Ryska; Beverly Goerke; Sada Blain; Louise Tyor; Jeanne Hager. Front Row: Mary Bonek; Ann Kempe; Nancy Haglund; Barbara Dodge; Shirley Sikkenga; Beverly Norton; Mary Carlson; Mary Pollen Eckert; Grace Gaag; Mary Kirshke. Second Row: Marjorie McKenzie; Grace Cheney; Susan Rogers; Sally Spencer; Martha Smith; Virginia Cobb; Elizabeth Thomas; Mrs. McCoy; Mary Joe Park; Jo Ann Reavis; Elissa Sprynsky; Erean Grafton. Third Row: Sharon Chynoweth; Elnora Carpenter; Beverly Kennon; Fikodem; Patricia Brandow; Irmguard VandeBeye; Janet Dixner; Nancy Morris; Mary Stefani; Donna Winstead; Marjorie Northwood; Elizabeth Gregory; Gertrude Reams; Helen Matekel. Back Row: Joyce McPhail; Barbara Meyers; Edna Seguin; Marjorie Mickle; Mary Ann Prybylowicz; Barbara Schnaicl; Helen Schol; Alexandra Hoffman; Myrna Eisen; Donna Anderson. We ' re Prescott coeds and we all think its great that Michigan housing is so up to date . . . We ' re an all freshman dorm which is something quite new, we wrote our constitution, fought for quiet hours, too . . . We ' re the first femmes to invade a quad council, we can even boast of a wedding announcement. Front Row: Carol Loveless; Sylvia Hollis; Judy Vlack; Use Pena; Shirley Clark; Elaine Stephen; Maye Stern; Rebecca Arola. Second Row: Elaine Diamondstein; Judith Jennis; Sylvia Levi; Myrna Noodelman; Elaine Bice; Mrs. Frank McCoy; Martha Sanders; Carol Kaufman; Irene Markoquitz; Donna Hill. Third Row: Joanne Osmond; Doris Anderson; Shirley Whitman; Linda Ir vin; Carol Waite; Dorothy Davis; Joan Bewick; Susan Edwards; Ann Roden; Judith Haswell. Back Row: Shirley Klein; Brenda Wehbrung; Beverly Rahn; Mary Carlson: Jo Fischer; Claire Baroni; Joyce Strong; Jill Umbs: Nancy Kaser; Carol Ford; Marianne Weil. STOCKWELL Stockwell will go down in the history of Michigan in many various ways. To the University, it will always be the largest housing unit on campus; but to us, it will be remembered as the home in which we spent our college days. We will remember waking up to the view of the cemetery and being able to fall out of bed onto the tennis courts for an in- vigorating game. Our vast rambling lounge is always a good place to study, and of course the front porch is the best place to observe the stars. it Hi ' Front Row: Elinor Dunn; Blossom Lehrman; Winnie Moon; Phyllis Moore; Delia Galloway; Phyllis Bell; Gretchen Schweitzer; Judy Livingston. Second Row: Ellen Edelman; Ruth Young; Roberta Meyers; Barbara Keller; Ruth Kendall; Clarice Weinstein. Back Row: Carolyn Lentz; Carol Drake; Ruth Adelstein; Isabel Cohen; Carol Frankensteen; Lee O ' Laughlin; Mary Holms; Shirley Cox; Judy Ross; Jane Jewett; Marguerite Buckley; Joyce Fickies. f A, - i y Front Row: Sandra Gordon; Suzanne Altman; Margaret Maclver; Barbara Mason; Shirley Ginsberg; Cynthia Eaton; Edith Weiss. Second Row: Nancy Swamvick; Carol Mitchell; Hilda Winshall; Gloria Vajda; Miss O ' Leary: Carole Rifkin; Eileen Garwood; Bernice Ozga; Janet Kahlenberg. Third Row: Gail Matler; Betty Hessing; Carol Douglas; Charna Meleit; Jay Jordan; Ellen Snader; Sally Ayling; June Levinson; Helene Viedrak; Helen Hayes; Betty Dettling; Diane Thompson. Back Row: Nancy Weiss; La Verne Lane; Joanne Hedin; Carol Moore; Barbara Gleason; Nancy Pitkin; Gail Burlingame; Cecilia Ostrov; Barbara Swinkowski; Norma Champagne; Patricia Baker. The eyes of campus were upon us when we moved into this male stronghold two years ago. The old Vaughan House left us a wonderful tradition and we hope we ' ve been true to it. At our first crack at Homecoming we took first. Then our dorm formals got around you heard about the decorations for days. VAUGHAN Front Row: Grace Reder; Eleanor Childress; Patricia Henshaw; Alfreda Duster; Nancy Hart; Roxanne Herrick; Marilyn Dittrich: Phyllis Frank; Sally Steenrod. Second Row: Irene Karp; Mary Hall; Marcia Ash; Irene Banyas; Ruth Benjamin; Mrs. Barnard; Marianne Opperman; Rochelle Cherin; Ruth Hagelberger; Beverly Riley; Lorraine Skelcy: Margaret Koehler. Third Row: Shirley Renton; Sylvia Donner; Alicia Spragg; Carol Kaase; Marilyn Bush; Sally Woodward; Rosemary Tomicic; Janet Myers; Kay Flint; Lillian Strack; Mary Lou Porter; Helaine Becker; Helen Norwood. Back Row: Marcia Goldman; Sally Garfinkle; Betty Prescott; Sylvia Alexander; Ann Elaine; Carolyn Cohn; Mary Towne: Alice Goldsmith; Molly Mazur; Barbara Barker; Janet Schuster; Janet Levy; Shirley Pengilly. INTER-COOP COUNCIL Housing for graduate and undergraduate students is provided by the Inter Co-op Council for those who are interested in working for a portion of their room and board. Students in these houses attend to their own food, cooking, cleaning and maintenance. Six houses are provided by the Council, Muriel Lester, John Na- kamura and Michigan for men and Robert Owen, Harold Osterweil and A. K. Stevens for women. These houses are run by the Rochdale Principles of Co- operation which include open membership, no dis- crimination, democratic organization, control and co- op expansion in education. EAST QUAD COUNCIL Front Row: Peter Appendu; William McCreight; William Chubb; Roger Kidston; Ronald Dalton; Charles Benzinger. Second Row: Mary Jo Park; James Meecham; Earl Leichty; George Majoros; Kenneth Preston; Thomas Murphy; June Wooliver; Shirley Ginsberg. Front Row: James Pollock; James Bellows; Michael Weinberger; Joseph Elowsky; Alfred Szemborski; Richard Bonnette. Second Row: Charles Khranke; Allan Stone; Gordon Mars; Vicor Gibbons; James Meacham; Barry Neft; Donald Earnst; Shogo Koyano; Donald Masters. Third Row: Donald Palmer; Raymond Lindeman; Richard Heasley; Jacob Reines; James Leacock; Leland Boddy; Martin Holtgreve; James Ryan; Gilbert Lavey. Back Row: Elwin Brainerd; Roger King; Kenneth Gunderman; Chester Szemborski; Calvin Strom; Wayne Hyma; Victor Fleure; Ronald McCreight; Kikou Yanagi. ANDERSON We have lived together, worked together and had fun together this past year. Athletically, scholastically and socially we have endeavored to make our house a better place in which to live. Of the accomplishments of the house and its members we are justly proud. For Anderson House the year 1952-53 ranks among the best. Front Row: William McCreight; Frederick Heyner; Samuel Bradley; John Webster; Allen Dickinson; Joel Margenau; Wendell Cock- ing. Second Row: Raymond Sund; Robert Wine; Hsueh Wu; Denis Schmiedeke; Miss Sara Rowe; George Turner; David Smith; Edward Yampolsky; Richard Hope. Third Row: Charles Cole; Donald Van Every; Leslie Grosz; Kenneth Taylor; Larry Preitz; Burdett Stoddard; Conrad Heyner; Walter Grabowski. Back Row: Ronald Martens; Sheldon Cass; Earl Hammer; Robert Kraud; Donald Highway; Paul Ward; Ronald Wade; Alton Klickman; James Taylor. Front Row: MartinlNiedelson; Kazuo Matsumoto; Samuel Manzo; Leonard Williams; Lawrence Rozman; Robert Guard; Robert Bower; Donald Boothroyd. Second Row: Walter Penning; Stanley Smith; August Altese; Mrs. Walter Newell; Philip Lucasse; David Ponitz; Tino Bernadett; Fred Hicks; Noberto Calderas. Third Row: Douglas Doughty; Ronald Chart; David Vance; John Nadeau; Norman Gabel; James Sturrock; William Baird; Carl Peterson; Edward Schneider; Frederick Carman; Jacob Booth. Back Row: Felix Lasada; Leonard Treichler; Paul Hodges; Joel Shappirio; Fakhri Al-Chalabi; Norman Adsit; Gerald Jacks; Thomas Hollowell; Bertram Warr; Donald Jones; James Kubota; John Chiado; Raul Grimaldi; Hosain Al-Hassani. Situated on the northwest corner of beautiful East Quadrangle, Greene House overlooks the scintillating vist a of Prescott and Tyler Houses. The embattled men of Greene are defending their spacious lounge against the creeping tide of femininity. Greene is proud of its small but regular social events. We don ' t set records, we just have fun. Front Row: Ronald Hayes; Grant Hildebrand; Russell Eshback; Donald Wohlgemuth; Austin Breining; Raymond Breining. Second Row: Robert Flucke; Richard Curry; Peter Appendu, president; Mrs. Walter Newell; George Baumann; Charles Todd; William Rieger; Louis Escobar. Third Row: Theodore Benya; William Danek; William Weber; John Eckle; Wayne Johnson; Calvin Kuder; Donald Bird; James Young; Norman Lund. Back Row: Stewart Gordon; Selmer Iverson; Paul Koch; William Brashear; John Larnan; William Kirker; Douglas Taylor; Andrew Goldman. Front Row: Kenneth Preston; Howard Hall; Jerome Liebow; E. Dean Morley; Roger Kidston; Donald Kenney; Hugh Anderson. Second Row: James Myers; Thomas Krause; Grant Gable; Charles Koppelman; Leon Felman; Charles Stark; Luis Hernandez; James Staskowski. Third Row: James Burnett; Peter Fuss; John Pruchnicki; Thomas Weyand; Donald Groesbeck; Raymond Jasinski; Oswald Anders; David Williams; Donald Potter. Back Row: Richard Cornell; Nicholas Newton; James Knipp; Robert Fisk; Richard Joy; Mark Gallon; Neal Hillerman; Leonard Bronkema; Ronald Eide; Donald McAlindon. We, the Residents of Hayden, in order to form a still better house, establish parties, insure tranquility between TV and bridge, provide for a champion athletic program, promote scholars and secure the blessings of happy college days to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this formula for enjoying life life in Hayden!! Front Row: Stewart Nickel; Henry Schnelbach; Pak Wong; Chiv Kwan; Robert Sowatsky; Charles Stickels. Second Row: Chung Jeu; Larry Jeu; Porter McDonnell; Allan Kidston; Douglas Peck; Louis Dame; John Rendziperis; Charles Mitts. Third Row: Chi-Jen Chang; Charles Lemen; James East; Lloyd Newman; John Leonard; George Ingram; Pershing Lin; Robert Renshaw; Marcel Salive; Kenneth Marcus. Back Row: Richard Asmus; Arthur Lewis; Milton Scheiern; Terry Smith; Lewis Elieff; Frederick Mills; Gaylord Creedon; John Woodruff; Edward Hodge; Herschel Horowitz: Curt Sugiyama. HAYDEN H Front Row: Murray Schwartzberg; Robert Ilgenfritz; Robert Jones; George Reeves; Mrs. Eva McKenzie; William Weber; Charles Reynolds; Edward Poindexter; James Mellor. Second Row: Kenneth Johnson; William Hicks; John Gabler; Leonard DuWick; Frederick Hough; Albert Demmler; Elwin Pell; Rudolph Wegter; Robert Mayer; Charles Williamson; Robert Ladd. Back Row: Robert Mayrose; David Struthers; David Mayrose; David Stuart; Martin Rowley; Patrick Reilly; Ghulam Minhas; Richard Stringer; Carl Sarnacki; Alan Stuart. The d.a.r. ' s only managed to get us a second place scholastically on campus, but we got a first in the E.Q. Homecoming Display, the third time in four years. Social life was better than ever with mixers and parties with our sisters from Jordan. One of their " girls " even spent a few weeks in our lounge. Front Row: Stanley Reid: Thomas Murphy; George Dalton; George Majoros; Mrs. R. D. McKenzie; William Weber; William Washa- baugh; Frank Kucera; John Loss. Second Row: Stewart Evans; Joseph Simon; Ralph Hauke; Martin Story; Bruce Clark; Vincent Schoeck; Paul Radgens; William Fisher; George Froczila; Michael Lammers; Imre Zwiebel; Kenneth Bronson. Back Row: Norman Clifford; Robert Perry; Robert Baker; William Winslow; John Erickson; Robert Bacon; William Lowe; Eugene McCrum; Gordon Summerbell; Vincent Gabriel; Salvador Erminy; Diego Maruri. SOUTH QUAD COUNCIL A co-ordinating and governing body to provide service to some 1050 men in South Quadrangle, the South Quad Council is composed of representatives from the seven houses within its modern eight story structure. This group is a member of the CBN, College Broad- casting Network, which operates between the three Quad radio stations and boasts of being the largest college wire station in the United States. The Council offers a Photographic Society, a ham radio station for amateur short wave enthusiasts, social activities and chances for community service. Included among the latter was the all-campus Franz Polgar Show in Hill Auditorium for funds for the Fresh Air Camp. Front Row: Curtis Sheffield; Robert Galacz; Booth Tarkington; Charles Weber, president; Stanley Pasikov; David Holland; Easton Kelsey; Gerard Van Otteren. Back Row: Pat Bartolomed; John Harlan; LaMar MaeXutt; Harold Lynde; Norman Zilber; Thornton Stone; Jack Gray; Rosooe Parker. Front Row: Grover Farmsvvorth ; James Tsaggavis; Gerald Anderson; Gerald Reimers; Cordell Vasu; Robert Leonard; Gerald Mc- Cabe; Jack Grunawalt. Second Row: William Hamil; Harold Deutscher; James Reveno; Gerald Warren; Mrs. Edith Lynch; Gil Mc- Mahon; Elaine Harper; Richard Laansma; Marshall Sylvan; Walter Averill. Third Row: Stanley Solvick; Gerald Richards; Joseph Redfield; John Shultz; Robert Mann; Edward Xiemiec; Charles Dare; Richard Making; P ugene Fleegar; Martin Bloom; George Wain- wright; Norman Polonofsky; Chuck Defever. Fourth Row: Carlton Placeway ; Charles LaDue; Ralph Hillman; Walter Juntunen; Robert Carrier; Henry Eisner; George Kubica; Robert Auld; Donald Stein; Donald Peterson; Roy Wendt; Theodore Sogard; Salih Sheibani. Back Row: Donald Swanson; Christopher Pyrros; Robert Proestel; Stephen Hill; Herbert Schneider; Robert Woschitz; William Land; Robert Sewell; Emilios Antoniades; Bradford Spaulding; Richard Salditt; Robert Campbell; Robert Wilcox; David Edwards. GOMBERG Men of Gomberg again led Quad activities and IM activities, but still found time for many bridge games, parties at the Fresh Air Camp, and dates with sisters from Stockwell. Traditions continued: The stag line with raucous jokes, the GOE (Gomberg Older Element) P-Bell meetings, and the aroma of the Dirty shirt Contest. Front Row: Edward Gutt; Glenn Lehman; Donald Shumaker; Clinton House; Clyde Rowley; Gerald Stocks; Fabio DeTulio; George Granger; Pat Donahue. Second Row: Joseph Zaby; James McClurg; Gordon Keyser; David Holland, Mrs. Edith Lynch: Jerry Parker, president; James Boettcher; Arthur Wright; Peter Lucas; John McCann. Third Row: Jack Kelsey; Neil Ege; Kenneth Swartz; John Powell; Angelo Cantera; Vincent Dambrauskas; Norman Ziegelman; Alan Morgan; Gary Skidmore; Hugh Kennedy; Joseph Morelewski; Dune Magoon; Micky Walker. Fourth Row: Hazim Rassam; John Tobin; Eugene Alpern; Dick Solon; John Dubois; Frank Drinan; Richard Allen; Joseph Kirk; Raymond Schneider; Edwin Hicks; Frederick Halperin; Alec Englander; Robert Klein. Back Row: Jack LaBreck; Erland Reuter; Richard Post; Howard Siegal; Pino Wiser; Edward Godfrey; Hoyt Spicer; Richard Cartland; Victor Hampton; Jack Richardson; Albert Elchen; David Sohn; Bernie Berman; Gilbert Fineman. Front Row: Hwei-Kai Hsi; Alan Neeb; Patrick Mahoney; Amnuay Viravan; Jack Brinley; Philip Slovick; George Harlow; Glen Beck- with; Dayton Selby; Philip Spertus; William Elliot; Robert Floum. Second Row: James Fox; Martin Greenwald; Ronald Coburn- " ' " - ' " - T A T-v-T-1 .11 -1 T f Sarygl; Bruce Foucek; Clark Bassett; Jack Spence; Morris Feitel; Fred Kohimeyer; John Bacon; Gerald Gray. Back RowVRichard Tanaka; Blaine Seyferth; Robert Kamphuis; Richard McCaughey; Lee Henry; Robert Burgee; Robert Valenzuela; Earl Ludwig; Paul Engelderl; Robert Finley; Louis Aako; Louis Johnson; Bruce Rifkin; Herbert Newman; Edwin Davidoff; Joel Hepner; Edward Leland; Russell Thayer. We are men of few words with many likes and dislikes, with great dispersion of personality and with many varied interests. Our common bond is evident about the TV set and our individuality is evident in our Saturday evening pleasure. We enjoy our luxurious home, despite the rumors concerning food. HUBER Front Row: Walter Grosjean; Kent Schellinger; Myron Lindow; Elliott Murray; Ronald Bornstein; Gerald Irwin; Robert Abrams; George Kubba. Second Row: John Surbis; Edward Levenberg; Jack Cruise; Frank Moore; Moises Wasserman; Glen Howell; James Morgan. Back Row: Sumner Elwell; Jack Strobel; Gerald Schuur; John Meckley; Sanford Norian. Kelsey House, the forgotten portion in the bottom of South Quad, including Vulcan ' s annex, fell into pattern with the Homecoming Week-end. They had a display. Not the large, flamboyant type of other houses, but a small one, hidden behind the quad. It is much doubted that the judges even saw it. Then they had their party of the semester. It was called " Kafe Kelsey " and much pleased the patrons of the establishment. Punch, rather than wine was served, but at least the punch was red. Along with the " Union Opera " preview, the Can-Can girls were the feature attractions. Christmas came along and so did a party. It was good fun, keeping strictly within the bounds of Kelsey tradition. Front Row: Gene Amari; Hugh Ireland; John Tarachas; Don Spiekerman; Ben Parr; Antonio Mora; Dean Dixon; Yvan Brabant; William Siegel. Second Row: Norman Zilber; George Schuster; Gerald Kettunen; Arthur Rooks; John Romani; Mrs. Robert Drake; Easton Kelsey; William Koepke; Herbert Metsch; Thomas Gilmore. Third Row: Robert Brown; Thomas Schwaderer; George Babcock; Herbert Cohen; Sidney Z-lber; William Weber; Thomas Bleha; James Bengoechea; Douglas Wycoff; James Pett; William de Free; Barry Henning; Anastas Farjo. Fourth Row: Thomas Clark; Don Stephan; Robert Martin; Robert Pease; James Marietti; Gordon Ryan; Thomas Schill; Michael Hlady; Patrick Tyson; Lawrence Stafford; Alan Goetz; Richard Grover; Howard Boasberg; Jose ph Venneri. Back Row: John Mason; Constantino Gianakaris; Donald Fitch; Richard Eisenstein; Joseph Seifert; Lawrence Wheaton; Donald Bean; John McLaughlin; Paul Schulze; Roger Anderson; Mark Fleisohman; James Goldberg; Ronald Town. vV v. Front Row: Joseph Kimbrough; Duane Linderman; Shelby Harrington; Arthur Vander; Albert Flynn; Howard femith; Jack Price; Edward Arnold. Second Row: Vernon Barker; David Carpenter; William Helms; Samuel Gewercer; Benjamin Rambeau; Richard Men- czer; Lawrence Schreib; Roland Harkless; Thomas Ray. Third Row: Robert Hawn; Samuel DiCarlo; Donald Giles; Norman Bolton; Jerome Stern; Jonathan Sobeloff; Frank Goudrich; Charles Salmon; Curtis Lundy; Richard Braun; Robert Chigrinsky. Back Row: Richard Weinman; William Fairful; Louis Tischler; Kenneth Kleyn; Herbert Falk; Lawrence Frohman; Nels Jensen; Edward Draheim; Frank Green; William Davis; Nathan Firestone. Reeves House is one of the newest houses in the South Quadrangle. Under the leadership of its House Council, Reeves has improved steadily since it opened in 1952. The dances, athletic contests, house activities, and the warm spirit of its members make it a pleasant and interesting place to live. Front Row: George Zuckerman; Jack Garter; Thomas Eisler; Robert Merrill; Frank Zinn; Byron Benson; Julian Allen; George Ham- mond; Charles Sacquety; John Angus. Second Row: Emory George; George McNiven; Lamar MacNutt; Robert Tarkington; Mrs. Helen Clark; Marvin Lubeck; Robert Galacz; John O ' Dell; Thomas Johnson; Jack Bueby; David Smith; James Deland. Third Row: John Jenkins; Pascal Pascoff; Nathan Firestone; Wen-Ying Tsai; Arthur Kujawski; Maurice Miller; Gerald Davis; Mindaugas Balanda; Denzel Cline; Ronald Cook; David Wong; Max Treece; Robert Nimmo; Wardell Hopson. Back Row: Charles Hoag; Calvin Ernst; Norman Naumoff; Edward Furdak; Richard Smith; Charles Endicott; Glenn Clark; George Schatz; Milton Monahan; Robert Miller; Mahlon Rouch. Front Row: James Wills, Roger Dunlap; Jackson Frost; Charles Grobe; Lawrence Kersten; Gershaw Berman; Jordan Rossen; Richard Richards; James Reindel. Second Row: Karl Yoshonis; Phillip Hunter; Daniel Halpern; Don Cameron; Dolf Bass; Gerry VanOtteren; Mrs. Mary Wood; Stanley Pasikov: John Stull; Howard Weinberger; Dan Peterson; Eugene McCracken. Third Row: Philip Stone; Joseph Chappie; Albert Smallman; James Aurand; Cowan Brown; John Buckmaster; Walter Long; Robert Hoy; Donald MacDougall; Robert Blossey; Peter Calkins. Back Row: John Bloom; Wayne Strong; Malcolm Manley; Richard Price; Duane Bigsby; Richard De- Gowin; Richard Faulhaber; Arthur Pierson; Thomas Michalski; Kenneth Kaji; William Brinker; John Shepherd. Perched midway on the architectural crow ' s nest known as the South Quadrangle, Scott ' s laddies had themselves a gay brawl. With a dance, hayride and picnic, we made ourselves socially known. While we didn ' t lead the campus in athletic events, we kept our heads above water even having intra-house ping-pong and chess tournaments. Front Row: James MacArthur; Frederick Stegenga; Norman Grell; Daniel Dillman; Eugene Rizzo; Seymour Zimbler; John Gary; Albert Bergeron. Second Row: David Levine; Theodore Anderson; Donald Weston; George Mason; Lloyd Appell; Mrs. Mary Wood; Kenneth Chase; Alphonse Sparapani; Frank Cheshire; Archibald Campbell; Warren Boes. Third Row: Duane Schultz; John Moss; Richard Roberts; Robert Porter; Wallace Haglund; John Oorey; Thomas Worden; Stanton Perkins; David Rohrbach; John Olech; Mahommed Bahrani. Back Row: Robert Lindy; Kenneth Blayden; John Widman; Victor Nelson; Eugene Tomlinson; Conrad Krankel; Daniel Dangel; Walter Schrenk; Joel Berger; Emile Riley; John Douglas. Front Row: Robert Brown; Tom Thomas; Raymond Banks; Neil Young; Jack Cross; William Hufton; Alexis Portalatin; Raymond Hockstad; Gerald Prescott; Richard Neumann; Harry Israel; Paul Carter. Second Row: Hubert Scherer; Robert Martin; Murray Kas- man; Oscar de Leon; Edward McCliment; Ben Patterson; Ernest McCarus; Mrs. Harryman: Thomas Stauk; Edward Wiener; Raymond Sakowski; Charles Lombard; Ronald Richardson. Third Row: Manuel Guevara; Robert Koski; Paul Woorenmaa; David Learned; Law- rence Hardy; John Burns; Dale Dawkins; Robert Lovegrove; Eugene Krevzberger; William Corson; Curtis Sheffield; James Ross; Norton Remes; Harvey Freed; Bernard Levine; James Cassidy; John White; William Butler. Back Row: Richard Maslowski; Wayne Cheng: Richard Koester; James McDonald; Mark Menzel; Ronald Fukushima; George Mclntosh; Thomas Baker; Harvey Stapleton; Charles Symmonds; William Grosse; Andrew Vick; Harvey Tennen; Marcus Brand; Max Schwartz; Franklin Fuchs; Douglas Spencer; Albert Scarchilli; Theodore Giedzinski. With " There ' s no substitute for action " as the house motto and a French maid to ease academic cares, Taylor House found itself inspired to another series of annual distinctions: second place championship in football; and still off probation in scholarship. TAYLOR Front Row: John Osten-sacken; J. Davenport; John Meyer; Clyde Whipple; Dwight Kraai; Thomas Stapleton; John Deppen; Larry Wilk; Jan Gogulski; David Mason; Donald Wylie; Donald Barclay. Second Row: Jack Lawyer; Robert Schwindt; Merle Nelson; Sidney Leventhal; Robert Prybylowicz; James Cook; Thornton Stone; Ernest McCarus; Mrs. Harryman; Leonard Plodzien; Lyn Graziani; Manchehr Asarpour; William Roeder; Ramon Torres; Robert Wilcox. Third Row: John Stone; Frank Johnston; Peter McCarthy; Philip Endres; Robert Kirchen; Joseph Valentin; Ralph Ortwig; Roger Park; Osmond Dean; Richard Poel; Marion McCall; Larry Ayers; Henry Berliner; Lee Clark; Richard Eicher; Robert Wiley; Harry Montague; Lawrence Levine. Back Row: Larry Schwart; John Littig; Gene Chardoul; William Husted; Howard Webber; Donald Chisholm; Richard Bogg; John Hall; John Neumann; James McWilliams; Stuart Waters; John Hicks; Marshall Badt; Theodore Hummel; Allen VanLiere; Charles Schafer; Samuel Ching; Luther Claborn. n Front Row: Robert Laur; Thue Rasmussen; Robert Gold; Arnold Kloock; Robert Weinbaun; Joseph Bennett; Oliver Campbell; Richard Bloss. Second Row: Harold Lynde; James Kearful; Raymond Fischer: James Bogdan; Mrs. Jean Bailey; David Frazer; John Koval; Clair Smith; Milton Stark; William Rendziperis; John Rhodes. Third Row: Anthony Giambalvo; John Hatton; Robert Olson; David Ing; Walter Keivit; Donald Gogolin; Donald Carlson; William Hein; Jack Campbell; Robert Wallace; Edward Gorman. Fourth Row: Robert Daitz; Suham Ad-Duri; Charles Martin; John Rajkoyacz; Jason Stevens; Donval Hornburg; Joseph Jaconette; Charles Blankenship; Herbert Luke; Wayne Kuhn. Back Row: Robert Levine; Donald Scotilla; Jerry Green; William H odge; Bruce Ideson; Ward Getty; David Thomas; Alan McGregor; William Lynn; Jerald Hardy. A new House with new men, new ideas, and the good old Michigan spirit! Highlighting a very successful year, Van Tyne boasts : stationery with a House seal ; a Van Tyne-Hinsdale Christmas party for 45 under-privileged children; and a Varsity Night block of 140 Van Tyners. VAN TYNE Front Row: Jerome Burns; Jerry Martinson; Fred Murray; William Irons; Martin Decker; Duncan Osborne; Ronald Musket; Fred Zeigler; Robert Muhn; Hugh Hart. Second Row: Burton Zack; William Landre; Bruce Ambs; William Russell; Robert Jones; Mrs. Jean Bailey; John Harlan; Lawrason Thomas; Robert Knox; Paul Ganzenhuber; Yudhistara Grover; Robert Broom. Third Row: Paul Romzick; Stephan Konz; Martin Zeldes; Paul Maker; Thomas Nachazel; David Lawrence; Jerald Taylor; Melvin Edwards; Roman Klimkievicz; Harold Qualman; Glen Bachelder; John Sander; Barton Cowan; Richard Baker. Fourth Row: Joseph Kubacha; Robert Kuehn; Harold Mallon; William Fox; Phillip Davis; William Hill; Albert Chennault; Kenneth Croteau; James Dutcher; William Wag- oner; Gerard Rohlfing; William Berlin; Dieter Hanauer; Lawrence Schreiber; Alexander Sarko. Back Row: Daniel Less; John Morovitz; Rodger Birtwell; Louis Petrucco; Lawrence Baur; Allan Butterworth; Carl Herkimer; Charles Balkema; Walter Gutchess; Wayne Smith; Samuel Stewart. Front Row: Paul Koehn; David Donley; Victor Long; Raymond Failer; Harvey Ring; Alan Sorscher; Edward Driese; Kustell Crake. Second Row: Peter Black; Alfred Weisz; John Hammond; Earl Ebach; Mrs. S. O. Dickerman; John Da vies; Gerald Roos; Bernard Woods. Third Row: Steven Heinrich; Arnold Bauer; Frederic Nofziger; Ermil Jones; David Gasman; Ronald Norene; Ted Bohuszewicz; Howard Kaplan; James Berg; Norman Covey. Back Row: John Keller; Douglas Bailey; George Liddle; Bruce McClelland; Keith Coats; Edward Halverson; Francis Chigbu-Emene ; Juan Restrepo; David Tice. ADAMS Between studying and house activities the gang was busy. Outstanding freshmen added to our distinguished group. Athletic squads performed well, social affairs were enjoyable, and house government achieved a new high. The musicians played, Republicans raved, and Dodgers and Democrats wept. Most important, the fellowship was tremendous. The Adams House family had an eventful year. Front Row: George Jones; Charles Van Atta; Roger Peapples; Gregory Schmidt; Earl Ebach; Mrs. S. O. Dickerman; Robert Gellatly; Hidehiko Takeyama. Second Row: William Skellenger; Bradford Barr; Richard Schwartz; Thomas Smith; Melvyn Adelman; Raymond Rowley; Wayne Slawson; Harvey Price; Roger Snow. Back Row: Arnold Adams; Norman Niedermeier; Ali Owhadi; Angelo Giovagnoli; Thomas Deurlso; Gerald Schreiber; George Riddell; Richard Tyler; James Wassell. Front Row: Quinton Hughes; Richard Clark; John Sprague; Theodore Rouman; Allan Pratt; James Hubard; Gary Thomas; John Campbell; Charles Hewitt; William Pervin. Second Row: Richard Stillinger; James Bower; Herbert Bensinger; Stephen Schweinsberg; Harold Gumming; James Lynn; James Hack; Jack Brown; Brewster Peabody; Robert Littman; John Lelivelt; David Maloney; Kent Shoemaker. Third Row: David Lyon; Vernon Williams; William Coulter; John Wolfe; Lon Meisenhelder; Carl Loesberg; Dixon Emswiler; Kenneth Knapp; Franklin Ferguson; Richard Baker; Kenneth Cort; James Hinz; David Caplan; Howard Buchanan; Ronald Malis. Back Row: Alfred Neuman; Frederic Hinoley; Fred Izenson; Gordon Barnes; Keith Gordon; Charles Wilkie; Thomas Biggs; John DeCoy; Arthur Friedman; Kurt Cannon; Larry Green; Herbert Zimmerman; Karl Pearson. Allen Rumsey was the first men ' s residence hall at the University and at the present time her chronological primacy is matched by her prominence in activities. This year ' s Allen Rumsey " firsts " include the lauded Glee Club and I.M. wrestling crown. Allen Rumsey offers proof that the Michigan House Plan is successful. ALLEN RUMSEY Front Row: Reed Romine; John Steinhelper; Maynard Schurr; Paul Anderson; Richard Kanner; Merrill Kaufman. Second Row: Erik Starnal; Richard Beaudry; Kevin Buckley; Mr. Jack Hale; Mrs. Rex Holman; Charles Watson; Lawrence Mack; Henry Moravec. Third Row: Richard Weber; Marc Kromelov; Ivan Potts; Donald Peters; Ralph Bielawski; Wallace Wilcox; John Munn; Thomas Gadola; Arthur Townsend. Back Row: William Stroh; Ernest Mikus; George Pepper; Samuel McComb; Robert Whitacre; John Taylor; James Kanitz; Ronald Koos. Front RDW: Leonard Schreier; Stuart Hahn; Jack Ginsberg; Xorman Smith; Thomas Wilcox; John Holland; Christian Brun; Gerald Thompson; William Higgins. Back Row: Stanley Kennedy; John Wine; William Caro; Robert Barnes; Richard Mikton; Willard Fish; Mrs. Elmer Cook; Carl Lohman; Jerry Hill; James Filgas; Ronald Hopson; Alan Camiener LLOYD Front Row: Charles Davis; John McCreary; Roger Davis; George Scardetta; George Condon; Christian Brun; Julian Chalk; Eugene Cohen; Max Bergman. Second Row: Thomas Plum; Francis Moravitz; Louis Sacchetti; John Pozza; Norman Morse; Mrs. Elmer Cook; Joseph Reymann; Lawrence Johansen; Antonne Kranner; Jack Watson. Back Row: George Steinmetz; Richard Williams; Robert Cutler; Donald Hadley; Dale Jensen; Wayne Boucher; Richard Neuenke; Daniel Weinstein; Fred Swart; Chee Chan. Men of Lloyd engineered the transfer of WQRS, pre- sided over West Quad ' s three activity clubs, sought and sometimes found, athletic glory. We found an ever growing appreciation of our beautiful Brown Room, with its collection of fine music and books. The resur- rected Tab-Lloyd spotlighted House doings; and (cleverly) avoided a predecessors ' " default by censor. " I I Front Row: Arthur Angood; James Gilmore; John Schippel; Dale Ewart; Howard May; Eugene Holcombe; Howard Uyehara; Ray- mond Tarn; Robert Knutson. Second Row: Lawrence Harris; Charles White; Richard Mills; Bernard Guggenheim; Harry Fishman; Hubert Weller; Gerald Burke; David Moore; Louis Degroot; Lawrence Rubin. Third Row: James Hatton; Glen Bearss; Willard Beard; Harold Franz; Philip Belleville; Edward Adams; Richard Petrie; James Rupprecht; Elmer Stanhope; Joseph Pawloski; John Rapanos; James Bakeman. Back Row: Russell Wood; Thomas Vandegrift; Eugene Kemp; John Rackov; Gordon Gapper; Raymond Popp; Carlos Benavides; Perry Dooley; Richard McCord; David Satterley; Ivan Bender. Acclaimed the outstanding independent House on campus, Michigan House has been a steadfast leader in academic life as well as the champion of the oppressed people. Active in athletic, social, political, academic, and spiritual fields, the men of The House have striven for the greatest overall enjoyment and benefit towards an ultimate college experience. MICHIGAN Front Row: Bruce Nordquist; William Mason; Ralph Crouch; Alexander Leak; Bernard Beame; John Somers; William Gardner. Second Row: Burrell Ross; Dean Schafer; Stanton Berlin; Berton Braun; Mr. Leonard Procita; James Friedman, president; Edward Hirschbeck; Gerald Goldberg; William Morman; George Baker; Daniel Curts. Third Row: Russell Hermann; David Basket; Philip McCarthy; Harry Carson; James Midgley; Elmer Zink; Joseph McCallion; Raymond Bahor; James Hull; Rollin Galster; Stanley Spencer; Lester Zane. Back Row: Winfield Trumbull; Ralph Rose; Richard Stableford; Robert Kruger; John Lewy; Donald Cohen; John Cone; Gerald Alfano; Ralph DiDominico; Daniel McCarthy; James Schweitzer; Louis Maraviglia. Front Row: Philip Wagner; Merritt Major; John Tousley; Richard Hill; Milton Mead; Bernard Newbauer; Phillip Nelson; Edward Lewis; William Wilson. Second Row: James Shaner; Allyn Ensign; Thomas Galantowicz; Robert Weaver; Herbert Lavine; James Hana- sack; Conrad Proctor; John Backels; Gene Christian. Back Row: Ralph Hoggman; Paul Jones; Arthur Oppermann; Ronald Ghormley; Richard Yonke; James Manson; Peter Rottenbucher; Stephen Sniderman; Charles Arnold; Jon Petersen; Richard Belong. A home for leaders, followers, musicians, followers, athletes, followers, students and followers, we find that community living has its joys and its laughs, as well as its other side. We find that sports offer the field of our most general interest and that food isn ' t a bad second. Viva la Wenley ! WENLEY Front Row: Judd Hosteller; William Waldner; Doyne Jackson; Calen LaFave; Theodore Maycroft; Thomas Grow; Henry Trefz; Edward Higley; Frederick Fletcher. Second Row: Jack Strong; Edward Kettenstock; Ronald Pitkin; Hugh Banniga; Robert Lide; Keith Carrigal; George Hoefferle; Walter Mitchell; Donald Fairbairn; Gordon Pederson; Morton Krasner. Back Row: Gene Ortner; Murray Copeland; Gordon Jaaskelainen; Dennis Van Alst; Victor Peckham; Malcolm Ferguson; William Royer; Rex Peterson; William Hampton; Thomas Manos; Robert Brickner. Front Row: David Wallingford; George O ' Dell; Keith Pohl; Allan Zoll; Louis Pang: Charles Richards; Philip Graf; Charles Schaefer; Thomas Ladendorf; Robert Newsom. Second Row: Victor Stoeffler; James Morrow; Roger Daniel; David Longworth; Daniel Crawford; Marvin Teutsch; Robert Raz; Roy Home; Paul Kramer; James Hensen; Kirk Daly. Third Row: Edward Lyons, Charles Kroll; Robert Krupka; Andrew Samosuk; Gerald Kessler; Roger Curran; Paul Pilkington; Marvin Cherin; Jack Huldin; David Stipe; Richard Lassy. Back Row: Charles Hitselberger; Robert Rosenfeld; Richard Brown; Donald Waisanen; Allen Knee; Charles Newton; James Frost; Clifton Ransom; Dale Emeott; Leighton Kong; Donald Spengler; Ananthasivaiyer Mahadevan. Williams House is an all around home away from home for 125 men. Sports I.M. champs two years ago and runners-up last year. Scholarship consistantly among the top half at the West Quad. Social mixers, dances, picnics, et al. We are proud to live in Williams House. WILLIAMS Front Row: Theodore Kilar; Victor Bouckaert; John Curry; Leonard Bietila; Arnold Smolens. Second Row: John O ' Reilly; Hans VonBernthal; Anthony Kline: Charles Corwin; Sheldon Chambers; Robert Sassone; James Segesta; Walter Bjarnesen; Thomas Brush. Third Row: James Soma; William Meikle; Bernard Endres; William Billings; Bruce Bowman; Donald Messersmith; William Ridley; Fred Will; Duane Colling. Back Row: Richard Schmude; James Stewart; Robert Berman: Frederick Keywell; Sabato Alfieri; Douglas Murray; Kenneth Miesen; William Perkins; Peter Cooper. 367 s " 7 W Front Row: Walter Kutch; Xathaniel Walton; David Kanfer; Jacob Lazar; Leslie Sabo; Harold Borkin. Second Row: Rudolph Man- cini; Jerome Robison; James Hodgman; Burr Joslin; Leonard Csiszar; Peter DeGroot; Richard Thomas; Alexander Sarros; William Parth. Third Row: William Siegel; Gary Morrison; Lee Jones; Charles Ciotti; Floyd Smith; Martin Harvey; James Rienstra; Gabor Von Varga; Gerald Krammin. Back Row: Daniel Kornacki; Stanley Bohing; Victor Labat; Frank Skrbina; William Kolesar; Wallace Hanford; George Kircos; Aldrick Sirard. WINCHELL Winchell, one of eight houses in the West Quad, is run by its men through an eleven man house council which they elect to plan various activities. These activities include social, athletic and academic functions which together with other campus activities offer opportuni- ties for students to derive the greatest enjoyment during their stay at Michigan. Front Row: John MacDonald; Frank Bracy; Donald Bratt; Leon Shanee; Richard Michalik; James Langley; Lawrence Gilbert; Richard Knapp; Kuo-Chiew Quan. Second Row: Charles Beattie; Harmon Nine; Walter Mau; John Sachs; Ronald Rogers; Robert Carter; Robert Sharland; James Osborn; Joseph Fishman; Homer Hickok. Back Row: Edward White; James Smith; Raymond Noon; Maceo Cowan; Theodore Beals; Xorman Don; John Studnicky; Hugh West; William Row; Vernon Shepard. I -I rL Front Row William Himmelhoch; Vedat Coskun; Jan Swensen; Allen Murch; Robin Raygor; Stephen Jaffe; Manuel Diaz; George Brauer Second Row Virgil Miller- Michio Kawakami; Alfred Hunt ing; Stephen Anderson, president; William Maher; David Stevens; Mrs Alton Raygor housemother; Richard Raygor; Alton Raygor, housefather; Diana Raygor. Third Row: Curt Shellman; Bernard Paeel- Gordon Van Wyk- Richard Warren; Paul Kutsche; Noel Hoglund; Stewart Lowther; Galtjp Geertsema; Holcomb Thurman; Aaron Paxson. Back Row : ' Rakotovoa Ralison; Ramon Guzman; Vincent Chen; John Martin; Paul Wing; Ahmet Kaya; Hide Hinomoto; Leo Williams; Takeshi Shimabukuro. NELSON INTERNATION On a Campus which has long been noted for its excellent program in integrating foreign students, Nelson House stands as the ultimate in this ca- pacity. Here both foreign and American students live together in a unique and pleasant atmosphere. The members mingle easily through work, study and the conversation naturally stimulated by their differences. The cooperation and fellowship achieved between the representatives of varied cultures is very real and in its most tangible form. Gathered under one roof are the life and customs from many lands, providing mutual breadth to every member. Barbara L. Riley Education Roger W. Wilkins Literature, Science and Arts John E. Flynn Architecture and Design Warren E. Norquist Engineering Joseph C. Samyn Pharmacy Toby Regenstreigh Dental Hygiene Roger C. Easton Business Administration Bonnie J. Bray Nursing Wesley O. True Music CLASS PRESIDENTS He graduates in a cap and gown because Michigan believes in ceremony. He also graduates on a football field because Michigan believes in size, which immediately limits the formality of its ceremony. He graduates with twenty-three hundred and ninety-nine others, most of whom he has never seen or met before. People pretend that graduation is the biggest thing in his life, but this is fallacious. The biggest thing was his initial decision to come to Michigan. Graduation is but a quiet passing away. Wilbert Flelke Dentistry John L. Lodwick Law Clayton K. Mammal Medicine 373 Dennis M. Aaron B.B.A. 18113 Northlawn, Detroit, Mich. James B. Aaronian D.D.S. 406 Geneva, Highland Park, Mich. Carolyn Abbot A.B. in English 763 Lakeview Ave, Birmingham, Mich. Margot J. Abels A.B. in French 4094 Glendale Ave., Detroit, Mich. A.B. in Education Reed City, Mich. Ph.D. in Education Marie N. Abendroth 348 Slosson Ave., Albertina A. Abrams Mecosta, Mich. Robert S. Abrams M.B.A. in Accounting 404 North Kalamazoo St., Paw Paw, Mich. Laura J. Ackerman A.B. in El. Education 14910 Stahelin, Detroit, Mich. Arthur J. Adams D.D.S. 806 S. West Ave., Jackson, Mich. Elizabeth H. Adams A.M. in Speech 424 West Elm, Mason, Mich. Susan C. Adams B.S. in Zoology 95 Central Ave., Rye, New York Virginia M. Adams B.S. in Nursing 316 Sulgrave, Jackson, Mich. Suham M. R. Ad-Duri B.S.E. (C.E.) 28 98 Akvilyyha Quarter, Baghdad, Iraq Adeleke Adeyemo B.S. in Zoology Yeosa Street, Ibadan, Nigeria Khaireldin S. Ahmad M.S.E. (C.E.) Qoria 5 18 Kirkuk, Iraq Marlene B. Aird A.B. in Speech Correction County Road 550, Marquette, Mich. Anahid A. Ajemian M.S. in Bacteriology American Mission, Beirut, Lebanon Helen J. Alan A.B. in French 1483 21st Avenue, San Francisco, Calif. Janet C. Alarie A.B. in El. PJducation 8269 Ward, Detroit, Mich. Maurice S. Alberda A.M. in English 510 Lawrence, Ann Arbor, Mich. Roy I. Albert Bachelor of Architecture Norway, Mich. Alfred J. Albiston M.S. in Wood Technology 27895 Hampden, Royal Oak, Michigan. Carol W. Alchin B. Mus. in Literature 310 W. Caroline St.. Fenton, Mich. Hosain Al-Hassani M.S.E. (C.E.) Baghdad, Iraq Mahdi A. AlKaem M.S.E. (San.) 220 S. State, Chicago, 111. Helen P. Allen A.B. in French 3711 Traver Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio Julian B. Allen A.B. in Psychology 2252 E. 93rd St. Cleveland, Ohio Jean C. Allen A.B. in El. Education 4676 N. Wilshire Rd., Milwaukee, Wis. Nola A. Allen LL.B. R.R. 3 Cassopolis, Mich. Joseph M. Allerdive A.B. in Economic Geography 716 Woodsdale Road, Wilmington, Del. Catherine E. Alt B.S. in Physics 344 Pearson, Ferndale Mich. William J. Alt M.D. 4708 Sedgwick St., N.W., Washington, D.C. August J. Altese B.S. in Pharmacy 9421 Knodell, Detroit, Mich. Jerome H. Altman B.B.A. in Marketing 17374 Fairfield, Detroit, Mich. Walter E. Amick B.B.A. in Accounting 20070 Shiawassee, Detroit, Mich. Elsie L. Amtsbuechler B.S. in Pharmacy 4725 Section Rd., Toledo, Ohio 374 A i I O C o f Barbara L. Andersen B.B.A. 715 Kuddiman Dr., North Muskegon, Mich. David G. Anderson M.D. 1115 Stockbridge Ave., Iron Mountain, Mich. Donald L. Anderson A.B. in Economics 1035 S. Boulevard, Tallahassee, Fla. George S. Anderson D.D.S. W. Main St., Danville, Ken. Jean S. Anderson B.S. in Nursing 11388 Manor, Detroit, Mich. Mary L. Anderson A.B. in English Route 5, Arlington, Wash. Nancy C. Anderson A.B. in Education 1335 Franklin Rd., Berkley, Mich. Patricia A. Anderson Cert, in Dental Hygiene 726 Gratiot Ave., Alma, Mich. Stephen S. Anderson B.S. in Botany 99 Mountain Ave., West Orange, N.J. Theodore E. Anderson B.S. in Chemistry 306 W. John St., Newberry, Mich. David C. Andrews A.B. in English 12835 Terry Ave., Detroit, Mich. Benjamin V. Andrews, B.S.E. (Nav. Arch and 1573 Elmwood, Lakewood, Ohio Mar. E.) Edmund B. Andrews M.D. 1010 Fail-mount St. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Janice Van Dyke B.S. in Med. Technology 270 W. 20th St., Holland, Mich. Stephen Angelescu 3645 Barham, Detroit, Mich. Margaret E. Angle A.B. in English 92 Milwaukee, Bethel, Conn. Leo Angros A.B. in History 119 E. Sixth St., Oil City, Pa. Men L. Anselmi A.B. in Speech 34337 Richard, Wayne, Mich. Donald R. Anthony B.S.E. (Ch.E) 412 N. Lewis St., Ludington, Mich. Mavroudis I. Antoniou B.S.E. (E.E.) 18 Kaloplyton St., Chios, Greece John D. Appel B.B.A. in Accounting 1961 E. 73rd Place, Chicago, 111. Walter P. Appelgren M.S. in Bacteriology Harbor Springs, Mich. Sheldon H. Applefleld D.D.S. 2903 Elmhurst, Detroit, Mich. Patiphat Arayasastra M.B.A. in Accounting 1284 Bangkok Yai Canal, Thonburi, Thailand Beverly I. Arble B.S. in Design 17564 Warwick Rd., Detroit, Mich. Norbert L. Archbold M.S. in Geology 413 S. Division, Ann Arbor, Mich. Elias Arcoulis M.S.F, (Ind. E.) 2 Scoufa Ave., Athens, Greece Patricia J. Arden M. Mus. in Piano 871 Starwick Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Margaret L. Ardis Bachelor of Design Standish, Mich. Joan A. Armin A.B. in Economics 532 S. Brown, Jackson, Mich. Robert A. Armstrong A.B. in Speech 3699 Chatsworth, Detroit, Mich. Henry C. Arnold B.B.A. in Real Estate 33 Aspen St., Floral Park, N.Y. Hiromichi Asaoka B.S.E. (C.E.) Waimea, Kauai, T.H. Allan A. Ash D.D.S. 2903 Elmhurst, Detroit, Mich. Lysander T. Ashlock B.S. in Chemistry 16540 Braile, Detroit, Mich. Frederick J. Asmus B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 1011 N. Church St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 375 JF f F--4 fe Jr f m ; ' r I Hatim N. As-Sahab B.S.E. (E.E.) Mehdia, Hill, Iraq Walter D. Atchison B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 23142 Summerland, North Olmested, Ohio Richard B. Atherton B.S.E. (Meoh. E.) 5069 Bemis Rd., Ypsilanti, Mich. Margaret G. Atkins A.B. in Education 14560 Monica, Detroit, Mich. Ethel E. Atlas A.B. in Speech 31 Madison St., Glonster, Ohio Betty J. Aton R.N. 672 Carolina St., Gary, Incl. James F. Attaway M.B.A. in Accounting 330 E. Rankin St., Flint, Mich. Durmus A. Attila B.S.E. (Met. E.) 11 Cevirmeci, Ortakoy, Istanbul, Turkey Laura D. Atwell A.B. in El. Education 3270 Cherry Hill Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Alice M. Austin A.B. in Letters and Law 21 Avon Road, Larchmont, New York Charles F. Averill B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 1608 W. Hillsdale, Lansing, Mich. Frances M. Avery M. in Public Health 7740 W. Xorth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Zoe B. Akselrod A.B. in Sociology 41 5th Ave., New York, N.Y. Janyce E. Ayers A.B. in El. Education 125 Albion St., Holley, New York, N.Y. Richard G. Babcock B.S. in Zoology 15750 Sussex, Detroit, Mich. Georgia Babladelis A.B. in Psychology 154 N. Cedar St., Manistique, Mich. John F. Backels M.S.F. (Forestry) 119 E. College Ave., Marquette, Mich. John E. Bacon B.S.E. (E.E.) 1856 23rd St., Wyandotte, Mich. Jane Badgley A.B. in Education 2100 Hill Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Nancy K. Baehre A.B. in English 12 14 Oakleigh Rd., N.