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u M 1949 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR. MICHIGA MANAGING EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER ASSOCIATE EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHY ART MANCL BILL GRAHAM MAIZIE BRICE BOB SOMMER ALEX LMANIAN We make a familiar trail across, around and through; we seek out the buildings the classrooms, the laboratories, the Union, the League, our residences, and all that contributes to these college days; Pictures tell the story as we pace off the school year . . . Listen and follow; the throb of the campus is present. It is you the pulse that makes it beat. With you we follow the familiar, the un- usual, the gay, the events of this our University year. CONTENTS President 4 Administration 6 Schools and Colleges 16 Features 58 Sports 94 Activities Recreation 146 League-Union 159 Publications 169 Honoraries 183 Music 197 Organizations 203 House Groups Sororities 228 Fraternities 252 Professional Fraternities 291 Men ' s Dorms 302 Women ' s Dorms 317 Seniors 328 Ads and Grit . 420 THE STAFF Art and Design Features House Groups Schools and Colleges Activities Sports Associate Photographer Staff Photographers Stu Todd Frank Vogler Ginny Beabes Jeannie Johnson Sid Steck Pete Craighead Potsy Ryan Pat Patterson Bill Ohlinger Bud Rauner Pete Mann Bill Wise Don Dulude Don Sigman The 1949 Michiganensian staff expresses its appreciation for photographic contributions to the Sports Section by: Samuel Schneider, of the Argus Camera Company EC Stanger, of the Ann Arbor News His home on South University A university the size of Michigan presents a paradox in personalities and masses of people. President Ruthven is the best example of these two phases of our life here at school. We know him as the executive through his contacts with the administration and the public. But in order to meet and understand him as an individual, the 1949 ' Ensian would like to take you into his home. tat PRESIDENT The Ruthvens at home in their living room A minute of relaxation over tea - feint With his prize boxer, Lexy Today we can very seldom find President Ruthven with extra leisu re time. When official duties are not pressing him, he is usually busy with other inter- ests which range over a very wide field. One of them is horseback riding, and he has collected a fine group of horse prints for his study. Another hobby, his thoroughbred boxer, is the pride of the household. He also has a farm near Ann Arbor which enables him to relax in his spare moments. His life is an extremely interesting one though he is often the last to offer information about himself. Study of the Ruthvens in their garden Since his appointment to the presidency in 1929, his main considerations have been focused on the problems of the University. We may meet the President and his wife only at the Ruthven Teas and at graduation while we are in school. However, these pages give you an intro- duction to the head of the University. He is not only the symbol of Michigan but also its active leader. It is under his inspiration that the spirit of Michigan is developing today. III Entrance to the new Administration Building ADMINIS Board of Regents Left to right: Alfred B. Connable, Jr., Vera B. Baits, Charles E. Kennedy, M.D., J. Joseph Herbert, Kenneth M. Stevens, Roscoe O. Bonisteel, Otto E. Eclcerf Missing: Ralph A. Hayward I PROVOST ADAMS VICE-PRESIDENT BRIGGS VICE-PRESIDENT NIEHUSS SECT, ASS ' T. VICE-PRES. WATKINS Today YOUR Michigan is finding its way surely with a high post-war level of enrollment. The demands made upon the administration are increased ten-fold, though smoothly operating daily routines belie this fact. More active student govern- ment, the return to pre-war cosmo- politanism, and the pressure exerted upon higher education by secular changes are the main problems that confront the present administration. The executive officers and the deans directly controlling student affairs co-operate closely for the benefit of both the individual student and the University as a whole. Together they provide guidance for the students, exercise control over their scholastic affairs, and supervise their extra- curricular activities. The completion of the General Administration building gives the administrators a great advantage. They now have up-to-date equip- ment and adequate office space for the first time in years. Now each division governing the University will be able to function more effectively in its relations with students, with the state, and with other institutions. RATION ASSO. DEAN BROMAGE REGISTRAR IRA SMITH ASSO DEAN REA The Office of Student Affairs has become one of the most important student-administration clearing houses in the University. Its primary interest is in the social and extra- curricular activities of the students. Dean Erich B. Walter and Associate Dean Walter B. Rea are in charge of the office. The new offices in the Administra- tion building are almost as familiar to each student as his classes are. The social calendar, approval for house parties, traffic regulations, eligibility cards, and control over all active student organizations keep a continuous line of students enter- ing the new offices every day. As more and more enthusiasm for extra-curricular activity has grown throughout the campus, the business of the Student Affairs Office has in- creased. However, the office con- tinues to keep its personal touch. OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS NEW STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICE I Hi ?3SI I. m I STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Standing: Blair Moody, President of the Student Legislature; Assistant Professor Richard Boys; Everett Ellin, President of Men ' s Judiciary Council; Patricia McKenna, President of Michigan League; Robert Holland, President of the Michigan Union; Patricia Hannegan, Chairman Women ' s Judiciary Council; Associate Professor Lionel Laing. Seated: Professor Willett Ramsdell; Dean Erich A. Walter, Chairman; Professor Dudley Phelps; Associate Dean Walter B. Rea, Secretary; Harriet Friedman, Managing Editor Michigan Daily; Associate Dean Mary C. Bromage; Jeanne Lange, Woman Delegate of Student legislature. STUDENT FACULTY GOV ' T The Student Affairs Committee is jointly composed of faculty and student members and delegated with the authority of full supervision of all student activities other than athletic. Member- ship includes the Dean of Students, as chairman, Dean of Women, president of the Men ' s Judiciary Council, president of the Union, managing editor of the Daily, president of the League, chairman of the Women ' s Judiciary Council, president of the Student Legislature, an additional Legislature representative, and six faculty Senate members. The University Subcommittee on Discipline has the power to act on the majority of student misconduct. In addition to three voting faculty members, the Dean of Students, the Assistant Dean of Students, and the president and secretary of the Men ' s Judi- ciary Council serve in an ex-officio capacity. UNIVERSITY SUBCOMMITTEE ON DISCIPLINE Left to Right: Administrative Assistant John Gwin, Assistant Dean Walter B. Rea, Professor Axel Marin, Professor Grover C. Grismore, Chairman; Professor Arthur Van Duren, Dean Erich A. Walter, Everett B. Ellin, President Men ' s Judiciary Council. I " STUDENT BLAIR MOODY Dick Burton, Al Maslin, Al Miller, Blair Moody, Jean Pagan Yellin, Norm Gottlieb, Oorthy Priestly. L FALL PRESIDENT The position of the Student Legislature as the spokesmen of the students was securely anchored during 194849. Recognition of this fact was evident in the largest turn out on record for a student election, over 7,000 voting in the fall campaign. Projects worked on or enacted by the SL included the fight against the political speaker ' s ban and racial discri mination on campus FALL SL CABINET the success of the student experts sports ticket distribution the Michigan Forum a better business bureau homecoming the NSA card purchase plan. As spring came, the goal of self-rule for the student body was much closer, due to the Legislature program under the leadership of Blair Moody and Jim Jans, fall and spring term presidents. Top Row: Hugh Greenberg, Jim Jans, Ralph Sosin, Don McNeil, Stan Wiggin, Duane Neuchterlein, Dick Hait, Paul Anderson, Jake Jacobson. Third Row: Paul McCracken, Marshall Lewis, Al Blumrosen (Daily); Ed Lewinson, Knight Houghton, John Baum, Val Johnson, Tom Kelsey, Al Harris. Second Row: Roy Jimerson, Jeanne Lange, Marian Trapp, Arlynn Rosen, Kay Woodruff, Ellie Abrahamson, Jean Leonard. Rosmarie Schoetz. First Row: Don Rothschild, Tom Walsh, Bob McGhee, John Ryder, John Swets. ESP till 111 LEGISLATURE Ralph Sosin, Phyllis Rosen, Kay Woodruff , Jim Jans, John Ryder, Don Rolhchild, Hugh Greenberg. JIM JANS SPRING SL CABINET SPRING PRESIDENT Top Row: Ralph Sosin, Hugh Greenberg, Jim Jans, Don McNeil, Stan Wiggin, Knight Houghton, Duane Neuchterlein, Jake Jacobson, Al Harris, Dick Hooker, Jack Kunkle. Third Row: Bill Clark, Gil Schubert, Paul McCracken, Quentin Nesbit, Ed Lewinson, Tom Kelsey, Val Johnson, John Ryder, Dave Pease, Bill Gripman. Second Row: Ginny Bauer, Jeanne Lange, Marian Trapp, Sue Sirus, Debby Dubinsky, Rosmarie Schoetz, Dot Priestly, Kay Woodruff, Jody Johnson, Jean Yellin. First Row: Don Rothschild, Tom Walsh, Ken Bottle, Jim Brown, Roy Jimerson, Marv Lubeck. I - ' 3 _ v , - : :. HAVEN HALL BOOTH BUSY CHECKING CANDIDATES HELPS PHARMACY STUDENTS TAKE OVER LIBRARY POLL SL VOTE COUNTING FAR INTO THE NIGHT ON THE SCENE OF A SL MEETING Aims of the Student Legislature As in the past, the Student Legislature will work for more student control of campus activities, real- izing that the best way to qualify for additional responsibility is by doing a good job in the realm of existing powers. The SL hopes to help the stu- dent bring down his cost of living and at the same time provide him with a wide field in which to develop himself in extra-curricular activities. Throughout, the Legislature will work hand in hand with the administration in assuring the Uni- versity ' s position as a truly great center of learning. lin SL TABULATIONS DRAW INTEREST HEADS OF SL COMMITTEES Standing: Gerald Rees, Marshall Lewis, Bill Reitzer, Bruce Lockwood. Seated: Don Queller, Everett Ellin, George Meyers. JUDICIARY As the judicial wing of campus student government, the Men ' s Judiciary Council hears and decides upon viola- tions arising under the regulations of the Student Legisla- ture, referred to it by the Legislature, or initiated by the Council itself. In a similar manner the Council handles all disciplinary cases arising under the regulations of the University referred to it by the Dean of Students and rep- resents the student body, through its president and secre- tary, on the University Disciplinary Committee. In addition to these functions, the Council receives petitions and determines the eligibility of candidates for campus office, regulates the public tapping and initiation procedure of all men ' s honoraries, and adjusts disputes between campus organizations. The membership of the Council consists of seven men selected by an Appointment Board composed of the male members of the Student Legislature Cabinet and the retiring Judiciary president. A president and a secretary head the body, the president serving as one of the student representatives of the Stu- dent Affairs Committee. Men ' s Judiciary and S.L. members in the process of rejecting fifty- two petitions for fall all-campus elections. SMO etm your ut utsai noes L ' " J r? : , - I Standing: Joan Sheppard, Mary Riggs. Seated: Marge Flint, Pat Hannagan, Eileen Hickey, Marcia Lipsett. Missing: Marilyn Sheldon, second semester member. COUNC The Women ' s Judiciary Committee is composed of six rep- resentatives from university women. They are selected by the League Interviewing Committee and three Senior women members of Student Legislature. As representatives of the women students " judish " works with the Dean of Women ' s Office to enforce all Campus and house rules and gives consideration to each suggestion made concerning rules. It also concerns itself with special cases concerning women referred to it by the Student Legislature. A joint committee composed of members of both men and women ' s judiciary councils hear and decide upon violations of Student Legislature regulations. The chairman of the Women ' s Judiciary Committee serves on the Student Affairs Committee, Student Conduct Commit- tee, University Disciplinary Committee, and by invitation on the Administrative Board of the Literary College. This year the policy of the committee was prevention rather than punishment. Each woman student was given a copy of her house and campus rules, house directors received notices on regulations most frequently misunderstood, regulations were clarified and feature articles on the work of the com- mittee were run in the Daily. Judiciary Aides Pat Isbel, Virginia Stoddard, Marjorie McClean, and Nancy Notnagel checking signout sheets. Missing: Agnes Waddel. Jt- Hi MB ti COLLEGES LITERAR YIS } JL j fc Al ' ft iki lift JLL ! ' tTf ; " t ' ' ' ! Wf f TTf LITERATURE . . . With its enrollment of over seven thousand students and its actual teaching load of over eleven thousaand, the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts forms the backbone of our university. Students in graduate school, architecture school and those in the pre-professional curriculums get their basic training here. The college has great hopes for the new system of counselling for upper-classmen, which has gone into effect this Spring. The plan is designed to ease pre-registration strain on both students and advisors, and to help the student better fulfill his educational aims. Dean Keniston ' s friendly personality and impressive accomplishments are undoubtedly responsible for his rapid rise at our university. He stepped into the position of Chairman of Romance Languages in 1940, and after only three years here became Dean of the College of Litera- ture, Science, and the Arts. In spite of his busy life as Dean of our largest and most important college. Dr. Keniston finds time to work a few crossword puzzles, garden and go canoeing with his son. 18 DEAN KENISTON ' Y SCHOOL fe Back Row: L. C. Anderson; E. F. Barker; C. H. Peake; W. G. Rice; R. H. Gjellsness; G. H. Forsyth, Jr. Second Row: T. H. Hildebrandt; L. A. While; K. C. McMurry; D. G. Marquis; J. K. Yamagiwa; L. G. Vender Velde. First Row: I. A. Leonard; W. F. Hunt; G. R. La Rue; Hayward Keniston; K. K. Landes; L. S. Woodburne. AND THE ARTS - GERMAN CLUB The Deutscher Verein is an organization for students interested in the German language and the German people. It sponsors a weekly radio program, weekly coffee hours at the League, and serves as a clearing house for correspondence among American, German, Austrian, and Swiss students. Outstanding among this year ' s activities have been the dance presented at Schwabenhalle and the production of Goethe ' s Faust in cooperation with the German department. A classical music hour, conversational evenings, and an annual picnic were also on the club ' s social agenda. Officers for the past year have been Harold Simon, president; Ann Mosher, secretary; John Brodhun, treasurer; with Dr. Raschen, Mr. Neumann, and Mr. Hascatl as faculty advisors. : j i y j ' JMHtil ' W 1 Top Row: Newton Graham; Robert W. Miller; Harold W. Frye; Richard S. Mayer; Robert G. Tucker; Seymour M. Baxter; Frank Richardson; F. Gerard Adams; Everett H. Brenner; Xenophon Skufis; R. Thurber; Roger Norton. Second Row: Elsie Kalionen; Geraldine Schmoker; Sandra loeb; Mary Schuhmacher; Helen Bond; Jackie Harrie; Jennie Willson; Constance Rinehart; Franziska Isbell; Wilma Kaemlein; Ton! Norton. First Row: Ruth Briegel; Lois Allison; Anne Mosher. Secretary; John Brodhun, Treasurer; Harold M. Simon, Jr., President; J. F. I. Raschen, Faculty Sponsor; S. R. Neumann, Sponsor; C. H. Williams; Lilias Wagner; Paul Haynes. SPANISH CLUB La Sociedad Hispanica is the largest, non-political organization on our campus, having 500 active members. Under president Joseph Plazonja, vice-president Barbara Langworthy, treasurer John Riccardo, secretary Elizabeth Iden, and faculty advisors Jose Ortiz and Anthony Pasquariello, the group has carried on a series of noteworthy activities, both social and scholarly, throughout the past year. Outstanding help and encouragement is offered by the society to students interested in Spanish through the free tutoring service for students of elementary Spanish, through the conversation groups at the Social Hour initiated just this year at the International Center, and through the four scholarships the society awards for summer study at the University of Mexico. SPANISH CLUB TEA SPANISH POETRY CONTEST Those wishing to improve their French and learn more about the language will find in Le Cercle Francois a friendly and beneficial method of do- ing so. Elementary students in French may obtain assistance from members of the organization, and those wishing to improve and expand their con- versation may do so at La P ' tite Causette, the conversation group which is under the auspices of the club. The annual French play offers oppor- tunity to those with both linguistic and dramatic talents. The club has had another enjoyable year under direction of faculty advisor Charles Koella, and officers Jim Evans, president; Ruth Letzter, vice- president; Delores Lazich, secretary and Jules Lussier, t reasurer. if ir FRENCH CLUB Standing: Jules Lussier, treasurer; Ruth Letzter, vice-president; Jim Evans, president. Sitting: Delores Lazich, secretary; Charles Koella, faculty adviser. Top Row: Claude Meillassoux, Dorothy Roberts, Paul Brace, Margery Roberts, Giovanni Evola, Jean Pierre Schotsmans, Mary Lou Stegner, Michel Leiser, Liliane Poirier, Genevieve Richards. Third Row: George Petrossian, Nancy O ' Neil, Paul Hayes, Frank Reed, Frank Richardson, Madeleine Capdell, Janine Schotsman, Aline Ney, Helene Yager. Second Row: Joseph Loveland, Liliane Loveland, James Evans, Ruth Letzter, Charles Koella, Delores Lazich, Jules Lussier, Sarah Wilcox. First Row: Douglas Premo, Bruce Henry, Frank Butoroc, Robert Charmtllon, Lyons Howland. mi - r I- Jam Radar Lab., East Engine Metal Processing Lab., East Engine i ENGINE Organic Chemistry Lab., Chem. Bldg. Addition Foundry Lab., East Engine SCHOOL Dean Crawford of the Engineering College became an engineer in 1912. Since then he has been dean of the engineering colleges at the University of Idaho, the University of Kansas, and since 1940, at Michigan. He also has been with the Army during World War One. At present, important school projects keep him a busy man, though they give way in the summer time to his favorite sport, trout fishing. Michigan ' s College of Engineering began as a course in the physics depart- ment here in 1847. When DeVolson Wood began the first real engineering instruction. In 1 895 the College of Engineering was established as an independ- ent department, thus becoming the oldest public-supported institution of its kind. The technical development of industry created a growing demand for engineers, and Michigan has responded. Combining theory and practical knowledge through an able faculty, it has turned out some of the best-trained engineers in the country. The size of the College has increased accordingly with the growing importance of engineering until it is now one of the largest units of the University. Its many professional and honorary organizations spread the influence of the college over a large part of the campus. Electron Microscope, Physics Dept. A-C Current Lab., East Engine Professor Rainville, Math. QUARTERDECK Top Row: G. Knight, E. Jansen, M. MacPherson, W. Zimme, V. Dhumal, J. Reed, O. Archer, R. Wilchar, B. Ames, W. Roberts, K. Marshall, G. Motion, R. Peoch, B. Keeman, M. Colon, L. Bates, P. Schmidt. Second Row: A. Giovagnoli, D. Hudson. E. Kaufman, M. Patten, N. Drosses, R. Davis, M. Horn, R. Christie, J. Leonard, R. Hobert, R. Paul, W. Sommers. First Row: R. Miller, Steward; A. McClure, Purser; R. Broad, Vice Commodore; K. Jones, Commodore; Professor 1. A. Baier; Professor H. C. Adams; Professor C. W. Spooner; R. Wernick, Membership Chairman; R. Pearlson, Program Chairman-Graduate; G. West, Program Chairman Spring Semester. Missing: W. B. Lockwood, E. Bainbridge, D. Davis, K. Fox. QUARTERDECK, the University ' s oldest honorary technical so- ciety, has been in continuous operation since its inception in 1905 under the name " Indoor Yacht Club. " In 1908 it was reorganized and its name changed to Quarterdeck, and has since functioned under the sponsorship of the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. The object of the society is to further the interest of students of naval architecture in their field by providing opportunities to hear prominent men in the field, to visit ship and boat yards, to write and discuss technical articles themselves, to obtain infor- mation over and above the scope of the regular curriculum. - Ik Top Row: J. Murphy; R. Adams; J. Wendling; J. O ' Kelly; A. Brown; J. Garvey; D. Stanton; D. Cade; A. Jokela; R. Richmond; A. Nyquist; R. Frost; J. Hull; G. Danielson; S. Danyow. Third Row: 1. Dem as; E. Hertler; D. Peterson; J. Pfeifer; W. Batesole; R. Goslow; W. Bod of sky; W. Diener; K. Frey; J. Bourne; I. DePuy; F. Carlson; C. Mair; E. Clark. ' Second Row: R. Caughey; E. Senkbeil; J. Kerr; H. Buning; Capt. H. De Souza; E. Johnson, treasurer; C. Mallon, chairman; C. Wittliff, vice-chairman; H. Conrad, secretary; L. Schultz; 1. Jorrisch; C. Schoenberg; F. Kunze. First Row: R. Hatch; D. Carter; N. Wildman; A. Schuneman; C. Chakmakian; J. Gohl; D. Maslin; G. Fosdick; R. lamb; W. Langohr. The Institute of The Aeronautical Sciences was organized to promote the application of science in the development of aircraft. By grading members according to their qualifications, recognition is given to outstanding professional work and an incentive is provided younger members for the investigation of new aeronau- tical problems. The presentation and discussion of technical papers at Institute meetings afford members opportunities to hear and meet the leaders in specialized fields of the aeronautical sciences. By including in its membership the leading aeronautical specialists in other countries, an interchange of international aeronautical scientific progress is made possible. The members of the Institute believe that the future development of aircraft depends upon scientific research and engineering experiment applied to design. By including in the scope of the Institute ' s activities the allied sciences of meteorology, radio, metallurgy, physics, chemistry, etc., a broad base is provided for aeronautical progress. ..-; ' 0 A. S. C Top Row: Luckham; McCormick; Kuehl; Ritzema; Browning; Armstrong; Rogers; Elder; Crouch; Schwalbe; Gordon; Haagenson; Dilworth; Dudka; McDiarmid; Noll; Pierides; Hodges. Third Row: Steere; Hammond; Cushman; Neuwirth; Peters; Otis; Bendas; Bell; Bateson; Jenkins; Russel; Herrero; Soddy; Conrad; Haley; Crane; Woo; Meyer. Second Row: Hu; Rodger; Comstock; Rasch; Prof. Kohl, faculty adviser; Plant, president; Gibbs, vice-president; Hultquist, Eng. Council; Weinstein, secretary; Harris, instructor; Meyers; Keir, Murashige; Matsumura. First Row: Ensign; Vogel; Rose; Westphal; Kaire; Lamson; Zablah; McCoppin; Miller; Jones; Howarth. The Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers gives students an opportunity to become acquainted with the parent society. Many activities similar to those offered by the parent society are available to student members. The semi-weekly meetings feature outstanding speakers from the various phases of civil engineering. The topics discussed dur- ing the past year ranged from " Municipal Engineering " to " Archi- tectural Concrete. " Besides the regular meetings the chapter sponsors inspection trips with the help and cooperation of the Civil Engineering Department. In the spring semester the chapter takes part in the district meeting of student chapters. This year the district meeting was held at the Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland. The meeting featured field trips and the presentation of student papers. The Student Chapter has the same relation to the student engineer that the parent society has in relation to the practicing engineer. OFFICERS OF A.I.E.E. -I.R.E. Professor S. S. Gault; Roy H. Smith, Jr.; Bennett Housman, Jr.; Robert P. Alley; John Calimafde; Hugh D. Kennedy; Professor L. N. Holland. COMMITTEE MEMBERS Standing: Robert D. Chute, Membership; John R. Davies, Chairman, Student Papers Committee; Paul K. Hiser, Chairman, Open House Committee; John I. Smith, Open House; Kenneth J. Carr, Open House; Webster F. Hall, Open House; Selig Gertzis, Open House. Sitting: Byron 1. Mays, " Take-One " ; Robert A. Jacobson, Field Trip; Richard D. Hass, " Take-One " ; Charles H. Culbertson, Membership; George H. Schroeder, Membership; Marvin B. Greenfield, Membership; Roy H. Smith, Jr., Chairman, Membership Committee. H MTl I ' AIEE-I.RE The AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS, founded in 1884, and the INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS, founded in 1912, are organizations representing the elec- trical and radio engineering profes- sions, respectively. The objects of these Institutes a re the advancement of the theory and practice of elec- trical and radio engineering and the allied arts and sciences, their appli- cations to human needs, and the maintenance of a high professional standing among its members. A member of either the A.I.E.E. or the I.R.E. receives " Electrical Engineer- ing " or " The Proceedings of the I.R.E., " the monthly publications of the Institutes. These publications contain the latest technical papers which have been presented by members and Institute news as well as articles of general and timely interest. Membership in the Insti- tutes is open to persons whose main business or educational interest is in the electrical or radio engineering field. The University of Michigan Student Organization is a joint branch of the A.i.E.E. and the I.R.E. Membership in it carries the privileges of attend- ing the tri-weekly meetings, for which speakers are drawn from the profession, and participating in the numerous field trips to manufactur- ing and technical installations in the vicinity of Ann Arbor and Detroit. Among other things this publica- tion includes summaries of previous meetings and local news of interest to members. Membership in the Student Branch is open to students of electrical engineering and allied fields. l Top Row: L Chabala; G. Lawrence; C. Brown; O. Curtiss; S. Parekh; R. Jacobson; R. Knight; J. Davies; F. Aburano; C. Culbertson; J. Fairbanks; R. Greenslade; E. Crovello, Q Vander- .- L V f rt; I? ' Schroeder ' { Ryckman; J. Larson; J. Smedley; J. Mowrer; B. Wathen; R. Bostrom; D. Widrig; H. Steinhoff; J. Burroughs; E. Forbush Fifth Row: 0. Weyant; R. Norman; D. Ober; K. Stone; L. Jimmerson; V. Vis; W. Hall; R. Chute; H. Sorem; M. Eldridge; J. Smith; E. Kelly; J. Sweeney; P. Buckler; B. Mays; R. Schmidt- M. Greenfield; G. Schroeder; D. Pomering; R. Bloom; C. Seibert; K. Beaudry; R. Haas Fourth Row: D. Binge); R Williams; D. DeJager; T. Jones; E. Marheine; M. Folkert; 1. Kazda; Professor I. N. Holl, IRE advisor; R. Smith, treasurer; R. Alley, president; B. Housman, vice-president; J Calimafde. AIEE secretary; H. Kennedy, IRE secretary; Professor J. S. Gault, AIEE advisor; Professor E. R. Martin; Professor J. H. Cannon- Professor M B Stout; G. Washington, G. White Th ' " t)Sbols- F W Ke Fran ' k A ho ? ley; ' Pelter ' . w - T Y n r; R. Forgoes; V. Burns; C. P. Stemmer; D. Prentice; I. Andrzejewski; R. Stroebe; R. Hamilton, Jr.; F. Beach; P. Mantek; J. Barfuss; D. Second Row V. Pathak: J. Curtis; H. Effing; 1. Jilbert; F. Castro; G. Her; R. MocVeety; H. Seaman; W. Stone; R. Schults; P. Hiser; K. Carr; M. May; V. Rauner; R. Smaller; S. Gertzis; First Row: W. McDonald; K. Simmons; P. Johnson; R. Warsinski; A. D. Knorst; F. Tendick, Jr.; J. Thompson; R. Stafford. ;:: a A o I Top Row: Hays F. Griffin; Irving G old; Martin M. Kushnick; Thomas L. Wile; John Schosser; Ward Austin; Vincent Burns; Raymond Wermter; Carl Bieser. Second Row: Myron H. Amer; Alexander Bartfay; Harold Crutchfield; Roger Waterman; Bruce Nelson; Brant Williams; Wilbur Reider; Sherwood Wagner; Robert Martin. First Row: John Brownrigg; Nicholas Yanni; Jesse Starnes; John Smith; E. W. Kruger; D. A. Wooley; R. W. Brandenstein; Dellmar Asplund. A. S. M. E The University of Michigan Student Branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which was founded in 1914, has at present 395 members. Its purpose is to bring the engineer- ing student into contact with industry, and acquaint him with the work being done in various fields of mechanical engineering. This is accomplished by presenting three types of programs to the members. They are field trips to nearby plants to view the facilities and operations which these various industries employ,- lectures by industrialists and educators to present engineering topics concerning research, application, operation, and produc- tion; and movies to present visual information on industry. ! , 5 V " 1 ,!! ' op Row: Joe Crawford; Dick Kieft; Donald Scholten; Wallace Simmons; Robert Foukal; Harold Brown; Robert Brunner; Neil Slagter; Blaine Robbers. ' hird Row: Russell Yeckley; James Houston; Donald Prior; Franz Benjamin; Orrin Gulley; Arnold Held; Donald Autore; Harry Corey; Herbert Bolhouse; C. Alkema. iecond Row: I. S. Commora; Frederick Connine; Russell Parkinson, Jr.; George Chute; Eugene Ignasiak; Carlos Ordonez; Richard Porter. irst Row: Alvin Weinstein; Robert Chapman; James Strahan; Victor Jamal; Rcy Kirkpatrick, Don Pan; John Bennett. DEAN VAUGHN Dean Henry Vaughn came to this university as Dean of the School of Public Health in 1 941 , after serving for twenty-five years as Health Commis- sioner of the City of Detroit. He is well acquainted with Ann Arbor, however, being a native of the city and having attained his B.S., M.S., and Dr. of P.H. here at the university. You would never sus- pect a dean of being a baby-sitter but Dr. Vaughn does just that, taking great pride in his young grandson. Along with these duties he is an enthu- siastic swimmer, sailor and stamp collector. The School of Public Health, serving as a center of education and research, was established in July, 1 941 . It is supported primarily by funds from the University, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (for which it is a principal research center), and the United States Public Health Service. The past few years have found the school ' s re- search forces hard at work on influenza vaccine and a quinine substitute, originally for the armed forces but now for civilian use. PUBLIC HEALTH . - : i 1 . m H I ; ' 1 MEDICINE Dean Albert C. Furstenberg is very familiar with Michigan tradition, having been dean of our Medical School for the past fourteen years and having attained his own medical degree here. Along with his duties as Dean he has served in the capacity of civilian consultant to the Surgeon General of the United = States and has made a tour, just this year, of the Pacific Islands in an attempt to improve medical conditions there. Home again, Dr. Furstenberg has resumed his lifelong hobby of raising horses on his farm. The Medical School, first of our University ' s pro- fessional schools, opened in 1837, offers both a diversified curriculum, and diversified facilities to students entering the medical field. The pre-clinical laboratory studies are con- ducted in the East and West Medical Building. The University Hospital, which is essentially a teaching hospital under the control of the Board of Regents, affords the students valuable observation, and experience in the many stages and kinds of dis- ease. Typical of the diversified facilities are the Heart Station, the Base Metabolism Laboratory, and the Serology Laboratory. The large Medical School Library with 77,000 volumes, holds the rank of the most important reference medical library directly connected with any medical school. DEAN FURSTENBERG r E Top Row: Monte Moloch, George Morley, John Show, Si O ' Quinn, Lloyd Wiegerink, Bernard Kool, Howard Manx, David McTaggart, James Quinn. Second Row: Sanford Perlis, Paul Brown, A. Gordon Reynolds, Buzz Galloway, Dr. Russell T. Woodburne, William Jolly, Gail Williams. First Row: Willet Newlander, Leo Cunningham, Douglas Gillum, Glenn Moore, George Reynolds, Howard Van Oosten, Jack MaCris. GALENS The Galens Honorary Medical Society, founded in 1914, is a junior-senior honorary society comprised of twelve mem- bers chosen from the junior class each year, twelve senior members, a prefect (a member of the medical school faculty) and two honorary members elected annually from the medi- cal school faculty. The Society ' s officers for the year have been Buzz Galloway, president; Gordon Reynolds, vice- president; Gail Williams, secretary; Bill Jolly, treasurer and Dr. Russell Woodburne, prefect. The well known annual Galens Christmas Drive provides year round recreation for the children at University Hos- pital as well as a special Christmas program. The Society also conducts a tuberculosis survey of the medical students, maintains the Galens News Stand in the hospital lobby and annually awards ten scholarships to deserving medical students. tid te to Top Row: Richard Turner; Paul DeVries; Gail Williams, Donald Fredrickion; Allen Hennes; William Mikkelien; George Moiley; Harvey Galloway. Second Row: William Emory; Ignace Robarge; Eugene Renlschler; William Robinson, M.D., faculty advisor: Silas O ' Quinn, president; Hobart Klaaren, secretary and treasurer; Robert Gullen, program chairman. First Row: Frank Loomis; George Wahle; Wallace Stout; Conrad Kawel. Missing: William Jolly; Richard Alexander. i :! , ' rv VICTOR VAUGHAN The Victor Vaughan Society was established in 1929 in tribute to the memory of Dr. Victor C. Vaughan, who for many years was the distinguished dean of the Medical School of the University of Michigan. The purpose of the Society is to inculcate in the medical undergraduate an interest in the history and philosophy of medicine and to encourage and cultivate his literary ability. Twenty members are chosen annually from the senior class of the Medical School. Officers for the past year have been Silas O ' Quinn, presi- dent; Hobart E. Klaaren. secretary and treasurer; Robert L. Gullen, program chairman and Dr. W. D. Robinson, faculty advisor. . T A m ri " i ir S3u Dean Stason came east from Iowa to study engineering at the University. While teaching in the Engine School, he began Law School where he became dean in 1929. His interest in the American Bar Association and the Michigan Bar Association materialized in 1946 when he was appointed to the Board of Commissioners of the Michi- gan State Bar. The Law School is one of the leaders in legal education. It carries an enrollment of students selected from applicants who must pass an entrance exam. In order to familiarize the freshman lawyers with the work expected of them, a week of orientation precedes each school year. The Case Club is another successful experiment. Now a tradition, it is a student managed program of moot courts which gives the participants experience in research and presentation of problem cases. PROFESSOR NEUMANN ' S CONTRACTS CLASS 1 1 LAW QUAD OF LAW 4 4- I MOCK TRIAL, LAW QUAD COURTROOM POP ' S PLACE-TIME OUT FOR COFFEE Did you know that the Dean of our Music School is the com- poser of " Varsity, " " College Days " and " Bum Army " ? Compos- ing is just one of Dean Earl V. Moore ' s many accomplishments. He has conducted in London, Italy and Vienna and at the mo- ment is the National President of Pi Kappa Lambda, the music world ' s Phi Beta Kappa. Today, Dean Moore is playing a dual role. He is also an architect and busily planning the new build- ing for the future School of Music which is not too far distant. The Music School is famous for its sponsored projects, one of these being the renowned summer camp at Interlochen, a trib- ute to all musicians. Music at Michigan holds a place of honor and there are countless musical organizations that are con- tinually offering the best in music to the students on campus. Such events as the May Festival, Arts Chorale, the U. Choir, Band, Orchestra, Glee Clubs and the seasonal concerts of fa- mous musical artists makes the Michigan Music School as well known as it is. MUSIC SCHOOL BURTON TOWER BASSOON SECTION, UNDER DWIGHT DAILY PIANO QUARTET, UNDER MISS JOSEPHINE WALLER ; ?EVELLI EHEARSING IfHE CONCERT BAND PHI MU ALPHA Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a National honorary and professional Music Fraternity which exists for " The advancement of the cause of music in America. " The national organization conducts a stu- dent composition contest; maintains a loan fund for student members; and publishes the " Sinfonian. " At the fiftieth anniversary convention in Chicago this year, two U of M musicians, Dr. Thor Johnson, conductor of the Cincin- nati Symphony and the University Musical Society, and Dean Earl V. Moore of the School of Music, were made National Hon- orary Members. Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, an alumnus of Epsilon Chapter is also a National Honorary Member. Epsilon chapter consists of fifty active members who have carried out the following projects on campus: series of four music forums with guest authorities; radio broadcasts of Ameri- can music. The group also sponsors the organization of The Music School Assembly and recognizes student government of the School of Music. i I First Row: Alexander Popp; William Janton; J. Bertram Strickland; Edward M. Chudacoff; Keith Lusted; Professor Wayne Dunlap; Thomas i. Wilson; Warren F. Benson; Fred Thompson; Thomas Tonnegerer. Second Row: Howard D. English; Frank Stillings; Alan Squire; Nathan Jones; Digby Bell; Donald Plott; Don Razey; John Crawford; Charles Bouwsma; William MacGowan. Top Row: Robert A. Elson; Harry Hansen; Charles Gallagher; Joe Harris; Paul J. Wallace; Arthur Snook; Willard Brask; James D. Shaw, Jr.; James Mackie; Grant Beglarian; Vincent Kockenderfer; Edward Skidmore. BUSINESS AD 1 OSr- X| ' 1 r i i II Si] I MINISTRATION The energetic dean of the Business Administra- tion School spends a great deal of his time these days showing visitors through the school ' s new building. Dean Stevenson is an old hand at laying cornerstones. He did the same job at Minnesota where he was dean of the business administration school for eighteen years. Surprisingly enough his Favorite recreation is mountain climbing. The new building is an asset to the school which was expanding far beyond the limits of old Tap- pan Hall. Since its accounting department is rec- ognized nationally for its work, a great majority of the students are majoring in accounting. How- ever, the school offers the student a library with the finest collection of business books in the mid- west. A new internship program that was devel- oped here gives class credit to students working in actual job situations, and a new course has been initiated that points toward small, private businesses rather than salaried positions. DEAN STEVENSON PROF. FISHER ' S LIFE INSURANCE CLASS NEW BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OFFICE ARCHITECTURE IEAND DESIGN WOOD MODELING CLASS CITY PLANNING POTTERY CLASS DEAN BENNETT Wells Bennett, Dean of the School of Architec- ture and Design, is greatly interested in archi- tectural education and is at present a member of the Executive Committee of the Committee on Education for the American Institute of Architects, and is president of its Detroit chapter. His hobby is designing furniture. One of the most fabulous places on campus is the " Art School. " From its humble beginnings as a department of the Engineering College, it ad- vanced to the School of Architecture in 1915. The rapidly expanding school was housed for the first time in the architecture building in 1927. Outstanding features of this college are its lab systems of classes, its informal atmosphere, and, more recently, the newly redecorated main hallway. In keeping with the University ' s program of ex- pansion, the college is sponsoring a collaborative study project for students in the last three years of the professional programs. This year it was a community planning project. The college is also enlarging its contribution to the University as a whole by presenting courses such as the new Art 1 for students in L. S. and A. FTF Miss Heller and Professor Gores approving the color scheme for the Arch School redecoration. AMER. INST. OF ARCHITECT This group offers a student asso- ciate membership in the parent na-; tional organization, the American Institute of Architects. It is dedicated to familiarize the future architect with the ideals and ethics of his chosen profession. Toward this end, the local group frequently partici- pates in the program sponsored by the Detroit Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Prominent,, among this chapter ' s activities are the organization of field trips to places of architectural interest, the sponsoring of exchange exhibits with other schools, and the arrangement for visiting lectur- ers. The Chapter, working with the Architectural Society, fulfills an ac- tive role in the social events of the College of Architecture and Design. Top Row: Art Duvin; Carter Strong; Dick Gustation; Les Kenyan; Nat Van Ofdol; J. L Mullet; Rory Belco; Maurie Merlau Third Row: Ed Larson; Bob Metcalf; Ed Wedge; Nina Pence; Norma Westra; Irene Rogers; Hugh Leitch; Max Kuhr; Jim Kirkemo Second Row: Dick Hamilton; Art Haas, treasurer; Chuck Bassett, president; Professor Hammett, faculty advisor; Hank Shirmer, vice-president; Bob Lytle; John Vander Meiden First Row: Bob Rodgers; Bruce McCarty; Cal Tobin; Art Mancl; Jim Hewlett Missing: Virginia Miller, secretary; Helen Dorrance Pharmacy College ' s friendly Dean Stocking has a record of thirty years service on the faculty of the college. He has been Acting Director for the past two years and still conducts two classes. He has worked long and hard, publishing two pharmacy text books. For relaxation he enjoys motoring and fishing. The College of Pharmacy, though one of the smaller units in the University, has come a long way from the first Pharmacy curriculum in Lit school in 1 868. It is the oldest college of pharmacy in a state-supported university or college. This year it moved into a new home of its own in the Chemistry addition. To afford the student greater practical training a senior prescription lab, which is set up to duplicate a professional store, has been installed. Stu- dents in pharmacy take scheduled trips to factories manufacturing pharmacy products. DEAN STOCKING PHARMACY PHARMACY ENTRANCE TO THE NEW CHEMISTRY BUILDING I ...;,. ' - ' ---. " - ' .- : " -,reri ..,, ' Pharmacy lab work. First step Students using weighing equipment New senior prescription laboratory Third step AMI R PHARMAC :U ' ICAI ASSOC Top Row: W. Fineman; L. Woodcock; H. A. Belfer; V. C. leonall; J. Pruden; R. Ernst; J. Romeyn; J. Racey; I. Rosheim; D. Stevenson; J. Trieitram; G. Chestnut. Second Row: T. Parnell; Lyon, F. Ikemouri, J. Zettel; S. Wood; A. Ross; S. Czysz; C. Porch; T. Carrig; E. Amtsbuechler. First Row: D. Swanson; K. Riebe, vice-president; A. Beattie, president; Dr. E. Cat aline, advisor; Professor Stocking; Mr. P. Morris, advisor; J. Rae, secretary; A. Kolin, treasurer; H. Smith; L. Lang. The University of Michigan Student Branch of the Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association has been organized to en- courage the advancement of Pharmacy as a science and as a profession. The Student Branch sponsors the A. Ph. A. Bulletin, a bi-monthly newspaper for College of Pharmacy students and also sponsors a yearly speech contest. The winner from the local field of speakers then enters the State-wide speech contest for Pharmacy students sponsored by the Michigan Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion in Detroit. The year ' s social program is climaxed by the annual Spring Banquet which is open to all Pharmacy students and held to honor the graduating seniors. ENTISTRY DEAN BUNTING Dean Bunting left a career in dental research to become dean of the School of Dentistry in 1937. The deanship here interested him naturally because he had received his degrees at Michigan. Besides being an able administrator, he enjoys horseback riding in his spare time. Shortly after Dean Bunting accepted his present position, a new research building was added to the Dentistry School. Michigan has been the scene of much important research in studying the prevention of dental decay. In addition, both the Dental Clinic and the Dental Hygiene program have been expanding a great deal recently. With a select, well-trained class graduating each year, the school feels it is contributing greatly to the growing prestige of dentistry. The importance of dental health has given impetus to even greater expansion of the School of Dentistry, and a rehabilitation of the General Clinic has been planned. Oral surgery Blood coagulation tests, Bacteriology lab. Y SCHOOL Dean James B. Edmonson lives and preaches education and is an important leader in the Edu- cation Field, interested in promoting it as a science. He is working to secure teaching the rights and advantages it is worthy of as a profession. Dean Edmonson has been the Dean of the School of Education since 1 929, and his kindness and under- standing have helped many a Michigan student to see teaching as his life ' s career. If you ever have time wander through the hal- lowed halls at University High and mingle with the student teachers and their professors such as Prof. Howard McClusky, popular with everyone or Prof. Raleigh Schorling, that nice guy in the Math. Dept. It ' s really fun over there learning to be a teacher. You can even spend a morning " messing " in fmgerpaints with the " little ones " in nursery school. Education School today helps pre- pare students for all aspects of teaching at ele- mentary, secondary and college levels. Teachers are terrific persons, and maybe that roommate of yours is going into the profession. So many of the Michigan students are over at University High having fun learning how to teach Johnny the 3R ' s that it goes to prove that the teaching pro- fession is something to really be proud of. Our Education School is one of the best. TION STUDENT TEACHERS CONDUCTING ELEMENTARY CLASS DEAN EDMONSON ' : e SCHO THE END OF A DAY OF PRACTICE TEACHING 55SB5H55 _ .. o c - ii i eilB Blii w NURSING SCH DIRECTOR REDDIG N v Miss Rhoda Reddig has been Dean of the School of Nursing since 1940. She attended Columbia University and obtained her Master ' s degree there in 1 939. Being on the Board of the Michi- gan Nursing Center Association, and president of the Michigan State Nurses Association keeps Miss Reddig very busy, but she nevertheless finds time for some of her hobbies which include reading, horseback riding, and spectator sports. Couzens Hall, a gift of the late Senator James Couzens of Detroit, is the residence and classroom building of the student nurses. Across the street from Couzens Hall is University Hos- pital where the student gains her professional skill at the bedside of the patient. Here she has an opportunity to observe all manner of illnesses and to gain experience in medical, surgical, and pediatric nursing. Since its estblishment in 1891 the school has become one of the largest of its kind in the country and has an enrollment of approximately 200 students. In addition to preparing themselves to meet the health needs of their communities these student nurses also have access to the many other educational, social, and cultural opportunities offered by the entire university. NURSING SCHOOL FACULTY A FINAL CHECK-UP BEFORE WORK FRESHMAN CLASS OF NURSING SCHOOL SSwr FORESTRY Dean Dana, a typical New Englander, was born in Maine, and time permitting, returns there every summer. After doing his undergraduate work at Bowdoin College, he went to the Yale School of Forestry. Before coming to Michigan, he was Director of the Northeastern Forest Ex- periment Station in Amherst, Massachusetts. During the past year he has been a member of one of the commit- tees of the Hoover Commission studying the reorganiza- tion of the government. In a special wood technology laboratory students take work in all phases of wood technology. Not only the stu- dents, but the members of the faculty are also engaged in research programs. A special program trains executives for the furniture industry. During the summer months students in the Forest Pro- duction Curriculum move to Camp Filibert Roth in the Upper Peninsula, where they study forestry in the woods, while students in wood technology spend the summer studying actual mill operations in the furniture and other wood-using plants at Grand Rapids. DEAN DANA FORESTERS ' CLUB Top Row: A. Pokulo, T. Greathouse, K. Chrittensen, M. Hardy, R. Hill, j. Esbrook, G. Maie, R. Wismer, L VanCamp, A. Smith, J. Payne, H. Ogden, J. Tobermann, W. Huffman, B. Ferguson, G. Harry. Fourth Row: B. Kuemmin, D. Herring, R. Newton, B. Miller, G. Lodge, M. Smith, F. Heidler, D. Olson, D. Pudat, J. Kutack, R. Jones, J. Banihaf, M. Stitt, R. Keller, J. Paul), A. Ennis, R. Pierce, R. Ahonen, R. King, R. Miller, T. Hennessy, B. Bowman, R. Third Row: P. Blake, F. Brooks, J. Brady, A. DeBruin, W. Fouch, R. Carmichael, E. Green, E. Reid, W. Tikkala, E. Bober, W. Guenther, R. Weise, W. Reinhardt, R. Reddingd, J. Dorland, R. Werner, H. Sprunger, R. Stekiel, R. Cook, P. Miller, T. Wainscott, W. Barclay, W. Cookingham, W. Ramsdell. Second Row: T. Miller, R. Strothmann, W. Jackson, D. Lubeck, J. Webster, N. MuSlenberg, R. Ballou, J. Froula, J. Link, J. Bolon, H. Jordahl, T. Hellings, J. Carow, E. O ' Roke, L. Young, E. Neumann, G. Young, E. George, E. Aldon, F. Reiter, E. Meier. First Row: R. Snell, J. Gerlach, J. Browne, J. Priore, R. Stein, J. Mosteller, G. Hunt, P. Frankenstein, P. Crider, K. Henry, P. Collins, W. Williams, D. Krause, L. Lewis, J. Moran, G. Leo, M. Campbell, R. Steve. PAUL BUNYAN BALL SCHOOL OF FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION Dean Samuel T. Dana Dean Dana is a very interesting and friendly man. He was born in Maine, and, time permitting, returns there every summer. After doing his undergraduate work at Bowdoin College, he went to Yale Forestry School. Before coming to Michigan, he was Director of the New England Forest Experiment Station in Amherst, Massachusetts. Now he is a member of one of the committees of the Hoover Commission studying the reorganization of the government. The School of Forestry and Conservation with its 300 students is engaged in two fields which acquaint the stu- dents with either forest production or wood technology. Before the war only those with junior standing were admitted, but now a freshman can enter the school. In a special wood technology laboratory behind Uni- versity Hospital students work on research problems in all phases of wood technology. Not only the students, but the members of the faculty are also engaged in research programs. A special program trains executives for the furniture industry. During the summer months the school moves to Camp Roth in the Upper Peninsula. This serves as an excellent background for the foresters. Saginaw Forest and Stinch- field Woods outside of Ann Arbor, and Sugar Island in the Upper Peninsula are used for experimental plots. Dean Sawyer is not only a Physics instructor in our university but truly an expert in his field besides, having been Chief Technical Ad- visor for both Bikini atom bomb tests. He came to the university in 1919 and became Dean of the School of Graduate Studies in 1946. He obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago. The Dean ' s hobbies are golfing and outing. The Graduate School began as a mere department under the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts in 1892. As the need for graduate studies increased the department was separated from the Literary College in 1912 and became a separate school, enlarging its scope to include graduate work in all fields of study. Today, under generous endowment from the Horace and Mary Rackham Fund, the school carries on extensive work in many parts of the state. Extramural units have been established in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Saginaw to enable qualified students in these metropolitan areas to take graduate work without coming to the Uni- versity campus. Graduate Divisions of the school have been established also at the four Michigan Colleges of Education. These Divisions con- stitute a regular part of the University ' s program of instruction and carry credit toward a master ' s degree. DEAN SAWYER GRAD SCHOOL 1 . T. Hawley Tapping, ' 161, Gen. Sec., Ed. Mich. Alumnus Wyeth Allen, ' 16E, Pres. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Board of Directors: Wyeth Allen, 16E, Milwaukee, Wis. Ray B. Johnston, ' 07L, Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Lola Jeffries Hanavon, ' 12, Detroit, Mich. Oscar A. Eberbach, ' 07E, Detroit, Mich. Don T. Hastings, ' 07e, Detroit, Mich. Emory J. Hyde, ' 041, Tucson, Ariz. Christian F. Matthews, ' 19, ' 2H, Mt. Clemens, Mich. Walter G. Kirkbride, ' OOL, Toledo, Ohio Clair B. Hughes, ' 14L, New York, N.Y. Joseph A. Bursley, ' 90, Ann Arbor, Mich. Edward H. Ravenscroft, ' 98E, North Chicago, III. Henry S. Slyfield, ' 06L. Detroit, Mich. William E. Essery, M6L, Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Ethel Jocelyn Watt, ' 18, Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Doris McDonald Coulter, ' 19, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. Mrs. Margaret Lawlor Waterman, ' 24- ' 26, Ann Arbor, Mich. James D. Fleming, E ' 02- ' 03, ' 03- ' 05, Elmira, N.Y. Thomas P. Hoyden. ' 01 - ' 03, Washington, D.C. J. Kiehner Johnson, ' 22E, Columbus, Ohio Robert R. Snodgrass, ' 19- ' 22, L ' 22- ' 25, Atlanta, Ga. Earl Juers, ' 21, Chicago, III. Percy L. Potter, ' 14L, Des Moines, Iowa Dare M. Thompson, ' 20, Kansas City, Mo. Maurice Norcop, ' 23L, Los Angeles, Calif. Louis B. Hyde, ' 17E, Detroit, Mich. Milton Shaw, ' 12, ' 14M, Lansing, Mich. Herbert J. Potter, ' 16L, Ishpeming, Mich. Roby M. Borley, ' 20, Seattle, Wash. Newton Lamb, ' 13, Saginaw, Mich. Alice J. Russell, ' 24, A.M. ' 27, Ex. Sec. Alumnae Coun. Robert O. Morgan, ' 31ed, Coun. Sec., Asst. Gen. Sec. J. Stuart Finlayson, ' 48, Field Sec. The University Bureau of Appointments and Occupational In- formation is the centralized placement office for University students and alumni. Its functions are divided into three divisions; 1 . Teacher Placement, 2. General Placement, 3. Vocational Guidance and Research. The Teacher Placement Division receives requests for teachers and administrators in public and private schools and in colleges and universities, vocational and technical schools. These requests come from every state in the Union and Alaska, Puerto Rico, Ha waii, Germany, Japan, and South America. The bureau affords recent graduates and alumni already having a background of experience an opportunity to learn of existing vacancies in the teaching field and assist them in obtaining positions for which their qualifications fit them. The General Placement Division of the Bureau takes care of the placement activities in all fields outside of teaching. Many calls are received for alumni with experience, as well as for seniors and graduate students who are just coming out of school. Activity in this division covers almost every field, both in business and in many professions, for both men and women. Some alumni are placed directly in specific job assignments, others start out in train- ing programs before deciding what kind of assignment they are best qualified for. The Vocational Guidance Division keeps up-to-date occupa- tional information available for students, sponsors Guidance and Occupational Information Conferences during the year and car- ries on several research projects. The Bureau has also developed a summer placement service for students and alumni desiring work in summer camps, resorts, in laboratories or offices, and other types of vacation or vocational explanatory jobs. BUREAU A typical day in the Bureau of Appointments office. Miss Hinderer, receptionist .n ; ' ' " -- :ij =3 wwforv MISS WEBBER AND - : -;.....; MR. MANNING, GENERAL PLACEMENT DIVISION PPOINTMENTS MR. SOMERFIELD, VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE DIVISION MRS. MANTLE, TEACHER PLACEMENT DIVISION El . I FEATURES BOTANY The Zoology and Botany Departments of the University conduct an eight- week summer term at the University Biological Station which is located on Douglas take near Che- boygan, Michigan. Classes consist of laboratory and field trips. With a forested area of 8 830 acres, the emphasis in instruction fjes in field trips. Df. A. F. Stockhard, University zoologist, directs the station. su f Anne Vander Woude and Mario Barreda find Maple River an ideal spot for the study of limnology. Prof. Paul S. Welch concentrates on the instrument while H. Lewis Batts, Jr. records his observations. Wolverine campers, Curt Schneider, Mary Carpenter, and Linares Johnson (1, 4, and 6 in line) fish for parasites and think nothing of the muck between their toes. GEOGRAPHY Summer field courses in the Department of Geog- raphy are held annually at Wilderness State Park on the Straits of Macktnac under the direction of Prof. K. C. McMurray. The group is limited to twenty students who work within a Fifty-mile radius of the camp site. Several excursions are taken into the Upper Peninsula. Students receive eight hours credit for their summer ' s work. CA I I. m . m f A " (L to R) Forest Pitts, Valarie Pitts, Bob Kelly, Alga Eyre, Irvin Einbeiner, take time out to jot down mapping data. Campers welcome chow time and rest offer a hot morning inspecting the Maple River! region. Left to right are Jim Woodruff, Prof. K. C. McMurray, Irvin Einbeiner, Cliff Rajala, May Kittigawa, O. H. Clark, and Doris Eash. FRESH AIR University Fresh Air Cam J948 eight-week summer in metropolitan areas, en and handicraft. Director Prof. William C. Morse, campers, attend classes universities of Michigan, as counselors. Community social agencies throughout the lower Penin- sula sent 240 boys to the p on Patterson take near Pmekney, Michigan for the season. The campers, many of whom are from homes jay an interval of swimming, boating, hiking, fishing, of the camp is university educational psycholosist. Counselors, while supervising the activities of the in child development. Forty-two students from the Iowa, Kentucky, Miami, and Queens College served Irving Wisniewski roughing it. Julius Franks, ' 51 Dentistry, and aspiring-gridders spend a few hours scrimmaging, counselors at the camp live in cabins with groups of eight boys. and campers assemble the essential equipment for FORESTRY Michigan Pout Bunyans trek north- ward each summer to Camp Filbert Roth in the Upper Peninsula for twelve weeks of instruction in mapping and measuring forestry stands. Courses in forestry products and ftre prevention and control are also included in the curriculum. Campers must be inoculated for typhoid fever before attending camp. They are equipped with ample supplies of wool blankets and blue jeans for roughing it in the Ottawa National Forest where the camp is located. Jason Kutack uses a rough surveying instrument (the staff com- pass), to survey the field. 01 M I Wearer of a typical forester ' s summer beard is Bob Ballou, who is here measuring with a Billomore stick. Ed Reid is measuring the board-foot con- tent; in forestry jargon, " sealing logs. " SUMMER CAMPS GEOLOGY Last summer seventy Michigan geologists and civil engineers earned degree credit at Camp Davis in Jackson Hole, Wyo- ming. The campers had the advantage of studying a variety of terrains which the glaciated area surrounding Ann Arbor does not provide. Daily field trips are supervised by visiting professors from several universities other than Michigan. Experience at Camp Davis is usually valuable to the student in securing a future job. Chuck Evans, Roger Gibbs, Hart Russell, and Dick Garret spent their summer surveying. Note the varying degrees of " Camp Davisitis " which each has achieved by giving their razors a rest. Don Todd, Bill Roth, and George Darrow work on a cross-sectional map of the area between Wyoming and Wisconsin. This is a typical nocturnal pastime at Camp Davis. An early morning breakfast, fit for the gods, is eaten by Michigan geologists Prof. A. J. Eardley, Stu Wallace, and Ed Lipp. A typical mountain goat at Camp Davis is Tom Beard who returned in j the fall for graduate work in geology, without his beardl MICHIGAN STUDENTS IN EUROPE :-. : ::i ' -m Gunnar Anderson, ' 50 Bui. Ad., posed for this picture in the lowland region in Holland. Gunnar visited relatives in Sweden and toured the Conti- nent during his summer abroad. Queens College in Cambridge, England, attracted the tourist interest of Chuck Strickland, ' 50 Bus. Ad. Chuck worked for a month in an international work camp at Ely, England. Bill Mundus takes the nonchalant air in Picadilly Circus while visiting in London, England. Working, studying, and traveling abroad was experienced by a group of Michigan students during the summer of 1948. Many saw Europe via bicycle. Others took advantage of the special educational programs offered by foreign institutions for students from differ- ent countries. Greater interest in European travel has been stimulated on the U. of M. campus by reports of those who went last summer. Barbara Dewey hosteled through Europe after her exams were over last spring. The rainy weather in Scotland reminded her of Ann Arbor ' s eternal wetness. Barb is an assistant in the Zoo ' ogy Department at Michigan. Diana Upjohn, special student in the School of Education, toured Eton College last summer. The president and the choir master of Eton College are in the background. PART TIME Joe Aleio and Charles Nichols serve lunch in the Michigan Union dining room. One of the most convenient and the least time-consuming student part-time jobs is waiting on tables. Jim Brieske, star place-kicker on the 1947 Rose Bowl team, spots in the press box . tor the broadcast of the Illinois-Michigan game. Palmer Singleton works on the production line grinding " burrs " off springs at the Cook Spring Company. Palmer is a Senior in the Law School. Joy Butts, a Junior in L. S. A., devotes an evening to babysitting. The baby is John Berchardt, Jr., son of Prof. Berchardt of the Civil Engineering Department. " " ' S? 1 WORK After a short period of residency at the University, student often discover the mythical nature of the figures which estimate total academic expenditures at Michigan. Scholars cannot always predict the multitude of unforeseen items which inevitably rob their bank accounts through- out their student status. Unanticipated trifles such as library fines, class dues, flowers after an unexpected " pinup ' a new pai of boots necessitated by A weather, tickets for the marriage lectures, oocJ replacements for the eterrtctlfy-tost fountain pen constantly disturb neot budgets. With part- time jobs, however, students successfully reslti financial crises ond stay ouf of fhe red. Working your way through college becomes ct real possibility on the Michigan campus. " arolyn Welspy and Mary Anne Powers receive book requisition slips at heir station in the library stacks. Stack girts are so busy that pleasant irowsing is usually out of the question. Unsung heroes are the fellows who rise with the sun to sweep out the stadium. Come on there, Bud. Wake up and push that broom 5__J " " -,nu COW (Ml ratin e ' P ' n 9 o fill the shopping lists of neighborhood housewives and selling candy to small boys is Garrett Graham ' s outside job. Garrett receives his M.A. in edu- cation in June. Pinsetters, Claire Morrey, Joan Rubine, and Joan Skud, work out back muscles in the W.A.B. bowling alleys. OP LIVING K.P. duty inevitably involves peeling spuds. Noah Sherman and Stanley Seltzer have developed high proficiency in the art. According to them, there ' s no substitute for meat and potatoes. Chow-time at Michigan house shows (I to r) Raymond 1. lum, Stanley B. Serafinskil Nickolas Datsko, Bernard Hershenov, and William Kritzer digging in. Harriet Krantz, wary of Janet Scott ' s aim, backs away as milk from the giant con- tainer is poured into the pitcher. Lolly Le Vita consults the House ' s faithful cook book to see how hot the oven should) be for the roast which Eleanor Rifas has prepared for dinner. tan 6 Cooperative living originated at Michigan in 1932, giving students an opportunity to economically operate and own their houses on the campus. Co-op members are entirety responsible for the general management of their houses which includes cooking, cleaning, budgeting, decorating, and repairing. The Inter-Cooperative Council, consisting of representatives from each house, aids in contacting business firms to adjust rates and foresee future co-op budgets; acts as a social coordinator for all six houses; and selects future residents. Students are chosen on the basts of their individual merits, interest, and potential adaptability into co-op life. A variety of religious and racial backgrounds are reflected within each house. The co-op mo e- ment has expanded throughout the nation to include more than 200,000 students in colleges and universities. Pish your clothes the Bendix way. " John Morris, Willie Horowitz, and Noah Sherman this method more convenient than sending their laundry cases home. Women never were more particular about dust than are Hugh Blanding, Morris Caminer, and Ralph Monogham who give their house its weekly vacuuming. .. -. | fter dinner, Marian Korteling, housemother, plays the piano, and Eleanor Rifas, loria Kozin, and Janet Scott join in the singing. The house grade average must be maintained so Eu-Phang Tsoo listens attentively while her sister Eugenie unravels some of the mysteries of Philosophy 129 (Systematic Ethics). r _u FOOTBALL W PHOENIX ATHLETiC LAB The Phi Gams do last-minute hoisting and pounding to get their Point-a-Minute display done before the judging begins. A night view of the Sigma Nu ' s Athletic Lab. This display placed first in the fraternity competition. Getting right into the football spirit, this fan pins a big yellow chrysanthemum on his date. Before the kick-off, the Michigan marching band plays the National Anthem as the capacity crowd stands at attention. WEEKEND Homecoming in Ann Arbor arouses a myriad of associations . . . pennant- v aving, alumni swarming down State St. . . . nailing the fmaf support on the house display before the judges come pa t . . vendor screaming fheJr peanut, hot dog and program wares . . the Illinois and Wolverine kick off in the expect- ant packed stadium . , , cheers for Michigan ' s vic- tory 28-20 . , , handshaking-open houses . , . crowds at dances 0nd porlies where the game is re-fought and reunions continue . + . the final " hail to the vic- tors " sung down Hilt St, by the last revelers. n The gates jam as starting time gets closer. Officials were to check all student identification cards, so students were warned. Ann Arbor takes a nice long autumn hike out to the stadium for Michigan ' s home games. Swift action on the field kept sports photographers on their toes, on their knees, and then up again. This Wiry Michigan cheerleader leads the crowd in the locomotive yell. The crowd blinks in the hot sun which pours over the bleachers. Wolverine supporters waited for the 7-7 tie to break. The camera caught this unusually beautiful cloud formation while those inside the stadium were concentrating on the game. THE GAL Homecoming Dance Committee (L to R) Back Row: Paul McCracken, John Baum, Bob Ballou, Don Greenfield, Sam Donehue (Band Leader); Front Row: Tom Kelsey, Betty Clark, Jean Leonard, Paul Anderson. Sam Donehue and band played the Homecoming Dance at the I-M Building. BENNIES BUTCHER SHOP The Chi Phi lodge constructed this display. " Bennie ' s " First year as Michigan coach made the Wolverine team again Big 9 champions. Coming home after the game, spectators stop to look at house displays. Here, behind the bicycles, is Greene House ' s exhibit. In celebrating another Michigan victory, dancers swarm the bandstand during the post-game dance. Those who couldn ' t penetrate the dance crowd climaxed the day ' s entertainment at a fraternity party. Shown here are Indian guests of Sigma Nu. PERSONA Thank God It ' s Friday Club members (or all those with liquor cards) will recognize Clint Castor, genial proprietor of a local emporium, as he chats with several club members. Emil Raab, touring violinist of the University Sym- phony Orchestra, listens to the suggestions of his teacher, Prof. Gilbert Ross. Elmer Fritz has rescued the University Hall parking lot from traffic jams for eight years. When the ad- ministration moved across the street, so did Elmer, to continue his services behind the new building. Percival Price, the man everybody hears but few people see, presents intermittent carillon concerts from the observation deck on top of Burton Tower. At a reception for campus canines, Dean of Students Walter B. Rea, was introduced to Humphrey, the Beta Bull dog. Humphrey was new on campus this year but has adjusted himself quickly to university life. LITI ES Art. Miscellaneous, or Mrs. Callahan, of the Office of Student Affairs holds the varied, but perhaps harried, job of unravelling student tangles. Marv Lubeck and Chuck Olsen are here receiving advice. Austrian novelist, Rudolf Soucek, exchanges ideas with Prof. Donal Haines after a class in journalism. Soucek, who holds a doctorate degree in political science from the University of Innsbruck, is now enrolled in the School of Journalism. John Hageman (center), night watchman, passes the time of night with three West Quad residents on the way to their rooms Jura te Gustaitis is welcomed at the Publications Building by City iditor, Dick Maloy. She formerly attended the University of Munich and is among the first of several students to study here through the efforts of the Michigan Committee for Displaced Students. I. CHRISTMAS IN ANNP II! 8 HI !! f Though the campus was deprived of Yuletide snow this year, students crossing the diag at night were reminded of the approaching holiday by the twin Christmas trees twinkling in front of the library. A few days before vacation began, the traditional Christmas Sing was held on the steps of the library. The humming noise of ordinary class days was replaced with the strains of familiar carols. lU.HHildii dlttO. i mging We ! West Quad men treated their dates to Holly Hop, a semi-formal given on the second floor of the quad. The two dining rooms were transformed into scenes of a modern and an old-fashioned Christmas. Christmas shopping for their gals was serious business for Bill Moon and Jack Heafy, especially when it came to choosing special perfume for special girls. I :s " ' : . HARBOR University students really experience two Chrisfmases. Two weeks before they leave Ann Arbor for vacations in all the 48 states, holiday festivities begirt. The shop windows are filled with gifts, lamp posts are decorated with large Christ- mas wreathes, and the social calendar is dotted with caroling and dancing parties. Houses serve the traditional banquet. Before-recess bluebooks are taken, suitcases are packed, and soon State Street and the diag are more peace- ful. Christmas in Ann Arbor is over. :..::.] : . T. H. Hildebrandt, Mrs. Hildebrandl, daughter Lisbeth and son Paul brated the Christmas season in their Ann Arbor home on Hill St. with singing following their Christmas turkey dinner. The post office line in the Arcade lengthened as the number of " shopping days until December 25 " shortened. It has to be endured however, as only a few gifts could fit into student suitcases. ...- The Galen ' s Children ' s Workshop in the University Hospital provides hospital- ized children with toys, games, and arts and crafts projects to keep them busy during their confinement. The Workshop is financed by the annual drive conducted by the honorary medical fraternity, Galens. Tee Woods, Gigi Thurston and Barbara Molyneauz can ' t decide like " when confronted by stacks of socks, ties, shirts and scarfs. " which he ' d PLAY PRODUC John Sargent (Dr. Fauilui) scrutinizes the scroll on which he signs his life away to Satan while Richard Charlton looks over his shoulder. Mephistopheles views the devil dance, directed by Dr. Leban, with which he symbolizes to Faustus the workings of his realm. Dancers were taken from a special dancing class for speech students. Director Norton, center, blocks out stage action for Jim Riese, Richard Charlton, and John Sargent. First rehearsals began December 1, about seven weeks before the actual production. (L to R) Betty Ellis, Betty Jane Holton, Edith Aull, Leonore Leet, Phy Fletcher, and Barbara Cress relax in their dressing room betwe scenes in Lydia Mendelssohn Theater. KTION Roted as one of the most outstanding productions of the year was the Speech Department ' s presentation of Christopher Morley ' i " The Tragical HUfrory of Dr. Faustus ' Michigan scholars lauded Or. Hugh Norton ' s imaginative interpretation of the legendary scholar. Dr. Fousfvs, who $eUs his souf fa the devtl in exchange for universal knowledge- Norton first emphasized the poetry of the play but vJttfzed many unique t nd spectacular production tech- niques. Among them were o scrim device which created upon the stage the forces of good and evil fighting in the air, spectaf fighting effects io produce the iMusJon of Mephistopheies disappearance, ond a striking set designed by Jack Bender ' On the sidelines Ed Swisher, Dude Stevenson, and Ed Walsh wait for property cues. The play couldn ' t go on without their indispensable services. (Front) Karen Jamison, Lloyd Van Valkenberg, Robert Tamplin, (Back) Meg Paton, Jim Reason, Richard Ettlinger, and Betty Jane Holton wait for their cues at dress rehearsal from the seats in the audience. Ed Chudakoff, a " Young Stravinsky, " wrote mood music for " Faustus " which was played behind stage. Typical of this was the eerie music for seven deadly fates ' scene. Ifch (Electricians controlling the lighting effects for " Faustus. " (L to R) George W l : Crepeau, Don Greenfield, Jean Hendel, and Jim Clinton. f Barb Hamel, in charge of costumes, checks them over with some of the cast and her committee. While some of the costumes were rented from New York, others were both designed and made here by Miss Hamel and Mrs. Norton. --. " Dashing through the snow " in a horse-drawn cutter are co-chairmen of Winter Carnival, Pat McKenna and Dick Slocum. Accompanied by an impromptu band, the yet-unidentified Silver King is drawn across the diag in his chariot. At the unveiling ceremony during the ice show in the Coliseum, Blair Moody was dis- covered under the mask and beard. WINTER Only one hip injury resulted from this toboggan slide on the slopes of the Arboretum. Tobogganing races were held on the first day of the frolic. The Phi Gams won the Snow Contest trophy with this intricate ice carving of a Kin; ik, ,,,, skiing instructor hopelessly entwined by his fearful pupil. Knliophiti Via the hayride these merry Hans Brinkers were taken from the mall to Burns Park for a skating party. Each house and dormitory entered contestants in the skating races. At the Coliseum skating show, students and faculty opposed each other in a broom race. I w jlr ik val was revived this year under the joint sponsor- ship of the Michigan league and Union. The com- mittee planned in detail and enthusiastically publicized the 1949 winter sports festival several months before the scheduled dates, February 2-3. In answer to student prayers, the weather man responded with the biggest snow that Ann Arbor had all winter. (Rivaling northern Michigan ' s Cabarfae ski events are the competitive races in the Arb. Houses ob- Moining the greatest number of sports points were given trophies. Tramping homeward after a strenuous afternoon. Cross- country skiing, obstacle races, and a modified slalom type of race were included on the skiing agenda. This fellow looks like a professional. For those who didn ' t have their ski legs, tray sliding provided a gleeful substitute. The first big question gets a happy answer . . . she ' d love to go! . . . The friends were happy . . . maybe a little envious. But it was early yet. . . . Biggest social event on the campus calendar, the traditional two-night J-Hop climaxed the be- tween-semester frolics of Michiganders. Limping slightly after Winter Carnival tray sliding, coeds and their dates swirled in the midst of parties, dinners, Charlie Spivak and Etiot Lawrence dance music, and post-dance breakfasts. Over 5,000 students enjoyed a final fling before beginning classes February 7. A wonderful dinner, and gay talk of the evening to come. They could already hear the music. . 1949 The perfect setting an invitation to the dance awaits the starry-eyed throng. . . . I . That much money? . . . We!l- with her it ' ll be worth it. . That ' s got it ... a bow tie never looked so slick. . . . A girl ... a gown ... a string of pearls and the evening of the year about to start. . . . J HOP A group to be remembered for the dance they planned so perfectly. . . . The Sigma Nu ' s make room for the ladies of the evening. . . . This is it! ... the big mo- ment is here at last. . . . Hurry with the primping . . . dance is too terrific to miss. the 1949 J No thoughts of bluebooks in this crowd just the enchantment of another J-Hop. It ' s even better than we expected . . . everything is perfect. . . . f Thanks, Charlie . . . and how about playing " our " song next? . . . With Elliot Lawrence at the keyboard it ' s some- times best to just stand . . . and listen. . . . There it is ... " our " song . . . and it never sounded better. . . . HOP Not tired, exactly . . . just in the mood to talk for a while. . . . Forget tonight? . . . How could I? ... .: CONCERT Thor Johnson, youthful conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony and former facultyman at the University, chats with Choral Union ushers before the concert last fall. Johnson returned in the spring to guest conduct the Choral Union during the May Festival. Eileen Farrel, who gave the first concert of the Choral Union series last fall, is welcomed by the president of the University Musical Society, Charles Sink, just after she and her manager arrived at the Ann Arbor railroad depot. The Very Reverend Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury, following h speech " Road to Peace with Russia, " receives a student " peace delegati at the Union who presented him with a " Roll Call of Peace " for his sign ture. The Roll call asks for a Soviet conference to solve pertinent proble between Russia and U.S. ' I- hi!, ! : " (:: hi MI | Lester McCoy, associate conductor of the Choral Union, pauses at intermission to talk to several of his singers during the annual performance of the Messiah in Hill Auditorium. Fran Ivick interviews the Metropolitan opera basso, Ezio Pinza, for the Michigan Daily. Pinza has earned the title of " one of the ten most glamorous men in the world. " (L to R) Messiah soloists, John Gurney, bass, and Frederick Jagel, tenor, discuss the first half of the program with Choral Union members during intermission. 1r her pre-concert rehearsal, Marion iderson strolls over the campus and ps to admire (?) the fountain statu- y, " Sunday Morning In Deep Waters, " ross from the Michigan League. On the day of his concert in Ann Arbor, Serge Koussevitzsky lunches in the League dining room. This was the last tour for Dr. Koussevitzsky as con- ductor of the Boston Symphony. He resigned at the end of the season. Associate editor of the Saturday Review of Literature, John Mason Brown, checks in at the Union desk following his arrival on the campus. Brown visited several classes in the English Department before his lec- ture, " Broadway in Review. " COSMOPOLITAN Jonas Kristinsson from Reykjavik, Ice- land acquaints himself with facilities in the stacks of the Main Library. Abbas Najim, graduate student f ro-n Iraq, spends much of his time in a zoo!ogy lab doing research work. Eve Curie (center) signs autographs for students Turkey at the International Center before lecturing at Hill Auditorium on conditions in France. Students (L to R): Rasin Tek, Ferit Samikoglu, Kemal Seler, and Akarakcian. Hawaiians (in leis) demonstrate the hula dance to American onlookers who are much impressed with their grace. (L to R) Ruth Schwamberger, Harry Tamura, Shirley Newton, Kiyo Taira, and Phyllis Rasmussen, Steve White, Jim Greenwood. Students in Ann Arbor since September 1948, Amar Krishna Base, ShasH Parekh, and Amares Kumar Bose examine American fashions in a stor; window. These students are from India and taking degrees in engineer ing curriculums. The University of Michigan welcomes the large number of student-, who come here each year from other lands. The 1949 spring enrollment totaled 699 students from 66 regions outside the United States, the greatest area! representations coming from Far East (295), the British Commonwealth (136), and Latin America (110). The Inter- national Center, directed by Dr. Esson M. Gale, establishes a focal point for social and educational activities of foreign students. The rofe of this cosmopolitan circle is equally as vital as strictly academic pursuits in heightening a student ' s intel- lectual achievements, in developing his international understanding, and in lifting his provincialism. The value of oil the knowledge which is disseminated each term within our lecture halls can be immeasurably increased by friendships withir ih circle and the exchange of varying idectlogU- D. K. Nanavati, H. N. Patel, and D. C. Gami, In- dian students, watch wrestling matches on the set in the Michigan League. Molly Chang and Margaret Po Hu (wearing saddle shoes), after consulting the menu, decide to taste an American version of Chinese food. " T ' was never like this " might be their reaction. With a tea cup atmosphere at the International Center, (L to R), Delores Earl (U.S.), H. B. Desai (India), Laszech Csake (U.S.), and Leslie Goldberg (South Africa) spend a few leisurely hours after their classes are over. At the International Center supper on Sunday night Mrs. J. E. Kristiansson is served by Stein Hoist, J. E. Kristiansson, and Frank Spitier. After the successful revival during the fall semester of the Masquerade of the Heads, formerly called the Beaux Arts Ball, by the Arts Society, this unique campus affair will undoubtedly become an annual and traditional event. Masks from the shoulders up were a must and prizes for the most artistic and for the most humorous were given. Co-chairmen of this whimsical ball were Karin lindh and Jonas Mullet. MASQUERADE OF THE HEADS At intermission the crowd is entertained by the School of Music faculty Their floorshow was a take-off skit on " Hamlet, " done in music and pantomime. The Ballet Club and Modern Dance Club were also on the program. From the Terrace Room of the Union ballroom, masqueraders listen to the music of Frank Tinker ' s band. This room was decorated as a Parisian Cafe and the ballroom had two 20-foot mobiles suspended from the ceiling which were in constant rotation under spotlig hts. Mrs. Tom Sawyer returns home to dis- cover her husband giving Jr. a lecture in economics. Kirk and Gus Staeger breakfast at 7:30 a.m. to make campus in time for their eight o ' clocks. Dick Sinclair reads a first draft for his wife ' s approval and suggestions. Nothing like a woman ' s hand . . . The old adage which states that a girl REALLY goes to college to find a man might well be proved by abundant illustrations on the U. of M. campus. However, within recent years, the girl has often deviated from the old tradition of postponing her hike to the altar until after graduation. With the help of G.I. bill allotments, part-time jobs, and close budgeting, many married couples have successfully combined the academic with their domestic life. MARRIED STUDENTS is supervis- ing the play of toddlers at her morning job in an Ann Arbor play school. Meanwhile, husband Joe Ge- yrck, coffees between his classes in the new Bus Ad building. Margaret and Jack Sokoloff watch the antics of their dis- tinguished cat. Cran Rogers and wife Sue, standing, have guests at their apartment for a Sun- day night supper. ES E A R C H With a 37 ' 2 " telescope, graduate student, Jean K. McDonald, takes a photograph of a star spectrum. These spectrograms are often essential in astronomical research. Tudor L. Thomas, research fellow in the Chemistry Department, adjusts a gas adsorption apparatus for measuring surface areas of solid powders. Observing a distillation procedure in the College of Pharmacy is Roger Booth. This is related to research work on synthetic medlcinals. Al Johnston, Jr. and Pete Randolph regulate the control panel of the University 300 million electron-volt synchrotron. Built by Professors H. R. Crane and Dovid M. Dennison for sub-nuclear research, the machine will soon be ready for a final over-all test. _ One of the most vital contributions of any university lies in its achievements in the field of research. Michigan students and professors alike engage in research projects in the various departments of the University. Early in March 1949, the Federal Security Agency announced that federal funds totaling $84,200 had been granted to the University of Michigan to finance, as yet, unspecified research undertakings. Michigan received the largest grant of the two million dollars worth of funds distrib- uted to institutions in 30 states. Future projects have been sub- mitted to the National Research Conference for approval and University scientists must delay action until they receive an official o.k. Creep testing in the High Temperature Metallurgical Research Labo- ratory. Jack Heller (left) reads temperature and John Thomas adjusts controller. Dr. Maynard Chenoweth and Dr. Raymond Houde, of the Pharmacology Dept., measure the degree of heat required to cause pain before and after aspirin is taken. The pain testing apparatus is called a Wolff Hardy machine. Research in reaction time is handled by student psycholo- gists Grace Wyman, Mervin Read (Seniors in the Lit school) and Mervin Read, lab assistant. Marjorie Sandfast, Marjorie Gonzalez, Dr. Gordon Brown, and Dr. John Ainslie inject monkeys with specimens of virus for a research project in poliomyelitis in the Public Health School laboratories. ON The Union Opera became a Michigan institution as the result of a money-raising scheme of the newly established men ' s club, the Union. The first show, " Michigenda, " was produced in 1908. As the years rolled by, audiences in cities throughout the mid-western and eastern sections of the country looked forward to the touring Union Opera dur- ing the university Christmas recess. The first show to go on the road was " Confrarie Mary " in 1913. " Cotton Stockings, " produced in 1923, gave a one-night stand in New York ' s Metropolitan Opera House, breaking the gross receipts record for previous amateur productions. The unique feature of Michigan Operas is the performance of both masculine and feminine roles by men. The only show in which girls appeared was given in 1918 when most of the men on campus had gone to the army. The Opera music, as well as the book, has always been written by students. " The Friars Song " and " When Night Falls Dear " are two of the many songs that are still sung by Michigan students and alumni. The 29th Opera, " Froggy Bottom, " ran three days, March 23, 24, and 25 in the Michigan Theater. As the cast was forced to adapt their re- hearsals to the theater ' s film showings, the men began rehearsals at 7 a.m. David Leyshon, the only remaining member of a committee formed two years ago, organized the administrative and production details. After revival failures in 1940 and 1941, Leyshon ' s determined efforts and the assistance of facultymen and alumni finally succeeded in giving " Froggy Bottom " to the campus. Director, Fred Evans came from New York to polish up the cast for their outstanding perform- ances. Evans has worked for 3 years with theater people, such as Ziegfield, Cohan, and Todd. Central Committee members Dick Slocum (A$ ' t Chairman), Bill Zerman (Pub- licity), Dave Leyshon (General Chairman), Sum Howard (Ass ' t Chairman), and Jim Gibbon (Program Chairman) take a look at costumes used in an old Michigan Opera. Jim Wright (center), the author of the " Froggy Bottom " book, di sion with Bun Durant and Jack Leonard. scusses revi- Prof. Philip Duey (musical adviser), Tom Wilson (music di- rector), and song writers Jim Ebersole and Ed Chudakoff, listen to " Autumn in Froggy Bottom " written by Ebersole. The singing chorus rehearses two of Chudakoff ' s songs, " Froggy Bottom " and " Til the Dawn " (lyrics by Anne Husselman) directed by Tom Wilson. Tom is a grad student in the School of Music. OPERA v-:,.. ' ' - ; - : : ' ' : - -.: - -. ' : -K .