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Wotnen ' l Athletic Bldg. MoAer-Jordm , ' ' ' ' Kleinstueck, Hinsdtue Palmer r AngeU House, Copyright 19X University of Michigan ICHIGANENSIAN Managing Editor Business Manager Associate Editors Art . . . . Photography JEANNIE JOHNSON . . DAVE SHUART PETE CRAIGHEAD LYNN GUTENBERG BARBARA HENRY BUD RAUNER COPYRIGHT 1950 THE 1950 MICHIGANENSIAN THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN J UNE, 1950 . . . and you ' re going home for the summer or going home for good. It ' s the end of what misty-eyed sentimentalists call " college days " and write songs about and hardened cosmop- olites never quite forget. You stand on the Diagonal and suddenly realize that its been a good year, and you know that there is no other school for you. There are schools where you would have studied harder, and there are schools where there is more time for partying. But you came to Michigan and had everything. They told you it would be a factory, but vou found it to be friendlv. Thev told . you that your degree would be an as- sembly line product but you remember the time your favorite prof took a half hour after class to clarify Lucretius ' belief in the swerving atoms. They said you wouldn ' t have any time to play but you remember the nights you spent singing " College Days " and the afternoons you spent at the matinee. You remember your first few months at college . . . how Bohemian you felt staying up late to drink innumerable cups of black coffee while settling the fate of the world. And you think back on the last few months . . . how different you felt . . . com- pletely at home at Michigan. And maybe you ' re sorry about something. Maybe you ' re sorry that you didn ' t join the jazz club or the modern poetry club or run for Student Legislature. Maybe you ' re sorry you didn ' t do these things, but you ' re not sorry you came to Michigan. As you stand on the Diagonal and watch the sun slide down behind the Romance Language Building making patterns on the June grass, you get nostalgic about " the old place " , where so much of your living has been concentrated. You be- come filled with a pride that goes beyond the pasting of stickers on your luggage and showing the Law Quadrangle to friends from home. It ' s to you we ded- icate this book hoping that some time you can leaf through these pages and say, " 1950 was a good year at Michigan. " : STUDKNT PUBLICATIONS HURON RIVE DIAGONAL IN T INTER , r ' .. r r i " U -i ' ; 1 lt " f f |l I ' " i ' BURTON MEMORIAL TOWER ADMINISTRATION BUILDING IHi X ADMINISTRATION President Ruthven is distinctive in his position as head of one of the largest universities in the world in that he couples able administrative work with a human and approachable personality. His interest in his students is as well known as his administration. PRESIDENT ALEXANDER GRANT RUTHVEN 18 Ruthven teas have been held for the student body for 21 years. Marge Hehn, chairman, introduces a student to the Ruthvens. Raising Morgan horses is the president ' s part rime occupation. THE BOARD OF REGENTS Left to Right: ROBEBT P. BHIGGS. KENNETH M. .STEVENS. ROSCOE O. BOXISTEEL. OTTO E. ECKERT. RALPH A. HATKARD. PRESI- DEXT RrTHVEN. JAMES P. A DAMS. J. JOSEPH HERBERT. ALFRED B. CoSSABLE. VERA B. BAITS. CHARLES S. KESXEDY. MABVIS L. XIEHCSS. FBASK E. ROBBIS? 19 MINISTRATION The duties of administrative officials have been doubled to correspond to an increased enrollment of over 22,000 and the various expansion programs. The framework of Michigan is massive, with assets worth over $113,000, however this university is no diploma dispensing factory. The best education possible for every student is the aim of each ad- ministrator. Vice President Marvin Niehuss man- ages relations with outside groups such as other schools, the public, and the legislature. He handles the radio, the Bureau of Alumni Relations, and is chairman of the University Hospital Board. The Secretary and Assistant Vice President Herbert Watkins acts as Secretary of the Regents, taking and recording the minutes. He handles problems ot distribution of parking permits, determination of residence, and changes of name under regulations of the Regents. 20 IRA M. SMITH HERBERT G. WATKINS Provost James Adams is the chief executive next to the President. He has general executive responsibility in connection with educational pro- grams and reviews recommendations with respect to appointments, pro- motions, leaves of absence, and salaries of faculty members and special service personnel. Under the duties of Provost Adams in regard to educa- tional matters is included adviser to the President and the Board of Re- gents. Property and finance for the University are managed by Vice- President Robert Briggs, who handles accounting, purchasing, invest- ments, legal business, non-academic personnel, construction, repair and maintenance of existing property. He is in charge of groups of auxiliary enterprises such as the Residence Halls, the laundry and the airport. Duties of Registrar Ira M. Smith include chairmanship of the Board of Admissions, of the Eligibility Committee on the Board in Control of Inter- collegiate Athletics and of the Committee of University Official Publica- tions. The Administrative offices of this University are organized for guidance and service to the University students in scholastic and extra- curricular activities. JAMES P. ADAMS MARVIN L. MEHUSS ROBERT P. BRIGGS OFFICE OF STUDENT AFF1AIRS LEFT: DEAN ERICH A. WALTER. RIGHT: ASSOCIATE DEAN (WALTER B. REA. The Office of Student Affairs is the center for all of Michigan ' s schools. Questions concerning general conduct and living conditions are handled by the Dean of Students and the Dean of Women. Super- vision and control of all student activities, other than athletics, are vested in the Committee on Student affairs, composed of the Dean of Students and the Dean of Women, six members of the Senate appointed by the President, and seven students who are leaders in campus affairs. COMMITTEE ON STUDENT AFFAIRS: Front Row: PROF. W. E. BHITTON, DEAN MARY C. BROMAQE, MARY RIOGS, DEAN ERICH A. V ALTER, DEAN V ALTER B. REA DR. LAURIE E. CAMPBELL. Second Row: LEON JAHOFF. JOHN QUINN, JOHN RYDER. IRWIN W. GOFFMAN, PROF. IRVING H. ANDERSON. PROF. RICHARD C. BOYS. BILL WISE, PROF. LIONEL H. LAINO. Missing: MARJORIE FLINT. ADELE HAOER. DEAN ALICE B. LLOYD, PROF. ILLETT t. RAMSDELL. 22 Associate Dean Mary Cogan Bromage (left) has proved her- self an able administrator through her invaluable work in the Dean of Women ' s Office. Assistant Dean Elsie Radford Fuller (right) aids in providing guidance in practical problems to everv Michigan coed. DEAN OF WOMEN ' S OFFICE Dean of Women for twenty years, Alice Crocker Lloyd died on March 3rd of this year. Nationally prominent in the field of women ' s education and highly esteemed by both students and faculty on this campus, Dean Lloyd has been honored by three student grants named for her. But I must have late permission tomorrow night! My grandmother has two tickets for a play at the Cass and I can ' t be back by 10:30. The Dean of Women ' s Office is the central clearing house for the various non-academic activities of the Michigan coed. This office ar- ranges living quarters, loans, and counseling for women, and it is also responsible for granting late date permission when the need arises. It finds part-time employment for women who wish to work, and in general attempts to solve the numer- ous practical problems which arise and give sympathetic advice and guidance. 23 I ll ALL SfFUDENT DEGISLATURE I PRESIDED JOHN RYDER i?CT I front Row: HOWARD JOHNSON, ED YANNE, PAUL MCCRACKEN, JOE STONE, DAVE KRAZER, GEOROK ROUMELL. Second Row: PAT McLEAN, DELOREB OLSEN, PHIS BALL, GINNY BAUER, POLLY HODGES. SUE SIRIS, PHYL ROSEN, JOAN WII.LENB, ADELE HAGER, RENEE PREGULMAN. Third Row: LEN WILCOX, 8UENT NESBITT, TOM WALSH, DICK HOOKER, JOHN RYDER, JIM JANS, HUGH GREENBERG, BILL LARK, DAVE BABSON, RAY GUEHIN. Fourth Row: LEON RECHTMAN, LYLE THUMB, MAHV LUBECK, BILL MOLL, CAL KLYMAN, ED ULVESTAD, DAVE PEASE, JOHN ROBERTSON, HARVEY SCHAATZ. WALT HANSEN. Missing: BETTY BRIDGES, JIM BROWN, KHANK BULORIC, BILL GRIPMAN, BUD HAGEN. BOB HERBUSKY, STU HERTZBERG, JOANNE JOHNSON, JACK KUNCKLE, CHUCK MURRAY, ED REIFEL. Don ROTHSCHILD, GILL SCHUBERT, JIM STORRIE, Louis WIRBEL. The Student Legislature in its present form has been on this campus since 1946. As the student governing body,, it is the intermediary between the students and the faculty, administration, alumni, and general public. The projects of the Student Legislature are many and varied. Some of these are tentatively planning a cooperative bookstore and removing discriminatory clauses from application blanks, running campus elec- tions, giving the Homecoming Dance, and super- vising faculty rating. At Michigan the student legislature is truly representative of the students. Campus booths at elections bring out a high number of votes. 24 SPRING STUDENT LEGISLATURE Peter Hotten and Adele Hager go over a committee report with Harvey Schatz and Nancy Watkins. The majority of the work of Student Legislature is done in committees. The National Student Association Committee unites the students of Michigan with students throughout the nation. In addition this committee negotiates inexpensive tours for students wishing to go abroad, and has arranged for the National Stu- dent Congress which will be held here this summer. Students elected to the Legislature are not merely people interested in extracurricular activities, but campus leaders who have the responsibility of interpreting campus opinion and representing that opinion in negotiations with the University. QUENTIN NESBITT PRESIDENT Front Rou-: DON AB RAMSON. LARBV DEVORE, LEONARD WILCOX. DAVE BELIN, NANCY COLEMAN. Lor WIRBEL. J. IRVING STONE, ED REIFEL. PHIS BALL, QUENT XESIUTT, ADELE HAGER. HARVEY SCHAATZ, NANCY WATKINS, HUGH GHEENBERG. SALLY HUGHES. BETTY BRIDGES, JOAN WILLENS. Second Row: DODO ZIPPERSTEIN, RAY GUEHIN, ED YANNE. HOWARD JOHNSON, LYLE THUMME, KEITH BEERS. IRVING STENN, BILL DUEHH. GEORGE QUA, EARL KEIM JACK ARMSTRONG, CHUCK MURRAY, ED LEWINSON, GEORGE ROUMELL, TOM WALSH, POLLY HODGES. Thir ' i Rou-: GORDON MACDOUGALL, WALT HANSEN, NED MILES. ARNOLD MILLER, CAL KLYMAN, BOB VOGT, WALTER OBERREIT, PETER HOTTEN, JOHN RYDER, HANK WILSON, ED STORY, Jo MISNEB. Above: Judiciary council aides Joan Weaver, Dot Wendler, Ann Warnock (all seated), Ann Cleary, Peg Blackford and Marge Adams check the agenda for the day. Right: Judiciary council members Joan Sheppard, Mary Riggs, Anne Prine, (all seated) Marian Trapp, Tal Hoyt, Nancy Notnagel, Beverly Baron hear a case. Representatives from university women, selected by the League Interviewing Committee a nd by three senior women members of Student Legislature make up the women ' s judiciary council. They work with the Dean of Women ' s Office, considering suggestions con- cerning rules and handling special cases. The chairman of the women ' s judiciary committee serves on the Student Affairs Committee, Stu- dent Conduct Committee, Uni- versity Committee, and the Ad- ministrative Board of the Literary College. 26 Above: Mary Riggs supervises while Joan Sheppard summons a violator of campus rules Above left: " Judic " members attend a weekly conference with a member of the presidents ' council to discuss problems. WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY COUNCIL Right: Members of the men ' s " Judic " check petitions for spring offices. Below: " Irv " Goffman, the president of the council. MEN ' S JUDICIARY COUNCIL Above: The council must have found the culprit guilty as charged. left: Members Jim Smith, Irwin Goffman, Robert Frank, (all seated) Robert Shepler, Joseph Gutten- tag, Duane Nuechterlein, and Harvey L. Veisb;rg pose together for the Ensian Photographer. The Men ' s Judiciary Council is composed of seven members selected by an appointment board com- posed of the male members of the Student Legislature, Cabinet, and the retiring Judiciary president. The Council hears and decides upon violations arising under the regula- tions of the Student Legislature and the University, receives petitions, determines the eligibility of candi- dates for campus office, regulates the public tapping and initiation procedures of all men ' s honoraries, and adjusts disputes between cam- pus organizations. 27 ENGINEERING COUNCIL Front Rim-: GEORGE MATBON, STAN WIGOIN. ARNOLD GOWANS, PAT BHUNNER, RICHARD HALETEK. ROBERT LEGATE, STANFORD CRAPO. Second Rmr: DON Ross, OKORUK NEBEL, JOHN SMEDLY. MORTON TRIPHAGEN ELDRIDGE, RICHARD II i MI.-. MYRON AMER. CHARLES GOOD. Third Row: Louis ROROLO, MARTY FLYNN. BRUCE PAXTON, WILLIAM HICKMAN, THOM RAMADGE. ENGINEERING COUNCIL The Engineering Council is the student legisla- tive body of the engineering college. Its purpose is to coordinate the activities of the engineering student organizations, to promote new activities for the benefit of engineers, and to perpetuate a spirit of unity among engineers. The council endeavors to develop cooperation between the student body and the faculty. A function of the council is the appointment of the members of the Honor Council, whose job is to educate and encourage the students to practice wholeheartedly the principles of the Engineering Honor System. Membership of the Engineering Council consists of representatives from each engineering student organization, all the engineering class officers, and the officers of the council who are elected from those who petition each spring. Here is one engineer who has solved the problem of pre-exam study. His two friends are investigating the amazing discovery at the engineering open house. 28 FOGCOHTROL DRIVING ENGINEERING HONOR COUNCIL front Row: JOHN SMEDLEY, LEO ROMZICH JOHN HABBINGTON. JOE CBAWFOHD. Second Rotr: STANFOBD CBAPO. STAN- FORD WIGGIN. WILLIAM MORRIS. WILLIAM GHIPMAN. The engineering open house was advertised by this sleek black convertible which toured the diag. Below left: cabinet members Folke Lundgard, Arlene Lange, secretary, Bill Gripman, president, pose as Richard Allen, treasurer, peeks over their shoulders. Working under a new constitution this year, the Engineering Council has made long strides forward. An engi- neering smoker has been promoted and an engineering newspaper has started under the guidance of the Council. The Honor Council has been reorganized for the benefit of the engineers and entertainment has been sponsored on campus. Notable among the events was the Engineering Open House held in the fall which attracted many students other than engineers. Prominent speakers have been brought to Ann Arbor and many more projects have been completed tor the benefit of engineers. 29 v; ' " r n?air- ' X ' w " vJfMJ w ' Jtia. . SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN Under the able leadership of Dean Wells I. Bennett, (shown on opposite page) the College of Architecture and Design offers an extensive curriculum which gives each student many fields from which to choose his future work. The student may concen- trate in Architecture, Landscape Archi- tecture, Design, Drawing and Painting, Modeling, and a graduate course in Regi- onal and City Planning. The college main- tains rigid requirements for its students to meet professional standards, which make it one of the best of its kind in the country. Many faculty members are artists in their own right, having won prizes in state and national exhibits. Aside from the actual work, the Architecture and Design students usually have two outstanding events the architecture picnic and the Architecture Ball, limited to students of the College. In addition to social activities for school mem- bers only, the school together with the Engineering school sponsored the annual Slide Rule Ball. Above: Two students work in the shop at the college of architecture and design. Below: Professor Larson discusses a factory layout which was constructed by students who graduated from architecture school. 33 DEAN RUSSELL ALGER STEVENSON 34 The School of Business Administration is providing training for students planning to enter the business world in responsible posi- tions. Dean Stevenson has developed co- operation between the school, industry, and the business of the state. The versatile Dean has long been a member of the As- sociation of Collegiate Schools of Business, which is composed of the deans of uni- versity business schools. His wide experi- ence and knowledge have contributed to the national recognition of this outstanding school. The modern building of the school has been designed for the efficient use of both students and faculty. In addition to class- rooms, it is provided with laboratories, staff offices, a library, and a lounge for students. The tower section contains the offices of the staff which are separate from classrooms to provide conditions typical of a normal office building. Since over one- third of the students are graduates, an excellent library is not only an asset but a necessity. The school is functionally organ- ized to meet the needs of the students of modern business. Helen Hager ' s job was a pleasure because tickets for the Bankruptcy Ball of the Business Administra- tion School sold themselves with little effort. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The students have the very latest mechanical equipment to aid their studies. Study space was increased by the new, we equipped Business Administration library. 35 36 Looking down in the mouth is work for a dental hygeinist. " I ' m too young to read and I don ' t want my teeth cleaned today. " SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY In the dental school, Michigan illustrates its leadership and outstanding facilities. All the dental equipment in the University is at the school ' s disposal and in the outpatient depart- ment alone, a thousand cases monthly are treated for dental purposes. Here, the student has ample opportunity to come in contact with patients from a large area, and to become acquainted with hospital routine. A great deal of research work is done in the W. K. Kellogg Foundation for Graduate and Post-graduate study. The Jonathan Taft Library is outstanding for its large collection of dental books and also the dental journals. The Ford Mitchell Museum and the V. D. Miller Collec- tion of pathological specimens are both remark- able displays. Dean Russell WeJford Bunting has been Dean of the School of Dentistry since 1937. His dis- tinguished career includes membership in the American Dental Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Institute of Dental Teachers, ' and the Michigan State Dental Society. " Doctor, it ' s this tooth here that is causing the trouble. Can you fix it up? " 37 DEAN JAMES B. EDMONSON Activities of the younger set include the old game of post office, handled in a new business-like manner, and also the popular fireside story hour. 38 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION A student enjoys her lunch despite the admiring glances of a nursery school wolf. The School of Education, under the direction of James B. Edmonson, emphasizes, among other things, an experimental approach to teaching. Ac- cording to Dean Edmonson, " the most important difference between this education school and many others in its field is the fact that it is able to take advantage of the vast resources of a great uni- versity including the splendid libraries, museums, and cultural opportunities offered. " The students have the opportunity to practice what they have learned in the laboratory schools, University Ele- mentary School and University High School. The school offers several field courses each semester and has several centers for graduate study located in cities throughout the state. It is noted tor its research in child development, which is carried on in the laboratory schools, especially the elementary school. The Fresh Air Camp, directed by William B. Morse, is held each summer for the benefit of under- privileged boys of the Detroit area. Administration of the camp is handled by members of the university faculty, with student counselors who earn college credit for this valuable experience in dealing with children. Making airplanes and wooden cars can be very interesting but it doesn ' t compare to balancing a turtle on one ' s index finger. This little gentleman keeps a steady hand as he pours out tall glasses of straight water for his two nursery girl friends. 39 40 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING The College of Engineering, one of the oldest technical schools in the United States, combines a foundation of sound theory with a knowledge of professional practice to fit the student for the requirements of active practice. Dean Crawford came to the College in 1940 with a long record of both teaching and work in the field. During the war he was consultant to the Office of the Secre- tary of Defense. Connected " with the college is the Engineering Research Institute founded as a link between personnel and industrial and technical organizations in order to make the facilities of the University available for research sponsored by industry. Xo institution in the country is as well equipped as the University of Michigan for the study of the high-temperature characteristics of metals. Another facility of the College is Camp Davis at Jackson Hole, Wyoming for geology and engineering. This summer camp shares honors with Cornell ' s in being the oldest in existence. Above right: James E. Broadwell, recipient of an Aeronautical Engineering fellowship smiles as he eyes the check held by Dean Sawyer while Professor Maskovich looks on. Right: Michigan Technic goes on sale at the Arch. Below right: Les Stair works on the wave tank at the Willow Run lab- oratories. Below: A new class in Aeronautical Engineering is instituted at Michigan. 41 42 SCHOOL OF FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION David Swanson adjusts a machine for the pur- pose of testing the physical characteristics of ad. The University of Michigan ' s School of Forestry and Conservation is one of the outstanding schools of its kind in the country. Future foresters are instructed by men with fine training and practical experience in their field. Factors which contribute to the school ' s excellence are its varied programs and facilities at its disposal. The school places special emphasis on advanced work leading to the Masters ' and Doctor ' s degrees. The Forestry School is con- ducting several research projects this year including studies of forest management in Northern Michigan forests and a study of Alaskan fungi, conducted by Professor D. V. Baxter. In the field of wood tech- nology, one project concerns the use of adhesives in furniture manufacture and another deals with the the studv ot the machinabilitv of wood. Dick Boh? ma s like a monkey at Camp Rith ' s summer session. " He holds the lantern while his mother saws the wood. " 43 DEAN RALPH A. SAWYER 44 RACKHAM SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES Richard Thornberry and Cynthia Sanford pay close attention at Dr. Harris is congratulated upon achieving his degree in Zoology an English seminar. after the Doctoral Exams. The increasing demand for graduate study and research in all professions and learned occupations is fulfilled by the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. The faculty is excellent, consisting of a cross section of Senior professors from all the other schools. Among the unusual programs offered are Social Psychology, the Institute for Social Research, the Institute for Human Administration and the center for Japanese Studies. The Graduate School works in coordination with four state sup- ported colleges of Education in planning graduate programs of instruction which carry credit toward a master ' s degree. The school carries on extensive work in many parts of the state. Extramural units have been established in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Saginaw to enable qualified students in these areas to take graduate work without coming to the University campus. Dean Sawyer became Dean of the School of Graduate Studies in 1946. The dean is truly an expert in his field of physics, having been Chief Technical Adviser for both Bikini atom bomb tests. Graduates (left to right) William MacDermott, R. Leite, E. B. Turner, and William C. Liu take data on the supersonic wind tunnel in west engine. 45 DEAN E. BLYTHE STASON 46 r Bristol Hunter has discovered that the nasty rumor about lawyers studying even on weekends is only too true. ohn McLeod watches John Walker, President of Barristers, tilt im Sargeant ' s wig while Zolman Cavitch calls for order. LAW SCHOOL Ranked among the leading law schools in the country, The Law School has pro- duced thousands of members of the prac- ticing bar, numerous Supreme Court justices, Cabinet members, governors, and Congressmen since its founding in 1859. At present, under the leadership of " Dean E. Blythe Stason, the enroll- ment of the school is over a thousand. The instruction in the school is conducted by free discussion of legal principles, as dis- closed in reported cases, statues, and other legal materials. As frequently as possible, excursions are made into re- lated non-legal materials in order to observe more carefully the application of law to society. The school is a pioneer in the " case method " of teaching. One of its most interesting features is the Case Club, a student managed program of moot courts, which affords experience in re- search and argument of problem cases. The school has also been a pioneer in its practice court work, which includes the making of movies, such as the film of an automobile accident, to aid in trial practice. 47 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS i DEAN " HAYWARD KEXISTON 48 ' A Spanish student tests her pronunciation with a language Elaine Madden steadies the grafted plant while Bob Carpenter master machine in the new romance language lab in south wing. applies the wax in Dr Clover ' s practical course in applied Botany. The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts forms the backbone of our University. The purpose of the college is to provide general uni- versity instruction in the ancient and modern languages, history, philosophy, mathematics, sciences, and the liberal arts as distinguished from the special work of the professional schools. It is felt that in this way the individual is pre- pared to adjust to a variety of different pro- fessions, with a common understanding and background. In 1943 Dean Hay ward Keniston left his position as chairman of Romance Lan- guages to become Dean of the College of Litera- ture, Science, and the Arts. Under his direction the college has greatly developed and enlarged its curricula, establishing a new liberal arts re- quirement system for undergraduates that will go into effect in the coming fall semester. The system is an amplification of the liberal educa- tion plan now in use. The stage crew of " A Servant of Two Masters " putting on their own imprompto show after the regular " performance. Faculty-grading, a play by which students rate the professors originated at Michigan and has since spread to other campuses. - DEAN ALBERT C. FURSTENBURG MEDICAL SCHOOL The School of Medicine, first of the university ' s pro- fessional schools, opened in 1837. Because this school recog- nizes its responsibility to the university it has recently initiated a new procedure. Pre-medical students are no longer limited to undergraduate Medical School, but are encouraged to study in the other schools of the University. The Medical School ' s annual enrollment is 2000, making it the third largest school on campus. The large Medical School Library with 77,000 volumes, holds the rank of the most important reference medical library directly connected with any medical school. A diversified curriculum and ex- ceptional facilities are offered the medical students. SO The pre-clinical laboratory studies are conducted in the East and West Medical Buildings. In addition the school operates a hospital of approximately 900 beds, 10,000 opera- tions are performed yearly. At the Health Service 20,000 students are seen monthly and 34,000 are cared for while in bed during the year. A needed new addition of a Maternity Hospital has recently been made to the University Hospital Buildings. This will provide up-to-date equipment to provide care for expectant mothers. Dean Furstenburg has realized the opportunity of training for general practice and through this idea has made university services available to smaller towns in Michigan. The school has been a pioneer in extend- ing its influence beyond the boundaries of Ann Arbor and has done a good deal to combine the activities of the Health Service with the state. It has become affiliated with 14 hospitals, four post-graduate colleges, and two institutions for the training of general practitioners of medicine in Michigan. Scientific research has been carried out extensively. Faculty members are constantly promoting new theories and, after experimental studies, derive facts which are of value in the practice of medicine. Tom Peterson and Bill Bartlett learn the human bone structure. The operating room gives medical students the valuable experience needed in the professional world. 51 DEAN EARL V. MOORE 52 The School of Music of the University of Mich- igan, under the leadership of Dean Earl V. Moore, has consistently maintained a position of renown in the musical world. The school offers excellent op- portunities to the high school graduate who is inte- rested in music. Instruction in the Undergraduate Division of the school leads to the Bachelor of Music degree in many fields. Courses are offered in the Graduate Division toward the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts, Doctor of Phil- osophy, and Doctor of Education. In addition to his musical studies the student is able to acquire a broad general education. The many musical organ- izations and events on campus, such as the May Festival, University Choir, Band, Orchestra, Glee Clubs, and the concerts given by world-famous artists enable the students to gain a rich musical experience. One of the famous projects sponsored by the music school is the music camp at Interlocken. Lanette Shaeffer, flute major, finds that long hours of practice are necessary to success in Music School. She is shown in one of the many rooms of Hill Auditorium. SCHOOL OF MUSIC Theory of Music interests Edwin Ames but Dick Maddy finds eight o ' clock an early hour for John Flower ' s drill section at Hill. Freshman Joanne Kress is a piano major. Stiff requirements of the " jury " finals mean at least thirty contact hours per week. 53 54 The School of Nursing at the University of Michigan was established in 1 891 in response to a growing demand for trained graduate nurses. The school, now under the direction of Dean Rhoda F. Reddig (shown on facing page), is attempting to meet the still growing need for graduate nurses that exists today, so that the tradition of the nursing profession, service to mankind, may be carried forward. For the training of its students, many different facilities within the University are utilized for a general training program. The University Hospital, with its capacity of approximately nine-hundred beds, gives the student the opportunity to gain valuable experi- ence in the fields of medical, surgical, pediatric, and tuberculosis nursing. The nurses are housed in Couzens Hall which also holds numerous classrooms and labora- tories. In addition to the Hospital and Couzens, student nurses use the Outpatient Department of the hospital and classrooms and laboratories of the Medical School. Nursing and Medicine find their common alignment of purpose is that both these schools are dedicated to the betterment of the welfare of others. Student nurse Inge Khuel puts instruments into a sterile canister SCHOOL OF NURSING Future " R.N. ' s " learn to give sympathetic care by using other student nurses as patients at the nursing arts laboratory in Couzens. Duties of lola Pearce at the University Hospital include keeping extensive records and charting her patients ' daily progress. 55 56 The well-equipped pre- scription laboratory is an asset to the College of Pharmacv. COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Founded in 1876, this school has the distinction of being the first college of pharmacy within a uni- versity in the United States. Since 1900, when the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy was founded, this College of Pharmacy has maintained continuous membership. At present the school is under the direction of Charles Howard Stocking. The College of Pharmacy has endeavored to prepare students for prescription work, commercial phar- macy, and a great variety of professional positions. Graduates of the College have entered manufactur- ing, research, state and federal food, drug, and dairy departments, and many other fields. Practical work with actual materials is essential to a pharmacist. Directions must be followed carefully in making up prescriptions. ; - - SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH DEAN HENRY F. VAUGHAN Established in 1941, the School of Public Health has already won itself a reputation as a leading school of its kind in America. Under Dean Henry F. Vaughan ' s guidance, the School has been training personnel for public health work and administration, disseminating knowledge of hygiene, public health, and preventive medicine and advancing knowledge of these things through investigation and research. A successful education in Public Health requires the educational resources of a large university. Several departments of this University such as engineering, psychology, dentistry, education, political science, sociology and economics are util- ized to give a comprehensive education and well- trained personnel. To promote practical field work close contact is maintained with the Detroit Depart- ment of Health, the Michigan Department of Health and the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. The School of Public Health at Michigan has been fortunate to receive money for its program of teach- ing and research from the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc., the United States Public Health Service and others. The School of Public Health serves as a center of education and research in all fields of public health. 58 Studying in the statistics lab. takes up most of the spare time of public health students. Right, the subject of public health also requires library study. Below, two students take time out for a faculty tea. 59 The many workers of the Bureau of Appointments are kept busy con- stantly with thousands of applications. Right, Director T. Luther Purdom heads the large organization. Below, the modern offices are in the administration building. BUREAU OF APPOINTMENTS AND OCCUPATIONAL INFORMATION Directed by Dr. T. Luther Purdom, the University Bureau of Appointments and Occupational Information is invaluable in aiding both students and graduates obtain permanent and part-time positions. The Bureau has three main departments, each specializing in certain types of jobs. The Teacher Placement Division helps seniors and alumni in securing positions and promotions in elementary and secondary schools and colleges. It also places gradu- ates in administrative positions in schools. An interesting function of this division is its part in the United Nations ' teacher exchange program. The second unit is the General Placement Division which takes care of employment out- side the educational field. The office arranges placements in many fields such as social service, research, and sales work. The Summer Placement Division gives students an opportunity to do exploratory work in various fields and also to work in resorts or vacation spots. 60 Robert O. Morgan, assistant general secretary, chats with undergraduate Anne Gallery in his office at alumni memorial hall. Right, J. Stuart Finlayson, field secretary. Below right, T. Hawley Tapping, General secretary and editor of Michigan alumnus. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan is the official laison agent between the University at Ann Arbor and her alumni in all parts of the world. It has been adopted as a model by many other alumni associations throughout the country, particularly because of its very efficient local club organizations for both men and women graduates and former students. The main activity of the Alumni Association centers around the Michigan Alumnus, which is the official organ of the Association. Another func- tion of the organization is to plan class reunions and to create closer ties between alumni in various cities throughout the country. In 1923, Michigan became a pioneer by the appoint- ment of a new type of executive officer, a field secretary. Since that date, two new bureaus have been incorporated into the Alumni Association structure. They are the Class Officers Council, handling all class organizations, and the Alumni Council, dealing with the field activities of the Alumni. ACTIVITIES Returning alums met at union steps for homecoming reunions. The Sigma Chi ' s and information booths were hosts to the old grads. 64 The night before the game several of the band members lead a musical cheer. " Little Brown Jug How I Love Thee, " but Minnesota was disappointed again in ' 49. " Let ' s go Michigan " is the shout of the students at Ferry Field before the Minnesota eame. 65 The early morning dawn finds tired workers as- sembling the displays for the 10 a.m. deadline. )MEC()M1XG DISPLA The Michigan-Minnesota rivalry this year was as sparkling a Homecoming as any. Attracted by the call of King football, beautiful displays and gala social events, thousands flocked into Ann Arbor. The week- end was initiated with a giant pep rally at Ferry Field. In the light of a huge bonfire, hundreds of alumni joined with the students in the traditional songs and yells of their alma mater. Saturday morning, the streets were jammed with crowds viewing the colorful dis- plays put up by the dorms, fraternities, and sororities. The big moment of the weekend was the kick-off at 2 p.m. A heavily favored Minnesota team prepared to add one more to their list of victories. With an unbeatable spirit and great team work, Michigan rolled ahead 14-7 in one of the most exciting games of the year. Benny Oosterbaan said, " We lacked a spark at Northwestern; against Minnesota, we had it. " Satur- day night, the annual homecoming dance with Nick Stuart ' s band took place at the IM Building, for a tired but happy crowd of Michiganders. Tri-Delt took first place and the trophy in the women ' s division for Homecoming displays with theirgigantic Delta Three Press newspaper. Delta Upsilon heard of its first place honors during the half-time of the football game, winning with a giant weather forecaster on their lawn. R SPItT 010 OI5H ME N08E H[ MILS Fill HIS PIPE v ,- " fc i T DOESN ' T PAY TO PLAY MICH. 66 The stadium was packed for the big game as the maize and blue team scored the victory of the day for Michigan. The half-time show was tremendous with the band at its best. Cheerleaders expressed the exuberance of the crowd. Friday afternoon the Alpha Chi ' s joined the mass exodus to Chicago made by the campus. It was a beautiful day at Northwestern, and Michigan ' s spirit was up as they invaded Evanston. In the fall, the main objective of many Michigan students is to attend an out-of-town football game. Although a football weekend at home is a big event, there is nothing which compares to a trip to Ohio State, Indiana, or Northwestern, especially if Michigan is on the long end of the score. Preparing for the week- end involves collecting the crowd, obtaining tickets, finding a car, bus, train, or bicycle, and writing for a place to rest your head. This year thousands ot students went to the Northwestern game. The Mich- igan hopes were high, and the weather was fine. When we lost the game, a few spirits were dampened, but there were parties, tours of Chicago, and enough laughs to last a lifetime. Left, an air view of Xorthwestern ' s campus. Below, N.U. ' s cheerleaders yell for more volume as the Michigan boys show approval. 68 fT- 1 ' ' ' , Michigan crowds jammed Dyche stadium to watch the Wolverines fight the rival Wildcats. BACK IN GLO The team came home in low spirits, but Ann Arbor welcomed them with wide open arms. 69 Each year the Forestry students put on their famous Paul Bunyan Dance, where the theme is the call of the wild. A " Bum " party was given by Delta Chi, while the SAE ' s entertain- ed guests with a " Bowery Ball " , complete with a cornet player. 70 PARTIES IF T Above left the Sigma Chi ' s let loose with a costume party to end all parties, and above, the ZBT ' s finished off the semester with a " Crack Up Ball " , when all minds had snapped after the last exam. Below the West Quad ' s Halloween show. Party is a word that connotes fun at Michigan. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednes- days, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the students have utilized this word to its fullest advantage. There were gay cam- pus affairs like J-Hop, I.F.C., Slide Ball, and the Paul Bunyan Dance. The smaller parties at dormitories, sororities, and fra- ternities ranged from " Lost Weekends " to " Wild West " parties, from " Crack Up Balls " to " Paddle Parties " . Everybody who was anybody went to parties. You could steal down Washtenaw ' s fraternity row in the dead of the night, whisper " Party " and find thousands of eager, new-found friends willing to follow you to the ends of the earth, (and that ' s the only place you can have parties now.) There is no doubt that at Michigan students agree, parties are here to stav. 71 J-HOP 72 .J-Hop weekend tops all the weekends on the Mich- igan campus, with the whole student body in a festive spirit after the grind of the fall semester. The week- end begins Friday afternoon, and it winds up on Monday morning, as the alarm announces the begin- ning of your first spring semester class. J-Hop means 4 a.m. permission for all coeds on Friday and Satur- day nights, breaktast parties at all hours of the morn- ing, toboganning in the " fcrb " , and parties in almost every house on campus. This year ' s J-Hop combined the traditional carefree spirit with the new note of the " Deep In The Blues " decorations and the music of Louis Prima and Duke Ellington. Right: The first evening of J-Hop brought high expec- tations, along with new formals, tuxes, and smiles. Below right: Intermission gave everyone a chance to rest before taking another whirl around the floor. Below: Louis Prima ' s band put on a great perfor- mance, which included a very appealing songstress. 73 " DEEP IN THE BLUES " J-Hop invitations came over cigarettes and coffee, by telephone or mail. Of course she wants to go to the biggest dance ot the campus year. The 1950 J-Hop Committee smiles with relief after finishing the tremendous job of giving a dance for thousands. The " Deep in The Blues " decorations gave the dancers the feeling of being submerged among the flickering lights. 74 " Shut the door they ' re coming in the window! " The Sig Eps move out of the fraternity house, and the gals take it over. Adjusting a bow tie at the last minute seems to be a prob- lem for any male, especially the night of J-Hop. The ZBT ' s think breakfast is a good way to end a J-Hop evening, as they hold " open house " for all the brothers. 75 The Opera Chorus practised day and night for two months preparing for the J950 hit show. MICHIGAN ' S 1950 Authors Jack Leonard and Buzz Durant. Director Bill Holbrook and General Chair- man of the Union Opera Jim Ebersole. The song chorus practiced their do re mi ' s while (below right) the stage crew built and painted the sets. Dale Coenen, programs; Bob Russell, general secretary; Jim Johns, production; Jim Ebersole, general chairman; (missing: Cliff Rogers, promotions; Don Wyant, music) UNION OPERA Based on the traditional conflict between labor and management, " Lace It Up " took a musical poke at both. The story is staged in and around the " Cupid ' s Aid " Lingerie Company, whose presi- dent Constant Payraiser, has a lovely daughter Mary Lu. Things in the plant go smoothly, with the employees working at a musical pace. However, when Payraiser demanded a speed-up by using a march-time music in the plant, there is dissention among the workers. J. Hardly Everstrike, head of the Union proclaims the new tempo is " half-fast " and declares a strike. Everstrike ' s son, Bill has in the meantime fallen in love with Mary Lu Payraiser. Mediation is done by " General Vawn " and a musical compromise sets a tempo at a rate acceptable to all. The end of the strike unites Mary Lu and Bill, whose marital bliss is inevitable. 77 Mary Lu Payraiser and her father Constant Payraiser (Dick Ferle) arrive at her League tea debut. Miss Toledo (Dick Kempthorn), Miss Buffalo (Al Wistert), and Miss Detroit (Chuck Murray) sang " Rah Rah for Dear Old Spumoni " . From a small beginning in 1908, the Union opera has spent 40 years building from a colorful background to become one of Michigan ' s greatest traditions. At its peak in the twenties with such shows as " Cotton Stockings " , " Tambourine " , and " Rainbow ' s End " , the Opera played many of the large Eastern cities including the " Met " in New York. Revived in 1949 with " Froggy Bottom " , " Lace It Up " went on tour to Buffalo, Toledo, and Detroit. Mary Lu (Jimmy Lobaugh) Michigan ' s Union Opera Rockettes 78 The Swami (Joe Stone) begins his " spiel " for Mary Lu, Bill Everstrike (Herb Wolf- son) and the carnival crowd. Cicero Magoo (George Boucher) and Winnie Wishwell (Al Jackson). " Bathing Beauties on Parade " Earl L ' Esperance, Bob Kelley, and Jim Ensign. " Cupid ' s Aid Lingerie " opened the show with the dancing chorus on stage. 79 80 The Druids ' ceremcny is celebrated with all seriousness. " Roll ' em up " they yell at the football pep rally. Angel] Hall carries the traditional creed. Beltm: The seal on the diagonal. MICHIGAN TRADITIONS Michigan ' s " College Traditions, " almost completely absent during the war, are on the way back. Many of the oldies, such as the freshman " beanie " and " Senior- a-out day " are things of the past. But the hallowed I :on front door and Soph Cab, pictured on the opposite page, the annual clash with Minnesota for the " little brown iug, " Union Opera, J.G.P., rah-rah fraternity ' initi- ations, Michigras and the autumn " football madness " are back to stay. The campus honoraries with their paint smeared, branch decked, triangle or star monogrammed initiates again parade the diagonal, duck walk to the top of the Union tower, or huddle around campfires burn- ing gaily on the new grass. Look around, you doubters; Michigan does have tradition. 81 His first registration at Michigan is something a freshman never forgets. After undergoing the rigors of the health exam, facing glaring lights to have his ID picture snapped, racking his brains over the freshman examination, and battling to avoid an Eng- lish I class at 11 a.m. Saturday, life is compar- atively simple for the rest of the year. This fall freshmen saw the revival of " tug week, " a tradi- tion which had gone out with the coming of war. Under the leadership of Bill Gripman the students voted the return of Frosh-Soph rivalry complete with the tug of war across the Huron. " Rah-Rah " again reigned supreme. Rackets and clubs will come in hardy for the studtnt in the book store jam. 82 ' Rr.;:stration can cause headaches on both sides of the desk. Health examinations are all a part of the happy day. Harold S. will always cherish his identification snapshot. These girls are taking their hearing tests at registration 83 During Tug Week the Sophomore class puts on its famous performance, Soph Satire, at Hill. The night before the tug of war between the Sopho- mores and Freshmen, the pep rallies began. Here the Freshman class of 1953 gives its battle cry and makes its preparation for the great oncoming battle. The crowd prepares for the tug of war, and to follow Joe Stone and Bill Gripman into battle. 84 Tug of war across the Huron, and Frosh victorv. A revival of college spirit is displayed by pushing a peanut on the diagonal for a lost bet. Lawyers took Engineers ' slide rule to Governor Williams ' office during rivalry between the two colleges be- fore Slide Rule Ball. FROSH WEEKEND 85 ' WHERE YOU HANG YOUR HAT " Informality is the word in the Phi Gam living room, as Len Battle ' s flying hat is caught by an obliging fraternity brother. 86 Vets and their families are very much at home in the University terraces. " Home was never like this, " say girls of the new derm, who live a life of luxury. HOME AGAIN AT MICHIGAN Living together, working together co-op houses put this principle into practice. Many girls prefer living in the more informal atmosphere of a league house. 87 88 IBRARI1.S Ml ' SEU - Few Michigan students have any concep- tion of the extent of library facilities pro- vided for them by the University. They can get information on anything from the proper training of small children, found in the psychology department of the Natural Science library, to the plot of the Carnot cycle in thermodynamics, a volume resting in the engineering library. The General Library might be referred to as the focal point of the campus, not only in the aca- demic sense but in the social sense also, if the number ot couples slyly holding hands under the table in the study hall may be taken into account. Clements library with its rare books and valuable historical docu- ments, including a copy of the Declaration of Independence originally sent to Great Britain, is one of the most interesting libraries for the casual observer. The libraries differ in size and beauty, ranging from the impressive Law Library to some of the smaller technical reading rooms, but they are all integral parts of the great " store- house of knowledge. " Night view of the Law Library. Studying in the Main Library. Clements Library contains many historical documents. i a I 89 MUSEUM EXHIBITS . Art students travel vicariously to famous buildings of the world. " Speaking of prehistoric animals, did I tell you about my blind date? " " The last time I saw this was last spring at your blanket party. " 90 FROM ARCHITECTURE TO ARCHEOLOGY Michigan has some of the finest museums that you can find at any University. The Natural Science Museum on Washtenaw is almost " home " to future scientists and lovers of prehistoric animals. It is also known to be fascinating to the non-believer. The archeological museum sandwiched between the Administration Building and Helen Newberry on State Street is unpretentious on the outside, but con- tains many interesting items such as ancient Egyptian mummies and other relics. The Art school offers a cultural education to the students enrolled in its classes and to those who go only to investigate the exhibits and projects on display. On the first floor of the Art building there are continual displays of house planning projects, city plan- ning projects, water color drawings and other course projects. Art School also brings to campus its famous masquerade dance the " Beau Arts Ball, " which is always a big affair. The Archeological Museiln contains excellent displays of ancient art. Charcoal drawing is ond of the interesting subjects of the .4rt School. 91 Adolph Menjou spoke on " Stairway to Stardom " and the popular Danny Kaye starred in Panhel ' s show. Arthur Rubinstein playing the piano at Hill Auditorium. 92 AND CONGER This year as in the past the University Musical Society again presented a well balanced, celebrity- srudded program to the campus. The brilliant pianist Artur Rubenstein opened the Chorale Union series playing to a capacity ,crowd. Full houses witnessed five symphony orchestras and one of these, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, was directed by Thor Johnson, a former faculty member at the University. Another highlight of the concert season was the appearance of the family team of Carol Glenn, violinist, and her husband Eugene List, pianist. The May festival, one of the big campus events in the spring and the most spectacular musical production of the season, completed the presentations by the Musical Society. " Mammy ' s baby still loves shortnm ' bread, " testified baritone Nelson Eddy. The Budapest String Quartet, long favorite of chamber music enthusiasts, in now generally popular in the U.S. 93 World affairs, music, best sellers and humor are some of the many topics pre- sented by celebrities speaking under the auspices of the University Oratorical Society. One of the season ' s most dy- namic speakers was Dr. Ralph Bunche, Chief of the Trusteeship Division of the United Nations, and by far the most hum- orous was Danny Kaye who held a capacity crowd spellbound with his inim- itable antics. Eleanor Roosevelt, whose presence at the Ruthven home caused the temporary banishing of the President ' s pet boxer " Eleanor, " was another of the season ' s prominent speakers. The Boston Symphony and the critic, John Mason Brown, were the outstanding features at Hill. 94 Once a ' teen age sovereign, King Peter of Yugo- slavia gave a realistic account of his country. Mezzo-soprano Rise Stevens appeared in a De- cember concert including the role of Carmen. Mr . Franklin D Roosevelt, " first lady of the world " spoke of duty to the United Nations. Touring the U.S. for the first time in a decade, the Vienna Boys Choir gave a novel concert. 95 Largest University owned airport in the country is Michigan ' s Willow Run with its five experimental aviation stations. MICHIGAN OFF CAM PI ' The University of Michigan is much more than a campus. It is also the integrating factor of a number of off campus projects which, taken in their entirety, are a major contribution to the nation ' s scientific and social development. This year the Phoenix Project, a monumental adventure in atomic research, slowly be- gan to take shape. Willow Run airport, a mammoth experiment in aviation and the largest university owned airport in the country, is proof in itself that all of the University ' s experiments are not confined to the laboratory. There are several University astronomical laboratories in the United States and one in South Africa. The Fresh Air Camp and Hospital also benefit the nation. Foresters at Camp Filbert Roth receive instructions. Geography students study soil at Wilderness Park. Students relax at geology camp out in Wyoming. a CAMP DAVIS UNIVERSITY or MICHIGAN ROCKy MOUNTAIN FIELD 96 Celestial phenomena are studied at-MacMath-Hulbert Observatory on Lake Angelus, Pontiac. The University Fresh Air Camp provides practical experience working with maladjusted children. Extension courses and graduate work are carried on at Rackham in Detroit. 97 Excellent and unusual opportunities for practical applications of class work are offered to students enrolled in radio courses by the Speech department of the University. For the more advanced, a series of television programs entitled " On Campus " has been produced by Associate Professor Garrison with the cooperation of WWJ-TV in Detroit. A series of childrens ' dramas are presented each week over WWJ. Additional scheduled programs are a half hour dramatic program carried by several radio sta- tions in the state and a daily newscast over WHRV in Ann Arbor. OUTSIDE WORK " The Michigan Memorial-Phoenix Project is the most imporant undertaking in the University ' s history. " These were the words used by President Alexander Ruthven in describing the University ' s multi-million undertaking. The Phoenix Project will be a place where the many aspects of atomic en- ergy may be studied under one roof with a maxi- mum continuity of research. The bio-chemist, the bacteriologist and the doctor of medicine will be able to work together toward their common goals, studying the effects of atomic energy on our life in the future. HOENIX PRO The Phoenix Project is now conducting a drive for $6,600,000 to finance both the construction of a building on campus to house laboratories, offices and conference rooms, and the actual research itself. With this sum of money the Phoenix Project will be able to release faculty members from their teaching duties and enable them to devote their full time to research. Also the Phoenix Project will bring to this campus the leaders in all fields of research and education so the University can re- tain its leadershipamong educational institutions. Our latest observatory at Portage Lake contains a special Schmidt telescope. The Physics and Chemistry departments unify for research on Phoenix Project. 98 V A Speech class performs for TV. ci ' j:: Prof. Cork and cylotron he designed. Above: University Orchestra at Interlochen. Bclov:: Prof. Crane Checks Proiect Work Professor Dennison, who did research Icar theory, works for Phoenix Project. Belotc: Werner Bachman, biochemistry pro- fessor, does research for Phoenix Proiect. Pritam Singh and his wife add a touch of India to campus. The metropolitan atmosphere of Michigan ' s cam- pus is nowhere more evident than at the Inter- national center. Here foreign students have an attractive lounge where they can feel at home in a friendly atmosphere. Through the International Center, located in the Union building, the Univer- sity encourages foreign students to take advantage of the many opportunities offered at Michigan, as well as encouraging their own contributions. The social, recreational and educational programs of the center aid students from China to Chile in finding that their conscious nationalism merges into com- mon interests and beliefs. The social program at the Center is highlighted by the annual International Ball and includes Sun- day snacks and evening programs and Thursday afternoon teas. For those members who are seeking a better understanding of American life a library is available. Recreational projects provide recrea- tion nights, hikes, bike trips, skating parties and record programs. The Center provides two valuable personal services. One of these is the English Lan- guage Service which helps foreign students master the English language, and the other is a counseling service to advise the students in personal matters. 100 The Shah of Iran is shown around the Business Ad- ministration school by his brother, a Michigan student. Foreign students and stamp collectors eagerly await the mail which comes in from all over the world. Good will is encouraged between students from every part of the world at the International Center. The International Center is the place where students can chat over cups of tea or coffee on Thursday afterncons. 101 CJtLE BALL- IS S GRAM 102 HANGOUTS The Thank God Its Friday Club now gets music along with the usual fare of beer. This year there is a record program broadcast every afternoon from the Pretzel Bell over WHRV. No college town is without its hang- outs. Michigan ' s Joes and The Orient are no more, but new ones have taken their places. What would TGIF clubs do without the Pi Bell and Rices? What would the nine and ten o ' clock coffee set do without Swift ' s and W 7 5kel ' s? Ann Arbor wouldn ' t be the same with- out Slaters, Moe ' s, The Betsy Ross, chicken in the rough at Metzgers, and the Spudnut Shoppe on South U. Stu- dent life on campus builds itself around these hangouts. It is here that conver- sations range from blind dates to the future of the world. When history 34 no longer reminds us of the Fall of the Roman Empire, memories of coffee dates and games of " muffin man " will remain. Procrastination may be the root of all evil, but when that bluebook is over it sure is fun to relax a: the movies for an evening and then perhaps stop for coffee and spudnuts afterwards. 103 A toast to Cardinal Puff is the order of the day at Rice ' s. The Parrot is the place to go for breakfast or after class. " TO THE PLACE WHERE LOUIE DWELLS " Two P.M. at the League Grill, where the elite alwavs meet. A TV screen and good food are the attractions at the Den. 104 It may be small, but Ward ' s Record Shop has real jazz! Beer time at Schwabin ' s means a good big crowd. Splash party on a Friday night at the I.M. Building. Looking is fun, but you have to read them too. " Now, I would have sworn that it was a good shot. " 105 It ' s a short step from the tension of study to the relaxing spring breezes of nearby Whitmore Lake. Spring takes over the library steps as students think less. . . ... of studies and more of the rime " tolled " bv the clock. Spring comes to Ann Arbor once a year, and at this time there is a noticeable change on campus. As warm days begin, ice cream cones appear, heavy boots dis- appear, white ducks are added to the male attire, and fraternity pins begin to change hands rapidly. Classes are popular on rainy days and the lazy atmosphere reaches even the most industrious students. " Take an old fashioned walk " that ' s the idea for springtime. 107 The Arboretum is the classroom for the subjects to which a young man ' s fancy turns in the spring. As the weather becomes balmy, even state street ' s bookstore row puts on that new look for spring. 108 . . . ARB PICNICS AND DIAG WALKS With spring, the ice cream cones sprang out as quickly as the leaves along the diag. Vho wants to sit in hot classrooms if you can talk the Prof into a lawn party? SUN TIME On the warm days in May the athletic play tennis and others wade the Huron. Spring brings warm enough weather for weiner roasts in the Arb come evening. His thoughts might turn to love but the coed ' s invariably think of getting a tan. 110 . . . AND IT ' S JUNE Lit school students have a quick smoke and soak up the sun on Angell Hall ' s steps. College days end with big smiles as June graduates march from Ferry field. It ' s the last train out, and the torrid zone was left to summer school students. I r ACTIVITIES The Michigan Union is the male mecca which offers to all men a place to relax and meet their fellow students. A swimming pool, billiard tables, bowling alleys and the famous Union ballroom provide ideal recreational facilities, while the many campus organizations take advantage of the meeting rooms the Union makes available. To visiting alumni the Union is a home away from home with its fine room accommodations and the main dining room which is noted for its excellent food and service. WILLIAM I.. WISE, PRESIDENT ROBERT SEEBER, SECRETARY BOARD OF DIRECTORS Front Row: HUGH COOPER, JR., MERLIN TOWNLEV, WILLIAM TATTERSOLL, RDBERT SEEDER, WILLIAM L. WISE, JOHN LUNDQBIST, C. RICHARD KOOTE. PATTL RIDER, IRWIN GOFFMAN. Second Row: PROF. HARRY C. CARVER, DEAN EBICH A. WALTER, PROF. CHESTER O. WISLER. PROF. ALBERT L. CLARK JR REGFN-T OTTO E ECKERT, DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY, JOHN H. Huss. Missing: T. HAWLEY TAPPING. PROF. MERWIN H. WATERMAN. 114 Above: James Root, Student Relations; Gerald Mehlman, Personnel; Harold Sperlich, William Bristor, House. Upper Right: William Peterson, Irving Barill, William Race, Social. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Center: Ned Srirton, Robert Waldon, Dale Cpenen.Publitity. Bottom Right: James Callison, Campus Affairs; Larry Stein, Administration; Robert Bristor, Campus Affairs. SOPHOMORE STAFF Front Knir: WILLIAM E. DESDARDIXS. JAMES B. MORAN, IRWIN DRUT. STEPHEN MAH O, WILLIAM SHABPE. Second ?ouv BOB MILLEB.DAN PROBEBT. RAFFEE JOHNS. GEOFFEY X. LEIGH, THOMAS MILLS. DAVID DE RIES. WILLIAM CHIN. STEPHEN B. WHITE. Tkird Row: CLYDE SPENCER. JACK BEYER. BERNIE JENNETT. DONALD P. BOERMA.JACK HAMER. DAVE LEDDICK. DICK JOHNSON. CRAIG RAM- SAY. BILL LOVELESS. FEED ITTNEB. Fourth Rov: KEITH BEERS. JULES PERLBERG, DICK KAMRATH. DONALD BERNS. RALPH RCPP, WILLIAM EGGLESTOJS. RALPH E. Kn ARSICK. PACT. DELANEY. RON MODLIN. 115 X SIDE Lld ' IJ 116 " Lady stay away from the front door " , and the familiar blue and gold membership pin are symbols of the Michigan Union, the male stronghold on campus. The Union has been the center of con- troversy because of its policy of reserving the use of the front door of the Union building for the exclusive use of men. The cafeteria is well remembered for its table tops carved with the names of graduates and the scores of Mich- igan ' s football triumphs dating back to the 1890 ' s. Posters warning the " Frosh " to beware of the Sophomore class on " Black Friday " and the advertisements of old Union operas bring back memories of a bygone era. Free from the distracting glances of coeds at other libraries, the reading room and the Pendleton library are considered the best places on campus to do some serious studying. Behind the scenes are the President and the Secretary of the Union, the President of Men ' s Judiciary Council, six other students representing the schools and colleges of the University, and nine faculty members and alumni. These men, who comprise the Board of Directors, decide overall Union policies. The Executive Council consisting of thirteen students is in charge of student activities such as Michigras, Winter Carnival, the " U " Handbook, Union specialty dances and many other projects too numerous to mention. Sophomore staff members serve on committees under the direction of Executive Council members. The Union deluxe milk shake tastes fine as you watch wrestling matches on television, ande a quick nap in the lounge or dancing to Frank Tinker ' s orchestra gives you a new leas on life. 117 MARJORIE FLINT PRESIDENT r. DOROTHY FOGEL VICE-PRESIDENT JOYCE ATCHISON SECRETARY The Michigan League means Soph Cabaret, Junior Girls ' Play, Frosh Weekend, and Senior Project. It means bridge lessons and dancing classes and the orientation program for freshman and transfer women on campus. It also means a place to get tutors when a course is getting you down. It means a place to meet your friends after a full day of classes. It means Judiciary Council where women seek information concerning house organization and discipline. It means Ruthven teas and the League Fall Formal. It means record concerts and interviewing for positions in campus activities. The Michigan League means fun, friends, and facts. Yes, it really means facts. When any woman student on campus needs help, she can go to the League and find the answer there. The very words Michigan League, mean an organization for and by the women on campus. The Undergraduate Council, which is made up of League officers and the chairmen of various standing committees, represents all of the women on campus and works to make their years at Michigan a lasting memory that will be vivid and vital. Michigan women are the Michigan League. 118 SHIRLEY KALLMAN TREASURER MARY RIGGS JUDICIARY CHAIRMAN PATRICIA REED INTERVIEWING CHAIRMAN I XDERGRAD COUNCIL MAXINE REID DANCE CLASSES PUBLICITY JODY JOHNSON ' ORIENTATION JO WILSON ASSEMBLY PRESIDENT MARGE HEHN SOCIAL CHAIRMAN BETTY JO FAULK PANHEL PRESIDENT MARY DAVIDSON PERSONNEL PAT LEWIS MERIT-TUTORIAL BETSY VINIERATOS ASSMBLY VICE-PRES. I BETSY BOUSFIELD W.A.A. PRESIDENT NAN HI BACH WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB MIRIAM CADY THE DAILY JANE TOPPER JUNIOR GIRLS PLAY NANCY ERICKE SOPH CAB 119 Left to Right: Myrna Rees, Sylvia Sheppard, Jo Bell, Pat Reed, Chairman; Sally Slocom, Pat Breon, Tulane Itkoff, Jane Barker. Interviewing Council functions exclusively to help the women of Michigan participate in League activities. Its job is to accept and read petitions from candidates for League positions and hold informal interviews. The Interviewing Committee was established in 1947 as a part of the student government. INTERVIEWING COUNCIL It consists of a senior chairman and secretary, three junior and three sophomore members. Fart of the Committee ' s work is to publicize and encourage participation in League activities. The Spring Installation Night rounds out the year ' s work for the Council. At that time the announcement is made ot the girls who have been elected to League positions for the following year. The Council conducts a typical interview with a candidate who has petitioned for a League post. 120 Under the chairmanship of Janie Topper, the junior women produced " The Real McCoy " as the annual Junior Girls Play. Written by Barb Smith, the plot followed Daisy Lou McCoy from the hills of Tennessee to New York via a radio contest and recorded her escapades there. Cathy Clairmont served as as- sistant chairman, and Jennie Quirk directed. J.G.P., given every spring, is the major activity for junior women, affording them a chance to display their talents and work on a common project. Above: Leading Actresses go over their lines under the exuberent prompting of Director Jennie Quirk and Janie Topper, Chairman of Junior Girls ' Play. Below: Music Committee for the show was Lanny Schaeffer, Fran Morris, Dee Janusch, Ginger Ellis. ov: BARBARA SMITH. MABTHA CHANDLEB, ELAINE XAGELVOOBT. DEE JANTTSCH. VIBGINIA STODDABD, ELIZA- BETH GATES. Swond Rov: XANCY CUTTING, JEAN CA R- PENTER. JEANNE SCHBEIBER, BETTE TOBNQCIST, BARBARA HAXSEX. PAT BROTNSON. SHILA McCoire. CAROL SCHNEI- DER, Third Row: LANETTE SHEAFFEB; CARROL ATHEBTON; DOEIS GARDNER; CECILS HritE; VIRGINIA ELLIS; BEVERLY FITLLEBTON; MABTHA BBYAXT. 121 Taking a theme from Shakespeare, 300 men presented " As You Shake It " , the 1949 Sc ph Cab. They combined forces, in the Michigan tradition, second floor of the League into a carnival for tv dancing, games, favors, and refreshments, am The floorshow, " A Midwinter ' s Nightmare " , twice nightly with professional polish. All t phmore wo- convert the o nights with a floorshow. vas presented le committee work, budgeting, and planning, begun in the summer, called for hard work but resulted in fine experience, fin, and many new friends for soph coeds. SOPH CABARET LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: CAROL EAOLE, CYNTHIA ANNE BHUCE, CAROLYN WILCOX, MARY GHATZEB, CATHE RINE SOTIR, LUCILLE GOLDSTONE, SHIRLEY STEVENS. Second Row: BETTY BAILEY. BARB AHTER, GINNY GISH, MARGARET RYBURN, Ast. Chairman; NANCY EHICKE, General Chairman; Lois EISELE. Floorshow Director; JULIA HENNIO. PAT DOYLE. Third Row: JOAN STRIEFLING, JOAN GIESSOW, BARBARA ELLIOTT, BEVERLY CLARKEE BEVERLF.Y HOWELL. Jo ANN GRILL. MARY MULLEH. ANNE WATER- MAN. Fourth Row: ANNE GILBERT, MICKEY SAGER, LEE BENJAMIN, CATHERINE RONEY, NANCY PORTER, SUZANNE SEARS, JANICE JAMKS, NANCY WEED, JEAN ABBOTT. 122 HOXORARIES MICHIGAMUA LITTLE PINK BLUMROSEN FAT CROW COENEN BIG BUZZ EDMAN WEAK WING GRANT FIRE FACE HANSEN BEEUM SMOKED HERRIN SOUNDUM OFF JAROFF KILLUM QUICK KEMPTHORN MORE BULL MORRISON SLIPPERY STICK ROMZICK BAREBACK RYDER HEAP SLEEPER SEEBER STAGNANT WATER STAGER HOOP HUNGRY SUPRUNOWICZ SPIRALAS TENINGA NUTHING SAID ULVESTADT CHASUM SQUAW UPTHEGROVE WAMPUM WEASEL WELLINGTON NOT SO DAMN WISE Like the tree of the forest, the Tribe of Michigamua has grown through 49 long sleeps from a little acorn into a mighty oak whose roots are deep in the great land of Michigan. Its warriors, chosen from the stalwart chiefs of the Paleface nation early in the Spring Hunt, journey many times each moon to the Wigwam high above the sleeping campus, there to join in the counsel that leads to great deeds for Michigan and tor Michigamua. 124 DRUIDS . -. . " . - ' _ v. _ J The Druids, order of the Mighty Oak, blossomed forth from the fertile earth lo forty springs ago. Its members are many-branched and sturdy-trunked senior men who weathered the storm of educa- tion, society, and time, and were judged qualified to take root in this organization of philosophers and teachers of youths. The purpose of the Almighty Druids is to serve the beloved alma mater in any and all fields of endeavor which seem in need of aid and assistance. HARASSED HICKORY HOOKER CYSTY CITRUS CRAIGHEAD STICKY SPRUCE STILES WILLOWIXG WILLOW WISNIEW- SKI LUMPY LINDEN LMANIAN GOSH-ALL HEMLOCK HOLMES CAUSTIC CATALPA COATES GRUMBLING GUM GUERIN LUMBERING LOCUST LINDQUIST VUN VIOLET VAN VOORHEES GESTING JUNIPER JACOBSON OFF- YOUR DOGWOOD DUFF RUMPY ROSEWOOD RAYMOND HYLKING HARDWOOD HOLLWAY SLIPPERY SNAKEWOOD SMITH ETHEREAL EUCALYPTUS EBER- SOLE ALL-NUT WALNUT WALKER ENDURING ELM ERBEN PROMOTING PINE PETERSON GRINDING GUM GHINDIA LOQUACIOUS LINEN LEVIN NET NUT McKAY DRIBBLING DOGWOOD MORRILL NEGOTIATING NARCISSUS NES- BITT 125 VULCANS RICHARD ALLEN ALAN ANDERSON JAMES ATCHISON TOM BAYLESS DONALD CALHOUN JAMES CHANDLER STANFORD CRAPO JOHN DA VIES LOUIS H. DEHMLOW VICTOR FRYLING ARNOLD GOWANS WILLIAM GRIPMAN LLOYD A. HENEVELD, president ROBERT KEISER ROGER H. KESSLER FOLKE LUNDGARD JOHN MCDONALD BRUCE PAXTON WALTER RANKIN JAMES T. SAKAI STANLEY SAULSON HARVEY SCHATZ S. LEE SETOMER JOHN SMEDLEY ALEXANDER TOPPING STANFORD WIGGIN JUSTIN WILLIAMS Through the efforts of hard-working engineers fire was returned to the earth after Vulcan, God of the Forge, removed it. In 1904 Vulcan chose to gather into his select group neophytes from the U. of M. These men are chosen for exceptional character, service to mankind, and high scholarship. In their council, high in the Union tower these men work for the interests of students and the engineering profession. In this way they serve both themselves and others. 126 TRIANGLES The Engine Arch is blocked twice a year by the Triangles, not with cement or wire, but the bodies of their neophytes. Lunch hour is chosen for the time, and the very much alive chosen are armed with scrub brushes and pails and put to work. Those doing the scrubbing are chosen from Engineering students in the upper sophomore and lower junior classes, who are distinguished by extra-curricular activities. Triangles divide their membership into half affiliated and half independent members. JACK POWERS TOM ELMBLAD TOM McCANN MARTY FLYNN JIM MITCHELL BOBVOGT NED HESS WALT OBERREIT BOB FORD NORM STEERE WALT DUBLONICA HAL SPERLICH DICK HUMES ROY DUFF JIM ROOT ED GRENKOSHI TOM SMITH ROG VOGEL AL WEINSTEIN RUSS OSTERMAN DON ROSS TOM RAMAGE 127 SPHINX JACK; ARBUCKLE . . Pharaoh Warmer of the Royal Throne ED REIFEL Sepia Keeper of the Sacred Mysteries BILL DOYLE . Osiris Keeper of the Tainted Tithes HANK WILSON . . Thoth Scribe of Wisdom and Magic NEIL CELLEY . Huz Queen Fai ' s Lyre Player DON DUFEK Chesed Chief Embalmer DICK SMITH . . . Aram Guard of Little Egypt MATT MANN III . . Hazo Keeper of the Great Crocodile LEO KOCESKI . . Shafu Court Fool BOB OLSON . . . Perizzites Lord of the Deserted Harem LEO VANDER KUY . . Meri-Ra-Ankh Lord of the Underworld CHUCK MURRAY . . Gumi Milker of the Sacred Cow GENE LAMB . Raumi Guardian of the Pyramids JIM BROWN . . Phalazh Proclaimer of the Royal Decrees PAUL BRENTLINGER . . Mugi Flinger of the Royal Bull MARV LUBECK . Thorpizemar Procurer for the Pharaoh ' s Harem GEORGE MILROY . . Sanafrans Keeper of the Grounds of Giza JEFF KNIGHT . . Pildash Keeper of the Royal Shaft SLUG KETTLER . . Baluk Pharaoh ' s Little Shaver ARTHENRIEJR. . . Hamul Graceful Glider Across Deserts BILL OHLENROTH . Zohar Chamberlain of the Royal Vintages CHUCK ORTMANN . . Chuccher Leader of the Pharaoah ' s Hordes JERRY BURNS . . Kwartbak Pharaoh ' s Monster AL JACKSON . . Knozope The Absent One In the 46th year of its regime the Great Council of Sphinx has been gifted with the extreme generosity of the Egyptian Gods. To enter the Pharoah ' s Court each tribal member must have an outstanding scholarship and activity record. The Junior Honorary Society has maintained its stronghold of honor and service, silent keeper of wide knowledge and power. Following her age old tradi- tion and spirit Sphinx will continue to serve Michigan with un- limited endeavor in the present and the future. DICKLEASIA .... Mohair Pharaoh ' s Royal Barber HARRY ALLIS . . Kaitcher Gatherer of the Royal Daisies LESPOPP . . Hanzzom Ra ' s Gift to the Fair AL HETZECK . Kourtkidd Player with the Royal Spheres 128 CHELL A . i " " t i il PHI ETA SIGMA GEORGE DAVID ABRAMOW RICHARD H. ASTER KENNETH AVERILL CARL K. BEERS JOHN BECK JOHN R. BELJAN GEORGE J. BENISEK ROBERT H. BLOOM HERBERT BOOTHROYD STEPHAN A. BROMBERG ERNEST G. BROOKFIELD RICHARD C. BURNS JAMES T. CASSIDY JAMES V. CASTELL1 RUSSELL M. CHURCH JAMES M. CLARK RALPH A. CLARK DOUGLAS E. CUTLER DANIEL G. DOW JOHN E. DUDD JACK D. EDICK JAMES G. EKWALL HENRY ELSNER ROBERT E. FRESE ARMANDO A. GEARDINI JACK S. GILLETTE LAWRENCE I. GOTTLIEB THOMAS D. GRAHAM LEONARD A. GREENBAUM GLENN E. GUTHRIE JOHN C. HALL ROBERT T. HARTMAN CHARLES HAYS JOHN C. HENSEL CARL A. HEYER JAMES A. HILDEBRAND RALPH A. HILEMAN HAROLD N. HOOD ROBERT M. HORWITCH JOHN B. HUNTINGTON IRWIN J. JAEGAR DAVID P. JAHSMAN JEROME M. JELINEK ROBERT M. KAPLIN ROBERT C. KEITH EDWARD P. LANNING HOWARD M. LOW SAMUEL W. LUBORSKY ROGER E. MCLAUGHLIN LOWELL R. MODLIN JAMES B. MORAN ARTHUR R. NELSON DONALD F. NELSON LESLIE J. NOAKER LORNE J. NORTON JAMES J. NYBERG THEODORE C. PAPES DOUGLAS E. PECK JULES M. PERLBERG JOHN R. PIAZZA FREDERICK H. PIERCE JEROME K. PORTER ROBERT M. RADNER CHARLES R. RANK JOHN E. RIECKER ROBERT L. ROENSCH ARTHUR ROSE JAMES M. ROSS DONALD R. ROTHSCHILD GARRY L. SCHOTT JACK H. SCRUGGS MARVIN J. SENDROW HERBERT D. SHERBIN STEPHAN SMALE JAMES SMIGEL FRANK A. STOCKING JEROLD S. SOLOVY BRUCE W. SWANSON RICHARD K. THOMAS THOMAS L. VERHAKE CURTIS C. VERSCHOOR ARTHUR WALTZ DAVID F. WEIGEL MILFORD E. WENOKUR FRANKLIN H. WESTERVELT JUSTIN E. WILDER DEIL S. WRIGHT GEORGE A. ZAZANIS PAUL E. AUSUM JOEL J. BARON HALLARD W. BEARD EDWARD P. BELCHER ALFRED BEREND ROBERT BOCKEMUEHL ARTHUR T. BUBLITZ SANFORD B. CAIN GERALD M. DOPPELT ROSS N. FRIEDMAN FREDERICK FISCHBACH ALVIN GREEN JAMES A. HAMBURG BARRY HENNING WILLIAM T. HICKS MICHAEL P. HLADY ZANDER HOLLANDER MERTON KRAUSE LAWRENCE A. LANGE KENNETH K. MARCUS REGINALD P. PUGH ROBERT O. ROSENMAN MILTON SCHEIERN THOMAS M. STRAUS BRUCE E. THAL MYRON VINOCUR GEORGE B. WATERS 129 MORTARBOARD JOYCE ATCHISON, president VIRGINIA CAMPBELL SHIRLEY KALLMAN JOANNE JOHNSON EDITH ANDREW ELIZABETH VINIERATOS LOIS STEERE BEATTIE RUTH ANN HANSEN BETSY BOUSFIELD MAJORIE FLINT DOROTHY FOGEL PATRICIA REED MARY ANN HARRIS NANCY CUPPLES CAROL NEILSON MARY STEIN LOIS HAUENSTEIN Members are shown having just tapped new members by giving them their caps. Capping time is kept secret until late one spring night when the Mortarboards arrive to catch new members un- aware. The next day, new girls wear the caps with which they were tapped. Later, these caps are replaced by gold and black mortar- board pins. Besides the excitement of capping night, this pin means recognition in a national organization for outstanding college women on the basis of service, scholarship, and leadership. 130 SCROLL Getting ready for tapping are Jeannie Johnson, Marilynn Flynn, and Sidney Steck. Twice a year, at Recognition and In- stallation Nights, Scroll taps senior women. Garbed in black robes and running in single file, they weave their way through the rows of Rackham Auditorium to present invitational scrolls to future members. Affiliated women are selected for the honor society on the basis of their leadership qualities and scholarship. Scroll ' s special project is the Michigan Alumnus magazine. MARY LOU ASPLIN JO BELL PHYLLIS BOHNSACK MIRIAM CADY RUTH CAMPBELL BETTY JO FAULK MARILYN FLYNN SUE FRIEDMAN MARGE HEHN JO HENDERSON GAIL HUNTINGTON, president JEANNIE JOHNSON LOIS KENNEDY PATRICIA LEWIS JOANNE LYONS GERRI MULSON JANET OLIVIER SHIRLEY OSGOOD PATRICIA READER MAXINE REID JEAN REISS MARY RIGGS SIDNEY STECK CAROL TUER MARY NELL WALKER 131 An honor society for independent senior wo- men, Senior Society taps women in all of the schools and colleges of the University. Member- ship is based on scholas- tic achievement, leader- ship, and character. It was the first women ' s honor society estab- lished at Michigan. SENIOR SOCIETY LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: FRAN IVICK, DOTTY KOOEL, RUTH COHEN. MARTHA HEINRICHS, PATRICIA REED. Second Row. ANN SHAFEH. BETSY VINIERATOS, president. ALICE ANDERSON, SUSAN SIRIS, ELAINE BROVAN. LYNN GUTENBERG, GLORIA KORHONEN; MARILYN RUFF, JOAN SHEPPAHD, ELEANOR GOLDMAN. Third Row: MARY Jo WILSON. CHAR- LOTTE EAGLE, MAHJOHIE SMITH. HARRIET GALE. ROMA LIPSKY, PRISCILLA WOODWARD: MARY STEIN, JOANN MISNEH, BETTY RICHARDS. Missing: FLORENCE BARON. WYVERN Wyvern is an honor so- ciety for both indepen- dent and affiliated junior women. Tapping takes place in the spring when the old members elect sophomores who have been outstanding in scholarship, leadership, and activities. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: DORIANNE ZIPPERSTEIN, BEVERLY BARON. LYDIA WIL- HELM, WENDY OWEN, NANCY NOTNAGEL. Second Row: SALLY SLOCUM. ETHEL MORRIS. president, JEANNE LANGE, KATHY GEIGENMEULLEH. Third Row: CLARA DAVIS, RENEE PREGULMAN. JOAN WILLENS, BARB MOLYNEAUX. PRIS BALL. HOPE SCHAIDLEH, ELAINE NAGELVOORT, JEAN HEIDGEN. 132 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Bar: MART ELFEBDLXK. NAXCT WATKIXB. ALICE Hrsrox. MARTHA TOMKIVS - -ident. JOAX MrxrzEB. EDITH WEISS. Second Rotr: PATRICIA JOT. MABT MCLLEB. BETTT BRIDGES. BEVEBLY CLABJKE. BETTT JOCKWIG. SUE DWAX. MAKTBA BELL. Axx LIXDBLOOM. Tnird Rov: ROBIXA QCALE. ESTHER KLEITMAX, BETTT ADAMS. MABHTS PATTEBSOX. JASET COXBOT, BEVEELV MTAS. MABGABET HrE Alpha Lambda Delta national honorary so- ciety recognizes those women who have at- tained an average of 3.5 or better during their freshman year. Senior women who have main- tained this average are awarded certificates of merit. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA TAU SIGMA DELTA LEFT TO RIGHT Front Bar: DOXALD R. EDGE. JOHX W. Iro. BARBARA RIDGWAT prendrnt. DOUGLAS MAC!XTOSH. JAMES F. MARSHALL. Srcond Rov N. K. VAX OSDOL. JR.. JOHX C. HARO. WILUAH R. JABBATT. LEONARD G. SIEGAL ABTHTR E. XELSOX. Amo J. PALOSAABI. Tkird Rtnr: BOB VAX SUWEBX. FRANK A. STRAITS. RICHARD G. MILLMAX. ALLAX H. SMITH. Fourth Row. CHARLES R. EDIBEX. TERBEXCE R. BEXXETT. ROBERT C. METCALF. Tau Sigma Delta is a national honorary fra- ternity in Architecture and the other arts of Design. Its membership consists of upperclass- men who are elected on the basis of outstanding scholastic achievement, moral character, and high qualities of per- sonalitv. 133 o I tt LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: MAJ. W. K. JOHNSTON, JIM BUTLER, KHANK DENNIS, TOM FRANKS, TOM RECTOR, JIM ELY, BOB THATTON. BOB LEGATE, BILL GRIPMAN, CAPT. D. H. MERTEN. Second ?: PETE LOGITHETIS, CHUCK YOUNG, BOB LINDER. KEN Fox, CARTER STRONG, BOB ROGERS, BILL DESJAHDIS. DICK GRESLA, GENE HICKS. Thin ROM ' .- DAVE PDDAS, DUANE SHERMAN, DON RIPPERT, JOHN LINDQUIST JIM MC!LHENNV. BOB GOSLOW, RALPH BUR- TON, Louis DEHMLOW, BOB HAHN. PAUL BRENTLINGER. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is a national honor society which chooses its members from Army, Navy, and Air Force ROTC units in colleges and uni- versities throughout the country. Cadets tapped for Scabbard and Blade membership must possess certain qualities of leadership patriotism, effic- iency, loyalty, obedience, courage, good-fellow- ship, and honor. Each pledge undergoes a rigorous series of tests during the tapping ceremonies of the society. Occasional dinner meetings at which members discuss problems of the day, and the annual awarding of trophies to the outstanding second year cadets are some of the high points of the Scabbard and Blade year. Michigan ' s Gibralter Gets Annual Scrubbing Dur- ng Initiation Ceremonies. 134 LEFT TO RIGHT Frant Rov: BRUCE G. WATHEX. RICHARD M.STROEBE. ROBERT A.JACOBSOX. WILLIAM J. SALOI , PHILIP L. HTATT. DONALD S. CLEVELAXD. FOLKE G. LODGARD; WALTER A.MoBjEX. ROBERT P. EBICKSOX. vrrtidrmt. JOHX DAVIE. HARVEY SCHATZ. CLIFFORD VOICE. CAJRL HAXSOX. ROBERT Trrcs. DEWET WOXG. Setond Rnv: Dos BASEL RICHARD. W. CHRISTIE, LERov S.JIMERSON. ROBERT D.McFEE. JAMES M. GIBBS, PETER E.DAVET. WILLIAM H. SELZER. MORTOX T. ELDHIDGE JOHN H. SMEDLET. JOHX E. LATTER. ROBERT E. SAXDELL. LAWREXCE R. TOM HATE. TED APRILL. Dox CALHOUX. ROT H. BRODGREX. Tki-d Rov: H.W. BETHEL. W. D. Sus DSTRAXD. L. K. FISHEB H. C. HALL. W. E. HOUGBTBT. R. W. SEEL. D. I_ EXGIBOUS. R. P. P.OHDE. R. E. HOPPE. R. S. GREEXBLADE. K. X. HEIMBACH. D. A. Dr Bois. L. M. JAROFF. R. E. HAMILTOX. G. J. XEBEL. MICHIGAN GAMMA CHAPTER OK NATIONAL ENGINEERING SCHOLASTIC HONOR SOCIETY TAU BETA PI LEFT TO RIGHT Front Ror: ROBERT H. KOHB. PETER K. LASHMET. ROBERT E. STEVEXB. CHARLES D. SIMMOXS. WALTER R. DEBLER. EDWARD A. CLVKSTAD. JIM MITCHELL. IVAX C. Lroxa. ROLLIV G.LEMM, STAXLET M. GAVERX. WiLua J. SERVICE. JR.. DONALD D. PHILIPS. VICTOR J. HARRIS. Strand Bar: FRAXCIS XIEDEXFUHR, JOHX C. ROWLEY, HAROLD F. REIHER. RAT H. KIXG RICHARD C. BROWX. J. PETER SODERBERG. DAVID S. WISE. THEODORE G. BIBDSALL. WILLIAM M. WEIL. RICHARD E. HALATEK. SELIG GEKTZIS JAMES R. ROBERTSON. HERMAK KAPLAX. RICHARD E. HERCTH. OZELLE WHITE. Third Rov: DEAX R. WIDHIG. FRAXK H. TEXDICK. JR.. FRAXCIS X. MARSH. CUFTORD A. DEAX. LESLIE F. PETERSOX. KEXXETH R, SIVIER. RICHARD I. SMALTER. ROBERT G. WARSIXSKI. ROBERT S. COLLAR. CARL J. STTDERCS RAT H. LADEKDORF. RICHARD G. R AXDALL. LEOXAHD V. CHABALA, DOXALD W. GAXI- HORX. SCMIO YUKAWA. Fourt fior: RAT L. STEXBTROM. ALVTX S. WEIXSTEIX. OTTO G. SCBTESSWOHL. JAMES H. RICE. JAM B. DRESZER. JOHX C. BIERT. ALFRED C. EXGLISH. ROBERT A. BRCNXER. JOHX ROBERTSOX. JR.. PETER D. RAXD- OLPH ROBERT J. BBITXGBABEB. RICHARD G. GHESLA. Louis D. PAVXE. OSVALDO CHEEKITSKY. WARREN TODTER. HABOLD GIBBONS. 135 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: ROY JIMERSON. WILLIAM A. SCHAUB, W. D. SUNDSTRAND, HAROLD F. REIHER, J. K. BAOULEY, JAMES CHIN, WALTER KOEBNICK, RUSSELL ASH, HAROLD GIBBONS. Second Row: H. S. RASENBEHO, Louis D. PAYNE, ROBERT W. THOMAS, JOHN D. BABFUSB, CLIFFORD C. VOICE, DONALD W. GANZHORN, OZELLE WHITE, DONALD R. WAY, SELIO GERTZIB, KEN WALTZ, KARL HEIMBACH. Third Row: JAMES 6. ROTNEM, ROBERT A. JACOBSON, ROBERT W. LAYNE, RICHARD M. STROEBE, HERBERT W. BETHIL, president. PROF. J. J. CAREY, MR. F. VON VOIGHTLANDER, MR. FRANK E. SANFORD, NATIONAL ETA KAPPA Nu Vice President, PROF. M. B. STOUT, PROF. E. R. MARTIN, JOHN H. SMEDLEY, DONALD A. Du Bois. Fourth Row: WARREN TODTEH, NICK SCHOOLEY, CLARK R. HONIG, GEORGE E. KARRES, GEORGE LAROCNIS DONALD DE JAGER. FRANK H. TENDICK, JR., ROBERT SANDELL, DON CALHODN, JR., DICK OMAN, RICHARD DAVIDEIT, DAVID S. WISE, BRUCE G. WATHEN, WILBUR R. BEVAN, BRUCE R. WEINERT. Fifth Row: ANTHONY K. OTTO, ROBERT D. CHUTE, DEAN R. WIDRIO, HENRY L. JONES, DON COUDEN, WILLIAM J. FAIRBANKS, RLAPH E. KNIGHT, EATON U. KELLY, JOHN DAVIEB, DICK SMALTER, DAVID E. WEYANT, LESTER S. HECHT, TAKETO KAWABATA, RONALD S. GREENSLADE, JACK BECKER, DEWEY WONG. ETA KAPPA NU Electrical Engineers demonstrating radar equipment at Engine open house. The Eta Kappa Nu society is a national honorary group that is dedicated to the pro- motion of higher scholastic standings, and the fostering of a desire for greater knowl- edge in the field of electrical engineering. It aims at in- stalling a spirit of cooperation with a respect for the faculty, who are also eligible to join the organization as members. 136 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Bar: VICTOB J. HARRIS. PHILIP L. HYATT. JAN B. DHESZEB. HENRY R. Buc- CIEBO. ROBEKT L. PAPWOBTH. ROBERT E. STEVENS. WILLIAM J. SALOT. LAWBENCE TOMHACE. Sermtd Rate: RAT H. KING. LESLIE F. PETERSON. FOLKE G. LUNDGABD. FRAJJI L. SCHWAETI. HUGH E. KEELER. CLARENCE F. KESSLER. R. CLAY POBTEB, EDWABD Y. VINCENT. LOWELL J. CABR. Tkird Rmr: ALVTN S. WEINSTKIX. ALFBED C. ENGLISH. CARL O. BIESEB. PEABSON GBAHAM . CABL J. STITDEBCS. RAYMOND W. KAUPPILA. ROBEBT S. COLLAB, MICHAEL GBEXTB. HEBMA.N KAPLAN. JAMES E. SEITI. HABVEY E. SCHATZ. Fmrtk Rtnr: JOHN ROBEBTSOK. JB.. RICHABD E. HEBCTH. Dos BASEL. ROBEBT A. BBTTSXEB. W. LAEBY Pocm . ALLAK E. SWABTX. DASIEL J. BABITCH. ROBEBT P. ROHDE. DONALD D. PHILLIPS. E. WILLIAM KBITGEB, JB.. LEE FISHEB. WALTEB R. DEBLEB. MATIOXAL MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HONONARY SOCIETY PI RHO CHAPTER PI TAU SIGMA LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rmr: PAUL C. PCCYLOCSKI. WILLIAM GRIPMAK. WILLIAM M. WEH, THOMAS S. HERMAN. IBTCSG GOLD. JAMES SAKAI. MELVIS LEININGEB. PETIO VAN DOMELEN. Steond Rov: HUGH J. BLECKI. RICHABD C. BBOWN. ROBEBT D. McFEE. JAMES M. CHANDLEB. WALTEB A. MOBGAS. pretidrnt. WILLIAM H. SELIER. FBANK P. CBOTSER. RICHABD E. HALATEK. FBANCIB X. MARSH. Tkird R nr: EDWARD H. GONG. ALLAN H. Orrzs. DONALS GEMMTLL. RICHABD E. ENGLAND. FBANK E. MCELLNEB. JAMES R. ABMBTBONG. JOHN J. SKBBINA. CHARLES D. SIMMONS. HAROLD W. ACSTBOW. RUSSELL X. YECD.EY. DONALD C. YOCNG. JB_. DONALD A. SIGMAN. Fourth Rmr: RICHABD G. GRESLA. IBTING E. MANNING. CHARLES R. DDCON. WALTEB HOPKINS. JOHN E. HABGEB. RAYMOND J. ScnrLTi. JAMES L. GLIDDEN. ELLIOT I. COOPEB. HOWARD FATT. ROGER HENDRICIS. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: MERLE PAOE, BILL WILKINSON, JACK MOORIS, DOUG ERICKSON, MORRIS WEISS. BEN STONE. Second Row: GLENN MOORE, PAUL BROWN, RUSSELL O. WOODBUHNE, prefect; Douo GILLIM, president; SANDY PERLIS, MATT TOMPKINB, BERNARD P. KOOL. Third Row: WILLIAM KRETZSCHMAR. I,EO CUNNINGHAM, HOWARD VAN OOSTEN. MART SHARDA, CHARLES POHRETTA, LLOYD WIEGERINK, EHVIN KERCHER, JOHN I.. ZIMMERMAN. RICHARD B. ASBURY. GAI.KX CHRISTMAS DRIVE Galens, the honorary medical society, was founded in 1914 to act in an intermediary ca- pacity between the faculty and students of the medical school and is committed to the con- structive furtherance of the traditions, activities, and ideals of the school. Among its numerous activities, Galens is noted for its annual Christmas drive which provides funds for an annual Yule- tide party and year round educational and recreational facilities for children receiving treat- men jit_Uni_versjty _Hosrjital. The organization also conducts a tuberculosis survey of the medical students and maintains the Galens News Stand in the hospital lobby. It sponsors the annual Medical School Smoker and Caduceus Ball. Eleven scholarships are awarded annually to deserving medical students. Membership is com- prised of twelve members from the junior class, twelve from the senior class, a prefect who is the member of the medical faculty, and two honorary school facultv. 138 PUBLICATIONS LEON JAROFF, MANAGING EDITOR ROGER WELLINGTON, BUSINESS MANAGER ALEX LMANIAN FALL PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR MARY STEIN ASSOCIATE EDITOR (SOPH STAFF) AL BLUM ROSEN CITY EDITOR PHIL DAWSON EDITORIAL DIRECTOR 140 JUNIOR EDITORS lrft to rigU} Front Row: NANCY BYLAS. JOHN DAVIES. Jot GBEGORY. Roz VIRSHCP. PHOEBE ZELDMAN. JOAN WIL- LEHO. Second Kov: PAUL BBESTUSGEB. Jin BBOWN. ROMA LIPBKY. PETEB HOTTEX. DEAH LASCHEVEK. DAVE THOMAS. JAJJET WATTS. DON KOTTTE. Boasting " the latest deadline in the state " , the Michigan Daily has acted as the official spokesman of student opinion for more than 60 years. It acts not only as a vehicle for the daily presentation of news of local, national, and international events, but also as a valu- able workshop for student newspapermen. The Daily possesses the most complete student newspaper plant in the country, including a $60,000 rotary press. The editorial and business staffs of the paper are operated entirely by students under the authority of the Board in Control of Student Publications. ALLV EARTH SPRING PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR GEORGE WALKER ASSOCIATE EDITOR (TRYOUTS) JO MISNER ASSOCIATE EDITOR (FEATURES) DON McNEIL ASSOCIATE EDITOR (SOPH STAFF) 141 MIRIAM CADY FALL WOMEN ' S EDITOR LEE KALTENBACH SPRING WOMEN ' S EDITOR PRES HOLMES SPORTS CO-EDITOR MERLE LEVIN SPORTS CO-EDITOR ROC; GOELZ ASSOCIATE SPORTS EDITOR LEFT TO RIGHT- MAXINE RVCKMAN, MARILYN KLAFF.R, BARBARA MOLYNKAUX, PAT BROWNSON. Missini : BARBARA SMITH. SPORTS STA LEFT TO RIGHT HUGH QUINN. BOB SANDELL, BILL CONNOLLY, HAROLD TANNER, JOHN BARBOUH, BOB VOKAC, BILL BHENTON. 142 DEE NELSON ASSOC. BUSINESS MANAGER JIM DANGL ADVERTISING MANAGER BERNARD AIDINOFF FINANCE MANAGER BUSINESS STAFF (left to right) Front R nc: SALLY FISH. CLARA DAVIS. BOB VIXCEXT, JOT GOLD WORTHY LOLA SCHWARTZ. RALPH ZIEGLEB. BOB MERSEREAC. Strand Bate: IKA SCSSMAX. PAUL SCHAJBLE. BOB DAMELS. FRAXK CABLSOX. BOB MILLER. JIM PITTSLEY. WALLT SHAPERO. JIM ARM- ;. Mitring: DOXSA CADT. DICK SETHOCR- CHCCK Cusos. GERALDIXE SEXDEROFF. C.IBOL SHOEMACHER, Leer GOLDSTOXE. CARL BBEIKBETTZ, RCTH AXDERSOX. SOPHOMORE STAFF (left to right) Front Koir: BOB KEITH. DAVE WEAVER. JACK LAZARUS. NORM MILLER. DAVE LEDDICK. EDWARD SJLVERFABB. MEBVIX EIRAY, ROGER GBEEXBEBG. NORMAL RIVXEES. Sfcond Roy: LEAH MARKS. LIBTHA BAZAR. EVA SIMOX. FRAKCES LITTLE. IXGE WOLFF. XAXCT TATLOR. BETTY MOXCRIEFF. JANICE JAMES. MARJORY REUBEXE. JOAXX KETELHCT. Third Bav: BYBLE ABBIX. DA EL GEBEB JOE EPSTEIX. ROBERT ROSEXMAX. JACK BERGSTROM. GEORGE FLIXT. MARVIS EPSTEIX, CY CARLTOX. 