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ARTES SCIEfr ION, M .EDGE OD APPINES )LS ANE CATION :] BE E N G TIA VERITAS RALITY AND NG NECESSARY RNMENT AND OF MANKIND, PHE MEANS OF ALL FOREVER U RAGED 817 ww Paul Sage Slug Kettler Managing Editor Business Manager University of Michigan at Ann Arbor INDEX: Schools and Colleges (page 65), Activities (page 99), Sports (page 195), House Groups (page 259), Seniors (page 369). . a warm afternoon . There were times even at college when we didn ' t have to think, on the steps of Angell Hall on a warm afternoon we felt as though nothing could bother us. Korea and Saipan were vague names in our memory. Then some hardnose mentioned the draft and we threw away 1- - fi m in line for registration our cigarettes and went to class. There was nothing like getting back to the swing of things at the first of the year with the invigorating stimulus of waiting in line for registration. " Saturday class! But I can ' t possibly . . . What ' s the matter, camera won ' t bite ya. . . . that ' s it, smile, you look the camera won ' t bite . . . the old buildings disappeared. . . lovely. " It was still good to be back, even watching Haven and Uni- versity Hall go up in dust. It was fun to watch them go down in great chunks at each blow of the crane. The ever-present group of student engineers would clap when an extra large piece collapsed. It was sad pic new plans too in a way, the old building had served the University well. " No, I want the book for Soc. 54, not 51. Oh Hi Jean! I didn ' t think you were here this semester. No I don ' t want the book for Soc. 51, I said 54. Excuse me, I didn ' t mean to put my rib in Ati . . . . chock Full of knowledge your elbow. " But tr.e store thins out and the rush of college life is start- ed for another year. Young faces bright to learn turned to the professor, eagerly hoping his lectures were full of knowledge, and the teach- er in turn stared back at them and informed them that he had a " laff . school work T- ..- YE v fc " -- . . . . the last leaves were gone . . . in every lecture " , but not more than one. The last leaves were gone and with them the carefree attitude for lo the bluebooks had descended upon us. The seats in the stadium got colder and we started digging out the heavy coats, shivering in anticipation of the walk through the snow . . . gathering in the M.L. for that eight o ' clock. The crowd started gathering in the M.L. and other coffee spots instead of the Arb. The colder it got the larger the crowd until people finally started drifting back to their studies and other assorted assorted activities . . . tense moments . . . activities. The Saturday afternoons at the stadium never seemed too illspent, except for one or two tense moments, which were relieved by the thoughtful appearance of sundry dogs. There were times when the games were a little disappointing, and as usual there were a few comments . . . sundry dogs . . . . . . standing on their heads . . . about some of the games in the Letters-to-the-Editor column in the Daily, but we were glad to see that the letters didn ' t go into tirades against the coaches and confined themselves to friendly criticism of the team as a whole. The cheerleaders twisted themselves about and stand- . . stealing the show . . . ing on their heads exhorted the crowd for more pep. For the most part we did distinguish ourselves, although at the Army game after the first half we were more than usually happy that we had an excellent band that could steal the show. Not only did they march and play, they sang . . . Saturday afternoons . . . Hi . the draft call . and danced. The carefree Fall days were suddenly marred by the in- ternational situation. The sad lines of those who had their first draft call grew longer every day. June for us was no longer thought of as the happy month of marriages, but as the dreary month of departures. The ideal- S.L. elections . istic speeches were over and the candidates had gone quietly off to a corner to tear their hair while the returns came in. S.L. elections come in a blaze of glory each semester and then usually fade into the back pages of the Daily, but not in ' 50 when S.L. decided the dis- - I if 1 lots of parties and banquets . . . crimination question. There were " lots of parties and banquets " which everyone, affiliate and independent alike joined in. Some danced and others crowded around the bandstand to watch the musicians perform. And of course every ball and dance concluded with a tearing down of streamers . Christmastime in Ann Arbor and decorations. " The dark wind did blow " , but Christmas time in Ann Arbor was still one of the pleasantest seasons. Walking across campus after an evening of snow even our wet feet couldn ' t hamper the beauty of the scene, and skiing in the Arboretum made us feel that slogging B2-ANNUAL TOURNAMENT or ROSES Rose Bowl . . . . going to the Rose Bowl . . . through slush to class wasn ' t so bad after all. For the third time since the tradition started we were there for the Big Game, and that it was. Train, car, bus or plane,- we were able to get out of the hum-drum of life and hit the open spaces, which were even more wide open at times than t 1 . we had expected. The band as usual was fine but this time, unlike the Army game, they lost their star billing to the team and other attractions. Before the game the cry went up among the Michigan men " Why didn ' t I go . other attractions . . the sights of Hollywood . . . to U.C.L.A.? " as they watched the starlets on the floats. Our " stars " had a good time too in a quiet sort of way, relaxing enjoying the sights of Hollywood. But unlike the fans they never forgot they had a big job to do. The ! pageantry, the splendor, the friendly parties at U.C.L.A. and the fun nearly overwhelmed us, but the game was the thing. The floats were beautiful and so were their decorations. Bands outdid themselves for the crowds on the rooftops, but nothing was like the music of the the floats . . . . and their decorations roar after another Michigan touchdown. Before and after the game we watched and cheered the parades and the music, but nothing can take away the supreme thrill of watching your team win again in the great- est game of the year. Not even cowgirls and bathing beauties, pretty 23 Dufek goes up, but not over. Score came on next play. 24 as they were, could make us forget the coming game. Contrary to ex- pectations, Michigan earned 13 first downs and 14 points in the second half of the 1951 Rose Bowl game to beat a favored California team by a 14-6 score. It was the fifth successive win for the Big Ten in the Ortmann rounds right end during second half drive. Zatkoff starts tackle as Clark moves info assist. Dust flies as Dufek.Big Bear tackier meet. First Half: We slipped and felt the jolt classic, and the sixth straight loss for the Coast Confer- ence. Vicious tackling, Dufek ' s devastating ' running for the scores and Ortmann ' s aerial attack spelled the victor. Dufek carried the ball from scrimmage 23 times, net- 26 Bears get jolt; Bennie gets lift. ting 113 yards, while Ortmann set up both scores by completing 15 of an attempted 19 passes, 13 coming in the second half. The first half was strictly a Golden Bear one. In the second half, however, brutal tackling r " what a let-down " . and a revitalized offensive turned the tide. " What a let down! " or " Thank heaven it ' s over " were the shouts from those who dragged themselves back to finish the semester after the victory. No matter how good a time we had it was a relief not to have any more excitement for a time. " Thank heaven ' s it ' s over " But what are we saying? No sooner were we back than we had to polish off those last term papers and get ready for exams. Who can deny that this sort of thing is exciting, or at least stimulating? Then following close after comes J-Hop. Gee, college life is so dull, why doesn ' t any- . . . everloving final exams . . . thing ever happen around here? And what did we return to? That ' s right, those everloving final exams. Whether in Fine Arts or Electrical Engineering they kept us awake nights with the coffee and radio by our side. Most of us pulled through for . . . down at the Field House . another semester. We often joined the crowds down at the field house to see Michigan piay basketball. Though we came we saw only with difficulty from a vantage point behind a pillar, and the conquered usu- ally was the I.D. checker swamped by the pushing throng going in and 31 a flurry of getting ready the dates moved in out. Of course no University year is complete without J-Hop, as was amply proved by the thousands who attended this year. After a flurry of polishing shoes and pressing tuxes fraternity men evacuated and their dates moved into the chapter houses for the long week end. J-Hop . . . the J-hop committee . . . " Southern Silhouette " was presented by (left to right above) the J-Hop Committee-chairman Don Downie, Carol Eagle, Leo Wasserburger, Abby Funk, Jim Kemper, Joan Beeman, Jack Hamer, Barbara Blair, Bob Lawson and Tulane Itkoff. Ray McKinley and Freddy Martin made us all 33 . . . danceable music . . . and breakfast . want to try the Charleston. After " stompin " for four or five hours it was a relief to trail back for J-Hop breakfast. Who was it that said " Eat, drink, and be merry? " And after it was all over and we still had a few minutes until the 4:00 A.M. curfew, we didn ' t just sit around and shiver. 34 ... a few minutes before curfew . . . There were those who wanted to chat about the long exciting evening and those who didn ' t. Then bells rang and lights flickered and there was a last goodbye from the window. Now we settled down for that long dreary haul from J-Hop to spring, but it wasn ' t all slogging down 35 skiing and tobogganing . . . snowy walks. We skiied and tobogganed in the Arboretum, rolled snow- men in the front yard and occasionally pelted a few coeds with snow- balls. The flu scare sent droves of students to the Health Service, where six nurses gave shots. (Remember the lovely who thought she needed . in the Arboretum . a shot from each nurse and went through the line six times?) We had our usual false starts on Spring with a few sunny days, but inevitably most of Winter was just grin and bear it. There ' s always something to look forward to at Michigan. Last year it was Michigras, and this year . . . last spring ' s Michigras . . . the Union Opera was the center of attention. The Michigras of 1950 topped them all with its brightly lighted carnival rides, and those some- what different sideshow attractions. It was hard to say who had the most fun, the entertainers or the crowd. The Burlesqueens vied with a . . . " Go West, Madam " . . . militant anti-liquor suffragette in " Go West, Madam " , while good liquor and bad women mixed in a western way. Women became men and vice versa, but mostly vice. All this and can-can too made for the great show that played Ann Arbor and a road tour over spring vaca- 39 ... the serenades sprang up ... tion. " And what is winter without snow? Why spring, of course! " The serenades sprang up with the first crocuses, and the nostalgic spring even- ings came again to the campus. Strong voices rang through the dusk, echoing and capturing the true meaning and feeling of college tradition. 40 the baseball season And the baseball season was on. When you wondered how to spice up a lazy sunny afternoon you suddenly remembered there was a baseball game and you wandered down. As you entered the gates of Ferry Field you could hear the shouts as someone slid into third. Or if you were 41 t . thrown off the dock . particularly lucky, you might have hitched a ride out to Whitmore Lake for some swimming or sailing. Although it ' s said you can walk the lake from side to side and never get your head wet, race winners found there was plenty of water to cover them when they were thrown off the dock. F 4 .,.. the peasant blouse arrived . . . Summer approached and people sat on campus benches, even the stone memorial ones that look like grave markers. The arrival of the peasant blouse and eye strain seemed to be simultaneous. The senior, to say nothing of the undergrad, felt his interest in college on the wane, and Ill %wfel . . we have behind us . suddenly he felt a way he never thought he would. He actually looked forward to leaving and making his own way, though the end of college left an empty spot. And now we can only look back on our college life now we are graduated into something that has no real meaning pKfc li ; ; wmm - vi.Vi r if -m . . . the finest part of our lives . . . to us yet. As with every graduating class we have the challenge of the workaday-world to meet, but more than ever we know little or nothing of what kind of world it will be. We have behind us what will always be remembered as the finest part of our lives,- where we became what we are. by Pete Spencer Fellow Students: At the end of the school year each of you will complete another step in your college career. I will have the same experience since I will at that time lay down the responsibilities of president of the University. I feel a special kinship with members of the graduating class of 1951. Our connections with the institution will now be as alumni. Students, faculty members, and adminis- trators as such come and go, but the alumnus, for better or for worse, always remains a member of the University family and has special obligations for its welfare. While there are many ways in which the alumnus may aid his Alma Mater to achieve its purpose as an institution of higher learning, he serves it best who serves as a constructive critic. This is not an easy task, requiring as it does continuing study of the aims and progress of higher education, up-to-date information of the activities of his University, a knowledge of social needs and trends, and the exercise of good judgment. We are justifiably proud of the University of Michigan as an institution which has long been rated as among the best in the world. We are proud of it as an institution of free inquiry which lays equal stress on both teaching and research, an institution which is national and international in spirit and in truth, an institution of the people, serving rich and poor alike. Mere pride in past achievements will not keep Michigan in its present position or aid in its progress to greater heights. Power- ful factors in the success of any college or university include the character of the student body, the erudition, intellectual integrity, and professional competence of the faculty, and the acumen and skill of the administrative staff. These factors operate most effec- tively, however, in an environment of strong, loyal, and informed alumni support. 46 ? - ARTES SC1EN ITAS RF. L1G ION Mo KNOWLEDGE BEIN TO GOOD GOV! IMF. HAPPINESS SCHOOLS AND T EDUCATION BOARD OF REGENTS: Kenneth M. Stevens,- Roscoe O. Bonisteel; Otto E. Eckert; Vera B. Baits; J. Joseph Herbert; Alfred B. Connable, Jr., Charles S. Kennedy. Missing: Murray D. Van Wagoner. Administration Vera B. Baits Roscoe O. Bonisteel Alfred B. Connable, Jr. Otto E. Eckert J. Joseph Herbert Charles S. Kennedy Kenneth M. Stevens Murray Van Wagoner BOARD OF REGENTS Grosse Pointe Park Ann Arbor Kalamazoo . . . . Lansing Manistique Detroit Detroit Birmingham Lee M. Thurston, State Superintendent of Public Instruction (ex officio without vote) Alexander G. Ruthven, President (ex officio without vote) 48 AMES P. ADAMS Provost ROBERT P. BRIGGS Vice-President HERBERT G. WATKINS Secretary MARVIN L. NIEHUSS Vice-President IRA M. SMITH Registrar FRANK E. ROBBINS Assistant to the President 49 Mrs. Callahan, Secretary of the Office of Student Affairs, gives Dave Pease some official advice. Office of Student Affairs " Miss Jane Doe, University of Michigan " is the only designation on a letter which might come winging to Ann Arbor. Then the Office of Student Affairs takes over and from its list of twenty-thousand plus students it locates the elusive Miss Doe and sends the epistle on its way to her. This is just one of the small functions from a long, long list that the Office of Student Affairs handles. Working with the Dean of Students and Dean of Women, it is the juncture point for all of the University ' s schools and their respective problems. Connected with them is the Committee of Stu- dent Affairs. This group composed of Dean Erich A. Walter and Dean Deborah Bacon, six members of the Senate appointed by the President, and seven students active on campus faces the problem of supervising all stu- dent activities, athletics excepted. To them come questions such as student eligibility in extra-curricular activities. Front Row: Dorianne Zipperstein; Professor L. Laing; Dean Bacon; Jennie Quirk; Dean Walter; Miss L. Campbell; Mrs. R. Callahan. Back Row: Jim Smith; Barbara Little; Professor L. A. Schmidt; Professor W. E. Britton; Jerry Mehlman; Jim Brown; Professor C. Davis; George Roumell; Professor I. H. Anderson. 50 I Dean of Women, Deborah Bacon and Associate Dean,SarahHealy. Associate Dean of Students, Walter B. Rea, and Dean oF Students, Erich A. Walter. 51 Administration Sidelights the lobby . . . accounting . . . Student affairs . . . The facade resembles the Club Boca Raton, but the tremendous amount of work done daily by the staff at the Administration building has the pre- cision and efficiency of an assembly line. Be- neath the ultra-modern brick and glass exterior a beehive of administrative activities is carried on every weekday to regulate the business of the University. From the Office of Student Affairs, where campus life ebbs and flows, to the President ' s plush offices, the administration hums along effi- ciently regulating the " housekeeping " of our gigantic " home " . . . picture service . 2nd floor lounge . . film releases . Mclntyre, Roumell and Watkins keep the wheels of government rolling. Heralded by a flock of campaign posters decorating every available space on campus, the Student Legislature holds semi-annual elections to choose half of its body each time. Although the poster slogans may run the gamut of originality and levity " Big Brother is Watching You " , etc. the people advertised by the posters and elected to S.L. position have a serious job ahead of them. Technically there is supposed to be one representative to eight hundred students approximately 25 members elected at each elec- tion. The method used to run the elections the Hare system is complicated but effective. Students voting mark their preference number beside the names of candidates who have petitioned and won the right to campaign. Once Fall Legislature Back Row: Doug Cutler; Arnie Miller; Arlene Lange; Dorianne Zipperstein; Sally Gresham Hughes; Judy Sinclair; Leah Marks; PhyllJansma; Audrey Smedley; Howard D. Johnson; Tom Walsh. Third Row: Larry DeVore; Spider Webb; David Brown; Jim Storrie; Robert S. Vogt; John A. Osmundsen; Jack G. Armstrong; Keith Beers; Edwin Lewinson; Jack Heikkenen. Second Row: Diana Lahde; Nancy Porter; David Belin, Cabinet Member at Large; Pris Ball, Recording Secretary; Leonard Wilcox, Treasurer; George Roumell, President; Ed Reifel, Vice-President ; Nancy Watkins, Secretary; Irv Stenn, Cabinet Member at Large; Nancy Coleman. Front Row: Walter Oberreit; William Mclntyre; Barry Levey; Gordon MacDoURall; Don Abramson; Ned Miles; Dick Wi-bbcr; Hugli Gn-enlpcrc. Back Perry: bb Roumell Dave Belin; Ken B McDougall: Herb Rubin: Gene Bohi First two-term president, George Roumell S. L. headquarters 1 22 South Forest Spring Legislature elected, the S. L. members divide into committees to work on their many projects. The cooperative bookstore oper- ating this year was an example of this. Another of their projects was the passing of the fraternity anti-bias clause which was also approved by the SAC. But one of their mcst prominent projects is their recently purchased frame house situated on South Forest Street opposite the women ' s tennis courts. Here the S. L. members and their assistants work together to promote good student government. 55 -.- At one of their weekly meetings, legislators hear N. S. A. report. S. L Activities Alice Spero, Mary Ummel and Dave Brown discuss campus politics. Hugh Greenberg, Dave Brown, Doug Cutler and Jim Storrie map plans for the ' Get-out-and-vote ' campaign. Judy Sinclair consults Phil Berry on some campus business. The morning coffee-hour. Business Administration Council The Business Administration Council represents all the students of the Business Administration school in student government. The Council sponsors the Monroe Street Journal, the Bus. Ad. Dance ( " Capitalistic Capers " this year), and student coffee hours. These coffee hours are held in the student lounge which the Council is furnishing for the use of all members of the school. A Bus.Ad. Club is planned for the future, as well as several lectures by prominent speakers in associated fields. The Council is also in charge of faculty evaluations by the student body. One of the primary aims of the Council is to increase friendly relations between students and the faculty by en- couraging cooperation and real understanding. Left to Right Gerald Leifer; Ray Malos; Joe Cote; James Hager; Harry Hawkins Bill Merrill Ralph Jarl; Barbara Hansen Roger Easton, Tom Kelsey. 5 Left to Right Back Row: R. Safreed, R. C. Preston, D. D. Hall, P. McCallister, K. Sivier, P. Hodges, E. J. Kocinski W. Morris, C. R. King. Second Row: Pete Soderberg, Herbert W. Bethel, Bob Mitchell, Chuck Good, Don Downie, Paul A. Fromm, Elliot I. Cooper, Don V. Couden. Front Row: Esther Malkoun, Ray Ladendorf, William Hickman, Gordon Saxon, Jim Burns, Bob Brungraber, Marlene Schulhauser, Judy Davies. Engineering Council Left to Right Back Row: Robert Rearick, Elliot Cooper, William Morris, Jack Emlers, Paul Stoner. Front Row: Gordon Saxon, Robert Brungraber; Stanford Crapo, Harold Rust. Honor Council Engineering School: A masterpiece of precision and order Vice Pres. Bob Preiton and Treas Bob Mitchell have found a home away from home. Sec. Don Hall and Pres. Chuck Froman at the soda fountain of knowledge. Engineering Senior Class Left to Right: Maurine Shapiro,- Connie Simonds,- Jeanette Scoville; Joan Brown,- Grace Fink. Women ' s Judiciary Council Serving as a liason between the Dean of Women ' s office and the women students on campus, the Women ' s Judiciary Committee not only passes decisions on women who have violated hours of regulations but also helps provide infor- mation on the regulations so that the women will know what ' s expected of them in the first place. Upperclass women, who have petitioned for the position and been selected by the League Interviewing Committee, comprise the Council. With them work sophomore aides, who keep a file of all women on campus who have been late. Con- structively the council also maintains an office in the league, open from three to five every day to counsel anyone inter- ested in finding out the exact regulation. Left to Right: Mary Martin,- Barbara Little; Donna Billington, Connie Newman, Naomi Schlossberg, Anne Waterman,- Peg Blackford. 60 Men ' s Judiciary Council A multitude of duties face the seven men who make up the men ' s judiciary council. They may not have to contend with hours vio- lations, but they are expected to decide on cases involving violations of Student Legislature and University regulations, they pass on the eligibility of candidates for campus office, receive petitions, reg- ulate public tappings and initiations of men ' s honoraries, and ad- just disputes between campus organizations. In many instances they work jointly with the Women ' s Judiciary Council. These lawyers, jurors, and public-relation experts rolled into one are selected to their posts by an appointment board which contains male members of the Student Legislature, Cabinet, and the retiring Judiciary president. By the time they are finished they probably feel ready to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court. Left to Right Back Row: Duane Nechterlein, Horace Rodgers, Dave Pease. Front Row: Dick Hooker, Jim Smith, John Ryder, Phil Dawson. 61 This scene in the basement of Alumni Memorial greets the eye of many students on their way from the Union and West Quad to classes in Lit School. Alumni Association T. Hawley Tapping, Secretary of the Alumni Association and editor of the Michigan Alumnus. 62 Bureau of Appointments Blanks, blanks, blanks, but after they ' re filled out the Bureau of Appointments, under the direction of T. Luther Purdom, immediately goes to work to secure a position for the student concerned. A system of personal interview between future em- ployer and interested job applicant is maintained for graduating seniors, in addition to extensive vacation-time job allocation. Beginning each fall, the office distributes forms to the senior to be filled with a record of his collegiate activities. Accom- paning this with photographs and faculty recom- mendations, the student is then put on file and interviews are arranged with employers. Dr.Gronlund aids student in applying fora job. T. Luther Purdom, Director of the Bureau of Appointments, and his secretary arrange for student interviews with future employers. 63 64 4% , 19 ' Y It was a shock to some of us to realize that we had inadvertantly ex- posed our rear, but it won ' t be long before our flank is covered once again. So it is with the curriculum sometimes there is a gap, but it isn ' t long before a new department is set up or a grant is made to cover some new field of a school or college. On the next few pages you will see the scope of study within the University, but here you see what it is that makes the place really run. Grad- uate or Sophomore, music or chemistry, at one time or anothaajNMtfOfie co point where he decides to study. When have graduated, we imagine that we will be like most of the other grads rememberin those wonderful J-Hop week ends or the fo| ball season, but once in a while think back wit a certain special affeH for this ciurse that professor as having been the high point of our college life. Cer- lere are tho: ftpd not, have not, taken full advantage Bjhe opportunities offered by the tremendously varied curric- ulum. Many of us absorb the knowledge presented here, knowing that it will be val- uable to us in specialized fields as long as we live, but it is through our electiv courses that we develop the poise ar rounded background that are necessary f a oaTancea lir ntnese critical times. Tha is the beauty of Michigan: It pro- vides such variety of study that it cannot help but satisfy every- ones needs. Haven and University Halls are gone forever, and now a new and our Droares- better building is going up. Perhaps you saw the sign. It was not there very long: STACY HALL, IN HONOR OF THE MAN WHO MADE IT POSSIBLE printed bold and bright stand- ing among the ruins. We think it was a nice sign, but maybe you don ' t. In any case it was true. The University is continually changing to meet the new requirements sive society. In the past it has cha admit women to its ranks, and now they are on an almost equal footing with the male students it has one of the most vanced departments of socic ay, v hile s _ schools still subordinate that special science to the field of psychology. The Englis department has the distinction of being a to turn out many of the top young writers o today with its Hopwood Awards, and at tracts the top scholars of the country. On of the most outstanding branches of the Uni versity, the least known among the An I Bi t, r Arbor students, is the extension bervice which holds regular classes in Detroit and classes by proxy through the mail all over the state. It was started for those who wanted the benefit of Michigan instruction and could not take the time in Ann Arbor. Today the University is planning ahead for our atomic 66 future with the Phoenix Project, the most compre- hensive plan of its type. Then, too, it must plan on the immediate crisis in the world. More than once this year classes were given a " bolt ' be- cause the professor had been called for a consultation in Washing- ton. But the big problem in the minds of University officials today is where they are going to get enough students to carry on. o amazing ctfi ulti Juring World vVcir II they " lanogea :r do it, arc although icmselves are sceptic Jthere k cloubt m oUJpninds that tfii unning, not " G: 3 p ut .-.:- " e.-. c " d better ctiect . e s n s OLJT - Architecture and Design Every fall the same thing happens. The freshmen pause and turn to stare at the lawn at the corner of Monroe and Tappan, and are awed at the Greek columns which tower above the modern stone statues. For those in the College of Architecture and Design, this site has more mean- ing. Whether the student concentrates in Architecture, Landscape Archi- tecture, Design, Drawing and Painting, Modelling or Regional and Dean Bennett -J-. . . in the Arch Building City Planning for graduates, he spends a good part of his life in the " Arch " building. In addition to regular study, students are urged to spend summers working for architects or designers to gain practical ex- perience. Dean Wells I. Bennett has led this college since 1936, up- holding its high standards and advancing new ideas so that whenever people rate top architectural schools, the University of Michigan is high on the list. Business Administration Psychologists studying the effect of a classroom environment on the student ' s attention would do well to use the Business Administration Building ' s classrooms as their testing ground. For the Business school, both in its exterior and interior, boasts one of the most modern build- ings on campus. Wide metal desks, leather upholstered chairs, and specially built coat-racks can certainly help concentration on the lecture. Under the direction of Dean Russell A. Stevenson, the School of Busi- Dean Stevenson . . . one of the most modern buildings . . . ness Administration states as its purpose, " To provide basic training for students who plan to enter the business world in executive positions. " Careers ranging from executive positions in corporate enterprises to Government posts in the Treasury, Commerce, and Labor Departments can be the ultimate aim of many Business Administration students. Both graduate and undergraduate students are proud of the school ' s library which contains more than twenty thousand volumes on all phases of business activity. Dentistry 72 Dental students find it difficult to detach themselves from their work, even after class hours. A potential dentist might suddenly look up from his cup of coffee at the League, nudge a colleague, point to a passing student and say, " Interesting case might even need root canal work. " A coed studying to be a dental hygenist seems almost impelled to in- form her room mate that she is brushing her teeth incorrectly and follow Dean Jeserich practice in the dental school . up with a complete demonstration. These students get their dental prac- tice in the dental school ' s outpatient department where they treat as many as a thousand cases a month. Research in the school can be carried out in the W. K. Kellogg Foundation for Graduate and Post-graduate study, the Jonathan Taft Library, the Ford Mitchell Museum and the W. D. Miller Collection. During the fall semester, Paul H. Jeserich replaced Dean Russell W. Bunting as the new head of the school. Education Embarking upon its thirtieth year, the School of Education has con- tinued to place its graduates in schools across the nation. Within the state, it has succeeded in bringing the public school system into closer unity with the University. All but eight years of the school ' s life have been guided by the present Dean, James B. Edmonson, who has empha- sized an experimental and scientific teaching approach. The laboratory schools, Tne University High School and the University Elementary Dean Edmonscn experimental and scientific teaching School provide the students with the opportunity to observe, guide and do research in child development. Each semester schools throughout Ann Arbor also receive a group of practice teachers. In addition to the schools, there is the Fresh Air Camp in which over two hundred Detroit boys have a fine summer and which provides students with the experience of living and working with the boys as individuals and as part of the group, giving at the same time, college credit for their work. Engineering A landmark on the campus is the engine arch at the south east entrance to the diag. A picture of it is bound to turn up in any University calendar, on post cards and in yearbooks. Innumerable students pass under the arch daily on their way to classes. Above the arch engineers go to classes. Phases of engineering taught in the school run from the studies of the high-temperature characteristics of metals to hydraulics. Aside Dean Crawford work with experiments and projects . from learning the theories behind their future profession in classes, the engineers have a chance to work with actual experiments and construc- tive projects such as the present research being done on guided missiles at the Willow Run laboratories. Dean Ivan Crawford came to the Uni- versity in 1940 with a distinguished record for work and teaching behind him. During the war he was called upon to be a consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Natural Resources Although the School of Forestry and Conservation changed its name last spring to the School of Natural Resources, it still retains all its other characteristics, which have set it apart since 1927 as a separate division of the University. Housed in the Natural Science Building under the direction of Dean Samuel T. Dana, the School of Natural Resources has the use of some thirteen thousand square feet of floor space for the instruction of its studies. The study of wood technology has an experi- l -r ' K ' . . . practical field instruction . . . mental wood-preservation plant, a dry kiln, a planer, and other wood- working machinery. School forests and a nursery give the students a chance to study trees in natural surroundings. Camp Filibert Roth, a summer camp on Golden Lake in the Upper Peninsula, provides practical field instruction in mapping and measuring forest stands and related fields. Students in forest production are required to attend a twelve week session. Dean Dana in UMI m t Law The Law Quadrangle is perhaps the most individual school on campus because of its striking architecture and handsome appearance. Enter- ing under the Gothic archway, the student will find himself on a square of grass lined by buildings comprising the living quarters, classrooms and library of the school. Enrolling about a thousand students, the school, under the guidance of Dean E. Blythe Stason, uses several techniques of study. One important phase of the lawyer ' s education is the Case . . . library and living quarters . . . Club in which practice cases are argued. The court follows all the pro- cedures used by regular courts of law complete with an authentic jury comprised of students from all the schools of the University. The latest gift to the law school was a seven hundred thousand dollar donation by a Cleveland attorney who was once in the law school, to be used for financial aid to students in need. Dean Stason I u Literature, Science and Arts Most of the campus thinks of Lit school and immediately Angell Hall leaps into mind, complete with steps crowded by lounging students and others marking time in the lobby. In reality the college, headed by Dean Hayward L. Keniston, offers intensive and extensive training in a variety of subjects ranging from physics to English. In spite of classes disrupted by bangings and rumblings of the four million dollar addition in the rear , its education as usual. Dean Kenistcn Medicine The ever-changing doctor is constantly being trained and eventually graduated from the school of Medicine the oldest professional school in the University. Having an annual enrollment of about 2,000 students, it is also the third largest school in the University. With classrooms in the East and West Medical buildings down at the east end of campus, the Medical School also includes as part of its training outfit the Uni- versity Hospital, the new maternity hospital, and Health Service where students from other schools in the University serve as patients for the Dean Furstenburg . . both theory and experience medical students. A potential doctor is no longer confined to the old pre-medical studies, before entering medical school. Instead he is allowed to get a more diversified education in any of the other schools before beginning his intensive study of the phases of medicine. Once in the school he learns the theories and gains experience through actual prac- tice, working on campus, or with other medical institutions throughout the state. Dean Albert C. Furstenburg heads the Medical School. IJJIJillll Music Many of us who have walked through the Arcade down to Maynard street have wondered what was wrong with their ears and it was quite a shock when we realized that out of the seeming chaos and dissonance come the fine concerts and recitals of the Music students. But far more than that comes from our School of Music. Under the able direction of Dean Earl V. Moore the school expertly develops talent in all the fields of music. Teachers, musicologists, concert artists, conductors, and pro- Dean Moore - EL . Talent in the music field . . . fessional musicians of all types are proud to have been graduated from the school. This year once again the School of Music, in cooperation with the Department of Speech, produced an opera Mozart ' s " The Magic Flute " , and for the first time thousands were able to hear the opera from box seats by seeing it over WWJ-TV. Perhaps this typifies the spirit of the school, the best of the old with the best of the new. Nursing When it comes to getting to some of their classes in a hurry, the girls in the School of Nursing don ' t have a thing to worry about. Couzens Hall, the residence hall for student nurses, also houses the educational offices of the school and facilities for the girl ' s instructions in nursing arts, such as a fifty-bed practice unit. So the girls, in their own dormi- tory, can practice bed-making, bed baths and even bandaging with each other as the patients. Work with actual patients is done in the University Hospital, which really isn ' t very far away either almost across Director Reddig in the library the street, in fact. Student nurses practice in medical, surgical, and pedi- atric nursing, also getting clinical experience. The girls take over the classrooms of the medical school for their courses in biological sciences. And they have their own books and periodicals set aside for them in the library division of the University Hospital. Beside looking after the educational aspects, Director Rhoda F. Reddig, assisted by two social directors, helps provide recreation for the students. V I i EEEEEEEEEEEEEECEEEEEEiEEEEEE 89 Pharmacy Dean Stocking . . . becoming a pharmacist when he has graduated, is no longer just a drug dispenser,- he is an expert qualified to advise on public health matters and is a reliable source of scientific information more appreciated every day by the public and the medical profession. Since it was started, the College of Pharmacy, now under the headship of Dean Charles Howard Stocking, has always led the way in pharmaceutical development. Public Health Situated on Observatory Street, across from the housing plants of 1500 University coeds and a block away from the University hospital, is the School of Public Health. Being so close to the hospital, the school can use their dispensary, medicosocial service and other research and teaching facilities related to preventive medicine. One of the newest schools on campus, dating back to its establishment in July, 1941 and the completion of its building training public health personnel in 1943, the school has quite a unique position in the country. As part of its program to train public health personnel in line with the Federal Social Security Act, the United States Public Health Service designated the University to help with this program. Thus a public health student can apply to his state health officer for a grant-in-aid to help him with his studies. These studies are generally designated into three fields administrative, technical, and research. The Dean of the School is Dean Henry Frieze Vaughan. Dean Vaughan HORACl H. RACKHAM RFMAIN A I IV Graduate Studies Most of us have gone across campus to the beautiful Rackham building to hear the lectures and chamber music, but the lecture hall is about as far as most of us get. But even though it plays a large part in the life of the Graduate School, there is a great deal more that goes on behind the scenes that we never see. Until 1935 there was no Rackham building, or any other building for the ex- clusive use of graduate students, although the University had been awarding graduate degrees for over a hundred years. The building 94 in L I . center of graduate studies . itself and an endowment for research and study in human adjust- ment were given by Horace and Mary Rackham, whose fine ideals are still typified by the spirit that pervades the Graduate School. Dean Ralph A. Sawyer has more than fulfilled his promise of a few years back to double the enrollment of the school after its decrease during the war. In fact the Graduate School flourishes as never before. Dean Sawyer . . - ' -. Television Television is new to the Michigan campus, but already it has stepped to a major place as a sub-division of the Department of Speech. Under the direction of Professor Garnett Garrison and in conjunction with radio station WWJ and WWJ-TV supervised by General Manager Harry Bannister, it provides both entertainment and a multi- plicity of instructive courses. These courses are presented over an hour-long program on Sunday afternoons. General Manager Bannister (WWJ and WWJ-TV), President Ruthven, and Professor Garrison. Practical instruction is the byword as Michi gan pioneers in ' video ' education. " You ' re on " . Press Holmes is told as another weekly U of M. television houi begins. 97 I- . . - . Whether it ' s a tug of war across the Huron River, or cover- ' ing a forestry lecture for the Daily, Michigan offers it as an i Activity, and as a place to learn. Whatever you want, and | when you want it, we have it: the Hot Record Society, the j Hostel Club, the Ullr Ski Club, or the United World Feder- ' alists. Look for yourself I A freshman comes to Michi- gan with the hope dream, call it that here for the first time in his life he will be able to devote all of his time to his studies, and for the first semester maybe the dream comes true. But once the second semester has begun, he is caught up in the fast moving swing of out- side activities. Publications, Interest Groups, Music Groups over a hundred and fifty or them: these are what make our free moments anything but free. Activities run into and fuse with academic work where one leaves off the other begins. And one (with apo ogies to the professors) seems to give us as much, and sometimes almost more than t other. We experience and discover an learn ... It was pleasant to see that the Garg was still alive, and that its boot- legging days were over and past. It seemed also that it had taken a few of the jokes from the walls of its basement HQ while quartered there. And it got a laugh from Bennett Cerf, which was worth three months before the firing squad. The Daily, too, had something altogether different and new to offer: a reactionary editorial, and a plea McGee (Willy, of course). But look at those two, one with a red beard and the other with steel-rimmed glasses, both of them crouched nirvana-like over their ' desks they are the editors of Gen- eration and Technic. gone to the movies . IT ' S ALIVE! GARGOYLE Comes Out November 1st The Ensian men have . . The Union Opera is where the Michigan man realizes at last that he has beautiful gams, and this year where the Madam very definitely went West to Helldorado. But oh, sanctum sanctorum, what has hap- pened to the Union? There are women and there are women, and most of them are in the Union. There are stoles in the billiards room and bathing beauties in the pool. But at the League things are yet cricket: the guys and dolls meet for ten o ' clock coffee, and the girls spend their time doing SOME- THING. J.G.P. where the seniors laugh at juniors, and Soph Cab where juniors laugh at sophomores, but the best of all is Gulantics where everybody laughs at everybody else. . . . Each spring the Tappan oak is scalped and painted red by a tribe called Michi- gamua they also paint themselves and pour water on each other. Druids, another heap big honorary, grow branches on their heads. With all this the Honorary Societies get to- gether each year for a special project. This year they raised money for a canoe at the Fresh Air Camp. And one mustn ' t forget tlie men in Galens who block the Engine Arch with pails because the orphans have to be kept in cigarette money . . . Over at Lane Hall there is always a group hash- ing out their personal problems with their 100 chaplain, or dis- cussing their beliefs, reaffirming their stand- ards by discussion. Sometimes they have hayrides . . . Every year we watch the posters that publicize the Capitalistic Capers, the Paul Bunyon Formal, the Military Ball, or one of a dozen others, but we seldom .learn what students in these Interest Groups do once their Sustainer is past. The fact J baLthey.s .. - . c ' cctica e pen :e . . . Membe 2 cert ana S- i.or the man in the ture who lc " ; ! :i -e CcDto : " M o r-e be r L e is P.. Nighfs Drea , ' re oondo 1 and gc e S. their i entment . Then there are the girls in the Hawa ' i C _o who go to finishing schoc 1 in Connecticut ond dance the hulu for tre first time in Ann Arbor because we demand it of them. And there are the India Students, the Philipcine Stu- dents, and the Ishpeming Students . . . If nothing else, everyone we know belongs to the Aqua-Velva After Shaving Club . . . Perhaps the Marching Band best ree e- gan campus. Some of the marching men may make music their career some of them may simply use music as their hobby. But no matter how they use the experience, they know that they have learned some- thing that can ' t be bought, something that can be learned in no other way. 101 The Michigan Union What the Michigan Union doesn ' t have isn ' t worth having. Once the private home-ground for the Michigan man and his ego, the Union this year recognized the Suffragettes and opened its sacred doors to the much-maligned coed. From tete-a-tete in the tap room, to sporting in the Billiard room and the pool, women came and stayed. But the Union did more things than cater: Michigras, (the little man on the next page is there), Tinker ' s Tea Dances, bridge tourna- ments, pep rallies, travel services. The place where the Big Men on Campus put their feet on the window sills to watch State Street go by the Union. GERALD MEHLMAN President HAROLD SPERLICH Secretary BOARD OF DIRECTORS Bck Row: Franklin Kaetafl. Junes Smith, William Bates. T. Hawley Tapping. Joseph Ponsetto. Erich Walter. Merlin Townley. Front Row: Joseph Hooper, William Peterson. Otto Eckert, Harold Sperneh, Gerald Mehlman, Albert Clark, Jr., Chester Wisler, John Lindquist. William Stirton. Jr. 103 Personnel Administration and House: Bill Desjard- ins, Jim Moran, Larry Ravick. Campus Affairs and Stu- dents Relations: Gene Mesh, Bob Smith, John Kathe. Social: Ron Modlin, Ned Miles, Raffee Johns. Publicity: Fred Ittner, Chuck Hoefler, Tom Mills. 104 lamentaru occdure o lecturer t tr. I K 5 ISO room SRb union Union Activities If you live in Slippery Creek, Colo., or in Pomona, Calif., chances are that you took advantage of the Union ' s Travel Service for your ride home last Christmas. Just one of the many conveniences provided by the men who call the Union their activity, the service this year attracted more comers (or, better, comers and go-ers) than in any previous year. While the lobby of the 1904 building underwent a coat of Swedish red for the atomic age, the tradition, the dignity remains, deep beneath the paint and the sheen. Look to the tap room and its carved table-tops that seem always to have been a part of Michigan. Look to the Union on football weekends to see where the center of Ann Arbor lies. And look to the IFC and the AIM, sharing office quarters, or to Michigras, the cafeteria (what would the Michigan man do if he couldn ' t write letters to the editor about Union food?), or to the Union Opera, grand-daddy of them all a mixture of Peep Show, Gentle- men Prefer Blondes, and Hasty Pudding (extra hasty). TJITIO5 TRYOTJTS Back Row: Larrv Bloeh. Dal Jackson. Tom Dudley. Robert Carbeek. Gene Weaver. David SebakL Dave Cookson. Bob Armstrong. Robert, Erf. Chris Brown. Third Row: Edward Laitner. Larry Wellman. Jack Main. Bill Jentes. Ed Kerf. Ralph McClurg. Sherman Sail. Norman ZUber. Charles Webb. Bill Eggleston. Dave Smart. Maurice Goldberg. Art Bubliu. Second Row: Richard Watson. Richard Demmer. Robert Thorson. Alan Strauss. Harvey Howard. Geoffrey Leigh. Howard Friedman. Mark Oseherwiu. Martin Bierman. Morton Scult. Irving Halpern. Front Row: John I.uiidei. . Miles Lett;. Joel Baron. Don Waatti. Lotus Zako. Ronald Foulds. Earl Cline. Pete Lardner. Charles Wise. 105 The Union Opera Go West, Madam r These are not tulips that the Garter Girls- are tip-toeing through. These are the boards of the Michigan Theatre where over Fifty of the better looking Michigan Madames went West. I ' Helldorodo is a damn fine town " and the audience agreed as " Go West, Madam " came roaring to a close, Beulahland Volunteers and chorus lovelies alike finding their match in the badlands. At the right Hannabelle Hatchet (Hal Harrington) and Deacon Flagg (Pres Holmes) save souls with a " Jubilee " . A stampede of chorus girls, cowboys and Indians, and assorted Deacons, prohibitionists, and a somewhat different Indian princess swarmed onstage for " Go West, Madame, " the 1951 presentation by the Mimes of the Michigan Union. The thirty-second production in a long line of all-male smash hits, this year ' s circa 1870 show com- bined the collegiate flavor with a dash of the Old West and a pinch of the modern burlesque. Plot complications began in the show when our Indian princess left her medicine show under duress and found a home away from home in Helldorado. Taking over the local saloon after a fast hand of Old Maid, she suddenly found business cut off by a violent Carrie Nation of the old school. After much horsing around a liquor well was struck on the premises and all was well. Under the chairmanship of Gene Overbeckand direction of professional show- man Bill Holbrook, the Michigan dancers and singers, as well as principle players, took to the boards after a month of rehearsal with all the finesse of Broadway stars. The show hit Flint, Toledo, Buffalo and Detroit on their spring vacation road tour. Opera Executive Committee (back row) Jim Yobst, Dave DeVries, Dave Leddick (front row) Ben Gates, Neal Troves , chair- man Gene Overbeck and Don Wyant (wielding baton) watch the show at rehearsal 108 No, it ' s not a Chinese graduation ceremony just one of the League ' s many colorful functions. This one is Lantern Night, where house groups all over campus compete in a vocal free-for-all . . . Freshmen make their bid through League spon- sored Frosh Weekend, while Sophs take over the second floor once a year for Soph Cab . . . The " Jolly Juniors " are adept at things like J.G.P. . . . And for every coed there ' s always a place and a job. The Michigan League UNDERGRADDA ' Lindh. Nancy Born. Patrici i ' , : Row: Kitty Clark. Maxine Pearson. Ileana doff. Alice Coburn. Second Row: Nancy Eicbenlanb. Myra Hahn. Yvonne Johnson. Jane Buell. Tulane Itkoff. Front Row: Dee Nelson, Marilyn Thisted. Joan Broomfield, Marian Larson. Phyllis Kaufman. Jane Topper. Missing: Cathy Sotir. Barbara Jans. LEAGUE SENIOR! OFFICERS Lydia Wilhelm. Barbara Little. Trginia Bauer. Jennie QuirluPat Breon. Doris Egan. 109 Back Row: Phylis Kaufman, Margarita Adams, Nancy Baehre. Front Row: Jo Phillips, Jeannie Schriber, Pat Breon, Marianne Van Duzer, Nancy Watkins. Interviewing Council Coeds would probably get lost in the maze of League possibilities without the help of the Inter- viewing Council, which functions as both advisory and appointing board for League positions. Specifically, the Council considers student petitions and inform- ally interviews each petitioner. Nominations for positions are based on the prospective officer ' s knowl- edge of the job she wants and its problems, as well as her awareness of the functions of the committee on which she wishes to work. Publicizing League oppor- tunities and encouraging participation are other parts of the work of the council, which itself is made up of two seniors a chairman and a secretary three juniors, and three sophomores. 110 Junior Girl ' s Play An Irish cop, a harassed landlady and a few town characters were only a part cf the cast of 1 1 junior women who gave the campus a preview this year of what happens when a group of young girls tries to get into show business. Under the general chair- manship of Cathy Sotir, " It ' s The Paycff " was written by Joan Striefling and directed by Mickey Sager. Proceeds from this year ' s J.G.P. were contributed to the Alice Lloyd Memorial Cancer Fund of the Phoenix Project. Back Row: Johanna Leonard, Janice James, Barbara Johnson, June Laurin, Sally Reed. Beverly Young, Pat Doyle. Second Row: Nancy Porter. Louise Leonard, Iiia Sussman, Yvonne Le Due, Margaret Strand. Patty Joy, Carole Eiserman, Guinevere Dorn. Front Row: Joan Striefling, Gerry Maraulo, Margie Hager, Mickey Sager. Cathy Sotir, Mary Moore, Mary Alice Davis. Missing: Sue Sears, Enid Frank, Jane Zogbie, Alice Lowe. Ill Soph Cabaret Back Row Beverly Arble, Nancy Baehre, Jody Behrens, Berta Houston, Anne Stuart, Marilyn Hey, Susie Shobe, Mary Ellen Hastie, Jean Carson. Second Row: Barbara Keller Ruth Rykoff, A ' drienne Shufro, Frances Rietz, Nancy Eichenlaub, Peggy Reed, Robin Glover, Suzanne Hemping, Alice Spero, Janet Bosworth. Front Row Evie Brooks, Joyce Ford, Joan Brush, Pat Tester, Joan Snodgrass, Terry Matheson, Judy Davies, Shelley Stroinatt, Doris Hymen, Ann Black. A strange bird, with many of the same qualities as its rabbit counter- part Harvey , romped about the second floor of the League this year to bring another Soph Cab to Michigan. " Bewitched Bayou " had as its Helen Hayes an elusive flamingo who managed to get herself bewitched from bird and back to girlhood with the help of a friend named Al the Alli- gator, a Michigan man, and a blue orchid. With a theme like this, Soph Cab could not help but be the topic of conversation for as many weeks as there are alligators named Al. Frannie Rietz liked the script so much that she directed the show. Nancy Eichenlaub, who is crazy about blue orchids, was chairman. 112 Hootin ' Owl Arbuckle Beagle Beak Belin Thistle Head Brown Shy Buck Burford Prairie Fire Burns Grabbum Doe Daniels Tote-Um-Pole Elmblad Fireball Grenkowski Twitch-Um-Tongue Koceski Dove Eyes Lubeck Strutting Cock Mehlman Buffalo Calves Murray Pig Passer Ortmann Quarter Horse Powers Little Boar Reifel AAichigamua SENIOR HONORARY ALL CAMPUS Paddle Feet Roumell Squaw Bottom Sage Roastum Rump Saxon Spinning Tongue Sperlich Plenty Scrap Stapp Galloping Pole Vogt Willow Legs Wahl Druids SENIOR HONORARY LITERARY SCHOOL Ambling Aspen Allis Babbling Bamboo Boucher Big Brother Butternut Brentlinger Bombastic Balsam Bristor Caustic Cotalpa Coates Clamoring Cottonwood Connolly Devastating Dogwood Dufek Garrulous Gum Greenberg Hurrying Hickory Henrie Hacking Hickory Hetzeck Gosh-AII Hemlock Holmes Calculating Coconut Kettler Slim Limb Lamb Lumbering Locust Lindquist Mercenary Mahogany Mersereau Manipulating Maple Miller Navigating Narcissus Neisch Obdurate Olive Olsen Obstreperous Oroko Osterman Officious Oak Overbeck Palpitating Poplar Pease Promoting Pine Peterson Stupefying Snokewood Stirton Sticky Spruce Stiles Tabulating Teakwood Tinker Tooting Tulip Tipton RICHARD ALLEN ROBERT BRUNGRABER JAMES CHALMERS STANFORD CRAPO WALTER DuBLANICA MOMM WILLIAM GRIPMAN WILLIAM HARDENBERGH PAUL HODGES CLAY HOLLAND RAY LADENDORF LANG CHARLES LENTZ PHILIP McCALLISTER ' DONALD MCCLELLAND HARRY MILES JAMES MITCHELL ROY NELSON RUSSELL OSTERMAN GEORGE PFAFFM AN JAMES SAKAI LEE SETOMER DONALD SIGMAN ORMAN STEERE PAUL STONER DAVID VANDERZEE JUSTIN WILLIAMS Vulcans SENIOR HONORARY ENGINEERING SCHOOL 116 I Triangles JUNIOR HONORARY ENGINEERING SCHOOL CHUCKREMEN L IBERTSON WALFER ATCHISON DAVID BARRETT JOHN BARTHELL OWNIE WARREN GAST CHUCK GOOD JOHN HENSEL " " WLL1AM WILLIAM K DEAN : RAY LITT RONALD MODLIN WILLIAM MORRIS PHIL WEBB RICHARD WEBBER 117 Sphinx JUNIOR HONORARY ALL CAMPUS Bernie Kahn Ralph Stribe Len WilcoX Neale Troves Ed Buchanan Doug Cutler Jim Eldridge Chuck Elliott Stew Elliott Vernon Emerson Mugi Connie Ettl Mohair Dick Evans Chafed John Fraser Handsmo Aaron Gordon Wocar Bob Heathcott Gresylo Jerry Helfenbein Hanzrom Fred Ittner Shafu Tom Johnson Thorizeed Bob Keith Hamal Matt Mann Luckno Dick Martin Picftflebut Ed May Robiz Jim Moran Manni Don McEwen Bqjknot Bill Mclntyre Reeflo Larry Nelson Safalax Don Peterson Knozope John Purvis Aram Bill Putich Puccker George Qua Kourtkidd Jim Skala Kathenz Bob Smith Halo Dave Space Zohar Irv Stenn Duluk Ron Watts Kwartback Phi Eta Sigma SCHOLASTIC HONORARY FRESHMEN Joseph Amy Charles Averill Robert Bard William Bates Jerome Bernstein Harry Black Frank Blanchard David Brown Richard Brown David Barkkarie Carl Brunstmg Robert Carbeck Russel Carlisle Lyle Carr Paul Coleman Haskal Cohen Richard Conover Rodney Cook David Cookson Harry Criel George Davidson Willard DenHouter James Douglas Richard Eggleton Jack Ehlers Victor Gladstone rt Katz Phillip Embury William Halby Jerome Kent Robert Erf Charles Heitsch Edwin Kerr Chester Fackler Harold Herman William King William Filkins Leland Henry . Klaus John Fontaine Shirley Henry Thomos Kriewall Gordon Fox Earle Hammer , Kripke Arthur Freedman Harr-y Iwasko Bertram Kwasman Howard Friedman Berne Jacobs Wayr.e Lambert Paul Friedman James Jacobs Robert Lawson Wilbur Friedman William Jentes Peter Lederman Roger Gilmore Mike Kaprieiian Paul Levin Robert MacGregor David Manwaring Walter Meyer Stanley Millman Daniel Miner John Nadeau Warren Nordquist Franklin Norman Robert Olsen Jack Orwant Mark Oscherwitz Charles Paetzke Theodore Pletsch Raymond Posvar Edward Prenner Richard Reimus Jack Renirie Warren Robbins Leonard Sandweiss Robert Schuu Mv Eli Schoenfield David Scott Richard Sewell James Shaner Gordon Sharp William Shulevitz James Sonnega Lawrence Sperling William Stason William Strickler Lawrence Sweet Norman Thai Norman Thomas Alfred Thompson Wesley True Adalbert Tweedie Russel Vance John Velze Charles Webb Charles Weingarten Lawrence Wellman Richard Williamson Carl Wullman Murray Yolles LOIS SEIBER NANCY BYLAN BEVERLY BARON MARY LOUISE HOOK ROSEMARY OWEN SALLY SLOCUM JEANNE LANGE BARBARA SMITH JANS ETHEL MORRIS JOAN WILLENS LaVERNE SCHMITKONS VALERIE LEMPER JOAN BROOMFIELD BARBARA HANSON NANCY NOTNAGEL BARBARA MOLYNEAUX RENEE PREGULMAN MARION STELLING Mortar Board SENIOR HONORARY ALL CAMPUS 120 Scroll SENIOR HONORARY AFFILIATED WOMEN KAR9KEN HHEllN Kl y c JANE TOPPER PATRICIA BREON DOLORES JANUSH KELLY VIRGINIA BAUER PATRICIA DRESSLER JEANNE SCHREIBER MYRNA REES JENNIE QUIRK MARILYN THISTED PATRICIA BROWNSON ELLEN VAN WAGONER PATRICIA BALL MARTHA BRYANT DORIS BUSER ILEANA LINDH BARBARA LITTLE PATRICIA McLEAN LYDIA WILHELM 121 Back Row: Nancy Bylan, Rosemary Jones, Catherine Clairmont, Ethel Morris, Anita Seiler, Barbara Traub, Lois Sieber. Second Row: Bernice Wein- berger, Arlene Jewell, Eleanor Doersam, Joyce Simon, Betsy Ross, Mary Schuhmaeher. Front Row: Lee Winneg, Lita Hagen, La Verne Schmitkons, Marylin Klafir, Mary Jo Pfotenhauer, Marian Lawson. Missing: Marion Stelling, Dorianne Zipperstein, Jacqueline Ran, Fumiko Ikemori, Charlotte Voelker, Harriette Wilson, Judith Raub. Senior Society Senior Society, Michigan ' s oldest women ' s honorary organization, recognizes women outstanding in extra-curricular and scholastic achievement. Chanting in black robes, the society, each spring and fall, presents new senior members with the traditional scroll and pin. Wyvern Wyvern, a junior women ' s honorary society, has both affiliated and independent women as members. Elected in the spring of their sophomore year are those girls who have been outstanding in scholarship, character, leadership, activities, and service. Back Row: Mary Petersen, Mary Moore, Ina Sussman, Mary Muller, Nancy Watkins, Nancy Porter, Connie Newman. Second Row: Lois Eisele, Lee Benjamin, Carol Eagle, Mrs. Fuller, Betty Bridges, Beverly Clarke. Front Row: Marjory Reubene, Marge Adams, Patricia Smith, Sally Fish, Diana Lahde, Joan Striefling, Joan Mintzer. Back Row: Mary Jorstad, Xancy Greider, Jeanne Kres. Lois Ann Chlopan. Sally Colberg, Jean Jones, Norma Sleeker, Judy Clancy, JanetteMarczi, Man, ' Seavoy. Second Row: Barbara Rassweiler, Frances Reitz, Joyce Woolfenden. Nancy Baehre, Carol Lutz, Mrs. Cape, Carol Miles. Front Row: Br-th Smilay, Sondra Diamond, Kathleen Keely. Doris Oliver, Lillian Teegarden, Joyce Winter, Anita Keller, Edna Lindberg. Missing: Sondra Auerbach, Dolores Blackhurst, Betty Ellis. Grace Fink, Marcia Go ' .dfarb, Joanne Matz. Jennie Parker, Claire RosenkofT. Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda national honorary society recognizes women students who have maintained at least a 3.5 average in their freshman year. To women who maintain this average through college, the society awards a certificate of merit. Zeta Phi Eta A national professional speech fraternity, Zeta Phi Eta bands together groups of college women who are enrolled in departments of speech and who are interasted in maintaining high standarc ' s of speech. Dram- atic productions on campus are given group impetus. Back Row: Enid Frank, Beverly Eaton. Charlene Hilt, Ruth Coplin. Doris Medina. Second Row: Beverly Olszvnski. Dolores Rashid, Donna Billington, Jennie Quirk. Harriet Stober. Ralle Kamens. Jane Barker. Front Row: Pauline Zimmerman. Mary Sherwood. Nancy Stenbuek, Abhy Funk. Beverly Baron. What amounts probably to the most important day in the life of a student member of the three military reserves on cam- pus is the day he receives his commission. After three years of strategy and classroom combat, the military man, upon graduation, gets to see what it all looks like from the inside. Back Row: I red Kerr, Henry Tyson, Gerald Fox. Charles Snvder, Donald Kelly. Allan Weygandt, Robert. McGhee. Second Row William Bnstor, Paul Ross, James VanVeen, Carl Aiehele Philip Daykm, William Powell. Kenneth Fox. Front Row: Philip Smith Henry Waterkamp, John Hathaway, George Boucher, Jack Armstron " Don Hay den, Gerald Shivers. Scabbard and Blade The Scabbard and Blade Society is a national honor society composed of students in the advanced ROTC courses of the various military services. Midshipmen and cadets are elected to member- ship upon completing two years of study in Naval Science, Military Science, or Air Science with an average grade of " B " or better. The group at- tempts, in its activities, to bring these outstanding students together by sponsoring lectures, smokers, dinners, excursions, and other functions tending to broaden their outlook on all affairs concerned with America and its military establishment. 124 Back Row: IrvingGold. Donald Black. Richard Roof. Richard Schnlze. Jesse Xourse. Edwin Pierana. lavas Godkin. James King. Walter Hopkins Lam- Pound. Russell Yeekley. Herman Merte. Allan Outxs. Emil Jansen, William Morgan. James Burns. Second Row: Don Cooden 41 Meisel Richard Bvee T_ r?;m Rnr I2 n_-mAn fKo rlr TV _-nr. { ' r .r A Tt U;_ " Xff;ll A _ I?.J U:.._ r___1. 1- 1 TT .1m ' T ' . . _ . _- ' James Gire. Bert Bowman. Charles Dixon, Gerald White, Robert Miller, Fred Hittman. Frank Tendick. Harold Turner. Stanley Revnolds Paul Pucvl louski. Albert Demmler. Wallace Moorman. James Gibbs. Front Bam: Sumio Yukawa, Paul Fromm. D. Russel Smith. F J Pohl J " Person P McCal- lister. R. HoUister R. Brungraber. R. A. Ash. H. W. Bethel. Joseph Rowe. Edward Greene. Robert Scharrer. Robert Blair. Frank Westerveit William Zim- mie, Donald Ross Tau Beta Pi Gamma chapter of Tau Beta Pi Association, engineering honor society with over seventy-five chapters throughout the country, was established at the University of Michigan in 1906. While high scholastic achievement is the first requisite for election, the society emphasizes, too, partici- pation in extra-curricular activities, character, and those qualities which, in general, are most necessary for the good engineer. Members, who must be in their junior or senior year, are elected once a semester. The association, in recognizing and honoring outstanding students in all fields of engineering, effectively helps to prep are the engineering student for his particular field by bringing about closer association with professional engineers. Another of its aims is the fostering of the spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges in America. Activities this year have included dinners, interesting lectures, and dances. Back Row: Reuben Tyau. Charles Rank. David O ' Brien. Earl Herban. William Giardini. Michar! Marches . John Baker. Hugh Blecki. Frederick Lam- son. Calvert Shuptrine. Don Downie. Jack Zimmerman. David Klingler. Jack Shyne. Second Row: Donald Hill. Kenneth Sivier. Paul Nace, John HensH. Robert Frese. Peter DeMay. Marvin Heemstra. William Walker, Edwin Kryrinski. James Bale. Gordon Lofquist. Xonnan Boettcher. Alexander Botoko. Front Row: Richard Banna, William Heyn. William Davidson. Raymond Kauppila. Wilbur Davidson. James Armstrong. R. F. Kohr. L. A. Baier. A. R. Carr. Jack Ho ' .lis. Frank MueUner. Alvin Weinstein. John Harger. William Hoffmeyer. Ernest Anderson. Back Row: Frank Loh, Wilbur Bevan, James King, Robert Carrier, Robert Bockenuiehl. .Jaim-s Mellor. Richard DiNolfn, Lynn Beattip, Harold ning, Richard Roof, Jack Zimmerman, Jack Hunsicker. Third Row: James Bale, Robert Freese, George Jorgensen, Wendell Erickson, Paul Nace, Bert Bouwman, Dick Seeger, John Hensel, David Klinger, Jim Bagnall, Gordon Lofquist, Reimer Hoch, Richard Armantrout, Arthur Sack. Second Row: Murray Miller, Jack Gillette, Car! Botting, Herbert Bethel, Norman Boettcher, Joseph Rowe, Frank Tendick, Frank Sanford, Franklin Johnson, Richard Smalter, George Carabet, William Hoffmeye,r, Edward Socha. Front Row: Don Couden, Arthur Rousseau, Donald Groelsema, Bob Hollister, Al Meisel, Russ Ash, Robert Scharrer, Bill McBride, Charles Hays, Jim Burns. Eta Kappa Nu Working for closer cooperation among those in the elec- trical engineering field, Beta Epsilon chapter of Eta Kappa Nu, national electrical engineering honor society, has been installed in Ann Arbor since 1937. Students who have shown marked ability and interest in electrical engineer- ing are elected in their junior or senior year or as alumni. 126 Back Row: William Emrick. David Barrett. Charles Rank. Joseph Sivo. Herman Merte. Donald MeVittie. Second Row: Eugene Kowalski. Ted Corlett, David Weigel. Dorwin Wile. Peter DeMay. Bob Freeman. L William Wolf. Frank Westervelt. Front Row: L. Ronald Modlin, Harold VandenHoek, Charles Gordy, Kenneth Salisbury, Paul Voungdahl. Stacy Elliot, Fred Kohlmeyer. Back Row: Raymond Kauppila, Charles Dixon. W. Larry Pound, Ben Boehm. Donald Ross, George Whinesy, H. C. Webb, William Heyn. Richard Smith, James Armstrong, James Gire, William Brown. Walter Hopkins. Second Row: Tom Foy, Bui Hoke. Alex Rotsko, Thomas Herman, Hugh Blecki, Stan- ley Reynolds, Russell Yeekley. Allan Outzs. Paul Fromm, Don Sigman. Frank Muellner, John Harger. John Skrbina. Front Row: O. W. Boston. F. L, Schwartz. E. P. Vincent. Alvin Weinstein. Richard Gresla, Paul Pucylouski. Irving Gold. Elliot Cooper. W. E. Zimmie. R. C. Porter, F. K. Boutwell. Pi Tau Sigma This year was one of continual development for Pi Tau Sigma, a national honorary mechanical engineering fraternity. Scholarship and integrity are the foundation of the profession, and Michigan Pi Rho continues to offer to the interested student encouragement and inspiration toward that goal. 127 Back Row: Norm (Irrmel. John Harm, Jim Grost, Merle Page, Bill Telferd. Third Row: Robert Kobs, Shermon A. Kay, William Edmunds. Donald Griffith, Charles Porretta, Erwin Kercher, Arthur Ablin, Charles Stevens. Second Row: John Zimmerman, Martin Sharda, Benjamin Stone, William Beierwaltes. William Kretzschmar, Richard Asbury. Front Row: Art Wright, Mike Franzblau, Morris Weiss, Douglas Erickson, Bill Wilkinson, John Watkins. Galens Galens Honorary Medical Society was founded in 1914 to serve as a liason be- tween medical students and the medical school faculty. From this original aim, Galens has expanded its program to pro- vide many benefits to the medical students and patients of University Hospital, includ- ing scholarships and a loan fund. The highlight of the Christmas season is the Galens Christmas Tag Drive, proceeds of which are used for the children in the Uni- versity Hospital. Galens also annually sponsors the Caduceus Ball for medical school students and faculty, and the Galens Smoker, depicting various facets of life in medical school. Christmas in .Ann Arbor is unlike Christmas in Pershing Square or on Telegraph Hill. The conventional Salvation Army Santa Claus and bucket is replaced by university med- ical students and buckets with college degrees, Galens, with their annual Christmas Tag Drive, play god-fathers to children in University Hospital 128 The Michigan Daily Valued at more than half a million dollars, the Stu- dent Publications Building houses some of the most modern printing equipment available. Editor Jim Brown and Business Man- ager Bob Daniels lead the Daily. 130 " In Ann Arbor nearly everyone reads the Daily. " And this has been true for more than sixty years. The familiar folded paper on the doorstep is the most regular and inevitable of things on campus, except for bluebooks and Saturday nights. Three major writing groups editorial and news, women ' s and sports staffs form the nucleus of the Daily, sometimes de- scribed as " the best equipped college news- paper in the country. " From freshman try- outs to sophomore beat assignments to the junior night desk staff, and, finally, to senior administrative positions, the Daily kneads and re-kneads its supply of men. As a training ground for future journalists and business men, the Daily prepares men and women for careers in newspaper work, in advertising and in public relations. Through the years, the Daily has won the Pacemaker Award given by the As- sociated Collegiate Press and the highest awards presented by Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalism fraternity. Jim Gregory Associate Editor Nan Bylan Associate Editor Roma Lipsky Editorial Director Dave Thomas Feature Editor Paul Brentlinger City Editor Janet Watts Associate Editor JUNIOR EDITORIAL STAFF: Front Row Editor Jim Brown, Bob Vaughn, Paul Marx,. Wendy Owen, Bob Keith, Harry Reed, Chuck Elliot, Floyd Thomas. Standing: Leonard Greenbaum, Vernon Emerson, Ron Watts. 131 Women ' s Editor Barbara Jans (top) and Associate Editor Pat Brownson head the Daily women ' s staff: Nancy Taylor, Mad Davis, Jo Ketelhut, Maxine Ryckman, Jan James, and Pat Smith. The Sports Staff (members of which have been occupying the bottom half of this page since 1890) is led by Editor Bill Connolly and Associates, Bob Sandell and Bill Brenton. Junior members are (left to right) Jim Parker, Bob Vokac, Cy Carlton, George Flint, Jerry Balbous, Byrle Abbin, and Thad Papes. Daily Business Staff Back Row: Ben Freidman. Mickey Coleman, Al Green, Gene Kuthy. Stu Ward. Harvey Gordon. Chock Cuson. Third Row: Herb Klaff. Betty Bridge?. Jim Pntsley, Ina Suasman, Bob Miller. Milt GoeU. Carl Breitkertitz. Jack Hamer. Pat Walker. Second Row: Phyllis G ringer. Lucille Goldstone. Horty K lei t man. Eva Stern. Inge Wolfe, Marge Creola. Front Row: Helene Bogart. Bonnie Raider. Sally Fish. Jean Parker, Ann Patterson, Joan Gooden. Wally Shapero Associate Business Manager Paul Schaible Advertising Manager Bob Mersereau Finance Manager Daily] Editor Ed] hers: .Van Reid. Burt Sapowitch. Pbotoeraphy a. Cariyle Marshall. Daily Soph Staff Back Row: Roger Greenberg. Cal Samra. Lila Ferrance. Donna Hendle- man. Richard Ehrecberg. Margaret Thomas. Mary Letsis. Front Row; Robert Solt. Joel MrKimble. Athena Savas, Lorraine Butler. Kathryn Radovan. Zander Hollander. 133 Paul Sage Editor Michiganensian As Joe Tannenbaum, the Smiling Nihilist, would say, the Ensian circus still man- ages to make the circuit once a year. Voted the best in the Big Ten in 1950, and one of the five top yearbooks in America, the Ensian manages, too, to keep its rubber cement in stock, its Bradford girls handy, and its tryouts on file. With these same tryouts, Michigan ' s yearbook has led a crusade for the Progres- sive Tryout System. When a student begins work with the staff, he is oriented to the publication business through an intensive two-semester training period. This is followed by appointments of those who qualify to the several individual junior editorships. After months of practical experience in these administrative posts, a Don Sigman Associate Editor, Tryouts Sally Frost Associate Editor, Copy Dave Leddick Associate Editor, Engravings 134 Stan Weinberger, Sports Pete Mann, Photography Ginny Byers, Senior Pictures Charlotte Mathews, Features Marg Padden, House Groups Dave Leslie, Art Harry Miller, Organizations Bob Milner, Schools Colleges small group of junior editors petition for senior editorial positions. Thus, after two years of preparation, the nucleus of another staff is formed, while still another staff is being introduced. A yearly business of nearly $50,000, production begins in the spring of the year before the book is ready for distribution. From preliminary layout and design work to the actual photographic and engraving processes, the book undergoes constant change, and when, finally, the finished volume arrives in Ann Arbor, the staff is the first to look at its baby. Slug Kettler Business Manager 135 Hope Schaidler Office Manager Bill Osterman General Sales Manager Business Staff Sam Altman Accounts Manager Neale Troves Advertising Manager Elaine Elbling Senior Pictures Dot Blomquist Sales Accounts Joe Heinlein Promotions Sid Kripke Campus Sales Manager Joyce Rashti Contracts Peg Blackford Distribution 136 General Staff ENSIAN BUSINESS STAFF Back Row : Annette Braun, Joan BliedeniShola Levitt, Jody Behrens. jMarjorie Black. Janet Alarie. Betty Rhamstein, Barbara Watson. Second Row: Xancv Isolampi, Sue Alderman, Ellen Haar. BiU Lowenstein. Bob Brewer, Bob Lawson. Front Row: Sheila Frenkel, Natalie Gold, Carolyn Coll. Ernie Brookfield, Assistant Sports Polly Kurtz, Assistant Art Peter Spencer, Assistant Copy EDITORIAL STAFF TRYOUTS Frf,n ? I -? k W F m ' Snd Itew - " - h i ack Gra - v - Sand - v McMiUn, Bob Northeott, Jark Snvder, Dave Cookson on Third Row: Betty Bonten. .Marty Conney. Beulah Markhus. Louise Sta G r? lds i em - Jea " ' ue Johnson. Shirley Dorb. Marcia Dansk -, Suckow. Doris ' TIr - " " edin - Joa Anita Ke!ler ' Doris 137 Ray Ladendorf, Editor Thomas Bassett, Business Manager Michigan Technic Paul Fromm Ass ' t. Managing Editor The oldest engineering college magazine in the country as well as the oldest publication on the Michigan campus, the Technic brings news of the engineering world to students, laymen, and alumni in professions. Written and edited by engineering students, it has con- sistently placed near the top in nation-wide competition for engi- neering college magazines. Although for many years a strictly male enterprise, women now play an important role in the maga- zine ' s production. In tune with the times, the Technic this year devoted a major issue James Burns Associate Editor Barnet Frommer Managing Editor 138 Back Row: Kenneth Chase, Murray Miller. Uirich Koch, Steven Lupe. Paul Fromm James Burns. Barnett Frommer. Arnold Kloock. Third Row: Irwin Drut. Elwin Pell. Robert Reichelt, Ray Ladendorf, Robert Frese, Henr - Winchester, Robert Reardon, David Russell, Gordon Fox. Jack Edick. Second Row: arren Norquist Geraldine Schaeffer. Mary Vaughan, Marlene Sehulhauser, Patricia Sibbert. Shelby Harrington. Front Row: Thomas Bassett. Dick Curry, Roy Lahr. Frank Muellner, William Harris, William Hardenbergh. to the Phoenix Project and to nuclear research at Michigan, terming the project " the most important undertaking in the University ' s history. " In this line, the Technic prides itself on up-to-the-minute reporting of industrial techniques timely articles by faculty members, alumni, and students are feat- ured, presenting current problems, methods, and processes. Too, the Technic annually sponsors the Slide Rule Ball, an event which focuses on the long-standing feud between engineers and lawyers. Although the Technic does not by its nature have an all-campus audience, the staff has tried this year to expand the outlook and the coverage of the magazine. Where once the men who sold Technics yelled only at the Engineering student, the whole campus is now Technic conscious. 139 ON SALE Generation One needn ' t be a genius or a near-genius to appreciate Gen- eration, but it helps. To enjoy a copy of Michi- gan ' s counter- part to the Parti- san Review, one needn ' t even like to read. There are pictures. In its first year as an official student publication, Generation won the admiration of the far-flung student body by publishing poetry and by printing art and music that would not otherwise, were it not for such a medium, give light to creative talent in Ann Arbor. Under the energetic leadership of Marvin Felheim of the English department and Lou Orlin, graduate student, Michigan ' s Seven Arts mag- azine has grown until it is today one of the most mature of college reviews. Louis Orlin Managing Editor Norm Gottlieb Business Manager William Gilmore Art Editor 140 BUSINESS STAFF Marvin Lobes Robert Rose Norma Chudd LITERARY AND ART STAFF: Sue Siris, George Wilson, Saul Gottlieb, Dan Waldron, Martha Chandler. Siegfried Feller Associate Editor John Goodyear Assistant Art Editor 141 B. S. Brown, Jim Jans, L. H. Laing, L. M. Woodruff, E. F. Brater, P. G. Kauper, W. J. Schlatter, E. A. Walter, Tom Walsh. Missing: I. White, M. L. Niehuss, W. H. Maurer, Phil Dawson. Board in Control What a board of directors is to a steel corporation, the Board in Control of Student Publications is to student publications on campus. Operated as an ad- visory group in matters of editorial policy, the Board hears and appoints student editors of the several mem- bers the Daily, Ensian, Generation, and the recently reinstated Gargoyle. With three student-elected members, seven faculty and two professional news- men members, the Board convenes bi-monthly to meet publishing problems. f IV E25 Personnel : William D. Reyelli, Conductor; Jack K. Lee, Assistant Conductor; Bernard Leutholtz, Student Bus. Mgr.; Edward Rima, Equipment Mgr.| Thi Shook Kenne D - . Virginia Hourigan, John Crawford, Margaret Strand. John Dudd, Durward Roberson. John Krestic, Glynn Barnett, Nancy Symmonds, Robert Harris James Haiise, Bert Damron, Harold Deutseher, Richard Hawley, George Peters, Robert Onofrey, Mary Bosworth, Rose Dygert, Marjorie Mqwrer Russell Young, Nancy Slocum, Edwin Ames, Richard Smith, Joyce Baker. AltQ Clarinet: Norman Rost, Bernard Leutholtz. Owen Noxon, Robert Grindle Robert Kinder. Bass Clarinet: Paul Richmond, Gloria Yough, Edward Leland, Herbert Hammond, Ernest Varady, Maxine 1 ' relich. Contrabass Clar- inet: Ernest Varady. Bassoon: Robert Pfeuffer, Samuel Szor, Gerald O ' Connor, Joyce Garey, Robert Quayle, Kingsley Joneson. Contrabassoon: Gerald Concert Band The Concert Band is known throughout the nation as one of the outstanding organizations of its kind, and the noted New York bandmaster, Dr. Edwin Franko Goldman, has said that " the University of Michigan Concert Band stands without a peer among college bands. " Ferde Grofe, Roy Harris, Morton Gould, and other notables in the music world have been equally generous and sincere in praise of the organization. Dur- ing the school year, it appears on approximately twenty different occasions, performing many new compositions and arrangements and music yet in manuscript. By its encouragement and performance of new works the Uni- versity of Michigan Concert Band has been recognized as one of the leading forces behind the creation of new band literature in America. 144 m c ' _ t . f t r .1 a V i The stage of Hill Auditorium is the scene of the sev- eral home concerts during the year. Whether or not you had a seat in the second balcony or in the front row, chances are that you remember the time that you sat through Bach or, if you were lucky enough, the time that you made it over for the concert given for the area High School music students. The Michigan High School Solo and Ensemble Festival, too, was held in the spring with over 1 500 junior and senior high school students participating. As its purpose the Festival provided an opportunity for music students to compare their progress with that of other students. One of the many services to the community, Professor Revelli of the music depart- ment acted as chairman. 145 Marching Band " The Michigan Band . . . steps fastest and plays best of the college bands that provide music and spectacle on football fields " LIFE magazine " The finest playing and marching band ever to appear in Yankee Stadium. " the NEW YORK TIMES. 146 Left to Right Back Row: Maynard Strout, Don Brown, Richard Briggs, Donald Ennis, Richard Bergman, Robert Weaver, Richard Frank, Tom Spar- row. Russell Christopher. Timothy Rudolph, Robert Bishop, Bernard Jennett, Ara Berberian. William Redmen, Leonard Swanson. Third Row: Bruce Treweek. Robert Bay. John Bay, Thomas Mericle, Ronald Foulds, George Loitinan. Donald Smith, Charles Leaf. Roy Wilson, Edward Burrows, Wendell Baker. John Osmundsen. Charles Sloane. Second Row: Robert McGrath. Clifford Hood. Sam HoughtaUng, Roy Duff, Jack Ehlers. Edward Purdo. Robert Ely. Richard McGaw, Robert Quayle. Richard Hammel. Ronald Johnson, Sterling Crandell. Morton Friedman. Andrew Karoly. Front Row: Pat Paterson, Dave Williams, Hugh Smith, Dave Calahan. Gerald Van Syoc, Charles Simpson, Daniel Parsons, Charles Scurlock, George Muehlhauser, Merle Nelson. Arthur Rose, Ronald Kennis. Director: Philip A. Duey. Accompanist: Wesley True. Men ' s Glee Club The Men ' s Glee Club made an auspicious start on the 1950-1951 season with a nation-wide half-hour Christmas Broadcast over NBC. If the fan mail received is any criterion, the Glee Club should have one of its greatest years. Because the Club went East during Spring Vacation last year, it decided to risk a warmer climate and new faces in the southwest on its 1951 tour. The Club will travel as far south as Memphis, Tennessee, and west to Saint Louis. With the League and Union the club once again sponsored Gulantics Re- view. The proceeds from this show along with royalties from the Band and Glee Club album went toward the annual Glee Club scholarships. 147 Women ' s Glee Club Patricia Herman, Mary Lou Jones, Ellen Traxler, Nancy Beveridge, Rae Jean Schieble, Virginia Ross, Jean Allen, Jane Buell, Susan Roof, Martha Hooper, Patricia Saile, Maxine Wolfe. Margaret Warren. Martha Bryant. At the Piano: Julia Hennig, Justine Votypka. Director: Jeanette Floyd Estep. Missing: Stirling Cockburn, Robin Glover, Annabelle Greenrough, Franziska Isbel], Ruth Oldberg, Anne Marie Rack. Twice a week sopranos, second sopranos and altos of the Women ' s Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Jennette Floyd Estep, meet for the pleasant work of rehearsal and training. A well-rounded program is provided by parties and social activities, as well as an annual banquet at which membership awards and scholarships are presented. The scholarships are awarded to two members to be used in furthering their music education. The club also presents two important programs each year: first, the Christmas Concert, given in Hill Auditorium; and second, the Spring Tour, made for a few days during spring vacation. This year the group toured both Ohio and Indiana. One of the most fruitful aspects of the Women ' s Glee Club is that its members have the opportunity to do choral work in every kind of music from Bach down to modern bop. A fav- orite spot for Glee Club members this year is their new " office, " on the third floor of the League, where everything from music sup- plies to pub ' icity and costumes are kept. 148 Sigma Alpha lota Sigma Alpha lota, national music fraternity for women, was established in 1903 to promote the highest standard of professional ethics and culture among women music students. The organization encourages scholarship, composition and public performance to bring about closer relationships among women pursuing some phase of music as a profession. Some of Alpha chapter ' s activities dur- ing the year include monthly musicales and business meetings, an annual candlelight service, a contem- porary American musical and a May Festival luncheon honoring the women artists. Mu Phi Epsilon Gamma chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon, a national music professional sorority, has been a campus or- ganization for forty-seven years. Members are chosen for scholarship and musical ability. A two weeks rush period is held each fall for prospective rushees during which a joint-musicale is given with SAI. Activities of the group this year included a fall musicale, and a spring concert held annually and featuring the work of one composer. A special Children ' s Christmas Concert was given in December, to which all local children were invited to hear spe- cial children ' s music. The program was also pre- sented in Dexter under the sponsorship of the Dexter Woman ' s Club. Kress, Joanne Krees, Faith Brown. B .. son. Nancy Finlay, Emily Karch. Ruth Stem. Lillian Johnson Arts Chorale Motets, madrigals, part songs and chorales may all be found in the program of a typical Arts Chorale concert directed by May- nard Klein, who has been with the organization since its found- ing. Featured in the Christmas concert this year was the melodic " Hymn to Saint Cecilia " by Benjamin Britten in its first Ann Arbor performance. Seasonal Christmas numbers and a spirited rendition of the opening chorus from Smetana ' s " The Bartered Bride " rounded out the program. Students, unable to participate in other musical activities because of busy schedules, find an opportunity to use their vocal talents at the weekly rehearsals of Arts Chorale, held at Lane Hall, and in concerts at Christmas and in the spring. The members of the group have joined it for their desire to sing and their appreciation of fine music. Vital to the coordination of Arts Chorale activities, which include a December caroling party in ad- dition to formal concerts, was the staff of officers: President Donald Flowers, Vice-President Judy McMillm, Secretary Mary Curtis, Treasurer Mimi Broderick, and Librarian Jean Smail. 