-:W ::- :-:- .-:; mttmti .... Al Jackson is made-up for his role of Mrs. Bluffington, the " high falutin " mother-in-law, who creates a great stir when she arrives in Froggy Bottom and causes Jim Reiss (the son-in-law) to sing " ... I just want to be alone with my wife! " Dick Rifenburg, Wally Teninga, and Val Johnson tem- porarily abandon athletics for the theater. These oomphy costumes were later changed to " M " sweaters for their number " We ' re Three of the Biggest- -Men on the Michigan Campus. " President Ruthbone ( " Tea Suits Me To A ' V " ) is con- sulted by a Froggy Bottom couple, the Boone ' s, and applies his wisdom to the " Rights for Wives " dispute. His suggestion, surprise parties for the opposing factions, meets with success. The opening number, " Froggy Bottom, " gave the audience its initial view of the casts ' curvy females whose generous leg muscles even Michigan coeds could not begin to equal. The wives discuss their grievances and agree to stage a revolt if their respective husbands refused to meet their demands such as " getting part-time work, shopping, and giving blood. " c Bu HHHH I Wt SPORTS CAPTAIN DOM TOMASI Dominic Tomasi, the hard-hitting little guard who captained Michigan to a National Foot- ball Championship, is one of the finest linemen ever to don the Maize and Blue. Famous for his sharp shattering blocking, Dom tore huge gaps in the opposing lines to pave the way for Michigan ' s steam roller offens e. The 1 75-pound guard, a never tiring spark-plug, was the first man out on the practice field every day and the last one to leave. A product of Flint Northern High School, the diminutive captain played his best game in the Rose Bowl classic of 1948. On one occasion Dom pulled out of his guard position and drove through a 250-pound tackle, completely blocked a gigan- tic end, and set up one of the earlier touchdowns. Although he wasn ' t used on defense to any great extent, his low charging aggressiveness caught heavier linemen unawares when Michi- gan had its back to the wall. One of the famous 1 7-year old wonders of 1 945, the little guard received early schooling in the art of bowling over defensive linemen. A quiet, soft-spoken fellow off the field, Tomasi is one of the better students on the team and will graduate with a degree in engineering. THE NATION ' S TOP TEAM 12 , First Row: Pete Elliott, Gene Derricotte, Fritz Critler (Athletic Director), Captain Dom Tomasi, Bennie Ootterbaan (Head Coach), Al Wistert, Stu Wilkins, Joe Soboleski. Second Row: Lloyd Heneveld, Dan Dworsky, Ralph Kohl, Dick Rifenburg, Quent Sickels, Donn Hershberger, Ed McNeil). Third Row: Bob Erben, Wally Teninga, Jim Atchison, Bob Holloway, Al Wahl, Ozzie Clark, Ed Wisniewski, Tom Peterson. Fourth Row: Bill Mickey (Manager), John Ghindia, Bill Bartlett, Leo Koceski, Bob Van Summern, Dick Kempthorn, Bill Ohlenroth, Al Jackson. Fifth Row: Maynard Newton, Dale Straffon, Don McClellend, Chuck Ortmann, Harry Allis, Dick Farrer. and still champions The Wolverines of 1948 Kings of the Big Nine and Rulers of the Collegiate Football World for the second consecutive season. This Maize and Blue juggernaut, which brought Michigan its 16th Western Conference championship, rolled over nine of the finest teams in the nation to take its place in the ranks of the great football units of all time. Prevented from returning to the Rose Bowl, which the 1947 Big Blue Team had left in shambles, this year ' s squad proved its right to the title by proxy when they defeated Northwestern ' s Pasadena champions by four touchdowns during the regu- lar season. Also numbered among the Wolverine ' s victims was Oregon, co-champions of the Pacific Coast Conference and Cotton Bowl representatives. Compiling one of the most impressive defensive records in the nation, and running up anywhere from two to eight touchdowns every Saturday afternoon, the men of Oosterbaan took over the lead in the Associated Press National Poll during the third week of the season, relinquished the position only once, and wound up the campaign without so much as a valid challenge to their right to the throne room of football. THLETIC DIRECTOR BENNIE ' S After leading Michigan to a smashing victory in the 1948 Rose Bowl, and being acclaimed as the Coach of the Year, Fritz Crisler retired from the head coaching job to turn all his attention to the task of athletic administration here at the University. In his position as Director of Athletics, the distin- guished Crisler has his hand on the very pulse of Michigan sports. He is supreme commander at the State Street Athletic Administration Office, and it is his full responsibility to coordinate the function- ings of the whole coaching staff with those of the publicity office and the ticket sales staff. His keen business sense and his executive ability have earned him a national reputation for efficiency, and have won for him a great feeling of respect in Western Conference circles. One of Crisler ' s biggest projects at the present time is the complete overhauling of the Wolverine athletic plant. He is planning a new club house on the golf course, a new hockey arena to replace the ancient coliseum, and a modern fieldhouse to ac- commodate the ever increasing student body. The expansion program is already underway, with an addition to the stadium scheduled to be erected before next football season. The new seats will increase the capacity of the huge bowl to 97,000, and will place it in the ranks of the largest stadia STAFF The staff that built a National Champion! Ooster- baan, of course, was the head man, and Jack Blott handled the line. George Ceithaml, as backfield coach, was the man behind the famous Michigan single-wing attack, while Bill Orwig tutored the ends. Cliff Keen handled the 150 pounders, Ernie McCoy was chief scout, and the inimitable and articulate Wally Weber had charge of the freshmen. Don Rob- inson coached the JV squad, but it took the whole staff, working as a unit, to turn out one of the finest grid machines of all time. P Bennie Oosterbaan, Jack Blott, George Ceithaml, Bill Orwig, Cliff Keen, Ernie McCoy, Wally Weber, Don Robinson BENNIE THE NATIONS TOP COACH ALL AMERICAN 1924 1925 1926 1948 To Bennie Oosterbaan, a three time All-American end at Michigan, went the tremendous job of filling the place vacated by Fritz Crisler. For Oosterbaan it marked the culmination of twenty-two years of service in the Michigan athletic set-up, and the attain- ment of a goal which was set way back in 1924-25-26 when he was wearing the Maize and Blue for the great Fielding Yost. No one expected miracles from Bennie during the 1948 season. The fabulous 1947 backfield of Verges, Chappuis, Elliott, and Weisenburger was gone. Bob Mann and Len Ford had graduated. The Wolverine had lost its growl. But Oosterbaan, who as backfield mentor, had master-minded many of the complex reverses and buck-laterals so effec- tively used by the Rose Bowl champs of ' 47, took two reserve backs and two sophomores and whipped them into the smoothest functioning single-wing backfield in the nation. He replaced Mann with the happy-go-lucky Rifenburg, and made him into an All-American, and with the help of Jack Blott, he molded the greatest defensive line in the land. And when he took his ball club onto the field at Lafayette, after brushing off the rough spots in two early non-conference games, every Michigan fan in the stadium realized that Bennie had performed a miracle. It wasn ' t to be just another team at Ann Arbor in 1948 we had another National Champion. So when the New York World Telegram named Bennie Oosterbaan the nation ' s top coach, to bring the honor to Michigan for the second straight year it came as no surprise to Wolverine followers. A number one football player and a number one guy it was only natural that Bennie should be a number one coach. 99 ICK RIFENBUR AMERICA Dick Rifenburg, ftefshy end, is the first Wolverine flcmkman to win All-American recognition since the days of Bennie Ooster- baan. Rifenburg, whose height, speed, and sticky fingers, made him the team ' s number one pass receiver, rolled up a total of 8 touchdowns over the season ' s play, and set up several more scores with sensational catches. Besides being a remarkable receiver, the big boy from Saginaw Arthur Hill was also a fine ball carrier, picking up valuable yards time after time on Michigan ' s famed end- around. Recognizing him as strictly an offensive ball player, few people took cognizance of the fact that Rifenburg was always the first man down the field under punts to nail the safety man in his tracks and to keep the opposition deep in their own territory. His quick dry humor and his nonchalant attitude made him the team clown, and when the going was tough and the tension high, Rife could always be counted on to come up with something to ease the situ- ation. He has now turned professional, and will be operating from an end spot with the New York Yankees next season. A L L A ME AL WISTERT ALL AMERICA mil Al Wistert, captain-elect of the 1 949 Michi- gan squad, became the third member of the Wistert family to win Ail-American recogni- tion by joining his brothers, Francis and Albert in the ranks of Wolverine football immortals. The 32 year old " Pappy " (as he is known to the younger boys on the team) was the bulwark of the Big Blue Line on defense, a unit hailed as greater than the tremendous forward wall of 1947. He was at his best with his back to the wall, and it was largely his work inside the ten-yard lines that led the Wolverines ' great goal-line stands against Michigan State, Purdue, Illinois, and Ohio State. His age and experience were invaluable in steadying the squad in tight situations, and his ability to diagnose plays put his big number " 11 " right in the path of opposing ball carriers all season long. He ' s the last of the Wisterts it will be a long time before Ann Arbor will see the like of such a trio again. ME R I C A N S PE LLIOT CHUCK ORTMANN DICK KEMPTHORN LEO KOCESKI Michigan ' s Wolverines made things very easy for the ex- perts who picked the All American and All Sectional teams last November. For the various coaches, players, and sports writers, the job of All Star selections mere- ly consisted of running down over the Maize and Blue ros- ter and picking out enough names to make a full team. All told, ten men from Mich- igan ' s National Champions were named on the " All " teams around the country. A complete backfield unit, two ends, two tackles, a guard, and a center earned national and conference recognition. Pete Elliott, Wolverine signal caller and blocking back, was a unanimous choice as All Conference quarterback. El- liott was one of the few men in the Michigan line-up who played both on offense and de- fense, and besides being the key man in Oosterbaan ' s sin- gle-wing attack, he was per- haps one of the finest pass- defense men in the Western Conference. Dick " Killer " Kempthorn is without a doubt the finest de- fensive fullback to wear the Maize and Blue in many many years. The big blond Ohio boy shook the foundations of Michigan Stadium time after time last year with his vicious tackles. A fme play diagnosti- cian, Kempthorn seems to sense in advance where the play is going and invariably he is standing in the hole wait- ing to meet the ball carrier. Mi chigan sophomore sensa- tions Chuck Ortmann and Leo Koceski carried the brunt of the Wolverine ' s attack. Ortmann operated out of the tail-back slot and was the team ' s number one passer. As a first year man, he led the Western Conference in total offense, and was named to the Associated Press All American second team. LINEMEN His running mate, Koceski, was the answer to the ques- tion, " Who is going to fill Bump Elliott ' s shoes? " The speedy little wing back spe- cialized in reverses and man in motion plays, and was a fine pass receiver. Up on the forward wall, four more Wolverines, in addition to Rifenburg and Wistert, were named to All Star squads. Danny Dworsky, Kemp- thorn ' s comrade in arms be- hind the line of scrimmage, was every bit as effective as the fabulous " Killer. " A recon- verted fullback, Danny slid into the defensive center posi- tion easily, and without ques- tion will go down in Michigan football history with such names as Schulz, Bernard, Vick, and Morrison. Ed McNeill was the unsung hero of more than one Michi- gan victory. The hard-working end was an expert in stripping a rival ball carrier of his inter- ference and leaving him an easy mark for the line backers, and his pass catching ability made him a favorite target for throwers Ortmann, Teninga, Elliott, and the rest. Captain Dom Tomasi, an- other unanimous All Big Nine selection, was a truly great running guard. Dom, a watch- charm lineman of the old school, specialized in pulling out of the line and leading in- terference for Wolverine ball carriers, although if the occa- sion arose, he could play a terrific defensive ball game, as was evidenced down at Co- lumbus. Ralph Kohl, gigantic tackle, was the power man in the of- fensive line. Transfering from the defensive spot which he held down in 1947, the big Cleveland boy was a vital cog in the front line of the Michi- gan attack. DAN DWORSKY DOM TOMASI ED MC NEILL RALPH KOHL 13 MICHIGAN MICHIGAN STATE 7 Michigan ' s Wolverines made their 1948 football debut at East Lansing under the guidance of new head coach Bennie Oosterbann, and promptly posted their 15th consecutive victory at the expense of a stubborn Michigan State squad. The score was 13-7. The day was marked by the dedication of State ' s new 50,000 se Michigan fans by sophomores Wahl, Ozzie Cl youngsters, per and Blue, han gave Wolverine to come in the y Michigan sta had elapsed, fullback, faded American Dick the ten-yard lin Wolverines mig tremendous 55 However, the way, and for th game turned i walls with neit the score-board Biggie Munn ' ore important to -out party " staged ceski, Chuck Ortmann, Al company. The quartet of for the first time in Maize selves like veterans and rs a preview of good things ad. r only four minutes ' olverine offensive a long pass to All- tered across from it looked as if the ther one of those ' 6 things quite that e first half the ball battle of forward g the numbers on e early in the third period when Lynn Chadnois tossed a long pass into the end-zone which Wally Teninga and Hank Mina- rik both came down with. The officials awarded the ball to the offensive team, and it was a new ball game. The Wolverines scored the clincher early in the final period. Ortmann threw to Wisniewski and then to Koceski who went to the five. Peterson powered over center on the first play, and the dedication cere- mony was over. M MSC Total First Downs 16 8 Yards Rushing 106 158 Yards Passing 117 28 Passes Attempted 15 7 Passes Completed 8 2 Passes Intercepted By 1 2 Punting Average 37 32 Yards Kicks Returned 60 105 Fumbles Recovered By 1 Yards Penalized 15 Wally Teninga and Hank Minarik going into the air after the pass which resulted in | ! M State ' s disputed touchdown. Dick Rifenburg, All-American end, picks up yardage against State on an end-around. MICHIGAN OREGON Tom Peterson lugs the pigskin through the Oregon secondary to get the Wolverines out of danger. Michigan rang up the curtain on its 1948 home schedule by playing host to the powerful Webfoots of the University of Oregon, eventual co-champions of the Pacific Coast Conference. The West Coast team came into Michigan Stadium heralded as one of the great teams of the nation. and with Norm Va the Wolverines all every bit as good However, the slow start against punch when it w straight win by a c The big differe VanBrocklin conn passes between th gan throwers Chu their receivers in The first quarte broke the ice ear gathered in a 30-y pered into paydir VanBrocklin un third quarter, an st passer to face ay, they looked ress notices. , on the upgrade after a n State, had the scoring and rode to their 16th touchdown margin, 14-0. teams was that e with his bullet es, while Michi- Charlie Lentz hit t Dick Rifenburg period when he mann and scam- lous arm in the ed to be on the march, but Ortmann intercepted and the Wolverines started a second drive. Chuck Lentz made his season debut, and promptly tossed 35 yards to Pete Elliott on the four-yard line, and then looped a short one to Tom Peterson in the end-zone for ihe score. Harry Allis converted both extra points, and that was the scoring story for the day. Chuck Ortmann and Pete Elliott go high to break up a Norm VanBrocklin pass. M Oregon Total First Downs 14 16 Yards Rushing 132 137 Yards Passing 217 194 Passes Attempted 16 24 Passes Completed 8 13 Passes Intercepted By 2 1 Punting Average 39.6 36.1 Yards Kicks Returned 56 61 Fumbles Recovered By 1 1 Yards Penalized 20 20 MICHIGAN PURDUE The Wolverines launched their attack against Western Conference opponents at Lafayette where they met a powerful Purdue squad which had played Notre Dame off its feet only two weeks before. Displaying a dazzling passing attack, and un- leashing their running strength for the first time in the young season, thJMeft iding chatfpions completely baffled the BoileMakers and MHe to a smashing 40-0 victory beforj||a stunned h iecoming crowd. Bennie had hi; the season, and wing never wasj against Stu Holco| The Wolverines hands on the balj line twice more ir the first touchd( Peterson went tw| the second markt weekly score on After the interr they had left off, Peterson picked oys up ti (precision |isplayed ' s men. tored the and the |he first on fords i and lirty- fie first time during 1 Michigan single- beautifully than Psion,, rar one st time they had their lied across the goal- If. Leo Koceski tallied hree-yard jaunt, Tom a fake buck-lateral for Rifenburg notched his d heave from Ortmann. champs took up where another three t.d. ' s. Tom them to capture scoring honors for the dc And if the Maize and Blue offense was superb the defense was certainly its equal. At the beginning of the second quarter, the Boilermakers smashed to a first down on the Michigan five, but the Big Blue Line, led by Al Wistert and Al Wahl, and backed-up by the rock- ' em and sock- ' em twins, Dworsky and Kempthorn, rose up and hurled back the threat in what was probably the turning point of the ball game. M Purdue Total First Downs 15 12 Yards Rushing 164 36 Yards Passing 171 122 Passes Attempted 15 22 Passes Completed 10 9 Passes Intercepted By 3 Punting Average 37.2 37.5 Yards Kicks Returned 14 122 Fumbles Recovered By 2 1 Yards Penalized 5 6 V! Dick Kempthorn and Pete Elliott stop a Purdue power play inside the Michigan five yard line. Leo Koceski steps through a tremendous hole to score one of Michigan ' s six touchdowns. Pete Elliott is applying the pressure to a Boilermaker at the right and Ed McNeil! bars the door at the left. afc 028 MICHIGAN NORTHWESTERN Chuck Ortmann lakes a Northwestern punt, and Pete Elliott rushes up to provide a bit of blocking assistance. Dick Kempthorn brings down Wildcat back Frank Aschenbrenner as Al Wahl and Al Wistert appear on the scene to aid the great defensive fullback. If there was any doubt as to Michigan ' s ability to defend its Conference and National Football titles, it was dispelled in the Michigan Stadium on October 16, when the Wolverines trampled Northwestern ' s future Rose Bowl champions 28-0 to chalk up their 18th straight victory. The Wildcats, b path of the Maiz Wolverines in ch then the roof fell i Michigan had p on Leo Koceski ' s f by Wally Teninga burg ' s tackle of Northwestern fiv opening flurry, B although they, th ened the Michiga The blue team third period, and went over this ti The Pennsylvania when, after the took a jump pass from Chuck Ortmann and rolled into the end zone. Koceski just missed making it four for four a few moments later. As he was once again rambling toward the promised land, he fumbled, but Bob Erben, offensive center, covered the ball in the end zone; and when Harry Allis booted his fourth straight conversion, the Wolverines called it a day. r obstacle in the rnaut, held the ree periods, but Evanston. arter touchdown hich was set up and Dick Rifen- nner inside the after that brief raced and held, seriously threat- until late in the Leo Koceski who Wally Teninga. it three in a row, the kick-off, he M NW Total First Downs 14 8 Yards Rushing 166 47 Yards Passing 78 82 Passes Attempted 15 21 Passes Completed 6 9 Passes Intercepted By 3 1 Punting Average 42.4 39.8 Yards Kicks Returned 77 58 Fumbles Recovered By 1 2 Yards Penalized 14 30 27 MICHIGAN MINNESOTA 14 Bennie Oosterbaan threw his air arm into action upon the frozen tundras of Minneapolis, and when the debris was cleared away, the Wolverines were on their way back to Ann Arbor with victory number 19, the Little Brown Jug, and a stronger claim to a second consecutive national title. Michigan start ing the season (an All-America fumbled punt in for the Golden and 65,0 00 Swe But the joy w received, and a Teninga pitched son to tie the so ust have sa Gophers ca wn the fiel 4-1 3 lead. d B in j r the first time dur- big Leo Nomellini s one) recovered a halk up six points point was added, he Twin Cities. e Maize and Blue s of punts, Wally ass to Tom Peter- 90 seconds, when unted Gopher line n the six-inch line, few choice words out and drove 67 booted the extra and rambled the ys to go back into Michigan stru Ed McNeill brok and blocked a f and Peterson po Bernie Bierma at the half, for t yards straight point, and took But the Maize length of the fie a permanent lea Charlie Ortmann pitched four straight passes, and connected on three of them (one to Harry Allis and two to Dick Rifenburg), with Rife taking the pay-off toss on the five-yard line, and dribbling into the end-zone. In the fourth quarter, Charlie Ortmann rifled a jump-pass to Leo Koceski, and the speedy soph ambled 50 yards to make the score read 27-14, and sew up the old ball game. M Minn. Total First Downs 11 13 Yards Rushing 22 72 Yards Passing 261 195 Passes Attempted 24 30 Passes Completed 11 12 Passes Intercepted By 2 1 Punting Average 42.2 34.7 Yards Kick Returned 129 123 Fumbles Recovered By 5 Yards Penalized 25 35 Billy Bye, Minnesota ball carrier, sidesteps Stu Wilkins ' outstretched hand only to come face to face with Dick Kempthorn and that was that. Wally Teninga sets the Golden Gophers back in a hole with a booming punt from deep in his own territory. 1428 MICHIGAN ILLINOIS 2O Dick Rifenburg, All-American end, reaches for an Ortmann pass while two prima-donnat from Illinois arrive on the scene a bit belatedly. Ralph Kohl applies the bear hug to an Illini halfback who was tired of running anyway. Illinois, traveling to Ann Arbor to take part in Michigan home-coming festivities, caught the Wol- verines in the middle of a slight relapse after two grueling week-ends, and nearly succeeded in smashing a victory skein before it reached 20. With Bernie Krueger pitching, and big Walt Ker- sulis catching, t(BBA ' flBBR ok at the Wol verines and made it a J interejng day indeed for Mr. Oosterbaan. ampio oceede eill taki t Illinoi y in Mi screen holeW he half. ie Orange and i ' t going to be it down on the ipthorn, Dwor- and a fourth ntly jarred out Imost immedi- rom Pete Elliott ht back when ntment back in staged a solo fense to tie the Before the first qua Blue clearly showed th push-overs when they Michigan five-yard li sky, Wistert, et al down field goal attgHlpt w The defendin of complacency ately with Ed M for the points. Paul Patterson, 1946, grabbed dash through th score just befon Dike EddlemaHs 95-yaroSick-ofSeturn was nulli- fied by a penalt ygMH4|||g|fp ened, and then Michigan began to roll. Tom Peterson bulled over from the one, and Wally Teninga added another touchdown on a smash from the three to give the Maize and Blue a 14 point margin and Bennie a breathing spell. The Illini, with Krueger hitting on nearly 75% of his passes in the second half, zoomed right back into the ball game with two markers to pull up to 21-20, but then Ortmann heaved 45 yards to Harry Allis, and the ball game was iced. M III. Total First Downs 12 13 Yards Rushing 40 102 Yards Passing 256 132 Passes Attempted 23 24 Passes Completed 13 10 Passes Intercepted By 2 2 Punting Average 41.1 37.3 Yards Kicks Returned 78 75 Fumbles Recovered By 1 1 Yards Penalized 72 78 I 35 MICHIGAN The Wolverines notched their seventh victory of the season, and their 21st in a row when they sank a battle weary Navy eleven 35-0. The Middies came to Ann Arbor, after having already met five of the nation ' s top ten gridiron ma- chines, and they were just simply overwhelmed by superior Michiga The whole Michigan Bennie Oosterbaan threv an effort to hold the sco| serves were hot and the jad I dov until jhor Once again it was thej and Koceski who led thJpAaize i Leo averaging 6.6 yalcis per t| Chuck running up Jptotal offe yards. Ortmann score a thrust from the| another on a foL opened. In the third c Middle fumble over the middle,! end-zone for the [the first MicH le-yard line, yard dash ag to, Dick Ker the 25 yard [nd Wally Tel Dick Rifenburg broke into the scoring column shortly after ward when he took an 18-yard pass from Bob Van Summern to rack up the fourth t.d. Rifenburg scored again in the fourth period. After grabbing a tremendous 60-yard aerial from Ort- mann on the five he stepped across the final chalk stripe without a hand being laid on him. Harry Allis pumped his fifth straight extra point between the uprights, and the Middies went back east to concentrate on Army. M Navy Total First Downs 22 8 Yards Rushing 231 73 Yards Passing 115 46 Passes Attempted 18 15 Passes Completed 6 4 Passes Intercepted By 2 Punting Average 39.5 33.9 Yards Kicks Returned 24 84 Fumbles Recovered By 1 Yards Penalized 80 54 NAVY Harry Allis on the receiving end of a Chuck Ortmann aerial gathers in the leather to set up a Michigan touchdown. A welcome sight Gene Derricotte, back in the harness, picks up yardage through the wgtTi Middle secondary. I " wlw bt into the act as finto the contest in but even the re- |ntinued to roll in. re duo of Ortmann Blue attack, with for the day, and feive mark of 176 Jan touchdown on id Peterson added ie second quarter thorn recovered a he, Koceski got 20 pga went into the 054 MICHIGAN INDIANA -: I , - :.: Dick Kempthorn gets a chance on offense, and with Rifenburg clearing the way, sett sail for greener pastures. George Taliaferro, great Hoosier triple-threat man, runs into a little unexpected oppo- sition from Dan Dworsky, Al Wistert, and Dutch Heneveld. Displaying the precision, finesse, and scoring punch that distinguishes a National Champion, Michigan ' s mighty powerhouse ground a helpless Indiana football team into the dust at Michigan Stadium and rolled up its highest point total of the year as they smashed the Hoosiers 54-0. Every man on the Michigan bench got into the ball game, and some spectators claimed that it was Hank Hatch, the equipment manner, who tallied the last Wolverine toucfjiown. le kick-o The champs received work. They drove 45 y Peterson boomed int only four minutes ofjSfciy Dick Kempthorr Brnashed counter early in mp second, thing of beauty JlF watch Canton pulveri||phe Indi offensive attemBs of the SSason. nd went right to s in sevJB plays and Tom e end- pe to score after er for the second rlod, and it was a big blond boy from line in one of his few Harry Allis next two t.d. ' sl Elliott respective Ortmann smi and Wally Tenf out. id Dick Benburg racked up the passesWom Ortmann and Pete I |hed twoiiprds for the fifth score, )a got nJUpber six from six yards nd Norm Jack- on short bucks Sophomore son rolled up t! over the middle. Harry Allis clicked for six out of eight extra points, to make the final total read an even four and one half dozen. However, great as this Wolverine team was, it must be said that in George Taliaferro, the Hoosiers presented a back who turned in far and away the greatest individual performance on the field. The big triple-threat tailback gave a running, passing, and punting exhibition that ranked with the best seen in Ann Arbor for a long time. M Ind. Total First Downs 20 9 Yards Rushing 255 96 Yards Passing 150 63 Passes Attempted 25 23 Passes Completed 11 5 Passes Intercepted By 4 Punting Average 33.8 39.3 Yards Kicks Returned 95 88 Fumbles Recovered By 4 Yards Penalized 40 38 MICHIGAN OHIO STATE " Champions of the West and the Nation. " Michigan ' s Wonderous Wolverines closed the book on one of the most amazing feats in modern football history by riding to a 23rd straight victory, and a second consecutive national championship with a 13-3 win over a very good Ohio State team. It was a typic opening kick-off To " f anybody ' s victory until j For the Maize and Bl finally came into his o back, filling in for th boomed punt after pu and his passing and he led the way to thj The Bucks start running from a Michigan guar sions the Wolve Whisler or Jerr the third try for The Buckeye taking advant Hague stepped to give the Scar But Michiga ond quarter o inal wl before it was Wl on offej injured feep into ning wer or ast, with tul igan type spii ime after time, s held for two d( rail pick up eigl first down, wer finally paie of a misdire ck and booted a and Grey a 3-0 li over the ball I game from the |e, and it was i final gun. |y Teninga who The Chicago iuck Ortmann, |ckeye territory, jhenomenal as an tally. |ck Joe Whisler, sr, splitting the several occa- s only to have to ten yards on Iff, when, after Id lateral, Jim j-yard field goal jme in the sec- Ilis pass which covered 44 yards. From that point on into the fourth quarter, it was a see-saw game, with Whisler doing a lot of running and Kempthorn and Dom Tomasi doing a lot of tackling. With nine minutes to play, Teninga went into action. He passed 23 yards to Koceski to the OSU 36; Koceski took a pass from Elliott on the 23, and Elliott passed again, this time to Allis, on the 1 1. Teninga smashed to the three, and Peterson carried it over to make the score-board read 13-3. M O.S.U. Total First Downs 9 14 Yards Rushing 54 130 Yards Passing 116 73 Passes Attempted 16 20 Passes Completed 7 7 Passes Intercepted By 2 Punting Average 42 36.5 Yards Kicks Returned 93 64 Fumbles Recovered By 1 2 Yards Penalized 15 54 Joe Whisler and Ozzie Clark head for the same spot at the same time. When they arrived Whisler stopped for awhile. Chuck Ortmann, on the receiving end for a change, takes a pass from Pete Elliott for a first down against the Bucks. T5O POUNDERS CONFERENCE CO-CHAMPS fl 58A 45 i5 42 48 60 78 v v Top Row: Dick Bodycomb, Gus Eaton, Bud Marshall, Tony Cybulski, Herb Taggart, Bob Kash, Burl Selden (ass ' t coach), Cliff Keen (coach). Second Row: Bill Clark, James Richter, Jack Keller, Dave Bradbury, Fred Koehn, Hyman Berman, Bill Parshall, Bill Connoly, M. Rich- ard Fleishman, Frank Murphy, Jim Briskin, Leon Hinz. Third Row: Gene Kiddon, Gordon Smith, Vaughn Lowther, Jim Coleman, Larry Shaw, James Johnson, Frank Whitehouse, Gene Freed, Everet Knapp, George Sipp, Stan Emerling. Bottom Row: John Wilcox, Prentiss Ryan, Ed Morey, Jim Costa, Barry Breakey, Jere Ogle, Jim Armelagos, Don O ' Connell, Jerry Burns, John Pickard, James Sakai, Ted Karmazmin. Ferry Field ' s Michimites, pocket edition of the mighty Wolverines, scampered through their tour game season to become co-champions of the Big Nine with Wisconsin. The slow starting 150-pounders suffered a defeat at the hands of Illinois by a score of 13 to 6 in their opener. Michigan, last year ' s champions, spotted the Illini 6 points in the opening frame when Esmond reversed his field and crossed over to score for the Orange and Blue. In the third quarter the Illini completed an aerial in the end zone for another marker and converted to make the score 13 to 0. The midgets came back in the fading moments to register their touchdown with fullback Bud Marshall slashing through from the 10-yard line. With revenge in their minds, the lightweights returned to seek their first win against Ohio State. Featuring a stalwart defense, led by guards Jere Ogle and Captain Don O ' Connell, the mites held Ohio State until the last part of the first half when a long pass gave the Bucks a tally. Sparked by a 45-yard run by " Pin " Ryan the Wolverines tied the game, and forged ahead when Johnny Wilcox converted. Ryan drove through the center of the Bucks ' line for the final tally and made the final score 13 to 6 for the Maize and Blue. Undefeated Wisconsin loomed ahead as the next obstacle in the path of the paperweight gridders. Michigan spotted the Badgers 6 points by halftime, but came back in the third period to score with Marshall plunging over from the 7 yard line. A few minutes later Ryan climaxed a 66-yard drive by bulldozing his way over from the 20 and Marshall scored his second touchdown of the day with a jaunt from the 15. Wisconsin scored in the waning minutes of the game to make the final score 20 to 12. Michigan ' s next win over OSU cinched a tie for the lightweight title. Ohio State didn ' t know what hit them as the mites pumped across 20 points in the first half of the muddy encounter. The first tally came after an 83 yard march. Jerry Burns scoring, and the second six points came on a Burns to Costa pass. Ryan made the score 20 to after a dazzling 52-yard side-stepping spree through the entire Scarlet and Gray squad and for the second straight year, Coach Cliff Keen had produced a Conference Champion. 113 BASKET Michigan Michigan . Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan . Michigan Michigan THIRD PLACE-BIG NINE 66 M.S.C .51 Toledo 62 Pittsburgh .... 47 Colorado U. 56 Colorado A M 51 Stanford ... 57 Santa Clara . 46 Toledo 31 Minnesota .... 36 Purdue 53 Northwestern 54 Ohio State U. 49 M.S.C. .... 54 Northwestern 40 Wisconsin . . . .... 54 Indiana 47 Minnesota 64 Purdue 44 Ohio State U. 62 Iowa 70 Illinois 33 40 44 38 37 53 37 45 45 45 40 48 38 46 38 47 54 53 69 63 53 COACH ERNIE McCOY Ernie McCoy left the ranks of the " assistant coach " to take over as head Michigan basketball mentor this year. He had been right hand man to the Wolverine baseball, football, and basketball chiefs, and assistant Director of Athletics. When Ozzie Cowles left, McCoy was the natural choice to succeed him. Ernie ' s roots in Michigan athletics began in his college days. He won three letters in basketball, captaining the co-championship cage squad in ' 29, the last team to win a title until the ' 47- ' 48 season. His Michigan coaching days date back to 1940. LEO VANDERKUY CAPTAIN BILL ROBERTS ALL WON 1 LOST 6 PETE ELLIOTT MACK SUPRUNOWICZ N HAL MORRILL BO YD McCASLIN BOB HARRISON BILL, MKKULICH Argus Photo Minnesota ' s Jim Mclnlyre show$ what a good big big man can do to a good big little man as he reaches high over the head of Michigan ' s Leo VanderKuy, who towers up a good 6 feet 5 inches himself. Hal Morrill and Mack Suprunowicz look on helplessly, and Pete Elliott effectively screens Whitey Skoog from the play. Argus Photo Skoog, Ozzie Cowles ' sophomore sensation, flips a one-hander at the basket. The blond youngster paced the Gopher attack all season long end accounted for 12 points against the Wolverines from his forward position. Pete Elliott prepares to take a rebound if there is one there wasn ' t. THE TEAM Argus Photo Michigan ' s Mack Suprunowicz, a great forward in his own right, gets off one of his favorite push shots against the Gophers, while Skoog looks on. Suprunowicz ran up 14 points in this contest and Bob Harrison, high-scoring guard, notched 15 for Ernie McCoy ' s men. Argus Photo Bob Harrison takes to the hardwood to gather in the ball in a scramble with Wisconsin ' s Badgers, while Pete Elliott, Lefty Morrill, and " Supy " stand by in case of emergency. Harrison netted 15 points against the boys from Madison to capture Wolverine scoring honors for the evening. ' " . Argus Photo A familiar sight Suprunowicz sinks a bucket against Purdue. The speedy Michigan forward, a fire-ball on offense, had his hottest night of the season against the Boilermakers when he swished in 28 points to break an all-time Wolverine scoring record. Argus Photo Leo VanderKuy beat Wisconsin ' s Don Rehfeldt to the punch on this one. Rehfeldt the tall Wisconsin pivot-man had a great night against the Wolverines, however, gathering 18 points to carry him further along the path which led htm to the Western Conference scoring crown. IN ACTIO 1 ' 24 - lO ' - ! VanderKuy loops in a hook shot against Toledo in an early season non-conference enc ounter. The Wolver- ines crushed the Rockets 51-40 to hand the boys from south of the border their first loss of the season. For the first time in more than a decade, the Michigan cagers opened the season wearing the shiny Big Nine crown while the rest of the Conference members had only a hat to throw into the bidders ' circle. The players who had won the title were back. There was, however, a new man behind the throne, as Ernie McCoy stepped into the head coaching post. A rough away-from-home weekend virtually jolted the Wolverine ' s hopes of repeating as champions when they lost to Ozzie Cowles ' Minnesota team and to Purdue right at the beginning. Before the campaign was over, the cagers had dropped three games, BUT The closing contest against Illinois helped to make up for the five defeats. Mack Suprunowicz, flashing the old form that carries the tab of greatness, whipped in 18 points to place third in the Conference scoring race. " Supey " and Bob Harrison, voted " most valuable " by his teammates, led the point-thirsty Wolverine cagers ' rout of the Illini, 70-53. Michigan may have lost the title, but they certainly took good care of the team they lost it to. That same night in the locker room, five Wolverines hung up their basketball togs for the last time. Bob Harrison and Pete Elliott will be remembered by fans and opponents, alike, as one of the toughest guard combinations in Michigan history. Each made the All-Conference first team in his junior year, and each had the honor of becoming captain during his playing career. Captain Bill Roberts, a vastly improved performer, never could get going because of a bad knee. Forced to the bench after the Ohio State game, his height was missed under the basket. Roberts ' retirement brought sophomore Leo VanderKuy into line as Michigan ' s starting center. Boyd McCaslin and Bill Mikulich were called alternately to team with Suprunowicz at forward. Members of the team knew Boyd as the " blood and guts " type ballplayer, who never knew when to quit. On the other hand, " Mik " was short and shifty, with the same agility as Suprunowicz. With this graduation toll, Michigan loses over half the men responsible for the ' 48 crown and NCAA invitation to Madison Square Garden, but retains a nucleus of five lettermen around which to build next year ' s squad. m Although Coach Vic Heyliger ' s pucksters failed to successfully defend their National Collegiate hockey crown, they still managed to compile one of the finest records in Wolverine puck history. The final count showed 20 victories for the Maize and Blue as com- pared to only two losses and three ties. Dartmouth proved to be the stumbling block as the Wolverines at- tempted to preserve their NCAA title. The Easterners pulled one of the upsets of the year when they edged Michigan, 4-2, in the first playoff game at Colorado Springs. For the first time since 1931, and only the second time in the series which began in 1923, the Wolverines turned back their arch rivals, Minnesota ' s Gophers, in four straight contests. They thus claimed the mythical Big Nine title for the fourth consecutive year. Another notable achievement was the two setbacks dealt out to the powerful University of Toronto puck squad. It was the first time that the Wolverines had ever been able to vanquish the Canadians twice in the same season. Gordie McMillan once again led the scoring parade with 55 points to run his four year total at Michigan to 205. This far surpassed the old scoring mark of 116 markers set by the Wolverine mentor, Vic Heyliger. Two speedsters, Gil Burford and Wally Gacek, took second and third honors with 49 and 47 points respectively. The squad captain was popular Al Renfrew, who vindicated his teammates choice with spirited and aggressive team play throughout the campaign. Four Wolverine icemen, defensemen Connie Hill and Dick Starrak, and wingmen Wally Gacek and Wally Grant, were nominated on the United Press All-American team. Goalie Jack McDonald easily had his best year in the Wolverine crease. He was ably assisted by the stellar defensive work of Starrak, Hill, Ross Smith and sophomore Bob Fleming. VIC HEYLIGER njp HOCKEY GORDIE MCMILLAN CONNIE HILL 3RD PLACE NCAA Michigan 2 Toledo 2 Michigan . . 2 Windsor ... 2 Michigan 12 Toronto 1 Michigan . . 6 Toronto 4 Michigan 5 Colorado College 2 Michigan . 4 Colorado College 4 - - Michigan 4 North Dakota . . 1 Michigan . 11 North Dakota 4 Michigan . . . 7 California 2 Michigan . 7 California 2 Michigan 6 Queens U 5 Michigan . . 14 McMaster 1 Michigan . . 5 Michigan Tech 4 . Michigan . . . 2 Michigan Tech 6 Michigan 14 North Dakota 7 Michigan . 10 North Dakota 4 1 Michigan 4 Minnesota ... 1 Michigan . . . 6 Minnesota ... 3 Michigan . . . 10 Minnesota ... 4 Michigan . . . 4 Minnesota ... 1 ., Michigan 7 Mich. Tech 1 Michigan . . 8 Mich. Tech 1 " Michiaan 10 Sarnia 2 DICK STARRAK JACK MCDONALD ! BOB FLEMING DEFENSE GIL BURFORD CAPTAIN AL RENFREW NEIL CELLEY Mo o ,Tedi .Tidi Jack McDonald kicks one out against the University of North Dakota, while Connie Hill stretches out on the ice in an effort to block the shot on goal. Linemen Wally Gacek and Al Renfrew are also on hand to lend assistance. Bob Grina, Nodak wingman stands by looking for a rebound. Gil Burford and Neil Celley poke at the puck in a pile up around the North Dakota net. The Wolverines swept a four game series from the boys from the north country and avenged last season ' s defeat at the hands of Coach Don Norman ' s men. L SHING Jack McDonald was pulled out of the crease on this power play, and in spite of the fact that Connie Hill and the Michigan defense were there to aid their goalie, the Windsor Spitfires batted in the puck. MacDonald conies out of the net to save as the Nodak line powers. Mac was caught all alone on this one but he left the crease to stop Ginny Christian ' s shot in the second game of the series. I " Center Gordie McMillan raps one in against Minnesota ' s Gophers while the defense stands by and watches their goalie beaten. The Wolverines swept another four game series from the lads from the twin cities to earn the NCAA tournament bid. Bob Fleming, rugged Michigan defenseman rides off a Golden Gopher wing to prevent any trouble for goalie Jack McDonald. Fleming, a sophomore, came along rapidly during the past season, and Vic Heyliger expects great things of him in the future. Center Gil Burford stages a solo dash on the MacMaster goal as the men of Heyliger routed the Canadian sextet, 14-1. Burford, also a sophomore prom- ises to lend plenty of scoring punch to the Wolverine line during the coming seasons. Burford and Celley again, as the two wingmen pace the second line ' s attack on the Toronto net. Michigan walloped the northern squad, generally regarded as the finest Canada has to offer, to stake a strong early season claim to the North American championship. s I COACH DON CANHAM s ; CAPTAIN BOB THOMASON TRACK The Wolverine track team had a new head coach in the person of likeable Don Canham, who replaced veteran mentor Ken Doherty. He brought to his new post top-flight experience both as a coach and a performer. At 30, Canham is an old-timer in Michigan track circles. One of the greatest track athletes ever to wear the Maize and Blue, he was captain of the 1941 team, and four times Western Conference high jump champion, and holds the Wolverine indoor and outdoor record in his specialty. A native of Oak Park, III., Canham became coach at Kankakee, III. High School following his graduation, and in 1942 entered the Army Air Forces where he served 42 months. He returned to Ann Arbor in 1946 as assistant coach and enjoyed immedi- ate success. His likeable personality and organizational ability made him the logical choice to succeed Doherty when the vacancy occurred last year. Wolverine track followers are looking forward to a long and successful track dynasty under his leadership. INDOOR RECORD Michigan Tech Relays Michigan 68 Michigan 46 ; Michigan 61 Cornell 46 Illinois 48 ' , Purdue Ohio State 52 4414 7th place Western Conference Meet No team scoring in this meet. HERB BARTEN M. CORNELL DUAL MEET BOB SERGESON SPRINTS It was Charley Fonville who set the pace for the Wolverine track team during the outdoor season of 1948, when he posted a new world ' s record in the shot put with a tremendous heave of 58 feet ' t inch, surpassing the old mark by almost a foot. The Wolverine ace, who had to submit to a back operation following the season, along with Herb Barten and Val Johnson, led the Maize and Blue to a successful outdoor season. Although they narrowly lost to Ohio State ' s mighty Buckeyes, the Wolver- ines soundly trounced Cornell in a dual meet and Indiana and Purdue in a triangular affair and displaying unexpected power, Coach Doherty ' s charges finished second to Ohio in the Confer- ence meet to wind up the season. Under their new coach Don Canham, the Michigan trackmen, without the services of the ailing Fonville and with Captain Herb Barten hobbling on an injured foot, had to depend mainly on sophomores and only a few returnees from last year ' s squad to carry through the past indoor season. Aiding veterans Bob Thomason, Justin Williams, Tom Dolan, and Ed Ulvestad were such promising sophomores as hurdlers Jim Mitchell and Don Hoover, sprinter Art Henrie, and middle distance ace John Lindquist. Bucking an injury list all the way. the Wolverines managed to defeat Cornell 68-46 in a dual meet, place second to Illinois, and edge out Purdue in a triangular meet, and rose to the great- est heights of the season by beating champion Ohio State 61Vi-52 ' 2 in another dual affair. Bright spot of the season was Ed Ulvestad who developed into the outstanding pole vaulter in Michigan history. In the dual meet with Ohio, Ed vaulted 13 feet 11 inches to establish a new varsity and field house record. And a few weeks later at the Chicago Relays, he became the first Michigan athlete to clear 14 feet. The Wolverine thinclads fared poorly at the Big Nine indoor meet, finishing in seventh position. The disappointing showing could be attributed directly to injuries to key men and certainly was not indicative of the team strength. With the squad in good physical condition Coach Canham looked forward to a marked improvement in the outdoor season where the Maize and Blue thinclads will have an opportunity to show what they really can do. ART HENRIE JIM MORRISH JUSTIN WILLIAMS JOHN LINDQUIST BRUCE VREELAND IKK DISTANCE HURDLES DON HOOVER JIM MITCH! CLAY HOLLAND M LAND ECK KOUTONEN VAR BAYDARIAN ED ULVESTAD FIELD BROAD JUMP POLE VAULT HIGH JUMP SHOT-PUT BOB DOLAN EVENTS PETE DENDRINOS THIRD PLACE-BIG NINE AND NCAA Michigan 57 Michigan 49 Michigan 51 Michigan 64 Michigan 65 Michigan 45 Michigan 34 Purdue 36 LaSalle 26 M.S.C 33 Northwestern 29 Minnesota 18 Ohio State U. 34 Iowa . 46 Matt Mann, the super optimist is still prone to challenge a slow-moving swimmer with the words, " Why I can swim better than that. " And there is not too much doubt in his charge ' s mind that Mann, British Empire free style cham- pion at 16 and currently the youngest 65 year-old in the coaching business, could accomplish this feat. Fortunately for Michigan, however, Matt Mann, the super coach, makes a point of developing his swimmers to a point beyond the challenge stage. In his 24 years at Michigan, Mann has produced more than 30 Conference and Intercollegiate champions and has developed more Olympic swimmers than any other man. His teams have rolled up an amazing dual meet record of 176 wins against 20 losses and three ties. They have won 16 Western Conference championships and 13 NCAA titles, finishing below second in the Conference twice (they were third in 1925 and 1949) and below the second rung only once in the NCAA. They just don ' t come much better than that. MATT MANN SWIMMING CO-CAPTAINS SOHL AND WEINBERG THE OLYMPIC TEAM 19 f! !ME tett ro 7 AJW " 152 ' U FVENT PiSi l - Sn BSSPTaiSCF J hin!fl..l?M- -snTfiT NER _ i : , !??; B.iUIFNDIK mE MO-fffiM WOMEN SRMCBOttD ZOlSEN 1173? iM.ntE!sm A CURTIS ljH.Htsr.nni JJUJ JL 3162 . I 33 29 :. ;;. Unfa ' - -:-: BOB SOHL BILL UPTHEGROVE EAST STROKE BACK STROKE JOHN ARBUCKLE BERNIE KAHN Lacking the depth that carried them to Western Conference and NCAA titles in 1948, Michigan ' s perennially powerful swimming team slipped behind Ohio State and Iowa to finish third in the Western Conference meet, their lowest finish since 1925. Co-captain Dick Weinberg was the lone Wolverine to take Conference honors, snaring the 50-yd. free style. Earlier in the season Weinberg established two new varsity records, speeding the 50 in 22.8 seconds against Michigan State and the 100-yd. free style in 51.1 seconds against Minnesota. Matt Mann III enjoying the best season of his career, headed a fine array of middle distance free stylers that also numbered Gus Stager and Johnny McCarthy as scorers in the Conference meet. Co-captain Bob Sohl, third place finisher in the Olympic games, continued to star for the Wolverines in the breast stroke aided by versatile Charlie Moss who also sparkled in the dashes and individual medley. Divers Ralph Trimborn, George Eyster and Jim Hartman; backstrokers Bernie Kahn, Jack Arbuckle and Tom Smith; free stylers Bill Kogen, Dave Tittle, Tommy Coates, and Jay Sanford; and breast strokers Bill Austin and Bill Upthegrove were all valuable point-getters for the Wolverines during the course of the season. In dual meet competition the Wolverines swam to six straight wins, including a 45-39 win over arch rival Ohio State to stretch their dual meet victory skein to 16 before Iowa, aided by the disqualification of Michigan ' s winning 400-yd. free style relay team, stopped them, 46-34. BOB BYBERG BILL KOGEN FREE STYLE a D CHARLIE MOSS DAVE TITTLE ' r FRANK KELLER, JOHN HARTMAN, RALPH TRIMBORN, GEORGE EYSTER RALPH TRIMBORN DIVERS MIDDLE DISTANCE MATT MANN III GUS STAGER ASEBA CONFERENCE CO-CHAMPS RAY FISHI Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan . . . Michigan . . . Michigan Michigan . . Michigan Michigan . Michigan Michigan . . . Michigan Michigan Michigan . . . Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan. Michigan . Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan . . . Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan 9 Quantico Marines .... 8 1 9 Camp Lee 2 9 Georgetown U 2 1 1 George Washington U. . 1 5 . 10 Ohio University 4 Ohio University 1 5 Iowa U 2 9 Iowa U 7 10 Indiana U 4 7 Indiana U 6 3 Detroit U 3 Ohio State U 3 Ohio State U. 2 7 Toledo U 2 4 Pordoe U 3 Purdue U 5 3 Michigan State 7 2 Illinois U 3 5 Illinois U 4 3 Notre Dame 5 Notre Dame 2 2 Detroit U 14 4 Western Mich. Col. . . .5 6 Chatham, Ont 2 9 Michigan State 2 8 Northwestern U 8 Northwestern U. . .5 Beginning his 29th season at the helm of the Michigan baseball team, Ray Fisher, dean of the Wolverine coaching staff, has a record that most Conference mentors will find hard to surpass. Coming to the job from a stint in the major leagues, where he pitched for the old New York Highlanders and the Cincinnati Reds, Fisher has brought 1 1 Western Conference titles back to Ann Arbor and only once has one of his teams finished below the .500 mark. A L L 1948 CAPTAINS 1948 1949 JACK WEISENBURGER HAL RAYMOND fl ' U ART DOL BOB CHAPPUIS WEISENBURGER AT BAT BUCKEYE POPS UP ILL 194 DOM TOMASI BUMP ELLIOTT RALPH MORRISON Losing only two conference games, Michigan ' s baseball team wound up the 1 948 season in a tie with Illinois for the Big Nine title, their first since 1 945. The Wolverine nine split with their arch-rivals, the Illini, and lost one to Purdue, while winning two games from Iowa, Indiana, Northwestern, and Ohio State. Lanky Art Dole was the number one hurler for coach Ray Fisher and ac- counted for most of the Wolverine victories, with Bill Taft and " Bud " Rankin sharing the number two duties. Big guns in the Michigan attack were shortstop Jack Weisenburger, second sacker Dom Tomasi, outfielders Bump Elliott and Bob Chappuis, all of gridiron fame, along with Ted Kobrin at third base, and Howie Wikel who alternated between the outfield and shortstop. The tie for the Conference crown gave the Maize and Blue the right to enter a four team playoff for the NCAA tournament berth from District IV. The Wolverines, however, dropped a heartbreaker to Western Michigan and bowed out in the initial game. From last year ' s starters, only Kobrin, catcher and captain Harold Raymond, Rankin and Taft are available for service during the 1949 diamond season. First Row: Newt token (Coach), Pete Barthell, Edsel Buchanan, Bob Schoendube, Dave Lake, Dick Fashbaugh, Tom Tillman, Fred Thompson. Second Row: John Hoyt, Bob Willoughby, Walter Neiman, Bob Checkley, Bill Parrish, Tom Upton, louis Alexander. Missing: Jeff Knight. The 1949 Wolverine gymnasts rounded out an excellent season, winning five of their six dual meets. Starting the year with smashing victories over U of Chicago and Indiana, the gym squad suffered their only defeat at the hands of Illinois in a close match 50-46. Then they found their winning ways again and completed the season with victories over M.S.C., Kent State, and Wisconsin. Captain Dick Fashbaugh and Pete Barthell were the outstanding performers for the Maize and Blue. Fashbaugh won consistent firsts on the flying rings and high bars while Barthell took honors in tumbling and on the parallel bars. The trampoline experts were Edsel Buchanan and Bob Schoendube, who stunned the audience with a sensational feat called the " fliffus " which consisted of two somersaults and a one-half twist. Buchanan tallied four first places in this department. Bob Willoughby, a high bar expert, took top honors in the Chicago meet at the beginning of the season, and continued to display his skill on the high bar and flying rings until the last meet was won. Tom Tillman and Jerry Checkley added points to the Michigan score on several occasions, while teammate Jeff Knight demonstrated his agility on the side-horse. Gordie Levenson proved his value to the Wolverine squad as he snagged first place on the trampoline and third in tumbling in the meet against Kent State. COACH NEWT LOKEN l_ TEAM RECORD THIRD PLACE BIG NINE Feb. 12 Michigan 51 ' 4 U. of Chicago 44j Feb. 19 Michigan 53 Indiana 43 46 Illinois 54V: Feb. 21 Michigan Feb. 28 Michigan Mar. 14 Michigan Mar. 19 Michigan 49 ' i Kent State 61 Wisconsin 5 TICS TUMBLING FLYING RINGS HIGH BAR PARALLEL BARS SIDE HORSE TRAMPOLINE BOB SCHOENDUBE CAPTAIN DICK FASHBAUGH PE BARTHELL TOM TILLMAN JERRY CHECKLEY - JEFF KNIGHT TEN The 1 948 season will go into the records as a year of ups and downs for the Wolverine tennis squad. Paced by Captain Bill Mikulich and Andy Paton, the squad ran up four straight victories against Big Nine opposition. The Wolverines finished behind Northwestern, Conference defend- ing title holders, in the Western Conference finals at Evanston after beating them 5-4 in regular competition. The finals saw Andy Paton walk off with the Big Nine singles title and the Wolverine doubles combination of Paton and Mikulich annex the doubles crown. Michigan ' s net squad played its last season under the direction of Coach Bob Dixon who accepted a teaching position at Illinois. After a slow start against several of the South ' s strongest tennis teams, the Wolverines split with Michigan State and downed Western Michigan, Purdue, Illinois and Ohio State. Fred Otto, Gordon Naugle and Dick Lincoln filled out the Michigan top positions in the 1948 campaign which saw Michigan win ten of fourteen matches. FRED OTTO BILL MIKULICH ANDY PATON BIG NINE SINGLES CHAMP TEAM RECORD BIG NINE-THIRD PLACE Michigan 2 Michigan 7 Michigan 2 Michigan. ... ... 9 Michigan 3 Michigan 4 Michigan .... 6 Michigan 8 Michigan .... 5 Michigan ... ... 5 Michigan 7 Michigan 5 Michigan 9 Virginia U 6 DukeU 5 North Carolina U 9 Western Michigan .... Michigan State 6 Notre Dame 5 Kalamazoo College ... 3 Illinois U 1 Northwestern U. 4 Purdue U. Kalamazoo College ... 2 Michigan State 4 Ohio State U. . COACH BOB DIXON The Wolverine golfers completed their 1948 season with an ex- cellent record of 1 wins against 3 losses. Outstanding performances by Captain Ed Schalon, Roger Kessler and Pete Elliott provided many Maize and Blue points during the spring. Topnotch golfing was the mark of the Wolverine squad throughout the season, as individuals rose to the occasion to pull many a match out of the fire. Gerry DeVries sank a fifteen foot putt for a one-stroke margin which defeated Ohio State. In the second Buckeye match Roger Kessler posted a 1 under par 71 to capture low-stroke honors for the day. Dave Barclay, NCAA titleholder, carded a 72 to receive honors against Illinois. Consistent play by Doug Beath, Tom Messinger, Chuck McCallum, and Bill Cutler carried the team over several rough spots during the season. The Michigan linksmen staged their most brilliant comeback of the season against Michigan State College. Trailing 7Vt-5Vi after the morning rounds, the Wolverines rallied to outpoint the Spartans by seven points to take the meet, 16-14. Stanton notched a one under par 35, and was followed by Ken Berke with a 36. Elliott took medal honors for the day with a 36-38-74 and, with his teammate Mort Cohn, took best ball honors, 3-0. A windy day blew away the Linkster ' s ten-match winning streak as they were dropped by Purdue 14 1 4-12V4 late in the season. The Wolverine golfers finished fourth in the Big Nine Conference meet. COACH BERT KATZENMEYER It " J SffZ TOM MESSINGER MORT COHN DOUG BEATH BIG NINE-FOURTH PLACE Michigan 5 Wake Forest 22 Michigan 6 Duke 21 Michigan 24 North Carolina U. 12 Michigan 23 Ohio State U. 22 Michigan 21 ' 2 Detroit U 5Vi Michigan 27 Michigan State 7 Michigan 1 4 ' 2 Northwestern U 12Vi Michigan 16 Ohio State U. 13 Michigan 24 Detroit U . .3 Michigan 18 ' 2 Illinois U 11 ' 2 Michigan 17 Notre Dame 13 Michigan 16 Michigan State 14 Michigan 1214 Purdue U. 14 ' 2 PETE ELLIOTT BILL LUDOLPH JV COACH WREST L CAPTAIN BOB BETZIG Starting their 1949 season slowly, the Michigan matmen dropped their first meets to Illinois, Purdue, Navy, Iowa, and Indiana. But then they picked up steam, powered through Ohio State University and Northwestern with a winning streak that carried them into third place at the Big Nine Con- ference Meet. Individual honors for the season went to Jack Powers who emerged from the Conference Meet with the Big Nine 165 pound Championship. Powers ' strength was proved earlier in the season when he decisioned Ohio State ' s elusive Tom Rath 6-1 after three times lifting him up and throwing him to the mat. Wolverine Jim Smith concluded a successful season as he battled his way into the Conference semi-finals, losing there to defending Champion Alan Rice of Minnesota. Aggressive 146-pounder Phil Carlson dropped his Conference semi-finals match to Illinois ' Garcia while teammate Byron lasky was forced out of the 175 semi-finals by a bad ear. Defending Conference Champion Jack Keller ' s 128 pound title went to Pataseil of Purdue. It was the brilliant performances of Captain Bob Betzig which sparked the Wolverine team throughout the season. Bob rocked away most of his opponents with his famous cradle hold as he finished the regular season with a perfect record of seven wins and no losses. Suffering from a cold, Betzig entered the Conference finals against Keough of Ohio State and was out-pointed 6-5 in a close match. BIG NINE-THIRD PLACE Michigan Michigan ' .... 3 Illinois 25 Michigan Michigan 15 Purdue 16 Michigan Michigan 10 Navy 21 Michigan L COACH CUFF Kl EN 9 Iowa 15 13 Indiana 14 16 Ohio State U 11 25 Northwestern 5 CONFERENCE-CHAMP JACK POWERS BYRON LASKY JIM SMITH Mil ER JACK KI-LLER PHIL CARLSON BOB SO H L OLYMPIC GAMES 3RD PLAC 200 METER BREAST STROKE 4TH ONDON HERB BARTEN 1948 OLYMPIC GAMES 4TH PLACE 800 METERS HOP, SKIP KOUTONEN OLYMPIC GAMES AND JUMP LONDON CLIFF KEEN OLYMPIC GAMES UMP E AM MANAGER WRESTLING NGLAND f RECREATION NTR AMUR Michigan prides itself in having the finest athletic plant of any college or university in the country. Not the least among the facilities is the multimillion dollar Sports Building. Within the walls of this building, opportunity is offered in every sport imaginable. Handball, tennis, basketball, and squash courts, a beautiful swimming pool, wrestling, boxing, weight lifting, gymnastics, and golfing are other opportunities offered. This year, under the direction of Mr. Earl Riskey, the new sports of baseball and hockey were made available to the student body. Standing L-R: Tom Dodson, Don Kane, Jim Roberts, Neil VanRiper, Bill Largen, Chris Christiansen. Sitting: Philip Wurzel, Charles Orwick, Earl Riskey, Rod Grambeau, Bob Baker. I V The I.M. open house is a popular meeting place for students and their dates who are looking for something different to do in the way of entertainment. SPORTS Wrestling, an old, and hockey, a new I.M. sport are fast getting popular to both the participants and the audience who crowd the I.M. Building and the Coliseum to watch them. The University is fortunate to have a group as interested and as skillful at a sport that is unique to this part of the country. The Scimitar Club is hoping that fencing will soon be accepted as a varsity sport. WOLVERINE CLUB ' III The Wolverine Club was reorganized in the fall of 1946 to encourage all types of school spirit at the University. From its start as a coed group, it has ex- panded to 85 active members. All students are eligible to join provided they meet the general requirements of the University. Activities for the past year were repre- sentative of the usual schedule of events. The Wolverines planned and organized all Pep Rallies, directed the flash card formation in the stadium, ran student special trains to Ohio State and Minnesota football games, provided entertainment between hal ves at the basketball games, presented a Stan Ken- ton Concert, planned Homecoming events, and other activities that can be classified under " school spirit. " yeors,t Top Row: Hennessy, Tom; Stevenson, Clarke; Mayerson, Bob; Wright, Paul; Mackey, John; Waldron, Bob; Bobeltz, Lee. Second Row: Steinbrueck, Leonard; Clark, Richard J.; Federspiel, Chuck; Nelson, Al; Hertzberg, Stuart Meyer, George; Leiman, Herbert. Front Row: Cox, Sally; Logan, Muriel, Bessman, Justine; Miller, Lois; Johnson, Yvonne; Palmer, Carolyn; Kokales, Mary; Oliver, Betty; Moore, Maxine. JB FLYING CLUB The U. of M. Flying Club was formed on campus in 1945, following absence of two years, for the purpose of obtaining less ex- pensive flying and to promote inter-collegi- ate flying competition. The Flying Club ' s 65 members participate in a dual meet with Michigan State each year and in the Inter- Collegiate Meet, which the club reorganized at Willow Run two years ago. The success of the club members in the Inter-Collegiate competition has been nothing short of sen- sational and they are again expected to win the national championship meet. Flying Club Officers: Dick Huston, President; James Kaser, Vice-President; Ann Coe, Secretary; Harry Porter, Treasurer. Top Row L-R: Barb McCready, Katherine Geigenmuller, Jote Engle, Mary Ann Harris, Margaret McDougell, Libby Rensfard, Pricilla Ball, Marilyn Sheldon, Carol Somer, Ruth Ann South, Jeri Mutton. Second Row: Jan Olivier, Betty Cole, Ruth Ann Hansen, Betty Bout field, Secretary; Gwen Sperlich, President, Rote Marie Schoetz, Vice- President; Beverly Haley, Margaret Frottic, Edith Danielt. Bottom Row: Suzanne Robinton, Carol Fuer, Janet Marshall, Nancy Somers, Juttine Bessman, Beverly Howes, Buffy Bartt, Zola Shipman, Marion Robinton, Virginia Correll. The Univertity of Michigan Michifith are well known on camput for their precision swimming. This in spite of the fact that their pool it to small that only one third of the members can practice at a time. They annually give an exhibition at the Union Open Haute. RIFLE CLUB The Rifle club was formed to give those girls interested in riflery, a chance to participate in their sport under expert tutoring and supervision. BOWLING vm 3:30 at the W.A.B. bowling alleys has been a busy time this year. The girls held weekly tournaments within the club as well as entering the National Telegraphic Meet in which they placed third. SKATING The University of Michigan Skating Club had a very successful year this season. They put on several numbers at the Winter Carnival held at the Coliseum. Mary Frances Greschke, Professional of the club, skated a solo. Carole Somer, skating manager of the Club, was featured in " So- phisticated Swing. " Three members of the club, Audrey Grendhl, Marcia La Sage and Robert Harris skated in the Figure Skating competitions held that night. The club also skated before hockey games, putting on several group numbers, including the " Goon Dance " and " Barn Dance. " The club held a square dance, off the ice, for the last meeting of the year. Club members practicing at the Coliseum. The Goon Dance, given by members during Winter Carnival. TENNIS GOLF Coeds checking out golf clubs at the WAB. Membership in the Tennis Club enables the girls to re- ceive excellent instruction in a popular summer sport. TABLE TENNIS Members of the Table Tennis Club practicing their indoor sport. RIDING Top Row: John Leadbetter, Raymond Hess, William Hassel, Harold Simon. Second Row: Elizabeth Ann Wargell, Inez Miller, Barbara Dunkle. First Row: Deniie Le Mire, Andee Seeger. Members of the Riding Club enjoying a picnic before an afternoon of riding. LACROSSE FEN Coeds practicing in the archery range in the WAB Lacrosse is fast gaining in popularity among the more athletic girls. Coeds learning the graceful art of fencing BADMINTON VOLLEY 3AU An exciting game of volleyball is being enjoyed by these girls Coeds receive instruction in badminton Basketball is fast growing in popularity as is shown by the action in this game. L-R: Virginia Seput, Joan Bean, Irene Straub, Beverly Hawes, Alice Gold, Frank Marovich, Harold Ziganfh, Gretchen Fielstra, Dorothy Daniels, Edith Daniels, Rollene Jackson, Jack Huehler. The University of Michigan Rifle club is organized to represent the University in intercollegiate rifle competition. It com- peted in the Western Conference this year and was represented in the Michigan League Gallery Tournament. Inter-club matches are held monthly to enable the members to win DCM and NRA marks- manship awards. The club also offered its practice hours to the individual members so they could enter in the senior rifle matches held in the middle west. First Row L-R: Sgt. Richard Hanson, advisor; William Powell, George Meyer, William Derragon, Martin Everitt. Middle Row: William Davis, Dale Bessler, Dave Peterson, Albert Demmler, Executive Office. Bottom Row: Albert Haggerty, Douglas Covert, President; Robert Martin, Samuel Kalow, Secretary. The Society of Les Voyageurs, founded in 1906, is a brotherhood of student men from all fields with a universal interest in the Spirit of the Great Out of Doors. Active membership is limited to twenty men. v The Society maintains its lodge on the Huron River. Each Sunday all the mem- bers gather here for a good meal, good singing, and good fellowship around the open fire. They swap yarns and hear LV alumni tell tales of worldly travels, for these men are The Travelers. First Row: Bryan Harry, Merle Stitt, Robert Shafer, George Lodge, Elmer Richards, Richard Starrals. Second Row: Joseph Link, W. F. Ramsdell, Edward Reid, Vice-Chief; Treve Wainscott, Chief, Harold Jordan), Stan Sparth. Top Row: Milan Miskovsky, Bruce Miller, Keith Truettner, Richard McArdle, Terrance Brille, James Webster. : UNION-LEAGUE I O N BOB HOLLAND, President KEITH JORDAN, Secretary Top Row L-R: Board in Control: Mr. John Huss, Mr. Merlin Townley, Mr. Thad. Joss, Prof. Harry Carver, Mr. Everett Ellin, Mr, Robert Laidlaw, Prof. Chester Wisler, Dean Erich Walter. Seated-UR: Dean Joseph Bursley, Regent Otto Eclcert, Mr. Robert Holland, President; Mr. Keith Jordan, Secretary; Mr. Marvin Niehuss, Vice-President. Missing: Prof. A. L. Clark, Mr. E. G. Davis, Mr. L. J. Romzick, Mr. N. Muhlenberg, Mr. Wm. Reitier Prof. Carl Brandt, Mr. T. H. Tapping. Your Union is an autonomous men ' s club within the University. Its overall policy is decided by the Board of Directors with the President of the Union as chairman. The board consists of nine students and nine faculty and alumni. The student activities are centered in the Junior Executive Council headed by the two senior officers and is composed of from ten to twelve juniors. The sophomore staff members are upwards of sixty men. Projects include, the " U " Hand- book, a radio program, specialty dances, marriage lecture series, University Day, Student talent shows, orientation of students, Michigras, Winter Carnival and many more too numerous to mention. Great effort is made to cooperate with other campus or- ganizations in the interest of the student body. In addition to the above activities, the Union itself houses a swimming pool, an excellent billiard room, Pendleton Library for studying and browsing, dining facilities unexcelled in quality, and a reasonably priced cafeteria. Meeting rooms are avail- able for all campus organizations upon reservation. Every male student is automatically a member upon payment of his semester ' s tui- tion and after eight semesters he becomes a Life Member with all rights and privileges. Student Relations Committee: Bob Perrin, Frank Zaggelmeyer. Campus Affairs Committee, Dick Allen; Personnel and Planning Committee, Jack Kuse, Jim Kistler. Social Committee: Bill Wi e, Dick Slocum. Publicity Committee: Dale Coenen, John Lindquift, Sam Sargeant. House Committee: Dick Foole, Bob Seeber. Bowling Billiards W ! UNION ' Top Row L-R Keith Jordon, Bob Holland, Irv Barill, Jerry Mehlman, Bill Race, Cole Coeman, John Lindquitt, Jim Root. Middle Row: Ronney Render, Don Probert, Bob Brittor, Ed Rifle, Bill Briitor, Dick Couitt, Bob Graham, Hal Sperlich, Joah Schlee. Bottom Row: Jim Amerman, Joe Modeler, Bob Waldoron, Frank Butorac, Phil McCormic, Dick Forsyth. Swimming Coed talking to Band leader Frank Tinker at the Union Formal Good music was enjoyed by all at the new Bowery Ball Bits of rhumbas, sambas, and fox trots were typical of Union dances this past year, Specialty dances were the demand of the season; at the Bowery Ball, Blue Book Ball, Turkey Trot, and Wishing Well Ball. This year ' s Union Formal was one of the finer dances of the year. Lamp posts and tumble-down shacks adorned the ballroom for the Bowery Ball as the Terrace Room was transformed into the typical Bowery Cafe. Coke was the drink of the day. Spring was harbingered in the Wishing Well Ball which was based upon a good luck theme toss a penny in the well and wish like everything. Collaboration with W.A.A. resulted in the Tennis Ball which was a merry outdoor dance held on the tennis courts of Palmer Field. Some of the costumes showing the students originality at the Bowery Ball Coed dancing chorus entertaining during intermission PAT McKENNA, President MARGE ZALLER, Treasurer NANCY HESS, Viee-President LEAGUE PAT HANNAGAN, Judiciary Chairman ILONA FIETZE, Secretary MARY CAROLYN WRIGHT, Interviewing Chmnj MARY STIERER Panhellenic President BOBBIE JO REAM Social Chairman ARLETTE HARBOUR Assembly President GWEN SPERLICH WAA President AUDREY BUTTERY Daily Women ' s Editor MARY JO WILSON Assembly Vice-President GINNY CAMPBELL JGP Chairman GINNY NICKLAS Merit-Tutorial Chairman NANCY MUSSELMAN Dance Class Chairman JACKIE RIED Ballroom Chairman NANCY CULLIGAN Publicity Chairman MARY DAVIDSON Personnel Chairman RUTH SPORE Women ' s Glee Club Chairman EUGENIA McCALLUM Orientation Chairman ANN SHOONMAKER Drives Chairman The Michigan League is an organization that exists for undergraduate women and is led by these women. The governing body is composed of women students who represent the various activities centering about the league. The Undergraduate Council is behind activities which will make college memories more vivid and more to be cherished. Those League activities which will be remembered by Michigan coeds long after 1949 has faded into the past are the League Formal, the revival of Winter-Carnival with the Union, and the traditions associated with JGP. By sponsoring such activities as dance classes, faculty teas, record concerts, and a talent hunt, the League adds a spice to the academic and social life of every woman on the Michigan campus. The League as an organization for women is indispensable its contributions manifold. INTERVIEWING COUNCIL 1 ,a A typical informal interview OMENS WAR COUNCIL f When the Women ' s Judiciary Council was organized seven years ago, one of its functions was the interviewing of all women who were interested in League positions. In 1947 the constitution of the League was revised so that a separate Interviewing Committee was established and made a part of the student govern- ment. The Committee chooses women for such positions as the Judicial Council, the chairman of the JGP and the Sophomore Cabaret, and the officers of the League itself. Made up of sorority and independ- ent women, the Committee tries to fill the positions with a proportionate number of affiliated and non-affiliated women. Interviewing for more than two hundred positions has been done this year. All ap- pointments are announced in the spring at Installation Night. Standing: Joyce Alchison, Sally Slocum, Charlotte Eagle. Seated: Jeri Rich, Eileen Scanlon, Secretary; Mary Carolyn Wright, Chairman; Patricia Reed. _____ UNIOR GIRLS PLAY JGP, as the Junior Girls ' Play is known to all students, has been produced annually by the women of the Junior class since 1904. The annual musical comedy gives the coeds of the junior class a chance to work together on a project which shows their talents in many fields. This year ' s J.G.P, " Fate of the Union, " satirized politi- cal life in 2000 A.D. The campaign of Jenny G. Pepper, the women ' s candidate, for president, eventually leads to Femocrat victory over the men ' s party. Almost 300 junior girls worked on this project in some capacity, either on committees or in the production itself. Music for the 14 original songs was written by Louise Steele, and lyrics by Barbara Gerholz. Marsha Ames and Sally Mitts worked on the many dance routines while Barbara Cress, Jo Henderson, Jo Christensen and Carol Tuer carried the leads in the show. Central Committee was the backbone of JGP. They be- gan their work long before rehearsals, planning the show and writing the script while their work behind the scenes helped make " Fate of the Union " a successful and worth- while production. Left to right: Virginia Campbell, general chairman; Betty Jo Faulk, director; Pat Lewis, assistant chairman. Top Row: Sue Hendrian, Mary Stewart, Lois Kennedy, Rita Schubot, Laura Nasset, Marica Ames, Phyllis Bohnsock, Jean Russ. Second Row: Barbara Gerholz, Marilyn Bates, Mary Jo Wilson, Shirley Osgood, Nancy Cupples, Katherine Mills, Sally Goodyear. Third Row: Louis Steele, Nancy Williams, Dotty Fogel, Kathy Macpherson, Edith Livermore, Phoebe Feldman. Top Row: Elizabeth Vial, Virginia Ross, Patricia Breon, Charlotte Voelker, Renee Pregulman, Joan Broomfield, Jeanne Beeman, Mory Grace Aldridge, Elaine Nagelvoort, Caryl Daly. Second Row: Laurelyn Lamy, Lydia Wilhelm, Martha Chandler, Sylvia Foil, Juanita Brown, Ellen Van Wagoner, Marcia Ziskind, Mary Thorn. Beverly Baron, Patsy Parkin. First Row: Catherine Clairmont, Hope Schaidler, Maxine Pearson, Ethel Morris, Jeanne Longe, Martha Bryant, Mary Maguire, Karot Kerr. Missing: Barbara Reynolds. Delphoi-Olympus style by Nickie Sofier and Pat Keast. Jeannie Quirk reviews her tap chorus of devils Bev Olszynski, Michigan coed, visits the gods on Mt. Olympus. PUBLICATIONS Managing Editor Harriet Friedman Business Manager Dick Hait DAI LY Editorial Director Naomi Stern City Editor Dick Malay fa Eft For 59 years now The Michigan Daily has been performing a dual service for the Uni- versity community. It acts as a training ground for student newspapermen and as a vehicle for presenting news and opinion on local, national and international affairs. Growing along with the University, The Daily now possesses the finest student news- paper plant in the country and has consis- tently been named among the top collegiate publications. The editorial and business staffs of the paper are operated entirely by students under the authority of The Board in Control of Student Publications. The Daily is published every morning except Monday and boasts " The Latest Deadline in the State. " Junior Editors left to right, Standing: Don McNeil, Russ Clanahan, Leon Jaroff, Phil Dawson, Craig Wilson, Jake Hurwitz, Al Blumrosen. Sitting: Fredrica Winters, Alice Brinkman, Jo Anne Misner, Mary Stein, Fran Ivick, Buddy Aronson. Associate Editor Art High Associate Editor Allegro Pasqualetti Associate Editor Hal Jackson Associate Editor Al Blumrosen Associate Editor Leon Jar off Associate Editor Bob White Mary Ann Harris, Associate Women ' s Editor; Audrey Buttery, Women ' s Editor. Top Row: Marge Schmidt, Pinkey Calhoun, Barb Molyneaux, Jean Russ, Lee Kaltenbach, Miriam Cody, Lilas Wagner. First Row: Mary Ann Harris, Audrey Buttery, Marilyn Jones. Missing: Marylin Klafer, Edith Tews, Maxine Ryckman, Barbara Smith. SPORTS STAFF Sports Editors: B. S. Brown and Murry Grant Top Row: Left to Right: Roy Goelz, John Barbour, Merle Levin, Bill Brenton, Pres Holmes, Dick Hurst. Bottom Row: Herb Ruskin, B. S. Brown, Sports Editor; Beverly Bussey, Sports Features Editor; Bud Weidenthal, Associate Sports Editor; Sy Sonkin. Business Staff-Top Row: Left to Right: Jim Ebersole, Paul Schaiple, Bud Gutman, Fred Thompson, Jim Schneider, Jim Dangl, Phil Mercado, Bob Daniels, John Schlee, Bob Vincent. Second Row: Bernie Aidinoff, Lola Schwartz, Doris Dee, Donna Cady, Jock Montrose, Carolyn Woodhams, Jane Evans, Clara Davis, Bob Korff. First Row: Jo Bell, Dick Halt, Jean Leonard, Bill Culman, Roger Wellington. BUSINESS STAF ' -; Tryouts-Top Row: Left to Right: Jim Armstrong, Dick Treckelo, Jim Pittsley, Bob Silv.rman, John N. McGuire, Bob Miller, Gil Osnos, Art Stashower, Jack Duke, MiddeRow:RussEtl, Dick Fleischman, Harv.y Gordon, Dick Young, Jerry Halp erin, Wally, Sid Kat. Bob Stracahan Bottom Row: Joan Mintier, Cynthia Stein, Sue Peterson, Lucy Goldstein, Vivian B eck, Ruth Anderson, Jean Parker, Gerry Senderoff, gaard, Nancy Coleman. Business Manager-Bill Graham Managing Editor Art Mancl The 1949 Michiganensian has made a great effort to include students and faculty members to the greatest extent possible by including more organizations, more house groups and activities than has previously been done. The medium we have chosen is more and larger pictures than is usually seen in yearbooks. You have probably noticed that the layouts have presented the largest possible pictures within the specific page organization. Much credit goes to the excellent Photography staff through whose efforts it has been possible to assemble very good pictures of great variety. It has been the express purpose of the year- book staff to present events and life of the campus, and some of the smaller things, espe- cially in the Features Section, that mean college to many students but are often not pictured in favor of the more spectacular activities. The setting in both copy and pictures is definitely in a current idiom: " Michigan Now. " Associate Editor Mazie Brice Associate Editor Bob Sommer Lynn Guthenberg Senior Pictures Jeannie Johnson House Groups EDITORS Sid Steck Schools and Colleges Carleton Patterson Associate Photography Alex Lmanian Photography Pete Craighead Activities i u Dave Shuart Office Manager Bill Zerman General Sales Manager Paul Rider General Accounts Manager ENSIAN Mary Riggs-Distribution Manager To-n Cramer Contacts Manager Jim Reaqan-Publicify and Promotion Manager Shirley Richardson Sales Accounts MgJ Art Staff-Seated, left to right: Helen Dorrence, Frank Vogler, Stu Todd. Standing Chuck Higbee, Ann Sauer, Jeanne Schierber, Barb Henry, Barb Ridgeway. Left to Right: Slug Kettler, Gene Adams, Helen Siskin, Mary Kokales. Editorial Staff Tryouts The responsibility for making appointments with faculty members and campus organiiations and generally helping in the make-up of the book is the tryout ' s duty. Bill Osterman Campus Sales Manager Ann Hariton Advertising Manager Business Staff Tryouts The tryouts have regular office hours and are responsible for keeping the office running efficiently in addition to promoting sales. Doug Parker Managing Editor Norm Gottlieb Associate Editor GARGOYLE Bev Dippel Business Manager Art Dormant Art Editor Junior Editors Standing: Brian Duff, Humor Editor; John Morris, Literary Editor. Seated: Wendy Owen, Salei Manager; Martha Heinrichs, Advising Editor. Founded under its present title in 1906, the Gargoyle has convulsed the campus periodically ever since. Its purpose is to offer to the student at Michigan, an opportunity to gain experience in the broad and diverse field of magazine writing. Under the Board in Control of Student Publications, its student staff of about 40 souls, gains skill in the fields of writing, art, photography, layout, and advertising. Produced in a large degree by its active reg- istered staff, Gargoyle, nonetheless, encourages contributions from the campus at large by any student or faculty member attending the University. Business Staff Standing: Roy Block, Bill Meritt. Seated: Joan Giessow, Nancy Cupples. Literary Staff Standing: Roland Gerson. Seated: Bob Uchitelle, Roselle Sparks, Don DeVries. OARD IN CONTROL V Standing: Prof. Ernest Brater, Prof. John Lederle, Ink White, Bruce Loclcwood, Prof. Wesley Maurer. Seated: John Campbell, Prof. Robert L. Dixon, Secretary; Prof. Paul Kauper, Chairman; Lee Woodruff, Tom Walsh. Missing: Dean Erich Walter; Prof. Marvin Niehuss. Bi x, The Board in Control of Student Publications supervises the activities and the editorial policies of the Daily, the Michiganensian, and the Gargoyle. Composed of four faculty members, two alumni, and three elected students, the Board appoints the heads of the various publica- tions, reviews and acts as a guiding hand to the publications. Students working on the copy desk in the Publications Building m Editor in Chief, Gerard Giczewski TECHNIC The Michigan Technic is the offi- cial publication of the undergradu- ate engineering students of the University of Michigan and is pub- lished each month of the school year. The Technic is a technical journal primarily interested in disseminat- ing to its readers the numerous en- gineering societies, and present-day thought and trends in engineering education. The magazine is operated en- tirely by a group of engineering students and is financially self- sustaining, with no monetary aid accrued from the University. The organization of the magazine is divided into several departments under the overall supervision of the editor-in-chief. Assisting him is the associate editor and the managing editor. Managing Editor, Lexie Herrin, II Business Manager, James Chandler Associate Editor, David Stein Publications Manager, Folke Lundgard TECHNIC Junior Staff Top Row: Thomas Bassett, George Wolf, Bruce Paxton, Ray Ladendorf, Roy Brogren, Franz, Benjamin, Otto Schiesswohl. First row: Walter Dublanica, Barnett Frommer, Paul Fromm, Philip Hyatt, William Readung, Harvey Schatz, Robert Paul. Senior Staff Top Row: Frank Dennis, Robert Ford, John Smith, Roger Kuehl, V. J. Rauner, Robert Clark. First Row: Richard Humes, Robert Giglio, Roderick Tipping, Le Roy Weinstein, Walter Oberreit, Richard Wagner, Howard Luckey. Slide Rule Ball Committee Top Row: Richard Humes, Publicity; David Stein, Intermission Program; Folke Lundgard, Decorations; Robert Clark, Pro- grams. First Row: James Chandler, Finance; Gerard Giczewski, Co-Chair- man; Lexie Herrin II, Co-Chairman; Philip Stemmer, Tickets. The Masonic Temple saw Bob Strong and his band playing for the Slide Rule Ball. HONORARIES MICHIGAMUA Standing Elk Holland Spreadum Joy Malay Fumbling Fingers Maslin Snowshoe Waver Mikulich Makum Merry Moody Reachum Rain Roberts Shank Shooter Schalon Little Buck Schott Plenty Pow Wow Tattersall W )keJMaker Weinberg Many Muscles Like the tree of the forest, the Tribe of Michigamua has grown through 48 long sleeps into a mighty oak whose roots are deep in the Land of Michigan. Its warriors, chosen from the stalwart chiefs of the Paleface nation early in the Spring Hunt, journey many times each moon to the Wigwam high above the sleep- ing campus, there to join in counsel that leads to great deeds for Michigan and Michigamua. 