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Jagdish C. Bagai B.B.A. in Finance 82-84 Queensway, New Delhi, India Mohammad H. Bahrani M.S.E. (C.E.) Reshid, Baghdad, Iraq Nancy J. Bailey B.S. in Nursing 304 W. Biddle, Jackson, Michigan Walter W. Bailey A.B. in History 180 Jamestown St., Gowanda, N.Y. William A. Bain Juris Doctor 602 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, Mich. William S. Baird A.B. in French R.R. No. 2, Lyonlake, Marshall, Mich. Mary L. Baisch A.B. in Psychology 8888 Hendricas Dr., Brighton, Mich. Bryan H. Baker B.S. in Pharmacy 918 Beard St., Flint, Mich. Elizabeth A. Baldwin A.B. in Education 1040 Roxburgh, E. Lansing, Mich. James L. Balconi B.S. in Psychology 520 East Ohio, Marquette, Mich. Robert A. Baltzer B.S.E. (C.E.) 411 Kensington Rd., E. Lansing, Mich. Elvera M. Bamber A.B. in Botany R. No. 5 Howell, Mich. Gerald T. Banish, B.S. in Botany and Bacteriology 6456 Calhoun, Dearborn, Mich. Ronald J. Banish A.B. in English 6456 Calhoun, Dearborn, Mich. Hildegunt E. Banks B.S. in Zoology 708 E. Kingsley, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ruth M. Bard A.B. in German 110 Bainbridge Ave., Thornwood, N. Y. 376 Maxine B. Barlow Cert, in Dentul Hygiene 102 Fair Avo., Alpena, Mich. Robert S. Barnes B.B.A. in Accounting Corey Lake, Three Rivers, Mich. Shirley M. Barnes A.B. in El. Education 807 Walnut St., Aurora, III. William H. Bartlett M.D. 87 E. Southern Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Theodore C. Barton M.D. 1667 Broadway, Ann Arbor, Mich. Stuart R. Baruch A.B. in Economics 7406 Oak Ave., Gary, Ind. Russell C. Baum B.B.A. 800 X. 4th, Sunbury, Pa. William W. Baur B.B.A. in Marketing 302 E. Holbrook Ave., Flint, Mich. Gillbert M. Bazil M.D. 16516 Indiana, Detroit, Mich. Charles W. Beadle M.S.E. (Mech. E.) 1320 Forest Court, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Beale B. Mus. in Education Franklin, Va. Mary A . Beatson B.S. in Fxlucation 920 Mayburn, Dearborn, Mich. B.S.E. (C.E.) Robert T. Beattie 12557 Camden, Detroit, Mich. Howard W. Beatty B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 624 S. Division, Ann Arbor, Mich. James W. Beatty A.B. in Pre-La v 2226 Drexel Ave., Ft. Wayne, Ind. Lila Beck A.B. in Speech 219 Brightwater Court, Brooklyn, N.Y. George G. Beckwith, B.S.F. (Wildlife Management) 412 Pipestone St., Benton Harbor, Mich. Jules Belkin B.B.A. 2359 Ashurst Rd., University Heights, Ohio Barbara E. Bell A.B. in History 14600 Strathmoor, Detroit, Mich. R. Virginia Bell B.S. in Zoology 15 Elizabeth St., Port Jervis, N.Y. Barbara J. Belote A.B. in El. Education 1710 Morton Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Franz J. Benjamin B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 736 Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. Sally J. Bennett B. Mus. in Education 207 Houston Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Arvin Bennish B.S. in Zoology 17372 Roselawn, Detroit, Mich. Charles H. Benzinger B.S. in Zoology 515 5th Ave. S., Escanaba, Mich. Jacqueline F. Bergey B.S. in Design 832 Pearson, Ferndale, Mich. Barbara J. Bergonz A.B. in Education 224 N. Prospect St., Rockford, 111. John H. Bergstrom A.B. in Journalism 1240 Westmoreland Ave., Syracuse, X.Y. Joseph J. Berke B.S. in Zoology 415 Bums Drive, Detroit, Mich. Hyman L. Berman LL.B. 1859 Selma Ave., Youngstown, Ohio Robert L. Berman A.B. in Sociology 1262 Terrace St., Muskegon, Mich. Barbara S. Bernstein A.B. in English 3108 Carlisle Rd., Birmingham, Ala. James R. Berquist A.B. in Actuarial Math. R.R. Xo. 3, Rhinelander, Wis. Anne J. Bertsos R.X. 2329 Xorth Parkside Ave., Chicago, 111. Ned E. Besemer B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 315 West 13 Mile Rd., Royal Oak, Mich. Lois J. Beyer B. Mus. in Education 1370 Chandler Ave., Lincoln Park, Mich. 377 Robert O. Bice D.D.S. 8365 Northlawn, Detroit, Mich. Matthew V. Bick M.D. 27194 Huron River Drive, Flat Rock, Mich. Robert E. Bidigare A.B. in Sociology 16626 Steel, Detroit, Mich. Ralph A. Bielawski A.B. in Chemistry 16240 14 Mile Road, Eraser, Mich. Mary A. Bielman A.B. in English 1002 Cornwell PL, Ann Arbor, Mich. Susan G. Biggs A.B. in Economics Route 7, Paulding Road, Fort Wayne, Ind. Joel W. Biller LL.B. 5029 W. Washington Blvd., Milwaukee, Wis. Helen C. Birdsall A.B. in El. Education 1702 Minneapolis Ave., Gladstone, Mich. Thomas W. Bisbee Bachelor of Architecture 155 Covell Ave., N.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert W. Bishop B.B.A. in Accounting 715 W. Morrell, Jackson, Mich. David L. Bittker B.B.A. in Accounting 17371 Northlawn, Detroit, Mich. Marjorie A. Black B.B.A. in Accounting 1203 Herschel Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Sada J. Blain A.B. in English 130 Park Place, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Janet H. Blakney B.S. in Education 715 So. Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. Marcia L. Blank A.B. in Political Science 4201 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City, N.J. William W. Blausey B.S.E. (C.E.) 600 Water, Woodville, Ohio Joan Blieden A.B. in Speech Correction 205 Virginia Ct., Michigan City, Ind. Laurence M. Bloch A.B. in Economics 666 Center Drive, Memphis, Tenn. Roy W. Bloch B.S. in Design 200 N. Tuscola, Bay City, Mich. Victor Bloom B.S. in Chemistry 2135 Crotona Ave., Bronx, N.Y. Rose M. Blum A.B. in Psychology 1313 Avenue T, Brooklyn, N.Y. Nancy J. Ely R.N. 1520 Denton Hill Road, Fenton, Mich. Robert D. Blyholder B.S.E. (Ae.E) 5735 So. Spaulding, Chicago, 111. James Boatwright, A.B. in Letters and Medicine 4861 Walwit, Dearborn, Mich. Charles G. Boelkins B.B.A. in Accounting 736 Isabella Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Robert J. Boerema Bachelor of Architecture 1143 Gladstone Dr., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Eugene H. Bohi A.B. in Speech 3900 Manheim, Kansas City, Mo. Basil M. Bohovesky B.S. in Design 31 Y-i Thorpe St., Binghamton, N.Y. Giles G. Bole M.I). R.F.D. No. 2, Box 840, Battle Creek, Mich. Mary J. Boll A.B. in English 2 Cr escent Lane, Roslyn Heights, L.I., N.Y. Marc R. Bomze B.B.A. 19325 Santa Barbara, Detroit, Mich. Charles R. Bond B.S. in Physics 736 Glenwood, Jackson, Mich. Kathleen M. Bond B. Mus. in Organ 419 N. Pine St., Lansing, Mich. D. Lou Boonstra A.B. in El. Education 1820 Niles Ave., Saint Joseph, Mich. Margery A. Boos A.B. in El. Education 16647 Muirland, Detroit, Mich. Allen P. Borger M.D. R.R. 1, Addison, Mich. 378 f ft Nancy A. Born A.B. in Speech 742 Xenia St., S.E., Washington, B.C. Clarence Boras A.B. in Pre-Law 340 McKinley Street, Gary Ind. Stanley F. Borpwy B.S. in Psychology 14111 Collingham, Detroit, Mich. Joanne B. Borsos A.B. in El. Education 556 Cherry, Niles, Mich. Gordon R. Bos A.M. in Latin 2664 28th St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert S. Boston B.S.E. (Nav. Arch, and Mar. E.) 650 S. Lawrence St., Montgomery, Ala. Allen M. Bosworth LL.B. 21637 Karl, Detroit, Mich. Janet L. Bosworth A.B. in El. Education 1330 Hill St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles F. Boubelik B.S.F. (Forestry) 2440 S. Ridgeway Ave., Chicago, 111. Victor E. Bouckaert B.S. in Education Route o. 2, Milford, Mich. Clifford C. Bowen M.D. 1400 W. State Street, Cheboygan, Mich. John E. Bowen A.B. in Political Science 10031 Island, Grosse He, Mich. Lucile M. Bowman B.S. in Dental Hygiene 10567 Roxbury, Detroit, Mich. Robert P. Bowman B.S.F. (Forestry) 225 Stevens St., Neenah, Wis. Jean K. Boyd A.B. in German 7125 Tappan, Detroit, Mich. Donald W. Boydston B.S. in Geology R.R. No. 3, Xiles, Mich. Barbara L. Boyer A.B. in Pre-Social Work 712 Catherine St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Harry F. Boyle B.S.E. (C.E.) 912 K. Heath, Willow Run, Mich. William W. Boyle A.B. in Speech 1448 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Mich. Benjamin J. Brabb ' D.D.S. 8023 Ingalls, Swartz Creek, Mich. Darrell N. Bradford M.B.A. in Ind. Management 185 Monroe St., Muskegon, Mich. Lucy Bradner A.B. in English 11 W. Third St., Monroe, Mich. Clarence E. Brady M. Mus. in Literature 309 S. Roberts, El Reno, Okla. Richard C. Brainerd B.S. in Mathematics 77 Manchester Rd., Newton Highlands, Mass. Dorothy F. Brand A.B. in El. Education 963 Vine, St. Claire, Mich. Betty L. Brandt A.B. in El. Education 1005 Cornwell Place, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hubert J. Brandt LL.B. 75 West Mosholu Pkwy, Bronx, N.Y. Ralph L. Brandt M.D. 1005 Cornwell Place, Ann Arbor, Mich. William R. Brashear A.B. in English 1403 Northwood Blvd., Royal Oak, Mich. Sandra A. Brask B.S. in Zoology 15347 Greenlawn, Detroit, Mich. Marilyn A. Brautigan R.N. 617 Royal Drive, Jackson, Mich. Bruce Bray B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1008 Lakepointe, Grosse Pte., Mich. Bonnie J. Bray R.N. 813 Orlanda, Pontiac, Mich. Javier Bray A.B. in Political Science 78 Emmett St., Battle Creek, Mich. Barry A Breakey M.D. 715 Oakland, Ann Arbor, Mich. Warren G. Breiner A.B. in Social Studies 15411 Eastwood, Detroit, Mich. 379 A m " - . , i oft Jean C. Breitenwischer A.B. in El. Education 1221 S. University, Ann Arbor, Mich. Nancy J. Brewer A.B. in History 601 Hanvood, Jackson, Mich. Robert A. Brewer M.S. in Mathematics 12857 Longacre, Detroit, Mich. Vera N. Brewus B.S. in Chemistry 7164 Palmetto Ave., Detroit, Mich. Mary K. Brice M.S. in Physics 325 Chandler Ave., Elmhurst, 111. Thomas F. Bridges, B.S.E. (Xav. Arch, and 848 Tappan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Mar. E.) Harland M. Britz A.B. in English 2657 Cheltenham, Toledo, Ohio Constance A. Brizman A.B. in Social Work 132 N. Kensington, Springfield, Ohio J. Broderick B. Mus. in Voice E. Elm Ave., Monroe, Mich. Miriam 717 Dorothy J. Brodersen A.B. in English 805 W. 21st Ave., Spokane, Wash. Andrew J. Broekema B. Mus. in Voice 2929 Burlingame S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Helen L. Brogren A.B. in El. Education 1331 Peninsula Drive, Traverse City, Mich. David Bronheim A.B. in History 3467 De Kalb Ave., Bronx, N.Y. David L. Bronson A.B. in History 406 2nd St., Jackson, Mich. Evelyn R. Brooks B. Mus. in Piano 1414 E. Grove St., Bloomington, 111. Victor L. Brooks B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 1026 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor, Mich. Clarence A. Broomfield B.S. in Chemistry 8508 X. Saginaw St., Mt. Morris, Mich. Beverly M. Brown A.B. in El. Education 937 Chippewa Dr. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Dale A. Brown A.B. in Philosophy 415 W. First St., Flint, Mich. Dale M. Brown B.S. in Physics 227 Prospect, South Haven, Mich. David S. Brown A.B. in Economics 19140 Steel, Detroit, Mich. Elisabeth M. Brown A.B. in English 26063 Dundee, Huntington Woods, Mich. Helen F. Brown A.B. in English 507 Riverside Dr., Linden, Mich. M. Katherine Brown, B.S. in Public Health Nursing 4292 West St., Cass City, Mich. Patricia F. Brown Cert, in Dental Hygiene 756 Audubon, Jackson, Mich. Patricia L. Brown B. Mus. in Education 2565 Lenox Rd., Trenton, Mich. Richard E. Brown B.S. in Zoology 1001 N. Parker Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Sandra J. Brown A.B. in English 504 Wildwood Ave., Jackson, Mich. Sally C. Brown, B.S. in Public Health Nursing ' 16818 Stansbury, Detroit, Mich. Sherburne C. Brown A.B. in Speech 333 Rivard Blvd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Stuart P. Browne Bachelor of Design 413 E. Church St., Marion, Ohio L. Wallace Bruce M.B.A. in Finance 515 Spruce St., Marquette, Mich. Miriam J. Bruder B.S. in Mathematics 2905 Demode Rd., Holly, Mich. Elmer D. Brudy D.D.S. 910 Rose Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Philip D. Brumbaugh LL.B. 127 E. Fifth St., Greenville, Ohio Ellsworth G. Brunais M.S.E. (E.E. New Era, Mich. 380 Carl Brunsting A.B. in Pre-Professional 1213 Sixth Street, S.W., Rochester, Minn. Joan K. Brush A.B. in FJducation 1138 Lukeview, Detroit, Mich. Donna J. Bryan R.N. 21126 Haggerty, Northville, Mich. Arthur T. Bublitz ' B.S.E. (E.E.) 541 S. Humphrey, Oak Park, Illinois Arthur H. Buckholz B.S.E. (E.E.) R.R. No. 5, Kalamazoo, Mich. Kirk Q. Buddington B.S.E. (Met. E.) 60 Scott St., Springfield, Mass. Barbara J. Budson A.B. in El. Education 17195 Muirland, Detroit, Mich. Robert A. Buechnor A.B. in Political Science 251 Elm Dr., Wooster, Ohio Donald C. Bullington M.D. 952 Greenwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert I. Burke A.B. in Psychology 374 P ie St., W., Windsor, Ontario, Canada William W. Burke B.B.A. 703 E. Maple St., Holly, Mich. Glenna H. Burkitt B. Mus. in Literature 199-14 28th Avenue, New York, N.Y. Margaret F. Burkley R.N. 7316 Corunna Road, Swartz Creek, Mich. Donald J. Burns D.D.S. 517 Broadway, Marine City, Mich. Robert W. Burns B.B.A. in Personnel Relations 2609 Oak St., Port Huron, Mich. Robert D. Burton M.D. 104 E. 20th St., Holland, Mich. Barbara A. Buschman B.B.A. 118 Amherstdale Road, Buffalo, N.Y. Lusetta M. Bush A.B. in El. Education 1562 Fifth St., Muskegon, Mich. Roger M. Buslee M.D. 612 Church, Ann Arbor, Mich. Lorraine R. Butler A.B. in German 531 6th St., Sebewaing, Mich. James D. Butt B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 11325 Arden, Livonia, Mich. Katharine M. Butterworth A.B. in Sociology West Prospect Ave., North Wales, Pa. Susan J. Byers Cert, in Dental Hygiene 2223 Ridge Ave., Evanston, 111. Lynn Byrne M. of Public Health Box 844, Devils Lake, N.D. Theodore R. Cage D.D.S. 417 W. William, Ann Arbor, Mich. David M. Calahan B.B.A. in Finance 3033 Hathaway Dr., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. James W. Callison Juris Doctor Box 129, Jamestown, N.Y. David H. Campbell B.B.A. in Marketing 372 Addison Rd., Riverside, 111. Janet G. Campbell A.B. in English 1835 Independence, Ann Arbor, Mich. Joan B. Campbell A.B. in Education 427 Cross St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Malcolm Campbell B.B.A. in Marketing 9834 S. Winchester Ave., Chicago, 111. Eleanor Cannon A.B. in Speech 92 Orchard, Battle Creek, Mich. John P. Cannon A.B. in Pre-Medicine 1201 Nottingham, Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Angelo Cantera A.B. in Spanish 39670 Will Rd., Waltz, Mich. James D. Cape M.B.A. in Finance 113 East Commerce, Milford, Mich. Keith A. Carabell B.B.A. in Accounting 808 W. 1st St., Oil City, Pa. 381 I- i Marlin Carder B.B.A. in Marketing 3413 Clarence, Berwyn, 111. Joshua Carey M.D. 4515 Carpenter Rd., Ypsilanti, Mich. Gerald T. Cargo M.S. in Mathematics Manchester, Mich. Georgia Caris B.S. in Design 209 Adams St., Bay City, Mich. Jeanne Caris B. Mus. in Education 209 Adams St., Bay City, Mich. Russell E. Carlisle A.B. in Political Science 1323 S.E. 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale Fla. Betty M. Carlson Cert, in Dental Hygiene 229 Second St., Fenton, Mich. Pierre A. Carmona B.S.E. (C.E.) 2009 Washtenaw, Ann Arbor, Mich. Patrick G. Carney B.B.A. 731 Nelson, Brighton, Mich. Frank C. Carpenter A.B. in Geography 2740 Packard Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Glenn B. Carpenter M.D. 2751 W. 7 Mile Rd., Detroit, Mich. Gordon N. Carpenter, B.S.E. (Nav. Arch, and Douglas, Ariz. Mar. E.) John B. Carpenter B.B.A. in Insurance 546 Lakeland, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert W. Carr B.B.A. 14554 Abington Rd., Detroit, Mich. Conwell E. Carrington, B. Mus. in Education 1324 French St., Wilmington, Del. Jack C. Carson D.D.S. 309 Virginia Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Jean E. Carson A.B. in El. Education 212 Oakwood, Owosso, Mich. Constance D. Carter A.B. in History 4018 Milford, Detroit, Mich. Edward R. Carter M.D. 1431 Douglas Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. John N. Case B.S.E. (Nav. Arch) Tawas City, Mich. William L. Cash Ph.D. in Ed. Psychology 1007 East 8th St., Chattanooga, Tenn. Sheldon V. Cass B.S.E. (Nav. Arch, and Mar. E.) 4439 S. Miro St., New Orleans, La. James T. Cassidy B.S. in Letters and Medicine 219 Cedar Ave., Oil City, Pa. James V. Castelli B.S.E. (Ae.E. and Math.) 755 Emerson St., Rochester, N.Y. Vivian M. Cesar Cert, in Dental Hygiene 1811 Newberry, Saginaw, Mich. Louis D. Charbut B.B.A. in Industrial Sales 145 West Mason St., Jackson, Mich. Evelyn I. Challis B. Mus. in Education 16036 Eastwood, Detroit, Mich. John E. Champion Ph.D. in Business Chipley, Ga. Administration Albert C. F. Chang B.S. in Pharmacy 1615 Cottage Walk, Honolulu, T. H. Charlotte E. Charles A.B. Music 331 Crescent, Dearborn, Mich. Marion C. Charles Bachelor of Architecture 331 Crescent, Dearborn, Mich. Ronald S. Chart B.B.A. in Finance 108 Division St., Big Rapids, Mich. George Chatas B.S. inPre-Professional 4009 South Saginaw St., Flint, Mich. Gloria L. Cheek A.B. in Psychology 96 Oak St., Battle Creek, Mich. T. S. Chelvakumaran M.S. in Anatomy Madias Medical College, Madras, India Kwan-Lin Chen B.S. in Design 27 Cumberland Rd., Kowloon, Hong Kong, China 382 Cincent T. Chen B.S.E. (C.E.) 253 Rue Maresca, Shanghai, China M. Naomi Cheney B.S. in Zoology 51 D wight Ave., Pontiac, Mich. William F. Cheshire M.F. in Forestry 4 Waverley Rd., Pointe Claire, P. Q. Canada Francis O. Chigbu-Ememe A.B. in Economics Obiahia Ogwelu Ogwe, Nigeria Michael L. Chirio A.B. in History 6347 Walton St., Detroit, Mich. Howard O. Christenson A.B. in Economics 109 N. Washington, Ludington, Mich. James R. Christiansen LL.B. 2819 N. llth St., Arlington, Va. Christine C. Christie A.B. in Psychology 1020 Church St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Mary E. Christie, A.B. in El. Education 1508 Jiroch St., Muskegon, Mich. Robert W. Christie D.D.S. 1508 Jiroch St., Muskegon, Mich. Russell L. Christopher B. Music in Voice 1541 Fourth St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Eloise B. Chun A.B. in Sociology 1453 Alencastre St., Honolulu, T. H. Dorothy A. Clague A.B. in Speech 114 Eighth St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Judith A. Clancey A.B. in Political Science 7258 Forest Ave., Hammond, Ind. Maury W. Clark B. Music in Literature 44 Carrier St., Liberty, N.Y. Michael C. Clemente LL.B. 320 Thompson St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Calvin L. Cleveland M.S. in Education 614 S. Lynch St., Flint Mich. Carol D. Clifford A.B. in Education 15745 Sussex, Detroit, Mich. Dorothy J. Clifford B.S. in Zoology 428 Elizabeth St., East Lansing, Mich. Norman Clifford B.S.E. (Mar. E.) 2425 Humboldt Ave., Flint, Mich. Earl J. Cline A.B. in Philosophy 3035 Cook Rd., Grand Blanc, Mich. Charles F. Clippert A.B. in Political Science 2473 Longfellow Ave., Detroit, Mich. Marian J. Cloots A.B. in Business Education 506 West B., Iron Mountain, Mich. Mary J. Close A.B. in Education 1212 Lakeland, Lakewood, Ohio Alfred B. Clubok, A.B. in Far Eastern Studies 710 Pauling, Ann Arbor, Mich. Martha A. Coburn A.B. in Education 824 N. East Ave. Oak Park, 111. Wendell J. Cocking A.M. in Speech 38 Hovey St., Oxford, Mich. Donald J. Coddington D.D.S. 1805 Kibby Rd., Jackson, Mich. Donn M. Coddington A.B. in English 2633 7th St., Peru, 111. Bruce E. Cohan, A.B. in Letters and Medicine 817 Sanford St., Muskegon Heights, Mich. Haskel Cohen A.B. in Psychology 136-34 Hook Creek Blvd., New York N.Y. Herbert E. Cohen A.B. in Political Science 37 Leslie Ave., Utica, N. Y. Irene E. Cohn A.B. in Political Science 201 W. 89th St., New York, N.Y. Sally M. Colberg A.B. in Political Science Munger, Mich. Alfreda Cole A.B. in Spanish 15413 Troester, Detroit, Mich. Barbara M. Cole B.B.A. in Accounting 433 State, Petosky, Mich. 383 I Roger B. Cole A.B. in Philosophy 2621 N. Moreland Blvd., Shaker Hts., Ohio Eugene W. Coleman B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1027 Granger, Ann Arbor, Mich. James W. Collins M.D. 8269 Beauhien, Detroit, Mich. Polly O. Colliver A.B. in El. Education 4237 Cornwall, Berkley, Mich. Betty Comstock B.B.A. 215 E. Erie, Albion, Mich. Nancy Comstock B.S. in Design 215 E. Erie, Albion, Mich Henry H. Conner M.B.A. in Accounting 18 Divinity St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Randolph Connolly B.S.E. (Mech. E.) Wellston, Mich. James K. Conrad M.D. 1323 Franklin, Lansing, Mich. Gail B. Cook A.B. in Education 825 S.E. Riverside, Evansville, Ind. Jane M. Cook B.S. in Mathematics 1303 Westmoor Trail, Winnetka, 111. John L. Cook M.D. 1825 Chelsea Circle, Flint, Mich. Phyllis C. Cook M.S. in Biological Chemistry 105 Main St., South Acton, Mass. Cory E. Cookingham M.D. 7028 Carpenter, Elmshine, Mich. Diane R. Cooley A.B. in French Barden Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Janne L. Cooley A.B. in Sociology 16614Shaftsbury Rd., Detroit, Mich. Beryl E. Cooper R.N. 1902 Moore Rd., Adrian, Mich. Elizabeth E. Corbem A.B. in Education 870 Passaic Ave., Arlington, N.J. Lorraine B. Corbett A.B. in Spanish 5401 Bingham, Dearborn, Mich. Alphonso S. Corbin B. in Public Health 1468 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles M. Correa Bachelor of Architecture 13 Maskati Court, Queens Rd., Bombay, India Vedat M. Coskun M.S.E. (C.E.) Saracoglu Mahallesi D. Tipi, No. 1 Daire 3, Ankara-Turkey Charles P. Cousland B.S.E. (Ae.E.) 2904 13th Rd S., Arlington, Va. Anne H. Cowan A.B. in English Ovenridge Dr., Ann Arbor, Mich. William J. Cowlin B.B.A. 31 North Walkup Ave., Crystal Lake, 111. Dorothy A. Cox A.B. in El. Education 501 Washtenaw, Ypsilanti, Mich. Marjorie A. Cramer A.B. in Spanish 2723 E. Ohio, Saginaw, Mich. Herbert C. Crandell B.S. in Geology 425 Crest Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Barbara M. Crane A.B. in History 7451 American, Detroit, Mich. Hewlette S. Crawford, B.S.F. (Wildlife Management) 1376 Selfridge, Clavvson, Mich. Robert Crawford, B.B.A. in Industrial Management 10050 Cascade, Detroit, Mich. Lois Creamer A.M. in Education 913 Church, Ann Arbor, Mich. Barbara A. Cremers A.B. in English St. Michaels, Md. Marjorie L. Creola A.B. in English 20 Edism St., Buffalo, N.Y. Howard W. Croswell B.B.A. in Marketing 49 Charlton St., Cincinnati, Ohio Florence B. Cu A.M. in Clinical Psychology No. 850 Santol, Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines 384 Robert L. Cuffe B.B.A. 1314 Avenue A, Flint, Mich. Harold G. Gumming M.S.F. (Wildlife Management) Gore Bay, Ontario, Canada Robert P. C urban A.B. in Pre-Professional 10035 W. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. James M. Currier D.D.S. 303 N. Main, Capac, Mich. John C. Curry B.S.F. (Forestry) Box No 3, Marlington, W. Va. Russell E. Curtice 404 X. Cherry St Marvin W. Curtis 1015 Seventh St., Lula R. Dade 5864 Beechwood, Detroit, Mich. B.S. in Chemistry , Bryan, Ohio B.S.E. (E.E.) Port Huron, Mich. B.S. in Nursing D.D.S. William F. Daines 33519 State St., Farmington, Mich. Nathalie Dale M. Mus. in Violin 436 S Main, Ann Arbor, Mich. Thomas M. Dale B.B.A. 2733 Thomas, Flint, Mich. Joan V. Daley A.B. in Mathematics 24739 Emerson, Dearborn, Mich. Terry A. Damon Bachelor of Design 1805 Parkside Dr., N.W., Washington, D.C. William L. Danek B.S.E. (E.E.) 26 Elm St., Binghamton, N.Y. Louis S. Daniel B.B.A. in Marketing 13297 Norfolk S., Detroit, Mich. Joyce L. Danielson B.S. in Med. Technology 988 W. Larch Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Ruth A. Dansby B. Mus. in Education 1541 Ford Ave., Detroit, Mich. Marcia J. Dansky A.B. in English 2121 82nd St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Dan Danton A.B. in Pre-Law 5445 La Gorce Dr., Miami Beach, Fla. David H. Daugherty LL.B. 1702 Sixth Ave., Huntington, W. Va. John B. Daugherty A.B. in Speech 14 Williams Lk. Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Don L. Davenport A.B. in Speech 2221 Croydon Rd., Charlotte, N.C. William K. Davenport Juris Doctor 117 S. Highby St., Jackson, Mich. Edwin B. Davidoff M.S. (Fisheries) 2764 Creston Ave., New York, N.Y. John G. Davidson D.D.S. 606 State St., Shelby, Mich. Judith L. Davies A.B. in Mathematics 315 Cleveland St., Bad Axe, Mich. Beverly Davis B.B.A. in Marketing 408 S. Seventh St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles F. Davis A.B. in English 1569 Hoyt St., Muskegon, Mich. Gerald L. Davis A.B. in Economics 539 Moreley Ave., Akron, Ohio Josephine K. Davis A.B. in Sociology 901 Coutant St., Flushing, Mich. Margaretha M. Davis Cert, in Dental Hygiene 218 Fail-mount, River Rouge, Mich. Stiles R. Davis D.D.S. 220 Chippewa Road, Pontiac, Mich. Horensio Dawood A.B. in Underwater Basket- 1205 Hill St., Ann Arbor, Mich. weaving John F. Dawson Bachelor of Architecture 408 Madison Ave., Stambaugh, Mich. Robert B. Dayton B.S.E. (Nav. Arch, and Mar. E.) Poco Farm, Williamsport, Pa. Clifford A. Dean LL.B. 310 Third St., Jackson, Mich. 385 _ Osmond T. Dean A.B. in English 526 Ottawa, Lansing, Mich. Janet M. DeBard R.N. 5690 Lake Harbor Rd., Muskegon, Mich. Larry P. DeBoer B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 2303 Leonard St. N.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Julio C. De Carvalho M.S.E. (Mech. E.) Smith Vasloncelos 63, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Charles J. Dever A.B. in Pre-Professional 1412 1st Ave. S., Escanaba, Mich. John Degnan B.B.A. Industrial Relation 1421 1st St. Ave. S., Escanaba, Mich. Winifred F. Delchamps A.B. in Journalism Rd. 2 Box 271, Dover, N.J. Frank A. Delgado B.S.E. (C.E.) Nereidas St. No. 7, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Robert L. DeMaagd A.B. in Pol. Science 816 Hazen St. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard A. Demmer A.B. in Economics 15096 Rosemont, Detroit, Mich. Wayne H. DeNeff A.B. in Journalism 1010 E. Ann Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Walter R. Denison A.B. in History Goodhue and Church, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Donald J. DeNooyer M.B.A. in Marketing 273 Orchard St., Battle Creek, Mich. Millard A. Derr B.S.E. (C.E.) 2332 Tuxedo, Detroit, Mich. Marian E. Derrick A.B. in English 1550 Union Port Rd., New York, N.Y. Tony F. Derro B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 6442 Orchard, Dearborn, Mich. Jerry L. Desjardins A.B. in Letters and Law 640 First St., Owosso, Mich. John R. Desjardins B.B.A. 640 First St., Owosso, Mich. Harold L. Deutscher, B.B.A. in Actuarial Mathe- 14 S. 12th St., Niles, Mich. matics Walter B. DeVine B.S.E. (Nav. Arch.) 9367 Courville Ave., Detroit, Mich. Helen A. DeVoss A.B. (El. Education) Milford Center, Ohio Nancy DeWeese A.B. in English Colebrook Farm, R.F.D. 2, Morristown, N.J. Samuel M. Deyo Bachelor of Architecture 14047 Piedmont Rd., Detroit, Mich. Jess J. DeYoung M.D. 939 Greenwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. Maynard T. DeYoung M.D. 35 E. Division, Sparta, Mich. Phillip Diamond A.B. in Sociology 16160 Baylis, Detroit, Mich. Sondra N. Diamond A.B. in Political Science 1906 Eastern Parkway, Schenectady, N.Y. Richard E. Dickes M.D. 410 Wachtel Ave., Petoskey, Mich. Sam W. Dickey M.S. in Public Health Boomeville, Ark. Allen G. Dickinson B.B.A. 33 Sturtevant, Highland Park Mich. Sylvia C. Diederich B.S. in Med. Technology 620 W. 172nd St., New York, N.Y. Geraldine B. Dillon A.B. in El. Education 332 Maynard St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert W. Dingman A.B. in Social Science 56 Davis Drive, Saginaw, Mich. Eric H. Doberenz B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 16606 Prest Ave., Detroit, Mich. Donald C. Dodds A.B. in History 1010 W. Armory, Champaign, Illinois Ellen E. Dodge B. in Music Education 1380 Penniman Ave., Plymouth, Mich. 386 fctf Kenneth L. Doe B.S. in Geology 131 Fairfield, Battle Creek, Mich. Teetah C. Dondero A.B. in Speech 25857 Concord Road, Huntington Woods, Mich. Janet M. Donner B.S. in Dental Hygiene 3044 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va. Clarence W. Donnor B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 118 N. 3rd Ave., Big Rapids, Mich. Arnold R. Dood M.D. 408 E. Kingsley, Ann Arbor, Mich. Kenneth R. Dorner A.B. in Pre-Medicine 25 Fremont, Battle Creek, Mich. Nancy C. Dorsey A.B. in Speech Correction 7729 Hartwell, Dearborn, Mich. Vinod L. Doshi B.S.E. (Ind. E.) Neela House, Pedder Road, Bombay, India James E. Douglas B.B.A. 1311 X. Washington, Owosso, Mich. Shirley A. Douglas R.N. R.R. Xo. 1, Bath, Mich. Frederick S. Dovell B.S. in Chemistry 10865 Borgman, Belleville, Mich. Bryden M. Dow B.B.A. in Accounting 1052 Seminole, Detroit, Mich. Daniel G. Dow M.S.E. (E.E.) 1603 Shadford, Ann Arbor, Mich. Alan P. Drake A.B. in Biological Sciences 7126 N. Middlebelt Rd., Garden City, Mich. Betty J. Drake A.B. in El. Education White Pigeon Road, Constantine, Mich. Elizabeth M. Drake A.B. in English 716 Pilgrim Rd., Birmingham, Mich. Joseph J. Drapek D.D.S. 230 Dick St., Pontiac, Mich. Donald J. Draper D.D.S. 2340 Parkwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles L. Drews M.S.E. (E.E.) 7651 Homestead Rd., Benzonia, Mich. Max Drobner B.B.A. 2001 Holland Avenue, Utica, N.Y. Irwin J. Drut B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 3999 Dickinson Ave., New York, N.Y. Marvin Dubrinsky A.B. in Psychology 19735 Warrington, Detroit, Mich. Aloha J. Duckworth R.N. 308 Locust St., Ronceverte, W. Va. Joyce L. Dudkin B.S. in Physical Education 221 East 201st. St., New York, N.Y. Thomas J. Dudley A.B. in Economics 4 Marshall Ct., Ann Arbor, Mich. Lindsay A. Duff B.B.A. 12100 Ann St., Blue Island, 111. Donald R. Dugger B.B.A. 585 E. Town St., Columbus, Ohio James H. Dunbar M.B.A. in Accounting 2011 Evangeline, Dearborn, Mich. Robert D. Dunbar A.B. in Geography 2622 Oakland Dr., Kalamazoo, Mich. Paul D. Duncan B.B.A. in Accounting 2450 Lake Dr., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard F. Dunn A.B. in English 889 Longfellow Ave., Detroit, Mich. Mary A. Dunworth A.B. in English 1811 S. Sixth St., Ironton, Ohio Patricia K. Durand B.S. in Chemistry 18542 Russell, Detroit, Mich. Leonard DuWick B.S.E. (C.E.) 3622 Theodore, Detroit, Mich. John P. Dye A.B. in Economics 1687 Darien Ct., Willow Run, Mich. James W. Dyll A.B. in Pre-Medicine 13190 Monte-Vista, Detroit, Mich. 387 O t % life A: ft Louis M. Dyll LL.B. 13190 Monte Vista, Detroit, Mich. Roberta C. Easton Bachelor of Design 217 Observatory St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Roger C. Easton, M.B.A. in Industrial Management 217 Observatory St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Michael L. Eber B.S.F. (Forestry) 773 Sanford Ave., Newark, N.J. Franklin F. Eckhart B.S.E. (Ae.E.) R.D. No. 1, Palmerton, Pa. Shirley J. Eddy A.B. in Mathematics 3210 Harold, Saginaw, Mich. Ellen Edelman A.B. in French 65 Ketcham Ave., Amity ville, N.Y. Joan Edmonds A.B. in English 16820 Ardmore, Detroit, Mich. Sara Edmunds A.B. in English 722 W. Marion St., Joliet, 111. David O. Edwards B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 293 Saratoga Rd., Snyder, N.Y. Irene Edwards B.S. in Dental Hygiene 1335 White St., Ann Arbor, Mich. John W. Edwards A.B. in Psychology 336 Arden Park, Detroit, Mich. Martin H. Edwards B.B.A. 1125 Martin Place, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert M. Edwards M.B.A. in Finance 517 E. Donmdyer Ave., South Bend, Ind. Samuel Edwards A.B. in Political Science 627 S. Ashley, Ann Arbor, Mich. Roslyn A. Egelka A.B. in Social Studies 2665 Grand Concourse, New York, N.Y. Patricia G. Eggleston A.B. in El. Education 3444 Haverill, Detroit, Mich. William R. Eggleston A.B. in Spanish 759 Chicago Rd., Niles, Mich. Jack K. Ehlers B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 3776 N. Stratford Rd., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Nancy J. Eichenlaub A.B. in Education 22814 Alexandrine, Dearborn, Mich. Richard E. Eicher A.B. in Pre-Professional 11 Danvers, Dearborn, Mich. Doris B. Eichstedt R.N. 1123 Doris Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Ardith L. Eilola A.B. in El. Education 15916 Eastwood, Detroit, Mich. John F. Elert B.B.A. in Accounting 14467 Alma, Detroit, Mich. Herman O. Eley M.S.E. (Ae.E.) 516 East Aurel Ave., Longview, Texas Lewis S. Elieff B.B.A. in Finance 1549 Jane Avenue, Flint, Mich. Mounir El-Khatib B.S.E. (C.E.) Mazboud, Lebanon Betty W. Ellis B. Mus. in Piano 497 West Main, Marengo, Iowa George R. Ellis M.D. 2128 Hall St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Betty J. Elwood Cert, in Dental Hygiene 43 Caroline St., Battle Creek, Mich. Philip H. Embury B.B.A. in Accounting 6125 Eastmoore Rd., Birmingham, Mich. Edward B. Emery A.B. in Pre-Law 132 Waterfall Lane, Birmingham, Mich. Bernard J. Endres M.S. in Biological Chemistry 3495 Edison Road, Cleveland Hts., Ohio Cynthia P. Engel A.B. in Sociology 13590 Mettetal, Detroit, Mich. David C. English M.S. in Neurology 405 Evergreen, Ann Arbor, Mich. Doris M. English B. Mus. in Instruments 22316 Long Blvd., Dearborn, Mich. 388 Thad D. Epps B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 220 Stevens St., Xeenah, Wis. Robert K. Erf B.S.E. (Phys.) 17355 S. Woodland Rd., Shaker Hts., Ohio Clinton D. Erickson B.S.F. (Forestry) Route Xo. 3, Iron River, Mich. Robert J. Erman Bachelor of Architecture 2995 Montgomery, Detroit, Mich. Robert S. Ernstein LL.B. 18468 Pennington Dr., Detroit, Mich. E. James Erwin M.B.A. in Marketing 16112 Greenview Rd., Detroit, Mich. Lois C. Esbrook A.B. in El. Education 19351 St. Aubin, Detroit, Mich. Luis B. Escobar B.S.E. (Ind. E.) Carrera 15 X. 47-01, Bogota, Colombia Russel E. Eshbach M.S.E. (Mech. E.) 639 Pear St., Reading, Pa. Robert W. Eshelman B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 11744 Lake Forest Dr., Manchester, Mich. Nancy J. Etherton A.B. in Psychology 19 Wendover Rd., Eastchester, N.Y. Gerald W. Evans A.B. in Journalism 1431 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard C. Evans B.B.A. in Accounting 2040 W. Frances Rd., Mt. Morris, Mich. Robert L. Evans A.B. in Political Science 4197 Harrison Rd., Inkster, Mich. Robert C. Everett D.D.S. 2631 Pittsfield Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Elizabeth Ewing A.B. in English 2175 Lake Drive S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Elinor M. Faber A.B. in German 6720 Imlay City Rd., Ruby, Mich. Etiz Fahir M.S.E. (E.E.) 21 Dizi Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey Marvin L. Failer LL.B. 406 W. First Ave., Flint, Mich. Leonard E. Fain B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 2635 Pittsfield Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Jean P. Faint M.D. 7721 W. Palafine Ave., Chicago, 111. Nona B. Fair M. of Public Health Nursing 7813 Neckel Ave., Dearborn, Mich. Barbara L. Fairberg A.B. in English 1705 Andrews Ave., New York, N.Y. Paul S. Fancher B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 1317 Dogwood St., Washington, D.C. Nancy E. Fandrem A.B. in El. Education 621 Cleveland Ave., Ishpeming, Mich. Jen C. Fang B.S.E. (E.E.) 12107 Rutherford, Detroit, Mich. Anastas A. Farjo B.S.E. (E.E.) Rafidain Bank, Mosul, Iraq Robert E. Farmer B.S.F. (Foresty) Box 111, Sevierville, Tenn. Beverley J. Faught A.B. in English 214 W. Portage Ave., Sault St. Marie, Mich. John Fedyk M.S. in Mathematics 128 E. Fourth St., New York, N.Y. William E. Feldhaus LL.B. 600 Ewing Ct., Owensboro, Ky. Lauren P. Feldkamp B.S.E. (E.E.) 217 X. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. William A. Fellner M.D. Rte. Xo. 1, Coloma, Mich. Forrest B. Ferguson, B.B.A. in Ind. Management 1463 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Godwin E. Fiawoo A.M. in Education Box 1, Anloga, Gold Coast, W. Africa Irvin F. Fieber D.D.S. 459 Lafayette S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 389 Warren H. File B.S.E. (Ae.E.) 257 Cross St., Adrian, Mich. William C. Filkins B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 679 Wisteria, Holland, Mich. Lois J. Fineman A.B. in Education 16514 Princeton, Detroit, Mich. Grace I. Fink B.S. in Zoology 8261 Cheyenne, Detroit, Mich. Donald E. Firth B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 7117 Davison Rd., Davison, Mich. Noah Fischman A.B. in Economics 70-29 Ingram St., Forest Hills, N.Y. Mary E. Fischback M. of Social Work 427 W. Shiawassee, Lansing, Mich. Joy E. Fishel R.N. 148 W. Pearl St., Findlay, Ohio Marlene K. Fisher A.B. in El. Education Euclid Manor Apt., New Castle, Pa. Patricia A. Fisher B.S. in Zoology 1853 McKinley, Bay City, Mich. Stanley M. Fisher LL.B. 631 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia, Ohio Diana F. Fishman A.B. in Pklucation 2043 Webb, Detroit, Mich. M. Carolyn Fisk B.S. in Pre-Professional 2 Clarendon Rd., Albany, N.Y. Nancy S. Fitch A.B. in El. Education 1600 W. St. Joseph, Lansing, Mich. Bernard L. Fitzgerald, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 1466 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. James B. Fitzpatrick B.B.A. in Accounting 7877 Van Dyke Place, Detroit, Mich. Wilbert C. Fletke D.D.S. 71!) Oakland, Ann Arbor, Mich. William W. Flinn Bachelor of Architecture 8855 Jackson Park Blvd., Wauwatosa, Wis. Darren Flint B.S. in Dental Hygiene 1911 Bruskcliff Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Ricardo C. Flores M.D. 180 San Ignacio St., Agana, Guam Barbara A. Flowers B.S. in Nursing 10333 Balfour, Detroit, Mich. Patricia A. Flowers, B.S. in Med. Technology 1327 Walter Drive, Dallas, Texas Donald G. Flury M. in Public Health 435 5th St., Weyburn, Sask., Canada John E. Flynn Bachelor of Architecture 1269 Ramona Ave., Lakewood, Ohio Leon T. Fogel D.D.S. 3737 Glendale, Detroit, Mich. Mary J. Foley A.B. in El. Education 22707 Alexandrine, Dearborn, Mich. John C. Fontaine A.B. in Political Science 6407 Avenida Cresta, La Jolla, Calif. Henry T. Forsyth A.B. in Pre-Professional Route No. 1, Millington, Mich. Ronald B. Foulds 391 Neulon Dr Gordon B. Fox James W. Foug Bachelor of Design 611 Church St., Ann Arbor, Mich. B.S.E. (Mech. E.) Pittsburgh, Pa. B.S.E. (Ae.E.) 120 Park Ave., Watertown, N.Y. James E. Fox B.S. in Wood Tech. 222 W. McKay St., Saline, Mich. Lily M. Fox B. Mus. in Piano 614 Foxcroft Rd., Elkins Park, Pa. Jane Fraleigh R.N. Orchard Hill, Casnovia, Mich. Marjorie E. Franck M. of Social Work 612 Rose Avenue, Big Rapids, Mich. Philip Frandsen M.D. 7335 Church, Hastings, Mich. 390 6 Ci i ktflh k Martin J. Frank M.D. 333 Packard, Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard C. Frank Bachelor of Architecture 111 East St., Chelsea, Mich. Marcia L. Frankel A.B. in Sociology 16 S. Eastfield Ave., Trenton, N.J. Marvin D. Frankel A.B. in Pre-Law 622 Buxton Ave., W. Hempstead, L.I., N.Y. Trudy B. Franklin A.B. in French 718 Portage Ave., Three Rivers, Mich. Wallace E. Franzoi D.D.S. 1713 7th Ave., Norway, Mich. Anthony J. Freed B.S.E. (C.E.) 33115 Armada, Wayne, Mich. Arthur M. Freedman B.S. in Zoology 888 Montgomery St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Donald A. Freedman B.S. in Mathematics 1925 Longfellow Ave., Detroit, Mich. Harry L. Freeman A.B. Economics 304 S. 57th St., Omaha, Neb. Robert T. Freese A.M. in Geography 15 Third Ave., New Brunswick, N.J. Sheila E. Frankel A.B. in English 19381 Strathcona Dr., Detroit, Mich. Jeanne C. Freshour B.S. in Med. Technology 11062 Kenmoor Dr., Detroit, Mich. Joan Fried A.B. in El. Education 3250 W. 7 Mile, Detroit, Mich. Gloria J. Friedland A.B. in English 219 Brightwater Court, Brooklyn, N.Y. Paul G. Friedmann B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 43 Cypress St., Maplewood, N.J. Stanley A. Friedmann LL.B. 180 Riverside Dr., New York, N.Y. Theodore H. Friedmann A.B. i n Economics 100 Van Cortlandt Pk. S., New York, N.Y. Wilbur H. Friedman A.B. in Political Science 809 Edwards Hill Apts., Johnstown, Pa. Mojmir S. Frinta A.M. in Fine Arts 410 Hill St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Norman J. Frisch M.S. in Mathematics 606 E. Ann, Ann Arbor, Mich. Dean K. Froehlich A.B. in Psychology 1890 Lennon Ave., Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. Herman D. Froning M.S.E. (Ae.E.) 5322 Grand, Des Moines, Iowa Martin Fruitman B.S.E. (E.E.) 807 McFarlan St., Flint, Mich. Dean V. Fry A.B. in Zoology 440 Coit, N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Gary R. Frye B.B.A. in Accounting 321 W. llth St., Traverse City, Mich. Franklin Fuchs A.B. in Pre-Professional 145 E. Olive St., Long Beach, N.Y. Hideo H. Fujii Bachelor of Architecture 543 Church St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Alfred E. Fundora A.B. in English 91-25 175th St., Jamaica, N.Y. Mary Lee Funk A.B. in El. Education 205 E. P lectric Court, Sturgis, Mic h. Jane W. Gabel A.B. in English 1240 Ferdon Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. W. Creighton Gabel A.B. in Anthropology 1240 Ferdon Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Vincent T. Gabriel B.S.E. (E.E.) 31979 Kathryn St., Garden City, Mich. Joseph I. Gadon " A.B. in Psychology 58 Albert Ave., Cranston, R.I. Joanne Galbraith A.B. in English 30 Belleview, Mt. Clemens, Mich. Christian M. Galichon M.B.A. France. 391 . Rayma R. Galinsky A.B. in Psychology 22 Wight St., New Haven, Conn. Mary J. Gallant R.N. 822 N. Cory St., Findlay, Ohio Jack E. Gallon A.B. in Letters and Law 124 W. Hoover, Ann Arbor, Mich. Judith A. Gallup A.B. in History 1235 Baldwin, Ann Arbor, Mich. Rollin M. Galster B.S. in Zoology 341 Mohawk Ave., Scotia, N.Y. Judith M. Gamble A.B. in Fine Arts 406 X. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Victor E. Garbarino D.D.S. 7321 Globe, Detroit, Mich. Alfonso G. Garcia Ph.D. in Education 5 S. Ninth St., Duezon City, Philippines Darylene L. Garthe R.N. 308 W. Sixth St., Clare, Mich. Janet H. Cast A.B. in Education 1947 Portsmouth, Huston, Texas Warren E. Gast B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 1240 Young PL, St. Joseph, Mich. Lois A. Gauger B. Mus. in Piano 606 E. Willow Ave., Wheaton, 111. William L. Gay A.B. in Economics 113 W. Michigan St., Adrian, Mich. Ray A. Geddes B.B.A. Hte. 2, Saginaw, Mich. Henry A. Geisendorfer, M.B.A. in Industrial Management 705 Hemphill Rd., Ypsilanti, Mich. Franz W. Geisz B.S. of Pharmacy 17357 Birwood Ave., Detroit, Mich. Judith E. Gelb A.B. in English 201 W. 85th St., New York, N.Y. James R. Gellatly M.B.A. in Marketing Oil Chester St., Birmingham, Mich. Alvin B. Gendelman B.B.A. 18470 Fairfield, Detroit, Mich. William H. George B.B.A. in Accounting 1414 Brookside Dr., Flint, Mich. Eliot S. Gerber LL.D. 2315 Calvert, Detroit, Mich. Marvin D. Gersuk A.B. in Psychology 4814 Leslie Ave., Detroit, Mich. Robert T. Getschman D.D.S. 9965 Brace, Detroit, Mich. Anthony Georgilas A.B. in Speech 2261 Lakewood Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Paul W. Geyer A.B. in Education 1437 Washtenaw Ave., Toledo, Ohio Ronald G. Ghormley B.S.E. (C.E.) 3018 Kirkhaven Dr., Canfield, Ohio James B. Ghysels B.S. in Pharmacy 827 Rosewood Dr., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Patrecia W. Glaza A.B. in English 163 N. Prospect, Grand Rapids, Mich. Gordon Gibbs Bachelor of Architecture 293 Collingdale Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. James C. Gielow A.B. in English 14140 Abington Rd., Detroit, Mich. Faith K. Gillespie A.B. in Speech 1851 Bush St., Red Wing, Minn. Gwain H. Gillespie B.B.A. in Accounting 1400 Broadway, Ann Arbor, Mich. Virginia N. Gillespie A.B. in Psychology 253 W. Eighth St., Erie, Pa. Robert L. Gillett M.D. 2018 23rd St., Port Huron, Mich. George R. Gillooly A.B. in Education 817 Oakridge Dr., Jackson, Mich. Mary A. Gillooly A.B. in El. Education 817 Oakridge Dr., Jackson, Mich. 392 Roger W. Gilmore B.B.A. in Accounting R.R. No. 1, Webster City, Iowa Theodore R. Ginsberg M.H.A. in Finance 704 Empire Avenue, Far Rockuway, N.Y. Milford Ginsbury D.D.S. 709 Haven, Ann Arbor, Mich. Harry B. Gipper B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 2646 Whitewood, Ann Arbor, Mich. Geraldine Glass Cert, in Dental Hygiene 18060 Kentucky, Detroit, Mich. Laurel J. Glazer A.B. in English 4 S. Federal Ave., Mason City, Iowa Gerald J. Gleich A.B. in Pre-Professional 912 S. Second Ave., Escanaba, Mich. John C. Click D.D.S. 1635 Mershon, Saginaw, Mich. Elizabeth R. Glover A.B. in English 25792 E. River Rd., Grosse He, Mich. James P. Glugla D.D.S. 14304 Indiana, Detroit, Mich. Ivan B. Glockman A.B. in Philosophy 13995 Superior Rd., East Cleveland, Ohio Milton Goetz B.B.A. 132 Highbrook, Pelham, N.Y. Herbert A. Gold B.S.E. (C.E.) 6730 South Clyde Ave., Chicago, 111. John P. Golden B.B.A. 16661 Linwood Ave., Detroit, Mich. John T. Golden B.S. in Chemistry 339 E. Brooks, Howell, Mich. Marsha Goldfarb A.B. in Education 2032 Grenich, Saginaw, Mich. Sandra A. Golding A.B. in Sociology 785 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y. Hubert M. Goldman M.D. 18615 Fairfield, Detroit, Mich. George Goldman M.S. in Zoology 77 W. 85th St., New York, N.Y. David P. Goldstein A.B. in Pre-Medicine 140 Linwood Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. Mimi L. Goldstein A.B. in English 11.74 Spruce St., Winnetka, 111. Josephine Gomez A.B. in Spanish 7302 Gartner, Detroit, Mich. Wayne T. Good B.S. in Pharmacy 54 Cadillac, Pontiac, Mich. Richard B. Goode A.B. in Speech Box 191-A, R. No. 2, Coloma, Mich. Mary L. Goodrich A.B. in English 2409 W. St. Joseph, Lansing, Mich. Stanley L. Goodwin A.B. in Psychology 12 East 97th St., New York, N.Y. Marilyn J. Gordon A.B. in Speech Correction 18653 Santa Barbara Drive, Detroit, Mich. Michael W. Gordon A.B. in Political Science 5540 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Betty J. Gorman A.B. in Speech Correction 1432 Howard St., Saginaw, Mich. Peter P. Gorsche, B.B.A. in Industrial Management 249 Maple, Manistique, Mich. Elizabeth L. Gottschalk A.B. in El. Education 13172 Wyoming Ave., Detroit, Mich. James Q. Goudie B.B.A. in Accounting 16753 Warwick Rd., Detroit, Mich. Mary L. Gould A.B. in Pre-Social Work 537 S. Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Sally J. Gouldthorpe A.B. in Education Monegan Rd., Schenectady, N.Y. Ruth Gowa A.B. in French 918 17th Ave. N., Nashville, Term. William C. Grabb M.D. 418 N. Division St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 393 Bruce B. Graden B. Mus. in Voice 24750 Cherry Hill Rd., Dearborn, Mich. Doris M. Graebner R N. 208 X. Birney St., Bay City, Mich. William E. Graefen A.B. in Journalism 513 Elm St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Dorothy H. Graham A.B. in El. Education 1014 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Thomas D. Graham B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 7200 Maple, Terrace, Wauwatosa, Wis. George W. Granger A.B. in Pre-Law 406 E. Jefferson, Grand Lodge, Mich. Virginia E. Granse A.B. in Speech 1101 Whittier Rd., Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Donald E. Granzow D.D.S. 32655 25 Mile Rd., Xew Baltimore, Mich. Sandra R. Gratz A.B. in Psychology Lake Mohegan, X. Y. Marylee Gravelle A.B. in History 220 E. Hopson, Bad Axe, Mich. William H. Graves M.D. 25475 Wareham, Huntington Woods, Mich. Lucille M. Grawburg B.B.A. in Accounding 1790 Cole, Birmingham, Mich. John C. Gray B.B.A. 452 Hollywood Dr., Monroe, Mich. Murray H. Gray M.D. 505 X. Division, Ann Arbor, Mich. Alvin Green A.B. in Economics 1050 Winona St., Chicago, 111. Barney O. Green B.B.A. 324 W. Davidson Ave., Chaffee, Mo. C. Lyn Green A.M. in English 6121 Lotz Rd., R.F.D., Plymouth, Mich. Ellery C. Green Bachelor of Architecture 824 Arch, Ann Arbor, Mich. Walter H. Green M.D. 18517 Asbury Park, Detroit, Mich. Helen B. Greene B.S. in Xursing 1666 Broadway, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann H. Greenberg A.B. in History 255 Grove St., Cedarhurst, X.Y. Daniel A. Greenberg A.B. in English 18929 Stoepel, Detroit, Mich. James F. Greenlee A.B. in Penology 3250 W. Chicago Blvd., Detroit, Mich. George W. Greenman M.D. 314 Phelps St., Decatur, Mich. Annabelle A. Greenough B. Mus. in Education 207 Barry St., Greenville, Mich. Vince E. Greeson D.D.S. 75 Linda, Birmingham, Rt. 6, Mich. Sanford H. Greenspan A.B. in Pre-Professional 201 Eastern (Pkwy.), Brooklyn, X.Y. Glenna A. Gregory B. Mus. in Education 1877 Franklin Rd., Berkley, Mich. Russell C. Gregory A.B. in English R.F.D. 4, Ionia, Mich. William A. Gregory D.D.S. 820 E. Ann, Ann Arbor, Mich. James A. Grekin A.B. in Pre-Medicine 18280 Santa Barbara Dr., Detroit, Mich. Robert R. Grew A.B. in Letters and Law 8457 Toledo Rd., Blissfield, Mich. G. Edward Griffin A.B. in Speech 20501 Stoepel, Detroit, Mich. Mark W. Griffin LL.B. 1434 Washington Hts., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ralph E. Griffith B.B.A. in Accounting 3811 Kipling, Berkley, Mich. Shirley A. Griggs A.B. in History 972 Washington Road, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 394 i Gloria V. Grigsby B. Mus. in Education 3762 Seyburn, Detroit, Mich. Jack R. Grommons M.D. 308 E. Green Lawn Ave., Lansing, Mich. Frederick Grose B.S. in Zoology 29937 Eldred, Farmington, Mich. Jay Grossmark B.S. in Pharmacy 2202 64th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Marion M. Gross B.S. in Public Health Nursing 1038 W. King St., York, Pa. Robert S. Gross B.B.A. in Retailing 124 X. Sunnyside Ave., South Bend, Ind. Myra Grossman A.B. in Education 2048 Alta Ave., Louisville, Ky. Marilyn J. Grove A.B. in Spanish 15308 Stahelin, Detroit, Mich. Elwood W. Guernsey A.B, in Journalism 2360 Southway Dr., Columbus, Ohio Yadery T. Guerra, B.S.E. (Nav. Arch, and Mar. E.) 664-Barata Ribeird, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Eugene G. Guettler B. Mus. in Education 2012 S. Barclay St., Bay City, Mich. Armin J. Guggenheim B.B.A. in Accounting 939 Linn Dr., Cleveland, Ohio Jose Guimadaes B.S.E. (Nav. Arch.) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Surendralal K. Gupta B.S.E. (Ch.E. and Math.) 42B. Hanuman Lane, New Delhi, India Donald P. Gustafson Bachelor of Architecture 2239 Miner Ave., Muskegon, Mich. David A, Guttentag B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 19141 Appoline, Detroit, Mich. Margaret R. Guy A.B. in Education 306 N. Fifth Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ralph B. Guy LL.B. 306 N. Fifth Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ramon M. Guzman M.S. in Sanitary Engineering 6 Blanco Romano, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Donald R. Haas B. Mus. in Wind Instruments 981 Burns, Detroit, Mich. Eugene W. Haas B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 1217 Natick Ct., Willow Run, Mich. Richard G. Haas B.S.F. (Forestry) Rt. 4, Box 213, Elgin, 111. Ralph N. Haber A.B. in Philosophy 530 Hillspur Rd., Barton Hills, Ann Arbor, Mich. John S. Habib A.B. in Near Eastern Studies 2206 Cadillac Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Markar M. Hachigian B.S.E. (E.E.) 147 W. Buena Vista, Highland Park, Mich. Judy H. Hagen A.B. in German Meadowbrook Rd., Benton Harbor, Mich. Edwin R. Hakala B.S. in Public Health Box 178, Princeton, Mich. William G. Halby A.B. in Letters and Law 2077 W. High, Lima, Ohio Harlow B. Hall B.S. in Psychology 223 E. Main St., Avon, N.Y. Nancy A. Hall A.B. in English 814 Pine St., Port Huron, Mich. Irving L. Halpern A.B. in Economics 1020 Lincoln, Ann Arbor, Mich. Werner I. Halpern M.D 1113 Ware, Willow Run, Mich. Joanne L. Halstead A.B. in El. Education 1874 Twentieth St., Wyandotte, Mich. Ruth M. Halsted R.N. 102 E. Front St., Grand Ledge, Mich. Esther R. Ham B.B.A. in Finance 1709 S. University Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Eleanor Hambley A.B. in English 1718 Pierce, Birmingham, Mich. 395 James A. Hamburg B.S.E. (E.E.) 16513 Patton, Detroit, Mich. Peter V. Hamill M.D. 13601 Santa Rosa, Detroit, Mich. Ralph E. Hamilton B. Mus. in Education 18709 Strathmoor, Detroit, Mich. Earle I. Hammer A.B. in Pre-Medicine 4 Tilton Road, Utica, New York Charles M. Hammond, B.S.E. (Ch.E. and Met. E.) 83 Glenbrook Ave., Hamden, Conn. Arnold Hammawalt M.S. in Mathematics 7556 Emily, Detroit, Mich. Howard M. Handelman LL.B. 319 West 26th St., Wilmington, Del. Sally Hansen B. Mus. in Education 238 State, Eaton Rapids, Mich. Frances W. Hanslovsky B. Mus. in Literature 509 Division, East Lansing, Mich. Dolores A. Hanula B.B.A. in Accounting 1060 S. Renaud, Grosse Pointe, Mich. George Q. Hardwick A.B. in Economics H.F.D. No. 1, Rochester, N.H. Theodore N. Hariton A.B. in Pre-Professional 721 E. Kingsely St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ellen A. Harman A.B. in English 35 N. Merwood Dr., Battle Creek, Mich. Alice M. Harper B. Mus. in Education P.O. Box 44, Charlottesville, Va. Richard L. Harper M. Mus. in Organ 3815 Miami Ave., Louisville, Ky. Margaret L. Harrigan A.B. in English 1341 Devonshire Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Gerald C. Harrington B.B.A. in Marketing 493 12th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Herbert F. Harrington A.B. in Political Science 161 Brooklawn Terr., Bridgeport Conn. Lorna B. Harrington A.B. in Education 2865 Winthrop Road, Shaker Hts., Ohio Beverly H. Harris Bachelor of Design 803 S. State, Ann Arbor, Mich. Dean A. Harris M.S. in Speech Correction 885 S. First St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Diane C. Harris A.B. in English 97 California Ave., Highland Park, Mich. James R. Harris A.M. in Russian Studies 341 5th St., Freeland, Mich. Thomas L. Harris A.B. in English 961 Bertram Ave., Dayton, Ohio Lois A. Harzfeld A.B. in Sociology 34 State St., West Englewood, N.J. James A. Harsant A.B. in Economics 14949 Lakewood Hts. Blvd., Lakewood, Ohio Mohammed J. Hassan B.S.E. (Mech.-Ind. E.) 693 Bojma-AlKarradah, Al-Sherkia, Baghdad, Iraq Mary E. Hastie A.B. in El. Education 148 Tyler, Highland Park, Mich. James A. Hatton B.B.A. 1423 Rowland Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Ralph E. Hauke B.S.E. (C.E.) 1501 Oxford R., Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. Mary Haven B.S. in Pharmacy 3 Utica Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Esther P. Hawkins B.B.A. in Marketing 2200 Lafayette Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. H. Donald Hawkins LL.B. 2244 Mayfair, Dayton, Ohio Doris R. Hawthorne A.B. in English 32 Chestnut, Battle Creek, Mich. Robert E. Hayes B.S.F. (Forestry) Bloomingdale, N.Y. Mary J. Heald A.B. in English 1518 Granger, Ann Arbor, Mich. 396 James F. Healey B.S.E. (E.E.) 1112 W. Lenawee, Lansing, Mich. Carleton R. Hedner A.B. in Political Science 373 Wellington Terr., Jenkintown, Pa. William P. Hegarty B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 51 Second St., Gloversville, N.Y. Joan S. Heiderer A.B. in Speech 2602 X. Washington, Saginaw, Mich. Herman J. Heilkenen B.S.F. (Forestry) 865 S. First St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Wilho R. Heikkinen M.S.E. (Ae.E.) Ramsay, Mich. Henry C. Heil A.B. in History 26 Concord Ave., Larchmont, N.Y. Maude F. Heine A.B. in Journalism 1521 Dover Road, Ferndale, Mich. Joseph C. Heinlein A.B. in History 800 King St., Sidney, Xeb. Violet M. Heintzelman B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1650 Blanford, Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert E. Heinz B.S.F. (Forestry) 221 W. Main St., Carlinville, 111. Martha B. Heller A.B. in History 178 Myrtle, Claremont, N.H. Maurice L. Heller A.B. in English 711 24th St., X.E., Canton, Ohio George L. Heminger B.S.E. (E.E.) 225 College Ave., Spring Arbor, Mich. Suzanne Hemping A.B. in History 15349 Washburn Ave., Detroit, Mich. Donald G. Hemple B.B.A. 1410 Goyeau St., Windsor, Ontario, Canada Ann Henderson A.B. in Psychology Weesaw Road, Xiles, Mich. Donna Hendleman A.B. in Education 2842 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 111. Einar H. Hendrickson M.S.F. (Conservation) Cathlamet, Wash. Leland T. Henry A.B. in Letters and Medicine 305 S. Second Street, Apollo, Pa. William O. Hermanson B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 510 S. Huron, Ypsilanti, Mich. Barbara J. Herrider B.S. in Design Manton, Mich. Mary C. Herrington B.S. in Nursing 106 Willis St., Bad Axe, Mich. Richard A. Herrmann B.S.F. (Forestry) R.F.D. Xo. 4, Xorwick, Conn. Marshall D. Hershon A.B. in Speech 601 West Paterson, Flint, Mich. Allan G. Hertler, LL.B. 9640 Platt Rd., Milan, Mich. Shirley A. Hertz A.M. in Child Development 135 West Dayton St., Flint, Mich. Marilyn D. Hey A.B. in English 1730 Greenleaf Dr., Royal Oak, Mich. Dale R. Heyboer B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 2474 52nd St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. George D. Hickman B.S. in Physics 723 Cornell Drive, Ypsilanti, Mich. William B. Hickman B.S.E. (Xav. Arch.) 1360 E. Maple, Birmingham, Mich. Edwin H. Hicks B.B.A. in Accounting 13331 Hough Rd., Allenton, Mich. William T. Hicks B.S. in Chemistry 17570 Xorthrop Ave., Detroit, Mich. Ann K. Higgins A.B. in Education 16241 Cheerylawn, Detroit, Mich. Fay L. Higgins ' B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 3216 Stanforth, Walled Lake, Mich. Bruce A. Highstrete B.S.E. (E.E.) 532 Mulford Dr., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 397 Gary A. Highley B.S. Nursing 14200 Shaker Blvd., Shaker Hts., Ohio Howard W. Hilfinger B.B.A. in Accounting 3826 Rugby Dr., Toledo, Ohio Margaret G. Hilfinger A.B. in El. Education 3826 Rugby Dr., Toledo, Ohio Daniel D. Hill A.B. in History 1327 Sigsbee, Grand Rapids, Mich. Ralph E. Hillman M.S.E. in Ch. E. 274 Chalmers, Detroit, Mich. James R. Hinz A.B. in History 230 Erie St., South Haven, Mich. Jerome C. Hirsch A.B. in Speech 16900 Muirland, Detroit, Mich. Francis A. Hirshman A.B. in Latin 2106 West Main, Lansing, Mich. Jacquelyn A. Hirt A.B. in Visual Arts Royal Oak, Mich. Nancy J. Hoddick A.B. in El. Education 14241 Rosemont, Detroit, Mich. Carol L. Hodge A.B. in Pre-Social Work 19005 Gallagher, Detroit, Mich. Donald A. Hodges B.S. in Botany 7407 Oakman Blvd., Dearborn, Mich. Richard W. Hodgman A.B. in Pre-Professional 14341 Rutland, Detroit, Mich. Ann B. Hoebeke A.B. in English 1408 Long Rd., Kalamazoo, Mich. George H. Hoefferle B.B.A. in Marketing 714 Houghton St., Ontonagon, Mich. Paula M. Hoenecke M. of Public Health 261 Spring, Plymouth, Mich. Anita M. Hoert B.B.A. 34535 Jefferson, Mount Clements, Mich. Helen J. Hoesman A.B. in History 2714 Cass St., Unionville, Mich. Jonathan R. Hoesman D.D.S. 2714 Cass, Unionville, Mich. Nancy W. Hogan B.S. in Dental Hygiene 444 Arlington, Birmingham, Mich. L. Kathryn Hoglund B.S. in Nursing 1034 Manor Rd., New Kensington, Pa. Richard H. Hoheb A.B. in Psychology 5 Lincoln Ave., Rutherford, N.J. Bondy H. Holcombe M.B.A. in Management Ball Ground, Ga. Kenneth B. Holden A.B. in Political Science 939 Sunset Lane, East Lansing, Mich. Leonard G. Holder B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 207H North State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Marjorie E. Holdridge R-N. 5299 Fern St., Flint, Mich. Shirley A. Holland B.S. in Dental Hygiene 873 Kings Hwy., Lincoln Park, Mich. Zander Hollander A.B. in Political Science 934 Carroll, Brooklyn, N.Y. James C. Holmes M.B.A. in Real Estate 1030 Fairfax, Birmingham, Mich. Lois A. Holmes A.B. in Sociology 6355 Webb, Detroit, Mich. Wayne L. Holmes B.S.E. (E.E.) 207 McClure St., Charlotte, Mich. Harold J. Holt LL.B. 1911 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, Ohio William E. Holt D.D.S. 3351 Wiscarset Rd., Dearborn, Mich. Martin L. Holtgrieve A.B. in English 841 South Detroit Ave., Toledo, Ohio James N. Holtz A.B. in Psychology 734 Mulhollen Dr., Monroe, Mich. Bruce H. Honeck B.S.E. in (E.E.) 304 West Washington, Napoleon, Ohio 398 ' hk 1 Daniel M. Honigman A.B. in Pre-Law 18645 Oak Drive, Detroit, Mich. Vladimir Honsa A.M. in Romance Philology 404 S. Fifth Avenue, Ann Arbor, Mich. Clifford J. Hood A.B. in Pre-Medicine 707 W. Maumce St., Adrian Mich. Kenneth A. Horn B.S. in Mathematics 331 S. Schantz Ave., Dayton, Ohio David J. Horning M.D. 729 Madison Ave., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Rhoda J. Horwitz M.D. 2255 Oakman Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Berta J. Houston Bachelor of Design 940 Knapp St., N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Harvey A. Howard A.B. in Letters and Law 17360 Ohio Ave., Detroit, Mich. Frank Howell A.B. in Sociology 1120 Temple St., Muskegon Hts., Mich. Robert A. Howes Juris Doctor 1710 Welch Blvd., Flint, Mich. George C. Hewlett Bachelor of Architecture 50 Bedford Rd., Battle Creek, Mich. Frances J. Hoxie A.B. in Education R.F.D. No. 1, Concord, Mich. B.S. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. D.S.E. (C.E.) Sarah K. Hoyt 14353 Grandmont Kuo-liang Hsu Shanghai, China Chang J. Huang M.S.E. (C.E.) 8 Lane 178, Chien Kuo S. Rd., Taipei, Formosa, China Sally L. Hubbard Cert, in Dental Hygiene 511 Michigan, Petosky, Mich. William C. Hubbard B.S. in Pre-Medicine 1205 Maxine, Flint, Mich. James R. Hubbell A.B. in History 1530 Seward, Detroit, Mich. M. Joan Hubbell B.S. in Zoology 490 Rock Creek Dr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Suzanne D. Huber B.S. in Dental Hygiene 2536 Hillview Ave., Dayton, Ohio George T. Huckle M.D. 701 E. Division St., Cadillac, Mich. Frank J. Hull M.D. 3510 Yorkshire, Detroit, Mich. Margaret J. Hult B.S. in Education 1204 Lake Shore Dr., Gladstone, Mich. Ronald R. Humphrey M.S. in Zoology 12010 Glenfield, Detroit, Mich. Donald M. Hurst B.S. in Education 619 W. College Ave., Marquette, Mich. Nancy L. Hutchinson B.S. in Nursing 18 Phelps Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Evelyn W. Hyde B.S. in Nursing 203 West End, Alma, Mich. Margaret C. Hyde A.B. in Education 1344 Griswold St., Port Huron, Mich. Doris L. Hyman Bachelor of Design 275 West 33rd St., Miami, Beach, Fla. Gail R. Hyman A.B. in Speech Correction 6450 London Ave., Detroit, Mich. Charles J. Idema D.D.S. 1058 Fairmount St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Bruce B. Ideson A.B. in History 850 Franco Ave., Johnstown, Pa. Richard G. Her Bachelor of Architecture 657 Barrington Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Shiegeo Imamura A.B. in Linguistics 171 Kita-yanai Street, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan Carolyn J. Ingham A.M. in Education 565 W. Drayton Ave., Ferndale, Mich. Joan H. Irving A.B. in English 1032 Northlawn, Fort Wayne, Ind. 399 Patricia A. Irving R.N. Durant Hotel, Box 50, Flint, Mich. Jerry L. Irwin B.S. in Chemistry R.F.D. No. 2, Three Rivers, Mich. Judith Isenberg A.B. in Education 701 Gobington, Detroit, Mich. Doris S. Iser A.B. in Pre-Social Work 22 Lewis Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. John I. Iverson B.S.E. (C.E.) 517 Keystone Dr., New Kensington, Pa. Harry Iwasko A.B. in Pre-Law 6886 Bruckner St., Detroit, Mich. Gordon J. Jaaskelainen A.B. in History Main and Hubbell, Ahmeek, Mich. Arthur J. Jabury B.B.A. 40 Lexington, S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Marion D. Jackson B.B.A. in Finance Box No. 397, Escanaba, Mich. William H. Jackson Bachelor in Architecture Rt. No. 2, Bonagua, Tenn. Charles E. Jacob A.B. in Political Science 18655 Strasburg, Detroit, Mich. Berne L. Jacobs A.B. in Psychology 914 Grove St., Petoskey, Mich. David S. Jacobs B.S. in Zoology 1011 Pauline Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald J. Jacobs B.S. in Pre-Medicine 1028 W. Hughitt St., Iron Mountain, Mich. James P. Jacobs A.B. in Letters and Medicine 336 East Shadbolt St., Lake Orion, Mich. Marvin K. Jacobs LL.B. 2424 Putnam St., Tole do, Ohio Claire S. Jacobsen A.B. in English 57 Lombardy St., Lancaster, N.Y. Marjorie J. Jacobsen A.B. in Psychology 356 Taft Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Albert A. Jadach B.S.E. (Nav. Arch.) 6624 Gertrude, Cleveland, Ohio Mary J. Jadwin Cert, in Dental Hygiene 1114 S. Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. Irwin N. Jaeger B.S. in Zoology 674 Pelton Ave., Staten Island, N.Y. Benson Jaffee M. of Social Work 3202 Joy Rd., Detroit, Mich. Patricia M. Jaffke Cert, in Dental Hygiene 14048 Asbury Park, Detroit, Mich. Gloria D. James B.S. in Zoology 726 Westchester, Grosse Pointe, Mich. William James Bachelor in Architecture 17367 Strathmoor, Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth A. Janis A.B. in Speech Correction 200 East St., Hancock, Mich. Henry A. Januszka B.S. in Pharmacy 1414 Locust St., Jackson, Mich. Charles E. Jaquith B.S. in Botany 2610 Cooper Road, Jackson, Mich. Neil F. Jedele B.S.E. (C.E.) 1100 W. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, Mich. John F . Jeffrey B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 6514 Washington Circle, Wauwatosa, Wis. F. Wallace Jeffries A.B. in Pre-Professional 4619 Washington, Evansville, Ind. Margaret A. Jeffries A.B. in Spanish 320 E. Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich. John M. Jenks B.B.A. in Finance Rural Route No. 1, Clinton, Ind. Paul P. Jennens B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 17136 Birwood Rd., Birmingham, Mich. Bernard P. Jennett B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 835 Hill Rd., Winnetka, 111. Dean S. Jennings A.B. in History 956 Pipestone, Benton Harbor, Mich. 400 I William R. Jentes A.B. in Letters and Law 314 Arlington, Elmhurst, 111. M. Jane Jessup A.H. in English 433 Hubbard, Grand Rapids, Mich. Larry H. Jeu B.S.E. (E.E.) 401 Fifth St., Greenville, Miss. Patty Jewett A.B. in Speech 234 E. Cassilly St., Springfield, Ohio Donna J. Johnson B.S. in Nursing 302 Louise Ave., Highland Park, Mich. Ernest E. Johnson A.B. in Pre-Law 1106 North 14th St., Fargo, N.D. Jean K. Johnson B. Mus. in Education 915 Woods Rd., Ypsilanti, Mich. Lowell T. Johnson A.B. in English 826 W. Grand Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Marian K. Johnson A.B. in El. Education 202 S. Wisner, Jackson, Mich. Timothy Johnson A.M. in Education 307 Woodland Ave., Detroit, Mich. J. Diane Johnston A.B. in Education 303 43rd St. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Patricia A. Johnston A.B. in Education 21551 Garrison, Dearborn, Mich. Peter R. Johnson A.B. in Political Science 1680 Fairholme, Grosse Pointe, Mich. David C. Jolivette A.B. in Journalism 1126 Granger St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Alfred L. Jones B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 18489 Sussex, Detroit, Mich. Edward A. Jones A.B. in Pre-Law 1403 W. St. Andrews Dr., Midland, Mich. Jean B. Jones A.B. in Spanish 3627 Jenifer St., N.W., Washington, D.C. John E. Jones B.S.E. (E.E.) 64 Garrison Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Richard A. Jones B.B.A. in Finance 8206 Craig Ave., Overland Park, Kan. Rita H. Jones A.M. in El. Education 219 Marquette St., Negaunee, Mich. Robert E. Jones B.S.E. (E.E.) 126 Highland Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Durwood D. Joppich A.B. in Political Science 536 S. 2nd St., Rogers City, Mich. M. Ray Jordan Bachelor of Architecture Hertford, N.C. Shirlee M. Jorgenson Bachelor of Design No. 5 Westwood Dr., Adrian, Mich. Renee Joseph D.D.S. 422 Eldred, Kalamazoo, Mich. Richard L. Joseph A.B. in Political Science R.R. 1, Hartford, Mich. Bernard M. Kahn A.M. in Speech 552 Parkside Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Joanne C. Kaiser A.B. in Speech 108 W. White St., Bay City; Mich. Hiroaki G. Kakiuchi A.M. in Geography R.D. 1 Box 34, Lincoln, Calif. John E. Kalsbeck M.D. , 415 Marietta St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Carl M. Kaltwasser B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 364 Puritan Rd., Birmingham, Mich. Ann Kaminsky A.B. in English 111-45 76th Ave., Forest Hills, N.Y. Ronald L. Kaminsky A.B. in Pre-Professional 2803 Barrington Dr., Toledo, Ohio Burton L. Kampner Bachelor of Architecture 141 Ogenaw Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Nancy L. Kane B.S. in Dental Hygiene Buffalo Star Route, Sheridan, Wyo. Marilyn F. Karasek A.B. in English 3010 Third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 401 Andrew J. Karoly B.S. in Psychology 7668 DaCosta, Detroit, Mich. Esther C. Kash A.B. in Journalism 14444 Lionhurst, Detroit, Mich. Sidney F. Katz M.D. 3785 Glendale, Detroit, Mich. Phyllis Kaufman A.B. in Speech Correction 459 Broadway, South Haven, Mich. Robert A. Kavelman M. Mus. in Education 405 Ashland, Detroit, Mich. Constance B. Kay A.B. in Pre-Social Work 604 North Water St., Owosso, Mich. Ahmet L. Kaya M.S.E. (C.E.) Yenikapi, Yenisepetci Sokek, No 15, Istanbul, Turkey Kathleen E. Keely A.B. in Geography 1130 Lincoln, Ann Arbor, Mich. John D. Kelleher B.S. in Economics 725 Coplin, Detroit, Mich. Barbara J. Keller B.S. in Design R.F.D. No. 2, Peekskill, N.Y. Ruth A. Keller A.B. in El. Education 1313 N. Pleasant, Royal Oak, Mich. Charles L. Kelly D.D.S R.F.D. No. 1, Box 45, Traverse City, Mich. Francis S. Kelly, B.B.A. in Industrial Management 3423 Carpenter Rd., Ypsilanti, Mich. Janet D. Kelly A.B. in Pre-Social Work 1110 Brooklyn Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. John A. Kelly B.B.A. in Finance Grand Beach, Mich. Eugene H. Kemp B.S. in Mathematics 323 Grand St., Michigan Center, Mich. Mary E. Kemp A.B. in English 1055 Yarmouth Rd., Birmingham, Mich. William J. Kempf B.B.A. in Finance 303 E. Main St., Fremont, Mich. Suzanne M. Kenitz A.B. in Journalism 20037 Orleans, Detroit, Mich. Cecil A. Kent B.S. in Public Health 1052 Shaw St., Memphis, Tenn. Alice S. Kepler A.B. in Journalism 418 Mt. Vernon, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Charles W. Kepler B.B.A. in Marketing 14443 Asbury Park, Detroit, Mich. Elise J. Kerlin " A.B. in El. Education 914 Dresden Rd., Cleveland Hts. 12, Ohio William D. Kersten A.B. in Sociology 19684 Keating Ave., Detroit, Mich. Marjorie L. Kettlewell, B.S. in Public Health Cass City, Mich. Nursing D. Earl Keyes B.B.A. Tiverton, Ontario, Canada Eric B. Khu B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) 133 General Solano St., Manila, Philippines Zaka A. Khumayyis B.S.E. (C.E.) 19198 Al Rashio St., Baghdad, Iraq Lloyd C. Kiberd A.B. in Math 6 Blodgett Park, N. Chelmsford, Mass. Alan R. Kidston I,L B 185 Blunk, Plymouth, Mich. Earl D. Kik D.D.S. 1101 Caulfield Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Louis D. Kilgore Bachelor of Architecture Ferry Rd., Grosse lie, Mich. Robert N. Killenberger B.S.E. (C.E.) 19213 Dresden, Detroit, Mich. In W. Kim A.B. in Sociology Kwangju, Chulla Namdo, Korea Joe A. Kimbrough A.B. in English 800 S. Lafayette, Dearborn, Mich. Robert J. Kimbrough B.B.A. in Finance 165 Stein Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. 402 Constance W. Kimmell A.B. in Pre-Social-Work 904 Fourth St., Santa Monica, Calif. Thomas W. Kimmerly M.B.A. 15656 Kinloch, Detroit, Mich. Muriel Kingston A.B. in Music Literature 2712 Clements, Detroit, Mich. Russel J. Kinnel B.B.A. 1439 E. Park PI., Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard R. Kinsey B.S.E. (E.E.) 818 Oakland Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Sidney N. Klaus A.B. in Pre-Medicine 3045 Lawrence, Detroit, Mich. David E. Klein A.B. in Pre-Professional 2013 Marlindale Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio Eleanor Klein B.B.A. in Marketing 1011 Carroll PI., New York, N.Y. Lucille R. Klein B.S. in Dental Hygiene 403 E. Breckenridge, Ferndale, Mich. Jay S. Kleinert A.M. in El. Education 908 W. Washington Ave., Jackson, Mich. Alton E. Klickman B.S. in Physics 664 Dover Place, Toledo, Ohio Louis S. Klimecky B.B.A. in Accounting 1800 Thompson St., Lansing, Mich. Anthony J. Kline A.B. in Political Science 879 Emmons, Lincoln Park, Mich. Marijoyce C. Knecht A.B. in Education 2017 Calumet, Flint, Mich. James K. Kneussel A.B. in Sociology 2245 Savannah Ter. S.E., Washington, D.C. Henry V. Knight B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 9743 Brookville, Plymouth, Mich. Kenneth A. Knudson B.B.A. 307 E. McPherson St., Kirksville, Mo. Paul M. Koch B.S. in Pharmacy 1353 Audubon, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Rosemarie G. Koch A.B. in German 23144 Murray, Dearborn, Mich. Christina B. Koeff A.B. in History 1113 Leith St., Flint, Mich. W. Lee Koetzle B.B.A. in Marketing 7217 Cedar Ave., Takoma Park, Md. Frederick J. Kohlmeyer B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 2007 Edgewood Blvd., Berkley, Mich. Charles E. Kolb B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 297 Orchard Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. Rosalie S. Kolk A.B. in El. Education 161-11 84th Rd., Jamaica, N.Y. Leighton N. Kong A.B. in Pre-Medicine 2252 Kilauea Ave., Hilo, T.H. William E. Konrad B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 624 N. East Ave., Oak Park, 111. Lenore B. Koppelman A.B. in Pre-Social Work 638 Taylor Ave., Scranton, Pa. Phyllis H. Korn A.B. in Speech 18426 Stansbury, Detroit, Mich. Betty J. Kornman A.B. in Pre-Social Work Jackson Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. Dimitri Kosacheff B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 21289 Huron River Dr., New Boston, Mich. John T. Kosinski B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 15124 Evergreen, Detroit, Mich. Daniel Kovats B. Mus. in Education 965 Scribner Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Eleanor Kovich B.S. in Pre-Professional Twining, Mich. George Kown B.B.A. in Marketing 13631 Ellar Ave., Dearborn, Mich. Kearney K. Kozai B.S.E. (Mech. E.) P.O. Box 281, Waipahu, Oahu, T.H. Eugene J. Kraft A.M. in Educational Psychology 31 10th St. N., Fargo, N.D. 403 Richard O. Kraft M.D. 1787 Alt Crest, Altadena, Calif. Myra H. Krasner A.B. in Speech Correction 1202 Beard St., Flint, Mich. Allen M. Krass B.S.E. (E.E.) 2463 Glendale, Detroit, Mich. Leo R. Kratkiewicz M.B.A. in Accounting 2208 Caniff, Hamtramck, Mich. Robert W. Kraud B.B.A. 4 Pierce St., Monticello, Ind. Amalia G. Krause M. of Public Health 2020 Stark St., Saginaw, Mich. Merton S. Krause A.B. in Econ omics 121 W. McClellan, Flint, Mich. Charles F. Krecke M.D. 527 Lakewood, Detroit, Mich. Jeanne L. Kress B. Mus. in Piano 533 High, Ionia, Mich. Joanne M. Kress B. Mus. in Piano 533 High Street, Ionia, Mich. Patricia A. Kreuser B.B.A. 1809 Portage Ave., South Bend, Ind. Samuel M. Kiiegman B.B.A. in Accounting 479 Leslie St., Newark, N.J. Carolyn Krigbaum A.B. in History 155 Mitchell St., West Orange, N.J. Sidney S. Kripke A.B. in Pre-Professional 3647 Douglas, Toledo, Ohio David W. Krupp A.B. in Journalism 336 Wilson, Port Clinton, Ohio Norman C. Krupp B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 65 Sutton, Grand Rapids, Mich. Louis J. Krzych B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 28 Garwood Ct. N., Garfield, N.J. Mowafag M. Kubbq B.S.E. (C.E.) Baghdad, Iraq James Kubota B.S.E. (E.E.) 11500 Bradford, Detroit, Mich. Anthony B. Kudela B.S.E. (Met. E.) 607 E. Ann St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Elise A. Kuhl B. Mus. in Piano 769 Forest Ave., Glen Ellyn, 111. Gerald Kissel B.S.E. (E.E.) 5782 Devonshire, Detroit, Mich. Patricia M. Kula R.N. 1004 S. Birney, Bay City, Mich. Lisa F. Kurcz A.B. in Political Science 465 West End Ave., New York, X.Y. Polly L. Kurtz A.B. in Speech 804 Old Towne Rd., Clearfield, Pa. Elizabeth A. Kuusisto, A.M. in Language and Bessemer, Mich. Literature Julian I. Kycia B.S.E. (Ch. and Met. E.) 145 Bond St., Hartford, Conn. JoAnne I. Kyhl B. Mus. in Theory 309 Seerley Blvd., Cedar Falls, Iowa Richard J. Laansma B.B.A. in Marketing 14358 Artesian, Detroit, Mich. Robert L. Ladd A.B. in Psychology 460 Lincoln Ave., Clawson, Mich. Colen J. LaFave B.B.A. R. No. 3, Pinconning, Mich. Norma E. Lageman B.S. in Education 1016 Oakridge, Royal Oak, Mich. James F. Laidlaw D.D.S. 69 Belmont, Detroit, Mich. Joyce C. Lallier Bachelor of Design 8950 S. Claremont Ave., Chicago, 111. Wayne E. Lambert B.B.A. in Accounting 4344 Lapeer Rd., Flint, Mich. Alice G. Lamadrid A.B. in History 2037 Pahukui St., Honolulu, T.H. 404 Ruth A. Lamy A.B. in El. Education 1538 Groesbeck Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio Robert A. Lander B.S.E. (C.E.) 1920S Andover, Detroit, Mich. Cyrille G. Landes A.B. in English 94 Allenwood Rd., Great Neck, L.I., N.Y. William J. Landman B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 1724 Sherman St., S.E., E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Harold F. Langell B.S. in Design 558 Broadway, Marine City, Mich. Shirley A. Lapinsky A.B. in El. Education . .. 519 Lincoln Ave., Troy, Ohio Urho Lappi B.S.E. 1816 Hadley St., Bessemer, Mich. John S. Larder 464 King St., Port Chester, N.Y. (E.E.) D.D.S. Peter Lardner B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 1313 30th St., Moiine, 111. Joan E. Larsen A.B. in English 1305 14th St., Menominee, Mich. Maryanna M. Larson A.B. in Speech Correction 512 Pemberton Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Joseph W. LaRue B.B.A. in Real Estate 15368 Griggs, Detroit, Mich. Joseph U. LaTendresse A.B. in History 411 Thompson, Ann Arbor, Mich. Alice J. Laufer A.B. in El. Education 960 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. Lawrence A. Lauretti B.S. in Zoology 1892 Wood St., Muskegon, Mich. Barbara J. Laver A.B. in History 3823 Rushland, Toledo, Ohio Jack L. Lawrence B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 2704 North St., Endicott, N.Y. Robert F. Lawson A.B. in English 71 W. Robinwood, Detroit, Mich. Dolores S. Lazar A.B. in El. Education 1409 Klarsley Park Blvd., Flint, Mich. Michael S. Leach B.S.F. (Wildlife Management) 6427 Reuter, Dearborn, Mich. Alvin L. Leary A.B. in Political Science 1633 Davison Rd., Flint, Mich. Judith A. Leas Cert, in Dental Hygiene 11372 Sussex, Detroit, Mich. Lawrence E. LeClaire A.B. in History 420 W. 4th St., Anaconda, Mont. Peter B. Lederman B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 8315 Lefferts Blvd., Kew Gardens, N.Y. Hans E. Lee A.B. in Philosophy State Hospi tal, Toledo, Ohio Ronald W. Lee M. Mus. in Literature R.D. No. 2, Sharon, Pa. Wayne Leengran B.B.A. 221 N. Delphia, Park Ridge, 111. Glenn E. Lehmann B.S. in Chemistry 2996 Birchwood Ave., Trenton, Mich. Robert N. Lehmann M.D. 1340 Bedford Rd., Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Joseph A. LeimKuehlei, A.B. in Letters and Law 115J-S S. 7th St., Springfield, 111. Roland Leipholz A.B. in Education 2593 S. State, Ann Arbor, Mich. Janet A. Leisenring B. Mus. in Education 306 S. Church St., Hudson, Mich. Robert A. Leishman Bachelor of Architecture 2511 Buena Vista, Detroit, Mich. Iris M. Leja A.B. in French 4105 Beach R.R. No. 2, Birmingham, Mich. Stanley T. Lesser Juris Doctor 1321 E. 7th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Edward T. Leutheuser B.B.A. Somerset, Mich. 40S i Zoan Leventes A.B. in History 1537 Pine St., Muskegon, Mich. Paul D. Levin B.S. in Zoology 19481 Canterbury, Detroit, Mich. Alvin Levine B.S. in Pharmacy 19500 Woodingham Dr., Detroit, Mich. Elinor L. Levine B.S. in Education 2928 Fullerton, Detroit, Mich. Joan F. Levine A.B. in Zoology 1950 E. 21st., Brooklyn, N.Y. Rita J. Levine A.B. in History 3221 Sycamore Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio Betty E. Levinson A.B. in Psychology 1379 Jefferson Ave., Akron, Ohio Carleton S. Levitetz B.B.A. in Foreign Trade 791 Foxdale Ave., Winnetka, 111. Fred S. Levitt A.B. in English 13821 LaSalle Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Joseph I. Levy A.B. in Philosophy 228 Packard Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Marilyn Levy A.B. in Philosophy 228 Packard Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Mary Levy A.B. in French 45 Park Ave., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Phyllis B. Levy A.B. in Journalism 115 Central Park West, New York, N.Y. Donna R. Lewerenz A.B. in Education 56 Knox, Ecorse, Mich. Arthur J. Lewis B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 167 Cecil, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Ann L. Lewis A.B. in El. Education 541 W. Oakridge, Ferndale, Mich. Joan E. Lewis A.B. in El. Education 18450 Wildemere, Detroit, Mich. Nancy E. Lewis A.B. in El. Education 15657 Middlebury Dr., Dearborn, Mich. Richard G. Lewis B.S. in Zoology 221 W. Forest Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Richard W. Lewis A.B. in Political Science 3917 46th St., Long Island City, N.Y. Fred L. Leydorf B.B.A. in Finance 620 Marmee Ave., Toledo, Ohio Roger L ' Hommedieu B.S. in Pharmacy 12 Conley Rd., Ashtabula, Ohio John C. Lichty M.B.A. in Marketing 425 Second St., Traverse City, Mich. Jerome Liebow B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 3210 Ewald Circle, Detroit, Mich. Glenn M. Lieving B.S. in Botany and Bacteriology 7837 Hartwell, Dearborn, Mich. Guy I. Lillquist M.B.A. in Acc ' t. and Marketing Helsinki, Finland Joyce A. Lindberg A.B. in English 4325 N. Lockwood, Toledo, Ohio Julien J. Linde B.B.A. 64-20 Saunders, Rego Park, N.Y. Donald F. Linden B.S. in Design B-2 Arcadia Ct., Pontiac, Mich. Myron G. Lindow A.B. in Social Science 22601 Ardmore Pk., St. Clair Shores, Mich. Leo A. Lindquist M.D. 1043 Lincoln, Hancock, Mich. Barbara B. Lindsay A.B. in El. Education 2624 Barrington Dr., Toledo, Ohio Carl E. Lipnik M.D. 230 Plymouth Rd., Plymouth, Mich. Kathleen K. Little R.N. Shepherd, Mich. Robert G. Littleson B.B.A. in Marketing 728 Emmons, Birmingham, Mich. Michael Liuzzi A.B. in Far Eastern Studies 1444 St. Charles P., Roslyn, Pa. 406 r fs n Chuen C. Lo B.S.E. (C.E.) 3A Avenida Horta e Costa, Macau, China Alfred D. Lobo B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 11 Rajmahal, Bombay, India Robert T. Loeldein B.S. in Wood Tech. Twin Lakes, Kent, Ohio Carole L. Lofgren A.B. in English 1311 Monroe Ave., River Forest, 111. Hall A. Logan M.S.M. in Wood Tech. Corpus Christi, Texas John D. Logan A.M. in Linguistics 1439 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Margaret A. Logan A.B. in English 16190 Glostonbury Rd., Detroit, Mich. Donna B. Lokker B. Mus. in Education Route 1, Rives Junction, Mich. Eldred E. Lokker B.S. in Education 1730 N. Fourth St., Sheboygan, Wis. Mary E. Lonetti A.B. in Economics 4534 Kenilworth Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. John L. Loomis B.S. in Zoology 299 Trowbridge, Detroit, Mich. James H. LoPrete LL B. 3557 W. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. William K. Lord B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 1550 Washtenaw, Ann Arbor, Mich. Harry J. Loughrin M.D. 528 Bond St., Cadillac, Mich. Therion D. Loughrin M.D. 528 Bond St., Cadillac, Mich. Warren E. Louis 2813 S. Burdick St., Kalamazoo, Mich. D.D.S. D.D.S. William C. Love 15307 Mansfield, Detroit, Mich. Dolores J. Lowry B. Mus. in Voice Box No. 6 Gamboh, Canal Zone Robert A. Lowry, M.B.A. in Industrial Management 1322 Enslow Blvd., Huntington, W. Va. Peter T. Lucas B.S. in Geology 640 Riverside Dr., New York, N.Y. Vincent R. Lucas B.S.E. (Ind. E.) Box 2193 University Branch, Ann Arbor, Mich. Alan E. Luckoft A.B. in Journalism 19617 Renfrew Rd., Detroit, Mich. Marvin J. Lulofs B.B.A. in Accounting 1179 Williams St., Muskegon, Mich. Joan L. Lumbers Cert, in Dental Hygiene 306 N. Saginaw, Durand, Mich. Stanley G. Lush B.B.A. 10 West St., Galeton, Pa. Carol W. Lutz A.B. in El. Education 117 North Edison, Royal Oak, Mich. Michael Liuzzl A.B. in Far Eastern Studies 1444 St. Charles PI., Roslyn, Pa. James W. Lyle B.S.E. (Phys.) 130 Roslyn Dr., Youngstown, Ohio Carol A. Lyman B. Mus. in Education Mason Hill Rd., Brooklyn, Conn. Frank S. Lyndall M.B.A. 907 Lincoln, Ann Arbor, Mich. Allison L. MacArthur A.B. in English 107 West McKay St., Saline, Mich. Dorothy J. MacKay A.B. in Sociology 814 Hayes, Gary, Ind. Eugene Mackevich A.B. in Economics 841 Junior Terr., Chicago, 111. Alexander D. MacLellan B.B.A. 2354 Madison Ave., Montreal, Canada Helen Macotsin A.B. in History 1341 Kennedy St., N.W., Washington, D.C. Nick G. Madias Bachelor of Architecture 116 Hill St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 407 Adolph H. Magnus H.B.A. in Acc ' t. and Finance 44 Delaware, Pontiac, Mich. Bruce J. Maguire B.B.A. 1520 W. Lenawee, Lansing, Mich. Louis D. Mahue M.D. 414 Creston Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Ernest A. Maier B.S.E. (Nav. Arch.) 2179 X. 63rd St., Wauwatosa, Wis. Ruth A. Maki R.X. Pike Loc., Wakefield, Mich. Joan S. Malamud A.B. in Sociology 77-14 113 St., Forest Hill, New York, N.Y. Evelyn F. Malawista A.B. in History 2195 Grand Concourse, New York, N.Y. Bruce A. Mallernee D.D.S. 136 Ridgeway Dr., Battle Creek, Mich. Violet M. Mallison Bachelor of Design Box 155, Bear Lake, Mich. Paul B. Malloy B.S.E. (Met. E.) 1751 Brockway, Saginaw, Mich. Seymour H. Mandell A.B. in Architecture 2716 W. Grand Ave., Detroit, Mich. Patricia S. Mann B. Mus. in Education 1173 Nottingham, Grosse Pointe, Mich. James W. Manning M.B.A. 843 Puritan, Birmingham, Mich. James J. Manson B.S.E. (C.E.) 5200 S. Martindale, Detroit, Mich. John M. Mansperger A.B. in Music Box 433, The Hill Farm, Ramney W. Va. Robert L. Mantle B.B.A. in Accounting 814 Sylvan St., Ann Arbor, Mich. David R. Manwaring A.B. in Political Science 1674 Broadway, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert M. Margolin B.B.A. 535 Mantuck Blvd., Brightwaters, N.Y. Harold A. Marks B.S. in Political Science 2217 Hall St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Wilbur J. Markstrom B.B.A. in Accounting R.F.D., Covert, Mich. Joan K. Marlow A.B. in English 407 Pine St., Waterloo, Iowa Ardythe J. Marquardt A.B. in El. Education 1125 Benjamin, Grand Rapids, Mich. Doris E. Marsh A.B. in History. 