150 Gilbert and Sullivan Just four years ago, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society made its bow on campus with a production starring thirty-six invited performers. This fall brought a turnout of one-hundred- eighty potential members, from which a cast of sixty was chosen for the gaily spirited " The Gondoliers. " Dur- the spring, the Society gave a re- psat performance of its popular first show, " The Mikado. " Back Row: George Peters, Doug Devine, Jack Felton, John Dudd, Glynn Barnett, Jewell Foster. Third Row: Ormond Sanderson, Grover Schiltz Jack Back Harvey Van Dyke, Don Scavarda, Don French. Dave Baumgartner. Second Row: Al Popp, Ralph Hamilton, Don Krummel, Joe Harris, George Wilson, Don Truesdale Front Row: Don Harris, Dave Murray, Frank Janeck, John Daley, George Moore. Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha, or Sinfonia, is the national Pro- fessional Music Fraternity. Existing for the " advance- ment of music in America, " it attempts to serve all the highest ideals of music in our country. Epsilon chapter, on the Michigan campus, is proud not only of its record of fifty years of service to music in the community, but also of the fact that many of its alumni are now included in the major musical insti- tions of the country. The local chapter and its mem- bers are dedicated to maintaining and furthering this high artistic ideal. Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary fraternity for college bandsmen, is an organization operating to promote the existence and welfare of the college band. An- other of its functions is to honor outstanding bands- men. The group is especially interested in stimulating campus leadership and fostering close relationship among college bands all over the country. With the help of its sponsor, Professor Revelli, and its members, the organization provides a pleasant and helpful social experience for all those engaged in college band work. Student officers of Kappa Kappa Psi are: Michael Polovitz, President; John Dudd, Vice-Presi- dent,- Glynn Barnett, Secretary,- and James Salmon, Treasurer. Top Row: Douglas Devine, Ray Symons, Chuck Stowe, James Hause, Donald Lupp, Harvey Van Dyke, Robert Harris, Theodore Anderson, Ignazio D ' Angelo, George Peters. Second Row: Ted Post, John Visosky, James Umphrey, Robert Wagner, Robert Radford, Bernard Leutholtz, Eugene Shroyer, Samuel Szor, Edwin Ames, Thomas Roach, Paul Richmond. First Row: James Walton, Norman Rost, John Dudd, Michael Polovitz, William Revelli, James Salmon, Glynn Barnett, Constan- tine Lafkiotes, Edward J. Rima. Naval Reserves This year the Naval Reserve Officers Training Unit celebrates its tenth anniversary on the University of Michigan campus. Since its establishment more than six hundred Midshipmen have grad- uated and been commissioned in the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps. Many Midshipmen have accepted commissions in the regular naval service and are presently serving with the fleet. The NROTC program provides a permanent source from which qualified officers may be obtained for the Navy, the Marine Corps, and the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve. Contrary to the general belief that the NROTC provides only Reserve Officers, this program is a major source of career officers. Eighty per cent of the Midshipmen en- rolled in this program become regular officers in the U. S. Navy and serve at least two years on active duty before a portion of them transfer to a reserve organization. The NROTC Unit of this University thus augments the U. S. Naval Academy in providing a well-trained officers corps for the U. S. Navy. 154 Army Reserves The Reserve Officers Training Corps at the University of Michi- gan includes Infantry, Ordnance, Quartermaster, Signal, Medical, and Dental units. Although small in size compared to the units at land grant colleges, it has the ad- vantage of intense interest and en- thusiasm supplied by a completely voluntary enrollment. The primary interest of the training corps is preparation for good citizenship and participation in the defense of our country. Front Row: Major Shivers. Major Moberg, Lt. Col. Kiehl. Lt. Col. Johnson. Col. Wiegand, Lt. Col. McKelvey. Major Zalesk . Major Rippey. Lt Storms. Back Row: SKC Siegfried. M.Sgt. Slider. M.Sgt. Cavanaugh. M. Sgt. Haight. M.Sgt. Kelley. M.Sgt. Schell. SFC Campbell. Sgt. Cain. 155 Back Row: Jack Miller, Philip Smith, Thomas Byrdsong, Conrad Isenberg, Richard Higgins, Francis Niess. Front Row: M.Sgt. R. E. Gates, M.Sgt. J. C. Smith, .M.Sgt. Joseph Vavrek, Capt. Eugene Maxam, Lt. Col. William Todd, Capt. Edward Johns, Lt. Harold Jordon, T.Sgt. Homer Chambers. Air Reserves The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps enables Michigan men to serve their country according to their education and ability. The mission of this organization is to promote high standards of honor and attri- butes of leadership which develop accurate judgment and quick, decisive action. A successful graduate may anticipate steady advancement, travel abroad, high pay and eventual retirement as a civilian-officer or as a career-officer. 156 The Military Ball is a formal dance given annually by the combined Army, Navy and Air Force R.O.T.C. units. This year Paul LaVoie and his orchestra played at the Michigan Union Ballroom amid decorations de- picting the military routine in peace and war. The Pershing Rifles, crack drill team of the R.O.T.C., put on an exhibition of precise marching during the intermission. The dance committee included General Chairman Harry Tyson, Jr., Publicity Co-chairman Bruce Sodee, Ticket Chairman James McNally and Decorations Assistant John Messer representing the Army,- Decorations Co-chairman John Hathaway and Dwight Vincent represent- ing the Navy Publicity Co-chairman Roy Garret and Finance and Invita- tions Chairman Philip Smith representing the Air Force. Military Ball 157 Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity of college men bound together in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, has 226 chapters throughout the United States. Gamma Pi, the Michigan chapter, has demonstrated its good citizenship in many ways collecting books for the University ' s text book lending library, manning the information booth during registration, watching the polls on Student Legislature election days, and furnishing campus guides for the Freshman Principal Conference. Back Row: John Doolittle, Jim Magary, Don Sehmitz, Edward Hudock, Bert Braun, Don Sorauf, Al Church, Boh Lapham, Howard Beatty. Third Row: Ted Pcher. Albert Rojnik, Paul Levin, Bob Marker, George Marechek, Loren Ulm, Bob Heinz, Ted Dunn, Burt Barnes, Henry Green. Second Row: Al Brown. Walter Tabar, Ray Posvar, Bill Baxendale, David Shappirio, Ed Silberfarb, Herb Neil, Don Haskell, Bob Grimsley. Front Row: Jack Steinhilher, Len Proctor, Bud De.Ionge, Jay Pike, Adrian Oudbier, Richard Rehbus. 158 Back Row: Don Srull. Bob Lemmer, Gene Overbeck, Dick Forsvthe, Jimmie Lobaugh, Mark Neville. Second Row: Jerry Helfenbein. Bob Chesebro. John Felton. Charles Murray, Neale Traves, Ben Gates. Front Row: Herb Walfson, Bob Russell, George Boucher, Bill Brehin, John Hobyak, Jim Yobst. Kappa Phi One of the thirty-three chapters spread throughout the United States, Nu chapter of Kappa Phi was founded on the Michigan campus in 1924. Member- ship in the organization is open to all women students of Methodist preference. Kappa Phi brings to its members a great deal of valuable religious training and wholesome, enjoyable social activities. During the bi-weekly supper meetings, members participate in devotional periods,. hear various religious speakers, or watch programs sponsored by the members. Mimes Hasty Pudding and Mask and Wig have nothing on the Union Opera, and Mimes is the string that holds it togethei promoting interest in the Operas and increasing the prestige of the annual all-male musical show. Membership is elective, the only pre- requisite being participation in some branch of any Michigan Union Opera. Officers of the organization are George Boucher, president; Bill Race, vice-presi- dent; Ralph Rupp, secretary-treasurer; and Jim McGlincy, librarian. Back Row: Mary Jo Jadwin, Frances Brown. Janet Lucas. Nanette Allen. Carole Lee Edwards. Marparet Anne Goodwin, Carol Rush. Donna Rome. Susan Schafer, Marion Nowlin. Tehchen Hsia. Dona Bowman. Second Rcw: Jean Murray, Beverly Davis. Doris Lei er. Veroa Smith. Betty Hoeh- mann, Patricia Hummer. Jane McCormick. Joan Vopt, Barbara Cook, Martha Thomas. Janet Banninpa. Cathie Hutcbens. Front Row: Eleanor Leaves- ley, Barbara Johnson. Rosemary Huston. Florence Hartsuff, Wilma Wallace, Marjorie Van Ecnam, Barbara Martin, Janet Leifenring, Beverly Dentel, Betsy Ross. Nancy Porter. Student Religious Association The Student Religious Associ- ation coordinates the primary re- ligious groups on campus through representation from each group, and provides a place for students who do not belong to any partic- ular religious group but are inter- ested in religiously oriented activ- ities. Through its program S.R.A. offers an opportunity for every student to discover the practical implications of his own faith through working with others. Back Row: Leon Putnam. David Stevens, Rosemary Jones, Harry Lee, Watana Sumawong. Third Row: De Witt Baldwin, Janette Rosen. Clay Bredt. Betty Funkhouser, Richard Kurland, Mercia Stewart. Second Row : Leona Oecile Winneg. Elizabeth Hadden, Donald Haskell, Marjoe Creamer. Lois Oauger. Front Row: Hal Herman,! Janet Watts, Robina Quale, Bush Olmsted. 160 Back Row: Jay Heyman, Jack Gray. Duane Ellis, George Benisek, Larry Bloch. Rollin Galster, Raymond Posvar. Henry Piasecki Moe Katz. Fourth Row: George Gillooly. Joseph Arnaud. Richard Rosen thai. Phil Reicher. Richard Atnip. In- in Wilbur, Bud pwell. Roy Wagner. John Mauriel. Third Row: Nancy Washburne, Sandy Schlager. Gladys Segal. Portia Weinsoff, Donna Co Weiss. Joan Fried. Bunny Haas. Sandy Golding. Raeann Goldberg. Second Row: Jean Assiran. Jerry Stonkoff. Jerry Helfen - bein. Edmund Gibbon, Joan Mintzer. Frank Miller. Lee Bebolti. Grey Gitxen, Virginia Saran. Front Row: Jane Kahn. Pat Morris. IJbby Warshaw. Alice Spero. Shirley Lyons. Marcia Goldfarb. Harriet Kopel. Edith Smith. Wolverine Club The first thing that the victorious Maize and Blue team saw upon returning to Ann Arbor was the New York Central Paladium. The second thing was the Wolverine Club, en masse beanies, buttons, and bravura on hand for cheers and welcomes. Along with this, the Wolverines carried " M " supporters to Yankee Stadium, the Rose Bowl, and to the Ohio Horse-shoe, the latter being a one-way, snow- bound trip. Also, in the Michigan stadium, blue and yellow flash-cards became, as the season progressed, as familiar to fans as red noses and pennants. Designed to promote school spirit, the Wolverine Club Helfenbein, Gillooly and Company also sponsors dances, talent shows, and homecoming festivities. 161 Back Row: Charles Kauffman, Marilyn Kollenherg, Ceil Schnapik, Alice-Jean Harris, Inge Wolff, Janette Rosen. William Altman. Second Row: Rahhi Herschel Lymon, Eva Stern, Joyce Simon, Walter Ruhiner, Marshall Weingarden, Joyce Dudkin. Front Row: Alden Harris, Ciuida Garon, Ted Simon. , Albert Friedman. Hillel Foundation Open to all Jewish students on campus, the B ' nai Brith Hillel Foundation offers to its members relig- ious, cultural, and social opportunities. While wait- ing for the completion next fall of its new building, Hillel is lodged temporarily in Lane Hall. From here the student council, under the direction of Rabbi H. Lymon, has planned and carried out this year a broad and interesting program, includ- ing religious services, various guest speakers, Hebrew classes, and such social affairs as dances and open houses. 162 Newman Club The Newman Club provides religious, educational, and social facilities for Catholic students on the campus. It is through the Newman Club, led by Wqlly Niemann, that activities are carried on for St. Mary ' s Chapel. Communion Breakfasts, picnics, open houses, special parties, and formal dances fill the club calendar. One hour classes weekly in Catholic doctrine, church history, and philosophy are also offered for the students, as is athletic partici- pation. The club is a member of the Independent Intramural League in which it has won the championship in the past. This year, under the guidance of Rev. Frank McPhillips, chaplain of St. Mary ' s, and his assistant, Rev. John Bradley, a campaign was launched to build a new Catholic student center to be located next to the chapel on Thompson Street. The Newman Club is a member of the Ohio Valley Providence Organization, and the National Federation of Newman Clubs. Back Row: Bili Hayes. Dick Hubbell. John Riordan, Caroline Ward, Henry Melton. Second Row: Eleanor Peden. Joan Karner. Jane Bueker. Lora Franklin, Gloria Knoob. Front Row: Father McPhillips. Mary Ann Suino, Wally Niemann. Julie Meehan, Jim Laidlaw. Barbara Bacbolzky. Father Bradley. 163 Gamma Delta -Back Row: Ralph Eilers, Jim Schubert, Alan Drake, Bob Neir, Don Swanson, Tom Fricke, Ed Ortner, Gerry Wittkopp, Ivan Zahn, Rod Smith, Clint Poellet, Fred Schultz, Mirv Hayes, Jim McDonald, Gene Mossner, John Dorn. Third Rowj Rev. Alfred Scheips, Bob Donselmaii; Janet Love, Mike Polo- Cathy Alt, Eunice Ruff. Front Row: Dick Zylowski, John Karcis, Don Anderson, Elmer Wagner. Roy Zastrow, Roy Rischer, Dick Hannenberg, La Verne Krieger, Don Zill, Paul Kenske, Dick Riedel. Bob Stein. Lutheran Chapel The University Lutheran Chapel and Student Center provide opportunities for spiritual, cultural, and social development of students of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and affiliated bodies. Tau Chapter of Gamma Delta, International Association of Lutheran College and University Students, conducts a Christian knowledge and service program consisting of Bible study, religious discussions, Sunday suppers, coffee hours, and special socials. The Student Assembly, along with the pastor, the Rev. Alfred T. Scheips, directs the functions of the Chapel and provides training in church leadership. The constitution of the Assembly states that it is the duty of the members " to place their developing talents in the service of Christ " according to the principle " Unto whom much is given, of him shall much be required. " To assist the executive committee, there are five standing com- mittees: finance, calling, publicity, building and grounds, and chapel worship. The building, dedicated in 1949, includes the chapel, which seats over two hundred, the student center and lounge, library, assembly room, kitchenette, and office. The basement contains a large recreation and supper room and a well-equipped kitchen. 164 Back Row: Kaia Husain. S. C. Mehta. R. V. Shah. J. M. Vakil, R. M. Sharangpani. D. C. Garni. D. C. Mehta. Third Row: K. S. Krishnaswamy, K. S. Singh M. P. Desai. T. X. Vemhu. Y. P. Telang, A. R. Choksi. V. S. Muthiah. P. P. Vora. Second Row: R. Khanna. Rosemary Jones, Dr. E. M. Gale, M. R. Vaidya (President). J. C. Kobe. Mrs. K. S. Krishnaswamy. A. K. Sarma (Secretary I. Front Row: M. M. Shah. V. D. More. M. G. Uppai. Bh rat Bhushan. K. I " . Patcl. India Student s Association Philippine-Michigan Club Back Row: Alex Lee. Eric Khu. Robert Tan. Mario Garcia. Seng-IJp Lee. Alfonso Casimiro. Manuel Say. Second Row: Baby Catapusan. Mrs. Flora Catapusan. Genoveva de Leon. Arthur Young. Juanito Abcede. Edith Carillo. Alfonso Garcia. Mrs. Francisca Crui. Front Row: Dr. Boracio Ylagan. Marcelo Marasigan. Conrado Vinu - a. Dr. Jose Cuyekenp. Pator Echavez. 165 . Hawaii Club " To bring a bit of Hawaii, its people and its culture to the cam- pus of the University of Michigan " was the motive which led a small group of students to form the Hawaii Club four years ago. From this nucleus the club has grown to 1 30 members, the largest organization of Hawaiian students on this continent. Membership is open to all those interested in Hawaii as well as to students from the islands. The activities of the club are educational, cul- tural, social, and athletic. Entertainment includes presentations of Hula and Hawaiian music to audiences on campus as well as in Detroit and surrounding areas. The publication of the club ' s paper, the Hawaii-Ann, which is sent to other Hawaiian groups all over the mainland, the dances and native dinners, and the participation in interclub sports competition help fill the club ' s agenda. The club is the " bridge " which extends from Michigan to Hawaii. Back Row: Wallace Tom, Hiromichi Asaoka, Edward Ching, Yoshiaki Nakamoto, Tsuneo Shishido, Victor Saldania, Millard Seto, Chauncey Seto. Herbert Fukuda. Albert Chang. Clement Tarn, Isaac Akita, Paul Ng, Abraham Siu, Arthur Young, Joe Porter, Kiyoshi Sitasaki. Third Row: Terry Iwashita, Fred Yoshimura, Frank Horiuchi, Gladys Lamadrid, Herbert Tanigawa, Edward Matsumoto, Gilbert Goo, William Wong, Dwight Sumida, George Yamanaga, Henry Pang, Hugo Seto Arthur Yim. Kiyoko Taira, Hal Herman. Takeo Hayakawa. Second Row: Irene Jhung, Jessie Wun, Miyuki Asaoka, Elizabeth Nakaeda, Vicki Chun, Nellie Wong! Winnie Moon, Sophie Lee, Tetsuko Fujita, Furniko Ikemori. Bebe Horiuchi, Eloise Chun, Annie Lum, Mary Naito. Front Row: Lawrence Wong, Kenneth Wong Roy Takushi, Masanori Kushi, Kearney Kozai, Reuben Tyau, Arthur Fong, Raymond Lum, Melville Yuen, Lawrence Jeu, Bert Lum, George Ariyoshi. 166 Back Row: Karl Benson, Liane Nagelberg, Roberta Snyder, Barbara Goodman, Ann Percefull, Conrad Vinuya, Leon Bennett, Donald Bernard, William McCreight, Dona Bowman, Nancy Dorsey, Federico Sanchez y Escribarro. Third Row: Barbara Roane, Elinor Sheffey, Betty Brown, Marjorie Cramer, Joyce Simon, Betty Pfleiderer, Gene Kochrodan, Pakistan Naeem-Gul, Richard Demmer, Edna Mary Poe, Betsy Smith, Marilyn Kerr, Lois Engman, Rooks Poteet. Second Row: John Falciniere, Verna Smith, Lee Benjamin, Anthony Pasquariello, James Ekwall, Dora De Maso, Edward Worthen, Barbara Pierce, Carlos Lopez, Lydia Font, Jose Casina-Aragon, Joseph Lupiom. Front Row: Sherman Poteet, Connie Pokela, William Eggleston, Marian Beam, Alfreda Cole, Joan Olen, Sally Giffels, Ann Koncar, Esther Halpern, Neiland Burbank, Miguel Antonio Rioe-Sierra. Spanish Club La Sociedad Hispanica, an organization to stimulate interest in the culture of the Spanish-speaking nations, was organized many years ago by Professors Willey, Prada, Heires and Mercado, The Society offers to its members Spanish motion pictures, a lecture series, social and conversational hours, and an annual play produced by students and directed by Mr. Anthony Pasquariello. For the last three years La Sociedad Hispanica has pub- lished EL CABALLERO ANDANTE, a newspaper edited in Spanish by Mr. Sherman Poteet. 168 American Institute of Electrical Engineers The American Institute cf Electrical Engineers, founded in 1884, and the Institute of Radio Engineers, founded in 1912, are national organizations of electrical engineers in the respective fields of elec- trical and radio engineering. These institutes advance the theory and practice cf electrical and radio engineering and maintain high professional standards among their members. The University of Michigan student organization is a joint branch of the AIEE and the IRE with membership open to students in electrical engineering and allied fields. Its purpose is to keep the student electrical en- gineers aware of current theory and practice and to aid in the transition between the student and the practicing engineer. Monthly lectures given by prominent men from industry and field trips to neighboring points of engineering interest are a part of the year ' s activities. The branch is under the guidance of Professors J. J. Carey and L. N. Holland. Back Row: George Pfaffmann. Arthur Sack. Harvey Faram. Lester Arqnette. Salih Sheibani. Donald Christensen. Stanley Pitlick. Spencer Haupt, Edward Eaton, Frank Loh, James Shaner, Joseph Cameron. Raymond Hopp. Fourth Row: Edward Kowolezyk. Ajit Sarma. Donald Groelsema. John Ykema, Robert Vaknxueia. Carroll Waite. Robert Sin-ten. Robert Scott, Phillip Sondeen. Pao-Chong Chen. Hany Ast. Lawrence Frederick. George Davidson. Howard Ebenofe. Allen Fletcher, Robert Plasko. Richard Eggterton. Edward Boyhen. Third Row: Glenn Anderson. David Hawkins. Raymond Dean, James Burr. Jack Hunsieker. William Masters. Jack Gillette. Lawrence Kaufman. Donald Scott. Carroll Leedy. John Hensel. John Newton. Richard Roof. Thomas Hauck. John Oliver, Donald Walker. Second Row: Jerome Margolin. Robert Schaffer. Ronald Hamilton. Arthur Rousseau. Frank Ten- dick. Don Couden. Prof. J. J. Carey. James Chalmers, James Mellor. John Frey. Bernard Bach, Edward Socha. Edwin Evans. Marvin Meldrum. Kenneth Simmons. Front Row: Wendell Erickson, Bemhard Wiesenmaier. Joseph Rowe, John Goense. John Thompson, John Hatcher, Bernard Am. Quinten Ward, Ellsworth Brunais. Roger Bradley, Thomas Goulish. 169 A. S. C E. The aim of the Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is to foster fellowship and greater technical understanding among students, faculty, and visiting professional men. Upon grad- uation, students are prepared for membership in the parent organization of practicing engineers. To accomplish its purposes, chapter meetings are held bi-weekly with guest speakers chosen from the various fields of Civil Engineering. To enhance the group ' s activities, chapter field trips and chapter parties are held. The group also participated in the annual North Central Conference of the A.S.C.E. and holds an annual combined dinner meeting with the parent chapter from Detroit. Top Row: Ted Purwin, Warren Thomsen, Al LeMire, Dan D ' Addona, Dick Safreed, Bill Dykstra, E. M. Reuben. Martin Everitt. Porter McDonnell, David Vass, Bruno Bieniek, George Protopapas, Gene Lessieu, Bill Rieger, W. Valmont, Howard Fukuda. Third Row: Ed Upson. Gene Johnson, George Marek, Ted Lapinski, Bob Bickett, Allyn Barrows, Al Knoll. Bill Betts, R. M. Eldon, William Hawkins, Marvin Heemstra, Fred Wiedle, Jorge Barros. Dick Rinehart, Reenie Oas. Second Row: John Lewis. E. T. Samson, T. Don Shreffler, Marlene Schulhauser, Charles Sintay. Paul Hodges. Carl Wheeler, Phil McCallister, Jim Dilworth, Jack Bryant, Robert Young, Vincent Chen. Front Row: George Porter, Charles Kant, Bob Brungraber, Robert McKenna. Ed Dudka. James Thome, Frank Beach, George Bernhardt, John Croy, Lewis Palmer, Dick Byce, Boyd Arthurs, John Miller. 170 Back R3w: RK-: y, Morrell Vredand. H. C. Bozeman, William Gentx. Tolsi N. Vembu, Robert Price, Herman Merte, Dominic Bastianeili. John Skrbuia. irquist. Second Rjw: Byron Hedeen, Dee Solether. Jyotindra Vakil, Gay Van Otteren. Thomas Hetman . Fred Kohlmeyer, James Micros, e. Richard DeKalb. William Morris. Robert Kersteh- Front Row: Jack Anderson, John Rawlings. Burton Amos, Vishwas More, Jack , Robert Michell, Roger Wierenga, Robert Jerome, Thomas Curran, Wiiliam Clos losson, Weldon Burden. A. S. M. E. The student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers maintains a steady laison between students and practicing mechanical en- gineers. The 1949-51 membership of the Michigan chapter of A.S.M.E. is the third largest student chapter enrollment in the country, and is ably led by Professor W. W. Gilbert of the Metal Process- ing Department. i r-uj r i ri i-uj ia. .i a iu T-IJVT v. nr.ii-nri.1 1 . AHAO;- . it w -iv_ , vuuvu ._. . -- VT , - r n- i il T- i_ J " i T l, Harger. Lucia Groiescu. Alfred Lang. Charles King. John Allen. Kearney Kozai. John Chapin. Front Row: Paul Moon. Richard W asham, Richard Gresla, Thomas Herman. Elia Sallman. Robert Knapp. Elmer Wagner. Ralph Richard. Eldon McKenzie, Mai Barritt. A. I. Ch. E. Organized under the direction of Professor Emeritus A. H. White, the Michigan chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is the oldest student chap- ter in the United States. Since its founding in 1922, it has worked to broaden and enhance the education of future engineers and to acquaint its members with the work of the chemical engineer. To achieve this aim, the Michigan chapter has sponsored speakers from varied chemical industries; it has gone on popular tours of in- spection through industrial concerns doing chemical pro- cessing, and has brought interesting scientific movies to its members. The A.I.Ch.E. also arranges and provides for meetings between students and faculty outside the classroom, where participants may become better ac- quainted while they learn. To encourage scholarship, Alpha chapter annually makes an award to the junior chemical engineer who has achieved the highest scho- lastic average during his freshman and sophomore years. 172 Bck Row: John H. Seites. William Dykstra. Charles A. Froman, Richard C. Byce. Philip McCallister. Tod G. Collins. Maynard Kooistra Third Row George Marek. Alan Knoll. Charles Hook. Marvin Heemstra, Lynn Barber. William Sutherland. John Merow. William Norman. Second Row: E P Krv- sinski, C. H. Shuptrine. E. H. Miller. S. Farah. Lawrence Chick. Reuben Tyau. Elwin M. Pell, Donald S. Hill. Front Row: T. D. Shreffler. Paul Hodges Eueene J. Lessieu. William Hawkins. Ale E. Mansour. Chi Epsilon Membership in Deutscher Verein is open not only to students of German but to those interested in any aspect of German culture. In its bi-monthly meetings, the club provides opportunity to see and act in German plays and skits, to learn German folk songs and dances, and at refreshment time to polish one ' s conversational German. Occasional discussions by returning travellers and by students from Germany bring the every-day living of the German people closer to our understanding. The organization also sponsors a weekly " Kaffeestunde " and a weekly radio program, put on by the Univer- sity Broadcasting Service. Not often are Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge seen in Ann Arbor, but members of Chi Epsilon, civil engineering honorary, accomplish just that and more by sponsoring noon movies with engineering subjects at the West Engineering Build- ing. A relatively recent organization on this cam- pus it was organized some four years ago Chi Epsilon recognizes outstanding students in its de- partment. Bringing faculty men and their ideas into the realm of the civil engineering student is another of the group functions. A wealth of out-of-the- classroom knowledge is in this way accessible at informal gatherings with professors. German Club Back Row: D. Straub. F. Gerhardt. A. Cantera. J. Wiehr, W. E. Kent. F. A. Brown. J. F. L. Raschen, R. M. Thurber. H. Krati. Third Row: C. Von Voigtlander. R. Posuar. H. Frye. A. Miller. W. Germain. W. Diekermann. J. Barnard. M. Jacobson, A. Rack. Second Row: C. Faltermeier. M. Schuh- macher. A. Seller. H. Schuler. N. Feiler. K. Keely. L. Butler. Front Row: W. Cone, A. Paison, W. Sinnigen. R. Hoermann, H. Sutton. W. Bolkenius. Le Cercle Francois Le Cercle Francois, sponsored by the Department of Romance Languages, was established in 1902 to encourage interest in the French language and culture. One of its most important functions is the presentation of the annual French play. Initiated in 1946, La P ' tite Causette is an integral part of Le Cercle Francois and is an ideal means for pro- moting fluency in French conversation. Free assist- ance for students of elementary French is given through tutoring sections which are open to all members. During the summer there has been an active Maison Francois which provides housing for women interested in perfecting their French. Back Row: Joseph Arana, Ronald Witt. John Velz. Alan Berson, Vves Brunello, Wilfred Waldron, James Clark, Edmund McCue, S. F. Borowy. William Koehne 174 Back Row: Lawrence Wong, Kiyoshi Kitasaki, Bert K. B. Lum. Ben Salem. Marlin Adams, Dale Stevenson. Lerov Neumann. Richard Seski Herman Curtis. Jr. Second Row: Elmer Cohb, James Tottis, Martha Wiloox. Fumiko Ikemori. Bertha Yankousky, Jane Zettei. John Baker. Harold Salem Iront Row: Alfred Neuffer, Emery Busch, Jerome Mancewiez, Elsie Amtebuechler. Dean Charles H. Stocking. Mrs. Charles H. Stocking, Donald Wyss, Victor L eonall. Pharmaceutical Association First organized in 1906 as the " Indoor Yacht Club ' and reorganized in 1908 as the Quarter- deck Society, this group serves as the honorary society of the department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. The object of the society is to promote student interest in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. The American Pharmaceutical Association, whose aim is to encourage the advancement of pharmacy as a science and profession, had a suc- cessful year. An all college Halloween party was the first big social event. The other programs consisted of speakers and movies of professional interest, a tour of the hospital pharmacy, and the yearly district four convention held here on April 14-17. Quarterdeck Back Row: Allan Widerquist. David Hammock. Frank McElhill, Richard Suehrstedt, Kenneth Wheeler, Harold Turner. James Niven. Bernard, Ames. Saverio Cina, Steven Spear. Third Row: Ying-kei Mok, Emil Jansen, William Morgan. Douglas Perkins, Monroe MaePherson. Thomas Hyelop. Davis Wurtz, James Smith, Paul Hoke. Second Row: Kaxuyo Nakayama. Robert Werner, Donald Roseman, John Riggleman. Jr., Lloyd Wood. Ben ShimiEu, Vincent Baglione. Lester Rendich. Jr., James Snow, Constantine Foltis, Jr. Front Row: Bruce Whittemore, Francis Bartlett, Kenneth Fox. Hugh Munroe. Prof. L. A. Baier. Prof. C. W. Spooner. Prof. Harry Benford, John V Back Row: Jim Brown, Dave Leddick, Raymond Cover, James Garrett, Bill Brenton, Yao Chi Tao, Paul Hines, Jack Vandenherg, Sid White, Marvin Epstein, Bill Peterson, Chai Chavalit. Second Row: Robert Schairer, James Barnes, Donald Haines. Margaret Bevan, George Bru?ke, Wesley Maurer, Robert Bailyn. Kenneth Peterson. Front Row: Don Postma, Maxine Ryckman. Joanne Bierer, Jean Wernic, Patricia Brownson, Elaine Toles, Connie Lee Jones. Ray Courage. Theta Sigma Phi Sigma Delta Chi The national professional journalism fraternity divides into Theta Sigma Phi for women and Sigma Delta Chi for men. National membership for both men and women is on an honorary basis: members of both the School of Journalism and campus pub- lications staffs may be elected through their grade point averages. Separate Theta Sigma Phi and Sigma Delta Chi meetings, where the individual projects are worked out, are held bi-weekly. The women ' s group has been instrumental in annual campus campaigns for the selling of " date books, " while meetings of the male members are enhanced by monthly lectures given by professional jour- nalists, under the sponsorship of the group itself. 176 Forester ' s Club The School of Natural Resources is unique on cam- pus in the general camaraderie found among the students and faculty, chiefly because of the Forester ' s Club. About four-fifths of the student body of the School, as well as the entire faculty, belong to and are active in the club. The club sponsors many activities such as the Annual Fall Campfire, the well known Paul Bunyan " Formal, " and the annual U of M-M.S.C. Forester ' s Banquet. Bi-weekly meetings are ably conducted by Jim Powell, president, at which programs of interest to club members are presented and business matters are handled. Back Row: Paul Carbaugh. Bob Zimmerman. Alfred Arthur, Bruce Vallmar, Ted Scher. Bob DeYoung, Stew Davey, John Bassett, Bob Becker. Neil Clee, Jim Coleman. Bill Harman, Lyle Tom, Bernard Nagelvoort, Chuck Olsen, Francis La Due, Kyungwhan, Thanom Premrasomi. Fourth Row: Rollin Yale, Roger Sweningson, Wally Gall, Dick Szaroletta, Joe Mosteller. John Gerlach, Phil Mackie, John Backels, Gordon Stephen, Bob Stien, RUES McGregor, Burt Barnes. Willie Eberhardt, Steve DiAngelo. Third Row: John Tompkins, Tom Smithberger, John Leen, Art Wimpenny. Lewis VanderCook, Paul Yambert. Sandy Jones, Bob Heinz. Ed Young. Al Stage, Bill Hobart. Dick McNeill. Rudy Strothmann. Bart Wagne, Carl Stewig. Second Row: Sharon Miller, Ronald Fitche, Sanford Schemnitz. Mike Leach, Daryle Skilling, Towo Sini. Carl Diez, Tom Hughes, Jim Powell, Roy Kee, Prof. John Carou, Erving Bulgrin, Dick Brooks. Jim Neustadter, Andy Post, Bud Jeffrey " . Front Row: Bob Heath, Bob Blair, Milt Borden, Bill Matthews, Ted Peterson, Milt Heath, John Cooley, George Hamilton. Cecil Tonkin. Paul Scott. 177 American Institute Of Architects The student branch of AIA offers students asso- ciate membership in the national organization, the American Institute of Architects. Its aim is to fam- iliarize its members with the ideals and ethics of their chosen profession. Participation in the Detroit Chapter ' s meetings, field trips, exchange exhibits with other colleges, and arrangements for visiting lecturers are a few of the chapter ' s activities. Back Row: William Black, R. Miller, Keith Wirland, C. Tough, A. Paparella, Robert Meacham, B. Seaborne, N. Levine. Eighth Row: E. A. Hashem. R. L. Tveit, R. E. Johnson, J. A. Fox, A. J. Conner, E. C. Lecker, R. Prince, S. Rossen. Seventh Row: Stu Todd, Leonard Kergey, Richard Penney, Ray Wilcox, Charles Black- lock, Nicholas Lesko, Terrence Bennett, Robert H. Lee. Sixth Row: Leonard Steinbrueck, Norton Salk, Richard M ' illman, Donnaily Palmer, Matt Goebel, Samuel Havis, Robert Frost, Dino Gavras. Fifth Row: Adrian Noordhoek, William Flinn, Otto Andert, Don Dunhar, Michael Koteies, Sidney Lathrop. Edmund Kowalaki Left to Right Back Row: Robert Teeg, Henry Dombrowski, Paul Smith, William Johnson, Robert Delnay, Peter Girandot, Robert Bannon, Donald Edmonds, R,obert Wise, Robert Schelberg, Edward Rang, Richard Scribner. Fourth Row: Cecil Frye, Hanley Jennings, William Bray, Ray Ladendorf, William Nemee, Jack Siekmann, Richard Anderson, Bradley Roof, Duane Sunderman, John Wyman, Garry Schott, Walt Parker, Peter Lashmet. Third Row: William Doerner, George Paulus, William Neely, Edward Leon, Ralph Johnson, Ronald Clark, David Engibous, Edward Eicksen, John Whitcombe, Riki Kobayashi, Charles Woodard. Sec- ond Row: John Miller, Earl Ebach, Robert Reegan, George Stout, Richard Kohloff, Gus Constan, Charles Simpson. Front Row: Eugene Snell, Dean Smith, Richard Whipple, Peter Soderberg. Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma 1319 Cambridge Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Fraternity Founded at Wisconsin 1902 Established at Michigan 1916 41 Members President: Ronald G. Clark 180 Alpha Epsilon lota 1 1 9 Park Terrace Medical Fraternity Founded at Michigan 1 890 30 Members President: Phyllis Wells Alpha Epsilon lota Left to Right Back Row: Alicia Arce, Joyce Branderhorst, Blanche Thomas. Sarah Yager, Eleanor Par-hall. Ruth Campbell. Flora Benka. Second Row: Verna Conway, Pat O ' Connor, Ruth Stoerker. Teresa Palaszek. Frances Bull. Barbara Porath. Nancy Rausch. Carol Goodman. Front Row: Rhoda Horwitz, Gloria Kozin, Ma-ian Levai. Man-el Rathbun. PhylM- Well-. Juliette Seelye. Joyce Gendzwill. Jean Van Duzen. 181 Alpha Kappa Kappa 1315 Hill Medical Fraternity Founded at Dartmouth 1888 Established at Michigan 1906 78 Members President: Bob Reisig Alpha Kappa Kappa Left to Right Back Row: Dick Johnson, Dick Murphy, I.ouie Mahue, Gil McMahon, Gil Bazil, Fred Blackhurst, Hal Hollinger, Jim Grost, John Loughrin, Bert Parliament, Duane Waters, Bill Barr, Harry Loughrin. Fourth Row: Dick Dickes. Bob Fecheley, Bob Kobs, Bill Grabb. Jim Butler, Charlie Watson, Erwin Fitz- gerald. Suel Sheldon, Nick Fotias, Ervin Kercher, Ted Loughrin, Bob Buslepp. Third Row: Frank Whitehouse, Dean Seger, Dale Antilla, Tom Nesper, Doyle Wilson, Bob Reisig, Tom Buchanan, Bill Castor, Al Kinkella, Ralph Dunn. Second Row: Art Basel, George Porretta, Walter Kirsten, Lindy Davis, Ed Carter, Dick New- man, Lee Bertoglio, Jack Townsend, Jim Anderson, Arthur Kittleson. Front Row: John Beljon, Dick Watkins, Gordon Verity, Al McPhail, Tom Myers, Ed Whale, Neal McCue, Al Hubacker, Gene Nakfoor, Jim Bologna. Missing: John Ausum, Bill Bennett, John Batsakis, Frank Cornish, Royal Haymes, Heinz Hoenecke, Jim Sisson, Ken Yost, Bob Streicher, Don Cairns, Carl Cook, Carl Dettman, Bill Edmunds, Don Hinchman, Bob Lugg, Jim Maher, Don White, Bob Eioh. Jim Lafler. Charlie Porretta, Dick Prior, Dick Slander, Winton Stephan. Left to Right Sack Row: Robert Roth. Leland Strohm. Frank Kozumplik. Charles Strickland. George Moran. Gerald Liefer. Maynardf Miller. Ken Nelson. James Hawreluk. Gus Lohrke, Robert Vokac. James Meola. Fourth Row: Leland Stenton. James Monaghan. William Wilkinson. Len Palis, Gus Pyrros. William Lucbt. Nelson Gritter. Martin Rothi. Peter Martinson. William Benson. Speros Drelles. Charles Silk. Dave Helsel. Third Row: Jack Cornelius. James Thomas, Leonard Zontek. Robert Reason. President; Professor Charles Jamison. Assistant Dean Herbert Taggart. Mr. Robert Unde. Cal Rock. Joe Powers. Peter Stathopoulos. Second Row: Roy Peters. Ralph Palis. Ken Ellis. Al Dunn. Jerry Griffin. William Dizer. Will Chard. William Olson. Lewis Nielsen. Front Row: Emil Machado. Allan Wright, Thomas Skouros, Don Root. Don Kauskas. Don Fox. Al Benson. Missing: Al Bosworth, Ed Suttles. Robert Schraudt, Bob Bums. James Kelley. Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi 1325 Washtenaw Business Administration and Economics Fraternity Founded at New York University 1904 Established at Michigan 1920 52 Members President: Bob Reason 183 Gilbert Plotnick, Jack Gersuk, David Logan, Seymour Barahl, Missing: Warren Cowan, Leon Blum, Al Frankel, Daniel Gilbert, Carl Cohan, Jerome Kutinsky, Arthur Shiff, Sheldon Simons, Buddy Watergtone, Lester Zeff. Alpha Omega Alpha Omega 820 Oxford Dental Fraternity Founded at Maryland University 1908 Established at Michigan 1916 24 Members President: Jerry Abramson 184 Alpha Rho Chi 640 Oxford Architecture and Design Fraternity Founded at Michigan 1914 52 Members President: Bill Low Alpha Rho Chi Left to Right Back Row: Arthur Thoma, John Dawson, Erfan Hashem, Francis Rails, Zaravko Gerganoff, Richard Newton, Richard Stuckman, John Tanner, Richard Donkervoet. Donald Dunbar, Richard Millman, Joseph Gerack. Robert Rockwood. Third Row: Robert Soeters, William Black, Dale Paape. Edward Ham- marskjold, Robert Meacham, Richard Her, Harry Roberts, James Paul, William Wise, James Tomlinson, John Nauman, Clarence Roy, Richard Nordstrom. Second Row: David Walsh. John Flynn, James Wilson, Robert Greager, William Maitland, William Low, President; John McMichael, Martin Biesc. Russell Alexander, Robert Johnson, Edward Stevens. Front Row: John Bennett, Keith Weiland, George Sherotsky, Ronald Goodfellow, Emanuel Cartsonis, Tunney Lee, Phillip Luth, Igor Labanov, Harold Schuler. Missing: Jack Breckenridge, Charles Edison, Donald Kelly, Fred Lappin. Elgin Pruder, Robert Sexton. William Zimmie. Basil Bohevesky, William Fritz, Stoyan Gerganoff, Kenneth Krantz, Victor Newberg, Arden Pryce, Gerd Schaefer, Leo Tomkow, Robert Turchan, Jerome Lepard. 185 Delta Sigma Delta 1502 Hill Dentistry Fraternity Founded at Michigan 1895 78 Members President: Louis Jourdain Delta Sigma Delta Left to RightBack Row: Robert Rielofs, Robert Skau, John Pilkington, Richard Stevens, Robert Speer, Ralph Snoke, Richard Dear, Ford Topping, Palmer Pack- wood, Frank Zack, James Winkler, Richard Bailey, Jack Smith, James Wies, Philip Baribeau, Norman Storm, Richard Vinson, Robert Buchrer, John Oster, VV illiam Shriner. Fifth Row: Howard Walker, Joseph Ellis, James Strong, Charles Reilley, Richard Barnes, Walter Nieman, Raymond Sawusch, Robert Morrison. Louis Gach, Richard Davis, Warren Louis, John Click, Philip Youngblood, Allen Palmer. Fourth Row: George Taft, Joseph Ponsetto. Oliver Strong, Willis, Kittell. Robert Klinesterer, Robert Seha, Louis Jourdain, President; Edward Hartman, Robert Browne, Alan Bradley, Harvey Schield, Stewart Arft, Arnold Babcock, James Schmdler. Third Row: George Anderson, Donald Cottington, George Hay, Arthur Nolen, Leroy Pratt, Hugh Cooper, Burrill Colburn, Donald Halas, Richard Barber, William Empkie, Donald Emaus, James Cross, Ben Brabb, Elvin Harris. Second Row: Donald McKinnon, Robert Vernier, Calvin Blanchard, Hiram Manning, Richard Murphy, Richard Hagerman, Milan Glover, Dean Millard, John Murphy, Robert Scott, James Currier. Front Row: Richard Whitney, Gerald Miller, Douglas Heatherington, Missing: William Stevens, Forrest Rosendahl. Edward Worsham. Donald Shomaker, Frederick Schelkun, Harold Steele. 186 Left to Right- Back Row: Berdj Kenadjian, Don Massnick, John Sherzer. Win Wight. Lee Stryker, Jim Diffley, Jack McGregor, Bob Boman. John McCarthy, Ed Yungk. Al Lowe. Sherrill Davis. Ed Aderhold. Dick Ellis. Fourth Row: Bill Barnds. Alex Van der Bellen. Joe Ahrensdorf. Harold Aven. Bob Daniels. Paul Schaible, Harland Dodge. Bob Strachan, John Jacobs, Don Hayden, Denny Helzer, Pete Tippen, Jerry Arcangeli. Rex Trotter. Third Row: Harry Hawkins. Jerry Jarosik. George Skestos. Ross Wilhelni, Russell Stevenson. James Meehan. President; Robert Dixon. Merwin Waterman. Gerald Good. Dan Duncanson. Second Row: Andy Pasko. Ed Nile. Bert Warner, Joe Watson, Howard Eicher. Jim Malin. Bob Cooch, Carl Aichele. Jim Carl, Al Stuhlmann. Front Row: Bob Krieger, Jack Van ingen. Jim Dangl. Ray Malos. Armand Blair. Bob McColley. Dick Woodworth, Don Hallisey. Fred Zehnder, Jim Hague. Missing: Don Boerma, Bill Horvath, Ralph Jarl. Marshall Mitchell. George O ' Neal. Frank Swartwout. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi 1212 Hill Business Administration Fraternity Founded at New York University 1907 Established at Michigan 1921 57 Members President. James Meehan 187 Left to Right Back Row: Jack Williams, Jay Sanford, Ed Morey, Gene Einkelman, Phil Frandsen, Dick Park, Barry Breakey, Tom Peterson, Ted Andrews, John Harm, Bill Cutler, John Pridmore, Gil Ross. Third Row: Paul Titus, Pete Hamill, Judd Heineman, Farlena Beasley, Hand Boldt, Bill Dunlop, Dan Buckley, Shad Hartwell, Webb Wilson. Jack Hallberg, Paul Gikas, Bill Cameron. Second Row: Bill Telfer, Art Johnson, Bob Ferguson, Dave Standiford, Dave Mackenzie, Jim Marshall, Norm Hodgson, President; Dick Asbury, Bill Kretzschmar, George Block, Frank Goodrich, John Smithson. Front Row: Bill Kopp, Bruce Stewart, Dave Horning, Gordie Hardie, Tom Roche, Bill Graves, Bob Currier, Bill Bartlett, Bob Hodges, Rex Rutter. Missing: Glenn Carpenter, Ralph Straffon, Bob Weber, Dave Wile, Ozzie Clark, Roy Gerard. Nu Sigma Nu Nu Sigma Nu 1015 E. Huron Medical Fraternity Founded at Michigan 1882 55 Members President: Norm Hodgson 188 Phi Alpha Kappa 1010 E. Ann Graduate Fraternity Founded at Michigan 1929 45 Members President: Bill Wilkinson Phi Alpha Kappa Left to Right Back Row: John Luidens, Thomas Friedkin, Maynard Kooistra. William Dykstra, Peter Van Putten, William Laxton, Howard Postma, John Wier- enga. Jim Strikwerda, Jess De Young, Robert Schuiteman, Ted Feenstra, Jim Ritzema. Third Row: Ed Vandenberg. Herm Eldersveld. Neal Renzenbrink. Larry De Boer. Charles Meetsma, Bob Becksfort, Mart Wyngaarden, Bob Boerema, Bill Buiten, Al Workman, Peter Verkaik. Second Row: George Anema, Harvey Van Dyke. Ross Coeling. Martin Sharda, William Wilkinson, President; Charles Bazuin, Maynard De Young, Herman Prins, William Veldkamp, Harvey Pratt. Front Row: Larry Feenstra, Robert Lamberts, Louis Rus, Calvin Lane, John Berghuis, Pete Petrolue, William Reus. 189 Phi Chi 1541 Washtenaw Medical Fraternity Founded at University of Vermont 1889 Established at Michigan 1906 60 Members President: Dick Hammel Phi Chi Left to Right Back Row: Robert Nixon, Norman Gremel, Douglas Woodward, George Greenman, Herbert Madelin, William Dachler, Robert Cuplinger, John Clymer, Ted Banton, Charles Krecke, Robert Burton, Kenneth Van Der Kolk, Norman Pedelty, David Sencer, George Greenaman, Richard Schneider, Richard Rech, Lynn Phelps, Lloyd Berry. Third Row: Edwin Smith, David McCubbrey, Donald Bullington, John Gehring, Robert Netzel, Paul Schroeder, James Taren, Lyle Freimark, John Babbitt, M. G. Prosser, William Foy, Robert Schmidlin, Jack Westman, William Peterson, Jack Kit. to, Robert Joseph. Second Row: John Penner, Roger Buslec, Paul Doermann, Robert Davis, John Jones, Alfred Van De Waa, Bernard O ' Hara, Richard Hammel, President; Landis Stewart, Ramon Lang, Wesley Mikesell, Russell Miller, Roberto Boullon, Charles Fess, William Kesky. Front Row: Walter Boerman, Jack Crawford, Guy Talmage, John Pawelko, Jack Allaire, Al Anderson, Donald Graham, Clyde Spencer, James Stage, James Fish, Kenneth Herrington, William Busteed, Robert Jones, Richard Simmons. 190 Left to Right Back Row: Walter Drummond, Thomas Rich, James Charles, James Christenson, Alfred Neuffer, Gordon Webb, Richard Duffy. Front Row: Glen Southerton, Patrick Cusick, Ronald Swarthout, Jack Baker, Victor Leonall, President; Edward Zawistonski, Wilmer Latshaw. Missing: Charles Butler, Benton Bowman, Clyde W T arren. Larry Prietz, Lynn Woodcock. Phi Delta Chi Phi Delta Chi Professional Pharmaceutical Fraternity Founded at Michigan 1883 1 7 Members President: Victor Leonall 191 Left to Right Back Row: Joseph Cochin, Martin Daitch, Shim Kay, Murray Gray, Bernie Harris, Michael J. Franzhlau, Hubert Goldman. Second Row: Martin Jaffee, Max Garber, Eli Kuhel, Seymour, Adelson, Marion Rothenberg, Carl Lipnik, Pube Shiftman, Paul Wolf. Front Row: Coleman Rottenberg, Seymour Vander, David Ruskin, Milton Goldrath. Al Sosin, President; Jack Portney, Morris Weiss, Herb Cantor, Jerry Jacobaon. Missing: Boh Epstein, J. Finklestein, R. Michelson, E. Ehrlich, N. Rottenberg, W. Witus, D. Young, H. Schwartz, M. Frank, G. Frenkel, S. Katz, M. Panzier, A. Weiner, D. Boesky, S. Gordon, J. Hamburger, H. Stein, D. Kapetansky, W. Hass, R. Kurtzman, H. LeBost, A. Brown, B. London, M. Peltz. L. Stress, M. Rein- hart, J. Litwin, R. Sanders, R. Selbst, A. Weston, L. Finklestein, J. Collins. Phi Delta Epsilon Phi Delta Epsilon 1331 Washtenaw Medical Fraternity Founded at Cornell 1904 Established at Michigan 1928 59 Members President: Al Sosin Phi Rho Sigma 300 N. Ingalls Medical Fraternity Founded at Northwestern 1 890 Established at Michigan 1897 75 Members President: Doug Erickson Phi Rho Sigma Left to Right Back Row: Bill Alt, Bill Kemp, John Reid, Tom Hoyer. Bob Mclntosb, Ted Eary, George Anderson, Carl Gruhzit. Bill Michel, Stoney Stoneman. Steve Cornell. Jim Townsend, Giles Bole. Chuck Stevens. Bob Anderson. Carl Speck. Jake Watkins. Fourth Row: Ben Selving, Ken Yost. Walt Stanton. Lloyd Appell, Doug Blanks. Jim Puppy. Doug Haddock, Don McGuire, Don Nitz, Jim Faircloth. Jim Spaulding, John Felt. Marv Seven. Vern Bick. Bill Kimbrough. Paul Roberts. Nort Cooksey. Third Row: Jim Conrad. Walt Geen. Frank Button. Rom Gomley, John IvanofT. Dick Meinke. Doug Erickson. Bill Trezbe. Norm Clarke. J. P. Rahm. Joe Shramek, Leo Lindquist, Bill McMillan, Claude Primo. Second Row: Tom Kerns. Dave FOSE. Don Camp, George Danz, Jack Ensroth Joe Knapp. John Birdsell. Ralph Knopf, Bill Flintoff, Bob Bauer, Spike Lyzenga. Front Row: John Cook, Bruce Bauer, Phil Utz, Dick Kraft, Joe Kemp, Bill Fel- mer, Cory Cookingham, Shelby Barlis, Frank Cook. 193 " 194 s iN One of the factors contributing to a Michigan student ' s pride in his University is the outstanding quality of its athletic teams. The men play- ing for the Maize and Blue have made a habit of winning, and their enviable record of victories is the Tradition that is Michigan. H. O. Crisler Professors, classrooms and books all play a big part in manufacturing a Michigan graduate but somewhere along the line every University alumnus acquires a traditional feeling of enthusiasm when the WOLVER- INES are mentioned in sporting circles. It ' s not just a chance result incidental to academic life on the campus, but rather the culmination of a huge combined effort on the part of men whose lives are closely tied world of amateur athletics igh their activities that thousands annually storm the Michigan stadium, tr st Fieldhouse, and the Coliseum nation ' s top college competitors i ery Michigan sporting promotion ated at the conference table of the Board in Control of Inter-collegiate Athletics and proceeds toward its completion which ny times signified by black headlines the daily sports pages. The chairman that board is Herbert O. (Fritz) Crisler, Michigan ' s one-time wizard of football. s top level respon- sibility for all activities. The other members of the board are taken from the faculty, alumni and stu- dent body. Typical of the faculty representa- tives is Ralph Aigler, genial professor of the Lester Etter Ralph Aigler law college, whose background in Wol- verine history is rich and lengthy. Aigler also holds the im- portant post of Michigan ' s faculty representative to the Western Conference. Crisler, Aigler and the twelve others who make up the board are primarily concerned with the carrying on of varsity and intra- mural competition. They must make provis- ion for coaching, training and schedule mak- ing. They are the ultimate authorities on player eligibility and must supervise the care and upkeep of the University ' s vast athletic plant. From them stems the next level of ty, the head coaches themselves. 3ennie Oosterbaan, Cliff Keen, Vic H g tiger and the others are more closely bound against perennially ;ection of once individua arad TVTOT dreds of players who seldom get publicity from their competitive experience. Michigan is a name known wher- ever sports are played or discussed which is no small accident. A Donald Weir 196 publicity depart- ment directed by Les Etter makes sure that no Wol- verine is hiding his light under a bushel basket. Throughout the year Etter ' s office is engaged in the preparation of information bulletins which perpetually feed material into the brains of sportscasters and editors acound the nation. The job requires con- stant probing into the affairs of every coach and player on every team as well as investi- gation of opponents ' records and past per- formances. The public wants to know just what ' s happening and Etter must prod stories and pictures to satisfy that desire. time sports is a commqcjity and in co iuce lento Xjttjif T Mt V . ' 3 ? p W - y s tB t. " " ' coaches succeed in welding together a cham- pionship challenger they present s j geff fans for their edification t These fans need ticke he could stretch it to accommodate the demand for such an event as the annual Homecoming football game. Henry Hatch In the aches and pains department all eyes turn toward little Jim Hunt who plays all parts ranging from towel carrier to magician. His little white room hidden away in the balcony of Yost Fieldhouse has been the scene of many a Michigan victory even though no game has ever been played there. Injuries to key players have always been one of the most distressing worries of a coach. When a gridder pulls up lame, Oost )r aan is at the mercy of the Almighty and Jim Hunt. If there be any way that the boy can be patched together agoifl Hunt usupllfchas . . - . L JW .1. ' .A 3fe Bgjjtf- ' J 5 wbRBp to Jfeaclaches because responsible for ducat allotment to stu- alumni and other supporters! " re- quests was typical. He sometimes wishes the giant Stadium were made of rubber so is and treatments to protect players a eep ther ' p$ ndition. Henry Hatch behind-the-scenes character who i well known by every man who has par- ticipated in Michigan sports. He handles equipment problem for all W y squads and has done so for office is decorated with auto- graphed photos of many stars of the past who direct their thanks to " Hank " for his services. lea raper 197 Managers Among the most important (and least publicized) members of the Michigan athletic family are the team managers. The managers serve as right-hand- men and jacks-of-all-trades to the coaches of the various sports, coordinating squad activities and assisting in innumerable jobs ranging from clean- ing equipment to handling official scoring records at meets and tournaments. The managers fulfill the same role in the athletic set-up as stage hands in a theater, but with one fundamental difference; stage hands, although important, are always be- hind the scenes, while a team manager is con- stantly in the limelight, traveling with the squad everywhere that it goes, and performing his vital duties with the three V ' s vim, vigor and vitality. Back Row: Bernard Gennett and Leon Stock. Front Row: Bill Frank, Lee Kaufman, T. Hawley Tapping, Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Graves. Bill Frank, track manager adjusts hurdle prior to race. Bob Reynolds poses with some of the equipment which he has in his charge. Managers George Camp- bell, basketball, and Bill Searle, football. Lee Kaufman cares for sticks, pucks, and other equipment for hockey team. 199 Football 200 Front Row: Dick M (-Williams, Tony Momsen. Athletic Director Fritz Crisler, Capt. Al Wahl, Coach Benny Oosterbaan. Bill Putich, Harry Allis. Ozzie Clark. Dave Tinkham, Bob Timm. Lowell Perry. Merritt Green, Larry LeClaire. Jim Hunt, trainer. Head Coach Bennie Oosterbaan TEAM AND COACHES In analyzing the elements behind a winning team no small con- sideration must go to the coaching staff. It is these men who often mean the difference between an All-American and an also-ran, between a good team and a mediocre one. It is a tribute to Coach Oosterbaan and his seven assistants that the 1950 team lifted itself by it s bootstraps to write the Cinderella story of the collegiate foorball year. It is also a tribute to the men who played on the field that a team which was all but finished on paper could come back to win a Big Ten and Rosebowl Championship. The success of this team is proof that " the will to win " is something more than a legend. To them the coaches and players belongs the credit for the 1950 season. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Blott, CliFf Keen, George Ciethaml, Bill Orwig, Wally Weber, Don Robinson, and J. T. White. Don Dufek, Michigan ' s top ground gainer of the 1950 season, carried the ball for 61 6 yards, an average of 3.9 yards per try. The Wolverine fullback from Chi- cago, who did not report for freshman practice because he thought he could not make the grade as a college player, paced the Maize and Blue scorers with a season total of 42 points, and was on the receiving end of 8 passes which resulted in a gain of 1 40 yards. Dufek ' s football history is an interesting one. At St. George ' s High School in Evanston, III., Dufek scored 60 points in his senior year, but at Michigan he was too modest to report for practice until friends and coaches literally forced him out to the practice field. This was in 1948. Several minor injuries slowed him up considerably, but Dufek soon attracted the attention of the coaching staff, receiv- ing the Meyer W. Morton Trophy in 1949 as the most improved player in spring prac- tice, and the squad ' s Most Valuable Player award for the 1950 season. Most Valuable Player 202 All Conference For three years Chuck Ortmann has thrilled Michigan football fans with his brilliant running and pin-point passing. Behind the number 49 on the triple-threat ' s jersey is a story of deep love for Michigan and Michigan football. While still playing sandlot ball in Milwaukee, he idolized a Michigan back by the name of Tom Harmon. To this day, Ortmann still follows the custom of " Old 98 " , playing football with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. As a sophomore substitute for Gene Derricotte, Chuck soon became a favorite of Wolverine rooters. Two of his most outstanding per- formances were in the Minnesota game of 1949 and the famous frozen-kicking duel at Ohio State this season. Ortmann electri- fied the huge Rose Bowl crowd this year with his sensational play, completing 14 out of an attempted 19 passes. 203 All American Selected an A 1 1- American tackle in 1949 and 1950, Al Wahl also was the recipient of other high honors in conference and sectional play. The 6 ' 3 " 225-pound tackle, solid and unyielding as a brick wall on defense, was known as " Brick " to football fans and team-mates alike. As a 1 7-year- old wartime freshman from Oak Park, III., he was rated a great prospect; an ankle injury, however, deprived him of an entire season ' s play before he had a chance to prove himself. Army service in Germany the next year interrupted his gridiron career. Since there was no football in the area in which he was stationed, Al turned to boxing to keep in condition. An immediate success, he earned a spot on the Army Golden Gloves team and became Golden Glove champion of Germany, scoring 14 knockouts in 1 7 bouts. Wahl captained the 1950 Wolverines eleven. Al Wahl Seniors Leo Koceski, winner of the coveted Meyer W. Morton Trophy for 1948, was a valuable asset to the Wolverines although injuries kept him out of action for much of the season. Al Jackson, who has earned three letters as a varsity guard while participating in numerous and varied other campus activ- ities, helped fill a large gap in the Mich- igan line. Harry Allis, speedy Wolverine end, did most of Michigan ' s place-kicking this sea- son, as well as catching his share of passes to keep the Maize and Blue in the foot- ball limelight. Tony Momsen, big Wolverine center whose college football career was split by army service, contributed much to the potent Michigan defense as a hard-fight- ing and ever-alert linebacker. Michigan 7 Michigan State 14 A shocked capacity crowd of 97,239 watched the Spar- tans launch an unexpectedly strong ground attack to upset Michigan ' s 1950 debut to a 14-7 tune, and defeat the Wolverines for the first time in thirteen years. Effective blocking and tackling, resulting in a 67 yard first period touchdown march, drove Spartan rooters wild as wingback Sonny Grandelius crossed the Michigan goal untouched. In the third period a touchdown pass from halfback Don Peterson to Fred Pricard accounted for Michigan ' s only score. Harry Allis then converted to tie the score, but Bob Carey drove through the center of the line with eleven minutes left to play for the second Michigan State tally. Charlie Ortmann ' s first period injury (left) weakened the Michigan offensive, while Al Dorow ' s accurate passes enabled the Spartans to regularly penetrate the rather weak Wolverine aerial defensive. As the goal posts fell, Michi- gan students took up the old Spartan grid cry of " Wait ' til next year. " Although an early 7-0 Dartmouth lead plagued the Wolverines, they recovered in time to scalp the Indians, 27-7. Sophomore Lowell Perry spearheaded the Michigan team, intercepting three passes thrown by Dartmouth ' s talented quarterback, Johnny Clayton, and scoring a sec- ond quarter touchdown as well, on a pass from Bill Putich. The lone Indian score came early in the first period when, after three punt exchanges and a Michigan fumble, Clay- ton passed to end, John MacDonald, for the tally. Leo Koceski (right) scored for the Wolverines on a reverse, climaxing a 66 yard drive. Passes from Don Peterson to Harry Allis and from Putich to fullback Ralph Straffon accounted for the other two Michigan touchdowns. This win marked the sixth straight for Michigan over Ivy League teams and kept the West-East record comparatively clean with but one Ivy League victory over Michigan in nine- teen attempts. Michigan 27 Dartmouth 7 OCTOBER 14 ft lirh . - - -.- . -..-A - 208 Michigan 6 Army 27 The bemedaled brass from West Point shivered and shook as the Wolverines, led by Charlie Ortmann (left), almost ran the highly- favored Cadet team off the field during the first half; but the West Pointers recovered their self-composure, roaring back to score three TD ' s in the third quarter and defeat an inspired Michigan eleven 27-6. The game was much closer than the score indicates, however. Fullback Don Dufek scored the lone Wolverine tally with just eight minutes gone in the first period, and Michigan threatened several other times before the Cadets tied the score shortly before the half ended. The Blaikmen, however, unleashed a brilliant second half rally, featuring fullback Pollard and halfback Pollack. Not until the last minute of the third period was Army able to get the lead, but at that time they scored twenty-one points in slightly more than five minutes to send Michigan to its second defeat in three starts. Tony Momsen puts the brakes on an Army back in the first half. Michigan ' s defense held Army to one touchdown ' til the explosive third quarter. Early in the first period Dufek goes over for the touchdown that put the Wolver- ines ahead of the highly-favored Cadet team by a 6 point margin. Although it looks different from behind the play than from in front, Dufek ' s touchdown still brings plenty of joy to Michigan fans and plenty of worry for Army. Army ' s exceptional line, shown here stopping the hard-charging Dufek, was one of the big factors in the Cadet vic- tory over the Maize and Blue. THE RAZOR BLADE YOU Homecoming With the football game as their avowed purpose, and the desire to return to old college haunts as their chief motivitation a capacity crowd took ad- vantage of the beautiful autumn weather to jam the Michigan Stadium for the annual homecoming day contest. A bit relieved, perhaps, when the Wolverines outplayed Wisconsin, and quite impressed with one Mr. Charles Ortmann, the alums, all told, had a most successful back-slapping session and some gay renditions of " I ' ll ne ' er forget my college days. " 210 Michigan 26 : V Wisconsin 13 For three quarters Charlie Ortmann made Homecoming Day all Michigan, and only two late fourth quarter scores against the Wolverine reserves enabled Wisconsin to break into the scoring column. Ortmann had one of the best days of his collegiate career, despite the fact that a slight leg injury retired him from the game early in the third quarter. Ortmann gained 185 yards on the ground and in the air; in the first half alone, he completed 10 out of 14 passes. He scored once on a 14 yard run, and he threw to Putich for another score. Don Dufek, (shown below) averaging four yards a play, crashed through the Badger line con- sistently, and accounted for the Wolverines ' third and fourth tallies. Wisconsin led by second string quarterback John Coatta, bounced back late in the final period, scoring twice with but two minutes to play. This was victory num- ber one on the Wolverines ' march to the Conference Cham- pionship. Michigan 7 Minnesota 7 A spirited Minnesota crew, with four losses behind them, came from behind in the final minutes of the game to dead- lock a highly favored Michigan squad, 7-7. Two Wolverine drives in the third quarter were halted by inspired Gopher back-to-the-wall stands, but on the third march Don Dufek scored from the two yard line. The home team proved their right to a tie in the last quarter. After their first stab was blunted on the Michigan seven yard line with less than seven minutes left to play, Minnesota doggedly drove 31 yards in 1 1 plays to knot the score. Although the Wolverines were solid 20-point favorites, the odds meant nothing from the opening kickoff until the final whistle. The Gophers, determined to save face for Bernie Bierman, to give notice that Ski-U-Mah was far from finished as a football power and to break the heart of an old football rival, utilized spirit and the will to win. Michigan didn ' t lose the game, but Minnesota won. A crowd of shivering fans saw the Fighting Illini chug 80 yards for a second quarter score and then stall off the Wolverines during the final half to win, 7-0. It was really FOOTball, as the game was graced by 25 punts of as- sorted varieties. Only 1 3 passes were attempted by both clubs, Michigan throwing 1 1 of them. The Wolverines, how- ever, did not complete a single pass. Illinois, though scor- ing on a pass play, won on the ground, with Dick Raklovits providing the power and Don Stevens contributing speed. The snow, which fell in increasing amounts all through the game, forced the Wolverine attack to the depths of in- efficiency. This game marked the first time a Maize and Blue eleven had been shut out since Indiana turned the trick in 1944. Michigan inois 7 Below-freezing weather and a former fifth string halfback, Wes Bradford, combined to make an easy 20-7 win over Indiana. Bradford, subbing for injured wingback Leo Koceski, solved a big backfield problem for the Wolverines with shifty running and effective blocking all afternoon. Michigan gained an early lead in the first quarter when Harry Allis intercepted a Hoosier pass and scampered 33 yards for a T.D. Bradford scored the second Wolverine touchdown on a 41 yard run in the second quarter, and fullback Don Dufek dashed 54 yards on the first play from scrimmage in the second half to tally the third score. On the next series of plays, Indiana marched 65 yards to earn their only touchdown. Lowell Perry, Michigan end, turned in a notable performance, catching 4 passes for a total of 68 yards and providing a key interception in the final quarter. Michigan 20 Indiana 7 NOVEMBER 18 Michigan 34 Northwestern 23 Two desperation passes, both thrown in the waning mom- ents of the game against third and fourth string Michigan defenders, accounted for two Northwestern touchdowns in one of the most thrilling games ever played in the Wolverine stadium. Michigan ' s improving Wolverines were forced to maintain a crisp running attack and a hard charging defense to defeat the stubborn Wildcat aggregation, 34-23. With Don Dufek, Chuck Ortmann, and Ralph Straffon leading the way, the Maize and Blue rushing machine put on its most impressive show of the season, gaining 31 5 yards on the ground alone. Michigan capitalized on Wildcat breaks and mistakes for three of their five touchdowns, the biggest scoring surge in eighteen games for a Maize and Blue eleven. Tony Momsen and Tom Johnson were notable among the Wolverine defensemen against the Purple and White. Michigan 9 Ohio State 3 The Wolverines earned the right to represent the Big Ten in the Rose bowl by plowing through the foot of snow which blanketed the playing field at Columbus to upset Ohio State, 9-3. With only 47 seconds left to play in the first half, Michigan line-backer Tony Momsen crashed through the middle of the Buckeye line to block a third-down punt by Vic Janowicz, and fell on the ball in the end zone to score the game ' s only touchdown. With but 20 seconds remaining, Harry Allis converted to end the afternoon ' s scoring. Earlier, the Wolverines scored two points on a similar blocked punt which resulted in a safety. In the first period, Janowicz sent a 40-yard field goal through the up- rights to give his team a short-lived 3-0 lead. The Wol- verines earned their nine points without the aid of a single first down, and by gaining only 27 net yards, all of them on the ground. Conference records were shattered by the total of 45 punts. It snowed, and it snowed, and it snowed, and it snowed, and it snowed, and it snowed. Wolverine place-kicker Harry Allis successfully converts the point after the winning touchdown at snow- bound Ohio Stadium. Ortman picks up yardage around right end as gloved Buckeye de- fenders move in. The ball was so cold and wet that even some back- field men wore gloves. Ozzie Clark brings down Ohio State ball carrier. Tape around sleeves and over helmets kept out cold wind and snow which fell during the entire game. Buckeye ball carrier careens on one of Ohio ' s few gains on the ground. Snow fell so hard that at times spectators could not see the playing field. I This year Coach Ernie McCoy ' s Maize and Blue quintet suffered one of the worst seasons in the history of Michigan basketball. Winning only seven of 22 contests, the Wol- verine disaster was accented by a tie for last place in the Big Ten race. There were a few bright spots for the hoopsters such as the late season upset victory over Wisconsin and the vast improvement of center Leo Vanderkuy. However, McCoy was faced with a lack of depth that one or two individual stars could not overcome. Captain Chuck Murray continued to play his steady floor game but he was not enough to overcome the balance and depth of many of the opponents. Tom Tiernan, Jim Skala, Bob Olson and Dick Williams also contributed some fine ball playing throughout the season. Several sophomores, among them Lyle Smith, Paul Geyer, and Doug Lawrence, showed promise for a brighter future for Michigan basketball. Basketball ' . ' " 13 C ! .... .-41 Toledc 60 Michige .... . - ' ' ' - : ' r - . . -- : Michigan : Nor " re : .:._- X ' - ' higo . . 66 Sta : Michigan 58 Pennsvlvania : Michigan . . 61 Purdue : Michigan . . . . . . 52 (Visccmsir 51 ' - - z - . , . . . . 64 Northwestern - ' ' ' 3 47 -ois . " : 1 kigai - . -.63 Minnesota 66 Michigan .. 36 Mtchiga- JtaU . ... 49 Michigan . . C ' - ' - - ... 49 ' - ' " " ' ' - gar . . . . -:_ Minnesota -v ' - - gen .39 ' ' .- ; . - State .... 43 Michigan . . . . ..66 Dnio State ..68 -- - .. 70 a a- . , . . .51 A;:- 50 Mich:g = , .... . . -_ ndianc . ... ...57 Michioan . .55 = .65 Skala shoots against Indiana, and scores despite Hoosiers. Wildcat trouble plagues Skala Northwestern won 60-54. Teamwork Tiernan and Murray. Others watch with open mouths. " Stick " Williams misses tip-in early in game against Hoosiers. Carl Brunsting goes in for a shot. Indiana won game by a 57-42 score. Center, Leo Vanderkuy, tips ball in as four Hoosier players look on. Swimming The 1951 Wolverine natators, under the careful direction of Coach Matt Mann (right) enjoyed a fairly successful season, winning five of their eight meets and finishing third in Western Conference competition. Posting Conference wins over Purdue and Minnesota, and stroking by LaSalle, Bowling Green and the New York Athletic Club as well, Michigan dropped dual meets to Iowa, Ohio State and Michigan State. This was Mann ' s 27th coaching season here. During that span of years, Wolverine teams have contributed more swimmers to Olympic teams than any other single college or university in the country, and have won 16 Conference and 13 NCAA championships. 43 47 ' ' nnesoto 37 -8 Bowling Green 32 Ohio State 55 . 48 Michigan .... 43 : . Western Conference Third Jim Hartman displays perfect form in executing full twist. Kickboards provide exercise for all-important leg muscles. 400 yard relay team: Byberg, Martin, Neisch, and White. Breaststrokers John Davies, Rusty Carlyle, and Stu Elliott. Stew Elliott and John Davies. Both Big Ten breaststroke champions. Medley relay team: Dave Neisch, Stew Elliott, and Bernie Kahn. Captain Dave Neisch Several individual star performers stood out among the 1951 Wolverine natators. Stew Elliott and John Davies, holders of the Western Conference breaststroke titles, both played large roles in establishing this event as Michigan ' s strongest one. Davies, a junior who hails from Sydney, Australia, took part in the 1949 Olypmic games. Elliott, Dave Neisch and Bernie Kahn worked together all season as a unit on Michigan ' s powerful medley relay team. Neisch, the Wolverine sprint specialist, served double duty by captaining the tank crew. ::= Track Captain Don Heaver, Conference in- door low and high hurdle champion. Don McEwen was the dominating figure in the 1950 Wolverine outdoor track season. McEwen set two varsity distance records, a 4:12.0 timing in the mile run and a 9:01 .9 two mile effort. The latter was a NCAA record. The team didn ' t fare so well, however, ending up sixth in the Big Ten ' s outdoor meet. Only McEwen, with a win in the two mile run, and Don Hoover, who set a varsity 220 yard low hurdle record of :23 were Michigan win- ners. World ' s records were the vogue with the ' 51 indoor team. Early in the season the quartet of Charles White- aker, Al Rankin, Aaron Gordon, and Don McEwen broke the world ' s distance medley relay mark with a time of 10:08.9. Then three weeks later McEwen, running a race strictly against the clock, topped his own world in- door cinder track two mile record in the time of 9:04.6. The team, displaying much balance, won all of its dual meets, including its first indoor dual win over Illinois since 1944. Illinois, however, won the conference indoor meet, the Wolverines finishing second. The Michigan team was led by captain Don Hoover with a win in both the hurdle races, and McEwen with a second in the mile and first in the two mile. Don McEwen, ace distance runner, breaking world indoor two mile mark. Western Conference: Second Sprinters: Dave Stinson, Bill Konrad, John Wilcox. Distance men: Chuck Whiteaker, Aaron Gordon, Don McEwen. Coach Don Canham and assistant coach Elmer Swanson direct M trackmen. 228 Half miler John Lind- quist carrying baton in relay. Al Rankin grabs baton from Chuck Whiteaker in mile relay. Joe LaRue and Al Rankin break tape in quarter mile. 229 Hockey NATIONAL COLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS HOCKEY STATISTICS - c a a r ... ...10 : Prince o 2 , ' - - - 8 Ve c t cr n Onto ' 2 , _ zan . . . . Western Onto- : , V ;- pa . . . Boston Cc ' -:- = = . ... ' ' " " 3n 3 Boston LJ " 9 ' - :f can . . . 4 ' - ' on 6 M ' 4 . . . g Mor: ; s ;an . . . ... I Mi i 3 12 f A i n r. e ' : c t c 2 . . . 8 innesoto o Den.e- 4 V -. ' 6 Col " ' ' ' " CJG-- -On 7 i -ccc College 9 . .. 9 : ; , Tore " 6 1 , ' 10 1 " - ' .h Dakoto 4 KI _ ' r i t Micnig- . . ... 12 Nortn Dakota " ' : K 9 a r ... 9 ' ' - 6 Michigc ... 8 Mic- 3 . - ., - Michiaon Tech . - Mien =ar A TOURNAMENT 8 Boston L- Brc.. The Michigan hockey team had a solendid record this season with twenty-two wins, four defeats and one tie to its credit. The pucksters put on their greatest performance of the year at Colorado Springs when they soundly walloped the Brown University Bruins in the finals of the 1951 National Collegiate Athletic Association Hockey Tournament. The NCAA victory was truly a team triumph; the Wolverines displayed a brilliant defense, coupled with potent offensive power and speed. The Bruins, completely outclassed, put up a game but hopeless battle. By virtue of this victory, Mich- igan became the first team to win the NCAA tournament more that once. Since the tournament ' s inception in 1948, the Wolverines have always finished near the top of the NCAA rivalry, winning the title in 1948, finishing third in 1949 and 1950 and winning again, in 1951. Stuhldreher, Downes and Heathcott defend Michigan ' s goal during NCAA tourney final game against Brown. - ! J ' ' John McKennell, star for- ward, raises hands after score against Minnesota. Burford and Cel ley attempt to score against Montreal defense. Captain Gil Burford, about to swing stick at either puck or player. Celley, all alone, slips puck in for another Mich- igan score. Neil Celley, three year veteran forward, wound up a brilliant play- ing career at Michigan by practically rewriting the record books. Voted the team ' s most valuable player after the great Michigan victory in the NCAA playoffs, " The Seal " , as his team-mates labled him, scored 74 points (37 goals and 37 assists) in 25 regular season games for an all-time Michigan scoring record. At the Colorado Springs national championship tournament Celley added three goals and two assists to bring his single season mark to a phenomenal 79 points, just two short of the collegiate record. Celley ' s outstanding season play earned a left wing berth f or him on the AP Ail- American hockey team and equally sterling performances in the NCAA tourney brought him a forward position on the all-tourna- ment first team. GIL BURFORD Gil Burford, the highest scoring hockey captain in Michigan history, surpassed his own 64 point scoring record (set in the 1 949-50 season) only to have team-mate Neil Celley exceed both in setting the present one-season scoring mark. In his greatest year at Michigan, Burford scored 36 goals and 30 assists for a 66 point total which landed him on the AP Ail-American and the NCAA tournament first teams along with Celley. In NCAA tourney play Burford, perhaps Michigan ' s greatest breakaway artist, added one goal and four assists for a grand total of 71 points for the entire campaign. The big Windsor, Ontario senior ended his collegiate playing career by leading the Wolverines to their second national title in the fourth annual NCAA hockey championship. NEIL CELLEY 233 Wrestling Undefeated in dual meet competition with a record of nine wins and one tie, the 1 950-51 edition of the Maize and Blue matmen climaxed their season by capturing second place in the Western Conference Tourney at Evanston, finishing behind Ohio State ' s Buckeyes. Larry Nelson won the 123 pound crown of the Big Ten and went undefeated in regular season competition. Other standouts of the squad were Jack Gallon, conference runner-up at 1 30pounds,and Bill Stapp, team captain and runner-up in the Big Ten at 1 57 pounds. Joe Planck, who nabbed third place in the 1 77 pound class in the Big Ten title meet, and Bud Hoi- combe, who lost but one match during the regular season in the 167 pound division, were other stalwarts of Coach Cliff Keen ' s squad. Captain Bill Stapp gets a difficult " crucifix " hold on his opponent. Bud Holcomb, left, awaits attack by anxious T oledo grappler. Jack Gallon, 130 pound sophomcre, lifts his op- ponent from mat. 235 Gymnastics Hard-hit by the graduation of Tom Tillman and Gordon Levenson, and damaged seriously by the second-semester ineligibility of four key per- formers, including Pete Barthell, the team ' s most outstanding all-around gymnast, the Wolverine gymnastic squad did not enjoy too successful a season, losing Conference meets to Minnesota, Ohio State, Illinois and Michigan State. However, several individuals performed well through- out the entire season, and the Wolverine gymnasts did play host to the NCAA gymnastics tournament late in March. Captain Ed Buchanan, who was rarely defeated in trampoline competition all year, retained the NCAA trampoline title. Jeff Knight worked well on the side horse, winning many points in that event. Connie Ettl, stepping into Barthell ' s shoes, was Michigan ' s high scorer in most of the season ' s dual meets. YEAR 1948 SOS SCHOENDUBE 1949 ID BUC HANAN Pfrf 8ARTHEU 950 ID BUCHANAN PTE BARTHELi 1 GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONS EVENT TRAMPOLINE TRAMPOLINE TUMBLING PARALLEL BARS TRAMPOLINE PARALLEL BARS BIG TEN.NAAU BIG TEN. NCAA -NAAU BIG TEN BIG TCN NCAA BI TeN - I ' - - r , 34 Minnesota 46VJ - State . - - : ' . M -. ' -. ate .. 5 :: Nor:- : 7 Wise : . . - : Davidson practices tramp aided by the safety belt Loken shows side horse form to Rowland, Knight. Wylie, Buchanan and Ettl 237 Baseball A Wolverine slides safely into third against MSC. Starting off the season with a 6-2 record on their Southern swing, the 1950 Wolverine nine successfully defended their Conference co-championship for the third successive year. Led by the steady hurling of Ed Grenkoski and Bob Hicks, and the timely hitting of captain-elect Leo Koceski, the 1950 team finished in a dead heat with Wisconsin for the title. Pete Palmer ' s heavy siickwcrk and adept handling of the pitchers served as ample replacement for Tubby Raymond at the backstop post. Clean-up man Lefty Morrill proved to be dangerous in the clutches and a competent defender at first base. With Bill Bucholz and Captain Bob Wolff supplying an effective double play combination, Ray Fisher ' s boys presented a sturdy defense to back up the belting of Jerry Dorr, Bob Fancett, and Ralph Morrison. Dorr led the team in hitting for the 1950 season. The Maize and Blue finished their schedule with an 18-9 record, in- cluding a Conference winning double victory over Ohio State on the last day of the season. Ray Fisher, for thirty- one years Michigan ' s head baseball mentor. X 1 Pete Palmer is just as good behind the plate as on the gridiron. Another versatile athlete is Leo Koceski, also of football fame. 240 Pitcher Ed Grenkoski, now with Yankees led " M " moundsmen. Palmer effectively blocks plate against Purdue runner. . Tennis Displaying superb team balance, the Michigan netters stroked their way to victory through nine dual matches to ex- tend their consecutive winning mark to 25. In the Western Conference Championships at Evanston the Wolverine team yielded to Northwestern and Illinois only after capturing a singles and doubles championship. Co-captains and top singles men Don Mackay and Al Hetzeck combined their talents on the number one doubles team and were runners-up to N orthwestern ' s top seeded Grant Golden and Bill Landin. Dick Lincoln and Steve Bromberg completed the season un- defeated both in singles play and as a doubles team, and capped the season by winning the number 2 Doubles title at the conference tourney. Len Brumm paired with Ross Herron to supply a dependable number 3 doubles team whose win in the dual match against Northwestern proved to be the margin of victory over the conference champs. Five conference foes bowed to the Wolverines during the season which also saw Michigan revenge itself against Notre Dame who had given the Wolverine squad their last defeat in 1948. Back Row: William Murphy Coach Don Mackay, Al Hetzeck, Dick Lincoln, Bill Merritt, Manager. Front Row: Steve Bromberg, Ross Herron,lLennie Brumm. llti ft V Don Maclcay co- captain and number one singles man. Steve Bromberg, sophomo re, was unbeaten in season play. Co-captain Al Hetzeck, number two singles man. Golf LEFT TO RIGHT: Bert Katzenmeyer, coach, Leo Hauser, Keith LeClair, John Fraser, Dean Lind, Bob Olson, Chuck MacCallum, Dick Evans. The 1950 Wolverine golf team contin- ued on its winning ways as Coach Bert Katzenmeyer ' s men fought to third place in the conference behind Purdue and Ohio State. Faced at midseason with the loss of one of their finest players, Co-captain Bob Olson, the linksmen nevertheless managed to more than hold their own against some of the best competition in the nation. After losing three dual meets on the southern swing, the Maize and Blue came back to finish with over a .500 record. Co-captain Chuck MacCallum, Leo Hauser, and Keith LeClair, all seniors, played excellent golf to form the backbone of the team. Sopho- mores Dick Evans, who had a 66 round for the year ' s low, Dean Lind, and John Fraser showed great promise in their first year of varsity competition. Evans will be back this year to captain the team and lead the quest for the Big Ten title. LEFT: Bob Olson, 1950 Co-captain RIGHT. Dick Evans, 1951 Captain Back Row: Thomas Kelsey, Oswald Clark, Less PoBj William Dod kBer Hu r;;i Hi-inMAIlis, Donald Dufek, Jcmes Atchison, Thomas Emblad, Donald McEwen, George Jacobi, Russ OB nan Oeorct Eystor, R bert Wecc i iMFourlh Row: William Konrad, Donald Hoover, Earl Keyes, Gilbert Burford, Paul Pelow, Al BassyHo -pr h armo j.-rn Hci ' rrcn, CKm I Murray, Frank Keller, Lincoln Painter, Allen Virgona, Stephen Bromberg. Tony Momsen. ThirdH ' - K iit: Let !aii Rcbi it Larsch Hi Willicms, William Putica, Don McClelland, James Skala, Leo Koceski, Robert Olson, Leo ' uiy Robert Heathcoti Acrcr ' ..: Hn, Bradford Stone, Carl Kreager. Second Row: Peter Palmer, Ralph Straffon, Edward May, RicharB Alan H , Jo 1 n t iazei H n Lind, Richard Martin, David Neisch, Alan Fitch, David Space, Stewart Elliott, Charles OrtmBj ?o HJ H ncH li.vrenci Nelson, James White, Alexander Hetzeck, Thomas Tillman, Neil Celley, William Stapp, JohrH rbuck |Gec H M ht, (Jnnie Ettl dsel Buchanan, Pete Barthell, Elford Dudley. 246 The baseball squad works For a hit while, below, Ed Bu- chanan, holder of the NCAA trampoline title, prefers a bouncing canvas to a grassy sandlot. M Club The establishment of an " M " Club scholarship was one of the biggest single moves made by the organization this year. The scholarship is awarded to the person who, in the opinion of his fellow mono- gram wearers, has contributed the most to the club. Under the leadership of president Bill Stapp the club got off to a good start with the " M-Hop " at the new University Golf Course clubhouse early in December. The proceeds from the Rose Bowl movies, narrated by club memb ers, and from the sale of J-Hop extras were donated to the March of Dimes. In the Spring a picnic brought the club activities for the year to a close. Al Wahl and Northwestern ' s Don Stonesifer engage the referee in the usual pre-game chatter. Back Row: Elaine Seyferth, Jack Deppen. Gene Hatfield, R. H. Hagelin, Tom Thomas, James Ryan, Richard Kendall. Second Row: Robert Martin, Heino Valvur, Lawrence Van Houten, Harry Hillman, Russel Vance, William Zayanohkowski. Front Row: Douglas Covert, Martin Everitt, Samuel Kalow, Don Postma. Harman Nine, Albert Demmler. Rifle Club Physical Education Club Betty Mares, Suzanne Rose, Janyce Ayers, Eva Takemoto, Doris Melleky, Barbara Beckley. 248 Complete with tin whistle, IM officials prepare for refereeing. I M Sports The Michigan intramural program is unique among collegiate athletic plans because of its excellent facilities and var- ied schedule. Under the direction of Earl Riskey and Rod Grambeau, the Intramural Sports program offers students an oppor- tunity to compete in 36 sports. The intra- mural staff, consisting of six assistants and eight managers, is responsible for sched- uling and supervising the eight leagues which participate in the program. The Intramural Sports Building, an important and oft-used part of the University ' s ath- letic plant, contains four basketball courts, eight volleyball courts, twelve badminton A dark-shirted back gets away a long one behind good block- ing. A boxing enthusiast takes a mean swing at the elusive striking bag to Fill up those extra hours. courts, a 75-foot swimming pool, 14 hand- ball courts, 10 squash courts, boxing and wrestling rooms, indocr golf practice ranges and a gymnastic room. The University Golf Course, reported to have cost over $365,000, and the Ferry Field baseball diamonds and tennis courts serve as the headquarters of spring IM sports. The most hotly-contested of the eight leagues are Residence Halls, Fraternity, Independent, and International. The Resident Hall league presents intense competition be- tween the 18 mens dormitories on cam- pus; 48 fraternities vie in the Fraternity league. A miss is as good as a mile in the strenuous touch football aames played on South Ferry Field. Back Row: Mary Peterson, Marg Ingram, Shila McConih, Barb Buslepp, Mona Pick, Bobby Krause, Betty Comstoek, Pani Price, Diana Lahde, Ginny Reese, Nancy Fitch, Nancy Somers. Second Row: Pat Smith, Barb Molyneaux, Barb Hansen, Judy Johanneen, Lindy Thisted, Eleanor Doersam, Barb Simmons, Mary Louise Hook, Jan Dewey. Front Row: Barb Keim, Abby Funk, Barb Buschmann, Jean Knibbe, Dot Warmeling, Doris Marsh, Patty Gullberg, Lois Middleton, Barb Riley, Gracia Whitworth, W. A. A. Bowling Association Back Row: Jo Irwin, Janette Marcyi, Donna Kilburn, Pauline Marx, Donna Malone, Alicia Stevenson. Second Row: Carol Rush, Margaret Shepherd, Bobby Kraupe, Ruth Teitelbaum, Barbara Beukema, Betty Bridges. Front Row: Ann Alway, Joyce Howard. Back Row : Doris Melleky . Marty Hoke. Joy Sidenberg, Georgia Shambes, Jane Jessup. Bobby Krause. Abby Funk, Eliiaheth Walker. Joan Gooden. Lois Middleton. Second Row : Judy Palmer. Olga Hrescak, Jane Cook. Ginnie Reese, Diana Lahde. Marv Sherwood. Pauline Marx, Anne Diller, Cecily Wade. Lora Franklin. Adriana Londes, La Verne Schmitkons. Front Row: Patti Madden. Carol Schiller. Dorothy Rasmusseo. Marge Ingram. Eleanor Doeraam. Suzanne Rose, Shila McComb, Irene Gonckowski. Carolyn Abbott, Ina Bermexo. Athletic Managers Michifish Standing: Barbara Keim. Mona Pick. Jody Behrens. Ariine Lange, Friuie Dareu. Barbara Keller. Kneeling: Marty Conney. Joan Daley. Judy Clancy- Marg Atkinr, Freddie Wickstrom. Miriam Hammer. Front Raw: Sally Reed. Jane Moody. Nancy Marshall. Sally Fish. Diana Lahde. On Board: Marge Ingram. Enninie Crockett, Laura Halthe. Peg Sabin. Jan Dewey. Ice Skating Club From November to March this year the members of the Ice Skating Club spent their afternoons gaily practising spirals, figure eights, spins, and jumps. An added attraction was ice dancing instruction. The teaching of the tango, the waltz, the fox-trot, and the polka attracted both men and women to the rink. Management of the club was under the direction of Mary Frances Greschke, Gold Test Skater, who taught the skaters and planned the pre-hockey game programs. Helping her was Carole Somer, who has for three years been manager and Jeanette Scoville who acted as the assistant manager and treasurer. Left to Right Above; Somers, Scoville, Greschke Left to Right: Jean Gardiner. Fred Scott, Judy Cushing, Leo Roach, Marilyn Jacobs, Stewart Brown, Vilma Leveti. Chuck Thatcher, Jeanette Scoville, Len Holder. Riding Above Back Row: Dorothea Wissenthal, Jane Krehma. Jeanne Knechtel. Pearl Berry, Nancy Bowers, Pat Corrigan. Ann Lewis. Joyce Howard, Connie Hart, Front Row: J. Standiford, Liz Barber, Skip Grainger, Patty Gullberg. Eva SaJzwann, Kathie GeiRenmueiler, Gloria Youph, Mary Thompson. Below Fourth Row: Cecily Wade, Susan Riggs. Susan Adams. Alice Field. Arlene Lange. Third Row: Nancy Shaw ley. Joyce Howard, Jo Poch. Dorothy Rapp, Lois Middleton, XIary Doelle. Second Row: Mamie Follinger, Kathie Geigenmueller, Barbara Keim. Miss Stewart. Jane Thompson, Sarah Weed, Georgia Rese. Front Row: Phyllis Peterson. Pat Teiter, Nan Somere. Marv Louise Hook, Barb Riley, Judv Drake. Field Hockey Rifle The ROTC Rifle Range takes on a very different look as Riflery Club coeds try to outshoot Annie Oakley. With a lunge, the fencers make their point while the golfers dream of spring. Roasting marshmallows entertains the sturdy camp counselors and the square dancers wait to swing i nto their dance. W. A. A. Activities 256 To the beat of a tom-tom students de- velop grace and coordination in inter- pretive dance. Others enjoy group ac- tivity as they leap for the scoring basket or hit the badminton bird high above opponents ' heads. 