1 DRUIDS -: .: Druids, founded in 1923, is the Senior Literary Society honoring activities men from the L. S. A., Forestry, Architecture and Design, Education, Business Administration, and Music Schools. Qualifica- tions are twofold: first, a personality warranting recognition, and secondly, how that personality has been used for the better interests of the University of Michigan. Coupled with their Social entity, the members of Druids strive to promote University objectives through their influence in student organizations. Lasciviaous Locus La Pierre " Arch Druid " Lumpy Linden Lmanian Luscious Larch Lewis Willowing Willow Wisniewski Mincing Magnolia Mancl Scumy Sapwood Slocum Happy Hackberry Hait Bouncing Beech Baker Trickling Leak Toler Tumbling Tulip Trimborne " Seneca " Paunchie Popular Parker Benny Popular Zerman " Hoarder of the Funds " Brazen Birch Burton Husky Holly Hill Suckling Sassafras Schoendube Jumpin Juniper Johnson Grimming Gum Grant Slippery Snakewood Olshevsky L VULCANS George H. Johnson, President Tom A. Bayless, Sec. Treas. Erwin R. Price Benjamin F. Sloat John A. McDonald William S. Mickey Lloyd A. Heneveld Thomas I. Dolan James T. Sakai Stanley H. Saulson i Lexie E. Herrin Paul A. Reger Lamar H. Kishler Kenneth F. Packer Roger H. Kessler William Bruce Lockwood Walter Rankin Tom L. Wile The purpose of the Vulcan organization is not that of reform, nor to work its already overworked members, but to provide a meeting time and place where the student leaders of the Engineering College can get together and talk over school and personal problems as well as the day ' s happenings. Vulcans tap, each spring, the ex- ceptional members as to character, activities, and scholarship of the incoming senior class. TRIANGLES Every year the members of Triangles, the Junior Engineering Hon- orary Society, venture forth to tap for membership those of the Sopho- more class who have proven their abilities in scholarship and campus activities. This honorary serves to bring into close working association and companionship, the outstanding juniors so that they are best able to serve the University. Triangles strive to coordinate and unify student activities and to preserve the spirit and traditions of the Engineering College. James Atchison Robert Clark Donald Cleveland Roger DeMerritt Peter Dendrinos Arnold Gowans William Gripman John Kistier Donald Macintosh Charles Lentz Robert Paul Bud Rauner Mack Suprunowicz William Upthegrove Stan Wiggins Faculty Adviser Wilfred Senseman Gus Stager Pharaoh Tom Coates Thasash, Imperial Sarcophagus Carver Bob Fancett Ahnut, His Lowness i SPHINX Gene Freed Phatazz, Keeper of the Tainted Thithes Don Hiles Baluk, Pharaoh ' s Little Shaver Bob Holloway-Wolghost, Most Exaulted Bodyguard Dick Kempthorn Chesed, Chief Embalmer Ted Kobrin Nitemayor, Effect of the Royal Rarebit Bill Kogen Perizzites, Lord of the Deserted Harem Gene Lamb Roumi, Guard of the Pyramid Bill Marcoux Hamud, Graceful Glider Across Deserts John McCarthy Sishta, with the Gift of Eternal Youth Bob McGhee Mugi, Flayer of the Royal Bull Ralph Morrison Ashes, What was the Pillar to Rameses II Dick Morrison Moreashes, What Might Have Been the Pillar to Rameses II Charlie Moss Bumps, Chaser of the Sacred Alligator Don O ' Connell- Shafu, Court Fool Jim Smith Neku, the Dancing Girl John Wilcox Abihu, Courier of the Imperial Camels Gild. The Egyptian Gods have been generous to the Great Court of Sphinx this year. Founded during the First Dynasty in 1906 as the Junior Honorary Society of the Literary College, Sphinx has been built to become an ageless tradition. Today she stands as a stronghold of honor and service, silent keeper of wide knowledge and power. To the future belongs new problems, and the Sphinx will stand always ready to serve Michigan. PHI ETA SIGMA The Michigan chapter of the national honorary society of Phi Eta Sigma was organized in order to promote a higher stand- ard of learning, to encourage high scholastic attainment, and to develop leadership among the men of the University. Any fresh- men man who, during his first semester, achieves a scholastic average of half A and half B au- tomatically becomes a member. Initiations are held annually. Standing: Left to right: Harold Neimeyer, James Root, Marvin Lubeck, Harold Sperlich, James Brown. Seated: John Hammersmith, Harvey Weiner, Dean Joseph Bursley, Jerome Goldman, Donald Downie, Donald Sigman. dney Amstw, Robert Atkins, John Bartzot, David Bonn, wtmom Bcrnage, Jonn mery, iexonaer ocnxowsKy, vnane wtven, rranK mumemhal, Moltolm sky. Henry Botdt, James Bologna, Richard Boonstra, George Boucher, Pout Brentlinger, William Brenton, William Brown, Robert 6 ungrabr, Charles Butler, Robert Byberg, nonf Chapman, Wilfiam Clingman, Robert Damiano, James Dftgnay, Nathan Driggers, Robert Fornsworth, Sidney Goldberg, Arthur Graham, Hugh Greenfaerg, James gory, Joel Hamburger, John Hanson, John Horger, John Heenay, Herman Heineman, James Hess, Conrad Heyner, Fred Hittman, William Hoffmeyer, Wesley Hoffman, bert tizo, Theodore Johnson, Richard Kane, Wallace Kemp, Jerome Knittle, Walter Kuebnick, Eric Kollgaard, Lawrence Krause, Morvirt lobes, Edward laird, Peter lashmet, rt layton, Henry leBost, Edwin Lewinson, Douglas liddkoat, David Locke, Gordon logquist Barton London, Peter Mann, Robert Motwsoff, William Matheson, John McGroe, aid G. Mehlmon, David Michoelson, James Mitchell, Joseph Newman, James Olfman, James Osborn, Gene Overbeck, William Porshall, Robert Pierce, Manord Pont, Douglas Price, Jasper Reid, Martin Rosen, Alexander Rotslco, Manuel Rosenbaum, Ralph Schati, David Shappirio, Kenneth Sivier, Clyde Spencer, Bruce Stewart, Peter Strong, Lawrence Strossky, Roy Stenstrom, Fronk Tendlick, Reuben Tyau, Thomas Upton, John Villa, Robert Vogt, Edward Waeber, Robert Wagner, Paul Weinman, Atvin Weinstein, Edmund Whole, Richard Whipple, Gerald White, Seumio Yukawa, Lester Zen , Jack Zimmerman. RTARBOARD Requirements for membership in Mor- tarboard, senior honor society, are out- standing excellence in scholarship and leadership displayed in participation in campus activities. Members can be rec- ognized by the small black and gold mortarboard pin which they wear. This year the project to advance the spirit of service and fellowship on campus was to send corsages to junior women with outstanding academic records. Again this year they held their annual Pay-Off dance, a women ' s bid dance, to which J-hop dates are invited, the proceeds going to their scholarship fund. Standing: Maizie Bricc, Rosemarie Schoetz, Bobby Jo Ream, Harriet Friedman, Audrey Buttery. Seated: Eileen Scanlon, Marjorie Zaller, Ruth Sights, Eugenia McCallum, Betty Ettes, Patricia McKenna, liana Fietze. Kneeling: Nancy Hesv Patricia Hannegan, Patricia Baumgarten. ROLL Scroll Honorary Society, founded in May of 1939, selects its members from senior affiliated women. The require- ments for membership are outstanding scholarship, participation in extracurricu- lar activities and service given to the student body. " Tapping " takes place during Recog- nition night when the members of the society run through Rackham tapping the girls to be taken into membership. The objective of this society was originally to further the relations between Alumnae and Undergraduate women. But since the founding, the activities of the organi- zation have broadened out. First Row; Chris Blair, Nancy Mussleman, Corrine Firth, Bernice Calkins, Ann Gestie, Nancy Culligan, Ginny Beabes. Second Row: Mary Lou Hill, Jackie Reed, M. C. Wright, Shirley Smith, Ginny Garritson, Gwen Sperlich, Martie Delano. Top Row: Ann Scoonmaker, Corrine Schilds, Joan Kampmier, Ruth Spoor, Dottie Ellis, Ginny Nicholas, Jeanne Blinn, Mary Stierer, Harriet Fenske, Suzy Toepel. SENIOR SOCIET Senior Society is an honorary society for the Independent women prominent in leadership, scholarship and service on campus. The aims of this organization are to promote friendship and goodwill among the women on campus. They spon- sored their annual dance at the beginning of this school year. They " tapped " their new members Installation night. Scholarship, leadership, and activities are the common bonds of members of Wyvern, honor society for junior women, as well as the purpose of the organiza- tion. Sophomore women are elected to the society in the spring and are active for their junior year. Membership this year included 17 girls. Tapping is done with the traditional " Damn, Damn, Damn to Michigamua " and the members dressed in yellow sweaters and brown skirts, the traditional Wyvern colors. Activities for the year in- cluded aiding Student Expert Program with publicity, sponsoring an " Overflow " dance, Christmas caroling, and a fund raising paper drive. Top Row: Arleite Harbour, Betsy I den, Elinor Abrahamson, Joan Katz, Helen Olther, Hone Fietie, Marian Grant. Second Row: Patricia Peter, Vice-President; Margaret Frostic, President; Cora May Chu, Sec ' y; Beverly Dippel, Treas. First Row: Arlynn Rosen, Janet Rex, Beverly Ketchil, Naomi Stern, Cohleen Jensen. Missing: Alline Brown (Vice-Pres., first semester) Hanna Norton (Treas., first semester), Allegro Pasqualetti, Harriett Norton, Dulcie Krasniclc, Marilyn Scheel. WYVERN Back Row: Dotty Fogel, Connie Skaff, Pat James, Mary Stein, Katherine Mills, Gale Huntington, Edith ' Andrew. Front Row: Betsy Bousfield, Joyce Atchinson, Shirley Kallman, Jo Bell, Sidney Steck, Lois Steere. Missing: Shirley Osgood, Ruth Campbell, Pat Reed, Marge Flint. DELTA CHI Top Row Left to Right: B. S. Brown, Arthur Klein, Irv Kalin, Vernon Rutza, Jim Marchewka, John Averill, Marion Sibille, Jim Smith, Jake Hurwitz, Raymond Sons, John Nehman, Ray Courage. Second Row: Stan Sauerhaft, William S. Zerman, Phil Dawson, Cleve Matthews, Anthony Blattner, Don Thomas, Bob Lenski, Bob Dilworth, Ken Peterson, Bill McLean, Alex Lmanian. First Row: Richard Kraus, Bob Dean, Corresponding Secretary; Russ Clanahan, Recording Secretary; Stan Dean, President; Professor Donal Haines, Advisor; Craig Wilson, Vice-President; Irv Little, Treasurer. Missing: Lee Wilson. Gamma chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalism frater- nity, was founded at the University of Michigan in March, 1910, less than a year after the founding of Alpha chapter at DePauw University. Dedicated to the advancement of professional standards within journalism, it includes sponsorship of lectures and press conventions among activities de- signed to further that end. A significant number of Gamma alumni are present on any list of distinguished journalists, national or international. THET PHI It wasn ' t until the spring semester that Theta Sigma Phi really began doing things in a big way. The thirteen mem- bers initiated into the national honorary journalism fraternity in the spring of ' 48 were like orphans in the fall. All the old members had graduated, leaving them to carry on past traditions and revive even older ones. They formulated plans and divided into committees in the fall. Then, with the spring came two huge successes. One was the Theta Sig fashion show, under the direction of Nancy Ved- der and Pat Maloney. The other was the Matrix Table, anniversary foreign cor- respondent banquet of the fraternity. Honored guest speaker was Helen Kirk- patrick. Co-chairmen Lillian Drazek and Bev Bussey revived this affair for the first time since 1940. Top Row: Doris Sternberg, Pat Maloney, Peggy Williams, Glenna Moore, Nancy Vetter, lil Drazek, Sig Nelson. First Row: Bev Bussey, Pat Barrows, May Alice Cheney, Addie Rasmussen, Betty Peck. HIH " : ' ' -: ' - :.; ' - I | LPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delta, the national hon- orary society for freshmen women, was established at the University of Michigan in 1928. The society strives to encourage high scholastic attainment and to pro- mote leadership among the women of the university. Membership is open to all freshman women who have attained a scholastic average of half A and half B in their first semester at the University. Senior women who have maintained the Alpha Lambda Delta average throughout their college career are awarded certificates of merit. Dean Alice Lloyd is vice-president of the national council and Mrs. Mary C. Bromage is advisor to the local chapter. First Row Left to Right: Ann Shannon, Lois Cronkwright, Doris Gardner, Rosanne Mitshkun, Eleanore Scolt, Anita Seiler. Second Row: Renate Oppenheimer, Nancy Coleman, Vice-President; Joan Meyers, Treasurer; Jeanne Lange, President; Mrs. Mary C. Bromage, Advisor; Lita Hagen, Secretary; Louise Moore. Third Row: Edith Merlin, Cecelia Woodworth, Valerie Lemper, Joan Widens, Joyce Simon, Juanita Brown, Marcia Ziskind, Elizabeth Ross, Lillian Miller, Yvonne Johnson. Top Row: Mary Lou Hook, Shirley Kallmann, Carolyn Kaplan, Joyce Briskman, Ruth Frank, Jane Dieterle, Anne Beck, Mary Stein, Franziska Isbell, Norma Jacsec. ZETA PHI TA There are 24 chapters of Zeta Phi Eta, national professional speech arts frater- nity for women, which was founded at Northwestern in 1893. It tries to band to- gether groups of selected college women interested in maintaining high standards of speech. The membership is made up of women in all fields of speech academic, theatrical, and public address. Their activities include ushering at opening nights, entertaining speakers of the lecture series who are connected with theater or radio work, and editing " Speech Spotlight, " and the speech de- partment newspaper. It is a professional aid and stimulus after graduation. Top Row Left to Right: Ruth Livingston, Margaret Paton, Barbara Cress, Mrs. Paula Eisenstat, Shirley Tucker, Beverley Olzynski, Joyce Cregor, Eugenia McKallum. Third Row Left to Right: Virginia Campbell, Carolyn Daughterly, Margaret Pell, Audrey Axelrod, Jan Olivier, Shirley Kallman, Mary Kokales, Bette Ellis. Second Row: Phyllis Pletcher, Patricia McKenno, Lillian Cohen, Jeanne Hendel, Margie Zaller, Ann K. Rogers, Gale Huntington, Lauana Kamp. First Row: Betty Jane Holton (Social Chairman), Beverley Ketcik (Corresponding Sec.), Virginia E. Hyde (Pres.), Joyce Atchison (Recording Secretary), Marilyn Scheel (Marshal), June Goldberg (Treasurer). Top Row: H. Clinton Boothe, William N. Sweet, Russell W. Parkinson, Charles A. Kant, James V. Castelli, Robert J. Skulstad, Edward V. Stewart, Carl S. Schade, Charles C. Chadwick, Keith L. Conway, Robert P. Klamser. Second Row: Robert S. Silverman, Roger S. Markle, Kurt A. Soehngen, Peter I. Adams, William C. Balfour, Howard C. Benedict, Richard S. DiNolfo, Howard F. Luckey, G eorge D. Pfaffman, James J. Nyberg. First Row: Thomas O. Schulte, Quentin D. Vandervoort, Norman V. Steere, Robert D. Bracken, Ellsworth J. Renier, David N. Raffel, Walter W. Oberreit, Russel G. Corbin, Carl L. Hanson. SIGMA RHO TAU Sigma Rho Tau, " the Stump Speaker ' s So- ciety, " was founded by four students of debate and argumentation, who were enrolled in the architecture and engineering colleges in 1929. The motives of this society emphasized the importance of creating understanding between the public and the technical professions. A na- tional organization developed when students of other colleges became interested in the aims of the Michigan chapter. Sigma Rho Tau since 1930 has pioneered the conference form of debate and many new modes of speech train- ing to better prepare its professional members in associating with the public. ton in cm ' ions deer, er. This open how the Engin, spring We , Robert Skulstad drives home a vital point in an outdoor meeting of the Stump Speakers Society. 194 Top row: Houghtby, W. E.; Sellers, J. P. Jr.; Dale, S. E.; Schaub, W. A.; Herder, E. G.; Thomas, C. F ; Davidson, B. M.; Hoppe, R. A.; Bachtel, A. R.; Bay, K. K ; Westphal, S. K Fourth Row: Tersoff, A. I.; Efting, H. J.; Murphy, J. E.; Davies, J. R.; Langohr, W. E.; McKee, D. D.; Morris, P. W.; Morgan, W. A.; Franke, W. C.; Hamilton, R. E., Jr.; Knight, R. E.; Corey, H. R.; Crouch, A. D. Third Row: Dillingham, T. C.; Conrad, K. R.; Clark, E. T ; Peterson, H. C.; Guenter, T. E.; Kelly, E. V.; David, M. D.; Smith, J. I.; Smith, R. H., Jr.; Wolber, W. G.; Slagter, N.; Krause, W. C.; Walker, E. J. Second Row: McClure, A. C.; Simons, E. S.; Fisher, L. E.; Lundgard, F. G.; Wagner, R. E.; Alley, R. P.; Her, G. W.; Irma Wyman-Woman ' s Badge; Heines, T. S.; Turner, A.; Vigor, C. W.; Deith, R. E.; Frank, S. M.; Klauke, H. J.; Ellin, E. B. First Row: Frost, R. C.; Wittliff, C. E.; Fox, J. A.; Yankee, J. R.; Holland, T. K. TAU BETA Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honor so- ciety, was founded at Lehigh University in 1885. The University of Michigan chapter was installed at the turn of the century, and was named Gamma. Members are elected, from the junior and senior classes, not only for scholarship and character, but for participa- tion in campus activities and other qualifica- tions deemed necessary for a successful engi- neer. This organization sponsors the physics open house, and the faculty evaluation poll of the Engineering College. It also presented a spring week-end house party. Officers-Top Row: Hindes, J. W., Jr.; Erickson, R. P.; Smith, H. E.; Blumemhal, W. Front Row: Stewart, L. P.; Jennings, W. C., President, Second Semester; Halvorsen. J. V., President First Semes ter; Stinchcombe, J. D. 195 n I 1, mj a i ETA KAP Top Row: Ralph Knight; John Davies; Fusafiro Aburano; Charles Culbertson; James Fairbanks; Ronald Breenslade; Edward Crovella; Owen Curtiss; Ralph Hamilton, Jr.; Bruce Wathen, Treasurer; Roland Bostrom; Abraham Tersoff. Second Row: Robert Jacobson; LeRoy Jimmerson, Jr.; Howard Efttng; Herman Sorem; Morton Eldridge; Eaton Kelly; John Sweeney; John Skowron; John Smedley; Donald DuBois; Wesley Franke; John Barfust. First Row: Karl Heimbach; Prof. L N. Holland; Robert P. Alley; Gerald Her, Recording Secretary; Roy Smith, Jr., Vice-President; Prof. M. B. Stout; Thomas Corn; Byron L. Mays, President; Richard Stroebe, Engineering Council Representative; John Smith, Corresponding Secretary; Hugh Kennedy. Eta Kappa Nu is an honor society for students of electrical engineering who have shown a liberal degree of adaptability, interest and ability in their profession. The more than forty active chapters throughout the United States have as their common objective the close cooperation among students and others in the field, and the coordination of electrical engineering practices. Members are elected each semester from the Junior and Senior classes. These students organized and carried out a faculty rating plan in the electrical engineering department, and worked on projects for the engineering open house and the Slide Rule Ball. 196 lytwL f . I : : MUSIC Jf WILLIAM D. REVELLI, Conductor PICCOLO Carlo Cartaino Jeanne Keller FLUTE Carlo Cartaino, Principal Katherine Wersen Jeanne Keller Marilyn Norman Marjorie McLean David Lcighton Patricia Mann Mary Sheaffer Paul Lukor Jean Ayling Dale Danenberg Paul Miller OBOE Florence Lazarski, Principal Grover Schiltz Paul Heyboer Jack Lipson ENGLISH HORN Florence Lazarski SOPRANO CLARINET, E-FLAT George Roach CLARINET, B-FLAT Alan Squire, Principal Warren Bellis Michael Polovitz John Crawford Harvey Van Dyke Durward Roberson Virginia Hourigan Marvin Carpenter James Morton Margaret Strand Ernest Ralston Kenneth Wtele John Dudd Robert Harris Glynn Bgrnett George Peters Jerome Jelinek Joan Thompson Bert Damron Joyce Baker Nancy Slocum Constantine Lafkiotes John Robinson Virginia Price William Stubbins BASSOON Robert Pfeuffer, Principal Fredrick Pierce John Beck James Reynolds CONTRA BASSOON Robert Carr ALTO CLARINET, E-FLAT Norman Rest, Principal Bernard Leutholtz Ernest Snedeker BASS CLARINET, B-FLAT Robert Sohn, Principal Donald Lupp Joyce Poitras CONTRA BASS CLARINET, B-FLAT George Roach ALTO SAXOPHONE, B-FLAT Phyllis Loetz, Principal Elaine Parker Robert Price Samuel Szor TENOR SAXOPHONE, B-FLAT Steven Kash Dwight Dailey BARITONE SAXOPHONE, E-FLAT Charles Downer BASS SAXOPHONE, B-FLAT James House FRENCH HORN Merrill Wilson, Principal Donald Lewis Sheldon Henry Julia Hamrick Vern Sinclair William Penn Wayne Aurand Robert White Kathleen Maguire CORNET, B-FLAT Mary Kelly, Principal Graham Young Robert Carson Ray Keith Patricia Patrick Betty Fischbach Frank Yeager Ferdinand Avril TRUMPET, B-FLAT Zach Warren, Principal George Enloe FLUGEL HORN, B-FLAT Arthur Katterjohn, Principal Eugene Shroyer EUPHONIUM Gayle Grove, Principal Raymond Bartholomew Bernadette Griffin Edward Gamble TROMBONE Joseph Skrynski, Principal Glen Yarberry Charleen Symmonds John Tipton Gerald Van Syoc Charles Stowe Harry Weitz Richard DiNolfo BASS Albert Buswell, Principal David Otto Floyd Werle Edward Rima Vincent Kochenderfer HARP Charlotte Cohen Priscilla Eitel PIANO-CELESTA Floyd Werle TYMPANI Richard Maddy CONCERT DRUM Harry McCreary James Perry Joseph Miller BASS DRUM Alfred Taylor CYMBALS Lawrence Gray XYLOPHONE James Salmon MARIMBA Delores Gilliom BELLS-VIBRAPHONE Barbara McGoey BAND ARRANGER George Roach If any group on the campus can be termed " most active " it is certainly the University of Michigan Concert Band. During the current school semester, the Concert Band is appearing on approximately thirty different occasions, or better than one each week throughout the semester. The concert season starts with the close of the football season and ends on Commence- ment Day in June. The University Concert Band usually has a membership of about one hundred pieces, differing somewhat in size and instrumentation from the Marching Band. Such instruments as the alto and bass clarinets, oboes, flutes, English horn and bassoons are unadaptable to gridiron performances but are found in the Concert Band. The Concert Band is known throughout the nation as one of the outstanding organizations of its kind, and the famous New York bandmaster, Dr. Edwin Franko Goldman, has said of it, " The University of Michigan Concert Band stands without a peer among college bands. " Ferde Grofe, Roy Harris, Morton Gould and other notables in the music world have been equally generous and sincere in their praise of the organization, and it can truly be said that the Michigan Concert Band represents a remarkable achievement in the field of instrumental music. The Concert Band is equipped with a comprehensive library of symphonic literature. A complete repertoire of overtures, selections, and classical transcriptions are rehearsed and played in concerts during the season. The library is constantly being enlarged by the addition of the best music in new band literature. The Marching Band has a membership of 128. It is most active during the football season, and plays for all pep rallies and home games. The Marching Band usually accompanies the football team on at least one or two out-of-town trips each season. Among the more important trips the band has made in the last few years are those to the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, University of Minnesota, and Harvard University. MARCHING BAND West-Coast writers acclaimed the Band as " The best band ever to appear in the Rose Bowl. " It has also been honored as " The Ail-American Band " by the Associated sports writers. At the close of the football season, the Varsity Band comes into existence. This band plays for basketball games, and under the direction of Harold Ferguson, it rehearses regularly and acts as a feeder for the Concert Band. M E IM ' S First Row L-R: David Williams, Sam Houghtaling, C. Wayne Wright, Sec ' y; Stanley Challis, Thomas Williams, Arthur Snook, Accompanist; Philip A. Duey, Director; Richard McGowan, Robert Elson, Robert Mulford, Charles Scurlock, Merle Nelson, Wile Perry. Second Row: Philip Steding, Glenn Stuart, Clarence Overcash, Russell VanRyan, Kenneth Greider, Philip Morris, President; William Thompson, David Pease, Donald Cleveland, Treasurer; Donald Ross. Third Row: John Bay, Archie Brown, Robert Tamplin, Lawrence Derr, Wood Giest, Demar Helzer, Richard Frank, Persley Holmes, Robert Morgan, Jack Rose, William Kemp, Ara Berberian. Fourth Row: Rowland Mclaughlin, Vice-Pres.; Robert Haddock, Robert Stauffer, Elbridge Dunkel, Rodger, DeMeritt, Edward Pfluke, Christopher Parker, William Redman, Alvin Garchow. The University Men ' s Glee Club really gets around. They practically did the country the past year, appearing in concerts from Portland east to Portland west. Another ambitious tour is planned for this spring. The Glee Club will bring song and good cheer to countless cities in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa, and to numerous communities in our own state. When it comes to singing, few men can call upon experience that is either richer or more varied than our present Glee Club director, Philip A. Duey. He arrived on the Michigan campus last year, after participating in many radio shows, as well as in opera, oratorios, Broadway shows, and movie shorts. Pro- fessor Duey is a graduate of Indiana University and of Columbia University, and has also attended the Julliard School of Music. The University Men ' s Glee Club is this year celebrating its 103rd year. This is the oldest college glee club in the country. It was founded in 1 846, only five years after the first classes at the university were organized. 200 GLEE CLUB tmrm i 1 GMA ALPHA IOT . ' 1 C ' ' Sigma Alpha lota, the national pro- fessional music fraternity for women, was founded on the University of Michigan campus in 1903 by the faculty of the school of music. The requirements of Sigma Alpha lota are a three point aver- age, a minimum of 1 5 credit hours in mu- sic school, faculty recommendations and excellence in musical ability. The society encourages composition, public performance and high scholarship. Alpha chapter ' s scheduled events for this year were monthly musicales and an an- nual candlelight service, contemporary American musical and a May Festival luncheon honoring the women artists. Top Row Left to Right: Helen Joseph, Esther Beerends, Rita Parrish, Carol Nielson, Dorothy Heldreth, Jean Waller, Elizabeth Robinson, Harriet Wilson. Second Row: Dorothy Eyestone, Charmetta Riebe, Charleen Symmonds, Phyllis Clark, Patricia Pierce, Marie Poliquin, Lois Utzinger, Mary Delle Wilson. First Row: Gertrude Braun, Dorothy Duncan, Chaplain; Virginia Hyde, Treasurer; Harriet Risk, President; Ann Shafer, Recording Secretary; Marcia Zwagerman, Lois Sieber, Lillian Clack. Missing: Marilyn Ruff, Vice-President; Joan Bullen, Irene Assik, Charlotte Boehm, Elaine Broven, Caryl Daly, Joan Christenson, Virginia Hourigan, Barbara Kershaw, Mary E. Koebel, Joan Leszynski; Mary Kelly, Geraldine Rose, Dorothy Shaler, Dorothy Smith, Louise Steele, Sarah Thrush, Beverly Van Patton. U PHI EPSILON Mu Phi Epsilon, National Music Soror- ity in the professional field, has as its purpose the recognition of scholarship and musicianship. Membership in the Gamma chapter is based on character and personality as well as a three point average and musicianship. Annual projects of thfe chapter include a Scholarship Medal given to the fresh- man music student with the highest grade average in her class, formal musicales honoring freshman girls who stand at the head of their class scholastically, and a fifty dollar scholarship given to a sopho- more girl in the name of Mu Phi Epsilon by the School of Music. Top Row Left to Right: Elsie Stefan, ' 49; Patricia S. De Loaf, ' 49; Pearl Francis, ' 49; Esther Hagen, ' 49; Ruth Ziegler, ' 49; Ruth Campbell, ' 50; Dolores Di Lorenzo, Grad; Patricia Herman, ' 50; E. Ruth Oberholtzer, ' 50; Vivian Goldberger, ' 49. Second Row: Anne Siegel, ' 49; Norma S. Heyde, ' 49; Margaret Wulsin, ' 50; Doris Podewils, ' 51; Betty Estes, ' 49; Nancy Finlay, ' 50; Genevieve Shanklin, ' 49; Anne McKinley, ' 50; Wilma J. Wilson, Grad; Jane Williams, ' 50; Emily Karch, ' 51; Mary Crawford, Grad. First Row: Gloria Korhonen, ' 50; Gratia Boice, ' 49; Lisbeth H. Johnson, ' 49, Corresponding Secretary; Maryjane Albright, Grad, Vice-President; Patricia Baumgarten, ' 49, President; Joann Utley, ' 49, Recording Secretary; Lydia Pekarsky, ' 49, Treasurer; Ruth Stein, ' 50; Jean Ayling, ' 50. Missing: Doris Catlin, ' 49. - ORGANIZATIONS ENGIN Left to Right Top Row: Andy Turner, T. O. Shulte, Leon Jaroff, James Wright, Jr., Paul Reger, Hugh Kennedy. Second Row: Harry Hillman, Norm Stiere, Jack Post, Dick Allen, William Krause, Klemme Jones. First Row: Jim Sakai, Treasurer; Bruce Lockwood, President; Stan Saulson, Vice-President; Don Barnett, Secretary. The Engineering Council is the student legisla- tive body of the Engineering College. Its mem- bership is composed of eight class representatives elected in the spring for a one year term, and delegates from every one of the engineering clubs, societies, and activities. The primary purpose of the Council is to co- ordinate the activities of the engineering student societies and organizations so that they may work together in creating a stronger, more active student body. Through its Activities Program, the Council sponsors a varied calendar of events throughout the year which includes lectures, mix- ers, smokers, picnics, and other similar affairs. As the student government of the Engineering College, the Council undertakes the responsibility of organizing the Honor Council which adminis- ters the Honor System in our college. Through the many services it provides, the En- gineering Council has assumed the role of leader of the student groups, and as such plays a very im- portant part in the life of the Engineering College. Engineering Honor Council Left to Right: Andrew Turner, Ned Hess, Hugh Kennedy, Bruce Lockwood, Donald Barnett, Robert Pres- ton, Richard Allen. OUNCIL t Senior Class Officers: Jack Post, Treasurer; Hugh Kennedy, President Andy Turner, Vice-President; Don Barnett, Secretary. Engineering students may be found operating theii surveying instru- ments all over the campus in any type of weather. An accurate, scale model of a cargo ship cuts through the water in the engineering school ' s 300 foot naval tank. One of the strange and baffling machines that were observed by non- engineering students at the engineering open house. n ill Captain Homer B. Wheeler instructing the juniors in tactical maneuvers. Midshipmen learning the use of fire control equipment. rttittl ill 1 1 Officer candidates in the NROTC are either reg- ular or contract students. The regular students, entered under the Holloway Plan, are appointed Midshipmen USNR and are obligated to serve on active duty in the Navy or Marine Corps for a period not to exceed two years after graduation and commissioning. During their undergraduate period, full tuition, books, non-refundable fees and a retainer of six hundred dollars yearly is paid by the Navy Department. The contract stu- dent is under no obligation to the Navy insofar as active duty is concerned. He will, upon graduation, be commissioned in the Naval Reserve or the Marine Corps Reserve. While undergoing train- ing, the contract student receives a monthly sub- sistence allowance of approximately twenty-four dollars monthly during his junior and senior years. L to R: Norman L. Pollard, Kenneth E. Thorpe, Ralph M. Burton, Orlie K. Baird 206 - R O T C Standing Left to Right: A. Swain, M. Everitt, W. Powell, W. Fouch, Kneeling: P. Sage F. Kunz, D. Nelson, P. Ross, M Sgt. Kelley (Coach). The Reserve Officer Training Corps has been established on the University of Michigan Campus since 1917 and in this, the third year of its opera- tion in the post war period, has reached an enroll- ment comparable to the pre-war days. The Department of Military Science and Tactics accepts students from all schools and colleges of the University and offers them a choice of eight dif- ferent programs, or fields of specialization. Six of the fields are in the United States Army and are Infantry, Dental Corps, Medical Corps, Ordnance Department, Quartermaster Corps and Signal Corps. The United States Air Force offers a choice of two fields, Administration and Commu- nications. Graduates of the ROTC program are given commissions as second lieutenants in the United States Army and the United States Air Force, Officers Reserve Corps. Cadet Corps Passing In Review Standing Left to Right: Cadet Colonel Louis Dehmlow, Cadet Lt. Colonel Bob Hern, Cadet Major Alfred Swain. Kneeling: Cadet It. Colonel John Pielemeier, Cadet Lt. Colonel Richard Bahls, Cadet Lt. Colonel Tom Franke. 207 CABBARD and BLADE Top Row Left to Right: Katopish, Bill; House, Clyde; Butler, Jim; Dennis, Frank; Pudai, Dave; Christin, Jerry; Young, Chuckles; Olsen, George; Fredlund, Keith; Gentz, Bill; Perry, John. Third Row: Logothetis, Pete; Maj. Robert Niccolls, U.S.A., Advisor; Hicks, Gene, Company first sergeant; Pollard, Norm, Company first Lt.; Dehmlow, Louis, Company Captain; Horn, Bob, Company sacond Lt.; LCDR Markeson Varland, U.S.N., Advisor; Capt. Donald Merten, U.S.A.F., Advisor; Brentlinger, Paul; Pielemeier, John; Rector, Tom. Second Row: Ely, Jim; Stratton, Bob; Baird, Orlie; Mcllhenny, Jim; Greider, Ken; Cook, Dick; Wise, Bill; Burton, Ralph; Schneider, Jim; Bahls, Dick; Thorp, Ken. First Row: Murphy, Frank; Fox, Ken; Miller, Thad; Franke, Tom; Scharenburg, Rolf; Rippert, Don; Rogers, Bob. Missing: Albrecht, Bill; Crouella, Ed; Grenell, Art; Goslow, Bob; Guth rie, Bob; Souchek, Don; Troxell, Harry; Walker, George. Lt. Col. 0. H. Ainsworth, USAF; Prof. J. C. Brier; R. P. Briggs; Prof. H. C. Carver; Prof. E. W. Conlon; Prof. C M. Davis; Lindiey M. Dean; Prof, M. B. Eichelberger; Cof. K. E. Henion, USA; Maj. W. f, Johnston, USA; Lt. Col. P. V. Kiehl, USA; Prof. W. E. Lay; Prof. K. litzenberg; Prof. A. H. Lovell; It. Col. I. E, McKelvey, USA; Capt. D. H. Merten, USAF; Prof, H. Miller; Maj. R. S. Niceolls, USA; Dean C. H. Peake; Maj. H. E. Porter, USA; Dean W. 8. Rea; Capt. G. E. Rogers, USAF; Prof. W. C. Sadler; LCDR J. E. Sheehan; Lt. Col. J. M. Sheldon; CDR. W. M. Smith; Capt. R. B. Stiles, USA; T. H. Tapping; C. M. Thatcher; Capt. R. I. Valente, USMC; LCDR M. Varland, USN; Capt. H. B. Wheeler, USN; It. (jg E. Wickes; Prof. W. M. Wood; Prof. J. S. Worley. F Company, 4th Regiment, of Scabbard and Blade, was established at the University of Michi- gan in 1923. It was reactivated in 1947 after a four year wartime absence from the campus. Formerly an Army ROTC society exclusively, Scab- bard and Blade now honors cadets of all three services: Army, Navy, and Air Force. The ROTC and NROTC Cadet elected to the so- ciety must possess the qualities of leadership, patriotism, efficiency, loyalty, obedience, courage, good-fellowship and honor all of which lead to success in any field of endeavor, military or civil. Merit is the sole basis of membership in Scabbard and Blade. MILITARY BALL Top Row: Keith Beers, Orlie Baird, George Olien, Jim Van Veen, Ken Thorpe, Gordon Carpenter, Robert Goslow, Harold Schuler. First Row: It. Commander Varland, Jack Waters, Jim Ely, Major Porter. Missing: Captain Merten, Paul Anderson. The Military Ball is an annual dance sponsored by the ROTC and NROTC departments. It was originated in 1918 and has been a campus tradi- tion since then with the exception of the years during World War II. The 1949 formal was planned and carried out by a committee of eleven students and two ad- visors of the military departments including: Lt. Commander Varland and Captain Merten, ad- visors and Paul Anderson, Orlie Baird, Keith Beers, Gordon Carpenter, Jim Ely, Robert Goslow, George Olsen, Harold Schuler, Ken Thorpe, Jim Van Veen, and Jack Waters. This year more than 400 couples followed the sabre-lined aisle to the ballroom where crisp uni- forms and flowing gowns whirled beneath deco- rations in the military theme. (P-- ASSEMBLY BALL Top Row Left to Right: Ruth Cohen, publicity assistant; Harriet Nale, finance; Rosalie Sklar, tickets assistant; Priscilla Ball, tickets; Marilyn Eisenback, programs; Eleanor Goldman, patrons. Front Row: Charlotte Eagle, publicity Ann Shafer, decorations Pat Reed, chairman; Marcia Ames, decorations assistant. When " Assembly Reigned " it was re- versible time. Assembly ' s annual girl-bid dance was held March 4 at the Union. Rather than complaining about the weather, As- sembly made the most of it with the theme built around spring rain. The programs were black storm clouds with silver linings, with " Assembly Reigns " printed in Silver. A striped canopy at the entrance to the ballroom was surrounded by cellophane rain. The motive was continued with boots, um- brellas and yellow oil skin slickers and sou ' westers hung around the ballroom. A huge rainbow was back of the bandstand with a veritable pot of gold at its base for there was a prize for a lucky couple in it, to protect them from the Ann Arbor spring rains. Couples chatting in the doorway of the Union Ballroom. 210 The band must be playing " Stardust. " GAMMA DELTA The University Lutheran Chapel and Stu- dent Center, 1511 Washtenaw Avenue, is the home of Tau Chapter of Gamma Delta, the International Association of Lutheran Stu- dents. Under the guidance of Reverend Alfred Scheips and an elected council, a full pro- gram of religious and social activities, in- cluding Sunday morning services, Sunday evening suppers and programs, and other events throughout the week, is provided for students of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and affiliated Lutheran groups. When the new chapel and center now under construction on the adjoining lot is completed, an expanded program will be offered Gamma Deltans and their friends. Top Row left to Right Pastor A. T. Scheips, Mary Lou Hook, Barbara Albar, Marian Siess, John Nauman, Bob Rohde, Guinevere Dorn, Paul Fromm. Second Row: Herman Rasch, Dolores Rasch. Kathy Ittner, Norm Gremel, Bob Wiese, Joanne Auch, Mike Polovitz. First Row: Beverly Pioch; Vic Geyer, Treasurer; Barbara Maul, Secretary; Gus Butterbach, President; Don Measner, Vice-President; Irene Klemm; Elmer Klemm. Missing: Ralph Schatz. I II XV " T, . " V Chanel tUnf ' C enter Ann Arbor , 3Ttieh $a HILLEL First Row: Dorianne Zipperstein, Lynn Gutlenberg, Vice-President; Helen Siskin, Secretary; Howard Freeman, President; Doris Seder, Executive Vice-President; Charlotte Halman, Senior Advisor; Rabbi Herschel Lymon, Director. Top Row: Edith Merlin; Esther Kaufman; Judy Levin; Dick Dell, Senior Advisor; Doris Hatosky; Larry Devore; Betty Lou Robinson. Missing: Dick Newman. The B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation offers a pro- gram of cultural, social and religious activities with the aim of preserving and stimulating the Jewish values and ideals of its 1,200 members. Nationally Hillel is celebrating its twenty-fifth year. This year ' s program has also featured Friday evening services, Hebrew classes, guest lecturers such as Albert Deutsch, Study groups, and High Holy Day services. The Hillel social program in- cluded open houses, parties and an annual spring formal. The Foundation ' s program is formulated and carried through by the Student Council with How- ard Freeman as President. The Foundation ' s direc- tor is Rabbi Herschel Lymon, who is assisted by Mrs. Frieda Davidson and Miss Fay Goldberg, administrative secretary. NEWMAN CLUB rr Top Row: Bill Wolber; Joan Karner, Mary Bayer, Treasurer; Chuck Prue. Second Row: Bill Barnds; Velma Campbell; Fred Bradly; Jean Ertle; Bob Dieter. Firt Row: Joan Beyreuther, Women ' s Vice-President; Del Fox, President; Jim Smith, Men ' s Vice-President; Jane Bueker. Secretary The Newman Club, an organization open to all Catholic students on campus, has for its aim the religious, educational, and social development of its members. Under the direction of President Del Fox, the club serves as the activities group for St. Mary ' s Student Chapel. Rev. Frank McPhillips, Pastor of St. Mary ' s, is the club Chaplain. The club offers to its members discussion groups, Communion breakfasts, picnics, Fri- day night open houses, and special parties and dances. In addition it has a compre- hensive sports program, and publishes a monthly paper. The club rooms are open every day for relaxation, and a library is available for reference or browsing. The club is a member of the National Federation of Newman Clubs. n ii HAWAII CLUB Top Row: Harry Tamura, Clarence Yee, Raymond Lum, Norman Chang, Edward Inafuku, Genro Kashiwa, Taketo Kawabata, Wallace Tom, Joseph Wee, Akira Kaya, James Kanemoto, Yukio Naito. Third Row: Russel Oda, James Izumi, Yonemichi, Miyashiro, Herbert Matayoshi, Dewey Wong, Gilbert Goo, George Suzuki, Jane Kugiya, Annie Wong, Arthur Fong, Donald Hawley, Lawrence Wong, William Wong, Wallace Chun, Chauncey Seto. Second Row: Victoria Chun, Mildred Quon, Kiyoko Taira, Winifred Wong, Alma Otsuji, Fumiko Ikemori, Linda Akutagawa, Ermine Crockett, Minnie Fujitani, Velma McWayne, Sophie Lee. First Row: Herbert Tanigawa, Millard Seto, T. C. Yim, Robert Fukuda, Clinton Ashford, William Yates, Gary Kikudome, James Ashikawa, Heeny Yuen, Seiji Murashige, Morris Shinsato, Reuben Tyau. The Hawaii Club was organized in the fall of 1 949 by a group of students whose purpose was to create a feeling , of fellowship among its members and to promulgate the culture of the Islands. Still holding to its original aims, the club planned a full social and educational program. Since music has such an important place in the Hawaiian culture, this medium has been used to interpret part of the culture to the people here. The club hopes in the future to participate more actively in the orientation of new students from Hawaii and in other campus activities. 214 V If M " CLUB i Top Row L-R: Mangle, Gordy; Rankin, Bud; Baker, Willard; Gacek, Wally; Renfrew, Al; Starrak, Dick; Grant, Wally; Schoendube, Bob; lake, Dave; Mann, Matt; Sohl, Bob; Clark, Ozzie; Upthegrove, Bill. Fourth Row: Smith, John; McClelland, Don; Morill, Hal; Morris, Alex; Moss, Charles; Coates, Tom; Taft, Bill; Morrison, Ralph; Bayderian, Van. Third Row: Wizniewski, Irv; Stoliker, Fred; Hinton, Geme; Callanhan, Bob; Dendrinos, Pete; McMillan, Gordy; Grimes, Ed; Stager, Gus. Second Row: Ghindia, John; Schalon, Ed; Marcoux, Bill; McCarthy, John; Tomasi, Don (Pres.); Williams, Justin; Trimborn, Ralph; Johnson, Val; Wienberg, Richard. First Row: Hollway, Bob; Raymond, Tubby; Kogen, Bill; Sandy; Laskey, Bill; Byron; Hill, Connie; Brum, Lennie; Bartlett, Bill; Hatch, Hank. The " M " Club is an organization of the undergraduate letter win- ners of the University of Michigan. They make their headquarters in the new " M " Club room in the Field House. Here they hold their many meetings and social functions and get together for informal gatherings. This year they sold the J-Hop edition of the Daily to raise money for the March of Dimes. In the spring they ran the concession at the new Tennis Dance which was held on the Palmer Field tennis courts. The club works in close coordination with the graduate " M " Club to promote the name and traditions of Michigan. 215 First Row: Thomas S. Heines, Jr., Robert L. Schenkmyer, John C. Biery, Donald M. Sterns, John Roney, Jr., Howard C. Peterson, Treas.; R. Walter Peterson, Treasurer; Thomas K. Holland, Secretary; Willis J. Service, Philip R. Smith, Alfred B. Reimer, Nuri Oyden Seu, Forbes Sibby. Second Row: Herbert Furman, James Stark, James Van Dyke, Richard Miller, John Swanson, Fred Keck, Charles Bude, D. K. Nanavate, P. P. Vora, Paul Reger, Pres.; Dr. A. Foust, Ad- visor; J. A. Whitcombe, Vice-President; Stephen Stolton, Gerald Smith, A. Turner, Peter Soderberg, George Mclntosh, S. C. Doshi, V. A. Sura, W. F. MacDonald. Third Row: Edward Shurtz, Alec Mich, Donald Kory, Paul Sheridan, John Marks, Marion Marcin- kiewicz, Berbil Hammar, Joseph Allen, Harvey Grimes, Charles Perry, Garland Love, Paul Smith, John Jones, Martin Reber, Anton Longhini, Ivan Lyons, Maxwell Gruetzner, Samuel Dreisbach, Elmer Dawson. Fourth Row: D. C. Garni, Robert Zimmerli, George Nebel, R. L. Page, Abraham Lapin, James Phelan, John Prevel, Stanley Govern, Clark K. Ronald, Ralph Johnson, Robert Hills, Howard K. Hover, Paul G. Davis, Gilbert E. Koch, D. H. Kafka, James Gibbs, N. C. Mehte, James Molina, Robert Smith, Lawrence O ' Dell, Robert Graham. In 1 922 the first student chapter of the American Institute of Chem- ical Engineers was organized at the University of Michigan for the purpose of developing chemical engineering students through planned extra-curricular activities. Prominent men in industry or education speak on subjects of engineering interest at the monthly meetings, and periodical trips are taken through neighboring indus- trial plants. An annual award is made to the Junior Chemical Engineer, who, during his Freshman and Sophomore years, attained the highest scholastic average. This year a subscription to " Chemical Engineer- ing Progress, " the official publication of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, was awarded. ALPHA PHI ALPHA The Epsilon chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha was established at the University of Michigan April 10, 1909, three years after the first chapter was founded at Cornell University. Although without a house, the fraternity believes that with the guidance and leadership of their alumni, and with loyalties to their ideals, that the Negro college fraternity with its group organization may be of greater influence in advancing the interests and focusing the purposes of Negro youth upon the pressing problems of Negro life in America. To this aim, the members of the fraternity rededicate themselves. M1M.M y Chenv in for the through dustry or i monthly ng Indus- Top Row Left to Right: Joseph Murphy, Otto McMorris, Norman Morris, Leon Allain, Daniel Hill, William MacDonald, William O. Cain. Second Row: Joseph Hayden, Louis Proctor, George Breathett, Miller Ryans, H. Lawrence McCrorey, Horace Jefferson, Horace Rodgers. First Row: Reginald Ernst, Leonard Kersey, Walter Van Buren, Robert Scarbough, President; Chesoln Davis, Roderick Warren, Blyden Jackson. nil ALPHA EPSILON IOTA Top Row: Lucille Martelino, Lillian Fiedorowici, Rose Hu, Shelby lee Dietrich, Frances Bull, Theresa Palaszek, Margaret Wilson, Fern McAllister, Victoria Ling, Nancy Rausch, Marvel Rathbun. Third Row: Phyllis Wells, Arline Caldwell, Dorothy Barrett, Sarah Linden, Elizabeth Jones, Maria Segat, Joan Slauboch Gail Locken, Jane Watson, Jo Ann Schrotzberger, Barbara Rennick, Jane Zabel. Second Row: Elizabeth Walker, Finette Marzolf, Patricia Andrews, Emma Jane Conklin, Louise Keating, Dorothy Hofstra, Elba Molina, Jean Toncrazi, Juliette Seelye. First Row: Jean VanDuzen, Lenamira Saulson, Joyce Genszwill, Flora Benka, Patricia Cartel!, Gloria Kozin, Elizabeth Long, Marian Korteling. ' flow: Ck Mb, S Wit.. at the Unfv P e " Since 1922 and an " " " " u r ed in this " " " h " Alpha Chapter was founded - five charter members have continued to give the organization their active support. HosriK ' ' 7, " cha ' f ideall X lo -ed on Park Terrace from which both the medical school build- f t0ta ' f - 9HS enr lled in the " y f Michi 9- Medical Waring ! ' " An " " " argar " ' Me ' d n Everett ' Uzzie M P hant ' Eleanor Smith ' Ruth PhiDelti " fthemiit. After hg ' Mflsnc States. 218 PHI DELTA CHI First Row: Thomas Parnell, Reginald Lowe, Fredrick Seltzer, Kenneth Riebe, Austin Buttrick, Walter Anhut, James Pruden, Richard Kolb, David Sutliff, Denniston Brown, Charles Mitchell. Missing: Elmer Benson, Alber Connel, Dale Giddings, Joseph Gyourko, Clarence laur, Garden Webb. port. glhliU- Medico! Top Row: Charles Butler, John Grollimund, Lauren McLain, Lynn Woodcock, John Triestram, Graham Chesnut, Edward Zawistowski, James Romeyn, Alfred NeufFer, Gene Ashworth, Benton Bowman, Wilmer Latshaw. Second Row: James Morse, Clayton Hopp, Clyde Warren, Victor Leonall, Andrew Bogema, William Cusick, John Priestley, William Nugent, Charles Ingersoll, William Hale, John Keena, Harold Smith. Phi Delta Chi is a national pharmaceutical fraternity established on this campus in 1 883 with the object of furthering the sciences of chemistry and pharmacy. After having been inactive for several years. Alpha Chapter was reactivated only two years ago with seven members. Member- ship has now climbed to some forty-one actives. There are now many chapters on college campuses scattered throughout the United States. Through fraternal cooperation, Phi Delta Chi is helping to keep the standards of pharmacy on a high scientific and professional level. This is partially accomplished by programs in which prominent men speak to us on various phases of our profession. We also participate in intramural sports as much as possible, and we have several yearly social functions which round out an en- joyable and constructive year. 219 I WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB Top Row L-R: Pat Herman, jean Dennis, Lillian Hanjian, Aedra Olmstede, Nancy Beueridge, Pat McLean, Adelaide Klingbeil, Julia Ross, Edith Daniels, Valerie Polk, Helen Canuell, Marie Burke, Glee Wudgeon. Second Row: Maxine Smith, Bobbie Ackerman, Joy Williams, Rosemary Wise, Ginger Ross, Marian Stephanauskus, Charlotte Stephanauskus, Joan Weaver, Catherine Roney, Jane Buell, Carolyn Bergren, Beverley Bradford, Dorothy Daniels, Dona Schneider. First Row: Jean Boos, Dorothy Williams, Jane Standiford, Nancy Symons, Dorothy Jemal, Catherine Mills, Ann Parker, Miss Marguerite Hood, Ruth Spore, Nan Hubach, Betty Heiser, Frances Bendlew, Barbara Riggs, Ina Sussman, Sidney Steck. The Women ' s Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Marguerite Hood, had a particularly successful year. The Christmas Concert was given with the Men ' s Glee Club in Hill Auditorium for the entire campus. A Spring tour planned for part of the spring vacation took the members to Battle Creek, and Paw Paw, Michigan, and to Indianapolis, Indiana. Shortly after their return from their vacation, they gave their annual Spring Concert at Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre followed by a performance at Port Huron in May. Those spring concerts featured a Gibson Girl section in which the members patterned their songs and costumes after the Gibson Girls who sang in the Glee Club many years ago. Any woman student in the University who is scholastically eligible may try out for the club. The glee club is one of the few activi- ties on campus in which freshmen women may participate. 220 HINDUSTAN ASSOC f " " L k! !; r ! i -V First Row: Harshad B. Desai, Awadh P. Sinha, Asghar Husain, Maheskumar S. Thakar, Jyant S. Shah, Girijashanker L. Rawal, Vrajlal A. Sura, Prafulla- chandra P. Vora, Jagadish S. Sharma. Second Row: Amares K. Bose, I.S.A. Representative; Indumati A. Tendulkar; Pranjiwan K. Amin, Social Secretary; Maureen L. Patterson, Associate Secre- tary; B. K. Bagchi; B. L. Shanthamallappa, President; Saifi T. Haidery, Secretary; Horn! A. Modi, Treasurer; Mrinalini Chattopadhyaya; Swaminathan Bala- subramanyam, I.S.A. Representative; Shyama Deodhar; Munjandira A. Somaya. Third Row: Jyotindra M. Vakil, S. S. Sidhll, Madan G. Uppal, Sohan L. Sharma, Raghavachary K. Raman, Majiduddin M. Jaffer, Moreshwar R. Vaidya, Rustom A. Irani, Chandrakant K. Parikh, Yeshwant P. Telang, Rajinder K. Sehgal, D. K. Nanavati, Mahendra A. Parikh. Fourth Row: Sharadkumar C. Hansoti, Pramod R. Parikh, Navin M. Parekh, Nand- kishor S. Shodhan, Nanalal C. Mehta, Niranjan D. Trivedi, Rabindra N. Sahni, Jyant P. Patel, Manhar S. Parikh, Harish M. Patel, Jehangir B. Colah, Digambar M. Tagare. The Hindustan Association was founded in spring 1945 at the University of Michigan as a chapter of the National Hindustan Students Association of America. Among the aims of the local chapter are the promotion of good-will and mutual understanding between the two countries. Another is to help the Indian students to get adjusted to their new surroundings, and to encourage interest and appreciation of various aspects of India ' s Cultural heritage. During the years the association has participated in activities such as the celebration of traditional Indian festivals, Indian dinners, dances, music, movies and discussions on various Indian topics. And as a larger project, they presented a four day exhibi- tion of the Art and Culture of India in January 1949. At present the membership totals 86 Indian students and 1 4 associate members. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in King ' s Indian. 221 P " ALPHA PHI OMEGA Top Row: Chuck Nevers, Ward Waile, E. Richard Schueler, Bill Dejos, Jack Harris. Fourth Row: Roy Long, James Nord, Eugene Lamb, Bert Bell, Paul Niehaus, Wesley Franke, Henry Winchester, Harvey Belfer, Chuck Whitfield, Richard Janish, Bill Greenebaum, Jay Pike, Bill Kieth. Third Row: Berdon Beck, David E. Peterson, Richard Bloomquist, Riley Geary, James Korecki, William Coates, Neol Wildman, William Markey, Fred Harf, Leonard Procter, Donald M. Stearns, David W. Peterson, Bud Dejong. Second Row: Donal Clements; Sidney Rosenthal; Herbert Leiman, Secretary; Prof. Norman L. Willey, Senior Faculty Advisor; George H. Meyer, Presi- dent; Richard White, Vice-President; Dr. Carl Sheppard, Faculty Advisor; Richard Brown; Dan Brown. First Row: Robert Lamb, Allen Silver, Jim Wilson, Bill Duellman, Herb Neil. Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity com- posed of over 176 chapters. It was founded on December 16, 1925, at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania. Gamma Pi Chapter at the University of Michigan was organized in 1940. Temporarily inactive during the war, it was reactivated in 1944, reaching the strength of over sixty members. Among those on the original faculty were Fielding H. Yost, Shirley W. Smith and Dean Joseph Bursley. Alpha Phi Omega is the only fraternity on campus hav- ing no bars to other fraternal affiliations, race, religion or creed; and devoted entirely to the altruistic aim of service to the nation, the community, the campus and the fraternity. Composed of men formerly associated with the Boy Scout Movement, its service projects have included work at Orientation, an information booth at Registration, supervision of campus elections, hospital visitation and the " keep off the grass " campaign. V GILBERT and SULLIVAN Chorus of Yeomen Samuel Arny. Donald Autore, Howard Bevis, Harold Bissell, Roger Buslee, Jim Coleman, James Davies, Frederick Gehring, John Gehring, Sid Goldberg, Gary Hicks, Earl Langlois, Robert Logan, Carl Lorentson, Robert Mayerson, Ned Niles, John Naslund, John Nehman, David Nicol, Fred Scheffler, Jim Scheu, John Schmitt, Jim Schneider, Arthur Schwartz, Daniel Stepniewski, Bill Trow, Richard Webber. After an unpretentious beginning in 1946, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society now enjoys a prominent position in the University ' s entertainment sphere. Dedicated to the producing of all the operettas written by the famous Eng- lish pair, the organization is open to all interested students from any school or college of the University. " Yeomen of the Guard, " the group ' s offering for the fall semester, was well received by local audiences and critics. The production utilized the services of some 150 students in chorus and back-stage duties. Principal roles were sung by Rowland Mclaughlin, Cohleen Jensen, Rob- ert Elson, Joyce Edgar, and Jim Ueberhorst. In the springtime the Arboretum was open to all, but many students went to see " Patience, " the Society ' s pro- duction for the second semester. This lighthearted, gay musical satire provided timely warm weather entertain- ment for Ann Arbor theatre-goers. Gilbert and Sullivan Society activities for the school year were directed by Prof. Maynard Klein, Tom Wilson, Donald Decker, and Don Razey. T TAU EPSILON RHO Top Row L-R: Jack Reichlin, Herb Phillipson, Harver Weisberg, Theodore Marks, Irwin Lapping, Ernest Mayerfield, Gerald Bright, Stuart Goldfarb, Zolman Cavitch. Second Row: Sydney Rollick, Beryl A. Berndorf, Marvin Okun, Joseph Rosin, Nathan Peterson, Herman Gordon, Jack Calechman, Jerome Holub, Curtiss Mann. First Row: Walter L Dean, Sydney Friedman, Burton C. Agatha, Lawrence Gubow, Leonard L. Grossman, Ronald L. Greenberg, David Lipner, Avern Cohn. Missing: Morris Millmet, Asher Tilchin, George M. Zeltzer, Stanley Elkino, Richard Hershatter, Jerome Kaplan, Alan Krohn, David Levy, Matt Margolis, Howard A. Marken, Floyd Marks. Officers: Chancellor: Leonard L. Grossman; Vice Chancellor: David Lipner; Master of the Rolls: Ronald L. Greenberg; Bursar: Lawrence Gubow. MowJ CUi, Mil Ui ' d it. Tau Epsilon Rho, an International Legal Fraternity, was founded in 1919 at Western Reserve University Law School. The chapter at Michigan, Epsilon, was founded in 1925 and this year has a roster of 37 members. Its major activities centered around the furtherance of the interests of its members in the study and the practice of the law, although it affords its members opportunities to participate in athletics and social functions. A major feature of the fraternity ' s program this year was a series of luncheons with guest speakers. The speakers included Prof. Preston W. Slosson, Prof. John P. Dawson, Prof. Edger Durfee, Law School; Mr. Samuel S. Greenberg, Detroit Bar; and Prof. William Haber. These luncheons and the bi-weekly " bull sessions " to aid Freshmen in their studies constituted a major part of our activities. The fraternity also participated in intramural football, baseball, and basketball, reaching the first-place finals in the last-named sport. These activities, plus the banquets and parties for Wig and Robe and Crease Ball weekends, rounded out the program for this year. 224 Althoui M Mien Q ldinn The on ftiisisthe t,and|| Ihefrc PHI DELTA EPSILON Top Row: Joe Cochin, Monet Weiss, Jack Portney, Bernard Rosenberg, Eli Kukl, Channing Sepson, Eugene Mality, Seymour Vander, Richard Michelson, Sanford Perlis, Herbert Cantor, Seymour Grant. Third Row: Milton Goldrath, Jerry Jacobson, Allan Levy, Allen Hennes, Harry Koenig, Jerome Finkelstein, Herbert Rosenthal, David Ruskin, Micheal Drick- man, Jones Canon, William Rattner. Second Row: Norman Talner; Manuel Jacobs; Sheldon Fellman; Arthur Shufro, Treasurer; Monte Malach, President; Dr. Daniel Siegel; Marvin Perlis, Vice- President, Albert Klug, Secretary; Howard Horner; Malcolm Sevenson. First Row: Ed Ehrlich, Martin Daitch, Newton Rottenberg, Coleman Rottenberg, Al Sosin, Bernard Harris, Mel Brady, Mike Franzblau, Robert Epstein. Missing: Seymour leven, Martin Jaffe, Seymour Acklson, James Ellison, Richard Goldsmith, Sherman Key, Herbert Rothenberg, Milton Schiff man, Warren Witus, Paul Wolf, Joe Merdler. eir s reocding Although still homeless this year, Omega chapter of Phi Delta Epsilon has managed to maintain an active organization with a full calendar of scholastic and social events. In addition to the medical school program, members have attended regular business and dinner meetings at which outstanding men on the faculty have been guest speakers. The annual lectureship will be held again this year, a function which brings to Ann Arbor some of the foremost men in medicine. This is the second year of the revival of our " Anatomy Cup " for the man in the freshman class demonstrating the best in ability, inter- est, and knowledge in gross anatomy. The fraternity is proud of its men who are in Alpha Omega Alpha, national honorary medical society; Galens Medical Society; and Victor Vaughan Society. Seniors have internships spreading geographically from San Diego to Boston. And climaxing the year was the annual dinner-dance celebrating the initiation of the pledge class. 225 Top Row: Eddie deLeon, Pete Gombo, Jess Ferrer, Conrad Roa, James Roxas, August Comoro, Moises Lorenzana, Art Young, Felix Gonzales. Second Row: Petronila Marosigan, Nene Siochi, Choleng Tan, Jovie Natividad, Glo Anonas, Cris Parel, Ester Perez, Edith Carillo. First Row: Neno Abreu; Luch Martelino, Treasurer; Wally Moran, President; Ray Swinton, Advisor; Dong Masiclat, Vice-President; Terry Roa, Secretary; Nene Martelino; Plank Castro. H. CLUB Before you is a picture of the future lead- ers of the Philippines. Friends, look at them and weep . . . okay then, laugh. Destiny has brought them together, but even destiny can make mistakes. We thank our kind advisers, Profs. Swinton and Bartlett for their help; but after all can mere mortals stop the " Mov- ing Finger " that writes and moves on. It has been said that the Philippine Michi- gan Club has been founded to foster har- mony among the Filipinos . . .well anyway, we won the International Center Basketball Championship. Students all, we came here not only to study but also to participate in a wonderful way of life. A final tribute to this gallant but frustrated band: They too have learned to love baseball and detest Communism. W HOT RECORD SOCIETY m A I IP The U. of M. Hot Record Society, since its formation in 1946 has steadily developed into a positive, functional group. The activi- ties of the group, which meet every Sunday night in the League Ball Room, are directed toward the goal of extending an apprecia- tion of Jazz in American culture. The club ' s program includes: The ex- change service between members of records; information for buyers through magazines and record companies at a discount; the formation of a national organization for the Hot Record Clubs of America; Jazz Concerts by professional bands and local student mu- sicians; and a weekly program by members of records featuring a period in Jazz history or of a famous Jazz artist. __jt ' Top Row Left to Right: Shepard Raimi, Dick Garrett, Wayne Garrett, Bob Leopold, Ron Watts, Jerry Greenberg. Second Row: Ray Richardson, Treas.; Ethel Ann Morrison, Henery Amble, Gloria Nile, Secretary; Seymore Muskovite, Librarian; Nick Kazarinoff, Chuck Kalfian. Front Row: Jack Gray, Rollene Jackson, Sally Mathews, Harry Mindell, Vice-Pres.; Bob Wernick, Pres.; Bob Hills, Bob Lawrence. Missing: Jim Martin, Bill MacDermott, Jack Wirth, Carl Conlon, Bill Young, Tom Sparrow, Charles Good, Ed Indrk, Bob Straight, Don Clements. PHI IOTA ALPHA Ever since the formation of the chapter two years ago, Phi lota Alpha has strived for a better understanding between the Latin- American students at the University of Michigan. Its goal is the unification of the 21 Latin-American countries. In carrying out this ideal, the fraternity gives a series of lec- tures on Latin-America, organizes round table discussions where the main problems of the different counlries are studied, and undergoes a series of social activities for the enjoyment of the members and their friends. Top Row: William Flye, Jr., Osvaldo Velasquez, Migue l A. Rios, Rafael Davila, Luis Alexander, Jaime Sabel, Guillermo Beleno, Werner Ascoli, Miguel Hernandez-Agosto, Roberto Gardillo. First Row: Andres Resto; Jose Rafael Munoz; Alesandro Herrero, Treasurer; Victor Kaire, Vice-President; Carlos Ordonez, President: Edgardo Blanchet, Secretary; Jose Zablah; Mario Gallardo. Missing: Rafael Marinalarena, Mario Fleites. ALPHA OMEGA Alpha Omega during the post war era has initiated a new program which enables its members to digress from the usual routine of classroom theory. Dental students who comprise the membership now can relax while listening to interesting and stimulating addresses by noted dental authorities. Movies also provide an opportunity to ob- serve the latest advances in technique and equipment in the profession. Handicapped by the lack of a house Alpha Omega has nevertheless been able to func- tion efficiently. The main activities this year have been athletics, social events, and " bull sessions. " Top Row: A. G ' uck, A. Korby, H. Wax, A. Budyk, M. Superstine, H. Adilman, A. Susman, H. Kominars, A. Ettinger. Second Row: W. Eder; M. Gilbert; M. Weiss, J. Landsberg, Treasurer; M. Blavin, President; M. Burnstine, Secretary; B. Weinger, Vice-President; H. Greenberg; J. Bittker; M. Sachs. First Row: J. Abramson, H. Slesnick, C. Joslow, S. Bass, H. Goldberg, B. Feldman, Y. Upfall, L. Konikow, J. Krause. , ITIES PAN- HELLENIC Panhellenic, the central organization of Michigan ' s nineteen sororities, starts the year ' s activities by sponsoring the Panhel- lenic Ball, the proceeds of which go to the University Fresh Air Camp. A brand new project, the Panhellenic newspaper came into existence this fall, presenting news of interest to sorority women. Another project, the student-fac- ulty teas, given in co-operation with As- sembly, continued this year. This Christmas, Panhellenic and Assembly gave a party for Freshmen women. Immediately following Christmas vaca- tion, sororities and ' individuals were hon- ored for achievements in scholarships and activities at Panhellenic Recognition Night. The hilarious performances of Miss Ethel McCormick, Dean Mary Bromage, Mrs. Mary Fuller, and Miss Margaret Morgan highlighted the evening ' s entertainment. During the second semester, rushing be- gins and approximately 400 to 600 women are introduced to sorority life. A new Junior Panhellenic, composed of the presidents of the various pledge classes was set up to dis- cuss improvements for rushing, and to foster Panhellenic spirit. Another plan of the Board to build unity in Panhellenic is the counseling system to be used during rush. Its foundation and insti- tution began this year and will continue to develop in the ensuing years. Two benefit projects for the Fresh Air Camp carried on this Spring were the Pan- hellenic rummage sale and a benefit show in co-operation with the Inter-Fraternity Council. PRESIDENT MARY STIERER Top: Marilyn Flynn, assistant secretary; Christine Blair, rushing chairman; Barbara Houghton, treasurer; Corinne Schilds, secretary. First Row: Suzie Toepel, first vice-president; Mary Stierer, president; Jean Blinn, second vice-president. RUSHING CHAIRMEN ' S MEETING RECOGNITION NIGHT SKITS ALPHA CHI OMEGA Top Row: Doris Bussey, ' 50; Jean Lindbloom, ' 49; Sigrid Nelson, ' 49; Geraldine Morse, ' 51; Nancy Carter, ' 49; Mary Beth Howe, ' 51; Hope Schaidter, ' 51; Martha Armstrong, ' 50; Jean Decker, ' 51; Joanne Pullon, ' 49. Third Row: Barbara Hall, ' 51; Carol Frazier, ' 49; Jeanne Hall, ' 49; Patricia Gurr, ' 49; Beverly Witte, ' 50; Anne Goodyear, ' 50; Mary Pat Young, ' 51; Mamie Watson, ' 51; Penny Spencer, Grad; Myrna Rees, ' 51; Barbara Parker, ' 50. Second Row: Jane Gordon, ' 49; Alice Rauch, ' 49; Mary Ann Wickersham, ' 49; Carolyn Woodhams, ' 49, Treasurer; Elizabeth Rettew, ' 49, President; Mrs. J. Goodale; Joan Schaeffer, ' 49, Vice-President; Shirley Richardson, ' 49; Portia Middlesworth, ' 49, Secretary; Joanne Kitchen, ' 49; Edith Andrew, ' 50. First Row: Eleanor Boja, ' 51; Carol Schumacher, ' 51; Shirley Miller, ' 51; Donna Cady, ' 51; Vera Koch, ' 51; Lois Rowell, ' 50; Elizabeth Fraser, ' 50; Joanne Leivo, ' 50; Barbara Kerby, ' 49. Theta Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega has recollections of one more busy, fun packed 49 saw Alpha Chi ' s " M in the annual Homeco their share of attention, Chi members and th fourth place. The s the traditional Christ niversary celebration, nae ' s children, a faculty open houses. Alpha Chi its memory book. 1948- ! aan " capture top honors ntest. Athletics claimed clubs numbering Alpha team chalking up a ined Pan Hel dinner, ces, Theta ' s 50th an- stmas party for alum- ofnge dinners, and several ork included the support of a Dutch war orphan and the annual Hera Day project. 232 ALPHA DELTA PI Top Row: Mary Jo Norem. ' SO; Helen Schlatter, ' 49; Charlotte Lenhardt, ' 51; Virginia Seput, ' 49; Marjorie Riggs, ' 49; Janet Dawson, ' 51; Sylvia-Jo Gladdon. ' 49; Veronica Plizga, ' 50; Frances Doty, ' 50; Lorraine Mich, ' 49; Martha Wise, ' 50; Mary Ann Cabral, ' 49; Elaine Rittmeyer, ' 50. Second Row: Marjorie Hillsinger, ' 49; Harriet Ewing, ' 49; Secretary; Carolyn Dougherty, ' 49; Catherine Tillotson, ' 49; President; Mrs. Ufer; Wilhelmina Brandt, ' 49; Vice President; Margaret Ovitt, ' 49, Treasurer; Mary Catherine Peters, ' 49: Mary Jane Stephens, ' 49. First Row: Ann Billinghurst, ' 50; Portia Prettie, ' 52; Barbara Hurlbut, ' 51; Joy Cochran, ' 50; Doris Gardner, ' 51; Dorothea Wallace, ' 49; Martha Morhardt, ' 61; Pat Cousins, ' 49.- JoAnn Greene, ' 51. This has been a year of reconversion for the A D Pi ' s. All of us were informed at the beginning of the first semester to be sure to get 8 o ' clocks as no sleep would be possible after that. Unfortunately a few of us weren ' t so lucky and every morning we were aroused by the pounding of hammers and loud talking of the workmajfl ' wjJR re building our new wing. By the time of fJ y ll ] " ' " y Ki ce Tr| e living room was complete enough yM eyVnvaw flal housewarming by having the formal in it. " X " All building was finished by the time we got back from Christmas vacation and then we sat back and waited for the furniture to arrive. Everything turned out for the best and now we are living under normal conditions and consider our slight inconveniences well worth while. 233 ALPHA EPSILON PHI Top row: Ruth Hirsch, grad; Joan Meyers, ' 51; Louise Goldman, ' 50; Audrey Axelrod, ' 51; Bette Jean Krickstein, ' 51; Naomi Krause, ' 49; Ruth Kahn, ' 51; Berna Gilden, ' 51; Rhoda Horwitz, ' 50; Rosalyn Langendorf, ' 51; Alice Lazar, ' 50; Shirley Berkowitz, ' 50; Sybil Witus, ' 51; Shirley Balbol. ' 51; Carolyn Kaplan. ' 51 . Third row: Carol Kaufman, ' 50; Judith Deutsch, ' 50; Ruth Frank, ' 51; Ruth Frankenstein, ' 49; Sally VanMinden, ' 49; Edythe Rogal, ' 49; Nancy Stenbuck, ' 51; Vivian Keidan, ' 50; Marcia Ziskind, ' 51; Renee Pregulman, ' 51; Tobe Friedman, ' 50; Joyce Edgar, ' 51. Second row: Joyce levin, ' 50; Ruth Seltzer, ' 50; Marilyn Safii, ' 50; Shirley Dunitz, ' 49; Marilyn Kopel, ' 49, Treasurer; Roberta Reiter, ' 49, President; Mrs. Krueger; Helen Siskin, ' 49, Vice-President; Vivian Goldberger, ' 49, Rushing Chairman; Lois Hopp, ' 49; Joyce Gould, ' 50; llene Fink, ' 51, Secretary. First row: Edith Goldman, ' 51; Ellen Leepman, ' 51; Harriett Stober, ' 51; Joan Fink, ' 51; Marilyn Stone, ' 50; Lillian Hyman, ' 50; Rita Schaeffer, ' 50; Helen Grossfeld, ' 51; Lorynne Davidow, ' 50; Jeanne Hendel, 50. " As we sing of the Mortarboards and editors Our names are always seen; And it ' s no lie the A E Phi ' s Are chummy with the Dean . . . " So goes one of the verses of an often-sung and proved-true A E Phi song. Every begin to fall, until t, mer, A E Phi names Campus doings ranging time autumn leaves away for the sum- argoyle to volleyball, from Soph Cabaret to The Daily, from " Yeomen of the Guard " to the Ensian, Play Production to Hillel, have kept Phi girls in the center of things. Pumpkins and " Dry Bones " ushered in the social season at the houses " Spook ' s Heaven " party. Football, open-houses, a parents ' weekend, pledge dance and alumnae luncheons helped complete A E Phi ' s 28th year on the Michigan campus. 234 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Top Row: Joyce Bunn, ' SO; Marje Berger, ' 49; Nedra Ohmstede, ' 49; Carol Richards, ' 50; Pat Parkin, ' 51; Miriam Cady, ' 50; Marian Trapp, ' 51; Jane Bueker, ' 51; Mary Pat Anderson, ' 51; Nancy Clark, ' 50; Glenna Sotier, ' 51: Mildred Ashley, ' 49: Barbara Maul, ' 49. Third Row: Joanne Auch, ' 51; Lynn Wetmore, ' 50; Pat Brown, ' 49; Bernice Calkins, ' 49, Vice-President; Vera Hosley, ' 51; Laura Nasset, ' 51; Barbara Seeger, ' 50; Roberta Reid, ' 50: Barbara Newell, ' 49; Barbara Sawyer, 50. Harriet Falls. ' 49. Second Row: Lucille Saxman, ' 49; Dorothy Beckton, ' 49; Ruth Mo ' lnow, ' 49; Treasurer; Mary Alice Cheney, ' 49; Mrs. Stoats Cotsworth; Corrine Firth, ' 49, President; Frances Foley, ' 50; Barbara Kelso, ' 50, Secretary; Rosemarie Kish, ' 50; Ell Rose Eichenlaub, ' 50; Pat Phillips, ' 50. First Row: Agnes Waddell, ' 51; Ann Rogers, ' 50; Joy Williams, ' 51; Sue Hendrian, ' 50; Lilias Wagner, ' 50; Lynn Ban well, ' 50; Pollee Thomson, ' 49; Donna DeHarde, ' 50. Alpha Gams of Alpha Beta chapter have had a memorable year both in activities and social functions. The new school year, hejnlaed by the coming of our new and beloved housemother, Mrs. Staffs Cotsworth, was started . in progress by the usual after-game gatherings, listening parties, and homecomijf H|J AV J9 Vt Also keeping the social wn|ySfon| on were the pre-Christ- University Hospital, housemother ' s teas, mas party, benefiting the rhil Christmas and Spring .Forma and our annual International Reunion Group interests also centered around the national fraternity project, aid to spastic children through chapter donations raised by benefit functions. 235 ALPHA OMICRON PI Top Row: Eleanore Hammetf, ' 51; Joyce Naumeier, ' 51; Beverly Dever, ' 51; Dorothy Warmeling, ' 51; Patricia Dressier, ' 51; Betty Seller, ' 51; Rhoda Uhlendorf, ' 51; Louise Moore, ' 51; Joanne Ellis, ' 51; June Chadwick, ' 51; Alice Coburn, ' 51. Third Row: Audrey Crawford, ' 49: Valerie Vandermade, 51: Patricia Maloney, ' 49; Peggy MacDougall, ' 50; Marjorie Letzgus, ' 50; Dorothy Malanick, ' 50; Yvonne Johnson, ' 51; Marjorie Lundahl, ' 50; Mary Ann O ' Connor, ' 49; Margaret Donovan, ' 51; June Shauer, ' 49. Second Row: Haidee Prager, ' 49; Gloria Gonan, ' 49; Dorothy Jemal, ' 49; Secretary; Beverly Haley, ' 49, Treasurer; Corinne Schild, ' 49, Vice-President; Mrs. MacDonald; Martha Delano, ' 49, President; Mary Anne Brice, ' 49; Jean Smith, ' 49; Mary Lu Fratcher, ' 49; Virginia Wertin, ' 50. First Row: Carol Tuer, ' 50; Shirley Wood, ' 51; Janice Puffenberger, ' 50; Katherine Mills, ' 50; Mary Ann Prince, ' 51; Connie Skaaf, ' 50; Lois Miller, ' 50; Mary Kokales, ' 50. Anne Horiton, ' 50. It ' s a long walk from Oxford Road to State Street, but the surroundings make up for anything the AOP ' s may suffer in their battle with the elements. However, being in the middle of " fraternity circ d tf TiliUl ctiMmrj jjIoblerns impromptu serenades, honorf ofl taujKglkfJ ornpanied by fire- crackers, screaminap ajM sj wiplkt Jtod nowball barrages, to mention only a few.T|fv f lWglthese attentions, the AOP ' s annually ' ' irV Wng j3]eJ|gX laierenade the near-by Another annual feBure taiipkt rjam variety show written, directed and | i f 1 1 1 1 fjiiiaTi i 1 1 illiiiiiii ' it r lTfiiMi| I of the most exalted actives and their guests) by the pledges. The Christmas Party is another high spot. A poem is composed for each girl and delivered with heartiest chuckles by Santa Claus, who always attends the party, accompanied by Mrs. Claus a part played with great talent by our housemother, Mrs. Mac. 236 ALPHA PHI Top Row: Joanne Christensen, ' 50; Maxine Pears on, ' 51; Ruth Ann Rupp, ' 51; Karol Kerr, ' 51; Cecily Hume, ' 51; Doris Egan, ' 51; Jane Hemenway, ' 50; Ann Sluyter, ' 50; Ann Thomas, ' 50; Margaret Kennedy, ' 51; Barbara Barker, ' 50. Third Row: Marilyn Strohm, ' 50; Mary Nell Walker, ' 50; Jean Russ, ' 50; Eleanor Littlefield, ' 50; Ann Sauer, ' 50; Laurelyn lamy, ' 51; Margery Flint, ' 50; Mary Ellen Nyberg, ' 51; Pat Adams, ' 51; Jane Dieterle, ' 51; Shirley Hahn, ' 50; Myra Hahn, ' 51. Second Row: Janice Olivier, ' 50; Katherine Campbell, ' 50; Margaret Paton, ' 49; Joyce Bowen, ' 49; Christine Blair, ' 49, President; Mrs. Eckhart; Margaret Speckhard, ' 49; Suzanne Tolford, ' 49; Pat Laus, ' 49; Carol Lecklider, ' 50. First Row: Frances Hall, ' 49; Julie Rose, ' 49; Sally Stanton, ' 49; Nancy Culligan, ' 49; Mary Carolyn Wright, ' 49; Mary Lee Krupka, ' 49; Mary Quinn, ' 49 Audrey Johnson, ' 49; Patricia Stormont, ' 49. Missing: Mary Campbell, ' 49. ALPHA PHI " INSTITUTIONS " -Fathers ' Weekend . . . enter- tainment by Phi ' s dressed as flappers; Christmas Formal; Founders ' Day with Michigan State Chapter; Rheumatic Fever Project; First place cup at L singers; House photogra all these events. BUSTLE OF ACTIY gan for activities a Christmas Party. SPONTANEOUS ing parties " ; small fire in Night; Recognition Night erle . . . " snapping " . ed Nancy Culli- Rlji by Alumnae at parties; " listen- fire engines, four fra- ternities, and burnt potatoes); Phi Gam reveille at three A.M.; lessons by Mary Lee Krupka on the care of pet turtle, Vincent. Take a deep breath and it ' s time to begin all over again in the fall. 237 Top Row: Phyllis Bliss, ' 51; Winifred Duckek, ' 51; Beverly Howes, ' 50; Irene Straub, ' 49; Carol Kimplon, ' 50; Sally Norton, ' 49; Nancy Coleman, ' 51; Helen Zivkoff, ' 50: Beverly Ryia, ' 50; Patricia Isbell, ' ??. Third Row: Mary Boer, ' 51; Engracia Hammond, ' 50; Marydel Berger, ' 49; Virginia Leader, ' 50; Nancy Neff, ' 51; Frances Bendler, ' 51; Barbara Bodenbender, ' 51; June Singley, ' 49; Mary Ann Harris, ' 50; Ann Parker, ' 49. Second Row: Eleanor Irwin, ' 50; Patricia Becker, ' 49; Jo Ann Lyons, ' 50, Secretary; Marjorie Jones, ' 49, President; Mrs. Gaylord; Janet Bird, ' 49; Vice-President; Thomasine Neering, ' 49, Treasurer; Kaye Lamley, ' 49; Maxine Smith, ' 49. First Row: Louise Warren, ' 51; Virginia Parrish, ' 49; Betty Jo Heiser, ' 50; H. Elizabeth Whittaker, ' 49; Jean Meengs, ' 51; Margaret Martin, ' 49; Irene Bronko, ' 50; Elizabeth Tancik, ' 51. The Alpha Xi ' s started the school year by building a dream house for Mr. Oosterbaan for our homecoming display. Sadly enough, the house turned out to be a nightmare, but we had fun working on it anyway. At least the house stood up, and who cares if it only had onej aJLlZBesides this, we had other good times to hejp- S W ' eiw lw tosbook blues which, by the way, reajQcpfcrferourth crefe KFKaaVship award with Chi Omega amongsororities. TheTormaTaance with Phi Chap- ter of Albion at the Otsego Hotel in Jackson was an event we ' ll always remember. Our Christmas party was also a success, and at the same time we had the joy of knowing that the con- tributions of Alpha Xi Delta would help people in Noordwyk, Holland gain hope for a successful new year. 238 CHI OMEGA I Top Row: Nancy Somers, ' 51; Carolyn Crosby, ' 51; Mary Reed, ' 50; Joyce Keen, ' 50; Rosemary Owen, ' 51; Ruth Mattesen, ' 51; Josephine Bell, ' 50; Nancy Cupples, ' 50; Barbara Kershaw, ' 51; Ruth Mary Nelson, ' 51; Gracia Whitworth, ' 51; Carolyn Dobsen, ' 51. Third Row: Marilyn Shingleton, ' 50; Katherine Geigenmueller, ' 51; Jeanne Schreiber, ' 51; Ann Grainger, ' 51; Barbara Hansen, ' 51; Marilyn Thisted, ' 51; Shirley Ash, ' 50; Ruth Ann Hansen, ' 50; Constance Keegan, ' 50; Dorothy Hieronymus, ' 50; Maxine Reid, ' 51. Second Row: Marcia LeSage, ' 51; Judith Robbins. ' 49; iugenin McCallum, ' 49; Mary F. Rogers, ' 49, Secretary; Patricia Stevens, ' 49, President; Mrs. Russell; Betty Gene Inyart, ' 49, Vice-President; Marilyn Haley, ' 49, Treasurer; Nancy Musselman, ' 49; Elizabeth Klaver, ' 49. First Row: Jacqueline Calvin, ' 49; Joan Lince, ' 49; Eleanor Hoff master, ' 49; Jean Deary, ' 49; Lucille Miller, ' 49; Marilyn Holmquist, ' 49; Mary Bayer, ' 50; Nancy Constantine, ' 49. Missing: Margaret Pell, ' 50; Dorothy Ann Parker, ' 49; Barbara Hart, ' 51. Chi Omega has striven this year, as in the past, to live up to our five national policies. Creditable scholarship was attained as we ranked fourth among sororities on ca y w- j f - M r i Ti Our contribution ifer ' g ganqRyc ' i ' ol service is the annual award to a woman s ]S ' 3 s 9w ' 8Dif or excellence in schol- Each girl is guided! ts tH|jra$ectJor of a vocation through consultation with chapte(LM3cerV% iaf alumnae counselors. Chi Omega also stre|$j partu3gc|tin in campus activities. We have members inTrremy- ' phJjes ' rjf Campus life including: a Senior class officer, J-Hop Committee, League Council; W.A.A., Board, student publications, J.G.P., Soph Cabaret, sport clubs, and musical organizations. Finally, we aim to further and strengthen personnel by culti- vating friendships not only within our own house but on the campus as a whole. 