506 Atwater St., Saginaw, Mich. Mary K. Marsh A.B. in English 1231 Sigsbee, S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Donald W. Marshall M.S.E. (C.E.) 522 N. Godfrey St., Cameron, Mo. Jeanne A. Marshall A.B. in English 5530 N. Capitol, Indianapolis, Ind. Donald C. Martell B.S. in Design 3217 14th Ave., Kenosha, Wis. Edward H. Martin D.D.S. 1104 Cedar, Niles, Mich. Jean C. Martin A.B. in English 1764 Spring Dr., Louisville, Ky. James D. Martin B.B.A. in Finance 18331 Lancashire Rd., Detroit, Mich. Thomas K. Martindale B.B.A. in Accounting Rt. No. 1, Brighton, Tenn. Ronald M. Martinson B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 805 Summit, Eveleth, Minn. Priscilla H. Martz R.N. 724 Lakeview, Birmingham, Mich. Paul Marx A.B. in Economics 3260 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Marie-Phristiane Maselis A.M. in Psychology 14 Av. Lagae, Roulers, Belgium Conrad J. Mason B.S. in Physics 9601 Everts, Detroit, Mich. 408 Janet M. Mason Cert, in Dental Hygiene 2576 Fermvood Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. William G. Mason M.D. 815 Arch St., Arbor, Mich. Lewis N. Marters B.B.A. 6551 Maple Dr., Clarkston, Mich. Leroy L. Mastic B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 137 S. Carolina, Saginaw, Mich. John P. Matchefts B.S. in Education 814 Summit, Eveleth, Minn. a o Janice H. Mathes Armada, Mich. Mary C. Matheson A.B. in French Bachelor in Design 123 Union, N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert K. Matheson B.B.A. in Accounting 5091 Berkshire, Detroit, Mich. Robert G. Mathews B.B.A. 65 Longcommon Rd., Riverside, 111. Kaz Matsumoto B.S. in Zoology 18216 Oakland, Detroit, Mich. John J. Mauriel A.B. in Economics 1108 Union St., Schenectady, N.Y. Robert W. Maxwell M.S. in Chemistry 203 North Rd., Lindamere, Wilmington, Del. Edward A. May B.S. in Geology 11343 96th St., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Charles I. Mayer B.B.A. 415 Burns Dr., Detroit, Mich. Gilford H. Mayes LL.B. 807 McKinley Ave., Kellogg, Idaho William L. Mayo A.B. in Geology 365 Notre Dame, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert W. Mayrose B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1704 McGraft St., Muskegon, Mich. Helen J. Mazneff A.B. in Speech 16877 Stout, Detroit, Mich. Donald H. McCandliss M.D. 166 Grand Ave., N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. John J. McCann A.B. in Pre-Medicine Beulah, Mich. Ned McClellan B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 914 Seventh Ave., Bristol, Tenn. David R. McClurg B.B.A. in Finance 5705 Hawthorne Rd., Little Rock, Ark. Hone McConnellee B.S. in Design 14617 Horger, Allen Park, Mich. Marjorie J. McConnell M.A. in Library Science 15840 Ward, Detroit, Mich. James E. McConnelee B.S.E. (Ae.E.) 8 Lincoln Ave., Albany, N.Y. Carroll A. McCortney A.B. in English 4738 llth Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. David R. McCubbrey M.D. 14659 Mayfield, Detroit, Mich. Ann T. McDonald B.S. in Design 808 W. Grand, Hastings, Mich. Patricia A. McDonald A.B. in Mathematics 1338 Cornell Dr., Dayton, Ohio Robert E. McDonald A.B. in Psychology 1501 Mound, Jackson, Mich. Porter W. McDonnell M.S.E. (C.E.) 3464 Kingsgate Blvd., Toledo, Ohio Shirley A. McFadden R.N. Route No. 2, Cheboygan, Mich. Allan R. McGregor B.S. in Education 129 W. Witherbee St., Flint, Mich. William C. Mclntosh B.B.A. in Accounting 13565 Wisconsin, Detroit, Mich. John H. McKennell B.B.A. 569 Christie St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada John J. McKean B.S.E. (C.E.) 7055 Roy Rd., Swartz Creek, Mich. 409 Joel S. McKible A.B. in Psychology 3999 Dickinson Ave., New York, N.Y. Ann W. McKinley M. Mus. in Theory 323 Liberty St., Pontiac, Mich. Mary M. McKinney A.B. in Anthropology 318 Barbeau St., Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. John L. McKnight A.B. in Physics 14058 Greenview, Detroit, Mich. Dean B. Mclaughlin A.B. in English 1214 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Marrorie A. McLean B.S. in Nursing 4103 Parkway Dr., Royal Oak, Mich. Mary N. McLean A.B. in Economics 244 Washington St., Geneva, N.Y. F. Gilbert McMahon M.D. 12079 Sussex Ave., Detroit, Mich. Jeanne Y. McNaughton Cert, in Dental Hygiene 507 Potter Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Michael A. McNerney A.B. in Letters and Law 3401 Devonshire, Cleveland, Ohio Patricia A. McVeigh B.S. in Chemistry 13928 Kilhourne, Detroit, Mich. Marilyn F. McWood A.B. in Speech 5960 Shallow Brook, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. James K. Meacham Bachelor of Architecture 21 Williams St., Milan, Ohio Charles R. Meetsma B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 244 Amity Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Naomi N. Mehlman A.B. in English 1131 Trafalgar St., West Englewood, N.J. Enver Mehmedbasich B.S. in Chemistry 7569 Russell, Detroit, Mich. Ann Meissnex B.S. in Public Health Nursing 1213 W. Huron, Ann Arbor, Mich. Alice Mencher A.B. in English 800 West End Ave., New York, N.Y. JoAnne Mendlow A.B. in Education 19960 Ward Ave., Detroit, Mich. William H. Merner B.B.A. in Marketing 515 Hampshire Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. Richard J. Merrill B.S. in Chemistry 1012 College Ave., Racine, Wis. Carol L. Messer Bachelor in Architecture 3005 W. Drayton, Ferndale, Mich. John W. Messer A.B. in Classical Studies 7909 Lincoln, Evanston, 111. David C. Metz B.B.A. 36 Maynard Dr., Eggertsville, N.Y. Walter L. Meyer B.S. in Chemistry 117 Erie St., Oak Harbor, Ohio Roberta Q. Meyers A.B. in Latin 464 Jackson Ave., Glencoe, 111. Joseph L. Middleton B.B.A. 5607 Somerset, Detroit, Mich. Leslie N. Millar B.B.A. 203 N. Erie Ave., Bay City, Mich. Thirza Millar A.B. in Historv 20419 W. Chicago, Detroit, Mich. David J. Millard M.D. 511 Lawrence, Ann Arbor, Mich. Margaret B. Millard A.M. in Education 511 Lawrence, Ann Arbor, Mich. James M. Miller A.B. in Speech 360 E. Westminster Ave., Lake Forest, 111. John P. Miller M.B.A. in Industrial Marketing 400 W. Ridge St., Marquette, Mich. Lorraine A. Miller R.N. 2334 W. Willow St., Lansing, Mich. Oscar J. Miller A.B. in Political Science 3520 East St., Saginaw, Mich. Shirley A. Miller R.N. 309 East Ludington St., Iron Mountain, Mich. 410 William F. Miller B.B.A. in Finance 7855 Westfield R.D., Indianapolis, Ind. George R. Mills M.D. 209 Hersey St., Cadillac, Mich. Herbert A. Mills A.B. in Political Science 2725 Bailey, Dearborn, Mich. Jay F. Mills A.B. in Speech 11 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N.J. John G. Mills A.B. in English 101 North Ingalls, Ann Arbor, Mich. Mary J. Mills A.B. in Speech 002 Bassett Ave., Endicott, N.Y. Oliver A. Miltner A.B. in Political Science 5300 Newport, Detroit, Mich. Chulam M. Minhas M.S.E. (Met. E.) 12 Bombay Blvd., Opp. Plaza Ciuemai Bunder, RJ. Karochi (W. Pakistan) Patricia M. Misiolek B.S. in Dental Hygiene 7907 Reuter, Dearborn, Mich. Thersea M. Misuraca A.B. in Economics 8001 64th Lane, Glendale, Long Island, N.Y. Michael E. Mitchell B.S.E. (E.E.) 1339 4th St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Mary A. Mitteer M. in Social Work Shelby, Mich. Albert T. Miyama A.B. in Economics 104 Watson, Detroit, Mich. Yonemichi Miyashirv A.B. in Zoology P.O. Box 422, Kapaa, Kauai, T.H. Robert A. Moffatt B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 15600 Woodland Dr., Dearborn, Mich. William C. Mogk A.B. in History 430 Piper, Detroit, Mich. Otto G. Molnen A.B. in Psychology 3452 Iroquois, Detroit, Mich. Hannah H. Molod A.B. in Education 1468 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Samuel E. Molod A.M. in Lib. Science 1468 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Abraham J. Monier A.B. in Pre-Professional 503 Adams St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Alfred L. Monks A.B. in Russian 206 N. Sheridan, Bay City, Mich. A. Paul Monson B.S. in Psychology 722 N. State, St. Ignace, Mich. Robert L. Moon B.B.A. in Marketing 133 Spring St., Battle Creek, Mich. Winnie N. Moon B.S. in Pharmacy 10624 W. Jefferson Ave., River Rouge, Mich. Donald L. Moore B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1027 S. Franklin, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Harriet E. Moore A.B. in Mathematics 545 Suffield Rd., Birmingham, Mich. James H. Moore A.B. in English 2009 Begole St., Flint, Mich. Peter W. Moore B.S.E. (Mech. E.) Cranbrook School, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Phyllis M. Moore B.S. in Pharmacy Sasse Rd., R.R. No. 4, Midland, Mich. Vishwas D. More M.S.E. (Mech. E.) 1257 Mangalwa Peth, Kolhapur, India John A. Moreland B.S. in Zoology 155 Burbank Dr., Snyder, N.Y. Edwin E. Morey M.D. 15757 Marlowe, Detroit, Mich. Alan L. Morgan B.S. in Pre-Medicine 6649 Wilkins Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Francis W. Morgan D.D.S. 1427 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. John M. Morgan B.S.F. (Forestry) 1220 Harris Trust Bldg., Chicago, 111. Louise E. Mogen B.S. in Chemistry 47 Glen Ridge Pkwy., Glen Ridge, N.J. 411 Gene E. Morrison B.B.A. in Accounting 2101 Prospect Ave., N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert B. Morrison A.B. in History 6739 S. Dorchester, Chicago, Mich. Robert A. Morrow Bachelor of Design 439 Merrill, Birmingham, Mich. Richard R. Mottern B.S.E. (E.E.) 130 Swift St., Auburn, N.Y. Mariorie A. Mowrer B. Mus. in Education 605 3rd. Ave., Rock Falls, 111. J. Robert Mueller A.B. in Mathematics 20547 W. Chicago, Detroit, Mich. Ernest Mulder B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 1313 Marshall Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Joad B. Muller-Carioba B. Mus. in Literature 265 Rua Alves Guimaraes, Sao Paolo, Brazil Audrey L. Murphy A.B. in El. Education 401 North Main, Scottville, Mich. Layton B. Murphy A.M. in Library Science 206 W. Hart, San Antonio, Texas Richard T. Murphy D.D.S. 9722 Evarts, Detroit, Mich. Robert A. Murphy B.S.E. (Mech. E ) 1628 22nd., Wyandotte, Mich. Theda B. Murphy M. in Public Health 2626 Benvenue Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Richard B. Murray B.B.A. in Marketing 671 Bates, Birmingham, Mich. Thomas J. Murray A.B. in Speech 332 E. Williams, Ann Arbor, Mich. Jackline M. Myers B.S. in Dental Hygiene Galien, Mich. John H. Nadeau B.S. in Pre-Medicine 1712 7th St., Menominee, Mich. Rosemarie E. Nagel A.B. in English 17837 Wanda, Detroit, Mich. Gordon C. Naylor, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 2489 Park Row East, Montreal, Canada William E. Nawyn A.M. in History 115 McReynolds Ave. N.W. Grand Rapids, Mich. Jack H. Nearhoof B.S. in Pharmacy 1440 Girard-Church Hill Rd., Youngstown, Ohio Betsy Nebel A.B. in English 3259 Dorchester Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio William R. Nelle B.S.E. (C.E.) 15403 Lesure, Detroit, Mich. Leona M. Nelles A.B. in Political Science 102 N.E. Ninth, Macison, S.D. Donald F. Nelson M.S. in Physics 4608 Ottawa Dr., Okemos, Mich. Merle A. Nelson B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 1001 Lake Shore Dr., Eseanaba, Mich. Nancy L. Nelson A.B. in Speech 3430 Mooney Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Richard S. Nelson A.B. in Speech 305 Third St., Monongahela, Pa. Richard V. Nepstad B.B.A. 25265 Waycross Rd., Birmingham, Mich. Gordon A. Neufang A.B. in French 7332 Broadway, Alden, N.Y. Richard H. Neuman M.D. 22525 Law Ave., Dearborn, Mich. Albert J. Neumann B.S.E. (E.E.) 13992 Alma, Detroit, Mich. Karl R. Newman B.S. in Geology 422 Rosewood Ave., E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Charles D. Newton LL.B. 18 Wadsworth St., Geneseo, N.Y. Maryelizabeth Newton A.B. in El. Education 3124 Horton Rd., Jackson, Mich. Richard A. Newton Bachelor of Architecture Old Tappan Rd., Old Tappan, N.J. 412 Paul L. Ng LL.B. 2009 Oswald St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Aristedes S. Nicholas B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 657 Lyon St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert G. ' Nichols B.B.A. in Accounting 600 W. Xapier, Benton Harbor, Mich. Mary E. Nielsen B.S. in Nursing Brown City, Mich. Philip R. Nielsen M.B.A. in Marketing 720 Ardsley Rd., Winnetka, 111. Robert I. Nielsen M.S.E. 471 W. Geixdale, Detroit, Mich. Edward J. Niemiec B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 6870 Mercier, Detroit, Mich. Robert Nimmo A.B. in Speech 2401 Welch Boulevard, Flint, Mich. Harmon D. Nine B.S. in Physics 1614 Evans, Detroit, Mich. Caroline M. Nix A.B. in Zoology Indian Hill Rd., Collinsville, Conn. Margaret E. Nix Ph.D. in Public Health 431 Greenwood PI., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Donald L. Noah B.S.E. (Mar. E.) R.R. No. 1, Sanford, Mich. Arthur W. Nolen D.D.S. 241 Clarendon, East Lansing, Mich. Salahaddin Noraddin M.S.E. (C.E.) Kirkuk-Bullak, Iraq John C. Norburg B.S.E. (E.E.) 1260 Seneca, S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Ruth A. Nordlinger A.B. in El. Education 115 Central Park West, New York, N.Y. Franklin C. Norman A.B. in Pre-Medicine 125 5th St., Brookings, S.D. Warren E. Norquist B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 78 Newton Ave., Jamestown, N.Y. Robert P. Northcott A.B. in El. Education 15060 Faust, Detroit, Mich. Lome J. Norton B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 903 Rivard Blvd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert L. Novy B.S.F. (Forestry) 2910 Iroquois Ave., Detroit, Mich. Richard H. Nuenke B.S. in Chemi stry 210 S. Dewitt St., Bay City, Mich. William G. Nuffer B.B.A. 1211 Salzburg Ave., Bay City, Mich. Terry N. Nulf B.B.A. in Finance 3338 Eastbrook Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. Jean B. Nunneley A.B. in Social Studies 26 Belleview, Mt. Clemens, Mich. James J. Nyberg M.S.E. (E.E.) 10505 S. Bell, Chicago, 111. Marian M. Oakes A.B. in Journalism Route No. 1., Penninsula Dr., Traverse City, Mich. Janet S. Obert A.B. in Political Science 1318 8th Ave., S., Escanaba, Mich. Cecil J. O ' Boyle B.B.A. in Accounting 1126 W. 12 Mile, Royal Oak, Mich. Malcolm L. Ochs A.B. in Speech 1529 Dadis St., Wyandotte, Mich. Roger H. Getting B.B.A. 1236 Marquette Dr., Detroit, Mich. Arden W. Ohl A.M. in Geography West Branch, Iowa William H. O ' Keeffe B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 64 Hillside Ave., Rockville Centre, N.Y. Ruth A. Oldberg A.M. in English 726 Puritan, Birmingham, Mich. Nancy J. Olian A.B. in Fine Arts 72 Stearns Rd., Brookline, Mass. Doris E. Oliver A.B. in Spanish 248 S. Edith St., Pontiac, Mich. 413 John G. Oliver B.S.E. (E.E.) 25450 Graham. Detroit. Mich. Donald G. Oliver B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 2036 Madison Ave., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Benjamin L. Olsen B.B.A. 827 Forest, Muskegon, Mich. Patricia H. Olsen A.B. in Fine Arts 23 S.W. 21st Ave., Miami, Fla. Ruth P. Olsen B.S. in Dental Hygiene 815 Brookwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert B. Olsen A.B. in Letters and Law 309 Broad St., L ' Anse, Mich. G. Ikem Olvonye M.S.E. (C.E.) Cable Point, Asaba, Nigeria, W. Africa Harold N. Onubogu B.S.A. (Ch.E.) 3 Cemetery Road, Onitsha, Nigeria Dorothy H. Orr A.B. in E|. Education 1246 Garden Court, Dearborn, Mich. Lenore Orsolek A.B. in English 910 Sheridan Ave., New York, N.Y. Amogia P. Osadchuk A.B. in El. Education 13178 Moran St., Detroit, Mich. Noriko Osawa A.B. in Linguistics 27-4 daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan Donald W. Osborn A.B. in Sociology 314 Beaupre Rd., Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. Mark Oscherwitz A.B. in English 3825 Winding Way, Cincinnati, Ohio Herschel L. Ostrov B.B.A. 1310 Paddock Hills Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Leo A. Ostrowski A.B. in History 4758 Euclid Ave., East Chicago, Ind. Bernice S. Oxga A.B. in English 4615 51st St., Detroit, Mich. Dale R. Paape Bachelor of Architecture 640 Oxford Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Mildred A. Paavo B.S. in Medical Technology 18473 Griggs, Detroit, Mich. Lilia Pachon-Gomez, A.M. in Romance Languages Calle 18 No. 5-96, Bagota, Colombia Sidney B. Pachter A.B. in Speech 36-11 Bowne St., Flushing, N.Y. Robert A. Packer A.B in History 2608 Lake-view, Chicago, 111. Charles W. Paetzke A.B. in Mathematics 12829 Filbert, Detroit, Mich. Edward C. Palmer B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 243 Ransom Ave., N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Judith M. Palmer A.B. in French 674 Lake Rd., Webster, N.Y. Rachel Pancheri A.B. in Mathematics Quinnesec, Mich. Milford D. Panzer M.D. 344 Hawthorne Ave., Newark, N.J. Yorgi Papamihalis M.S.E. (C.E.) Beyoglu, Cihangir, Simsirci Sok, Kristal Apt. 1 7 Istanbul, Turkey James Pappas B.S.E. (Ch.E. and Met.E.) 1332 Geddes Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard K. Park M D 2004 5th Ave., Bay City, Mich. Jean C. Parker B.B.A. 1020 Constitution Blvd., New Kensington, Pa. Roscoe G. Parker B.B.A. in Accounting 122 Michigan Ave., Clinton, Mich. William J. Parker B.S.E. (E.E.) 2282 W. Dodge Rd., Clio, Mich. Marjory H. Parkinson A.B. in Spanish 115 South Higby, Jackson, Mich. William H. Parth M.S. in Physics 3342 Rust St., Saginaw, Mich. Walter M. Patchak Bachelor of Architecture 1428 Enfield Ct., Willow Run, Mich. 414 Roy Patterson M.D. 138 W. Arch St. Ironwood, Mich. Arline A. Patton A.B. in Sociology 2711 Landon Rd., Shaker Hts., Ohio Robert W. Patton B.B.A. 15961 Woodland Dr., Dearborn, Mich. Philip T. Paul B.B.A. in Industrial Marketing 14889 Marlowe, Detroit, Mich. Frank J. Pauly B.S.E. (Ae.E.) 88 Tamarack St., Buffalo, N.Y. Charles E. Payne M.D. 427 Trowbridge St., Allegan, Mich. David M. Pear A.B. in History 267 Lewiston Rd., Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. Elaine M. Pearlman A.B. in Religions and Ethics 177 Morris Ave., Providence, R.I. Leonard D. Pearlman B.B.A. 177 Morris Ave., Providence, R.I. Carole E. Pearson B.S. in Pre-Professional 7745 American, Detroit, Mich. Wallace G. Pearson A.B. in Letters and Medicin 720 W. Lenawee, Lansing, Mich. Sallie P. Pechauer B.S. in Nursing 18450 San Jose, Birmingham, Mich. Joyce E. Peck A.B. in English 908 Blair St., Flint, Mich. Richard L. Peck D.D.S. 1435 Sudbury Ct., Willow Run, Mich. Shirley G. Peck A.B. in Political Science 368 Greene Ave., Sayville, N.Y. Melvin L. Peden B.S.E. (C.E.) 3423 Carpenter, Ypsilanti, Mich. Bernhardt L. Pederson B.S.E. (C.E.) 214 E. Hewitt, Marquette, Mich. John Pelish B.S. Wood Tech. 10 West End Ave., Singac, N.J. Elwin M. Pell M.S.E. (C.E.) 124 W. Grant St., Plainwell, Mich. Sylvester F. Pelowski B.S.E. (E.E.) 18841 Gable, Detroit, Mich. Maurice S. Pelto B.S. in Zoology 42 Bowen, Battle Creek, Mich. Ann G. Pendleton A.B. in History 825 Morewood Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Richard J. Penney Bachelor of Arch. Engineering 511 Gardenia Ave., Royal Oak, Mich. Roger L. Penning B.B.A. in Accounting 2032 Stafford Ave, S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard A. Pereles B.S.E. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 4376 N. Alpine, Milwaukee, Wis. Burton L. Perry B.S. in Pre-Professional 38 Rowe Lane, Midland, Mich. Robert M. Perry B.S.E. (C.E.) 217 Haven Ave, New York, N.Y. James S. Peterson B.B.A. 126 Clyde Ave, Evanston, 111. David E. Peterson A.B. in History 1413 Blaine Ave, Grand Rapids, Mich. Phyllis J. Peterson A.B. in El. Education Galien, Mich. Thomas R. Peterson M.D. 1724 Villa, Racine, Wis. William D. Peterson M.D. 1895 Hile Rd, Muskegon, Mich. Ross M. Pfalzgraff B.S. (Ind.-Mech. E.) 423 Riverview Rd, Swathmore, Pa. J. John Pfiffner B.S. in Chemistry 1832 Vinewood, Ann Arbor, Mich. John D. Pfluke Bachelor of Architecture 548 Allen Creek Rd, Rochester, N.Y. Lynn A. Phelps M.D. Manton, Mich. 415 Robert A. Phelps A.B. in Geology 52 Winter, Battle Creek, Mich. William C. Phillippi A.B. in Psychology 10001 Ingram, Plymouth, Mich. John F. Phillips B.S.F. (Forestry) 16 Terrace St., Montpelier, Vt. John R. Piazza B.S.E. (Ch. and Met. E.) 15476 Stout Ave., Detroit, Mich. Edward M. Pickett A.B. in Economics 39 Meadowbrook Rd., Hamden, Conn. Carolyn S. Pickle Bachelor of Design 14650 Penrod, Detroit, Mich. Albert P. Pickus A.B. in Speech 409 18th St., Sioux City, Iowa James W. Pierce A.B. in Education 207 X. Howe St., Ludington, Mich. Leonard R. Piggott A.B. in Pre-Medicine 19177 Grendville, Detroit, Mich. Rene C. Pinchuk A.M. in Design 2288 Taylor, Detroit, Mich. Mark H. Piper A.B. in Economics 1520 Linwood Ave., Flint, Mich. Jack O. Piruzzolo B.S.E. (Xav. Arch.) 142 W. Helen, Hamden, Conn. Fred D. Pitman Bachelor of Architecture 2080 4th, Wyandotte, Mich. Richard Placeway B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 155 Caulkins St., Imlay City, Mich. Renate Plau A.B. in Education 1013 25th X.W., Canton, Ohio Barbara J. Platte A.B. in El. Education 625 Peck St., Muskegon Heights, Mich. Louis R. Plummer A.B. in Education 2273 X. Madison, Saginaw, Mich. Edward H. Poindexter M.S. in Minerology 1504 Boston Blvd., Lansing, Mich. Constance D. Pokela A.B. in English Chassell, Mich. Albert B. Polen B.B.A. in Marketing 1852 Lee Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio Robert J. Ponitz D.D.S. 1524 Park Ave., Bay City, Mich. Richard T. Ponsetto B.S. in Pharmacy 322 Cloverdale PL, Flint, Mich. Leonard Posner D.D.S. 16659 Washburn, Detroit, Mich. Richard L. Posner A.B. in Geography 1450 University Terr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Duane R. Possanza B.S. in Pharmacy 430 Minckler, Iron River, Mich. Elizabeth C. Potter A.B. in English Mariner ' s Court R.F.D. Xo. 5, Huntington, X T .Y. Benjamin B. Powell A.B. in Anthropology 1615 LaSalle Ave., Xorfolk, Va. Harold R. Powers B.S.E. (E.E.) 16165 Tuller, Detroit, Mich. Lawrence F. Preitz B.S. in Pharmacy 812 12th Ave., Scranton, Pa. Thanom Premrasami M.S.F. (Wood Tech.) 23 Bangkasaw, Xordburi, Bangkok, Thailand Lawrence Preuss B.S. in Zoology 2203 Lafayette Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Claude H. Prevots A.B. in Philosophy 3679 Lakepointe Ave., Detroit, Mich. Jack M. Price A.B. in Journalism 1725 Pearson, Ferndale, Mich. John R. Price B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 210 E. John St., Martinsburg, W. Va. Laurence A. Price A.B. in Political Science 13500 Manor, Detroit, Mich. Russell E. Price B.B.A. 133 South Fifth St., Upper Sandusky, Ohio 416 Nancy J. Pridmore B.S. in Zoology 81 8. Washington St., Oxford, Mich. Gloria J. Prince A.B. in Speech Correction 3475 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. F. Joan Pruitt A.B. in English 2440 Lake View Ave., Chicago, 111. E. Arden Pryce B.S. in Design 1028 Pinecrest, Grand Rapids, Mich. Henry J. Pryzbek B.S. in Pharmacy 90 Pulaski St., Newark, N.J. Edwin P. Pezbylowicz B.S. in Chemistry 8035 Morgan St., Detroit, Mich. Reginald P. Pugh A.B. in Letters and Medicine 14960 Hartwell, Detroit, Mich. Suzanne L. Pullon A.B. in Speech 422 John St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Philip Purcell B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 816 Hill, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ilene M. Purdy A.B. in El. Education 631 Chicago Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Jean Purvis A.B. in English 3010 Foster Drive, N.E., Warren Ohio Jack S. Putnam B.B.A. in Insurance 1304 Berkshire, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Gus Pyrros A.B. in Political Science 13102 Cloverlawn, Detroit, Mich. George N. Queeley B.S. in Zoology 15 Haskins, Roxbury, Mass. Mary A. Queen Bachelor of Architecture 760 Stromley Rd., Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Aly A. Raafat Master of Architecture 1st University, Faculty of Eng., Cairo, Egypt R. Douglas Race A.B. in English 360 Nolly St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Eugene A. Radell B.S. in Chemistry 40 Sanford St., Rochester, N.Y. John P. Rahm M.D. 822 East " A " St., Iron Mountain, Mich. Lois E. Rahm A.B. in El. Education 414 East St., Iron Mountain, Mich. John F. Rajkovacz B.S. in Chemistry 1431 Sixth St., Muskegon Heights, Mich. Georgia S. Ralston B.S. in Nursing 74 Jefferson Ave., Maplewood, N.J. Susan J. Ralston A.B. in Speech 310 Burrows Rd., Kalamazoo, Mich. David S. Ramsey, B.S. in Bacteriology and Bot. 1325 Bedford Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Edward C. Randa B.B.A. 447 Repton Rd., Riverside, 111. David R. Randall B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 417 Mine St., Norway, Mich. Thomas A. Rankin A.B. in History 111 Acacia Ave., Ottawa, Canada Hazim J. Rassam B.S.E. (C.E.) Hospital St., Mosul, Iraq Barbara J. Rassweiler 860 W. Donald J. Rath Raco, Mich. Carl T. Rauch 206 Howard St., Gloria I. Rauchle B.S. in Chemistry Oakridge, Ferndale, Mich. M.S. in Biology M.D. Cadillac, Mich. A.B. in History 2013 Linwood, Royal Oak, Mich. John M. Raymond B.S.E. (C.E.) 610 Pine St., Owosso, Mich. Eugene L. Re B.S. in Mathematics 310 Wilonyear St., Bessemer, Mich. William R. Rech M.D. 169 Dwight St., Pontiac, Mich. Navnitlal B. Patel M.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1687 Kadwa Pole, Dariapua, Ahmedabad India 417 M tvvH W if k t. V) l ' . t ' Louise T. Redfield A.B. in French Woodridge Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Eugene J. Redmond B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 116 N. Adams, Ypsilanti, Mich. William B. Redmon M.D. 324 Thompson, Ann Arbor, Mich. John D. Reeber B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 22910 Buckingham, Dearborn, Mich. Constance V. Reed A.B. in Journalism 1413 Gillets Lake Rd., Jackson, Mich. James W. Reese D.D.S. 4346 Elmwood, Royal Oak, Mich. Josephine B. Reeve B.S. in Zoology 2451 Field, Detroit, Mich. Tobelle J. Regenstreich, B.S. in Dental Hygiene 554 Madera Ave., Youngstown, Ohio Nancy H. Regester A.B. in History 1039 Lyon St., N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Philip A. Reicher B.S. in Wood Tech. 5733 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo. Alan D. Reid B.S.F. (Forestry) 8415 Fountain, Hollywood, Calif. John H. Reid M.D. 10184 Hegel, Goodrich, Mich. Thomas J. Reigel B.S. in Chemistry 1407 E. Park PL, Ann Arbor, Mich. Gerald F. Reimers B.S. in Pre-Professional 638 S. Tenth St., Saginaw, Mich. Richard G. Reimus B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 211 S. Fourth St., Saginaw, Mich. Ronald F. Reinisch B.S. in Chemistry 195 Central Pkway., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Maryle H. Reiss A.B. in Education 193 16th Ave., Newark, N.J. Frances H. Reitz A.B. in Speech 16825 Wildemere, Detroit, Mich. John V. Reizian Bachelor of Architecture 17911 Ruth St., Melvindale, Mich. Ruth A. Renner A.B. in French 1259 Oakridge Dr., Cleveland Hts., Ohio Elliott R. Reum A.B. in Speech 13115 Broadstreet Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Harley E. Rex M. Mus. in Education 219 Ochre St., Lehighton, Pa. Richard C. Reynolds B.B.A. 70 Aldrich St., Battle Creek, Mich. Richard H. Rhodes A.B. in Economics 17209 Biltmore, Detroit, Mich. Clifton M. Rice D.D.S. 1204 Sudbury, Willow Run, Mich. Dorothy A. Rice Cert, in Dental Hygiene 1902 W. Third Ave., Flint, Mich. Richard M. Rich A.B. in Anthropology 2 C. Sta. Clara No. 9, Guatemala City, Guatemala, C.A. Mary J. Richards A.B. in Speech Correction 21 Island View Rd., Cape Elizabeth, Me. Jack W. Richardson, B.S. in Math, and Physics 410 Maple St., Grayling, Mich. Thomas R. Ricketts B.B.A. 3317 Buena Vista, Detroit, Mich. George D. Ridge B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 1105 Church St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles D. Ridgway B.S.F. (Wildlife Management) Yorkshire, 9th and Pine, Niagara Falls, N.Y. Robert J. Ridgway B.S. in Chemistry 435 Lowell St., Pontiac, Mich. William L. Ridley A.M. in History 11208 Balfour, Detroit, Mich. William L. Rieger B.S.E. (C.E.) 704 Irwin Ave., Albion, Mich. John L. Ries B.S.F. (Wildlife Management) 2151 Nixon Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. 418 l b r P p 4 fc liL i ( krfsfa Jessie A. Rilett R.N. Rte. No. 5, Clare, Mich. Barbara L. Riley B.S. in Education 6622 Braehurn Pkwy, Bethesda, Md. Bernard E. Rimkus Bachelor of Architecture 845 Dorroll St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Fay M. Ringer A.B. in Speech 21 Monroe Ave., Worcester, Mass. Hilda J. Ringlevist A.B. in English 306 Mulhollarid Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ant hony F. Ringold A.B. in Letters and Law 2550 E. 17th St., Tulsa, Okla. Albert E. Ritsema A.M. in Education 1246 Logan St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. John W. Ritter B.S.E. (Nav. Arch.) 203 N. Wayne St., Arlington, Va. John A. Roach A.B. in Speech 620 X. Waverly, Dearborn, Mich. Thomas A. Roach Juris Doctor 620 N. Waverly, Dearborn, Mich. Warren J. Robbins A.B. in Pre-Medical 135 Belmont Ave., Jersey City N.J. John H. Robertson B.S.E. (C.E.) 425 Cross St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Sanford R. Robertson B.B.A. 1155 Michigan Ave., Wilmette, 111. Walter N. Robertson B.S.E. (Met. E.) 26327 Dundee, Huntington Woods, Mich. Elizabeth J. Robinson A.B. in Social Studies 7075 Gartner, Detroit, Mich. Joan E. Robinson M. Mus. in Piano E. Hickory Grove Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. John D. Robinson M. Mus. in Education 623 Summer St., Olivet, Mich. Kenneth J. Robinson A.B. in History 18085 Warrington Dr., Detroit, Mich. Leonard J. Robinson A.B. in History 1443 Washtenaw, Ann Arbor, Mich. Loretta Roche A.B. in Psychology 4208 Beaconsfield, Detroit, Mich. Thomas W. Roche M D 523 Cadagua St., Coral Gables, Fla. Susan Roesser A.B. in Education 364 Voorhees Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. Carol L. Rogers A.B. in Spanish 3730 X. Rural, Indianapolis, Ind. Howard T. Rogers B.B.A. in Accounting 3210 Pine Lake Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Paul G. Rohlfing A.B. in Economics R.R. No. 2, X T ormandy Lane, Dayton, Ohio Anna J. Rplfe M. of Public Health Waddington Rd., Ogdensberg, N.Y. Frederik E. Ronecker B.B.A. in Accounting 5672 Main St., Williamsville, N.Y. Susan H. Roos A.B. in El. Education 2334 Corona Rd., Waukegan, 111. Duane R. Rorabacher B.S. in Psychology 506 W. Cross St., Ypsilanti, Mich. Harry E. Rosenberg B.B.A. 110 S. Vendome Ave., Margate City, N.J. Richard Z. Rosenfeld A.B. in English 401 S. Thompson, Jackson, Mich. Claire F. Rosenkoff A.B. in Sociology 60 Oakland St., Huntington, N.Y. Robert O. Rosenman B.B.A. 1057 Ardmore, Chicago, 111. Kenneth G. Rosenow M.D. R.F.D. No. 2, Free Soil, Mich. Martin G. Rosenthal B.S. in Zoology 4 Girard PL, Newark, N.J. Richard A. Rosenthal B.B.A. in Finance 1642 E. 56th, Chicago, 111. 419 Sanford Rosenzweig A.B. in Psychology 536 East Third St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Mary E. Ross A.B. in English 8104 Kingston Rd., Richmond, Va. Gerald M. Roth B.S.E. (Ae.E.) 409 42nd St., Union City, N.J. Elaine E. Rothman A.B. in English 16210 Ohio Ave., Detroit, Mich. Carolyn R. Rourke A.B. in El. Education 1113 Ruby, Haughton, Mich. Jerome M. Rovner A.B. in Political Science 70 Woodland Drive, Bridgeton, N.J. Marcus A. Rowden Juris Doctor 18246 Appoline, Detroit, Mich. Edward J. Rowe A.B. in History 1089 Washington Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Marcia L. Rowell A.B. in El. Education 868 Joslin St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Otto G. Ruehr B.S. in Mathematics 689 Mill St., Plymouth, Mich. John H. Ruskin M. of Public Health 6417 Memorial St., Detroit, Mich. Robert L. Ruskin A.B. in Pre-Professional 19121 Berkeley, Detroit, Mich. David M. Russell B.S.E. (C.E.) 900 X. Mildred, Dearborn, Mich. Robert H. Russell A.B. in Education 2120 Sheffield Drive, Kalamazoo, Mich. Phyllis E. Rust A.B. in El. Education 6223 X. 19th St., Arlington, Va. George C. Rusu Bachelor of Architecture 215 X. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Alice A. Ryan A.B. in El. Education 850 Virginal Pk., Detroit, Mich. Arthur W. Ryan B.B.A. 520 Xottingham Terr., Toledo, Ohio Marcia B. Ryan A.B. in Journalism 35 Klainecrest, Ft. Thomas, Ky. Richard A. Ryder B.S. (Fisheries) 1960 Arras Ave., Walkerville, Ontario, Canada Gil V. Sabuco A.B. in Sociology 7171 Davison Rd., Davison, Mich. Helen Sachs A.B. in History 754 Turner Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Edwin S. Sader A.B. in Economics 1114 E. 7th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Winifred A. Sadler A.B. in English 1510 Hill St., Ann Arbor, Mich. William A. Sadler A.B. in English 2402 Pioneer Rd., Evanston, 111. Paul W. Sage . B.S. in Mathematics 508 Clayberg, Bessemer, Mich. Michael L. Salata LL.B. 147 S. Xicholas St., St. Clair, Pa. Jose M. Salazar A.B. in Psychology Este 8 Bis 13, El Conde, Caracas, Venezuela Harold Salem B.S. in Pharmacy 1154 Windsor Ave., Windsor, Ontario, Canada Leo L. Salhaney B.S.E. (E.E.) 830 Watkins S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Eva G. Salzmann A.B. in Sociology 514 W. 110th St., New York, X.Y. Evelyn L. Samdal R.N. R.R. Xo. 1, Grand Haven, Mich. Calil Samra A.B. in Political Science 1907 Detroit St., Flint, Mich. Earl J. Samuels A.B. in History 20454 Stratford Rd., Detroit, Mich. Joseph C. Samyn B.S. in Pharmacy 3708 Maryland, Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth A. Sanders A.B. in Psychology 280 Linden Park PI., Highland Park, 111. 420 Loren C. Schmid B.S. in Physics 1301 Washtenaw Ave., Ypsilanti, Mich. Robert W. Schmidlin M D 230!) Arlington, Flint, Mich. Leona Schmidt B.S. in Pharmacy Rte. 4, Dowagiac, Mich. Thomas H. Schmidt Bachelor of Architecture 1125S. Park, Saginaw, Mich. Richard W. Schmude A.B. in Political Science 1323 Division St., St. Clair, Mich. Edward A. Schneider B.S.E. (Phys.) Kalkaska, Mich. Raymond H. Schneider B.B.A. in Accounting 9725 Berkshire, Detroit, Mich. Vincent E. Schoeck A.B. in English 1654 Graefield Rd., Birmingham, Mich. Eli D. Schoenfield A.B. in Political Science 1632 49th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Barbara J. Scholl B. Mus. in Composition 1300 X. State, Chicago, 111. Grace Schoonover B.B.A. Rte. 2, Washington, Iowa Joseph L. Schroeder Bachelor of Architecture 218 E. 15th St., Anderson, Ind. Norman G. Schroeder B.S.E. (C.E ) Rte. Xo. 2, L ' Anse, Mich. Marcia J. Schuler A.B. in El. Education 1794 Fulton Rd., Cleveland, Ohio Joanne P. Sanders A.B. in English 418 X. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ollie M. Sanders A.B. in Spanish 411 X. Fourth, Saginaw, Mich. Robert W. Sanders A.B. in Geography 700 E. First St., Iron Mountain, Mich. Leonard S. Sandweiss A.B. in Economics 2725 Burlingame, Detroit, Mich. Arthur J. Santo B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 1405 7th St., Muskegon Heights, Mich. Edward P. Sattelberger B.S E. (Mech E ) 23 Helen PI., Clifton, N.J. James E. Sauter LL B 721 Church St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Joseph F. Savin Bachelor of Architecture 3736 Fullerton, Detroit, Mich. Raymond H. Sawusch D.D.S. 258 Kenwood Ct., Grosse Pointe, Mich. James F. Scallin M D Box 52, Redfield, S.D. Joseph M. Scandura B.S. in Mathematics 516 Lombardy Blvd., Brightwaters, Long Island, X.Y. Jerome B. Schaack B.B.A. in Accounting 2837 Park PL, Evanston, 111. Gerd G. Schaefer Bachelor of Architecture 9907 Woodside, Detroit, Mich. Susan Schafer B. Mus. in Education Pinconning, Mich. Fred Schelkun D.D S 2421 Halleck, Detroit, Mich. Kent H. Schellenger A.B. in Political Science 4554 Starret Rd., Columbus, Ohio Josephine Scherer A.B. in Journalism 665 Lakeshore Rd., Grosse Point Shores, Mich. Yvonne W. Schilla B. Mus. in Education 444 2nd Ave. W., Dickinson, X.D. James P. Schindler D.D.S. 3739 E. Michigan Ave., Jackson, Mich. Judith A. Schirmer A.B. in English 2035 Gratiot Ave., Saginaw, Mich. Thomas G. Schmeckpeper B.S.F. (Forestry) 3631 W. 216th PL, Matteson, 111. Marlene A. Schulhauser, B.B.A. in Industrial Management 40 Constanso Way, San Francisco, Calif. 421 Sandra E. Schulman B B A 109 Bajart PL, Yonkers, N.Y. Carolyn K. Schultz A.B. in Education 2214 Paris S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Clarence H. Schultz M.D. 5801 Argyle, Dearborn, Mich. Joseph H. Schultz B.S. in Pharmacy Pinconning, Mich. Robert G. Schuur A.B. in Letters and Law 174 Edgemoor Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Caryl M. Schwab B.S. in Nursing 31 Wilson Ave., Struthers, Ohio Robert M. Schwaner B.S. in Wood Tech. 508 Monroe St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Murray B. Schwartzberg, A.B. in Political Science 75 E. 36th St., Paterson, N.J. Doris R. Schweikert A.B. in Sociology 417 Arbutus Ave., Manistique, Mich. Wilmer Schweinsberg M.B.A. in Accounting 504 Schoolcraft Rd., Marquette, Mich. Phyllis A. Schweitzer A.B. in English 814 Underwood St. N.W., Washington, D.C. Robert F. Schwindt, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations 7604 Castleton PI., Cincinnati, Ohio Barbara L. Scott B.B.A. 604 Rose Ave., Big Rapids, Mich. Ernestine Scott M. in Public Health 870 Orchard Rd., Willoughby, Ohio Nancy F. Scott A.B. in PMucation 411 S. Blackstone, Jackson, Mich. Robert E. Scott B.S.E. (E.E.) 1111 Wildwood Ave., Jackson, Mich. Stewart C. Scott D.D.S. 444 Frank St., Birmingham, Mich. Jeanette A. Scoville B.S. in Education 106 Nuttall Rd., Riverside, 111. Morton M. Scult A.B. in Letters and Law 1250 W. Rancho Dr., Phoenix, Ariz. Charles W. Scurlock Bachelor of Architecture 600 E. Kingsley, Ann Arbor, Mich. Mary L. Seabright A.B. in El. Education 530 McKinley St., Gary, Ind. Loren M. Seager A.B. in Psychology 716 W. Walnut, Kalamazoo, Mich. Mary H. Seavoy B. Mus. in Education Box 393, Baraga, Mich. Ronald E. Seavoy B.S. in Geology 10732 S. Hoyne Ave., Chicago, 111. David L. Sebald B.B.A. in Marketing 105 Kenwood Dr., Middletown, Ohio Mary Secan A.B. in El. Education 2360 Overridge, Pontiac, Mich. Neysa I. Seed B. Mus. in Education 3938 Ha%lhurst, Toledo, Ohio Marilyn K. Seeger A.B. in Political Science 14187 Evergreen, Detroit, Mich. Myrna E. Segal A.B. in El. Education 18066 Greenlawn, Detroit, Mich. Robert E. Segal A.B. in Psychology 70-04 Kessel St., Forest Hills, N.Y. Tugrul M. Sekili M.S.E. (C.E.) Hocaureys Dedebostan Sok. 29 7, Fatih-Istanbul, Turkey Genieve Sellards A.B. in German 3220 W. Huron River Dr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Conrad A. Semmelroth A.B. in History R.R. No. 6, Coldwater, Mich. Christopher Serbinoff A.B. in History 27 Mohawke Dr., Pontiac, Mich. E. Jeannette Seguin R.N. 303 First St., Ludington, Mich. Lenore R. Serck A.B. in English 89 Maple Dr., Great Neck, N.Y. 422 mm ft Hugo S. H. Seto B.B.A. 1818 Puki St., Honolulu, T. H. Sheridan H. Settler B.S. in Pre-Medicine L.U. 366, Langston, Okla. William A. Severance A.B. in Astronomy 513 Hillcrest Ave., E. Lansing, Mich. Richard H. Sewell A.B. in History 2823 Letchworth Pkwy., Toledo, Ohio Marjorie A. Shafer 120 Melrose St. Donald W. Shaffer 104 Kaufmann Ave Robert E. Shanahan Charlevoix, Mich. Sanford D. Shanblart B.S. in El. Education Melrose, Mass. A.B. in History Pittsburgh, Pa. A.B. in Pre-Medicine A.B. in Latin I 5227 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. James R. Shaner B.S.E. (E.E.) 212 Wainwright Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Cynthia E. Shapiro A.B. in English 1309 Somerset PI., N.W., Washington, B.C. Fayanne Shapiro A.B. in Education 59 Stone Ave., Bradford, Pa. David R. Sharer B.S.F. (Forestry) 3680 Menlo Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Mohamed Sharif M.S. Cons. 48 Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan Gordon C. Sharp A.B. in Pre-Medicine 1044 S. College, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. George F. Shatzel M.B.A. in Ind. Management 498 Lyell Ave., Rochester, N.Y. George W. Shaw B.S.E. (E.E.) 1509 Cleveland Ave., Niagara Falls, N.Y. Phyllis A. Shaw A.B. in Psychology 102 Forest Rd., Muncie, Ind. Roberta J. Shaw A.B. in El. Education 115 S. State, Nashville, Mich. Carolyn R. Shaye A.B. in English 19301 Strathcona, Detroit, Mich. L. Curtis Sheffield A.B. in Speech Correction 2226 Torrent St., Muskegon, Mich. Salih M. Sheibani B.S.E. (E.E.) 63 2 Kalici Kadhemain, Iraq Hsieh W. Shen B.S.E. (C.E.) 2012 Humboldt St., Santa Rosa, Calif. Howard C. Shepard B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 333 Washington St., Lapeer, Mich. Constance E. Shepherd B. Mus. in Education 665 Pearson, Ferndale, Mich. Robert E. Shepperly B.S. in Design 26 Detroit St., S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Leslie H. Sher D.D.S. 2632 Doris St., Detroit, Mich. Herbert I. Sherman LL.B. 3 Butler Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. Rita A. Sherman A.B. in Social Work 13600 Vassar Dr., Detroit, Mich. Adrienne Shufro A.B. in El. Education 2961 CoUingwood, Detroit, Mich. Eleanore J. Sidenberg A.B. in Social Work 431 College Ave., Niagara Falls, N.Y. Peter Siegel M.D. 3900 W. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. Carl W. Signer B.S. in Geology 1223 Willard, Ann Arbor, Mich. Jean Z. Signor A.B. in El. Education 1223 Willard, Ann Arbor, Mich. Alfred Silberberg, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 210 Asbury Ave., Westbury, L.I., N.Y. Frank J. Siller M.B.A. 915 College Ave., Houghton, Mich. Dolores E. Silver A.B. in Speech 3331 Webb Ave., Detroit, Mich. 423 Mil Leonard S. Simon B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 240 San Gabriel Dr., Rochester, N.Y. Vera A. Simon B.S. in Public Health 1307 State St., Schenectady, N.Y. Nemer G. Simmons A.B. in Political Science 1226 Sylvan, S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Joginder B. Singh Ph.D. in Political Science Box 661, Marysville, Calif. Sandra C. Sipkin B.S. in Med. Technology 6600 Luzon Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. James R. Smead B.B.A. 14035 Rutland, Detroit, Mich. Ted J. Smeckert D.D.S. 5494 Bricker Rd., Peck, Mich. James J. Smetana M.S.E. (Ind. E.) Rosebud, Texas James F. Smigel B.S.E. (Ch. E.) 3866 Yorkshire, Detroit, Mich. Beth M. Smilay A.B. in English 746 Avon Fields Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio David L. Smith A.M. in Education 112 1 A N. Cadwell St., Eagle Grove, Iowa Edwin M. Smith M.D. 562 Prospect Ave. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Eileen E. Smith R.N. 1214 Pettibone, Flint, Mich. James O. Smith D.D.S. 718 W. Fifth Ave., Flint, Mich. Lawrence A. Smith A.B. in History 144-44 38th Ave., Flushing, N.Y. Maurice D. Smith D.D.S. 1615 South Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard L. Smith B.B.A. in Accounting 647 Cove Rd., Weirton, W. Va. Stanley E. Smith B.S.F. (Wildlife Management) 303 8. Charles, Saginaw, Mich. Thomas J. Smithberger B.S.F. (Forestry) 1516 Hildreth St., South Bend, Ind. Eugene N. Smoley A.B. in Pre-Professional 1226 W. Branning Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. Joan Snodgrass A.B. in Pre-Social Work 3 Midland Gardens, Bronxville, N.Y. Jack M. Snyder A.B. in Speech Correction 9580 American Ave., Detroit, Mich. David Soh A.B. in Chemistry 1801 Ave. " P " , Brooklyn, N.Y. Dee K. Solether B.S.E. (Ind. E.) Jerry City, Ohio Stanley D. Solvick A.B. in History 12 Oak, Cocoa, Fla. James A. Sonnega A.B. in Speech Correction 1327 Garden St., Muskegon, Mich. Oscar Spaly A.M. in Economics 3285 E. Carpenter Rd., Flint, Mich. Patricia R. Spangenberg Cert, in Dental Hygiene 193 S. Union St., Sparta, Mich. Norman W. Sparks B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 804 Mackinaw St., Saginaw, Mich. Frederick T. Sparrow B.S. in Geology 1922 Day, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert L. Spatz LL.B. 713 43rd St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Donna J. Speerman B.S. in Mathematics 1027 Summit St., Owosso, Mich. Herbert A. Spence B.S.E. (C.E.) 6 Benton Rd., Saginaw, Mich. Barbara J. Spencer A.B. in Psychology 247 Park Ave., Arlington, Mass. Clyde J. Spencer A.B. in Pre-Medicine 243 Lafayette St., Ionia, Mich. Joanne N. Spencer A.B. in English 104 Furnace St., Marquette, Mich. 424 Norman M. Spencer B.S.E. (Ind. K.) 226 Storeh, Saginaw, Mich. Pierre T. Spencer A.B. in English 120 Meadow Lane, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lawrence W. Sperling A.B. in Political Science 1221 K. 26th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Charles P. Spoelhof B.S.E. (Phys.) 105 Union Blvd., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Beth C. Spring " tfich. R.X. Fibre, Mich Louis B. Stadler, Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical 7400 X. Custer Rd., Monroe, Mich. Chemistry Caroline Starr A.B. in El. Education 341 Richard Terr., Grand Rapids, Mich. Roseann B. Stasewich A.B. in Education 1133 E. Elza St., Hazel Park, Mich. William B. Stason B.S. in Pre-Professional 1719 Hermitage Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles J. Stauffer B. Music 508 Atlantic Ave., York, Pa. Patricia D. Steel B.S. in Med. Technology 3312 Mason St., Flint, Mich. Sally A. Steenrod Cert, in Dental Hygiene 880 Nottingham, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Donald L. Stein B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 719 E. Franklin St., Troy, Ohio Ruth A. Stein A.B. in Education 2923 Grand Ave., Detroit, Mich. Lois A. Steinberg A.B. in El. Education 2344 Drummond Rd., Toledo, Ohio Robert A. Steinberg A.B. in English 19372 Stoepel, Detroit, Mich. Geraldine A. Steiner R.N. 115 Xo. Sixth, Saginaw, Mich. Robert G. Steiner A.B. in Economics 55 I St., Chula Vista, Calif. Verena M. Stelps M. Mus. in Piano 1616 S. Jefferson, Saginaw, Mich. Chester R. Stempien Bachelor of Architecture 359 12th St., Xiagara Falls, N.Y. Raymond E. Stenseth B.S. in Pharmacy Bellevue, Mich. Joseph W. Stern A.B. in Zoology 18200 Pennington Dr., Detroit, Mich. Nancy B. Stevens B.B.A. 10 Hanover Rd., Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Richard M. Stevens D.D.S. 1148 Arlington St. X.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Constance L. Stiller A.B. in Speech Correction 1421 W. Huron St., Ann Arbor, Mich. John R. Stitt B.S.E. (AE.E.) 226 Oakwood, Jackson, Mich. Allan Stone B.B.A. 2820 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Serena Stone A.B. in English 1060 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. Thomas D. Stone B.B.A. 12527 Strasburg, Detroit, Mich. Thornton J. Stone B.S. in Mathematics 1618 Mills, Xo. Muskegon, Mich. Sandra L. Stotsky A.B. in French 619 E. University Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Lillian K. Strack A.B. in Fine Arts 412 E. 21st St., Brooklyn, X.Y. Ralph A. Straffon M.D. Harrington Rd., Croswell, Mich. Alan H. Strauss A.B. in Economics 1114WestSt.,Utica, N.Y. Edward M. Strauss B.B.A. in Accounting 19806 Winslow Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Robert G. Streicher M.D. 433 Hollywood, Monroe, Mich. 425 Velma R. Streicher B. Mus. in Violincello 960 Sheridan Ave., Ypsilanti, Mich. William H. Strickler B.S.E. (Met. E.) 312 Michigan Ave., Frankfort, Mich. Dorces W. Strong A.B. in English 16361 Brewster Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio James K. Strong D.D.S. 1114 Judson Ct., Ann Arbor, Mich. Carwin M. Strout B.B.A. in Marketing 56 High St., Bangor, Me. David D. Struthers B.S. in Geology 2072 Lochmoor, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Diana L. Styler A.B. in Pre-Social Work 160 Wadsworth Ave., New York, N.Y. Martin J. Suber A.B. in English 622 N. Ball St., Owosso, Mich. Lois R. Suckow A.B. in El. Education 1500 Hoemes, Springfield, 111. Mary A. Suino A.B. in English 1116 Brewster, Saginaw, Mich. Zdzislow E. Sulkowski B.S.E. (C.E.) 19250 Lancashire, Detroit, Mich. Mary A. Sullivan A.B. in English 5229 Devonshire, Detroit, Mich. Ralph E. Button 224 Henford Ave., Kingsford, Mich. Theophil J. Sutton 9342 Copeland Ave., Detroit, Mich. George Suzuki Ewa Oahu, T.H. Niels-Alf D. Svensen, M.S.E. (Nav. Arch B.B.A. M.D. M.D. and Hovfaret 64, Smestad, Oslo, Norway Mar. E) Lawrence C. Sweet A.B. in Education 318 W. Oliver St., Owosso, Mich. Don E. Swete B.S.E. (Phy. and Math.) 1046 Prince St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Howard K. Swihart M.B.A. in Accounting 295 W. Fifth St., Imlay City, Mich. Theressa R. Switous B.S. in Nursing 411 Eastern S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Nancy Symmonds B. Mus. in Education 710 Oakland, St. Johns, Mich. Donald E. Tackett B.S.E. (Mar. E.) 825 East Univ., Ann Arbor, Mich. Roy E. Takushi LL.B. 1420 D. Lunalilo St., Honolulu, T. H. Clement W. Tarn B.S. in Pharmacy P.O., Box 529, Wahiawa, Oahu, T.H. John C. Tanner Bachelor of Architecture 1617 Granger Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Catherine M. Taormina A.B. in French 21 Haendel St., Binghamton, N.Y. Helen E. Tappen B.S. in Dental Hygiene 5261 Vancouver, Detroit, Mich. Harry Tarpinian M.D. 1261 Casgrain, Detroit, Mich. James L. Tatum M. Mus. R.F.D. 2, Box 142, Mineola, Texas James R. Taylor B.S.E. (Ch. and Met.) 5510 Kendal, Dearborn, Mich. Marilyn J.Taylor B.S. in Nursing Williamsburg, Mich. Frederick A. Teague B.B.A. in Marketing 3250 W. Chicago Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Arax G. Tefankjian B.S. in Zoology 200 Shippen St., Weehawken, N.J. Ruth J. Teitelbaum A.B. in Sociology 1826 Broadway, Flint, Mich. Harvey F. Tennen A.B. in Political Science 19381 Robsan, Detroit, Mich. Richard J. Tennent A.B. in English 305 Michigan Ave., Sturgis, Mich. 426 lit V O i D. Katherine S. Tenney A.B. in English Ordonia 41, Louisiana, Mo. James O. Tetreault A.M. in English 23440 Noel Dr., Detroit, Mich. H. Patricia Texter A.B. in Speech 29!X) Seminole Ave., Detroit, Mich. Norman R. Thai B.S.E. (Ind. E.) 2718 Harrington Dr., Toledo, Ohio Virginia B. Theriault B.S. in Nursing 303 Castell Ave., Rochester, Mich. John C. Thomas LL.B. 8100 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich. Norman C. Thomas A.B. in Political Science 808 N. Front St., Marquette, Mich. Richard C. Thomas B.S.E. 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Cedar Springs, Mich., R.R. No. 1 Nancy S. Washburne A.B. in French 2653 Pittsfield Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Paul V. Wasilewski A.B. in Pre-Medicine 6050 Carpenter Rd., Ypsilanti, Mich. Moises Wasserman B.S.E. (C.E.) Calle 67 No. 5-27, Bogota, Columbia Barbara F. Watson A.B. in El. Education 408 Nob Hill PL, Ann Arbor, Mich. Carol Lynn Watson B.S. in Nursing 225 N. Birney, Bay City, Mich. James F. Watson B.S.E. (Met. E.) 1122 Court St., Port Huron, Mich. Joyce M. Watson B.B.A. in Accounting 28075 Lathrup, Birmingham, Mich. Robert A. Watson A.B. in Psychology Hillandale, Holly, Mich. James E. Way B.B.A. in Accounting 221 Homecrest Rd., Jackson, Mich. Robert H. Weatherill. Bachelor of Architecture 1113 Ferdon Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. John M. Webb B.B.A. in Finance 3491 Brookside Rd., Toledo, Ohio Patricia L. Webb B. S. in Nursing 2310 E. Osborn Rd., Phoenix, Ariz. Robert A. Webb A.B. in Journalism 6844 Scotch Lake Dr., Pontiac, Mich. Jeremy D. Webster B.S. in Pre-Professional 159 McKinley, Grosse Pointe, Mich. John W. Webster A.B. in Speech 6850 Commerce Rd., Pontiac, Mich. RoseMary Weeber R.N. Quarter ' s 20-B, Ft. Myer, Arlington, Va. Darwin J. Weersing D.D.S. 408 W. Williams, Owosso, Mich. Jan D. Wekenka A.B. in Geography 1321 Sibley, Grand Rapids, Mich. Laurence C. Wegiewka B.S. in Zoology 2675 22nd, Wyandotte, Mich. Rudolph P. Wegter B.S.E. (Met. E.) 333 Catherine Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Allan D. Weiner M.D. 2980 Richton, Detroit, Mich. 430 ! P iPi P s r Rosalie Weiner A.B. in Social Studies 2316 E. 17th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Beverly Weingarden A.B. in Education 19151 Monica, Detroit, Mich. Charles J. Weingarten B.S. in Pre-Medicine 18106 Cherrylawn, Detroit, Mich. ' Clarice Weinstein A.B. in Sociology 156 Butler Ave., Buffalo, X.Y. Donald H. Weir B.S. in Design 417 Washington St., Alma, Mich. Allen W. Weiss D.D.S. 20041 Robson, Detroit, Mich. Edith Weiss A.B. in El. Education 227 Tilloy lid., South Orange, X.J. Howard A. 