257 And there are Greeks. Those with the bright, shiny badges are the Greeks. They ' ll tell you it ' s fun to fight for the shower and it ' s even fun to go through the tortures of rushing. And we believe them? Maybe it ' s the pleasant, informal atmosphere that does it maybe it isn ' t. Any- way it ' s still fun. The Greeks make social life on campus a little more memorable, a little more inti- mate in a university of this siz e. There is nothing that can replace the feeling of be- longing to a small group that has mutual respect and affection for its members. Deep friendships grow easily in the intimate at- osphere of the sorority or fraternity. Lastin pride in the house and in the friends that we make there tend to give fraternal living more value than life in just a club. There are the little quirks of the Greeks which make them look slightly strange in the fraternities we find an abnormal obsession for possessing unusual dogs and getting pinned more than once,- while the sororities have more than the average number of fads: somebody gets a Guatemalan shoulder-strap bag everybody gets a Guatemalan shoulder- trap bag. To mention decorating is sure eath to the composure of the sorority set. Hours are spent over coffee in the evening in preparation for study, but somehow the amount of pleasure received is worth far ore than the tim of each semester with a few noble excep tions there is always the great panic. Will the aver- age be up to par? But the panic is no longer sogreat, and we bless the administra- being lenient enough to lower the danger mark to a two point. Rushing is the most hazardous part of Greek life. Try as they may the actives can never quite put the rushees at ease, much less themselves. The tumult and the cries depart after what seems years, and the houses settle back to train- ing the pledges. That, too, is torture of a sort for both parties, but for the most part everyone is happy pledgeship, particularly in retrospect, seems like good fun, and then the big moment comes with the initiation and onderful feeling that goes with becom- ing a full member. Each year the Greeks seem to put forth a bigger and better effort for the Homecoming displays each year the ' airy grows more fierce and aggressive you happen to be walking by the Cjreel- houses, you will see an amazing sight almost all the Greeks are out throwing something 260 together for the display. It is one of the rare occasions when the Greeks get up early except for classes, of course. Then, of course, there are the parties. The little nformal, Saturday night record done: Christmas parties, and sunc occasions lead up to the big I.F.C. formal in the spring. But here we are not even mentioning our better half, the sororities, whose pleasant, feminine teas and small informal parties often mo 1 ? the fraternity efforts seem cold and clunky. During the auturr:- oefore the Panhe! Ball who has not heard the plain- cry of one boy to another, " Did you e the varsity this year ' And if h the other will smile i;i smug satisfaction, since this big blowojt cr the sororities is always received happily if enviously by the boys. The b eauty of it is that all the parties, large or small, have that same spirit of good fellowship, camaraderie, or what ever you life is undergoing an evolution. The em- blazoned beer mugs hold only coke as far as the Greeks are concerned, and the bars in the basement have either disappeared or are layered with dust from disuse. Many thought that would be the end of the Greeks, but they have been proved more than wrong. The Greeks are healthier than ever. We have run through the lighter side of Greek liv- ing, and to the casual observer it would coming ratk: - tal, b. should be mentioned anyway. The G give a person experience r forgotter in his life rour z .- of chc- sense of security that is an inflt many ye nation. 261 Sororities After the rushees have walked in the door and walked through the rushing parties smiling and sweet, they find themselves with pledge pins and a whole new kind of college life ahead of them. Living in a small group has many advantages, among which are parties together at the famous P. Bell (when the grand age of twenty-one is reached, studying in a friendly atmosphere and chatting together in the kitchen over coffee and peanut butter sandwiches. 263 Panhellenic Panhellenic, the organization for affiliated women on campus, started off this year with the Panhel workshop. Discussions of problems about rushing and house activities of the individual houses filled most of the after- noon and finished with a banquet in the League dining room. Each house on campus sent three representatives to the workshop which is becoming an annual event. When November came Panhel ' s efforts were turned to presenting the annual Panhel Ball. The theme was the bright lights of " Mid- night in Manhattan " which invaded the whole second floor of the League. Each room carried out the New York theme with the ballroom used for dancing. 264 Pan-Hel Board LEFT TO RIGHT Back Row: Ginger Ellis, Enid Frank, Doris Buser, Mary Helen King. Front Row: Pauline Zimmerman; Beverly Clarke,- Nancy Clark. Missing: Jane Topper; Sally Strauss. JANE TOPPER President The Rushing Chairmen meet to discuss problems concerning rushing this year. NANCY CLARK Rushing Chairman Rushing Chairmen 265 Pipes of Pan, the newspaper of Panhellenic, is devoted to informing affiliated women of campus events, activities of Panhellenic, and news of other affiliates. Under the direction of Pauline Zimmerman, editor, and Jane Ellzey, business manager, Pipes is greeted with eagerness on each publication date. The picture of the pin used in the masthead is that of the newly-organized Rushing Counselors. In its second year, this group has been pronounced a complete success in its task of counseling rushees during the important two weeks of rushing. LEFT TO RIGHT: Pauline Zimmerman, Jane Ellzey. RUSHING COUNSELORS Left to Right: Back Row: Judy Sinclair, Enid Frank, Rosemary Wise, Carol Ann Miller, Marilyn Collins. Front Row: Ellen Van Wagoner, Jane Barker, Beverly Clarke, Catherine Murtha, Erna Fritz. 266 Left to Right Back Row: Nancy Isolampi ' 52; Sara Hall ' 52; Joan Kay Brush ' 53; Mary Alice Davis ' 52; Pat Wheeler ' 53; Jerry Morse ' 51; Carole Lofgren ' 53; Jean Wardley ' 53; Nancy Finch ' 53; Donna Cady ' 51; Marilyn Groos ' 52; Eleanor Boja ' 51; Lois Rowell ' 51; Ruth Lounsbery " 51. Third Row: Hope Schaidler ' 51; Delores DeLoof ' 52; Conine Bacon ' 52; Jo Scheirer ' 51; Ann Landbloom ' 52; Myrna Rees ' 51; Carolyn Hartman ' 53; Dot Wendler ' 52; Jeannette Dujardin ' 52; Marg Wappler ' 53; Lynn Walldorff ' 52; Joan Hildebrant ' 52; Sue Griffin ' 53; Marion Cloots ' 53. Second Row: Marilyn Matthew? ' 52; Shirley Miller ' 51; Mary Beth Howe ' 51; Joan Buckingham ' 51; Carol Schumacher ' 51; Mrs. Netting; Jean Decker ' 51. President; Mary Pat Young ' 51; Mamie Watson ' 51; Ann Cudnev ' 51 ; Barbara Hall ' 51. Front Row: Jo Sieber ' 52; Sherry Truesdell ' 53; Pat Gillespie ' 53; Cherry Richards ' 52; Pamela Meyer ' 53; Carol Wilcox ' 52; Ginny Gish ' 52; Fran Dailey ' 52; Marge Creola ' 53; Junell Doty ' 52; Pat Durham ' 52; Janet Miller ' 52. Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi ' s, despite many long hours spent playing bridge, confis- cating food for midnight snacks, and conversing, managed to sur- vive an exceptionally crowded social calendar this year. The only house on campus who could build a display in the basement, then find it too big to get out the door, we had a fine Homecoming weekend once we had contacted an engineer. A good number of Alpha Chi ' s made the roll call of campus wheels with key positions on Frosh Weekend, Soph Cab, JGP, and Judiciary. Regardless of diminishing returns on finals and deficit spending to a great degree Alpha Chi reviews an outstanding year including Father ' s Day weekend, Pan-Hel Ball, ex- change dinners, Christmas formal and pledge formal. 267 ' Left to Right Back Row: Beverly Arble ' 53; Maryell von Herrmann ' 52; Catherine McCarthy ' 52; Mary Ann Weiss ' 52; Ma ' 53; Bert Donnelly ' 52; Carole Eiserman ' 52; Beverly Young ' 52; Jacque Hirt ' 53; Bonnie Honke ' 51; Helen Haper ' 51; Janice Hulett erger Third Row: Marvlouise J Ti . . . _. Row: Shirley Wellhoff ' 53; Nita Foulkrod ' 52; Joanne Frye ' 52; Margie Hager ' 52; Marge Ackennan ' 53; Dee Saunders ' 51; Dee Gates ' 51; Barbara Johnson ' 53; Iris Leja ' 53; Marilyn Yarrnain ' 52. Missing: Mary Louise Willard ' 52; Rosemary Brown ' 52. Alpha Delta Pi This is national centennial year for Alpha Delta Pi, and we are celebrating our birthday in May with a grand convention. The Michigan A.D. Pi ' s opened the house in September with a record dance. We started celebrat- ing in October by winning second place in Homecoming. Festivities were carried into November with a dinner at the house before Pan-Hel Ball. Before we knew it we were again dancing at our Christmas formal. When January came we were plunged into finals, coming up for air in time for Rushing and J- Hop. Spring brought the pledge formal and that wild senior night. Another year has flown by, and we wish the seniors good luck and hope for another wonderful year. 268 It was September 25, when the cards were dealt, and everyone joined in the shuffle and returned to 407 N. Ingalls. The game followed the usual turn of events at the football games and open houses. At these social gatherings some males were passed and others were trumped. 2.96 might mean much to Culbertson or Goren, but to us it was significant of winning the game, in fact it was a grand slam as far as scholastic averages go. At the end of the year, we gather up our cards and smile across the table at our partners, knowing that the game has been fun and since it ' s the spirit and co- operation that counts, we have all won our master points. Alpha Epsilon Phi Front Row: Bette Jeanne Krickstein ' 51; Joan Meyers ' 51; Gloria Princ ' 52; Hannah Mints ' 51; Judith Singer ' 52; Ann Lewis ' 53; Elise Schwartz " 53; Rutb Cop- lin " 51; Judith Isenbere " 53; Lois Daniels " 53 Hissing: Audrey Fames " 51; Joyce Rashii " 52. 269 Them was the days of peanut- butter ' n jelly, Of J-Hop, P-Bell, and Schia- parelli, Of terr ' ble hard work on Home- comin ' display, (Oh pity goodness, ' twas a sad day), Of serenades, teas, and football games, Of bridge and argyles and new nicknames, Of typewriters clickin ' till the wee hours, Of diets and dates and Valentine flowers, Of rushin ' and parties and 26 pledges, Of a pink front porch not hidden by hedges, Of J.G.P. and all them spring dances, Of pins and rings and short lived romances, Of sodi-pop, picnics and sunburns and blisters, Yep, you guys, that ' s life with the sisters. Them was the days. Alpha Gamma Delta Left to Right -Back Row: Margie Owens ' 51; Barbara Beck! 270 Alpha Omicron Pi We started laughing last fell when Margee set the pace in her red flannels with the built- in feet; we haven ' t stopped laughing yet. Gail spent all year casting on for a pair of argyles, and dropped many a stitch helping out with Homecoming and Halloween. Joyce ' s auburn hair, which made her a perfect Nellie Bly for the Dad ' s Weekend skit, reminded the Sigma Nu ' s of their dog, Penny. Beri fell out of an upper bunk, but recovered in time for the Winter Formal at Pine Lodge. And, even Jeanne ' s uke singing sounded good for rush- ing parties and study breaks. We have a grand bunch of fun-loving, activity-conscious AOPi ' s. 271 ,L ' " nedj Pearson ' 51. Alpha Phi The jolly group pictured here was caught entirely unaware while lounging in the living room. We are a group of young ladies who prefer the wildness of the country to the wildness of the campus. Our house being half way between New York and Ann Arbor, most of us walked over to the Yankee Stadium one weekend when some boys were playing football. In March a swarm of young girls started out to pay us a call. They arrived in February and fell exhausted on our door- step. We pledged them. Now as our exalted seniors pass weeping from our door, we hear melodious strains of " It ' s so peaceful in the country. " 272 Vol. XIX June, 1951 Ann Arbor Alpha Xi Deltas vote the Alpha Xi Deltas the most fun-loving girls on Campus. WOMEN ' S PAGE Fathers ' Weekend, Halloween Party, Christ- mas Formal. SPORTS SECTION Volleyball, Basketball Swimming, Ping- Pong, Softball, Tennis, Badminton, Bowling WHEW! CLASSIFIED Lost. OBITUARIES Jeanie Meegns ' long-suffering African Violet. Tough Football. The Delta Xi Alphas of last year ' s ' Ensian. Alpha Xi Delta left to Right Back Row: Ethel Cada ' 52; Jean Carson ' 53; Nancy Taylor ' 52; Joan Hegener ' 53; Loralyn Anway ' 53; Janet Cast ' 53; Barbara Lawton ' 52; Lynn Kimpton ' 53; Roberta Shaw ' 53; Jacqueline Bergey ' 53. Third Row: Carol McCarthy ' 51; Man, ' Boer ' 52; Patricia Flowers ' 53; Nancy Hilton ' 52; Patricia Brown- son ' 52; Frances Bendler ' 51; Mary Helen Jorstad ' 53; Jacqueline Grant ' 53; Sally Hansen ' 53; Barbara Ellacott ' 53; Marie Abendroth ' 53. Second Row: Nancy Coleman ' 51; Mary Louise Hook ' 51; Jean Parker ' 52; Jacqueline Priebe ' 52; Ann Maurer ' 51. President; Mrs. Gaylord; Nancy Neff ' 51; Barbara Ochs ' 52; Jean Meengs ' 51 ; Catherine Lambers ' 51. Front Row: Martha Coburn ' 53; Janyce Ayers ' 53; Patricia Ford ' 52; Barbara Riley ' 53; Louise Warren ' 51; Mary Ellen Hastie ' 53; Janne Cooley ' 53; Winifred Duckek ' 51; Kathleen Keely ' 53. 273 We ' ll ne ' er forget those college days Parties, classes, and honors we ' ve won, And although we ' ll never get any A ' s You will see that we ' ve had lots of fun. At ten o ' clock we have coffee each day, And at seven its bridge or a show. After hours, more fun with the ukes we play Singing " We ain ' t gonna weep no mo! " We ' ve Mortar Board and Soph Cabaret, ' Ensian, Daily, and J. G. P. There ' s Wyvern, the League, and W.A.A, " Must we have classes? " is our plea. Each year our fathers go further in debt, For things we can never repay. Then college days we will never forget, Gee Dad, couldn ' t I get an M.A.? Chi Omega Left o Righi Back Row: Judy Davies " 53; Alice Lowe " 52; Carol Clifford ' 53; Cynthia Bruce " 52; Janet Bosworth " 53; Kaney Bolles ' 52; Margie Yose " 53; Margot " ' ' ' ' ' ' . Aschenbrenner ' 51; Sally McBride ' 51; Alice Jean Sayles ' 51. Collegiate Sorosis " We are Sorosae, we ' re peachy keen, We ' ve got a darn good football team! " As the sun came up to wel- come the big homecoming week- end the sleepy town of A " heard the confident Sorosae singing their " melodious " victory song. Our crepe paper atomic blast forced us into a spectacular victory over the Thetas in the traditional Mud Bowl. Spurred by our victory, we had decided to turn to pro-football when Pan Hel drew near. We checked lists of available men but many of them had seen us play in the Bowl and feared our superior strength. We rounded up a few of the rougher, man-type boys who complimented our relative femininity. They couldn ' t believe we were the same bruised bunch! 275 Delta Delta Delta We are the Tri Delts . . . typical college coeds ... we ' get pinned, engaged, and use Ponds ... we build homecom- ing displays that are so hot they win first prize and then burn down ... we are athletic, sophisticated, and intelligent . . . we give wild west parties and quiet pledge formals ... we give cultured musicales once a year and birthday parties at the Bell once a week ... we have mothers ' weekends, fathers ' weekends, and lost weekends . . . we have exchange dinners and eat breakfast alone ... we maintain the campus average scholastically and enjoy campus activities generally . . . don ' t try the others Tri Delt. 276 Hannah made her mind up When she was two That when she got to D.G. This is what she ' d do: Talk on the telephone And watch television, Read big books (In the short edition), Be the hostess At dinners and teas And drink black coffee At Mary Lee ' s, Swim in the meets If the judges are blinded, Be energetic And activity minded. But Hannah got pinned instead. Delta Gamma Jacobs ' 52. Missing: Rosemary Rindp; 277 Football games, after-game open houses, Homecoming, the buffet dinner for alumnae, and record dances brightened the Delta Zeta fall semester. We also held many after-hours parties featuring coffee and doughnuts. Once football season ended, preparations began for the Christmas party and caroling. Many of us made the trip to California and the Rose Bowl. After Christmas came finals and rushing. Then we all settled back on our front porch to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of spring returning to the Arb. But relaxation was not for long. Soon we were busy getting ready for the spring pledge formal. Then, finals . . . and many goodbyes. Delta Zeta Third Row: Mary Sullivan ' 53; Left to Right Back R " 52 ; Carol Eagle " - N Pieti ' 51; Myra XortoL , -. menter ' 51; Elizabeth Clapham field ' 51; Mrs. Sanford; Jean " Front Row: Betty Moncrieff Pmrmenter ' 51. Missing: Pat Sibbert ' 51; Je ri Bieh ' 51; Bevertey Howe!! ' 52 Martineau ' 52; Carol Ann Miller ' 52; Catherine Wetxel " 51; Barbara Smith " 52; Betsy Sanders " 53; Pat Walker " 52; Carol Colwe!! Gamma Phi Beta Beta of Gamma Phi Beta requests the pleasure of your company Football open-houses, Dads ' and Mothers ' Weekends, mock Initi- ations for " Legacies " , " Only-Children " , and what-have-you, Cookie Parties, Serenades, Rush, Hash, and Pledging, Study Sessions, Ukulele practice, All-night Discussions, Pledge and Christmas Formals, Before-and-After Din- ner Bridge Games and Sundry Other Activities on various dates between September, 1950 and June, 1951 1 520 South U.,A.A. Pringle ' 51. Kappa Alpha Theta Theta ' s first semester activities centered around football. Homecoming morning found us busy at work putting up our dis- play. The Mudbowl Game followed; the " scoreless classic " was upset by the Sorosis victory over our black-soxed line-up, Then came fathers ' weekend with the usual laughs and a whole new stock of memories. With the SAE ' s, we entertained orphanage children at a Christmas party. In December, we also gave a tea for Ann Arbor townspeople. We held our Christmas formal with Phi Gam. We returned in spring to rushing, J-Hop, and exchange dinners. Our social calendar was filled with faculty dinners, mothers ' weekend, and trips to Whitmore Lake and the Golf Course. A great year was climaxed by our Pledge Formal in May, 280 Even though we were dashed against the rock of despair When they raised the bus fare Two cents! We ' ve come up smiling, we walk if we dare In hopes that a Chi Phi or Zete we might snare. Who knows? We ' ve tried being active to show that we care, Homecoming, Pan-Hel and still time to spare, We think Kappa Delta Jean Schroeder ' 51; Ida Semerjian ' 51; Marilyn Davis idson ' 51; Connie Sunonds " 53; Mary Lou Scanion ' 51; . _ . . ._ ; Joan Dixon ' 52; Annette Fisher ' 51; Joan Gooden ' 52. Second Row: Janice James ' 52; Johanna Leonard ' 52; Patricia Sly ' 51; Mrs. Holmes; Lydia Wilhelra " 51. President; Charlotte Will ' 51; Jean Abbott ' 52; Hazel Tar- bell ' 52. Front Row: Betty Lee ' 52; Margaret Haley ' 51; Jacque Yund " 51; Carolyn Walker ' 52; Mary Jo Scott ' 52; Cecil; Joyce Clark ' 51; Beverly Fullerton ' 51; Marlene Carder ' 53. Missing: Jane Barker ' 52; Bett Corbett ' 53; Audrey Grendahl ' 52. 281 ...-KKJU. _t . AL ' U Returning after a summer of work, play, and travel the Kappa ' s plunged into another year. The first big event was our Father ' s Weekend honoring our " favorite dates " . . . football season meant open houses and excitement ending with many plans for Rose Bowl trips . . . the Christmas spirit really took hold at our Christmas Formal when Santa Claus visited to distribute gifts to our dates . . . our house Christmas party and carolling with the SAE ' s filled the last week before vacation . . . exams and rush- ing ended the first semester. With the usual spring pastimes of picnics, hiking and swim- ming there was still time in the spring semester for our province convention at the University of Indiana . . . Mother ' s Weekend in May . . . and our annual Spring Formal honoring the new initiates. Kappa Kappa Gamma Left to Right Back Row: Janet Dewey ' 51 ; Judy Clancy ' 53; Alice Kitts ' 52; Sue Adams ' 53; Mary Muller ' 52; Elliot Ryder ' 51; Harriet Brown ' 52; Liz Baldwin ' 53; Nancy Brewer ' 53; Jody Behrens ' 53; Jan Williams ' 52; Sarah McHale ' 51; Arlene Lanpte ' 52. Third Row: Joan Daley ' 53; Jean White ' 53; Pat Fildew ' 52; Barbara Keim ' 51; Mary Jo McCormick ' 52; Virginia Persons ' 51; Gloria James ' 53; Sue Dwan ' 52; Cecily Wade ' 52; Nancy Claar ' 51; Nancy Watkins ' 52; Janet Lasky ' 52; Mary Elizabeth Newton ' 53. Second Row: Nancy Comstock ' 53; Ileana Lindh ' 51; Doris Buser ' 51; Elizabeth Vial ' 51; Margaret Hodges ' 51, President; Mrs. Owen ; Virginia Bauer ' 51; Barbara Rising ' 51; Jeanne Lange ' 51; Ruth Oldberg ' 53. Front Row: Betty Comstock ' 53; Marianne Wilkinson ' 51; Nancy Upjohn ' 53; Bette Swanson ' 51; Martha Bryant ' 51; Marilyn Bailey ' 52; Robin Glover ' 53; Janet Oberg ' 53; Marilyn Collins ' 52; Mary Powers ' 51. 282 1 fw t Front Row: Sally Strmuss ' 51; Joan Frankman ' 51 ; Christine Boomer ' 51; Joan Luedders ' 51; Elaine Nagelvoort ' 5i : Nancy list ' 51; Pauline Zimmerman ' 5! ; Barbara dhnmoti ' 51. Pi Beta Phi The scene is laid in a large, low ceil- inged room of the pit of the Pi Phi house. It is drafty. The smell of s tale cigarette smoke and burnt coffee combine to nauseate the inhabitants, who are scattered in various poses beneath books, papers, tables, and chairs. One form stands out from the rest because of a tall, pointed hat upon her head labeled MONITOR! At intervals she rises, lifts a well s ' -.arpened pencil and leads the group in the slirring chant, " On my honor, I will try to get a four point for Pi Beta Phi. " This is the Pi Phi study hall. The time: 7-10 P.M., four nights a week, September 1950 June 1951! What else did we do? 7-4-3. 283 Left to Right Back Row: Fay Ann Shapiro ' 53; Sondra Diamond ' 53; Lyn Rudolph ' 52; Sue List ' 51; Roberta Hasan ' 51; Diane Lightstone ' 51; Tulane ItkofF ' 52; Mary Anne Cooper ' 52; Myra Grossman ' 53; Barbara Levistein ' 51; Naomi Benjamen ' 52; Barbara Bernstein ' 53; Marilyn Karasek ' 53. Third Row: Fioralou Israel ' 53; Maureen Shapiro ' 53; Joy Seidenberg ' 53; Shulamith Ad ier ' 52; Ronnie Shapiro ' 51; Jean Iglauer ' 51; Rhona Morrison ' 51; Ralle Kamens ' 52; Margot Abels ' 53; Ruth Rykoff ' 53; Cara Cherniak ' 53; Betty Kornman ' 53. Second Row: Fayne Meyers ' 52; Joyce Briskman ' 51; Jean Saracen ' 52; Joan Willens ' 51. President; Mrs. Feder; Beverly Baron ' 51; Elaine Benjamen ' 52; Harriet Silep ' 53; Lucy Goldstone ' 52; Enid Frank ' 52. Front Row: Sheila Frenkel ' 53; Cecele Sommcrfield ' 53; Doris Hymen ' 53; Bunn Ziokerman ' 52; Lenore Serck ' 53; Joyce Weston ' 52; Lois Kotin ' 52; Shirley Newfield ' 52. Sigma Delta Tau Come and see her as she goes, Tripping on her sister ' s toes. And in her right hand you can see She bears the torch for SDT. At 7 a.m. she ' s out of bed, From the upper she steps on her roommate ' s head, She downs her juice and begins her flight. Her footsteps would startle the dead in the night. She ' s all alone at this early hour Then " Home Sweet Home " chimes Burton Tower. On she trudges, courageous lass Undaunted, determined, she enters her class. And when you see her you must know She ' ll greet you with a cheery " hello. ' For friendship firm is what she ' ll give Sig Delt girl, with thee, I mean to live. I HEAR THE CALL OF ZETA (fourth for bridge) IT IS ALWAYS WITHIN ME (so claim Erna, Liz, and Mary while reminiscing about last summer ' s European trip) AND MAKES ME EVER LOYAL (through preparations for our home- coming display, rushing, the tea for our national officers, the annual Apple Polishing Tea) TO MY FRATERNITY. I HEAR THE CALL OF ZETA (supporting a Displaced Student in the chapter house) IT BINDS ME TO HER EVER (for many alumnae returned for our football weekends, open house buffets, Christmas and Spring Formals) AND THOUGH WE LEAVE OUR COLLEGE (for the seniors are busily planning their marriages or jobs) SHE ' LL KEEP US AS HER OWN, HEAR THE CALL OF ZETA. Zeta Tau Alpha Left to Right Row: Joan Karner ' 51; Beverly Wilson. Grad.: Ruth Hart ' 52; Shirley Piguet ' 52; Lora Franklin " 52; Jane Clabuesch ' 52; Helen Meranda. Grad.; Helen Wood ' 51. Tlrinl Row: Marion Beam ' 52; Cleo Taylor ' 52; Beverly Cunningham. " Grad.; Erna Frit ' 51; Phyllis Luvera. Grad.; Elizabeth Della-Moretta ' 51: Elizabeth Gates ' 51; Barbara Johnson ' 52. Second Row: Margaret Brewer " 52; Joee Enge! ' 51; Mrs. Agnes Williams; Shirley Sullivan ' 51, President; Joyce Hale ' 51; Maiy Turner ' 51. Front Row: Roberta Moore, Grad.; Katherine Loeffler, Grad.; Teetah Dondero ' 52; Dorothy Zavell " 52; Joy Xenis - 53; Alice Gill ' 52. 285 Fraternities Froternity lile can be compared to only one thing . . . more fraternity life. It ' s primarily a life of contrasts. At 5:30 in the afternoon your roommate takes off with a bar of soap and a towel, period, for the shower. At 7:30 that evening you see him dressed in tails looking every bit the " man of distinction. " There are long and involved study discussions on the theories of Malthus and the treatises of Descartes: and there are just as long and just as in- volved " study " discussions on the theories and reports of a man named Kinsey. You see your brother at 7:15 stumbling down the steps rubbing sleep from his eyes; you eat three meals a day with him, stand and sing next to him after dinner, and (sometimes) guide him to his sack on Saturday night . . . semper fratres! The Interfraternity Council at Michigan fulfilled its major purpose of integrating the action and providing for the joint wel- fare of forty-four Michigan fraternities in the year 1950-51, as it has done since the early days of the century, The IFC super- vised its main job of regulating rushing under the competent leadership of Rush- ing Chairman Bruce Sodee. Several im- portant rule changes, designed to restore honest competition to rushing and pledg- ing were instituted. The IFC Newsletter, a monthly publication, is distributed to all fraternities on campus, informing them of campus affairs, The important activities of the IFC dur- ing the year included its annual party at Hill Auditorium for four thousand under- privileged children, Greek Week, and IFC Ball. Greek Week, held in May this year, brought together representatives of soror- ities and fraternities from this and other campuses to discuss and confer about their mutual problems and was concluded by the IFC Ball. Officers: Bill Henderson Secretary; Dick Tinker, Treasurer; Bob Vogt, President; Bob Preston, Vice- President. Interfraternity Council Committee Chairmen: Hal Martin; Bruce Sodee; Paul Goldiner; John Osmundsen; Joel Kalkin; Jack Smart; Pete Johnstone. 288 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Back Row: Dick Ferrara, George Milroy, Dick Young. Front Row: Donald R. Edge, Samuel D. Altman, Dean Erich Walter, Felix G. Sundquist. Working on the various com- mittees of IFC takes up much of the time ot Jim Foster, Mark Kremer, and Aaron Sheldon. 289 LEFT TO RIGHT: Fred Hollis. Bi, Yeager.. LEFT TO RIGHT: Art Stoddard, John Jones, Fred Leydorf. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Lipson, Ted Maude, Bob Rose, Stan Goodwin. Missing: Herbie Wagnar ' 54; Bud Strout ' 53; Tom Consult ' 52; Ron Watte ' 52; Bill Zabrosky ' 51; Jim Martin ' 53; Jerry DesJardins ' 53. Acacia All the world ' s a fraternity, and all the fraters merely players. They have their entrances, but not their exits, and a brother in his time plays many parts. At first the rushee, mew- ling and puffing up Geddes Hill; then the whining pledge, creeping like snail to the chapter house,- then the junior active, full of strange oaths and bearded ' til he shaveth; then the pinned man, sighing like a furnace beneath his mistress ' eyelash; then the senior active, in fair round belly with good peanut butter lined. Last scene of all, the alumnus, with spectacles on nose and wife on side, his big manly form turning toward second childness and oblivion. Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything save memories of Acacia. 291 Lei 52 Pe Job: Missing: Gil ' Moe ' 51; Dick Perkins ' 52; John Huntington ' 52. Alpha Delta Phi The South Quadrangle has cast its gigantic shadow omin- ously over the Alpha Delt cam- pus headquarters. Although virtually surrounded by Univer- sity skyscrapers, the A.D. ' s have decided to stand pat, hoping that the house will be so obscure in future years that draft board officials will completely neglect its occupants. Meanwhile, the boys are ready to do all they can to assist on the home front. Several volunteers for Air Raid Warden duty in the women ' s residence area have been secured. Plans for blackout practice and upper story rescue procedures are being studied by the Policy Committee. A rendez- vous has been arranged at an undisclosed Korean port. The convention there will open with a euchre tournament to settle the con- troversial question: who is house champion? 292 Who us? We ' re a fra- ternity. That ' s us in the pic- ture over there. Pretty? Well, I guess we are. We ' re lots cf fun, too; just ask the girls over in Stockwell or the New Dorm . . . Take a good look at the bunch of us. I know what you ' re thinking that we ' re just an ordinary bunch. You ' d be surprised. We ' ve been sick. The boys have been slowly dropping their marbles, and now the Pi house sports a group of psychos unequalled on any other campus. When the boys start their imitations, we ' ve got everyone from Mr. District Attorney to Sidney Greenbeans in our living room. Not that we ' re bragging, mind you, but three of our alums are taking grad work at Eloise. Top that, Gecrge! Alpha Epsilon Pi Allen Krass ' 53; Conrad Goode " 51; Martin Rosenthal ' 53; Marshal] Weiss ' 53. Front Row: Arthur Schneider ' 51; Merton Krause ' 52; Martin Bierman ' 53; Mar- shall Silverman ' 52; Erwin Cohen " 51 ; Ted Simon ' 52; Jesse Crell ' 52; Leon Stem ' 51. Missing: Herbert Gold ' 53; Erwin Gutowitx ' 53; Marshall Madison ' 51; Donald Bachrach ' 52; Gerald Brauer ' 51; Robert Swimmer ' 51; Sanford Greenspan ' 53; Sidney Kleinman ' 54; David Leibermann ' 52; Julian Linde ' 53; Joel McKible ' 53; Ronald Reinisch ' 53; Gerald Roth ' 53. 293 Alpha Phi Alpha, founded at Cornell, Ithaca, New York, in 1906 has been at Michigan since 1909; in the forty-first year on campus, Epsilon, the local chapter, began the fall semester with a bang. After the traditional job of remodeling the house was finished, the brothers dove into the " suds " at the P-Bell, textbooks, or the exams file as the occasion demanded. Our ranks were deeply cut by graduation last year, but fortunately there were seventeen naive souls left on cam- pus who consented to pledge. Socially, numerous chapter affairs were given during this past year, but J-Hop and the IFC Ball ' musts " on our calendar. were Alpha Phi Alpha Left to Right Back Row: Albert Chennault ' 54; Maceo Clarke ' 54; Fred Porterfield ' 53; John Edwards ' 54; Wesley Jacobs ' 53; Myron Wahls ' 54; Richard Moore ' 51; Walter Clements, Grad; Providence Jenkins ' 54. Third Row: Shelton Pcnn, Grad; Peter Strong ' 52; Charles Wexler, Grad; Clay Holland ' 51; Clift VanBuren, Grad; Horace Jefferson. Grad; Earl Hugnian ' 52; Calvin Williams. Grad. Second Row: John Loomis ' 53; Donald Warren ' 53. President; Walter Webb. Grad; James Baker, Grad; Horace Rodgers, Grad; Thomas Johnson ' 52; William Powe, Grad. Front Row: Julian Allen ' 53; Van Bruner ' 53; Ted Harris ' 52; Charles Green ' 52; Tom Wood ' 51. Missing: Lowell Perry ' 53; Joseph Williams ' 52; Robert Wester. Grad; Wilbur Dungy, Grad.; Julius Franks, Grad; Samuel Finch, Grad; Edward Jones, Grad; Her- bert Jones, Grad. i _.. ' ._ 294 Left to Righ. Back Row: John Lewit ' 51; Dave Weigel ' 52; BUI Dresser T " Harvey Bjomlie ' 52; Bill Henderson ; Bob Knevels Foster ' 51; ; Russ Price Harvey Bjornlje ' 52; Bill Henderson ' 51; Dave Beers ' 51; Jim BagnaU " 52; Otto Reisman ' 51; Mac MrCortney ' 53; King Bridgman " 53; Bob Jones " 53; Russ Price ' 53- Harry Dunn ' 51 Second Row: Al Johnson. Grad; Bob Grierson " 51; Mike Roman " 52; Bill Reid " 51; Jim Howe " 51. President; Louis Daniel " 53; TomVar- bedian " 52- Joe Hay " 54; Fred Muench " 52; John Roach " 53. Front Row: Al Magnus " 53; Art Coi " 53; Bob Graham " 52; Al Smith " 52; Bill O ' Dell ' 52 John Kanner v eve True " 54; John Tipton ' 51; Jim Westrope " 53. Center Front: Laddie. Missing: Frani Huber ' 52; Bob Kopka ' 52 Alpha Sigma Phi . . . This year Haven Hall burned down and the chapter house was redecorated ... 47 million Americans went to the polls to vote while five Alpha Sigs went down to the P Bell after reaching vot- ing age . . . The dean ' s office still outlawed parties on the second floor so the engineers built a mezzanine . . . Dr. Kinsey published a report . . . and the brothers checked the findings with their own edition, first published at Yale in 1 845 . . . The University outlawed pajama parties ... so the Alpha Sigs threw a party without pajamas . . . Someone started the Phoenix Project ... a modest part of the $6,500,000 was our contribution . . . GM also kicked in ... The brothers made out this year . . . take sports for instance . . . Th ay whatever happened to the good old frat days? . . . S 295 ' 52; Bill Eggleston ' 52; Don Weir ' 53 Missing: Bob Herhusky ' 52; Paul McCracken ' 51; Jack Huckins ' 51; Dick Frank ' 53; Gilbert Smith ' 51; Gordon Smith ' 51; Dick Smith ' 51; Bob Dingman ' 52; Keith LeClair ' 51; Lowell LeClair ' 53; Larry McConachie ' 52; Dick Hendrian ' 51; Bill Agre ' 51; Al Hetzeck ' 51; Bill Barnes ' 51; Bob Quayle ' 52; Bud Richner ' 52; Bert. Wicking ' 54; Don Gilchrist ' 53. Alpha Tau Omega Mourned by his many ad- miring friends, Al Omega passed from among us, but his courageous and charitable spirit carries on. Born in Richmond, Va., Sept. 11,1 865, he came to Ann Arbor in the winter of ' 88. His popularity grew by leaps and bounds in the happy years that he spent here, and he soon acquired the rep- utation of being an outstanding scholar. His loss will be greatly felt by the social set, among whom he was a pioneer and leader the athletic leagues in which he participated will remember him for his superb sportsman- ship. During his long and successful life, many honors were bestowed upon him, the greatest of which was his election as vice- president of the Ann Arbor Swordfish Pro- tective Society. R.I. P. Concerning the collected coun- tenances which appear in the ac- companying picture, there is really little to say we are proud to be (at the time of this writing) an offi- cial Michigan fraternity, " scroung- ing " in our own minute ways for the required 2.4 average. Our has-been senior class athletes average over 200 pounds, ample proof of our fine food and " beverage " . Since everyone is either pinned, engaged, married, or downtown, we have settled down to a more sedentary and secret existence. How- ever, young blood will revive us; in antici- pation of this we have provided adequate housing for our proposed 2400 man pledge class by constructing an eight floor annex behind our house. For misplaced dogs, pajamas, rushees, shot-glasses, co-eds, and studs, call 23143 . Beta Theta Pi , Grad; Lionel Eubanks, Grad; Bob Fonner. Grad; Jim Gault ' 51; Joe Neath, Grad: Art Singer. Grd; Boh Williams, Grad. MIDNIGHT BULLSESSION Gee, what a queen, she had eyes like the stars, one twinkled and the other fell Whoa is me, twenty-four pledges and not one 4-F Five sorority serenades is a record but look at our budget That dry party was a big success, both couples knew how to play bridge What ' s that they say about a 2.4 overall being like a mortgage? Both mean foreclosure Who says we don ' t have an annex, how about that place on Liberty Street? What a choice, Phi Beta Kappa or Korea Take heart men, where else can you buy $2,000 beer, get a date two weeks in advance, and sit in the end zone, etc. And as the conversation faded into the dis- tance a feeble voice re-echoed softly, Rah! Rah! Chi Phi Left to Right Back Row: Ken Hodge ' 55; Dick Carlson ' 51; Bunker Clark ' 54; John Bintz ' 54; Neel Robertson ' 52; Doug Scott ' 51; Herbert Spence ' 52; Dave Sebald ' 53; Charles Hamilton ' 52; Bill Johnson ' 51; Jim Turner ' 53; Bill Wilbur ' 52; Ed Grenkoski ' 51; Jim Hewlett ' 51; Glenn Lieving ' 53; Norman Viehman. Grad. 298 Left to Right Back Row: Canon Colenm Pflng -33; Miilard Webb 53. Third Row: ner " 53; Stuart Ward ' 33; Hei - Edward Evans Vi2; Harold La Stoddar Write -53; Re 4: Dean Wner m Tut i ' 54: wniard of " 51; Edward Lait- di Bviingame ' 52; -52; Edwin Erwin ' 52: Lewie Diner ' 54; Edward Waskeen P 52: Edward MOes ' 51. Front Row: Bogie Xoneonfonn ' 51; Milton Xefaon ' 51; Elkworth Kolb " 52; Wardel! PhisteT " 51; Dewitt Wellington " 51; WUbani Kawrh " 52; Andrew Berry " 51; Clyde Henrie " 51; Earte Gale " 51. Moonshine : Waddel Manning ' 52; Edwin Smith ' 54; George Banzhaf ' 54; Clemens Kolb ' 54; Wilson DoUn ' S3; Andrew Panhal " 51; Richard Doane " 53; Russet Pk-kard ' 51. Chi Psi Production Manager Administration Building University oF Michigan Dear O ' Dear Conduct for year following Stop Activities Stop Study Stop Parties Stopped? Stop Drinking NEVER Stop Cats Stop Dogs Stop Coeds Stop Women Stop Stop Why Stop Dont Stop Stop. CLUB GENTLEMEN CONSERVATIVES INC. Ward ' 52. Second Row: Warren Scafe ' 52; Richard Reed ' 52; Donald Flowers ' 51 ; Richard Humes ' 51 ; David Cunnings ' 51, President; Edmund Simmons ' 51 ; Donald Postma ' 51; George Owers ' 52; Henry Winchester ' 51. Fr ont Row: Herbert Woodrich ' 52; Allan Carter ' 51; Donald Wysocki ' 51; Albert Boyd ' 53; James Sutter ' 52; Roger Noorthoek ' 52; Edward Videan ' 51; Donald Shaffer ' 53; Claude Bassine ' 52. Delta Chi . Delta Chi ' s all over the country are looking at the Michigan chap- ter this year as it institutes a new policy in chapter administration. In order to keep its members active in affairs on campus, Delta Chi now has a new system whereby every pledge is required to try out for some campus activity or sport before he can be initiated into the chapter. The idea seems to be working well, and if the army doesn ' t catch us, we expect this idea to spread to other Delta Chi houses across the country. On the other side of the social scene, we kept ourselves busy all year with a successful run of parties which started at Gleaner ' s Ha 1 1, migrated up to MSC,out to the Flight Room at Willow Run, and wound up this spring at you ' re absolutely right the Arb. 300 One of the oldest fraternities at Michigan, Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded here in 1855. The original chapter was founded at Yale in 1844. In 1878 the DKE Temple was erected for meeting purposes. Shortly thereafter, a house at South University and State was obtained. When the University purchased that property to make way for the Law School in 1922, we bought our present house at 1912 Geddes Road. Since then we have been running smoothly. We have successfully survived both the last war, when we were temporarily off campus, and another more highly publicized interruption during the fall semester of ' 49. Delta Kappa Epsilon Left to Right Back Row: William Stapp ' 52; Frank Reed ' 53; Richard Andersen ' 52; William Moll ' 51 ; Robert Sligh. Grad; Peter Buckley. Grad; Stan Crapo, Grad; Charles Higbie ' 51; William Desjardins ' 51. Third Row : RogerOettin g ' 53; Donald Noah ' 53; Scott Daugherty ' 52; Stan Speer ' 52; Moose Dunne ' 52; John Ingold o2; Carl Bross ' 53; Joseph Planck ' 52. Second Row: James Watson ' 52; Guy Schmidt ' 52; William MacMillan ' 51; Larry Hardy ' 52; Rick Albertson ' 52; Victor Hughes t Row: Barrv Brand ' 53; Bryden Dow ' 53; Robert Johnston ' 53; Robert Moffatt ' 53; Richard Smith ' 53; ' 52: Chuck VanDuren ' 52; William Clingman ' 51. Front : Raymond Metiger ' 53; Craig Ramsey ' 52. 301 Unhampered by the campus gendarmes, the Delt Sigs threw a Mothers ' tea, an alumni reunion, and a pledge formal. Athletically, the Delt Sigs went like a rocket. Labeled the " dark horse " winner, we copped titles in checkers, parchesi, and spin-the-bottle. The house, redecorated last summer, and the roof, repainted last fall, are both in fine shape. The bathtubs leak, and the dorm is a little damp when it rains, but be out of the hole financially by 1960. we So until then, with a sparkling 2.3, the Delta Sigma Phi house is sure it can beat social probation! Delta Sigma Phi Missing: Howard Camfield ' 51; Jack Forbes ' 51. 302 berper ' 54- Ed Carney ' 54- Jack Pinney ' 54. Second Row: John Buck " 54; Norm Welsh ' 54; Roy Jurgensen ' 54; Bob Baker ' 54; Olof Karlstrom ' 54. Front Row: Major III. ' Delta Tau Delta The year ' s activities of the Delts started with a political maneuver by " Fingers, " who elected him- self to the coveted position of Most High and Mighty Horticulturalist at the first meeting of the Garden Club. Although the judges for the IFC Sing did not appreciate our collective singing, the active Delt quartet has pleased (?) many sororities by the melod- ious notes eminating from four swaying bodies beneath their windows. New Years found many of the Delts in Pasadena rooting for the team especially our three Delts on the gridiron. The mass movement of personnel was so successful we decided to hold our next " away " chapter meeting in Korea. Three men were tapped by honoraries and our good scholastic average was raised by the numerous ' A ' s received in Television 141. 303 Left Billi Johi Lyons ' Johnso Jose ' , --, Missing: Jim Parker ' 52; Brandy ' Delta Upsilon Once upon a midnight beery, As we pondered weak and bleary, Over many a volume of quaint lore, As we nodded, nearly napping, Suddenly there came a tapping, As a brother gently rapping His skull against my chamber door All of this and who ' d want more? Distinctly, we remember in September We bought those volumes of old lore, Now dust-covered on the floor, Eagerly we sought tomorrow, Vainly we sought to borrow From our books surcease of sorrow Sorrow for those of our members. The dean hath said " Nevermore. " . . . Edgar Allen Schmoe 304 Anticipation of a Korean trip explains the bland expressions of the KN ' s in the picture below. (The few who are smiling have been declared 4-F.) Therefore, it is time to make a few pithy comments about last year. We held a number of illicit parties, but due to the tricky wiring invented by our engineers, we have escaped the wrath of the campus police, by concealing the beer kegs in the coal bin. Our high scholastic rating depends on two excellent forgers who invade the registrar ' s office each semester with ink eradicator. We are building a third floor at the house because the women who live on the second floor make so much noise. Here ' s to our house on the hill! Kappa Nu Left to Right Bck Row: Frank Stark. Grad; Paul Seigel. Grad; Norm Klein " 52; A! Strauss ' 53; Dick RosenMd ' 53; Jack JJpson ' 52; Mark SandgrouDd o2. Third Row: Jerry Langer 51: Burt Shifman. Grad; Ken Adler ' 52; Ralph Coskey ' 51; Milt Simmons ' 51; Paul Goldiner 52; Bob Layton ol. Second Row: Herb Rovner 51: Herbe ' n Erode 51: Marshall Weingsrden ' 51; Walter Shapero ' 51. President: Norm Brock ' 52; Bill Rolhman " 51; Bud Abrash ol; Wilbur Friedman o3. Front Row: Frank Halpem " 54; Robert Abrasb ' 54: Manard Pont " 51; George. Grad; Seymour Levine ' 53; Reg Werner " 54; Bernard Wittenberg o3. CLASSification Record Name: Kappa Sigma, alias K Sig, Kappa Gismo Address: 806 Hill Age: Born 1400 Sex: Are you kidding? Race: Cross Country Married X Single Dependents: Twelve pledges and Kapp Physical assets: Don McEwen Physical disabilities: One tenor Education: Our record stands behind us! Interests: Studies and culture Hobbies: Women, parties and memories Present occupation: Eating Club Previous occupations: Football pools, scalping Criminal record: No! We can ' t afford to. Service record: Ten Campus Commando men 39 Goldbrickers Kappa Sigma Left to Right Back Row: Jus Williams ' 51; Ned Ferris ' 53; Buzz Guise ' 53; Em Dufva ' 51; Bill Merritt, Grad; Dick Blake ' 51; Don McEwen ' 52; Bob Van Arsdol ' 52; Joe Taylor, Grad; Al Silberberg ' 52; Jack Kinnel ' 53; Bill Davis ' 53; Harry Evans ' 51; Elmer Diehl ' 52; Lou Educate ' 53; Don Heaton ' 53. Third Row: John Jeffrey ' 52; Clarke Stevenson ' 51; Bill Cowlin ' 53; John Wagner ' 53; Dick Knight ' 51; John Sweeney ' 52; Fay Knapp.Grad; John Piazza ' 52; John Beach ' 53; Dick Smith ' 53; Dick Manchee ' 53; George Grettenberger ' 51; Pete Thorpe ' 53; Tony Palermo ' 51. Second Row: Jerry Young ' 52; Bob Bowman ' 53; Bob Waldon ' 51; Jim Rogers ' 52; Bill Hornett ' 52; Dick Allen ' 51, President; Bill Old ' 51; John Merow ' 52; Bill Norman ' 52; Andy Arenth ' 53; Con Driscoll ' 52; Ed May ' 52. Front Row: Don Mitchell ' 53; Walker Lloyd ' 54; Bill Heath ' 52; Jack Ray ' 52; Jack Summers ' 51; Dick Wolf ' 53; Bill Cartwright ' 52; Bob Powell ' 53. 306 Left 1 Kiebt Back Row: Bob Garner 52; Wayne Leengren ' 53; Joe Cyr ' 52; Bill Burnie ' 52: Jack Balliuan. Crad; Blake Couse ' 52; Ron O ' Connell ' 53; Pat Heck ' 52; John Cannon ' 53; Bill Duellman ' 52; Dan Ulisnik ' 52; Neil Inman ' 52; Ralph Guy, Grad; Frank Stocking ' 52; Nick Assimos ' 51; Wally Stein ' 52; Gordie Strahan ' 53; Chuck Cuson ' 52. Third Row: Bob Bloom ' 52; Fred Hollis ' 52; Fred Barrett ' 54; Dick Yarniain ' 51; Jim Smigel ' 52; Rodger Van de Water ' 51; Pat Cusick ' 52; Napoleon Box ' 53; Charles Rymes ' 51; Dick Knopf ' 53; John Harper ' 52; Ed Sandell, Grad; Bruce Sodee ' 52; Ed Vcrk ' 53; Bob Johnstone ' 51; Vine McLean ' 53: Bill Markstrom ' 53. Second Row: Baird Swigert ' 53; Gary Hicks " 52; Tom Hobart ' 52; John Hobyak ' 52; Dick Ferrara " 51; George Cherptlis ' 51; Warren Roeger ' 51; Ben Gates ' 51. President; Chic Giffin ' 51; Tod Collins ' 51; Don Kingdon ' 51; Bill Van De Graff ' 51; Jim Moela. Grad; Blair Milliken ' 52. Front Row: Paul Bachman ' 54; Harry Timmins ' 53; Bob Ballman ' 54; Monte Marshall " 54; Andy Hess ' 54; George Chatas ' 54; Karl Klipfel ' 54; Dick Gates " 54; Bill Yeager ' 53; Larry North ' 54; Phil Hirtxel ' 53; Stan Lush " 52. Missing: A] Murphy " 51; Dave DeVries " 51; Ken Kirkwood " 53; Sam Prato ' 52; Harry Miller ' 52; Ray Glime ' 53; Ted Toper ' 53; Roger Zatkoff ' 53; Matt Goebel ' 51; Al Grybas ' 51; Jack Kinkead ' 52; John Padjen ' 52; Ray Patryn ' 51; Bill Thompson ' 51; Tom McQuinn 52; Bill Ruxicka, Grad. Lambda Chi Alpha The color of things at Hill and Washtenaw: (yawn) We have played host to several members of the burglar frater- nity and were robbed one night of everything but our church-keys. . . . We have given Majah, one-half of the St. Ber- nard Population on campus, to trappist monks ... we have given pennies to Phoenix, Galens, and the Salvation Army ... for salvation . . . Christmas cheer and we invited twenty orphans over to the House for mar- tinis ... 53 campus bigees: we smoke Heine ' s blend, wear Brooks Bros, repps, and read " Seventeen " . . . our cook ' s looking for a sub- stitute for food . . . we push each other ' s draft notices behind the mail-table ... all of us went to New York, Pasadena, Varsity Night, and Gondoliers . . . We wish that our mothers had sent us to Yale. 307 Left to Right Back Row: Dave Calahan ' 53; Dick Weller ' 52; Doug Lawrence ' 53; Bill Peterson, Grad; Dave Tinkham ' 53; John Jenks ' 53; Herb Harrington ' 53; ' 54; Gail Eaton ' 53; Henry Triana ' 53; Ernie Graf ' 53; Gene Weaver ' 53; Bob Neary ' 54; Edward, Grad; Bill Michaels ' 54; Kaye Stinson ' 52; Ron Eckert ' 54; Chuck Belts ' 54; Dave Krupp ' 53; Howie Gordy ' 54. Missing: Pete Kinyon ' 52; Lit Bachus ' 52; Bill Ellson ' 52. Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta was in the news this year. We pledged nothing but Phi Bete material, eked out a victory over the S.A.E. ' s in one of the closest contests in the history of the Mud Bowl, made history with our Kazoo Marching Band, won Honorable Mention with a Homecoming Display, popularly known as the most " confusin " and the least " amusin, " captured a duck named Edward (who went on to Broadway after a successful run in Soph Satire) and a section of Michigan ' s stolen goal post on a Friday night Lansing caper, and went all out in campus activities by placing men on the S.L., I.F.C., M Club, Stein Club, Pygmy Club, Little Men ' s Marching and Chowder Society, C.C.D., A.F.L., C.I.O., and W.C.T.U. Who are we? Why, the Fijis, of course. When asked, we will modestly confess that we have the best house on campus. Homecoming weekend found us providing lavish entertainment for lush alumni. Towards the end of the semester we became rather displeased with our pledge class. So we cut them into little pieces and ground them up. The second semester found some of us leaving school for a multitude of unpleasant reasons. But there were plenty of 4-F ' s and draft dodgers to carry on. Our most important acquisition of the year was the purchase of the house next dooi for an atomic bomb shelter. Deep in the wine cellar, we feel complete safety from the prying forces of the outside world. Phi Gamma Delta Left to Right Back Row: Oliver Gargoyle ' 01; Fourth Row: Neale Traves ' 52; Fred Ittner ' 52; Joe Heinlein ' 53;BobOrth.Grad;But -b McGuire ' 53; HankGesell ' 53; Chuck Whiteaker " 52; Park Pennington ' 52; Buck Deer ' 51; Dave_Lauer ' 52; Bill Loveless " 52 Jim Gielow ' 53; Dick Thompson ' 53_; Bob Erf ' 53; Bruce Hay- nam " 53; Dick Hodgman 53 Kathe ' 52; Floyd Zarbock ' 5 " 52; Dick HoweU ' 52; Joe 7 George A: Pa Tinke. _ _. ._ Jim Miller ' 54; Warren Wolfe ' 54; Bill Robinson ' 53; Harold Holt ' 53; Duncan Erley ' 53; Jack Vandenberg " 51. Missing: Ray Guerin ' 51; Dick Spaulding ' 51; Maury Tucker ' 54; Phil Anderson ' 52; Dick Thomas ' 52; Bill Gripman ' 51; Bill Hickman ' 52; Al Jackson ' 51; Dick McWilliams ' 51; John Kistler ' 51; Potsy Ryan " 46. 309 Phi Psi, synonymous with col- lective living democracy in action. Sacrificing your own desires for the welfare of the group. Relinquishing your own selfish intentions of studying to down a few with the boys at the Bell. Group living increases your understanding and stim- ulates rapid maturity. Learning to be kind to the roommate who is bird-dogging your latest heartthrob emerging with a smile from the shower with what was your best suit hangi ng from your body. All this to main- tain your rating as a " good guy. " Yes, these are the influences molding the men of Phi Psi into the leaders of tomorrow, prac- titioners of democracy. Phi Kappa Psi Left to Right Back Row: James Linderman ' 52; David Marshall ' 54; Richard Kopp ' 52; John Beyer ' 52; Edward Randa ' 53; Richard Smith ' 52; Ted Corlett ' 52; William Lord ' 52; Dan McCollough ' 52; Ted Gibson ' 52; Lauran Kretchmar ' 52; Ben Olsen ' 53; Bruce VanderKlipp ' 51; Ned MacWilliams ' 52; Howard Bauer ' 52; George Cox ' 54. Third Row: John Popp ' 54; Albert Atwell ' 53; Stephen Makgill ' 52; Richard Briggs ' 54; Mark Kremer ' 52; Paul Jones ' 54; John Buckley ' 51; William Bates ' 53; Lawrence Lander ' 52; David Robb ' 51; Henry Arnold ' 53; Wood Geist ' 51; Gene Estes, Grad; George Swintz ' 52; William Minick ' 53. Second Row: Robert Bohn, Grad; Donald Ennis ' 52; Jerry Smith ' 52; Alan Krueger ' 51; John Syverson ' 51, President; Edward Hutcheson ' 52; Robert Brownell, Grad; Thomas Pausze k ' 51; William Hadley ' 52; Richard Wosniak ' 53. Front Row: John Coolidge ' 54; Paul Krueger ' 55; Henry Soukup ' 52; Thomas Mills ' 52; David Tennent ' 51; Edward Parr ' 52; Robert Zimmerman ' 51; David Settle ' 52; Reimar Hoch ' 52. Missing: James Ensign ' 52; Les Popp ' 51; Hoit Miller ' 52; Dick Tennent ' 53. 310 Phi Kappa Sigma Alpha Omicron chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma zips through its forty-sixth year on the Mich- igan campus in a gay round of parties and football games. We have a great time " beat- ing " the pledges into working for which they promptly retaliate in the dorm. Once in a while, to break the monotony of Joe College life, we even study. 311 Row: John LeValley ' 51; Roger Gilmore ' 53; Chuck Good ' 52; Bob Lewis ' 52; Tom Tillman ' 51; Leonard Wilcox ' 52, President; Art Stade ' 53; Tom Graham ' 52; Jim Nesbitt ' 51; Don Walker ' 52. Front Row: Tom Wilkerson ' 53; John Anderson ' 52; Dick Bergman ' 54; Al Shumsky ' 52; Ken Erickson ' 53; Vern Emerson ' 52: Dick Nepstad ' 53; Jim Harris ' 52. Missing: Conny EttI ' 52; Tom Rickette ' 53; Michael Lamb ' 52. Phi Kappa Tau Girls looking for your blind date? Not that funny looking one in the last row, we hope! You poor kid. Really, he ' s not so bad. And he does have the most terrific personality! May- be you snagged a wheel,- there are a few catch those self-satisfied expressions. The athletes are the skinny ones, without the shoulder pads. And those less intelligent looking ones are pledges, although it ' s sur- prising how much they will pick up in a week. The really stupid looking ones are engineers, but they ' re very useful for doing odd jobs around the house. If, after all this, you ' re discouraged how about us? We ' d like to know which one of us wrote this thing! 312 62 men Founded 1916 Female resident (Irish Setter) Poker Bridge Football (2nd place) Serenades Food S.L. (2 men) Pledges Parties 1-A (Good-bye) Phi Sigma Delta Left to Right Bck Row: Gene Mackevich ' 53; Jay Harris ' 51; Byrle Abbin " 52; Ed London " 53; Ken Gerson " 53; Tony Block " 52; Irv Goldberg " 52; Maury Levine " 51: Norm Thai " 53; Ernest Brookfield ' 52; Bill Blumenthal " 51; Norm KroU " 51;_Phil Barad " 53; Lenny Bernstein " 52; Al Kaplan " 51; Arnold Knepfer 52[ George Drechsler " 51. Fifth Row: Jerry Subar " 51; Herb Ruben " 51 ; Carl Klaus ' 52; Dave Goldstein " 53; Herb Shore ' 51; Nate Levine ' 51; Bob Alpern Grekin ' 53; Aaron Sheldon " 52; Steve Davis " 52; Don Berns " 52; Jules Perlr. .. . ..j ... . ... , . .-.-- --. -- ' 53; Jack Haims ' 53; Alvin Green " 53. Third Row: Harold Herman " 52; Bob Blumenthal ' 54; Merv Manning " 54; Mort Kantor ' 53; Larry Sperling 53; Seymour " 53; Byron Canvasser " 52; Sandy Wolf " 52. Second Row: Bill Levitt " 54; Bart Hamburger " 54; Neil Bernstein Muskowitx ' 52; Bob Packer " 53; Alvin Gendleman ' 54; Pete Pickus ' 53; Howard Binkow ' 54; Mel Blum ' 54. Front Row: Patsy. Missing: Dave Michael ' 51; Aubrey Meyerson ' 53; Harry Rosenberg ' 53; Don Rot ' 52; Carl Goldfarb ' 51. 313 We are the wierdest group ever to assemble under one Baldwin Avenue tarpaulin. Our predatory perambulating is notorious,- we thank God on Fridays with impassioned religious fervor. We cater with- out restraint to topical tete-a-tetes, building up vital intellectual muscle power which con- founds our Greek compatriots. We chastize our alumni, flail our cook, and swear by Hadacol testimonials. In 26 years on cam- pus, we have been victimized by phony peddlers, sweet young daughters, and irras- cible fathers. We traverse the eight leagues to school with carefree, devil-may-care want- onness. We hold record dances, Monte Carlo parties, and pledge scholarship ban- quets to get our name in the Daily. We have even been known to sing at sorority houses. Phi Sigma Kappa Left to Right Back Row : Theodore Urban ' 50; William Swainson ' 52 ; John Cobb ' 52 ; Joao Muller-Carioba; Thomas Cook ' 54 ; LeeRoy Duncan ' 51 ; Edward Schenkel ' 52; Harry Mack ' 51; Alfred Kiessel ' 52; Peter Thompson ' 51; David Harden ' 52; Thomas Dooley ' 53; Paul Baughman ' 52; Ralph Barrett ' 52; Edward Harding ' 54. Fourth Row: Ross Currie ' 52; Edward Wilt ' 52; Ray Nusca ' 51; James Goebel ' 53; Rolf Westgard ' 51; Donald Purdy ' 52; Norman Decker ' 52; George Milroy ' 51; Robert Corey ' 52; Donald Kotite ' 51; Carl Darnell, Grad; Donald Towse ' 53; Alan Kramer 53; John Schenkel ' 52; Third Row: John Wilkie ' 51; Chester Sledzik ' 53; Robert Russel ' 53; David Thompson ' 51; Harry Sartin ' 51; George Muehlhauser ' 52; Robert Dyer ' 51, President; John Bauman ' 51; Henry Buslepp ' 53; William Miller ' 53; James Loree ' 54. Second Row: Joseph Gyourko ' 51; Arthur Bassett ' 51; Reginald Huff ' 52; Louis Plummer ' 53; James Fitch ' 52; Robert Kamieiniec ' 51; Robert Corrigan ' 53; David Jahsman ' 52; Arthur Lane ' 52; William Chapman ' 53. Front Row: Russell White ' 54; Bradford Stone ' 51; Paul Arnold ' 52; Norman Mangouni ' 54; Thomas Roby ' 51; Henry Dykstal ' 52; Duane Luse ' 53. Missing: Thomas Kristofferson, Grad; Richard Mills ' 51; Charles Towar ' 51; Dean Luse ' 51; James Chipman ' 51; Frederick Willis ' 51; Hugh Allerton, Grad; Ralph Bauer, Grad; Louis Dyll, Grad; Robert Edison, Grad; Hugh Watson, Grad; Jack Court, Grad; John Bunyan, Grad; Cecil Hinman, Grad; William Schriner, Grad William Wells, Grad; William Haberman ' 51. 314 Dickstein ' 53; " Ernie " ; Ken Robinson ' 53; Dave Weisman ' 54; Len Hersbberg ' 52; Bill Barkan ' 51. Pi Lambda Phi And then there ' s Pi Lam. . . Forty-nine of us to be exact. Not much on brains and looks, but a let of good workers. We are the fraternity house on Hill Street without the dog, and be- lieve me, there are very few of us left. We ' re clean-living, fun-loving, typically American boys, the pride of every campus gendarme. We expend our hot-blooded instincts by feeling our trophy. We have quite a repu- tation too. Not so much around campus, but you should ask about us in New York and Columbus, not to mention Bordello, Kansas. The Daily, Phoenix Project, Michiganensian, and Student Legislature all boast some of us. Well, 23 skidoo? We ' ve got a bearcat of a House so watch our steam. 315 Missing: Ron Home; Ted Zipf. Psi Upsilon CUM GRANO SALIS Psi Upsilon ' s Tudor facade squats on the curb at 1000 Hill Street with the decadent pomp of an English duchess at an Archbishop ' s tea. Our royal mistress has suffered the indignities of the excava- tion of her Victorian plumbing and of re- furnishing with nothing but the finest copper tubing. The High Sheriff of Nottingham has directed various social proprieties in the best traditions of the eighteenth amendment to her noble peers. With our bearded uncle ' s indulgence, the airy Duchess will remain well occupied, straining from the erudite vicis- situdes of engineering and accounting with the inevitable rhetoric adding to her mal- de-tete RAH? 316 " And the Lord sayeth, ' Count thy blessings ' , " and so we count; a large and sometimes chilly castle, complete with dungeons for peni- tent pledges, and tunnels to a neighboring nunnery,- a recently burned mortgage, ingeniously paid off by confiscating half of all pinochle, poker, and casino winnings,- an exercise-loving pledge class with a flair for imitations, and a par- ticular craving for left shoes and upside- down desserts a large depression in our lawn, into which, each year, descend hordes of screaming women and grim men to do battle over an inflated piece of leather; a coal cellar full of pills, and daily shots of Minerva juice (non-alcoholic) for each member. For these blessings and many more, we humbly thank the Almighty and Uncle Erich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Grad; Lyle LaPine ' 52; Bill Raymond ' 51; Hal Pink ' 51; Jim Butenhoff ' 53; Bill Cochran ' 54; Bun Dwvre, Grad; Jack Heikkenen ' 52. Second Row: Dave Metz ' 53; Ken Averill ' 53; Russ Mann ' 52; Stu Browne ' 53; Gene Lessieu ' 53; Bill Bell ' 52; Dave Kestel ' 54; John Dyer ' 52; Len Beavis ' 52; Bob Priest ' 51. Front Row: Bill Keith ' 51; Dave Williams ' 52; Charles Thomas ' 51; Renny Oas ' 52 317 The Sammy school year started off with a bang as the fraters returned to a beautiful newly decorated home at 800 Lincoln. In the social realm, two fine formals, J-Hop party and a Home- coming gambling affair, highlighted a session that saw the chapter get nationwide pub- licity for a proposed pajama party, which was cancelled by the dean ' s office. Our annual Orphan ' s Day for needy boys was a big success and a very satisfying experience for the members. In the extra-curricular field, we had no less than seven student managers, three Daily staff members, five men on Hillel council, Pharoah of Sphinx, and three varsity athletes. Our house IM teams won con- sistently, assuring a high place in the final standings . . . and occasionally we went to class. Sigma Alpha Mu Left to Right Back Row: Ed Kornblue ' 53; Al Katz ' 51; Glen Grossman ' 52; Chuck Kauffman ' 52; Merv Ezray ' 52; Jerry Segal ' 52; Marv Horwitz ' 52; Al Gold- ' 52; Dan Greenspahn ' 52. Second Row: Bill Nemezin ' 51; Steve Corbin ' 51; Ed Lebowitz ' 51; Al Rottman ' 51; Dick Karoff ' 51; Wait Weiner ' 52; Bill Altman ' 52 President; Bud Hill ' 51; Alden Harris ' 51; Ed Spivack ' 51; Jerry Margolin ' 51; Don Goldfarb ' 51; Warren Weitinan ' 51; Stan Wolf ' 51; Bill Mazer ' 52; Bob Mar- olin ' 53. Front Row: Larry Shongut ' 54; Dave Kauffman ' 53; Stan Blumstien ' 54; Mort Freedman ' 54; Sid Weiner ' 54; Don Rosenberg ' 54; Al Luckoff ' 53; Stan chwartz ' 52; Dick Spero ' 54; Steve Weckstein ' 54; Joe Berke ' 54; Bob Curban ' 53; Ellsworth Levine ' 52. 318 Left to Right Back Row: Jay Angle ' 52; Sanford Robertson ' 53; Charles Weyand ' 53; Russell Carlisle ' 53; William Stason ' 53; Henry Tyson ' 51; Donald Foxworth ' 51; William Konrad " 52; Robert Heatbcott ' 52; David Neisch ' 51; Richard Kearney ' 51; Roger Willson " 51; John Gannon ' 51; David Watfcn " 52; Thomas Cramer ' 52; William Ammennan ' 53; Wallace Jeffries ' 53; Richard Yirkosky " 54; Branson Romsey. Jr. " 53. Third Row: Myron Denny ' 53 ; Carl Kaltwasser " 52; Paul Roden- beck " 52; Thomas Edge ' 52; Patrick Cousland ' 53; Miltcn Eaton ' 53; Thomas Olin 52; George Jacobi " 51; Richard Demmer " " 53; Richard Williams " 53; Leo Vander- Kuy ' .51; Steven White, ' 52; Paul Faneber ' 53; Gordon Carpenter ' 52: Ralph McClurg " 53; Philip Timyan " 52; Stanford Stoddard " 52; John Matcbefts ' 53. Second Row: Stewart Crosier ' 51; James Haraant ' 52; James Peterson ' 53; John Zinser " 51; Fred Thompson ' 52; Roderick Daane ' 52; Neil Celley ' 51; Joseph Hardig " 51, President; Donald Edge ' 51; David Kennedy " 54; Edward Keough " 52; Chris Papazickos ' 52; Jerry Davis ' 53; Philip Steding ' 51; C. A. Mitte " 54. Front Row: Charles Pollard " 54; Thomas Benner ' 54; Ronald Seamon ' 54; Gerald Nay " 54; David Higgins " 54; Donald Hill " 54; Russell Chandler " 54; John Black " 54; Barry McDermott " 54; Caw Hough, Jr. ' 54; Gerald Harrington ' 53; Luis Child ' 53. Front Center: Lady Christina of Seigfried. " -i " e- Charles Hattaway ' 52; Wilbert Flaschar ' 52; Robert Tibbitts ' 52; Bruce Dopp " 52; Allen Wahl " 51; Laurence LeClaire ' 53; Dale Jackson " 53; Bob Little- son " 53; William Sadler " 53; Joseph Beel ' 52. Sigma Chi sr T: Highlights of Theta Theta of fe E r Sigma Chi in the fabulous year 1 950-1 951 were the establishment of the Sigma Chi Institute for the Stoned and Blind on the 14th floor of the New York Statler, Fathers ' Weekend at which the older men out-partied their clean- living sons, rushing, in which we were not fined for being dirty (we plied the IFC with Hadacol), many " happy hours " with our pledges, Christmas party and serenade, flooded front porch at the Hawaiian party, acquisi- tion of six swimmers and ten legacies as pledges, one night of playing pranks with a hog s head of undetermined background, and parties and banquets and banquets and parties and on and on and on. . . . 319 Missing: Al Lang ' 51; John Hess ' 51; Dick Byce ' 51; Bill Bacon ' 51; Jim Saker ' 51; Jim Parr ' 51; Stan Skrentny ' 53; Stan Evdemon ' 54; Paul Schuur ' 53; Dick Roof ' 52; Dick Gottschalk ' 52; Dave Kramer, Grad; Ted Hall ,Grad; Jim Bologna ' 51; Don Davies, Grad; Arnold Brown ' 53. Sigma Nu Sigma Nu was founded in 405 B.C. by two Duck-billed Platypi and a Chipmunk on the Mojave Desert. We now have a house with a big dining room. Our dining room is one of our greatest assets. The others are a coke machine, two pianos, five fireplaces, thirty-seven ukeleles, forty pairs of white bucks, a dog, and an Oscillo- scope. We also have a moat around our house. Some say we have spikes at the bottom of it to keep out the profane. This is not true. We have only broken bottles. Some of us are old enough to drink beer at the Pretzel Bell. We are indeed proud! In all modesty we say that we have everything a Fraternity could have, if the Phi Gams would return our silverware. . . . 320 Things were shaping up for a great year when 35 actives returned to the red house on the hill. Five week grades reported that the 30 men had maintained a 2.57 average. After the pledge formal, attended by 25 actives and pledges, 20 men made the trip to Pasadena, 15 returning to take up their pressing J-Hop responsibilities. In March, 10 brothers celebrated the founding of the Alpha of the Far East. Our entire house partici- pated in the IFC Sing. The quartet was lauded for its rendition of " Keep the Home Fires Burning. " In May, Reilly announced his support of the Conant Plan and shortly thereafter reported for duty with the K-9 Corps. Sigma Phi Left to Right Back Row: Jim Finlayson ' 53; Pete T-ardner ' 53; Jack Bingham ' 53; Loren Seager ' 53; Don Johnson " 53; Russ Vance ' 53: Bill Hnbbard ' 53; Slap Dunlsp ' 53; Sherb Brown ' 53. Third Row: Jack White ' 52; Dave Eiteman " 52; Bob Allaben ' 52: Bob Randolph ' 52; Don Seaton ' 52; Chuck VanDeusen ' 52; Bob Hicks ' 52; Pete Grylls ' 52: Sandy Macmillan " 52; Tom Roderick " 52; Jim Moran " 52; Jack Ditcher ' 52. Second Row: John Wicker " 51; Chuck Brodhead " 51; Dale Wright " 51; Ted Tappin? " 51; Bob M trsereau ' 51; Dave Pease " 51. Head-of-the-Hou; Dick Fle ' cher " 51: Jack Ba-nes " 51; Jim Miller ' 51; Bob Vogt ' 51; Bob Barada ' 51. Front Row: Ted Conger " 54; Dave McCracken " 54; Al Brodhead " 5 ; Frank McCarthy ' S3; Reffly; Hank Crapo ' 54; Jim Zagehneyer " 5i; Cal Patterson ' 54. Missing: Jim McReynolds ' 51. , 1 i _! - 321 Sigma Phi Epsilon skoal! It ' s a goal, and Sig Ep wins again. Another trophy makes its way into our already cluttered house. But that isn ' t all that makes up our fraternity. We have our house mother, house manager, hearth and home, a few officers and assorted souls who make life jolly and bearable at the old ' M ' l Our parties are the rage of the University, and our scholars are enraged at our parties. At present, our house is in deep mourning over the loss of several brethren, who, as members of the Sig Ep Marching Band, were stoned to death while playing in front of the library. Our interests are divided between Hopalong Cassidy and the army. In case of emergency, break glass! Sigma Phi Epsilon La Rue ' 53; Tom Howard, Grad; John Regule, Grad; Gene Grieger ' 54; Len Martin ' 52; Danny D ' Addona ' 51; John Schmidt, Orad: Howe Low ' 52. ' 52; Leo Wasserberger ' 52; Dave Bratton ' 52; Walt Roth ' 51; Larry Nel ' on Left to Right Back Row: Gerald Zeidman ' 53; Ira Albion ' 52: Ronald Trunsky ' 52; Sam Kreigman ' 53; David Bittker ' 53: Richard Barovic-k ' 51; Harvey Bulfer ' 52; Jim Benson ' 52: Jerr - Marpolis ' 52; Harry Newman ' 52. Second Row: Dennis Aaron ' 53: Morris Katz ' 52; Sheldon LaBret ' 51: Jerome Paskovitz ' 51. President; Paul Russman ' 52; Eli Schoenfield ' 53; Mathev Coleman ' 52. Front Row: Mare Bomze ' 53; Mel Zerraan ' 52; Sherman Carmell ' 51; Landa Von Lahtenberg ' 54; Malcolm Ochs ' 53: Cyru? Carlton ' 52; Ed Sader ' 53. Missing: Jerold Mills " ' 53; Robert Torgow ' 53; Herbert Balin. Grad. Tau Delta Phi The world exists in an un- settled state as people live in times of great turmoil. Through it all, we in the house on the hill face the future unafraid. Thus, we feel a great sense of security and a greater sense of debt to Nu of Tau Delta Phi which has sheltered us from the world ' s great problems through our college days. Our chapter prides itself on its campus achieve- ments, but we believe they are insignificant to the mere important meaning of fraternal- ism. The mottoes and rituals of our house are mere than just words. We live and die by the motto which has inspired our brothers for over forty years. " When loyalty means death, it means much to be loyal. " 323 Le! Ro Ka Mi , Bergey ' 52; Owen Lawlor ' 52; Dick Troinley ' 53; Glen Musaelman ' 53. Second Robert Kashmerick ' 53. Front Row:_Don Ken Chapman ' 52. Tau Kappa Epsilon Every year, it is the custom of this fraternity to write a few words of flattery to accompany its picture in the ' Ensian. It is just general policy to mention something about awards and achievements, social life, and some special attributes and characteristics that distinguish us Tekes. But this year, with a 125-word limit to the article, we are completely incapable of adequately covering the past year ' s outstanding events. We would like very much to be able to tell you about our new house. Also, we ' d enjoy remembering our Sadie Hawkins ' Day dance, Alumni banquet, and third prize-winning Homecoming display. But there just isn ' t room. So here ' s to next year and hope that the limitwillberemoved. 324 Theta Chi is a house of special- ists, dating from 1 856 when Free- man and Chase, the founders, wrote the constitution. It is rumcred that Freeman handled the consonants and Chase was exclusively a vowel man. Here on campus we have stu- dents who do nothing but study, thereby as- suring us a good house average. We have activity men who do everything but study . . . thus a goodly number in the honoraries. At the Bell we are represented by our drinking platoon, and the athletic platoon handles varsity and IM sports. In fact, the only versatile man in the house is Pete the porter who makes beds and reads Tolstoy ' s " War and Peace " with equal ease. Theta Chi Left to Right Back Row: Neil Vogt ' 53; George Steele ' 53; Jay Beatty ' 52; Jack McGrae ' 52; Bob day ' 51; Fred Carlson ' 51: Hal Singer ' 52; Norm Boettcber ' 51; John Pfluke ' 52. Third Row: Slug Kettler ' 51; Bob Brewer ' 52; John Guettler ' 52; Stan Tangalakis ' 51; Jim Hearst ' 53; John Dudd ' 53; Phil Johnson ' 52; Jerry Sehaack ' 53; Jim Hull ' 52; Jack Hale. Grad; Jim LoPrete ' 51. Second Row: Jerry Walker ' 54; Al Barrows ' 53: Bob Lawson ' 52; Chuck Cassel " 53; Paul Sage ' 51; Ned Bessemer ' 53; Bill Porteous ' 53; Dick Atnip ' 53; Bruce MacGregor ' 53; Jack Hannon ' 52. Front Row: Bob Cooper ' 51; Andy Graef " 52; Hal Sperlich ' 51; Mike n. Grad; Ted Tylicki ' 53; Duane Billmeyer ' 51. President: Chock Burrows ' 52; Dick Bey ' 51; Dick Thomas ' 52; G. Sidney Cameron. Grad: Jerry Butler ' 51. 325 . ' ' I yfc .- 1 m j . - : . M ! II J_ ; - Sixty-two years ago, Gamma Deuteron Charge of Theta Delta Chi became a reality. Due to gala football weekends, no beer or liquor, plenty of chaperones, wealthy alumni, apples, radios, television, knock poker, movies, a house man- ager, plenty of food, paint job, numerous house presidents, ten pledges, no beer or liquor, activities, athletes, studies, Amber Shadow, women, sorority girls, Delta Delta Delta, 39 porters, a furnace, Fridays, Pretzel Bell, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring vaca- tion, no beer or liquor, and clean living, we are still a reality. Theta Delta Chi Left to Right Back Row Gordon Sakstrup ' 52; Dale Bock Tom Redmond 51; Don Hall Xeufang ' 52; Bob Preston ' 5 Inderson ' 52: Bob Art : Dick Huff ' 54- Bob Gttrf " oaTMark Polkinp 53; Bob Webb ' 53; John Mauriel ' 53; Paul Saldin ' 54; BUI Morriseey " 54; Dave Ramsey ' 53; Pete Reed ' 54; AtweU ' 54; Harry Iwwko " 54; Bob Garrett ' 52; John Repke ' 53; Jim Dyll " 53. Theta Xi Once upon a time in the magic never-never land of Michigan lived a happy race called " stu- dents " and happiest of all were the Theta Xi ' s. They loved work and hated siri, which pleased their great King Ruthven. His staff increased to watch the " students " until suddenly the king had 494,267 staff members and 23 " students " , all ever-loving, do-or-die, stick-to-the-end Theta Xi ' s. All others had left for unhappier but less crowded countries. Aesthetic but practical, the king trained the Theta Xi ' s in the art of munitions in a factory where shell wadding was made out of text books. ' 52; Irwin Drut ' 52. Triangle What right do we have to boast? Just look at our record for the past year . . . Homecoming morning saw us triumph over Tau Delta Phi in the T-Bowl. The ' 49- ' 50 pledge class brought honor to the organiza- tion by obtaining the highest pledge class average on campus. A neat 2.81 brought them the Sigma Chi Scholarship award . . . May, 1950, construction in miniature of the famous Camelot Castle began. Purpose IFC Ball booth. A mighty cheer arose when it was announced that we had taken the sec- ond place award and another cup for our trophy shelf. ' Trigon, the only local fra- ternity at Michigan, plans to go national as soon as pos- sible. After forty years, the Grand Council finally agreed to this the President lost his glasses before the last meeting, and signed the measure into law as a rider on a new parlor tax proposal. We had a beautiful and expensive redecor- ation program which kept most of us out of trouble. We would say something more about our activities, but unfortunately we had no other activities over the past year. Trigon Left to Right Back Row: Don Coulter ' 51; Gray Citizen ' 52; Jim Christiansen. Grad; Jim Branno Milek ' 51; Jim Wells ' 51. Third Row: Clair Waterman ' 52; Chock Crossley ' 51; Dick Zyloski ' I Brook ' ' 51; Bob Hoexter ' 52. Second Row: Chuck Eby ' 51; Frank Miller ' 53; Bill Erickson ' __. --. . Front Row: Norm Xaumoff ' 53; Lee Boboltz ' 51; Jim Lalxmde " 52; Lady Seetag Von Klausenberg; Paul Ross ' 51; Bob Holmes " 51; Bob Roensch ' 52. Hissing: Jim Nixon ' 51. 329 To say that the year 1 950-51 was the greatest and most suc- cessful period in the history of Zeta Beta Tau would be putting it strongly. But why use super- latives? Our record speaks for itself. With only 358 active members, we placed a man in a campus activity, had twelve men who made grades, and 345 who would have won varsity letters except for back injuries. In addition, we ... threw a party, entered an I-M athletic event, bought ourselves a mantelpiece for our trophy, and took in a sensational pledge class 674 strong. It is no wonder, then, that we can proudly and confidently say -that, though there are many splendid and outstanding fraternities on Michigan ' s campus, Zeta Beta Tau is without a doubt. Zeta Beta Tau Left to Right Back Row: Harold Marks ' 53; James Baer ' 54; Joel Dalkin ' 52; Gene Mesh ' 52; Tom Ungerleider ' 52; Stuart Winkelman ' 52; Barry I.evey ' 52; Mark Seiden ' 54; Richard ' Rosenthal ' 53; Howard Sokol ' 54; Howard Willens ' 53; Mark Paper ' 54; Robert Gotten ' 54; Robert Schrayer ' 54; Edward Minor ' 52; Irving Stenn ' 52. 330 Ill ' 51- Bill Race ' 51; Jack Wettlaufer ' 52; Bill Musselmann ' 52; Jim Valance ' 54; Dick Storrer ' 54; John Gushing ' 54; Jim Buck ' 53; Rollo Schafer ' 51. Missing: John Case ' 51; Ted Laird ' 51; Jeff Bradley ' 52; Dr. Livingston ' 99; Nick Wheeler ' 52; Number Six Cylinder ' 88; Tom Heennans ' 52; Spirit 76; Bill Hin- shaw ' : Small Black Dog ' 50; Jim Brodhead ' 54. Zeta Psi Gentlemen, the time is 4:48. Have you any questions? 331 in 1 1 i in H Illl ' HI o 1 1 f 1 1 ' Everyone lives in them sometime. They greet you when you are a fresh- man and may haunt you for years later. But it must be said they are an unforgettable experience. Everyone starts out in a dorm. If you enjoy it, the most you can say is that dorm life is an excellent introduc- tion to community living. If you feel otherwise, the least you we But no matter how you f " sure that dorm BVijtl ftlllL us to live with others in a mon or less amiable fashion, and the experience is more than worth the trouble. They are fun in spite of the bickering over who gets the shower first . riether the footbal RtyBvill ever take i xercise on the fiel istead of your bed u : all the talk about th food, its quality and its origin,- but when we stop to think about it the foo i s pretty good stuff for the prico we have to pay. Where else can one live as cheaply as two. 3 1 can be compared to can start a rumor on the if you run upstairs some- ightly twisted version fourth; of course th version is never very twisted or more spicy than the one you start- ed down below. There is always the dispute as to which is the best floor in a dorm as far as location goes, but Dorms small t first floo slightly twisted versio or you on the fourth; of course the new we think it is simply a matter of choice. If you happen to be the athletic, win- dow- hopping type, you choose the lower, more accessible floors. On the other G C] U I Gl OwSCi VQi t, upper floors often provide lovel views. BOn th - aioup side, the dorms the impersonal monsters some pec itaJdfl they are. The inteido-r ctions on a large scale among tr tivities are the -Mcfiarige IdHners. they start out rathef-strflyUH: a children ' s birthday party with both the boys and qiris violent B self conscious and orally dumb, but after a while things loosen up and everyone enjoys themselves, everyone ex pt those who are too snobbish to join the party. Another great asset that the students themselves have just recently added to the life in the dormitories is the television set now found in each of the dorm lounges. The students c l each dorm chij bought them so that now the Michigan stu- dent is well informed on the current doings of Kukla and the rest of the world visually now as well as audially. The result is that the lounge has become even more of a liv- ing room now than it ever has. Aside from all these universal character- 334 istics each dorm has a personality of its own. Betsy Barbour is known for its pleasant, homey atmos- phere, Newberry famed for its an- would never be made in more for- mal social life. It gives us a challenge to live harmoniously with people not necessarily of our own choice. I and the East and We : Quads for their al- jst armed rivalry. Martha Cool fortre of irtue: the Nevs CBrn is its uitra-modern others hcv? their own little idiosyr The Best Addition i- the -c.- ering south Quad fc- tne moment sheltering the refugees from the Haven Hall fire, but when the eight floors are filled with erts j oying the luxuries of T: dern architect!. and c phone n .r ery room, the zenith dorm life will have been reached. Dormitory life is, just like many other things, just wna: .-. e make it. With the Association cf Independent Me ' : r. the Assembly Association the dorm stude ly powerru oice in stu- dent affairs. The many worthwhile com- munity projects that are sponsored in the dormitories are stimulating and enjoyable. Life in dormitories is not exactly like life in one-great-big-happy-family, but it does have that friendly, family atmosphere which creates warm and lasting friendships that 335 Women ' s Dorms The first glimpse of the dorm is a blare of lights on top of a hill. Every freshman woman finds her new home as one of those bright lights. And home it is. The coldness of the long cor- ridors marked by doors with numbers is broken by the friendliness found at the pile-up at the mailboxes and the rush to sign out for weekend dates. The long lines for meals don ' t seem nearly as long when at last you are seated at the candle-lit tables. Everything in dorm life helps to make it pretty good living. Deora Nelson President Assembly Working to further the coordination of the interests of all independent women on campus, Assembly As- sociation has sponsored several outstanding events and participated in many worthwhile projects. A-Hop, which was given in the fall with AIM, was a huge success. The proceeds of the dance went to the Mich- igan Memorial Phoenix Project. Assembly Fortnight again provided many laughs for the house skits. As- sembly Ball was a must for the spring semester, and proceeds from the Dorm candy stores supported As- sembly ' s DP student. Working with Panhellenic on the Student-Faculty Teas, Frosh Week-End, and Tag Day rounded out the year of Assembly ' s activities. BIG SISTERS BOARD Back Row: Martha Rainier,- Susan Peterson; E. G. MacduFf,- Cec Woodworth. Front Row: Jean Engman,- Mary Jane Mills,- Elsie Kropa. ASSEMBLY BOARD Back Row: Joan Mintzer, Mary Grat- zer,- Sally Peterfreund, Kitty Clark. Front Row: Sally Jones,- Dee Nel- son,- Terry Mussin. 338 Picasso ' s proteges have gay time dabbingatdecorationsFor A-Hop. Monkey shines brighter than the dirty Faces of these Fortnite stars. Conscientious house presidents often Find time For a little laughter. 339 Oo ; 1 mrza ivilliar oo; IVIVUKU i alia Ji; rjieauur i- uerstuii ui , ij iyi ia tui i it J- uim ijcc i avcupui jo, HUMUJFU ivuiicuLitri iv, n;i.uit v iiu 01, uwaii jnii zer ' 52; Patricia Branch ' 54. Front Row: Anna Rose Azimow ' 54; Constance Newman ' 52; Nancy Fitch ' 53; Jean Engman ' 51; Jane Austin ' 54; Ann Tunnicliffe ' 54; Carolyn Bauer ' 54; Miriam Baxter ' 54; Marjorie Beenen ' 54: Sue Shatter ' 54; Anne Lautner ' 54; Karin Carlson ' 54. Betsy Barbour Left to Right Back Row: Theresa Schweininger ' 52; Bluma Zieber ' 51; Mary Jane Jessup ' 53; Mary Elizabeth Smith ' 54; Barbara Bergonz ' 53; Frances Reitz ' 53; Joan Peirce ' 52; Geraldine Wunsch ' 53; Joan Rubin ' 54; Ruth Lisniansky ' 52; Joan Enzler ' 52; Mary Ellen Lonetti ' 52. Third Row: Jacqueline Schiff ' 54; Libby spoon ' 54; Constance Shepherd ' 53. 340 Alice Mencher Martha Cook Left to Right Back Row: Patricia Cook Rae Jean Schieble ' 51 ; Polly Harknen ' Grad ; Marguerite Arozian. Grad. Third Row: son 51: Margaret Ringland ' 51; Beth Peare ' ; Baker " 51 ; Marv Ann Detzer ' 51 ; Arlene Jewell _- . , _-. , Collins ' 51; Jo Collins ' 51, President: Mrs. J. G. Diekema; Dell Ford " 52; Edna Mount ' 51; Muriel Logan ' 51; Martha Chandler ' 51; Marian Larson ' 51; La erne Schmitkons ' 51; Ann Shannon ' 51. Front Row: Ariene Suoiio ' 51; Virginia Gray " 51; MariroseUe Sparks ' 51; Sue Cleghom " 51; Patricia Blake " 51; Deora Nekon " 51- Catherine Von Glahn ' 51; Joan Weaver " 52; Renee Meyerson ' ol; Ruth Steek ' 51; Donna Billington ' 51 ; Jean Ertle ' 51. Missing: Nancy Bylan ' 51; Carol Champney ' 51; Phoebe Coe " 51; Diana ConstandGrad; Jean Engstrom. Grad: Nancy Fields ' 51; Adele Hager ' 51; Ro%eann Heim ' 51; Gloria Hile. G ' rad; Barbara Hinckley " 51; Lou Levine. Grad.; Bunny Logan ' 51; Jan Pierce ' 51; Nancy Pinkstone " 51; Jean Ringland. Grad; Lois Sieher ' 51; Ann Tobin " 51 ; Mary Ummel ' 51 : Pam Wagner " 51 ; Janet Watts " 51 : Harriette Wil " on ' 51. 341 Fiddles, flutes, and femmes require versa- tility in the Couzens Hall living room. Couzens Hall Campus Students Left to Right Back Row: Evelyn Tollefsen, Anne Beattie, Elaine Toles, Connie Gildner, Betty Anne Gruachow, Susan B. Lyons, Marlene J. Gilbert, Vpnda M. Genda, Barbara C. Bauer, Betty Pfleiderer, Elaine Vesotsky, Marjorie Trigger, Ann Percefull, Ruth Phyllis Bennett, Doris Sundstrom. Second Row: Louise Laczo, Joan Matson, Patricia Schott, Sue Brown, Pearl Berry, Nancy Walcott, Nellie S. L. Wong, Lillian Tung, Betty Brown. Front Row: Dorothy Lunder, Nancy Bowers, Maureen McNamara, Maureen Breef, Dolores Rakoczy, Ronnie Raider. Julia Niedelson, Glenna Burkitt, Gloria Grigsby, Winifred Haanes, Eleanor Simmons. 342 All ' s down in black and white in the Couzens darkroom proof that the girls are intent on de- veloping many talents. Student Board Left to Right Back Row: Elsie Meyer, Caryl Schwab. Cary Higley. Luella Drafft. Barbara Banninga. Charlotte Moore. Jane Heeler. Second Row: Doris Graebner. Mary Jane Gallart. Nancy Flynn. lola Pearce. Vida Shelton. Carolyn Stoll. Barbara McCready, Inge Koehl. Beverly Pioch, Jnlia Norns. Front Row: Lois Doolittle. Mary Lo Parker. Dorothy Hoard. Maureen Breff. Nancy Walcott, Glenna Burkitt. 343 White-gloved Jordan girls skip studying for an even- ing at Hill Auditorium and Myra Hess ' concert. Jordan Hall Left to Right Back Row: Laura Allen, Joan Young, Gertrude Mertz, Sue Ottimer, June Jessop, Emily Bzair, Evelyn Challie, Lorna Becker. Second Row: Eleanor Scott, Martha Rainier, Marjorie Ingram, Sally Peterfreund, President; Dorothy Urban, Joan Thompson. Front Row: Jane Booth, Leona Winneg, Jo Spencer, Elaine Thayer, Betsy Nebel, Lisa Kurcz. 344 Left to Right Back Row: Marcia MpKie. Judy Hacro. Christine Linderman. Second Row: Pat Rohring Pat Pstsloff. President : Gerry Ljndstrom. Elizabeth Walker Mickey Safer. Naomi Schloasberg. trout Row: Doris Loser, Shirtey Mueller. Shiriey Drake. Mosher Hall Mosher girls cheer our football heroes to victory with their colorful display on homecoming weekend. MS Left to Right Back Row: Bobbie Meyers, Cec Woodworth, Dorothy Rasmussen, Carolyn Roth, Judy Krueer. Marge Fisher, Libby Rahm, Mary Day. Third Row: Joan Nelson, Elaine Rowe. Second Row: Jean Belle Jones, Mickey Heitkamp, Nan Holnian, President; Barb Martin, Inge Wolff, Eva Stern. Carlotta Ziegeler. Front Row: Dorcas Bowman. Barb Keller, Florence Morrow, Red Oppenheimer, Joan Goldsamt, Dorothy Kovitz. Stockwell Hall Studying in ' the Stockwell library is a battle against television in the lounge and the soft chairs. 