239 COLLEGIATE SOROSIS Top Row: Jean Morton, ' 50; Marcia Tucker, ' 50; Pat Harrington, ' 50; Vice-President; Joanne Hoey, ' 51; Guilthen Aga-Oglu, ' 50; Mary Hill, ' 50; Sally McBride, ' 50; Barbara Davis, ' 49; Holly Herz, ' 51. Third Row: Sallie Slocum, ' 51; Dorothy Meyer, ' 51; Barbara Carlson, ' 51; Patricia Rich, ' 51; Jennie Quirk, ' 51; Betty Tornquist, ' 51; Mary Sherwood, ' 51; Lisbeth Hildebrandt, ' 49. Second Row: Susan Wilson, ' 49; Barbara MacCready, ' 50; Thelma Fyfe, ' 50, Treasurer; Virginia Moore, ' 50, Corresponding Secretary; Suzanne Toepel, ' 49, President; Nancy Lutton, ' 50, Secretary; Emy Lou Hough, ' 50; Roxie Tayler, ' 49: Elizabeth Barss, ' 49. First Row: Barbara Laun, ' 49; Natalie Tayler, ' 49; Betsy Moore, ' 49; Nancy Vedder, ' 49; Joyce Thomas, ' 49; Ann Bevens, ' 49; Libby Rensford, ' 49. And so we come to the end of another wonderful year, both at Michigan and in Sorosis. We remember the open houses in the fall, the faculty tea, house functions, and campaigns in which we all cooperated to make them lasting on our lists of good times. The year ' s greatest memory is of the annual Sorosis-Theta Mud Bowl classic on Homecoming Day. As is usually the case, both teams were superior, but the end result was a scoreless tie. We look back on the sleepless nights, the articles submitted to The New Yorker, Friday night supper and bridge. It is with these memories that the seniors leave and the upper classmen take over the house with the hope that each year will be as good as this one has been. 240 DELTA DELTA DELTA :: U :; ' ..... ecose, less lie. wnitted is with osynen I be os Top Row: Betty Etter, ' 49; Virginia Ross, ' 51; Shirley Osgood, ' 50; Mary Stone, ' 51; Barbara Quail, ' 51; Jane Buell, ' 51; Patricia Keast, ' 51; Barbara Little, ' 51; Betsy Stanton, ' 50; Barbara Molyneaux, ' 51. Third Row: Nan Byrnes, ' 51; Carol Cummings, ' 50; Mary Corin, ' 50; Valerie Lemper, ' 51; Nancy Marin, ' 51; Virginia Nicklas, ' 49; Betty Goebel, ' 50; Phyllis Bohnsack, ' 50; Shirley Crawford, ' 51; Pauline Kleckner, ' 51. Second Row: Mary Buell, ' 49; Virginia Garritsen, ' 49; Barbara Martin, ' 49; Gwen Keister, ' 49; Marilee Hill, ' 49; Audrey Buttery, ' 49, President; Betty Estes, ' 49; Evelyn Wohlgemuth, ' 49; Althea Woods, ' 49; Marjorie Reber, ' 49; Jean Lyman, ' 49. First Row: Pearl Francis, ' 49; Ruth Campbell, ' 50; Helen Bower, ' 50; Virginia Ellis, ' 51; Pat Breon, ' 51; Ann Flitcraft, ' 51; Virginia Correll, ' 50; Turry Welden. ' 51. Missing: Dorothy Dow. ' 50. We ' ll ne ' er forget our Tri-Delt days . . . football season; open houses, listening parties, our annual " Powder Puff " game with the Pi Phi ' s . . . Homecoming and our Wolverine Theatre; we were mighty surprised whpn SLthij Pfe 6 boomed across the stadium . . . Fathers ' V jfrC d JUfyy Dr and a perfect time with the " Tri-Pops " . f fh r j Tf g toy y t party, tree trim- ming, wherein we tevipEtL fyrcRjj l, itijlri n the tree with hot chocolate and cookie! . . gvim%r carnj il; Skating, toboggan- ing, and our ulliimilil inmhij ajim lfCt1.| JTIIT in the women ' s entries . . . J-Hop; a triuptphant Iteturj jpffrns loaded with loot from a never-to-be-forgotTO|| gSKejj|jl ., . J.G.P.; Senior Night, an hilarious evening of feminine revelry, first evidence of dewy- eyed graduates . . . Installation Night; well-earned honors . . . Lantern Night . . . Then goodbye to our graduating seniors, the house and all our pleasant memories for another year. 241 DELTA GAMMA Top Row: Joan Badgley, ' 51; Betty DeGuise, ' 50; Dee Janusch, ' 51; Barbara Munn, ' 49; Jan Scherzer, ' 51; Jean Schutt, ' 51; Mary Dooge, ' 51; B. J. Auch, ' 50; Marilyn Miller, ' 51; Janie Topper, ' 51; Nancy Cochran, ' 49; Charline Hilt, ' 51. Third Row: Marilyn Flynn, ' 50; Marge Hallam, ' 51; Lona Lou Gage, ' 49; Jane Massey, ' 49; Sallie Stevens, ' 50; Martha Marshall, ' 49; Peggy Ellingwood, ' 49; Jean Lord, ' 49; Nan Gilbreath, ' 49; B. J. Schmidt, ' 49; Mim Walsh, ' 49. Second Row: Sally Donovan, ' 50; Jeannie Johnson, ' 50; Nancy Patton, ' 49, Treasurer; Ann Gestie, ' 49, Rushing Chairman; Mary Lou Dove, ' 49; Recording Secretary; Mrs. Quinn; Delores Farah, ' 49, President; Pat Hannegan, ' 49, Vice-President; Mary K. Theurer, ' 50, Corresponding Secretary; Mary Webb, ' 49; June Marx, ' 49. First Row: Louise Steele, ' 50; Mary Lou Beenen, Spec.; Pat Gullberg, ' 51; Marilyn Buell, ' 51; Barbara Everett, ' 50; Nancy MacKay, ' 51; Suzie Parker, ' 50; Nancy Notnagel, ' 51; Nancy DeWitt, ' 49; Sally Mitts, ' 50; Pat Baumgarten, ' 49. The football season holds many memories, not only our open houses, following the games, but our own undefeated Delta Gamma team, and the banquet honoring our coach, Joe Pon- setto. In the midst of thesefOTp||Ries, we set aside a weekend honoring the D.G. Dads. We never will forget Ball and our Christm our abstract winter c pounds of ice, scattere ' With the spring semesterca rie rushing and the Pledge For- mal. Mother ' s Weekend followed, and with the spring sun- shine came swimming, sailing, hayrides, and outdoor picnics. We ' re sorry it ' s over, but with the fall comes another year, and more good times in the D.G. house. e-gatherings " before Pan Hel . and the enthusiasm about ich consisted of 1600 the lawn. 242 DELTA ZETA Top Row: Mary Hicks, ' 49; Mary Helen King, ' 51; Mary Kuivinen, ' 49; Barbara Dunkle, ' 49; Kris Ramsay, ' 50; Libby Myers, ' 50; Katherine Cybulski, ' 50; Georgie Vallance, ' 50. Third Row: Dolly Humecke, ' 50; Sarah Thrush, ' 50; Ruth Parsons, ' 49; Ruth Ann South, ' 49; Ellen Mulvihill, ' 49; Beverly Dunn, ' 51; Barbara Cutler, ' 50; Nancy Walker, ' 50; Barbara Barnes, ' 49. Second Row: Mary Clement, ' 50; Jackie Zipp, ' 50; Lois Kennedy, ' 50, Secretary; Barbara MacLachlan, ' 49, President; Mrs. Buck; Barbara Houghton, 49, Vice-President; Zola Shipman, ' 49, Treasurer; Sally Wilcox, ' 49. First Row: Cathy Randolph, ' 49; Marian Robinson, ' 51; Sally Murray, ' 50; Jeanne Beeman, ' 51; Patty Reeves, ' 51; Jan Taylor, ' 49. This fall when we of Michigan Delta Zeta returned to Ann Arbor, we found that the finishing touches had been added to a job of complete r year was successfu open houses after followed by the C this year to have t Ann Arbor. Between ter Carnival and J-Hop, gi With spring rushing, came tion for Lantern Night. Wa ouse on Geddes. The football season and Fall rushing ensued, We were honored or Delta Zeta held in e came back for Win- ance to relax after exams, e Formal and then prepara- weather finally chased away the rainy season and out-door parties and picnics closed in. It ' s so nice to live in the house across the street from the Arb! 243 GAMMA PHI BETA Top Row: Bettina Hoffman, ' 51; Nancy Townsend, ' 51; Edith Livermore, ' 50; Louise Lawrence, ' 49; Esther Gommeson, ' 49; Patricia Lewis, ' 50; Marilyn Howell, ' 50; Margaret Thompson, ' 50; Shirley Farnsworth, ' 49; Patricia Reader, ' 50. Third Row: Donna Schneider, ' 49; Mary Margaret Robinson, ' 49; Jean Lee VanLeeuwen, ' 49; Kathryn Lynch, ' 49, Rushing Chairman; Jacqueline Reid, 49; Joanne Johnson, ' 50, House Manager; Gwen Sperlich, ' 49; Martha Earl, ' 50; Joan Broomfield, ' 51. Second Row: Rosemarie Schoetz, ' 49, Corresponding Secretary; Francis Klein, ' 49; Vice-President; Ruth Spore, ' 49, President; Mrs. Sanford; Barbara Bartley, ' 49, Recording Secretary; Margaret Price, ' 50, Treasurer; Jean Oakes, ' 51; Betty Cole, ' 50. First Row: Judith Johannsen, ' 51; Jean Heidgen, ' 51; Claire Wyatt, ' 50; Patricia McKenna, ' 49; Judy Minogue, ' 50; Shila McComb, ' 51; Mary Wilmot, ' 50; Phyllis Collins, ' 49. This year is the Diamond Jubilee of Gamma Phi Beta. At the commemorating convention last summer Beta Chapter was awarded a silver platter in recognition of its achievement in by the chapter which ies and sororities for scholarship. This retained its leadership the year 1947-48. During the year campus activities. l Night and was awa peting groups. It cap in basketball. Togeth all phases of the th place in Lantern josture of the com- mpicyfhip of B tournament elta it received honor- able mention for their joint booffffifMichigras. Included among the spring social activities were the annual pledge formal, Mothers ' Weekend held at the time of May Festival, a tea for the faculty and the Beta Biennial Reunion. 244 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Top Row: Barb Coxon, ' 50; Kay Woodruff, ' 50; Gretta Burdick, ' 50; Joan Ely, ' 51; Lois Moynahan, ' 49; Helen Geise, ' 49; Mary A. Gatley, ' 50; Penny Brundrett, ' 49; Judy Frease, ' 50; Joan Rockwell, ' 49. Third Row: Mary A. Kennedy, ' 50; Billie Perkins, ' 50; Jerry Barnes, ' 50; Mary Grace Childs, ' 51; Ursula Maister, ' 49; Barb Ballantine, ' 50; Mary Thorn, ' 50; Marilyn Jervis, ' 50; Pat Shoemaker, ' 50; Mary McPhee, ' 50. Second Row: Nancy Sayre, ' 49; Jackie Foxgrover, ' 50; Jo Henderson, ' 50; Bev. Ballantine, ' 50, Treasurer; Jeep Losch, ' 49, Vice-President, Mrs. Ro-nine. Sue Martin, ' 49, President; Lou Dickinson, ' 49; Mary A. Crosby, ' 50; Sally Alber, ' 51. First Row: Dottie Wulz, ' 51; Cynthia Finn, ' 49; Diane Hacha, ' 50; Kathy Macpherson, ' 50; Sue Hughes, ' 50; Monica Geiger, ' 50; Hope Ingold, ' 50; Nancy Williams, ' 50; Sally Dalton, ' 51. The Thetas started the ball rolling in grand style this year when they moved into a newly decorated house. Social plans took the form of an open house for the Homecoming game, a Father ' s Day weekend, and Christmas and sprin a barn dance was hel sports schedule featured Homecoming. After voile the ball for the fun and Christmas time the Thetas w Christmas party. at dinner during the week ces. Together with Sorosis in October. The fall classic with the Sorosi on e basketball teams carried " black and gold. " Around aroling and had their annual The spring semester was taken up with rushing in February and the usual sports tennis, golf and baseball. A Mother ' s Day weekend was one of the highlights. 245 KAPPA DELTA Top Row: Helen Wayt, ' 51; Joan McGinty, ' 51; Nancy Northam, ' 51; Charlotte Will, ' 51; Ann Prine, ' 50; Charlotte Slough, ' 51; Pete Crowley, ' 49; Joan Leszczynski, ' 50; Lydia Wilhelm, ' 51; Sue Ann Snyder, ' 49. Third Row: Marge Good, ' 51; Dolores Massey, ' 49; Dorothy Doerfner, ' 50; Audrey Grendahl, ' 51; Mary Lou Scanlon, ' 51; Kathie Douglas, ' 50; Jean Schroeder, ' 51; Joan Blott, ' 50; Dolores Hood, ' 49; Donna Bothamley, ' 50. Second Row: Gretchen Markle, ' 49, House Manager; Ann Morris, ' 49; Wanda Wright, ' 50; Ann Griffin, ' 49, Treasurer; Mrs. Williams; Eileen Scanlon, ' 49, President; Barbara Brown, ' 49, Vice-President; Ann Dewitt, ' 50; Norrine Taylor, ' 50, Secretary; Ann Schoonmaker, ' 49. First Row: Betty Clark, ' 49; Bev Fullerton, ' 51; Joyce Clark, ' 51; Lois Williams, ' 49; Valerie Polk, ' 51; Ruth Fairbanks, ' 49; Norma Metier, ' 49; Betty Koebel, ' 50. The K D ' s will alway-. remember 1948-49, A Big Year! An- other wonderful football team, and open house after each game, with an especially big Alumnae Reunion on Homecom- ingWelcome to " Mom and we all sat together in a big to the house for dinner Formal at the house in D Bluebooks, term papers, while we flung ourselves in our annual Candlelight Chr With the close of the rushin Pinnings, surprise engagemen for the Indiana game, when he stadium, then came back y. Our combined Pledge itiate the holiday season, orgotten for a few days istmas spirit: caroling, and dinner and Alumnae party, son, spring fever took hold, dinners, and serenades mid- night snacks and gab sessions dreaming about graduation and afterwards cramming for finals dinner in honor of our gradu- ating seniors another terrific year! 246 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Top Row: Marjorie Sutfin, ' 49; Barbara Sickles, ' 49; Barbara Reynolds, ' 51; Nancy Sanders, ' 50; Doris Buser, ' 51; Virginia Bauer, ' 51; Rosemary Pokorney, ' 50; Nan Hubach, ' 50; Marilyn Slone, ' 50; Jan Williams; Nancy Dean, ' 51. Third Row: Anne Harilon, ' 50; Polly Hodges, ' 51; Barbara Walker, ' 50; Janet Dewey, ' 51; Rosemary Frehse, ' 50; Helen Girdler, ' 50; Sally Goodyear, ' 50; Sidney Steck, ' 50; Barbara Rising, ' 51; Donna Brown, ' 49; Ruth Winters, ' 51; Mary Buckmaster, ' 49; Carol Schneider, ' 51. Second Row: Barbara Ream, ' 49; Jeanne Blinn, ' 49; Nancy Hess, ' 49; Jeanne Lange, ' 51; Ruth Sights, ' 49, President; Mrs. John Owen; Margaret Rathke, ' 49; Jo Hill, ' 49; Virginia Beabes, ' 49; Joan Kampmeier, ' 49; Joan Fast, ' 50. First Row: Betsy Vial, ' 51; Martha Bryant, 51; Barbara Forster, ' 49; Betty Jo Faulk, ' 50; Diane Faulk, ' 51; Karin Lindh, ' 49; Illeana Lindh, ' 51; Bebe Lively, ' 50; Barbara Ridgeway, ' 50; Mary Powers. Missing: Carile Castricum, ' 49; Jeanne Hunt, ' 49; Jeri Mulson, ' 50; Betsy Bousfield, ' 50; Sarah McHale, ' 51. Starting the year out with a bang was the annual Father ' s Weekend . . . our dads became our dates and were formally " initiated " . . . then came Homecoming and we literally got " Lost in the Maize " . . . Pan Hel Ball brought more happy mem- ories . . . we were alWUJed with the Christmas spirit after our party with the TH ' tjnjMujljl) Cp " lJl entertaining a child from the orphanage . . . iMLroPBu Jit ' m tiHpfeffi|is . . . and the high spot of the fall semg | rythe Christmas Jpjjial. With the spring semester came the annual barn party and " wenie " feast at Gleaner ' s . . . the pledge formal to honor our new initiates . . . Mother ' s Weekend in early May . . . and last but not least the picnics, bike rides and trips to Whitmore to sail or swim. 247 PI BETA PHI y Jv Top Row: Virginia Stoddard, 51; Sally Edwards, 50; Gretchen Rlggs, 50; Eleanor Hewitt, ' 51; Sally Strauss, 51; Gale Huntington, 50; Harriet Fenske, ' 49; Nancy Chapel, ' 51; Elaine Nagelvoort, ' 51; Virginia Morton, ' 49; Caryl Daly, ' 51. Third Row: Pauline Zimmerman, ' 51; Ruth Martini, ' 49; Joyce Rogers, ' 49; Ellen Van Waggoner, ' 51; Susan Bartlett, ' 49; Adrienne Ewert, ' 49; Joyce Atchison, ' 50; Anne Groves, ' 51; Virginia Campbell, ' 50; Nancy Merriam, ' 50; Mary Lou Asplin, ' 50; Mary Steirer, ' 49. Second Row: Jo Ann Lambert, ' 49; Nancy Perry, ' 49; Jean Boos, ' 49; Jo Ann Chapel, ' 50, Treasurer; Shirley Smith, ' 49, President; Ann Tuck, ' 49, Vice- President; Dorothy Ellis, ' 49; Charlotte Peck, ' 49, Secretary; Marguerite McCann, ' 49; Sue Montgomery, ' 49; Mary Maguire, ' 51. First Row: Helen Hubbard, ' 50; Patricia Young, ' 49; Marjorie Hehn, ' 50; Joan Broadbridge, ' 49; Shelda Ryburn, ' 50; Judy Patterson, ' 50; Adelaide Klingbeil, ' 50; Eileen Hickey, ' 49; Joan Frankman, ' 51; Janet Marshall, ' 50. I, a refreshed and sun-tanned Pi Phi arrived bag and bag- gage in Ann Arbor last September, determined to discard my sun glasses for the books this time. After one blinding glance at our redecorated living room I put the sun glasses back on, and began to study with renewed determination then came the football games. The Wolverines had nothing on us, we were also u n d ef e SE ' oK.tbft.fl.r.Idi f.P- fiffi e played one game- trounced the Tri Somehow I managed fq dust off the books now and then through Mothers ' weekend the sophomore party, the junior party and the senior dinner. I ' ll never forget our Christmas formal, the pledge formal and the nights when I was dragged from the bathtub to attend our " cookie shines. " Now, after studying for my finals in a bathing suit on the back porch, I, a refreshed and sun-tanned Pi Phi, am ready to go back home to rest up for another school year. 248 SIGMA DELTA TAU Top Row: Roe Gunman, ' 50; Sylvia Haber, ' 50; Diane Lightstone, ' 51; Joan ne Steinberg, ' 49; Debby Wolson, ' 49; Joyce Briskman, ' 51; Beverley Baron, ' 51. Third Row: Rhona Morrison, ' 51; Joan Widens, ' 51; Harriet Silep, ' 51; Hope Myers, ' 50; June Goldburg, ' 49; Edith Merlin, ' 51; Rosalie Mayer, ' 49; Shirley Kallman, ' 50. Second Row: Marcia Lipsett, ' 49, Treasurer; Margery Schlenger, ' 49; Joy W eisbaum, ' 49, Vice-President; Joan Silverman, ' 49, President; Sue Friedman, ' 50; Gloria Goodstein, ' 50; Judy Levin, ' 49. First Row: Annette Waldman, ' 50; Barbara Brenner, ' 49; Marilyn Miller, ' 50; Phyllis Kulick, ' 50; Jackie Weber, ' 50; Esther Sklar, ' 50. Missing: Margery Zaller, ' 49, Secretary; Doris Seder, ' 49; Sue List, ' 51. Chi chapter of Sigma Delta Tau can look back with pride on a year of honors capped in activities and scholarship. The Sig Delts were second in scholarship of all women ' s houses on campus and were well represented in the scholastic sororities of Alpha Lambda Dsltp jt jLJJPlsEt and Scroll. Not mere bookworms, however, I ffee " S t T s ar active in the League, Wyvern, Mortarboard TBu3 Jlg rVfdfvuAjn Daily. Ivv ff vOI We had a house full of Ajujicifeants and chairmen in Soph Cabaret, J G P Winter Carnifa| Pan Hel Ball, Hillelzapoppin and Senior Ball. Everyone had a wonderfuijjfne at our Buttons and Bows party, Spring Formal and open houses. Behind the facade of 1405 Hill we sport a new look in a beautifully redecorated library. 249 ZETA TAU ALPHA O A A jA %i ' 1 Aft ft If , Top Row: Jane Van Site, ' 50; Jean Meranda, ' SO; Jackie Harper, ' 49; lydia Creed, ' 49; Joan Levy, ' 49; Pat Dunlop, ' 49; Marian Cheney, ' 49; Rosemary Seguin, ' 50. Second Row: Marilyn Reed, ' 51; Lynn Streeper, ' 50; Beverly Cunningham, ' 50; Maryalys Wiggert, ' 50; Aloise Champoux, ' 50; Joan Makielski, ' 50; Caroline Scofield, ' 49; Noryne Morgan, ' 50; Virginia Wilcox, ' 50; Beverly Palmer, ' 49. First Row: Grace Wyman, ' 49; Helen Meranda, ' 49, Treasurer, Norma Shaylor, ' 49; Rushing Chairman; Mrs. Williams; Barbara Lewis, ' 49, President; Claire Morey, ' 49, Vice-President; Barbara Crosley, ' 49, Secretary; Helen Starr, ' 49. This has been Golden Anniversary Year for Zeta Tau Alpha. The sorority was founded at Farmville Virginia, and has grown to international scope. We celebrated our fiftieth birthday at an open house and dinner h pglafter Homecoming Game for alumni and friends. now we look at the the time when we ever come. Then ect setting for our h many weird cos- Our house was co beautiful results, it wondered if the dr our rather empty Halloween " Scare-E tumes and energetic The year ' s events included a " tea for our new housemother, the Christmas " Holiday Inn " Formal, our spring pledge formal. Other social activities were a Panhellenic dinner, faculty teas, exchange dinners, a caroling party. 250 I. F. C The Interfraternity Council is the govern- ing body for the 3000 men in 46 undergrad- uate fraternities on campus. To start off their year, over 600 men were pledged to fraternities for a new all time record at Michigan. Midway through the fall term the contro- versial 2.4 scholarship rule was introduced and finally adopted as a standard for the houses here. Christmas brought Santa Claus to town as the leading attraction for the annual I.F.C. Christmas Party for Ann Arbor children. 2500 screaming youngsters at- tended the festivities and a good time was had by all. Every spring the I.F.C. holds its famed " sing " on the library steps and this year proved no exception as 2000 spectators looked in on some wonderful singing. To top off a swell year, in May the Coun- cil presented the I.F.C. Ball at the Intramural Building where all the " Greeks " had one final fling before final exams. HOUR? T SAT. The I.F.C. Book Exchange which operates in the Union, contributes directly to the welfare of individual students in the form of better prices for used text books. This year saw a larger, more active ex- change, spurred on by the diminishing number of veterans on cam- pus. Books not claimed were turned over to various charities for distribution to needy causes. PRESIDENT BRUCE LOCKWOOD SECRETARY-TREASURER JOE WIMSETT I.F.C. BOOK EXCHANGE Top Row: Bob Vogt, Ben Gates, Jack Heaphy, Jake Jacobson, Don Calhoun, Cap Off ut First Row: Stan Crapo, Ken Gould, Bruce Loc kwood, George Milroy, Dick Morrison. RUSHING COMMITTEE TURNS OUT PLEDGING RULES SOCIAL COMMITTEE PLANS INTER-FRATERNITY SING ACACIA Top Row: Philip Smith, ' 52; Richard Bahls, ' 49; Richard Arthur, ' 51; Leo Barbour, ' 49; Donald Lubeck, ' 49; Merrill Miller, ' 49; Howard Clark, ' 49; Richard Osbourne, ' 51; James Reagen, ' 49; Richard Campbell, ' 50; Donald dueller, ' 49; lenhard Forsberg, ' 49; John Hughes, ' 50; William Wynn, ' 50; Theodore Smith, ' 50; William Wilcox, ' 51. Third Row: David Heggam, ' 51; Ronald Watts, ' 52; James Glidden, ' 49; Calvin Simpson, ' 49; Melbourne Stewart, ' 49; Edward Kendall, ' 50; Howard Weeb, ' 49; William Zabrosky, ' 51; Lawrence Girton, ' 49; Walter Conrad, ' 50; Kenneth Smith, ' 49; David Stremmel, ' 50; Robert Hadden, ' 51; Paul Brentlinger, ' 50; Can Saka, Grad; Henry Hosmer, ' 49. Second Row: Otto Strobel, ' 49; Archibald McGregor, ' 49; Richard Deane, Grad; David Olson, ' 50, Secretary; Harvey Miller, ' 49; Philip Linscott, ' 49, President; Lansing Jones, ' 50, Vice-President; Malcolm MacGregor, ' 49; Robert Heckert, ' 50; Allen Schoeger, ' 50; Edmund Brownell, ' 49. First Row: Herbert Neil, ' 52; Warren Williamson, ' 52; Douglass Gordon, ' 50; Kenneth Swords, ' 50; Raymond Tittle, ' 52; Charles Walli, ' 51; Donald MacGregor, ' 51; Paul Campbell, ' 52. Acacia has been having a bang-up year. Alumni who re- turned for the first time in years to see Michigan ' s eleven in action received a warm welcome and a buffet-style post-game luncheon. An Apache weekend, as the house at another time the hou of a record shop comf over the house P. A. Spring Formal were th the Thanksgiving Day 1 es key dinner, and pledge ffic; arty added a note of novelty to a the form of a Paris cabaret and s decorated with all the properties yen to a disc jockey broadcasting Formal in the fall and our k ts of the social year, although ith the long hike, huge tur- all game, ran them a very close second. By tieing the score in this year ' s game, the pledges broke the record of the actives, who, since this rivalry began, had won every game. 254 ALPHA DELTA PHI : whore- dtytoo -:: properties ' : ' " - --: :. Top Row: Jake Godde, ' 51; Nor Carlson, ' 49; Shad Modrack, ' 50; Sting Kerr, ' 50; John Butterfield, ' 50; Richard Waldo, ' 49; Beg Huff, ' 50; Movin Van Dusen, ' 50; Teaser Griffin, ' 50; Clark Gabyl, ' 50; Hick Towne, ' 49; Naval Armory, ' 52; Drei Martini, ' 50; Van Johnson, ' 49; George Taliferro, ' 49; I. M. Searle, ' 51. Third Row: West Carlson, ' 50; Spugh Finn, ' 49; letis Stanfield, ' 49; Deeth Crispin, ' 50; lest Carlson, ' 49; Ruff Bump, ' 50; Whalen Sullivan, ' 49; John Smith, ' 52; Lauren McCall, ' 50; Clark Bar, ' 51; Saul Petter, ' 49; I. V. Webster, ' 49; Cole Minor, ' 49; Spike Ramsdell, ' 49. Second Row: Jack Llewelyn, ' 49; Bruce Stewart, ' 51; Shea D. Hamill 50; Ned Welch, ' 50; O. U. Kidd, ' 50, House Manager; Steve Upton, ' 49, President; Hans VanDomelen, ' 50, Vice-President; Stud Roberts, ' 50, Secretary; Helmut DeTurk, ' 50; Quitt Kidner, ' 50; Noe Moore, ' 50; Asa Olson, ' 51. First Row: Don Winslow, ' 51; A. Carpenter, ' 52; Y. Fouler, ' 52; Ewe Rieka, ' 52; Furst Noel, ' 52; Maugh Perkins, ' 52; Ab Buesser, ' 52; WileBile Donovan, ' 51; Mike Kidd, ' 52; Ura Hasbeen, ' 51; Annie Lowry, ' 50; Char Cole, ' 50. Missing: Mackenzie King, ' 50; 9- Ivester VanBuren, ' 49; HelMut Rifenburg, ' 50. Five score and three years ago our founders brought forth upon this campus a new fraternity, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the procpsition. Now we his cor scholastic struggle, t conceived and so d We are met on the co by peanut butter anc have flunked before University will little here and chances ai and proper that we cannot excavate, evacuate, or hollow this ground. We tried at Homecom ing, but it was hard frozen over. e engaged in a great utfit, or any other so lo g s idure without a 2.4. Me lison, bound together ' iction that those who one so in vain. The efhierfiber what we studied t is altogether fitting in a larger sense, we ave er. 255 ALPHA SIGMA PHI Top Row: Igor Beiser, ' 50; Robert Grierson, ' 50; William Leever, ' 50, Secretory; Kirb Winters, ' 51; Jack Heaphy, ' 50; Jack Bauer, ' 52; John Baum, ' 50; John Spindler, ' 51; Chuck Oakman, ' 50; Dick Brandenstem, ' 50; Herb Neuman, ' 51; Jim Howe, ' 51; Robert Tessmer, ' 50. Third Row: Bud Ocht, ' 49; Robert Erben, ' 50; Donald Coombs, ' 50; Harry Dunn, ' 51; Otto Reisman, ' 50; William Henderson, ' 50; David Ulmer, ' 50; John York, ' 50; George Rubay, ' 51; Al Johnson, ' 51; Merlin Hughes, ' 50. Second Row: Paul Hiser, ' 49; Frank Fritchek, ' 50; William Dresser, ' 52; Robert Prochaska, ' 51; William Moon, ' 50, Treasurer; Henry Bruner, ' 49, Presi- dent; Douglas Lent, ' 49, Vice-President; William O ' Dell, ' 51; William Bachtel, ' 51; Ray Webb, ' 51; Richard Roberts, ' 52. First Row: Arthur McWood, ' 51; Everett Bollard, ' 50; Charles Wolfe, ' 50; Tom Caley, ' 50; Robert Kopka, ' 51; George Gannon, ' 52; Robert Jermsted, ' 52. Missing: Jim Foster, Bob Stoller, John Hornberger, William Bromfield, Scott Elder, Joe Marble, Jim Cushman, John Dunn, Windy Shoup, Roger Van Dyke, Lew Sleeper, Jake Jacobson, Frank Nelson, Bruce Nelson, Dick Brighthart, John Tipton. It was " Oosterbaan Year " for Alpha Sig, with high tide at the big February " Bennie (Just " in Detroit Jake Jacobson ' s fab- ulous Party Book set parties, pouring a trees ' And we covet the sacre Nor will any Sig soo Desperadoes, " Igor " Little Theatre off th Howe ' s Rubber Band, lly fabulous " theme " into its golden leaves hin ' Sam, the Carrier, eaphy ' s Water Gun hers, John Winter ' s I rallies with Jim Athletes, Red Coat justice at Pledge-Active John Baum ' s magnificent contests and most of all, that Submarine Play the Tri Delts spring! 256 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Top Row: Paul Bermas. ' 49; Jon Gorbett, ' 49; Rod Snider, ' 48; Bob Ireland, ' 50; Joe Pueece, ' 50; Bill Dunlop, ' 50; At Beattie, ' 49; Lathrop Berry, ' 48; Bob Leader, ' 49; Ray Valley, ' 50; Don Hoexter, ' 50; Dave Martin, ' 49; Mike Service, ' 50. Fourth Row: Bob Smith, ' 50; Paul McCracken, ' 51; Jim Reiss, ' 49; Ray Aim, ' 49; Woody Rupp, ' 50; Alfred Dav, ' 50; Bob Hunt, ' 51; Bill Malin, ' 50; Jack Waters, ' 50; John Nostness, ' 50; Charles Stinson, ' 50; Tom Coates, ' 50; Richard Randall, ' 50; D. Roger Brown, ' 51; Dave Chamberlain, ' 51. Third Row: Tom Chenot, ' 50; Jim Goldammer, ' 49; Jack Dav, ' 49; Douglas Sinn, ' 50, Vice-President; Sumner Howard, ' 50, House Manager; Jack Gurche, ' 50, President; Tom Healy, ' 50, Secretary, Bill Bowler, ' 49; Bob Kelley, ' 50; Paul Anderson, ' 50; Dick Farrer, ' 51. Second Row: Maurice Allen, ' 49; Ted Haner, ' 51; Matt Mann, ' 51; Jack Martin, ' 50; John Lenkowski, ' 50; Bill Young, ' 50; Don Hudson, ' 49; Bob Manley, 49; Blair Filler, ' 50; Cal Hudson, ' 50; Ted Karmazin, ' 50. First Row: Tom Dornan, ' 49; Walter Gibbs, ' 49; Connie Nelson, ' 51; Phillip Mercado, ' 50; Jim Armstrong, ' 50; Bill Grant, ' 50; Jim Gkonos, ' 48; Bob Beatty, ' 51. Unique among the social events at Alpha Tau Omega this semester, was an exchange dinner with Kappa Kappa Gamma. Each couple sponsored a child from the Kellogg Foundation, a home for children " 4 niiiiinnairiinifiirrUi nf th " court. The children were amused after which the house pi Homecoming thi history. The recorc a buffet supper, r Record dances entertained visitor Our intramural a y the television set ost sucessful in our e entertained with in the evening. ends at which we er chapters. laced the house in a foremost challenging position for the all Fraternity sports trophy. Our defending championship football team reached the semi-finals hard fought game. 257 BETA THETA PI Top Row: Al Frank, ' 51; Dave Rice, ' 51; Jim Bremer, ' 51; John Ronnie, ' 50; Mai Thomson, ' 50; Don Lamm, ' 51; Fred Butt, Grad; Bob DeBoer, ' 51; Lionel Eubanks, ' 51; Jim Temple, ' 50; John Carey, ' 49; Dwane Deem, ' 50; Richard Virgo, ' 50. Third Row: Frank Drake, ' 50; Dick Tarnutzer, ' 50; Dick Jackson, ' 51; Bill Caldwell, Grad; Ted Monahan, ' 50; Bob Damiano, ' 51; George Campbell, ' 51; Bill Kerr, ' 50; Bob MacKay, ' 49; Chuck Johnston, ' 50; John Gillette, ' 50; Don Ruschman, ' 49; Art Meier, ' 50. Second Row: Jim Bernard, ' 51; Tom Flynn, ' 49; Ed Kopf, ' 49; Bob Williams, ' 50; Chuck Campbell, ' 50, Secretary; Chuck Whipple, ' 50, Treasurer; Ted Kindel, ' 49, President; Bill Graham, ' 49, Vice-President; John Quimby, ' 49; Dave Shuart, ' 50; Bob Anderson, ' 49; Leigh Gignilliat, ' 49; Bob Fonner, ' 49. First Row: Dave Karges, ' 51; Jim Mitchell, ' 51; Hal Harrington, ' 51; Jack Krause, ' 51; John Baker, ' 50; John Johnson, ' 50; Ernie Anderson, ' 51; Jon Wright, ' 50; Bob Schopps, ' 50; Jack Hultman, ' 50; Don Porter, ' 52. Pictured above is a group of fifty students scientifically se- lected at random to be Beta Theta Pi. A casuj look at their keen that they represent salubrious living. Realizing that all stultification, these mei; their educational careq has been the sole guidl that the parties held at the Lambda Chapter of y of the above men a y complexions proves scholarly endeavor and e Beta lay can lead to mental ced other activities into pursuits MODERATION and it can never be said House conform to the rules of good conduct and to social decorum. 258 CHI PHI N Ufa Top Row: J. Thomas, ' 51; J. Allwood, ' 51; R. McLeod, ' 49; R. Richardion; R. Jacob!; R. lehmann, ' 50; J. Pursley, R. Bunn, ' 51; R. Clark, ' 51; C. Sadler, ' 52; C. Ulbrick, ' 52; R. Heafner, ' 50; R. Noser, ' 49; J. Pickard, ' 50; E. Grenkowski, ' 50; W. Terzia, ' 50. Third Row: W. Wallace, ' 50; J. Hazelett, ' 51; J. Gooding, ' 50; V. Young, ' 50; H. Roodvoets, ' 52; D. Jennings, ' 50; T. Gorton, ' 49; R. McDonald, ' 50; Jack Pietz, ' 50; C. Hamilton, ' 52; J. Sturges; S. Yntema; E. Andrews, ' 50; C. Asbury, ' 50. Second Row: R. Olshefsky, ' 49; D. Spalding, ' 50; J. Stenglein, ' 50; J. Robertson, ' 50; B. Boothby, ' 49, Vice-President; W. Amerman, ' 49, President; R. Vaughn, ' 50; R. VanHouHe, ' 49, Treasurer; I Radcliff, ' 49; D. Yntema, ' 50; J. Jensen, ' 49; D. Bacon, ' 49; W. Roberts, ' 49; G. Buhrow, ' 50. First Row: T. Vetter, ' 50; R. Carlson, ' 51; R. Taylor, ' 50; W. Stenglein, ' 52; W. Man ley. ' 50; R. Braun, ' 49; D. Hall, ' 50; A. Bacon, ' 49; W. Mason, ' 50; H. Spense, ' 52. Missing: D. Hait, ' 49; W. Johnson, ' 50; R. Rann, ' 49; W. Seller, ' 50; T. Stenglein, ' 51. --.-: 1ATION be sold Like all of the rest, Chi Phi activities during the yeary " 5t every football gam interfraternity touch f Christmas time came the SAE ' s of their Ch| tide spirit; a tree tower of the house, traditional, barbari the Christmas spirit. The; activities in which the house months. engaged in the usual fraternal had victory parties after too, placed third in school besides. When ecided not to relieve r into the real yule- ciced atop the front the way from the truer recognition of y a few of the numerous participated in the past eight 259 Top Row: Harry Miles, ' 51; Thomas Osborne, ' SO; James Smith, ' 50; David Murray, ' 50; David Osborne, Grad; John Banzhaf, ' 51; Jonathan Green, ' 51; Phillip Frandsen, ' 50; William Kindley, ' 51; John McCormick, ' 50; William Kirk, ' 50; James Manning, ' 51; Donald Burlingame, ' 52. Third Row: Harry Slifer, ' 51; Maynard Newton, ' 50; Fred Phister, ' SO; Donald MacKay, ' 49; James Deremo, ' 50; William Ryburn, Grad; Peter VanBoven, ' 51; Roger Wellington, ' 50; Arther Henrie. ' 51. Second Row: John Pflug, ' 49; Robert Wood, ' 50; James May, ' 49; Hammond Berry, ' 50, Treasurer; James Giblin, ' 49, Vice-President; Arthur Christensen, ' 49, Secretary; William Sisson, ' 49; Willis Boice, ' 49; William Brown, ' 49; Robert Keiser, ' SO. First Row: Robert Shirmer, ' 52; John Headington, ' 52; Duane Gale, ' 52; James Newton, ' 52; Richard Evans, ' 52; E. James Erwin, ' 52; Harold Lawrence, ' 52; Clifford Dolan, ' 52; James Lehan, ' 51; George McKean, ' 52. Missing: Rodman Jacob!, ' 49; Richard Leasia, ' 50; louis Hamper, ' 51; William Parshall, ' 51; Roy Nelson, ' 51; Daniel Burlington, ' 52. The Engine school boys built a thirty foot Champaign bottle for Homecoming, it was left to the Lit school to hoist the darn thing. While a lot o a ssor edo aB scle ci s being strenuously applied, a flaw she Luckily enough, Ham bottle did not shatter The costume party was more successful Christmas and J-Hop gent, and also memoTa collapsed to earth, reak the fall, and the | adition of Halloween of wierd get ups. The orthy if widely diver- ge Formal and even the Pledges themselves. We cannot forget the practices for the IFC Sing, and the final gathering at Anna ' s and Doc ' s cottage to finish up the year. 260 DELTA CHI Top Row: Dick DeLine, ' 51; Jim Donivon, ' 51; Walt Pobbs, ' SO; John Grayson, ' 50; John Conroy, ' 50; George King, ' 50; Duane Neucherlain, ' 50; Edward Simanski. ' 51; Damin Joirney, ' 51; Eark Klett, ' 51; Bob Hastings, ' 51; Alben Carlson, ' 50; Luther Rudolph, ' 52. Third Row: Loy S. Weston, ' 50; Claude Batuck, ' 50; Henery Winchester, ' 51; Ralph Norman, ' 49; Jim Cape, ' 52; Bob Crawford, ' 52; Adel Pate, ' 49; Hugh Benedict, ' 50; Stanley Pinel, ' 51, Henry Rose, ' 50; Tom Parker, ' 52; Winford Studier, ' 50. Second Row: Brandon Meese, ' 51; William Strieker, ' 50; Harold Gibbons, ' 50; William Matheson, ' 51, Corresponding Secretary; Cooper Mathews, ' 50, Treasurer; John Barnes, ' 50, President; David Cunnings, ' 50, Vice-President; Jim Bomborough, ' 49; Gene Kiddon, ' 50; Jay Bunker, ' 49. First Row: Raffee Johns, ' 52; Robert Rogers, ' 51; Jim Jamieson, ' 51; Kenith Santees, ' 50; lloyd Oliver, ' 50; Auther Peltier, ' 49; Jay Pease, ' 50; Edward Cashin, ' 52. Missing: Charles Brown, ' 49; Richard Humes, ' 51; Bill Vanderwerp, ' 51. The year since Delta Chi ' s reappearance on campus has been one of prodigious activity in the house on Hill Street which we purchased late last! The Michigan-Illinois gc since 1936 and was attel On December 1 1, th it was rumored (by thiKe the Michigan ChristrgyTs s The newest ad km arked our first homecoming 200 alumni and guests. Jd its Christmas Ball and be one of the finest of et, our greyhound, who, although still socially unacceptable, nevertheless promises to be the ravishing beauty of the canine set on Michigan ' s campus. 261 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Top Row: Mac Bar num. ' 50; Nnelg Retneprac, ' 50; Bill Des Jardini, ' 50; Chuck Higbie, ' 50; Bob Sligh, ' 50; Hank Stapp, ' 50; Bill Clingman, ' 51; Bill McMillan, ' 51; Stan Crapo, ' 50; Blue Cloud, ' 49; Jud St. John, ' 49. Third Row: Bill McNabb, ' 49; Ted Withey, ' 50; Dave Vanderkloot, ' 49; Mart Oetting, ' 50; Det Lirrem, ' 50; Bill Moll, ' 50; Dick Barnes, ' 50; Allen Gutchiss, ' 50; Bob Gamble, ' 49; Paul Roman, ' 50; Bill Newton, ' 49; Jack Boeing, ' 51. Second Row: Ted Fordney, ' 51; Bill Cutler, ' 49; Jim Hubbard, Grad; Pete Buckley, ' 50; Dud Olcott, ' 49; Bill Cashbaugh, ' 50; John Hubbard, ' 49, President; Hank Smith, ' 49; John Wirtz, ' 49; Tom Conklin, ' 49; Ted Grooms, ' 49; Larry Burdick, ' 49. First Ro w: Don Maxwell, ' 50; Jim Watson, ' 52; Dick Anderson, ' 52; Kip Chase, ' 52; Craig Ramsey, ' 52; Bob Korf, ' 51; Phil Cornelius, ' 51; Guy Schmidt, ' 51; Phil Casgrain, ' 51. Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded on this campus on Febru- ary 24, 1855. We now have fifty chapters spread throughout the nation, in fact the fiftie British Columbia, was just f bated at our national conv at Vancouver University in this year. This was cele- Iso this year. Detroit, the convention was st. Our delegate, Mac During the Christmas held with Omicron of Barnum, presided as pre i Throughout the past ye has been to contribute to f Dutch girl, through the " Save Omicron is now anticipating the coming year with the hope of making it even more successful. the activities of the house pport of Marcia Scheffer, a e Children " foundation. 262 DELTA TAU DELTA il. H tfebni- nity in - Top Row: Jake Johnson, ' 49; Robert Carpenter, ' 50; Paul Morgan, ' 49; William McConnell, ' SO; Kenneth Bay, ' 50; Richard Lewis, ' 50; Tom Sawyer, ' 51; Norman Goeckel, ' 50; Hal Rumble, ' 49; Dana lemler, ' 50; James Buck, ' 50; Robert Issacson, ' 50; Jack Bay, ' 51; Tom Clark, ' 50. Fourth Row: Larry Cate, ' 50; James Wimsatt, ' 50; Richard Cruise, ' 49; Tony Montagano, ' 50; Charles Kelly, ' 51; Richard Morrison, ' 50; Norman White, ' 50; Walter Shaffer, ' 49; James White, ' 50; Richard Lee, ' 50; James Reese, ' 50; Charles Martin, ' 49; Fredrick Zimmermann, ' 49; Arthur Higbee, ' 49. Third Row: William Menacher, ' 50; George Whitehorne, ' 49; Doug. Mooney, ' 50; Sinclair Marcus, ' 49; George Carruthers, ' 49, Treasurer; William Ripley, ' 49, President; Jack lee, ' 49, Vice-President; Dick Bohl, ' 50, Secretary; Dale Drollinger, ' 50; John Ryder, ' 51; Gil Schubert, ' 50. Second Row: Bill Deger, ' 49; Richard Miller, ' 49; Bill Ohlenroth, ' 51; Don Lon - ' 49; Bob DeRose, ' 49; John Bartley, ' 49; Jack Wadely, ' 50; Dick Genthe, ' 50. First Row: Major III, Grad. Missing: Ralph Straffon, ' 50; Robert Higbee, ' 50; Rodney Lang, ' 49. We have always believed that college has three important phases scholarship, activities, and social functions. Knowing that education is the primary goal, much mid-night ihop oil has been used s Individually speaki lastic honorary soci work. Concerning activ of extra-curricular and J-Hop Committ Socially there wa and J-Hop that be tended. on the Dean ' s list, lemselves on scho- rewards for hard e Delts on a variety tudent Legislature, Christmas Formal, x for all who at- Spring features canoe parties, baseball games, steak fries at the lake and thoughts of next year. 263 DELTA UPSILON Top Row: Clyde Reeme, ' 51; Dick Mandeville, ' 50; Dan Billingsley, ' 51; Jim Kellogg, ' 50; Alex Anderson, ' 51; Jim Pastoret, ' 50; O ' Brian Doyle, ' 50; Robert Slater, ' 50; Jack Barber, ' 50; Bill Schultz, ' 50; Dick Peterson, ' 52; Bob Knapp, ' 50; Tom Sparrow, ' 52; Nick Muhlenberg, ' 50; Bob Winston, ' 51; Bud Fowl, ' 52. Third Row: Phil Jackson, ' 49; George Strong, Grad; Phil Brumbaugh, ' 51; Warren Dwyer, ' 50; Gerald Olson, ' 50; Ralph Mertz, Grad; Bill Turner, Grod, Bill Prokopow, ' 50; Donald Calhoun, ' 50; Bob Wardle, ' 51; Dick Poole, ' 51; Brian Harry, ' 50; Penny Wenger, ' 50; Marvin Winston, ' 50; Lee Bartholomew, ' 50; John McCloy, ' 50. Second Row: Gene Guire, ' 50; Joe Laird ' 49; Bob Johnston, ' 49; Jack Robertson, ' 50; Morgan Ramsay, ' 50; Gerald Dickson, ' 49, President; Fred Kalinka, ' 50; Don Judsen, ' 50; Chuck Bailie, ' 50; John Prevel, ' 49; Calvert Shuptrine, ' 51. Bottom Row: Roger Vogel, ' 51; Arnold Gowans, ' 50; Bob Knode, ' 52; Bob Johnson, ' 52; Jim White, ' 50; Bill Connelly, ' 51; Bill Hole, ' 51; Ralph Peterson, ' 51; John Brumbaugh, ' 52; Chuck Stanulis, ' 52; Maurice Perkins, ' 52. Rah! Rah! Rah! freshmen " pots " a the big things ( says!). The fast-dw longer worry about how many seventeen " red " ? So here we " Bell " goes out of busme| for a fast coke! Rah! Rah! way back to campus; Huron will soon be war, " the circular the AVC need no tion into their ranks ionable enough to be good old days; the e air drop in at the " Den " s ays Delta Ifpsilon " frat club " ! 264 KAPPA NU Top Row: Herbert Erode, ' 51; Norman Klein, ' 52; Manard Pont, ' 51; Walter Shapero, ' 51; Frank Stark, ' 50; Milliard Gersten, ' 50. Third Row: Herbert Messinger, ' 50; John Del Burgo, ' 49; Marshall Weingar Jen, ' 51; Paul Siegal, ' 50; Burton Shifman, ' 50; Martin Frank, ' 50. Second Row: Sheldon Chatlin, ' 49; Bernard Aidinoff, ' 50, Treasurer; Ira E. Brown, ' 49, President; William Filler, ' 51, Vice-President; Herbert A. Rovner, ' 51, Secretary; Abraham Ackerman, ' 49. First Row: Robert Layton, ' 51; Stuart Bergstein, ' 50; Norman Brock, ' 52. The KN ' s made this a lively and important year in their campus history. They started the ball rolling jfUheir thirtieth year at Michigan by annexing the Inter-Frat influx of new blood, came together with a host of n The KN ' s enlivened Pledge Formal, an excitin 1 (to say the least) J-Hbp though not always winning, the entire Inter-Mural fraterm Scholarship Cup. With the cots Kappa II and George, in both fall and spring. with the traditional rlo party, and an unusual The well-rounded KN ' s, right in their fighting during sports program. Another year and its achievements have ended, but many more years and greater deeds lie ahead for Kappa Nu. 265 KAPPA SIGMA I ' f I ! ' PI 1 Top Row: Bill Cartwright, ' 52; Hal Ford, ' 52; Jus Williams, ' 50; Kurt Soenghen, ' 49; Reggie Smith, ' 49. Third Row: Rog Goelz, ' 50; Nick Hadiaris, Grad; Jim Brady, ' 51; Fay Knapp, ' 50; Less Cox, ' 49; Murray McConnel, ' 51; Sam Wartinbee, ' 50; Chuck Bilby, ' 49; John Sweeney, ' 52; Bob Kirby, Grad; Bill Merritt, ' 50; Larry Stratton, ' 50; Jim Rogers, ' 52; Frank Hettinger, ' 52; Rollie Howell, ' 50; Ed Everham, ' 50; Don Henton, ' 52; Bruce Paxton, ' 50; Chuck Federspeil, ' 50. Second Row: John Veen, ' 50; John Reynolds, ' 49; Eric Wiltshire, ' 50; Don Roberts, ' 50; Add Kermath, ' 50; Len Ferguson, ' 50; Jim Walz, ' 50; Jim Weldon, ' 51; Gerry Fauth, ' 50; Bill Weldon, ' 50; Jim Mountjoy, ' 50; Don Swancutt, ' 50; Steve Stephenson, ' 50; Bart Kerfoot, Grad; Bill Davis, ' 52; Bill Harrison, Grad; Vern Lovett, ' 51; Doug Harrington, ' 50; Bill Hawley, ' 50; Bob Burns, ' 50. First Row: Harry Barns, ' 50; Em Oufin, ' 51; Harry Evans, ' 51; Chuck Beightler. ' 49; Dick Allen, ' 50; Bob Plank, Grad; Bill Silberberg, ' 49, Master of Ceremonies; Rog McAllister, ' 49, President; Jac k Harrington, ' 50, Treasurer; John Barbour, ' 50; Secretary; Branch Kerfoot, Grad; Paul Hunsgerger, ' 49; Bob Moffat, ' 50; Bill Old, ' 51; Jack Summers, ' 50; Dick Brown, ' 50. Missing: Howard Meinke, ' 50. Kappa Sig started the fall semester by pitching a right fine brawl with the K. Sigs at M.S.C. on the weekend of the Michi- gan-Michigan State there was one guy barrel of Alka Selt being what they a football weekends becued aardvark. T attractions of the K Sig ' s men ' s Brawl " which featured had cleared away broken arm, and a pns on this campus y refreshments on ches, and hot bar- s one of the stellar School " party and the " Fire- F rry " The Skull " Fauth ' s 1915 fire engine. The Pledge FormaYthis year proved to be a dis- astrous affair with two of the boys losing their pins and their minds to a Theta and a Chi O. respectively. 266 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Top Row: Jack Kincaid, ' 51; Bill Van DeGraaf, ' 51; Gary Hicks, ' 51; Frank Meyer, ' 49; Chick Giffin, ' 51; Dick Ferrara, ' 51; Claude Morehouse, ' 50; Mike Belmonte, ' 49; John Harper, ' 52; Jack Whaite, ' 50; Roger Appleby, ' 50; Dick Entennman, ' 50; Guy Culver, ' 50; Bob Werme, ' 50; Alex Morris, ' 51; Lyle Stewart, ' 50; Bob Johnstone, ' 51; Gordon Ironside, ' 49; Bob Cornell, ' 50. Third Row: Bill Jack, Grad; George Cherpelis, ' 51; Bob Scanlan, ' 50; Joe Cyr, ' 51; Charles Rymes, ' 51; Hal Timmers, ' 49; Harry Hutchinson, ' 49; Don Kingdon, ' 51; Grant Jacks, ' 49; Don Kelly, ' 50; Fred Otto, ' 49; Gunnar Andersen, ' 50; Jay Boll, ' 50; Jim Coleman, ' 50; Matt Goebel, ' 50; Jerry Wingeart, ' 49; Eric Soennichsen, Grad; Bill Overr, ' 50; Bob Justice, Grad; Gordon Olson, ' 49. Second Row: Donald Carter, ' 50; Jerome Zurawski, ' 49; Jack Blomshie ' d, ' 49; Ralph Guy, ' 51; Hugh Lockhart, ' 51; Emmett Smith, ' 50; Edward Sandell, ' 50, Secretary; Alan Blair, ' 49, Vice-President; Frank Pipp, ' 49, President; Leo Kulka, Jr., ' 49, Treasurer; Ted Black, ' 50; Ray Reece, ' 50; Ben Gates, ' 51; George Spasyk, ' 49; Bob McMillin, ' 50; Will Perry, ' 49. First Row: Jack Evans, ' 49; William Tornow, ' 49; Gerald Smith, ' 50; Warren Roeger, ' 51; Paul Smith, ' 50; Jack Stapleton, ' 49; Hal Woods, ' 50; George Tuck, ' 50; Curtis Bottum, Grad; Stanley Attwood, ' 50; William Thompson, ' 51; Tod Collins, ' 50. Dog: Major II. Missing: Dick Collinge, ' 50. As has been the custom in the past, the members of the active chapter returned a week before the start of the fall semester and rejuvenated the house 4(! +w ' 4 Q|jse is completely redecor- ated and the acquisiti n.oinHOfl r fl!p?K furniture and a tele- vision set make it mi Throughout the se been active in many fie the establishment o bers, the instigation Band to the Ohio Sta sponsor a displaced person g|s$pf Sigma Zeta have most notable being or deserving mem- ncTTQfe Michigan Marching and the decision to fTfirst semester as a student on the campus. Lambda Chi Alpha has had a good year, and we are looking forward to the school year, 1949-50, in antici- pation of even greater things. 267 PHI DELTA THETA Top Row: Norm Jackson, ' 50; Frank Allen, ' 49; Dick Ridgway, ' 50; Ted Wellerson, ' 49; George Quillan, ' 50; George Bridges, ' 49; Howard Hickey, ' 50; Bill Souter, ' 49; Cole Christian, ' 49; Bruce Dutcher, ' 50; Bob Fall, ' 49; J. P. Thompson, ' 49; Bob Eckholm, ' 49; Herald Hughes, ' 50; Ben Lockhart, ' 49; Doug Jeannero, ' 51; Jim Abbey, ' 51; John Miloy, ' 51. Fourth Row: Bob Hallway, ' 50; Pete Dendrinos, ' 50; Dick Amos, ' 50; Tom Atkins, ' 50; Dick Strauss, ' 50; Jim Wright, ' 50; Don Veldman, ' 51; Bill Neat, ' 49; Ned Hoover, ' 49; Dick Finch, ' 50; George Lee, ' 50; Dick Day, ' 49; Jack Kunkle, ' 49; Bob Spry, ' 50; Bob Hevel, ' 49; Jim Johns, ' 50; Tom Dillingham, ' 49; Dave Clark, ' 49. Third Row: Russ Baker, ' 49; Dave Haggerty, ' 49; Dick Billings, ' 49; Doug Parker, ' 49; Bill Graves, ' 49; John Madden, ' 49; Doug Wicks, ' 50, House Manager; Bob Rose, ' 49, President; Blair Moody, ' 49, Secretary; Dick Kempthorn, ' 50, Warden; Don Tinkham, ' 49; Jim Glerum, ' 50; Tom Kelsey, ' 50, Bill Bartlett, ' 49. Second Row: Roy Duff, ' 51; Brad VanderVeen, ' 51; Pat Morrison, ' 49; Jim Hicks, ' 51; Dick Theurer, ' 49; Dominic Tomasi, ' 49; Ed Reifel, ' 51; Stu Wilkins, ' 49; Rodney Toler, ' 49; Bob Stitt, ' 49; Butch Skau, ' 50; Bill Emmert, ' 51. First Row: Bob McVoy, ' 52; John Ghindia, ' 50; Chas. Lentz, ' 50; William Petterson, ' 51; Dan Nesbitt, ' 52; George Broderick, ' 52; Bob Johns, ' 52; Wolf (dog); Earl Keim, ' 51 Jerry Haan, ' 52. Missing: Harold Raymond, ' 50; Ted Morford, ' 50; Bob Williams, ' 51; John Biordi, ' 50; Lif Bachus, ' 51; Bill Ellson, ' 52; Dave Hanson, ' 52; Jud Heinemann, ' 52; Bob Hoover, ' 52; Frank Huber, ' 52; Jay Ingraham, ' 52; Ralph Kenyan, ' 49; Bob Mitchell, ' 52; Mike Papista, ' 52; Bill Petter, ' 50; Bob Smith, ' 52; Ed Tucker, ' 52; George Valassis, ' 51; Herb Whitecraft, ' 52; Dick Young, ' 52; Jack Powers, ' 51; Jim Root, ' 51. The " Centennial, " a dance on December 10, was the formal marking of one-hundred years of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. During the previous summer, celebration took place at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, at whij Bob Rose, our president, represented Michigan Homecoming week of the annual Mud B 25-12 showed suprern on in the season, the after defeating the B The fraternity officers House Manager; Bib S hted with the winning the S.A.E. ' s. A score of Phi Delt gridders. Later the inter-fraternity cup al round. 5, President; Doug Wicks, Chairman; Pat Morrison, Re- porter; Blair Moody, Secretary; Jack Kunkle, Alumni Secretary; David Haggerty, Chaplain; Bob Spry, Historian; Dick Kemp- thorn, Warden; Bill Graves, Librarian; and Dan Tinkham, Sani- tarian. 268 PHI GAMMA DELTA Top Row: Ray Newhall, ' 50; Dave Leyihon, ' 49; Bill Bristor, ' 51; Dean Barnard, ' 50; Dick Wetzel, ' 50; deWolf Stanley, ' 49; Bob Brungraber, ' 51; Pete Craighead, ' 50; Dave Thomas, ' 51; Chuck Norwood, ' 51; Dick Wakefield, ' 49; Dave Standiford, Grad; Doug Watkins, ' 49; Bruiser Burkholder, ' 50; Dick Schultz, ' 49; John Donaldson, ' 50; Art Mancl, ' 49; Bob Bristor, ' 51; Keith Jordan, ' 49. Third Row: Don Todd, ' 50; Tom Emerson, ' 50; Dick Russell, ' 50; Bill Upthegrove, ' 51; Dick Cossitt, ' 51; Phelps Connell, ' 50; Bob Knecht, ' 50; Don Mattison, ' 50; Chuck Doherty, ' 49; Jim Kistler, ' 50; Carleton Patterson, ' 49; John Kistler, ' 50; Webb Wilson, ' 50; Jim Ebersole, ' 50; Dick Precious, ' 51; Tom McCann, ' 51; Bill Loveless, ' 52. Second Row: Stu Rankin, ' 49; Bob Holland, ' 49; Jerry Hans, ' 50; " Potsy " Ryan, ' 49; Bob Whitney, ' 49; Dick Hurst, ' 50, Historian; Bob Gregg, ' 51, Treasurer; Bob Spiegel, ' 49, President; Bill Gripman, ' 51, Recording Secretary; Bill Zerman, ' 49, Corresponding Secretary; Dan Gardiner, ' 49; Lee Smith, ' 49; Jack Fors, ' 49; Dean Firth, ' 49; Don Lathrup, ' 49. First Row: Bob McGuire, ' 52; Chuck Emery, ' 52; Stu Cammett, ' 52; Chuck Spross, ' 52; Dick Howell, ' 52; Art Beck, ' 52; Bill Dibble, ' 52; " Butch, " ' 46, N.U.; Lee Calhoun, ' 50 Neale Troves, ' 52; George Qua, ' 52; George Allen, ' 52; Bill Hickman, ' 52; Spence Parsons, ' 52; Tom Tiernan, ' 52. Missing: Dick McWilliams, ' 51; Dale Coenen, ' 51; Al Jackson, ' 51; George Sutherland, ' 51; George Olsen, ' 50; Bob Carson, ' 49; Bill Curry, ' 49; Chuck Murray, ' 51; S. Johnson, ' 53; Bill Erwin, ' 52; Al Wall, ' 53; I. Coon, ' 53; Phil Anderson, ' 52, Dick Laird, ' 48; Herb Barten, ' 49; Jack Post, ' 49. We have the finest chapter of Phi Gamma Delta on the Michi- gan campus. We give blood to our building fund; have dances with girls; drink beer; use falsanD cards; win I-M athletic events with professional ringers; at that; own a mascot wit us, but take advantage when we can ' t get dot set won by picking up tesque, but prize-winnin gras; sing dirty songs; beat paddles; have a Bendix wa and candy machines; most average, and were lucky ave 775 alumni, who hate o out with sorority girls ents; have a television rappers; construct gro- Homecoming and Michi- ges with leaded and spiked aundry line, coke, cigarette, are sons of millionaires; we have a marching band; throw grass skirt dances where grass skirts are worn . . . when the dances are over. 269 PHI KAPPA PSI 8 ' - ' " I f Top Row: Chopin Barnard, ' 49; Bill Hadley, ' 51; Tom Foster, ' 51; Dick Smith, ' 51; Jack Syverton, ' 51; Dan Davy, ' 50; Frank Miller, ' 50; Jim Reason, ' 50; Wood Geist, ' 51; Ted Corlett, ' 52; Bob Brownell, ' 50; Hoit Miller, ' 52; Bill Durana, ' 49; John McGraw, ' 49; Dick Palmer, ' 51; Jack Hallitt, ' 50. Third Row: Al McNab, ' 49; Jim Robb, ' 49; Al Kruger, ' 51; Rosie Thorn, ' 50; John Potter, ' 51; Dave Robb, ' 51; Dave Tennent, ' 51; Les Popp, ' 51; Bud Lander, ' 51; Dave Baird, ' 50; Don Kruger, ' 49; Ben Dansard, ' 50; Hugh Kennedy, ' 49; George Punter, ' 49; Gene Estes, ' 49. Second Row: Bill Cook, ' 49; Dave McElroy, ' 49; Frank Sinks, ' 49; George Holler, ' 49; Louis La Pierre, ' 49, Treasurer; Bud Carpenter, ' 49, Vice-President; Dewey Tennent, ' 49, President; Jerry Webb, ' 49; Jack Harbough, ' 49; Jack Driver, ' 49; Dick Slocum, ' 49; Steve Hunter, ' 50; Fred Comlossy, Grad. First Row: Bob Zimmerman, ' 51; Frank Mosier, ' 49; Dutch Rehm, ' 49; Ron Campbell, ' 49; Ross Crawley, ' 49; Jim Bryant, ' 49; Bob Cage, ' 49; George Sondenburgh, ' 49; Tom Pauszek, ' 50; Phil Spear, ' 50. Missing: Jim Ensign, ' 52; Don Ennis, ' 52; George Swintz, ' 52; Bob Halbrook, ' 51; Jerry Sullivan, ' 50; Quentin Sickels, ' 50; Bob Marshall, ' 50; Howard Smith, ' 49. This year Michigan Alphghas evidenced a predominance of young men carryin The day of the veteran of the older men, the banner of conservatis racy is still the mainsta friends without succum groups is held dear to tnfc sidered worth defending. tions of PHI KAPPA PSI. Despite the graduation are ably carrying on the jf this chapter. Democ- J SI. The right to choose lures of radical minority jvery brother and is con- this reason that the chapter has always been a close friendly group. 270 PHI KAPPA SIGMA Top Row: R. Buff, ' 51; E. Eokin. ' 49; F. Marovich, ' 50; D. Harris, Grad; W. Hoffman, ' 50; L. Payne, ' 50; L. Calahan, ' 50; S. Danyow, ' 49. Third Row: T. Brahana, Grad; E. Early, ' 49; R. Carr, ' 51; D. Geib, ' 51; J. Gregory, ' 51; R. Keevil, ' 49; P. Buck, ' 50; G. Mead, ' 50; S. Haw, ' 49. Second Row: J. Smith, ' 49; M. Marshall, ' 49; H. Smith, ' 50; L. Smith, ' 49; L. SchoH, ' 49; H. Hall, ' 50; M. Hole, ' 50. First Row: L. Maier, ' 50; J. Sterling, ' 49; E. Whitlock, ' 49; J. Rogers, ' 49; R. Smith, ' 49; B. Wardenburg, ' 50. Missing: B. Eubank, Grad; S. Harris, Grad; O. Hester, Grad; R. Sanregret, ' 52; W. Taylor, ' 50. Alpha Omicron Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma was reactivated during the spring of 1, years. Starting with students from other i efforts to the task o however, to enter in Fall semester saw social program beg " open house " after horn ter dances were time dormancy of six r of them transfer ivoted its immediate jrship, finding time, mpus activities. lacity, and a normal were entertained at number of active chap- ristmas Time by the first post-war formal, honoring the pledge class. 271 m PHI KAPPA TAU Top Row: Bill Derragon, Grad; Frank Kenney, ' 51; J. Douglas Cook, ' 49; Roy Smith, ' 49; Edward Lecker, ' 50; Jim Groff, ' 49; George Eyster , ' 50; Gordon Naugle, ' 49; Robert Mann, ' 50; Robert Colley, ' 49; Don McNeil, ' 50; N. Quentin Nesbitt, ' 50, Treasurer. Third Row: Robert Johnson, ' 49; Frank Kelly, ' 49; Jack Steinhelper, ' 49; David Trezise, Grad; John Linville, ' 49; Ted Noel, ' 49; Dick Haas, ' 50; Robert White, ' 51; Eaton Kelly, ' 49; Cleafe Best, ' 49; Jacques DeLaurier, Grad; Bruce Schwartz, ' 49. Second Row: H. Vaughn Lowther, ' 51; J. Robert Kirby, ' 49; Robert Ferguson, ' 50; Herbert Greene, ' 49, Vice-President; Daniel Hegyan, ' 50, President; Bill Gorman, ' 50, House Manager; Bill Wells, ' 51; Howard Wolfmeyer, ' 50; Dick Stoll, ' 49. First Row: Robert Granacher, ' 51; Leonard Wilcox, ' 52; Jack Sturm, ' 52; Dave Tyson, ' 51; Rudenz Douthat, ' 50; Thomas Tillman, ' 51; Robert Drouillard, ' 52; Howard Benedict, ' 50. Missing: Don Shea, ' 51. Phi Kappa Tau faced a big year when the members returned to campus this fall. Weary from their vacations, the brothers arrived to fact a job of gUfl|iri,jDjg ling of the dining room, building showers and " Trouble, " last seerfefcf 4 PSK V 1 overgrown, lacked sympathy for brother Qt rmjpg|f roVrMheir dates late and en- Ihis name. deavored to his fulle Phi Taus performe sion ladder, even tho gish and unpracticed. To finish off the work top of a triple exten- bility was a bit slug- finallycWall of the red tape, and now have our showers completely installed, contrary to the seemingly undesirable wishes of the city and various con- tractors. PHI SIGMA DELTA : .... : i ,, locked teexten- bit slug- p,and yield w eon- Top Row: Burton Agata, Grad; Murray Greenblatt, ' 50; William Weil, ' 51; Warren Wepmon, ' 50; Norman Schakne, ' 49; Richard Sanders, ' 51. Fifth Row: Carl Goldfarb, ' 50; Donald Flitman, ' 50; Sanford Rouen, ' 52; Burton Lowdon, ' 52; David Michael, ' 51; Maurice Levine, ' 51; Nathan Levine, ' 52; Robert Alpern, ' 52; Norman Kroll, ' 51 ; Calvin Dietz, ' 51; Richard Rosenthal, ' 50; Harry Mindel, ' 50; Leonard Siegal, ' 51; Bernard Steir, 51 Norman Schafer, ' 50; Martin Kolthinberg, ' 51. Fourth Row: Murray Gray, ' 51; David SuBar, ' 51; Leonard Wolf, ' 50; Herbert Epstein, ' 50; Herbert Shure, ' 51; Fred Kaye, ' 51; George Drechsler, ' 51; William Blumenthal, ' 51; Gerald Gluck, ' 49; Laurens Ruben, ' 49; Herbert Ebner, ' 50; Edward Casper, Grad; Leonard Alexander, Grad; Gerald SuBar, ' 51. Third Row: Lawrence Maisel, ' 49; Robert Lipson, ' 49; Harvey Hubar, ' 49; Avery Davis, ' 49, Treasurer; Jack Schechter, ' 49, Vice-President; Bertram Zausmer, ' 50, President; Robert Perrin, ' 49, Secretary; Donald Sheldon, ' 49; William Barish, ' 49; Irwin Holtzman, ' 49; Justin Henchel, ' 50; Robert Stahl, ' 51; Alvin Kaplan, ' 51. Second Row: Sumner Winebaum, ' 51; James Cowan, ' 52; Sanford Beerman, ' 51; Robert Horwitch, ' 52; Gerald Halpern, ' 52; Victor Olkosky, ' 52; Berle Abrams, ' 52; Berle Abbin, ' 52; Walter Lichtenson, ' 51; Charles Hyman, ' 52. First Row: Carl Paddor, ' 52; Norman Armour, ' 51; Michael Schwartz, ' 52; Anthony Block, ' 52; Lowell Komie, ' 51; David Rich, ' 52; Steven Davis, ' 52. At the close of the spring semester of 1948, it became ap- parent that an expanding fraternity had outgrown its chapter house at 1811 Washtenc, Sigma Delta worked i Association, and by purchasing the beauti 1808 Hermitage Road, dl the boys got down to the redecorating their new ho an intensified cultural, athletic ffiic tecial program. Wednes- day night faculty-student diiffiei , " fom)wed by informal dis- cussion periods and bi-weekly house dances and, of course, the annual winter and spring formals highlighted the year. Through the summer months Phi Deration with the Detroit Alumni of July they had succeeded in kacious Hermitage House at Tome for the Fraternity. Then jmpletely refurnishing and Jition, they embarked on SIGMA KAPPA Top Row: S. Field, ' 49; P. Burton, ' 49; M Skeels, ' 49; L. Stewart, ' 49; R. Eidson, ' 50; D. Schroeder, ' 49; W. Wells, ' 49; T. Mock, ' 50; T. Shilson, ' 51; R. Barrett, ' 52; J. Kaye, ' 50; T. Roby, ' 51; H. Corey, ' 50; H. Watson, ' 50; N. Pontius, ' 52; R. Flood, ' 50. Fourth Row: R. Kamienic, ' 51; M. Messner, ' 51; R. Brogren, ' 50; G. Schneider, ' 49; G. Vosper, ' 50; O. Roth, ' 49; C. Dixon, ' 52; R. Darnell, ' 50; R. Corey, ' 52; G. Milroy, ' 51; J. Bauman, ' 51; J. Slater, ' 50; L. Gabriel, Grad; W. Bunyan, ' 50; A. Richards, ' 50; H. Spaulding, ' 49; J. Salles, ' 50; J. Naymik, ' 49. Third Row: M. Boukis, ' 50; J. Court, ' 49; W. McAninch, ' 49; T. Urban, ' 50; M. Iverson, ' 50; M. Sartin, ' 51; R. Dyer, ' 50; G. Belgum, ' 51; H. Allerton, ' 49; R. Curtis, ' 49; W. Grossman, ' 49; C. French, ' 49; J. Swanson, ' 49; G. Muehlhauser, ' 52; G. Schweitzer, Grad; W. McClintic, ' 50. Second Row: G. Butterbach, ' 49; D. Jameson, Grad; W. Schriner, ' 52; W. Hillig, Grad; W. Harrison, ' 49; J. Chipman, ' 50; D. Use, ' 51; R. Parker, ' 50; R. Lamb, ' 51; H. Mack, ' 50; C. Towar, ' 51; D. Hosteller, ' 49; D. Pontias, ' 49. First Row: J. Fitch, ' 52; B. Stone, ' 51; J. Montrose, ' 50; F. Rouse, ' 50; J. Hancock, ' 50; D. Dulude, ' 50; F. Webber, ' 50; J. Gyourko, ' 51; R. Gross, ' 50; D. Jahsman, ' 52; W. Jones, ' 50; D. Thompson, ' 51. The year 1948-49 saw Phi Sigma Kappa take part in many activities and events. Returning to campus in the fall, the Phi Sigs started out with frenzied fury by redecorating the house. The fraternity was finally engulfed by the fall football and social whirl. The hi ternity pledge semesters, the cam Phi Sigs. During t studied hard, wor Spring Formal an tivities, Phi Sigm of the fall term were the fra- party. In between ?ef to the final weary emesters, the Phi Sigs resented their annual k s the many house ac- interfraternity sport contests, the famous I.F.C. Ball and I.F.C. Sing. With the arrival of graduation, many of the members left Phi Sigma Kappa for the working world. 274 PI LAMBDA PHI Top Row: Moury Corlin, ' 52; Arnold Ruby, ' 50; Sam Altenan, ' 52; George Ziedenstein, ' 50; Jay Allen, ' 51; Arthur Stashower, ' 52; jerry Briikin, ' 50; Stanley Card, ' 49; Disney Amster, ' 51; Billy Gould, ' 52; Marshall Sahlins, ' 52; James Eppstein, ' 50; Bud Frank, ' 50; William Osterman, ' 51. Second Row: James Saag, ' 52; Tom Lang, ' 51; Lloyd Gilden, ' 51; Neil Brown, ' 51; Gil Osnos, ' 51; Bud Schubiner, ' 50; Al Frank, ' 50; Dick Elconim, ' 50; Al Fernstein, ' 49; Al Mecklenburger, ' 50; Mark Gross, ' 49; Sheldon Kraus, ' 50; Billy Frank, ' 51; Phineas Alpers, ' 49; Jerry Finger, ' 52; Bram Gold- man, ' 51. Third Row: Stan May, ' 50; Norman Feinberg, ' 49; John Driefus, ' 49; Jim Rubiner, ' 49; Don Hartman, ' 49, Scribe; William Click, ' 49; Rex; Marvin Lubeck, ' 51, Archon; Warren Weil, ' 49; Lincoln Siegal, ' 50; Calvin Tobin, ' 49; James Popkin, ' 50. Fourth Row: Robert Kaplan, ' 52; Ted Munsat, ' 52; Marvin Salen, ' 52; James Peterman, ' 52; Howard Marcus, ' 52; Lou Jaffe, ' 52; Irv Jaeger, ' 52; Stan Brown, ' 52; Walter Rubiner, ' 52; Isaac Kantor, ' 52. Epsilon of Pi Lambda Phi takes great pride in announcing the completion of its new interior decorating job, which we finished this Fall. Several art st shown by their great efficien the-Hill that " MICHIG gram. In our " new " semester with severa games, and four dance Gridiron Grapple, and I we held a pre-holiday f But we Pilams haven ' t chan nts around the campus have re-designing our House-on- ractical cultural pro- been entertaining all ig js following football r Swing, Tops in Jazz, : or a final celebration, nee. character with the changing of our House furnishings; " EPSILON NOW " welcomes you as our guests, just as we always have. 275 PSI UPSILON f V r. Top Row: Bob Kretzschmar, ' 52; Don Hayden, ' 51; Jim Power, ' 50; Al Topping, ' 50; Pete Ball, ' 50; Sandy Dewar, ' 50; Lyman Fishburn, ' 50; John Slovens, ' 50; Herb Campbell, ' 50; Al McGrege, ' 50; Bill Ryan, ' 50; Si Goodrich, ' 49; Reed Lowden. Fourth Row: Ed Larson, ' 49; Jack Arbuckle, ' 52; Jack Halladay, ' 50; Harold Jackson, ' 50; Dave Tittle, ' 50; Bill Austin, ' 50; Charlie Moss, ' 50; Kit Culver, ' 50; Bob Cutting, ' 50; Ed McPherson, ' 49; Jack Pridgeon, ' 50; Art Schupp, ' 49; Dick Hitt, ' 50. Third Row: Hank Berry, ' 50; Dick McGowan, ' 50; Gil Evans, ' 49; Al Sandman, ' 49, Secretary; Hank Kuhlman, ' 49, President; Bob Pierce, ' 49, Vice- President; Wally Riley, ' 49; Nels Harvey, ' 49; Jack Campbell, ' 49; Bob Byerly, ' 49. Second Row: Ernie Kratzet, ' 49; Jack Smart, ' 52; Dick Griffith, ' 51; Keith Werner, ' 51; Dave Miller, ' 51; Dick Ratcliff, ' 51; Thatch Roof, ' 52; Bill Carpenter, ' 52; Jack Williams, ' 50; Chuck York, ' 51. First Row: Dick Rorick, ' 50; Bob Guskte, ' 50; Bill Hufferd, ' 52; Dan Jackson, ' 51; Lloyd Jones, ' 50; Harrold Rust, ' 51; Bill Smith, ' 49. Missing: Jack Coe, ' 59; Bob Everett, ' 49; Jake Hamlen, ' 49; John LeParl, ' 52; Bill Mundus, ' 49; Mike Wright, ' 52. Psi Upsilon this year leaped (and occasionally limped) through its most successful season on campus since the war ' s end. By stalwart effort we rock and pledged several pot self was resurrected for a Homecoming display several weak-eyed mention. Smatterings of windy but not winning IFC houses and several successful ing up on lovely 1 000 Hill St. (ov office will permit.) a 2.39 out of the academic Bet ' s. Shakespeare him- " King Benny the First " wasn ' t recognized by ed him an honorable Union participation, a two interesting open I affairs Kept things bounc- looking everything the dean ' s try, 276 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Top Row: Lorry Derr, ' 51; Jeff Knight, ' 51; Tom Clark, ' 51; Paul Smith, Grad; Don McClelland, ' 50; John Swets, ' 51; Norm Pollard, ' 50; Butch Cannon, ' 50; Jack Hudnut, ' 50; Bill Love, ' 51, Secretary; Hank Bolot, ' 51; Jim Frost, ' 51; Roger Markle, ' 50; Dick Brown, ' 49; Don Rice, ' 49; Mai Leininger, ' 50; Bob Priest, ' 51. Fourth Row: John LaRue, ' 51; Les Lance, ' 51; Dick Thomas, ' 49; Bert Dwyer, ' 49; George Bennett, ' 50; Bill Seeger, ' 49; Dave Nicol, Grad; Ken Bottle, ' 50; Bill Owen, ' 50; Bob Coe, ' 50; Bill Raymond, ' 50; Bob Kelly, ' 51; Jim Dickerson, ' 50; Ralph Morrison, ' 50; Pancho Saravia, ' 49; Dave Ray, ' 51; Dick Cook, ' 50, Treasurer. Third Row: Edward Baker, ' 49; Gene Wambolt, Grad; Bob Lee, ' 49; Stan Hartshorn, ' 49; George Witter, ' 50; Cal Rehtmeyer, ' 49; Bud Rankin, ' 50, President; Bob Layne, ' 49; Sandy Smith, ' 49; Bob Johnson, ' 49; Al Becker, ' 49; Hal Hinckley, ' 50; Bill Gentz, ' 49. Second Row: Ed. Gibbs, ' 52; Charles McDonald, Grad; Charles Cook, ' 50; George Brasher, ' 49; Bill McGovern, Law; Bob Schultheiss, ' 49; Don Champney, ' 50, Vice-President; Dick Bell, ' 49; George Barnes, ' 50; Ed McDonald, ' 50; Ray Rutherford, ' 50. Bottom Row: Jack Walters, ' 50; Don Ross, ' 50; Art Brown, ' 50; Bill Bucholz, ' 50; Poyken, Mascot; Bill Schuli, ' 51; Keith Fredlund, ' 50; Bob Schaefer, Grad; John Dyer, ' 52; Chuck Schurnmeister, ' 51; Chuck Salotti, ' 51. ASK THE NS ONE . 277 SIGMA ALPHA MU rv L ; Top Row: C. Lewis, Grad; M. Golde, ' 50; D. Herman, ' 50; M. Siege), ' 50; S. Levine, ' 51; K. Bialkin, ' 50; R. Chapin, ' 50; L. Fisher, ' 50; J. Binder, Grad; J. Josephson, ' 51; E. Dworsky, ' 50; A. damage, ' 50; D. Boesky, ' 51; E. Bloom, ' 50; W. Nemzin, ' 51; A. Hill, ' 51; H. Levine, ' 51; S. Menashe, Grad; E. Spivak, ' 51; J. Ingber, ' 50. Fourth Row: B. Lasky, ' 50; A. Lipnik, ' 51; A. Rottman, ' 51; H. Friedman, ' 50; R. Newman, ' 50; H. Erode, ' 50; A. Wallace, ' 50; S. Erode, ' 50; M. Milgrom, ' 50; H. Newblatt, ' 50; M. Nemer, ' 50; M. Talan, ' 50; E. Lebowitz, ' 51; A. Weiss, ' 51; B. Harris, Grad; A. Blumrosen, ' 50; H. Radner, ' 50; W. Weltman, ' 50; J. Millstein, ' 49; C. Rogers, ' 50; L. Stress, ' 50; I. Laker, ' 50. Third Row: M. Koblenz, ' 49; D. Gilbert, ' 49; E. Simons, ' 49; S. Friedman, ' 49; D. Tannenbaum, ' 49; G. Berman, ' 49; G. Dunayer, ' 49; G. Galin, ' 49; H. Shevin, ' 50; M. Abend, ' 49, President; D. Babitch, ' 50; M. Ginsberg, ' 49; M. Grant, ' 49; S. Winkelman, ' 49; H. Ruskin, ' 49; M. Wolf, ' 49; H. Snider, ' 49; M. Sherman, ' 49. Second Row: J. Hammerstein, ' 50; S. Kreitman, ' 50; Stan Wolf, ' 51; A. Friedman, ' 52; Sam Wolf, ' 51; J. Margolin, ' 51; L. Greenbaum, ' 52; J. Kremer, ' 52; S. Bromberg, ' 52; B. Zenkel, ' 52; G. Lucks, ' 49; H. Weiner, ' 52; D. Robinowitz, ' 51; B. Ruskin, ' 52; H. Michalson, ' 51; B. Miller, Grad. First Row: L. Meisner, ' 52; W. Mazer, ' 52; B. Sagansky, ' 51; M. Ezray, ' 52; J. Morris, ' 51; B. Siege), ' 52; A. Goldman, ' 52; B. Radner, ' 52; R. Karoff, 51 W. Weiner, ' 52; D. Dworsky, ' 52; H. Blumeno, ' 52. The Sammies continued to prove themselves one of the big fraternity powers on campus this year. Scholastically, S.A.M. ranked third in the fraternal standings, and will wind up a m o n gJ W ' TS SW n athletic competition in the I.F.C. League. Two champions! " repeat was gained won in wrestling. Sigma Alpha Mu in student activities. A.M. athletes. A ashing victory was en in top positions These are just a few h hlfi lflfl fTe 1948 year of Sammie history, but now the Fratres and Pledges of our house are pre- paring for the bright, shining future of 1949 when greater achievements will be realized and recorded in the history of Sigma Alpha Mu. 278 SIGMA CHI Top Row: Bill Konrad, ' 52; Wally Teninga, ' SO; Don Wolf, ' 50; Jere Ogle, ' 50; Fred Cayia, ' 50; Ray Collins, ' 50; Bill Barkell, ' 50; Phil Steding, ' 50; Tom Baylest, ' 49; Jack Higgins, ' 50; Dick Kearney, ' 50; Harold Morrill, ' 50; Al Wahl, ' 50; Dick Hall, ' 50; Don Herschberger, ' 49; Ed McNeil, ' 49; Ralph Trimborn, ' 49; Bob Harrison, ' 49; Milt Jokela, ' 50; Mike Kerr, ' 50; Howard Cooper, ' 50; Dick Hadler, ' 49; Jack Zinser, ' 51; Roger Willson, ' 51; Cark Kattwauer, ' 52; Bob Edge, ' 49. Third Row: Henry Tyson, ' 52; Duncan Beaman, ' 51; John Edman, ' 50; Don Stotzer, ' 51; Bob MacGregor, ' 51; Jack Gannon, ' 51; Jim Gibson, ' 49; Ken Griecler, ' 51; Ed Ulvestad, ' 50; Steve Bernard, ' 50; Chuck Young, ' 49; Fred Breidenbach, ' 51; Dick Weinberg, ' 50; Joe Seaman, ' 49; Bill MacBeth, ' 49; Wally Grant, ' 50; George Stoycos, ' 49; Ernie Cole, ' 49; Phil Timyan, ' 51; Don Edge, ' 50. Second Row: Stan Johnson, ' 52; Bill Clark, ' 50; Pete Elliott, ' 49; Bill Shreve, ' 49; Tom Butler, ' 49; Curt Scheider, ' 49; George Jacob!, ' 51; Dick McClure, ' 49, House Manager; Bob Miller, ' 49, Vice-President; Gordon Craig, ' 49, President; Bud Kishlar, ' 49, Secretary; Douglas Ferguson, ' 49; Bob Williams, ' 49; Bob Sohl, ' 49; Don Souchek, ' 49; Joe Hardig, ' 51; Gene Peterson, ' 51. First Row: Jay Angle, ' 52; Gordon Carpenter, ' 52; James Harsant, ' 52; Dave Niesch, ' 52; Tom Olin, ' 52; Ted Trost, ' 51; Dick Daaue, ' 52; Tina; Russ Mullen, ' 49; Dave Watson, ' 52; Bud Stoddard, ' 52; Pat Heck, ' 52; Jerry Burns, ' 51; Bob Tibbitts, ' 52; Stuart Crosier, ' 50; Bob Seeley, ' 50. With active membershi hundred and sixty-four an fifteen, Sigma Chi is building immediately the present location toe Sigma Chi " hotel " h enough room in which our entertain her guests. We a, location we can get away are continually coming in entrance to the Michigan Union. class pre-war normal of three of one hundred and ' nts to purchase the annex having found I; campus. The present pable of providing Lady ChrisTINA, can at by moving to this new eat influx of people who r thinking that it is the 279 SIGMA NU 9 I- ' Top Row: James MacConnachig, ' 51; Richard Freeman, ' 51; Robert Benya, ' 50; Edward Benya, ' 49; Robert Jones, ' 50; Robert Warrick, Grad. Fourth Row: Robert Williamson, ' 50; Richard Goering, ' 52; Carl Danielson, ' 50; Herbert Loreni, ' 49; James Chandler, ' 50; Dale Cade, ' 49; Frank Brink, ' 49; Gerald Harmsen, ' 50; Richard Dobson, ' 50; John Lewis, ' 49; John French, ' 49; John Becker, ' 50; Kenneth Beckendorf, ' 50; James Harris, ' 49; Richard Hooker, ' 50. Third Row: Larry Clement, ' 51; Roy Long, ' 50; Jack Armstrong, ' 51; Milton Westerberg, Jr., ' 49; Robert McCrystal, ' 51; Carlisle Marshall, ' 50; Robert Streicker, ' 50; James Mcllhonny, ' 50; William Dort, ' 50; Donald Johnson, ' 50; Keith Borgerson, ' 52; Robert Jamison, Grad; Elmer Weber, Grad; James Saker, ' 51; Patrick Daoust, ' 49. Second Row: Conly Bouggey, ' 51; George Brewbaker, ' 50; Roger Gatward, ' 50; James Greenway, ' 51; Everette Thompson, Jr., ' 50; John Neuenschwan- der, ' 49, Lt. Commander; Gaylord Baker, ' 50, Commander; Robert Collie, ' 49, Treasurer; Frederick Rueber, ' 49; Theodore Hall, ' 50; Byron Mays, ' 49; Eugene Conover, ' 50; James Daoust, ' 50. First Row: William Campbell, ' 50; Robert Under, ' 50; Charles Hammond, ' 52; James Streicker, ' 52; Roger Kinner, ' 52; James Berdaux, ' 52; William Bacon, ' 51; Alexander Lmanian, ' 50; Patrick Hogan, ' 49; Jack Madden, ' 50. Missing: James Butler, ' 50; Richard Bice, ' 50; Donald Davies, ' 50; John Hess, ' 51; David Kramer, ' 50; Richard Thomas, ' 51; Nils J. Carlson, ' 50; Charles Laurenson, ' 50; Elmer Whitcomb, ' 50; James Briske, Grad; Chester Burns, Grad; William Flaskamp, Grad; Carl Moxon, Grad; Phil Sawyer, ' 49; Willis Sailors, ' 49. The homecoming decoration provided the customary oppor- tunity for the Sigma Nus to release their pent-up energies. From an atomic-research laboratory their super-charged Wolverines brought them first place in The following w party at ol ' 700 Oxford 1 . Everyc things, with costumesfrlBa pledge formal was hel neophytes. To close out the fa!P s iester was given. Each brother contributed a small gift, which was then turned over to the local children ' s hospital for distribution on Christmas Day. ternity division competition. a festive Wild West theme ht into the swing of till to Red Ryder. The 47T94 to welcome the fc cities, a Christmas Party 280 SIGMA PHI t mlm, llfc kCMa oppor- iFroffl Mines ...... " - ' - : ' . ' kThe me the sPorty diwos Top Row: Dave Jacobson, ' 50; Frank Zagelmeyer, ' 50; Al Knapp, ' 50; Dick Learman, ' 50; Lloyd Heneveld, ' 50; Lew Towler, ' 50, Secretary; Frank Johnson, ' 51; John Combet, ' 50; Dick Lincoln, ' 50; Stan Wiggin, ' 50; Hank Newnan, ' 50. Third Row: Bill Lindhovt, ' 49, Treasurer; Bruce Englehart, ' 49; Jack Learman, ' 49, Social Chairman; Joe Jennings, ' 49, President; Pete Charnley, ' 49; Jack Fyfe, ' 49; Ted Unger, ' 49. Second Row: Dale Wright, ' 51; Dave Pease, ' 51; Bob Vogt, ' 51; Bob Merserean, ' 51; Jim Miller, ' 51; Bob Barada, ' 51; Chris Parker, ' 51; Jack Barnes, ' 51; Cap Offut, ' 50; Stu Fraser, ' 50; Gray Conger, Grad. First Row: Bill Plumb, ' 52; Don Seaton, ' 52; Tom Roderick, ' 52; Sandy McMillan, ' 52; Dick Fletcher, ' 51; Jim Moran, ' 52; Bob Hicks, ' 52; Ted Tapping, ' 51; Jim McReynolds, ' 51. The Sigma Phi ' s returned to their red house on the hill to find their Great Dane Mascot, Reijly theproud Father of six puppies. The house pledged ter down to the serious the fall the front las was flooded to mal we tried to grow a Also initiated was a sk early fall and then got .4 average. During tball field and then inter. In the spring, ithout much success, ack Hill providing easy transportation to University Hospital. Next fall ' s plans include converting this slope into a well-stocked trout stream. 281 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Top Row: John Mature, ' 51; George Wolf, ' 51; Harry Dolny, ' 51; Bill Auch, ' 49; Bill Gilmore, ' 51; John Scully, ' 51; Wally Dublanica, ' 51; Bob Geiger, ' 49; Jim Morrish, ' 49; Bill Marcoux, ' 49; Tony Cybulski, ' 51; George Irving, ' 50; Ross Herron, ' 50; Bud Nagelvoort, ' 52; Stan Goldner, ' 52; Jack Blessley, ' 49; Charles Heil, ' 51; Ed Snyder, ' 49; Don Tennyson, ' 48; Tom Boyd, ' 50; Knight Houghton, ' 51. Third Row: Frank Meinors, ' 49; Howard Low, ' 52; Wayne Anderson, ' 51; Larry Shaw, ' 50; Dave Campbell, ' 52; Jim Berry, ' 51; Charles Eden, ' 51; Doug Putnam, ' 50; Bill Marvin, ' 49; Lee Vaccari, ' 49; Fred Auch, ' 51; Bud Alvarex, ' 50; Bill Later, ' 50; Jack Passfield, ' 49; Denny Heenan, ' 51; Don McPhail, ' 50; Jim Kirkemo, ' 50; John Branaman, ' 50; Tom Cramer, ' 49; Ross Stone, ' 52; Barry Breakey, ' 50; John McCarthy, ' 49; Gene Freed, ' 49; Ed Morey, ' 49. Second Row: Dick Troost, ' 49; Bob Bauer, ' 49; Max Kiessling, ' 50; John Jacobs. ' 51; Marv Maier, ' 51; Herman Zerweek, ' 50; Bob McGhee, ' 49, Secretary; Sam Massie, ' 49, Vice-President; Mrs. Leila Vibbert; Roy Ahonen, ' 49, President; Lloyd Jewell, ' 49, Comptroller; Roger Bellows, ' 50; Paul Ohara, Grad; Royce Baum, ' 50; Bill Goff, ' 50; Mike Louis, ' 49. First Row: Dick Nissley, ' 52; Bruce Theunissen, ' 51; Bill Mikulich, ' 49; Harry Troxell, ' 50; Dick Park, ' 50; Walker Alexander, ' 52; Dave Bratton, ' 52; Dick Lament, ' 50; Paul Rider, ' 49; Tom Cummings, ' 49; John Bunbury, ' 50; Phil Johnson, ' 49; Bob Pear, ' 48; John Boardman, ' 52. Our fraternity flower is the dandelion (from which we make wine), our song is " Mother Machree, " which we sing beautifully. Our house athletes drinking bars them We had a dog o gave him to a riv Our scholastic participation in ca require 100% attend is anything but letharg but their outrageous yarsity teams. ntribute much so we s parties for beasts. f. Our interest and remand unselfish. We teas. Our school spirit been known to cheer at football games. Musical chairs, " Pass the Peanut, " marbles, firecrackers, hot foots and tear gas bombs minimize the monotony of everyday living. 282 TAU DELTA PHI Top Row: Budd Guttmon, ' 52; Herb Mersky, ' 52; Letter Zeff, ' 51; Stan Mersky, ' 52. Second Row: Aaron Giselis, ' 51; Eugene Paul, ' 51, Secretary; Herbert Belin, ' 50; Merton J. Segal, ' 50, President; Sherman Carmell, ' 52, Treasurer; Irwin Wolk, ' 50; Richard Barovick, ' 51. First Row: Lee Brooks Goldberg, ' 50; Jerry I. Paskovitx, ' 51; Martin Subey, ' 51; Mickey Coleman, ' 51; Cy Carrion, ' 52. Missing: Morris Katz, ' 52; Morton P. Weissman, ' 51; Harvey Meretsky, ' 52; Herbert Rosen, ' 52. This year has proved enriching and gratifying for the men who relit the fire of Nu chapter. The Pyramid and Star again appears on campus. The memories come bac always be looked upon wi the noise of voices i the mellow voice of Mo to study. " The loud tick alarm clocks, disturbing sle " Hello, Tau Delta Phi, I ' m sorr amshackle house that will ction as our first home .allowed abruptly by up, you guys, I want emed to be a thousand dorm the phone calls: ut Herb isn ' t here. He ' s out studying. " (On a Saturday night) Richard ' s fabulous long dis- tance phone calls (to world celebrites) and his beloved Lion games. 283 THETA CHI Top Row: Andrew Graef, ' 52; Bruce Johnson, ' 51; Ray Baker, ' 50; Jack McGrae, ' 52; Dick Hewitt, ' 52; Robert Jacobson, ' 49; Robert Sykora, ' 49; Lyman Oehring, ' 49; Ken Jensen, ' 49; Charles Fuller, ' 49; Gordon Burnet, Grad; Gordon Dunfie, ' 49; James Connell, ' 49; Thomas Castner, ' 51; Norman Boettcher, ' 51; Robert Sergeson, ' 49. Fourth Row: Clyde House, ' 50; Ken Holden, ' 52; Phil Johnson, ' 52; Charles Burroughs, ' 50; Don Dorrance, ' 50; Hal Singer, ' 52; Dale Larson, ' 51; Hal Sperlich, ' 52; Dale Haakenstad, ' 49; James Callison, ' 51; Don Waldow, ' 51; Edward Wendt, ' 50; Bruce Witherspoon, ' 51; M. Englander, Grad; Robert Cooper, ' 50; James Black, ' 49; James Jensen, ' 51. Third Row: Dick Roti, ' 51; Carl Kraeger, ' 51; Gene Farrug, ' 51; Robert Seeber, ' 50; John Charles William Tattersall, ' 49; Ken Conrad, ' 49; Ted Smith, ' 52; Brad Estep, ' 52; Dick Bey, ' 50; Michael Sheehan, Grad; Jack Hallett, ' 49; Clifford Steggall, ' 50; Harry Smale, ' 51; Jack Hale, ' 50; Robert Evans, ' 50; John Ackenheusen, ' 51; Gerald Butter, ' 51. Second Row: Thomas Heines, ' 49; Ray Saurisch, ' 51; Warner Jennings, ' 49; Pres Holmes, ' 50; Joe Goetz, ' 49; Jack Seeber, ' 50; Clarence Kettler, ' 51; Phil Stirdivant, ' 49; Marsh Lewis, ' 49, Secretary; Lewis Parry, ' 49, President; James Somers, ' 49, Vice-President; Charles Porter, ' 49, Treasurer; John Pfluke, ' 52; John Witherspoon, ' 50; John Wilcox, ' 50; Fred Schott, ' 49; Charles Lamb, ' 50; William Miller, ' 50; Don Swanson, ' 49. First Row: Charles Allmand, ' 50; Robert Cary, ' 51; Don Lewis, ' 51; Paul Sage, ' 52; James LaPrete, ' 52; Duane Billmeyer, ' 51; Dan Paul, ' 49; Ed Stone, ' 51; James Norby, ' 50; James Keough, ' 50; Dick Varian, ' 50; Robert Jamo, ' 50; Irving Hallett, ' 49. Missing: Jack Brown, ' 49; William Fickinger, ' 49; Arthur Ackerman, ' 50; Jack Zordell, ' 49; Dick Noll, ' 50; Walter Scholey, ' 49; Frank Millhouse, ' 49; Don Chellis, ' 50; Leo Koceski, ' 51; Ken Sands, ' 50; Charles Ortmann, ' 51; Robert Fleming, ' 51; James Scala, ' 52; Amato Contino, ' 50. When it starts raining again in Ann Arbor a lone figure will stomp through the mud n thejjjeta Chijb ackyard. " Slug " Kettler, chail the house ' s spring pic Theta Chi backyard In the fall of 194| planned dream. Dor| they constructed a fo? area. Besides this, th When it is finished this volley-ball court and a barbecue pit. d committee will do ing of grass seed the letion. to activate a long- he work themselves, I leveled off the rear riveway. ackyard will have a 284 THETA DELTA CHI Top Row: Charles Ingersoll, ' 49; John Nagle, ' 49; Dick Forsythe, ' 51; James Adair, ' 51; John P. McCarthy, ' 49; Stanley Dale, Grad; William Wise, ' 50, Jack Peachey, ' 50; George Bruske, ' 50; Thomas Moore, ' 50; Thomas Whittingham, ' 51; Joseph Cobane, ' 50; Robert McFee, ' 49; James Brown, ' 50. Third Row: Charles Krecke, Grad; John Perry, ' 49; George Walsh, Grad; Paul Hamilton, ' 50; Burton Miller, ' 49; James Ely, ' 50; Charles Ohlsson, ' 49; Larry Otto, ' 51; Brian Duff, ' 51; James Marshall, ' 49; Ronald Render, ' 50. Second Row: William Webb, ' 52; Bob Stratton, ' 50; Max Kuhr, ' 49; James Portz, ' 49; Marvin Hotter, ' 49; Robert James, ' 50, Treasurer; Harold T. Walsh, ' 49, President; Eugene Whitacre, ' 50; James Zebranek, ' 49; Morton Eldridge, ' 50; Ned Tebbetts, Grad; Sanger Westphal, ' 49; Hugh Dill, ' 52. First Row: Roger Crabb, ' 52; Don Elzinga, ' 52; Charles House, ' 51; Daniel Probert, ' 50; Arthur Lamey, ' 52; John Bergstrom, ' 52; Eugene Elzinga, ' 52; Hugh Fletcher, ' 52; Robert Bansar, ' 52; John Carlson, ' 52; Bernard Jennett, ' 52. Registration week. What has happened to the house? . . . The invasion: plumbers, plasterers, roofers . . . Hell Week: we paint . . . James: " And they have the gall to rake leaves! " . . . Hot water. Rush 900 men? Y from G.P.? " . . . " Tonk ' " . . . rockets, rockets " . . Football: Leahy pred . . . Buffets, endless bu seasoned charlatans . . Adair ' sfeet, $1.60. . . . Fifteen-two, fifteen-four o was that schmoe this guy, . . . " lly, the new faces . . . e entirely of feathers d means committee, : cement, $11.00, Casey goes to the infirmary, and a strange calm descends . . . The Christmas Party, and Marshall retires the cup . . . By-laws, wholesale . . . Pledge Formal: best chaperoned affair on campus . . . Norm ' s com- ing! . . . " See you next year. " 285 THETA XI Top Row: James Sakai, ' 50; Robert Preston, ' 51; James Minner, ' 50; John Wilson, ' 51; Henry Wilson, ' 51; Jaime Arias, ' 51; Donald Miles, ' 50; Ralph Williams, Grad; Donn Nichols, ' 49; George Walk, ' 50; Bryce Durant, ' 49; Allen Aderson, ' 49; Gerald Thiede, ' 50; George Debolt, ' 51; Gerald O ' Toole, ' 49. Fourth Row: Richard Snyder, ' 51; Thomas Dichenson, ' 49; Ross Marshall, ' 50; Robert Russel, ' 51; John Leonard, ' 50; John Hayward, ' 50; Donald Rippert, ' 50; David Hauser, ' 50; Henry Remson, ' 51; Erwin Price, ' 48; Gene Overbeck, ' 50; Henry Hatch, ' 50; Harry Nichols, ' 51; Daniel Head, ' 51; Leland Brown, Grad; Robert Kash, ' 49. Third Row: Robert Uvick, ' 50; Richard Rouse, ' 50; John Keeler, ' 50; Stanley Ahlers, ' 49, Steward; Harry Porter, ' 49, Vice-President; William Dean, ' 50, President; Robert Mann, Grad, Treasurer; William Polewchak, ' 51, House Manager; John Gehring, ' 50, Corresponding Secretary; Donald Stuart, ' 49; Clarence Weldon, ' 51; Fredrick Connine, ' 49; Lawrence Commora, ' 49. Second Row: Albert Hyma, ' 50; Charles Clanke, ' 51; Robert Chesebro, ' 52; Thomas Redman, ' 51; James Karros, ' 49; John Wirth, ' 50; James Eyster, ' 48; David Wehmeyer, Grad; Albert Trapp, Grad; Floyd Allen, ' 50; Gilbert Ross, ' 50; Bruce Lockwood, ' 49. First Row: Robert Craver, ' 52; Frank Heidler, ' 50; John Lawrence, ' 52; Paul Anderson, ' 52; Ross Licero, ' 52; Donald Eifert, ' 51; Harold Begrow, ' 52; Richard Leonard, ' 51; Robert Hydon, ' 51. During the past year the Country Club underwent several notable alterations ( " for which). Master Will P decorators) supervised of Whistler ' s Daught ters. Enjoying an e of Valcar, a ( Polewchak obser redecorated. Another to Deathgirl bath soap) for worse " one rarely knows the old school of interior which followed the style of strategic quar- bers is the Duke Ruthven. Master soon be completely our sudden popularity aid, displaced student from Estonia. He has noticeciWorsocial functions at the Club a bear some resemblance to the recent European fracas. We say " Everything goes in love and war. " (And our parties aren ' t wars!) 286 TRIANGLE Top Row: Lloyd Jorrisch, ' 50; James Crane, ' 51; George Barker, ' 50; Robert Gloui, Grad; Nicholas Yanni, ' 49; Max Clyde, ' 49; Eugene Kicks, ' 50. Third Row: Robert Forgoes, ' 49; Mark Sluis, ' 50; Bruce Sinclair, ' 49; Joseph Isole, Jr., ' 50; Robert Sandell, ' 50; Leslie Canaan, ' 50; Roger Kuehl, ' 49; Phillip Owen, ' 50; David Hawkes, ' 50. Second Row: Edwin Brinkel, ' 50; Edward Crovella, ' 49, Treasurer; LeRoy Weinstein, ' 49; Kenneth Haynes, ' 50, President; Robert Woodman, ' 49, Secretary; Edward Rich, Jr., ' 50, Vice-President; James Hull, ' 49. First Row: George Luckett, ' 49; James Wright, Jr., ' 50; Robert Hlavin, ' 50; Louis Juhas, ' 50; John Lyngklip, ' 50. Missing: Anthony Cornell, ' 50; Russell Corbin, ' 50; George Grunthaner, ' 50. Acquiring a new house this September, Triangle started anew its full participation in campus activities after a rather quiet existence during the augurated in the early parties and dances, coming dance and events of the year. Inl Engineers were in ball season of 1948 classic by a game wa T-Square Hop " was in- art a monthly program of ristmas party, Home- iTgh lighted the social proved to all that the fraternity. The foot- g of a Football Bowl ecoming morning which proved to be almost as important as the Michigan- Illinois game because a beautiful trophy was at stake. 