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White B.B.A. in Accounting 527 X. Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Jean A. White A.B. in El. Education 1311 Fifth Ave., Youngstown, Ohio Leonard H. White B.B.A. in Real Estate 9053 Annapolis, Detroit, Mich. Russell L. Whitfield B.B.A. in Accounting 137 S. Connecticut, Royal Oak, Mich. William P. Whitfield B.B.A. 286 Cherokee Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Huber M. Whitlock B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 1266 Washington Rd., Rochester, Mich. Bruce O. Whittemore B.S.E. (Xav. Arch.) 1920 Xorway Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Keren M. Whittemore A.B. in Sociology 1920 Xorway Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Melvin G. Whybra B.S. in Mathematics 8324 Xavy, Detroit, Mich. Bert H. Wicking A.B. in History 781 Trombley, Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Frederick E. Wiedle B.S.E. (Civil E.) 8450 Eighty-Sixth Ave., Woodhaven, X.Y. William W. Wiedrich B.S. in Zoology 714 Superior Ave., Crystal Falls, Mich. Elizabeth M. Wienbrauch B.S. in Xursing 3518 Buick St., Flint, Mich. Burnie C. Wiersma A.M. in History 1030 Lee St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 431 X Dorothea R. Wiesenthal B.S. in Chemistry 177 Niagara St., Lockport, N.Y. George A. Willcox B.S.E. (E.E.) 247 S. Harris Rd., Ypsilanti, Mich. Martha J. Wilcox B.S. in Pharmacy 1103 S. University, Ann Arbor, Mich. Gordon B. Wilder B. Mus. in Education 128 S. Charles, Lansing, Mich. Justin E. Wilder B.S.E. (El.E.) Rte. 1, Pentwater, Mich. Barbara L. Wildman B.S. in Design Yellow Spring Rd., Padli, Pa. Thomas D. Wilkerson B.S. in Mathematics 20035 Briarcliff, Detroit, Mich. Carol Wilkey B. Mus. in Literature 1018 Spencer Rd., Joliet, 111. Roger W. Wilkins A.B. in Political Science 2032 Coit Ave., N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Nancy L. Willbrandt A.B. in Speech 440 Surby, Battle Creek, Mich. Howard P. Willens A.B. in Political Science 1109 Columbian Ave., Oak Park, 111. June B. Williams A.B. in English 22721 Arlington, Detroit, Mich. George W. Williams B.B.A. 11318 Cheyenne, Detroit, Mich. David H. Williams B.S.E. (Civil E.) 210 Harrow Rd., Birmingham, Mich. Donna L. Williams Cert, in Dental Hygiene 34927 University, Wayne, Mich. Juanita E. Williams A.B. in Education 2978 Beniteau, Detroit, Mich. Margaret A. Williams, A.B. in Political Science 5282 Lenox, Detroit, Mich. Marshall S. Williams M.D. 634 X. Fifth St., Ishpeming, Mich. William C. Williams A.B. in History 15 Emmons Ct., Wyandotte, Mich. Richard L. Williamson B.S. in Forestry 723 Fern PI. X.W., Washington, D.C. Warren P. Williamson B.S.E. (E.E.) 4500 Rush Blvd., Youngstown, Ohio Carol M. Willoughby B. Mus. in Education 21722 Greenview, Detroit, Mich. Dora J. Willson B.S. in Dental Hygiene 2140 Algonac Dr., Flint, Mich. Bruce B. Wilmarth B.S. in Pharmacy 1320 Franklin St., S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Norman D. Wilner D.D.S. 1697 Darien, Willow Run, Mich. Bruce Wilson A.B. in English 9610 Gold Arbor Rd., Plymouth, Mich. Barbara L. Wilson A.B. in English 3610 Bennet, Dearborn, Mich. James G. Wilson Bachelor of Architecture 980 Grant Ave., Rockford, 111. Roy R. Wilson A.B. in English 1733 Davis Ave., Whiting, Ind. W. Webb Wilson M.D. 16219 Bentler, Detroit, Mich. James C. Wiltse B.S.E. (Civil E.) 986 Roosevelt St., Plymouth, Mich. John C. Winans Bachelor of Design 154 Park St., Chelsea, Mich. Frances B. Windham Cert, in Dental Hygiene 782 E. Broad St., Westfield, N.J. Eugene I. Winkelman M.D. 3302 Gratiot Ave., Port Huron, Mich. George J. Winslow B.S.E. (Mech. E.) 836 Lothrop, Detroit, Mich. Ernestine K. Winston Bachelor of Design 483 Aspen, Birmingham, Mich. 432 Joyce J. Winter A.B. in Psychology 18676 Sussex, Detroit, Mich. Barbara N. Wise A.B. in Soc. Psychology 2870 Manchester Rd., Shaker Hts., Ohio William E. Wisner A.B. in Pre-Law 938 S. West St., Findley, Ohio Gerald L. Wisniewski A.B. in Russian 3118 S. Jefferson, Saginaw, Mich. I. Sue Wladis A.B. in Economics 121 Cumberland Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. William Wolski A.M. in Speech Correction 1535 Monteray St., Flint, Mich. Elizabeth M. Woldt M. Mus. in Viola 1421 Ohio St., Oshkosh, Wis. Marian E. Wolf A.M. in Zoology 4 Bayard Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Melvyn D. Wolf B.S. in Pre-Medical 3021 Rochester, Detroit, Mich. Ralph E. Wolff B.S. in Pharmacy 528 W. Eighth St., Traverse City, Mich. Franklin S. Wolowitz LL.B. 293 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. Edmond R. Wolven A.B. in Political Science 110 Bridge St., Rockford, Mich. Lawrence Y. Wong M.S. in Pharmacy 3703 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, T.H. Nellie S. Wong B.S. in Pharmacy 3703 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, T.H. James A. Woodard B.S.E. (Met. E.) 315 N. Prospect Ave., Ypsilanti, Mich. Richard L. Woodhams A.B. in Geology 636 E. Main St., Owosso, Mich. Joyce B. Woolfenden A.B. in Political Science Kensington Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Delman H. Wright B.B.A. 955 Drexel, Dearborn, Mich. Donald M. Wright B.S.E. (E.E.) 706 Hutchinson St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Fern E. Wright A.B. in English 509 East C St., Iron Mountain, Mich. Hugh M. Wright A.B. in Economics Woodside Trailer Lot, Saline, Mich. June L. Wright Bachelor of Design 1838 Vinewood Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Geraldine Wunsch A.B. in Sociology 621 S. Walnut, Lansing, Mich. Kenneth R. Wurtz A.B. in Psychology 26590 North River, Inkster, Mich. Richard M. Wycoff Bachelor of Architecture 1078 John Daly Rd., Inkster, Mich. Martin K. Wyngaarden M.D. 1144 Chippewa Dr. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Joy A. Xenis A.B. in Philosophy 243 Forest Rd., Douglaston, N.Y. Charlotte E. Yalowitz B.B.A. 547 McKinley St., Gary, Ind. Chung L. Yang M.B.A. in International Trade 367 Wu-Chi Town, Tai-Chung Hsien, Formosa David A. Yates B.S. in Forestry 702 S. Highland, Dearborn, Mich. Edward L. York A.B. in Political Science 1871 Hampton Rd., Rocky River, Ohio Merwin C. Young A.B. in Political Science 2836 Chesapeake St. N.W., Washington, D.C. Ruth S. Young B.S. in Dental Hygiene 120 Bow Lane, Indianapolis, Ind. Richard E. Young A.B. in Political Science 1716 B Street, Lincoln, Neb. Robert L. Young D.D.S. 10951 Somerset, Detroit, Mich. Melville J.G. Yuen M.B.A. in Marketing 1709 Wilhelmina Rise, Honolulu, T.H. 433 Rolv B. Yttrehus M. Mus. in Composition 1314 Fern Ave., Duluth, Minn. Peggy J. Zager A.B. in Pre-Social Work 3608 Whitland Ave., Nashville, Tenn. Louis R. Zako A.B. in Pre-Professional 19244 Bretton Dr., Detroit, Mich. Mayner N. Zald A.B. in Sociology 2977 Strutevant, Detroit, Mich. Jane R. Zale A.B. in Sociology 1466 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Mich. Loretta I. Zane B.B.A. in Accounting 119 W. Eddington, Flint, Mich. Donald M. ZanFagna B.S. in Design 10 Moy St., Providence. R.I. Dorothy E. Zavell A.B. in Mathematics 818 Addison St., Flint, Mich. Irene E. Zavell A.M. in Biology 818 Addison St., Flint, Mich. Harry R. Zemmer M.D. Rte. 2, Chelsea, Mich. Randall O. Zempel B.B.A. in Personnel 330 S. Fourth St., Rogers City, Mich. Norman A. Zilber B.B.A. in Acc ' t and Finance 411 Amadore Apts., Saginaw, Mich. Sidney S. Zilber M.B.A. in Finance 411 Amadore Apts., Saginaw, Mich. George B. Zotiades M.A. in Political Science 103 F. Roosevelt St., Thessaloniki, Greece Joel P. Zrull A.B. in Psychology 2053 N. Melborn, Dearborn, Mich. A WORD TO THE PATRONS Since the precedent has now been established, it seems entirely proper that we utilize this space in pointing out those who, for reasons known only to themselves, have taken more than a passive interest in this publication. The Ensian would still be in the planning stage had it not been for the loving care of Ed Hackleman and his cohorts (Frank Persell, Bob Keene, et. al.) at Indian- apolis Engraving. It seems somewhat of a shame that the red-headed Hoosier never sensed our indifference toward the meaning of overprinting and doubleprinting. Ollie Rogers, working out of his North Michigan Ave- nue haunt, not only kept us out of hot water but kept us up with Helen Trent on his frequent trips from Chicago. It was all we could do to keep one step ahead of the trusty crew at the Dixon, Illinois printing plant and our cover man, Ed Kase, who quite possibly lost count of our revised sketches. 434 Then too, there were innumerable local contributors. A.B. Hicks and the rejuvinated Board gave us sage assistance and some much needed business efficiency. And what would we have done without jovial Gordon Hyde, the only business manager with a code of ethics. Cal Samra ' s contributions to Ensian personnel and fraternity relations will not easily be forgotten. And finally, Conrad Giles ' donation of one blanket and one slightly used ax. The list could go on indefinitely right down to the last tryout who played our game of rubber cement vs senior pictures. As the book goes to press, we are not inexpressively sad, but profoundly grateful that the escape from these dirty walls has come at last. A new bunch of idealists is elbowing through, so we ' ll make room for them before the cycle starts again. STUDENT INDEX AND ADVERTISING Aamodt, Edward 321 Aaron, Dennis 306, 374 Aaronian, James 328, 37 Abbey, Virginia 262 Abbott, Carolyn 257, 374 Abbott, Frank 309 Abcede, Juanito 174 Abels, Margot 269, 374 Abendroth, Marie 258, 374 Abrams, Albertina 374 Abrams, Allen 306 Abrams, Harold 313 Abrams, Lee 295 Abrams, Robert 356, 374 Abramson, Earl 395 Abrash, Joan 260 Abrash, Robert 287 Abril-Lamarque, Bibi _ 147, 169, 339 Abueve, Jose 174 ACACIA 274 Ackerman, Laura 342, 374 Ackley, Gardner 189 ADAMS HOUSE 362 Adams, Arthur 328, 374 Adams, Donald 322 Adams, Eaton 278 Adams, Edward 365 Adams, Elizabeth 374 Adams, Henry 175 Adams, Frank 239 Adams, Sherrell 257. 335 Adams, Susan 267, 374 Adams, Virginia 374 Adderley, Terence 283 Addis, Dorothea 256 Ad-Duri, Suham 361, 374 ADELIA CHEEVER HS. .. 333 Adelmar, Melvyn 362 Adeyemo, Adeleke 374 Adler, Janet 134,339 ADMINISTRATION 54 Adler, Kenneth 319 Adsit, Norman 351 Advani, Murli 174 Aedis, Mark 323 Ahmad, Khaireldin 374 AIA 167 Aird, Marlene 179,374 Ajemian, Anahid 374 Aigler, Ralph 189 Aiken, Nancy 259 Alan, Helen 374 Alarie, Janet 106, 252. 374 Alberda, Maurice 374 Albers, Robert 325 Albert, Ann 261 Albert, Roy 320, 374 Albert, Shelia 185 Albin, Patricia 344 Albiston, Alfred 374 Al-Chalabi, Fakhri 35 1 Alchin, Carol 121, 134, 333, 374 Alcorn, Judith 264 Alderman, Sue 101, 122, 331, 342 Alexander, Bertha 339 Alexander, Joan 255 Alexander, Sylvia 347 Alexy, Joan 342 Alfano, Gerald 365 Alfieri, Sabato 96, 367 Alger, Marilyn 151,333 Al-Hassani, Hosain 351, 374 Aliferis, Peter 325 AlKaem, Mahdi Ali 374 Allaben, Dorothy 167,335 Allaire, Francis 325 Alice, Evelyn ... 256 ALLEN RUMSEY HOUSE 363 Allen, Bruce 281 Allen, Fred 314 Allen, George 323 Allen, Helen 265 Allen, Helen P ....374 Allen, Jack 328 Allen, James 275 Allen, Jean 132, 259, 374 Allen, Julian 160, 360, 374 Allen, Nola j74 Allen, Rebecca 334 Allen, Richard 170, 326 Allen, Robert 314 Allen, William 128, 149, 285 Allerdice, Joseph 374 Allgood, Lee 238 Allis, Lyle 325 Allsop, Aleen 265 Alpern, Eugene 170 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 252 ALPHA CHI SIGMA 316 ALPHA DELTA PHI 275 ALPHA DELTA PI 253 ALPHA EPSILON PHI 254 ALPHA EPSILON PI 276 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 255 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA 317 ALPHA OMEGA 319 ALPHA OMICRON PI 256 ALPHA PHI 257 ALPH PHI OMEGA 168 ALPHA RHO CHI . 320 ALPHA SIGMA PHI 277 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 278 ALPHA XI DELTA 258 Alt, Cathrine 178, 342, 374 Alt. William 327. 374 Altnwn, Carol 143. 254 Altman. Jerome 300. 374 Altman, Suzanne 347 Altese, August 351,374 Amari, Eugene 357 Ambs, Bruce 361 Amdur, Herzl ... 295 Amer, William .... ...182 A.I.Ch.E 162 A.I.E.E. 163 Amick, Walter 374 Ammerman, William 301 Amos, Norman 323 Amrhein, John 310 Amtsbuechler, Elsie 374 Anders, Oswald 352 Andersen, Barbara 257, 375 Andersen, Marvin ....118 ANDERSON HOUSE 350 Anderson, David 327, 375 Anderson, Donald 375 Anderson, Doris 128,345 Anderson, Dorothy 265 Anderson, Ernest 175 Anderson, George 321, 375 Anderson, Gerlad 355 Anderson, Harry 311 Anderson, Hugh 108, 352 Anderson, Jean 375 Anderson, Jeanne 342 Anderson, Lloyd 97, 289 Anderson, Lynn 252 Anderson, Marvin 128 Anderson, Mary Lou 375 Anderson, Nancy 261,375 Anderson, Patricia 180. 334, 375 Anderson, Pauk 363 Anderson, Philip 323 Anderson, Robert ..318. 327, 357 Anderson, Stephen 369, 375 Anderson, Theodore 359, 375 Anderson, Waldie 128 Andrae, John 128, 135 Andreae, James 290 Andre, Terance 302 Andrews, Benjamin 175, 286, 375 Andrews, David 375 Andrews, Douglas 289, 356 Andrews, Edmund 323, 375 Andrews, Harold 275 Andrews, Thomas 317 Andrews, William 296,310 Ang, Joan 174 Angala, Cristeto 174 Angelescu, Stephen ... ....375 ANGELL HOUSE 334 Angell. Sally 265 Angle, Margaret 375 Angood, Arthur 365 Angros, Leo 283, 375 Angus, John 360 Anselmi, Meri 375 Anthony, Donald 162, 316, 375 Antoniader, Emilios 355 Antoniou, Mavroudis 375 Antrim, Daniel 299 Anquino, Alejo 174 Apol, Bernard 324 Appeddu, Peter ....152,349,351 Appel, John 276, 375 Appell, Lloyd 327, 359 Appelgren, Walter 375 Apple, Robert 313 Applefield. Sheldon 319,375 Arayasascra, Patiphat 375 Arble, Beverly 119,253,375 Arbuckle, Virginia 265, 335 Arcangeli, Gerald 322 Archbold, Norbert 167, 375 Arcoulis, Elias 375 Arden, Patricia 375 Ardis, Margaret 338, 375 Arena, Pepe 172 Arent, Joan 335 Arkin, Sylvia 344 Arment, Beverly 169,256 Armin, Joan 375 Armstrong, Ann 335 Armstrong, Dale 280 Armstrong, Peter 309 Armstrong, Robert 375 Armstrong, Royce 128 Armstrong, Susan 252, 341 Armstrong, Wayne 317 Arnesman, Richard 303 Arnold, Adams 362 Arnold, Charles 366 Arnold, David 310 Arnold, Edward ....273, 292. 358 Arnold, Henry 375, 392 Arola, Rebecca ....345 A.R.O.T.C 158 Arquette, Lester 163, 165 Arrison, Clement 280 Arthur, Ann 252 Arthur, Sue .... ....252 ARTS CHORALE 132 Arveson, Donald 299 Asaoka, Hiromichi 375 Asarpour, Manchehr 360 ASCE 165 AschenBrenner. Foster 275 Ash, Allan 319, 375 Ash, Marcia ....347 Ashley, Herbert 311 Ashlock, Lysander ..158, 294, 375 ASME 164 Asmus, Frederick 166. 375 Asmus, Richard 352 Aspinwall, Richard 278 As-Sahab, Hatim 163, 376 ASSEMBLY 330 Ast, Harry 163 Aster, George 283 Aster, Richard 283 Atchinson, Walter 116, 376 Athanson, Harry 290 Atherton, Richard 164, 178, 376 Atkins, Margaret 259, 376 Atkins, Joseph 27 Atkisson, Curtis 274 Atlas, Ethel 254, 376 Aton, Betty Jane 376 Atraway, James 376 Attila, Durmus 376 Atwater, Charles 158 Atwell, Laura 376 Auer, Betty 269 Augustine, Robertson 160 Auld, Robert 355 Aurand, James 359 Austin, Alice 376 Austin, Nancy 176 Ausum, John 183, 317 Avallone, Barbara 261 Averill, Charles 164, 376 Averill, Keith ... ....327 Averill, Kenneth 327 Averill, Walter 355 Avery, Frances 376 Avrin, Gerald 306 Avsharian, Margaret 264 Axelrod, Zoe Ann 376 Ayers, Janyce 258, 376 Ayers, David 360 Ayling, Sally 347 Azimow, Anna 335 B Babb, Patti 344 Babbidge, Marcia 268 Babcock, Dwight 304 Babcock, Mona 266 Babcock, Richard G 357. 376 Babin, Raymond 283 Babladelis, Georgia 376 Bachelder, Glen 361 Bachler, Barbara 269 Bachman, Roger 182 Bachman, Rosemary 148, 342 Bachmann, Paul 289 Backels, John 182, 310, 346 Backlar, Barbara 341 Bacon, Bruce 310 Bacon, Deborah 57 Bacon, John 163, 165, 166, 356, 376 Bacon, Robert 353 Badger, Rebecca 344 Badgley, Jane 262, 376 Badt, Marshall 168, 185, 360 Baer, Fred ....193 Bagai, Jagdish 174, 376 Bahor, Raymond 365 Bahrani, Mahammad ....359, 376 Baier, Louis 175 Baikie, Beverly 336 Bailey, Anne 261 Bailey, Douglas 168, 362 Bailey, Jean 361 Bailey, Nancy Jane 376 Bailey, Russell 158 Bailey, Sarah 338 Bailey, Walter W 284, 376 Bain, Sada Jane 378 Bain. William A ....376 Baird, William S 172, 173. 351, 376 Baisch, Mary Lee 376 Baits, Vera B 56 Baity, John 273 Bakeman, James 365 Baker, Bryan Henry 170. 376 Baker, Catherine 264 Baker, Emily 268 Baker, George 365 Baker, Kathleen ... ....179 Baker, Martha 262 Baker, Patricia 347 Baker, Richard 361 Baker, Richard 363 Baker, Robert E 96, 324, 353 Baker, Thomas 97 Bakker, Durward 324 Balanda. Mindaugas 360 Balas, Bonnie 261 Balconi, James L 376 Baldoni, Louis 278, 327 Balduf, Garlaine 256 Baldwin, De Witt 176 Baldwin, Elizabeth 267, 376 Baldwin, Lorraine 101, 257 Balgooyen, Carol 151 Barkema, Charles ..131, 172, 361 Balog, James 193, 239. 301 Balstad, Paul 323 Baltzer, Robert 165, 170, 376 Balzhiser, Richard 117,193 Bamber, Elvera May 376 Ban, Richard 135 Bandler, Ann 132, 172 Banish, Gerald 376 Banish, Ronald 376 Banke. Dale 288 Banks, Hildegunt 376 Bannasca, Richard 275 Banniga, Hugh 298, 366 Banninga, Janet 180 Banyas, Irene 347 Banzhaf, Peter 281 Barad, Philip 295 Barahl, Leonard 319 Barber, Elvira 339 Barclay, Donald 360 Bard, Ruth M 343, 376 Bargeman, Paul 265 Barger, Franklin 285 Barhydt, Pete 280 Barker, Barbara 147, 347 Barker, Sari 256 Barker, Vernon 358 Barkham, Beverly 344 Barlow, Marjorie 335 Barlow, Maxine 180, 377 Barnard, Michael 301 Barnard, Helen 347 Barnard, William 311 Barnby, Jean 145,265 Barnes, Gordon 363 Barnhart, Charles 308 Barnes, Burton 182 Barnes, John 167 Barnes, Robert 364, 377 Barnes, Shirley 377 Barnett, Carol 339 Barnum, Barbara 265 Baroni, Clair 345 Barr, Bradford 362 Barrett, Barbara 339 Barrett, Fred 289 Barrows, Allyn 160, 170, 308 Barrels, William 321 Barth, Beverly 25 Bartholomew, Bruce 193 Bartlett. Ann 253 Bartlett, Richard 323 Bartlett, Harley 174 Bartlett, William 323, 377 Bartolomed, Pat 354 Barton, Theodore 377 Barton, William 239, 308 Baruch, Stuart 300, 377 BASEBALL 230 Basket, David 365 BASKETBALL 216 Bass, Donald 359 Basset, Charles 314 Bassett, Clark 356 Batchelder, Ann 243 Batchelor, Lois 342 Batsakis, John 317 Batson, Dulcie 103, 338 Bates, James 193 Bauer, Arnold 362 Bauer, Carolyn 264 Bauer, James 285 Bauer, Nancy 267 Bauer, William ... ....327 Baum, Russell 322, 377 Bauman, Scott 158 Baumann, George 351 Baumgartner, Frederick 160 Baumler, Pauline 178, 339 Baur, Lawrence 361 Baur, William 318, 377 Baxter, Miriam 265 Bayliss, Betty 253 Bazil, Gilbert 317,377 Beadle, Charles ... ....377 Beakom, Phyllis ... 255 Beale, Anne 377 Seals, Theodore 368 Beame, Bernard 365 Bean, Donald 357 Bean, John ....327 Beard, Willard 365 Bearss, Glen 365 Beatson, Mary Anne 184, 377 Beattie, Charles 278, 368 Beattie, Frank 168 Beattie, Robert 166, 170, 377 Beatty, Howard 164,377 Beatty, James 377 Beatson, Helen 338 Beatson, Mary 338 Beauchamp, George 97, 290 Beaudry, Richard 363 Bechard, Ross ..., 281 Beck, Henry 316 Beck, Jo Anne 178 Beck, Lila ....377 Beck, Mary 335 Beck, Norman 286 Beck, Ralph 286 Becker, Alton 148 Becker, Eleanor 128 Becker, Graechen 241,267 Becker, Helaine 347 Becker, Robert 295 Beckwith, Elizabeth 343 Beckwith, George ..160, 175, 377 Beckwith, Glen ... ....356 Beebe, Sue 124, 268 Beenen. Marjorie 265 Beers, Keith 106 Begin. Barbara 344 BeGole, Richard 280 Begrow, John 310 Begrow, Lucille 264 Beguin, Gilbert 173 Belin, David 154 Beigler, Elissa 334 Beison, Richard 118,193 Belkin, Jules 297, 377 Bell, Barbara Elaine 377 Bell, Letitia 263 Bell, Margaret 259, 343 Bell, Robert 299 Bell, R. Virginia....: ....377 Belleville, Phillip 365 Bellows, James 350 Belotc, Barbara 259, 377 Bemis, Roger 356 Benavides, Carlos 365 Bender, Ivan 185, 300, 365 Bender, Susan 266 Bender, Thomas 298 435 Bender, Virginia 342 Beneteau, Robert 328 Benford, Harry 175 Bengoechea, James 357 Benjamin, Franz Julis 377 Benjamin, Ruth ....347 Benner, Thomas 301 Bennet, Nancy 147, 259, 344 Bennett, Benjamin 281 Bennett, Donald 117, 193 Bennett, Eugene 158 Bennett, Jack 308 Bennett, Joseph 361 Bennett, Sally Jane 128, 134, 377 Bennett, William 317 Bennish, Arvin 287, 377 Benovitz, Frances 254, 334 Bensinger, Herbert S 132, 363 Benson, Byron 360 Benson, Jerry 301 Bentley, Norma 189 Bentley, Phyllis 338 Benya, Theodore 351 Benzinger, Charles 349, 377 Benzion, Joan 254 Berberian, Ara 131 Bercovici, Judith 254 Berg, James 131, 362 Bercdall, Clayton 318 Berger, Eli 295 Berger, Joel 151, 359 Bergeron, Albert 359 Bergey, Jacqueline 258, 377 Bergland, Bonnie 265 Berglund, Thomas 2S5 Bergman, Max 313, 364 Bergmann, Carolyn 255 Bergner, Robert 300 Bergonz, Barbara 377 Bergsma, Donald 320 Bergstrom, John 146, 377 Berinstein, Henry 297 Berke, Joseph J 300, 377 Berlin, Stanton ... 300, 365 Berlin, William ... ....361 Berliner, Henry 301.360 Herman, Gershan 359 Berman, Hyman 377 Berman, Myron 313 Berman, Robert ....185, 367, 377 Bernadetr, Faustino 351 Bernardi, Ann 341 Bernay, Melvin 193 Bernstein, Barbara 269, 377 Bernstein, Neil 295 Bernstein, Stanley 306 Bergquist, James ... ....377 Berry, Philip 114 Bersey, Sally 342 Bertling, Lee ;290 Bertsos, Anne .... ....377 Berwald, Arley 339 Berwald, Herbert 299 Besemer, Ned E 308, 377 BETA THETA PI 279 Bethell. Elaine ... ...259 BETSY BARBOUR 335 Bettman, Phyllis 122, 257 Betts, Charles 290 Berts, Theodore ....310 Betts, William 170,284 Beauthien, Sally 132, 341 Beuthin, Eugene 322 Bevan, Joyce 261 Bewick, Joan 345 Beyer, Lois Jean 178, 377 Beynon, Robert 293 Bhushan, Bharat 174 Bhuta, Pravin 170 Bice, Elaine 345 Bice, Robert 321, 378 Bick, Matthew 327, 378 Bickert, Lillian 124, 172, 344 Bickford, Priscilla 253 Bicknell, Joseph 299 Bidigard, Robert 378 Biekis, Ronald ....304 Bielawski, Ralph ....168, 363, 378 Bielman, Mary Ann 378 Bietila, Leonard . ' . 367 Bigelow, Barbara 253 Biggs, Susan 378 Biggs, Thomas 363 Bigsby, Duane 359 Bilik, Jerald 128 Biller, Joel W 57, 109, 378 Billes, Bruce 319 Billings, William 115, 193, 195,293, 367 Bindemen, John 168 Binkow, Howard 295 Binkow, Maurice ....356 Birchhead, Hugh ... ... 283 Bird, Donald 351 Bird, Ellen 342 Birdsall, Charles 323 Birdsall, Helen C 378 Birtwell, John 285, 361 Bisbee, Thomas W 167, 378 Bisel, Noel 158,307 Bishop, David 278 Bishop, Robert 323, 378 Bitman, Arlene 176 Bitman, Kenneth 317 Bitman, Sue 177, 269 Bittker, David 306, 378 Bittle, John 128 Bittner, Patricia 266 Bitzen, Edward 298 Biarnesen, Walter 367 Bjorseth, Bruce 282 Black, Marjorie 120, 259. 378 Black, Peter 182, 362 Blackett, Charles 274 Blacken, Olin 189 Blackett, Walter 303 Blackman. Sally ... 260 Blain, Sada 344 436 Blain, Anne 347 Blair, Nancy 257 Blake, Marjorie 184 Blakenship, Charles 361 Blakeney, Janet 378 Blancett, Beverly 260 Blanchard, Louise 180 Blank, Marcia 378 Blanks, Douglas 327 Blau, Miriam 102, 122,331 Blau, Suzanne 334 Blausey, William 378 Blayden, Kenneth 359 Blazevic, Donna 334 Bleha, Thomas 357 Blerney, Grace 344 Blieden, Joan 169, 254, 378 Blight, Ruth 268 Bloch, Laurence 185, 378 Bloch, Roy 309, 378 Block, Ninion 340 Block, William 314 Blondy, Marshall 273 Bloom, John 359 Bloom, Leon 319 Bloom, Martin 355 Bloom, Victor 378 Bloss, Richard 168, 361 Blossey, Robert 97, 359 Blum, Edmund 316 Blum, Harry 313 Blum, Marie 254 Blum, Melvin 297 Blum, Morton 313 Bium, Rose 378 Blumenthal, Robert 295 Blumrosen, Alfred 154 Blumstein, Stanley 300 Ely, Nancy 378 Blyholder, Robert 378 BOARD IN CONTROL OF ATHLETICS 189 BOARD IN CONTROL OF STUDENT PUB- LICATIONS 154 Boas, Charles 283 Boasberg, Howard 313, 357 Boatwright, James 317. 378 Bocco, Luis 172 Bocobo, Fiorante 174 Boddy, Leland 166, 350 Boeker, Bruce 178, 293 Boeker, Ralph 293 Boelkins, Charles ... ....378 Boeli, Nancy ....338 Boerema, Robert ....167, 324. 378 Boerman, Vernon 132 Boerman, Walter 325 Boes, Warren 359 Bogdan, James : 361 Bogg, Richard 132, 168, 175, 360 Boggan, Jacqueline 259 Bohi, Eugene Haines 378 Bohine, Stanley 368 Bohevesky, Basil 320, 378 Bohrer, Stanley 97, 185, 313 Bohuszewicz, Ted 115,362 Boldt, Henry 323 Bole, Giles 327, 378 Boll, Mary Jane 378 Boll, Sue 268 Bolton, Norman 358 Bomze, Marc R 306, 378 Bonadio, Anthony 291 Bond, Charles 378 Bond, James 278 Bond, Kathleen 134, 180, 253, 378 Bongort, Mary Lou 342 Bonine, Carol 264 Bonnell, Allan 97, 307 Bonnette, Richard 350 Bonnisteel, Roscoe 56 Boonstra, D. Lou 261,378 Boos, Margery Ann 268, 378 Booth, Jacob 351 Boothe, Marsha 252 Boothroyd, Donald 351 Boothroyd, Herbert 309 Borchardt, Jack 170 Borden, Helen 266 Bordo, Victor 128 Borger, Allen 378 Borgerson, Norman 290 Borkin, Harold 368 Born, Nancy Ann 100, 120, 169, 268,379 Borns, Clarence 300, 379 Bornstein, David 300 Bornstein, Ronald 356 Borowy, Stanley 379 Borrowman, John 311 Borros, Joanne 253, 379 Borsum, Jerry 298 Borsum, Leslie 298 Bos, Barbara 110, 122, 257 Bos, Gordon 324, 379 Boston, Robert 379 Bosworth, Allen 379 Bosworth, Janet 260, 379 Boubelik, Charles Frank 379 Boucher, Wayne 151. 364 Bouckaert, Victor 367, 379 Bowdle, Frederick 294 Bowen, Barbara 344 Bowen, Clifford 379 Bowen, Elizabeth 341 Bowen, John 379 Bower, Carol 261 Bower, James 326, 363 Bowers, Gerald 321 Bower, Robert 351 Bowins, Dale 294 Bowles, Julie 252 Bowman, Bruce 131,367 Bowman, James 193 Bowman, Lucile 180, 379 Bowman, Robert 238, 379 Bowns, Stanley 193 Boyajian, Ara 286 Boyce, John 303 Boyaston, Donald 167,379 Boyer, Barbara 379 Boyer, Cynthia 257 Boyle, Harry F 379 Boyle, William 379 Boyles, John 281 Boyo, Joan 379 Boys, Richard 57 Bozich, Victoria 344 Brabant, Jacques 158 Brabant, Yvan 158,357 Brabb, Benjamin 321, 379 Bracy, Frank 368 Bradford, Darrell 379 Bradford, Spaulding 355 Bradley, Daniel 167, 350 Bradley, James 299 Bradner, Lucy 370 Bradshaw, Frederick 303 Bradshaw, Janet 334. 358 Brady, Clarence 379 Brahee, Evelyn 262 Brainard, Linda 184 Brainerd, Elwin 350 Brainerd. Richard 280, 379 Brand, Baert 283 Brandenstein, John 277 Brandon. Arthur 154 Brandt, Betty 379 Brandt, Hubert 379 Brandt, Ralph 327, 379 Brandt, Ruth 255 Branoff, Tony 193, 293 Brantley, Claudia 184 Brashear, William 351,379 Brasher, Clyde 321 Brask, Ardith 101,331,334 Brask, Sannah 379 Brason, Sandra 344 Brassfield, Betty 252 Bratt, Donald 368 Brauer, George 369 Brauman, Sandra 341 Braun, Berton 118,168,365 Braun, Richard 358 Brautigan, Marilyn 379 Bray, Bonnie 372, 379 Bray, Bruce 316, 379 Bray, Javier 378 Breakey, Barry 183, 323, 379 Breclaw, Marilyn 266 Breen, John 289 Brehrn, Beverly 245 Brehm, Richard 288 Brehm, Robert 160 Breihor, Bruce 290 Breiner. Warren 379 Breining, Austin 351 Hreining, Raymond 351 Breitenwischer, Imogene 380 Breitenwischer, Robert 167 Brennan, Richard 285 Brennen, John 301 Brenner, Lawrence 160 Brewer, Nancy 120, 267, 380 Brewer, Robert 308, 380 Brewster. Alison 267 Brewus, Vera 339, 380 Breyfogle, Anna Marie 110, 122, 335 Brice, Mary Kate 380 Brickner, Robert 366 Bridges, Thomas 175, 380 B ' ridgman, Gurnee 277 Briggs, Donald 328 Briggs, Nancy 253, 339 Briggs, Richard 292 Briggs, Ruth 342 Briggs, Thomas 277 Bririberg, Simeon 295 Brink, John 325 Brinker, Nancy 260 Brinker, William 359 Brinley, Floyd 356 Bristol, Yvonne 338 Britz, Harland 140,297,380 Brix, Christian 299 Brizman, Constance 342, 380 Brockmyer, Ladonna 261 lirockmuler, Dian 256 Broderick, Miriam 335, 380 Brodersen, Dorothy 380 Brodhead, Allan 303 Broekema, Andrew 324, 380 Brogren, Helen 342, 380 Brom6eld, Jean 267 Broms, Bengy 173 Bronheim, David 380 Bronkema. Leonard 352 Bronson, David 176, 380 Bronson, Kenneth 276, 353 Brookfield, Ernest 325 Brooks, Evelyn 119, 134, 261, 380 Brooks, Gordon 281 Brooks, Lenore 134 Brooks, Richlrd 321 Brooks, Victor 164, 166, 380 Broom, Robert 361 Btoomfield, Clarence 131, 178, 380 Brophy. Elizabeth 258 Brophy, Jere 128, 135, 288 Bross, Ann 265 Brown, Betty 268, 333 Brown, Beverly 261, 380 Brown, Charles 182 Brown, Cowan 359 Brown, Dale A 285, 380 Brown, Dale M 163, 380 Brown, Daniel 298 Brown, David 109, 114, 380 Brown, Donald ,. ...280 Brown, Edward ........328 Brown, Elizabeth 380 Brown, Frances .... 122, 134, 135, 342 Brown, Helen 180, 342, 380 Brown, John 363 Brown, Judith 262 Brown, Margaret 262 Brown, Mary 260, 338 Brown, Mary Katherine 380 Brown, Patricia ....180, 261, 380 Brown, Robert 357 Brown, Richard E 289, 380 Brown, Richard 281,367 Brown, Robert 286 Brown, Sally C 380 Brown, Sandra 254, 344 Brown, Sandra Jean 257, 380 Brown, Sarah Jo 268, 335 Brown, Sherburne 271, 303, 380 Brown, Xnnllcox 182 Browne, Donald 299 Browne, Shirley 342 Browne, Stuart 243, 299, 380 Bruce, L. Wallace 380 Bruder, Barbara 334 Bruder, Miriam Joyce.. ..343, 380 Brudy, Elmer 328, 380 Brumbaugh, Carol 334 Brumbaugh, Philip 380 Brun, Christian 364 Brunais, Ellsworth 380 Brunelle, Eugene 294 Bruner, Van 115 Brunson, Jo Anne 333 Brunsting, Carl 114. 239, 381 Brunton, Jessie 124 Brush, Joan 252, 381 Brush, Thomas 367 Bryan, Donna 336, 381 Bryan, Frederick 310 Bryan, Joan 335 Bryant, Carolyn 266 Bublitz, Arthur 95, 163, 165, 274, 381 Buchanan, Howard 363 Buchanan, Robert 275, 294 Buchbinder, Lois 147, 259 Buchman, Barbara 132 Buck, James 314 Buck, John 290 Buck, Miriam 103, 124, 264 Buck, Richard 142, 286 Buck. Thomas 356 Buckholz, Arthur 381 Buckley, Daniel 323 Buckley, Kevin 363 Buckmaster, John 359 Buckwalter, Edith 264 Buddington, Kirk 316, 381 Budson, Barbara Jean 381 Bueby, Jack 360 Buechner, Robert Anton 381 Buese, Nancy 253 Buettner, William 167 Bulderis, Ruth 334 Bullington, Donald 381 Bulloch, James 294 Burchfield, Peter 301 Burchill, Weldon 321 Burd, Elliott 97, 289 Burd, Robert 170 Burdick, Harry 325 Burford, Patricia 253 Burgee, Robert 356 Burkatt, Ann 339 Burke, Gerald 365 Burke, Joseph 283 Burke, Norman 289 Burke, Robert I . ' ...-. 381 Burke, William 158, 314 Burkhardt, Father 179 Burkitt, Glenna H 335, 381 Burkley, Margaret 178, 381 Burks, Wanda 341 Burks, William 381 Burlingame. Gail 347 Burnett, Elizabeth 257 Burnett, James 311, 322, 352 Burns, Donald 321, 381 Burns, Jerome 361 Burns, Robert 381 Burns, Stanley 304 Burroughs, Sarah 256 Burrows, Lorenzo 312 Burstein, Barbara 254 Burstein. Stephen 2S7 Burton, Robert 183, 325, 381 Burwell, Robert 288 Busby, Mary Ann 334 Buschman, Barbara Ann 110, 120, 264, 381 Bush, Lusetta 257, 381 Bush, Marilyn 347 Busha. Robert 97 BUSINESS ADMINISTRA- TION COUNCIL Ill Buslee, Roger 325, 381 Buslepp, Henry 296 Busteed, William 325 Butler, Betsy 258 Butler, Donald 327 Butler, Harry 170 Butler, Jean 261 Butler, Lorraine 101, 121, 143, 338, 381 Butt, James Douglas 166, 381 Butterfield, Barbara 266 Butterworth, Alan 361 Butterworth, Ann 344 Butterworth, Katherine 381 Buzzard, Arnold 308 Byers, Susan 264, 381 Byrne, Lynn 381 Byrne, Richard 325 Byron, Rachel 104, 253 Cachey, Theodore 193 HOW MUCH SLOW WND NGEROUS CROSSING SLIPPERY WHENW BRIDGE ARE POOR ROADS COSTING YOU? It is not possible to determine a precise figure, but we do know it is a fantastic one. For instance, a large percentage of traffic collisions are caused by outdated, shabbily maintained and overburdened roads, streets and highways. Apart from the tragic human loss, these accidents cost us 3 l 2 billion dollars a year. Bumper-to-bumper congestion costs the trucking industry and its customers more than a million dollars a day in New York City alone. And driving daily back and forth over jammed and rundown roads, as most of us do. wastes fuel and causes unnecessary wear and tear. Clearly, we are paying for our shoddy roads at a rate all out of proportion to the price of new ones. The job ahead. A national network of modern roads would cost about 40 billion dollars to achieve. But it is a job we must do if our progress as a people is to continue. We travel nine out of ten intercity passenger miles in cars or buses. Three-fourths of our freight rides at least part way to market by truck. Each day 60 million of us depend on cars to get us to and from work or family shopping. Since the end of the war we have overhauled about one in every four miles of primary roads. But 75,000 miles still badly need modernization, and five to six thousand more miles become deficient every year. The money for the job. Your car or truck is subject to a number of taxes state and Federal. Farsighted local and state administrative programs which do not divert these tax dollars to other purposes can provide the steady road- way maintenance and expansion essential to the growing economic and social worth of your motor vehicle. But it takes the active interest of each one of us in stimulating and encouraging in our own localities a competent, vigorous approach to roadway improvement. This is vital if we are to rid ourselves, once and for all, of the poor roads which are just so many detours along the path of progress. CHRYSLER CORPORATION Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto Chrysler Cars and Dodge Trucks Chrysler Marine Industrial Engines Oilite Metal Powder Products Mopar Parts Accessories Airtemp Heating. Air Conditioning. Refrigeration Cycleweld Cement Products 437 Caffrey, Frederick 193 Cage, Theodore 328, 381 Calahan, David 131, 290, 381 Calderas, Noberto 351 Calkins, Peter 359 Call, Carolyn 100, 147, 253 Call, Neil 283 Callif, Arnold 306 Callison, James 381 Calvin, John 298 Camacho, Fernando 275 Cameron, Don 359 Cameron, William 323 Camiener, Alan 364 Campau, Richard 322 Campbell, Alexander ....128,135 Campbell, Anne 124, 252 Campbell, Archibald 359 Campbell, Colleen 264 Campbell, David 381 Campbell, Don 146 Campbell, James 318 Campbell, Janet G 262, 381 Campbell, Joan B 119, 381 Campbell, John ....160,361,363 Campbell, Malcolm 294, 381 Campbell, Marilyn 143, 243, 338 Campbell, Oliver 361 Campbell, Robert 355 Campbell, Ross 275 Campitt, Robert 288 Campomanes, Napoleon 174 Canfield, Ann 134 Cannon, Eleanor 257, 381 Cannon, Irving 301 Cannon, John 289, 381 Cannon, Kurt 301,363 Camera, Angelo 381 Cantor, Rosa 334 Canty, Norman 193,301 Cape, James 132, 381 Caplan, David 293, 363 Caplan, Max ....306 Carabell, Keith ... ....381 Garden, Marlin 266, 382 Carey, John 163, 167 Carey, Joshua 382 Carey, Edward 163 Cargo, Gerald 382 Caris, Georgia 382 Caris, Jeanne 132,382 Caris, Mary Kay 258, 344 Carlebach, Emmanuel 319 Carlisle, Russell 115,382 Carlsen, Donald 361 Carlson, Betty 180, 343, 382 Carlson, Dean 281 Carlson, Edna 132 Carlson, Karin 265 Carlson, Mary 345 Carman, Frederick 351 Carmona, Pierre ... 165, 284, 382 Carney, Patrick 282, 382 Carnicam, Richard ... ....163 Caro, William 364 Carpenter, David 358 Carpenter, Frank 382 Carpenter, Glenn 323, 382 Carpenter, Gordon 1 16, 301, 382 Carpenter, Herbert 328 Carpenter, John 322, 382 Carpenter, Robert 239, 275 Carr, Robert 291 Carr, Robert W 382 Carrier, Robert 355 Carrigan, Carol 260 Carrigan, Marila 260 Carrington, Conwell 382 Carroll, John 118,119 Carse, Barbara 169, 268 Carson, David 292 Carson, Harry 365 Carson, Jack 321, 382 Carson, Jean 258, 382 Carter, Charlotte 255 Carter, Constance 382 Carter, Edward 382 Carter, Margaret 102, 266 Carter, Robert 285, 368 Cartwright, James . ' . 304 Carrwright, John 290 Carow, John 182 Gary, John 322 Cas, Reyold 165 Case, John 175, 382 Case, Thomas 288 Cash, William 382 Cass, Sheldon 175, 350, 382 Cas sidy, James 327, 382 Castator, Carol 339 Castelli, James 308, 382 Catanese, Virginia 128 Cavalaris. Gus 301 Cavanaugh. Hugh 328 Cavender, George 135 Covitch, Dave 297 Cecil, Marti 132 Cesar, Vivian 180, 382 Cesler, Jane 341 Cetin, Hasan 170 Chabut, Louis 286, 382 Chadwell, John 283 Chainson, Maxine ... ... 254 Chalk, Julian 364 Challis, Evelyn 132, 382 Chalmers, Raymond 321 Chambers, Sheldon 367 Champagne, Norma 347 Champion, John 382 Champion. Oliver 183 Chandler, Howard 293 Chandler, Miriam 254 Chandler, Russell 301 Chang, Albert ....382 Chang, Chi-Jen 352 Chapin, Donna 124 Chapleski, John 312 Chapman, Austin 304 438 Chapman, Dudley 106, 310 Chapman, Wayne 278 Chapman, 296 Chappell, Russell 307 Chappie, Joseph 359 Chararestos, Mary Ann 263 Chardoul, Eugene 97, 360 Charles, Charlotte 256, 382 Charles, Marion 101, 132, 167,256,382 Charlip, Avram 185 Charlson, Karl 165 Chart, Ronald 351, 382 Charvat, Marion ....147, 184, 335 Chase, Kenneth ....359 Chase, William 318 Chatas, George 95, 289, 382 Check, Arnold 300 Cheek, Gloria 121, 302, 332, 335 Chelvakumaran, T. S 174, 382 Chen, Kwan-lin 382 Chen, Vincent 369, 383 Cheney, Naomi 335, 383 Cheng, Wayne 162 Chennault, Albert 361 Chennault, Shirleyan 341 Cherin, Marvin 367 Cherin, Rochelle 347 Cherry, David 294 Cheshire, Frank 359, 383 Chess, Richard 317 Chiado, John 351 CHI EPSILON 170 Chigbu-Ememe, Francis 362, 383 Chigrinsky, Robert 151,358 Childress, Eleanor 261, 347 Childs, John 314 Chin, George 118 Ching, Samuel ... ....360 CHI OMEGA 259 CHI PHI 280 CHI PSI 281 Chipps, Ronald ... ....302 Chirio, Michael 160, 383 Chisholm, Donald 360 Choksi, Aiit 175 Chomicz, Casimir 193 Christensen, Anne 257 Christensen, Clarence 323 Christenson, Howard 383 Chrjstian, Gene 366 Christiansen, James 383 Christiansen, Roy 281 Christie, Christine 383 Christie, Mary 342, 383 Christie, Robert 328, 383 Christman, Alan 291 Christopher, Russell 131,383 Chronowski, Antonina 342 Chubb, Rodney 280 Chubb, William 349 Chun, Eloise 383 Church, Conrad 154 Chynoweth. Sharon 184 Cirurel, Lillian 339 Ciotti, Charles 368 Ciranni, Mary Lou 341 Circle, Nancy 338, 260 Claborn, Lther 285, 360 Claffey, Charles ... ....326 Claflin, Muriel ... 343 Clague, Dorothy 252, 383 Clancy, Judith 57, 100, 101, 110, 119, 267, 383 Clanon, Lawrence 317 Clapham, Elizabeth 264 Clapham, Robert 283 Clapp, Lawrence 298 Clare, Jeanne 334 Clark, A. L. Jr ... 96 Clark, Alan ... ....304 Clark, Barbara 259 Clark, Bruce .... ....353 Clark. Bunker 280 Clark, Donna 119, 262 Clark, George 316 Clark. Glenn ....360 Clark, Helen C 360 Clark, Janice 151. 341 Clark, Lauretta 339 Clark, Lee ....360 Clark, Maury 255,383 Clark, Richard 363 Clark. Robert 301, 325 Clark, Shirley .... 345 Clark, Thomas 357 Clarke. Charles 294 Clarke, George .... 290 Clarke. Sally 266 Clarkson, Dorothy 258, 334 Class, Geraldine 180 Clay, Ralph ... ....309 Cleary. Homer 328 Cleaveland. Joyce 340 Clements, John 182 Clements, Joyce 102, 261 Clements. Michael 383 Cleveland, Calvin ...383 Clifford, Carol 260. 383 Clifford, Dorothy 383 Clifford, Norman 164, 175, 353, 383 Clifford. Robert 160 Cline, Denzel 193, 360 Cline, Earl 286, 383 Cline, James ....307 Clippert, Charles 383 Cloots, Marian 252, 383 Close. Marv Jane 383 Cluook, Alfred 383 (.1 iu .is, Carolyn 335 Coates, Gordon 160, 293 Coates, Ross 291 Coats, Keith ... ....362 Cobb, John ....325 Coburn, Martha 258. 383 Coburn, Ronald . ...356 Cochell, Shirley 340 Cochran, Eleanor 252 Cochrane, John 168 Cockburn, Stirling 258 Cocking, Wendell 383 Coddington, Donald 291, 321,383 Codewell, John ... 118 Cody, Jack 182 Cohan, Bruce 383 Cohan, Carl 319 Cohan, Sandra 339 Cohen, Donald 365 Cohen, Elizabeth 342 Cohen, Eugene 128, 306, 364 Cohen, Gail 344 Cohen, Haskel 383 Cohen, Herbert 357, 383 Cohen. Martin 300 Cohen, Nancy 338 Cohen, Norma 342 Cohen, Sonia 254 Cohn, Carolyn 347 Cohn, Edmond 295 Cohn, Gerald 306 Cohn, Irene 383 Cohrt, Alberta 342 Colberg, Sally 178,342,383 Colby, Donald 318 Cole, Alfreda 383 Cole, Barbara 255, 383 Cole, Charles 292, 350 Cole, Roger 384 Coleman, Eugene 384 Coleman, Jill 101,103,335 COLLEGIATE SOROSIS 2W Collens, Joanna 339 Collie, Nancy 260 Collier, Barry 319 Colling, Duane 367 Collins, James 384 Collins, John 168, 321 Collins, Joyce 342 Collins, Richard 307 Collins, Robert 290 Collins, Thomas 275 Collison, Louise 341 Colliver, Polly 342, 384 Colodwey. Seth 297 Colton, Robert 306 Compare!, Thomas 283 Comper. Ellen 268 Compton, Bruce 178 Comstock. Betty 243, 384 Comstock, Kirke 314 Comstock, Nancy 384 Comstock, Roger 280 Condon, George 364 Cone, John 365 Conger, Edwin 303 Conley, Gerald 309 Connable, Barnes ....56, 114, 140 Conner, Henry 384 Connolly. Randolph 384 Conover, Richard 158 Conrad. Rebecca 255 Conrad, James 327, 384 Conroy. Barbara 260 Constan, Ernest 165, 294 Converse, Daniel 283 Cook, Cynthia 268 Cook, Douglas 132 Cook, Grace 364 Cook. Faith 102, 134 Cook, Frank 327 Cook, Gail 268, 384 Cook. James 291,360 Cook, Jane 384 Cook, Janne 259, 384 Cook, John 384 Cook, Margaret 335 Cook, Phyllis 384 Cook, Ronald 360 Cook, Svdney 304 Cook. Thomas 296 Cooke, Virginia 180 Cooking. Wendell 350 Cookingham, Cory 327, 384 Cooksey, Norton 327 Cooley, Diane 259, 384 Coolev, Janne 258 Coolidge, John 292 Coon, Mary 263 Cooney, Patrick 239 Cooper, Adriana 339 Cooper, Beryl 384 Cooper, John 261 Cooper, Peter 276, 367 Copeland, Murray 366 Copp, Harry 278 Copp, Kenneth 290 Corben, Elizabeth 384 Corbett, John 118 Corbett, Lorraine 172, 384 Corbett, John 290 Corbette, Bette 266 Corbin, J. Alphonso 384 Cordes. Reynolds 282 Cordill, Ann 341 Cording. Robert 328 Cords. Neil 289 Corey, Gerald 128 Corey, John 359 Corey, Ronald 160 Corfield, Eleanor 257 Corfield. James 323 Cormier, Clayton 303 Cornetiuson. Carl 299 Cornell, John 316 Cornell, Richard 352 Cornwell. Frederick 291 Copron, Richard 321 Correa, Charles 174, 327. 384 Correa, Jose 293 Correa, Rov 327 Corrigal, Keith 366 Corrigan, Patricia 256 Corrigan, Robert 296 Corsey, Thomas 128 Corson, William 160 Cort, Kenneth 300, 363 Cortright, William 282 Corwin, Charles 36 7 Coskun, Vedat 369, 384 Cosmenco, Leda 339 Cotter, George 275 Coulter, William 363 Court, Jack 183, 325 Courtney, Richard 290 Courtright, Ann 255 Courtright, Barbara 255 Courtwright, Donald 314 Coury, Glenn 162 Couse, Blake 289 Cousins, Justine 259 Cousins, Yvonne 344 Cousland, Charles 301, 384 COUZENS HALL 336 Covey, Norman 283, 362 Cowan, Anne Helen 265, 384 Cowan, Barton 168, 361 Cowan, Donald 322 Cowan, Maceo 368 Cowen, Rona 254 Cowlin, William 288, 384 Cox, Arthur 277 Cox, Clair 291 Cox, Dorothy 384 Cox, Morton 304 Cox, Robert 316 Cox, Shirley 106 Coy, Audrey 103 Coyne, Patricia 338 Craft. Joanna 260 Crake, Russell 362 Cram, Ralph 325 Cramer, Marjorie ..172, 333, 384 Cranberg, Robert 29 Crandell. Herbert 167,384 Crane, Barbara 384 Crane, Bently 2E Crane, Mary 260 Crapo, Henry 273, 303 Crawford, Christine 335 Crawford, Daniel 367 Cr awford, Hewlette 384 Crawford, John 325 Crawford, Robert 275, 318,384 Creamer, Lois 1 74, 384 Creedon, Gaylor Cremer, Barbara Ann 257, 384 Creola, Marjorie 252, 384 Crick. Richard 167 Criel, Harry 311 Crisler, H. 188, 189 Croll, Sandra 269 Crorkwright, Doris 128, 135 Cross, Ann 261 Cross, Betty Cross, Mary 262, 339 Cross, Ralph 292 Grossman, Barbara 253,339 Grossman, Geoffrey Grossman, Robert 321 Croswell, Howard 384 Crcttau, Kenneth 185, 273, 304, 361 Crouch. Ralph 365 Grouse, Edward Cruger. Harold 273, 289 Cruise, John Csiszar. Leonard Cuffe. Robert Cu. Florence 174, 384 Cuitin, Hugh Cullars. Gre:ta 258, 334 Culver, Fred Culver, Gorman 28C Culver. Warren Cumming, Harold 363, 385 Cummings. Ann ... 267 Cumings. Laura 267 Cummins. Sheila ...... Cunningham, Carol 128, 33 Curhan, Robert Curran, Roger Currier. James 321, 385 Curry, George 163. 164, 165 Curry John 182,367,385 Curry, Richard 117, 152, 351 Curtice. Mary 342 Curicice, Russell 385 Curtis, Arthur 1 Curtis, Eugene Curtis, Marvin 163, 385 Curts, Daniel 365 Gushing, Judy 260 Cushman, Sally 261 Cutler, Douglas Cutler, Elinor ...-: Cutler, Kenneth ....185, 273. 285 Cutler, Robert 285, 364 Cutler, William 323 Cutting, Robert 304 Crachorski. David 290 Czewski, Rita D Dada, Humayune 174 Dade, Lula 385 Dafoe. Charles 325 Dahan. Paul 175 DAILY 138 Daines, Judy 252 Daines. William 328, 385 Daitz, Robert 361 Dale, Nathalie 385 Dale, Thomas 285, 385 Daley, Joan 385 Dalton, George 353 Dalton, Ronald 166,349 Dalton. Robert 284 Daly. Kirk 367 Dambrauskas, Vincent ..160, 165 Dame, Louis 164, 352 Damon, Terry 278, 385 ANN ARBOR FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings Accounts Mortgage Loans ORGANIZED 1890 Member Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation 116 NORTH 4xn AVE. OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE STATE SAVINGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR MAIN AND WASHINGTON STS. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Capital and Surplus $2,000,000 Commercial and Savings Bank Since 1893 Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ANN ARBOR BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE MAIN STREET at Huron STATE STREET OFFICE 330 State St. SOUTH UNIVERSITY OFFICE 1108 S. UNIVERSITY AVENUE Complete Trust Services Mortgage Loans Property Management Real Estate Services Ann Arbor Trust Company You can rent a Safety Deposit Box for as little as one cent a day MAIN AT HURON 439 D ' Amour, Marian 334 Danek, William 165, 166, 351, 385 Danes, John 190 Dangel, Daniel 359 Daniel, Louis 277, 385 Daniel, Roger 367 Danials, Robert 285 Danielson, Joyce 385 Dansby, Ruth 385 Dansky, Marcia 385 Danton, Daniel 313 Danz, George 327 Dare, Charles 290, 355 Dariton, Dan 385 Darling, Mary 255 Darr, Richard 170 Daugherty, David 385 Daugherty, John 124, 385 Davenport, Dona 258, 385 Davenport, J 360 Davenport, Jean 265 Davenport, Nancy 253 Davenport, William 385 Davidoff, Edwin 356, 385 Davidson, David 304 Davidson, Georgiana ...