346 Arthur Godfrey inspired the ukelele but the Hawaiian costume with saddle shoes is strictly homemade. Helen Newberry ; Terry Mussin ' 52; Marian Swanson ' 54; Rose- ' 52; Shirley Robinson ' 54; Jane Fiero ' 52; Anne __. . , _., Lamberg ' 52; Joanne Matr; Ernestine Xacke ' 53; Naomi Epstein ' 53; Arrenna Proeser ' 54; Joanne Fink ' 54; Petty Anns ' 53; Mary Davidson ' 54; Betsy Row ' 51; Dorothy Rapp ' 52; Norms Goldstein ' 54: Athena Savas ' 52: Carol Schaller ' 53; Mary Anne Beatson ' 53; Mary Jean Foley ' 53; Helen Brat son " 54; Roberta McGregor ' 54; Vera Koroton ' 52. Second Row: Nancy Pndmore ' 53; Eva Takemoto ' 51; Lorraine Butler ' 53; Gretehen Hahn ' 54; Marjorie Jilben ' 54; Dolores Rolandson " 52; Joyce Robisohaud ' 51: Mrs. McCoy, House Director; Juanita Williams ' 53; Lita Hagra. President " 51: Beveriy Mya ' 52; Janet EckJeid ' 52; Lots Holmes ' 53; Christine Mackie ' 51; OUie May Sanders ' 53; Eva Burnette ' 53; Esther Halpem ' 52. Front Row: Clandette CanVritht ' 54; Roberta Richardson ' 54; Sally Ippe! ' 54; Mar -lic Klafer ' 51; Elbe! Pack ' 54; Diana Khoury ' 52; Joyce Feltes ' 52; Alice Ann Ryan ' 53; Donna Westeriund ' 54; Barbara Carse ' 54; Marilyn Campbell ' 54; Kathy Zeisler ' 54; Betsy Potter ' 53; Mary 51 : Judy Johnson ' 54. Left to Right Back Row: Dolores Si! Angell House 348 Left to Right Back Row: Ann Sims " 54; Jane Thompson ' 54; Nancy Fisher ' 53; Gerry Nagler " 51; Joan Glaza ' 51; Margaret Angle " 51; Jeannine Durand " 54 ; Diane Thompson 54; Abigail Nickerson 54; Phyllis Stempel " 52; Arax Tetankjian ' 53. Third Row: Louise Collison " 54; Ruth Richmond ' 54; Mary Kllen Martin " 51; Eb-e Jorcenson ' 52; E. Jane Fest ' 51; Shirley Miller ' 51; Nancy Karnischky " 53; Dolores Susan " 54; Mary Brindek ' 54; Ina Suseman " 52; Joy Whitman " 54. jfcffltMJ Row: Barbara Dowd ' 54; Mar " Pat O ' Brien ' 54; Sally Baker " 54; Mildred Cohitz ' 51; Doris Klrechman " 51; Man. " Kaplan ' 52; Fllie Jacobson ' 53; Lorraine Nassberg " 52; Betty Novy 54; Sheila Mann ' 53. Front Row: " Ule Roncayolo ' 52; Paula Kessel ' 54; Pat Abbott " 54; Margaret Carter ' 54; Lora Paschke ' 52; Susan Ho " 51; Susie Smith " 54; Louise Jacobson ' 53. Hinsdale House 349 Left to Right Back Row: Susan Pullon ' 53; Carol Rourke ' 53; Carolyn Crego ' 54; Vivian Carpenter ' 54; Joan Sundquist ' 54; Jo Rolbins ' 54; Jane Gelenger ' 55; Carol Klapprodt ' 54; Ann Gale ' 52; Paula Edelrnan ' 53; Elizabeth Janis ' 53; Joan Wennerberg ' 53. Third Row: Natalie Gold ' 54; Judy Richardson ' 54; Lucille Stansberry ' 54; Joan Tromley ' 54; Constance Plummer ' 54; Fern Wright ' 53; Jill Schiller ' 54; Agnus Dunn ' 54; Thelma Hunt ' 51; Barbara Gompp ' 52; Kay Croteau ' 54; Hallie Mehler ' 52. Second Row: Constance Bobinski ' 53; Eleanor Fritze ' 51; Doris Everson ' 52; Rosemary Heineman ' 52; Miss Helen Horan, House Director; Shirley Stevens ' 52, President; Phyllis Gringer ' 52; Elsie Kropa ' 52; Pat Sheridan ' 52; Joan Spencer ' 52. Front Row: Martha Hoke ' 52; Barbara Harling ' 54; Mary Ellen Heiner ' 54; Roberta Weisbein ' 54; Nancy Rein ' 54; Marge Mowrer ' 53; Phyllis Beacom ' 54; JoAnn Gates ' 52; Janet Goldstick ' 54; Paula Rizzo ' 54, Kleinstueck MUUjT AMIB W| UVOUM UlUMa J M1H 1XUUUIW VVj AJCVC11J J. m 1.1 luge L U. 0WVHM0 JXUW. 0MKMUH H11C11 J 1 , XUUJUC 1 i iJU " -J uc v tc ! ( ' K3 -uauin u x , uj Barrish ' 54; Miss Helen Horan, House Director; Helen Platzer ' 54; Naomi Saks ' 54; Carol Soutz ' 54; Phoebe Richter ' 54; Sandra Rogin ' 54. Front Row: Harriet Kopel ' 54; Roslyn Viedrah ' 52; Beverly Monoff ' 51; Joan Stern ' 52; Carol Lippmann ' 52; Helen Bogart ' 51. 350 Left to Right Back Row: Carol Alchin ' 53; Marva Wester ' 54; Connie Pokela ' 53; Luella Kananen ' 52; Betty Lou Brown ' 54; Joan Wedge " 53; Gloria Strut ' 54. Third Row: Mary Kapridian ' 52; Carolyn Little ' 54; Dorothy Howard ' 53; Lois Chlopan ' 53; Marjorie Cramer ' 53; Mary Jane Mills ' 53; Delores LaFond ' 54; Doris Harold ' 53; Sally Wood ' 53. Second Kow: Elizabeth Bait, Grad; Clara Rixio ' 52; Joan Patrick ' 52; Mrs. Katheryn Glass. Housemother; Glenna Gregory ' 52; Betty Winterle ' 51. Front Row: Joan Rice ' 53; Leona Schmidt ' 53; Roseann Stasewich ' 53; Jacqueline Turner ' 53; Nona Murphy ' 52; Mary Wedge ' 54; Joanne Branson. ' 54. Adelia Cheever It seems that Duz does everything but actually wash and dry the dinner dishes at Adelia Cheever House. 351 Men ' s Dorms To every incoming freshman that old line is heard " this is your home away from home. " Everyone laughs at the time and wonders how it ever could be true, but strangely enough it is. The dinner line may have meant long waits but the laugh- ing and talking meant camaraderie at its best. And after the long hours of study- ing there was always the lounge for that much needed break. And after leaving the dorm, even that isolated bit of fem- inity, the switchboard girl, will be missed. 353 A. I. M. Dave Bel in President Serving and representing the Independent man is the AIM Coun- cil, composed of the house president and o ne additional repre- sentative from each Residence Hall and representatives of " outside " Independents living in rooming houses. AIM co-sponsored with Assembly the first big all campus dance, the A-Hop. Socially minded Independents also found AIM serving them at J-Hop. Through AIM cooperation with the Quad- rangles, Independents were provided with the facilities of two booths on both nights. Other AIM services included the regular athletic equipment program and the purchase of a mimeograph machine for general Independent use. The AIM BULLETIN, a bi-weekly newsletter, was inaugurated as a means of contact with Independents. Left to Right Back Row: James B. Hause; Ronald E. Seavoy; Lewis N. Masters; Thomas M. Watkins; George A. Xazanis; Bill Eberhardt; Robert Leopold; Doug Cutler; David Ponitz. Second Row: Joe Epstein; Mel Cohen; Anthony Ringold; Carl Hassel- wander; William J. Marcou; Tino Bernadett; Gerald Helman; Deil Wright; Bob Perry. Front Row: M. Lawrence Rubin; Joseph F. W. Kosik; Ralph W. Greenwood; David W. Belin, President; Hugh Fleetwood; Sherman Saxl. 354 The most important project of AIM this year was the organization of the Men ' sand Women ' s House Presidents ' Council. Through this group direct com- munication with the Beard of Governors of Resi- dence Halls has been instituted and discussion of student housing problems has been made possible. AIM ' s activities in the all-campus fields include participation in the Union Liaison Committee for bettering Union services and in the Literary Col- lege Conference. To aid qualified Independents in running for campus offices, AIM published a voter ' s information sheet. The Little Club, the new and popular pseudo night club in the League, is sponsored by AIM. In all activities of AIM the aim has been to increase and strengthen its program of service and action. Discussion or mutual problems is a step in AIM ' s progress. AIM members review a proposal before its presentation to the general independent assembly for discussion at its meeting. Left to Right Back Row: Robert Klamser; Noah Fischman; Joseph Jender; Alex Mansour; Joseph Kosik. Berry; Conrad Semmelroth; Bob Byberg. Front Row: Don Fackler; Deil Wright; Bob Gellatly, President. Seccnd Row: Jsmes Hause; T. A. Bohuszewicz; Phil Missing: Fred Fishback. West Quad Council The eight houses of the West Quadrangle have formed a West Quadrangle Council consisting of two representatives from each house. The Council deals with issues and sponsors activities of a Quad- wide nature. Through the Council, review sessions, lectures and student forums are arranged. The Quad Council also supports the short-wave radio club, the camera club, the glee club and the broad- casting station. The Spring Fantasy and the Holly Hop, the two all-Quad dances, are also organ- ized by the Council. The aim of the West Quad Council is to work in conjunction with the Board of Governors of the Residence Halls to make the West Quadrangle a better place in which to live. OFFICERS Left to Right: Don F. Fackler, Deil S. Wright, Bob Gellatly, Bob Leopold, Terry Brown. 356 Left to Right Back Row: John Apeey ' 53; Gerald Harburn ' 53; Angelo Giovagnoli ' 54; Albert Keith ' 51; Robert Hedler ' 51; George Chans ' 54; Allan Hanna 51; Robert R. Miller ' 52; James Younghlood ' 54; Aldon Ricketts ' 52; Robert H. Miller ' 51; William Gedris ' 54; Richard Ball ' 54; Thomas Treeger ' 54; Arthur Tucholski William Halby ' 53; Ian Lament ' 54; Ronald Broquet ' 54; George Lemieux ' 52; Andrew Bern, ' 52; Thomas Schulte, Grad; Jack McFarland ' 54. Front Row: Albert Scaccia ' 54; David Allen ' 51; Kenneth Sivier ' 51; Alan Morgan ' 53; Stephen True ' 54; Ulrich Koch ' 54; John Roberto " 54. Adams House Left to Right Back Row: John Sweetland ' 54; Paul Geer ' 53; Duane Sheren ' 54; Bruce Thornton ' 53; Richard Hawley ' 52; Neil Bernstein ' 54; John Gray ' 53; Harold Hiisinger ' 54: Thomas Buck ' 54; James Hubert ' 54; Stuart Orman ' 54; Donald Schade ' 51; Newton Baker ' 52; Benjamin Kimura ' 52; Robert Gellately ' 52; Howard Rogers " 53; Ronald Eckert ' 54. Third Row: James Dawson ' 52; Warren Russ ' 54; Walter Wolff ' 54; Robert Schmidt " 51; Charles Smith ' 54; Richard Sulli- van. Grad: Arthur Miltner ' 53; Charles Averill ' 53; William Broecker ' 53; Dale Diener ' 53; John Stewart. Grad; William Hayes " 52; Carvel Mair ' 51; Robert Peck ' 54; Paul Morris ' 54; James Pvrros. Grad; Robert Gray ' 52. Second Row: Brendan Drewett ' 53; Lawrence Kinstle ' 53; Thomas Severance ' 52: Zaki Khuymayvi? ' 53; Theodore Shuster ' 53; Allan Mandelstamm. Grad; Salih Sheibani ' 53; Walter Schwartz ' 54; Man-in Gordon ' 54: Leslie Shalan ' 54: William Monroe ' 54; Daniel Forgel ' 54: Paul Jones ' 54; Donald Anderson ' 53. Front Row: Murray Budney. Grad: James Jacobs ' 53; Joseph Zaby ' 54; Roberto Valenzuela ' 53; Robert Lemmer. Grad: William Truckenbrod ' 54; Allan Thomas ' 54; Roy Christiansen ' 54: Robert Buechner ' 53. Left to Right Back Row: Sam McComb ' 54; Harry Lee ' 51; Tom Cook ' 54; James Rankin ' 54; Dick Dinolfo ' 52; Richard Heck ' 53; Tunney Lee ' 53; Miles Lee ' 54; Duane Wood ' 54; Richard Rosenthal ' 53; Jerome Schaack ' 53; Matt McGregor ' 51. Third Row: Floyd Graham ' 54; Richard Ponsetto ' 53; Win. Sellers ' 53; Chuck Vinkemelder ' 52; James Byers ' 54; Roy Wagner ' 52; Charles Watson ' 54; Leonard Cremer ' 53; Ralph Bielawski ' 52; Dick Storrer ' 54; Burt Hamburger ' 54; Dick Young ' 54. Second Row: Clement Tam ' 53; Raffee Johns ' 51 ; Doug Cutler ' 52; Robert Golten ' 54; Jim Kubota ' 52; Lester Levey ' 54; Allen Norris ' 54; Bill Nye ' 53; John Chiapuris ' 53; Salvatore Gregory ' 53; Gerald Keyte ' 54. Front Row: Clayton Holcomb ' 54; Adelbert Tweedie ' 53; Robert Whitacre ' 54; Owen Daniels ' 53; David West ' 53; Franz Geisz ' 53; Max Daniels ' 54; William Strickler ' 53; William Chapman ' 53. Allen-Rumsey House Left to Right Back Row: John Bacon ' 53; Sandy Greenspan ' 53; Harvey Muehlenbeck ' 52; Keith Averill ' 52; Philip Young ' 52; Larry Mack ' 54; Jim Hinz ' 53; James Jones ' 53; Jerold Mills ' 53; J. D. Mooney ' 54; Chuck Davies ' 54; A. Vernon Lapps ' 54; Arthur Townsend ' 54. Third Row: Milton Meier ' 54; Don Smith ' 54; James Kanitz ' 54; John Steinhelper ' 54; Don Garvin ' 54; Richard Watson ' 51; Frank Starbuck ' 54; Ben Sorscher ' 53; David Wong ' 54; Robert Abrash ' 54; Rodger Watson ' 54; Gerald O ' Brien ' 54; Richard Hamilton ' 54. Second Row: S. L. Ling ' 53; Paul Parkus ' 52; W. S. Allen ' 54; K. B. Cutler ' 54; E. F. Guswiler ' 54; M. M. Gray ' 54; B. R. Ellison, Grad; Louie Hughs ' 52; Robert Leorold ' 52. President; Harry Piper ' 53; A. I . Becker ' 54; W. C. Williams ' 54; Robert Overholt ' 54; Front Row: Robert Wilson ' 53; Reed Romine ' 53; Jack Blown ' 53; David Locke ' 51; Henery Maravec ' 54; David Frazer ' 51; Bennett Stalvey, Grad; Herbert; Williams ' 51; Peter Kardel ' 52; Bob Efrgenberger ' 52; Paul Doelle ' 54; John Ccdwell ' 4. .. i h Left to Right Back Row: BUI Libby ' 54; Jack Shariand ' 32; Tom Baker ' 54: ad; Herbert Xordquist ' 52; Richard Kocon ' 53; Howard Welch ' 53; Raymond ' 51; Martin Si Xiedelson ' 54. Front Row : Bob Shrayer ' 54; Jim Laben " 54; Roland Hiss ' 54; ' John Fortenberry ' 54; Irving Karel ' 54; Carl Miller ' 52; Dick Ferrington ' 53; Eugene Smoley ' 53; David Lang ' 54; Fred L. Hoyt. Spec. Chicago House Smithe 54; Angelo Cantera ' 53; Ben H. Uj ' ihara ' 51; Clinton Williams ' 51; Richard Corman ' 51; Ted Clifton ' 51; Louis Dorff ' 54; Harry Tatigian ' 53; Paul F. Stoner ' 51; Thomas G. Basset t ' 51; Dennis Wepman ' 54. ' 53; Fred Yoshimura ' 52; Dave Pettick ' 54; Bob Dayton ' 52; Ed Hill ' 51; Jo ' e Simpson ' 51; John Krause ' 53; Paul Pfatiler ' 52; Sherman Saxl ' 53. Lloyd House 04; Bonnie nemmeirotn M; Bud Unarlip T 54; Tom Stapleton 54; Bob Goodwin 53. Front Row: Doug Fairchild ' 51; Bill Sulli Nouette 53; Roy Hawkinson ' 54; Harry Iwasko ' 53; Larry Block ' 53; Bill Eberhardt ' 52; Chuck Wise ' 54; Pete Beurmann. 360 Dean Ladas " 55: Edward Hirsehbeek ' 53; James Tsaggaris ' 54; Kenneth Cannestra ' 53; James McGrath ' 54; Francis Drinan ' 54; Donald Bass ' 54; Raymond Bahor 53 ; Garabed Tadian " 54. Michigan House Left to Right Back Row: Glen Southerton ' 52; Paul Romiick ' 54; George Roumell ' ' 54; Robert Jaffe ' 54; Xorman Heiden ' 51; Eugene Kemp ' 53; Harry Easom ' 54: Roger Willo ond Row: Don Ferguson ' 54; Hank Crapo ' 54; Dick Nepstad ' 53; Blaine Sevferth ' 54; Davi u vv f . , , . ., ., --, James Rupprecht ' 54; Karl Wallick ' 52; Leonard El Keith ' 51; Robert Tweedie ' 51; Jack Siering ' 51. Front Row: Charles Payne ' 53; Leonard Marshall o4; Joel Schmidt ' 54; Rodney MaeDonald ' 54; John Cone ' 53; Mrs. Lure Niles; John Davies " 51; John Rawlings ' 51; Robert Pagenkopf ' 51; Harold Patterson o2; Jack Moote 51. Left to RightBack Row: Henry Erbland ' 54; Georce Hoefferle ' 53; Terry Brown ' 52; Jack Backels ' 52; Leonard Czarnowski ' 51; Robert Price ' 52; Richard Ryder ' 53; Gregory Wurzburg ' 52; Ronald Pelton, Grad; Robert Radtke ' 53; Richard BeGole ' 54; Bruce Bacon ' 54. Third Row: Henry Trifz ' 53; Walter Rupprecht ' 51; Edgar Manker ' 53; Harry Myron ' 53; Charles Wagoner ' 53; George Stout ' 51; James Manson ' 53; Arthur Oppennann ' 54; Lorin Ulm ' 54; Ed Stankiewicz ' 54; Robert Copping ' 54; Isamu Wakika, Grad. Second Row: Robert Weaver ' 54; Ronald Barnett ' 54; Stanford Geleman ' 54; Harold Abrams ' 54; Ronald Rosefield ' 54; William Meikle ' 51; Richard Mansfield ' 51; John Leen ' 53; Stuart Falk ' 53; Sheldon Rovin ' 54; Mervyn Manning ' 54; Toshiaki Yamashita, Grad. Front Row: Gene Christian ' 54 ; William Hamilton ' 54 ; George Paxon ' 54 ; David Goldstick ' 54 ; Karl Kuja wski ' 53 ; Richard Yonke ' 54 ; Colen LaFa ve ' 53 ; Edward Randa ' 53 ; John Mauriel ' 53. Wenley House Left to Right Back Row: Jack Robertson ' 52; Donald Strachan ' 54; James McCormack ' 52; William Land ' 54; Gene Barrack ' 54; Richard Briggs ' 54; Gene Cir- anni ' 54; George Wilhelm ' 51; Edward Burrows ' 54; Raymond Posvar ' 53; Gordon Comfort ' 53; Reese Jones ' 54; Jack Bryant ' 51; William Smith ' 54; Robert Rich- walski ' 51. Fourth Row; Theodore Pearce ' 51; George Baibak ' 51; James Shaner ' 53; Carl Miller ' 53; Thad Stanford ' 54; George Bristow ' 54; Len Miller ' 54; George King ' 52; John Glover ' 51; Ronald Ghormley ' 53; Duane London ' 52; Cordell Vasu ' 52; Theodore Jones ' 54; Jack Sotherland ' 54. Third Row: Lee Copple, Grad; Michel Plizga ' 52; Robert Shawley ' 53; Ronald Fox ' 54; Douglas Smith ' 54; Merritt Major ' 53; Eugene Samuelson ' 52; Philip Wagner ' 54; Donald Anthony ' 52; Jack Steinhilber ' 52; Leonard Proctor ' 52; George Paulus ' 51; Russell Young ' 54; John Meckley ' 53; Robert Weber, Grad. Second Row: James Zagelmeyer ' 54; James Survis ' 54; Walter Tabar ' 51; Gus Cavalaris ' 51; Allyn Ensign ' 54; Wesley Christensen ' 53; John Morris ' 53; Mrs. Eva MacCormick; Bill Wiedrich ' 53; Milton Mead ' 54; David Schmidt ' 53; Robert Lide, Grad; John Vlachos, Grad; Carey Modlin, Spec. Front Row: Robert Curhan ' 53; Thomas Galantowicz ' 54; George Stoner ' 54; Samuel Luborsky ' 52; Paul Rohlflng ' 53; Donald Abramson ' 52; James Prokos ' 54; Gerald Gleich ' 53; Ragnor Segmund ' 54; Donald Orne ' 54; Stuart Mittenthal ' 54. 362 Back Row: Jack Rademaker ' 52; Paul Salditt ' 54: Richard Bradin " 52; Manvel Rosenbaum ' 51; C. Russell Xorris " 52; Fred Prekosovich " 54: Bruce Winchell House Left to Right Back Row: Dal Wright " 52; William Kersten ' 53; Donald Swanson " 54; Robert Fialka ' 52; Anthony Freed " 53; Richard Hardest}- " 53; Morrell Vree- land ' 53; Austin Schneider ' 53; Jan Campbell ' 53; Donald Briggg. Grad; Donald Weston ' 53; Donald Bossier ' 54; Parnell Simon ' 54; Robert Burns " 54;Donald Fragnoli " 53. Second Row: George Boucher ' 51; Robert Crawford " 54: William Kent ' 52; Howard Bolton. Grad; James Hogan ' 54; James Langley ' 54; Richard Thomas ' 51; John Humphrey " 51; William Fowler ' 52; George Marek " 52; James Rienstra ' 54; John Rippon " 54; James Armstrong " 54; Dean McCann " 54. Front Row: Ron Reiner ' 53; Conrado Vinuya " 54; Samuel Kriegman " 53; George Kircos ' 54; Frank Skrbina ' 53; John Skrbina ' 51; Harmon Nine " 53: Kirwin Stief ' 54; nunitl Christopher ' 52: George Walters ' 52; Richard Mot tern ' 52; Richard Samlter ' 51. Mt CTg: John Boyce ' 54; Michael Johnson ' 54; Ralph Schatz ' 51; Ned Stirton ' 51; David Barkarrie " 53; Hubert Saaristo ' 51; Leonard Huber " 53; Bruce Treweek ' 54: Kenneth Nielson ' 51; Richard Eyler ' 53; William Eggleston ' 52. 363 occuiiu K.OW . rillU[ l ievilis t i; JUiiil r us LCI Ji , tjamcrt ivieu u t j. , iiauico uui utm w . iioo uv v xujwc , HHUUMUMW Richard Chess ' 52; Thomas White ' 54; Eugene Koziara ' 51; Edwin Sader ' 53; Robert Reardon ' 54. Front Row: Brian Beckley ' 52; Daniel McKeown ' 51; Gordon MacDonald ' 53; F. Gilbert McMahon, Grad; Gilbert Bazil, Grad; James Meacham ' 52; Richard Smith ' 51; Bruce Billes ' 52; Gordon MacDougall ' 52; Harvey Gor- don ' 52. Anderson House 364 Pannes ' 54; Robert Powell ' 52; James Rawlins ' 53; Donald Schi van ' 53; David Horning ' 51; George Baumann ' 54. Front Row ' 51; Richard Donley; Grad; Kazuo Matsomoto ' 53; Sumio Yuka Greene House Monroe ' .MacPherson ' 51; Robert StratifT ' 52; John Rembowski ' 51; Keith Horngren ' 51; John Elert ' 53. Front Row: John Spellman ' 54 1; John MeGovern ' 51 ; Alyera Diaz ' 53; Harold Cunnineham. Grad;EdwardSilberfarb ' 51 ; Raymond Decker ' 52;Jerry Kelleher ' 51; Philip Thomas. Grad; Donald ohlgemuth o3; Joseph Hipfel Thomas Goulish ' 52; William Baird ' 53. The best in radio is presented daily by E. Q. Station. The jolly after-dinner sing jazzes up dull study hours. Shooting beautiful coeds enlivens the Camera Club activities. East Quad Council The Council itself consists of representatives from the eight houses which comprise the Quadrangle. It functions as the representative of the whole Quad on campus and as the organizer of all Quad- side functions on the student level. In organizing activities in the Quad, we have exploited our size to make possible the organization of groups in which any reasonable number of men have demonstrated an interest. We are especially proud of our Radio Club which has developed an intra-dorm station which has no rival on campus. From a meagre beginning they have developed a station which boasts " the clearest spot on your dial. " The Camera Club has top popularity with about seventy-five mem- bers making use of its dark room facilities. There are other interest groups, the Glee Club, the music appreciation group and others which function from time to time as interest is shown in them. 366 This year Anderson House won the second prize in the men ' s division for their fine Homecoming display. To cele- brate Homecoming East Quad gave its annual Homecoming Harvest Dance and in the spring the Quad-wide E. Q. Ball. These two dances have become traditional because they are designed to give the residents the best on a non- profit basis. Originality is the keynote in the decorations for this year ' s East Quad social activities. qiKuvntee to eiumnale y n : Bowi Left to Right Back Row: Dick Kelson. Earl Aldon. Keith Conway. Tom Watkin?, Tony Ringold. Second Row: John Bingley. Resident Director: Russ Gregory. Carl Hasselwander. President; Bill Weber. Gill Hoffmeyer. Front Row: Jim Simonsen, Bob Bockemucbt. Bill Marcou, Bob Lawson. Jerry Balbus. 367 V The harvest of seniors this year is a good crop, but it is a special crop too. They have a new world to face a world certain of a crisis which has no prospect of being settled even in our lives. The talk this year among the seniors is not " did you get a job, " but " did they give you a commission. " 369 The old rhyme " Doctor, Lawyer, Mer- chant, Chief " has been changed a little this year now it goes " Soldier, Sailor, Mar- ine, 4-F " . And it is a little out of tune but no more so than the times we live in. Lucky is the graduating student who can say that he knows where he is going and whether he will stay there long. The class of 1951 is distinguished in another way too, in ad- 3T ing with one or the fi 35 ever been on the Michiga jmpus. We mean that Alexander Grant Ruthven is retiring. Seldom has a Univer- sity seen such progress under the direction f one president, and seldom too can a pres- ident retire with the knowledge that he has the complete loyalty and devotion of the entire campus. We feel sorry for the seniors in that they are going to lose a consider- able amount of their traditional thunder and glory to the president at graduation time, but we ' re sure that they are far from dis- gruntled, rather they are proud that they have been associated in even a small way lent Ruthven. After World terans came back to colle their wives and children, and now it seems to be the style. But we had no part in setting this style. With the world as it is it would seem that children, wives, housing pro- jects, and a generally more mature campus life are becoming a permanent part of the University. Another institution one can ' t escape while on cam- pus is the Pretzel Bell. to go last time, and realize that try as will you can never recapture again the " gemutlicheit " that pervades all of your life while in college. In fact there is no phase of college that does not have certain amount of nostalgia when we re- member that it is past for good. We don ' t understand it, but when we spend a few years here and then graduate into the cool hardness of the everyday world, there is wistfulness that there ' s no escaping. Even work seems more pleasant in retrospect cer- tainly it seems easier for us since there are no more cribs or exam files to be depended upon at that panicky last moment. Whether you ' re finishing Med school or just getting your bachelors and despite that wistfulness, there is still the definite urge to turn your back on college for good and all and face the uncertain future. Senior Night, the IFC 370 Ball, Lantern Night, exams, and then gradu- ation follow in such quick suc- cession that you hardly have time to catch your you gone. :;: e.ery one of the;. ts is bigge ar and bette f t an cny other that has ever taken z ace n the oast, or is that just the .voy ays feeP It ' s rr : ock tc leave the comfortable sect ccilege routine these days. The phrase " Nothing is sire cA aeath and taxes " is almost an understatement. The thought of facing the army for severe years or even if you ' re lucky enough to have an essential job pressing tc the most effervescent young graduate. The unusual point is that the spirit of the class does not reflect any de- pression or discouragement The old quote used for seniors about being the future leaders of the nation is hackneyed true, but year the phrase is an understatement. The senior class is leaving the University with perhaps the largest responsibility of any class, and it would seem that they not only realize it but look on it as their duty and a challenge. 371 Senior L S. A. Dave Belin, Treas.,- Pat McLean, Sec.; Jack Arbuckle, Vice-Pres. Business C. Dick Woodworth, Sec.,- Charles Strickland, Vice-Pres. Virginia Ross, Treas. (missing). John McCarthy, Pres. Nursing E. lola Pearce, Vice-Pres.; Beverly Carmon, Sec.,- Beatrice Fisher, Treas. Inge Kuehl, Pres. 372 Officers Medicine Philip Youngblood, Pres. Alvin L. Morris, Sec.; Benjamin M. Weinger, Treas., Kenneth Youngquist, Vice-Pres. Dentistry C William Wilkinson, Pres. James M. Fraser, Vice-Pres.; Richard W. Stander, Sec.; Robert H. Eich, Treas. Engineering Charles Froman, Pres. Donald Hall, Sec.; Robert Preston, Vice-Pres., Robert Mitchell, Treas. 373 Aartila J. Aarno, B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association James B. Abbey, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration. Lawrence D. Abbey, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Donald N. Abbott, D.D.S. Howard E. Abrams, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Jerry H. Abramson, D.D.S. Alpha Omega Herman B. Abrash, A.B. in English Union Opera, Michigras Robert N. Acker, B.B.A. in Marketing Marquette, Mich. Flint, Mich. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Far Rockaway, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. New Rochelle, N.Y. Dexter, Mich. M. Anne Ackerman, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Loogootee, Ind. Fay F. Adair, M.A. in English Grand Rapids, Mich. Charles S. Adams, Jr., B.S. in Industrial Engineering Schenectady, N.Y. David K. Adams, B.S. in Wood Technique Middletown, Ohio Eugene G. Adams, A.B. in English Michiganensian, Michigras John A. Adams, B.S.E. in Ind. Engineering Marlin L. Adams, B.S. in Pharmacy Am. Pharmaceutical Association Patricia T. Adams, B.B.A. in Marketing J.G.P., Phoenix Project, Winter Carnival, Soph. Cab. Niles, Mich. Euclid, Ohio Montgomery, Mich. Lorain, Ohio Ruth Adams, B.S. in Chemistry Seymour S. Adelson, M.D. Monroe E. Aderhold, B.B.A. in Marketing Young Republicans Felice V. Angnifilo, A.B. in Medicine O. William Agre, Jr., B.S. in Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Basketball, Track Oscar W. Agre, A.B. in Social Work Aloysius J. Ahearn, A.B. in English Boxing, Newman Club, Daily Carl F. Aichele, B.B.A. in Marketing Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. New Rochelle, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Avon, Mass. Pittsburgh, Pa. Elizabeth F. Ainslie, A.B. in Music Guatemala, Central Amer. Gilbert and Sullivan, Sociedad Hispanica, Arts Chorale Abdul-Fattah, Al-Alusi, M.S.E. in Civil Engineering Baghdad, Iraq President of Arab Club Misbah N. Al-Asil, A.B. in Political Science Baghdad, Iraq Sociedad Hispanica, Arabic Club, Am. Society of International Law William B. Albrecht, A.B. in Geography Detroit, Mich. Robert Alpern, B. of Arch, in Architecture. Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth, NJ. Coldwater, Mich. Francis J. Allaire, B.S. in Letters and Medicine Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Mary G. Aldridge, A.B. in Sociology Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Russell D. Alexander, B.D. in Advertising Robert J. Allard, B.D. in Interior Design Choral Union, Gargoyle David L. Allen, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Jay W. Allen, A.B. in English John E. Allen, B.S.M.E. in Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New Castle, Pa. 374 Louis G. Allen, B.B.A. in Marketing Monroe, Mich . Melva Allen, R.N. Sault Sainte Marie, Mich. Norma B. Allen, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Marshall, Mich. Richard C. Allen, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Milwaukee, Wis. Vulcans. L nion Exec. Council, A.S.M.E., Treas. of Eng. Council. Richard M. Allen, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration East Hampton. Conn. Sailing Club, Ski Club Sally Allerton, A.B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. Charles M. Allmand, M.B.A. in Ind. Management Industrial Relations Club Phineas Alpers, B. of Architecture Tau Sigma Delta Louise Alston, B.S. in Education Kappa Pi Robert X. Alsworth, A.B. in Journalism Michigan Journalist Rene M. Ahman, B.S. in Pre-Med. Sigma Tau Delta, Pre- Medical Society, Chemistry Society Samuel D. Ahman, A.B. in Economics Michiganensian, I.F.C. Richard S. Altounian, B.S. in Geology Ann Arbor, Mich. Salem, Mass. Hamilton, Ohio Willow Run, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Dearborn, Mich. New York, N.Y. Myron Amer , B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Engineering Council James A. Amerman, B.B.A. in Business Administration Belleville, Mich. Mich. Daily. I.F.C. Bernard H. Ames, B.S. in Naval Architecture Toledo, Ohio Quarterdeck Society Avraham Amith, B.S. in Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi. I.A F.A. Raymond. St. Amour, B.S. in Wood Technique John M. Andersen, A.B. in Zoology Varsity Football, Basketball, Sailing dub La Sociedad Hispanica Alexander S. Anderson, A.B. in Pre-Professional Haifa, Israel Muskegon, Mich. Manistee, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Arthur E. Anderson, A.B. in English A.V.C. Kalamazoo, Mich. Arthur L. Anderson, A.B. in Accounting Marquette, Mich. Donald R. Anderson, M.A. in Actuarial Mathematics Montreal, Quebec Donna Anderson, Dental Hygiene Certificate Detroit, Mich. Doris P. Anderson, B.M. in Music Mu Phi Epsilon Ernest M. Anderson, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Eng. Florence Anderson, A.B. in El. Education George W. Anderson, A.B. in History Gloria B. Anderson, B.M. in Music Literature University Choir Mary P. Anderson, A.B. in Spanish Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Maureen G. Anderson, A.B. Michigan Daily Richard E. Anderson, B.S. in Chemistry Suzanne J. Anderson, A.B. in English Fortnight Koorkin J. Andonian, LL.B. Phi Eta Sigma Nick G. Andrade, A.B. in Sociology Hawaiian Club Joyce Andrews, A.B. in Political Science Ann Arbor, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Northport, Mich. Merrill, Mich. Escanaba, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Hamakuapoko, T.H. Port Huron, Mich. Edward L. Angellotti, A.B. in Spanish Spanish Club Charles J. Annable, B.S. in Science Aaro J. Annala, B. Arch, in Arch. Design A. I. A., Arts Society Alfred D. Antilla, M.D. Phi Kappa Phi Lloyd E. Appell, A.B. in Pre. Medicine Robert Applebee, A.B. in History Theophil Aprill, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma John H. Arbuckle, A.B. in Political Science Michigamau, Varsity Swimming, M Club, Pre-Law Crib, Senior Class Vice-President Mark B. Ardis, B.S. in Chemistry Richard T. Armantrout, B.S.E. in Elec. Eng. Men ' s Union, Radio Club, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. A. John Armbruster, A.B. in History Norton L. Armour, B.B.A. in Accounting Jack G. Armstrong, A.B. in History Scabbard and Blade, Student Legislature, National Student Association, Pershing Rifles James R. Armstrong, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, Michigan Daily, A.S.M.E., I.F.C. Joseph L. Arnaud, M.A. in Adm. of El. Schools Alpha Kappa Mu, Newman Club Donald F. Arnold, A.B. in History Michigan Education Club Allen Park, Mich. Cheboygan, Mich. Palmer, Mich. Sagola, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Erie, Pa. Standish, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Aurora, 111. Grand Rapids, Mich. Pittsburgh, Pa. Lakewood, Ohio New Orleans, La. Comstock Park, Mich. Alfred P. Arthur, M.Sc. in Forestry and Conservation Knowlton, Quebec Forestry Club Boyd W. Arthurs, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Joan AschenBrenner, A.B. in English Bernard Artz, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Russell A. Ash, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, A.I.E.E. Charles A. Ashley, A.B. in Political Science Baseball Irene G. Askew, Certificate of Dental Hygiene Ernest J. Aslanis, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Nicholas A. Assimos, B.S. in Botany Jean P. Assikan, A.B. in Sociology Giray A. Atatur, A.B. in Journalism Turkish Club, Michigan Daily Carol J. Atherton, A.B. in English J.G.P., Ballet Club, Modern Dance Club Charles R. Atkins, B.S. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S. Robert C. Atkins, A.B. in Pre- Professional Phi Eta Sigma, Phoenix Features, Ensian, Student Players Fred. J. Auch, Jr., B.S.C.E. in Civil Eng. Joanne E. Auch, B.S. in Medical Technology Alpha Lambda Delta, Merit Tutorial Junior Ass ' t., Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Garvin W. Aulepp, A.B. in Psychology Beverly M. Austin, A.B. in Education J.G.P. James K. Austin, A.B. in Social Studies Michigan Education Club Paul H. Austin, Jr., M.B.A. in Marketing Marketing Club Trenton, Mich. Farmington, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Plymouth, Mich. Camden, N.J Detroit, Mich.. Wilmington, Del. Flint, Mich. Taunton, Mass. Ankara, Turkey Saginaw, Mich. Passaic, N.J. Dayton, Ohio Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Farmington, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. John D. Ausum, A.B. in Pre-Mcdicinc Tetsuji Aoyama, A.B. in Political Science Harold C. Aven, M.B.A. in Accounting June Avison. A.B. in Education Play Production Norman D. Axelrad, A.B. in Economics Abdul Menam Aziz, B.S. in Civil Engineering Bernard R. Bach, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Newman Club Ruth L. BackeU, M.A. in Speech Correction Arthur R. Backus, L.L.B. P hi Alpha Delta William ' R. Bacon, B.S. in Chemistry Joan Badgley, A.B. in French Vincent A. Baglione, B.S. in Naval Architecture George J. Baibar, B.S. in Chemistry Lawrence A. Bailes, B.S. in Pharmacy Mary E. Bailey, B.M. in Voice Michigan Singers Richard E. Bailey, D.D.S. Student Council Wilbur Bailey, B.S.E. in Physics William Jay Bailey, B.S. in Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa. Basketball, Phys. Ed. dub David S. Baker, D.D.S. James W. Baker, A.B., L.L.B. Alpha Phi Alpha Janet E. Baker, A.B. in Speech Play Pro., Theatre Guild John C. Baker, B.S.E. in Aero Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha John F. Baker, B.S. in Pharmacy- American Pharmaceutical Association Joyce Y. Baker, A.B. in Psychology Tau Beta Sigma. University Symphonic Band, Assembly Ball Committee Wendell D. Baker, M.A. in Sociology Men ' s Glee dub Priscilla Ball, A.B. in Economics Nyvern, Scroll, S.L., Soph. Cab, Michifish, W ' .A.A. Board William G. Ball, B.S. in Elec. Engineering John Bal lman, M.B.A. in Accounting Lois Bamborough, A.B. in Science Assembly Ball, Soph. Cab., Pan-Hell Ball Stanley E. Banash, B.S.F. in Forestry Forestry Club Theresa Banche, A.B. in El. Education Education Club. Newman Club. Hiawatha Club Randall H. Bancroft, B.S.M.E. in Ind.-Mech. Eng. Tony Bandyk, B.S. in Physical Education John H. Banzhaf, B.B.A. in Marketing Phi Eta Sigma. Forester ' s Club, Michigan Forester. Phoenix Project. Marketing Club Robert J. Barada, B.A. in Economics Michigan Marching Band Donna M. Barak, A.B. in English Flat Rock, Mich. Kyoto, Japan Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, 111. Kut, Iraq River Rouge, Mich. Marquette, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Roslindale, Mass. Tecumseh, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Quincy, 111. E. T-ansing, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. River Rouge, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Carey, Ohio Fannington. Mich. Dexter, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Philadelphia, Pa. Kalamazoo, Mich. Wilmette. 111. Royal Oak, Mich. Turners Falls, Mass. Caspian, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Ft. LauderdaJe. Fla. Detroit, Mich. " - Francis C. Barber, B.S. in Chem. Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineering Lynn H. Barber, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon P. L. Baribeau, D.D.S. Ludvik F. Barinka, B.S. in Chemistry William Barkan, B.B.A. in Accounting Carol J. Baker, A.B. in El. Education Canterbury Club William J. Barnds, B.B.A. in Finance Newman Club, Monroe Street Journal, Football Frank M. Barnes, B.S. in Geology James C. Barnes, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi John M. Barnes, B.S. in Geology Swimming team William E. Barnes, A.B. in Economics John W. Barnstead, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Gerald F. Barofsky, M.D. Victor Vaughn Society Beverly J. Baron, A.B. in Speech Correction Wyvern, Mortar Board, Soph. Cab . Sec. Women ' s Judiciary Richard L. Barovick, A.B. in Economics Michael Barr, M.S. in Mathematics Phi Beta Kappa Ortha O. Barr, Jr., B.A.A. in Accounting William B. Barr, M.D. Victor Vaughn Society Robert K. Barrett, M.A. in German Lang, and Lit. Max E. Barritt, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Baroda, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Port Huron, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Quincy, Mich. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Sioux City, Iowa New York, N.Y. Cambridge, Mass. Lima, Ohio Wurton, W. Va. Ann Arbor, Mich. Hart, Mich. Walter L. Barren, B.S. in Science Pershing Rifles, Pre-medical Society, Wesleyan Guild, Basketball John F. Barrows, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Phyllis J. Bartholomew, B.A. in Speech W.A.A. Gilbert and Sullivan, Glee Club John R. Bassett, B.S. in Forestry Forester ' s Club, Michigan Daily, Michigan Forester Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Grosse Pointe shores,Mich. Walpole, Mass. Thomas G. Bassett, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Michigan Technic Albert F. Bassey, B.S. in Physical Education Football, Hockey Dominic Bastianelli, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Iron Rivers, Mich. A.S.M.E. Ross B. Bateman, B.S. in Physical Education Oskaloosa, Kan. Phi Epsilon Kappa Russel A. Bates, M.A. in Administration Charles F. Bath, B.M. in Piano Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Choral Union Virginia F. Bauer, A.B. in Education Scroll, Student Legislature, Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Sec. Women ' s League Atha J. Baugh, A.B. in English Education Club Richard B. Baxter, A.B. in Political Science Owosso, Mich. Niles, Mich. E. Lansing, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Seymour M. Baxter, A.B. in Psychology Deutscher Verein, Russky Kruzhok, Chess Club, IZFA Harold Baylerian, B. of Architecture A.I. A. Neil W. Beach, M.S. in Zoology Arts Chorale Mt. Clemens, Mich. Detroit, Mich. S. Milwaukee, Wis. Dexter, Mich. 378 Ann Arbor, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Kalamazoo. Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Flint, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Lenox, Mich. Gatun. Panama Dearborn, Mich. Warren, Ohio Tehran, Iran Farmington, Mich. Sioux City. Iowa Muskegon. Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Miami. Fla. Eastman ville, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Sarnia. Canada Wyandotte, Mich. Frances E. Bendler, A.B. in Education Birmingham, Mich. J.G.P.. Sooh. Cab.. Glee Club George T. Bennett, B.B.A. in Business Administration Helena, Mont. Janet S. Beam, A.B. in English Soph. Cab., I-G.P. Lynn A. Beattie, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Robert G. Beatty, A.B. in Arch, and Design Jack F. Beauchamp, A.B. in Speech Basketball. Radio. Plav Production Robert W. Beaudry, A.B. in History- James B. Beckett, A.B. in Pre- Professional Florence T. Bedul, A.B. in English Robert H. Beecher, M.A. in Education Barbara A. Beers. A.B. in Sociology David L. Beers, Jr., A.B. in Psychology I.C. Glee Club Grant Beglarian, B.M. in Music Phi Mu Alpha, Gilbert and Sullivan, I.S.A. Joyce Beglarian, B.M. in Music David W. Belin, A.B.. B.B.A. in Bus. Adm. Phi Eta Sigma. Delta Sigma Rho, . Beta Aloha Psi. Michigamau. S.L. President Edward Bell, A.B. in History Omega Psi Phi Fave Bell, R.X. Tennis Club Frank Seller, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering William L. Bettison, Jr., B.S. in Zoology John R. Beljan, B.S. in Zoology- Phi Eta Sigma Sydney E. Bernard, A.B. in Sociology Terence H. Benbow, A.B. in Philosophy John W. Bennett. A.B. in Architecture Concert Band Nancy J. Benson, A.B. in English Negaunee. Mich. Detroit, Mich. William C. Benson, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Grand Rapids, Mich. Delta Pi Alpha. Pershing Rifles Robert B. Bentley, A.B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Mich. Student Legislature Robert J. Benya, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. Irving Berent, A.B. in English Marilyn M. Berg, B.S. in Zoology- Arthur L. Bergey, B.S.E. in Engineering John W. Berghuis. M.D. Milton R. Beringer, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Eileen R. Berkun, A.B. in Education Student Players Louis B. Berman, A.B. in Chemistry Raymond R. Bernabel, B.S. in Chemistry James H. Bernard, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Clara City, Mich. Toronto, Canada Buffalo, NY. Detroit, Mich. Yonkers. N.Y. Yassar, Mich. Harriet A. Bernbaum, A.B. in English Jacqueline E. Berner, A.B. in Sociology Alpha Lambda Delta, Inter-Cooperative Council Inter-Racial Association George Bernhardt, B.S.C.E. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., I.C.C. Felice Bernstein, M.A. in Fine Arts Treasurer I.Z.F.A., Hillel H. A. Berry, B.S. Ind.-Mech. Engineering James D. Berry, B.M. in Piano Phi Mu Alpha Neil C. Bertram, M.A. in Special Education Ethel Berzin, B.B.A. in Marketing Marilyn Best, A.B. in Psychology Herbert W. Bethel, B.S. in E.E. and Mathematics Tau Beta Pi Vice-President, Eta Kappa Nu, Engineering Council, A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. Robert Bethel, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Margaret H. Bevan, A.B. in Journalism Theta Sigma Phi, Journalism Society Marjorie K. Bey, A.B. in Sociology Richard R. Bey, B.S. in Engineering Joan Beyreuther, R.N. Newman Club, Wolverine Club Navin N. Bhagwati, M.S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Pawtucket, R.I. Grand Rapids, Mich. St. Joseph, Mo. Milford, Mich. Dexter, Mich. New Kensington, Pa. Clawson, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Bombay, India Marion T. Bianchi, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Rochester, N.Y. A.S.M.E. Robert J. Bickett, B.S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. A.S.C.E. Joanne S. Bierer, A.B. in Journalism South Charleston, W.Va. Theta Sigma Phi John C. Biery, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Midla nd, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Phi Kappa Phi Martin J. Biesc, B.D. in Interior Design Gilbert and Sullivan Society, Inter Arts Union Robert D. Biggs, M.S. in Bio. Chemistry John H. Billingsley, B.B.A. in Marketing Donna Billington, A.B. in Speech Correction Zeta Phi Eta H. Duane Billmeyer, Jr., B.B.A. Albert H. Bidwell, B.B.A. in Personnel Mgt. Larry H. Birch, M.D. Ruth Bjerregaard, A.B. in El. Education Michigan Daily, Soph. Cabaret Harold W. Black, A.B. in Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma William D. Black, A.B. in Architecture A.I.A. Sheldon S. Blackman, A.B. in Spanish Rudolph Blaine, J.D. in Law Robert M. Blair, B.S. in Wildlife Mgt. Forestry Club Patricia Blake, B.S. in Conservation Forestry Club, Sailing Club Richard W. Blake, A.B. in Political Science William W. Blakely, B.S. in Aero. Engineering Inter-Cooperative Council Staten Island, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Northville, Mich. Syracuse, N.Y. Forest Hills, L.I., N.Y. Indianapolis, Ind. Lansing, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Pierre, S. Dakota Banner Springs, Kan. Grand Rapids, Mich. Bayside, N.Y. Jackson, Mich. 380 Eugene C. Blankcnship. A.B. in Mech. Eng. Douglas H. Blanks, B.S. in Zoology Deutscher Verein Veronica Blaschak, A.B. in Latin Am. Studies I.S.A., Sociedad Hispanica Hugh J. Blecki, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. Carolyn C. Bloch, A.B. in Speech Student Players George Block, B.B.A. in Accounting George E. Block, M.D. Donald G. Blomquist, A.B. in English Highland Park, Mich. Trenton, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Joliet, 111. Iron Mountain, Mich. Arthur H. Blossey, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Michigan Union. Business Administration Council, Union Opera Robert L. Blough, L.L.B. Alene Blumberg, A.B. in Education Hillel Frank S. Blumenthal, B.S. in Pre.-Medicine Phi Eta Sigma Detroit, Mich. Johnstown, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. William H. Blumenthal, A.B. in Economics Hempstead. N.Y. Robert D. Blyholder, B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering Chicago, 111. Eugene S. Boch, A.B. in Pre- Professional Brightwaters, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Benjamin F. Boehm, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Phi Tau Sigma John D. Boenke, B.S. in Physics Phi Eta Sigma. American Chemical Society Warren N. Boes, A.B. in History Rossford, Ohio Grand Rapids, Mich. Norman E. Boettcher, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Benton Harbor, Mich. Eta Kaopa Nu. Scabbard and Blade, I.R.E.-A.I.E.E. Helene Bogart, A.B. in English East Paterson. NJ. Michigan Daily M. Eleanor Boja, B.B.A. in Marketing Michieras. Soph. Cabaret Malcolm D. Boeskv, A.B. in Pre- Medicine Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa Henry A. Boldt, A.B. in Pre-Medicine Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Kappa Phi William Bolotnik, A.B. in Journalism Russian Circle Brighton, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Memphis, Term. Detroit, Mich. Niles, Mich. Howard A. Bolton, M.B.A. in Finance Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi, Michigan Crib William F. Bone, Jr., B.B.A. in Business Administration Ann Arbor, Mich. Christine Boomer, B.M. in Music Literature Richard P. Bonine, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard N. Boonstra, A.B. in German Phi Eta Sigma Demeter M. Boria, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Robert L. Borsos, L.L.B. St. Joseph, Mich. Southport, Conn. Niles, Mich. Allen M. Bosworth, III, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Detroit, Mich. Barbara Bosworth, A.B. in English George Y. Boucher, A.B. in Political Science Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Mimes. Scabbard and Blade Conly S. Bouggy, A.B. in Economics Robert H. Bourbonais, A.B. in Bus. Administration Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 381 Harold J. Boutin, B.S. in Ind. -Mech. Engineering Detroit, Mich. A.S.M.E. Bert J. Bouwman, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Kappa Phi, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E., Eta Kappa Nu Grace G. Bouwsma, B.B.A. in Marketing Muskegon, Mich. Marketing Club Alex Y. Boyce, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations Detroit, Mich. Inter-Guild, Ind. Relations Club, Marketing Club, Photo Group Edward P. Boyhen, B.S. in Electronics and Commun. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Mary Ellen Boyle, A.B. in Speech Herbert C. Bozeman. B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Paul Brace, B.S.L.A. in Architecture William R. Brace, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Donna A. Bracken, A.B. in Sociology Arts Chorale, University Choir Darrell Bradford, B.S.E. in Ind. -Mech. Engineering A.O.A., A.S.M.E., A.I.M.E. Alan S. Bradley, D.D.S. Stratford, Conn. Rochester, N.Y. Dallas, Texas Paris, France Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Romeo, Mich. Roger W. Bradley, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Joan P. Brandau, R.N. James Brannon, A.B. in Economics Gerald Brauer, B.S.M.E. in Mech. Engineering Barbara A. Braun, A.B. and Teachers Certificate William K. Brehm, M.S. in Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma, Union Opera, Mimes Owen S. Breidinger, B.S. in Metallurgy Alan R. Breitbart, A.B. in Chemistry Union Opera Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Peoria, 111. Brooklyn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Alma. Mich. West Hempstead, N.Y. Carl H. Breitkeitz, A.B. in Political Science Michigan Daily, Michigan Education Club James F. Bremer, A.B. in History I.F.C. Paul S. Brentlinger, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Daily, Druids, Sphinx William Brenton, A.B. in History Phi Eta Sigma, Intramural Sports Mgr., Night Editor Daily, Sigma Delta Chi Saginaw, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Dayton, Ohio Monroe, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Patricia J. Breon, A.B. in Economics Scroll, Chairman Interviewing Council, J.G. P., Soph. Cab. Steven M. Breslau, B.S.M.E. in Mech. Engineering Brooklyn, N.Y. Gargoyle William R. Brewer, A.B. Social Wjrk Battle Creek, Mich. Sociology Club Robert E. Bright, L.L.B. Saginaw, Mich. Joyce R. Briskman, A.B. in Speech Correcticn Alpha Lambda Delta, Information Chair, of Orientation, Hillel Organization Robert M. Bristor, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Michigan Union Council, Winter Carnival Central Comm. William M. Bristor, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Druids, Scabbard and Blade, Union Executive Council, Winter Carnival, Phoenix Herbert A. Erode, A.B. in Zoology George M. Broderick, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Charles W. Brodhead, A.B. in Economics Marching Band Gordon J. Bronston, A.B. in Psychology John W. Brooks, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Detroit, Mich Steubenville, Ohio Steubenville, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Kirkwood, Mo. Detroit, Mich. Farmington, Mich. 382 C. Richard Brooks, B.S.F. Forestry Club Joan Broomficld, A.B. in Spanish Mortarboard, J-Hop, League Council, J.G.P. Francis E. Brossy, B.B.A. in Indust. Relations Archie M. Brown, B.M, in Voice Gilbert and Sullivan, Men ' s Glee Club B. S. Brown, M.A. in English Board in Control of Student Publications, Daily, Michiganensian Betty Brown, A.B. in English Edna R. Brown, A.B. in Political Science Helen E. Brown, A.B. in History James L. Brown, A.B. in Economics Phi Eta Sigma, Sphinx, Michieamua. Daily, S.L. Janet Brown, A.B. in Mathematics Alpha Lambda Delta Juanita G. Brown, B.S. in Zoology Alpha Lambda Delta Rei E. Brown, L.L.B. Robert E. Bright, L.L.B. Rosalie A. Brown, A.B. in English William G. Brown, B.S.E. in Engineering William R. Brown, A.B. in Lit--Law Dolores Browne, A.B. in English Patricia J. Brownson, A.B. in Journalism Theta Sigma Phi, Scroll, Daily, J.G.P. George W. Bruske, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi, Union Jack D. Bryant, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.. Track Youngstown, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Englewood, N.J. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Philadelphia, Pa. Ansonia, Conn. Mendon, Mo. Saginaw, Mich. Northbrook, 111. Northbrook, 111. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Dowagiac. Mich. Detroit, Mich. Martha C. Bryant, A.B. in Geology- Soph. Cab.. J.G.P., Women ' s Glee Club, Phoenix Project Thomas A. Bryant, A.B. in Journalism Grand Rapids. Mich. Lee M. Boboltz, B. S. in Journalism Thomas K. Buchanan, M.D. Medical School Honor Council Grand Rapids, Mich. Imlay City, Mich. Joan Buckingham, B.S. in Medical Technology John P. Buckley, B.S. in Zoology Jane M. Buell, A.B. in Speech Correction Women ' s Glee Club. Choral L ' nion League trfarilyn I. Buell, A.B. in Education Pan-Hell Ball, Tennis Ball, Merit-Tutorial -awrence L. Bullen, A.B. in History laymond S. Bujnowski, B.S. in Mech. Engineering John D. Bunbury, B.B.A. Robert L. Bunn, B.S. in Pre-Dentistry Berkley, Mich. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Schenectady, N.Y. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Niles, Mich. Huntingtcn. W. Va. George V. Burbach. A.B. in Letters and Law Erma J. Burbank. M.A. in Education Robert Burch, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Harry A. Burdick, A.B. in Sociology Munster, Ind. Berrien Center, Mich. Rockford, Mich. Webster Groves. Mo. 383 Gilbert Burford, B.B.A. in Ind. Relations Michigamua, Captain of Hockey Team, Captain of Hockey Club, " M " Club Richard Burmeister, B.S. in Mech. Engineering; A.S.M.E. Alfredo J. Burneo, B.S. in Hydraulics James A. Burns, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Michigamua, Assoc. Ed. of Mich. Technic, Engineering Council Robert O. Burns, B.B.A. in Insurance A.I.M., Young Republican Club James D. Burr, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Priscilla D. Burrell, A.B. in Education Lois Burt, M.A. in English Frank L. Buscarello, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E., Society of Automotive Engineers Emery B. Busch, Jr., B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association, Deutsche Verein, Newman Club Doris J. Buser, A.B. in El. Education Pan-hellenic, Soph. Cabaret, J.G. P. William L. Bush, L.L.B. Pi Gamma Mu Donald E. Butler, A.B. in History Pre-Medical Society Gerald E. Butler, A.B. in History Joy Butts, A.B. in Education Robert C. Byberg, A.B. in English Phi Eta Sigma, Yost Award, Swimming Team Richard C. Byce, Jr., B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, Football team, A.S.C.E. Nancy E. Bylan, A.B. in History Mortarboard, Senior Society, Michigan Daily, Gilbert and Sullivan, Phoenix Publicity Committee Nan Byrnes, A.B. in Elementary Education Soph. Cabaret, J.G.P., Pan-Hell Ball, J-Hop Frederick H. Bzdziuch, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Polonia Club, Sociedad Hispanica, A.I.Ch.E. Eidred J. Cabanaw, B.S. in Chem., Mech. Eng. Donna L. Cady, A.B. in English Literature Michig an Daily, Soph. Cab., Pan-Hell Ball, Michifish Dan Cain, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Lawrence F. Calahan, B.S. in Elec. Eng. Joseph C. Cameron, B.S. in Elec. Eng. A.I.E.E. Howard M. Camfield, B.B.A. in Accounting Midshipmen ' s Club Morris H. Caminer, B.S.E. and M.B.A. Tau Beta Pi Alexandrine Campbell, A.B. in Speech David C. Campbell, B.S. in Mech. Eng. A.S.M.E. Harold Campbell, B.S. in Chem. Eng. Charlton T. Campbell, B.S. in Psychology Graciela A. Campos, M.S. in Botany Y.W.C.A. Mary Ann Cannon, A.B. in German Herbert C. Cantor, M.D. Phi Kappa Phi, Victor Vaughn Society Sheldon N. Capp, A.B. in Psychology Track team George F. Cabaret, B.S. in Elec. Eng. Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E. Windsor, Ontario Saline, Mich. Loja, Ecuador Hastings, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Clarkston, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Cleveland, Ohio Grosse Pointe, Mich. Canfield, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lincoln Park, Mich. Los Gatos, Calif. Oahu, Hawaii Grand Rapids, Mich. Windsor, Ontario Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Swarthmore, Pa. Chappaqua, N.Y. St. Clair, Mich. St. Clara, Cuba Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Alliance, Ohio 384 Kathleen I. Caras. Certificate in Dental Hygiene Lincoln Park, Mich. Detroit Mich. Maury T. Carlin, A.B. in Psychology- Baltimore, Md. Barber C. Carlson, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. James M. Carl, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations Industrial Relations Club, Young Republicans laury T. Carlin, A.B. in Psychology Evelyn B. Carlson, A.B. in Spanish Frank J. Carlson, B.S. in Aero. Engineering I.S.A., Flying Club Frederick W. Carlson, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. John Carlson, B.B.A. in Business Administration Haworth, N.J. Detroit, Mich. White Cloud, Mich. Richmond Hill, N.Y. Sherman Carmell, A.B. in Political Science Chicago, 111. Beverly Cannon, R.N. Wayne, Mich. Fortnight Helen T. Carpenter, A.B. in Elementary Education Milwaukee, Wis. Hockey Clnb, J.G.P. Jean F. Carpenter, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. J.G.P., Riding Club John R. Carpenter, L.L.B. Barrister Robert E. Carrier, B.S. in Elec. Engineering J. Alan Carter, A.B. in Psychology Undergraduate Psychology Club, Don Zilch Club ' 46 Robert W. Cary, A.B. in Political Science Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Flint, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. John C. Case, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi, Freshman Basketball, J.V. Basketball, Daily Sports Staff, Hot Record Society Janet A. Cass, A.B. in Elementary Education Alfonso V. Casimiro, M.S.E. in Civil Engineering Graham W. Casserly, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Eric J. Castelino, M.A. in Marketing Newman Club, Marketing Club, Indian Student ' s .Association Cecil W. Castor, Jr., M.D Phi Eta Sigma Jack Cayo, B.S. in Chem. Eng. and B.S. in Chem. A.S.Ch.E.. A.C.S. Neil R. Celley, A.B. in Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa. Ice Hockey, Sigma Delta Psi James Chalmers, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu, Student Manager Football, Pres. A.I.E.E. Davis S. Chamberlain, A.B. in Economics Carol Champney, A.B. in English Ice Skating Club Don Champney, B. Arch, in Construction Chan Sai Ip, B.S. in Civil Engineering Martha Chandler, B.D. in Advertising Design Soph. Cabaret, J.G.P., Varsity Band, League Publicity Chang Chih-Ming, B.S., M.S.E. in Mech. Eng. Nancy L. Chapel, A.B. Education Soph. Cabaret, J.G.P. , Pan-hellenic Representative John D. Chapin, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E., Sigma Rho Tau Marilyn J. Chapin, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Frank M. Chapper, B.S. in Civil Engineering Wilbur D. Chard, B.B.A. in Management Ann Arbor, Mich. Frewsburg, N.Y. Manila, Philippines Milford, Mich. Bangalore, India Ann Arbor, Mich. Iron Moun tain, Mich. Leoneth, Minn. Dearborn, Mich. Glen Ridge, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Hong Kong, China Keene, N.H. Shanghai, China Birmingham, Mich. Rahway, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Detroit. Mich. Detroit, Mich. James A. Charles, B.S. in Pharmacy Patricia Chase, B.S., R.N. Peter Chen, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Henry M. Cheng, B.S. in Marine Engineering George Cherpelis, B.A. in Economics Interfraternity Council Joseph L. Chestnut, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E., Marketing Club, Polonia Club Herbert H. Cheston, B.A. in Economics Daily, W.S.S.F., S.R.A. Electorate, I.F.C. Lawrence O. Chick, B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon Jin H. Chin, M.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon William Chin, B.B.A. in Marketing Michigan Union Staff, Gargoyle William Chin, B.S. in Zoology C.S.C.A., Chinese Student Club, Pre-med Society Jon J. Chinen, L.L.B. Edward D. K. Ching, B.A. in Political Science Hawaii Club James A. Chipman, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Pi Sigma Kappa George Cholack, L.L.B. Lloyd Chosed, B.A. in English Union Opera James D. Christenson, B.S. in Pharmacy Norma Chud, B.A. in French Alpha Lambda Delta, French Club, Generation, Fencing Club Victoria Chun, B.A. in Education Pres. C.S.C.A., Hawaii Club, Mich. Education Club Joanne B. Church, B.A. in Education Alpha Lambda Delta, Michigan Educ. Club, E Saverio J. Cina, B.S. in Naval Architecture S.N.A. and M.E. Alicia M. Cizas, B.A. in Russian Sociedad Hispanica, Club Europa Nancy Claar, B.A. in Speech Catherine J. Clairmont, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Senior Society, Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Pres. Dental Hygiene Class Allen Park, Mich. Concord, N.H. Shanghai, China Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Warren, Mich. Dorchester, Mass. Ann Arbor, Mich. El Paso, Texas Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii Ypsilanti, Mich. Detro it, Mich. Merrick, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Honolulu, Hawaii Peter L. Clancy, B.A. in Speech Carlton G. Clark, B.S. in Chem. Engineering K.M.E., A.I.Ch.E. Charles E. Clark, B.S. in Physics Phi Eta Sigma David P. Clark, B.A. in Philosophy Acolytes Jack L. Clark, B.B.A. in Business Administration Joseph P. Clark, A.M.L.S. in Library Science Newman Club Joyce B. Clark, B.A. in Speech Correction Philip L. Clark, B.A. in Social Work Arts Chorale Charles H. Clarke, B.D. in Production Design Union Opera, Generation Nancy J. Clark, B.A. in Elementary Education Pan-hellenic Counselor, Orientation Leader Beryl E. Claytor, B.A. in Far Eastern Languages Assembly Ball. Delta Sigma Theta Jim Clinton, B.S. in Geology East Lansing, Mich. D.A.C. Brooklyn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Standish, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Mount Pleasant, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Utica, N.Y Newton, Mass. Lincoln Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit. Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Washington, D.C. Detroit, Mich. 386 Roy D. duck, B.B.A. in Marketing Martheen A. dock, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration, William A. Closson, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. G. Alan Clugston, M.A. in English Choral Union. Michigan Christian Fellowship Anita M. dute, R.N. Elmer L. Cobb, B.S. in Pharmacy A.Ph.A. Mildred Cobitz, B.A. in Social Work Alice .M. Coburn, B.A. in Elementary Education Michigan League Council, J.G.P., Orientation Leader Alston, Mich. Grand Rapids. Mich. Kalamazoo. Mich. Washington, D.C. Marshall, Mich. Wayne, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids. Mich. Alan W. Cockerline, B.A. in Botany Marilyn M. Coe, B.A. in Elementary Education J.G.P.. Soph. Cab. Ross J. Coeling, B.B.A. in Marketing Charlotte L. Cohen, B.A. in English Mich. Concert Band Hampstead, Montreal. Canada Ionia, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Patchogue, N.Y. Erwin L. Cohen, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Melvin F. Cohen, B.A. in Political Science A.I.M.. Michigan Crib Zelda Cohen, B.A. in Elementary Education Hillel. I.Z.F.A. G. Burrill Colburn, D.D.S. Starr J. Colby, M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Engineering Milo F. Coldren, B.A. in Music Concentration Mich. Christian Fellowship, La Sociedad Hispanica. Univ. Choir Nancy J. Coleman, B.A. in Speech Correction Alpha Lambda Delta, Daily, J.G.P., Soph. Cab.. Student Legislature Robert W. Collier, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Doreen Collins, B.A. in Economics Edwin H. Collins, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Josephine Collins, B.A. in Speech Correction Tod G. Collins, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon A. J. Conner, Jr., B.S. in Architecture William Connolly, B.A. in Economics Druids. Daily Walter E. Conrad, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Telmer L. Constan, B.A. in Economics Keith L. Conway, B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering Sigma Rho Tau, I.A.S. John W. Conyers, Jr., M.B.A. in Marketing Marketing Club. A.I.Ch.E. Robert A. Cooch, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations Bruce L. Cook, M.B.A. in Advertising Dailv Brookline, Mass. Sarnia, Ont. Detroit, Mich. Fruitport, Mich. Ann Arbor, Iich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rochester. N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bath. N.Y Washington, D.C. Clairton, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Greensburg, Ind. Ann Arbor, Mich. Owosso, Mich. John R. Cooley, B.S. in Forestry Louis L. Coon, B.A. in Architecture Corunna, Mich. Muskegon Heights, Mich. Elliot I. Cooper, B.S. in Industrial Engineering Brooklyn. N.Y. Tau Beta Pi. Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Engineering Honor Council Hugh Cooper, Jr., D.D.S. Vice-Pres. Michigan Union. Ann Arbor, Mich. ' Louis J. Cooper, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Robert R. Cooper, B.S. in Metallurgy I.F.C., A.S.M. Ruth L. Coplin, B.A. in Speech Correction Zeta Phi Eta, N.S.A., J.G.P. Arthur P. Coras, B.S. C.E. in Structures A.S.C.E. Elin R. Corben, B.A. in Social Work Michigan Daily, I.C.C., Sociology Club Horace W. Corbin, Jr., B.A. in Psychology Stefan E. Corbin, B.A. in History Ula B. Cordes, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Margaret C. Corlett, B.A. in English Frederick W. Cornell, B.A. in English Andrew Corsi, B.S. in Industrial Arts Ralph Coskey, B.S. in Zoology Pre-Med. Society, Sociedad Hispanica Mary P. Cotter, B.A. in Elementary Education Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Don V. Couden, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Council Donald C. Coulter, B.A. in Economics Young Republican Club Marjorie Cowan, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Warren W. Cowan, D.D.S. Ernest C. Cowell, B.S. in Chemistry Michigan Education Club Francis j. Coyne, B.B.A. in Accounting Harry E. Craig, B.B.A. in Marketing Jerome T. Crane, M.A. in Education Lorraine V. Crane, B.D. in Interior Design Edward L. Crankshaw, B.A. in Social Studies Stanford T. Crapo, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Vulcans, Engineering Honor Council, I.F.C. Shirley E. Crawford, B.A. in Education Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Lou C. Creith, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering A.S.M. E., Flying Club Ben J. Crocker, B.S. in Marketing Marketing Club Keith Crocken, B.B.A. in Personnel Kingsford, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis Boston, Mass. Brooklyn, N.Y. South Heio, Vt. Worcester, Mass. Spring Lake, Mich. River Forest, 111. Detroit, Mich. Iron Mountain, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. New Bedford, Mass. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Tenton, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lois M. Cronkwright, B.B.A. in Accounting Alpha Lambda Delta, Soph. Cab. Carolyn L. Crosby, B.A. in Elementary Education J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Charles V. Crossley, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Ann M. Cudney, B.A. in Elementary Education Ensian, Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Benton Harbor, Mich. Fort Wayne, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Patrick J. Cummiskey, B.A. in Geography John H. Cunningham, M.A. in Adult Education Graduate Outing Club David G. Cunnings, B.A. in Marketing Anthony C. Curcio, B.A. in History Young Democrat Club, Crib Society Ann Arbor, Mich. Greenville, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Hammonton, N.J. 388 Thomas F. Curran, B.S. in Mcch. Engineering J. Alan Curry, B.S. in Forestry Forestry Club Margaret P. Curtin, M.A. in Education New-man Club Edward Curtis, B.S. in Chemistry Nelson D. Curtis, M.A. in French Le Cercle Francais William R. Cuthbert, A.B. in Journalism Roger Villiams Guild, R.O.T.C., S.R.A. Nancy Jane Cutting, A.B. in Spanish Sophomore Cabaret, Junior Girls ' Play Leonard Czarnowski, B.S. in Mathematics Liberto D. D Addona, B.S. in Civil Engineering A vCLE. Iris M. Daley, A.B. in Speech Correction Bert L. Damron, B.M. in Music Education Marching Band, Concert Band, University Choir, Chorale Union Bob Daniels, B.B.A. in Marketing Michigamua. Michigan Daily Diana H. Danziger, A.B. in English League Dance Class Committee, Michifish, I.Z.F A Ramon Darnell, M.A. in Far Eastern Studies Far Eastern Studies Club. Newman Club. Robert H. Darroch, B.S. in Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi. Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E., I.T.E. Ray W. Daugherty, B.S. in Mech. Engineering John Davidson, A.B. in History Shirley Davidson, A.B. in Elementary Education Junior Girls Play. Psychology Club Wilbur E. Davidson, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Tau Beta Pi. Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. William E. Davidson, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E., Society of Automotive Engineers Grand Rapids, Mich. Paul Smith ' s, N.Y. Cohoes. N.Y. Flint, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Hamtramck. Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Trenton, Mich. Fredericksburg, Va. Chelsea, Mich. Lawrence, N.Y. Dexter, Mich. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. North Plainfield, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Morrisonville, III. Detroit, Mich. John P. Davies, A.B. in English M:.higan Daily. Gargoyle, Phoenix Project Clara E. Davis, A.B. in Economics Vyvern, Alpha Lambda Delta, Michigan Daily Helen M. Davis, A.B. in Elementajy Education Arts Choi ale. U. of M. Hostel Club, Wesley Guild Newspaper Marion R. Davis, R.N. Robert C. Davis. M.D. West Los Angeles, Calif. Dearborn, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Flint, Mich. Vermontville, Mich. Flint, Mich. Robert L. Davis, B.B.A. in Business Administration Varsity Band, Marching Band Thomas A. Davis, Jr., B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering, Villiamsville. N.V. A.S.M.E.. Newman Club Salvatore B. D Avola, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering New York, N.Y. Janet A. Dawson, B.S. in Education J.G.P. Jr. P an-hel. Dance Committee, Soph. Cat.. Ruthven Teas Lucille U. Day, B.S. in Public Health Patricia J. Day, B.A. in Education J.G.P., Ruthven Teas Committee, Riding Club Robert E. Day, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Philip D. Daykin, B.S.E. in Engineering Scabbard Blade. Engineering Council, American Ordnance Ass ' n. David R. Dean, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Chicago, 111. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Milwaukee, N 15. Elyria, Ohio Jackson, Mich. Raymond L. Dean, B.S.E. in Engineering Vixom, Mich. Robert J. DeBoer, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Grand Rapids, Mich. Edward G. DeBolt, A.B. in Economics Edward W. deBootn, B.B.A. in Accounting Mason DeCamillis, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Hernando deCastro, D.D.S. Detroit, Mich. Owosso, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bogota, Colombia, S.A. Jean E. Decker, A.B. in Economics Michiganensian Betty D. Dedo, Certificate in Dent. Hygiene Fortnight, Soph. Cab., Newman Club James D. Degnan, A.B. in Law Roberto N. DeGusmao, B.S. in Chemistry Wheaton, 111. Vulcan, Mich. Escanaba, Mich. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, S.A. Irwin F. Deister, A.B. in English Interfraternity Council Richard W. DeKalb, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Fellowship, Michigan Christian Paul Delaney, B.B.A. in Personnel Genoveva O. deLeon, M.A. in Nursery Educ. Fort Wayne, Ind. Flint, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Quezon City, Philippines Elizabeth A. Della-Moretta, B.M. in Voice St. Ignace, Mich. Michigan Singers Gilbert and Sullivan Society, Newman Club Frank C. DeMaria, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Detroit, Mich. Dora DeMaso, A.B. in Spanish La Sociedad Hispanica Louis Demetry, B.S. in Elec. Engineering I.C.C., A.I.E.E Battle Creek, Mich. Lakehurst, N.J. Hudson E. Deming, L.L.B. Vanderbilt, Mich. Walter V Demkowski, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Chicago, 111. Albert W. Demmler, Jr., B.S. in Met. Engineering, Spring Lake, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, Track Manager, A.S.M., Student Branch of A.I.M.E. Janet M. Denham, A.B. in Speech Correction Milan, Mich. Pan-hellenic Ball Comm., Michigan Daily, J.G.P. Avoca, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Ahmedabad, India Dexter, Mich Mary Ann Detzer, A.B. in El. Education Highland Park, Mich. Choral Union, Exhibition Dance Team Betty E. Deutschman, A.B. in Pre-Social Work Brooklyn, N.Y. Frank S. Dennis, B.S. in Chemistry Scabbard Blade Elroy G. Denfz, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Mahesh P. Desai, M.B.A. in Finance Margaret M. Detlor, M.A. in Political Science Gamma Delta Beverly P. Dever, A.B. in El. Education Junior Girls Play Douglas Ray Devine, B.M. Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band, Symphony Band, University Choir, Camera Club Lawrence M. DeVore, A.B. in C.C. Law Student Legislature, N.S.A. David F. DeVries, B.B.A. Michigras, Union Opera Program. Union Staff Robert S. Dewar, B.B.A. in Marketing Janet F. Dewey, B.S. in Math. Science J-Hop Ticket Chrm., W.A.A. Board, Michifish. Chrm. of State AFCW Convention Robert F. De Young, B.S. in Wood Technology Forestry Club Christine E. Diamond, A.B. in Economics Soph. Cab. Richard H. Dick, B S. in General Science Undergrad. Advisory Council, Victory Ball, All-Campus Bridge Champion Richard J. Dickerson, B.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Sheboygan, Wis. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Augusta, Kansas 390 Phyllis Lee Dickie, A.B. in El. Education Sophomore Cabaret, J.G.P., Westminster Guild Elmer Diehl, B.S. in Electrical Engineering William E. Diener, B.S. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S. F. Jane Dieterle, A.B. in History Alpha Lambda Delta, Daily, Soph. Cabaret, Gilbert and Sullivan, Winter Carnival Carl M. Diez, B.S. in Forestry Forestry Club James F. Diffley, B.B.A. in Business Administration Scabbard and Blade Robert J. Dille, B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Chi. A. Ph. A. James L. Dilworth, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon. A.S.C.E., Institute of Traffic Eneineers, L ' LLR Ski Club Ethellee Dinner, A.B. in English John W. Fiske, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Charles H. Dixon, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Tau Beta Pi. Pi Tau Sigma Harland P. Dodge, A.B. in Ind. Psychology Swimming Team Royal Oak, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio Washington, Mich. Detroit, Mich. West Allis, Wis. Youngstown, Ohio Bedford, Ohio Boyne City, Mich. Denver, Colo. Scarsdale, N.Y. Bellevue, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Mary E. Dooge, A.B. in Elementary Education Sophomore Cabaret, Junior Girls Play Dorothy Lee Doerer, B.M. in Music Literature Richard P. Doerer, B.M. in Music Theory Paul E. Doermann, M.D. Eleanor A. Doersam, A.B. in History W.A.A.. Senior Society, Junior Girls Play Donald D. Domke, B.S. in Physical Education Football. Track. Baseball Ina Jean Domke, B.S. in Public Health Nursing Robert J. Domke, A.B. in Arch, of Construction Football, Arts Society John G. Donaldson, A.B. in Political Science Margaret M. Donavan, B.M. in Music Education Junior Girls Play. Sophomore Cabaret Henry J. Dongrillo, L.L.B. Lawrence W. Doolittle, A.B. in Social Studies John L. Dorn, M.S. in Aerodynamics Gamma Alpha Rho, Gamma Delta Gerald R. Dorr, A.B. in Psychologv M Club. Baseball Helen E Dorrance, A.B. in Architecture Joseph E. Dorsey, B.S. in Chemistry Charles N. Dougherty, M.A. in Architecture Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kap ' pa Phi Harold W. Downes, B.B.A. in Marketing Hockev James C. Downey, B.S. in Chem. Engineering William A. Doyle, B.S. in Physical Education Basketball. M Club, Sphinx. Newman Club Shirley A. Drake, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Junior Girls Play James W. Draper, L.L.B. George S Drechsler, B.S. in Pharmacy Union Opera, Gilbert and Sullivan " Society, American Pharmaceutical Association Speros G. Drelles, B.B.A. in Business Administration Grand Rapids, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Baltimore. Md. Tirupati, India Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Fremont, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Skokie, 111. St. Joseph, Mich. Honolulu, Hawaii Clarks Summit. Pa. Detroit, Mich. Vicksburg. Mich Detroit, Mich. Butte, Mont. Stoneham, Mass. Genoa, Ohio L ' Anse, Mich. Constantine, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Cleveland Hts., Ohio Muskegon, Mich. 1 391 Ruth Dresback, A.B. in Journalism Newark, NJ. Albany, N.Y. William O ' Dresser B.S in Ind.-Mech Engineering A.S.M.E., I.F.C., Freshman football Patricia J. Dressier, A.B. in Sociology Grand Rapids, Mich. Scroll, Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Pan-hellenic Rushing Counselor Theodore H. Drews, L.L.B. in Law, M.P.A. in Ann Arbor, Mich. Public Administration Edythe J. Dreyfus, A.B. in Speech Correction Sophomore Cabaret, Speech Clinic Leonard P. Dreyfus, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Walter F. Drummond, B.S. in Pharmacy Walter DuBlanica, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Triangles, Vulcans, Pres. of Freshman Eng. Class, Co-Chairman Eng. Open House, A.I.E.E. Winifred Duckek, B.B.A. in Marketing Donald E. Dufek, B.S. in Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Sphinx, Varsity Football Janet S. Duff, A.B. in English Junior Girls Play William L. Duggan, B.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon Richard O. Dulbs, B.S. in Civil Engineering Daniel H. Dunbar, L.L.B. Donald H. Dunbar, B.A. in Architecture A. I. A. Lee Roy Duncan, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Donald A. Duncanson, B.B.A. in Ind. Relations Elbert A. Dunn, Jr., A.B. in Far Eastern Lang. and Literature Harry S. Dunn, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Speakers Committee Phoenix Project Gary, Ind. Gary, Ind. Reading, Mich. Rome, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chicago, 111. Lakewood, Ohio Plymouth, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Oxford, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Waterford, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Louisville, Ky. Detroit, Mich. Ralph O. Dunn, Jr., M.D. Men ' s Glee Club, Choral Union Grand Rapids, Mich. Austin, Texas Ted L. Dunn, M.A. in Actuarial Mathematics Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Actuarial Club Herbert G. Dunphy, Jr., B.B.A. in Mgt. Newton Highlands, Mass. Harold Duris, B.B.A. in Accounting Newman Club David E. Dutcher, L.L.B. and M.B.A. in Law Case Club, S.L., Marching band Charles L. Dutchess, L.L.B. Burton G. Dwyre, Jr., M.A. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Santa Fe, N.M. Greenacres, Wash. Robert F. Dyche, A.B. in English Sigma Rho Tau Robert F. Dyer, A.B. in Pre-Medical Sciences Washington, D.C. I.F.C., Pre-Med. Society, Canterbury Club Louis M. Dyll, A.B. in Pre-Medical Sciences Michael Eastman, A.B. in French William W. Easton, M.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon Beverly J. Eaton, A.B. in Speech Zeta Phi Eta Edward A. Eaton, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Sigma Rho Tau, AIEE. Richard Edwin Eaton, B.S. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Saginaw, Mich. Earl A. Ebach, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Howard R. Ebersole, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Plymouth, Mich A.I.E.E., Radio Club John K. Ebling, B.S. in Pre-Professional Charles J. Eby, B.S. in Chemistry A.C.S., Newman Club Helen G. Eckel, A.B. in English Aits Chorale Charles C. Eden, B.B.A. in Finance-Accounting Donald R. Edge, B.A. in Architecture Tau Sigma Delta, I.F.C., Arts Society Charles R. Edison, B.A. in Arch. Design Tau Sigma Delta Donald J. Edmondo, M.S.E. in Chem. Eng. Barbara A. Edmunds, B.S. in Design J.G.P., Ruthven Teas, Camp Counsellors Gilmore, L. Edson, M.A. in Education Doris K. Egan, B.B.A. in Accounting Michigan League, J.G.P., Soph. Cab., Faculty Show Mary A. Eger, A.B. in French Michinsh, Orientation Leader Howard J. Eicher, A.B. in Economics John H. Eichstedt, B.S.F. in Wild Life Mgt., Forestry Club. NROTC Marilyn M. Eisenbach, A.B. in Psychology Assembly Secretary, Assembly Ball Prog. Chairman, Orientation Leader, Soph. Cab. Clarence L. Elder, M.S. in Aero. Engineering Robert M. Eldon, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Niles, Mich. St. Claire Shores, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Rockville, Conn. Detroit, Mich. Whitehall, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Newberry, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chauncey Elkins, Jr., M.B.A. in Bus. Admin. Huntington, W. Va. Helen Ellerby, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Albion, Mich. Bernard E. Ellis, B.B.A. in Accounting Jackson. Mich. John E. Ellis, Jr., M.B.A. in Accounting Birmingham, Ala. Alpha Beta Psi Richard Y. Ellis, B.B.A. in Marketing Detroit, Mich. Marketing Club Virginia L. Ellis, B.A. in Speech Saginaw, Mich. Sec. of Pan-hellenic, JGP-Central Committee, Pan-hellenic Newspaper Thomas R. Elmblad, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering L ' Anse, Mich. Michieamua, Vulcans, Triangles, Yost Honor Award Janet A. Emig, M.A. in English Cincinnati. Ohio Maynard Engebretsen, B.S. in Ind-Mech. Eng. Willow Run, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. F. Jose Engel, B.A. in Geography Botany Club Pres., Sec. of D.P. Committee Jack E. Engelhardt, M.A. in Education Jean V. Engman, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Freshman Counsellor, Arts Chorale, J.G.P. Jack Ensroth, M.D. Salim N. Ephraim, B.S. in Chemistry James L. Eppstein, M.A. in English Harvey Epstein, A.B. in History Michigan Education Club, Hillel Foundation, Psychology dub, German Club Marvin M. Epstein, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi, Kappa Tau Alpha, Daily Sports Editor, Inter-Cooperative Council Pres. Harriet C. Egrin, A.B. in Education Ramon Eguiguren, B.S. in Engineering Robert Erhardt, A.B. in General Business Detroit, Mich. Mosul, Iraq Toledo, Ohio Bronx, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Loja, Ecuador Grand Rapids, Mich. Douglas W. Erickson, M.D. Galens William L. Ericson, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E., S.A.E. Unto V. Erkkila, A.B. in Music U of M Orchestra Arvid L. Erlandson Jr., B.S. in Botany Newman Club, Literary Choir Martha J. Ertle, A.B. in English Newman Club, Republican Club, Generation Marvin L. Esch, M.A. in Speech Delta Sigma Rho, Varsity Debating Claire J. Eschelbach, A.B. in History Larry A. Esckilsen, A.B. in Literature-Law Alan R. Ettinger, D.D.S. Virginia Ettinger, A.B. in Social Work David C. Evans, A.B. in Literature Donald Evans Ishpeming, Mich. Kirkwood, Mo. Painesville, Ohio Norway, Mich. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Shaker Heights, Ohio Akron, Ohio Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald P. Evans, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Edwin D. Evans, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.A. John P. Evans, M.S. in Physics Richard L. Evans, B.B.A. in Accounting Daryl H. Fairbanks, B.S. in Mathematics James R. Faircloth, B.A. in Zoology Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi Nicholas L. Falcone, A.B. in Economics David Feddick, B.S. in Sociology West Milton, Ohio Niles, Mich. Roanoke, Va. Bay City, Mich. Flushing, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Richard L. Falk, B.B.A. in Accounting Choral Union Clifford A. Farrington, A.B. in Economics Cleveland, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Jeannine R. Farrington, R.N. Traverse City, Mich. Charlotte S. Farris, M.A. in Bus. Administration Norway, Mich. Anne T. Fotopoulos, R.N. Diane Faulk, A.B. in Speech J.G.P. Gerald W. Fauth, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Ensian, A.S.C.E. Karl A. Faymon, B.S.E. in Aeronautics Pi Mu Epsilon, A.A.P.P. Dorothy J. Feinberg, A.B. in Speech John S. Felt, M.D. Phi Kappa Phi John W. Felton, B.M. in Music Mich-Mimes, Union Opera, Univ. Choir Paul R. Fenske, M.A. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon Wayne H. Fenton, M.A. in Aero. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Tau Richard J. Ferrara, A.B. in Psychology O.F.C. Jane E. Fest, A.B. in Psychology Nancy Fields, B.A. in Zoology Arts Chorale, Tennis Club Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Park Ridge, 111. Flint, Mich. St. Louis, Mo. Detroit, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. S. W. Roanoke, Va. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Long Island, N.Y. Long Island, N.Y. Salisbury, Md. 394 Naomi W. Filler, A.B. in English Baysidc, N.Y. William W. Filler, A.B. in Pre-Medical Baysiee, N.Y. Sophomore and Junior Football Manager Ilene Fink, A.B. in English South Bend, Ind. Joan Fink, A.B. in Social Work Chicago, 111. Michieannsian Jerome H. FinkeHtein. M.D. Detroit, Mich. Nancy A. Finlay, M.M. in Music Education Marguette, Mich. Mu Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Lambda, Choral Union. Tudor Singers, Michigan Singers Elizabeth Fischbach, B.M. in Music Education Billings, Mont. Tau Beta Sigma, Band, Choir, Arts Chorale James B. Fish, " A.B. in Pre- Professional Muskegon, Mich. Annette Fisher, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Beatrice W. Fisher, R.N. Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class Earl E. Fisher, B.S. in Chemistry Iota Tau Kappa Margery Ann Fisher, A.B. in Social Work Sophomore Cabaret Alan Fitch, B.B.A. Grand Haven, Mich. Bristol, Ind. Brooklyn, N.Y. Franklin, Mich. Denton W. Fitzgerald, B.S. in Education Michigan Education Club, Michigan Daily William D. Flaskamp, L.L.B. Delta Sigma Rho Frances R. Fletcher, A.B. in Social Studies Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Junior Girl ' s Play, Hiawatha Club Kensington, Md. Big Rapids, Mich. Gay City, Mich. Richard M. Fletcher, A.B. in Geography Ronald E. Flint, B.B.A. Michieras. Michigan Union Staff Ann Flitcraft, A.B. in Education Soph. Cab.. J.G.P., Merit-Tutorial Commission Donald C. Flowers, A.B. in Psychology Arts Chorale, Inter-Guild, University Choir Grand Rapids, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Geneva, 111. Lititz, Pa. Leo M. Flynn, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Triangles. Engineering Council Peter Fodale, A.B. in Pre-Medical John A. Foote, M.D. Phi Beta Kappa. Alpha Omega Alpha Robert A. Ford, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Triangle. Michigan Technic Chicago, 111. Detroit, Mich. Lincoln Park, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. James C. Foster, A.B. in Economics I.F.C. Thomas Foster, A.B. in Political Science Donald M. Fox, B.B.A. in Marketing James A. Fox, A.B. in Architectural Design Tau Sigma Delta, A.I. A., Arts Society Kenneth Fox, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Scabbard and Blade. Quarterdeck Donald L. Foxworth, A.B. in History Pi Gamma Mu. Men ' s Glee Club, International Relations Club. N.A.B. Folk and Dance Club Thomas Franklin Foy, M.S.E. in Mech. Eng. Robert E. Franc, B.B.S. Elizabeth S. Frank, El. Teaching Certificate Soph. Cab.. Fortnite Ruth E. Frank, B.S. in Education Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi William S. Frank, A.B. in English Senior Track Manager Joan Frankman, A.B. in History Ferndale, Mich St. Clair Shores, Ont Flint, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Mount Kisco, N.Y. Denver, Colo. Richmond, Va. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Greenville, Ohio a (T Phyllis Fraser, A.B. in English Soph Cabaret, J.G. P., Bowling Club David R. Frazer, A.B. in Political Science S.L., I.R.C., Michigan Forum Lawrence G. Frederick, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Neal R. Fredrickson, L.L.B. Florence Freedman, A.B. in Pre-Professional Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gilbert and Sullivan, Hillel Club Melvin J. Freeman, A.B. in Economics Hillel Council Robert E. Frese, B.S.E. in Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Michigan Technic Keith J. Frey, B.S. in Ae ro. Engineering Gilbert and Sullivan, Institute of Aeronautical Science Vera H. Friede, A.B. in Mathematics Selwyn M. Friedman, B.S. in Botany Botany Club Erna S. Fritz, A.B. in German German Club, Rushing Counselor Elinor L. Fritze, A.B. in Speech Arts Chorale, University Choir Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Omaha, Neb. New York, N.Y. Charlotte, Mich. West Hartford, Conn. New York, N.Y. Jamaica, N.Y. St. Joseph, Mich. Charles A. Froman, B.S. in Civil Engineering Cadillac, Mich. A.S.C.E., Pres. of Senior Engineering Class Paul A. Fromm, B.S.M.E. in Mech. Engineering Chicago, 111. Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Michigan Technic, Engineering Council Barnet Barnet Frommer, B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering Brooklyn, N.Y. Michigan Technic, I.A.S. Radio Edwin W. Froeschheiser, B.S. in Phys. Education Detroit, Mich. Rho Epsilon Kappa, Varsity Baseball, ' M ' Club James T. Frost, A.B. in Psychology Rober t D. Frost, A.B. in Arch, and Design A.I.A. Sara S. Frost, A.B. in Journalism Michiganensian Cecil L. Frye, B.S. in Chemistry Phi Kappa Phi Minnie Fujitani, B.S. in Pharmacy William S. Fuiitsobo, M.B.A. in Finance Howard Y. Fukuda, B.S. in Struct. Engineering Robert K. Fukuda, LL.B. Beverly Fullerton, A.B. in Speech Zeta Phi Eta, Soph. Cab., J.G.P., ' Ensian Leonora Lai Oi Fung, A.B. in Sociology John Fushman, B.S. in Chemistry Newman Club John B. Fyfe, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Ronald F. Fytche, M.F. in Forestry Richard L. Gabriel, B.S. in Chemistry American Chemical Society Lewis N. Gach, D.D.S. Louis A. Godkin, B.S. in Mech. Engineering James C. Gagnier, M.A. in Education Duane E. Gale, A.B. in Economics Janet S. Gallup, A.B. in Arch, and Design William J. Gallup, B.S.E. in Ind. Mech. Eng. A.S.M.E. Rye, N.Y. Lewiston, N.Y. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Garden City, Mich. Honolulu, Haw aii Ann Arbor, Mich. Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii Detroit, Mich. Hong Kong, China Grosse Pointe, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Sussex, N.B., Canada Garden City, Mich. Romeo, Mich. Seymour, Conn. Kalamazoo, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. John S. Gannon, A.B. in Social Studies Frank W. Garber, A.B. in French Sailing Club Max J. Garber, M.D. Doris Gardner, B.S. in Zoology Alpha Lambda Delta, J.G.P., Michifish, Tennis Ball Publicity Com. Octavio Garcia, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Roger K. Garfink, A.B. in Political Science Wolverine, 150-Pound Football, Generation Guida Garon, A.B. in Speech Correction Soph. Cab, Assembly Dance Comm., Orientation Advisor James W. Garrett, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi Marilyn Garrett, M.B.A. in Marketing Hazel J. Garrison, M.S. in Botany Robert Garry, A.B. in Political Science Lawrence A. Garych, B.B.A. Newman Club Roland A. Gasparski, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Polonia Club, A.S.M.E. Benton E. Gates, Jr., A.B. in Economics I.F.C.. Michigan Union Opera, Mimes Elizabeth Gates, A.B. in German J.G.P.. Variety Show Central Comm., Gilbert and Sullivan Gerald Gaull, A.B. in Philosophy Canstantine D Gavras, B.A. in Arch. Const. American Institute of Architects N ' orma J. Gavette, A.B. in Speech Correction Janice Geddis, A.B. in Education Education Club Edward S. Geffrard, B.B.A. Royal Oak, Mich. No. Muskegon, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Garden, City, N.Y. Medellin, Colombia Utica, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Lakewood, Ohio Washington, D.C. Williamsburg, Mich. New Britain, Conn. Detroit, Mich. Columbia City, Ind. Hamilton, N.Y. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Metamora, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. East Orange, N.J. Rochester, Mich. Douglas D. Geib, B.S.E.E. in Power A.I.E.E. Katherine Geigenmueller, B.S. in Med. Technology Monroe, Mich. Wyvern. VV.A.A. Board, Orientation Secretary Tennis Ball Central Comm., J.G.P. Robert J. Geistert, B.SE., M.E.I, in Ind. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. Riva Genfan, A.B. in Sociology Phi Kappa Phi, Sociology Club Philip Genser, B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering Bowling William P. Gentz, M.E. in Mech. Engineering Scabbard and Blade, A.S.M.E. Robert M. George, B.S. in Zoology Joseph A. Gerak, B.L.A. in Architecture Joseph R. Geraud, S.J.D. in Law Phi Kappa Phi Eliot S. Gerber, A.B. in Economics Stoyan Gerganoff, B.A. in Arch, and Design Zdravko Gerganoff, B.A. in Arch, and Design Alpha Iota Alpha John R. Gerlach, M.F. in Conservation Alpha Zeta, Les Voyageurs, Forestry Club, Forester Staff John O. Germain, M.A. in History ] Pi Gamma Mu, Grad History Club, Grad Outing Club Alfred Gervickas, B.S. in Ind. -Mech. Engineering Sol W. Gevarter, B.S. in Aero. Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Sciences New Rochelle, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. South Bend, Ind. Belleville, Mich. Riverton, Wyo. Detroit, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Lakewood, Ohio E! Haverhill, Mass. Rochester, N Y. Venice, Calif. 397 Victor H. Geyer, B.S. in Mech. Engineering William A. Giardini, B.S. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S. Sarah R. Gibb, A.B. in Botany Beverly Jean Gibbs, A.B. in Spanish Sigma Delta Pi, Sociedad Hispanica, Rifle Club, W.A.A. Board Clifford E. Gibbs, A.B. in Arch. Engineering James M. Gibbs, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.C.E. Charles S. Giffin, A.B. in Pre-Medicine Pre-Med. Society Robert J. Giglio, A.B. in English Michigan Technic, Michiganensian Myral C. Gilchrist, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Berna E. Gilden, A.B. in Education Alpha Lambda Delta, J.G.P., ' Ensian, Soph. Cab. Lloyd Gilden, M.A. in Philosophy John M. Gillette, A.B. in Accounting Flint, Mich. Salamanca, N.Y. Midland, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Flint. Mich. Oak Park, 111. Fort Wayne, Ind. Pontiac, Mich. Beaver, Pa. Buffalo, N.Y. Harrison, N.Y. Muskegon, Mich. William D. Gilmore, A.B. in Design ' Ensian, Generation, Gargoyle, Marching Band Miles E. Gingrich, Jr., B.S. in Zoology James E. Gire, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Phi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. Nancy Glaser, A.B. in Education Marilyn S. Glasier, A.B. in Education Joan V. Glaza, A.B. in Speech J.G.P. Don C. Glazzard, A.B. in Pre-Medicine Phi Mu Alpha Susan M. Cleghorn, A.B. in Sociology Fortnight Assembly, Kappa Phi John H. Gloves, A.B. in Mathematics Milan K. Glover, D.D.S. Robert K. Gloyeske, A.B. in Architecture A.I. A., Newman Club Henry Gluck, D.D.S. Eugene A. Glysson, M.S. in Sanitary Engineering Elizabeth Goebel, A.B. in Speech Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Matthias R. Goebel, A.B. in Architecture Newman Club, A.I. A. John G. Goense, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Iron wood, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lakewood, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Miami, Fla. Fovvlcrville, Mich. Valparaiso, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Fair Haven, Vt. Grand Rapids, Mich. Racine, Wis. Grand Rapids, Mich. Clarke T. Goethel, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. A.S.M.E. Irving Gold, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Boston, Mass. Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. Norman M. Gold, A.B. in Accounting Chicago, II Michigan Daily, Young Democrats Joel E. Goldenberg, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Philadelphia, Pa. Donald D. Goldfarb, B.B.A. in Marketing Bram J. Goldman, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Jane E. Goldman, A.B. in Education J.G.P., Sailing Club, Michigras Jerome N. Goldman, A.B. in Pre-Medicine Phi Eta Sigma, Daily, Ski Club Chicago, 111. Belle Harbor, N.Y. St. Petersberg, Fla. New York, N.Y. Milton H. Goldrath, M.D. Detroit, Mich. Naomi H. Colodney, A.B. in English New York, N.Y. Irene R. Gonckowski, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Gillespie, 111. Pontiac, Mich. Conrad Goode, A.B. in Pre-Med. Prc-Med Society John R. Goode, A.B. in Psychology Thomas Goodfriend, B.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon Bernard Goodman, J.D. in Law- Mary J. Goodyear, A.B. in Education Canterbury Club, Soph. Cab. Patrick L. Goostrey, A.B. in History Barbara L. Gordon, Dental Hygiene John Joseph Gordon, LL.B. Case Club Duane E. Gotschall, A.B. in Speech Des Moines. Iowa Wyandotte, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse lie, Mich. Ithaca, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Iowa City, Iowa Cleveland Heights, Ohio Morton G. Gottesman, A.B. in Political Science Norman N. Gottlieb, LL.B. Arthur W. Gottschalk, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E.. Michigan Marching Band Stanley E. Gould A.B. in History Raymond L. Gover, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi, A.I.M. Arnold Gowans, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Triangle, Vulcans. Engineering Council James C. Graney, B.S. in Geology Anne E. Grainger, A.B. in English J.G.P.. Generation James D. Grant, B.S. in Forestry Forestry Club Marcia Ann Graves, A.B. in Spanish Virginia W. Gray, A.B. in Education John Grayson, B.S. in Zoology Henry Green, A.B. in Pre-Med. Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, A.C.S., German Club JoAnn Green, B.M. in Music Mu Phi Epsilon. J.G.P., University Choir, Choral Union Hugh W. Greenberg, A.B. in Economics Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, S.L., A.I.M. Roger S. Greenberg, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi, Daily Donald W. Greene, A.B. in English Iward B. Greene, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Pi Tau Sigma Hope W. Greene, A.B. in Education Edgar F. Greer, A.B. in Economics Joyce Gregg, B.S. in Nursing Paul J. Gregg, D.D.S. James A. Gregory, A.B. in English Phi Eta Sigma, Michigan Daily, Play Production Louise R. Gregory, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Erie, Pa. Baltimore, Md. New Haitford, N.Y. Bay City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Elmwood Park, 111. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Wayne, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Milan, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. O if 399 Doris Greifer, A.B. in English Jamaica, N.Y. Sigma Delta Pi Arthur S. Grenell, B.S.E. in Physics Montclair, NJ. A.I.E.E., Scabbard and Blade, Phoenix Project Edward Grenkoski, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Saginaw, Mich. Michagamua, Baseball Richard G. Gresla, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Monroe, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, A.S.M.E. George R. Grettenberger, A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Mich. W.S.S.F. John D. Gribble, B.S.E. in Ind. Mech. Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. A.S.M.E. Robert A. Grierson, B.D. in Advertising Design Detroit, Mich. Arthur C. Griffeth, D.D.S. in Dentistry Bart Grimes, B.B.A. in Business Administration Barbara A. Grimm, A.B. in English Nelson J. Gritter, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Monroe Street Journal Helen Grossfeld, A.B. in Literature Lucy Grozescu, B.S. in Aero. Engineering Elizabeth J. Gruenberg, B.S. in Phys. Education Carl C. Gruhzit, M.D. Phi Beta Kappa, A.S.C.M.E. Allan A. Grybas, A.B. in Speech Sailing Club, Ski Club Ralph C. Golyzniak, B.S. in Chemistry Howard D. Gunderson, A.B. in Architecture Surendralal K. Gupta, B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering Robert N. Gustin, B.S. in Chemistry Phi Theta Kappa, Michigan Marching Band A. Richard Guth, B.S. in Forestry Forester ' s Club Ralph Guy, A.B. in Law Play Production Charles B. Gwinn, A.B. in Medicine Phi Eta Sigma, Pre-Med Society Norna L. Gwinn, B.A.A. in Bus. Administration Alpha Lambda Delta, Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Daniel J. Haab, B.S. in Chemistry William F. Haberman, B.B.A. in Accounting Willow Run, Mich. Essex, Conn Lansing, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Steward, 111. New Delhi, India Bay City, Mich. Eagle River, Wis. Dearborn, Mich Hastings, Mich. Hastings, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Robert J. Hadden, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E., Marching Band, I.F.C. Ball James R. Haefner, B.S.E. in Ind. Mech. Engineering, Birmingham, Mich Lita M. Hagen, A.B. in History Alpha Lambda Delta, J.G.P., Soph. Cab., Arts Chorale Michael J. Hage, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Helen Hager, B.B.A. in Business Administration Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Michiganensian Richard H. Hagerman, D.D.S. James A. Hague, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration A.S.M.E., Young Republican Club Stephen Hagopian, A.B. in Chemistry Northport, Mich. South River, NJ. Dearborn, Mich. Williamston, Mich. Detroit. Mich. Detroit, Mich. Myra Hahn, A.B. in Education Scroll, J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Norman P. Hahn, M.A. in Accounting Grosse Pointe, Mich. Mishawaka, Ind. 400 Robert L. Halbrook, Jr., A.B. in Law Joyce M. Hale, A.B. in English Margaret A. Haley, Certificate in Dent. Hygiene Barbara A. Hall, B.B.A. in Business Administration Soph. Cab. David L. Hall, D.D.S. Donald D. Hall, Jr., B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.C.E.. Ski Club William J. Hall, M.A. in Mathematics Canterbury Club Donald G. Hallas, D.D.S. Donald P. Hallisey, B.B.A. in Marketing Newman Club. Gargoyle Richard L. Halsey, B.S. in Psychology Robert H. Ham, A.B. in Psychology Ismat Hamadeh, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Robert A. Hambel, A.B. in History Kappa Sigma Kappa Lois Hambro, A.B. in Law Crib Club. Case Club, Young Democrats Glenn W. Hamburg, B.S.E. in Mathematics Ronald W. Hamilton, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Wayne R. Hamilton, M.S. in Chem. Engineering Edward Hammarskjold, A.B. in Arch, and Design A.I. A Richard T. Hammel, M.D. Men ' s Glee Club Marilyn Hammer, A.B. in English Soph. Cab.. Pan-Hellenic John L. Hammersmith, B.S. in Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma. Flying Club David M. Hammock, B.S. in Marine Engineering Quarterdeck Society, Sailing Club Fred T. Haner, B.S. in Geology Freshman Golf, Hockey Patrick Hanley, L.L.B. Allan J. Hanna, A.B. in English John W. Hannan, B.S. in Science Education Robert J. Hans, B.S. in Chemistry Barbara L. Hansen, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Mortar Board. W.A.A.. J.G.P., Soph. Cab. John A. Hanson, A.B. in Greek Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa Gilbert W. Hague, M.D. William R. Hardenbergh, B.S.E. in Mech. Eng. Vulcans. Michigan Technic Joseph L. Hardig, A.B. in English Theo T. Harding, A.B. In English David G. Hardy, B.S. in Geology Gerald D. Hardy, M.S. in Biology Choral Union Chorus Norma-Jean Harelik, A.B. in Education International Relations Club, Michigan Daily Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Grand Blanc, Mich. Midland, Mich. Laurel, Md. Ann Arbor, Mich. Worcester, Mass. Jackson, Mich. Farmington, Mich. Baaklin, Lebanon Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Almont, Mich. Portland, Ore. Detroit, Mich. Tccumseh, Mich. Cooperstown, N.D. Massillon. Ohio Byron, Ga. Detroit, Mich. Marquette, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Altadena, Calif. Charleston, W. Va. Detroit, Mich. Garden City, N.Y. Hamilton, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Coldwater, Mich. Beach. X.D. Detroit, Mich. 101 John Harger, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E., S.A.E. Judith C. Harger, A.B. in Fine Arts J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Harold Harrington, A.B. in Economics Union Opera, Men ' s Glee Club Eleanor C. Harkness, A.B. in Political Science Mary L. II. n I. m, A.B. in Sociology William J. Harmon, B.S.F. in Forestry Foresters Club Alice M. Harrell, A.B. in Geography Edith Harrington, A.B. in Psychology Frank Harrington, B.M. in Music Education Michigan Marching Band Paula Harrington, L.L.B. Kappa Beta Pi Alden S. Harris, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration I.F.C. Jay D. Harris, A.B. in Sociology I.F.C. Samuel P. Haris, A.B. in Architecture William J. Harris, B.M. in Organ Phi Mu Alpha, University Choir Hugh L. Harsha, B.B.A. in Business Administration Beverly Hartle, R.N. Pontiac, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Hickory Corners, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grosse He, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Ferndale, Mich. Escanaba, Mich. Inkster, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. So. Norwalk, Conn. So. Norwalk, Conn. Detroit, Mich. Hudson, Mich. Plymouth, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. James Hartman, B.S. in Phys. Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Swimming Team William G. Hartmann, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Eng. A.S.M. E. Edward J. Hartmann, D.D.S. William J. Hartman, A.B. in History Craig W. Hartsell, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Lee Hartzmark, A.B. in Economics Freshman Baseball, Varsity Baseball Roberta P. Hasan, A.B. in Psychology David C. Hascall, M.A. in Political Science Dorothy Hansel, R.N. Fortnight I.Han A. Hashem, A.B. in Arch. Engineering Ensian, Arab Club, A.I. A. Donald P. Haskell, A.B. in Psychology Alpha Phi Omega David P. Hass, B.S. in Mech. Engineering S.A.E. Carl A. Hasselwander, A.B. in Political Science John R. Hathaway, A.B. in General Science Scabbard and Blade, Midshipman ' s Club Thomas F. Hauck, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering I.R.E., A.I.E.E. Spencer F. Haupt, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Charlyn Hawkins, A.B. in Speech Correction David M. Hawkins, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Harry P. Hawkins, B.B.A. in Advertising Mary F. Hawkins, A.B. in Sociology J.G.P., Varsity Debate Denver, Colo. Grand Rapids, Mich Grand Junction, Mich. Three Rivers, Mich. Los Angeles, Cal. Cleveland Hts., Ohio Chicago, 111. Kenilworth, 111. Linden, Mich. Damascus, Syria Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Las Vegas, Nev. Pontiac, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Superior, Wis. 402 William R. Hawkins, B.S. in Civil Engineering S C.E. James L. Hawreluk, B.B.A. in Accounting Golf, Swimming, Dancing Takeo Hayakawa, LL.M. Japanese Student Association George Hayashi, B.S. in Pharmacy Donald P. Hayden, B.B.A. in Marketing Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles Thomas V. Hover, M.D. John F. Hayes, A.B. in Education Intramural Manager Milton Hayes, A.B. in English Fowlcrville, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Kobe, Japan New York, N.Y. Winston-Salem, N.C. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Daniel O. Head, B.B.A. in Business Administration Berwyn, 111. Willow Run, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Douglas B. Heatherington, D.D.S. A. DA. William H. Hedges, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Robert A. Hedler, B.S. in Chemistry American Chemical Society, West Quad Council Marvin J. Heemstra, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon George A. Heenan, B. of Arch. Engineering Richard D. Heenan, B.B.A. in Ind. Relations Joseph A. Hehn, M.B.A. in Statistics Norman C. Heiden, B.S. in Chemistry Jean A. Heidgen, A.B. in Spanish Wwern. Scroll, Michigras, J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Arthur Heikkinen, L.L.B. Dennis E. Heindel, M.B.A. in Ind. Relations Herman J. Heinemann, B.S. Clifford B. Heller, A.B. in Pre-Dentistry John A. Hellstrom, L.L.B. David R. Helsel, B.B.A. in Accounting Demar W. Helzer, B.B.A. in Accounting Men ' s Glee Club Janet R. Henderson, B.S.-M.S. in Geology William W. Henderson, B.B.A. in Finance Daily Sports Staff. I.F.C. Gerald W. Heidisch, M.B.A. in Accounting William R. Hendley, A.B. in History Doyle M. Hendricks, D.D.S. Einar Hend rickson, M.C.P. in City Planning Scarab, Pi Alpha Xi Richard W. Henes, L.L.B. Canajoharie, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Flushing, Mich. Chicago, 111. Bay City, Mich. Grand Rapids. Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Hanover, Pa. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Aberdeen, S.D. Sparta, Mich. Maybee, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Manchester, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Cathlamet, Wash. Menominee, Mich. Arthur C. Henrie, B.B.A. in Business Administration Sphinx. Druids. Track Team Margot Henry, R.N. Rcmsen Henry, B.S. in Naval Arch, and Marine Engineering Adam T. Herman, A.B. in Political Science Millville, Pa. Kalamazoo. Mich. Massapequa, N.Y. West Branch, Mich. 403 Donald J. Herman, B.B.A. in Finance Patricia J. Herman B.M. in Music Education Alpha Lambda Delta, Girls ' Glee Club, Choral Union, University Choir Thomas S. Herman, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Rho Tau Sigma Bruce D. Herrigel, A.B. in History Lexie E. Herrin, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Vulcans, Triangle, Michigamua, Michigan Technic, Engineering Council. James C. Herrinton, A.B. in Letters and Law Stuart E. Hertzberg, L.L.B. A.I.M., Fresh Air Camp Board of Governors, S.L. Harriet Herz, A.B. in English Literature J.G..P. Jack Hess, A.B. in German Student Players Ned Hess, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, 1951 J-Hop Chairman, Senior Engin. Class, Triangles, Pres. Eng. Council James E. Hesse, B.S. in Chemistry Alexander T. Hetzeck, B.S. in Physical Education Captain Tennis Team, M. Club, Sphinx, Druids Eleanor V. Hewitt, A.B. in Elementary Education J.G.P., Soph Cabaret, Pan-Hel. Ball, Women ' s League Richard M. Hewitt, A.B. in English Michiganensian, Michigras, Winter Carnival Jacqueline H. Heyman, B.M. in Piano and Music Lit., J.G.P., Varsity Night William O. Heyn, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E., Society of Automotive Engineers Conrad Heyner, B.S. in Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma Eugene C. Hicks, M.B.A. in Ind. Management Scabbard and Blade, Gargoyle, A.S.M.E., Triangle Gary M. Hicks, A.B. in Political Science Gilbert and Sullivan Society Lawrence J. Hicks, B.B.A. in Finance Flint, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Union, N.J. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Oklahoma City, Okla. Charlotte, Mich. Shaker Heights, Ohio Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Bradley Beach, N.J. Bridgman, Mich. Mary E. Higbee, A.B. in English Soph. Cabaret Hugh R. Higgins, M.B.A. William H. Higgins, L.L.B. Roger J. Hilarides, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Eng. Marjorie A. Hilborn, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Anita M. Hildenbrand, B.S. in Chemistry Gamma Delta Elizabeth A. Hilding, R.N. Gloria J. Hile, M.A. in Economics Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi Donald B. Hiles, A.B. in Pre-Professional Michiganensian, J-Hop, I.F.C. Ball, Sphinx Arthur I. Hill, A.B. in Economics Michigan Union Donald S. Hill, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E. Edward L. Hill, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Erie, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. East Lansing, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Rock Island, 111. Staten Island, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Charlene J. Hilt, B.S. in Speech Correction Muskegon, Mich. Marion D. Hinchman, A.B. in Sociology Muskegon Hts., Mich. Barbara A. Hinckley, Certificate in Dent. Hygiene Grosse Pointe, Mich. Marion W. Hine, A.B. in El. Education Bay City, Mich. 404 Edward W. Hinken, M.A. in Natural Resources Foresters Club LeRoy E. Hinspeter, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Ruth Hirsch, Ph.D. in Languages Joseph W. Hirschhorn, A.B. in Economics Union Opera, I.F.C. William C. Hiscock, LL.B. Fredrick Hittman, A.B. in Engineering Susan Ho, A.B. in Sociology Chinese Students Club Earl A. Hoag, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Dorothy M. Hoard, B.S. in Nursing William L. Hobart, B.S. in Forestry Les Voyageurs. Forester ' s Qub Nancy L. Hockey, A.B. in Education Margaret A. Hodges, A.B. in Education Alpha Lambda Delta, S.L., J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Paul D. Hodges, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon. A.S.C.E.. Engineering Council Norman B. Hodgson, M.D. Jack Hodin, B. M. in Music Harold M. Hody, B.S. in Geology Betty Hoehmann, A.B. in Nursing Kappa Phi Stuart A. Hoenig, B.S. in Physics Donn R. Hoerauf, B,S. in Chem. Engineering Bettina A. Hoffman, A.B. in Journalism Michigan Daily, Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Marilyn Hoffman, A.B. in English William R. Hoffmeyer, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Tau Beta Pi. Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.M. Donald B. Hogue, Jr., D.D.S. John H. Hoke, M.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon Lyle D. Holcomb, Jr., A.B. in Policital Science M Club William E. Hole. Jr., B.S. in Elec. Engineering Phi Tau Sigma. A.S.M.E. Clay Holland, Jr., B.S. in Elec. Engineering Alpha Phi Alpha. Track Reimer, Hollbach, A.B. in Economics Robert E. Hollister, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Eta Kappa Nu Richard N. Holloway, B.B.A. in Marketing Marketing Club Robert Holm, B.S. in Ind. Engineering Nancy Holman, A.B. in Philosophy Pres Holmes, M.A. in Speech Druids. Sigma Delta Chi, Daily Sports Editor Men ' s Glee Club Robert A. Holmes, B.B.A. in Economics Wolverine Club. Flying dub Howard W. Holmquist, B.S. in Chemistry A.S.C.E.. Chess Club Laura Holthe, A.B. in Speech Correction Michifish Centralia, Wash. Owosso, Mich. Czechoslovakia Hamilton, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Charlottesville, Va. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. South Haven, Mich. Wauwatosa, Wis. Scranton, Pa. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Lyndhurst, N.J. | Bridgeport, Conn. Saginaw, Mich. Haddan. Conn. Detroit, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Pontiac. Mich. Rossford, O. Coral Gables, FU. Greenville, Ohio Monroe, Mich. Frankfort, Germany- Hastings. Mich. Detroit, Mich. Plymouth, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Alpena, Mich. Lscanaba. Mich. Muskegon, Mich. S r if L Jf ' W " 405 Cecily Hume, A.B. in English J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Talbot Honey, A.B. in Psychology Sphinx, S.L., Men ' s Judiciary Council, Men ' s Glee Club Bonnie A. Honke, A.B. in Psychology Soph. Cab., Tennis Club James F. Hood, Jr., B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S., Soaring Club, I.F.C. Paul A. Hoogesteger, A.B. in Ind. Design Charles E. Hook, B.S. in Civil Engineering Mary Louise E. Hook, B.S. in Physical Education Mortarboard, W.A.A., A.F.C.W., Soph. Cab., J.G.P. David B. Hoover, B.S.F. in General Forestry Forester ' s Club Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio Saginaw Mich. Lakewood, Ohio Grand Rapids, Mich. Ironwood, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. George H. Hopkins, L.L.B. Walter Hopkins, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, Michigan Christian Fellowship Frank K. Horiuchi, B.B.A. in Bus. Ad. Keith J. Horngren, B.B.A. in Bus. Ad. Michigan Marching Band Charles E. Horning, Jr., L.L.B. Phi Beta Kappa David F. Horning, B.S. in Pharmacy Kappa Kappa Psi, Amer. Pharm. Assn., I.Z.F.A., Hillel Michael A. Horvath, B.S. in Aero. Engineering Instit. of Aeronautical Sciences David Hosbein, B.S. in Pre-Medicine Swimming Team Delores Hosel, A.B. in Letters and Law Michigan Crib, Case Club John B. Haskell, Jr., B.S. in Marine Engineering Quarterdeck Society Vera Mae Hosley, B.S. in Geology Phoenix Project, J.G.P., Soph. Cab.. Merit-Tutorial LeRoy P. Houck, M.D Samuel V. Houghtaling, B.S. in Chem. Eng., Math Men ' s Glee Club G. Knight Houghton, A.B. in Economics Student Legislature James B. Hause, B. M. in Music Education Kappa Kappa Psi, Univ. Concert Band, Univ. Marching Band James S. House, B.B.A. in Marketing Parchment, Mich. Feeding Hills, Mass. Hilo, Hawaii Iron Mountain, Mich. Wallace, Idaho Corning, N.Y. Canton, Ohio Glencoe, 111. Dearborn, Mich. Culpeper, Va. College, Alaska Detroit, Mich. Reese, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Carleton, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Carita J. Houser, A.B. in Geography Soph. Cab., J.G.P. James W. Houston, M.S.E. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E., Newman Club James R. B. Hovey, J.D. in Law George E. Howard, B.B.A. in Management James F. Howe, Jr., A.B. in Economics Mary Beth Howe, A.B. in Fine Arts Golf Club, Rifle Club James L. Hewlett, A.B. in History Michigan Crib John H. Hoyt, B.S. in Geology Phi Eta Sigma, Gymnastics Sam N. Hazan, A.B. Education S.L., N.S.A., Michigan Education Club Elizabeth K. H. Hsu, M.S. in Bacteriology C.S.C.A. Gen-Chang Hsu, M.S.U. in Bio Chemistry Allan S. Hubacker, B.S. in Letters and Medicine Pre-Med Society, E.Q. Camera Club Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Benton Harbor, Mich. Queens Village, N.Y. Ferndale, Mich. Youngstown, Ohio Pontiac, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Hampton, Va. Canton, China Muskegon, Mich. Clarence W. Hubbell, B.S. in Forestry Mich. Rifle Club, Freshman Swimming Team, and Folk Dance dub, Forestry dub Harry J. Hurchen, B.S. in Civil Engineering Henry A. Huber, B.S. in Wood Technology Mich. Christian Fellowship, Forestry Club Robert F. Huber, B.S. in Wildlife Management Forester ' s Club John P. Huckins, B.B.A. in Marketing Freshman Swim Team Clarence L. Hudson, A.B. in Letters Law William E. Huff, B.S. Pre professional Baseball. Choral Union William B. Hufferd, B.B.A. James E. Huger, M.B.A. in Ind. Relations Monroe Street Journal, Ind. Relations Club, Bus. Ad. Council Thomas T. Hughes, B.S. in Forestry Newman Club, Forestry Club, Ishpeming Club William L. Hulbert, A.B. in English Gargoyle Richard A. Humes, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Triangle, Michigan Technic, Engineering Council John E. Humphrey, B.B.A. in Ind. Relations Industrial Relations Club Earl Hunigan, B.B.A. R.O.T.C. Robert W. Hunt, B.B.A. I.F.C. Sing, I.F.C. Ball Thelma J. Hunt, A.B. in Social Work Alpha Kappa Alpha Newton E. Huntley, Jr., A.B. in Economics Phi Eta Sigma Juanita Hutchison, A.B. in Sociology David W. Hutton, B.B.A. Harold L. Iffland, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Jean Iglauer, A.B. in Speech Mich. Daily, S.L., Orientation Advisor Fumiko, Ikemori, B.S. in Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma, Hawaii Club, American Pharmaceutical Assoc. Shirley Ilgovsky, A.B. in Psychology Psychology Club. Hillel Marjorie A. Ingram, B.S. in Phys. Education W.A.A.. League, Michigras R. Perry, Innes, A.B. in Economics George W. Irving, A .B. in Speech Play Production Whirling D. Iruish, A.B. in Modern Dance Lois D. Irwin, B.S. in Psychology Sailing Club Edward E. Isaac, B.S. in Phys. Education Conrad H. Isenberg, B.B.A. in Insurance Finance Amer. Youth Hostel Club, Treas. Inter-Coop Council John C. Ivanoff, M.D. Kathryn N. Jackson, A.B. in Elementary Education Glee Club, J.G.P., Riding Club Mae L. Jackson, A.B. in Psychology Norman E. Jackson, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Richard R. Jackson, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Basketball Manager Samuel F. Jackson, M.B.A. Marketing Club. Sailing Club Milford, Mich. Valley Stream, N.Y. Deland, Fla. Belmar, NJ. Shaker Heights, Ohio Royal Oak, Mich. Plymouth, Mich. Shaker Heights, Ohio DaytonaJJeach, Fla. Detroit, Mich. Washington, D.C. Lansing, Mich. Niles, Mich. Omaha, Neb. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Fredonia, N.Y. Washington, D.C. | Clearwater, Fla. Sylvania, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Kahului. Hawaii Springfield, Mass. Battle Creek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Ganges, India Pontiac, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Worcester, Mass. Ann Arbor, Mich Detroit, Mich Kalamazoo. Mich. Canton, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio St. Joseph, Mich. Suzanne A. Jackson, B.S. in Dental Hygiene John E. Jacobs, B.B.A. in Accounting John H. Jacobs, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Michigan Marching Band, Union Opera, Ski Club Jerry K. Jacobson, M.D., Phi Kappa Phi Russell Jacobson, M.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon Arthur L. Jaeger, A.B. in Psychology Martin D. Jaffe, M.D. Phi Delta Epsilon Harold A. Jokela, B.S. in Physical Education Robert M. Janes, B.S. in Ind. Engineering A.S.M.E., Accounting Club, Golf, Bowling. Barbara S. Jans, A.B.. in English J.G.P., League Council Emil Jansen, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Tau Beta Pi, Quarterdeck Society, Society of Naval Architects Phyllis Jansma, A.B. in El. Education W.S.S.F., S.L. Jackson, Mich. Lake Orion, Mich. Escanaba, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Cadillac, Mich. Niles, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Rock, Mich Detroit, Mich. Reading, Pa. Haugesund, Norway Huntington Woods, Mich. William H. Janton, B.M. in Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, Michigan Singers, Arts Chorale, University Choir Ralph G. Jarl, M.B.A. in Business Administration Bus. Ad. Council, Young Republicans Club Gerald E. Jarosik, M.B.A. in Business Administration Oxford, Mich. John J. Jarvie, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lincoln Park, Mich. Glinton A. Jaycox, B.S. in Ind. Engineering A.S.M.E., Rifle Club Douglas M. Jeannero, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Robert A. Jenkins, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration David G. Jennings, B.S. in Zoology Esther Jensen, B.S. in Public Health Lutheran Student Association Ian Jensen, A.B. in Economics N. Jensen, A.B. in English Charles C. Jerden, A.B. in Pre-Law Robert M. Jerome, B.S.E. in Mech. Eng. A.S.M.E. Edward Jevizian, D.D.S. R.O.T.C. Arlene Jewell, A.B. in Political Science Choral Union, Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Phoenix Project Jabowitz J. Jitters, III. B.S. in Speech Betty Lou Jockwig, A.B. in English Alpha Lambda Delta, Michigan Daily Judith Johannsen, A.B. in Fine Arts Rushing Chairman, W.A.A., Soph. Cab. Raffee, David Johns, A.B. in History Union Executive Council, Phoenix Project, Varsity Band Bruce E. Johnson, B.S. in Wood Tech. Forestry Club Frederick D. Johnson, Jr., M.B.A. in Marketing Howard D. Johnson, A.B. in Political Science Young Republicans Club, S.L., A.I.M. James D. Johnson, B.S. in Economics Football Marilyn J. Johnson, A.B. in English Summit, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Chicago, 111. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Mt. Morris, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Center City, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ionia, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. La Jolla, Calif. South Bend, Ind. Gladstone, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. 408 Ogdcn Y. Johnson, B.A. in Bus. Administration Industrial Relations Club, Marketing Club Paul Johnson, B.S. in Physics Philip Johnston, B.B.A. in Finance Ralph P. Johnson, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.C.E. Robert Johnson, A.B. in Architecture A.I.D. J. Robert Johnson, B.S. in Zoology Theodore O. Johnson, Jr., B.M. in- Violin Phi Mu Alpha. Phi Eta Sigma William D. Johnson, B.S.E. in Ind. Engineering Yvonne M. Johnson, A.B. in Education League Council, J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Charles L. Johnston, A.B. in Political Science Michigan Crib, Young Republicans James D. Johnston, B.S. in Zoology Ishpeming, Mich. Ironwood, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Chicago, 111. Kalamazoo, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Elkhart, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, 111. Union town, Pa. Ann Arbor, Mich. Peter B. Johnstone, A.B. in Psychology Robert B. Johnstone, B.A. in History Michigan Crib. Gilbert and Sullivan Connie Lee Jones, A.B. in Journalism Theta Sigma Phi. Daily John P. Jones, B.S. in E.M. John R. Jones, M.D. Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Witchita, Kan. Chicago, III. Orville, Ohio Rosemary Chilton Jones, B.A. in Social Studies Sally J. Jones, B.A. in English William A. Joselyn, A.B. in Pre-Law Debating Beverley Joseph, B.A. in Social Work Michigan ensian Sack A. Josephson, B.S.E. in Engineering Louis F. Jourdain, D.D.S. Jack Wayne Joynt, B.B.A. in Business Marketing Club Ray W. Judson, B.S. in Civil Engineering Leo Julian, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.C.E.. A.C.S.. A.A.P.P. Jack O. Juntunen, B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S. Alice J. Juzek, A.B. in Speech Toshiko Kabashima. MA. in Sociology Robert Kabcenell, B.A. in German Janice S. Kahn, B.A. in Psychology J.G.P. Ruth M. Kahn, B.A. in English Ensian. J.G.P.. Soph. Cab. Samuel Jay Kalow, B.A. in Mathematics Rifle Team Saginaw, Mich. Kansas City, Mo. Detroit, Mich. Wineland. N.J. Atlantic City, N.J. Lansing, Mich. Alma. Mich. Tarrytown. N.V. New York, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Deckerville, Mich. Tokyo, Japan Pontiac, Mich. South Salem, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Flushing, N.Y Irving Kalson, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Sigma Rho Tau. A.S.M.E. Robert H. Kamenec, B.S. in Ind. -Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Ervin Kamp, B.A. in Arch. Emerson Kampen, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.C.E., A.C.S. Flushing. N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. 409 Peter Tai-Yuen Kan, M.S. in Chemistry Swimming, Music Charles A. Kant, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., Sigma Rho Tau Donald Kapetansky, A.B. in Letters and Med. Sailing Club, Skiing Club, Pre-Medical Society, American Chemical Society Carolyn E. Kaplan, A.B. in Social Studies Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi David Kaplan, A.B. in Philosophy Richard M. Kaplan, LL.B. Alvin Kaplan, A.B. in Psychology Emily Karch, B.M. in Piano Mu Phi Epsilon, Deutscher Verein John E. Karcis, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Gamma Delta, A.S.M.E., Choir M. Ronald Kordenbrock, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Eng. Robert M. Karlinski, B.S. in Industrial Arts Joan Karner, A.B. in Political Science Gilbert and Sullivan, Daily, Newman Club, Rifle Club. Richard M. Karoff, A.B. in Economics Daily, Spanish Club Phillip B. Katz, B.B.A. in Acturial Mathematics Charlotte Kaufman, B.A. in Elem. Education Lee Kaufman, A.B. in Economics Hockey Manager, Asst. Football Manager J. Lee Kaufman, A.B. in English Sydney, Australia Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Riogefield, Park, NJ. Chicago, 111. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lake Bluff, 111. Detroit, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Pontiac, Mich. Brockton, Mass. Knoxville, Tenn. Detroit, Mich. Sidney, Ohio Grand Rapids, Mich. Raymond W. Kauppila, B.S.E. Mech. Eng. and Math Chatham, Mich. Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Gilbert and Sullivan, A.S.M.E. Donald Kauskas, B.B.A. in General Bus. Ad. Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert F. Kautz, B.S.M.E. in Mech. Engineering Jeffersonville, N.Y. Elizabeth B. Kay, A.B. in Sociology Frank Kay, A.B. in History Leo E. Kazmerzak, B.S. in Aero. Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Sciences Richard D. Kearney, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Ski Club, A.S.M.E. Richard J. Kearney, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Engineering Council, Scabbard and Blade, Ordnance Assoc. Patricia Keast, A.B. in El. Education Soph. Cab.J.G.P. Donald E. Keck, B.B.A. in Ind. Relations Roy Kee, Jr., B.S. in Forestry Forester ' s Club Treasurer Lewis Edwin Keefer, M.A. in Mathematics Mary Lou Keegan, B.B.A. in Marketing B. James Keenan, B.S. in Marine Engineering Quarterdeck, Sailing Club. John M. Keeny, A.B. in Psychology Undergrad Psychology Club, Ind. Relations Club Barbara Keim, A.B. in Education Hockey Club, Michifish, J.G.P. Basketball Club Albert C. Keith, Jr., A.B. in Political Science Leonard E. Keith, B.S. in Chemistry L. J. N. Keliher, Jr., B.B.A. in Finance Grosse Pointe, Mich. Iron Mountain, Mich. Wheeling, W. Va. Rochester N.Y. Lake Forest, 111. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Fennville, Mich. Emporia, Kan. Flint, Mich. Pendleton, Ore. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dallas, Texas 410 William R. Kcllen, B.S. in Zoology Frank R. Keller, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Swimming Team, M Club Louise Keller, A.B. in Sociology Dolores E. Kelly, B.S. in Dental Hygiene J.G.P. Pan-Hel Ball Don Jay Kelly, A.B. in Arch. Design Donald P. Kelly, Jr., B.S. in Chem. Engineering Scabbard and Blade Philip Beal Kelly, B.B.A. in Ind. Relations Wallace R. Kemp, B.S. in Chemistry Phi Eta Sicma Berdj Kenadjian, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Rob ert T. Kendall, Jr., LL.B. Phi Delta Phi Russell, Kendall, A.B. in Sociology Crane Kendrick, A.B. in History Colleen Kennedy, A.B. in Education Lawrence F. Kennedy, M.A. in History Margaret A. Kennedy, A.B. in History Scroll. Pan-Hel Ball, Michigras, Phoenix Project Charles Kent, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Ervin F. Kercher, M.D. Galens William R. Kerr, B.D. in Industrial Design Leonard D. Kersey, B.S. in Architecture Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Iota Alpha John E. Kersten, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Football. Basketball, A.S.M.E. Varsity Band Cecil C. Kersting, B.S. in Zoology- Carl C. Kesslering, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Chicago, 111. Miami, Fla. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Marquette, Mich. Istanbul, Turkey Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Port Austin, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Augusta, Mich. Camden, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Marysville, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Chicago, 111. Chevy Chase, Md. Clarence E. Kettler, A.B. in Economics Druids. Sphinx. Michiganensian Business Manager Lloyd Kettner, B.M.E. in Mech. Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Don Keyworth, B.S. in Chemistry Alan R. Kisdton, A.B. in Law Debate Gerald A. Kihl, B.S.F. in Forestry Forestry Club James A. Kilgore, B. of Arch, in Design A. I. A. Glenn W. Kilgren, A.B. in Psychology Jean Ann Kimbrell, A.B. in Speech Correction Allen J. King, A.B. in Psychology Isabel King, A.B. in Psychology Daily, Gilbert and Sullivan, Psychology Club. A-Hop James E. King, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Joan M. King, A.B. .in Sociology- Mary H. King, A.B. in Speech Correction Scroll, Pan-Hel Board. Phoenix Project Donald R. Kingdon, B.B.A. in Marketing N.R.O.T.C. Military Ball Committee Flint, Mich. Salem, Mich. Lancaster, N.Y. Royal Oak, Mich. Cadillac, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Cincinnati, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Lewistown, Pa. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. v 411 Elizabeth Kinkead, B.M. in Music University Choir, Gilbert and Sullivan Albert A. Kinkella, M.D. Gleadis, Kinsey, A.B. in Dental Hygiene Barbara M. Kirkindall, A.B. in Education Charles Kirsch, M.A. in Music Marching Band, Symphony Band Doris Kirschman, A.B. in Sociology Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociology Club, German Club John J. Kistler, Jr. B.S. in Engineering I.F.C., Union Opera, A.S.C.E., Triangle Roland D. Kistler, B.S. in Physics Willis B. Kittell, D.D.S. Leo Kin. ml Kivela, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Kiyako Taika, A.B. in Speech Hawaii Club, J.G.P. Marilyn D. Klafer, A.B. in Education Pi Lambda Theta, Phi Kappa Phi, J.G.P., Daily John W. Klap, A.B. in Mathematics David J. Klaus, A.B. in Psychology Pauline Kleckner, A.B. in Education Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Michiganensian Janet R. Klein, A.B. in Political Science Young Democrats Philip R. Klein, A.B. in History Peter D. Kleinpell, A.B. in English Michigan Daily, Young Republicans Earl R. Klett, A.B. in Psychology Marilyn Kline, A.B. in Nursing Adelaide T. Klingbeil, A.B. in Education Arts Chorale, Women ' s Glee Club, J.G.P. Bernard H. Kloecker, M.B.A. in Ind. Relations Calvin Klyman, A.B. in Pre-Law S.L., A.I.M., Young Democrats Richard S. Knape, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Fay G. Knapp, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Phoenix Project Robert H. Knapp, B.S. in Ind. Engineering Richard A. Knecht, B.S. in Literature Robert H. Knevels, B.S. in Civil Engineering Springfield, 111. Gladstone, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. St. Louis, Mo. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Ludington, Mich. Troy, N.Y. Rudyard, Mich. Hakalou, Hawaii Detroit, Mich. Rockford, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Malverne, N.Y. Dearborn, Mich. Flushing, Mich. Flint, Mich. Grand Blanc, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Erie, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rockford, Mich. Detroit, Mich. F. Geoffrey, Knight, B.S. in Forestry Glendale, Calif. Sphinx, Cheerleader, ' M ' Club George R. Knight, B.S. in Naval Architecture Waterford, Me. Quarterdeck Society Richard G. Knight, Jr. B.S. in Mech. Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. Jerry Knittle, A.B. in Pre-Medicine Phi Eta Sigma, Rifle Club Ralph F. Knope, B.S. in Pre-Medicine Muskegon Heights, Mich. John Thomas Knox, A.B. in Pre. -Professional Saginaw, Mich. Alan Koch, B.S. in Zoology Chicago, 111. Leo R. Koceski, B.S. in Physical Education Michigamua, Sphinx, Football, Baseball Cannonsburg, Pa. Oscar Koch, Jr., A.B. in Design Jacquelyn Koch, A.B. in El. Education Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Edward J. Kocinski, B.S.M.E. in Mech. Engineering Engineering Council, A.S.M.E. Charles B. Kocornik, A.B. in Mathematics Freshman football Albert J. Koegel, B.B.A. M.B.A. in Bus. Ad. Carl F. W. Kohn, m, . -B. in Sociology Harris D. Kohn, A.B. in Economics Phoenix Project, Hillel, I.F.C. Michael Kopchik, Jr., B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering A I.R.E., Newman Club Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. West Orange, NJ. Flint, Mich. Belleville, Mich. Chicago, 111. Rome, N.Y. Richard C. Kopelow, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Miami Beach, Fla. William L. Kopp, B.S. in Pre-Medicine Grand Rapids, Mich. James R. Korbein, B.A. in Arch. Engineering Saginaw, Mich. Pres. American Institute of Architects Helen M. Korpela, B. of Mus. in Piano Shaw-nee, Okla. Gamma Delta Joseph F. Kosik, B.B.A. in Real Estate Varsity Wrestling. Young Republican, Varsity Debating Michael J. Koteles, B.A. in Architecture A. I. A. Edward J. Kowalczyk, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Edmund W. Kowalski, B.A. in Architecture A. I. A. Eugene R. Kowalski, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Pi Tau Sigma. A.S.M.E. Eugene H. Koziara, B.S. in Physics Newman Club. Polonia Club Gloria Kozin. M.D. AXE. Adam Kozma, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Michigan Daily, Michigan Technic, A.S.M.E. Frank J. Kozumplik, Jr. B.B.A. in Marketing Marketing Club Michael Kranson, A.B. in Political Science George N. Krassner, M.S. in Elec. Engineering Tau Beta Pi. Eta Kappa Nu. A.I.E.E., I.R.E. Folk and Square Dance Club Barbara Krause, B.S. in Social Studies W.A.A.. J.G.P. Jack A. Krause, B.B.A. in Ind. Relations Lawrence Krause, A.B. in Economics Phi Eta Sienna. Phoenix Project, Young Republican Club Herbert M. Kravitz, A.B. in Pre-Medicine Phoenix. Michigan Daily, Pre- Medical Society Carl A. Kreager, A.B. in Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa. Varsity Football Peter J. Kremers, B.S. in Civil Engineering William A. Kretzschmar, M.D. Galen ' s. Victor Vaughn Society Bette J. Krickstein, A.B. in Education J.G.P.. Soph. Cabaret. Michigras Robert L. Krieger, M.B.A. in Retailing Alan I. Krohn, L.L.B. Tau Epsilon Rho Norman H. Kroll, B.S. in Wood Technology Michigan Union Staff Alan R. Krueger, B.B.A. in Accounting Michigras. Winter Carnival Julia Ann Kruger, B.B.A. in Marketing Soph. Cab.. Student Marketing dub, J.G.P. Fairgrove, Mich. Muskegon Hts., Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Stevens Point, Wis. Detroit, Mich. Smith ' s Creek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Milan, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Long Island, N.Y. Rockford, Mich Rockford, Mich. Washington, D.C. Brooklyn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Hamilton, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Geneva, Ohio Chicago, IU. Bad Axe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. ' t. J v W -ir 413 Donald W. Krummel, B.M. in Music Literature Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, University Choir Edwin P. Krysinski, B.S. in Civil Engineering Inge K. Kuehl, B.S. in Nursing Loren W. Kuich, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Marketing Club, Hiawatha Club W. Clark Kuncz, A.B. in Political Science Richard Kurland, A.B. in History Square and Folk Dance Club, S.R.A. Martin M. Kushnich, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Fred W. I ,a Bastille, B.A. in Landscape Arch. Marvin J. Labes, A.B. in Philosophy Phi Eta Sigma, Generation Acolytes, Anthropology Club Sheldon LaBret, A.B. in Speech Baroda, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rochester, Mich. Menominee, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Long Island, N.Y. Willow Run, Mich. Chicago, 111. Detroit, Mich. Bloomiield Hills, Mich. Mary Louise Lacy, A.B. in El. Education Newman Club, S.L., Michigan Forum Ray H. Ladendorf, B.S. in Chem. and Math. Eng. Detroit, Mich Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Tau Beta Pi, Michigan Technic Constantine J. Lafkiotes, B.M. in Mus. Education Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band, Symphony Band, Newman Club Clarence J. Lafler, M.D. Swimming Team Lillian I. Lahti, Teachers Cert, in English La Sociedad Hispanica, Official ' s Club Edward H. Laird, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Phi Eta Sigma, I.F.C. Dennis O. LaMack, A.B. in Economics Eugene F. Lamb, A.B. in Liberal Arts Sphinx, Druids, Pres. of Wolverine Club Catherine E. Lambers, A.B. in Psychology Guy W. Lambers, M.B.A. in Accounting Philip H. Lamberton, B.S. in Geology Renah LaMed, B.M. in Piano Donald S. Lamm, Jr., A.B. in Economics Frederick W. Lamson, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E., I.I.S. Nancy Lamson, A.B. in Fine Arts Auburn, Me. Decatur, Mich. Kingsford, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Menominee, Mich. Davenport, Iowa Oak Park, 111. Grand Rapids, Mich. Wayne, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Sedalia, Mo. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Amesbury, Mass. LeRoy Lancaster, B.B.A. in Marketing Marketing Club Lawrence C. Lander, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Flint, Mich. William E. M. Lands, B.S. in Chemistry Betty J. Landstra, B.B.A. in Bus. Ad. M.C.F. Cherry E. Lane, A.B. in El. Education Riding Club, J.G.P.; Education Club Lawrence F. Lane, B.S. in E.E. and Math. Ramon B. Lang, M.D. Tom H. Lang, A.B. in Political Science Jeanne A. Lange, B.S. in Chemistry Alpha Lambda Delta, Wyvern, Mortar Board, S.L. David Langer, A.B. in Psychology Jerome Langer, B.S. in Chem. Engineering American Chemical Society, A.I.C.E. New Baltimore, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Miami, Fla. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Cleveland Hts., Ohio Birmingham, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Denver L. Langlois, B.S. in Zoology Earl E. Langlois, A.B. in English Gilbert and Sullivan Society, Arts Chorale Carol Lantz, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Theodore M. Lapinski, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Wesley F. LaRoy, B. of Arch, in Architecture A.I. A. Robert L. Larsen, A.B. in Economics Mdub Marian Larson, A.B. in English Michigan League Council, Chair. Merit-tutorial Comm., Basketball Club John C. LaRue, A.B. in Bus. Administration Marcia LaSage, A.B. in Education Skating Club, Bowling dub, Tennis dub, Modern Dance Club Peter K. Lashmet, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi. Phi Lambda Upsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.C.E. Floyd M. Lasser, A.B. in Economics Football. Baseball. Sidney F. Lathrop, B.A.E. in Arch. Engineering A. I. A. Wilmer E. Latshaw, B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association Johann Lau, B.S. in Mech. Engineering John H. Laughner, Jr., B.S. in Botany James M. Lawler, A.B. in Political Science William T. Lawrence, B.S. in Ind. Forestry Alice L. Lawther, A.B. in Pre-Social Work Michigan Sociological Society Margaret Law-will, A.B. in El. Education Robert Layton, A.B. in English Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Delta Pi. Michigan Daily, Sociedad Hispanica. Michigan Crib Lawrence L. Lazar, L.L.B. Helene Lazarus, B.S. in Design Soph. Cabaret. Gargoyle Robert A. Leake, A.B. in Economics Donald G. Leavitt, L.L.B. Barristers, Case Club, Student Bar Association Ruth L. Lebendiger, B.M. in Piano Gilbert and Sullivan. Hillel Henry M. LeBost, A.B. in Pre-Medicine Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Michigan Bowling Team, Pre-Med. Society Edward A. Lebowitz, A.B. in Political Science Edward C. Lecker, B. of Arch, in Architecture A.I.A. Keith C. LeClair, B.S. in Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Golf David Leddick, A.B. in English Sigma Delta Chi, Michiganensian, Michigan Daily, I.F.C. John Lee, B. of Arch, in Architecture A. I. A. Kenneth T. Lee, B.S. in Struct. Engineering Richard J. Lee, B.S. in Engineering Robert H. Lee, M.B.A. in Ind. Management Robert H. Lee, B. of Arch, in Architecture Architectual Society. Arts Society, Glee Club Seng-Lip Lee, M.S.E. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., C.S.C., C.S.C.A.; P.M.C., G.O.C. Toronto, Canada Rockwood, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Quinesee, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Warren, Pa. San Francisco, Calif. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. LaBranche, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Lookout Mt., Tenn. Flushing, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Traverse City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Peoria, 111. Liberty, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Appleton, VVis. Ann Arbor, Mich. Montague, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Canton, China Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Niagara Falls, N.Y. Old Lyme, Conn. Java, Indonesia 415 Sophie, M. Y. Lee, R.N. Chinese Students ' Club, Hawaii Club Yuen H. Lee, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Carroll A. Leedy, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. James T. Lehan, B.S. in Pharmacy John Lehoczky J., B.S. in Mech. Engineering Amer. Ord. Assoc., A.S.M.E. Gerald E. Leitz, B.B.A. in Marketing Marlyn R. Leitz, L.L.B. George R. Lembke, A.B. in Economics Auverne W. LeMire, M.S. in Civil Engineering Newman Club, A.S.C.E. Valerie F. Lemper, A.B. in German and History Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortarboard, Michigras, Soph. Cab.J.G.P. George W. Leney, M.S. in Elec. Engineering Phi Kappa Phi Charlotte Lenhardt, A.B. in Journalism Michigan Daily, Journalism Society, Merit- Tutorial, Pan-Hel Ball George F. Lenox, B.D. in Design Victor C. Leonall, B.S. in Pharmacy A.Ph.A. Richard F. Leonard, A.B. in Economics A. Gerard Leone, A.B. in Speech Lila Lepperd, R.N. Kappa Phi Nicholas Lesko, A.B. in Architecture Stanley T. Lesser, A.B. in Pre-Law Jacques E. LesStrang, A.B. in Sociology Young Republicans, Sociological Society John LeValley, B.S. in Psychology Undergraduate Psychology Society Barbara E. Levine, A.B. in Pre-Social Work Pres. Modern Dance Club, W.A.A., I.C.C. Maurice G. Levine, B.B.A. Nathan, Levine, A.B. in Architecture Amer. Instil, of Arch. , Fine Arts Soc. Barbara J. Levistein, A.B. in Geography Generation, J.G. P. Eva L. Levy, A.B. in Pre-Social Work Edwin Lewinson, A.B. in Letters and Law S.L., N.S.A., C.E.D., S.I.R.A. Donald S. Lewis, B.B.A. in Accounting Kappa Kappa Psi, University Band James G. Lewis, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. John Lewis, B.S. in Civil Engineering Raymond J. Lezak, A.B. in Speech Ellen Hui-Chu Li, M.S. in Bacteriology Sigma Sigma Phi Tom Liackes, B.S. in Zoology Hillard Libman, A.B. in History Gerald H. Liefer, M.B.A. in Marketing Pres. of Marketing Club, Choral Union, Pres. of Bus. Ad. Council, University Symphony Orchestra Douglas C. Light, B.S. in Indust. Arts. Education East Lansing, Mich. Hong Kong, China Ann Arbor, Mich. DeKalb, 111. Lincoln Park, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Brighton, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Newaygo, Mich. LaGrange, 111. Wausau, Wis. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Cheboygan, Mich. Kingston, N.H. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rocky River, Ohio Brooklyn, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Painted Post, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. LaPorte, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Canton, Ohio Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Tupper Lake, N.Y. Clawson, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Shanghai, China Dearborn, Mich. Hartsdale, N.Y. Muskegon Heights, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Floyd L. Lightle, L.L.B. Diane Lightstone, A.B. in Education Soph. Calx Daily David J. Lincoln, A.B. in Mathematics Robert P. Linder, B.S.E. in Physics Scabbard and Blade, Military Ball Comm. Christine J. Linderman, A.B. in EL Education Gamma Delta, League Board of Representatives, Phoenix Project Ileana Lindh. A.B. in El. Education Scroll. Michigras. Winter Carnival, League Council John A. Lindquist, A.B. in Architecture Druids. Varsity Track, Scabbard and Blade, Mich. L ' nion Robert C. Lindquist, B.S. in Chem. Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers Edward G. Lindsley, B.B.A. in Ind. Relations Francis E. Lindsay, L.L.B. Sigma Tau Gamma, Pi Gamma Mu John P. Line, M.S. in Mathematics Student Science Society A. Lipnik, A.B. in Economics Freshman Basketball Nancy E. List, A.B. in Education Susanne, E. List, A.B. in El. Education Hillel. La Petite Causette, W.S.S.F. Barbara J. Little, A.B. in El. Education Chair. Women ' s Judic. Council, Ensian Staff, Pan-Hel. Rushing Chairman Mary Jane Little, B.S. in Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma, U. M. Student Players, American Pharmaceutical Soc.. Ballet Club Jimmie B. Lobaugh, B.M. in Mus. Education Phi Mu Alpha. L ' nion Opera, Gilbert an Sullivan. University Choir, Michigan Singers Joseph V. Lochtefeld, B.S.F. in Forestry Forestry Club David M. Locke, B.S. in Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Lambda Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. Student Affiliate of Amer. Chem. Society Barbara J. Lockridge, R.X. Phyllis A. Loetz, B.M. in Instrumental Education Tau Beta Sigma, Concert Band Richard F. Loetz, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Steve H. Loftus, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Bernadyne Logan, B.M. in Music Education Michigan Singers, Choral Union Muriel L. Logan, A.B. in Education Harry W. Lagerbom, A.B. in Construe. Eng. A.I. A. Frank S. H. Loh, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E.. I.R.E. Jofcn H. Long, B.S. in Geology Arthur R. Long, A.B. in History Andrew Lonyo, B.B.A. in Business Administration James LoPrete, A.B. in Letters Michigan Union William B. Lord, B.S. in Forestry Forestry Club Robert E. Love, D.D.S. Ruth A. Lounsbery, A.B. in Education Eldon Lorenz, B.S. in XA and ME. Carl E. Lorentson, A.B. in Chemistrv Sigma Theta Epsilon, Gilbert and Sullivan Society Seneca, Mo. Detroit, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Sturgis, Mich. Inkster, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Menominee, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Cheboygan, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Park Ridge, 111. Grand Rapids, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Milford, Mich. Bartlesville, Okla. Coldwater. Ohio Escanaba, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Sturgis, Mich. Sturgis, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Marion, I1L Niagara Falls, Ont. Painted Post, N.Y. Singapore, Malaya Willow Run, Mich. Trenton, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Milfcr, S.D. 417 Harold R. Low, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration William C. Low, A.B. in Architecture Wen-fa Lu, S.D. in Civil Engineering Sigma Xi Marvin J. Lubeck, A.B. in L.S. and A. Phi Eta Sigma, Sphinx, Michigamua, S.L. Student Chair, of Phoenix Project. Leon Lubin, B.S. in Ace. Mathematics William Lucht, B.B.A. in Marketing Leon X. Ludwig, A.B. in Economics Sailing Club Robert Ludwig, D.D.S. Joan Luedders, A.B. in Economics Roger E. Lull, B.S. in Psychology Undergraduate Psychology Soc. Annie D. Lum, B.S. in Pharmacy Bert K. B. Lum, B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Chi, Hawaii Club, A.Ph.A. Raymond L. Lundell, B.B.A. in Accounting Clarence C. Lusby, B.M. in Music Education Marching Band Francis D. Luse, A.B. in Psychology Michigan Union, I.F.C. Kenneth E. Luyk, B.S. in Chemistry Anna C. Lynch, A.B. in Education Bernard W. Lyon, D.D.S. Sidney D. Lyons, B.A. in Architecture Fred E. MacArthur, L.L.B. Walter V. MacArthur, Jr., A.B. in Geography New York, N.Y. Ferndale, Mich. Shanghai, China University Hts., Ohio Detroit, Mich. Blissfield, Mich. Chelsea, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii Nashville, Tenn. Cassopolis, Mich. Sylvania, Ohio Grand Rapids. Mich. Owosso, Mich. Logansport, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Alpena, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Montclair, NJ. J. MacConnachie, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. William F. MacDonald, M.B.A. in Indust. Relations Aurora, 111. Newman Club, A.I.Ch.E., Indust. Relations Club Ellen Gray Macduff, A.B. in Social Work Flint, Mich. Michigras, W.S.S.F. James W. MacKenzie, M.D. William A. MacLeod, A.B. in History Kappa Delta Rho, Daily, Hockey Mgr. William MacMartin, B.B.A. in Marketing William M. MacMillan, A.B. in Education Canterbury Club, Arts Chorale, Student Religious Assoc. E. Lansing, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, 111. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Monroe O. MacPherson, B.S. in Naval Arch. Quarterdeck, Union, Phoenix Project, Sailing Club Sally J. McBride, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Soph. Cab., Orientation Adviser Phillip McCallister, B.S. in Civil Engineering Grosse Pt. Woods, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Eng. Council, A.S.C.E., John F. McCarthy, M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Mich. Sphinx, Triangles, Vulcans Donald B. McClelland, B.S.M.E. in Mech. Engineering Calumet, Mich. Football, M Club, Vulcans Margaret D. McClung, A.B. in El. Education Kessler, W. Va. Tennis Club, Badminton Club James C. McClymonds, B.S. in Aero. Engineering New Castle, Pa. Robert L. McColley, B.B.A. in Marketing Flint, Mich. Marketing Club, Generation 418 Shila A. McComb, A.B. in Education J.G.P. Central Committee, W.A.A. Philip McCormick, B.B.A. in Finance Paul E. McCracken, B.B.A. J-Hop. Homecoming Dance Committee, S.L. Barbara M. McCready, R.N. Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Hockey Club Manager Bellaire, Tex. Dearborn, Mich. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Robert C. McCrystal, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering I.R.E. Edmund B. McCuc, M.S. in Mathematics West Springfield, Mass. Cercle Francais. Sociedad Hispanica, Russian Club Frederick K. McCurdy, B.S. in Pre-Medicine North Branch, Mich. Alden H. McDonald, B.S. in Geology Richard J. McDonald, B.S. in Engineering A S.M.I-.. Newman Club John T. McGee, B.S. in Wood Technology Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Montclair. N.J. Edward W. McGovern, Jr., M.B.A. in Ind. Rel. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Varsity Glee Club, Industrial Relations Club Grace I. McGraw, M.A. in Economics Grosse Pointe, Mich. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi Matthew W. McGregor, B.A. in English Russell C. McGregor, B.S. in Forestry Forestry Club Polly McGuffey, A.B. in English Donald E. McGuire, M.D. Sarah McHale, B.A. in El. Education Soph Cab.. J.G.P.. W.A.A. Donald G. McHenry, A.B. in Philosophy Alice H. Mclntosh, B.A. in Social Work Sociology Club George A. Mclntosh, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Harold V. Mclntosh, B.D. in A. and D. Patsy Mclntosh, R.N. Robert E. McKenna, B.C.E. in Engineering Theta Sigma. A.S.C.E., I.T.E. Eldon J. McKenzie, B.S. in Engineering A.S.M.E. William W. McKenzie, B.S. in Engineering A.IE.E. Daniel McKeown, B.S. in Physics Marcia C. McKie, B.A. in El. Education Gamma Delta James D. McKim, L.L.B. Senior Judge, Case Club Donald McKinnon, A.B.. D.D.S. Malcolm R. McKinnon, L.L.B. Ernest L. McLain, A.B. in Mathematics Donad D. McLean, A.B. in Geography D. Patrica McLean, B.A. in Speech Phoenix Project, J.G.P., ClassSec. L.S. and A. William F. McLean, M.S. in Geology Sigma Delta Chi John P. McMichael, B.D. in Design Judith C. McMillin, A.B. in Psychology- Detroit, Mich. Rowayton, Conn. Lansing, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Dexter, Mich. Dexter, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Holly, Mich. New Rochelle, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bessimer, Mich. Cincinnati, Ohio Petoskey, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Muncie, Ind. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Gary, Ind. Monroe, Mich. 419 Takayuki Maeda, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Harry C. Mack, A.B. in Chemistry Philip S. Mackie, B.S.F. in Forestry Forestry Club, Gamma Delta John E. Madden, B.B.A in Bus. Administration Marshall B. Madison, A.B. in History Debating Mary Maguire, A.B. in English Soph. Cab, Recognition Night, Archery Club Louise Maihofer, A.B. in Education Ann C. Mainland, A.B. in El. Education Pahala, Hawaii. Toledo, Ohio Ashland, Wis. Toledo, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Washington, D.C. Detroit, Mich. Milford, Mich. Romeo, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Frank G. Malachwiej, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture St. Paul, Minn. Carvel E. Mair, B.S. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S. William Maitland, Jr., A.B. in Architectural Design A.I.A. Thaddeus F. Majkowski, B.S in Physics Ramesh C. Malhotra, M.B.A. in Ind. Relations Sigma Rho Tau James Malin, B.B.A. in Business Administration William Malkmus, B.S. in Mathematics Raymond J. Malos, M.B.A. in Marketing Bus. Ad. Council, Marketing Club Jerome F. Mancewicz, B.S. in Pharmacy Delta Pi Alpha, Rho Chi William W. Manley, M.B.A. in Accounting Herbert F. Mann, Jr., A.B. in History International Relations Club Matthew Mann III, B.S. in Phys. Education Sphinx, Swimming Team Beverly L. Manoff, B.S. in Psychology Gladys Z. Manougian, M.S. in Education Richard A. Mansfield, B.B.A. in Accounting Helen Manson, A.B. in Spanish Sigma Delta Pi, Sociedad Hispanica Marion H. Mantho, A.B. in El. Education Frank F. Maple, Jr., A.B. in History Basketball, Football Michael A. Marchese, B.S. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S., Baseball J. Richard Marcinko, A.B. in History John A. Marcon, B.S. in Chem. Engineering R.O.T.C., Newman Club, A.I.C.E. Nancy J. Marin, B.D. in Drawing and Painting Soph. Cab. Gordon H. Marion, A.B. in Political Science John J. Mariotti, B.S. in Ind. and Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E., S.A.E. Susan Marks, A.B. in English Michigan Daily Howard J. Mark us, A.B. in History Joseph F. Marmo, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, ' M ' Club, A.S.C.E., Hockey Frank Marro, B.B.A. in Accounting New Delhi, India Ann Arbor, Mich. Lynbrook, N.Y. River Rouge, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. New York, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Highland Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Alliance, Ohio Chicago, 111. Brooklyn, N.Y. Springfield, Ohio Lakeville, Conn. E. Lansing, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio East Boston, Mass. Troy, N.Y. 420 Arnaud T. Marshall, B.S. in Psychology Choral Union Carlisle L. Marshall, B.D. in Adv. Design Daily James R. Marshall, Jr., M.D. Nu Sigma Nu. Robert W. Marshall, B.S. in Chemistry Marjorie B. Martin, A.B. in Social Work Kappa Phi Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Mary E. Martin, A.B. in Political Science Judiciary Council, Young Republicans, Gargoyle Raymond E. Martin, B.S. in Pre-Professional Dance Club Hugo E. Martinez-Roig, M.D. Eddie A. Martinuzzi, B.S. in Civil Engeneering Noory H. Masliyah, B.S. in Zoology Albert J. Mason, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Charles K. Massey, Jr., B.S. in Engineering Sigma Pi, Mich. Union Don J. Massnick, M.B. A. in Bus. Administration Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Faculty Talent Show ' James A. Masterson, M.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon Robert J. Masterson, B.S. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S. Robert A. Mausch, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. Belle Vernon, Pa. Lake Worth, Fla. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Centerline, Mich. Ithaca, N.Y. Goshen, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Camuy, P.R. Detroit, Mich. Baghdad, Iraq. Flint, Mich. Indianapolis, Ind. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 1 Frank H. Mather, L.L.B. Mary L. Matheson, A.B. in Education William H. Matheson, A.B. in French Phi Eta Sigma William G. Mathews, Jr., M.F. in Forestry Forestrv Club Ridgewood, N.J. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Flint, Mich. Altavista, Va. Edward Y. Matsumoto, A.B. in Bus. Administration Hawaii Club Ruth G. Matteson, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Robert B. Matussoff, A.B. in Economics Football, I.F.C. Ball, Phoenix Project Jane Moudy, B.S. in Botany Michifish, J.G.P., Botany Club Sumner W. Maule, B.S. Zoology- Robert J. Maund, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Edna M. Mount, A.B. in Education Ann M. Maurer, A.B. in Education J-Hop John F. May, D.D.S Richard May, B.A. Theodore Maycroft, B.S. Daily Benjamin S. Marger, B.A. in Lang, and Lit. Ernest Mazurek, A.B. in Economics Robert J. Meacham, A.B. in Architecture Phyllis Medalie, A.B. in Speech Doris Medina, A.B. in Speech and Drama Zeta Phi Eta Kasai, Hawaii Jackson, Mich. Dayton, Ohio Napoleon, Ohio Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Holland, Mich. Bronxville, N.Y. Amsterdam, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Cadillac, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. 421 Nina F. Medlyn, A.B. in History Abraham, Medwed, B.S. in Physical Ed. James C. Meehan, M.B.A. in Statistics Phi Kappa Phi Julia C. Meehan, Cert, in Dental Hygiene Houghton, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Tulsa, Okla. Hart, Mich. Jean M. Meengs, A.B. in El. Education e, M.B.A. in Indust. Management New Philadelphia, O. Gerald J. Mehlman, A.B. in Political Science Michigamua, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha, Union Marvin Meld, B.S. in Geology Grand Rapids, Mich. ft Philadelphia, O. Washington, D.C. Center City, Mich. Allen Park, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Romulus, Mich. Ithaca, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bridgeport, Conn. Detroit, Mich. William E. Merritt, Jr., M.B.A. in Personnel Detroit, Mich. Gargoyle, Bus. Ad. Council, Tennis Manager . Earl W. Merry III, M.B.A. in Indust. Management Dunkirk, Ii Indust. Relations Club, Young Republicans Robert B. Mersereau, B.B.A. in Accounting Grand Haven, M William Meikle, B.B.A. Richard K. Meinke, M.D. Louis E. Mekush, A.B. in Social Studies Ballet Club Marvin Meldrum, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Margaret J. Mellinger, B.S.R.N. Glenn R. Merithew, B.A. in Arch. Design Merrill Lozanov, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Barbara J. Merriman, A.B. in Sociology J.G.P. A.S.Ch.E. B.S.E. Civil Engineering Ralph J. Merwin, A.B. in Economics Daily, Hiawatha Club Richard Messenger, B.S. in Pre-Dentistry James M. Metros, A.B. in Sociology S.R.A., Student Players Elsie Meyer, R.N. Richard L. Meyer, LL.B. Ronald W. Meyer, B.S. in Zoology Joan I. Meyers, A.B. in Economics Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta Port Huron, Mich. Gulliver, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Veryl N. Meyers, LL.B. Phi Alpha Delta Renee M. Meyerson, B.B.A. in Marketing J.G.P., Marketing Club, Gargoyle David L. Michael, A.B. in Sociology Richard B. Michelson, M.D. James B. Micros, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Wesley Mikesell, Jr., M.D. Phi Theta Kappa Vivien Milan, B.M. in Voice Gilbert and Sullivan, Mu Phi Epsilon, J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Harry E. Mile s, Jr., B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Vulcans, Union Council, S.L., Union Opera Kenneth Militzer, A.B. in History Arlington, Iowa Hollis, N.Y. Kansas City, Mo. Bay City, Mich. Dayton, Ohio Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. 422 Arnold G. Miller, A.B. in Political Science Druids. S.L. David D. Miller, A.B. in History David L. Miller, A.B. in English Daily. Gilbert and Sullivan Edward M. Miller, A.B. in Letters and Law Wolverines. Gargoyle, Michigan Crib Elizabeth H. Miller, A.B. in Mathematics Panhellenic Publicity Comm. Frank M. Miller, B.B.A. in Marketing Marketing Club, Inter-fraternity Council Frederick H. Miller, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration George S. Miller, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Wilmette, 111. Springfield, Mass. Detroit, Mich. Michigan City, Ind. Toledo, Ohio Tarentum, Pa. Rochester, Mich. Gerald G. Miller, D.D.S. James K. Miller, A.B. in Economics John J. Miller, Jr., M.S. in Mech. Engineering A M.E. Marcia A. Miller, A.B. in Economics J.G.P. Maynard Miller, B.B.A. in Accounting Nevin F. Miller, A.B. in Journalism Robert A. Miller, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Robert S. Miller, A.B. in Architecture Russell F. Miller, B.S., M.D. Shirley M. Miller, A.B. in History Alpha Lambda Delta Shirley S. Miller, A.B. in El. Education Ski Club Isadore Million, B.S. in Geology Richard G. Millman, A.B. in Architecture Phi Sigma, Tau Sigma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi Art School Society George S. Milroy, A.B. in Political Science Sphinx, Phi Sigma Kappa, I.F.C., Union Opera Jerry Miner, A.B. in Economics Marjorie L. Minnis, A.B. in El. Education Universitv Choir. Arts Chorale, Senior Comm., J.G.P. Hannah Mintz, A.B. in English Herbert Mirsky, B.S. in Botany Botany Club. Pie- Medical Society Stanley Mirsky, B.S. in Botany Botany Club, Pre-Medical Society Mary I. Miserez, A.B. in Political Science French Club, Ski Club Charleen Mitchell, A.B. in English La Sociedad Hispanica, Education Club, W.A.A. Edith Mitchell, M.A. in Library Science James F. Mitchell, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Tau Beta Pi. Yulcans. Triangle, Varsity Track, Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics Robert E. Mitchell, B.S. in N.A. and Mech. Engineering; Quarterdeck, Sailing Club, Engine Council, Treas. Engineering Senior Class Rosanne Mitshkun, A.B. in Education Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi Mary A. Mitteer, A.B. in Sociology- Jack Mittermiller, B.S. in Forestry Forester ' s Club Bonnie L. Mizer, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Dearborn, Mich. East Grand Rapids, Mich. Marne, Mich. Fremont, Ohio Auburn, Me. Berkley, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Canisteo, N.Y. Kingsford, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. St. Johns, Mich. Plainwell, Mich. New York, N.Y. Buffalo, N.Y. Pittsburgh, Pa. Yonkers, N.Y. Yonkers, N.Y. Milan, Mich. Grandville, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Port Washington, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Shelby, Mich. Marshfield, Wis. Mason, Mich. 423 Herman L. Moekle, Jr., B.A. in Speech Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band Jan Moeller, B.S. in Pre-Medical Dorothy Moffatt, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Charles E. Mok, M.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Chinese Students Club Yingkei Mok, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Alice V. Molina, B.A. in English Gilbert and Sullivan Society, Riding and Rifle Clubs Barbara J. Molyneaux, B.A. in English Mortarboard, Wyvern, Daily, W.A.A. Van B. Monroe, B.B.A. in Business Administration Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ontario, Can. Chicago, 111. Hong Kong, China East Orange, N.J. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Gene R. Montgomery, B.A. in Spanish Spanish Club Douglas P. Mooney, B.S. in Zoology Louise Moore, B.A. in Zoology Alpha Lambda Delta, League, J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Richard L. Moore, M.B.A. in Business Administration Jack Moote, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E., Ski Club George N. Moran, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Marketing Club Marilyn L. Moran, B.M. in Music Choral Union, University Choir Thomas M. Moran, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Marketing Club, Newman Club Nashville, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Canton, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Cadillac, Mich. Ecorse, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Brookline, Mass. Robert Mordis, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Natick, Mass. Robert More, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Santo Domingo, Cuba James R. Moreen, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Muskegon, Mich. William A. Morgan, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Kalamazoo, Mich. Quarterdeck Society, Sailing Club Alvin L. Morris, D.D.S. Shirley M. Morris, A.B. in Social Work Rhona Morrison, A.B. in English Robert L. Morrison, D.D.S. Florence E. Morrow, B.S. in Medical Technology Soph. Cab. ,J.G.P. Frances E. Morse, A.B. in English J.G.P., Choral Union, Michigan Singers Geraldine H. Morse, A.B. in Geology Ski Club, Soph. Cab. Anthony W. Moscal, A.B. in Pre-Medical Sciences Charles J. Moss, Jr., A.B. in Journalism Sphinx, ' M ' Club, Swimming Team Alice J. Moxon, A.B. in Biology Michigan Christian Fellowship Thomas J. Much, A.B. in English Frank E. Muellner, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E., Technic New Haven, Mich. Ishpeming, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Lachine, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Windsor, Can. Wheeling, W. Va. Grand Rapids, Mich. Mt. Morris, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Steven C. Mulle, B.S.E. in Ind. Mech. Engineering, Long Island City, N.Y. A.S.M.E. Tracy E. Mulligan, Jr., M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Washington, D.C. Kenneth S. Munson, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Topsfield, Mass. James C. Murdoch, Jr., A.B. in Russian Princeton, 111. 424 A. C. Murphy, B.A. in L.S. and A. Edward P. Murphy, B.B.A. in Bus. Ad. Joan S. Murphy, A.B. in English Charles A. Murray, B.S. in Science Ann Arbor, Mich. Warrensville Hts., Ohio Clayton, Mo. Michigamua, Sphinx, Basketball, Class Pres. L.S.A., S.L. Charles G. Murray, M.B.A. in Accounting Monroe Street Journal Maribel J. Murray, Med. Technology Ernest C. Muscott, B.B.A. Richard M. Naffke, B.B.A. in Accounting Birmingham, Mich. Elaine M. Nagelvoort, B.A. in El. Education Soph Cab., J.G.P. Geraldine A. Nagler, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Plymouth, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Roselle Pk., NJ. Owosso, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Honolulu, T.H. Elizabeth T. Nakaeda, A.B. in Speech Correction Hawaii Club John J. Namenye, A.B. in Letters and Law Kalamazoo, Mich. Case Club, Sociedad Hispanica Bruce L. Nary, M.A. in Speech Theta Alpha Phi, Play Productions Donald J. Nash, B.S. in Zoology Theatre Guild Laura Nasset, A.B. in Architecture J.G.P., Am. Inst. of Arch. John D. Nauman, A.B. in Architecture Victor A. Nawrocki, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Sigma Rho Tau Robert P. Neault, B.S. in Geology Roger W. Neault, A.B. in Zoology Patrick D. Neering, L.L.B. Mary L. Neff, R.N. Nancy L. Neff, A.B. in History Soph. Cab., Merit-Tutorial Dorothy Neiman, A.B. in Speech Correction J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Robert L. Neir, B.B.A. in Personnel Alpha Phi Omega, Gamma Delta David L. Neisch, A.B. in English Druids, ' M ' Club, Swimming Barbara Nelson, B.S. in Physical Education Deora Nelson, A.B. in French Assembly, Michigan Daily, J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Karl C. Nelson, B.A. in Architecture Biglerville, Pa. Stalbans, N.Y. Rochester, N.Y. St. Clair, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Bessemer, Mich. Bessemer, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Three Rivers, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Astoria, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Detroit, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Kenneth H. Nelson, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration, Traverse City, Mich. Roy M. Nelson, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Detroit, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. D etroit, Mich. Ruth M. Nelson, A.B. in Education J.G.P.. Soph. Cab. Michael Nemkowich, A.B. in History William K. Nemzin, B.S. in Psychology Daniel A. Nesbitt, A.B. in Economics James H. Nesbitt, B.B.A. Student Legislature Thomas E. Nesper, M.D. Escanaba, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Marion, Ohio 425 William E. Nettleman, M.D. J. W. Neuenschwander. M.B.A. in Bus. Administration A.I.E.E. Alfred E. Neuffer, B.S. in Pharmacy F. Herbert Neuman, A.B. in English Track Joyce M. Neumeier, A.B. in Economics J.G.P. Jim Neustadter, B.S. in Forestry Mark E. Neville, A.B. in History Arthur S. Nevins, Jr., A.B. in English P. Elizabeth Newman, M.A. in English Literature Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Psi Omega, Phi Alpha Theta, Choral Union Robert C. Newman, B.S. in Education Chem. Toledo, Ohio Akron, Ohio Dearborn, Mich. Evart, Mich. Escanaba, Mich. Mauston, Wis. Libertyville, 111. New York, N.Y. Fanwood, NJ. William W. Nicholls, M.D. Harry S. Nichols, B.B.A. Patricia E. Nicholoff, A.B. in French Beverly A. Nichols, R.N. Rhoda Nichtberger, A.B. in Social Work Harold W. Nickelsen, L.L.B. Robert J. Niehaus, A.B. in Bus. Administration Midshipman ' s Club Kenneth L. Nielsen, B.M. in Music Ed. Lewis G. Nielsen, B.B.A. Walter W. Niemann, D.D.S. Gymnastic Team Harold Niemeyer, B.S. in Zoology Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa William A. Niffin, B.S. in Mech. Engineering S.A.E., A.S.M.E. James E. Nivin, B.S. in N.A. and ' M.E. Eng. James Nixon, B.S. in Engineering John C. Nixon, A.B. Michigan Union Staff, Michigan Daily Robert R. Nixon, A.B. in El. Education J.G.P., Soph. Cab., Daily Violet A. Noll, A.B. in El. Education Adrian R. Noordhoek, B.A. in Architecture Thomas S. Norman, B.S. in Civil Engineering Florence H. Norris, A.B. in Social Science J.G.P. Julia Norris, B.S. in Nursing Mary M. Norton, A.B. in El. Education J.G.P., Arts Chorale Charles H. Norwood, A.B. in Economics Saginaw, Mich. Ishpeming, Mich. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Grosse lie, Mich. Jackson, Mich. West Haven, Conn. Honolulu, T.H. Ann Arbor, Mich. Marquette, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Akron, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rexton, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Dearborn, Mich. Casnovia, Mich. Baldwin, N.Y. Muskegon Hts., Mich. Nancy A. Notnagel, A.B. in Latin Toledo, Ohio Mortar Board, Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Duane C. Nuechterlein, B.B.A. and M.B.A. in Ind. Saginaw, Mich. Management; Phi Eta Sigma, S.L., Men ' s Judiciary Mary E. Nyberg, A.B. in Economics Westfield, Mass. Dolores E. Oates, B.M. in Music Literature Daily, School of Music Student Council Walter W. Oberreit, B.S. in Pre-Medicine S.L., Michigan Technic, Sigma Rho Tau, Triangles David C. O ' Brien, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Patricia L. O ' Brien, Dental Hygiene John F. O ' Connor, A.B. in Economics John F. O ' Donnell, B.S.E. in M.E., E.E. A.S.M.E., A.I.E.E. Ruth Oestreicher, A.B. in Science William Ohlenroth, B.A. in Speech Sphinx, Football Bernard A. O ' Hora, M.D. John E. O Hora, B.B.A. Ruth S. Ohsie, A.B. in Philosophy Acolytes, Play Production William F. Old, B.B.A. Daniel J. O ' Loughlin, L.L.B. Delta Theta Phi John M. Olson, A.B. in Political Science Ralph E. Olson, A.B. in Mathematics William Olson, B.B.A. in Retailing Beverly A. Olszynski, A.B. in Speech Zeta Phi Eta, Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Gulantics Ned L. Olthoff, B.S.E. in Physics John Ondocsin, B.S. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S. George O ' Neal, B.B.A. Renate I. Oppenheimer, B.S. in Chemistry Alpha Lambda Delta, Sailing Club, Skiing Club Octavio Aristizabal, B.B.A. Rene J. Ortlieb, L.L.B. Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Assoc., Case Club Charles Ortmann, B.S. in Education Bruno J. Osak, B.S. and M.E. in Engineering David B. Osborn, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Triangle James M. Osborn, B.S. in Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa Charlotte E. Osborne, A.B. in Speech Correction Gilbert C. Osnos, A.B. in Economics Daily Business Staff, Labor Relations Club William N. Osterman, A.B. in History Toastmasters Club, Ensian, Druids Thomas J. O Toole, L.L.B. Phi Alpha Delta Allan H. Outzs, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E. Gene E. Overbeck, A.B. in Economics Phi Eta Sigma, Union Opera, Mimes, Druids Rosemary W. Owen, A.B. in Religion and Ethic? Wyvern, Mortar Board, Gilbert and Sullivan, Daily Gargoyle Margaret Owens, A.B. in Spanish J.G.P. Athol B. Packer, A.B. in El. Education Trenton, Mich. Ridgewood, N.J. Rochester, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Great Neck, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chicago, 111. Birmingham, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Birmingham, Mich. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Negaunee, Mich. Terre Haute, Ind. Grand Rapids, Mich. Romulus, Mich. Holland, Mich. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Summit, N.J. Medellin, Colombia Flint, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Hamtramck, Mich. East Lansing, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Muskegon, Mich. Parma, Ohio St. Louis, Mo. Ann Arbor, Mich. Angola, Ind. Saginaw, Mich. 427 Palmer Packwood, D.D.S. Billings, Mont. Robert C. Pagenkopf, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Detroit, Mich. A.S.M.E. Francis Paglianete, B.S. in Aero. Engineering Forty Fort, Pa. Institute of Aeronautical Sciences Cornelia Painter, A.B. in Actuarial Ins. Pittsburgh, Pa. Gilbert and Sullivan Frank N. Palazzolo, B.B.A. in Accounting Anthony R. Palermo, A.B. in Political Science I.F.C., Student Book Exchange Beverly S. Palmer, M.A. in Fine Arts Choral Union, Women ' s Glee Club Donnally W. Palmer, B.A. in Architecture A.I.A. Hayden Palmer, A.B. in Zoology Peter N. Palmer, B.S. in Phys. Education Paul Pankotan, B.M. in Piano Fay P. Pankow, A.B. in English Glee Club Anthony Paparella, B.A. in Architecture A.E.A. Aram H. Papazian, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.C.E. Martin D. Papendick, M.A. in Geography Sigma Theta Epsilon James Park, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Patsy L. Parkin, A.B. in Journalism Soph. Cab., League, J.G.P. Druey P. Parks, M.S. in Zoology Burt A. Parliament, M.D. Ruth Parmenter, A.B. in English J.G.P., Ruthven Tea Committee Audrey I. Parnes, A.B. in Education Ensian, James N. Parr, B.B.A. in Accounting Choral Union Lora J. Paschkes, A.B. in Psychology Andrew Pasko, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Omicron Eta Sigma Jerome Paskovitz, B.B.A. in Marketing Tau Delta Phi, Marketing Club Morris H. Passer, B.B.A. in Accounting Charles H. Patch, A.B. in History S. A. Patel, B.B.A. Raymond C. Patryn, B.B.A. in Ind. Management Patricia K. Patsloff, B.S. in General Business League Council, Choral Union, J.G.P., Fortnight Lois Patterson, A.B. in English Walter E. Patton, B.A. in Architecture A.I.A. Reinhold Patzer, B.B.A. in Accounting Peter R. Paul, B.S. in Chem. Met. Engineering George F. Paulas, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.C.E. Thomas M. Pauszek, A.B. in Economics Pontiac, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Indianapolis, Ind. Ferndale, Mich. Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Buenos Aires, Argentina Flint, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Port Huron, Mich. Hannibal, Mo. Westbranch, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Shaker Hts., Ohio Indianapolis, Ind. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Niagara Falls, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Bombay, India Manchester, N.H. Laurium, Mich. Firmingham, Mich. Parkersburg, W. Va. St. Joseph, Mich. Flint, Mich. Syracuse, N.Y. South Bend, Ind. William A. Pavelich, B.S. in Chemistry Joseph D. Pavia, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Edwin T. Pearce, A.B. in History La Socicdad Hispanica lola J. Pearce, R.N. Class Secretary Elizabeth J. Peare, A.B. in Spanish Maxine J. Pearson, A.B. in El. Education Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Gulantics David H. Pease, B.S. in Wood Tech. - Druids, S.L., J-Hop Comm., Men ' s Judiciary Council M. Gene Peaslee, B.B.A. in Real Estate Saginaw, Mich. Salamanca, N.Y. Wyandotte, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Schenectady, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Cincinnati, Ohio Battle Creek, Mich. Morris L. Peltz, A.B. in Pre-Medical James E. Pemberton, B.S. in Civil Engineering A S.C.E., E.T.E. Rene H. Penaylillo, B.S. in Civil Engineering Shelton C. Penn, L.L.B. Case Club, Student Law Assn. Parker O. Pennington, A.B. in Speech Ensian Joseph F. Perisa, A.B. in History David W. Perkins, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Omega Psi Phi Douglas S. Perkins, B.S. in N.A. and Marine Eng. Quarterdeck Society Maurice C. Perkins, A.B. in Economics Robert A. Pebotti, A.B. Pre-Medicine Charles R. Perry, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.S.C.E. Thomas F. Persohn, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A. Virginia Perons, A.B. in English George H. Peters, B.M. in Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band, Symphonic Band Lavin F. Peterson, B.S. in Physical Education Ralph C. Peterson, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.E.C.E. Stephen E. Peterson, A.B. in Political Science Men ' s Glee Club, Phoenix Project Theodore A. Peterson, B.S. in Forestry Phi Eta Sigma William E. Peterson, M.B.A. in Marketing Druids, Michigan Union, Michigras General Co-Chairman William S. Pettit, B.B.A. Jay S. Pettitt, B.A. in Architecture George Pfaffmann, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Sigma Rho Tau Mary J. Pfotenhauer, B.M. in Voice Sigma Alpha Iota, Senior Society, Michigan Singers, Gamma Delta John R. Phillips, M.S. in Zoology Lillian A. Phillips, A.B. in History Walter J. Phillips, L.L.B. Case Club, Phi Delta Phi Henry T. Piasecki, A.B. in Mathematics Frederick R. Pickard, B.B.A. in Marketing Football, M Club Ferndale, Mich. LaPaz, Bolivia Winston-Salem, N.C. Ann Arbor, Mich. Flint, Mich. Washington, D.C. Hartford, Conn. Saginaw, Mich. Canaan, Conn. Detroit, Mich. Youngstown, N.Y. Birmingham, Ala. Blissfield, Mich. Pierre, S.D. Detroit, Mich. Niles, Mich. Merrill, Wis. Webster Groves, Mo. Sackets Harbor, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Sharon, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Carnegie, Pa. Chicago, 111. Grand Rapids, Mich. 429 Mary Lou Pickhaver, A.B. in Psychology Barbara L. Pierce, A.B. in Spanish Socicdad Hispanica Janet C. Pierce, A.B. in History Arts Chorale, Michigan Singers, Chorale Union Latitia F. Pierce, B.D. in Interior Decorating Junior Girl ' s Play R. Dean Pierce, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma Edwin J. Piersma, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Walter C. Pietrowski, B.S. in Aero. Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Sciences Jay N. Pike, A.B. in Economics Alpha Phi Omega Stanley I. Pinel, B.B.A. in Finance Harold J. Pink, B.S. in Engineering Nancy Pinkstone, A.B. in History Beverly A. Pioch, R.N. Gamma Delta Chicago, 111. Dearborn, Mich. Berkeley, Calif. Detroit, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Norwich, Conn. Bridgeport, Conn. Stanley Pitlick, B.S.E., in Elec. Engineering Polonia Club, A.I.E.E. Ruth M. Pittman, A.B. in Social Studies Soph. Cab., Michifish Richard L. Platte, B.D. in Industrial Design Calvin C. Plummer, B.S. in Engineering Francis J. Pohl, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Carl A. Ponly, A.B. in Economics Manard E. Pont, A.B. in L.S.A. Phi Eta Sigma, Young Republican Club Richard C. Poole, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Nick Popiel, Jr., B.S. in Physics Alex F. Popp, B.M. in Music Newman Club, I.F.C. Leslie H. Popp, B.B.A., in Bus. Administration Sphinx Charles A. Porretta, M.D. Medical Society Donald R. Porter, D.D.S. George Porter, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.S.C.E. Mary L. Porter, A.B. in Education Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Jack E. Portney, M.D. Lawrence Portnow, B.B.A. in Management Donald A. Posluszny, B.S. in Mathematics Andrew J. Post, B.S. in Forestry Forester ' s Club David Post, B.A. in Architecture Chicago, III. Detroit, Mich. Swanton, Ohio Grosse Pointe, Mich. Guy T. Post, B.M. in Music Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band, Concert Band, Gilbert and Sullivan A. Donald Postma, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi, Michigan Daily, Michiganensian, Rifle Team Nistor Potcova, Jr., M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Shelley W. Potter, Jr., B.S. in Forestry Bayonne, N.J. Owosso, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Fort Wayne, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Escanaba, Mich. Flossmoor, 111. Detroit, Mich. Newark, NJ. Detroit, Mich. St. Louis, Midi. Grand Rapids, Mich. Gilbertsville, N.Y. Holland, Mich. Monroe, Mich. North Adams, Mass. 430 Larry W. Pound, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Detroit, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Council, A.S.M.E. Gene H. Pourcho, A.B. in Pre-Professional Wyandotte, Mich. Carl Powell, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. James A. Powell, B.S.F. in Wildlife Mgt. President of Forester ' s Club Robert N. Powell, B.B.A. in Actuarial Science William A. Powell, B.S. in Zoology Scabbard and Blade, Varsity Rifle Team John E. Powers, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Michigamua, Wrestling Team, Triangles Mary H. Powers, A.B. in Mathematics Junior Girl ' s Play, W.S.S.F. LeRoy M. Pratt, D.D.S. Charles R. Precious, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Joseph M. Preece, A.B. in Psychology Renee E. Pregulman, A.B. in Social Work Wyvern, Mortar Board. S.L., J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Willow Run, Mich. Findlay, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Upper Montclair, N.J. Birmingham, Mich. Dexter, Mich. Wilkinsburg, Pa. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Don C. Prentiss, B.S. in Geology Flying Club Robert C. Preston, B.S.E. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering I.F.C., Vice-Pres. Senior Engine Class, Engineering Council, Sailing Club Robert W. Price, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Robert W. Priest, B.S. in N.A. Engineering Mary A. Prince, A.B. in Education Richard Prince, Jr., A.B. in Architecture Veleno W. Prince, A.B. in Arch. Construction Farrand C. Prindle II, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Roslyn Hts., N.Y. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Elkland, Pa. Herman J. Prins, B.S.F. in Wildlife Mgt. Phi Alpha Kappa Richard W. Prior, M.D. Janet A. Prokopiak, B.S. in Mathematics George C. Protopapas, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Grand Rapids. Mich. Reese, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Laguna Beach, Calif. Elgin P. Pruder, B. of Arch, in Arch, and Design Exhibition Dance Group, Amer. Institute of Architects New Haven, Conn. Detroit, Mich, istitute of Architects George Psathas, M.A. in Sociology Y. Shu Pu, Ph.D. in History Chengtu, Szechwan, China Charles G. Puffenberger, B.S. in N. A. and Math. Luray, Va. Edward M. Purdo, A.B. in Fine Arts Men ' s Glee Club, Russian Circle William F. Ruzicka, Jr., M.B.A. in Marketing Student Marketing Club Sarah P. Qua, A.B. in English Barbara A. Quail, A.B. in El. Education Detroit, Mich. Omaha, Neb. Shaker Hts., Ohio Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Jennie B. Quirk, A.B. in Speech Zeta Phi Eta, Scroll, J.G.P., Soph. Cab., Pres. of League Harold T. Quinn, M.B..A. in Personnel Administration Hugh C. Quinn, A.B. in Journalism Jean Raabe, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Detroit, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Birmingham, Mich. Denver, Col. 431 Robert A. Rabe, B.B.A. William H. Race, A.B. in Architecture Mimes, Michigan Union, Gulantics, Union Opera Marvin E. Raguse, A.B. in Bus. Administration David C. Rahm, M.S. in Physics Martha L. Rainier, B.S. in Mathematics Carl F. Raiss, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma Francis G. Rails, B.A. in Architecture Dale Ramsey, M.A. in Russian Studies Nancy A. Rand, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Soph. Cab. Rogers E. Randall, M.A. in Secondary School Administration; Alpha Phi Alpha Walter J. Rankin, L.L.B. Phi Alpha Delta, Barristers, Law Students Assn. Betty R. Ranson, B.S. in Public Health Ira J. Rapson, A.B. in Economics Dolores Rashid, A.B. in Speech Zeta Phi Eta Dorothy Rasmussen, A.B. in El. Education Marvin K. Rasnick, A.B. in Political Science Marvel J. Rathbun, M.D. Alpha Epsilon Iota, A.E.M.S. Rattan K. Marya, B.S. in Civil Engineering I.S.A. Judith C. Raub, A.B. in Economics Senior Society, Le Cercle Francais John B. Rawlings, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Jack R. Raymond, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Varsity Band, Choral Union, Gilbert and Sullivan Society A.T. E.E. William H. Raymond, B.A. in History Carl L. Reagh, L.L.B. Delta Theta Phi, Case Club Robert E. Reason, B.B.A. in Personnel Thomas E. Redmowd, B.S. in Ind. Enginereeng M. Suzanne Redpath, B.S. in Zoology Carol M. Rees, B.S. in Nursing Alpha Lambda Delta Myrna V. Rees, A.B. in English Literature Scroll, League, Pan-hellenic, Michilish Virginia F. Rees, A.M.L.S. William L. Reeve, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.E.Ch.E. John T. Reeves, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I. E.E. Conrad Rehbein, M.B.A. in Marketing Richard D. Rehfus, A.B. in Geography Alpha Phi Omega Jasper B. Reid, A.B. in Latin Phi Eta Sigma, Michigan Crib, Canterbury Club William A. Reid, J.D. in Law Pi Kappa Alpha Edward Reifel, A.B. in Sociology Phi Kappa Phi, Michigamua, S.L., Union Sioux Falls, S.D. Lockport, N.Y. Jackson, Mich. Iron Mountain. Mich. Fort Wayne, Ind. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. St. Johns, Mich. New Orleans, La. Columbus, Ohio Dunbar, W. Va. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New Rochelle, N.Y. Worcester, Mass. Ann Arbor, Mich. Patiala, India Kingston, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Munising, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Cass City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Groce Pte. Mich. Findlay, Ohio Ann Arbor, Mich. Washington, D.C. Albany, N.Y. Holland, Mich. Lawrence, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Poison, Mont. Ann Arbor, Mich. 432 Albert H. Relfler, B.B.A. in Personnel Alfred B. Reimer, B.S. in Chemistry American Chemical Society Robert V. Reinke, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Phi Kappa Phi Edmond W. Reisig, L.L.B. Robert O. Reisig, M.D. Leon Reiskin, B.A. in Architecture Otto L. Reisman, B.A. in Economics Sutti Reissig, B.S. in Botany- Detroit, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Washington, D.C. Grand Rapids, Mich. Buenos Aires, Argentina Patricia Reive, B.S. in Medical Technology Detroit, Mich. Frederick M. Remley, B.S. in Physics Royal Oak, Mich. Ronald J. Render, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Birmingham, Mich. John Renner, B.S. in Chem. and Met. Engineering Erie, Pa. Marching Band, A.I.C.E., A.S.M. Martha J. Rennie, B.D. in Design J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Merit-Tutorial Rosanne Renno, B.S. in Nursing Alvard Resterpo-Londono, B.B.A. in Spanish Newman Club, Sociedad Hispanica Malcolm Reynolds, B.S. in Mathematics Stanley B. Reynolds, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Pi Tau Sigma Lester Rice, B.S. Elec. Engineering Alvin Rich, B.B.A. in Finance Young Democrats, AIM Council Jeri Rich, A.B. in Speech S.L. Thomas D. Rich, B.S. in Pharmacy Shank, F. Richany, B.S. in Zoology Pre-Medical Society Ralph G. Richard, B.S. in Engineering Bruce C. Richards, B.S.F. in Forestry Forestry Club, Michigan Union Richard D. Richards, M.D. Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band, Concert Band Frederick B. Richardson, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Robert L. Richardson, L.L.B. Cecil Richter, B.B.A. in Banking and Finance Marketing Club Richard C. Ridgway, B.B.A. in Accounting Howard Ridley, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Louis R. Reif, L.L.B. Phi Alpha Delta, Barristers Daniel E. Riley, M.B.A. Traverse City, Mich. Boulder, Col. Bogota, Columbia Muskegon, Mich. Shreveport. La. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Midland, Mich. Eaton Rapids, Mich. Beirut, Lebanon River Rouge, Mich. Midland, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Richmond, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Madison, S.D. Bound Brook, NJ. Detroit, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Jamestown, N.Y. Edward J. Rima, B.M.E. in Music Education Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band, Symphony Band Rosemary W. Rindge, A.B. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard L. Rinehart, M.S.E. in Chem. Engineering A.S.C.E., Newman Club Margaret A. Ringland, A.B. in El. Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. 433. Miguel A. Rios-Sierra, M.S. in Chemistry Phi Iota Alpha Barbara A. Rising, A.8. in English J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Richard G. Risku, A.B. in History Robert H. Ritterbush, B.A. in Architecture Chi Epsilon Thomas A. Roach, A.B. in Letters and Law Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band, Varsity Band, Sailing Club Donald R. Roberts, M.B.A. in Bus. Ad. Malcolm W. Robertson, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.C.E. Nancy Robertson, B.S. in Geology J.G.P. Barranquilla, Columbia Grosse Pointe, Mich. Ironwood, Mich. Bismarck, N.D. Dearborn, Mich. Louis P. Robichaud, M.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Marion J. Robichand, A.B. in El. Education Hiawatha Club Rhoda M. Robinowitz, A.B. in Sociology Lavina M. Robins, B.S. in Nursing Suzanne Robinson, M.S. in Biology Phi Sigma, Soph. Cab., J.G.P., W.A.A. Thomas E. Roby, B.B.A. William J. Roche, L.L.B. Calvin C. Rock, B.B.A. in Business Administration Albert E. Rockwood, Jr., M.S. in Mathematics S.A.E., Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Epsilon Robert B. Rockwood, B.D. in Industrial Design Horace J. Rodgers, L.L.B. Alpha Phi Alpha, Men ' s Judiciary Council, Case Club Stacy B. Rodman, B.B.A. in Accounting Grand Blanc, Mich. Louisville, Ky. Farmington, Mich. Richibucto, Can. Crystal Falls, Mich. Houston, Texas Saginaw, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Middletown, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Gardner, Mass. Schenectady, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Warren C. Roeger, B.B.A. in Accounting Henry Roesch, B.S.M.E. in Mech. Engineering Richard R. Roesch, A.B. in Economics Arthur E. Rogers, A.B. in History Young Republicans, Newman Club Bruce F. Rogers, B.B.A. in Ind. Relations Burton C. Rogers, Jr., B.S. in Geology Kenneth J. Rollenhagen, B.B.A. in Marketing Arthur J. Rollins, M.D. Ernestine R. Rollins, M.M. in Music Literature Leonard Romano, A.B. in Pre-Medicine Raymond B. Roof, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.C.E., A.S.M. Nancy L. Rook, B.S. in Nursing Donald W. Root, B.B.A. in Ind. Relations Industrial Relations Club Edward S. Rorem, M.S. in Bacteriology Arthur Rose, B.S. in Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma, Men ' s Glee Club, Choral Union Arthur J. Rose, B.S.E. in Physics Fort Wayne, Ind. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Washington, D.C. Detroit, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Story City, Iowa Detroit, Mich. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. 434 Kathleen A. Rose, A.B. in English Suzanne Rose, B.S. in Physical Education W.A.A.. Ensian Janette E. Rosen, A.B. in Social Work Hillel Council, I.Z.F.A., S.R.A. Manuel Rosenbaum, B.S. in Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma Janet Rosenblatt, A.B. in Fine Arts Forrest W. Rosendahl, D.D.S. Sonya Rosenfeld, A.B. in Social Science Peter Rosko, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Scarsdale, N.Y. Chicago, 111. Ashville, N.C. Detroit, Mich. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Floodwood, Minn. Newport News, Va. Detroit, Mich. Milton D. Rasmussen, B.S. in Zoology Lutheran Student Assoc., Pre-Medical Society Donald Ross, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, Chi Epsilon, Triangles, A.S.M.E. Elizabeth M. Ross, A.B. in French Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Le Cercle Francais Patrick C. Ross, A.B. in Speech Grand Rapids, Mich. Shaker Heights, Ohio Plymouth, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Paul R. Ross, Jr., B.B.A. in Accounting Scabbard and Blade Virginia A. Ross, A.B. in Bus. Administration Treas. Bus. Ad. Class, Soph. Cab. Sanford G. Rossen, A.B. in Arch. Design Tau Sigma Delta Barbara J. Roth, A.B. in English David W. Roth, A.B. in Economics Ferdinand D. Roth, B.S. in Zoology Helen W. Roth, B.S. in Physical Education Martin R. Rothi, B.B.A. in Accounting Huntington Woods, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Robert Roth, B.B.A. in Personnel Administration Walter E. Roth, A.B. in Design Louis S. Rotolo, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Betty R. Rotsted, A.B. in History Republican Club, Michifish Coleman M. J. Rottenberg, M.D. Alvin B. Rottman, A.B. in Economics Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. George Roumell, Jr., A.B. in Economics Pres. Student Legislature, Phoenix Project, Michigamua Arthur L. Rousseau, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Utica, Mich Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Herbert A. Rovner, A.B. in English Daily, Union Opera Justine L. Rowden, A.B. in Education W.A.A. Beverly J. Rowe, B.S. in Social Studies Joseph E. Rowe, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Lois L. Rowell, A.B. in Interior Design Clarence L. Roy, B.S. in Landscape Architecture Tau Sigma Delta Bruce W. Royer, B.S. in Landscape Architecture Ruben Rozenberg, B.B.A. in Marketing W.A.A. Manchester, N.H. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Ironwood, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Miramar Habana, Cuba 435 Herbert S. Ruben, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Student Legislature, Union Opera Arthur J. Rubiner, L.L.B. Carol B. Rucker, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Jerry Ruelf, M.A. in Physical Education Buffalo, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Harold A. Ruemenapp, A.B. in Political Science David G. Ruetenik, A.B. in L.S. and A. Men ' s Glee Club Jacquelyn Ruff, B.B.A. in Marketing Gamma Delta, W.A.A. Robert E. Rugar, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Scabbard and Blade, A.O.A., A.I.C.E. Detroit, Mich. Lakewood, Ohio St. Claire Shores, Mich. Willoughby, Ohio Elizabeth Rummell, A.B. in English Arts Chorale Donald F. Runyan, L.L.B. Vice- President of Senior Class Ralph R. Rupp, A.B. in Speech Science Mimes, Phi Kappa Tau, Union Student Offices Ruth A. Rupp, A.B. in English Junior Girls ' Play, Sophomore Cabaret Edmund Rusinek, B.S. in Aeronautics I.A.S. David S. Ruskin, M.D. A.O.A. Marian Ruskin, A.B. in El. Education Edna A. Russell, A.B. in Social Work Mary A. Russell, A.B. in Speech Riehard G. Rust, M.A. in Education Chester Rutkowski, B.S. in Geophysics Lois Ryan, A.B. in Speech Maxine M. Ryckman, A.B. in Journalism Alpha Lambda Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, Daily F. Elliott Ryder, A.B. i n El. Education Tennis Club, Basketball Club Carleton S. Ryding, M.A. in Fine Arts Edward J. Rymarczuk, B.B.A. in Accounting Michigan Union, Newman Club, Marketing Club Charles A. Rymes, A.B. in Economics James Rymond, A.B. in Psychology Hubert W. Saaristo, B.B.A. in Personnel Rita H. Sachs, A.B. in English Sophomore Cabaret Fennville, Mich. Tonawanda, N.Y. Saginaw, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Hamtramck, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, 111. Grand Rapids, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, 111. San Francisco, Calif. East Cleveland, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Hammond, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Theodore Sachs, J.D. in Law Editor Michigan Law Review, Barristers Society Arthur Sack, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich A.I.E.E. Clifford L. Sadler, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Elaine P. Saffer, A.B. in Psychology Acolytes Philip Saffer, A.B. in Philosophy Acolytes Paul W. Sage, A.B. in Journalism Michigamua, Michiganensian, I.F.C. William J. Sager, B.S. in Physics James H. Saker, A.B. in Pre-Professional Student Legislature Ann Arbor, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Bessemer, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 436 Benny Salem, B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association Norton E. Salk, A.B. in Architecture Nicholas Salowich, A.B. in History Elias Saltman, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Jerome Salzman, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Theater Guild, Industrial Relations Club, A.S.M.E. Theodore J. Sammon, Jr., A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi, Ensian James A. Sample, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Edward T. Samson, B.S. in Struct. Engineering A.S.C.E. Keshari N. Sahaya, M. Sc. in Chem. Engineering Anna S. Sandberg, A.B. in English Harold J. Sandercock, B.S. in Zoology Wrestling Dick Sanders, B.S. in Pre-Medical Freshman Golf Orniond Sanderson, B.M. in Piano Phi Mu Alpha, University Choir, Choral Union .Paul E. Sands, A.B. in History Matthew Santangelo, L.L.B. Burton J. Sapowitch, A.B. in English Pres. U. of M. Student Players, Daily, Union Opera. Ensian Photo Samuel Sargeant, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Mich. Union Ex. Council, Air Force R.O.T.C. Greenleaf W. Sargent, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E., S.A.E. Ajit K. Sarma, M.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E., Institute of Engineers, Tennis Harry M. Sartin, B.B.A. in Finance Glenna S. Sotier, A.B. in English Soph. Cab., Ruthven Teas Donald R. Satterlund, B.S. in Forestry Forester ' s Club Reginald G. Sauls, IV., M.S. in Education Phi Eta Kappa, Senior Manager Intramural Bldg., Football Marydell Saunders, A.B. in Education Junior Girl ' s Play Carolyn A. Sautter M. A. in L.S. and A. Thomas R. Sawyer, B.S. in Physics Windsor, Can. Providence, R.I. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bronx, N.Y. Clawson, Mich. Erie, Pa. Dearborn, Mich. Muzafferpur, India Inkster, Mich. Evanston, 111. Detroit, Mich. Raleigh, N.C. Boston, Mass. Norristown, Pa. Buffalo, N.Y. Adrian, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Jorhat, Assam, India Dearborn, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Cumberland, Wis. Miami, Fla. Grand Rapids, Mich. Cincinnati, Ohio Hillsdale, Mich. Gordon Saxon, B.S. in Aero. Engineering Detroit, Mich. Michigamua, Engin. Council, Engin. Honor Council, I.A.S. Alice J. Sayles, A.B. in El. Education Bay City, Mich. Allison L. Scafuri, A.B. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Mary L. Scanlon, B.B.A. Student Bd. of Repr.. Soph. Cab. Donald R. Scavarda, B.M. in Composition Iron Mountain, Mich. Phi Mu Alpha, Music Sch. Student Council, U. Choir Donald E. Schade, A.B. in English Washington, Mich. Roland L. Schafer, Jr., B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Paul G. Schaible, B.B.A. in Finance Advertising Mg. of Daily Hope B. Shaidler, A.B. in El. Education Wyvern, Ensian Office Mg., Soph. Cab. Central Com., Ruthven Teas Robert A. Schairer, A.B. in Journalism Kappa Tau Alpha, Treas. Sigma Delta Chi Ypsilanti, Mich. Chelsea, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. 437 Beatrice Shapiro, A.B. in Sociology West Orange, N.f. Sociological Society, Sailing Club Robert G. Scharrer, B S. in Elec. Engineering Birch Run, Mich. Phi Kaopa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Ruth B. Schectman, A.B. in Political Science New York, N.Y. W.S.S.F., United World Federalists, Young Republicans, Michigan Forum Leon Schekter, B.B.A. in Accounting Brooklyn, .N.Y. Norma Scherrer, A.B. in Psychology Rae J. Schieble, A.B. in El. Education Women ' s Glee Club Gloria B. Schleh, A.B. in English Harold E. Schlichting, Jr., B.S. in Zoology Robert A. Schmidt, B.S. in Engineering Robert Schmidt, B.B.A. in Accounting Beta Alpha Psi, Freshman Football Rudolf Schmerberg, B.B.A. in Accounting La Verne Schmitkons, A.B. in English Senior Society, Mortar Board, Choral Union, Varsity Band, Phoenix Project Christoph L. Schneider, A.B. in Economics Grant C. Schoonmaker, B.S. in Mathematics Choral Union Jeanne S. Schreiber, A.B. in El. Education Scroll, J.G.P., Ensian, Soph. Cabaret, League Interviewing Council Joyce L. Schreiber, A.B. in English J. Craig Schroeder, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Marilyn J. Schroeder, A.B. in Education Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Meritutorial Bernard A. Schroll, A.B. in Architecture American Institute of Architects Beverly Schubert, B.M. in Music University Choir, Arts Chorale, University Symphony Band James R. Schubert, M.P.A. in Public Admin. Gamma Delta, Graduate Outing Club, American Society of Public Administration Barbara A. Schuette, A.B. in Psychology- Dale C. Schuhknecht, A.B. in English J-Hop Comm., Homecoming Comm. Edgar O. Schultheis, B.S. in Wildlife Management, Forestry Club Flint, Mich. River Forest, 111. Detroit, Mich. Haslett, Mirh. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Elyria, Ohio Ann Arbor, Mich. Hunter, N.Y. Pittsburgh, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. Babylon, N.Y. Kenton, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Halstad, Minn. Dayton, Ohio Poland, Ohio St. Joseph, Mich. Flint. Mich. Frederick C. Schultz, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.Ch.E., Gamma Delta Carol H. Schumacker, A.B. in Political Science Michigan Daily, Soph. Gib., Orientation, Sociedad Hispanica Mary C. Schuhmacher, A.B. in German Newman Club, Soph. Cab., Djutscher Verein, Exhibition Dance Class Joan B. Schumm, A.B. in History Kurt S. Schuster, M. in Mus. Education Little Symphony, University Symphony Orchestra Harold E. Schutt, D.D.S. Jean S. Schutt, A.B. in History Michigras Carolyn J. Schwartz, B.S. in Nursing League Social Committee William J. Schwartz, A.B. in History Alice E. Scott, A.B. in Education Arts Chorale, Daily, League Board of Representatives Donald M. Scott, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Eleanor J. Scott, B.S. in Chemistry Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Beta Kappa Bridgman, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Tawas City, Mich. Honolulu, T.H. Lakewood, Ohio Saginaw, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Butte, Mont. Brooklyn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Sanborn, Mich. Oxford, Mich. Paul L. Scott, B.S. in Wood Technology Forestry Club, Wood Tech. Richard M. Scribner, B.S. in Chemistry Ardis I. Scurrah, A.B. in History Benjamin M. Seaborne, B.A. in Architecture A.I. A. Aniese E. Seed, M.S. in Mech. Engineering Richard T. Seeger, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu Bernard Seeley, B.B.A. in Marketing Juliette Seelye, M.D. Alpha Epsilon Iota Jack C. Seigle, A.B. in English Anita E. Seller, A.B. in Design Alpha Lambda Delta, Senior Society, German Club, Gargoyle Ronald A. Selbst, B.S. in Zoology Union Opera, Pre-Medical Society, A.I.M. Ida D. Semerjian, A.B. in Education Michigras, Homecoming Nuri A. Sen, M.S. in Chem. Engineering Robert T. Sena, D.D.S. Marvin J. Sendrow, B.S. in Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma John L. Senft, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Michael J. Service, A.B. Architecture Robert J. Service, B.S. in Mech. Engineering S.A.E., A.S.M.E. Millard S. L. Seto, B.S. in Pre-professional Marvin J. Seven, M.D. Richard K. Seymour, A.B. in German Deutscher Verein Mansukhlal M. Shah, B.S. in Chem. Engineering I.I.Ch.E., A.I.Ch.E., Hindustan Students Assn. Ramesh V. Shah, M.B.A. in Ind. Management India Students Ass ' n. Ann Shannon, A.B. in English Alpha Lambda Delta, Sociedad Hispanica Jack F. Shantz, A.B. in History Pre-Medical Society, Sailing Club, Newman Club Walter Shapero, B.A. in Economics Michigan Daily Ronnie Shapiro, A.B. in History J-G.P. David G. Shappirio, B.S. in Chemistry Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Amer. Chem. Soc. Martin Sharda, M.D. Galens Garvin P. Shafts, M.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Nancy Shattuck, A.M. in Spanish Maureen A. Shea, Cert, in Dent. Hygiene Newman Club Mem phis, Tenn. Snyder, N.Y. Ferndale, Mich. Appleton, Wis. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Birmingham, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Istanbul, Turkey Detroit, Mich. Philadelphia, Pa. Attica, N.Y. Coldwater, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Honolulu, T. H. Grand Rapids, Mich. La Grange, 111. Wadhwan, India Bombay, India Traverse City, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Washington, D.C. Holland, Mich. St. Louis, Mo. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lanette M. Sheaffer, B.M. in Music Literature Junior Pan-Hellenic, J.G.P. F. Michael Sheehan, -M.S. in Anatomy Elinor D. Sheffey, B.A. in Spanish Women ' s Glee Club, Spanish Club, League George J. Shehan, B.A. in Psychology Lititz, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. Jackson, Mich. 439 Suel A. Sheldon, III., M.D. Phi Beta Kappa Vida Shelton, B.S. in Nursing Franklin J. Shepherd, L.L.B. Case Club, Law Student ' s Association Anna L. Sherman, A.B. in Social Work Donald R. Sherman, B.B.A. in Accounting Band, Accounting Club, Phi Mu Alpha Mary P. Sherwood, A.B. in Speech Zeta Phi Eta, J.G.P. John A. Sherzer, B.B.A. in Business Administration Kai-Cheng Shig, M.A. in Economics Thomas Shilson, A.B. in French Ben Shimizu, M.S.E. in Naval Architecture Quarterdeck Society Joan Shinew, M.A. in Library Science Phi Sigma Iota Walter W. Shipman, D.D.S. Saginaw, Mich. Lum, Mich. Dwarf, Ky. Monrovia, Liberia Kalamazoo, Mich. Grosse Pointe Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chengtu, China Dearborn, Mich. Los Angeles, Calif. Cygnet, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Charles F. Schirmeister, A.B. in History Weehawken, NJ. Interfraternity Football, Basketball, Tennis, Michigan Crib Edsel A. Shively, B.B.A. in General Business Flint, Mich. Thclma A. Shook, M.M.S. in Music Education Symphony Band, University Choir, Choral Union M. Kerwin Shoun, B.S. in Education Sydney Shrage, B.S.E. in Aero and Mathematics I.A.S. T. Don Shreffler, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, A.I.C.E., R.O.T.C. Calvert H. Shuptring, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E. Herbert Shure, A.B. in Economics Carolyn J. Shurts, B.S. in Med. Technology Patricia A. Sibbert, A.B. in English Michigan Technic, Bowling Club, Basketball Lois Sieber, B.M. in Vocal Mus. Education Sigma Alpha Iota, Mortarboard, Senior Society Robert J. Siegmund, III, M.A. in Geography Gargoyle William J. Siering, Jr., B.S. in Psychology Intramural Sports Manager, Pre-Medical Society Donald A. Sigman, B.S.E. in Ind. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Vulcans, Michiganensian Edward J. Silberfarb, A.B. in English Michigan Daily Harriet M. Silep, A.B. in Education Charles Silk, B.B.A. in Accounting Ski Club Thurman M. Silks, B.S. in Engineering Physics Michigan Technic Sol Silver, A.B. in Architecture A.I. A., Art Society Stanley Silverman, L.L.B. Student Bar Association William C. Simanikas, A.B. in Psychology Midshipmen ' s Club, N.R.O.T.C., Rifle Club, Psychology Club Alexander Simmons, B.B.A. in Accounting Barbara E. Simmons, A.B. in English W.A.A., Michifish Kenneth R. Simmons, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E., Golf Bronson, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Toledo, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Brownsville, Pa. Mt. Ranier, Md. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flushing, N.Y. Ridgefield Park, N.J. Gary, Ind. Boston, Mass. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Montclair, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. 449 Milton F. Simmons, B.S. in Zoology Richmond H. Simmons, B.S. in Zoology Irving A. Simon, B.S.E. in Engineering A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Joyce H. Simon, A.B. in Spanish Alpha Lambda Delta, Senior Society, Sigma Delta Pi, Le Cercle Francais, La Sociedad Hispanica Emile J. Simonel, Jr., M.M. in Music Charles A. Simpson, B.S. in Chemistry Men ' s Glee Club Horace B. Simpson, B.A. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi Joseph L. Simpson, A.B. in English Charles Sintay, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering James Sisson, B.A. in Pre-Professional Kenneth R. Sivier, B.S.E. in Aero, and Mathematics Tau Beta Phi, I.A.S., Eng. Council Thomas B. Sivula, D.D.S. Detroit, Mich. Northville, Mich. New York, N.Y. Teaneck, NJ. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Dearborn, Mich. Tecumseh, Mich. Standish, Mich. Ishpeming, Mich. Alice C. Skarzynsk, B.A. in Spanish Spanish Club Robert Skau, D.D.S. Delta Sigma Delta, Theta Delta Phi Virginia C. Skau, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Lauralee D. Skinner, M.P.H. in Public Health Thomas H. Skouros, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration John J. Skrbina, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Pi Tau Sigma Thomas I. Slager, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Arthur M. Sloan, B.S. in Mineralogy Chicago, 111. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Washington, D.C. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Sarah Slocum, B.A. in History Mortar Board. Wyvern, Soph. Cab. Raymond S. Slojkowski, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Philip J. Slovick, A.B. in Psychology Patricia J. Sly, A.B. in French French Club, Inter. Relations Club Grosse Pointe, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. George J. Slykhouse, L.L.B. Barristers Harry C. Smale, B.S. in Phys. Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Football, Track Dale R. Small, B.S. in Architecture Phyllis A. Smallwood, A.B. in Education Arts Chorale, Ballet Club, Spanish Club, Exhibition Dance Group Grand Rapids, Mich. Chicago, III. Detroit, Mich. Charlotte, Mich. Richard I. Smalter, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Xi, A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Clarence F. Smigiel, M.S. in Science Andrew J. Smith, B.D. in Architecture Tau Sigma Delta D. Russell Smith, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Menominee, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Tecumseh, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Roxbury, N.Y. David L. Smith, B.D. in Advertising Design Hostel Club, Inter-Co-op Council, Art Cinema League Grand Rapids, Mich. Frances C. Smith, B.A. in Education Gerald T. Smith, M.B.A. in Accounting John F. Smith, D.D.S. Sherwood, Ore. Detroit, Mich. 441 Marilyn J. Smith, A.B. in Education Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Marion E. Smith, R.G. Nancy Smith, A.B. in Fine Arts Sigma Alpha Iota, Gilbert and Sullivan Society Skating Club Paul D. Smith, B.S. in Pharmacy Paul H. Smith, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., Michigras, Michigan Union Philip M. Smith, B.B.A. in Business Administration Scabbard and Blade, Baseball Asst. Manager, Military Ball Committee Richard H. Smith, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Pi Tau Sigma Richard S. Smith, A.B. in History Sphinx, Varsity Baseball Robert J. Smith, B.S. in Ind. Mech. Engineering Newman Club Rodney O. Smith, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Michiganensian Business Staff, Varsity Cross Country and Track Ruth F. Smith, A.B. in Journalism Michiganensian Shirley M. Smith, A.B. in Education Shirley M. Smith, A.B. in History Thomas E. Smith, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, Triangles, Swimming Team, M Club, A.S.C.E. Valerie P. Smith, A.B. in El. Education Women ' s Glee Club Verna Smith, B.S. in Phys. Education Kappa Phi, Women ' s Physical Education Club Victor L. Smith, A.B. in Actuarial Mathematics George R. Smolak, M.S.E. in Mech. Engineering S.A.E., A.S.M.E Philip M. Sinn 1 lin, L.L B. I.S.F.A., Hillel, Case Club Eugene B. Snell, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Willis B. Snell, J.D. in Law Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma Wilbur R. Snider, B.S. in Chemistry Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Hewlett, N.Y. Middleville, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, 111. Oak Park, 111. Birmingham, Mich. Chicago, 111. Grand Rapids, Mich. Benton Harbor, Mich. Coraopolis, Pa. Dowagiac, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Fort Wayne, Ind. Somerville, N.J. Toledo, Ohio Wyandotte, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Akron, Ohio James Snow, B.S. in Naval Architecture Quarterdeck, Gilbert and Sullivan, A.S.M.E., Sailing Club Edward J. Socha, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Bridgeport, Conn. A.I.E.E. John P. Soderberg, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Crystal Falls, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E. Eric W. Soennichsen, L.L.B. Bay City, Mich. Delta Theta Phi, Legal Aid Society, Lawyers Club Leon Soffin, B.C.E. in Civil Engineering New York, N.Y. A.S.C.E. Robert W. Soil, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Michigan Daily Nancy V. Somers, B.S. in Phys. Education W.A.A. Board, Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Carole, V. Somers, A.B. in Political Science W.A.A., Ice Skating Club Manager Paul P. Sondeen, B.S. in Physics Walter Soroka, A.B. in Political Science B. Linn Soule, B.S. in Elec. Engineering William W. Soya, B.S. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S., Newman Club Glen E. Spade, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. MariRoselle Sparks, A.B. in English Flint, Mich. Mount Joy, Pa. Muskegon, Mich. Chicago, 111. Spring Lake, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Franklin, Mich. Jackson, Mich. 442 Patricia M. Spaulding, B.S. in Geology Steven G. Spear, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Quarterdeck, Winter Carnival Harold K. Sperlich, B.S. in Ind.-Mech Engineering Michigamua, Triangles, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Michigan Union George W. Sperry, M.B.A. in Accounting Ann Arbor, Mich. White Plains, N.Y. Saginaw, Mich. Patricia C. Spies, B.A. in History Judiciary John F. Spindler, B.A. in Lit. and Law Scabbaid and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Union Edward S. Spivack, B.A. in Economics N.C.A.A., Bridge Team Sally J. Spoutz, B.S. in Biology Newman Club Joyce E. Squiers, B.S. in Dental Hygiene William F. Squires, D.D.S. Edgar W. Shirk, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Donald W. Srull, B.S. in Mathematics Union Opera Albert R. Stage, B.S.F. in Forestry Les Voyageurs, Forester ' s Club Dee Stamm, B.A. in Speech Arts Chorale Richard W. Slander, M.D. Victor Vaughn Society Jane Standiford, B.A. in Political Science Bushnell, 111. Ann Arbor, Mich. Pittsburgh, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Alliance, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Indian Orchard, Mass. Detroit, Mich. Hastings, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. William B. Stapp, B.S. in Phys. Education Sausalito, Calif. Phi Kappa Epsilon, Wrestling, M Club, Michigamua Lynne F. Starr, B.A. in Speech Chicago, 111. Phoenix Arthur Stashower, B.A. in Lit. Sci. and Arts Cleveland, Ohio Daily, Michigan Crib Peter N. Stathopoulos, B.B.A. in Marketing Benton Harbor, Mich. Melvyn J. Stauffer, Jr., L.L.B. William M. Stebbins, B.S. in Pharmacy Henry F. Steck, B.B.A. in Marketing Ruth M. Steck, B.A. in English Philip L. Steding, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Men ' s Glee Club Frederick H. Stegath, A.B. in English Robert F. Stegmier, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Herman W. Stein, Jr., M.B.A. in Labor Larry S. Stein, B.A. in Economics Union, Michigan Handbook Leonard H. Steinbrueck, B.A. in Architecture Stanley W. Steinkamp, B.S. in Psychology Herman R. Steinman, A.B. in Education Marion R. Stalling, B.A. in English Senior Society, Mortar Board, Inter-Arts, Generation Staff Walter R. Stellwagen, B.A. in Psychology Nancy L. Stenbuck, B.A. in English Zeta Phi Eta, Soph. Cab. Thomas A. Stenglein, B.B.A. in Marketing Brookville, Ohio Hastings, Mich. Owosso, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Scarsdale, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Kenilworth, 111. Kansas City, Mo. Birmingham, Mich. Fort Wayne, Ind. Wyandotte, Mich. Puyalup, Wash. Detroit, Mich. Newton, Mass. Saginaw, Mich. 443 David L. Stenstrom, A.B. in Ind. Psychology Winton E. Stephan, M.D. Sara J. Stephenson, A.B. in El. Education Phoenix, Education Club William B. Stern, B.B.A. in Business Administration Kurt E. Sterzik, B.S.E. in Structures I.A.S., Men ' s Union Peter Stettenheim, M.A. in Zoology Choral Union Bryce L. Stevens, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Edward P. Stevens, B.D. in Ind. Design William H. Stevens, Jr., D.D.S. DeKalb, 111. Holland, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Hancock, Mich. Comstock Park, Mich. Reading, Vt. Flint, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Clark H. Stevenson, A.B. in Speech Play Production, Wolverine Club, Michigan Daily Roger Stevenson, A.B. in Business Administration Ecorse, Mich. Anne Stewart, A.B. in Fine Arts Riding Club, Soph. Cab. Erie L. Stewart, A.B. in Psychology Kappa Kappa Psi, Band James R. Stewart, Jr., A.B. in History Landis C. Stewart, M.D. Carl E. Stewig, B.S. in Forestry Forestry Club August St. George, B.S. in Construction Tau Sigma Delta Sally J. Stickney, Cert. In Dental Hygiene Robert B. Stiles, M.B.A. in Business Administration Thoburn H. Stiles, A.B. in Political Science Druids, International Relations Club, Michigan Forum Harry W. Steinhoff, Jr., B.S. in Elec. Engineering Sigma Theta Epsilon Ronald A. Stinson, B.B.A. in Management J-Hop Committee, Homecoming Dance William E. Stirton, A.B. in Sociology Druids, Vice-Pres. Union, Union Executive Council, Winter Carnival Central Committee Sally J. Strauss, A.B. in History Scroll, Pan-Hellenic Vice-President Harriet Stober, A.B. in Speech Play Production, Gilbert and Sullivan Society, Soph. Cab., J.G.P. Virginia C. Stoddard, A.B. in Education Soph. Cab, Secretary J.G.P., Judiciary Aide, Ruthven Teas Lawrence E. Stoimenoff, B.S.E. in Hydraulics Carolyn Stall, R.N. Newburgh, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Kankakee, 111. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lake Orion, Mich. Melvindale, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Detroit, Mich. East Lansing, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Doris Stoll, A.B. in El. Education Psychology Club, Modern Poetry Club, Hot Record Society Stephen J. Stolton, B.S.E in Chem. Engineering Milwaukee, Wis. A.I.Ch.E. Benjamin J. Stone, M.D. Auburn Heights, Mich. Galens President Bradford Stone, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Wrestling Team, M Club Harry F. Stone, M.P.H. in Sanitary Science Mary L. Stone, A.B. in El. Education Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Ruthven Teas Nelson H. Stone, A.B. in Pre-Professional Graham A. Stoner, B.S. in Chemistry Sullivan, Mo. Williamsburg, Mich. Cleveland Hts., Ohio Saginaw, Mich. 444 Paul F. Stoner, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Engineering Council Charlotte L. Storey, B.A. in Education William J. Storey, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration James A. Storrie, B.B.A. in Accounting S.L., W.S.S.F. Charlotte Stough, B.A. in French Tennis Club, French Club Donald E. Stout, M.M. in Music Phi Mu Alpha George S. Stout, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Amer. Inst. of Chem. Eng., Amer. Chem. Society Charles H. Stowe, B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, IM staff, Institute of Aero. Sciences Gettysburg, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Onaway, Mich. Danville, Iowa Thomaston, Conn. Three Rivers, Mich. Dale M. Strain, L.L.B. Delta Theta Phi, Student Bar Ass ' n. Donald B. Straith, B.S. in Geology Frank A. Straub, B.A. in Architecture Tau Sigma Delta, Bowling, Swimming Cassius E. Street, Jr., A.B. in Law Michigan Crib, Tennis Grand Rapids, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Kansas City, Me. Detroit, Mich. Henry D. Strieker, Jr., B.A. in History Education Club Alfred Strickholm, B.S. in Physics Radio Club, Modern Dance Club Charles F. Strickland, M.B.A. in Accounting Bus. Ad. Vice-Pres., Monroe Street Journal John C. Strickland, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Grand Rapids, Mich. Marketing Club, Momoe Street Journal, Spanish Club Glen Head, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Leland E. Strohm, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Oliver M. Strong, Jr., D.D.S. Allen H. Stuhlmann, B.B.A. in Accounting Folden B. Stumpf, M.S. in Physics Westminster Guild, Outing Club Vincent J. Studer, B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S. Jerome P. Subar, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Hillel, I.Z.F.A.-I.N.F., U.J.A. Richard H. Suehrstedt, B.S. in Naval Architecture Quarterdeck Mary J. Sugnet, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. N. Canton, Ohio Chesaning, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Sandusky, Ohio Buffalo, N.Y. Anaconda, Mont. Shirley Sullivan, B.M. in Violin J.G.P., Ruthven Tea Committee John D. Summers, B.S.E. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering, Grand Rapids, Mich. Joseph E. Summerhays, B.S. in Physics Emmom Sumner, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Neng-Lun Sung, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Arlene L. Suozzo, A.B. in El. Education J.G.P., Ensian, S.L. Milton Superstine, D.D.S. Arnold Susman, D.D.S. Wilfred A. Sutton, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Niels-Alf Svensen, B.S. in Naval Architecture Photography, Skiing. Robert J. Swan, L.L.B. Case Club, Lawyer ' s Club Bette Swanson, A.B. in Speech Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Ruthven Tea Committee Rochester, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Shanghai, China Hackensack, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Oslo, Norway Canton, Ohio Detroit, Mich. 445 Carl A. Swanson, A.M. in Geography Arlene J. Swart, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Ronald S. Swarthout, B.S. in Pharmacy Wesley Foundation Casimir J. Swastek, M.B.A. in Business Administration Marquette, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Eldon J. Sweazey, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Dorothy E. Sweet, B.S. in Medical Technology L. Donovan Sweeney, A.B. in Psychology Roger T. Sweningson, B.S. in Forestry Forestry Club Adolph R. Swimmer, B.S. in L.S. and A. Jack K. Swords, A.B. in Psychology Willow Run, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Lexington, Mich. Peshtigo, Wis. Pontiac, Mich. Miami, Fla. Elyria, Ohio Nancy A. Symons, M.A. in Mathematics Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta J.G.P., Soph. Cab. John A. Syverson, Jr., B.S. in Chem. Engineering Janesville, is. A.I.Ch.E. Richard J. Szaroletta, B.S. in Forestry Forestry Club Victor T. Sze, A.B. in Political Science Chinese Club Chester C. Szemborski, Jr., B.S. in Pre-Medicine Pershing Rifles Walter M. Tabar, B.S. in Zoology Alpha Phi Omega George C. Taft, D.D.S. Eva Y. Takemoto, B.S. in Physical Education Vincent C. Talley, M.S. in Elec. Engineering Sigma Theta Epsilon, Wesley Foundation Arnold W. Tammen, L.L.B. ' Ontonagon, Mich. Shanghai,, China Detroit, Mich. Almont, Mich. Nashville, Mich. Hawi, Hawaii Charleston, W. Va. Los Angeles, Calif. Harry T. Tamura, L.L.B. Oahu ' T ' H ' Garabed Tanealian, M.A. in Business Administration Detroit, Mich. Herbert H. Tanigawa, A.B. in Political Science Honolulu, Hawaii Carol Tannenbaum, B.M. in Piano Lawrence, N.Y. Jack J. Tanner, B.S. in Engineering A.S.M.E., Ski Club, Sailing Club Donald F. Tappan, M.S. in Civil Engineering Theodore H. Tapping, Jr., A.B. in Psychology James W. Tarter, A.B. in Political Science John C. Tattersall, L.L.B. Phi Alpha Theta, Case Club, Law School Union Vice-Pres., Lawyer ' s Glee Club Janet M. Taylor, R.N. Raymond J. Taylor, A.B. in Architecture Theodore C. Taylor, A.B. in Journalism Catherine A. Teetor, A.B. in Sociology Yeshwant P. Telang, M.S. in Engineering John D. Telfer, A.B. in Architecture James R. Temple, A.B. in History Ridgefield Park, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Elyria, Ohio Battle Creek, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Milan, Mich. Cadillac, Mich. Belgaum, India Doyles Mills, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Donald C. Templin, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E. Irene M. Tenander, A.B. in Elementary Education Frank H. Tendrick, Jr., B.S. in Elec. Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, President of Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, Phi Eta Sigma Norman H. Tendler, L.L.B. Law Students Assoc. Detroit, Mich. Fitchburg, Mass. Grosse Pointe , Mich. Richard C. Teneau, A.B. in Speech David L. Tennent, A.B. in Economics Stuart Thayer, A.B. in English Donald J. Theisen, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Marilyn J. Thisted, A.B. in Speech Scroll, Zeta Phi Eta, Pres. W.A.A., Daily, J.G.P. Soph. Cab. Harold Thorn, B.S. in Mech. Engineering S.A.E., A.S.M.E. Charles R. Thomas, A.B. in Psychology Gordon W. Thomas, L.L.B. Beta Beta Beta, Case Club Detroit, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Sturgis, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Great Falls, Mont. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Waukegan, 111. Kansas City, Mo. Dearborn, Mich. Martha J. Thomas, A.B. in English Kappa Phi Richard M. Thomas, B.S. in Aero. Engineering I.A.S. Richard T. Thomas, B.S. in Pharmacy North Muskegon, Mich. A. P. A. Ruth X. Thomas, M.A. in Special Education Kansas City, Mo. David S. Thompson, B.S. in Zoology Grosse Pointe, Mich. Donald J. Thompson, B.S. in Civil Engineering Saginaw, Mich. River Rouge, Mich. Newberry, Mich. Fredrick L. Thompson, A.B. in Psychology Michigan Daily Joan M. Thompson, B.S. in Botany John M. Thompson, B.S. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Lennon A. Thompson, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Peter Thompson, A.B. in History Canterbury Club Warren R. Thomsen, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Janet Thomson, A.B. in El. Education Malcolm Thomson, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Mary Thorn, A.B. in Spanish Sigma Delta Pi, Sec. of Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Phoenix Project Richard T. Thornberry, M.A. in English Generation, English Journal Club Cedar Springs, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ludington, Mich. Freeland, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lima, Ohio James M. Thome, B.S. in Civil Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Kenneth W. Thornton, M.B.A. in Marketing Lawton, Mich. Mary E. Thornton, M.A. in Latin Dexter, Mich. Robert L. Thornton, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Akron, Ohio John W. Thorsberg, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Bernard J. Tighe, Jr., A.B. in Literature Thomas N. Tillman, B.S. in Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Sphinx, M Club Edwin Timbers, M.A. in Political Science Delta Phi Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa Midland, Mich. New York, N.Y. Muskegon, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. 447 a P Robert Timmerman, B.S. in Wildlife Management Forester ' s Club, Wrestling, Paul Bunyan Committee Franklyn L. Tinker, D.D.S. Forrest W. Tippen, M.B.A. in Accounting John B. Tipton, B.M. in Music Education Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Druids, President School of Music Student Council Richard C. Tisdell, M.B.A. in Ind. Relations Industrial Relations Club, Economics Club Edward B. Titchener, B.S. in Chemistry William M. Tkach, M.A. in History Ann L. Tobin, B.S. in Geology J. Stuart Todd, B.A. in Architecture Ensian, A.I. A., Ski Club Elaine M. Toles, B.A. in Journalism Kappa Tau Alpha, Theta Sigma Phi Philip A. Toll, B.B.A. in Accounting Evelyn F. Tollefsen, B.A. in Geology Cresco, Iowa Ypsilanti Mich. Abilene, Texas Tulsa, Okla. Shrewsbury, Mass. Columbus, Ohio Bloomingburg, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Ionia, Mich. Saranac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Washington, D.C. Muskegon Hts., Mich. Ishpeming, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Sander Tonnesen, B.S.E. in Ind. Mech. Engineering Brooklyn, N.Y. John G. Tompkins, B.S. in Wood Technology Cecil H. Tonkin, B.S. in Forestry Forester ' s Club, Ishpeming Club Richard J. Tonkin, L.L.B. Jane M. Topper, B.A. in Spanish Scroll, General Chairman J.G.P., President of Pan-Hellenic Elizabeth L. Tornquist, B.A. in History Treasurer J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret John L. Torresen, B.S. in Naval Architecture James Tottis, B.S. in Pharmacy Amer. Phar. Association Coulson Tough, B.D. in Architecture Amer. Institute of Architects, U.L.L.R. Ski Club James E. Townsend, L.L.B. Case Club, Law Students Association Barbara Traub, B.M. in Piano J.G.P. Leo J. Travers, B.A. in English Ellen N. Traxler, B.M. in Music Education Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Women ' s Glee Club, Michigan Singers Emily Tresselt, B.S. in Zoology I. Frederick Trew, B.S. in Forestry William Trezise, M.D. Frank H. Trinkl, A.B. in Economics Robert L. Troske, A.B. in Pre-Medicine Alexander A. Trout, L.L.B. Res Gestae, Case Club Beverly J. Truesdell, A.B. in History Greensburg, Pa. St. Joseph, Mich. Staten Is., N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Youngstown, Ohio Paw Paw, Mich. Thurmont, Md. Pratts Hollow, N.Y. Wakefield, Mich. Wauwatosa, Wis. Grand Rapids, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Wayne, Mich. Frederick D. Truesdell, M.M. in Composition Kansas City, Kan. Choral Union Accompanist, Organist-Choir Directoi Harry O. Trumbell, D.D.S. Negaunee, Mich. James P. Tryand, L.L.B. Ivan H. A. Tsou, M.S. in Chem. Engineering Detroit, Mich. Honolulu, T.H. 448 Tsze S. Shih, Ph.D. in Science Phi Kappa Phi Charles L. Tucker, A.B. in Speech Correction John A. Tullio, M.B.A. in Accounting Pi Delta Epsilon, Monroe Street Journal Juliana Tung, M.M. in Piano Shanghai, China Flint, Mich. Erie, Pa. Chung King, China Harold F. Turner, B.S.E. in Naval Arch. Seattle, Wash. Phi Kappa Phi, Quarterdeck Society, Sailing Club Robert R. Turner, A.B. in Psychology Niles, Mich . Midshipman ' s Club, Gargoyle Walter R. Tuuri, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Fan-port Hbr., Ohio Robert L. Tveit, A.B. in Arch. Design Robert H. Tweedie, B.S. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Reuben Tyau, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi Henry F. Tyson, B.S. in Zoology Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Ensian, Daily Warren Uchimoto, M.S. in Eng. Mechanics Robert M. Uchitelle, A.B. in English Gargoyle Toshi Uesato, M.A. in Economics Rhoda Uhlendorf, B.D. in Advertising J.G.P., Michigras John Ulf, M.B.A. in Marketing Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band, Varsity Band Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Honolulu, T.H. Hialeah, Fla. Chicago, 111. Great Neck, N.Y. Waipahu, T.H. Ann Arbor, Mich. Jamestown, N.Y. Mary Ummel, A.B. in Social Studies Loy E. Umpierre, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Harry J. Underwood, A.B. in Psychology Albert E. Unger, A.B. in Architecture Madan G. Uppal, M.S.E. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E., India Students Assn. Edward Upson, B.S. in Chem. Engineering A.S.C.E., I.T.E. V. Bruce Vreeland, A.B. in Social Studies Frederick T. Vass, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Kalamazoo, Mich. New York, N.Y. Patiala, India Jordanville, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Moreshwar R. Vaidya, M.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Bombay, India A.E.C.E., I.I.C.E. J. M. Vakil, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Gamedevi, Bombay Robert E. Valk, D.D.S. Edward Vallorani, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Triangle. Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi Robert G. Van Allsburg, B.B.A. in Personnel University Choir, Michigan Singers Howard Van Antwerp, LL.B. Phi Alpha Delta. Barristers, Law Review, Case Club Peter J. Van Bouen, B.B.A. Union Opera Advertising, Baseball William H. Van De Graaf, B.B.A. in Marketing Marketing Club Jack C. Vandenberg, A.B. in Journalism Football, Michiganensian, Michigan Daily Seymour A. Vander, M.D. Phi Delta Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi Lewis S. Vander Cook, A.B.F. in Forestry Forester ' s Club Muskegon, Mich. Philadelphia, Pa. GrandJRapids, Mich. Askland, Ky. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Zeeland, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Robert E. Vander Cook, B.S. in Chem. Engineering Wyandotte, Mich. 449 " Melvin Vander Kamp, B.S. in Pharmacy Wendell B. Vander Klipp, B.S. in Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E. Leo Vanderkuy, A.B. in Phys. Education Sphinx, Basketball Donald A. Vander Noot, B.S. in Pharmacy John T. Van Der Weele, B.S. in Chemistry Radio Club, Young Democrats, A.C.S. David V. Vanderzce, B.S. in Engineering Triangle, Basketball, Baseball Alfred J. Vande Waa, M.D. Rodger C. Vande Water, B.B.A. in Ind. Management James G. Van Dyke, B.S. in Physics Donald N. Van Eenam, B.S. in Chemistry Marilyn Vanhoy, R.N. Paul H. Van Order, A.B. in History American Youth Hostels Willow Run, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Holland, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Orange City, Iowa Grand Rapids, Mich. Holland, Mich. Washington, D.C. Plymouth, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Russell J. Van Ryn, B.A. in Pre-Medicine Grand Rapids, Mich. Men ' s Glee Club, Michigan Christian Fellowship Frank Van Schoick, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Jackson, Mich. Ben Van Slooten, B.B.A. in Accounting Gerald Van Syoc, B.M. in Music Education Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Men ' s Glee Club, Inter Arts Council James Van Veen, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Scabbard and Blade, Pres. Cooley House, Sociadad Hispanica, Marketing Club Ellen Van Wagoner, B.B.A. in Accounting Pres. Scroll, J-Hop Comm., Soph. Cab. Alice Varbedian, B.A. in Art Education Ethel I. Varga, B.A. in El. Education Holland, Mich. Belding, Mich. Chicago, 111. Birmingham, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Domenic C. Varricchio, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Brooklyn, N.Y. Plattsburg, N.Y. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Pontiac, Mich. David T. Vass, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. John A. Vossler, B.S. in Struct. Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Charles H. Vaughan, B.B.A. in Accounting Jack Vealey, B.A. in Speech Correction Gargoyle Turli N. Vembu, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Intern. Students Assoc., Tennis Ralph E. Venk, D.D.S. Carl J. Vesky, Jr., B.S. in Mech. Engineering Lola A. Vetter, B.A. in English Marceline E. Vetter, B.A. in Psychology Elizabeth B. Vial, B.A. in El. Education Soph. Cab., J.G.P., Tennis Joan Vickerman, Dental Hydiene Ann Arbor, Mich. Bombay, India Dearborn, Mich. Binghamton, N.Y. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. La Grange, II!. Olds, Alberta, Canada Iron Mountain, Mich. Lancaster, Cal. John U. Villesvik, M.F. in Ind. For. Management Pt. Washington, N.Y. Clarence A. Vicklund, M.S. in Civil Engineering: Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma Edward N. Videan, B.S. in Physics John J. Villa, B.S. in Engineering Phi Eta Sigma Detroit, Mich. 450 Charlotte Voelter, A.B. in English Senior Society, Inter-Arts Union, Generation Robert S. Vogt, B.S. in Engineering Robert B. Vokac, M.B.A. in Personnel Michigan Daily Barbara J. Vollen, A.B. in Psychology Forester ' s Club Bruce F. Vollmar, Jr., B.S. in Wildlife Management Forester ' s Club Catherine D. von Glahn, A.B. in El. Education Women ' s Glee Club, Michigan Education Club, J.G.P. P. P. Vora, M.S. in Chem. Engineering J. David Voss, A.B. in History Carl Vretta, A.B. in History Agnes Waddell, A.B. in English Phoenix Project, Dance Class, Judiciary Council Thomas W. Waddell, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Elmer R. Wagner, B.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Richard J. Wagner, A.B. in Wood Technology Wood Technologists Club, Forestry Club, Gilbert and Sullivan, Union Opera Robert T. Wagner, B.S. in Aero. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Michigan Marching Band, I.A.S. John W. Waidley. B.S. " in Biology Phoenix Project Wilfred R. Waldron, A.B. in French Le Circle Francaise Howard W. Walker, D.D.S. William G. Walker, B.S. in Civil Engineering R.O.T.C., A.S.C.E. Tom Wallace, B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Chi, Hawaii Club, C.S.C., A.Ph.A., Newman Club Wilma Wallace, A.B. in Social Work W.S.S.F. Jean E. Waller, B.M. in Music Sigma Alpha Iota John L. Waller, A.B. in Speech Correction Play Production, Modern Dance Club Daily, Ballet Club Charles R. Walli, B.S.E. in Physics Ivan Wellington, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Shirley J. Walrath, A.B. in Psychology Michifish, Colloquiem, Psychology Club, French Club David E. Walsh, A.B. in Architecture Thomas C. Walsh, L.L.B. Board in Control of Student Publications, S.L., Michigan Union. Young Democrats Richard G. Walterhouse, B.S. in Civil Engineering Kenneth R. Waltz, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Eta Kappa Xu, A.I.E.E., Sigma Rho Tau, Track Warner R. Wandell, B.S. in Wildlife Management Forestry Club, Les Voyageurs Byron G. Wanty, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Marching Band. Varsity Band, A.I.E.E. Caroline E. Ward, M.A. ' in Public Health Newman Club Detroit, Mich. Indian Hill, Ohio Traverse City, Mich. Chicago, 111. Ecorse, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Bombay, India Dayton, Ohio Dearborn, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Otsego, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Tecumseh, Mich. St. Agnace, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Honolulu, Hawaii Scottville, Mich. Los Angeles, Cal. Toledo, Ohio Port Huron, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor. Mich. Detroit, Mich. Kaukauna, Wis. Milan, Mich. Boston, Mass. Corrine G. Wardle, A.B. in Sociology Elizabeth A. Wargell, B.S. in Design Ballet Club Andrew Warhola, L.L.B. Barristers, Law Club Dorothy M. Warmeling, A.B. in English W.A.A. Board Ypsilanti, Mich. Shaker Heights, Ohio Lorain, Ohio Cleveland Heights, Ohio 451 Hanneliese Warncke, M.A. in English Donald N. Warren, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Louise E. Warrenmiller, A.B. in Speech Soph. Cab., Russian Circle William E. Wass, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering A.I.C.E. Eugenia C. Wassell, B.S in P.H. Nursing Beverly Waterman, A.B. in Pre-Professional Lyle Waters, B.B.A. in Marketing William P. Waters, M.B.A. in Music Dolores C. Watkins, A.B. in Latin Robert J. Watkins, B.B.A. in Marketing Wilbur K. Watkins, L.L.B. Anthony F. Watkoskey, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering; A.S.M.E. Cologne, Germany Mt. Clemens, Mich. Chevy Chase, Md. Detroit, Mich. Baltimore, Md. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. East St. Louis, 111. Flint, Mich. Gary, Ind. Wailuku, T.H. Bayonne, N.J. Charles W. Watson, M.D. Joseph Watson, B.B.A. in Marketing Mamie S. Watson, A.B. in Speech Correction Soph. Cab. Richard A. Watson, L.L.B. Case Club Judge Eugene H. Watts, M.A. in Phys. Education Harry T. Watts, L.L.B. Janet L. Watts, A.B. in English Michigan Daily Byron W. Webb, M.B.A. in Music Marching Band, Marketing Club Dorothy M. Webb, B.M. in Piano Mu Phi Epsilon William R. Webb, A.B. in English Generation Caroline R. Weber, A.B. in Botany Intercooperative Council Richard K. Weber, A.B. in History Young Democrats Charles R. Wegener, A.B. in Social Work Swimming Team Eugene R. Wegner, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering George Weible, A.B. in Philosophy Keith F. Weiland, B.A. in Architecture A.I. A. Dale R. Weill, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Bernice Weinberger, A.B. in Psychology Senior Society, Inter-Arts Union Harvey L. Weiner, A.B. in Psychology Phi Eta Sigma, Michigan Union Staff Marshall Weingarden, B.S.E. in Engineering Herbert N. Weingarten, L.L.B. Phi Eta Sigma Ben M. Wienger, D.D.S. Alpha Omega Alvin S. Weinstein, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi Morton P. Weisman, B.S. in Botany Pre-Medical Society Garden City, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Colon, Mich. Uniontown, Pa. Kalamazoo, Mich. Des Moines, Iowa Grand Rapids, Mich. St. Louis, Mo. Wichita, Kan. Marysville, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Wauwatosa, Wis. Midland, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ishpeming, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Flushing, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Swampscott, Mass. Roxbury, Mass. 452 David C. Weiss, M.S. in Aero. Engineering Edith M. Weiss, B.A. in Education Alpha Lambda Delta, Soph. Cab., Univ. Choir Fae Weiss, M.A. in Psychology Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa Morris Weiss, M.D. Galens Med. Society Queenstown, Md. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Turry A. Welden, A.B. in Speech J.G.P., Soph. Cab. Clarence S. Weldon, A.B. in Pre-Medicine Mich. Union Opera Shirley Weller, M.A. in English Helen W. Wells, B.S. in Med. Technology Soph. Cab, J.G.P., Arts Chorale James R. Wells, B.S. in Psychology Mich. Marching Band, Mich. Varsity Band William S. Wells, A.B. in Psychology Choral Union, Speech Society John W. Welsh. B.B.A. in Accounting Warren J. Weltman, A.B. in Political Science Jean A. Wernig, A.B. in Journalism Theta Sigma Phi Robert P. Werner, B.S.E. in Naval Arch. Quarterdeck Lester L. West, A.B. in Mathematics Merton Westcott, B.S. in Mech. Engineering Robert E. Wester, M.S. in Ind. Engineering Alpha Phi Alpha. A.S.M.E. Rolf E. Westward, A.B. in History Catherine A. Wetzel, A.B. in Geography Merit- Tutorial. Soph. Cab, J.G.P. Edmund H. Whale, B.S. in Pre Professional Mich. Marching Band, Choral Union James J. Whalen, B.S.M.E. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. John M. Wheatley, M.E. in Mech. Engineering Soc. Auto. Engineers Kenneth R. Wheeler, B.S. in Naval Architecture Soc. Naval Arch, and Marine Eng., Quarterdeck Gerald M. White, B.S. in Engineering A.I.E.E. Harold L. White, L.L.B. James P. White, A.B. in Radio and Theatre Mich. Union Opera, Studen tPlayers Ozelle W T hite, B.S. in Elec. Engineering Eta Kappa Nu. Tau Beta Pi Robert D. White, A.B. in Economics I.F.C., Mich. Union Staff Hardin A. Whitney Jr., L.L.B. Phi Alpha Delta Mary A. Whitney, Certificate in Dent. Hygiene Richard G. Whitney, D.D.S. Thomas G. Whittingham, B.S. in Ind. Mech. Engineering Gracia Whirworth, A.B. in El. Education Soph. Cab. J.G.P., W.A.A. Gladys J. Whyte, Certificate in Dent. Hygiene John C. Wicker, A.B. in Geology Allan L. Widerquist, B.S. in Naval Architecture Quarterdeck, Choral Union Pontiac, Mich. Mount Joy, Pa. Milwaukee, Wis. Saginaw, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. East Lansing, Mich. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Troy, N.Y. Birmingham, Mich. New Hyde Park, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Montgomery, Ala. Bay City, Mich. St. dair, Mich. Negaunnee, Mich. Bayonne, N.J. Royal Oak, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Akron, Ohio Rochester, Mich. Huntington, W.Va. Salt Lake City, Utah Richmond, Ya. Saginaw, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Kawkawlin, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chicago, 111. 453 Josef H. Wiehr, A.M. in German Spartanburg, S. C. Deutscher Verein Roger C. Wierenga, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. A.S.M.E. L. James Wies, D.D.S. Sunfield, Mich. Hi Milliard L. Wiesenmaier, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Monroe, Mich. John H. Wilcox, A.B. in Education Sphinx, Football, Track Raymond B. Wilcox, B.A. in Architecture A.I. A. Susan J. Wilcox, A.B. in Psychology Winter Carnival J. Harold Wilde, B.S.E. in Propulsion Soaring Club, I.A.S. David E. Wile, M.D. Philip A. Wiles, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering George H. Wilhelm, B.S. in Chemistry James K. Wilhelm, Jr., B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Varsity Glee Club, Choral Union Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Winnepeg, Manitoba Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Flint, Mich. Lydia Wilhelm, A.B. in Arch, and Design Scroll, Wyvern, Soph. Cab. Nan Wilhelmi, B.S. in Med. Technology Riding Club John S. Wilkie, B.B.A. in Finance Charles A. Wilkinson, A.B. in Pre- Professional Pre-Medical Society Donald M. Wilkinson, Jr., A.B. in English William W. Wilkinson, M.D. Galens Charlotte E. Will, A.B. in Biology Soph. Cab, Merit-Tutorial, Ruthven Teas, Debate Society Joan C. Willens, A.B. in Political Science Phi Sigma Alpha, Daily, Ass ' t Night Editor Clinton Williams, B.S.E. in Engineering Chester J. Williams, A.B. in History David Williams, A.B. in History Herbert N. Williams, Jr., B.B.A. James L. Williams, B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering Omega Phi Psi, I.A.S., Newman Club John C. Williams, A.B. in Social Studies Joy L. Williams, A.B. in El. Education Michigan Singers, Pres. Glee Club, Soph. Cab. Lewis R. Williams, Jr., L.L.B. Michigan Law Review, Choral Union Oliver A. Williams, Jr., M.B.A. in Management. Samuel G. Williams, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., Michigan Christian Fellowship Douglas H. Williamson, D.D.S. Patricia J. Williamson, A.B. in Speech Zeta Phi Eta, Gilbert and Sullivan Newman Club, Soph. Cab. Fred R. Willmer, B.B.A. in Insurance Manager of Track Team Roger B. Willson, A.B. in Psychology G. Nancy Wilmink, A.B. in Psychology David J. Wilson, B.S.E. in Marine Engineering Walled Lake, Mich. Joliet, 111. Schenectady, N.Y. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Benton Harbor, Mich. Harbor Beach, Mich. Oak Park, 111. Detroit, Mich. Trout Lake, Mich. Chicago, 111. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Philadelphia, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Paw Paw, Mich. Glencoe, 111. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Carlisle, England Doyle, E. Wilson, M.D. Henry L. Wilson, A.B. in Economics Sphinx. Student Legislature, I.F.CX, J-Hop Comm. John C. Wilson, B.S.E. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering John M. Wilson, A.B. in Anthropology Kenneth L. Wilson, B.S.E.E. in Electronics Verne H. Wilson, B.S. in Mathematics Eric A. Wiltshire, A.B. in History Henry F. Winchester, B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering Alpha Phi Omega Sherwin T. Wine, M.A. in Policital Science Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Rho Tau, Varsity Debate Velma C. Winegard, M.A. in Speech Hubert F. Winkler, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Charles S. Winn, M.A. in History Leona C. Winneg, A.B. in Sociology Donald M. Winslow, B.A. in Land. Architecture Robert T. Winston, A.B. in Philosophy Theodore E. Winter, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering A.O.A., A.S.M.E. Betty J. Winterle, A.B. in El. Education William E. Wise, B.A. in Arch, and Design Tau Sigma Delta George B. Wolf, B.S.E. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering Robert F. Wolff, B.S. in Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Charlevoix, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. La Jolla, Calif. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Keuka Park, N.Y. Schenectady, N.Y. Nasua, N.H. Brockton, Mass. St. Joseph, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Stanford Wolf, A.B. in History Joseph A. Wolfe, B.S. in Geology Claude R. Womer, A.B. in Psychology Phi Eta Sigma Kenneth S. W T ong, A.B. in History Lawrence Y. Wong, B.S. in Pharmacy William K. Wong, A.B. in Chemistry Winifred H. Wong, B.S. in Pharmacy Lambda Kappa Sigma Helen Wood, A.B. in Speech J.G.P. Lloyd W. Wood, B.S. in Naval Architecture Quarterdeck Society Thomas A. Wood, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Charles E. Woodard, B.S. in Chemistry Lynn A. Woodcock, B.S. in Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi Flint, Mich. Canton, O. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Eldred, Pa. Hilo, T.H. Honolulu, T.H. Honolulu, T.H. Honolulu, T.H. Ann Arbor, Mich. Batavia. 111. Bronx, N.Y. Sault Ste Marie, Mich. Midland, Mich. Wichita, Kan. Guv D. Woodruff, M.S. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Robert D. Woodward, A.B. and M.D. Detroit, Mich. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi, Choral Union Cecilia Woodworth, A.B. in Mathematics Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard T. Woodworth, M.B.A. in Marketing Sec. Bus. Ad. Senior Class Rochester, N.Y. 455. Rita A. Woodson, A.B. in Psychology Soph. Cab,J.G.P. Bruce A. Worden, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering A.I.E.E. Robert N. Worden, A.B. in Bus. Administration Marketing Club Edward H. Worthen, A.B. in Latin Amer. Studies Sociedad Hispania Charles K. Wortley, B.S. in Zoology Choral Union Doris M. Wreford, A.B. in Psychology J.G.P. David M. Wright, B.B.A. James L. Wright, B.S.E. in Ind.-Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E., Engine Council Paul Wright, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering A.I.Ch.E., A.S.M. Raymond J. Wrobel, B.S. in Design A.S.M.E. Jessie Wun, B.B.A. John Wustman, B.M. in Piano Donald L. Wyant, B.M. in Piano William L. Wynn, M.S.E. in Aero. Engineering Tau Beta Pi Donald J. Wysocki, B.S. in Psychology Donald S. Wyss, B.S. in Pharmacy Kappa Psi, Rho Chi Anna M. Yager, B.S. and P.H.N. in Nursing Rollin H. Yale, B.S. in Wood. Technology Forestry Club Edward M. Yampolsky, A.B. in Pol. Science Joseph Yandian, A.B. in Education Denis C. Yang, B.S.E. in Marine Engineering Detroit, Mich. Olmsted Falls, Ohio Fairview, Mont. Birmingham, Mich. Highland Pk., Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bartow, Fla. Ann Arbor, Mich. Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Merigold, Miss. Grand Rapids, Mich. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Burlington, Wis. Ada, Ohio Benton Harbor, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Michael Yarembinsky, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Richard A. Yarmain, B.S. in Hospital Administration Edward A. Yates, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Charleston, W.VA. A.I.C.E. Shanghai, China Brooklyn, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. John S. Yates, L.L.B. Anne K. Yazigian, A.B. in Spanish Sigma Delta Pi Russell N. Yeckley, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi Dawson E. Yerkes, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Alphonse A. Yezbick, A.B. in Pre Professional Arthur H. Yim, B.B.A. in Accounting George M. Yoshihara, B.S. in Zoology Arthur H. Young, M.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Betty J. Young, A.B. in History Edwin J. Young, B.S. in Forestry Joan K. Young, A.B. in El. Education J.G.P. Mary P. Young, A.B. in El. Education League, Soph. Cab Ho nolulu, T.H. Argostoli, Greece Parchment, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Honolulu, T.H. Tacoma, Wash. Manilla, Philippines Birmingham, Mich. Kenosha, Wis. Vincennes, Ind. Flint, Mich. Phillip J. Youngblood, D.D.S. Student Council. Toastmasters Club Richard F. Youngblood, B.S.E. in Auto. Engineering Kenneth I. Youngquist, D.D.S. Lawrence H. Yount, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering A.I.Ch.E., A.I.M.E., A.S.M.. A.C.S. Tri Van Yu, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Sumio Yukawa, B.S.E in Chem. and Metalurgy Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.L, A.SAI. Jacquelyn P. Yund, A.B. in Speech- Correction William C. Zabrosky, B.S.E. in Ind. Mechanics A.O.A. Frank Zack, D.D.S. Frank R. Zalatel, A.B. in Political Science Roy L. Zastrow, B.S. in Physics Gamma Delta Frederic J. Zehnder, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Wolverine Club, Gamma Delta Jane Zettel, B.S. in Pharmacy A. Ph. A. Bluma M Zilber, A.B. in English Daily, Gilbert and Sullivan, Soph. Cab., Phoenix Project Sasson H. Zilkha, M.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Tennis. Swimming Robert H. Zimmerli, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Jack K. Zimmerman, B.S.E. in Elec. Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi Pauline Zimmerman, A.B. in Speech Soph. Cab.. J.G.P. Robert P. Zimmerman, A.B. in Geography William E. Zimmie, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Quarterdeck Society, A.S.M.E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Bessemer, Mich. Middletown, O. Dorianne Zipperstein, A.B. in Social Work Wyvern. W.S.S.F., S.L. Leonard J. Zontek, M.B.A. in Marketing Robert E. Zwicky, M.A. in English Gilbert and Sullivan, German Club, Varsity Debate Shanghai, China Seattle, Wash. Charlotte, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Detroit, Mich. Gladwin. Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Bagdad, Iraq Lyons, N.Y. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. South Haven, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Robert J. Brungraber, B.S.E. in Civil Birmingham, Mich. Engineering: Yulcans. Engineering Council, Technic Robert E. Damiano, B.S. in Pharmacy More V. Dattagi, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering; A.S.M.E., India Association Samuel H. Dreisbach, M.S. in Chemistry American Electroplater ' s Society. Am. Chem. Soc. John J. Duffey, J.D. in Law William B. Falconer, M.B.A. in Bus. Administration Norman E. Feinberg, L.L.B. Dearborn, Mich. Kolhapur. India Ann Arbor, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Herbert J. Furnas, A.B. in Mathematics Arthur S. Gartaganis, M.A. in Economics New Bedford, Mass. Ann Arbor, Mich. Elyria, Ohio Rochester, Mich. Maxwell D. Kiessling, B.S. in Metallurgy James G. Lucas, B.S.E. in Mech. Engineering Hiram Manning, D.D.S. Mary E. McCrady, A.B. in Sociology German Club, Sociology Club, Intercooperative Council William O. Michel, M.D. John J. Namenye, A.B. in History Case Club, Spanish Club Helen Paramenter, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Valley Stream, N.Y. James H. Richter, B.S.E. in Aero. Engineering: I.A.S., Track, Football, Society of Automotive Engineering John A. Sherrer, B.B.A. in Bus. Ad. Ann Arbor, Mich. Carolyn A. Shutter, M.A. in Library Science Cincinnati, O. Phyllis Z. Tabashnik, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Hillel. I.A.F.A. Thomas A. Van Der Meid, B.S.E. in Livonia, X.Y. Aero. Engineering Richard W. Young, B.B.A. in Bus. Ad. Grand Rapids, Mich. Union. Daily, I.F.C. Robert W. Youngberg, Jr., B.B.A. in Brooklyn, N.Y. Actuarial Science 457 Pro Boim, B.S. in Phys. Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Sphinx, Druids, Baseball, Intramural Officiate Melvin Bulkley, A.B. in Psychology Inter Racial Association Robert M. Epstein, M.D. Phi Delta Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Omega Alpha Robert A. Harris, B.M. in Mus. Education Kappa Kappa Psi, Choral Union, University Bands, Westminister Guild, Presbyterian Choir Robert R. Fisher, D.D.S. Donald T. Heikkinen, B.S.E. in Ind. Mechanics Marvin A. Hole, B.S. in Ind. Mechanics Franz E. Huber, A.B. in German Michigan Singers Earl G. Keim, B.S. in Zoology Student Legislature, Baseball, " M " Club, Union Staff Douglas M. Leonard, D.D.S. Roma Lipsky, M.A. in Political Science Editorial Director, Michigan Daily William F. Longe, D.D.S. Chicago, 111. River Rouge, Mich. Miami Beach, Fla. Cranbury, NJ. Pontiac, Mich. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Raymond G. Luebke, D.D.S. Phi Alpha Kappa Peter M. Mann, B.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Phi Eta Gamma, Michiganensian Photographic Editor, Daily, President West Quad Camera Club Muskegon, Mich. Royal Oaks, Mich. Jerome Marqolin, B.S.E. in Elect. Engineering Otto W. McMorris, B.S.E. in Chem. Engineering Keith S. McMullan, B.S.E. in Elect. Engineering Homer W. McNeal, M.D. Richard E. McNeill, B.S. in Wildlife Management Forester ' s Club James B. McQuillan, B.B.A. in Finance Robert M. McVoy, A.B. in Economics Arthur B. McWood, B.B.A. in Bus. Administration Neil Oppenheim, A.B. in Arch, and Design Adrian J. Oudbier, B.S. in Zoology Alpha Phi Omega, Pre-Med Club Cleveland J. Rice, Jr., L.L.B. Delta Theta Phi, Michigan Law Review Russell A. Rollin, Jr., B.S.E. in Elect. Engineering John W. Scopis, D.D.S. Marcia H. Smith, A.B. in F.I. Education Brightwaters, N.Y. Detroit, Mich Belleville, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. West Haven, Conn. Tawas City, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Congregational Disciples, Evangelical and Reformed Guild, Undergraduate Student Advisory Council, Michigan Education Club John M. Snider, B.S. in Geology Cadillac, Mich. U.L.L.R.A. Ski Club Edward D. Suttles, M.B.A. in Marketing Detroit, Mich. Ben H. Ujihara, B.S.E. in Aero-Mathemarics Engineering; West Quad Camera Club, I.A.S. Duane L. Waters, M.D. Richard A. Wetzel, B.S. in Sci. and Mathematics; Michigan Union Staff Marshall D. Sahlins, A.B. in Anthropology Junior-Sophomore Honors, Michigan Daily Norwalk, Calif. Ann Arbor, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio Chicago, 111. 458 Walter Chrysler ' s original tool chest on display in the Chrysler Automobile Salon, New York The tools that money couldn ' t buy Walter Chrysler made them himself. He was 17, working in a railroad round- house. His mechanic ' s fingers itched for a kit of tools of his own. So young Walter got steel and made his own. As he shaped them, he shaped a dream as well. It was a special American kind of dream free-ranging imagination an- chored to solid things like common sense, working a little harder, making things a little better. And asking no odds of anyone. It led Walter Chrysler to success in railroading when he was young. It led him to study the automobiles of the day. Why couldn ' t a man build better cars than any known nimbler, safer, more comfortable, handsomer? So, in 1924, Walter Chrysler intro- duced the first Chrysler car. What he did changed the whole pattern of Ameri- can motoring. He changed it with high- compression engines, 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, all-steel bodies, new ways of dis- tributing weight for better riding . . . many originations the entire automobile industry eventually followed. As Chrysler Corporation continues to improve cars, and originate important advances, it is fitting that the company he founded should pay this tribute to Walter Chrysler and his creative genius. And the tools of his earlier mechanic ' s days? I remember when he found them in his mother ' s house. It was long after he had asked me to work with him. He brought the tools back from Kansas. A few of them needed fixing and he asked me to fix them. It was a compliment I have never forgotten. The qualities Mr. Chrysler put into his own tools still mark the great organiza- tion he founded. He built not merely material things; he inspired men with a zeal to carry on his splendid ideals. Chrysler Corporation is still young enough to feel his inspiration. He wished this company always to be a producer of fine automobiles of great value. And those of us who were privileged to work with him believe that the new Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler automobiles live up to his tradition. It is a tradition uniquely American to live and work with the idea of finding better ways to make what people want. Chairman of the Board CHRYSLER CORPORATION Fine Automobiles of Great Value PLYMOUTH DODGE DESOTO CHRYSLER A ' rtemp Cooling, Heating, Refrigeration Chrysler Marine Industrial Engines Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Oilite Powdered Metal Products Mopir Parts Accessories Cycleweld 460 STATE SAVINGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR MAIN AND WASHINGTON STS. . candid shot of a campus favorite indulging in an extra-curricular activity popular with MICHIC.- X men for over a hundred years at SINC ANN ARBOR FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION j Savings Accounts Mortgage Loans ORGANIZED 1890 Member Federal Safin fs and Loan Insurance Corporation 116 NORTH 4rH Are. OPPOSITE CorRT HOUSE ANN ARBOR BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE MAIN STREET at Huron STATE STREET OFFICE 330 STATE ST. SOUTH UNIVERSITY OFFICE 1108 S. UNIVERSITY AVE. COMPLETE TRUST SERVICE FOR ANN ARBOR AND WASHTENAW COUNTY Ann Arbor Trust Company You can rent a Safety Deposit Box for as little as one cent a day Main at Huron 461 In the years ahead our best hopes for your success and happiness . . . and if we can continue to serve you, by personal visit or mail, that will be a privilege. Tinker Co. 613 EAST WILLIAM ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor Dairy Get The Best 121 Catherine St. Get Sealtest Phone 34101 MADEMOISELLE TOWN and COLLEGE SHOP Dresses - Suits - Coats Formals Lingerie Sportswear 302jSouth State 462 HOUSE OF QUALITY " CLEANERS 601 WILLIAMS AND 1946 PACKARD ROAD CUSH1NG-MALLOK inc. t i candid shot of a campus favorite indulging in an extra-curricular activity popular with MICHIC.