287 TRIGON Top Row: Donald Coulter, ' 51; Al Herder, ' 50; William Ericson, ' 51; Jamei Nixon, ' 51; Charles Remsberg, ' 49; William Sutton, ' 50; Henry Milelc, ' 51. Third Row: William Woelk, ' 49, Social Chairman; Ralph Burton, ' 50; Howard Bevis, ' 50; Art Nelson, Grad; L. L. VanValkenberg, ' 49; Alex Manulik, ' 49; Malcolm Brown, ' 50; William Bonkowtki, ' 49. Second Row: Albert Faber, ' 49; David Hertler, ' 50; John Zabriskie, ' 50; John Roberton, ' 49, President; Orlie Baird, ' 49, House Manager; John Renner, ' 50, Secretary; John Brooks, ' 50; Fred Peterson, ' 49. Bottom Row: Robert Holmes, ' 51; Harry Stucky, ' 49; Allan Herd, ' 50; Brad Wilkinson, ' 51; Al Townsend, ' 52; William Sharpe, ' 51. Missing: John Willis, Grad; William Redman, Grad; Irwin Hampton, ' 52. Trigon opened the school year with its semi-annual paint detail by redecorating the first floor. This put the house in readiness for the turning alumni. was given in No Inn, with the usua The Christmas tree making our annual C V And then come J-Hop. O Shortly after the spring houses to welcome the re- Or lQa e Jq5cp$ ' g the pledge class distinctive Gambol the recreation room, possession this year, moderate success. Trigon closed its social season as all itinerant bums and wayward trampesses grabbed a slow freight to the Hobo Hop bringing their own cans. 288 ZETA BETA TAU Top Row: Arnold Heyman, ' 49; Lee Kaufman, ' 51; Harry Gordon, ' 49; Harold Jaefe, ' 52; Jay Auerbach, ' 49; Richard Marx, Grad; William Wetsman, ' 52; Alan Podis, ' 52; Stuart Fisher, ' 50; Larry Greene, ' 49; Robert Kabcinell, ' 51; Charles Kaufman, ' 50; Donald Greenfield, ' 50; Herbert Loeb, ' 50; Gerald Freeman, ' 51; Ralph Silversmith, ' 50; Larry Stein, ' 51; Richard Berendt, ' 49; Larry Krause, ' 51; Herbert Norwich, ' 51; Myron Amer, ' 51; Jack Hodin, ' 51. Fourth Row: Alan Lowenstern, ' 49; Edward Hoffman, ' 50; Jack May, ' 50; Robert Atkins, ' 51; David Leslie, ' 50; Stuart Ferrer, ' 50; Sam Weiner, ' 50; Mart Abramowitz, ' 50; Arthur Fridstein, ' 49; Robert Matusoff, ' 51; Albert Goldberg, ' 49; James Ginn, ' 49; Dan Dworsky, ' 49; Everett Ellin, ' 49; William Brenner, ' 50; Howard Freeman, ' 49; Earl Fleischman, ' 50; James Lewy, ' 49; Arthur Schoenberg, ' 49; Gerald Mehlman, ' 51; Richard Gross, ' 50. Third Row: Roger Garfink, ' 51; Robert Chapman, ' 50; James Wolf, ' 50; Jack Gold, ' 49; Roger Salomon, ' 50; Howard Kane, ' 49, Treasurer; William Collinger, ' 49, Vice-President; Eugene Winkelman, ' 49, President; Stanley Caplan, ' 50, Secretary; Donald Rothschild, ' 50, Historian; Alan Hartzmark, ' 51; Edward Davis, ' 50; Leonard Kaufman, ' 49; Alan Rosenberg, ' 49; Fred Arnstein, ' 49; Floyd Lasser, ' 51. Second Row: Larry Levy, ' 52; Sidney Greenberg, ' 52; Gerald Halfenbein, ' 52; Lee Hartzmark, ' 51; Stanford Weiss, ' 49; Alvin Harris, ' 49; William Berman, ' 49; Bernard Brown, ' 49; William Seigel, ' 50; Robert Reinheimer, ' 49; Stanley Cohen, ' 51; Herman Pickus, ' 52; Irving Stenn, ' 52. First Row: Joseph Hirschorn, ' 52; Robert Pick, ' 52; Barry Levey, ' 52; Stuart Winkelman, ' 52; Harris Kohn, ' 51; Thomas Ungerleider, ' 52; John Greenberg, ' 52; Farrell Rubenstein, ' 52; Ray Slavin, ' 52; Gene Mesh, ' 52; Lester Eftman, ' 51. Missing: Joel Dalkin, ' 52; Joseph Borinstein, ' 50; Walter Schwab, ' 50; Mark Meyer, ' 49; Larry Ravick, ' 52; Fred Marks, ' 49; Sheldon Bellows, ' 49; Bert Greenberger, ' 51; Martin Mayer, ' 50; William Steinberg, ' 49; Alan Miller, Grad; Hubert Goldman, ' 49; Morris Passer, ' 51; Alan Bratman, ' 49; William Kogen, ' 49; Harvey Schatz, ' 49. Chapter Phi of Zeta Beta Tau has attempted this year to take advantage of as many of the activities afforded by the Uni- versity as practicable. We at campus affairs together with best combination for a wel ities This year we were aw the Best Chapter Award During the fall semeste active in the extra curricul entered the Homecoming dis good! Phi intends, in the spring semester, to defend its position in baseball, Hillellzapoppin, and " affairs d ' amour. " feel that an active interest in ipd scholarship record is the college life. tional Culture Cup and u. the membership became on campus. Phi also contest. We thought it was 289 ZETA PSI Top Row: Joseph Dean, ' 51; Gilbert Heard, ' 51; Ralph Loomit, ' 50; Edward Laird, ' 51; Richard Kraft, ' 51; Frank Woods, ' 49; James Richter, ' 51; Irwin Deister, ' 51; Warren T. Morrill, ' 51; John Case, ' 51; Donald Ross, ' 53; Mark Wenley, ' 49; Recording Secretary; Rollo Schaefer, ' 51; Edward Strong, ' 50; Peter Johnstone, ' 51; Kaarlo Antilla, ' 51. Fourth Row: Dorr Grover, ' 52; Harold Miller, ' 52; William Reeve, ' 50; Francis Brassy. Ill, ' 51; John Roney, ' 49; Lynn Barber, ' 51; Bruce Herrigel, ' 51; Kenneth Gould, ' 50; Douglas Sands, ' 50; John Kruse, ' 50, Treasurer; Herbert Allen, ' 50, Vice-President; Lloyd Wheeler, ' 52; Alexander Riker, ' 50; David Livingstone, ' 51; Herman Moekle, ' 51. Third Row: Edward Grimes, ' 49; Harold Beam, ' 49; Warren Young, ' 49, Steward; George Hawthorne, ' 50, Corresponding Secretary; Charles Murray, ' 49; William Ostrander, ' 49, President; Willard Heard, ' 49; Charles Raymond, ' 49; Eugene Adams, ' 51; Perrin Long, ' 50. Second Row: Larry Eskilsen, ' 51; Kirke Comstock, ' 52; William Neil, Jr., ' 52; Richard Creal, ' 52; Richard Hamilton, ' 51; William Crawford, ' 52; Thomas Hewes, ' 51; James Pollum, ' 51; Robert Mazurek, ' 51. Bottom Row: George Gilooley, ' 52; John Olson, ' 51; Charles Froman, ' 51; Frank Maple, ' 51; Charles Remen, ' 52; Robert Johnson, ' 51; William Race, ' 51; Jerome Baird, ' 52; Frank Linn, ' 52. Missing: Edward Perkins, ' 50; Alan Boeghold, ' 50; Allison Scafuri, ' 51. Successful participation in many and varied campus activities has made the past school year a banner year for Xi chapter of Zeta Psi. The cooperation arvclspirit of all the members has brought recognition to the %ousf for its efforts in campus ac- tivities. Finland living at the Ihe chapter ' s sponsor- s ' interest of fraternity living. The mlWchange of ideas is evi- of the membership can now The presence of house and attending ship has added mi! interplay of personc denced by the fact that 98 curse profusely in Finnish. Xi of Zeta Psi, 60 members strong, looks forward to another worthwhile year. 290 PROFESSIONALS ALPHA CHI SIGMA Top Row: Lawrence Edwards, Grad; Kamal Asgarzadeh, Grad; Bob Turner, ' 49; Ed Olson, ' 49; Walter Peterson, ' 49; Roger Booth, Grad; John Bogen, Grad; John Norman, ' 50; Bob Bachtel, ' 50; Tom Laity, Grad; Peter Girardot, Grad; Wally Lesnick, ' 49; Bob Hockenbury, Grad. Fourth Row: Douglas Lockhart, ' 49; Barber Carlson, ' 49; Claire Thorntoi, ' 49; Daniel Stepniewski, ' 50; Allen Filbey, Grad; Dick Eichbauer, ' 49; Gaylord Underwood, Grad; David Howell, Grad; Harley Jennings, G ad; Bob Toole, ' 49; Earl Bromer, Grad; John Yoke, Grad; Charles Perry, ' 49. Third Row: Gordon Lockyer, ' 49; Joseph Donahue, Grad; John Bates, ' 50, Secretary; Wilbur Bigelow, Grad., Treasurer; Roy Boldt, Grad., President; Ed Benjamins, Grad., Vice-President; Harvey Grimes, ' 49; Bob Craven, Grad; Charles Guthrie, Grad. Second Row: Charles Baker, Grad; David Cornell, Grad; Bob Rugar, ' 50; John Whitcombe, ' 49; Henry Smithies, ' 49; Ronald Clark, ' 50; Charles Horton, Grad; Don Swanson, ' 49. First Row: Mack Gilkeson, Grad; Gus Constan, ' 50; Tom Holland, ' 49. A national, professional, chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma has been represented on campus since 1916, by its Alpha Beta chapter. imon professional aim, the jand programs on topics agineers. Not always e become a Chapter the perspectives of its with Composed of men Chapter sponsors a of interest to cher technical in nature, ' institution, as a mec members. C ' V t " " . In its less serious rhqme fer Jplro ' QiprSig ma has presented house dances and partie Ksfxpospg its chemical engineers to the advantages of co-ed u cat iotfT Its several intramural athletic teams have competed spiritedly. Rivalry between the chemists and chemical engineers flares in athletic epics, the victors be- ing rewarded with an appropriate trophy, currently possessed by the engineers. 292 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Top Row: Fred Holtz, ' 50; George Reynolds, ' 50; Bob Reisig, ' 51; Jim Laffler, ' 51; Ted Todoroff, ' 49; Burl Parliament, ' 51; Tom Nesper, ' 51; Doyle Wilson, ' 51; Al Kinlcella, ' 51; Ralph Dunn, ' 51; Bill Barr, ' 51; George Kiehler, ' 49; Jack Coakes, ' 50; Gus Milonas, ' 51. Third Row: Cy Stimson, ' 50; Dick Stander, ' 51; Nick Fotias, ' 51; Bill Keating, ' 49; Chuck Porretta, ' 51; Jim Bennett, ' 50; Gerry Beal, ' 50; Erv. Kercher, ' 51; Dale Antilla. ' 51; Suel Sheldon, ' 51; Bob Eich, ' 51; Cliff Toops, ' 49; Steve Stephen, ' 51; Dean Seeger, ' 51. Second Row: Dick Prior, ' 51; Bill Edmonds, ' 52; Don White, ' 52; Ray Ashare, ' 49; Ken Winslow, ' 49; Bob Pendergrass, ' 49, Vice-President; Don Treat, ' 49, President; John Heffelfinger, ' 49, Treasurer; Dick Horning, ' 50, Secretary; Matt Tompkins, ' 50; Dick Allen, ' 49; Chet Roe, ' 49. First Row: Don Hinchman, ' 52; Bob Grosst, ' 52; Carl Cook, ' 52; Bob Kobs, ' 52; Don McCandliss, ' 52; Fred Blackhurst, ' 52; Bob Lugg, ' 52; Jim Butler, ' 52; Erwin Fitzgerald, ' 52; John Hrych, ' 52. The Alpha lota chapter of Alpha Kappa Kappa was insti- tuted at the University of Michigan Medical School in 1906 for the purpose of advancing medical science and promoting good fellowship for the mutuo hKjnembers. In September, 1 9 mJS t ter will play host to the International Qai ntio Br Alpl appa Kappa, which will be in Ann ArMajSsfiTUy epWaTum toi J th i s event, the May issue of the Centaur,YH p aQ| raB | ?s monthly magazine, was turned over to A Y aL hiinj p included articles and pictures depicting life imUV 5 Wprf3 and carried a number of original articles written by prominent alumni, some of whom are members of the faculty of the Medical School. 293 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Top Row: R. Snyder, Grail, R. Vokac, ' 50; J. Duncan, ' 49; C. Beblavi, Grad; J. Doney, Grad; J. Logothetis, ' 49; P. Logothetis, ' 49; A. Hammer, Grad; L. Clark, Grad; R. Secrest, Grad; C. Rice, Grad; F. Sleder, ' 50; F. Braga, ' 49. Fourth Row: S. Mclntire, ' 49; R. Etzel, ' 49; C. Biddinger, Grad; K. Schubring, Grad; R. Klumpp, ' 49; T. Brewer, Grad; C. Kilkka, Grad; S. Bayekian, ' 49; L. Gabriel, Grad; D. B!ocher, Grad; R. Waggoner, ' 49; O. Wagemaker, ' 49; J. Parrot, ' 49; A. Neef, ' 49. Third Row: R. Swain, ' 49; A. Bolino, Grad; J. Staff, ' 49; H. Kassner, ' 49; G. Linzel, Grad; W. Culman, ' 49; C. Kelsay, ' 49; J. Toporowski, ' 49; V. Romzick, ' 50. Second Row: M. Breighner, ' 49; R. Ludwig, ' 50; M. Appel, ' 49; J. Skaggs, Grad; M. Krzymintki, ' 49; D. Dobberstein, ' 49; R. Janes, ' 50; B. Morris, ' 49; H. Doster, Grad; M. Sweet, Grad. First Row: M. Matsen, ' 50; J. McStocker, ' 50; J. Rynning, ' 50; R. Kellas, ' 49; W. Elser, Grad; W. VanTuyle, ' 49; J. Box, ' 49; R. Edwards, ' 50; J. Handelsman, ' 50. Missing: J. Allison, ' 49; J. Carter, ' 49; R. Horn, ' 50; D. Kenney, ' 49; M. Wilson, ' 49. Dear Mom, This Bus. Ad. School is getting me down. If it isn ' t a term- paper that ' s due, i t ' lSTI FffSinSrl the IfoTfiing after the night before! And then tojld djf o Jo I JX e j " ' a " ' ' nave to put up with a bunch of fettaws here at the House who have a hard time proving p rruMrfe|rO4 r W l S l es pf intent. Anyhow, I guess I ' ll struggle through the year and see you after it ' s all over in June, if ffie Lbgie brothers, Vokac and the rest of the gang don ' t get me aVwn f 4hen. Really though, it ' s been q|j SJj|derful year at 1325 Washte- naw, and we ' ve had some swell times that none of us will forget. Your Son, " Bub " 294 ALPHA RHO CHI Top Row: Richard Millman, ' SO; Robert Freeman, ' 50; Roy Boko, ' 49; Robert Rasche, ' 49; Carter Strong, ' SO; Howard Gunderton, ' 51; Leo Teholix, ' 49; Alfred Przybylowicz, ' 50; William Black, ' 50; Alonzo Welchman, ' 49; R. Douglas Adams, ' 49; William Prine, ' 50; Douglas Macintosh, ' 50. Fourth Row: Leslie Kenyan, ' 49; William Low, ' 51; John Carmichael, ' 49; Donald Measner, ' 49; Edward Hammarskjold, ' 51; Frank Vogler, ' 49; Douglas Morris, ' 49; Stanley Peacock, ' 49; Donald Davis, ' 49; C. David Petersen, ' 49; John Bennett, ' 50; Ray Jansma, ' 50; Theodore Degenhardt, ' 51. Third Row: Philip Meathe, ' 49; David Walsh, ' 50; R. Holland Brady, ' 50, Secretary; Richard Zimmer, ' 50; Arthur O. Haas, ' 50, Treasurer; David Stiffler, ' 50, President; Robert McClure, ' 50, Vice-President; Howard Hakken, ' 49; Maurice Merlau, ' 49; Richard Sinclair, ' 50; Keith Weiland, ' 51. Second Row: Elgin Pruder, ' 51; William Lee, ' 51; Donald Humphrey, ' 51; William Zimmie, ' 51; David Anderson, ' 49; Martin Biesc, ' 51; Robert White, ' 50; William Maitland, ' 51; Paul Valliere, ' 49; Robert Rockwood, ' 51. First Row: Jerome Lepard, ' 50; Eino Kainlauri, ' 49; Kenneth Hooker, ' 52; John McMichael, ' 51; Robert Meacham, ' 51; Erf an Hashem, ' 51; Russell Alexander, ' 51. Missing: Clarence Roy, ' 50; Ronald Goodfellow ' 52; Kenneth Derr, ' 50; Carl Pirscher, ' 50. Alpha Rho Chi is the professional fraternity for students in architecture and the allied arts. Its character is based on a policy of furtherance of a s flejirJX. shown in its activities. itectural design from Rho Chi Medal, an ampus for its annual This costumed and Each year, the outstandi every major college is honor nationally The fraternity is well known on social event, the elaborately decorated affair continues for two nights and is one of the highlights of the campus sprirtg activities. S Ji St " Alpha Rho Chi, now engaged in an expansion program, has six active chapters in the country, with others in the or- ganizational stage. 295 DELTA SIGMA DELTA Top Row: R. Whitney, ' 51; E. Worsham, ' 51; R. Speer, ' 51; R. Chamberlain, ' 50; T. Buszek, ' 50; G. Miller, ' 51; R. Hagerman, ' 51; W. Kittell, ' 51; J. Smith, ' 51; R, Rantz, ' 50; D. White, ' 50; W. Shupert, ' 50; F. Nichols, ' 50; J. Field, ' 50; R. Geney, ' 50; A. Bradley, ' 51; W. Stevens, ' 51. Fourth Row: F. Zack, ' 51; R. Bailey, ' 51; H. Walker, ' 51; D. McKinnon, ' 51; R. Williams, ' 50; F. Kahler, ' 50; R. Nelson, ' 50; J. Gates, ' 50; E. Gaskill, ' 50; L Gach, ' 51; C. Reiley, ' 51; B. Colburn, ' 51; S. Dix, ' 50; B. Hubbard, ' 50; R. Doerr, ' 50; W. Niemann, ' 51; H. Cooper, ' 51. Third Row: J. Winkler, ' 51; B. Packwood, ' 49; T. Stephenson, ' 49; P. DeWitt, ' 50; R. Laidlaw, ' 49; J. Carlson, ' 49, Vice-President; L. Fourie, ' 49, President; J. Paul, ' 49; R. Peterson, ' 50; N. Eggleston, ' 50; K. Thomas, ' 49; R. Gillham, ' 49; P. Baribeau, ' 51. Second Row: B. Vandermade, ' 50; R. Reed, ' 49; R. Sherwin, ' 49; F. Wertheimer, ' 49; H. Mehaffey, ' 49; D. Campbell, ' 49; L. Timmons, ' 49; T. Holloway, ' 49; R. Huettner, ' 49; R. McLean, ' 49; R. Murray, ' 49; L. Staffel, ' 49. First Row: M. Glover, ' 51; L. Jourdain, ' 51; P. Packwood, ' 51; D. Davidson, ' 50; F. Jeffers, ' 49; G. Williams, ' 49; J. Gilpin, ' 49; R. White, ' 49; E. Hartmann, ' 51; R. Skau, ' 51. Missing: A. Cox, ' 51; P. Leonard, ' 50; E. Schmidt, ' 50. The year 1948-1949 has been a successful one for Delta Sigma Delta in more than one respect. The football season saw the return of many of tiie alumni to the Alpha Chapter. Besides open houses after eluded various costu Since the memb they spend a grea tory work. For this pu tal laboratory in th the members from gram, however. An active chapter and a promising group of freshmen give Alpha Chapter of Sigma Delta a bright outlook for years to come. the social activities in- als. are dental students, ours doing labora- in a vfrell-equipped den- this work didn ' t keep ntramural sports pro- 296 DELTA SIGMA PI ' Top Row: Steven Debrul, ' 50; Cliff Inner, ' 49; Harold Bissell, ' 49; Frank Swartwout, ' 50; George Troost, ' 50; Niklos Weber, ' 50; William Noble, 50, Edward Nycz, ' 50; Edward Wisniewski. ' 49; Tom Kimmerly, ' 50; John Dillon, ' 50; Lyle Wrigley, ' 50; Ted Ward, ' 49; Don Fluery, ' 49; George Strong, ' 49. Fourth Row: Nelson Navarre, ' 49; Bob Krieger, ' 50; John Boyne, ' 50; R. Kirby, ' 49; Hal Kuenn, ' 49; Orrin Deland, ' 49; Dave Kipp, ' 50; Alan Benden, ' 50; Phil Brugge, ' 50; Tom Berry, ' 50; Ian Goodwillie, ' 50; Harold Stevenson, ' 49; Dick Macney, ' 50; Dick Anderson, ' 49; Dave Beany, ' 49; Mitchell Zaremski, ' 49; Al Bacon, ' 49. Third Row: Harold Auen, ' 50; Bob Clarke, ' 49; Bill LaBaw, Grad; Prof. Pierpont; Prof. Dixon; Prof. Riegel; Dean Stevenson; Prof. Rodkey; Prof. Waterman; George Elgass, Grad; Sam Spring, ' 49; Don Krell, ' 49; Lincoln Knorr, ' 49. Second Row: Mark Sherman, ' 49; Jim Schneider, ' 49; Don Minard, ' 49; Charles Drayton, ' 50; John McKeon, ' 49; Ian Hannington, ' 49, President; Earl Willhoft, ' 49; Kermit Moss, ' 49; Richard Murphy, ' 50; Fred Klett, ' 49. First Row: Charles Goebel, ' 50; Louis Marr, ' 49; Mike Sheaner, ' 49; Jim Smith, ' 49; John Chuchian, ' 49; Chet Fortune, ' 49; Peter Hyde, 50; Bob Schafer, ' 51; Dayton Ford, Grad; Rick Herman, ' 49; Terry Lobdell, ' 49. Missing: Carl Roth, ' 49; Don Michela, ' 49; Ron Bubert, ' 49; Wally Pearson, ' 50; Don Diederich, ' 49; Tom Ream, ' 50. Xi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity in the field of commerce and business administration, has been active on the Michigarv JS mpusfaKs most thirty years. We occupied our new hytfsyg S jg l l h the opening of the new School of Bus act was to hold Our current Faculty-Student Co 1 ships between the suing the objectives o addresses and discussions Iding, and our first and student body. rogrdrn begafi by sponsoring a lie ' te.cwjye jo cement relation- d the ; business student. In pur- ave sponsored open prominent men as Ralph Showalter of the UAW-CIO; Mr. Stephen DeBrul, Director of Business Research for General Motors Inc.; and Mr. Kenneth Heininger, President of the Michigan Junior Chamber of Com- merce. 297 NU SIGMA NU Top Row: John Harm, ' 52; Pete Hamil, ' 52; Frank Goodrich, ' 52; By Webb, ' 52; Jamo Mackenzie, ' 51; John Rieger, ' 50; Geo. Block, ' 51; Col. Marshall, Norm Hodgson, ' 51; Dick Asp, ' 51; Bill Kretzschmar, ' 51; Bob Hodges, ' 52. Third Row: Bob Currier, ' 52; Gordon Hardie, ' 52; Haven Jones, ' 50; Clayton Gordon, ' 50; Herb Spencer, ' 50; Thad Joos, ' 50, Secretary; John Gosling, ' 50; Bill Longford, ' 52; Bill Torgerson, ' 50; Dave Wile, ' 51; Bill Terfer, ' 52; Bob Ferguson, ' 52. Second Row: Jim Marshall, ' 51; Hugh Cameron, ' 50; Paul Aesculapius, ' 49; George Morley, ' 49; Achilles Herophilus, ' 49; John Melena, ' 49, President; Ignance Phimosis, ' 49, Treasurer; Bill Haynes, ' 49, Vice-President; Bill Caulkins, ' 50; Ray Pinkham, ' 50; Bill Smith, 50. First Row: Rex Ritter, ' 52; Paul Titus, ' 52; Paul Brown, ' 50; Ed Crippen, ' 50; Bob Reynolds, ' 50; Earl Wolfman, ' 50; Dave Standiford, ' 52. The " Athletic Club " as its members affectionately refer to it withstood the year of 1948-49 in ; good shape. When September rolled around many W n ffffmjhal come back to the " ' ; : ; . - ' ' :-. wrong place because I QM house Ma Been completely re- decorated thanks to many of our loyal aiumnis. Homecoming, the ffMstmas Party, " Caduceus, " and our Spring Formal help keep " Jack from beJrjg a dull boy. " Those parties for the internes? ahd residents frdfci the hospital also -i: V. :-::.::; ' ' ' :: : ; : did their bit along that line. Our annual Nu Sigfecturer was Jamrel D. Wilson, M.D. of New York, who spoke on the field of Bone Grafting in Ortho- pedic Surgery. 298 PHI ALPHA KAPPA n n Top Row: Bill Eerdmans, ' 49; Bud Newton, ' 50; Dick Brown, Grad; Ken Weller, Grad; John Dottier, ' 49; Joe Palmer, Grad; Don Schollon, ' 49; Larry Feenitra, ' 52; Bob Hoolsema, Grad; Paul VanlonKhuyien, Grad; John Rector, ' 49; Fred Winter, Grad; Herm Eldenveld, ' 52; Dick Buddingh, ' 50. Third Row: Dr. Al Posthuma, Grad; Boyd Hoffman, ' 50; Bob Boelkint, ' 50; Chuck Bouwsma, ' 50; Chuck Baiuin, ' 52; Dave Post, ' 51; Bruce Dice, ' 50; George Anema, ' 49; Bernie Kool, ' 50; Nick VanTil. Grad; Jack Peterson, ' 50; John VanderMolen, ' 52; Leon Sparling, Grad; Jack Lamberts, Grad; Gene Knol, ' 51. Second Row: Bob Oom, ' 49; Pure Petroelje, ' 52; Tom Friedkin, ' 51; Ed Vandenberg, Grad; Bill Schipper, ' 50; Mart Sjaarda, ' 51; Ray Thon, ' 50, President; Art Anderson, ' 49; Bill Wilkinson, ' 51; Mart Wyngaarden, ' 51; Dr. Art Baker, Grad; Irv. Hellenga, ' 49. First Row: Lloyd Wiegerink, ' 50; Ed Holwerda, ' 50; Tom Rector, ' 50; Cord Kiester, ' 49; Harv Bran, ' 52; Bill Veldkamp, ' 52; John Berghuis, ' 51; Pete VanDerMeer, ' 50; Burt Lamberts, Grad; Mike DeYoung, ' 52. Missing: Bill Johnson, ' 49; Art Kerle, Grad; Ray Luebke, ' 51; Don Pollie, ' 49; Dr. Austin Lamberts; Don Ladewig, Grad. The past year has been one of the most eventful in Phi Alpha Kappa ' s history. Contributions f?om our members are support- ing a Dutch war orpho|(gq[ {Mjal Christmas party for underprivileged childrei ' b J 6 ' 1661 ' f r both guests and members. Station P. A. K. preserih Tc Oroadcast for the enter- tainment of the alumni l H4me qrning, and the Annual Smoker, held in Grand Rs spwt acted many prospective members. Highlighting the year ' s events was the Spring For- mal, at which time the Chapters outgoing officers were pre- sented with keys, and awards were made to the outstanding new and old members of the year. 299 Top Row: John Foote, ' 51; Lloyd Berry, ' 51; Verne Johnson, ' 51; Barney O ' hora, ' 51; Ray Lang, ' 51; Ed Scott, Don Johnston, ' 50; Jack Mclntyre, ' 50; Art Rollins, ' 51; Jacob Wade, ' 50; Dick Hatnmel, ' 51; John VanBoven, III, ' 50, John Jones, ' 51; Clayton Hurd, ' 50; Merle Page, ' 51; Alfred VanDeWaa, ' 51; Don Kilgore, ' 50; John Halick, ' 50; Bob Landstra, ' 50. Fourth Row: Louis Kivi, ' 50; Wesley Mikesell, ' 51; Howard Comstock, ' 51; Dick Richards, ' 51; Landis Stewart, ' 51; Bob Evans, ' 50; Don Griffith, ' 51; Jack Hayes, ' 51; Fred Trager, ' 50; Bill Nettleman, ' 51; Art Prange, ' 50; Dick MacMurray, ' 50; Don Fess, ' 51; Paul Doermann, ' 51; Ralph Hulett, ' 50; Gilbert Hague, ' 51; Russ Miller, ' 51. Third Row: Joe Loomis, ' 49; James Quinn, ' 49; Earle Schumacher, ' 49; Wally Stout, ' 49; Hobart Klaaren, ' 49; Al Ruedemann, ' 49; William Strittmatter, ' 50, Secretary; Walter Poznanski, ' 50, Presiding Jr.; Donald Forbeck, ' 49, Presiding Sr.; Otto Newlander, ' 50, House Manager; George Kramer, ' 49; Gail Williams, ' 49; Conrad Kawel, ' 49; George Wahle, ' 49; Tom Hayes, ' 49; Bill Bauer, ' 50. Second Row: Bill Fry, ' 52; Jim Terrin, ' 52; Bud Irmshire, ' 52; Bob Davis, ' 51; Bob Caplinger, ' 52; Ed Woodworth, ' 52; Bill Daehler, ' 52; Louis Bronsting, ' 52; Art Wright, ' 52; Paul Hovsepien, ' 52; Dick Schneider, ' 52; Norm Pedelty, ' 52; Paul Schroeder, ' 52; Lyle Freimark, ' 52. First Row: Doug Woodward, ' 52; Marion Fierst, ' 52; Norm Gremel, ' 52; Jack Babbitt, ' 52; Bob Netzel, ' 52; Herb Madalin, ' 52; Jack Westman, ' 52; John Clymer, ' 52. The members of Psi Chapter of Phi Chi can regard the past year as having been ver stituted the first with a pledge class o, was paramount for season they neverffMUfss dances at the fraternity h the Christmas Form ternity ' s social calenda ested in the intramueal activities have contribute and to the prestige of the fraternity. I. The rushing season con- e fraternity emerged long, scholastic work t during the football e several informal coming dance and rig events on the fra- bers have been inter- th ' rs year and their Their personal enjoyment 300 PHI RHO SIGMA Top Row: Hlopka Kosolap, ' 49; Jack Enzrolh, ' 51; Ben Stone, ' 51; Richard Meinke, ' 51; George Anderson, ' 50; Arch Kane, ' 49; John L. (House Mascot); Tom Hoyer, ' 51; John Birddog, ' 52; Lew Warren, ' 52; Norm Clarke, ' 52; Fernley Stoneman, ' 51; Douglas Haddock, ' 51; Carl Speck, ' 52; Ann Lyienga, ' 51; Elihu Yale, ' 52. Fourth Row: Don Gilbert, ' 50; Adam McLay, ' 49; Don Suitor, ' 50; Gerald Barofsky, ' 51; Richard P. Goop II, ' 49; Brodgan Hmelnitzsky, ' 51; Richard Turner, ' 49; Howard Manz, ' 49; Marv Seven, ' 51; Bill Eight, ' 51; Bill Wenner, ' 51; Jim Me Andrews, ' 49; Roy Beerstein, ' 49. Third Row: leo Preobrazhensky, ' 50; Fritz O ' Hell, ' 49; Timothy Alfalfa, ' 49; Curly Balice, ' 49; Dominic Dascola, ' 49; Prexy Reynolds, ' 49; Nature Boy, ' 49; Herman Talmadge, ' 49; B. Lou Earth, ' 49 Fagan, ' 49; Robert Row Tund, ' 49; Lee Hat, ' 49; Harvey Campbell, ' 50. Second Row: Leon Ostrander, ' 52; G. Mennen Williams, ' 50; T. E. Dewey, ' 49; Ish Peming, ' 51; Al Bungler, ' 49; Jack Varney, ' 50; Ralph Bodylove, ' 49; Robert E. Flycatcher, ' 52; Don McLein, ' 49; Jim Clarke, ' 50; John Abbot, ' 52. First Row: B. MacMillan, Jr., ' 52; B. MacMillan, Sr , ' 49; Dave Kapp, ' 49; Bill Baloney, ' 52; Douglas Gillim ' 50; Rom Com, ' 52; Chuck Stevens, ' 52; Don Camp, ' 52; Jim Townsend, ' 52. Missing: William Jenner; Carl Gruesome; John Ivanoff; Nick Hippocrates; Robert Swain; LeRoy Houck; Tony Calen; John Felt; James Andrews; Frank Sutton; Eugene Rentschler. The past year was one in which to consolidate the gaii for the future. A lai willingness of carry! pattern laid dowi regaining its cohi of the war years, as usual, a source of notable football vi a king-sized represent! honor groups . . . plus the famous " Good Fellowship-Good Medicine! " Phi Rho Sigma attempted hile continuing to build ge class showed its ns according to the hich was steadily g the disruption al program was, s also able to boast performance, and of the medical school ' s Phi Rho spirit, based on 301 RMS A. I. M. Top Row: Hugh Greenberg; Al Maslin; Morris Domangue; Don Boerma; John Robertson. Second Row: Floyd Stoup; Howard Schwartz; Stuart Hertzberg; Jim Gamble; Walt Hansen; Marvin Failer. Bottom Row: Jim Kallman; Ralph Oliavanti; Ray Guerin, President; Richard Lowe; Bristol Hunter. This year, the newly formed Association of Independent Men started to shift into high gear. The AIM Council not only effec- tively represented the views and opinions of independent men on campus affairs, but also found time to sponsor, in conjunc- tion with Assembly, the highly successful A-Hop, with Woody Herman ' s Woodchoppers providing the music for 1500 happy couples. As a result of the success of the A-Hop, AIM was able to con- tribute funds to the U. of M. Fresh Air Camp, which provides summertime educational and recreational facilities for under- priviledged children. For the first time in J-Hop history, AIM sponsored booths for the benefit of all independent students. AIM forwarded several needed improvements in the Michi- gan Union to the Union Board of Governors, three of which were accepted. AIM also sent delegates, Norris Domangue, Al Moslin, and faculty advisor Dr. Laing, to the National Independent Students Association Convention at Ames, Iowa. Independent men ' s organizations from approximately 80 universities were repre- sented. Al Moslin was elected to the N. I. S. A. ' s executive Council. Fortified with the success of this year ' s programs, AIM has every hope of not only maintaining, but accelerating the activi- ties of independent men on campus. GREEN HOUSE of EAST QUAD Top Row: Paul Hodges, ' 51; Nelson Beck, ' 49; Aaro Annala, ' SO; Wes LaRoy, ' 50; Ralph Stribe, ' 52; Tom Parker, ' 52; Charles Davidson, ' 52; Don Maltoure, ' 49; William ludolph, Grad; Jack Jominy, ' 50; Frank Kuhn, ' 49; Paul Cramblel, ' 52; Val Johnson, ' 49; Art Neef, ' 52; Merrill Hutchins, ' 51; Edwin Mays, ' 52; Ned MacWilliams, ' 52. Third Row: Ben Selving, ' 49; Harold Pink, ' 51; William Graff, ' 49; William Jamieson, ' 49; Ralph Seaman, ' 49; Edward Miller, ' 51; Ray Sawusch, ' 51; Richard Seeger, ' 51; Charles Klabosh, ' 51; Jack Carlson, ' 50; John Schlee, ' 51; Larry Lange, ' 52; Sam Jackson, ' 50; George Jackson, ' 49; Bob Namen, ' 52; Bill Hartman, ' 51; Lee McNutt ' 50. Second Row: El Woodard, ' 51; Bill Rodgers, ' 51; Tony Rummo, ' 50; Bill Trousdale, ' 52; Hubert Malkus, ' 49; W. Park Catchpole, Law; Mrs. E. K. Herdman; John Robertson, ' 50; Don Liddicoat, ' 49; Bob Kuhn, ' 50; Joe Hipfel, ' 52; Dave Gordon, ' 52; Eugene Sanders, Grad; Frank Sutton, Med.; Bob Smith, ' 52. First Row: Robert Powell, ' 52; Gene Williams, ' 52; Jerome Slugget, ' 52; Don Moore, ' 52; Bill Maki, ' 52; Richard Roush, ' 51; D ave Cambell, ' 51; Ross Pfalgraff, ' 52; Bill Rieger, ' 52; Sam Spring, ' 49; Clarence Newton, ' 50; Bob Gettel, ' 52; Don Hutchins, ' 49; Cedric Fricke, ' 49. Top Row: George Hopkins, ' 52; Monroe Macpherson, ' 51; Larry Bergey, ' 51; Charles Young, ' 51; Ed Stepkowicz, ' 51; Stan East, ' 49; Ray Decker, ' 52; Jerry Lucier, ' 52; Gene Mesh, ' 52; Martin Fruitman, ' 52; Seymour Muskovitz, ' 52; Don Ainslie, ' 51; Ed Silberfarb, ' 51; Dave Shappirio, ' 51; Robert Wurdock, ' 51. Third Row: Bob Long, ' 51; Phil Luth, ' 51; Peter Lashmet, ' 51; Norm Weiner, ' 49; Tex Lindsay, ' 51; Bill McKinley, ' 52; Henry Buschman, ' 49; Giles Bole, ' 49; Dave Millard, ' 49; Phil Van Houten, ' 52; Bruce Mase, ' 52; Ed Levenberg, ' 52; Samuel Szor, ' 52; Fred Wiedle, ' 52. Second Row: Bob Hammerschmidt, ' 50; Zeph Phillips, ' 50; Bob Anderson, ' 52; Chucb Scurlock, ' 52; John Rembowski, ' 51; Bob Kraft, ' 49; Keith Horngren, ' 51; Vern Sinclair, ' 50; Quick Carlson, ' 49; Harry Cunningham, ' 50; Dave Spies, ' 49; Bob Miller, ' 50; Bill Cornell, ' 51; Graham Casserly, ' 51; Dick Bender, ' 50. First Row: Roger Mclaughlin, ' 52; Reuben Tyau, ' 51; Sumio Yukawa, ' 51; John Campbell, ' 49; Bud Chicoine, ' 50; Tom Gaulish, ' 52; Dick Larges, ' 49; Bernard Goodman, ' 49; Lome Norton, ' 52; Don Marsh, ' 52; John Newton, ' 52; Alan Robertson, ' 50; Maynard Wellman, ' 52. HAYDEN HOUSE of EAST QUAD ,, ..-. RBP H Top Row: Norman Chang; George Beniiek; Fred Knipp; Jack Harms; Lawrence Botti; Don Seaton; Bob Kaplan; Bob Mitchell; Tom Olin; Craig Schroeder; Bill Brown; B. W. Hokkanen; Paul Davis; Tony Paparella; Jan Hanson. Third Row: J. E. Link; J. B. Webster; John Jones; Alvan Uhle; Joe Musser; Ray Talaska; George Leicoe; Frank Heidler; Bob Welber; Hugh Batten; Bill Blausey; Bob Greene; Wesley Hoffman; Henry Waterkamp. Second Row: Jim Graney; Dick ilias; Alvin Nelson; Glynn Barnett; Ralph Olivanti; Dick Janich; John Olson; Mrs. Newell; Dick Roti; Irv Gallatin; Frank Smith; Lewis Harmon; John Biery; Roger Roemisch; Doug Peck. Bottom Row: Jim Morse; Fred Aebersold; I. D. Elcar; Jerry Liebow; Walter Bodofsky; Fred Wayand; Bill Henry; Gilbert Goo; Wallace Tom; Bob Wyllie; Sharon Miller; Paul Hoogesteger. Bottom Row: Victor Hughes; Jim Suffer; Alan Warshawsky; Jerry Solouy; Don Second Row: Bob Aiciyama; Alfred Rose; Tom McCormack; Gary Kudome; Larry Jeu; Rothschild; Oene Pomper; Bob Reiss; Walter Stein; Jim Clements; Alan Kedston; Martin Gluckstin; Dick Machowske; Bob Behnke; Bruce Klipp. Third Row: Ralph Clark; Arthur Wright; Andrew Corsi; Don Baldwin; Bob Tooley; Frank Tillery; Howard Luckey; Bruce Dopp; Anthony Neuwirth; F. M. Sullivan; R. W. Albach; Bob Leishman; Don Eliinga; Bud Janicl; Keith Mickelson. Herb Silverman; Everatt Doehr; Frank Whitehouse; A. M. Warner; Jim Dorland; Harry Corey; John Cunnings; Tom Maletta; Bob Kovalsky; Bill Badger. Top Row: George McKean; Norm Riukees; Fred Roneker; Jim Fitch; Bernard Clark; R. A. Slykhouse; Roy Lauritsen; Charles Ellis; Joe Teifer; Amos Lee; Bob Miller. C 1 HINSDALE HOUSE of EAST QUAD A , v v r If- Top Row: Steve Koeff, ' 52; Richard Helmrich, ' 52; Arthur Erikson, ' 51; Michael Cardone, ' 52; Donald McCollough, ' 52; Robert Dougherty, ' 52; Carl Ulbrich, ' 52; Chester Siemborski, ' 51; Chester Richlie, ' 51; Roderick Daane, ' 52; Richard Cordes, ' 52; Donald Noah, ' 52; John Goodyear, ' 52; Robert McGhee, ' 51; Earl Graves, ' 52. Third Row: Alan Schaefer, ' 52; Ray Hoppe, ' 50; Paul Travis, ' 50; John Cobb, ' 52; Charles Joynt, ' 52; Paul Sherizen, ' 49; William Kiessel, Grad; Richard Ferle, ' 50; Hal Mclntosh, ' 50; John Hall, ' 52; Robert Klett, ' 52; Reginald Huff, ' 52; Storm Vanderzee, ' 52; Roland Gasparski, ' 51. Second Row: William Hoffmeyer, ' 51; Dick Doyle, ' 52; Lincoln Racey, ' 50; Bruce Wooded, ' 52; Robert Columbus, ' 52; George Landmann, ' 50; David Reitz, ' 52; Alfred Kiessel, ' 52; Joseph Lawton, ' 50; Ed Keough, ' 52; Robert Laing, ' 50; Joseph Tylicki, ' 50; Harold Singer, ' 51; George Muehlhauser, ' 52; Phil Johnson, ' 52. First Row: Thomas Watkins, ' 52; Murray Baron, ' 52; Janes Degnan, ' 51; Roger Gosling, ' 49; Fra Boskey, ' 49; Howard Johnson, ' 49; Martin Reber, ' 50; Harry Dolny, ' 52; Merrill Nelson, ' 52; Leslie Tinknell, ' 51; Warren Gast, ' 52; Harry Reed, ' 52. Top Row: Blair Milliden, ' 52; Bill Gaunt, ' 52; James Thompson, ' 49; John Herald, ' 50; Robert Lewis, ' 52; Charles Brauner, ' 51; Robert Corrigan, ' 52; Tom Mills, ' 52; Jim Ensign, ' 52; Richard Scribner, ' 51; Harry Master, ' 52; Leonard Zivow, ' 50; Herman Kaplan, ' 50; Richard Ratcliff, ' 52; Frank Wanderski, ' 51; Bill Lockhart, ' 52; Robert Wylie, ' 51; Bill Matthews, ' 52; Douglas Mikolasek, ' 52; Donald Nelson, ' 52. Third Row: Charles Stanulis, ' 52; Roger Daniels, ' 50; Hans Heilbroner, ' 49; Charles Carroll, ' 52; Harold Boutin, ' 51; Joe Fee, ' 51; Donald Williams, ' 51; John Chantler, ' 52; John Gallivan, ' 52; Richard Kolloff, ' 52; Dee Solether, ' 52; Richard England, ' 50; Tom Verhake, ' 52; Glenn Osgood, ' 52; Gay VanOtteren, ' 52; Frank Maple, ' 51; Walter Weiss, ' 51; Joe Newman, ' 51; Donald Kory, ' 49. Second Row: Robert Moffatt, ' 52; Bill Black, ' 51; Neil Will, ' 52; Robert Turner, ' 51; Lynn Post, ' 52; Bruce Herrigel, ' 51; Ray Edwards, ' 51; Arthur Dubin, ' 49; Robert Mazurek, ' 51; Paul Binkley, ' 51; Anton Longhini, ' 50; Ivan Lyons, ' 50; Eli Harjo. ' 49; Sebastian Mule, ' 50; Paul Russman, ' 52; William P. Cusick, ' 52. First Row: Bill Reed, ' 51; Wilmer Latshaw, ' 51; Robert Moon, ' 51; Ted Daykin, ' 52; Philip Daykin, ' 51; Jim Nyberg, ' 52; Jerome Porter, ' 52; John Pettibone, ' 52; Stanley Kleiner, ' 52; William K. Williams, ' 50; Dave Hawkins, ' 51; Robert Gamble, ' 52; Richard Aster, ' 52; Steve Peterson, ' 51; John Marks, ' 49. TYLER HOUSE of EAST QUAD Top Row: James Stoddard, ' 52; Charles Rank, ' 52; Thomas Schmidt, ' 52; Moises Lorenzana, ' 49; Earl Reno, ' 52; Jack Anderson, ' 50; Richard Edberg, ' 50; Howard Cornfield, ' 52; James Edberg, ' 49; Edgar Greer, ' 51; James Chalmers, ' 51; John Hoyt, ' 51; Leslie Wilkie, ' 50; Andrew Pasko, ' 50. Third Row: Gerald Flury, ' 51; William Joselyn, ' 51; Herbert Dunphy, ' 51; David Jones, ' 49; Edward Pietryga, ' 50; Theodore Sammon, ' 51; David Rasche, ' 51; Richard Zylowski, ' 51; William Race, ' 50; John Reid, ' 50; Ralph Barrett, ' 52; Robert Uchitele, ' 51; Donald Blomquist, ' 52; William Weber, ' 52. Second Row: John Retich, ' 51; Charles Reinke, ' 52; Robert Gardner, ' 50; Glenn Spade, ' 51; Nick Rendziperis, ' 52; Miguel Rios, ' 50; Norman Shackman, ' 50; Richard Davidson, ' 52; Milton Scheiern, ' 52; Stanley Herrick, ' 52; Keith Conway, ' 51; Patrick Heck, ' 52; John Sposito, ' 52; William Streidel, ' 52. First Row: Donald Biniasz, ' 52; Ronald Stinson, ' 51; Robert Grunawalt, ' 52; Robert Jones, ' 52; Milton Austin, ' 52; Robert Getschman, ' 49; George Gerbstadt, ' 49; Thatcher Root, ' 52; Robert Shanahan, ' 52; George Hoyt, ' 49. Top Row: George Inman, ' 52; Delbert Preston, ' 52; Lauren Feldcamp, ' 51; John Young, ' 52; Lynn Marcy, ' 52; James Rogers, ' 52; Richard Webber, ' 52; Curtis Verschoor, ' 52; Stanley Saulson, ' 49; Frank DeMaria, ' 51; William Shelton, ' 50; Howard Schwartz, ' 49; Nevin Miller, ' 51; Elias Sharau, ' 49; Joseph Savin, ' 52. Third Row: Donald Oseid, ' 49; Luis Magrina, ' 52; William Bell, ' 52; Claude Content, ' 51; Marvin Esch, ' 51; Frank Kulikowski, ' 52; James Martin, ' 52; George Yobst, ' 52; James Knapp, ' 52; Charles Gibson, ' 49; Fred Hamren, ' 52; Harold Reiher, ' 50; Aide Knoepffler, ' 50; Robert Barie, ' 49. Second Row: Richard Shew, ' 49; Eugene Volinsky, ' 50; A. E. Hyde, Resident Advisor; Mario Gallardo, ' 49, Treasurer; Mason DeCamillis, ' 51, Vice-President; Jerry Ryan, ' 49, East Quadrangle President; Mrs. Charles W. Lobdell, House Director; William O ' Hern, ' 50, President; Alexander McKeen, ' 50, Secretary; Robert Warrilow, ' 51, Council; Robert Gamble, Grad; Edmund Emshwiller, ' 49; James Armstrong, Grad; Finley Hooper, Grad. First Row: Tcherine Andujar, ' 52; Clifford Paulson, ' 49; Harold Niemeyer, ' 51; Wyatt Mick, ' 50; Robert Siegel, ' 52; Sylvan, ' 52; Mark Sandground, ' 52; Albert Knoepffler, ' 49; Gerard Hilbers, ' 49; John Schenkel, ' 52; Edward Schenkel, ' 52. a i 1 V ft ft ADAMS HOUSE of WEST QUAD J Top Row: Robert Hedler, ' 51; Kenneth Sivier, ' 51; Alan Cockerline, ' 51; David Lorch, ' 52; Carl Bryant, ' 50; William Halvorsen, ' 51; Jack Hayes, ' 52; William Hayes, ' 51; Robert Doubleday, ' 51; Donald Schade, ' 51; John LeValley, ' 51. Fourth Row: Robert R. Miller, ' 51; Edward Green, ' 50; Richard Burns, ' 52; Benedict Pedrotti, ' 52; Fred Posch, ' 52; Newton Baker, ' 52; Earl Ebach, ' 50; Robert lemmer, ' 50; Manuel Kanar, ' 50; Floyd Werle, ' 51; Jack Lazarus, ' 52; Walter Tuuri, ' 51; William Diener, ' 50; Dan Montague, ' 51. Third Row: Kenneth Throckmorton, Grad, Donald DuBois, ' 50; Morris Shanker, Grad; Robert Rasmussen, ' 50; Erwin Eichorn, ' 50; William Fetlner, ' 50; Clifford Voice, ' 52; Carvel Mair, ' 50; James Tuttle, ' 51; Ted Durst, ' 52; Robert Gellatly, ' 52; Walter Noon, ' 51; Richard Her, ' 52. Second Row: O laf Haroldson, ' 52; Ralph Knopf, ' 51; Allan Mandelstamm, ' 50; Robert Young, ' 49; William Stebbins, ' 50; Mark Ardis, ' 50; James Morse, ' 50; Bernard Schroll, ' 51; Gordon Saxon, ' 51; Carl Raiss, ' 50; William Cartwright, ' 52; Robert Winsor, ' 52; Roy Aimone, ' 51. First Row: David Hanson, ' 52; Mark Neville, ' 51; Leo Maihofer, ' 51; Cedric Thompson, ' 52; Kenneth Herrington, ' 50; William Edmunds, Grad; Byrle Abbin, ' 52; James Shelton, ' 52. Top Row: John Ingold, ' 52; Donald Palmer, ' 50; George Lemieux, ' 51; Charles Van Deusen, ' 52; Irving Barill, ' 51; Ruehl Krause, ' 52; Robert Skye, ' 52; Alan Shelton, ' 51; James Bag noil, ' 52; Russell Voice, ' 52; Richard Wagner, ' 49; Robert Wagner, ' 51; Jim Gamble, ' 50; Don Hammond, ' 51; William Krause, ' 49; Frank Snyder, ' 52; Robert H. Miller, ' 51; Theodore Solotaroff. Fourth Row: Robert Stevens, ' 50; Bernard Skud, ' 50; John Bass, ' 50; Alvin Weinstein, ' 51; John Robertson, ' 50; Donald Sigman, ' 51; Jerry Zinnes, ' 52; Donald Basel, ' 50; David Pudas, ' 50; loren Seager, ' 52; Thomas Roderick, ' 52; Herbert Neil, ' 52; Dale Clark, ' 52; Richard Stoner, ' 49; Robert Greager, ' 52; David Jahsman, ' 52; Jack Leadbetter, ' 50. Third Row: James Erwin, ' 52; Fred Albert, ' 52; Robert Lahti, ' 52; Donald Patterson, ' 49; Daniel Palmer, ' 52; Bruce Sodee, ' 52; Davis Tompkins, ' 51; Norman Ronning, ' 50; Herbert Kravitz, ' 52; Allan Hanna, ' 51; Walter Sranton, ' 50; Henry Braxton, ' 52; William Morris, ' 52; Austin Craymer; Edward Lautner, Grad. Second Row: Richard Cheney, ' 52; Janes Carl, ' 51; Thomas Schulte, ' 50; Hampton Irwin, ' 52; John Wyman, ' 52; Jasper Reid, ' 51; Donald Bergeron, Resident Adviser; Mrs. Hunt, House Director; Robert Paul, ' 50; John Stewart, ' 50; Stanley Bielec, ' 52; Andrew Berry, ' 52; Dale Congdon, ' 52. First Row: Lawrence O ' Dell, ' 50; Fred Crane, ' 50; Murray Sayre, ' 52; Walter Holz, ' 52; Charles Hoheisel, ' 50; Trevett Chase, ' 52; William Keeler, ' 52; Bernard Husky, ' 50; Marvin Selin, ' 50; Thomas Rice, ' 50. n , ALLEN RUMSEY of WEST QUAD r 4 If Top Row: Nathan Weber, ' 52; Jerry Good, ' 52; Don Abramson, ' 52; Dick DiNolfo, ' 52; Bernard Abramt, ' 52; David Fraier, ' 51; Bob Caplinger, ' 52; Paul Campbell, ' 52; Ralph Rupp, ' 51; Don Young, ' 50; Dan Giovannini, ' 52; Ed Stewart, ' 51. Third Row: Jerry Kaplan, ' 50; Rolf Wunderlich, ' 52; Bill Rothman, ' 52; Paul Heyes, ' 52; Bob Leopold, ' 52; Jack Gillett, ' 52; Davit Crippen, ' 52; George Erb, ' 52; Gene Roth, ' 52; Fred Kerr, ' 51; Norrit Domangue, ' 49; Harry Miller, ' 52. Second Row: Irving Berent, ' 52; Alan Berton, ' 52; Jamal Asgarzadeh, ' 49; Gene Conner, ' 51; Jim Castelli, ' 52; Frank Trinkl, ' 52; Dean Harris, ' 52; Jerry Helfenbein, Top Row: Dan Sayles, ' 52; Dick Conn, ' 52; Sanford Cohen, ' 51; George Brown, ' 52; Paul Skarlatos, ' 52; Bill Lowenstein, ' 52; Tom Keenan, ' 52; Claude Crawford, ' 52; Phil Berry, ' 52; John Worthington, ' 52; Leonard Wilcox, ' 52. Third Row: Bob Scott, ' 52; Jim Seitz, ' 50; Doug Cutler, ' 52; Martin Tweedie, ' 52; Melvin Bulkley, ' 51; Berk Goodman, ' 49; Bob Eggenberger, ' 52; Ken Hooker, ' 51; Don R. Wood, ' 49; Hiroshi Hayatka, ' 49; Bill Chin, ' 51. ' 52; Art Doertam, ' 50; Don Boerma, ' 50; John Brodnum, ' 50; Doug Blanks, 51 Harold Tanner, ' 52. First Row: Bill Loewer, ' 50; David Schroeder, ' 49; Bud Howell, ' 49, Social Chairman Don Massnick, ' 50, Treasurer; Gordon Bronston, ' 51, Judicial Chairman; Bob McKie, ' 50, Secretary; Nichols Schooley, ' 50, President; Howard Eicher, ' 51, Academic Counselor; Clyde Spencer, ' 51, Athletic Director; Phil Smith, ' 52; Martin Messner, ' 51; Rog Kinnear, ' 51. Second Row: Phil Young, ' 52; Bernard Ellison, Resident Adviser; Walt Bertschinger, ' 50; Charles Payne, ' 50; Enver Mehmedbacin, ' 52; Bruce Cook, ' 50; Hugh Fletcher, ' 52; John Katne, ' 52; John Osmundsen, ' 52; Ron Modlin, ' 52. First Row: Jim Reineck, ' 49; Ed Nycz, ' 50; Bill Noble, ' 50; Don llnicki, ' 49; Jim Tarter, ' 51; Paul Nibbelink, ' 49; Gene Shroger, ' 52; Kent Culbertson, ' 52; Jim Kubota, ' 52; Shun Nakagawa, ' 50; Ed Skidmore, ' 51. I LJ, " - LLOYD HOUSE of WEST QUAD ' (lid. Top Row: Jim Ekwald, ' 52; Bob Lontos, ' 52; Sonny Holtiman, ' 52; Jim Romeyn, ' 50; Pete Mann, ' 51; Bob Benson, ' 52; Vern Emerson, ' 52; Frank Yeager, ' 52; Fred Medwedeff, ' 49. Fourth Row: Dave Perkins, ' 51; Reggie Ernst, ' 50; Tom Franke, ' 50; Jim Schen, ' 50; Walt Debler, ' 50; Bob Knode, ' 52, Eliot Charlip, ' 51; Don Heaton, ' 52; Bill Burkett, ' 52; Al Nevins, ' 50; Dave Nevins, ' 50; Bill Wise, ' 51. Third Row: Dick Conn, ' 52; George Grivas, ' 52; Art Weber, Grad; Bob Novotny, ' 50; Dick Wlodyga, ' 51; Jim Graulick, ' 52; Ed Jacks, ' 52; Jack Smart, ' 52; Bill Pervin, ' 52; Ross Currie, ' 52; Bob Kerry, ' 52; Art Bradley, ' 49. Top Row: Ward Stoepker, ' 49; John Maclntyre, ' 52; Bill Eberhardt, ' 52; Walt Olberreit, ' 52; Jim Martin, ' 50; Frank Jenkins, ' 49; Doug Pardee, ' 51; Bob Graham, ' 51; Earl Sommer, ' 50; Ken James, ' 50; Mickey Wenokur, ' 52; Milt Parker, ' 52; Lee Stryker, ' 52; John Lurko, ' 52; Paul Pfahler, ' 52. Fourth Row: Jim Eldridge, ' 52; Jim Richter, ' 51; Lloyd Kiberd, ' 52; Carl Horn, ' 50; Gordon Bigelow, ' 52; Richard Thomas, ' 52; Len Steinbrueck, ' 50; Larry Mallon, ' 49; Carl Hanson, ' 50; Paul Rankin, ' 50; Clarence LaFaive, ' 50; Harv Burley, ' 50; Ron Stempien, ' 52; Tom Whelan, ' 52; Julie Franks, Grad; Ron Short, ' 50; Steve Annos, ' 50. Second Row: Alex Kapetan, ' 52; Paul Montek, ' 50; Glenn Kilgren, ' 50; Jose Davila, ' 52; Joe Yakas, ' 50; Frank Kurze, ' 49, Bob Farst, ' 52; Jim Warnke, ' 52; Bill Lovery, ' 51; Larry De Vore, ' 51; Emmanuel Carleback, ' 52; Ted Korczynski, Grad; Howard Fosler, ' 50, Secretary. First Row: Joe Planck, ' 52; Barry Levey, ' 52; Jack Straley, ' 50; Tom Wright, ' 49; Dick Smith, ' 49; Bud Bissel, ' 49; Clarence Welsh, ' 50; Jerry Jelinek, ' 52; Kay Smallwood, ' 52; Chuck Clark, ' 51 . Third Row: Curt White, ' 50, President; Don Pfeiffer, ' 50; Len Walsh, ' 52; Jim Gabel, ' 50; Frank Johnson, ' 50; George Lewis, ' 49; Bob Dayton, ' 52; Joe Simpson, ' 51, Treasurer; Norm Doorenhos, ' 50; Jim Mohnke, ' 51; Jim Billingsley, ' 50; Leon Lublin, ' 51; Ray Cover, ' 51, Vice-President; Jack Barnes, ' 50; Al Haffner, ' 50; Bris Hunter, ' 50; Bob Pitts, Grad. Second Row: Ed Trion, ' 50; Don DuBois, ' 50; George Peters, ' 51; Ken Riebe, ' 50; Bob Hill, ' 50; Ron Getoor, ' 50; Herb Van Burgel, ' 50; Ed Hill, ' 52; Herm Fishman; Herb Boothroyd, ' 52; Jack Scruggs, ' 52; Steve Smale, ' 52; Don Krummel, ' 51. First Row: Dick Redmond, ' 52; Dick Him, ' 49; Shep Raimi, ' 52; Sam Savas, ' 50; Pete Aliferis, ' 52; Howard Hartzell, ' 52; Don Pynnonen, ' 50; Tom Ungerleider, ' 52; Ernie McCarus, Grad; Bill Fineman, ' 50; Ben Dajos, ' 52; Dick Paul, ' 52. 1 MICHIGAN HOUSE of WEST QUAD m i ' " w IM Duane Sherman; Frank Dennis; Dick Clark; Bob Sanregret; Bob Hastings; Howard Matunn; Jack Rose. Fourth Row: Desmond Buzzell; Jim L. Miller; Gene Kemp; Don Singler; Alvio Darin; John Bauer; Charles Spross; Bob Stoltz; Bob Palmer; Joe Kosik. Third Row: Lee Boboltz; Edwin Eustice; John Schwendener; Armando Giardini; Bill Terbo; John Farley; Bob Banser; Don Ambrose; John Kniivila; John Ray; Jim Ragland; Rock Martin, Resident Adviser. Second Row: Fred Remley; George lazar; Jack Hess; Eliot Gerber; Bob Klinger; Donn Hoerauf; Bob Giglio; Sigfried Feller; Bob Kohr; Earl Bilheimer; Lole Tom; Bob A. Ford. First Row: Don Doyle; Bill Ryan; Bowland Purdy; George Barker; Terry Benbow; John Hanson; Tom Roach; John Davies; Charles Waggoner; Gordon Burkhead. lopli. . Sthinn % forth Itw Dwnii. : third Io:l lojoll. ! Top Row: Ray Simons; Bill Giardini; Wilfred Walldron; loren Munro; Bob Daniels; Bob Lofquist; Don Fackler; Bob Hartman; Dave Snyder; George Burkhard; Ralph Hileman; Eldon Schmidt; Jim Trumbo; Nick Adams; Lee Sylvester. Fourth Row: Ray Keller; Jim Coleman; Ray Lewkowicz; Jim Norrix; Don Fischer; Victor Vreeland; Ed Whale; Harold Schwartz; Anthony Palermo; Don Eifert; Dave O ' Brien; Claude Roig; Stanley Tangalakis; Irwin Jaeger; Lloyd Waterstone; Jay Pike; Manuel Papista. Third Row: Paul Cummings; Elba Wilcox; Charles Reed; Sylvester Smith; Dick Mackey; lip low: 1 Paul Schaible; Milton Handorf; Alejandro Cilloniz; Francis Allaire; Neal Aldrich; Bruno Pirolo; Harlod Frye; Bill Siering; Jim Peterman; Jack Hamer; Andrew Lonyo. Second Row: Bill Story; Charles Burt; Stuart Hertzberg; George Roumell; Bob O. Burns, Secretary; Mrs. Lura Miles, House Director; John Petter, President; Tom Kerns, Treasurer; Don Dell; Bob Strachan; Alan Waterstone; Bob Zarnosky Sidney Katz. First Row: Henry Winchester; Don Flowers; John Popplestone; Bob Millman; Harry School; Roy Seppala; Glen Southerton; Allen VanLiere; Leo Romzick; Earl Keim. YA ,r I WENLEY HOUSE of WEST QUAD Top Row: John Barfuss, ' 50; Bob Miller, ' 51; Bill Estep, ' 50; Sam Luborsky, ' 52; Earl Schwennssen, ' 50; Bill Batesola, ' 49; Ken Hurlin, ' 51; Karl Benson, ' 52; Dick Kern, ' 50. Fourth Row: John Beumbaugh, ' 50; Dor Reynolds, ' 52; Frank Richardson, ' 50; Art Basel, ' 50; Karl Casmer, ' 52, Art Gottschalk, ' 50; Lewis Palmer, ' 52; La Mack Dennis, ' 51; Aarno Aartla, ' 51; George Baibak, ' 51; Pete Hall, ' 51. Third Row: E. J. Much, ' 51; John Nehman, ' 49; Ken Weile, ' 49; Bill Reimars, ' 50; R. W. Royall, ' 50; Andrew Pratier, ' 50; Cordell Vasu, ' 52; Gesald lias, ' 49; Harvey Balfas, ' 51; Bob Schmidt, ' 51; Leonard Proctor, ' 52; Peter Strong, ' 52; Edward B. Smith, ' 52. Second Row: Bill Meikle, ' 50; David Dressel, ' 52; Al Goldman, ' 52; Dick Mansfield, ' 51, Treasurer; Fred Thompson, ' 51, President; George Meyer, ' 49, Vice-President Webster McCormack, ' 50, Athletic Chairman; Robert Bailey, ' 51, Social Chairman; Bob Bichwalski, ' 51; George Stout, ' 51; John Mowitt, ' 52. First Row: Bob Jermstad, ' 52; Dick Kolb, ' 49; Bob Lamb, ' 49; Allan Schwartzberg, ' 49; Clarke Stevenson, ' 50; Lloyd Sorenson, ' 49; John List, ' 50; Leo Robinson. AMD. ,! tfey :.. ,.. Top Row: Ted Krall, ' 52, Bob Price, ' 51; Dave Lee, ' 52; Dave Raff el, ' 50; Walter Weiner, ' 52; Dave Dworsky, ' 52; Bill Neely, ' 52; Walter Reed, ' 51; Dale Stevenson, ' 52; John Mathes, ' 52; Walter Rupprecht, ' 51; Charles Riemitis, ' 52; John Robertson, ' 52. Fourth Row: John Case, ' 52; James Sisson, ' 51; John Calvin, ' 51; Gerald Butler, ' 51; Pete Hammond, ' 52; Ford Keitier, ' 52; John Box, ' 52; Don D. Hall, ' 51; Norman Nathias, ' 51; John Backels, ' 52; Pete Soderberg, ' 50; Ted Pearce, ' 51; George King, ' 51; Paul Ross, ' 51; Vince Giuliana, ' 52. Third Row: Tom Massnick, ' 50; Joe Sablich, ' 52; Leland Strohm, ' 50; Louis Kingston, ' 51; Dick Reed, ' 52; Terry Brown, ' 51; Julius Chikos, 49; Dick Howell, ' 52; Dwight Vincent, ' 52; Larry Smith, ' 52; Ted Engelder, ' 49; Ed Lindsley, ' 51; John Mackey, ' 50; George Weible, ' 51. Second Row: Tom Upton, ' 51; Jack Steinhilber, ' 52; Bill Keith, ' 51; Walter Tabar, ' 51; Charles Mosier, ' 51; Russell Clanahan, ' 50; Fred Scheffler, ' 50; Joe .lender, ' 52; George Gillooly, ' 52; Bob Waldon, ' 51; Jan Moeller, ' 51. First Row: Sam Deyo, ' 53; Gordon Sakstrup, ' 52; Jack Bryant, ' 51; Leo Trovers, ' 51; Henry Schmidt, ' 52; Dan Finn, ' 52; Morris Hanzek, ' 52; Karol Piotrowske, ' 50; John Leen, ' 52; Don Mask ell, ' 51. WINCHELL HOUSE of WEST QUAD. I - ' I Top Row: Carl Kohn, Roy Bradley, Manuel Rosenbaum, John Skrbina, Albert Blascak, James Burr, Robert McNair, Burton Kampner, Jay Beatty, Milton Rasmussen, George Walters. Second Row: Curtis Mann, Arthur Blossey, Robert Teeg, Fred Koehn, Russell Etzel, Arnold Rathje, Jerauld Meade, George Marek, George Boucher, William Eggleston, Douglas Covert, Rodney Minner, William Bigge. First Row: Francis Dixon, David Horst, John Line, Ed Stirton, Ed Micllef, Paul Gikas, Irvin Wilbur, Joe Epstein, Howard Garrett, Arthur Graham, Richard Foss. Osborn, Robert Wimmer, Paul Sage, Phil Dougherty, William Fowler, Charles West, Wallace Kemp. First Row: Gordon Lakke, Deil Wright, Richard Hoheb, John Hubbell, Ralph Schaltz, Mrs. F. D. Barker, Robert Randolph, Charles Emery, Jack Loison, William Cloon, John Dawson. Top Row: Ernest McCarus, Carl Wheeler, Dick Smalter, At Luckman, Robert Keith, Charles Kent, John Harlan, George Hess .Theodore Maycroft, William Kent, Ed Tinkler, William Brewer, David Foss. Second Row: Larry De Ridder, Jack Collie, Don Van Eenam, Francis Benesh, Jim WILLIAMS HOUSE of WEST QUAD rv L f Top Row: David Edwards, ' 52; Charles Otis, ' 50; Franz Benjamin, 51; Robert Van Arsdol, ' 52; Henry Godt, ' 50; Erkki Koutonen, ' 50; David Glenn, ' 50; Robert Franz, ' 51; James Gibbs, ' 50; George Handyside, ' 52; Donald Holly, ' 50; Pierre Miller, ' 50; Eddie Martinuzzi, ' 50. Fourth Row: Maurice Parrott, ' 52; William Dains, ' 50; William Balfour, ' 52; Shelton Murphy, ' 51; Robert George, ' 51; Theodore Diamond, ' 51; Robert Carmichael, ' 50; Edward Cox, ' 51; James Wilson, ' 52; Richard Neale, ' 52; John Bergman, ' 50; Alfred Hanzel, ' 50. Third Row: Ronald DeVries, ' 52; Richard Gilmartin, ' 52; Donald Klein, ' 51; David Leddick, ' 51; Robert Fowler, ' 52; Richard Nordstrom, ' 52; Robert Wiese, ' 49; Henry Top Row: Richard Schmitz, ' 52; Stephen White, ' 52; Lynn Woodcock, ' 52; Robert Freeman, ' 51; John Finger, ' 50; Alvin Lewis, ' 51; Theodore Chapekis, ' 52; Harry Roberts, ' 52; William Eilola, ' 50; Gordon Piotrowski, ' 50; William Schoen, ' 50. Fourth Row: Merlin Townley, ' 52; Donald Scararda, ' 51; Donald Ketteman, ' 51; Eugene Lamb, ' 50; Donald Maslin, ' 51; Paul Kellogg, ' 52; Paul Brunette, ' 52; Robert Timmerman, ' 51; Richard Christie, ' 50; Robert Sharland, ' 51; Robert Collar, ' 50. Third Row: Guey Mark, ' 51; Robert Milner, ' 52; Howard Low, ' 52; Richard Gerstner, ' 52; Alvin Garchow, ' 50; Lee Copple, Grad; Alfred Leavitt, ' 52; James Umphrey, ' 52; Richard McCoughey, Grad; Norman Siegel, ' 52; Gerald Smith, ' 52; Richard Ehrenberg, ' 52. Stephens, ' 50; Russell Kendall, ' 51; John Swanson, ' 49; James Cassidy, ' 52; Roland Schuster, ' 52; Stanley Weinberger, ' 52; Arnold Kanter, ' 52. Second Row: Alex Lubnik, ' 49; Arthus Hecht, ' 50; Robert Swimmer, ' 51; Donald Fekowsky, ' 51; Vice President; Robert Foncett, ' 50 Athletic Chairman; James Damm, ' 51, Resident Advisor; Joe Stone, ' 50, President; Howard Johnson, ' 51, Student Legislator; William Duellman, ' 52; Jack Flynn, ' 52; Carl Brodie, ' 52; James Smiegel, ' 52. First Row: Conrad Goode, ' 51; Gerald White, ' 51; Edwin Lewinson, ' 51; Delaky Constantine, ' 52; Donald Sikkema, ' 52; Robert Linsley, ' 52; Robert Korfhoge, ' 52; Ralph Richard, ' 50; Fred Fischbach, ' 52. Second Row: Lynn Phelps, ' 50; Robert Smith, ' 52; Robert Harborne, ' 51; Carl Guse, ' 51, Athletic Director; Richard Lund, ' 51, Finance Chairman; Robert Olmstead, ' 50, Social Chairman; Richard Janes, ' 50, Social Chairman; John Vlachos, ' 51, Treasurer; Leon Stock, ' 52, Secretary; Samuel Sargeant, ' 50; Robert Pattern, ' 52; Paul Pilkington, ' 52. First Row: George Rouman, ' 50; John Pielemeier, ' 50; Theodore Simon, ' 52; Garry Schott, ' 52; James Witzler, ' 52; Peter Bennett, ' 52; Don Wilson, ' 52; John Greenberg, ' 52; Don Pfeiffer, ' 50; Don Cooper, ' 52. il t o EAST QUAD COUNCIL 1 : Top Row: Robert Staley; Lloyd Appell, President; Gilbert Brazil; Ralph Hamilton. Second Row: William O ' Hearn; Orval Johnson; John R. Bingley, Resident visor; Don Roth, Secretary; Bruce Herriget; John Robertson. Third Row: Mario P. Gallardo, Treasurer; Robert Elson; Richard G. Janich; James Van Veen; Stenstrom. WEST QUAD COUNCIL Top Row: Bob Fancett; John Fetter; Nick Schooley; Phil Smith; Ed Micleff. Second Row: Al Maslin; Bob Paul; Roy Graver; Thoburn Stiles; Fred Thompson; Gord Saxon. Bottom Row: Ray Olonske, president; Joe Stone, treasurer; George Raumell, vice-president; Bill Welke, social chairman; Dr. Peter A. Ostafin, resident advisor. WOMEN ' S DORMS Top Row: Betty Richards, Treasurer; Betsy Vinieratos, Secretary; Marie Hedrick, Social Chairman; Dorothy Fogel, Project Chairman. First Row: Alice Anderson, Second Vice-President; Mary Jo Wilson, First Vice-President; Arlette Harbour, President; Marian Grant, Personnel Chairman. Through weekly meetings of dormitory and league house presi- dents, the Assembly Association endeavors to reach all the indepen- dent women on our campus, all of whom are automatically members of Assembly. Assembly ' s main purposes are to promote good schol- arship, interest in extra-curricular activities, and cooperation between independent and affiliated women. Assembly ' s first big annual event is Assembly Fortnight, the night on which house presidents are in- stalled, individual houses and girls are recognized for outstanding scholarship and participation in extra-curricular activities, and houses competing putting on skits. Climaxing the events of Fortnight was the annual A-Hop dance, sponsored by Assembly and the Associ- ation of Independent Men. The proceeds of this dance went to the University Fresh Air Camp. In addition to Fortnight and A-Hop, this year Assembly ' s other activities have been sponsoring Sunday night open houses, Assembly Ball, a record dance on Friday night of J-Hop, League House-Union mixers, and completely sponsoring a Displaced Student. In conjunction with the Panhellenic Association, Assembly has sponsored weekly Student-Faculty Hours, a Christmas tea for freshman women, and Frosh Week-end. ASSEMBLY LEFT-ASSEMBLY OFFICE IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT-A-HOP CENTRAL COMMITTEE STOCKWELL Third Row: Dole Rink, ' 49; Sarah Hoffman, ' 52, Freshman President; Marion Ford, ' 49; Beverly Eaton, ' 50; Nina Rickets, ' 50, Junior President; Edie Price, ' 49; Marion Bruneau, ' 50, Athletic Chairman. Second Row: Marion Larson, ' 51; Connie Goodyear, ' 49, Treasurer; Carolyn Sorenson, ' 49, President; Yvonne Fossenkemper, ' 49, Secretary; Ann O ' Connor, ' 51, Sophomore President; Sally Musselman, ' 49, Drives ' Chairman. First Row: Ideone Levenson, ' 49; Beverly Ketcik, Grad, Social Chairman; June Hill, ' 49, Ass ' t Social Chairman; Renate Oppenheimer, ' 51. Missing: Sally McGee, ' 49; Rosalee Brown, ' 50. MOSHER Top Row: Mildred Denecke, Pat Patcloff, Priscilla Woodward, Ellie Abrahamson, Marcia McKie, Nancy Carter First Row: Betty Barna, Treasurer; Jeanette Sprung, President; Shirley Fige, Vice-President; Mary Davidson Secretary. JORDAN Top Row: Helen Hager, ' 51; Ellen Traxler, ' 51; Joyce Rashti, ' 52; Mildred Fox, ' 49, Social Chairman Natalie Berry, ' 49. Second Row: Ann Weiner, ' 49, Treasurer; Margot Estep, ' 50, President (Fall); Frances Suffness, ' 50, Secretary; Florence Anderson, ' 51, President (Spring); Arlayne Ellis, ' 52. First Row: Louise Campbell, ' 52; Joan Hildebrandt, ' 52; Harriet Brown, ' 52; Alice Anderson, ' 50. Missing: Jeanne Segerstrom, ' 51. COUZEN S Top Row: Annie turn, Monnya Lipkin, Shirley Perloff, Laverne Arpi, Phyllis Kearl, Joan Glaza, Constance Herbert, Betty Miller, Betty Jane Stewart. Third Row: Elizabeth Klepser, Marjorie Newberg, Phyllis Greenstein, Jean Levy, Barbara Loucks, Jacqueline Fowler, Barbara Eaton, Carole Somer, Nancy O ' Neill, Abby Franklin, Mary Horafakis. Second Row: Patricia Skinner, Patricia Sheriden, Ina Sussman, Virginia Fowler, Myra Norton, Julia Hamrick, Marion Borzani, Ronnie Shapiro, Shulamith Adler, Betty Borgen. First Row: Beverly Bustey, Flora Lewin, Joann Vackaro, Margaret Baldwin, Jeanefte Dujardin, Shirley Lyons, Adrianna Londes, Suzanne Baker, Jean Spencer, Marguerite Bousquette, Joan Spencer, Ann Eckhout, Joyce Crawford. Originally for University student nurses only, Couzens Hall now includes among its members, girls from other schools on Campus and also affiliated student nurses. Among the facilities which the girls enjoy at the dormitory are recreation rooms, spacious living rooms with record players, and an outside fireplace for all-season picnics. This year the girls of Couzens have been active in sponsoring formal dances, teas, open houses and exchange dinners, plus several after-hour dorm parties. Enthusiastic participation is seen in these and in other extra-curricular activities such as basketball, volleyball, and softball tournaments, group singing, bridge games, or merely " talking shop. " Added interest is supplied by the traditional Freshman Serenade which awakens the upper classmen at an early hour one morning during the Christmas season. Through the close cooperation of both campus and nursing students, each is able to participate in the activities of the governing organization, the Student Council, and to enjoy the social events of the Hall. HALL Top Row: Dorothy Hall, Phyllis Richardson, Dorothea Rodgers, Patricia Brenneman, Miss Lorna Wearing, Social Director; Betty Borgen, Corrine Fellows, Marjorie Krantz, Regina Schaechterle. First Row: Alpha Toole, Alice Durham, Social Chairman; Joan Pollack, Vice-President; Dorothy Stenglein, President; Michiko Matsumoto, Secretary; Marian Yeow, Dorothy Hoard. MARTHA COOK Top Row: Adele Hager, Donna Blllington, Helen Dlllman, Nancy Symons, Eteanoi Hager, Peggy Mongeau, Mary Ellen Baker, Patricia Peter, Ruth Hillebrand, Sharon Kistler, Nancy Bylan, Rosemary Rindge, Anne Drake, Franziska Isabel), Florence Olsen, Betsy Iden, Roseann Heim, Inez Miller, Denise LeMire, Lemyrta Kaltenbach, Joyce Kimball, Margaret Martin, Dorothy Pravda, Shirley Steinman, Geraldyn Rose, Marie Lilly, Violet Dabick, Ann Tobin. Fourth Row: Barbara Hinckley, Sarah Hoyt, Mary Gait, Jane Sanger, Mary Mayo, Gratia Boice, Alice Mikulich, Judith Loud, Harriet Thompson, Ruth Bailey, Prudence Sounders, Barbara Muir, Mary Welch, Jean Ringland, Joyce Blessed, Jane Easterly, Margaret Herrick, Beverly Stapleton, Pamela Wrinch, Ran Hobart, Mary Wilkinson, Ann McCall, Marilyn Johnson, Janet Kyser, Virginia Hyde, Harriet Sumner, Jo Anne Misner, Marilyn Palmer, Carolyn Palmer. Third Row (sitting): Barbara McFadden, Fran Ivick, Dorothy Calhoun, Arlene Brice, Suzanne Shera, Barbara Thelen, Shirley Maitland, Jean Leonard, Ricarda Cross, Barbara Murch, Renee Myerson, Arlette Harbour, Patricia Newberg, Margaret Ringland, Jo Ann Peck, Susan Tabibian. Carol Jones, Sylvia Clark, Frances Keaton, Irma Eichhorn, Frances Little, Patricia Andrew, Illene Haering. Second Row (kneeling): Ruth Bjerregaard, Doris Clark, Marian Grant, Margie Kakbfleisch, Barbara Towar, Ann Peterson, Helen Grubbs, Alida Eidner, Lois Cronkwright, Jo Anne Draper, Martha Chandler, Patricia Letz, Maxine Moore, Muriel Logan, Gloris Hile, Eleanor Hook. First Row (sitting): May Chow, Marian Hardy, Anna Lynch, Sutti Reissig, Lydia Pekarsky, Diana Constand, Mary Jane Inman, Barbara Barrett, Josephine Collins. HOUSE BOARD: Top Row: Janet Gildersleeve, Senior Representative; Adele Hager, Night Chaperon; Patricia Reed, Junior Representative; Mary Ellen Lovely, Treasurer. Front Row: Ruth Briegel, Vice-President; Anne Mosher, Secretary; Georgiana Benesh, President. BARBOUR , Top Row: Doris Rubert, ' 51; Carol Neilson, ' 51; Naomi Stern, ' 49; Ann Huddle, ' 52; Beatrice Hartmann, ' 51; Mary Wicking, ' 52; Nancy Hilton, ' 52; Lois Comb, ' 52; Marilyn Barth, ' 53; Mary Kate Brice, ' 52; Particia Herriman, ' 52; Roberta Meyers, Grad; Nancy Bergdahl, ' 52. Second Row: Margaret Kuniyoshi, ' 49; Carol Rivhin, ' 49; Marion Razes, ' 49; Mary Reisig, ' 52; Virginia Stegner, ' 51; Mrs. Strauss, Housemother; Elizabeth Past, ' 51; Jean Wernig, ' 51; Janice Ellinghausen, ' 50; llene Ohlen, ' 51; Lillian Bartlett, ' 50. First Row: Debbie Duvinsky, ' 50; Joan Sheppard, ' 50, Treasurer; Elizabeth Gillatly, ' 50, Social Chairman; Eleanor Doersam, ' 51, Secretary; Jean Nesbitt, ' 51; Nathalie Elliott, ' 49, Vice-President; Joan Koti, ' 49, President; Ruth Spillman, ' 52; Margaret Strand, ' 52; Jacqueline Priebe, ' 52. Top Row: Robina Ouale, ' 52; Margaret Frostic, ' 49; Alice Steele, ' 49; Miss Edwards, Grad, Night Chaperon; Jeanette Brown, ' 50, Nurse; Miss Brooks, Dietician; Audrey Benner, ' 50; June Freitag, ' 50; Jeanne Davin, Grad; Ann Cotton, ' 52; Mary Muller, ' 52; Ann Lennington, ' 52; Marilyn Davis, ' 52; Patricia Forester, ' 50; Maria Riedel, ' 50. Second Row: Nancy Shattuck, Grad; Victoria Chun, ' 51; Joanne Anderson, ' 52; Blanche Jones, ' 53; Marilyn McCoy, ' 52; Edith Smith, ' 53; Marguerite Baylerian, ' 50; Virginia Herring, ' 52; Julia Johnston, ' 52; Mary Ann Bennett, ' 52; Patricia Smith, ' 52; Barbara McMahon, ' 52; Patricia Gable, ' 50; Mary Jane Green, ' 49; Mary Dougherty, ' 49. First Row: Johanna Leonard, ' 52; Helen Davis, ' 52; Cora May Chu, ' 49; Dolores Serafin, ' 53; Vanna Piquet, ' 53; Charlotte Osborne, ' 51; Ann Weaver, ' 50; Marilyn Weike, ' 49; Judith McMillin, ' 51; Mary Curtis, ' 52; Nancy Ericke, ' 52; Carol Miller, ' 52; Elizabeth Adams, ' 52. ' NEWBERRY Top Row: Jeanne Duncan, ' 49, Treasurer; Ginny Walpole, ' 50, Vice-President. First Row: Rita Woodson, ' 51; Carol Muggins, ' 49, President; Dorothy Fogel, ' 50, Social Chairman HENDERSON Mrs. Bosworth, House Mother Top Row: Lone Roff, Elaine Platsky, Dorothy Gordon, Nine Pence, Evelyn Goodwin, Denise Van Avery, Florence Lindamood. Second Row: Anita Hildenbrand, Mary Jo Pfotenhauer, Helen Baker, Mrs. Bosworth, Jeanne Keller, Trudy Baumberger, Ester Hagen. First Row: Carol Von Glahn, Therese Carrig, Marilyn Norman, Anita Denniston, Nancy Lewis. EZEKIEL AT THE WHEEL, GABRIEL AT THE HORN, WHILE ATTENDANT ADJUSTS TOP . 9- tt COLLEGE IS THE SEAT OF KNOWLEDGE IFC MAKES PLANS FOR 1950 BOOK EXCHANGE tern Ml V fe w M % ' s- , - , " i i TOTE THAT BARGE, LIFT THAT BAIL, GET A LITTLE DRUNK POINT OF DIMINISHING RETURNS r -9 d SENIORS H THE REAL MeCOY THE ACADEMIC LOOK Historians may need thick volumes to record the events of the past year, but the print-filled books won ' t hold a candle to the record to be found in the bottom of Joe College ' s closet and on any co-ed ' s bulletin board. As the Michigan man cleans out the pockets of that suit he meant to send to the cleaners before final exams began, he takes one last look at the stubs of his tickets to the Union Opera. Gee, that was a wonderful show! And here comes a blue tag with a reminder to " Vote for Val Johnson. " Here, too, is that left-over cam- paign button from the presidential election, and that well-worn stub marked section 23. The closet shelf yields the pictures he and his date had taken at Soph Cabaret, and some beer cans (empty) from that stag party the Saturday night his roommate ' s girlfriend had J.G.P. rehearsal. Those ice skates are going to be hard to pack, but they sure came in handy during the Winter Carnival. The senior co-ed is having a difficult time getting that new strapless she bought for J-Hop to fit into her suitcases, but with a little more effort, it goes in along with all the things she just took from her pin-up board. As she gathers together the many dance programs she has collected during the year, she has positive proof of the advantages of the three to one ratio. She looks a bit nostalgically at the panorama represented by the bits of paper and string, and remembers how much she enjoyed the May Festival, Dr. Faustis, and the One Acts. Finally she removes the last item from a now empty board a triangular piece of felt, in blue and gold, with a word long to be remembered written across it MICHIGAN. Wynn R. I Val Johnson, President of Literary College Hugh D. Kennedy, President of Engineering College CLASS OFFICERS Andrew Turner, Vice-President, Engineering Don Barnett, Secretary, Engineering John Post, Treasurer, Engineering Arlynn R. Rosen, Vice-President, Literary Elinor Abrahamson, Secretary, Literary Eugenia B. McCallum, Treasurer, Literary ., 1 Mark M. Abend, A.B Detroit, Mich. Elinor Abrahamson, A.B. in Economics Chicago, III. Jose M. Abreu, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Manila, Philippines Jose L. Abueg, M.P.H. in Manology Ternate, Cavite, Philippines Fusajiro Aburano, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Mildred J. Acker, B.D. in Design Monroe, Mich. Abraham Ackerman, B.S. in Economics Binghamton, N.Y. Clarence Jay Ackerman, B.B.A. in Accounting Grand Rapids, Mich. Amy Adams, A.B. in English Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Gerard F. Adams, A.B. in Economics Saginaw, Mich. Neville B. Adams, A.B. in English Sydney, Australia Peter J. Adams, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Saginaw, Mich. Richard Douglas Adams, Bachelor of Architecture Grosse Pointe, Mich. Richard Mayo Adams, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Lansing, Mich. David R. Addison, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations Grand Rapids, Mich. Bernice Adler, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Stanley T. Ahlers, A.B. in Mathematics Yonkers, N.Y. Roy R. Ahonen, B.S. in Forestry Ironwood, Mich. Robert H. Akiyama, B.S. in Chemistry Honolulu, Hawaii Linda M. Akutagawa, A.B. in Psychology Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii Mary Ella Aldrich, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Adrian, Mich. Neal E. Aldrich, A.B. in Economics Addison, Mich. Gerald L. Alexander, A.B. in Chemistry Seattle, Washington Richard M. Alford, M.D Waukegan, III. Cornelius Alkema, Jr., B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Leon Gregory Allain, Bachelor of Architecture New Orleans, La. Frank J. Alleman, Jr., B.B.A St. Clair, Mich. Arthur W. Allen, A.B. in Personnel Ann Arbor, Mich. 1949 194 Floyd Alvero Allen, Jr., A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Joseph Peter Allen, B.S. in Chemical Engineering New York, N.Y. Leonard G. Allen, B.S.E. in Mathematics Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard John Allen, M.D Detroit, Mich. Hugh G. Allerton, Jr., A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Robert P. Alley, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Iron River, Mich. Raymond H. Aim, A.B. in Economics Jamestown, N.Y. Myron I. Alpert, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Edith Altman, A.B. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. Arnold H. Altvater, B.M Greensboro, N.C. Richard M. Amberg, A.B. in Journalism Saginaw, Mich. Edward R. Ambrose, A.B. in Psychology Muskegon, Mich. Robert M. Ament, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Wyandotte, Mich. Arthur E. Amerman, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Gregory, Mich. William Alban Amerman, B.B.A Belleville, Mich. Richard E. Amos, B.S. in Zoology Akron, Ohio Arthur Franklin Anderson, A.B. in Architectural Engineering Kalispell, Mont. Carl Douglas Anderson, A.B. in Speech Flint, Mich. Carol A. Anderson, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Charles Edward Anderson, B.S. in Education Elmira Hgts., N.Y. David Riley Anderson, Bachelor of Architecture Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald R. Anderson, B.S. in Mathematics Montreal, Canada George K. Anderson, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Gerald R. Anderson, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Mollie C. Anderson, A.B. in English Literature Massapequa, N.Y. Richard E. Anderson, B.B.A. in Accounting Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert A. Anderson, B.B.A. in Accounting Grand Rapids, Mich. Russell A. Anderson, A.B. in Economics East Lansing, Mich. Willard E. Anderson, B.B.A. in Marketing Escanaba, Mich. Norbert E. Andres, Jr., M.B.A Snyder, N.Y. Dorothy J. Andrews, B.S. in Chemistry Los Angeles, Calif. Frank W. Andrews, A.B. in Psychology Grand Rapids, Mich. James Claire Andrews, M.D Central City, Iowa Patricia M. Andrews, M.D Pitcairn, Pa. Irving S. Andraejewski, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Bay City, Mich. George J. Anema, A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 llene J. Angle, A.B. in Social Work Swartz Creek, Mich. Robert F. Angle, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Fraser, Mich. Gloria D. Ananas, M.P.H San Juan, Manila Robert E. Anstaett, LL.B. in Law. . . . Columbus, Ohio Martin E. Appel, B.B.A Romeo, Mich. Osborn R. Archer, B.S. in Naval Architecture Stony Brook, N.Y. Joseph F. Arcuri, B.S. in Pre-Med New Buffalo, Mich. Robert Dusmore Argue, B.S.E Annapolis, Md. L_ Robert M. Armstrong, A.B. in English Pontiac, Mich. Walter E. Arndt, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ludington, Mich. Calvin D. Arnett, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. James H. Arnett, B.S.E. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Walter T. Arnold, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Deal, New Jersey Frederic A. Arnstein, Jr., A.B. in Economics St. Louis, Missouri Evelyn R. Aronson, A.B. in English So. Norwalk, Conn. Philip Marshall Aronson, B.S. in Physics So. Norwalk, Conn. Jamal Asgarzadeh, B.S. in Zoology Tehran, Transjordan Ray Ashore, M.D Detroit, Mich. Ray M. Ashba, B.S. in Physical Education Detroit, Mich. Mildred Ashley, A.B. in Speech Salem, Ohio Roger H. Ashley, B.S.F. in Forestry Wabash, Indiana Dellmar C. Asplund, B.S. in Industrial Engineering Big Rapids, Mich. Alan Astrove, B.S. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Bronx, New York Remide Olcay Ataman, B.S. in Zoology Istanbul, Turkey George Athens, B.S. in Physical Education Webster, Mass. Paul H. Atkins, A.B. in History Walled Lake, Mich. June Atlas, A.B. in English Literature New York, N.Y. George William Auch, B.S.C.E. in Structural Engineering . Grosse Pointe, Mich. Wayne Orion Aurand, M.M. in Music Education Cedar Falls, Iowa Donald David Autore, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Marquette, Mich. Irwin Jay Averbach, B.S. in Chemistry Pittsburgh, Pa. Reuben Avesian, B.S. in Physical Education Highland Park, Mich. Ruth Avison, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Robert H. Babcock, LL.B. in Law W. Lafayette, Ind. Vivian S. Babcock, A.B. in Education Flint, Mich. John W. Babyak, B.S. in Zoology Campbell, Ohio 1949 1949 1949 194 Arthur R. Bachtel, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Youngstown, Ohio Alexander J. Bacon, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Donald Bacon, B.S. in Physical Education Detroit, Mich. Richard J. Bahls, A.B. in Letters and Business Administration Detroit, Mich. Bernard A. Bailey, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations Grand Rapids, Mich. Ernest Lamar Bailey, B.S.E. in Transportation Engineering Fort Wayne, Ind. Orlie G. Baird, B.S. in Physics Ypsilanti, Mich. Edward William Baker, A.B. in Speech Niagara Falls, N.Y. Russell Ray Baker, A.B. in English .Ann Arbor, Mich. Willard K. Baker, A.B. in Physical Education Iron Mountain, Mich. Mary J. Baldwin, A.B. in English .Grand Rapids, Mich. Francie W. Balice, M.D A " n Arbor - Mich - William T. Ball, M.B.A Belleville, Mich. Barbara C. Bamman, B.S. in Zoology .Princeton, N.J. Richard R. Bannow, A.B. in English .. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Luisa M. Barbosa, B.S. in Zoology Puerto Rico Leo H. Barbour, B.S. in Civil Engineering Sacramento, Calif. Robert E. Barie, B.B.A Owosso, Mich. William Barish, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Mary A. Barlow, B.S. in Business Education Algonac, Mich. Betty Mae Barna, B.B.A Red Bank, N.J. Chapin Barnard, A.B. in Latin American Studies Evanston, III. Barbara J. Barnes, A.B. in Speech Ferndale, Mich. William Barnes, M.B.A Detroit, Mich. Donald Lee Barnett, B.S. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Bethalto, III. Robert P. Barnsdale, B.B.A. in Accounting Trenton, Mich. Robert B. Barr, B.B.A Grosse Pointe, Mich. Joan E. Barret, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Detroit, Mich. Patricia A. Barrows, A.B. in Journalism Monroe, Mich. Elizabeth Barss, A.B. in English Riverside, III. Herbert O. Barten, B.B.A Des Plaines, III. Raymond A. Bartholomew, B.M. laporte, Ind. Jane E. Bartlett, B.S. in Medical Technology Haddon Heights, N.J. Susan Jane Bartlett, A.B. in English Lansing, Mich. Barbara G. Bartley, A.B. in Economics .Verona, N.J. Marion A. Barton, B.D. in Painting and Drawing Dearborn, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Ruth E. Barton, B.S. in Physical Education Cleveland, Ohio Seymour E. Bass, D.D.S Huntington Woods, Mich. Edward C. Bassett, B. of Architecture Port Huron, Mich. John R. Bassett, A.B. in History Pontiac, Mich. Raymond Peter Basso, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Ironwood, Mich. John F. Bates, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Clarksburg, W.Va. Lawrence J. Bates, B.S. in Naval Architecture Chicago, III. Richard E. Batesole, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Glenbrook, Conn. William R. Batesole, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Glennbrook, Conn. Harold Bateson, B.S. in Civil Engineering Providence, R.I. John G. Batsakis, A.B. in Social Studies Lansing, Mich. Elaine R. Batzer, A.B. in English Bay City, Mich. James C. Batzner, B.B.A. in Accounting and Finance Sheboygan, Wis. A. Robert Bauer, Jr., A.B. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Patricia A. Baumgarten, B.M. in Organ Grosse Pointe, Mich. Clarence H. Baxter, Jr., A.B. in Journalism Owosso, Mich. Varskin Baydarian, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Sarkis Peter Bayekian, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Mary E. Bayer, Certificate of Dental Hygiene Detroit, Mich. Tom Alfred Bayless, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Shaker Heights, Ohio Shelby M. Baylis, A.B. in Combined Curriculum Pontiac, Mich. Virginia Beabes, A.B. in English Somerset, Pa. Bonnie Lue Beam, A.B. in Fine Arts Ann Arbor, Mich. Harold W. Beam, B.S. in Mathematics Buffalo, N.Y. Joan Bean, A.B. in French Pontiac, Mich. Thomas Beard, M.S. in Geology La Grange, III. David E. Beatty, B.B.A East Liverpool, Ohio Phyllis H. Beauchamp, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Kenneth H. Beaudry, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Escanaba, Mich. Harriet Ruth Beck, A.B. in English Chicago, III. H. Nelson Beck, B.S. in Chemistry Troy, Ohio Patricia J. Becker, B.B.A ! Detroit, Mich. Lester M. Beckerman, A.B. in Zoology Brooklyn, N.Y. Willard R. Bedell, B.B.A Flint, Mich. Robert C. Behnke, B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Allan D. Behrendt, LL.B Detroit, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 194 Samuel Behrman, Grad. in Obstetrics and Gynecology . . .Johannesburg, S. Africa Sidney Belanoff, A.B. in Political Science Brooklyn, N.Y. Roy M. Belco, B. of Architecture Romulus, Mich. Claire W. Bell, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Bridgeport, Mich. Harry E. Bell, B.S. in Industrial Arts Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard A. Bell, A.B. in Combined Curriculum Clearfield, Pa. Sheldon B. Bellows, A.B. in Political Science Montgomery, Ala. Viktor Benaroya, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Istanbul, Turkey Walter L. Bender, B.S. in Forestry Oak Park, III. Georgiana B. Benesh, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Blossom M. Benka, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Flora J. Benka, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Bryce H. Bennett, B.B.A. in Accounting Salamanca, N.Y. Donald R. Bennett, B.S. in Zoology South Bend, Ind. John W. Bennett, B.S.E. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Loyal L. Benson, B.B.A. in Accounting Shelby, Mich. Warren Frank Benson, B.M. in Music Theory Detroit, Mich. Edward G. Benya, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. Hasmig Z. Berberian, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Richard F. Berendt, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Marjorie Anne Berger, B.S. in Chemistry Three Rivers, Mich. Mary Delora Berger, A.B. in Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert E. Berges, M.S. in Education Birmingham, Mich. Gilbert M. Berman, B.S. in Zoology East Liverpool, Ohio Paul A. Bernas, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Sander Bernstein, A.B. in German Detroit, Mich. Douglas Berry, B.B.A. in Business Administration Detroit, Mich. Milton Lawrence Berry, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Natalie Berry, A.B. in Economics Pawtucket, R.I. Pierre Edgar Berry, M.A. in Anthropology Chicago, III. Roger B. Berry, A.B. in History South Branch, Mich. Thomas J. Berry, B.B.A. in Business Administration Highland Park, Mich. John B. Bertoldi, A.B. in Design Kearney, Neb. Neil C. Bertram, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Cupid L. Besamemucho, M.A. in Interdigitation Paris, France Eileen A. Bensonen, A.B. in English Gay, Mich. 194J949 1949 1949 1949 Angela Bessone, B.B.A. in Accounting Three Rivers, Mich. Betty W. Best, A.B. in Sociology Ironwood, Mich. Cleafe A. Best, B.S. in Physics Jackson, Mich. Suzanne J. Betts, B.B.A... . Atlas, Mich. Elnora M. Beyer, A.B. in German Detroit, Mich. Thomas William Biddle, A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Harold Bierman, Jr., M.B.A S. Norwalk, Conn. E. Lee Bilheimer, B.S. in Science and Mathematics Bonne Terre, Mo. Richard William Billings, A.B. in Political Science Reading, Pa. James F. Billingsley, B.S. in Psychology Muskegon Heights, Mich. Ivo G. Binder, B.B.A. in Accounting Phoenix, Ariz. John Arthur Binder, M.B.A. in Finance East Orange, N.J. Dwight Charles Bingel, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Wayne, Mich. Janet M. Bird, B.D. in Design . . . Boston, Mass. Beryl A. Birndorf, LL.B. in Law Chicago, III. Sherwin M. Birnkrant, B.B.A. in Real Estate Pontiac, Mich. Harold A. Bissell, B.B.A. in Business Administration Jamestown, N.Y. James R. Black, A.B. in Psychology Wyandotte, Mich. Alan J. Blair, B.B.A. in Business Administration Warren, Pa. Christine W. Blair, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Marion K. Blancett, A.B. in English Denver, Colo. Grace E. Blanchard, A.B. in Botany Ann Arbor, Mich. Esther Etta Blauer, A.B. in Speech Belmont, Mass. John Jackson Blessley, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Santa Barbara, Calif. Harriet June Bliman, A.B. in Zoology Pittsburgh, Pa. V. Jeanne Blinn, A.B. in Speech Correction Birmingham, Mich. Dale M. Blocher, M.B.A. in Accounting Beulah, Mich. Robert A. Bloom, B.S. in Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Robert L. Blough, A.B. in Law Johnstown, Pa. Betty Blumberg, A.B. in Spanish Caldwell, N.J. Leonard Blumenreich, M.B.A. in Accounting New York, N.Y. Werner Blumenthal, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering New York, N.Y. Marilyn Frances Boadt, A.B. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. Edward J. Bober, B.S. in Forestry Caldwell, Ohio John Bodnaruk, B.B.A. in Industrial-Labor Relations Spring Valley, N.Y. Max D. Boersma, B.B.A. in Accounting Holland, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 194 Donald Edwin Boettger, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Cleveland Heights, Ohio Barbara A. Boggio, B.S. in Nursing Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Gratia H. Boice, B.M. in Piano Toledo, Ohio Willis Smith Boice, A.B. in Economics Toledo, Ohio Giles G. Bale, Jr., B.S. in Zoology Battle Creek, Mich. Herbert J. Bolhouse, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Alan H. Bolles, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Plainfield, N.J. James R. Bolon, B.S. in Wood Technology Stanley, Mich. Arthur N. Bonk, LL.B Detroit, Mich. William M. Bonkowski, A.B Detroit, Mich. Jean E. Boos, A.B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. Brucy C. Boothby, A.B. in Political Science Benton Harbor, Mich. Joseph A. Boothroyd, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Philadelphia, Pa. Allen P. Borger, A.B. in German Detroit, Mich. Janice Borock, A.B. in Political Science Port Huron, Mich. Ira M. Boskey, B.B.A Brooklyn, N.Y. Roland C. Bostrom, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Jamestown, N.Y. Robert E. Botimer, M.B.A Bay City, Mich. Barbara L. Botsford, R.N. Auburn, N.Y. R. H. Bourbonnais, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Channin M. Bowen, M.D Boulder, Colo. Joyce Bowen, A.B. in Geography Grosse Pointe, Mich. William J. Bowler, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Winnetka, III. Barclay K. Bowman, B.S.F. M.F. in Forestry Columbia, Ind. J. Richard Box, M.B.A. Grand Rapids, Mich. Thomas R. Boyd, B.B.A Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Joseph R. Bracken, A.B. in English Grosse Pointe, Mich. Barbara A. Bradfield, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Arthur W. Bradley, A.B. in History Shepherd, Mich. Fred W. Braga, B.B.A. in Accounting Ann Arbor, Mich. Melvin Bragman, A.B. in Economics Flint, Mich. Leroy W. Braisted, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. Bruce R. Branded, B.S. in Zoology Dearborn, Mich. Fred C. Brandenburg, B.S.E. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Mt. Clemens, Mich. Ralph Lee Brandt, B.S. in Zoology Steubenville, Ohio Wilhelmina E. Brandt, A.B. in Political Science Cleveland, Ohio t94|949 1949 1949 1949 Donald F. Branstrom, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Russell, Pa. George G. Brasher, B.S. in Geology Kansas City, Mo. Willard J. G. Brask, B.M. in Piano-Theory Detroit, Mich. Allan M. Bratman, A.B. in Economics Baltimore, Md. Arthur Braverman, A.B. in Political Science Brooklyn, N.Y. Joyce L. Brawer, A.B. in History Paterson, N.J. Dorothy D. Bray, A.B. in Spanish Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard P. Bray, Jr., LL.B. in Law; M.A. in Oriental Civilization. . Long Beach, Calif. Howard C. Berckman, A.B. in Oriental Languages Albertville, Ala. John A. Bremer, LL.B Toledo, Ohio Barbara R. Brenner, A.B. in Spanish Long Beach, N.Y. Thomas W. Brewer, M.B.A. in Banking and Finance Detroit, Mich. Stella Mary Brey, A.B. in Political Science Caspian, Mich. Arlene J. Brice, A.B. in Speech Correction Pontiac, Mich. Mary Anne Brice, A.B. in English Rochester, N.Y. Ruth U. Briegel, A.B. in German Pleasantville, N.Y. Walter Williams Bright, A.B. in Mathematics Port Allegany, Pa. Rose H. Brimberry, A.B. in Spanish Battle Creek, Mich. Frank W. Brink, Jr., A.B. in Economics Saginaw, Mich. Ben Briskin, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Richard Broad, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering Hampton, Va. Joan K. Broadbridge, B. of Design Grosse Pointe, Mich. W. Douglas Brodie, M.D St. Paul, Minn. Janice H. Brodt, B.M. in Music Literature Pleasant Ridge, Mich. William C. Bromfield, Jr., A.B. in Speech Chicago, III. Shirley M. Branson, A.B. in Spanish Bristol, Ind. Fern L. Brooks, B.S.F. in Forestry Pontiac, Mich. Stanford A. Broutman, M.B.A. Muskegon Heights, Mich. Alline M. Brown, B.S. in Chemistry Arlington, Va. Barbara J. Brown, A.B. in Sociology Saginaw, Mich. Bernard S. Brown, A.B. in English Englewood, N.J. Charles F. Brown, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Donna M. Brown, B.S. in Physical Education Rocky River, Ohio Harold M. Brown, Jr., B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Royal Oak, Mich. Jacqueline E. Brown, B.B.A. in Accounting Grand Rapids, Mich. John Eugene Brown, A.B. in Economics Troy, N.Y. s 1949 1949 1949 194 Patricia L. Brown, B.S. in Zoology Port Huron, Mich. Richard Seymour Brown, B.S. in Physical Education Detroit, Mich. Robert Brown, B.S. in Sanitary Engineering Rochester, N.Y. Robert Andrew Brown, B.S. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Reed City, Mich. Robert S. Brown, B.S. in Science Rochester, N.Y. Rosemary C. Brown, A.B. in English Amherst, Mass. William Alston Brown, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Marshall G. Browne, B.S. in Sanitary Engineering Marion, Ohio Edmund B. Brownell, A.B. in History Flint, Mich. Martin R. Browning, J.D. in Law Iron Mountain, Mich. Philip R. Bruce, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Port Huron, Mich. Eleanor B. Brundett, A.B. in History Dayton, Ohio Marian E. Bruneau, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Harold R. Bruning, M.F. in Forestry Milwaukee, Wis. James E. Bryant, B.S. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Frances G. Brysson, M.S. in Zoology New Orleans, La. Ralph J. Brysson, M.S. in Protective Coatings New Orleans, La. Marian L. Buchanan, A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Crystal Buck, B.S. in Nursing Ann Arbor, Mich. David G. Buck, A.B. in English Duluth, Minn. Robert Clement Buckborough, B.B.A . Hastings, Mich. Paul F. Buckler, B.S. in Engineering Cullom, III. Frederick J. Buckley, LL.B. in Law Wilmington, Ohio Mary Buckmaster, A.B. in History Jamestown, N.Y. Thomas G. Budday, B.S. in Zoology . . Detroit, Mich. Mary Elizabeth Buell, B.S. in Science and Mathematics Ann Arbor, Mich. Alfred C. Buergler, M.D Parma, Ohio Steven J. Buich, B.S. in Pharmacy Grand Rapids, Mich. Milledge D. Bullard, Jr., B.B.A. Ann Arbor, Mich. Joan S. Bullen, B.M. in Music Detroit, Mich. Glenn Howard Bulthuis, B.S.E. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Holland, Mich. Jay Peter Bunter, B.B.A Muskegon, Mich. Sam W. Burdge, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Franklin, Ohio Alexander M. Burhart, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Monroe, Mich. William I. Burke, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. William A. Burmeister, B.S. in Industrial Engineering Elgin, III. ' 49 1949 1949 1949 Frank L. Burns, B.S.W.T. in Furniture Traverse City, Mich. Vernon Burns, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Henry J. Buschmann, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering . Hamilton, ' Ohio Kathryn Eleanor Bush, M.M. in Music Orchard Park, N.Y. Beverly Bussey, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Gustav A. But terbach, A.B. in Speech Pinconning, Mich. Audrey F. Buttery, A.B. in Psychology Roselle, N.J. Desmond W. Buzzell, A.B. in English Romeo, Mich. Robert W. Byerly, A.B. in English Owosso, Mich. Richard T. Bynom, B.B.A Farmington, Mich. Mary Ann Ccibral, A.B. in Education Birmingham, Mich. Vivian M. Cacherat, A.B. in Social Work Detroit, Mich. Dale H. Cade, B.S.E. in Aeronautics Mathematics Chicago, III. Cathrine Caff rey, B.S. in Public Health Denver, Colo. Joan S. Cage, B.S. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert F. Cage, A.B. in Speech Highland Park, Mich. William Oliver Cain, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Christine A. Colder, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Arline Claire Caldwell, M.D Akron, Ohio Willis M. Caldwell, M.B.A Highland Park, Mich. Louis Calfin, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Dorothy A. Calhoun, A.B. in Education Port Huron, Mich. D. Bernice Calkins, A.B. in Psychology Farmington, Mich. Albert Herford Callah an, IL.B Grand Blanc, Mich. Scott C. Callaway, M.M., Education Lexington, Ky. Jacqueline W. Calvin, A.B. in Political Science Bay City, Mich. Frederic George Campau, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Port Huron, Mich. Douglas M. Campbell, D.D.S Saskatoon, Sask., Canada Jack S. Campbell, A.B. in Economics Port Huron, Mich. John B. Campbell, B.S. in Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering. . . . Swarthmore, Pa. Mary H. Campbell, B.S. in Chemistry Ann Arbor, Mich. Ronald W. Campbell, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering New Britain, Conn. Irma C. Cordon, R.N. Highland Park, Mich. Philip D. Carey, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. William Henry Carey, B.S.E. in Industrial Mechanics Ann Arbor, Mich. Edith M. Carillo, M.A. in Education Capiz, Philippines 1949 1949 1949 19- Alex. E. Carlson, A.B. in Political Science Miami, Fla. Glenn B. Carlson, M.B.A Des Plaines, III. Jack A. Carlson, D.D.S Sparta, Mich. Kenneth V. Carlson, A.B. in English Omaha, Neb. Quick Carlson, B.S. in Zoology St. Joseph, Mich. Robert Carneiro, A.B. in Political Science New York, N.Y. Frances E. Carpenter, A.B. in Social Studies Detroit, Mich. Manson C. Carpenter, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Highland Park, Mich. Joseph J. Carr, A.B. in History New York, N.Y. Kenneth J. Carr, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Benton Harbor, Mich. Edward Carrington, B.B.A Saginaw, Mich. George B. Carruthers, A.B. in Economics Windsor, Ont., Canada Nancy Carter, Certificate of Dental Hygiene Saginaw, Mich. Charlene P. Case, B.M. in Music Ann Arbor, Mich. Lee O. Case, Jr., A.B. in Journalism Ann Arbor, Mich. Marvin A. Cassell, A.B. in English Dearborn, Mich. Carole Castricum, B.S. in Chemistry Grosse Pointe, Mich. Francisco A. Castro, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Concepcion, Tarloc, Philippines Lawrence Hill Gate, B.B.A San Mateo, Calif. Terrence Catherman, A.B. in Russian Dearborn, Mich. Robert K. Catt, B.S : Kalkaska, Mich. Patricia M. Cattell, M.D. Detroit, Mich. Reed Caughey, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Erie, Pa. Marilyn J. Cederlund, A.B. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. Pearl P. Celebrezze, A.B. in Journalism Ypsilanti, Mich. Michael A. Cetta, A.B. in History Brooklyn, N.Y. Carl Chakmarian, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. Bruce R. Chamberlain, A.B. in History Greenville, Mich. Shirley L. Chambers, A.B. in English Royal Oak, Mich. Nicholas P. Chapekis, LL.B Escanaba, Mich. Ralph C. Chapin, D.D.S. Shelby, Mich. Robert Chapman, Jr., B.S.E Detroit, Mich. Sally Chapman, A.B. in Social Studies Hillsdale, Mich. William H. Chapman, A.B. in Political Science Grosse Pointe, Mich. Richard E. Charlton, A.B. in Speech Rochester, Mich. Sheldon H. Chatlin, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. 949 1949 1949 1949 B. K. Chelvorajan, M.S. in Forestry Secundrabd, India Marion E. Cheney, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Charlotte, Mich. Mary A. Cheney, A.B. in Journalism Watertown, N.Y. James E. Chenot, Jr., A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Jean A. Chidester, A.B. in Design Cadillac, Mich. Julius F. Chikos, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Alfred Ching, B.S. in Chemistry Honolulu, T.H. Helen I. Christenson, A.B. in History Ludington, Mich. Kenneth E. Christensen, B.S. in Forestry Hudson, Wis. Clyde Christian, B.S. in Civil Engineering Jackson, Mich. Coleman S. Christian, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Hector N. Christiansen, B.S. in Physical Education Brooklyn, N.Y. Gerald R. Christin, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Constantino G. Christofides, M.A. in Romance Literatures Alexandria, Egypt Cora M. Chu, A.B. in Anthropology New York, N.Y. Edward M. Chudacoff, B.Mus. in Composition Munising, Mich. Norman H. C. Chang, A.B. in Zoology Honolulu, T.H. George M. Chute, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Plymouth, Mich. George T. Cindric, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Flint, Mich. Thoman D. Circle, LL.B Kansas City, Kan. Russell B. Clanahan, A.B. in Journalism Rochester, Mich. Charles R. Clark, B.S. in Math Ypsilanti, Mich. David H. Clark, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering York, Pa. Edwin J. Clark, M.B.A. in Business Administration Battle Creek, Mich. Edwin T. Clark, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Union City, Pa. Elizabeth A. Clark, A.B. in Speech Correction Detroit, Mich. Howard K. Clark, A.B. in Sociology Flint, Mich. Robert P. Clark, B.S. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Pittsford, N.Y. Richard B. Clarke, A.B. in Physics Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard J. Clauss, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Wyandotte, Mich. Jeanne M. Clement, A.B. in Education Greenville, Mich. Donald H. Clements, A.B. in Astronomy Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Max Newton Clyde, B.S. in Civil Engineering Bellaire, Mich. Ralph W. Cobrinik, A.B. in Pre-Medical New York, N.Y. Nancy J. Cochran, A.B. in English Iron Mountain, Mich. Thomas C. Cochran, Ll.B Mercer, Pa. 1949 1949 1949 194 John W. Coe, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert E. Coe, B.S. in Civil Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. Felix Cohen, B.B.A New York, N.Y. Harry I. Cohen, A.B. in Oriental Language and Literature New York, N.Y. Phyllis Cohen, A.B. in Political Science Brooklyn, N.Y. Avern L. Cohn, LL.B Detroit, Mich. Norman J. Cohodes, A.B. in History Iron Mountain, Mich. Betty B. Cole, A.B. in English Ithaca, Mich. Frederick E. Cole, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Lindenhurst, N.Y. Charles M. Coleman, B.S. in Chemistry Darien, Conn. Robert L. Colley, B.B.A. Petoskey, Mich. Murray T. Collie, B.S. in Chemistry Canton, Ohio David E. Collier, A.B. in Oriental Civilization Factoryville, Pa. Margaret J. Colling, B.S. in Botany Mt. Morris, Mich. William W. Collinger, A.B. in Economics University City, Mo. Phyllis M. Collins, A.B. in Economics Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lawrence S. Commora, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering . Midland, Mich. Edward J. Compton, A.B. in Economics Flint, Mich. June A. Cone, A.B. in Sociology Sturgis, Mich. Emma Jane Conklin, M.D Detroit, Mich. Thomas R. Conklin, B.B.A Aurora, III. Earl F. Cartings, M.A. in Beer Drinking Aleville, Wis. Carl S. Conlon, B.S. in Physical Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Allan C. Connell, B.S. in Pharmacy Detroit, Mich. Charles H. Connell, B.B.A Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. James R. Connell, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Frederick W. Connine, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Traverse City, Mich. Harold L. Conrad, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Ypsilanti, Mich. Kenneth R. Conrad, B.S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. Siegfried E. Conrad, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Lincoln Park, Mich. Nancy J. Constantine, A.B. in Sociology Longmeadow, Mass. J. Douglas Cook, A.B. in Penology Chicago, III. Richard O. Coak, A.B. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. Walter S. Cookinham, B.S. in Forestry Clinton, N.Y. John T. Corbett, B.B.A North Tonawanda, N.Y. Thomas R. Corn, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Maumee, Ohio ' 49 1949 1949 1949 David Cornell, M.S. in Chemical Engineering Campbell, N.Y. Paul B. Cornell, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Frankfort, Mich. Elizabeth J. Cortright, A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. James P. Costa, B.S. in Physical Education Detroit, Mich. Edward T. Coughlin III, D.D.S. Richland, Mich. Raymond L. Courage, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Jack L. Court, B.S. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. Patricia J. Cousins, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Divera L. Cowan, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Vergene L. Cowell, A.B. in Social Studies Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Donald G. Cox, A.B. in Ministry Jackson, Mich. Laureve A. Cox, A.B. in English Ferndale, Mich. Leslie H. Cox, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Pearl River, N.Y. Lloyd O. Crabtree, B.S. in Engineering Physics Ann Arbor, Mich. Gordon K. Craig, B.B.A Evanston, III. George K. Cram, A.B. in History Pontiac, Mich. Thomas D. Cramer, B.B.A Forest Park, III. John S. Crandell, LL.B Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald E. Crane, B.S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. George C. Crane, B.S. in Science and Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Robert B. Crane, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Robert N. Crary, Jr., LL.B Audrey O. Crawford, Certificate of Dental Hygiene Burnett H. Crawford, Jr., LL.B. . Otsego, Mich. . Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Tulsa, Okla. Ross W. Crawley, A.B. in Psychology Flint, Mich. Lydia A. Creed, A.B. in Psychology Youngstown, Ohio Joyce E. Cregor, A.B. in Speech Bessemer, Mich. George P. Crepeau, A.B. in Speech Laurium, Mich. Don Paul Crile, A.B. in Political Science Akron, Ohio Rhoda Mae Crooks, A.B. in Sociology Wheaton, III. Lynn B. Crookston, M.S.D. in Dentistry Logan, Utah Barbara A. Crosby, A.B. in Psychology Youngstown, Ohio Donald O. Cross, B.B.A Montrose, Colo. Wilford T. Grossman, A.B. in Psychology Grand Rapids, Mich. Arch D. Crouch, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Lamar, Mo. Edward A. Crovella, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Flint, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 19- Ann Peter Crowley, A.B. in English Marblehead Neck, Mass. Ellen Crowley, B .B.A Ridgewood, N.J. Howard D. Crull, Jr., A.B. in Economics Port Huron, Mich. Mary Jean Cuddihe, B.S. in Pharmacy Deposit, N.Y. Charles H. Culbertson, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Goshen, Ind. Nancy Culligan, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. William F. Culman, B.B.A Bronxville, N.Y. William H. Culver, Jr., LL.B Grand Rapids, Mich. Thomas N. Cummings, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Kenneth Donald Cummins, M.S.E. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. Franklin Miles Cunard, M.E. in Engineering Detroit, Mich. Joseph L. Cunningham, Mus.M. in Piano Houston, Tex. Robert K. Cunningham, A.B. in Political Science Auburn, Ind. John Claude Cunnings, A.B. in Accounting and Economics Detroit, Mich. B. William Curry, B.S. in Zoology Jamestown, N.Y. Jack J. Curtis, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Rex E. Curtis, B.B.A. in Accounting Cadillac, Mich. Elmer O. Curtiss, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Tecumseh, Mich. James R. Cushman, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Blanche Cutler, R.N. Detroit, Mich. William Miller Cutler, B.S. in Science and Mathematics Adrian, Mich. Evelyn E. Dach, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Herbert C. Dahl, B.S. in Forestry Gladstone, Mich. Carlo C. Dale, B.A. in Zoology Chicago, III. Stanley E. Dale, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Evanston, III. Patricia Marie Dalton, B.M. in Vocal Music Education Webster Groves, Mo. Robert Wayne Dancer, B.B.A Toledo, Ohio Dorothy J. Daniels, B.A. in General Science Newark, N.J. Edith H. Daniels, B.S. in Physical Education Newark, N.J. William F. Dannemiller, A.B. in Economics Saginaw, Mich. George W. Danz, B.S. in Chemistry Wyandotte, Mich. John O. G. Darrow, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Oxford, Md. Emanuel G. Dasalakis, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Carolyn J. Dougherty, A.B. in Speech Lakewood, Ohio Mary E. Dougherty, A.B., Psychology Shelby, Ohio Milton D. David, M.B.A. in Industrial Management Genoa, Ohio ' 49 1949 1949 1949 John George Davidson, B.S., Zoology Shelby, Mich. Judith B. Davidson, A.B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. Katherine R. Davidson, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Detroit, Mich. Jeanne C. Davin, B.S. in Chemistry Kenosha, Wis. Avery Nathaniel Davis, B.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. Barbara C. Davis, A.B. in English Youngstown, Ohio David Davis II, B.D. in Industrial Design Youngstown, Ohio Edward H. Davis, A.B. in Chemistry New York, N.Y. Leonard C. Davis, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Wichita, Kan. Leonard N. Davis, A.B. in Oriental Languages Flushing, N.Y. Paul G. Davis, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Ponca City, Okla. Stiles R. Davis, B.S. in Zoology Pontiac, Mich. Robert L. Davis, A.B. in Psychology Bellows Falls, Vt. Robert B. Davidson, A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard K. Dawson, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kew Gardens, N.Y. Neil S. Day, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Richard Day, B.B.A Toledo, Ohio Robert G. Dean, A.B. in Journalism Bay City, Mich. William E. Dean, B.B.A Rocky River, Ohio Jeanne L. Deary, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Herman R. Deboer, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Marian P. de Carvajal, A.B. in English Honors Jackson Heights, N.Y. Donald M. Decker, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Prosper R. DeCoster, B. of Architecture Detroit, Mich. Richard P. Dee, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. William R. Deger, A.B. in History Dayton, Ohio Benjamin D. DeGroat, A.B. in French Saginaw, Mich. Howard DeHaan, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. Orrin F. DeLand, B.B.A Adrian, Mich. Martha J. Delano, A.B. in English Kalamazoo, Mich. Eduardo M. DeLeon, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Manila, Philippines Joseph DeLiso, Jr., A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. John R. Dellenback, J.D. in Law Chicago, III. Patricia S. DeLoof, B.M Ann Arbor, Mich. Louis Demos, B.S. in Aeronautics Detroit, Mich. Dawn Demont, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 19 ' Mildred F. Denecke, B.S. in Engineering Physics Tenafly, N.J. Jean M. Dennis, B. of Music Education Berkey, Ohio Renato R. O. DePina, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Robert A. DeRose, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chicago, III. Henry Wilson F. DeSouza, B.S. in Mechanical Aeronautical Engineering Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Gerritt W. deVries, B.D Ann Arbor, Mich. Barbara Dewey, M.S. in Bacteriology Detroit, Mich. Marian Dewey, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Williom R. Dewey, Jr., B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Nancy DeWitt, A.B. in Social Work Grand Haven, Mich. Eugene W. Dexter, B.B.A Three Rivers, Mich. Philip E. de Young, B. of Architecture Brookfield Center, Conn. Andrew P. Diamond, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Marilee Z. Diamond, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Margaret J. Dickeman, A.B. in English Grosse Pointe, Mich. Adalee E. Dickerson, A.B. in Political Science Salem, Mich. Mary L. Dickinson, A.B. in Elementary Education Cleveland Heights, Ohio Philip C. Dickinson, LL.B Ann Arbor, Mich. Thomas L. Dickinson, A.B. in Journalism Ann Arbor, Mich. Gerald W. Dickson, B.B.A . . Detroit, Mich. Marjorie R. Diehl, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Raymond H. Dietrich, M.M. in Education Milwaukee, Wis. Shelby Lee Dietrich, M.D Lexington, Ky. Edgar J. Dietrichstein, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Leonard A. Dietz, B.S. in Physics Manistee, Mich. David F. Dill, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Albert R. Dilley, LL.B Grand Rapids, Mich. Helen A. Dillman, A.B. in English Literature Houghton, Mich. Donald Dilon, M.B.A Batavia, N.Y. Robert W. Dilworth, A.B. in Journalism Boyne City, Mich. Carmelo J. DiMaggio, A.B. in Economics Rochester, N.Y. Leo T. Dinnan, A.B. in English Pontiac, Mich. Beverly A. Dippel, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Merlin Ray Ditterber, B.B.A. Midland, Mich. Darwin H. Dixon, B.S. in Pharmacy Jackson, Mich. Marilyn O. Dixon, R.N Birmingham, Mich. 1941 49 1949 1949 1949 Deron A. Dobberstein, B.B.A Muskegon, Mich. Norris J. Domangue, Jr., A.B. in Psychology Memphis, Tenn. Marilyn L. Donimick, R.N. Royal Oak, Mich. Chevor Dong, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. James E. Dorland, B.S.F. in Forestry Flint, Mich. Arthur F. Dormant, A.B. in Social Work New York, N.Y. Thomas S. Dornan, A.B. in History Chester W.Va. John E. Dougherty, Jr., B. of Architecture Chicago, III. ft D 1 Michael Paul Doukas, B.B.A Washington, D.C. Mary Lou Dove, A.B. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. Thomas W. Dowling, A.B. in Speech Hamilton, Ont., Canada Albert James Downes, B.B.A Centreville, Md. Ruth M. Doyle, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Hart, Mich. Joseph J. Drapek, B.S. in Zoology Pontiac, Mich. James W. Draper, A.B. in Letters and Law Detroit, Mich. Lillian B. Drazek, A.B. in Journalism Springfield, Mass. John Dreifus, B.S. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Samuel H. Dreisbach, B.S. in Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering . . Ann Arbor, Mich. John E. Drevdahl, A.B. in Psychology Willow Run, Mich. John R. Driver, A.B. in Speech Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Mary E. Drollinger, A.B. in Economics Wadsworth, Ohio Bernard J. Drouillard, B.S. in Pharmacy Flat Rock, Mich. Charles R. Dryden, B.B.A Ann Arbor, Mich. Paul Dubes, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Arthur D. Dubin, A.B. in Architecture and Design Highland Park, III. Gilbert A. Dunayer, B.S. in Psychology Flint, Mich. Dorothy Duncan, B.M. in Music Education Grosse Pointe, Mich. Jeanne M. Duncan, B.S. in Education Saginaw, Mich. John Bishop Duncan, B.B.A Plant City, Fla. Gordon M. Dunfee, B.S. in Engineering Cranford, N.J. Shirley Dunitz, A.B. in Sociology. Detroit, Mich. Barbara A. Dunkle, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Patricia R. Dunlop, A.B. in Social Studies Bay City, Mich. John D. Dunn, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Eduardo J. Duran, M.P.H. in Public Health Sorsogon, Philippines James E. Duras, A.B. in Psychology Willow Village, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 194| Isabelle J. Durbin, B.S. in Pharmacy Jackson, Mich. Alice Durham, R.N Battle Creek, Mich. Rex T. Outer, A.B. in Social Work Milwaukee, Wis. William B. Dwyer, M.B.A New York, N.Y. Burton G. Dwyre, A.B. in English Santa Fe, N. Mex. George Leslie Dyer, B.S. in Pharmacy Royal Oak, Mich. Margaret Dykema, A.B. in Zoology Grand Rapids, Mich. Peter Dzwonkiewicz, B.S. in Botany Detroit, Mich. Edsell M. Eddy, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Independence, Kan. Edwin S. Eakin, B.B.A St. Clair Shores, Mich. Martha A. Earl, A.B. in Education Grosse Pointe, Mich. Pauline M. Early, A.B. in English Farmington, Mich. William A. Early, Jr., B.S. in Wood Technology Lonir, N.C. Stanton T. East, B.S. in Engine Physics New York, N.Y. Isabella Jane Easterly, B.S. in Mathematics Bay City, Mich. Robert J. Eastman, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Bronxville, N.Y. Robert H. Eaton, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Clio, Mich. George W. Eckerle, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Robert M. Eckert, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. James R. Edberg, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Vermillion, S.D. Charles H. Edwards, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. William B. Eerdmans, Jr., A.B. in English Grand Rapids, Mich. Howard J. Efting, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Helen M. Eggerth, B.S. in Chemistry Brooklyn, N.Y. Richard V. Ehrick, J.D. in Law Marion, Ohio Richard Normon Eichbauer, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Monroe, Mich. Alida Eidner, A.B. in Political Science Fort Wayne, Ind. Leona W. Eisele, A.B. in Russian Red Bud, III. Elliott H. Eisman, A.B. in Economics Brooklyn, N.Y. Robert L. Ekholm, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Lakewood, Ohio John C. Elam, LL.B Battle Creek, Mich. Charles D. Elder, B.S. in Civil Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Stewart J. Elder, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Wayne, Mich. Scott H. Elder, A.B. in Economics Marine City, Mich. Robert L. Eldred, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. Hubert E. Elkins, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Brooklyn, N.Y. 49 1949 1949 1949 Robert L. Ellerbusch, A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Stanley J. Ellias, LL.B Trenton, Mich. Everett B. Ellin, B.S. in Industrial Engineering Chicago, III. Margaret Ellingwood, A.B. in Social Studies Evanston, III. Nathalie M. Elliot, A.B. in Social Work Ypsilanti, Mich. Peter R. Elliot, A.B. in History Bloomington, III. Dorothy V. Ellis, A.B. in English Peterson, N.J. Edmund A. Emshwiller, B.D. in Illustration Silver Spring, Md. Viola I. Elo, A.B., in Social Work Rock, Mich. Stanley J. Emerling, A.B. in Economics Cleveland Heights, Ohio William K. Emery, M.D. St. Joseph, Mich. Theodore C. Engelder, B.S. in Physics Detroit, Mich. Leroy A. Engelhardt, B.B.A. in Accounting Saginaw, Mich. William A. Engibous, B.B.A Norway, Mich. David C. English, M.D. Dearborn, Mich. Howard Dewayne English, B.M. in Music Education Oil City, Pa. Richard K. Ensign, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Cadillac, Mich. Philip A. Entin, B.B.A. Indianapolis, Ind. Betty J. Estes, B.M. in Piano St. Louis, Mo. Eugene C. Estes, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Springfield, III. Russell J. Etzel, B.B.A. in Marketing Harbor Beach, Mich. Robert D. Euler, M.S. in Chemistry Bellevue, Ohio Gilbert Evans, A.B. in Design Rockville Centre, N.Y. Jane P. H. Evans, B.B.A. Pontiac, Mich. Raedelle Y. Evans, B.S. in Business Education Grand Rapids, Mich. John E. Everard, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Edward S. Everett, M.B.A Savannah, Ga. Helene Adrienne Ewert, B.S. in Physical Education Pelham Manor, N.Y. Harriett M. Ewing, A.B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. James P. Eyster, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Toledo, Ohio John A. Faber, B.S. in Speech Correction Detroit, Mich. Shirley S. Page, A.B. in Political Science Buffalo, N.Y. Ruth E. Fairbank, A.B. in English Ashville, N.Y. William J. Fairbanks, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Willow Run, Mich. Robert A. Fall, M.B.A. Chicago, III. Harriett Falls, B.M. in Music Education Cleveland, Ohio 1949 1949 1949 19 Harriet R. Felsenthal, A.B. in Psychology Chicago, III. Delores Farah, A.B. in Economics Cleveland, Ohio John H. Farley, B.B.A Bay City, Mich. Shirley E. Farnsworth, A.B. in Education Dayton, Ohio Claude S. Farrell, Jr., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Leslie J. Farrington, B.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. Dean H. Farwell, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Shirley Federspeil, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Breckinridge, Mich. i Bernard Feinberg, B.S.F. in Forestry New York, N.Y. Allen D. Feith, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Cincinnati, Ohio Bernard O. Feldman, D.D.S. Utica, N.Y. Daniel W. Feldman, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Norman H. Feldman, B.S. in Pre-Medical Holyoke, Moss. Rubin Feldman, B.B.A., M.B.A New York, N.Y. Irving Feller, B.S. in Zoology Monticello, N.Y. Lucie F. Felton, B.S. in Science and Math Aspinwall, Pa. Harriet A. Fenske, B.S. in Biology Dearborn, Mich. Douglas S. Ferguson , B.S. in Industrial Mechanics Birmingham, Mich. Max L. Ferguson, A.B. in English Grayling, Mich. Joseph M. Fernandez, B.S. in Industrial Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Reid D. Ferrall, LL.B. in law Portland, Ore. Jesus R. Ferrer, Jr., M.S. in Civil Engineering Manila, P.I. Albert H. Petting, A.B. in German Saginaw, Mich. Mono O. Fietze, A.B. in History St. Joseph, Mich. Milton P. Fillius, LL.B. in Law San Diego, Cal. Lucien T. Finch, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Willow Run, Mich. William G. Findlater, Jr., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Flint, Mich. Byron H. Findling, LL.B. in law Hobart, Ind. Bill 1. Fineman, B.S. in Pharmacy Detroit, Mich. Edith J. Fink, A.B. in English Flint, Mich. Sidney Finkel, B.S. in Science and Math Brooklyn, N.Y. Cynthia Finn, B.D. in Interior Design Suttons Bay, Mich. Lawrence M. Finn, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. David C. Firestone, A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Corrine O. Firth, A.B. in Latin South Bend, Ind. Dean V. Firth, B.B.A Birmingham, Mich. 194|949 1949 1949 1949 Donald D. Fischer, B. of Architecture Paterson, N.J. John A. Fisher, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Iron River, Wis. R. M. Fisher, B.S. in Physics Roseland, Ont. Russell H. Fisher, A.B. Birmingham, Mich. Ruth Fishman, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Detroit, Mich. Vernon M. Fitch, LL.B. in Law Detroit, Mich. Gloria J. Fitzpatrick, B.S. in Zoology Rochester, Mich. Juanita Fitzpatrick, R.N., B.S. in Nursing Grand Rapids, Mich. ' f Hr S y William N. Flemming, A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Donald L. Flevry, B.B.A. Mich. A. T. Flynn, B.B.A Gerald W. Flynn, B.B.A. . Ypsilanti, Mich. Riverside, III. Rocky River Ohio Frank S. Foldi, B.S.F. in Forestry Chicago, III. Philip S. Foley, B.S.W.T. in Forestry Paris, III. Robert L. Fonner, B.S. in Botany Chicago, III. Richard Foran, M.B.A. in Industrial Management Toledo, Ohio Donald Forbeck, M.D Jamestown, N.Y. Frank Force, J.D. in Law Caro, Mich. Marian Ford, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Robert Forgoes, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Robert Forsman, B.S. in Chemistry Casper, Wyo. Barbara A. Forster, A.B. in English Birmingham, Mich. Chester M. Fortune, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Charles G. Fossati, A.B. in Spanish Grosse Pointe, Mich. Yvonne C. Fossenkemper, A.B. in French Birmingham, Mich. Russell C. Foster, B.S. in Chemistry Pontiac, Mich. Louis V. Fourie, D.D.S Massel Bay, South Africa Gordon H. Fowlie, B.S. in Civil Engineering Royal Oak, Mich. George L. Fox, A.B. in Liberal Arts University Heights, Ohio John A. Fox, B.S. in Engineering Hamburg, N.Y. Mildred M. Fox, A.B. in English Fort Wayne, Ind. Ruth E. Frankenstein, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Abby Franklin, A.B. in Psychology New York, N.Y. Mary Lu Fratcher, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. James R. Fredrickson, Ll.B. in Law Northport, Mich. Cedric V. Fricke, B.S. in Engineering Millburg, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 194 John A. Francavilla, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Lincoln Park, Mich. Pearl Francis, B.M. in Organ LaFollette, Tenn. Wesley C. Franke, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Lake Orion, Mich. Carol L. Frazier, A.B. in Psychology Grand Rapids, Mich. Jule C. Frederick, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Detroit, Mich. Eugene A. Freed, B.S. in Education Statesville, N.C. Marian D. Freedman, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Howard Freeman, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Leroy B. Freeman, B.S. in Geology Detroit, Mich. Charles R. French, B.B.A. in Banking and Finance Rochester, Mich. Marilyn S. Frey, Certificate in Dental Hygiene St. Louis, Mich. Stuart M. Frey, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Mary Lee Fretz, A.B. in Journalism Robert W. Frick, B.S. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Arthur J. Fridstein, B.B.A Constance Friedman, A.B. in Spanish Newberry, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New Rochelle, N.Y. Mount Vernon, N.Y. Harriett Friedman, A.B. in Philosophy Chicago, III. Maxine Friedman, A.B. in English Bronx, N.Y. Ann Friery, A.B. in Sociology Milford, N.Y. Julius M. Friesser, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Franklin S. Fritchek, B.B.A. in Business . . ; Garden City, Mich. Donald V. Froh, B.B.A. in Accounting Sturgis, Mich. Margaret E. Frostic, A.B. in Elementary Education Wyandotte, Mich. James C. Froula, B.S.F. in Forestry Cicero, III. Mary C. Fry, B.S. in Public Health Latrobe, Pa. Lillian S. Fujimoto, A.B. in Zoology Stockton, Calif. Elizabeth P. Fuller, A.B. in Speech Kalamazoo, Mich. Herbert Furman, B.S. in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Highland Park, Mich. Naomi J. Gaberman, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Lawrence R. Gabriel, M.B.A Marysville, Ohio Walter F. Gacek, B.S. in Petroleum Geology Winnipeg, Manitoba Richard C. Gach, B.S. in Physics Detroit, Mich. Lona Lou Gage, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. John Galbraith, LL.B Toledo, Ohio Eugene D. Galin, B.S. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Mario P. Gallardo, A.B. in French New York, N.Y. 49 1949 1949 1949 Irving Gallatin, B.S. in Engineering Physics Forest Hills, L.I., N.Y. Aurelios Gallerani, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Flint, Mich. Harvey J. Galloway, Jr., M.D Lincoln, Neb. Mary E. Gait, B.S. in Science and Mathematics Mountain Lake, N.J. Eugene Bayard Ganley, B.B.A. in Real Estate Dearborn, Mich. Linda H. Gannett, B.S. in Botany Lyons, N.Y. Allan W. Gardner, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Rochester, N.Y. Daniel E. Gardiner, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Larchmont, N.Y. Frank Garfunkel, B.S. in Economics Jersey City, N.J. Glen D. Gorman, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Marjorie I. Gorman, B.S. in Chemistry Schenectady, N.Y. Clarence R. Garrett, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. Virginia B. Garritsen, B.D Detroit, Mich. Joseph B. Gary, Ll.B. in Law Bozeman, Mont. Robert W. Greene, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert A. Geiger, A.B. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. James W. Cell, M.D. Laurelton, L.I., N.Y. Jack Gellman, A.B. in English Brooklyn, N.Y. Robert F. Gentile, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Christ L. George. B.S. in Zoology Youngstown, Ohio Jimmie George, A.B. in Political Science Huntington, W.Va. Mable R. George, B.B.A. Rocky River, Ohio Roy J. Gerard. A.B Bay City, Mich. George F. Berbstadt, B.S. in Industrial Mechanical Engineering Wayne, Mich. John R. Gerlach, B.S. in Forestry Lakewood, Ohio Ruth A. Gerstner, A.B. in Zoology Kalamazoo, Mich. Ann E. Gestie, A.B. in Political Science Fargo, N.D. George C. Getschman. B.S. in Industrial Engineering Detroit, Mich. John F. Bigg, B.S. in Science and Math Midland, Mich. Hugh P. Gibbons, B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering Willow Village, Mich. Roger S. Gibbs, B.S. in Civil Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. James K. Giblin, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Charles E. Gibson, A.B. in History So. Ryegate, Vt. Lucene E. Gibson. B.M. in Music Education Cleveland Hts., Ohio Robert W. Gibson. J.D. in Law Battle Creek, Mich. Gerard H. Giczewski, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Farmington, Mich. 1949 19 Helen L. Giese, B.S. in Speech Correction Chicago, III. Leigh R. Gignilliat, A.B. in History Chicago, III. Daniel H. Gilbert, A.B. in French Detroit, Mich. Jack C. Gilbert, A.B. in German Mt. Morris, Mich. Nan C. Gilbreath. A.B. in Psychology Birmingham, Mich. Janet A. Gildersleeve, A.B. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. James F. Gilland, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. Richard E. Gillham, D.D.S Toledo, Ohio John C. Gilpin, D.D.S. Hanover, Mich. Albert L. Gingras, Ll.D. in Law Wyandotte, Mich. James M. Ginn, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Gordon I. Ginsberg, B.B.A Bay City, Mich. Edith Gisser, B.S. in Zoology Albany, N.Y. Cass I. Gittins, B.B.A Jackson, Mich. Carol Lyn Given, A.B. in History Chicago, III. Ebenezer Girgle, B.S. in Antiseptics Mouthwash, Neb. James W. Gkonos, M.S. in Chemistry Owosso, Mich. Scottie Gladden, A.B. in Psychology Royal Oak, Mich. Edward Francis Gleich, A.B. in Speech Escanaba, Mich. William F. Click, A.B. in Political Science Cleveland Heights, Ohio Jeremy V. Gluck, B.S. in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Cleveland, Ohio Elizabeth A. Coding, B.S. in Public Health Colorado Springs, Colo. Kenneth Alfred Goerke, B.S. in Zoology Dearborn, Mich. James R. Gohl, B.S. in Mathematics and Aeronautics Rochester, N.Y. Jack Gold, B.S. in Psychology Erie, Pa. Albert J. Goldberg, A.B. in Political Science Stamford, Conn. Donald A. Goldberg, B.S. in Psychology Grand Rapids, Mich. Harold Goldberg, D.D.S Detroit, Mich. Ivan L. Goldberg, A.B. in Economics Tarrytown, N.Y. Jacquelyn Flynn Goldberg, A.B. in Economics Wyandotte, Mich. Lorraine Goldberg, A.B. in Geography Chicago, III. Vivian Goldberger, B.M. in Music Literature Woodmere, N.Y. June L. Goldburg, A.B. in Speech Norfolk, Va. Hubert M. Goldman, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Bernard Goldsmith, A.B. in Political Science Brookline, Mass. Beverly Goldstein, A.B. in Spanish Englewood, N.J. 49 1949 1949 1949 Irving M. Goldstein, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Joan R. Goldstein, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Bernard Goldstone, LL.B. Sharon, Pa. Joseph Color, B.B.A. in Marketing Boston, Mass. Esther A. Gommesen, A.B. in Social Studies Grand Rapids, Mich. Gloria J. Gonan, B.M. in Voice Gary, Ind. Felix Mangahas Gonzalez, M.S. in Civil Engineering Manila, P.I. Berk Goodman, A.B. in Mathematics White Plains, N.Y. Bernard L. Goodman, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Austin Goodrich, A.B. in Political Science Battle Creek, Mich. Constance Goodyear, A.B. in Primary Teaching Grosse Me, Mich. John Austin Gorbett, B.B.A. in Business Jackson, Mich. Roberto A. Gordillo, A.B. in Education Bajio, Mexico Harry Meyer Gordon, B.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. Herman Gordon, LL.B. in Law Bridgeport, Conn. Jane A. Gordon, A.B. in Speech Monroe, Mich. Thomas Quirk Gorton, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Vashon, Wash. Roger E. Gosling, B.S. in Pre-Professional Grand Rapids, Mich. Edgar F. Gottfried, B.B.A. in Business Administration Grand Rapids, Mich. Glenn O. Gould, D.D.S. in Dentistry Oakley, Mich. Jean A. Gowie, A.B. in Psychology Port Huron, Mich. Bruce Gradle, B.S Santa Barbara, Calif. Jeannette M. Graf, A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert W. Graham, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. William F. Graham, B.S. in Mathematics Maiden, Mass. Marian L. Grant, A.B. in Economics Garden City, Mich. Murray J. Grant, B.B.A. in Business Administration West Hartford, Conn. Richard B. Granville, A.B. in Social Work Willow Run, Mich. John F. Graves, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. William H. Graves III, B.S. in Zoology Huntington Woods, Mich. Carolyn A. Green, A.B. in English Mt. Clemens, Mich. Mary Jane Green, A.B. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Maurice Green, B.S. in Chemistry Brooklyn, N.Y. Jordan H. Greene, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Lawrence H. Greene, A.B. in Chemistry Windsor, Ont., Canada Robert J. Greene, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 19- Elliott S. Greenspan, A.B. in Political Science Brooklyn, N.Y. Ida Greenswag, A.B. in Sociology Davenport, Iowa El Carol V. Greenwood, J.D. in Law Hastings, Neb. John F. Gresla, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Monroe, Mich. Bertrand J. Greve, M.B.A. in Accounting Ann Arbor, Mich. Allen J. Grieger, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Plymouth, Mich. Ann W. Griffin, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Bernadette C. Griffin, B.M. in Music Education Hobart, Ind. John T. Griffin, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. William H. Griffith, LLB Ann Arbor, Mich. Edwin T. Grimes, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Harvey J. Grimes, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Melvin, Mich. Byron L. Groesbeck, A.B. in Psychology Rolla, Mo. Ivan E. Grondin, A.B. in Economics. Lum, Mich. Richard K. Grondin, A.B. in Psychology Lum, Mich. Theodore C. Groomes, A.B. in History Bay City, Mich. Frederic J. Groofendorst, M.B.A Benton Harbor, Mich. Louis Gross, B.B.A South Orange, N.J. Florence R. Grossman, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Paul W. Groth, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Richard A. Grudzinski, LL.B Syracuse, N.Y. Maxwell K. Gruetzner, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Rochester, N.Y. loyal A. T. Gryting, Ph.D. in Romance Languages Bowling Green, Ohio Thomas E. Guenter, B.S. in Math-Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. William J. Guenther, B.S. in Forestry Medford, Wis. Shirley Guite, B.S. in Education Detroit, Mich. Robert L. Gu lien, M.D Farmington, Mich. John C. Gurche, B.B.A Huntington Woods, Mich. Patricia A. Gurr, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Robert C. Guss, B.S. in Civil Engineering Bay City, Mich. Rockwell T. Gust, Jr., LL.B Detroit, Mich. Philip F. Gustafson, A.B. in Physics Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard E. Gustafson, B. of Architecture Iron Mountain, Mich. Allen D. Gutchess, Jr., B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Toledo, Ohio Robert F. Guthrie, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Richard E. Gwisdala, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. 194 949 1949 1949 1949 Cecilia A. Gwoldz, A.B. in Social Work Adams, Mass. Sydney H. Haagenson, B.S. in Civil Engineering Grand Forks, N.D. Dale 1. Hoakenstad, A.B. in Actuarial Mathematics Fargo, N.D. Joseph Hack, B.S. in Pharmacy Detroit, Mich. George Hadden, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Jackson, Mich. Richard A. Hadler, A.B. in Economics Oakville, Iowa Howard W. Haftel, J.D. in Law Irvington, N.J. Esther C. Hagen, B.M. in Piano Northport, Mich. Eleanor M. Hager, A.B. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. Phyllis J. Haggenmiller, M.A. in Educational Psychology Long Island, N.Y. David Daniel Haggerty, A.B. in Journalism Port Washington, N.Y. Saifuddin T. Haidery, M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Bombay, India Richard S. Halt, B.B.A Ann Arbor, Mich. William D. Hale, B.S. in Pharmacy Kalamazoo, Mich. Beverly J. Haley, A.B. in Mathematics Pontiac, Mich. Marilyn J. Haley, A.B. in Spanish Toledo, Ohio Frances A. Hall, A.B. in History Grosse Pointe, Mich. Jean L. Hall, B.B.A Midland, Mich. Patricia H. Hall, B.B.A. in Foreign Trade Detroit, Mich. Sydney R. Hall, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Port Huron, Mich. Webster Foster Hall, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Ida Leone Halle, M.A.L.S. in Library Science Detroit, Mich. George E. Holler, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Newtonville, Mass. Irving Lee Hallett, Jr., A.B. in German Detroit, Mich. James V. Halvorsen, B.S.M.E. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. John C. Hamaker, Jr., Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Phyllis L. Hamaker, A.B. in Anthropology Detroit, Mich. Paul B. Hamilton, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Ralph Edwin Hamilton, Jr., B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Richard W. Hamilton, Bachelor of Architecture Maplewood, N.J. John R. Hamlen, A.B. in History Woodbury, N.J. Crystal E. Hammer, A.B. in Social Work Rockford, Mich. Roger E. Hammer, LL.B Jamestown, N.Y. Gladys I. Hammond, A.B. in Political Science Northville, Mich. Patricia T. Hannagan, A.B. in English Literature Kalamazoo, Mich. Erik J. Hansen, B.S. in Zoology ' .,... Ann Arbor, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 194 Jan Henry Hanson, B.B.A Chicago, III. Lois A. Hanson, A.B. in Sociology Plymouth, Mich. Mary A. Hanson, A.B. in Education Trenton, Mich. Jack E. Harbaugh, A.B. in Speech Petoskey, Mich. Arlette M. Harbour, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Sinclair J. Harcus, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. William Wylie Harden, B.B.A Brooklyn, N.Y. Eli Mathew Harju, B.B.A Rudyard, Mich. Mary Lou C. Marline, B.S.E. in Mathematical Engineering Fresno, Calif. James A. Harmon, A.B. in Political Science Toledo, Ohio Lewis G. Harmon, A.B. in Pre-Professional Detroit, Mich. L. Jacqueline Harper, B.S. in Physical Education Pontiac, Mich. Phillip D. Harr, B.S. in Physics Munith, Mich. Alvin Harris, A.B. in Pre-Medicine Chicago, III. Dorothy M. Harris, A.B. in Spanish Richmond, Ind. Jacqueline Ruth Harris, A.B. in German Boston, Mass. James W. Harris, A.B. in Speech Flint, Mich. Arthur C. Harrison, B.B.A Pontiac, Mich. Edward Barrett Harrison, J.D. in Law Detroit, Mich. William F. Harrison, A.B. in Journalism Shelby, Mich. Doris E. Hart, B.B.A. in Personnel Administration Detroit, Mich. Dorothy J. Hart, A.B. in Education Ypsilanti, Mich. Donald J. Hartman, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Stanford J. Hartshorn, Jr., B.S. in Wood Technology Gardner, Mass. Clyde A. Harvey, B.B.A Dade City, Fla. Nelson L. Harvey, A.B. in Geography Saginaw, Mich. Madhat M. Hashimi, B.S. in Chemistry Baghdad, Iraq Robert W. Hatch, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Albion, Mich. Edna M. Hath, A.B. in German Jackson, Mich. L. Eileen Hathaway, R.N Monroe, Mich. Juanita V. Hauke, R.N Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert C. Hauke, A.B. in Speech Grosse Pointe, Mich. Sherwood G. Haw, B.S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. Robert B. Hawkins, A.B. in Social Science Grand Rapids, Mich. Bessie M. Hayes, A.B. in Sociology Deerfield, Ohio Lewis E. Hayes, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Crosswell, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Patrick C. Hayes, B.S. Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard L. Hayes, D.D.S Willow Run, Mich. Thomas Patrick Hayes, M.D Howard City, Mich. John B. Hazelworth, M.S. in Geology Jackson, Mich. Thomas P. Healy, A.B. in History Grosse Pointe, Mich. Willard R. Heard, A.B. in Economics Chicago, III. Norman E. Hearn, A.B. in History Wheeler, Mich. George K. Heartwell, LL.B. Detroit, Mich. ttr- - Donald A. Heaton, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Springfield, Mass. Robert W. Hebel, B.S. in Industrial Mechanics Detroit, Mich. Robert E. Heckert, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Massillon, Ohio Palmer T. Heenaw, LL.B. in Law Detroit, Mich. John C. Heffeltinger, M.D Willard, Ohio Evelyn S. Heikkinen, B.S. in Zoology Flint, Mich. Iris L. Heilbronn, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Saginaw, Mich. Florence C. Heilbronner, A.B. in German Willow Run, Mich. Hans Heilbronner, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Walter L. Heilbronner, A.B. in German Willow Village, Mich. Robert J. Heine, A.B. in Languages Dearborn, Mich. Thomas S. Heines, Jr., B.S. in Chemical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Arnold D. Held, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Troy, N.Y. Irving D. Hellenga, M.D. Grand Haven, Mich. Robert C. Hemberg, B.B.A Ridgewood, N.J. (Catherine Ann Hemmer, B.S. in Zoology Saginaw, Mich. William A. Hemphill, B.B.A. Rockford, Mich. Karl E. Kenion II, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Allen R. Hennes, M.D Benton Harbor, Mich. Thomas E. Hennessy, B.S. in Forestry Lakewood, Ohio Sarah B. Henry, A.B. in Spanish Grosse Me, Mich. Justin Henshell, B. of Architecture East Orange, N.J. Howard O. Henson, B.S. in Geology Colebrook, N.H. Ann Herman, A.B. in Spanish Asbury Park, N.J. Merlin R. Herman, M.B.A. Flint, Mich. Sidney Herman, M.S. in Physics Brooklyn, N.Y. Margaret L. Herrick, A.B. in Elementary Education Jackson, Mich. Donn P. Hershberger, A.B Freeport, III. 1949 1949 1949 19 Gerald E. Hertig, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Reva Hertz, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Marvin I. Herz, A.B. in Psychology New York, N.Y. Nancy J. Hess, A.B. in Elementary Education Shaker Heights, Ohio Charles M. Hester, M.B.A Indianola, Iowa James A. Hewlett, B. of Architecture Forest Home, Cal. Paul R. Heyboer, B.M Grand Rapids, Mich. John B. Heyoe, B.S. in Chemistry Marion, III. Norma L. Heyde, B.M. in Voice .Marion, Ohio Arnold M. He man, A.B. in Pre-Professional Cleveland, Ohio Eileen R. Mickey, A. B. in Education Grosse Pointe, Mich. Mary Hicks, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Arthur L. Higbee, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Milton E. Higgs, A.B. in English Bay City, Mich. Harold G. Higley, B.B.A Willow Village, Mich. Carl S. Hilaski, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. Gerard H. Hilbers, B.S.E. in Engineering Detroit, Mich. Lisbeth L. Hildebrandt, B.M. in Piano Ann Arbor, Mich. Harry G. Hill, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Joanne L. Hill, A.B. in Psychology Oak Park, III. June A. Hill, A.B. in Sociology Portland, Conn. Marilu Hill, A.B. in Sociology Pontiac, Mich. Ruth M. Hillebrand, A.B. in English Toledo, Ohio Donald J. Hillis, A.B. in Psychology Grand Rapids, Mich. Marjory A. Hilsinger, B.S. in Zoology Midland, Mich. John W. Hindes, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Royal Oak, Mich. Richard W. Him, B.D. in Design Detroit, Mich. Edwin P. Hirsch, B.D. in Industrial Design Miami, Fla. Paul K. Hiser, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Petersburg, Mich. Arleigh C. Hitchcock, Jr., A.B. in Architecture and Design Ann Arbor, Mich. Harmon M. Hitt, LL.B. in Law Dearborn, Mich. Helen R. Hobart, A.B. in Psychology Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles Hober, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering New York, N.Y. Heinz R. Hoenecke, B.S. in Zoology Plymouth, Mich. Joseph A. Hoffman, B.S. in Architecture Ann Arbor, Mich. Eleanor I. Hoffmaster, B.S. in Medical Technology Edinburg, Pa. 49 1949 1949 1949 John E. Hof man, A.B. in French Detroit, Mich. Dorothy L. Hofstra, M.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. John P. Hogan, A.B Akron, Ohio George Hogg, Jr., B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Bernard W. Hokkanen, B.B.A Ironwood, Mich. Barbara H. Holland, A.B. in Education Saginaw, Mich. Robert W. Holland, B.B.A Allegan, Mich. Thomas K. Holland, B.S. in Engineering Lansing, Mich. Leo Hollander, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Sophia L. Holley, B.S. in Biology Detroit, Mich. Patricia J. Hollis, A.B. in Geography Owosso, Mich. Thurman Holloway, D.D.S Detroit, Mich. Earl Douglas Holly, B.S. in Chemistry Coldwater, Mich. Marilyn Holmquist, A.B. in English Composition and Russian Saginaw, Mich. Babe Holt, B.S. in Medical Technology Tulsa, Okla. Marvin R. Holter, B.S. in Physics Fairport, N.Y. Betty Jane Holton, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Irwin T. Holtzman, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Robert B. Honer, B.B.A Jackson, Mich. Julius Honig, B.S. in Chemistry Brooklyn, N.Y. Delores Anne Hood, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Eleanor P. Hook, A.B. in Social Work Grand Rapids, Mich. John R. Hoolsema, M.B.A. in Retailing Grand Rapids, Mich. Edward F. Hoover, B.B.A. Jamestown, N.Y. Joan B. Hopkins, B.S. in Pharmacy New Haven, Conn. Lois E. Hopp, A.B. in English Literature Detroit, Mich. Charles Robert Hoppe, B.B.A. in Accounting and Finance Grand Rapids, Mich. Bordet T. Hopson, LL.D Bellville, Mich. Robert H. Hornberger, A.B. in Economics St. Clair, Mich. Howard Horner, M.D New York, N.Y. Charles A. Horton, Ph.D. in Chemistry Buffalo, N.Y. Thomas S. Horton, B.B.A Flint, Mich. Elinor M. Horwitz, A.B. in Speech Correction .................... Pontiac, Mich. Estelle L. Hose, B.M ........................................... Akron, Ohio Mark Klyne Hoskins, B.S. in Pharmacy ...................... Kalamazoo, Mich. Henry Liggett Hosmer, B.S. in Geology ........................ Dearborn, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 Donald D. Hostetler, A.B. in Psychology ......................... Detroit, Mich. Barbara Houghton, A.B. in Speech .......................... Riverside, Conn. Bennett Housman, Jr., B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Catherine M. Houston, A.B. in Political Science .................. Plymouth, Mich. James Andrew Howarth, B.S. in Civil Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Carrington W. Howell, B.B.A. in Finance Caro, Mich. Marilyn J. Howell, B.S. in Zoology Snyder, N.Y. Donald W. Howich, Bachelor of Architecture Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard H. Howland, A.B. in Political Science Grand Rapids, Mich. Joanne M. Hoydic, B.S. in Business Education Flint, Mich. Jay C. Hoyt, A.B. in Chemistry Poland, Ohio George W. Hoyt, B.S. in Mathematics Pontiac, Mich. Marvin B. Hoyt, A.B. in Psychology Jackson, Mich. Rose W. Hu, M.D Shanghai, China Hardy S. Hubar, A.B. in Political Science Royal Oak, Mich. John E. Hubbard, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. John H. Hubbell, B.S. in Physics Manistee, Mich. Stuart D. Hubbell, A.B. in Letters and Law Detroit, Mich. Thomas B. Hubel, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Havervy R. Hubert, A.B. in English Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Rita Rae Huddle, R.N Napoleon, Ohio Donald R. Hudson, B.S. in Naval Architecture Portland, Ore. Merrill Hudson, A.B. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Robert Huetiner, D.D.S Douglaston, N.Y Richard A. Huff, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. William H. Huff, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Carol M. Huggins, A.B. in Economics Oak Park, III. Clarence H. Huizenga, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. James G. Hull, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Niagara Falls, N.Y. Harold M. Hultquist, B.S. in Civil Engineering Redwood Falls, Minn. James D. Hume, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Fruitport, Mich. Muriel D. Humiston, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Clawson, Mich. Henry E. Hunderman, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. Alfred J. Honkin, A.B. in English Willow Village, Mich. Jeanne A. Hunt, A.B. in Social Work Soginaw, Mich. Monte R. Hunt, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Ralph E. Hunt, J.D. in Law Springfield, Mo. Bristol E. Hunter, A.B. in Political Science Clawson, Mich. Gloria E. Hunter, A.B. in English Grand Beach, Mich. Jacob C. Hurwitz, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Victor Hurwitz, A.B. in Speech Flint, Mich. John A. Huston, A.B. in Political Science Port Madison, Wash. Lewis A. Hutchings, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Jackson, Mich. Virginia E. Hyde, A.B. in Music South Bend, Ind. William F. Hyde, A.B. in English South Bend, Ind. Gerald Devere Ide, B.S. in Mathematics and Physics Cadillac, Mich. Elizabeth L. Iden, A.B. in Spanish Grand Rapids, Mich. Henry Keech Ihnken, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Highland Park, Mich. Gerald Walter Her, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. Donald T. llnicki, B.D. in Advertising Detroit, Mich. Charles M. Ingersoll, B.S. in Pharmacy Marcellus, Mich. Jane C. Ingersoll, A.B. in Mathematics New London, Conn. Robert B. Ingle, B.S. in Biology Detroit, Mich. Jane M. Ingling, A.B. in Economics Kalamazoo, Mich. May Inouye, A.B. in Psychology Payette, Idaho Betty Gene Inyart, A.B. in Russian Charleston, III. Ralph Jay Isackson, J.D. in Law Bay City, Mich. Clifford L. Ittner, B.B.A Saginaw, Mich. Grant L. Jacks, Jr., A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Barbara J. Jackson, A.B. in English Flint, Mich. George D. Jackson, B.S. in Psychology St. Joseph, Mich. Hugh Corwin Jackson, B.S. in Physics Ann Arbor, Mich. Joyce M. Jackson, A.B. in Spanish Kalamazoo, Mich. Lyston G. Jaco, Jr., LL.B. in Law Athens, Tenn. Robert M. Jacob, J.D. in Law Pittsburgh, Pa. Rodman Cary Jacobi, A.B Birmingham, Mich. Manual Jacobs, M.D Lorain, Ohio Robert D. Jacobson, B.B.A Frankfort, Mich. Sol H. Jacobson, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Frederick E. Jacox, A.B. in Speech Little Falls, N.Y. Ruth L. Jadrosich, B.S. in Psychology Fairview, NJ. Josef Jahr, B.S. in Zoology . . Tel-Aviv, Israel 1949 1949 1949 194 Victor J. Jamal, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Teheran, Iran Dominic (Dumb Dom) Johnson, M.M. in Horn Acorn City, Mich. Jacquelyn E. James, A.B. in Psychology Port Huron, Mich. Robert C. James, B.B.A Palatine, III. William Jamieson, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Fishkill, N.Y. James John Jamieson, B.S. in Geology Muskegon Heights, Mich. James P. Jans, A.B. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. John A. Jansma, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. Mary E. Jared, A.B. in Latin Detroit, Mich. Thadeus L Jarkowski, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Charles Jaslow, D.D.S Detroit, Mich. Frederick A. Jeffers, D.D.S Birmingham, Mich. Carolyn J. Jeffrey, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Detroit, Mich. Dorothy Jemal, A.B. in English Grosse Pointe, Mich. A. Lewis Jenkins, Jr., B.B.A Marine City, Mich. Francis E. Jenkins, B.S. in Civil Engineering Falconer, N.Y. John J. Jennings, Jr., A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Warner Jennings, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Benton Harbor, Mich. Cohleen Jensen, B.M Flint, Mich. Jack A. Jensen, A.B. in Speech Grand Rapids, Mich. John K. Jensen, LL.B. in Law Iron Mountain, Mich. Kenneth C. Jensen, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Alfred A. JeSchonek, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Johnstown, Pa. Lloyd H. Jewell, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Norman C. Jimerson, A.B. in English Corning, N.Y. Frederick D. Joels, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Audrey L. Johnson, A.B. in Economics Jamestown, N.Y. Donald L. Johnson, B. of Architecture Union Springs, N.Y. Earle S. Johnson, Jr., B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Muskegon, Mich. Howard L. Johnson, B.S Grandville, Mich. Iris L Johnson, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Springfield, III. Karl A. Johnson, B.S. in Civil Engineering Muskegon, Mich. Kichner Johnson, A.B. in Economics Columbus, Ohio Lois M. Johnson, A.B. in Economics Royal Oak, Mich. Orval Johnson, A.B. in Latin American Studies Detroit, Mich. Philip D. Johnson, B.S. in Science and Mathematics North Muskegon, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Ralph H. Johnson, B.S. in Mathematics and Science Ann Arbor, Mich. Reginald S. Johnson, LL.B. in Law Detroit, Mich. Richard C. Johnson, A.B. in Sociology Irvine, Pa. Robert C. Johnson, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Findlay, Ohio Robert J. Johnson, B.S. in Industrial Mechanics Muskegon, Mich. Stanley E. Johnson, Jr., LL.B. in Law Mount Vernon, Ohio William A. Johnson, M.D Harrisville, Mich. Robert Johnston, A.B. in Economics Jackson, Mich. ' Willa K. Johnston, A.B. in Spanish Dearborn, Mich. John M. Jokela, A.B. in Economics Birmingham, Mich. William P. Jolly, M.D. McAlester, Okla. Arnold M. Jones, B.S. in Zoology Fennville, Mich. David H. Jones, B.B.A St. Joseph, Mich. Elizabeth Jones, M.D Ann Arbor, Mich. Frank C. Jones, A.B. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. George A. Jones, LL.B. in Law Royal Oak, Mich. Klemme M. Jones, B.S. in Naval Architecture Iowa Falls, Iowa Malcolm W. Jones, B.B.A Battle Creek, Mich. Marilyn Ann Jones, A.B. in Education Jamestown, N.Y. Marjorie M. Jones, A.B. in English Flat Rock, Mich. Robert G. Jones, B.S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. Thomas L. Jones, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Highland Park, Mich. Harold C. Jordahl, B.S. in Forestry Stoughton, Wis. Betty J. Jordan, A.B. in Education Maumee, Ohio R. Keith Jordan, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Vernon C. Judd, M.B.A Chicago, III. James F. Judge, LL.B Fullerton, Cal. Corrine H. Justema, A.B. in Spanish Grand Haven, Mich. Elmer J. Justema, M.D Grand Haven, Mich. Stanley J. Juzqiak, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Linnea M. Jylha, A.B. in Social Work Negaunee, Mich. Carlo H. Kaatz, B.M Ann Arbor, Mich. Martin R. Kaatz, M.A. in Geography Ann Arbor, Mich. George N. Kafesjian, A.B. in Social Work Detroit, Mich. Ruel C. Kahler, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Eino Olavi Kainlauri, B. of Architecture Lahti, Finland 1949 1949 1949 19 ' Victor S. Kaire, B.S. in Civil Engineering Guatemala,Guatemala Mac M. Kakudo, B.S. in Aeronautics and Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Margie C. Kalbfleisch, A.B. in Political Science Grosse Pointe, Mich. Stanley Kalikoff, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering New York, N.Y. James Kallman, A.B. in Political Science Gladstone, Mich. Joan L. Kampmeier, B.S. in Zoology Nashville, Tenn. Kathryn A. Kamradt, B.S. in Mathematics Muskegon, Mich. Donald B. Kane, B.S. in Physical Education Sturgis, Mich. Howard E. Kane, B.B.A. Chicago, III. Mo Michael Kane, B. of Architecture Cleveland Heights, Ohio Milton G. Karafilis, B.S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. Emily Karch, A.B. in Mathematics Lake Bluff, III. James C. Karros, A.B. in Psychology Rockford, III. Harold J. Karsten, B.S. in Civil Engineering Holland, Mich. Robert M. Kash, B.B.A Cincinnati, Ohio Herbert L. Kassner, B.B.A Whitehall, Mich. Ruth M. Kasten, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Birmingham, Mich. Harvey L. Katchan, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Muriel Katchen, A.B. in Social Studies West Allenhurst, N.J. Joan S. Katz, A.B. in Anthropology Chicago, III. Rhoda Katz, A.B. Sociology St. Joseph, Mo. Donald C. Kauffold, B.B.A Constantine, Mich. Ephriam Kaufman, B.S. in Naval-Mechanical Engineering Miami, Fla. Fae B. Kaufman, A.B. in Psychology Ann Arbor, Mich. Leonard R. Kaufman, A.B. in Economics Wilmington, Ohio Lawrence L. Kavanau, M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Shirley Kavanau, A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Conrad A. Kawel, M.D Detroit, Mich. Doris R. Kays, B.M Ann Arbor, Mich. Cyril M. Kearl, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Willow Village, Mich. Louise J. Keating, M.D. Bayonne, N.J. William J. Keating, M.D. Cleveland, Ohio Frances M. Keaton, A.B. in Journalism Pasadena, Calif. Frederick L. Keck, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Marilyn J. Keck, A.B. in English Northville, Mich. Robert G. Keevil, A.B. in Psychology Traverse City, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Jack D. Kehoe, A.B. in Psychology Gladwin, Mich. Gwen I. Keister, A.B. in Zoology Evanston, III. Robert E. Keith, B.S. in Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering Pawhuska, Okla. Robert S. Kellas, B.B.A Saginaw, Mich. J. Kemp Keller, B.S. in Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Eaton V. Kelly, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. Franklin G. Kelly, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. James D. Kelly, B.S. in Wood Technology Caledonia, III. " ' ' wM Lon H. Kelly, Jr., M.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Richlands, Va. Mary G. Kelly, B.M. in Wind Instruments McCook, Neb. Claud D. Kelsay, B.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. Edward Lynd Kendall, A.B. in Political Science Jackson, Mich. Caesar Ketzenphoopher, A.B. in Drama Hollywood, Calif. Hugh D. Kennedy, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Melvin Harold Kennedy, B.B.A. in Accounting Bay City, Mich. Donald Everett Kenney, M.B.A. in Accounting Kenmore, N.Y. Frank Earl Kenney, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. John Frederick Kephart, B.S.E. in Physics Berrien Springs, Mich. Barbara Louise Kerby, A.B. in Speech Tecumseh, Mich. Elton R. Kerr, A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Viaschelav M. Kremlin, N.K.V.D. in Political Engineering Pinsk, Russia Beverly C. Ketcik, A.B. in Speech Houghton, Mich. Elmer George Kiehler, II, M.D. Orion, Mich. Gordon L Kiester, D.D.S Ann Arbor, Mich. Gary Y. Kikudome, B.S. in Biology Hakalau, Hawaii Joyce E. Kimball, A.B. in English Muskegon, Mich. Ernestine V. Kimmel, B.S. in Nursing Santa Monica, Calif. Charles E. Kindel, B.S. in Wood Technology Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert J. King. LL.B. in Law Indianapolis, Ind. J. Robert Kirby, B.B.A Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lamar Morey Kishlar, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Webster Groves, Mo. Joanne Elizabeth Kitchen, A.B. in Speech Chicago, III. Harold J. Kitto, B.S. in Zoology Flint, Mich. Hobart E. Klaaren, M.D Hackensack, N.J. Robert E. Klagstad, B.B.A. in Accounting Winnetka, III. Henry J. Klauke, III, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Winnetka, III. 1949 1949 1949 194(49 Elizabeth Klauer, A.B. in Speech Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert J. Kleiman, B.B.A. in Accounting Grand Rapids, Mich. Arthur C. Klein, A.B. in Journalism Ypsilanti, Mich. Frances Klein, A.B. in English Caro, Mich. Thomas M. Klein, A.B. in Philosophy Detroit, Mich. William Andrew Klein, III, B.B.A New Rochelle, N.Y. Allen R. Kleinkauf, B.S. in Psychology " Detroit, Mich. Elmer M. Klemm, B.B.A. in Accounting and Finance Saginaw, Mich. Frederick G. Klett, M.B.A.-B.S Dearborn, Mich. Nancy J. Kling, A.B. in English Washington, D.C. Francine J. Klinger, A.B. in Speech Miles, Mich. Gilbert C. Klinkner, B.B.A Muskegon, Mich. Albert B. Klyg, M.D . San Diego, Cal. Robert F. Klumpp, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Lois M. Knecht, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Saginaw, Mich. Ralph E. Knight, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Adrian, Mich. Barbara J. Knopf, R.N Ann Arbor, Mich. Lincoln M. Knorr, B.B.A Ferndale, Mich. Fuuiko Kobayashi, A.B. in Education Kalamazoo, Mich. Aurom M. Koblenz, B.S. in Physics Witherbee, N.Y. Dorothy J. Koch, A.B. in Sociology Lakewood, Ohio Edwin G. Koch, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Saginaw, Mich. L. Vincent Kochenderfer, B.M. in Music Education Lewistown, Pa. Rudolph Koczman, B.S. in Education Dundee, Mich. Mary E. Koebel, B.M Grosse Pointe, Mich. Steve T. Koeff, A.B. in Zoology Flint, Mich. Harry Koenig, M.D Brooklyn, N.Y. Walter P. Koepp, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Marquette, Mich. William E. Kogen, A.B. in Physical Education Brooklyn, N.Y. Ralph A. Kohl, B.S. in Physical Education Cleveland Heights, Ohio Louis F. Kohn, A.B. in History Bay City, Mich. James E. Kohner, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard A. Kolb, B.S. in Pharmacy Bay City, Mich. Marilyn J. Kopel, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Edward H. Kopf, B.B.A Cincinnati, Ohio Robert P. Kopotic, B.B.A Manitowoc, Wis. 49 1949 1949 1949 Violet S. Koroloff, B.S. in Pharmacy Toledo, Ohio Walter Koseski, A.B. in History Ironwood, Mich. Arthur E. Koski, A.B. in Political Science Ramsay, Mich. Henry S. Kowalczyk, LL.B. in Law LaPorte, Ind. Louis Kowalski, B.S. in Chemistry Ann Arbor, Mich. Karl E. Kraft, LL.B. in Law Clarks, La. Robert J. Kraft, A.B. in English Algonac, Mich. Marcus S. Krake, M.A. in Philosophy Lom, Mich. O n f i i? Charles G. Kramer, M.D. Detroit, Mich. Wilfred A. Krantzthor, A.B. in Economics El Paso, Tex. Dulcie B. Krasnick, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Ernest Stephen Kratzet, Jr., B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Donald C. Krause, B.S.F. in Forestry Detroit, Mich. Naomi S. Krause, A.B. in Social Work , Baltimore, Md. William C. Krause, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Romeo, Mich. Donald C. Kraushaar, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering . . . Bay City, Mich. William D. Krauss, A.B. in Economics Bay City, Mich. Donald Krell, B.B.A. in Accounting Saginaw, Mich. Stephen N. Krenytzky, B. of Architecture Pittsfield, Mich. Walter I. Krewson, Jr., A.B. in Economics Cleveland, Ohio Donald A. Krueger, B.B.A Bad Axe, Mich. Lloyd O. Krueger, B. of Architecture Wausau, Wis. Mary Lee Krupka, A.B. in English Saginaw, Mich. Marione Krzyminski, B.B.A Bay City, Mich. Edward W. Kudreiko, A.B. in Russian Hamtramck, Mich. Harold H. Kuehn, B.B.A Stoughton, Wis. Thomas L. Kugel, A.B. in Political Science Washington, D.C. Eli H. Kuhel, Letters and Medicine Detroit, Mich. Henry M. Kuhlman, A.B. in History Grosse Pointe, Mich. Max E. Kuhr, B. of Architecture Havre, Mont. Mary M. Farmer Kuivinen, A.B. in History Grosse Pointe, Mich. George Kulaga. A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Russell G. Kullberg, B.S. in Zoology Willow Run Village, Mich. Margaret L. Kuniyoshi, A.B. in Social Work Hilo, Hawaii John H. Kunkle, B.B.A Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Franklin C. Kunze, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 194 49 Walter A. Kurz, A.B. in Psychology St. Petersburg, Fla. Walter J. Kurzawa, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Chicago, III. Jason N. Kutack, B.S. in Forestry Detroit, Mich. Raymond E. Kuzniak, A.B. in Economics Grand Rapids, Mich. David M. Kyllonen, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Monessen, Pa. William LaBaw, M.B.A. in Accounting Chicago, III. Conrad M. Ladd, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert W. Laidlan, D.D.S Tecumseh, Mich. John R. Laird, LL.B Ann Arbor, Mich. Joseph I. Laird, B.S. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert Eugene Lakey, A.B. in History Muskegon, Mich. Marjorie J. Lamb, A.B, in English Mecosta, Mich. Robert M. Lamb, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Murray, Ky. Jo Ann Lambert, A.B. in Sociology Bay City, Mich. William M. Lambert, LL.B Bay City, Mich. Kathryn E. Lamley, A.B. in Psychology Blissfield, Mich. David A. LaMoreaux, A.B. in Mathematics Trenton, Mich. James F. Lanahan, M.S. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Peter Lancioni, A.B. in Psychology Grand Rapids, Mich. Ray L. Landers, A.B. in English Harvey, III. Donald B. Lane, A.B. in Philosophy Pontiac, Mich. Laurence C. Lang, B.S. in Pharmacy Midland, Mich. Rodney Lang, B.B.A. in Accounting Winnetka, III. Eleanor Larsen Langley, B.B.A. Battle Creek, Mich. Bill E. Langohr, B.S. in Aer onautical Engineering Columbia City, Ind. Norman LaPeters, B.B.A. in Accounting Brooklyn, N.Y. Louis S. Lapierre, A.B. in Economics South Bend, Ind. Irwin Lapping, A.B. in Law Chicago, III. Ernest R. Larges, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Edwin L. Larson, Jr., B. of Architecture Ashtabula, Ohio Lawrence C. Larson, B.S. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Akron, Ohio Joseph Dean LaRue, A.B. in French Jackson, Mich. Roger L. LaRue, B.B.A. in Administration Arlington, Mass. Donald E. Lathrup, B.S.F. in Forestry Trenton, N.J. Barbara L. Laun, A.B. in English River Forest, III. Clarence E. Laur, B.S. in Pharmacy Bay City, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Patricia R. Laus, A.B. in Psychology Syracuse, N.Y. Mary E. Lovely, B.S. in Zoology Flint, Mich. Clara L. Lawrence, A.B. in Social Studies Flint, Mich. Gordon R. Lawrence, B.S.E.E. in Radio Grand Rapids, Mich. Frederick E. Layman, LL.B Ann Arbor, Mich. Agnes Lazar, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Flint, Mich. Constantino E. Lazarides, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering. Athens, Greece Helen Lazarides, A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. J Helen Marie Lazarus, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Royal Oak, Mich. Delores S. Lazich, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Jack E. Leach, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. Arlene M. Leaf, B.B.A Lansing, Mich. John Frank Learman, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Bay City, Mich. Mary Margaret Leclair, B.S. in Physical Education Ann Arbor, Mich. John R. Lee, B.B.A Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Robert E. Lee, B.S. in Industrial Engineering Niagara Falls, N.Y. George Elliott, B.E. in Design Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert C. Leestma, A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Mich. William E. Leever, Jr.,B.S.E. in Physics Detroit, Mich. Norman M. Leff, A.B. in Economics New York, N.Y. Lyman H. Legters, A.B. in Political Science Chautauqua, N.Y. Ellen A. Leinonen, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Ypsilanti, Mich. Michel R. Leiser, A.B. in International Affairs New York, N.Y. Hugh J. Leitch, A.B. in Architecture Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard W. Leithauser, B. of Architecture in Architectural Construction Willow Village, Mich. Denise M. LeMire, A.B. in History Newaygo, Mich. Dallas A. Lemmen, B.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. Harvey E. Lemmen, M.B.A. in Accounting Ionia, Mich. Lawrence A. Lemmen, B.B.A. in Accounting Ionia, Mich. Robert W. Lenski, A.B. in Journalism Albion, Mich. Douglas E. Lent, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Dorothy J. Leonard, R.N. and B.S. in Nursing Gladwin, Mich. Jean K. Leonard, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. George D. Lescoe, A.B. in Economics Ironwood, Mich. P. Fred Lesley, Jr., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Wallace K. Lesnick, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 19 Ideane M. Levenson, A.B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. Malcolm L. Levenson, M.D Detroit, Mich. Judith L. Levin, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Roy Carl Levin, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Ada Mildred Levine, A.B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. Leslie W. Levine, D.D.S Detroit, Mich. Stanley Harold Levine, A.B. in English Brooklyn, N.Y. Alfred A. Levinson, M.S. in Geology Staten Island, N.Y. Allan Levy, M.D Detroit, Mich. Arnold H. Levy, B.B.A Woodmere, N.Y. Dave Levy, LL.D Detroit, Mich. Joan Louise Levy, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Barbara E. Lewis, A.B. in English Adrian, Mich. Dempster C. Lewis, Jr., A.B. in Political Science New Hartsford, N.Y. John G. Lewis, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. Margaret S. Lewis, B.S. in Chemistry. . . LaPorte, Ind. Marshall C. Lewis, A.B. in Economics Chicago, III. Muriel E. Lewis, A.B. in History .Washington, D.C. James K. Lewy, B.S. in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Chicago, III. David W. Leyshon, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Wheaton, III. Donald G. Liddicoat, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. William K. Liddicoat, B.S. in Geology Ann Arbor, Mich. Joan K. Lince, A.B. in Psychology Morristown, N.J. Jean Lindbloom, A.B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. Richard J. Lindeman, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Bette J. Lindemann, B.M. in Piano Benton Harbor, Mich. Richard J. Linden, A.B. in Speech Des Plaines, III. Karin Lindh, B.D. in Design Grosse Pointe, Mich. Judson Edward Line, LL.B. Pampa, Tex. Joseph E. Link, B.S.F. in Forestry Waukegon, III. Laurence M. Linkner, M.A. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Philip M. Linscott, B.S. in Civil Engineering Trimble, Ohio John C. linville, B.S. in Physical Education Elyria, Ohio R. Marcia Lipsett, A.B. in Economics Jamestown, N.Y. Charming T. Lipson, M.D Detroit, Mich. Robert N. Lipson, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. 19 49 1949 1949 1949 Richard L. Lisiecki, B.B.A. in Marketing Detroit, Mich. Robert E. Lisiecki, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Martin R. Litman, B.B.A Waukegan, III. Alan B. Little, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Willow Village, Mich. William H. Littlewood,-M.S. in Zoology Wyandotte, Mich. Ruth W. Livingston, A.B. in Speech Englewood, N.J. Joanne Camille Lobbestael, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Plymouth, Mich. Douglas G. Lockhart, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. William B. Lockwood, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Poland, Ohio Sandra Rose Loeb, A.B. in Speech Correction Gibson City, III. John S. Logothetis, B.B.A. in Personnel Administration Detroit, Mich. Peter S. Logothetis, B.B.A. in Personnel Administration Detroit, Mich. Geraldine H. London, M.B.A. in Marketing Gary, Ind. Margaret Long, B.D. in Painting Nelsonville, Ohio Roy C. Long, A.B. in Education Muskegon, Mich. Ulises M. Lopez, B.D. in Advertising Design Quito, Ecuador Jean P. Lord, A.B. in French Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Herbert F. Lorenz, B.B.A, Detroit, Mich. Moises B. Lorenzana, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Tagudin, llocos Sur, P.I. Eugenia A. Losch, A.B. in English Pittsburgh, Pa. Martha E. Losh, A.B. in Psychology McAllen, Tex. Harry J. Loughrin, B.S. in Zoology Cadillac, Mich. John J. Loughrin, B.S. in Chemistry Cadillac, Mich. Katheryn L. Loughrin, A.B. in History Cadillac, Mich. Mitchell T. Louis, A.B. in Economics Jamestown, N.Y. George Robert Love, A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Trafton J. Loveland, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Vincent Arthur Lowenberg, A.B. in Mathematics Donnellson, Iowa Alan P. Lowenstern, B.B.A. in Accounting Rockville Centre, N.Y. Mary L. Lown, B.M. in Organ Saginaw, Mich. Alec S. Lubnik, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. George F. Luckett, B.S.E. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. George H. Lucks, B.S. in Psychology Brooklyn, N.Y. Ruth Edith Lucks, A.B. in Art Education Lynbrook, N.Y. Henry S. Ludwig, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Royal Oak, Mich. Herbert G. Ludwig, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Royal Oak, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 1ft Barbara L. Luick, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Dexter, Mich. George J. Lukens, M.A. in Spanish Ashland, N.J. George F. Lunger, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Maurice A. Lupini, A.B. in Social Work Iron Mountain, Mich. Jules Andre Lussier, A.B. in Mathematics Bellingham, Mass. Keith Lusted, B.M. in Organ Mt. Vernon, Iowa George D. Lutz, LL.B Lapeer, Mich. Norman Luxenberg, A.B. in German and Russian Clevolnnd, Ohio Jean Lyman, B.M. in Voice Norwich, Conn. Kathryn A. Lynch, A.B. in Education Grosse Pointe, Mich. Ole W. Lyngklip, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. George K. MacAllister, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Jackson, Mich. William N. MacDermott, B.S. in Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Arlene E. MacDonald, B.D. in Industrial Design Ann Arbor, Mich. James D. MacDonald, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Rock Island, III. MaryLee MacDonald, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Theodore H. MacDonald, B.D. in Interior Design Ann Arbor, Mich. William B. MacGowan, B.M. in Organ Jacksonville, Fla. Malcom MacGregor, B.S. in Mathematics Plymouth, Mich. Donald MacKay, B.B.A. in Accounting Highland Park, Mich. Robert A. MacKay, A.B. in Economics . . . Detroit, Mich. Barbara MacLachlan, A.B. in Sociology Mt. Clemens, Mich. Bruce B. MacMillan, M.D Aliquippa, Pa. William MacRitchie, LL.B. in Law Hillsdale, Mich. Robert C. MacVeety, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Mineola, N.Y. Herbert E. Madalin, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. John M. Madden, A.B. in History Escanaba, Mich. Paul P. Magnus, M.D Oracabessa, Jamaica, B.W.I. William E. Magnus, M.D Oracabessa, Jamaica, B.W.I. John A. Main, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Jackson, Mich. Lawrence E. Maisel, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Newark, N.J. Ursula M. Maister, A.B. in German Ardsley, N.Y. Shirley L. Maitland, A.B. in Journalism Manistique, Mich. Thomas T. Makielski, M.B.A. in Industrial Management Edwardsburg, Mich. Monte Malach, M.D Newark, N.J. Clarence R. Mallon, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. 19 49 1949 1949 1949 Patricia M. Maloney, A.B. in Journalism Evanston, III. Richard J. Maloy, A.B. in Letters Lorain, Ohio Arthur E. Mancl, A.B. in Architecture Riverside, III. Leonard E. Mandville, B.S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. John V. Manikoff, LL.B. in Law Detroit, Mich. Sunday J. Manilla, B.S. in Education Skaneateles, N.Y. Walter F. Manley, Jr., B.S. in Zoology Roanoke. Va. Curtis L. Mann, A.B. in Law St. Louis, Mo. Ward P. Mann, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Alexander J. Manulik, B.S. in Geology West Haven, Conn. Aaron L. Manwaring, B.M. in Music Education Tecumseh, Mich. Howard N. Manz, M.D Detroit, Mich. Isabelle Mapes, A.B. in Spanish Muskegon, Mich. James G. Marchewkas, A.B. in Journalism Lake Orion, Mich. William J. Marcoux, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth E. Marcus, A.B. in Spanish Larchmont, N.Y. Evelyn M. Marczan, A.B. in Sociology Port Huron, Mich. Ross D. Margeson, D.D.S. Nanaimo, B.C., Canada Edward A. Marheine, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Wauwatosa, Wis. Paul C. Marince, B.D. in Advertising Morrisdale, Pa. Gretchen Markle, A.B. in French Rochester, Mich. Fred S. Marks, A.B. in Anthropology Pittsburgh, Pa. John R. Marks, Jr., B.S. in Industrial Engineering Newport News, Va. Marilyn E. Marks, A.B. in Speech Worchester, Mass. Homer L. Marple, M.A. in Education Guidance McMechen, W.Va. Marilyn E. Marsh, B.S.E. in Physics Ypsilanti, Mich. Marvin S. Marshall, B.S. in Chemistry Ann Arbor, Mich. Barbara Martin, A.B. in Speech Correction Detroit, Mich. James R. Martin, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Lewis W. Martin, Jr., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ypsilanti, Mich. Margaret E. Martin, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Robert A. Martin, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Newton, Mass. Rock J. Martin, B.B.A. Coloma, Mich. Suzanne Martin, A.B. in History Dayton, Ohio Thomas A. Martin, A.B. in Economics Monroe, Mich. Rudolph A. Martinak, B.S. in Science and Mathematics Endicott, N.Y. 1949 1949 1949 19 Pedro Martinez-Gryza, D.D.S Mexico City, Mexico Ruth A. Martini, B.S. in Physical Education Detroit, Mich. William L. Marvin, B.S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. Helen Marx, A.B. in English Literature Brockton, Mass. Phyllis J. Marx, A.B. in Mathematics Midland, Mich. Cipriano S. Masiclat, Jr., B.S. in Electrical Engineering Manila, P.I. Albert C. Maslin, A.B. in Economics Shenandoah, Pa. Richard t. Mason, B.S. in Civil Engineering Nashville, Mich. Robert G. Mason, LL.B. in Law Ann Arbor, Mich. Dolores R. Massey, A.B. in Education Grosse Pointe, Mich. Doris C. Massey, B.B.A. in Accounting Wichita, Kan. Sane Massey, A.B. in Psychology Chicago, III. Glenn E. Massie, B.S. in Forestry Carthage, III. Sam F. Massie, Jr., B.B.A. Three Rivers, Mich. Don E. Mather, B.S. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Andrew M. Mattey, M.D Huron, Ohio Earl R. Matthews, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Barbara Maul, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Charles V. Mauney, LL.B. in Law Bloomington, III. James M. May, B.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. Melvin M. May, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Willow Village, Mich. Rosalie Mayer, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Ernest Mayerfield, A.B. in Letters and Law Brooklyn, N.Y. Byron L. Mays, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Adrian, Mich. Gilbert E. Mazer, A.B. in Psychology Cleveland, Ohio Joe T. Mazzola, B.B.A Akron, Ohio Joan T. McAllen, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Owen R. McAllister, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Painted Post, N.Y. William D. McAwinch, B.S. in Education Detroit, Mich. Barbara S. McBride, A.B. in English Sioux City, Iowa Lois E. McBride, A.B. in Sociology Frankfort, Ind. Edward H. McCallig, B.S. in Naval Architecture Washington, D.C. Eugenia B. McCallum, A.B. in Speech Portland, Me. Harold L. McCallum, B.B.A.-M.B.A Grosse Pointe, Mich. Marguerite R. McCann, B.S. in Zoology Bay City, Mich. Edwin T. McCarthy, M.B.A. Grand Rapids, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 John F. McCarthy, A.B. in Education Watertown, N.Y. Bruce McCarty, A.B. in Architecture Knoxville, Tenn. Ernest N. McCarus, M.A. in Romance Languages Charleston, W.Va. Boyd L. McCaslin, B.S. in Physical Education Bremerton, Wash. Jack A. McClary, B.B.A. in Accounting Grand Rapids, Mich. Adam C. McClay, M.D. Holland, Mich. Edgar R. McCleery, A.B. in Economics Quincy, III. John A. McCleery, B.S. in Civil Engineering . .Jackson, Mich. Alan C. McClure, B.S. in Naval Architecture Yonkers, N.Y. Richard F. McClure, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Lewisburg, Pa. William E. McCoppin, B.S. in Civil Engineering Huntington, W.Va. Thomas J. McCormack, B.S. in Civil Engineering New York, N.Y. Hestro J. McCoy, A.B. in Mathematics Saline, Mich. Donald W. McCready, Jr., B.S. in Science and Mathematics Ann Arbor, Mich. Sally H. McCready, B.D Ann Arbor, Mich. Lawrence H. McCrorey III, B.S. in Zoology Camden, N.J. James H. McCurdie, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Barbara J. McDermott, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Rodney J. McDiarmid, B.S. in Civil Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Joseph R. McDonald, A.B. in History Saginaw, Mich. Charles R. McDonald, Jr., B.S. in Forestry Chicago, III. Robert McDonald, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Miami, Fla. Roy C. McElhaney, M.B.A. in Accounting San Angelo, Tex. David J. McElroy, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Louis P. McEnderfer, B.M. in Music Education Huntington, Ind. Donald A. McFadden, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering . . Dearborn, Mich. Sarah J. McGee, A.B. in Sociology Warsaw, N.Y. Robert E. McGhee, B.B.A. in Sales Management Detroit, Mich. Fred A. McGlinnen, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. John T. McGraw, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Archibald D. McGregor, A.B. in History Pittsburgh, Pa. Bailiss C. Mclnnis, B.S. in Wood Technology Corpus Christ!, Tex. Patricia A. McKenna, A.B. in Speech Snyder, N.Y. William J. McKenna, LL.B. in Law Chicago, III. John B. McKeon, M.B.A. in Marketing River Forest, III. John M. McKillen, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 19 Mary Ann McKinney, B.S. in Psychology Dea rborn, Mich. George Mclaughlin, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Donald C. McLean, M.D Detroit, Mich. Robert McLean, D.D.S. . . Montclair, N.J. Rosalie M. McLean, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. William F. McLean, A.B. in Journalism Wyandotte, Mich. Robert J. McLeod, A.B. in Letters Saginaw, Mich. Gordon W. McMillan, B.S. in Geology Calgary, Alberta, Canada John A. McNab, B.D. in Industrial Design .Ferndale, Mich. William S. McNabb, B.B.A. in Finance Grand Rapids, Mich. Romaine T. McNamara, A.B. in Economics . . Boxboro, Mass. Edward D. McNeill, B.B.A Toledo, Ohio Marilynn A. McNinch, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Edward G. McPherson, A.B. in History Howell, Mich. Louis R. Mead, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Bay City, Mich. Thomas H. Meade, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Millwood, Va. Harold M. Meadow, B.S. in Geology Philadelphia, Pa. Patricia A. Meanwell, A.B. in Speech Correction Ann Arbor, Mich. Marilyn J. Mears, B.S. in Astronomy Gar den City, N.Y. Philip J. Meathe, B.A. in Architecture Grosse Pointe, Mich. Fred M. Medwedeff, B.S. in Mathematics Flint, Mich. Menu C. Mehta, M.A. in Medicine Bombay, India Howard Mehaffey, D.D.S Ann Arbor, Mich. Nanalal C. Mehta, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Palanpur, India Everett R. Meier, B.S. in Forestry Muskegon, Mich. Frank J. Meiners, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering St. Louis, Mo. Frank T. Meisel, D.D.S Bay City, Mich. Margery A. Melton, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Detroit, Mich. Glenn E. Mencer, B.B.A. Smethport, Pa. Helen F. Meranda, A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. George V. Mercer, B.B.A. in Marketing Los Angeles, Calif. Maurice R. Merlau, B.A. in Architecture Rochester, N.Y. David E. Merriam, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Willow Village, Mich. Theodore B. Merrill, Jr., A.B. in Psychology New York, N.Y. Patricia A. Merritt, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Phyllis J. Merritt, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. 