-132,335 Davidson, John ....163.328,385 Davidson, Peter 290 Davies, Charles 302 Davies, David 288 Davies, Donald 321 Davies, John 114, 362 Davies, Judith 262, 385 Davis, Beverly 180, 255, 385 Davis, Charles 57 Davis, Charles 364, 385 Davis, Dorothy 345 Davis, Elizabeth 333 Davis, Gerald 360, 38 " 5 Davis, Harry 328 Davis, Jean 132,257,335 Davis, John 128, 135 Davis, Josephine 385 Davis, Lawrence 182 Davis, Margaretha 180,385 Davis, Morgan 304 Davis, Phillip 176, 361 Davis, Richard 160 Davis, Roger 364 Davis, Samuel 106 Davis, Shirley 344 Davis, Stiles 321, 385 Davis, William 325,358 Davison, Mary Anne 262, 335 Dawe, Frederick 282 Dawkins, Dale 310 Dawood, Horensio 165, 385 Dawson, Charles 158, 299 Dawson, Francis 162,275 Dawson, John F 167, 320, 385 Dawson, John P 45 Daykin, Theodore 274 Dayton, Robert 175 Dayton, Robert 385 Dean, Clifford 385 Dean, Nancy 258 Dean, Osmond 360, 385 Dean, Robert 328 Deaver, Daniel 308 Deb, Maya 174 DeBard, Janet 386 Debel, Betsy 412 DeBoer, Larry 116, 324, 385 DeCarvalho, Julio 385 Decker, Diane 266 Decker, Martin 361 Decoster, Maurice 291 DeCoy, John 363 Defever, Charles 355, 386 DeForest, Priscilla 342 Degnan, James 158 Degnan, John 318,385 DeGowin, Richard 359 Degroot, Louis 365 DeGroot, Peter 297, 368 DeHaan, James 324 DeHart, Lulu 257 Diekema, Leona 342 Dejonge, Bud 325 DeLand, James 97, 360 De la Paz, Tala 174 Delchamps. Winifred 385 delFierro, Eugenio 174 Delgado, Frank 165, 172, 293, 386 DeLong, Richard 366 DeLoania. William 290 DELTA CHI 282 DELTA DELTA DELTA 261 DELTA GAMMA 262 DELTA KAPPA EPSIT ON 283 DELTA SIGMA DELTA 321 DELTA SIGMA PHI 284 DELTA SIGMA PI 322 DELTA TAU DELTA 285 DELTA UPSILON 286 DELTA ZETA 263 del Toro, Julio 172 DeMarrais, Paul 282 DeMaagd, Robert 386 Demak, Morton 276 Demiene, William 320 Demmer, R:chard ..115, 301, 386 Demmler, Albert 166, 353 DeNeff, Wayne 324, 386 Deng Roy 275 Dengler, Lore 266 Denman, John 311 Denson, Walter 302, 386 DeNooyer, Donald 324, 386 DENTAi HYGIBNISTS 185 Denton, Sherwood 293 Deppen, John 160,162,360 DePree, William 357 Deer, Arthur 170 Derr, Millard 165, 293, 386 Derr, Patricia 334 Derrich, Marian 386 440 Derro, Thomas 322, 386 Desai, Shivajirad 174 Desjardins, Jerry 386 Desjardins, John 309, 386 Dettling, Betty 147, 347 Detwyler, Mary 334 Deurlso, Thomas 362 Deutscher, Harold 128, 135, 355. 386 Deutsch, Leila 151 Deuvall, Jane 259 Devine, Walter 175, 386 DeVoss, Helen 342, 386 DeVries, Roger 97, 167, 310 DeWeese, Nancy 386 Dewey. Garth 135 Deyo, Samuel 271, 284, 286 DeYoung, Jess 324, 386 DeYoung, Maynard 324, 386 Diamond, Cynthia 335 Diamond, Philip 274, 386 Diamond. Shirley 334 Diamond, Sandra 106, 119, 269, 386 Diamond, Tula 342 Diamondstein, Elaine 345 Diaz, Manuel 369 DiBartolomeo, Pat 356 DiCarlo, Samuel 358 Dickerman, S. 362 Dickes, Richard 317, 386 Dickey, Sam 386 Dickinson, Allen ..124, 350, 386 Dickstein, Kenneth 297 DiDominico, Ralph 365 Diecke, Lois 147 Diedrich, Duane 178 Dieterle, Martha 259 Diederich, Sylvia 386 Diehl, Julie 252 D.emer, William 281 DiFrancesco, Samuel 285 Dildine, Robert 271 Dillman, Daniel 359 Dillon, Geraldine 386 Dingman, Robert 193, 239, 278, 386 Dingman, Ronald 356 Dinsmore. Merle 335 Dittrich, Marilyn 347 Dixon, Deane 97, 357 Dixon, Robert 322 Doan, Leeland 56 Doberenez, Eric 316,386 Dodds, Donald 285,386 Dodek, Sam 177, 313 Dodge, Ellen 128, 134, 135, 342, 386 Doe, Kenneth 167,386 Doelle, Michael 298 Doelle. Mary 260 Doelle, Paul 304 Doerr. Joanne 146, 181 Doll, Richard 301 Dombrowski, George 316 Dombrowski, Robert 273, 285 Don, Norman 368 Donahue, Alan 277 Donally, Mary 132,264 Doner, Paul 306 Donero, Teetah 169, 387 Doney, William 286 Donley, David 362 Donnan, Douglas 294 Donner, Janet 180,269,387 Donner, Ruth 341 Donner, Svlvia 347 Donnor, Clarence 166, 387 Dood, Arnold 387 Dooge, Lawrence 275 Dooley, Geoffrey 239 Dooley, Paul 365 Dooley, Thomas 296 Doolittle. John 325 Dorner, Kenneth 387 Dorries, Charles 286 Dorsey, Nancy 261, 387 Doshi, Vinod 164, 174, 387 Doucette, Jack 325 Doughtery. Carole 340 Doughty, Douglas 351 Douglas, Beth 333 Douglas, Carole 347 Douglas, James 274, 387 Douglas, John 359 Douglas, Marlies 344 Douglas, Shirley 387 Douglis Philio 306 Doumanian, Dieran 302 Dovell. Frederick 387 Dow, Brvden 283, 387 Dow, Daniel 274, 387 Dow, David 128,274 Dow, Patricia 265, 335 Dow, Peter 106, 283 Dowd, Barbara 132,256 Downey, William 298 Downs, Carol 253 Drabkin, Leonard 297 Draheim. Edward 358 Drake, Allen 178,387 Drake, Betty 343, 387 Drake, Carol 178 Drake, Charles 275 Drake, Donald 193, 239 Drake, Elizabeth 387 Drake, Judith 252 Drake, Mitchell 273, 290 Drake, Eloise 357 Draper, Donald 328, 387 Draper, Joseph 387 Drews, Charles 387 Dreyer, James 278 Driese, Edward 362 Drobner. Max 295, 387 DRUIDS 115 Druker, Maney 254 Druker, Nancy 341 Drut, Irwin 311,387 Dubac, Carl 302 Dubois, John 325 Duboyce, Shirley 333 Duckworth, Aloha 387 Dudd, John 135 Dudinetz, Mary 339 Dudkin, Joyce 121, 177, 184,243, 387 Dudley, Gary 116 Dudley, Thomas ....168, 318, 387 Duerson. Gay 108, 265, 335 Duey, Philip 57 Duff, Donald 285 Duff, Lindsay 285, 387 Duffield, Kirk 288 Dugan, Bonnie 341 Dugger, Don 115, 193, 195, 239, 288, 387 Dumbricue, Mary 132 Dunbar, James 193, 387 Dunbar, Robert 298, 387 Dunbar, Shirley 335 Duncan, Paul 289, 387 Dunkin, Guy 294 Dunlap, Roger 359 Dunlop, William 323 Dunn, Agnes 257 Dunn, Douglas 167 Dunn, Richard 387 Dunnett, John 132 Dunphy, Dick 280 Dunworth, Mary Ann. ..342, 387 Durana, Gabriel 292 Durand, James 275 Durand. Patricia 387 Durbinsky, Marvin 387 Duster, Alfreda 347 Dutcher, James ....193, 289, 361 Dutter, George 131, 193, 290 Duwe, Gloria 334 DuWick, Leonard 353, 387 Dyckman, Thomas 301 Dye, John 387 Dyll, James 327, 387 Dyll, Louis 158, 388 Earl, Joseph 325 Earnest. Donald 350 Eary, Edmond 327 Easley, James 97, 310 Easom, Harry ....309 EAST QUAD COUNCIL 349 Easterbrook, Arthur 182 Easterling, Ronald 97 Easton, Roberta 388 Easton, Roger 322, 372, 388 Eaton, Cynthia 347 Eaton, Jack 327 Ebach, Earl ... ....362 Eber, Michael 182,388 Eckec, Richard 292 Eckerman, William 273, 277 Eckert, Carl 283 Eckert, Mary 261 Eckert, Otto 56 Eckert, Ronald 290 Eckhart, Franklin 302, 388 Eckhart, Mrs 257 Eckfield. Henry ... ...296 Eckle, John 351 Eckstrom, Larry 278 Eddy, Shirley ....388 Edelman, Ellen 388 Edelman, George 300 Edelson, George 151 Edelson, Jay 276 Eder. Melvyn 319 Edgar. David 319 Edge, Thomas 301 Edmonds, Joan 388 Edmunds, Sara 341, 388 Edwards, David H 355 Edwards, David 282, 388 Edwards, Irene 180, 388 Edwards, John 388 Edwards, Kenneth 356 Edwards, Martin 275, 388 Edwards, Melvin 361 Edwards, Robert 322, 388 Edwards, Samuel 388 Edwards, Susan 345 Edwards. Thomas 290 Eesley, Daniel 301 Effinger, John 292 Efimchik, Leo 286 Ege, James 168 Egelka, Roslyn 388 Egler, Pamela 260 Eggleston, Patricia 388 Eggleston, Richard 163, 166 Eggleston, William ..172, 388 Ehlers, George 167 Ehlers, Jack 96,116,388 Ehlers, John 94,114 Ehman, Thomas 277 Eichenlaub, Nancy 255,388 Eicher, Richard 168,388 Eichstedt, Doris 176, 388 Bicker, Richard 360 Eide, Ronald ' 352 Eifert, Donald ....321 Eilola, Ardith 388 Eisenberg, Sarah 335 Eisenstein, Richard 357 Eisler, Thomas 360 Elconin, Arlene ... 254 Elert, John 304, 388 Eley, Herman 388 Elgass, George 322 Elieff, Lewis 352, 388 El Katib, Mounir 165, 388 Ellacott, Barbara 258 Ellet, Jane 261 Elliott, William 356 Ellis, Betty ....119, 134, 264, 388 Ellis, George 388 Ellis, Virginia 265 Elowsky, Joseph .................... 350 Elsings, Eugene ...................... 162 Eisner, Henry .......................... 355 Elwell, Sumner ...................... 356 Elwood, Betty .... ........... 180, 388 Ely, Robert ....11 2, 117, 124,281 Ely, Seth .................................. 310 Embury, Philip .............. 284, 388 Emeott, Dale .......................... 367 Emerson, Theodore ................ 298 Emerson, Vernon .................. 10! Emery, Edward ........................ 388 Emery, Richard ...................... 288 Emswiler, Dixon .................... 363 Endicott, Charles .................... 360 Endres, Bernard ............ 367, 388 Endres, Patricia ........................ 266 Endres, Philip ........................ 360 Engel, Cynthia ........................ 388 Engel, Earl .............................. 299 Engelder, Larry ........................ 178 Engelder, Paul .............. 178, 356 Engelman, Diane .................... 334 Engelman, Robert .................... 311 ENGINE HONOR COUNCIL ........................ 112 England, Robert ...................... 173 Englander, Alec ...................... 297 English, David ........................ 388 English, Doris .............. 134, 388 Enrietto, James ........................ 322 Ensign, Allyn .......................... 366 Enzian, Venetia ...................... 132 Epding, Gordon ...................... 28; Eppinger, James ...... Eppinger, Robert .................... loo Epps, Thad ...................... 310,389 Erickson, Clinton .................... 389 Erickson, John ........................ 353 Ericson, Pauline ...................... 253 Eriksen, Nancy ........................ 253 Erman, Robert ........................ 389 Erminy, Salvador .................... 353 Ernst, Calvin .......................... 360 Ernst, Richard ........................ 299 Ernstein, Robert ...................... 389 Erwin, E. James ........................ 389 Esbrook, Lois .......................... 389 Escobar, Luis ................ 351,389 Eshbach, Russel ............ 351,389 Eshelman, Robert .................... 389 Esterer, Arnulf .............. 131,286 ETA KAPPA NU ...................... 165 Etherton, Nancy .................... 389 Eugene, Virginia .................... 335 Euker, Roy .............................. 178 Evanoff. Geneva ...................... 132 Evans, David ............................ 274 Evans, Donald ........................ 193 Evans, Fred ............................ 98 Evans, Gerald .......................... 389 Evans, Lloyd ............................ 124 Evans, Lynda .......................... 344 Evans, Phillip .......................... 327 Evans, Richard ........... Evans, Robert .......................... 389 Evans, Stewart .................. ...... 353 Everett, Janice .............. 149, 342 Everett Robert .............. 328, 389 Ewart, Dale .................... 281, 365 Ewert, Alfred .......................... 302 Ewing, Deborah ...................... 101 Ewing. El ' zabeth....l01, 265, 389 Faber, Elinor 389 Fabian, Tom 29 Fagerberg, Karin ....121. 122, 267 Fagenbaum, Rebenkoh 177 Failer, Marvin 389 Failer, Raymond Fain, Leonard 389 Faint, Jean 389 Fair, Nona 389 Fairbairn, Donald 97, 366 Fairbanks, Virgil 327 Fairberg, Barbara 389 Faircloth, James 327 Fairful, William 358 Falberg, Lorraine 254 Falk, Beverly 269, 341 Falk, Herbert 358 Falk, Stuart 319 Falls. Harriet 128 Fancher, Paul 239.301,389 Fandrem, Nancy 389 Fang, Jen-Cho 389 Farjo, Anastas 357, 389 Farmer, Robert E 389 Farnsworth, Grover 168, 35 Farrar, Margaret 258 Faskow, Don 297 Fasner, Margaret 254 Faught, Beverly 389 Faulhaber, Richard 294, 359 Featherstone, Michael 298 FEATURES 1 Feder, Delia 269 Fedonis. Sophia 344 Fedyk, John 389 Feenstra, Theodore 324 Fehlberg, Charles 309 Fehrenbach, Jane 333 Feitel, Morris 168, 356 Feldhaus, William 389 Feldkamp, Lauren 163, 389 Fellner, William 327, 389 Felman. Leon 297, 352 Fenech, Anne 173, 268 Penning. Walter 351 Fenton, Mary 151 Fenton, Stuart 185 Ferbstein, Joseph 297 Ferguson, Donald 273, 278 Ferguson, Forrest ..111, 318, 389 Ferguson, Franklin 363 has served Michigan students for 81 YEARS ' Your College Book Store " 336 S. STATE PHONE 2-0814 THE GAGE LINEN SHOP 11 NICKELS ARCADE ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN ATTENTION GRADUATES For remembrance of your wonderful days at Michigan we alone carry Michigan Place Mat Sets. Pictures of Famous Campus Buildings in 13 Lovely Shades. p 13-15 NICKELS ARCADE ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Where Students Meet to Chat and Eat BREAKFASTS - LUNCHES SODAS - CANDIES White Haines Optical Co. 308 WOLVERINE BLDG. 441 II Ferguson, Larry 322 Ferguson, Malcolm 366 Ferguson, Robert 302 Fernamberg, Sally 184, 257 Ferrell, Gene 160 Ferrington, Richard 327 Fey, Albert 304 Fiawoo, Godwill 389 Fiber, Elise 106,268 Fiber, Louise 267,335 Fieber, Irvin 328, 389 Field, Alice 102, 262 Field, Peter 314 Filden, John 160,301 File, Ruth 266 File, Warren 390 Filgas, James 132, 364 Filkins, William ..160,286,390 Fineman, Lois 390 Finestone, Ronda 269 Finger, John 317 Fink, Dorothy 103, 185 Fink, Grace 119, 121. 348, 390 Finley, Robert 356 Finney, Ross 286 Firestone, Harold 319 Firestone, Nathan 358, 360 Firth, Donald 390 Fischbach, Mary Ellen 390 Fischer, Colette 338 Fischer, Eugene 131, 285 Fischer, Jo 345 Fischer, Marta 334 Fischer, Raymond 361 Fischman, Noah 318, 390 Fischhoff, Clara 254 Fish, James 325 Fish, Willard 364 Fishel, Joy 390 Fisher, Marlene 342, 390 Fisher, Patricia Anne . .264, 390 Fisher, Radford 288 Fisher, Roy 230 Fisher, Stanley Morton 390 Fisher, William ....117, 160, 353 Fishman Diana 390 Fishman, Harry 365 Fishman, Joseph 128, 368 Fishman, Sherwin 319 Fisk, M. Carolyn 257, 390 Fisk, Robert 352 Fitch, Donald 357 Fitch, Nancy Sue 101, 119, 243, 268,390 Fithian, Barbara 184, 262 Fitz, Coralyn 338 Fitzgerald, Bernard 390 Fitzpatrick, James B 390 Flanders, Ruth 257 Flarsheim, Philip 95, 313 Fleegar, Eugene 355 Fleischman, Mark 357 Fleisher, David 273, 291 Fleishman, Morton 166, 287 Fleming, Donald 304 Flemming, Mary Sue 252 Fletcher, David 162 Fletcher, Fredrick 366 Fletke, Wilbert 328, 373, 390 Fleure, Victor 304, 350 Flinn, William 320, 390 Flint, Darrell 180,267,390 Flint, Kay 347 Flinta, Carlos 172 Flores, Ricardo 317,390 Floum, Robert 295, 356 Flowers. Barbara 390 Flowers, Patricia 258, 390 Flucke, Robert 351 Flury, Donald 390 Flynn, Albert ....358 Flynn, John 272, 320, 390 Flynn. Julie 335 Flynn, Thomas 320 Flynn, William 167 Fogel, Bernard 319 Fogel, Daniel 177, 300 Fogel, Leon 319, 390 Fogg, Ka Lun 170 Foit, Ronald 290 Foley, Diane 264 Foley, Mary Jean 338, 390 Font, Nydiana 173, 179 Fonraine, John ... ....390 FOOTBALL 133 Foote, Carol 338 Ford, Carol 259, 345 Ford, Janet ... 335 FORESTERS 182 Forgacs, Tom 280 Forretta, George 183 Foss, Richard 327 Forsyth, Henry 390 Forsythe, William 323 Fortenberry, John 131 Fossenkemper, Neva 356 Foster. Eni d 261 Foster, William 317 Foucek, Bruce 356 Foug, James 390 Foulds, Ronald 131, 281, 390 Fowler, William 328 Fox, E. Ronald 297 Fox, Gordon 166,390 Fox, James 356 Fox, James 182, 390 Fox, Jeralle 268 Fox, Lily 134,390 Fox. Mary 339 Fox. William ....361 Fox, William F. ... 274 Frakes, Mary 134 Fraleigh, Jane 390 Francisco, Anceo 128 Francher, Paul 116 Franck, Marjorie 245, 390 Frandsen, Philip 323 442 Frank, Ann 254 Frank, Joseph 143, 296 Frank, Martin 391 Frank, Phyllis 347 Frank, Richard 131,391 Frankel, Allan 319 Frankel, Maria 391 Frankel, Marvin 391 Franklin, Trudy 391 Franks, Dave 297 Franz, Harold 178, 365 Franzblau, Carl 276 Franzoi, Wallace 328, 391 Frauenthal. Kay 261 Frayne, David 314 Frazer, David 109, 361 Freed, Anthony 391 Freed, Harvey 313 Freedberg, Lois 269 Freedman, Arthur 391 Freedman, Donald 391 Freeger, Thomas 143 Freeman, Barry 313 Freeman, Gerald 274 Freeman, Harry 313, 391 Freese, Robert 391 Freihofer, William 275 French, A. J 183 Frenkel, Sheila 269, 391 Freshour, Jeanne 256, 391 Freybler, Louis 304 Fricke, Phyllis 259 Fricke, Tom 289 Fricker, Susan 128, 132, 135. 251 Fried, Joan 269, 391 Friedland, Gloria 391 Friedlander, Maury 306 Friedman, Arthur 363 Friedman, James 365 Friedman, Morton .. 106, 131, 176, 177, 300 Friedman, Paul 162, 391 Friedman, Stanley 158, 391 Friedman, Ted 391 Friedman, Wilbur 391 Friend, Virginia 264, 338 Friese, Paul 321 Frieswyk, Kenneth 328 Frinta, Mojmir 391 Frisch, Norman 391 Frisinger, Howard 132,274 Fritts, Crawford 167 Fritts, James 292 Fritts, Robert 290 Froczila, George 353 Froehlich, Dean 391 Frohman, Lawrence 131,358 Froning, Herman 391 Frost, Dorothy 261 Frost, Jackson 359 Frost, James 367 Fruitman, Martin 391 Fry, Dean 391 Fry, Richard 356 Frye, Gary 309, 391 Fryfogle, Mary 342 Fuchs, Franklin 391 Fuerth, Steve 95 Fujii, Hideo 167,391 Fuller, Nancy 257 Fultz, Duane 170 Fundora, Alfred ... 391 Funk, Marilyn 108, 341 Funk, Mary ... 262, 391 Furdak, Edward 360 Furst, Janet 262 Furstenau, Anne 265 Fushman, John 325 Fuss, Peter 352 Gabel. Jane 391 Gabel. Norman 351 Gabel, W. Creighton 391 Gaberson, Howard 277 Gable, Grant 352 Gabler, John 353 Gabriel, Vincent 163, 353, 391 Gacksterer, Rosalyn 338 Gadola, Thomas 363 Gadon, Joseph 391 Gaeb. Carol ..151,261 Gaebler, John 175 Gaffert, Joyce 262 Gagalis, Peri 193, 293 Gaines, Janice 269 Galacz, Robert 354, 360 Galantowicz, Thomas 346 Galbraith, Joanne 391 Galbreath, John 274 GALENS 183 Galichon, Christian 391 Galtnsky, Rayma 392 Gallagher, Constance 341 Gallant, Mary Jane 392 Gallery, Janet 262 Gallon, Jack 115, 239, 392 Gallon, Mark 313, 352 Galloway. Delia 331 Gallup, Judy 265. 392 Galster, Rollin 365, 392 Galvin, Mary Ellen 266 Gamble, Judith 392 GAMMA DET.TA 178 GAMMA PHI BETA 264 Gannon. George 277 Gantz, Robert 300 Ganzenhuber, Paul 286, 361 Gaper, Gordon 365 Garbarino, Victor 392 Garcia, Alfonso 392 Garcia, Tomas .-. 174 Gardey. Kay 334 Gardner, William 365 Garfield, Sue 261, 338 Garfinkle, Sally 347 GARGOYLE ISO Garland, Elizabeth 267 Garlick, Gordon ....160, 168, 182 Garrison, Edgar 321 Garter, Jack 168,360 Garthe, Darylene 392 Carver, Hubert 285 Garwood, Eileen 347 Gary, John 359 Gasman, David 362 Cast, Janet 101, 258, 392 Cast. Warren 304, 392 Gates, Richard 289 Gauger, Lois 119, 121, 134, 392 Gay, Gretchen 253 Gay, William 302, 392 Gaylord, Carl 305 Geary, Ann 261 Gebbard, Ursula 264 Geddes, Ray 392 Gedria, William 356 Gedrovics, Rita 178 Gee, Marilyn 339 Geertsema, Galtjo 182, 369 Gehner, Martin 178 Geiger, Paul 147, 181, 291 Geisendorter, Henry 392 Geisz, Frank 170, 326, 392 Geisz, Valerie 266 Gelb, Judith 392 Gelbman, Stanford 313 Gellatly, James 322, 392 Gellathy, Robert 362 Gellert, Marcia 335 Genda, Vonda 122, 169, 342 Gendelman, Alvin 295,392 GENERATION 149 George, Emery 360 George, Williamson 392 Georgilas, Anthony 299, 392 Gerber, Eliot 392 Gereau, Richard 160 Germany, Jane 108 Gerstner. Richard 325 Gersuk, John 319 Gersuk. Marvin 276, 392 Gess, Richard 131,285 Gessner, Joanne 253 Getman, Burrill 318 Getschman, Robert 328, 392 Getry, Ward 361 Gewercer, Samuel 358 Geyer, Herbert 193 Geyer, Paul 239, 290, 392 Ghareeb, Donald 124 Ghini, Irene 253 Ghormley, Ronald 366, 392 Ghysels. James 299, 392 Giambalvo, Anthony ....160, 361 Gianakaris. C_J 131 Giardini, Gloria 341 Gibbons. Victor 350 Gibbs, Gordon 392 Gibbs, Mary Jo 106, 265 Gibbs, Regina 104. 269 Gibson. Clark 291 Giddan, Norman 143, 313 Giddings, Carol 184, 243. 340 Gielow, James 392 Gikas, Paul 323 Gilbert, Barbara 269 Gilbert, Daniel 319 Gilbert, Edward 165 Gilbert, Elmer 165 Gilbert, John 175 Gilbert, Lawrence 368 Gilbert. Margie 184 Gilbert, Nelson 285 Gilbert, Ruth 254, 334 Gilbert, Sue 132, 252 Giles, Conrad 146, 181, 287 Giles. Donald 358 Giles. Greta 268 Giller. Donald 356 Gillespie, Brennen 278 Gillespie, Bruce 326 Gillespie, Faith 392 Gillespie, Gwain 392 Gillespie, Virginia 339, 3S 2 Gillett. Robert 392 Gillooly, George 314, 392 Giflooly, Mary 268, 392 Oilman, Ricky 269 Gilmartin. Richard 325 Gilmore, James 298, 365 Gilmore, Roger 294, 393 Gilmore, Thomas ..298, 304, 357 Gingrass, Ruedi 95,118,291 Ginnakaris, Constantine 357 Ginnebaugh, Leonard 317 Ginsberg, Beve rly 132,341 Ginsberg, Jack 185, 364 Ginsberg, Shirley A 347 Ginsberg, Shirley D 349 Ginsberg, Theodore 393 Ginsburg, Milford 319,393 Giovagnoli, Angelo 362 Gipper, Harry 393 Gira, Phyllis 1 266 Govens, Betty Lou 262 Giza, Cecelia 173 Glaser, Barbara 335 Glasier, Dorothy 269 Glasier, Stuart 313 Glass, Geraldine 393 Glass, Katherine 334 Glass, Philip 282 Glass, Richard 281 Glazer, Laurel 393 Gleason, Barbara 132,347 Gleiber, Malvern 342 Gleich, Gerald 325, 393 Click, John 323. 393 Glick. Ruth 254 Gloster, Francis 128 Glover, Frederick 303 Glover, Milan 321 Glover, Robin 106,120,393 Gluckman, Ivan 393 Glugla, James 328, 393 Glysson, Eugene 170 Gmeiner, Nancy 268 Go, Francisco 165 Goddard, Edwin 167 Goddard, Patricia 261 Goebel, James 296 Goebel, Paul 275 Goedien, Robert 304 Goethe, Roy 325 Goering, William 321 Goerke, Beverly 344 Goetz, Alan 357 Goetz, Helen 265 Goetz, Milton --- ....115, 141, 280, 393 Goff, Pete 289 Gogolin, Donald 361 Gogulski, Jan 360 Gold, Herbert 170, 276, 393 Gold, Natalie 269 Gold, Robert 361 Goldberg, Gerald 365 Goldberg, James 357 Goldberg, Mary Lou 269 Goldberg, Maurice 319 Goldberg, Paula 334 Goldberg, Raith 334 Goldblum, Barbara 254 Golden, John 285,393 Goldfarb, Janet 254 Goldfarb, Marcia 254, 393 Golding, Sandra 341,393 Goldman, Andrew 351 Goldman, Dorothy 344 Goldman, Hubert 393 Goldman, George 393 Goldman, Marcia 347 Goldsmith, Alice 347 Goldsmith, Donald 286 Goldsmith. Judith Goldstein, Carole 185 Goldstein, David 287, 393 Goldstein, Mimi 393 Goldstein, Sherwin 276 Goldstick, David 297 GOLF 236 Golos, Abraham 287 Golten, June 108,185,338 Golten, Robert 185 Golumbia, Daone 344 Gomba, Ella 174 GOMBERG HOUSE 355 Gomez, Josephine 172, 393 Gomez, Lilia 172 Gonzales, Edith 174 Good, Carolyn 262 Go od, Charles 116 Good, Donald 289 Good, Lowell 326 Good, Richard 289 Good, Wayne 326, 393 Goode, Conrad 319 Goode, Jay 276 Goode, Richard 393 Goodman, Henry 313 Goodrich, Mary Lou 342, 393 Goodwin, Stanley 271, 275, 393 Gopalarao, Chavali 174 Gora, Ron 191 Gorden, Barbara 253 Gordon, Gerald 313 Gordon, Keith 97, 363 Gordon, Marilyn 341 Gordon, Marilyn 339, 393 Gordon, Maxine 254, 341 Gordon, Michael 313,393 Gordon, Rea 108, 335 Gordon, Sandra 347 Gordon, Seymour 183 Gordon, Stuart 131,351 Gordy, Howard 290 Gore, Frederick 131,286 Goren, Irwin 306 Gorman, Betty Jo 255, 393 Gorman, Edward 361 Gorman, John 285 Gorsche, Peter 318,393 Goschnick, Henry 170, 326 Gottesman, Judy 341 Gottschalk, Laura 393 Goudie, James 285,393 Goudrich, Frank 358 Gould, Anne 173, 333 Gould, James 173 Gould, Mary Lou 393 Gouldthorpe, Hugh 304 Gouldthorpe, Sally 268, 393 Govindarj, Buddha 174 Gowa, Ruth 393 Grabb, William 317, 393 Grabil, Lois 261 Grabowski, Walter 350 Graden, Bruce 394 Graebner, Doris 336, 391 Graefen, William 304, 394 Graether, John 132 Graf, Ernest 290 Graf, Phillip 367 Graham, Donald 304 Graham, Dorothy 394 Graham, Thomas 294, 394 Granger, George 305, 394 Granito, Nora 132,338 Granse, Virginia 262, 394 Grant, John 275 Granzow, Donald 394 Grathwohl, Casper 291 Gratz, Sandra 394 Gravelle, Marylee 253, 394 Graves, Richard 328 Graves, William 323, 394 Grawburg, Lucille 394 Gray, Gerald 356 Gray, John ....158, 185, 356, 394 Detroit Edison 443 Gray, Murray 394 Gray, Myles 318 Graybiel, Mary Ellen 266 Granziani, Lyn 360 Greene House 351 Green, Alvin 114,141,394 Green, Barney 318, 394 Green, Beth 245 Green, Carolyn 394 Green, David 128, 288 Green, Donna 108, 185, 269 Green, Ellen 394 Green, Frank 358 Green, Gerald 361 Green, Harold 163 Green, James 290 Green, Larry 363 Green, Merritt ....114, 193, 194,239,299 Green, Walter 327, 394 Greenbalgh, Donald 320 Greenberg, Ann 394 Greenberg, Daniel 149, 394 Greenberg, Elizabeth 269 Greenberg, Florence 269 Greenberg, Paul 142, 297 Greenberg, Sandra 170 Greene, Helen 394 Greenfield, Judith 344 Greenfield, Marjorie ....172, 245 Greenfield, Richard 128 Greenlee, James 394 Greenman, George 325, 394 Greenough, Annabelle 394 Greenspan, Sanford 394 Greenwald, Martin 356 Greeson, Vince 328, 394 Gregory, Glenna 121, 134, 333, 344 Gregory, Jeanne 336 Gregory, Judith 334 Gregory, Nan 252 Gregory, Richard 168 Gregory, Russell 394 Gregory, William 328, 394 Greiser, Kenneth 278 Grekin, James 295, 394 Grell, Norman 359 Grenn, Donna 338 Grew, Robert 394 Greim, Thomas 312 Griewski, Larry 165,178 Griffin, Elizabeth 257,338 Griffin, Edward 278, 394 Griffin, Mark 394 Griffing, Thomas 309 Griffith, Ralph 277, 394 Griffith, Robert 289 Griffith, Robert E 277 Griggs, Shirley 259, 394 Grigsby, Gloria 334, 395 Grimaldi, Raul 351 Grinke, Barbara 341 Groat, Gerald 289 Grobe, Charles 359 Grodzin, Harvey 319 Groesbeck, Donald 352 Groffsky, Paul 300 Grommons, Jack 395 Grose, Frederick 395 Grosjean, Walter 356 Gross, Marion 395 Gross, Robert 300, 395 Grosse, Winona ....176, 180, 334 Grossman, Myra 269, 395 Grossmark, Jay 170, 395 Grosz, Leslie 170, 350 Grotta, Louis 313 Grove, Fred 290 Grover, Janet 132 Grove, Marilyn 257, 395 Grover, Richard 321,357 Grover, Yudhistara 174, 361 Grow, Thomas 182, 366 Gruenfeld, Martin 295 Grunawalt, Jack 355 Grunawalt, Robert 327 Gruner, Paul 289 Gruschow, Betty Anne 266 Gryka, George 132, 162, 316 Guard, Robert . ' 351 Guenther, Margaret 336 Guernsey, Elwood 395 Guerra, Yapery 395 Guerrero, Cathy 174 Guerrero, Cynthia 174 Guerrero, Florence 174 Guerrero, Severe 174 Guettler, Eugene 395 Guggenheim, Armin 297, 395 Guggenheim, Bernard 365 Guggenheim, Howard 297 Guilbert, Jeanne 132 Guimadaes, Jose 395 Guion, Connie 174 Guion, Nellie 174 Guise, Robert 239 Gulden, Elaine 342 Gunderman, Kenneth 350 Gunderson, Jean 253 Gunn, Charles 278 Gupta, Rajeshwar 106, 174 Gupta, Surendralal 162, 174, 395 Gurwin, Hanley 306 Gustafson, Donald 167, 395 Gutchess, Walter 361 Gutman, Lawrence 297 Guttentag David 395 Guttentag, Laura 332, 344 Guy, Margaret 395 Guy, Paul 285 Guy, Ralph 395 Guzman, Ramon 369, 395 Gwynn, Jack 182 GYMNASTICS 224 H Haag, Robert 328 444 Haar, Ellen 177, 269 Haas, Donald 128, 395 Haas, Eugene 163, 165, 166, 395 Haas, Francis 30 ' Haas, James 239, 278 Haas, Richard ..-395 Haas, Sally 176, 259 Habel, Daniel 309 Haber, Ralph 297, 395 Haberman, Sally 147, 258 Habib, John 395 Hachigian, Markar 166, 395 Hack, James 363 Hackett, John 286 Hadley, Donald 364 Haeperin, Fred 297 Hafer, Kenneth 294 Haffner, Edith 108, 266 Hagan, Edmund 321 Hagan, Raymond 328 Hagelberger, Ruth 347 Hagen, Judy 395 Hagen, Ronald 284 Hager, Jeanne 253, 344 Haglund, Wallace 359 Hague, James 299 Hahn, Carol 338 Hahn, Gretchen 338 Hahn, Stuart 364 Hakaia, Edwin 395 Halbrook, Diane 169, 257 Halbrook, Eugene 291 Halbrook, Joyce 261 Halby, William 395 Hale, John 363 Hall, Beatrice 172 Hall, Frank 193 Hall, Harlow 395 Hall, Howard 352 Hall, John 168, 360 Hall, K. W 164 Hall, Mary 172, 347 Hall, Nancy 260, 395 Hall, Theodore 321 Hallek, Grace 268 Halleen, Robert 178 Hallenbeck, Kenneth 284 Hallitt, John 325 Halpern, Daniel 359 Halpern, Irving 395 Halpern, Werner 395 Halsberg, Barnett 313 Halstead, Joanne 395 Halstead, Ruth 395 Halverson, Edward 362 Ham, Dorothy 132, 256 Ham, Esther ..111, 132, 256, 395 Hamaker, Eugene 302 Hamberg, Lawrence 167 Hambley, Eleanor 395 Hamburg, James ....165, 166, 396 Hamburger, Barton 300 Hamburger, Margot 334 Hameline, Margaret 260 Hamiall, Douglas 271 Hamil, William 355 Hamill, Peter 323, 396 Hamilton, Ralph 396 Hamilton, Richard 284 Hammel, Dolores 266 Hammer, Claire 335 Hammer, Earle 350, 396 Hammett, Dorothy 267 Hammett, R. W 167 Hammond, Charles 396 Hammond, George 275, 360 Hammond, Herbert 128, 135 Hammond, John 362 Hampton, Victor 108 Hampton, William 366 Hamsel, Royal 317 Hanasack, James 285 Hanauer, Dieter 97, 168, 361 Hanawalt, Arnold 396 Handelman, Howard 396 Handler, Wallace 185 Hanford, Wallace 168, 368 Hankin, Harleae 143, 254 Hanley, Donald 304 Hanlon, Russell 317 Hann, Arthur 322 Hansen, Barbara 124 Hansen, Ronald 282 Hansen, Sally 134, 258, 396 Hanson, Patricia 334 Hanula, Dolores ; ..260, 396 Harbath, Denis 288 Harbert, Norman 97, 290 Harbert, Ronald 298 Harden, David 296 Hardie, Ellie 258 Hardie, Margaret 336 Harding, Edward 296 Hardwick, George 131, 285, 396 Hardy, Clarence 356 Hardy, Cynthia 338 Hardy, Gerald 361 Hariton, Theodore 281,396 Harkless, Roland 358 Harlan, John .163, 354, 361 Harlan, Mary 335 Harlow, George 356 Harman, Ellen 396 Harmer, David 316 Harmer, Eileen 339 Harper, Alice 128, 343, 396 Harper, Elaine 355 Harper, John 323 Harper, Richard 396 Harper, Samuel 292 Harpole, Doris 176 Harrigan, Margaret 257, 396 Harrigan, Mary 102, 257 Harriman, Averill 44 Harrington, Gerald 179, 301, 396 Harrington, Herbert 98, 124, 290, 396 Harrington, Lorna 262, 396 Harrington, Shelby 358 Harris, Beverly 396 Harris, Dean 396 Harris, Diane 120, 265, 396 Harris, Donald 317 Harris, Grant 303 Harris, James 309, 328, 396 Harris, Lawrence 306, 365 Harris, Robert 170 Harris, Thomas ....151,313,396 Harris, Velma 267 Harrison, G. B 179 Harrison, Richard 290 Harrison, Theodore 319 Harry, Jane 344 Harryman, Virginia 360 Harsant, James 160, 396 Hart, Francis 128 Hart, George 327 Hart, Hugh 168, 361 Hart, Mary 255 Hart, Nancy 347 Hartmann, Carolyn 178,336 Hartwell, Dora 267 Hartwell, Shattuck 183, 323 Hartwig, Eugene 291 Harvey, Martin 368 Harvey, Patricia 334 Harzfeld, Lois 396 Hassan, Mohammed 396 Hassler, Mary 253 Hastie, Mary 258, 396 Haswell, Judith 345 Hatch, Charles 281 Hatcher, Harlan 54,56 Hatton, James 365, 396 Hatton, John 361 Hauers, Charlotte 266 Haufman, Bill 297 Hauke, Ralph 160, 353, 396 Hauser, Theodore 292 Hauss, Frances 124,342 Haven, Mary 342, 396 Haverkamp, Jack 324 Havermale, Nancy 264 Hawes, Claudette 256 Hawkins, Donald 305, 396 Hawkins, Esther ....111, 262, 396 Hawkins, William 128 Hawley, Ronald 178 Hawn, Robert 358 Hawthorne, Doris 266, 396 Hawthorne, Ruth 339 HAYDEN HOUSE 352 Hayes, Helen 347 Hayes, Robert 182, 396 Hayes, Ronald 351 Haynam. Bruce ....114,116,230 Hayward, Ruth 283, 338 Haywood, Calvin 135 Head, Donald 278 Heald, Mary Jean 396 Healey, James 163, 397 Hearn, Elizabeth 259 Hearsh. Sandra 254, 341 Heasley, Richard 350 Hedin, Joanne 347 Hedner, Carleton ..115, 131, 397 Heft, Priscilla 132,335 Hegarry, William 162, 166, 316, 397 Hegener, Jona 258 Hefdbeder, Ann 262 Heideman, Phyllis- 178 Heiderer, Joan 101, 169, 335,397 Heifetz, Stuart 313 Heikkenen, Herman 397 Heikkinen, Wilho 397 Heil, Henry 290, 397 Heim, George 301, 356 Heimerdinger, Charles 288 Hein, William 132, 361 Heine, Maude 397 Heine, Valda 33 4 Heineman, Richard 310 Heineman, Sally 352 Heinemann, Judd 323 Heinlein, Joseph 291,397 Heinrich, Steven 362 Heintzelman, Violet 121, 162, 397 Heinz, Robert 397 Helder, Louis 325 HELEN NEWBERRY 338 Helfinbein, Ruth 254, 341 Heller, Carl 298 Heller, Clifford 319 Heller, Martha 397 Heller, Maurice 397 Helliwell, Noreen 108, 340 Hellthaler, Mary 338 Hellwarth, George 131,286 Helms, William 358 Helmus, Christian 324 Heminger, George 163, 165, 166, 397 Hemping, Suzanne 147, 260, 397 Hemple, Donald 318, 397 Hendershot, Leonard 328 Henderson, Ann 243, 264, 267, 397 Henderson, Barbara 253 Henderson, Robert 290 Hendleman, Donna 119, 121, 140, 397 Hendrian, Cynthia 102, 257 Henigman, Daniel 295 Henkin Barbara 151 Hennig, Robert 162 Henning, Barry 166, 357 Henny, Frank 321 Henrickson, Einar 397 Henry, Bruce 173 Henry, Leland 356, 397 Henry, Nancy 257 Henshaw, Patricia 347 Henson, Jim .................. 280, 367 Hepler, Anne .......................... 256 Hepner, Joel .................. 295, 356 Herbert, J. Joseph ...... Herbold, Anthony .................. 29? Herkimer, Carl ...................... 361 Herlihy, William .................. 285 Herman, Perry ........................ 321 Hermann, Robert .................. 277 Hermann, Russell .................. 365 Herman, Stanley .................... 276 Hermanson, William.... Hermes, DietHnd .................... 333 Hernandez, Luis ...................... 352 Herrick, Roxanne .......... 132,347 Herrider, Barbara .......... 253,397 Herrington, Kenneth .............. 325 Herrington, Mary .................. 397 Herrmann, Richard ........ 182, 39 Hersch, Jerry .......................... 297 Hershey, Carol ...................... 252 Hershon, Marshall ........ 306, 397 Hertler, Allan ................ 312, 397 Hertz, Shirley ........................ 397 Hertzel, Fredrick .................... 292 Hertzfeld .......................... 97, 313 Hertzman, Georgia ................ 262 Hess, Ann ................................ 268 Hess, Betty .............................. 254 Hess, Phyllis .......................... 261 Hessing, Betty ........................ 34 Hetherington, Charles ............ 285 Hewitt, Charles .................... 363 Hey, Marilyn .......................... ...I ........... ....101, 120,357,397 Heyde, Norma ........................ 134 Heyboer, Dale ........................ 397 Heyner, Conrad Heyner, Frederick .............. 350 Heyns, Roger ............ Heysteck, Ann ........................ 338 Hibbard, Claude .................... 167 Hibbard, John ................ 189, 303 Hickey, Edward ...................... 193 Hickey, Janette ...................... 338 Hickman, Dan ........................ 239 Hickman, George .................. 397 Hickman, William ........ 116, 397 Hickok, Homer ...................... 368 Hicks, Edwin ................ 322, 397 Hicks, Fred .................... 106,351 Hicks, James .......................... 282 Hicks, John ............................ 360 Hicks, William .............. 353,397 Higbee, Jane .................. 264, 338 Higgings, James ...................... 28 Higgins, Ann ................ 255, 397 Higgins, David ...................... 301 Higgins, Fay .................. 164, 397 Higgins, William .................. 364 Higstrete, Bruce ............ 382, 397 Highway, Donald 350 Higley, Gary ........ ,332, 336, 398 Higley, Edward ............ 301,366 Hilbert, James ........................ 277 Hildebtand, Grant ................ 351 Hilderly, David ...................... 284 Hiler, Linda ............................ 259 Hiles, Donald ........................ 323 Hilfinger, Howard ................ 398 Hilfinger, Margaret ...... 268, 398 Hill, Barbara .......................... 265 Hill, Beatrice .......................... 344 Hill, Daniel ............................ 398 Hill, Donald ........ 118, 239, 301 Hill, Donna ............................ 345 Hill, Douglas ........................ 308 Hill, Jerry .............................. 364 Hill, Martha ............................ 262 Hill, Richard .......................... 366 Hill, Stephen ................ 297, 355 Hill, William ........................ 361 Hillard, Mary .......................... 259 HILLEL .................................... 177 Hillerman, Neal ............ 128, 352 Hillman, Ralph ............ 355,398 Hills, Barbara .......................... 266 Hillyard, Ann ........................ 344 Hilton, Constance .................. 265 Himmelberger, James ............ 285 Himmelhoch, Martha ............ 341 Himmelhoch, William .......... 369 Himmelreich, Margery .......... 269 Hindrichs, Bruce .................... 310 Hing, Harry .......................... 307 Hinman, Northcott ................ 317 Hinoley, Frederic .......... 131,363 Hinomoto, Hide ...................... 369 HINSDALE HOUSE 339 Hinz, James .................. 363, 398 Hipfel, Joseph ........................ 304 Hirgh, Ledra .......................... 344 Hirsch, Carl ............................ 299 Hirsch, Evan .................. 273, 306 Hirsch. Jerome ...................... 398 Hirschbeck, Edward ...... 162, 365 Hirshman, Frances ........ 266, 398 Hirschman, Stuart .................. 306 Hirt, Jacquelyn ...................... 398 Hisch, Liliane .......................... 333 Hitselberger, Charles .............. 367 Hixton, Lois ........ 128, 135,253 Hlady, Michael ...................... 357 Hoag, Charles ................ 314,360 Hobart, James ........................ 293 Hobbs, Gary .......................... 302 Hobbs, Robert ........................ 293 Hock, Kenneth ........................ 321 HOCKEY ................................ 212 Hockstad, Raymond ................ 285 Hoddick, Nancy ....332, 342, 398 Hodge, Carol .......................... 398 Hodge, Edward ...................... 352 Hodge, William .................... 361 Hodges, Donald ............ 179, 398 Hodges, Janet ........................ 255 Hodges, Mary ........ 101, 102, 255 Hodges, Paul .................. 116, 351 " The Dependable Stores " CALKINS-FLETCHER DRUG CO. We have served Michigan and her students for sixty-five years DRUGS COMPLETE STOCK KODAKS COSMETICS FILMS INTERESTED SERVICE ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 324 S. STATE ST. - - 818 S. STATE ST. The PRETZEL BELL A Michigan Tradition 120 EAST LIBERTY Fun! Fun And More Fun At Ann Arbor ' s Butterfield Theaters MICHIGAN ORPHEUM STATE WHITNEY M. F. GOWTHORPE, Pres. 445 Hodgman, James 368 Hodgman, Richard 398 Hodson, Richard 128, 274 Hoebke, Ann 259, 398 Hoefftrle, George 366, 398 Hoekstra, George 324 Hoenecke, Heinz 317 Hoenecke, Lois 342 Hoenecke, Paula 398 Hoert, Anita 398 Hoesman, Helen 398 Hoesman, Jonathan 328, 398 Hoffman, Donna 101, 104, 132, 243,264 Hoffman, Kathrine 259. 335 Hoffman, Laura 258 Hoffman, Ralph 175, 182 Hoffman, Robert 313 Hofstra, John 324 Hogan, Nancy 180, 264, 398 Hogan, Philip 309 Hoggman, Ralph 366 Hoglund, Kathryn 398 Hoglund, Noel 369 Hogopian, Sylvia 253 Hoheb, Richard 398 Hohmann, Mary 342 Hohn, Jane 335 Holbrook, Lawrence 286 Holcombe, Bonoy 398 Holcombe, Eugene 365 Holden, Kenneth 398 Holder, Leonard 132,398 Holdridge, Majorie 398 Holland, David ... 354 Holland, John 364 Holland, Lewis 163 Holland, Niles 328 Holland, Shirley 180, 398 Hollander, Zander 140, 398 Holley, Carol 253 Holley, Charles 128,135 Hollis, Fanchon 265 Hollis, Sylvia 345 Hollowell, Thomas 351 Holman, Amy 363 Holmes, James 158, 285, 398 Holmes, Lois 332, 338, 398 Holmes, Mary 257 Holmes, Wayne 398 Holt, Harold 291, 398 Holt, William 328, 398 Holtgrieve, Martin 350, 398 Holtrey, Carolyn 338 Holtz, James 398 Holtz, Janet 261,341 Holtz, Lois 147, 261 Holtz, William 149 Holwadel, Kent 291 Honeck, Bruce 311,398 Honigman, Daniel 399 Honsa, Vladimir 399 Hood, Clifford 399 Hood, Herbert 304 Hooper, Mrs 96 Hooper, Lewis 290 Hoover, Robert 317 Hope, Eleanor 122, 148 Hope, Richard 350 Hopper, George 294 Hopson, Ronald .. .364 Hopson, Wardell 360 Horn, Kenneth 399 Hornburg, Donval 361 Home, Ronald 298 Home, Roy 367 Home, William 165, 170 Horning, David 323, 399 Horowitz, Frederick 313 Horowitz, Hershel 352 Horowitz, Rhoda 399 Horstad, Judith 134 Horton, Frances 338 Hoskins, Nadine 338 Hostetter, Carol 184 Hostetter, Judd 366 Houck, Ann 258 Houck, Lawrence 288 Hough, Cass 158,301 Hough, Frederick 132,353 Houghton, Beverly 128 House, Elinor 261 House, Mary Jane 265 Houser, Thomas 316 Houston, Alberta ..120, 266, 399 Howard, Harvey 399 Howard, Jane 256 Howard, Russell 327 Howe, June 262 Howell, Frank 195, 399 Howell, Glen 356 Howell, James 280 Howell, Lynn 292 Howes, Nancy 257 Howes, Robert 399 Hewlett, George 167, 399 Hewlett, Joan 264 Howie, Frances 399 Hoy, Robert 359 Hoydic, Robert 304 Hoyos, Carlos 172 Hoyt, Mary 256 Hoyt, Sarah 399 Hsi, Hwei-Kai 356 Hsu, Kuo-liang 399 Huang, Chang 399 Hubard, James 363 Hubbard, Barbara 173 Hubbard, Margaret .... 352 Hubbard, Sally ... 180 261 399 Hubbard, William 327, 399 Hubbell, James 304 399 Hubbell, Joan 243, 268, 399 HUBER HOUSE 356 Huber, Elizabeth 254 ' Huber, Suzanne ....180, 264, 399 Huebner, Adele 342 Huekle, George 399 446 Huette, Elizabeth 255 Huey, Ronald 321 Huff, Richard 117, 145, 181, 310 Hughes, Kathleen 341 Hughes, Luman 327 Hughes, Quinton 363 Hyldin, Jack 367 Hall, Frank 399 Hull, James 308, 365 Hulstrand, Richard 167, 299 Hult, Gretchen 260 Hult, Margaret 184, 265, 399 Hultman, John 167 Hume, James 167 Humenansky, George 128 Hummel, Theodore 360 Humphrey, Ronald 399 Hunter, Elizabeth 265 Hunter, Phillip 359 Hunting, Alfred 176 Huntington, Linda 265, 341 Huntley, Darrel 278 Hurley, Robert 193, 293 Hurst, David 178 Hurst, Donald 114,239,399 Hurt, Patricia 252, 334 Hurwitz, Jacob 306 Hussey, Russell 167 Husted, William 360 Huston, Rosemary 132, 180 Hutchins, Catherine 122 Hutchins, Mary 134 Hutchinson, Nancy 399 Huthwaite, David 284 Huting, Alfred 369 Huttenlocher, James 299 Hyde, Evelyn 399 Hyde, Gordon....!, 118, 145, 181 Hyde, John 173 Hyde, Margaret 399 Hyma, Wayne 350 Hyman, Doris 269, 399 Hyman, Gail 121, 331, 343, 399 Hyman, Joan 184, 254 Idema, Charles 328, 399 Ideson, Bruce 361, 399 IFC 270 Ihtiyaroblu, Ekrem 165 Ikola, Willard 118,239,301 Her, Janet 266 Her, Richard 320, 399 Ilgenfritz, Robert 310, 353 Imamura, Shigeo 399 Imber, Marvin ... ...319 INDIAN STUDENTS CLUB 174 Ing, David 361 Ingham, Carolyn 399 Ingold, John 323 Ingraham, Doris ... ....261 INTERVIEWING COUNCIL 104 Ireland, Hugh 357 Irons, William 361 Irvin, Charles 298 Irving, Joan 265, 399 Irving, Patricia 400 Irwin, Jerry 356,400 Irwin, Linda 180, 345 Isbitts, Rita 151 Isenberg, Judith 254, 400 Iseg, Doris 335,400 Israel, Harry 313 Ison, James 278 Issacs, Robert 295 Istrabadi, Rasoul 165 Iverson, John 299, 400 Iverson, Selmer 351 Iwasko, Harry 400 Izenson, Fred 363 Jaconette, Joseph 361 Jacques, James 285 Jadach, Albert 175, 400 Jadwin, Mary Jo 180, 400 Jaeger, Irwin 400 Jaffa, Marlene 269 Jaffee, Benson 400 Jaffe, Stephen 294, 369 Jaffke, Patricia 180,400 Jager, Marilyn 336 Jahns, Patricia 260 Jahsman, David 317 Jakus, Marylin 170 James, Alice 267, 334 James, Ann Jo 132 James, Gloria 267, 400 James, William 400 Janich, DeVee 252 Janich, Sonia 132,252 Jam ' s, Elizabeth 260, 400 Januska, Henry 326, 400 Jaquith, Charles 400 Jardinico, Robert 308 Jasinski, Raymond 352 Jaskelainen, Gordon ... 366 Jedele, Neil 400 Jefferies, Wallace 114 Jefferson, Samuel 317 Jeffrey, John 400 Jeffries, Frank 301 Jeffries, Margaret Ann 400 Jeffries, Wallace 400 Jehle, Charles 306 Jellin, Stephen 106 300 Jender, David 317 Jenkins, Hattie 341 Jenkins, Harold 167 Jenkins, John 128, 360, 400 Jenks, John 142. 290 Jennens, Paul 400 Jennett, Bernard 131,400 Jennings, Dean 400 Jennings, Herbert 309 Jennis, Judith 345 Jensen, Dale 364 Jensen, Nels 273, 275, 358 Jentes, William 57, 94, 96, 114, 401 Jerome, Jerry 300 Jessup, Jane 252, 401 Jessup, Mary Alice 151 Jeu, Chung 352 Jeu, Larry 162,401 Jewell, Carolyn 178 Jewell, William 296 Jewett, Patty 401 lewctt, Robert 292 J.G.P 102 Jilbert, Margie 338 Joffe, Libby 269 Johansen, Lawrence 364 Johns, Tamra 256 Johnson, Beatrice ..102, 143, 253 Johnson, Bernard 321 Johnson, Donna 401 Johnson, Eleanor 264 Johnson, Ernest 401 Johnson, Gary 128,135 Johnson, Harold 309 Johnson, Hugh 168 Johnson, James 325 Johnson, Jean 261,401 Johnson, Judy 261 Johnson, Kenneth 353 Johnson, Louis 356 Johnson, Lowell 401 Johnson, Marian 401 Johnson, Martha 178 Johnson, Michael 298 Johnson, Peter 310 Johnson, Rae 323 Johnson, Richard 317 Johnson, Robert ....286, 293, 311 Johnson, Roland 309 Johnson, Russell 281 Johnson, Thomas 360 Johnson, Timothy 401 Johnson, Wayne 178,351 Johnston, Diane 121, 141, 176, 401 Johnston, Frank 360 Johnston, Patricia 401 Johnston, Peter .... ....401 JOINT QUAD COUNCIL 348 Jolfvette, David 401 Jones, Alfred 311,401 Jones, Beverly 261 Jones, Burwell 191,304 Jones, Carol 334 Jones, Donald ; 351 Jones, Edward 401 Jones, Elaine 342 Jones, Elizabeth 134,180 Jones. Ermil 362 Jones, George 362 Jones, Harry 280 Jones, Jean ..106,119,260,401 Jones, John 401 Jones, Lee 368 Jones, Memory 338 Jones, Paul 292, 366 Jones, Richard 314,401 Jones, Rita 401 Jones, Robert 353, 361, 401 Jones, Sue 267 Jones, Virginia 102, 252 Joneson, Kingsley 152,274 Jonpich, Durwood 401 JORDAN HALL 340 Jordan, Jay 347 Jordan, Kay 245 Jordan, Marvin 167 Jordan, Ray 401 Jordan, Thomas 326 Jorgenson, Shirlee 253,401 Joryk, Marilyn 180 Joseph, Barry 297 Joseph, Rene 401 Joseph, Richard 401 Joseph, Robert 325 Joslin, Burr 368 Joy, Richard 124, 352 Judd, Thomas 328 Judson, Joyce 265 Judson. Nathan 128, 135 Juntunen, Walter 355 Jurko, Robert , 167 K Kaase, Carol 255, 347 Kabat, Hugh 95, 284 Kadden, Eve 177 Kaeppel, Suzanne 253 Kahlenberg, Janet 347 Kahn, Bernard 401 Kahn, Ivan 295 Kaiser, Donald 289 Kaiser, Joanne 169,260,401 Kaji, Kenneth 160, 359 Kakiuchi, Hiroaki 401 Kalmar, Sue 257 Kalsbeck, John 401 Kaltwasser, Carl :.301,401 Kambout, Carl 193 Kaminski, Leonard 328 Kaminsky, Ann 339, 401 Kaminsky, Charles 313 Kaminsky, Ronald ..95,313,401 Kammcraad, Lloyd 325 Kamphuis, Robert 356 Kampner, Burton 401 Kamps, George 324 Kandt, Dorothy 334 Kane, Nancy 180, 401 Kanfer, David 368 Kanitz, James 363 Kanner, Richard 363 Kanous, Nathan 293 Kanser, Joyce 342 Kany, Robert 274 Kapetansky, Frederick 177 Kaplan, Ceil ...184 Kaplan, Dolores 269, 339 Kaplan, Howard 362 Kaplan, Joel 108,185,313 Kaplan, Lee 254 KAPPA ALPHA THETA ... 265 KAPPA DELTA ..266 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA .267 KAPPA KAPPA PSI 135 KAPPA NU 287 KAPPA PHI 180 KAPPA SIGMA 288 Karabelnik, Joan 254 Karawek, Marilyn 120,269,401 Karnatz, Joann 256 Karnischky, Nancy 132, 172, 332, 339 Karg, Helen 134 Karp, Irene 347 Karp, Laura 339 Karoly, Andrew 131, 402 Kaser, Nancy 259, 345 Kash, Esther 402 Kashmerick, Robert 307 Kaskey, William ... ....325 Katz, Peter 124, 295 Katz, Richard ... 313 Katz, Sidney 402 Katzel, Shirley 124 Katzman, Harold 313 Kauffman, Eva 245, 267 Kaufman, David 300 Kaufman, Carole 335, 345 Kaufman, Herbert 327 Kaufman, Jay 306 Kaufman, Lawrence 163 Kaufman, Merrill 363 Kaufman, Phyllis 57, 100, 101, 121,401 Kaufman, Ted 300 Kaufman, William 143 Kaul Andrew 239, 285 Kavelman, Robert 128,402 Kawakami, Michio 369 Kay, Constance 255,402 Kaya, Ahmet 369, 402 Kaye, Ivan 142 Kearful, James 361 Kearney, Phillip 274 Keely, Kathleen 258, 402 Kenn, Shirley 259 Keevil, Robert 293 Kehrer, Carole 178 Kehrer, Joan 178 Keim, Kerrie 267 Keith, Carolyn 255 Keithley, Margaret 344 Keitzer, Rord 325 Keivit, Harold 128, 361 Kelleher, John 402 Keller, Barbara ....255,332,402 Keller, Joan 362 Keller, Kenneth 290 Keller, Ruth 108,340,402 Keller, Virginia 266 Kellman, Fredrick 319 Kellogg. Irene 132, 341 Kelly, Charles 328, 402 Kelly, Donald 151, 280, 321 Kelly, Francis 402 Kelly, Janet 402 Kelly, John 299. 