143 JEANNIE JOHNSON, MANAGING EDITOR BUD RAUNER, PHOTOGRAPHY DAVE SHUART, BUSINESS MANAGER MARTY ARMSTRONG, FEATURES EDITOR SALLY MITTS, SENIOR PICTURES PAULINE KLECKNER, HOUSE GROUPS JEANNE SCHRIEBER, SCHOOLS AND COLLEG ES 144 BARBARA H7ARY art editor PAT McLEAN organizations PETE CRAIGHEAD associate editor LYNN GLTENBLRG associate editor DICK WILLIAMS sports editor SALLY FROST copy editor BILL GILMORE associate art editor DAVE LEDDICK associate copy editor GEORGE GILLOOLY associate sports editor DON SIGMAN associate organizations editor 145 SLUG KETTLER sales manager HOPE SCHAIDLER office manager HELEN SMITH accounts manager MARY KOKALES advertising manager BILL OSTERMAN campus sales manager NEALE TRAVES promotions manager DICK HEWITT contracts manager JOE LYONS distribution manager DON PORTER sales accounts manager 146 EDITORIAL TRYOUTS Front Ror: ALICIA STEYEXSOX. VIBGIXIA SWAXBOX. MART SCOTT. CHARLES Moss. HELEX HAGEH. MARGARET PADDEX. Strand Rmr: ERXIE BROOKFIELD. BOB MIUSEB. HARRY MILLER. DICK DAAXE. STAX WEINBERGER DAVE LESLIE. HERB NEIL. Tkird Roic: ARLCNE Scozzo, SALLY REED. MARY Axx PRTOR. GKH MILLER. KATHHYX RADOYAX. GIXSY GISB. XAXCY Johnson and friend check the 1950 book. EXSIAX STAFF ART STAFF Staled: BARBARA EVEBETT. ACDREY GBEXDAHL. Slamd- i e: LAURIE LAMY. DAVE LEMJE, WABBEX Lru.. Bl ' SIXESS TRVOl ' TS F ml Ron: SHIBLEY SMITH. Axx CCDXEY. MARIAX DAVIS. CAROL TIEMETEB. BETTT SHAPIRO. ELAIXE EILBUXG. . trorui fioir. DICK PETERS, RAT TITTLE. JACK ZEBCLL. IRWIN JAEGER. WARBEX WILLIAM- SOX. GORDON SAKSTBrr. Tkird Rmr: LOKA WHEELER. JTLIA HEXXIG. BARBARA BOCK8TAHLER. DOROTHY BLO1KJC18T, JOYCE RARHTl. lARY WATT. 147 BRIAN DUFF managing editor NORM GOTTLIEB associate editor MARTHA HENRICHS business manager RICHARD GARRETT art editor 148 Founded under its title in 1906, Gargoyle is the alleged humor maga- zine of the Michigan campus. For the past forty-three years its chief function has been to keep the University from taking itself too seriously. This year something went wrong and the magazine actually made money. The Administration immediately clamped down on the sylph-like, yet elephantine, senior staff members and demanded that the magazine get back into its old rut of sponging off of the lucrative Michigan Daily. And so. Gargoyle once more remains the only University controlled or- ganization on campus that is not making money. However, the Univer- sity, which does not believe in coddling its students, has more than made up for the Gargoyle ' s weakness by raising the tuition, rents, and entrance requirements. BOB I CHITELLE humor editor BILL BROWN co-advertising manager SUMNER VVINEBAUM literary editor BILL HUMRICH co-advertising manager Fn.1,1 K " -J : MARIANNE KO.L, HKLKXE LAZAjtre. PEG Una. JOHN DAVIES. Top Rotr: JOHN XtrrELD, DICK JONITS. PHIL ANDERSON-. BOB JONES. HENBY NATCNE- wicr. Front Row: NANCY POBTEK, MABY MARTIN. ANITA SEILER. NANCY CUPPLES. Top Roir: BaJ. WEBB, Roc CRASH. HUGH FLETCHER. 149 LEXIE HERRIN editor-in-chief HARVEY SCHATZ managing editor The Michigan Technic is the oldest engineering college mag- azine in the nation. It is written, composed, and edited by en- gineering students, and has been placed consistently near the top in nation-wide competition for engineering college magazines. The Technic staff works feverishly to meet deadlines, edit copy, and expedite the printer ' s problems. Several former staff members are managing editors and associate editors of leading national magazines. Left: RICHARD HUMES associate aditor Middle: ROBERT GIGLIO business manager Right: ROBERT FORD publications manager 150 Front Rav: ALBERT FOBMAN, RAY LADENDOHF. WALTER OBEBEIT, ROBERT PAUL. PAT CINA. JAMES GRAHAM. PHILIP HYATT. Setond Sotr: MUBHAT MILLER. WALTER DOBBS. JAMES BURNS. FRANK MUELLNER, HENBY WINCHESTER. EARLE FLEISCHMAMN. ALVIN W EINSTEIN HOWARD ' LCCKEY PAUL FROMM. TECHNIC STAFF i Sponsored annually by The Technic, this year ' s Slide Rule Ball was presented at the Masonic Temple. Left to Right: ALBERT FOBMAX. JAMES GRAHAM. RICHARD HCMES, LEXIE HERRIN ROBERT GlGLlO. HARVEY ScHATI, PAUL FROMM. Staff members of the Technic work in close association with engineering faculty and maintain valuable contacts with industry as well. Since many articles concern products in the Detroit- Ann Arbor area, our staffers are able to observe the trends of modern industry. Annually, we sponsor the formal Slide Rule Ball, an event which focuses on the long-standing feud between engineers and lawyers. 151 Front Row: B. S. BROWN, TOM WALSH, PROFESSOR P. G. KAUPER, Chairman; PROFKSSOR W. J. SCHLATTER, PROFESSOR W. H. MAURER. Second Row: PROFESSOR E. F. BRATER. MR. L. WOODRUFF, JIM JANS, DEAN E. A. WALTER, VICE-PRESIDENT M. L. NIEHUSS, PROFESSOR J. W. LEDERLE. I I BOARD IN CONTROL The Student Publications Building is always the scene of tremendous acitivity, whether it be in the Daily city room, downstairs in the linotype room, or on the part of the Ensian business staff. 152 The University Bands are an important part of the campus life. From the pre-registration drills in September until commencement in June, the bands are busy with Ann Arbor and out-of-town concerts and performances. The Michigan Symphonic Band is a group which is known throughout the nation. This organization, aside from performing at Var- sity Night, Midwinter Concert, and making an ex- tensive spring concert tour, played host to the convention of the American Bandmasters Associ- ation. The Varsity Band under Jack K. Lee becomes active after the football season, playing at home basketball games and spring concerts. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CONCERT BAND PERSONNEL WILLIAM D. REVELLI, conductor; JACK K. LEE, assistant conductor; WILLIAM B. REA, faculty busi- ness manager; EARL V. MOORE, Dean, School of Music; DONALD S. LEWIS, stuJent business manager; EDWARD RIMA, equipment manager; THEODORE POST, assistant equipment manager; SAMUEL SZOR, librarian. FLUTES: CARLO CARTAINO. principal; NANCY WEITKNECHT, EARL PEARSON, JEAN WELKE. SALLY BENNETT, MAR.IORIE MCLEAN. PATRICIA MANN, IRENE EDWARDS. PAUL LUKER, DALE DANENBERG, KATHRYN TUBBS. JEANNE KOLBE. OBOE: FLORENCE LAZARSKI, principal; GROVER SCHILTZ, HARLEY SANDBERG, JACK LIPSON. CLARINET, B-FLAT: ALAN SQUIRE, principal; WARREN BELLIS, MICHAEL POLOVITZ, JOHN CRAW- FORD. HARVEY VAN DYKE, DURWARD ROBERSON, JAMES MORTON. VIRGINIA HOURIGAN, JOHN DUDD, MARGARET STRAND, MARVIN CARPENTER, JACK RORINSON, RAY SYMMONS, NANCY SLOCUM, GLEN BARNETT. WILLIAM AMES, JOYCE BAKER, JOHN ANDERSON, MARY BOSWORTH, ROBERT HARPIS, NANCY SYMMONDS, GEORGE PETERS, ROSE DYGERT, CHARLES STOUT, HAROLD DEUTSCHER, CHARLES RUFF, PAUL RICHMOND, BERT DAMRON, VINCENT KOCHENDERFER. BASSOON: ROBERT PFEUFFER, principal; FRED PIERCE. HAROLD O ' CONNOR, JOHN BECK, WILLIAM STONEB RAKER. CONTRABASSOON: ROBERT CAHR. ALTO CLARINET. E-FLAT: NORMAN ROST, principal; BERNARD LEUTHOLTZ, ROBERT KINDER, JOHN HUGHES. BASS CLARINET, B-FLAT: ROBERT SOHN. prin- cipal; ERNEST ROLSTON, MAXINE FRELICH, GLORIA YEOUGH. CONTRABASS CLARINET: DONALD LUPP. ALTO CLARINET, E-FLAT: ROBERT PRICE. principal; CHARLES STAUFFER, PHYLLIS LOETZ, ELAINE PARKER. TENOR SAXOPHONE, B-FLAT: CONSTANTINE LAFKIOTES, PAUL CRAMER. BARITONE SAXOPHONE, E-FLAT: SAMUEL SZOR. BARITONE SAXLPHONE, B-FLAT: JAMES HAUSE. FRENCH HORN: SHELDON HENRY, principal; DONALD LEWIS. ANNE MAGUIRE. GEORGIANA STANLEY, RUDY THOMPSON, VERN SINCLAIR, JULIA HAMRICH, DONALD BUTTON. CORNET, B-FLAT: CHARLES KIRSCH. principal; GRAHAM YOUNG, WANDA PITMAN. JOAN PATRICK. ARTHUR KATTERJOHN, CLARENCE COOK, ZACH WARREN. GENE SHROYER. BETTY FISHCHBACK, VERNAL PACKARD. TRUMPET, B-FLAT: BEVERLY SHUBERT. DON HAAS. FLUGELHORN, B-FLAT: JAMES BURROWS. ARTHUR TOWNLEY. EUPHONIUM: BUTLER EITEL. principal; EUGENE GAMBLE, HAROLD LUOMA, ROGER KEAGLE. LLOYD SHOOP. TROMBONE: JOSEPH SKHYNSKI, principal; JOHN TIPTON. BURTON BARNES, RICHARD JONES. TED POST, BETTY MARBLE, CHARLES BENZINGER, CLAIR MANWARING. BASS: WILLIAM STANLEY, principal; EDWARD RIMA. DAVID OTTO, FLOYD WERLE, BEN PEHSING. STRING BASS: EDWARD SKIDMORE. PERCUSSION: JAMES SALMON, principal; LARRY GRAY, BARBARA McGoEY, HARRY McCREARY, JAMES SOPER. DON CURRY. ROBF.RT ELLIOTT, RONALD STACHOWIAK. HARP: PHISCILLA EITEL. BAND ARRANGER: FLOYD WERLE. 154 MARCHINC. BAND One of the outstanding groups of its kind in the nation, the University Marching Band performs at all home games and accompanies the team on some of the road trips. Since the addition of high- stepping and kick turns was made preceeding the Rose Bowl game of 1948, this organization of men who are both musicians and expert showmen has earned the appropriate title of the " All American Marching Band. " Above, the marching band forms the traditional " M " ,while at the left they perform a group juggling act. At bottom, assistant Jack Lee consults Prof. K .-.-... . 155 - i Front Raw: PAT PATTERSON, DAVE WILLIAMS. TOM WILLIAMS, GLENN STUART, ROY DUFF, PHIL STEDING, WAYNE WRIGHT, ROGER DEMERITT, DON Ross. DON SMITH, DON CLEVE- LAND, AUDY KAROLY, MERLE NELSON. Second Row: HAROLD PATTERSON, SAM HOUOH- TALING, AUDY PRINGLE, DAVE CALAHAN. BOB ELSON, JOHN VAN EENAAM, GERALD VAN SYOC, CHARLES SKURLOCK, BOB McCLEw, DICK ENTENMANN. DON HOEXTER. BILL KEMP. BOB MULFORD. Third Row: MARSHALL FRANCE. DALE DUNNIHOO, JACK EHLERS, ED PURDO. STAN HARTSHORN, ALAN NEWMAN, ROBERT BENSON, GEORGE MUEHLHAUSER, ROY WILSON, TOM SPARROW. JOHN REIMANN. DAVE PEASE. JOHN OSMUNDBEN, DALE WRIGHT, Fourth Ron-: JACK HACHIGIAN. JOHN BAY. BOB HADDOCK, DAVE RUETENIK, BOB STAUFFER, WOOD GEIST, KEN GHEIDER, DICK KBANK, DON KOXWORTH, DEMAR HELZER, AHA BERBERIAN. LEONARD SWANSON. BILL REDMON, AL GAHCHOW. MR PHILLIP DUEY, conductor, AND ART SNOOK ARE AT PIANO. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Constant rehearsing, under the direction of Phillip Duey, results in the Glee Club ' s excellent timing and sparkling performance. The Michigan Men ' s Glee Club, the oldest college glee club in the country, experienced one of its greatest years. The club, which was organized in 1843, be- came an official University organization in 1859. This year, it expanded its ap- pearance schedule and planned two tours, one to the East during Spring vacation and the other through the Middle West after finals. These concerts, combined with numerous local performances, did much to foster the good-will of the Uni- versity. 156 MUSIC ACTIVITIES The new selection The slogan, MGC FS became a by- word on campus as the Men ' s Glee Club went into the business of promoting as well as participating in their fine shows. The club presented Wayne King, the Gulantics Review, and Vaughn Monroe this year, the proceeds going to the Glee Club Award Fund, which was established two years ago. These shows, along with the concerts the Club gave throughout the year, were attended by over 40,000 people. Fortissimo! the tone rings true 157 Members of the glee club dressed as Ladies and Pages for the performance of the medi- eval English carol " The Twelve Days of Christmas. " The Women ' s Glee Club is one of the few organizations on the Michigan campus that is open to freshmen women. During the fall semester the Glee Club sang at the Baptist Convention held in Ann Arbor and joined forces with the Men ' s Glee Club to put on the annual Christmas Concert in Hill Auditorium this December. The spring term found the Women ' s Glee Club singing several concerts outside Ann Arbor. On April 1st the Club again joined the Men ' s Glee Club in singing for the Dearborn U. of M. Club. The Glee Club gave concerts in several Michigan cities during the spring vacation and finished the year with the annual Spring Concert. The Glee Club is directed by Miss Marguerite Hood, Associate Professor of Music Education. Nan Hubach is president of the Glee Club, and Bev Bradford is vice-president. Nancy Beveridge takes roll and Jane Buell handles the business matters of the organization. WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB Front Row: GLEE DUDGEON, SUSAN Roos, EDITH LIVERMORE, MAR. ON STEPANAUSKAS, NANCY BEVERIDGE. INA SUBSMAN. DOROTHY DANKO, Miss MARGUERITE HooD 2 Director; NAN HUBACH, JANE BUEL, BEVERLY BRADFORD, KATHRYN JACKSON, JOY WILLIAMS. MATY PETERSON. Second Row: SUNHILD RAUSHKOLB, BARBARA CRANE, PHYLLIS STEMPEL. ROSEMARY WISE, ANN POHL. MARILYN KAPLAN, KATHY RONEY. JOAN WEAVER, ROLLENE JACISON, CATHERINE VON GLAHN, JUDY SCHIRMER, MARTHA BRYANT, ROSE WENTWORTH. Thi r i Row: VERNETT SUBFETT, GENGER Ross, JANE STANDIFORD, EVELYN CHALLIS, JOANNE BORSOS, JOANNA STRATTON. NANCY SYMMONS. ANN WATERMAN. NANCY KARNISCHKY. SIDNKY STECK, COLLETTE SALON. 158 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota, the national professional music fraternity for women, encourages com- position, public perform- ance, and high scholar- ship. Alpha chapter ' s activities this year were monthly musicales, an annual candlelight ser- vice, a contemporary American musicale, and a May Festival luncheon honoring the women artists. Front Row: ELAINE BBOVAN. MABGABET MALTAS. PATTY JOT, JACQUELINE ROSENBLATT MARILYN PALM. DOBOTHY SHALEB. CABOL NEILSON. SARAH THBCBH. Second Row: MABCIA ZWAGEBMAN, MARIE PoLIQUIN. ANN SHAFEB. MABILYN RUFF, president: GERTBUDE BBACN. DOBOTHY HELDBETH. IRENE ASSIK. Third Row: Lois SIEHEU. CORRINE BBOWN MARTHA BARNWEU.. VIRGINIA HOURIGAN MARY PFOTENHAUEB. JULIA HAMRICK CHAR- LEEN SYMMOND8. WANDA PlTMAN. JoAN PATRICK. N ' ANCY SMITH. BARBARA TBAUB. Fourth Rotr: JOANNE CHRISTEN-BEN. JEAN WALLEB. JUNE MOORE. JOYCE EDGAR Har- BIETTE WILSON. CABOL DsMosD. MARGARET STBANB. COURTNEY SHEBBBOOKE. DALE DANENBEBG. GUINEVERE DORK. Mu Phi Epsilon, national honor music sorority, pro- motes musicianship, schol- arship, and friendship, among musicians. Gamma, the local chapter, gives sev- eral musicales each semes- ter, a spring concert in Hill Auditorium, and annually honors the ten scholastically outstanding freshman women in Music School. MU PHI EPSILOX Front Row: GLORIA KORHOXEN. NANCY FINLAY. ORMA HEYDE. RUTH STEIN president- ANN McKiNLEY. RUTH CAMPBELL. Second Row: JANE N. WILLIAMS. DORIS R PODEURLS ' JEAN M. AYLING. ROSE MARIE JUN. WILMA JEANNE WILSON. EMILY KABCH 159 HIM Arts Chorale was founded in the fall of 1948 by Professor Maynard Klein of the School of Music and a group of about twenty students. By the fall of 1949 the group had attracted enough people to form a chorus of one hundred and fifty voices. The organization gave its first concert in November under the sponsorship of the World Student Service Fund. During the Spring semester, Arts Chorale gave four performances. Two of these were in March; one in Tecumseh, Michigan as a feature of that city ' s con- cert series, the other as a part of the Religion and Life Conference on campus. A spring concert during April presented music from the sixteenth through the twentieth centuries. Intended as a tribute to Shakespeare ' s anniver- sary, Ralph Vaughan William ' s " Serenade to Music " was featured as the major work on the program. The words of the piece were taken from " The Merchant of Venice. " In May a Choral Festival was presented by the University Choral groups on campus including the Arts Chorale. The Arts Chorale is an extra-curricular group and is open to all students on the Michigan campus, regardless of previous choral singing experience. Its members come from numerous schools and colleges ot the University including engineering, forestry, law and many others. The group provides an outlet tor indi- viduals who would otherwise be unable to partici- pate in such an activity because of class schedule conflicts. RTS CHORAL m Director Maynard Klein, and some Arts Chorale members discuss a fine point in the new score. 160 GILBERT AND SULLIVAN The first student production to go on tour since the Union Opera of 1929 was the Gilbert and Sulli- van Society ' s presentation of the famous " Pirates of Penzance. " Rackham Auditorium in Detroit was the scene of the December performance. Timid police, afraid of their own weapons, heroic pirates, and night gown clad daughters of General Stanley, who gaily brandished lighted tapers, highlighted the production of the " Pirates. " The Society ' s production of " lolanthe " in the spring was presented both in Ann Arbor ' s Pattengill Auditorium and the Rackham Building in Detroit. The story of the conquest of the House of Peers by a group of Peri, known as the " little people " in Ireland, carried the audience from thoughts of studies into the land of make believe. Both casts deserve commendation for their execution of vocal roles and dance routines. PIRATES OF PENZANCE CAST: Front Row: FRAN HANSLOVSKY, BUHT GABEL. VIVIEN MILAN. Second Row: REID SHELTON, CAKOL NEILSON, BOB ELSON. SHIHLET PERLOFF, DON HOSTETLER. CLARENCE STEPHENSON. Born 21 years ago yn February 29th Frederick discovers he ' s still a pirate having had but four birthdays. 161 Phi Mu Alpha, nat- ional honorary music fraternity which exists for " The advancement of music in America. " Front Row: EDWARD SKIDMORE. GERALD VAN Svoc, EDWARD CHUDACOFF. JAMES SHAW, ARTHUR SNOOK, president; WILLIAM JANTON, MILLARD BUSH, DONALD BUTTON, DAVID BAUMGARTNER. tiecond Ron-: VINCENT KOCHENDERFER, FLOYD WERLE, DAVID IRELAND, CHARLES STOUT, PAUL WALLACE, EINE OLANDER, DONALD KRUMMEL, THEODORE JOHNSON, MICHAEL POLOVITZ. JOSEPH SKRZYNSKI. ROBERT ELSON. Third Row: GEORGE GRUENBERG, DANA LELMER. WILLIAM MAC-GOWAN, RALPH HAMILTON, CHARLES BATH, WALTER EVICH, JAMES MACKIE, JOSE BORNN. BERTRAM STRICKLAND, BERNARD LEUT- HOLZ, ALEXANDER POPP. Missing: PAUL BRYAN, WILLIAM BOYER. JOHN DF.VOE, GEOEGE EXON, CHARLES GALLAGHER. W. JOSEPH HARRIS, FRANK JANECK, JIMMIE LOBAUGH, PAUL MILLER, ROBERT MILLER, JOHN MURTAUGH, DEAN NUERNBERGER, KENNETH OsBECK, EDWARD RfilLLY, DuRWARD ROBEHSON, DONALD SHERMAN, ALAN SQUIRE, HARVEY VANDYKE, GILBERT BICKERS, GEORGE WILSON. PHI MU ALPHA " Practice makes perfect " , so that ' s what goes on every day. 162 ORGANIZATIONS Front Row: DONALD HASKELL, ROBERT LAPHAM, ALLAN BROWN, HERBERT LEIMAN, PAUL WEINMANN, ROBERT LAWRENCE. Second Row: DR. NORMAN WILLEV, LEWIS HORTON. LEONARD PROCTOR, HAROLD SHERMAN, menrtrnt; BUD DE.IONQE. HERBERT NEIL, E. RICHARD SCHUELER, JOE JUNCKER. Thirrl Row: BRUCE GIBSON, FREDRIC HARF. DANIEL BROWN. RICHARD REHFUS. RICHARD BROWN, PAUL NIEHAUS, FRANK KRIEDLAENDER. Fourth Row: RICHARD BLOOMQUIST, RAY TITTLE PETER HULL, GEORGE TRAMP, JR.. WILLIAM DUELLMAN, WILLIAM MARKEY. JAMES WILSON. The fraternity was founded at Lafayette College in 1925 by a group of men who had been connected with the Boy Scouts of America in their youth. Alpha Phi Omega has as it ' s goal to strive to continue the prin- ciples of Scouting while at college. The group adopted as its objective the performance of service in four fields which are: Service to the student body and faculty, to youth and community, to members of the fraternity, and to the nation as participating citizens. Gamma Phi Chapter at the University of Michigan has strived to carry out the ideals set forth by the orig- inal founders. This year, the chapter has done many things along these lines. In service to campus, we have assisted in student elections, sponsored an information booth at registrations, sponsored a " Keep off the Grass " campaign, checked coats at dances, sponsored a book drive for the Student Text Book Library, and served as guides at the freshman-principle conferences. An Oasis in the Desert A Member Lends a Hand The Midshipmen look as though they enjoy their duty of inspecting the gun in front of North Hall. RegularX.R.O.T.C. students whoarecompetitively selected and appointed Midshipmen in the U.S.N.R., receive a four-year Navy scholarship which provides payment for tuition, books, and retainer pay of six hundred dollars yearly. Upon graduation and com- pletion of prescribed Naval Science courses, they are commissioned in the regular Navy or Marine Corps and serve two years on active duty. Contract N.R.O.T.C. students take the same Naval Science courses and are commissioned in the Reserve with- out benefits of the Navy scholarship and obligations to serve on active dutv. Fleet maneuvers require real strategy. 165 The Department of Military Science and Tactics, Reserve Officers ' Training Corps, which was estab- lished at the University of Michigan in 1917, offers instruction in military science and air science. The Army R.O.T.C. accepts students from all schools and colleges of the university and offers them a choice of six different programs or fields of specializa- tion. These fields are Infantry, Dental Corps, Med- ical Corps, Ordnance Department, Quartermaster Corps, and Signal Corps. The Air Force R.O.T.C. offers a choice, of two fields, Air Force Administra- tion and Air Force Communications. Graduates of the R.O.T.C. programs are given commissions as lieutenants in the United States Army, Organized Reserve Corps, or the United States Air Force Reserve. Outstanding students are designated as Distinguished Military Students and may compete for commissions in the Regular United States Army or the Regular United States Air Force. Air to ground radio communications are a key part of Air ROTC ' s training program. Maneuvers are planned in detail on the sand-table. Front Rote: CADET COLONEL THOMAS E. RECTOR, Army; CADET LT. COLONEL WALTER H. TENINGA, Army; CADET COLONEL JOHN A. LIND- QUIST, Air Force; CADET LT. COLONEL ROBERT H. DOTT, JR., Air Force. Second Row: CADET MAJOR CHARLES L. SNYDER. Army; CADET MAJOR JOHN LEHOCZKY, Army; CADET MAJOR BENNETT O. STALVEY, Air Force; CADET MAJOR GEORGE E. OLSON, Air Force. 166 The Military Ball is a formal dance given annually by the combined Army, Navy, and Air Force R.O.T.C. units. The dance this year was held in the Michigan Union Ballroom with Frank Tinker and his orchestra playing. The decorations depicted the three military units in action. The different branches of service were x represented by silhouettes on the walls of the room. The intermission enter- tainment was provided by Xewt Loken, gymnastic coach, who called square dances in which everyone participated. The committee was composed of men representing all three units. Air Force: Paul Ander- son, General Chairman; Philip Smith, Ticket Sales; Navy: Ralph Scharz, David Barhkarie, Decorations: Robert Isaacson, Finance; Dwight Vincent, Pro- grams and Invitations; Army: Robert Linder, Dec- orations. The three faculty advisors were Captain D. H. Merten, Air Force; Major V. F. Johnston, Army; Lt. Commander L. D. Patton, Navy. Naval Tactics seem interesting when explained by a good looking Midshipman. derful experience. the arm or a future airnv olticer is awon- Froni Rov: ROBERT SNIDEB. PHILIP SMITH. PAUL ANDEBSOX. RALPH SCHATZ. Second Row: LT. COMMANDER L. D. PATTON. I ' . S. -Vary; DAVID BARKKAHIE DWIGHT VISCENT. ROBEHT ISAACSON. MAJOB W. F. JOHNSTON, f " . S. Army. Missing: CAPTAIN D. H. MEBTEN, L ' . S. Air Force. 167 Front Row: DICK ZYLOWBKI, GEORGE BENISEK, GRAY CITIZEN, FRANK MILLKR JESSE CRELL. Second Row: VIRGINIA SARAN, JOE JENDER, CAROLYN PALMER BILL ZELLER, president; JOHN MACKEY, MAXINE MOORE, DON GREENFIELD MARY BRAYTON. Third Row: BETTY OLIVER, PAT ROSSMAN, ELSIE KROPA BRUCE DOPP, GEOROE GILLOOLY, JOHN ZABRISKIE, JOE LUPION, SHIRLEY LYONS BARBARA BELOTE, JERRY STONKOFF. Fourth Row: Louis VAUGHN, ROGKK GAK FINK, JERRY HELFENBEIN, AL HARTZMARK, LEE BOBOLTZ, BOB HOLMES, JIM GOODSPEED, HAROLD SINGER, JAMES LALONDE, JOHN MAURIEL, ALLEN SILVER, IRWIN KALLMAN. Afissing: DICK BUSHAW, JOHN FRIEDMAN, TOM KERNS. MARY KOKALES, EUGENF, LAMB, MURIEL LOGAN, MARILYN PALMER, BOB STRACHAN, BARBARA WATPON, IRVIN WILBER, ED YAMPOLSK, FRED ZEHNDER. WOLVERINE CLUB Events of the year at Michigan were recorded by the club who also sold rooter ' s pins. The Wolverine Club is a service organization devoted to the promotion of school spirit. Membership is open to any student who is eligible to participate in club activities under University regulations. Pep rallies, dances, talent shows, and homecoming festivities are a few of the projects which the Wolverine Club sponsors to activate school spirit. They also work at selling foot- ball pins to Michigan rooters and arranging bus trips to away games. This year the Wolverine Club has intro- duced a new idea to the Michigan campus. It has made recordings of all major campus events during the school year and summarized them in a record album. 168 front Roir: BOB TOBEBMAX. STAX SPAETH, BRYAN HARRY. Ton BEBBT. PACT. YAMBEBT. Second EOTT: MALCOLM CAMPBELL. BOB BRAEM. SANDY JONES. BILL HOBABT. HAROLD JOBDAHL. DICK HUSTON. Third Row: RAT DEGBOOTB. Jm WILSON. MERLE STTTT. AL GIEGEH. DICK McABDLE. The Les " oyageur ' s activities are centered around their lodge on the Huron River north of Ann Arbor. On Sunday evenings members meet for dinner and to discuss travels, hunt- ing, fishing, or to hear speakers on various out- door subjects. Nu chapter of Kappa Phi was founded on the Michigan campus in 1924. It is a national organization found on thirty-three campuses with membership open to all university women of Methodist preference. Their activities are social and service projects. LES VOYAGEURS KAPPA PHI Front Ron-.- LILA LEPPEBD. MERRY LYNN JOHNSON. BETTT HOEHMANN. ELLA MAT RANDALL. VIRGINIA BLAIR. MARTHA THOMAS. RUTH BAILEY. Second Rov: JOANNE JONES. ROSEMARY HUSTON. MARILYN MITTLER. WILMA WALLACE. FLORENCE HARTSUFF. VEBNA SHUBLOW, pretidtnt: MARGARET AXXE PRINE. BARBARA MABTIX. VEBSA SMITH. BETSY Ross. DOROTHY CUMMISGS. Tkird Rote: FBANCES HOXIE. JEANETTE FOBGIE. BARBARA JOHXSOX. SCSAS CLEGHORN. JAXE McCoRMicK. Asrx EBICKSOX. JANET BAXSTNGA. JOAN THITES. CAROLE EISEBMAX. JANET ROBERTSON. Fourth Rate: XAXCT POSTER. HELEN OBB. SUSAX SCHATER. MABY Jo JADWIN. PATT BARXTM. CORDJNE FELLOWS. HARRIET GALE. JAXE FIERO. XATALIE HILFRICH. PAMELA KIMMEL. BARBARA COOK. Muting: PAT BEAM, MARY BURTON, JOAN CONOVEH, JACKIE HORNING. MARILYN KLINE. JEAN MCBBAY, MABY HELFRICH. Front Row: ELEANOR GOLDMAN, HANNAH MINTZ, ESTHER SKLAH, JOYCE SIMON. Second Row: CAROL GROSS, DORIS HATOSKY, ESTHER KAUFFMAN, EUGENE M LITZ, president; LYNN GUTENBERG, FAYE GOLDBERG, RABBI HERSCHEL LYMON. Third Row: ABE SMITH, HERB ZAFNER, MILLIARD GERSTEN, PAUL SIEGAL, LARRY DEVORE, HOWARD KOHCHEN, JERRY FREEMAN, STAN WEINBERGER. The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation provides religious, cultural, and social facilities with the aim of making Jewish values vital for the college generation. Guest speakers, fireside discussions, and Hebrew classes are offered. Frequent social affairs such as dances, movies, and open houses are a definite part of the calendar. Un- daunted by two changes of location in two years, Hillel will move again next fall this time into a brand new building soon to be completed. The new Foundation will be of modernistic architecture and its facilities will be luxuriously complete. Hillel ' s program is planned and carried out by an elected student council. Rabbi Herschel Lymon is advisor and his assistant is Mrs. Carol Gross. HILLEL FOUNDATION Hillelites work and relax together at the Foundation. Front Ko c: REVEBEXD JOHN BRADLEY. JEAN EBTLE. WILLIAM BAKXDS ROBERT DIETEE, praidrnt: JAKE BCEKER. JAMES MEEHAN. Strand Row: JAMES FOCG. WALTER NIEMAXX. JOAX KAKXEK. ROBERT MUHPHY JAXE ZETTAL, TED KOWALSKI. ROBERT SMITH. The Newman Club, an organization open to all Catholic students on campus, has as its aim the religious, educa- tional, and social development of its members. Under the direction of Bob Dieter, President, the club serves as the activities group for St. Mary ' s Chapel. Rev. Frank McPhillips, Pastor of St. Mary ' s, is the club Chaplain, and is assisted by Rev. John Bradley. The club con- ducts discussion groups, Communion breakfasts, picnics, Friday night open houses, and special parties, as well as publishing a monthly paper. Last year, the club won the Intramural Independent Sports Championship. Its clubrooms and library are open daily. The club is a member of the National Federation of Newman Clubs. NEWMAN CLUB Song sessions are a part of the club ' s activities. Front Rmr: RALPH EILERS, RUSSELL WIVELL, ROBERT STEIN, THORNTON AST, WENDELL BUCKLAND, WAYNE MKLCHIORI, MIRVAN HAYES, BRUCE BOEKER, PHILIP MACKIE, RALPH ZIEGLER. JAHES MCDONALD. .SVconrf ROTO; FRED MARTINI, JOYCE WINTER, JOYCE SCHULTZ, GUINEVERE DORN, SALLY COLBERG, DONALD MEASNER, PAUL FROMM, VICTOR GEYER, pre.i l ?nt; MARY Jo Pl ' OTENHAUER. NANCY GfllEBEL, MAHYtYN RUFF, RlTA MANSFIELD, MARGARET PLUMMER, LEONA ElBELE. Tkirrl Row: GEORGE KARRES. CATHERINE ALT, CHRISTINE LINDERMAN, ELVA VOGT, JULIA HENNIG, VERA UETHECHT, PATRICIA CLKMENS. JEAN CLEMENS, MAHCIE McKiE, BARBARA POLIVITZ, MARY Lou HOOK. HELEN KORPELA, Lois BEYER, ANITA HILDEBRAND, EMILY TOMELL, RICHARD BHOECKER. MRS. ALFRED SCHEIPS. PASTOR SCHEIPS. Fourth Row: JOHN MEROW, RICHARD HANNENBERG, RICHARD ASTER, RUSSELL ETZEL, ARNOLD RATHJE, DONALD ZILL, ROBERT WIESE, MICHAEL POLOVITZ, WARREN TISCH, ROBERT DONSELMAN. CARL DIEZ, HAROLD OPITZ. fifth Row: FRED KOEHN. LUROY SCHWARZKOPF. JOHN DORN. KENNKTH RIEBE. DAVID BAILEY, ROBERT, NEIR, NORMAN HEIDEN, FRED SCHULTZ, CLINTON POELLET, CHARLES WAGNER. CARL UCHTMANN, HERBERT MUNZEL, ROLF WUNDERLICH. GAMMA DELTA Interior of the New Chapel Gamma Delta is the International Association of Luth- eran College and University Students, of which the local branch is the Tau Chapter. Gamma Delta ' s Ann Arbor home is the recently complete University Lutheran Chapel and Student Center, 1511 Washtenaw Avenue, the cam- pus church for students of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, and affiliated Lutheran bodies. Highlights of the 1949-1950 school year were the December dedication of the $275,000 chapel and center, and the sponsoring of the April convention of the Northeastern Region of Gamma Deta. Sunday morning student services and the Sunday Gamma Delta suppers and programs are the featured items in the full spiritual, cultural, and social program provided for Lutheran students and their friends. An elected student council works with the pastor, the Reverend Alfred Scheips, in supervising the activities of Gamma Delta and the University Lutheran Chapel. 172 Front Sou-: EDITH CABBJLLO. HEXBT MORAS. LUCILLE MABTELIXO. Womrn ' s Viee-Prrtidrnl; DODO ROA. Prttident; PICAB GARCIA. JOE ABBEC. Mrn ' t Vift-Prerident; EDITH MABTELIXO. Strand Rmr: RCDY EBO.CIVEL. BACTTA FELIC- IAXO. ROITY CATALAN. DR. TOMAB ICASA. EMILIAXO XAVABBO, XAPOLEOX CAMPOXES. AKI ROA. LCI VICBAXCO, TERESA SMITH. JOBXXY GCEHBO. PHILLIPINE-MICHIGAN CLUB The Philippine Islands are just around the cor- ner from Ann Arbor, say members of the Philip- pine-Michigan Club. HINDUSTAN ASSOCIATION Front Ror: K. MAIXI. RATTAX K. MARYA. SHEILA JOARDAR. HIRC SHAH. R. O. SAHAYA. R. K. KOCHHAR. S. L. BALA- SCBRAMAXYAM. .Swoiuf Rov: EofTH MARGA LlXDXER. BRIJ B. KuMAB. BESn ROSS. ROBERT KLIXGER. R. IRANI D. DCTT. prr i lrnt: ROSEMARY JONES. DB. Essex M. G.U.E. G. RAJESWARI. V. K. RAJADHYAKSHA. PRAKASH PHITAM IXGH. Tktrd Rov: AXAXD C. PAXDE. RAVI M. SHARAXGPAXI. J. M. VAKIL. RAMESH V. SHAH. M. R. VAIDYA. FARSOS H. DASTCR. BAIJ X. MEXRA. JADCBAI L. RCPAXI. RAJ K. SEGAL. BBITAM SINGH. A. K. P. SIXHA KISHWAS MOBE Fmirlk Row: P. P. VOBA. M. S. THAKER. M. P. DESAI. S. S. HEMMADY. DR. KAHIX. K. B MATHCR S E DOSHI VIXOD B. PATHIAC. J. X. GCRJAH. RABIXDRA X. SAHXI. Designed to promote union and fellowship among friends of India, the Hindustan Associa- tion decked the Interna- tional Center with color on Gandhi ' s birthdayand " Dewali " festival. 173 FroMf Row: KBANCIS ODA, JACKSON TAKUSHI, HERBERT MATAYOSHI, KKABNEY KOZA. VELMA McWAVNE, ERMINIE CROCKETT. ELOISE CHNN. ALICE MORI, WILLIAM WONG, REUBEN TNAU, WILFRED YEI, ARTHUR FONQ. Second Raw: TAI CHOY YIM, JAMES TZUMI, MELVILLE YUEN, BERT K. B. LUM, LARRY H. JEU, KUMIKO IKKMORI. VICKI CHUN, HENRY WONG, .resident; JOSEPH WEE, CLARENCE YEE, WINNIE MOON, IRENE JHUNG, ELIZABETH NAKAEDA, EVA TAKEMOTO. EUGENE LAU. Third Rmi-: ROBERT K. FUKUDA, DOROTHY OQAWA, ANNIE LUM, SOPHIE LEE, TETSUKO FU.IITA, MINNIE FUJITANI, KIYOKO TAIRA, GENRO KASHIWA, EDWARD INAFUKU. WILLIAM Loo, GEORGE ARIYOSHI, WALLACE TOM, LAWRENCE WONG, RICHARD CHOR, DOROTHY INGLIS. YONAMICH MlYASHIRO, RAYMOND L. LUM, ISAAC AKITA. ET8YO SAITO, HARRY TAMURA, HOICKI KoHATSU, HERBERT FuKUDA. Fourth Roir: ALLEN MAU, MOMI DOWSON, RAYMOND HIRAMOTO. TAKEO OGAWA, FRANCIS KAM, TAKETO KAWABATA, JAMES ASHIKAWA, YOSHIAKI NAKAMOTO, HERBERT TANIGANG, KENNETH WONG, FRANCIS FuKANAGA, FREDERICK YoSHIMURA, GILBERT Goo, GLENN KAYA, HUGO SETO, JAMES KANEMELO, CHAUNCEY SETO. DEWEY WONG, ALICE LAMADRID, MILLARD SETO. YUKIO NAITO. The Hula from Hawaii. is on iii.1 ly one of the accomplishments brought here HAWAII CLUB Formed three years ago, the Hawaii Club consisting of over 120 members, represents the largest campus or- ganization of Hawaiian students on the mainland. Mem- bership in the club is open to all Hawaiian students and to all those interested in the. islands. Social, educational and cultural activities fall within the scope of the club ' s objectives. For example, one of the purposes of the club is " to bring a bit of Hawaii, its people and culture, to the campus of the University of Michigan. " This aim has been expressed by presentation of the Hula and Hawaiian music before student audiences. Interests other than entertainment are also pursued by the club. The members engage in interclub sports competition, publish a newspaper, the " Hawaii-Ann " , every three weeks, and hold periodic social functions. Correspondence enables the club to keep in close touch with home and with various Hawaiian organizations on the mainland. 174 INTEREST GROUPS AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION front Row: RONALD Conn. BERT LUM, L. J. RACEY, HERMAN CUCLIO, EDWARD INAFUKO, GASPER MINARDI, GEORGE MIDDLEBROOKS. Second Row: FUMIKO IKEMORI, ELSIE AMTS- BUECHLER, SHIRLEY WOOD, JANE ZETTEL. CHARLES BUTTER, P. E. NORHIS, KENNETH RIEBE, CLARENCE YEE. SHIRLEY CZYS?, THELMA Tsou, JAY COCHRAN. Third Row: JEROME REISS, WILLIAM LABADIE, ROBERT SCARBOUGH, HENRY GODT, ALLAN BEATTIE, EDWARD ZAWISTOUOSKI, VICTOR LEONALL, REGINALD ERNST, JAMES ROMEYN, M. JAMES PRUDEN. Fourth Row: WILLIAM SANDERS, MABLIN ADAMS, ELMER COBB, TOM RICH, BEN SALEM, JERRY JCRASEK, HOWARD PEETS, DONALD SHELDEN, Gi EN SOUTHERTON. Accuracy and care are the keynotes of a future pharmacist ' s education. 176 The American Pharmaceutical Association had a very successful year, the aim of the association being to encourage the advancement of pharmacy as a science and as a profession. Fellowship between the students and faculty is stimulated. The mem- bership was increased through the efforts ot the members and the officers. The officers were: Ken- neth Riebe, president; Charles Butler, vice-presi- dent; Clarence Yee, treasurer; and Jane Zettel, secretary. The bi-monthly meetings of the associa- tion were well attended. The programs consisted of speakers on subjects which were of importance and interest to the students f or the advancement and knowledge of their chosen profession. Movies were another feature of the meetings. The fall semester was opened with an all-college mixer jointly sponsored by the A.P.A., Phi Delta Chi, and the Zetalethian organizations. The American Institute of Electrical Engineers is the professional organization for power and industrial electrical engineers, while the Institute of Radio En- gineers is the professional organization for electronic and communication engineers. Since the activities of these organizations overlap and the student does not determine his field of specialization until his last year and a half of college, a student branch affiliated with both national organizations has been formed. The purpose of the student branch is to familiarize the student with the professional organizations he usually joins after graduation, to provide social contacts be- tween students and professors, and to sponsor talks, demonstrations, and field trips. During the past year, field trips to Trenton Channel power station, WXYZ-TV, and the Ford Motor Com- pany have proved interesting. Talks were presented on subjects ranging from conduct during job inter- views and making a success of one ' s work, to some recent technical advances in engineering. Topics on related fields where electricity is important or which are of interest to the electrical engineer were discussed. These related subjects included patent law, cosmic rays, and the central nervous system. The A.I.E.E.- I.R.E. student branch took part in the Engineering Smoker held to acquaint engineering students with the activities open to them. A.I.E.E.-I.R.E. Front Kar: GAO. V. SLOCTM. DICK SMALTEB. LEWIS F. JILBEBT. W. S. WRIGHT. R. DIETEB. C. V. FBYUNG. R. L. CIESUXSKI. GEORGE PTAFFMAX. OSVALDO CHEBXITSKY. Strand Bar: MASON DE- CAMILLJS WILLIAM C. MILLER. HABVEY A. BCBI.EY. CLABENCE A. LAFAJVE. DONALD DE JAGER BIU.Y D. MONK. ROBEBT D. CBTCTE. PBOF JOBS J. CABEY. JOHN DAYIEB. rkairman; JOHN H. SMED- urr. ROBEBT A. JACOBSOS. SELJG GEBTHS. EDWARD CHEJIPIEL. DOXALD X. Josus. WATANA SrHA- WOXG. JACK W. ZORDELL. Third Bar: GEORGE E. KABBES. HAROLD F. REIHEB. FRANK H. TENDICK. JR.. CHARLES R. SEIEERT Wn. C. HUBEN. DON CALHOCX. BBCCE R. W EIXEBT. DEAX R. WIDBIG. DONALD P. BOEBMAX. NICHOLS B. SCHOOLEY. Louis H. FISHEB, GERALD E. WEXTWOBTH. JOHX H. PETTEB. KEXNETH W. MABTI. ROGEB W. BR.VDLEY. MUBBAY H- MILLEB. Fourt Bov: FBAXK DE MAEIA XOHMAX SHACKMAX. HAROLD SHEBMAX. PIEBBE MILLER. HAROLD GIBBONS. FRAXKLYN MiLLHorsE. JOSEPH E. ROWE. RICHARD F. SCHCLTS. LES KLAASEX. PAUL MAXYEK. JOSEPH YAKAS. JAMES MELLOR MADHUKAR JOSHI. Equipment was displayed at Engine Open House. 177 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS front Row: NELSON IBADA, CHARLES W. SINTAV. TONY MXTIDERMAN, JACK BRYANT, JOHN STAP, JR., BILL WALKER, KAROL R. PIOTROWSKI, HERBERT MUNZEL. CHARLES C. YOUNG, ANTHONY D. RCMMO, GERALD J. MILLER, ARTHUR P. CORAS, PAUL H. JONES. Gerund Row: RAYMOND J. BOYCE. CHARLES W. QUERIO. RALPH H. VOGLER, JOHN BROWNING, JAMES DILWORTH, WILLIAM L. GREEN, WILLIAM A. RODGER, R . D. HANES. RAYMOND J. SMIT, CHARLES BURT, ARTHUR A. MATSUNUNE, RICHARD SCHYUJER. PHILIP MC ' AL- LISTER, EUGENE J. LESSION. Third Row: RICHARD C. BYCE. GENE E. ELLIS, ERWIN L. COHEN. DICK PETERS, L. DANNY D ' ADDONA, LAWRENCE O. CHICK, NORM STEERE, JOHN M. KKIH. MAURICE ARMSTRONG, CHARLES E. HALEY, president; PROF. JOHN C. KOHL, STEPHEN W. LEAVENWORTH. WILLIAM J. MEYER. EARLE K. FLEISCHMANN, DONALD PYNNONEN, ALAN KNOLL. ROBERT KENDALL. PAUL K. RANKIN. Fourth ? ' ' .- ( ' . ANDREW PRETZER, ROBERT CHARMILLON, Ross W, LA ' ANWAY. TED LAPINSKI, PAUL HODGES, WILLIAM NORMAN, NAP. V. CAMPOMANES. RALPH J. D ' AGOSTINO, TONY ROMEO, KEN HENRICKSON. DONALD HILL, RICHARD NOLL, DUANE A. WILLIAMSON, GEORGE BERNHARDT. NURHAN AKARAKCIYAN. JOHN ZEKANY. ANTHONY MATEL, MARK PERANICK, ROBERT W. KANIA. GEORGE W. MAREK. ROBERT F. ENGLAND. Fifth Row: A. W. LE MIRE, F. W. LAMSON, R. K. MARYA. M. G. UPPAL, G. I. GLUSKIN, A. P. BALABAN, R. A. SLYKHOUSE, R. D. MANN, LYNN H. BARBER, CHARLES A. FROMAN. ROBERT J. BRUNGRABER, WILLIAM ( " . ROOP, WILLIAM POLEWCHAK, JOHN KOEPKE, LAWRENCE ABBEY, DONALD R. MEDWEDEFF, CHARLES MER-IES. CARL WHEELER. This year the Chapter participated in the Engin- eering Smoker, took a student ' s opinion of the honor system, and acted as host to eleven other chapters from the Michigan-Ohio region at the North Cen- tral Conference held on Campus May 12-13. Ye also sponsored a talk by Ralph Thomas, president of the A.S.C.E. Civil engineer Dean Ivan Crawford looks at displays during Engine Open House. 178 Front Rov: FLOYD GANYARD. PAUL HACKRARIH. JAMES GIRE. WILLIAM KOLBE. DEWAN FORESTER. ROBERT FOUKAL. NORMAN FAUSTYN, JOSEPH SWEENEY, RICHARD ROSENTHAL. CARL BIESER. PAUL EVANS. PROFESSOR GILBERT. JOE CRAWFORD. RICHARD BROWN. ROBERT BRUN- SER, GIM ENG. PHILIP HYATT, EUGEXE IGNASIAK. WALTER DEBLER, ELDON McKENUE, CLARENCE WELSH. ARTHUR DAMON. Second Row: HAROLD BOUTIN. RICHARD ENGLAND. FRANK GIANNETTE. HAROLD SCHAEFEH, IRVING GOLD, JOSEPH STEIN. JOHN ETONE. WILLIAM WAKE- MAN. ROBERT TAYLOR. WILLIAM SALZER. RICHARD HEIDGERD. LESTER SUNDLING. CLARE WEAVER, ALBERT WHJTMORE , ELTON ALFOHD, WILLIAM KATIAWAL. GEORGE PANKRATZ, GEORGE MCFARLANE. RUSSELL HILL. ROBERT CORNELL, ROBERT COLLAR, MANYEL COOMBS, STANLEY ZIAJA. Third Raw: THOMAS HERMAN. DONALD WILLIAMS. HOLLAND GLEICHMAN. FRANK SARNS, WILLIAM GROVES. JOHN GILLIE, BILL KHUGEH, HENRY EMMEL, CAHLTON TRIPP, GUY WOODHCTT. ELIAS SALTMAN. JOHN HOWE, LAWRENCE ELOWSKY. GORDON PHILLIPS, ROBERT HUME. FEDERICO repair. IRVING MANNING, DEAN MACGREGOR, HILARION BIBICOFF, DUANE ELLIS. LEONARD COHEN. The student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is the largest engineering or- ganization on campus. A.S.M.E. is now composed of over 280 members. The organization has as its pur- - the advancement of the knowledge of engineer- ing theory and practice, the acquaintance of the mem- bers with the personnel and activities of the parent society, and the promotion of a professional conscious- ness and fellowship among students, the faculty, and men in industry. The organization also furnishes each student with a copy of " Mechanical Engineering " , the A.S.M.E. ' s magazine of technical progress. To accom- plish these objectives the A.S.M.E. presents a varied program. r: DON DEPPMANN, FRANCIS MARSH. ROBERT STEVENS, WILLIAM KLEIN JOHN HARGER, DAVID RAFFEL. RUSSELL YECKLEY. FRANK KRIEDLAENDER, ROBERT FISHER. KEARNEY KOZAI, JOHN SKRBINA, JESSE LUCY. JOSEPH CHESTNUT. INDERJIT PRAKASH. firtond Rotr: NICHOLAS MANFRLDI, CHARLES PLOUGHMAN, WALTER SEGLEM. JAN DREZZLER, RAY POELSTBA, WITLIAM MeKiNNEv. EDWARD KOCINSKI. THOMAS DAMS HABOLD AUSTROW. GEORGE GARCIA. RICHARD GIBSON KENNETH RISTAD. RODERICK TIPPING. SHIH-KANG Kuo. VISHWAS MORE. ALBEBT GOSMAN. HYBTHOL DE MERITT. DAVID PORTER. Third Row: R. L. FOSTER. RAYMOND SCHULTZ. CLIFF DE_VN. CHRIS WALSTAR, VILRENGA. CARL STUDEEUS, DONALD GEMMILL. CRAIG HARTSELL, JOHN HAMAKER. ISAK GEHSHON, ROBERT MORGAN. WILLIAM - ' A ILLIAM KONING. STFFHEN MARXO. MARTIN LINPHOLM. GERALD HARMSEN. ROBERT WEBSTER. Fourth Row: ROBERT HOLAN. ALFRED ENGLISH ,HM - .ANK MTELLNER, WILLIAM ROSNYAI, ROBERT BRINKS. FRED WINNAI, CLINTON BOOTHE. WILLIAM WEIL. ALLAN SWARTZ. WALTER DOBBS. RICHARD HEEUTH. PHILIP SCHAAF. JAMES HOUSTEN, ALBEN CARLSON, TAKAYUKI MAEDA. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 179 Front Roir: M, CLARE GILCHRIST, LAWRENCE O DELL, GEORGE MURPHY. GEORGE BARKER, Gus CONSTAN, JAMES MALINA. Second Row: QUENTIN F. INGERSON, ROBERT O. TEEG, ALBERT KNOEPFFLER, WILIS J. SERVICE, RICHARD G. RANDALL, DAVID ENGIBOUS, president; JOHN DAVID MARKB, GEORGE J. NEBEL, EDWARD H. VAN VOOREN, JAMES A. HOULE. FRANCIS C. BARBER. Third Row: D. D. STEPNIEWSKI, R. C, CZARNECKI, DARWIN E. RHOADS, WILLIAM L. REEVE, ENRIQUE PEREZO, BERNARD BRODWIN, RALPH E. HILLMAN, HOWARD HOVKR. GORDON J. MCCARTHY, EDWARD G. RICH. Fourth Row: RODNEY SONNENBERG. JACK MILLER, ROBERT D. SMITH. IVAN C. LYONS, ROY H. BROGREN, ALBERT MASON, EDWARD ERISKEN, DONALD BOLLIGER, ANTON LONGHINI, MARTINE R. REBER. A.I.Ch.E. Organized under the direction of Professor Emeritus A. H. White, the Michigan chapter of the American Institute of Chemical En- gineers is the oldest student chapter in the United States. Since its founding in 1922 it has worked hand in hand with the senior organization to broaden the education of future engineers. To achieve this aim the Michigan chapter has sponsored speakers from all fields of endeavor, field trips to industrial installations and scientific movies. The A.I.Ch.E. also provides tor meetings between students and faculty outside the classroom. An annual award is made to the junior chemical engineer who achieves the highest scholastic aver- age during his freshman and sophomme years. " But Alice, where are you going? You know it ' s just distilled water. " 180 ; Krnr: AI.BEHT MCDONALD. ALBERT SHENKMAN. OLIVEB STEENROD, RAYMOND POTERACK CARL HANSON. JOHN KARPA Bts ScHrLKix. WAYNE FENTON. HAROLD OPITI. JAMES GOHL. BOB BECKETT, ROBERT STEVENS, JOHN GARYEY. WILLIAM SOWA. RICHARD THOMAS. J. HAROLD WILDE, EUGENE BEETLES, HELEN STRIHO. ROBS WILLS. JOHN KERH. president: WILLIAM HOUGHTBY. PATRICIA LEWIS. CHARLES W. LAMONT. SYDNET SHRAGE. KENNETH SIVIER. ALLAN BROWN. EARL WEGNER. Third Rov: JOHN ONDOCSIN. CABVEL MAIB. DONALD SMILLIE. FREDERICK KLEIX. CHARLES KLABOSH, GERALD VROMAN. WILLIAM ALEXANDER. WALT BODOFSKY. STARH COLBE. T. F. CARTAIXO, G. R. DANIELSON. ROBERT GOSLOW, HAROLD AT RASD. ROLLJN LEMM. VINCENT STTJDER. Fowtit Rov. JIM WILKER- FRAXK CARLSON. RICHARD GRIFFITH. MICHAEL HOHVATH. MICHAEL MARCHESE. WILLIAM DIENEB. JERBY HANJIAK KINYA MIKAMI. GEORGE KING. A. D. MACLELLAN. DALE BESSLER. WILLIAM WYNN. THOMAS BTHDSONG, RAYMOND DE GBOOTE. Fiftk Rov: JAMES GAVEL. STANLEY REICH. ROBERT MACWAN. RONALD WILSON, RICHABD FROST. CHARLES SCHOEXBERG, GOBDON SAXON. RALPH HOLMES. LLOYD JOBBISCH, JIM TBEMILLS. BILL GIABDINI. I.A.S. The function of the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences is to keep its members informed as to new developments in both research and manufacturing branches of the aviation industry. To accomplish this, it presents lectures and movies at the regular bi-weekly meetings. These are not usually of a highly technical nature, so that a broad technical back- ground is not necessary to enjoy them. During the fall semester a field trip was taken to the NACA Propulsion Labora- tory at Cleveland, Ohio. On the technical side, the schools in the Detroit area spon- sor a technical paper competition each spring to encourage independent research by the undergraduate students. The little black books comes in handy for data, dates, etc. 181 Front Row: ANTHONY J. GIOVAGNOLI, EDGAR R. BAINBRIDGK, MONROE D. MACPHERSON, JAMES O. SMITH, WESLEY S. SOMMKHS. DAVID M. HAMMOCK. Second Row: DONALD ROSEMAN. R. A. ADAMS, PROFESSOR H. C. ADAMS. RICHARD V. CHRISTIE. PROFESSOR I.. A. PAIKM. (i. S. MATSON. commodore; H. B. BENKOHD. RAY ANDERSON. ROHERT WILCHAR, N. T. DROSSOS. RICHARD BROAD. Third Raw: ROMERT PAUL. GEORGE GRUNTHANER. FRANCIS BARTLETT, RICHARD SUEHHSTEDT. BERNARD AMES. MARVIN MILLER. JAMES Nn IN. DAN WALTERS. DOUGLAS PERKINS, JACOB RECANATI. Fourth Raw: ALLAN L. WIDEHQUIST. J. H. PATTERION. KENNETH Fox. VINCENT BAGLIONE. LESTER RENDK-! ' . LLOYD WOOK, EMIL JANSEN, BEN SHIMIZU, CONSTANTINE FOLTIS, MELVIN CCLEN. Organized in 1905 as the Indoor Yacht Club, Quarterdeck Society has gradually been transformed into what is today a technical organization. With its purpose that of stimulating members to a greater interest in the field of ship-building and design, the group strives to emphasize the practical as well as the theoretical problems of the industry. Field trips to important shipyards and related industries are a vital phase of Quarter- deck work. Along this line, too, prominent men connected with the business have helped the stu- dent members see mechanical problems as they arise and a personal look at the solutions. A close bond and a sense of brotherhood exists between the Quarterdeck Society and the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and the Pro- peller Club, two associations representing the ship-building industry and the ship operators and designers. QUARTERDECK To go " over the bright blue sea " or down Vash- tenaw in April. 182 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS 3 Le Cercle Francaise was founded in 1902 with the purpose of encouraging interest in French language and culture. It is sponsored by the Department of Romance Languages. The group holds its meetings weekly, and every other week during the summer. One of its most important functions is the presentation of an annual French play, which was called " Les Jours Heureux, " this year. Since 1946, La p ' tite causette, a small -mal group, has been a means of promoting colloquial French conversation under the guidance of Director Charles E. Koella and Assistant Director Gordon L. Hallman. Tutoring sections for members were organized in 1949 to give free assistance to students of elementary French. Officers for 1949-1950 are Bruce Henry, president, Michel Johnson, vice-president, Barbara Boucher, secretary, and Selma Agopovitch, treasurer. LYXX HLACH. MARY LEE COOKE. EBNESTIXE MASTERS, ELEAXOB DILBECK. DOBOTHY CARIS. MART Lou Gon.D. JA.VET BAN- NING v MARY JOSEFOWICH, JANET DILBEOK. EDITH PIAF. CAHMEL SICARD. Second Rmr: JOAN BADGLEY. PRUE SATNDERS. NANCY O ' NEILL DLI.PHIXE TYBEHGHEIX. G. L. HALLMAN. BARBARA BOUCHER, CHARLES E. KCELLA. SELM- AGOPOVITCB. A. BHCCE HEXR MITHEL - .MuRitL DAVIS BETSY Ross, GEORGES F. LEVIN. Th ' rd Row: L. L VAX VALKENBURGH. RrrH ORIIONDROVD. AUGUST OLSON. JR.. EARL E. HOLE. JB... J. WABHEX BrxYAX. EUGEXE BOHL. ALAN BERSON. KAIIAL SHUXA. GEORGE BOTCHER. JOYCE SIMON. FRANK F. REED. Mum M. CLARK. R. J. HOFFMASTER, JOE KIHBROUGH. FauHk Raw: JEAN F. LE !ASSOX PRAXD C. PAXDE. FRAXK C. RICHARDSOX. ROBERT A. HARRIS C ' urDE MELLASSOUX. PACL BBACE. CECIL C. KERSIIXG WILLIAM TATTERSALL, RICHARD Qnxnx, MARILYN HEIMIN. NOORY MASLIYAH. FREDRIC H. HARF. FRANCIS KAII. JERRY L. IHWIX. 183 Front Row: BURTON C. AOATA, MARTIN RUBIN, LARRY GUBOW, DAVID LIPNER. LEONARD GROSSMAN, RONALD L GREENBERO, HARVEY L. WEISBERO, SOL Mis, GERALD BRIGHT. Second Ron-: NORMAN M. SPINDELMAN. JEROME KAPLAN, ALAN I. KROHN, MORRIS G. SHANKER, JACK CALECHMAN, GORDON I. GINSBERG, JEROME B. ALENICK, CURTIS L. MANN. Third Row: ERNEST MAYERFELD, MATTHEW A. MARGOLIS. STUART A. GOLD- FARE, IRWIN LAPPING, SIDNEY E. POLLICK, HERBERT FURMAN, ALLAN M. SHAPIRO. TAU EPSILON RHO Under the leadership of " the faculty advisors, Anthony Pasquariello and Jose Ortiz, President Audrex Finley, James Ekwall, Beverly Givvs, and Rose Marie Levin and Phyllis Biggs, La Sociedad Hispanica has carried on a great variety of activities throughout the school year. These activities in- clude the publishing of the newspaper El Caballero Andante; the showing of two Spanish movies; the free tutoring service for students of elementary Spanish; the annual Spanish play, the title of this year ' s being Dona Clarines; the social hours each Monday afternoon; the sponsorship of speeches by prominent Spanish speakers; and the awarding of scholarships for summer study at the University of Mexico. SOCIEDAD HISPANICA Tau Epsilon Rho legal fraternity was founded at Western Reserve University in 1919 to instill among its members a more serious attitude toward the study of law and to acquaint them with the problems confronting legal practitioners generally. Epsilon Chapter, at the University, which was founded in 1925, is one of 24 chapters in the United States and Canada. The program of the chapter is in- tended to foster the professional, social and athletic advancement of its members. The most popular feature during the past year was a series of luncheons which were attended by guest speakers from the faculty, from the bench, and from the bar. Front Row: FLORENCE BF.DUL, SALLY COLBERO. MF.RRY-LYNN JOHNSON. DOUGLAS PRIMO. PETER MACKERSIE, WILLIAM BROWN, GLENN RUIDLEY, CHARLEEN MITCHELL. Second Row: ANTHONY G. SOSIELI. SALLY J. JONES. JOSE R ORTIZ, PHYLLIS BIGGS, JAMES EKWALL, ROSE MARIE LEVIN, BEVERLY GIBBS. ANTHONY PASQUAR- IELLO DORA DE MASO, ROSEMARY RHEA. Third Rme: MARY THOMPSON, MARGIE PARKINSON, BETSY Ross, JOYCE SIMON. JOHN HALL, BARBARA PIERCE, EDWIN LEVENBERG. JULIUS STEINBERG, JOHN W EBSTER, AUGUST OLSON. Fourth Row: DORIS OLIVER, TERESA SMITH, MARLYN BARNETT. MARIAN BEAM, JUNE LAURIN, Bi STANTON, KARL BENSON, DOUG ADAMSON. ALICE STEERE, MARY Jo NOREM, BARBARA LEAKE, LYDIA JONT. FORESTERS The Foresters ' Club has as its objective an advance in conservation both here on the campus and also throughout the country. Notable among the wide variety of activities in which the club participates is the annual Paul Bunyan Formal. Here jean-clad students have an opportunity to dance in a forest atmosphere. " The most informal formal of the year " features replicas of the mythical Paul and Babe, his famous blue ox. A fall campfire, a field-day and venison roast and a Michigan-Michigan State foresters ' banquet are yearly events. The club sponsors The Timber Cruiser, a bimonthly newspaper, and an annual, The Michigan Forester. Frmt Rtnr: H. BEBSDT. G. DE BBUIX. K. VEKTA, C. ZIEKIENSKI K. LEE. J. CZEMEBTS. B. DEAX. F. KOEHN D. HOOVEB. B. HILL, R. STEKIEL. XI. KIM. A. Rao: J. BASSETT. J. PACLL. R. WISMEB. D. BEBQCIST. Second Rav: XI. HEATH. PBOF. K. DAVIS. Por. L. PATBOXBKT. Por. W. BBom-x. PBOF. W. RAMSDELL M. CAMPBELL M. Srrn. P. FBASKEXSTIEX. B. FEBGUSOS. B. HABBI . DEAX S. T. DANA. PBOF. J. CABOW. PBOF. L. Yorxc. PBOF. E. O ' RxE PBOF. R. CBAIG. PBOF. S. AIXES. J. FCENTES. A. PAKULA. PBOF. D. BAXTEB. TMnl Bar: W. PALMES C. OLSOS. A. STAGE. J. PABKS. H. PBIXZ. P. MACKIE. L. VAXDEBCOOK. D. COVEBT. C. DIEI. R. DEYOUXG, R. .SIABOLETTA. B. VOLLMAE. D. A.VDELL. J. MlTTEBMm.EB, J. KcTACK. E. SlIITH. D. HuBBABD. B. WEBXEB. O. BEXDEB. W. BABCXAY. J. BACKELS. B. BABXE . D. COMPTON. Fovrtk Rmr: D. POWELL. E. ABXETT. J. MOSTELLEB. O. BACMAXX. C. HJECH. T. PETEBSON. L. MAEKZ. J. MOBAX. K. DEITEB. K. RATBCCK. B. HOBABT. B. TOBEEMAX. S. JONES, B. JACKSON C. XEWTOX. B. Rn E. T. GBEATHorsE. R. KELLET. C. BBOOKS. F. KELLAB. T. HUGHES. W. BABTELL. Preparing the corsages for the Paul Bunyan formal was almost as much fun as the dance later. Front Roic: PETER HOTTEN, SID WHITE, BERNARD BAILEY, RAY Sous, president; RAY COURAGE. STAN DEAN. Second Row: CLIVE MATHEWS, CLARENCE BAXTER, DAVE STRIMEL, DICK CAMPBELL, PRES HOLM ES. BOB CHAMBERLAIN. Third Ron-: ALEX LMANIAN. FRED KKISTER, A. BLUMHOSEN, JOSIAH HOHTON, BILL CUNNING- HAM. B. S. BROWN. DON MACLACHLAN. SIGMA DELTA CHI Theta Sigma Phi is an honorary, professional, working organization for women concentrating in journalism. Its objectives are to unite women in the field of journalism, to maintain high journalistic standards, and to improve working conditions for women in the field. The Michigan Alpha Theta chapter honors outstanding professional women in journalism at its annual " Ladies of the Press " ban- quet. During the year it sponsors tours and co- operates with the journalism department in its lecture series. The officers for the school year, 1949- 50: Alice Brinkman, President; Nancy Lutton, Vice- President; Anne Beck, Secretary; Mary Clement, Treasurer, and Dorothea Hess, Keeper of the Ar- chives. THETA SIGMA PHI Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalism fraternity, serves not only to encourage fellowship among journalists, but to advance the standards of the press by fostering a higher ethical code. The Gamma chapter, established at Michigan in 1909, is one of 53 college chapters which contain between 500 and 800 members. The national organization presents annual Distinguished Service Awards to outstanding men in journalism. It also holds yearly contests for student newspapers and photographers. The Michigan chapter brings numerous journalists to campus each year to speak and talk with mem- bers and students. It holds its own contests for student newswriters and photographers, and it puts out experimental publications. Front Rote: MARY CLEMENT, NANCY LUTTON, ALICE BRINKMAN. ANNE BECK, EDITH TEWS. Second Kmr: JACQULINE OLIVER, MARGARET BEVAN, DOLORES LASCHEVER, DORIS SILVERTON. Missinn: JOANNE BIERER. PAT BROWNSON, DOROTHEA HESS, JEANNIE JOHNSON, CONNIE JONES, MAXINE RYCKMAN. JEAN WERNEG, ELAINE TOLES. Front Bar: WALTER POZNANSKI, GEORGE HICKS. RICHARD McMuRBAT. PACT. BROWN. ur.-rf -f! ; ROBERT REYNOLDS. JOHX HALICS, WILLIAM BArER. Smmd Rotr: GLENN MOORE. HOWARD VAN OOSTES. ART FRANCE. FREDERICK TRACER RAT PINKHAM. JACK M-iCeis. WILLIAM TOBGEBSOX VICTOR VAUGHN The Victor Vaughn Society was organized in 1929 for the medical undergraduate interested in more than medical diagnosis and therapy. Members have the opportunity to present papers on some phase of the history and philosophy of the science of medi- cine in which they are interested. The meetings are held in the homes of faculty members who have special interest in the related field. The society pro- vides opportunity for association with men of sim- ilar interests and helps to cultivate literary ability of the members. The student chapter of the American Institute of Architects was initiated for the purpose of creating a tie between the senior professional architect and the architecture student who will later enter the field. The chapter membership may include any person majoring in architecture with a good scho- lastic standing. All classes are well represented by directors elected by the members. Activities spon- sored by this student branch include field trips to local places of architectural importance, exchange exhibits with other colleges of architecture, and the bringing of important speakers to the school. A. I. A. Front Bar: DONALD EDGE, JOHN HARO. GEORGE NILLIAMS. NATHAN VAN OSDOL. JACK MONTEITH. CARL PATTERSON. CONALD PITZ, ROBERT LTTLE, WALTER HANSON. JOHN HAISCHER. CALE SMALL. JACKSON HALLETT. Sfrand Ror: DAVID OEMINC, MICHAIL KETAI. CHARLES LAMB. JAMES LIVINGSTON, RALPH HAMMETT, GEORGE BROTHEBTOX. VIRGINIA MILLER. CARTER STRONG, preriafnt: GERALD DIEDEMA. NINA PENCE. JOHN NALYANDIAN. JOHN FLYNN. RICHARD PRINCE. FRANK STHArB. TEBBENCE BENNETT. Tkirii Kir: DANIEL TREACT. ADP.IAX NOORDHOEK. R. HOLLAND BRADY. AARO ANNALA. PHILIP Lrrn R. HAMMERSCHMIDT. ARTHT-B HAAS. ROBERT PCLLAR. DONALD DAVIS. ROBERT H. LEE. OLIVER DELANCEY, ROBERT SorLEN. DAVID STEFFLER. DAVID LEE, ALONZO WELCHMAN. Favrik Row: FRED WALTERS. WESLEY LA ROY. CHABLES GARNER. NORTON SALK. KENNETH DERR, ROBERT VAX SUMMERX. WILLIAM JARHATT, JOHN IID, HAROLD CARVER. JAMES WILSON-. BERNARD SCHROLL, RICHARD MILUIAK. EBFAN HASHEM. CECIL HOLLAND. FARTJK Squatting: STOHA LIPSKY. First Row: CRAZY Roz VIRSHUP, MAD MAN McNEiL, JEANO JENSIAN JOHNSON, PRESS HOLMES. TOOTS SHOVEL FROST, HOTTE CHARLOTTE MATTHEWS, MIN GUTENBERG, GALLON REID. Second Row: POT BLOSSOM RYAN, MARTY (JACK) ARMSTRONG, LAUGHING BOY LEDDICK. ORPHAN ANNIE FELDMAN, " NAP " SIOMAN. Third Row: PHOENIX WEINBERGER. A.I.C.C. Aw, c ' mon and join us. The academic interest of the American Institute Class Cutters lies in the fact that we have no aca- demic interest. We hold a meeting for prospective tryouts early in the fall, and from those attending this meeting the Senior Council picks the 14 students who seem the least likely to go to class. Advance- ment in our organization is based upon low grades and lack of academic knowledge. Our plan for find- ing the most promising tryouts is based on the num- ber of hours each person spends away from classes. We prefer B.S. candidates and engineers since they have more class hours to cut. Conversely, we have no faculty members, and so we are able to roam around campus completely unadvised. Officers are chosen each spring from among the juniors in our midst, the one with the least votes becoming presi- dent. 188 RECREATION PORT! The Intramural Sports Building, part of the Uni- versity ' s athletic plant, is considered one of the finest in the country. The main gymnasium is large enough to provide for four full size basketball courts, eight volleyball courts, and twelve badminton courts. In addition, the building contains a 75-foot swimming pool, 14 handball courts, 10 squash courts, boxing and wrestling rooms, and indoor golf practice ranges. 190 Locker room banter precedes the rivalry of the many Intra- mural sports events. Offering the student a chance to get away from his books and provide the opportunity for some badly .ed exercise, the Intramural Sports Program under Earl Riskey ' s direction has expanded so that now an organized program is available in every sport. The Intramural Staff which consists of six graduate assist- . two senior managers, and six junior managers has the immense job of scheduling and supervising the eight leagues that participate in the program. The student managers under the direction of grad- uate assistants are given the responsibility of running off complete tournaments in one of the leagues. The senior managers are awarded varsity sweaters and are members of the " M " Club. Junior managers and graduate assistants are chosen by the preceding board of managers. Watching the 1 board for news. M. bulletin Bottom Bar: JOHN DAVIE . BOB Gnua, ROD GRAM BEAC. EARL RISKEY. director; BILL MOORE. VEBX M rxcy . BILL TOMKO. Si Bar: CHARLES MONTGOMERY. LARRT STRATTOX Dox KAKE. Ton VAN VOORHIS. BILL HORNET. JACK SEHING. HERB NET-MAX. CHARLES STOWE. REGGIE SAULS. BILL BAILEY. Muting- HECTOR CHRISTIAX- No ordinary date like a movie or dance, a Coed Night date sees man pitted against woman. Women are given the chance to act feminine as they coyly ask, " How do you swing a tennis racquet? " , while men can assert their male ego. It is to be emphasized, however, that many an idea of male superiority has also been crushed at the hand of some mighty Mich- igan coed. These Friday evenings set aside by the Intramural Sports Department have grown to be a very popular institution at Michigan. I ' ve got a fall that I ' m feeling. COED NIGHT Eyes are on the ball high in the air. Facing the wall, she waits to strike. Modern dance comes to the squash court. The Intramural Sports Department also sponsors a yearly Open House which is one of the highlights on the Michigan campus. These Open Houses serve to acquaint students, faculty members, and towns- people with the objectives and accomplishments of the intramural program. At the same time, they provide additional incentive for contestants in intra- mural sports by providing a large audience for cham- pionship contests. In past years more than 5000 people crowded the IM building to witness 500 con- testants engage in a variety of sports throughout the course of an evening. Divers play tadpole from high boards over the IM pool. AT THE IM Shooting high, she makes a leap. The mat is not for wiping your feet. Eager grins ' accompany the flip. Competition is keen among the 123 teams partic- ipating in the Intramural Sports Program. The teams are grouped into leagues, including Fraternity, Residence Halls, Independent, Professional Fra- ternity and Faculty. A group may enter a team in any number of sports offered during the season. Each year a trophy is awarded to a team in each league on the basis of the number of sports entered and the team ' s record of wins and losses in each sport. A trophy is also awarded to the team placing first in each sport. Individual sports competitions are also a part of the IM program. Points are awarded to contestants on the basis of the number of sports entered and their proficiency in the sport. Intramural mono- grams are awarded to the 200 highest ranking point winners, and medals are given to the winners of all-campus tournaments. The Michigan Daily an- nually presents a trophy to the individual picked as the best All Around Athlete. Sigma Delta Psi, the national honorary fraternity, recognizes indi- viduals who have passed a series of rigid athletic tests. An M goalie guards his net on the icy floor of the Coliseum as winter brings hockey to Ann Arbor. Amidst fevered shouts, a jump ball brings all the players leaping in the air. 194 300 score looks far away, but I.M competition will help you to get there. - Polo is a great game if you don ' t mind being stepped on, pushed around, and drowned. INTRAMURAL SPORTS The Boxing room is a popular place for those who to work off some excess energy. Collegiate wrestling ' s fast action is far superior to the " pro " style seen on television. F7 .s( ftmv TOM TILLMAN, ARTHUR JOHNSON. OZZIE CLARK, Vic FRVLING. TOM GRIFFIN, ROD WA- REN. DICK WEINBERO, BILL UPTHEGROVE, NEIL CELLEX. GIL BURFORD. WALLY GRANT. CHARLIE LENZ. Second Row: BILL KOOEN, TUBBY RAYMOND, BOB OLSON. CHARLIE ORTMAN, JOHNNY GHINDA, LEO KOCESICI, BERNIE KAHN, GEORGE EYSTER, BRUCE VREELAND, Jus WILLIAMS. JAY SANFORD, BOB VAN SUMMERN, ED BUCHANAN, BERNiE LEVINSON. Third Row: JIM MITCHELL, TOMMY COATES. JOHN CIND- QUIST. JIM ATCHESON, BOB HOLLWAY. JIM MACINTOSH, LEO VANDERRUX, CHARLIE Moss, JACK ARBUCKLE, DAVE TITTLE, BILL AUSTIN. DON McKAY. AL HETZECK, JIM SMITH, Gus STAEGER. Fourth Row: LEO W. HAUSER, ART HENHIF.. HARRY ALLIS. BILL OHLENROTH. JIM ACKERMAN. DON HOOVER, ED ULVESTAD, RUSS OSTERMAN, BOB ERBAN, AL PACKSON, GORDON NAUGLE. V.D ScHALON. The " M " Club ' s membership is limited to the winners of Michigan ' s coveted major letter. Mem- bers of the club are seen every year selling the J- Hop edition of the Daily for the benefit of the March of Dimes. They also supervised this year ' s Freshman-Sophomore Tug-o-YVar. The " M " Club operates the concession at baseball games and gen- erally they act as a service club when the occasion arises. Feels good to listen to records and relax after practice. M CLUB Kibitzers are the rule Esquire comes in. when the new M One of the best known clubs on campus, and, iron- ically, one of the hardest to get into, is the " M " Club composed of men who have won their monograms at Michigan. This distinguished organization has for its meeting place a beautiful club room located in Yost Field House. The " M " room ' s couches, radio-phono- graph combination, and card tables make it an ideal place to relax. Alumni " M " members are reserved special blocks of tickets to all football games, and every spring the club sponsors an " M " Day when alums return for a banquet, competition against undergrads in various sports, and the renewal of old friendships. " M " winners pause at the entrance of the club room. The inevitable after the game bull-session gets under way. The picture of the team in the new magazine sure looks good. Front Row: ANNE O ' CONNOR, VIRGINIA BECKER, JOYCE HOWARD, JUDY JOHANNSEN, JANET DEWEY, VlVIAN FRA8ER. Kfconil Row: CAROL TCER, PRISCILLA BALL, JAN OLIVIER. BETSY BOIJSEFIELD, prtfidmt; RUTH ANNE HANSEN MARGARET McDouoALE. Third Rote: CAROL SOMER, IRGINIA FOWLER MARILYN THISTED. MARY MAGUIHE, BEVERLY HOWELL. ELEANOR DOERSAM PHYLLIS, SEPUT, MARJORIE LETZGUS. Fourth Row: MARY PETERSON, BEVERLY GIBBS. SUE ROSE, MARY LOUISE HOOK, PHYLLIS BARTHOLOMEW, INEZ MILLER, BETTY RICHARDS, NANCY SOMERS. These are the women who set the policies for organized athletics among the women at Michigan. They are the directors of the var- ious sports clubs, as well as tourna- ment directors. Highlighting the year is the all-campus swimming meet held at the Union Pool. Be- sides sponsoring Lantern Night, and co-sponsoring Tennis Ball and Mich- igras, they provide the only com- petitive outlets for Michigan co-eds in the form of volleyball, basketball and sottball tournaments. Front Row: JEAN PURVIS, NANCY LUTTON, JEAN HEIDGEN. JOAN BEEMAN, MARY HIGBEE, Jo PATON, CLAIRE WYATT, Second Row: DIANE BULL, DORIS BUSEH. CAROL RICHARDS, MARGE INGRAM. BETSY STANTON, manaaer; JEAN PARKER, JANE VIEG. SHILA McCoMB, RUTH PARMENTER, MYRA NORTON. Third Row: YVONNE LsDuc, CAROLYN WESTMAN. BEVERLY BHEHM, CHAR- LOTTE YALOWITZ, ALICIA STEVENS, NAN BYRNES. BARBARA KRAUSE. PATTI KEAST. ROBIN MCPHAIL, JEANNE JORSTAD. BETTY BRIDGES, JACKIE OLIVER. JOAN PRUITT. These keglerettes have priority on the W.A.B. alleys five times weekly when they meet to bowl for relaxation and recreation. Aspirants are given instruction at the first few meetings, and all comers are given aid as desired. Objectives include presentation of two medals, one ot which is given for accumalated high scores, and the other of which is given for general overall improve- ment throughout the year. Mem- bership is encouraged among all skill levels. 198 ATHLETIC MANAGERS Working in close coordination with the W.A.A. Board are the Athletic Managers, theelectedrepresentativesof the various residence houses. They are the shock-absorbers between campus tournaments and house teams. Success of women ' s athletic activities is directly dependent upon the enthusiasm aroused by this group. Besides re- hashing the old sports they provide for the initiation of new sports, assist their fellow residents in W.A.A. peti- tioning, and encourage participation in general campus activities. Front Rtur: ALICE HUSTOX. ARLEXE Strono, BEVERLY HATES. XASECY SOMERS. KATHLEEX CRDUfEXs. Strand Ror: MARGERY XUXGE CHARLEEX MITCHELL MARGIE HAGEB ABBT FCXK RUTH Avst JAKE TOPPER. DORIS BUSER. SALLT McBaiDE. SALLY FISH. Third Ror: JACKIE HORXIXG. JANET ROBERTSOX. AXXE BIGMAN JOANNE POCH. AGNE WADDELL. BAHEARA CrrLEE. EDITH .MARSH. PAT McMAHOx. MARY AXSE CBOOBT. Sitting: DORIS GARDXER. XAXCY MARSHALL. MABGIE HAGEB JANET DEWET. CAKAL TIEMEYEH. PHOEBE COE. GAIL COOK. Lin GLITZ ELLIOT RYDER. PBISCILLA BALL. MOXA PICK. Knffiinf: SALLY FISH. EBMINEE CROCKETT. MIRIAM HAMMER. BARBARA XELSOS. Standing in right corner: SALLY REED. MART Lor HOOK. Axx LOUDT. JOAX DALEY. BARBARA KEIM Jrov CLASCY. JODT BEHXEKS. MARC ATKIXB. PATTIE DETITT. MARY EGEH. Dor MALAXICK. JEAX HAMBY. SUSIE HUBER. Seated on Board: Alias GAHEIS. adrisor; RUTH PITTMAJS. ALICE HrsTox. BETTY RICHARDS, prendmt; JOAX BIRD. XAXCY WILLIAMS. XAXCY CARTER. DIASA LAHDE. treat. Standing on Board: MARJ IKGRAM. TOMITY AKGELL. LAURA HOLTBE ELLIOT RYDER. VIVIAN BECK. ETHEL CADA. Axx Corrox. Highlighting the Union Open House is Michifish ' s Aquatic Ballet. 199 Left to Right: JEANNETTE SCOTVILLE, GEORGE HOPKINS, MARILYN JACOBSIN, CAROL EAGLE, ROLAND KISTLER, CONNIE CATANA. AUDREY GRENDAHL. BOB HARRIS, DELL TYBERJHEIM, JULIA Ros, STEWART BROWN, JEAN GARDINER. One of the many Women ' s recreational clubs under the auspices of the Women ' s Ath- letic Association is the Univer- sity of Michigan Skating Club. This season the group was under the direction of two girls who have long been skating friends, Miss Mary Frances Greschke, a national gold med- alist, and Miss Carole Somer, who trained at Lake Placid during the summer and man- aged the club this year. By the time the winter was over, over, the club members were fast friends. The meetings featured skating movies and parties and a good time for all. ICE SKATING CLUB CAROLE SOMER, manaaer; MARY FRANCES GRESCHKE. professional. Left to Right: MARGE HAGER, GEORGE HOPKINS, NANCY MARSHALL, NEIL MARSHALL, LUCILE BEGROW, TED ZEN, JOHNEY INMAN, LARRY TOMHAVE, SANDRA SIPKIN, ERNIE SPILLAR, PEGGY MARTIN, MIKE LAMB, CAROL CHAMPNEY. 200 RIDING CLUB The Riding Club is one of the newer organizations of the Women ' s Athletic Association. It was established for the pur- pose of giving women students the opportunity to improve old skills and acquire new ones in horsemanship. Each spring the members of the club pre- sent a horse show to exhibit the various techniques and rid- ing skills which they have prac- ticed through the vear. Front Bar: LYDIA FONT, JOAN SNODGRASS. IRENE GONCKOWSKI, JOYCE HOWARD. PAT RoaBfTKai.Srrarui Bar: MABHORIE TRYSELL, BARBARA JOHNSON. ELIZABETH GATES, BETTY BRIDGES. JEAN BELLE JONES. ALICE MOLINA. Top Bar: PATTY GrLLBERG. Viet PHYLLIS BARTHOLOMEW, President; JCDY PALMER, Secretary. FIELD HOCKEY RIFLE Front Bar: JOYCE HOWARD. RED OPPEXHEIMER. JACKIE BROERMAN. LOIS MlDDLETOX. HELEN CARPENTER. BARB RlLEY. Sfrond Bar: ETA TAKEMOTO, BETTY TEECARDEN. PAT TETTER. GINNY FOWLER. Prm- lr t: ELIZABETH WALKER. MARTHA BRYANT. MARY LonaE HOOK. Third Bar: JEAN MARTIN. KATHIE GEiGENiirELLER. SrE ADAMS. NAKCY SHAWLEY, MARIAM HAMMER. JOANX-E POCH. SOPHIA HOLLEY. KEIM. Front Bar: MAE JACKSON. BEVERLY JEAN GIBBS, president; MAIIXE WOLFE. Strand Bar: ELIZABETH HADDEN. KIYO TAIRA. DOROTHY SWEET. JOYCE WATSON. CAROLYN DOBSON. Tkird Bar: SGT RIDDLE. tponfar; Lots McCABE. POLLY KAY, MERRY LYNN JOHNSON. IRENE GONOKOWSKl. 201 4 Co-eds extend foils in full lunge. The S-iron: forerunner of spring. FENCING GOLF CAMP COUNSELLORS SQUARE DANCE Year-round contacts with camping. ' Plaid-shirts " swinging " pardners " . 202 Self expression through the Dance. Airy grace of the classic ballet. MODERN DANCE BALLET BADMINTON BASKETBALL Co-rec badminton every Wed. night. Co ds stretch for high jump ball. 203 -i.lW ...... .-.-;- SPORTS When the gray shadows on Ferry Field grow long, when the echoes die in the empty field house, when the swimming pool lies clear and still; then the true power of the driving force behind Michigan athletics can be felt. Fielding " Hurry-up " Yost, taking leave of his throne in football ' s Valhalla and sitting once again in the darkening stands; Harry Kipke, silently pacing the floor and thinking of the contests of yesteryear; Fritz Crisler, working late in a deserted Administration building; all three may be proud of the part they played in building Michigan ' s athletic power. Their accomplishments, and the deeds of thousands of other forgotten coaches and athletes live in the Annals of Michigan. Professor Ralph Aigler, Michigan ' s rep- resentative in the Western Conference. Fritz Crisler, [director of intercollegiate athletics. 206 The ' Athletic Administration building, hallowed headquarters for coaches and hockey tickets. These men and their spirit have levelled hills, erected giant monuments of stone and steel, set records and won championships. They have in- spired two generations of young men, raising them from the commonplace by imparting to them that intangible something that makes a champion. Fre- quently the conqueror, many times the underdog, they neverquit. Men likeSchultz,Heston, Friedman, Oost- erbaan, Franks, Evashevski, Harmon, Chappius, the Elliots they all had something besides skill and strength. They let their hearts beat fast and they had the will to win. They had that intangible attri- bute of great men spirit. Whether it was the baseball team of 1866, playing on a flat, muddy lot at the bottom of State Street, or the football team of 1949, playing before 97,000 people in the stadium all the men were endowed with the spirit of the Maize and Blue. They wanted the satisfaction that comes from competing in a hard fought con- ;nd being the victor. Cheers from hundreds of thousands of fans have expressed a desire for victory. Men like Ralph Aigler, who have seen every foot- ball game for the past 23 years, Hank Hatch, and Hunt have also become members of the Michigan faculty. Jim Hunt, head trainer hopes all his boys will belong to Michigan ' s All-American series. 207 208 There have been many eras in Michigan football, some of coaches, such as Yost and Crisler, and some of players. Benny Oosterbaan, a three-time Ail-American at end and Tommy Harmon, one of the greatest backs ever developed at Michigan and one of the most dangerous the Western Conference has ever seen, exemplify the individual player eras. But one of the greatest eras of all was one spanning the seventeen years from 1932 to 1949. For it was during this time that a fabulous trio of tackles from Chicago, Illinois made gridiron history. All three were tackles, all three were All American, and all three were brothers. Francis " Ox " Wistert in 1932, Al " Whitey " in 1941, and Al " Moose " in 1949 were all great. And to com- memorate this greatness last year the Athletic department retired the number worn by each of the Wisterts " 11 " and placed it in the showcase along with with Tommy Harmon ' s " Old 98 " and Benny ' s " 47 " . Dick Degener, ' 36 Olympic diving cham- pion. Big Ten and National A.A.U. title holder. Don George, National Amateur Heavyweight Champion in ' 28 and ' 29, world ' s professional heavyweight champion in ' 30. Ralph Craig, ' 12 Olympic sprinter, won 100 and 200 yard dashes in .,1911. Germany Schultz and Harry Kipke, two Michigan all-time All-Americans. Tom Haynie, National Collegiate Champion in ' 37- ' 39 in both the 220 and 440. Jesse Owens, O.S.U., breaking three world records and tying one on Ferry Field in 1936. Johnny Fischer, Walker Cup Team ' 34, | National Intercollegiate Champion ' 32 and ' 33. Heston leading the ' 02 Rose Bowl team to their 49-0 triumph over Stanford University. 210 ZfV i- .-- -_ VI tJ x2|V V4fc ? 2w? r:.iT f " 5 I remember the stand at Thermopylae The Greek Guard made one day; I remember the legions that Caesar used To shatter the Gallic sway; And I remember across the years Two banners that crowned the crest, YN hen Yale was king of the conquered East, and Michigan ruled the West. At night in my humble den I dream Of the glories that used to be Of Hannibal taking the Alpine Trail, Of Drake on the open sea; And then I wander the ancient ways To a dream I love the best, When Yale was king of the conquered East, And Michigan ruled the West. Grantland Rice 211 j BENNIE OOSTERBAAN COACHING STAFF JACK BLOTT, line ' roach, CLIFF KEEN, assistant coach, GEORGE CEITHAML, hackfield coach, BILL ORWIG, end coach, WALLV WEBER, freshman coach, DON ROBINSON, assistant coach, J. T. WHITE, assist- ant coach, BENNIE OOSTERBAAN. head coach. 212 Of 8 i l li 1?e tfsck r LEFT TO RIGHT Firrf Rav: DON MCCLELLAND, LLOYD HENEVELD. Athletic Director FRITZ CRISLEH. Captain AL WIBTERT, Head Football Coach BENNIE OOSTERBAAN, Captain- elect AL WAHL, DICK KEMPTHOHX. IHV WISJSIEWSKI. Sttond Rmr: CHAKLET I.ENTI. BOB ERBEN, BILL BARTLETT, WALLY TENINGA, JOHN GHINDIA. BOB VAN SCMMERN, TOM PETER- SON. rAtrrf Ror: DON DUFEK, AL FITCH, TONY MOMBON, JIM ATCHISON, BOB HOLLOWAY, OinE CLARK, LEO KOCESKJ. RALPH STRAFFON. Fourl Bov: Trainer Jm Hcsr, JACK POWERS, HARRY ALUS, LES Peep, CHARLEY ORTMAN. TOM KELSKY. GENE HISTTON, DICK FARHER, Manager HOWARD COOPER. Fifth Raw: JIM WOLTEHS, BILL PUTICH, AL JACKSON, GEOHGE SUTHERLAND, JOHN HESS, CARL K AEGER. BILL OHLENROTH. TOM JOHNSON, DICK MC VILL- IAXS, DON PETERSON. The 1949 edition of Michigan ' s football machine followed the pattern of the Wolverine teams from the two previous years by capturing the Western Conference Crown for the third straight s eason. The Volverine gridders opened the season under the pressure of a 23-game winning streak, and extended it to 25 before a powerful eleven from Army upset them in the third game of the season. Still suffering a letdown after this Cadet victory Michigan was edged by a spirited Northwestern team the following weekend. Then came the greatest and most inspired comeback Michigan fans have seen in many a year. Underdogs to a powerful Min- ta team, the Volverines turned the tables on the Gophers and walked off the field with the Little Brown Jug still in their possession. After winning this " big one " , Michigan finished the remainder of the season undefeated. The final game of the year against Ohio State, even though it gave the Wolverines a share of the Big Ten Title, was a disappointment to the Michigan team. The Maize and Blue gridders had to be satisfied with a tie in this game, a game which the Wolverines wanted to win and should have won. The tie, however, was no disgrace in the toughest football league in the country, and in retrospect the season was highly successful. For Coach Bennie Oosterbaan it was his second title in as many years as head coach. For Captain Al Wistert it was a fitting climax to his football career, and also the tradition of the Visterts at Michigan. As far as national ranking was concerned, it was the tenth year in a row that the Wolverines had finished in the top ten in the final poll. It would be an understatement not to conclude that the 1949 football team upheld " The tradition that is Michigan. " Two years of steady performance as one of the nation ' s outstanding tackles paid off in Ail-American honors for Al " Brick " YVahl last season. Captain elect of the ' 50 squad, the 215-pounder lifted the Wolverines out of their mid-season slump in the upset over Minnesota. He was brilliant in the closing battle with the Buckeye ' s, a 7-7 game that tied the Maize and Blue for the Big Ten championship. AL WISTERT Last and most colorful of the fabulous Michigan Wisterts, Alvin Wistert climaxed his football career by being named as an All-American tackle for the second straight time. Thus Alvin surpassed the feats of brothers Albert and Francis each of whom won coveted Ail- American honors once while holding down a tackle slot for the Wolverines. Captaining the 1949 squad " Moose " recovered from an early-season knee injury to lead Michigan to a Conference Co-Championship and once again win the plaudits of writers and fans alike for his bone-smashing work as the bulwark of the defensive unit. Al closes a Michigan tradition that began with Francis in 1932 and was carried on by Albert in ' 41. 215 DICK KEMPTHORN Destined to go down in football history as one of the finest line backers ever to come from the Mid-West, Dick Kempthorn wound up his grid career with a re- sounding pat on the back from his teammates who voted him the well-deserved honor of " Most Valuable Player " . Seeing only limited offensive action " the Killer " was gen- erally overlooked by Ail-American selectors, an omission disputed by those who had witnessed explosive Kempthorn tackles on play after play of every Wolverine contest. 216 LLOYD HENEVELD (left) from Hol- land, Michigan, helped anchor the center of the defensive unit. Lloyd piled up the opponents offensive plays and spent one afternoon in Minnesota ' s backfield. The 190-pounder made up for his lack of size with aggressiveness. BOB VAN SUMMERN (right) started his football career at Annapolis, came to Ann Arbor and soon became a starter at the wing back position. Teamed with the right end, Bob sent many opposing players reeling back and opened huge holes for the backfield men. DON MCCLELLAND (left) was the work-horse of the ' 49 squad. Probably the most under publicized player on the squad, " Slasher " played more than his share of offense and defense. He played 60 minutes in the Ohio State and Purdue games. OZZIE CLARK (right) is a slashing end who became famous for shoe-string tackles. One of the outstanding defensive ends of the Western Conference, Clark began his collegiate days at Notre Dame. After he talked to Tom Peterson in Japan the Irish lost a freshman and Michigan gained a great end. 217 VARSITY JOHN GHINDIA (left) didn ' t figure strongly in pre-season plans after sitting out the 1948 campaign with a knee injury, but " The Fox " took over signal- callng duties against Stanford, performed brilliantly and remained the Wolverine ' s No. 1 quarterback for the season. CHARLEY LENTZ (right) completed more passes for opponents than most of their ends. Chuck ended his career by breaking the Big Ten record for the most passes intercepted. JIM ATCHISON (left) held down an offensive tackle position in the Michigan two-platoon system. Atchison ' s agility and speed were ideal for his job of pulling out of the line to lead interference and blocking the opposing backer-ups. WALLY TENINGA ' S (right) booming kicks got Michigan out of many embar- rassing positions. On kick-offs Wally headed hell-bent to the opposition and thousands of fans shivered at his display of courage. With our backs to the goal in the Illinois game " Tis " got off a 73- yard punt. 218 BOB HOLLOWAY (left) got his chance against Northwestern. Three times the Wildcats tried Bob ' s end and three times they were thrown for losses. The rest of the season Bob stayed at defensive end and continued to play brilliantly. IRV WISMEWSKI (right) Michigan ' s colorful end, kept crowds on their feet with breathtaking catches and misses. Irv was a good hard blocker and helped the Maize and Blue offense roll. Against Ohio State, one of the biggest games, Irv was a brilliant player. TOMMY PETERSON (left) lettered for three consecutive years at the full- back position. Tommy was a smooth, spinning backfield man who could break through the line for long gains. Not a power-runner, Tom used deception and brains to get where other men had to use brawn. BOB ERBEN (right) offensive center for the second season, played against the largest defensive guards in the country. Sometimes receiving a physical beating, many times dishing it out, Bob always got the ball to the right back at the right time. 219 MICHIGAN 7 MICHIGAN STATE 3 In one of the closest intra-state struggles on record, Michigan subdued its Spartan rivals 7-3. Capitalizing on a Wolverine fumble in the first quarter, State took over on the Michigan 13. Failing to crack the Wolverine defenses, Spartan quarterback George Smith booted a fourth down field goal to give the Spartans their first and only score of the game. In an ironic manner, Michigan ' s score materialized from a State fumble on their own 25. In three plays Michigan was on State ' s 14, but then the Spartan defense tightened, holding the Wolverines for three downs. It was here Oosterbann sent in sophomore Bill Putich for the dazzling Putich to Wisniewski touchdown pass. Allis converted, giving Michigan its winning seven points. STATISTICS MICHIGAN STATI M irst Do ards rushing ards passing .irtcmp plet I0| Returning to California for the first time since the 1948 Rosebowl, the 1949 Wolverines appeared equally impressive. Turning in a performance that brought them the week ' s number one national rating, Michigan completely outplayed a highly touted Stanford team to win 27-7. Following a 59 yard sustained drive midway in the first quarter, Leo Koceski drove through tackle to score the first Michigan touchdown. The Wolverines barely missed another tally when the half ended with Irv Wisnieski inches from the Indian ' s goal after snagging a pass by Bill Putich. In the third quarter, Michigan rolled forward to three more touch- downs. Don Dufek and Dick Kempthorn accounted for two tallies, and Koceski scampered for the third score, aided by Chuck Ortman ' s 24 yard runback of a pass interception. MICHIGAN 27 STANFORD 7 STATIST: -FORD With the Wolverine reserves playing in the final quarter, the Indians scored their lone touchdown as a result of a long drive. Never really threatened, Michigan walked off the field with a 27-7 victory. Throughout the hot after- noon the Wolverines left little doubt as to which was the better team. Showing complete control on offense and defense, the rugged Michigan line was sup erb while the backfield made 384 yards through the Stanford defenses. The outcome of the afternoon made certain that the name of Michigan would not be forgotten on the West Coast. 221 MICHIGAN 7 ARMY 21 Kempthorn, Peterson, and Momsen stop a Black Knight on the line. STATISTICS ARMY The Black Knights from West Point brought Michigan ' s 25 game winning streak to a sudden and jarring halt as they won a 21-7 victory over the Wolverines at Ann Arbor. 97,000 fans watched their favorites go down in defeat to an Army team that brought back memories of the days of Blan- chard and Davis. Foiling Michigan ' s defense, the Cadets moved 89 yards in ten plays to score in the first quarter. Michigan finally rallied in the third quarter, and Dufek plunged over the Cadet defenses for the only Wolverine tally. Army added insurance in the last period when fullback Karl Kuckahn plowed over with a recovered fumble for the game ' s final score. First downs s rushin Yards passin Passes attempted completed - intercepted by Puntinij average Yards kicks return FumbKs recovered h 222 RTHWESTERN Harry Allis catches an Ort- mann-delivered pass. MICHIGAN 20 NORTHWESTERN 21 Michigan suffered its second setback at the hands of an inspired Northwestern team. Fifty-five thou- sand screaming and cheering fans crowded Dyche Stadium as the Wolverines showed power and drive but not consistency. Michigan took the lead with Don Dufek climaxing a 50-yard drive by diving over the goal. Four minutes later Don Burson passed to Ed Tunnicliff who scored a spectacular 66-yard touchdown for Northwestern. Burson again connected in the second half, this time with Don Stonesifer scoring. The Wolverines struck back quickly, but Harry Allis ' conversion was wide. Both teams scored once in the last period, but Michigan still needed an extra point at the final gun. 223 STATISTICS MINNESOTA Minn. Mic MICHIGAN 14 MINNESOTA 7 Keeping the Little Brown Jug safe in Ann Arbor, Michigan gave everything it had to dim the lustre of the Golden Gophers, 14-7. Charlie Ortman smashed through a vaunted Minnesota line for 115 yards as teammates Wistert,Holloway,Heneveld, and Kempthorn bottled up the Gopher ' s All American tackle Leo Nomellini and huge center Clay- ton Tonnemaker paving his way. Hauling down Gopher Dick Greg- ory ' s pass on the 50, Charlie Lentz raced back to the Minne- sota 39 to set up the first Wol- verine touchdown. After Allis and Dufek moved the ball to the Minnesota 13, Ortman plowed over to hand the Maize and Blue a seven point lead. Mich- igan assaulted the Gophers late in the second quarter for their win- ning tally. After Don Peterson and Bill Putich collaborated on the old Statue of Liberty play, Wally Teninga crashed over on his second attempt just as the half ended. Minnesota utilized a recovered fumble to score in the third quarter, but the Wol- verines left the field with a 14-7 victory. Chuck Ortman leaps high into the air to throw a pass. 224 . r Allis outdistances a Minnesota halfback to receive a long pass. Playing the finest game of his college career, Ortman passed and ran Michigan to a win. With Teninga carrying, Peterson, Ghindia and Van Summern blast the way to the goal. STATISTICS ILLINOIS Mich. 111. MICHIGAN 13 ILLINOIS Slightly dampening Illini homecoming spirits, Michigan ' s highly efficient grid team ground out a convincing 13-0 victory over the India ns. The first Michigan tally came in the second period when Allis snatched an Ortman pass on the Illinois 32 and ran it in for a touchdown. Several other Wolverine drives were halted deep in Illinois territory by penalties and fumbles. Late in the fourth period the Peterson brothers, Don and Tom, sparked a Michigan attack that produced the second and final score of the game. One of the fighting Illini is stopped for no gain by Kemp- thorn and Wahl Inc. 226 PURDUE rushing Yards l ittempt completed s in ten icks return Fumb! penali MICHIGAN 20 PURDUE 12 Scoring two touchdowns within 90 seconds, the Wolverines treated their fans to the most exciting period of the season, trouncing Purdue, 20-12. With two minutes remaining in the second period, Purdue scored by passing 77 yards for their first tally. Chuck Ortman raced back 87 yards with the Purdue kickoff, colliding with his own blocker on the Purdue 10. Don Peterson made the second touchdown, and Michigan led 13-6. With only 15 seconds left, Lentz grabbed a Purdue pass. Putich hit Allis for another Michigan score as the half ended. Dufek ' ' dives over center below. At right Tom Peterson rounds the end. MICHIGAN 20 INDIANA 7 Trying for their fourth straight Western Conference victory, the Wol- verines almost ran aground on an inspired Hoosier eleven which held them to a 7-7 tie at the end of the first half. Capitalizing on end Les Popp ' s recovery of an Indiana fumble in the first quarter, Wally Teninga scored for a 7-0 lead. Indiana scored minutes later when Sebek faked a pass and scampered seven yards to end the half with a deadlock. Spearheaded by Don Dufek, Michigan marched 53 yards to their second touchdown with Bob Van Summern crossing the goal line on an off-tackle reverse. Michigan ' s final tally came when Charlie Orttnann flipped a pass to Don Peterson to leave the Scoreboard reading 20-7 in favor of the Maize and Blue. Putich grabs a loose ball in the backfield. STATISTICS INDIANA Ind. Yards rushin Yards passin uttern Passes intercept ' Fighting against a powerful opponent who eyed the Rosebowl and Western Conference title, the Wolverines were forced to settle for a 7-7 tie game and a share of the title. Scoring its lone tally in the first period when Leo Koceski snatched Wally Teninga ' s pass in the end zone corner, the Maize and Blue predominated the first half. In the third period Dick Kempthorn made the play of the game by catching Buckeye Jerry Krall who had broken away for an alinost certain touchdown. After a sustained drive in the final period, Fred Morrison drove over for the Buckeyes. Jim Hague ' s conversion was wide, but officials ruled Michigan offside. Hague made his second try, giving Ohio State a 7-7 tie. OHIO STATE STATISTICS OHIO Driving for the last foot, Dufek grits his teeth. At right Harry Allis reaches high. 229 J$ COACH ERNIE McCOY AND TEAM CAPTAIN MACK SUPRUNOWICZ Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan higan HHH HI 54 79 54 J2 46 49 69 41 58 ;: 59 S3 70 M. S. C. Miami Toledo Butler North Carolina St. North Carolina St. Missouri Nebraska Kansas . . Iowa Indiana . Wiscon sin Ohio State I . Minnesota Northwestern Purdue . Minnesota Illinois M. S. C. Northwestern Ohio State U. Purdue . 49 4 5 4 ' , 4 " 4 " 46 " 4 44 61 70 60 A last second basket by Chuck Murray gave Michigan a victory over Indiana, 69-67, in the most exciting game of the year. Posting a 500 mark in the overall competition, Michigan ended in a tie for sixth place on the conference standings. The team was capably led throughout the season by Captain Mack Suprunowicz with his deceptive shots from anywhere on the court, his ability to break up the opponents play and his ball handling. Leo VanderKuy and Don Mclntosh traded off between the forward and center posts where they both re- peatedly connected with their pivot shots. Hal " Lefty " Morrill and Chuck Murray kept the op- ponents on their toes with their drive-in and set shots. Morrill was characterized by his left handed shots and Murray by his aggressiveness. They added to the team ' s well-rounded attack. Jim Skala, served creditably in the role of a substitute, playing in any position Coach Ernie McCoy needed him. Skala was aggressive, a good shot and good on the back-boards. 