191 49 1949 1949 1949 Edward T. Merry, B.S. in Physical Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Ralph H. Mertz, M.B.A Detroit, Mich. Nathaniel B. Messinger, M.D Brooklyn, N.Y. Norma J. Metier, A.B. in Psychology Mt. Clemens, Mich. Robert W. Metzger, B.S. in Mathematics and Aeronautical Engineering Rochester, N.Y. Donald F. Meyer, B.S. in Chemistry Saginaw, Mich. George H. Meyer, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Roberta B. Meyers, B.M. in Music Literature Highland Park, Mich. : . , Barbara E. Miatech, A.B. in English Mohawk, Mich. Alex Mich, Jr., B.S. in Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Loraine M. Mich, A.B. in History Bay City, Mich. David M. Michaelson, A.B. in Letters and Law Chicago, III. Sally L. Mick, B.M. in Music Education Sturgis, Mich. Edgar R. Micllef, A.B. in Speech Brooklyn, N.Y. Portia Middlesworth, A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Mich. William Mikkelsen, M.D Blue Earth, Minn. Ludwig J. Mikulich, B.S. in Transportation Willow Village, Mich. Donald L. Milbourn, B.B.A. in Management Pontiac, Mich. David J. Millard, B.S. in Zoology Three Rivers, Mich. Allen L. Miller, M.B.A Shaker Heights, Ohio Barbara J. Miller, A.B. in Religion and Ethics Pontiac, Mich. Bruce J. Miller, B.S. in Forestry Barrington, III. Dolores E. Miller, A.B. in English Monroe, Mich. Donald E. Miller, A.B. in Economics Port Huron, Mich. Gloria M. Miller, B.S. in Physical Education Springfield, Mass. James B. Miller, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Owosso, Mich. James E. Miller, B.B.A Bay City, Mich. Louise T. Miller, B.S. in Chemistry New York, N.Y. Lucille E. Miller, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Merrill C. Miller, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Paul G. Miller, Jr., B.M. in Music Education South Bend, Ind. Robert D. Miller, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Chicago, III. Robert H. Miller, B.S. in Naval Architecture Dexter, Mich. Robert Miller, Jr., B.S. in Forestry Richmond, Ind. Thomas A. Miller, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Plymouth, Mich. Thomas B. Miller, M.S. in Wood Technology Waukegan, III. 1949 1949 1949 19 Peyton A. Millhench, M.A. in Education Carson City, Mich. Robert B. Millman, Jr., A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Gerald J. Millstein, B.B.A Lawrence, N.Y. Morris Milmet, LL.B. Holly, Mich. Judy Minogue, A.B. in Speech Cleveland Heights, Ohio Anita Minor, A.B. in Education Trenton, Mich. John T. Minor, A.B. in History Washington, D.C. Doris M. Mitchell, R.N Philadelphia, Pa. David A. Mittler, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Lai D. M ' Malani, B.S. in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture. . Bombay, India Donald H. Molewyk, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. Elba Molina, M.D San Juan, Puerto Rico Russell F. Moline, B.S. in Civil Engineering Ludington, Mich. Ruth K. Mollnow, B.B.A Perry, N.Y. Margaret J. Mongeau, A.B. in Speech Correction Chicago, III. Robert Montague, B.B.A Flint, Mich. Kenneth W. Montgomery, B.S. in Forestry Petersburg, III. Shirley S. Montgomery, B.S. in Medical Technology Findlay, Ohio Blair Moody, A.B. in Economics Washington, D.C. Betsey S. Moore, A.B. in English Grand Rapids, Mich. Charles L. Moore, B.B.A. in Accounting Almont, Mich. Glenna M. Moore, A.B. in Journalism Grand Rapids, Mich. Juan W. Moran, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Manila, P.I. Robert R. Morand, B.B.A Bay City, Mich. Theresa M. Morelli, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Clara M. Morey, A.B. in Spanish Charlotte, Mich. Edwin E. Morey, A.B. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Charles S. Morgan, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Toledo, Ohio Herbert L. Morgan, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Allegan, Mich. Paul E. Morgan, A.B. in Speech Rushville, Ind. George W. Morley, M.D Toledo, Ohio Mere Moroff, R.N Detroit, Mich. Basil D. Morris, B.B.A. in Accounting Otsego, Mich. Douglas C. Morris, A.B. in Architecture Rochester, N.Y. John M. Morris, A.B. in English Ferndale, Mich. Philip W. Morris, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Lakewood, Ohio 49 1949 194 9 1949 Alger E. Morrison, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pittsburgh, Pa. Howard R. Morrison, M.S. in Engineering Mechanics Trenton, Mich. Ralph E. Morrison, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. John R. Morrissey, B.B.A. Stockbridge, Mich. Joan F. Mortell, A.B. in Spanish Green Bay, Wis. George H. Morton, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Newton, Mass. Anne L. Mosher, B.S. in Chemistry Palo Alto, Calif. George G. Moshos, B.S. in Physics Engineering Muskegon, Mich. Frank M. Mosier, B.B.A Royal Oak, Mich. Kermit C. Moss, B.B.A Dexter, Mich. Claude F. Mousty, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Sami E. Mukhtar, B.S. in Civil Engineering Basrah, India Jerry B. Mulder, D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. Russell H. Mullen, A.B. in Journalism Ann Arbor, Mich. James E. Mulligan, A.B. in Mathematics Washington, D.C. Ellen N. Mulvihill, A.B. in Spanish East Grand Rapids, Mich. William M. Mundus, A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Mich. Frank G. Munger, B.B.A. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Annette C. Munn, A.B. in Philosophy New York, N.Y. Barbara Munn, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Jose R. Munoz, M.A. in Library Science Santiago, Dominican Republic Seiji Murashige, B.S. in Civil Engineering Waialua, Oahu,T.H. Waldo R. Murphy, B.B.A Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Charles G. Murray, A.B. in Science and Mathematics Detroit, Mich. David C. Murray, Jr., B.S. in Electrical Engineering Dexter, Mich. Donald R. Murray, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pittsfield, Mich. Robert J. Murray, D.D.S. Elmira, N.Y. Nancy L. Musselman, A.B. in English Royal Oak, Mich. Sara A. Musselman, A.B. in Economics East Lansing, Mich. Joseph W. Musser, B.S. in Zoology Honolulu, T.H. Elizabeth R. Myers, A.B. in English South Bend, Ind. Frank A. Myers, Jr., B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Akron, Ohio Ronald B. Myers, Jr., B.S. in Civil Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Myron J. Nadler, LL.B. in Law Youngstown, Ohio Frank S. Nagy, B.B.A. in Accounting .Youngstown, Ohio Aram J. Nahabedian, B.B.A Highland Park, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 19- Frank Nakamura, B.S. in Physical Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Betty B. Nancarrow, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Arthur C. Napoli, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Holliswood, L.I., N.Y. Jovita C. Nativad, M.A. in Education Malolos, Bulacan, P.I. William H. Nault, M.A. in Education Administration Ishpeming, Mich. Nelson W. Navarre, B.B.A. in Marketing Ann Arbor, Mich. Joseph Naymik, A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Priscilla A. Nebel, A.B. in Journalism Gladstone, Mich. Allan Neef, A.B. in Economics . . Grosse Pointe, Mich. Thomasine I. Neering, B.S. in Zoology Bay City, Mich. Betty K. Neff, R.N Grand Rapids, Mich. John f. Nehman, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Auldin H. Nelson. A.B. in Architecture Flint, Mich. Francis G. Nelson, A.B. in Philosophy Grand Rapids, Mich. Holly E. Nelson, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Onekama, Mich. John F. Nelson, B.M. in Music Education Ishpeming, Mich. Robert C. Nelson, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Sigrid J. Nelson, A.B. in Journalism Berkley, Mich. Suzanne F. Nelson, A.B. in Speech Ripley, N.Y. Robert J. Netzel, B.S. in Chemistry Pontiac, Mich. John W. Neuenschwander, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Akron, Ohio Anthony J. Neuwirth, B.S. in Civil Engineering Kapuskasing, Ont. Patricia L. Newberg, A.B. in Psychology Ludington, Mich. Barbara J. Newell. A.B. in English Deckerville, Mich. James N. Newman. A.B. in English Mackinac Island, Mich. John A. Newman, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. William F. Newton, Jr., A.B. in Speech Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Paul A. Nibbelink, A.B. in Journalism Kalamazoo, Mich. Donn M. Nichols, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chagrin Falls, Ohio Robert E. Nichols, LL.B. in Law Grand Rapids, Mich. Virginia S. Nicklas, A.B. in Spanish Pittsburgh, Pa. Charles E. Nielsen, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Muskegon, Mich. Robert B. Niemann, A.B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Mich. Clarke I. Niemi, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Wakefield, Mich. Wyba Nienhuis, M.B.A. in Accounting Holland, Mich. Marvin A. Nochman, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Ralph E. Norman, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Jackson, Mich. Ann L. Norris, A.B. in Education Cleveland, Ohio Charles F. North, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Wakerville, Mich. Arthur H. Northrup, LL.B. in Law Indianapolis, Ind. Hanna F. Norton, A.B. in Psychology Willow Village, Mich. Harriet S. Norton, A.B. in Speech Erie, Pa. Perry L. Norton, Jr., B.L.A. in City Planning Marquette, Mich. Sally L. Norton, A.B. in Education Jackson, Mich. Robert W. Noser, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Rochester, N.Y. William G. Nugent, B.S. in Pharmacy Ann Arbor, Mich. Ernest M. Nuler, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Charles S. Nute, B.B.A. in Marketing Dearborn, Mich. John H. Obee, B.B.A. in Accounting West Palm Beach, Fla. Mary Obsniuk, R.N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Lee C. O ' Connor, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Mary A. O ' Connor, A.B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Mich. Patricia A. O ' Connor, A.B. in Mathematics Kansas City, Mo. Frederick C. O ' Dell, M.D Ann Arbor, Mich. Nesby E. O ' Dell, M.A. in Education Winter Park, Fla. Lyman W. Oehring, Jr., B.B.A. in Accounting Saginaw, Mich. Martin C. Getting, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Paul R. O ' hara, LL.B Detroit, Mich. William C. Ohlinger, B.S. in Physics Engineering Brockport, N.Y. Charles H. Ohlsson, A.B. in Journalism Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Nedra E. Ohmstede, B.M. in Music Education Hartford, Mich. Xavier M. Okon, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Raymond N. Okonski, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Marvin M. Okun, LL.B. in Law Kalamazoo, Mich. Dudley Olcott, Jr., B.B.A Big Flats, N.Y. Franklin H. O ' Leary, LL.B Kansas City, Mo. Robert E. Olsen, A.B. in History Escanaba, Mich. Robert J. Olshefsky, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Helen Olsher, A.B. in Education Bangor, Mich. Edward C. Olson, B.S. in Chemistry Holland, Mich. Florence I. Olson, B.S. in Zoology Escanaba, Mich. Herbert H. Olson, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Willow Village, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 194) Norman C. Olson, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Royal Oak, Mich. Mary C. O ' Neill, A.B. in Psychology Saline, Mich. William L. O ' Neill, B.S. in Economics Berkley, Mich. Robert C. Oom, D.D.S Grand Rapids, Mich. Silas E. O ' Quinn, M.D Glenwood, Ga. Carlos R. Ordonez, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Guatemala, Guatemala Louis L. Orlin, A.B. Honors in Letters Newark, N.J. Jack H. Ornee, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. Ladd J. Orr, B.D. in Industrial Design . .Lansing, Mich. Donald Ralph Oseid, A.B. Traverse City, Mich. Leon D. Ostrander, Jr., A.B. in Chemistry Dearborn, Mich. William H. Ostrander, A.B. in Political Science Romeo, Mich. Donald A. O ' Toole, LL.B. in Law Kalamazoo, Mich. Gerald Anthony O ' Toole, M.B.A Detroit, Mich. Fred Albert Otto, B.B.A. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert A. Overly, Jr., A.B. in Economics Youngstown, Ohio Margaret E. Oritt, A.B. in Mathematics Utica, N.Y. Garth L. Owen, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Royal Oak, Mich. Ann E. Owens, A.B. in French Ypsilanti, Mich. Robert G. Oxenger, B.S. in Pharmacy Reading, Mich. Arthur F. Paarfusser, B.S. in Forestry Milwaukee, Wis. Kenneth F. Packer, B.S. in Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering Hudsonville, Mich. Burleigh T. Packwood, D.D.S Billings, Mont. Barbara B. Page, A.B. in Philosophy Ann Arbor, Mich. John S. Page, LL.B. Elgin, III. John O. Paivinen, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Middletown, Calif. Gloria Palazzolo, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Beverly S. Palmer, A.B Detroit, Mich. Mary S. Palmer, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Higgenbottom Q. Pallbearer, Ph.D. in Modern Dance Ecstasy, Tex. Georgia M. Panteleon, A.B. in Social Studies Detroit, Mich. Dolores H. Papierski, B.S. in Zoology Skokie, III. Gus G. Pappas, B.S. in El ectrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Jayant M. Parekh, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Sehore, India Manhar S. Parikh, M.B.A. in Finance Bombay, India Anne B. Parker, B.B.A Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Douglas S. Parker, A.B. in Greek LaPorte, Ind. Gooch V. Parker, B.B.A. in Accounting Ann Arbor, Mich. Grant Oliver Parker, A.B. in Economics Sturgis, Mich. Donald H. Parkes, B.S.M.E. in Mechanical Engineering Gaylord, Mich. Russell W. Parkinson, Jr., B.S.M.E. in Mechanical Engineering Jackson, Mich. Thomas F. Parnell, B.S. in Pharmacy Ann Arbor, Mich. Aloysius P. Parpidunk, B.S. in Bar-room Sweeping Brooklyn, N.Y. Virgina A. Parrish, A.B. in History Port Huron, Mich. LJ V 4tf W mifr Jean S. Parrot, B.B.A Fort Wayne, Ind. Lewis D. Parry, B.S. in Physical Education Detroit, Mich. Edward L. Parsegan, B.S. in Forestry Hasbrouck Heights, N.J. Ruth M. Parsons, B.S. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Alan Pasch, A.B. Honors in Letters Cleveland Heights, Ohio Allegro Pasqualetti, A.B. in Political Science Fostoria, Ohio John F. Passfield, B.S. in Engineering Mt. Clemens, Mich. Richard R. Paterson, B.S. in Zoology Sandusky, Mich. Carleton C. Patterson, Jr., A.B. in English Birmingham, Mich. Donald L. Patterson, B.S. in Zoology Ironwood, Mich. Donna C. Paul, R.N Renville, Minn. John K. Paul, D.D.S. Flint, Mich. Wilbur Paul, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. Clifford R. Paulson, B.S. in Physics Engineering Flint, Mich. Carolyn H. Pautke, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Ronald R. Pawlak, A.B. in English Bay City, Mich. Stanley D. Peacock, A.B. in Architecture Flint, Mich. Carol A. Peak, A.B. in Education Elyria, Ohio Raymond Pearlson, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Arverne, N.Y. Arthur F. Pears, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Moline, III. Gerald R. Pearsall, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Charlotte L. Peck, A.B. in History Penns Grove, N.J. Elizabeth J. Peck, A.B. in Journalism Bay City, Mich. Lydia Pekarsky, B.M. in Piano Gary, Ind. Arthur J. Peltier II, A.B. in Political Science Muskegon, Mich. Robert K. Pendergrass, M.D Dallas, Tex. Patricia A. Penman, B.M. in Piano Dayton, Ohio Jerome Pepper, B.S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 19. Arthur F. Perkins, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Albert P. Perlin, Jr., LL.B DesPlaines, III. Robert L. Perrin, B.S. in Wood Technology Pittsburgh, Pa. Charles F. Perry, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. John W. Perry, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Nancy R. Perry, A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Wilbur J. Perry, A.B. in Music New Brunswick, N.J. Alexander M. Petach, B.S. in Physics Perth Amboy, N.J. . Patricia Peter, A.B. in General Science Grosse Pointe, Mich. Nathan S. Peterman, LL.B. in law Monroe, Mich. Mary C. Peters, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Augustus J. Petersen, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Basking Ridge, N.J. Carl L. Peterson, A.B. in History ; Manistee, Mich. David W. Peterson, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Rock Hill, Mo. Frederick J. Peterson, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Gwendolyn Peterson, A.B. in Education Grayling, Mich. Howard C. Peterson, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Escanaba, Mich. Kenneth L. Peterson, A.B. in Journalism Grayling, Mich. Reuben W. Peterson, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Galien, Mich. Bruno A. Petruccione, B.B.A Amsterdam, N.Y. Robert M. Petteys, LL.B. in Law Howell, Mich. Austin E. Pettyjohn, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. John E. Pfeifer, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering East Lansing, Mich. John A. Pflug, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Walled Lake, Mich. Edward W. Pfluke, Jr., A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. James R. Phelan, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Trenton, Mich. Raphael G. Phillips, B.S. in Zoology Bay City, Mich. Reginald W. Phillips, B.S. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald G. Philp, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Mt. Clemens, Mich. Eleanor F. Phipps, R.N.-B.S. in Nursing Youngstown, Ohio Joseph Pichert, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Cleveland, Ohio Helen L. Pierce, A.B. in Russian Coldwater, Ohio Patricia R. Pierce, M.A. in Piano Alva, Okla. Robert G. Pierce, A.B. in Economics Kalamazoo, Mich. Robert S. Pierce, B.S. in Forestry and Wildlife Washington, D.C. Marjorie A. Pino, A.B. in Mathematics Plymouth, Mich. 9 1949 1949 1949 Frank J. Pipp, Jr., A.B. in Economics Iron Mountain, Mich. LaVerne R. Pitcher, B.B.A. in Accounting North Branch, Mich. Stanley C. Plagenhoef, B.S. in Physical Education Holland, Mich. Arthur F. Plant, Jr., B.S. in Civil Engineering Birmingham, Mich. Joseph N. Plazonja, A.B. in Spanish Brooklyn, N.Y. Phyllis N. Pletcher, A.B. in Speech Muskegon, Mich. David L. Poindexter, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Chattanooga, Tenn. Moymir M. Polakovich, M.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert C. Polakowich, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. Amelia Polimac, A.B. in Russian Monroe, Mich. Isadore Pollicoff, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Joan Pollock, R.N Windsor, Ont., Canada Don A. Pomering, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Don F. Pon, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Robert J. Ponitz, B.S. in Science and Mathematics Bay City, Mich. Betty E. Poppe, R.N Royal Oak, Mich. Camille Porch, B.S. in Pharmacy Dearborn, Mich. Charles F. Porter, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Bay City, Mich. Kenneth B. Porter, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Lee B. Porter, B.B.A New Orleans, La. Philip B. Porter, M.D Hillsboro, Ore. Richard R. Porter, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert C. Porter, A.B. in Economics Cincinnati, Ohio Robert C. Porter, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. George J. Forth, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. James D. Portz, B.S. in Wood Technology Toledo, Ohio John E. Post, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Schenectady, N.Y. Sherman C. Poteet, A.B. in Spanish St. Louis, Mo. Edward H. Potthoff, Jr., A.B. in Political Science Dearborn, Mich. Edward A. Potts, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Lucille B. Potts, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. George G. Poy, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Marjorie L. Poyner, R.N Winchester, Ind. Haldee M. Prager, A.B. in Speech Midland, Mich Theodore F. Prall, B.S. in Civil Engineering Boonton, N.J. Dempsey J. Prappas, A.B. in Political Science Ann Arbor, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 19 W. Madison Presnell, B.S. in Zoology Knoxville, Tenn. Richard B. Preston, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. John A. Prevel, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Evelyn D. Price, A.B. in Psychology LaGrange, III. Harold M. Price, A.B. in Economics Muskegon, Mich. Leo V. Price, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Belleville, Mich. William R. Price, A.B. in Sociology Scarborough, N.Y. Donald W. Pride, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Paul E. Prill, M.B.A. in Management Fort Wayne, Ind. Arthur C. Prine, Jr., LL.B. in Law Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald H. Prior, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering . .Detroit, Mich. Benjamin S. Pritchard, B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Ann Arbor, Mich. John Proeschel, Jr., M.B.A. . . Toledo, Ohio Arthur F. Prosper, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Robert W. Prusa, A.B. in English Herbert, Mich. Jerome A. Przybylowicz, M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Joanne L. Pullon, A.B. in Economics Kalamazoo, Mich. Francis W. Purdy, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering . .Sturgis, Mich. Richard B. Purdy, A.B. in Architectural Construction Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. Rowlan J. Purdy, A.B. in Political Science Litchfield, Mich. William O. Puro, B.S. in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. Ironwood, Mich. leroy Putney, A.B. in Geography Ann Arbor, Mich. John L. Pyles, B.S. in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Olean, N.Y. Mahmoud A. Qalla, M.S. in Civil Engineering Safad, Palestine John I. Quimby, B.B.A. in Marketing Fruitport, Mich. James R. Quinn, M.D Birmingham, Mich. Mary L. Quinn, A.B. in Speech Birmingham, Mich. Marion E. Quinnell, A.B. in Psychology Marquette, Mich. Blaine A. Robbers, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering . Kalamazoo, Mich. Donald R. Racine, B.M. in Music Education Northville, Mich. Lester T. Radcliff, B.B.A. Lansing, Mich. R. Covell Radcliffe, A.B. in Speech Whitehall, Mich. Jean G. Rae, B.S. in Pharmacy Snyder, N.Y. Barbara M. Raitt, A.B. in Psychology Brooklyn, N.Y. Eugene C. Raka, B.S. in Physics Detroit, Mich. Albert S. Rakas, A.B. in Political Science Chicago, III. 49 1949 1949 1949 Forrest H. Ramsdell, B.S. in Wood Technology Ann Arbor, Mich. Kenneth W. Randle, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Denver, Colo. Kathryn M. Randolph, A.B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Mich. Stuart C. Rankin, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Robert E. Rann, A.B. in Philosophy lansing, Mich. George P. Ransom, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Traverse City, Mich. Norman L. Rappapont, A.B. in English Brooklyn, N.Y. Herman R. Rasch, B.S. in Civil Engineering Petoskey, Mich. Robert E. Rasche, A.B. in Architectural Construction Milwaukee, Wis. Adeline M. Rasmussen, A.B. in Journalism Negaunee, Mich. Phyllis D. Rasmussen, B.M. in Music Education Cedar, Mich. George C. Raszus, A.B. in English Battle Creek, Mich. Peggy L. Rathke, B.S. in Zoology Rockford, III. Alice J. Rauch, B.D. in Advertising Design Detroit, Mich. Carl T. Rauch, Jr., B.S. in Zoology Cadillac, Mich. Irene R. Ravick, A.B. in Psychology Pittsburgh, Pa. Herbert F. Ray, A.B. in History Far Rockaway, N.Y. Charles C. Raymond, B.S. in Aercnautical Engineering Coldwater, Mich. Marion E. Razes, A.B. in Sociology Rochester, N.Y. James B. Reading, B.S. in Zoology Rochester, Mich. James A. Reagen, A.B. in Economics Wilmette, III. Barbara J. Ream, A.B. in Psychology Somerset, Pa. Walter M. Ream, B.B.A. in Marketing Willow Village, Mich. Joan M. Reams, Dental Hygienist Saginaw, Mich. Marjorie A. Reber, A.B. in English Fremont, Mich. Glasco W. Rector, B.S. in Geology Detroit, Mich. John W. Rector, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Mich. Roger L. Redding, B.S. in Forestry Lake Nebagamon, Wis. Mary J. Reddinger, B.S. in Public Health Nursing Manistee, Mich. Patricia A. Reed, A.B. in Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard A. Reed, D.D.S. Sanford, Me. Stuart M. Reed, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Howell, Mich. Guy A. Reem, Jr., A.B. in Political Science ....................... Detroit, Mich. Paul A. Reger, B.S. in Chemical Engineering .................... Sylvania, Ohio Harold W. Rehm, A.B. in Economics ............................ Seattle, Wash. Calvin A. Rehtmeyer, B.S. in Chemical Engineering .............. Pittsburgh, Pa. 1949 1949 1949 Edward A. Reid, B.S. in Forestry ............................ Northville, Mich. Jacqueline Reid, A.B. in Spanish ............................. Essex Falls, N.J. Wilbur H. Reider, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering ....... New York, N.Y. James F. Reineck, A.B. in History ............................... Detroit, Mich. Effie A. Reiner, B.S. in Botany New York, N.Y. Walter H. Reinhardt, B.S. in Forestry St. Joseph, Mich. John M. Reinhardt, LL.B. in Law Cranford, N.J. Robert R. Reinheimer, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Robert V. Reinke, B.S. in Engineering Physics Ann Arbor, Mich. James A. Reiss, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Lawrence A. Reister, M.B.A. Buffalo, N.Y. Roberta Reiter, A.B. in Political Science Chicago, III. Stanley H. Reitman, B.B.A. in Accounting Brooklyn, N.Y. Charles R. Remsburg, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Allan M. Renfrew, B.S. in Physical Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Ellsworth J. Renier, B.S. in Civil Engineering Duluth, Minn. Mary E. RensFord, A.B. in Education . Huntington, W.Va. Walter F. Renz, M.B.A Ann Arbor, Mich. Elizabeth Rettew, B.B.A. Erie, Pa. Diana N. Reynol, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. John S. Reynolds, B.S. in Zoology . . Irwin, Pa. John J. Riccardo, A.B. in Economics. . Little Falls, N.Y. Clarence A. Rice, M.B.A. Dearborn, Mich. Betsy D. Richards, A.B. in Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Elaine Richards, R.N Benton Harbor, Mich. Elmer V. Richards, M.S. in Forestry Chicago, III. Sally Richards, A.B. in Education Flint, Mich. Joan P. Richardson, B.S. in Physics Scotia, N.Y. Phyllis M. Richardson, R.N. Detroit, Mich. Shirley A. Richardson, A.B. in Sociology Caro, Mich. Robert L. Richmond, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Owosso, Mich. Paul M. Rider, B.B.A. in Accounting Cleveland Heights, Ohio John D. Riezel, B.B.A. in Retailing Monroe, Mich. Kenneth F. Riehle, B.S. in Geology Milwaukee, Wis. Elmer C. Rifas, A.B. in Psychology Bronx, N.Y. Marjorie J. Riggs, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Wallace D. Riley, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. David D. Ring, J.D. in Law Cedar Rapids, Iowa Nancy J. Ringland, A.B. in Letters and Law Royal Oak, Mich. Dolores E. Rink, B.S. in Zoology Grosse Pointe, Mich. Wallace Rinz, B.S. in Pharmacy Miami, Fla. William R. Ripley, A.B. in Mathematics Portsmouth, Va. Harriet Risk, B.M. in Cello Muskegon Heights, Mich. Robert Riskin, A.B. in English Brooklyn, N.Y. Matthew J. Ritsema, M.S. in Civil Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Carol A. Rivkin, A.B. in Political Science Brooklyn, N.Y. Gladys F. Rivkind, A.B. in Economics Worcester, Mass. Benjamin A. Roach, B.S. in Forestry East Brady, Pa. Donald H. Roach, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Judith A. Robbins, A.B. in English Owosso, Mich. Richard G. Robbins, A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. William C. Roberts, B.B.A. in Accounting Harmon-on-Hudson, N.Y. John C. Robertson, B.S. in Civil Engineering Birmingham, Mich. Elizabeth E. Robinson, B.M. in Organ Albany, N.Y. Loren T. Robinson, Jr., LL.B Detroit, Mich. Mary M. Robinson, B.S. in Chemistry Wilmette, III. Robert S. Robinson, Jr., A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Wilfrid Robinson, Jr., B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering . Plymouth, Mich. William C. Robinson, M.A. in Education Detroit, Mich. William L. Robinson, LL.B Detroit, Mich. Frank F. Robison, B.S. in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering ... Bay City, Mich. Patricia Robson, A.B. in History Southbridge, Mass. Thomas W. Roche, B.S. in Chemistry Miami, Fla. John E. Rodger, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Oswald J. Rodgers, A.B. in Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert B. Rodgers, A.B. in Architectural Construction Nashville, Tenn. Chester T. Roe, Jr., M.D Detroit, Mich. Edythe R. Rogal, A.B. in Speech Correction Pittsburgh, Pa. Betty J. Rogers, R.N Saginaw, Mich. Joseph V. Rogers, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. Marilyn J. Rogers, A.B. in Education Pontiac, Mich. Mary F. Rogers, B.D. in Industrial Design New Rochelle, N.Y. 1949 1949 1949 19- Orin C. Rogers, B.B.A. Wayne, Mich. Shirley J. Rogers, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. S. Michael Rogers, Jr., A.B. in History Scarsdale, N.Y. Suzanne Rogers, Dental Hygienist Big Rapids, Mich. John C. Rohrbaugh, LL.B Zanesville, Ohio Leo J. Romzick, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Paul R. Romzick, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. John S. Roney, Jr., B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Jim Robert D. Roosma, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Cleveland, Ohio Alfred Rose, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering New York, N.Y. Geraldyn A. Rose, B.M. in Music Education Marshall, Mich. Julie Marie Rose, A.B. in Psychology Scarsdale, N.Y. Robert H. Rose, A.B. in Philosophy Grand Rapids, Mich. Arlynn R. Rosen, A.B. in Music Detroit, Mich. Irving J. Rosenbaum, M.A. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Barbara L. Rosenberg, A.B. in Psychology Syracuse, N.Y. Alan D. Rosenberg, A.B. in Economics Chicago, III. Frank T. Rosenberg, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering New York, N.Y. Kennith G. Rosenow, B.S. in Zoology Free Soil, Mich. Joseph Rosin, LL.B Detroit, Mich. Allan Paul Rossin, A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Harold W. Rossmoore, B.S. in Pharmacy Detroit, Mich. Donald A. Roth, A.B. in Speech Flint, Mich. Ottomar N. Roth, A.B. in Economics Reese, Mich. Samuel I. Roth, M.D. Rochester, N.Y. Martin J. Rottenberg, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Brooklyn, N.Y. John E. Rottier, B.B.A. in Retailing Sheboygan, Wis. Robert M. Rouse, A.B. in English Literature New York, N.Y. Earl H. Rovit, A.B. in English Boston, Mass. John T. Powell, A.B. in Psychology Tallahassee, Fla. Robert G. Rowland, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Saginaw, Mich. Paul A. Rowley, B.B.A. Bay City, Mich. Irving William Rozian, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Hazel Park, Mich. Laurens N. Ruben, B.S. in Zoology New Rochelle, N.Y. Arthur James Rubiner, A.B. in Letters and Law Detroit, Mich. Ruth E. Rudin, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. ' 49 1949 1949 1949 Frederick Max Rueber, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Margery M. Ruhl, A.B. in Education Birmingham, Mich. Glenn R. Ruihley, A.B. in Political Science Toledo, Ohio Wadi Saliba Rumman, B.S. in Civil Engineering ... .Beit-Jala, Palestine Marwood F. Rupp, A.B. in Urban Community Saginaw, Mich. Robert C. Rupp, Bachelor of Architecture Beaverton, Mich. Donald C. Ruschman, B.S. in Civil Engineering Highland Park, Mich. Herbert B. Ruskin, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Leo Roman Russ, B.B.A. in Real Estate Detroit, Mich. Arthur C. Russell, B.S. in Civil Engineering Coldwater, Mich. Edward H. Russell, A.B. in Speech Fowlerville, Mich. John E. Russell, A.B. in English Grand Rapids, Mich. Ronald L. Russell, B.S. in Civil Engineering Willow Village, Mich. Virginia F. Russell, B. of Architecture in Construction Brookings, S.D. Walter J. Russell, A.B. in Letters and Law Grand Rapids, Mich. James V. Rutledge, LL.B. Roscommon, Mich. Eugene Ryan, A.B. in Journalism Caro, Mich. James W. Ryan, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Clarendon Hills, III. Jerry Ryan, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Prentice Upton Ryan, A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Mich. Miller M. Ryans, B.S. in Zoology Hamtramck, Mich. George F. Ryckman, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Utica, Mich. James Sabal, B.S. in Zoology Seville, Spain Thea D. Sachs, A.B. in Social Work Grand Rapids, Mich. Pedro P. Sacio-Arriz, A.B. in Political Science and Spanish Lima, Peru Faith R. Sadowski, A.B. in Social Work Grosse Pointe, Mich. Sigmund S. Safran, B.B.A Perth Amboy, N.J. Torcome G. Sahakian, B.B.A. in Personnel Highland Park, Mich. Willis Wayne Sailors, A.B. in Political Science Sturgis, Mich. Norman P. Salzman, M.S. in Chemistry Brooklyn, N.Y. Ruth Sammet, A.B. in History Brooklyn, N.Y. Darwin E. Sampson, A.B. in Journalism Belleville, Mich. George R. Sandenburgh, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering ......................................... Ann Arbor, Mich. Glenn D. Sanderson, Jr., B.B.A. in Accounting ................ St. Charles, Mich. Cynthia Sanford, A.B. in English ..................... ... Grosse Pointe, Mich. Jane Crosby Sanger, A.B. in Mathematics Englewood, N.J. 1949 1949 1949 Frederick E. Sanquist, Jr., A.B. in Economics ..................... Detroit, Mich. William E. Sapp, B.B.A. in Accounting ....................... Jacksonville, Fla. Francisco Saravia, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ............ Mexico D.F., Mexico John Alan Sargent, A.B. in Speech ........................... Ann Arbor, Mich. Suzanne Sarnoff, A.B. in Psychology New York, N.Y. George J. Server, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Alfred B. Sauer, B.B.A Bad Axe, Mich. Betty E. Sauer, A.B. in English Literature Berrien Springs, Mich. Stanley Saulson, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Phil B. Sawyer, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Royal Oak, Mich. Lucille F. Saxman, A.B. in English Literature Pittsburgh, Pa. William M. Saxton, A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. William H. Sayles, B.S. in Pharmacy Bristol, Tenn. Nancy Sayre, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Eileen M. Scanlon, A.B. in Psychology Buffalo, N.Y. Edward A. Schaefer, B.B.A. in Personnel Administration Ann Arbor, Mich. Samuel Schaefer, Jr., B.S. in Mathematics and Science Winona, Minn. Joan M. Schaeffer, A.B. in Economics Summit, N.J. Norman E. Schoeffer, M.B.A. in Marketing Detroit, Mich. Robert N. Schafer, B.S. in Geology Rochester, Mich. Norman R. Schakne, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. June Rose A. Schauer, B.S. in Chemistry Berwyn, III. Marilyn R. Scheel, A.B. in Speech Ypsilanti, Mich. Fred Schelkun, A.B. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Donald J. Schichtel, B.B.A. in Accounting Grand Rapids, Mich. Corinne Lois Schild, A.B. in Education Park Ridge, III. Carl Herman Schimmelman, B.B.A. in Accounting Bay City, Mich. Gretel Schinnerer, J.D. in Law Lakewood, Ohio Henry W. Schirmer, Bachelor of Architecture Kansas City, Mo. Marjorie J. Schlenger, A.B. in Education South Orange, N.J. Helen H. Schlotter, A.B. in German Battle Creek, Mich. Laurence M. Schmeidler, A.B. in History Staten Island, N.Y. Joanne M. Schmidt, B.S. in Education Science Flint, Mich. John Arvid Schmitt, Jr., A.B. in Biology Ann Arbor, Mich. Marjorie A. Schmidt, A.B. in Education Philadelphia, Pa. Robert Albert Schmidt, B.S.E. in Electronics Ann Arbor, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Curt R. Schneider, A.B. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Dona M. Schneider, B.S. in Zoology South Bend, Ind. Glenn Walter Schneider, Bachelor of Architecture Detroit, Mich. L. James Schneider, B.B.A. Birmingham, Mich. Richard H. Schneider, B.S. in Chemistry Milwaukee, Wis. Robert M. Schoendube, B.S. in Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Wayne S. Schoeppach, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Mt. Morris, Mich. Rose Marie Schoetz, B.S. in Psychology Milwaukee, Wis. xl V m Walter L. Scholey, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Donald J. Scholten, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Holland, Mich. Ann Schoonmaker, A.B. in English Kalamazoo, Mich. Frederick B. Schott, A.B. in English Mt. Clemens, Mich. Lawrence F. Schott, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Mt. Clemens, Mich. Dolores R. Schreibman, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Frederick G. Schriever, B.S. in Chemistry Grosse Pointe, Mich. Barbara S. Schroeder, R.N Royal Oak, Mich. David E. Schroeder, B.B.A. in Industrial Relations Flint, Mich. Donald Paul Schroeder, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Port Huron, Mich. George H. Schroeder, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Lenox, Mich. Glenn A. Schroeder, B.B.A Ann Arbor, Mich. Martin D. Schroeder, A.B. in English ' . Bay City, Mich. Paul E. Schroeder, A.B. in Chemistry Flint, Mich. Kenneth K. Schubring, M.B.A Manistique, Mich. Hal F. Schulte, Jr., B.S. in Electrical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. Robert E. Schultheiss, B.S.E. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering . Port Huron, Mich. Herbert E. Schultz, B.S. in Chemistry Ann Arbor, Mich. L. Freeman Schultz, B.B.A. in Marketing Ypsilanti, Mich. George August Schumacher, A.B. in Economics Albion, Mich. Arthur V. Schuneman, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Mt. Clemens, Mich. Arthur A. Schupp, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Saginaw, Mich. Bruce H. Schwartz, A.B. in Economics Saginaw, Mich. Elizabeth J. Swartz, A.B. in English Brodhead, Wis. Howard N. Schwartz, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Marvin I. Schwartz, B.S. in Chemistry South Bend, Ind. Ralph Everett Schwartz, A.B. Brooklyn, N.Y. Raymond Revere Schwartz, B.B.A. in Accounting v . . . .Newark, N.J. 1949 1949 1949 19 John L. Schwendener, A.B. in Political Science Union City, Mich. Robert L. Schwenkmeyer, B.S. in Chemical Engineering San Diego, Calif. Caroline F. Scofield, A.B. in Political Science East Rochester, N.Y. Gerald Leon Scott, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard M. Scott, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Johnstown, Pa. Herbert Seaman, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Gerard A. Sears, B.S.E. in Aeronautics Amityville, N.Y. Stephen 1. Sears, A.B. in Mathematics Otsego, Mich. Floyd G. Sease, Jr., A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. H. Roger Secrest, M.B.A. in Accounting and Finance Cleveland Heights, Ohio Doris Seder, A.B. in English Maynard, Mass. Leo Sedoff, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Anne D. Seeger, M.A. in English Detroit, Mich. Kenneth D. Seeger, A.B. in History Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Harold A. Seekman, B.S. in Civil Engineering Coopersville, M!ch. Robert B. Seeley, A.B Dearborn, Mich. Leroy H. Selent, A.B. in Political Science St. Joseph, Mich. John P. Sellers, B.S. in Engineering Mathematics Wabash, Ind. Vernon M. Sells, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Benton Harbor, Mich. Benjamin T. Selving, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Virginia P. Seput, B.S. in Physical Education Dearborn, Mich. Stanley B. Serafmski, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Robert Sergeson, Jr., B.B.A Birmingham, Mich. James S. Seward, B.S. in Science and Mathematics Bay City, Mich. Walter W. Shaffer, A.B. in Journalism Chatham, N.J. Robert W. Schanec, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Curtice, Ohio Genevieve R. Shanklin, B.M. in Violin Ann Arbor, Mich. Edith S. Shapiro, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Naomi E. Shapiro, D.D.S. . . Ann Arbor, Mich. Elias M. Sharau, B.S. in Zoology Jerusalem, Palestine Jadish Saran Sharma, M.A. in Library Science Delhi, India Marcus Sharp, B.S.E. in Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Nancy Shattuck, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. G. Scott Shaw, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering St. Louis, Mo. James D. Shaw, Jr., B.M. in Music Education Omaha, Neb. Mary E. Shawley, A.B. in Education River Rouge, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Norma J. Shaylor, A.B. in Speech Ashtabula, Ohio Marilyn Ann Sheldon, A.B. in Biology Saginaw, Mich. Betty Ellen Shepherd, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. George W. Shepherd, Jr., A.B. in Political Science Highland Park, Mich. Mary E. Sheridan, M.A. in Education Waukan, Iowa Paul L. Sherizen, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Claire E. Sherman, LL.B. in Law Detroit, Mich. Michael S. Sherman, A.B. in Political Science Glenbrook, Conn. Sidney Sherman, A.B New Britain, Conn. Raymond A. Sherwin, D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard J. Shew, A.B. in Sociology Grand Rapids, Mich. Rachel Shields, B.S. in Nursing South Haven, Mich. F. Richard Shilander, B.S.E. in Chemical-Metallurgical Engineering Ludington, Mich. Zola Rae Shipman, A.B. in Economics Potsdam, N.Y. Andkishor S. Shodhan, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Akmidabad, India Joseph Robert Shoenfield, B.S. in Mathematics Youngstown, Ohio Jack E. Short, B.S.E. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Omaha, Neb. Gail L. Shoup, Jr., A.B. in Speech Grand Rapids, Mich. William Burt Shreve, A.B. in Zoology Tallmadge, Ohio Arthur Simpson Shufro, M.D Detroit, Mich. Edward Lytle Shurts, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Baltimore, Md. Marian R. Sibille, A.B. in Journalism Muskegon, Mich. Forbes S. Sibley, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. Barbara J. Sickles, B.D. in Advertising and Illustration Grosse Pointe, Mich. Quentin Sickels, B.B.A Benton, Harbor, Mich. Anne Siegel, A.B. in Music Detroit, Mich. Lincoln Siegel, A.B. in Mathematics Cleveland, Ohio Peter Siegel, A.B. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Marian Christine Siess, R.N St. Clair, Mich. Donald R. Sievert, B.B.A. in Accounting Bay City, Mich. Chloe Schmoo, B.S. in Egg Production Lower Slobovia, U.S.A. Ruth Sights, B.S. in Zoology Paducah, Ky. Joan Silverman, A.B. in English Sharon, Pa. Stanley M. Silverman, B.S. in Zoology Brooklyn, N.Y. Adolph T. Silverstein, B.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. Robert Lee Simmons, A.B. in Philosophy Cleveland, Ohio 1949 Arthur H. Simms, B.D. in Drawing and Painting Royal Oak, Mich. Harold M. Simon, Jr., A.B. in German Detroit, Mich. Edgar S. Simons, B.S.E. in Physics Detroit, Mich. Rial E. Simons, A.B. in Psychology Flint, Mich. J. Calvin Simpson, A.B. in Economics Highland Park, Mich. Richard C. Sinclair, B.S.L.A. in Landscape Architecture Milwaukee, Wis. June L. Singley, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Wilkinsburg, Pa. Esperanza V. Siochi, B.S. in Architecture Manila, P.I, Helen S. Siskin, A.B. in Social Work Chattanooga, Tenn. William F. Sis:on, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Albert W. Skalsey, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Marion David Skeels, A.B. in Psychology Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Gordon H. Skinner, B.S. in Indu;trial-Mechanical Engineering Venice, Calif. Bernard Sklar, B.S. in Mathenatics and Science New York, N.Y. John F. Skowron, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. Bernard E. Skud, B.S. in Zoology Ironwood, Mich. Charles R. Slaght, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering and Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Neil Slagter, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Joan C. Slater, A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert G. Slayman, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Margaret M. Sloan, A.B. in Sociology Beckley, W.Va. Richard D. Slocum, B.B.A East Orange, N.J. Frederick A. Sloman, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Flora M. Slosson. A.B. in Religion and Ethics Ann Arbor, Mich. Alfred H. Slote, A.B. in English Brooklyn, N.Y. M. Barbara Slovak, A.B. in Russian Flint, Mich. Dorothy J. Smallman, D.D.S. Batavia, N.Y. John R. Smalter, A.B. in Economics Menominee, Mich. Malcolm G. Smilay, B.S. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Albert Edwin Smith, B.S. in Forestry Findlay, Ohio Arthur L. Smith, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Baltimore, Md. Barbara V. Smith, A.B. in Psychology New York, N.Y. Donald M. Smith, B.B.S Bay City, Mich. Donald R. Smith, B.S. in Chemistry Grand Rapids, Mich. Frank E. Smith, A.B. in Psychology Port Huron, Mich. Frieda L Smith, B.S. in Nursing Springfield, III. 49 1949 1949 1949 George William Smith, B. of Architecture Loogootee, Ind. Gilbert L. Smith, A.B. in Economics Lansing, Mich. Herbert E. Smith, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Jack Z. Smith, B.B.A Blue Island, III. J. Brooks Smith, Jr., M.A. in Actuarial Mathematics Baltimore, Md. James M. Smith, B.B.A Omaha, Neb. John H. Smith, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Dayton, Ohio John H. Smith, A.B. in History p|j nt John I. Smith, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Nacogdoches, Tex. Joseph L. Smith, B.B.A Birmingham, Mich. Kenneth L. Smith, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Owosso, Mich. Lois Jean Smith, A.B. in Mathematics West Olive, Mich. Marjorie Wray Smith, A.B. in Speech Birmingham, Mich. Mary K. Smith, A.B. in Zoology Jackson, Mich. Maurice D. Smith, Jr., A.B. in Geography Ann Arbor, Mich. Maxine Corinne Smith, A.B. in Spanish Marietta, Ohio McClain B. Smith, Jr., M.F. Washington, D.C. McRee John Smith, B.B.A. in Merchandising Milwaukee, Wis. Paul T. Smith, Jr., M.B.A -. Birmingham, Mich. Phyllis Smith, A.B. in Sociology and Social Studies Johnson City, N.Y. Raymond W. Smith, A.B. in Journalism Three Rivers, Mich. Reginald Smith, B.B.A. in Marketing Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard D. Smith, A.B. in Geography Dearborn, Mich. Robert K. Smith, B.B.A. . . Flint, Mich. Roger Wm. Smith, A.B. in Economics Jackson, Mich. Roy H. Smith, Jr., B.S. in Electrical Engineering Camp Hill, Pa. Sanderson Smith, B.S. in Zoology Turner Falls, Mass. Shirley J. Smith, A.B. in Political Science Flossmoor, III. Stewart G. Smith, A.B. in Political Science Wyandotte, Mich. Susanne Wade Smith, A.B. in Elementary Education Grand Rapids, Mich. Wm. Ralph Smith, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Wilma Smith, R.N Garrett, Ind. Henry Smithies, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Willis B. Snell, A.B. in Letters and Law Toledo, Ohio Dale R. Snider, A.B. in Economics Auburn, Mich. Harvey Snider, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 1944 Roderick W. Snider, M.B.A Jamestown, N.D. Dorotha M. Snyder, A.B. in Social Work Jackson, Mich. Edwin L. Snyder, A.B. in History Rochester Mills, Pa. Harriet Snyder, R.N Detroit, Mich. Ralph I. Snyder, M.B.A. in Management Flint, Mich. Sue Ann Snyder, A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Mich. Reva M. Soble, A.B. in Early Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. Alice E. Soderstrom, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Sparta, Mich, Kurt A. Soehngen, B.S.M.E. in Product Designing Brooklyn, N.Y. Robert R. Sohl, A.B. in Speech Montreal, Wis. Robert E. Sohn, B.M. in Music Education Hobart, Ind. Jack Sokoloff, M.S. in Physics Ann Arbor, Mich. Margaret R. Sokoloff, A.B. in Spanish Cincinnati, Ohio M. A. Somaya, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering Mercara Coorg, India James A. Somers, M.B.A. in Accounting Flint, Mich. Robert A. Sommer, B.B.A. Cicero, III. R. Thomas Sone, A.B. in Psychology Robert J. Songer, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Seymour B. Sonkin, A.B. in Journalism Leo Soo Hoc, B.S. in Engineering Detroit, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. William A. Soper, B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Engineering Mathematics Keego Harbor, Mich. Carolyn J. Sorenson, B.M. in Music Literature Port Huron, Mich. Lloyd J. Sorensen, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Allen Sosin, B.S. in Combined Curriculum Detroit, Mich. Alfred W. Souter, A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Mich. Don V. Souter, LL.B Shelby, Mich. Donald R. Souchek, B.B.A. Onekama, Mich. Ruth Ann South, B.S. in Zoology Pocotello, Idaho James N. Sowers, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. William Paul Sponiola, LL.B. Muskegon Heights, Mich. George W. Spasyk, B.B.A. in Statistics Pittsfield, Mass. Harry H. Spaulding, Jr., B.S. in Zoology Wellesley, Mass. Philetus E. Spear, A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. George B. Spence, B.S. in Engineering Mathematics College Station, Tex. James L. Spenceley, A.B. in Mathematics Oxford, Ohio Ray George Spencer, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. 949 1949 1949 1949 Gwen M. Sperlich, A.B. in Psychology Saginaw, Mich. Robert N. Spiegel, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Cleveland, Ohio David C. Spies, B.S. in Geology Warren, Pa. Ruth V. Spletzer, R.N Detroit, Mich. George Edward Spoon, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Muskegon, Mich. Ruth E. Spore, B.M. in Music Education Ponca City, Okla. Samuel Newton Spring, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Seibert Sheldon Sproull, B.S. in Forestry Coshocton, Ohio Jeanette R. Sprung, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Alan P. Squire, B.M. in Music Education Brooklyn, N.Y. Betty Lou St. Clair, A.B. in Spanish Royal Oak, Mich. George T. Stadler, B.B.A. in Management Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. John Theodore Staff, B.B.A. in Accounting Grand Rapids, Mich. Leonard Staffe, D.D.S Joseph D. Stafford, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Richard Lee Stafford, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Oklahoma City, Okla. Alpena, Mich. Dolores J. Stahl, A.B. in Spanish Philadelphia, Pa. James Stais, A.B. in Political Science Queens, N.Y. David Standiford, A.B : . Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard L. Stanfield, A.B. in History Rockford, Mich. Frank J. Stanich, D.D.S. Wayne, Mich. Tadeusz Julian Staniewicz, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Robert J. Stanley, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Duncan A. B. Stanton, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Stamford, Conn. Sally E. Stanton, A.B. in English Pleasant Ridge, Mich. James W. Stark, Jr., B.S. in Chemical Engineering Lewiston, N.Y. Jesse B. Starnes, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Midland, Mich. Helen M. Starr, A.B. in Spanish Muskegon, Mich. Richard B. Starrak, B.S. in Forestry Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada Phyllis Gene Statler, A.B. in History Marion, Pa. Sally Ann Steadman, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Charles K. Stecher, A.B. in Economics Grosse Pointe, Mich. George C. Steeh, LL.B. in Law Ann Arbor, Mich. Alice A. Steele, A.B. in Zoology Paw Paw, Mich. Elsie L. Stefan, B.M. in Music Education Indianapolis, Ind. Mary Louise Stegner, A.B. in French Titusville, Pa. 1949 1949 1949 1941 David Stein, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Brooklyn, N.Y. Joan Steinberg, A.B. in Mathematics and Science Detroit, Mich. William F. Steinberg, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Irwin J. Steinhardt, B.S. in Chemistry Buffalo, N.Y. Jack E. Steinhelper, A.B. in Spanish Pontiac, Mich. Shirley E. Steinman, A.B. in Music Flint, Mich. Leroy William Steinmann, M.D Schulenburg, Tex. C. Phillip Stemmer, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Utica, N.Y. Dorothy M. Stenglein, B.S. in Nursing Marquette, Mich. James W. Stenglein, A.B. in Political Science Saginaw, Mich. Mary Jane Stephens, B.M. in Music Education Birmingham, Mich. Thomas D. Stephenson, D.D.S Evanston, III. Harriet R. Stern, A.B. in Sociology New York, N.Y. Naomi E. Stern, A.B. in Political Science Washington, D.C. Doris J. Sternberg, A.B. in Journalism Oxford, Mich. Charles R. Stetler, B.S. in Business Education Laurium, Mich. Betty Jo Stevens, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Harrisburg, Pa. Margaret Louise Stevens, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Patricia Lou Stevens, B.S. in Zoology Portland, Me. Thomas David Stevens, M.B.A. in Accounting lakewood, Ohio Leland Perry Stewart, B.S.E. in Mechanics and Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Melbourne George Stewart, A.B. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Marjorie R. Stickel, A.B. in Speech Correction Grosse Pointe, Mich. Harold E. Stieg, A.B. in Letters and law Ann Arbor, Mich. Mary L. Stierer, A.B. in Education Gary, Ind. Martin J. Stiglich, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering L ' Anse, Mich. Ward James Stillson, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Constantino, Mich. James D. Stinchcombe, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Flint, Mich. Patricia J. Stites, A.B. in Political Science Waterford, Mich. Robert B. Stitt, A.B. in Psychology Indianapolis, Ind. Ward Donald Stoepker, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich Sophie Stoianowski, B.M. in Music Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Sidney M. Stokes, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Ypsilanti, Mich. Frederick Neely Stoliker, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Farmington, Mich. Dale Stollsteimer, B.S. in Physical Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Jack Charles Stone, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Bay City, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 William D. Stone, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Royal Oak, Mich. Richard Powers Stoner, B.B.A. Wyandotte, Mich. Alfred W. Storey, A.B. in Speech Clawson, Mich. Wallace C. Stout, M.D. Delta, Ohio George S . Stoycos, A.B. Dayton, Ohio William E. Strain, LL.B. in Law Glen Spey, N.Y. Robert L. Stranahan, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Robert E. Stratton, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Irene B. Straub, B.S. in Physical Education Detroit, Mich. Laverne C. Strieker, B.S. in Wildlife Management Edgerton, Wis. J. Bertram Strickland, B.M. in Pipe Organ Montgomery, Pa. Otto Frederick Strobel, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. James K. Strong, B.S. in Chemistry Tucson, Ariz. James M. Strong, B.B.A. in Accounting East Hampton, N.Y. Suzanne A. Strong, A.B. in Religion and Ethics Detroit, Mich. Thomas Corel Strope, B.S. in Physics Mason, Mich. Winfield R. Studier, A.B. in History Muskegon, Mich. Frances Eve Suffness, A.B. in Political Science Staten Island, N.Y. Donald F. Sullivan, A.B. in History Grosse Pointe, Mich. Harriet E. Sumner, A.B. in English Literature Battle Creek, Mich. Duane Neuman Sunderman, A.B. in Chemistry Fort Wayne, Ind. Vrajlal Ambalal Sura, M.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Bombay, India Marjorie Mae Sutfin, A.B. in Education Cincinnati, Ohio Frank S. Sutfon, B.S. in Letters and Medicine Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert C. Swain, B.B.A. Unsted, Mich. Margaret I. Swain, B.S. in Public Health Nursing Bear Lake, Mich. John J. Swainbank, B.S. in Physical Education St. Albans, Vt. Donald A. Swanson, B.S. in Pharmacy Luolow, Pa. John A. Swanson, B.S. in Physics Marquette, Mich. John F. Sweeney, B.E.E. in Electrical Engineering Cleveland, Ohio Mirabel D. Sweet, A.B. in Education Smethport, Pa. Susan Mary Tabibian, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Max M. Swietlik, B.B.A. in Accounting Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert K. Sykora, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering St. Joseph, Mich. Jean V. Syring, B.B.A Bay City, Mich. Robert T. Swengel, LL.B. in Law Granville, III. 1949 1949 1949 194 Marion G. Taetle, A.B. in Psychology Washington, D.C. William Almon Taft, A.B. in Social Work Munith, Mich. Raymond Russell Talaska, B.B.A. in Accounting Ironwood, Mich. Monroe Taliaferro, Jr., A.B. in Economics Grand Rapids, Mich. Norman S. Talner, M.D. , New Rochelle, N.Y. Lewis R. Tamblyn, A.B. in History Muskegon, Mich. Harry T. Tamura, A.B. in Political Science Waianac, Oahu,T.H. Consuelo L. Tan, M.S. in Biological Chemistry Manila, P.I. lydia H. F. Tang, M.S. in Biological Chemistry Peiping, China Daniel A. Tannenbaum, B.S. in Physics Lawrence, N.Y. Irving Tannenbaum, A.B. in Social Studies Mamaroneck, N.Y. L. Allen Tarbell, B.D. in Industrial Design Battle Creek, Mich. Nubar Tashjian, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. George D. Tatar, B.S. in Botany Detroit, Mich. James V. Tattan, A.B. in Psychology Dearborn, Mich. J. C. William Tattersall, A.B. in Letters and Law Elyria, Ohio Ralph T. Taubert, M.D .Minneapolis, Minn. Natalie Berta Tayler, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Roxana Jule Tayler, A.B. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Clifford R. Taylor, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Willow Run, Mich. Donald A. Taylor, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations Windsor, Ontario Duane F. Taylor, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Media, Pa. Janet E. Taylor, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. William M. Taylor, Jr., B.S. in Physics Philadelphia, Pa. Carl Teitelbaum, A.B. in Political Science Brooklyn, N.Y. Yeshwant P. Telang, B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering Belgaum, India Charles A. Telfer, LL.B Port Huron, Mich. Robert L. Temby, A.B. in English Escanaba, Mich. Norman H. Tendler, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Frank D. Tennent, A.B. in Economics Sturgis, Mich. Abraham I. Tersoff, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Brooklyn, N.Y. E. Karen Tersoff, A.B. in Russian Washington, D.C. Barbara A. Thelen, A.B. in Journalism Grand Rapids, Mich. B. James Theodoroff, Ll.B Pontiac, Mich. John E. Theriault, A.B. in Economics Rochester, Minn. J LJ Richard F. Theurer, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Arthur E. Thomas, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Erie, Pa. Charles F. Thomas, B.S.E. in Mathematics Port Huron, Mich. Joyce R. Thomas, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Marion B. Thomas, M.M. in Piano Ocala, Fla. James R. Thompson, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Pollee Thomson, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Jeanne A. Thome, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Clarence Gould Thornton, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Norman N. Thrope, B.S. in Zoology Brooklyn, N.Y. John William Thurlow, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Willard R. Tikkala, B.S.F. in Forestry Wakefield, Mich. Catherine J. Tillotson, B.S. in Zoology Lima, Ohio Harold J. Timmers, Jr., B.S. in Civil Engineering Appleton, Wis. Lamar S. Timmons, D.D.S. Chicago, III. John H. Tindall, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Daniel L. Tinkham, B.B.A. in Accounting Grand Rapids, Mich. Edward J. Tipper, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Calvin Jay Tobin, Bachelor of Architecture Brony, N.Y. John Charles Tobin, B.S. in Physics Saginaw, Mich. Theodore G. Todoroff, M.D Ann Arbor, Mich. Suzanne E. Toepel, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Suzanne K. Tolford, A.B. in Political Science Adrian, Mich. Emily R. Tomell, B.S. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Bruce Ellsworth Toms, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. Thomas J. Tonneberger, B.M. in Organ Tecumseh, Mich. Doris Toohey, A.B. in English Rochester, N.Y. Robert L. Toole, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Roscommon, Mich. Thorndike C. Toops, M.D Columbus, Ohio John Toporowski, B.B.A. in Accounting Detroit, Mich. Philip Alfred Touma, A.B. in Zoology Port Huron, Mich. William O. Tower, B.B.A. in Marketing Ann Arbor, Mich. Merlin C. Townley, B.S. in Zoology Rives Junction, Mich. James E. Townsend, A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Frederick W. Trabert, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Rochester, N.Y. Robert James Tracy, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations Toledo, Ohio Robert Clair Traxler, B.S.E. in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Birmingham, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 Donald F. Treat, M .D Detroit, Mich. Ralph G. Trimborn, A.B. in Political Science Oak Park, III. George R. Troost, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Ann C. Tuck, A.B. in Education Lakewood, Ohio Shirley M. Tucker, A.B. in Speech Ypsilanti, Mich. James Raymond Tudor, B.B.A. Ann Arbor, Mich. Warren G. Turbin, B.B.A. in Accounting Merrill, Mich. Andrew Turner, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich, Laura Jo Turner, A.B. in Education Linden, Mich. Richard Eugene Turner, M.D Portland, Ore. Lucile E. Turnquist, A.B. in Sociology Grand Rapids, Mich. Walter William Turton, LL.D. in Law Whitmore lake, Mich. Robert E. Turunen, A.B. in Economics Alston, Mich. Robert E. Twining, A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Warren Calvin Tyner, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Benton Harbor, Mich. Alvan Frederick Uhle, A.B. in History Monroe, Mich. Yale Sidney Upfall, D.D.S Detroit, Mich. Stephen E. Upton, B.B.A. St. Louis, Mich. Mary M. Urban, B.B.A. in Merchandising Bay City, Mich. Joann I. Utley, B.M. in Music Education Detroit, Mich. George Vaishrila, B.B.A i New York, N.Y. Douglas W. VanAuker, A.B. in Journalism Jackson, Mich. Lee Adrian VanCamp, B.S.F. in Wildlife Willis, Mich. Herman R. VandeRiet, B.D. in Industrial Design Holland, Mich. Carol M. VanderKloot, A.B. in Honors Program Homewood, III. John D. VanderKloot, B.S. in Science and Mathematics Detroit, Mich. John Vender Meiden, Bachelor of Architecture Grand Haven, Mich. Quentin O. Vandervoort, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Battle Creek, Mich. Louis Vanderweele, A.B. in Political Science Muskegon Heights, Mich. Charles T. Van Dusen, B.S. in Aeronautical-Mechanical Engineering Birmingham, Mich. Donald J. VanDyke, A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Raymond A. Van Houtte, B.B.A. in Accounting Mt. Clemens, Mich. Jean Lee VanLeeuwen, A.B. in Political Science Washington, D.C. Sally J. Van Minden, A.B. in Psychology Chicago, III. Gary J. Van Omen, B.B.A Zeeland, Mich. Beverly J. Van Patten, B.M. in Music Education . Garden City, Mich. 49 1949 1949 1949 Isnatius M. Van Rooyen, D.D.S Pretoria, Union of South Africa Orrin J. VanSyoc, D.D.S. Kalamazoo, Mich. Willard D. Van Tuyle, B.B.A Clinton, Mich. Lloyd L. VanValkenburgh, A.B. in Speech NorthStreet, Mich. Howard W. Vauter, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Nancy M. Vedder, A.B. in Journalism Winnetka, III. F. Osvaldo Velasquez, M.D Panama, Republic of Panama J. D. Verich, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Lyons, III. Paul W. Vieth, A.B. in Journalism Pittsburgh, Pa. Robert L. Vincent, B.B.A. Roscoe, III. Richard J. Visin, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Crystal Lake, III. Robert J. Vlasic, B.S. in Industrial Engineering Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Frank B. Volger, B.D. New Rochelle, N.Y. Adrianne E. Volberding, A.B. in Speech Clarkston, Mich. John D. Voltmann, B.S. in Zoology Jamestown, N.Y. Carol A. von Glahn, B.B.A Muskegon, Mich. Oliver I. Wagemaker, B.B.A. Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard C. Waggoner, A.B. in Economics Ft. Wayne, Ind. Richard E. Wagner, B.S. in Engineering Mechanics Sturgis, Mich. Sherwood A. Wagner, B.S. in Industrial Mechanics Muskegon Heights, Mich. George H. Wahle, B.S., M.D. Boise, Idaho Treve L. Wainscott, B.S. in Forestry Belvidere, III. Roy Wakabayaski, D.D.S. Hanna, Wyo. Elva M. Wakefield, Master of Music Pontiac, Mich. Mary M. Walch, A.B. in Spanish Escanaba, Mich. Lucille A. Waldorf, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Edward J. Walker, B.S. in Engineering Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth A. Walker, M.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. Jean H. Walker, A.B. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. John L. Walker, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Flint, Mich. William H. Walker, LL.B. in Law Ann Arbor, Mich. Dorothea Wallace, A.B. in Latin Detroit, Mich. Charlene E. Walsh, B.D. Highland, Ind. Joseph R. Walsh, Jr., A.B. in Journalism Youngstown, Ohio Thomas E. Walsh, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. William U. Walton, B.S. in Physics Washington, D.C. 1949 1949 1949 It- Esther M. Warber, A.B. in Zoology Grand Haven, Mich. Ted J. Ward, B.B.A Grosse Pointe, Mich. Harold F. Warner, M.B.A Pittsburgh, Pa. Hyman Warshawsky, B.B.A South Haven, Mich. George F. Washington, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Balto, Md. Jack F. Wasson, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Grace J. Waterman, A.B. in Speech Chicago, III. Roger E. Waterman, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Chicago, III. Douglas B. Watkins, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. James R. Watzke, M.B.A .Chicago, III. Howard M. Webb, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Bay City, Mich. Mary A. Webb, A.B. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. Newton H. Webb, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Willow Run, Mich. Richard E. Webb, B.S. in Pharmacy Kalamazoo, Mich. Judith L. Webber, A.B. in English Providence, R.I. Elmer O. Weber, M.B.A Saginaw, Mich. LaVerne W. Weber, A.B. in Speech Ecorse, Mich. James B. Webster, B.S. in Forestry Ft. Worth, Tex. William Webster, A.B. in English Waterbury, Conn. Edward W. Wedge, B. of Architecture Port Huron, Mich. William J. Weichlein, B.M. in Music Sycamore, III. Martha E. Weig, B.S. in Medical Technology New York, N.Y. Marilyn J. Weihe, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Warren I. Weil, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Horst Weinberg, B.S. in Chemistry Bombay, India Melva Weinberger, A.B. in Social Work Brooklyn, N.Y. Ann R. Werner, B.B.A Chicago, III. Norman Weiner, B.S. in Chemistry Rochester, N.Y. Glen A. Weinert, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. ... Detroit, Mich. Althea F. Weinstein, A.B. in History Worcester, Mass. LeRoy Weinstein, B.S. in Civil Engineering Chicago, III. Phyllis E. Weinstock, A.B. in Spanish Brooklyn, N.Y. Joy Weisbaum, A.B. in English Cincinnati, Ohio Leo M. Weiss, A.B. in Economics Tampa, Fla. Standford L. Weiss, A.B. in Economics Kingston, Pa. Herbert Weisshart, A.B. in Oriental Civilization Brooklyn, N.Y. 49 1949 1949 1949 Kenneth J. Weller, M.B.A Holland, Mich. William W. Wells, B.S. in Zoology East Lansing, Mich. Carolyn E. Welsby, A.B. in Sociology Wayne, Mich. Robert S. Wendel, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Jack H. Wendling, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Harrisburg, III. Edward G. Wendt, A.B. in Actuarial Math. Yonkers, N.Y. Robert M. Wenley, A.B. in History Washington, D.C. Raymond Wermter, B.S. in Marine Engineering Woodside, L.I., N.Y. Robert J. Wernick, B.S. in Naval Architecture Ozone Park, N.Y. Fred W. Wertheimer, D.D.S Lansing, Mich. Charles West, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Thomas I. West, A.B. in Political Science Romeo, Mich. Milton H. Westerberg, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Evanston, III. Jack C. Westman, A.B. Cadillac, Mich. Sanger K. Westdhal, B.S. in Civil Engineering Joliet, III. Robert C. Westveer, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Floyd E. Wetmore, LL.B Hart, Mich. Donna K. Wetzel, A.B. in Social Work Ann Arbor, Mich. J. Gerald Wetsel, IL.B Ann Arbor, Mich. David E. Weyant, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Cedarhurst, N.Y. Philip G. Whelan, M.B.A Pleasant Ridge, Mich. John A. Whitcombe, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. Andrew R. White, D.D.S Ann Arbor, Mich. J. Patrick White, A.B. in History Iron River, Mich. Olive S. White, R.N Medaryville, Ind. Ralph H. White, M.M Toledo, Ohio Robert C. White, A.B. in English Pontiac, Mich. William E. White, M.S. in Physics Rochester, N.Y. William F. Whitehead, B.S. in Zoology Chicago, III. George F. Whitehorne, A.B. in Journalism Toledo, Ohio Barbara E. Whiting, A.B. in Political Science Kirkwood, Mo. Daryl W. Whiting, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Ernest W. Whitrock, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Teaneck, N.J. R. P. Whitney, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Pittsburgh, Pa. Elizabeth Whittaker, A.B. in English Lancaster, N.Y. Charles A. Wickens, A.B. in Political Science Spring Arbor, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 19- Mary Ann Wickersham, B.S. in Education Detroit, Mich. William G. Wiegand, LL.B Detroit, Mich. Kenneth W. Wiele, B.M Kingsford, Mich. Kenneth N. Wiersema, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Holland, Mich. Paul I. Wilcox, A.B. in Speech Millfield, Ohio Sarah Q. Wilcox, A.B. in French Dearborn, Mich. Noel R. Wildman, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Elmhurst, III. George Wiley, B.B.A Bay City, Mich. Mary Alice Wilkie, A.B. in Economies Ferndale, Mich. Wallace J. Wilkie, M.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Hugh H. Wilkin, Jr., B.B.A. Reed City, Mich. F. Stuart Wilkins, A.B. in Political Science Canton, Ohio Mary A. Wilkinson, B.S. in Zoology Benton Harbor, Mich. Gloria Willar, A.B. in English Composition Worcester, Mass. Earl C. Willhoft, M.B.A. in Management Detroit, Mich. Charles T. Williams, A.B. in English Dearborn, Mich. Gail H. Williams, M.D. Barnett, Mo. George E. Williams, D.D.S Norway, Mich. Jack Williams, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Jane O. Williams, A.B. in Mathematics Dearborn, Mich. Lewis R. Williams, Jr., A.B. in Literature and Law Paw Paw, Mich. Lois H. Williams, A.B. in Sociology Saginaw, Mich. Margaret A. Williams, A.B. in Journalism Grosse Pointe, Mich. Raymond F. Williams, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Lincoln Park, Mich. Robert J. Willoughby, B.S. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. Ruby Joyce Willson, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Flint, Mich. Charles E. Wilson, Jr., B.B.A Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Commie Wilson, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Edward C. Wilson, A.B. in Political Science Ann Arbor, Mich. Ellen M. Wilson, M.A. in Child Guidance Ann Arbor, Mich. Glen S. Wilson, M.B.A. in Accounting Dearborn, Mich. Marshall L. Wilson, A.B. in Political Science Saginaw, Mich. Richard M. Wilson, B.B.A North Rose, N.Y. Thomas E. Wilson, M.M. in Music Literature Lafayette, Ind. Joseph H. Wilmsatt, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Art$ Detroit, Mich. Morris Marvin Winer, A.B. in French Rochester, N.Y. 49 1949 1949 1949 Jerold Dean Wingeart, B.S. in Sanitary Engineering Niles, Mich. Eugene Winkleman, A.B. Port Huron, Mich. Sheridan I. Winkleman, A.B. in Political Science Painesville, Ohio Layton K. Winsemius, B.S.E. in Metallurgical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. James Robert Wirt, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Flint, Mich. John William Wirtz, B.B.A Port Huron, Mich. Edward Wisniewski, M.B.A. in Management and Finance Detroit, Mich. Jerold Wiszowaty, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Heinz Wlttke, A.B. in German Trenton, Mich. Charles E. Wittliff, B.S. in Aeronautical-Engineering Port Huron, Mich. Erwin B. Wittus, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. William L. Woelk, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Alpena, Mich. Evelyn L. Wohlgemuth, B.M Wichita, Kan. William G. Wolber, B.S. in Mathematical-Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Doris E. Wolf, A.B. in Speech Grand Rapids, Mich. Frank L. Wolf, B.B.A. in Accounting New York, N.Y. Marvin I. Wolf, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. James R. Wolfcale, B. of Architecture Muskegon, Mich. Emma L. A. Wolfe, R.N Michigan City, Ind. George C. Wolfe, Jr., M.B.A Detroit, Mich. Geraldine Wolfe, A.B. in Speech Farmington, Mich. Maurice B. Wolin, A.B. in Economics Chicago, III. Charles F. Wolborg, B.S. in Electrical Engineering East Detroit, Mich. Deborah Wolson, B.S. in Education Wilmington, Del. Carl P. Wood, B.S. in Physical Education Big Stone Gap, Va. Donald R. Wood, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Esther J. Wood, A.B. in Social Studies Armada, Mich. Carolyn F. Woodhams, B.B.A Howell, Mich. Robert R. Woodman, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Ferndale, Mich. Lee M. Woodruff, Jr., A.B. in English Grand Rapids, Mich. Althea G. Woods, A.B. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Frank A. Woods, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Donald A. Wooley, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Jackson, Mich. Doris E. Workman, B.S. in Chemistry Muskegon, Mich. Israel Woronoff, A.B. in Psychology Brooklyn, N.Y. John S. Wortley, A.B. in Speech Correction Ypsilanti, Mich. 1949 1949 1949 19 Donald E. Wortman, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Edith C. Wortsman, B.B.A Atlanta, Ga. Louis K. Woytek, M.B.A. Johnson City, N.Y. Catherine B. Wrenn, A.B. in Political Science Bryn Mawr, Pa. Bernard E. Wright, B.B.A Ann Arbor, Mich. Glenn R. Wright, M.M Holland, Pa. Mary C. Wright, A.B. in Psychology Sturgis, Mich. Howard J. Wuerth, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. John F. Wyatt, A. 8. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. William R. Wyckoff, A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Mich. Grace M. Wyman, A.B. in Psychology Fonda, N.Y. Irma M. Wyman, B.S.E. in Engineering Detroit, Mich. Jane Yale, A.B. in Sociology Johnson, N.Y. Jean Yale, A.B. in Sociology Johnson, N.Y. Marie T. Yamamoto, B.B.A Ann Arbor, Mich. Nicholas W. Yanni, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Philadelphia, Pa. William C. Yaroch, B.S. in Zoology Port Austin, Mich. Marion E. Yeaw, B.S. in Nursing Grand Rapids, Mich. Edward J. Yopek, B.B.A. Dearborn, Mich. Yona Yoshpe, B.S. in Zoology Tel Aviv lsrael Patricia J. Young, A.B. in Education Lansing, Mich. Peter L. Young, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Philip M. Young, M.B.A Meadville, Pa. Robert L. Young, Jr., B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Samuel G. Young, B.S. in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture Ann Arbor, Mich. Shirley A. Young, A.B. in Sociology Westfield, N.Y. Warren I. Young, B.B.A White Plains, N.Y. William Young, A.B. in Political Science Seattle, Wash. William P. Young, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Margaret J. Yuhasz, Certificate in Dental Hygiene Detroit, Mich. Robert L. Young, B.S. in Science and Math. Ann Arbor, Mich. Jane A. Zabel, M.D. . . Niles, Mich. Jose Zablah, B.S. in Civil Engineering Tegucigalpa, Honduras Irene D. Zag, A.B. in Education Columbus, Ohio Margie Zaller, A.B. in Speech Toledo, Ohio Mitchell B. Zaremski, B.B.A. Detroit, Mich. 19049 1949 1949 James D. ZeBranek, B.S. in Science Detroit, Mich. George M. Zeltzer, LL.B. in Law Detroit, Mich. William S. Zerman, A.B. in Journalism Toledo, Ohio Ruth E. Ziegler, B.M. in Music Ferndale, Mich. Louis J. Zimmel, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Detroit, Mich. Frederick R. Zimmermann, B.B.A Detroit, Mich. Harvey S. Zuckerman, A.B. in Chemistry Brooklyn, N.Y. Naomi L. Zuckerman, A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. i Jerome T. Zurawski, B.S. in Speech Correction Grand Rapids, Mich. Merilyn J. Zuttermeister, A.B. in History Hastings, Mich. Ben N. Zwerling, A.B. in Political Science Brooklyn, N.Y. John P. Arozian, A.B. in German James L. Coats, B.S. in Forestry Sigfield E. Franz, B.S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Giuseppina E. Valerio, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Wichita, Kan. Detroit, Mich. . . . Ann Arbor, Mich. Alejandro S. Herrero, B.S. in Civil Engineering San Juan, P.R. Palmer C. Singleton, Jr., ll.B Hammond, Ind. Nancy L. Schlademan, A.B. in Social Studies Royal Oak, Mich. Joseph G. Seamon, B.B.A. Grand Rapids, Mich. Kendall P. Thomas, D.D.S. Beryle Walters, LL.B . . .Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 949 1949 1949 1949 1949 1949 AND IT ALL BEGAN WITH A SITTING APPOINTMENT SENIOR COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN The literary college this year inau- gurated something new in the way of committees. A Senior Board, consisting of the various committee heads, was chosen by the class officers and the deans to coordinate all the activities of the senior class. Many of the old Michi- gan traditions were revived and sev- eral new projects were originated. Senior activities cards were distrib- uted in relurn for class dues, allowing the students discounts on caps and gowns, commencement announce- ments, Senior Ball, and free transpor- tation to the outing at the University Fresh Air Camp. A proprosal of the Memorial Committee provided a plan by which the Class of ' 49 will progress- ively contribute for the first five years as graduates toward a scholarship to be set up in its name. With the opinion that a senior class should provide some incentive for underclassmen, a program will begin next year to acquaint freshmen with various activities in which they may engage. The committee chairmen will act as an advisory cabinet and attempt to increase the interest and participa- tion of all the students. Top Row: F. Gerard Adams, Al Maslin, Bill Marcoux, Marsh Lewis, Walter Shaffer, Ralph Trimborn, Bill Zerman, Don Veldman. Second Row: Quick Carlson, Ann Geslie, Jackie James, Betty Lou St. Clair, Joan Slater, Joy Welsbaum, Heinz Hoenecke. First Row: Dean W. B. Rae, Arlynn Rosen, Val Johnson, Ellie Abrahmson, Genie McCallum. MEI riNG OF THE PRESIDENTS MY EMPTY WALLET Ed Wisniewski, Business Administration; Bill Kogen, Nursing; Val Johnson, Literary; Larry Lang, Pharmacy. Pat McKenna and Arlette Harbour lead off in paying their dues for the lit school. !; : BARNES-GIBSON-RAYMOND DETROIT PLANT DETROIT, MICHIGAN DIVISION OF TWO PLANTS COOK PLANT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 420 I his book is bound in a SMITHCRAFTED cover by THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY 2857 N. WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO 18, ILLINOIS Kitchen Equipment Bar and Restaurant Supplies MICHIGAN ' S OLDEST COMPLETE INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLY HOUSE Food Service Equipment For Hotels Restaurants China Glass Silverware Cooking Utensils A. J. MARSHALL CD. 3639 Woodward Ave. TE. 1-9450 Detroit, Michigan Free Parking And then there are other moments and events we remember, not so fondly, but often quite vividly; the substance of our gripes, our pet peeves and the perennial subjects of our destructive conversation. The new Women ' s Dorm is said to be a dream in modern living. The modern living is concurred by lucky coeds occupying the completed section, the dream by those scheduled for the uncompleted part. 421 line form texture COM: Ci STATE SAVINGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR MAIN AND WASHINGTON STS. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN RESOURCES OVER 25 MILLION COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS BANKING SINCE 1893 Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BOOKS PRINTED WITH CARE . . . demand a binding comparable in quality such as can be produced only by a bookbinding firm having the " know how " to give the finished book . . . Distinguished character Fine appearance Superior quality Lasting wear Suitable materials and pleasing color Years of experience devote d solely to bookbinding enable Brock and Rankin to give your book the kind of binding best suited to the purpose for which it is intended. It will be a pleasure to tell you more about our service. BROCK and RANKIN Book and Catalog Binding for More Than Fifty Years 619 South La Salle Street, Chicago 5, Illinois DISTINCTIVE INDIVIDUAL STATIONERY COLUMBUS STATIONERY COMPANY Columbus, Ohio Don ' t miss the next display One of the typically beautiful Michigan co-eds models the latest approved swimming attire for University women. Having experienced all the social life that Michigan offers (the Union and the movies), in des- peration the Michigan co-ed turns to a new dating pastime. 423 he Ann Arbor Press specializes in Relief or Letterpress printing. No other form of printing has been able to equal the sharp detail, the bright appearance, or the clarity of the old method of printing from type and screen plates. When a fine job is desired, therefore, the buyer usually seeks out a Letterpress or Relief printer and as a result gets the benefit of five hundred years of experiment, progress and basic knowledge. ARTHUR J. WILTSE, Mgr. 424 HAROLD N. NELSON I icr ARTISTIC PORTRAITS COMPOSITES GROUPS - WEDDINGS PANORAMA PHOTOGRAPHS up to ten feet in length 2450 DixboroRd. Phone 2-6268 Failing so far to obtain a new swimming pool, ardent swimming fans have been forced to provide their own facilities. 425 Wiihr ' s Bookstore ANN ARBOR RANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System Ever Ready to Serve MAIN STREET at HURON UNIVERSITY OFFICE 330 STATE ST. Since 1916 Michigan Women Have Wisely Relied Upon ANN ARBOR For Only The Finest Quality At Prices That Are Fair Hand Blocked University of Michigan Place Mat Sets. Service for 4 In rose, green, aqua, chartreuse, peach, yellow, blue, grey, rust, and some dark shades $5.00 Sold exclusively by 1 1 Nickels Arcade Mayflower Restaurant Quality Food That ' s Better Than Ever 307 SOUTH MAIN STREET ANN ARBOR WHERE CAMPUS COUPLES DINE DRUGS KODAKS Calkins-Fletcher Drug Co. ' The Dependable Stores " J. H. COUSINS WOMEN ' S APPAREL 307 So. State St. Telephone 26198 ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN We have served Michigan and her student8 for sixty-three years Your parents and grandparents have done business with us CANDY COMPLETE STOCK SODAS INTERESTED SERVICE ANN ARBOR, MICH FG AN Courtesy of JOHNSTON OPTICAL CO. " Makers of high grade glasses since 1876 " 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR PHONE 2-2561 or 2-2562 The University ' s policy of babying the students can easily be seen in this picture showing the homey atmos- phere found in all the dor- mitories. 427 !!! R. L. SPITZLEY HEATING COMPANY INCORPORATED Spitzley-Rettenmier Sheet Metal Co. SUBSIDIARY PLUMBING HEATING PIPE FABRICATION VENTILATING INDUSTRIAL PIPING AIR CONDITIONING Tel. WOodward 0840 1200 Fort St., West Detroit 26, Michigan Contractors on GENERAL SERVICE BUILDING ENGINEERING COLLEGE ADDITION SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CHEMISTRY BUILDING ADDITION R. L. Spitzley, 1911 E J. H. Spitzley, 1938 E L. Spitzley, 1938 E The Boyer- Campbell Company DISTRIBUTORS Machinery - Tools Industrial Supplies Safety Equipment DETROIT 2, MICHIGAN 6540 Antoine St. MAdison 8500 THE Chas. A. Sire linger 149 East Larned Street DETROIT 26 Telephone WO. 2-7474 Machine Tools Cutting Tools Precision Tools Standardized Gears Power Transmission Equipment Material Handling Equipment Grinding Wheels and Ahrasives Carbide Tipped Tools Electric Tools and Motors Industrial Supplies Metals 1884 - 1949 CO. German Restaurant Ann Arbor ' s Finest BEER and WINE 120 West Washington HOSIERY ROBES BLOUSES SLACKS LINGERIE SMARTEST HOSIERY SHOPPE Michigan Theatre Building B. E. MUEHLIG DRY GOODS Quality Service Courtesy 126 S. MAIN PHONE 2-3184 The Finest in Campus Footwear BOB SHIPMAN ' S OWN AND WAMPUS Till So. University Ave. SHOES Michigan ' s 1948 N.C.A.A. Hockey team playing be- fore a capacity crowd in the beautiful Coliseum at Ann Arbor. The shock-absorbing boards which spread on contact and the air condi- tioning in the roof are the latest design in hockey rinks. MEAL MART CAFETERIA 338 Maynard (through the Arcade) KNOWN FOR GOOD FOOD The Martha Barrett Shop for SMART CASUALS SWEATERS - BLOUSES - HOSIERY LINGERIE - SCARFS SPECIAL LINE OF JEWELRY 345 Maynard St. Formerly Mimi Shop 429 From Way Back When Till ' 49 Some Fleeting Moments Were Spent With Us MICHIGAN STATE i WUERTH WHITNEY SLATER ' S HAS SERVED Michigan Students FOR 77 YEARS ' Your College Book Store ' 336 S. STATE PHONE 2-081 A Good Name is our most priceless possession In war or peace . . . thru depression or prosperity, Van Boven has con- tinued to cling to a single purpose . . . " quality " This has been the foundation of our business, our creed and our gospel. PanB OXFORD CLOTHES DOBBS HATS BURBERRY COATS JOHNSTON and MURPHEY SHOES -. The Sexton Plant at CHICAGO Sexton Square Competition is solely a contest to develop the most valuable service for the benefit of those served. SHERMAN J. SEXTON A service keyed to the particular needs of those who feed many people each day resulting from 60 years of continuous and specialized effort in the interest of this great market. fiot pleaded pue+b-cuul pkofitt The Ann Arbor breezes, bringing the breath of clean, fresh air, and the beautiful sunshine, herald the coming of spring. CHICAGO LONG ISLAND CITY DALLAS ATLANTA PITTSBURGH DETROIT CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of ' 49 PHOTOGRAPHIC APTISTS of AMERICA, INC. 1322 BROADWAY DETROIT 26, MICHIGAN TEL. WO. 53890 FOR BOOKS OF DISTINCTION CUSTOM .BUILT FOR YOU . HIVfKMTl yPSILANTI, MICHIGAN Having had their three class cuts, and bowing to the Powers That Be, these two find themselves alone while their classmates are enjoy- ing spring recreation. 