402 Kelly, Martin 303 Kelsey, Easton 354, 357 KELSEY HOUSE 357 Kemft, William 314 Kemp, Eugene 166, 365,402 Kemp, Mary 342, 402 Kemp, William 327 Kempf, William 402 Kenaga, Raymond 193 Kendall, Edward 163 Kenitz, Suzanne 334, 402 Kennedy, Charles 56 Kennedy, Donald 278 Kennedy, Margaret 262 Kennedy, Robert 296 Kennedy, Stanley 364 Kenney, Don 316,352 Kennon, Beverly 180 Kent, Alice 266 Kent, Cecil 402 Kent, Jill 257 Kenvin, Margery 260 Keough, Edward 182 Kepler, Alice 402 Kepler, Charles 402 Kerlikowske, Mary Ann 260 Kerlin, Elsie 338,402 Kermath, Margaret 264 Kerns, Thomas 327 Ke rry, Robert 323 Kersten, Lawrence 178, 359 Kersten, William 402 Kersting, Cecil 167 Kessler, Matthew 168 Kesten, Sanford 276 Kessler, Gerald .... ....367 Kessler, Maxine 132 Kestel, David 299 Ketelhut, Marjorie 259 Kettenstock, Edward 366 Kettlewell, Marjorie 402 Kettunen, Gerald 357 Keyes, Earl 402 Keyport, Diane 252 Keywell, Fredrick 367 Khoory, Tawfig 112 Khranke, Charles 350 Khu, Eric ... 163, 165, 166, 174,402 Khumayyis Zaki 402 Kiberd, Lloyd 402 Kidston, Alan 352, 402 Kidston, Roger 349, 352 Kielson, June 334 Kierdorf, Mary Lou 256 Kiessel, Alfred 325 A Good Name is our most priceless possession In war or peace . . . thru depression or prosperity, Van Boven has con- tinued to cling to a single purpose . . . " quality " This has been the foundation of our business, our creed and our gospel. Van Boven Oxxford Clothes - Dobbs Hats - Burberry Coats - Johnston and Murphy Shoes For Good Fun and Good Food Go to the Place of Home Cooking Ann Arbors Finest (German Restaurant 120 W. WASHINGTON ST. CAPITOL MARKET 123 E. WASHINGTON Beer Wine Fruits Groceries Designated Distributor for Michigan Liquor Control Commission 9 A.M. 1 A.M. Open Seven Days A Week Kitchen Equipment Bar and Restaurant Supplies MICHIGAN ' S OLDEST COMPLETE INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLY HOUSE Food Service Equipmnet For Hotels Restaurants China - Glass - Silverware - Cooking Utensils A. J. Marshall Co. 3639 Woodward Ave. TE. 1-9450 Detroit, Michigan Free Parking Our firm is organized to supply Michigan Alumni all over the world with professional books, especially in the field of medi- cine. Let us serve You OVERBECK BOOKSTORE ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 447 Kiester, Gordon 324 Kihen, Elaine 201, 243 Kihm, John 325 Kik, Earl 328. 402 Kilar, Theodore 367 Kilgore, Louis 167,402 Killenberger, Robert 282, 402 Killoran, Jeanne 253 Kim, In Ahan 402 Kimbrough, Joseph 358, 402 Kimbrough, Robert 322,402 Kimmell, Constance 403 Kimmlerly, Thomas 403 Kincaid, John 128 Kinde, Emily 260 Kindley, Joanna 260 King, Cathy 341 King, Roger 350 Kingland, Marjorie 134 Kingston, Muriel 403 Kinietz, Lois 266 Kinkema, Janice 262 Kinnal, Russel 403 Kinney, Hugh 131 Kinney, Janet 253 Kinsey, Richard 163,403 Kinstle, Lawrence 282 Kirchen, Robert . 360 Kircos, George 143, 368 Kirker. William 351 Kirkpatrick, Donald 309 Kirsten, Walter 183, 317 Kisel, Martha 342 Kissel, Gerald 404 Kitasaki, Kiyoshi 316 Kitson, Sue 261 Kivy, Peter 132 Klak, Jacquelyn 132 Klassen, Donald 278 Klassen, Jack 278 Klaus, Sidney 115, 140,403 Klegman, Jerome 287 Klein, Ann 173,341 Klein, David 403 Klein, Eleanor 343,403 Klein, Helen ....335 Klein, Judith ... ...335 Klein, Lois ....103, 124, 254, 334 Klein, Lucille 180,403 Klein, Patricia 269 Klein, Richard 313 Klein, Shirley 254, 345 Kleinert, Jay 403 Kleinert, Marilea 260 Kleinpell, Joan .. .. 102,267 KLEINSTDCK HOUSE 241 Kleis, Louise 338 Klemm, Roger . 316 Kleyn, Kenneth 358 Klickman, Alton ....135, 350, 403 Klimecky, Louis 403 Klimkievicz, Roman 361 Kline, Anthony 367, 403 Kline, John 292 Kling, George 273, 288 Klingbeil, Roxanne 172,348 Klipfel, Karl 290 Klomparens, James 325 Kloock, Arnold 361 Knape, Eunice 128, 135, 341 Knapp, Barbara 178 Knapp, Donald 310 Knapp, Gary 281 Knapp, Kenneth 363 Knapp, Mildred 180 Knapp, Richard 368 Knecht, Marijoyce 403 Knechtel, Jeanne ... 261 Knee, Allan 367 Knee, Milton 292 Kneussel, James 302, 403 Knevels, Robert 277 Knickerbocker, Ann 256 Knickerbocker, Stanley 193 Knight, Henry 403 Knipp, James 352 Knitter, Harvey 326 Knob, Edward 128 Knode, Robert 323 Knopf, Ralph 327 Knoppow, Deborah 339 Knopf, Richard 1 289 Knorr, Dona 263 Knowlton, Leslie 289 Knox, Robert 304, 361 Knudsen, John ....116,166,304 Knudson, James 162 Knudson, Kenneth 403 Knutson, Eugene ... 118, 193, 195, 239, 301 Knutson, Robert 365 Koch Paul ....170, 326,351,403 Koch, Rosemarie 343, 403 Kochin, Frances 344 Kochkodan, Eugene 289 Koeff, Christina 344, 403 Koehler, Margaret 255,347 Koehn, Paul ..362 Koella, Charles 173 Koenig, Theodore 128 Koepke, William ... ....357 Koester, Robert ....128, 135. 302 Koetzle, Lee . .403 Kohl, John . 174 Kohl, Mary 134, 359 Kohlmeyer, Frederick 116, 166, 356, 403 Kohn, Richard 313 Kohr, Jane 261 Kolb, Adrienne ... 269 Kolb, Charles 403 Kolb, Jane 262 Kolb, John 280 Kolesar, William 368 Kolk, Anno ...328 Kolk, Rosalie 269,403 Kong, Leighton ....158,367,403 Konrad, William ..116, 301,403 Konz Stephen 132, 361 448 Koss, Ronald 363 Kooster, Richard 178 Koplow, Sylvia 169 Kopp, William 323 Koppelman, Charles 352 Koppelman, Lenore 254,403 Koppin, Diane .... 344 Korby, Albert 319 Korn, Elizabeth 257 Korn, Phyllis 403 Kornacki, Daniel ..170, 326, 368 Kornman, Betty Jane 403 Koshcheff, Dimitri 403 Kosinski, John 164,403 Koslovich, Eugene 302 Kostoff, Harold 323 Kostoff, Richard 395 Kotz, Marilyn 335 Kovacik, Stephen 296 Koval, John 361 Kovan, Thomas 300 Kovats, Daniel 403 Kovich, Eleanor 403 Kown, George 403 Koyano, Shogo 350 Koykka, Margaret 342 Kozai, Kearney 403 Kraai, Dwight 360 Kraft, Eugene 403 Kraft, Richard 183, 327, 404 Krakover, Stewart 300 Kramer, Bertha 341 Kramer, Joanne 344 Kramer, John 323 Kramer, Paul 367 Krammin, Gerald 163, 368 Krankel, Conrad 359 Kranner, Antonne 364 Krans, Cynthia 258, 334 Krantz, Ruth 269 Kranzberg, Kay 269 Krasner, Morton 366 Krasner, Myra ... 404 Krass, Allen 163,404 Kratkiewicz, Leo 404 Kraud, Robert 350, 404 Krause, Amalia 404 Krause, Merton 404 Krause, Thomas 352 Krecke, Charles 325,404 Kreitz, Rolf 273, 308 Kress, Edward 117,193,290 Kress, Jeanne 134,404 Kress, Joanne 404 Kretzchmar, Alice 124 Kreuser, Patricia Ill, 146, 181, 259,404 Krickstein, Herbert 313 Kriegman, Samuel 306, 404 Kriewall, Thomas 294 Krigbaum, Carolyn 343, 404 Krigsten, Gloria 254 Kripke, Sidney 313,404 Kroft, Charles ... 290 Kroll, Barry 276 Kroll, Charles 367 Kroll, Richard 165 Kromelow, Marc 363 Krouse, Inez 342 Kruger, Horace 285 Kruger, Robert 365 Kruger. Wilber 175 Krumbolz, Leon ll8 Krupka, Robert 367 Krupp, David 290, 404 Krupp. Norman 178,404 Krzych, Louis 164,404 Krussman, Colwyn 302 Kubacke. Joseph 361 Kubba, George 356 Kubba, Mohamed 165,404 Kubba, Muwafag 170 Kubica, George 355 Kubota, James 163, 351,404 Kucera, Frank 353 Kudela, Anthony ... 404 Kuder, Calvin 351 Kuehn, Robert 361 Kuenzel, Mrs 96 Kuenzel, Polly 262 Kuffler, Elsie 339 Kuhl, Elise 134,342,404 Kuhn, Wayne 280, 361 Kuisel, Gerald 304 Kujawski, Arthur 360 Kuhns, Mary 257 Kula, Patricia , 404 Kunz, Robert 290 Kurach, Jean 344 Kurcz, Lisa 121,404 Kurtz, Jean 128, 135, 268 Kurtz, Polly 1, 119, 144, 169, 181, 254, 404 Kutch, Walter 304, 368 Kutcipal, Richard 327 Kutinsky, Jerome 319 Kutsche, Paul 369 Kuusisto, Elizabeth 178, 404 Kwan, Chiu 352 Kwiker, Louis 300 Kycia, Julian 311,404 Kyhl, JoAnne 404 Laansma, Richard 355,408 Laarman, James 286 Labat, Victor 368 Labes. James 109, 118, 151, 313 Ladd, Robert 353,404 Ladendorf, Thomas 367 LaDue, Charles 355 LaDue, Mary 124, 132 LaFave, Calen 366, 404 LaFond, Delores ....108, 259, 333 Lageman, Norma 343 404 Lager, John 301 Laidlaw, James 328, 404 Laing, Lionel 115 Laitner, Edward 281 Lake, Phillip 166 Lallier, Joyce 342, 404 LaLonde, Ronald 167 Lame, Marilyn 252 Lamadrid, Alice 404 Laman, John 351 Lambert, Wayne 302, 404 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 289 Lamerato, Angeline 332, 341 Lammers, Michael 353 Lamont, Ian 278 Lamy, Ruth 259, 405 Land, William 355 Lander, Robert 165,405 Landers, Lucy 103,268 Landes, Cyrille 254, 405 Landis, Donald 309 Landman, William 288, 405 Landon, Martha 266 Lane, Arthur : 296 Lane, Calvin 324 Lane, Joyce 341 Lang, Alfred 116, 166 Lang, Henry 289 Langell, Harold 309,405 Langley, James 368 Langnas, Joseph 319 Langs, Ruth 180 LaNaurette, William 309 Lapham, Robert 128 Lapides, Helene 254 Lapinsky, Shirley 177,405 Lappi, Urho 405 Lappin, Fred 320 Lardas, Nicholas 320 Larder, John 328, 405 Lardner, Peter 109. 112, 116,303,405 Larkin Marilyn 132,341 LaRouche, Audrey 342 Larow, Patricia 254 Larsen, Edward 327 Larsen. Joan 342, 405 Larsen, William 287, 327 Larson, Maryanna 120, 169. 268. 405 Larson, Ronald 298 Larue, Constance 261 LaRue, Joseph 115, 239, 304.405 Larwin. Carol 341 Lasada, Felix 351 Laskoske, Nancy 266 Lassy, Richard 367 Latendresse, Joseph 310, 405 Later, William 328 Laude, Mary 342 Lauer, John 166 Lauer, Robert 128 Laufer. Alice 405 Laug, Ruth 340 Laur, Robert 361 Lauretti, Lawrence 405 Lautner, Anne 260 Laver, Barbara 263, 405 LaVerne, Lane 347 Lavey, Gilbert 350 Law, Fern 268, 335 Law, Robert 281 Law, Roger 292 Lawrence, David 361 Lawrence, Douglas 114 Lawrence, Jack 405 Lawson, Robert 405 Lawyer, John 360 Layland, Russel 290 Layman, John 286 Lazar, Dolores 405 Lazar, Jacob 368 Lazatin, Tomas 174 Leach, Michael 405 Leach, Richard 239 Leach, Sylvia 256 Leacock, James 350 Leaf, Charles 298 Leaf, Dorothy 344 Leak, Alexander 365 Leary, Alvin 405 Leas, Judith 180, 405 Leave, Lynda 252 Leavitt, Donald 297 Levanov-Rostovsky, Oleg 285 Le Cercle Francais 17} LeClaire, Laurence 114, 193, 195,239.405 LeClair, Lowell 301 Leddick, Joan 335 Lederman, Peter 276, 405 LeDuc, Delpha-Jeanne ..135, 259 Lee, Hans 405 Lee, Joseph 305 Lee, Marcia 339 Lee, Mary 264 Lee, Miles 118,239 Lee, Robert 327 Lee, Ronald 405 Leedom, Barbara 180 Leengran, Wayne 289, 405 Lefond, Stanley 167 Lefton, Sydney 143 Leffler, Francine 338 Lehmann, Eugene 310 Lehman, Glann 405 Lehmann, Richard 328 Lehmann, Robert 405 Leichty, Earl 349 Leidie, Lore 121,332,334 Leiken, Stanley 313 LeimKuehler, Joseph 405 Leipholz, Roland 405 Leisenring, Janet 132,405 Leishman, Robert 405 Leitch, John 328 Leith, Dean 290 Leja, Iris 101,405 Leland, Alan 295 Leland, Edward 160, 356 Lelivelt, John 363 Leman, George 352 Lemish, John 167 Lendre, William 361 Leney, George 167 Lenhardt, Laurence 328 Lennington, Sally 335 Lentz, Carolyn 124 Leon, Edward 316 Leonard, Robert 355 Leonhard, Joyce 253 Leopold, Thomas 97, 291 Leppelmeier, John 303 LeRoy, Patricia 261 Lerman, Stuart 313 Less, Daniel 361 Lesser, Stanley 405 Lester, Thomas 131 Letts, Miles 274 Letts, Neil 274 Leu, Larry 352 Leutheuser, Edward Ill, 284, 405 Leve, Iris 253 Levenberg, Edwin 356 Leventhal, Sidney 360 Leventis, Zoad 406 Levering, Henry 294 Levi, Sylvia 345 Levin, Joan 341 Levin, Paul David 406 Levin, Paula 106 Levine, Alvin 406 Levine, Bernard 297 Levine, David 300, 359 Levine, Elinor Leith 406 Levine, Joan 406 Levine, Lawrence 360 Levine, Rita 406 Levine, Robert 361 Levinsohn, Barbara 173 Levinsohn, Alan 295 Levinson, Betty 338, 406 Levinson, June 347 Levitetz, Carleton 406 Levitt, Fred 406 Levy, Eleanor 338 Levy, Jack 313 Levy, Janet 147, 151, 347 Levy, Jeannette 341 Levy, Joseph 406 Levy, Lawrence 297 Levy, Marilyn 406 Levy, Mary 406 Levy, Phyllis 406 Lewerenz, Donna 406 Lewis, Ann 254, 406 Lewis, Arthur 352,406 Lewis, Barbara 335 Lewis, Edward 366 Lewis, Joan 406 Lewis, Margaret 262 Lewis, Nancy 120, 243, 256, 406 Lewis, Norman 276 Lewis, Raymond 312 Lewis, Richard 142, 300,406 Lewy, John 313,365 Lexa, Frank 302 Lexen, Karin 259 Leybourn, Carol 132,335 Levdorf, Fred 290,406 L ' Hommedieu, Roger 170, 326,406 Libby, William 95, 182, 290 Libman, Norman 313 Lichtblau, Judith 344 Lichtblau, Rita 339 Lichterman, Carol 344 Lichty, Joanne 265 Lichty, John 290, 406 Liddle. George 362 Lide, Robert 366 Lieblein, Robert 286 Liebow, Jerome 352, 406 Liebreich, Donald 299 Lief, Todd 97, 313 Liemon, John 356 Lieving, Glenn 280, 406 Liken, Charles 283 Lilliquist, Guy 406 Limond, Marilyn 254 Lin, Pershing 352 Lindberg, Joyce 339, 406 Linblad, Brita 267 Lincoln. Deborah 265 Linde, Julian 276, 406 Linde, Robert 318 Lindeman, Raymond 350 Linden, Donald 406 Linden, Lars 308 Linderman, Duane 358 Linderman, James 163, 292 Lindhorst, Lenora 334 Lindow, Myron 356, 406 Lindquist, Leo 327, 406 Lindsay, Barbara 267, 406 Lindy, Robert 359 Lingon, John 328 Lindgren, Wayne 239 Linn, Frank 325 Linsley, Robert 167 Lipnik, Carl 406 Lipton, Doris 269 Lis, Bernard 295 Liss, Arlene 173 List, James 325 List, Lois 180, 336 Littig, John 298, 360 Little, Carolyn 333 Little, Kathleen 406 Little, Richard 290 Littleson, Robert 301, 406 Littman, Robert 363 Litton, Ward 325 Liuzzi, Michael 406 Liverance, Howard 291, 239 Livingston, David 142, 288 Livingston, Judy 180 RAYMOND ) $ COR: COOK FLA N1 PLANTS ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 449 Livingstone, Rae .... 254 LLOYD HOUSE 364 Lloyd, Kenneth 299 Lloyd, Luther ... 299 Lloyd, Walker 288 Lo, Chuen Cho 407 Lobo, Alfred 174, 407 Lobo, Paul 289 Lockhart, Gerald 320 Locks, Robert 309 Lodwick, John 373 Loeber, Lenore 178 Loeblein, Robert 275, 407 Loehberg, Jule 141 Loeprich, Nancy 341 Loesberg, Carl 160, 363 Lofberg, Linda 262 Lofgren, Carole ....173,252,407 Logan, Hall 407 Logan, John 407 Logan, Margaret 255,407 Lohmann, Carl 364 Lokker, Donna 407 Lokker, Eldred 168, 407 Lombard, Charles 162 Lonetti, Ellen 335,407 Long, Douglas 132 Long, Victor 362 Long, Walter 294, 359 Longmaid, Mary 267 Longpre, Suzanne 253 Longworth, David 367 Loomis, John 407 LoPrete, James 308, 407 Lorber, Sally 104 Lorch, Marcia 343 Lord, Margaret 132,342 Lord, William 292, 407 Loree, James 296 Loren, Leonard 300 Loring, Eugene 313 Lorson, Bertil 323 Loss, John 167, 353 Loughrin, Harry 317,407 Loughrin, Therion 312,407 Louis. Warren 321,407 Love, Janet 178 Love, William 328, 407 Loveland, David 326 Loveless, Carol 268, 345 Lowe, Julie 268 Lowe, William 353 Lowenberg, Judy 254 Lowery, Richard ....165, 170, 304 Lowry, Dolores 407 Lowry, Robert 318,407 Lowther, Stewart 369 Lubeck, Marcia 341 Lubeck, Marvin 360 Lubke, Etta 264 Lucas, Peter 167, 407 Lucas, Vincent 407 Lucasse, Philip 351 Luce, Beverly 134, 264 Luckoff, Alan ... 300 407 Ludwig, Dean 193, 293 Ludwig, Earl 356 Luidens, John 324 Luke, Herbert 361 Lulofs, Marvin 407 Lumbers, Joan 180,334,407 Lumsden, Roy 324 Luna, Clarita 174 Luna, Luis 174 Lund, Norman 351 Lundin, Earl 310 Lundquist, James 299 Lundstrom, Gail 185,255 Lundy, Curtis 358 Lunn, Harry 118,181,274 Luse, Duane 164 296 Lush Stanley 289, 407 Lusted Keith 325 LUTHERAN CHAPEL 178 Luthringer, Janet 110,268 Lutz, Aaron 297 Lutz, Carol 258, 407 Lutz, Sibyl 253 Luyk, Kenneth 162 Luzzi, M 407 Lyle, James 407 Lyman, Carol 134,335,407 Lynch, Edith 335 Lynch, George 118 Lynch, Michael 298 Lyndall, Frank 293,407 Lynde, Harold 168,354,361 Lynn, James 363 Lynn William 361 Lyon, David . 363 Lyons, Edward 367 Lyons, Michael 97, 300 Lyster, Floyd 317 M " M " CLUB 239 Mabry, James 281 MacArthur, Allison 407 MacArthur, Douglas 49 MacArthur, James 359 MacArthur, William 290 MacCallum, Harold 275 MacDonald, Anne 335 MacDonald, Duncan 193 MacDonald, John 288, 368 MacDougall, Donald 359 Macfarlan, Nancy 255 MacGre gor, Bruce 166 MacGregor, Martha 344 MacGregor, Roberta 176, 538 Maclver, Margaret itf Mack, Lawrence 117, 152, 166, 363 Mackay, Cathy 268 MacKay, Dorothy 407 MacKenzie, John 299 Mackenzie, Richard 303 Mackenzie, Robert 308 450 Mackenzie, Dr. Russell 328 Mackevich, Eugene 295, 407 Mackey, Richard 285 MacKinnon, Donald 310 MacLaren, Donald 290 MacLellam, Alexander 407 MacLeod, Vivian 167, 342 MacMillan, James 303 MacNutt, LaMar 354, 360 Macotsin, Helen 407 MacPherson, Ellen 185,260 MacRae, Edward 278 MacRae, Jean 344 MacVaugh, Janice 132.252 MacVean, Carolyn 340 MacVean, Constance 261 Madamba, Fionila 174 Madden, Charles 328 Maddox, John 301 Madias, Nick 158,407 Madigan, Anne 264 Magary, James 274 Maginn, Raymond 168 Magnotta, Al 95 Magnus, Adolph 277, 408 M:ig ioii, Duncan 106 Maguire, Bruce 115, 160, 298, 408 Magyar, Betty 260 Mahadevan, Ananthasivaiyer .... 174, 367 Maher, William 369 Mahoney, Don 301 Mahoney, Patricia 258 Mahoney. Patrick 356 Mahue, Louis 317,408 Maier, Richard 131,286 Main, John 304 Maine, Dawn 103, 132, 264 Maire, Teddy 267 Majeske, Donald 294 Major, Merritt 366 Majoros, George 349,353 Make, Ruth 408 Maker, Paul 361 Makino, Richard 355 Maksymiuk, Bohdan 182 Malamud, Joan 408 Malawista, Evelyn 331, 408 Malcolm, Donald 151 Malcolm, Mary 243, 265 Maler, Ernest 408 Malis, Ronald 363 Mallernee, Bruce 408 Mallett. Patricia 342 Mallison, Violet 408 Mallon, Harold 300, 361 Malloy, Paul 286, 408 Maloney, David 363 Maloney. Shirley 252 Malsmud, Joan 339 Mamazza, Justine ..151, 259, 341 Mammal, Clayton 373 Manchee. Richard ..117, 273, 288 Mancim, Rudolph 368 Mandell, Seymour 408 Mangouni, Norman 296 Manikis, Lucia 174 Manley, Malcolm 359 Mann, Alexander 239, 291 Mann, Patricia 134, 256,408 Mann, Phyllis 254 Mann, Renee 269 Mann, Robert 355 Mannjng, James 408 Manning, Jane 344 Manning, Mervyn 295 Manning, Sara 128 Manos, Thoma 366 Manns, Meredyth 180 Manson, James 366, 408 Mansperger, John 408 Mantle, Robert 408 Mantz, Mary Lou 256 Manwaring, David 305, 408 Manzo, Samuel 351 Maraviglia, Louis 168, 365 Marcou, William Ill, 318 Marcus, Kenneth 352 Mares, Elizabeth 184, 262 Mares, Laura 262, 335 Margenau, Joel 350 Margolin, Robert ..142, 300, 408 Marich. Milan 299 Marietti, James 357 Mariott, Diana 342 Markey, Myles 328 Markhus, Roger 299 Markowitz. David 295 Markowitz, Irene 345 Marks, Harold 313,408 Marks, Leah 106 Markstrom, William 289 Markstron, Wilbur 408 Marlow, Joni 102, 146, 181, 262, 408 Marouser Robert 131 Marqardt, Ardythe 262, 408 Marr, Maurice 273, 294 Mars, Gordon 350 Marsh, Doris 342, 408 Marsh. Mary 265, 408 MARTH COOK 342 Marshall, David 292 Marshall, Donald 408 Marshall, Jeanne 268, 408 Marshall, Monte 273, 289 Marshall. William 321 Martas, Gerald 158,294 Martell, Donald 408 Martens, Ronald 350 Martenson. Darlene 253, 334 Martin, Charles 361 Martin, Edward 328, 408 Martin, James 274, 408 Martin, Jay . Martin, Jean ..313 ..110, 120, 268, 408 Martin, John 369 Martin, Leonard 304 Martin, Marilyn 265 Martin, Raymond 322 Martin, Robert 175, 357 Martin, Sue 102, 255 Martindale, Thomas 408 Martineau, Joan 264 Martinson, Jerry 361 Martinson, Ronald 116, 239, 408 Martz, Bruce 278 Martz, Priscilla 408 Maruri, Diego 353 Marx, Patricia 147, 181, 259 Marx, Paul 408 Marx, Pauline 258 Maselis, Marie-Christine 408 Masneff, Helen 335 Mason, Barbara 347 Mason, Clarence 274 Mason, Conrad 408 Mason, David 360 Mason, George 359 Mason, Janet 180, 409 Mason, John 357 Mason, Shirley 252 Mason, Sue 267 Mason, William ....325, 365, 409 Masselink, Christopher 324 Masten, Mary 258 Masters, Donald 350 Masters, Lewis 409 Mastic, LeRoy 409 Masty, James 321 Masty, Stephen 321 Matchefts, John 114, 239, 301, 409 Mathes, Janice _ 409 Mathews. Gordon 275 Mathews, Gwen 174 Mathews, Robert 409 Mathers, Harold 185 Matheson, Mary 265,409 Matheson, Robert 193, 195, 239, 409 Matler, Gail 347 Matthews, Frank 325 Matsumoto, Kazuo 351,409 Mattison, Barbara 106, 257 Mattran. Donald 128 Mau, Allen 327 Mau, Walter .... ....368 Mauer, Ronald 106, 290 Maugh, Roger 117,239 Maurer, Marjory 263 Mauriel, John 409 Maxneff, Helen ... 409 Maxwell, Gail 266 Maxwell, Robert ... 409 May, Carey 297 May, Edward ... 409 " May, Howard 313,365 Maycroft, Theodore 366 Mayer, Barbara ., 254 Mayer, Charles 300, 409 Mayer, Robert : 310, 353 Mayes, Gilford 409 Mayo, William 409 Mayrose, David 353 Mayrose, Robert 353,409 Maza, Morton 313 Mazur, Molly 347 McAlindon, Donald 352 McAllister, Mary 261 McArthur, William 108 McAviry, Amy 132, 160 McBride, Paddy 338 McBride, Patricia 341 McCabe, Brian 183 McCabe, Gerald 355 McCabe, Mary 103, 179,267 McCallion, Joseph 168,365 McCandliss, Donald 317,409 McCann, John 409 McCard, Richard 162 McCarthy, Daniel 365 McCarthy, Frank 303 McCarthy, Jane 264 McCarthy, Peter 360 McCarthy, Philip 365 McCarus, Ernest 360 McCaskey, Jean 147, 338 McCaughey, Richard 356 McClay, John 160, 175, 286 McClay, Priscilla 338 McClellan, Edwin 285 McClellan, Ned 409 McClelland, Bruce 362 McClelland, Donald ..278 McClennen. Joshua 154 McClune, James 285 McCIurg, David 301,409 McCollum. Lonny 128 McComas, Don 128 McComb, Samuel 363 McConnel, E 409 McConnelee, James Earl 409 McConnell, Marjorie 409 McConnell, Warren 170,326 McCord, Margaret 338 McCord. Richard 365 McCormick, Nancy 265 McCormick, Patricia 326 McCortney. Carroll 409 McCotter, Suzanne 339 McCullough, Jeanette 341 McCoy, Marjorie 345 McCracken, David 303 McCracken, Ernest 273 McCracken, Eugene 310,359 McCreary, John 131,285 McCreight, Ronald 350 McCreight. William 349. 350 McCrum, Eugene 353 McCubbrey, David 325,409 McCullough, James 288 McCurdy, Orville 316 McDonald, Ann 264, 409 McDonald, Elizabeth 335 McDonald, Gordon 322 McDonald, James 168 McDonald, Patricia 262, 409 McDonald, Robert 409 McDonnell, Porter 165, 352, 409 McDonnell, Roddie 252 McDonough, Paul 124 McDougall, Joan 341 McElfresh, William . . .....182 McElroy, Dorothy 253, 339 McEwen, Donald 1 1 1 McFadden, Shirley 409 McFarlane, Jean 342 McGarvey, James 131. 302 McGlaughlin, Robert 304 McGlothlin, Esther 134, 338 McGrae, John 323 McGrath, Robert ..118. 131, 291 McGregor, Allan 361. 409 McGuigan, Patricia 261 Mclnally, Martha 265 Mclntosh, William 409 Mclntyre, Audrey 260 Mclntyre, Marjorie 260 McKamie, Betty 258 McKechnie, Carolyn 342 McKeachie, Wilbert 154 McKennell, John ..115, 239, 409 McKenzie, Eva 353 McKeon, John 409 McKibble, Joel 410 McKible, Joseph 276 McKinley, Ann 410 McKinney, Kathleen 255 McKinney, Mary 344. 410 McKnight, John 274.410 McKone, Michael ....158 McLaughlin, Dean 410 McLaughlin, Joan 257 McLaughlin, John 357 McLaughlin, Kay 268. 335 McLaughlin, Lee 310 McLean, Laurie 260 McLean, Marjorie 336, 410 McLean, Mary 343,410 McLean, Vince 289 McMahon, Gilbert 183, 317, 355.410 McMillin, Robert 172. 278 McMurtry, Walter 175 McNaught, Donald 310 McNaughton, Jeanne ....180, 410 McNerny, Michael 410 McNiven, George 360 McParlan, Mary 268 McPherson, Sandra 252 McPhillips, Father 179 McQuiggan, Mark 289 McSweeney, Meredith 342 McSweeney, Robert 286 McVeigh, Patricia 258. 410 McWilliams, James 360 McWood, Marilyn 169, 260, 410 Meach, Stuart 309 Meacham, James 167, 349. 350. 410 Mead, Milton 118, 189. 239. 366 Mead, Warren 168 Meade, Margaret 257 Measel. Wesley 128 Meckley, John 356 Meetsma, Charles 324, 410 Mehlman, Naomi 410 Mehmedbasich, Enver 410 Meier, Barbara 264 Meier. Gretchen 262 Meikle, William 160. 367 Meisenhelder, Lon 363 Meisler, Harold 167 Meissner, Ann 410 Melchiori. Mariam 178, 339 Melchiori, Wayne 193 Melet, Charna 347 Mellqr, James 353 Melnichuk. Natasia 340 MEN ' S GLEE CLUB 130 MEN ' S JUDICIARY 109 Mencher, Alice 101, 121, 410 Menczer, Richard 358 Mendlow, Jo Anne 342.410 Mendelssohn. Donald 300 Menzel, Mark 168 Menzies, Judith 254 Mercer, Ann 259 Merereau, Robert 303 Mericle, Thomas 290 Merky, V 173 Merner, William 302,410 Merrill, Joan 103, 259 Merrill, Richard 274, 410 Merritt, Gordon 289 Mertz. Gene 288 Meirow, Mariam 254 Messer, Carol 410 Messe r, John 115,271,410 Messer, Robert 115,323 Messersmith, Donald 367 Messinger Dolores 103, 177, 332, 343 Metsch, Herbert 357 Metz, David 299,410 Metzger, John Ill, 178, 322 Mewhort, Janet 264 Meyer, John 360 Meyer, Richard 274, 300 Meyer, Walter 305,410 Meyers, Dorothy 342 Meyers, Elizabeth 341 Meyers, Margaret 254 Meyers, Roberta 172,410 Meyers, Susan 180 Michaels, Wanda 172.256 Michaels, William 290 Michalik, Richard 368 Michaels, Stanley 317 Marathon " Cat " Gasoline V.E.P. Motor Oil Marafuel for Furnaces THE OHIO OIL CO. 912 N. Main St. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Tel. 3-4195 Fol lefts Books Fo I letts Books Fo I letts Books Fo I letts Books State Street at North University ANN ARBOR Bob Graham, Mgr. a METZGERS Chicken in Rough Steaks Chops Beer Wine A Favorite in Ann Arbor for 25 Years THE CHAS A. STRELINGER CO. 149 E. Lamed St., Detroit 26 WO. 2-7474 Machine Tools Cutting Tools Industrial Supplies Serving Industry Since 1884 Chas. T. Bush, President 451 Michalski, Thomas 359 Michelson, Laura 269 MICHIGANENSIAN 144 MICHIGAN HOUSE 365 MICHIGAN LEAGUE 100 MICHIGAN MARCHING BAND 1 26 MICHIGAN UNION 94 MICHIGUAMA 114 Middleton, Joseph 291, 410 Midgley, James 365 Miekka, June 243,258 Miekka, Richard 168 Mielke, Chester 164,168 Miesen, Kenneth 128,367 Mikton, Richard 364 Mikus, Ernest 363 Milan, Jack 313 Milczuk, Henry 321 Miley, Priscilla 103, 180,266 Milks, Margery 124, 128, 135, 259,335 Millar, Duane 170, 326 Millar, Leslie 410 Millar, Nan 257 Millar, Thirza 355, 410 Millard, David 410 Millard, Margaret 410 Miller, Alfred 277 Miller, Allene 254 Miller, Barbara 339 Miller, Esther 259 Miller, Eugene -...309 Miller, George 185 Miller, James 124,410 Miller, Joanne 260 Miller, John 410 Miller, Lee ....313 Miller, Leonard 97, 302 Miller, Lorraine 178,410 Miller, Lynn 254 Miller, Marilyn 259, 344 Miller, Marjo 110,147,342 Miller, Marlene 339 Miller, Maurice 360 Miller, Oscar 410 Miller, Richard 318 Miller, Robert 160,319,360 Miller, Shirley 410 Miller, Suzanne 254 Miller, Theodore 319 Miller, Virgil H6, 369, 411 Milligan, Robert 193 Million, Pat 256 MILITARY BALL 1S9 Millman, Jerome 276 Mills, Frederick 352 Mills, George 325,411 Mills, Herbert 411 Mills, James 124 Mills, Jay 124,411 Mills, John 411 Mills, Mary Jane ....120, 143,411 Mills, Richard 323, 365 Mills, Theodore 318 Miltner Arthur ... 411 MIMES 124 Minhas, Ghulam 353, 411 Miner, Beverly 132 Miner, Daniel 328 Minick, William 292 Minor, Lancelot 301 Mirkin, Myra 185 Miscovshy, Thomas 182 Misar, Kenneth 275 Mishelow, Lois 254, 341 Misiolek, Carrie 255 Misiolek, Constance 255, 341 Misiolek, Patricia ..180, 255,411 Miske, Philip 328 Misuraca, Theresa 266,411 Mitchell, Carol 347 Mitchell, Donald 288 Mitchell, Martha ... 174 Mitchell, Michael ... 165, 166, 411 Mitchell, Nancy 132 Mitchell, Sue 256, 338 Mitchell, Walter 366 Mitteer, Mary Ann 411 Mittenthal, Stuart 95 Mittenthal, Stephen 297 Mitts, Charles 352 Mitts, Clifford 118, 273, 301 Miayama, Albert 307,411 Miyashiro, Yonemichi 411 Moats, Phyllis . 342 Modlin, William 273 Moehlman, Herman 276 Moeller, Carolyn 255 Moffat, Robert 283,411 Mogk, William 411 Moleski, Marlene 341 Mollhagen, Andrea 334 Mollhagen, William 318 Molman, Otto 411 Molod, Hannah 411 Molod, Samuel 411 Monahan, Milton 360 Monier, Abraham 411 Monkowski, Mary Jean. .132, 334 Monks, Alfred 411 Monroe, William 278 Monson, Paul 411 Montague, Harry 360 Montgomery, George 356 Montgomery, Michael .147,302 Montgomery, Weldon 182 Moon, Robert 411 Moon, Winnie 170,411 Monney, Frances 335 Mooney, Kathleen 103,257 Mooney, Patricia 132 Moore, Carol 347 Moore, Claudia 147, 341 Moore, David 365 Moore, Donald 162, 316, 411 Moore, Frank 356 Moore, Harriet 262,411 452 Moore, James 97,290,411 Moore, Joseph 97, 128, 135 Moore, Kenneth ....162, 281, 284 Moore, Nancy 339 Moore, Peter 164,311,411 Moore, Phyllis 170,411 Moore, Priscilla 172 Mora, Antonio 357 Moravec, Henry 363 Moravitz, Francis 364 More, Vishwas 174,411 Moreland, John 304, 411 Moreland, Margaret 257, 339 Morey, Edwin 323,411 Morgan, Alan 411 Morgan, David :297 Morgan, Dick 289 Morgan, Francis 411 Morgan, James 356 Morgan, John 182,411 Morgan, Loujse 260,411 Morgan, Patricia 268 Morgan, Ronald 303 Morgan, Ward 328 Morin, Eugenie 341 Morley, Dean 352 Mormon, William 365 Moroney, Daniel 170, 326 Morovitz, John 361 Morrill, Centes 267 Merrill, Robert 360 Morris, Marilyn 256, 335 Morris, Nancy 268 Morrison, Gary 368 Morrison, Gene : 412 Morrison, Lee 309 Morrison, Robert 285,412 Morriss, Patricia 334 Morrissey, William 310 Morrow, Ann 257 Morrow, James 367 Morrow, Robert 412 Morse, James 286 Morse, Norman 364 Morse, William 286 MOSHER HALL 343 Mosier. Marilyn 184,260 Moss, John 359 MORTAR BOARD 119 Mottern, Richard 412 Moule, John 182 Moulthrop, Timins 281 Monitz, Annette 334 Mowrer, Marjorie 128, 134, 135, 255,412 Mowrey, Diane 143 Mowrey, Patricia 339 MU PHI EPSILON 134 Muchlenbeck, Harvey 327 Mueller, Herbert 310 Mueller, Richard 296 Mueller, Robert 296,412 Muellich, George 193, 290 Muhn, Robert 361 Muiler, Roger 275 Mulder, Ern-st 164,412 Muller-Carioba, Joao 412 Mullins, Mary 257 Mumford, Jean 135 Mumma, Joanne 343 Munitz, Gerald 160 Munn, John 112, 117, 164, 363 Munns, Blair 299 Munroe, William 131 Muntis, Ruth 128 Murbach, Jane 103, 262 Murch, Allen 369 Muriel, John 310 Murphy, Audrey 101, 106, 120, 180, 256, 412 Murphy, Joseph 285 Murphy, Kathryn 338 Murphy, Layton 412 Murphy, Patricia 268 Murphy, Richard 321,412 Murphy, Robert 142, 164 Murphy, Theda 412 Murphy, Thomas 97, 353 Murphy, Timothy 349 Murray, Charles 321 Murray, Douglas 367 Murray, Elliott 356 Murray, Fred 361 Murray, Richard 285, 412 Murray x Thomas 412 Murton, Curtis 304 Muschenheim. Arthur 320 Musket, Ronald 361 Mus Mus Mye Mye Mye Mye Mye Mye Mye Mye elman, George .. ....167 ard, Russel , Robert ....273,298 292 124 173 322 s, Jackline ....180,412 352 347 s, Richard 276 s, Thomas .... 317 N Nachazel, Thomas ... ....361 Nack, Jack 164 Nadeau. John 351,412 Nagel, Rosemarie 338 Nagel, Samuel 319 Nagel, Ted 298 Nahra, Mathilda 333 Naimark, Martin ... 319 Najjar, William ... ....328 Nalan, Norvard 118 Napier, Dennis 128 Nasset, Sue 267 Naumoff, Norman 360 Navarro, Marina ... .174 Nawyn, William 324, 412 Naylor, Gordon 412 Naylor, John 304 Naylor, Joseph 304 Neal, Judy 255 Nearhoof, John ....170, 326, 412 Neary, Robert 106,118,290 Nebel, Betsy 177 Nederlander, Robert 313 Neeb, Alan 356 Needham, Richard 308 Neff, Nancy 124 Neff, Patricia 258 Neft, Barry 350 Neil, Herbert 274 Nelle, William ....165,294,412 Nelles, Lorna 412 NELSON INTERNA- TIONAL HOUSE 369 Nelson, Ann 264 Nelson, Donald 412 Nelson, Edward ... 278 Nelson, Edyth 341 Nelson, Lester 293 Nelson, Merle 131, 166, 360,412 Nelson, Nancy 259,412 Nelson, Philip .. 366 Nelson, Richard 297,412 Nelson, Victor ....359 Nelson, William 280 Nemac, Barbara 264 Nemec, Anthony 165 Nemer, Basil 300 Nemerovski, Howard 112, 117, 313 Nepstad, Richard.... 271, 294, 412 Netting, David 278 Netting, Mrs 252 Netzer, Donna 108, 268, 335 Netzer, Janet 106, 122,268 Neuenke, Richard 364 Neufang, Gordon 173, 310, 412 Neuman, Richard 317,412 Neumann, Albert 163,412 Neumann, Alfred 363 Neumann, John 168,360 Neumann, Richard 285 Neuwirth, Fred 297 Newbauer, Bernard 366 Newell, Arthur 172 Newell, Patricia 344 Newell, Nelly 35 1 Newman, Carl 239 NEWMAN CLUB 179 Newman, Frederick 167,301 Newman, Herbert 168, 356 Newman, James 290 Newman, Karl 167,412 Newman, Lawrence 319 Newmann, Joyce 258. Newsom, Robert 367 Newsome, Joan 180, 341 Newton, Alice 135 Newton, Charles 367,412 Newton, John 302 Newton, Maryelizabcth 267.412 Newton, Nicholas 352 Newton, Raymond 303 Newton. Richard ..167, 320, 412 Ney, Robert 297 Ng, Paul 413 Nicholas, Aristedes 97, 162, 275, 413 Nicholls, Jack 289 Nichols, Donald 325 Nichols, George 292 Nichols, Robert 304,413 Nicita, John 307 Nickel, Stewart 352 Nickerson, Abigail 255 Nickerson, Anne 265 Niedelson, Martin 351 Niedermeier, Norman 362 Nielsen, Mary Ellen 413 Nielsen, Philip 413 Nielsen, Robert 308,413 Nielson, Mary 119 Niemann, Joann 267 Niemiec, Edward 355, 413 Nillson, Fritz 118 Nilsson. Roland 191 Nimmo. Robert 361,413 Nimrichter, Mary 335 Nimz, Marjorie ....119, 121, 154 Nine, Harmon ... 368,413 Ninness. Rebecca 259, 341 Niswander, Gerald 328 Nita, Donald 327 Nix, Caroline 256, 413 Nix, Margaret 413 Nixon, Richard 44 Noah, Donald 283,413 Noecker, Alice 344 Noel, Richard 275 Nofziger, Frederic 362 Noh, Joyce 253, 344 Nohwart, Fredrick 286 Nolen, Arthur 321,413 Nolen, Ruth 268 Nomenelli, Robert 321 Noodelman, Myrna 345 Noon. Raymond 368 Noraddin, Salahaddin 413 Norburg, John 282, 413 Nordin, Harry 308 Nordlinger, Ruth 413 Nordquist, Bruce 365 Nordstrom, Mary 255 Norene, Ronald 362 Norian, Sanford 356 Norman, Franklin 325,413 Norquist, Warren ... 116, 164, 311, 372,413 Norris, Allen 285 Norris, Paul 170 Northcott, Robert ....1, 114, 144, 181, 294, 413 Northrop, Phillip 189 Northrop, Mary 265 Norton, Lome 304, 413 Norwood, Helen 347 Novy, Betty 260 Novy, Robert 182,413 Nowak, Roy 294 Nowlin Marion 180 N.R.O.T .C 157 Nuenke, Richard 413 Nuffe, William 413 Nulf, Terry 290,413 Nungester, Nancy 268 Nunneley, Jean 413 NU SIGMA NU 323 Nyberg, James 158,274,413 Nyberg, Richard 143, 274 o Oakes, Marion 252, 413 Oas, Reynold 116 Oberg, Janet 267,413 Oberg, Kenneth 275 O ' Boyle, Cecil 299,413 O ' Brien, James 301 Ocampo, Pablo 174 Ochs, Ann .. 258, 334 Ochs, Malcolm 306,413 O ' Connor, Gerald 128 O ' Dell, George 367 O ' Dell, John 360 Oelbaum, Carol 172 Getting, Roger 283, 413 Ohl, Arden 413 Ohst, William 318 Okamoto, Rae 343 O ' Keefe, Thomas 290 O ' Keeffe, William 164, 282, 413 Oldberg, Janet 120 Oldberg, Karen 110,267 Oldberg, Ruth 267,413 Oldham, Donald 193, 195 O ' Leary, Laurelle 347 Olech, John 359 Oliam, Nancy 413 Olivet, Donald 416 Oliver, Doris 121,339,413 Oliver, John 163,166,302,414 Oliver, Joyce 253 Olmsted, Louise 262 Olsen, Benjamin 414 Olsen, Patricia 342, 414 Olsen, Robert 414 Olsen, Ruth 180, 255,414 Olson, Donald 292 Olson, James 284 Olson, Patricia 147 Olson, Robert 361 Olthof, Kenneth 324 Oluonye, Ikem ... 414 OLYMPICS 190 O ' Neil, Jerry 274 Onofrey, Robert 128 Onubogu, Harold 414 Oosterbaum, Bennie 188 Oppenheim, Patricia 269 Opperman, Arthur 366 Opperman, Marianne 347 O ' Reilly, John 367 Orman, Stuart 300 Orr, Dorothy 414 Orr, Ruth 134 Orsolek, Lenore 414 Orth. Derek 280 Ortner, Gene 366 Ortwig, Ralph 360 Osadchuk, Amogia Penney ....414 Osadchuk, Mitchell 128,135 Osawa, Noriko 414 Osborn, Donald 414 Osborn, James 368 Osborn, Sue 341 Osborne, Donald 356 Osborne, Duncan 361 Osborne, Richard 274 Oscherwitz, Mark 313,414 O ' Shaughnessy, Richard 118, 193,239, 285 Oshinsky, Bernice 344 Osius, Theodore 323 Osmond, Joanne 345 Osten-sacken, John 360 Osterweil, Carol 344 Ostrominski, John 288 Ostrov, Cecelia 347 Ostrov, Herschel 313,414 Ostrowski, Leo 414 Oswald, Dale 309 Oudbier, Adrian 312 Overholt, Hubert 328 Overholt, Robert 285 Owen, John 320 Owers. George 282 Owhadi, Ali 362 Ozga, Bernice 347,414 Ozongo, Bernard 324 Paape, Dale 167, 320, 414 Paavo, Mildred 255,414 Pachon-Gomez, Lila 414 Pachter, Sidney 158, 414 Pack, Beverly 253 Packard, Elaine 259 Packer, Robert 295,414 Padover, Lois 143 Paerlman, Elaine 415 Paetake, Charles 288, 414 Page, Helen 344 Pagel, Bernard 369 Palafox, Liria 174 Paley, Robert 295 Palluth. William 158, 311 PALMER HOUSE 344 Palmer, Barbara 268 Palmer, Donald 350 Palmer, Edward 164, 414 Palmer, Haden 323 HUDSON UNVEILS A NEW KIND OF CAR IN THE LOW-PRICE FIELD WITH PERFORMANCE, LUXURY AND SAFETY COMPARABLE ONLY TO THE FABULOUS HUDSON HORNET! HERE is A new kind of compact, economical car, with such high-power performance . . . such luxurious interiors . . . such remarkable ride, durability and safety . . . that it can be compared only to the fabulous Hudson Hornet itself! And it ' s yours at a low price! This exciting new motorcar is possible only because of Hud son ' s exclusive " step-down " design, which creates the lowest center of gravity among American cars. This enables the new Hudson Jet to hug the road more tightly, ride more steadily than any car except another Hudson! That is why the new Hudson Jet safely handles more power in relation to weight than has been possible in any other car in the low-price field! The new Hudson Jet provides complete comfort for six passengers in the most luxurious interiors ever seen in a low-price car. Try it yourself . . . soon! NEW DUAL RANGE HYDRA-MATIC DRIVE and TWIN ' H POWER Hudson ' s sensational new enaine development either or both optional at extra cost. Standard trim and other specifications and accessories subject to change without notice. IN DURABILITY AND QUALITY A WORTHY COMPANION TO THE HUDSON HORNET -HUDSON WASP 453 Palmer, Jere Ann 266 Palmer, Judith 263,414 Palmer, Thomas 285 Pancheri, Rachel 335,414 Pane, Louis ... 367 PANHELLENIC 248 Pannes, Stephen 286 Panzer, Milford 183, 414 Papamihalis, Yorgi 414 Paparella, Michael 293 Pappas, James 414 Pappo, Martha 338 Paris, Rhoda 269 Park, Mary Jo 349 Park, Richard 323,414 Park, Roger 360 Parker, Alden 327 Parker, Dorothy 341 Parker, Edwin 301 Parker, Jean 258,414 Parker, Roscoe 354,414 Parker, William ... . 414 Parkhill, Carol 266 Parkhill, Eleanor 334 Parkinson, Marjory 414 Parks, Leland 328 Parmelee, Sue 261 Parnes. Gertrude 341 Parr, Ben 357 Parrott, Margaret 338 Parsons, Danial 131 Parth, William 368, 414 Pascoff, Pascal 360 Pasikov, Stanley 354, 359 Pasternach, Patti 269 Patchak, Walter 414 Pate, John 302 Patel, Chimanbhai 174 Patel, Navnitlal 174, 417 Pans, Eileen 254 Patterson, Benjamin 128 Patterson, Jane 335 Patterson, Maureen 174 Patterson, Richard 305 Patterson, Roy 415 Patterson, Russ 280 Patterson, William 303 Patton, Arline 265,415 Patton, Charles 291 Patton, Joan 257 Patton. Robert 415 Paul, Eugene 306 Paul, James 320 Paul, Phillip 415 Pauling, Patricia 170,340 Paulus, George 316 Paulus, Peter 291 Pauly, Frank 294, 415 Pawlowski, Joseph 365 Paxson, Aaron 369 Payne, Charles 415 Paysner, Margaret 169 Peabody, Brewster 176,363 Peapples, Roger 362 Pear, David 314, 415 Pearlman, Lawrence 300 Pearlman, Leonard .415 Pearson, Carol 415 Pearson, Karl 363 Pearson, Marion 255 Pearson, Wallace 325,415 Pease, Robert 273, 303, 357 Pechauer, Sallie 415 Peck, Douglas 352 Peck, Joyce 415 Peck, Richard 328,415 Peck, Robert ...304 Peck, Shirley 415 Peckham, John 301 Peckham, Victor 366 Peden, Melvin 170,415 Pederson, Benjamin 116,237 Pederson, Bernhardt 112, 193, 195, 415 Pederson, George 366 Pederson, Marilyn .... . 252 Peer, Eleanor 334 Pefferly, Marilyn 257 Pehlke, Robert 273, 307 Peirce, Fred 317 Peirce, Leea 266 Peitz, Fran ....169 Pelish, John 415 Pell, Elwin 170,353,415 Pella, Roy 118,191,239 Pelowski, Sylvester 415 Pelto, Maurice 301,415 Pelton, Ronald 328 Pemberton, Jeffery ... 146 Pena, Use 345 Pendleton, Anne 415 Pengilly, Shirley 347 Penner, John 325 Penney, Richard 415 Penning, Roger 309,415 Penny, Margaret 184, 243 Pepper, George 363 Pereles, Richard ....164, 311, 415 Perelman, Barbara 135,344 Pericin, Bernice 339 Perkin, Margaret 265 Perkins, Kenneth ..147, 181, 310 Perkins, Stanton .... 160 359 Perkins, William 367 Perlmutter, Morton 306 Perrin, Nancy 264 Perry, Burton 284, 415 Perry, Lowell 114, 193 Perry, Robert 106, 189, 353, 415 Perry, Wilbur 301 PERSHING RIFLES 160 Person, Douglas 323 Pervin, William 363 Petchauer, Clarence 328 Peters, Donald 363 Peters, Theodore 281 Petersen, Jon 366 Peterson, Carl 351 454 Peterson, Dan 359 Peterson, David 415 Peterson, Donald 355 Peterson, James 301,415 Peterson, Phyllis 172, 243, 255, 256, 415 Peterson, Raymond 182, 288 Peterson, Rex 366 Peterson, Sylvia 343 Peterson, Thomas ..183, 323, 415 Peterson, William 415 Pethick, David 309 Petibrin, Floyd 318 Petricott, Nancy 254, 334 Petrie, Ann 243, 245, 264 Petrie, Jack 290 Petrie, Richard 365 Petrucco, Louis 361 Pett, James 357 Petit, Margaret 264 Pew, Jeanne 336 Pew, Richard 328 Pfalzgraff, Ross 304, 415 Pfiffner, John 415 Pfluke, David 275 Pfluke, John 308,415 Phelps, Lynn 415 Phelps, Robert ... 416 PHI ALPHA KAPPA 324 PHI CHI . 32S PHI DELTA CHI 326 PHI DELTA THETA.. 290 PHI ETA SIGMA 123 PHI GAMMA DELTA 291 PHI KAPPA PSI 292 PHI KAPPA SIGMA 293 PHI KAPPA TAU. 294 PHI RHO SIGMA 327 PHI SIGMA DELTA 295 PHI SIGMA KAPPA 296 Philip, Dorothy 252 Phillippi, William 416 PHILIPPINE CLUB 174 Phillips, John 182,416 Phillips, Patrick 309 Phillips, Richard 294 Philpot, Doug 239 Philpott, Robert 285 PHYSICAL EDICATION CLUB 184 Piatt, Glayds 262 Piatt, Robin 260 Piazza, John 288,416 PI BETA PHI I .. .268 PI LAMBDA PHIJ 297 Pickard, Jim 289 Pickard, Robert 278 Pickel, Francis 165, 166 Pickett, Edward ....158,179,416 Pickle, Carolyn 121, 149, 416 Pickus. Albert 416 Pierce, Betty 252 Pierce, Dean 316 Pierce. Gail 334 Pierce, James 416 Pierce, John 285 Pierce, Nathaniel 286 Pierson. Arthur 359 Pierson, Patricia 185, 335 Piggott, Leona 416 Pike, Frederick 96, 321 Pike, Lawrence 151,276 Pike, Mary 264 Pike, Virginia 39, 146, 250, 264 Pilcher, James 322 Pilkington, Paul 367 Pilling, Ann 339 Pinchuk, Rene 416 Pincoe, Frederick 282 Pincoe, Joanne 268 Pinkerton, Richard 97 Pinney, Jack 285 Piper, Harold 318 Piper, Mark 416 Pipper, George 304 Piquet, Arch 327 Pirozzolo, Jack 175, 416 Pistilli, Frederick 290 Pitkin, Nancy 347 Pitkin, Ronald 366 Pitman. Fred 167, 416 Pittler, William 297 Pizer, Russell 128 Placeway, Carlton 355 Placeway, Richard : 416 Plant, Marcus 189 Piatt, Elaine 339 Platte, Barbara 255,416 Plau, Renate 416 Plemton, Ann 122 Fletcher, David 316 Pletta, Ann 268 Plizga, Michael 316 Plodzien, Leonard 360 Ploeg, Robert 318 Plotnik, Gilbert 319 Ploughman, Theodore 274 Plum, Thomas 280, 364 Plumb, Kenneth 278 Plummer, Louis 416 Plumton, Ann 110,122,257 Podesta, Galen 296 Poel, Richard 360 Pohl, Keith 97 Pohl, Kenneth 367 Poindexter, Edward ... 167,353,416 Pokela, Constance ..172, 333.416 Poland, Ronald 97 Polen, Albert 322, 416 Polk, Dora 176, 179 Pollac, James 350 Pollak, Lois 339 Pollard, Charles 273, 301 Pollock, William 284 Polonofshy, Norman 355 Ponitz, David 96,351 Ponitz. Robert 328,416 Ponsetto, Richard ..170, 326, 416 Ponticello, Santo 97 Pope, Eleanor 269 Popkin, Susan 57, 106, 122, 342 Popp, John 292 Popp, Raymond 365 Poppy, James 183, 327 Poretta, George 317 Porritt, John 285, 321 Porter, Harold 128 Porter, Mary Lou 347 Porter, Robert 359 Portno, Robert 295 Portugal, Ramon 174 Posner, Estelle 344 Posner, Leonard 319,416 Posner, Richard 416 Possanza, Duance 170,416 Postma, Howard 183, 324 Potter, Cynthia 258, 344 Potter, Donald 352 Potter, Elizabeth 262,416 Potter, Mary 339 Potter Susan 338 Potts, Ivan 363 Potts, Judith 252 Potyk. Dave 297 Pourcho, Gene 328 Pouenz, Douglas 292 Powell, Benjamin 416 Powell, Betty 334 Powers, Harold 163,416 Pozza, John 364 Prasad, Kameshwar 174 Pratt, Allan 160, 363 Predmore, Jill 267 Preitz, Lawrence 170, 326, 350, 416 Premrasami, Thanom 416 PRESCOTT HOUSE 345 Prescott, Betty 347 Prescott, Gerald 301 Prescott, Joan 262 Preskill, Alice 341 Preston, Kenneth 349,352 Prettie, Dee 268 Preuss, Lawrence 299,416 Prevots, Claude 416 Price, Alan 273, 285 Price, Harvey 362 Price, Jack 358 Price, John 309,416 Price, Larry 288 Price, Laurence 416 Price, Patricia ;.334 Price, Ralph 167 Price, Richard 359 Price, Russell 277,416 Pridmore, Nancy 100, 101, 119, 255, 417 Primack. Verne 319 Prince, Edgar 164, 324 Prince, Gloria 254,417 Prior, James 308 Pritchard. Charlotte 186, 344 Procita, Leonard 365 Proctor, Conrad 97 Proestel, Robert 355 Propson, Thomas 117 Protzman, Robert 328 Prunchnicki, John ... ....352 PSI OMEGA 328 PSI UPSILON 298 PUBLICATIONS 137 Pruis, Donald 324 Pruitt, Florence 417 Pruitt. Joan 268 Prybylowicz, Robert 360 Pryce, Arden 320,417 Pryor, Millard 278 Pryzbek, Henry ....170,326,417 Przybylowicz, Edwin ....316, 417 Puchalski, Ralph 328 Pugh, Reginald 327, 417 Pullin, James 128 Pullon, Suzanne 252,417 Pumroy, Iris 102, 132, 257 Pursall, Beatrice 261 Purcell, Philip 316,417 Purdo, Edward 131 Purdy, Ilene 254,417 Purdy, Neil 286 Purvis, Jean 104,261,417 Putnam, Jack 291,417 Pyrros, Christopher 355 Pyrros, Gus 318,417 Qua, Stephen 117, 124, 291 Quale, Robina 132 Qualman, Harold 361 Quan. Kuo-Chiew ... .. .368 QUARTERDECK 175 Queeley, George 417 Queen, Mary 417 Quiatt, Virginia 342 Quimby, Marge 266 Quine, Gretchen 256, 338 Quirk, Buel 275 Quirk, Harrison 298 Raafat, Aly 417 Race, Douglas 417 Rachlc, Gloria 417 Rack, Annemarie 342 Rackov, John 365 Radant, Jacque 128 Radant, William 128 Radel, Drew 301 Radell, Eugene 417 Radgens, Paul 353 Radway, Richard 300 Rahm, John 327.417 Rahm, Lois 417 Rahn, Beverly 345 Rahrig. Donald 299 Rahrig, John 193 Raisch, Louise 268 Rajkovacz. John 361,417 Rakoczy, Dolores 266 Ralison, Rakotovoa 369 Ralston, Georgia 417 Ralston, Susan 267, 417 Raman, Kizhanatham 174 Rambeau, Benjamin 358 Ramsey, Craig 325 Ramsey, David 310,417 Randa, Edward 292,417 Randall. Chandler 281 Randall, David 417 Randolph, Joan 334 Rankin, Thomas 417 Ranney, Patricia 265 Ransom, Clifton 367 Rapanos, John 365 Raper, Arthur 128 Rarger, Alvin 294 Rasbach, James 310 Rasmussen, Milton 356 Rasmussen, Thue 132,361 Rassam, Hazim 165, 170, 417 Rassweiler, Barbara 263,417 Rath, Donald 417 Rathman, Elaine 177 Rathslag, Jane 259, 339 Raube, Robert 321 Rauch, Carl 183,323,417 Rauschenberger, Marilyn 261 Raushi, Raymond 182 Rautenberg, Arthur 304 Ravenscroft, Edward 299 Ravesloot, Cornelius 324 Rawlings, Charles 97, 160 Rawlins, James 311 Ray, Barbara 180 Ray, Joseph 308 Ray, Thomas 358 Raygor, Alton 369 Raygor, Mrs 369 Raygor, Diana 369 Raygor, Richard 369 Raygor. Robin 369 Rayl, Ann 333 Raymond, John 417 Raymond, Russell 299 Raymond, Sund 97 Raz, Robert 367 Re, Eugene 324, 417 Rea, Mary 262 Rea, Thomas 327 Rea, Walter 96 Reagen, Eugenie 264 Reardon, Robert 308 Reason, William 278 Reavis. JoAnn 255 Rech, Richard 325 Rech. William 417 Reck, Linda 124 Rector, Robert 324 Rector, William 294 Reder, Grace 347 Redfield, Joseph 355 Redfield, Louise 418 Redifer, William 285 Redmon, William 131 Redmond. Eugene 418 Redner, Boyd 298 Reeber. John 318,418 Reed. Billie 266 Reed. Constance 334,418 Reed, Doris 174 Reed, Peter 310 Reese, James 328,418 Reeve, Josephine 340,418 REEVES HOUSE 358 Reeves, George 353 Regenstreich, Tobelle 177, 180, 372, 418 Reger, Lawrence 162 Regester. Nancy 262, 418 Rehn, Rosemary 260 Reicher, Philip 418 Reid, Alan 418 Reid, John 327,418 Reid, Stanley 353 Reifel, Christine 106 Reifel, Lvdia 259 Reifel, Dorinne 344 Reigel, Thomas 418 Reilly. Patrick 353 Reilly, Richard 323 Reimers, Gerald 355,418 Reimus. Richard 166, 418 Rein, Nancy 255 Reindel, James 283, 359 Reines, Jacob 350 Reinhardt, Pearl 334 Reinholz, Carl 277 Reinisch, Ronald 418 Reinoehl, Susan 176 Reinstein, Janet 103, 342 Reis, Felix 314 Reis, John 239 Reisman. Otto 277 Reiss. Meryle 418 Reiter, Samuel 276 Reitz, Frances 121,335,418 Reizian, John 418 Rejcher, Phillip 313 Remes, Marilyn 254 Remus, Norton 313 Rendziperis, John 352 Rendziperis, William 361 Renfrew, Robin 106 Renner, Ruth 263,418 Rensch, Walter 162 Renshaw, Robert 352 Renton, Shirley 347 Restrepo, Juan 362 Rentschler, Sally 128-- Rescorla, Russell 193, 293 Rese, Georgia 263 Fashion Conscious Coeds Shop at ... ANN ARBOR The Typewriter and Stationery Store MORRILL ' S 314 South State St. Since 1908 Phone 7177 l [ kere C verubodu f eir a Chester Roberts Gifts 312 SOUTH STATE STREET B. E. MUEHLIG Dry Goods Quality - - Service - - Courtesy 126 S. MAIN PHONE 2-3184 COMPLIMENTS OF GRANADA RESTAURANT 455 Reubene, Virginia 255 Reum, Elliott 418 Reus, William 324 Revclli, William 135 Reveno, James 97, 355 Rex, Harley 128,418 Rex, Richard 193, 302 Rexford, William 290 Reymann, Joseph 364 Reynolds, Charles 353 Reynolds, David 274 Reynolds, Richard 418 Reynolds, Robert 128, 288 Reynolds, Sandra 267 Reynolds, Sue 265 Rhodes, John 361 Rhodes, Richard 418 Rhodus, Darlene 124,259 Rice, Alan 168 Rice, Betty 256 Rice, Clifton 328, 418 Rice, Dorothy 180,418 Rice, Frank 302 Rice, Joan 170,333 Rice, Kenneth 309 Rice, Phillip 299 Rich, Richard 418 Richards, Charles 367 Richards, Gerald 355 Richards, James 170, 326 Richards, Jane 259 Richards, Mary 418 Richards, Richard 359 Richardson, George 131 Richardson, John 418 Richardson, Robert 163 Richardson, Roberta 342 Richardson, Ronald 131 Richmond, Fredrick 299 Richmond, Paul 300 Richmond, Thomas 320 Richter, James 167 Ricketts, Thomas 294,418 Ricks. Robert 128 Ridall, Barbara 132, 338 Riddell, George 362 Ridge, George 418 Ridgway, Charles 418 Ridgway, Robert 294, 418 Ridley, William ....176, 367,418 Riecker, James 275 Rieger, William ....170, 351,418 Rienstra, James 368 Ries, John 418 Rietberg. Gerald 324 Rifkin, Bruce .... 