- X men J or over a hundred years at zrs SI CE Since 1916 Michigan Women Have Wisely Relied Upon ANN ARBOR For Only the Finest Quality At Prices That Are Fair DICK ' S RECORD SHOP EVERYTHING IN RECORDS 1114 S. UNIVERSITY AVE. PHOXE 3-4867 ANN ARBOR, MICH. CALLING CARDS SENIORS! WE CAN SUPPLY YOU WITH SOCIALLY CORRECT CARDS FOR INSERTING WITH YOUR GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENT 100 CARDS ENGRAVED S2.95 THE CRAFT PRESS 330 Maynard St. Phone 8805 The Typewriter and Stationery Store MORRILL ' S 314 South State St. Since 1908 Phone 7177 THE CHAS. A. STRELINGER , " CO. 149 E. Lamed St. DETROIT 26, MICH. Rel. WO. 2-7474 Machine Tools Cutting Tools Precision Tools Standardized Gears Power Transmission Appliances Material Handling Equipment Grinding Wheels and Abrasives Carbide Tipped Tools Electric Tools and Motors Industrial Supplies Safety Equipment Serving Industry Since 1884 CHAS. T. BUSH President CHARLES E. ALLINGEB Secretary-Treasurer Jim Boria, ' 51, says: " When you ' re down to the end of your clean clothes, nothing can sur- pass the clean, dependable, one hour, service at the University Laund- romat. " So. University between Forest and Washtenaw PHONE 8412 WHERE EVERYBODY BUYS THEIR CARDS CHESTER ROBERTS GIFTS 312 South State Street 464 MEDICAL DENTAL LAW PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING BOOKS Let us continue to serve you after graduation. We offer complete stocks, trained staff and prompt mail service. OVERBECK BOOK STORE 1 216 So. University Ann Arbor ARNES - GIBSON - RAYMOND DETROIT PLANT DIVISION OF ASSOCIATED SPRING CORP ETROIT, MICHIGAN - TWO PLANTS ANN ARBOR. " MICHIGAN 465 Compliments of M HAROLD N. NELSON PHOTOGRAPHER 2450 Dixboro Rd. Phone 26268 (HHb (Serman JUsfowrant " Meet Us There " For Good Fun and Good Food Go to the Place of Home Cooking. THE OLD GERMAN RESTAURANT 120 W. WASHINGTON ST. ANN ARBOR 466 Congratulations Thank you for your patronage. We shall never forget that our success was due largely to you. GOOD LUCK! William Doe, Prop. 715 N. UNIVERSITY PH. 4191 Brown Jug Coffee Shop 1204 S. UNIVERSITY BREAKFASTS LUNCHES DINNERS Best Coffee in Town Kitchen Equipment Bar and Restaurant Supplies MICHIGAN ' S OLDEST COMPLETE INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLY HOUSE Food Service Equipment For Hotels Restaurants China - Glass - Silverware - Cooking Utensils A. J. Marshall Co. 3639 Woodward Ave. TE. 1-9450 Detroit, Michigan Free Parking B. E. MUEHLIG Dry Goods Quality Service Courtesy 126 S. MAIN PHONE 2-3184 LAUNDROMAT Half Hour Laundry A SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY That is Economical and Time-Saving Complete Drying Facilities Available 510 E. William Phone 5540 " Your Friendly Campus Book Store " FOLLETT ' S State Street at North University ANN ARBOR BOB GRAHAM, Mgr. 467 has served Michigan Students for 79 YEARS " Your College Book Store " 336 S. STATE PHONE 2-0814 MAILER ' S Jewelers to University of Michigan SINCE 1858 Diamonds Orange Blossoms Wedding Rings WATCHES HAMILTON ELGIN 717 North University Ave. Near Hill Auditorium PREKETES SUGAR BOWL Best of Foods Wonderful Steaks Homemade Ice Cream Candies Serving Ann Arbor For 48 Years SNACKS DINNERS FINE WINES BEERS 109-111 S. Main SUGAR BOWL 1) THE GAGE LINEN SHOP 11 NICKELS ARCADE ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN ATTENTION GRADUATES! To help remember your happy and profitable days spent on the beautiful campus at Michigan, take home a souvenir Michigan Place Mat Set. Pictured are famous campus buildings in 13 beautiful decorator shades your only chance, as they are sold only by us. MEAL MART CAFETERIA 338 MAYNARD ST. 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White Haines Optical Co. 308 WOLVERINE BLDG. d J to tL of 1951 dLeuett Detroit, Michigan 471 I Inside the Pages of the MICHIGAN DAILY You Will Find: Complete National and World News Coverage Sports and Fashions Campus and Local News and the many features which have for 61 years made the Michigan Daily one of the nation ' s leadi ng college publications. The Daily ' s one purpose has, and will con- tinue to be, to serve the students, University and com- munity of which it is a part. Ill LATEST DEAL IN THE STATE METZGERS 203 E. WASHINGTON Chicken in Rough Steaks Chops Beer Wine A Favorite in Ann Arbor For 22 Years VOTED MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED The Coed Who Wears Clothes From THE ELIZABETH DILLON SHOP ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Around the Corner On State off North U. This Book Is Bound in a MOLLOY-MADE Cover by THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY 2857 N. WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO 18, ILLINOIS HAPPY DAYS! Whether you were Or were not Born yesterday Youll have Grand memories Of happy days At Ann Arbor ' s Butterfield Theaters MICHIGAN ORPHEUM STATE WHITNEY M. F. GOWTHORPE, Pres. 473 HAS BEEN THE KEYNOTE of Rogers yearbooks for forty-three years. And it will continue to be our ideal, because respon- sibility to see that your publication is well printed is shared by the entire organization. The Rogers tradition of sincerity and quality has been recognized by many schools as a security to the institution and an in- spiration to the staff. DIXON, ILLINOIS 30.7 First Street CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 919 N.Michigan Avenue 474 For generations of Michigan men and women XVahr ' s has meant books. After you leave Ann Arbor, remember our fine service. Special attention given to all mail orders. WAHR ' S UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 316 South State Street Michigan ' s Oldest and Most Complete Book Store " ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK BY INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY- INC. 475 CHICKEN T ' SH ROUGH COPYRIGHTED BY BEVERLY OSBORNE OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. Every Bite a Tender Delight One-Half Fried Chicken Gobs of Shoestring Potatoes Jug of Honey Hot Buttered Rolls CURTIS RESTAURANT COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE 207 S. Main Phone 23767 The PRETZEL BELL A Michigan Tradition Clinton E. Castor A Good Name is our most priceless possession In war or peace . . . thru depression or prosperity, Van Boven has con- tinued to cling to a single purpose . . . " quality " This has been the foundation of our business, our creed and our gospel. Van Boven Oxford Clothes - Dobbs Hats - Burberry Coats - Johnston and Murphy Shoes 476 COMPLIMENTS OF Fraternity Market 1308 S. UNIVERSITY Serving Ann Arbor Since 1933 Fine Foods Friendly Service Courtesy of " Makers of high grade glasses since 1876 " Our 75th Year 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR PHONE 2-2561 or 2-2502 CAPITOL MARKET 123 E. WASHINGTON- Beer Wine Fruits Groceries Designated Distributor for Michigan Liquor Control Commission 9 A.M. -- 1 A.M. Open Seven Days A Week SWIFT ' S DRUG STORE 340 SOUTH STATE ST. Prescriptions Drug Sundries Student Supplies Fountain Service The Rexall Store on Campus WITHAM DRUGS CORNER FOREST AND S. UNIVERSITY Licensed Graduated Pharmacists Insure Reliable Prescriptions OUR 30TH YEAR LUNCHES COMPLETE LIQUOR STOCK 7:30 AM - 11 PM Sevart ' s Barn " Just a Hole in the Wall But a Nice One " Etching is Our Specialty OPEN: 7 0 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. Weekdays to 1230 a.m. Weekends 707 Oxford Road " DO IT NOW! " Student -s Aarno. Aartila 374 Aaron, Dennis 323, 365 Abbey. James 374 Abbey, Lawrence. ._ 374 Abbin, Byrle 132, 313 Abbott, Carolyn 253, 349 Abbott, Donald 374 Adilman, Howard _. Adler, Kenneth Adler, Shulamith . ....281 Abbott, Jean _ Abbott, Patricia 349 Abcede. Juanita 165 Abels, Margot 248 Abendroth. Marie _ 273 Ablin, Arthur 128 Abrams. Harold 362 Abrams, Howard 330, 374 Abrams, Marquerite 341 A bramson, Donald _ 54, 362 Abramson. Jerry 184, 374 Abrash, Herman _ 305, 374 Abrash, Robert _. 305, 358 Acker. Robert 374 Ackerman, Anne - 374 Ackerman. Laurajean 341 Ackerman. Marjorie .268 Adair, Fay 374 Adair. James 326 Adams. Beth ....271 Adams, Charles 303, 374 Adams. David ..... _374 Adams, Elizabeth 283 Adams, Eugene 331. 374 Adams, James 51 Adams, John A 374 Adams, John P. ... 297 Adams, Marguerite..llO. 122,340 Adams, Martin 175, 374 Adams. Nicholas 359 Adams, Patricia _ 70, 272, 374 Adams. Ruth _ 374 Adams. Susan 255. 282 Adelson. Seymour _192, 374 Aderhold. Edward 187 Aderbold, Monroe 187, 374 Adsit. Norman Agnello, Angelo Agnifilio, Felice _ Agre, Oscar Agre. William 296, Ahearn. Aloysius Ahrensdort. Joseph _ Aichele. Carl..l24, 187, 295, Aigler. Ralph Ailes, Herbert Ainslie. Elizabeth Akita, Issaac _ _...166, Alaric. Janet AI-Asil. Misbah Al-Ausi. Abdul-Fattah Albertson, Rick Albion, Ira Albornoz. Alfredo Albrecht, William 302, Alchin, Carol Alderman, Susan 137, Aldon. Earl ._ Aldridge. Mary 274. Alexander, Donald Alexander. Russell 185, Aliferis. Peter 137, Al-Khafafti. Abbas Allaben, Robert _ Allaire, Francis 190. Allard. Robert ... Allen. David _ 357, Allen, George Allen. Helen Allen. lay 315 Allen. Jean. _148 Allen. John 171 Allen. Tulian Allen, Laura.... Allen. Louis 320. Allen. Melva Allen. Nanette Allen. Norma .184 Allen, Robert 331 .305 Allen, Richard C 116 .248 Allen, Richard D... 306, 375 -365 Allen. Richard M 375 -324 Allen, William 358 .374 Allerton. Hugh 314 -374 Allerton, Sally 270, 375 374 Allis, Harry..... -374 115,201,205,245,311 .187 Allmand, Charles _375 374 Allsop, Aleen 350 .196 Alper, Rita 340 .296 Alpern. Eugene 363 .374 Alpern, Robert 313, 374 364 Alpers. Phineas . _375 .350 Alston. Louise 137, 375 .374 Alsworth. Robert. _ 375 .374 Alt. Catherine ....164, 341 .301 Alt. William- _. _ 193 .323 Altman, Jerome 318 .308 Airman, Rene..- 375 374 Altman, Samuel- . _ -351 136, 289, 315, 375 349 Altman. William 162, 318 367 Altounian, Richard _ 375 374 Alway. Ann _252 298 Ambrose. Edward 303 374 Amer. Myron 330, 375 360 Amerman. James 326, 375 ..363 Ames, Bernard 175, 375 .321 Ames. Edwin 145, 152 Ames, Julaine __ 174 374 Amith. Avraham.. 375 : - Amory. Naval _292 -.309 Amos. Burton _171 -280 Amtsbuechler, Elsie .. 173, 175 174 Amv. Joseph 119 274 Andersen. John _ 375 374 Andersen, Richard ...301 ..294 Anderson, Alexander ..190, 375 Anderson. Arthur E 375 Anderson. Arthur L 375 -375 Anderson, Barbara 272 ..159 Anderson. Carole 274 Anderson, Donald 357, 375 Anderson, Donna _. 375 Anderson, Doris 149, 375 Anderson, Dorothy 350 Anderson, Ernest.. ' l25, 297, 375 Anderson, Florence 375 Anderson, George W __ 186, 193, 309, 375 Anderson, Glenn 169 Anderson, Gloria . 375 Anderson, Irving 52 Anderson, Jack 171 Anderson, James _ _182 Anderson, Jerry 359 Anderson, John D. 312 Anderson, John E 359 Anderson, Marjorie 350 Anderson, Marvin 145, 359 Anderson, Mary 270, 375 Anderson. Maureen -375 Anderson. Paul 327 Anderson, Richard 180, 375 Anderson, Robert G 193, 365 Anderson, Robert K. 320 Anderson, Suzanne 277, 375 Anderson. Theodore 152 Andert, Otto 178 Andolina, Anthony 295 Andonian, Koorkin 375 Andrade. Nicholas ... 375 Andrae. John ... 145 Andrews. Benjamin ..304. 359 Andrews. Joyce .... 375 Andrews. Theodore 188 Anema. George 189 Angellotti. Edward 376 Angle, Jay 319 Angle, Margaret _ 349 Annable, Charles _J76 Annala. Aaro 376 Anthony. Donald 362 Antilla. Alfred . 376 Antilla. Dale _ 182 Anton, Thomas 309 Antrim. Daniel 317 Anway, Loralyn 275 477 Aoyama, Tetsuji 377 Appel, John 293 Appell, Lloyd 193, 376 Applebee, Robert 376 Applefield, Sheldon 184 Aprill, Theophil 376 Apsey, John 357 Arana, Joseph 174 Arble, Beverly 268 Arble. Nancy 112 Arbuckle, John .114, 246, 316, 372, 376 Arcangeli, Jerome 181. 187 Arce, Alicia 181 Archangeli, Daniel 320 Ardis, Margaret 347 Ardis, Mark 357, 376 Arenth, Andrew 306 Arerille, Keith 358 Arft, Stewart 186 Aristizabal, Octavio 303, 427 Ariyoshi, George 166 Armantrout, Richard ....376, 126 Armbruster, John 376, 361 Armitage, Judith 349 Armour, Norton 376 Armstrong, James 363 Armstrong, John 54, 124, 320, 376 Armstrong, Regan 125, 127, 296, 376 Armstrong, Robert 105, 322 Arnaud, Joseph 161, 376 Arnold, Donald 302, 376 Arnold, Henry 310 Arnold, Paul 315 Arnonoff, Kalo 55, 350 Aronson, Dorothy 269 Arozian, Marguerite 341 Arquette, Lester 169 Arter, Barbara 271 Arthur, Alfred 177, 376 Arthurs, Boyd 170, 376 Artz, Bernard 169, 376 Asaoka, Hiromichi 166 Asaoka, Miyuki 166 Asbury, Richard 128, 188 Aschenbrenner, Joan ....275, 376 Ash, Allen 184 Ash, Russell 125, 126, 376 Ashley, Charles 376 Askew, Irene 347, 376 Aslanis, Ernest 376 Assimos, Nicholas 307, 376 Assiran, Jean ....161, 340, 376 Ast, Harry 169 Aster. Richard 164 Atatur, Giray 376 Atchison. James 246 Atchison, Walter 117,297 Atherton, Carol 272, 376 Atkins, Charles 376 Atkins, Margaret 253, 274 Atkins, Robert 330, 376 Atnip, Richard 161, 325 Atwater. Alice 350 Atwell, Albert 310 Atwell, Arthur 327 Auch, Frederick 322, 376 Auch, Joanne 164, 270, 376 Auch, Thomas 322 AuLepp, Garvin 364, 376 Austin, Beverly 376 Austin, James 376 Austin, Jane 340 Austin, Milton 293 Austin, Paul 376 Austum. John 182. 377 Ausum. Paul 106, 304 Aven. Harold 377 Averill, Charles 119,357 Averill, Kenneth 317 Avison, June 377 Axelrad. Norman 315, 377 Axon, Ellen 350 Ayers, Janice 248, 273 Aziman, Anna 340 Aziz, Abdul 377 B Babbitt. John 190 Babcock, Arnold 186 Babcock. Kenneth 55, 322 Babot, Gregory 360 Bach, Bernard 169, 377 Bachman, Paul 307 Bacholzky, Barbara 163 Back, John 152 Backels, John 177, 362 Backels, Ruth 377 Backus, Arthur 377 Bacon, Bruce 362 Bacon, Corrine ..?. 267 Bacon, Deborah 52, 53 Bacon, John 350 Bacon, William .... 377 Badgley, Tane 277 Badgley. Joan 277, 377 Baehre. Nancy 110, 112, 123, 272 Baer. James 330 Baglione, Vincent 175, 377 Bagnall. James 126, 295 Baher, Robert 55 Bahor. Raymond 359 Baibak, George 362, 377 Baier, L. A 125, 175 Bailes, Lawrence 377 Bailey, Elizabeth 275 Bailey, Marilyn 282 Bailey, Mary 152, 377 Bailey, Paul 365 Bailey, Richard 186, 377 Bailey, Roy 360 Bailey, Wilbur 377 Bailey, William 361, 377 Bailyn, Robert 176 Baird, William 174,365 Baits, Vera 50 Baker, Bertram 308 Baker, Bryon 297 Baker, David 184, 377 Baker, Donald 361 Baker, James 294, 377 Baker, Janet 340, 377 Baker, John C 125, 191 Baker, Tohn D 297 Baker, Tohn F 175, 377 Baker, Joyce 145, 341, 377 Baker, Melvin 172 Baker, Morry 313 Baker, Newton 357 Baker, Robert 303, 364 Baker, Sally 349 Baker, Thomas 361 Baker, Tony 361 Baker, Wendell 147, 377 Balbus, Jerome 132, 367 Baldwin, Elizabeth 282 Bale, James 125, 126 Balgooyen, William 303 Ball, Donald 364 Ball, Patricia 121 Ball, Priscilla 54, 55, 377 Ball, Richard 304, 357 Ball, William 377 Ballantyne, John 309 Ballard, Mary 152 Ballman, John 307, 377 Ballman. Robert 307 Balloff, Eve 269 Baiter, Lee 315 Bamborough, Lois ...:.. ..276, 377 Banash, Stanley 377 Banche, Theresa 377 Bancroft, Charles 359 Bancroft, H. Randall 377 Bandyk, Anthony 316. 377 Banerjee, Satyesh 172 Bann, Richard 145 Banninga, Barbara 343 Banninga. Janet 159. 174 Bannister. Harry Bannon. Robert 172 Banser, Robert 32 Banzhaf, John 299, 377 Banzhaf. Martridge 299 Barad, Philip 31. Barada, Robert 321, 377 Barahl, Seymour Barak, Donna Barba, Marolyn 281 Barber, Elizabeth 255 Barber, Francis 378 Barber. Lynn 173,331 Barber. Richard 186 Bard, Robert 119 Bargeman, Paula 34, Baribeau. Philip 186, 378 Barinka, Ludvik 378 Barkan, William 315, 378 Barker, Carol 378 Barker, Tane 123, 266, 281 Barkkarie. David 119 Barlow, Nancy 280 Barnard, Jean 173 Barnby, Jean 349 Barnes, Burton 158, 177 Barnes, Frank 37 Barnes, Tames 176, 378 Barnes. John 321, 378 Barnes. Richard 186 Barnes. William ....187, 296, 378 Barnett, Glynn 145, 152 Barnett, Ronald 362 Barnstead. John 378 Barnum, Thomas 309 Barofskv. Gerald 378 Baron, Beverlv 120, 123, 248, 37 ! Baron. Toel 105 Barr, Michael 378 Barr, Ortha 378 Barr, William 182, 378 Barrack. Gene 362 Barrett, Barbara 341 Barrett, David 117,127,296 Barrett, Fred 307 Barrett, Ralph 314 Barrett, Robert 378 Barrett, Theodore 357 Barritt, Max 171, 378 Barren, Walter 378 Barros. Sorge 170 Barrows, Allyn 170. 325 Barrows, Tohn 320, 378 Barthell. John 117 Barthell. Peter 246 Bartholomew. Bruce 365 Bartholomew. Phyllis ....361, 378 Bartholomew, Raymond 145 Bartlett, Francis 175 Bartlett, Richard 298 Bartlett, William 188 Barton, Theodore 190 Baruch. Stuart 318 Barvoick. Richard 323, 378 Baso, Donald 359 Bassett, Arthur 314 Bassett, Charles 331 Bassett, John 177, 378 Bassett, Thomas 138, 139,361, 378 Bassey, Albert 246, 378 Bassine, Claude 300 Bastianelli, Dominic ....171,378 Batemen, Ross 378 Bates, Russell 378 Bates, William H 103 Bates, William 119,310 Bath, Charles F 378 Batsakis, John 182 Bauer, Barbara 342, 347 Bauer, Bruce 193 Bauer, Carolyn 340 Bauer, Elaine 349 Bauer, Howard Bauer, Tames 360 Bauer, Ralph 314 Bauer, Robert 193 Bauer, Virginia 109, 121, 282, 378 Baugh, Atha 378 Baughman, Paul 31 ' Baum, Helene 348 Bauman, John 314 Baumann, George Baumgarten, Dave 152 Baxendale. Bill 158 Baxter, Miriam 340 Baxter, Richard 37! Baxter, Seymour 378 Bay, John 147, 303 Bay, Patricia 277 Bay, Robert 147, 303 Baylerian, Harold 178,378 Baylis, Shelby 193 Bazemon. Cecil 317 Bazil, Gilbert 182 Bazuin, Charles 189 Beach, Frank 170 Beach, Tohn 306 Beach, " Neil 378 Beacom. Phyllis 348 Beam, Janet 379 Beam. Marian 168, 285 Beard. Walter 291 Beardsley, Dave 316 Beardsley. Dick 317 Beasky, Farlena 188 Beath, Huvh 292 Beatson, Helen 347 Beatson, Mary Ann 347 Beattie, Anne 342 Beattie, Lynn 126, 379 Beattie, Robert 328 Beatty, Howard 158 Bcatty. J. Ward 334 Beatty, Jay 325 Beatty, Robert 296, 379 Beauchamn. Jack 379 Beaudry. Robert Beavis. Len 317 Beck. Lila 349 Beck. Ralnh 304 Becker, Alton 358 Becker, Kenneth 293 Becker, Lorna 344 Becker, Robert 177, 330 Becker, Virginia 279 Beckett, Tames 379 Beckley, Barbara 248. 270 Beckley, Brian 364 Becksfort. Robert 189 Bedul, Florence 379 Beebe, Sue 341 Beecher, Robert 379 Beeman, loan 33, 279 Beenen. Marjorie 340 Beers, Barbara 379 Beers, David 295,379 Beers, Keith 54. 55 Beglarian, Grant 37! Beglarian. Joyce 3 Begole, Marilyn 27! Begole, Richard 362 Becrow, Harold 327 Behrens. Jody 112. 137, 253, ?82 Beierwaltcs, William .128 Belcher. Ned 361 Belin, David 54. 55, 114, 354, 372, 379 Belian, Tohn 379 Belkin. Jules 315 Belkofer, Anthony 317 Bell, Barbara 270 Bell. Edward 379 Bell. Faye 379 Bell. Robert 365 Bell. Thomas 317 Bell. William 317 Seller, Frank 379 Belote, Barbara 274 Benbow, Terence 379 Bender, Virginia 174,350 Bendler. Frances 273, 379 Benford. Harry 175 Benisekj George 161,326 Benjamin. Elaine 248 Benjamin, Lee 122, 168 Beniamin. Naomi 248 Benka, Flora 181 Pnner, Thomas 319 Bennett, Donald 322 Bennett, George 379,317 Bennett, Harriet 341 Bennett, John 185,379 Bennett, Leon 168 Bennett, Ruth 342 Benett, Sally 145 Bennett, Terrence 178 Bennett, William 68, 182 Benson, Allen 103 Benson, Donna 341 Benson, James 323 Benson, Karl 168 Benson, Mary 350 Benson, Nancy 280, 379 Benson, William 183, 379 Bentley, Robert 379 Benya, Robert 379 Berent, Irving 379 Berg, Marilyn 268, 379 Bergdahl, Nancy 275 Bergeron, Donald 357 Bergey, Arthur 324, 37 Bergey, Jacquiline 273 Berghuis, John 189, 379 Bergman, Richard 147,31 Bergonz. Barbara 340 Berberian, Ara 1; Beringer, Milton 379 Berke, Joseph 316 Berks, Bernard 35! Berkun. Eileen 269. 379 Berman. Louis 37! Bernabi. Raymond 37! Bernadett, Tino Bernard, Donald 168 Bernard, Tames 297, 379 Bernard, Sydney 379 Bernbaum, Harriet Berner, Jacqueline ' Bernhardt, Fred 357 Bernhardt, George 170,380 Berns, Donald 3: Bernstein, Barbara 248 Bernstein. Felice 3! Bernstein, Jerome Bernstein, Leonard ' Bernstein, Neil 313, 35 Berruezo, Ina 25; Berry, Andrew 357 Berry, Hammond ..299, 316, 380 Berry, James 322, 380 Berry, Lloyd 190 Berry, Pearl 255, 342 Berry. Philip 55, 56, 356 Berson, Alan 55, 174 Bertoglio, Lee 5: Bertram, Neil 380 Berzin, Ethel 380 Bessemer, Ned 325 Best, Marilyn 341, 380 Best. Michael 324 Bethel. Herbert 58. 125, 126, 380 Bethel. Robert 380 Bettison, William 296. 379 Rettmann, Phyllis 340 Betts, Charles 308 Belts. William 170 Betz. Charles 328 Beukema, Barbara 252, 280 Beurmann. Peter 302, 360 Bevan, Margaret 176. 380 Bevan. Wilbur 126 Beveridge. Nancy 148. 270 Bey, Marjorie 380 Bey. Richard 325. 380 Beyer. Tohn 310 Beyreuther. Joan 3 Bhagwati. Navin 38 Bharat. Bhusa 165 Bianchi, Marion 380 Bick. Vernon 193 Bickett. Robert 170. 380 Bicknell. Bruce 331 Bidwell. Albert 380 Bielawski. Ralnh 358 Bieniek, Brund 170 Bierer, Joanne 176.281.380 Bierman. Martin 105.293 Biery, Tohn 380 Biesc, Martin 185. 30 Bieas, Robert 380 Billes, Bru -e 364 Ballings. Williams 311 BMlingsley. John H 380 Billineslv, Daniel 304 Billington. Donna 60, 123, 341. 380 Billmezer, Duane 325, 385 Bingham. John 321 Bineley, Tohn 367 Binkow. Howard 313 Bintz, John 298 Wr-h. Lawrence 380 Bird, Austin 365 Bird, Lowwell 364 Birdsell. John 193 Birkbeck, Beniamin 364 Birkfnmeier, Marion 270 Bischoff. Jerold 299 Bisel. Noel 324 Bishop. Tames 317 Bishop. Robert 147, ?97 Bittker, David 323 Bierreeaard, Ruth 380, 341 Bjornlie. Harvey 295 Black, Ann 112 Black, Donald 125 478 Black, Harold 119,380 Black, John 319 Black, Marjorie 137 Black, Tony 313 Black, William _....! 78. 185, 380 Blackford, Peggy -.60, 136, 283 Blackhurst, Dolores 341 Blackhurst, Frederick -182 Blacklock. Charles 178 Blackman, Sheldon -.380 Blaine. Rudolph 380 Blair, Annand 187 Blair. Barbara _ 33 Blair, Emily 344 Blair, Robert 125, 177, 380 Blake, Patricia -341, 380 Blake, Richart 306, 380 Blakely. William -380 Blanchard, Calvin - 186 Blanchard, Frank _ 119 Bland, Frederick 14! Blankership, Eugene 381 Blanks, Douglas ....- 193, 38 Blaschak, Veronica 381 Blaa, Beverly 3 Blazevic. Donna 35( Bkcki. Hugh 125, 127, 281 Blieden, Joan 137,269 Bloch, Carolyn 381 Bloch, Laurence _.105, 161, 360 Block, George 188, 381 Block, William 359 Blomquist, Dolores .. ...... 136, 283 Blomquist. Donald ........ 365, 381 Bloom, William _______ 293,307 Blooey, Arthni _381 Blott, Edward ------- 296 Blott. John -------- 201 Bkragh. Robert ---- 381 Blum. Edmund ______ 298 Blum. Harold Blum, Melvin Blum. Morton 330 313 . 330 Blnmberg, Alene --------- 381 Blumstein, Theodore __ 106, 327 BlumenthaL Frank ________ 381 Blnmenthal, Robert ______ 313 Blnmenthal. William ....313. 381 Blnmstein. Stanley __ 318 Blyholder. Robert ......... ------ 381 Bobinski, Constance _______ 348 Boboltz. Lee _____ 163, 329, 383 Bock. Dale ............... ___ 327 Bock. Eugene .......... ----- _381 Bockemoehl. Robert ..... ----- .................. . ......... 126, 364, 367 Boeker. Bruce ------ 311 Boenke. John _ -- 381 Boer. Mary -- Boereina. Robert Boerma. Donald Boennan. alter Boes, Warren ..... _-. _______ 381 Boesky. Malcolm .......... -- 381 Boettcber, James ______ -363 Boettcber. Xorman ........ ___________ ........ 125. 126. 325. 381 Began. Helene ..... 133. 348, 381 Bobevesky, Basil .......... ____ 185 Bohi. Gene ........ ........ __ 55, 317 Bohn, Robert ______ 310 Bohrer. Norman _______________ 330 Bohnszewicz, Thaddeus 356, 357 Boim, Pro __ 458 381 Boldt. Henr Boldwin DeWitt 188, 381 160 Bole Giles .. .. 193 Bolkenius. W. 173 Boll Mary Jane ;- Bolles. Xancy 27? Bologna. James 182 Bolornik. William 381 Bolton. Howard 363, 381 Bomze. Marc 323 Bond. Kathleen 152 Bone. William . 381 Bonine, Carol Bonine. Richard .. Bonisteel. Roscoe Bonner, Jerome Booker. Beverly 347 381 50 318 275 Boomer, Christine J83, 381 Boonstra, Lon 276 Boonstra. Richard 322, 381 Boos. Marjorie _283 Booth, Demosthenes 317 Booth. Jane 344 Bordon. Milton 177 -137, 350 320 -171,381 316 Borgen. Betty Borgei ' son, Keith .. Boria. Demeter Born. Jack Born. Xancy Borns. Clarence Borowy, Stanley Borsos. Robert Borsum. Jack Bossnun, Robert T rrin fl.-1. nosiou, urian Bosworth. Allen 381. 183 Bosworth, Barbara 381 Bosworth. Janet 112, 275 Bosworth. Mary 145 Botoko. Alexander 125 Booing. Carl - 126 Bonefcer. George . 106, 115, 124, 159, 381, 363 _318 _174 ,381 _316 -187 _127 Bouggy, Conly 320, 381 Bonlton. Robert 190 Bonrbonais, Robert -381 Bonsqnette, Marguerita 174, 348 Boutin. Harold 382 Boutwell, Frederick 127 Bonwman, Bert 125, 126. 382 Bouwsma. Grace 382 Bowers. Gerald __363 Bowers, Xancy 255, 342 Bowers. Rosemary 340 Bowersox, Dorothy 275 Bowman, Barton 191 Bowman, Dona 159, 168 Bowman, Dorcas 346 Bowman, Robert 306 Bowsma. Gerald 349 Box. John 307 Boyce. Alex 382 Boyd, Albert 300 Boyes, Cynthia 340 Boyben. Edward 169, 382 Boyle. Mary 382 Boyle. William 35! Bozeman, Herbert 171, 382 Brabb, Benjamin _ . 186 Brace, Paul -382 Brace. William . 382 Bracken. Donna 382 Bracken, Shaker 365 Bradford. Wes 201 Bradford. Darrell 382 Bradin, Richard 363 Bradley, Alan 186, 382 Bradley, John _ 163 Bradley, Roger 169, 382 Brady. Betty 276 Brahana, Thomas 311 Brainerd, Richard 298 Braman. Barr 357 Brana. Barry 301 Branaman, John 322 Branch, Patricia 340 Brandan. Joan 382 Branderhorst, Joyce 181 Brannon. James 329, 382 ar. William 365 Brooks, Lenore _ Brooks. Richard 149 .177. 383 Bra shear Brater. Ernest Bran, Harvey Brarton. Dave Brauer, Elinor -142 ..189 _322 ..350 Braun, Annette 137 Brann. Barbara 382 Braun. Bert 158, 359 Brautieam. Marilyn 164 Bray. William 180 Breakey. Barry 188 Breckenridge, Jack -185 Bredt. Clay 160 Breff. Maureen 342, 343 Brebm. William 106, 159, 382 Breidinger. Owen 382 Breining. Austin 365 Breining. Ravmond 365 Brehbart, Alan 382 Breitkeitz. Carl 133, 382 Bremer, James _ 297, 382 Brennan. Richard 303 Brenner. Carol 269 Brenner, Fred 164 Brentlinger. Paul US. 131. 291. 382 Brenton. William ..132, 176, 382 Breon. Pytricia 109. 110. 121. ?76. 382 Breslau. Steven 293, 382 Brewer. Robert .... - 137, 325 Brewer, Margaret 285 Brewer. Xancy 282 Brewer. William 382 Breyfaele. Anna 340 Brice. Margaret 340 Bridges. Bettv 122. 133. 252. ?RO Bndgman. Gnrnee . Bridgman. King Briebart. Alan _ Briegs. Carol 275 Briars. Donald 363 Brie-rs. Richard ....147. 310. 362 Briges. Robert _ 51 Briebt. Robert 382. 383 Brindek. Mary __ 349 Rriskman. Toyce 382, 248 Bristor, Robert 309. 382 Bristor, William 115. 124. 309. 3S? Bristow. George 362 Britton. W. Earl 52 Britz, Harland 315 Brix. Christian ___359 Brizman. Constance Broadbe t. Marion Brock. Xorman Brockus George Brode. Herbert 305. 382 Broderick. George 308. 382 Brodfrirk, Miriam 150, 340 Brodbead. A1 321 Brodbead. Charles 321,382 Brogan. Erick _ 360 Bromberg. Steve ..242. 243. 246 Bronson, Arthur 364 Bronson. David 364 Rronston. Gordon 382 Hrookneld. Ernest 137.313 Brooks. Evelyn 112. 276 Brooks, John 329. 382 Broomneld, Joan 109, 120, 279, iS3 Broquet. Ronald 357 Bross, Carl ___301 Brossy, Francis ... 331, 383 Brown, Al _________158 Brown, Archie 383 Brown. Belly . 168, 342, 347, 351, 383 Brown, Beverly 276 Brown, Bradford 142,383 Brown, Chris 105,303 Brown, Dave 54, 55, 56, 1 19, 360 Brown. Don _147, 298 Brown Edna 383 Brown, F. A. 173 Brown, Faith 149 Brown, Frances 145, 159 Brown, Harriet 282 Brown. Helen . Brown, Jack 383 358 248 270, 347 276 119 359 _297 275, 383 55 272 321 Brown. James . 52, 114. 130. 131, 176, 383 Brown, Janet . 383 Brown, Joan 60 Brown, Juanita Brown, Kathryn Brown, Margaret Brown, Patricia Brown, Rex Brown. Richard Brown, Robert Brown, Rodger Brown, Rosalie Brown, Rosemary .... Brown, Sandra Brown, Sberb Brown, Stuart . Brown, Sue Brown, Terry ., Brown, William G. Brown, William P. Brown. William R. Browne, Dolores Browne. Robert Brownell. Robert 310 Brownson. Patricia 121. 132. 176. 273. 383 Brubaker. Russ 363 Bruce. Cynthia 275 Brumbaugh. John 304 Brumm, Leonard 242 Brnnais. Ellsworth 169 Brunelle. Gene _ 312 Brunello. Yues 174 Brungraher. Robert 58. 116, 125, 170, 309, 457 Brunson. Joanne 351 Bnmsting. Carl 119,298 Brush. Joan 1 12, 267 Bmske. George 176, 326, 383 Bryant. Carl _ _ 178, 302 Bryant. Jack 170, 362, 383 Bryant. Martha 121, 148. 282, 383 Bryant, Thomas 383 Bnblitz. Arthur 105 Bnch, Alberta 164 Buchanan, Edward 118, 237 Buchanan. Edsel 246 Buchanan. Robert 292 Buchanan. Thomas 182, 383 Buchrer. Robert 186 Buck. James 331 Buck, John 303 Buck. Mrs. Ruth 278 Buck. Thomas 357 Buckingham. Joan 267, 383 Buckley. Daniel 188 Buckley. John 310, 383 Buckley, Peter 301 Bndnev. Murrav 357 Budyk, Aaron 184 Buechner. Robert 357 Bneker. Jane 163 Buell. Bin _ 297 Buell, lane ....109, 148. 276. 383 Buell. Marilyn 277, 383 Bnesser. Tony 292 Buhl. Robert 365 Buiten. William 189 Bnjnowski. Raymond -383 Bnjnowski. Stanley 296 Bulfer. Harvey 323 Bulerin, Erving 177 Bulkier. Melvin 458 Bull. Frances 181 Bnllen. Lawrence -331, 383 Bnllington. Donald _ 190 Bunburv. John _ 322. 383 Bonn. Robert 298, 383 Bun van. Tohn 314 Bunyan. Warren 174 Burbacia. George ._ 302, 383 Bnrbank. Erma 383 Bnrbank. Xeiland 168, 364 Bnrrh. Robert 383 Bordeaux. James 364 Burden. Weldon 171 Bnrdick. Harry 383 Burford. Gilbert 114. 233. 246, 292. 384 Burke. Robert 304 Burke. William 331 Burkett. William 322 Bnrkitt. Glenna 342.343 Burkley. Margaret .___ Bnrlingame. Daniel Burmeister, Richard Burneo, Alfredo . 164 -__ 299 384 384 Burnett, Ann Burnette. Eva Bumie. William Burns. James ro 11 j tir iif io i 268 __347 .307 " r 10 i 58. 114, 125. 126, 138, 139, 384 Burns, Robert A. 363 Burns, Robert O. 183. 384 Burr. Harry ..... 296 Burr. James 169, 384 Burrell. James . Burrish. Sylvia . Burroughs, Lester 328 Burrow, Edward 362 Burrows. Charles 325 Burrows, Edward 147 Bnrt. Lois 384 Burton, Robert 190 Bnsch. Emery 175, 304, 384 Buschmann. Barb _252, 279 Bnser, Doris _121, 265, 282, 384 Bush. James 298 Bush. Lusetta Busk. William Buslarello. Frank Buslee. Roger Buslepp. Barbara .. Robert Bussler. Donald Busteed. William Butenboff. James . Butler. Charles 191 Butler, Donald 384 Butler, Gerald 325, 384 Butler. James 182 Butler, Lorraine 133, 173, 347 Butts. Joy 274, 384 Byberg. Robert 224. 225. 356. 363. 384 Byce. Richard 125. 170, 173, 384 Byers. James 358 Byers. Virginia 135, 274 Bylan. Xancy " 120. 122. 131, 341, 384 Byrdsong. Thomas _156 Byrnes. Xancy 276, 384 Bzdziuch. Frederick 384 Cabanaw. Eldred Cada. Ethel Cadwell. John Cadv. Donna 384 Cahades. Rochelle 340 Cain. Daniel 155. 303, 384 Cain. Sanford 330 Cairns. Donald 182 Calahan. David 147, 308 Calahan. Lawrence -311, 384 Callahan. Ruth 52 Calvin. Charlotte 349 Cameron. Joseph _169, 365, 384 Cameron. Sidney 325 Cameron. William 188 CamfieW. Howard ...302,384 Caminer. Morris 384 Camo. Donald 193 Campbell. Alexandrine 384 Campbell. Cbarlton 384 Campbell. David 322, 384 Campbell. Doreen 271 Campbell. George .._ 199, 297 Camnbell. Harold -324, 384 Campbell. James 363 Campbell. Laurie . 52 Campbell. Louise 268 Campbell. Marilyn 347 Campbell. Pan! 291 Campbell Ruth 1X1 Campbell. S. F. G. . 155 384 Cannell. Vernon Cannestra. Kenneth Cannon. Donald . __178 359 27S Cannon. Eleanor f 3TwiTi, Va y 384 Cannon. Joanna Cantera. Angelo Cantor Herbert 350 173, 361 192, 384 311 C pe, Ja r 300 297 Caplineer. Robert ... Capp. Sheldon Carabet. Georee 190 384 126. 384 Caras. Kathleen 385 Carbaugh. Paul 177 Carbeck. Robert 105, 119 Carder. Marlin 281 Carey. Tohn 169 Canro. David 357 CariDo. Edith 165 Carl. James 187, 385 Carlback. Emmanuel 360 Carlin. Maury _ 315, 385 Carlisle. Russell 119, 224, 225. 319 Carlson. Barber 385 Carl=on. Evelyn 385 Carlson. Frank 385 479 Carlson, Frederick 325, 385 Carlson, John 385 Carlson, Karin 340 Carlson, Richard 298 Carlton, Cyrus 132, 323 Carmell, Sherman 323, 385 Carney, Patrick 300 Carmon, Beverly 372, 385 Carou, John 177 Carpenter, Glenn 188 Carpenter, Gordon 319 Carpenter, Helen 279, 385 Carpenter, Humphry 292 Carpenter, Jean 272, 385 Carpenter, John 385 Carpenter, Vivian 348 Carr, A. R 125 Carr, Lyle 119 Carrier, Robert 126, 385 Carrillo, Nick 331 Carroll, Charles 297 Carroll, Dorian 361 Carroll, Ken 303 Carse, Barbara 347 Carson, Jean 112, 273 Carter, Alan 300, 385 Carter, Edward 302 Carter, Margaret 349, 350 Carter, Nancy 283 Cartsonis, Emanuel 185 Cartwright, Bill 306 Cartwright, Claudette 347 Gary, Robert 325, 385 Case, Ethel 123 Case, John 385 Casimiro, Alfonso 165, 385 Casina, Aragon 168 Cass, Janet 281, 385 Cassac, Charles 325 Casserly, Graham 365, 385 Castelino. Eric 385 Castor, Cecil 385 Castor. William 182 Caswell, Beverly 272 Catapusan, Baby 165 Catapusan, Flora 165 Cation, Laura 270 Cavalaris, Gus 362 Cavanaugh, Patric 155 Cayo, Jack 172, 385 Ceithaml, George 201 Celley, Neil 233, 246, 385 Chabut. Lou 304 Chadwick, June 271 Chaiapuris, John 358 Challie, Evelyn 344 Challis, Stanley 106 Chalmers, James 116, 169, 327, 385 Chamberlain, Davis 296, 385 Chambers. Homer 156 Champney, Carol 341, 385 Champney, Donald ....178, 317, 385 Chan. Sai 385 Chandler. Howie 311 Chandler. Martha 141, 341, 385 Chang, Albert 166 Chang, Chik-Ming 385 Chapel. Nancy 283, 385 Chapell, Russell 360 Chapin, John 171, 385 Chapin, Marilyn 385 Chapman. Kenneth 324 Chapman, William 314, 358 Chappell, Russell 324 Chapper. Frank 385 Chard. Wilbur 183, 385 Charles, James 191, 386 Charles, Marion 148, 271 Charlip. Bud 360 Chase, Kenneth 137 Chase, Patricia 386 Chatas. George 307, 357 Chavalit. Chai 176 Cheek, Gloria 137, 340 Chen. Pao-Chong 169 Chen. Vincent 170 Cheneg, Naomi 340 Cheng, Henry 386 Chennault, Albert 294 Cherniak, Cara 248 Cherpelis, George 307, 386 Chersack. Walter 145 Chesbrough. Dick 331 Chesebro, Bob 106, 159, 327 Chess, Richard 364 Chestnut, Joseph 171, 386 Cheston, Herbert 313, 386 Chick, Lawrence 173, 386 Child, Luis ' _ 319 Chin, Tin 386 Chin, William 386 Chin, William W 386 Chinen, Ton 386 Ching, Edward 166, 386 Chipman, James 314, 386 Chirio, Michael 361 Chlopan, Lois 123, 351 Choksi. Ajit 165 Cholack, George 386 Choromanski, Eugene 171 Chosed, Lloyd 386 Christensen, Anne 350 Christensen, Wesley 362 Christenson, James 191, 169, 386 Christenson, Howard 360 Christian, Gene 362 Christiansen, James 329 Christiansen, Roy 357 Christopher, Russel 147, 363 Chud, Norma 141, 386 Chun, Eloise 166 Chun, Victoria 166, 340, 386 Church, Alvin 158 Church, Joanne 386 Church, Russell 357 Cina, Saverio 175, 386 Ciranni, Gene 362 Cizas, Alicia 386 Claar, Nancy 282, 386 Clabuesch, Jane 285 Clairmont, Catherine .122, 347, 386 Clancy, Judy 123, 253, 282 Clancy, Peter 386 Clapham, Elizabeth 148, 279 Clark, Albert 103 Clark, Bunker 298 Clark, Carlton 386 Clark, Catherine 341 Clark, Charles 386 Clark, Cort 296 Clark, David 386 Clark, George 172 Clark, Jack 297, 386 Clark, James 174 Clark, Janice 152 Clark, Joseph 386 Clark, Joyce 281, 386 Clark, Maury 270 Clark, Nancy 270, 265, 386 Clark, Oswald 188, 201, 246 Clark, Philip 386 Clark, Roberta 276 Clark, Ronald 180 Clarke, Beverly 122, 265, 266, 272 Clarke, Charles 327, 334, 386 Clarke, Maceo 294 Clarke, Norman 193 Claytor, Beryl 340, 386 Cleary. Catherine 275 Clee, Neil 177 Cleghorn, Susan 341, 398 Clements, Laurence 171 Clements, Walter 294 Clifford, Carol 275 Clifton, Edward 361 Cline, Earl 105, 304 Cline, Joseph 324 Clingman. William 301 Clinton. James 386 Clippert. Charles 297 Clisch, Roy 387 Clock. Martheen 341, 387 Cloon. William 291 Cloots, Marion 267 Closson, William 171, 387 Clugston, George 387 Clute, Anita 387 Clymer, Tohn 190 Coates, Gordon 311 Coates, Tom 291 Coates, William 291 Cobane, Joseph 326 Cobb, Elmer 387, 175 Cobh, John 314 Cobitz. Mildred 349 Coburn, Alice 271 Coburn, Martha 273 Coburn. Ronald 359 Cochkodon. Gene 360 Cochran. William 317 Cockerline. Alan 387 Cocklin, Joseph 192 Cocking, Wendall 364 Cocoves, Euthymius 302 Coe, Marilyn 387, 280 Coe, Phoebe 341 Coeling, Ross 387, 189 Cohen, Charlotte 387 Cohen, Erwin 387, 293 Cohen, Haskel 119 Cohen, Melvin 387, 354 Cohen, Sanford 293 Cohen, Sheila 350 Cohen, Zelda 387 Cohn, Barbara 340 Cokitz, Mildred 387 Colberg, Sally 164, 123 Colburn. Burrill 186, 387 Colby, Starr 387 Coldren, Milo 387 Cole, Alfreda 168 Cole, Barbara 270 Coleman, James 177 Coleman, Mathew 323 Coleman, Nancy 273, 387, 54 Coleman, Paul 119 Coleman, Robert 299 Coll, Carolyn 137 Collier, Robert 387, 171 Collinger, Sandy 350 Collins, Doreen 387, 341 Collins, Edwin 387 Collins, Marilyn 282, 266 Collins, Josephine 387, 341 Collins, Richard 324 I..OOK, jane Cook, James Cook, John Cook, Patricia ... Collins, Tod 173,387,302 Collison, Louise 349 Columbus, Christopher 297 Colwell, Carol 279 Comb, Lois 283 Comfort, Gordon 362 Compton, Floyd 364 Comstock, Betty 252, 282 Comstock, Nancy 28: Cone, Warren 173 Conger, Ted 321 Conn, Richard 360 Connable, Alfred 365, 50 Conney, Martha ....137, 253, 283 Connolly, William .132, 115, 304 Conover, Richard 119, 297 Conrad, James 193 Conrad, Walter 291, 387 Conrad, William 228 Considine, Basil 361 Constan, Gus 180, 172 Constan, Telmer 364, 387 Constand, Diana 341 Conner, A. J 387, 178 Conway, Keith 367, 387 Conway, Verna 18 ( Conyers, John 387 Cooch, Robert 187,387 Cook, Barbara 278, 159 Cook, Bruce 387 Cook, Carl 182 Cook, Clarence 145 Cook, Frank 193 Cook, Gail 283 Cook, Jane 274, 253 309 193 341 Cook " ! Rodney 119 Cook, Thomas 358, 314 Cookingham, Cory 1 Cooksey, Norton 193 Cookson, David J 137, 119, 105, 322 Cooley, Tanne 273 Cooley, John 177, 387 Coolidge, John 310 Coon, Louis 387 Cooper, Elliot 127, 387, 58 Cooper, Hugh 186, 387 Cooper, Louis 388 Cooper, Mary Ann 248 Cooper, Robert 325, 388 Coplin, Ruth 123, 388, 269 Copping, Robert 362, 32 Copple, Lee 362 Coppock, William 324 Coras, Arthur 38 Corben, Elin Corbett. Bette 281 Corbett, David 296 Corhett, Duane Corbin, Horace 38! Corbin, Stefan 318, 388 Cordes, Reynolds 300 Cordes, Ula 388 Corey, Robert 314 Corlett, Margaret 280. 388 Corlett. Theodore 127, 310 Cornelius. Jack 183 Cornell, Frederick 388 Cornell, Tohn 365 Cornell, Steven 193 Cornen, Dale 309 Cornish, Frank II Corrigan, Pat 25! Corrigan. Robert Corriveau. Claire Corseaut, Thomas Corsi, Andrew - Corson, Jim 31! Cortright. William 300 Coskey, Ralph 305, 388 Cossitt. Richard 309 Cote, Joseph 57 Cotsonika, Tina 349 Cotter, Marv 280, 388 Cottington, Donald 186 Cotton. Ann 274 Couden, Don 58, 125, 126, 169, 388 Coulter, Donald 329, 388 Courage. Ray 176 Court, Jack 314 Couse. Blake 307 Cousland. Patrick 319 Coutts, Joan 276 Cove, Tohn 359 Covert. Douglas Cowan. Marjorie 38! Cowan, Warren 388 Cowell, Ernest 161, 388 Cowlin, William 306 Cox, Arthur 295 Cox, George 310 Coyne, Francis 388 Crabb, Roger 326 Craig, Harry 388 Craig, Sue 55, 280 Craighead, Patricia 137 Cramer, Marjorie 168, 351 Crandell. Sterling 147 Crane. Barbara 148 Crane, Bently 302 Crane, James 328 Crane, Jerome 388 Crane, Lorraine 388 Crankshow, Edward 388 Crapo, Hank 321, 359 Crapo, Stanford 58, 116, 301, 388 Crase, Roland 297 Crawford, Claude 322 Crawford, Hewlette 365 Crawford, Ivan 76 190 145 obert 363 Crawford, Shirley 276, 388 Crawford, Winton 304 Creal, Richard 331 Creamer, Marjoe 160 Crego, Carolyn 348 Creith, Lou 388 Crell, Jesse 293 Cremer, Leonard 358 Cremers, Barbara 272 Creola, Marjorie 133, 267 Criel, Harry 119,328 Crimmins, Kathleen 268 Crippen, Dave 312 Crisler, Fritz 196,201 Crocken, Keith 38! Crocker, Benjamin 388 Crockett, Erminie 253, 341 Cronkwright, Lois 341,388 Crosby, Carolyn 274, 388 Crosier. Stewart 319 Cross, James 186 Crossley. Charles 329, 388 Grossman, Julie 274 Croswell, Howard 360 Croteau, Kay 348 Crotty, Flor ence 280 Crouch. Ralph 359 Croy, John 170 Cruise, William 303 Cruz, Francisca 165 Cudney, Ann 267, 388 Cummings, Carol 276 Cummiskey, Patrick 317, 38 Cunningham, Beverly 285 Cunningham, Elizabeth 349 Cunningham, Harold 365 Cunningham, John 388 Cunnings, David 300, 388 Curhan. Robert 318, 362 Curran, Thomas 171, 389 Currie, Ross 314 Currier, James 186 Currier, Robert 188 Curry, Alan 389 Curry, Charles 298 Curry, George 365 Curry. Richard 139 Curtice. Mary 341 Curtin, Margaret 389 Curtis, Edward 389 Curtis, Tohn 172 Curtis, Mary 150, 340 Curtis. Nelson 174, 389 Cushing, Tohn 331 Cushing. Judith 254 Cusick. Patrick 191. 307 Cuson, Charles 133, 307 Cuthbert. William 389 Cutler. Douglas 54, 55, 56, 118, 303, 354, 356 Cutler, Kenneth 303, 358 Cutler. William 188 Cutting, Nancy 275, 389 Cuyegkeng, Jose 165 Cyr, Joseph 307 Czacharski, Donald 291 Czarnowski. .Leonard ....362, 389 Daang, Roderick 319 Dachler, William 190 D ' Addona, Liberate 170, 322, 389 Dailey, Frances 267 Daitch, Martin 192 Daley, Iris 389 Daley, loan 253, 282 Daley, John 152 Dalkin. ' joel 288, 330 Dalton, Ronald 364 Damhrauskas, Vincent 360 Damiano. Robert 297. 457 Damon, Terrence 296 Damron. Bert 145, 38 Dane. Marion 270 Danek, William 365 D ' Angelo. Iganazio 152 Dangl. Jim 187 Daniels. Lois 269 Daniel. Louis 295 Daniels, Max 358 Daniels, Owen 358 Daniels, Robert 114, 130, 187, 389 Dansky, Marica 137 Danton. Daniel 330 Danz. George 193 Danziger, Diana 389 Dapnelt. Gerald 313 D ' Arcambal. Thomas 302 Dareis. Fritzie 253 Darnell. Carl 314 Darnell. Ramon 389 Darroch. Robert 389 480 Dattagi. More _ Dan. Robert Dangherty. Raymond Dangberty. Scott Davenport, Dona Davev. Stuart David, Karl Davidson, Ariene Davidson, George Davidson, John _ Davidson, Mary Davidson, Richard Davidson. Shirley 281. 389 Davidson. Stick 237 Davidson. Wilbur 125, 389 Davidson. William 125, 389 Danes. Charles 320. 358 Davies. John G. 224. 225 Dm , ; hr. I ' 159, US Danes, Judy 58, 112. 275, 277 Davis. Beverly 159 Davis. Bill J06 Davis, Charles 52 Davis. Clara ... Davis, Helen Davis. Jerry Davis, Marilyn . Davis. Marion _. Davis, Mary Davis. Richard . Davis, Robert C Davis, Robert L Davis, Sberrill Davis, Steve Davis. Thorn-. _ I ' " .V. b. Sahral -- Dawson, Charles . Dawson, James Dawson, Janet Dawson, John Dawson. Philip Day. Lncille ' . Day. Mary Day. Patricia Day. Robert _ Daylrin. Philip Daybn, Ted ... Dayton. Robert Dean, David Dean. Ozrie . _272, 389 - --- -319 .182, 282 389 -111, 132,267 -186 -190. 389 389 : - - 3, 389 124, 291, 389 DeBoer. Larrv _ DeBoer, Robert _ DeBolt, Edward DeBoh. Richard DeBona,Ru DeBoom. Edward .. DeCamillis Mason ! J6 Oetastro. Hernando 390 Pd-. Jean -2677390 Decker. Norman _3 J4 Decker ' Raymond Dedo. Betty Dem. Duane Deer. Buck ... Dnu J _36S -390 _297 -309 . " " = -- _ 326 DeGusmao. Roberto _ 390 DeHaan, Afcert ___ IJ61 DeHaan. Bill ______ 322 Deflona. Edward _. n?Z: I Ir rin J31 - 39 DeJong. Ahce __ _34o DeTonee. Bud _ is ea, ar_17 Defaney. Panl __ DeLano, Don -ZZZ DeCeon, Genovera -- 165. DeJeado. Frank . DeUa-Moretta. Elizabeth " !! Maso Dora 168. 390 125, 127 3QA - - - ' Demi .... MTaka Demmer. Barbara _ _27Q Demmer. Richard _I05 168. 319 Demmler, ABiert 125, 248, 390 Denf. nroy .365. 390 D kam. Janet __ 2 76 , 390 DenHoutee. Willard .. 119 Deruson. Walter _ Dennis, Frank Denny. Myron Dentel. Beverlv Depnen. Jack _ DerDerian, John Derr. Arthur _ Desai. Mahesh Desjardins. Bill DesTardins, Tack Desjardins. Tern DeSwarte, Richard Detler, Peggy _ Detlor. Margaret Dettman. Cart _1 82 .-..Mary i- j, jw Detzer, Mary 341, 390 Deutscher, Harold Ll45 PeutsiJiiu,ui.Betry __ _340, 390 S CTer - Beverly 271, 390 Devine, Douglas 145, 152, 390 DeVore, Lawrence 54. 390 DeVries. David 106. 307, 390 lies. Donald 302 Dewar. Robot 390 Dewey, Janet .252, 253. 282, 390 y, Richard Dewey. Deyp, Samuel De Young, Jess . De Young, Maynard De Young, Robert Diamond. Christine Diamond. Ma -302 _302 Diamond, Sondra DiAngelo, Stephen Diaz. Alvera ... Dibble. William _ Dick. Richard 189 189 -177, 390 390 341 _123, 248 177 365 ..390 Dickerson. Richard 308, 390 Dickes. Richard 182 Dickie. Phyllis Dickstein. Kenneth Didier. Susan _ Diekema, Mrs. J. G Diekermann. Woligang __17J Dield, Elmer 306, 391 Diener. Dale 357 Diener, William 299, 391 Dieterle, Jane 272. 391 Diez. Cari 177, 391 DuBey, James 187, 391 DiFrancesco, Samuel 360 Dill, Barbara 281 Dffle. Robert 391 253. 268 170, 391 297 DiUer, Anne _ Dilworth, James _ Dimond, Thomas Dinalfo, Richard .. Dingman. Robert Dinner. Ethellee DiNolfo. Richard Discher, John Ditto, Jane ,. Dixon. Charles 125, 127, 391 Dixon, Joan __281 Dixon, Robert 187 Dixon, Ruth . 341 Dizer, William ____183 Dobin. Marcia _350 Docknm. John ,328, 364 Dodds. Don 303 Dodeck. Oscar ,_330 Dodge, Ellen _ _ _ -341 Dodge, Hariand 187.391 Dodee. Mary 277 . ' 91 DoeHe. Mary " 255. . ' .TO Docile. Paul Doerer. Dorothy Lee __ }91 Doerer. Richard Doennann. Panl Doerner. William Doerr. Jeanne _391 190, 391 180 497 Dorrsam. Eleanor 122, 248. 252. 253. 340 Dohse. Sally 278 Dolny. Harry 322 Dolph. Frank 364 Domlte. Donald .. _391 Domke. Ina Domke. Robert Donaldson. John ._ Dona van, Margaret 271, " 391 D - kf - DoneriHo. H Donkervoet. Doolrin, Art Donley. Richard Donneny, Bert . Donovan, Laura Donovan, Robert _. Dansdman. Robert Dooley. Perry _ Dooley. Thomas Doolittle. John Dooljttle. Lawrence Doolittle. Lots Dorb. Shirley " ' 285 391 ..-185 : . Dora, Guinevere Dorn. John -111, 152,341 164, 391 91 91 391 ;. : ;-.- Doueherty. Charfes I " Z.391 Dorr. Gerald Dorrann, Helen __ Dorsey, Joseph Dorsev. V n Doty. Tnnell 296 - . .--... - - . Dourf. Tarn Dow. Bryden Dow. Dan Dowd. Barbara .. Dowses. Harold Downer. Tames _ Downey. William Downie. Donald _, 33. 58, 117. 125. 320 Downie. Paul -312 Dovle. William Drabner. Max 3S. 111. 2 9 . 246, 391 313 Drare. Alan 164 Dra e, Orles 79? Drake. Tndv . Drake. Lest r ... Drake. SMrlev . 291 -345 391 Draper. James Draper. Porter -- . Drechsler. George 313,391 Dreues, Speros 183 391 Dresback. Ruth _392 Dresser. William ?95. 392 Dressier, Patricia _121, 271, 392 Drewett, Brendan J57 Drews. Theodore J92 Dreyfus. Edythe 392 Dreyfus. Leonard 392 Drinau. Francis 359 Driscoll. Coo ]06 Drumrnood. Walter 191, 392 Drut, Irwin 139, 328 Drver. Dorothy 347 DuBlanica, Walter 392. 116, 322 Dnbrinskv. Marvin 293 Dubrinsky , MlUiii _293 DnChamp. Jacqne 292 Duckek. Winifred 392.273 Dndd. John 152, 145, 325. 152 Dudka. Edwin 170 DudJrin. Joyce 248, 162 Dudley. Elford 246 Dudley. Gerry 303 Dudley. Thomas 105 DneUman, WiUiam 307 Duey. Philip 147. 150 Dufek. Donald _ 392. 202. 24, 25, 246, 201, 115 Duff. Janet 392 !). Rov 147 Dnffey. John Duffield. Kirkwood. Duffy. Richard 191 Dufva. Emmett 306 Dugas, Jiees 297 Duggan. WiUiam 392 Dugger. Don 359 Dujardin. Teannette 267 Dulbs. Richard 392 Dunba. Daniel 392 Dunbar. Donald 392, 178 Dunbar. James 311 Dunbar. Robert 316 Duncan. Lee Rov 392, 314 Duncanson. Donald 392, 187 Dnrary. Wilbur 294 , Skin 321 188 348 Dnnlap. WiUiam . Dunn. Aenus Dunn. Al __ Dunn. Beverly Dunn. Elbert 392 Dunn. Harrv __392, 295 Dunn. Ralnh 392. 182 Dunn. Ted 392, 158 Donne. Arthur 301 Dunne. Barry ___ 303 Dnnphy. Herbert 392 Durand. Jeannine 349 Durham. Patricia _267 Duris, Harold 392 Dutcber. David 392 Dutches . Charles 392 Dutter. Charles 361 Dwan. Ralph Dwan. Snsan 316 Dw.vre. Burton _ Drcbe Robert 392, 317 39 T Dver. Tobn 117 Dyer. Robert 39? 314 Dygert. Pal ... Dyoert. Rose 145 Dykstal. Henry 314 Dyk-trm. William . . 170. ITS. 189 Dyll. James 365, 327 DyH. Louis 392 314 Eagle. Card 33, 122, 279 Eagleston. William 168 Eary, Theodore .193 Easom. Harrv _ J59 Eastman- Michael 392 Eastoo. Roeer _57. 308 Easton. William 392 Eaton. Beverly 123, 392 Eaton. Edward 169, 392 Eaton. Gafl . 3O8 Eaton. Milton _ Eaton. Richard Ebach. Earl 180, 392 Eberhard. Wallace 311 Eberhardt. William _ 177, 354, 360 Eberaole. Howard 169, 392 Ebling. John 363, 393 Ebner. Jane -106, 329, 393 -165 _393 Eby, Charles _ Echavez. Pator EckeL Helene Eckert, Otto _ Eckert, Ronald EckfeH, Janet - Eckhart. Frank _ Ecott, Arthur _ Eddamn, Paula Eden, Charles 106, 322, 393 Eder, Warren . !_184 Edge, Donald 289, 319, 393 -364 _348 Edge, Thomas L -: - | hi Edison. Charles Edmoodo, Donald --- ' - :.-:.. ' .- - --- ' -- a . ;: .- ; ua Edmonds, WiUiam Edson. Gilmore Educate, Louis Edwards. Carole _ Edwards. Edward . 319 . . 393 306 159 Edwards. Irene Edwards, Joan .. Edwards. John Edwards. Martha . _ . .292 Edwards, Thomas JOS Egan. Doris 109, 121, 272, 393 Egelka. Rozalind 350 Eger, Mary 174. 350, 393 Eggenberger. Robert _358 Eggleston, William 105, 296 Eggleton. Richard 119, 169 Egrin. Harriet 393 Eguiguren, Ramon J93 Filrr . John 119, 147, 308 Ehrenberg. Richard 133, 318 Eich. Robert 182,373 Eicbenlaub. Nancy 109, 1 12, 270 Eicber. Howard 187, 393 Eichstedt, John 393 Eidson. Robert 314 Eifert. Donald 327 Eilers. Ralph 164 Eisele. Lois 122, 283 Eisenbach. Marilyn 393 Eiserman, Carole 111,268 Eiteman. David 321 Ekwall. James 168 Ebbling. Elaine 136 Elder. Clarence 393 Eldersveld, Herman _ _189 Eldon. Robert 170, 393 Eldridge. James 118 Elert, Tohn 365 Elferdink. Mary 137 Ellnns. Chauncey 393 Ellacott. Barbara 273 Ellengraben. LeisI 350 Ellerby. Helen _393 Elliott, Barbara 270 Elliott. Charles 118,131 Elliott, Stacy 127 Elliott. Stewart 118, 224, 225, 246, 316 Ellis. Bernard __393 Ellis. Elizabeth 279 Ellis. Richard 187 Ellis. Duane 161, 326 Ellis. John 393 Ellis. Joseph 18f Ellis. Kenneth _18j Ellis, Richard 393 Ellis. Virginia 265, 276, 393 Ellison. William 358 Ellzey, Jane 266, 279 Elmblad. Thomas 114,246.393 Ely. Toan 280 Ely. Mark 174 Ely. Robert 147. 299 Elzinga. Donald 326 Fmin , Donald 186 Fmhui.i. Phillip 1 19, 302 Emerson. Vernon -118, 131, 312 ffmrij. Charles . 309 Emery. Edward 316 Ernie. Janet J93 Kmlers. John $8 Empkie. William 186 Emrick. WiUiam 127 Engebretsen. Maynard Engel. Jose Engelhardt. John . Engibous. David Engman. Jean 277, 34O. 388. 393 Engman. Lois 148. 168. 277 Engstrom, Jean 341 Enloe. Carolyn 348 Emis. Donald 310 Ensign. Allrn 362 Ensroth. John 198, 393 Enzler. Joan 340 Fphl liin Salim 393 327 393 393 315 -137, 354. 363 176, 393 347 458 362 -105,119,300 393 Epos. Thad Eppstein. James Epstein. Harvey Epstein. James . Epstein. Joseph . Epstein. Marvin FfrtHn. Naomi Epstein. Robert Erbland. Henry Erf. Robert _ . " _ Erhardt. Robert Erickson. Douglas 128, 193, 394 Erickson. Kenneth 312 Erickson, Wendell 126. 169 Eric on, Pauline H - Ericson. William EriV Ti. Fdward ErkkiU. Unto Erlandson, Arvid, Jr. FiVv. Duncan Ertle. Tean _ Ertle, Martha _ Erwin, William Enrin. Tames Esch. Marvin Eschelbach, Claire 394 Esckilsen. Lawrence 331. 394 Estep. Jeannette 148 E erer. Arnold 304 Estes. Euwne _ Etter. Leslile 196 Ettinger, Alan 184. 394 Ettinger. Virginia 394 EttL Connie 118.246.312 Eubanfcs. Lionel 297 Eugene. Virginia 340 481 Euler, Richard 360 Evans, David 394 Evans, Donald 171, 394 Evans, Edwin 169,394 Evans, Harry 306 Evans, John 394 Evans, Richard 118, 245, 246, 299 Evans, Richard L 394 Evans, Robert 309 Evelon, Barbara 340 Everitt, Martin 170,248 Everson, Doris 348 Ewing, Elizabeth 280 fyster, George 246, 312 zray, Mervin 318 Fabian, Thomas 315 Fackler, Chester 119 Fackler, Donald 356, 359 Fagerburg, Karin 340 Fairbanks, Daryl 394 Fairchild, Douglas 360 Faircloth, James 193, 394 Falciniere, John 168 Falcone, Nicholas 394 Falconer, William 457 Falk, Richard 394 Falk, Stuart 362 Faltermeier, Carola 173 Fancher, Paul 319 Fanger, Jerome 315 Farah, S 173 Faram, Harvey 169 Farjo, Anastas 364 Farrer, Richard 201 Farrington, Clifford 394 Farrington, Jeannine 394 Farris, Charlotte 394 Faulk, Diane 394 Fauth, Gerald 394 Fawl, Clifford 304 Faymon, Karl 394 Fecheley, Robert 182 Feenstra, Lawrence 189 Feenstra. Theodore 189 Feiler, Norma 173 Feinberg, Dorothy 394 Feinberg, Norman 457 Felheim, Marvin 140 Feller, Siegfried 141 Felner, William 193 Felt, John 193, 394 Feltes, Joyce 347 Felton, John 106, 152, 159, 326, 394 Penning, Walter 365 Fenske, Paul 164, 394 Fenton, Wayne 394 Ferguson, Donald 359 Ferguson, Robert 188 Ferrance, Lila 133, 350 Ferrara, Richard ..289, 307, 394 Ferrington, Richard 361 Ferris, Ned 306 Fess, Charles 190 Fest, Jane 349, 394 Fetta, Fred 312 Fialka, Robert 363 Fiber, Elise 340 Fickies, Joyce 174 Field, Alice 255 Field, Harriet 174, 350 Fields, Nancy 341, 394 Fields, Priscilla 341 Fiero, Jane 347 Fildew, Patricia 282 Filkins, William 119, 304 Filler, Blair 296 Filler, Naomi 395 Filler, William 395 Finch, Nancy 267 Finch, Samuel 294 Fink, Grace 60, 341 Fink, Ilene 269, 395 Fink, Joan 269, 395 Fink, Joanna 347 Finkelstein, Terome 395 Finlay, Nancy 149, 395 Finlayson, James 321 Finney, Ross 304 Fischbach, Elizabeth ....145, 395 Fischbach, Fred 356 Fischer, Paul 145 Fischer, Raymond 361 Fischman, Noah 356 Fish, James 190, 395 Fish, Sally ....122,133,253,274 Fisher, Annette 281, 395 Fisher, Beatrice 372, 395 Fisher, Earl 395 Fisher, Margery 346, 395 Fisher. Nancy 349 Fisher, Raymond ...: 164, 239 Fisher, Robert 458 Fishman, Nat 365 Fishman. Noah 360 Fiske, John 391 Fitch, Alan 246, 395 Fitch, James 314 Fitch, Nancy 252, 340 Fitche, Ronald 177 Fitzgerald, Denton 302, 395 Fitzgerald, Erwin 182 Flarsheim, Philip 330, 365 Flaskamp, William 395 Fleetwood, Hugh 354 Fletcher, Allen 169 ..Fletcher, Frances 395 Fletcher, Hugh 326 Fletcher, Richard 321, 395 Flinn, William 178 Flint, George 132, 360 Flint, Ronald 320, 395 Flintcraft, Anne 276 Flintoff, William 193 Flitcraft, Ann 395 Floridis, Marilyn 278 Flowers, Donald ....150, 300, 395 Flowers, Patricia 273 Flynn, Haladay 311 Flynn, John 178, 185 Flynn, Leo 395 Flynn, Martha 297 Fodale, Peter 395 Fogel, Leon 184 Foil, Ronald 308 Foley, John 298 Foley, Mary Jean 347 Folk, Leon 360 Follinger, Margery 276 Follinger, Marnie 2S5 Foltis, Constantine 175 Fong, Arthur 166 Fonner, Robert 297 Font, Lydia 168, 174 Fontaine, John 119 Foote, John 395 Forbes, Ivan 313 Forbes, John 302 Ford, Adele 341 Ford, Joyce 112,276 Ford, Patricia 273 Ford, Robert 395 Forgacs, Thomas 365 Forgel, Daniel 357 Forsythe, Richard 159, 326 Forsythe, Shirley 341 Fortenberry, John 361 Foss, David 193 Foster, Gail 271 Foster, James 289, 295, 395 Foster, Jewel 152 Foster, John 364 Foster, Thomas 395 Fotais, Nicholas 182 Fotopoulos, Ann 394 Foulds, Ronald 105, 147, 360 Foulkrod. Anita 268 Fowler, Daniel 292 Fowler, William 363 Fox, Donald 183, 395 Fox, Gerald 124, 327 Fox, Gordon 119,139 Fox, James 178, 395 Fox, Kaye 361 Fox, Kenneth 124, 175, 395 Fox, Lily 149 Fox, Ronald 362 Foxworth, Donald 319, 395 Foy, Thomas 127, 395 Foy, William 190 Fragnoli, Donald 363 Frandsen, Philip 188 Frane, Robert 322, 395 Frank, Ann 350 Frank, Elizabeth 395 Frank, Enid ..123, 248, 265, 266 Frank, Richard 147, 296 Frank, Ruth 269, 395 Frank. William ....199,315,395 Frankblau. Michael 128. 192 Franke, Thomas 359 Franklin, Lora ....163, 253, 285 Frankman, Joan 283, 395 Franks, Julius 294 Fraser, James 373 Fraser, John ..118, 245, 246, 296 Fraser, Phyllis 396, 279 Frazer, David 358, 396 Frederick, Lawrence ....169, 396 Fredericks, Clara Jane 349 Fredrickson, Neal 396 Freed. Anthony 363 Freedheim, Phvll ' s 349 Freedman, Arthur 119 Freedman, Florence 396 Freedman, Norton 318 Freeman, Bunnv 315 Freeman, Gerald 330 Freeman, Harry 330 Freeman. Mervin 396 Freeman. Richard 320 Freeman. Robert 127 Freidman, Benjamin 133 Freihofer, Reno 292 Freimark. Lyle 190 Frelich. Maxine 145 Fremlin, Ronald 145 French, Harlan 364 French. Donald 152 Frenkel. Shiela 137, 248 Frese, Robert 125, 126, 139, 396 Freshour, Jean 271 Frey, John 169 Frey. Keith 396 Fricke, Thomas 164 Fried, Joan 137 Friedeherg. Vera 396 Friedkin, Thomas 189 Friedman, Alvin 162, 318 Friedman, Donald 293 Friedman, Howard 105, 119, 293 Friedman, James 359 Friedman, John 330 Friedman, Morton 147 Friedman, Paul 119 Friedman, Selwyn 396 Friedman, Sumner 330 Friedman, Wilbur 119,305 Fritz, Erna 266, 285, 396 Fritz, William 185 Fritze, Elinor 348, 396 Froman, Charles _.59, 173, 309, 373, 396 Fromm, Paul 58, 116, 125, 127, 138, 139, 164, 396 Frommer, Barnet ..138, 139, 396 Froschheiser, Edwin 396 Frost, James 317, 396 Frost, Robert 178,396 Frost, Sally 134, 277 Frost, Sara 396 Frye, Cecil 180, 396 Frye, Gary 326 Frye, Harold 175 Frye, Joanne 268 Fu, Richard 360 Fujita, Tetsuko 166 Fujitani, Minnie 396 Fukuda, Herbert 166 Fukuda, Howard 170, 396 Fukuda, Robert 396 Fuller, Elsie 122 Fullerton, Beverly 281, 396 Fumiko, Ikimoni 175 Fung, Leonora Lai Oi 396 Funk, Abigale ..33, 123, 253,283 Funkhouser, Elizabeth 160 Furnas, Herbert 457 Furtsobook, William 396 Furstenberg, Albert 84 Fushman, John 396 Fyfe, John 396 Fytche, Ronald 396 Gabel, Jack 317 Gabriel, Richard 396 Gack, Lewis 186, 396 Gagnier, James 396 Galantowicz, Thomas 362 Gale, Ann 348 Gale, Duane 299, 396 Gale, Esson 165 Gall, Wally 177 Gallagher, Mary 274 Gallery, Anne 277 Gallon, Jack 235,330 Gallup, Janet 396 Gallup, William 396 Galster, Rollin 161 Gait, Elizabeth 351 Garni, Dhirajacal 165 Gangenhuber, Paul 3! Gannon, George 295 Gannon, John 307, 319, 397 Garber, Frank 397 Garber, Max 192, 397 Garcia, Alfonso 165 Garcia, Mario 165 Gardiner, Jeanne 254, 341 Gardner, Anne 341 Gardner, Doris 268, 397 Garcia, Octavio 397 Garey, Joyce 145 Garfink, Roger 106, 330, 397 Gargoyle, Oliver 309 Garner, Bob 307 Garon, Guida 162, 397 Garret, Marilyn 397 Garret, Raymond 157 Garrett, Dorothy 280 Garrett, James 176, 360, 397 Garrett, Robert 327 Garrison, Garnet 96 Garrison, Hazel 397 Garry, Robert 397 Gartagams, Arthur 457 Garvin, Donald 351 Garych, Laurence 397 Gasparski, Roland 397 Cast, Tanet 273 Cast, Warren 117,322 Gates, Benton 106, 159, 307, 397 Gates, Dick 307 Gates, Elizabeth 285, 397 Gates, To 348 Gates, Robert 156 Gates, Wendell 331 Gauger, Lois 160, 341 Gaull, Gerald 397 Gault, Jim 297 Gavette, Norma 391 Gavney, Edward 303 Gavras, Constantine 397 Gavras, Dino 178 Gay, Bill 55, 320 Geddis, Janice 397 Gedris. William 357 Geer, Paul 357 Geffrard, Edward 397 Gehring, John 190 Geib, Douglas 397,311 Geigenmueller, Kathie ....128, 148, 255, 274. 397 Geist, Wood 310 Geistert, Robert 397 Geisz, Franz 358 Geleman, Stanford 362 Gelenger, Jane 348 Gellately, Robert 356, 357 Genda, Vonda 342 Gendleman, Alvin 313 Gendzwill, Joyce 181 Genfan, Riva 397 Gennett, Bernard 198 Genser, Philip 397 Gentz, William 171, 317, 397 George, Robert 397 Gerak, Joseph 185, 397 Gerard, Roy 188 Geraud, Joseph 397 Gerber, Eliot 397 Gerber, Norman 328 Gerganoff, Stoyan 185, 397 Gerganoff, Zdravko 185, 397 Gerhardt, Frederick 173 Gerholz, Janice 283 Gerlach, John 177 Germain, John 397 Germain, W 173 Gersabeer, Nancy 340 Gerson, Kenneth 313 Gersuk, John 184 Gervickas, Alfred 397 Gesell, Henry 309 Gess, Richard 303 Gessmer, Marian 278 Gettel, Robert 327, 365 Gevarter, Sol 397 Geyer, Paul 308 Geyer, Victor 398 Gharub, Donald 106 Ghekas, Milton 308 Ghormley, Ronald 362 Ghysels, James 317 Giardini, William 125, 398 Gibb, Sarah 398 Gi bbon, Edmund 161 Gibbs, Beverly 398 Gibbs, Clifford 398 Gibbs, James 125, 398 Gibson, Theodore 310 Giddings, Carol 248 Gielow, James 309 Giessow, Joan 341 Giffels, Sally 168 Giffin, Charles 307, 398 Giffin, Susan 267 Giglio, Robert 398 Gikas, Paul 188 Gilbert, Anne 283 Gilbert, Marlene 342 Gilbert, Melvin 184 Gilbert, William 171 Gilchrist, Donald 296 Gilchrist, Myra 398 Gilden, Berna 269, 398 Gilden, Lloyd 315, 398 Gildner, Constance 342 Giles, Greta 340 Gill, Alice 285 Gillespie, Patricia 267 Gillette, John 126, 169, 398 Gillooly, George 161, 331 Gilmore, Gene 322 Gilmore, Roger 119, 312 Gilmore, William ..140, 322, 398 Gingrich, Miles 398 Ginsberg, Milford 184 Giovajmoli, Angelo 357 Gire, James ....125, 127, 171. 398 Gish, Virginia 267 Gittleman, Alfred 365 Gitzen, Grey 161, 329 Gladstone, Victor 119 Glaser, Nancy 398 Glasier, Marilyn 398 Glatt, Sandra 350 Glaza, Joan 349, 398 Glazzard. Donald 398 Gleich, Gerald 362 Click, John 186 Glime, Raymond 307 Glover, John 362 Glover, Milan 186,398 Glover, Robin 112,282 Glover, Thomas 365 Gloves, John 398 Gloyeske. Robert 398 Gluck, Henry 184, 398 Glysson, Eugene 398 Gnau. Sally 137 Godkin, Louis 125, 171, 396 Goebel, Elizabeth 398 Goebel, James 314 Goebel, Matthais ..178,307.398 Goeckel, Norman 303 Goense, John 169,398 Goering, William 320 Goethel, Clarke 331, 398 Goetz, Milton 298 Gold, Irving 125, 127, 398 Gold, Natalie 137, 348 Gold. Norman 398 Goldberg. Irving 313 Goldberg, Maurice 105 Goldberg, Raeann 137, 161 Goldhlatt, Harvey 360 Goldblum, Barbara 349 Golden, John 106 Golden. Patrick 303 Goldenberg. Joel 398 Goldfarb, Donald 398 Goldfarb, Marcia 161, 340 Goldfort, Donald 318 Goldiner, Paul 288, 305 Golding, Sandra 161 482 Goldman. AI 318 . ___ --- Goldman. Bram ________ 315,398 Goldman. Hubert __ 192 Goldman, lane - 269, 398 Goldman, Jerome _____ 398 Goldrath Elaine _ .137 Goldrath, Hilton _ __ _192, 399 Goldsamt, Joan Goldstein, Alice Goldstein, David Goldstein, Nonna Goldstick. David Goldstone ' . L cOle Goler, Laura Golodney, Nao Gotten, Robert Golyzniak, Ralph Gomley, Romuald Gompp, Barbara - Gonckowski, Irene Goo, Gilbert _ Good. Charles Good. Gerald ... Goode. Conrad . Goode, JoT Goode. Rn-, Gooden. Joan .58, 117,312 187 93,399 _399 _292 133, 253, 281 185 399 168 399 181 188 148 Goodfellow. Ronald Goodfriend. Thomas Goodman. Barbara _ Goodman, Bernard .. Goodman, Carol Goodrich, Frank ... Goodrich. Mary Goodwin, Stanley .... Goodwin. Margaret Goodwin. Robert Goodwin, Stanley Goodyear, John Goodyear. Mary . Goostrey. Patrick Gordenker. Harvey 318 Gordon. Aaron 118, 228. 246 Gordon. Barbara 269, 3 99 Gordon. David _ 365 Gordon, Harvey -133. 364 Gordon. John 399 Gordon, Marvin 357 Gordon, Michael _ 330 399 ..127 308 350 361 399 174 322 308 360 190 358 Gordy. Charles _ Gordy. Howard Gorman. Richard - Gotschall. Dnane . GotshaTk Sandra .. . Gottesman, Morton 293. 399 Gottlieb. Norman 140. 399 Gottlieb. Saul 141 Gottscbalk. Arthur Gould. Mary _ i " rid --,- k Gould. WitHara Goolish. Thomas Cover, Raymond -176,360.399 Gowa. Ruth 174 Cowans. Arnold 399 Grabb. William 182 Graef. Andrew 325 Graefen. William Graf. Ernest Graham. Arthur .. Graham. Donald - Graham. Flovd . Graham. Margaret 148. 340 Graham. Robert 295, 316 Graham, Thomas -312 G ainger. Anne ....255. 274. 399 Graney. Tames 399 Granse. Virginia 277 Grant Jacqueline 273 Grant. James . 399 Grasso. Joseph 296 Gratzer, Mary Graves. T ohn Graves. Ma ' ria Graves. William 188. 198 Gray. David L322 Gray. Tack 137.161.302 Gray. John 357 Gray. Lawrence 145, 293, 322 Gray, Murray 192 Gray. Myles 291. 358 Gray. Robert 357 Gray. Virginia Graybiel. Mary Grayson, John _ Greager. Robert Green, Ahrin Green. ' Charles Green. Henry . Green, Joann . Gi ecu, jfemtt Green. Walter 154 ..149. 268. 399 201 193 , Leonard 131 Greenbere. Hugh _ _ 54,55,56,115.315.399 Greenbere. Roger 399 Greene, Donald 399 Greene, Edward 125. 399 Greene. Hone 399 Greenman. Geonte 190 Greenspan, oantord Greenspobn. Daniel Grceimuuu. Donald Greenwood. Ralph Greer. Edcar Gregg. Joyce Gregory, James 131, 326, 399 Gregory, John Gregory, Louise 399 Gregory, Russell _ Gregory, Salvatore Greider, Nancy Greifer, Doris Grelrin, James . _367 _358 _123 _400 _313 Gremel. Norman 128, 190 Grendah], Audrey 281 Grenell, Arthur . 400 Grenkoski Edwin ....... 114, 241, 298, 400 Greschke, Mary _ __254 Gresla, Richard 127, 171, 400 Grettenberger, George _306. 400 Grettenberger, Phylis 174, 341 Grew, Robert 360 ..400 Grieger Gene .122 295 400 . 400 296 Griffith, Donald 183 128 Griiesby, Gloria 342 itl Jrr 283 Grimes. Bart -331, 400 174 Grimm. Barbara 400 Grimsley Robert 158 Grindle. Robert .. 145 Gringer, Phvllis 133, 348 Griptnan. ViIliam 116 Grishy. Thomas -3O8 Gritter, Nelson Groesbeck. Nancy -183, 400 280 Groeslsema. Donald 126. 169 Gronau. Jacqueline 350 Groos. Marilyn 1267 Gross. Marvin 184 Gross, Robert - 318 Gross, Snma __ _ 348 Grossfield, Helen 400 Grossman. Glen 318 Grossman. Myra . 248 Grossmark. Jay 360 Grost, James 128. 182 Grosz, Leslie . Grover, Darn . Groves, Richard . Grozescu, Lucia 171, 400 Grnenberg, Elizabeth 400 Grnhzit, Cart 193, 400 Gi 1 u cbo w , Betty 342 Grybas. AHan . 307, 400 Grylls. Peter Guernsey, Elwood Gnettler. John . Guise. Ned GuL Na 321 309 325 306 ..168 Gullberg. Patricia . , 255. 277 Gnnderson, Howard 4OO Gnndrum. PhvTlis -275 Gupta. Snrendralae 400 Gurnev, Nancv 278 Gustin. Robert 400 Guswiler. Eugene 3 8 Gnth. Alfred 400 Guthe. Katherine 59, 137. 277 Guy. Rait 307. 400 Gwinn. Charles 4OO Gwinn. Norma 400 Gyourko. Joseph 314 H ..400 _342 Haab. Daniel Haanes. Winifred .... Haar. Ellen 137, 349 Haas. Runny 161 Haas, Pddy " 322 Haher. 315 Haherman. William 4OO Faberman. Safly 350 Hahnebo " st. Nancy ....148, 341 Farf Ti. Flirabeth 160. 340 HaHde-. Robert 291. 400 Haddock. Doodass 193 Hadley. William 310 Faefner. James .400 Hatran. TVenHore 327 w. Michael 400 Haeelin. Richard 248 Faeen. Tody 345 Fai-en. Lfta 122. 347, 400 l ' rrr. Adele _ 341 Hajrer. Helen _2fi8. 4OO Haeer. Mariorie ...111. 26X FaeTnrn. Richard 186. 400 Ha-lund. Kenneth 3M FaTOrnan. Steohen 4OO Hague. Gilbert 401 Haeue. Tames 187, 400 Hahn. Greteben 347 Habn. Myra 109. 121, 272. 400 Hahn. Norman 400 Haigfat. William 155 Ha-ms, Toon . 313 Hai-is. Donald 176 Halas, Donald Halbrook. Robert Halby, William " -- Clayton Hale, John Hale, Joyce _. Haley. Margaret Hall, Barbara _ Hall. David Hall, Donald _____ 58. 59, 327, 373. 401 Hall, Peter 291 HaH, Sara 267 Hall, William Hallam, Marjorie Hallas, Donald _ Hallburg, John Hallenbeck, Kenneth HaDisey, Donald Mailman. Gordon Halperin, Jerry Halpern, Esther 168, 347 Halpern, Frank 305 Halpern, Irving 105, 363 Habey. Richard __401 Halstead. Boyd 359 Halthe. Laura 253 Ham. Robert 401 Ham, Terry 271 .401 401 401 401 Hamadeh. Ismat Hambel. Robert Hambro. Lois Hamburg, Glenn Hamburger, Bart 313, 358 Hamburger. Richard 315 Hamer. John . 33, 133, 327 Hamill. Peter 188 Hamilton, Charles 298 Hamilton. George 17 Hamilton. Ralph 152 Hamilton. Richard A 358 Hamilton, Richard C. 331 Hamilton. Robert 401 Hamilton. Ronald 169 Hamilton. Shirley 348 Hamilton. Wavne 401 Hamilton. William . 362 HammarskjoUL Bivud 185. 401 Hammel, Richard 147, 190. 401 Hammer. Earle 119.3 4 Hammer. Marilyn 281. 401 Hammer. Mirian 248, 253 Hammer; Roger 364 Hammersmith. John 401 Hammett. Ralph 178 Hammock, David 175, 401 Hammond. Charles 292, 320 Hammond. Herbert 145 Hamper. Loyis 299 Hamren. Frederick 326 Handorf. Milton 296 Haner. Frederick 401 Hanley. Patrick 401 Hanna. Allan 357, 401 Hanna. Richard 125 Hannan. John 325. 401 Hanner+wrc. Richard -164, 361 Hans. Rf ert 4O1 Hansel. Dorothy 402 Hansen. Barbara 57, 120. 252, 274. 401 Hansen. Harold 303 Hansen. Sally 152. 273 Hanson. Ann 341 Hanson. Charles 303 Hanson. John 174. 401 Harbert. Ronald 316 Harbnrn. Gerald 357 Harden. David 314 Hardenberg. William 116. 139, 401 Hardesty. Richard 171. 363 Fardie, Gordon 188 Hardi?. Joseph 319. 401 Harding. Edward 314 Harding. Theodore 401 Hardy, Clarence 359 TT__J TV. -j ant naruy. i avio vi Hardy. Gerald . 302, 401 Hardv. Lawrence 301 Harelik. Norma-Jean 401 Harger, Tohn _ _ ___.12S, 127, 171, 402 Hanrer. Tndrth 277. 40? Harker, Robert 158. 364 Harkness. Eleanor 402 Harlan. Mary .. 407 Harling. Barbara 34 Harm. John 128. 188 Harmon. William 177. 4 v Harold. Doris 351 Haroldson. Olaf 32? Harper. Alice 14S Harper. Tohn . 307 Harper. Sanrad 361 Han-ell. Alice 4fl? Hamian. Marcaret 272 Harrington. Edith 4lr? Harrington, FranV 40 " Harrington, Gerald 319 Harrington, HaTlery 297 Harrinfton, Harold 402 Harrington, Herbert 308 Harrington, Paul 402 nsrriiigtou, Skcflvy 139 Harris, Alden . 162, 318, 402 Harris, Alice-Jean _. Harris, Bernard ....162, 349 192 Harris, David 311 Harris, Ht n 280 Harris, Donald IB Harris, Elvin 186 Harris, James 312 Harris, Jay Harris. John P. .. 313, 402 Iff Harris, John R. 324 Harris, Joseph ._ 152, 309 Harris, Robert ....145, 152, 458 Harris, Samuel 402 Harris, Theodore 294 Harris, Thomas . 330 _462 320 Harris, William _.. Harrison, Russell Harsant, James 106, 319 Harsha. Hugh 402 Hart, Constance 137, 255, 274 Hart, Ruth -285 Hartigan, John 297 Hartle, Beverly 402 -365 Hartman. Boyd Hartman, Carolyn ----- 267 Hartman, Edward ____ 186, 402 Hartman, James - _____ ....... _224, 225, 246, 402 Hartman, Robert _____________ 359 Hartman, William _____ 402 Hartman. William ____ 402 Hartsell. Craig _______ 361, 402 Hartsock, Robert ___ 327 Hartsnff. Florence __ 159 Hartwell, Shad _ ___ 188 Hartzell, Howard ________ 360 Hartzmack. Lee ... Hasan. Roberta Hascall. David Hashem. Erfan ______ 137, 178, 185, 402 Haskell. Donald -158, 160, 402 Haskell. John _ ___________ 175, 406 Hass. David _ 402 Hass. Donald ___ 145 Hass. Peter ___________ _ 322 Hassell. Jean _______ 340 Hasselwander, Carl -- ______ 354. 364, 367. 402 Hastie. Mary Ellen ...... 112, 273 Hastings, Robert _____ 300 Hatch, Bod _____ _ 297 Hatch. Henry _ ___ 197 Hatcher John ____ 169 Harfield. Eugene _______ 248. 360 Hathaway. John 124. 157. 402 Hatosky. ' Barbara _____ 340 Hatton. Tames _________ 359 Hauek. Thomas __________ 169, 402 Haupt. Spencer ___ 169, 402 Hause. Tames ___________ 145. 152. 354, 356, 361, 406 Hauser, Leo ---- -245 Haven. Mary __________ 341 Havis. Samuel _______ 178 HawVins. Charlvn ........ 271, 402 Hawkins, David ______ 169. 402 HawVins. Esther _ ...... ____ 277 Hawkins. Harry ____ 57. 187. n? Hawkins. Mary ___________ .402 Hawkins. William 170, 173, 403 w awkinson. Roy ________ 360 Hawley. Richard _________ 357 Hawrelnk. James _________ 183, 403 Hav George _____ _ ___ 186 HaVakama. Takeo _______ 166, 403 Hayden. Donald ..124, 187. 403 Hayes. Arme _ ___________ 341 Hayes. John - 302, 403 Hayes. Milton _______ 403 Haves, Mirvan ______ ...... _ 164 Hayes. William ..163, 171, 357 Havmes. Royal ____________ 182 Havnam. Brace _______ 309 Hays. Charles ________ 126. 320 Havward. John ____________ 327 Hazan. Samuel .._ _______ 361 Hazelett, Joseph __ 298 Head. Daniel _ ...... ____ .......... fW Headington, Terrence ...... 299 Healer. Sarah ____________ 53 Hearst. James _ ____________ 325 Heath. Milton 177. 30? Heath. Robert _ _____ 177 Heath. William ________________ 306 Heath. Nida _ __________ 279 Heathcott. Robert 118. 246. 319 Heatherington. Doughs ---- ___ J86. 403 Heberle. Marjorie ________ 349 WerV. Patricia ____ _3O7 Heck. Richard _________ 358 Hedeen, Bvron ______ 171 Hedees. William _ . ___ 401 . r. Robert ... __ 357. 403 Hedner. Carl _______ 303 ft ft iu?tr3. Marnn , ------ _ ____ ...... -125, 170. 173. 403 TT enan. Dennis ___________ _HW Heenan. George ............ 178, 403 Heenan. Richard _____ 403 Hegener. Joan --- 273 Hehn. Joseph _ ___ 403 Heiden. Norman 164, 359, 403 Heiderer. Joan _ . __ 340 Heiduen, Jean ____ 121, 279. 403 Heidisch. Gerald __________ 403 Heifetz, Stuart ____ 330 483 Hcikkenen, John 54,55,317 Heikkinen, Arthur 403 Heikkinen, Donald 458 Heil, Charles 322 Heil, Henry 308 Heim. Roseann 341 Heindel, Dennis 403 Heineman, Judd 188 Heineman, Rosemary 348 Heinemann, Herman 403 Heinemann, Susan 277 Heinen, Paul 317 Heiner, Mary Ellen 348 Heinlein, Joseph 136, 309 Heintzelman, Violet 172 Heinz, Robert ....154, 158, 177 Heitkamp, Maxine 346 Heitsch, Charles 119 Helfenbein, Gerald 118, 159, 161, 330 Heller, Clifford 403 Heller, Maurice 330 Hellstrom, John 403 Helmkamp, Daniel 357 Helnrich, Richard 298 Helsel, David 183, 403 Helzer, Dennis 187, 403 Hemping, Suzanne 112 Henderson, Ann 348 Henderson, Barbara 268 Henderson, Janet 403 Henderson, Wilham 288, 295, 403 Hendleman, Donna 133, 341 Hendley, William 403 Hendrian, Richard 296 Hendricks, Doyle 403 Hendrickson, Einar 403 Henes, Jeanne 341 Henes, Richard 403 Henney, Frank 308 Hennig, Julia 152, 271 Henrie, Arthur 115, 299, 403 Henry, Leland 119 Henry, Margot 403 Henry, Remsen 327, 403 Henry, Sheldon 14S Henry, Shirley 119 Hensel, John ....117, 125, 126, 169, 320 Herald, Carol 350 Herban, Earl 125 Herbert, Joseph 50 Herbold, Anthony 364 Herdman, Bertha 365 Herhusky, Robert 296 Herm, Thomas 127 Herman, Adam 403 Hermann, Robert 295 Herman, Donald 404 Herman, Herold 55, 119, 160, 166, 313, 360 Herman, Patricia ..148, 149, 404 Herman, Thomas 171,404 Herrigel, Bruce 404 Herrin, Lexie 404 Herrington, Kenneth 190 Herrinton, James 404 Herris, William 139 Herron, Ross 242 Hershberg, Leonard 315 Hertz, Shirley 350 Hertzberg, Stuart 404 Herz, Harriet 275, 404 Hess, Andrew 307 Hess. Edward 327, 404 Hess. John 404 Hesse, James , 404 Hetman, Thomas 171 Hetzeck, Alexander ....115, 242, 243, 246, 296, 404 Hewitt, Eleanor 283, 404 Hewitt, Loraine 270 Hewitt. Richard 404 Hpy. Marilvn 112, ?V . Heyman, Tacqueline 404 Heyman. jay 161, 361 Heyn, William 125, 127, 404 Heyner. Conrad 364, 404 Hibbard, Margaret 341 Hickman, William 58, 117 Hicks. Barbara 348 H. ' cks. Eugene 328, 404 Hicks, Frederick 365 Hicks, Gary 307, 404 Hic s, Tames 308 Hicks, Lawrence 404 Hicks, Robert 321 Hienan. Dennis 322 Higbee, Mary 279. 404 Hiehie, Charles 301 Hige : ns, Ann 270 Hi K gins, David 319 Higgins, Hugh ...:. 404 Higgi s. Richard 156 Higgi-s. William 404 Hik. rharlene 123 Hilarides, Roger 296, 404 Hilborn. Mariorie 404 Hildebrandt, Jennie 149 Hildebrant. Jmn 267 HiMenbrand. Anita 404 Hildine. Elizabeth 404 Hile, Gloria _ 341. 404 Hiles. Donald 327, 404 Hilfinger. Howard 308 Hill. Arthur 318,404 Hill. Daniel ... 297 Hill, Donald _ 1, 125. 173, 319, 404 Hill, Edward 360,404 Hill, Martha 35C Hillbert, James 357 Hillman, Harry 248, 322 Hills, Robert 172 Hilsinger, Harold 357 Hilt, Charlene 277, 404 Hilton, Nancy 273 Himmelberger, James ..303, 357 Hinchman, Donald 182 Hinchman, Marion 404 Hinckley, Barbara 341, 404 Hindle, Jean 341 Hine, Marion 404 Hines, Paul 176 Hinken, Edward 405 Hinman, Cecil 314 Hinshaw, John 365 Hinspeter, LeRoy 405 Hinz, Jim 358 Hipfel, Joseph 365 Hirsch, Ruth 405 Hirschkick, Edward 359 Hirschhorn, Joseph 405 Hirsh, Jerome 315 Hirshman, Frances 281 Hirt, Jacque 268 Hirtzel, Philin 307 Hiscock, William 405 Hiss, Roland 361 Hittman, Frederic 125, 405 Ho, Susan 349, 405 Hoag, Earl 405 H oard, Dorothy 405 Hobart, Thomas 145,307 Hobart, William 177, 405 Hobyak. John 159, 307 Hoch, Reimer 126, 310 Hockey, Nancy 349, 405 Hodge, Carol 341 Hodge, Kenneth 298 Hodges, Margaret 282, 405 Hodges, Nancy 270 Hodges, Paul 58, 116, 130, 173, 365, 405 Hodges, Robert 188 Hodgman, Richard 309 Hodgson, Norman 188, 405 Hodin, Jack 330, 405 Hody, Harold 320, 405 Hoefferle. George 362 Hoefler, Charles 104 Hoehmann, Elizabeth ....159, 405 Hoenecke. Heinz 182 Hoenig, Stuart 405 Hoera, Donn 405 Hoermann, Roland 173 Hoert, Anita 341 Hoexter, Robert 106, 329 Hoffman, Bettina 405 Hoffman, Laura 340 Hoffman, Marilyn 405 Hoffman, William 311 Hoffmeyer, William 125, 126, 367, 405 Hogan, James 363 Hogan, Nancy 279 Hogan. Philip 360 Hogue. Donald 405 Hoke, Bai 127 Hoke, John 405 Hoke, Martha 253, 348 Hoke. Paul 175, 298 Holcomh, Donald 297 Holcomb, Lyle 405 Holcombe. Alan 235, 246 Holder. Leonard 254 Hole, Marvin 458 Hole, William 304, 405 Holland, Clay 116, 294, 405 Holland, David 326 Holland, L. N 169 Hollander. Zander 133 Hollback, Reimer 405 Hollinger, Harold 182 Hollis, Frederick 290, 307 Moll ' s, Tack 125 Hollister, Rob-rt ..125,126,405 Hollowav, Richard 304, 405 Holm. Kenneth 145 Holm, Robert 405 Holm. William 324 Holman, Nancy 346, 405 Holmes, Alice 281 Holmes, Lois 347 Holmes, Pr -s ..97, 106, 115,40. ' ! Holmes, Robert 329, 405 Holmguist. Howard 405 Holt, Harold 309 Holterieve, Martin 364 Holthe. Laura 405 Hnltz. Williim 359 Holwadel. Kent . 309 Holzhero-er. Tovce 148,268 Honey, Talhot 405 Honke. Bnnnie 268, 406 Hood. Clifford 147 Mood. Herbert 361 Hood, Tames 328, 406 Hood. John 317 Hoogesteger. Paul 406 Hook. Charles 173.406 Hook, Ellen 341 Hook, Marv 120.164.248,252,255, 273. 406 Hooker. Richard 61 Hooper, Gregory 360 Hooper, Joseph 103 Hooper, Martha 148 Hoover, David 406 Hoover, Donald 227, 246 Hoover, Robert 308 Hopkins, George 406 Hopkins, Walter ....125, 127, 406 Horan, Helen 348 Horiuchi, Bebe 166 Horiuchi, Frank 166, 406 Hornett, William 306 Horngren, Keith 365, 406 Horning, Charles 406 Horning, David ....188,365,406 Horst, David 304 Horton, Frances 347 Horvath, Michael 406 Horvath, William 187 Horwich, Stuart 330 Horwitch, Robert 313 Horwitz, Marvin 318 Horwitz, Rhoda 181 Hosbein, David 406 Hosbein, James 292 Hosel, Delores 406 Hosley, Vera 270, 406 Houck, Ann 348 Houck, LeRoy 406 Hough, Cass 319 Houghtaling, Samuel ..147, 406 Houghton, Knight 322, 406 Hourigan, Virginia 148 House. James 3?0, 406 Houser, Carita 272, 406 Houston, Alberta 112,281 Houston, James 406 Hovey, James 406 Howard, Beverly 341 Howard, Dorothy 351 Howard, George 406 Howard, Harvey 105 Howard, Joyce 148, 252, 255,274 Howard, Thomas 322 Howe. Tames 295, 406 Howe, Mary Beth 267, 406 Howell, Frank 201 Howell, Glen 361 Howell, Richard 309 Howlett, Duane 145 Hewlett, James 298, 406 Howley, Richard 145 Hoyer, Thomas 193, 403 Hoyt, Frederick 361 Hoyt, John 291, 406 Hozan, Samuel 406 Hrescak, Olga 253 Hsia, Teh Chen 159 Hsu, Elizabeth 406 Hsu, Gen-Sang 406 Hubacker, Allan 182, 406 Hubbard, Suzan 341 Hubbard, William 321 Hubbell, Clarence 407 Huhb-11, Richard 163 Hubchen. Harry 407 Huber, Franz 458 Huher, Robert 407 Huber. Suzanne 279 Huckins, John 296, 407 Huddle, Ann 340 Hudock, Edward 158 Hudson. Clarence 407 Huff. Juliard 292 Huff, Reginald 314 Huff, Richard 327 Huff. William 407 Hufferd, William 316, 407 Huger, James 57, 407 Hughes, Douglas 361 Hughes. Silly " ' . 2SO Hughes, Thomas 177.407 Hughes, Victor 301 Hughs, Louis 358 Hukill, Robert 297 Hulbert. William 322, 407 Hulett. Janice 268 Hull, James 325 Hultman, John 297 Human, Curtis 175 Hume, Cecily 772, 406 Humes, Richard 300, 407 Hummer, Patricia 159. 347 Humphrey. John 363. 407 Hunigan, Earl 294, 407 Hunsicker, T o hn 126, 169 Hunsicker, Toan ?78 Hunt. David 316 Hunt, Tames 197. 201 Hurt, Tnhn 316 Hunt, Michael 296 Hunt, Robert 407 Hunt. Thelma 348. 407 Huntley, Newtnn 407 Hurlin, Kenneth 302 Hurry, Neil 297 Husain, Faia 165 Huston, Rosemary 159 TTutchcson. Edward 310 Hutchins. Catherine 159 Hutchison, Juanita 277, 407 Hutton, David 326, 407 Hydon, Robert 327 Hyman, Charles 313 Hyman, Doris 112, 137, 248 Hyslop, Thomas 175 I Iffland, Harold 407 Iglauer, Jean 248, 407 Ikemori, Fumiko 166 Her, Richard 185 Ilgovsky, Shirley 349, 407 Imhof, Neysa _174 Ingold, John 301 Ingraham, John 308 Ingram, Marjorie 248, 252, 253, 344, 407 Inman, Neil 307 Innes, Perry 407 Ippel, Sally 347 Irving, George 322, 407 Irvirt, Avert 407 Irvish, Whirling 407 Irwin, Gerald 360 Irwin, Hampton 329 Irwin, Josephine 252, 349 Irwin, Lois 407 Isaacs, Robert 361 Isbell, Franziska 341 Isenberg, Conrad 156,407 Isenberg, Judith 269 Iser, Doris 137 Isolompi, Nancy 137, 267 Isreal, Floralou 248 Issac, Edward 407 Itkoff, Tulane 33, 109, 248 Ittner, Frederick ..104,118,309 Ivanoff, John 193, 407 Iverson, Terrance 297 Iwashita, Toraki 166 Iwasko, Harry 119,327,360 acka, Patricia 349 acks, Gerald 365 ackson, Allan 201,205 ackson, Dale 105 ackson, Daniel 316 ackson, Kathryn 272 .ckson, Mae 407 Jackson, Norman 201, 407 Jackson, Richard 297, 407 Jackson, Samuel 407 Jackson, Suzanne 408 Jackwig, Betty 408 Jacobi, George 319 Jacobs, Bernard 119,364 Jacobs, David 293 Jacobs, Earl 361 Jacobs, James 119,35 Tacobs, Joanne 277 Jacobs, John E 187, 322, 408 Jacobs, John H 498 Tacobs, Marilyn 254 i " acobs, Wesley 294 acobsen, Susan 271 acobson, Eleanor 349 acobpon, Gerrv 192,408 . acobson, Louise . 349 Jacohson, Marjorie 173 Tacques, James 303 Tadwin, Mary 159 Jaeser, Arthur 408 Taffe. Lewis 315 Jaffe, Martin 192,408 Taffe. Robert 359 Tahsman. David 106, 314 Tames, Gloria 282 James, Janice Ill, 132,281 Tamison, Charles 183 Janeck, Frank 152 Janes. Robert 171,408 Tanis, Elizabeth 348 Jans, Barbara 120. 132.408 Tans, James 142 Tansma, Phyllis 54. SS, 408 Tansen, Emil 125, 175, 408 Tanton. William 408 Jar!. Ralph 57,187.408 Taroski. Gerald ....187. 378, 408 jarvie, John 171,408 Jaycox, Clinton 171, 408 Tennnero, Douglas 408 Jefferson. Horace 294 Teffries. Margaret 341 Jeffrey, John 306 Jeffrey. Wallace 177 Jender, Joseph 356 Tenkins, Providence 294 Tenkins. Robert 304, 408 Tenks. John 308 Tennett. Bernard 147,326 Jennings, David 298, 408 Tennings. Harley 180 Jensen. Esther 408 Jensen, Ian 408 Jensen, Williams 408 Jentes, William ....105.119.296 Terden, Charles 408 Terome. Robert 171, 300. 408 Teserich. Paul 72 Jessop, Tune 344 Tessun, Mary Jane 253. 340 Jeu. Lawrence 166 Tevizian, Edward 408 Jewell. Arlene 122, 341, 408 Tewitt. Patrica 341 Jhung, Irene 166 Jilhert. Marjorie 347 484 Jilka, Frances 145 Jitters Jaborvhz -408 Jobes, Virginia 268 Johannsen. Judith 252, 279. 408 Johns, Edward 156 Johns, Rafiee 104. 358. 408 Johnson, Allin 295 lahaBom. Arthnr 188 Johnson, Brace ohnson, Donald ohnson, Eugene ohnson, Fotter ' ohnson. Franklin ------- Frederick ..... .3 16. 408 Howard ___________ 54, 408 _ Marilyn ..270. 341. 408 ohnson, Marlowe 164 ohnson. Michel 174 ohnson. Ogden -409 ohnson. Pan! 409 ohnson. Phillip 325 ohnson. Rae 164 ohnson, Ralph 172, 180.409 ohnson, Richard 182 Johnmn. Robert 3f . 409 Jobnmn. Robert 1 5. 409 Johnson, Roland 178, 360 K oU 147 ___ Roy 317 ohnson, Theodore _ 409 lohnson. Thomas -11?. 201. 294 ohnson. William J9f. 409 lohnson, Yvonne -109. 271. 409 Charles 297.409 ohnston. Peter .....327 ohnston. Philip 297. 49 Johnston, Robert 301 Tobnstone. Nancy 341 Johnstone. Peter ...288, 331. 409 Job-stone. Robert 307.409 okda. Harold 408 1m .. 291 - : rea 328 ones. Charleen 145 ones. Constance 176.270.409 Edward 294 Harry -298 Jones. James 3s8 Tones. Jean 123. 346 Tones. Toan 280 Ton ' s. Tohn K. 290. 331 tones, John P 409 Tones. John R. 190.409 Jones, Mary Lon 148 Tones. Paul : 310, 357 ' ones. Reese 362 Tones. Robert 190 tones. Robert J -295 Jones, Rosemary . 122. 160, 165. 340. 409 [ones, SaHv ff _ 297 362 jooesonl Kingslrr _ 145 ToptMch. Durwood tordalen. Marion Tordon. Harold Tordan. Jam- Jorgensen. Else Ta PIMMI George Torstad. Teanne Jorstad. Mary Jose. Elliot - tosdyn. Wffliam Toseph. Beverly Joseph. Robert Josephson, John Tonrdain. Louis Toy. Patricia Joy ut. Jo n Judson. Ray TuKan. Leo Juntunen. Jack Turgensen, Roy Jnzek, Alice -190 -409 Rabashima. Toshiko _ _ 409 RabceneH. Robert ... ____ 330. 409 Ka e. Lorna ___ 350 Kahn, Annette _ _ 137 Kahn, Bernard 118. 225. 246 Kahn, Jane ...._ ........ ___________ 161 Kahn, Janice 4O9 Kahn. Marcel ........... _________ 318 Kahn. Roth _____ 269. 409 Kaiser, Joanne Kalamanka. Patricia Rallet, Mary __________ Kalow. Sanrael Kalson. Ii " 148 26 Carl 319 Robert 324 Kamenec. Robert 409 Kamens. RaTle 123. 248 Kamieniec. Robert - 314 Kamp, Ervin Rampen, Emerson Kampner, Burton Kamrath. Richard Kan, Peter Luella Kandt, o v j . Kanitz, James Kanner. John - 295 Ranser. Joyce 174, 340 Kant, Charles 170, 409 Kantor. Morton 313 Kapetansky, Donald 410 Kapetansky, Frederick 361 Kaplan, Alvin 313,410 Kaplan. Carolyn 269, 410 , David _ Kaplan, Kaplan, Mary Kaplan, Richard Kaplan. Robert Kaprielian. Mary - Kaprielian, Michael Karasek. Marilyn _ Rarch, Emily . Karcher, Donald _ Karris. John Kardel. Peter Karel, Irving Karg, Helen Rarges, David 410 349 _ 410 __315 J51 119 248 ._149. 410 .....324 ...324, 410 ...358 ._361 _149 -291 Karlstrom, Olof 305 Karlinski. Robert -410 Karner, Joan 163,285,410 Kamischky, Nancy -349 Karoff. Richard 318, 410 Karoly. Andrew _ __147 Kash, Steven 312 Kastanerick, Robert 324 Rathe. John 104, 309 Katterjohn. Arthnr Hi Katz, Alvin 318 Katz, Barbara . 350 Katz, Herbert 119, 360 Katz, Morris 161,323 Katz. Phillip 410 Katzemeyer. Bert . .245 Kauffman. Charles 162,318 Kaufman. Charlotte 410 Kaufman. David 318 Kaufman, Ivan 329 Kaufman, Lawrence 169 Kaufman, Lee 198. 199. 330. 410 Kaufman. Phylis -109, 110, 350 Kaup. Norman 365 Kanper. Paul 142 Kaoppila. Raymond ....125, 127. 361. 410 Kansch, John 299 Kanskas. Donald 183.410 Kantz. Robert . 171, 410 Kavis. Gertrude 350 Kawecki. Laura 174 Kay. Constance Kay. Elizabeth Kay, Frank _ Kay, Sherman _ Kazmerzak, Leo _ Raznmplik. Frank _ Kearney. Richard D. Kearney, Richard T. Kearney. Richard T. Keas. Elizabeth Keas, Harold Keast. Patricia 276. 410 Keck, Donald 410 Keck. Frank 303 Kee. Rov 177. 410 Reefer. Lewis 410 Keegan, Mary L. 410 Keeean. Mary M -274 Keeler Jane .- 343 Keeler! William . .296 Keely. Kathleen _.123, 173, 273 Keener. Mark _ 310 Keen, Cliff 201 Reman. Bernard _410 Reeny, John 410 Keidan. Fred 330 Keim. Barbara 252. 253. 255. 282. 410 Reim, Earl 308. 458 Keith. Albert 357,410 Keith, Leonard 359, 410 Keith. Robert __118, 131 Keith. William 317 Keliber. Lester 360, 410 Relleher. Jerome 365 Relleber. John _ 359 Keller, Anita 123. 137. 269 Keller. Barbara _..1I2. 253,346 Keller; Beverly _ 348 Keller, Frank 246,411 Keller. Louise 411 Keller, William ... 411 Ketlez, Tames 183 Keller. Russell 155 Kelly. Dolores 121.411 Kelly. Donald 185.411 Kelly. Donald P -.124. 411 Kelly. Philip .299, 411 Relsey, Thomas 57. 201, 246. 308 Kemp. Eugene 359 Kemp. Tosenh 193 Kemp. Wallace 411 Kemp. William 193 Kcmpf. Richard 331 Kenadjian. Berdj 187,411 Kendall, Richard 248, 264 Kendall. Robert _ 411 Kendall, Russell 359.411 Kendrick. Crane 326. 41 1 Reniston, Hayward _ _ 82 Kennedy. Elizabeth 341 Kennedy, Charles .. 50 Kennedy, Colleen 280, 411 Kennedy, David 319 Rennedy, Margaret 121, 272, 411 Kennedy, Richard 359 Kent. Charles 411 Kent, Jerome . 119 Kent. William 173,363 Keough, Edward 319 Kepler, Charles 320 KerbT, Douglas 320 Rercber, Ervin 128, 182, 411 Kergey. Leonard 178 Kerlin. Hise 347 Kern, Virginia 271 Kerner, Suzanne 350 Kerns. Thomas 193 Kerr. Edwin 105. 119, 296 Kerr, Fred 124 Kerr, Marilyn 168 Rerr William 297, 411 Kerry, Robert 297 Kersey. Leonard 411 Kersten, John 411 Kersten, William 363 Kersting. Cecil 411 Resky. William . 190 Kessd. Paula 349 Kesskr. Suzanne . 248 Resslering. Carl 411 Kestel. David _ 317 Retelbnt. Joan 132, 274 Rettler. Clarence 115, 135, 325, 411 Rettner. Lloyd 411 Reyes, Earl 246 Reyte, Gerald 358 Key worth. Donald _ _...411 Rhanna . Ramesh 165 Kbowrr. Diane 347 Kb_. Eric 165 Rbnvmayyis. Zalri 357 Kidd ' . Alan 292 Kiddon. Gene 300 RiederiHi, Sylvia 164 Riehl. Paul 155 RiesseU Alfred 314 Riessling. Maxwell 457 Kihl. Gerald 411 Kilbnrn. Donna 252 Rilgore. Joseph 411 Kilgore. Louis 296 Kilgren. Glenn 360.411 Rimbrell. Jean 411 Rimbrough. Joseoh _ 174. 21 Kimbrough. William 193 KT -.. 171 imptoo. L.ynn - 1 Rimnra. Benjamin . 357 Kinder. Robert 145 King. Allen 411 King. Charles Kine. David King. George , King. Isabel 411 King. Tames 120. 125.411 King. Joan 411 King. Mary _121. 265, 278. 411 Ring. William 119.360 Kinedon. Donald 307.411 Kinkead. Elizabeth 412 Rinkead. John . 307 Rinkella. Albert 182, 412 Kinnel. John 306 Kinnenberger. Robert 300 Rinsey, Gleadis 350. 412 Kinstle, Lawrence . 35! Kinyon, Peter 201 Kireos. George 363 Kirkindall, Barbara 412 Kirkwood. Kenneth 307 Kirsch. Charles 145.412 Kirscbenbanm, Frances 349 Rirschman. Doris 349. 412 Kirsten, Walter 182 Kistler, Toon " .. ' . Killer! Roland 361. 412 Kitasaki Kivoshi 166. 364 Kittefl. Willis 186. 41? Rittleson. Arthnr 182 Kitts. Alice 282 Kitts. Jack 19O Kivela. Leo 412 Kiyoshi. Kitasaki . 175 Kiynko. Taira 412 Rlafer. Marylin 122, 347. 412 Klaff. Herbert 133. 793 Rlages. Lnma 174 Klamser. Robert 356. 361 Klap, John .287, 41? Klapprodt. Carol 348 Klaus, Carl 313 Klaus, David -412 Klein. Philip _ Klein. Richard Klewpell, Peter 412 330 412 WAHncaicu. vmci i Ji PVCHIp. T llliain IV J Raminsky, Ronald 330, 351 Kemper. James 33. 106, 312 Klaus, Sidney Kleckner. Pauline Klein, Janet _____ Klein, Mavnard Klein, 119.360 276.41? 340. 412 150 305 Kleinert, Joan .275 Kteitman, Hortense -.133 Klett, Earl 300.412 Klickman, Alton 364 Klimeckr, Louis .._____ 106 Kline, Marilyn 412 Klinesteker, Robert 186 Klingbeil. Adelaide 412 Rlingler, David 125. 126 Rlipfel, Karl 307 Kloecker, Bernard . 412 Kloian. Michael 178 Kloock, Arnold 135, 361 Kloote. William 322 Klvman, Calvin 412 Knape, Richard -171, 412 Knapp, Fay 306,412 Knapp, Joseph 193 Knapp. Robert 171,412 Rnecht. Richard 412 Knechtel, Jeanne 174, 255 Knecke. Charles 190 Rnepfer. Arnold 313 Rnenssl, James . _ -320 Knevds, Robert 295. 412 Knibbe. Jean 271 Rnickerbocker, Ann 349 Knight. George 412 Knight. Richard 306. 412 Knight. Geoffrey 237, 246, 317. 412 Knittle. Gerald __ 412 Knode. Robert 106, 304 Knoll. Alan 110, 173 Knoob, Gloria Knopf. Ralph Knopf, Richard .... - Rnox. John Rnndsen. John Kobayaski. Riki Kobs. Robert _ Koceski. Leo 163, 341 ..-193, 412 307 412 322. 359 180 128. 182 . 114, 201, 205. 240, 246, 412 Koch. Alan 412 Koch. Jacauilyn 413 Roch. Oscar _ 413 Rochrodan. Eugene 168 Rocinski. Edward 58,328,413 Rock, Ulrich 139. 357 Kocon. Richard 361 Kocomik. Charles 413 Roegel. Albert 413 Roehne. William 174 KoeHa. Charles 17; Roister. Arthur 31 Ttsiiiil Robert 334 Robe, John 165 Kohlme ' yer. Frederick _127, 17 Kohloff. Richard 180 gA Harris 330, 413 Kohr. Robert 12! Kolbe. Jeanne 145 Kollenberg. Marilyn _. 162, 340 Koln. Charles 291 Kominaro. Harold 18 Koncar. Ann 168, 349 Konrad. William 117.246.319 Kooistra, Mavnard 173, 189 Kopchik. Michael 413 Ropel. Harriet 137, 161, 348 Kopelow. Richard 413 Kopp. Richard 31( Kopp. William 188, 413 Koppelman. Elizabeth -269 Korbeing. James _ 178, 413 Rorby. Albert 184 Kordenbrock. Robert 410 Kordenbrock. Ronald ..106, 326 Korfage, Robert 311 Kornblne. Edward _ . -311 Kornman. Elizabeth 248 Roroton, Vera 347 Roroela. Helen 164,413 Rosik. Joseph 354. 356, 359, 413 Roski, Henry 365 Kotatrish. William _ 357 Kotdes. Michael 178. 413 Kotin. Lois 248 Kotite. Donald 314 Roller. Warren_ Rontz. Dorothy Kowlaczy. Edward Kowalski. Edmund 178. 413 Kowalski. Eugene 127,413 Kowolezvk, Edward 169 Kozai. Kearney 166. 17 Roziara. Engene 364. 413 Rorin. Gloria 181, 413 Kozma, Adam 413 Kozma. Edward 133 Koznmplik. Frank 413 Rrafft, Loneua 343 Rraft. Richard 193 Rramer. Alan 314 Rramer. Mark _ 289 293 346 _413 Kranson, Michael . Krantz. Kenneth Krasner. Myra Krass. Allen __ Rrassner, George Kratr. H. Rrand. Robert . Rranse. Barbara _413 _185 m _293 _413 _173 _364 . 