231 DON McINTOSH (left) and LEO VAXDERKUY. Cagers in action, Chuck Murray (top) and Leo VanderKuy make shots. Star Suprunowicz shoots for a long one over Indiana ' s defense. " LEFTY " MORRILL (left) and CHUCK MURRAY. ' Charlie Murray goes under the basket to evade his Minnesota guard. HAL MORRILL 233 CAPTAIN VALLY GRANT COACH VIC HEYLIGER 5 8 4 2 I -i 9 5 11 10 17 5 3 10 McMaster University Toronto Toronto Brown University Brown University North Dakota North Dakota Montreal Montreal Princeton Yale Minnesota Minnesota Michigan Tech Michigan Tech Colorado Colorado Michigan State College Minnesota Minnesota Michigan Tech Michigan Tech Michigan State College rn Ontario Boston University Boston College Third in the NCAA 1 4 3 5 4 4 3 5 1 1 : 3 2 I 1 4 J I In his sixth year as Michigan hockey coach Vic Heyliger came up with another great team as the Wolverine sextet won 23 games while dropping four. The Maize and Blue squad broke three Michigan hockey records during the 1949-50 campaign, all of which came in the same game a 17-1 rout of Michigan State. In that wild exhibition the Wol- verines became the first hockey team in Michigan ' s 29 years of the ice sport to exceed the 20 mark in games won and also posted the highest total of goals scored in a single contest. Individually wing- man Gil Burford ' s total scoring record soared to 69 points by the end of the season. Starting the season with veteran forwards Burford, Xeil Celley, team captain Wally Grant, Len Brumm, Joe Marmo, Al Bassey, and defensemen Ross Smith and Bob Fleming, Heyliger added sophomores Earl Keyes, Bob Heathcott, Paul Pelow, Ed May, Graham Cragg and Lou Paolatto to form the 1949-50 Maize and Blue team. Jack McDonald handled the goal tending duties. 235 NEIL CELLEY (left) GIL BURFORD (right) JACK MAcDONALU (below) This year the Wolverines won their third straight bid to the NCAA hockey championship playoffs staged at Colorado Springs. The Michigan sextet was upset by Boston University in its first playoff game, but the Maize and Blue came back strong to down Boston College in the consolation game. After the NCAA playoffs, high scoring Gil Burford was elected captain of next year ' s squad and superlative defenseman Ross Smith was voted the team ' s most valuable player. GRAHAM CRAGG (far left) BOB HEATHCOCK (left) LEONARD BRUMM (right) PAUL PELOW (far right) ROSS SMITH, MOST VALUABLE PLAYER V C HT G. JOE MARMO (far left) 237 GEORGE EYSTER, diver, at left. Above COACH MATT MANN II and TEAM MEMBERS SWIMMING Second in the estern Conference The 1950 Michigan Swimming Team was the 25th squad under the tutelege of Matt Mann. The Mann name has long been synonomous with championship swimming at Michigan and was doubly spotlighted this year with Coach Mann ' s son Matt III as cap- tain of the Silver Anniversary team. As usual the Wolverines mixed business with pleasure of the Christmas holidays at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The annual college swimming forum sponsored by the College Swimming Coaches of America allowed the swimmers to spend their vacation amid sun- shine, senoritas, sand, and salt water. In their first dual meet the Mann men won 60-33 over a strong Purdue team. Victories followed over Minnesota and Northwestern in preparation for the Michigan State meet. At East Lansing the State fans wit- nessed one of the most hotly contested meets ever seen there, as the Spartans edged the Wolverines 52-32. The Michigan tankers outswam the Uni- versity of Iowa 52-32 in our pool. At Ohio State an extremely strong Buckeye aggregation over- powered our team 56-28. 239 WOLVERINE Charlie Moss breaks water at left. Below backstrokers Jack Arbuckle, Bernie Kahn, and Dick Howell practice starts. Below left Western Conference champion relay team Dave Neisch, Charlie Moss, Dick Martin, and Dave Tittle. Below right John Davies, Bill Austin, and Stew Elliott start the 200 yd. breaststroke. a a n Charlie Moss was Michigan ' s leading scorer in the Western Con- ference meet. The lanky merman won the 100 yard breaststroke, 150 yard individual medley and was on the winning freestyle relay. Captain Mann took first place in the 220, second in the 1500 meter race and third in the 440. Gus Stager added valuable points by gaining second in both the 220 and 440 freestyle events. The Wolverine relay consisting of Moss, Dave Tittle, Dick Martin, and Dave Xeisch won the conference 400 yard relay title in one of the most exciting races ever seen in the Michigan natatorium. The final meet score showed Ohio the winner, Michigan second and Iowa third. Although we did not gain the Conference Cham- pionship, Coach Mann presented Michigan fans with one of the most formidable tank squads of the Mann dynasty. COACH MANN II and CAPTAIN MANN III (Below right) MATT MANN III and GUS STAGER (Below left) Medley Relay team: Dave N-. -ch, Charlie Moss, and Bemie Kahn. JACK POWERS (above) Powers throws his man at left. COACH CLIFF KEEN AND MANAGER CAPTAIN JIM SMITH Mich. Opp. 25 Toledo 9 19 Purdue 9 21 Northwestern 9 11 Illinois 14 20 United States Naval Academy 6 6 Michigan State College 18 25 Pittsburgh 15 Iowa 9 18 Indiana 6 14 Ohio State University 13 Third in the Western Conference Bill Stapp uses a half-nelson and a toe hold. 242 Scoring two outstanding upsets during the season, the Wolverine grapplers finished the year with eight wins, two losses, and a third place in the Western Conference. The first upset came early in the season when the wrestlers turned in a 20-6 victory over a Navy team that had been stopped only once in 63 meets. Repeating the performance in the season ' s last meet, the Wolverines handed an unbeaten Ohio State team its first defeat. Bill Stapp, wrestling his first year in varsity com- petition, was outstanding in the 155 pound class, decisioning defending Big Ten champion Bryce Keogh for one of his nine season victories, and reg- istering three wins in the preliminary Big Ten bouts before falling in the finals. Dropping only one match during the season, Larry Nelson was im- pressive in the 128 pound division. Dave Space, wrestled his wav to the Conference finals. DAVE SPACE BILL STAPP JIM SMITH ALLAN HOLCOMBE COACH DON CANHAM CAPTAIN JUSTIN WILLIAMS . onfcrence M Second plac- Scoring in every event, except the 440 and the mile, Michigan came within 2 ' 2 points of winning the Western Conference Indoor Track Meet, which was taken by Ohio State. Chuck Fonville, with a 53 ' 1 " toss in the shot put, and Don.McEwen, with a record 9:07.2 two-mile, gained individual cham- pionships. After defeating Wisconsin in the opening dual meet Illinois handed Michigan a 62-52 defeat the following week. McEwen set a 94)6.9 two-mile record for Yost Field House in the Wisconsin Meet, and came back to set another Field House record eight days later with a 4:10.7 clocking, but the Wol- verines won the meet. The indoor trackmen closed the season by taking a second in the Illinois Tech Relays, as the distance medley team set a 10:11.6 record, just U seconds off the American indoor record. 245 OF M. CINDFRMIA Charlie Fonville went through an undefeated indoor season after a year away because of an operation. Fon- ville proved he was back in shape with a 55 ' 1 " in the Michigan A.. A. U. meet in January. This would have taken second place in the 1948 Olympics, which Fonville failed to qualify for because of his back. Fonville took firsts in Michigan ' s three dual meets in February, throw- ing the shot 53 ' 0 1 4 " in the Ohio State meet. Fonville finished his indoor season by winning the shot put in the Western Conference meet with a heave of 53 ' 1 " , SECTIONS FGH JIM MITCHELL CLAY HOLLAND HERB BARTON AND ED SERGESON PETE DENDRINOS ART HENRIE ED ULVESTAD GOES UP AND OVER 24 " Jfi CAPTAIN BOB WOLFF COACH RAY FISHER icade 1 Purdu 1 Opening their season with a sparkling performance on their southern campaign, the Wolverine nine continued their torrid pace winning 24 out of 30 contests, and splitting f.rst place in the Big Ten conference with Indiana and Iowa. Third baseman Ted Kobrin was a consistently outstanding player of the year. His effectiveness at third base and in the batter ' s box earned him positions on the All- Conference team and the Collegiate All-American second team. Hal " Tubby " Raymond, ' 49 team captain, covered the catcher ' s position for the greater part of the season, while on the pitcher ' s end of the battery were hurlers Hicks, Taft, and southpaw ace Dick Smith. Pitcher Bill Taft, strikeout king of the Michigan squad and respected by his opponents for his control in the clutch, received a berth on the All-Conference second team. Hard hitting Jack McDonald, veteran first baseman also rated the All- Conference second team. Timely hitting by Wolff, Merrill, and Buckholz was a contributing factor to Maize and Blue success. 249 SLUGGERS JACK MCDONALD (right) TED BERCE (center below) BILL BAKER (left below) BILL BUCHOLZ (right below) 250 a HAL " TUBBY " RAYMOND HAL " LEFTY " MORRILL RALPH MORRISON VIC FRYLING DICK SMITH PETE PALMER 251 MIKULICH AND PATOX 252 Capturing the Western Conference doubles cham- pionship and winning eight consecutive dual meets, the Wolverine netters experienced a fine season in 1949, marred only by the one-point loss of the Big Ten championship to Northwestern, the defending titleholder. 1948 singles champion Andy Paton turned in an outstanding performance at the Big Ten meet at Evanston, smashing his way to the singles finals before tailing to Xorthwestern ' s Ted Peterson, 1947 Conference champion. Paired with teammate Bill Mikulich, Paton added the 1949 doubles crown to his previous laurels. The depth and fine balance of the team gave it an impressive record during the 1949 season. In four of eight meets the Wolverines held their op- ponents scoreless, and they never failed to take less than seven of the nine meet matches. Three singles players, Fred Otto, Bob Mackay, and Mikulich, went through the regular season undefeated while the doubles teams of Otto with Al Hetzeck and Mackay with Gordie Xaugle annexed eight con- secutive match victories. FRED OTTO TENNIS RECORD Northwestern 21 Michigan 20 WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP FRED OTTO AND AL HETZECK 253 COACH NEWT LOKEN and CAPTAIN PETE BARTHELI. CONNY ETTL GYMNASTICS Chicago Minnesota .... Indiana Wisconsin Ohio State. Michigan State College 45 Kent State University 42 Second in the Western Conference PETE BARTHELL (below left) FRED THOMPSON, GORDIE LEVENSON and TOM TILLMAN WALLY NIEMAN Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. 40 ' 2 44 3ft 41 34 ED BUCHANAN BILL PARISH The 1949-50 season was the third for the Michigan gymnastics team since the sport was dropped in 1933. For Coach Newt Loken and his acrobats it was the best in the history of the sport here. Loken, who started the post-war revival of varsity gymnastics, saw his team set new records as the Maize and Blue went through seven straight dual meets without a defeat. Ed Buchanan, only trampoliner in history to hold the four major titles in that event at the same time the Western Conference, Western Open, NCAA, and the National AAL " maintained an unblemished record through the seven contests and was fourth leading scorer with 42 points. Captain Pete Barthell, Big Ten parallel bars and tumbling champ, led the team with 102 markers. Loken uncovered a new seasation in sophomore Con- rad Ettl, who in his first year of intercollegiate com- petition took runner-up honors in scoring by totaling 7 points. The Wolverines developed one of the most potent trampoline squads in the nation. Headed by Buchanan, it included Gordie Levenson, Tom Tillman, who was third highest scorer with 64 markers, and Sam Dudley, who blossomed toward the end of the season as a pinch replacement for Levenson when he injured his ankle. Tillman and Levenson doubled on tumbling along with Barthell. The Wolverines also turned out some top-flight side horse artists in Bob Checkley and JefF Knight. JEFF KNIGHT BUCHANAN, LEVENSON, DUDLEY, and TILLMAN CONNY ETTL Making a spectacular comeback after a medi- ocre season, the Wolverine linksmen gave Mich- igan its sixth Big Ten golf championship in ten years. Harshly treated in Dixie, the golfers jumped into Big Ten competition with three straight losses before they emerged in the win column. Paced by Bob Olson ' s sizzling 68 and Rog Kessler ' s 69, the team dropped Ohio State and Illinois in a triangular meet to draw their first Big Ten blood. More success followed, trounc- ing Michigan State and capturing the Western Conference title. The top ranks in the Confer- ence tournament were dominated by the Maize and Blue. Captain Ed Schalon, co-holder of the individual title in 1947, repeated the feat, tying for medalist honors this time with Purdue ' s Fred Wampler, 1948 Big Ten champion. Pete Elliot wound up his stellar athletic career for the Uni- versity of Michigan by capturing the number three spot, a climax to his steady improvement during the regular season. Close behind came team-mate Rog Kessler in the number four notch, while Leo Hauser and Bob Olson placed sixth and seventh, respectively. The team total was 58 strokes in front of its closest competitor, Ohio State, as it captured the 1949 title. ED SCHALON GOLF RECORD 1949 -n w 1 R-. Michigan . . Michigan 9 ny 2 N. Carolina .... Duke . 18 14 Michigan . . Michigan . . Michigan . . Michigan . . Michigan . . Michigan ' . 30 2 . ny 2 Wake Forest . . . U. of Detroit . . . Ohio State U. of Detroit . . Michigan State . Purdue . 6 18 Michigan . . Michigan . . Michigan ' . y-i .. 23J Northwestern . . . Ohio State Illinois 9 Michigan . . . . is ' Michigan State . WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP First Place SCHALON, LEO HAUSER, ROG KESSLER, BOB OLSON, PETE ELLIOTT, CHUCK. McCALLUM, COACH BERT KATZENMEYER MEDALIST CO-CHAMPS ED SCHALON, MICHIGAN FRED WAMPLER, PURDUE CHUCK McCALLUM WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS PETE ELLIOTT ROY KESSLER TO ? JU-J I SORORITIES BETTY JO FAULK, PRESIDENT PANHELLENIC Panhel ' s outstanding social event of the year was its annual Panhel ball featuring Ray McKinley ' s or- chestra, held in November. Proceeds from this affair were given to the University Fresh Air Camp. At our Danny Kaye show last fall, the star himself was made the first honorary male member of the Michigan Panhellenic Association. PANHEL BOARD: (left to riyht) f ' mnt Row: JEAN MAKSON; PHILLIH BOHNSACK; BETTY Jo FAULK; MARILYN FLYNN. Second Row: MARY HELEN KING; SUSAN FRIEDMAN; MARY NELL WALKER; SALLY STRAUSS. The Panhellenic Association in its capacity as the coordinating body of all sororities works to establish a " Panhellenic Spirit " among the houses. This year ' s projects included a week-end workshop where repre- sentatives from each house met to discuss problems and exchange ideas. Panhel also worked with IFC in promoting Fraternity Week. Sorority women out- standing in activities and scholarship were honored at Recognition Night in January. Panhel ' s biggest job however, comes with rushing when the houses and rushees are advised. MARILYN FLYNN RUSHING CHAIRMAN 260 RUSHING COUNSELLORS ((left to right) Front Row: MYHNA REES, DOROTHY HEIRONY- MUS, PAT DRESSLER, Jo HOEY, BARBARA LITTLE. .SVronrf Row: ELEANOR IflWIN, FRANCES DOTY, JANE HEMENWAY, JEANNE HENDEL, NANCY CLARK. Danny Kaye became Pan-Hel ' s first male member at his show sponsored by the association in the fall. Mary Nell Walker and Betty Jo Faulk presented a membership scroll to the comrr.edian written in Latin. Ray McKinley played while sorority girls and their dates danced at Peter ' s Panic, sponsored by the Panhellenic Asso- ciation. The dance benefited the fresh air camp. 261 The Panhellenic rushing committee meets with Chairman Marilyn Flynn prior to rush season for instruction and consultation. Consisting of a rep- resentative from each house, the group outlines overall plans and each representative presents questions and problems. In this way the rushing system of all houses in the Panhellenic Association are made more efficient and successful. PANHEL ACTIVITIES The Panhellenic Counselor ' s Badge replaces the Sorority Pin for Rushing System Aids. In Ann Arbor nearly everyone reads The Pipes of Pan. Norrine Taylor leads an insurrection as she reads the Michigan Daily amidst her pan-reading friends (left to right) Mary Beth Howe, Ginger Ellis, Valerie Lemper, Mary Lou Scanlon and Dorothy Warmeling. 262 Alpha Chi started the year with a splash of paint.We did a pretty good job of sloshing paint in our rooms, if you don ' t co unt the spots on the ceilings and floors. We also sloshed paint on Homecoming decorations, but evi- dently covered our talents better last year. Our Dad ' s Weekend was the biggest of the fall semester. We took them to the Purdue game and then to dinner. The fathers got a kick out of the after-hours party with the skits we put on. Thank heaven one of the fathers acted as team doctor for our sad Sunday morning football game with the Alpha Xi ' s. We ' ve been spreading the Michigan spirit to Holland this year. Joan Schaeffer visited our little Dutch " foster-child " last summer while she was in Europe. We sent Jetje a tiny " M " sweater. Some of the AXO ' s are still razzed about the silly presents and poems they gave their dates at our Christmas Formal. Whoever thought Santa Claus was so crazv ALPHA CHI OMEGA LEFT TO RIGHT Front gar: CHTCKIE CBASE. XAXCT ISOLAMFI. FT.T.I BOJA. CABOL SCHTTMACHEB. DOXXA CADT. BETTV FBASEB. Lois ROWELL. MABY ALICE DA vi . BABBABA SMITH. Strand Rate: HELEN SMITH. VEBA KOCH CORK. BARB HALL JEAX GIOWACD. MBS. WILUAM GOODALE. EDIE AXDBEW. PrtfiderU.AssK GOODTEAB- HOPE SCHAIDLEB. BOBBIE PAXKEB. RuTH LoUXSBEBY. Third Rov: LYXX WALLDOBTF. PETEY YOCXG. CoRBIXE BAOOX. DOT WEJfDLEB. XliBILrS MAT- THEWS Ass CCDXEY. JAXET BLOOM. JOAN HmDEBBAXD. DEE DELoor. JOAX BCCKIXGHAM. Fourth Bow: DEE BCSBEY. .RUTH LANG. MABY BETY HOWE. MAKSIE WATOX. MYBXA REES. MAKTT AKMSTBOXG. GIXXY GISH. JEAX DECKEB. CABOL Wnxx x. SHIBLEY MILLEB. I 263 ALPHA DELTA PI " Fourth for bridge . . . who wants to play canasta? . . . Please help me with my argyles! " You can always find one room at the ADPi house clouded with smoke, filled with gals who have exams tomorrow, but are taking a " tew seconds " off for a social gathering. Somehow, we managed to find the time to put up a Homecoming display, and never tire of displaying the beautiful cup we won for taking second place. In the midst of mid-semesters we left our card games long enough to entertain our dates before the Panhel Ball with a dinner in the house. Untangling ourselves from our knitting, we took time out to attend the Christmas formal. Things quieted down after Christmas vacation just as we realized that the plague was upon us finals. Then we promptly forgot about such trifles as rushing season started. With our new sisters springtime found us back in the college routine. " Fourth for bridge . . . Who wants to play canasta? . . . Please help me with my argyles! " LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: KATHLEEN CRIMMINS, DEE SAUNDERS, ELAINE RITTMEYER, DORIS GARDNER, DEE GATES, NITA FOULKROD, MARY LOUISE WILLARD, ROSEMARY BROWN. Second Row: Jo GREEN, MARLOU OILMAN, RONNIE PLIZGA, JOY COCHRAN, President: MRS. UFER, MARY Jo NOREM, MARTHA MORHARDT, PORTIA PRETTI. Third Row: MARY ANN WEISS, FRAN DOTY, TISH PIERCE, FAY PANKOW, CHAR LENHARDT, ANN DILLER, JANET DAWSON, JINNY JOBES, BEVERLY YOUNG. Fourth Row: MARYELL VON HERRMANN, DIANE BULL, MARJORIE MCLEAN, BONNIE HONKE, HELEN HAQER, PHYLLIS SEPUT, ANN BILLINGHURST. SHIRLEY SMITH, BERT DONNELLY, BARBARA BOCKSTAHLER. 264 Mitring: AXABEL TEXDLCR. JOYCE EDGAR ALPHA EPSILON PHI Here it is June, with the wind-up of another full year for the AEPhi ' s. It seems like only yesterday that they were playing hostess at the Fall open houses or entertaining daintily at the rushing parties. The months have run down swiftly and brought the Phi ' s new distinctions. Their mighty football team concluded a victorious one-game season, and the girls then went indoors to throw the hill-billy barn dance of the dee-cade. When the smoke had died away, the Phi ' s were seen munching on peanut butter and rice crispies, yawning over their fascinating textbooks. Ueren ' t they amazed at winning first-place scholastic cup after so much diligent study? Homecoming week-end saw the " fearless forty " pooling their ingenuity and brawn in a mag- nificent display, which instructed Minnesota to die ingloriously. Second semester brought the Phi ' s activity awards and continued scholastic effort. The sorority house was the constant scene of social functions, serenades, late parties, bull sessions, and fire drills. 265 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: JOYCE BUNN, LILIAS WAGNER, FRANCES FOLEY, DOROTHY BECKTON, JOY WILLIAMS, MARIAN TRAPP, BARBARA SAWYER, NANCY CLARK. Second Row: JOANNE AUCH, BARBARA KELSO, MARILYNN BANWELL, PATRICIA PHILLIPS, MRS. CLARA WIGLE, BARBARA SEEGER, President, CAROL RICHARDS, ROSEMARIE KlSH, ELL ROSE ElCHENLAUB, MlRIAM CADY. Third Row: MARIANNE VAN DuzER, RoLLENE JACKSON, MARILYN WETMORE, AGNES WADDELL, LAURA NASSET, BARBARA DEMMER, BARBARA ELLIOTT, SUZANNE HENDRIAN, ELEANOR BROCKETT, MARGUERITE KIDWELL, PATRICIA ADAMS. Fourth Ro : DONNA DEHAKDK. MARGARET OWENS, MARION DANE, GLENNA SOTIER, PATSY PARKIN, MARY PAT ANDERSON, MARION ALLEN, VIRGINIA REESE, MARJORY REUBENE, MARION BIRKEN- MEIER, CHARLOTTE MIETTUNEN, JANE BUEKER, ANNE ROGERS. Missing: LENORE WOOD, MARY STEWART. Dear Reader, if you were sufficiently enthralled by the unposed snapshot of our chapter member- ship to read this accompanying gem of prose, you are possessed of discriminating taste and superior judgement. What can we tell you that you do not already know? We all went to the football games Rah!, Homecoming Rah! Rah!, and Varsity Night Rah! Rah! Rah! There were back-yard barbeque parties, never complete without Brandy (Delta Upsilon, vintage 1948) and after-game open houses, Panhel Ball, Christmas Formal, J-Hop, IFC Ball, Pledge Formal, and Senior Ball. Fathers ' Week-end and Mothers ' Breakfast were fun filled interludes too, but when finals came due it was as painful for us as it was for you, Dear Reader. QUIET HOURS! Modesty prevents us from mentioning our activity girls, but we are proud of their work in the Daily, Soph. Cab., JGP, Judic., Merit-Tutorial, Student Leg., J-Hop and the Senior Offices. Oh yes, we forgot to mention our chapter is Alpha Beta, and our slogan: Tou- jours gai, Archie! 266 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA " Calling Dr. Kildare, emergency! Proceed at once to 800 Oxford Road. The AOPi ' s have undergone another epidemic. No Doctor, it ' s not an epidemic spread by the six fraternities in our block. It ' s an epidemic of acute activities. The symptoms are: an overwhelming case of gremlins invading home territory for Homecoming Week- End; Invasion of AOPi Dads for Father ' s Week-End; overdose of (corn) and other harmless, edible delicacies at our Halloween party; overwork and overplay caused by pre-Christmas vacation events, including the traditional serving of Christmas dinner to our busboys by the so- rority officers. A temporary recuperation in January was only aggravated by midterm vacation. The spring se- mester brought an increase in the development of social- ids, caused by the invasion of rushees during rushing and pledging. Recurring junior headaches caused by senior party after J.G.P., and high fever caused by spring dances, icy showers and midnight serenades. ALPHA OMICRON PI LEKT TO RIGHT: Front Row: LORA ANN WHEELER. JULIA HENNIG. Donis METERS. DIANA LAHDE, BARBARA ARTER. BETTY BELLEH. ROSEMARY CLIFTON. JANE ZOGHIBE DOHEEN CAMPBELL. Second Row: MARJORIE LuNDAHL, ALICE CoBUBN. CAROL TUER. CONSTANCE SKAFF. MRS. EMILY MACDoNALD. MARJORIE L.ETZGU8. President DOROTHY MALANICK. YVONNE JOHNSON, VIRGINIA WERTIN. Lois MILLER. Third Row: VIRGINIA KERN. BEVERLY DEVER. MARGARET DONAVAN, JOYCE XEU ' MEIER VALERIE VANDERMADE. JOAN K. YOUNG, JEAN KNIBBE. GAIL FOSTER, MABGARET MACDOUGALL, MARIAN STEPANAUSKAS. JOYCE MESEREAU. Fourtk Row: MAX ' INE " WOLFE. JANET SPIETH, MARY KOKALES, ANN HARITON, PATRICIA DRESSLEH, DOROTHY WABMELING, LOUISE MOORE, RHODA UHLENDOHF, JUNE CHADWICK. MARY ANN PRINCE. CHABLYU HAWKINS. BARBARA EDMUNDS. Missing: SHIRLEY WOOD. 267 ALPHA PHI Pictured here is the " stairway " by which the Alpha Phi ' s usually leave their abode. The little angels can be found using the fire escape in the morning and afternoon- but mostly at night! The explanation of this is: (1) On winter mornings we usually find there is so much snow packed against the front door by the Phi Gams that the only way out is by the fire escape. (2) When the sun comes up and we are fully awake in the afternoon, we find the patchwork quilt wallpaper in the hall too gay for us to battle. Again we resort to the fire escape. (3) After 10:30 P.M. the law abiding Alpha Phi ' s make the greatest use of the fire escape for fire drills of course! Aside from the fire escape activities our other events include: Mother ' s weekend, Christmas formal, football open houses, caroling with the Phi Gams, founders ' day tea, buying a new annex and studying hard. All in all we ain ' t done nothing this year. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: JANICE OLIVIER, ELEANOR LITTLKFIELD, ANN SAUEB, MARILYN STBOHM, CATHERINE CAMPBELL, JANE HEMENWAY, MARJORIE FLINT, PATRICIA STORMONT. Second Row: JEAN STAEBLER, JEAN Russ, JEAN CABPENTER, MARY NELL WALKER, SHIRLEY ANN HAHN. President; MRS. ECKHART. House Mother; ANN SCHUEMACHER, AnnexHouse fi ther; JOANNE CHHI BTENSEN, CAROL LECKLIDER, JANE DIETERLE, ROSEMARY MICHELMANN Third Row JOANNE PATTERSON. CAHITA HOUSER, PATRICIA PATON. LAURIE LAMY, BEVERLY CLARKE, GLORIA THOMAS, MARY ELLEN NYBERQ, BARBARA SCHUETTE, PATRICIA ADAMS, MYRA HAHN, LOUISE LEONARD, MARILYN PATTERSON, MARY PETERSON. Fourth Row: KERN McKAY, MARGARET KENNEDY, RUTH ANN RUPP, KAROL KEBR, KATH- LEEN ROSE. BEVERLY CASWELL, CLARA DAVIS. GEBALDINE MAHAULO, DOBIB EQAN, CECILY HUME, BARBARA MCMAHON, SUZANNE SEARS MAXINE PEARSON ANN MAINLAND. 268 I tor LEFT TO RIGHT Fronf tfotr: BEVERLY RTIA, SUZANNE ROBINSON. ETHEL CADA, CAROL KIMPTON MCCARTHY, WINIFRED DVCKLK, ANNE MARIE MAURER, BARBARA OCHS, BEVERLY HAWKES. Second Row: Jo ANN LYONS, PATRICIA ISBELL. VIRGINIA LEADER, BETTY JANE HEISER, President; MRS. DAISY GAYLORD, NANCY NEFF. PHYLLIS BLISS. HELEN ZIVKOFF. Tkird Row: NANCY COLEHAN, RUTH ANDERSON, NANCY HILTON. PATRICIA BROWNBQN, FRANCES BENDLER, IRENE HOLE. MARY ANN HARRIS. IRENE HRONKO, JUNE SHEFFLER. Fourth Rov: NANCY TAYLOR, MARY BOER, BETTY TANCIK, JEAN MEENGS. JANET CONROY, BARBARA LAWTON, LOUISE WARREN, MARY LOUISE HOOK, JACQUELINE PRIEBE. 7 j: ENGRACIA HAMMOND, ELEANOR IRWIN. Lois STEERE BEATTIE, MARY DELLE WEBER. DELTA XI ALPHA A Ipha XI activities, L ots of fun for all. P curing for alumnae teas, H aving our Christmas ball, A fter hours bridge games. X -tra work, but fun I n watching Alpha Xi football. D ad ' s week-end, seeing Hooky run. E ntertainment every way, L etting spirits go. T roubles downed by sisters gay, A sk an Alpha Xi. She ' ll know! 269 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rmt: CAROLYN CROSBY, NANCY SOMERS, JOY BUTTS, JOYCE KEENE, CONNIE KEEGAN, MARY JEAN WHITNEY, BEVERLY TRUESDELL, ANN WEAVER, MARGARET PELL, RUTH MARY NELSON. Second Row: LYNN SHINGLETON, MARILYN THISTED, NANCY CUPPLES, DOROTHY HIERONYMUS, RUTH ANN HANSEN. MRS. J. A. RUSSELL, MAXINE REID, President, SHURLEY ASH, Jo BELL. CAROLYN DOBSON, MARY ALICE REED. Third Row: PATRICIA ROSSITER. KATHRYN GEIGEN- HUELLER, JEANNE SCHREIBEH, ANNE GRAINGER. MARY LEE GALLAGHER, VIRGINIA BYERS, YVONNE LE Due, PEGGY GATES, BARBARA HANSEN. ANN COTTON. ROBIN McPHAiL, MARGARET STRAND. Fourth Row: WILMA WALLACE, MARY GRACE ALDRICH, JOYCE HOWARD, BARBARA HART. GRACIA WHITWORTH. RUTH MATTESEN, ROSEMARY OWEN, MARCIA LA SAGE, MARIANNE SINGLEH, CAROLE ANDERSON, JOAN KETLEHUT. Missiny: MARY KEEGAN. The Chi O ' s have had everything! Open houses after football games, a homecoming display that boasted moving parts (especially in a strong north wind), a Hallowe ' en party where the guests climbed a ladder to get into the house to be greeted by " ghastly witches, " men swarming over the second floor of the house on the Purdue week-end (Chi O fathers, of course), a dinner before Panhel Ball, a Thanksgiving basket for a needy Ann Arbor family, a formal Christmas dinner to which each girl brought a gift for a child in University hospital and a poem (?) to a sister Chi O, Mother ' s week-end, the spring pledge formal, and the annual Chi O picnic. Plus these the girls were in sports clubs and tourna- ments, Soph Cab and J.G.P., Daily, Garg, Ensian, Play Pro and more. In their spare time they glance at a book or two that ' s why they were second in scholarship among sororities. And if you don ' t believe us, just ask the man who ' s pinned to one. 270 CHI OMEGA The team in yellow shirts with blue scrolls is on the field. There ' s the kickoff at the Washtenaw Country Club in the merry, merry month of May. A team of twenty- seven new players is taking the offensive as the seniors are retired from active scrimmage. One junior is elected to serve as student referee. The team is coming out of the huddle determined to raise the score. Two sophomores go out of the game during the first half. During half-time Sorosi mix with their traditional rivals, Kappa Alpha Theta at the annual Mud Bowl. No score. One serious engagement at the beginning of the third quarter. Cap- tain Lutton with the support of the entire team carries the ball down the field to the IM building for the touch- down. The team and fans are dancing with delight. Then discussion with favorite faculty as to tactics for the kick. Tests on team abilities. Our training tells, and we come plunging through again! Sorosis has another smashingly successful season. Hurrah! COLLEGIATE SOROSIS LEFT TO RIGHT Front Raw: NANCY MYERS. DOLORES MRAS. MARCIA TUCKER, RUTH STEIN, JOYCE SIMPSON, MARCIA WILKENS. BARBARA MACCREADY.SUSAN WILSON. JEAN MARSON. NANCY EGGLESTON. Second Row: BARBARA- CARLSON. THELMA FIFE, MARY SHERWOOD. DOROTHY MEYER, BETTY TOURNQUIST, NANCY LTTTTON Pr.xidenl; JOANNE HOEY. JENNIE QUIRK. VIRGINIA MOORE. MARY JANE WHEELER. HOLLY HERZ. Third Row: MARGARET RYBURS. DOROTHY BOWERSOX. MARY MOORE. TRACY REDFIELD. JOAN ASCHENBRENNER. MARY WICKING. PRISCILLA BALL. PATRICIA RICH, NANCY BERGDAHL, ALICE RICHMOND. VIRGINIA FOWLER, Fourth Row: BETTY BAILEY, NANCY CUTTING. JOANNE KLEINERT, NANCY BOLLES. ROSALIE BROWN, SALLY SLOCUM. SALLY McBRiDE. MAHGOT WALSH, CYNTHIA BRUCE. ANN WARREN. A NX CLEARY . JEAN DICKIE, CAROL BRIGGS. 271 DELTA DELTA DELTA Dear Mom, This year at the Tri Delt house was better than ever! Football season was a hustle and bustle of open houses and listening parties. We won first place with our home- coming display, but lost 8-6 to the Pi Phi ' s in our annual Powder Bowl game. Although Dad told you how much he enjoyed being a " Tri-Pop " on Army weekend, I imagine he forgot to say that he was twenty minutes late Saturday night! I don ' t think I ' ll ever forget the wonderful mem- ories of Panhel and J-Hop or the Christmas puppet show which we gave underprivileged children at Christmas. J.G.P. was another " big event, " and you will always remember Mother ' s Weekend. It ' s too bad you ' re not here to sit in on our midnight serenades, help us win our football games, and meet the Michigan men at our pledge formal. You had fun in your day, but it ' s hard to imagine anything better than this year at Tri Delt. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: JUNE LAUFIN. JOAN KERR, GINGER ELLIS, PAT BREON, ANN FLITCRAFT, TURRY WELDEN, DOTTY WEBB, PAM STUMP, Lois BAM- BOROUOH. Second Row: DOROTHY Dow, BETSY GOEBEL, PHYLLIS BOHNSACK, SHIRLEY OSGOOD, MRS. FROST, BETSY STANTON. President: VIRGINIA CORRELL, MARY COHIN, RUTH CAMPBELL, AUDREY ROBINSON. Third Row: BARBARA QUAIL, SHIRLEY CRAWFORD, PEACHY KULL. PATTY JOY, NANCY MARIN, CYNTHIA SMITH, VALERIE LEMPER, JANE BUELL, CAROL NEILSON, MARY STONE, BARBARA DONLON, BARBARA AVERILL. Fourth Row: BARBARA KRAUSE, PAULINE KLECKNER, SALLY REED JANET DENHAU, GINGER Ross, PAT KEAST, CAROL CUMMINOS, ALICIA STEVENSON, NANCY BYRNES, ROBERTA CLABK. PAT SMITH. Missing: BARBARA MOLYNEATTX. 272 LEFT TO RIGHT front Row: PATTY GULLBERG. SALLY DONOVAN, SUE HEINEMANN, PATTY BAY, JANIE TOPPER, CHARLENE HILT, B. J. SCHMIDT. CHARLOTTE MATTHEWS, LANETTE SCHEAFFER, JOAN BADGLEY. MARTHA MARSHALL. Second Row: JEANNIE JOHNSON. MARILYN FLYNN, MARY DOOGE, MARY KAY THEURER, SUSIE PARKER. MRS. QTJINN. SALLIE STEVENS, President; SALLY " MITTS. BEATRICE JANE AUCH, BARBARA EVERETT, VIRGINIA ROBINSON. Third Row: JANE STANDIFORD. JUDY HARGER. ROSEMARY RINDGE. DORT THORN. PRUDENCE SAUNDERS, CAROL MARQUARDT. MARY Lou BEENAN, MARILYN BUELL, SALLY BOWEN, DOTTIE HESS, NANCY XOTXAGEL. Fourth Row: DEE JANUSCH. ANNE GALLERY, JAXET SHERZER, MARY TAYLOR. ROSEMARY WISE, MABY WATT, ISABEL RASH, FAITH ZEEUW, LOUISE RUTLEDGE. JEAN SCHUTT, ELAINE MADDEN, SUE SHAWAKER. JEAN HEXES. DELTA GAMMA Among the circled dates on the Delta Gamma calendar were the open house after each home football game. Manual labor came our way in the midst of the football season in the form of Home- coming display work, though the weather foiled our mechanical schemes. Another big event was a dinner previous to the Panhel Ball. Aside from studying, many of the sisters were active at the League, Soph Cab, J.G.P., and the Ensian. Be- fore going into hibernation during finals we had a last fling at our annual Christmas formal. The high points on the spring calendar were rushing the Michigras booth, our spring formal in honor of the pledges, Lantern Night, and Mothers ' Week End. Our initiation banquet was a great occasion, not only for the initiates, but for the girls who received house awards. In June the seniors had their annual Sunday on which they officially said good-bye. Now our calendar is finished for another year, and we look forward to another fall at the D.G. house. 273 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: PATRICIA REIVE, SALLY MURRAY, BARBARA COOK, MARIAN ROBINSON, BETTY OLIVER. Second Row: SARAH THRUHH, GEOHGINE VALLANCE, Lois KENNEDY, President; MRS. RUTH BUCK. JACQUELINE ZIPP, MARY HELEN KING. Third Row: KATHRYN CYBULSKI, MARY CLEMENT. PATRICIA ZERBY, BARBARA CUTLER, BEVERLY DUNN. CATHRINE MUHTHA, KRISTEEN RAMSAY. Fourth Row: BARBARA EATON, SUSAN WILCOX, BEVERLY GARRETT, MARILYN BEGOLE, JoANN BALL, SALLY DOHSE, EDITH TEWS. Missinu: JUDITH MACKENZIE, ELIZABETH MYERS. The Delta Zeta ' s returned to a newly decorated home on the hill across from the Arboretum last September. A thrilling football season with open houses and the traditional Homecoming display followed. Beverly Dunn was assistant chairman of Panhellenic Ball and the Delta Zeta ' s all turned out for the occasion. The days flew by and the holiday season arrived. Our Christmas Formal, caroling, and a party given by the Alumnae highlighted the festivities. Exams were soon over and the J-Hop provided a welcome relief before beginning the new semester. The seniors were honored at a hilarious party follow- ing JGP and a breakfast given at the end of the semester (with gifts for June brides-to-be). At the annual Rose Formal the best pledge received her bracelet. Our housemother, believing that too much studying makes Jill a dull girl, called time out between 10:30 and 11:00 during exams for a short relaxing snack in the kitchen. And so another year ended at 1824 Geddes with tear- ful farewells and promises to write. 274 DELTA ZETA In spite of a dearth of potential Phi Betes, Gamma Phi carried on in the traditional spirit. In doing so we went rustic on fall week ends and burned hot dogs and our fingers in the barbeque pit. At the Army game we celeb- rated in spite of the loss our best beaux were in town for Father ' s Week End . ' At Homecoming wecelebra ted again because we got out of the way before the display fell down. The holidays brought a rosy glow and determina- tion to " get something done " over vacation. We did get to a lot of parties! Finals were faced valiantly and we returned from J-Hop ready and waiting for the rushing period. The pledges loafed through the usual pledge period and got away with murder until those fatal days of initiation. Spring vacation came and went much too fast and as summer approached we sunned ourselves and crammed for finals at picnics and canoeing trips. We collected our post cards, calculated averages . . . and went out refreshed to seek a summer job. GAMMA PHI BETA LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: MARY Liz HIGBEE, PAT MCLEAN, PHYL FRASEH, MARG PRICE, Jo PATON, TINA HOFFMAN, PEGGY LAWWILL, BETTY PARMENTER. Second Ron:: JEAN HEIDGIN, EDITH LIVERMORE, JUDY JOHNSON. PAT READER, President; MRS. MARTHA C. SANFORD, CLAIRE WYATT, JANE HENDRIE, SHILA McCoMB, PAT SIBBERT. Third Row: JUDY JOHANNSEN, SUSAN MOEDINGER, ANNE GREENE, CAROL COLWELL, MARTY RENNIE, VIRGINIA BECKER. RUTH PARMENTER, BEV HOWKLL, MARGARET PIETZ, JOAN HHOOMFIKLD. MYRA NORTON. Fourth Row: JERI RICH, TOFSY WETZEL, NANCY TOWNSEND, JACKIE OLIVER, PAT LEWIS, VIVIAN FRAZIER, BARBARA JUNE SMITH, NANCY BEVERIDGE. MIDGE MINNIS, JOAX BEEIIAN, PEGGY VOEGLER, CAROL ANN MILLER. 275 KAPPA THETA ALPHA On the brisk and cheery morn of the Minnesota game, staunch and brave sisters donned their stunning (to say the least) football uniforms to battle Sorosis on the Mud Bowl gridiron. Garbed in their long black socks, jeans, and chic sweat shirts, the first and only Theta string faced their defiant opponents. Crowds cheered! Then a silence, a hush; the kick-off! Whoopsie a fumble! The next play the quarter back, with the ball tucked neatly under her scrawny arm, sneaked almost to the goal. A shrill whistle pierced the air. There we were, 30,000 feet above sea level, caught off-sides, illegal use of the hands, clipping, man in motion, holding, what else? The game had to be won! Again the whistle sounded. Our hearts leaped to our throats. Another penalty? No t ' was the conclusion. We had held them to the traditional toO- Cheers! Our class won the Bible. For further informa- tion concerning the enthusiastic activities of our girlies, consult the 1870 Michiganensian. MORAN, SHEILA PATTERSON, ' ANDY LONDES, SALLY GRESHAM, JOAN ELY, ELIEANN PATTERSON. 276 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rmr: Bull ORR. Knrr McKixLEY. HELEX WATT. JAXET CABS. JAXE BARKER. EDITH MARSH. Jo SMITH, ftcond Bov. CHARLOTTE WILL, A NX DEWnr. XORRDCE TAYLOR. MRS. HOLMES. LTDIA WILHELM. Prtndnt; BARBARA DILL. MART Lor SCAXLOX. JOYCE CLARK. Third Bar: JOAS BLOTT. MART JAKE LITTLE. DOROTHY DoKXnrcm, WAXDA WRIGHT. CHARLOTTE STOCCH. MABGABET Axx PRISE. VIRGISIA SWAXSOS. JOAS LESICTYXSKI. JEAX SCHROEDER. AUDREY GREXDAHL. F mrtk Bar: PATRICIA SLY. SHIRLEY DA YTDSOX. BEVERLY FITLLEKTOX. JEAX ABBOTT. JOHASSA LEOSHARD, JAKICE JAMES, NASCT WEED MAR- JO SCOTT. MARILTX HAMMER. HAIEL TARBELI ixt-- BETTY KOEBEL JEAX WERNIC. KAPPA DELTA The Kappa Delt ' s began the year by knitting an argyle sock, not two, just one sock thirty-feet long from toe to top. No, no one was pinned to Paul Bunyan. It was the center of our " Ar-gyle Sock ' Em " Homecoming display. The K. D.s were in the League, at the Daily and, of course, occasionally in classes. We had representatives in Wyvern, Mortar Board, and Phi Beta Kappa. The Kappa Delta house was the focal point for many social activities: a tea for our new house- mother, alumnae open houses, our annual Christ- mas dance, and our traditional Christmas dinner. Spring term brought J-Hop, rushing, our pledge formal, and parties, pinnings, engagements, and serenades. And throughout the year we had: the inescapable hangings of our new furnace, the after- hour snacks with Mrs. Holmes in the kitchen, in- terminable song practices trying to make colora- turas out of monotones, at least one or two weeks without compulsory house meetings, a siege with , the pneumonia virus, and other similar monsters. 277 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: JACQUELINE BROERMAN. ARLENE LANGE, DORIS BUSER, MARY POWERS. BETTE SWANSON, DIANE FAULK, MARILYN COLLINS, ILEANA LINDH. GARY HIGLEY, MARTHA BRYANT. Kerond Row: ROSEMARY FREHSE, BETSY BOUSFIELD, BARBARA RIDGWAY, JEANNE LANGE. HELEN GIRDLED. Prtsvtmt; MRS JOHN OWEN. BETTY Jo FAULK, CAROL SCHNEIDER, MARY RIGGS, JOAN FAST. SIDNEY STECK. Third Row: SUE DWAN. MARY MULLER. ANN GLOVER, JAN DKWKY. SALLY GOODYEAR, BARBARA RISING, SUE WILSON. HARRIET BROWN, DIANA THORP, CECILY WADE, NANCY CLAAR, ALICE KITTS, NANCY WATKINS, JAN WILLIAMS. Fourth Row: POLLY HODGES, BARBARA WALKER, MARY WELCH, MARIANNE SWANSON. PHOEBE GOOD, JERI MULSON. MARY Jo McCoRMicK, GINNY BAUER. ROSE- MARIE POKORNY, NAN HDBACH, MARILYN STONE, NANCY SANDERS, BEBE LIVELY, SARAH McHALE, BETSY VIAL. Kappa memories are many this year: first our traditional Dad ' s Weekend with our Dads as dates . . . Homecoming brought with it " Minnie- Sodas " and many tired but happy Kappas . . . Panhel Ball . . . caroling with the SAE ' s . . . Our Christmas formal with the DG ' s ... In the spring the " weenie " roast and barn party at Gleaner ' s . . . Mothers ' Weekend . . . the pledge formal to honor our new initiates . . . and all the memories of Senior dinner, serenades and trips to Whitmore to sail or swim. But with these memories come those too of the fun we had in activities . . . Soph Cabaret . . . J.G.P. . . . Senior Night . . . winning a hard fought for Swimming Cup . . . sport clubs . . . and the great excitement when Wyvern, Scroll and Mortarboard tapped in the spring. Yes, the year 1949-50 will be a long remembered one for the Kappas, for though we ' d rather forget the hectic bluebooks, term papers and cramming for finals, we shall always remember the fun of reminiscing in gab sessions, dreaming of graduation, and all the other memories of another terrific year! 278 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA " PI PHI ' S ARE WE " " Though Michigan tied for the Conference goal. The Pi Phi ' s went to the Powder Bowl, And walloped the Tri-Delts, eight-six the score. Our fathers cheered, then cheered some more. Ve opened the house after each game, Had lots of food, we hope you came. Third place at Homecoming was precipitated By a display both modern and antiquated. A : electric and Buick formed the core). We ' ve also had formals, pledge dances and more. .% rushing was hectic, we did without rest, But our brand-new pledge class is one of the best. The studying, new friends, the monkey shines, Activities, parties, the shared good times, And all the new members of the corps Have made this vear better than ever before. PI BETA PHI I-E} T TO RIGHT Front Rov: BARBARA Cues. BARBARA GEKHOU. GALE HUNTING-TON. JANET MARSHALL. SARAH EDWARDS. KATHEB.INE EVANS. GRETCHEN Rices VIRGINIA CAMPBELL. JOYCE ATCHISON. -omrf Row. HELEN HUBBARD. JOANNE CHAPEL. SHELDA RYBURN. ADELAIDE KLINGBEIL. MARJOHIE HEHN. president; MART Lou ASPLIN. ELAINE XAGELVOOBT. XASCT MERRIAM. MARY JANE SHAEFFER. Tkird Row: NANCY CHAPEL, PATRICIA DAY. MARY MAGCIBE. XASCT LIST. ELLEN VAN WAGONER. CHRISTINE BOOMER. PAULINE ZIMMERMAN VIRGINIA STODDARD. BETTY SNYDER. Fourt Rov: SALLY STRAPS. BETTY ADAMS. XANCY ERICS E. ANNE GILBERT. JANET PARKER. MARGARET BLACKTORD. BARBARA RIGCO. Jo ANN GRILL, DOROTHY BLOMQUIBT, ABBY FUNK. NANCY CARTER, ELEANOR HEWITT. 279 SIGMA DELTA TAU To pass, or not to pass; that is the question. Whether tis more profitable to drink beer at the P-Bell, or to Labor with Haber is something only Woman ' s Judic can decide. To study; to sleep. No more football season ' s started. And by losing two games to say we end the football streak and the glory we are heir to. T ' was a shock to be avoided. To date, to sleep to sleep? Rushing has started. Ay, there ' s the rub. For out of that hectic period what! Pledges will come. For there ' s the group that makes for perpetua- tion, alleviation and osculation. Who shall forget the whips and scorns of homecoming judges, the pangs of disprized love, the rules disobeyed, the insolence of profs. To grunt and sweat over the midnight oil, the dread of that " some- thing " after finals, the unanswered questions, those blue- books to which no student returns. Thus graduation makes alums of us all. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: EDITH ZICKERMAN. JOYCE GOLOBE, PHYLLIS KULICK, ENID FRANK, RUTH ECKSTEIN, FAYNE MYERS, LUCILLE GOLDSTO.NK Mi SHERMAN. Second Row: JEAN SARASON, JOYCE BRISKMAN, SYLVIA HABER, BOOTS KALLMAN, MRS. FEDER. ESTHER SKLAR. President; ANNETTE WALDMAN, JOAN WIL- LENS. SUSAN FRIEDMAN Third Row: SHIRLEY ZUCKERMAN, RHONA MORRISON, NOMMIE ADLER. JEAN IOLAUER, LEE BENJAMIN, RALLE KAMENS. BETTY SHAI-IRO, JOY ROSENFELD, HARRIET SlLEP, BARBARA NURENBEHO. Fourth Row: SALLY HECHTMAN. BEVERLY BARON, MARILYN MlLLER, DlANE LlQHTSTONE, LYN RUDOLPH, MARY ANN COOPER, SANDRA KIRK, SUZANNE LIST, ROBERTA HASAN, TULANE ITKOFF. 280 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rnr: MABY E, Wcraaca. PATBICIA A. Dtrsiap. JOAX KABXEB. DOBOTHY ZAVELL. JAXZ VASSIBE, MABY TUBXEB. SttnndRo BEVERLY LJVMnjKKAM. MABTHA JEAX MEBAXDA. fVmrfaC MBS. AGXE G. WILLIAMS. SHIRLEY MABIE SCTJJYAS. MABY E. STREEPER. Tkird Bar: NOBYXE MORGAN- R. ALOISE CHAMPOCX. JOYCE HALE. EBXA S. FBTTI. JOSE EXCEL. Jnnre MOEHLMAS. ELIKABETB DELLA-MOBETTA. Fowrfk Kir: HELEN K. MEK.AXDA. MARIAN BEIW LORA FHAXKLIK. ELIIABETB GATIS VIBGISIA A. WILOOI, MABGABET BBEWEB. BARBARA JOHSSOK. HELEN M. WOOD. MARILI N REED. ELIZAEETB FBENCH. ROSEMABY SE JCIN, JOAN LEVT. BEVERLY PALMER. ZETA TAU ALPHA Located strategically at 826 Tappan, Zeta Tau Alpha has had to endure many sleepless nights because of the singing of the Psi U ' s, the music of the Sig Ep band, and assorted turtles, snakes, and octopuses found in our beds. These things, plus an " Apple Polishing " Tea for the faculty, Parents ' Day Dinner, Mothers ' Day dinner before the Panhel Ball, and our Christ- mas and Pledge dances will be lasting memories. And how could we forget getting up at three in the morning to put up our Michigan Merry- Go-Round Homecoming display? When the Yuletide season arrived, it found the Zetas having caroling parties and snowball fights before classes. Ve had several needy children as guests at our Christmas dinner and held a party for them after dinner at which Santa Claus gave them gifts. The spring semester found the scholar- ship rivalry in the house won by the second floor. In addition to the social whirl we were active in Gilbert and Sullivan, J.G.P., Soph Cab, Ruth- ven Teas, sports, academic clubs, and W.S.S.F. 281 FRATERNITIES DICK MORRISON, VICE-PRES. JAKE JACOBSON, PRESIDENT STAN CRAPO, SEC.-TREAS. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL President Jacobson and vice-president Morrison consult with committee members (left to right) Jim Moran, George Cherpelis, Pete Johnstone and Dave Leddick. All council action is organized well in advance. Lj 284 IFC committee members register rushees twice every year prior to fall and spring rushing. Office work consists partly of mimeographing IFC material. Commenting on the Yearbook being planned by Bob Vogt are (left to right) John Purvis, Bruce Sodee, Richard Ferrara. The Interfraternity Council stepped forward during the year with a series of innovations on the usual council schedule. In addition to coordinat- ing fraternity group activities, a publications committee was added to the group of central committees. The Newsletter was published bi-monthly and a yearbook planned. A talent show was sponsored as a means of recruiting talent for the IFC Christ- mas party. Finalists from the show then entertained Ann Arbor children at the party given them by the IFC at Hill Auditorium. 285 Dick Ferrara discusses the data concerning Faculty Affiliations with the coordinating com- mittee: George Cherpelis; Ben Gates, Chairman; Bud Ely, and Bruce Sodee. I. F. C. ACTIVITIES The Interfraternity Council Key is awarded to committee men after a training period. 286 Jim Moran (seated on left) Editor of the IFC Newsletter, prepares copy with staff members Dick Tinker, Dave Leddick, George Qua, and Dick Johnson. Our name is well known on campus because it always appears first in the Michiganensian. In 1932 Acacia won the Intramural Horseshoe Pitching Championship. Though we have practiced all kinds of pitches since then, we have been unable to win any more athletic contests. We have potential campus wheels too. However they have never quite realized their kinetic energy as it is all ex- pended in rolling up and down Geddes hill. Like all true fraternity men, we love a good song. We only 7 wish we could sing one. We have 50 reasons to believe we can ' t. For example, our egos were recently dampened when a sorority we serenaded showered us not with kisses, but with cool, clear water. We were caught studying last year, and as a result had to accept and keep polished a three- foot high Pledge Scholarship Trophy. But our shame did not end here. The actives got eager . . . and wound up in second place in fraternity scholarship ranking. Chacun a son gout. ACACIA LEFT TO RIGHT Front ffoir.- JIM DOUGLAS. JERKY DBS JARDINS. GAT VAX OTTEREK. GEORGE WALTERS. NEIL MAKSHLL, TED COLLIAU. JIM MARTIN, LARBT SWLLT Ton COBSACT. , ' ffcoiui Ror: DAVE STREMMEL. HOWARD WEBB. TED BBOWNELL. LAHBY GIBTON. PAUL BBEVTLINGEB, DICK CAMPBELL Prctvimt- PHIL SMITH. DAVE OLSON. AL MILLEB. HEBB NEIL. Tkird Rov: PA n. CAMPBELL. RON WATTS. RAY TITTLE. BCD WILLIAMSON. BILLCOITES PETE HUJ. BILL ZABKOSKY TED SMITH, BILL PAULSON. MEL STEWART. BCD STBOCT. Faitrtit Rov: WALT BEARD. WAYNE LEENGBAN KEN SWORDS, BUD FORSBEBG, JOHN HOYT DICK OSBORNE KEITH XEAB. CnrcK WALLI. DON MAC-GBEGOB. BILL CLOON. BILL WILCOX.. AL SCHOEBGEB. Muamn: ARCHIE LCBECK, BOB HADDEN, KEN CLARK. BILL WTXN. JIM REAGEN. SKIP ROSE, JIM GLIDDEN, MILES LETTS. DAN Dow, WALT CONRAD. RICH HALL, OTTO STROBEL. 287 ALPHA DELTA PHI The fall semester saw the brothers assembled once again at the chapter house to immediately depart for the Pretzel Bell. Having thus established permanent residence, we proceeded to conduct ourselves in keeping with the high standards keenly sought by the University officials, and succeeded in so doing until the first football game. It was seen then that innumerable extracurricular activities would soon conflict with the standards. Our constant fear of statutes, both state and national, concerning co- habitation still plagued us. Albert still strived to keep our bodies and souls joined with peanut butter and spaghetti. The chapter diligently applied many hours to the beautifi- cation of our estate only to see our Homecoming display totally annihilate the front lawn. Our French war orphan has invited his fathers to visit him, and the chapter may transfer allegiance from the P-Bell to the Cl ub de St. Germain Des Pres in Paris. Our scholastic achievements were disappointing this year because our members ' thirst for knowledge occupied them in research and away from their studies. 288 LEFT TO RIGHT MARTIN SINGER. " rt i ?ir IHEN. BSOK. ' ramt ROIF: ROBERT SWIMMER. IBVINC BARILL. ROBEBT ELKTN, SANFORD COHEN, MARSHALL SILVERMAN RICHABD WEINSTEIN EBWIN Co d Ror: ROBEBT ERNSTEIN, JESSE CBELL. NORMAN AMER. MELVTN REINHABT, PAUL NEUFELD. GOBDON GBOSSMAN, President ' : IRA JACOBS , J-EYMOUB GORDON. DAVID SOHK. COXRAD GOODS. RICHABD OsER. Tkird Row: LEON STEBN. LACBENCE GHAT. ABTHT SCHNEIDER. DONALD BACHRACH C;ERLD BRArER STANLEY MHJJIAN. JACK BEBIOS. PHILIP CHANAN. ALLAN SILVER. IBWIX K.ALLMAN. ALLAN KBASS. FourtJi Rov: ROBEBT S CHS MORTON GOTTESMIN MABSH.AII. WEIS . STEVEN BBESLAC. RECBEN ROZEMBEBQ. SAMUEL XAGEL. THEODOBE SIMON. ALAN BBETTBABT, JOEL HAMBUBGEB CALVIN KATI MILTON r i iN Mitting: LAWBENCE GREENE. ALPHA EPSILON PI The Omega Deuteron Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity was organized on the campus under the name of the Omega Deuteron Club in October, 1948. During the required period of probation, the Club participated in the Independent League Sports program, where it garnered first place in the swimming championships and finished fifth in competition for all sports. On September 17, 1949, the club was installed as the Omega Deute- ron Chapter, the fifty-third Alpha Epsilon Pi chapter. The fraternity was organized at New York University on November 7, 1913, for the purpose of " inculcating and promoting deep- seated friendship; to encourage truthfulness, honesty, and courage; to inaugurate a healthy spirit of co-operation and helpfulness; to create a better understanding amongst our fellow men, with a view to vigorously participating in uni- versity, college, and general social activities to the mutual advantages of all concerned. " These founders had the true fraternity spirit, and in the development of a brotherhood exemplifying the above creed, they succeeded far beyond their fondest dreams. 289 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: LAYLIN JAMES, BOB HERMAN, G NE RENNER, TOM ' ARBEDIAN, BOB PROCHASKA. MERT HUGHES, " Si ; " 50 AND LOYKH RUBA . JOE LYNCH, DIGGER O ' DELL, BOB TESSMER. BOTTLE BEERS, HANK FRANCE, FRED MUENCH. Second Roir: JOHN LEWIS, TAXI McWooo, DUKE GANNON. CARL BIE- SER, ROG VANDYKE. JACK HEAPHY, President; DITCH ERBEN, TWIG JACOBSON, QUACK BAUM. BOOPSIE GIERSON, BILL BLACK. BILL REID. Third Row: DICK BRANDKN- -n IN. KING BRIDGEMAN, JOHN SPINDLER, SPIDER WEBB, ORA DRESSER, HUMPHREY COOMBS, CYCLE JOHNSON, CURLY REISMAN, BILL HENBERSON, HARRIET DUNN, MANGLER SMITH, CARL AICHELE, Russ PRICE, ED YORK, Louis DANIEL. Fourth Row: BRUCE NELSON, BOB JERMSTAD, LETHAL AL MILLER, ALEX STOLLER. BILL BACHTEL, LEW SLEEPER, ROCKS LEEVER, SLEEPY ROBERTS, BOB KNEVELS, JIM BAGNALL, JIM WESTROPE. KARL HOENEKE, V. M. MOON, BOB KOPKA, FRANZ HUBER. Another year ends, and sixteen Alpha Sigs are ready to close their books and turn in their door keys. Will we ever forget Jake Jacobson ' s Party PartyBook, or John Baum ' s and Don Coombs ' ink fight? Why did Bill Bachtel go to California to pin a girl from Ohio? And Dick Brandenstein made us appreciate steward Rog VanDyke ' s meals by taking our monthly checks. Al Johnson ' s legs show the results of his motorcycle journeys. Speaking of legs: remember sitting in the end zone watching Bob Erben line up for the kick-off. The Indiana game brought condolences for George Rubay who had to walk to the game. Many times we faced either attending one of Bill Moon ' s parties or following Carl Bieser ' s ex- ample and trying for a 4.0. Hank Hughes and Jack Heaphy leave with Bruce Nelson, whose " swan dive " over the bannister enlivened the Christmas party. Ray Webb ' s loss of memory at his serenade as to his girl ' s room, Bob Tessmer ' s fine job in rearing pledges all this is history. ALPHA SIGMA PHI 290 Pictured here are 59 members of the Alpha Tau Omega Study Club. Sixteen members are not in the picture be- cause they were taking blue books when the photographer came. They were working hard trying to maintain our high position on the Dean ' s list. The ATO Study Club was founded September 11, 1865, by a group of ex-GI ' s at VMI. The Michigan Beta Lambda chapter was estab- lished December 8, 1888, when it was noticed that the campus had a need for more ' A ' students. There are now 106 chapters. The present ATO study hall, located on Cambridge Road, was erected in 1929 because the General Library was too noisy for concentration. But too much work will dull a good student ' s mind, so once each year the ATO ' s have a party. This year we planned two parties, but couldn ' t rent the dance hall in South Bend, so we studied instead. Once each year we paint big black feet on President Ruthven ' s sidewalk. We also play volley- ball. ALPHA TAU OMEGA LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: MIKE SERVICE. BOB BEATTY, TOM CHENOT. HAHHY BURR. BILL KEELER, DWIGHT YFNCENT, Jm ARMSTRONG. CONNIE NELSON. TED HANEB. TED KAHMAZIN. Strand Ratr: D. ROGER BROWN. PAUL ANDERSON, PAUL BERNASS, BOB HERHUSKT. JOHN VINCENT LENKOWSKI. WORTHY SCRIBE, DAVE MABTIX. DOUG SINN, President; MOE ALLEN. CHUCK STINSON. JACK MARTIN. TOM BBOWN. BOF KELLEY. Third Row PAUL MCCRACKEN. PAT Ross, TOM DOBNAN. SUM HOWARD. PAUL SMITH. JACK WATERS. BOB SMITH. BOB HUNT, MOOSE NORTNESS, JACK HUCKINS, DON HOEXTEB. DICK SMITH. DICK FRANK. TOM COATES BLAIB FILLER. JIM GOLDAMMEB. Fourth Row: DICK HENDRIAN. GRANDLAND Am. BOB WARNER. LEITH LECLAIR. HUGH QUINN. JOHU ERASER, MILT HANDORF. DAVE CHAMBERLAIN. HERB AILES. GENE ROTH. BOB DINGMAN. BOB VEDDER. RICK RANDALL, AL DAU. F iflh Roir: MIKE CRATER. BOB WISMER, LARRY MCCONACHIE, J. J. DAT. BILL EGGLESTON. DAVE CORBETT, JOHN MATHESON. STAN BUJNOWSKI. RAY CULVERS. BILL DCNLOP. I. DANA DLCAH. DICK FARBER, BILL GRANT, ROG HILARIDES, PETE KLEINPELL MATT MANN III, JOE PHEECE. BILL SHEHAN. MERT SHIELDS. GIL SMITH, GOHDY SMITH. JOHN STAP, RAY VALLEY. 291 BETA THETA PI Jammed into one of the more luxuriant rooms in our beautiful ultra-modern chapter house, we find . . . the Betas. Our boys live comfortably at Michigan for we feel that too much scholastic endeavor can enshroud our delicate minds in mental stultification. The fact that we are above a 2.4 should not in any way mislead the student body as to our real accomplishments in the field of social attainment. Probably our greatest accomplishment this year was the installation of a new Beta chapter at MSC. We feel that a chapter at State will help us to further in- crease our horde of trophies, sheepskins, and blankets which we win from our other chapters by wagering upon the outcome of football games. Thanks to the work of Crisler and Oosterbaan, our chapter house is beginning to resemble Macy ' s basement. " Jiggs " (crouched in the first row), is our campus represen tative and social- relations expert. We are proud to say that he has sniffed at the very foundations upon which this university is built. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Roic: BRUDE FORMAN. CHUCK CLIPPERT, PHIL WEBB, TOM THIRLBY, MARTY FLYNN. DAVE PRESTON, BOB KERRY, flrconrt Ron- STONE- WALL JACKSON DAN HILL TOM TRIMBLE, CHUCK PENHALIGAN, DON PURDY, PHIL JOHNSTON, BOB PATTON. Ep WOOLEY. WARREN LULL. Third Roir: WALLY ATCHI SON, JIM PEEPER, Bon DEBOER, BOB SCHOPPS. J. WOODWARD RENNIE, CHUCK CAMPBELL, President; CHUCK WHIPPLE, HANK R. CHIEF, JOHN KLAI-. FRANK DRAKE. Fourth Row BOB McKAY DAVE RICE DUANE DEEM, JOHNNIE JOHNSON, DICK TARNUTZEH, DAVE SHOOT. HAL HARRINGBONE. BAAK YARDS, OKORGE CAMPBELL, HOPE DIMOND, MAL FUNCTION, CHAS. JOHNSTON, BOB DOMINO, JIM MITCHELL. Fifth Row: TOM VAN VOORHIS, ROLLY HAYDEN. DON JUAN, GREEK TEMPLE, ERNIE ANDERSON, JACK CLARK, CROOK KAHGES, DON HOLCOMB, ART MEIER, JACK KWAUSE. JOHN BARKER, OLLIE WILLIAMS, E. KNAPP. 292 LETT TO RIGHT Front Rev: GLENS OSGOOD. ED KCIVIKEK. MILT GOETZ. DAVE SEBALD. NEIL ROBERTSON. JIM BUSH. BOB KELLY, JACK MATHES. Strand R nr: NORMAN SPENCER, HEHB SPENCE. ROGEB VAUGHN, BILL WALLACE, JIM ROBERTSON. Prtsidfitt; CAW. VLBRIOK. BOB TAVLOB. JACK THOMAS. HOWARD ROODYOETS. BILL TERIZIA. Tkinl Ktnr: GEOBGE FLOBJDAS. TOM GOHTON. BILL SELTZER. ED BLUM. JERHT GOODING. JACK HENSEK. CHUCK ASBURY, CHUCK HAMILTON. KIP SADUEH BEX PEDERBON. ED GRENKOSKI. JOHN PURBELY. FovrtM Rav: TOM STENGELIN. Dorc SCOTT. DIGORY McEwAN. PAUL HOKE. DON HALL. BOB BCNN. DICK H ELMRLCK. TOM YOUNG, JOE HAZELETT. BOB BRA UN, JOHN PlCARD. BlLL JOHNSON. GARY BuHBOW. DlCK CARLSON, WARREN SpALDING. Uiftimg: JACK PIETZ. BOB HAEFNER. CARL BRUNSTING. JACK TANKER. CHI PHI As can be seen in the above picture the Chi Phi ' s exemplify the highest traditions of Fra- ternal Purity. Of all the fraternities on campus, none has a better reputation than Chi Phi for cooperation with the authorities. In order to maintain that reputation, Chi Phi decided not to have any parties the first semester. It was the opinion of the brothers that in this way the fra- ternity would be free of any accusations of riotous living. Not only was the party schedule cancelled, but all other forms of extracurricular activities were discontinued. The Chukker Club no longer held its usual Friday afternoon meetings at Ye Olde London Chop House, and the Xeedlecraft Group abandoned organization altogether. A new regime of " Work, For the Night Is Coming " was put into action. To avoid being condemned as drudges, however, the brothers decided to have a few conservative parties during the second semester. This arrangement, we feel, represents the perfect balance between the scholastic and social aspects of Fraternity life. 293 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: PHILIP KELLEV, WARNER PFLCG, JOHN LUNDEN, ROBERT COLEMAN, ROHKKT I.-KUF I:L. EDWARD LAITNER, THOMAS ROTH, JOHN KAUSCH. Second Row: WILLIAM RYBURN, JAMES SMITH, ART CHRSTENSEN, THOMAS OSBOHN, HAMMOND BERRY, FREDERICK PHISTER. RICHARD RANNEY. ROGER WELLINGTON. Third Row: LEE GILL, BYRON PARSHALL, JOHN McCoRMicK, RICHARD LEASIA, ROBERT KEISER, President; DAVID MURRAY, JAMKS DEREMO, MAYNARD NEWTON, WILLIAM KIRK. Fourth Roir: DANIEL BUHLINGAME, DUANE GALE, CHARLES KOLB, PETER VAN BOVEN, DONALD MACKAY, DONALD MC!NTOSH, FREDERICK PICKARD, CLIFFORD DOLAN, RICHARD EVANS. KELLY NEWTON. Fifth Row: HARRY MILES, HENRY GASSMANN, FRANK EDERLE, WILLIAM KINDLEY, JOHN BANZHAF. JOHN HEADINGTON, GEORGE McKEAN, ARTHUR HENRIE, Louis HAMPER, DONALD O ' CONNELL, JAMES LEHAN. Missing: ROY NELSON, BILL PARSHALL. IRV LAWRANCE. Conforming to the exact letter of the 2.4 ruling, Alpha Epsilon of Chi Psi finally realized the true value of education and pursuit of knowledge. The brothers devoted every night to academic endeavors. However, realizing that " all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy " , we invited Jack to either join us at Van Boven ' s lecture on Numismatics or else be sent off. How Can We Forget: 1. The towering animated Homecoming display? 2. The numberless practices that made our foot- ball team unbeatable? 3. Our playful romps with Rum, the cheerful mascot? 4. Our sumptuous Friday noon banquets- chipped sardines, creamed kumquats, and dates. 5. Breakfast in bed J-Hop morning chipped sardines, creamed kumquats, and dates. 6. Father ' s and Mother ' s Day dinners chipped sardines, come again ! How can we forget the pangs of leaving Ann Arbor? No Pain ! 294 CHI PSI From the house on the hill comes cheerful news for past and present members of Delta Chi. The year began with a rousing party after the Michigan State game. The Delta Chi ' s next job was rushing with the addition of twenty- five pledges. Homecoming left the house slightly dizzy, but Hugh Benedict was his usual efficient self and re- paired the damages. Vice-president Nick Oliver slept through the morning-after-the-night-before festivities, but President Cooper Matthews reported that he was in good hands. At the Christmas Ball members and their dates had a " dry " , but definitely interesting time. The house secretaries, Hal Gibbons and Bill Matheson, have been an ever present source of information on " wha hoppened " in meetings this year, which helped " big Jim Cape " , who was so busy guarding the door that he couldn ' t hear what was going on. The new atmosphere of East Hill can be explained by the new house pet, a genuine, se-lect, imported SKUNK! Needless to say, things at Delta Chi are looking up. DELTA CHI LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rov: REYNOLDS CAHDES, STAN-LEY ZIMASTBAD. ROBERT HASTINGS. WLLIAM BREWER. PHILIP EMBURY, JAMES SUTHEH. ROBERT JEBOME. Secamd Rov: DONALD PGTTMA. DANEPUEDO. JOHN SIYEB, ALLEN CAELESON, PATRICK CARNEY. WALTER DOBBS. EDWARD VIDIAN. KENNETH SANTEE, HENBY ROSE. Tkird Bar: DCANE C. XrECHTEBLiEN, DAVID CCNNINGS. LOT S. WESTON, HAKOLD M. GIBBONS. LLOYD R. OLIVER. COOPER W. MATTHEWS. Prefidfni; JOHN C. CONBOY. WILLIAM MATHESON, EAKL KLETT, JAMES J. JAMIESON. JAMES CAPE. Fnwth Rov: WILLIAM VANDEBWEBP, GEORGE KING, ROGEB NOORTHACK, LEONARD WHITE RICHABD REED. KENNETH E. RALPH. DONALD Peso. STANLEY PINEL. HUGH L. BENEDICT. JAMES BAMBBOUGH. HENRY WINCHESTEB. Fiflii Rov: JAY J PEASE JOHN HABMS. LCTHEB RCDOLPH. EDWARD CASHDJ. HCHT DE MEHITT. A. EDWARD SIYMANSKI. HAROLD WARD, GENE KIDDON. JOHN R. BABNES, CLAUDE BASSINNE. R. ROBEBT ROGERS. JIM WILLIAMS. RAY SNIDEB. Mining: BILL STB.ICKER. 295 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON The well-known leaf has been turned, and the DKE ' s are now the Purity League of Ann Arbor. Our house on Geddes Hill makes a fine vantage point to observe the activities in the Arboretum, as well as unseemly goings-on on the lawns of the campus in the spring. We mean to let nothing go on anywhere nohow at this here University that our own mothers wouldn ' t approve. Maybe it ain ' t fun, but it ' ll do you good! We placed a spyglass in the cupola when we moved back to the house in the spring semester, and also laid plans for a thought control system to be applied to the pledge class. We have a new house rule of no women at any time, and we have even made it verboten for a beer van to pass in front of the house, making it necessary for them to detour through the back yard. Delta Kappa Epsilon is determined to be " physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight " . 296 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rav: PETEB WOOD, SAMITEL REPSHEH, ROGER HAMMER. EUTH COCOVES, DONALD VAN EENNAM. GEBALD HARDY, VAHE KENADJIAN. Strtnut Rov: SAMTEL DEYO, JAKES DANE, GEORGE BURBACH, HABVEY FBCEHACF, President; MILTON HEATH. DONALD DE RIES. VINCENT STCDER. JOHN HAYES. Tkird Rov: WILLIAM ALBBECHT. JOHN FORBES. DENTON FITZGERALD GEBALD SIMPSON. CABL RAIBS. BENTLEY CBANE, BCBTON PEBBY. VERNON BBYANT. FREDERICK TAYLOR. RICHARD WAGNER. ROWE STEELE. FovrfJi Rov: HOWARD CAMFIELD. WILLIAM PALMER, KENNETH HTTRLJN, PAUL NOBTH, ALLAN LAWSON. HOWABD MOHDUE, FBED WILMER. HENRY .STKICKEB. CHARLES OLSON. ROBERT MOOBE. DELTA SIGMA PHI This fall Alpha Theta of Delta Sigma Phi moved into a new house located on the outskirts of Ypsilanti, 2009 YVashtenaw, with a wonderful view of the Detroit River. Throwing care to the winds, the boys invited a woman into the house shortly after school started. She liked it so well that Delsy has stayed for the past two semesters. The social season proved to be a busy one for all Delta Sig ' s. The traditional Carnation Ball came off in great style, and we were able to escape University authorities by holding all of our parties in East Lansing. Our Homecoming display didn ' t win any prizes, but it was the only one higher than the fraternity house. Set up in a high wind and driving rain, it took 760 Ibs. of high tension cable to support it. This only added to the Delta Sigs reputation for doing the unusual. Most of our alumni wish we were dead, but we keep smiling. Maybe by this time next year they ' ll be speaking to us, though we doubt it. 297 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: MAJOR. Second Row: VAN MONBOE, HAL RUMBLE, NORM GOECKEL, JACK BAY, JACK WAIDLEY, DAN CAIN. Third Row: DOUG MOONEY DICK LEWIS JOHN McCoNNELL, DICK TINKER, JOHN LEE, TOM SAWYER, JIM McKiM. BOB BAY, CHUCK ADAMS. Fourth Row: DICK GENTHE, JERRY VAN SYOC BOB SHETLER DICK SEXTON, DICK BOHL, DALE DHOLLINGER. KEN BAY, JIM BURK, President; BILL MENACHER, DICK MORRISON. GIL SCHUBERT. Fifth Row: DICK BROOKS BOB HIGBEE JIM WIMSATT, BOB CARPENTER, BOB MORRISON, HAL HANSEN, BILL OHLENROTH, TONY MONTAGANO. DICK LEE, BRUCE HUFFMAN, BOB ISAACSON, BRAN FANNING, TOM CLARKE, LARRY DOOHTTLE. Sixth Row: ED AMBROSE, JOHN RYDER, BILL MATHEWS, JOHN OSMUNDSEN,,TOM GORTON, CHUCK KELLY, BILL STRAUSS, PETER PALMER, BILL BALGOOYEN, DANA LEMLER, JIM REESE, JOHN PURVIS, BILL CRUISE. Missing: HANK SCHMIDT, ROD LANG, JOHN BARTLEY, AND 1929 TROPHY CUP. " Mr. President, I do not want to appear to unduly magnify a trivial incident, but I was in- formed . . . that while I was engaged in debate . . . one of my friends on the other side took the liberty to cross over and, unknown to me, to take out of my pocket a little bottle and to uncork it and smell it and then replace it. It was something of a liberty, but friends can sometimes take those liberties and I have no grievance ... In view of the fact that my habits are well known, I might pass the incident without notice, but to prevent the sending off of distorted and untruthful reports I merely wish to say that I have been suffering for three or four days with an ulceration of the throat, and I have here some boric acid and I have been gargling with it; that is all. " CONGRESSIONAL RECORD FEBRUARY 25, 1904 298 DELTA TAU DELTA 1949-1950 D.U. TRANSC RIPT Course Hours Grade Homecoming Suggestive Display 2 A we won ! Campus Politics 2 C Played it cool. B.M.O.C. ' s 3 B ] Brandy. Scholarship 1 2.40 Just made it. Athletics 4 B Big Supporters. Parties 4 D " D " . . . for Dry! Activities 2 A Active Picnics 3 B B-R! Social Service 1 C Faculty dinners. J-Hop 4 A A hopping good time Exchange dinners 4 A . . . No comment! 30hrs. 72 pts. DELTA UPSILON 2.40 average LEFT TO RIGHT Promt Bar: BRANDY. Strand fioir.- GEORGE YERKES. BILL WHJTFIELD, DICK HOLLOWAY, JOHN CHIPMAN, FBED THOMPSON. Jm PARKER. Third Rov PHIL BRUMBAUGH. ARNOLD GOWANS, JOBS McCLOT, Jm KELLOGG. Jin WHITE. DAN BILLINGSLEY, MORGAN RAMSAY. Prmdtnt: RALPH PETERSON. GENE BUD FIWL, BOB BURKE. FowtA Row: CHUCK BAILIE. BRYAN HARRY. Ben ELY, ROGER VOGEL. ED PARKER. WIN CRAWFORD, WARREN DWYER. BOB JENKINS. BILL PHOIOPOW, DICK POOLE. DON CALHOCN, MAURICE PERKINS, DOUG WLNTEBS. MAHT TWEEDIE. Firt Row: EMERY BCTSCH, BILL CONNOLLY. DON ATSSLEY. CAL SHCPTRINE. AL ANDERSON. JIM STALKER, LEE BARTHOLOMEW, BUD REEME, BOB KNODE, JOHN BBUMBACGB. DA J SAYT.ES, BOB WAHDLE, BILL SCHULTZ, BILL HOLE. BOB JOHNSON. BOB WINSTON. MARVIN WIKSTON, DICK MANDEVILLE. BILL MC!NTOEH, BOB SLATER, BILL SCHULTI, BOB KNAPP, TOM SPARROW, PHIL JACKSON. GERALD OLSON, PENNY WENGEB. 299 KAPPA NU Mu chapter of Kappa Xu marked the 1949-50 school year with the purchase of a new home at 805 Oxford Road. After " months of misery and weeks of pain " the men of Kappa Nu left their temporary quarters at old 1429 Hill and entered their new house to begin the year which marks their thirtieth anniversary on the Michigan campus. To make the event a memorable one, the fraternity cele- brated with a winter dinner dance. This affair was a gathering of all actives and alumni of the past 30 years. During World War II the chapter deactivated, re- organizing on campus as soon as possible after the war. The Interfraternity Scholarship Cup has adorned the KN manter three times since the founding date. Past years have seen the chapter give flapper day parties, replaced now by convict parties, a Gay Nineties Jamboree, and " beaux arts " and " Monte Carlo " affairs. With thirty eventful years behind them, the men of Kappa Nu look forward to another successful year at Michigan. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: RICHARD GOODE, HERBERT ROVNER, JACK LIPSON, NORMAN KLEIN, HARVEY MAYER. Second Row: ROBERT LAYTON, PAUL SIEGAL, STUART BERGSTEIN, President; M. BERNARD AIDINOFF, MARSHALL WEINGARDEN. Third Row: BURTON SHIFMAN, WALTER SHAPEHO, PAUL GOLDINER, RALPH COSKEY, KENNETH ADLKK. WILLIAM ROTHMAN. Fourth Row: MORRIS PELTZ, HERBERT BRODE, MARK SANDGROUND, NORMAN BROCK, FRANK STARK, MILLIARD GERSTEN. Missing: WILLIAM FILLER, MARTIN FRANK, MANARD PONT, HOWARD BERNSTEIN, JOHN DEL BUROO, MERTON GOLDSTEIN. 300 :FT TO RIGHT First Rotr: LEN FERGUSO CHUCK BEIGHTLEB. Jus WILLIAMS. .Seronrf BILL DAVIS, FBED PURSEB. Jons JEFFKIES, KAPP III; BILL OLD. CON DRISCOLL REX THOTTEH BILL NORMAN DICK BROWN. BILL HORNETT. DICK FOOTE. JIM WELDOX. Pr f ,id fn i; BBUCE PAXTON BIL " IERBITT DICK LLEN JIM ROGERS . . SILLIMAN JIM WALI EMMET r ' BO B VAN AH8D01 - JACK . . . : WN. ILL ORNETT. ICK OOTE. IM ELDOX. Pr f ,id fn i; BBUCE PAXTON OLLAM. Third Ro : Eve W ILTSHIBE. Dos ROBEBTS. CLARKE STEVENSON. JM LINDSAY, SAM WABTINBEE. JIM MOUNTJOY, GEBBY FAUTH JOHN- PIAMA. DICK KANE TEVE S.TEPHENSON. JOHN SWEENEY. -CASH " STREEY. TONY PALERMO. FAY KNAPP. FourO, Rov: -RCSTY " SIL r BOB VAN AH KAPPA SIGMA The K Sigs started the Fall semester with a polite nod to the Administration and a fervent prayer that dating would not be outlawed by the Student Legislature. A combination of the opening game festivities with Michigan State, Fall initia- tion and rushing were handled within a period of two hours and thirty-one minutes. The usual calm, placid air, typical of the cool steady nerves of our members prevailed against these time-consuming activities and we are happy . . . yea joyful, to report that only three of the bro- thers have not as yet been released from the " laughing academy. " After a genial two weeks of formal rushing (spelled M-A-Y-H-E-M) we emerged triumphantly with fifteen excellent pledges and two weeks behind in classes. Turning to the more serious side, a large scale program of house renovation has been initiated. The final result will be a new two story wing plus a much needed face lifting of the house itself. Ground (and Alumni) will be broken in June and the completion of these plans will be realized by the Fall semester of 1950. 301 rtOBERT l ORNr LL otJT l nOW. W 1 l.H I li I ) it it i , EJJLOWUU JIUWA in, vjcvv, MEJ vvncii rcjiJct, i , 1 MONTE CHARLES RYMEB, DON KINGDOM. JOHN Box, WILLIAM DUERR, DWIGHT HEIM, TOD COLLINS, WILLIAM THOMPSON. ROBERT HOHNSTONE. GEORGE C. INMAN-, WILLIAM CAMERON, BRUCE SODEE. The Lambda Chi ' s: 1. Communize by giving the Chi Psi ' s their cooks when they run o ut of peanut butter recipes. 2. Capitalize by shearing Major twice a year and selling his fur to Van Boven ' s as cashmere. 3. Fraternalize by pledging the Kampus Kops. 4. Economize by piping in water from the Phi Psi house. 5. Immortalize our pledges every year by making them give the Huron River back to the In- juns. 6. Criticize modern literature, modern art, modern music, and wimmen. 7. Demoralize all the other houses on campus by winning everything. 8. Mannerize by wearing tweed undershirts. 9. Glamorize Ann Arbor in March by having the Great Lakes Ohio River Conclave here. 10. Terrorize the Kappa ' s. 11. Martyrize the postman with our dog. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 302 The Washtenaw Athletic Club sprang into activity with rush week. In compliance with the suggestion of our com- rades, the Association of Independent Men, we directed efforts toward liberalism and the elimination of discrimina- tion. It was mentioned, yea, even passed, that we acquire a Phi Delt who was not (Heaven forbid) a member of the M Club. This failed the acid test and so we remain un- infiltrated. It has been rumored that the new dishwashing machine doubles as a whirlpool for aches and pains, that parts of the old ice box perform as a still, and that we have wrestling mats and chinning bars instead of living room furniture. These are false with absolutely no foundation. But all Hell will break loose if someone starts telling the truth. The stalwart Apollos of the Phi Pad do not stint on academic matters. We hire only the very best I.C.S. trained men to write our papers and take our bluebooks. e may not be as smart as oxen, but we ' re just as strong. PHI DELTA THETA LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: MUSCLES MOHNEN, TAB BABY JOHNSTON. HrHRY-Up HENNT. WHIUER WHITE. KILLEB KENYON. Seromf Row: GOODBYE HARRY BACHTS. Fifth Kotr. CRAZY LEGS HJ BCK. PRINCE HAL RAYMOND, GALLOPING GHOST G HINDI A. MATTIE MARSACK, SQUIRMING HERMAN HEINEMANN. KING CARL HOOVER. GERMANY STRAUSS. SPECIAL DELIVERY JOHNS, WEE WILLE HEVEL. SATCHEL PAPISTA. JOLTING JOE JEANNEHO, AUTOMATIC JIM MITCHELL WHALE SMITH THE ANGEL ASHTON, ROUND THE WORLD HUGHES. 303 PHI GAMMA DELTA We are a cliquish organization of thoroughly conceited, bigoted, reactionary, and superfluous young prigs whose sole purpose in life is to obstruct and calumniate anything that is even vaguely connected with progress, liberalism or tolerance. Because we take great pride in our suave gentility, we cultivate with intense zeal both the gentle- man ' s agreement and the gentleman ' s average. We of course consider no one as an eligible member unless he comes from a family of substantial pecuniary embellish- ment, has a good command of the current cliches, and is t the Republican faith. We look with cool disdain upon any coed who does not belong to one of the better sororities. After all, if a coed isn ' t a sorority girl, what IS she? We drink incessantly, and although our house has been rocked each week end with the force of our characteristically violent orgies of drunken frenzy, the campus police force has not yet been able to catch us. They can smell it, but thev can ' t find it. H.L.E.IV. r uurin nvu . DUM LLI ,A.MAE%, v n uv.v i. " ui nv i , i umuci j - n T FLIP CONNELL. JlM KlSTLER. DlCK RUSSELL, JOHN KlBTLEH, DON MxTTISON. TOM EMEH8ON. GEORGE OLBEN, DAVE THOMAS, BOB BRUNORABER, JOHN DONALDSON. 304 LEKT TO RIGHT Fnmt Bar: DICK TENNENT. JIM FARRINGTOK. CARL BROWXELL, HOWIE SMITH. .S-onrf Boir. Bro LAXDER, JACK BEYER, Horr MILLER BOB ZIMMEBMAX. BILL LJPPEXCOTT. DICK STrxTi. JEBBY SCLLIYAS, JERRT SMITH. BOB BROWXELL. Tkird Bar: JOHN FLOWER, BILL HADLEV, GENE ESTES CLARK HEHHINTOX FRANK THOU. Prftidmt; DAVE BAIKD, FRANK MILLER. JACK SYVERSON. BEN DAXSARD, GEORGE PCXTER, STEVE HCXTEH. Fovrtk Kmr Bin. EGGEN- BERGER, DEWET TENNENT. DAVE SETTLE, TED GIBBON, DAVE ROBB. HANK ARNOLD. DICK BAKER. DAVE TENNENT, WOOD GEIST. BILL LOKD GEOBGE STTINTI DICK KOPP, ARK KREMEB. DAS McCoLLOCGH. F fA Rov: REUAR HOCK. LES POPP. BILL MINICK. KEJJ HERRON. JACK HALLTTT. AL KOESEL, LAUREN KHETCHMAH, JACK HxxKiaON. CHCCK GREENWALD. TED COBLETT, Dos Esxis. AL KBUEGER, BOB HALBROOK, BEN OLSEN. JOE MCCARGAR. JIM ENSIGN. XED MACWILLIAMS. JJixdtiQ: Jot REASON. DICK SMITH. BILL BATES. BOB REABICK. TOM PAUSZEK. GEORGE MCCARGAH. TOM FOSTER, JOHN BUCKLEY. TOM MILLS, JOHN McGRAW. PHI KAPPA PSI Founded at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pa., in 1852, Phi Kappa Psi has been at Michigan since 1876. The Hill-Wash tenaw corner has been our home since 1890, the present house being built 29 years ago. Forty nine-fifty has been a good year for the Phi Psi ' s , notwithstanding the havoc produced by the typhoon Homecoming week-end. Highlights of the holiday season in- cluded our annual Christmas party for members of the faculty and coeds, and the December pledge formal. J-Hop acted as a Bromo-Selrzer for post- examination heads. February saw the card sharks resolving to stick to their books again. The IFC Ball, and the spring formal honoring our pledges brought welcome relief from studies and the monotony of dating glamorous girls every night. Intramural Sports, Whitmore Lake sports, and Arboretum sports broke out with the first breath of spring and new white bucks. Final exams . . . seniors to alums in sixty seconds flat . . . 1550 Washtenaw, as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar in our front lawn. 305 cr LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row LLOYD SMITH, JOE ROGERS, FRANK MILLER, BURT WAHDENBURG, JOHN SMITH. JUDGE HESTER, BOB SANREGHET. JOHN F .KLEY. Second Row: HENRY HALL, GORDON STEWART. BILL TAYLOR, HOWARD SMITH, Lou MAIER, President; LARRY CALAHAN. Lou PAYNE, JOHN GREGORY. BILL ROHKING. Third Row: JIM STERLING, MAHV HOLE. HAL FLYNN, ART DERR, DOUG GEIB. DAVE HARRIS, HUGH PARKER, JOHN MACAULAY BRUCE BOEKER, JIM DUNBAR, TOM BRAHANA. Fourth Rou : BRUCE COULTER, JIM KASER, GORDON COATES, PETE RANDOLPH, BOB KORFHAGE, JIM MAURER, CHUCK STOWE, BOB AGNER, ROGER SIV.ON. FRANK DELGADO. Missing: TEX HOFFMAN, STEVE HAW. This fall Phi Kaps from all over the country will converge at Philadelphia to celebrate the Phi Kappa Sigma Centennial Memorial, marking the hundredth year of organization. Of the one hundred years of its existence Phi Kappa Sigma has been represented on the Michigan campus for forty-five years by the Alpha Omicron chapter, being founded here in 1904. The year 1949-50 saw Phi Kappa Sigma take part in many activities and events. Open houses were held after every home football game for all Phi Kap alumni, parents, and friends. Numerous chapter dances were held throughout the year, with the highlight being the pledge formal in December. Intramural sports have provided exercise for many a " Skull " , and although not always coming out on top, the Phi Kaps showed plenty of spirit and drive. Scholarship also has come in for its share of recognition as our pledge class was one of the highest ranking. Work was also continued on improving the interior and exterior of the recently acquired " Skull House " . 306 PHI KAPPA SIGMA Tau pledged Michigan in ' 47, and so still is one of the babies of the fraternity circle. For a bigger and better 1950, it is resolved: A new 99-year lease of the Pi Phi back-yard, with apologies to the Pi Phis inconvenienced by the 10 :30 traffic and the geology major, who claims that erosion is setting in; copyright the songs before the Zulus steal another one (Rope of Sand gave them away) ; starve out the mice before they get us; initiate the old English custom of tea and crumpets, and woe to anyone with spirits in his demitasse; pledge Damone as singing master and see if we can ' t get rid of some more pins; stick to jacks in athletic competition; enjoy more of the finer, milder (post liquor ban) luxuries of life, rugs on the floor, Morris chairs, fireplaces with cement logs, Lucky Strike movies and all those things that make up a fraternity. In general: we will be broadminded, well rounded fraternity men in everv wav. PHI KAPPA TAU LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rotr: RICHARD KSAPE. EUGENE BRUNNELLE, JAMES NESBITT, DONALD WAATTI. ROGER GILMORE. JOSEPH SULLIVAN. FRANCIS COTJJE, ABTHTB BUBLITZ. GORDON GRANT. Strand Raw: GORDON NAUGLE, RICHARD HAAS. THOMAS TILLMAN. GEORGE ETSTER. ROBEHT FERGUSON, THEODORE NOEL, Presi- .TGBN LOWTHER. WILLIAM WELLS. ROBERT GRANACHER. Tltird Row: CONRAD ExTL. QrENTIN XESBITT, ROBERT RlDGEWAY. ROBERT LEWIS, ROBERT WHITE, WILLIAM GORMAN. DAVE TYSON. RUDENZ DOUTHAT. WILLIAM COMSTOCK. EATON KELLEY. ARTHUR STADE. Fourth Bow .-RICHARD CHENEY. LEILYN Cox. RUSSELL WEPFEB. DONALD SHEA. JOHN LE " AIJ,EY. JAMES KEMPER. ROBERT DROUTLLARD. DANIEL HEGYAN, DONALD MCNEIL, CHARLES GOOD, LEONARD WILCOX, THOMAS GRAHAM. -ViMTiy FRANKLIN KELLY. DAVIS CHIPPEN, FRANK PAUI.Y. 307 PHI SIGMA DELTA Phi Sigma Delta began the present school year with the initiation of seven pledges into the fraternity, the tradi- tional Abbin Cup being awarded to the pledge exhibiting outstanding physical prowess during the initiation cere- monies. The vicious circle was completed by the pledging of an additional 22 men at the end of the fall rushing period. The fall pledge class was commented upon by a visiting alum who nostalgically remarked, " There used to be men on the campus back in " 24 " . In the past year, Phi Sig again excelled in athletics and scholarship. The foot- ball team reached the semi-finals in the Intra-Fraternity touch football league, losing to Chi Psi, who went on to take the championship. Vhen the scholastic fraternity averages were published, Phi Sigma Delta ranked fourth among campus fraternities, much to the surprise of the fratter body. Cries were immediately raised about " secret " studying, but the president immediately squelch- ed the rumors by giving full credit for the feat to the com- plete and much worn exam file. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: LEONARD S. BERNSTEIN, ALAN E. LEVINSOHN, DAVID P. GOLDSTEIN, MORTON S. KANTOR, JAY H. PLOTKIN. PHILIP X. BAKAD. CARL H. KLAUS. LEONARD S. SIMON. Second Row: MAURICE I. FORBES. LAWRENCE W. SPERLING. EDMUND L. LONDON. AARON E. SHELDEN. NORMAN L ARMOUR. ROBERT M. HORWITCH, GERALD M. DOPPELT. STANLEY T. LESSER, JAMES A. GHEKIN. ALVIN B. GENDELMAN. Third Row: SEYMOUR L. MUSKOVITZ, WILLIAM M. WEIL, NORMAN P. SCHAFER, JEROME P. SUBAR, MAURICE G. LEVINE, WILLIAM H. BLUMENTHAL, HAROLD L. MINDELL. President; MURRAY P. GREENBLATT. BERTON L. LONDON, MARTIN KOHLENBERG, DONALD SHELDEN, ROBERT B. STAHL, BYRLE M. ABBIN. Fourth Row: KENNETH L. GEHSON. IHVINQ GOLDBERG, MICHAEL SCHWARTZ JAY CARP, GEORGE S. DRECHSLER, HERBERT J. SHURE, WALTER LICHTENSON, HERBERT EBNER, JULES M. PERLBEHG, CHARLES HYMAN, JEROME Y. HALPKRIN. VICTOR G. OLKHOVSKY. HERBERT PACKARD, ARNOLD L. KNEPFER. ANTHONY H. BLOCK. Missing: ROBERT ALPERN. MORRIS BAKER, ERNEST G. BROOKFIELD, HERBERT S. EPSTEIN, DONALD FLITMAN. FRED R. KAVE. ALVIN KAPLAN. LOWELL B. KOMIK. CARL H. PADDOR. LEONARD WOLF. BYRON CANVASSER. BARRY M. FRIEDMAN, JAY D. HARRIS. EDWARD H. OXENHANDLER. ROBERT A. PACKER, DONALD S. ROTWEIN. 308 LEFT TO RIGHT Fran ffotr: ROBERT GREEN. RICHARD RAPPLEY. BRADFORD STOKE. WILLIAM DIEFEXIBACH. MARTIN MESSNER. JOHN HANCOCK. DEAN LUSE. RICHARD GROSS. GEORGE VOSPER. MICHAEL BOUKIS. Second Rov: NORMAN PoNrrcs. THEODORE URBAN. REX CURTIS. RICHARD FLOOR. WILLIAM JONES. ROBERT DYER. RICHARD PARKER. Prefidfnt; JOHN MONTHOSE. RAY JUSDON, WILLIAM MILLER, ARTHUR LANE. WILLIAM SWAINSON. Third R-ov: MAXWELL IVERSON. ROBERT KAMIEXIC. HroH WATSON. JOAO CARIOBA. THOMAS DOOLEY. DAVID THOMPSON. JOHN SALLES. JOSEPH NAYMIK. FREDERICK WEBBER. JOSEPH GYOURKO. ARTHUR BASSETT. RICHARD BUNGE. ROBERT SINCLAIR. Fawtk Raw: CHARLES DIXON. Ross CCHRIE. WARREN BANY AN, LES DIETI, ROBERT SMALLMAN, ARTHUR RICHARDS, JOHN BATMAN. THOMAS KRISTOFFERSON. JONATHAN SLATER, GEORGE MILHOY. ROBERT COREY. ELWIN PELL, LsRoY DCNCAN. DONALD KOTITE. JAMES GILSHIAS. Fiflk Row: DAVID JAHSMAN, JAMES KNOX, HARRY MACK. JOHN COBB. ROBERT EIDSON. ROY BRORREN. THERON MOCK. THOMAS ROBY. FREDERICK AUNGER. THOMAS SHILSON. MELVIN SARTIN. ROBERT CORRIGAN. LFX TRAVEHS. JAMES FITCH, Miffing: GEORGE MCELHATSEH. WILLLVM McCmrnc. CARL DARNELL, PHIL WEST, AL ENGLH. HUGH ALLERTON. JAMES CHIP-MAN. CHARLES TOWAB, HARRY COREY, FKED WILLIS, RICHARD MILLS. PETER THOMPSON. DONALD DCLUDE, Lovis DYLL. WILLIAM HARRISON. JACK COCBTH, LEX HERHIN CECIL HINMAN. PATRICK BAB- HETT. WILLIAM HABERMAN. DONALD HOSTETLER. WILLIAM WELLS. PHI SIGMA KAPPA She thought of the cold night ahead, when a Phi Sigma Kappa stepped out of the phone booth, and these are the words that he said: " Wasn ' t Fujiyama Lane impressive when he finished the cross-country race eating an apple! And there ' s Generous Jim Fitch, who sells his soul and gives away Army tickets. These two are fast replacing Hookah and the Kingfish for local color. Our officers are all normal, except for Prexy Parker of Navy-Schmavy fame, an ovine-loving " veep " , and an unprincipled coppers-for-the-coffers watch- dog over work projects. And Colonel Duff, last year ' s cocker, has been replaced by a boxer named Heidi, who is stronger than her masters, but not as handsome. A constructive year too, the house being painted in a frenzied eight weeks. We can sum it up with: Vee cum from Phi Si-ig with muscles so bi-ig For vimmen and visky vee haf quite a yen. Vee study so liddle, Vee much radder fiddle, Vee ' re typical collitch fraternity men. 309 LLOYD GILDEN, JIM SAAG ' LARRY GOTTLIEB, SID AMS ' TEH, HUGH GREENBERO, GIL OSNOS, JAY ALLEN, JIMMY EPPBTEIN, MARSHAL SAHLINS, MAURY CARLIN, HOWIE MARKUS. Missing: JERRY BRISSIN. NEIL BROWN BUD FRANK, BILL GOULD, TED MDNSAT. Pi Lambda Phi, too, has had its pilgrims. Our founders . . . said at Yale in 1895, " We, students pursuing courses at American colleges, appreciate the need of a Fraternity which shall eliminate all prejudice and sectarianism. " Not wanting a mere lofty ideal, our predecessors chose to make Pi Lambda Phi an institution in the real American tradition. Today as then, our ideal is close to earth. Epsilon chapter was founded at the Uni- versity of Michigan in 1913. Inactive during the First World War, the fraternity was reorganized in 1923 and acquired its present house in 1934. The fraternity flourished until 1942 when the Second World War depleted its ranks. Primarily through the efforts of " Beansey " Fuerst, the only active member on campus, we survived the War. In 1950, as in ' 95, ' 13, and ' 42, the spirit of the Pi Lams is undaunted, for ours is a great fratern- ity, through wars, through depressions. What we have done Yesterday and Today is just a preview of what we shall do Tomorrow. 310 PI LAMBDA PHI TO OURSELVES IX 1999: Greetings. Here is pictoria l proof positive that you once frolicked at the world ' s largest kindergarten. Under the hawk eye of the Ad- ministration, you sipped warm lemonade, squeezed past economics, and iirst datad many of the harpies who since have routed you ever matrimony ' s slow fire. In 1949-50 your now rheumatic joints were agile in fraternity ath- letics and even were represented among the " M " colossi. Scholars sprang unexpectedly from your formerly barren earth to the unheard-of height of a 2.44 average. As you studied, the walls of your house manfully restrained the din from within of water fights, television tumult, and endless arguments that featured far more lung than logic. God given names were shucked in favor of such handles as IRON HAT, PANDA, DUMBO, FATBACK (and his brother, NO-BACK), WRETCHED, ani THE ANTEATER. If you ponder well this picture ar.i these facts, the Psi U ' s of 2000 will have no trouble with alums who blat that " we were sober, pious boys when WE were in school. " PSI UPSILON LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: Dos SIKKEMA. THATCHER ROOT. FRED JOKSBOX. ED EMERY. HIGH WRIGHT, JAMES McGurRE. JACK BORN. Dos XELSOS. BOB I.TSCH. JOHS Hrsr. Stttmd Botr: JACK HALLADAY. KEITH WEHSEB. BOB GUSTKE. HAROLD JACKSO:;. JOHS SLAVEXS. ALEX TOPPISG. Prtfident; HAROLD RUST. DASIEL JACKSOS. JACK WILLIAMS. J.VMAX FISHBUBX. WILLIAM FLECKESSTETJI. Tkird Rotr: JACK ARBUCKLX. ART SCHUPP. ALLAS SASDMASS. PETER BALL. JAMES POWER. JACK PRIDGEOS. JACK SMART. HESRT ROESCH. STEWART ELLIOTT. KIT CULVER, CHARLES Moss. AL MCGREGOR. WARD CULVER. W-tA Rmr: ROBERT Ross. ASTHOSY BAXDYK. WILLIAM HUFFORD. DICK RORICK, DOSALD HAYDES. DICK RATCLITF. CHARLES YORK, WILLLIM RYAS. WILLIAM ACBTIS, DAVID TITTLE. DICK McGowAS. PEED LOWDES. I twin?.- BOB KHETZSCHMAB, LLOYD JOSES. BOB Cmrsc. DICK Hnr, JOHS LAPAHL. DESSIS RYAS. 311 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON The Mud Bowl game between the Phi Delt ' s and Sigma Alpha Epsilon hit the spotlight of fraternity activities again this year. Broken noses (Hank Boldt) and bruised limbs (everyone) were suffered for weeks following th e game. The usual witty and biased report of the football game flowed from the tower of the SAE house. Half time was taken up with a football game between Kappa Alpha Theta and Collegiate Sorosis. The annual crowning of the Mud Bowl queen was a ceremonious affair with the finest in Ann Arbor competing. The lucky one chosen queen was " Butch " Skau from the Phi Delta Theta house. Serenades went very well this year, and we anticipate recognition again in the Intra-Fraternity Song contest to be held this spring. We attribute the success of SAE in the Mud Bowl game, serenades, and other activities to the spirit, cooperation, and community of interests which constitute the essence of fellowship. With these we in Sigma Alpha Epsilon identify ourselves. LEFTITO RIGHT Front Row: BILL SCHULTZ, BOB SWANSON, JACK WALTERS. BOB LANE, PAUL GIKAS, TOM UPTON. CHUCK THOMAS, CHUCK SCHIRMEISTER. Second Row: STAN HARTSHORN, DAVE RAY, RALPH MORRISON, KEN BOTTLE, NORM POLLARD, DICK COOK, President; JEFF KNIGHT, DAVE WILLIAMS, BILL RAYMOND, AL BECKER, KEN SHIRELING. Third Row: ROG MARKLE, EDGAR SHIRK, JIM FROST, SWEDE SWANSON, BILL SEEGER, JACK HACHIGAN, HAL HINCKLEY, STAN STEINKEMP, JIM DICKEHSON, DON MCCLELLAND, PAUL HEINEN, CHUCK SALOTTI. Fourth Row: BUD RANKIN, DAVE CALDWELL, CECIL BOZEMAN, KEITH FREDLUND, BUTCH CANNON, ROY JOHNSON, BOB SHERIDAN, SAM BARNES, ED MACDONALD, HAL PINK. 312 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row GERALD BOXXER. STEFAX CORBTX. JEROME ALTMAX. ROBERT MARGOLIN. CLAREXCE BORXS. MARVTX HOHWTTZ. DOXALD GOLD- FARB. ALVIX KATI. AfiXOLD WrSCHELL. ROBERT CROROXF1ELD. THEODORE HlMELHOCH. CHARLES MATER. ALAX EWMAX. Second Roir.- MERVTX EzRAY. ALDEX HARRIS. BARTON MAXX. EDWIX KORXBLCE. JEROME SCHAEFER. ROBERT SIEGEL. ALBERT FRIEDMAN. WILLIAM ALTMAX. BRCCE ZEXKEL. JEROME KREMER. ALVIX LIPXIK. RICHARD EHRIEXBEBG. TkirdRow: ALLEN WEISS. MORTOX GOLDE. KEXXETH BIALKIX. GERALD IXGBER, MILTOS SIEGEL. EDWARD BLOOM. DAXIEL BABITCH. LAWRENCE -TBOBB. President; HHJ FRIEDMAX. DONALD HERMAN. RICHARD CHAPIN. MARVIN TALAX LEE FISHER. MTROX MILGROM SOLOMON MEXASHE. JEROME MAHGOLTX. DAXIEL GILBERT. Povrtii Row: RICHARD CIXEMAX. WALTER WEIXER, EDWARD LEBOWTTZ. ALVIX ROTTMAX. BCKTOX KAMPXER. STANLEY KRETT- JL N ARTHUR HILL. HAROLD BRODE. HARRY XEWBLATT. IRVING LAKER. BYROX LASKY. AIXAX CLAMAGE. EDWARD DWORBKY. CLIFFORD ROGERS. ROBERT XEWMAX. AL BLUICBOSEX. SAMUEL WOLF. STEPHAN BBOMBEBG. MALCOLM BOESKT. ROBERT RADNER. HARVEY WEIXEH. WARHEX WELTMAX. Fifth Row: WILLIAM MAZER. BCRTON SAGANSKV. VICTOR HUHWITZ. MILTOX ROSEXBAUM. JEROME SEGAL. MARTTS PACKARD. CHARLES KAtTFMAX. BRCCE THAL. DAVID DWORSKT. ALVORD GOLD- MAX. HOWARD MICHALSOX. HARVEY GORDEXKER. HARVEY TETEKKA, DAXIEL GREEXSPAHX, ROBERT REBKIX. LEON SCHEXTER, RICHARD KAROFF, STANFORD WOLF. Loos POLLOCK. WILLIAM XEMZTX. BERNARD KAHX. Mitiing: MEL SCHW.IRTZ. ED SPTVACK. SIGMA ALPHA MU Sigma Alpha Mu wound up the 1949-50 year in better shape than ever before in its 27 years on campus. Scholastically, the " Sammies " placed fourth in fraternity standings, and athletically continued their top-flight performances. The big white SAM house received a partial overhauling and the men spent part of the year in the com- pany of an eight-inch, foot-long pup appropri- ately enough named " Sam. " Fall and Spring were sparked by a series of parries which had not been equalled since the house returned to campus after a war-time layoff. Campus wise, the men of Sigma Alpha Mu continued to shine, counting an All-American swimmer, the Union Opera pro- motions manager, and a Daily editor among its members. Moving into the second half of the centurv, Sigma Alpha Mu at Michigan was on solid footing and was looking around to see what more could be done for its members, and for Michigan. 