300 356 Rifkin. Carole ....347 RIFLE 17S Riggs, Barbara 257 Riggs, James 162 Riggs, Susan 110, 243 Riglevist, Hilda 419 Rilett, Jessie 419 Riley, Barbara 120, 184, 258, 272,419 Riley, Beverly 253, 347 Riley, Donald 322 Riley, Emile . ' ..359 Rimkus. Bernard 419 Ring, Harvey 362 Ringelberg, Melvin 160 Ringer, Fay 121,334,419 Ringold, Anthony 419 Risgin, Ojars 316 Ritcher, Ralph 289 Ritou, Grace 341 Ritsema, Albert 324; 419 Ritter, Charles 193, 301 Ritter, John 116,175,419 Rivkin, Charles 313 Rizzo, Eugene 359 Rizzo, Paula 258 Roach, John 277 Roach, Thomas 419 Robbins, Lynn 102,254 Robbins, Warren 276,419 Roberts, Carole 339 Roberts, Laura 256 Roberts, Frances 256 Roberts, Paul 183, 327 Roberts, Richard ........... 359 Roberts, William 131 Robertson, Alice 252, 341 Robertson, Dick 280 Robertson, Joan 25} Robertson, John 419 Robertson, Marilyn 259 Robertson, Mary Alice 264 Robertson, Neal 280 Robertson, Sanford 115, 271, 301, 419 Robertson, Walter 419 Robins, JoAnn 341 Robinson, Anne 334 Robinson, Dr. Arthur 189 Robinson, Bette 101, 172 Robinson, Douglas 160,298 Robinson, Elizabeth 419 Robinson, Ernie 297 Robinson, Howard 295 Robinson, Jerome 368 Robinson, Joan ; 419 Robinson, John 419 Robinson, Kenneth 297, 419 Robinson, Leonard 314,419 Robinson, Shirley 338 Roby, Douglas !290 Roche, Loretta 419 Roche, Thomas 323 419 Rock, Donald 304 Rockwell, Edward 304 Roden, Ann 345 Rodenbeck, Paul 170 Roderick, Thomas .... 303 Rodger, Gil 280 Rodriequez, Ann 252 Rodriguez, Luis 293 Roedel, Andrew 314 456 Roeder, William 289, 360 Roehl, Mary 338 Roensch, Robert 312 Roesser. Susan 257,419 Roest, Robert 321 Rogat. Kenneth 273, 313 Rogers. Bruce 290 Rogers, Carol 257,419 Rogers, Howard 290,419 Rogers, James 167 Rogers, John 274 Rogers, Judith 266 Rogers, Ronald 368 Rogers, Sue 180 Rohlfing, Gerard 361 Rohlfing, Paul 419 Rohrbach, David 359 Rolfe. Anna 419 Romaker, James 304 Romani, John 357 Romine, Reed 166,363 Romine, Mary 258 Romzick, Paul 361 Ronecker, Frederick 419 Roneker, Frederick 282 Roof, James 165,311 Rooks, Arthur 173, 357 Rooney, Robert 325 Roos, Gerald 285, 362 Roos, Robert 324 Roos, Susan 264,419 Roose, Arlene 253 Roper, Joyce 134,264 Rorabacher, Duane 419 Rose, Janice 269 Rose, Ralph 365 Rose, Robert 313 Rosefield. Ronald 300 Rosenbaum, Happy 335 Rosenbaum, Louis 327 Rosenberg, Donald 300 Rosenberg, Harry 419 Rosenberg, Joan 269 Rosender, Ruth 341 Rosenfeld, Richard 287,419 Rosenfeld, Robert 367 Rosengarten, Albert 319 Rosenkoff, Claire 334,419 Rosenman, Mona 259 Rosenman, Robert 276,419 Rosenow, Kenneth 325,419 Rosenstock, Eleanor 254 Rosenthal, Eleanor 335 Rosenthal, Martin ... 276,419 Rosenthal, Richard 313,419 Rosenzweig, Sanford 420 Rosin, Audrey 339 Rosin, Robert 297 Rosoff. Barbara 338 Ross, Betsy 265 Ross, Beverly 172, 180, 338 Ross, Burrell 365 Ross, Gilbert 323 Ross, Gretchen 261 Ross, Jacquelyn I a 2, 252 Ross, John 118, 191,239 Ross, Judith 261 Ross, Ken 297 Ross, Marvin 319 Ross. Mary 420 Ross, Mary Lynn 262 Ross, Stuart 151 Ross, Warren 328 Rossen, Jordan 359 Rossner, Ruth 106, 108 Rostodil, Frank .. 314 R.O.T.C 1F6 Rotenberg, Marlene 331 Rctenstreich. Fern 338 Roth, Gerald 276 420 Roth, Richard 97, 288 Rothenberg, Carol 269 Rothenberg. Marlene ....331,339 Rothman, Elaine 420 Rottenbucher, Peter 366 Rouch, Mahlon 360 Rouman, Theodore 363 Rourke, Carolyn 262, 420 Rousos, Timothy 135 Rovedo, Luigina 333 Rovner, Jerry 297 420 Row, William 368 Rowden, Marcus 420 Rowe, Edward 420 Rowe, Sarah 350 Rowe, Tom 170 Rowell, Marcia , 420 Rowne, George 303 Rowley, Martin 353 Rowley, Raymond 362 Royer, William 283, 366 Rozman, Lawrence .... 351 Rubell, John 313 Rubinstein, Erwin 300 Rubenstein, Ronald 276 Rubin, Lawrence 365 Rudel, Nancy 339 Rudolph, Timothy 131,298 Rue, Jack 124 Ruehr, Otto 420 Ruff, Etinice 178, 342 Ruggerole, Richard 328 Rumsey, Bronson ..158, 160, 301 Rundell, Lynn 258 Ruoff, Louise 262 Rupert, Jim 280 Rupert, Patricia 259 Rupprecht, James 365 Rush. Carol 176, 180 Ruskin, John 420 Riskin, Robert 420 Russel, Robert 296, 420 Russell, David 420 Russell, James 302 Russell, Jessie 259 Rusself, Thomas 328 Russell, William 151, 361 Rust, Elinor 261 Rust, Phyllis 341,420 Rusu, George 420 Rutherford, Janet 110,262 Rutz, Joseph 328 Ryan, Alice Ann 42, 256 Ryan, Arthur 283, 420 Ryan, James 162, 175, 312, 350 Ryan, Gordon 357 Ryan, James 166 Ryan, Marcia 420 Rybak, Arlene 333 Ryburn, Alexandra 335 Ryburn. Sandra 132 Ryder, Richard 420 Rykoff, Thomas 313 Ryska, Ka ' hleen 344 Ryskamp, James 324 Saar, Winifred 184 Sabo, Darlyne . . . 266 Sabo, Leslie 368 Sabo, Robert 281 Sabuco, Gil 420 Sacchetti, Louis 364 Sacher, Suan 344 Sachs, Helen 420 Sachs, John 368 Sachs, Melvin 276 Sacquety, Charles 360 Sacqyety, Joann 334 Sader, Edwin 420 Sadler, William .. 301 420 Sadler, Winifred 262, 420 Safir, Barry 295 Safron, Rosemarie 103, 253 Sage, Paul 420 St. Clair, Arlys 103,262 St. Clair, Arthur 310 St. Denis, Joan ....102, 134,252 St. John. Richard 285 Salata, Michael 420 Salazar, Jose 420 Salditt, Paul 310 Salditt, Richard 310, 335 Salem, Howard .... 420 Salem, Harold 170 Salhaney, Leo 420 Salive, Marcel 352 Sail, Joan 269 Salmon, Charles 170, 358 Salmon. Laura 334 Salzmann, Eva 420 Samdal, Evelyn 420 Samosuk. Andrew 367 Samra, Cal 140,420 Sams, Wiley 302 Samuels, Earl ; 420 Samyn, Joseph 170,372,420 Sander, John 361 Sanders, Elizabeth 264, 420 Sanders, Joanne 119,421 Sanders, Martha .... 345 Sanders, Ollie 421 Sanders, Robert 421 Sanderson, Dick 280 Saddling, Robert 298 Sandweis, Leonard 421 Sanford, Leonard 131 Sanford, Martha 264 Sanford, Norian 128 Sanregret, Barbara 339 Sanregret, Robert 293 Sanocki, Frederick ,..325 Santala, Albin 182 Santo. Arthur 421 Santos, Maria 174 Sappington, Evelyn 180 Sargent, Charles 325 Sargent, Susan 252 Sarko, Alexander 361 Sarnacki, Carl 353 Sarraf, Eloise 253, 344 Sarros, Alexander 368 Sarya, Arnold 172 Sarya, Arnold 356 Sassone, Robert 367 Sattelberger, Edward ....164,421 Satterley, David 131,365 Sattley, Pamela 265 Saunders, Ollie 338 Sauter, James 421 Savell, Anne 180, 334 Savin, Joseph 421 Sawusch, Raymond 321, 421 Sawyer, Donald 290 Saxon, Jan 253 Saxton, Keith 128, 135 Say, Manuel 174 Sayles. Daniel ... . 286 SCABBARD AND BLADE 160 Scafe, Howard 282 Scallin, James 421 Scandura, Joseph 239, 421 Scardetta, George 364 Schaack, Gerald 308 Schaack, Jerome 421 Schaaf, Carole 334 Schacht. Richard 281 Schaefer. Charles 367 Schaefer, Gerd 320 421 Schaefer, Hadley 299 Schaefer, James 304 Schaefer, John 291 Schafer, Charles .... 285 360 Schafer, Dean 365 Schafer, Marcia 334 Schafer, Susan 180,342,421 Schaller, Carol 336 Scharenberg, Rolf 274 Schatz, George ... 3(jO Schatz, Ralph 316 Schaupp. John 285 Schatz, George 286 Schecter, Allan 300 Scheffels, Stuart 273 Scheiern, Milton 352 Scheifele, Stuart 273, 281 Scheiferstein, Jean 147, 335 Scheips, Mrs 178 Scheips. Pastor 178 Schelbach, Henry ... ....352 Schelkun, Fred 321,421 Schellenger, Kent 356, 421 Schelton, William 321 Scherer. Josephine 342,421 Scherer, Michael 118 Schicks, Barbara 266 Schiff, Arthur 319 Schiff, Herman 319 Schiff, Jacqueline ... 102, 122, 169, 254 Schildberg, Bernadette ..124,265 Schill, Thomas 131, 357 Schilla, Yvonne 421 Schimmel, Sally 339 Schimpke, Helen 264 Schindler, James 321, 421 Schippel, John 365 Schirmer, Judith 421 Schlicht, Leo 239 Schlusberg, Malcolm 295 Schmeckpeper, Thomas 421 Schmidlin, Robert 325, 421 Schmid, Loren 421 Schmidt, Gregory 362 Schmidt, Leo 57 Schmidt, Leona 170,421 Schmidt, Thomas 285,421 Schmiedeke, Denis 167, 350 Schmitz, Anne 104, 268 Schmitz, Richard 310 Schmude, Richard 367,421 Schneider, Edward 286, 351, 421 Schneider, Herbert 355 Schneider, Raymond ....322,421 Schoeck, Vincent 353,421 Schoenfield, Eli ....271,306,421 Schoenheit, Carol 178 Scholl, Barbara 421 Scholl, Charles 97, 309 Schoettly Fredrick 304 Schomeyer, Dorothea ....180, 255 Schook, Marilyn 344 Schoolmaster, Loraine 256 Schoonover, Grace 342, 421 Schostak, Jerome 177, 300 Schram, Carla 335 Schrayer, Robert 1, 118, 144, 181, 313 Schreib, Lawrence 358 Schreiber, Gerald 362 Schreiber, Lawrence 168, 361 Schreiber, Richard 307 Schreiber, Sylvia 260 Schreier, Leonard 306, 364 Schreiner, William 124 Schrenk, Walter 359 Schroeder, Carol 334 Schroeder, Joseph 167, 421 Schroeder, Norman 421 Schroer, Marjorie 265 Schulak, Eileen 342 Schuler, Marcia 421 Schulhouser, Marlene ..253,421 Schulman, Sandra 344, 422 Schultz, Carolyn 422 Schultz, Clarence 422 Schultz, Duana 359 Schultz, Katie 268 Schultz, John 168,355 Schultz, Joseph ....170, 326, 422 Schultz, Ralston 280 Schultze. Paul 357 Schumacher, Eileen 359 Schuster, George 357 Schuster, Janet 269, 347 Schutz. Clifford 273, 311 Schutz, Dorothy 344 Schuur. Gerald 356 Schuur, Maynard 277, 363 Schuur, Robert 422 Schwab, Caryl 422 Schwaderer, Thomas 357 Schwaner, Robert 422 Schwartz, Helen 103 Schwartz, Lawrence 151, 360 Schwartz, Marilyn 339 Schwartz. Richard 362 Schwartzberg, Murray ..353,422 Schwartzman, Sonya 334 Schwarz, Eugene 321 Schweikert, Doris 342, 422 Schweinsberg, Stephen 363 Schweinsberg, Wilmer 422 Schweitzer, Bonnie 178 Schweitzer, James 365 Schweitzer, Phyllis 422 Schweizer, Gretchen 266 Schwinot, Robert 360, 422 Scoggin, Sallie 245, 268 Scorill, Jack 280 Scotilla, Donald 361 SCOTT HOUSE 359 Scott, Barbara 335,422 Scott, Ernestine 422 Scott, Harriet 132 Scott, Janet 260 Scott, Leonard 310 Scott, Nancy 265,422 Scott, Robert 163, 165, 422 Scott, Stewart 328, 422 Scoville, Jeannette 184, 243, 262, 422 Scroggins, Richard 302 SCROLL 120 Scult, Irwin 276 Scult, Morton 422 Scwaderer, Thomas 286 Scurlock, Charles 422 Seaborn, Judith 265 Seabright, Mary Lou 342, 422 Seager, Loren 422 Sears, Philip 292 Seaton, Donald 303 Seavoy, Grace 263 PUBLICATION DIVISION INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY, INC. 222 EAST OHIO STREET INDIANAPOLIS 6, INDIANA it 457 Seavoy, Mary 128, 134, 135, 422 Seavoy, Ronald 422 Sebald, David 280, 422 Sebastian, Joel 290 Secan, Mary 342, 422 Sedlmayr, Dorothy 132 Seed, Nesa 422 Seeger, Marilyn 422 Seeman, LaVerne 335 Segal, Howard 313 Segal. Myrna 422 Segal, Robert 276,422 Segaloff, Walter 300 Segard, Theodore 310 Seger, Martha 111,267 Segesta, James 367 Seibold, David 321 Seichter, Francis 278 Seiden, William 143, 313 Seidon, Norma 176,254 Seifert, Janice 344 Seifert, Joseph 357 Seiff, Betty 343 Seiffert, Stanley 275 Seitz, Harry 290 Seitzman, Alice 341 Sekili, Tugryl 422 Selby, Dayton 356 Seligson, Audrey 269 Sellards, Genieve 422 Sellgren, James 312 Seltzer, Ronald 300 Semmelroth, Conrad 422 Semegen, Joan 342 SENIOR SOCIETY 121 Serbich, Alexander 318 Serqinoff, Christopher 422 Seguin, Jeanette 422 Serck, Ellen 269 Serck, Lenore 269, 422 Seto, Hugo 423 Settler, Sheridan 423 Severance, William 307, 423 Sewell. Richard ....115, 142,423 Sewell, Robert 355 Seyferth, Elaine 356 Seymour, Sally 268 Shafer, Marcia 253 Shafer, Marjorie 259, 423 Shaffer. Donald 282,423 Shatter, Sue 102, 265 Shah, Shazad 174 Shaible, Peg 258 Shambes, Georgia 184,267 Shambes, Patricia 260 Shanahan, Robert 423 Shanblatt, Sanford 423 Shaner. James .. 158. 163, 165, 166, 366, 423 Shance. Leon 368 Shantz, Kenneth 314 Shapero, Bertram 97, 300 Shapero, Sheldon 287 Shapira, James 143, 149, 313 Shapiro, Cynthia 423 Shapiro, Fayanne 423 Shapiro, Howard 295 Shapiro, Richard 313 Shappirio, Joel 351 Shapfey, Henry 131 Sharer. David ....182, 423 Sharif, Mohamed 423 Sharland, Marilyn 180, 340 Sharland, Robert 368 Sharp, Elizabeth 264 Sharp, Gordon 131, 302, 423 Shatzel, George 318, 423 Shavelson, Deborah 254 Shaw, Eleanor 335 Shaw, George 423 Shaw, Phyllis 423 Shaw, Roberta 258, 423 Shawaker, Stephen 304 Shaye, Carolyn 423 Shea, Beverly 261 Sheahan, Joan 257 Schecter. Daniel 313 Sheets. John 325 Sheffield, Curtis 354,423 Shehan, Greta 259 Sheibani. Salih 355,423 Sheldon, Carol 339 Shellman, Curt 369 Shen. Hsieh 423 Shepard, Claire 158. 164 Shepard, Connie 335, 423 Shepard, Howard 423 Shepard, Richard 290 Shepard, Vernon : 368 Shepherd, John 359 Shepler, Sally 260 Shepperly, Robert 423 Sher, Leslie 319,423 Sherlock. Robert 189 Sherman, Ellen 334 Sherman, Herbert 423 Sherman, James 286 Sherman, Margery 176 Sherman, Mary 257 Sherman, Mayda 128 Sherman, Rita 423 Sherman, Sylvia 128, 135 Sherrer, Betsy 267 Shetler, Robert 285 Shevin, Kenneth 300 Sheyer, Stanford 313 Shick. Richard 328 Shields, Jackqueline 102, 266 Shields, Kenneth 193, 304 Shiels, Nancy 342 Shifman, Arnold 300 Shimabukuro, Takeshi 369 Shirley, Harry 277 Shirley, Richard 277 Shlimovitz, Rosalind 143, 339 Shoares, Marilyn 132, 172, 258, 339 458 Shoemaker, Kent 363 Shoff, Donald 160, 170 Shomsky, Joseph 193, 21 Shongut, Lawrence 300 Shoop, Mary Sue 260 Shufro, Adrienne 101, 121. 331, 332, 339,423 Shull, Jerome 299 Shumsky, Mary 269 Shuster, Alan 306 Sichler, Edward 97, 273, 309 Sickert, Lillian 173 Sidenberg, Joy 100, 101, 119, 177, 199, 269, 423 Siefett, Janice 253 Siegel, Lewis 273, 276 Siegel, Martin 306 Siegal, Marvin 300 Siegel, Paul 297 Siegel, Peter 183,423 Siegel, William ....300, 357, 368 Sievers, Robert 277 Siganporia, Rusi 162 Sigesmund, Anita 344 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 299 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA 134 SIGMA ALPHA MU 300 SIGMA CHI .... 301 SIGMA DELTA TAU 269 SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON 167 SIGMA NU 302 SIGMA PHI 303 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 304 SIGMA PI .305 Signor, Carl 167,423 Signer, Jean 423 Silberberg, Alfred 423 Silberberg, Donald 313 Silberman, Bonnie 344 Siler. Shirley 180 Siller, Frank 322, 423 Sills, John 304 Silver, Dolores 423 SilverHatt, Barbara 269 Silverman, Judith 143, 339 Simmons, Richmond 325 Simon, Helene 342 Simon, Joseph 277, 353 Simon, Leonard 295, 424 Simon, Ned 106, 313 Simon, Vera 243, 342. 424 Simons, Nemer 303, 424 Simons, Sheldon 319 Simons, Walter 289 Simonsen, James 316 Simpson, Richard 327 Simpson. William 321 Sinder, Barbara 339 Sines, Elinor 256 Singh, Joginder 424 Sipkin, Sandra 254, 424 Siporin, Samuel 273, 306 Sippola, Marianna 124, 344 Sirard, Aldrick 368 Sisson, James 317 Sittman, Betty : 338 Sivagnanam, Rajapalayam 174 Sivaraman, Mahadeva 174 Skaff. Diana 266, 335 Skaff, Frances 134,342 Skala, Charles 128,288 Skelcy, Lorraine 347 Skellenger. William 362 Skinner, Donald 282 Skrbina, Frank 368 Skrentny. Thomas 302 Slagon, George 328 Slavin, Louis 97,313 Slawson, Frances 262 Slawson, Wayne 131, 362 Sleicher, Charles 173 Slosson, Mary 252 Slovick, Philip 356 Slykhouse. Thomas 162 Sluggett, Jerome 305 Small, Sidney 271 Smallman, Albert 359 Smart. David 314 Smead, Barbara 341 Smead, James 299, 424 Smeckert, Ted 424 Smerling, David 313 Smetana, James 424 Smetana, Mary Jane 341 Smigel, James 289, 424 Smilay, Beth 121, 342, 424 Smith, Allen 277 Smith, Betsy 122 Smith, Beverly 261 Smith, Burke 278 Smith, Charles 281 Smith, Clair 361 Smith, Courtland 281 Smith, David ..97, 158, 291, 350, 360, 424 Smith, Donald 131 Smith, Edwin 142, 306, 325, 424 Smith, Eileen 424 Smith, Floyd 368 Smith, Frederic 108, 322 Smith, Howard 358 Smith, Hugh 131,166 Smith, James 328,368,424 Smith, Larry 293, 424 Smith, Laura 267, 339 Smith, Margaret 108, 245, 264, 334 Smith, Marilyn 180, 266 Smith. Mary 335 Smith, Maurice 328, 424 Smith, Norman 160, 364 Smith, Richard 115, 127, 128, 154, 309, 360, 424 Smith, Stanley 351,424 Smith, Sue 255 Smith, Terry 352 Smith, Thomas 294, 362 Smith, Wayne 172, 361 Smithberger, Thomas 424 Smock, Sidney 273, 302 Smolens, Arnold 367 Smoley, Eugene ....292, 327,424 Smukal, Verona 132, 342 Snader, Ellen 347 Sniderman, Stephen 366 Snodgrass, Joan 424 Snow, Mary 265 Snow, Roger 362 Snyder, Carolyn ....103, 104,267 Snyder, Harry 325 Snyder, Jack 310,424 Snyder, Roberta 344 Snyder, Gilbert 292 Sobeloff, Jonathan 358 Sodergren, Dorothy 339 Sogard, Theodore 355 Soh, David 424 Sokol, Howard 313 Solar, Peter 185 Solether, Dee 164,424 Solinger, Lois 269 Solomon, Herbert 300 Solvick, Stanley 355,424 Soma, James 367 Somberg. Shelia 339 Some, Barbara 339 Somers, Donna 338 Somers, John 365 Somers, Nancy 344 Sonkin, Sheldon 319 Sonntag, Dick 289 Sonnege, James 424 Soper, Mary Jean 342 SOPH CAB 103 Sorscher, Alan 362 Sorscher, Benjamin ... ....319 SOUTH QUAD COUNCIL 354 Sowatsky, Robert 285, 352 Spadaro, Carmen 128 Spaly, Oscar 424 Spangenberg, Patricia 180, 186, 424 SPANISH CLUB 172 Sparapani. Alphone . ' ..359 Sparber, Byron 297 Sparks, Norman ....135, 178, 424 Sparrow, Frederick 131,424 Sparrow, Thomas 131 Spath. Robert 424 Spaulding, Bradley 326 Spaulding, James 327 Spaulding, Peggy 341 Speerman, Donna 424 Speheer, Clyde 325 Spence, Herbert 280, 424 Spence, Jack 356 Spence, Jane 265 Spencer, Barbara 342, 424 Spencer, Clyde 183,424 Spencer, Frank 304 Spencer, Herbert 166 Spencer, Joanne 121, 332, 340, 424 Spencer, Norman 280, 425 Spencer, Pierre 425 Spencer, Russel 166 Spencer, Stanley 365 Spencer, William 328 Spengler, Donald 367 Sperling. Lawrence 425 Sperling, Stuart 295 Sperms, Philip 356 Speybroeck, Robert 278 SPHINX 118 Speyer, Stephen 306 Spiekerman, Don 357 Spindler, Margaret 103, 257 Spivack, Sherry 341 Spoelhof, Charles 425 Spooner, Willet 175 Spragg. Alicia 261,347 Sprague. John 363 Spring, Beth 425 Springer, Sheridan 273,280- Spurrier, Sue 264 Squier, Robin 342 Stableford, Richard 365 Stackowiack, Ronald 304 Stade, Arthur 294 Stadler, Louis 425 Stafford. Lawrence 357 Stahl, Sally 339 Stakenas, Robert 128,282 Stalker, Laris 339 Stanford, Thad 118, 193, 239, 275 Stanhope, Elmer 365 Stanlea, Joy 338 Stansberry, Lucille 134,364 Stanton, Walter 327 Stapleton, Thomas 168,360 Starbuck, Frank 294 Stark, Charles 301, 352 Stark, Milton 361 Starkweather, James 308 Starnal, Erick 128, 135, 363 Starr, Caroline 342, 425 Staswick, Roseann 333,425 Staskowski, James 352 Stason, William 301,425 Stauffer, Barbara 267 Stauffer, Charles ....128, 135, 425 Stasiakinas, Richard 326 Steel, Patricia 342, 435 Steenrod, Sally 185,347,425 Steffey, Chester 167 Stegenga, Frederick 359 Steilstra, Junior 193 Steimle, Anthony 179 Stein, Burton 297 Stein, Donald 355,425 Stein, Gerald 289 Stein, Myrna 344 Stein, Ruth 425 Steinberg, Ann 339 Steinberg, Lois- 344 245 Steinberg, Robert .... 115, 273, 300, 425 Steiner, Geraldine 336, 425 Steiner, Robert 293, 425 Steinhelper, John ; (j3 Steinke, Barbara ....104, 180, 255 Steinmetz, George 132, 364 Stellwagen, Jane 264 Stepls, Verena 425 Stelt, Marilyn 341 Stempien, Chester ..167, 320, 425 Stenn, Enid 124, 254 Stenn, Irving 109 Stenseth, Raymond ... 170, 316, 425 Stephen, Donald 357 Stephen, David 328 Stephen, Elaine 345 Stephens, James 239, 275 Stern. James 297, 358 Stern, Joseph 425 Stern, Maye 345 Stern, Nancy 254 Stevens, David 158, 369 Stevens, Jason 361 Stevens, Kenneth 56 Stevens, Nancy A 261,425 Stevens, Nancy 103,262 Stevens, Richard 321,425 Stevenson, Adlai 45 Stevenson, Anne 148, 342 Stewart, Bruce 323 Stewart, George 277 Stewart, James 310, 367 Stewart, John 182 Stewart, Samuel 298, 361 Stewart, Sue 255 Stewart, Walter 282 Stickels. Charles 352 Stier, Herbert 182 Stiglitz, Andrew 356 Stiller, Constance 255,425 Stillinger, Richard 363 Stinson, David 23 9. 304 Stinson, Luella Stinson. Terry 132,342 Stipe, David 367 Stitt, John 302, 425 Stockle, Sharyne 256, 335 STOCKWELL 345 Stoddard, Burden 350 Stoefler, Victor 178, 367 Stolorow, Sandra 334 Stoltz, Jane 124 Stolz, Benjamin 286 Stone, Allan 350,425 Stone, Cynthia 260 Stone, John 360 Stone, June 132 Stone, Phillip 359 Stone, Sherry 174,425 Stone, Thomas 304, 425 Stone, Thurston ....354, 360, 425 Stonkoff, Gerald 308 Storey, Janet 25 Storm, Norman 321 Story, Martin ..163,16566,353 Storrer, Richard 314 Stotsky, Sandra 425 Stoumen, Kenneth 276 Stoyack. Edward 356 Strack, Lillian 347, 425 Straffon, Ralph 323, 425 Strain, Robert 160,290 Straka. Jane 255 Strauch. Gerald 131 STRAUSS HOUSE 353 Strauss, Alan _ 108,287,425 Strauss, Edward 313, 425 Strauss, Kenard 297 Strauss, Martha 335 Streicher, Janet 256 Streicher, Robert 42! Streicher, Velma 134,426 Stribe, Ralph 193 Strickler, Jay 95,118,291 Strickler, William 166, 274, 426 Strickwerde, James 324 Stringer, Richard 285, 353 Strobel. Jack 356 Stroebel, Richard 178 Strokes, Ray .....289 Strom, Calvin 283, 350 Strome, Nancy 335 Stroh, William 363 Strong, Dorcas 265, 426 Strong, James 321,426 Strong, John 366 Strong, Joyce 345 Strong, Paula 25 ' Strong, Wayne 359 Strout. Bud 274, 426 Strout, Carwin 124. 274, 426 Strozewski, Richard 193, 299 Struck, Richard 168 Struthers, David 353,426 Strutz, Goria 178, 333 Stryker, Beverly 260 Stuart, Alan 353 Stuart, Carole 339 Stuart, David 353 Stuart, William 292 Stubbs, Donald 285 STUDENT LEGISLATURE 106 STUDENT RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATIpN 176 Studer, Charmaine 261 Studnikt. John 368 Stuerzl, Loraine 344 Stuhlberg, David 319 Stull, John 359 Stump6g, John 239, 291 Sturrock, James 351 Styler, Diana 426 Subar, Judith 334 Suber, Martin 426 Suckow, Lois 259, 426 NELSON PHOTOGRAPHERS Ann Arbor Ph. 2-6268 COMPOSITES GROUPS PORTRAITS PANORAMAS Liberty at Stale Ann Atbor Jacobsons Dial 8389 Second Floor After you ' re gone drop us a line If you can ' t Find that certain item like Mich. 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S. 12 2 MILES WEST OF ANN ARBOR 459 Sugiyama, Curt 352 Suino, Mary Ann 264, 426 Suits, James 322 Sulkowski, Edward 170,426 Sullington, Donald 325 Sullivan, John 328 Sullivan, Mac 321 Sullivan, Mary Anna 263, 426 Sullivan, Richard 328 Sullivan, Roger 328 Summerbell Gordon 353 Sun, Dennis 174 SUN-BATHING CLUB... 181 Sund, Raymond 350 Surbis, John 356 Surbrook, Elaine 258, 338 Sussman, Barbara 344 Sutton, Ralph 426 Sutton, Theophil 426 Suzuki, George 426 Svensen, Niels-Alf 175,426 Swan, Beverly 256 Swaney, Russel 193.290 Swanson, Donald 178,355 Swanson, Dorothy 267 Swanson, Edmund 275 Swanson, Marian 243, 258 Swanson, Mary 122 Swantz, Robert 131 Swanwick, Nancy 347 Swart. Fred 170,326,364 Swarthout, Carolyn 102, 261 Sweeney, Maureen 146, 181 Sweet, Arthur 291 Sweet, Charles 285 Sweet, Lawrence 426 Sweetland, John 298 Swensen, Jan 369 Swets, Don 426 Swigert, Baird 289 Swihart. Howard 322,426 SWIMMING 219 Swinehart, Nan 103, 255 Swinkowski, Barbara 347 Swinson, Shirley 170, 342 Swinton, Roy 174 Switous, Theressa 426 Sylvan, Marshall 355 Symmonds, Nancy ....128, 134. 135, 259. 426 SYMPHONY BAND 128 Szembroski, Alfred 350 Szembroski, Chester 325, 350 Taber, Richard 298 Tackett, Donald 426 Takeyma, Hidehiko 362 Takushi, Roy 426 Talcott, James 302 Tarn, Clement 170,426 Tarn, Raymond 365 Tanaka. Richard 356 Tann, Donald 300 Tanner, John 426 Taormina, Catherine ...259,426 Tappen, Helen 180,426 Tapping, Hawley 96 Taraches, Achilles 278 Taraches, John 357 Tarkington, Booth 163, 354 Tarkington, Robert 360 Tarnutzer, Richard 321 Tarpinian, Harry 317,420 Tate, Emma Lou 266 Tatum. James 426 TAU BETA SIGMA 135, 16S TAU DELTA PHI 306 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 307 Taugher, Martha 252 Taylor, Barbara 267, 335 Taylor, Claire 266 Taylor, Deane 264 Taylor, Douglas 351 Taylor, Hosea 128 Taylor House .360 Taylor, James ....162, 299, 350, 426 Taylor, Jerald 361 Taylor, John 363 Taylor, Kathleen 128 Taylor, Kenneth 350 Taylor, Marilyn 426 Taylor, Owen 321 Taylor, Sharon 258 Tayyabkhan, Muhammad 174 Teaque, Fred 285,426 TECHNIC 1S2 Tefankjian, Arax 426 Teitelbaum, Ruth 426 TenBroek, Henry 275 Tennen, Harvey 426 Tennent, Richard 292, 426 Tenney, Katherine 266, 427 TENNIS 234 Tepperman, Harriet 143 Terman, William 271 Tetreault, James 318,427 Teutsch, Marvin 367 Texter, Patricia 120, 169, 259, 427 Thakker, Jaynat 165, 174 Thai, Norman 112, 116, 295, 427 Thall, Donald 273, 295 Thamarus, Warren 317 Than. Maung 175 Thatcher, Charles 271,301 Thayer, Russell 356 Thein, Htun 165 Theriault, Virginia 427 THETA CHI 308 THETA DELTA CHI 309 THETA XI 310 Thomas, Alison 342 Thomas, Carolyn 103, 264 Thomas, Charolette 258, 334 Thomas, David 361 460 Thomas, Gary 363 Thomas, John 427 Thomas, Joyce 339 Thomas, Kay 261 Thomas, Mortimer 305 Thomas, Norman 288, 427 Thomas, Paul 301 Thomas, Richard ..308, 368, 427 Thomas, Robert 427 Thomas, Shirley 132,253 Thomassen, Pieter _ 304 Thombs, Phyllis 253 Thompson, David 321 Thompson, Diane 347 Thompson, Frederick 427 Thompson, Gerald 364 Thompson, Harold 322 Thompson, Helen 334 Thompson, Jane 102, 262 Thompson, Madeline ....258, 341 Thompson, Mary 263, 427 Thompson, Richard 111,427 Thorn, Laura 268 Thome, Harriet 262, 334 Thornton, Bruce 427 Thorpe, Peter 114,271,427 Thurman, Holcomb 369 Thurston, Gay 147, 267 Thurston, Lee 56 Tibbals, Eleanor 128 Tice, David 149, 362 Tickner, Charles 326 Tiliacos, Anthony 427 Timbers, Edwin 427 Timkin, Done 195 Timm, Robert 116, 193, 195, 299 Timmins, Harry 289, 427 Timoff, George 165,427 Tinker, Clarence 291 Tinker, Richard 271.427 Tinkham, David 115, 193,239,290 Tin Nyo, Maung 164,175 Tischler. Louis 313, 358 Tittle, Ray 274 Titus, Lucille 427 Tjotis, Ralian 427 Tobachki, Jo Anne 333 Tobias, Ilene 334 Tpbocman, Irving 300 Todd, Charles 351 Todd, Emily 266 Todd, Ronald 160 Toepfer, Jeanne 342 Toley, Diane 147 Tolfree, Daniel 273 Tolhurst, Addie Ann 253, 334 Tollefson, Jeanette 427 Tollzien, Margaret 151,341 Tomicic, Rosemary 261, 347 Tomlinson, Eugene 359 Tootell, Kenneth 318,427 Topolski, Barbara 180, 427 Topor, Theodore 193. 195 Topp, Robert 193 Torrant, Ruth 143,261,427 Torres, Ramon 360 Toton, Edward 163, 427 Touma, Theodore 328, 427 Touscany, Jacquelyn 264 Tousley, John 366 Town, Ronald 357 Towne, Mary 259, 347 Townsend, Allen 128 Townsend, Arthur 363 Townsend, Barbara 264, 421 Townsend, Deborah 264 Townsend, Jane 134 Townsend, Richard 57 Towse, Donald 296 TRACK 226 Tracy, Ann 267 Tracy, Louise 243. 341 Tracy, Robert 165 Traum, Judy 344 Trautz, Marilyn 334,427 Trautz, Roberta ....188,334,427 Traverse, Sarah 239, 427 Travis, Carolyn 260 Treadway, John 193, 280 Treece, Max 163,360,427 Treeger, Thomas ..113, 118, 143 Trefz, Henry _ 366. 427 Treichler, Leonard 351 Treloar, Thomas 321 Treweek, Bruce 131,285 Triana, Enrique 290, 427 TRIANGLE 311 TRIANGLES 117 TRIGON 312 Trimble, Thomas 427 Trogan, Roland 149 Trometer, Sue 261 Tromley, Richard 307, 427 Troske, Robert 323 Troske, Thomas 283 Trubow, George 277 True, Wesley 131,372,428 Truesdell, Deane 286 Truesdell, Sherry 252, 438 Trumbull, Winifred 365 Trunck, William 309 Tsaggaris, James 355 Tsai, Wen-Ying 360 Tu, Maung 165 Tuck, Robert 288 Tufer, Armin 307 Tunis, Katherine 262 Tunnicliffe, Anne 265 Turcotte, Jerimia 304 Turnbull, Bruce 131 Turneaure, Stewart 167 Turner, Almon 299 Turner, Charles 168 Turner, Emmitt 326 Turner, Florence ..180,255,428 Turner, George 350 Turner, Harvey 321 Turner, Jacqueline 243, 259,428 Turner, Sue 255 Turpen, H. Mark 285,428 Tushman, Harvey 287 Turtle, Thomas 274 Tweedie, Adelbert 160,428 Tweedie, Sanford 286, 428 Tyler, Richard 362 Tylicki, Theodore 428 Tymkin, Harry 428 Tyor, Louise 344 Tyson, Patrick 357 u Uchitelle, Benjamin 297 Uebel, Barbara 261 Ufer, Mae 253 Uhlman, James 428 Ulbrich, Carl 280,428 Ulrich, John 294 Umbs, Jill 253, 345 Underbill, William 284 Underwood, Dana 428 Underwood, Gerald 286 Underwood, Richard 304 Ungerleider, Betty Lou 342 UNION OPERA 98, 99 Upjohn, Nancy 267, 428 Upton, Frances 339 Utka, Ali 428 Uvick, Robert 428 Uyehara, Howard 365 Uyehara, Raymond 428 Vajda, Gloria 332,347,428 Vakil.Romesh 174 Valentin, Joseph 168,360 Valentine, Ann 335 Valenzuela, Roberto 163, 356,428 Vallortigara, John 239, 304 Van Alst, Dennis 366 Van Asselt, Carol .-. 134 Van Arta, Charles 311, 362 Van Auken, Maurice 304 Van Belkum, Kenneth 428 Van Boven, Susan 260 Vance, David 351 Vance, Russell 165,428 Van Cleve, James 304 Van Cleve, Paul 305 Van Colen, Beverly 255 Van Daff, Gracia 428 Van Dam, Forrest 325 Vandenberg, Edward 324 Vandenberg, Martin 324 Vanden Berge, Irmgard 173 Vanden Bogaerde, Jack 428 Vandenburg. John 97, 310 Vander, Arthur 358 Vandergrift, Thomas 365 Vander Henst, John 318 Vander Kolk 428 Vander Sluis, Jay 324 Vander Velde, John 324 Vander Voord, Gerald 428 Vanderwall, Gerald 324 Vander Werff, Godfrey 428 Vander Zeyde, Ray 193 Vanderzyl, Robert 428 Vandeveer, Cornelia 132,256,335 Van deVusse, Ellen 257, 338 Van Dyk, N. Joanne 428 Van Dyke, Henry 428 Van Dyke, Janice 375,428 Van Dyke, Nancy 428 Van Eenam, Marjorie 180 Van Ens, Clara 428 Van Every, Donald 350,428 Van Houtum, Richard 158, 303,428 Vanker, Mary 266 Van Liere, Allen ..243, 360, 428 Van Liere, Duane 428 Van Ness, Paul 428 Van Otteren, Gerald ....354, 359 Van Putten, Peter 324 Van Solkema, Sherman 324 VAN TYNE HOUSE 261 VanVliet, Robert 429 VanWinkelen, Herbert 429 Van Wyk, Rev. Gordon 369 Vanzyl, Allison 321 Varbedian, Thomas 327 Vardhanarko, Anukolu 174 Vary, Cynthia 342 Vasiloff, Vasil 429 Vasu, Cordell 355 Vaughn, Mary 263 Vavrek, Paul 429 Vawter, Jay 288 Veatch, Leonard 321,429 Vedder, Morris 124, 308, 429 Vedder, Robert 321 Veenstra, Kenneth 325 Velez, Hernando 429 Veltman, Jay 324 Velz, John 429 Vennerhelm, John 304 Venneri, Joseph 357,429 Venokur, Patricia 185 Vercoe, James 323 Verhake, Thomas 275,429 Verity, Gordon 317 Verkaik, Peter 324 Verman, Ram Rattan 174 Vermeulen, John 299 Vermeulen, Judy 262, 335 Vernier, Robert 321, 429 Veselenak, John 193 Vesser, John 429 Vestevich, Peter 289, 429 Vetter, Eric 118, 181, 291 Vibert, Leila 304 Vichules, Leo 429 Vick, Andrew 301 Vickers, John 321 Victor, Karl 313 Victor, Thomas 429 VICTOR VAUGHAN HOUSE - 347 Viedrah, Roseyn 429 Viedrak, Helene 347 Vinitsky, Millicent 340 Vinson, Richard 321,429 Viravan, Amnuay 356 Virmond, Molly 334 Viscomi, George 327, 429 Visscher, Harrison 325 Visscher, Robert 325 Visser, Earl 324 Vissher, Donald 327 Vivas, Ciro 172 Vlack, Judy 345 Vocke, Lester 328 Vogel, Dalys 429 Vogel, Roger 286 Vogtmann, Doris 429 Vokac, Robert 318 Volkman, Bernard 295 Vollrath, June 259, 429 Von Bernthal. Hans 367 Von Haam, Kathleen 261 Von Lattenberg, Landa 306 Von Reis, Karen 342 Von Reis, Siri 342, 429 Von Varga, Gahor 368 Von Voightlander, Carolyn ....256 Voorheis, Jan 267, 334 Vorenkamp, Virginia 429 Vorhaus, Joey 266 Vorhave, Joanna 336 Vosburg, John 429 Vose, Margaret 260, 429 Voss, Virginia 122, 335 Voss, Walter 299, 429 Votaw, Charles 325 Votypka, Justine ' 120, 134, 253.429 Vratny, Frederick 429 Vukas, Steven 429 Vukovich, Irene 429 VULCANS 116 W W.A.A 242 Waatti, Donald 325 Wade, Ronald 350 Waggoner, Charles 299 Waggoner, Raymond 285 Wagner, Barabara 262 Wagner, Charles 429 Wagner, George 321 Wagner, Herbert 274 Wagner, James 193, 278 Wagner, John 167, 288, 429 Wagner, Philip 366 Wagner, Sylvia 429 Wagoner, Aylvia 335 Wagoner, Charles 167 Wagoner, William 361 Wagonner, Stuart 275 Waidley, Jean 101,252,429 Wainwright, George 355 Waisanen, Donald 367 Waite, Carol 180, 345 Wakeman, Katherine ....243, 257 Waldner, William 366.429 Waldren, Dawn 338 Walgast, Peter 290 Walker, Arthur 193 Walker, Barbara 341 Walker, Carolyn 264 Walker, Patricia 430 Walker, Robert 290 Walker, Sally 430 Wall, Richard 356 Wallace, Robert 361 Wallbillich, Martha 268 Walli, Joyce 335, 430 Wallingford, David 131,367 Walmoth, Raymond 277 Walter, Dean Eric 57, .154 Walters, James 239. 301 Walters, Joyce 128 Walters, Rosa 430 Walton, Nathiniel 368 Waltz, Frederick ..112.165.304 Waltz, Ingrid 430 Waltz, Frederick 117 Waltz, Robert 328,430 Waltz, Thomas 304 Wang. Paul 430 Wappler, Margaret 252,430 Ward, James 182,430 Ward, Paul 350, 430 Ward, Stuart 430 Wardner, Arthur 182, 430 Ware, Fran 252 Warmolts. John 301 Warner, George 291 Warney, Joyce 263, 430 Warnock, Harold 298 Warr, Bertram 158,351 Warrat, Marilyn 344 Warren, Elizabeth 430 Warren, Gerald 355 Warren, Phyllis 430 Warren, Richard 369 Warsinski, Gerald 178 Warwick, Beverly 268 Washabaugh, William 353 Washburne, Nancy 265, 430 Wasilewski, Paul 430 Wassail, James 362 Wasserberger, Jean 261 Wasserberger, Leo 321 Wassarman, Lois 172 Wasserman, Moises 165, 170, 356, 430 Waterbury, Anne 262 The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan The official spokesman for the 150,000 graduates and former students of the University Divisions THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CLUBS COUNCIL THE ALUMNI COUNCIL THE CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL Keep contact with Michigan by reading THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Official publication of the Alumni Association For Seniors only a special " Introductory Price " has been established. By ordering early these New Alumni may have the mag- azine for the whole year for only TWO DOLLARS. 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H 96 Waterman, Merwin 322 Waters, Donald 328 Waters, Stuart 301,360 Waterstone, Lloyd 319 Watkins, Herbert 135 Watson, Ann 257, 339 Watson, Barbara 121, 257, 342, 430 Watson, Carol 341 Watson, Charles 363 Watson, Cynthia 430 Watson, David 301 Watson, Frances 128 Watson, Jack 364 Watson, James 430 Watson, Joyce 258, 430 Watson, Muriel 338 Watson, Robert 430 Watson, Rodney 294 Watson, Roger 286 Watt, Susanne 264 Waxberg, Myron 300 Waxman, Joanne 103 Way, James 430 Wayburn, Barrett 145,304 Weatherill, Robert 167,430 Weaver, Ann 342 Weaver, David 356 Weaver, Gene 290 Webb, Barbara 176,334 Webb, Daniel 303 Webb, John 281, 430 Webb, Patricia 430 Webb, Robert 299, 430 Webber, Charles 275 Webber, Howard 298, 369 Webber, Charles 354 Weber, Mary 343 Weber, Richard 178, 363 Weber, Wally 188 Weber, William ....351, 353, 357 Webster, Henry 182 Webster, Jeremy 430 Webster, John 158,350,430 Webster, Kenneth 165, 166 Webster, Murl 273, 299 Wedge, Joan 333 Wedge, Mary 333 Wedum, George 273, 314 Weeber, Rose 430 Weed, John 283 Weed, Sarah 267 Weerakoon, Robin 174 Weersing, Darwin 430 Weersing, John 328 Wegenka, Jan 290, 430 Wegiewka. Lawrence 430 Wegter, Rudolph 353,430 Wehbring, Brenda 345 Wehmeier, Victoria 260 Weigel, David 277 Weil, Marianne 345 Weinbaum, Robert 185, 273, 297, 361 Weinberger, Howard 359 Weinberger, Michael 350 Weiner, Allan 430 Weiner, Irving 276 Weiner, Rosalie 431 Weinert, Hermine 266 Weingarden, Beverly 431 Weingarten, Charles 431 Weinman, Richard 358 Weinstein, Andy 269 Weinstein, Clarice 431 Weinstein, Daniel 364 Weinstock, Nonny 300 Weir, Donald 278,431 Weir, Robert 282 Weisman, Dave 297 Weiss, Allen 319,431 Weiss, Bill ... 177 Weiss, Daniel 297 Weiss, Edith 347,431 Weiss, Maurice 147 Weiss, Morris ... ....313 Weiss, Nancy : 347 Weisz, Alfred 97, 362 Wekill, Sherry 167 Welch, Howard ... 431 Welch, Norman 325 Welch, Pierre .... 291 Welter, Hubert 365 Wellman, JoAnne 431 Wellman, Lawrence 431 Wellmeier, Brazier 131,283 Wells, Mary 180 Wells, Robert 147, 181, 291 Wells, Ronald 281, 431 Welty, Nancy 255 Wendel, Peter 302 Wendt, Roy 167,355 WENLEY HOUSE 366 Wennerberg, Jo 265 Wenrich, Wesley 277 ' Wepfer, Gordon 294 Werner, Reginald 146,181,287 Wertheimer, Warren 300 West, Byron 147 West, Dave 289 West, Hugh 368 West, Ronald ..97, 162, 166, 302 Westby, Kenneth 318 Wester, Marya 333 Westerlund, Donna 184 Westervelt, Frank 116 Westmoreland, Robert 431 Weston, Arthur 183 Weston, Donald 359.431 Weston, Harold 431 Westover, Robert 281 Westphal, Judith 262 Westrope, James 277 Wetherell, Lois 431 Wetterholt, Roy 274 Wexler, Charles 431 Wexler, Janet 341 Weyand, Charles 301,431 Weyand, Thomas 352 Whale, Edward 317 Wheat, Anne 262,342.431 Wheaton, Lawrence 357 Wheeler, Patsy 252,431 Whipple, Clyde 360 Whipple, Edson 115, 142, 286. 431 Whitacre, Robert ..128, 135, 363 White, Bernard 163,431 White, Charles 135 White, Charles 128,365 White, Donald 310,431 White. Edward 368 White, Ink 154 White, James 239,431 White, Jean 267, 431 White, John 291 White, John 97 White, Leonard 282,431 White, Rosalie 258 White, Russell 296 Whitehouse, Frank 317 Whitehouse, Walter 317 Whitener, Bruce 128 Whitfield, Russel 293,431 Whitfield, William 286,431 Whitley, Denny 290 Whidock, Huber 164,431 Whitman, John 321 Whitman, Joy 269 Whitman, Shirley 180, 345 Whitney, Frances 173 Whitney, William 303 Whittemore, Bruce 175,431 Whittemore, Keren 431 Whittingham, William 309 Whittington, Sandra 261 Whybra. Melvin 431 Wickerson, Thomas 294 Wickham, Prentise 283 Wicking, Bertram 278,431 Wickland, Robert 321 Wickman, Charles 274 Widman, John 359 Wiedle, Frederick 310,431 Wiedrich, William 431 Wienbreuck, Elizabeth 431 Wiersma, Burnie 324,431 Wiesenthal, Dorothea ..342,432 Wiggert. James 170 WigTe, Clara 255 Wikerson, Thomas 432 Wilcox, George 165,432 Wilcox, Martha 170,432 Wilcox, Robert 355, 360 Wilcox, Ruth 132.334 Wilcox, Thomas 364 Wilcox, Wallace ..: ....363 Wild, Eric 290 Wilder, Gordon ... 432 Wilder, Justin 432 Wildman, Barbara 120, 262, 432 Wiley, Robert 160,360 Wilk, Lawrence 168,360 Wilke. Lorraine 178 Wilkey, Carol .1 34, 135, 259432 Wilkie, Charles 292, 363 Wilkins, Florence 245, 333 Wilkins, Roger 106, 114, 272, 432 Wilkinson, Charles 325 Wilkenson, William 281 Will, Fred ....367 Willar, Phyllis 149, 342 Willard, Ann 260 Willbrandt, Nancy 432 Willens, Howard ... -.57, 96, 106, 114, 313, 432 Willets, Judith 258 Willett, Edsel 318 Williams. David 352, 432 WILLIAMS HOUSri 367 Williams, Donna 180,432 Williams, Frank 328 Williams, Gerald ... 293 Williams, George 432 Williams, Hilliard 281 Williams, Jack 182 Williams, Jerry 298 Williams. John 183 Williams, John 323 Williams, Juanita 338,432 Williams, June 262,432 Williams, Leonard 351 Williams, Leo 369 Williams, Margaret 253,432 Williams, Marshall 432 Williams, Patricia 132 Williams, Richard 364 Williams, Ronald 193 Williams, Sally 260 Williams, Vernon 363 Williams, William 285, 309, 432 Williamson, Charles ....277, 353 Williamson, Gwendolyn 132, 135, 341 Williamson, Richard 432 Williamson, Warren 274, 432 Willis, Diane .... 266 Willoughby, Carol 432 Willoughby, Rex ....160 Willoughby, Roger 308 Wills, James , 281, 359 Wilmarth, Bruce ..170,326.432 Wilner, Norman 432 Wilson, Barbara 432 Wilson, Bruce 432 Wilson. Catherine 102, 265 Wilson, Dick 280 Wilson, Dora 180, 432 Wilson, Doris 344 Wilson, Herschel 167 Wilson, Nixon 182 Wilson, James 167,320,432 Wilson. Robert 325 Wilson, Roy 131.432 Wilson, Sallie 256 Wilson, Sue 256,267 Wilson, Webb 323.432 Wilson, William 366 Wiltse, James 432 Winans, John 432 W1NCHELL HOUSE 368 Windes. Frank 163, 274 Windham, Frances 180, 268,432 Wine, John ! 364 Wine, Ray 289 Wine, Robert 350 Wing, Paul 369 Wingard, Donald 328 Winkelman, Eugene 323, 432 Winkler, James 327 Winkler, Warren 325 Winshall, Hilda 347 Winslow, George 164,432 Winslow, John 275 Winslow, William 353 Winston, Ernestine 342, 432 Winter, Joyce 342, 433 Wise, Alfred ... 309 Wise, Barbara 433 Wise, Virginia 342 Wise, Chuck 280 Wise, William 143, 300 Wiselogel, Roger 179 Wisler, Chester 96 Wisner, William 433 Wisniewski, Gerald 433 Wisniewski, Marvin 290 Witherspoon, Thomas ..193, 239 Withey, Grant 327 Wladis, Sue 433 Woff, Beverly 132 Wohlgemuth, Donald 351 Wohski, William 433 Woldt, Elizabeth ... 433 Wolf, Marian 433 Wolf, Melvyn 433 Wolf, Patricia 266 Wolfe, John , 363 Wolfe, Paul 177 Wolff, Je Relph 433 Wolin, Alfred 300 Wolk, Beverly 344 Wolk, Janet 103, 269 Wollscheid, Marie 261 Wolowitz, Franklin 433 Wolter, Barbara 178 Wolven, Edmond 433 WOLVERINE CLUB 185 WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB 132 WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY 110 WOMEN ' S SPORTS 342 Wong. David 360 Wong, Helen 341 Wong, Lawrence 433 Wong, Nellie 433 Wong, Pak 352 Wood, Alexander 108, 283 Wood, Barbara 261 Wood, Charles 285 Wood, David 278 Wood, Grace ... ....174 Wood, Henry 128 Wood, Mary ....359 Wood, Roseann 255 Wood, Russell 365 Wood, Warren 304 Woodard, Ann 264 Woodell, Barry 299 Woodhams, Richard 167,433 Woodley, Bernard 317 Woodruff, Eugene 175 Woodruff, John 175,352 Woodruff, Mary 108, 335 Woodruff, Sally 265 Woods, Bernard 362 Woodward, Cynthia 260 Woodward, James 433 Woodward, Sally 347 Woolcox. Barbara 128 Woolfenden, Joyce 264, 433 Wooliver, June 349 Woollams, Stanley 274 Woomer, Donald 327 Wordell, Lois 344 Worden, Thomas 359 Work, Bruce 97, 309 Wortinger, Gwen 338 Woschitz, Robert 355 Wrestling 222 Wright, Delman 288, 433 Wright, Donald 163,433 Wright, Fern 433 Wright, Hugh 239,433 Wright, James 124 Wright, June 433 Wright, Nancy ....185, 257, 342 Wright, Patricia 267. 338 Wright, Ronald 280 Wu, Hsueh-Ping 350 Wuerfel, Robert 281 Wuerthner, Ted 168 Wulfsohn, David 295 Wunsch, Geraldine 335, 433 Wurtz, Kenneth 433 Wyche. Marjorie 335 Wycoff, Richard 433 Wylie, Donald 360 Wyllie, Delmae -124 Wyllie, Gordon 286 Wymer, Judy 339 Wyngaarde, Martin 324, 433 Wynn, Stanley 274 Wynne, Arthur 273. 301 Wynne, Jan - 151 Wysocki, Donald 317 WYVERN 122 Xenis, Joy 433 Y Yaffe, Fredrick 300 Yalowitz, Charolotte 433 Yampolsky, Edward 350 Yanagi, Kikou . ' .....350 Yardley, Jerry 310 Yang, Chung 433 Yates, David 288,433 Yates, JoAnne 108, 132 Yeager, Darrell 273, 282 Yeo. Lloyd 285 Yirkosky, Richard 239. 301 Yocich, Donna 340 Yolles, Marilyn 147 Yolles, Murray 300 Yonke, Richard 366 York, Edward 433 Yost, Kenneth 327 Yough, Gloria 121, 184,243.339 Young, Bennett 278 Young. Crawford 57, 114,140,433 Young, Diane 258 Young, James 301,351 Young, Joan 261 Young, John 325 Young, Neil 160 Young, Raymond 128 Young, Richard 299 Young, Richard J 286 Young, Richard H 135,433 Young, Robert 328 Young, Robert L 433 Young, Ruth 180,433 Youngblood. James 106. 304 Youngman, Teri 122, 269 Yope, Joseph 290 Yoshonis, Karl ..359 Yuen, Melville 433 Yuille, Sally 266 Yttrehus, Rolv 431 Zack, Burton 168. 361 Zager, Peggy 269, 434 Zahn, Ivan 163, 178 Zaio, Mary 252 Zakariasen. William 151 Zako, Edward 308 Zako, Louis 356, 434 Zald, Mayer 434 Zale, Jane 434 Zane, Lester 365 Zane, Loretta 340,434 ZanFagna, Donald 193, 434 Zannis, Angelo 289 Zappata. Ivan 172 Zarbock, Floyd 135 Zatkoff, Roger 193, 195 Zavell, Dorothy 434 Zavell, Irene 434 Zechman. Frederick 276 Zeder, Richard 281 Zeeff, Robert 300 Zeff, Lester 319 Zeigler. Fred 97, 361 Zeigler, John 301 Zeisler, Kathrine ..143, 331, 338 Zeldes, Martin 361 Zellnik, Herbert 287 Zemmer, Harry 434 Zempel. Randall 434 ZETA BETA TAU 313 ZETA PHI ETA 169 ZETA PSI 314 Zilber. Norman 354, 357 Zilber, Sidney 357, 434 Zimbler, Seymour 359 Zimmerman, Adah 263 Zimmerman, Herbert 363 Zimmerman, Lynn 339 Zimmerman, Richard 285 Zimot, Charles 291 Zink, Elmer 365 Zinn, Frank 360 Zinn, George 283 Zoll, Allan 367 Zotiades. George 434 Zrull, Joel 299, 434 Zuckerman, George 360 Zwick. Natalie 261 Zwiebel. Imre 353 THE 1953 MICHIGANENSIAN WAS PRINTED BY THE ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY OF CHICAGO AND DIXON, ILLINOIS 462 For generations of Michigan men and women Wahr ' s has meant books. After you leave Ann Arbor, remember our fine service. Special attention given to all mail orders. WAHR ' S UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 316 South State Street " Michigan ' s Oldest and Most Complete Book Store " II Leaders in Quality Men ' s Wear On Michigan Campus for Over a Quarter Century SAFFELL BUSH 310 S. STATE STREET BEST WISHES AND LOTS OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF ' 53 from LEE ' S BARBERS EAST UNIVERSITY MEAL MART CAFETERIA 338 MAYNARD ST. " SERVE YOURSELF THE BEST " BREAKFAST NOON DINNER 7:00-11:00 11:00-1:30 5:00-7:00 CLOSED SUNDAYS " THROUGH THE ARCADE " J 550 Fifth Avenue New York 19, N. Y. Famous for Quality Service Dependability n Since 1927 Official Portrait Photographer 1953 Michiganensian 464

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