413 485 Krause, Jack ,297, 413 Krause, Lawrence 413 Krause, Merton 293 Krauss, John 360 Krauss, Marilyn 269 Kravitz, Herbert 413 Krchma, Jane 255 Kreager, Carl 201, 246, 413 Kremski, John 359 Kremer, Lowell 318 Kremers, Peter 413 Kress, Jeanne 123, 149 Kress, Joanne 149 Kress, Theodore 308 Krestic, John 145 Kretchmar, James 310 Kretzchmar, Robert 316 Kretzschmar, William 128, 188, 413 Kriegman, Samuel 323, 363 Krinsley, Richard 315 Krepinski, Edwin 125 Kroll, Norman 313 Krouse, Lawrence 330 Krickstein, Bette 269, 413 Krieger, LaVerne 164 Krieger, Robert 187, 413 Kriewall, Thomas 119 Kripke, Sidney ....119,136,330 Krishnaswamy, Mrs. K. S. -.165 Kristofferson, Thomas 314 Kritschgau, Marie 341 Krohn, Alan 457 Kroll, Norman 413 Kron, Muriel 340 Kropa. Elsie 164, 338, 348 Kropf, Charles 364 Kroth, Thomas 328 Krueger, Alan 310,413 Krueger, Paul 310 Krueger, Rose 269 Kruger, Judy 346 Kruger, Julia 413 Krummel. Donald 152, 414 Krupp, David 308 Krysinski, Edwin 173,414 Kubba, Muwafaq 364 Kubota, James 358 Kuehi, Inge 343, 372, 414 Kueneel. Franklin 103 Kuhel, Eli 192 Kuhl. Elise 341 Kuich, Loren 414 Kuivinen, Edward 298 Kujawski, Karl 362 Kull, Marianne 276 Kuncz, W. Clark 414 Kurcz, Lisa 344 Kurland. Richard 160, 414 Kurtz, Pauline 137, 274 Kushi, Masanori 166 Kushnick. Martin 414 Kuthy, Eugene 131 Kwasman. Bertram 119 Kycia, Julian 328 Labanov. Igor 185 LaBastille, Frederick 414 Labes, James 330, 361 Labes, Marvin 141, 414 LaBret, Shelton 323, 414 Lackey. Barbara 350 Lacy, Mary 414 Laczo, Louise 342 Ladas, Dean 326, 359 Ladendorf, Raymond 58. 116. 138, 139, 172, 180, 414 La Due, Francis 177 La Fave, Colen 362 Lafkiotes, Constantine 145, 152, 414 Lafler, Clarence 414 Lafler. Tames 182 La Fond, Delores 351 Lagerbom, Harry 178 Lahde, Diane 54. 55, 122, 252, 253, 271 Lahr. Rov 139 Lahti, Lillian 414 Laidlaw. Tames 163 Laing, Lionel 52. 142 Laird, Edward 414 Laitner. Edward 105 Lake, Jerome 362 Lallier, Joyce 268 La Londe, Tames 329 La Mack, Dennis 414 Lamadrid. Gladys 166 Laman, Tohn 365 Lamb, Eugene 115,361,414 Lamb, Michael .:_ 106 Lamberg, Joyce 347 Lambers, Catherine ....273, 414 Lambers, Guy 414 Lambert, Wavne 119, 320 Lamherton, Philip 414 Lamberts. Robert 189 LaMed, Renah 414 Lamey, Arthur 326 Lamm, Donald 277, 457 Lamont, Ian 357 Lamson, Frederick 125, 414 Lamson, Nancv 414 Lancaster, LeRoy 414 Land. William 362 Lander, Lawrence 310,414 Landes, Cyrille 269 Landes, Katherine 283 Landis, Donald 326 Lands, William 414 Landsberg, Jack 184 Landstra, Elizabeth 414 Lane, Arthur 314 Lane, Calvin 189 Lane, Cherry 414 Lane, Lawrence 361, 414 Lanetti, Mary Ellen 340 Laney, William 297, 365 Lang, Alfred 116, 171 Lang, David 298, 361 Lang, Ramon 414 Lang, Thomas 315, 414 Lange, Arlene ..54, 253, 255, 282 Lange, Jeanne 120, 282, 414 Lange, Lawrence 365 Langell, Harold 326 Langer, Arthur 315 Langer, David 414 Langer, Jerome 305, 414 Langley, James 363 Langlois, Denver 415 Langlois, Earl 415 Lanning, Harold 126 La Nouette, William ....326, 360 Lantos, Robert 360 Lantz, Carol 415 Lapham, Robert 158 La Pine, Lyle 317 Lapinski, Theodore 170,415 Lappin, Frederick 18 Lapps, Vernon 358 Lardner, H. Peter 105, 321 La Roue, Ernest 365 LaRoy, Wesley 178, 415 Larsen, Joan 341 Larsen, Robert 246, 415 Larson, Bertil 292 Larson, Marian 109, 283, 341, 415 Larson, Robert 363, 365 La Rue, Joseph 229, 322 La Rue, John 317, 415 LaSage, Marcia 274,415 Lashmet, Peter ....172, 180, 415 Lasky, Janet 282 Lasser, Floyd 330,415 La Tendresse, Joseph 365 Lathrop, Sidney 178, 415 Latshaw, Wilmer 191,415 Lau, Johann 415 Lauder, Harry 32 Lauer, Dave 309 T.aughner, John 415 Lauren, June 111,270 Laurence, Douglas 308 Lauritzen, Roy 317 Lautner, Ann 3 1 Lautner, Edward 299 Lawler, James 41. Lawlor, Owen 32 ' Lawrence, Harold 299 Lawrence, Jack 32, Lawrence, William 41! Lawson, Al 302 Lawson, Barbara 341 Lawson, Marian 122 Lawson, Robert 33, 119, 137, 325, 365, 367 Lawther, Alice 41! I.awton, Barbara 273 Lawwill. Margaret 279,415 Laxton, William 189 Layman. John -.- 357 Layton, Robert 305,415 Lazar, Lawrence -415 Lazarus. Helene 415 Leach, Michael 17. Leacock. James 364 T.eaf, Charles 147, 359 Leake, Barbara 341 Leake, Robert 415 Leavesley. Eleanor 15! Leavitt. " Donald 415 Lebendiger, Ruth 415 Lebesen, Mimi 269 LeBost, Henry 415 Lebowitz. Edward 318,415 Lecker. Edward ,178, 415 LeClair, Keith .245, 246, 296, 415 LeClair. Lowell 296 LeClaire, Larry 201 Leddick, David 106, 134, 176, 327, 415 Leddick. Joan 59, 340 Lederman, Peter 119 LeDuc, Yvonne Ill, 274 Ledyard, Gari 364 Lee, Alex 165 Lee, Betty 281 Lee, Harry 160, 358 Lee, Jack 145 Lee, John 303,415 Lee, Kenneth 415 Lee, Kyungwhan 177 Lee, Miles 358 Lee, Richard 303, 415 Lee, Robert E 317,415 Lee, Robert H 178,415 Lee, Seng-Lip 165,415 Lee, Sophie 166, 416 Lee, Tunney 185, 358 Lee, Yuen 416 Leebove, Miriam 350 Leech, Marvin 357 Leedy, Carroll 169, 320, 416 Leen, John 177 Leengren, Wayne 307 Lehan, James 299, 416 Lehoczky, John 328, 41C Leifer, Gerald 57 Leigh, Geoffrey 105, 360 Leimkuehler, Joseph 365 Leisenring, Janet 159 Leiser, Doris 159, 345 Leitz, Gerald 416 Leitz, Marlyn 416 Leja, Iris 148, 268 Leland, Edward 145 Lembke, George 416 Lemieux, George 357 LeMire, Auverne 170,416 Lemmer, Robert ....106, 159,357 Lemper, Valerie ....120, 276, 416 Leney, George 416 Lenhardt, Charlotte 268, 416 Lenox, George 416 Lentz, Charles 116 Leon, Edward 180 Leonall, Victor ....175, 191, 416 Leonard, Douglas 458 Leonard, Johanna Ill, 281 Leonard, Louise 111,272 Leonard, Richard 416 Leone. A. Gerald 416 Leopold, Robert ....354, 356, 358 Lepard, Terome 185 Lepnik, Carl 192 Lepperd, Lila 416 Lesko, Nicholas 178,416 Leslie, Dave 135, 330 Lesser, Stanley 416 Lessieu, Eugene ....170, 173, 317 Letsis, Mary 133 Letts, Miles 105, 291 Lentholtz, Barnard 145, 152 Levai. Mariah 181 LeValley, John 312, 416 Levenberg, Edwin 364 Levering, Henry 312 Leveti, Vilma 254 Levey, Barry 54, 55, 330 Levey, Lester 358 Levin, Paul 119, 158 Levine, Barbara 416 Levine, Ellsworth 318 Levine, Lucille 341 Levine, Maurice 313, 416 Levine, Nathan ....178,313,416 Levine, Seymour 305 Levinsohn, Al 313 Levistein, Barbara 416 Levitetz, Carl 313 Levitt, Shola 137, 349 Levitt, William 313 Levora. Mary Ann 272 Levy, Eva 416 Lewinson, Edwin 54, 416 Lewis, Ann 255, 269 Lewis, Carol 349 Lewis, Dave 295 Lewis, Donald 416 Lewis, James 416 Lewis, John 170,295,416 Lewis, Nancy 271 Lewis, Robert 312 Lewistein, Barbara 248 Leydorf. Fred 308 Lezak. Raymond 416 Li, Ellen 416 Liackes. Thomas 416 Lihby, William 361 Libman. Hillard 416 Libman, Norman 330 Licero. Ross 320 Lide. Robert 362 Lidving, Glenn 298 Lieblein. Robert 304, 357 Liefer, Gerald 183, 416 Light. Douglas 416 Lightle, Floyd 417 Lightstone, Diane 248,417 Lilly, Lester 360 Lincoln, David 417 Lincoln, Richard 242 Lind, Dean 117,245,296 Lind. Donald 246 Lindberg, Edna 123 Lindberg, Jovce 349 Lindbloom. Ann 267 Linde. Robert 183 Linder, Dorothy 34; Linder, George 302 Linder, Robert 417, 320 Linderman. Chris ..164, 345, 417 Linderman, James 310 Lindh, Ileana 109, 121, 282, 417 Lindow, Carl 359 Lindow. Mvron 363 Lindquist. Tohn ....103, 115, 229, 309, 417 Lindquist, Leo 193 Ljndquist. Robert 417 Lindsay, Francis 417 Lindsay, Lucy 350 Lindslev. Edward 300, 417 Line, Tohn 360.417 Ling, Suilin 358 Linn, Frank 331 Linquist, Mary Louise ....268 Lipnik, Al 417 Lippman, Carol 348 ' Lipsky, Roma 131,458 Lipson, Jack 290, 305 Lisniansky, Ruth 340 List, Nancy 283,417 List, Susanne 248, 417 Litt, Ray 117 Little, Barbara 52, 60, 109, 121, 276, 417 Little, Carolyn 351 Little, Mary Jane 281,417 Liverance, Howard 309 Lloyd, Walker 306 Lobaugh, James ....106, 159, 417 Loblein, Robert 292 Lochtefeld, Joseph 417 Locke, David 358,417 Lockridge, Barbara 417 Loeffler, Katherine 285 Loetz, Phyllis 145,417 Loetz, Richard 417 Loewenstein, William 315 Lofgren, Carole 267 Lofquist. Gordon 125, 126 Loftus, Steve 417 Logan, Bernadyne 152, 341, 417 Logan, David 184 Logan, Muriel 341, 417 Loh, Frank 126, 169, 417 Loitman. George 147 Loken, Newton 237 Londes, Andriana 253, 280 London, Duane 362 London, Edmund 313 Long, Arthur 417 Long, John 417 Long, Victor 363 Longe, William 458 Lonyo, Andrew 417,359 Loomis, John 294 Lopez, Carlos 168, 364 Lo Prete. James 417 Lord. William 310, 417 Loree, Dean 316 Loree, James 314, 357 Lorentson, Carl 417 Lorenz, Elden 417 Lorinsberg, Ruth 267 Loughrin, Harry 18i Loughrin, John 181 Loughrin. Ted 182 Louis. Warren 186 Lounsherg, Ruth Ann 417 Lou, Harold 418 Lou, Howe 32 Louys, Tanet 1 Love, Tanet 164 Love. Robert 417 Loveless, Owen 174 Loveless. William 309 Low, William 185,418 Lowe, Al W Lowe. Alice 275 Lowell, James Lowenstein. WHI ' am Lozanov, Merrill 42? Lu. Wen-fa 418 Lubeck, Marvin ....114, 31 S, 41S Lubin, Leon 360.418 Luborsky, Samuel .. Lucas, Tames 457 Lucas, Tan -t 15! Lucht, William 183,418 Lucier. Theodore 364 Luckoff. Al 318 .Lucy, Jesse 1 Ludwig, ' Leon 418 Ludwig, Robert 418 Luedders. Joan 283, 418 Luekke. Raymond Lugg, Robert Luidens. John H Lull, Roger - Lum, Ann ., ...66 , 41 Luip, Bert 166, 175,418 Lum, Raymond J66 Lun. John Lund. Morman 365 Lundell, Raymond --.41 Lunden. John 105, 299 Lupe, Steven 139,32 Lupiom. Josenh 168,361 Lupp, Donald 1 Lusby, Clarence Luse, Dean Luse. Duane Luse. Francis 4 Lush. Stan Luth, Phillip IS Lutz, Carol Luvera. Phyllis Luyk. Kenneth Lymnn, Herschel Lynch, Anna ? 4 MJ! Lynch. Robert 316, 365 Lyne, Lola ... Lyon, Bernard 418 Lyons, Robert 304 Lyons, Shirley 161, 27 Lyons, Sidney 410 Lyons. Susan Lyzenga, Anton M Macaris. Edmund 360 MacArthur, Fred 418 MacArthur, Walter 418 486 MacCallum, Charles MacCormick, MacCrystal. Robert MacDonald, Emily MacDonald, Gordon MacDonald, Rodney _ 359 MacDonald. William F. _ 418 MacDougall. Gordon 54, 55, 364 Macdnff, Ellen Gray ....338, 418 MacGregor, Bruce _ 325 MacGregor, Donald _ 291 MacGregor. Robert _ 119 M- -A. Enril _ 183 Mack, Harry ___ __420 Mack, Larry ________________ ...... 358 MacKay, Donald _ 242,243 MacKenzie, James _ 188,418 Mackie, Christine M7 Maclrie, Phillip __164, 177, 420 Macfcwich, Gene _____ 313 MacLeod. William _ 418 MacMartin, William __320, 418 HacMinan, Sandy _ 301, 321 HacHfflan, William _137, 418 MacWiUiams, Ned ... __ 310 ' . . 175, 365, 418 277 -421 Madden, Elaine Madden, ' -: Madden, Patri Madrlin, Herbert Madison. Marshall Maeda, T. Maeda, Takayuld Maestre. Markos Mahne. ] Maihofer. _. Hair, Carvel 357. 420 Hain, Jack 105, 322 Mainland, Ann 270,420 Haitbnd. William 178, 185, 420 MajkowsU, Thaddens 420 Major, Merritt 362 Makgill. Stephen _ Halachwiej. Frank Malcolm. Karl Malcolm. Marymac Haldmm. Maruin Males, Raymond .. Malhotra, Ramesh Halin. James _310 420 302 , William Malkoun, Esther Malone, Donna __ 252,276 Malos. Raymond ----- 187, 420 Managhan, James _____ 183 Hancewicz, Jerome _ 175. 420 Mancbee, Richard ... Mandell. Barbara ' 350 Handelstamm. Allan ___ 357 Mangonni, Norman _____ 314 Hanker, Edgar _ 297, 362 ManleyJ Mary ____ 280 Hanley. William __ ____420 Mann. Bart ___ 318 Mann, Herbert Mann, Matther -- 118, 296, 420 Mann, Patricia ___ _271 Mann, Peter ____ 135, 458 Mann, Robert -- 357 __ 317 349 , Mann, Ro Mann. Shefla Hiram 186,457 -_. Merr 313, 362 Manoff. Beverly 348, 420 Manongian. Gladys 420 Mansfield. Richard 362,420 Hanson. Helen 280. 420 Hanson, James 362 Mansonr. Alex 173, 356 Hansperger, John 365 Mantho. Marion 420 Man waring, David 119 Maple, Frank . __420 Haraizan, Marcelo 165 Maraulo. Gerry v . ,, Harchall. Leonard Marchese. Michail Marcinko. Richard -111,272 -,359 ::=.-; 364, 420 Marcon, John 420 Marcon, WiDiam 354, 367 Marczi. Tanette __123, 252, 349 Marechek. George 158 Marek, George 170, 173. 363 Mares. Elizabeth 248.340 Margenau. Jod 364 Harger. Benjamin 421 Margolin, Je 169, 318, 323, 458 Margolin. Robert 318 Harm, Nancy _ Marion. Gordon Manotti. John Harks. Harold Harks. Leah Marks. Susan Harkstrom, WOKani Harkns, Benlah Harlots, Howard Marmo. Joseph Harro, Frank Harsh. Doris Ibnk, Han _420 _137 _420 6.420 420 252, Ml Marshall, Amaud Marshall. Carlisle 133,320,421 Marshall, David 310 Marshall, James 188, 421 Marshall, Jeanne 283 Marshall, Monte _307. 357 " " _272 Marshall, Robert 421 v ----. K 317 Martens, Ronald _ Martin, Barbara 364 . 159,346 Martin, Harold 288 122 Martin, James 291 Martin, Louis m Martin, Marjorie Martin, Mary . Martin, 421 -60, 421, 349 .421 -118, 224, 225, 246, 322 Martin, Robert _248 Martin, Sue 350 Martindale, Wales 174, 326 Martineau, Joan 279 Martinez-Roig, Hugo 421 Martinson, Peter 183 Martinnzzi, Edward 421 Man, Pan! 131 Marx, Pauline Harm, Steve Maslujah, Noory ta n Albert Mason, Clarence Massey. 52, 253 _292 _421 _421 _291 421 Massnick, Donald 187,421 Masters, William D. 169, 354 Masters, William M 364 Masterson, James 421 Masterson. Robert 421 Masuch. Robert 421 Matchefts. John _. 319 Mather. Frank 421 Mathes, Jack 298 Matheson, Mary C. Matheson, Mary L. 421 Matheson, Terry 112 Matbeson. William 421.300 Mathews, Gordon 242 Mathews, William 177, 303, 421 Mathias. Norm 106 M T TI " ' " . Kazno . 365 Matson. Joan 342 Matsumoto. Edward _ 166. 421 Matteson. Ruth _.. 274, 421 Matthews, Charlotte 135,277 Matthews, Marilyn 267 Maturen. Howard 359 Matnssoff. Robert 421 Matz. Joanne 347 Maude, Ted 290 Hanle, Stunner H-und, Robert Maurer. Ann 273,421 Manrer, Wesley .176 MaurieL John 161, 327, 362 Maxam. Eugene . 156 May. Edward 118, 246, 306 Mar, John 421 May, Richard Maycroft. Theodore Mayer, Charles Mayer, Do _178. 421 421 318 137 __318 .421 Maznr. William Mazurek. Ernest _ McBride. Sally .275, 418 McBride. William 126 McCallister. Philip ....58. 116, 125, 170, 173, 418 McCann. Dean 363 McCarthy, Carol _ _273 McCarthy, Catherine 2 McCarthy. Frank 321 McCarthy, John 187, 372 McClellan. Ned 303 McClelland, Donald _ 116, 246, 317. 418 McClune, Margaret 418 McClnrg. Ralph 105, 310 McClrmoods, James 418 McCoHey, Robert 187, 418 McCollough. Dan 310 McComb. Sam 358 McComb. Shila ... _..252, 253, 279, 419 McConacbie. Larrv 296 McCord. Richard " 359 McCormack. James __362 McCormick, Jane _ 159 McCormiek, Mary ._ :-: McCormick Philip _ _ 419 McCortney, Mac 295 McCoy. Marjorie . McCracken. David McCracken. Paul 296. 419 McCradr. Mary _457 McCreadr. Barbara 343. 419 McCreight. William ._ 168, 364 McCrvstal, Robert 419 McCubbrey. David _ 190 McCne. Edmund .174.419 McCue, Neal 182 McCne. Norman 359 McTurdV. Frederick 419 McCutcheon. Lnella ... 361 McDermott, Paul 319 McDonald. Alden McDonald. Ann _ McDonald. Jim _ _419 _279 McDonald, Patricia McDonald. Richard McDonnell. Porter McElhill, Frank _ McEwen, Donald 118, 227, 228, 246, 306 McFarland, Jack 357 McGaw, Richard 147 McGbee, Robert 124 McGlincy, James 106, 159 McGoey, Barbara 142 McGorern, Edward 419 McGovem, J oon McGrae, Jack .358,419 347 McGratb, Robert McGraw, Grace McGregor, Jack McGregor, Matthew McGregor. Roberta McGregor, Russell 177. 419 McGuire, ' Donald H 193, 419 McHale? ' Sarah 282,419 McHenry, Donald Mclntosh. Alice Mclntosh, Georg. Mclntosh, Harold Mclntosh, Pat Mclntosh. Robert Mclntyre. Audrey Mclntyre, John Mclntyre, Louise Mclntyre, William McKean. George McKelvey. Lowell McKenna, Robert McKenzie, Eldon 54. 55, 118, 309 299 155 170,419 , _ __ 171, 419 McKenzie. William ____ 419 McKeown, Daniel _ -364, 419 McKie. Marcia ....164,345,419 McKim. James _________ 303, 419 McKimble, Joel _ 133 McKinnon, Donald -- 186,419 McKinnon. Malcolm ---- 419 McLain. Ernest ____ 419 McLean. Donald _____ 419 McLean, Marjorie ------ 268 McLean. Mary - __ - .277 McLean, Patricia -- _____ 121, 279, 372, 419 McLean. Vince ___ 307 McLean. William __ ..... ----- 419 McMahon, F. Gilbert ....182, 364 McMichaeL, John _____ 185, 419 McMfllin, Judith _150. 340,419 McMillin, William ____ 193 McMorris. Otto -- 458 McMullan. Keith - 458 McNally. James ______ 157 McNamara. Maureen --- 342 McNeaL Homer __ . _ 458 McNeill. Richard ___ 177,458 McPhail. Alvin --- 182 McPhail. Robin __ 274 McPhillips, Frank --- McVHtie, Donald McVoy. Robert 308,458 McWi ' lliams. Richard .201 McW ' ood. Art 295. 458 Meacham, Tames 364 Meacham. Robert 178, 365. 421 Mead. Milton 362 Header. Robert 292 Mecldey. John 362 Medina, Doris 123.421 Medlrn. Nina 422 Medwed. Abraham 422 Meehan. James 187, 422 Heehan. Tnlia 163,422 Meengs, Jean .-273, 422 Meese. Norman 422 Meetsma. Charles 189 Mehley. Hallie 348 Mehlman, Gerald , __52. 103. 114. 422 Mehta. D. C 165 Mehta. S. P 165 Meirr. Gretchen 348 Meikle. WiHiam 193. 358. 362. 422 Meinke. Richard 422 MeiseL Al 125. 12 MeVush. Louis 4?2 MeM. Marvin 422 Meldrum. Marvin 422 Melidon. Vincent 145 MeDekv. Doris 248, 253 Mellinger. Margaret 422 Mellman. Stanley 293 Mellor. James 126, 169 Melton. Henrr 163 Mencber. AHce 341 Menosky. Joe 322 Meola. Jim _183, 307 Meranda. Helen .285 Mericle. Tom 147,308 -164 Meritbew. Glenn Hemer. William Heron. John Merrill. Richard Merrill. Marguerite Merriman. Barbara _422 _320 Merritt, George 295 Merritt, William 57, 242, 306, 422 Merry, Earl 422 Mersercau, Joyce 271 Mersereau, Robert . 115. 133, 321, 422 Merte, Herman _ -125, 127, 171 Merles, Charles 422 Merwin, Ralph .. .....361,422 Mesh, Gene 104, 330 Messenger, Richard _422 Messer, John . 24 Metros, James Metz, Dave 364, 422 317 310 Meyer, Dorothy 275 Meyer, Elsie 343, 422 27 Meyer Ri -hatl 422 Meyer, Ronald . 422 Meyer, Walter 119 271 Merers, Fayne ?M .... 269, 422 Mryrr? Potrta J46 Mevers. Verrl 422 Meyersou, Aubrey _361 Meyerson, Renee Michael, David .. Michaels. William Michel. William ... MicbelL Robert Michelmann. Rosemary 272 Micbelson, Richard 422 Micros, James 171,422 Middleton, Joe 309 Middleton, Lois 248, 252, 253. 255 Miekka. June 350 Miench. Beri 271 Miettnnen. Charlotte 270 Mikesell. Wesley ._ -190, 422 Milan. Vivien 149, 341, 422 Mikhiori, Wayne 164 Milek, Hank - 329 Miles, Carol 123 Miles, Harry 116,299,422 Miles. Ned 54, 104 Militzer. Kenneth 422 Millar, Thirga 340 Millard, Dean 18 Miller. Arnold 54, 115, 173, 423 Miller. Barbara 341 Miller, Betty 272 Miller. Carl 361,362 Miller, Carol 266. 279 Miller. David D 423 Miller. David L. Miller, Edward Miller, Edwin Miller. Elizabeth Miller, Frank 161, 311. 329. 423 Miller, Frederick 423 Miller. Genevieve 274 Miller. George 423 Miller. Gerald G. . 298, 423 Miller. Gerald Q. 186 Miller. Harry 135, 307 MUler. Herb . 331 Miller, Jack 156 Miller. James 309. 321. 364, 423 Miller, Janet 267 Miller, John 180 Miller. John J. 170, 171, 423 Miller. Keith _312 Miller. Kenneth 363 Miller. Len . __ J62 Miller. Marcia 423 Miller. Maynard 183, 423 Miller. Murray 126, 139 Miller. Kevin 423 Miller. Riuey 178 Miller, Robert A 125. 361, 365. 423 Miiler, Robert H 184, 357 Miller, Robert R. 133, 357 Miller, Robert S. 423 Miller, Russell 190, 423 Miller. Sharon 177 Miller, Shirley M. 267, 423 Miller. Shirley S. 349,423 Miller. Theodore 3O9 Miller. William 314 Milliken. Blair 307 Millinger. Glen 365 Million, Isadora 423 Millman, Richard 178, 185, 423 Millman, Stanley 119 Mills. Jay -296,358 Mills. Mary 338,351 Mius. Richard . 314 Mills. Thomas 104,310 Milner. Robert 135 Milroy. George __289, 314, 423 Miltner, Arthur 357 Miner, Daniel 119 Miner, Jerry Hinick. William Minner. James _. Minnis, Marjorie Minor. Edward Mintz. Hannah . Mintzer. Joan _423 _310 _J27 9,423 .122, 161, 338. 340 487 Mirsky, Herbert 423 Mirsky, Stanley 423 Miserez, Mary 423 Mitchell, Charleen 423 Mitchell, Don 306 Mitchell, Edith 423 Mitchell. James R 116, 423 Mitchell, Jim F 297 Mitchell, Marshall 187 Mitchell, Robert 373, 423 Mitshkun, Rosanne 423 Mitteer, Mary 423 Mittenthal, Stuart 315,362 Mittermiller, Jack 423 Mitts, C. A 319 Mixon, Robert 190 Miyama, Albert 365 Mizer, Bonnie 423 Moberg, Major 155 Mock, Harry 314 Mock, Susan 341 Modlin, Carey 362 Modlin, Ronald 104, 117, 127, 322 Moekle, Herman 424 Moekle, Pat 331 Moeller, .Tan 424 Moffat, Dorothy 349, 424 Moflfat. Robert 301 MoRk, William 308 Mohlmen, Otto 308 Mok, Charles 424 Mok. Yinqkei 175, 424 Molina, Alice 424 Molini. Alberto 172 Moll, William 301 Molyneaux, Barbara 120, 252, 276, 424 Momson, Anton ....201, 205, 246 Monahan, William 363 Moncrieff, Elizabeth 279 Monier; Abraham 361 Monroe; Van 424 Montgomery, Gene 424 Moon, Paul 171 Moon, Winnie 166 Mooney, Douglas 303, 424 Mooney. J. D 358 Moore. Charlotte 343 Moore, Donald- 365 Moore, EaVl 86 Moore, George 152 Moore, Harold 360 Moore, Tune 152 Moore, Ken 302 Moore, Louise 271,424 Moore, Mary 111,122,275 Moore, Peter 328 Moore, Richard 294, 424 Moore, Robert 302 Moore, Roberta 285 Moorehouse, Myra 280 Moorman, Wallace 125 Moote, John 171, 359, 424 Moran, George 183, 424 Moran, James 55, 104, 118. 321 Moran, Marilyn 424 Moran, Thomas 424 Moravce, Henry 358 Mordis. Robert 424 More, Robert 424 More, V. D 165 Moreen, James 424 Moreland. John 322 Morey, Edwin 188 Morgan, Alan 357 Morgan, John 365 Morgan, Louise 275 Morgan, William ..125, 175, 424 Morrill, Centes 340 Morris, Alvin 372, 424 Morris, Ethel 120, 122 Morris, John 362 Morris, Pat 161 Morris, Paul 357 Morris, Rosemary 347 Morris, Shirley 424 Morris, William 58, 117, 171, 322 Morrison, Rhona 248, 424 Morrison, Robert 180 Morrison, Robert B 303, 424 Morrison, William 317 Morrissey. William 327 Morrow. Florence 346, 424 Morse, Frances 279, 424 Morse, Geraldine 267, 424 Morse. Sally 272 Moscal. Anthony 424 Moss, Charles 316, 424 Mossner, Gene 164 Mosteller, Henry 365 Mosteller. Joseph 177 Mottern. Richard 363 Moudy, Tane 253, 278, 421 Mount, Edna 341,421 Mower, Ken 303 Mowrer, Marjorie 145, 348 Moxon, Alice 424 Moyer, Mark 359 Much, James 329 Much. Thomas 424 Muehlenbeck, Harvey 358 Muehlhausser, George 147, 314 Mueller. Shirley 345 125, 127, 139, 361, 424 Muellner, Frank Muench, Fred 295 Muer, Raymond 357 Mulier, Roger 292 Mulle, Steven 424 Mulier, Mary 122,282 MuMer-Carioba, Joao 314 Mulligan, Tracy 424 Munro, Loren 328 Munroe, Hugh 175 Munroe, William 357 Munsata, Ted 315 Munson, Kenneth 424 Murdoch. Tames 424 Murdock, Rob rt ... 311 Murphy, A. C 307, 425 Murphy, Edward 425 Murphy, Joan 425 Murphy, Nona 351 Murphy, Richard S 182 Murphy. Richard T 186 Murphy, Shelton 297 Murphy, William 242 Murray, Charles A 114, 246. 309, 331, 425 Murray, Charles G. ... 159, 372, 425 Murray, David 152 159 186 el 425 Murtha, Catherine 266, 278 Murton, Curt 322 Muscott, Ernest 425 Muskewitz, Seymour 313 Musselman, Glen 324 Musselmann, William 331 Mussin, Hortense 338, 347 Musthiah, V. S 165 Myas, Beverly 347 Myers, Elizabeth 278 Myers, William 298 Myron, Harry 297 Myron, James 362 .Murray, uvna Murray, Jean .... Murray, John .... Murray, Maribel N Nace, Paul 125, Nack, John Nacke, Ernestine Nadeau, John 119, Naffke, Richard ... Nagel, Sv Nagel. Theodore Nagelberg. Liane Nagelvoort, Bernard ....177, Nagelvoort, Elaine 283, Nagler, Geraldine 349, Naito, Mary Nakaeda, Elizabeth 166, Nakamoto, Yoshiaki Nakayama. Kazuyo Nakfoot, Gene Namen, Robert Namenve, John 425, Nary, Bruce Nash, David Nash, Donald Nassberg. Lorraine Nasset, Laura 178, Nauman. John 185, Naumoff. Norman 329, Nawrocki. Victor Nay. Gerald Naylor. Anthony Neary, Robert Neath, Joseph Neault, Robert Neault, Roger Nebel, Elizabeth Nechterlein. Duane Neely, William Neerine, Patrick Neff, Mary Neff. Nancy Neiman, Dorothy Neiman, Walter Neil. Herbert Neir, Robert 164, Neisch. David ....115. 224, 225, 246, 319. Nelle, William Nelson, Barbara 248, Nelson, Constance Nelson, Deora 109, 338, 341, Nelson, Donald Nelson, Joan Nelson, Karl Nelson, Kenneth 183, Nelson, Lawrence -118, 246, Nelson, Lyle Nelson, Merle Nelson, Richard Nelson, Roy 116,299, Nelson, Ruth 274, Nemec, William Nemerovski, Howard Nemezin, William Nemkpwich, Michael Nemzin, William Nepstad, Richard 312, Nertz, Gertrude Nesbitt, Daniel 308, Nesbitt, James 312, Nesper, Thomas 182, Nestor, Philip Netting, Marie Nettleman, William 126 .171 .347 364 .425 184 .316 .168 322 425 425 166 425 166 175 .302 365 457 .425 .292 425 .349 425 425 360 425 319 322 .308 297 .425 425 .344 61 180 .425 .425 .273 .425 in .158 425 425 .312 425 .296 425 316 346 .425 425 322 300 147 367 425 425 180 330 .318 .425 425 359 344 425 425 425 320 267 426 Netzel, Robert 190 Netzer, Janet 340 Xeuenschwander, John 320, 426 Neufang, Gordon 327 Neuffer, Alfred ....175,191,426 Neuman, Herbert 426 Neuman, Richard 182 Neumann, Harvey 328 Neumann, Jerome 292 Neumann, Leroy 175 Neumeier, Joyce 271. 426 Neustadter, James 177,426 Neville, Mark 106, 159 Nevins, Arthur 364, 426 Newberg, Victor 185 Newfield, Shirley 248 Newman, Alan 318 Newman, Constance 60, 122 Newman, Elizabeth 426 Newman, Harry 323 Newman, .Tanet 269 Newman, Robert 426 Newton, John 169, 320 Newton, Mary 282 Newton, Richard 178, 185 Ney, Robert 315 Ng, Paul 166 Nichalls. William 426 Nicholoff, Patricia 426 Nichols, Beverly 426 Nichols, Harry 426 Nichtberger, Rhoda 350, 426 Nicita, John 324 Nickelsen, Harold 426 Nickerson. Abigail 349 Nicoson, Ronald 174 Niedelson, Julia 342 Niedelson, Martin 361 Niehaus, Robert 426 Niehuss, Marvin 51 Nielsen, Kenneth 426 Nielsen, Lewis 183, 426 Nielson, Robert 364 Nieman, Walter ....163, 186, 426 Niemeyer, Harold 322, 426 Niess, Francis 156 Niffin. William 426 Nile, Edwin 187 Niles, Lura 359 Nine, Harmon 248, 363 Nitz, Donald 193 Nivin, James 175, 426 Nixon, James 426 Nixon, John 361, 426 Nixon, Roberta 426 Noan. Donald 301 Noel, Richard 292 Nolan, Sally 121 Nolen, Arthur 186 Noll, Violet 426 Noordhoek, Adrian 178, 426 Noorthoek. Roger 300 Nopper, Barbara 270 Nordquist, Herbert ' . Nordstrom, Richard 185 Norman, Franklin 119,35 Norman, Thomas 426 Norman. William 173, 306 Norquist, Loraine 137 Norquist. Warren 119, 139, 328 Norris, Allen 35! Norris, Charles 363 Norris, Florence 277, 426 Norris, Julia 343, 426 North, Lawrence 307 North, Paul 302 Northcott, Robert 137, 312, 359 Nortness, John 296 Norton, Lome 32 Norton, Mary 426 Norton, Mvra 279 Norwood, Charles 309, 426 Nothagel. Nancy ....120, 277, 426 Noug, Elizabeth 349 Nourse, Jess 125 Novack, Jeanne 27 Nowlin, Marion 1! Noxon, Owen 145 Nuechterlein, Duane ......61, 300, 426 Nungester, Marjorie 272 Nusca, Raymond 314 Nyberg, James 291 Nyberg. Mary 272, 426 Nye, William 358 Oak, Pepe 297 Oas, Reynold 170,317 Oates, Dolores 149,268,427 Oberg, Janet 137, 282 Oberg, Kenneth 359 Oberreit, Walter 54, 427 O ' Brien, David ....125, 327, 427 O ' Brien, Gerald 358 O ' Brien, Mary 349 O ' Brien, Patricia 427 Ochs, Barbara 273 Ochs, Malcolm 323 O ' Connell, Ronald 307 O ' Conner, Richard 297 O ' Connor, Gerald 145 O ' Connor, John 427 O ' Connor, Patricia 181 O ' Dell, William 295 O ' Donnell, John 427 Ocstreicher, Ruth 427 Oetting. Roger 301 Ohlenroth, William 303, 427 Ohlheiser, Robert 322 O ' Hora, Bernard 190, 427 O ' Hora, John 427 Ohsie, Ruth 427 O ' Keeffe, William 300 Olcott, Victor 313 Old, William 306, 427 Oldherg, Ruth 282 Oldford, Eugene 365 Oldham, Donald 201 Olen, Joan 168 Olenroth, William 201 Oles, William 361 Olin, Thomas 319 Oliver, Doris 123, 349 Oliver, John 169 Olivier, Donald 106 Olivier, Robert 327 Olmsted, Bush 160 Olmsted, Louise 348 O ' Loughlin, Daniel 427 Olsen, Benjamin 310 Olsen, Charles 177,302 Olsen, Patricia 341 Olson, James 360 Olson, Tohn 331,427 Olson, Ralph 427 Olson, Robert E 357 Olson, Robert H. ... 115, 245, 246,292 Olson, William 183, 427 Olszynski, Beverly 123, 427 OlthofT, Ned 427 Ondoesin, John 427 O ' Neaf, George 187, 427 O ' Neil, Herbert 291 Onofrey, Robert 145 Oosterbaan, Benjamin 24, 27, 201 Oppenheim, Maurice 364 Oppenheim, Neil 458 Oppenheim, Patricia 349 Oppenheimer, Renate ....346. 427 Oppermann, Arthur 362 Orlin, Lou 140 Orman, Staurt 357 Orne, Donald 362 Orth, Robert 309 Ortlieb, Rene 427 Ortmann, Charles 25, 114, 201, 203, 246, 427 Ortner, Edward 164 Orwant, John 119,360 Orwig, William 201 Osak, Bruno 427 Osborn, David 328, 427 Osborn, James 363. 427 Osborne, Charlotte 340, 427 Osborne, Richard 291 Oscherwitz, Mark 105,119,330 Osgood, Glenn 364 Osmundsen, John 54, 147, 288, 303 Osnos, Gilbert 315, 427 Oster, John 186 Osterman, Russell 116,201,246 Osterman, William 115, 136, 315. 427 Ostrow, Richard 330 Ottimer, Susan 344 O ' Toole, Thomas 427 Ottsen. Robert 119 Otto, David 145 Otto, Lawrence 326 Otto. Robert 328 Oudbier. Adrian 158,458 Outzs, Allan 125, 127, 171,427 Overbeck, Gene 106, 115, 159, 327, 427 Overholt. Robert 358 Owen, John 365 Owen, Bernadine 282 Owen. Rosemary ..120, 274,427 Owens. Margaret 270, 427 Owers. George 300 Owlett, Janet 152 Paape, Dale 185 Paavo, Mildred 270 Pack, Ethel 347 Packard, Martin 318 Packer, Athol 427 Packer, Robert 313 Packwood, Palmer 186, 428 Padden, Marg 135 Padjen, John 201, 307 Paetzke, Charles 119,361 Page, Merle 128 Pagenkopf, Robert 359, 428 Paglianete Francis 428 Painter, Cor nelia 428 Painter. Lincoln 246 Palaszek, Teresa 181 Palazzolo, Frank 322, 428 Palermo, Anthony 306, 428 Palis, Len 183 Palis, Ralph .... ....183 Palluth. William 328 Palm, Marilyn 152, 341 Palmer, Allen 186 Palmer, Beverly 428 488 Palmer, Donnally Palmer, Harden Palmer, Jeri Palmer, Judy Palmer, Lewi Palmer, Peter _ 01, 240, 246. 303, 428 Pancheri Rachel _ 340 Pang, Henry _ 166, 364 Pankotan, Paul ---- 428 Pankow, Fay _ _______ 268, 428 Pannes. Stephan __ 304, 365 Paparella, Anthony ___ 178, 428 Papazian. Aram - 428 Papazkrkos, Chris -- 319 Papendkk Martin __ -428 Paper. Mark __ -- 330. 360 Papes! Thad _ 132, 292 Papista, Tom -- . 308 Park, Dick _____ 188 Park. James Parker, Edward Parker, Elsie Parker, Janet Parker, " Parker. Parker, Mary Parker, Walt Parkers, Paul Parkin. Patsy _. 132, 428 304 340 _ 283 Parks, Druey Primm merit, Bart 0,428 428 Parliament, Bart 182. 428 Parmenter. Betty 279. 428 Parmenter. Helen 457 Parnes. Audrey 269, 428 Parr. Edward . 310 Parr, James .428 Parshall. Eleanor Parsons. Daniel . Parsons, Spence _ Partridge, Beverly Paschkes, Lora Paskn. Andrew Paskovitz, Jero Pasquariello, Anthony Passer. Morris Passovitz, Jerome 323 Pasternack, Florence 350 Patch. Charles 428 Patel. K. U 165 Patel, S. A 324, 428 Paterson, Pat 147 Patrick. Joan 145, 152, 351 Patryn. Raymond 307. 428 Patsloff. Patricia -109. 345. 428 Patterson, Ann . 131. 289 Patterson, Barrie 340 Patterson. Galvin 321, 357 Patterson, Harold 359 Patterson, Lois 341,428 Patterson. Sheila Z8O Patterson, illi m 3o5 ! -- _ " " " i ' -. . ' . Pattoo, Patton, alter Patzer. Reinbold . PauL James Paul. Peter Panlos. James Paulson. Bin Panlns. George 172, 180, 362, 428 Pauly, Frank ___312 _312 _428 _428 _185 _428 _320 _291 Panszek. Thomas . Parelich. William . Pavia. Joseph ___ Pawefta, " hi Paxon. George Paxson, Aaron : . -: ; 429 429 _190 ..362 _173 Pavne. Charles 359 Payson. Herta 350 Peacock. Brock 360 Peaffmann. George Pear. Dave Pearce, Edwin Pearce. Tola Peare, Berth -116, 169, 429 331 ..362. 429 . 172.429 341 _429 Peare. Elizabeth Pearlman. l t tA 365 Pearson. Earl L_145 Pearson. Maxine -109. 272. 429 Pearson. Wafly 55.303 Pease. David . 52, 61. 115. 321, 429 Peaslee. Gene Pebotti. Robert 429 Peck. Robert 357 Peden. Eleanor ___163 Pederson. Bernhardt 298 Pehehy. Xorman 190 Peirce. Joan 340 Pellcki. Ryan _ 359 PelL FJwin 139. 173 Pelow. Paul 246 rettier, Arthur Pehon. Ronald Pehz. Maurice Pemberton, James 429 PenaTliBo. Rene 429 PendVton. Anne 341 Penhalieen. Charles __297 Penn. Shehon 294. 429 Pom. William 145 Penner. John 190 Pennev. Richard 178 Pennington, Parker . ....309. 429 300 _362 _429 Penny, Margaret . 350 Percefull. Ann 168, 342 Pereles. Richard 171 Perisa, Joseph 429 Perkins. David 429 Perkins, Douglas 175,429 Perkins, Maurice 304, 429 Perlberg Tales 313 Perry, Bob 55,354 Perry, Bart 302 Perry, Charles 429 294, 2 1 341 Perry, Lowell Perry. Mary Jo Persohn, Thomas Person. . - - . Personke, Carl Persons, Virginia _ 282.429 Peruin BiH ____ _360 Peterfreund. Sally ______ 338, 344 Peterman. James ------- -315 Peters. George _ 145, 152, 429 Peters, Ray _________ __ 183 Peterson. BUI _ 176, 308 Peterson, Bob _ 292 Peterson. Donald 11. 118, 201 Peterson, James ___ . _ 319 Peterson. Kenneth ____ _176 Peterson, Lavin _ 429 Peterson. Mary _____ ____ _ __ 122, 148, 252, 272 Peterson. Phyllis __ 255 Peterson, Ralph ___ 429 Peterson, Stephen _ 429 Stiles _ Peterson, Peterson, Susan Peterson, Theodore Peterson. Tom 115 338 _177, 429 _.188 Peterson, William D. 190 Peterson. William E 103, 429 Petrolue, Perc _189 Pettick. Dave 368 Petrit. William 429 Pertitt. Jay _ Pfahler. Paul in. I-.-- 360 Pfalzgraff, Ross 322 Pfleiderer, Elizabeth 168, 342 Pfeuffer. Robert 145 Pftng, Warner __299 Pflnke, John . 325 Pfotenhaner, Mary 122,429 Phdns, Lynn . 190 Philbin. Xancy 341 Phillips, Dewayne 326 Phillips. Joanne Phillips, John Phillips, Lillian Phillips. Walter 429 Piaseclri. Henry ....161. 361, 429 Piazza John _306 Pick. Mona _201. 252, 276 Pick. Robert 330 Pickard. Frederick .___201, 429 Pickett. Edward SS9 Pickhaver. Mary 430 Pickns. Peter 313 Pierce, Barbara 168, 430 Pierce, Dean 430 Pierce. Frederick 145 Pierce, Janet 341. 430 Pierce. Latitin _268. 430 Piersma. Edwin 125, 430 Pietrowski. Walter 430 Pietz. Margaret 279 Pitroet. Shirley 285 Piirto. John 297 Pike, Tay 158. 329. 430 Pike. Lawreice _293 Pilkinirton. John . 186 Pinel, Stanley 430 Pink. Harold 317. 430 Pinkstooe. Nancy 341. 430 Pinney. Jack 303, 365 Pioch. Beverty _ 343,430 Piper, Harold 358 Piquet. Vanna 281 Pitlick. Stanley 269, 430 Pirtman, Ruth __ _.347, 430 Pittsley, James 133 Planck. Joseph 246.301 Plasko. Robert . 169 Platte, Richard 430 Platzer. Helen 348 Pletseh, Daniel 106. 327 Plizga. Michel 362 Plumer. David 311 Plummer, Calvin 430 flummer, Constance 348 Plmniner, Loois 314 Plumton. Ann 340 Pock. Joanne 255. 276 Podlet. Clint 164 Poe. Edna . 16 Poetstra. Raymond 171 PoH. Francis 125.430 Pokela. Constance 168. 351 Polcrn. Fabian _361 Polkine, Mark 327 Pollard. Charles 319 Pdovitz. Barbara 164 Polovitz. Michael ..145. 1S2. 164 Ponitz. David 354. 364 Ponly. Carl 430 Pons ' . James 364 Ponsetto, Joseph 103. 186 Ponsettn. Richard _ 358 Pont, Manard 305. 430 PopieL Nick 430 Pook, Richard _.3Q4. 430 Popp, Alex 152, 320, 430 Popp, John 310, 361 TUft. Leslie 201, 246, 430 Poop. Raymond . 359 Puppj. James 193 Porath. Barbara 181 Porretta, Charles ..128, 182, 430 P B Mniii r William _325 Porter, Al 292 297, 430 170, 430 _166 __280, 430 Porter, Donald Porter, George Porter, Joseph _ Porter, Mary _ Porter. Xancy _ 54. 55, 111, 122, 159, 274 Porter, Clay _127 Porterfield. Fred 294 Portney, John 192, 430 PlUtMUw. Lawrence 430 Posluszny. Donald ______ 430 Posner, Leonard 184 Post, Andrew 177, 430 Post, David 430 Post, GUT 430 Post, Theodore 145, 152 Postma, Donald 176, 248, 300, 430 Postma, Howard . 189 Postal. Steve 363 Posvar. Ray 119, 158, 161, 173, 362 Potcova, Xister 430 Poteet, Rooks 168 Poteet, Sherman 168 Potter, Betsy 347 Potter, Shelley 430 Pound, Larry __ ____I25, 127, 331. 431 Pumiihu. Gene 431 Powe. William 294 Powell. Carl 431 PowelL James 177, 431 .267 Powell, Robert Powell. William 306,365,431 _124, 431 Powers, John Powers, Joseph Powers. Mary 114,201,431 183 282, 431 347 Prasser M G 190 107 Pratt LeRor 186, 431 Precious. Richard .. Preece. Joseph 309, 431 431 Pregulman, Renee 120,269,431 Preitz, Lawrence 364 Prekosovich, Fred 363 Premrasomi, Thanom 177 Prenner. Edward 119 Prentiss. Donald 431 Preshaw, Stanley 359 Preston. David 297 fttmau. Robert 58. 59, 288, 327, 373, 431 Prettie, Diane 349 Prertie, Portia 268 Price. Pantnda Price. Ralph Price. Robert _145, 171, 362, 431 295 __188 .._347 Price. Russell Pridmore. John Pndroore. Xancy Priebe, Jacqueline . 273 Priest, Robot . 317, 431 Prietz. Lawrence 191 Primo. Clande 193 Prince. Gloria 269 Prince. Mary 271, 431 Prince. Richard _ Prince. Veleno Prindle, Farrand Pringle. Clark Pringle. Peggy Prins. Herman Prior. John Prior. Richard 178, 431 431 431 365 _280 IV. 411 _326 _182, 431 ..148, 248 Pritchard. Charlotte . Proctor. Leonard -106, 158, 362 Prokopiak. Janet 431 Prokos. James 362 Prosser. M. G. 190 Protopapas, George 170. 431 Prnder. Etein 178, 185. 431 Prnitt. Joan 283 Psathas. George __431 Ptotenhaner, Mary 152 Pn Sbn _ 431 Puchalsti. Ralph 360 Pncrlonski. Paul 125, 127 Pnffenberger. Charles 431 Pnuon, Susan -348 Pnrdo. Edward 147, 431 Pnrdnm. Lather . 63 Purdv. Donald 314 Pnrvis. Jean 276 Purvis. John 118, 303 Pnrwin. Theodore 170 Ptrtich. William .._118. 201, 24 Pyrce. Arden 185 Pyrros, Gns 183 Pvrros. James 357 Quail. Barbara 276, 431 Quale, Robina 160, 340 ayle, Robert _ 145, 147, 296 Mary 341 Harold 431 Hugh 431 uirk, Buel 292 nirk, Jennie , ....52, 109. 121, 123, 275, 431 Raabe. lean Rabe, Robert Race, William ... _431 3.432 _106, 159, 178, 331, 432 Rack, Anne 173 Radel, Xick 309 Rademaker, John 363 Radford, Robert Radner. Robert Radovan. Kathryn Radtke, Robert Raguse. Marvin Rahm Elizabeth Rahm, John Rahn, David Rahn. William 361 Raider. Ronnie 133, 342 Rainier. Martha _338, 344, 432 Raiss, Carl 302,432 Rakoczy. Dolores 342 Rails, Francis 178, 185, 432 Ralph. Kenneth 300 Ramine, Reed . 358 Ramsey, Craig Ramsey, Dale Ramsey. David Rand. Xancy _301 _432 _327 _432 Randa. Edward 310, 362 Randall. David . 361 Randall. Rogers 432 Randolph. Robert 321 Rank. Charles 125, 127 Rankin. Al 229 n, James 358 __123, 432 __136, 269 . Rankin. Walter ' 432 Ranson. Betty : 432 Rapp. Dorothy _L248, 255, 347 Rapson. Ira 432 Rascben, J. F. 173 Rash. Isabel 277 Rashid. Dolores Rashti. Joyce Rasmussen, Dorothy 253, 346, 432 Rasmussen. Milton 363, 435 Rasnick. Marvin 432 Rassweiler, Barbara ....123, 278 Ratcliff. Richard 316 Rathbun. Marvel 181,432 Rattan. Marza .432 Ranb. Todith 174, 350, 432 Rausch. Xancy 181 Rauschkolb, Sunhild 148 Rautenberg, Arthur 32; Ravick. Lawrence _ 104 Rawlings. John 171, 359, 432 Rawlins. James 328, 365 Ray. John 306 Ray, Joseph __ 295 Rar. Walter 5; Raymond. John 361, 432 Ravmond, William 317, 432 Rtagh Carl 432 Reardon. Robert Rearick, Robert Reason. Robert ___ Rech, Richard ___139, 364 58, 316 ___183, 432 190 360 Reddic. Rhoda RedneW. Tracy Redmon. William .. Redmond. Thomas 88 Z327! 432 432 Reed. Frank Reed, Harold 174, 301 131.360 Reed. Margaret 112 276 Rred Peter 327 Reed. Richard Reed. Sally Rtrmr Bud ifl, 263. 276 117,304 Rees. Carol 432 121, 276, 432 432 Reese. Barbara 276 _322 _432 Reeve. William 331. 432 Reeves, John 329, 432 Rejrester. Xancy . 277 Regrttko. David _ Reeule. John Rehbein. Conrad . Rehfus. Richard .. Reichelt. Robert . Reicber. Philip Reid. Alan Reid. Hortense _ Reid. Tasper Reid. John .158, 432 139 .-161, 330 133 _148 1-357, 432 _193 Ona. George Qua. Sally .... -118,309 277 Reid. Wmiam _ 295, 432 Reif. Loois 433 Reifel. Edward_54. 114, 308. 432 Reiner. Albert _ 365. 433 ReiDey. Charles 186 489 Reimer, Alfred 433 Reimus, Richard 119 Rein. Nancy 348 Reinke, Charles 317 Reinke, Robert 433 Reisig, Edmond 433 Reisig, Robert 433 Reiskin, Leon 178, 330, 433 Reisman, Otto 295, 433 Reissig, Sutti 433 Reister, Russell 164, 363 Reitz, Frances 123, 340 Reive, Patricia 278, 433 Rembowski, John 365 Remen, Charles 117, 331 Remley, Frederick 433 Remquist, Shirley 341 Renate, Marion 275 Render, Ronald 326, 433 Rendich, Lester 175 Renirie, John 119 Renner, John 329, 433 Renney, Margaret 248 Rennie, Martha 279, 433 Renno, Rosanne 433 Renzenbrink, Neal 189 Repke, John 327 Rese, Georgia 255 Resig, Robert 182 Restrepo-Londono, Alvard....433 Reuben, Eliahoo 170 Reubene, Marjory 122, 270 Reus, William 189 Revelli, William 145, 152 Reynolds, Malcolm 433 Reynolds, Robert 199 Reynolds, Sandra 350 Reynolds, Stanley.,125, 127, 433 Reynolds, Theodore 303 Rhamstein, Betty 137 Rhodes, Charles 361 Rice, Robert 297 Rice, Cleveland 458 Rice, Joan 351 Rice, Kenneth 326 Rice, Lester 433 Rice, Philip 317 Rich, Alvin 433 Rich, Jeri 433 Rich, Patricia 275 Rich, Thomas 191, 433 Richany, Shank 433 Richard, Ralph 171, 433 Richards, Bruce 433 Richards, Cherry 267 Richards, Richard 433 Richardson, Frederick 433 Richardson, Jack 364 Richardson, Judy 348 Richardson, Robert 433 Richardson, Roberta 347 Richmond, Alice 273 Richmond, Paul 145, 152 Richmond, Ruth 145, 349 Richner, Bud 296 Richter, Cecil 433 Richter, Charles 361 Richter, James 331, 457 Richter, Phoebe 348 Richwalski. Robert 362 Ricketts, Eldon 357 Ridgeway, David 297 Ridgway, Robert 312 Ridgway. Richard 308, 433 Ridley, Howard 171, 433 Riecker. John 292 Riedel, Richard 164 Rieger, William 170 Rienstra, James 363 Rietz, Francis 112 Rigglemar, John 175 Riggs, Barbara 272, 283 Riggs, Susan 255, 348 Riley, Barbara 248, 252, 255, 273 Riley, Daniel 433 Rima, Edward 145, 152, 433 Rindge, Rosemary 433 Rinehart, Richard 170, 433 Ringland, Jean 341 Ringland, Margaret 341, 433 Ringold, Anthony 367 Riordan, John 163, 359 Riose-Sterra, Miquel ....168, 434 Rippey, Major 155 Rippon, Tohn 363 Rising, Barbara 282, 434 Risku, Richard 434 Ritter, Charles 361 Ritter. John 364 Ritterbush, Robert 434 Ritzema, James 189 Rivkees, Norman 330 Rizo, Paula 348 Rizzo, Clara 351 Roach, Tohn 295 Roach, Leo 254 Roach, Thomas 152, 434 Roane, Barbara 168 Rohb. David 310 Robhins, Owen 328 Robbins, Frank 51 Robbins, Warren 119, 293 Roberson. Dnrwood 145 Roberts, Richard , 295 Roberts, Donald 434 Roberts, Harry 185 Roberts, John 357 Roberts, Paul 193 Robertson, Jack 362 Robertson, Malcolm 434 Robertson, Nancy 434 Robertson, Neel 117,298 Robertson, Paul 302 Robertson, Sanford 319 Robichard, Louis 434 Robichard, Marion 434 Robins, Lavina 434 Robinson, Donald 201 Robinson, Kenneth 315 Robinson, Lee 320 Robinson, Marian 278 Robinson, Robert 296 Robinson, Shirley 347 Robinson, Suzanne 434 Robinson, Virginia 277 Robinson, William 309 Robischaud, Joyce 347 Roby, Thomas 314, 434 Roche, Thomas 188 Roche, William 434 Rock, Calvin 183, 434 Rockwood, Albert 317,434 Rockwood, Robert 185,434 Rodenbeck, Paul 319 Roderick, Thomas 321 Rodgers, Horace ....61,294,434 Rodman, Stacy 434 Roeger, Warren 307, 434 Roelofs, Robert 186 Roensch, Robert 329 Roesch, Henry 434 Roesch, Richard 434 Rogers, Arthur 434 Rogers, Bruce 308, 331, 434 Rogers, Burton 434 Rogers, Howard 357 Rogers, James 306 Rogers, John ... " 291 Rogin, Sandra 348 Rohlfing, Paul 362 Rohring, Patricia 345 Rojnik, Albert 158, 359 Rolandson, Dolores 347 Rolbins, Jo 348 Rollenhagen, Kenneth 434 Rollin, Russell 329, 458 Rollins, Arthur 434 Rollins, Ernestine 434 Rollins, Robert 364 Roman, Michael 295 Romano, Leonard 361, 434 Romzick, Paul 359 Roncayolo, Lille 349 Rood, William 360 Roof, Raymond 180, 434 Roof, Richard 125, 126, 169 Rook, Nancy 434 Roos, Susan 148, 279 Root, Donald 183, 434 Root, James 308 Rorem, Edward 434 Rose, Arthur 147, 434 Rose, Kathleen 272, 435 Rose, Robert 141, 290 Rose, Suzanne 253, 435 Rosefield, Ronald 362 Roseman, Donald 175 Rosen. Janett..l60, 162, 348, 435 Rosenbaum, Manuel ......363, 435 Rosenbaum, Milton 318 Rosenberg, Donald 318 Rosenberg, Harvey 364 Rosenblatt, Janet 435 Rosenblum, Albert 365 Rosendahl, Forrest 186, 435 Rosenfield, Richard 305 Rosenfeld, Sonya 435 Rosenman, Robert 293 Rosenow. Violet 349 Rosenthal, Martin 293 Rosenthal, Richard 161, 330, 358 Rosko, Peter 435 Ross, Arthur 296 Ross, Betsy 122, 159, 174, 347 Ross, Donald. .125, 127, 331, 435 Ross, Elizabeth 435 Ross, Gilbert 188 Ross, Kenneth 315 Ross, Patrick 106, 296, 435 Ross, Paul 124, 329, 435 Ross, Robert 310 Ross, Susan 347 Ross. Virginia 148, 276, 435 Rossen, Sanford 178, 435 Rossiter, Patricia 274 Rost. Norman 145, 152 Roth, Barbara 341, 435 Roth, Carolyn 346 Roth, David 435 Roth, Eugene 296 Roth, Ferdinand 435 Roth, Helen 435 Roth, Trwin 293 Roth, Robert 183, 435 Roth, Thomas 299 Roth, Walter , 322, 435 Rothenberg, Carol 350 Rothenberg, Marion 192 Rothi, Martin 435, 183 Rothman, William 305 Rotolo, Louis 435, 328 Rotsko. Alex 127 Rotsted, Elizabeth 435 Rottenberg. Coleman ... 192.435 Rottman, Alvin 318, 435 Roumell, George 52, 54, 55, 114, 359, 435 Rourke, Carolyn 348 Rousseau, Arthur 126, 435 Rousser, Arthur 169 Rovin, Sheldon 362 Rovner, Gerald 315 Rovner, Herbert 305, 435 Row, William 359 Rowden, Justine 435 Rowe, Beverly 435 Rowe, Donna 159 Rowe, Elaine 346 Rowe, John 365 Rowe, Joseph.,125, 126, 169, 435 Rowe, Sara 364 Rowell, Lois 435 Rowland, Monroe 237, 308 Roy, Clarence 185,435 Royal, Schuyler 331 Royer, Bruce 435 Rozemberg, Ruben 293, 435 Ruben, Herbert 313, 435 Rubenstein, Farrell 330 Rubenstein, Greta 349 Rubin, Herbert 55 Rubin, Joan 340 Rubin, Lawrence 354, 359 Rubiner, Arthur 436 Rubiner, Walter 162, 315 Rucker, Carol 436 Rudolph, Lyn 248, 316 Rudolph, Timothy 147 Ruelf, Gerald 436 Ruemenapp, Harold 364, 436 Ruetenik, David 436 Ruff, Eunice 164 Ruff, Jacquelyn 436 Rugar, Robert 172, 180, 436 Rummell, Elizabeth 436 Runyan, Donald 436 Rupp, Ralph ..106, 159, 312, 436 Rupp, Ruth 272, 436 Rupprecht, James 359 Rupprecht, Walter 362 Rus, Louis 189 Rush, Carol 159, 252 Rusinek, Edmund 360, 436 Ruskin, David 192, 436 Ruskin, Marian 436 Ruskin. Robert 318 Russ, Warren 357 Russell, Cordy 360 Russell, David 139 Russell, Edna 436 Russell, Mary Anne 436 Russell, Robert 169, 314 Russman, Paul 323 Russo, Samuel 106 Rust, Harold 58, 316 Rust, Richard 436 Ruthven, Alexander 47, 96 Rutkowski, Chester 436 Rutnam, Leon 160 Rutter, Rex 188 Ruzicka. William 307, 431 Ryan, Alice Ann Ryan, Denis 316 Ryan, James 248 Ryan, Lois 436 Ryan, William 316 Ryckman, Maxine .. .132, 176, 341, 436 Ryder, Elliott 282, 436 Ryder, Tohn 61 Ryder, Richard 362 Ryding, Carleton 436 Rykoff, Ruth 112, 248 Rymarczuk, Edward 436 Rymes, Charles 307, 436 Rymond, James 315, 436 Saag, James :....315 Saaristo. Hubert 436 Sabin, Peggy 253 Sachs, Melvin 293 Sachs, Mischa 184 Sachs, Rita 436 Sachs, Robert 293 Sachs, Theodore 436 Sack, Arthur 126, 169, 436 Sader, Edward 323, 364 Sadler, Clifford 298, 436 Saffer, Elaine 436 Saffer, Philip 436 Safreed, Richard 58, 170 Sage, Paul 114, 134, 325, 436 Sager, Mickey 111,345 Sager, William 436 Sahaya, Keshari Nandan 437 Sahlins. Marshall 458 Saile, Patrick 148 Saker, Tames 116, 436 Saks, Naomi 348 Sakstrup. Gordon 327 Salatli, Charles 317 Saldania. Victor 166, 361 Salditt, Paul 327, 323 Salem, Benjamin 175, 437 Salem. Harold 175 Salk, Norton 178, 437 Salisbury, J. Kenneth 127 Sail, Joan 174 Sallen, Marvin 315 Salmon, James 145, 152 Salowich, Nicholas 437 Salter, Gloria 350 Saltman, Elias 171, 437 Salzman, Jerome 437 Salzwann, Eva 255 Sammon, Theodore 137, 437 Sample, James 172, 437 Samra, Calvin 133 Samson, Edward 170, 437 Samuelson, Eugene 362 Sandberg, Anna 431 Sandell, Edward 132, 307 Sandell, Robert 328 Sandercock, Harold 437 Sandercock, Jay 361 Sanders, Betsy 279 Sanders, Richard 437 Sanders, Olli May 347 Sanderson, Ormand 152,437 Sanford, Frank 126 Sanford, Martha 279 Sandground, Mark 308 Sands, Paul 437 Sandweiss, Leonard 11! Sanregret, Robert 3: Santangelo, Matthew 437 Saphir, Mathilde i Sapowitch, Burton 133, 437 Saren, Virginia 161 Sarasen, Jean 2 Sargeant, Samuel Sargent, Greenleaf 171,437 Sarma, A jit 165, 169, 437 Sartin, Harry 314, 437 Satin, Robert 293 Satterlund, Donald 43, Sauer, Mary Jean 3 Sauls, Reginald 4. Saunders, Doris Saunders, Marydell 437 Sautler, Carolyn Trr-fit Savas, Athena 133, 347 Savin, Joseph Sawusch, Raymond 1 Sawyer, Ralph Sawyer, Thomas 303, 437 Saxl, Sherman 105, 354, 360 Saxon, Gordon 58, 114,437 Saxton, Keith 145, 360 Say, Manuel .---- -J " Sayles, Alice 275, 437 Sayles, Daniel 304 Scaccia, Albert 35, Scafe, Warren vVrlS? Scafure, Allison " 1,437 Scanlon, Mary Louise. ...281, 437 Scarchilli, Al .. ; ri Scavarda, Donald 152, 437 Schaack, Jerry 325, 358 Schade, Donald 357, 43 Schaefer, Geraldme }J Schaefer, Gerd 1 Schaefer, Terry ; ' Schafer, Robert -317 Schafer, Roland 331, 437 Schafer, Susan } Schaffer, Robert LvlfS Schaible, Paul 133, 187, 437 Schaible, Peggy ----.--; Schaidler, Hope ....136, 267, 437 Schairer, Robert 176, 437 Schaller, Carol 253, 34 Schapiro, Beatrice ---- " ?| Scharrer, Robert....l25, 126, 438 Sche ctmari, Ruth 43 Scheicher. Diane 35 Scheild, Harvey } Scheips, Alfred J6J Schekter, Leon ... j Schelkun, Frederick 18 Schell. Harry Schemnitz. Sanford ' ' Schenkel, Edward 31 Schenkel. John ; =i " i 77 Scher, Theodore 158, 177 Scherer, Jo 137, 267 Scherer, Mike 309 Schermeister, Charles 3. Scherrer, Norma ; " !t! Schieble, Rae Jean 148, 341, 438 Schiewetz, Ann 350 Schiff, Jacqueline rvS 21 Schiller, Jill 148, 348 Schilt?. Grover 145, 15 Schindler, James 18 Schirmeister, Charles Schlager, Sandy ] Schlatter. William 1 Schleh. Gloria Schlichting, Harold Schlossberg, Naomi 60, 34 Schmerberg. Rudolf 431 Schmidlin. Robert Schmidt, David Schmidt, Guy Schmidt, Toel 35 Schmidt, Tohn 322 Schmidt, Leo Schmidt, Leona 351 Schmidt, Robert ....322. 357, 438 Schmidt, Tnm 3 Schmiekel. Neil 2% Schmier, Celia 350 SchmitWs. La Verne ....120, 122, 248, 253, 341, 438 Schmitz. Anne 347 Schmitz, Donald 158, 365 490 Schsntz, Richard 327 Schnapik. Cefl 162 Schneider. Arthur 293 Schneider, Austin _363 Schneider, Christoph 438 Schneider. A. John 361 Schneider, Richard _190 Schoeck. Vincent 364 Schoenneld, Eli 119, 323 Schomick. Ivan 330 Scboerger Alan _ -291 Scholl, Charles 326 Senft. John Sensika, Daniel Scbolte, Thomas Schopps. Schott, Garry Grant 357 438 297 180 342 483 ...J30 Schott, Patricia .. Schraudt. Robert Schrarer. Robert Schreiber. .Tonne 110, 274. 438 Schreiber, Joyce 341. 438 Schreiber, Patricia 121 Schriner. William 314 Schroeder, J. Craig 438 Schroeder, Marilynn Schroeder, Xorman Schroeder. Paul _ SchroD. Bernard Schubert. Beverly_145, 152. 438 Schubert. James .164. 438 Schuett, John 361 Scbnrtte, Barbara 272,438 Schuhknecbt, Dale _ 438 Scbohmacber, Mary 122, 173, 438 Schuiteman. Robert 189 Schiller, Harold 173, 185 Sctmlhauser, Marlene . 58. 120, 139 Schultbeis. Edgar 438 Schulu. Frederick-. 164. 172, 438 Sdmltz, Ralston 365 Scbulze. Richard 125 Schumacker, Carol .267, 438 Schuster. Knrst 438 Schuster. Margaret 268 Schutt. Harold 438 Scbtrrt. Jean 277. 438 Schuur. Robert _ 119, 320 Schwab. Caryl __343 Schwartz. Carolyn Schwartz. Elise Schwartz, Frank _. Schwartz. Michael Schwartz. Sanford Schwartz. Stanley Schwartz. Walter . Schwartz. William Schwarzkoflf, Roy ScbweminfpcT, Tocrcsa Schwind. Susan Scogjrfn. James 1 __ Scoots, John _ Scott. Alice Scott, Barbara . _438 __340 _137 __320 _.458 __438 119 Scott. David Scott, Donald 169. 364. 438 Scott, Douglas 298 Scott, Eleanor 144 438 Scott, Fred 254 .309 _281 177, 439 ..169. 186. 364 _298 Scott, Gerald . St -.. Man Scott, Paul .. Scott. Robert Scovill. John . Scorille. Jeanette 60, 248, 277. 354 Scribner, Richard .439 Scrngjrs. John 360 Scnrt, I mill Scuh. Morton Scnrlock. Charles Seaborne. Benjamin meager, Lores Seaman. Ronald Searle, William __199, 201, 292 Seaton. Donald 321 Seavoy, Mary 123. 145. 149 Searoy, Ranald 354. 361 Sebald. David .105. 298 Seed, Artiese 439 Seeger. Richard __126. 364. 439 Seeley, Bernard 439 Seelye. Juliette 181. 4.19 Seers. Suzanne 272 Segal. Gerald Segal. Gladys _ 161 Segal. Myra 350 . 319 Segal. Robert Seeer, Dean _ Seiber. Lois 293 182 120 330 248 318 305 439 -122. 173. 43 173 439 Seigel, Paul _ Seirfe, Tack _ Seiler, Anita _. Seites, Tohn _ Selbst, Ronald Sellers. William .... Serrinir. Benjamin _ 19 ' Semmdroth. Conrad ....356. 360 Semeriian. Ida 281. 4 ' 9 Sen. Xuri . 439 Sena. Robert 186, 419 Sencer, David ..190 Sendiow. Marvin 439 Seput. . Serf : . G if Serck. Lenore Service. Michael ... Service. Robert . Seslri. Richard. _439 _439 Seslri. Richard . 175 Seto, Chauncey 166, 361 Seto, Hugo _ 166, 361 Seto. Millard 166, 361, 439 Setomer, Lee _116 Settle, David 310 Seven, Marvin 193, 439 Severance, Thomas . 357 Severance, William 324 SeweU, Richard 119,360 Sexton. Robert 185 Seyferth, Blaine 248, 359 SeTmour. Richard 439 Shaffer, Donald 3OO Shatter. Susan 340 Shah. Mansnkalal 168,439 Shah. Rameschandra ....165, 439 Shalan. Leslie 357 Shambangh. Shirley 279 Shambes, Georgia 253 Shaner, James 119, 169, 362 Shanker, Morris 361 Shannon. Ann 341, 439 Shantz. John . 439 Shapero, Walter 133, 439 Shapiro, Cynthia 137 Shapiro, David 158, 365, 439 Shapiro. Fayanne 248 Shapiro. Ronnie 248 Sharangpani. Ravindra 165 Sharda. Martin 128. 189, 439 Sharland. Jack . 361 Sharp. Gordon 119, 320 Sharp. Robert 299 Sharpe. William .. Shafts, Garvin ShattncV. Xancy _ Shaw, Peter Shaw. Roberta Shawaker, Susan Shawley. Xancy _ Shawiey. Robert _ Shea. Donald ... Shea. Maureen 360 439 .__439 316 273 277 _362 __312 _439 Sbeaffen. Lanette ..149. 277, 439 Sbebuski. Robert 365 Sbeehan, Michael 325. 439 Sheffey. Elinor 148, 439 Sheffield. Curt 360 Shehan. George 439 Sheibani, Salih 169. 357 Sheldon. Aaron 2K7 313 Sheldon. Snel 182.440 Shelley. Ann 145 Shelton, Vida 343, 440 Sbener. William 186 Shepherd. Constance 340 Shepherd. Franklin _440 Shepherd. Margaret 252 Shepperhr. Robert 311 Sber. Leslie 184 Sberen. Dnane 357 Sheridan, Patricia 348 Sherman, Anna 350. 440 Sherman, Donald 440 Sherman. Dnane 328 Sherotsky. George 185 Sherwood, Marv 123. 253. 275. 440 Sherzer. Tohn 187, 440, 457 Shetier, Robert ., 303 Shewman. Teanne .270 Shiftman. Pube " 19? Shie. Kai-Cheng 440 Shih. Ts e 449 Shilson. Thomas ... 440 SMmizu. Benjamin Shinew. Joan . _175. 440 SMraro. Maurine _ Ship-nan. Walter Shirk. Edgar Shishido. Tsuneo Shively. Edsel Shivers. Gerald Sbobe, Susie -.. Shomaker. Donald Shongut. Lawrence 318 Shook. Tbelma _ ..145,440 Short. Beverly __145 Short. Howard 361 Shoun. Kerwin Shrage. Sydney .. Shramek. Toseph Shrarer. Robert 440 193 361 Shreffler, Thomas . 170, 173. 308. 440 Shrover. Eugene 145. 152 Shufro. Adrietme 112. 349 Shuhmacher. Mary 347 ShuHvirz. William _119 Shull. Terome _ 317 Stiurnkv. Allison 312 Shuptrine. Calvert 125. 173. 304. 440 Shnre. Herbert 313. 440 Shurts. Orolyn 44O Shuster. Theodore 357 Shyne. John _ _ 125 Sieber, Joan _ . 267 Sieber, Lois -.122, 152, 341, 440 Siegd, Jane ___340 Siegfried. S. F.___ ___155 Siegmnnd, Robert 440 Siekmann. John 180 Siering, John __ 359 Siering, William 440 Sigman, Donald . 116, 127, 134, 440 Sigmund. Ragnor . 362 Sigtenhorst, Janet -ISO Sikkema, Donald 316 Silberburg, William 306 Silberfarb, Edward 158, 365, 440 Silep, Harriet 248, 440 Silk. Charles 183, 440 Silks, Tfaurman _.440 Sillman. Emmanuel 364 Silver, Dolores I 350 Silver, Sol 178, 440 Silverman, Marshall _293 Silverman, Stanley 440 Simanikas. William 440 Simkow, Ronald 365 Simmonds, Xancy 274 Simmons, Alexander 440 Simmons, Barbara 252, 283, 440 Simmons, Edmund 300 Simmons, Eleanor 342 Simmons, ITlMlllh 169, 440 Timm Milton 305, 441 Simmon . Richmond ....190, 441 Simon, Eva 148. 341 Simon, Irving 441 Simon, Joyce 122, 162, 168, 441 Simon, Leonard 313 Simon, Parnell 363 Simon, Roger _311 Simon. Theodore. 162, 293 Simonds. Constance 60, 281 Simonel. Emile . 441 Simonsen. James 367 Simpson, Charles....l47, 180, 441 Simpson, Joseph 36O Simpson, Horace _441 limymnu, Joseph 441 Sims. Ann 349 Sinclair, Judith 54, 56, 266, 280 Sinclair, Vernon 145 Singer, Arthur 297 Singer, Harold 106, 325 Singer. Judith __269 Singer, Martin 293 Singh Kmnah i- Singler. Marianne Sim " , Towo 177 Sinnigen. William Sintav, Charles . 171 170,441 Siplrin. Sandra . Sipp, George 797 Sirj , Susan 141 Sisson, James Sin, Abraham . ' 166 Sivier. Kenneth ... 58, 125, 357, 441 Sivo, Joseph 127 Sivula. Thomas 441 Six. Ruth 341 Skala, James 118, 246 Skarzynski. Alice 441 Skav. Robert 186,441 Skaw, Virginia Skestos, George Sltilling, Daryle Skinner, Lanralee Skouros. Thomas 183,441 Skrbina. Frank 363 John 127, 171,363. 441 169 Slack, John M4 Slager, Thomas - 441 Slagh. Tim 300 Slavin. Raymond Sledzik. Chester . 330 314 Slider. Eugene IS Slifer, Seger 290 Sligh, Robert ' 01 Sloan. Arthur 441 Sloan, Phyllis tst Sloan, Samuel 120 Sloane, Charles Sloane, John 147. 308 145 Slobin. Gloria iin Slocnm, Nancy . 145 Sibbert, Patricia Sidenberg. Joyce 253 Slocnm, Sarah ....120, 275, 441 Slojkowslri. Raymond 441 Skmck, Philip . 441 Slnis. Mark 328 Sly. Patricia 174, 281. 441 Slykhouse. George Small. Jean Smale, Harold Small. Dale __324, 441 Smaflwood. Phyllis 268. 441 Smaller, Richard ..126. 363. 441 Smart, David _105 Smart. Jackson 288. 316 Smart. Richard 331 Smead. James 317 Smedley. Audrey 54. 55 Smigel. James 307 SmieieU Clarence- 441 Smilay. Beth 123, 341 Smith. Allan 295 Smith, Andrew Smith, Barbara _ . Smith, Charles Smith Claude 441 _279 298, 357 112 Smith Cynthia 276 Smith David 17) 441 Smith, Dean Smith, Donald Smith. Douglas _ Smith, Edith .125, 180.441 147, 358 362 |] Smith, Edwin Smith, Elizabeth _ 190 168 Smith, Frances 341, 441 Smith, Gerald . _441 Smith, Gilbert 296 Smith, Gordon 296 Smith, Harold ....172 Smith, Hugh 147 Smith, Ira 51 Smith, James F 52, 61, 103 Smith, James O. 175 Smith, Jerome 310 Smith, John C. 156 Smith, John F. Smith, John H. Smith, Laurence Smith, Lloyd Smith, Lois Smith, Marcia Smith. Marilyn Smith, Marion Smith. Mary Smith, Xancy Smith, Patricia 122, 132, 252, 276 Smith. Paul D _317. 442 Smith. Paul H. 442 Smith. Phillip 124. 156, 157, 291. 442 Smith, Ralph H. 357 Smith, Ralph R. 297 Smith, Richard C. 145, 171, 301, 310. 364 Smith, Richard H 127, 442 Smith, Richard L 146, 306 Smith, Richard S 296, 442 Smith, Robert A. ..104, 308, 442 Smith, Robert J. 118,442 Smith. Rodney 164, 309, 442 Smith, Ronald . 359 Smith, Russell 322 Smith, Ruth 442 Smith, Sally . 275 Smith, Shirley 442 Smith. Susan 349 Smith, Thomas - 442 Smith. Valerie 442 Smith. Verna 159, 168, 248, 442 Smith. Victor __442 Smith. William 362 Smithberger, Thomas 177 Smitbe, Roger 361 Smithson, John 188 Sroolak, George 442 Smoley. Eugene _ 361 Smullin. Phillip 442 Snell. Eugene 180, 442 SneU. Willis . ___442 Snider, Tohn 458 Snider. Wilbur _442 Snodgrass. Joan 112,276 Snoke, Ralph 186 Snow, James 171, 175, 442 Snyder, Charles 124 Snyder, John 137, 327. 369 Snyder. Roberta 168 Socha, Edward 126, 169. 442 Sodee. Bruce 157. 288, 307 Soderberg, Peter 58. 172, 180, 442 Soennichsen, Eric 442 Soeters. Robert _185 Soffin, Leon 442 Sohn. David 359 Sokol. Howard Solether, Dee .. Soil. Robert 330 171 133, 442 ..254, 341, 442 Somer, Carole Somers. Xancy ._ 248, 252. 255, 274, 442 Sondeen. Paul 442 Sondeen. Phillip 169 Sonnega. James . 119 Sontz, Carol 348 Soper. James 145,361 Sorauf. Donald 158 Soroka. Walter 442 Sorscber. Benjamin Sosna, Vivian Soss. Marjorie Soteriou. Eli as Sotherland. John 304, 362 Sotier. Glenna 270, 437 Sotir. Catherine 111,341 Soukup. Henry __ 310 Soale. Linn .__ 442 Southerton. Glen 191. 359 Sova. William 442 Soace, David _ 118,246.322 Spade. Glen 322. 442 Spalding. Warren 298 Sparks. Man 341, 442 Sparks. Xorman 164 Sparrow. Thomas 147, 304 Spanlding. Tames 193 Spaulding, Walter 442 Spear, Steven 175. 443 491 Speck, Carl 193 Speer, Robert 186 Speer, Stanley 301 Spellman, John 365 Spence, Herbert 298 Spencer, Bruce 363 Spencer, Clyde 190 Spencer, Jean 344 Spencer, Joan 348 Spencer, Norman 298 Spencer, Peter 137 Spencer, Russell 359 Sperlich, Harold ..103, 114, 325 Sperling, Laurence ....119, 313 Spero, Alice ....55, 56, 112, 161 Spero, Beverly 145 Spero, Richard 318 Sperry, George 443 Spies, Patricia 443 Spieth, Janet 271 Spillman, Ruth 272 Spindler, John 443 Spivack, Edward 318, 443 Spooner, Willet 175 Spoutz, Sally 443 Spry, Robert 308 Squiers, Joyce 443 Squires, William 443 Srull, Donald 106, 159, 443 Stachowiak, Ronald 322 Stade, Arthur 312 Stadler, Louis 361 Stafford, John 363 Stage, Albert 177, 443 Stage, James 190 Staley, Robert 364 Stalker, James 304 Stalvey, Bennett 358 Stamm, Dee 443 St. Amour. Raymond 375 Stander, Richard 373, 443 Standiford, David 188 Standiford, Jane ..255, 277, 443 Stanford, Thad 362 Stankiewicz, Edwin 362 Stanley, William 145 Stansberry, Lucille 348 Stanton, Walter 193 Stapleton, Thomas 360 Stapp, William 114, 235, 246, 301, 443 Star, Evelyn 340 Starbuck, Frank 358 Stark, Frank 305 Starr, Lynne 350, 443 Stasewick, Roseanne 351 Stashower, Arthur 315, 443 Stason, Blythe 81 Stason, William 119, 319 Stathopoulos, Peter ....183, 443 Stauffer, Charles 145 Stauffer, Melvyn 443 Stebbins. William 443 Steck, Henry 443 Steck, John 297 Steck, Ruth 341, 443 Stecker, Norma 123 Steding, Philip 319, 443 Steele, George 325 Steele, Harold 186 Steere, Norman 116 Stegath, Frederick 443 Steamier, Robert 164, 171, 443 Stein, Cynthia 341 Stein, Herman 443 Stein, Larry 330, 443 Stein, Ruth 149 Stein, Walter 307 Stein. William 364 Steinbaugh. Frederick.. 145, 322 Steinberg, Sara 350 Steinbrueck, Leonard 178, 360, 443 Steiner, Robert 311 Steinhardt, Lillian 174 Steinhelper, Tack.. 106, 158, 362 Steinhelner. John 358 Steinhoff, Harry 444 Steinkamp, Joanna 279 Steinkamp, Stanley 442 Steinman, Herman 443 Steketee, Jerome 292 Stelling, Marion ....120, 341, 443 Stellwagen. Walter 443 Stempel, Phyllis 349 Stenbuck, Nancy.. 123, 269, 443 Stenglein. Thomas 298, 443 Stenn, Irvine ..54, 55, 118, 330 Stenstrom, David 320, 444 Stentow, Leland 183 Stephan, Winton 182, 444 Stephen, Gordon 177, 302 Stephens, James 292, 362 Stephenson, Sara . " - 444 Stern, Eva 133, 162, 346 Stern, Joan 348 Stern, Leon 293 Stern. William 444 Sterzik. Kurt 444 Stettenheim, Peter 444 Stevens, Bryce 444 Stevens, Charles 128, 193 Stevens, David 160, 361 Stevens, Edward 185. 444 Stevens, Kenneth 50 Stevens, Nancy 276 Stevens, Richard 186 Stevens, Shirley 348 Stevens, William 186, 444 Stevenson, Alicia 252, 276 Stevenson, Clarke 306, 444 Stevenson, Dale 175 Stevenson, Roger 444 Stevenson, Russell 70, 187 Steward, John 357 Stewart, Anne 444 Stewart, Betty 350 Stewart, Bruce 188 Stewart, Erie 444 Stewart, Gordon 311 Stewart, Tames 365, 444 Stewart, Joan 255 Stewart, Landis 190, 444 Stewart, Melbourne 291 Stewart, Mercia 160 Stewig, Carl 177, 444 St. George, August 444 Stickney, Sally 274, 444 Stief, Henry 174, 363 Stieg, Elinor 164 Stien, Robert 177 Stiles, Robert 444 Stiles, Thoburn 361, 444 Stiller, Constance 270 Stinson, Charles 296 Stinson, David 228, 3; Stinson, Kaye 308 Stinson, Richard 361 Stinson, Ronald 444 Stirton, William ..103, 115, 444 Stober, Harriett 269 Stock, Leon 198 Stocking, Charles 90, 175 Stocking, Frank 307 Stocking, Mrs 175 Stoddard, Arthur 290, 299 Stoddard, James 303 Stoddard, Stanford 319 Stoddard, Virginia 283, 444 Stoerker, Ruth 181 Stoimenoff, Lawrence 444 Stoker, Harriett 123, 444 Stoll, Carolyn 343, 444 Stoll, Doris 444 Stolton, Stephen ..172, 365, 444 Stoltz, Barbara 149 Stone, Benjamin 128, 444 Stone, Bradford ..246, 314, 444 Stone, Harry 444 Stone, Mary 276, 444 Stone, Nelson 444 Stone, Paul 361, 445 Stone, Thomas 322 Stone, Thornton 360 Stoneman, Fernley 193 Stoner, George 362 Stoner, Graham 444 Stoner, Paul 116, 361 Stonkoff. Terry 161, 361 Storey, Charlotte 445 Storey, William 445 Storm, Norman 186 Storms, Lt 155 Storrer, Richard 331, 358 Storrie, James ..54, 55, 56, 445 Stough, Charlotte 174, 281, 445 Stout, Donald 106, 445 Stout, George 172, 180, 362, 445 Stover, Connie 320 Stowe, Charles ....145, 152, 445 Strachan, Donald 362 Strachan, Robert 187 Straffon, Ralph ....188, 201, 246 Strahan, Gordon 307 Strahm, Leland 183 Strain. Dale 445 Straith, Donald 331, 445 Strand, Margaret 111. 145, 152, 274 Strander. Richard 182 Stratiff, Rebert 365 Straub, Andrew 178 Straub, Frank 178, 445 Straub. Wolf 173 Strauch, Jerome 357 Strauss, Alan 105, 305 Strauss, Edward 330 Strauss, Sally ....265, 283, 444 Street. Cassius 445 Streicher, James 320 Streicher, Robert 1R2 Streicher, Velma 341 Stribe, Ralnh 118, 201 Strieker. Henry 302, 445 Strickholm, Alfred 445 Strickland, Charles 183, 372, 445 Strickland, John 445 Strickler, Jay 309 Strickler, William 11B, 358 Strieflinif. Joan ....111, 122, 341 Strikwerda, James 189 Strohm. Leland 445 Stromott. Shelley 112 Strong, Edward 331 Strong. Tames 186 Strong. Oliver 186, 445 Strong, Peter 294 Strothmann, Rudolph 177 Strout. Maynard 147, 291 Strozewski, Richard 201 Strutz, Gloria 351 Stryker. Lee 187 Strzelecki. Richard 55, 304 Stuart. Anne 112, 280 Stuart, John 304 Stuckman, Richard 185 Studer, Vincent 302 Stuhlmann, Allen 187, 445 Stumpf, Folden 445 Stumpfig, John 309 Subar, Jerome 313, 445 Sublett, Vernett 148 Suckow, Lois 137 Suehrstedt, Richard ..175, 445 Sugnet, Mary 340, 445 Suino, Mary 163 Sullivan, Joseph 312 Sullivan, Mary 278 Sullivan, Paul 365 Sullivan, Richard 357 Sullivan, Shirley 285, 445 Sullivan, William 360 Sumawong, Watana 160 Sumida, Dwight 166 Summerfield, Cecele 248 Summerhays, Joseph ....324, 445 Summers, John 306, 445 Sumner, Emmons 445 Sumpman, Russell 145 Sun-Chien, Hsiao 178 Sunderman, Duane 180 Sundquist, Joan 348 Sundstrom, Doris 342 Sung, Neng-Lun 445 Sunquist, Felix 289 Suozzo, Arlene 341, 445 Superstine, Milton 184, 445 Surnis, James 362 Susan, Delores 349 Susman, Arnold 184, 445 Sussman, Ina Ill, 122, 133, 148, 174, 349 Sutherland, William 173 Sutler, James 137, 300 Suttles, Edward 183, 458 Sutton, Frank 193 Sutton, Harry 173 Sutton, Wilfred 445 Sutton, William 329 Suydam, William 361 Svensen, Niels-Alf 445 Swainson, William 314 Swan, Robert 445 Swanson, Bette 282, 445 Swanson, Carl 446 Swanson, Donald 164, 363 Swanson, Elmer 228 Swanson, Leonard 147 Swanson, Marian 347 Swanson, Swede 317 Swanson, Virginia 281 Swart. Arlene 348, 446 Swarthout, Ronald 191, 446 Swartwout. Frank 18! Swartz, Robert 365 Swastek, Casimir 446 Sweazey, Eldon 446 Sweeney, John 306 Sweeney. L. Donovan 446 Sweet, Dorothy 446 Sweet. Lawrence 119, 291 Sweetland. John 35 Sweningson, Roger ....177, 446 Swigert, Baird 307 Swimmer. Adolph 446 Swintz, George 310 Swords, Tack 446 Swords, Kenneth 291 Symons, Nancy 145, 274, 341, 446 Symons, Ray 152 Syverson, John 310. 446 Szarolrtta, Richard ....177, 446 Sze, Victor 446 Szemborski, Chester 446 Szor. Samuel 145, 152 Tabar. Walter ....158, 446, 362 Tabashnak, Nedra 350 Tabashnik. Phyllis 457 Tadian, Garabed 359 Taft, George 186, 446 Taggart. Herbert 183 Taira, Kiyoko 166, 340 Takemoto. Eva 248, 347. 446 Takushi, Roy 166 Talford. John 297 Talley, Vincent 446 Talmare. Guy 190 Tarn, Clement 166 Tamaki. Ishitaro 364 Tammen, Arnold 446 Tamminen. Glen 359 Tamura. Harold 446 Tan. Robert 165 Tanaka, Richard 364 Tanealian, Garabed 446 Tang, Ramon 190 Tanealakis, Stanley 325 Tanigawa, Herbert ....116. 446 Tanjourjian, Rostom 361 Tannenbaum, Carol 446 Tanner. John 185, 446 Tao, Yao 176 Tappan. Donald 446 Tapping, Theodore 62, 103, 198, 321, 446 Tarbell. Hazel 281 Tarrant. Gordon 297 Taren, Tames 190 Tartar, James 446 Taterka, Harvey 318 Tatigian, Harold 361 Tattersall, John 446 Tauber, Berniece 350 Tayler, Georgiana 275 Taylor, Cleo 285 Taylor, James 364 Taylor, Janet 446 Taylor, Joseph 306 Taylor, Kenneth ... 364 Taylor, Nancy 132, 273 Taylor, Raymond 446 Taylor, Theodore 327, 446 Teague, Frederick 303 Teegarden, Lillian 123 Teetor, Catherine 446 Teifer, Joseph 296 Teitelbaum, Ruth 252, 349 Telang, Yeshwant 165, 446 Teifer, John 178, 446 Teifer, William 128, 188 Temple, James 297, 446 Templin, Donald 447 Tenander, Irene 447 Tendick, Frank 125, 126, 169, 447 Tendler, Norman 447 Teneau, Richard 447 Tennent, David 310, 447 Tetankjian, Arax 349 Texter, Patricia 112, 137, 255, 274 Thai, Bruce 318 Thai. Norman 119, 313 Thatcher. Charles 254 Thayer, Elaine 344 Thayer, Stuart 447 Theisen, Donald 447 Thimmer, Patricia 149 Thiry, David 302 Thisted, Marilyn 109. 121, 252, 274, 447 Thorn, Harold 447 Thoma. Arthur 185 Thoman, Charles 359 Thomas, Allan 357 Thomas, Blanche 181 Thomas, Charles 317, 447 Thomas, David 131 Thomas, Floyd 131, 360 Thomas, Gloria 272 Thomas, Gordon 447 Thomas. Goulish 169 Thomas. James 183 Thomas. Margaret 133 Thomas. Martha 159, 447 Thomas, Norman 119 Thomas, Philip 365 Thomas, Ruth 447 Thomas. Richard M 363, 447 Thomas, Richard T 325, 447 Thomas, Thomas 248, 360 Thompson, Alfred 119, 326 Thompson, David 314. 447 Thompson. Diane 349 Thompson, Donald 447 Thompson, Frederick H 319 Thompson, Frederick L 304, 447 Thompson, Jane 255, 349 Thompson, Joan 344, 447 Thompson, John 169, 447 Thompson, Lennon 447 Thompson. Mary 255 Thompson, Peter 314, 447 Thompson, Richard 309 Thompson, Rudolph 145 Thompson, William ....307, 320, 361 Thomsen. Warren 170. 447 Thomson, Tanet 447 Thomson. Mae 297 Thomson. Marian 27 Thomson. Malcolm 447 Thorn. Mary 280, 447 Thornberry, Richard 447 Thome, James 170. 447 Thornton, Bruce 357 Thornton, Kenneth 447 Thornton, Mary 447 Thornton. Robert 447 Thorpe, Gilbert 317 Thorpe. Peter 306 Thorsberg. John 447 Thorson, Robert 105 Thurher, Richard 173 Tiernan. Thomas 309 Tighe, Bernard 447 Tilley, Douglas 364 Tillman, Thomas 246, 312, 447 Timbers. Edwin 447 Timm. Robert 317, 201 Timmerman. Robert 448 Timmins, Harry 307 Timyan. Philip 319 Tinker, David 303 Tinker. Franklyn 448 Tinker. Richard 115, 288 Tinker. Thomas 309 Tinkham. David 201, 308 Tippen, Forrest 448 Tippen, Peter 187 Tipton, John 115, 145. 295, 448 Tisdell, Richard 448 Titchenrr, Edward 448 Tittle, Raymond 291 Titus, Lucille 348 492 Titus, Panl - Tkach, William Tobin, Ann - Todd, John _ Todd, William Toles, Elaine Toll, Philip _ Tollefsen, Evelyn _ 342, 448 Tom, Clement __ 358 Tom, Lyle --- 177 Tom, Wallace - 166 Tomblinson, James 188 448 .341, 448 -178, 448 156 _176, 342, 448 -448 Tomdl. Emily Tomkins, Martha Tomkow, Leo I " a J J.,. otnpKins, joon . 178, 185, 364 _164 _341 ..185 -_177, 448 Tomiinson, " Thomas . 320 Tonkin, Cecil 177, 448 Tonkin, Richard 448 Tonnesen, Sander 448 Topel, Robert _ 360 Toper, Theodore 201, 307 Topper, Jane _109, 121, 265, 277, 448 Topping, Ford _ 186 Tornquist, Elizabeth _..275, 448 Torresen, John 448 Tottis, James 17S, 448 Tough, Coulson 178, 448 Towar, Charles . . 314 Townley, David 322 Townley, Merlin _103 Townsend, Arthur 358 Townsend, Barbara 279 Townsend, James 193, 448 Townsend. John 53 Towse, Don _314 Tracy, Roben 361 Traub, Barbara __122. 152, 448 Travers, Leo . 448 Traves, Xeale 106, 118, 136, 159, 309 Traxle, Ellen . 148. 152, 448 Treegar, Thomas 357 Trefz, Henry ___362 Tresseh. Emily 448 Trew, Frederick 448 Treweek. Brace 147 Trezise. William 193, 448 Triana, Henry 308 Tribble, Guy 309 Trigger, Marjorie 342 Trimble, Thomas 297 Trinld, Frank 296, 448 Trites, Joan 271 Trogan, Roland 361 Trometer. Susan ... 1 Tromley. loan 348 Tromley, Richard _ __324 Troske. Robert ...... 448 Trotter. Rex 187 Trout, Alexander , 448 Trnckenlrod. William 357 True, Stephen 357, 295 True, Wesley 119, 147 Troesdale. Donald 152 Trnesdell, Beverly 274, 448 Truesdril. Frederick 448 Trnesdell. Sherry Tnimbell. Harrv Trnnsky. Ronald Trrand. James ... Trydorf. Fred Tsaggaris. James Tfou. Ivan Tua. Sarah _ ____ 431 Tncholski. Arthur 357 Tucker, Charles ' 449 Tucker. Edmund __308 Tnllio. John Tung. Juliana Tung. Lillian Tunnicliffe. Ann Turcban. Robert ... ..449 _449 ..342 ..185 Turner. Harold 125, 175 Turner. Tacqueline 351 Timer. Tames 298 Turner. Marv 285 Turner. Robti ... _.298 171. 449 Turtle, Roger Tuuri. Walter ... . .. Tveit. Robert 178. 449 TweedJe. Adelbert 119, 358 Tweedie. Mart _304 Tweedie. Robert 359, 449 Tvau. Reuben ..125. 166, 173, 449 Tylicki. Theodore 325 Tyson. David 312 Tyson. Harry ._ _ 157 Tyson, Henry 124, 319. 449 u Uchimoto, Warren .. Uchiteue. Robert L ' esato. Toshi Ufer. Mae Uhlendorf. Rhoda ... Ujihara. Ben Ulbrich. Carl Ulf. John Ulisnik. Daniel Vim, Lorin _ 158. Ummel. Mary 55, 56, Umphrey, James Umpierre, LOT - - ..449 307 298, 362 341, 449 152 449 Underwood Harry 4 " 49 Unger, Albert 178, 449 Ungerleider, Thomas 330 Upjohn. Nancy . . 282 Uppal, Madan 165, 499 Upson, Edward 170, 449 Urban, Dorothy 344 Urban. Theodore 314 Urch, Ray 324 Utz, Phfl 193 Uvick, Robert 327 Vaas, Frederick 449 Vaidya, Moreshwar _16S, 449 Vakil, Jyotindra _171, 165, 449 Valance, James 331 Valassis, George 308 Valenzuela, Roberto __169, 357 Valk, Robert ___..._ ...449 Vallen, Barbara 348 Vallmar, Bruce 177 Vallorani, Edward 328, 449 Valmont. William 170 Valvur, Heine _248 VanAllsbnrg, Robert 449 VanAntwerp, Howard 449 VanArsdale, Robert 306 VanBoven, Peter 299, 449 VanBuren, Clift 294 Vance. Rnssel 119, 248, 321 VanDeGraaf, W r iHiam 307, 449 Vandenberg, Edward 189 Vandenberg, John 176, 309, 449 Vander, Seymour 192, 449 Vander Beflen, Alexander ..187 Vandercook, Lewis ...._177, 449 Vandercook, Robert 449 Van derholk. Harold 127 VanderKamp. Melvin 450 Vanderklipp, Bruce ... _310 VanderKlipp. Wendell .450 VanDerKolk. Kenneth 190 Vanderkuy, Leo _246. 319, 450 Vander Der Meid, Thomas _457 Vander Xoot, Donald 450 Vander Waa, Alfred ..190, 450 Vander Water. Rodger 307, 450 Van Der Weele. John 450 Vanderzee, David 116. 117, 322, 450 Vanderzyl. Robert _361 VanDeusen, Charles .. 321 Van Duren, Charles 301 VanDuzen. Jean 181 Van Duzer, Marianne 110. 270 Van Dyke. Harvey 145. 152, 189 Van Dyke, James 450 Van Eenam. Donald ....302, 450 Van Eenam. Mariorie 159 Van Houten. Phillip ..._ 365 Van Houten. Lawrence _ 248 Vanboy. Marilyn 450 Van Ingen. Tohn 187 Van Kirk. Xancy 145 Van Order. Panl 450 Van Otteren. Gay 171 Van Putten. Peter 189 Van Ryn. Russell 450 Van Scboick, Frank 450 Van Slooten. Benjamin .. .450 Vanslow, Neal 297 Van Steenberg. Frank 292 Vin Svoc, Gerald 147, 303. 450 Van Veen. James 124, 450 Van Voorst. LaVerne 145 VanWagoner. Ellen ... 121. 266, 283. 450 Van WinHe. Philip 32S VaradT. Ernest 145 Varbedian. Alice _450 Varbedian. Thomas 295 Varga. Ethel 450 Varrio-hio. Domenic .. 450 Vass. David .170. 450 Vasu. Cordell 362 Vanghan. Charles 450 Vanghan. Henry 93 Vanghan. Mary _. 139 Vaughn. Bob 131 Vavrek. Toseph 156 Vealey, Jack _ _450 VeldkamD. William _ 189 Velz. Tobn 119, 174 Vembn. Tarsi 165, 171, 451 Venk, Ralph 450 Vennerholm. John 359 Verhake, Thomas _ _292 Verkaik, Peter _ _189 Vernier. Robert 186 Verrette. James ... 359 Vesfcy. Carl .450 Vesotsky. Elaine .. Vestevich, Peter Vetter. Eric Vetter, Lola Vetter. Marceline Vial. Elizabeth _ Vibert, Leila Vichuks, Leo Vickermai Vicklnnk. Vidal. Elie 361 Videan, Edward Viedrah. Roslyn Viehmann. Xorman Villa, John 450 Vincent, Dwigfat 157, 296 Vincent, E. P 127 Vinkemulder, Charles 358 Vinson, Richard -186 Vinuya, Conrado 165, 168, 363 Virgona, Allen 246 Visasky, John 152 Vlachos, John 362 Voelter, Charlotte 451 Vogel, Roger 304 Vogt, Joan 159 Vogt, Xeil 325 Vogt, Robert 54, 114, 288, 321, 451 Vogtmann, Walter 357 Vokac, Robert 132, 183, 451 Vollen, Barbara 451 Vollmar, Bruce 451 Von Glahn, Catherine ..341, 451 YonHerrmann, Maryell 268 Von Hummel, William 326 Von Lahtenberg, Landa 323 Von Reis, Siri 341 Von Voigtlander, C. 173 Vora, Prafnllachandra 165, 451 Vosburg, John 303 Vose, Margaret 275 Voss, J. David . 451 Vossler, John 450 Votypka, Justine 148, 152, 268 Vreeland, Bruce 449 Vreeland. Morrell 171, 363 Vretta, Carl 451 VuKovich. Joseph 359 w Waatti. Donald ...105, 312 Waddell, Agnes .._ ...270, 451 Waddell, Thomas 451 Wadi, Cecily .253, 255, 282 Wagner, Elmer 171, 451 W T agner, Herbert 291 Wagner, John 306 Wagner, Pamela 341 Wagner, Philip 362 Wagner, Richard 302, 451 Wagner, Robert ..152, 177, 311 Wagner, Roy 161, 358 Wagner. Sylvia 340 Wagoner. Charles 362 Wahl. Al 114, 201, 204 Wahls. Myron 294 Waidley, Jean _ 267 Waidley, John 303, 451 Waite. Carroll 169 Wakefield, Richard _ 309 Wakeman. {Catherine 350 Wakika. Isamn 362 Walcott, Xancy 342, 343 Waldon, Robert 306 Waldron, Daniel 141 W ' aldron, Wilfred -174, 451 Walfson, Herbert 159 Walker, Carolyn 281 W r alker. Donald 169. 312 Walker, Elizabeth 253, 345 Walker. Gerald _ _ 325 Walker. Howard 451. 186 Walker, Patricia 133. 279 Walker, William 125, 451 Wallace, Thomas 451 Wallace. Wilma _159, 274, 451 Walldorf. Lynn 267 Waller, lean 451 Waller. John 451 Walli. Charles 291, 451 Wallick, Karl 359 Wallington, Ivan 451 Walmoth. Raymond _295 Walrath. Shirley _451 Walsh, David 185, 451 Walsh. John 316 Walsh. Margot 275 Walsh. Thomas 54. 55, 142, 451 Walterbouse. Richard _ _451 Walters. Erich 53 Walters. George 363 Walton. Edward . 365 Walton. Tames _152 Waltz. Kenneth 451 Wandell. Warner 451 Wanty. Byron . 451 Wappler. Margaret .267 Waranins. William _364 Ward. Caroline 163, 451 Ward. Harold _300 Ward. Qnintin 169 W r ard. Stuart 133, 299 Wardenburg. Bert . 311 Wardle. Corinne 451 Ware. Harry 364 Wared!. Elizabeth ._340, 451 Warhol . Andrew 451 Warmeling. Dorothy ._271, 451 Warncke. Hanneliese _452 Warner. Bertram 187 W r arner. Robert 296 Warner. William . _106 Warnke. James 360 Warnock, Ann 280 Warr, B. Russell Warren, Anne . Warren, Clyde _ Warren. Donald K. Warren. Donald X. Warren, Louise Warren, Margaret ... Warshaw, Libby . Washam, Richard . -161, 340 171 Washburne. Xancy 161, 280 Wass, William 452 Wassell, Eugenia _452 Wasserberger, Leo ..33, 322 Waterkamp, Henry 124 Waterman, Anne 60, 148 W r aterman, Beverly 452 Waterman, Clair . Waterman, Merwin Waters, Duane Waters, Lyle Waters, William Watkins. Delores Watkins, Herbert Watkins, Jake Watkins, James Watkins, John 128 Watkins, Xancy ._54, 122, 282 Watkins, Richard __. 182 Watkins, Robert 452 Watkins, Thomas 354, 367 Watkins, Wilbur 4S2 Watkoskey, Anthony 452 Watson, Barbara 137, 341 Watson, Charles _182, 358, 452 Watson, Hugh 314 Watson, James 301 Watson, Joseph 187, 452 Watson, Mamie _ 267, 452 Watson, Mary Beth _348 Watson. Richard 105, 358, 452 Watson. Rodger 358 Watt. Mary 277 Watts, Eugene 452 Watts, Harry . 452 Watts. Janet 131, 160, 341, 452 Watts. Ronald .._118, 131, 291 Wax. Harry _ 184 Weaver, Eugene 105, 308 Weaver. Toan 341 Weaver. Robert 147, 362 Webb. Byron .. _ 452 Webb. Charles .._ _..105, 119 Webb. Dorothy _..149, 276, 452 Webb. Gordon . _ 191 Webb. Hubert 127 Webb, John 299 Webb. Philip 117, 297 Webb. Robert 327 Webb. Walter ... ,..._294 Webb, William D. ..54, 55, 326 Webb. William R. Webber. Richard Veber, Caroline .. Weber, Richard Weber. Robert Weber. W r alter _.L.201 Weber. William 367 Webster. Gerald 297 Webster. Tohn 364 Webster. Robert 309 Weckstein. Stephan 318 Wedge. Joan 351 Wedge. Mary 351 Weed, Sarah 255, 348 Wegener. Charles - 452 Wegener, Robert 246 Wegenka. Jan 308 Wegner. Eugene 452 Weible. George 452 We- ' geL David _127, 295 Weill. Dale 171, 364. 452 Weiland. Keith 185, 452 Weinberger. Stanley ....135, 330 Weinburger, Bernice ..122. 452 Weiner. Harvey 452 Weiner. Sidney 318 Weiner, Walter _ 318 Veingarden Beverly 350 Weingarden Marshall 162, 305, 452 Weingarten. Charles 119 Weingarten. Herbert 452 Weinger. Benjamin 184. 373. 452 Weinsoff. Portia 161 Weinstein. Alvin - 125, 127. 361, 452 Weinstein. Richard _. _ .293 Weinstock. Arnold 318 Weir. Donald 296 Weisbein. Roberta 348 Weisman. David 315 Weisman. Morton 452 Weiss. Allen 184 Weiss. David 452 Weiss. Donna 161, 269 Weiss. Edith 453 Weiss. Fae __ .....453 Weiss. Marshall .293 Weiss. Marv Ann 268 Weiss. Milton 184 Weiss. Morris 128. 192. 453 Wertknerht. Xancy 145 Welber. Robert 315 Welch. Howard . ...361 Welden. Tnrry 276, 453 Weldon. Clarence 453 Weldon. Lawrence ______327 Welhelm. George 362 Weller. Douglas 311 Weller. Richard 308 Weller. Shirlev ... 453 493 Wellhoff, Shirley 268 Wellington, Roger 299 Wellman, Lawrence ...105, 119 Wells, Eugenia ....: 341 Wells, James 329, 453 Wells, Phyllis 181 Wells, Ronald .. 299 Wells, William ....312, 314, 453 Welsh, John 453 Welsh, Norman 303 Weltman, Warren 453 Wencke, Nancy 341 Wendler, Dorothy 267 Wennerberg, Joan 348 Wenrich, John 365 Wepfer, Russell 312 Wepman, Dennis 361 Werner, Reginald 305 Werner, Robert 17S, 453 Werner, William 359 Wernig. Jean ....176, 281, 453 West, David 358 West, Lester 453 Westcott, Merton 453 Wester, Marya 351 Wester, Robert ....171, 294, 453 Westerlund, Donna 347 Westervelt, Frank 125, 127, 171 Westgard, Rolf 314, 453 Westman, Carolyn 272 Westman, Jack 190 Weston, Donald 363 Weston, Joyce 248 Westrope, Tames 295 Wetiman, Warren 318 Wettlaufer, Jack 331 Wetzel, Catherine 279, 453 Wetzel, Richard 309, 458 Wexler. Charles 294 Weyand, Charles 319 Weygandt, Allan 124, 320 Whale, Edmund 182, 453 Whalen, James 453 Wheatley, John ... 453 Wheeler, Carl 170, 363 Wheeler, Kenneth 175, 453 Wheeler, Lora ... 271 Wheeler, Mary 275 Wheeler, Patricia 267 Whinesy, George 127 Whipple, Richard 180 Whitacre, Robert 145, 358 Whitcombe, John 180 White, Alfred ... ....172 White, Charles 145 White, Donald 182 White, Gerald 125, 453 White, Harold 453 White, James A. 224, 225, 322 White, James P 106, 303 White, James T 246, 453 White, Jean 282 White, John R 321 White, John T 201 White, Joseph 308, 355 White, Leonard 300 White, Ozelle 453 White, Robert 312, 453 White. Russell 314 White, Sidney 176 White, Steven 319 White, Susanne 174 White, Thomas 364 Whiteaker. Charles 309 Whitehead. Richard 304 Whitfield, William 304 Whitman, Joyce 349 Whitmore. Raymond 320 Whitney, Hard ' in 453 Whitney, Mary 349, 453 Whitney, Richard 186, 453 Whitteaker, Charles 228, 229 Whittemore, Bruce 175 Whittingham, Thomas 320, 453 Whittingham, William 326 Whitworth, Gracia 252, 274, 453 Whyte, Gladys 280, 453 Wicker, John 321, 453 Wicking, Mary 275 Wicking, Robert 296 Wickstrom, Fredrika 253 Widerquist, Allan 175, 453 Wiedle, Fred 170, 365 Wiedrick, William 362 Wiegand, Charles 155 Wiehr, Jesef 173, 454 Wierenga, John 189 Wierenga, Roger 171, 300, 454 Wies, L. James 186, 454 Wiesenmaier, Bernhard 169 Wiesenmaier, Richard 454 Wiesenthal, Dorothea ... 341 Wight, Winfield .-,.-. 187 Wigle, Clara 270 Wilber, William ... 298 Wilbur, Irvin 161 Wilcox, Carol 267 Wilcox, John 228, 454 Wilcox, Leonard 54, 55, 118, 312 Wilcox, Martha 175 Wilcox, Patricia 341 Wilcox, Raymond 454 Wilcox, Susan 278, 454 Wilde, John 454 Wilder, Justin 364 Wildman, Barbara 277 Wile, David 188, 454 Wile, Dorwin 127, 328 Wiles, Betty 149, 277 Wiles. Philip 454 Wilheim, George 454 Wilheim, James 454 Wilheimi, Nancy 454 Wilheim, Lydia 109, 121, 281, 454 Wilheim, Ross 187 Wilheimi, Nanette 35 Wilke, John 454 Wilkenson, Charles 106 Wilkerson, Thomas ....312, 359 Wilkey, Carol 87, 145, 274 Wilkie, John 314 Wilkinson, Charles 454 Wilkinson, Donald 364, 454 Wilkinson, Lany 172 Wilkinson, Marianne 282 Wilkinson, William 128, 183, 189, 373, 454 Will, Charlotte 281, 454 Will, Marlene 349 Willar, Phyllis ... ....174 Willems, Charles 361 Willens, Howard 330 Willens, Joan ....120, 248, 454 Williams, Agnes 285 Williams, Brymer 172 Williams, Calvin 294 Williams, Chester 454 Williams, Clinton 361, 454 Williams, David 147, 454 Williams, Herbert 358, 454 Williams, James 454 Williams, Janet 282 Williams, John 188, 454 Williams, Toseph 294 Williams, Joy 270, 454 Williams, Juanita 347 Williams, Justin ..116, 246, 306 Williams, Lewis 454 Williams, Marge 349 Williams, Oliver 297, 454 Williams, Richard B 317 Williams, Richard G 319 Williams, Robert 29 Williams, Samuel 454 Williams, William 106, 358 Williamson, Douglas 454 Williamson, Patricia ....278, 454 Williamson, Richard ....119, 365 Williamson, Warren 291 Willis, Frederick 314 Willmer, Frederick 302, 454 Willoughby, Rex 361 Willoughby, Roger 359 Willson. Roger 319, 454 Wilmink, Nancy 454 Wilson, Adelia 283 Wilson, Beverly 285 Wilson. David 454 Wilson, Doyle 182, 455 Wilson, George 141, 152 Wilson, Harriette 152, 341 Wilson, Henry 327, 455 Wilson, James 178, 185 Wilson, Tohn C 327, 455 Wilson, John M 455 Wilson, Kenneth 455 Wilson, Richard 298 Wilson, Robert 358 Wilson, Roy 147 Wilson, Susan 282 Wilson, Verne 364. 455 Wilson. Webb ... ....188 Wilt. Edward 314 Wiltse. John 297 Wiltshire, En ' c 455 Wimmer, Robert 363 Wimnenny, Arthur 177 Winchester, Henry .... 139 300 Windes. Frank 291 Wine. Sherwin 455 Wineeard. Vdma 455 Winkelman, Eugene 188 Winkelman. Stuart 330 Winkler, Hubert 455 Winkler. James 186 Winn. Charles 455 Winneg, Leona 122, 160, 344. 455 Winslow, Commander 292, 455 Winston, Ernestine ...174. 349 Winston, Robert 304. 455 Winter, Tovce 123, 164, 341 Winter. Theodore 455 Winterle, Betty 351, 455 Wirland. Keith 178 Wise, Charles E. 105, 302, 360 Wise, Charles F 298 Wise. Robert 17 ' Wise, Rosemary 266, 277 Wise. William E 178. 185 Wise, William L 455 Wisler, Chester 103 Wisniewski, Jerome 298 Wissenthal, Dorothea 255 Witherspoon, Thomas 201 Witt, Ronald 174 Wittenberg, Bernard 305 Wittkopp, Jerome 164 Wladis, Susan 350 Wohlgemuth, Donald 365 Woldt, Elizabeth 164, 341 Wolf, Gale 322 Wolf, George 322, 455 Wolf, Richard 306, 363 Wolf, Sandra 313 Wolf, Stanford 318, 455 Wolf, William 127 Wolfe, Inge 133, 346 Wolfe, Joseph :.455 Wolfe, Maxme 148, 271 Wolfe, Warren 309 Wolff, Inze 162 Wolff, Robert 455 Wolfson, Joan 350 Wolt, Paul 192 Wolter, James 201, 297 Womer, Claude 455 Wong, David 358 Wong, Kenneth 166, 455 Wong, Lawrence 166, 175, 455 Wong, Nellie 166, 342 Wong, William 166, 455 Wong, Winifred 455 Wood, Duane 358 Wood, Helen 285, 455 Wood, Lloyd 175, 455 Wood, Roseanne 350 Wood, Sally 351 Wood, Shirley 271 Wood, Thomas 294, 455 Woodard, Charles 455 Woodcock, Lynn 191, 455 Woodell, Bruce 308 Woodley. Alice 148 Woodlock, Patricia 349 Woodrich, Herbert 300 Woodruff, Guy 455 Woodruff, Lee 142 Woodson. Rita 456 Woodward, Charles ....180. 365 Woodward, Douglas 190 Woodward. Robert 455 Woodworth, Cecil ' a 338, 346, 455 Woodworth, Richard 187, 372, 455 Wooley, Edwin 297 Woolfenden, Joyce 123, 279 Worcester, Hueh i 331 Worden. Alfred 365 Worden, Bruce 456 Worden. Robert 456 Workman, Allan 189 Workman, Theodore ....145. 361 Worsham, Edward 186 Worthen, Edward 168, 456 Wortley. Charles 456 Wosniak, Richard 310 Wotherspoon. Sylvia 340 Wreford, Doris 268. 456 Wrieht, Allan ' . 183 Wrieht. Arthur 128 Wrieht, Dale 321 Wrieht, David 456 Wright, Deil 354. 356, 363 Wright, Fern 348 Wrieht, Hugh 316 Wrieht. Tames T 328. " 56 Wrieht, James W 106 Wrieht. Paul 4S6 Wrieht, Peter 304 Wrohel, Ravmond 456 Wrob ' s. M-rilvn 174, 2 ' 5 Wu, Hsueh-Ping 364 Wuerfel, Robert 299 Wulfmin, Carl 119 Wulfsohi. David 364 Wulz, Dorothea 280 Wun. Jessie 166, 349. 4-;fi Wundram. Barbara ?T Wunoch. Ge ' -aldine 3 0 W.irts. Davis 175 Wiir bure, Gregory 3 ? Wustman. To n 456 W-nnt. Donald 45fi Wvlie. Robert ?37 Wvman. Tohn 1 n Wyngaarden. Martin 189 Wynn, Stanley 291 W ' ynn. William 456 Wysocki. Donald 300. 456 Wyss, Donald 175, 456 X Xenis, Joyce .... ..285 Yager, Anna 456 Yager, Sarah 181 Yale, Rolli n 177, 456 Yamanaea, George 166 Yamashita. Toshiaki 362 Yambert. Paul 177 Yamnolsky. Edward ....364. 456 Yandian. Joseph 456 Yang, Denis 456 Yang, Sih-Chin 364 Yankowski, Bertha 175, 349 Yarembinsky, Michael 456 Yarmain, Marilyn 248, 268 Yarmain, Richard 307, 456 Yates, Edward 456 Yates, John 456 Yazigian, Anne 456 Yeager, Helen 341 Yeager, William 290, 307 Yeckley, Russell 125, 127, 171, 456 Yerkes, Dawson 456 Yezbick, Alphonse 456 Yim, Arthur 166, 456 Ykema, John 169 Ylagan, Horacio 165 Yobst, James 106, 159, 308 Yolles, Murray 119 Yonke, Richard 362 York, Charles 316 York, Edward 307 Yoshihara, George 456 Yoshimura, Frederick 166, 360 Yost, Kenneth 182, 193 Yough, Gloria 145, 248, 255 Young, Arthur ..165, 166, 456 Young, Bennett 359 Young, Elizabeth 456 Young, Beverly Ill, 268 Young, Crawford 309 Young, Edwin 177, 456 Young, James 360 Young, Jerome 306 Young, Joan 344, 456 Young, Jody 271 Young, Lawrence 457 Young, Mary 267, 456 Young, Philip 358 Young, Richard E 289, 308, 317, 358 Young, Richard W 259, 457 Young, Robert 170 Young, Russell 145, 362 Youngblood, James 357 Youngblood, Kenneth 457 Youngblood, Phillip 186, 373. 457 Youngblood, Richard ..300, 457 Youngdahl, Paul 127 Youngquist, Kenneth 373 Yu, Tsi .. 457 Yuen, Melville 166 Yukawa, Shojun 365 Yukawa. Sumio 125, 172, 365, 457 Yund, Jacquelyn 281, 457 Yungk, Edwin 187 Zahrosky, William 291, 457 Zaby, Joseph 357 Zack, Frank 186, 457 Zagelmeyer, James 321, 362 Zahn, Ivan 164 Zako, Louis 105 Zalatel. Frank 457 Zalesky, Major 155 Zan Fazma, Donald 317 Zantek, Leonard 183 Zarbock, Floyd 309 Zastrow. Roy 457 Zate, Seymour 361 Zatkoff, Roger 25, 201, 307 Zavell, Dorothy 285 Zawistowski, Edward 191 Zayanphkowski, William ....248 Zazanis, George 354 Zeder. Richard 299 Zehnder, Frederic 187, 457 Zeidman, Gerald 323 Zeisler. Katherine 347 Zempel, Randall 364 Zenkel. Bruce 318 Zerman, Melvin 323 Zettel, Jane 175, 457 Zickerman, Edith 152, 248 Ziegeler, Carlotta 346 Ziegelman. Norman 364 Zieve, Claire 350 Zilber, Bluma 340, 457 Zilber, Norman 105 Zilkha. Sasson 457 Zill. Donald 164 Zimmerli. Robert 457 Zimmerman, Arthur 328 Zimmerman, Jack 125, 126, 457 Zimmerman, John 128 Zimmerman. Pauline 123. 265, 266, 283, 457 Zimmerman, Robert 177, 310, 457 Zimmie, William 125, 127, 185, 457 Zinser, John 319 Zipperstein, Eorianne 52, 54, 457, Zisk, Joel 315 Zoghibe, Jane 271 Zontek, Leonard 457 Zrull, Joel 317 ZurSchmiede, Janet 341 Zwicky, Robert 457 Zylowski, Richard 164, 329 494 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We, the editors of the 1951 Michiganensian, wish to thank: FRED NOER OF INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING CO. OLIVER ROGERS OF ROGERS PRINTING CO. ED KASE OF S. K. SMITH CO. GENE LEVETT STUDIOS EC STANGER OF THE ANN ARBOR NEWS SAM SCHNEIDER OF ARGUS CAMERA CO. HAROLD NELSON OF NELSON PHOTOGRAPHERS FRED MONCRIEF OF UNIVERSITY NEWS SERVICE MRS. RUTH CALLAHAN OF THE OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS BUD RAUNER PROF. WILLIAM SCHLATTER and the many others who contributed to our book, for their fine cooperation and service. 495 t ARTES SCIEls RELIGION, MI KNOWLEDGE BI TO GOOD GO THE HAPPINES! SCHOOLS AND EDUCATION S BE ENC PIA VERITAS SALITY AND !G NECESSARY 3NMENT AND pF MANKIND, -IE MEANS OF LL FOREVER RAGED

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