313 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: DICK WILLIAMS, LEO VANDER KUY, BOB CLARK, SANDY ROBERTSON, DAVE KENNEDY, LADY CHRISTINA OF SIEGFBEID WILL FLASCHER, FRANK MOWREY, BILL FRANZ, WALLY JEFFRIES, BILL AMMERMAN. Second Row: BOB LITTLESON, GEORGE BRANNICK, TOM CRAMER, PAUL GRUBBS CHUCK WEYAND, HUGH WORCESTER, STEVE WHITE, ED KOEGH, FRED WEYAND, RALPH McCLURG, DICK JEFFERS, CHRIS PAPAZICKOS, BOB HEATHCOTT. Third Row PHIL STEDINO, DAVE CRIPPEN, FRED BREIDENBACH, BOB EDGE, TOM BUTLER, CHUCK YOUNO, ED ULVESTAD, BILL BAHKELL, JACK EDMAN, President; JACK GANNON JERE OGLE, BILL CLARK, GENE PETERSON, JOHN KULPINSKI, ERNIE COLE, TINA. Fourth Row: JAY ANGLE, JOHN SMEDLEY, TOM OLIN, DICK DAANE, DAVF CARPENTER, FRED THOMPSON, DON WOLF. WE ARE: president of the Senior Class; presi- dent of the School of Business Administration; driest house on campus; well-fortified by 78 transfers from Albion and one from Hobart; captain of the hockey team; possessors of the most beautiful fraternity song and the worst glee club; the most absent from classes; above the all-men ' s average; lousy poker players, and always lose to the Alpha Delts; at the Bell during record dances; the drum major; taken to Canada by our pledges; taken into custody by the police; sought on the radio as kidnappers; in good voice at one o ' clock when we serenade the DG ' s; the proud and happy owners of the only Australian Beech Nut tree in the state of Michigan, much to the joy of the Botanists who weekly trample our lawn in pursuance of a leaf thereof; president of the ' M ' Club; always having very long chapter meetings where much is said and nothing done; good Christmas tree stealers. WE HAVE: a brown dog. 314 SIGMA CHI Sigma Xu . . . Gamma Nu . . . sometimes we call our- selve ' s the Goo-fers . . . Blankets, coke, fires in the Arb. Oh well, some good men always fall by the wayside. How do you get to Sigma Nu Hill without breaking a leg? . . . Shower for Elmer! Been pinned three months and we didn ' t know it. Hey Leroy, where the h are my Stat notes? Under my shoes behind the bookcase? Thanks . . . There will be a formal chapter meeting at ... AOPi, my AOPi. Serenades, everybody with a hat. He still owes us cigars, no show . . . Little brothers give their paddles away tonight. Ouch ! Rushing. How do you do. What was your name again? . . . Meatnose is on the links again . . . Get that pledge! Sunday night teak dinners . . . Hey dad, don ' t forget your hat . . What do we do, pledge only slide rule jockeys each year? . . . Wake up, the world ' s on fire . . . I ' m only a Sigma Nu, I ' m not so very neat. SIGMA XU I LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rotr: ROBERT DAU. EARL. GEXZBERGER. Eras HARBISON. DAVE STEXSTBOM. HAROLD HODT. RICHARD PAUL. Steond Row Louis LLEX Ross LICEBO. CHUCK KEPLER. JOBS XEWTOX. Rox FLINT. LESLIE SHEFFIELD. PACT. ADAMS. JAMES KXEUSSEL. WILLIAM GAT. Joss HEXSEL WILLIAM MEBXEB III Third Bar- Locis MATES. JACK BARBOWS, JAMES TRIECHEB. GEORGE BREWBAKEB. TED HALL. ROBERT LIXDEB. EVERETTE THOMPSON. JIM MC!LHEXXT. Prefidrnt; JACK BECKEB. LEE ROBIXSOX. ALEX POPP. ROBERT JOXES. CHUCK HAMMOXD. DOXALD DOWHIE. Fourth Bar: RICHARD DOBSOX. ROBERT WAHBICK. RICHARD GOTTS- CHALK. CHUCK LAUBEXSOX. RICHARD BTCE. JAMES BUTLER. ROBERT MCCRVSTAL. CAL LEEDV. CARLISLE MARSHALL. JERRY HABMSEX. DAVID KRAMER. DoxtLD JOHXSOX. JACK ARMSTBOXG. AL LAXG. WILLIAM THOMPSON RICHARD ROOF. KEXXETH BECKEXDORF. DAX ABCHASGLI. Fifth Rote: ALEX LMAXIAX. JIM C BLSOX TOM MULLJGAX- JIM B.UXXSXA. GAT BAKER. JAMES CHAXDLEB. JAMES SCOGGIX. JAMES SAKEB. DOXALD DA ES. DAS HAFKE. COXLT BOCGGT ROBERT BIGGS WIL- LIAM BACOX. RICHARD FBEEMAX. WATXE LAMBEBT. ROBERT COLLJE. DAVID ROBERTS. .Sirtt Rmc: JAMES MACCOSXACHIE, ROBEET MOUXD. ROBERT FORD. KEITH BORGERSOX. WILLIAM DABT. ELMER WHTTCOMB. ROGER KIXXEAB. 315 SIGMA PHI Last year our house embarked on a project which we felt would assure us a more successful year. Although we had a ski run down the back hill, a skating rink in the front yard, and a fine trout stream over the hill in the spring, we were unable to maintain our resort business because of the unusually mild winter and the bad fishing season. We admitted that nature had dealt us a cruel blow. From that time on we resolved to turn to greener pastures and a new policy, which would turn our house into monastic order. We feel sure that, because of our endeavors, this year has been a great success, and we strongly recom- mend this invigorating existence! The brothers, or more correctly, the friars, returned early this fall to paint and insulate much of the house. Our first visitors were the many alums, who came back for the football games. We wish to say that it was an interesting if not an unusual year. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: REILLY. Second Row: STAN WJGGIN, STU FRASER, LLOYD HENEVELD, HANKJNEWNAN, JOHN COMBES, CAP OFFUTT, President: FRANK ZAGELMEYER, LEWIE TOWLEH, DICK LINCOLN, AL KNAPP, DAVE JACOBSON. Third Row: BILL LINDHOUT, TOM RODERICK, DICK FLETCHER, BOB BARADA, JACK BARNES, BILL PLUMB, DAVE PEASE, TED TAPPING, DALE WRIGHT, BOB VOGT, CHUCK BHODHEAD, BOB MERSEREAU, SANDY MACMILLAN, JIM MORAN. Fourth Row: DON SEATON, BOB SCHEMM, BOB HICKS. Fifth Row: DICK BRACKEN, DAVE EITEMAN, PETE GRYLLS, PETE LARDNER, SHERB BROWN, DON JOHNSON, Russ VANCE, BOB RANDOLPH. JACK BINGHAM, JACK DISCHER. JACK WHITE. Missing: JOHN WICKER, JIM MCREYNOLDS. 316 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Ror: GEORGE IBVTXG. Bnx GBAEFIX. BOB FBAXE. Russ JOHXSOX. HEX WALTZ. Rose PFALZGRAFF. PETE Hs Dox BUBKETT rf -.- BOB SCHMIDT. MABYMAIEB DAVE BBATTOX. FBED UTX. PADDY HAAS. CLACDE CBAWTOBD. LOBXE NORTON. FM L NEUOX. JACK ZEBCLL LABBY SHAW. Cmc CAST. r p-d : FBED ACCH. JOE LARCE. HOWIE Low. BILL MABCOITI DICK XISSLEY GEOBGE WOLF. MBS. LEH IBEBT. Toxi CTBCUI. Preriifmt; WALTER ROTH. KABL HEIMBACB. HABBV TBOXELL. . L_VX FTT H . . . . . . ._V H DOX McPHAIL L BBT SMITH JIM KlRKEJiO GLQ SPADE. JOBS JACOBS. HAL XlEMEVEB. GEXE GmMOBE, RlCH BOOX8TBA LEOX LVVBt BnX ATM AXDEBZEE. DrASE KxOBST. DlCK MABTIX. DEXXT HEEXAX. JOBS BBAXAM.VX. JlM B E BBT. KxiGHT HoUGHTOX. Bd BBOOKS L SOTO Fifth Rw Bnl Mli . LEX MABTIX. ROCEB BELLOWS. BILL HCLBEBT. HABBY HILLMAX. DAVE CAMPBELL. LABBT GB..Y. HEB XZEBW I BILL G!LMOBE TOM C AO. RIDEB, CHABLE HEIL. Bci XACELVOOBT. RO88 HEBBOX. BILL MOBBIS. BOB GREGOBY. BOB OHLHEISER W U.KEB LE!AXDEB DA VE ROM Rox SIGMA PHI EPSILOX Sigma Phi Epsilon the house with a heart. The billet includes sixty souls: fifty-six enlisted men, three officers, and a maladjusted house manager. Our likes are 7-Up, television, Esquire, and playing fireman with scaling ladders at sororities. We are justifiably proud of our teams, glee club, the Sig Ep marching Band, and our latest bid for campus fads the neon pedge pin. Our social calendar runs from botany hikes in the Arb through costume parties and " Thank God It ' s (any day, it runs all week) parties to the ultra-snazzy bi-annual Pledge Formal. Our greatest weakness is the collecting of all shapes and sizes of athletic cups and awards. We fairly reek with tradition: generous alums, spiteful pledges, a house that was built to receive Columbus on his first trip north, and Christmas trees donated by sixty great, big, hairy-chested mice. The Sig Ep flower is the pansy; our song, " Oh Might that With These Pale Hands Chrysanthemums Gather " ; our motto, " Be Careful " ; our creed, " Gracious Living " . 317 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rote: PAUL RUSSMAN, ALFRED GUTMAN, HARVEY MEHETSKV, LANDA VON LATTENHURG. SHELDON LABRET. JOEL MELTZEH, BAR.NETT MAGGIDS. Second Row: ERWIN WOLK, MORRIS KATZ, RICHARD BAHOVICK, President; SHERMAN CAHMELL, JEROME PASKOVITZ, CYRUS CARLTON. Third Row: HERBERT BALIN, LEO GOLDBERG, DAVID OESTREICM, RONALD TRUNSKY, HERBERT ROSEN, ELI SHOENFELD, IRA ALBION, MERTON SEGAL, HARVEY BELFEH. Missiny: EUGENE PAUL, MATTHEW COLEMAN. Dear Mother, What did I do to deserve this? I ' m an active now. I have my pin, but lost one leg, one arm, and three ribs in the process. Paddling is not allowed, so they used whips. The night was cold and the active ' s hearts were colder when your loving son went hitch-hiking on the lonely roads of Minne- sota, with a twelve-foot ski on his shoulder. My fraternity brothers at the University of Manitoba were kind, allowing me to warm up in their chapter house for ten seconds after my 700 mile trip. Despite all the woes and sorrow that my body can bear, I am happy to be an active. I give orders now to other unfortunates vho are trapped in the web of sinister evil that surrounds this fraternity. I remain your bloody but un- bowed son, Barnett. P.S. Please send a wooden leg soon. They keep hiding my crutch. 318 TAU DELTA PHI After a lapse of seven years, Tau Kappa Epsilon is again back on the campus scene, re-activated by a group of transfer students, all active Tekes, from Albion College. With the opening of the fall semester, the members moved into the house acquired during the summer. The many trials encountered in opening a house by a group inexperienced in such matters are now but pleasant memories. To be remembered are the many social events held during the year. The most bizarre affair was the " Pirate Party " during the fall semester. " Sign the ship ' s log, and walk the gangplank into ' Ye Olde Logs ' Inn " . A different theme and perhaps even more enjoyable was the Christmas Party held for a group of children at the chapter house. It was a toss up as to who had the best time, the kids or the fraters, but we fee! it was an after- noon the children will not soon forget, as we are sure it will long be remembered by the Teke House. TAU KAPPA EPSILON LEFT TO RIGHT- - SELTZEE. GEOHGE KJ OM ALLCHI. CARL PERSOSKE. ANGIE AGNELLO. Dos KARCHEB. RON DEBONA. Second Rov: JOE SCXMHAYS. BILL CAPPOCK, FRED OLM. Tk a Rov: KEN CHAPMAN. MIKE BEST. BOB CURRIE. JOHN KAHCIS. DICK TELLER. CHARLIE BATH. DICK MILLER. 319 THETA CHI Theta Chi can definitely be labeled as progressive. Ac- cording to a survey that civil engineers completed at the height of the monsoon season last year, our house has been progressing since completion in 1931. Situated on the side of a hill . . . formerly on top . . . our humble home has been progressing down-hill for some 19 years now. Barring unforseen action it will reach the middle of Washtenaw Avenue by Homecoming 1963. To disguise this fact, and have the ground in back on a level with the second floor windows, we undertook a building project last year. To combine work with play, we decided to level the ground by placing stakes in the higher spots and pitching horse- shoes. This plan was soon abandoned and the excavation became a barbecue pit. Our distressing environmental condition has taken its toll of our campus activities. Try as we might, we have never placed a member on the Panhellenic Board, the League Council, The Assembly Ball Committee, Scroll, Mortarboard, Senior Society, or Wyvern. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Ron-: RICHARD DHEESE. JAMES HULL, JAMES CALLISON, KEITH CARABEL, PAUL DRASER, GEORGE STEELE, WILLIAM MILLER. ALT NOBLE. ROBERT JAMO, NED BESSEMER, NORMAN BOETTCHER. Second Row: GERALD BUTLER. BRADLEY ESTEP, JAMES LoP R _ETE, CLARENCE_KETTLKR. AMATO TINO, TAN JOB CARLSON I ' HOMAS I IEINES HAROLD OIWUEK, AYn.nwE.rn AAUUU ., LV DE.IH ...mimi. , x .. ....... j ,.... u .. . , ..._.- - . , -- - PF KE WARREN WHITE WILLIAM MARSHALL. RAYMOND BAKER. Fifth Row: ALLYN BARROWS, BRUCE JOHNSON, WILLIAM PORTEOUS. DONALD DORHANCE, JOHN GUETTLER, ROBERT GARY, CLYDE HOUSE, LEO KOCESKI. PHES HOLMES, TOM WITHERSPOON GENE FARRUG, ILLIAMLARSON. ..,_ iv Mining: JOHN DUDD, ARTHUR ACKERMAN, DUANE BILLMEYER, GEORGE CAMERON, THOMAS CASTNEH, DONALD CHELLIS, GERALD DORR. JACKSON HALLLTT IRMNG HALLETT, JAMES KEOUGH, CARL KRAF.GER, FRANKLIN MILLHOUSE, RAYMOND SAWUSCH, ROBERT SEEBER. HARRY SMALE, PHILIP STIRDIYANT, RICHARD ARIAN, DONALD WALDOW, JACK ZOHDELL, ROBERT SYKORA. 320 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: CRANE KENDRICK, GEORGE BENISEK. DUANE ELLIS, Jm LOWELL, Jill GREGORY, BOB CARBECK, JACK DES-JARDINS. JOHN [FELTON, DAVE HUTTON. FRED THOMPSON. Second Row: GENE WHITACRE. BILL HAMILTON, BOB BANSER, BOB McFEE, GEOBGE BRUSKE, TOM MOORE. JACK PEACHEY. Presi- I ' ut. XEPH PHILLIPS. BRYAN DUFF, JOE COBANE. DCANE PHILLIPS, BOB STRATTON. FRANK BUTORAC. Third Rote: RON RENDER, CHARLIE HOUSE, DAN PROBERT, JOHN NAGLE. LARRY OTTO. JIM BROWN. JIM AMERMAN. RON KOHDENBHOCK. BILL WISE. JIM ELY. JACK BERGSTROM, JACK MCGREGOR. BUBT MILLER. Fourth Rov: JIM ADAIR. DICK FORSYTHE. DICK KAMRATH. MORT ELDRIDGE. BEHNIE JENNETTE. ART LAMEY. HUGH FLETCHER, JOHN MCCARTHY, ROGER CRABB. DICK BOGARD. TOM WHITTINGHAM. NORM MATHIAS. THETA DELTA CHI Ever since ' 06 when Ann Arborites Calkins and Fletcher were granted an injunction to keep the fun loving Theta Delts from sliding their archi- tectural bowling ball down the State Street hill we have been subjected to one frustration after another. The shelving of a new library after pro- hibition was repealed encountered a slight engi- neering miscalculation which caused the entire third story to crash through to the bas 3 ment. It was thought that the situation could be remedied by a careful screening of future pledges. And they called this discrimination! Hauling ourselves up by the bootstraps the fraternity entered upon a new phase of its existence. The proximity of the college resulted in a process of infiltration, until today the personnel of the fraternity numbers ap- proximately 389c college men and women. With this new trend came increasing outside pressure to have the fraternity raise its cultural sights, and on the night of Saturday, Nov. 5, this pressure came to a head. Theta Delta Chi then entered upon phase three. . . 321 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: SAM PRATO, DAVE HYMA, EL LANG, TED HAGAN, THAD EPPS, BOB HARTSOCK, PETE JOHNSON, AL SUGGETT, STK K Lrpt-., XKK SALOWICH. Second Row: JACK HAMER, BOB HYDON, BUD MARSHALL, TOM GERHART, HANK WILSON, DICK ROUSE, President. JACK WIRTH, GORDON SAKSTRUP, DON HALL, TERRY BROWN, BOB UVICK. Third Row BOB CHESEBHO, JACK LAWRENCE, BOB MITCHELL, GIL Ross. CLIFF FARRINGTON, FLOYD ALLEN, DON EIFERT. Fourth Row: PAUL ANDERSON, NED HESS, ORRIN GULLEY, TED TAYLOR, P ' HANK HEIDLER, SCOTT WOODS, DAVE LEDDICK. DICK JOHNSON, HARRY NICHOLS. AL HYMA. BOB SHANAHAN, JACK BEGROW. Fifth Row: CHUCK CLARK, DON RIPPEHT, DICK DEBOLT, BRYCE DURANT, JACK HULBUBD, JACK KEELER, BOB RUSSELL. JIM MINNER. GENE OVEHBECK, JIM CHALMERS, DON HILES, DON OLIVIER, HANK HATCH, DAVE O ' BRIEN, JOHN WILSON. Sixth Row: JERRY Fox, DALE BOCK, BILL POLKWI -HAK, TOM REDMOND, JACK HAYWARD, STAN AHLEHS, JIM SAKAI. Missing: JACK LEONARD, DAN HEAD, LARRY WELDON, BOB PRESTON, DAVE HAUSER, FRED CONNINE, SAM SCHAEFER. DON BARNETT, JIM ARIAS. Amidst the squalor of our decadent southern mansion live forty malcontent degenerates, resid- ing in disharmony under one leaky roof. As poker- playing sons of the idle rich, we are proud to be the first fraternity establishing a discriminatory clause we take no women (not that we don ' t try!) Our troops have developed a fetish for red lanterns . . . after all, what ' s a crummy $100 to scions such as we? If we can do our bit to maintain this university, we shall . . . whatever the cost may be. Rushing was spectacular this season ... 13 pledges, 14 heads in all. Foremost to us is Theta Xi ' s good name. This devotion was exemplified recently by the supreme sacrifice of a brother. Upon entering the Pretzel Bell he found himself in the presence of two other brothers, thus constitut- ing a frat function where alcohol was served. There was only one way out at the flip of a coin the odd man shot himself, thus preserving our Fair Name. God Bless Our Dean. 322 THETA XI The Michigan chapter strengthened its position on campus since its reactivation after the war with a full schedule of social and engineering events. Record dances, parties after football games, the pledge formal, J-Hop and the senior prom highlighted the events on the social calendar. Engineering Open House offered an outlet for our professional energy. Inter-Chapter hostilities ran rampant during the Ohio State weekend, when the boys from the Buckeye State feasted their eyes on a trophy that is awarded to the chapter whose varsity is victorious in football. The lads from Minnesota had a long ride home after the game, minus an inter-chapter brown jug. h anston, 111., and the Northwestern chapter were hosts to the Michigan clan in what we hope will become an annual home and away football affair. Tau Delta Phi provided keen competition for the yearly " Hang-over Bowl " , played on homecoming morning. Hats-off Depart- ment: To " Tubby " Rich who finally made his exodus after eight scattered years on campus. TRIANGLE LEFT TO RIGHT Fn.nt Row: EDWIX BBDT CAAXAX ErGEXE HICKS. GE RALD JAKOSIK G , _ HLAYIN. Tkint Bow: JOHN LEHOCZKY. JOSEPH ISOLE. JAMES Hoop. ROBERT SASDELL. JOHN LYNGKLIP. JAMES HOLTX. PHILLIP OWES. NORMAN GERBEH. Dr SHERMAN. Fonrlk Hair: Lons ROTOLO. ROBERT FOHGAOS MARK SLCIS. Lons JUHAS. EDWARD VALLORAXI. WILLIAM MONK DAVID HAWKS. KEXXETH HAYS EDWAHD PRAVELLA. RCSBEL COHBIN. HAM MAL AMrs. HEXBY BUCCIEHO. HAROLD CRIEL. LIX VD JORRISCH. BHCCE SINCLAIR. Second Rov: LESLIE NTHANEB. Prfsvif.t. EDWARD RlCH. ANTHONY CARNEVALE. JAMES WRIGHT. RAYMOND MARIANI, ROBERT ANE YXES, 323 TRIGON Trigon fraternity was founded in 1905 by the brother- hood of St. Andrew. It soon lost its identity as a strictly religious organization to become one of the leading social fraternities on campus until this last war when the house had to close down from lack of active members. After being lived in, lived out, and run down by girl students during the war, Trigon was re-opened in 1946, and reached full strength again in the fall of ' 47. The men like the idea of being the only local fraternity on campus exclusive to Michigan men. We also like our small house because everybody gets to know everybody else. Anyway, we do a good job of convincing. The house has had a face-lifting, and we ' ve been climbing steadily in athletic standings. Our social season includes pledge formal, J-Hop, a gam- bling party (roulette wheel and all), and the Hobo Hop where everybody is a tramp for a day. Besides that, we ' ve been consistantly breaking a 2.4. We ' re conceited and know it! LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: DOG, DAGMAR. Second Row: JIM LALONDE, HARRY STUCKY, JIM SHANNON, JIM NIXON, DICK ZYLOWSKI. BOB HOLMKS, JOHN BROOKS. FRANK MILLER. Third Row: JOHN ZABRISKIE, BOB HOEXTER, DON COULTER. DAVE HERTLKH, RALPH BURTON. AL HERTLKR. President, Rcss ROLLIN, JOHN RENNER. Fourth Rou-: BILL SUTTON, BILL EHICSON, HOWARD BEVIS, JIM MUCH, L. L. VANVALKENBURGH. BILL REDMON. IVAN KAUFMAN, CHARLES REMSBURG. JOHN REEVKS. Fifth Row: LEE BOBOLTZ, BILL ZELLER, JIM CHRISTIANSEN . CLAIR WATERMAN, MALCOLM BROWN. HAMPTON IKWIN, BILL SHARPE, HENRY MILEK, JAY PIKE. 324 -Promt Rov: MAURICE HELLER. SIDXEY KRIPKE. RICHARD EBXER. STTABT HEIFETZ. JACK GALLOX. ROBERT PICK AXD JOKEL. HAROLD MAKKS. K. EDWARD STRAUSS. ROBERT CHAPMAX. XORM LIBMAX. RICHARD LEWIS. THOMAS - ... . - ,-nExcE STEIX. STAXLEY CAPLAX. DOXALD ROTHS- tssjlsss. BK. MTART WBOnUtta. SlD.VEY GREEXBERG. M YROX AlILR J A C1 CHILD. President; EDWABD HOFFMAX. JACK SI 55S |ES - R P E Misting: HARTEY SCHATZ. JOEL DALKIX. JOSEPH BORIXSTEIX. BERT GREEXBEBGEH. STTART HOBWICH. ZETA BETA TAU Phi chapter of Zeta Beta Tau has made an earnest effort during the past year to balance its scholastic endeavors with the athletic, social, and cultural aspects of University life. We started the fall semester by attaining the highest fraternity average for the 1948-49 school year with an over- all 2.72. The scholastic improvement was ac- companied by improvement of our house, both with interior and exterior decoration. The chapter has always tried to maintain a number of men in campus positions. This year ZBT men have placed themselves in such activities as the Union, Wolverine Club, and Student Legislature. Our most popular social events, our annual Parents ' and Alumni Week-Ends, were both overwhelmingly successful this year. Manx- parents and alumni took this opportunity to visit the Michigan campus. Our chapter hopes to retain the coveted National ZBT Best Chapter Cup which it has held for the past year, as well as the National ZBT Culture Award, which the chapter has kept for the past two years. 325 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: WILLIAM KKMPF, JEFF BRADLEY, WILLIAM BURKE. BRUCE BICKNELL, DAVID BARRETT. Second Row: D. O. SMART. ROBERT Mcf ' LEW . SCHUYLER ROYAL. CHARLES BASSETT, WENDELL GATES. CHARLES LONG, PETER MACKERSIE, RICHARD CHESBROUGH. ROBERT ALLEN. THORPE LICHTENBERO, FRED. CHOFOOT. Third Row: DICK HAMILTON, TOM BROWN. BILL NEIL, JERRY BAIRD, TED LAIRD. BILL RACE, DORR GROVER, ALEX RIKER, Prtsiiltnt, FRANK BROSSY BILL CRAWFORD, DICK CREAL, CHUCK REMEN, JIM RICHTER. Fourth Row: SNIKREP DE, JOHN OLSON, LARRY BULLKN. PEHHY LONU, GEORGE HAWTTORNE, KAARLO ANTTILA, KEN GOULD, HERB ALLEE, JACK KHUSE, DOUG SANDS, LARRY POUND, GENE ADAMS. ED STRONG, KIHKE COMSTOCK, SHAMREEH MOT. Fifth Row: PETE JOHNSTONE, IRVIN DEISTER, DONALD Ross, PAT MOEKLE, WARREN YOUNG, NICK WHEELER, ESAC C. NHOJ. BILL REEVE LYNN BARBER. CHUCK MURRAY. HAL BEAM, BART GRIMES, DON STRAITH, GEORGE GILLOOLY. Missinu: CLARKE GOETHEL. FRANK LINN. HERB MILLER, LYNN SCHAEFEH. " Cigareets, and whuskey, and wild, wild wimmin. They ' ll drive you crazy, they ' ll drive you insane! " Xi chapter of Zeta Psi, 60 members strong, has just successfully completed a real keen ginger-peachy cleanup campaign. No other fraternity on the Michigan campus can now approach our pure, unblemished chasteness and purity in thought, word, and deed. Our babulous accomplishments are paralleled only by the Detroit Free Press purge of Skid Row. 1. Beat a rival " frat club " in a rollicking " coke " chugging race. (Won both singles but were pummelled in the doubles.) 2. Chiseled out a creditable 2.39 scholastic average. 3. Blasted our way into tenth place in the fra- ternity intramural athletics. 4. Performed reasonably well at numerous ex- change dinners with neighboring lady Greeks. 5. Sacrificed dates and cigarettes to devote our waking hours to meditation and copying of old and rare manuscripts. " Forward! Greeks of the world, unite! " says Zeta Psi. 326 ZETA PSI PROFESSIONALS LEFT TO RIGHT Fn-nt Rr,v: BILL JOHNSON, BOB RUGAR, NELSON BECK, ED LEON, HANK DOMBROWSKI, Gcs CONSTAN, WALT PETERSON, WALT PARKER. PETE SODERBEBG. Second Rcw: BOB WISE, JACK BOGEN, DICK WHIFFLE, JOHN WHITCOMBE, President; HARVEY GRIMES. PETE GIRAHDOT, BOB MCLEAN, ED ERIKSEN, TOM EMBLAD. Third Row: ROBERT BAKER, DAN STEPINEWSKI, JOHN NORMAN, CHUCK PERRY, DICK EICHBAUER, GAY UNDERWOOD, AL FILBEY, HARLEY JENNINGS. BOB TOOLE, JOHN BATES. BBAD ROOF, WILL BIGELOW, RAY LADENDOHF. Fourth Row: MACK GILKESON, HENRY SMITHIES, ED BENJAMINS, ALEX WEIR, RON CLARK, JOHN YOKE, TCM HCLLAND, RALFH JOHKSCN, PACL SMITH, EMIL EBNER, DARWIN RHOADS. Alpha Chi Sigma is a fraternity representing the various chemical professions. In addition to 53 collegiate chapters, the fraternity has 26 professional groups whose members are practicing chemistry in industrial establishments. Its mem- bers can be found in all the major chemical in- dustries and educational institutions of the country, many in the various branches of chem- istry and chemical engineering. The Alpha Beta chapter has been at Michigan for 32 years. Half of the 52 members, chemists and chemical engi- neers, are graduate students. The chapter spon- sors an annual campaign to encourage safe practices in the chemical laboratories of the University, offers an annual award to the senior chemist or chemical engineer with the best scholastic record, and presents programs, both technical and non-technical, for both members and guests. Socially, we present parties and dances each year, participate in intramural sports, and maintain a friendly sports rivalry with the Michigan State chapter. Many of the members of the chapter are staunch supporters of a local charity known as " Joe ' s. " 328 ALPHA CHI SIGMA Alpha chapter of Alpha Epsilon Iota was the first national women ' s medical fraternity. It was founded on this campus in 1890 in the spirit of fellowship, service, and charity in the common aim of medicine. The plans for many improvements on our house at 1 19 Park Terrace were completed with the return of our members in the fall, and the aid and encouragement of our many inter- ested patronesses and corporation members. Life in AEI is not all bluebooks and beavering. Our annual Fall tea, formal Christmas party, Initiation Banquet, Senior Breakfast, fa culty dinners and informal parties are neatly iuggled into the busy hospital days. During the football season many a Hen-Medic has enthusiastically cheered for the team with fingers crossed, hoping that she dosn ' t get called to a patient until after the Alma Mater has scored. Our favorite sport, in which we have 100 per cent participation, is the Quarter-Mile Dash from the house to the hospital between the hours of one and two in the morning. ALPHA EPSILON IOTA LEFT TO RIGHT Front Roir- PHYLLIS WELLS. MAHTIE RATHRCX. JOYCE GEXDZWILL. FLORA BE SKA LUCILLE MARTILIXO. Strati fiair: FIXEITE MAKZOLF. JAN VAxDrzEX. JEAX TOXCRAY. FERX MACALLISTER. SARAH LL.VDEX. MARGARET DE Yrrr. frfiilenl. JOYCE HOLMES. MARGARET WILSDX. JTDY SEELYE. Tkird Bar: BARBARA Moss. JoAxxE SCHROTZBEHGEK. BARBARA REJOOCK. GAIL LOCKEX. XAXCY RACSJH. FOAXCES BILL. LILLIAX FIEDOROWICZ. MAHIOX LEVAI. 329 ' ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA The study of the art of medicine is a privi lege; its prac- tice is our life. We of the chapter realize the obligations of a medical fraternity, and feel that its prime purpose is to prepare men to follow these concepts. The associations of its members are both professional and social, but most important life long. Alpha Kappa Kappa was founded at Dartmouth College in the year 1888. The Michigan chapter was founded in 1906 and has been active since that time converting neophyte students into physicians of the healing art. Alpha Iota chapter wishes to pay tribute to the memory of one of its departed brothers, Max Minor Peet. He will always be remembered as sur- geon, teacher, brother, and counselor. Early in September, 1949, Alpha Iota was host to the national convention of Alpha Kappa Kappa here in Ann Arbor. The convention brought together delegates from all parts of the United States and Canada and gave us the opportunity to meet our brothers in fraternity and in profession. LEFT TO RIGHT front Row: ROBERT STREICHER. RICHARD DICKES, Louis MAHUE, DICK NEUMAN, ED CARTER. LINFORD DAVIS, BILL GRABB, P RANK WHITE- HOUSE. Second Ron-: FRANCIS BERTOGLIO, JACK TOWNSEND, DON WINSLOW, BOB BUSLEPP. GIL MCMAHON. HANK CHAMBERS, WALT KIRSTEN, BOB FEEHELEV, GIL BAZILL. Third Row: DICK JOHNSON, DON HINCHMAN, FRED BLACKHURST, RALPH DUNN, CY STIMSON, MATT TOMPKINS, President;. ERVIN KERCHER, AL KINKELLA, SUEL SHELDON, NICK FOTIAS, DON WHITE, fourth Row: HURT PARLIAMENT, DICK PRIOR, CHUCK WATSON, CHUCK PORHETTA, ERWIN FITZGERALD, JIM BUTLER, BUCK BUCHANAN, TOM NESPER, DICK STANDEE, CAHLTON COOK, DEAN SEOER, GERRY BEAL, DICK HORNING. Fifth Row: JIM GHOST, DUANE WATERS, WILLIAM BARH, DON CAIRNS, STEVE STEPHAN, BOB REISIC, JIM MAKER, DON McCANDLiss. BOB KOBS. HAPVEY Moss. JAMES BENNETT, GEORGE REYNOLDS, JACK COAKES. FRED HOLTZ. Missing: ROD RODGERS. BILL CASTOR. DOYLE WILSON, BOB EICH, RICHARD MURPHY. BOB LUCA, JOHS LOUGHHIN, HARRY LouaHRis. TED LOUOHRIN. 330 LE? " T TO RIGHT Front Rov. RALPH SERCM. BOB EDWARDS. BILL VAX TCYLE. BILL EILOLA. NILE KOEBER. Strond Rotr: Jm HAISCHER. CHUCK SWAXSOX. HERB KAKBKER. BOB VOKAC. Prttvimt: VERX ROMZICK. FRED SLEDER. JOHX VLACHOB. Tkird Sou-: Rrsg ETIEL. PROP. PAUL MCCRACKEX. Attvstant Dtan HERBERT TAG- CAST. PROF. CLAIRE GRJFFIX. MR. STEWART REWOLDT. MB. RICHARD BROWX. DICK JAXES. GEORGE JESSOP. Four A Row: HAROLD DOSTEH. Ross MILLER. Ton WELCH. MEL BRAXDT. BOB LUDWIG. AL XEEF. CAL ROCK, RICK BAVEKIAX. JAT HAXDELSMAX. JEAN PARROT. PETER LOGOTHETIS. JOHX LOGOTHETIS. Fiflk Row: JOHX SKAGCS. JOHX BODXARUK. JOEL RTXXIXG. ROUE KUBIK. MARION KRTIMIXSKI. Jm McSrocKER. JACK LAWREXCE. Gcs BOLIXO. GERALD DARROW. BOB REASON. ALPHA KAPPA PSI A frat, is a frat, is a frat . . . AKPsi is a frat AKPsi is a business frat . . . AKPsi is a business frat with social inclinations . . . sometimes AKPsi even does something connected with business ... a business, is a business, is a business . . . there is only one business . . . one business is there only . . . only over there at the business school ... we are in the business school . . . we are over there . . . sometimes we are over there about business ... a meeting, is a meeting, is a meeting . . . business is conducted in a meeting ... we are a business frat . . . sometimes we do business at a meeting ... a dance, is a dance, is a dance . . . sometimes we do business at a dance . . . after school a business will still be a business . . . we know that cruising on the Caribbean, lying on the beach in Miami, and gambling at the French Riviera are also businesses ... a frat pin, is a frat pin . . . hail to our frat pins that hang on our girls . . . hail to AKPsi! LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: MILTON BLAVIX. JEROME KRACSE. MORTON BrRXSTEix. JAMES BITTKEB. ZALMAX KOXIKOW. HAROLD GREEXBERG. HARRY L - MOKKH MENDLEOFF. JACK LANDSRKHI; S.wm Rate: ALBERT KORBY. WARREN EDER. HARKY WAX. MILTON WMSS. HEX WEINGER. President: ARNOLD SVSXIAN. HOWARD ADILMAN. JERRY ABRAMSOX. Mist HA SACHS. HENRY GLCCK. MELVIN GILBERT. Tkird Roar: HAROLD KOMINARS. DAVID BAKER. AARON KI-DVK. WARRKX COWAN. ALAN ETTINGER. AL WEISS. LEONARD POSNEH. MELVIN SIKOY. MILTON SUPERSTINE. SHELDON APPLEFIELD. ALLAN ASH. Alpha Omega continued its job of providing both extra-curricular education and recreation for its members during the past school year. As a professional dental fraternity, we have sponsored addresses by many outstanding dental authorities so that the brothers of Alpha Omega might give an extra lift to what we learn in the Dental School classes. We also provide ourselves with motion pictures so we may observe the newest techniques and the latest improvements in equipment that the dental profession has been able to develop. We are in somewhat closer organization than last year, now that the ma- jority of our members are living in one house, but our aim is still to obtain a permanent chapter house for Alpha Omega on the Michigan campus. In addition to the extra educational facilities, the brothers have maintained a full intra-mural athletic schedule. Our social season has not been neglected, getting all the attention possible that can be spared by Dental School students. ALPHA OMEGA X . The past school year has kept Alpha Rho Chi in almost constant motion. The former house on Madison Street became university property last fall and with it went the Adam and Eve mural. The new location on the hill at 640 Oxford Road was a perfect experimental ground for the architects and designers to try their theories of construc- tion and decoration. After the sessions cf theory and practice a new old house was the result ... a house so contemporary that new furniture was needed to complete the picture. With spring came the landscape-architects ' chance to improve the property and, of course, we had the annual Greenwich Village costume party. The two day affair began with weeks of planning and found the entire house decorated and full of party-crashers. We all fear that the long walk to school is more than compensated by the arb-like acreage and the knowledge that after so much work, the house is really ours. ALPHA RHO CHI O RIGHT Fr mtKm: DAL D. DOCHZ. ROBERT E. Straw. RJCHABD C. DOXKEXTOET. ROBEBT E. Joraaox. EDWARD P. STETEXS. Loro C. KDSGSCOTT. FRAXCUS L,. RALL. ELGO. P PKCDU. WILLIAM E. Wmm. SmW m: RKMAU C. Zoom. ROBERT B. ROCKWOOD. Joex P MC !ICHAEI_ EDWA W. H.. .. JOLD HOLLAXD BuoT. J.. VWr ; DoTCLA P. M vcIsTOM. Ujaatm 1. Box. CAjrm B. STBOxo. DAVO. 1_ Srvrum. TTur Jbv- Jan C. TonmK THEODOU CTira.rrr ArrHr O. HAAS. CLAMCE L ROT. Joss W. BEXXETT. RAT jASatA. Ravntr J. MEACHAM. DOXALD A. DAVIS. ROBEBT P WHITE RCSBELL - LEI.U.DEK WILLIAM D. BLACK Jox D. XAUMAX. Ptmrtk Cnr. ROXALD F. GOOOTELLOW. WILLIAM MATTLAXD. ALOXZO D. WELCHMAX Eirvx HASHEX HOOKEX. DOSALO R. HncraKET. ALTKED J. PKZTBTLOWICX. ROBERT D. McCuntt. HOWARD D. GCXDEBSOX. DATTO E. WALSH. WILLIAM C Low KETTB F. WEILAXD. RKBAU G. MILLMAX. Jtimmg: Jons W. CAEMICHAEL. HOWARD G. HAJDCEX. DOXALD A. MEASXEJI. C. AM. W. PtRSCHEK. WlLUAM E. ZlXMIE. V 4 ' DELTA SIGMA DELTA Delta Sig house began its activities this year by putting the new kitchen to a real test with open houses after each home game. Alumni dropped in after the games to enjoy the buffet suppers and to meet old friends. The house has also had its share of dances after the games, costume parties, and formals. The wives of the married members formed a women ' s auxiliary this year. This auxiliary has been organized to acquaint the wives and stimulate further interest in the fraternity. Although only six seniors lived in the house this year, the well equipped dental laboratory was in constant use because of the great quanity of evening lab work done by the members. This laboratory is equipped and maintained by all the members of the house for our use. Despite clinics, classes, and laboratory work we found time to participate in the intramural sports program. The active chapter and a promising group of freshmen gave Alpha chapter a bright outlook for the coming years. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Ron-: RICHARD GENEY, WILLIS KITTELL, ROBERT ROELOFS, PAUL LEONARD, ROBERT BROWNE. EDWARD HARTMANN. FREDERICK KAHLER, ROBERT DOERR, BRUCE HUBBARD, PHILIP BARIBEAU, EDWARD SCHMIDT, ARNOLD BABCOCK. Second Row: GEORGE TAFT, EDWARD WORSHAM. GEORGE HAY, WILLIAM SHUPEHT, DONALD DAVIDSON, FRANK ZACK, G. BURRILL COLBURN, DONALD HALLAS, ROBERT BUEHER, ALLEN PALMER, WILLIAM SCHRINER. Thin! Row: PAUL DEWITT (standing}, H. DEAN MILLARD, HAROLD STEELE, WILLIAM STEVENS, A. DONALD McKiNNON, SHIRLEY Dix, ROBERT PETERSON, Prexid nt. RAYMOND NELSON, Louis JOURDAIN, ROBERT WILLIAMS, RICHARD HAGERMAN, JOSEPH PONSETTO, BRUCE VANDERMADE, HARVEY SCHIELD. Fourth Row: JACK OSTER. CHARLES REILEY, W T ALTER NlEMANN, DONALD SHUMAKER, RlCHARD BARBER, EARL GASKILL, ROBERT MOHRSON, ROBERT KLINESTEKER, PHILIP YoUNGBLOOD, LEWIS GACH, J. D. CATES, MILAN GLOVER, RICHARD BARNES, LEROY PRATT, JOSEPH ELLIS, FREDERICK NICHOLS, HOMER WHITE. Fifth Roic: FORREST ROSENDAHL. RALPH SNOKE, ELVIN HARRIS, RICHARD PEAR, ROBERT SPEER, PALMER PACKWOOK, RICHARD WHITNEY ' , L. JIM WIES, ROBERT SKAU, ALLEN BRADLEY, HOWARD WALKER, RICHARD BAILEY, FORD TOPPING, ROBERT SCOTT, WILLIAM EGGLESTON, ROBERT RANTZ. 334 DELTA SIGMA PI LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rmr: FEED SCHEFFLEB. CHARLES DRAYTON. JOE WATSON. CUFF ITTNER. HAROLD AYES. DICK KERN TOM KIMMLRLY TOM REAM JIM MEEHAN. Srcond Her: DENNY HELZEB. BOB SCHAFEB. JIM DAXGL. DICK TROOST. ED XYCI. JACK DILLON. BILL XOBLE. JOSE ALESSION. BEBT WARNER JOHN BOYNE- DICK MrRpHY. Tkirt Sor: Por. WATEBMAX. WALLY PEARSON. PHIL BBUGGE. BILL BARXDS TOM EDLINGEH. TED WARD, PretiJrrit. GEORGE ELGISS BILL HEATH ' AL LOTTE. FKAJK ARTWOCT. PROF. Dixos. JOHX LIST. Ftmrtk Kmr: BOB KRIEGEH. DICK WOODWOBTH. E. T. GHOLSOX. DOREN RUSSLER. DAVE HOLE DAVE KIPP HARLAXD DODGE. AL GARCHOW. LARBY WABD. DICK RILEY. JOHN JACOBS. IAK GOODWILUE. TOM BERRY. RONALD SALBENBLATT Fiflk Kov DEL JOHNSON FRED BUSPHARD AL BACON. JOHN MACDONALD. CHCCK GOEBEL. AL BEXDEN. FRANCIS CARR, JACK CHRISTENSON, JM CARL DICK MACHEY JACK TOOT BCD BVTE SHERRILL I ' - - Miffing: DICK FLANAGAN, HABBY HAITKIKS. PACX SCHAIBLE AL ANDERSON. STEPHEN DcBRCL. CORNELHTS I.EARY. BILL PAULSON. Delta Sigma Pi is a professional traternity in the field of commerce and business administration. It was founded on November 7, 1907, " To foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship and the association of students; to promote a closer affiliation between the com- mercial world and students of commerce; and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civil and commercial welfare of the community " . Xi chapter, activated in December, 1921, and reactivated after the war in 1945, has today sixty actives and pledges. " To promote a closer affiliation between the com- mercial world and students of commerce " , pro- grams are presented by outstanding businessmen, speaking at our open meetings on special topics with interest students. The highlights of our social activity for each semester occurred in December and May when the bi-annual pledge formals were held. Buffet dinners and dances followed the Army, Minnesota, and Ohio State football games. During the remainder of the year special parties and record dances were held. 335 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: ROY GIRARD, BILL GRAVES, ED CRIPPEN, HUGH CAMERON. BILL SMITH, BILL TORGESON, HERB SPENCER, RAY PINKIIAM. PHIL FRANDSEN, GLEN CARPENTER. Second Row: DICK ASBURY, JOHN GOSLING, BILL CALKINS, EARL WOLFMAN, CLAYT GORDON, JACK MACRIS, Preoiilent, THAD JOOB. JIM MACKENZIE, JOHN RIEOEH, PAUL BROWN, TED ANDREWS. Third Row: BILL BAHTLETT, BOB WEBER, JOHN NEAFIE, BILL LANGFORD, DAVE WILE, JIM MARSHALL. NORM HODGSON. GEORGE BLOCK, BILL KHETZSCHMAH, DICK PARK, DAVE HORNING, JAY SANFORD. BILL CUTLER, PETE HAMILL. Fourth Row: BILL TELFER, GORDON HARDIE, JOHN HARM, JOHN SMITHSON, PAUL TITOS, ART JOHNSON, DAVE STANDIFORD, BARRY BHEAKEY, BOB CURRIER, BOB FERGUSON, TOM ROCHE. ED MOREI. FARLEY BEAZLEY. Still in the Shower: RALPH STRAFFON, TOM PETERSON, REX RUTTER, BOB HODGES, FRANK GOODRICH, BOB REYNOLDS, HAVEN JONES. Nu Sigma Nu has had a good year, or is going to have a good year, or something . . . This seems to be the standard opening for this sort of precis. Next, we want to sincerely thank Dr. Claude S. Beck, Professor of Neurosurgery at Western Reserve University Medical School, for his excel- lent presentation of his work for last year ' s annual Nu Sigma Nu Lecture. We feel that we should mention to the other professional fraternities that the all-year sports trophy is progressively becoming smaller year by year, so that now it is of lesser size than the posture trophy awarded to sororities. We shall turn to the real meat of this piece: We have long hairs, short hairs, sweat soxers; card players; drinkers, dancers, hitched, happy students; fluff-offs. We all like our sleep, our chow, and of course we must not forget to mention our women. Need we say more . . . Now to get back to O.B. and Gyn,as I have n test Wednesday. 336 NU SIGMA NU Phi Alpha Kappa was founded by a group of twenty graduates from Calvin College, Hope College, and Western Michigan College ... all western Michigan colleges. Our organization has expanded to include graduate students from every college in the university. With members con- centrating in medicine, law, dentistry, business administra- tion, economics, music, education, architecture, physics, chemistry, and English, the fraternity is broadly repre- sented on campus and provides companionship for men of varied educational interests. This year marked the twentieth anniversary of our organization, which was duly celebrated at our Homecoming and annual Spring Formal. Members of Phi Alpha Kappa support a Europea n war orphan. The active chapter also provides an annual Christmas party for underprivileged children of this vicinity. The Alumni Association, centered in western Michigan, retains close contact with the active chapter concerning local events and also sponsors an annual summer outing and Christmas banquet. PHI ALPHA KAPPA o n n LEFT TO IUGHT Front R-iir: BERT J.AMHKHTS. JOHN I.UIDENS. BILL SCHIPPER. RAY THON, BOB HOOLSEHA. JOE PALMER. JAY VOLKERB. Second Rote: DAVE POST TOM KRIEDKIN. C ' HUCK BAZON, PETE YANDKH MEER, BILL WILKINSON, MART SHARDA. President. BOYD HOFFMAN, DICK BUDDINGH, JACK PETERSON, TOM RECTOR. Thir-i Ron . BRUCK DICE. GEORGE ANEMA. AL LOTTERMAN. BERNIE KOOL. MIKE DEYOUNG. HERM ELDERSYELD, NICK VAN TIL, CHUCK BOUWSMA. HARY BRATT, Jons VAXDEH MOLEX. BILL LAXTOX. Fourth Row: PURC PETROELJE, LARRY FEENSTRA. MAC GAMBLE. BOB BOELKINS, CHARLES NEWTON. JOHN ROTTIEH. JOHN RECTOR, ED HOLWERDA. PAUL VAN LONKHUYSEN. GENE KNOL, JOHN BERGHUIS. Mi- ' -imj: I.LOYD WIEGERIXK. BILL VELDKAMP, RAY LUEBKE. ANDY DEKRAKER. MART WYNGABDEN. 337 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: JOHN CLVMER, DICK RECH, LYNN PHELPS, BILL PETERSON, KEN ROSENOW, KEN VANDERKALK. Heennil Rou-: JOHN GEHRJNG, CHARLES KRECKE, ED SMITH, BOB BURTON, GEORGE GREENMAN. ROOER BUSLEE, DON BULINGTON, GEORGE MILLER. TED BARTON, BOB SCHMILLIN. Third Rou-: BILL DAHLEH, ED SCOTT, DICK McMuRRAY, JOHN HALLICK, ART PRANOE, BILL NETTLEMAN, WALT POZNANSKI, President. JOHN VAN BOVEN, ROBERT LANDSTRAA, RALPH HULETT, FRED TRACER, BILL BAUER, JAKE WADE, DAN JOHNSTON. Fourth Row: JIM TAREN, ED WOODWORTH, PAUL SCHRAEDER, BOB NETZEL, PETE PROSSER, JACK WESTMAN, LYLE FREIMARK, MARION FERSZT, NORM PEDELTY, HERB MADALIN, DAVY WOODWARD, NORM GREMEL, WES MIKESELL, Ruas MILLER. Fifth Rou-: ART WRIGHT, JACK BABBITT, ART ROLLINS, BARNEY O ' HARA, DON KILGORE, BOB DAVIS, Loo Kivi, Lou BRUNSTING, DICK HAMMEL, DICK RICHARDS, GIL HAGUE, RAY LANGE, JOHN JONES, VERNE JOHNSON, DICK SCHNEIDER. Missing: BILL NEWLANDER, LANDIS STEWART, JACK MC!NTYRE, ALFRED VANDE WAA. Like all Gaul, life in Ann Arbor is divided int three parts: books, parties, and television. Books of course take their usual 90 per cent with parties and television sharing the remaining 10 per cent half-and-half. Realizing the utmost importance of starting out on the right foot in the first year of Medical School, Phi Chi has established the Dr. Eben J. Carey Memorial Award in anatomy, aiming not only to foster good scholarship among members, but also to provide recognition for the effort. Like Psyche and some, work and play go together, but unlike the psychomsomatician (new word), we separate them. To avoid schizophrenia, paranoia and just to have a damn good time, what could be better than parties? So we had football parties, initation parties, Caduceus, Fall and Spring formals, and just plain parties. In times of drought, we lived on memories. As are women, they ' re all good, but some are better. In television it was Kukla, Fran, and Ollie. 338 PHI CHI Phi Delta Chi is a national pharmaceutical fraternity founded on this campus in 1883 with the object of further- ing the sciences of pharmacy and chemistry. The Alpha chapter was inactivated in 1931 during the depression, at which time the original chapter house was lost. Since reactivation in the spring of 1947 when Phi Delta Chi rejoined the ranks of the professional fraternities on this campus, the fraternity is once again promoting the pro- fessional aspects of Pharmacy. The fraternity was instru- mental in reactivating the Alpha Eta chapter at Wayne last spring. Included in our many activities have been talks by prominent men in our profession. Among oar social events are an all-Pharmacy mixer held every fall, a pledge formal, and a spring dance. We are active in the intra-mural sports program when we can find time for the countless labs which make up an essential part of our curriculum. Through our association and work in Phi Delta Chi we hope to maintain pharmacy on a high pro- fessional plane. PHI DELTA CHI LEFT TO RIGHT Front Kou-: VICTOR LEONALL. JOHN GROLLIMCND. KENNETH RIEBE. JAIIES PHUDEN, AUSTIN BUTTRICK. President, WALTER ANHUT, EDWARD ZAWISTOWSKI. JOHN PRIESTLEY. Second Row: JOHN BAKER. LYNN WOODCOCK. JAMES ROMEYN. WILLIAM CUSICK. ANDREW BOGEMA. RICHARD BOGAHD. GRAHAII CHKSNVT. Thinl Row: WILLIAM LATSHAW. JAMES MORSE. WALTER DRCMNOXD. GORDON WEBB, JOHN TRIESTRAM. LAUREN McLAiN, GENE ASHWORTH, RONALD BWABTHADT. Mi.- ing: BENTON BOWMAN. CHARLES BUTLER, JAMES CHIESTENSON, DALE GIDDINGS. CLAYTON HOPP. ALBERT NEUFFER, FREDRICK SELTZER. CLYDE WARREN. 339 PHI DELTA EPSILON The Omega Chapter of Phi Delta Epsilon has just marked the completion of another year of activity here on the Michigan campus. Thirteen men were initiated into the organization, giving us the largest membership in history for the year 1950. We are now 54 members strong. The fraternity highlights of this year included an in- formal dinner dance with guests from our brother chapter at Wayne University Medical School, in addition to our Detroit and Ann Arbor alumni; the sponsorship of the Phi Delta Epsilon anatomy cup and metal which is awarded each year to the top-flight medical school fresh- man in Gross Anatomy, and the sponsorship of the annual Phi Delta Epsilon lecture presented by an outstanding medical man. We also participated in the intra-mural sports league, and climaxed our social program with a semi-formal dinner dance in honor of new initiates at the end of the year. We would like to wish the twelve graduat- ing seniors the best of luck in their internship and future practice. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: EUGENE MALITZ, HERBERT ROTHENBEHG. SHERMAN KAY, At SOSIN. MICHAEL FRANZBLAU, MILTON GOLDRATH, MARTIN DAITSCH, SHELDON FELLMAN, SANFORD PERLIS. .Second Rnv: HERBERT ROSENTHAL, SEYMOUR GRANT, JONAS CARHON, BERNARD ROSENBERG, ROBERT EPSTEIN, MORRIS WEISS, President, MARVIN PERLIS, RICHARD MICHELSON, SEYMOUR LEVEN, MICHAHL DRICKMAN, JAMES ELLISON. Third Row: NEWTON ROTTENBERG, EDWARD EHRLICH, SAUL MARGULEB, PETER SIEGEL, JKROME FINKELSTEIN, ELI KUHEL. DAVID RUSKIN, SEYMOUR ADELSON, SEYMOUR VANDER, HERBERT CANTOR. Fourth Row: HUBERT GOLDMAN, MARTIN JAFFE, MAX GARBEH, CARL LIPNIK. MILTON SHIFFMAN, JACK PORTNEY. ALLAN WEINER, PAUL WOLF, COLEMAN ROTTENBERG. Missing: JOE COCHIN, BERNARD HARRIS, JERRY JACOBSON, WARREN Wrrus, DAVID YOUNG, EUGENE FHENKEL, EUGENE WINKELMAN, SIDNEY KATZ. MURRAY GRAY HEINZ SCHWARZ, MARTIN FRANK, MILFORD PANZER. 340 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Roir: JOE SHRAHEK. BOB NORWOOD. ROM GROMLEY. BILL McMiLLAN, JOHN VARNEY, DOUG ERICKBON. WALT GREEN. Jin TOWNSEND. Second Run-: JIM CLARK. BEX STONE. BILL TREZISE. GEORGE ANDERSON. Dora GILLIM. LEO P. CUNNINGHAM. President, DON SUTEB. SPIKE LYZENGA. FRANK SUTTON. D. S. PAREUNIC. BILL LARSEN. Third Row: DON GILBERT. JOHN REID. LEON OSTRANDER, STEVE CORNELL, DON McGuiRE, DAVE ANDERSON. DICK KRAFT, RALPH BRANDT. BILL ALT, GERRY BAROFSKY. MARVE SEVEN, VERN BICK. DOUG HADDOCK. Fourth Row: DON CAMP. J. P. RAHM, LEO LINDQUIST. GILES BOLE, BOB LOWRY, BOB MclNTOsH. NORM CLARKE. DICK MEIXKE, JOHN BIRDSELL, CHARLES STEVENS, BILL FELLNER. CARL SPECK. JOHN W ATKINS. Missing: HARVEY CAMPBELL. JIM CONRA D. DOUG DAWE. JACK ENSROTH, JOHN FELT. BILL FLINTOFF, CARL GHUHZIT, LE ROY HOUCH, TOM HOYER. JOHN IVANHOFF, BILL KEMP. K. PTONEMAN. PHIL VTZ, LEW WARREN, BILL WENNER. MARSHALL WILLIAMS. PHI RHO SIGMA Zeta chapter of Phi Rho Sigma, national medical fraternity, installed at the University of Michigan in 1897, has had a change of location with the loss of one basement, bar, and backyard and a gain of one of the most modern kitchens on campus. Old 300 North Ingalls has become 220 North Ingalls, undergoing redecoration from cellar to attic in the process; but changing none of its ideals, industry, and zest for scholastic and social achievement. Caught short by the gradua- tion of 28 seniors last spring, Phi Rho has com- pensated for their loss by the addition of 19 pledges. Though our seniors this year are few, among the four remaining bachelors living with us we are proud to include such a person as the President of Galens, honorary medical society. This year, as in years gone by, we have main- tained a productive party schedule, turning out extravaganzas which typify the lighter side of medical school. In passing we leave with you the old adage that all medical students need three hands. 341 pm MEN ' S DORMS The Association of Independent Men directs all concerted effort by unaffiliated men on the campus. At left fall presi- dent Walt Hansen explains a point to plan-making officers at a meeting. A. I. M. AIM COUNCIL (left to rifjht) Front Row: HOWARD JOHNSON, JAMES RICE, MARVIN FAILER, WALT HANSEN, CAL KLYMAN, DAVID BELIN. Second Row: RAY COVER, BILL NEELY, RALPH GREENWOOD, MKL COHEN, RAY LADENPORF, HAROLD TANNER, HUGH FLEETWOOD, FREDERIC HARK. r 1 The west quad council, with representatives from each house holds meetings to take concerted action. WEST QUAD COUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT front Row: BOB HEDLER, BILL DIENER. GEORGE ROVMLLL. DICK GORMAN, TOM MASSNICK, AL HAFFNKH. Second Row: DOUG CUTLEB, CLINT ILLIAMS. BOB LEOPOLD. BOB PALMER, GARTH KIRKENDALL, GEORGE BOUCHER, JIM GIBBS, GARY SCHOTT, RALPH SCHATZ, PAUL RASKIN. PETE SODERBERG. LEI ' T TO i RIGHT I-ront Row: DONOVAN SWEENEY, HOWARD ROGERS, JAMES JACOBS, DALE SMALL, CARVEL MAIR, ROBERT LEMMER, RONALD WELLS GLENN SIEVING, ART MILTNER, DICK JONSE. BOB PAUL. Second Row: DONALD HAMRA. WILLET HERHINQTON, BOB SCHMIDT, BOB GELLATLY DONBEHGFRON MRS HI-NT V, ILLIAM DIEVER, president, EARL EBACK, BOB HEDLER, CLIFF VOICE. ALLAN MANDELSTAMM, TED DURST. Third Row: ED GREEN, NOLAN PAYNE, OLAF HAROLDSON ' - P . B 5l KENNETH HOLM, JOHN DUDD, FLOYD WEBLE, JEROME BURZYCK, DONALD SCHADE. Fourth Ro U ' : ALAN McCoRMicK. BILL HAYES, HILARION BIBICOFF, WALLACE PEARSON, DONALD KELLY, HERBERT ' HERRINGTON, ROBERT RA ' MUSSKN. ADAMS HOUSE LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: WILLIAM BROECKER, BERNARD SIBHOLL, ED WALTER, GERALD HARRINGTON, HARRY CRIEL. BRYDEN Dow T P TRIMBLE WESLEY TRUE, PETE THORPE SAM PLICE. WILLIAM SPENCER, CRANSTON PORTER. Second Row: GLENN POUCHER, ROBERT STEVENS, THOMAS SCHULTE, LARRY O ' DEL ' L DALE CLARK ALAN MORGAN. MARK ARDIS, JASPAR REID, PATRICK WHITE, ALLAN HANNA, GORDON SAXON, JIM PETERSEN. Third Row: ROBERT LOEBLEIN, DAVID GRAY JOHN WAGNER, DAVID WEAVER HENRY BREXTON, DAN PALMER, WILLIAM HALBY, RICHARD ILER, RUSSELL CHURCH, THOMAS RICE, ANDREW BERRY ; ALLAN MCGREGOR, DAVE ALLEN, BILL MERNER. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Run-: JOHN NIXON, WALLACE E. FRANZOI, ELLIS B. HATDEN, JAMES E. SOPER, CLIFF. A. DEAN, TOM ELMBLAD. ROLAND KISTLER, CARL MILLKR. JR.. CLEM PIEKARSKI, JR., ARNOLO G. MILLER. Second Ron-: DICK FLEISCHMAN, GERALD LOSEY, NED BELCHER. PAUL STONER, MRS. McCurcHEON, ROBERT AMOS. C. C " . WILLIAMS, President, JAY SANDERCOCK, JIM HAUSE, HENRY PIASECKI, DICK HANNENBERG. Third Row: CHARLES FROMAN, PAUL FANCHER, THOMAS HOWELL. HOWARD WELCH. WILLIAM BAILEY, MELVIN Fox. WALTER V. MITA, DALE JACKSON. MARCEL ZDUNCZYK, JOHN MACK. FRED OUELLETTE, OLIVER POPA, E. J. KLAASSEN. Fourth Rote: JAY S. HEYMAN, THOBURN STILES. GEORGE M. DOBOS, STEPHEN F. LCPE, JOHN G. McCoRMicK. WILLIAM J. COWLIN, FLOYD ZARBOCK, BASIL CONSIDINE. JR.. TOM LIACKES. KENNETH VANDERKOLK. FRANK HULL. Fifth Row: HARRY BLACK, ROBERT J. VANDERZYL, GORDON B. Fox, NORMAN SCHROEDER. JACK D. EDICK. JOHN P. JONES. A. JOHN SCHNEIDER. LAWRENCE F. LANE, JOSEPH LUPION. JERRY H. STONKOFF, CHARLES JACOB, STEVE HASH. BEN H. UJIHARA. CHICAGO HOUSE LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: NEIL VOOT. TED CLIFTON. ROBERT KLAMSER. JIM STOHRIE. BUD HAGEN, ROSTOM TANDOURJIAN. CHAUNCEY SETO, MILLARD SETO, FREDKRIC AUNGER. ARNIE STEIN, BILL SUYDAM. Second Row: BENNETT STALVEY, DAVID B. STEVENS, DOUGLAS HUGHES, WALTER MEYER. Louis STADLER. RICHARD KOCON. JOSEPH ZOBIN. JOHN JENKS. CLEMENT E. PAPAZIAN, JAMES A. CORSON. RON OUELLETTE. SAM PETRILLI. LEONARD F. ROMANO. Third Row: THOMAS G. BASSETT. ROBERT C. KEITH. HARVEY L. DAVISON, HARRY C. TATIGIAN, MORRIS G. SHANKER, JOHN L. SCHUETT, CRAIG W. HARTSELL, RAY H. LADENDORF, JOHN ARMBRUSTER. JEROME F. HOHEISEL. EDW-ABD A. ZAWISTOWSKI. ALBERT KALJEE, RICHARD D. SHIMUNEK, ANGELO CANTERA, RICHARD GORMAN, ED STORY, Fourth Row: ROBERT W. CARR. SHERWIN WINE. HERB NORDQUIST, KEITH B. DANIELS, FRANK E. MUELLNEH, ABRAHAM J. MONIEH, RONALD E. SEAVOY, DWIGHT W. TAYLOR. CHARLES RICHTER. DAVID RANDALL. CHARLES PAETZKE. JACK SHARLAND. WILLIAM R. KOTAPISH. Fifth Row: ROBERT FREMLIN. EDWARD NIEMIEC, JERRY SCHCON. DONALD EDWARDS. BILL SHULEVITZ. DOUGLAS VICHULES, ROBERT L. MILLER. RICHARD ATNIP, HENRY ' FISCHER, JACK RAYMOND, RAYMOND KAUPPILA t m 1 LEFT TO RIGHT front Row: PAUL MANTEK, THOMAS DIAZ, SAM SAVAS, RICHARD CONN, HOWARD FOSLER, EUGENE IGNASIAK, EMANUEL CARLEBACH, SID GOLD- BERG, HOWARD CHRISTENSON, ROBERT RUSSEL. Second Row: ERNEST McCARus, JOSEPH SIMPSON, PAUL BEARDSLEY, PETER ALIFERIS, ALFRED HAFFNER, Pr .- ' nt. PAUL RANKIN, GLENN KILGREN, HERBERT BOOTHHOYD, RALPH PUCHALSKI, MORTON BLUM, GARY FBYB. Third Row: DON HAAS, ELDON MCKENZIE, DONALD DUBOIS, NORMAN DOORENBOS, THOMAS WRIGHT, HERBERT VANBURGEL, GERALD MARTAS, RON SHORT, EARL SOMMER, HARVEY BUHLEY, DOUGLAS FAIRCHILD, CLARENCE LAFAIVE, GEORGE ANDERSON. Fourth Row: HOWARD HARTZELL, JOHN BARFUSS, GORDON BIGELOW, LYLE THUMME, NORMAND NAUMOFF, JIM MAGUIRE, ALEX VANIS, OSMOND DEAN, WILLIAM GAY, RONALD GETOOR, LEON LUBLIN, KENNETH KAMES, HERBERT KATZ, Fifth Row: DAVID PERKINS, RONALD FOULDS, PHILIP HOGAN, PHILIP PARKER, VERNAL PACKARD, DON KRUMMEL, LEN HOLDER, ROBERT DAYTON, ROBERT DUNBAR, JACK SCRUGGS, WALTER OBERREIT, GEOFFREY LEIGH, SIDNEY KRIPKE, CARL HANSON. LLOYD HOUSE LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: JOHN BECK, SIDNEY KLAUS, DAVE GEHMAN, C. DOUGLAS PARDEE, JAMES WARNKE, WALLIE JEFFRIES, CLARENCE WELSH, FRANK JOHNSON, LYNN PHELPS, JAMES GOEBEL. Second Row: EUGENE SMILEY, PETER MANN, NOEL BIBEL, EDMUND MACARIS, CONRAD SEMMELROTH. JOSEPH YAKAS. BOB LANTOS, JOHN TURKO, JOHN KHAUSS. LELAND HENRY, JOSE DAVILA. Third Row: ROBERT GREW, BOB LYONS, ERIK BROGREN, ALFRED NENNS, DAVID NENNS, EDWIN IRION, KM 1 1, MORLOCK, ROBERT NOVOTNY, ROBERT SCHMIDLIN, JOHN DOOLITTLE, FRED HOLLAND, KENT CAMPBELL, DONALD CONGDON. Fourth Row: JERRY IRWIN. DAN KOVATS, W. LABODIE, W. B. KLATT, W. R. DEBLER, R. J. WEIBEL, DAVID BROWN, LAURENCE BLOCH, WILLIAM KING, IRVING BARON, REGINALD ERNST, JAMES EKWALL, ROBERT BENSON. Fifth Row: JAMES AOMEGA, EMORY GARTICK, RICHARD SEWELL, GEORGE FLINT, CHARLES CLIPPERT, RICHARD SCHUTTE, NORMAN ZILBER, MARVIN CARPENTER, JERRY SHULL, HERBERT CRAIG. GERALD SAMSON, CLIFFORD HOOD, JAY GROSMARK. :FT TO RIGHTFV m ffoir.- DONALD DELL. JACK MOOTE. JOHN RAWLINGS, ROBERT PAGENKOPF, HOWABD GAKBETT, GLEN SotrrHEBTON, DICK McCoRD. JACK _- --, r -, V-. M. -m-i ui- i., vjc unuc. UMUMJU ) Jjw j_-t vt IJ EMJ.- . - 1 ' U.rtn ni M. JJUNN J1OEK I;F PHIL .-LOVICK. JOHN CAMEBON. RICBABD BISHOP. PHILIP REICHEB. DON DUGGEB. GEOBGE BROCKUS. JOHN RIOBDAN. Ton WILKEBSON CCBTIS JACOBSON JACK ALLAIRE. FBED REMLEY. RALPH CBOCCH. BOB MILKER. Fifth Rov: JACKAVICH ROSINSKI. DICK NEPSTAD, DON COBBELL. ROBERT GIGLIO JIM VERHETTE CHUCK RETTE V CHUCK CLARKE, KENNETH CANNESTRA. EDWABD HIRSCHBECK. PETER STRONG, JIM LIST. JOHN CONE. CHARLES BURT Sixth Row THOMAS D ' HCVMI L Emnu. KENDALL. BRUNO PIROLO. DONALD SINGLER. EUGENE KEMP, DENNY HELZER, ALLEN VAN LIERE, GEORGE YERKES, ROT SEPPALA MICHIGAN HOUSE ,EY. BOB CLARK. W. M. MORRISON. ROBEBT HARTMAN. RALPH HILEMAN, DAVID SNYDER. JACK SIERING. DON FISCHER. HABBY SCHAAL. Loma KuiiKca .NICK ADAMS. BILL GIARDIXI. ANDREW LONYO. GENE BBUNELL. AL BARROWS. BOB DANIELS. JIM COLEMAN. JOHN BELJIAN, JOHN BOGUE. LEFT TO RIGHT front Row: JAMES SEITZ. DONALD BOERMA, BILL LOEWER, NICK SCHOOLEV, JERRY McKiE, KEITH AVERILL, PHILIP YOUNG, RAFFKE JOHNS. BOB LEOPOLD, MARSHALL HEHSHON, BILL STHICKLER, ARCH CHAPMAN, tjeroml Row: KRED KERR, ADELBERT TWEEDIE. DAN GIOVANNINI. BRUCE COOK, JOSEPH DARNALL. JOHN BACON. RICHARD PONSETTO, WILLIAM BALOGH. WILLIAM LANOUETTE, HARVEY KUNNEN, ROBERT LAWSON. WILLIAM CHAPMAN. Thin! Run-: DOUGLAS SPENCER, DICK WALLRICH, JOHN MARR, JIM MASTY, ROY PETERS, BURTON PERRY, DONALD BASS. LEN VOISICH, DON MKIKLE, DON PRAY, ROBERT EGGENBERGER, DAVID WEST. Fourth Row: HARRY PTPER. HOWARD RICE. DALE BROWN, WILBUR MARKSTROM, MILES LETTS. NORMAN WELCH. REED ROMINE. DICK DiNoLKO. JAMES CASTELLI, PETER KARDEL, CALVIN BOWNE. ALLEN-RUMSEY HOUSE LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: VINCENT TUHCOTTE, PATRICK O ' CONNOR, BEN SORSCHER. DON TIMPBON, DON MASSNICK. DOUG CUTLER. JACK GILLETT. JACK PRIOR. JAQK DESJARDINS. JERRY DESJARDINS, BILL FLECKENSTEIN, JACK GRAY. Second Row: RUSSELL HOWARD, JAMES BALCONI, CLINTON ROSE, HOWARD VAN HORN, KEN KRANTZ. WAYNE LEENGRAN. BEN NEWMAKER. WILLIAM NYE. JAMES SMEAD, STEVEN WHITE. HENRY GODT. NEILL SCHMEICHEL. SALVATORE GREGORY. JAMES KUBOTA. Third Row: MELVIN BULKLEY, HANK ZANONI, WILLIAM SWISHER, JAKE LAZAR, MARK RICHARDS. RAM KOCHHAR. CARL LUCAS. WARNER PLFUG, JEROME SCHAACK, ROBERT WILSON, LEONARD CREMEH, JAMES GRAKIN. KEN CARROLL, JOHN CHIAPURIS. Fourth Row: GERALD GOOD. PAUL SKARLOTOS. EDWARD STEWART, JOHN MILLER, BILL MORRISON, THOMAS KEENAN, DOUGLAS BLANKS, CLYDE SPENCER, JOHN WORTHINGTON, JAMES JACQUES, THAD EPPS. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rmr: DUANE LONDON. JOBS PRIESTLEY. TOM THIRLBY. PAUL ROHLFING. KARL CAEIIER. PHIL RICE, COLEN LAFAVE, RICHARD DEMMLK. BOB CCHBAN. COKDELL VASU. Serond Rov: PACL LEVIN. AIMO PALOSAAHI EDWARD LINDSLEY. BOB MILLER. PACT. Ross. GEORGE KING. MRS. R. S. McCoRMicK, ROBERT WEBER. PETE SODERBERG. BILL NEELY, JAMES PIERCE. THOMAS MASSXICK. Third Bar: JOHN GLOVE . JOBN ROGERS. PETER OAK, Gus PYRROB, IHTIN WILBUR. GEORGE Srorr. JACK STEINHILBER, ROBERT ROYAL. JIM MANSOS. JIM MARTIN, RICHARD MERRILL Fowtk Rotr: DAVID METZ. HARRY MYRON, EDGAR MANKER. JOHN R ASTELLO. ALBERT BOIT , EDMUND Rrsi.vtK WALTER TABAH. JOHN MACKEY. ROBERT WALDON. DAVID BITTKER. RAYMOND METZGER. DOMINIC MOCERI. WILLIAM KREIHOFEB.. Fiftk Rov: WILLIAM MARX. NILL WAGONER. RONALD GHOHMLEY. LEON BENNETT, JOHN STUMPFIG, KEN BABCOCK. ROBERT WEBSTER, JOSEPH KLICHOWSKJ, DON SIELAIT. Louis VAUGHN, GLENN LEHMANN. JOSEPH JENDEH. DONALD SHUMAKEK. WEXLEY HOUSE LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row EUGENE BARRACK. JIM HILDEBRAND. JOHN CASE. DICK RYDER. DICK MANSFIELD. RAY JCSZCIYK, HENRY JANCSCKA. JIM BUCK. Secwul Rov: JIM MAIRS. CLYDE ROBBINS. DICK GOTTSCHALK, DON WHITE. BILL WIEDRICH. GEORGE WILHELM. NORM.OC MATHIAS. JOHN BACKELS. JAMES Mc- COHMACK. EDWIN PEARCE. NANCY ISOLAMPI. JOHN PETTER. Tkird Rev: ED KERB. EDWARD RANDA. JIM LOWELL. GORDON COMFORT. PAUL SCHREUR. RICHARD REED. JACK BRYANT. TERRY BROWN, BOB SHAWLEY. JOHN LEEN, JOHN MECKLEY. Fourth Rav: ROBERT KILLENBUGER. JOHN HAHBOCRNE. MICHAEL PLUGA. KENNETH BITMAN. LELAND STROHM, JAMES SISSON. WILLIAM KEMPF. WALTER RAPPRECHT. JOHN MORRIS. DON SHAFFER, KAROL PIOTROWSKI. FiflJ Rav: JIM SHANER, DONALD WoHLGERNfTH. ROBERT RADTKE. LEE CoPPLE. MELVIN SACHS. MARSHALL WEISS. JOHN M AUR1EL. FRANK MlLLER. GREY GlTZEN, DON ANTHONY. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: DON WESTON, LAWRENCE RILEY, JOHN DAWSON. JOHN STAFFORD, LAWRENCE DERIDDER, RUDY THOMPSON, RICHARD SMITH JERRY ROMEH LEONARD HUBER, BARNETT MAOIDS, JACK SIEHSMA, FHEDRIC STOLLER, FRANCIS DIZON, JOHN HARLAN. Second Row: ALTON SANNAR, JULIAN ALLEN JOHN LINK JOHN SKRBINA, HARRISON MILLER, JERRY PORTER, FRANCISCO CASTRO, MAURICE GOLDBERG, RODNEY PARKER, JOHN BURGESS, MYRON LINDOW, ROBERT WILCOX DAVID COWLEY, GEORGE BOUCHER, JOHN FOLEY, EDWARD CALVIN. Third Row: DON BRIGGS, DON MACLACHLAN, FREDERICK KOEHN, RUSSELL ETZEL WILLIAM EGGLESTON, EDWARD TINKLER, RAYMOND OKONSKI, WALLACE KEMP, DONALD FRAGNOLI, WILLIAM MONAHAN, CHARLES KENT, ROBERT WAMHACH WINCHELL HOUSE LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: RALPH SCHATZ, HAROLD WARD, FRANCIS BENESH, JACK DUBOIS, JAMES MCNALLY, WALDO BREWER, RALPH W. EMERSON, CHARLKS WEINGARTEN, JAMES FITZPATRICK, MANUEL ROSENBAUM, ALAN LUCKOFF, BOB MARSHALL. Second Row: HUBERT SAARISTO, DICK HOHEB, RICHARD WHITE. Lome ZAKO, DAVID SEBALD, BRUCE SPENCER, BUD MUDD, NED STIHTON, JOHN CHISHOLM. FREDERICK ALLEN, MILLAKD DEHR, JEROME HIRSCH, EDWIN HICKS, HAR 1:1 HOWARD, GEORGE LEHMAN. Third Row: DAN DARTTON, KEN MILLER, ROD MINNER, DICK SMALTER, GEORGE MAREK, JOE EPSTEIN, ROBERT WIMMER, DOUGLAS COVERT, JERRY BOWERS, BOB LARSON, DON WAATTI, CLARENCE GABEL, ROBERT GUSTAFSON, FRANK SKRBINA, IRVING HALPHERN, SANFORD CAIN. Fourth Rmr: CARL WHEELER, JOSEPH MOFFATT, JOHN CANNON, EDWARD FERRIS, REMUS BOILA, ARTHUR BLOSSEY. TOM PAKIAN, BARRY DRIGGERS, MILTON GOETZ, CLARENCE BORNS, LARRY WALLMAN, DAVE BAHKKARIE, WILLIAM FILKINS, DAVID Foss, JOSEPH STERN, STUART BARUCH, Lisis JAMEI GARCIA, FRANK MURPHY. WOMEN ' S DORMS Mosher took first prize in the Fortnight skits. ASSEMBLY DORM PRESIDENTS, front Row: SUSAN SJRIS.BARBARA GRIMM, YVONNE FOSSENKEMPER, PR18CILLA WOODWARD, DORIS SMITH, JANE FEST. Second Row: JANIS ELLINQHRUSEN, COURTNEY SHERBROOKE, BOBBE HKEYTEK. Third Row: AUDREY RIDDELL, SUZANNE Fox. ALICE ANDERSON. TRUDY BAUMBERGER Coordinating all the activities of " the independent women on campus, Assembly Association works as an integral part of the League. Under the leadership of its president, Jo Wilson, Assembly sponsored several out- standing events and participated in some really worth- while projects. The fall semester saw another annual Assembly Fortnight the night on which students and houses are recognized for outstanding scholarship and activities. Assembly Ball was held in the spring with Frank Tinker ' s band providing the sweet strains. Dorm candy booths, supporting a DP student, and in conjunction with Panhel, Student Faculty teas, were vear-round activities. LEAGUE HOUSE PRESIDENTS, Front Row: BETTY VINIERATOS, MARILYN EISENBACH. Second Row: GLADICE ISHRDE, CHARLEEN MITCHELL, SUE SHA- WAKER, CHARLOTTE COHEN, CAROL ATHERTON, SUE MARKS. Third Row: MARGARET McCLUNG, BETTY DEUTSC ' HMAY, ALICE MESSINGER, MARGARET MOONKY, ALICE GOLD, BETTY MORRISON, NANCY FOLTZ, PHYLLIS KKAKL. Ml ASSEMBLY BALL COMMITTEE: MARTHA Tcnwixg. B ABB AHA TBTTTEH. LOB- RAIXE RATH. EMILY BLAIRE. lout MIXTZEB. EVA STLBS. HELEX YEAGEB. JO WILSON, PRESIDENT MBLY BOARD: fSmfcrf) Jo WILSOX. Pnndnt. MABV JAXE IVMAM. BEIST VMIE- RATOS. (.Sfemrfinyi ROSE POTCOTA. PRISCILLA WOODWARD. HABRIET GALE. MARILYN EISEX- BACH. 355 nf ' 71 -- LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: NANCY POSTER, Lois EISELE. NATALIE SPIEKER. Seated: PATRICIA PATSLOFF, SUE ROSE, CHRISTINE LINDEHMOW, PRISCILLA WOOD- WARD, President. Standing: MARY DAVIDSON. MARCIA McKiE, BARBARA WILDMAN, AHLIE BENNET. MOSHER HALL The pause that refreshes includes a game of bridge for these girls at Mosher hall. With books and smiles they go to the Library to catch up on work. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Raw: DOHOTHT WIESEOTHAL. LOOSE CAJIPBEU., SALLY PETEBFHEUND. Setand Roir: MABTHA COBURN. MABGOT ESTEP. ALICE ANDER- SON. Prtfi ' ltTit. MARTHA RAIXIEB. NANCY HtrrcniNSON. NETTIE FLETCHER. Third Ro r: ANN PATTERSON, ETHEL LADAB. MABY JANE HAGELIN. MCBIEL GKABOW, JcNEjESSOP. Minting: PAT ROSSMAX. JORDAN HALL The ping pong champions face each other in open combat before their cheering friends. There is nothing like a mug of tea at night to give one strength. front Row: CAHOLY STOLL, MELVA ALLEN. SOPHIE LEE, PATSY MrlNTOsii. MAR- GARET MELLENINGER, INGE KUEHL, BEVERLY HAHTLE, MARY Lou NEFK. MARI.IO LOOMIS, BEVERLY PIOCH, JUDY NORRIS. At Piano: LILA LKPPERD. BETTY HOEH- MANN. .Sfconrf Rote: LA VINA ROBINS, JANET BAIRD, ANITA CLUTE, JOAN BEY- REUTHER, FAYE BELL, ELSIE MEYERS, ANNE TRAIGE, PATRICIA CHASE, BETTY HILDING, BARBARA LICKRIDGE, DOROTHY HANSEL. BEVERLY CARMON, M ARGOT HENRY, NANCY ROOK, DOROTHY HOARD. COUZENS HALL Late study hours at Couzen ' s are broken by taking time out for a snack. Ginger ale and sandwiches brought around 11:00 always find themselves in great demand. 358 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: CEIL SCHNAPIK. BARBARA KATZ. DELICE GREENHERG. RHODA NICHTBEHGER, PATRICIA NIELSES, MARIAN DAVIS. MARGARET REED, VIRGINIA PERSONS. SALLY QUA. Rmr: I.OLA VETTER. BEVERLY SCHUBERT. CAROL RDCKER. MARIAN HARING. VIRGINIA ETTINGEH. KATHERINE GUTHE, MARTHA CARBERKY. MARY ANNE McCusKER. SALLY CONVERY, ANITA MAKGI ' LIS. MARY ELIZABETH KASS. Third Row: JANET BAKER, ANN RITTMASTER, JOAN GOODMAN, BONNIE MIZER, YVONNE BOICE. MARJORIE HILBORN, GLADYS LAIIADRID. AMY MARKSON. JANET KLEIN. ELAINE GIESE, MARTHA HELLER. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rnu-: JANE McCoRMicK. FERN WOODARD. SOPHIE LEE, DOROTHY HALL.WILMA SOMERVILL. JEANNE FARRINGTON. Second Row: DOROTHY HOARD, INGE KUEHL. Third Row: MARGOT HENRY, BETTY HILDING. ADA BYLAND, BEVERLY " SCHUBERT, PATRICIA CHASE. JOAN BEYREUTHER. The cards see a tall, dark man and a vacation on the beach at Waikiki. 359 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: S. MOCK, M. HIBBARD, G. MACK, ,1. EDWARDS, D. VALENTINE, P. REED, M. RYCHMAN, M. PINSKBTONE, P. BARTHOLOMEW, M. HOLLAND. C. DEMOND, J. BESSHAN, J. PARKER, J. KIRCH, J. DENISON, I.. KALTENBACH, M. PALMER, C. PALMER. C. GRINOLD. Second Row: P. WAGNER, A. SHANNON, D. GUEHIN, J. GOLDSWORTHY, B. ROTH; S. McDoNALD. S. SHEPPARD, D. FORD. M. AROZIAN, V. DAHICK, S. BROWN, B. I.OOAN, B. LOGAN, J. PuVOGEL, C. CHAMPNEY, B. MONCHIEFF, R. BJERREGAARDE, H. TOHMPSON. J. PECK, P. HILE, M. KULAS. N. FIELDS, A. DRAKE, R HEIM, J. COLLINS. ThirdRow: P. BLAKE, M. MURRAY. J. SORIN, I. ElCHHORN, B. MEWEB, D. DABICK, A. MlKULICH, A. SHAFER, E. VlNIEHATOS, L. PATTERSON, R. CROSS, A. PETERSON. C. SYMMONDB. H. WlLBON. B. McFADDD.v, Di CLIRK. M. CHANDLER, C. SOMER, N. O ' NEILL, M. DIAMOND, L. PARKER. M. BEST. N. JENSEN. Fourth Row: L. VONGLAHN. E. MOUNT, B.HENRY, C. JONES. H. WALSH. N. SYMONS, J. SCHREIBEB. F. SMITH, A. HAYES, J. WEAVER, C. STEIN, N. JOHNBTONE, R. MEYERBON. J. WATTS, R. STECK. S. SHERAS E. PEARE, M. STEIN, A. JEWELL, J. INMAN, A. McCoLL, F. LITTLE, V. GRAY, M. ROTH, I. HAERING. Fifth Row: A. TOBIN, M. LAVELY, D. NELSON. S. BROWER, D. SLAMAN, S. RIGGB, S. BEEBE. F. IVICK, M. CLOCK, E. HAHKNESS, C. VINKEMULDEH, L. PATTEHBON, M. MOORE, M. LARSON. L. SCHMITKONS, P. KEENAN, V. BOBTWICK, J. EVANS, H. CHUDACOFP, L. LEVINE, M. JOHNSON, J, MISNER, P. ANDREWS, C. VON GLAHN, J. PIERCE. MARTHA COOK AUDREY RIDDELL, president, SITB SURROUNDED BY Front Ron: PEG MARTIN, night chaperone; DIANA CONSTAND. secretary; DONNA BILLING- TOV, junior representative; Back Row: ADELE HAGER, rice-president; AND TAL HOYT, treasurer. Missing.: MARION HARDY, senior representative. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Bar: KIYO TAIRA. LYNN BEACH, Mnu BRODEHICK, ELLA MAT RANDALL. JEAN ENGMAN. MABCIA GOLDFARB. ANN LEWIS. LIBBY WAR- SHAW. EVELYN STAR. Second Bar: VICD CHUN, MARGARET ATKINS, Jn-iE CHOSSMAN, JANE F.BXER. CHARLOTTE OSBORNE. MARGERY Boos. FAY JOSEPH, BEA CLAY- TOH. JOANNE AXDEBSOX. HELEN MARIE DAVIS. MABJOKIE KRAUSS. Tkird Rov: CHARLOTTE VOELKER LYNN TKAI., MARY ANNE BEATSON. JEANETTE SCO%TLI.E FRAX HIRSHMAN. MARY McKiNNEY. JULIA HAMHICK, PAT REASIDE. CAROL BRENNER. MARGIE KARASIK. NANCY KARASIK, JOAN HEGENER. MARIAN CLOOTS. ROSE- MARY JONES. Fourth Rov: JOAN JOWETT. JOAN HEIOERER. BARBARA ELLACOTT. JANET GABT. ELEANOR CANNON. ELEANOR DOERSAM, JEANETTE BHOWN. GERRY WUNCH. BARBAR. KEIM. AXNETTE FISHER. PAT GOBLE. MARY ANN SMELTZER. BETSY BARBOUR LEI T TO RIGHT Front Rov: ELIZABETH HADDZN DONA DAVENPORT, KATHLEEN BOND. JOAN SHEPPARD. BARBARA SEYMOUR. MARGUERITE BAYLERIAX MARI ANNE HARRIS. JEAN CARSON. ROBINA QUALE, RACHEL PANCHERI. Second Rov: CONNIE NEWMAN. MARY ELLEN HASTIE, ELIZABETH WAHGELL. AUDREY BEXXEH. t m ELLIXGHAUSEX, pmident. RUTH SPILLMAX. Lois COMB. Jo SUGNET. JUNE FRETTAG. ELIZABETH GELUITLY Tkird Rev: FRANCES REITZ. DELORES SEBAFTN, ANNA PIQUET ANN LENNTNGTON. PAULINE KCRTZ, EDITH SMITH. BARBARA BERGONZ, ANN HUDDLE, PATRICIA HERRIMAN. ALICE DEJOXG. BLANCHE JONES. CHERYL OSHIHARA. Fwurt Rov: ANNE BIGMAX. JOAN MINTZEH. BARBARA COHN, MARLENE LURIE. MURIEL KRON. PAT FILDEW. MARILYN DAVIS, THIRZA MILLAR. BARBARA ANDERSEN, LILLIAN BARTLETT, ELEAXOR GOLDMAN. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: EVA TAKEMOTO, RUTH COHEN, JON FRANE, CONSTANCE KAY, FRANCES MANNING, LOUISE WILTSCHEK, ALICE ANN RYAN, LYNN GUTENBERG, PEGGY NIMZ, LILA NAGLEH, ANNETTE RICH, JOYCE ROBICHAUD, DORIANNE ZIPPERSTEIN, GERTRUDE FRANKLIN, JANET ECKFELD. Second Row: DOROTHY FOGEL, EVA BURNKTTK. VIRGINIA WALPOLE. LORRAINE BUTLER, BETTY RlCHARDS, MARYLIN Kl,AFER, ANN TOWNSEND, SUSAN PETERSON, RlTA WOODSON, SUSAN SIRIS, president; PHYLLIS WALTERS, CATHERINE CLAIRMONT, MARY MATHESON, DIANA KHOURY, NORMA JAKSEC. JUANITA WILLIAMS, MRS. MARJORIK McCov, JOANNE NEAL. Third Row: MYRA METTETAL, KATHERINE RADOVAN, LITA HAGEN, PAT HUMMER, ROMA LIPSKY, ROSALIND VIRSHUP, RUTH PITTMAN, JOAN GIESSOW, KATHLEEN McKiNNEY, CAROL PEARSON, JOANNE MATZ, JANICE GERHOLZ, BETSY Ross, MARGARET ARDIS, NANCY SHAWLEY, OLLIE SANDERS, JOYCE LAMB ERG. BARBARA TRYTTEN. IRENE ASKEW, JOANNE BUGIE, MARY JEAN FOLEY, ATHENA SARAS, NANCY PRIDMORE, JOAN TRITER, SUE GUIMARAES, FRANCES DAILEY, CAROL SCHALLER. Fourth tioir: SALLY STAHL, ANN BOLTON, SUZANNE JACOBSEN, NANCY KOVEN, FLORENCE CROTTY, ELLEN FAILING, CHRISTINE DIAMOND, ELISE KERLIN. FUMIKO IKEMORI, NANCY THOMPSON, HARRIET GALE, JAN : FIERO. BEVERLY MYAS; HELEN BOND, DORIS STOLL, IDA SEMERJIAN. CAROL CALDER. ELIZABETH LxBoB, VIRGINIA BLAIR, ANNIE LUM, MINNIE FUJITANI, ESTHER ARROYO. ARDYTHE MARQUARDT, BETTY BROWN. VIRGINIA GRANSE. HELEN NEWBERRY It ' s practically a full time job arranging the year ' s souvenirs on one small bulletin board. Just marking time until Pete Craighead and Potsy Ryan arrive. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Bar: RAKCYO MUKA.KAMI. PAT HAGGIXS. NAXOT LEWIS. AXITA HIUDEXBHAXD. At Piano: MABT Jo PF-OTEXHACER. MBS. BOSWOBTH. ffmiail Rev: MAP.IL-S x NOEMAX. DOBOTHT GOKDOK. ELAIXE PLATSKV. THERESE CAREIG PATH MADDEX. Fuo LIXDAHOOD. TKUDV BICMBESGEK, M AKTHA HEIEK:LA. PKXCE, HELEK BAKEK, president, BETTT BAivtm. HENDERSON HOUSE Henderson House establishes a home-like atmosphere for studying and recreation. 363 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: BERNICE HAIDY, DOLORES RABHID, DORIS MEDINA, JEANNE ZELLERS, SANDRA SALLWASSER, LAURA YAKES. LIESL ELLENBOGEN, MARION BROADBENT, SALLY KEMP, MARGARET LOGAN. Second Row: MARGARET GORMAN, JACQUELYN HIRT, MARCIA GILBERT, JUDITH RAUB, LYNN STARR. MRS. ELENORE FRABER, CHARLENE GOLDBERG, PHYLISS SLOAN, SUZANNE ANDERSON, SARA FROST, Lois GITTLEN. Third Row: PATSY WHEELER, ELLEN MACDUFF, LORRAINE RATH, PAT FERRY, JOAN BRADLEY, CAROLYN HARTMANN, MARILYN TRAUTS, ELVERA BAHBER, MYRNA SEGEL, ARLYN DANIEL, MARGARET KAUSCH, NANCY BAEHRL, MAXINE CHAIMSON, MARGARET CORLETT. Fourth Row: JANYCE AYERS, CAROLINE Nix, Lois GOLD, DORIS PETERS, DIANA FIBHMAN, ROBERTA SHAW, SHEILA EDMISTON GLORIA GOODKIND, BARBARA BELL, MARGARET BROWN, HELEN DROLLINGER, CARA CHERNIAK, CLAIRE ZIEVE. ANGELL HOUSE LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: HELEN OHTANI, GLORIA JAMES, DORIS MILLER, NANCY MARSHALL, WINIFRED WONG, AKLENE DAVIDSON, SHEILA COHEN, EDITH WILSON, JOYCE WOOLFENDEN, IRENE KRWRY, PATRICIA FORD. Second Row: JUDY ISENBERG, Lois DANIELS, JOAN WOLFSON, MARIANNA LARSON, DALE DANENBERG, FLORENCE NOHBIS, COURTNEY SHERBROOKE. President, SALLY ALLERTON, TEETAH DONDERO, SONDRA GLATT, SHIRLEY WELLHOFF, GLORIA SALTER, MARY LOUISE PICKHAVER, JACQUELINE YUND. Third Row: PAMELA MEYER, SARA STEINBERG, MYRA KRABNER. BARBARA WUNDRAM, NANETTE WILHELMI, JOAN VAN WAOENEN, MARY EGER, BETTY KOPPELMAN, DIANE TILLMAN, SUE KERNER, SALLY PECK, CAROL WILKEY. Fourth Row: SUE WLADIS, AUDREY BENSON, JoANN PERRY, NATALIE NORTHCOTT, MARRIANE LEBESON, BARBARA SILBER, ATHENA LASKARIDES, BETTY BYRD, PATSY SULLINS, MAHLENE PATNER, CHARLENE PATNER. JOAN COUTTS, Lois STEINBERG. s njnwp A CU fW v LEFT TO RIGHT Frmti Bov: NANCY HOCKY. GRACE BOWSMA. MARJORIE Soss. LILA BECK. RUTH SBOROW. SUE HUBER, VERA BREWAS. ELSIE AMTSTUECKEH. MARJAS THOMSON. SHIRLEY SLOOVSKY. Strand Rov: CAROL LEWIS. MATINA CATSINKA, MABY MARKOS. FELICE BERNSTEIN. THELMA JENSEN. JOYCE LINDBERG. BEVERLY BROWN PH nun STREGELMAN. JOANNE KAYSEH. CAROLYN ABBOTT. MARLENE WILLS. JOAN LARSON. Third Row: RUTH LEBENDIGEB. JCDY CLANCY. MABILYN WBOHLES. JANE COOK. NANCY UPJOHN. MARJORIE Voss. RONNIE SHAPIRO. HELEN KORMAN. MYHA GROSSMAN. PHYLLIS HEHTLEH. MARY ANN WHITNEY. PAT WOOD- HIXSDALE HOUSE LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: LOOSE JACOBSON. CONNIE DA TB. MARILYN KAPLAN. ARAX TEFANKJIAN. SUE BENYAS. CICE SUMMERFIEIJ , ADRIENNE SHCFRO. KATHRINE CSASIAB. PHYLLIS STEMPEL. ANN BROWN. Stcond Rov: LORRAINE NASSBERG, SHIELD MANN. ELEANOR JACOBSON, GLORIA PRINCE. JEAN HAMBY. JANE Ttfident, ANN KONCAR. MABCIA RUBINOWITZ. ERNESTINE WINSTON, JERRY Lou ELY. BARBARA ANN JOHNSON, BARBARA RILEY. Third Row: EVA SIMON. BEVERLY DRCMMOND. Lor ISRAEL. MATHILDE SAPHIEH. ELSA JORGENBON. INA SUBSMAN. NANCY KARNISCHXY. MARILYN HEY. VIVIAN WERTHEIMER. DOROTHY ADAMS. SHIRLEY MILLER. JOSEPHINE EBWIN. COLETTE SALON. ELVA VOGT. JOAN BRUSH. Fourth Row: BEVERLY BLAC, LIL KREISBERG. LYNN SNTDER, GERRY NAGLEH, NANCY JARVEY. MIMI BAZAAR. MABY HAVEN. JANIS CLARK. Lou IJTTLE. HELEN ORH. RITA RUBENSTEIN. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: MARGUERITE BOSQUETTE, SHIRLEY BARTELS. ELAINE SHEAR, BEVERLY MANOFF, CAROL LIPPMANN, JOAN STERN, BARBARA RIGGS, ELIZABETH QUINN VERONICA SCANLON, JOAN GATES, JUDITH LEVINE DIANE COOLEY, MARGOT BLANCHARD. Second Row: LUHA CATION, NANCY FINCH. VIRGINIA REESE COYLY DODGE, DOROTHY SHAVER, MRS. DOROTHY McMuLLEN, DORIS SMITH, president, DOROTHY PRIESTLY, PHYLLIS GREENSTEIN. THELMA HUNT, LEA EISNER GERTRUDE SOLOFF, ELSIE KROPA, SHIRLEY STEVENS. Third Row: JANE CLABUESCH, SALLY HANSEN, BARBARA BECKLEY. CHERRY RICHARDS, ROSEMARY HEINEMAN FRANCES LEE SALLY STICKNEY, PRISCILLA BARRON, JEANIE SMITH, CAROLE LOFGHEN, ELMIRA KOEHLER, JKAN KLERMAN, DORIS EVERSON. GUIHEVIBK DORN PATRICIA SHERIDON, HALLIE MEHLER, BARBARA GAMPP, ROSLYN VIEDHAH. fourth Row: SALLY SMITH, GRACE FINK, MARJORIE NEWBERG, MARY JEAN SAUXB, JEAN MURHY. MARION SEGAL, JEAN SPENCER, BARBARA NOPPER, DORIS MILAN, JEAN WAIDLEY, BARBARA GARLAND, FLORENCE BARON, BEATRICE FOSSITT. BARKARA ZAMET, CHARLOTTE TAYLOR, BEVERLY RINGER, ALISON BLISS, JOAN GOODEN. ANN GALE. KLEINSTUECK HOUSE LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: YVONNE SMITH, PHYLLIS FHEDENTHAL, SYLVIA ILSON, LAURA WALZER. HARRIETT BENNETT. MARGARET MALTAS. Second Ron-: BLANCHE DAVIDSON, ELAINE ELBLING. DONNA HENDLEMAN, HELENE BOGART, LOLA SCHWARTZ, IRENE BARANOWSKI, JOYCE LALLIER, NANCY JISHER. MARILYN MARCZAN, BARBARA BECKLEY. Third Row: MEREDYTH VICTOR, JANINA KRANTZ, SHIRLEY LYONS, JEAN CLEMENS, PATRICIA MANN, VIRGINIA SMITH, SARAH SYKES. JOAN SPENCER, MARY Lou BRAMWELL. VIVIAN BECK. Missing: VERONICA BLASCHAK, ALICE CODDINGTON. ALFREDA COLE. JEANETTE DUJARDIN, JOAN KATHLEEN HASLEY, ANN HENDERSON. LEONA MASON, ERNESTINE MASTERS, JANETTE ROSEN, JOAN SIEBER, VEHNETTE SUBLETTE, ARLENE SWART, ELSPETH WALLACE, EUGENIA ZIN, JOAN ZAPF. o LEFT TO RK.HT Front Row.- MAROIA WOOD. CYNTHIA TAVES. VIRGINIA ZCXOWSKI, GRACE McGRAW. AAHILYN HOPKINS. ANN WALTHALL ANN DU.Y RUTH UZABETH McFAHLAND. IRENE GoNCKOwgKi. MABV STAPLES. RowENA HARPER. Strand Rvw: JOAN CASUAL, JANE BARRIDGE. JUANITA WILLIAMSON ' ESTEB VRAX7. DOROTHY KLAP. FLORENCE ROSENBERG. MARY FRAN BROWN MARY WILCOX, ALICE ELLIOT._CAMINA FERNANDEZ. EDNA TORHES-PERALTA, CRUI CANCEL- H STOERKEH. JOYCE JOHNSON. I ARGERET McGREOOH. MARY ANN . . -- - um - v +,, ..i.Tin LVEAO PPER, JANE DlTTO . LOUISE GOSS. LAVIIKX CRmp MABY 1 ELL. MART Lou ANDERSON. MARION ESTEP, BARBARA BAHE. JANE DODGE. MARGARET HOOKER. LOHETTA CHEONG KELONG P BH VASIT Lvx G PALMER HOUSE The athletic field is very handv for new dorm girls. The dormitory ' s modern interior lends a new note to a good Canasta eame. LEFT TO RIGHT Front Rou - HELEN LAWSON, CLARA RIZZP, MARY KAPRIELIAN, ESTHER GRIFFEN, LUELLA KANANEN, EVELYN FRANCIS, JACQUELINE TURNER, JOAN WEDGE, JOAN PATRICK, ROSEANNE STASEWICH, BETTY WINTERLE. MARIE McPnAiL, president. Second Row: DORIS HAROLD, PHYLLIS BUTTERFIKLD, GLORIA GRIESINQ, BETTY WESTERN, CONNIE POKELA, DOROTHY HOWARD, MARJORIE CRAMER, MARY JANE MILLS, SUE Fox, BETTY KUASISTO, MARY MANLKY, GLENNA GREGORY, STELLA WILSON, NONA MURPHY. ADELIA CHEEVER Redecorating provides plenty of hard work at the sewing machine. 368 LEFT TO RIGHT Front Row: MARY ANN SCINO. JAN PBOPOPIAK, BABB MARTIN. MABJ SMITH. Second Row: SALLY BHOWN, MARY LEE. BOBBY MEYER. YVONNE -SEMPER. MAIRIAM KBOCB. SHIRLEY NEWTON. Third Row: NAXCY HUGHES. MARIA BURKE. ESTHER KLEITMAN. NAN HOLMAN, CECE WOODWARD, ANN SEAION, CAROL EAGLE. BARBARA RASMUSSEN. STOCKWELL HALL its at work for StockwelTs Winter Formal. Group Sing in the Dormitory Lounge is a variation on Movie or Dance Dates. SENIORS JACK EDMAN PRESIDENT SENIOR DOREN RUSSLER, SECRETARY-TREASURER; JACK EDMAN VICE- PRESIDENT GERALD FITCH PRESIDENT DENTISTRY E. WILLIAM UPTHEGROVE PRESIDENT ED ANDERSON, SECRETARY-TREASURER; EARL GASKILL VICE- PRESIDENT BRUCE PAXTON, TREASURER; STANLEY WIGGINS, VICE-PRESIDENT; ARNOLD GOWANS, SECRETARY 372 OFFICERS DONNA DE HARDE, TREASURER: VIRGINIA CAMPBELL, VICE- PRESIDENT; JO HENDERSON, SECRETARY D. SARAH C. LINDEN, TREASURER; TAMES ELLISON, VICE-PRESIDENT; MARGARET WILSON, SECRETARY CATHERINE SMITH, SECRETARY-TREASURER; IRIS SAUL, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN; EDITH BARNETT, PRESIDENT WALTER TEXINGA PRESIDENT PAUL W. BROWN PRESIDENT EDITH BARNETT PRESIDENT 373 HERBERT L. AARON, B.S. in Science and Math. JOSE M. ABREU, M.S. in Chemical Engineering JOHN W. ACKENHUSEN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. ARTHUR W. ACKERMAN B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics A.S.M.E. JAMES ' H. ACKERMAN, A.B. in Chemistry Track, M-Club PERRY G. ACKERMAN, B.S. in Machine Design ROBERT E. ACKERMAN, A.B. in Anthropology GEORGE J. ACTON, JR., A.B. in Architecture A. I. A. JOHN M. ADAMS, A.B. in History VINCENT P. ADLEY, LL.B. in Law MARIAN E. AEBERSOLD, B.S. in Medical Technology BURTON C. AOATA, J.D. in Law Tau Epsilon Rho HAROLD G. AHLICK, B.S. in Chemical Engineering HAROLD W. AIBEL, A.B. Union Staff, Forensics MERTON B. AIDINOFF, A.B. in Economics Ensian, Daily, Union Opera NURHAN K. AKARAKCIYAN, M.S. in Structural Engineering Concert Band, Choral Union JAI.II. I. ALAKA, M.S. in Civil Engineering Greenfield, Mas . Manila, Philippines Benton Harbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lakewood, Ohio Hastings, Mich. Coopersville, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dundee, Mich. Bridgeport, Conn. Tecumseh, Mich. Lawrence, N.Y. Kingsford, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Newport, R. I. Ann Arbor, Mich. Sulaimanm, Iraq Shaker Heights, Ohio Jackson, Mich. JOSEPH P. ALESSIO, M.B.A. in Industrial Management Brooklyn, N.Y. ROBERT VV. ALBACH, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.Ch.I. M. JEANNETTE AI.BAN, B.S. in Nursing ALEXANDER W. GEORGE, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Cleveland, Ohio Kalamazoo, Mich. ELTON C. ALFORD, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. ROBERT J. ALLARD, B.D. in Interior Design Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. MORTON ALLARDICE, B.B.A. in Marketing DORIS V. ALLEN, B.S. in Zoology Ensian, J.G. P. FRANK W. ALLEN, A.B. in Economics JOY R. ALLEN, A.B. in Social Work MAURICE B. ALLEN, JR., Bachelor of Architecture Rochester, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Rialto, Calif. ' Lansing, Mich. CHARLES M. ALLMAND, B.B.A. in Business Administration Ann Arbor, Mich. DAVID C. ALSCHBACH, B.F. in Wood Technology Ferndale, Mich. LEON ALVAREZ, JR., B.B.A. Grosse Pointe, Mich. HENRY A. AMBLE, JR., B.S. in Electrical Engineering Lincoln Park, Mich. NORMAN S. AMER, A.B. in Chemistry Bronx, N.Y. ALAN H. ANDERSON, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Roselle, N.J. Pi Tau Sigma, Vulcans, A.S.M.E. ALBERT E. ANDERSON II, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics Detroit, Mich. ALICE ANDERSON, A.B. in Economic? Ramsay, Mich. Senior Society, Assembly Board 374 CURTIS R. ANDERSON, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. EDWARD J. ANDERSON, D.D.S. GUSNAR E. ANDERSON, A.B. in Economics JAMES L. ANDERSON, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. JEA S E. ANDERSON, A.B. in Education MARIOS R. ANDERSON, A.B. in English J.G.P. MERLE J. ANDERSON, B.B.A. in Finance PAUL D. ANDERSON, A.B. in Liberal Arts Wolverine Club, I.F.C. RAYMOND O. ANDERSON, B.S. in Naval Architecture Quarterdeck RAYMOND OLIVER ANDERSON, B.S. in Education WILLIAM A. ANDERTON, A.B. in English EDITH ANDREW. A.B. in Education Wyvern. Mortarboard, Michigras, Soph. Cabaret, League Council Marne, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich- Grand Rapids, Mich. Chicago, 111. Ann Arbor, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. PATRICIA E. ADREW, A.B. in English ROBERT G. ANDRUS, B.D. in Design NOLASCO P. ANGELES, M.S. in Civil Engineering LORA J. ANGELL, B.D. in Design J.G.P. TOMMY F. ANGELL, LL.B. WALTER A. ANHUT, B.S. in Pharmacy A.Ph.A. EDWIN R. ANNATOYN, B.B.A. in Marketing GEORGE J. ANTONELLI, B.B.A. in Accounting JERRY APOTHEKER, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. EDWARD M. ARAKELIAN, B.S. in Engineering JAMES I. ARCURE, D.D.S. JAIME ARIAS, B.S. in Civil Engineering ROBERT A. ARMBRUST, B.S. in Construction Engineering A.S.C.E., Scabbard Blade C. MAURICE ARMSTRONG, B.S. in Construction A.S.C.E. MARTHA L. ARMSTRONG, A.B. in Education League Council, Ensian, Soph. Cabaret CHARLES W. ARNADE, A.B. in Political Science CORWIN K. ARNOLD, B.S. in Pharmacy MALCOLM R. ARNSTEIN, B.B.A. RICHARD R. ARONSON, A.B. in Political Science MARGUERITE P. AROZIAN, B.S. in Zoology Soph. Cabaret ESTHER N. ARROYO, B.S. in Zoology CHARLES J. ASBURV, A.B. in History SHURLY J. ASH, B.S. in Education J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret GENE D. ASHWORTH, B.S. in Pharmacy Garden City, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Manila, Philippines Detroit, Mich. Berkeley, Calif. Dearborn, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Bronx, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Owosso, Mich. Bogota, Colombia Kenmore, N.Y. Riverside, Ontario Grosse Pointe, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Humacao, Puerto Rico Coldwater, Mich. Detroit. Mich. Bridgeport, Mich. K 375 BARBARA A. ASLEET, A.B. in Psychology Soph. Cabaret, J.G.P. MARY L. ASFLIN, A.B. in Education Soph. Cabaret, J.G.P. IRENE F. Assix, B.M. in Piano Sigma Alpha Iota JAMES L. ATCHISON, B.S. in Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Triangles, Vulcans, Football, M-Club JOYCE E. ATCHISON, A.B. in Speech Wyvern, Mortarboard, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret DORIS ATHANS, B.S. in Physical Education JAMES A. ATTWOOD, A.B. in Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa BEATRICE J. AUCH, A.B. in Education LEROY J. AUGUSTIN, B.B.A. in Accounting HAROLD L. AURANO, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. WILIIAM F. AUSTIN, A.B. in History Swimming, M-Club HAROLD W. AUSTROW, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. HAROLD C. AVEN, A.B. in Economics BARBARA J. AVERILL, B.S. in Zoology MARILYN G. AVERILL, A.B. in Education AUDREY J. AXELROD, A.B. in Speech Correction JEAN M. AYLING, B.M. in Music Education Tau Beta Sigma, Concert Band DOROTHY A. BABCOCK, A.B. in English J.G.P. DANIEL J. BABITCH, B.S. in Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma WILLIAM L. BACHTEL, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics A.S.M.E. JOHN T. BACON, D.D.S. RALPH R. BACON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering GARY P. BADEN, A.B. in History JOHN K. BAGULEY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering BERNARD T. BAILEY, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi BEVERLY E. BAILEY, A.B. in English CHARLES G. BAILIE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., Michigras, Union Staff RUTH W. BAILY, B.S. in Nursing EDGAR P. BAINBRIDGE, B.D. in Naval Architecture DONALD M. BAKER, A.B. in Sociology GAYLORD L. BAKER, A.B. in Economics HELEN P. BAKER, A.B. in Economics JOHN D. BAKER, A.B. in History RAYMOND G. BAKER, A.B. in Economics SALLY A. BAKER, B.D. in Design OLE G. BAKKE, B.S. in Engineering Detroit, Mich- Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. North Olmsted, Ohio Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Whitehall, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Geneva, III. Lansing, Mich. Chicago, 111. Toledo, Ohio Constantine, Mich. Flint, Mich. Ontario, Calif. Willow Run, Mich. Auburn, Mich. Brooklyn, N. Y. Caro, Mich. New York, N.Y. Battle Creek, Mich. Peoria, 111. Adrian, Mich. Great Neck, N.Y. Monroe, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Union City, N.J. Port Huron, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. New York, N.Y. 376 ARVE BAKKEX, A.B. in Geriran Jackson, Michigan Detroit, Mich. MARV BAKST, M.A. in Linguistics Forensics. Glee Club, Choral Union, Gilbert Sullivan Society ARTHUR P. BALAEAX, B.S. in Civil Engineering New York, N.Y. A.S.C.E. ELIAS BALBIXDER, M.S. in Zoology Buenos Aires, Argentina DAWS M. BAIDAIT, B.M. in Music Glte Club, Arts Chorale, University Chcir HERBERT M. BALIX, A.B. in Law PETER C. BALL, B.S. in Marine Engineering BARBARA BALLAXTIXE, A.B. in Education BEVFRLY J. BALI AXIINE, A.B. in Fdccttion J.(i. P., Sc r h. CzbEiet MARY J. BALLAXTYXE, B.S. in Nursing ; G. BALTER, A.B. in Spech ROBERT C. BALTEZORE. B.S. in Mathematics I.R.E. JAMES F. BAMBOROICH, B.F. in Wocd Technclogy ORVULE F. BAXKER, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. M SIM X M. PELL, A. P. in FcJuczticn Alphi Lrrrtda Delta LEROY E. BARtrR, B.S. in Radio Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. Ponriac, Mich. New York, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rzric 1 ?, Mich. Flint, Mkh. Detroit, Mich. Kingsley, Ica Royal Oak, Mich. HagzmEn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grosse Fointe, Mich. JCHX A. E.4REOUR, A.E. in English Wolvenre Club, Daily ROW H. BARCLAY, B.F. in Cereial Forest Frcdcction Lima, Chio JOHX BARDOWSKI, B.B.A. Cedar River, Michigan Monroe, Mich. JOHX D. B. ' RFi v, P.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.F , I.R.E., Eta Kappa Nu, Marching Band Ccncert Band ROBERT J. BARGERT, A.B. in History Saginaw, Mich. IRVING H. BARILL, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. St :-.!?. I ' . ' on Opera WILLIAM J. BARK.ELL, B.B.A. in Accounting Des Plaines, 111. GEORGE E. BARKER, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Cmega Psi, A.I.Ch.F. GEORGE L. BARKER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Triangle JERRY J. BARXE , A.B. in Journalism JOHX C. BARXES, B.S. in Geology JOHX R. BARXES, A.B. in Political Science WILLIAM I. BARXES, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering EDITH L. BARXETT, B.S. 6c R.N. in Nursing MARLYX A. BARXETT, A.B. in Latin American Studies FLOREXCE S. BAROX, A.B. in Political Science Senior Society ROBERT B. BARR, M.B.A. in Accounting KEXXETH J. BARRETT, B.B.A. in Finance WALTER G. BARTELL, B.F. in Forestry LJLLI X BARTLETT, B.B.A. in Finance Royal Oak, Mich. Ponriac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ionia, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Riverside, 111. Detroit, Mich. Far Rockaway, N.Y. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. River Rouge, Mich. 377 WILLIAM H. BARTLETT, B.S. in Zoology Muskegon, Mich. Football ARTHUR R. BASEL, A.B. in Chemistry Hawks, Mich. DONALD R. BASEL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi BERNICE A. BATES, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma GORDON C. BATES, B.B.A. Clarkston, Mich. MARILYN O. BATES, A.B. in Social Work Grand Rapids, Mich. Alpha Lambda Delta, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Gilbert Sullivan Society RALPH N. BATES, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Wyandotte, Mich. WILLIAM I. BAUER, M.D. Victor Vaughn JOHN B. BAUM, A.B. i n Political Science I.F.C., Student Legislature RICHARD C. BAUMAN, B.B.A. in Accounting Phi Eta Sigma OLIVER H. BAUMANN, B.F. in Forestry GERTRUDE G. BAUMBERGER, A.B. in Education KENNETH K. BAY, B.S. in Physics East Lansing, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Northport, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Michigan Technic SARKIS P. BAYEKIAN, M.B.A. in Marketing Detroit, Mich. CHARLES M. BAYER, LL.B. Ph ; Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Theta, Barristers MARGUERITE S. BAYLERIAN, B.S. in Chemistry TOM A. BAYLESS, M.B.A. Vulcans GILBERT M. BAZIL, A.B. in Letters Medicine FRANK C. BEACH, B.S. in Engineering NEIL W. BEACH, B.S. in Zoology Arts Chorale C. GORDON BEACHAM, JR., M.A. in Linguistics GERALD N. BEAL, M.D. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi Lois S. BEATTIE, A.B. in Speech Wyvern, Mortarboard, Daily, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret ANNE J. BECK, A.B. in Journalism Alpha Lambda Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, Daily Detroit, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Shaker Heights, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Albany, N.Y. Dexter, Mich. Willoughby, Ohio Wyandotte, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. New York, N.Y. KENNETH D. BECKENDORF B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering A.I.S. ALFRED R. BECKER, JR., B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering A.I.Ch.E., A.I.M.E., A.S.M., Marching Band JACK W. BECKER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering JAMES A. BECKMAN, B.B.A. in Business Administration DOROTHY J. BECKTON, A.B. in Mathematics J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret RAYMOND J. BEELEY, B.S. in Mathematics Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu RICHARD L. BEERS, A.B. in Political Science WILIIAM L. BEERS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. GRANT BEGLARIAN, B.M. in Composition Gilbert Sillivan Society MARILYN J. BEGOLE, A.B. in Speech Zeta Phi Eta ERNEST J. BEHRENS, B.S. CHARLES S. BEIGHTLER, B.S. in Industrial Engineering A.S.M.E., Michigan Technic, Sigma Rho Tau Manhasset, N.Y. Montclair, N.J. Monroe, Mich. Marquette, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. St. Charles, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Albion, Mich. Tehran, Iran Ypsilanti, Mich. Ovid, Mich. Chicago, III. 378 HARRY E. BEISTER., B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.S.C.E., A.R.B.A. EMILY H. BELAN, A.B. in Journalism Dicir B. BELL, B.M. in Piano Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Mu Alpha ELSIE L. BELL, B.M. in Voice Choral Union JOSEPHINE A. BELL, A.B. in English Scroll MVRRAY F. BELL, B.B.A. in Accounting ROGER M. BELLOWS, A.B. in Speech MICHAEL F. BELMONTE, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics M.E. V;.LIAM BENDAS, B.S. in Engineering A.S.C.E. ALAS C. BEXDEN, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations RICHARD M. BENDER, A.B. in Political Science HIGH L. BENEDICT, B.B.A. FRANCIS G. BENESH, A.B. in Speech Delta Sigma Rho AUDREY L. BENNER, A.B. in Education Soph. Cabaret ARLIE JOYCE BENNETT, A.B. in Social Work JAMES E. BENNETT, M.D. TERRENCE R. BENNETT, Bachelor of Architecture HOWARD R. BENNETTS, A.B. in English CLIFFORD R. BENSON, B.B.A. Phi Eta Sigma JOAN N. BENSON. A.B. in English J.G.P. LEWIS D. BENSON, LL.D. KENTON E. BENTLEY, B.S. in Chemistry FRED A. BERENT, A.B. in Social Studies HARRY V. BERG, A.B. in English Daily. Forensics JOHN G. BERGMANN, B.S. in Chemistry RIDOLPH BERGSMA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering FRANK.LYN BERGSMAN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering STI ' ART J. BERGSTEIN, B.S. in Pharmacy DONALD A. BERKOWITZ, B.B.A. in Accounting MARTIN BERKOWITZ, A.B. in Psychology SHIRLEY L. BERROWITZ, A.B. in Education DAVID ALVIN BERXAN, M.S. in Chemistry DAVID DERJJ, B.B.A. in Accounting HAROLD E. BERNDT, B.F. in Forestry FELICE BERNSTEIN, A.B. in Mathematics MIRIAM BERXSTEIN, A.B. in English Kalamazoo, Mich. Paw Paw, Mich. Indianapolis, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Fenton, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Yonkers, N.Y. Belleville, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Flint, Mich. Menominee, Mich. Tiffin, Ohio Ellsworth, Mich. Fremont, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Ishpeming, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Vermontville, Mich. Owosso, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bark River, Mich. Ridgewood, N. J. Port Huron, Mich. Midland, Mich. Albany, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Milwaukee, Ms. Detroit, Mich. Vausau, Wis. Pawtucket, R.I. Detroit, Mich. 379 MORTON A. BERNSTEIN, D.D.S. Flint. Mich. WILMAR F. BERNTHAL, M.B.A. in Personnel Management Frankenmuth, Mich. DONALD G. BERGUIST, B.F. in Forestry Denver, Colo. GEORGE B. BERRIDGE, A.B. in Letters Business Administration, Ann Arbor, Mich IVOR BERRY, JR., B.S. in Zoology SYLVIA BERRV, R.N. THOMAS L. BERRY, JR. A.B. in Psychology NEIL C. BERTRAM, A.B. in Speech Correction WALTER W. BERTSCHINGER, A.B. in Zoology JACK BERZON, A.B. DONALD A. BEST, A.B. in Social Studies PHILIP J. BEUKEMA, A.B. HOWARD BEVIS, A.B. in Economics JOHN BEZVERKOV, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering SOMCHIT BHAOPICHITR, M.A. in Education JACK J. BIALIK, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Southbranch, Mich. Rangeley, Maine Ann Arbor, Mich. Cooley Lake, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Ironwood, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Bangkok, Siam Cleveland, Ohio KENNETH J. BIALKIN, A.B. in Economics Phi Eta Sigma, Daily HILARION H. BIBICOFF, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering SHIRLEY BICKEL, R.N. CARL O. BIESER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pi Epsilon Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E. WILLIAM G. BIGELOW, B.B.A. in Marketing ANNE BILLINGHURST, A.B. in Fine Arts GEORGE R. BINGHAM, M.S. in Civil Engineering NANCY BIRCH, R.N. New York, N.Y. Dexter, Mich. Frankenmuth, Mich. Cincinnati, Ohio Flint, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Negaunee, Mich. RICHARD L. BIRD, B.B.A. in Business Administration Grand Rapids, Mich. THEODORE G. BIRDSALL, B.S. in Engineering Mathematics Rocky River, Ohio JAMES G. BITTKER, D.D.S. Detroit, Mich. TED J. BLACK, JR., B.B.A. in Marketing Canton, Ohio SHELDON S. BLACKMAN, A.B. in Latin-American Studies ARMAND E. BLAIR, B.B.A. in Business Administration VIRGINIA E. BLAIR, B.D. in Design Kappa Phi, Choral Union JOSEPH S. BLAISUS B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics A.S.M.E. MILTON BLAVIN, D.D.S. HELENE D. BLEECKER, B.M. in Music University Symphony Orchestra RONALD L. BLEECKER, A.B. in Zoology EDWARD C. BLOOM, A.B. in History Belle Harbor, N.Y. Southbridge, Mass. Jackson, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Clayton, Mich. Upper Montclair, N.J. Detroit, Mich. 380 CHARD A. BLOOMQIIST, B.B.A. in Foreign Trade ARTHUR H. BLOSSEV, B.B.A. in Accounting Union Opera WILLIAM H. BLOW, A.B. in Social Studies ALFRED W. BLUMROSES, A.B. in Political Science Michigamua, Daily Muskegon, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. ROBERT P. BOARDMAN, JR., M.B.A. in Industrial Relations Oshkosh, Wis. I.A.S. BARBARA A. BOCKSTAHLER, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Alpha Kappa Delta, Ensian WALTER BODOFSKV, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Brooklyn. N.Y. I.A.S., Baseball ALAS L. BOECEHOLD, A.B. in Latin Detroit, Mich. ROBERT N. BOELKJNS, D.D.S. DONALD P. BOERMA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering ALFRED J. BOETTCHER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. RICHARD H. BOCARD, B.S. in Pharmacv Baseball ANDREW BOGEMA, JR., B.S. in Pharmacv A.Ph.A. HAMBARSON BOGOSIA.V, B.M. in Instrumental Music RICHARD A. BOHL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering RAYMOND E. BOHNE, JR., B.S. in Chemistry PHVLLIS M. BOHN-.ACK, A.B. in Education Panhellenic, J.G.P. DONALD H. BOLUCER, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. HELEN M. BOND, A.B. in Education JOHN BONDER, JR., A.B. in Psychology RALPH G. BOSFIGLIO, M.D. BEN J. BONK.OWSKI, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics A.S.M.E. MARGARET A. BOOTH, A.B. in English HERBERT C. BOOTHE, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics M.E., A.O.A., Sigma Rho Tau HUGO R. BORGNIS, B.S. in Industrial Engineering A.S.M.E. JOSEPH A. BORINSTEIN, A.B. in Economics CAROLVX B. BOROWSK.Y, A.B. in Speech ROBERT BOSSEMEVER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.R.E., Baseball GERALD C. BOSTEDOR, Bachelor of Architecture FILIBERT R. BOSTON, B.S. in Engineering Physics GEORCE R. BOSWORTH, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics I.E. KENNETH R. BOTTLE, B.B.A. in Marketing Student Legislature ; BARBARA A. BOUCHER, A.B. in Education DANIEL J. BOUCHER, D.D.S. in Dentistry MICHAEL BOUKIS, B.B.A. in Marketing EDWARD J. BOURSE, B.S. in Engineering Mechanics Muskegon Heights, Mich. South Haven, Mich. Ben ton Harbor, Mich. Peoria, 111. Kalamazoo, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Menominee, Mich. Park Ridge, 111. Chicago, 111. Grand Rapids, Mich. Jersey City, N.J. Sturgis, Mich. Bay City, Mich- Birmingham, Mich. Flint, Mich. New York, N.Y. Indianapolis, Ind. Manila, Ark. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Holland, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Cheboygan, Mich. Haverhill, Mass. Grand Rapids, Mich. 381 ROBERT D. BOURNE, A.B. in Political Science ELIZABETH BOUSFIELD, B.S. in Physical Education Wyvern, Mortarboard, Panhellenic, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret CHARLES E. BOUWSMA, B.M. in Piano Phi Mu Alpha SALLY E. BOWEN, A.B. in Psychology GERALD M. BOWERS, B.S. in Zoology A.I.M. HUGH C. BOYLE, A.B. in History MARTIN L. BOYLE, A.B. in History JOHN E. BOYNE, B.B.A. ROBERT D. BRACKETT, JR., M.A. in History MARY B. BRADFORD, A.B. in Spanish J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret HOLLAND, BRADY, JR., Bachelor of Architecture A.I.A.A. RICHARD W. BRANDENSTEIN, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics A.S.M.E., Golf FREDERICK, R. BRANDLIN, M.S. in Biological Chemistry A.C.S. MELVIN W. BRANDT, B.B.A. BERNICE M. BRANT, B.S. in Dental Hygiene DAVID A. BRASCH, B.B.A. in Advertising GERTRUDE J. BRAUN, B.M. in Music Education Sigma Alpha Iota, University Symphony Orchestra ROBERT E. BRAUN, B.B.A. CHARLES J. BRAUNER, A.B. in English DONALD S. BRAYNIER, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.S.C.E. WILLIAM K. BREHM, B.S. in Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma, Union Opera EDGAR J. BRENNAN, A.B. in Economics PATRICIA BRENNEMAN, B.S. R.N. in Nursing WILLIAM J. BRENNER, JR., B.B.A. Rhinebeck, N.Y. Bay City, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio Trenton, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Milford, Mich. Bellevue, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Hastings, Mich. Tryon, X.C. Erie, Pa. Rochester, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Union, N.J. Salem, N.Y. Dearborn, Mich. Duran.-l, Mich. Alma, Mich. Cincinnati, Ohio PAUL S. BRENTLINGER, A.B. in Letters Business Administration Dayton. Ohio Phi Eta Sigma, Sphinx, Scabbard and Blade, Daily GEORGE L. BREWBAKER, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Royal Oak, Mich. BARBARA J. BREWER, B.M. in Music Education J.G.P. GERALD E. BRIEI.MAIER. B.B.A. in Finance GERALD BRIGHT, LL.B. Tau Epsilon Rho EDWIN P. BRINK.EL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Scabbard and Blade ALICE E. BRINKMAN, A.B. in Jojrnzlism Kappa Tau Alpha, Daily, Soph. Cabaret ROBERT E. BRINKS, B.S. in M;chan ; cal Engineering A.S.M.E. GERALD J. BRISKIN, A.B. in Psychology Football JAMES L. BRISTOL, D.D.S. ELEANOR G. BROCKET?, A.B. in English J.G.P. Michigan Singers HAROLD S. ERODE, B.B.A. in Business Administration Calumet, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Dearborn, Mich. Kansas City, Kansas Detroit, Mich. 382 JOHN C. BRODHTS, B.S. in Zoology BERNARD BRODWIN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A-I.Ch.E., Board of Directors Intercooperative Council ARNOLD V. BRODY, B.S. in Pre-Medical JACQIELISE BROEKMAN, A.B. in Psychology J.G.P. Publicity ROY H. BROCRES. B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. IRENE BROSKO, B.S. in Pharmacy VICTOR J. BROOKES, B.S. in Zoology GEORGE E. BROOKS, A.B. in Psychology, LERov S. BROOKS, M.S. in Physics Birmingham, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Rocky River, O. Detroit, Michigan. Detroit, Mich. Ne York City, N.Y. Grosse Pte. Wds. Mich. GEORGE R. BROTHERTON, A.B. in Architecture Design A. I. A. STAN BROTHERTON, A.B. in Journalism ELAINE R. BROVAN, B.M. in Piano Sigma Alpha Iota, Choral Union, University Choir HELEN E. BROWER, A.B. in Elementary Education ALLAN L. BROWS, B.S. in Aero Engineering CATHERINE D. BROWN, A.B. in Social Work DANIEL EDWIN BROWS, A.B. in Political Science Alpha Phi Omega DONALD R. BROWS, A.B. in Psychology ELWOOD C. BROW B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.1.F..E. JEANETTE R. BROWN, A.B. in English Lois H. BROWS, A.B. in History Kappa Beta Pi MALCOLM G. BROWN, A.B. in History Marching Band PAIL r BROWN, M.D. Galens Hon. Med. Society, Secty., Pres. Victor Vaughn Med. Society REMBERT T. BROWS, M.A. in Economics Milford, Mich. Dunkirk, Ind. River Rouge, Mich. Shorewood, Wis. Holland, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Flint, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Liudsey, O. Valley Stream, N.Y. Muskegon, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. RICHARD C. BROWN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. RICHARD D. BROWS. A.B. in Business Administration SALLY JANE BROWN, A.B. in Elementary Education ; THEODORE G. BROWS B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A S.M.E. VILMORE K. BROWS, A.B. in English JAME V. BROWSE, B.S. in Forestry IRENE E. BROWNING, B.S. in Public Health Nursing JOHN V. BROWSISC, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. JOHN M. BROWN LIE. M.A. in Business Administration JOHN A. BROWSRJGC, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. AREND BRIINSMA. M.A. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi HENRY C. BRUNER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering OMAR S. BRI ' SER, JR., LL.B. in Law La Mesa, Calif. Jackson, Mich. Georgetown, Conn. Flint, Mich. Paterson, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Riverside, Ont. Can. Manistee, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Indianapolis, Ind. 383 Ail ROBERT BRUNNER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering HENRY R. BUCCIERO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma WILLIAM E. BUCHOLZ, A.B. in Journalism DANIEL J. BUCKLEY, B.S. in Zoology JEANNETTE BUCKLEY, B.S. in Nursing PAUL T. BUCY, B.S. in Engineering FREDERICK D. BUELL, B.S. in Engineering A.I.E.E. I.R.E. FREDERICK E. BUELL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM R. BUELL, B.S. in Zoology JOANNE BUGIE, Certificate in Dental Hygiene GARY J. BUHROW, A.B. in Business Administration KENNETH C. BUIST, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E. HAROLD S. BUMP, A.B. in Business Administration JOYCE B. BUNN, A.B. in English Literature J.G.P. Soph. Cabaret REX JAMES BURBANK, A.B. in English ROBERT W. BURBY, B.S. in Electrical Power Engineering LORENCE C. BURDICK, A.B. in Urban Community MARGRETTA A. BURDICK, A.B. in Sociology EARL WILLIAM BURGERINO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Marching Band JAMES A. BURK, B.S. in Psychology J-Hop DAVID C. BURKHOLDER, A.B. In Economics HARVEY A. BURLEY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Institute of Radio Engs., GORDON K. BURNET, M.A. in Business Administration JOAN BURNHAM, A.B. in German Gargoyle ROBERT C. BURNS, A.B. in Psychology A.V.C. JOHN P. BURR, A.B. in Economics CHARLES M. BURTC B.S. in Civil Engineering ALTON A. BURTON, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. MARY J. BURTON, B.S. in Nursing RALPH M. BURTON, A.B. in Pre-Law Scabbard and Blade, MILLARD BUSH, B.M. in Piano Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, University Choir ROBERT E. BUSH, A.B. in Accounting DORIS MAE BUSSEY, A.B. in Education ALAN F. BUSTON, B.S. in Engineering CHARLES H. BUSWELL, A.B. in Accounting JAMES E. BUTLER, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E., Scabbard Blade Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich, j Detroit, Mich. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Mt. Clemens, Mich. St. Albans, W. Va. Ecorse, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. St. Clair, Mich. Indianapolis, Ind. Lakeside, Ohio Grand Rapids, Mich. Des Moines, la. South Lyon, Mich. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Owosso, Mich. Indianapolis, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Charlottesville, Va. Dowagiac, Mich. Ann Arbor. Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Sayville, L.I., N.Y. Lakewood, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rye, N.Y. Dearborn, Mich. Detroit, Mich. i XI I 384 THOMAS X. BUTLER, JR., B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Xiagara Falls, X.Y. A.I.E.E., I.R.E. Whitehall, Mich. JOHN I. BVTTERFIELD, A.B. in History EIL .V J. BCTTERWORTH, A.B. in English J.G.P. N 1. BiTmicit, B.S. in Pharmacy A.Ph.A. FREDERICK M. BUTVINIIL, B.S. in Mathematics ORLANDO L. BVERS, JR., B.S. in Mathematics ADA M. BYLAXD, B.S. in Xursing MIRIAM A. CADV, A.B. in French Scroll, League Council, Daily, J.G.P., Soph; Cabaret THEODORE R. CAGE, B.S. in Zoology MARTIN- J. CAI.S-, D.D.S. THOMAS G. CALEY, A.B. in Literature Lincoln Park, Mich. Marshall. Mich. Bayonne, X.J. Houghton Lake, Mich. Rochester, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Sheboygan, Mich. Metamora, Mich. DONALD B. CALHOUX, JR., B.S. in Electrical Engineering Evanston, I1L Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Xu, Vulcans, A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Track, Basketball EO M. CALHOI-S, A.B. in Religion Ethics Port Huron, Mich. Brooklyn, X.Y. JOHN M. CALIMAFDE, B.S. in Electronics A.I.E.E. WILLIAM G. CALKJSS, M.D. Kansas City, Mo. --. Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Omega Alpha ROGER J. CALLAHAX. A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. JAME V. CALLISOX, A.B. in Economics Union Executive Council GEORGE H. CAMERON. A.B. in History HUGH A. CAMERON, M.D. ' .RISE L. CAMPBELL. A.B. in Political Science J.G.P. Soph Cabaret. University Choir C. MARSH CAMPBELL, A.B. in English CHARLES X. CAMPBELL. A.B. in History Gargoyle RICHARD E. CAMPBELL, A.B. in History ROBERT X. CAMPBELL, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.. I.R.E. Jamestown, X.Y. Wyandotte, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Grosse He, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Allegan, Mich. Plymouth, Mich. RI ' TH R. CAMPBELL, B.M. in Voice -n. Scroll, Mu Phi Epsilon, J-Hop, Choral Union VIRGINIA CAMPBELL, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Mortar Board, Zeta Phi Eta, League Council, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret WILLIAM I. CAMPBELL, A.B. in English Monroe, Mich. L WILLIAM CAMPIKG, B.S. in Civil Engineering _ . t,. Bellflower, Calif. NAPOLEON V. CAMPOMASES, M.S. in Structural Engineering, Manila, Philippines A.o.C-.t., A.C.I. LESLIE E. CANAAX, B.S. in Civil Engineering I CRVZ A. CANCEL-FERRER, M.S. in Speech Alpha Psi Omega JOHN D. CANNON, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Ph= Eta Sigma, A.S.M.E. Adrian, Mich. Rio Piedras, Puerto Rica Xiagara Falls, X.Y. j EDWIX H. CAPLAN, M.B.A. STANLEY L. CAPLAN, B.B.A. D . BRI CE D. CAREY, LL.B. DOROTHY CARIS, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Bay City, Mich. l ? ; 385 ALBEN F. CARLSON, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical A.S.M.E. ARVID J. CARLSON, A.B. in History Marching Band, Arts Chorale FRANK. A. CARLSON, A.B. in History H. WESLEY CARLSON, JR., A.B. in History NILS J. CARLSON, A.B. in Psychology JOHN W. CARMICHAEL, B.D. in Advertising Alpha Rho Chi ROBERT CARMICHAEL, B.F. in Forestry ANTHONY B. CARNEVALE, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical A.S.M.E. EMERL R. CARPENTER, B.S. in Psychology JEAN CARPENTER, LL.B. JOHN E. CARPENTER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering FRANCIS D. CARR, B.B.A. in Industrial Management RICHARD H. CARR, B.S. in Zoology ROBERT W. CARR, A.B. in German Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band, Concert Band WILBUR A. CARRINGTON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. CARLO P. CARTAINO, B.M. in Woodwinds Kappa Kappa Psi, Marching Band Detroit, Mich. East Tawas, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. | Birmingham, Mich. Walled Lake, Mich. Iron River, Mich. Pitfsfield, Mass. Detroit, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Reading, Pa. Walkerville, Ont., Canada Detroit, Mich. Otter Lake, Mich. Summit, N. J. TURIDDU F. CARTAINO, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering University Symphony Orchestera DON F. CARTER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering HELEN M. CARTER, R.N. JOAN J. CARTER, B.S. in Nursing ROBERT M. CARTER, A.B. in Speech HAROLD R. CARVER, Bachelor of Architecture A.I.A. ROBERT A. CARY, D.D.S. WILLIAM H. CASE, A.B. in English WILLIAM E. CASHBAUOH, A.B. in History RUBY O. CASHDOLLAR, A.B. in Psychology EDWARD F. CASHIN, B.B.A. in Marketing CORNELIA CATANA, M.A. in Business Education JUDSON D. CATES, D.D.S. WILLIAM O. CATON, JR., LL.B. ZOLMAN, CAVITCH, J.D. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Barristers ALFRED J. CAYIA, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering DONALD L. CECIL, B.B.A. in Marketing JOSEPH E. CETERSKI, B.S. in Zoology LEONARD V. CHABALA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. STANLEY H. CHALLIS, A.B. in Speech Union Opera, Glee Club Summit, N.J. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Decatur, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Niles, Mich. Flint, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Fulton, N ' .Y. Dayton, Ohio Traverse City, Mich. Manistique, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Amsterdam, N.Y. Nokomis, 111. Detroit, Mich. 386 MICHAEL CHASAT, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Johnstown, Pa. JAMES M. CHANDLER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering New Britain, Conn. Pi Tau Sigma, Triangles, Vulcans, Michigan Technic, Choral Union WAX.KAI CHAXC, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering Chengtu, China FREDERICK A. CHAPEKJS B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Escanaba, Mich. A.S.M.E. JOANNE E. CHAPEL, A.B. in Education J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret Lois M. CHAPIN, B.S. in Nursing RICHARD U. CHAPIS, A.B. in Political Science Daily ROBERT L. CHAPMAN, B.B.A. Ensian Birmingham, Mich. Springfield, N.J. Scarsdale, N.Y. Omaha, Neb. WILLIAM B. CHAPMAX, M.S. in Geology Saginaw, Mich. Sigma Gamma Epsilon MORTON M. CHARXLEY, JR., B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical, South Acton, Mass. HAROLD F. CHASE, B.B.A. EDWARD CHEMPIEL, B.S. in Electrical Engineerine A.I.E.E. Bay City, Mich. Bayonne, N.J. HSIN- VEN CHEN, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering Nashville, Mich. THOMAS F. CHENOT, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. OSVALDO CHERJJTTSK.Y, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Buenos Aires, Argentina LJOXEL M. CHICOINE, A.B in Economics Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Hamtramack. Mich. JAMES CHIN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering RICHARD J. CHLUDZINSKI, B.D. in Advertising EVCENE G. CHOROMAXSKI, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Cleveland, Ohio EIGEXE T. CHOW, M.A. in Political Science Hunan, China JOANNE ELLEN CHRISTENSEN, B.M. in Vocal Dearborn, Mich. Sigma Alpha Iota. J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Choral Union DALE J. CHRISTENSON, A.B. in English Flint, Mich. JACK D. CHRISTENSON, B.B.A. and M.B.A. in Finance Flint, Mich. UES R. CHRISTIANSEN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Boise, Idaho RICHARD V. CHRISTIE, B.S. in Naval Architecture Ridgewood, N.J. Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi GERALD R. CHRISTIN, M.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Scabbard Blade HARRIET CHUDACOFF, A.B. in Economics Munising, Mich. Daily ROBERT D. CHUTE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Plymouth, Mich. A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Kappa Kappa Psi RAYMOND L. CIESLINSKJ, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. A.I.E.E. ALEJANDRO CILLONIZ, B.D. in Interior Design Lima, Peru ALLAN B. CLAMAGE, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Daily DOXALD H. CLAREY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Auburn, Mich. IRIS E. CLARK., A.B. in Speech . J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Gilbert Sullivan OSWALD V. CLARK, JR., B.S. in Zoology ROBERT N. CLARK. B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., Triangles RONALD G. CLARK., B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. i Royal Oak, Mich. Upper Montclair, N.J. Royal Oak, Mich. 1 k Hamilton, Ontario m i SHHBIH H 1 r 387 SYLVIA L. CLARK, A.B. in History WILI.TAM A. CLARK, A.B. in History Michigan Crib, Football THOMAS I. CLARKE, A.B. in Fine Arts EUNICE CLASPER, B.M. in Music Education Phi Sigma Mu, Glee Club BRUCE E. CLEARE, A.B. in Sociology MARY C. CLEMENT, A.B. in Journalism D ONALD H. CLEMENTS, M.S. in Astronomy Marching Band BARBARA L. CLEMONS, A.B. in Spanish J.G.P. DONALD S. CLEVELAND, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Triangles, Glee Club RAUL B. CLIFFORD, A.B. in Education THOMAS B. COATES, B.D. in Advertising Swimming, Track, M-Club JOSEPH L. COBANE, B.S. in Chemistry EDWARD L. COBB, B.S. LL.B. RONALD E. COBB, B.S. in Pharmacy JOY E. COCHRAN, B.S. in Pharmacy ANN C. COE, A.B. in Geography DALE S. COENEN, A.B. in History Michigamua, Michigras, Union Opera, Union Staff DANIEL S. COHAN, A.B. in Political Science EVE C. COHEN, B.S. in Physics LEONARD COHEN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. LILLIAN R. COHEN, A.B. in Speech Correction Zeta Phi Eta RUTH J. COHEN, A.B. in Sociology Daily STANLEY COHEN, A.B. LORRAINE COLASANTI, A.B. in English DAVID W. COLBATH, B.B.A. JASON E. COLBATH, B.B.A. ERNEST J. COLE, B.D. in Industrial Design ROBERT COLE, B.S. in Zoology JAMES E. COLEMAN, B.B.A. in Marketing Gilbert Sullivan Society ROBERT S. COLLAR, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., A.O.A., Pi Tau Sigma CAROLYN COLLER, A.B. in Education ROBERT W. COLLIE, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical RICHARD B. COLLINGE, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Phi Eta Sigma ALBERT E. COLLINS, JR., A.B. in History WILLIAM T. COLLINS, A.B. in Economics JOHN D. COMBES, B.B.A. in Business Administration Football Detroit, Mich- Dayton, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Nassau, Bahamas Coeburn, Va. Saratoga Springs, N.Y East Lansing, Mich. Canandaigua, N.Y ' Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Hillsboro, Ohio Hampton, Va. Mt. Morris, Mich. Bronx, N.Y. Huntington Woods, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Paterson, N.J. Rahway, N.J. Schenectady, N.Y. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Berkley, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Hastings, Mich. Mason, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Canton, Ohio St. Louisville, Ohio Whitehall, Mont. Ypsilanti, Mich. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 388 .OBERT E. COMEAL-, B.S. in Physics ELEANOR M. COMPANY, B.S. in Public Health CHARLES V. COMPTON, B.F. in Forestry JOSEPH V. COMSTOCK, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. KENNETH P. CONCOLON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. JAMES L. CON LEV, A.B. in History Michigan Crib HAROLD CONN, M.D. BARBARA R. CONNER, A.B. in Speech J.G.P. Ei GENE E. CONOVER, B.D. in Interior Design JOAN C. CONOVER, B.D. in Interior Design Michigras CARL CONRAD, JR., B.B.A. in Marketing JAMES K. CONRAD, B.S. in Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi JOHN CI-LLEN CONROY, B.B..A. in Marketing L. Cox STAN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering AMATO CONTIVO, B.B.A. GEORGE A. COOCH, A.B. in Spanish BRICE L. COOR, B.B.A. Daily PAUL V. COOK, LL.B. RICHARD O. COOK., B.B.A. in Industrial Relations Scabbard Blade, Union Staff, Daily DONALD M. COOMBS, A.B. in Economics Staff Union NANVEL L. COOMBS B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. HOWARD J. COOPER, JR., B.B.A. ELL C. CORBIN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Sigma Rho Tau JOHN V. CORCORAN, JR., B.D. in Advertising JAMES T. CORDEX, LL.B. MARY E. CORIX, A.B. in Sociology Soph. Cabaret, University Choir. ROBERT D. CORXELL B.S. in Mechanical Encineering A.S.M.E. STEVE v H. CORNELL, B.S. in Zoology Phi Eta Sigma WILLIAM E. CORNELL, B.B.A. VIRGINIA M. CORRELL, A.B. in Education J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret SHERWOOD C. CORRY, A.B. in Economics DAVID CORY, A.B. in Economics PATSY R. COSBY, A.B. in Mathematics DVANE K. COTE, Bachelor of Architecture HOWARD R. COTTRELL, M.B.A. in Marketing Beta Gamma Sigma BRICE R. COVLTER, A.B. in Political Science Kenmore, N.Y. Toledo, Ohio Palm Beach, Ha. Traverse City, Mich. Hopkins, Minr. Saginaw, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Baton Harbor, Mich. Ri verhf ad, N.Y. Jackson, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Port Huron, Mich ' Detroit, Mich. Port Washington, X.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Owosso, Mich. New Bedford, Mass East Lansing, Mich. Chicago, 111. Kalamazoo, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Marine City, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. East Chicago, Ind. Lansing, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. New York, N.Y. Mayfield, Ky. Ponriac, Mich. Mr. Pleasant, Iowa Flint, Mich. r m M9 DOROTHY COUSINS, B.S. R.N. in Nursing JOAN H. COWLEV, B.S. in Nursing MARGUERITE H. Cox, A.B. in English Soph. Cabaret BARBARA H. COXON, A.B. in Fine Arts DEXTER H. CRAIO, B.S. in Geology HERBERT O. CRAIG, A.B. in History ROBERT F. CRAIG, LL.B. PETE CRAIGHEAD, A.B. in Journalism Druids, Ensian DONALD R. CRANE, B.B.A. in Accounting FREDERICK. L. CRANE, B.S. in Chemistry MYRON J. GRAVER, JR., B.B.A in Marketing BETSY H. CRAWFORD, A.B. in English MARVIN L. CRAWFORD, A.B. in English BARBARA J. CRAZE, B.M. in Music Education Choral Union BARBARA A. CRESS, A.B. in Speech Zet Phi Eta, Ensian, J.G.P. DAVID R. CRIPPEN, A.B. in History EDWARD F. CRIPPEN, M.D. WILLIAM H. CRISPIN, A.B. in History Swimming, M-Club MARY ANNE CROSBY, A.B. in Education Soph. Cabaret STEWART H. CROSIER, B.S. in Engineering RICARDA CROSS, A.B. in English Daily, Arts Chorale FRANK P. CROTSER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. GWENDOLYN M. CROUCH, B.S. in Zoology GUY K. CULVER, A.B. in History RICHARD A. CULVER, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.S.C.E. BEVERLY R. CUNNINGHAM, A.B. in Biology J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Gilbert Sullivan Society WILLIAM P. CUNNINGHAM, JR., A.B. in English NANCY CUPPLES, A.B. in Speech Mortarboard, J-Hop, Soph. Cabaret, J.G.P., Gargoyle ROBERT M. CURLEY, B.B.A. in Finance ROBERT C. CURRIE, B.S. in Physical Education Football, Track ALAN D. CURTIS, B.S. in Geology JOANNE M. CURTIS, B.B.A. ROBERT E. CURTIS, A.B. in Spanish Phi Kappa Phi, Daily BARBARA B. CUTLER, B.M. in Music Education J.G.P., University Choir KATHRYN A. CYBULSK.I, A.B. in Education RAYMOND C. CZARNECM, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Scabbard Blade Jackson, Mich. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Dearborn, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Escanaba, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Grand Rapids, Mich. Syracuse, N.Y. Youngstown, Ohio Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Calumet, Mich. St. Joseph, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Des Moines, Iowa Grand Rapids, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Cambridge, Mass. Detroit, Mich. Nashville, Tenn. Stockbridge, Mich. St. Johns, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Parkersburg, W. Va. Jamaica Estates, N.Y. Ferndale, Mich. Silverwood, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Pittsburgh, Pa. Iron River, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. 390 SHIRLEY J. Czvsz, B.S. in Pharmacy LYUBICA DABICH, B.S. in Chemistry Alpha Lambda Delta ALBERT KEITH DAGGETT, B.S. in Engineering The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers RALPH J. D ' AGOSTINO, B.S. in Civil Engineering C.E. JACOB ARIE DALM, JR., LL.B. ELIO DALMAV, B.S. in Civil Engineering F. JOSEPH DALTON, B.B.A. JILIAX DALY, A.B. in Zoology LAURENCE F. DALY, A.B. in Economics ROBERT E. DALY, B.B.A. ALBERT DAMAN, III, A.B. in History ARTHUR F. DAMON, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering I.E. JAMES P. DANE, B.B.A. DALE JOAN DAXENBERG, B.M. in Music Education North Tonawanda, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Medford, Me. Walton, N.Y. Kalamazoo, Mich. Lima, Peru Dearborn, Michigan Brooklyn, N.Y. Dearborn, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Napoleon, Ohio Ilion, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Bridgeport, Conn. JAMES ALAS DANGL, A.B. with Letters in Business Administration, Advertising Manager, Daily Grand Rapids, Michigan ROGER LEIGH DANIELS, B.S. Detroit, Mich. A.S.M.E., Michigan Technic GLEN R. DANIELSON, B.S. in Engineering Institute of Aeronautical Sciences JOHN D. DANIELSON, M.A. in Literature Cercle Francais DOROTHY LOOSE DANK.O, B.M. in Education Concert Band, Choral Union KATHLEEN DOUGLAS DANNEMILLER, A.B. in French Michieanensian BENJAMEN DANSARD, B.S. in Civil Engineering - i . . V_ . t, . JAMES P. DAOI ST, LL.B. RICHARD J. DARGER, A.B. in Lit. Law Com. Civ. GERALD A. DARROW, B.B.A. in Finance Alpha Kappa Psi, Bus. Ad. Student Council WILLIAM A. DART, A.B. in Chemistry ALFRED M. DAU, A.B. in German JOHN J. DAT, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering PETER E. DAVEY. B.S.E. Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi RICHARD A. DAVIDEIT, B.S. in Electrical Engineering DONALD C. DAVIDSON, D.D.S. MARY M. DAVIDSON, B.B.A. in Marketing Personnel Chairman, League DONALD JOHN DAVIES, A.B. in Psychology JAMES DAMES, A.B in Social Studies . JOHN RICHARD DAVIES, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi DONALD ALLEN DAVIS, Bachelor of Architecture HENRY B. DAVIS, LL.B. Rochester, Mich. Escanaba, Mich. Portage, Pa. Birmingham, Mich. Maumee, Ohio Bay City, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Oak Park, 111. Mason, Mich. Petoskey, Mich. Brutus, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Birmingham, Mich Grand ville, Mich. Grandville, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Grand Rapids, Mich. 391 C. PAUL E. DAVIS, B.S. in Chemistry RICHARD A. DAVIS, B.S. in Naval Architecture ROBERT L. DAVIS, B.S. in Physical Education SHERRILL H. DAVIS, B.B.A. in Business Administration Freshman Hockey Saline, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. JOHN P. DAWSON III, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi, Daily, University Choir CHARLES E. DAY, JR., LL.B. in Law Delta Theta Phi MICHAEL S. DAYTON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Tennis, A.I.E.E. CLIFFORD A. DEAN, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Jackson, Mich. A.S.M.E. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. WALTER R. DEBLER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. GORDON E. DEBRUIN, B.F. in Forestry ALTON, G. DECLAIRE, JR., B.S. in Electrical Engineering DWANE H. DEEM, Bachelor of Architecture ERNEST DEFusco, B.S. in Engineering Mechanics A.S.M.E. PETER F. DEGAETANO, LL.B. in Law THEODORE L. DEGENHARDT, Bachelor of Architecture Alpha Rho Chi, A.I.A. RAYMOND S. DEGROOTE, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. JOHN DfiHAAN, JR., B.B.A. in Marketing Detroit, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Detroit, Mich. Athens, Ohio Lawrence, Brooklyn, N.Y. Ferndale, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Holland, Mich. DONNA DEHARDE, A.B. in Education Highland Park, Mich. J-Hop, Treasurer of Senior Class, Judic. Council of League, Secretary of League, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret Louis H. T. DEHMLOW, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Chicago, 111. Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Vulcan, A.I.Ch.E. CALVIN R. DEITZ, B.S. in Pharmacy Princeton, W. Yn. DONALD DEJAGER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Choral Union, A.I.E.E. HOWARD C. DE LA MATER, B.B.A. in Accounting ' OLIVER S. DELANCEY, JR., Bachelor of Architecture A.I.A. GEORGE W. DELANO, A.B. in History ELIZABETH A. DELANEY, A.B. in Botany MARY P. DELANEY, A.B. in Education JAMES F. DELESDERNIER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. ROBERT L. DELNAY, B.S. in Chemistry GEORGE E. DEMBRY, A.B. in Journalism Grand Rapids, Mich. Grayling, Mich. Ottawa, 111. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Swartz Creek, Mich. Swartz Creek, Mich. Findlay, Ohio Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. HYRTHOL L. DEMERITT, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Eng., Gaylord, Mich. A.S.M.E. ROGER E. DEMERITT, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Manitou Beach, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Triangles CAROL W. OsMoND, B.M. in Piano White Plains, N.Y. Choral Union JOYCE C. DENISON, A.B. in Speech Correction J.G.P., Gilbert Sullivan Society IVAN W. DsPuY, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. B.B.A. in Personnel Administration LAWRENCE M. DsRiDDER, Ph.D. in Education Phi Kappa Phi Charlotte, Mich. Nunda, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Norway, Mich. 392 KENXETH L. DERR, Bachelor of Architecture Alpha Rho Chi WILLIAM E. DEsjARDixs, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Scabbard and Blade, Union ROGER C. DETTMER, A.B. in English FREDERICK V. DETVRK, A.B. in Sociology Akron, Ohio Owosso, Mich. Cincinnati, Ohio Garden City, N.Y. ROSE ARLYXE DEITSCH, A.B. in English Rock Island, III. THOMAS N. DE " RIES, B.S. in Chemical-Metallurgical Eng. Detroit, Mich. HAROLD A. DEWEV, JR., A.B. in Literary-Law Highland Park, Mich. AXNE E. DEWITT, B.S. in Dental Hygiene- Harbor Springs, Mich. MARIOS C. DEWITT, A.B. in History PA i L T. DEWITT, D.D.S. DOROTHY A. DEWOLFF, A.B. in Journalism Daily Doss P. DEYousc, B.B.A. in Marketing HOWARD F. DEYouxc, LL.B. in Law NORMA J. DIAMOND, R.N. DOSALD V. DICKASOX, A.B. in Psychology MILDRED DICK.EMAS, A.B. in Anthropology Alpha Lambda Delta JAMES P. DICK.ERSON, A.B. in Economics Laurium, Mich. Fremont, Mich. Benton Harbor, Mich. Spring Lake, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Alpena, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Des Moines, Iowa Wheaton, 111. ROBERT E. DIETER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Math. ..I.E.E., I.R.E. EOSARD A. DIETZ, M.S. in Physics Manistee, Mich NOR DILBECK, A.B. in German RBARA R. DILL, B.S. in Dental Hygiene s M. DILLER, A.B. in History OHN K. DILLON, B.B.A. in Accounting RV ELLEX DIMITROFF, A.B. in Journalism NAXCV R. DISCMAS, A.B. in English JIRLEY H. Dix, D.D.S. THARLES B. DOAS, B.S. in Psychology ' BERT E. DOBBS, LL.B. in Law R B. DOBBS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineerine A.S.M.E. MARTIS J. DOBRIXC, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E.. I.R.E. COYLA J. DODGE, A.B. in Social Work HELEN T. DODSOS, D.D.S. Secretary of Dental School DALE D. DOEHR, B.D. in Interior Design EVERETT R. DOEHR, B.B.A. DOROTHY E. DOERFXER, B.S. in Chemistry J.G.P. HARRY A. DOERSAM, B.A. in History Canterbury Club Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe. Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Coral Gables, Fla. Bay City, Mich. mona, Minn. Port Huron, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Flint, Mich. Cadillac, Mich. Kingsford, Mich. Kingsford, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. 393 JOHN N. DONHAISER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering BARBARA E. DONLON, A.B. in Journalism Panhellenic Newspaper THOMAS J. DONNELLY, LL.B. in Law Barristers JAMES DONOVAN, A.B. in English SALLY DONOVAN, B.S. in Physical Education J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Glee Club DONNA I. DOOHTTLE, A.B. in Sociology Saginaw, Mich. Pelham Manor, N.Y. Pittsburgh, Pa. Napoleon, Ohio Napoleon, Ohio Milan, Mich. JAMES S. DOOLITTLE, A.B. in Sociology Grand Rapids, Mich. Union Opera, Marching Band, Concert Band, Choral Union, Gilbert Sullivan Soc. NORMAN DOORENBOS, B.S. in Chemistry Flint, Mich. American Chemical Society S. C. DOSHI, B.S. in Chemical Engineering MAURICE E. DOSIER, M.B.A. in Marketing Soph. Prom, Union, Glee Club HAROLD E. DOSTER, M.B.A. in Sales ROBERT H. DOTT, JR., B.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma Kandivali, Bombay, India Charleston, W. Va. Kalamazoo, Mich. Norman, Okla. FRANCES A. DOTY, A.B. in Political Science Panhellenic Counselor ROBERT H. DOUGHERTY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. RuDENZ T. DOUTHAT, A.B. Phi Eta Sigma WILLIAM A. Dow, JR., B.S. in Chemistry Battle Creek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Huntington, W. Va. Grand Rapids, Mich. A. ROSEMARY DOWSEY, A.B. in Speech Correction Underwriter ' s Club Lucius DOYLE, A.B. in Journalism Iron River, Mich. Pinckney, Mich. O ' BRIEN J. DOYLE, A.B. in Economics East Lansing, Mich. FRANKLIN G. DRAKE, B.B.A. in Management and Industrial Rel., Portland, Ore. JOANNE VIRGINIA DRAPER, A.B. in History Huntington Woods, Mich. ROBERT L. DRESSEL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. JAN B. DRESZER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi URBAN L. DREW, A.B. in Political Science MICHAEL DRICKMAN, M.D. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. NATHAN DRIGGERS, A.B. in Political Science Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.M. DALE D. DROLLINGER, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Eng., Wadsworth, Ohio NICHOLAS T. DROSSOS, B.S. in Naval Architecture S.N.A. RICHARD R. DRURY, A.B. in Architecture Baseball DONALD A. DuBois, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu GEORGE I. DUDDY, A.B. in History GLEE DUDGEON, B.M. in Music Education Glee Club EDWIN DUDKA, B.S. in Highway Traffic Engineering A.S.C.E. ELFORD S. DUDLEY, B.B.A. Gulantics Review GEORGE E. DUDLEY, LL.B. in Law Barristers JAMES E. DUECHTING, A.B. in Speech Long Island City, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich . Detroit, Mich. Marine City, Mich. Flint, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Norfolk, Va. Earlington, Kv. Gaylord, Mich. 394 CRISTOBAL C. DI ' ENAS, A.B. in History WILLIAM EDWARD DVERR, B.S. in Civil Engineering I.F.C. BRIAN M. DUFF, A.B. in Journalism Druids, Gargoyle EMMA L. DrrFETT, B.S. in Public Health Nursing Dos A. DI-FFSEV, A.B. in History MARGARET A. DVFFY, A.B. in History II DONALD O. DCLUDE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ensian ROBERT L. DrMoxo, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering EDWARD K. DUNN, M.A. in Educational Administration Ensian JOHN K. DUNN, A.B. in English TED L. DINS, B.B.A. in Actuarial Mathematics Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Gamma Sigma DALE R. Di NNIHOO, M.S. in Zoology Glee Club LEO G. DURAND, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. BRYCE S. DURANT, B.B.A. Beta Gamma Sigma, IFC Ball, Union Opera BRICE I. DITCHER. B.B.A. Debate, Glee Club JAMES G. OWES, JR., LL.B. in Law Delta Theta Phi Agana, Guam Radburn, NJ. Saginaw, Mich. Amsterdam, N.Y. Lansing, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Mason, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Austin, Texas Erie, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Plainfield, N.J. Grand Rapids, Mich. Tulsa, Okla. 1 EVELYN G. DWORSKY, A.B. in Social Work Soph. Cabaret WARREN R. DWYER. A.B. in Political Science Michigan Crib, Track CHARLOTTE A. EAGLE, A.B. in History Senior Society, Michigan Crib, Assembly Ball EDWARD A. EAMES, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering, Royal Oak, Mich. A.S.M.E. Iron Mountain, Mich. Montclair, N.J. Benton Harbor, Mich. EDMOND EARY, JR., B.S. in Zoology LEXIS W. EASTWOOD, M.S. in Orthodontics BARBARA EATON, A.B. in Spanish Spanish Club JAMES A. EBERSONE, A.B. in Economics Druids, L nion Opera EMIL E. EBNER, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Michigan Technic HERBERT L. EBNER, A.B. in Economics ROY T. EBY, B.S. in Chemical Engineering FRANCISCO ECHEVERRIA, B.S. in Zoology ROBERT L. ECK.ENRODE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering I.R.E. RVTH ECKSTEIN, A.B. in Psychology Hillelzapopin ARLAN L. EDGAR, A.B. in Biology E. EDGAR, B.M. in Voice bert Sullivan Society, University Choir, Michigan BERTS E. EDGE, Bachelor of Architecture Society WARD A. EDGETTE, B.F. in Forestry THOMAS F. EDLINGER, B.B.A. in Accounting JOHN J. EDMAN. A.B. Flint, Mich. London, England Chelsea, Mich. Elkhart, Ind. Emlenton, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. San Jose, Costa Rica Johnstown, Pa. Shaker Heights, Ohio Ithaca, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Singers Interarts Union St. Clair Shores, Mich. Lake Nebagamon, Wis. Saginaw, Mich. Interlochen, Mich. 395 JOHN R. EDMAN, B.B.A. in Accounting Pi Eta Sigma SHEILA A. EDMISTON, A.B. in Education STUART L. EDMONDS, A.B. in Speech Correction Choral Union MARY H. EDWARDS, A.B. in Psychology University Orchestra ROBERT S. EDWARDS, B.B.A. in Accounting and Personnel SARAH L. EDWARDS, A.B. in History ESTHER S. EGGE, B.S. in Medical Technology NANCY L. EGGLESTON, A.B. in Education Soph. Cabaret WILLIS B. EGGLESTON, JR., D.D.S. MARIAN EHRLICHER, B.B.A. in Marketing ELL R. EICHENLAUB, A.B. in Education Daily, J.G.P. HERBERT A. EICHSTAEDT, A.B. in English WILLIAM EILOLA, B.B.A. Alpha Kappa Psi DAVID A. EINBINDER, B.B.A. in Accounting WILLIAM D. EISELE, B.S. LLOYD E. EISENHOWER, LL.B. in Law RICHARD C. ELCONIN, A.B. in Political Science DONALD L. ELDER, M.S. in Aerodynamics Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, I.A.S. ROBERT L. ELDRED, M.B.A. in Investments St Oxford, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Mason, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Springfield, Ohio Bowling Green, Ky. Plymouth, Mich. Clair Shores, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Pekin, 111. Dearborn, Mich. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Hancock, Mich. New Haven, Conn. Ironwood, Mich. Junction City, Kan. Whitefish Bay, Wis. Omaha, Neb. Ann Arbor, Mich. MORTON T. ELDRIDGE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Battle Creek, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Engineering Council, Daily, Track Manager, Wrestling Manager HERBERT J. ELFRING, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Fort Peck, Mont. A.I.E.E. DANIEL R. ELLINGER, B.S. in Zoology East Grand Rapids, Mich. JANIS M. ELLINGHAUSEN, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. ELIZABETH ELLIS, A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Mich. Zeta Phi Eta, Ensian, Soph. Cabaret, Gilbert Sullivan Society Des Moines, Iowa Brooklyn, N.Y. GENE E. ELLIS, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. LAWRENCE ELOWSKY B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. ROBERT ARTHUR ELSON, B.M. in Voice Ishpeming, Mich. Phi Mu Alpha, Glee Club, Choral Union, Gilbert Sullivan Society EDWARD ELUKIN, LL.B. in Law Brooklyn, N. " i. JAMES S. ELY, B.B.A. in Business Administration Scabbard and Blade ROBERT S. ELY, B.S. in General Science Basketball, Football DANIEL ELYACHAR, A.B. in History Union, Track THOMAS F. EMERSON, A.B. in Economics Rutherford, N.J. Montpelier, Ohio White Plains, N.Y. Indianapolis, Ind. HENRY J. EMMEL, B.S. in Marine Engineering Rochester, " O A.S.M.E. CARL A. EMMERT, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Mentor, Ohio A.S.M.E. GIM H. ENG, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics New York, N.Y. C.S.C., A.S.M.E., C.S.C.A. DAVID L. ENGIBOUS, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Norway, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E. 396 RICHARD E. ENGLAND, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ROBERT F. ENGLAND, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. RICHARD A. ENTENMANN, A.B. in Speech ' L ' nion Opera, Glee Club, Choral Union JAMES L. EPPSTEIN, A.B. in Enelish [ Glee Club HERBERT S. EPSTEIN, A.B. in Philosophy ROBERT F. ERBEN, A.B. in Language M-Club, Football, Baseball, Basketball EDWARD B ERIKSEN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering FREDERICK C. ERICK.SOX, B.D. in Interior Design Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Grosse Pointe, Mich. Akron, Ohio Flint, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. REGINALD H. ERNST, B.S. in Pharmacy Detroit, Mich. - can Pharmaceutical Assoc., Freshman Track ROBERT S. ERNSTEIX, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Delta Sigma Rho, Debate Team RODOLFO A. ESQVIVEL, M.S. in Electrical Eng., Jaen, Nueva Eciia, Philippines JOHN V. F.SSON, JR., B.B..A. in Accounting FRED B. ESTERLV, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. CLARA T. ESTERN, A.B. in Russian HAROLD R. ETUNGER, A.B. in Spanish Sigma Delta Pi EH J. ETZEL, M.B.A. Gamma Delta Flint, Mich. Sidney, Ohio Imlay Gty, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Harbor Beach, Mich. EDWIN J. ErsTicE, B.B.A. in Marketing Pontiac, Mich. HAROLD E. EVANS, B.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. LEO H. EVANOSKJ EVANS, A.B. in Psychology New Castle, Pa. PAIL F. EVANS, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Paintsville, Ky. ROBERT B. EVANS, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. ROBERT H. EVANS. M.D. THOMAS L. EVANS, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. BARBARA I. EVERETT, A.B. in Education J.G.P.. Ensian DORIS J. EVERSOLE, R.N. DOROTHY DEANE EVESTONE, M.M. in Vocal Education --:ty Choir R FADER, Bachelor of Architecture MARVIN L. FAILER, B.B.A. JEAN P FAINT, A.B. in Zoology Alpha Lambda Delta, Concert Band DVAXE G. FAIR, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., Pi Tau Pi Sigma JAMES B. FALAHEE, J.D. in Law ROBERT V. FANCETT, A.B. in Journalism Sphinx, Track, Baseball, M-Club ROBERT E. FARR, Bachelor of Architecture EI-GENE J. FARRUG, B.B.A. in Accounting JOAN E. FAST, A.B. in Education J.G.P. HOWARD D. FATT, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.. Akron, Ohio Armada, Mich. Queens Village, N.Y. Highland Park, Mich. Maumee, Mich. Pittsburgh, Kan. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Bradley Beach, NJ. Detroit, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 397 BETTY B. FAULDS, M.A. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. Park Ridge, 111. Rochester, Mich. NORMAN W. FAUSTYN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. ELIZABETH J. FAULK, A.B. in Speech Scroll, Panhellenic President, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret WALTER B. FAUSER, JR., B.S. in Geology ORVAL R. FEATHER, B.S. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering, Petoskey, Mich. CHARLES F. FEDERSPIEL, A.B. in Mathematics Ithaca, Mich. ROBERT R. FEDORE, B.S. in Biology Jackson, Mich. DOROTHY FEIR, B.S. in Zoology Akron, Ohio HAROLD J. FELDMAN, B.B.A. in Personnel Management Gilbert and Sullivan Society PHOEBE S. FELDMAN, A.B. in English Daily, J.G.P. ROLAND W. FELDMANN, B.B.A. in Accounting SHELDON L. FELLMAN, M.D. Gargoyle CORINNE FELLOWS, R.N. STUART L. FERER, A.B. in Economics ALAN L. FERESTIEN, A.B. in Economics BRUCE M. FERGUSON, B.S. in Forestry Paul Bunyan Formal, Forester ' s Club CHARLES W. FERGUSON, JR., A.B. in Psychology LEONARD L. FERGUSON, B.B.A. in Industrial Management ROBERT J. FERGUSON, B.D. in Industrial Design RICHARD P. FERLE, A.B. in Speech Gloversuille, N ' .Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Valley City, N.D. Detroit, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Coronado, Calif. Foxborough, Mass. Scarsdale, N.Y. Flint, Mich. Geneva, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Lansing, Mich. FERNANDEZ CARMINA, M.A. in Mathematics ALBERT G. FIALKA, A.B. in Mathematics LILLIAN L. FIEDOROWICZ, M.D. ANN S. FIELD, A.B. in English Literature ARTHUR R. FIELD, B.B.A. in Personnel Administration GEORGINA L. FIERRO, A.B. in Spanish THELMA L. FIFE, A.B. in Spanish Sociedad Hispanica BLAIR C. FILLER, A.B. Union Opera RICHARD R. FINCH, A.B. in Psychology JULIUS FINEGOLD, LL.B. in Law Case Club MARVIN J. FINK, B.S. in Electrical Engineering NANCY A. FINLAY, B.M. in Music Education Mu Phi Epsilon, Choral Union AUDREY V. FINLEY, A.B. in History Sociedad Hispanica, Soph. Cabaret JOHN F. FINN, B.B.A. in Factory Management Industrial Relations Club HENRY C. FISCHER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering LYMAN L. FISHBYRN, A.B. in Speech Santurce, Puerto Rico Flint, Mich. St. Joseph, Mich. Bridgeport, Conn. Royal Oak, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Owosso, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Maiden, Mass. Jackson, Mich. Marquette, Mich. Temperance, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Cedarville, 111. 398 HAROLD C. FISHER, A.B. in Mathematics LEE K. FISHER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma Loris H. FISHER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ROBERT L. FISHER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering I.E. STVART B. FISHER, B.S. in Zoology VERNER J. FISHER, JR., B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch-E. MELVIX S. FISHMAN, B.B.A. in Accounting GERALD H. FITCH, D.D.S. RICHARD C. FLAKJSE, A.B. in Mathematics RICHARD M. FLANAGAN, A.B. in Economics KARL M. FLECKXER, B.D. in Industrial Design EARLE K. FLEISCHMANN, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., Chi Epsilon, Michigan Technic M. RICHARD FLEIS-CHMAX, A.B. in English Daily, Football ; -IE M. FLETCHER, A.B. in English Peoria, III. Pontiac, Mich. Forest Hilb, N.Y. Iron River, Wis. Canton, Ohio Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Brooklyn, X.Y. Dearborn, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. St. Louis, Mo. Long Beach, N.Y. Flint, Mich. Hart, Mich. MARJORIE I. FLINT, A.B. in English Vyvtm, Mortarboard, League, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Union Opera DOXALD B. FUTMAX, A.B. in Mathematics and Science Newark, N.J. Phi Eta Sigma RJCHARD K. FLOOD, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. TR E. FLORJINT, B.S. in Electrical Engineering RJCARDO C. FLORES, B.S. GEORGE F. FLORJDIS, A.B. in Psychology MARILYN L. FLYNN, A.B. in Education Scroll, Panhellenic Board Grosse Pointe, Mich. New York, N.Y. Agana, Guam Dayton, Ohio Bronxville, N.Y. DOROTHY FOGEL, A.B. in Social Work Wyandotte, Mich. Alpha Lambda Delta, Wyvern, Senior Society, Mortarboard, Assembly Board, League Board, J.G.P. MARY F. FOLEY, B.S. in Business Education J.G.P. V ; LIAM S. FOLZ, A.B. in Psychology Flint, Mich Grand Rapids, Mich. Honolulu, Hawaii Escanaba, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Blanc, Mich. Chicago, III. Rivesville, VV.Va. Coldwater, Mich. Fairiieki, Conn. Jackson, Mich. BERT J. FORMAX, B.S. in Electrical Engineering New York, N.Y. I.E.E., I.R.E., Slide Rule Ball, Michigan Technic LEXHARD A. FORSBERG, JR., B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Grand Rapids, Mich. NORMAN K. FORTIX, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Muskegon, Mich. ARTHI-R S. K. Foxc, B.B.A. in Business Administration HOWARD FONTAINE, A.B. in History Deutsche Verein C. RICHARD FOOTE, A.B. in Economics Union Executive Council EARL G. FORBUSH, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. EDWARD C. FORDSEY, A.B. in History DA D V. FORESTE, B.F. M.F. in Wood Technology DEWAX D. FORESTER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.. A.S.E. ATRICIA J. FORESTER, A.B. in English Literature FORGIE, A.B. in English 399 HOWARD FOSLER, A.B. in Actuarial Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma DAVID E. Foss, B.S. in Zoology EDNA J. FOSTER, B.S. in Physical Education WILLIAM ROBERT FOUCH, B.S. in Forestry Spring Lake, Mich. Dunkirk, N.Y. Suttons Bay, Mich. Traverse City, Mic ROBERT JAMES FOUKAL, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering, Cleveland Hghts, Ohio . Marquette, Mich. Flint, Mich. yandotte, Mich. ROBERT G. FOUNTAIN, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. DELMAR J. Fox, B.S. in Electrical Engineering MEI.VIN BERNARD Fos, A.B. in Economics JACKIE FOXGROVER, A.B. in Elementary Education Choral Union HAROLD E. For, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering EVELYN G. FRANCIS, A.B. in Spanish Sociedad Hispanica ALFRED J. FRANK, A.B. in Economics KAYE G. FRANK, A.B. in Political Science ROBERT B. FRANK, LL.B. in Law THOMAS F. FRANKE, A.B. in Economics Scabbard and Blade DONALD A. FRANKMAN, A.B. in History Michigan Journalist SIEGFIELD E. FRANZ, M.B.A. in Industrial Management ELIZABETH R. FRASER, A.B. in Mathematics Phi Kappa Phi STUART A. FRASER, A.B. in English VIVIAN A. FRAZIER, B.S. in Physical Education NANCY LEE FREASE, A.B. in Elementary Education ROBERT L. FREEMAN, Bachelor of Architecture Alpha Rho Chi ROSEMARY FREHSE, B.D. JUNE ENGEL FREITAG, A.B. Education Arts Chorale BETTY L. FRENCH, B.S. in Public Health JOHN R. FRENS, M.B.A. in Economics SHERWOOD E. FREZON, B.S. in Geology GILDA P. FRIED, B.M. Sigma Alpha Iota Kalamazoo, Mich. Griswold, Iowa Fling, Mich. Madison, NVis. Pontiac, Mich. Larchmont, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Ypsilanti, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Escanaba, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Albion, Mich. Union City, N.J. FRANK M. FRIEDLAENDER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Michigan Technic HII.LARD L. FREEMAN, B.B.A. SUSAN FRIEDMAN, A.B. in Psychology SYDNEY S. FRIEDMAN, LL.B. Tau Epsilon Rho TOBE A. FRIEDMAN, A.B. in History WILLIAM M. FRIEDRICHS, M.A. in History NORMAN J. FRISCH, B.S. in Physics Detroit, Mich. Benton Harbor, Mich. Shaker Heights, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Scranton, Pa. Hillsdale, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. THOMAS W. FRITCHEK., B.S. in Mechanical-Industrial Eng., Garden City, Mich. 400 EDWARD FRITZ, A.B. in Staristics FREDERICK L. FROBERG, B.B.A. HERBERT J. FROCXER, B.S. in Mineralogy BARBARA J. FROST, A.B. in Education Philadelphia, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. t + W " W - Racine, Wis. Detroit, Mich. Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rocky River, Ohio Rochester, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. HARRIET L. GALE, A.B. in Education Evart, Mich. ibly Board, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret E. JAMES GAMBLE, A.B. in History Wyandotte, Mich. Kappa Kappa Psi, Michigan Crib, Marching Band, Concert Band DONALD V. GAXZHORX. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. RICHARD C. FROST, B.S. in Aerodynamics and Mathematics Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, I.A.S. " CHARLES V. FRVLJXG, B.S. in Electrica l Engineering Vulcans, M-C!ub, Baseball FRAXCIS H. FVKVXAGA, A.B. in Chemistry CHARLES R. FULLER, B.S. in Industrial Engineering ..itlifting MARVIN G. FULLER, A.B. in Psychology Sociedad Hispanica PAUL D. GARORIAULT, A.B. in Psychology ALVNE E. GAIS, A.B. in Sociology tNE M. GALANTOWICZ, A.B. in French Cercle Francais M. Bi LENT GARAN, M.S. in Gvil Engineering ALVIN R. GARCHOW, B.B.A. in Accounting Glee Club GEORGE A. GARCIA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. VICTORIA R. GARCIA, M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, I.A.S. STANLEY R. GARD, B.B.A. EVELYN B. GARDNER, A.B. in English JACK D. GARDXER, B.B.A. ROBERT J. GARDNER. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. " SAMUEL ROBERT GARDNER, A.B. in Speech BARBARA GARLAND, A.B. in English MARTHA E. GARMAS, B.S. in Public Health Nursing International Student Association, Underwriters . CHARLES J. GARNER, Bachelor of Architecture HOWARD L. GARRETT, B.S. in Chemistrv A.C.- RICHARD A. GARRETT, B.D. in Industrial Design Gargoyle JOHN V. GARVEY, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering EARL R. GASKJLL, JR., D.D.S. SHELDOX V. GATES, B.S. in Physics ROGER A. GATWARD, B.B.A. in Finance JAME F. GCAXT, A.B. in Economics ; GASTON E. GAI-THIER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering i MORTOX H. GAVENSKY, B.B.A. in Accounting Istanbul, Turkey Farmington, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Jackson Heights, N.Y. Miami, Fla. Monett, Mo. Chicago, 111. Bethany, 111. Rockford, 111. Midland, Mich. Detroit, Mich. E. Hampton, Mass. Ann Arbor, Mich. St. Joseph, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Chelsea, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Hartford, Conn. 401 STANLEY M. CAVERN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering GARLAND G. GEE, A.B. in Psychology DOROTHY ANN GEEGH, B.S. in Medical Technology ALFONSO F. GEIGER, B.S. in Geology ELIZABETH MADELEINE GELLATLY, A.B. in Education DONALD W. GEMMILL B.S.E. A.S.M.E. RUDOLPH RALPH GENCUR, A.B. in Economics RICHARD DAVID GENEY, D.D.S. ROLAND T. GERHART, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering BARBARA LEE GERHOLZ, A.B. in English Literature ISAK J. GERSHON, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. MILLIARD C. GERSTEN, B.S. in Chemistry I.F.C. Glee Club SELIG GERTZIS, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Treasurer, A.I.E.E. DUANE A. GESELL, A.B. in Political Science RONALD KAY GETOOR, A.B. in Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma JUSTIN F. GEYER, B.S. in Wood Technicians E. T. GHOLSON, B.B.A. in Marketing Detroit, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Saranac, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Hillsdale, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Houghton Lake, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Flint, Mich. New York, N.Y. Irvington, N.J. New York, N.Y. Dundee, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Eldorado, 111. Dearborn, Mich. Detroit, Mich. HAROLD M. GIBBONS, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.E.E. BRUCE RICHARD GIBSON, A.B. in History Alpha Phi Omega GERARD HENRY GICZEWSKI, M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Farmington, Mich Editor-in Chief, Michigan Technic ALFRED J. GIDDINGS, B.S. in Marine Engineering Quarterdeck MERTON DALE GIDDINGS, B.S. in Pharmacy ALBERT C. GIEBLER, Master of Music HARRY WEBB GIFFEN, M.B.A. in Finance PAUL W. GIKAS, A.B. in Psychology DONALD EARL GILBERT, M.D. KENNETH G. GILBERT, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering J. LEE GILL, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.C.E. GILBERT HARLAND GILLETTE, A.B. in Political Science ROBERT E. GILLETTE, B.S.E. A.I.E.E. JOHN C. GILLIE, B.S.M.E. A.S.M.E. R. G. GILI.ILAND, A.B. in German Lynbrook, N.Y. Jerome, Mich. Hays, Kan. Highland Park, Mich. Lansing. Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Schoolcroft, Mich. Newton, Mass. Horton, Mich. Chelsea, Mich. St. Clair Shores, Mich. Detroit, Mich. MARLOU JANE OILMAN, Cert. In Dent. Hygiene Tecumseh, Mich. ROLAND EUGENE GINSBURG, LL.B. Toledo, Ohio ANTHONY JOSEPH GIOVAGNOLI, B.S. in Naval Architecture Sandusky, Ohio HELEN MARIE GIRDLER, A.B. in Speech Beaver, Pa. 402 FPWTN T. GAZA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Bay City, Mich. A.S.M.E. DOIGLAS H. GLEASON, B.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. HOLLAND L. GLEICHMAN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Salamanca, N.Y. HAROLD GUCR, B.S. in Electrical Engineering New York, N.Y. JAMES L. GLIDDEN, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Erie, Pa. JEAN A. GLOWACKJ, A.B. in Education MARTIN E. GLI-CKSTEIN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering GERALD I. GLI-SKIN, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. PATRICIA A. GOBLE, B.S. in Business Education Choral Union HENRY C. GODT, JR., B.S. in Pharmacy Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Chi CHARLES H. GOEBEL, B.B.A. in Finance Delta Sigma Pi CARL R. GOELZ, A.B. in Journalism JOSEPH C. GOETZ, B.B.A. in Accounting CHARLES V. GOFF, B.B.A. in Marketing IRWIN W. GOFFMAN, A.B. in Sociology President, Men ' s Judiciary Council, Student Affairs Committee NIK A R. GOHL, A.B. in Education Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Lambda Theta, Soph Cabinet Detroit, Mich Brooklyn, N.Y. Bronx, N.Y. Lansing, Mich. Fort Smith, Ark. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Allen Park, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. JAMES H. GOLDHAMMER, Bachelor of Architecture EICENE GOLDBERG, B.S. in Zoology LEE B. GOLDBERG, B.S. in Psychology SID GOLDBERG, A.B. in English Phi Era Sigma, Gilbert and Sullivan, Michigan Daily RVTH C. GOLDEN, A.B. in Education CARL A. GOLDFARB, B.B.A. in Accounting SHIRLEY F. GOLDFARB, M.M. in Music Sigma Alpha Iota STI ART A. GOLDFARB, LL.B. Tau Epsilon Rho ELEANOR I. GOLDMAN, A.B. in Social Studies Lois GOLDMAN, A.B. in Sociology- Daily, J.G.P. Louis GOLDMAN, A.B. in College Honors LOVISE P. GOLDMAN, A.B. in Psychology CHARLES G. GOLDSMITH, A.B. in History Union Board EDWARD GOLDSTEIN, A.B. in History MERTON, L. GOLDSTEIN, M.B.A. in Marketing JOY E. GOLDSWORTHY, A.B. in Journalism Daily EDWARD H. GONG, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. PHOEBE J. GOOD, A.B in Psychology J.G.P. JERRY F. GOODING, B.B.A. in Marketing GLORIA GOODKJND, B.M. in Music Literature Choral Union, University Choir Grand Rapids, Mich. Mr. Vcrnon, N.Y. Northeaston, Mass. New York, N.Y. Buffalo, N.Y. Flint, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. New York, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Shreveport, La. Memphis, Tenn. East Rockaway, N.Y. Rochester, N Y. Lake Orion, Mich. New York, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Miami Beach, Fla 403 NANCY GOODMAN, A.B. in English RALPH R. GOODMAN, B.S. in Mathematics IAN C. GOODWILLIE, B.B.A. in Personnel Administration Daily ANNE F. GOODYEAR, A.B. in Economics Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Cabaret SALLY G. GOODYEAR, A.B. in Education Ensian, Daily, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret ALLAN D. GORDON B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. CLAYTON H. GORDON, M.D. EUGENE S. GORDON, A.B. in Mathematics GERALD GORDON, A.B. in Political Science HARRY M. GORDON, B.B.A. in Accounting SEYMOUR GORDON A.B. in Sociology A.C.S. WILLIAM J. GORMAN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E., I.R.E. WILLIAM V. CORRINGE, D.D.S. THOMAS Q. GORTON B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.C.E., A.C.S. ROBERT H. GOSLOW, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Scabbard and Blade, I.A.S., Military Ball ALBERT L. GOSMAN B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. MARCIA GOTTESMAN, A.B. in Psychology NORM GOTTLIEB, A.B. HELEN J. GOULD A.B. in Speech J.G.P. JOYCE GOULD, A.B. in English New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Hastings, Mich. League, J.G.P., Soph. Hastings, Mich. Johnstown, Pa. Birmingham, Mich. Revere, Mass. Detroit, Mich. West Englewood, NJ. Detroit, Mich. Bancroft, Mich. Deckerville, Mich. Vashon, Wash. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio Detroit, Mich. College Park, Md. WILLIAM T. GRADY, B.S. in Psychology Gilbert Sullivan Society WILLIAM R. GRAFF B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. A.S.M.E. PAUL H. GRAFFIUS, A.B. in English Crafton, Pa. ARTHUR H. GRAHAM, A.B. in History CAROLYN GRAHAM, A.B. in Psychology DONALD A. GRAHAM, B.S. in Zoology TAMES F. GRAHAM, A.B. in English JAMES T. GRAHAM, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Michigan Technic Williamston, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. PEARSON GRAHAM, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Mt. Pleasant, Mich Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. YOLANDA GRAMATICOFF, B.S. in Zoology ROBERT L. GRANACHER, A.B. in Industrial Psychology BETTY DEGuisE GRANGER, B.S. in Dental Hygiene J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret BOYD W. GRANGER, M.S. in Electrical Engineering SEYMOUR GRANT, M.D. WALLACE D. GRANT, B.B.A. Sphinx, Michigamua, M-Club, Hockey-Capt. ' SO CARL D. GRAVES, B.S. in Physics Dearborn, Mich. Binghamton, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Leoneth, Minn. Detroit, Mich. 404 JOHN T. GRAY, A.B. in History Michigan Crib MURRAY GRAY, B.S. in Psychology Phi Eta Sigma JOHN F. GRAYSON, B.S. in Zoology THOMAS E. GREATHOUSE, B.F. in Wildlife Management A.I.E.E., Tau Beta Pi DONALD R. GREEN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. EDWARD J. GREEN, JR., B.F. in Wildlife GEORGE E. GREEN, JR. B.B.A. ROBERT A. GREEN, B.B.A. THOMAS H. GREEN, LL.B. in Law WILLIAM L. GREEN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.S.C.E. VERXOX A. GREENAWALT, B.F. in Forestry ARTHUR H. GREENBERG, D.D.S. in Dentistry HAROLD GRFENBERG, D.D.S. in Dentistry JEROME M. GREENBERG, B.D. in Industrial Design RONALD L. GREENBERG, LL.B. in Law Ensian, Marching Band SHELDON R. GREENBERG, B.S. in Mathematics BERT GREEXBERGER, A.B. in History MURRAY P. GREENBLATT, B.B.A. in Finance ANNE GREENE, A.B. in Education J.G.P. MARVIN B. GREENFELD, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. Port Huron, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bay City, Mich. San Francisco, Calif. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Tecumseh, Mich. Flint, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Scottdale, Pa. Kline, W.Va. Shelby, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Cedarhurst, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Salem, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Woodbridge, Conn. Buffalo, N.Y. DONALD H. GREENFIELD, A.B. in Speech Brooklyn, N.Y. Wolverine Club, Rose Bowl Ball Central Committee, Homecoming Committee, Varsity Committee RICHARD K. GREENLEE, JR., B.S. in Indust.-Mech. Eng., Traverse City, Mich. A.S.M.E. ROBERT S. GREGORY, B.B.A. in Marketing Dearborn, Mich. KENNETH R. GREIDER, B.S. in Physics Lakewood, Ohio Scabbard Blade, Men ' s Glee Club MICHAEL GREXUS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Phi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. DEXTER P. GRESH, B.B.A. in Marketing EDWARD C. GREY, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. JOSEPH F. GRICAR, J.D. in Law Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma PAIL C. GRIEP, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering GLORIA M. GRIESING, B.S. in Mathematics ESTHER A. GRIFFEN, A.B. in Education CARLETOX H. GRIFFIN, B.B.A. in Accounting JOHX T. GRIFFIX, A.B. in Economics DA ID T. GRIFFING, B.B.A. in Architecture Business ROBERT J. GRILLS, A.B. in Psychology Debate ARLINE GRIXGER, A.B. in Biology Utica, Mich. Pottstown, Pa. Chelsa, Mass. St. Charles, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Scarsdale, N.Y. Worcester, Mass. Flint, Mich. New York, N.Y. 1 M 405 WILLIAM GRIPMAN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Triangles, Vulcans, Student Legislature, President of Engineering Council VITO T. GRISETO, B.B.A. in Accounting Chicago, 111. MARK. D. GROSS, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Steubenville, Ohio RICHARD GROSS, A.B. in Economics Toledo, Ohio WILLIAM M. GROSS, M.B.A. in Accounting GORDON H. GROSSMAN, B.B.A. Delta Sigma Rho, Debate LEONARD L. GROSSMAN, LL.B. Barristers CARL R. GROTH, B.B.A. Football RAYMOND F. GROEZKE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering WILLIAM J. GRUHLKE, B.B.A. EDWARD T. GRUNDMAN, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Plymouth, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Elmire, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. GEORGE GRUNTHANER, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng., Ashtabula, O. Triangle, A.S.M.E. MARION J. GRZEGORCZYK B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. LAWRENCE GUBOW, LL.B. DIANA A.M. GUERIN, A.B. in Education RAY V. GUERIN, A.B. in Political Science Druids, Student Legislature, A.I.M. NORBERT J. GUINDON, B.B.A. in Finance FRANK E. GUIRE, B.B.A. in Marketing WARREN A. GULLEKSON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ORRIN S. GULLEY, JR B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. ROBERT E. GUSTAFSON, B.F. in Forestry ROBERT K. GUSTKE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering LYNN GUTENBERG, B.S. in Chemistry Senior Society, Hillel Foundation, Ensian, J.G.P. ALFRED J. GUTMAN, B.B.A. in General Business Michigan Crib, Daily JOSEPH H. GUTTENTAG, A.B. in Political Science Alpha Phi Omega, Debate JOSEPH E. GYOURKO, JR., B.S. ARTHUR O. HAAS, Bachelor of Architecture A. I. A., Arts Society RICHARD D. HAAS, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., Union Staff SYLVIA HABER, A.B. in Mathematics J.G.P. RICHARD J. HABERSKI, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. DIANE B. HACHA, A.B. in Sociology SAMUEL L. HACK, B.S. in Chemical Engineering I.Z.F.A. ANNE D. HACKETT, A.B. in Speech Glee Club, Choral Union. ILENE E. HAERING, A.B. in English Alpha Lambda Delta ALFRED L. HAFFNER, JR., B.S. in Industrial-Mech. Eng. Michigras MARY J. HAGELIN, A.B. in History Glee Club, League Bay City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Escanaba, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Manton, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Ensign, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, 111. Detroit, Mich. Cincinnati, Ohio Arlington, N.J. Buffalo, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Linden, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Center Line, Mich. Brooklyn, N. Y. Iron River, Mich. 406 BESONDY E. HAGEN, A.B. with Letters in Law Saginaw, Mich. Student Legislature, AIM Council, Homecoming Dance Committee DONALD ROGER HAGERMAN, D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. SHIRLEY ANX HAHN, B.D. in Interiors BERNICE G. HAIDY, B.S. in Dental Hygiene J.G.P. DONALD WILLIAM HAIGHT, B.B.A. in Accounting RICHARD MAIN, A.B. in Psychology JAMES WILLIAM HAJSCHER, B.B.A. JOHN THEODORE HAISCHER, B. of Arch. " CHARLES H. HAITHMAN, D.D.S. Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Homer, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Chicago, 111. RICHARD E. HALATEK, B.S. American Society of Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Engineering Council CHARLES EDWARD HALEY, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chicago, 111. President, A.S.C.E., Associate Editor, Transit JOHN HALICK, M.D. Detroit, Mich. DONALD EMERSON HALL, A.B. in Speech Michigan Glee Club DOROTHY L. HALL, B.S.-R.N. HENRY C. HALL, B.S.E. Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi. JOHN WILLIAM HALL, JR., B.S. RICHARD A. HALL, B.B.A. RICHARD WALTER HALL, B.B.A. STEPHEN GEORGE HALL, B.S.E. JACK F. HALLADAY, A.B. in Psychology JACK.SOX B. HALLETT, B. of Arch. JOEL HALPERN, A.B. in History JOHN LARKJN HAMAK.ER, B.S.E. JEAN HAMBY, A.B. in Elementary Education JOHN ROBERT HAMILL, A.B. in History JACKSON HAMILTON, A.B. in History WILLIAM CLAUDE HAMILTON, JR., B.B.A. WINOXA WALDRON HAMILTON, A.B. in German ROBERT WALTER HAMMERSCHMIDT, B. of Arch. Lois HAMMOND, R.N. HAMMOND, A.B. in Psychology GRACIA ELIZABETH HAMMOND, A.B. in French L. HAMRIC, B.B.A., LL.B. LIA RUTH HAMRICK, B.M. N CARROLL HANCOCK, B.S.E. JAY H. HANDELSMAK, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Gloucester, Mich. Three Rivers, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Edinburg, Texas Highland Park, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Royal Oak, Mich. Glen Burnie, Md. Mount Vernon, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Tecumseh, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dallas, Texas Jacksonville, Fla. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, 111. 407 9 ' .. JAMES ALFRED HANDYE, M.S. in Physics RAYMOND W. HANEY, B.S.E. in Automotive JERRY HANJIAN, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering LILLIAN A. HANJIAN, B.S. in Anthropology Women ' s Glee Club ALICE A. HANKE, B.S. in Education RICHARD E. HANNA, B.S.E. in Math and Physics RUSSEL A. HANNA, B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Chi EUGENE W. HANNAHS, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E., I.R.E. Detroit, Mich. Big Beaver, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. South Haven, Mich. West Covina, Calif. Sherwood, Ohio Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. LAWRENCE P. HANNON, M. in Forestry Forestry Club CHARLES HANSEN, J.D. in Law Assistant Editor of Michigan Law Review, Toastmaster ' s Club OSCAR R. HANSEN, B.A. in Economics ROBERT O. HANSEN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Worcester, Mass. Westfield, New Jersey Bessemer, Mich. Oak Park, 111. RUTH A. HANSEN, B.S. in Chemistry Altadena, Calif. Mortarboard, Vice-Pres. of Women ' s Athletic Association, Judic. Aide, Orientation Booths, Soph. Cabinet, J.G.P., W.A.A. WALTER L. HANSEN, B.A. in English Ishpeming, Mich Michigamua, AIM President. CARL HANSON, B.S. in Aeronautic Engineering Farmington, Mich. I.A.S., Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Rho Tau V.P. WALTER S. HANSON, B. of Arch, in Architecture Design, Grand Rapids, Mich. American Institute of Architects GERALD D. HARDY, B.A. in Zoology MARIAN HARDY, B.S. in Math FREDERIC H. HARF, B.S.E. in Metallurgical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, A.I.M.E., A.P.O., French Club ANNE HARITON, B.A. in History La Sociedad Hispanica, Pan Hel. Rushing Counselor, Ensian. JOHN E. HARLAN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering GERALD J. HARMSEN B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Beach, North Dakota Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. ROBERT B. HARN, B.B.A. in Business Administration Scabbard and Blade JOHN C. HARD, Bachelor of Architecture American Institute of Architects, Tau Sigma Delta, Arts Society. Detroit, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Washington, D.C. Nisula, Mich. RICHARD N. HARPER, JR., B.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. DOUGLAS B. HARRINGTON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering New Rochelle, N. . Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. JOHN A. HARRINGTON, B.S.E. in Mathematics I.F.C. JAMES E. HARRIS, B.A. in Anthropology Anthro. Club, University Theatre Guild. MARK. L. HARRIS, JR., B.A. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. U. Theater Guild MARY A. HARRIS, B.A. in Span, and Latin Amer. Studies, Grand Rapids, Mich. Mortarboard, Daily, J.G.P., Soph Cabinet. VICTOR J. HARRIS B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Pi Tau Sigma. RICHARD D. HARRISON, LL.B. in Law Phi Delta Phi, Barristers Adrian, Mich. Salt Lake City, Utah G. BRYAN HARRY, B.S.F. in Wildlife Mgm. Forestry Club EDISON HART JR., B. of Business Administration JOHN M. HART, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. STANTON G. V. HART, B.S.F. in Forest Production Forestry Club Flushing, Mich. Oscoda, Mich. Daytona Beach, Fla. Forest Hills, N.Y. 408 ESTHER A. HARTZ, B.S. in Zoology ALAN HARTZMARK., A.B. in Economics Wolverine, Ensian, Baseball SAM HASHIMOTO, B.S. in Zoology JEANNE JOHNSON, B.B.A. in Marketing .Advertising HENRY L. HATCH, A.B. in Economics RAYMOND O. HATHAWAY, A.B. in Journalism RVTH HATHAWAY, A.B. in Sociology DORIS R. HATOSKY, A.B. in Spanish Hillel Foundation WILLIAM V. HACKE, A.B. in Mathematics CHARLES S. HAUPTMAN, B.S. in ElectricaliEngineering A.I.E.E. GERALD F. HAVSE, B.S. in Electronics Concert Band LEO V. HAI SER, B.S. in Physical Education Golf Team, M-Club ALFRED L. HANZEL, B.S. in Physics BEVERLY J. HAWES, B.S. in Physical Education Pi Lambda Theta, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret DAVID A. HAWK.ES. B.S. in Civil Eneineerine Triangle, A.S.C.E. H. DONALD HAWKINS, A.B. in History Union Staff GEORGE D. HAWTHORNE, A.B. in History L ' nion Opera RALSTON HAYDEX, B.S. in Naval Architecture HARRY W. HAVE , A.B. in Actuarial Science KENNETH HAYNES, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. JOHN G. HAVWARD, A.B. in Economics J-Hop Committee, I.F.C. MARY L. HEADLEY, B.S. in Chemistry JOHN M. HEAPHY, A.B. in Political Science I.F.C. ARTHUR HECHT, B.S. in Psychology Phi Eta Siema JACK HECHTMAN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering WALTER N. HEDRICK, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations ROBERT N. HEFKA, A.B. in Psycholoev Baseball DANIEL T. HEGVAX, B.S. in Chemical Eneineerine A.I.Ch.E. MARIORIE HEHN, A.B. in Education Scroll, League, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret FRANK J. HEIDLER III, B.F. in Wood Technolo gy RO. ' EAXX C. HEIM, A.B. in Letters and Law KARL N. HEIMBACH, B.S. in Electrical Engineering .E.F... I.R.E., Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi MARTHA HEIXRICHS, A.B. in Education Senior Society, Gargoyle BETTY J. HEISER, A.B. in Sociology- Daily, J.G.P., Glee Club PHYLLIS O. HELCHER, M.D. EARL L. HELMERS B.S. in Mechanical Engineerine A.S.M.E. Detroit, Mich. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Cheyenne, Wyo. Brooklyn, N.Y. Royal Oak, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Milton, Mass. Benton Harbor, Mich. Newark, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Kansas City, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Albion, Mich. Manchester, N.Y. Dayton, Ohio Lakewood, Ohio Ann Arbor, Mich. Pottstown, Pa. Chicago, 111. Royal Oak, Mich. Denver, Colo. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Cumberland, Md. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Michigan Riverside, III. Manhasset, N.Y. Chicago, 111. Detroit, Mich. Timn, Ohio Flushing, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. 1 V 409 CHARLES G. HELMICK, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Hillsdale, Mich. A.I.E.E., Triangles, Vulcans, Men ' s Judiciary Council, J-Hop, Engineering Council JANE M. HEMENWAY, A.B. in Education South Haven, Mich. Panhel, J.G.P., Union Opera HAROLD J. HEMMING, M.A. in History Pleasant Ridge, Mich. DONALD E. HEMSTEGER, A.B. in Psychology Phi Eta Sigma Birmingham, Mich. Wayzata, Minn. JEANNE HENDEL, A.B. in Speech Zeta Phi Eta, J.G.P., Panhel Counselor JOSEPHINE H. HENDERSON, B.M. in Music Education Sturgis, Mich. Scroll, Soph. Cabaret, Pan-Hellenic Ball, Senior Class Secretary, Choral Union, University Choir SUZANNE HENDRIAN, B.M. in Voice Ann Arbor, Mich. J.G.P., Soph Cabaret, Choral Union LEONARD C. HENDRICKSON, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Grand Rapids, Mich. ROGER J. HENDRICK.S, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Grand Rapids, Mich. Holland, Mich. Galesburg, 111. Rocky River, Ohio LLOYD A. HENEVELD, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.S.E.E., Triangles, Vulcans, Football, M-Club E. K. HENRICKSON, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. ALFRED B. HENRY, A.B. in French CLAUDE I. HEPWORTH, B.S. in Zoology JOHN R. HERALD, B.S. in Electrical Engineering ROBERT B. HERBST, A.B. in History DONALD L. HERMAN, A.B. in Political Science JOSEPH G. HERMAN, A.B. in Acturial Mathematics KENNETH W. HERON, M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering HlIDEGARDE W. HERRICK, A.B. in English Choral Union PATRICIA A. HERRIMAN, Certificate of Dental Hygiene CHARLES C. HERRINGTON, B.S. in Zoology KENNETH B. HERRINGTON, B.S. in Zoology WILLET J. HERRINGTON III, A.B. in History BERNARD HERSHENOV, B.S. in Physics ALLAN G. HERTLER, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations DAVID C. HERTLER, B.B.A. in Business Administration EUGENE G. HERTLER, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S., Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi STUART E. HERTZBERG, A.B. in Letters and Law Student Legislature, A.I.M. DOROTHY HESS, A.B. in Journalism Kappa Tau Alpha JEAN G. HESS, B.S. in Public Health Nursing ROBERT T. HESSE, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Eng., OMA H. HESTER, JR., LL.B. FRANKLIN D. HETTINGER, A.B. GLENN H. HICKMAN, B.B.A. Pentwater, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Fargo, N. Dak. Detroit, Mich. Chelsea, Mass. East Orange, N.J. Say re, Pa. Flint, Mich. Bad Axe, Mich. Bad Axe, Mich. Bad Axe, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Milan, Mich. Milan, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Lewisburg, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. High Point, N.C. Hutchinson, Kan. Detroit, Mich. EUGENE C. HICKS, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering, Detroit, Mich. A.S.M.E., Scabbard and Blade, Gargoyle WILLIAM K. HICKS, B.S. in Chemistry Port Huron, Mich. 410 DOROTHY HIEROXYMUS, A.B. in English J.G.P., Soph Cabaret ROBERT F. HIGBEE, A.B. in English JOHN B. HiGGixs, B.A. in Accounting Phi Eta Sigma, Sphinx DAVID SPRACVE HILDIXGER, B.M. in Piano Phi Mu Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma SYLVIA V. HILDXER, A.B. in Education GLORIA T. HILE, A.B. in Economics Daily, J.G.P., Soph Caberet, Gilbert Sullivan E. HILFERIXK, A.B. in Journalism BARBARA HILL, M.B.A. ROBERT D. HILL, B.F. in Forest Production ROLAXD I. HILL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. LL V. HILL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering RALPH E. HILLMAX, B.S. in Chemical Engineerine A.I.Ch.E. GERTRUDE HIMELHOCH, A.B. in Education 1.7..F.A. ROBERT HIMELHOCH, A.B. in History HAROLD P. HIXCKLEY, A.B. in Psychology LEOX C. HiX7, A.B. in Economics A.V.C., U. of M. Theater Guild, 150 Ib. Football Vox J. HIPPEXSTEEL, B.B.A. in Marketing RAVMOXD M. HIRVO-XCX, B.B.A. in Finance-Management RICHARD D. HITT. A.B. in Economics Sphynv, Union Executive Council, Publicity Chairman ROBERT HLAVIX, B.S. in Chem. Eneineerine Triangle. A.I.Ch.E. RICHARD H. HOBERT, B.S. in Engineering Quarter Deck DOXALD A. HOCK.STEIS, B.S. Pre-Med Pr?-Med Club MAXIXE M. HOESMAX, B.A. in History Choral Union D. DOXALD HOEXTER, B.B.A. Three Rivers, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bloomneld Hills, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Jersey City, N.J. Ferndale, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Chicago, 111. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, O. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Flint, Mich. Paw Paw, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. JOAXSE HOEV, B.A. in Spanish Pan-Hellenic Counselor HOWARD A. HOFFA, B.S. in Zoology BOYD E. HOFFMAN, D.D.S. EDWARD L. HOFFMAN, A.B. in Economics Phi Eta Sigma, Daily Grand Rapids, Mich. Marquette, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Cleveland, O. New York, X.Y. Bayonne, N.J. Unionville, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dexter, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Kansas City, Mo. CHARLES RICHARD HOHEISEL, B.S. in Petroleum Geology Sigma Gamma Epsikra JEROME F. HOHEISEL, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. JAMES R. HOLEX, B.S. in Electrical Engineerine A.I.E.F.. RJORY E. HOLLAND, A.B. in German - Plymouth, Mich. ' ; ' Norway, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. ROBERT C. HOLLOWAY, B.S. in Physical Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Coldwater, Mich. Oxford, Mich. PRESLEY D. HOLMES, A.B. and teacher ' s certificate in Speech Detroit, Mich. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Sphinx, Druids, " M " Club, Football JOHX ALLEN HOLLY, B.S. in Electrical Eneineering A.I.E.E. LEO F. HOLMES, A.B. in Economics 411 fe II Kfe , }, JOHN F. HOLT, A.B. in Psychology EDWARD HOLWERDA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering FRED HOLZER, B.S. in Physics ANN HOLZHAUER, B.B.A. in Marketing J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret CLARK R. HONIG, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. SALLY HOOPER, R.N. CLAYTON A. HOPP, B.S. in Pharmacy RAY A. HOPPE, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi CARL L. HORN, A.B. in Letters and Law Daily, Glee Club JOHN T. HORNBERGER, A.B. in Economics RICHARD R. HORNING, M.D. Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa WILLIAM J. HORVATH B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. BETTY Lou HORWITZ, A.B. in Speech Correction RHODA J. HORWITZ, B.S. in Letters in Medicine Alpha Lambda Delta, Soph. Cabaret PETER C. HOTTON, A.B. in English Sigma Delta Chi, Daily, Arts Chorale JAMES A. HOULE M.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Newark, N. J. Berkley, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Sundridge, Ontario Ypsilanti, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Williams Port, Pa. Downers Grove, 111. Fort Wayne, Ind. Cleveland, Ohio Newark, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Detroit, Mich. VIRGINIA L. HOURIGAN, B.M. in Woodwind Instruments Pine River, Minn. Sigma Alpha Iota, Tau Beta Sigma, Gilbert Sullivan, Choral Union, Concert Band CLYDE V. HOUSE, A.B. in Economics Lansing, Mich. Scabbard and Blade JAMES W. HOUSTON B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. A.S.M.E. HOWARD K. HOVER, B.S. in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, Lima, Ohio A.I.M.E., A.C.S., A.I.Ch.E., Sigma Rho Tau SUMNER HOWARD, A.B. in History Michigan Crib, Soph. Prom Committee, Union Opera CARL M. How, B.A. in History ROLAND C. HOWELL, JR., B.F. of Wood Technology Phi Eta Sigma THOMAS W. HOWELL, B.B.A. in Marketing SARAH K. HOYT B.S. in Chemistry J.G.P. Kuo-LiANG Hsu, Ph.D. in Civil Engineering Cni-Ko Hu, M.S. in Civil Engineering DORIS C. HUANG, A.B. in Sociology HENRY HUANG, B.S. in Electrical Engineering SHUAN-KENG HUANG, M.S. in Chemistry NAN E. HUBACH, A.B. in Education J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Glee Club BETTY Lou HUBBARD, A.B. in History BRUCE F. HUBBARD, D.D.S. HELEN D. HUBBARD, A.B. in Spanish Soph. Cabaret, J.G.P. RICHARD L. HUBBARD, B.F. in Wildlife Management ROGER G. HUBBELL, B.S. in Geology Flint, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Medina, N.Y. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Shanghai, China Hunan, China Brooklyn, N.Y. Manila, Philippines Shanghai, China Kilgore, Texas Pontiac, Mich Pontiac, Mich East Lansing, Mich. Painesville, Ohio Milford, Mich. 412 FREIDA Hi BERT, B.S. in Public Health Easthampton, Mass. ANNE SLUYTER HUDSON, A.B. in Elementary Education Royal Oak, Mich. BRUCE HUFFMAN, A.B. in Speech Toledo, Ohio EDWARD F. HUGHES, B.S.E.E. Highland Park, Mich. HERLAD H. HUGHES, JR., A.B. in Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon. MERLIN HENRY HUGHES, B.B.A. RALPH M. HI-LETT, M.D. FRANK J. HULL, B.S. in Zoology DONALD RICHARD HUMPHREY, B. of Arch. JACK. F. HUMRICH, A.B. in Psychology FRANCES WILLS HUNDLEY, A.B. in English GEORGE T. HUNTER, A.B. in Psychology STEPHEN AIDES HUNTER, A.B. in Psychology Tulsa, Okla. Fremont, Ohio Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Hamilton, W. Va. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. GALE HUSTISGTON, A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Mich. Wwern, Scroll, Zeta Phi Eta, Floorshow Chairman, Soph Cabaret L. ALLEN HURD, A.B. in Religion and Ethics Ann Arbor, Mich. ERVIN R. HURST, JR., B.B.A. RITA HURWITZ, B.S. in Mathematics ROBERT G. HUSBAND. A.B. in Chemistry WILLIAM C. Hi SEN, B.S.E. ARNOLD T. HUSICK., B.B.A. Haddonfield, N.J. Rochester, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. ANN C. HrssELMAN, A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Mich. FRANCIS HENRY HUTCHINS, B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering, Milford, Mich. ALBERT HYMA, JR., in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. EUGENE THOMAS IGNASIAK, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. JOHN WILLIAM IID, B. of Arch. EDWARD K. INAFUKU, B.S. in Pharmacy GERALD G. INGBER, B.B.A. QUENTIN FRED INGERSOK, B.S.Ch.E. MARIA R. INGLE, A.B. in English DOROTHY ELIZABETH INGLIS, A.B. in Speech M. HOPE INGOLD, A.B. in English MARY I.NMAN, B.S. in Zoology R -TOM ARDESHIR IRANI, M.S. EDWIN A. IRION, B.S. in Electrical Engineering GOFDON A. IRONSIDE, A.B. in Journalism ROBERT STEVENSON IRVINE, A.B. in Political Science Rudyard, Mich. Honolulu, Hawaii Ann Arbor, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Detroit , Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Bombay, India St. Joseph, Mich. Hastings, Mich. Flint, Mich. 413 D O C vJ JOYCE ANNE IRVING, A.B. in Spanish ELEANOR BRUCE IRWIN, B.S. in Geology ROBERT LEE ISAACSON, A.B. in Psychology NELSON MIJARES ISADA, B.S.C.E. JOSEPH J. ISOLE, JR., B.S.E.E. SHYO ITAMI, B.S. in Pharmacy CLIFFORD L. ITTNER, M.B.A. in Marketing MAXWELL P. IVERSON, S.S.E.E. FRANCIANNE D. IVICK, A.B. in English JAMES K. IZUMI, A.B. in Chemistry ALVIN JACKINS, B.S. in Zoology HAROLD C. L. JACK.SON, A.B. in English WILLARD LEWIS JACKSON, B.S.F. LORETTA G. JACOBS, A.B. in Elementary Education DAVID IRVIN JACOBSON, B.S.E. HAROLD K. JACOBSON, A.B. in History IRA JACOBSON, B.B.A. MORRIS GEORGE JACOBSON, B.B.A. ROBERT ALLEN JACKSON, B.S.E.E. RUSSELL C. JACOBSON, A.B. in Geology JOHN HADWIN, A.B. in Psychology EDITH H. JAECKER, B.B.A. in Marketing ANGELINE F. JAJE, B.B.A. in Accounting BILLY M. JAMES, B.S. in Wood Tech. DAVID H. JAMES, M.A. DONALD L. JAMES, B.S.E. KENNETH FREDERICK. JAMES, B.S.E. LAYLIN K. JAMES, B.S. in Science RICHARD JOHN JAMES, B.B.A. in Accounting BERNARD ROBERT JANOER, B.B.A. in Accounting RAY JANSMA, A.B. in Drawing and Painting HECTOR JARAMILLO, B.S.C. Detroit, Mich. , Cowsett, R.I. ' Highland Park, Mich, i Manila, Philippines j Polham, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. South Bend, Ind. Honolulu, Hawaii Brooklyn, N.Y. Grosse He, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. VVyandotte, Mich. Lakewood, N.J. Somers, Conn. Birmingham, Mich. Cadillac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Massillon, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Sutton, V. Va. Evanston, III. Babylon, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Manistee, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Fremont, Mich. Chinchina, Colombia LEON M. JAROFF, B.S.C.E. Detroit, Mich. Tau Beta Phi, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, Michigamua, Student Affairs Committee, Managing Editor, Michigan Daily GERALD L JAROSIK, B.S.E. Detroit, Mich. WILLIAM R. JARRATT, B. of Arch. WILLIAM P. JENNINGS, LL.B. Detroit, Mich. West Branch. Mich. 414 ALFRED A. JESCHONEK, B.S.E.E. ROBERT MASON JICK.UNC, B.S. in Physics LEWS F. JcLBErr, B.S.E.E. CARLTOJJ R. JOHANSSON, B.S. in Physics THEODORE H. JOHN, B.S.M.E. Michigan Glee Club JAMES H. JOHNS, A.B. in Economics ROBERT H. JOHNS, B.B.A. BERT F. JOHNSON, A.B. in Speech LEWIS JOHNSON, B.B.A. MAY JOHNSON, A.B. in Political Science INALD KEITH JOHNSON, B.B.A. DONALD R. JOHNSON, B.S. in Civil Engineering EDWIN MERRITT JOHNSON, B.S. in Zoology Johnstown, Pa. Augusta, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Columbus, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Larchmont, N.Y. Elkhart, Ind. Highland Park, Mich. Flint, Mich. Mears, Mich. JEANNIE JOHNSON, A.B. in Journalism Royal Oak, Mich. Scroll, Senior Board, Journalism Society, League, Managing Editor, Michigan- ensian, J.G.P., Soph Cabaret JOANNE JOYCE JOHNSON, A.B. in Political Science Dearborn, Mich. Mortarboard; Student Legislature, Orientation Chairman, League Council, J.G.P., Soph Cabaret JOYCE Lois JOHNSON, M.S. in Chemistry PAUL E. JOHNSON, B.S.E.E. PAULINE Y. JOHNSON, B.S. in Chemistry PHYLLIS RUTH JOHNSON, B. of Design Publicity Chairman, Roger Williams Guild RVSSELL C. JOHNSON, B.S. in Pharmacy R --ELL L. JOHNSON, B.S. in Zoology STANLEY F. JOHNSON, A.B. in History W;_UAM K. JOHNSON, B.S. in Pharmacy Alpha Chi Sigma, Rho Chi ALAN D. JOHNSTON, B.B.A. DANIEL W. JOHNSTON, M.D. JACK JEROME JOMINY, B.B.A. CAROL ELIZABETH JONES, B.S. in Medicine President, Alpha Lambda Delta HAVEN E. JONES, M.D. HENRY LANSING JONES, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Ph: Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu JAMES BOYD JONES, A.B. in Economics JOHN MORTON JONES, LL.B. M. LLOYD JONES, B.B.A. in Marketing PAUL H. JONES, B.S. in Civil Engineering Treasurer, A.S.C.E. STERLING E. JONES, JR., MA. in Economics WILLIAM S. JONES, B.B.A. in Accounting and Finance Fair Lawn, N.J. Kalamazoo, Mich. Pueblo, Colo. Ann Arbor, Mich. Muskegon Heights, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Pueblo, Colo. Kalamazoo, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Milan, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Danville, 111. Jackson, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Chicago, 111. Duluth, Minn. 415 THAD H. Joos, M.D. Victor Vaughn Society LLOYD I. JORRISCH, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering RITA E. JORRISCH, A.B. in Spanish ROBERT H. JOSEPH, B.S. in Chemistry DONALD JOSLIN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Louis A. JUHAS B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. JERRY J. JURASEK, B.S. in Pharmacy DOLORES A. KALZMARCZYK, A.B. in History J.G.P. SUSAN KADIAN, A.B. in Education DAVID H. KAFKA B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. HAROLD KAHN, M.D. LLOYD E. KAISER, A.B. in Speech Delta Sigma Rho, Daily, Forensics EDWARD C. KALINSKI, B.B.A. in Management Louis A. KALL, B.B.A. IRWIN KALLMAN, M.B.A. in Real Estate SHIRLEY L. KALLMAN, A.B. in Speech Grosse Pointe, Mich. ' , Brooklyn, N.Y. | Brooklyn, N.Y. Saginaw, Mich. ' , Clarklake, Mich. Flushing, N.Y. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Asbury Park, N.J. Alpena, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Trenton, N.J. New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Zeta Phi Eta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Wyvern, Mortarboard, League Council, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret BARBARA B. KALLSTROM, A.B. in Fine Arts Alpha Lambda Delta, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret LEMYRTA A. KALTENBACH, A.B. in Elementary Education Daily LEONARD J. KAMINSKI, B.S. in Psychology FRANKLIN J. KAMMERAAD, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. CHARLES H. KAMP, A.B. in History Alpha Phi Omega, Marching Band JAMES A. KANEMOTO, B.S. in Civil Engineering ROBERT W. KANIA, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. HERMAN KAPLAN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Michigan Technic JEROME I. KAPLAN, B.S. in Mathematics Track NORMA M. KAPLAN, A.B. in Education J.G.P., Glee Club MARY J. KAROLY, A.B. in English CHARLES M. KARP, A.B. in Political Science GEORGE E. KARRES B.S. in Mathematics A.I.E.E., I.R.E. MAURICE H. KARTCH, B.B.A. in Accounting BARBARA B. KASDORF, A.B. in Sociology J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret JAMES E. KASER, B.B.A. EDWARD KASPER, A.B. in Political Science HELEN J. KASTENBAUM, A.B. in English SEYMOUR A. KASTANOVITZ, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. DAVID K. KATZ, B.B.A. in Marketing Monroe, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Holland, Mich. Grandville, Mich. Honolulu, T.H. Buffalo, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Lambertville, N.Y. Flint, Mich. Stamford, Conn. Detroit, Mich. Hackensack, N.J. Port Huron, Mich . Aurora, 111. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. 416 WILLIAM L. KATZAWAL, B.S.M.E. CHARLES Louis KAVFMAN, JR., A.B. in Economics Grand Rapids, Mich. Norfolk, Va. ESTHER KAUFMAN, A.B. in Social Vork South Haven, Mich. Membership Chairman, Hillel; Junior Assistant, League Personnel Committee IVAN T. KAVFMAN, A.B. in English Dearborn, Mich. PATRICIA KAVFMAN, A.B. in English ROBERT J. KAVFFMAN, B.B.A. in Economics RV-SELL L. KAVANAVGH, B.B.A. TAKETO KAWABATA, B.S.E.E. GLENN A. KAVA, A.B. in Economics FRED ROY KAYE, A.B. in Psychology CONSTANCE KEEGAN, A.B. in Journalism JOHN V. KEELER, B.S. in Geology JOYCE E. KEEN, B.S. in Education VIVIAN S. KEIDAN, B.S. in Education RICHARD PAIL KEIM, B.S. in Mathematics JOHN M. KEIR, B.S. in Civil Engineering Purchase, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Kona, Hawaii Wahiawa, Hawaii Detroit, Mich. Akron, Ohio St. Louis, Mo. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Erie, Pa. Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. ROBERT D. KEISER, A.B. in Mechanical Engineering FRED D. KIESTER III, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi NORVAL ANDREW KEITH, B.S.M.E. ROSE KELBERG, A.B. in Psychology FREDERICK P. KELLER, B.S. in Forestry RAYMOND J. KELLEY, B.S. in Forestry ROBERT H. KELLEY, B.S. E.E. EVA C. KELLOGG, A.B. in Political Science J.G.P., Soph Cabaret JAMES F. KELLOGG, JR., B.B.A. MARY E. KELLOGG, A.B. in Anthropology BURTON KELLEY, B. of Design DON E. KELLY, A.B. in Pre-Professional Studies JOHN H. KELLY III, A.B. in Far Eastern Studies ' JOHN THOMAS KELLY, LL.B. KEITH M. KEELY, B. of Arch. MARTIN R. KELLY, B.S.E.E. BARBARA ANN KELSO, B.M. in Music Education . RICHARD KEMPTHORN, B.B.A. in Finance Michigamua, M. Club YVONNE B. KENDALL, B.M. in Music Education i Lois ANN KENNEDY, A.B. in Psychology Toledo, Ohio Ionia, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. New York, N.Y. Portage, Pa. Harford, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Canandaigua, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Los Angeles, Calif. Oak Park, 111. Lansing, Mich. Richmond Hill, N.Y. Mountain Lakes,[N.J. Canton, Ohio Arlington. Va. HighlandlPark, Mich. 417 WT MARY ANN KENNEDY, A.B. in Elementary Education JOHN THOMAS KENNEY, LL.B. RAYMOND B. KENYON, B.B.A. GERALDINE E. KERN, A.B. in History JAMES W. KERN, B.B.A. RICHARD F. KERN, B.B.A. THOMAS F. KERNS, B.S. in Zoology WILLARD P. KERR, A.B. in History GEORGE S. KERRIDGE, B.B.A. ROGER H. KESSLER, B.S. MITCHELL R. KETAI, B. of Arch. DOROTHY RUTH KETCHUM, A.B. in English HOWARD D. KEYS, A.B. in Psychology EDWIN C. KIDD, A.B. in Economics RICHARD L. KEIFT, B.S.M.E. FREDERICK KIEHLER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering HELENE KIELAS, A.B. in Psychology PORTER MARTIN KIER, B.S. in Geology KEN NETH L. KIERNAN, A.B. in Speech PAMELA JOY KIMMEL, Certificate in Dental Hygiene THOMAS W. KIMMERLY, B.B.A. in Accounting GEORGE W. KING, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering HAROLD E. KING, A.B. in English JOHN LANE KING, LL.B. RAY HAROLD KING, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi RICHARD E. KING, M.M. in Theory ROBERT S. KINOSHITA, A.B. in Journalism DAVID CLARE KIPP, B.B.A. RICHARD L. KIRBY, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ROBERT JOHNSON KIRBY, M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering PAUL KIRCCS, B.S. in Chemical Engineering WILLIAM H. KIRK, JR., B.B.A. in Accounting JAMES WALLACE KIRKEMO, B. of Arch. J. GARTH KIRKENDALL, A.B. in Psychology CHARLES HENRY KIRSCH, B.M. in Music Education WALTER THOMAS KIRSTEN, A.B. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Hastings, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Frankenmuth, Mich. Caro, Mich. Utica, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Wayne, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Salina, Pa. Dearborn, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Romeo, Mich. Springfield, Ohio Jackson, Mich. Tahlequah, Okla. Detroit, Mich. Albion, Mich. South Bend, Ind. Natcher, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Missoula, Mont. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Mason City, Iowa Detroit, Mich. 418 ROSEMARIE J. KISH, A.B. in Education DELILAH E. KISTLER, M.A. in Library Science JAMES O. KISTLER, B.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Michigras, Union Council ROLAND A. KJEI.LAND, B.B.A. in Accounting JOHN C. KLAFFENBACH, B.B.A. HAROLD L. KLARREICH, LL.B. HARVEY KLEIMAN, B.B.A. in Accounting CHERYL KLEIN, R.N. Garden City, Mich. Nanticoke, Pa. Grand Haven, Mich. Valley City, N.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. Shaker Heights, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Mt. Clemens, Mich. FREDERICK W. KLEIN III, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. WILLIAM C. KLEIN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. LAWRENCE C. KLEINKAUF, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. BERNARD KLEINMAN, B.S. in Physics Freehold, N.J. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. ELIZABETH KLEPSER, A.B. in Social Studies ADELAID KLINGBEIL, A.B. in Philosophy Ensian, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Glee Club ROBERT R. KLINGER, B.S. in Geology ANN KLOIAN, A.B. in Education ALAN P. KNAPP, B.S. in Naval Architecture EVERETT A. KNAPP, B.S. in Mathematics Football FAY G. KNAPP, B.B.A. ALDO KNOEPFFLER, M.S. in Structural Engineering C. ALBERTO KNOEPFFLER, B.S. in Process Design A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT KNOTT, B.B.A. in Accounting RAYMOND E. KNOWLES, B.B.A. in Marketing JAMES V. KNOX, JR., B.S. in Geology BEVERLY J. KOEBEL, R.N. NILE H. KOEBER, B.B.A. in Marketing WALTER W. KOEBNICK, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu FREDERICK W. KOEHN, B.S. in Industrial Forestry PAUL J. KOEPNICK, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. JAMES W. KOESTNER, B.S. MARTIN KOHLENBERG, A.B. in Political Science Union Council BERT H. KOHR, B.S. in Physics MARY G. KOKALES, A.B. in Speech Correction Zeta Phi Eta, Wolverine Club, Ensian, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret WILLIAM H. KOLBE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. DALE R. KOLLMAN, B.S. in Zoology ARTHUR KOLIN B.S. in Pharmacy . A.Ph.A. Bay City, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Mosinee, Wise. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Managua, Nicaragua Managua, Nicaragua Holland, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Wetmore, Mich. Three Oaks, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Harbor Beach, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Richland, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 419 5 ID ZALMAN KONIKOW, D.D.S. WILLIAM P. KONINO, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering EDWARD KONTRANOWSKI, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. BERNARD P. KOOL, M.D. ANNA M. KOONTZ, M.A. in Linguisti cs IRMA KOPPEL, A.B. in Speech GLORIA V. KORHONEN, B.M. in Music Education Mu Phi Epsilon, Senior Society, Choral Union DON E. KORY, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. W. ARTHUR KOSKI, M.S. in Physical Education LAWRENCE L. KOSNETT, A.B. in English WILLIAM R. KOTAPISH, A.B. in Letters Dentistry Scabbard and Blade DON KOTITE, A.B. in French Daily ARTHUR A. KOVITZ, B.S. in Physics and Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi ROMAN T. KOWALSKI, B.S. in Electrical Engineering CLIFFORD J. KRAEMER, A.B. in History RICHARD O. KRAFT, B.S. in Zoology DAVID D. KRAMER, A.B. in Sociology SALLY A. KRAMER, A.B. in English J.GP. WILLIAM M. KRAMP, B.S. in Electrical Engineering MARJORIE KRANTZ, B.S. R.N. HUGH T. KRATZ, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics JEROME W. KRAUSE, D.D.S. ROBERT H. KRAUSE, B.S. in Letters and Medicine MIRIAM B. KRAUSS, A.B. in German J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret GEORGE I. KRELL, A.B. in Psychology SEYMOUR KROLL, B.B.A. CECILE KROSHINSKY, A.B. in Sociology PATRICIA A. KRUEGER, A.B. in Biology Choral Union Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Holland, Mich. Philadelphia, Pa. Brookline, Mass. Trout Creek, Mich. Little Rock, Ark. Astoria, Ore. Irvington, N.J. Detroit, Mich. White Plains, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Freehold, N.J. Toledo, Ohio Altadena, Calif. Sandusky, Ohio Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Wallace, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lansing, Mich. New Haven, Conn. New York, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Manchester, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lookout Mt., Tenn. ELMER W. KRUGER, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. JOHN R. KRUSE, JR., B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Eta Kappa Nu, Union Council ALVIN P. KRUTHERS, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. I.A.S. SIRMUND C. KRZECKOWSKI, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. ROME J. KUBIK, JR., M.B.A. in Accounting GEORGE F. KUBITSKEY, B.S. in Pharmacy WALTER W. KUDLA, B.S. in Pharmacy RICHARD D. KUDNER, A.B. in Journalism Elizabeth, N.J. Wayne, Mich. Flint, Mich. Jackson, Mich. 420 ALETHFA KUEBLER, A.B. in Latin Alpha Lambda Delta ELAINE KITFERMAN, A.B. in English WIILIAM H. KUHN, B.B.A. in Production Management WILLIAM L. KUIJINEN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Ann Arbor, Mich. Palm Springs, Calif. Gregory, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. BERNARD J. KULAK.OWSKI, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Auburn, N.Y. Rockville Centre, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. PHYLLIS F. KULICK, A.B. in Political Science Daily EDWARD Z. KULINSKI, B.B.A. JOHN J. KULPINSKI, B.S. Football, Baseball, M-Club RAYMOND S. KURTZMAN, A.B. in English JASON N. KUTACK, M.F. in Forestry JOSEPH S. KUTAS, B.B.A. in Accounting WILLIAM M. KrzEL, A.B. in Education CONRAD B. KUZMA, A.B. in Economics WILLIAM E. LABADIE, B.S. in Pharmacy A.Ph.A. JOSEPH H. LACKEY, LL.B. CARL LADENSACK, A.B. in English CLARENCE A. LAFAIVE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. DANIEL A. LAFERTE, A.B. in English JOHN J. LAGAIPA, M.A. in Sociology EARL G. LATCH, B.B.A. in Merchandising RICHARD A. LAING, A.B. in English ROBERT A. LAING, B.B.A. DAVID W. LAKE, B.S. in Engineering Triangles, Gymnastics, M-Club, Cheerleader IRVING LAKER, B.B.A. CHARLES E. LAMB, Bachelor of Architecture CHARLES R. LAMBERT B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT D. LAMKIN, B.B.A. in Marketing CORNELIS J. LAMMERS, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Gary, Ind. Ecorse, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Vulcan, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Wayne, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Iron Mountain, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Annapolis, Md. Lake City, Iowa Ypsilanti. Mich. Amsterdam, Holland CHARLES V. L MONT, JR., B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering BANCHA LAMSAM, B.S. in Chemistry NEIL E. LANDER, A.B. in Economics GEORGE D. LANDMANN, A.B. in Economics So. Lyon, Mich. Bangkok, Siam Kalamazoo, Mich. Detroit, Mich. JACK LANDSBERG, D.D.S. Alpha Omega Alpha ROBERT F. LANDSTRA, M.D. HARRIET LANDY, A.B. in Economics WILLIAM N. LANE, M.F. in Forest Management Miami Beach, Fla. Grand Rapids, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Northampton, Mass. 421 RUTH A. LANG, B.S. in Dental Hygiene RUTH M. LANGLAND, M.B.A. AUBREY M. LANSKY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering WILLIAM LANXNER, A.B. in English Michigan Technic ELAINE E. LARACEY, B.S. in Mathematics GEORGE LAROUNIS, B.S. in Electrical Engineering FEDERICO LARREA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. JOHN C. LARSEN, B.D. in Interior Design ARVID J. LARSON, M.A. in History JOHN A. LARSON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering LAURIE W. LARSON, JR., LL.B. Phi Beta Kappa PHYLLIS D. LARSON, A.B. in Education BARNETT D. LASCHEVER, A.B. in Political Science DOLORES S. LASCHEVER, A.B. in Journalism Theta Sigma Phi, Daily BYRON LASK.Y, B.B.A. Wrestling, Football, M-Club ROBERT E. LAUBACH, M.S. in Mathematics JOHN E LAUER, B.S. in Physics Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi NARTCHALEO LAUHATIRANANDA, M.A. in Education ROSSWELL W. LAVANWAY, B.S. in Civil Engineering EDWARD L. LAWO B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. ROBERT H. LAWRENCE, B.B.A. in Marketing WILLIAM PARKS LAXTON, D.D.S. in Dentistry ROBERT W. LAYNE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E. ALICE L. LAZAR, A.B. in Social Work Soph. Cabaret GEORGE LAZAR, B.S. in Chemistry JACOBS LAZAR, A.B. in Political Science Michigan Crib PAUL LAZAR, B.B.A. JOHN D. LEADBETTER, A.B. in Speech VIRGINIA A. LEADER, A.B. in Statistics LORRAINE LEAHY, B.S. in Psychology BARBARA N. LEAKE, A.B. in German RICHARD S. LEASIA, A.B. in Political Scienct Sphinx, Wolverine Club STEPHEN W. LEAVENWORTH, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. CAROL LECKLIDER, A.B. in Education MELVIN LEDERMAN, M.S. in Human Genetics AMOS LEE, B.S. in Chemistry Flint, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Shamokin, Pa. Flint, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Montevideo, Uruguay Menominee, Mich. Cairn brook, Pa. Cairnbrook, Pa. Belvidere, 111. Chicago, 111. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Bangkok, Siam Flint, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Haddonfield, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich Grand Rapids, Mich. Bayonne, N.J. Monroe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Larchmont, N.Y. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Honolulu, Hawaii 422 CHEN-HSI LEE, M.S. in Chemical Engineering C.S.C. DAVID H. LEE, Bachelor of Architecture EDWARD LEE, B.S. in Engineering Physics ELLEN R. LEEPMAN, A.B. in Social Work Alpha Lambda Delta, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Gilbert LEONORA I. LEET, A.B. in Philosophy Choral Union GILBERT E. LEGG, A.B. in Sociology GEORGE M. LEHMAN, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering GEORGE L. LEHMANN, A.B. in History HERBERT M. LEIMAN, B.S. in Mathematics and Science Wolverine Club, Union Opera Ass LEININGER, A.B. in English Literature MELVIN J. LEININGER, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E. ArvERNE W. LE IIRE. B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Shanghai, China Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn,[N.Y. Huntington, W. Va. Sullivan New York, N.Y. Maplewood, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lawrence, N.Y. Grosse Pointe, Mich. W. New York, N.J. Newaygo, Mich. DANA B. LEMLER, B.M. in Theory Pittsburgh, Kan. Phi Mu Alpha, Union Opera ROLLIN G. LEMM, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Lansing, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, I.A.S. ROBERT E. LEMMER, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Saginaw, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Lambda Upsilon, Union Opera JOHN V. LENKOWSKI, A.B. in Economics CARL A. LENTZ, JR., A.B. in Journalism HAROLD S. LENTZ, A.B. JOHN S. LEONARDO, A.B. in Journalism Scabbard Blade, Michigras, Union Opera, Daily JOHN S. LEONARD, B.S. in Naval Architecture PAIL T. LEONARD, D.D.S. JOAN B. LESZCZYNSKJ, A.B. in Education PATRICIA E. LETZ, B.M. in Piano MARJORIE A. LETZGUS, A.B. in Speech J.G.P. HENRY A. LEUNG, B.B.A. in Accounting WILLIAM F. LEVANTROSSER, A.B. in Social Studies SEYMOUR LEVEN, M.D. GORDON E. LEVENSON, B.S. in Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Gymnastics, M-Club MERLE J. LEVIN, A.B. in English Daily ROSE M. LEVIN, A.B. in Spanish Lu LEVINE A.B. JOYCE J. LEVY, A.B. in English FREDERICK M. LEWIS, LL.B. NANCY J. LEWIS, B.M. in Organ Choral Union, University Choir PATRICIA A. LEWIS, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Michigan Technic PATRICIA H. LEWIS, A.B. in Sociology J.G.P. Soph. Cabaret Northampton, Mass. Nashville, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Jamestown, N.Y. Tiverton, R.I. Niles, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Hackensack, N.J. Port Huron, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Hamilton, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio Pontiac, Mich Oyster Bay, N.Y. Rochester, N.Y. St. Johns, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Sturgis, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 423 RICHARD J. LEWIS, B.B.A. DONALD C. LsVAN, B.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon ROBERT W. LIDE, M.S. in Physics GERALD H. LIEFER, B.B.A. in Marketing Choral Union, Symphony Orchestra, University Choir KALMAN LIFSON, A.B. in Economics LEONARD M. LIGHT, A.B. in Economics Michigan Technic RICHARD M. LINCOLN, A.B. in French ARTHUR L. LINDAUER, Bachelor of Architecture DORENE R. LINDEMAN, B.S. in Public Health Nursing ALEXANDER M. LINDSAY, A.B. in Journalism Daily JOHN P. LINE, B.S. in Mathematics CHARLES F. LIPARI, B.S. in Zoology DONALD W. LIPKA, B.B.A. in Insurance SHELDON B. LIPPERT, B.S. in Zoology ROMA LIPSKY, A.B. in Political Science Senior Society, Daily, Gargoyle JOHN E. LIST, M.B.A. in Accounting FRANCES A. LITTLE, A.B. in English Daily, J.G.P. ELEANOR G. LITTLEFIELD, A.B. in Speech Soph. Cabaret, University Choir MARY C. LIVELY, A.B. in Education J.G.P. EDITH B. LIVERMORE, A.B. in English J.G.P., Glee Club Grosse Pointe, Mich. Niagara Falls, N.Y. Wake Forest, N.C. Muskegon, Mich. Mansfield, Ohio Cedarhurst, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chelsea, Mich. Rockford, III. Detroit, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Allendale, N.J. Montague, Mich. Forest Hills, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Bay City, Mich. Andover, Mass. Delmar, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. ROBERTO S. Llucn, M.S. in Structural Engineering San Juan, Puerto Rico Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Temperance, Mich. ALEXANDER LMANIAN, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi, Druids, Ensian, Daily PETER N. LOBER, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics A.S.M.E. GAIL LOCKEN, M.D. HERBERT A. LOEB, A.B. in Economics WILLIAM A. LOEWER, B.S. in Structural Engineering A.S.C.E. MILDRED L. LONG, B.S. in Public Health Nursing PERRIN H. LONG, JR., A.B. in Geography ANTON LONGHINI, B.S. in Chemical Engineering RALPH W. LOOMIS, B.S. in Mathematics I.A.S. ALBERT E. LOTTERMAN, M.B.A. in Marketing JUDITH P. LOUD, A.B. in Social Work MARY B. W. LOUGH, A.B. in Education THOMAS S. LOUGH, A.B. in Mathematics Michigras, " It ' s a Date " , Varsity night JUDITH P. LOUGHRIN, A.B. in Education JOHN C.JLouiE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Chicago, 111. Aurora, 111. Bonne Terre, Mo. Baltimore, Md. Ironwood, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Ann Arbor,Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Shanghai, China 424 ROBERT E. LOURIM, B.B.A. in Accounting Baseball PHILIP M. LOVELL, Bachelor of Architecture Jackson, Mich. Columbia, Tenn. EARL C. LOWE, JR., B.S. in Chemistry Grand Rapids, Mich. HAROLD V. LOVTHER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich DONALD G. LUBECK, B.F. in Wood Technology Chairman Paul Bunyan Dance STUART G. LIXAS, B.B.A. in Finance PALPH E. LVCKETT, D.D.S. in Dentistry ROBERT H. LUDWIG, B.B.A. in Accounting DONALD G. I.UECK., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ELAINE L. LUECK, B.B.A. in Accounting HENRY V. LUKAS, A.B. in English MARJORIE A. LUNDAHL, B.S. in Dental Hygiene ROBERT D. LI:NDBERG, A.B. in History DOLORES R. LUNDBERG, A.B. in Social Work FOLKE G. Li NDGARD, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics Milwaukee, Wis. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bogota, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, III. Detroit, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. A.S.M.E., Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Triangles, Vulcans, Mich- igan Techmc NANCY D. LUTTOS, A.B. in Journalism Theta Sigma Phi JOHN H. LYNCKLIP, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. IVAN C. LYONS, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Jo ANN LYONS, A.B. in Education Coral Gables, Fla. Detroit, Mich. Red Bank, N.J. Ann Arbor, Mich. Scroll, League Staff, Ensian, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Concert Band THOMAS J. LYONS, A.B. in Journalism Chelsea, Mich. Sigma Delta Chi ROBERT B. LYTLE, JR., Bachelor of Architecture Arts Society, A. I. A. CHRISTINE L. McArEE, R.N. HAROLD P. MCALINDON, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics JOHN T. MCBRIDE, A.B. in Psychology CAROL K. MCCARTHY, B.S. in Dental Hygiene J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret GORDON J. MCCARTHY, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. JOHN P. MCCARTHY, A.B. in History MARY C. McCARTY, M.A. in Speech ROBERT D. McCLARAN, LL.B. in Law ROBERT W. McCtEW, A.B. in Education Glee Club WILLIAM McCusTic, A.B. in Political Science JOHN W. McCtoY B.S. in Electrical Engineering Golf Detroit, Mich. Applegate, Mich. Flint, Mich. Elmira, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Flint, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Lockport, N.Y. Lapeer, Mich. Detroit, Mich. ROBERT D. Mcd-CRE, Bachelor of Architecture Ypsilanti, Mich. A.I.A. WEBSTER J. McCoRMACK, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering York, Pa. A.S.M.E. ROBERT P. McCotRT, B.S. in Zoology Highland Park, Mich. HARRY C. McCREARY, JR., B.B.A. Marching Band, Concert Band Indiana, Pa. 425 H. LAWRENCE McCROREY, M.S. in Zoology JACK B. McCRUMB, B.S. in Electrical Engineering ROBERT L. McCuLFOR, B.S. in Engineering ALBERT L. McDoNALD, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. Camden, N.J. Northville, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. St. Louis, Mo. Ironwood, Mich. DAVID E. McDoNALD, A.B. in Economics Wrestling, Golf JOHN A. McDoNALD, B.S. in Mathematical Engineering, International Falls, Minn. Vulcans, Triangles, Hockey, Baseball, M-Club WILLIAM E. McDoNALD B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. A.I.E.E., I.R.E. STANLEY E. McDowELL, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. A.I.E.E.. I.R.E. BARBARA McFADDEN, A.B. in Geology GEORGE McpARLANE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ROBERT D. McFEE, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Daily, Marching Band R. H. McGovERN, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering RICHARD T. McGowAN, B.B.A. Glee Club, Union Opera ALAN B. MCGREGOR, JR., A.B. in History JAMES H. MC!LHENNEY, A.B. in Economics Union Staff, Scabbard Blade ALICE H. MC!NTOSH, A.B. in Social Work Soph. Cabaret Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Steubenville, Ohio Grosse Pointe, Mich. Nashville, Tenn. Dexter, Mich. DONALD B. MC!NTOSH, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Triangles, Marching Band, Basketball, Baseball, M-Club ALEXANDER C. McKEEN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. A.S.M.E. WILLIAM W. McKENZiE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Port Huron, Mich. A.I.E.E. GERALD F. McKiE, A.B. i n German Escanaba, Mich. ANN W. McKiNLEY, B.M. in Theory Pontiac, Mich. Mu Phi Epsilon, Choral Union, Gilbert Sullivan Society, University Choir CATHERINE D. McKiNLEY, A.B. in Education Grosse Pointe, Mich. WILLIAM S. McKiNNEY, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ADA M. McKowEN, B.D. in Interior Design PAUL B. McKowEN, M.S. in Mathematics LAUREN W. McLAiN, B.S. in Pharmacy EVELYN J. MCLAUGHLIN, R.N. ROBERT L. McLEAN, B.S. in Chemistry JOSEPH F. McLELLAN, LL.B. JOHN E. McMANUs, M.S. in Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Daily ROBERT E. McMiLLiN, B.B.A. in Marketing Daily, Sigma Rho Tau ROBERT J. McNAiR, B.S. in Electrical Engineering DONALD E. McNEiL, A.B. in Political Science Student Legislature, Daily LEON C. McNuTT, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ROBERT J. McNuTT, Bachelor of Architecture DONALD R. McPnAiL, A.B. in History El Dorado, Kan. Zeeland, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Flint, Mich. Niles, Mich. Farmington, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Allen Park, Mich. So. Boardman, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. 426 MARIE K. McPnAiL, A.B. in Elementary Education MARY McPHEE, A.B. in Spanish MONICA GEIGER McPnERSON, A.B. in English Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, League Council JA.MF.S McSrocKER, B.B.A. in Accounting WILLIAM R. McTAGGART, LL.B. in Law WILLIAM E. MACBETH, B.S. in Industrial Mechanics CHARLES E. MACCALLUM, A.B. in Geography Co-Captain Golf, M-Club EDSON MACDOKALD, B.B.A. IAN MAcDoNALD, A.B. in Political Science, Michigan Crib JOHN H. MACDONALD, B.B.A. in Accounting WILLIAM F. MACDONALD, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. MARGARET A. MACDOUGALL, B.S. in Psychology League, Ensian, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret Holly, Mich. Highland Park, 111. Ann Arbor, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Flint, Mich. New Rochelle, N.Y. Midland, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Trenton, Mich. New Haven, Conn. Aurora, 111. Flint, Mich. Oak Park, 111. ROBERT G. MACWAN, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. HLCH G. MAcGiLLifRAv, B.F. in Forest Entomology Fredericton, Canada DEAN J. MACGREGOR, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics A.S.M.E. ROBERT D. MACGREGOR, A.B. in Economics DOUGLAS P. MACINTOSH, B.D. in Advertising Alpha Rho Chi, Tau Sigma Delta JOHN W. MACKENZIE, A.B. JUDITH J. MACKENZIE, A.B. in German JOHN E. MACKAY, B.B.A. JOHN R. MACKEV, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Wolverine Club RICHARD D. MACKEY, B.B.A. in Accounting JAMES D. MACKIE, B.M. in Music Education Marching Band, Glee Club DONALD S. MACLACHLAX, A.B. in Journalism Kappa Tau Alpha Kenmore, N.Y Birmingham, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Calumet, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Chicago, 111. Farmington, Mich. Caro, Mich. ROBERT K. MACLACHLAN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering ANDREW D. MAGELLAN, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. ALASTAIR S. MACLENNAS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. MARIAN G. MACLEOD, A.B. in Geography RODERICK N. MACLEOD, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering JEASETTE T. MACMURCHY, B.M. in Music Literature Ensian JOHN D. MACRITCHIE, A.B. in Psychology LEE M. MAERZ, B.F. in Forestry JOSEPH E. MAESTAS, B.S. in Physical Education J. MENDEL MAGIL, B.B.A. in Marketing Marching Band WILLIAM J. MAHLER, B.S. in Biology EUGENE P. MAHONEY, A.B. in Russian Studies Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Berkley, Mich. Highland Park, 111. Hillsdale, Mich. Hamilton, Ohio Las Vegas, N.M. Muskegon, Mich. Gardner, 111. Maiden, Mass. 427 n .. ! k iV Louis G. MAIER, B.S. in Chemical Engineering DOROTHY L. MALANICK, A.B. in Sociology League Council, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret THOMAS J. MAI.ETTA, B.S. HERBERT MAUN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. JAMES N. MALINA, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. RAYMOND J. MALOS, B.B.A. in Marketing ALLAN B. MANDELSTAMM, A.B. in Spanish Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa DICK C. MANDEVILLE, A.B. in English NICHOLAS MANFREDI, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Ensian, Daily LILLIAN M. MANOONE, B.S. in Public Health Nursing WILLIAM W. MANLEY, B.B.A. in Marketing ARTHUR M. MANN, JR., A.B. in Mathematics JOHN A. MANN, JR., B.S. in Mathematics DON J. MANNING, B.B.A. in Accounting St. Petersburg, Fla. Detroit, Mich. Ozone Park, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Little Falls, N.Y. River Rouge, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Pasadena, Calif. New Britain, Conn. Detroit, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Rockport, Mass. Appleton, Wis. Lockport, N.Y. IRVING E. MANNING B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. WILLIAM L. MANNING, B.B.A. in Accounting Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. JOSEPH J. MANSOUR, LL.B. BETTY J. MARBLE, B.M. in Music Education Concert Band STANLEY J. MARCHINI, B.M. A. in Finance Golf ALLEN S. MARCUS, A.B. in Mathematics LYN H. MARCUS, A.B. in Political Science MARIE G. MARG, M.A. in Library Science ROBERT A. MARIETTA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering ROBERT J. MARINO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering WILLIAM A. MARKEY, A.B. in Sociology HARRY C. MARK.LE, JR., M.A. in Political Science ROGER S. MARKLE, B.S. in Industrial Engineering Sigma Rho Tau, Forensics, Marching Band JOHN D. MARKS, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. DAVID H. MARLIN, A.B. in Political Science Michigan Crib, Union Staff CAROL A. MARQUARDT, A.B. in Speech J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret MARTIN A. MARSACK, A.B. in English EDITH J. MARSH, A.B. in Psychology J.G.P. FRANCIS X. MARSH, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics A.S.M.E., Pi Tau Sigma JULIANNA MARSH, A.B. in Education ROBERT H. MARSH, M.B.A. in Business Administration DAVID B. MARSHALL, A.B. in English Union Opera Niagara Falls, Vi Ortonville, Mich. Windsor, Ontario, Can. Grand Rapids, Mich. Salt Lake City, Utah Flushing, L.I. Traverse City, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Shaker Heights, Ohio Rochester, Mich. Paw Paw, Mich. Dallas, Texas New Castle, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Belleville, 111. Detroit, Mich. Keego Harbor, Mich. Arlington, Mass. Boston, Mass. 428 JAMES F. MARSHALL, B.D. in Industrial Design JANET E. MARSHALL, A.B. in Education J.G.P. JOHN M. MARSHALL, B.S. in Geology J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret MARTHA S. MARSHALL, A.B. in History Ross D. MARSHALL, A.B. in Mathematics Football ROBERT V. MARSHLOW, LL.B. Phi Alpha Delta JEAN A. MARSON, A.B. in French Panhellenic, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Choral Union LUCILLE L. MARTEI.ISO, M.D. HAROLD D. MARTELLE, JR., A.B. in Oriental Languages Boxing FAFAEL MARTI-ABELLO, A.B. in Spanish ALEXANDER M. MARTIN, JR., A.B. in History Basketball DAVID V. MARTIN, B.S. in Physics Phi Beta Kappa EI ' LA M. MARTIN, M.A. in Sociology Alpha Kappa Delta JOHN I. MARTIN, A.B. in Journalism Daily MARGARET E. MARTIN, A.B. in Social Work Soph. Cabaret ROBERT H. MARTIN, B.S. in Physics KENNETH VV. MARTZ, B.S. in Electrical Engineering MARY F. MARZOLF, M.D. CLARENCE C. MASON, A.B. in Political Science Michigan Crib LAURENCE A. MASSELINK, B.S. in Physics Phi Eta Sigma Port Huron, Mich. Gregory, Mich. Ontonagon, Mich. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kenmore, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Manila, Philippines Benton Harbor, Mich. Buenos Aires, Argentina Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Chicago, Ind. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Boise, Idaho Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ithaca, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. DONALD J. MASSNICK, B.B.A. in Marketing and Finance THOMAS P. MASSNICK, A.B. in Political Science V. RUTH MA T, M.A. in Speech Correction JAMES A. MASTERSON, B.S. in Geology JAMES A. MASTY, B.S. in Zoology League Council THOMAS S. MATHER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ROBERT S. MATHIAS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. GEORGE S. MATSON, B.S. in Naval Architecture Quarterdeck MICHI MATSUMOTO, B.S. in Nursing , ARTHUR A. MATSUMURA, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. MATTHEW A. MARGOLIS, LL.B. Phi Sigma Alpha, Phi Kappa Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron DONAD C. MATTISON, A.B. in History ; JOHN E. MATURO, JR., A.B. in Education ; ALLEN K. W. MAU, B.S. in Zoology JAMES MAURER, B.S. in Physics j DELORES E. MAXIMENA, A.B. in Chemistry Bay City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Akron, Ohio Delta Kappa L ' Anse, Mich. Hamden, Conn. Honolulu, T.H. Menominee, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 429 DONNA MAXWELL, Certificate in Dental Hygiene SEYMOUR MAXWELL, B.B.A. i n Finance Delta Sigma Rho, Forensics JACK F. MAY, JR., B.B.A. Daily STANLEY B. MAY, A.B. in History HARVEY A. MAYER, A.B. in Mathematics MARTIN S. MAYER, B.B.A. ANN C. MAYHUGH, A.B. in English MARY MAYO, A.B. in Sociology ROBERT MAZADE, A.B. in Journalism JERAULD R. MEADE, B.B.A. in Accounting River Rouge, Mich. Los Angeles, Calif. Bartlesville, Okla. Monroe, Mich. New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Independence, Ky. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Harbor Beach, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. DONALD A. MEASNER, B.D. in Landscape Alpha Rho Chi ALVIN F. MECKLENBURGER, B.S. in Mathematics and Science, Highland Park, 111. ARTHUR F. MEDO, A.B. in History BARBARA MEECHAM, A.B. in Sociology JAMES C. MEEHAN, B.B.A. in Statistics NORMAN R. MEENGS, B.D. in Advertising MALCOLM G. MEHARG, B.B.A. in Marketing BAIJ NATH MEHRA, M.S. in Prosthetic Dentistry ARTHUR J. MEIER, II, B.F. in Wood Technology CHARLES H. MEINHOLD, D.D.S.; M.S. in Orthodontics HOWARD R. MEINKE, B.F. in Wood Technology CAROL L. MEISEL, B.S. R.N. in Nursing AARON G. MEISLIN, B.S. in Science and Mathematics JAMES L. MELCHER B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. RENEE MELNIKOFF, A.B. in English WILLIAM L. MENACHER, A.B. in Mathematics MORRIS MENDELOFF, JR., D.D.S. Union Staff AILEEN R. MENGEL, A.B. in Speech EUGENE H. MENGEL, B.B.A. in Accounting WILLIAM F. MENNICK, A.B. in Economics MARTHA J. MERANDA, A.B. in English J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret ROBERT A. MEREDITH, M.A. in Mathematics NANCY MERRIAM, A.B. in Education J.G.P., Glee Club MERRILLYN MERRILL, R.N. TERRY J. MERRITT B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. WILLIAM E. MERRITT, JR., B.B.A. in Personnel Gargoyle, Glee Club Grand Rapids, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Tulsa, Okla. Grand Rapids, Mich. Alpena, Mich. Delhi, India St. Louis, Mo. Brockport, XA . Baldwin, L.I. Bay City, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. New York, N.Y. Menominee, Mich. Charleston, V. Va. Belleville, Mich. Reading, Pa. Inkster, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Greencastle, Ind. Flint, Mich. Colon, Mich. Clinton, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 430 HERMAN MERTE, JR., B.S. in Marine Engineering University Symphony ALICE T. MESSENGER, A.B. in English THOMAS F. MESINGER, D.D.S. Hockey, Golf, M-Club ROBERT C. METCALF, Bachelor of Architecture Tau Sigma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi HAS- V. METZGER, B.S. in Physics ROBERT E. MEYER, A.B. in Education SALLY ANN MEVER, Certificate in Dental Hygiene WILLIAM J. MEYER, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. JOHN A. MICHAEL, LL.B. JOSEPH M. MICHAELS, A.B. ROBERT V. MICK, JR., B.B.A. KINYA MiKAjfi B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. PAUL G. MILANOWSKI, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Hockey FREDERICK J. MILBURN, A.B. in History HENRY A. MILCZUK, A.B. MYRON L. MILGROM, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. BILL E. MILLER, B.B.A. in Accounting BURTON P. MILLER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering DAVID G. MILLER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering FRANK. E. MILLER, A.B. in Economics GERALD J. MILLER, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. HARVEY A. MILLER, B.S. in Botany HERMAN L. MILLER, M.S. in Physics INEZ M. MILLER, A.B. in Education JACK H. MILLER, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. Lois MILLER, A.B. in Spanish Ensian, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret MARILYN J. MILLER, A.B. in Social Work MARVIN O. MILLER, B.S. in Naval Architecture Quarterdeck MURRAY H. MILLER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering NORMAN S. MILLER, A.B. in Political Science Daily PIERRE H. MILLER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Track .YMOND J. MILLER, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics , RICHARD D. MILLER, B.M. in Music Literature ROBERT L. MILLER, B.S. in Physics Union Staff THADDEUS J. MILLER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering - Scabbard " Blade, A.S.M.E. VIRGINIA G. MILLER, Bachelor of Architecture A.I. A., Choral Union Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth, N.J. Houghton, Mich. North Industry, Ohio Ann Arbor, Mich. Menominee, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Menominee, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Highland Park, 111. Sturgis, Mich. Idaho Falls, Idaho Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Hamtramck, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Flint, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Flint, Mich. Northville, Mich. Sturgis, Mich. Atlanta, Mich. Clarkston, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Maplewood, N.J. Monroe, Mich. Berkeley, Calif. Brooklyn, N.Y. Bronx, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Canton, Ohio Martinsville, N.J. Hamtramck, Mich. Lakewood, Ohio D O _ 431 WILLIAM C. MILLER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Benton Harbor, Mich. FRANKLYN J. MILLHOUSE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering St. Joseph, Mich. SHEILA MILLMAN, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. GASPER MINARDI, B.S. in Pharmacy Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio HAR OLD L. MINDELL, B.S. in Industrial Mechanics Union Opera JAMES R. MINNER, B.S. in Zoology PHYLLIS MIOTTI, A.B. in English Jo MISNER, A.B. in English Alpha Lambda Delta, Senior Society, Daily, Soph. Cabaret EDITH C. MITCHELL, A.B. in History KENNETH E. MITCHELL, B.S. in Zoology RICHARD S. MITCHELL, B.S. in Mineralogy ROBERT L. MITCHELL, B.F. in Wood Technology MARILYN J. MITTLER, B.M. in Voice Delta Omega, Choral Union SALLY A. MITTS, A.B. in Education Ensian, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret JOHN K. MIZOUE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering THERON C. MOCK, A.B. in English JOHN A. MODRICK, A.B. in Psychology SUSAN E. MOEDINGER, B.S. in Physical Education JUDITH A. MOEHLMAN, Certificate of Dental Hygiene WILLIAM L. MOLL, A.B. in Political Science Student Legislature AUGUST J. MOLNAR, JR., M.A. in History EDWARD C. MONAHAN, JR., B.B.A. BILLY D. MONK, B.S. in Electrical Engineering JACK K. MONTEITH, Bachelor of Architecture Union Opera JOHN R. MONTROSE, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations Daily JOHN W. MOON, A.B. in Economics ROBERT N. MOONEY, A.B. in Greek Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa CHARLES S. MOORE, A.B. in English GLENN E. MOORE, JR., M.D. MARILYN K. MOORE, A.B. in English MAXINE MOORE, A.B. in Education Wolverine Club, Daily RALPH E. MOORE, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations THOMAS E. MOORE, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical VIRGINIA R. MOORE, A.B. in English J.G.P. JOHN J. MORAN, B.F. in Forestry CLAUDE J. MOREHOUSE, B.B.A. Hartford, Conn. Jackson, Mich. Stambaugh, Mich. E. McKeesport, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bayard, Neb. La Grange, 111. Dayton, Ohio Grand Rapids, Mich. Denver, Colo. Zanesville, Ohio Davenport, Iowa Lancaster, Pa. Dayton, Ohio Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lyndhurst, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Plymouth, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Hillsdale, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Dearborn, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Manistee, Mich. Stockbridge, Mich. 432 ORYSE C. MORGAN, A.B. in Education GP .,OBERT E. MORGAN, B.S. in Mechanical- Engineering A S M.E., Men ' s Glee Club WALTER A. MORGAN, B.S. in Mechanical-Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi MARTHA MORHARDT, A.B. in Zoology JOHN M. MORIARTV, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A I E E. WARREN T. MORRILL, A.B. in Philosophy ALEXANDER T. MORRIS, B.S. in Civil Engineering Track, M-Club LEWIS J. MORRIS, B.B.A. in Accounting LEWIS R. MORRIS, M.A. in English ROBERT T. MORRIS, M.B.A. and L.L.B. ETHEL A. MORRISON, A.B. in Speech Correction Daily, Gargoyle JAMES R. MORSE, B.S. in Pharmacy WILLIAM E. MORSE, B.S. in Zoology DONALD Moss, A.B. in Economics JOHN MOSSAR, B.S. in Electrical Engineering J. B. MOSTELLER, JR., B.F. in Forestry Union Staff JAMES E. MOVNTJOY, B.B.A. in Finance HORACE L. MOURER, JR., A.B. in Mathematics MILTON R. MOXON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A I E E DOLORES I. MRAS, A.B. in History J.G.P. EDWIN H. MVELLER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering BARBARA Mi IR, A.B. in Spanish HENRY T. MVKAI, A.B. in Botany THOMAS E. MULLIGAN, B.B.A. in Accounting GERALDINE A. MULSON, B.S. in Physical Education Scroll, W.A.A., Ensian, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret WILLIAM H. MVNCH, B.S. in Mathematical Statistics HERBERT L. MUSSEL, B.S. in Civil Engineering Daily, Choral Union FRANK M. MVRPHY, JR., A.B. in Mathematics Scabbard and Blade, Football GEORGE H. MURPHY, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. JOSEPH C. MVRPHY, D.D.S. in Dentistry JOSEPH E. MVRPHY, M.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S., Tau Beta Pi NORM A MI-RPHY, B.S. and R.N. in Nursing ROBERT M. MVRPHY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.1.E.E..1.R.E. DAVID R. MVRRAY II, A.B. in History JAMES G. MVRRAY, B.S. in Chemistry SALLY MVRRAY, A.B. in Education J.G.P., Glee Club, Gilbert Sullivan Society Toledo, Ohio Grand Rapids, Mich. Chicago, 111. Detroit, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Chicago, 111. Scarsdale, N.Y. Great Neck, N.Y. Ossining, NVi . Midland, Mich. Kenosha, Wis. Caseville, Mich. Kew Gardens, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Athens, Ga. W ' arsaw, Ky. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Forest Hills, N.Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Spring Valley, Calif. Glen Ellyn, III. Pittsburgh, Pa. Riverdale, Md. Detroit, Mich. Coldwater, Mich. East Lansing, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Coldwater, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Traverse City, Mich. Flint, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. f r 433 NECIA A. MUSSER, A.B. in History J.G.P., Gilbert Sullivan Society MELVA J. MUTCH, Certificate of Dental Hygiene NANCY MYERS, A.B. in Education Daily, J.G.P. ROBERT MYERS, B.S. in Electrical Engineer ing ROBERT J. MYERS, A.B. in Education CHARLES MYNEDER, L.L.B. ABDUL-AZIZ K. NAFOOSI, M.A. in Mathematics SAMUEL D. NAGEL, A.B. in Sociology JOHN T. NAGLE, B.B.S. in Advertising Daily YUKIO NAITO, A.B. in Political Science WILLIAM K. NAJJAR, B.S. in Psychology JOHN V. NALBANDIAN Bachelor of Architecture A.I.A. JOSEPH NARDOZZA, LL.B. in Law ALLEN R. NARMORE, A.B. in Journalism JOHN I. NASLUND, B.B.A. in Accounting HENRY NATUNEWICZA, M.A. in Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha, Gargoyle LEO NAUER, JR., B.S. in Chemistry GORDON P. NAUGLE, A.B. in Psychology Tennis, M-Club THOMAS E. NEAL, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering WILLIAM M. NEAT, B.B.A. in Finance Phi Eta Sigma DIRK M. NEBBELING, A.B. in Journalism Grand Rapids, Mich. Muir, Mich. Lock Haven, Pa. Grand Blanc, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Mosul, Iraq Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Hilo, Hawaii Iron Mountain, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rome, N.Y. Battle Creek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bristol, Conn. Saginaw, Mich. Wyoming, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Louisville, Ky. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. GEORGE J. NEBEL, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E., Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Council CAROL M. NELSON, B.M. in Voice Oklahoma City, Okla. Sigma Alph Iota, Mortarboard, University Choir, Michigan Singers EDWARD J. NEITHERCUT, LL.B. Flint, Mich. WILLIAM F. NEK.ERVIS, M.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E., Tau Beta Pi ALVIN R. NELSON, A.B. in Journalism Wolverine Club, Daily ARTHUR E. NELSON, Bachelor of Architecture Tau Sigma Delta BRUCE F. NELSON, B.S. in Mechanical-Engineering EMMA NELSON, B.S. in Public Health LYLE E. NELSON A.B. in Journalism Daily RAYMOND L. NELSON, D.D.S. in Dentistry J. QUENTIN NESBITT, B.B.A. Student Legislature JOHN NEUFELD, A.B. in Mathematics Phi Eta Sigma, Daily, Gargoyle PAUL N. NEUFELD, A.B. in Chemistry ALFRED NEVINS, B.B.A. in Accounting I.Z.F.A. DAVID I. NEVINS, B.B.A. in Accounting Hancock, Mich. Manistee, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Holton, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. 434 JOHN NEWBERG, B.S. in Civil Engineering HARRY P. NEWBLATT, A.B. in History STEWART NEWBLATT, A.B. in History KLAI s M. NEWMAN, B.S. in Zoology Grand Marais, Mich. Flint, Mich. Flint, Mich. Great Neck, N.Y. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. HENRY L. NEWMAN, JR., B.S. in Industrial Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. RICHARD S. NEWMAN, B.B.A. in Accounting Gilbert Sullivan ROBERT NEWMAN, A.B. in English Daily. I ' nion Opera, Gilbert Sullivan LEWIS C. NEWMYER, B.B.A. in Accounting THOMAS G. NEWPORT, B.S. in Geology CHARLES E. NEWTON, A.B. in History CLARENCE E. NEWTON, JR., B.F. in Forestry MAYNARD A. NEWTON, JR., A.B. in Speech Union Opera SHIRLEY J. NEWTON, A.B. in Zoology DAVID K. NICHOLAS, A.B. in Psychology FREDERICK C. NICHOLS, D.D.S. in Dentistry JAMES E. NICHOLS, A.B. in History SHIRLEY A. NICKOLSEN, A.B. in Fine Arts MARLAND D. NICHOLSON, B.B.A. in Management DAVID L. NICOL, M.S. in Chemical Engineering Michigan Technic, Gilbert Sullivan FRANCIS W. NIEDENFVHR, B.S. in Engineering Mechanics GEORGE G. NIMMO, A.B. in History JAN N. NISBET, A.B. in Education FRANK R. NIVEN B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. ALTON S. NOBLE, B.B.A. Football, Track WILLIAM R. NOBLE, B.B.A. in Accounting MARY L. MOE, B.S. in Public Health THEODORE N. NOEL, A.B. in Geology RICHARD E. NOLL, B.S. in Sanitation A.S.C.E. LEWIS J. NORBY, B.B.A. in Marketing Daily MARY J. NOREM, A.B. in Spanish }. NORMAN NICHOLSON, B.B.A. in Accounting UN H. NORMAN, B.S. in Chemistry lii Eta Sigma, Football -.YN NORMAN, B.M. in Music Education Fau Beta Sigma, Concert Band IRLEY A. NORMAN, B.S. in Nursing SIGNE J. NORRIS, B.S. in Pharmacy ERALD R. OLSEN, B.B.A. in Business Flint, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Burlington, Vermont Ann Arbor, Mich. Hillsdale, III. Midland, Mich. St. Petersburg, Fla. Detroit, Mich. Honolulu, Hawaii Boulder, Colo. Ann Artcr, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Racine, Wis. Cold Brook, N.Y. Benton Harbor, Mich. Detroit Lakes, Minn. Amasa, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Milwaukee, W is. College Station, Texas Muskegon, Mich. " I 435 JOHN F. NORTNESS, A.B. in History THOMAS S. NOVACHEFF, B.S. in Zoology FARUK NOYON, Bachelor of Architecture L. DEAN NUERNBERGER, B.M. in Composition Sinfonia BARBARA NURENBERG, A.B. in Social Work ORVILLE W. NYBLADE, A.B. in Philosophy EDWARD NYCZ, B.B.A. in Accounting LARRY NYLEN, B.B.A, Choral Union, University Choir, Michigan Singers DAVID E. OBER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Phi Theta Kappa, A.I.E.E. RICHARD M. OBER, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations E. RUTH OBERHOLTZER, M.M. in Organ Mu Phi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Choral Union ROBERT F. O ' BRIEN, D.D.S. in Dentistry DONALD R. O ' CONNELI., A.B. in Physical Education Football PATRICIA A. O ' CoNNER, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Soph. Cabaret LAWRENCE E. O ' DELL B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. CHARLES R. O ' DONNELL, A.B. in English JANET O ' DONNELL, A.B. in English DAVID F. OnMiNG, Bachelor of Architecture Arts Society, Amer. Inst. Arch., Union Opera, Football ROGER J. OEMING, LL.B. DAVID H. OESTREICH, B.B.A. in Marketing CASPER Y. OFFUTT, JR. A.B. I.F.C. JERE N. OGLE, A.B. Football WILLIAM C. O ' HERN, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations Scabbard and Blade RAYMOND N. OK.ONSKI, M..BA. in Industrial Marketing Daily, Forensics, Glee Club MELVIN T. OLANSK.Y, A.B. in Political Science Baseball EDGAR B. OLDENBURG, B.S. in Zoology THOMAS F. O ' LEARY, III, A.B. in Economics BETTY Lou OLIVER, Certificate of Dental Hygiene Wolverine Club JAQUELINE A. OLIVER A.B. in Journalism Daily, J.G.P. LLOYD R. OLIVER, A.B. in Economics JANICE E. OLIVER, A.B. in Speech Correction J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Michigras ILENE TOBA OLKEN, A.B. in English Gargoyle ROBERT C. OLMSTEAD, A.B. in History NORMAN C. OLMSTED, B.S. in General Science DELORES N. OLSEN, A.B. in Economics Student Legislature, Daily, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret GEORGE E. OLSEN, B.S. in Geology Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Istanbul, Turkey Wakefield, Neb. Shaker Heights, Ohio Casnovia, Mich. Detroit, Mich. St. Joseph, Mich. Johnstown, Pa. Brookline, Mass. Lansdale, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. Whitehall, Mich. Hastings, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. West Springfield, Mass. West Springfield, Mass. Saginaw, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Omaha, Neb. Johnstown, Pa. Buffalo, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Boston, Mass. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Alpena, Mich. Lumberton, N.C. Goodies, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ludington, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Miami, Fla. Houston, Texas Scabbard Blade, Forensics, Union Opera, Inter-Arts Union, Swimming, Football 436 ETER R. OLSEN, JR., M.S. in Physics OLSON, JR., A.B. in French DAVID D. OLSOK, B.F. in Forestry Paul Bunyan Dance, R.F.C. JEAN R. OLSON, B.B.A. in Accounting J.G.P. DAVID F. OLTMAN, B.S. in Chemistry RICHARD M. OMAN, B.S. in FJectrical Engineering appa Nu NANCY J. O ' NEILL, A.B. in French _ vie WILLIAM V. OPDVK.E, A.B. in History HELEN CRLICK, A.B. in Fjiglish RITH ORMOSDROVD, A.B. in Frem.n BETTV J. ORR, A.B. in Education J.G.P. CHARLES V. ORR, B.D. in Industrial Design ROBERT P. ORTH, A.B. in Letters KENNETH V. OSBECK., B.M. in Vocal Education I nion Choir DAVID D. OSBORN, LL.B. THAMAS G. OSBORN, B.B.A. in Accounting Union Opera Melrose, Mass. Muskegon, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Negaunee, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Cornell, Wis. Wilmette, III. Royal Oak, Mich. Philadelphia, Pa. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. La Porte, Ind. La Porte, Ind. SHIRLEY F. OSCOOD, B.B.A. Wyvern, Scroll, J.G.P., Soph, Cabaret, Student Legislature IRENE OSIAS, A.B. in Education L. Ons, B.S. in Construction A.S.C.E. ALMA K. OTSLKJ, B.S. in Public Health i ANTHONY K. OTTO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering EDWIN V. OWEN, D.D.S. PHILLIP E. OWEN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM H. OWEN, A.B. in History JOHN OWEN.., D.D.S. KELONG PABHAVASIT, M.A. in Education JAME R. PACKARD, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ji AN J. PAEZ-MAYA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering MARILYN PAGE, R.N. WILLIAM W. PAGE, J.D. in Law Barristers CAROLYN J. PALMER, B.S. in Engineering Math Wolverine Club ;.u G. PALMER, A.B. in Political Science H PALMER, JR., M.A. in Education LYN D. PALMER, B.S. in Engineering Math. erine Club WILLIAM G. PALMER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering WILLIAM M. PALMER, B.F. in General Forestry St. Johns, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Honolulu, Hawaii Saginaw, Mich. Portland, Mich. Batavia, N.Y. Memphis, Tenn. W ' yandotte, Mich. Bangkok, Siam Birmingham, Mich. Valencia, Venezuela Battle Creek, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Romeo, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Barnesville, Ohio 437 AIMO J. PALOSARI, B.D. in Product Design Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Sigma Delta Ts-TAi PAN, M.A. in Political Science BANTA S. PANDHER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering CLEMENT E. PAPAZIAN, A.B. in Psychology BARBARA PARKER, A.B. in Speech Correction Alpha Lambda Delta, J.G.P., Soph Cabaret, PanHellenic ELAINE J. PARKER, B.M. in Instrumental Tau Beta Sigma, Concert Band, Gilbert Sullivan MARY SUE PARKER B.S. in Dental Hygiene J.G.P. MILTON DUANE PARKER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. Ironwood, Mich. Shanghai, China Bedali, India Flushing, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Flint, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. RICHARD A. PARKER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Erie, IV PHILIP A. PARMENTER, A.B. Highland Park, Mich. Downers Grove, 111. Hamilton, Ohio HARRIET R. PARRISH A.B. in Education J.G.P. WILLIAM J. PARRISH, B.S. in Physical Education S. JEAN PARROT, M.B.A. in Finance Marching Band, Choral Union BYRON V. PARSHALL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Football GARDNER I. PARSONS, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical RALPH C. PARSONS, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical THOMAS S. PARSONS, A.B. in Sociology Daily STANLEY C. PASSARIS, B.S. in Structural Engineering CARL M. PATTERSON, JR., Bachelor of Architecture Marching Band ELINOR A. PATTERSON, B.M. in Music Literature Choral Union, University Symphony ROBERT A. PATTERSON, B.S. in Zoology ROBERT D. PATTERSON, A.B. in Education ROY PATTERSON, B.S. in Zoology Phi Eta Sigma LEE E. PAUL, B.S. in Psychology ROBERT D. PAUL, B.S. in Naval Architecture Triangles, Michigan Technic CLIFFORD R. PAULSON, M.A. in Mathematics WILLIAM H. PAULSON, B.B.A. in Business Management BRUCE R. PAXTON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Vulcans, A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Michigan Technic, I.F.C. CHARLES E. PAYNE, B.S. in Zoology Phi Eta Sigma Louis D. PAYNE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering ANTONIO J. PAZ, B.S. in Civil Engineering JOHN C. PEACHEY, B.S. in Chemistry CHESTER E. PEARSON, M.A. in Education RICHARD N. PEARSON, B.B.A. Forensics ROBERT S. PEARSON, B.M. in Music Literature Choral Union, Michigan Singers JAY J. PEASE, JR. Fort Wayne, Ind. South Bend, Ind. Providence, R.I. Providence, R.I. iles, Mich. New York, N.Y. Coshocton, Ohio Bay City, Mich. Lock Haven, Pa. Flint, Mich. Ironwood, Mich. Hillside, N.J. Caldwell, N.J. Flint, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Allegan, Mich. Flint, Mich. Cartagena, Colombia Rochester, VV Grand Rapids, Mich. Tecumseh, Mich. Niagara Falls, N.Y. 438 BERDAN F. PECK, A.B. in Journalism Alpha Phi Omega Jo Ass PECK, A.B. in Education THEODORE E, PECK, D.D.S. :AM V. PECKOVER, A.B. in Polirical Science KARL O. PEDERSES, M.A. in Education Administration LEE S. PEEL, A.B. in English Gareovle. Arts Chorale HOWARD H. PEETS, B.S. in Pharmacy GERHARD PEITSCH, B.S. in Mechanical Enginet-ring MARGARET L. PELL, A.B. in Speech Zeta Phi Eta, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret GEORGE PELYAK, B.S. in Education Union Staff NINA L. PENCE, Bachelor of Architecture A. I. A.. Choral Union CAROLYN PEPPER, B.S. and R.N. in Nursing MARK I. PERANICH, B.S. in Railroad Engineering A.S.C.E. MILUCENT PERCY, R.N. E. GEORGE PERDIX, A.B. in Political Science VICTOR J. PERINI, JR., LL.B. Phi Alpha Delta ' :_HELMINA M. PERKINS, A.B. in Education MARVIN S. PERLIS, M.D. Phi Beta Kappa SASFORD J. PERUS, M.D. JACOBO M. PEROI, B.B.A. in Accounting RICHARD H. PETERS, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. Ass C. PETERSON, A.B. in History BEVERLY PETERSON, R.N. COLVIS A. PETERSON, JR., LL.B. in Law Michigan Law Review DAVID E. PETERSON, A.B. in Psychology EUGESE H. PETERSON, A.B. in Political Science GEORGE M. PETERSON, JR., D.D.S. ROBERT V. PETERSON, D.D.S. Marching Band ULIAM E. PETERSON, JR., B.B.A. L nion Executive Council HARRY M. PETRIE, M.S. in Education vappa Phi Kappa iTiso PETRILII, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering JEORCE A. PETROSSIAN, A.B. in French us H. PETTER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering .F.E. IICHARD L. PEW, B.S. in Chemistry HAROS L. PFEIFER, A.B. in Education BETTY J. F. PHILIPPCS, A.B. in Psychology Grand Rapids, Mich. Maume-e, Ohio Yonkers, N.Y. Saginaw, Mich. Grinnell, Iowa Evart, Mich. Cheboygan, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Allegan, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio Klamath Falls, Ore. Jackson, Mich. Chicago, 111. Owosso, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. La Paz, Bolivia Detroit, Mich. Manistique, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Ckveland Heights, Ohio Muskegon, Mich. Bridgman, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Oxford, Mich. Webster Grover, Mo. Celina, Ohio Dearborn, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. 439 DONALD D. PHILLIPS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma GORDON W. PHILLIPS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Kappa Mu Epsilon PATRICIA PHILLIPS, A.B. in Spanish J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret RALPH E. PHINNEV, B.S. in Mathematics THOMAS T. PHIPPS, B.S. in Mechanical-Industrial FRED W. PHISTER, A.B. JOHN A. RICARD, A.B. in Speech Football CLEMENT B. PIEKARS KI, JR., B.S. in Zoology EDWARD P. PIETRYGA, B.S. in Electrical Engineering JACK. F. PIETZ, B.S. in Zoology MARGARET PIETZ, B.S. in Speech Correction RAYMOND A. PINKHAM, M.D. Alpha Omega Alpha, Victor Vaughn Society CHARLES P. G. PINSON, A.B. in Political Science Michigan Crib GORDON M. PIOTROWSKI, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. KAROL R. PIOTROWSKI, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., A.R.B.A. BRUNO PIROLO, B.S. in Electrical Engineering DONALD F. PITZ, Bachelor of Architecture Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Sigma Delta ROBERT W. PLANK, B.B.A. in Marketing TIMOGENES C. PLEATSIKAS, M.S. in Mathematical Statistics VERONICA F. PLIZGA, B.B.A. in Business Ensian, J.G.P. NORBERT J. PODGORSKI, A.B. in Economics ROSEMARIE POKORNEY, Certificate in Dental Hygiene BONAVENTURE B. PoLCYN, A.B. in Economics WILLIAM POLEWCHAK B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. MARIE T. POLIQUIN, M.M. in Music Education University Choir NORMAN L. POLLARD, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Scabbard and Blade, Marching Band MICHAEL F. POLO VITZ, B.M. in Music Sphinx, Marching Band, Concert Band THEODORE J. PONSTEIN, B.B.A. in Marketing MARY M. POOLE, M.M. in Piano Sigma Alpha Iota JAMES L. POPKIN, A.B. in Economics MARY L. POPPE, B.D. in Drawing JAMES H. POPPY, A.B. in Philosophy DAVID W. PORTER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering LEE B. PORTER, M.B.A. in Actuarial Mathematics PEARL POSNER, A.B. in Economics LOUISE C. POSTHUMUS, B.S. in Nursing Adrian, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Alma, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Youngstown, Ohio Bloomington, 111. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Lansing, Mich. St. Petersburg, Fla. Manistee, Mich. VVilliamansett, Mass. Caspian, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Manchester, N.H. Dearborn, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Manistee, Mich. Elizabeth, N. J. Duluth, Minn. Lansing, Mich. Wakefield, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Tulsa, Okla. Detroit, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Iron Mountain, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. New Orleans, La. Detroit, Mich. Niles, Mich. 440 ROSEMARIE POTCOVA, B.B.A. in Marketing Monroe, Mich. Assembly Board RAYMOND E. POTERACK, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, Grand Rapids, Mich. I.A.S. MICHAEL POTTER, B.S. in Civil Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. ROBERT E. POWERS, B.B.A. in Accounting WALTER A. POZSANSKJ, M.D. Victor Vaughn Society ARTHVR J. PRANCE, JR., M.D. Victor Vaughn Society CHESTER C. PRATT, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. JOAN F. PRECHT, A.B. in Psychology KARL E. PREGITZER, A.B. in Economics DOCGLAS O. PREMO, A.B. in Education C. ANDREW PRETZER, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, A.S.C.E., Marching Band MARGARET PRICE, A.B. in Speech J-Hop, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret MARIOS L. PRICE A.B. in Sociology J.G.P. JOHN V. PRIDGEON, A.B. in Psychology EVADINE L. PRIESTER, M.S. in Physical Education DOROTHY PRIESTLEY, A.B. in Psychology JOHN M. PRIESTLEY, A.B. in German MARGARET A. PRINE, B.S. in Chemistry Alpha Lambda Delta, A.C.S. JAMES R. PRIORE, B.F. in-Forestry MARY PROCYSZY.V. B.B.A. Birmingham, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Onaway, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Plymouth, Mich. LeRoy, N.Y. Savannah, Ga. Detroit, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Campbell, Ohio New Boston, Mich. WILLIAM B. PROKOPAW, B.F. in Forestry and Conservation, Royal Oak, Mich. M. JAMES PRUDES, B.S. in Pharmacy Adrian, Mich. CHARLES J. PRUE, B.B.A. in Accounting Pontiac, Mich. THOMAS H. PRYOR, A.B. in History Royal Oak, Mich. ALFRED J. PRZYBYLOWICZ, B.D. in Industrial Design Alpha Rho Chi DAVID J. RroAS, B.F. in Forestry Scabbard Blade, Wrestling JANICE L. K. PVFFENBERGER, A.B. in Speech Correction ROBERT A. PCLLAR, Bachelor of Architecture A. I. A., Arts Society DORIS PITRY, B.S. in Chemistry Gargoyle LEON J. PfTNAM, A.B. in Philosophy Michigan Crib, Choral Union OYD W. PUTNAM, A.B. in Journalism , Union AN PrvocEi, A.B. in Fine Arts [.G.P. QUAYE, A.B. in Journalism sian. Hockey, Tennis CHARLES W. QVERIO, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. MACK. QUICK, A.B. in History GEORGE D. QUILLIN, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Iron wood, Mich. Bellevue, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Rochester, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Labdi-Accra, W. Africa Detroit, Mich. Romeo, Mich. Akron, Ohio 441 THOMAS J. QUINLAND, A.B. in Psychology ELIZABETH L. QUINN, Certificate in Dental Hygiene DALE J. RAAR, B.S. in Mathematics RICHARD R. RABER, B.B.A. in Accounting LINCOLN RACEY, B.S. in Pharmacy HELEN S. RADARICH, B.S. in Public Health Nursing HOWARD L. RADNER, A.B. STANLEY J. RADO B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. " ENID RAFF, A.B. in Political Science Daily DAVID N. RAFFEI, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Sigma Rho Tan, Forensics ELLIOT RAIFFA, B.S. in Acturial Mathematics KINSTEEN V. RAMSAY, A.B. in Sociology MORGAN RAMSAY, JR., B.B.A. in Marketing Union Staff, Boxing DALE RAMSEY, A.B. in English Daily, J.G.P. RICHARD G. RANDALL, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. , Golf PAUL RANKIN, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. WALTER RANK.IN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Vulcans, M-Club CHARLES C. RANNEY, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. PHYLLIS J. RANSTEAD, A.B. in Psychology ROBERT J. RANTZ, D.D.S. ALFRED C. RAPHELSON, A.B. in Psychology RICHARD M. RAPPLEY, A.B. in English Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa ROBERT I. RASMUSSEN, A.B. in History ARNOLD O. RATHJE, B.S. in Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma VINCENT J. RAUNER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Triangles, Ensian, Michigan Technique LUCILLE O. RAY, A.B. in Spanish KENNETH E. RAYBUCK, B.F. in Industrial Forestry LEO RAZGUNAS, B.S. in Statistics PATRICIA E. READER, A.B. in English Scroll, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret THOMAS A. REAM, B.B.A. in Marketing JAMES L. REASON, A.B. in Speech MARTIN R. REBER B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. LEON I. RECHTMAN, B.S. in Chemistry Student Legislature JOHN W. RECTOR, M.B.A. in Marketing THOMAS E. RECTOR, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Phi Alpha Kappa, Scabbard Blade HELEN REDMON, A.B. in Speech Correction Flint, Mich. Elkton, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. New Britain, Conn. Detroit, Mich. Bridgeport, Conn. Brooklyn, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. New York, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Rochester, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Oak Park, 111. Martin, Mich. Washington, D.C. Flint, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Pigeon, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Cedarhurst, N.Y. Brookville, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. Scottville, Mich. Fort Wayne, Ind. Birmingham, Mich. Petoskey, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 442 ANNABELLE M. REDMOi ' NT, A.B. in Sociology MARY A. REED, A.B. in Education Gilbert Sullivan Society, Choral Union, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret PATRICIA J. REED, A.B. in Social Work Vyvern, Mortarboard, Senior Society, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret WILLIAM A. REED, JR.. Bachelor of Architecture Ann Arbor, Mich. Vicksburg, Mich. Erie, Pa. Dearborn, Mich. VIRGINIA L. REESE, B.S. in Zoology ROBERT E. REESE, A.B. in Journalism ADRIAN SE REEVMAN, A.B. in English STANLEY H. REICH, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. HARRIET REID, M.A. in History MAXISE REID, A.B. in Mathematics League Council J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret HAROLD F. REIHER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu JAMES T. REILLY, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., I.A.S. M ELVIS J. REISHART, A.B. Phi Eta Sigma Et ' GESE L. REINSTEIN, D.D.S. BERNARD E. REISMAN. A.B. in Economics JEROME L. REISS, B.S. in Pharmacy GOR DON W. REITZ, M.B.A. in Business Administration GEORGE J. REMBATM, LL.B. JOHN W. RENNIE, B.B.A. in Accounting CHARLES L. RETTICH, B.B.A. in Marketing DARWIN E. RHOADS, B.S. in Chemical Engineering DAVID B. RHODES, B.D. in Landscape Architecture LOREX M. RHYNARD, A.B. in Psychology JAMES H. RICE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi. A.I.M., Choral Union ROGER J. RICE, A.B. in Economics THOMAS L. RICE, JR., B.B.A. ANNETTE RICH, A.B. in English Phi Delta Epsilon, Phi Gamma Mu, Daily EDWARD G.RiCH, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E., Scabbard Blade ARTHI R C. RICHARDS, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics A.S.M.E.. Marching Band, Concert Band CAROL A. RICHARDS, A.B. in History ELIZABETH M. RICHARDS, A.B. in Education Assembly Board, Senior Society, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret FRANK C. RICHARDSON, A.B. in French RAYMOND G. RICHARDSOS, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Daily H. JOYCE RICHMOND, B.S. R.N. Ai DREN M. RIDDELL, A.B. in Sociology BARBARA L. RIDGWAY, B.D. in Advertising Tau Sigma Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Ensian Fairview Park, Ohio Grosse Pointe, Mich. Jersey City, N.J. Jackson, Mich. Troutville, V ' a. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Newark, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Alpena, Mich. Warren, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Elsie, Mich. Aurora, 111. West Hartford, Conn. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Washington, D.C. Hamburg, N.Y. Warwick, N.Y. Watersmeet, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Dayton, Ohio Pigeon, Mich. Whitehall, Mich. Fort Wayne, Ind. 443 At KENNETH W. RIEBE, B.S. in Pharmacy CHARLES E. RIECK., B.F. in Forestry EUGENE A. RIEDEL, B.S. in Electrical Engineering JOHN RIEGER III, M.D. SHIRLEY R. RIELI, A.B. in English Daily, Soph. Cabaret RICHARD G. RIFENBURG, B.S. in Physical Education Sphinx, Union Opera, Football, Basketball, M-Club GRETCHEN RIGGS, B.D. in Advertising MARY G. RIGGS, A.B. in Education Scroll, Ensian, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret ALEXANDER J. RIKER, A.B. in Political Science JANET RILEY, B.S. R.N. in Nursing BEVERLY RINGER, A.B. in Social Work JOSEPH W, Rioux, A.B. in English DONALD J. RIPPERT, A.B. in History Scabbard Blade ANN S. RISSMAN, B.S. in Psychology JAMES E. RISSMAN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering KENNETH H. RISTAD, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. RAY L. RITENOUR, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ELAINE RITTMEYER, A.B. in Geography GEORGE M. RIVEIRE, JR., A.B. in Journalism Daily EMETERIO C. ROA, B.S. in Mathematics DAVID ROBB, A.B. in History DAVID T. ROBERTS, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical DONALD R. ROBERTS, A.B. in Letters and Administration Daily JOHN E. ROBERTS, A.B. in English WILLIAM C. ROBERTS, Bachelor of Architecture Marching Band WILLIAM J. ROBERTS, A.B. in Letters and Law ALAN J. ROBERTSON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ALLEN B. ROBERTSON, A.B. in Economics Choral Union JAMES R. ROBERTSON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering JANET ROBERTSON, B.S. in Geology JOHN ROBERTSON, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma JOHN J. ROBERTSON, A.B. in Historv A.I.M. RICHARD W. ROBERTSON, B.S. in Chemistry Concert Band BETSY ROBINSON, M.A. in History BETTY L. ROBINSON, A.B. in Speech Gilbert Sullivan Society IRWIN J. ROBINSON, A.B. in Political Science Forensics Ann Arbor, Mich. Mosinee, Wis. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Erie, Pa. Saginaw, Mich. Phoenix, Arizona Grosse Pointe, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Albion, Mich. Worcester, Mass. Detroit, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Morristown, N.J. Bronson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Somerset, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Washington, D.C. Malabon, Philippines Grosse Pointe, Mich . Birmingham, Mich. Grand Blanc, Mich. Oak Park, 111. Ironwood, Mich. Elkton, Mich. Manistique, Mich. Romeo, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Farmington, Mich. Lincoln Park, Mich. Winona, Minn. Birmingham, Mich. Franklin Village, Mich. New York, N.Y. Bay City, Mich. 444 SUZANNE ROBINSON, B.S. in Zoology J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret CHARLES V. ROBINSON, M.M. in Music Education University Choir, Michigan Singers FRANK F. ROBINSON, JR., M.S. in Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Xu, A.I.E.E., Michigan Technic FRANCES V. ROCKWELL, A.B. in Political Science LAVREL D. RODEN, A.B. in English WILLIAM A. RODGER, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E.. Chi Epsikm DOROTHEA RODGERS, B.S. in Nursing Ensian EDWARD J. RODGERS B.S. in Aeronautical Engineerine I.A.S. GEORGE T. RODMAN, A.B. in Journalism BANNA I. RODRIGUEZ, B.S. in Public Health LEONARD O. ROELLIG, A.B. in Physics ANNE K. ROGERS, A.B. in Speech Correction J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret CLIFFORD M. ROGERS, B.B.A., M.B.A. Daily, Union Opera ROBERT P. ROHDE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma WILLIAM A. ROHRING, A.B. in Speech PAI L ROMAN, JR., B.B.A. in Marketing DOMENICA M. ROMANELLI, B.S. R.N " . in Nursing Alpha Lambda Delta ROBERT ROMANIN, B.S. in Industrial Engineering JAMES V. ROMEYN, B.S. in Pharmacy Marching Band LEO J. ROMZICK, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Michiguamua VERNON C. ROMZICK, B.B.A. in Accounting HOWARD N. RONNING, B.S. in Electrical Engineering HOWARD ROODVOETS, A.B. in Economics WILLIAM C. ROOP, B.S. in Civil Eneineering AS.C.E. CLINTON M. ROSE, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical HENRY N. ROSE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering MARGARET D. ROSE, B.D. in Interior Design FLORENCE P. ROSEN, A.B. in English Gilbert Sullivan Society MARVIN RO EN, A.B. in History PHYLLIS ROSEN. A.B. in Social Work FLORENCE ROSENBERG, A.B. in Psychology HERBERT S. ROSENBERG, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. JACQIELINE K. ROSENBLATT, M.M. in Piano ROBERT S. ROSENBUSCH, A.B. in Political Science H. JOY ROSENFELD, A.B. in English HERBERT S. ROSENTHAL, M.D. Marching Band Pontiac, Mich. Oxford, Miss. Bay City, Mich. Boston, Mass. Grand Rapids, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Petoskey, Mich. Erie, Pa. Escanaba, Mich. Luke, Md. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Benton Harbor, Minn. Gibbstown, N.J. Dearborn, Mich. Union City, N.J. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Oak Park, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich, New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Revere, Mass. Bronx, N.Y. Baltimore, Md. Detroit, Mich. Bluefield, W.Va. Detroit, Mich. 445 RICHARD B. ROSENTHAL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering P iTau Sigma, A.S.M.E., Track MARCUS ROSENZWEIG, A.B. in Economics DONALD J. Ross, B.B.A. in Finance DONALD R. Ross, JR., B.S. in Electrical Engineering GILBERT Ross, JR., B.S. in Zoology Wrestling JOHN D. Ross, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering PATRICIA M. ROSSMAN, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Wolverine Club ZEENA ROSSOFF, A.B. in Psychology GEORGE S. ROTH, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. MARIE E. ROTH, B.M. in Voice EDWARD W. ROTHE, JR., LL.B. DONALD P. ROTHSCHILD, A.B. in Economics Student Legislature JAMES O. ROTNEM, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Marching Band BEATRICE G. ROTTENBERG, B.A. in Education CRAIG W. ROUSH, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E., Tau Beta Pi JOAN E. ROWDABAUGH, A.B. in German JOHN C. ROWLEY, B.S. in Mathematics PAUL A. ROWLEY, M.B.A. in Retailing RALPH J. ROWLEY, B.B.A. in Accounting ROBERT W. ROYAL, A.B. in Physics GEORGE ROYCE, B.S. in Physical Education Baseball, Basketball GEORGE RUBAY, B.B.A. LEONORA RUBEL, A.B. in Sociology Daily, Soph. Cabaret MARTIN RUBIN, A.B. in Law Michigan Crib SAMMY RUBLEY, A.B. in Education ARNOLD RUBY, B.M. in Piano JOYCE M. RUBY, A.B. in Education J.G.P. MARYLYN E. RUFF, B.M. in Voice S.A.I., Choral Union, University Choir JACK. A. RUHL, D.D.S. JOAN M. RUIHLEY, LL.B. in Law JAMES B. RUKIN, B.S. in Naval Architecture HAG E. RUMBLE, A.B. in Economics ANTHONY D. RUMMO, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. BERNARD J. RUSKEY, A.B. in Journalism JEAN C. Russ, A.B. in English Scroll, Daily, Gargoyle, Soph. Cabaret LEO R. Russ, B.B.A. in Real Estate Forest Hills, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Rockville Centre, N.Y. Pittsburgh, Pa. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Warren, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Denver, Colo. Chicago, III. Toledo, Ohio Menomonie, Wi . Detroit, Mich. Three Rivers, Mich. Warsaw, Ind. Grand Rapids, Mich. Bay City, Mich Jackson, Mich. Lapeer, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Houghton, Mich. Youngstown, Ohio blip, N.Y. Detroit, Mich Bridgeport, Conn. Ironwood, Mich. Old Greenwich, Conn. Detroit, Mich. 446 LOWELL H. RI-SSELL, B.F. in Forestry DOREN V. RTSSLER, B.B.A. in Accounting JOHN P. RYAN, JR., A.B. in Letters and Law PRENTICE L 7 . RYAN, A.B. in History Football SHELDA L. RYBI-RN, B.D. in Advertising JOHN S. RYDER, A.B. in Political Science Michigamua, Student Legislature CARLETOS S. RYDISG, A.B. in English Literature BEVERLY J. RYIA, A.B. in Education Ensian, Daily, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret JOEL E. RYNNING, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations SAMUEL SABAVGH, A.B. in Psychology FADIL ALI SABUNCVOCLV, M.S. in Civil Engineering HOWARD X. SACHAR, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. JI-SE SACHAR, A.B. in Sociology Av- Chorale MARILYN- E. SAFIR, A.B. in Speech Correction Zeta Phi Eta MARILYN E. SACER, R.N. JAMES T. SAK AE, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Vulcans, Football Ann Arbor, Mich. Moline, III. Chicago, 111. Grand Rapids, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Toledo, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. LaCrosse, Vis. Dearborn, Mich. Istanbul, Turkey Brooklyn, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Pelham Manor, N.Y. ROGER E. SALAMON, B.S. in Zoology Chicago, 111. RONALD R. SALBENBLATT, B.B.A. in Management Saginaw, Mich. DANIEL SALINAS, M.A. in Latin American Studies and M.B.A. Donna, Texas CAROL G. SALINGER, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. SEYMOUR SALINGER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. I.E. WILLIAM J. SALOT, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Tau Be ' a Pi, Pi Tau Sigma CHARLES A. SALOTTI, B.B.A. Lurium, Mich. EDWARD A. SAMPIERRE, M.S. in Bacteriology Saginaw, Mich. ELIZABETH SANBORN, A.B. in French Ferndale, Mich. EDWARD R. SANDELL, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. ROBERT SANDELL, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Ironwood, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Daily NANCY G. SANDERS, A.B. in Education Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Lambda Theta, J.G.P. WILLIAM H. SANDERS, B.S. in Pharmacy ALLAN H. SANDMANN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering |t SELMAR D. SANDS, A.B. in Fine Arts REW J. SANNA, A.B. in History ETH R. SANTEE, A.B. in Economics ROLD A. SANTO, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanics EDWARD A. SARHATT, B.B.A. in Industrial Management FRANK E. SARNS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering N. Olmsted, Ohio Malverne, L.I. Ponriac, Mich. Bristol, Conn. Flint, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Flint, Mich. Morley, Mich. 44: JACK W. SARVER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. E. ANN SAUER, B.D. in Drawing and Painting Ensian IRIS M. SAUL, R.N. KATHRYN A. SAULCY, A.B. in Spanish REGINALD G. SAULS IV, B.S. in Physical Education Brown City, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. STANLEY H. SAULSON, M.S. in Industrial Mechanical Detroit, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Vulcans, Triangles, Michigan Technic, Choral Union PRUDENCE B. SAUNDERS, A.B. in English Birmingham, Mich. SAM SAVAS, B.S. in Pharmacy A.Ph.A., Baseball BARBARA J. SAWYER, A.B. in Sociology ROBERT T. SCANLAN, B.B.A. in Marketing ROBERT S. SCARBOUGH, B.S. in Pharmacy A.Ph.A. PHILIP W. SCHAAF, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. CARL S. SCHADE, B.B.A. in Marketing A.S.M.E., Sigma Rho Tau REGINA SCHAECHTERLE, B.S. R.N. in Nursing Soph. Cabaret HAROLD F. SCHAEFER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. NORMAN P. SCHAFER, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. St. Clair Shores, Mich. Baltimore, Md. Norwalk, Ohio Saline, Mich. Flint, Mich. RITA SCHAEFFER, A.B. in Social Work J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret EDWARD I. SCHALON, B.S. in Chemistry Michigamua, Golf, M-Club HARVEY E. SCHATZ, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical A.S.M.E., Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Student Legislature WILLIAM A. SCHAUB, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu ROBERT J. SCHEETZ, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. FREDERICK L. SCHEFFLER, A.B. in Economics Daily, Glee Club, Gilbert Sullivan Society ROBERT D. SCHELLENG, B.S. in Metallurgy A.I.M.E. PAULINE SCHERMER, A.B. in History NATHAN SCHILLER, B.S. in Actuarial Mathematics HELEN SCHIMKAT, A.B. in Education Mu Phi Epsilon, J.G.P., Gilbert Sullivan Society GEORGE SCHIPPERS, B.B.A. in Accounting JOHN S. SCHLEE, B.S. in Geology Union Staff, Daily, Choral Union MARY L. SCHLIEHTING, R.N. WILLIAM H. SCHMALHORST, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.S.M.E., A.I.Ch.E. BETTY JANE SCHMIDT, A.B. in Education Soph. Cabaret EDWARD A. SCHMIDT, D.D.S. in Dentistry HERBERT SCHNIPPER, M.A. in History LEROY E. SCHOBER, M.B.A. in Accounting Beta Gamma Sigma WILLIAM A. SCHOEN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering CHARLES M. SCHOENBERG, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering I.A.S. Detroit, Mich. St. Joseph, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Sturgis, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Oneonta, N.Y. Cleveland, Ohio Revere, Mass. Wayne, Mich. Holland, Mich. Van N ' uys, Calif. Lansing, Mich. Borger, Texas Grand Rapids, Mich. Hillsdale, Mich. Jamaica, N. Manchester, Conn. Saginaw, Mich. New York, N.Y. 448 JAMES G. SCHOFIELD, D.D.S., M.S. in Dentistry NICHOLS B. SCHOOLEY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., Eta Sigma Nu DONALD J. SCHOONOVER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering ROBERT F. SCHOPPS, A.B. in History WALLACE C. SCHROEDER, B.S. in Hydraulics A.S.C.E. GILBERT H. SCHUBERT, B.B.A. Student Legislature JARED M. SCHUBINER, A.B. in Speech Forensics RETA I. SCHUBOT, A.B. in Philosophy Ensian, J.G.P. THOMAS L. SCHUETTE, A.B. in Psychology BEN SCHULKIN, B.S. in Aeronaurical Engineering FLORENCE P. SCHULKJN, A.B. in Speech JAMES M. SCHULKINS, B.S. in Civil Engineering THOMAS O. SCHULTE, B.S. in Engineering A.I.Ch.E., Sigma Rho Tau RICHARD F. SCHULTS, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. JOSEPH H. SCHULTZ, B.S. in Zoology RAYMOND J. SCHULTZ, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. WILLIAM C. SCHULTZ, B.B.A. WILLIAM E. SCHULZ, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Football HAZEN J. SCHUMACHER, A.B. in Political Science WALTER L. SCHWAB, A.B. in Economics RUTH C. SCHWAMBERGER, A.B. in Speech ARTHUR H. SCHWARTZ, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., Gilbert Sullivan Society CORINNE W. SCHWARTZ, B.S. in Medical Technology HAROLD C. SCHWARTZ, B.S. in Zoology LOLA F. SCHWARTZ, A.B. in Spanish J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Daily EARL G. SCHWENNESEN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering KENNETH V. SCOBIE, B.B.A. EYERETT M. SCRANTON, LL.B. RALPH V. SEAMAN, JR., A.B. in Economics JAMES R. SEARER, A.B. in Economics JOHN T. SEEBER, B.B.A. in Marketing I.F.C. ROBERT P. SEEBER, B.B.A. in Marketing Michigamua, Union Staff BARBARA A. SEEGER, A.B. in Education League Council, J.G.P. GELLERT, A. SEEL, LL.B. MERTON J. SEGAL, B.S. THOMAS P. SEGERSON, A.B. in Letters I-aw Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Utica, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. May-wood, 111. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Bethlehem, Pa. Farmington, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Pinconning, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. St. Louis, Mo. Los Angeles, Calif. Brooklyn, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Butte, Mont. Miami, Fla. Allegan, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. West Haven, Conn. Saginaw, Mich. North Muskegon, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lombard, 111. r f J ,i ' 449 ROSEMARIE SEGUIS, B.S. in Zoology Daily, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret CHARLES R. SEIBERT B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.F.E., I.R.E. CHARLES A. SEIER, B.F. in Wood Technology JAMES E. SEITJ, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma JOHN C. SEITZ, B.B.A. M. KEMAL SELER, M.S. in Civil Engineering MARVIN SELIN, A.B. in Economics WILLIAM H. SELZER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi E. JAYNE SEMSKER, B.D. in Illustration GERALDINE SENDEROFF, A.B. in Psychology Daily SIMSON SENDLER, A.B. in History RALPH K. SERUM, B.B.A. in Marketing WILLIS J. SERVICE, JR., B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. BARBARA J. SETLOW, A.B. in Psychology S. LEE SETOMER, B.S. in Civil Engineering BARBARA L. SEYMOUR, A.B. in Education J.G.P. NORMAN SHACKMAN B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ROBERT W. SHADD, J.D. in Law Barristers, Law Review, Daily ANN D. SHAFER, B.M. in Music Education J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret, Glee Club, Choral Union WILLIS H. SHAFER, A.B. in Psychology DOROTHY J. SHALER, B.S. in Zoology JEROME SHAPIRO, A.B. in Psychology HAROLD L. SHARP, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. ROBERT W. SHARP, LL.B. in Law Kappa Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, Marching Band WILLIAM C. SHARPE, A.B. in History LAWRENCE M. SHAW, B.B.A. in Finance Football DONALD J. SHEA, A.B. in English MARY JANE SHEAFFER B.D. in Commercial Advertising J.G.P. WILLIAM F. SHEEHAN, B.S. in Mathematics DONALD N. SHELDEN, B.S. in Pharmacy KENNETH G. SHELLEY, D.D.S. Choral Union WILLIAM A. SHELTON, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, II;. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ankara, Turkey Iron River, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio New York, N.Y. Irvington, N.J. Flint, Mich. Grandville, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Sheboygan, Wis. Stamford, Conn. Melrose, Ma s. Jackson, Mich. New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Winthrop, Iowa Red Creek, N.Y Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Jersey City, N.J. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Lum, Mich. ALBERT M. SHENKMAN, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Bayonne, N.I. I.A.S. JOAN M. SHEPPARD, A.B. in Education Huntington Woods, Mich. J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret SUZANNE S. SHERA, A.B. in English Grand Rapids, Mich. COURTNEY W. SHERBROOKE, B.M. in Theory Waban, Mass. 450 ROBERT C. SHERIDAN, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Eng. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Utica, N.Y. Willif, Mich. MERWIN JEROME SHERLINE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering I.R.E. HAROLD V. SHERMAN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Alpha Phi Omega SVZANSE SHERMAN, A.B. in Social Work R. KENDALL SHERRILL, LL.B. in Law Delta Theta Phi, Pi Gamma Mu HERBERT L. SHEVIN, B.B.A. DANIEL SHICHMAN B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. BVRTON ROBERT SHIFMAN, A.B. in History -graduate Psych. Soc., Publicity Chairman of Unicn SHIRLEY F. SHINE, B.S. in Zoology Brooklyn, N.Y. Tulsa, Okla. Detroit, Mich. New Yoric, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Milan, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. MARILYN J. SHINGLETON, A.B. in Speech Correction J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret KENNETH G. SHIRELING, A.B. in Marketing and Advertising, Grand Rapids, Mich. RONALD L. SHORT, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering JI ' NE E. SHOVP, A.B. in Russian Alpha Lambda Delta DAVID E. SHUART, A.B. in English Office Mgr. 1949 and Business Manager 1950 of Ensian MARILYN E. SHIBE, A.B. in English Literature Soph. Cabaret PHYLLIS J. SHLTELT, B.M. in Music Ed. Vocal Choral Union WILLIAM R. SHUPERT, D.D.S. in Dental School Delta Sigma Delta VERNA L. SHI R LOW, A.B. in Speech Correction tG.P., Soph. Cabaret AVL SIEGAL, A.B. in Mathematics Chairman, Hillel Social Committee MILTON SIEGEL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Sigma Rho Tau, Engineering Council MILTON J. SIEGEL, A.B. in Merchandising SHELDON SIEGEL, A.B. in Sociology Phi Eta Sigma WILLIAM ALLEN SIEGEL, A.B. in Business Administrat ion MARILYN SIGMAN, A.B. in Psychology Flint, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Yonkers, N.Y. Morrice, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Vassar, Mich. Freeport, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, 111. Brooklyn, N.Y. EDWIN SILBERSTANG, A.B. in English Social Director, Willow Run Milage, Literary Staff of Gargoyle ALLEN SILVER, B.B.A. RALPH F. SILVERSMITH, A.B. in Psychology LEE J. SILVERTHORN, JR., A.B. in Psychology CHARLES D. SIMMONS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering JOHN M. SIMONETTI, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering CLAYTON R. SIMONS, B.B.A. JOYCE SIMPSON, A.B. in History J.G.P. BASIL J. SIMS, A.B. in Chemistry BRVCE F. SINCLAIR, B.S. in Civil Engineering Triangle, A.S.C.E. CHARLES S. SINCLAIR, B.S. in Naval Architecture Soc. of Naval Architects Marine Engineers WILLIAM R. SINCLAIR, M.A. in Political Science Brooklyn, N.Y. Belvidere, III. Denver, Colo. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Kingsford, Mich. Flint, Mich. Flint, Mic h. Fenton, Mich. Long Beach, Calif. Chevy Chase, Md. mm Im 451 Silver Spring, Md. Iron River, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York City, N.Y. Flint, Mich. Glen Falls, N.Y. E. Grand Rpds. Mich. JOHN C. SKAGGS, JR., M.A. in Industrial Relations Kansas City, Mo. Business Administration Council MARIAN A. SKENE, B.D. in Architecture and Design Ventura, Iowa ESTHER SKLAR, A.B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret JOSEPH S. SK.RZYNSK.I, B.M. in Musical Education Dearborn, Mich. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Kappa Kappa Psi, Sphinx, Concert Band, U. Symphony Orchestra GILBERT E. SINDELAR, B.B.A. DONALD B. SINCLER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. DOUGLAS L. SINN, A.B. in Speech DORIS A. SIRABIAN, A.B. in Psychology SUSAN SIRIS, A.B. in Social Work Senior Society, Internatl. Commission of N.S.A. JEAN E. SITTS, A.B. in Social Studies M.C.F., Choral Union BERNARD JOSEPH SIVAK, A.B. in Chemistry CONSTANCE J. SKAFF, A.B. in English, Wyvern, Daily, J.G.P., Soph Cabaret ROBERT J. SK.ULSTAD, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E., Sigma Rho Tau ALOIS M. SKUTNICK, B.S. in Geology JUNE M. SKYE, A.B. in English Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi JONATHAN H. SLATER, B.B.A. JOHN S. SLAVENS, A.B. in Business Administration Phi Eta Sigma THOMAS P. SLAVIN, A.B. in German FREDERICK K. SLEDER, B.B.A. in Accounting HARRY JOSEPH SI.ESNICK, D.D.S. in Dentistry WILSON K. SLOAN, M.A. in Actuarial Mathematics GAIL V. SI.OCUM, B.S. in Engineering Student Branch A.I.E.E., I.R.E. HOWARD C. SLOCUM, A.B. in Business Administration MARK H. SLUIS, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Triangle, AIEE, IRE ROGER A. SLYKHOUSE, B.S. in Civil Engineering Am. Soc. C.E. OWEN GEORGE SMALL, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. PATRICIA H. SMALLIDGE, B.A. in Psychology Battle Creek, Mich. Salamanca, N.Y. Chicago, 111. Detroit, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Howell, Mich. Iron Mountain, Mich. Flint, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Hastings, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Scarsdale, N. Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. East Tawas, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. JOHN H. SMEDI.EY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Math. Traverse City, Mich. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary of A.I.E.E., I.R.E. DONALD G. SMILLIE, B.S. in Aero. Engineering RAYMOND J. SMITH, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon ALLAN H. SMITH, B.D. in Interior Design Tau Sigma Delta CATHERINE B. SMITH, B.S. in Nursing CLARE J. SMITH, D.D.S. in Dentistry DORIS MAE SMITH, B.A. in Psychology Pres. Caroline Hubbard Kleinstuck House E. VIRGINIA SMITH, B.A. in Sociology EDGAR R. SMITH, B.S. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Flint, Mich. Fillmore, N. . Grand Blanc, Mich. New York City, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. 452 EMMETT I. SMITH B.S. in Electrical Engineering Saginaw, Mich. A.I.E.E. SMITH, JR., B.S. in Industrial Mechanical Engineering Hamburg, N.Y. FRANCIS J. SMITH. B.S. in Sanitary Engineering A.S.C.E. HELEN E. SMITH, A.B. in Sociology HENRIETTA M. SMITH, B.S. in Public Health Nursing HENRY T. SMITH, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering HOWARD P. SMITH, JR., B.S. in Forestry HOWARD W. SMITH, JR., A.B. in History JAMES F. SMITH, A.B. in History Sphinx, Druids, Men ' s Judiciary Council JEANIE M. SMITH, Certificate in Dental Hygiene JOANNE L. SMITH, A.B. in English JOHN E. SMITH, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering JOHN H. D. SMITH, A.B. in Economics L. ANNARITA SMITH, A.B. in Social Work E DALE SMITH, A.B. in English MARTORIE A. SMITH, A.B. in Elementary Education NORBERT A. SMITH, B.S. in Chemistry RALPH C. SMITH, LL.B. in Law ROBERT A. SMITH, A.B. in Economics ROBERT D. SMITH, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT J. SMITH, B.B.A. ROY SMITH, B.S. in Geologv Scabbard Blade SHIRLEY A. SMITH, A.B. in Spanish Ensian, J.G.P., Gilbert Sullivan THEODORE T. SMITH, B.B.A. THOMAS F. SMITH, D.D.S. in Dentistry JAMES SNIDER, B.D. in Product Design ARTHUR J. SNOOK., B.M. in Music Education DOUGLAS G. SNOW B.S. in Marine Engineering A.S.M.E. HARRY L. SNYDER, JR., A.B. in Zoology ROBERT E. SNYDER, B.S. in Wood Tech. SANFORD F. SNYDER, B.B.A. JOHN T. SOKATCH, B.S. in Psychology GERTRUDE J. SOLOFF, A.B. in Social W 7 ork RACHEL SOLOMON, A.B. in English PHILIP R. SOLOWOY, B. of Architecture Phi Eta Sigma EARL L. SOMMER, B.B.A. New York , N.Y. Reading, Pa. Kalamazoo, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Coraopolis, Pa. St. Albans, N.Y. Shaker Heights, Chio Lincoln Park, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. St. Joseph, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Atlanta, Mich. Sturgis, Mich. Femdale, Mich. Pert Huron, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Livingston, Tenn. Shelbyville, Ind. Lake Bluff, 111. Grand Rapids, Mich. Buchanan, Mich. Rochester, Mich. Holly, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N.Y. Joliet, III. South Bend, Ind. Bayonne, N.J. Bayonne, N.J. Munger, Mich. 453 SALLY L. SOMMERS, B.S. in Nursing Midland, Mich. WESLEY S. SOMMERS, B.S. in Marine Engineering Naval Arch., Harrison, N.V. Quarterdeck Soc. RAYMOND W. SONS, A.B. in Journalism Harvey, 11 Play Production DANIEL S. SORK.IN, A.B. in History Chicago, 11] RALPH SOSIN, A.B., Combined Curriculum in Letters Law, Detroit, Mich. DONNA A. Sossi, Certif. of Dental Hygiene ALFRED C. M. SOTO, M.A. in Business Administration ROBERT W. SOULEN, B.D. in Architecture A.I.A. WANDA SPAAN, B.S. M. STANLEY SPAETH, B.S. in Forestry ALPHONSE M. SPARAPANI, B.S. in Medical Technology EDITH E. SPARKS, R.N. RUTH DOLORES SPEAR, A.B. (4 minors) Morenci, Mich. So. Milwaukee, Wis. Mansfield, Ohio Iowa City, Iowa Urbana, 111. Iron Mountain, Mich. Fenton, Mich. Albuquerque, N. Mexico Grand Rapids, Mich. Scottville, Mich. KARL J. SPEE, B.S. in Aero Engineering I.A.S. HERBERT H. SPENCER, M.D. in Medicine Marching Band 1944-45 MELVIN J. SPENCER, J.D. in Law Mason City, Iowa Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Associate Editor of Michigan Law Review WILLIAM L. SPENCER, LL.B. in Law Delta Theta Phi ERNEST H. SPILLAR, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. FRED S. SPINDEL, A.B. in Business Administration NORMAN M. SPINDELMAN, A.B. in Law Marching Band MARTIN L. SPIVACK, B.S. in Zoology JAMES ALLEN SPLIT, A.B. in General Psychology STANLEY M. SPOONER, B.S. in Mathematics RUTH E. SPORE, M.M. in Musical Education Vocal JAMES F. SPRAGUE, A.B. in Geography ANNA V. SPRINGER, B.S. in Public Health Nursing HAROLD D. SPRUNGER, B.S. in Wood Technology Michigan Forester 1947, 1948 Louis B. STADLER, M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry Rho Chi DOROTHY J. STAEBLER, A.B. in English JAMES H. STAGE, B.S. in Zoology AUGUSTUS P. STAGER, B.S. in Mathematics Michigamua, Sphinx E. MARIAN C. STAGER, B.S. in Physical Education Soph. Cabaret BENNETT O. STALUEY, A.B. in English DEWOLF M. STANLEY, B.S. in Mechanical-Ind. Engineering ELIZABETH M. STANTON, A.B. in Spanish J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret Committees WALTER K. STANTON, A.B. in Zoology Youngstown, Ohio Forest Hills, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Rochester, N.V. Bridgeport, Conn. Grand Rapids, Mich. Warrior Run, Pa. Ponca City, Okla. Ann Arbor, Mich. Uniontown, Pa. Berne, Ind. Monroe, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Sturgis, Mich. Nutley, N.J. Winnetka, 111. Gibralter, Mich. Pasadena, Calif. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 454 JOHN STAP, JR., B.S. in Civil Engineering MART E. STAPLES, B.S. in Dental Hygiene FRANCIS R. STARK, B.B.A. EDWARD M. STARR, JR., A.B. in Political Science JOHN WOOD STARRING, B.S. in Civil Engineering Grand Haven, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Kingston, Pa. Washington, D.C. DONALD McMiLLAS STEARNS, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch-E. SIDNEY A. STECK, A.B. in English Wyvern, Scroll, Women ' s Glee Club NORMAN V. STEERE, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E., Engineering Council Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Owosso, Mich. Livingston, N.J. CLIFFORD C. STEGCALL, JR., A.B. in Journalism JACK V. STEGMIER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. PATRICIA J. STEICELV, A.B. in Spanish HARVEY S. STEIN, B.S. in Zoology Bay City, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Niles Mich. Detroit, Mich. MARY STEIN, A.B. in English Literature Wayne, Mich. Mortarboard, Senior Society, Wyvern, Alpha Lambda Delta ROBERT E. STEIN, B.S. in Forestry Park Ridge, 111. Ri TH ELEANORE STEIN, B.M. in Piano Detroit, Mich. Mu Phi Epsikm ROBERT A. STEIN-BAUER, B.M. in Piar.o Niles, Mich. JOHN W. STEINHAI-SER, LL.B. in Law Akron, Ohio Phi Alpha Delta ROBERT B. STEPHENS, A.B. in Psychology Saginaw, Mich. H. HOWARD STEPHENSOX A.B. in Political Science Lawrence, Kan. I.F.C. DANIEL D STEPNIEWSH B.S. in Chemical Engineering Manistee, Mich. A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT S. STERLING, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Daily HARRIET STERN. A.B. in Sociology BOB M. STEVENS, M.A. in Accounting HENRY E. STEVENS, B.S. in Chemistry ROBERT E. STEVENS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. :E J. STEVENS, A.B. in Education J.G.P., Soph, Cabaret -.N J. STEVENSON, B.S. in Zoology BARBARA JEANNE STEWART, B.S. in Zoology CARLYLE V. STEWART, A.B. in Economics GORCOX F. STEWART, A.B. in History . STEWART, A.B. in Mathematics KENNETH P. STEWART, LL.B. in Law MARY E. STEWART, A.B. in English RAYMOND E. STIEC, B.S. in Zoology CHARLES O. STIEHL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. DAVID L. STIFFLER, B. of Architecture and Design Alpha Rho Chi Brooklyn, N.Y. Marcellus, Mich. New Rochelle, N.Y. Rudyard, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Owosso, Mich. Grayling, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Scarsdale, N.Y. Adrian, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Manhattan, Kan. Ypsilanri, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. 455 CYRUS W. STIMSON, M.D. in Medicine CHARLES STINSON, B.B.A. PHILIP A. STIRDIVANT, JR., B.S. in Engineering Marching Band MERLE E. STITT, B.S. in Forestry JUDSON ST. JOHN, A.B. in English ASHMAN C. STODDARD, LL.B. in Law JOANNE STOLLER, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. New Oxford, Pa. Pontiac, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Los Angeles, Calif. Undergraduate Psychology Assoc., Inter-Co-operative Council ELIZABETH ANNE STONE, A.B. in Social Studies Decatur, Mich. JOHN W. STONE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. JOSEPH I. STONE, A.B. in Economics Aim Council, Student Legislature MARILYN V. STONE, A.B. in Elementary Education J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret MARILYN STONE, A.B. in Elementary Education PAUL R. STOPPERT, A.B. in Industrial Relations FRANCIS R. STORK, A.B. in Marketing MERLE A. STORR, B.S. in Zoology JOSEPH C. STOTTLEBOWER, A.B. in Journalism Sphinx Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. University Heights, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Kingston, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. Bremerton, Wash. CHARLES W. STOUT, B.S. in Musical Education Flint, Mich. Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Marching Band, Concert Band JOHN R. STOVER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. A.I.E.E. JACK. C. STANLEY, A.B. in Political Science Flint, Mich. ROBERT EARL STRAND, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering LAWRENCE M. STRATTON, B.S. in Pre-Medical Science Phi Eta Sigma, Exec. Com. of I.F.C., I.F.C. Ball ROBERT STRATTON, A.B. in Business Administration Scabbard and Blade ULRICH A. STRAUS, A.B. in Oriental Languages Lit RICHARD L. STRAUSS, A.B. in Psychology RONALD W. STRAW, D.D.S. MARY E. STREEPER, A.B. in Spanish Education JOHN L. STREFLING, B.S. in Zoology MICHAEL R. STREFLING, JR., B.S. in Zoology DAVID H. STREMMEL, A.B. in Journalism Sigma Delta Chi RICHARD B. STRIBLEY, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. WILLIAM F. STRICKER, B.B.A. in Accounting CHARLES F. STRICKLAND, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Duluth, Minn. Toledo, Ohio Forest Hills, N.Y. Lansing, Mich. Flint, Mich. Conneaut, Ohio Galien, Mich. Galien, Mich. Evanston, 111. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. HELEN C. STRIHO, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Engineering Council, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Soc. of Women Engineers WILLIAM C. STRITTMATTER, M.D. in Medicine Litchfield, Ohio RICHARD M. STROEBE, B.S. in Electronics Engineering Ferrysburg, Mich. A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu (Vice-President) MARILYN STROHN, A.B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret 456 A. WYLOEAN STRONG, LL.B. in Law CARTER B. STRONG, B. of Architecture Alpha Rho Chi, Scabbard Blade EDWARD R. STRONG, B.B.A. in Accounting LAWRENCE STROSS, B.S. in Pharmacy RUDOLPH O. STROTHMANX, B.S. in Forestry FLOYD O. STROUP, B.S. in Engineering Frederic Stuart, A.B. in English HARVEY STUART, A.B. in English I M. Theatre Guild HARRY B. STUCK.Y, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering CARL J. STUDERUS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma PAMELA STUMP, B.D. in Drawing and Painting RICHARD K. STUNTZ, B.B.A. GEORGE DONALD STURMAN, B.S. in Zoology JERQUE D. SULLIVAN, A.B. in Economics MACK V. SULLIVAN, B.S. in Zoology WATANA SVMAWONG, B.S. in Engineering JOHN R. SUNDIN, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. LESTER O. SUNDLING, B.S. in Industrial Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. WARREN D. SUNDSTRASD, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E., Tau Beta Pi BRUNO J. SURMA, B.S. in Industrial Mech. Engineering EDWARD D. SUTTLES, A.B. in Spanish EARL G. SWAIN, A.B. in Accounting FRED R. SWAN, A.B. in Political Science History - MARIAN E. SWAN, LL.B. in Law Kappa Beta Pi DONALD L. SWANCUTT, A.B. in Industrial Relations Detroit, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Plymouth, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Flint, Mich. New York, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Charlotte, Mich. W. New York, NJ. Birmingham, Mich. Farmington, Mich. West Hartford, Conn. Lakewood, Ohio Shelby, Mich. Bangkok, Siam Brooklyn, N.Y. Kalamazco, Mich. Paw Paw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Montrose, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Omaha, Nebr. Rumford, R.I. FRANK B. SWARTWOVT, JR., B.B.A. in Accounting and Finance Delta Sigma Pi ALLAN E. SWARTZ, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Muskegon, Mich. A.S.M.E., Pi Tau Sigma DANIEL HERBERT SWARTZ, B.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon Birmingham, Mich. ELDON J. SWEAZEY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering JOSEPH A. SWEENEY, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering JAMES G. SWEETLAND, B.S. in Electrical Engineering JOHN ARTHUR SWETS, A.B. in Psychology Campus Action Committee WILLIAM VERNON SWISHER, A.B. in Speech CHARLEEN SYMMONDS, B.M. in Musical Education Sigma Alpha Iota, Tau Beta Sigma NANCY A. SYMONS, A.B. in Mathematics Women ' s Glee Club STANLEY J. SZMYTKOWSKI, B.S. in Engineering Pontiac, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Indiana, Pa. St. Johns, Mich. Elyria, Ohio Brooklyn, N.Y. 1 5 i? I ' . AfttfH 457 DAVID TABASM JIK, A.B. in Political Science Rov E. TAK.USHI, A.B. in History MARVIN W. TALAN, A.B. in English BUDD RICH TALLBERG, B.S. in Wood Technology ELIZABETH TANCIK, A.B. in Marketing BEDROS TANEALIAN, A.B. in Russian Marching Band MOIRA P. TANNER, A.B. Elementary Ed., JOHN F. TARDY, JR., B.S. in Mathematics RICHARD TARNUTZER, A.B. LORETTO M. TATRO, A.B. in Sociology CHARLOTTE TAYLOR, A.B. in Economics DENVER W. TAYLOR, B.S. in Geology Detroit, Mich. Honolulu, T. H. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. New York, N.Y. Highland Park, Mich. Buffalo, N.Y. Jersey City, N.J. Plymouth, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Hillside, N.J. Detroit, Mich. EDWARD TAYLOR, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. MARIAN I. TAYLOR, B.A.A. in Marketing American Marketing Association NORRINE MARIE TAYLOR, A.B. in English Alpha Lambda Delta ROBERT J. TAYLOR, B.S. in Industrial Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich River Rouge, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Media, Pa. WILLIAM W. TAYLOR, A.B. in Speech ROBERT O. TEEG B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E., A.I.M.E. LEE A. TEICHTHESEN, B.S. in Electrical Engineering ANABEL TENDLER, A.B. in Social Work J.G.P. WALTER H. TENINGA, A.B. in Economics Board of Control of Intercollegiate Athletics, Pres., Senior VERN TERPSTRA, A.B. in Business Administration ELVIRA A. TERZAGHI, A.B. in History ROBERT G. TESSMER, B.S. in Industrial Mech. Engineering A.S.M.E. Oxford, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Washington, D.C. Chicago, 111. Class, L.S. A. Grand Rapids, Mich. Negaunee, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. PHYLLIS B. TESTAL, B.S. in Zoology Muskegon, Mich. EDITH A. TEWS, A.B. in Journalism Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. MARY KATHRYN THEURER, A.B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. CHARLES D. THOMAS, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. JAMES THOMAS, B.B.A. in Accounting Gary, Ind. JOHN C. THOMAS, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. ROBERT W. THOMAS B.S. in Electrical Enaineerine Flint, Mich. A.I.E.E. WILLIAM H. THOMAS, M.A. in Sociology Baltimore, Ind. Alpha Kappa Mu WILLIAM R. THOMAS, JR., LL.B., Omaha, Neb. Delta Theta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa B. EVERETTE THOMPSON, JR., B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. DALE T. THOMPSON, B.M. in Music (Voice) Ann Arbor, Mich. FRED J. THOMPSON, B.M. in Organ Music Melrose, Mass. 458 GAIL R. THOMPSON, B.B.A. GEORGE R. THOMPSON, B.S. in Chemistry Marching Band HARRIET THOMPSON " , B.D. in Architecture and Desien Daily LELAN-O A. THOMPSON, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Rochester, N.Y. Mandan, N.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. NANCV LEE THOMPSON, A.B. in English J.G.P. RAYMOND A. THON, B. of Architecture and Design Phi Alpha Kappa DOROTHV M. THORN, A.B. in Elementary Education J.G.P., FRANK. A. THORN, JR., B.B.A. DONOVAN THORP, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering SARAH J. THRUSH, A.B. in Sociology S - a Alpha Iota =: H. THCMME, A.B. in Psychology ROBERT L. THURMOND, A.B. in Political Science FRANKLIN E. TILLERV, B.S. in Civil Engineering MARTHA TILLEY, B.S. in Public Health Nursing CHAVNCEY G. TILLMAS, B.S. in Geologv S.G.E. RODERICK. G. TIPPING B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. WARREN I. TISCH, A.B. in Industrial Management ELIAS J. TITEFSKY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering HERBERT TITLE, B.S. in Chemistry A.Ch.E. DAVJS S. TITTLE, B.S. M Club ROBERT E. TITUS, B.S. in Engineering Epsilon, A.S.C.E. JAMES R. TOBERMANN, B.S. in Industrial Forestry DONALD F. TODD, B.S. in Geology Sigma Gamma Epsilon WARREN H. TODTER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. JOHN C. TOLFREE, A.B. in Political Science Waco, Texas Kalispeli, Mont. Minneapolis, Minn. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Arlington, Va. Sebewaing, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Hampton, Va. Cincinnati, O. Detroit, Mich. Jopiin, Mo. Jackson, Mich. New York City, N.Y. Brooklyn, N.Y. River Forest, 111. S. Charleston, W. Va. Hillsboro, 111. Ionia, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. West Branch, Mich. LAWRENCE R. TOMHAVE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Fergus Falls, Minn. Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma HARRY M. TOMPKINS, M.D. Cement City, Mich. ALFA L. TOOLE. R.N. South Haven, Mich. JOHN L. TOOT, B.B.A. Delta Sigma Pi ALEXANDER T. TOPPING, B.S. in Civil Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Manistee, Mich. EDNA B. TORRES-PERALTA, M.A. in Bus. Admin. Rio Piedros, Puerto Rico FREDERICK H. TOTMAN, B.S. in Science Mathematics S. Charleston, W. Ya. ROBERT ALLEN TRACV, B.S. in Physics Engineering FREDERICK CARL TRACER, M.D. GEORGE C. TRAMONTIN, A.B. in English GEORGE D. TRAMP, JR., A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. E. l-Jnsing Mich. Iron Mountain, Mich. Marquette, Mich. 459 CLIFFORD H. TRAVIS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering PAUL L. TRAVIS, JR., B.S. in Physics Engineering Pontiac, Mich. Montague, Mich. Detroit, Mich. DANIEL L. TREACY, B. of Construction Architecture A.I.A. JAMES A. TREMILLS, B.S. in Aero Engineering St. Johns, Newfoundland I.A.S. LAWRENCE F. TREPKOWSKI A.B. in Economics A.S.M.E. DAVID L. TREZISE, LL.B. in Law CARLTON E. TRIPP M.E. in Marine Engineering A.S.M.E. W. THOMAS TRIPP, A.B. in Music Literature American Guild of Organists, Choral Union ANGELO E. TROGAN, LL.B. in Law LAUREN E. TROMBLEY, B.S. in Zoology REGINALD S. TROTTER, B.B.A. WILLIAM H. TROW, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Wakefield, Mich. Milford, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. ROSEMARY J. TROWBRIDGE, B.M. Teacher ' s Certif. in Music Dowagiac, Mich. Rifle Club HARRY G. TROXELL, B.B.A. Gettysburg, Pa. Scabbard and Blade JERRY J. TRUBOW, M.A. in Marketing Battle Creek, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Delta Sigma FREDERICK DONALD TRUESDELL, B.M. in Composition Music Kansas City, K;in. Choral Union JAMES H. TROMBO, B.D. in Advertising RICHARD C. TSCHIRHART, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering GEORGE WILLIAM TUCK, JR., A.B. in Mathematics MARCIA A. TUCKER, A.B. in English J.G.P. CAROL J. TUER, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Amer. Dental Hygienists Assn. DOROTHY TURFUS, R.N. in Nursing ELWYN N. TURNER, B.D. in Industrial Design HUGH M. TUTTLE, JR., A.B. in Economics Ferndnle, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Pt. Huron, Mich. Flint, Mich. Fenton, Mich. Barrington, R.I. FLOYD F. TWIGHT B.S. in Aero Engineering A.I.S. DELPHINE H. TYBERGHEIN, A.B. in Music and French C. G. UCHTMANN, M.A. in Economics TOSHI UESATO, A.B. in Economics Whitinsville, Mass. Detroit, Mich. Sparta, 111. Waipahu, Oahu, T.H. GEORGE EDWARD UHAZIE, B.S. in Engineering and Mathematics, Detroit, Mich. Chesterfield, Mo. Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. DAVID F. ULMER, A.B. in Letters and Law Choral Union RICHARD S. UNDERBILL, A.B. in Political Science Relief Committee Chairman, S.R.A. GAYLORD E. UNDERWOOD, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma, A.S.M.E. MADAN G. UPPAL, B.S. in Civil Engineering WILLIAM R. UPTHEGROVE, B.S. in Met. Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Triangles Lois M. URBAN, A.B. in Spanish THEODORE A. URBAN, B.B.A. Patiala, India Ann Arbor, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Bay City, Mich. 460 ROBERT UVICK, A.B. in Economics -AWRENCE A. VABULAS, B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. -IERBERT P. VALUER, M.A. in Mathematics " . GEORCINE VALLASCE, B.S. in Zoology IAYMOXD E. VALLEY, A.B. in Psychology OHS VAN BOVEX III, M.D. V. CLIFTON VAN BVREN, B.S. in Biology Alpha Phi Alpha KENNETH VASDER KOLK, B.S. in Zoology BRUCE F. VANDERMADE, D.D.S. Delta Sigma Delta VALERIE VAXDERMADE, A.B. in Elementary Education PETER J. VANDERMEER, D.D.S. Phi Alpha Kappa WILLIAM L. VANDERWERP, B.B.A. in Marketing GORDON VANDE VUSSE, B.B.A. in Marketing PETER VAX DOMELEN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma ROBERT }. VAN DRACT, D.D.S. JAMES B. VAX DrsES, A.B. BARBARA J. VAN DYKE, A.B. in History DONALD J. VAN DYKE, M.B.A. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Brooklyn, X.Y. Oak Park, III. Ann Arbor, Mich. Flint, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Zeeland, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Holland, Mich. Zeeland, Mich. Metamora, Mich. Montgomery, Ala. Grand Rapids, Mich. Holland, Mich. HARVEY E. VAN DYKE, B.M. in Musical Education Phi Alpha Kappa, Phi Slu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi ROGER JACK. VAN DYKE, B. of Architecture and Design Grand Rapids, Mich KENNETH E. VANLIER, B.S. in Geology LEON C. VAN OOSTEN, B.B.A. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. NATHAN K. AxOsDOL, JR., A.B. in Architecture Engineering, Grosse Pointe, Mich. A.I. A., Tau Sigma Delta JAXE E. VAN SISE, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio ROBERT W. VAN SUMMERX, B. of Architecture and Design Buffalo, X.Y. LLOYD L. VAN VALKEXBURGH, M.A. in Speech Port Huron, Mich. Chicago, 111. Oxford, Ohio EDWARD H. VAN VOREX B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. TOM C. VAX VORHIS, Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Druids CHARLES V. VAX ZYLEX, B.S. in Electrical Engineering ROGER J. VAI-GHK, JR., A.B. in Mathematics ANDREW HARPER VAUGHN, JR., A.B. in Economics tx P. VEEX, B.S. in Wood Technology E VERBEEK, B.S. in Engineering STEPHEN VESELEXAK, B.B.A. PHYLLIS R. VEST, Certificate in Dental Hygiene THOMAS F. VETTER, A.B. in Political Science Holland, Mich. Flint, Mich. Northfield, XJ. Grand Rapids, Mich. Culemborg, Holland Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Xiles, Mich. 461 ROSLYN VIEDRAH, Certif. of Dental Hygiene RALPH D. VILAS, A.B. in Economics ROBERT V. VINCENT, A.B. in Economics ELIZABETH R. VINIERATOS, A.B. in German Senior Society, Mortarboard, J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret RICHARD S. VIRGO, B. of Architecture ROSALIND, VIRSHUP, A.B. in Psychology KAY E. VIRTA, B.S. in Forestry DONALD W. VISSCHER, A.B. in Pre-Professional PHILIP R. VISSER, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. JOHN N. VLACHOS, B.B.A. LESTER E. VOCKE, B.S. in Zoology PEGGY A. VOEGLER, A.B. in English WALTER L. VOEK.S, B.B.A. in Accounting RALPH H. VOGLER B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. ELVA M. VOGT, B.M. in Music GEORGE VOHAR, JR., B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. CLIFFORD CARL VOICE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ROBERT B. VOK.AC, A.B. in Industrial Relations Daily JAY H. VOLKERS, B. of Architecture and Design LORAINE VON GLAHN, A.B. in English JOSEPH J. VOORHEES, JR., A.B. in Journalism GEORGE W. VOSPER, B.B.A. in Accounting ROY VRIESMAN, JR., B.B.A. in Accounting L. DERK VYN, A.B. of Architecture Design FRANKLIN V. WADE, M.D. ARTHUR A. WAGNER, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Tenafly, N.J. Hollis, L.I., N.Y. Hampton, Va. Plymouth, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Warren, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Buenos Aires, Argentina Kalamazoo, Mich. Flint, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Flint, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. St. Louis, Missouri Midland, Pa. Battle Creek, Mich. Traverse City, Mich. Holland, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Buchanan, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Muskegon, Mich. Palo Alto Calif. Rockford, Mich. Tinley Park, 111. Ann Arbor, Mich. LILIAS C. WAGNER, A.B. in Speech Daily Woman ' s Night Editor, Arts Chorale ROBERT O. WAGNER, JR B.A. with Honors in Politics and Ethics Detroit. Mich A.V.C. ANNETTE WALDMAN, A.B. in History HUGO A. WALFRED, A.B. in English BARBARA LEE WALKER, A.B. in History GEORGE LEE WALKER, A.B. in English Druids, Sphinx, Scabbard Blade MARY N. WALKER, A.B. in Elementary Ed., Pan-Hellenic Board ROBERT H. WALKER, B.B.A. in Marketing PAUL J. WALLACE, B.M. in Musical Education Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi WILLIAM RICHARD WALLACE, B.B.A. Scranton, Pa. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Flint, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. 462 VIVIAN WALLAS, A.B. in Spanish VIRGINIA L. WALPOLE, A.B. in Elementary Education J.G.P. EDWARD N. WALSH, JR., A.B. in Political Science HELENA WALSH, A.B. in History MARY C. WELSH, B.S. in Botany Phi Sigma RICHARD C. WALSH, A.B. in Social Sciences CHRISTOPHER WALSTRA, A.B. and B.S. in Mech. Eng. A.S.M.E. BYRON D. WALTER, LL.B. DAN H. WALTERS, B.S. in Marine Engineering Quarterdeck FRED WALTERS, JR., A.B. in Architecture Design JACK H. WALTERS, A.B. in Economics PHYLLIS E. WALTERS, B.S. in Chemistry DONALD L. WALTS, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. JAMES E. WALZ, A.B. in Speech Psychology RLTH WANAMAKER, J.D. in Law Kappa Beta Pi FENG-HSIANG WANG, M.A. in Economics ROBERT WARBI-RTON, A.B. in English M.C.F. President JACK LEE WARD, B.S. in Chemical Engineering NANCY WARD, A.B. in English Alpha Lambda Delta T. J. WARD, B.B.A. in Marketing BERNARD WARGOTZ, B.S. in Chemistry American Chemical Society CATHERINE WARREN, A.B. in Political Science Choral Union LESTER M. WARREN, B.B.A. in Marketing RODERICK E. WARREN, B. of Architectural Engineering Alpha Phi Alpha WHOMAS W. WARREN, B.S. in Journalism ZACH WARREN, B.M. in Musical Education Kappa Kappa Psi ROBERT G. WARSINSKI, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. SAM WARTINBEE B.S. in Civil Engineering A.S.C.E. MITCHELL, S. WASILRA, A.B. in History VIDET WASSEL, A.B. in Intericr Design JACK W. WATERS, A.B. in Speech Ensian ALAN R. WATERSTONE, A.B. in Letters and Law LLOYD WATERSTONE, B.S. in Zoology BRVCE GORDON WATHEN B.S. in Engineering A.I.E.E. GEORGE W. WATSON, LL.B. in Law IRWIN H. WATSON, A.B. in Political Science Phi Sigma Kappa, Delta Sigma Rho Detroit, Mich. Jonesville, Mich. Joliet, Illinois Grand Rapids, Mich Utica, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Sioux City, Iowa White Pigeon, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Paw Paw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Shanghai, China Newark, N.J. Dallas, Texas Oak Park, 111. Grosse Pte, Mich. New York, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Fort Wayne, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Marion, 111. Port Huron, Mich. Clintonville, Wise. Muskegon, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Port Clinton, O. Crisman, 111. 463 PETER A. WEATHERWAX, B.B.A. ANN M. WEAVER, A.B. in Psychology Soph. Cabaret CLARA R. WEAVER B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. RAYMOND J. WEBB, B.S. in Chemistry FREDERIC L. WEBBER, A.B. in Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha RICHARD F. WEBBER B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. BRUCE M. WEBER, B.S. in Chemical Engineering CHARLES M. WEBER, A.B. in Zoology NIK.LOS WEBER, JR., A.B. in Sociology LLOYD E. WEBERG, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ROSALIE G. WEDEEN, A.B. in History JOSEPH G. K. WEE, B.B.A. in Accounting Jackson, Mich. Mansfield, Ohio Lawton, Mich. Flint, Mich. Decatur, 111. Flint, Mich. Iron Mountain, Mich. Queens, N.Y. Ferndale, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Honolulu, Hawaii CHARLES W. WEOENER, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. A.I.E.E. HENRY J. WEGLARZ, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Paw Paw, Mich. Sigma Rho Tau, A.S.M.E. EARL T. WEGNER, B.S. in Aero Engineering Reed City, Mich. I.A.S. NICHOLAS WEHRMANN, B.S. in Industrial Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. MAURICE D. WEIDENTHAL, A.B. in Political Science Cleveland Hts., O. WILLIAM M. WEIL, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ridgewood Queens, N.Y. Pi Tau Sigma, A.S.M.E., Phi Sigma Delta MARSHALL WEINBERG, A.B. in Philosophy Brooklyn, N.Y. ALLAN D. WEINER, B.S. in Combined Curriculum Detroit, Mich. BRUCE R. WEINERT, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. PAUL P. WEINHARDT, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. HARVEY L. WEISBERG, LL.B. in Law Detroit, Mich. Tau Epsilon Rho, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Rho. LEO WEISS, LL.B. in Law Brooklyn, N.Y. MARY E. WELCH, A.B. in English ALONZO D. WELCHMAN B. of Architecture Design Alpha Rho Chi JAMES L. WELDON, JR., A.B. in History Daily WILLIAM S. WELDON, A.B. in History MARGARET E. WELDT, A.B. in Elementary Art Education WILLIAM F. WELK.E, A.B. in English Wenley House President ROGER D. WELLINGTON, B.S. in Industrial-Median. Eng. Daily JOHN DEWIT WELLS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Birmingham, Mich. Salt Lake City, Utah Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. CLARENCE E. WELSH, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering, Merrill, Mich. RICHARD E. WENDT, M.S. in Zoology Milan, Mich. HENRY P. WENGER, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. GERALD E. WENTWORTH, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. A.I. E.E., I.R.E. 464 GESE K. WENTZ, M.A. in Mathematical Statistics WARREN WEPMAK, A.B. in Letters Law ROBERT H. WERME, A.B. in Speech GEORGE KEITH WERNER, B.B.A. KATHERIXE A. WERSEN, B.M. in Music Education VIRGINIA WERTIN, A.B. in Elementary Education CAROLYN L. WESTA, B.M. in Music Literature Brookville, Ohio Miami, Fla. Norwalk, Conn. St. Clair, Mich. Philadelphia, Pa. Saginaw, Mich. Imlay City, Mich. ROBERT E. WESTER, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering, Montgomery, Ala. A.S.M.E. Lov S. WESTOS, A.B. in History MAXISE J. WESTPHAL, M.A. in English NORMA J. WESTA, B. of Architecture Design Amer. Inst. of Architects MARILVN J. WETMORE, A.B. in Sociology J. GERALD WETZEL, LL.B. in Law JOHN P. WHAITE, A.B. in Psychology MICHAEL J. WHALEN, LL.B. in Law KENNETH R. WHEELER, B.S. in Zoology -NANCY Jo WHEELER, B.D. in Architecture and Design SHIRLEY WHEELIHAN, R.N. in Nursing CHARLES H. WHIPPLE, B.B.A. EUGENE M. WHITACRE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Ensian BARBARA M. WHITE, A.B. in Elementary Education HARRIET I. WHITE, R.N. HOMER D. WHITE, D.D.S. JAMES V. WHITE, B.S. in Wood Technology NORMAN A. WHITE, B. of Architecture RICHARD E. WHITE, A.B. in Personnel Administration Alpha Phi Omega ROBERT P. WHITE, B. of Architecture Design Alpha Rho Chi, A.I.A. WILLIAM W. WHITE, B.B.A. Glee Club Port Huron, Mich. Halifax, N.C. New York, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Anamosa, Iowa Ogden, Utah Omena, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Niagara Falls, N.Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Birmingham, Ala. Toledo, Ohio Essexville, Mich. Gladstone, Mich. MiddleviUe, Mich. Danville, Illinois Grand Rapids, Mich. FRANK. WHITEHOL SE, JR., A.B. in Letters and Medicine Phi Eta Sigma EMERSON C. WHITFIELD, B.B.A. in Accounting Alpha Phi Omega CHARLES E. WHITMER, JR., B.D. in Architecture Design ALBERT T. WHITMORE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. MARY J. WHITNEY, B.S. in Biology DOVGLAS H. WICKS, A.B. in Speech DEAN R. WIDRIG, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E. LLOYD T. WIEGERIKK, M.D. Alpha Omega Alpha, Galens Ypsilanti, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Owensboro, Ky. Kalamazoo, Mich. Wyandotte, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Charlotte, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. v ' O f ft 465 JOSEF H. WIEHR, M.A. in German Pi Gamma Mu RHODA Z. WIENCROT, B.S. in Public Health Nursing Public Health Prof. Club ROBERT F. WIESE, B.S. in Forestry Gamma Delta STANFORD B. WIGGIN, B.S. in Civil Engineering RICHARD E. WIGGINS, B.B.A. THOMAS E. WIGHTMAN, A.B. in Business Administration GLENN I. WIITALA, A.B. in English CARLA A. WIKSTROM, B.S. in Biology Spartanburg, S.C. Stamford, Conn. Hales Corners, Wise. Detroit, Mich. Britton, Mich. Vassar, Mich. Gay, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. IRVIN M. WILBUR, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Flint, Mich. ROBERT L. WILCHAR, B.S. in Naval Arch. Marine Eng., San Francisco, Calif. VIRGINIA A. WILCOX, A.B. in English Literature Youngstown, O. ALLAN K. WILDMAN, A.B. in History Bloomington, 111. LESLIE C. WILKIE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering MARCIA JANE WILKINS, A.B. in Political Science CHARLES R. WILLIAMS, B.S. in Forestry GEORGE N. WILLIAMS, B. of Architecture Design GLADYS B. WILLIAMS, B.S. in Mathematics JANE N. WILLIAMS, B.M. in Music, Voice Mu Phi Epsilon JOHN H. WILLIAMS, B.S. LEONARD H. WILLIAMS, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E. NANCYCAROL WILLIAMS, Certif. in Dental Hygiene ROBERT B. WILLIAMS, D.D.S ROBERT E. WILLIAMS, M.S. in Orthodontics WILLIAM H. WILLIAMS, B.S. in Chemical Engineering A.I.Ch.E. WILLIAM K. WILLIAMS, B.S. in General Forestry Ross C. WILLS, B.S. in A ero. Engineering 1 . A.o. GEORGANNA WILLSON, A.B. in Elementary Education J.G.P. JENNIE A. WILSON, A.B. in Elementary Education JOHN M. WILSON, A.B. in English Creative Writing MARY B. WILSON, A.B. in Elementary Education MARY J. WILSON, A.B. in Speech Correction Sec. Central Committee J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret ROBERT G. WILSON, A.B. in German STELLA M. WILSON, A.B. in Botany SUSAN WILSON, A.B. in Speech WILLIAM H. WILSON, M.S. in Aero. Engineering JOHN EDGAR WIMBERLY, M.A. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Midland, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Hempstead, N.Y. Brier Hill, N.Y. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Long Island, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. River Rouge, Mich. Erie, Pa. Chadron, Nebr. Midland, Mich. Los Angeles, Calif. Terre Haute, Ind. Royal Oak, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Lapeer, Mich. Montpelier, O. Elsie, Mich. Toledo, O. Chicago, 111. Grand Rapids, Mich. 466 SHERWIK T. WISE, A.B. in Philosophy Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Rho SUMNER J. WINEBAVM, A.B. in English Gargoyle ROY R. WINN, A.B. in Labor Relations MARVIK WINSTON, A.B. in Economics FREDMCA S. WINTERS, A.B. in English Daily Lois W. WINTERS, A.B. in Elementary Education JOHN W. WINZELER, B.S. in Physics JACK. K. WIRTH, A.B. in Economics Delta Sigma Rho DAVID S. WISE, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Math. Phi Kappa Phi, A.I.E.E., I.R.E. ROBERT L. WISE, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Theta Kappa WILLIAM L. WISE, B.B.A. Michigamua, Scabbard Blade, S.A.C., Pres. Mich. Union DONALD O. WISEMAN, B.M. in Music RAYMOND N. WISMER, B.S. in Industrial Engineering ROBERT C. WISMER, A.B. in English ROBERT E. WISMER, B.S. in Forestry IRVIN C. WISNIEWSKJ, B.S. in Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa, Druids, Sphinx BRVCE A. WITHERSPOON, A.B. in Journalism EDWARD L. WITHEY, JR., B.S. in Physics PHILIP WITTENBERG, LL.B. in Law Phi Eta Sigma LEONARD P. WITTLIKGER, A.B. in English Sigma Rho Tau, Varsity Debate ERWIN B. WITTCS, M.A. in Accounting DONALD E. WOLF, B.B.A. JAMES B. WOLF, JR., B.B.A. in Accounting LEONARD M. WOLF, A.B. in Zoology CHARLES HENRY WOLFE III. A.B. in History EARL F. WOLFMAS, JR., M.D. Alpha Omega Alpha HOWARD J. WOLFMEYER, A.B. in Social Studies ERWIS WOLK, B. of Architecture HAROLD X. WOLLAM, LL.B. in Law DEWEY H. F. WONG, B.S. in Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E., I.R.E. HENRY W. C. WONG, LL.B. in Law ROBERT K. Woo, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Alpha Lambda, Pres. Chinese Students Club GEORGE H. WOOD, D.D.S. LENORE A. WOOD, A.B. in English MARJORIE D. WOODLAND, M.M. in Music Education GUY D. WOODRVFF, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Beta Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Epsilon Detroit, Mich. Portsmouth, N.H. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Brooklyn, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, Ohio Bay City, Mich. Cleveland, Ohio Saginaw, Mich. E. Lansing, Mich. Walled Lake, Mich. Grand Blanc, Mich. Grand Blanc, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Lambertville, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Columbia, S.C. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Downers Grove, 111. Shaker Heights, O. Pontiac, Mich. Lakeside, O. Huntington Woods, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ardara, Pa. Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu, T.H. Shanghai, China Lynn, Ind. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Wichita, Kans. u; p 467 v -- m - KAY WOODRUFF, A.B. in English Literature JAMES H. WOODS, B.B.A. SCOTT W. WOODS, A.B. in Zoology PRISCILLA WOODWARD, A.B. in Geography Senior Society, Pres. of Mosher Hall STEPHEN WOROBEC, A.B. WILLIAM R. WORTH, J.D. in Law HAROLD L. WRKJHT, JR., M.D. in Medicine Choral Union JAMES W. WRIGHT, B.S. in Zoology Football ' 47, ' 48 JOHN J. WRIGHT, A.B. in Psychology THOMAS A. WRIGHT, B.S. in Electrical Engineering I.R.E. WILLIAM S. WRIGHT, B.S. in Electrical Engineering -..!. 1-J.I1..J 1 , lv..c,. RODNEY T. Wu, M.S. in Chemistry MARGARET M. WULSIN, B.M. in Music Literature Mu Phi Epsilon CLAIRE WYATT, B.S. in Dental Hygiene WALTER C. WYLIE, JR., B.B.A. WILLIAM N. YAEGER, M.A. in Accounting JOSEPH YAKAS, JR., B.S. in Electrical Engineering EDWARD S. YANNE, A.B. in Political Science Chicago, 111. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Riverton, N.J. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ferndale, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. E. Detroit, Mich. Coldwater, Mich. Hazel Park, Mich. Shanghai, China Cincinnati, O. Mount Dora, Fla. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. British Hongkong MICHAEL S. YAREMBINSK.Y, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Brooklyn, N.Y. A.S.M.E. ANDREW YAROSCHAK, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Yonkers, N.Y. A.S.M.E. BRUCE YEARE, A.B. in Sociology CLARENCE L. U. YEE, B.S. in Pharmacy JOHN H. YORK, A.B. in History CHERYL F. YOSHIHARA, B.A. in Psychology Kappa Phi, Chairman International Committee of Wesleyan MASSAO YOSHIMINE, M.S. in Chemistry ARTHUR YOUNG, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering CHARLES L. YOUNG, A.B. in Political Science Sigma Chi VINCENT C. YOUNG, JR., A.B. in Political Science ERIC V. YOUNGQUIST, A.B. in English CAROL A. YOUNGS, Certif. in Dental Hygiene HERBERT H. Yu, M.S. in Civil Engineering WILLIAM M. YUDK.IN, A.B. in Political Science HEENY, S. H. YUEN, B.S. in Zoology JOHN C. ZABRISKIE, A.B. in Industrial Relations Publicity Committee Chairman Wolverine Club FRANK L. ZAGELMEYER III, A.B. in Political Science Union Executive Council ROBEET B. ZAJONC, B.A. in Sociology Nassau, Bahamas Honolulu, T.H. Birmingham, Mich. Tacoma, Wash. Guild Los Angeles, Calif. Manilla, Philippines B attle Creek, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Ionia, Mich. Shanghai, China Ansonia, Conn. Hilo, Hawaii Detroit, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Lodz, Poland 468 BERTRAM ZAUSMER, A.B. in Political Science WILLIAM B. ZELLER, A.B. in Political Science Wolverine Club STANLEY E. ZIAJA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering RALPH O. ZIEGLER, B.B.A . in Finance Gamma Delta, Daily RICHARD C. ZIMMER, B. of Architecture Alpha Rho Chi, The Arts Society VERNON B. ZIMMERMAN, A.B. in History JACQUELINE L. ZIPP, A.B. in History SHIRLEV ZIRIN, R.N. HELEN ZIVKOFF, A.B. in English LEOSA D. Zivow, B.S. in Physics ABRAHAM ZOLD, B.S. in Physics LEONARD J. ZONTEK, B.B.A. in Marketing JACK V. ZORDELL, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Scabbard 6; Blade JAMES R. ZI ' CKERMAN, LL.B. Daily NAOMI L. ZUCK.ERMAN, A.B. in English SHIRLEV R. ZI ' CKERMAN, B.M. in Music Education Choral Union, University Choir Detroit, Mich. Alpena, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Indianapolis, Ind. Monroe, Mich. Petoskey, Mich. Los Angeles, Calif. Mansfield, Ohio Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. St. Joseph, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Great Neck, N.Y. Springfield, III. Hudsonville, Mich. MARCIA ZWAGERMAN, B.M. in Vocal Music Education Sigma Alpha Iota, Choral Union O. WILLIAM LOWRV, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering, Holland, Mich. WALLACE K. SCHOENBERC, A.B. in Zoology THOMAS E. LINTON, A.B. in English Generation Brooklyn, N.Y. La Grange, 111. ARGARET I t SECRET TOOTBALL SHOT ADVERTISING BAR BSON- RAYMOND DETROIT PLANT DETROIT, MICHIGAN DIVISION OF ASSOCIATED SPRING CORP. TWO PLANTS COOK PLANT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 472 STATE SAVINGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR MAIN AND WASHINGTON STS. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Resources Over 25 Million Commercial and Savings Bank Since 1893 Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ANN ARBOR BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System EVER READY TO SERVE MAIN STREET at HURON STATE STREET OFFICE 330 STATE ST. SOUTH UNIVERSITY OFFICE 1108 S. UNIVERSITY AVE. ANN ARBOR FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings Accounts Mortgage Loans ORGANIZED 1890 Member Federal Sarings and Loan Insurance Corporation 116 NORTH 4rH AVE. OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE COMPLETE TRUST SERVICE FOR AXX ARBOR AND WASHTEXAW COUNTY Ann Arbor Trust Company You can rent a Safety Deposit Box for as little as one cent a day Main at Huron 473 The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan The official spokesman for the 128,000 graduates and former students of the University Divisions THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CLUBS COUNCIL THE ALUMNAE COUNCIL THE CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL Keep contact with Michigan by reading THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Official publication of the Alumni Association For Seniors only a special " Introduc- tory Price " has been established. By ordering early these New Alumni may have the magazine 21 complete, issues for the whole year for only Two DOLLARS. This special rate covers for new alumni only, the first four years following the graduation. An annual subscription starts any time and runs for twelve months. 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ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN PHONE 2-6238 Come Back and See Us Sometime (Movies were real fun in Ann Arbor) MICHIGAN STATE ORPHEUM WUERTH WHITNEY .5. M. F. GOWTHORPE, Pres. 483 Official Photographers J or the 1950 MICHIGANENSIAN STUDIOS INC. 114 PARK Row " On Location Photographers " NEW YORK 7, N. Y. ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK BY INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY- INC. 484 STUDENT INDEX aron H L 374 Abbey I 17 Abbin B 143,308 Abbott C 365 bbott J 122,277 25 129,332 Abrea J 173, 374 374 _374 197,374 374 374 Acosta C 367 374 Adair J 321 Adams B 133,239 2QH Adam P 365 326 Adam; J P 19,21 Adams J M. 374 26 176 Adam P R 266 Adam? P T 26 315 1X2 201 Adamski X 349 IM 325 340 132 Adler K 300 AJ1e- V 374 AeveYsold M. 374 Agata R 1 4, 374 1X3 Agnello A 319 Ahlero S 322 Ahlick H -I A;V n 374 Aichele r 290 Aidinoff V 143, 374 Aile f 291 Ainsley D 299 Akarakciyan. N. -. ' -. -- 320 k.-ta T 174 1ak= J 374 Albach R 374 Mr-ar. V J 374 Alber S 276 Albert son. R. 296 31 A1hre r ht, W 297 Aldrich M R 270 Alenick J IM 374 335 374 113 Alexander. Walker 317 1X1 Alfnrrl F. 179 374 Aliferis.-P. 348 Allaire J 349 Allan R 126 AllarH R 374 Allardicc. M 374 Alleni, T 319 Allee, H 326 Allen Daire 346 Allen, Dirk 29, 301 Allen. fWU 374 Allen, FlnvH 322 Allen. Frank 37 Allen, Fred jSt Allen. George 30 Allen, Jav 310 Allen, Jnv 374 Allen, Julian 352 Allen, Louis 31 " ! Allen. Marion ME Allen. Maurice 374 Allen, Melva 3 Allen, fne 291 Allen. Robert 326 Allen, 5 1 5 Allerton H 309 Allerton. 5 364 Allis. H. 128, 197. 213, 223, 225,229,288 320, 374 Allmand, C. Aim C. 291 Alpern. R 308 Alper, P 31O Alschbach, D. at Alt R 3 1 Ait, r 177 Altman. J 312 Altman. S 310 Altman, W 312 Alvare , T.. 317, 374 Amble. H 374 298 Amrr, M 2X.325 Amer X 289,374 321 Ames B 1 2 S3 347 Ames W IM Amith A iTn 314 2S 310 Amtsbuechler. E. - 365 Anderson, Alan 126, 299, 335, 374 Anderson, Albert 374 Anderson, Alice 132,354,374 Anderson, Barbara 361 Anderson, Carole 270 Anderson, Curtis 375 Anderson, Dave 341 Anderson, Dick 296 Anderson, Donald Anderson, Edward Anderson, Ernie . Anderson, George Anderson, Gunnar Anderson. Irving Anderson. James n. Tea Anderson, Mary L.- Anderson. Mary P. Anderson, Merle Anderson, Paul 266 _375 -167,291. - 304 149 1X2, 375 143, 269 364 Anderton, W. 375 130, 263, 375 Adrew P 375 36n Andre ' s, T. 336 375 337 Angeles X 375 Angell I. 375 Angell T 199, 375 Angel J 314 Anhut W 375 317 351 .304 375 Artttila, IT, 326 34 375 332 ApHIl, T 135 346 Arakelian F. 375 Arbnckle. J. Archangli. D. - Arcnre, J. Ardis. Marg Ardis. Mark Arias. J. Ariyoshi. G. _ Armbrust. R. _ Armbruster, J. Armour. N. 128, 197, 311 _ 315 375 262 346 J22.375 174 375 _347 Armstrong. I. 137, 291 Armstrong. Martha 25, 143, 133, 188, 315, 375 Armstrong. Maurice 185, 375 Arnade, C. 375 Arnett. E. 185 Arnold, C. 375 Arnold. H. 305 .375 265 375 265 362,375 360,375 Arter B 122,267 293,275 AsKiirv, n 138,336 Aschenbrenner, J. 271 A.h, A 332 Ash R 136 Ah S 270 Ashikawa J 174 303 .Ash worth f- as, -- Askew. T, 362 Askh S 375 Aslett. B 376 Asplin. M. Assik. I. Assimos. N. Ast. T. Aster, R. Atchison. James . 131, 279, 376 _ 159, 376 302 172 _129, 172 _126, 197, 213, 218, 224, 376 118. 130, 279,376 202 Athans D .376 121, 354 Atkins R 325 Atkins M 199,361 Atnip K 1C 376 Auch B 273,376 Auch F 317 Auch J Hf 176 309,347 1X1, 376 129 197, 311, 376 2X9 137, 179. 376 Aven H 335,376 Averill F 272,376 Averill C 346 Averill Keith 350 129 Averill M 376 Axelrod A _265, 376 Ajtelrod v 310 364 Avline. I 159, 376 Babcock A 134 Babcock, Dorothy Babcock Ken 376 351 Babbitt, J. 33 Babitch D 312 Babitch D J 137,376 Babson D 24 Bachtel B 290,376 303 Backels J 185, 351 335 263 350,376 Bacon R R 376 Bacon V 315 Badftt n 376 Badgley J 183,273 p aT .E.- . " V 364 325 Bapliffne V 1 2 PatTiell T 290 Baguivel R 173 Bajjpilev, J. K. 136,376 Bahe B 367 Bahor R 349 Baier Prof I . A. IX? 186,376 Bailev Petty 122,271 Bailer Beverly 376 Bailey, David 172 Bailev Richard 334 Bailey R 169 .349 Baile - ' m 191.347 Bailie Charles 299,376 376 Bainbridge E. R 182,376 Baird D 305 .35 Bai ' s V 19 Bainer B 361 Baker Pa " M 332 Baker Dick 305 Baker Donald 376 Baker G 315,376 Raker H 363,376 Baker Janet 359 __339, 376 154 Raker M 30 R a fcer V n .346 at, m R a ker Robert 32 376 Raker Will 250 Rakke 376 Bakken. A, 377 Bakst M 377 Balaban. A P. 178,377 Balbinder. F 377 Balconi J Baldauf n If 376 .3 0 RalTn H 318,377 Rail J A 274 Ball Peter 311,376 Ball, PriscilU 24,25, , , , Ballantine. Barbara _ 276, 377 Ballantine. Bev 276,376 Ballantyne. M. J. Balloff. E. BaWV W. Balogna, J. Baiter, A. G. _265 _350 _315 _377 Baltezore, R. C. Bamborough, J. E. Bamber, E. Bamborough, Lois Banker, O. E. Banninga. J. Banser. B. Banwell, M Banyan. W. Banzhaf. J. Barad. P. Barada, B. Baranowski, I. Barber, F. Barber, Leroy Barber, Lynn Barber, R. . Barbour, J. Barclay, W. Bardowski, J. Barfuss, J. Bargert, R. J- Baribean, P. _ Barill. I. Barkell, W 142, 301, 377 .185,377 377 _136, 348, 377 377 _334 115, 289, 377 314,377 180 377 Barker, George L. 377 129,277 292 Barkkarie D 167,352 Barnard D 304 1X5 Barnes Pill 335 154 316 Barnes. Jerry 276,377 295 Barnes J 0. 377 Barnes J R 377 Barnes R 334 312 Barnes V. 377 322 Barnett E, 377 154 Barn - ' , IM, 377 171 169 Barnwell. M 341 Baron B 26, 132, 280 366,377 34 129 Barovirk R. 31 Barr F 377 Barr W, 130 Barrack F, Barrett, D. 326 Barrett K 377 367 Barron, P 366 320 315 Bartfll W 185,377 Bartels 366 Barth W 141 Barthell P 252 299 1 W, 201 Bartlett B 51,336 Bartlett F 1 2 Bartlrtt, L. 361,377 Bartlett W 213,378 Barton T 33 Barnch. S. 352 Bass. D. 350 Basset. T. 185 Bassett. A 309 _326 Ba=sett T IB 295 37 Bates Rill 305 Bates Bud 335 Bates G 37R Bates J 32 377 Bates R 377 Ba ' l- f 162, 319 Battle L 304 24.278 Bauer W 187,338,378 290,37 309 37 Baumann. O. _ 185 Baumberger, " G. 354, 363, 378 Baumgartner, D. 162 Baxter, C. 186 Baxter. Prof. D. 18S Bay. B. 298 Bay, Jack 298 Bay, John 156 BaV, K. 298,378 Bay. Patty Bay, Polly _273 -201 485 331,378 Bayer C .178 _361 Bayless T A 126,378 .365 Bazar M 143 Bazil G .1.30, 378 3.17 Beach F .178 Beach T, 183, 361 378 Beachan C _.. 378 Beal G 330, 378 Beam H. 326 184, 281 B-am P 169 314 Beard H. 129 " pard W 287 Beardsley, P. 348 Beath C ...288 HiMth H 288 Beatson, M. _ .361 Beattie, A. Beattie, L. Beatty, ' B! Beatty, James Beck, Anne Beck, Art .._ Beck, D. Beck, J. Beck, L. Beck, N. _ Beck, V. Beckendorf, K. Becker, A. _ 176 .. .. 269 Becker, J. 136, 315, 378 Becker, James __378 Becker, V. Beckley, B. Beckman, J. Beckton, D. Beoul, F. Beebe, S. _ Beel, J. Beely, R. _ Beeman, J. Beenan, M. Beers, C. _198, 275 366 ... _378 266. 378 184 360 314 ..378 198,275 273 Beers, D. 290 Beers, K 25 115 Beers, R 378 Beers, W 179 178 Beglarion, G. 17R Begnle, M Begole, M 178 Begrnw, J. J22 Begrow, L. Behrens, E. 17S Behrens, J. . 199 Beightler, C. Beightler, C. Beister, H. _ Belan, E. Belcher, E. _ Belcher, N. Belfer, H. _ Belin, D. _ Beljan, T. _ Beljan, John Belkin, J. . Bell, B. _ Bell, D. 379 379 129 ._ 347 318 25,344 349 129 310 Bell, E. 379 Bell, F. 358 Bell, J. 120 131 270 379 Bell, Martha 133 Bell, Murray 379 Seller, B. 267 Bellis, W. 154 Bellows, R. Belmonte, M. Belote, B. 317, 379 302 379 168 Bendas, W. 379 Benden, A. 335 379 Bender, O. 185 Bender, R. 379 Bendler, F. 269 Benedict, H. 25 379 Benesh, F. 352. 379 Benisek, G. Benjamin, L. _ Benjamins, E Benka, F. Benlow, T. -129, 168, 321 122, 280 328 329 Benner, A. _ Bennet, T. _ 361, 379 Bennet, L. ' 51 Bennett, A 379 Bennett, H. 366 Bennett, James 330 379 Bennett, John 333 Bennett. S. Bennett, T. 133 379 Bennetts. H. 379 Bensen. K 184 Benson, A. 364 Benson, C. i?n 379 Benson, T 170 Benson, L. 379 Benson, R. 6 348 Bentlev, K. 370 Benyas, S. 365 Benzinger, C. - 154 156 Berce X 250 129 Berent F 179 Berg H 179 Bergdahi N 271 .146 3.17 379 .161 379 -300, 379 143, 321 Berkowitz, D. 379 Berkowitz, M. 379 265, 379 379 Bern D 379 Bernas, P. 291 Berndt H. .. 185, 379 178 Berns, D. 115 365, 379 308 265, 379 380 p-rnthal W 380 Berquist, D. . .380 380 Berry A 3 ! Brr y H 294 Berry T 3SO Berry, J 317 Berry, S 3M Brry T 335 183 TWtngtin, V ... . 330 380 Bertsehinger, W. Berzon, J. 380 289 380 Besemer, N. Bessler, D. 320 181 30 Bt n 380 Best, M. . 319, 360 Bethel, H 135, 1 16 Beiikema, P, 18(1 186 Beveridge, Nancy Bevis, H. . Hey H __ 158, 275 324, 380 320 Beyer, J 115, 305 Beyer, I. 172 Reyrenther, J 35R 3TO 380 Bhaopiehitr, S. in Bialik. Tack _ in Bialkin, Kenneth 312 Bibicoff, Hilarion. 179, 346, 380 Bick, Vern 341 Bickel. Shirley 380 Bicknell. Bruce 326 Bierer, Joanne 186 Biery, John 135 Biesc, Martin Bieser, Carl _ Bigelow, Gordon Bigelow. Will __ Biggs, Phyllis _ Biggs, Robert _ Bigman, Anne 333 -137, 179, 290 348 328, 380 .184 315 Billinghurst, Anne Billingsley, Dan Billington, D. Bigham, George Bingham, Jack Birch, Nancy Bird, loan . Bird, Richard Birdsell, Theodore Birdsell, John Birkenmeier, Marion Bisel. Noel _ . Bishop, Richard Bitman, Kenneth Bittker. David Bittker, James Bierregaarde, R. Black, Bill Black, Harry _ Black, Ted - Black, Wm. . .. 302, 380 333 Blackford, Margaret 26, 279 Blackhurst, Fred _ _330 Blake, Dick Blake, P. Blair, Armand Blair, Beverly Blair, Emily Blair, Robert Blair, Virginia . Blaisus, Jos. _ Blanchard, Fred Blanchard, Margot -301 360 380 365 355 302 -169, 362, 380 380 -335 Blaschak, Veronica Blavin, Milton 366 332, 380 Blecki, Hugh 117 Bleeker, Helene . 380 Bleecker, Ronald Bliss, Alison 380 3GI Bliss, Phyllis 260 Bloch, Laurence 348 Block, Anthony ing Block, George 11A Blomquist, Dorothy Bloom, Edward Bloom, Janet Bloom, Robert __ 147, 279 312, 380 263 .129 Bloomquist, Richard 164, 381 Blossey. Arthur 352, 381 Blott, Jack Blott, Joan 277 Blow, Wm. 381 Blum, Ed. 293 Blum, Morton 348 Blumenthal, Wm. 308 Blumeraising, Al Blumrosen, Al Boardman, R - Boboltz, L. Bock, D. _.312 ... 124, 140, 186, 312, 381 381 168 322 Bockenmuehl, R. 129 Bockstahler, B. 147,264,381 Bodnaruck, J. 331 Bodofsky, W. 381 Boegehold, A. 381 Boeker, B. 172, 306, 346 Boelkins, R. 337, 381 .-269 350, 381 115, 177 312 Boettcher, A. .. 381 352 Boettcher. N. . 320 Bogard, R. 321,339,381 Bogart, H. 366 Bogema, A. 339,381 Bogen, J. 328 Bogosian, H. Bogt, R. Bogue, J. Bohl, R. Bohl, E. Bohne, R. 381 316 _349 298, 381 __183 391 Bohnsack, P. 131,260,272,381 Bohuszenraz, T. 346 Boice, Y. 359 Boila, R. 352 Boja E 263 Bole, G. 341 Boll, J 302 Bolles, N. 271 Bolligers, C, 180 Bolliger D 381 Bolt n, A. 362 Bolton, H, 352 pMt? r 43 279 Rnoe M 361 B nd H 362,381 B nd K " 361 381 381 Brinis ' el R 19 Bonkowski, B. 381 312 B onstra, R. 317 Bnnth M 381 Rnntrie, T 179 Rnnttie 381 Boothroyal, H. 129, 348 Borgerson, K. 315 Borgnu, H. . -381 325, 381 Bnr n , J 311 Bnrnri, J. 162 312, 352 B r wsky, 0, 381 1 38) BnsteHnr fi 381 381 Bostwick, V. ...360 381 154 Bntrner, K, 349 Brittle, K 312, 381 Bnurher, B. 183 381 Bmicher, D. 381 Bnnrripr d .183. 345. 352 Bouggy, C. 315 Boukis, M. 309, 381 Bourne, E. Bourne, R. Bousefield, B. __ Bousquette, M. Boutin, H. Bouwsma, C. Bowen, S. _ Bowers, J. . Bowersox, D. Bowman, B. Bowne, C. Bowsma, G. Box, J. Boyce, R. Boyd, A. _.. Boyer, W. Boyle, H. Boyle, M. Boyne, J Boys, Prof. R. Bozeman, C. Brace, P. Bracken, D. Brackett, R. 22 312 183 316 382 Bradenstein, R. 382 Bradford, B. _ Bradford, M. _ Bradley, B. Bradley, Jeff - Bradley, Joan __ Bradley, John _ Bradley, R. Brady, H. Brady, O. Braham, T. Bramwell, M. Branaman, J. - Brandenstein, R. Biandlin, F. . Brandt, B. Brandt, M. Brandt, R. Brandy Brannick, G. Brannon. J. Brasch, D. Brater, E. Bratt, H. ' . Bratton, D. Brauer, G. Braun, R. Braun, G. - Brauner, C. Braxton, H. Braynier, D. _ Brayton, M. _ Breaey, B. Breen, P. Brehm, W. - Breidenbach, F. Breikreitl, C. Breitbart, A. Brehm, B. Brennan, E. J. Brenneman, P. Brenner, C. ..158 . 382 . 334 . 326 . 364 -171 . 177 . 333 _296 .306 . 366 . 317 382 ._331, 382 341 __299 314 324 382 _ 153 _ 337 317 .289 . 293, 382 _.159, 382 . 382 _.346 ...382 _168 _336 _ .272 382 .-382 Brenner, W. Brentlinger, P. 1 _ 325 142 _ 120 T, 1 ' S 289 365 . .315, 382 Brewer, B. 354, 382 . 281 Brewer, Waldo 352 ... . .295 Bridgeman, K. Bridges, B. 25,133,201,276 Brielmaier, G. 382 Brigge, W. ?52 Briggs, C 271 Briggs, D. 352 Bright, ' G. " I ZTl84, 382 Brinkel, E. 3 Brinkman, A. 186, 38: Brinkol, E. 323 Brinks, R 179, 382 Briskin, J. 310, 382 Briskman, J. 280 Bristol, T. 382 Bristor, B. 115, 304 Bristor, W 115, 304 Britton, W. E. 22 Britz, H. 310 182 Broadbent M 41 Brock N 300 Brockett E, 266,382 .... 349 Erode, Harold Erode Herbert 312, 382 300 .161 Brodhead C 316 383 180, 383 Brod y A 383 172 Broecker, W. Broerman. J. 201,278,383 Brovan, E 132, 159, 383 Brogren, E. 348 Brogren, R. 135 Bromage, Dean M. C 22,21 Bromberg, S. 129, 312 Bronko, I. 269,38! Brookfield, E. 129, 308 Brooks, B. 317 Brooks, C 185 Brooks, D. 298 Brooks, G. _ 383 Brooks, J. - _ 324 Brooks, L. _ 383 Brookes, V. 383 Broomfield, J. 275 Brorren, R. 309 Brossy, F 326 Brotherton, G. 383 Brotherton, S. 383 Broven, E. 132, 159, 383 Brower, H 383 Brower, S. 360 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Allan Ann 164, 383 .165 Betty 362 365 B. S. Bill 153, 186 149 Catherine __ 383 486 159 35fl 164.383 348 301 38? 383 278 Brown, Jeanette _ 361,383 322 128, 141. 321 383 ' Malcolm 324, .-83 Brown. Margaret . Brown M F ?a Brown. N, , 310 UlUWllf . - - Brown. Rembert Brown. Richard 137. 38_j Brown. Richard C. - 13s. 1-9 Brown, Richard D. - 164. 331, 383 Brown. R. D. 1 Brown, Rosalie 271 Brown, Rosemary 264 Brown. Sally 369; 383 Brown, Steward - Brown. Sherb Brown, Terry Brown, Tom Brown, V. Bro wn. W. Brown, Wm Brown, Wilmore Browne, }. Browne. R. Brownell. B. Brownell. C. Brownell. T. Browning. 1. _ 200, 360 _316 __ 351, 383 291,326 367 185 184 383 383 ?05 _ 305 287 Browning. J. ie. J. Brownli _ ____ 383 I7S.JS J83 383 Brownrigg. J. Brownson, P. -121, 142, 186. 269 Bruce. C. A. Brugge. P. Bruinsma. A. Brumbaugh. J. Brumbaugh, P. Brumm. L. Brunelle. E. Bruner, H. Bruner, O. _ _ Brungraber, R. Brunner, P. J22, 271 335 383 299 _ 299 236 307 383 383 .-135, 178, 304 28 Brunner " . R. _135, 137, 179. 384 Brunsting. C. 293 Bmnsting. L. 338 Brash. J. 365 Bruske. G. 321 Bryan. P. 162 Brvant. I. 178.351 Irvant, M. 121. 158. 201. 278 B. ._ Bryant, V. Bublitz. A. Bucciero. H. _ Buchanan. B. Buchanan. E. Buchingham. J. Buck?.!. ' -L Buck. Mrs. R. _ Buckland. W. __ Buckley. D. Buckley, J Buckley, John _ Buckley, P. Bucy. P. Buddingh. D. _ Budyk, A. Backer, J. Baell. F. D. _ Baell, F. E. _ Buell. J. Bnell. M. Buell. W. Bnhrow, G. Buist. K. Bujinowski, S. Bulington. D. _ Bulkier, M. . Bull, D. Bull. F. Bullen. L. Bump. H. Bumpgard. S. _ Bunbury. J. Bunn. ' B. Burm. J. Bunyan. W. Burbach. G. Burbank. R. Burby R. Burdick, G. Burdick, L. Burdick. M. Burford, G. -297 129.307 J17. ;:, : . ; s: 3 0 197,253 _250, . ' 84 351 _274 384 296 171 __384 _J37 .266 -384 M .362, 384 338 350 -198,264 . . 326 .288,384 310 309 __293 Burke W 326 Bnrk tti P 317 Burkhcad, G. 149 Burkholder D M Barley H 277, 348. 384 294 W4 Buroette E. 362 Burns B J49, 384 151 128 129 332 Burr H 1 384 320 154 114 Bart C 178,349,384 3fA 3R4 AW Hurtful M . 169,384 Burton. R- Bunyck. Jerome 346 Busch. E. 2 Baser, D. 198,199,278 Bush. J. 293 Bush. M. 162,384 Bush. R, 384 Busha. D. Bushaw. R. _ Buslee. R. Buslepp, B. Bussey, D. Buston, A. Buswell, C. _ Butler, C. Butler, G. Butler, James Butler, L. Butler, T. Butorac. F. Butter. C. _ 168 349 338 330 _263, 384 _ 384 384 __339 Butterfield, J. Butterneld. P. Butterworth, E. Button, D. 320 . 134, 315, 3?0, . ' 84 362 314. 385 321 __176 _385 Buttrick, A. Butts. Joy Butrinik. F. Byce. R. Byers. O. Byers, V. Brian, N. Byland. A. Byrd. B. Byrdsong. T. Byrnes, N. __ . ' 68 385 154.162 270 ___ 385 _178, 315 _ 385 __ 270 _ 141 -358,385 __ 364 _ . 181 _198,272 Caanan. L. Cada, E. 323 119.269 Cady, D. 143, 26 ' Cady, M. _119, 131.142, 266, 385 Cage. T. R. 385 Cain. D. 298 Cain, M. - 385 Cain. S. 129,325.352 Calahan. B. 303 Calahan. D. 1S6 Calahan. L. 306 Calder, C. 362 Caldwell. D. 312 Calechman, J. . 184 Caley. T. 385 Calhoun, D. _126. 135, 136, 177. 299.385 Calhoun. L. 304, 385 Calimafde, J. M J8S Calkins. B. 336.385 Callison. J. 115, 320, 385 Callahan. R. Calvin, E. 385 _ 352 Cameron, G. 3 5 _J36,385 349 C mernn, V ta 297 Camp. D 341 Burke, M. Campbell, C. L. 268, 385 Campbell, Chuck 292. . ' 85 Campbell, C. M. 385 Campbell, Dave _317 Campbell. Dick 186,287,385 Campbell, Doreen 267 Campbell, G 292 Campbell. H. 341 Campbell, K. 348 Campbell, Dr. Laurie 22 Campbell, M. 185 Campbell. P. . 287 Campbell, R. X. _ _ 385 Campbell. Ruth 131,159,272,385 Campbell, V. 130,279,385 Campbell. V. I. 385 Camping. E. W. 385 Campomanes. X. _ 173, 178, 385 Canaan. L. E. 385 Cancel-Ferrer, C. 367. 385 Canham, D. 245 Cannestra. K 349 Cannon. B. 312 Cannon, E. 361 Cannon, John Camera. A. Cantor, H. Canvasser, B. Cape, J. Caplan. E. Caplan, S. 309 -183,385 _271 .293 Cappock, B. Carabel, K Carbeck, B. _ Carberry. M. Cardes. ' R. _ Carey, B. Carey. J. Carey. Prof. J. J. Carioba. J. Caris, D. Carl. J. Carlebach, E. Caeleson. A. _ Carlin. M. Carlson, A Carlson, Arvid - Carlson. B. Carlson, D. Carlson, Frank Carlson, Fred Carlson, J ; Carlson, N. Carlson, W. Carlson, C. Carmell, S. __ Carmichael. J. Carmichael, R. Cannon. B Camevale, A. Carney, P. _ Carow, Prof. J. Carp. J Carpenter, B. _ Carpenter, E. . Cerpenter, Glen Carpenter, Gordon 314 Carpenter, H. 201 Carpenter, J. 121,268,386 enter, J. E. Carpen . _ Carpenter, M. Carr, F. Carr, L. Carr, Richard 386 .154,348 335,386 137 586 Carr, R. W. 154, 347, 386 Carrig, T. 363 Carrillo, E. 173 Carrington, W. 386 Carroll, K 350 Carron, J. 340 Carson, J. Cartaino, C. Cartaino. T. F. Carter. D. _ Carter. E. Carter. H. M. _ Carter, T. J. Carter. N. _ Carter. R. Cartiano. T. F Cartwright, B. Carver. H. R. __ Carver. H. C Cary, R. Case, J. Case. W. 586 Cashbaugh. W. 296.386 Cashdollar. R. . 386 Cashin. E. 295,386 Casmer K. 351 Cas, J. _ 277 Cassidy, J. 129 Castell ' i. J. 129.350 Castor. B. 330 Castro. F. 352 Caswell, B. 268 Catalan. R. Catana, C. Cates. J. D Cation. L. Caton. W. _. Catsinka, M. _ Cavitch, Z. Cayia. A. J. _ Cecil. D. - - 173 . 200,386 ?86 . ' 66 386 _ 365 47,386 386 386 Ceithaml, G. 212 Celley. N. 128, 197, 236, 314 Ceterski. J. 386 Chabala. L. V 135,386 Chadwick, J. 267 .Chaimson. M. _ _ 364 Challis. E. 158 Challis. S. H 86 Chalmers. J. 322 Chamberlain. B. 186 Chamberlain. D. Chambers. H. 330 177 Cannon, Jack -314 Champiel, E. Champney, C. _ Champoux, A. Chanan. P. _ Chanat, M. Chander, J. Chandler, J. 126, Chandler, M. 121, 360 Chang. Wan-Kai 387 Chapekis, F. A 387 Chapel. J. 19,279,387 Chapel. N. 279 Chapin. L. M 387 312,387 350 Chapman, K. 319 Chapin. R. Chapman. A. , . Chapman, R. 325, 387 Chapman, W. 350,387 Charmillon, R. 178 Charnlev, M. M 387 Chase, H. F . 387 Chase. P. 358,359 Chempiel. E. 387 Chen. Hsin-wen _ 3O Cheney. R. 307 Chenot, T. 291. 387 Cheong, L. 367 Cherniak, C. 364 Chernitsky, O. 135. 177. 387 Cherpelis, G. 284,286,302 Chesebro, R. 322 Chesbrough. R. Chesnut. G. Chestnut, J. 179 Chiapuris, J. 350 Chick. L. 178 Chicoine. L. M 387 Chief, H. R. 292 Chiestenson. J. 339 Childs, M. G 276 Chin, T. 136, 387 Chin. W. 115 Chipman. James 309 Chipman. John 299 Chisholm, J. 152 Chludzinski, R. J 387 Chor. R. _ - 74 Choromanski, E. G 387 Chow. E. T 387 Christensen. A. _ 294 Christensen. J. 159, 268, 387 Christenson, D. 387 Christenson, H. 348 Christenson, J. 335,387 Christiansen, J. _ _ 324, 387 Christie, R. 135,182,387 Christin, G. R 387 Chuan, V. 367 Chudacoff. E. 162 Chudacoff. H 360. .387 Chun. E. 174 Chun. V. . 174. 361 . . . Church. R. M 129.346 Chute. R. 1?6, 177. 387 Cieslimski. R. I 177, 387 Cilloniz, A. 387 Cina. P. 151 Cindqnist, J. 197 Cineman. R. 312 Citzen. G. 168 Claar, N. 278 Clabuesch, J. 366 Clairmont, C. - 362 damage. A 312,387 Clancy, I. 199,365 Clarey, C. H 387 Clark, A. I 114 Clark, C. 322 Clark. Dale . 346 Clark, Doris 360,387 Clark, Jack 292 Clark. James . 341 Clark. James M. _ Clark. Tanis Clark, Joyce Clark, K. 129, 183 _365 277 . 287 Clark. Nancy - 260,266 Clark, O. 197, 213, 217. 288, 387 Clark. Ralph A.. 129 Clark. Robert Clark, Rnh rt V . 314. 349 3 7 Clark, Roberta 272 Clark. Ronald Clark S I. ' .388 Clark, William 24, 314 Clark. William A. _ 388 Clarke, B. 122. 133, 268 Clarke, C. 349 Clarke, N. _ 341 Clarke. T. 298. . ' 88 dasper, E. 388 Clayton. B. 361 Cleare. B. E. Cleary, A. Cleghorn, S. Clemens, J. Clemens, P. 388 26. 271 169 172, 366 172 Clement, M. 186, 274, 388 Clements. D. H. 388 demons. B. 276, 388 Cleveland. D. 135,388 Clifford. P. B. 388 Clifton. R. 267 Clifton. T. 347 Clingman. W. Clipper!. C. ; XJ? 34R Clock, M. tat Cloon, W. _ 2 7 Cloots. M. 3S1 pint A yat Clvman C 24 Qi rr. a k= T 330 Coa r; R so 306. .346 Cnat s, T 125. 197, 291. 388 Cobane J .331 , _ ' RR Cobb. F.. 3fW 487 Cobb, Elmer Cobb, J. Cobb, R Coburn, A. _ Cochin, J. Cochran, J Cocoves, E. Coddington, A. Coe, A. Coe, M. Coe, P. Coenen, D. Cohan, D. - 176 309 .115, 124, 304, 388 388 .354 Cohen, Ed. _ 310 ... 178, 289 ...388 Cohen, Leonard .179, 388 . 388 344 Cohen R J 388 Cohen. R. N. .. . .132.362 , . - Cohen, Sanford 289 Cohen, Sheila 364 Cohen, Stanley 325, 388 361 Colasanti, L. Colbath, D. 1K IRS Colbath, J. .. JRR Colbe, S. _ .. ...181 Colberg, S. .. 172, 184 Colburn, G. Cole, A Cole, E. 114 314 ( 3g8 Cole. R Colebrowski, Coleman, J. Coleman, M. Coleman, N. Coleman, R. Colen, M 1RR J. 367 .102, 149, 1RR 318 25 269 294 182 Collar, R. 135, 137, 179, 388 Coller, C. 388 Colliau, T. .287 Collie, R. 315,388 Collinge, R 302,388 Collins, A 388 Collins, J. 360 , J. , M. , . ______ Collins, M. ______________ 278 Collins, T. 302 388 275 Collins. W. Colwell. C. . Comb. L 361 Combes, J 316, 388 Comeau, R. 389 Comfort, G. 351 Cummings, D. 169 Company, E. 18P Compton, C. Compton, D. 389 185 Comstock, J. 38 Comstock, K. 326 Comstock, W. Cone, J Congdon, D. 307 349 348 Conglon, K. 38 Conley, J. 38 Conn, H. 389 Conn, R. ' 48 Connable, A. 1 Connell, D. 104 Connell, F. 304 Conner, B. 180 Connine, F. 322 Connolly, B. 14? 200 Connor, D. 367 Conover, E. Conover, T. 389 169 389 Conover, R. 346 Conrad, C. 180 Conrad, J. 141 iso Conrad, W. 287 Conroy, J, 111 2 0 Conroy, John Considine B. 347 Constand, D. 360 Constan, G. 17R 180 Contino, A. Convery. S. 359 Cooch, G. Cook, B. 160 274 Cook, Bruce .. Cook, Carleton 1VI 180 330 Cook, Clarence _ Cook, D. .. 117 Cook, G. 100 Cook, J. _. 365 Cook, P. ISO Cook, R. IRQ Cooke, M. 1R1 Coolev, D, 166 Coombs, D. 389 Coombs, H. 290 Coombs, M. 179, 302, 389 Cooper, E. _ 117 Cooper, H. 213, 314, 389 Cooper, Hugh 114 Cooper, M. 280 Cooper, R. 320 , . Coplin, R. Copple, L. Coras, A. Corbett, D. __265 351 ]7g _ 291 323,389 , . ____ 312 Corcoran, J. __________ 389 . Corbin, R. Corbin, S. Corden, J Corey, H. _ Corin, M Corlett, M. 389 309 ..272, 389 364 .. 305 Corlett, T. __ Cornell, R. 179,302,389 Cornell, S 341, 389 Cornell W 389 Cornfield, R. .. 312 Corr, V. _ 263 Correll, D. _ 349 Correll, V 272, 389 Corrigan, R. 309 Corry, S. 389 Corsaut, T. 287 Corson, J. 347 Cortzie. S. 177 Cory, D 389 Cosby, P. . 389 Coskey, R. 300 Cote, D. Cnttpr, P 276 Cotton, A. 100 27(1 Cottrell, H 1RO Couden, D. 136 Coulter, B. Coulter, D. 306, 389 324 Courage, R. 186 Courth, J. ino Cousins, D. ion Coutts, J. 364 Covert, D. 185 352 Cowan, W. " 2 Cowley, David ? Coulin, W. 147 Cox, L - 307 Cox, M. . 390 Coxon, B. 390 Coyne, F. . 307 Crabb, R. 140 121 Cragg, G. _ Craig, D. 236 390 Craig, H 390 14? Craig, J. 302 Craig, P 185 Craig, R. .. 390 Craighead, Jeremiah 351 Craighead, Pete 125, 145, 304,390 Cramer, M. 368 Cramer, P. J54 Cramer, Tom JI4, 317 Crane, B. 158 Crane, Bently 297 Crane, Chuckie 263 Crane, D. 390 Crane, F . ..346, 390 Crapo. S 28, 29, 126, 284, 296 Cravella. E. 323 Craver, M. 291 Graver, Myron 390 Crawford, Betsy 390 Crawford, Bill Crawford, C. 117 Crawford J. Crawford, John Crawford, M Crawford, S. _.. Crawford, W. 29 1 U 390 272 299 Craze, B. . 390 Creal, D. . 326 Crell, J. . Cremer, T.. 1W Cress, B ?79 300 Criel, H. .121 Criel, Harry 346 Crimmins, K. _. Crippen, Dave . Crippen, E. _. Crishal, J. .. 199, 264 314, 307, 390 336, 390 367 Crisler, Fritz . _ 213 Crispin, W. 288,390 Crockett, E. 174, 199 Crofoot, F. 326 Cropper, M. 367 Crosby, C. . 270 Crosby, M. 199,276,390 Crosier, S. 314,390 Cross, R 360, 390 Grossman, J. 361 Crotser, P. 137, 390 Grotty, F. 362 Grotty, P. 276 Crouch, G. 390 Crouch, R. . __349 Cruise, B. 298 Crump, L. 367 Csasyar, K. Cudney, A. _. Cuelio, H. _. Culver, G. Culver, K. Culver, R. Culver, Richard Culver, W. Cummings, C. 70S . 147, 261 176 390 311 291 390 311 272 Cunningham, B. 281,390 Cunningham, Bill _ 17, 186, . ' 01 Cunningham, L. 138, 341 Cunnings, David . 295 Cupples, N. 130,149,270,390 Curhan, B. 351 Curley, R. .390 Currie, Bob 319, 390 Currier, Bob 336 Currie, Ross 309 Curry, D. 154 Curtice, R. 352 Curtis, A .... 390 Curtis, J. 390 Curtis, R. .. 309 Curtis, Robert ... 390 Dean, S. 186 Cusick, W. _ 302, 339 Cuson, C _ 143 Cutler, Barbara 199, 274, 390 Cutler, Bill 336 Cutler, D. 129,345,350 Cutting, Bob 311 Cutting, N _ 121,271 Cybulski, K. 274, 390 Cybulski, T. 317 Cyr, J 302 Czarnecki, R. 390 Czemerys, J. 185 Czysz, S _ 176, 391 Daane, D Dabich, L. Dabick, D. Dabick, V D ' Addona, D. Daggett, A. D ' Agostino, R. Dohley. W. Dailey, F. Daitsch, M. Dalkin, J. .... Dalm, J. Dalman, E. Datton, F. .._ Dalton, S. Daly, A. _ Daly, J Daly, L , . Daly, R. Damon, Albert Damon, Arthur Damron, B. Dana, D. 314 391 360 .._360 _ 178 391 _ 178, 391 338 362 340 325 391 391 391 276 367 391 391 391 391 179, 391 154 -185 Dane, J. 297,391 Dane, M 266 Danenberg, D. ..154,159,364,391 Dan gl, J. 143,335,391 Daniel, A. 364 Daniel, T. 290 Daniels, R 14.1, 349 Daniels, K 147 Daniels, L. Daniels, R. 364 391 Danielson, G. 181, 391 Danielson, J. 101 Danke, Dorothy 158 301 Dannemiller, K. Dansard, B. 391 VIS 101 Danton, D. 335 Daoust, J. 101 d ' Axcamial, T. 140 Darker, R 10] Dariton, D. 353 Darnall, T. IS) Darnell, C ino Darrow, G. 111 101 Dart, C. iH 101 Dav, A 201 10] Dav, I. 20] 101 Dan, R 315 Davenport, D. 161 Davev, P 1H 10] Davidect, R. 1 10] Davidson, A. i a Davidson, B. tff. Davidson, Donald Davidson, M. Davidson, S. .1.14, 301 119, 391 ' 77 Davies, D 11? 101 10] 149 Davies, John Davies, John P. _126, 135, 136, 141, 177, 191 140 101 Davila, T. 148 Da.vis, W. mi Davis, R, 318, .197 Davis, Connie 36J Davis, Claar 141, 7fJ Davis, n .1.1.1, .101 VL1 , 167 Davis, TTpnry .101 Davis, Prof. K. _ Davis, T. 185 330 Davis, Marion 147 1W Ifil Davis, Mary . . _ JS3 181 Davis, P. 392 Davis, R. 392 Davis, S ll? 102 Davis, T _ 170 Davison, H. 347 Dawp, D 141 DeWitt, A 277 Dawson, D. 367 214 Dawson, Tohn .152, .102 Dawson, P. Day, C. .. 140 .192 Day, P, 279 Dayton, M. Daytnn, R 392 348 Dean. B. 185 Debler, W. 135, 137, 179, 348, 392 DeBoer, B _ 292 Debolt, D. _322 DeBona, R. 319 DeBrun, G. 185,392 Decomillis, M. 177 Declaire, A. 392 Decker, J. Deems, D . 263 2,392 DeFusco, E. 392 DeGartano, P. 392 Degenhardt, T. 333,392 DeGroote. R. DeHaan. J. _ DeHarde. D. Dehmlow, L. Deister. I. Deitz, C. Dejager, D. Dejong, A. 181,392 392 266, 392 126, 134, 392 326 - 392 136, 177, 392 361 Dejonge, B. 164 DeKalb, R _ 349 DeKraker, A. _ _ 337 DeLaMater, H. 392 DeLancey, O. 392 DeLand, G. 392 Delaney, E. 392 Delaney, M. 392 Delaney, P. _ 115 Deles Dernier, J. _ Delgado, F. Dell, D. Della-Moretla, E. Delnay, R. DeLoof, D. DeMaris, F. DeMaso, D. 392 306 349 281 263 177 184 Dembry, G. 392 Demer, B. DeMeritt, Hurt _ DeMeritt, Hyrthol DeMeritt, R. Demmer, R. _ DeMond, C Dendrinas, P, Denham, J. 266 295 179,392 156, 392 351 ..159, 360, 392 247 272 Denison, J. 360, 392 Dennis, F. 134,349 179 D " P ly I .192 Jpfpmp, J 294, .192 r fy 44f T. .152, .192 Dprr, A 306 D-rr K 101 Derr. M. _ .152 Desjardine. Jack 321, 350 Des ' jardins, Jerry 287,350 Desjardins, W. 115, 134, 296, 392 Dettmer, R 393 DeTurk, F. 288,393 Deutsch, R. 393 Deutscher, H. 154 Deutschmay, B. 354 Deuer, B 267 -162 25, 170 DeVries David 115, 105 297 101 198, 278 Dewitt, A. 393 .129 DeWitt, Marion .... DeWitt P 393 334, 393 DeWolff D, 393 Dexter K 1R5 Deyo S 297 .193 De Young, H. 39.1 De Young, M. 337 185 .162 Diamond, M. 360 _ -393 Diaz T 348 Dihbl B 304 Die 1 B 337 Dick R 349 Dickason, D. 393 .19.1 Dickerson, F. .19.1 .112 Dickes R 330 D ' kie, J, 271 Dickstein, M. Dieter R 349 171 Diefenibach. W. . .109 Diehl, E 301 Diener, B _ 181 Diener, D. 346 Dieter, R. Dieterle, J. Dietz, C. Dietz, L. 177, 303 268 346 300, 393 346 172, 185 Diever, W. Diez, C. Dilbeck, E. 183,393 Dilbeck, J. 183 Dill, B. 277,393 Diller, A. _ 264,393 Dillon, T. 335 Dillon, John _ 393 Dilworth, J. 178 Dimitroff, M. ._ 393 488 Dimond H 292 291 .W.1 us .150 Ditcher J. IWi Ditto j Vx7 Pi 334,393 137,309 Diicon, P. us Dizon F .152 IV n r 19.1 Dobbs R .WL1 Dobbs W 151. 179, 393 147 Dobos, G. Dobring M S9.1 Dobson C 201,270 Dobson R .115 PirfrV n Dodge C. j6, 393 IVdi- ' H 115 Dodge J K7 Dodson. H .W.1 Doehr P A, .19.1 Doehr F M Dwrfp " - r 277,393 Doe " - R XM ML Dohse S 279 Dolan. C. 294 Dombrowski H 328 292 304 2K7 1fi4 .194 Donkervoet R .1.11 Donlon H 272,393 Donnelly B 2M 191 288 104 271 104 t72 Dooge M 271 Dooley T no JVinlittle, P 304 nlittle, J 348,394 Doolittle. L. 298 Doorenbos, N. Dopp, R 348,394 IS noppeit, n IT? ma fV ran R 149 T o " n. G. 159, 172, 366 Tlorn, I 172 HnTTance, P 120 Doshi. S 104 Hosier, M 104 lioster, H im ,104 IV.M, R 166,394 notv, F 260.264,394 Dou ' gall. K 7 Doiighertv, R. 104 Dnnghprtv. S. 2 K 287 nnnthat, R -17, ,104 now, R MC How, Han 120 287 Dow. nornthy 272 now, w .104 115 Powsey, A. 104 174 novle, R 128 novle I 104 n f .vif n 104 nnvle P 122 Drake, A wn Drake F 202 104 Draper, T 104 Draser, P 320 Dravton, C BS Drerhsler, Cl mt Dreeee, R 120 Dre tel, R 101 Dresser, O n Dressier, P 260,267 Dreszer. J. 135, Drew, TT 137, 179, 394 101 Drewett, D Mf Drickman, M. Drigpers, R. 340,394 ? Dri gers, X, 101 Drisroll, C. 301 Drollinger, D. 298,394 Drollinger. H. HI Drossos N 18? 101 Dronillard, R. m Dmmmond. B HI Dnimmond, V. 110 Drurv, R Ml Dmt, T in Dublonica, W. 127 Dubois. D. Dubois. D. L. J35, 136, 394 148 Dnbois, J. 10 Dnbrnl. S 1 Duchamp, J. 288 Duckek, W. 269 DndH. J 129 154 346 DuHHv. n 1Q4 Dudgeon. G. 158 104 Dudka F M Dndlev, F. 101 Dudlev. G. 194 .194 Duellman, W. 1A4 Dnrrr, W. __25, 302, 395 Ducv P 156 rvf -v P J28, 213,222, Puff 223,227,229 125, 321, 395 Dnff R 127, 156, 303 DnftVtt, K. ' Duffnry P 39S pffy M r5 Pufna E 349 366 Dulude n 309,395 as Pnnbar J MC Pun bar R Ml 291 Pnnlojr P 2R1 Dunn B 274 BB Dunn H 2 1 JK Pwnn R JJO Dunn T K 206 156,395 Pnpy, P, MC 5 Pnrant, B. .122. 191 Pnr t T MC Piitrhrr, B. 303,395 pw a n S 111, 27 Dwen J .191 P orcky, P. 112 Dworsky. Edward Dworskv, Evelvn Dwyer W 112 ,195 299, 191 Hv r ft Pnerrt. R 1S4 Eagle. Carol Eagle. Charlotte Eames. E. A. Eary, L. E Eastwood. A. W. . Eaton, B. Eback, E. Ebans, J Ebersole, J. Ebner, E. Ebner, H. Ebner. R. 395 274, 395 346 360 125, 304. 395 328,395 308,395 325 395 Ff-heverria , F 101 Eckenrode R .195 Eckert, O. E. 10 114 Eckfeld. J. 167 Eckhart lkfr 268 Eckstein, R. 280 701 F Ien T 117 Eder. W. . 112 FHerle F 204 Edgar, A. L. Edgar, J. Edge. D. Edge. R. Edge. T. Edgette. E. A. Edick, J. D. _ Ediren. C. R. . Edlinger, T. Edman, J. Edmiston, S. Edmonds, S. L. J95 159, 265, 395 133, 314 314.395 314 395 129.347 133 335.395 _124, 395, 396 364,396 Edmonson, Dean 18 Edmunds. B. 267 FHwarHs, D 147 FdwarHs. T. 114 FHwarHs, T 160 Edwards. M. IM Edwards, R 11 , Mfi Edwards, S 270 106 Egan, n 268 Eger M 164 Egge, E F. 196 Egg nberger, R. 2V1 Eggenberger. V. 305 EReleston. N. 271 .396 Eggleston. William 291 Eggleston, William D. 115, jleston, Willis B. ers. J. 334. 352 Ehrenberg, R. Ehrlich, E. _ Ehrlicher. M. Eich. R. 156 M -396 Eichbaner, R. 128 Eichenlaub, E. R. _ Eichhorn, I 266,396 360 Eidson. R 309 Eifert, D S2 Eilhlinp, F. 147 Eilers, R 1 " Eilola, W 3.51 .5% Einbinder, D. -396 Eisele, Leona 172 Eisele, Ii vn Eisele. W. D. 396 Eisenbach, M. 714 Eiserman, C. - . Eisner, L. Eitel. B. Eitel, P Eiteman, D. Ekhstaedt, H. Ekwall, J. Elbling, E. Elconin, R. Elder, D. I Eldersveld, H. Eldred, R. L. Eldridge. M. Elferdink. M. Elfring, H. J. Elgass, G. Eikin, R Ellacott B. Ellenbogen, L. Ellinger. D. _169 _366 -154 154 J16 396 _129, 184, 348 366 310,396 396 337 289 361 364 Ellinghaosen, J. 354,361,3% Elliot, A 367 Elliot, P. 256 Elliot, S. 311 Elliott, B. 122,266 Elliott, R. 154 Ellis, D. 179, 321 Ellis, E. -396 Ellis, G. 178, 396 Ellis, J. 334 His, V. Elli Ellison, J. 121,262,272 _ 340 127, 328, 347 179,396 129 Elmblad. T. Elowsky, L. Eisner, H. . Elson, R. , 156, 161,312.3% Elukin, E. 3% Ely, B. 286, 299 Ely, G. L. 365 Ely, James Ely, Joan . Ely, R. _ Elyachar. D. Embury, P. Emerson, R. W. Emerson, T. Emery. C. Emery, E. Emmel, H. Emmert, C. A. Eng, G. H. - Engel. J. Engibous, D. 4, 321, 3% __276 396 -295 352 _304,3% 304 _111. 346 -179, 396 13, 396 3% __281 . 135, 180, 3% England, Richard _137, 179, 397 Fn E le. A mo English, A f 1.15 157 Fngmart. J. n v Fnsigri, J. IfK .141 Entenmann, R. m? 197 -322,350 346 F.pstein, H. ms 197 iin w? Epstein, Joseph ij5 w Epstein, M 14? Epstein, R un Erhen, R 125 197 215 ErHman, T 219, 290, 397 114 F.rf, R 104 Erirke, Iff. 119, 122, 279 Erirkson, A. i a Erirksnn, D 118 141 Erirksnn, F. 107 Erirksnn, R 175 F.rirson, W 574 Erikson, E. Eriksen. E. Ernst, R. F.rnstein, H 180, 328, 397 _180, 328, 397 176, 348, 397 29 197 Ertle, J 171 Erwin, J 361 Esqnivel, R. 197 Esson, J. 107 Estep R 120 Estep. M. 7 Ester] T. F. 107 Estern, C 107 Estes, G. 101 Etlinger. H. 107 Ettinger, A. 117 Ettinger, V. 119 Etti r 217 711 trr? Etzel, R. i; Enstice, E. ' 2, 331, 352, 397 149 707 Eutenmann, R. IV, Evans, n 140 Evans, H 707 Evans, K. 279 Evans, T. 797 Evans, P. 707 Evans, Richard 294 Evans, Robert Evans. Thomas 304,320,397 107 Everett, B. 271 707 Eversole, D. v 107 Evich, W. 16? Exon. G. . 1A7 Eyestone, D. 107 Evler R 117 Evster, G 107 107 Ezrav. M. 143. 312 Eisenhower, L. E. Fabian T 112 Fackler. P. 140 Fadf T 344,397 162 197 Fair? ' D. " 197 FairbaiV W. 116 147 Fakuda TT 174 Fakuda, R. 174 Falahee J 197 Faneett, R .197 Fa.ncher P 147 110 208 Farlev, J Farr, R 107 Farrer, P, 211 Farringtnn, C. 122 Farrington, J. 358.359 Farrug, G. 170, 197 Fast J 278 197 Fatt, H 117, 197 Fanlds. B. 108 Fault, R 119, 131, 260, 261, 278, 398 278 Fault n Fauser. W. 108 Fanst, W Fanstvn, V. 170 ,708 Fanth, G 101 Feather, O Feder, M 280 Federspi 1, C. 108 Fed ore, R 108 Feehelev, H Feenslra, I,. 117 Feir, n 108 Feldman, H 108 Feldman, O, 188 Feldman, P 141 108 Feldman, R. 708 Felev, T 117 Feliciano, B. 177 Fell f V.7 Fellman, S 140 70S Fellner, R 141 Fellows. Corinne 160 108 Felt, lohn 141 Felton, H Ferer, S 171 708 Ferestien, A 110 708 Fergusen, T. mi loa Ferguson, Brnre 181 .108 Ferguson, Robert _307, 336, 398 Ferlem, R 1O8 Fernandez, C. Frrrara. R 367,398 -285, 286, 302 Ferris, Remus 717 Ferrv. P 1 Fersrt, M ITS Fest J Fialka, A 398 Fiedoroweicz, L. _ Field A 329. an 108 Field A 108 Fields, V Fiero, J 169 7fi7 Fierro G, 108 Fife, T. 271 70S Filhev, A Fildew, P Id Filkins. W. Filler, R 791 198 Finrh, n mi los Finrh. N ' 1 6 Finegnld, J. 108 Fink, G Iff Fink, T Fink, J 7A1 Fink M 108 Finkelstein, J. 140 Finlav, V 110 7O8 Finlavsnn, J. 61 Finlev, A. 108 Finn P 398 Finprs, J. 114 Fishnet, F. 129 Fis -her, P 149 Fischer, TT, .147, 19ft Fish J Fish S 141 Fisnhvm, T., 711, 108 Fisher, A, 161 Fisher, TT Fisher, L. IK Fisher, Lovis , 137, 312, 399 177 109 Fisher TJ 166 Fisher, Ray 140 179, 799 Fisher, S. .125, .199 Fisher V 190 Fjshman, D. 161 100 Fitrh Alan 211, 117 Fitrh, G 199 Fitzgerald, Denton 112 100 Flanagan, P. 335.399 489 Fleckenstein, W. _ Fleckner K .....311,350 -.399 344 347,399 151, 178, Fletcher, D. Fletcher H 325, 399 316 149, .121 Fletcher N .199 Flint G _. 143, 348 Flinti M. 118, Flint R 130, 268, 399 .315 Flintoff P .141 Flitcraft A t 272 308, 399 Flood R .109, .199 .199 Flores R . 399 291, .199 53,305 Flvnn. H. 306 Flynn, Mayilyn 131, 260, 273, 399 Flynn, Marty 28, 127, 292 Fogel, Dorothy 118, 130, 132, 362, 399 Foley, Mary F. 266,399 Foley, Mary J 362 Foltis, C. 182 Foltz, N. 354 Folz. W. 399 Fong, A. 174,399 Font, L. . Fontaine, H. Fonville, Charles Foote, D. 114,301,399 Forbes, J. 297 184,201 399 247 orbes, J. Forbes, M. . Forbush, E. Ford, D. _ Ford, P. Ford, R. Fordney, Edward Fordney, T. _ Foreste, D. Forester, D. Forester, P. Forgacs, R. Forgie, J. ....308 -399 _.360 323 _ 169, 399 Farman, A. 151,399 Forman, B. 292 Forsberg, B. 287,399 Forsythe, D 321 Fortin, N. 399 Fosler. H. _400 Foss, D. 352, 400 Foss. R. 352 Fossenkemper, Y 354, . ' 69 Fossitt, B. 366 Foster, E. 400 Foster, G. 267 Foster, H. Foster, R. Foster, T. Fotias, N. Fouch, W. Foug, J. 348 179 305 330 400 171 Foukal " , B. 179, 304, 400 Foulds, R. 348 Foulkrod, N. 264 Fountain, R. 400 Fowler, D. 288 Fowler, V. 198,201,271 Fox, D. 400 Fox, G. 347 Fox, J. 322 Fox, K. 182, 134 Fox, M. .- Fox, S. Foxgrover, J. Foxworth, D. . Foy, H. Fragnoli, D. France, H. France, M. Francis, E. Frandsen, P. Frane, B. Frane, J. Frank, A. _ Frank. Bill .. Frank, Bud Frank, D. Frank, E. _ Frank. K. _ Frank. M _ Frank. Robert . Frank, Ruth .._ Franke, T. Frankenstein, Franklin, G. . Franklin, L. 347,400 354, 36S _ 275, 400 156,314 . 400 .352 .290 368,400 336 317 _.362 _310, 400 310 310 291 280 . 400 Frankman, D. _ Franz, B. Franz, S. Franzblau, M. . Franzei, W. R.- Fraser, B. Fraser, E. Fraser, J. Fraser, P. Fraser, S. Frazer, D. Frazier, V. Frease, Frease . _340 19, 27, 400 265 134, 349, 400 P. 185 362 . 281 . 400 . 314 400 340 347 -263,400 364 291 275 -316, 400 . 24 198, 275, 400 : J N. 276 Fredenthal, P. 366 Freeman, B. 310 Freeman, H 325 Freeman, J. , 170,325 Freeman, Richard 315 Freeman, Robert 400 Freihofer, W. 288,351 Freimark, L. 338 Freitag, J. 361,400 Frelich, M. 154 Fremlin, R. 347 French, E. 281,400 Frenkel, E. 340 Frens, J. 400 Frense, R. 400 Frese, R. 129 Freshe, R. 278 Frezon, S. 400 Fried, G. 400 Friedlein, T 337 Friedlaender, F. _.164, 179, 400 Friedman, A. 312 Friedman, B. 308 Friedman, H. 312, 400 Friedman, J. 168, 325 Friedman, R. N. 129 Friedman, Sue ...131, 260, 280, 400 Friedman, Sumner 325 Friedman, Sydney 400 Friedman, T. 265, 400 Friedrichs, W. _ 400 Friser,, N 400 Fritchek, T. 4DO Fritz, Edward 401 1X Froherg, F. 4(11 4(11 178, 304, 147 Frnmm, P. 151, 172 Frost, R 401 Frost, J 112 272 Frost, R 181,401 Frost, Sara Freuhaf, H. 145, 188, 364 207 Frye, G 348 Frye, R. ... 349 197, 251, 401 Fuentes, J. 185 Fujita, T 174 Fujitani, M. . Fukanga, F. _. 174, 362 174, 40] Fuller, C. Fuller, D. .. .149 Fuller, E. R. 23 2fll Fuller, M 4 11 Fullertnn, B 121, 277 Function, H. 292 Fnnlc, A. 270 Ftirman, H. 184 Furstenberg. A. _ 50 Gabel, B. Gabel, C. M. _ Gach, L. Gais, A. .352 1401 401 -.366 Galantowicz, J. Gale, A. Gale, D. 294 Gale, H. 132, 169, 362, 401 Gallagher, C 162 Gallagher, M. L. . Gallery, A. Gallon, J. Gamble, E. Gamble, M. Gampp, B. Ganeko, L. Gannon, D. Ganyard, F. 270 61, 273 325 _ 154, 401 337 366 367 290 179 135, 136 401 340 Ganzhorn, D. W. Garan, M. B. Garber, M Garchow, A. 156, 335, 401 Garcia, G. 179,401 Garcia, L. J. 352 Garcia, P. 173 Garcia, V. _401 Card, S. _ _ 400 Gardiner, D. . 304 Gardiner, J. 200 121 264 Gardner, E. 401 4(11 Gardner, R. 401 Gardner, S. 401 Garfink, R. . 16R, .125 Garland, B. If 401 4ni Garner, C., 40] Garoreault, P. Garret, H. - 401 349, 401 Garreft, R 274 Garrett, D. 276 Garrett, R. Gartick, E. 4D1 14S Garvey, J. . . 401 Gaskill, E. 334, 401 Gassmann, H. . 504 Cast, C. Gast, J 117 Gates, R 248, 286, 302 Gates, F. 121 2 H 281 Gates, T. D. 114 Hates J IfiA Gates P 270 Gates, S. .411 Gates, W, 326, 352 Gatley M A 276 Gatward, R. 401 401 GanH J 181 . 401 135, 402 Gay W .115, US. 269 Gaynes F. 265 aza F T 4(1.1 129 r. . c. 402 OgTi p 402 348 MS Geib. D. ... .106 Geigenmulter, K. Geiger, A. Geist, W. Gellatly, B Gellatly, E. Gemmill, D. 132, 201, 270 ... 402 _. 156, 305 346 361, 402 137, 179, 402 3M 329 .334, 402 Ge n tr,e, R, 298 .115 Gerber, N. 121 Gerer, p 141 Gerhart, R, T. 402 Gerhart, T. .122 Gerhnlr, R, 279, 402 GerrtolT, J 162 Gershon, T. 179 402 Gerson. K. .108 _ Gersten, H. _____ 142, 170, 300 Gertzis, Selig __ 135, 136, 402 Gesell, D. ___ 402 Getoor, R. _____ 348,402 Geyer, J. F. _ _ 402 Geyer, V ____ 172 Ghindia, J. Gholson, E. T. Ghormley, R. Giannette, F. Geardini, A. Giardini, B. Gibbons, H. Gibbs, B. Gibbs, J. Gibson, B. Gibson, R. Gibson, T. Giczewski, G. _ Giddings, A. Giddings, D. Giebler, A. Gielow, J. Giese, E. Giessow, J. Giffin, C. Giffin, H. Giglio, R. Gikas, P. Gilbert, A. Gilbert, D. Gilbert, D. Gilbert, K. Gilbert, Marcia Gilbert, Melvin Gilbert, P. Gilchrist, M. C. -125, 197, 213, 218, 225, 303 335,402 351 179 341 181,349 135, 136, 177, 295, 402 ..184, 198, 201 _135, 345 _164, 402 179 305 402 402 339, 402 402 304 _ ...359 122,; .302 .402 ..150, 151,349 - 122, 279 312 -341,402 402 364 332 179 N. 265 310 Gilden, L. Gill.T. " Gillett, J. . Gillette, G. Gillette, T. 129 Gillette, R. . 402 294, 402 -350 ..402 Gillie, J. Gilliland, R. Gillim, D. _ Gill is, B _ Gillmore, B. Gillooly, G. . Gilman, M. . Gilmore, B. Gilmore, G. _ Gilmore, R. _ Gilshian, J. -179, 402 402 138, 341 191 317 -145, 168, 326 264, 402 145 317 307 309 Ginsberg, G. ________ 184 Ginsburg, R. _________ .402 Giovagnoli, A. ______ 182,402 Giovannini, D. ___ 350 Girard, R. ___ 3. ! 6 Girardor, R. ___ .325 Girdler, H Gire, J. Girton, L. Gish, G. Gittlen, L. Gitzen, G. Gleason, D. ______ Gleicbman, R. Click, H. Glidden, J. Glover, A. Glover, J. Glover, M. 278,402 179 .._ 287 122,26! 364 351 403 _179, 403 403 -137, 287, 403 278 351 334 Glowacki, J. Gluck, H. Gluckstein, M. Gluskin, G. _ Coble, P Godt, H. Goebel, B. Goebel, C. Goeber, J. Goebel, M. Goeckel. N Goelz, R. Goelz, J. Goeltz, J. Goetz, M. Goff, B. Goffman, I. _ Gohl, N. Gold, A. Gold, I. .263,403 332 _403 178, 403 361,403 -176, 380, 403 272 335, 403 348 _302 -298 Goldammer, J. Goldberg! F. ... Goldberg, I. _ Goldberg, L Goldberg, M. _ Goldberg, S. 142, 301 403 320 203, 352 -317, 403 , 27, 114, 403 403 354 -137, 179 364 -291,403 364 403 170 ._308 Golden, R. Goldbfarb, C. Goldfarb, D. _ Goldfarb, M. 318, 403 352 . 348, 403 312 402, 403 _ 403 312 .-361 Goldiner, P. Goldman, A. Goldman, B. Goldman, Edythe _ Goldman, Eleanor- Goldman, H. Goldman, J. Goldman, Lois Goldman, Louis Goldman, Louise Goldrath, M. Goldsmith, C. Goldstein, D. . 403 ..184, 403 300 312 310 265 132, 170, 361, 403 340 265 265, 403 403 . 265, 403 _ 340 40! Goldstein, E. 403 Goldstone, A 122, 143, 280, 403 Goldsworthy, J. 143, 360 Golebiowski, J. 367 Golobe, J - 280 Gonckowski, I. 201, 367 _137, 403 180 Goo G. .. -174 r.ood r 28, .107 Good G .150 Good P . 278,403 Go dale W 263 Go " de r 289 Goode R 300 366 Goodfellow R 333 403 .159 404 404 336 168 Goodwillie, I. 335, 404 28X Goodyear, A. Goodyear, S. . Gordenker, H. . Gordon, A. Gordon, B. Gordon, C. 336, 404 Gordon, D. 363 Gordon, E. 404 Gordon, G. 404 Gordon, H. -404 Gordon, J. . 310 Gordon, S. 289, 404 Gorman, M. 364 Groman, R. Gorman. W. Gorringe, V. Gorton, T. _ Gosling, Goslow, Gosman, A. Goss, L. Gottesman, Marcia 404 .134, 181.404 179, 404 __ 367 Gottesman, Morton - 289 Gottlieb, L. 129,310 Gottlieb, N. 148,404 Gottschalk, D. Gould, B. Gould, H. Gould, J. ould, K. 315, 351 310 . 404 265, 404 __ 326 183 344 Gou Gould, M. Cover, R. Gowans, A. 28, 126, 299 Grabb, B. - 330 Grable, B. 314 Grady, W. _ - 404 Graef, A. 320 317 404 -404 Graham, A. 404 Graefin, B. Graff, W. Graffius, P. 490 Graham, C. Graham, D. Graham, J. Graham, P. Graham. T. Graham, W. Grainger. A. Grakin. J. Gramaticoff. V Grambeau. R. - Granacher. R. _ Graneggen. A. Granger. B. Granse. V. Grant, B. Grant, G. Grant, S. Grant, W. Grantski. L. Grant zer. M. _ Graves, B. _404 _404 J51 365 or, - - -270 -350 404 I " . - - 347 404 362 291 340.404 _124, 197, 404 349 122 Grawfojd, J. Gray, Gray, Gray, y. Jack v . John i,L J17,; .404 -179 Grav, M MB. 405 Grav, V ia Gravson, J, 405 Greater, R UA Greathouse, T. 185 405 Green, A. 170 Green, F. 346 4( 5 Green, G 495 Green, J. |M Green R 309 405 Green, T Green, W i Green. William Greenawalt, V. Greenbaum. L. Greenberg. A. _ Greenberg, D. _ Greenberg, H 405 129 405 359 332.405 Greenberg. Hugh 24, 25. 310 Greenberg, J. 405 Greenberg, Roger . 143 Greenberg, Ronald 184,405 Greenberg, Sheldon 405 Greenberg. Sidney J25 Greenberger. B. Greenblatt. M. Greene. A. 275, 405 Greenfield. D. _168, 326, 346, 405 Greenfield. M. 405 Greenlee. R. 405 Greenman. G. jjg Greenslade, R. 135, 136 Greenspahn, D. 312 Greenstein, P. 366 Greenwald, C. JOS Greenwood. R. 344 Gregory, B. Gregory, G. M Gregory, Jim 147 37] Gregory, John Greeorv. S " 0 Greider, K. 156 405 Greiner, D. Grekin. J 308 Grfmel. X 338 Grendahl. A. Grenkosh. E. 200.277 Grenus. M 137 405 Greschke, M TOO Gresh. D. 405 Gresham. S. 774 Gresia, R. 134 135 137 Grew, R. 318 Grev. E. 405 Gricar. J 405 Griebel. N 177 Griep. P. 405 Griesrson. B 790 Gnesmg. G. Griffen. F. 368,405 368 405 Griffen. C. 405 Griffin. C 405 Griffin, E. 346 Griffin. J 405 Griffin. T Griffing, D. Griffith. R. Grill. J. Grills, R. Grimes, B, Grimes, H. Grimm. B. Gringer, A. Grinold. C. Gripman, B. Griseto. V. Grisv. I. Groezke. R. Grollimund. J. Gromely. R. Grosmark, J. _ Gross, C. Gross, M. Gross, R. Gross. V. Grossman, G. _ Grossman, L. 181 -122,279 360 _29. 126. 137. 134, 304, 406 406 303 406 339 341 348 170 310. 406 -309,325,406 406 289,406 184,406 Grost J TW Groth f " Of Grover n PI Groves W 179 nniHhs, P 114 Grnenberg, G. 1S2 7hiv r , w. 406 Gruhzit. r 341 , Grunthaner, G. Crvha., A, _182, 323, 406 3TC GryllU. P 31 Grzegorczyk. M. _ 4TK Gnall, Gnant, J A] 101 406 Guerin, P. 360,406 Guerin, R, Guernsey, W. 24, 25. 125, 406 vu Guerre, J 17? Guettler. J 7n Guimares, S 7 Guindon, X. JTK Gnire, F Jftt, Gnire, G 700 Gullberg, P. 71 1 775 Gnllekson. W. flf Gulley, O. 322,406 Gunde rson, H. BI Gustafson. R. Gustke. B 352,406 311 406 Gutenberg, L, 1 " 145 Gutenberg, M. 170, 362, 406 1 " Guthe. K. K Guthrie, G. 1? " Gutman, A. 318 406 Gutowitz, E. 7 Guttentag, J. BI Guttentag, Joseph Gnv, R 19, 27, 406 02 Gyourko, J. vn y . Haas, A. ' " 4 " 6 Haas, n 1 MS Haas, P. ' 17 Haas. R. O. 307 406 Haber, S. 280 406 Haberman. W. 109 Haberski, R. J. 406 Hacha. D. B. 276.406 Hachigan. J. ] i Hack. S. L. 406 Hackbarth. P 17 Hackett, A. D. C Hadden, R. ?87 Hadden, E. 201 361 Haddock, Bob as Haddock. D. i Hadley. Win. MB Haefner. R. i Haering. I. E. . i - Haffner, A. L. 345, 348, 406 Hafke, D. 315 Hagan. T. 322 Hagelin, M. J. Hagen, B. E. _ Hagen, L. Hager. A. Hager. H. Hager. M. Hagennan. D. R. Hagerman. R Haggins, P. Hague. G. Hahn. M. Hahn. S. A. Haidy, B. G. Haight. D. W. Hain. R. _ Haischer. J. W. Haischer, J. T. Haithman. C. H Hakken. H. G. Halatek. R. E. Halbrook. R. Halby. V Hale. ' T. Haletak. R. Haley. C. E. Halick. J. Hall. B. Hall, Don Hall, Dorothy _ Hall. H. C. _ Hall. T. C. Hall. T. W. _ Hall. P. Hall. R. A. Hall. R. W. .. Hall, S. G. Hall. T. _ Halladay. J. F. Hallas, D. 406 347,407 362 -24, 25, 360 35,264 200 407 334 363 338 178, 407 187,407 263 . 293, 322. 407 -J58, 359, 407 _135, 306, 407 _129 Hallett, J. B. Hallick, J. Hallitt. J. Hallman. G. L. Halperin, J. Halphern, L. Hamaker, J. I Hamberg, J. A. Hamburger. Harry Hamburger, J. .184,407 287 .- ' . - - 407 407 315 311, 407 334 338 305 183 -308, 407 352 _179, 407 129 310 289 Hamby, T 365 407 Hamer, J 115,322 Hamjian, J. 1 1 Hamill, R 288 Hamill. J. R. 407 Hamill, P ?K .321 Hamilton, C 203 326 Hamilton, J. 407 Hamilton, R. E. Hamilton W f-. 135,162 4n7 Hamilton. W. 4H7 Hammarskjold, E. W. Hammel, R. Hammer, Marian Hammer, Marilyn Hammer, R. _201 Hammerschmidt. R. W._ Hammock. D. M. Hammond, A. Hammond, C. Hammond, D. Hammond, E. E. Hammond, Lois _ Hamper, L. Hamra, D. Hamrick. F. L. 297 407 _182 .407 _315 J46 _ 269, 407 407 346 _407 Hamrick. J. R. 154, 159, 361, 407 Hancock. J. C. 309, 407 Handelsman, J. H 331, 407 Handorf. M. 291 Handye. J A - - Hanr R T) 17 Han -v, W 4m Hanjian, J 408 Hanjian, f- 408 Hanke A 408 346 4m 408 4m Hannenberg, R 172. 347 408 Hansel n 358 408 Hansen O 408 4n 408 _ 408 Hansen, Tl 131,270 303 Hansen. W 298 Hansen, R. A. 130, 198,270 366 124,344 161 m. - - 4m Hansen, W. 24.25, Hanslovskv, Fran Hancnn r 1 Hanzel A M) i HarKiirn, G. 146 Hardie. C. vv; Harrlig 1 314 Hardy, G W, - - Mfi HarHy, 1- Hardy. M 408 Harf, F 1fi4 183,344 137, 179 n Harger, John Harger, T " dy Harifnn, A 267.408 _ 360 Harkyie, F Harlan. J 352,408 Harm J Tf: Hartns, J. 295 Harmsen. G. 179, Harn W 315.408 134.408 i Harner, T Harn J to. - - vat HarolH, n Haroldnn t O. UA Harjvr J . Har -r, 11 V 408 V.7 Harringhnne, H. ! Harrington. O. 4m Harrington, G 346 Harrington, H 346 Harrington, J -29,408 Harris, A 312 Harris, Rernard tin Harris, Roh am Harris, Have 306 Harris, Dr 4; Harris, Donald as Harris, F 1 4 4m Harris, Ja w Harris, Joseph ifij Harris, Marianne Harris, MarV I. 361 4m Harris. Mary Ann 130, Harris R 269,408 154 Harris. R. A. IX? Harris, T X25 Harris, V J 1, 137,408 4m us Harrison, W. Harrv. B 1, 299.408 314 Harsant, J Hart, B 770 Hart, F J m. - - Hart F 40R Hart. T M 4m Han, S 408 Hartle. B. Hartman. R. . Hartmann, C. Hartmann. E. Hartsell, C. V._ Hartshorn, S. _ Hartsock, B. _ Hartsuff. F. Ham, E. Hartzell. C. Hartzell, H Hartzmark. A. . Hartzmark, P. Hasan. R. Hashem, E. A Hashimoto. S. Haskell. Destreich Haskell, Donald Hasley. J. K. Hass, P. Hastie, M. E Hastings. R. Hatch. H. 358 .129,349 364 _-334 156, 312 169 409 179 348 . 168, 325, 409 325 280 _333 409 . 409 .164 _J66 317 .361 Hathaway, Raymond Hathaway. Ruth Hatosky. D. Hauenstein, L. Hanke. W. Hauptman, C. Hause, G. Hause, J. Hauser, D. Hauser, L. W. _ Haven, M. Haw, S. Hawes, B. Hawkes. D. Hawkins, C. Hawkins. H. D. _ Hawkins. Harry Hawks, D. Hawthorne, G. 295 .322,409 409 _ 409 170,409 130 409 409 409 154, 347 322 -197, 256, 409 365 to, n 409 267 409 335 :;.. - 9 H a ing l 359 Hay fi 334 311 347 HavHer- R 292, 409 Haver, H. 40Q Haves A H avre J 297 Hayes M 172 Hayes W 346 Havms B 265 323,409 129 Havward J 322,409 Ha v ward R Haiel-t J 293 Hea P 173 Head P 322 Headirieton. J. 294 Headley. M. _ HeaTh ' B. ' _ Heath. M. Heathcott. B. . Heaton. D. Hecht! L. Hechtman, J. - Hechtman, S. Hedler, B. _ Hedrick. W. . Heenan. D. _ Heermahs, T. Hefka. R. Hegencv. J. Hegyan. D. _ Hehn. M -409 290,409 Heiden, N. Heiderer, J. _ Heidgerd, R. Heidgin. J. _ Heidler. F Heifetz. S. _ Heikkila. M. Heil, C. Heil, H. Heim, D. Heim. R. Heiman, M. 185 236,314 301 409 136 409 280 345,346 409 317 326 409 361 307,409 _19, 119, 131, 279,409 172, 349 179 _132, 198, 275 _322, 409 325 363 317 346 409 . 183 Heimbach. D. _135, 136, 317, 409 Heineman. R. 366 Heinemann. H. 303 Heinemann. S. 273 _312 320 132,409 260 Heiser B 269,409 Hrlc -i- P 409 H-M 1S9 168,325 Helfrich M Hi Heller M 3S9 5 Helm-re F m Helmick C 410 H-lT " ri -v n 203 Helrer. P 156 Helzer. Denn Hemming, H. Hemsteger, D. Hendel, J. 491 Henderson, A. __ 366 Henderson, B. -.290 Henderson, J. - 131,276,410 Hendleman, D. 366 Hendrian, D. 291 Hendrian, S. 266, 410 Hendricks, R. 137,410 Hendrickson. L 410 Hendrie, J. 275 Henes, J. -273 Heneveld, L. 126,213, 217, 316, 410 Hennig, J -122, 147, 172, 267 Henning, B. 129 Henny, F 303 Henrickson, E. 410 Henrickson, K. _ 178 Henrie, A -.128, 197, 247, 294 Henry, A. 410 Henry, A. B. 183 Henry, B. 145,360 Henry, L. 348 Henry, M 358, 359 Henry, S. 154 Hensel, J 129,315 Hepworth, C. 410 Herald, J. 410 Herbert, J. 19 Herbst, R. 410 -291 290 ..312, 410 37, 79, 410 137, 179 410 410 410 151, 309 410 305 _ 346, 410 346, 410 305 410 .. 324, 410 Herhusky, B. Herman, B. Herman, D. Herman, J. Herman, T. Heron, K. _ Herrick, H. Herriman, P. Herrin, L. Herrington, C. Herrington, Clark .. Herrington, K. Herrington, W. Herron, K. . Hershenov, B. Hertler, A. Hertler, D. 324,410 Hertler, E. 410 Hertler, P. 365 Herriman, P. _361 Herrin, S. i24, 150 Herron, R. .317 Hershon, M. 350 Hertzberg, S. 410 Heruth. R. 135,137,179 Herz, H. 271 Hess, D. _ 186,273,410 410 .213 -127, 322 410 306 410 __410 ..128, 197 297 303 279 Hess, T. Hess, John Hess, N. Hesse, R. _ Hester, T. Hester, O. __ Hettinger, F. Hetzeck, A. . Heuth, M. Hevel, R Hewitt, E. Hewitt, R. Hey, M. _ Heyde, N. __ Heyer, C. Heyman, J. Hibbard, M Hickman, G. Hickman, W. 146, 320 365 159 129 347 _ 28, 304 Hicks, B. ____________________ 316 Hicks, E. ---------- 323,410 Hicks, Gary ________ 302 Hicks, Gene ________ 134 Hicks, George --------- ...... _187 Hicks, W ..... _____ 129, 410 Hieronymus, D. ___ 270,411 Higbee, B ......... __________ 298,411 Higbee, M. _______________ 198,275 Higbee, C ...... _______ 296 Higgins, J. ----- 411 Highfield, W ...... _____ 349 278 291 Higley, C. Hilarides, R. Hillborn, M. ____________ 359 Hildenbrand, A. ___ 172,363 Hildebrand, J. ______ 129,351 Hilderbrand, J. ______ 263 Hilding, B. ------- 358,359 Hildinger, D. __ 411 Hildner, S ...... ______ 411 Hile, G. ______ __ 411 Hile, P. _ ________ 360 Hileman, R. ______ 129, 349 Hiles, D. . ______ 322 Hilferink, R. ___ 411 Hilfinger, H Hilfrich, N. 303 169 Hill, A. 112 Hill, B. 185,411 Hill, Dan . 202 Hill, Donald _ 178 Hill, Robert 411 Hill, Roland 411 Hill, Russell . 179, 411 Hillman, H. _ 317 Hillman, R. Hilt, C. 180,411 273 Hiltnn, N 269 Himelhoch, G. Himelhoch, R. .. 411 .411 -312 330 312, 411 309 .213 Himelhoch, T. Hinchman, D. Hinckley, H. . Hinman, C. Hinton, G. Hinz, L. 411 Hippensteel, V. 411 Hiramoto, R. 174 Hirsch, J. - 352 Hirschbeck, E. 349 Hirschhorn, J. 325 Hirsch, J. - 310 Hirshman, F. 361 -364 Hitt n .. -311,411 411 Hlady, M 129 Hlavin, R. . .323,411 Hard, D .358, 359 HnHart, R, 185 Hnhcrt, R, - -411 Hf,h ys lf, J J02 Hock, R. XI5 Hocker. M. 367 Hockenstein, D. 411 Hocky, N. 365 Hodges, B. - 336 Hodges, Paul _ 178 Hodges, Polly 24, 25, 278 Hodgson, N. 336 -325 Hodin, J. Hody, H. Hoehmann, B. Hoelsema, B. Hoeneke, K. Hoeraut, D. ..315 169, 358 337 290 349 Hoexter, B. 324 Hoexter, D. 156,291,411 Hoey, J. 260,271,411 a, H Hoffa, Hoffman, B. Hoffman, E. 411 .337, 411 325, 411 Hoffman, Tex 306 Hoffman, Tina 275 Hoffmaster, R. 183 Hogan, P. 348 Hogt, T. 360 Hoheb, D. 352 Hoheisel, C. 411 Hoheisel, J 411 Hoke, P. 201 Holan, R Holcomb, D. Holden, K. _ Holder, L. . Hola, B. _ Hole, D. Hole, E. Hole, M. - Holen, J. .. Holland, C. _ Holland, F. Holland, M. Holland, T. Hollander, Z. Holley, S. ._ 179 292 320 -.348 ..299 335 ..183 Holloway, D. Hollway, B. Holly, J. Holman. N. . Holm, B. 197, 213, 219, 303, 411 411 369 319 Holm, K. ________ _346 Holmes, B. ----------- 168,324 . Holmes, J. __ Holmes, L. _ Holmes, Mrs. 411 277 Holmesi P 125, 142, 186, 188,320,411 Holmes, R. 181 . Holt, J. . Holtz, F. Holtz, J. Holwerda, E. Holzer, F. 412 -330 ......... 323 337,412 412 . Holzhawer, A. _________ 412 Honig, C. ____________ 136, 412 Honke, B. ____ _ 264 Hood, C. Hood, H. Hood, J. _ Hood, M. Hook, M. Hooker, D. ... Hooker, K. 348 -129 323 ..158 172, 198,201,269 24,125 333 Hooper, S. 412 Hoosman, M. 411 Hoover, D. 185, 197 Hoover, K. 303 Hoover, H. 180 Hopkins, G. 200 Hopkins, M. -367 Hopkins, W. 137 Hnpp, r 33 412 Hoppe, R. 1. 412 Horn, r 412 Hornberger, J. Hornett, B. 412 191,. ' 01 316 Hnrning, J, 169 Hnrning, R, .rm 412 Hnrtiiiath, W 412 Hnrst, n Horton, J. Horton, T.. IK 1M Horvath, M. . 181 Horwitch, R Horwich, S Horwitch, R Horwitz, B Horwitz, M. Horwitz, R. Hosbein, J Hosteller, D. 161, Hotten, P. _ -25, 141, 186, Houch L Houer, H. Houghtaling, S. Houghtby, W. Houghton, K. . Houle, J. Hourigan, V. 154, 159 House, C. _ House, Clyde 320, Houser, C. Houston, J. 179, Howard, D Howard, H Howard, J 198,201, rd, R - Howa Howard, S. Howe, M. Howe, J. Howell, B. ... Howell, D. Howell, R. Howell, T. . 291 _262 122, 198 .347 Howie, J. Hoxie, F. _ Hoyer, T. - Hoyt, J. Hoyt, S. _ Hoyt, T. Hsu, K. ._. Hu, C. Huang, D. Huang, H. Huang, S. Hubach, N. 119, 158, 278 Hubbard, B. 276 Hubbard, Bruce 412 Hubbard, D Hubbard, H. . Hubbard, R. Hubbell, Roger Huber, F. Huber, L. Huber, S. Hubert, F. Huckins, J. . Huddle, A. Hudson, A Huebshman, M. Huefman, B. .. Huff, B. Huffman, B. .. Hufford, W. Hughes, D. Hughes, E. -279 Hughes, H Hughes, J. _ Hughes, Merlin Hughes, Mert ... Hughes, N. Hughes, S. Hughes, S. Hughes, T. Hughes, V Huizenga, T Hulbert, B. .. Hulbund. J. Hulett, R. -. _338 Hull, F. . -347 Hull, J. Hume, C. 121, Hume, R. Humes, R 28, 127, 150, Hummer, P. . Humphrey, D. 333, Humrich, B. Humrich, T. Hundley, F Hunt, B. _ Hunt, Jim Hunt, John - Hunt, Mrs. - Hunt, T. Hunter, B. Hunter, G. Hunter, S. _ _ 305, Huntington, G. 131, 279, Huntington, J. _ 129. Hurd, A. _. Hurlin, K. Hurst, D. 304, Hurwitz, R Hurwitz, V. Husband, R. Husen, W. , . _ Husick, A. Huss, J Husselman, A __ Huston, R Hutchins. F. Hutton, D. Huston, A. Hyatt, P. 135, 137, 151, Hydon, B. Hyma, A. 322, Hyma, D. Hyman, C. 308 325 129 412 312 412 288 309 412 341 412 156 135 317 .180 412 321 412 268 412 368 352 270 350 412 263 179 275 -304 .412 412 412 169 341 287 ..412 _. 26 412 412 412 412 412 412 412 332 -185 412 .412 .412 290 352 .365 ..413 291 -361 .413 133 413 288 298 311 ..347 ..413 .413 -154 .413 -290 -369 25 -303 ..185 .296 -367 317 322 413 413 320 268 179 151 362 413 149 413 413 291 213 311 346 366 .. 47 413 413 411 288 413 297 413 413 .312 .413 413 .413 114 413 169 413 321 133 179 -322 413 322 -308 Ignasiak, E. lid, J Ikemori, F. . Her, R. _ Ilson, S. 177, 348, 413 ...133,413 174, 176, 362 - 346 366 Tnafitkn F. -174, 176, 413 112, 41.1 Ingerson, Q. Ingle M 180, 413 41.1 Ingli P 174, 41.1 276, 413 . - 2% 198, 199 .102 Inman, J 200, 360 413 Ireland D 348, 413 302, 413 411 117 414 Trurin V 260, 269 Irwin, H - 324 183,348 Isaacson, B. Isada, N Isbell P .167, 298, 414 178, 414 269 .164 Ishrde G 354 263 I " " ! ' . J 323, 414 365 It ami, S. 414 Itkoff, T . 120, 280 IttnT C, .1.15, 414 Ttttl T, F, 115, 304 341 109, 414 Ivivk F 132, 360, 414 Izumi. T. 414 Jackins, A. Jackson, A. _ 414 __. 128,197,213,224 Tackson, B 185 Tackson, Dale 347 .111 311,414 19 Jackson, M. 201 414 Jackson, Rollene _ 158, 266 292 414 Tarnh, C 347 .. 314 117, .11 " ! Tabs L 414 .162 200 14 ) Tacnhcnn. P. _ .316.414 Tacobson, E. __________ 365 Tacobson, Ira ____ 289,414 Jacobson, Jake 125,284,290,414 .Tacobson, Jerry --- 340 Jacobson, L ..... _____ 365 Tacobson, M. ------ 414 Jacobson, Robert A. 135, 136, 177 Jacobson, Russell .- .......... - ...... 414 Jacques, D. ---- 317 , . Jacques, J. Jadwin, J. _ Jadwin, M. J Jaecker, E. Taegar, I. J. Taffe, L. Jaffe M Jahsman ' , D. P 129, 309 Taie, A 414 Taksec. N 362 James, B - - 414 Tames, David . ames, Donald 414 James, G. James, T James, K. James, L. James, R. Jamieson, J. Jamo. R. Janeck, F. ._ Janes, D. Tanoer, B. Jans, J. Jansen. E. Jansma, R. -364 122, 143, 27! 29fi[ 414 414 _295 . 320 162 331 .... 414 .. 24, 153 .... 182 .333, 414 162 Tanton W Tanusch, D. Z 1Z- 121, 273 Tanuszka, H Jaramillo, H 414 Taroff, L. ...22,124,135,140,414 Jarosek, G. 323,414 Jarratt, W. R 133, 414 Tarvey, N. _ 365 Jeannero. J. J. - - -303 Jeffers, D. 314 Teffries, J. 301 Jeffries, W 314, 348 Telinek, J. M 129 Jender, J. 168,351 Jenkins, B. 299 Tenks, J. 347 Jennett, B 115,321 Jennings, H. 328 492 Jennin Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen f. - .- . escboi essop. ew. L ewell. Jicklin J W 414 {dk 203 ian V Ml T 3 65 295 iek 41$ G. JJI . H. 174 A 360 c. R 415 , Jilbert. L. F. Jimerson. L. Jobes, J. .135, 136 , . -- Jockwig. B. Johansson, C, _ Johannsen, J. _ John. D. __ John. T. _ Johns. J. _ __ Johns. R a flee 133 _415 - .- = 415 415 303.415 115,350 Johns. Robert 303.415 Johnson, Alan 415 Johnson, Albert 415 Johnson, Arthur 197, 366 Johnson, Barbara 169.301. 281,365 328 320 Johnson. Clair 415 290 Johnson. Bill Johnson, Bruce ' ohnson. Cycle ' ohnson. Del ohnson. Diana _335 415 ohnson, Dick 115, 322. 330 . ohnson, Donald _ 315, 316. 415 Tohnson. E. 415 Tohnson, Frank 348 Johnson. Fred 311 Johnson, H. 24,25.344 Johnson. Jeannie 131, 144. 186. 188, 273, 415 Johnson, Joanne 130, 415 Johnson. Jody 119, 415 Johnson. Johnnie 292 Johnson. Joyce 367, 415 Johnson. Tudy 275 Johnson. M. 360 Johnson, Merry-Lynn Johnson, Michel Paul _ _ 169. 184,301 Johnson, Pauline ohnson. Pete ohnson. Phillip r i.... .r _ m,.,ii 415 415 322 320 [ohnson. Phyllis _415 ohnion. Ralph _ 288, 328 Johnson, Robert E._ ' ohnson. Roy (ohnson, Ross 317, 415 ohnson. S. 415 ' ohnson, Theodore ohnson. Tom Johnson. V. ... Johnson. W. Johnson. Y. bhnston. C. ohnston. D. __ ohnston. Peter _ ohnston, Phil _ ohnston. T. B. _ . ' ohnston. W. F. 134, 167 Johnstone, X. _ .360 Johnstone, P. 286,284,326 Johnstone, R 302 ;iny. Tack 415 ones. Blanche 361 ones. Bob 149 Jones. C. . 360 Jones. Carol 415 Jones, Connie 186 Jones, Dick 149, 346 Jones, Haven Jones. Henry Jones, Jack Jones, James .ones, Jean Belle _ . ' ones, Joanne Jones, John _ [ones J. P . ones, L. . ' ones, P. Jones, Richard _ Jones, Robert _ Jones, Rosemary Jones, S. . ' ones. S. J Jones, Sterling _ Jones. W. Joos. T. . ' oppich, D. . ' orgenson. E. Jorrisch, L. Jorrisch. R. _ Jorstad, J. _ Fosefowich. M Joseph. F. Joseph, R. _ Joslin, D. iosrai, M. _ , ' ourdain. L. Jowett, J. _ oy. P. _ . nan, D. Jndson, R. ' ukas. L. Julbert, L. _ Jon, R- M Juncker, J. Jurasek, J. Juszczyk, R 159 164 176. 416 351 Kabcenell R. XK 41 Kafka D 4i Katil ' r F vu Kahn F 197 Cjhu H 416 Kahn R 265 41A flfi Kaljee. A. 7 Kail T, 416 Kallett M tat Kallman, I. 168,289.416 Kallman. S. 118, 130, 280, 416 Kallstrom. B. 416 Kaltenbach, L. 142,360.416 Kaltwasser, C. 314 Kalzmarczvk, D. 416 Kam. F. 183, 174 Kamens. R. 280 Kamienic, R. 309 Kaminski, L. 416 Kammeraad, F. 416 Kam p. C. 416 Kamper, A. 276 Kampner, B. 312 Kamrath, D. 115, Kananen. L. 368 Kane, Dick 01 Kane. Don ._191 174, 416 178.416 308 308 Kanemoto, J. Kania. R. Kantor. M. S Kaplan. A Kaplan, C. 265 Kaplan. H. 135,137,416 Kaplan. J. 184.416 Kaplan. M. 158,365 Kaplin, N. 416 Kaplin. R. M Kapp III _ . 129, 310 .301 Kaprielian. M. 368 Karasik. M. 361 Karasik. X. 361 Karch. E. 159 Karcher. D. Karcis. J. Kardel. P. Rarely, A. Karges, C. ._ Karmazin. T. . Karner. J. Kamishky, X. Karoff. R. _ Karoly. M. 319 319 . ' 50 156 292 .291 171. 281 158. 165 312 _416 Karp. C 416 Karres. G. 136, 172. 177, 319, 416 Kartch. M. 416 Karthouse. S. 367 Kasdorf. B. 416 Kaser. J. 306. 416 Kash. S 347 Kashiwa. G. Kasper. E. . Kass. M. E. Kassner. H. Kanstanovitz. S. Kastenbaum. H. Kathe, J. Katterjohn. A. Katz, A. _ Katz, B. _ Katz, C. _ Katz. D. _ Katz. H. _ Katz. M. Katz, S. - Katzawal. V. - -- 179 Katzenmeyer. B. 256 Kaufman, C. 312. 325. 417 Kaufman. E. 170. 417 Kaufman. I. 324.417 Kaufman. L. 325 Kaufman. P. 417 Kanffman. R. 417 Kaoper. P. G. 15? Kanppila. R. W 177.347 Kausch. T. 294 Kausch. M. 364 Kavanbngh. R. .417 Kawabata, T. 136. 174. 417 Kay. C. 362 Kay. S. 340 Kaya. G. 174,417 Kayser. J. 365 Kaye. F. " 308.417 Keagle. R 154 Kearl. P. 354 Kearney. D. 14 Keast. P. Keegan. Constance 417. 270 Keeean, Marv 2T) Keeler. Bill _ 291 Keeler. Hugh E H7 Keeler. Tack 322 Keeler. John 417 Keen. Cliff 212 Keen. Joyce 27W, 417 Keidan, Frederick S2S Keidan, Vivian 265, 417 Keift, R. 417 Keim. Barbara 201,361,199 Keim, Dizzy _303 Keim, Earl 25 Keim, Richard 417 Keir, J. 178. 417 Keiser, R 126,294,417 Keister. F. 186.417 Keith, Leonard 349 Keith. Xorral A 417 Keith. Robert C. _ 128, 143, 347 Kelberg. R. 417 Kellar. F. 185 Kelleler. J. 349 Keller, F. _417 Kellev, RnS 291, 417 Kellev. Burton 417 136,307 Keller, Philip 204 417 Kellngg F.tra 417 299,417 Kellngg, fary 417 201 Kellv, Chuck 208 Kelly, Donald 3 Kelly, Franklin 02. 346. 417 K 11-r J H 417 Kellv, J T 417 417 417 us Kelsev. King Kong 213 Kelso! H 266.417 Kemp Rill 1 , 141 349 364 Kempf. W. . ' 36. 351 Kempthorn, Dick 124,213, 216.221.222,226,417 Kempthorn. Elmer 303 Kenadjian. V. 297 Kendall, Robert 178 Kendall, Russell 349 Kendall. Yvonne 417 Kendrick, C. 321 Keniston, H. 48 Kennedy, Charles 19 Kennedy, Colleen Kennedy. Dave .276 314 Kennedy. Lois 131.274,417 Kennedy, Margaret 268 Kennedy. Mary Ann _ 276. 418 Kenney. J. T. 418 Ken yon. R. 418 Kent. Charles 352 Kent. W. E. 352 Kenyon. Killer 303 Kercher. E. 138, 330 Kerlin. E. 362 Kern. Dick 335 Kern. Geraldine Kern . James _ Kern. Richard Kern. Virginia Keraer, S. Kerns. T. F. Kerr. Bill Kerr. Ed _ Kerr. Fred Kerr. Toan Kerr. Karol Kerridge. G. S. Kerry. B. Kersting, C. C. Kessler. C. F. Kessler. R. H. Ketai. M. Ketchum. D. Kettelhut. J. Kettler. Slug Keyes. E. Keys. H. Khourv. D. Khuel. " I. Kidd. Al Kidd. Edwin Kidd. Ted Kiddon. G. Kidwell. M. Kiehler. F. Kielas. H. Kier. P. Kiernan. K. L. 418 Kilgore. D. 338 Kileren. G. 348 Killenburger. R ' 51 Kim. M. 185 Kimbrough. T. 18 Kimmel. P. " 169.418 Kimmerly. T. 335. 418 Kimper, J. Kinder. R. _ Kindlev. V. . _154 294 Keenan, P. Keenan. Thomas . _ 60 350 King. George _ 181. 295. 351, 418 King. Howard - - King, Tohn Lane 418 King, Mary Helen . 200.274 King. Ray H. 135.137,418 King. Richard E. 41 S King. William 348 Kingdon. D J02 Kingscott, Louis C. Kinkead. J. Kinkella, A. Kinnear. R. Kinoshita, R. Kinstle. L. Kipp, D. Kirby. Richard Kirby, Robert J. Kirch, J. Kircos, P. Kirk, Sandra Kirk, William Kirkemo, J. W. Kirkindall, J. C. _ Kirsch, C. Kirsten. W. Kish. R. Kistler. Delilah Kistler, Jim Kistler, John Kistler, Roland Kitchens, J. Kittell, W. Kitts. A. Kivarsick, R Kivi. L. Kjelland, R. Klaassen. E. J. Klaasen. Les Klabosh. C Klafer. Marylin Klafer. Ronnie Klaffenbach, J. Klamser, R Klap. Dorothy Klap. John Klarreich, H. Klatt. W. B. Klaus, C. Klaus. Sidney Kleckner, P Kleiman, H. Klein, Cheryl Klein, Frederich Klein, Janet Klein, Norman Klein. William Kleinert, J. Kleinkauf, L. Kleinman. B. Kleinpell, P. Kleitman. E. Klepser. E. Klerman, J. Klett. E. Klichowski. J. Klimechy, L. Kline. M. Klinesteker. R. Klingbeil. A. Klinger, B. Kloian, A. Klvman. C. Knape, R Knapp. Al. _ Knapp. Ev. Knapp. Fay Knepfer, A. Kneussl. J. Knevels. B. Knibbe. J. Knight. Jeff. _ Knight. Ralph E. Knode. B. - . Knoepffler. Albert Knoepffler. Aldo Knol. G. Knoll. A. _ 333 302 330 315 418 .346 335, 418 418 418 360 418 280 _ 294, 418 317,418 345, 418 154, 418 330,418 266, 419 . 419 304,419 304 200.347 314 334 278 115 338 419 347 177 181 _ 142. 362 310 419 347 ?67 292 419 348 308 348 144,272 419 419 181.419 359 300 179 271, 419 419 419 291 133,369 _. 419 366 295 _ 351 349 169 334 279,419 _ 349. 419 419 25,344 .307 316. 419 292, 419 301,419 308 315 290 367 Knopf. Richard Knopf. Ralph Knorst, D. Knott. R- Knowles. R. Knox. Tames Kobs. R. 309.419 330 Koce " ski. L. . 128,197,213,320 Kochenderfer. V. 154.167 Kochker. R. 350 Kocinski. E. 179 Kocon. R. 347 Koebel. B. 419 Koeber. X. 331,419 Koebnick. W. 136.419 Koegel, A 305 Koegh. E- 314 Koehler. E. 366 Koehn. B. 185 Koehn. F. 172, 352, 419 Koel. B. 337 Koepke. J. 178 Kocpnick, P. 419 Koestner. J. 419 Kogen. W. 197 Kohatsn, S. 174 Kohl. Prof. 178 Kohnlenberg. M. 308, 419 Kohn, H. -325 Kohr, Robert H. 135.419 Kokales. M 146, 168, 367. 419 Kolb. C. 294 Kolbe. J. 154 Kolbe. W. 179.419 Kole, I. 269 Kolin. A. 419 Kollman. D. 419 493 Komie, L Kominars, H. Koncar, A. _ 308 .....332 ...365 Kuo, S. K. -_179 Konikow, Z. 332,420 Koning, W. _ 179,420 Konrad, W. - 314 Kontranowski, E. S - 420 Kool, B. P. 420 Koontz, A. M. 420 Kopka, R 290 Kopp, R. Kopp, W. 346 Koppel, I. 420 Koppelman, B. 364 , Korby, A. . 332 170 .321 Korchen, H. Kordenbrock, R. Korfhage, R. 306 Korhonen, G. 132, 159, 420 Korman, H. 365 Kornblue, E. 312 Korpela, H. 172 Korpf, R. 2% Kory, D. E. 420 Kosik, J. 349 Koski, W. A. .420 Kosnett, L. A 420 Kotapish, W. R. 347, 420 Kotite, D. 141,309,420 Kovats, D. 348 Koven, N. 362 Kovitz, A. A 420 Kowalski, R. T. 420 Kowalski, T. 171 Koza, K. 174, 179 Kraeger, C. 213 Kraemer, C. S. 420 Kraft, D. 341 Kramo, D. Kramer, M. Kramer, S. A. Kramp, W. M Krantz, J. ,._.315, 420 265 420 420 Krantz K 350 Kranr M 420 Kranz, E _ 367 364 2R9 Kr a t , H T, 420 TCrai, ,. R . 198, 272 332, 420 325 12Q Krauss, J. Krauss, Mairian ... Krauss. Mariorie 348 369, 420 361 Kravitz, H. ' _ 346 Krecke, C. _ 338 Krei sberg, L 365 Kreitman S _ _ 312 Krell, G. I. Kremer, J. Kremer, M. _ Kress, J. Kretchmar, L. Kretzschemer, W. Kretzschmar, R. _ Krickstein, B. J. _ Krieger, R. Krinsley, R. Kripke, S. Krohn, A. Kroll, S. 305 138, 336 311 _265 335 310 325, 348 184 Kron, M. 361 Kropa, E. 168,366 Kroshinsky, C. 420 Krueger, A. 305 Krueger, P. A. 420 Krueger, Mrs. R. 265 Kruger, B. 179 Kruger, E. W 137, 420 Krummel, D. 162,348 Kruse, J. R. 326, 420 Kruthers, A. A. _ Krywy, I. Kryzminski, M. . 420 364 Krzeczkowski, S. C. 420 Kuusisto, E. 368 Kubik, R. 331,420 Kubitskey, G. F. 420 Kubota, J. ..._.350 Kudla, W. W 420 Kudner, R. 288,420 Kuebler, A. 421 Kuehl, I. 358, 359 Kuella, C. E. 183 Kufferman, E. _ 421 Kuhel, E. _ Kuhn, W. - Kuijinen, W. Kuivinen, E. Kulakowski, B. _ Kulas, M. _ Kulick, P. Kulinski, E. _ Kull, M. Kulpinski, J. _ Kunkle, S. S. _ Kurtz, P Kurtzman, R. Kutack, J. Kutas, J. Kuzel, W. Kuzma, C. Kwai, A. Y. Kwause, J. _ _..340 421 421 293 421 360 _280, 421 421 _. 149, 272 314, 421 303 361 ...421 Laansma, R. Labadie, W. LaBoe, E. LaBreeque, W. LaBret, S. Lackey, J 421 Ladendorf, R 135, 151, -.352 -176, 348, 422 362 _ 347 -.318 Ladensack, C. LaFaive, C. _ LaFave, C. Laferte, D. 328, 344, 347 _ 421 177, 348, 422 351 2%, 421 _ . .154 421 T j,M- n 199,267 Laich, E. -421 22 Laing, Richard _ 421 421 T.iiirH, T 326 294 Lake, D. 421 T.akcr, T, 312, 421 T.j.llipr, J ... . 366 . 168, 324 174 ... 359 Lamb, C. Lamb, E. ... 320, 421 128, 168, 346 Lamb, M. 200,346 Lamberg, J. 362 Lambert, C. 421 Lambert, W. Lamberts, B. Lamey, A. Lamkin, R. Lammers, C. 315 -.337 -.321 ..421 -.421 LaMont, C. W. 181 Lamontujr, C. 421 Lamsam, B. 421 Lamson, F. W. 178 Lamy, L. 268 Lander, B. 305 Lander, N. 421 .... 421 3.12, 421 338, 421 Landy, H. 421 Lane, A. T.anP, W. _ 309 421 315 Lang, E. T.a " g ( tt, 322 .. . .263,422 T.qng, T, 310 29,278 Lang , J . 132, 278 Lane, L. P. Lange, L. T.qngp J _ 347 129 31R T.angfnrH, W. 336 T.anglqnH, R, AW. 12Q LaNovette, W. .350 422 348 422 LaParl J 311 164 17R _ .184 422 Lardner. P. .. 316 Larownis, G. 136, 422 Larrea, F. 179,422 Larsen, Bert 288 Larsen, Bill 341 Larsen, J. 422 Larsen, L. 346 Larson, Prof 33 422 365 422 422 5(0 3SH Larson, P . ._422 JS2 T.arsnn, W. . .320 T.aRnf, J, 317 422 Laschever, Deah Laschever, Dolores Lashmrt, P. Tf 141 186, 422 1 364 T.askv, R 312, 422 T.asspr, F 325 T.atpr, Vv 317 T.athriip, P. 304 T.atshaw, W. 339 174 Lanhaiirh, R. 422 T.HIHT, n vu 422 Lauhatirananda, N. Lauronson, C. Laurin, J. 422 -315 ..184, 272 T.aVanway, P, 178, 422 Lavelv, M. .360 Lavine, L. 360 Lawo, K. 422 Lawrpnre, T. ..... 294 Lawrenre, J. 322, 331 Lawrence. R. .. . ..164. 422 Lawson, A. Lawson, D. Lawson, H. Lawson, R. Lawton, B. LawwiH, P. Laxton, W. . Layne, R. W. Layton, R. Lazar, A. Lazar, G. - Lazar, J. Lazar, P. Lazarski, F Lazarus, H. _ Lazarus, J. .337 ..136 _.. 265 Tsso Leadbetter, J. Leader, V 269 Leahy, Frank Leahy, Lorraine Leake, B 184 Leary, C. Leasia, R 128, 294 Leavenworth, S 178 Lebendiger, R. _. Lebeson, M. Lebowitz, E. Lecklider, C. 268 LeClair, K. _ Leddick, D. 115, 143, 188 Lederle, J. W. Lederman, M Ledice, D. LeDuc, Y. 198 Lee, Amos Lee, Chen-Hsi _ Lee, David Lee, Dick __ Lee, Edward Lee, Frances Lee, Gypsy Rose Lee, Jack K Lee, Tohn Lee, K - -- Lee, Mary . Lee, Sophie - 174,358, Leedy, C. Leen, J. Leengra ' n, W. 287, Leepman, E. 265, Leet, L. Legate, R. Legg, G - Lehan, J. Lehman, George _ Lehmann, George .. Lehmann, Joseph . Lehoczky, J. - Leigh, Geoffrey _ .. 352, 166 115 Leiman, H. 164 Leininger, Ann . Leininger, Melvin _ 137 Leite, R. J. _ LeMasson. J. F. Lemieux, G. LeMire, A. W 178 Lemler, D. 162,298 346 262 Lemm, R. G. ... Lemmer, R. E. Lemper, V. Lendich, F. H Lene, B. _ Lenhardt, C. - Lenkowski, J. V. 291 Lennington, Ann Lentz, Carl 213 Lentz, Charley Lentz, Harold . Lenz, Charlie Leon, Ed. Leonall. V. Leonard, Jack Leonard, John Leonard. Louise Leonard. Paul Leonardii, J. Leonhard, J. _ Leopold, B 345 Lepnerd, L. 169,358, Le Sage M Leslie, D. Lesser, S. Lessien, E .. Leszyczvnski, J 277 Letts, M. 287 Letz, P. Letzgus. M 198,267 Leung, H. Leutholz. B. 154 Levai. M. 340, LeValley. J. LeVan, D. _ Levantrosser, W. Leven. S Levenberg, E. Levenson, G. Levey, B. Levin, Georges Levin, Joyce Levin, Merle 125, 142 Levin, Pavi Levin, Rose Marie 184 Levine, Tudith Levine, Maurice LeVine, L. 297 304 368 350 269 275 422 422 .300 422 ..422 422 422 154 149 ..143 422 422 314 .422 422 335 422 422 365 .364 ..312 422 291 145, 284 .153 .422 322 270 422 .423 .423 298 .423 .366 303 154 298 .185 369 359 315 351 380 423 423 134 423 294 423 423 351 323 348 423 .421 423 . 45 .183 346 423 423 .423 423 272 .136 312 264 423 361 423 218 .423 ..197 . 328 ,339 -322 _.423 ...268 .423 423 277 ,350 359 270 325 ..308 ..178 ,423 ,350 ..423 ,423 423 , 162 -.329 _307 ..424 .423 ,423 .-184 .423 -325 .183 265 423 1.351 423 .366 .308 .423 Levinsohn, A. Levinson, Bernie Levinson, Gordy Levy, Joan .... Levy, Joe y, Joyce 25, ....154, 316, Levy. . . Lewinson, E Lewis, Ann Lewis, Carol _ Lewis, Dick Lewis, Donald Lewis, Frederick Lewis, John Lewis, Nancy ii Lewis, Patricia A. Lewis, Patricia H. __ . .m Lewis, Richard 325, Lewis, Robert Liackes, T. _. Libman, N. _. Licero, R. Lichtenberg, T. Lichtenson, W. Lickridge, B. Lice, R. Liefer, G. Liere, A. - Lieving, G. Lifson, K. Light, L. __ Lightstone, D Lincoln, D. Lindamood, F. _ Lindauer, A Lindberg, J. Lindbloom, A. Lindeman, D. Linden, S. Linder, R. -- Linderman, C. _ Lindh, I. - Lindholm, M. Lindhout, B. Lindow, M. Lindquist, J. -.-114, 125, 134, Lindquist, Leo ... Lindsay, Alexander _ Lindsay, Jim - Lindsley, E. .- Linton, T. Lipnik, Alvin Lipnik, Carl ... Lippencott, B. Lippert, S. Lippman, C. Lipner, D. Lipsky, S. Lipson, J. ...134, 308 197 253 281 352 423 349 361 365 298 320 42? 290 423 423 423 424 347 325 .315 326 308 358 424 424 349 346 .424 424 280 424 363 424 365 133 424 329 315 172 278 179 316 352 166 341 424 List, Jim List, John ... List, Nancy List, Suzanne .. Little, Barbara Little, Frances Little, Lou Little, Mary J. Littlefield, E. Littleson, B. Liv, W Lively, Bebe Lluch, R ..-.. - 424 - ' 162 424 .. 288 . 329, 424 .358 Loeb H .325, 424 ...346 Loetz P ..154 Loewer, B. 350, 424 366 T 360 . 364 Logan, Muriel Logithetis, P. _ 168 .. 134 331 .331 Loken N 252 276 308 351 London. Edmund - 308 326 ..424 326, 424 Longhtni, A. 180,424 .. 349 Loo W 174 358 Loomis, Ralph LoPret " J, 424 320 Lord P 305 347 Lotterman, A. ...... Loud J 337, 424 . .. 424 199 494 Lough. Thomas _ Loughrin, Harry _ Longhrin. John Loughrin. Judith Longhrin, Ted Louie. J. -424 -330 .330 _424 Lonrim. R. _ Loveless. B. Lovell. P. Low, Howie Lowden. R. Lowe. Al. _ Lowe. Earl Lowell, J. _ -.- .263 425 425 -115, 304 _ 425 _129, 317 B. Lowry, Bob Lowry, Bill Lowther, V. Lubeck, Donald Lubeck, Marv _ Lublin. I 425 _:. : : 310 341 -288,469 .--. -_ = 4, 128, 310 Lnca. B. Lucas. Carl _ Lucas. Stuart Luckett. R. _ Luckty. R. _ Luckoff. A. v. J. -129 _380 425 Lndwig. B. Luebke, R. ik?H. J ' _ Luker. P. Lum. Annie Lum, Bert Lam, Raymond Lundahl. ' M. Lundberg, Dolores . Lnndberg. Robert . Lundew, J. -352 179 -.= 337 -- = -174, 176 174 .--. -.= 425 425 294 Lundgard. F. _126, 135, 137, 425 Luona. H. 154 Lope. S. 322,347 Lnpion, J. Lapp. D. _ Lurie. M. _ Luse. D. _ Lntton, X. 186, 198, 271, 425 Lymon. Rabbi H. 170 Lynch, Bob 311 Lynch. Joe 290 :.-. --- -154 _361 J09 Lyngldip. J Lyons. Bob Lyons, Ivan Lyons, Jo Ann _ Lyons, Shirley _ Lyons. Thomas Lytle, R Lyzenga, S. 323,425 348 ::=. :- . -.= 119, 131. -. 42! 168,366 425 425 341 MacMurchy. J Macpherson, M. _ Macris. J. MacRitchie. J. D. MacWilliams. X. Madalin. H. Madden. E. Madden. P. Maddy, R. Maeda. T. Maerz, I Maestras. J. E. Maggios, B. Magids. B. Magil. L. M. Maguire. A. Maguire. J. Magnire. M. Maher. J. Mahler. W. J. Mahoney. E. P. _ Maier L. _IZ Z _:__ f Mair. ' M. JIZZZI Mairs, J. Maitland, W. _ Major Major III Makomoto. Y. Malanick. D. Maletta. T. J. Malin. H. Malina. J. Malitz, E. Malkamns. W. Malos. R. J. Maltas. M. Mandelstamm, A. Mandeville. R Manfredi. N. Maneone. L. M_ Manker. E. Manley, M. - Manley. W. W. _ Mann. A. M. Mann, B. Mann. C. I Mann. J. A. Mann. Matt, III _ Man, Patricia Mann. Peter Mann, R. D. Mann. S. Manning. D. J. _ Manning, F. Manning, I. _ . 427 182 -187.336 427 305 338 _ 49. 273 _36J 179 -185,427 _ 427 318 352 427 154 348 198,279 -l 427 427 330 -306.428 - 181, 346 317 298 302 174 -267,428 428 428 -180,428 -170,340 _ 428 159. . ' 66 -. -.- 428 179,428 428 351 276, 368 428 428 312 184 _428 -.;-. --: .154,366 348 178 365 428 --62 . Manning. W. L. Manoff. B. 348 _306 _427 .-.- 346 315 271 427 ... . 427 25 MacAllister, F. _ Macaris. E. Macanley. J. MacBeth. V. _ MacCallum, C. _ MacCallum. H. MacConnachie. J. _ MacCready. B. MacDennott. V. MacDonald, Ed. _ MacDonald. Emilv MacDonald, I. . MacDonald, J. _ MacDonald. V. _ MacDongall, G. _ MacDougall. M MacDuff. E. _ MacEwan. R. __ MacGillinray. H. MacGowan. V. MacGregor. Dean MacGregor. Don _ MacGregor, Robert MacGregor. Robert D. Machey. R. _ Macintosh, Don Macintosh, Douglas 133, 333. 427 Macintosh, J. 197 Mack. G. J60 Mack. H. m Mack. J. _137. 179, 428 428 366 Mansfield, Richard 351 Mansfield. Rita 172 Manson. H. 276 Manson, J. 351 Mansonr. I. J. Mantek. P. Manwarine. C. Maraulo. G. Marble, B. Marches . M Marchini. S- J. Marcoux. B. Marcus, A. S. Marcus, L. H. Marcus. K. -t M _3l2 M; MacKay. D MacKav. T. MacKay. R MacKenzie, lames MacKensie. John 294 427 292 3?6 288.427 MacKenzie, Judith 274,427 Mackersie. P. 184,326 Mackey. J. 168. 351, 427 key, R. Margolis. Margules. S. Manrulis. A. Mariani. R Marin. N Maring. R. J. Markey, W. Markle. H. C. _ Markle. R. _ Markos. M. Marks, H. Marks, T. D. _ Marks. L. Marks. S. Markson. A. Markstrom. V. Markns, H. Martin. D. H. _ Marmo. J. Marqnardt. A. _ Marqnardt, C. Marr. I. Marietta. R. A. Marsack. M. Marsh. E. Macke Mackie, J. . Mackie. P. 427 -162.427 172,185 MacLachlan, D. _ 186, 352, 427 MacLachlan, R 427 MacLellan. Alastair _ -: MacLellan. Andrew MacLeod. M. _ MacLeod. R. . MacMillan. S. MacMillan. W. 181,427 ' 427 316 296 180,428 143 354 359 350 310 428 236 _362 273,428 350 _428 30 ' . 428 277, 428 Marsh, F. X 135, 137, 179, 428 Marsh. I 428 Marsh. R. 428 Marshall. Bod Marshall. Carlisle Marshall. D. B. Marshall. Hanlall Marshall Marshall. M. Marshall. X. Marshall. X. Marshall. Robert Marshall, Ross Marshall. Wm. _ Marshlow. R. W. Marson. J. _ Martas. G. Martelino. E. Martelle. H. D. _ Marti-Abuelo, R. Martilino. L. Martin. A Martin. B. Martin. Dave Martin, Dick 429 320 429 _260, 271, 429 -348 Martin, Prof. E. R. Martin. Enla M Martin. Jean Martin. Jim Martin, John I Martin, Lawrence Martin, Len _ Martin, M. _ Martin, P Martin. R. H. Martini. F. _ Martz, K. _ Marx. W. _ Marya, R. K. _ Marzo. S. _ Marzol. M. a . as 429 429 - 173, 329 .- -. -169,369 -291, 429 317 0. 360, 429 429 172 177,429 _3S1 178 :: : O9, . Maskovich. Prof. . 41 Masliyah. N. 181 Mason. A im Mason. C. C. 420 Mason. T. Mf Masselink. L. 470 Massnick. D. Ma n i,-t, T 350.429 345, 351, 429 Ma.t V R 420 Masters. F. 183,366 Masterson, J. A. 470 Mastv, J l?n 420 Matavoshi, H. 174 Matel, A 178 Mather. T S 420 Mathes. J 70? Matheson. J 201 Matheson. M. 1 2 Matheson. R. Matheson. W. 70? Mathew, R xnt Mathews, C. m Mathias, X. 121 Ml Mathias. R. S. 420 Matin T. us Matson. G. S. Matsumoto. M. 28,182.429 420 Matsnmnra. A. _ Mattesen. R. 171. 49 27n Matthews, Charlotte 188, 273 Matthews. Cooper 295 Matthews, G. 288 Matthews, M. 263 Mattison. D. 304,429 Matton. J. 349 Maturen. G. 349 Mature. J. E. Matusoff, R _429 Matr T %2 Man. A. K. W. 174 420 Maude, T Hit Manrer, A Tfft Manrer, J 420 Maurer. W W Mauriel. J 168,351 Maximenz. D. E. 420 Maxwell. D. 4W Maxwell, S. 430 Mav, T ta - nn 430 Maver. C. . 2 Maver H V " 4=0 Mayer. M 325 410 Mayerield. F 184 Mayhugh, A. C. Maro M 4W Marade, R 430 Mazer. W " McAlee. C. L. 42? McAlindon, H. P. 42? McBride, J. T. 425 MrRriH,, ; 271 301 McCallister. P. McCallum. P 2?6. 28? MrCallnm, H 288 McCandliss 304 VrCann, T 127 MrCarpar, C. McCargar. J V5 McCarthr, C. K. ; -: : McCarthv. G. J. 180 42? MrCarthv J ' " " " : MrCartv, M i; = MrCam. F 148 MrClaran. R 4?,? McClelland, D. 213,217,2 McClew. R. 156,326,425 McClintie, W. 309.425 McCloy, J. 299,425 McClung, M J54 McOnre, R. D. McClurg, R. McColl, A. _ McCollongh. D. 305 McComb, S. 121, 198, 275 McConachie. L. 291 -349 -351 -425 McConnell. J. McCord. D. McConnack, J. McCormack, W. McConnick, A. C. McConnick. Jane _169, 358. 359 McCormick. John 294 McConnick, John G. 347 McCormick. M. 278 McCourt. R. _ 425 MiOr ' v va McCracken. P. _ McCreary. H. -24, 291, 331 154,425 McCrorer, H. L. at McCrumb. J H 426 McCrvstal. R. 315 McCulfor, R. L. 426 McCusken. M TW : } McDonald, A. J. McDonald n F. 42A McDonald Tames 172 McDonald, John A 126,426 McDonald. S. 236,251,360 McDonald, W. E. _ 426 Mclntosh, A. H. 426 Mclntosh, B. 341 Mclntosh. D. 232.294,426 McDougall. M. 198 McDowell, S. E 426 McEwan, D. 293 McEwen. D. _244 McFaddon, B. 560, 426 McFarland, E. _ . J67 McFarlane, G. 179. 426 McFee, F. 135, 137, 321, 426 McGoey, B 154 McGovern, R. H. 426 McGowan, D. 311, 426 McGrae, J. 320 McGraw, G. 367 McGraw, J. _305 McGregor, Alan 311,426 McGregor, Allan 346 McGregor! M. 367 McGnire, B. 304 McGuire, J. McHale. S. Mcllhenny, J. Mclntosh, P. . Mclntosh, W. Mclntyre, J. _ McKay, D. McKean, G. _ McKeen, A. G. McKenzie, E. -341 278 _134, 315, 426 358 " _125, 197 2 8 -294 :--. -- McKenzie, W. W. ' 42A MrKi,., I 350,426 McKie. M. 172 VrKim J 208 McKinley, A. 426 277 436 MrKinnfi, K IrK,T, n ,v M %1 McKinney. W O9, - ' - McKinnon. A n at McKowen, A. M. 426 McKowen. P. B. 426 McLain. I 339,426 McLaughlin. E. J. 42fi McLaughlin, R E. 120 McLean R Mrl.ean, M l t ?fA McLean. P. McLellan, J. F. .-. :--..- 42A a McMahon. B. 2 8 MrMaKnn, C. VW McManus. J F at McMichael. J. P. McMillan, B. ta McMillin 302.426 McMullen. Mrs. D. McMurray, R 187,338 McXair. R. J. 426 McXally. J. _ 352 McXeil. D. 141,188,307,426 McXntt, L. C. 426 McXutt. R. J. 426 McPhail, D. 317.426 McPhail. M. _ 368,427 McPhail, R 198,270 McPhee. M. 276,427 McPherson. M. G. 427 McReynolds. J. 316 McStocker. J. 331, 427 McTaggart, W. R. 427 McVoy. R. McWayne, V. 174 McWilliams, D. McWood. T. _ Meacham. R. J. Meade. J. _ Meader. R. 145, 213 290 . 288 . . _ Measner, D. A __ 172, 333, 430 Mecklenbnrger, A. _ 310,430 Mecklev, J. _ 351 ' dina. D. Medir, Medo. A. F. Medwedeff. D. Mcecham, B. _ Meehan, J Meengs, J. 364 430 178 430 _171, 335, 430 495 430 . 430 ..366 .. 115, 325 430 ..292,430 350 430 430 341 Meengs, N. Meharg, M. Mehler, H. - Mehlman, G. _ Mehra, B. N. _ Meier, A. Meikle, D. Meinhold, C. H. Meinke, H. R. Meinke, R. Meisel, C. L. Meislin, A. G. Melcher, J. L. _ Melchiori, W Mellassoux, C. Meller, J. ._ Mellinger, M. 358 Melloninger, M 358 Melnikoff, R. 430 Meltzer, J. 318 Menacher, B. 298,430 Menashe, S. - 312 Mendleoff, M. ... 332,430 Mengel, A. R. _430 Mengel, E. H 430 Mennick, W. F 430 Meranda, H -281 Meranda, M. 430 Meredith, R. A 430 Meretsky, H 318 Merner, William 346 Merner, William, III 315 430 430 .... 430 172 183 177 Merow, J. Merriam, N. Merrill, R. Merritt, W. Merritt, T. J. Mersereau, B _ _ Mersereau, J. _ _ Merte, H. Jr Merten, Capt. D. H. Merles, C. Mesh, G. Messinger, A. Messinger, G. Messinger, T. F. Messner, M. Metcalf, R. C Mettetal, M. Metz, D. 172, 301 279,430 -351 -.301,430 . 430 ..... 143, 316 .... 267 431 134, 167 178 . -.325 354, 431 288 431 309 133 _ _362 351 Metzger, H. W - 431 Metzger, R. _ 351 Mewes, B 360 Meyer, B. 369,431 Meyer, D. _.. 271 Meyer, P. 364 Meyer, S. A. .431 Meyer, Walter .347 Meyer, William 178, 431 Meyers, D. 267 Meyers, E. 358 Meyers, J 265 Michael, J. A. .431 Michaels, J. 310,431 Michalson, H. .112 Michelmann. R. 268 Michelson, R .... 340 Mick, R. W. .. 4 1 Middlebrooks, G. 176 Middleton, L. 201 Miettunen, C. ._ 266 Mikami, K 181,431 Mikesell, W. Mikulich, A Mikulich, W. . Milan, D. MiUn, V. 338 360 ..317 766 161 Milinowski, P 431 Milburn, F. J 431 Milczuk. H. A .4 .! Milek. H 324 Miles, H. 25, 294 Milgrom. M. 312,431 Millar, T. _ _ 361 Millard, H. D. _ 334 Miller, A 287 Miller, A. G 25,347 Miller, Bob _ -.115, 143, 351 Miller, Burt 321,431 Miller, C. Jr 347 Miller, C. A 275 Miller, D. G 431 Miller, Dick 319 Miller, Doris 364 Miller, Frank .168,306 Miller, Frank 168, 324, 351 Miller, Frank E _..168, 305, 431 Miller, Geo. 338 Miller, Gerald 178, 431 Miller, Harrison _352 Miller, Harry ' 02 Miller, Harvey 431 Miller, Herman 431 Miller, Hoit _ 305 Miller, I. ]OR 41) Miller, Jack Miller, Jaye Miller, Tohn 180, 431 346 140 Miller, Tohn ._ Miller, K. Miller, L. A. 350 352 2OQ Miller, L. 267 431 Miller, Marilyn .. Miller, Marvin 280, 431 18? 4 1 Miller, Murray Miller, N. 151, 177, 431 143, 431 Miller, Paul ............ ___ ....... 162 Miller, Pierre ... . ____ ...... 177, 431 Miller, R. J. ______ ......... 431 Miller, Richard _____________ 346,431 Miller, Rober t ....... 162,346,431 Miller, Robert L. ________ 347 Miller, Ross _ ___ 331 Miller, Russ ........ _______ 338 , Miller, Shirley Miller, Shirley Miller, T. : 365 263 304, 431 Miller, V. C 431 Miller, William 320 Miller, William 309 Miller, William C 177,431 Miller, William E ..431 Millhouse, F. 177,432 Milliken, B. 302 Millman, R. G 133,333,432 Millman, S. 289 Mills, M. J. _ 368 Mills, R. .. .-309 Mills, T. -.115,305 Milner, B .-349 Milroy, G. 128,309 Miltner, A. 346 Minardi, G Mindell, H. Minick, W Minner, J. Minner, R. Minwis. M. Mintz, H. Mintzer, J. Minz, P. _ Miott, P ...... Mis, S. 176,432 ... ____ 308,432 ______ ........ 305 322, 432 352 ... 275 170, 265 133, 355, 361 149 432 184 _______ _ Mistier, J. __ ....25,132, 141, 360, 432 Mita, W. V ...... _____ 347 Mitchell, B ..... .... 322 Mitchell, C. __ 184,354 Mitchell, E. C. _ .. 432 Mitchell, J. ___________ 127, 135, 197, 247, 292, 303 Mitchell, K. .....432 Mitchell, R. S. __________ 432 Mitchell, R. L._ Mittermitler, J. _ Mitller, M. Mitts, S. .. - Miyashiro, Y Mizer, B. Mizoue, J. K ..... Moceni. D .......... Mock, S. Mock, T. 431 185 169, 432 144, 273, 432 174 359 - 432 351 360 _.309, 432 Mocris, J. _________ 138 in, L ................ -115, 129, 317 Modli Modrack, B Moe, G 288 288 . ...... ____ Moedinger. S ......... _______ 275, 432 Moehlman, J ...... ______ 281,432 Moekle, P. ____________________ 326 Moen, P. ______________________________ 346 Moffatt, J ...... _____________ 352 Mohmem, M ..... ______________ . ' 03 Molina, A. _ 201 Moll, W. ___ 24, 2%, 432 . Molnar, G. - Molyneaux, B. Momson, T. Monahan, E. Monahan, W. Moncrieff, B. Moncrieff, N ..... Monier, A. . 432 132,142,272 213, 222 432 352 ;60 143 . ---------- ............ 347 Monk, W. _______ 177,323,432 Monroe, V. ___________ 298 Montaeano, T. _____________ 298 Monteth, J ....... ____ 432 Montgomery, C. _________ 191 Montrose, J. __________________ 432 Moon, F. Moon, J. ._ Moon, W. ... Mooney, D. Mooney, M. Mooney, R. .290 . 432 . 174 . 298 354 432 Moore, C 288, 432 Moore, E. 52, 154 Moore, G. 138, 187, 4.12 Moore, T. 159 Moore, L. 267 Moore, M. 360, 432 Moore, Mary 271 Moore, Maxine 168, 432 Moore, Ralph 432 Moore, Robert 297 Moore, T. 321,432 Moore, V 271,432 Moorehouse, M. 276 Moote, J. 349 Moran, H 173 Moran, J. Moran, James ... 115, 129, 286, 316 Moran, S. 276 Mordick, T. 432 Mordue, H. 297 More, V. .._ 179 Morehouse, C. . Morey, E. Morgan, A Morgan, N. _302, 432 336 346 281, 433 Morgan, W. _ 135, 137, 433 Morhardt, M 264, 433 Mori, A. 174 Moriarty, J. _. 433 Morlock, E. ... Morill, H 348 233, 250, 314 Morrill, W ... 433 Morris, A _ _.302, 433 Morris, B. 317 Morris, E. 132 Morris, John 351 Morris, Judy 358 ...433 Morris, Lewis J Morris, Lewis R 433 Morris, R. _ _ 433 Morris, W. 29 Morrison, B. 354 Morrinn, B. 350 Morrison . .350 Morrison, Bob _ . 298 124 298 Morrison, E. _ Morrison, M. Morrison, Ralph ..-..433 303 . 251,312 Morrison, Rhona 280 Morrison, Robert 334 Morrison, H Morrow. P. ... 349 .346 Morse, J -..346, 339, 433 Morse, W 433 Mortell, M. ._ 303 Morton. J 154 Moss, B. . ' 29 Moss, Charles 197,311 Moss, D. 433 Moss, H. ._ Mossar, J. 330 433 Mosteller, J 185, 433 Mound, R. 315 Mount, E _ . ' 60 Mountjoy, J. 301, 433 Mourer, H. Mowitt, J Mowrey, F Moxon, M. _ . Much, T. Mudd, B. .. 433 .320 . 314 ...413 ..324 352 Muelhauser, G. ... ........... 156,309 Mueller, E ................ 433 Muellner. F ..... 137, 151, 179, 347 Muench, F .......................... ... 290 Muiderman, T. ___ ......... _______ 178 Muir, B. ________________________ 433 Mukai, H. ... . 433 Mulfurd, B ..... 156 Mulligan, T ..... 315,413 Muller, M. ________ 122, 133, 278 Mulson, G. _ .......... .131, 278, 433 Munro. L. ____ 310 Munzel, H. ___ 172, 178, 433 Murakami, H ...... Murphy, A. Murphy, D. . ...... 02 ...... __ 335 Murphy, F ............... __ 352, 433 Murphy, G. _ ..... _______ 180, 433 Murphy, Joseph C ................... 433 Murphy, Joseph E ________ ...... _433 Murphy, Nona _____ 368 Murphy, Norma ..................... -433 Murphy, Richard .............. 330 Murphy, Robert ____ ......... 171,433 Murray, Chuck ......... 128,231, 233, 304, 326 Murray, D ..................... 294, 433 Murray, James ................. 349, 413 Murray, lean - .................. ____ 169 Murray, M ........... __ .360 Murray, S .......... _ ................ 274, 433 Murry, J. __________ 66 Murtaugh, J. . .............. 162 Murtha, C. _ .................. ________ 274 Muskovitz, S. _____ ....... _ 308 434 -434 113,362 271,433 _ 274 280 271, 4 4 4 4 . .._ , Morgan, Robert E. 179,433 Morgan. Robert O 61 Musser, N. Mutch, M. Myas, B. Myas. D Myers, E. Myers, F Myers, N. Myers, Robert Myers, Robert J. 4 ' 4 Myerson, R. _ __.. . ' 60 Myneder. C. 4 4 Myron. H 351 Nafoosi. A. A 434 Nagel, S 289,434 Nagelvoort. Bud .. .317 Nagelvoort, Elain ... 121, 132, 279 Nagle, John 321 Nagle, John T 4.14 Nagler, Gerry . ' 65 Nagler, Lila .362 Naito, T. .... 174, 4 4 Naijar, W. K - _ .434 Nakaeda. Elizabeth 174 Nalbandian, J. V 434 Nardozza, J 434 Narmore, A. R 434 Naslund, J. I 434 Nassberg, L. _ 365 Nasset, L 266 Natunewicz, H. 149,434 Naver, L. Jr _ -.434 Naugle. G. 434 Nauman, J. D._ Naumoff, N. _ Navarro, F. Naymik, J. ... Neafie, J. 348 173 ..309 .336 oto iieane, j. ... 125, 232, Neal, Joanne 362 Neal, Thomas E. _ 434 Near, K. 287 Neat, Greasy _ 303 Neat, Wm. .434 , D. M. Nebel, George Nebel, G. J Neely, B Neff, Mary Lou. Neff, Nancy Neigh, B. Neil, Bill - 28, 180 135, 434 344, 351 .... 358 -269 -310 Neii! Herbert I ' m, 287 Neilson, C 159, 161, 272, 434 Neir, R 172 Neish, D. 314 Neithercut, E. J 434 Nekeruis, W. R 434 Nelson, Alvin R - 434 Nelson, Arthur E 133,434 Nelson, Arthur R 129 Nelson, Bruce 290,434 Nelson, Connie 291 Nelson, Dee 143 Nelson, D. 360 Nelson, Dick 310 Nelson, Don 311 Nelson, Donald F 129 Nelson, Emma 434 Nelson, Lyle E 434 Nelson, Merle 434 Nelson, Merril 317 Nelson, Raymond 334, 4.14 Nelson, Roy ... 294 Nelson, Ruth Mary 270 Nemzin, W. 312 Nenns, Alfred 348 Nenns, David 348 Nepstad, D 349 Nesbitl, James 307 Nesbitt, Quentin 24, 25, 125, 307, 434 Nesper, T. 330 Nette, C. C. 303 Nettleman, B. 338 Netzel, B 338 .... 149, 434 ... 289, 434 _. 339 340 Neuman, " D " ick - 330 Neuman, Herb -191 Neumann, J. 288 Neumeier. J. 267 Newfeld, John Newfeld, Paul Neuffer, A. Neuhardt, J. Nevins, Alfred _ Nevins, David I 434 434 Newberg, John _ 435 Newberg, Marjorie 366 Newblatt, Harry 312,435 Newblatt, Stewart 435 Newhall, R _ 304 Newlander, B. -338 Newmaker, B. 302, 350 Newman, Alan 156,312 Newman, Connie 361 Newman, H. 316 Newman, Henry L 435 Newman, Klaus M - 435 Newman, Richard S -.435 Newman, Robert 312, 435 Newmyer, L. C 435 Newport, T. G. - - 435 Newton, Charles E. 185, 337, 435 Newton, Clarence 435 Newton, Tohn 315 Newton, Kelly 294 Newton, Maynard A.-294, 435 ' Newton, Shirley J. _ 369,435 Ney, B. 349 Nicholas, D. K 435 Nichols, Frederick 334,435 Nichols, Harry 322 Nichols, James E. 435 Nichols, Myron 302 Nicholson, Marland D .435 Nicholson, G. Norman 435 Nichtberger, R. - 359 Nickolsen. S. A 435 Nicol, D. L. 435 Niedenfuhr. F. 435 Niehaus, P. 164 Niehuss, M. 19,21,153 Nielsen, Kenneth 352 Nielsen, Patricia 359 Nielsen, Paul 346 Nielson, C. 130 Niedenfohr. F. 135 Niemann, W. 171, 334 Niemayer. H. - 317 Niemiec. E. 347 Niles, Mrs 349 Nimmo. G. G 435 Nimz. P. . - 362 Nisbet, J. X 435 Nissley. D 317 Niven, Frank R _ 435 Nivin. J 182 Nix, C. 364 Nixon, Jim 324 Nixon. John 347 Noaker. L. J - 129 496 Noble, Alton _ Noble. Well, am R. Noe, M. L Noef, A. Noel, Bucky _ Noel, Theodore Noll, R. _ Nommie, A. _ Noorthack, R. Nopper, B. Norby, James Norby, Lewis Nordquist, H Norem, M. J. Norman, Bill 437 _43S _331 .184, 264, 435 .301 Norman, Franklin Norman, John 328, 435 Norman, Marilyn 363, 435 Norman, Shirley A 435 Norman, William 178 -364 35 176 4.v- North P 297 Northcott, Natalie I 349 291,436 129, 317 198,275 341 304 Notnagel. N. : 26, 132, 273 436 348 Noyon F 436 Nuechterlien, D. .19, 27, 295 162,436 280,436 129 Nvberg, Marv Ellen Nrblade. O w. 436 Nycr F 335,436 Nve, W. 350 Nvlen. L. _ 436 Oak, P. _ Gates, D. Ober, D. Ober. R. 351 264 436 .. 289, 436 . 436 Oberholtzer, E. _ Oberreit, W. 25,127,151,348 O ' Brien, D. 322 O ' Brien, R. 436 Ochs, B. 269 O ' Connell, D. 294,436 O ' Connell, R. 302 O ' Conner. Patricia 436 O ' Conner, Patrick 350 O ' Connor, A. 198 O ' Connor, H. 174 Oda, F. 174 O ' Dell, D. 290 O ' Dell. L. 180,346,436 O ' Donnell, C. 436 O ' Donnell, J. 436 Oeming. D. 436 Oemine. R. 436 Oestreich. D. 318,436 Offutt. C. 316,436 Ogawa. D. 174 Ogawa. T. 174 Oele, J 314, 436 O ' Hara. B. 338 O ' Hern, W. : 436 Ohlenroth. B. _128, 197, 213, 298 Ohlheiser. B. 317 Ohtani, H. _364 Okonski, R. 352,436 Olander. F. 162 Olansky, M. 436 Old. B. 301 Oldenburg. E. O ' Leary, T. _ Olin, T. Oliver, B. Oliver, D. 436 436 314 . 168, 274, 436 184 Oliver, T. 186, 198, 275, 4.16 Oliver. L. 295,436 Olivier, D. 322 Olivier, J. 131, 198, 268, 436 Olken, I. _. 436 Olkhovsky. W. 308 Olmstead. R. 436 Olmsted. N. 436 Olsen, Ben 305 Olsen, Bob 256, 288, 346 Olsen, D. ._ 24, 436 Olsen, George 166, 304, 436 Olsen, Gerald 437 Olsen, P. .437 Olson, A. 183,184,4.17 Olson. B. 128, 197 Olson, C. 185 Olson, Charles 297 Olson. D. 287,437 Olson, Tean 437 Olson, John 326 Oltman. D. 437 Oman. R. 136,437 Ondocsin. J. 181 O ' Neill. N. 183,360,437 Oosterbaan. B. _ _ 212, 213 Opdyke. W. 437 Opitz, H. 172 Oppenheimer, R. 201 183,437 O ' Rpke, E. 185 Orr, B. 277,437 rw, r 437 Orr H 169, 365 304,437 Orfi J, 1 4 Ortmann C .. 128. 197. Orwig, B. Osborn, IT Osborn, Osborne, C. Osborne, D. Osgood, G. Osgood, S. Osmundsen, J. Osnos, G. 213, 224, 225 212 -162, 437 437 352 _294, 437 361 _287 -293 131, 272, 437 156, 298 310 437 Oster J 334 146, 310 127, 197 341 Ostrpw. R 325 ot; r 437 Otsuki 437 Oto A 136, 437 Oftn, n 154 Oftn, T. 321 Ouellette, F 347 Ouellette, R 347 Oiitralt, H, 302 Oiits, A 137 Overbeck 122 Oven, F. 437 Owen, T 27 Owen, P 437 Owen, P 132, 270 Owen W 437 Owens. J 417 Iff. nenhanHler, F. 3ft Pabhavasit. K. Packard. H. 367, 437 3ft Packard, J, R. 437 Packard, M. . 312 Parkarn, V 154, .14 Parker, R 3ft Packwood, P. 334 Partnnr, C. VM 147 Paer-Maya., J. 437 437 Page, Merle 13 437 Pagenkopf, R. 340 Pakula. A 1 5 Palermn, T 301 Palm, M 281 Palmer, Bob Palmer, T 345,349 168, 360, 437 346 Palmer, Dan 417 337, 437 201 Palmer, M. 168, .160, 437 251,298 Palmer, P Palmer W 1X5, 297 Palmer, W. G. 437 Palmer W M 437 Palosaari, A. Pa3nn1n, F 133, 351, 438 317 Pan T 41 361 P=nHe P 1X3 Pandher, R. 4.1 264 Pankratz G 179 _340 Papazian, C. 347,438 314 PapVs, T ' 129, 2 8 303 Papwnrth R 137 Pardee D 34 341 Park n 336 Parker, R, 263,4.18 Parker, F J 299 Parker, Elaine Parker, TT 154, 438 306 Parker, Janet 279 198,360 Parker, Jim 299 Parker, T.. 360 41 Parker, Milton 41 Parker, P 34 Parker, Richard 309,438 Parker, R 352 Parlrer, S 32 Parkin, P, 266 1X4 1X5 Parliament, R, 330 Parmenter, R 275 43 Parmenter, R. 198,275 Pgrne, A 265 Parrish. H. 438 Parrish. W. Parrot J Parshall, Bill Parshall, Byron Parsons, G. Parsons, R. Parsons, S. Parsons, T. Paskovitz, J. Pasquariello, A. Passaris, S. Passer, M. Patner, C. Patner, M. Paton, J. Paton P Patrick,!. _. Patronsky, L Patryn, R. _ Patterion, J. Patterson, C. Patterson, Elianne Patterson, Elinor _ Patterson, H. Patterson, J. Patterson, L. Patterson, M. Patterson, P. Patterson, R. A. Patterson. R. D. Patterson, Roy Patterson, S. Patton, B. Patton, L. Paul E. Paul, L. _____ Paull, R. Paull, J. _ 253, 438 ._331, 438 294 ._ 294, 438 438 438 304 438 318 184 438 _325 364 _ _364 198,275 268 ___ 154, 159, 368 _302 182 _ 438 _ 276 _438 _ 156 _268 -.-360 -151,182,346 _185 287, 335 307 Paulson, B. Pauly, F. _ Pausick. T. Payne, L. Payne, N. Paxton, B. Peachey, J. Pear, R. Pearce. Edwin Pearce, Tola Peare, E. Pearson, Carol Pearson. Earl Pearson, Maxine Pearson. Wallace _ 335, 346 Pease, Dave 24, 156, 316 Pease, Jay 295 Peck, Berdan 439 Peck, Douglas 129 Peck, To Ann 360,439 Peck. Sally 364 Peck, Theodore 439 Perkover, W. 439 PeHelty, N, 33 PeHereen, K a r1 430 Penerson, R 203 Perl, I. 430 Peeper, J 292 Peets, H 176, 430 Peif -h, C. 430 Pe!t, A 7 Pell, Elwin 309 Pell, Margaret 270, 439 Pelow, P. 216 Peltz, M. n Pelyak, G. 430 Pence, N 363, 430 Penhaligan. C.. 292 Pennington, P. Pepper, C. 304 419 Peranick, M. 17R, 410 Percy, M. . 430 Pern! , F. 430 Perez, E. . 180 Perini, V 430 Perkins, David 34 Perkins, Dirk 288 Perkins. Douglas 1X2 Perkins, F.d gg Perkins, Maurice - Perkins, Wilhelmin Perlberg. J. . 299 a 276, 439 115,129,308 340,439 138, 340, 439 161 Perlis, Marvin Perlis, Sanford Perloff, S Pernn, T 430 Perry, Burton 297, 3V) Perry, Chuck at Perrv, Jo Ann 3A4 Perry, Wilbur 302 Persinp, R. 154 Persnnke, f 319 Persnns, V. 3W Pesner, T. 312 Peters, Doris 364 Peters, George 154 Peters, Richard Peters, Rav 147, 178, 439 SB Peterson, Ann Peterson, Beverlv 360,439 419 Peterson, Bill 12? 31 Peterson, Calvin 430 Peterson, David 410 Peterson, Don Peterson, Eugene 213,227 41 Peterson, Joe 303 Peterson, Gene 314 Peterson, George 41K Peterson, Jack .3.17 Peterson, Jim Peterson, Leslie _ Peterson, Mary _ Peterson, Ralph - Peterson, Robert Peterson, Susan . Peterson, T. Peterson, Tom 346 135,137 . 158, 198, 268 299 - 288, 334, 438 -J62 185 -51, 213, 219, 222, 224, 225, 336 Peterson, Walt 328 Peterson, William 115 Peterson, William A. 438 Petrie, H. 438 Petrilli, S. 347,438 Petroelie, P. 337 Petrossian, G. Petter, J. Pettiliane, J. _ Pew, R. Pfaffman, G. _ Pfalzgraff, R. . Pfeifer, S. _ Pfeuffer, R. _ Pflug, W. . Pfluke, J. Pfotenhauser, M. Pftonhauer, M. _ Phelps, L. _ _ ._438 177, 351, 438 349 438 177 317 438 _ 154 294,350 320 172 159 Phillippus, B. Phillips. Donald 135,137,440 Phillips, Duane ._J21 Phillips, Gordon 179, 440 Phillips, Patricia 266,440 Phillips, Zeph 321 Phinmey, R. 440 Phipps, T. 440 Phister, F. 294,440 Piaf, E. 183 Piasecki, H. 347 Piazza, J. Picard, J. Pick, Jokel _ Pick, Robert _ Pickard, F. _ Pickhaver, M. Pierkarski, C. Pierce, B. Pierce, Fred Pierce, J. Pierce, James Pierce, Tish Piertryga, E. Pietz, Jack Pietz, Margaret Pike, J. _ Pinel, S. _ Pink, H. Finkham. R. Pink-stone. M. Pinson, C. Pioch, B. -129,301 293,440 325 325 294 364 -347,440 184 129,154 360 351 264 . _ 440 .293,440 295,440 . 324 _295 312 187, 336, 440 360 440 358 Piotrowski, K. Piper, H 178,351,440 ? 0 Piquet. V XI Pinnla, R, 349,440 Pirscher, C. 333 Pitman, W. 154 159 Pittman, R. _ Pittsley, J. vo 143 Pit,, n 44T) Planck, J. 2QK Plank. R. 440 Platsky. E. 161 Pleatsikas, T. PI ice, S. - 44O 346 Plizga, M. 1?i Plizga, Ronnie Plotkin, J. . 264,440 30X Ploughman, C. Plumb, B. . 179 llfi 172 Poch, T. M Podeurls. D. 159 Podgorski, N. PnHis, A 440 325 Poellet, C, 172 Poelstra, R. 179 Pnhl, A 15 PnWeU, C 36 Pokornv, R. 27X, 440 Polcyn. B. . 440 Polewchak. W. 178, 322, 440 Poliquin. M. 159, 440 Polivitz, B. 172 Pollard, N. 312, 440 Pollick, S. 184 Pollock, L. 312 Polowitz, M. . 154, 162, 172, 440 Ponsetto, Joseph 334 Ponsetto. Richard Ponstein, T. Pontius. N. Poole, D. Poole, Mary Popa, O. Popkin. J. 350 440 309 299 440 347 _310 Popp, Alex 162,315 Popp, Les 128, 228, 213, 305 Popp, Raymond 349 Poppe, M. 440 Poppy. J. _ 440 Porretta, C. Porteous, W. Porter, Al. Porter, Cranston Porter, David Porter, Don 138, 330 320 - -346 179,440 __I46 497 Porter, Jerome Porter, Lee ......... Porter, Mary Lou Porter, Nancy Porter, R. Clay Portney, J 122 , ..... Posner, L. Posner. P. ---- ..... Post. Dave Post, Ted _. Postkumus, L. Postma, D. ._ ..... Potcova, R. Poterack, R ....... Potter, M. ._ Poucher, G. Pound, L. Powell, D. Power, J. _ Powers, J ......... Powers, Mary ......... Powers, Robert Poznanski, W Prakash, I. ---------- Prance, A. ------ Prange, A. Prato, S ............. ------ Pratt, Chester Pratt, Leroy Pray, D. Precht, J ..... ----- Precious, D. Preece, J Pregitzer, K. 187, Pregulman, R. Premo, D. Preston, B. Preston, Dave Pretti, P. Pretzer, A. Price, Marg. Price, Marion Price, Ralph Price, Robert _ Price, Russ ... Pridgeon, J Pridmore, N Priebe, J. Priester, E _. Priestley, T. Priestly. D. _ _ Primo. D _ Prince, G Prince. M. A. .. Prine, A. Prine. M. Prinirle, A. _ Pringle. P. Prinz, H. _ 24 339 169 Prior, T Prior, R. Priore. T. R. Prohert. D. Prochaska. Robert Proctor, L. Prorvszyn, M. ... Prokopow, W. Propopiak. J. Prosser, P. Pruden, T. Pruder. E. P Prnp. C. J Pruitt, T. Prvor. T. H. Przvbvlowi z, A. S. Pnchalski. R. Pucvlou c ki, P Pudas. D PuffenhTg ' -r, J. Pnrh. R. P. Pnllar. R. A. Punter. G. _ 129, 352 .. 440 _ 276 149, 169 .... 137 340 332 440 337 ... 154 440 295 441 441 441 ... 346 . 137, 326 185 _ 311 .127, 213 . .. 278 ..302, 441 , 338, 440 179 ._ 441 187, 338 322 ..... 441 334 350 .... 367 304 291 441 132, 265 441 .... 322 _ 292 . 264 178, 441 275,441 441 _ 346 154 _ .. 290 .311,441 362 269 441 351,440 366, 440 .... 184 ... 365 267 26 , 227, 440 156, 304 .... 276 _ 18S .... 350 _ 330 441 115, 321 Purdo. E. ... Piirdom. L. T. Pnrdy. D Puro. D. T nrely, T. Purser. F. Purvis, T an Purvis. Tohn Pnrv. D. Pntich. W. . Putnam, Leon Putnam. Lloyd Pnvocrel. J Pvnnotie ' i. D. Pyrros, G. Oua. G. Oua. S. Ouail, B. Ouale, R. . Ouaye, M. Ouerio, C. Ouirk. M. Ouillin. G. Ouinlan. R. ... Ouinland. T. Ouinn, Mrs. E Ouinn, Elizabeth . Ouinn, H. Ouinn, J Quirk, Jennie 366, 442 142, 291 22 271 Raar, D. Raber, R. R. . Rabinowitz, R. Race, W Racey. L. S Radarich, H. S. ... Radner, Howard Radner, R. M Rado, S. J. Radovan, K. Radtke, R. Raff, E. Raffel, D. Rahm, J. P. Raitta, E. Raiss, C. .._ Ralph, K. Rails, F. G. Ramadge, Tom Ramadge, Thorn Samsay, C. ... Ramsay, K. Ramsay, M Ramsay, Dale Ramsey, David Ramsdell, Prof. W. Ramda. Edward Randall, D. Randall, E. _ Randell, R. 135, Randolph, R Randolph, P. Rank, C. R Rankin, Bud Rankin, J. T Rankin, P. 178, Rankin, W. Ranney, R. Ranstead, P. J. Rantz, R. _ _ Raphelson, A. C Rappley, R. Rupprecht W. Rasenberg, H. S Rash, I. Rashid, D. Rashti, J. Rasmussen, B. Rasmussen, M Rasmussen, R. Rastello, T. Ratcliff, R. Rath, L. Rathhun, M. Rathje, A. Raub, J. Rauner, B. Rausch. N. Raushkolb, S _ Ravick, L. Rawlings, J. Ray, D. Ray, T. .. Ray. L. Rayhuck. J Raymond, W. Raymond, H. Raymond, T. Raymond, T. Razgunos, L. Rea. A. Rea, Walter B. Reader, P. Reagen. J. Ream, T. Rearirk. R. Reaside. Pat Reason, R Reason. J. .. Reber, M. RecanMi, J. Rech, D. _ Rechtman. L. I. Rector, John Recktos. T. Rector, T. Recbtman. L. _ Redfield, T Redman, W Redmon, H. Redmoiint, E. M Reed, Frank F. .... Redmond, T. Reece, R Reed. Margaret - Reed. Marilyn Reed, Mary Alice .. Reed, P. Reed, Patricia 345, 348, 442 442 294, 442 .....442 334, 442 442 ..309, 442 351 136 273 ..337, 442 337 Reed. Richard _ Reed. Richard Reed, Sarah Jean Reed, W Raame, B. Rees, M. Reese, J. Reese, R. Reese, V. Reeve, W Reeves, J Reevman. Adriann Rehfus. R. Reich, Stanley Reicher, P. Reid, A. ..120, 130, 132, 118, 443 295 351 272 . 443 299 120, 260, 263 298 ...443 266, 366, 443 180, 326 324 e 443 164 181, 443 349 185 Reid, W. 290 Reid, G. 188 Reid, H. - - 443 Reid, Jasper 346 Reid, John 341 Reid, M. 131,119,270,443 Reifel, E 25, 128 Reiner, H. F 135, 136, 177, 443 Reiley, Charles 334 Reilly, E. -162 Reilly, J. 443 Reimann, J. 156 Reinhart, M. 189,443 Reinstein, E. Reisic, B. Reisken, L Reisman, B. Reisman, C. .. Reiss, J. Reiss, J. Reitz, F. Reitz, Gordon Reive, P. Rembaum, G. Remen, C. Remley, F Remsburg, C Renaud, E. Render, R. Rendich, L. Renner, G. Renner, J. Rennie, J. W Rennie, M. Renrich, B. Rapsher, S Rettich, C. Reubene, M. Revelli, William D._ Rewaldt, S. 331 Reynolds, R. 187,336 Reynolds, G. 330 Rhea. R -184 Rhoads, D. 180, 328, 443 Rhodes, David 443 Rhynard, L. 443 Ri ce D - 292 Rice, H. _ 350 Rice, T _..135, 179, 344, 433 Rice P _ . 351 .... 433 433 Roberson, D. 154, 162 . 315, 444 143, 266 154 Rice, R. Rice, S. L Rice, T. .._ 362, 443 Rich, A. Rich, E. Rich, T. Rich, P. Rich, T. Richards, A. _.. 362,433 180, 323, 443 275 271 176 309, 443 Richards, B. 132, 198, 362, 433 Richards, Carol 198,266,443 Richards, Cherry _366 Richards, D. .._ 338 Richards, M. _ - 350 Richardson, F. C 183,443 Richardson, R. _ Richmond, A. 271 Richmond, J. 443 Richmond. P. 154 Richter, C. 347 Richter, T. 326 Riddel, A. _ 354, 360, 443 Riddle, S. 201 Rider, P. 114,317 Ridgeway, R. 307 Ridgwav. B. ... .133,278,443 Riebe, K .172,176,339,444 Rieck, C 185 Rieck. Charles 444 Riecker. J. E 129,288 Riedel, E. 444 Rieger. J. 336, 443 Riell. S. ... - 444 Rifenburg, D. 288,444 Riggs, B. ... 279,366 Riggs, G. 279,444 Riggs, M. _.22, 26, 118, 131,278. 444 360 326, 444 201,365 . . 335 444 ....352 .154 _ 273 366, 444 349 Riggs, S. Riker, A. Riley, B. Riley, D Riley, Tanet Riley, L. Rima, E. Rindge, R. . Ringer, B. Riordan. J. Rioux, J. 444 Rippert. D. 134, 322, 444 Rising, B. 278 Riskey, E. Rissman, A. Rissman. J. Ristad, K. _ Ritenour, R. Rittmaster, A. Rittmeyer, E. Riveire, G. Rivkees. N Rizzp. C _ Roa, E. Roach, T. Robb, D. Robbins, C. Robbins, F. Roberts, David Roberts, Don 301, 444 Roberts, J 444 Roberts, P 288 Roberts, S 290 Roberts, W. C 444 Roberts, William J -444 Robertson, Alan J 444 Robertson, Allen B. ._ 444 Robertson, Janet 169, 444 Robertson, James _ 135, 293, 444 Robertson, John, Jr 24,135, 137, 444 Robertson, John, J 444 Robertson, N. ... 293 Robertson, R. _ 352,444 Robertson, S. 314 Robichaud, J. 362 Robins, L. 358 Robinson, A 272 Robinson, Betsy 444 Robinson, Betty _ Robinson, Don .... Robinson, I Robinson, Jack 212 _ _. 444 154 Robinson, Joan 276 Robinson, Lee Robinson, M. 315 274 Robinson, S. 269 Robinson, V. 273 Robison, F. 445 Roby, T. 309 Rocha, T. 336 Rock, C 331 Rockwell, F. 445 Rock wood, R. 333 Roden, L. 445 Roderick, T. 316 Rodger, W 178,445 Rodgers, D. 445 Rodgers, E. _ 445 Rodgers, R. Rodman, G. .. Rodriguez, B. Roeger, W. _ Roelofs, R. Roellig. L. .. Roensch. R. Roesch, H. 311 Rogers, A. ... 266,445 Rogers, B. .134 Rogers, C. 312,445 Rogers, H. 346 Rogers, Jim 301 Rogers, Toe _ _ 306 Rogers, Tohn _ 351 Rogers, R. . - 295 Rohde, R. _ - - 135, 137, 445 Rohlfing, P. 351 Rohring. B. 306, 445 Rollin, Russ - .324 Rollins, Art 338 Rolston, E. 154 Roman, P 445 Romanelli. D. Romanin, R. 445 Romano. L. 347 Romeo, T. 178 Romer, J. .352 Romeyn, T 176,339,445 Romine. R _ 350 Ronizick, L. 29,124,349,445 Romzick, P. .. 349 Romzick. V 331,445 Roney, C. 122 Roney, K. 158 Ronning, H. 445 Ronning. N. -346 Roodvoets, H. 293,445 Roof. B. _ 328 Roof. R. 315 Rook, N. Roop, W. Roos, S. Root, T. Root, R. Root, T. Rorick, D. Rorolo. L. Ros, J. ... Rose, C. Rose, H. Rose, T. Rose, K. Rose, M. Rose, R. Rose, Skip Rose, Sue Roseman. D Rosen, F 445 Rosen, H ._. 318 Rosen, T 366 Rosen, M. 445 Rosen. P 24,445 Rosenbaum, Manuel 352 Rosenbaum, Milton _ 312 Rosenberg, B. 340 Rosenberg. F. 367,445 ..... 158, 200 . 350. 445 295,445 349 .. 305, 444 351 Rosenberg, H. Rosenblatt, J. Rosenbusch, R. Rosendahl. F. Rosenfeld, J Rosenman, R. Rosenow, K. 445 159, 445 .... 445 _ 334 280,445 129, 143 338 498 . 340,445 . 179, 446 446 349 _179 129 -169, 183, 184, 362 Rosenthal, H. Rosenthal, R. Rosenzweig, M Rosinski, J. Rosnyai, W. Ross, A. . Ross! D. 2J W, ISoi 326 ' , 446 Ross, Gil 322, 446 Ross, Ginger 158,272 Ross, James 129 Ross, John 446 Ross, K. 310 Ross, Pat 291 Ross, Paul - Ross, Robert Ross, Ruth _ Rossiter, P. Rossman, P. Rossoff, Z. Rost, N. Roth, B. Roth, Gene Roth, George _ Roth, M. Roth, T. Roth, W. Rothe, E. Rothe, M. Rothenberg, H. 340 Rothman, . Rothman, W. Rothnem, J. O Rothschild, D. P._ Rothschild, D. R. Rotolo, L. Rottenberg, B. _ Rottenberg, C. . Rottenberg, N. Rottier, J. Rottman, A. Rotnem, J. _ Rotwein, D. Roumell, G. Roush, C. Rouse, D. Rovner, H. Row, A. W Rowdabaugh, J. Rowe, J. R._ Rowell, L. _ Rowley, J. C. Rowley, P. Rowley, R. Roy, C. L. Royal, R. _ Royal, S. Royce, G. Rozemberg, R. . Rubay, G. Rubel, L. Rubenstein, R. _ Rubin, M. Rubiner, J. Rubinowitz, M. Rubinstein, F. _ Rubley, S. _ Ruby, A. _ Ruby, J. Rucker, C. Rude, B. Rudolph, L. Rudolph, Lyn Reutenik, D. _ Ruff, C. Ruff, M. Rugar, R. Ruhl, J. __ Ruidley, G. _ Ruikley, J. Rukin, J. Rumble, Hal Rumble, Hag Rummo, A. Rupp, Ralph Rupp, R. A Rusinek, E. Ruskey, B. Ruskin, D. Ruskin, R. Russ, J. Russ, L. Russel, R. Russel, Richard Russel, I. . Russel, L. ._352 300 136 325,446 129 323 446 340 ..340 - 337 312 _446 . 351, 446 __326 __446 -289 -446 -446 365 -184,446 310 -325 446 310, 446 446 359 185 295 280 156 154 Russel, Mrs. J. A._ Russler, D. Russman, P. Rust, H. -132, 159, 172, 446 328 446 184 446 446 298 446 178, 446 115 268 351 446 340 312 268,446 446 -322,348 304 367 __447 Ruth, Babe Ruthven, Pres. A. G.- Rutledge, L. Rutter, R. Ryan, A. A Ryan, D. Ryan, J. . Ryan, Pot :sy Ryan, Prentice Ryan, William Ryburn, M. Ryburn, S. Ryburn, W. . Ryckman, M. Ryder, J. Ryder, R. . _335, 447 318 311 304 18, 19 273 336 362 311 320, 447 -188, 304 447 -311, 349 122, 271 ' 9,447 -_294 _142, 186, 360 _ 22, 24, 25, 124, 298, 447 351 447 Ryia R 269,447 Rymes C. .102 .iin Rvnnin r. f. 331.447 .110 .152 447 447 447 $achar t J, 447 .151 Sachs, Mischa S;iL-h- R 332 289 Sadler, K. 29.1 Salir M 265,447 112 Sag 1 P .120 447 122 Sahlins M 310 SaJtn F. 174 Salrai, J 126, 137, 322, 447 .115 Sa " J 147, 322 .125, 447 Salbenblatt, R. SaVn,, R 335, 447 176 447 447 Salinger S 447 Sallon, M .110 Sa)l - ( J 109 .164 154 Salnn, P ' 158,365 Saint, W. 135, 137, 447 Salotti f- 312, 447 .122 Saltor, C. 364 Sa ' tman, F, 179 Sal -r, W, 179 447 Samnn t G .148 447 Sandherg, H 154 .H12 San] -11, H, 447 Sandell W 1.15, 116, SanHerrorlr, J 142, 323, 447 .147 278,447 ,162 SanHprs, W 176, 447 .mo Sandmann, A. SanHs, n, 311, 447 .126 SanHs, S. 447 Sanfnrd, r, 45 SanfnrH F 136 197, 116 Sartfnrd, M. 275 447 Sannar, A .152 Sa.nregret, R, 106 Santpp, K 295,447 Santn, H. 447 Saphier, M. . 165 Sara,,, V, IfiX Saras, A 362 280 Sargent, , 47 Sarhatt, F. 447 179, 447 Sartin, M .109 Sarver, J, 448 268, 448 ;=.,,! T 448 Sanlry, K 448 Sauls, R 191, 448 126,448 264 Saunders, P. .183, 273, 448 167 Savas, S. 14K, 448 Saver, M .166 266,448 Sawyer, R, 41,44 Sawver, T 298 Saxtnn, G. 181,. 146 Savies, n 299 Shnrnw, R, 365 Sranlan, R, 448 Sranlon, M. T,, 262,277 .102 S a.nlnn, V. Jfi6 176, 44S Srhaark, J. .150 Srhaaf, P 179,448 Srhaal, H, 149 S -naat , H 24,25 Schade. D. 346.448 Schaechterle, R. 448 Schaefer, H. 179,448 Schaefer, T. 312 - 326 aefer, T. Schaefer, L. Schaefer, S. Schaeffer, R. Schafer, B. _ Schafer, N. Schafer, S. Schaible, P. Schaidler, H. _ Schaller, C. Schalon, E. 322 -265, 448 335 308,448 169 _143, 335, 349 _132, 143, 263 362 -197, 256, 448 Scha7 W 126, 137, 150, Schatz. R. 151,325,448 167, 345, 352 Schanh, W 1.16,448 UK Scheffler F .335, 448 172 .112 Schellene R 448 .116 448 Schield, H. .114 Schiesswohl, O. G. 1.15 448 Schiltz G 154 Schimkat, H. 448 117 448 312 158, .159 Schlatter, W. J. Srhlee, J, 448 Schliehting, M. .. 448 Schltz, H. 13$ Schmalhorst, W VW, 448 IV) SrhmiHlin, R ,148 Schmidt, B. J. 273,448 .117, .146 SrhmiHt, F. ,1.14, 448 296 Srhmiller, R 118 .160 Schnapik, C. .159 147 Schneider, Arthur 289 121, 278 Schneider D .118 Srhnipper, H 448 Srhnher, I. 448 Srhnen, W, 448 181,448 Schoenberg W 469 SrhoenfieM, F., 118 Schoereer. A. . Seeber, J. 320,449 Seeber, R. 114, 124, 449 Schofield, J. .. _ 449 Schooley, N. _ 136, 177, 350, 449 Schoonover, D. 449 Schopps, B. 292, 449 Schott, G. L Schraeder, P. 129, 345 _ 338 Schreiber, J 121, 144, 270, 360 Schreun, P. 351 Schriner, W. 334 Schroeder, H. Schroeder, J. Schroeder, W. Schroll, B. _. Schrotzberger, J. Schubert, B. Schubert, G. Schubiner, B. Schubiner, J. Schubot, R. _ Schueler, E. R 164 Schuemacher, A. 268 Schuett, J. 347 Schuette, T. 449 Schulte, T. 346 Schulkin, B. _ _ 449 Schulkin, F. 449 Schulkins. J. -449 Schults, R. F. 177,449 Schultz, B. 299,312,448 Schultz, F. . 172 Schultz, Toseph 449 Schultz, Toyce ... 172 Schultz, R. 137, 179, 449 Schulz, W. 449 Schumacher, C. 263 Schumacher, H. 449 Schuon, J. 347 Schupp, A. 311 - - - .273 Schutte, R. - Srhwah W 348 325 449 449 Srhwarty, A, 449 Schwartz, C. Srhwart , F T.. 449 117 Schwartz. H. . . 449 Schwartz, L. 143,366,449 Schwartz, Mel 312 Schwartz, Micheal 308 Srhwarz, H ,140 S -hwar7kpf, I,. 172 449 178 Srnhie, K 449 315 S -ott " Ti . " 29.1 S -ntt, F. 1W Si-ntt J 104 Su-ntt, M 277 S -ntt, R 114 200 361 Srranton, F. 449 Scribe, W. 291 Srrnggs, J. 128,348 Seaman, R 449 Sparer, J 449 Searle, W 288 Sears, S. 122,268 .169 Seatnn, Tl llfi Seavoy R 347 Sebald. D. 293.352 Seeber, W. L. Seeger, B. Seel, G. Seel, R. W._ Seel ye, J. Seeger, W, __ Segal, I. Segal, Marion Segal, Merten Segal, Myrna Seger, Dean Segerson, T. Seglem, W. Seguin, Rosemarie Seibert. C. P Seier, C. A. Seiler, A. Seitz, James 137, 350, 450 Seitz, John 450 Seler, K. 450 Selin, M. 450 .114 266,449 449 135 329 312 312 366 _ 318, 449 364 33 449 _ 179 450 - 177, 450 450 149 Seltzer, F. Seltzer, W. _ Selzer, W. Semerjian, I. Semmelroth, C. Semsker, J. Senderoff, G. Sendler, S. - _ Sendrow, M. J.- Sensiba, D. Seooala, R. Seput, P. Seguin, R. Serafin, D. Service, M. Service, W. J._ Sering, J. Serum, R. Setlow, B. Seto, C Seto, H. 319, 339 137, 293 135, 450 362 348 450 143, 450 450 129 349 . 349 _. 198, 264 281 361 291 . 135, 180, 450 191 331,450 450 174, 347 174 174, 347 126, 450 . . ' 05 _352 Seto, M. Setomer, S. L._ Settle, D. Settler, H. Seven, M. 341 Sexton, R. E .111 Sewell, R. 348 Seymour, B. 361,450 Seymour, R. 139, 143 Sexton, R. 298 Shackman, N. 177,450 Shaeffer, L. 53 Shaeffer. M. J. 279 Shadd, R. 4V) Shafer, A 360. 450 112 159 Shafcr, W 450 Shaffer, Tt. 351 Shaler, D. 159 4V) 322 Shanker, M. G. . Shannon, A. 184, 347 10 Shapero, W. vm Shapiro, A. M. 184 Shapirn, R. 147 2W1 Shapiro, J. 450 Shapiro, R 1A5 SharHa, M US Shapero, W. 141 Shaver, D Tff. Shaver, J. 151 Sharda, M. 337 Sharland, J. 147 14A Sharp, H. 4V) 4V) Sharpe, W. 450 Shaw, J. Shaw, L. 317. 450 Shaw, R. 364 Shawaker, S. . 273 Shawley, N. Shawley, R. --201,362 351 354 Shawaker, S. Shea, D. 307,450 Sheaffer, L. 121, 273 Shaeffer, M. J 450 Shear, E. 366 Sheehan, W. F. Sheffield, L. Sheffler, J. _ Shehan, W. __ Scheien, M. Sheldon, A. Shelden, D. Sheldon, S. Shelley, K. Shelton, R. Shelton, W. Shenkman, A. Shepler, R. Sheppard, Jean Sheppard, loan Sheppard, S. Shera, S. Sherbin, H. _ 129 Sherbrooke, C. 159,354,364,450 Sheridan, P. 366 Sheridan, R. 312,451 Sherline, M. J. 451 Sherman, Don 162 Sherman, Duane 134,323 Sherman, H. 164,177,451 499 Sherman, S. 280,451 Sherrill, Kendall 451 Sherwood, M. 271 Sherxer, t 273 Shetler, R 298 Shevin, H 451 Shichman, D 451 Shields, M _ 291 Shifman, B. 300,451 Shiftman, M. 340 Shilson, T _ 309 Shimizu, B. _ 182 Shimunek, R. 347 Shine, S -451 Shingleton. L. _ 270, 451 Shireling, K. 312,451 Shirk, E 312 Shoemacher, C. 143 Shoemaker, P. 276 Shoop, L. 154 Shoot, D 292 Short, R 348, 451 Shoup, J. 451 Shrage, S. 181 Shramek, I. 341 Shreffler, P. _ _ 303 Shuart, D. 144,451 Shroyer, G. 154 Shube, M. _ 451 Shubert, B. ... .... 154 Shufelt, P. . 451 Shufro, A. _ 365 Shulevitz, W. ... 347 Shull, T. _ ... 348 Shumaker, D. 334, 351 Shuna, K. 183 Shupert, W. 334,451 Shuptrine, C. 299 Shure, H 308 Shurlow, V _ _. 169, 451 Shute, B 268 Sibbert, P. 275 Siebcr, J. 366 Sicard, C. 183 Siegel, L 133 Siegel, Milton 312,451 Siegel, Sheldon ._ 451 Siegel, Peter 340 312 Siegel, William 325, 4S1 Sieheu L 159 Siegal, Paul ... Sielaff, D. Siering, J Siersma, J. Sigman, Don 170,300,451 351 352 137, 145, 346 451 Si rman. Nap 188 Sikkema. D. 311 Sikov, Melvin _ 332 Silber, B. 364 Silberburg, Al. 301 Silberslang, E. 451 Silep, H 280 Silliman, R. 301 Silver, Allan 168, 289, 451 Silver, John 295 Silverfarb, E. 143 Silverman, M 289 Silversmith, R. 325,451 Silverlhorn, L 451 Silverlon, Doris 186 Simmons, C 135, 137, 451 Simon, Eva - 143, 365 Simon, Joyce .170, 181. 183 Simon, Leonard . Simon, Roger 308 306 Simon, Theodore ._ 289 Simonetti. J 451 Simons, Claylon 451 Simpson, Garald 297 Simpson, Joseph 348 Simpson, Joyce _ 271,451 Sims, Basil 451 Sinclair, Bruce 323, 451 Sinclair, Charles _ 451 Sinclair, Judy 276 Sinclair, Roberl 309 Sinclair, Vern 154 Sinclair, William 451 Sindeler. Gilberl 452 Singer, Harold 168, 320 Singer, Tudy 265 Singer, Marlin 289 Singler, Marianne _ 270 Singler, Donald 349, 452 Sinn, Doug 291,452 Sinlay, C. _ _ . 178 Sipkin, S. 200 Sirabian, D 452 Siris, S. 24, 132, 354, 362, 452 Sisson, J. 351 Sitts, J. 452 Siuak, B. 452 Sivier, K. ... 135, 181 Skaggs, J. 331,452 Skaff, C. 267, 452 Skarlalos, Paul 350 Skau, R. 334 Skene, Marian _457 Skidmore, E. 154,162 346 Skud, B. _ Skulstad, R. 346 452 Skurlock, C. . .... 156 Skutnick, A. 4 ? Skye, J 452 Slamer, D. 360 Slater, J Slauews. J. .. . 309, 452 ... 311.452 Slavin, Raymond " .325 Slavin, Thomas _ _. 452 Sleder, F Slesmick, H. Sligh, Robert Sloan, W. Slocum, Gail _ 177, 452 Slocum, Sally 120,132,271 Slocum, Howard 452 Slovick, P. 349 Sledar, F. 331 Sleeper, L. Slesnick, H. Slgovsky, S. Sloan, Phyliss .. Sluis, M. Sly, P. Slykhouse, R. ... Smale, S. _ Small, Dale .... Small, O Smallman, R Smallidge, P 452 Smaller, D 136, 177, 352 Smart, D 326 Smaltzar, M. 361 Smart, J. 311 Smead, J. . 350 Smedley, J. _ _ 28, 29, 126, 135, 136, 314, 452 Smigel, J. _ 129 Smillie, D. Smit, R. Smith, Allan Smith, Barbara A. . Smith, Barbara J. Smith, B. Smith, B. 181,452 178 . 133, 452 121, 263 . 275 .336 291 Smith, Catherine 452 Smith, Clare 452 Smith, Cynthia 272 Smith, Dick .... 128, 251, 291, 305 Smith, Don 156 Smith, Doris 354, 366 Smith, Doris Mae 452 Smith, E 185 Smith, Ed 338 Smith, Edgar 452 Smith, Deith 361 Smith, Edward ..._320 Smith, Emmett 302, 453 Smith, Everett 453 Smith, F 350, 453 Smith, Gerald 302 Smith, Gil 291 Smith, Gordy .._291 Smith, Helen 146,263,453 Smith, Henrietta 453 Smith, Henry Smith, Howie Smith, Howard Smith, I. _ Smith, Jim _ Smith, leanie Smith, Jerry Smith, Jo Smith, John ... Smith, John E. Smith, John H. h, Larry 453 305, 453 306, 453 21 . 27, 125, 182, 197, 294, 453 366, 453 305 -277, 453 .. 306 453 453 -.317 ..453 Skilling, D. Sklar, Esther Skrbina, Frank Skrbina, John 137, 179, 352 Skrynski, Joseph 154 Skrzynski, J 1 62,452 Smith. Smith, Leslie Smith, Lila __ 1 453 Smith, Lloyd 306 Smith, Mangier 290 Smith, Marjorie _ 132, 369, 453 Smith, Nancy _ _..159 Smith, Norbert 453 Smith, Pat _ 272 Smith, Paul __ 291,328 Smith, Philip 167, 287 Smith, Ralph 453 Smith, Raymond 453 Smith, Richard 349,352 Smith, Robert 453 Smith, Robert D 171,180,453 Smith, R. J 453 Smith, Rod 304 Smith, Ross 237 Smith, Roy 453 Smith, Sally 366 Smith, Shirley 147, 264, 453 Smith, Ted 287,453 Smith, Teresa 173, 184 Smith, Tom 127, 453 Smith, Verna 169 Smith, Virginia 366,452 Smith, Whale 303 Smith, Y. 366 Smithies, H. 328 Smithson, J _ 336 Smoley, E. 302, 348 Smaller, R 135 Snider, J 453 Snider, R. 295 Snider, Robt 167 Snodgrass, J. 201 Snoke, R 334 Snook, A. 156, 162, 453 Snow, D. _ _453 Snow, Mrs. 276 Snyder, B _ 279 Snyder, C 166 Snyder, D 349 Snyder, Harry _ 453 Snyder, Herman 349 Snyder, I 365 Snyder, R. 453 Snyder, S. 453 Sodee. B. ._ 285, 286, 302 Soderherg, P. J. 135, 328, 345, 351 Sohn, D _ _ 289 Sohn, R. 154 Sokatch. J. 453 Soloff, G. _ 366, 453 Solomon, B. J. 303 Solomon. R _ 453 Solovy, J. S 129 Soloway. P. R 453 Somer, C. 199, 200, 360 Somers, N. 198, 199, 270 Sommer, E 348, 453 Sommers, S. L. 454 Sommers, W 182, 454 Somervill. W 358,359 Sondra. G. . 364 Sonnenberg, R. 180 Sons, R. 454 Soper, T. E. 154, 347 Sorin, J. 360 Sorkin, D. Sorscher. B. Sosieli, A 454 350 184 340 454 265 365 454 266 Sosin, A. Sosin, R. Sosna. V Soss. M. Sossi, D. A. Sotier. G Sotir, C . 122 Soto. A 317,454 Soulen. R. W. 454 Sous. R 186 Southerton, G. 176, 346 Spaan, W 454 Spade, G. 317 Spaeth, S 304, 454 Sparapani, A 454 Sparks, E. 454 Sparrow, T 156 Spasvk. G. 302 Spaulding, D 304 Spaulding. I - _ 288 Spaldine, W. 293 Spear, R. D 454 Speck. C. 341 Spee, K. J 454 Speer, R _....334 Speer, S 296 Spence, H. 293 Spencer, B _ 352 Spencer, C. ._ 115,350 Spencer, D 350 Spencer, H. 336, 454 Spencer, Jean _ _. 336 Spencer, Joan 336 Spencer, M. _ 454 Spencer, N 293 Spencer, P. ... 346 Spencer, W. 346,454 Sperlich, H 115,127,320 Sperling. L _.... 308 Spieth, J 267 Spillar, E. _ 200, 454 Spillman, E 361 Spindel. F. S. _ 454 Spindelman, N 184,454 Spindler, J _ _.. 290 Spivack, E. 312 Spivack, M 454 Split, J. A 454 Spooner, S. 454 Spore, R. E. ' . 454 Sprague, J. F. _. 454 Springer, A. V 454 Sprunger, H. 454 Spry, S. O. __ 303 Squire, A 154, 162 Stachowiak, R 154 Stade, A. 307 Stadler, L 347, 454 Staebler, D. J. 454 Staebler, T . 268 Stafford, J. 352 Stage, A 185 Stage, J 454 Stager, G 124, 197, 454 Stager. M. 454 Stahl, R. 308 Stahl, S 362 Stein, C. 360 Stair, L. 41 Stalker, J _ 299 Stalvey, B. 166, 347, 454 Slander, D. 330 Standiford, D 336 Standiford, J 158, 273 Stanley, D 454 Stanley, G. 154 Stanley, S. 304 Stanley, W. 154 Stanton, B 198, 272, 454 Stanton, W 454 Stap, J. 178, 291, 455 Staples, M. .... 367, 455 Star, E 361 Stark, F 300, 455 Starr, A 367 Starr, E _ 455 Starr, L. 364 Starring. J. W. _ 455 Stasewich. R. _ _ 368 Stashower, A 310 Stasow, B 314 Slalon, B _ 184 Slalson, D 46 Stauffer. B 156 Stauffer, C. 154, 346 Stearns, D. _.455 Sleek, R. 360 Sleek, S. 131, 158, 278 Sleding, P. 156, 314 Steel, R. _.. 297 Steele, G. _ 320 Steele, H 334 Sleere, A 184 Sleere, N. 127, 178, 455 Sleggall, C. ...... 320,455 Slegmier, J. V 455 Sleigley, P _ 455 Slein, A. _..347 Slein, T. - 179 Slein, H .. ....455 Slein, L. _ 115,325 Slein, M. ... 130, 132, 140, 360, 455 Slein, Robert 172, 455 Stein, Ruth 159,271,455 Stein, W. ...302 Steinbauer, R. 455 Sleinberg, J _ 184 Sleinberg, L 364 Sleinberg, S 364 Sleiner. R 346 Steinhilber, J 351 Steinkamp, S. 312 288 ..185 .158,365 Stekelee, J. Stekiel, R. .. Stempel, P. Stenbuck, N. 265 Stener, P 347 Slenglein, T 293 Slenn, I. 25, 325 Slenkoff, J. H 347 Slenslrom, D __ 315 Stenstrom, R. L 135 Slepanauskas, M 158, 267 Stephan, S 330 Stephens, R. B. 455 Stephenson, C. 161 Slephenson, H. H 455 Slephenson, S. 301 Stepniewski, D 180, 328, 455 Sterling, J 306 Sterling. R 455 Slern, E. _ 355 Stern, H. ._ _ 455 Stern, Joan 366 Slern, Joseph -352 Slern, L 289 Slevens, A. . . 198 Slevens, C 341 Slevens, D 347 Slevens, E. P 333 Slevens, R. ... 137, 179, 346, 455 Slevens, Sallie 273, 455 Slevens, Shirley 122. 366 Slevens, H 455 Slevens, K 19 Slevens, R. E. ._ 135,455 Slevens, W. 334 Stevenson, Alice 272 Stevenson, Allan 455 Stevenson, C. 301 Stevenson. Russel 34 Stewart, B. J. 302,455 Stewart, Bruce 288 Stewarl, C. 302, 455 Stewart, E. ... ....350 Stewarl, G 306,455 Stewart, T. 455 Stewart, K. _ 455 Stewart, L 338 Stewart, M _ 266, 455 Stewart, M _ 287 Stewarl. Scolly 346 Stick, S. A 455 Stickney, S 366 Stieg R 455 Sliehl, C 455 Sliffler, D. L 333,455 Sliles, T. ._ 125, 347 Stimson, C 330,456 Stinson, C 291, 456 Slirdivanl. P _ . 456 Slirlon. N 115, 352 Still, M 456 St. John. J _ 456 Stober H 265 Slocking. F 129, 302 Slocum, N - -154 Sloddard, A. 456 Sloddard, Bud 314 Sloddard, V. _. 121, 279 Sloerker, R. 367 Slormonl, P 268 Sloll, C _ 358 Sloll, D 362 Sloller, A. 290 Sloller, F 352 Sloller, J. _ 456 500 Stone, B. Stone, B. Stone, E. A- Stone, I. Stone, John Stone. Stone, Stone, M. V. Stone. Mary Stonebraker, W. Stoneman. F. Stonebroker. V . G. - Stonkopp. J. - Stoppert. P. R. Stork. F Storr. M. A Storrie, J. Story, E. Stottlebower, J. Slough. C Stout, C Stout, G. 138,341 _J09 .456 . 25 . 24, 179. 456 _456 _26S. 278, 456 456 272 _1S4 _341 168 456 _ 456 _ 456 _ - 347 _25,347 .456 . 277 _154, 162. 456 351 Stout, Prof. M. B.. Stover. J. R Stowe, C. Strachan. R. Straffon, R. Strahan. G. Straith. D. Straley. J. C. Strand, M. Strand. R. E. Stratton, J. - Stratton, L. Stratton. R. Stranb, F. A. Straud. M. _ Straus, T. M. Straus. Ulrich Strauss. E. Strauss. G. Strauss. R. Strauss, S. Strauss. W. Straw. R. Streeper, M. Street. C. Strefling, I. Strefling. M. _ Stregelman. P. Streicher, R. Streiffling. J. _ Stremmel, D Stribley, R. Strieker, H. Strieker. W. . Strickland, B. Strickland. C. Strickland. J. Strickler. W. 136 456 . 191, 306 168.349 213, 336 302 _326 _456 _456 _325 _303 456 .-. . r- 298 456 . 281. 456 301 _ 456 456 _365 _265 Striecher, J. Strieflmg. J. Striho. H Strimel, D. Strittmatter, W. Strobel, O. Stroebe. R. 135. 136, 456 Strohm, Leland 351 Strohm. Lynn 268 Strohm, Marilyn 456 Strong. A. W 457 Strong, C. B Strong, E. Strong, P. Stross, L. Strothman, R. Stroup. F. Strout. Bud Stuart. F. Stuart. G. Stuart, Harvey Stucky, Harrv Studer, V. _ _134, 333, 457 326,456 349 312, 456 457 _ 457 287 457 156 _457 324.457 181,297 TlUUClt . - IO1. _7 Stnderns. C. J. _135, 137, 179, 456 Stump. P. 272,457 Stumpng. J. 351 Stnntz. R. 305,459 Sturman. G. D 457 Symanski. A. E. 295 Subar. J. 308 Subfett. V. 158 Sublette. V ]0 Snehrstedt, R. 1 2 Suggett, A 122 Sugnet, J Kil Suino. M A Snllins, P 364 Sullivan, Jerry _ Sullivan. Joseph Sullivan, M. Sullivan. S. Sumawung. W. . Summerheld. C. _ Summers. J. Sundin. J. -307 457 281 177,457 365 301 Sundi ing " " . " 1. 179. 457 Sundstrand. W. D. 135, 136. 457 Sunmhays. J. 319 Arlene. S. 199 Superstine. M. _332 . . Supronowicz, M. Surma. B. Susman. A. Sussman. I. Snter. D. Sutber, J _ 124. 231 457 _ 332 143, 158, 365 14j 295 Sutherland, G. Suttles, E. D Sutton, F. Sntton. W. Suvdam. W. Swain, E. G _213 _4S7 -341 .324 _347 -457 Swan, M. _457 _457 Swancntt. Don 301,454 Swanson. Bruce 129 Swanson. Bette 278 Swanson. Charles 331 Swanson, David 43 Swanson, L. 156,312 Swanson, M. 278 Swanson, R. 312 Swanson, V. 277 Swart. A. 366 Swarthout, R. Swattout, F. Swartz, A. E Swartz. D. H Sweazey, E. 339 335, 457 137, 179, 4S7 457 _ 454 346 288 179,457 Sweet n m Sweet, I- Sweetland J 457 Swets. J A 457 Shimmer, R. 289 WK 11 4W an Sykes. S. VA , . Symmonds, C. 159, 360, 457 Symmonds, N. 154, 158 Svmmons, R. 154 Symons, N. 360, 454 Svverson, J. 305 Szaroletta, R. 185 Szmvtkowski, S. Szor, S 457 _ 154 Taban, W. Tabashnik, D. 310, 458 Taft C. 114 Taggart H Taira K 174.201 361 Takemoto F. 174, 201, 362 Taku-hi J 174 Takushi 401 Talan, M 31 ' , TallHr K , R 491 174 Tancik, E. Tff 418 147 Tanealian, B. 458 rxt 174 140 Tanner, H 142 144 201, 111 Tanner M 4S| 61, 114, 316 Tarl-.ll, H 277 TarHy, J 458 Tari-n, J itt Tarnutzer. D. 20? 4 Tatrlra, F 112 Tatigian, H. 147 Tatro, I. 0| Tattersall. W. 114, 1X1 VJ Taylor, B. Wfi Tavlor, Bill f Tavlor, r Vf. 4 Tavlor, n 4 tt Tavlor, Dwight 147 Taylor, F. 4 Tavlor, F 707 Taylor, M 4U Tavlr.r. MaTV 271 Taylor. Xorrine _ 262, 277, 458 Taylor. R 179,458 Taylor, T. 322 Taylor, W. 458 Teal, I 361 Teeg, R. 180, 458 Teegarden, B. 201 Tefankjian, O. 365 Teichthesen, I 458 Telfer. B. 336 Tellep. D 319 Temple. J. 292 Tendick. F. Tendler, A. Teng. L. Teninga, W. 135, 136. 177 265.458 _367 Tennent. Dave Tennent. Dewey Tennent, Dick Terizia, B. _ Terpstra. V. Terzaghi. E. Tessmer. B. Testal. P. Tews. E. Texter. P. Thai. B. E._ Thai, N. 124. 166. 213. 218. 220. 225, 458 Then. Ray _ Theurer, M. K 186. 279, 458 201 -129,312 346 Thrilhy, T 797 Hi Thisted M lt 27p Thomas, f. 312, 349, 458 141 , 304 Thomas, n Thomas, fr. 268 Thomas, Jack 293,458 Thomas. James 4 M Thomas, M U Thomas. R K 129 3O4 Thomas, R. W. 136,458 Thomas. W. H. 40) 458 Thompson. David . 309 in 415 Thompson, F. 299.458 4W Thompson, George - 4W Thompson, H. Thompson, L. 360.459 4 W 184 Thompson. N. 362,458 309 Thompson, Richard 304 Thompson, Rudy 154, 352 Thompson. William 302 Thompson, William D. 315 Thomson, M. 365 Thon, R. _ 459 Thorn, D. 273, 459 Thorn, F. 305,459 Thorn. M. 276 Thornberry. R. 45 Thornton, B. 346 Thorp, D. 278 Thorp, Donovan 459 Thorpe. P. 346 Thrush, S. _ _ 159.274.459 Thume, L. 24,25,348,459 Thurmond. R. 459 147, 190 Tiernan. T. 304 Tillery, F. 459 Till, , M 4 n 459 Tillman, T .164 Tillman, T 197,307 Timpson, D. n 114 Ting, Rosalind |0 Tinker, n fSf, 2W Tinkam n L1 Tinkler, F 1 179, 4W Tipton, J IU Tisch. W. 172 4W Titefsky. E. Tittle, D. Tittle, H. Tittle. R. Titns P 459 197, 311, 459 4W 147, 164, 287 IVi Titn, H l., 4W Toherman, R, us Toherman, J 4W Todd. D 459 Todter. W. 135,136,459 Tolfree. J. 302, 459 Tom, W. 174 Tomell, E. 172 Tomhave. L. _ 135, 137, 200, 459 Tomke, W. 191 Tomkins. M. . 133.355 Tompkins, M. Toneray. J. Toole, A. _ Toole, R Toot. Jack -138, 330. 459 -329 _459 .328 335. 459 Topper, J. 119, 199. 273 Topping. A. 126,311.459 .273,458 Torgerson, W. 187 316 Tornquist, B. _ Torres- Peralta, Totman. F. 121 E. _ ._ 367, 459 4 Tornquist, B. w l Tower. C. N Towler. L. Townley, A. Townley. M. IM 1M Townsend. A. 362 IV) Townsend, N. 271; Tracy, R. Tracer, F. Traige, A. Tramonton, G. Tramp, G 459 187. 330. 459 m 459 164 459 Trapp ' , M. Tratton, R. 114 Traub, B. M Trautz, M. M Travers, I-, I Traves, X. 146 304 Travis, C 4H Travis, P 460 Treacv. D. 401 Tremills. J. Trepowski, L. _ Trerise, n. 181. 460 460 460 Trezise, W. Triestram. J. 141 119 Trimble. T. 292,346 Tripp, r 4OI Tripp, W T I Trit, J 169,362 Trogan, A. _ 401 Trombley, L. 460 Troost " Hi Trotter. R. 301,460 Trow, W 401 Trowbridge. R. Tro.,-11, H, 460 117 o Trubow. J 40 True. W. Hi Truesdell. B. 270 Trnesdell. F. |0 Trumbo, J. Ml Trunsky. R. _ tu Trysell, M. 201 Tryttn, B 1, 1S2 Tschirhart, R. Tsou, T. 401 17 Tnhhs, R 151 Tuck, G. TTK 401 Tucker. M. 271 401 TH.T, C 131 198 267 460 Tnl,, F. 186 Turcotte. V. ,n Tnrfns, n 401 Turko. J. lilt Turner, E. B. 45.460 Tnrner, J M Turner, M. Ml Tuutle. H 114 401 Tnnri, W m Tweed it. n Tweedie. M. 2W Tweed ie, R. 140 Twight, F 460 TV,,, R 174 Tvberghein. D. Tyberjheim. D. Tuson. n. 183 40) xn va Tyson, H 314 Trumi J 174 Uchitelle, B. Uchtmann, C. _ Uesato, T. Uetrecht. V Ufer, Mrs Uhazie. G. Uhlendorf. R. _ Ujihara. B Ulbrick. C Ulmer, D. Ulvestad. E. _ Ulvick. B Underbill, R. _ Underwood, G. . Ungerleider, T. Upjohn, N. Uppal. M. _ 149 172. 460 460 172 264 460 267 347 293 4OJ 24.124. 135, 197, 314 322 460 328.460 325 365 -178. 460 L pthegrove, B. 124, 197, 304. 460 Upton, T. 312 Urban, I 460 Urban, T. 309,460 Utz, F. 317 t tz. P. _ 341 Uvick. R. -461 Vabulas, L. _ Valentine, D. Valker. H. Vallance, G. _ Valassis, G. _ Valley, R. _ Vallorani. E. . 461 -360 -461 . 274, 461 303 -291,461 VanArsdol, B. mi VanBoven, T. 338 461 VanBoven, P. 204 VanBnran. W. C. 40 VanBurgel M Vanre, R Van DeGraaf B Vander, S. 10 Vandercook. L. 0j Vanderkalk. K. _ -347.338.461 Vandermade, B. 334,461 Vandermade, V. 267, 461 Vander Meer, P. 337, 461 Vander Molen, J 337 Vanderrux, L, 197 . 295.461 317 347 -461 Vanderwerp, W. Vanderzee. D. Vanderzyl, R. _ Vande Waa, A. _ Vande Vusse, G. -,. Van Domelen, P. _137. 288, 461 Van Dragt, R. 461 Van Duesen. C. 346 Van Duren, C. 296 Van Dusan. J. 288, 461 Van Dozen, J. . Van Duzer. M. Van Dyke, B. . Van Dyke, D. Van Dyke, H. Van Dyke, R 329 . 461 461 -154, 162. 461 . . 290, 461 Van Eennam, D. 156, 297 Vanlier, K. 461 Van Horn, H 350 Van Houten. J. 346 Vanis, A 348 Van Lonkhuysen, P. Van Oheren, G. 117 287 Van Oosten. H. 138, 187 Van Oosten. I- 461 501 Van Osdal, N Van Sise, J. Van Summern, B. 213 Van Syoc, G, 156, Van Til. H Van Tuyle, B Van Valkenburgh, L. _ Van Vooren, E. Van Voorhis, T 191, Van Wagoner, E. - Van Wagoner, J. Van Zylan, C Varbedian, T Varney, J Vasu, C Vaughan, A Vaughan, H. Vaughan, L. Vaughan, R. Vedder, R. Veen, J. ... - Veldkamp, B. Vennerholm, J Verbeek, A Verhake, T Verochoor, C. Verrette, J. Veselenak, S Vest, P Vetter, L. Vetter, T. Vial, B. Vibert, L Vichance, L _ Vichules, D Vickers. G. Victor, M. Vidian, E. Viedrah, R Vieg, J. Vilas, R Vincent, D. Vincent, E. Vincent, R Vinieratos, B _ 119, 354 Vinkemulder, C. Vinocur, M. Virgo, R. Virshup, R. .._....141, 188 Virta, K : Visscherm, D. Visser, P. Vlachos, J. Vocke, L. Voegler, P. Voeks, W. .. Voelker, C Vogel, R _ Vogler, R. Vogt, E. 172, Vogt, N. Vogt, R. 25, Vohar, G. Voice, C. 135, 136, Vokak, B 142, Voiskick, L. ... Volkers, J Von Glahn, C Volkers, J Vollmar, B Von Glahn, L. . Von Herrmann, M Von Lattenburg, L Von Voightlander, F Voorhees, T Vosper, G. - Voss, M. Vreeland, B _ Vriesman, R. Vroman, G Vukovich, J. ... Vyn, L. _ 133, 461 .281,461 133, 197, 217,461 162,298 .... 337 .... 331 183, 324, 461 . 180, 461 , 292, 461 .... 279 ... 364 _ 461 .-.290 _ 341 .... 351 461 .... 58 ..168, 351 293, 461 .... 291 ... 461 . 337 .....349 461 .. 129, 288 .129 349 461 ... 461 .... 359 .... 461 278 .... 317 173 347 ......162 .... 366 295 ..366, 461 198 461 .167, 291 137 143, 461 130, 132, 360,461 360 .... 129 461 362, 461 185, 461 461 .... 461 331,461 461 275, 461 _ 461 ..361 127,299 178, 461 . 365, 461 347 127, 285 . ..461 346, 461 331,461 350 337 .158, 360 . 461 185 360,461 _ 264 318 136 __ 125 .;n ). 41.1 365 .197, 349 .....461 181 349 .461 Waatti, D Waddell, A. Wade, C. ... Wade F Wade, J. .. Waeben, E Wagner, A. Wagner, B. Wagner, C. Wagner, T Wagner, L. Wagner, P. _ Wagner, R Wagoner, B. ... Wahl, A. 213, Wahlgennuth, R. ... Waidley, J _ Waidley, Jean ... Wakeman, W. _ Waldman, A. , Waldon, R. Waldron, W. 1 Walfred, H. Walker, Barbara Walker, Bill .... Walker, E. Walker, G. . Walker, H Walker, J ... 307, 352 199, 266 278 461 338 260,261,462 462 293, 462 366 162, 462 169, 270 463 263 159 Walker, M. _. 131, Walker, R Wallace, B. ... Wallace. E Wallace, P. _ Wallace, W. _ Wallas, V. ... Walldorf, L. _ Waller, J. Walli, C. Wallin, J. 367 Wallrich, R -350 Walpole, V. _ 362,463 Wai rath. R. 320 Walsh, D. C 333 Walsh, E 288,46! Walsh, H _ 360,463 Walsh, Margot ... 271 Walsh, Mary C 463 Walsh, R. C ... 463 Walsh, T. 24,25,153 Walstra, C. 179,463 Walter, B. D 463 Walter, Ed. _ 346 Walter, E. A _ .22, 114, 153 Walters, D. ... 182, 463 Walters, F. 463 Walters, G 287 Walters, T. _ 312, 463 Walters, P. _ 362,463 Walthall, A 367 Walts. D. L. _ 461 Waltz, A 129 Waltz, K. ... 136, 317 Walz, J. . ..301,463 Wambach, R. 352 Wanamaker, R 463 Wandell, D. 185 Wang, F. 463 Warburton, R. 463 Ward, H _ 295, 352 Ward, J. L _.463 Ward, L. _ ...335 Ward, N 463 Ward, T. 335, 463 Wardenburg, B 306 Wardle, B 299 Wargall, E _ 361 Wargotz, B. .. 463 Warmeling, D. ....262,267 Warner, Bert ... _.. 335 Warner, R. 291 Warnke, J. 348 V arn oc k , A. 26 Warren, A 271 Warren, C. - 463 Warren, C .... 339 Warren, Lester ._ 136, 461 Warren, Lew 341 Warren, Louise 269 Warren, R 197, 463 Warren, T. W 463 Warren, Z. __ 154, 463 Warrick, R. 315 Warshaw, S. ... 361 Warsinski, R. G -135,463 Wartinbee. Sam 301, 463 Wasiura. M. S 463 Waterman, A. 122, 158 Waterman, C. _ 324 Waterman, M. H 114 Waterman, H. M 335 Waters, D. 330 Waters, G. B 129 Waters, J. 291, 463 Waterstone, A. R. Waterstone, L. Wathen, B. . Watkins, H. G Watkins, J. Watkins, N. Watson, B. Watson, C. Watson, D Watson, G. W Watson, H. Watson, I. H. _ Watson, James Watson, Joe Watson, Joyce Watson, M. Watt, M _ _.. Watts, Janet Watts, R. .. Wayt, H 277 Wax, Harry 332 Way; D. R _ 136 Weatherwax, P 464 Weaver, A. _. 270, 464 Weaver, C. 179, 464 Weaver, D. 143, 346 Weaver, Jean 26 Weaver, Joan _ 158 Weaver. J. R 360 Webb, D _._272 Webb, G. .. 339 Webb, H .... 287 Webb, P 292 Webb, Raymond 464 Webb, SpideT _ 290 Webb, W. 149 Webber, F. 464 Webber, R. _ 464 Weber, Bruce _ ... 464 Weber, C. .. _ 464 Weber, M. _. .269 Weber, N _ Weber, R Weber W _ Weberg, L Webster, J Webster, R Wedeen, R Wedge, J Wee, J. Weed, N. Wegener, C Wegenka, T Weglarz, H. Vegner, E. Wehrmann, N. Weibel, R. J. Weidenthal. Bud Weigel, D. F. Weil, W. M. 179 Weiland, K. F. Weinberg, M Weinberg, R. _ Weinberger, S 170 Veiner, A. _ Weiner, H. . Weinert, W. Weinert, B. R. 136 Weingarden, M. Weingarten, C. Weinger, B. Weinhardt, P. Weinman, P. Weinstein, A. 127, 135 Weinstein, R. Weir, A Weisberg, H. L. ...19, 27 Weiss, A. . Weiss, E. - Weiss, L Weiss, Marshall _ Weiss, M. A. _ Weiss, Milton Weiss, Morris Weitknecht, N. Welch, H. Welch, Nancy Welch, Norman Welch, T. _ Welchman, A. D Welden, T. Weldon, T Weldon, L Weldon. W. S Weldt, M. :.... Welke, J. .. Welke, W. F Wellhoff, S. Wellington, R. 124, 140, Wells, T. D Wells, P. Wells, R. Wells, W. S. Wells, W. W Welsh, C. 179, Weltman, W. _ Wendler, D. Wendt, R. Wenger, H. _ Wenner, W. _ _ Wenokur, .. Wentworth, G. Wentworth, R. Wentz, G. Wepfer, R. .. Wepman. W Werle F _ 154 Werme, R. Werneg, T. Werner, B Werner, K. Werson, K. Wertheimer, V Wertin. V. _. West, D. .. West P Westa, C. _ Wester, R. . Westervelt, F. Westman, C. Westman. J. Weston, D. Weston, L. S. Westphal, M Westra, N Westrope. J. _ Wetzel, D Wetzel, G. Wetzel, Topsy Weyand, C. Weyand, F. Weyant, D. E. Weymore, M. Whaite, T. ... Whale, Ed. ... Whalen, M. Wheeler, C. . Wheeler, T. Wheeler, L. _ Wheeler, M. Wheeler, Nick Wheeler, Nancy Wheeler, Patsy Wheelihan, Shirley _ Whipple, Chuck Whipple, Dick 464 . 336, 351 212 464 184 179, 309 464 ... 368 174,464 122, 277 464 303 464 181,464 464 348 310, 464 129 1 ' 5, 137, 308, 464 333 464 197,314 188, 325 340,464 312 312 177,464 -- 300 352 .... 332 ... 464 .164 137, 151 .... 289 .... .328 184,464 312, 332 133 464 289, ?51 .... 264 332 138, 340 154 347 278, 464 350 331 333,464 . .. 272 .301,464 322 464 464 154 _ 464 _ 364 294,464 .- 464 329 ....... 346 307 . .309 348,464 26 263 464 464 .... 341 129 177,464 158 465 307 465 162, 346 464 .... 186 185 311,465 276, 465 365 267, 465 .. . 350 309 465 465 _ 129 198 338 -352 295, 465 465 _ 465 ... 290 304 __ 465 275 ... 314 314 136 266, 464 302, 465 349 - . 465 . 178, 352 . 271 . 147, 267 271 326 465 364 465 292,465 _ 328 Whitacre, Gene _______________ 321,465 Whitcomb, Elmer ..... ________ 315 Whitcombe, John ________________ 328 White. Barbara __ 465 White, Don ________________ 330,351 White, Harriet ________________ 465 White, Homer ....... __.._ White, Jack ____ .......... White, Tim White, j. T White, Leonard White, Norman 334,465 316 _ 299, 465 212 295 465 White, Ozelle 135, 136 White, Patrick J ....346 White, Richard 352, 465 White, Robert . - 307 White, Robert P 333,465 White, Sid 186 White, Stephen .... 115,314,320 White, Steven 350 White, Warren 320 White, Whizzer 303 White, William W 465 Whiteacker, Charlie 304 Whitehouse, Frank Jr. .. 330, 465 Whitfield, Bill 299 Whittield, Emerson 465 Whitmer, Charles -465 Whitmore, Albert 179,465 Whitney, Bob 304 Whitney, Mary Ann-.. .365 Whitney, Mary Jane- 270, 465 Whitney, Richard 334 Whittingham, Tom 321 Whitworth, Gracia 270 Wicker, J .316 Wicking, M. - 271 Wicks, D. 465 Wicks, P. _ J 303 Widerquist, A . 182 Widrig, D 135, 136, 177, 465 Wiedrich, B. 351 Wiegerink, L. 138,337,465 Wiehr, J. 466 Wiencrot, R 466 Wierenga, R. 179 Wies, L. . 334 Wiese, R. _ 172,466 Wiggin, S 28,29,126,316,466 Wiggins, R. - 466 Wightman, T _ 466 Wigle, C 266 Wiitala, G. . 466 Wikstrom, C. _. .. .466 Wilbur, I. -168,351,466 Wilchar, R. 182, 466 Wilcox, B 287 Wilcox, C. _ 122, 263 Wilcox, L. _ 24,25,307 Wilcox, M. .. _ 367 Wilcox, R. _ 352 Wilcox, S. .320 Wilcox, V. _ ._. 281,466 Wilder, J. 129 Wildman, A. Wile, D. ... Wilhelm, G. Wilhelm, I ... Wilhelmie. N. Wilkens, M. ... Wilkerson, T. Wilkerson, T. Wilkey, C. Wilkie, L. 466 466 ._ 138, 337 _.277 Wilkins, M. Wilkinson, W. ... Will. Charlotte Willard, M. L _.. .264 Willens, J. _. 24, 25, 132, 141, 280 Willey, N. _ 164 Williams, A. __ 281 Williams, C. C. 347 Williams, Charles Williams, Clint Williams, Dave .... Williams, Dick 466 345 ._ 156, 312 _ 314 179 466 Williams, Don Williams, George Williams, Gladys 466 Williams, Jack 311 Williams, Tan _ 278 Williams, Jane 159,466 Williams, James __ 295 Williams, John H 466 Williams, Joy 158,268 Williams. Juanita .. 362 Williams, Jus . 126, 197, . ' 01 Williams, Leonard 466 Williams, M I_ 341 Williams, N 199,276,466 Williams, O. 292 Williams, P. ....30? Williams, R. _ 334, 466 Williams, T. 156 Williams, W. H. _ 466 Williams, W. K 466 Williamson, Bud - 287 Williamson, Duane 178 Williamson, Juanita 367 Williamson, W 147 Willis, F. 309 Wills, M. _ _ 365 Wills, R. .. 466 Willson, G. _ 466 Willson, R. _ .._.314 Wilmer, F. _ 297 502 330 364 162 _ _19, 128, 322, 360 159 466 .122,466 -329 Wilson, D. Wilson, E. Wilson, G. Wilson, H. Wilson, Harriet Wilson, Jennie Wilson, John Wilson, M. Wilson, Mary B.- Wilson, Mary Jo Wilson, Robert _ Wilson, Ron Wilson, Roy Wilson, Stella , . Wilson, Sue 271,278,466 Wilson, Wilam Jeanne 159 Wilson, William 466 Wiltschek, L. 362 Wiltshire, E. 301 Wimberly, J. E 466 Wimmer, R. 352 .298 456 _119, 132, 355, 466 a . e 181 _156 368,466 Winchell A .112 151,295 347,467 149,467 .140 - = 467 179 Wtnslow D 288,330 .165 Winston M ta Wintrr, J. 172 Winterle, B .168 Winters P 299 Win tore F 265,467 467 467 VirH,) I. 25 Virth J 322,467 Wise. Bob .12R Wise! D . S H -T US, 136. 467 Wise. Robert 467 IS. - " 333 _467 114 Wise. Rosemary Wise. Vm. E. _ Wiseman. D. O. Wisler. C. O Wismtr. R. 185,291,467 Wisniewski, Irv. 125,213, 219, 314, 467 Wistert. Al. _ 213, 215, 220, 228 Withersnoon, B. 320,467 Witherspoon, J. 320 Witherspoon, T. 320 Withey, E. 467 Withey, T. 296 Wittenberg, P. Wittlinger, L. _ Wittus, E. Witus. S. Witus. W. Wivell, R _467 -467 _467 -265 .340 ..172 Wladis. S. .164 Wolf, fVn 314,467 117 325,467 . 508, 467 Wolf Paul M 512 Wolf, Stanford .112 Wolfe rh a rl f 467 201,267 Wolff ' " 201,267 Wolfman, F, MS, tfJ 467 Wolfson, Joan Wolk Erwin 364 467,318 467,301 .152 V Wolters J 21.1 Wong h " 115, 136, 174, 467 174, 467 Wong, H 174 174 174 Wong, Winifred .164 W ' " " Robert UJ Wood O ua Wood " 467 Wood I- 266,467 W " od, M VL7 Wood P 297 Wood, Shirley WnndarH, F 176,267 iw Woodard, P- 15R Woodburn, R. O. us Woorlrork, I. .119 W d-ii n .mi Woodland M 467 Wnndlnrk, P 3fi Woodruff, n. 179,467 Woodruff, K. 276, 46R Woodruff, L M. 153,296 W ils J, H. 12 Woods, J 468 Woods 322,468 Wood i " , R- .162 Vrtnr1warrl, D IM Woodward, P. Woodworth, Dick 132, 354, 468 JJS Woodworth, Ed. . Woolt, I.loyH 1R2 Woolcy, EH 202 IH .114 46X W r orshani, F-. ru Worth W B .150 Wr.hlrs l 165 Wright A 11R Wright, n lr 156, 316 Vright n il 129, .152 Wright, Harold M Wright, High .111 Wright lames .323.468 Wright, Pappy Wright. T. 303 348,468 Wright, W. S 177 Wright, Wanda 277 Wright, Wayne _ 156 Wright, William 468 Wu, Rod 468 Wuenseh, M. _ 281 Wuerfel. R. 294 Wulsin, M 468 Wunch, G. 361 W T undram, B. 364 Wyant. D 346 Wyatt, C. 198,275,468 Wylie, W. 468 Wyman, B. Wyngarden, M. _ 337 Wynn, W. 181,287 Yaeger, H. Yaeger, W. _ Yakas, J. Yake, J. Yakes, L. Yalowitz. C. _ Yampolski, E. Yanne, E. Yards, B. 355 468 -177, 348, 468 328 364 198 _168 . 24, 25, 468 292 Yarembinsky, M. 468 Yarmain, R. 302 Yaroschak, A 468 Yeare, B. 468 Yeckley, R. __ Yee, C. Yei, W Yeough, G. Yerkes, G. _ Yim, T. G York, C. York, E. York. J. Yoshihara, C. . Yoshimine, M. Yoshimura, F. Yost, Larry Young, Arthur Young, B. 137,179 -174,176,468 174 154 299,349 174 311 290 468 361,468 468 174 346 468 _ 264 Young. Chuck 134, 178, 314. 468 Young, Crawford 304 Young. David 340 Young, Donald 137 Young, G. 154 Young, Joan 267 Young, Petey 263 Young, Philip 350 Young. Prof. I 185 Young, R. 303 Young, Tom 293 Young, Vincent 468 Young, Warren 326 Youngblood, P. 334 Youngs, C. 468 Youngquist, E. 468 Yu, Herbert 468 Yudkin, W. Yuen, H. _ Yuen, M. Yukawa, S. . Yund, J. 468 _468 _174 -135 .364 168, 324, 40 Zabrosky, Bill 2R7 7,,-V F J34 iTn .116, 468 .468 7 a lr ar ., I.. 152 Zamet H 366 ISO 7anf. Joan .166 Zarback, F. Zausmer, B. Zavell, D. Zawistowski, _ Zazanis. G. A. _ Zdunczyk, M. _ Zeeuw, F. Zehnder, F. _ Zekany, J. Zeller, B. _ Zellers. J. Zen. T. " 446 281 _176. 339, 347 129 _ 347 273 168 _178 168. 324, 469 _ 364 200 Zenkel. B. .112 Zerby, P. 274 7 Tll11, J 147, 317 -k, H. 117 Zettel, J. 171, 176 Ziaj:., S 469 Zickerman, E. 2 1 Zieirlrr. R. 143. 172. 460 Ziemienski. C. Zieve, C. Zigmanth, H. Zilber, N. Zill, Conrad Zimastrad, S. Zimrner, R. Zimmerman. Bob _ Zimmerman, J. L.- Zimmerman, P. Zimmerman, V. Zin, E. Zinscr, J. Zypp. J. 185 364 _ 302 348 172 295 333,469 305 138 279 469 366 _ 314 274. 469 Zipperstein, D. 25, 132, 362 Ziren. S. 469 Ziukoff. H. 269,469 Zobin. J. 347 Zoghibe, J. 267 Zold. A. _ 469 Zontek. L. _ Zordell, J. W. Zuckerman, J. _ Zuckerman, N. Zuckerman, S. _ Zukowski. V. _ Zwagerman, M. Zwow, L. Zylowski, Dick 469 _177,469 469 469 280,469 367 .159,469 469 -168,324 503 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We, the editors of the 1950 Michiganensian, wish to thank: FRED NOER OF INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING CO. OLIVER ROGERS OF ROGERS PRINTING CO. ED KASE OF S. K. SMITH CO. JAMES COLONNA OF COLONNA STUDIOS EC STANGER OF THE ANN ARBOR NEWS SAM SCHNEIDER OF ARGUS CAMERA CO. HAROLD NELSON OF NELSON PHOTOGRAPHERS FRED MONCRIEF OF UNIVERSITY NEWS SERVICE ALEX LMANIAN MRS. RUTH CALLAHAN OF THE OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS and the many others who contributed to our book, for their fine cooperation and service. KiftiutitfcA, Hi Palmer tr AngtU H NIW WOMIH1 IlilftlNCI IIIISI IHILOIMC 19SO University of Michigan

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