433 The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan TF The official spokesman for the 120,000 graduates and former students of the University Divisions THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CLUBS THE ALUMNAE COUNCIL THE CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL M Keep contact with Michigan by reading THE MICHIG AN ALUMNUS Official publication of the Alumni Association For Seniors only a special " Introductory Price " has been established. By ordering early these New Alumni may have the magazine 26 complete issues for the whole year for only Two DOLLARS. This special rate applies for new alumni only for one, two, three or four year subscrip- tions. An annual subscription starts anytime and runs for twelve months. It ' s not the cheap- est subscription rate in the alumni world but the Michigan Alumnus is the best alumni magazine. The regular annual sub- scription rate. P A f f " .V7V7 Thirty-six months three years of your alumni magazine. A bargain rate for alumni is TEN DOLLARS. However, for r - v r r New Alumni taking advantage of the " In- 3 JLU.UU troductory Price " a three-year subscription costs only Six DOLLARS. 900 pages annually of interesting reading. - The Life Subscription to The Michigan Alumnus will reach your library table as long as you live without further payments. Regular price is SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS C " J QQ or six annual payments of THIRTEEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS each. New Alumni may obtain the life subscription for only SIXTY-THREE DOLLARS. For Alumni families. A husband and wife, both alumni, can assure receiving their $95.00 magazine always. 434 Voted Most Likely to Succeed: The Coed Who Wears Clothes from THE ELIZABETH DILLON SHOP ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Around the Corner on State off North U. AERO RADIO SALES 335 So. Main Ph. 4997 Radio Television Beer HOME COOKING Wine METZGER ' S RESTAURANT Win. Metzger, Prop. CHICKEN IN THE ROUGH 203 E. WASHINGTON SECRETARIAL and BUSINESS TRAINING Hundreds of Michigan students and graduates have come to Hamilton for a practical education HAMILTON BUSINESS COLLEGE Founded 1915 William at State Where did he come from . . . Hasn ' t he hear d . . . Doesn ' t he know the University has STRICT regulations! 435 . The Campus Drug Store Liberty at State White-Daines Optical Co. Wolverine Bldg. Ann Arbor Dairy 121 Catherine 0. D. Mini ill 314S. State Allenel Hotel 126 E. Huron George ' s Place 1104 S. University MADEMOISELLE TOWN COLLEGE SHOPS Sportswear Lingerie Cosmetics Millinery Ready-to-Wear Jewelry 302 S. STATE 1 108 S. UNIVERSITY PHONE 4727 PHONE 9736 PRETZEL BELL 120 E. Liberty Uj ou.r FDLLETT ' S State St. at North University ANN ARBOR BOB GRAHAM, Mgr. COMPLETE TRUST SERVICES FOR ANN ARBOR AND WASHTENAW You can rent a Safety Deposit Box for as little as Ic a day ANN ARBOR TRUST COMPANY Main at Huron T GRADUATES There ' s No Getting Away From It! GARGOYLE vm Follow YOU TO The Ends Of The Earth ! Subscription Rates: ANN ARBOR $1.00 PER YEAR UNITED STATES POSSESSIONS $1.25 PER YEAR SHANGHAI, SIBERIA LOWER SLOBOVIA $1.50 PER YEAR The new I.F.C. ruling really hit home. These fraternity men are diligently applying themselves to keep up their 2.4 average. 437 THERE ' S PLENTY HERE YOU CAN ' T SEE... Behind the printed pages of The Michigan Daily there is more than meets the eye. You can ' t see the many hours the editorial staff spends to bring you up-to-the-minute news. You can ' t see the detailed operations of circulation advertising promotion. You can ' t see the confidence Ann Arbor merchants place in the Daily as the best medium for offering their services to you. It is this winning combination that makes The Michigan Daily one of the leading col- lege publications in the nation. Yes, this is The Michigan Daily . . . for fifty-nine years your newspaper. iitrljujan LATEST DEADLINE IN THE STATE 438 in i I Smartest way to play hooky on washday! Let a Bendix do the work! Only washer in the world that soaps, soaks, washes, rinses, and damp-drys the clothes automatically! It ' s such a smartie it can even put in its own soap! Set the controls and there ' s nothing to do. Clothes are washed clean and bright on a minimum of soap and water. Fine for " first homes, " because the new Gyramatic doesn ' t have to be fastened down. You can place it anywhere! The Bendix has been proving itself since 1937 . . . longer than any other automatic. So be wise, when you swap classrooms for laundry rooms, join the 1.300,000 owners that are getting out of washday work the thrifty Bendix way! BENDIX HOME APPLIANCES, INC., SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Makers of fhe famous Bendix Dryer and Ironer The last student in line wants to call the Fire Department. INDEX A tl A 313 262 Abbe Jim 268 297 Abbin, Byrle 273, 309 Anderson, Ernie 258 Abend, M Abrcihamson, Elinor . . 191,320, . . 278 333,419 Anderson, Florence Anderson, Gunnar Anderson, Jack . . . 321 63, 267 308 310 Anderson, Joanne . 325 227 Anderson, Mary Pat 235 289 Anderson, Paul . . . 70, 257,286 273 269 ... 310 Anderson, Ruth . . . 173 Abreu, Neno Aburano, Pusafiro . 226 ... 26 284 Anderson, Wayne . Andrew, Edith ... 282 191,232 324 Ackerman, Abraham . . Ackerman, Arthur . 265 284 220 Andrews, E Andrews, Patricia . Andujar, Tcherine . 259 218 308 285 299 325 279 290 Anhut, Walter .... 219 20, 419 305 Adams, H. C. .... 24 311 312 226 237 Antilla, Dale .... 293 194 290 25 294 295 Appell, Lloyd 316 286 267 227 410, 418 Adler, Shulamith . 322 306 Arbuckle, Jack .... Archer, O. 276 24 Aesculapius, Paul . 298 240 Ardis, Mark 309 286 223 113 224 273 286 25 Ahonen, R Aiciyama, Bob AidinofF, Bernard Aim, Ray 53, 282 306 173, 265 257 309 Armstrong, Jack Armstrong, James . Armstrong, Jim . . . Armstrong, Martha 280 308 173, 257 232 171 Ainelie, Don 305 Arnstein, Fred . . . . . . . 289 91 223 Albach, R. W 306 Arpi, Laverne . . . . 322 211 Arthur, Richard 254 Alber, Sally 245 Asbury, C. 259 Albert, Fred 309 Ascoli, Werner 227 Albright, Maryiane .... Aldon, E. ... . . . . 202 53 Asgarzadeh, Kama! Ash, Shirley . . . 292 239 Aldrich, Neal Aldridge, Mary Grace . ... 312 168 Ashikawa, James . Ashley, Mildred 214 235 Alessio, Joe 64 Ashworth, Gene . 219 Alexander, Leonard . . . Alexander, Louis Alexander, Luis Alexander, Russell .... Alexander, Walker 273 134 227 . 295 282 Asgarzadeh, Jamel Ashore, Ray Asp, Dick Asplin, Mary Lou . Asplund, Dellmar 310 293 298 248 27 Aliferis, Pete 311 Aster, Richard 307 Alkema, C 27 Atchison, Jim 97 217 166 248 Allaire, Francis 312 Atkins, Robert 289 Allea, Herbert 290 268 Allen, Dick 161, 204, Allen, Floyd 266, 293 286 Attwood, Stanley . Auch, B. J. 267 . . . . 242 Allen, Frank 268 Auch, Bill 282 Allen, George 269 Auch, Fred 282 Allen, Jay 275 211 235 Allen, Joseph . 216 Auen, Harold 297 257 289 Allen, Richard 204 Aull, Edith 76 Allerton, H. . 234 Austin, Bill 276 Alley, R. 76 196 Austin, Ward 27 Alley, R. P 26 195 Autore, Donald 27 223 Allis, Harry Allison, Lois 110,97 20 Averill, John .... Axelrod, Audrey 192 193 234 Allmand, Charles Allwood, J Alpern, Robert 284 259 273 Ayling, Jean 202 Alpers, Phineas 275 Altenan, Sam 275 Babich, D. . . . 278 Alvarez, Bud 282 Bachtel, A. R 195 Ambrose, Don Ambrose, Ed 312 173 Bachtel, Bob Bachtel, William 292 256 Amer, Myron H Amerman, Jim 27, 289 162 Bachus, Lif Backels, John 268 313 Amerman, W. . 259 Bacon, Al 259 297 Ames, B. . 24 Bacon, D. 259 Ames, Marcia Amgle, Nenery 167,210 226 Bacon, William Badger, Bill 280 306 Amin, Pronjiwan K. 221 Badgley, Joan .... 242 Amos, Dick 268 Bagehi, B. K. . 221 Amster, Disney 275 Bahls, Richard .... 207, 208 254 Amtsbuechler, E Anderson, Alex 45 264 Baibalc, George . . Baier, L. A. 313 24 Anderson, Alice Anderson, Art 318,321 299 Bailey, R Bailey, Ruth 296,313 324 Anderson, Bob 258, 305 Bailie, Chuck . . 264 Anderson, David 295 Baird, Dave . 270 290 256 235 Baird, Orlie . . .206, 208, 209, 288 Bauer, John 312 309 311 70, 256 305 309 282 299 Baker, Dr. Art .... 299 Bauman, J 274 314 Baker, Bob 198 313 220 292 327 265 277 190, 202, 242 285 280 20 234 Baker, Helen 327 Bay, Jack 263 278 258 200 113 Baker, Mary Ellen . 324 Bay, Kenneth . . 195, 263 Berman, William 289 Baker, Newton . . . Baker, Ray 309 284 Baydarian, Var . . . Bayekian, S 175,215 294 Bermas, Paul 257 258 Baker, Russ 268 213 239 279 Baker Willard 215 325 224 S. 221 279 309 Balbot, Shirley 234 Bazil, Gilbert 210 260 . . 306 299 Berry Hank 276 Baldwin, Margaret 322 Beabes, Virginia 175, 190, 249 Berry, Jim 282 Balfour, William C. 194,314 Beach, F 26 257 Ball, Pete 276 Beal, Gerry 293 Berry, Lloyd 300 Ball, Pricilla . . 152, 210 290 321 Ballantine, Barb . . 245 279 Berry, Phil 310 245 157 297 Bollard Everett 256 Beattie A. 45 257 310 Ballou, Bob 53, 61,70 Beatty, Bob 257 Berzani, Marion 322 Bamorough, Jim . . 261 285, 312 Beatty, Dave Beatty, Dotty 297 60 Bessler, Dale 158 150 152 Bansfield, Betsy 152 Beatty, Jay 315 Best, Cleare 272 235 Beaudry, K. 26 Betzig, Bob 140 Banzhaf, John . . . 53, 261 Beblavi, C 294 220 281 193 240 Barber, Jack 264 Beck, Art 269 Bevis, Howard 223 288 270 Beck, Berdon 222 Bey, Dick 284 Barbour, John .... 172, 266 Beck, Nelson 305 213 254 Beck, Vivian 173 Bialkin, K. 278 Barclay, W 53 Beckendorf K. 280 Biddinger C 294 324 Becker, Al 277 309 Barett, Dorothy 215 Becker, John 280 Biery, John .... 216, 306 Barfuss, J 26, 196,313 Becker, Patricia . . . 238 Biesc, Martin 295 Baribeau, P Barie, Robert 296 308 Beckton, Dorothy . . 235 168 243 Bieser, Carl 27 311 Barill, Irv . . . 162, 309 . . . 242 Bigelow, Wilbur 292 Barish, William Barkell, Bill 273 279 Beerends, Esther . . 202 223 Bigge, Bill Bihrow, G 315 259 237 Beers, Keith 209 Bilby, Chuck 266 Barker, George . . . Barna, Betty 287,312 320 Beglarian, Grant . . 37 286 Bilheimer, Earl 312 233 Barnard, Chopin . 270 269 Behnke, Bob Beightler, Chuck 306 266 Billings, Dick 268 264 Barnds, Bill 213 Beiser, Igor . . . 256 Billingsley, Jim 311 243 Beith, Doug 139 324 Barnes, Dick 262 Belco, Rory 42 Billmeyer, Duane 284 Barnes, George 277 Beldt, Roy 292 Binder, J. 278 Barnes, Jack Barnes, Jerry 281,311 245 261 Beleno, Guillermo . Belfer, H. A Belgum, G. 227 45, 222 274 Bingel, D Bingley, John R 26 316 308 Barnett, Donald L. 204, 205 333 Balin, Herbert 283 Binkley, Paul 307 Barnett, Glynn .... 306 Bell 25 Bird, Janet 238 Barnum, Mac . . . 262 Bell, Bert . . 222 Bissel, Bud 311 Barns, Harry 266 Bell, Dick 277 Bissell, Harold 223, 297 Baron, Beverly 168 249 Bell, Digby 37 Bittker, J 227 Baron, Murray .... Barovick, Richard 307 283 Bell, Jo Bell, William 173, 191,239 308 Bierregaard, Ruth . . . Black, Bill 173, 324 307 Barr, Bill 292 Beller, Betty 236 Black, Ted 267 Barreda, Mario 60 Bellows, Roger 282 Black, William .... 295 Barrett, Ralph 276 308 269 Blackhurst, Fred 293 Barrows, Pat Barss, Buffy 192 152 240 Benbow, Terry . . . . 312 25 Blair, Alan Blair, Chris 269 190, 237 Barten, Herb 122 269 . . 297 Blake, P 53 Bartfay, Alexander .... 27 Bender, Dick 305 Blanchet, Edgardo . . . 227 Barth, Marilyn . 325 238 Blanding, Hugh 66 Barthell, Pete 134 135 220 310 Bartholomew, Lee 264 194,272 Blascak, Albert 315 Bartlett, Bill Bartlett, Lillian 91, 268 325 Benedict, Hugh 261 324 Blattner, Anthony . . . BlauseV, Bill 192 306 Bartlett, Susan .... 248 Benisek, George . . 306 Blavin, M 227 244 27 182 314 324 Bartley, John 263 292 Blessley, Jack 282 143 218 190, 247 Bauer, Virginia 249 325 Bliss, Phyllis 238 Basel, Art 313 277 Blocher, D. 294 Basel, Donald 3D9 293 Block, Anthony 273 Bass, John 309 27, 295 298 Bass, S Bassett, Chuck 227 42 Bennett, Mary Ann Bennett, Peter 328 314 Block, Roy 179 308 Bossett, Thomas 182 . . . . 311 Blomshield, Jack .... 267 Bates, John . . . 292 313 Bloom, E 278 Bates, L. 24 37 Bloom, R. 26 Bates, Marilyn . . 167 280 Bloomquist, Richard . 222 Batesole, W. , ... 25, 313 Benya, Robert .... 280 Blossey, Arthur 315 25 200 Blott, Jack 98 Batten, Hugh 306 280 Blott, Joan 246 Batts, H. Lewis Batuck, Claude 60 261 Berent, Irving .... Berendt, Richard 310 289 Blumeno, H Blumenthal, W 278 195, 273 Bauer, Bill 300 325 171,278 Bauer, Bob 282 Berger, Marydel 238 Boardman, John 282 440 B n a a ma -: a H u a H Ik 111 IK II a : w a v a ni m B M m mn I! Bobbitt, Jock 300 Bober, E 53 Bobolti, Lee 150,312 Bouenbender, Barbara 238 Bodofshy, Walter 25, 306 Bodycomb, Dick 113 Boeing, Jack 262 Boelkins, Bob 299 Boer, Mary 238 Boerma, Don 304, 310 Boesky, D 278 Boettcher, Norman 284 Bogema, Andrew 219 Bogen, John 292 Bohds, Bob 211 Bohl, Dick 263 Bohnsack, Phyllis 167, 241 Boice, Gratia 202, 324 Boice, Willis 260 Boja, Eleanor 232 Belco, Roy 295 Bole, Giles 305 Bolhouse, Herbert 27 Bolino, A 294 Boll, Jay 269 Bolon, J 53 Bolet, Hank 277 Bond, Helen 20 Bonkowski, William 288 Boos, Jean 248 Booth, Roger 90, 91, 202 Boothby, B 250 Boothe, H. Clinton 194 Boothroyd, Herb 31 1 Borchardt, Prof 64 Borgen, Betty 322, 323 Borgerson, Keith 280 Boskey, Fro 337 Boss, Jean 220 Bostrom, R 26 Bostrom, Roland 196 Bothamley, Donna 246 Botti, Lawrence 306 Bottle, Ken 277 Bottum, Curtis 267 Boucher, George 315 Bouggey, Conly 280 Boukis, M 274 Bourne, J 25 Bousfield, Betsy 191, 247 Bousquette, Marguerita 322 Boutin, Harold 307 Bouwsma, Chuck 37, 299 Bowen, Joyce 237 Bower, Helen 241 Bowler, Bill 257 Bowman, B J3 Bowman, Benton 219 Box, J 294 Box, John 313 Boyd, Tom 282 Boyne, John 297 Braathett 211 Brace, Paul 21 Bracket!, Robert D 194 Bradbury, Dave 113 Bradford, Beverly 220 Bradley, A 296,311 Bradley, Roy 315 Bradly, Fred 213 B ' ady, J 53,266 Brady, Mel 225 Brady, R. Holland 295 Braga, F 294 Brahana, T 271 Branaman, John 282 Bradnenstein 27 Brandenstem, Dick 256 Brandt, W 233 Brasher, George 277 Brask, Willard 37 Bratt, Harv 299 Bratton, Dave 282 Braun, Gertrude 202 Braun, R 259 Brauner, Charles 307 Braxton, Henry 309 Breakey, Barry 113, 282 Breenslade, R 196 Breidenbach, Fred 279 Breighner, M 294 Bremer, Jim 258 Brenneman, P 325 Brenner, Barbara 249 Brenner, Everett 20 Brenner, William 289 Brentlinger, Paul 208,254 Brenton, Bill 172 Breon, Pat 168, 241 Brewbaker, George 280 Brewer, Bill 315 Brewer, T 294 Brice, Arlene 324 Brice, Mazie 179, 190, 236 Brice, Mary 325 Bridges, George 268 Briegel, Ruth 20 Brieske, Jim 64 Bright, Gerald 224 Brille, Terrance 158 Brink, Frank 280 Brinkel, Edwin 287 Brinkman, Alice 171 Brisgel, Ruth 324 Briskin, Jerry 275 Briskin, Jim 113 Briskman, Joyce 193, 249 Bristor, Bill 162,261 Bristor, Bob 162,269 Broad, R 24 Broadbridge, Joan 240 Brock, Norman 265 Brede, H 278 Brode, Herbet 265 Brode, S 278 Broderick, George 268 Brodie, Carl 314 Brodhun, John 20,113 Brodnum, John 310 Brodgren, R 182, 274 Bromage, Mrs. Mary C 193 Bromberg, S 278 Bronko, Irene 238 Bronston, Gordon 310 Brooks, F 53 Brooks, John 288 Broomfield, Joan 168, 244 Bromer, Earl 292 Brown, A 25, 200, 277 Brown, B. S 172 Brown, Barbara 246 Brown, Bernard 289 Brown, Bill 306 Brown, C. . . . 26 Brown, D. Roger 237 Brown, Dan 222 Brown, Dennston 219 Brown, Dick 266, 277, 299 Brown, Donna 249 Brown, George 310 Brown, Dr. Gordon 91 Brown, Harold 27 Brown, Harriet 321 Brown, Ira E 265 Brown, Jack 284 Brown, Jeanette 325 Brown, Juanita 168, 193 Brown, Leland 286 Brown, Malcolm 288 Brown, Neil 275 Brown, Pat 235 Brown, Paul 30, 298 Brown, Richard 222 Brown, Stan 275 Brown, Terry 313 Brown, William 260 Browne, J 53 Browne, James 285 Brownell, Bob 270 Brownell, Edmund 254 Browning 25 Brownrigg, John 27 Brugge, Phil 297 Brum, Lennie 215 Brumbaugh, John 264 Brumbaugh, Phil 264 Brundrett, Penny 245 Bruneau, Marion 319 Bruner, Henry 256 Brunette, Paul 314 Brungraber, Bob 269 Brunner, Robert 27 Brunsting, Louis 300 Bruske, George 285 Bryant, Carl 399 Bryant, Jack 313 Bryant, Jim 270 Bryant, Martha 168, 249 Buchanan, Edsel 134 Bucholl, Bill 277 Buck, James 263 Buck, P 271 Buckler, C 26 Buckley, Pete 262 Buckmaster, Mary 247 Buddingh, Dick 299 Bude, Charles 216 Budyk, A 227 Bueker, Jane 235 Bueil, Jane 220, 241 Buell, Marilyn 242 Buell, Mary 241 Buff, R 271 Bulkley, Malvin 310 Bull, Frances 218 Bunbury, John 282 Buning, H 25 Bunker, Jay 261 Bunn, Joyce 235 Bunn, R 259 Bun an, W 274 Burdick, Gretta 245 Burdick, Larry 262 Bruford, Gil 119, 120, 121 Burke, Marie 220 Burkett, Bill 311 Burkhard, George 312 Burkhead, Gordon 312 Burley, Harv 311 Burkholder, Bruiser 269 Burlingame, Donald 260 Burlington, Daniel 260 Burnet, Gordon 284 Burns, Bob 266,312 Burns, Jerry 113,279 Burns, Richard 309 Burns, V 26, 27 Burnstine, M 227 Burr, Jim 315 Burroughs, Charles 284 Burroughs, J 26 Bursley, Dean Joseph . ' 160 Brut, Charles 312 Burtlett, Bill 215 Burton, Dick 10 Burton, P 274 Burton, Ralph 206, 208, 288 Buschman, Henry 305 Buser, Doris 249 Buslee, Roger 223 Bussey, Beverly 172, 192, 322 Bussey, Doris 232 Buszek, T 296 Buterac, Frank 162 Butler, Charles 219 Butler, Gerald 313 Butler, Jim 208,293 Butler, Tom 279 Buttler, Gerald 284 Butterbach, G. 211, 274 Buttery, Audrey 165, 172, 190,241 Butt, Fred 258 Buttrick, Austin 219 Butts, Joy 64 Buzzell, Desmond 312 Buzzie, Clark 215 By berg, Robert 128 Byerly, Bob 276 Byian, Nancy 324 Byrnes, Nan 241 Cabral, Mary Ann 233 Cade, D 25 Cade, Dale 280 Cady, Donna 123, 232 Cady, Miriam 172, 235 Cae, Bob 270 Cain, William Calahan, L 271 Caldwell, Arline 218 Caldwell, Bill 258 Calechman, Jack 224 Caley, Tom 256 Calhoun, Donald 253, 264 Calhoun, Dorothy 324 Calhoun, Lee 259 Calhoun, Pinkey 172 Calimafde, John 26 Calkins, Bernice 190, 235 Callanhan, Bob 215 Callison, James 284 Calvin, J 239 Camara, August .......... 226 Cambell, Dave 282, 296, 305 Cameron, Hugh 298 Campbell, Chuck 258 Campbell, George 258 Campbell, Herb 276 Campbell, John 1 80, 276, 335 Campbell, Katherine 237 Campbell, Louise 321 Campbell, M 53, 237 Campbell, Paul 254,310 Campbell, Richard 254 Campbell, Ron 270 Campbell, Ruth 202,241 Campbell, Velma 213 Campbell, Virginia 165, 248 Campbell, William 280 Caminer, Morris 66 Cammert, Stu 267 Canaan, Leslie 287 Canham, Don 122 Cannon, Butch 277 Cannon, J. H 26, 225 Canuell, Helen 220 Cantor, Herbert 225 Cape, Jim 261 Caplan, Stanley 289 Caplinggo, Bob 300, 310 Cardone, Michael 307 Carey, John 258 Carillo, Edith 226 Carl, James 309 Carlin, Maury 275 Carlson, Alben 261 Carlson, Barbara 240 Carlson, F 25 Carlson, John 285,296 Carlson, Phil 171 Carlson, R 259 Carleback, Emmanuel 311 Carlson, Barber 292 Carlson, Jack 305 Carlson, Quick 305, 419 Carlton, Cy 283 Carmell, Sherman 283 Carmichael, John 295 Carmichael, Robert 53, 314 Carow, J 53 Carpenter, Bill 276 Carpenter, Bud 270 Carpenter, Gordon 209, 279 Carpenter, Mary 60 Carpenter, Robert 263 Carr, Kenneth J 26 Carr , R 271 Carrig, Therese 15, 327 Carroll, Charles 307 Carruthers, George 263 Carson, Bob 269 Carter, D 25 Carter, Donald 267 Carter, Nancy 232, 320 Cartwright, Bill 266, 309 Carver, Prof. Harry 160 Cary, Robert 284 Case, John 290,313 Casgrain, Phil 262 Cashbaugh, Bill 262 Cashin, Edward 261 Casmer, Karl 313 Casper, Edward 273 Casserly, Graham 305 Cassidy, James 314 Castelli, Jim 194,310 Castenholz, R 53 Castner, Thomas 284 Castro, F 26 Castricum, Carile 249 Castro, Plank 226 Cotaline, E 45 Catchpole, W. Park 305 Cate, Larry 263 Cattell, P 218 Caughey, R 25 Caulkins, Bill 298 Cavitch, Zolman 224 Cayia, Fred 279 Ceist, Wood 270 Ceithaml, George 98 Celley, Neil 120, 121 Chabala, L 26 Chadwick, Charles C 194 Chadwick, June 236 Chollis, Stanley 200 Chalmers, James 308 Chamberlain, Dave 257 Chamberlain, R 296 Champney, Don 277 Champoux, Aloise 250 Chandler, James 181,182,280 Chandler, Martha 168, 324 Chang, Molly 87 Chang, Norman 214, 306 Chantler, John 307 Chapekis, T 314 Chapel, Jo 248 Chapel, Nancy 240 Chopin, R 278 Chapman, Robert 27, 289 Chappuis, Bob 132 Charlip, Eliot 311 Charlton, Richard 176 Charmillon, Robert 21 Charnley, Pete 281 Chase, Kip 262 Chase, Trevett 309 Chatlin, Sheldon 265 Chattopadhyaya, Mrinalini 221 Checkly, Bob 134 Cheekley, Gerald 135 Chellis, Don 284 Cheney, Mary Alice 192, 235 Cheney, Marian 250 Cheney, Richard 309 Chenot, Tom 259 Cherpelis, George 267 Chesebro, Robert 286 Chesoln, David 287 Chestnut, Graham 45, 219 Chicoine, Bud 305 Chikos, Julius 313 Childs, Mary 245 Chin, Bill 310 Chipman, J 274 Chow, May : 324 Christensen, Arthur 260 Christensen, Jo 167, 237 Christensen, K 53 Christian, Cole 268 Christiansen, Chris 198 Christie, Richard 24, 314 Christin, Jerry 208 Chudakoff, Ed 37,92 Chu, Cora May 191, 325 Chuchian, John 297 Chun, Victoria 214, 325 Chun, Wallace 214 Chute, George 27 Chute, Robert 26 Cilloniz, A 312 Clack, Lillian 202 Clairmont, Catherine 168 Clanahan, Russ 171, 192, 313 damage, A 278 Clanke, Charles 286 Clark, Bernard 306 Clark, Betty 70, 246 Clark, Bill 113, 279 Clarke, Bob 297 Clark, C. H 60 Clark, Dale 309 Clark, Dave 268 Clark, Dick 312 Clark, Doris 324 Clark, E. T 25, 195 Clark, Howard 254 Clark, Joyce . 246 Clark, L 294 Clark, Nancy 235 Clark, Ozzie 60,97,112 Clark, Phyllis 202 Clark, R 259 Clark, Ralph 306 Clark, Richard J . 150 Clark, Robert 182 Clark, Ronald 292 Clark, Sylvia 324 Clark, Tom 263,277 Clement, Larry 280 Clement, Mary 243 Clements, Don 226 Clements, D 222 Clements, Jim 306 Cleveland, Donald 200 Clifford, Dolon 260 Clingman, Bill 262 Clinton, Jim 77 Cloon, Bill 315 Clyde, Max 257 Clymer, John 300 Cookes, Jack 293 Coates, Tom 257 Coats, James L 48, 410 Coates, Tom 215 Coates, William 222 Cobanes, Joseph 285 Cobb, John 307 Coburn, Alice 236 Cochin, Joe 225 Coehran, Nancy 242 Cockerline, Alan 309 Cockran, Joy 233 Coe, Bob 277 Coe, Jack 276 Coeman, Cole 162 Coehen, Dale 161, 269 Cohen, Lillian . . . . : 193 Cohen, Ruth 210 Cohen, Stanley 289 Conn, Avern 224 Cohn, Mort 139 Coher, Stanford 310 Colah, Jahengir R 221 Colburn, B 296 Cole, Betty 152, 244 Cole, Ernie 279 Coleman, Jim .113, 223, 269, 312 Coleman, Mickey 283 Coleman, Nancy . . . 173, 193, 238 Colen, M 24 Collar, Robert 314 Colley, Robert 272 Collie, Jack 315 Collie, Robert 280 Collinger, William 289 Collins, Josephine 324 Collins, P 53 Collins, Phyllis 244 Collins, Ray 279 Collins, Tod 267 Columbus, Robert 307 Colvin, John 313 Comb, Lois 325 Combes, John 281 Comlossy, Fred 270 Commora, Lawrence 27, 286 Comstock 75 Comstock, Howard 300 Comstock, Kirke 290 Corey, Harry 306 441 Congdon, Dale 309 Conger, Gray 281 Conklin, Emma Jane 218 Conklin, Tom 262 Connine, Frederick 27 Conkwright, Lois 193 Conn, Dick 310,311 Connell, James 284 Connell, Phelps 269 Connelly, Bill 264 Conner, Gene 310 Connine, Fredrick 286 Connoly, Bill 113 Conover, Eugene 280 Conrad, H 25 Conrad, K. R 195,284 Conrad, Walter 254 Conroy, John 262 Comstand, Diana 324 Constantine, N 239 Cook, Carl 293 Constan, Gus 292 Constantine, D 314 Contant, Claude 308 Contino, Amato 284 Con way, Keith 194, 308 Cook, Bill 270 Cook, Bruce 310 Cook, Charles 277 Cook, Dick 208,277 Cook, J 272 Cook, R 53 Cookingham, W 53 Coombs, Donald 256 Cooper, Don 314 Cooper, H 296 Cooper, Howard 279 Cooper, Robert 284 Copple, Lee 314 Corbin, Russel G 194 Corell, Virginia 152 Corey, Harry 27, 195, 274 Corey, R 274 Corin, Mary 241 Cork, Ted 270 Corn, Thomas 196 Cornell, Bill 305 Cornell, Bob 267 Cornell, David 292 Cornfield, Howard 308 Correll, Virginia 241 Corrigan, Robert 307 Corsi, Andrew 306 Cossitt, Dick 162,269 Costa, Jim 113 Cotton, Ann 325 Coulter, Donald 288 Courage, Ray 192 Court, J 274 Covert, Douglas 315 Cordes, Richard 307 Cornelius, Phil 262 Cousins, Pat 233 Covert, Douglas 158 Cowan, James 273 Cox, Edward 314 Cox, Sally 150 Cox, Less 266 Coxon, Barb 245 Crabb, Rober 285 Craig, Gordon 279 Craighead, Pete 175, 269 Cramblet, Paul 305 Cramer, Tom 176, 282 Crane 25 Crane, Fred 309 Crane, H. R 90, 91 Crane, James 287 Crapo, Stan 253, 262 Craven, Bob 292 Craver, Robert 286 Crawford, Audrey 236 Crawford, Bob 261 Crawford, Claude 310 Crawford, Joe 77 Crawford, John 37 Crawford, Joyce 322 Crawford, Mary 202 Crawford, Shirley 241 Crawley, Ross 270 Craymer, Austin 309 Creed, Lydia 240 Cregor, Joyce 193 Creider, Kenneth 20D Crepeau, George 77 Cress, Barbara Ann. .76, 167, 193 Crider, P 53 Crippen, Davis 310 Crippen, Ed 298 Crisler, Fritz 97,98 Creal, Richard 290 Creekatt, Ermine 214 Cronkwright, Lois 324 Crosby, Carolyn 239 Crosby, Mary A 245 Crosier, Stuart 279 Crosley, Barbara 240 Cross, R 324 Crossfeld, Helen 234 Crossman, W 274 Crouch 25 Crouch, A. D 195 Crovella, Edward . . .26, 196, 287 Crowley, Pete 246 Cruise, Richard 263 Crutchfield, Harold 27 Csake, Laszech 87 Culbertson, Charles 26, 196 Culbertson, Kent 310 Culligan, Nancy . . .165, 190, 237 Culman, Bill 173,294 Culver, Guy 267 Culver, Kit 276 Cummings, Carol 241 Cummings, Paul 312 Cummings, Tom 282 Cunningham, Beverly 240 Cunningham, Harry 305 Cunningham, Leo 30 Cunnings, David 261 Cunnings, John 306 Cupples, Nancy 167, 179, 239 Currie, Ross 31 1 Currier, Bob 298 Curry, Bill 269 Curtis, Mary 325 Curtis, R 224 Curtis, J 26 Curtiss, Owne 26, 196 Cushman 25 Cusick, William P 219, 307 Cutlar, Doug 310 Cutler, Barbara 243 Cutler, Bill 262 Cutting, Bob 276 Cybulaski, Tony 1 1 3, 282 Cybulske, Katherine 245 Cyr, Joe 267 Czysz, S 45 Daana, Dick 279 Daana, Roderick 307 Dabick, Violet 324 Daehler, Bill 300 Dains, William 314 Daitch, Martin 225 Dale, Stanley 195,285 Dalton, Sally 245 Daly, Caryl 168,243 Damiano, Bob 258 Damm, James 314 Dangl, Jim 179 Daniels 152 Daniels, Bob 173,312 Daniels, Dorothy 157, 220 Daniels, Edith 220 Daniels, Roger 307 Danielson, Carl 280 Danielson, G 25 Dansard, Ben 270 Danyow, S 25, 271 Daoust, James 280 Daoust, Patrick 280 Darin, Alvio 312 Darnell, R. . 274 Darrow, George 62 Datsko, Nickolas 67 Dougherty, Carolyn .... 193, 233 Dougherty, Mary 325 Dougherty, Phil 315 Dougherty, Robert 307 Dav, Jack 357 David, M. D 195 Davidow, Lorynne 234 Davidson, B. M 195 Davidson, Charles 305 Davidson, D 296 Davidson, Mary 165, 320 Davidson, Richard 308 Davies, James 223 Davies, John R. 26, 195, 196, 312 Davila, Jose 311 Davila, Rafael 227 Davin, Jeanne 325 Davis, Avery 278 Davis, Barbara 240 Davis, Bill 266 Davis, Bob 300 Davis, Clara 173 Davis, Donald 295 Davis, E. G 160 Davis, Helen 325 Davis, Marilyn 325 Davis, Paul 216,306 Davis, R 24 Davis, Steven 273 Davis, William 158 Davy, Dan 270 Dawson, Elmer 216 Dawson, Janet 233 Dawson, John 315 Dawson, Phil 171, 192 Day, Alfred 257 Day, Dick 268 Daykin, Philip 307 Daykin, Ted 301 Dayton, Bob 311 Dean, Bob 192 Dean, Joseph 290 Dean, Nancy 247 Dean, Richard 254 Dean, Stan 192 Dean, Walter L 224 Dean, William 286 Deary, Jean 239 Debler, Walt 311 DeBoer, Bob 258 Debolt, George 286 DeBruin, A 63 Debrul, Steven 297 DeCamillis, Mason 308 Decker, Jean 232 Decker, Ray 305 Dee, Doris 179 Deem, Dwane 258 Degenhardt, Theodore 295 Deger, Bill 263 Degnan, James 307 DeGuise, Betty 242 DeHarde, Donna 235 Dehmlow, Louis 207, 208 Deister, Irwin 290 Deith, R. E 195 DeJager, D 26 Dejong, Bud 222 Dejos, Bill 222 Deland, Orrin 297 DeLano, Martha 236, 190 DeLaurier, Jacques 272 DelBurgo, John 265 deLeon, Eddie 226 Deline, Dick 261 Dell, Dick 212,312 DeLoof, Patricia 202 Delude, D 274 DeMaria, Frank 308 DeMerctt, Rodger 200 Demmler, Albert 158 Dendrinos, Pete 125, 215, 268 Denecke, Mildred 320 Dennis, Frank 182,208,312 Dennis, Jean 220 Dennison, David 90, 91 Denniston, Anita 327 Deochar, Shyama 221 DePuy, lo 25 Deremo, James 260 DeRidder, Larry 315 DeRose, Bob 263 Derr, Lawrence 200, 277 Derragon, William 158, 272 Derricotte, Gene 97, 1 10 Desai, Harshad B 87, 221 De Souza, H 25 Deutsch, Judith 234 Dover, Beverly 236 De Vere, Larry 311 Devore, Larry 212 DeVries, Donald 179, 314 DeVries, Paul 31 Dewar, Sandy 276 Dewey, Barbara 63 Dewey, Janet 247 Dewitt, Ann 246 DeWitt, Nancy 242 DeWitt, P 296 Deye, Sam 313 De Young, Mike 290 Dhumal, V 24 Diamond, Theodore 314 Dice, Bruce 299 Dickenson, Thomas 286 Dickerson, Jim 277 Diener, William 25, 309 Dieter, Bob 213 Dieterle, Jane 193 Dietrich, Shelby 218 Dillmgham, Thomas .... 195, 268 Dillman, Helen 324 Dillon, John 297 Dilworth 25 DiNolfo, Richard S 194,310 Dippel, Beverly 191 Dix, S 297 Dixon, Bob 137 Dixon, Francis 315 Dixon, Prof. Robert L. . . 180, 297 Dobberstein, D 294 Dobsen, Carolyn 239 Dobson, Richard 280 Dodson, Tom 198 Doehr, Everatt 306 Doerfner, Dorothy 246 Doermann, Paul . . . 300 Doerr, R 296 Doersam, Art 310 Doersam, Eleanor 325 Doherty, Chuck 269 Dolan, Bob 125 Dole, Art 132 Dolny, Harry 282, 307 Domangue, Norris 304, 310 Demas, L 262 Donaldson, John 269 Doney, J 294 Donivan, Jim 262 Donovan, Margaret 236 Donovan, Sally 242 Dooge, Mary 242 Doorenhos, Norm 31 1 Dopp, Bruce 306 Dorland, Jim 53,306 Dorn, Guinevere 211 Dornan, Tom 259 Dorrance, Don 284 Dorrence, Helen 177 Dort, William 280 Doshi, S 216 Doster, H 294 Doty, Frances 233 Doubleday, Robert 309 Douglas, Kathie 246 Douthat, Rudenz 272 Dove, Mary Lou 242 Dow, Dorothy 241 Doyle, Dick 307 Doyle, Don 312 Doyle, O ' Brian 264 Drake, Anne 324 Drake, Frank 258 Draper, Jo Anne 324 Drayton, Charles 297 Drazek, Lil 192 Drechslet, George 273 Dresser, William 256 Dressier, Patricia 236 Driefus, John 275 Dreisbach, Samuel 216 Dressel, David 313 Drickman, Micheal 225 Driver, Jack 270 Drollinger, Dale 263 Drossos, N 24 Drouillard, Robert 272 Dubin, Arthur 307 Dubinsky, Debbie 325 Dublanica, Walter 182, 282 DuBois, Donald 26, 196, 309, 311 Duckek, Winifred 238 Dudka 25 Duellman, William 222, 314 Duey, Philip A 92, 200 Duff, Brian 179,285 Dufin, Em 266 Dujardin, Jeanette 322 Duke, Jack 173 Dunayer, G 278 Duncan, Dorothy 202 Duncan, Jeanne 294, 326 Dunfie, Gordon 284 Dunitz, Shirley 234 Dunckel, Elbridge 203 Dunkle, Barbara 156, 243 Dunlap, Wayne 37 Dunlop, Bill 257 Dunlop, Pat 250 Dunn, Beverly 243 Dunn, Harry 256 Dunn, Ralph 293 Dunphy, Herbert 308 Durana, Bill 270 Durant, Bryce 286 Durant, Buzz 92 Duras, James 91 Durham, Alice 323 Durst, Ted 309 Dutcher, Bruce 268 Duvin, Art 42 Dworsky, Dan . .97, 103, 111, 289 Dworsky, Dave 278, 313 Dworsky, E 278 Dwyer, Warren 264 Dyer, John 277 Dyer, R 274 Dywer, Bert 277 Eagle, Charlotte 166, 210 Eakin, E 271 Eardley, A. J 62 Earl, Delores 87 Earl, Martha 271 Early, E 271 Eash, Doris 60 East, Stan 305 Easterly, Jane 324 Eaton, Barbara 322 Eaton, Beverly 319 Eaton, Gus 113 Ebach, Earl 309 Eberhardt, Bill 311 Ebersole, Jim 92, 179,269 Ebner, Herbert 273 Eckholm, Bob 268 Eckhout, Ann 322 Eckert, Otto 160 Edberg, James 308 Edberg, Richard 308 Eden, Charles 282 Eder, W 227 Edgar, Joyce 234 Edge, Bob 279 Edge, Don 279 Edman, John 279 Edmonds, Bill 293 Edmunds, William 309 Edwards, David 314 Edwards, Ray 307 Edwards, Lawrence 292 Edwards, R 294 Edwards, Sally 248 Eermans, Bill 299 Efting, Howard 26, 195, 196 Egan, Doris 237 Eggenberger, Bob 310 Eggleston, Bill 315 Eggleston, N 296 Ehrenberg, Richard 314 Ehrlich, Ed 225 Eich, Bob 293 Eichbauer, Dick 292 Eichenlaub, Ell Rose 235 Eicher, Howard 310 Eichorn, Erwin 309 Eichorn, Irma 324 Eidner, Alida 324 Eifert, Donald 286,312 Eilola, William 314 Einbeiner, Irvin 60 Eisenback, Marilyn 210 Eisenstat, Paula 193 Ekwald, Jim 311 Elcar, I. D 306 Elconin, Dick 275 Eldar 25 Eldersveld, Herm 299 Eldridge, Jim 311 Eldridge, Morton ...26,196,285 Ellas, Dick 300 Elgass, George 297 Ellin, Everett 160, 195 Ellinghausen, J 325 Elliott, Chalmers 133 Elliott, Nathalie 325 Elliott, Pete 97,102, 105, 106, 107,115, 116, 139,279 Ellis, Arlayne 321 Ellis, Bette 76, 193 Ellis, Charles 306 Ellis, Dottie 190,248 Ellis, Joanne 236 Ellis, Virginia 241 Ellison, Bernard 310 Ellson, Bill 268 Elser, W 294 Elson, Robert 37,200,316 Ely, Jim 208,209,285 Ely, Joan 245 Elzinga, Don 285, 306 Elzinga, Eugene 285 Emerling, Stan 113 Emerson, Tom 269 Emerson, Vern 311 Emery, Charles 269, 315 Emery, William 31 Emmert, Bill 268 Emswiller, Edmund 308 Engelder, Ted 313 England, Richard 307 Englander, M 284 Engle, Jose 152 Englehart, Bruce 281 English, Howard 37 Ennis, A 53 Ennis, Don 270 Ensign, Jim 25,220,307 Entennman, Dick 267 Eppstein, James 275 Epstein, Herb 273 Epstein, Joe 315 Epstein, Robert 225 Erb, George 310 Erben, Bob 97,256 Ericke, Nancy 325 Erickson, R 195 Ericson, William 288 Erikson, Arthur 307 Ernst, Reginald 45,217 Ertle, Jean 213 Erwin, Bill 269 Erwin, James . . ; 309 Erwin, James E 260 442 Esbrook, J 53 Esch, Marvin 308 Eskilsen, Larry 290 Estes, Betty 190, 203, 241 Estes, Gene 270 Estep, Bill 313 Estep, Brad 284 Estep, Margot 321 Etter, Betty 241 Ettinger, A 227 Etzel, Russell 173,294,315 Eubank, B 273 Eubanks, Lionel 258 Eustice, Edwin 312 Evan, Jim 21 Evans, Chuck 62 Evans, Gil 276 Evans, Harry 266 Evans, Jack 267 Evans, James 21 Evans, Jane 173 Evans, Richard 260 Evans, Robert 284,300 Everett, Barbara 242 Everett, Bob 276 Everham, Ed 266 Everitt, Martin 158, 207 Evola, Giovanni 21 Ewert, Adrienne 248 Ewing, Harriet 233 Eyre, Alga 60 Eyster, George 129, 272 Eyster, James 286 Eystone, Dorothy 202 Eiray, M 278 Faber, Albert 288 Fackler, Don 312 Failer, Marvin 304 Fairbanks, James 26,196 Fairbanks, Ruth 246 Fall, Bob 268 Falls, Harriet 235 Fancett, Robert 314, 316 Farah, Delores 242 Farley, John 312 Farnsworth, Shirley 244 Farrell, Eileen 84 Farrer, Dick 91,97,257 Farrug, Gene 284 Farst, Bob 311 Fashbaugh, Dick 134, 135 Fast, Joan 247 Faulk, Betty Jo 167,247 Faulk, Diane 247 Fauth, Gerry 266 Fowl, Bud 264 Federspeil, Chuck 150, 266 Fee, Joe 307 Feenstra, Larry 299 Feinberg, Norman 275 Fekowsky, Donald 314 Feldkamp, Lauren 308 Feldman, B 227 Feldman, Phoebe 167 Feley, Francis 235 Feller, Sigfried 312 Fellner, William 309 Fellman, Sheldon 225 Fellows, Corrine 323 Fenske, Harriet 190, 248 Ferestein 275 Fergacs, Bob 26,287 Ferguson, B 53,272,298 Ferguson, Douglas 279 Ferguson, Len 266 Ferle, Richard 337 Ferrara, Dick 267 Ferrer, Jess 226 Ferrer, Stuart 289 Fess, Don 300 Fiedorowicz, Lillian 218 Field, J 296 Field, S 274 Fielstra, Gretchen 157 Fierst, Marion 300 Fietze, Mono 164,190, 191 Fige, Shirley 320 Filbey, Allen 292 Filler, Blair 257 Filler, William 265 Finch, Dick 268 Fineman, Bill 311 Fineman, W 45 Finger, Jerry 275 Finger, John 314 Fink, llene 234 Fink, Joan 234 Finkelstein, Jerome 225 Finlay, Nancy 202 Finn, Cynthia 245 Finn, Dan 313 Firth, Corinne 190, 235 Firth, Dean 269 Fischbach, Fred 314 Fischer, Don 312 Fishburn, Lyman 276 Fisher, L 195,278 Fisher, Ray 130 Fisher, Stuart 289 Fishman, Herm 311 Fitch, J 274,306 Fitzgerald, Erwin 293 Fleischman, Dick 113, 173 Fleischman, Earl 289 Fleming, Bob 119, 121,284 Fletcher, Dick 281 Fletcher, Hugh 285 Flickinger, William 284 Flint, Margery 15, 237 Flitcraft, Ann 241 Flitman, Don 273 Flood, R 274 Flowers, Don 312 Fluery, Don 297 Flury, Gerald 308 Flye, William, Jr 227 Flynn, Jack 314 Flynn, Marilyn 242 Flynn, Tom 258 Fogel, Dorothy. 161, 167,318,326 Folkert, M 26 Folz, Sylvia 168 Fong, Arthur 214 Fonner, Bob 258 Foole, Dick 161 Foote, John 3DO Forbeck, Don 300 Forbush, E 26 Ford, Bob A 312 Ford, Dayton 297 Ford, Hal 266 Ford, Marion 319 Ford, Robert 182 Fordney, Ted 262 Forester, Patricia 325 Fors, Jack 269 Forsberg, Lenhard 254 Forster, Barbara 247 Forsythe, Dick 162, 285 Fortune, Chet 297 Fosdick, G 25 Fosler, H oward 50 Foss, Dave 315 Fossenkemper, Yvonne 319 Foster, Tom 270 Fotias, Nick 293 Fouch, W 53,207 Foukal, Robert 27 Fourie, L 296 Fowler, Bill 315 Fowler, Jacqueline 322 Fowler, Robert 314 Fowler, Virginia 322 Fox, Del 213 Fox, J. A 195 Fox, Ken 208 Fox, Mildred 321 Foxgrover, Jackie 245 Francis, Pearl 202, 241 Frandsen, Phil 260 Frank, Al 258,275 Frank, Billy 275 Frank, Bud 275 Frank, Martin 265 Frank, Richard 200 Frank, Ruth 193, 234 Frank, S 195 Franke, Tom 207,208,311 Franke, W 26,195,196,222 Frankenstein, P 53 Frankenstein, R 234 Franklin, Abby 322 Frankman 248 Franks, Julius 61 Franz, Robert 314 Franz, Sigfield 410,418 Fraser, E 232 Fraser, Stu 281 Fratcher, Mary 236 Frazer, David 310 Frazier, Carol 232 Frease, Judy 245 Fredlund, Keith 208,277 Fredrickson, D 31 Freed, Gene 113 Freeman, R 295, 314 Fr eeman, Dick 280 Freeman, Howard 212, 289 Frehse, R 247 Freimark, Lyle 300 Freitag, June 325 French, C 274 French, John 280 Frey, K 25 Fricke, Cedric 305 Fridstein, A 289 Friedman, A 278 Friedman, H. .9, 170, 190, 278 Friedman, S 224, 249, 278 Friedman, Tobe 234 Friedkin, Tom 299 Fritchek, Frank 256 Fritz, Elmer 72 Froman, Charles 290 Fromm, Paul 182, 211 Frommer, Barnett 182 Frost, Jim 277 Frost, R. C 25,195 Frostic, Margaret . .152, 191,325 Froula, J 53 Fruitman, Martin 305 Fry, Bill 300 Frye, Harold 201,312 Fu|itani, Minnie 214 Fukuda, Robert 214 Fuller, Charles 284 Fullerton, Bev 246 Furman, Herbert 216 Fyfe, Jack 281 Fyfe, Thelma 240 Gabel, Jim 311 Gable, Patricia 325 Gabriel, L 274,294 Gacek, Wally 119,120,215 Gach, L 296 Gage, Lona Loo " ' " . Gale, Duane 260 Gale, Harriet 2iO Galin, G 278 Gallagher, C 37 Gallardo, M 227, 308, 316 Gallatin, Irv 306 Gallivan, John 307 Galloway, Buzz 30 Galloway, Harvey 31 Gait, Mary 324 Gamble, Bob 262 Gamble, Jim 304, 309 Gamble, Robert 307, 308 Garni, D 87,216 Gannon, G 256 Gannon, Jack 279 Garchow, Alvin 314 Gard, Stanley 275 Gardiner, Dan 269 Gardiner, Doris 193, 233 Gardiner, Robert 308 Garfink, Roger 289 Garlach, J 53 Garrett, Dick 62 Garrett, Howard 315 Garrett, Wayne 226 Garritsen, Virginia 241 Garritson, Ginny 190 Garthe, Beverly 173 Garvey, J 25 Gaskill, E 296 Gaslparski, R 307 Gast, Warren 307 Gates, Ben 253, 267 Gates, J 296 Gatley, Mary 245 Gatward, Roger 280 Gault, S 26 Gaunt, Bill 307 Govern, Stanley 216 Geary, Riley 222 Gehring, Fred 223 Gehring, John 223, 286 Geib, D 271 Geigenmuller, K 152, 239 Geiger, Bob 282 Geiger, Monica 245 Geise, Helen 245 Geliatly, Robert 309 Geney, R 296 Genszwill, Joyce 218 Genthe, Dick 263 Gentz, Bill 208, 277 George, E 53 George, Robert 314 Gerber, Eliot 312 Gerbstadt, G 3D8 Gerholz, Barb 167 Gerson, R 179 Gersten, H 265 Gerstner, R 314 Gertzis, S 26 Gestie, Ann 190, 242, 419 Getoor, Ron 311 Gettel, Bob 305 Getschman, R 308 Geyer, Vic 211 Geyrck, Joe 89 Ghindia, John 97, 215, 268 Giardini, A 312 Giardini, Bill 312 Gibbon, Jim 92 Gibbons, Harold 261 Gibbs 25 Gibbs, Ed 277 Gibbs, James 216, 314 Gibbs, Roger 62 Gibbs, Walter 257 Giblin, James 260 Gibson, Charles 308 Gibson, Jim 279 Giczewski, Gerard 181, 182 Giessow, Joan 179 Giest, Wood 200 Giffin, Chick 267 Giglie, Bob 182,312 Gignilliat, L 250 Gikas, Paul 315 Gilbert, D 278 Gilbert, M 227 Gilbreath, Nan 242 Gilden, Berna 234 Gilden, Lloyd 275 Gildersleeve, J 324 Gilkeson, Mack 297 Gillatly, E 325 Gillett, Jack 310 Gillette, John 258 Gillham, R 296 Gillum, Douglas 30 Gilmartin, R 314 Gilmore, Bill 282 Gilooley, George 290, 313 Gilmartin, Richard 314 Gilpin, J 296 Ginsberg, M 278 Giovagnoli, A 24 Giovannini, Dan 310 Girardot, Peter 292 Girdler, Helen 247 Girton, Lawrence 254 Giselis, Aaron 283 Giuliana, Vince 313 Gladdon, Sylvia-Jo 233 Glauz, Robert 287 Glaza, Joan 322 Glenn, David 314 Glerum, Jim 268 Glick, William 275 Glidden, James 254 Glover, M 296 Gluck, A 227 Gluck, Gerald 274 Gluckstin, Martin 306 Goalz, Roger 172 Godt, Henry 314 Goebel, Betsy 241 Goebel, Charles 297 Goebel, Matt 267 Goeckel, Norman 263 Goelz, Rog 266 Goering, Richard 280 Goetz, Joe 284 Goff, Bill 282 Gohl, J 25 Gold, Alice 157 Gold, Irving 27 Gold, Jack 289 Goldammer, Jim 257 Goldbert, H 227 Goldberg, Albert 289 Goldberg, June 193, 249 Goldberg, Lee 283 Goldberg, Leslie 87 Goldberg, Sid 223 Goldberger, V 202, 234 Golde, M 278 Goldfarb, Carl 273 Goldfarb, Stuart 224 Goldman, A 278,313 Goldman, Bram 275 Goldman, Edith 234 Goldman, Eleanor 210 Goldman, Louise 234 Goldner, Stan 282 Goldrath, Milton 225 Goldsmith, Richard 225 Goldstein, Lucy 173 Gomba, Pete 226 Gommeson, Esther 244 Gonan, Gloria 236 Gonzales, Felix 226 Gonzales, Marjorie 91 Goo, Gilbert 214,306 Good, Charles 226 Good, Jerry 310 Good, Marge 246 Goode, Conrad 314 Goading, J 259 Goodman, Bernard 305 Goodrich, Frank 298 Goodrich, Si 276 Goodstein, Gloria 249 Goodwillie, Ian 297 Goodwin, Evelyn 327 Goodyear, Anne 232 Goodyear, Connie 319 Goodyear, John 307 Goodyear, Sally 167, 247 Gorbett, Jon 257 Gordillo, R 227 Gordon 25 Gordon, Clayton 298 Gordon, Dave 305 Gordon, Dorothy 327 Gordon, Douglass 254 Gordon, Harry 289 Gordon, Harvey 173 Gordon, Herman 224 Gordon, Jane 232 Gorhow, Alvin . . , t 200 Gorman, Bill 272 Gorton, T 259 Gosling, John 298 Gosling, Roger 307 Goslow, Robert 25,209 Gottlieb, Norm 10 Gottschalk, Art 313 Goudman, Berk 310 Gould, Billy 275 Gould, Joyce 234 Gould, Ken 253 Gould, Kenneth 290 Gaulish, Tom 305 Cover, Ray 31 1 Gowans, Arnold 264 Graff, William 305 Graef, Andrew 284 Graham, Arthur 315 Graham, Bill 174,258 Graham, Garrett 65 Graham, Newton 20 Graham, Robert 21 6, 31 1 Grahm, Bob 162 Grainger, Ann 239 Grambeau, Rod 198 Granacher, R 272 Graney, Jim 306 Grant, Bill 257 Grant, Marian 191, 318, 324 Grant, M 172, 278 Grant, Seymour 225 Grant, Wally 215, 279 Graulick, Jim 311 Graves, Earl 307 Graves, Greek 268 Gray, Jack 226 Gray, Murray 273 Grayson, John 261 Greager, Robert Greathouse, T 53 Green, Edward 53, 309 Green, JoAnn Green, Johnathan 260 Green, Mary Jane 3! Greenbaum, L Greenberg, Hugh . . . 11, 227, 30 Greenberg, Jerry 226 Greenberg, John 289, 314 Greenberg, Marvin 224 Greenberg, Sidney Greenblatt, Murray Greene, Bob 306 Greene, Herbert 272 Greene, Larry Greenebaum, Bill Greenfield, Don 70, 71, 289 Greenfield, Marvin Greenslade, R 26 Greenstein, Phyllis 322 Greenway, James 280 Greenwood, Jim I Greer, Edgar 31 Gregg, Bob Gregory, J Greider, Ken Gremel, Norm 211,300 Grendahl, Audrey 246 Grenkowski, E 259 Griecler, Ken Grierson, Robert 256 Griffin, Ann 246 Griffin, Hays Griffith, Dick 276 Griffith, Don Grimes, Ed 215, 290 Grimes, Harvey 216, 292 Gripman, Bill 269 Grivas, George 3 Groff, Jim 272 Grollimund, John 219 Grooms, Ted 262 Gross, Mark 275 Gross, Richard 274, 289 Grossman, L 224 Grosst, Bob 293 Grover, Roy 316 Grover, Dorr 290 Groves, Anne 248 Grubbs, Helen 324 Grunawolt, Robert ' 308 Gubow, Lawrence 224 Guenter, T. E 195 443 Guenther, W 53 Hamren, Fred 308 Hayward, John . Hazelett, J Head, Denial . . . Headington, J. . . Heafner, R Healy, Tom Heaphy, Jack . . . Heard, Gilbert . . Heard, Willard . Heaton, Don .... Hecht, Arthus Heck, Patrick Heckert, Robert Hedler, Robert . . Hedrick, Marie . Heenan, Denny . . Heffelfinger, J. . . Heggam, David . . Hehn, Marjorie . Heidgen, Jean . . . Heidler, Frank . . . Heil, Charles 286 259 286 260 259 257 ..75,253,256 290 290 311 314 308 254 309 318 282 293 254 248 244 ... 53, 286, 306 .... 282 208 Gucrin, Ray 304 264 242 31 27 295 257 26 232 314 Hamrick, Julia .... 322 274 294 312 314 220 309 , 164, 190,242 257 . , 297 Hicks, Mary . . 243 Horn, M 24 Gullberg, Pat Gullen, Robert Gulley, Orrin Gunderson, Howard . Gurche, Jack Gurjar, J Gurr, Patricia Guse, Carl Handelsman, J. . . . Handorf, Milton . . Handyside, George Hanjian, Lillian . . . Hanna, Allan .... Hannegan, Pat . . . 9, 15 Haner, Ted Hannington, 1 Hans, Jerry Hansen, Harry ... Hansen, Ruth Ann . Hansen, Walt ... Hansen, Barbara . . Hanson, Carl Hanson, Oave .... Hanson, David .... Hanson, Jan Hieronymus, Dorothy 239 Higbee, Arthur 171, 263 Higbee, Chuck 177,262 Higgins, Jack 279 Hile, Gloris 226,324 Hileman, Ralph 312 Hiles, Donald 286 Hilbers, Gerard 388 Hildenbrand, Anita 327 Hildebrandt, Joan 321 Hildebrandt, L 240 Hill A ova Homer, Howard Horngren, Keith Horst, Dave Horton, Charles Horwitch, Robert Horwitz, Thoda Horowitz, W Hosley, Vera Hosmer, Henry 227 305 315 293 273 234 66 235 254 Guskte, Bob Gustafson, Dick Gutchiss, Allen Guthrie, Charles 276 42 262 292 269 37 Houde, R Hough, Emy Lou Houghtby, W. E Houghton, Barbara . . Houghton, Knight . . . House, Charles House, Clyde Housman, Bennett, Jr. 91 240 195 243 282 285 208, 284 26 152, 239 304 239 194,311 268 309 306 Hill Bob Guttenberg, Lynn Guttman, Budd Gottman, Rae Guy, Ralph Gyourko, J H Haakenstad, D. 175,212 ..173,283 249 267 274 284 Hill, Connie Hill, Daniel Hill, Ed Hill, Jo Hill, June Hill, Marilee 118, 120,215 217 311 247 319 241 Hanson, John Hanson, Richard . . 312 158 Hill, Mary 190 240 Hover, Howard K. . . . Hovsepien, Paul Howard, Sumner .... Howe Dick 216 300 92, 257 313 Heilbroner, Hans . Heim, Roseann . . . Heimbach, Karl . . Heinemann, Jud . Heines, Thos., Jr. . Heinrichs, M Heiser, Betty HeUenga, Irv. . . . Held, Arnold Heldreth, Dorothy Helfenbien, Jerry Heller, Jack Helmrich, Richard Helzer, Demar . . Hemenway, Jane Henchel, Justin . . Hendel, Jean .... Henderson, Jo Henderson, Wm. . Heneveld, Lloyd Hendrian, Sue Henrie, Art Hennes, Allen . . . Hennessy, Tom 307 324 196 268 .195,216, 284 179 220, 238 299 27 202 310 91 307 200,312 237 273 ...77, 193, 234 167,245 256 .97, 111,281 167 235 Hill, R Hillig, W Hillerbrand, Ruth Hillman, Harry Hills, Bob Hillsinger, M Hilton, Nancy .... Hinchman, Don . . . Hinckley, Barbara . Hinckley, Hal Hindes, J. W., Jr. Hinton, Gene Hinz, Leon Hipfel, Joe Hirsch, Ruth Hirschorn, Jos 53 274 324 204 216,226 233 325 293 324 277 195 215 113 305 234 289 Haan, Jerry Haas, Arthur O Haas, Dick Haber, Sylvia Hacha, Diane Hodden, Robert Haddock, Robert Hadiaris, Nick Hadler, Dick 268 42,295 272 249 245 254 20D 266 279 Hanzek, Morris . . . Hanzel, Alfred Harborne, Robert . Harbough, Jack . . Harbour, Arlette . . 165, 191, Harcus, Sinclair . . . Hardie, Gordon . . . 313 314 314 270 318,324,419 263 298 Howe, Jim Howe, Mary Howell, Bud Howell, David Howell, Dick Howell, Marilyn Howell, Rollie 256 232 310 292 269 244 266 Hadley, Bill 270 324 311 73 202, 327 193 Hardy, Marian .... Hardy, S 324 53 Howland, Lyons Hoyt, George 21 308 Haering, llene Haffner, Al Hageman, John Hagen, Ester Hagen, Lita Harf, Fred Harlan, John Hariton, Anne . . . 222 315 177, 236, 247 307 Hoyt, Sarah Hu, Margaret Po Hu, Rose Hubach, Nan 324 87 218 220, 247 273 Hager, Adele Hager, Eleanor Hager, Helen . 324 324 321 Harm, John Harmon, Lewis . . Harms, Jack Harmsen, Gerald 298 306 305 Hiser, P 26,256 242 Hilt, Charline Hitt Dick Hubbard, B 296 Hagerman, R Haggerty, Albert Haggerty, Dave Hague, Gilbert 296 158 .... 268 . 300 280 Hoard, Dorothy . , Hobart, Nan Hobert, R ' . Hockenbury, Bob Hodges, Bob 323 324 24 292 298 305 Hubbard, Jim Hubbard, John Hubbell, John 262 262 318 268 Horn, Bob Haroldson, Olaf Harper, Jackie .... 208 123, 260 31, 225 53, 150 309 250 Hahn, Myra Harm, Shirley . 272 237 237 Harper, John Harrington, Doug Harrington, Jack . . Harrington, Hal . . . Harrington, Pat ... Harris, Alvin Harris, B. . . 267 266 Henry, Barb . . Henry, Bill . 177 . . . . 306 Hubert, Lee Huddle, Ann Hudnut, Jack Hudson, Cal 235 325 277 257 24 266 253 240 289 ....225,278 21 Hakken, Howard Haidery, Saifi T Haines, D Hait, D 170 Halbrook, Bob Hale, Jack Hale, William Haley, Beverly Haley, Marilyn Halfenbein, G. . 295 . . 221 73, 192 , 179, 259 270 284 219 152, 236 . . 239 289 Henry, K Henry, Remson . . Henton, Don 53 286 266 Hodgson, Norm Hodin, Jack Hoenecke, Heinz . 298 289 419 312 Hudson, Don 257 157 Herd, Allan .... 288 Harris, Dean Harris, Jack Harris, Jackie 271, 310 222 20 Herman, D 278 240 Huettner, R Huff, Reginald Huffman, W Hufford, Bill Huggins, Carol Hughes, Herald Hughes, John 296 307 53 276 326 268 254 Herman, Rick Herophilus, A. ... Herrero, A Herrick, Margaret Herrigel, Bruce . . Herron, Ross . 297 298 410 324 290 282 Hoexter, Don Hoffmann, Bettina Hoffman, Boyd Hoffman, Edward Hoffman, Sarah 257 244 299 289 319 Harris, James . 280 Harris, Joe 37 152, 172, 238 271 Harris, Mary Ann . . Harris, S. Halick, John . 300 Hoffman, Wesley Hoffmaster, E. Hoffmeyer, W. Hofstra, Dorothy Hogan, Patrick .... Honeb, Dick Hoheisel, C Hokkanen, B. W. . . Hole, Bill 281,306 239 337 218 280 315 Hall, Dick . 232 259, 279 Hrych, John Harrison, Bill 293 266 Herschberger, D. Hertler Al 279 Hughes, Merlin 256 245 . . 304 300 ... 25 258 25 .... 239 Hall, Don D Hall, Dorothy Hall, Frances . . . Hall H . ... 313 . . 323 237 271 . 232 307 Harrison, Bob Harrison, W 115, 116, 279 274 Hertler, David 288 Hughes, Victor Hulett, Ralph Hull, J Herz, Holly Herald, John Herbert, Constance Herman, Pat Hern, Bob 240 307 322 202, 220 207 Harry, Bryan Harry, G Harsant, James .... Hart, Barbara . . 158, 264 53 279 239 Hall, Jeanne Hall, John Hall Pete 309 Hultman, Jack Hultquist, G. Hume, Cecily 306 264 Hall, Theodore . Hall, W. . . 280 . 26 Hartman, Bill .... Hartman, Bob 325 305 312 Hernandez- Agosto, Herrero, A Herrick, Stanley . . . Herrigel, Bruce Herriman, Pat Herrin, Lexie Herring, R Herring, Virginia Herrington, K Hershenov, B Hershberger, Donn Hertler, E. G Hertzberg, Stuart Hester, O Hess, George Hess, Jack Hess, Ned Hess, Nancy Hess, Raymond . . . Hettinger, Frank Hevel, Bob M 227 227,418 3D8 307,316 325 181, 182 53 325 309 67 97 25, 195 150, 304,312 271 315 312 204 164, 190,247 156 266 268 Hole, M Holden, Ken Holl L N 271 284 Humecke, Dolly Humes, Richard Humphrey, Donald Hunington, Beverly . . . . Hunsgerger, Paul Hunt, Bob 243 182 295 193 266 ... 257 53 Hall, Webster Halladay, Jack Hallam, Marge 26 . 276 242 Hartman, Don Hartmann, E Hartman, John Hartshorn, Stan .... Hartsell, Howard . . Hartzmark, Alan Hartzmark, Lee .... Harvey, Nels Hashem, Erfan Haskell, Don Hass, Richard Hassel, William Hastings, Bob Hatch, Henry Hatch, R Hatosky, Doris 275 296 128 277 311 289 289 276 295 313 26 156 261, 312 286 25 919 Holly, Donald Holland, Bob Holland, Clay Holland, Tom 314 9, 160,269 124 195, 216, 292 53 97,215, 268 296 239 172, 200, 284 288 285 76, 193 293 273 311 299 224 Hallett, Jack 284 Hunt, C Hallett, Irving Hallitt, Jack Halman, Charlotte Halpern, Gerald . ... 284 . 270 . 212 273 Hollway, Bob Holloway, T Holmquist, Marilyn Holmes, Pres Holmes, Robert Holter, Marvin Holton, Betty J. Holtz, Fred Holtzman, Irwin . . . Holtzman, Sonny Holwerda, Ed Hunter, Brls Hunter, Steve Huntington, Gale 304,311 270 248, 191 300 Halperin, Jerry 173 Hurlbut, Barbara Hurlin, Ken . . . . Hurst, Dick Hurwitz Jake Husain, Asghar Huss, John Hutchins, Don Hutchins, Merrill Hutchinson, Harry .... Hyatt, Philip Hyde, A. E Hyde, Peter Hyde, Virginia . .193, Hydon, Robert 333 313 172, 269 171, 192 221 . ... 160 305 305 267 182 308 297 202, 324 286 Halvorsen, J. V. Halvorsen, W Hamel, Barb Hamer, Jack Hamil, Pete .... 195 309 77 . ... 312 298 .... 259 26, 42 285 195, 196 . ... 290 276 Hamilton, C. Hamilton, Dick Hamilton, Paul Hamilton, R., Jr. Hamilton, R. Hamlen, Jake Hauser, David 286 Haw, S 271 Howes, Beverly . . .151, 152, 238 Hawkes, David 287 Hawkins, Dave 307 Hawley, Bill . . 266 Holz, Walter 309 Hewes, Thomas 290 Hood, Dolores .... Hood, M Hoogesteger, P. . . Hook, Mary Lou Hooker, Ken Hooker, Richard . Hoolsema, Bob Hooper, Finley .... Hoover, Bob Hoover, Don 246 220 306 193, 211 295,310 280 297 308 268 124 268 Hewitt, Dick Hewitt, Eleanor Hewlett, Jim Heyde, Norma .... Heyes, Paul Heyliger, Vic Heyman, Arnold Hickey, Bill Hickey, Eileen .... Hickey, Howard 284 248 42 202 310 118 289 97 15, 248 268 Hammar, Berbil Hammerskjold, E. . . . Hammond, Charles Hammond, E Hammel, Dick Hammer, A. Hammerschmidt, Bob Hammerstein, J Hammett, Eleanore Hammond, Don Hammond, Pete Hamper, Louis Hampton, Irwin . . ... 216 295 280 238 300 294 . 305 278 . 236 25, 309 . 313 260,319 288 Hawley, Donald . . . Hawthorne, George Hayatka, H Hayden, Don Hayden, Joseph .... Hayes, Jack Hayes, Paul Hayes, Tom Hayes, William Haynes, Bill Haynes, Kenneth ... Haynes, Paul . 214 290 310 276 217 300,309 21 300 309 298 287 20 Hyma, Albert Hyman, Charles Hyman, Lillian 1 Iden, Betsy Ignasiak, Eugene Ikemori, Fumiko lias, Gesald 286 273 . . 234 191, 324 27 45, 214 313 ino Hickman, Bill Hicks, Bob Hicks, Eugene Hicks, Gary Hicks. Jim 269 281 287 223, 267 9Afl Hopkins, George . . . Hopp, Clayton Hopp, Lois Hoppe, Ray 305 219 234 195, 307 100 .t Her, G. W 26, 195, 196 llnicki, Don 310 Inafuku, Edward 214 Indrk, Ed 226 Ingersoll, Charles 219, 285 Ingher, J 278 Ingold, Hope 245 Ingold, John 309 Ingraham, Jay 268 Inman, Mary Jane 324 Inman, George 304 Inyart, Betty Gene Irani, Rustom 221 Ireland, Bob 257 Irmshire, Bud 300 Ironside, Gordon 267 Irving, George 282 Irwin, Eleanor 238 Irwin, Hampton 309 Isbel, Pat 15 Isbell, Patricia 238 Isbell, Franziska 193, 324 Iskell, Franziska 20 Isole, Joseph, Jr 287 Issacson, Robert 263 Ittner, Cliff 297 Ittner, Kothy 211 Ivick, Fran 85, 171,324 Iverson, M 274 Izumi, James 214 Jacks, Bill 267 Jacks, Ed 311 Jacks, Grant 267 Jackson, Al 93,97,269 Jackson, Blyden 217 Jackson, Dan 276 Jackson, Dick 258 Jackson, Hal 171,276 Jackson, Norm 268 Jackson, Phil 264 Jackson, Rollene 157, 226 Jackson, W 53 Jacob!, George . Jacob!, R Jacobs, John . . . Jacobs, Manuel Jacobson, Dave Jacobson, Jake . Jacobson, Jerry . Jacobson, R Jacobson, Robert Jacsec, Norma . . Jaefe, Harold 279 ....259,260 282 225 281 253 225 26 26, 196,284 193 289 Jaeger, Irv 275 Jaeger, Irwin 312 Jaffe, Lou 275 Jaffer, M 221 Jahsman, D 274, 309 Jamal, Victor 27 James, Jackie 419 James, Ken 311 James, Pat 191 James, Robert 285 Jameson, D 274 Jamieson, Jim 261 Jamieson, William 305 Jamison, Robert 280 Jamo, Robert 284 Janes, R 294 Janes, Richard 314 Janich, Dick 336 Janicl, Bud 306 Janish, Richard 222,316 Jans, Jim 11 Jonsen, E 24 Jansen, J 259 Jansma, Ray 295 Janton, William 37 Janusch, Bee 242, 244 Jaroff, Leon 171,204 Jeannero, Doug 268 Jeffers, F 296 Jefferson, Horace 217 Jelinski, Jerry 217 Jemal, Dorothy 220, 236 Jender, Joe 313 Jenkins 25 Jenkins, Frank 311 Jennett, Bernard 285 Jennings, D 259 Jennings, Harley 292 Jennings, Joe 281 Jennings, W. C 195 Jennings, Warner 284 Jensen, Cohleen 19l Jensen, James 284 Jensen, Ken 284 Jermstead, Robert 256, 313 Jervis, Marilyn 245 Jeu, Larry 304 Jewell, Lloyd 282 Jilbert, L 26 Jimmerson 26 Johannsen, Judith 244 Johns, Jim 268 Johns, Raffee 261 Johns, Robert 268 Johnson, Al 90, 91, 256 Johnson, Audrey 237 Johnson, Bill 299 Johnson, Bob 264, 277 Johnson, Bruce 284 Johnson, Donald 280 Johnson, E 25 Johnson, Frank 281, 311 Johnson, Howard 314 Johnson, Jake . . Johnson, James Johnson, Jeannie Johnson, Joanne Johnson, John . . Johnson, Linares 265 113 175, 242 .... 244 . 258 60 Johnson, Lisbeth 202 Johnson, Marilyn 324 Johnson, Orval 316, 333 J ohnson, P 26, 283, 284 Johnson, Ralph 216 Johnson, Robert 272, 290 Johnson, S 269,279 Johnson, Thor 84 Johnson, Val 93, 305, 419 Johnson, Verne 300 Johnson, Yvonne 150, 193, 236 Johnson, W 259 Johnston, Bob 264 Johnston, Chuck 258 Johnston, Dan 390 Johnston, Julia 325 Johnstone, Bob 267 Johnstone, Peter 290 Joirney, Damin 261 Jokela, A 25 Jokela, Milt 279 Jolly, William 30 Jominy, Jack 305 Jones 25 Jones, Blanche 325 Jones, Carol 324 Jones, David 308 Jones, Elizabeth 218 Jones, Haven 298 Jones, John 300, 306 Jones, K 24,204 Jones, Lansing 254 Jones, Lloyd 276 Jones, Marilyn 172 Jones, Marjorie 238 Jones, Nathan 37 Jones, R 53,280,308 Jones, T 26 Jones, W 274 Joos, Thad 160, 298 Jordahl, Harold 53, 158 Jordan, Keith 160, 269 Jorrisch, Lloyd 25, 287 Joselyn, William 308 Joseph, Helen 202 Josephson, J 278 Jowlow, C 227 Jourdain, L 296 Judsen, Don 264 Juhas, Louis 287 Justice, Bob 267 Kafha, D. H 216 Kahn, Bernie 127 Kahler, F 296 Kahn, Ruth 234 Kanar, Manuel 309 Kainlauri, Eino 295 Kaire, Victor 227 Kelbfleisch, Margie 324 Kalfian, Chuck 226 Kalinka, Fred 264 Kalionen, Elsie 20 Kallman, Jim 304 Kallman, Shirley . . 191, 193, 249 Ka!ow, Samuel 159 Kanienic, R 274 Kamazin, Ted 257 Kamp, Launa 193 Kampmeier, Joan 190, 247 Kampner, Burton 315 Kane, Don 195 Kane, Howard 289 Kanemoto, James 214 Kant, Charles A 193 Kanter, Arnold 314 Kantor, Isaac 275 Kaplan, Alvin 273 Kaplan, Carolyn 193, 234 Kaplan, Jerry 310 Kaplan, Robert 275, 306 Kapetan, Alex 311 Karch, Emily 202 Karges, Dave 258 Karmazmin, Ted 113 Karner, Joan 213 Karoff, R 278 Karros, James 286 Kash, Bob 113, 286 Kashiwa, Genro 214 Kassner, H 294 Katlenbach, L 172, 324 Katz, Joan 191,325 Katz, Morris 283 Katz, Sidney 177,312 Katzenmayer, Burt 138 Katna, John 310 Katopish, Bill 208 Kottwasser, Clark 279 Kaufman, Carol 234 Kaufman, Charles 289 Kaufman, Esther 24, 212 Kaufman, Leonard 289 Kauper, Prof. Paul 180 Kawabata, Taketo 214 Kawel, Conrad 31,300 Kaye, Fred 273 Kaye, J 274 Kaya, Kira 214 Kazarinoff, Nick 226 Kazda, L 26 Kallmann, Shirley 193 Kearney, Dick 279 Keast, Pat 168,241 Kearl, Phyllis 322 Keating, Bill 293 Keaton, Frances 324 Keck, Fred 216 Kedston, Alan 305 Keegan, Constance 239 Keeler, John 286 Keeler, William 339 Keeman, B 24 Keen, Cliff 48, 113, 140, 145 Keen, Joyce 239 Keena, John 219 Keenan, Tom 310 Keevil, R 271 Keidan, Vivian 234 Keister, Gwen 241 Keim, Earl 312 Keir, John 25 Keiser, Robert 260 Keith , Bill 313 Keith, Bob 315 Keith, Leonard 312 Keitzer, Ford 313 Kellas, R 294 Keller, Frank 129 Keller, Jeanne 327 Keller, John 113, 141 Keller, Ray 53,312 Kelley, Bob 257 Kelley, Sgt 207 Kellogg, Jim 264 Kellogg, Paul 314 Kelly, Bob 60,277 Kelly, Charles 263 Kelly, Don 267 Kelly, Eaton 26,195,196,272 Kelly, Frank 272 Kelsey, Tom 70, 268 Kelso, Barbara 235 Kelsay, C 294 Kemp, Gene 312 Kemp, Wallace 315 Kemp, William 200 Kempthorn, Dick 97, 102, 105, 107, 108, 111,270 Kendall, Edward 254 Kendall, Russell 314 Kennedy, Hugh 26, 196, 204,205, 270 Kennedy, Lois 167, 243 Kennedy, Margaret 237 Kennedy, Mary A 245 Kenney, Frank 272 Kent, Bill 315 Kent, Charles 315 Kenyon, Leslie 42, 295 Kenyan, Ralph 268 Keough, James 284 Kerby, Barbara 232 Kerfoot, Bart 266 Kerle, Art 299 Kern, Dick 313 Kerns, Tom 312 Kermath, Add 266 Kerr, Bill 253 Kerr, Fred 26,310 Kerr, J 25 Kerr, Karol 168, 237 Kerr, Mike 279 Kerry, Bob 311 Kershaw, Barbara 239 Kersey, Leonard 217 Kessler, Rog 138 Keating, Louise 218 Ketchil, Beverly Ketcik, Beverly . . . Ketteman, Donald Kettler, Clarence 191 193,319 314 . 284 Kiberd, Lloyd 311 Kiddon, Gene 113,261 Kiehler, George 293 Kiessling, Max 282 Kiester, Gord 299 Kieth, Bill 222 Kikudome, Gary . 214 Kilgore, Don 303 Kilgren, Glenn 311 Kilkka, C 204 Kimball, Joyce 324 Kimmerly, Tom 297 Kimpton, Carol 238 Kincaid, Jack 267 Kindel, Ted 253 Kindely, William 260 King, George 261, 313 King, Mary Ellen 243 King, R 53 Kingdon, Don 267 Kingscott, Louis 313 Kinkella, Al 203 Kinnear, Rog 310 Kinner, Rober 280 Kipp, Dave 297 Kirby, Bob 266 Kirby, Robert J 272 Kirby, R 297 Kirk, William 260 Kirkemo, Jim 42, 282 Kirkpatrick, Ray 27 Kish, Rosemair 235 Kishlar, Bud 270 Kistler, Jim 161,269 Kistler, John 269 Kistler, Sharon 324 Kitchen, Joanne 232 Kittell, W 296 Kittigawa, May 60 Kivi, Louis 300 Klaaren, Hobart 31, 300 Klafer, Marylin 172 Klamswer, Robert 194 Klauke, H. J 195 Klaver, Elizabeth 239 Kleckner, Pauline 241 Klein, Donald 314 Klein, Francis 244 Klein, Norman 265 Kleiner, Stanley 307 Klemm, Elmer 211 Klemm, Irene 21 1 Klepser, Elizabeth 322 Klett, Earl 263 Klett, Fred 297 Klingbeil, Adelaid 220, 248 Klinger, Bob 312 Klipp, Bruce 306 Klug, Albert 227 Klumpp, R 204 Knapp, Al 281 Knapp, Bob 264 Knapp, Everet 113 Knapp, Fay 266 Knapp, James 308 Knetcht, Bob 269 Knight, G 24 Knight, Jeff 135,277 Knight, Ralph 26, 195, 196 Kniivila, John 312 Knipp, Fred 306 Knode, Bob 264, 31 1 Kroepffler, Albert 308 Knoepffler, Aide 308 Knol, Gene 299 Knopf, Ralph 309 Knorr, Lincoln 297 Knorst, A. D 26 Kobs, Bob 293 Koblenz, M 278 Koceski, Leo . 97, 102, 106, 284 Koch, Gilbert E 216 Koch, Vera 232 Kockenderfer, V 37 Koebel, Betty 266 Koehn, Fred 113 Koella, Charles 21 Koennig, Harry 225 Kogen, Bill 128 Kehl, Prof 25 Kohn, Ralph 97, 103, 109 Kohn, Carl 315 Kohn, Harris 289 Kohr, Bob 312 Kokales, Mary 193, 236 Kalb, Richard 219,313 Konikow, L. . . . Konrad, Bill Kool, Bernard Kopel, Marilyn Kopf, Ed 227 279 30,299 234 258 Kolin, A. Kolloff, Richard Kolthinberg, Martin Komie, Lowell Kominars, H 45 307 273 273 227 Kopka, Bob 256 Kosik, Joe 312 Korby, A 227 Korczynski, Ted 311 Korecki, James 222 Korf, Bob 173, 262 Korfhage, Robert 314 Korhonen, Gloria 202 Korteling, Marian 66, 218 Koutonen, Eck ....125,144,314 Kovalsky, Bob 306 Koy, Sherman 225 Kozin, Gloria 66,218 Kraeger, Carl 284 Kraft, Bob 305 Kraft, Richard 290 Krall, Ted 313 Kramer, George 300 Krantz, Harriet 67 Krantz, Marjorie 323 Kraus, Richard 192 Kraus, Sheldon 275 Krause, D 53 Krause, Jack 227, 258 Krause, Larry 289 Krause, Naomi 234 Krause, Ruehl 309 Krause, W 195,204,309 Kratzet, Ernie 276 Kravitz, Herbert 309 Krecke, Charles 285 Kreitman, S 278 Kremer, J 278 Kretzchmar, Bill 298 Kretzchmar, Bob 276 Krickstein, Bette 234 Krieger, Bob 297 Kristinsson, Jonas 86 Kritzer, William 67 Kroll, Don 297 Kroll, Norman 273 Kruger, Al 270 Kruger, Don 270 Kruger, E. W 27 Krummel, Don 311 Krupka, Mary Lee 237 Kruse, John 290 Krzyminski, M 294 Kubota, Jim 310 Kudome, Gary 336 Kuehl, Roger 182,287 Kuemmin, R 53 Kuenn, Hal 297 Kugiya, Jane 214 Kuhlman, Hank 276 Kuhr, Max 42, 285 Kuvinen, Mary 243 Kuhl, Eli 225 Kulick, Phyllis 249 Kulowski, Frank 308 Kulka, Leo 267 Kuniyoshi, Margaret 325 Kynkle, Jack 268 Kunz, F 207 Kunze, F 25,311 Kuse, Jack 161 Kushnick, Martin 27 Kutack, Jason 53, 61 Kutagawa, Linda 214 Kyser, Janet 324 laBaw, Bill 297 LaFaive, Clarence 311 LaMack, Dennis 313 LaParl, John LaPierre, Louis 270 LaPrete, James 284 La Roy, Wesley 305 LaRue, John 277 LaSage, Marcia 239 Ladendorf, Ray 182 Ladewig, Don 299 Laffler, Jim 293 Lahti, Robert 309 laidlaw. R 296 Laird, Dick 269 Laird, Edward 290 Laird, Joe 264 Laity, Tom 292 Lake, Dave 215,234 Laker, 1 278 Lakke, Gordon 316 Lamb, Charles 284 Lamb, Eugene 222, 314 Lamb, Robert 25, 222, 274, 313 Lambert, Jo Ann .248 Lamberts, Burt 299 Lamberts, Jack 299 445 lomey, Arthur 285 Lamley, Kaye 238 Lamm, Don 258 Lament, Dick 282 Lamy, Laurelyn 168,237 Lance, Les 277 Lander, Bud 270 Landmann, George 307 Landsberg, J 227 Landstra, Bob 300 lane, Don 263 Lang, Larry 45, 419 Lang, Ray 300 Langendorf, Rosalyn 234 Lange, Jeanne . .9, 168, 193, 247 Lange, Larry 305 Langlois, Earl 223 Langohr, W. E 25, 195 Lapin, Abraham 216 Lapping, Irwin 224 Larson, Dale 284 Larson, Ed 42, 276 Larson, J 26 Larson, Marion 319 Laun, Barbara 240 Lashmet, Peter 305 Laskey, Bill 215 Lasky, Byron 141,278 Lasser, Floyd 289 Later, Bill 282 lathrup, Don 269 latshaw, Wilmer 219,307 Laus, Pat 237 Lautner, Edward 309 Lovely, Mary Ellen 324 Lawrence, Bob 226 Lawrence, G 26 Lawrence, Harold 260 Lawrence, John 286 Lawrence, Louise 244 Layne, Bob 277 Layton, Robert 265 Lazar, Alice 234 lazar, George 312 Lazarus, Jack 309 Lazic, Delores 21 Leadbetter, Jack 156, 309 Leader, Virginia 238 Learman, Dick 281 Learman, Jack 281 Leasia, Richard 260 Leavitt, Alfred 314 Lebowitz, E 278 Lecker, Edward 272 Lecklider, Carol 237 Lederle, John 180 Lee, Amos 306 Lee, Bob 277 Lee, Dave 313 Lee, George 268 Lee, Jack 265 Lee, Richard 263 lee, Sophie 214 Lee, William 295 Leeder, Bob 257 Leen, John 313 Leepman, Ellen 234 Leet, Leonore 76 Leever, William 256 Lehmann, R 259 Lehan, James 260 Leiman, Herbert 150, 222 Leininger, Mai 277 Leishman, Bob 366 Leiser, Michel 21 Leitch, Hugh 42 Leivo, Joanne 232 Lemieux, George 309 Le Mire, Denise 156, 324 Lemler, Dana 263 Lemmer, Robert 309 Lemper, Valerie 193, 241 Lenhardt, Charlotte 233 Lenkowske, John 255 Lennington, Ann 325 Lenski, Bob 192 Lent, Douglas 256 Lentz, Charles 268 Leo, G 53 Leonall, Victor 219 Leonard, Jack 24, 92 Leonard, Jean 70, 173, 324 Leonard, Johanna 325 Leonard, John 286 Leonard, Richard 286 Leopold, Bob 226, 310 Lepard, Jerome 295 Lescoe, George 306 Leslie, David 289 Lesnick, Wally 297 Leszczynski, Joan 246 Letz, Pat 324 Letzgus, Marjorie 236 Letzter, Ruth 21 LeValley, John 309 Levenson, Ideone 319 Levey, Barry 289,311 Levin, Joyce 234 Levin, Judy 212,249 Levine, H 278 Levine, Maurice 273 Levin, Merle 172 Levine, Nathan 273 Levine, S 278 Levy, Allan 225 Levy, Jean 322 Levy, Joan 250 Levy, Larry 289 Lewin, Flora 322 Lewinson, Edwin 314 Lewis, Alvin 314 Lewis, Barbara 250 Lewis, C 278 Lewis, Don 284 Lewis, George 311 Lewis, John 280 lewis, L 53 lewis, Marshall ....14,284,419 Lewis, Nancy 327 Lewis, Pat 244 Lewis, Richard 265 Lewkowicz, Ray 312 Lewy, James 289 Leyshon, Dave 92, 269 Licero, Ross 286 Lichtenson, Walter 273 Lightstone, Diane 249 Lilly, Marie 324 Lince, Joan 239 Lincoln, Dick 281 Lindamood, Florence 327 Lindbloom, Jean 232 Linden, Sarah 218 Linder, Robert 280 Lindh, Illeana 247 Lindh, Karin 88,347 Lindhout, Bill 281 Lindquist, John 124, 161 Line, John 315 Ling, Victoria 218 Link, J. E 53, 158, 306 Linscott, Philip 254 Linsley, Robert 314 linn, Frank 290 Linville, John 272 Linzel, G 294 Lipkin, Monnya 322 Lipner, David 224 Lipnik, A 275 Lipp, Ed 62 Lipsett, Marcia 15, 249 Lipson, Jack 315 Lipson, Robert 273 lirrem, Dot 262 List, John 313 List, Sue 249 Little, Barbara 241 Little, Frances 324 Little, Irv 192 Littlefield, Eleanor 237 Lively, Bebe 247 Livermore, Edith 167, 244 Livingstone, David 290 Livingstone, Ruth 193 Lmanian, Alexander . . . 175, 280 Lobdell, Terry 297 Lockhart, Ben 268 Lockhart, Bill 307 Lockhart, Douglas 297 Lockhart, Hugh 267 Locken, Gail 218 Lockwood, Bruce 14, 180,204,252,253,286 Lockyer, Gordon 292 Loddick, David 314 Lodge, George 53, 158 loeb, Herbert 289 Loeb, Sandra 20 Loenall, V. C 45 Loewer, Bill 310 Lofquist, Bob 312 Logan, Muriel 150, 324 Logan, Robert 223 Logothetis, J 294 Logothetis, Pete 208, 294 Loken, Newt 134 Londes, Andrianna 322 Long, Bob 305 Long, Elizabeth 218 Long, Perrin 290 Long, Roy 222,380 Longhini, Anton 216, 367 Lontos, Bob 311 Lonyo, Andrew 312 Loomis, Frank 31 Loomis, Joe 300 Loomis, Ralph 290 Lorch, David 309 lord, Jean 242 Lorentson, Carl 223 Lorenz, Herbert 280 Lorenzo, Delores 202 Lorenzana, Moises 226, 308 Losch, Jeep 245 Loucks, Barbara 322 loud, Judith 324 Louis, Mike 282 love, Bill 277 Love, Garland 216 Loveland, Joseph 21 Loveland, Liliane 21 Loveless, Bill 269 Lovery, Bill 311 Lovett, Vern 266 Le Vita, Lolly 67 Low, Howard 282,314 Low, William 295 Lowden, Reed 276 Lowdon, Burton 273 Lowe, Reginald 219 Lowe, Richard 304 Lowenstern, Alan 289 Lowther, Vaughn 1 13, 272 Lum, Annie 322 Lubeck, Donald 53,254 Lubeck, Marvin 73,275 Lublin, Leon 31 1 Lubnik, Alex 314 Luborsky, Sam 313 Lucier, Jerry 305 Luckett, George 287 Luckey, Howard . .182, 194, 306 Luckham, Al 25,315 Lucks, G 278 Ludolph, Bill 139 Ludwig, R 294 Luebke, Ray 299 Lugg, Bob 293 Lum, Raymond 67, 214 Lund, Richard 314 Lundahl, Marjorie 236 Lundgard, Folke . . .181, 182, 195 Lurke, John 311 Luse, D 274 Lussier, Jules 21 Lusted, Keith 37 Luth, Phil 305 Lutton, Nancy 240 Lynch, Anna 324 Lyman, Jean 241 Lyons, Jo Ann 238 Lynch, Kathryn 244 Lyngklip, John . , 287 Lyons, Ivan 216, 307 Lyons, Shirley 322 Lytle, Bob 42 M MacBeth, Bill 279 MacConnachig, James 280 MacCready, Barbara 240 MacDonald, W. F 216 MacDonald, William 217 MacDougall, Peggy 236 MacGowan, William 37 MacGregor, Bob 279 MacGregor, Donald 254 MacGregor, Malcolm 254 Machowske, Dick 306 Macintosh, Douglas 295 Maclntyre, John 311 Mack, H 274 MacKay, Bob 258 MacKay, Donald 260 MacKay, Nancy 242 Mackenzie, Jamo 298 Mackey, Dick 312 Mackey, John 150,313 Mackie, James 37 MacLachlan, B 243 MacMurray, Dick 300 Macney, Dick 297 Macpherson, Kathy .... 167, 245 MacPherson, M 211, 305 MaCris, Jack 30 MacVeety, R 26 Madalin, Herb 300 Madden, Jack 280 Madden, John 268 Magrina, Luis 308 Maguire, Mary 168, 248 Maier, L 271 Maier, Marv 282 Maihofer, Leo 309 Mair, C 35,309 Maisel, Lawrence 273 Maister, U 245 Maitland, S 324 Maitland, W 295 Makielski, J 250 Malach, Monte 30, 225 Malanick, D 236 Maletta, Tom 306 Malin, Bill 257 Molina, James 216 Malkas, Hubert 305 Mallon, C 25 Motion, Larry 311 Malloure, Don 305 Maloney, Pat 192,236 Maloy, Dick 73, 170 Mancl, Art 42, 174, 269 Mandelstamm, A 309 Manley, Bob 257 Manley, W 259 Mann, Curtiss 224,315 Mann, Matt 126,215,257 Mann, Matt, III 129 Mann, Pete 311 Mann, Robert 272, 286 Mandeville, Dick 264 Manning, James 260 Mansfield, Dick 313 Mantek, P : . . 26 Manulik, Alex 288 Manz, Howard 30 Maple, Frank 24,290,307 Marchewka, Jim 192 Marcinkiewicz, M 216 Marcous, Bill 215 Marcoux, Bill 282, 419 Marcus, Howard 275 Marcy, Lynn 308 Marek, George 315 Margolin, J 278 Marheine, E 26 Marin, Nancy 241 Mark, Guey 314 Markey, William 222 Markle, Gretchen 246 Markle, Roger 194,277 Marks, John 216, 307 Marks, Theodore 224 Marosigan, P 226 Marovich, F 272 Marr, Louis 297 Marsh, Don 305 Marshall, Bud 113 Marshall, Bob 270 Marshall, Carlysle 280 Marshall, Col 298 Marshall, James 285 Marshall, Janet 152, 248 Marshall, Jim 298 Marshall, K 24 Marshall, M 242,271 Marshall, Ross 286 Marson, Jean 240 Martelino, Lucille 218 Martelino, Luch 226 Martelino, Nene 226 Martin, Barbara 241 Martin, Charles 265 Martin, Dave 257 Martin, E. R 26 Martin, Jack 257 Martin, James 308, 31 1 Martin, Margaret 238,324 Martin, Robert 27, 158 Martin, Rock 312 Martin, Sue 245 Martini, Ruth 248 Martinuzzi, Eddie 314 Marvin, Bill 282 Marx, June 242 Marx, Richard 289 Marzolf, Finette 218 Mase, Bruce 305 Masiclat, Dong 226 Maslin, Al 10,304,316,419 Maslin, D 25,312 Mason, W 259 Massey, Dolores 246 Massey, Jane 242 Massie, G 53 Massie, Sam 282 Massnick, Don 310 Massnick, Tom 313 Master, Harry 307 Matayoshi, Herbert 214 Mathes, John 313 Matheson, William 261 Mathews, Cooper 261 Mathhes, Sally 226 Matsen, M 294 Matson, G 24 Mattesen, Ruth 239 Matthews, Bill 307 Matthews, Cleve 192 Mattison, Don 269 Matsumoto, M 323 Matsumura 25 Maturin, Howard 312 Maturo, John 282 Matusoff, Robert 289 Maul, Barbara 211,235 Maverfield, Ernest 224 Maxwell, Don 262 Maxwell, Gruetzner 216 May, Jack 289 May, James 260 May, M 26 May, Stan 275 Maycroft, Ted 315 Mayer, Richard 20 Mayer, Rosalie 249 Mayerson, Bob 1 50, 223 Mays, B 26,280 Mayo, Mary 324 Mazer, W. 278 Mazurek, Robert 290, 307 McAllister, Fern 218 McAllister, Rog 266 McAninch, W 274 McArdle, Richard 158 McBride, Sally 240 McCall, Ann 324 McCallum, E 165, 282, 285, 333, 419 McCandliss, Don 293 McCann, M 248 McCann, Tom 269 McCarthy, John 215, 282, 285 McCarty, Bruce 42 McCarus, E 311,315 McCaslin 116 McClean, M 15 McClelland, Don 97, 277 McCloy, John 264 McClure, A 24, 195 McClure, Dick 279 McClure, Robert 295 McComb, Shila 244 McCormack, John 306 McCormack, W 313 McCormick 25 McCormick, John 260 McCormick, Phil 162 McConnel, M 266 McConnell, W 263 McCoppin : 25 McCoughey, R 314 McCoy, Ernie 114 McCoy, Lester 84, 89 McCoy, Marilyn 325 McCracken, Paul 70, 257 McCready, Barb 152 McCrorey, H 217 McCrystal, R 280 McDiarmid 25 McDonald, C 277 McDonald, E 277 McDonald, Jack ...119,120,121 McDonald, Jean 90, 91 McDonald, R 259 McDonald, W 26 McDougell, M 152 McElroy, Dave 270 McFadden, B 324 McFee, R 285 McGhee, Bob 282 McGinty, J 246 McGlintic, W 274 McGovern, B 277 McGowan, Dick 200, 276 McGrae, J 284 McGraw, J 270 McGregor, A 254 McGregor, Al 276 McGuire, Bob 269 McGuire, Butch 269 McGuire, John 173 McHale, Sarah 247 Mcllhenny, Jim 208 Mcllhonny, James 280 Mclntyre, Jack 300 Mclntyre, S 294 Mclntosh, G 216 McKallum, E 193 McKean, G 260,306 McKee, D 195 McKeen, A 308 McKenha, Pat 9,78, 164, 190, 193,244,419 McKeon, John 297 McKie, Bob 310 McKie, Marcia 320 McKinley, Anne 202 McKinley, Bill 305 McKinnon, D 296 Mclain, 1 219 Mclaughlin, R 200 McLean, Bill 192 McLean, Pat 164, 244 McLean, R 296 McLeod, R 259 McMahon, B 325 McMichael, John 295 McMillan, Bill 262 McMillan, G 118, 121, 215 McMillan, S 281 McMillin, Bob 267 McMillin, Judith 325 McMorris, Otto 217 " ,, 446 McMurry, K. C 60 McNob, Al 270 McNobb, Bill 262 McNair, Bob 315 McNeil, Don 171,272 McNeil, Ed 103,279 McNeill, Ed 97,106 McPhail, Don 282 McPhee, Mary 245 McPherson, Ed 276 McReynolds, Jim 281 McStocker, J 294 McTaggert, D 30 McVoy, Bob 268 McWayne, V 214 McWilliams, Dick 269 McWood, Arthur 256 Meikle, Bill 313 Meillassoux, C 21 Mescham, Robert 295 Mead, G 271 Meode, J 315 Measner, Don 211, 295 Meothe, Philip 295 Medwedeff, F 311 Meengs, Jean 238 Meese, S 261 Mehaffey, H 296 Mehlman, G 289 Mehlman, Jerry 162 Mehmedbacin, E 310 Mehta, N 221 Mehte, N 216 Meier, E 53 Meinors, Frank 282 Meier, Art 258 Meisner, L 278 Melene, John 298 Menacher, W. 263 Menashe, S 278 Meranda, Helen 250 Meranda, Jean 250 Mercado, Phil 173, 257 Merdler, Joe 225 Meretsky, H 283 Meritt, Bill 179 Merlau, M 42,295 Merlin, Edith 193, 212, 249 Merriam, N 248 Merritt, Bill 266 Merserean, B 281 Mersky, Herb 283 Mersky, Stan 283 Merten, D 208 Merti, Ralph 264 Mesh, Gene 289 Messinger, H 265 Messinger, Tom 139 Messner, M 274,310 Metcalf, Bob 42 Metier, Norma 246 Meyer, Bill 222 Meyer, D 240 Meyer, Frank 267 Meyer, G 150,158,313 Meyers, George 14 Meyers, Joan 193, 234 Meyers, R 325 Mich, Alee 216 Mich, L 233 Michalson, H 278 Michael, David 273 Michaels, Joe 275,277 Mickelson, Keith 306 Mick, Wyatt 338 Micleff, Ed 315,316 Middlesworth, P 232 Mikelasek, D 307 Mikkelsen, W. 31 Mikesell, W 300 Mikolich, A 324 Mikulich, B 115, 126,282 Miles, H 260 Miles, Ned 223 Milgrom, M 278 Millard, D 305 Miller 25 Miller, Al 10 Miller, B 53,278 Miller, Betty 322 Miller, Bob ....20, 173,279,306,309,313 Miller, Bruce 158 Miller, Buton 285 Miller, Carol 325 Miller, Dave 276 Miller, E 305 Miller, Frank 270, 272 Miller, G 296 Miller, H 290,310 Miller, Harry 310 Miller, Harvey 254 Miller, Hoit 270 Miller, Inez 156,324 Miller, Jim 141, 281,312 Miller, L 193 Miller, Lois 150,236 Miller, Lucille 239 Miller, Marilyn 242,249 Miller, Merrill 254 Miller, Nevin 307 Miller, P 53,314 Miller, R 24, 53 Miller, Richard 216,263 Miller, Russ 300 Miller, Sharon 306 Miller, Shirley 232 Miller, T 53 Miller, Thad 208 Miller, William 284 Mills, C 167,191,220,236 Mills, Tom 307 Millstein, J 278 Millhouse, F 284 Millman, Bob 312 Millman, Richard 295 Milner, R 314 Milonas, Gus 293 Miloy, John 268 Milroy, G 253,274 Minard, Don 297 Mindell, H 226,273 Minner, James 286 Minner, R 315 Minogue, Judy 244 Mintzer, Joan 173 Minkovsky, M 158 Misner, Jo 171,324 Mitchell, Bob 268 Mitchell, Charles 219 Mitchell, Jim 124,258 Mitshkun, R 193 Mitts, Sally 242 Miyashiro, Y 214 Mock, T 274 Modi, Horn! 221 Modlin, Ron 310 Moekle, H 290 Moeller, Jan 313 Moffatt, Robert 266, 307 Mohnke, Jim 311 Moiley, G 31 Molinam, Elba 218 Moll, Bill 262 Mollnow, Ruth 235 Molyneaux, B 76,172,241 Monahan, Ted 258 Mongeau, Peggy 324 Monogham, R 66 Montagano, T 263 Montague, Dan 309 Montek, Paul 31 1 Montgomery, Sue 248 Montrose, J 173, 275 Moody, Blair 9,10,78,268 Moon, Bill 75, 256 Moon, R 307 Mooney, Doug 263 Moore, Bets y 240 Moore, Glenn 30 Moore, Glenna 192 Moore, Louise 193, 236 Moore, Maxine 150, 324 Moore, T 285 Moore, V 240 Moote, Jack 312 Moran, J 53,281 Moron, Wally 226 Morehouse, C 267 Morey, C 64,250 Morey, Ed 113,282 Morgan, N 250 Morgan, Paul 263 Morgan, Robert 200 Morgan, W 195 Morhardt, M 233 Morley, G 30, 298 Morill, Hal . ...115, 116,215,279 Merrill, W 290 Morris, A 267 Morris, D 295 Morris, Ethel 168 Morris, J 278 Morris, John 66, 179 Morris, Norman 217 Morris, P 195 Morris, Phillip 200 Morris, W 294, 399 Morrish, Jim 123, 282 Morrison, Dick 253, 263 Morrison, E 226 Morrison, Pat 268 Morrison, Ralph 133, 277 Morrison, Rona 249 Morse, G 232 Morse, Jim 219,306,309 Morton, V 248 Mosher, Anne 20. 324 Mosier, E 269 Moss, Charlie 128, 215, 276 Moss, Kermit 297 Mosteler, Joe 162 Mosteller, J 53 Mountjoy, Jim 266 Mowitt, John 313 Mowrer, J 26 Moynahan, Lois 245 Much, E. J 313 Muchlhauser, G 274 Muhlenberg, N 53,160,264 Muir, Barb 324 Mule, S 307 Mulford, R 200 Muller, Mary 325 Mullen, Russ 279 Mullet, J 42, 88 Mulson, Jeri 152,247 Mulvihill, Ellen 243 Munoz, Jose 227 Munn, Barbara 242 Munro, Loren 312 Munsat, Ted 275 Murashige, S 75, 214 Murch, B 324 Murphy, Frank 113, 208 Murphy, J 25, 217, 295 Murphy, Shelton 314 Murray, Charles 269,290 Murray, David 260 Murray, R 296, 297 Murray, Sally 243 Muskovitz, S 226, 305 Mussleman, N 165, 190, 239 Mussleman, S 319 Myers, Hope 249 Myers, Libby 243 Myerson, R 324 N Nakagawa, S 310 Nagelvoort, Bud 282 Nagelvoort, Elaine 168, 248 Nagel, John 285 Naito, Yukio 214 Naiim, Abbas 86 Nale, Harriet 210 Namen, Bob 305 Nanavate, D. K. 87, 216, 221 Nangle, G 215 Naslund, John 223 Nasset, Laura 167, 235 Nathias, Norman 313 Natividad, Jovie 226 Naugle, Gordon 272 Nauman, John 211 Naumeier, Joyce 236 Navarre, Nelson 297 Naymik, J 274 Neale, Richard 314 Neat, Bill 268 Nebel, George 216 Necklenburger, Al 275 Neef, Art 294, 305 Neely, Bill 313 Neering, T 238 Neff, Nancy 238 Nehman, John 192, 223, 313 Neil, Herb 222,254,309 Neilson, Carol 325 Neiman, Walter 134 Neil, Wm., Jr. 290 Nelson, Art 288 Nelson, Al 150 Nelson, Bruce 27 Nelson, Connie 257 Nelson, D 207,307 Nelson, Merele 200 Nelson, Merrill 307 Nelson, Roy 260,296 Nelson, Ruth Mary 239 Nelson, Sigrid 192,232 Nemer, M 278 Nemzin, W 278 Nesbitt, Dan 268 Nesbitt, Jean 325 Nesbitt, N. Q 272 Nesper, Tom 293 Nettleman, Bill 303 Netzel, Bob 300 Neuenschwander, J 280 Neuffer, Alfred 219 Neuman, Herb 256 Neumann, E 53 Neuwirth, A 25, 306 Nevins, Al 311 Nevers, Chuck 222 Nevins, Dave 311 Neville, Mark 309 Newberg, M 322 Newberg, P 324 Newblatt, H 278 Newell, B 235 Newhall, Ray 269 Newlander, Otto 300 Newlander, W 30 Newman, Joe 307 Newman, R 20, 278 Newnan, Hank 281 Newton, Bill 262 Newton, Bud 299 Newton, C 305 Newton, James 260 Newton, John 305 Newton, Maynard 97, 260 Newton, R 53 Newton, Shirley 86 Ney, Aline 21 Nibbelink, Paul 310 Niccols, R 208 Nichols, Charles 64 Nichols, Donn 286 Nichols, F 296 Nichols, Harry 286 Nicklas, V 165, 190,241 Nicol, Dave 223,277 Niehuss, M 160 Niehaus, Paul 222 Nielson, Carol 202 Niemeyer, Harold 308 Niemann, 296 Niesch, Dave 279 Nissley, Dick 282 Nixon, James 288 Noble, Bill 297, 310 Noel, Ted 272 Noll, Dick 284 Noah, Donald 307 Nook, E 324 Noon, Walter 309 Norby, James 284 Nord, James 222 Nordstrom, R 314 Norem, Mary 233 Norm, Pollard 208 Norman, John 292 Norman, M 327 Norman, Ralph 26, 261 Norris, Ann 246 Norris, P 45 Norrix, Jim 312 Northon, Nancy 246 Nortness, John 257 Norton, Lome 305 Norton, Myra 322 Norton, Roger 20 Norton, Sally 238 Norton, Ton! 20 Norwich, H 289 Norwood, C 269 Noser, R 259 Notnagel, Nancy 15, 242 Novotny, Bob 311 Nugent, W 219 Nyberg, Jim 194,307 Nyberg, Mary 237 Nycz, Ed 297,310 Nyquist, A 25 Oakes, Jean 244 Oakman, Chuck 256 Ober, D 26 Oberholtzer, R 202 Oberreit, Walter 182, 194 O ' Brien, Dave 312 Ochs, Bud 256 O ' Connor, Ann 319 O ' Connell, Don 113 O ' Connor, Mary 236 Oda, Russel 214 O ' Dell, Lawrence 216, 309 O ' Dell, Wm 256 Oehring, Lyman 284 Oetting, Mart 262 Offut, Cap 253,281 Ogden, H 53 Ogle, Jere 113,279 Ohakmakian, C 25 O ' Hearn, Wm 316 O ' Hern, Wm 308 Ohlenrott, Bill 97,263 Ohlsson, Charles 285 Ohmstede, Nedra 235 O ' Hora, Barney 300 O ' Kelly, J 25 Okun, Ronald L 224 Olberreit, W 311 Olcott, Dud 262 Old, Bill 266 Olhen, llene 325 Oliavanti, Ralph 304, 306 Olin, Tom 279,306 Oliver, Betty 150 Oliver, Lloyd 261 Olivier, Jan 152, 193,237 Olkosky, Victor 273 Olmstead, Robert 314 Olmsteade, Aedra 220 Olonske, Ray 316 Olsen, Chuck 73 Olsen, Florence 324 Olsen, George 208, 209, 269 Olsen, Gerald 264 Olshefsky, R 259 Olsher, Helen 191 Olson, D 53, 254 Olson, Ed 292 Olson, Gordon 267 Olson, John 290 Olszynski, Bev 168 Olzynske, Gale 193 O ' Neill, Nancy 21, 322 Oom, Bob 299 Oosterbaan, Benny .97,98,99 Oppenheimer, Renate .193,319 O ' Quinn, Silas 33,31 Ordonez, Carlos 27 227 O ' Roke, E 53 Orwick, Charles 198 Orwig, Bill 98 Ortmann, Chuck 97, 102, 105, 107, 112,284 Osgood, Shirley 167 Osborn, Jim 31J Osborne, C 325 Osborne, David 260 Osborne, Thomas 260 Osbourne, R 254 Oseid, Donald 308 Osgood, Glenn 337 Osgood, Shirley 241 Osmundsen, John 310 Osnos, Gil 173,275 Ostafin, Peter 316 Ostrander, Wm 275, 290 Otis, Charles 314 O ' Toole, Gerald 286 Otsuji, Alma 214 Otto, Fred J36, 267 Otto, Larry 285 Overbeck, Gene 286 Overcash, Clarence 200 Overr, Bill 267 Ovitt, Margaret 233 Owen, Bill 277 Owen, Phillip 287 Owen, Rosemary 239 Owen, Wendy 179 Packwood, B 296 Paddor, Carl 273 Page, Merle 300 Page, P. L 216 Pakula, A 53 Palaszek, Theresa 218 Palermo, Anthony 312 Palmer, Beverly 250 Palmer, Bob 312 Palmer, Carolyn 150, 324 Palmer, Daniel 309 Palmer, Dick 270 Palmer, Donald 309 Palmer, Joe 299 Palmer, Lewis 313 Palmer, Marilyn 324 Papista, Manuel 312 Papisto, Mike 268 Paparella, Tony 3Q6 Pardee, Doug 3] | Parekh, S 26 Parel, Cris 226 Parikh, C. K 221 Parikh, M 221 Parikh, Manhar 221 Parikh, Pramod 221 Park, Dick 282 Parker, Ann 220,238,239 Parker, Barbara 232 Parker, Chris 200, 281 Parker, Doug 268 Parker, Jean 173 Parker, Milt 31 ] Parker, R 274 Parker, Suzie 242 Parker, Tom 261, 305 Parkin, Pat 168, 235 Parkinson, R 27, 194 Parliament, Burt 293 Parnell, T 45, 219 Parrish, Bill 134 Parrish, Rita 202 Parrish, Virginia 238 Parrot, J 294 Parrott, Maurice 314 Parry, Lewis 284 Parshall, Bill 113,260 Parsons, Ruth 243 Parsons, Spence ' 269 Pasch, Fred 309 Pasko, Andrew 308 Paskovitz, Jerry 283 447 Posqualetti, A 171 Passfield, Jock 282 Past, Elizabeth 325 Pastoret, Jim 264 Pate, Adel 261 Patel, H. N 87,221 Patel, Jyant 221 Pathak, V 26 Paton, Andy 137 Paton, Margaret 193, 237 Patsloff, Pat 320 Patten, M 24 Patterson, C 175, 269 Patterson, Don 309 Patterson, Judy 248 Patterson, M 221 Patton, Nancy 242 Patton, Robert 314 Paul, Bob 24, 182,309,316 Paul, Eugene 283 Paul, Dan 284 Paul, Dick 311 Paull, J 52,296 Paulson, Clifford 308 Pauszek, Tom 270 Payne, Charles 310 Payne, J 53 Payne, L 271 Paxton, Bruce 182, 266 Peach, R. 24 Peachey, Jack 285 Peacock, Stanley 295 Pear, Bob 282 Pearce, Ed 313 Pearce, Ted 313 Pearlson, R 24 Pearson, Maxine 168, 237 Pease, Dave 200,281 Pease, Jay 261 Peck, Betty 192 Peck, Charlotte 248 Peck, Jo Ann 324 Pedelty, Norm 300 Pedrotti, Benedict 309 Pekarsky, Lydia 202, 324 Pell, Margaret 193, 239 Peltier, Auther 261 Pence, Nina 42, 327 Pendergrass, Bob 293 Perez, Ester 226 Perkins, Billie 245 Perkins, Dave 311 Perkins, Maurice 264 Perils, Marvin 225 Perlis, Sanford 30,225 Perloff, Shirley 322 Perrin, Bob 161, 273 Perry, Charles 216, 292 Perry, John 208 Perry, Nancy 248 Perry, Will 200,267 Pervin, Bill 311 Peter, Patricia 191,324 Peterman, Jim 312, 275 Peters, Mary C 233 Peters, George 31 1 Petersen, C. David 295 Peterson, Ann 324 Peterson, D 25, 158, 222 Peterson, Fred 288 Peterson, Gene 279 Peterson, H. C 195,216 Peterson, Jack 299 Peterson, Ken 192 Peterson, Nathan 224 Peterson, R 264,296 Peterson, R. Walter 216 Peterson, Steve 307 Peterson, Sue 173 Peterson, Tom 97, 105 Peterson, Walter 292 Petressian, George 21 Petroelje, Pure 299 Petter, Bill 268 Petter, J 26,312,316 Petterson, Wm 268 Pettibone, John 307 Pfaffman, George 194 Pfahler, Paul 31 1 Pfalgraff, Ross 305 Pfeifer, J 25 Pfeiffer, Don 311,314 Pfluke, Edward 200 Pfluke, John 260,284 Pfotenhauer, Mary Jo 327 Phelan, James 216 Phelan, John 216 Phelps, Lynn 314 Phillips, Pat 235 Phillips, Zeph 305 Phillipson, Herb 224 Phimosis, Ignance 298 Phipps, Eleanor 419 Phister, Fred 260 Pick, Robert 289 Pickard, J 113,259 Pickus, Herman 289 Pielemeier, John 207, 314 Pierce, Patricia 202 Pierce, R 53,276 Pietryga, Edward 308 Pietz, Jack 259 Pike, Jay 222,312 Pilkington, Paul 314 Pink, Harold 305 Pinkham, Ray 298 Pinel, Stanley 261 Pioch, Beverly 211 Piotrowski, Gordon 314 Piotrowski, Karol 313 Pipp, Frank 267 Piquet, Vanna 325 Pirolo, Bruno 312 Pitts, Bob 311 Pitts, Forest 60 Pitts, Valarie 60 Pittsley, Jim 173 Planck, Joe 311 Plank, Bob 266 Platsky, Elaine 327 Pletcher, Phyllis 76, 193 Plizga, Veronica 233 Plott, Donald 37 Plumb, Bill 281 Pobbs, Walter 261 Podewils, Doris 202 Podis, Alan 289 Poirier, Liliane 21 Pokorney, Rosemary 247 Polewchak, William 286 Poliquin, Marie 202 Polk, Valerie 220, 246 Pollack, Joan 323 Pollard, Norm 206, 277 Pollick, Sydney 224 Pollie, Don 299 Pollum, James 290 Polevitz, Mike 211 Pomering, D 26 Pon, Don 27 Pont, Manard 265 Pontias, D 273 Pontius, N 274 Poole, Dick 264 Popkin, James 275 Popp, Alexander 37 Popp, Les 270 Popplestone, John 312 Porch, C 45 Porretta, Chuck 284, 293 Porter, Don 258 Porter, Harry 286 Porter, Jerome 307 Portney, Jack 225 Porter, Mafor 209 Porter, Richard 27 Portz, James 285 Post, Dave 299 Post, Jack 204,205,269 Post, John 333 Post, Lynn 307 Posthuma, Al 299 Potter, John 270 Power, Jim 276 Powers, Jack 140, 268 Powers, Mary 65, 247 Powell, Robert 305 Powell, Wm 158, 207 Poznanski, W 300 Prager, Haidee 236 Prange, Art 300 Pratzer, Andrew 313 Pravda, Dorothy 324 Precious, Dick 269 Pregulman, R 168, 234 Premo, Douglas 21 Prentice, D 26 Preston, Delbert 305 Preston, Robert 204, 286 Prettie, Portia 233 Prevel, John 216, 264 Price, Bob 313 Price, Edie 319 Price, Erwin 286 Price, Margaret 244 Price, Percival 72 Pridgeon, Jack 276 Priebe, J 325 Priest, Bob 277 Priestly, Dorothy 10 Priestley, John 219 Prince, Mary Ann 236 Prine, Ann 246 Prine, William 295 Prior, Dick 292 Prior, Donald 27 Priore, J 53 Probert, Daniel 285 Probert, Don 162 Prochaska, R 256 Proctor, Leonard 222, 313 Proctor, Louis 217 Prokopow, Bill 264 Pruden, J 45,219 Prader, Elgin 295 Prue, Chuck 213 Przybylowicz, Alfred 295 Pudas, D 53, 208, 309 Pueece, Joe 257 Puffenberger, Janice 236 Pullon, Joanne 232 Punter, George 270 Purdy, Bowland 312 Pursley, J 259 Putnam, Doug 282 Pynnonen, Don 313 Qua, George . . . Quail, Barbara . Quale, Robina . . Qualler, Donald Queller, Don . . . Quillan, George Quimby, John 269 241 325 254 14 268 258 Quinn, James 30, 300 Quinn, Mary 237 Quirk, Jennie 168, 240 Quon, Mildred . . 214 Raab, Emil 72 Robbers, Blaine 27 Race, Bill 162, 290,308 Racey, J 45 Racey, Lincoln 307 Roe, J 45 Radcliff, L 259 Radner, B 278 Radner, H 278 Raffel, Dave 194, 313 Ragala, Cliff 60 Ragland, Jim 312 Raimi, Shepard 226, 31 1 Raiss, Carl 309 Rajala, Cliff 60 Rama n, R 221 Ramsay, Kris 243 Ramsay, Morgan 264 Ramsey, Craig 262 Ramsdell, W. . . 53, 158 Randall, Richard 257 Randolph, Bob 315 Randolph, Cathy 243 Randolph, Pete 90, 91 Rank, Charles 308 Rankin, Bud 215, 277 Rankin, Paul 311 Rankin, Stu 269 Rann, R 259 Rantz, R 296 Rarchen, J 20 Rasch, Dolores 211 Rasch, Herman 211 Rasche, David 308 Rasche, Robert 295 Rashte, Joyce 321 Rasmussen, Addie 192 Rasmussen, Milton 315 Rasmussen, P 86 Rasmussen, Robert 309 Ratcliff, Dick 276, 307 Rathbun, Marvel 218 Rathje, Arnold 315 Rathke, M 247 Rattner, W 225 Rauch, Alice 232 Raumell, George 316 Rauner, V 26, 182 Rausch, Nancy 218 Rawal, G 221 Rowlings, John 312 Ray, Dave 277 Raym, John 312 Raymond, Bill 277 Raymond, Charles 290 Raymonds, Hal 131 Reynolds, D 313 Razes, Marion 325 Razey, Don 37 Rea, Walter 73 Read, Mervin 91 Reader, Pat 244 Readung, W 182 Reagen, James 254 Raymond, Tubby 215 Ream, B 165, 190,247 Reber, Marjorie 241 Reber, Martin 216,307 Reckwood, Robert 295 Rector, John 299 Rector, Tom 208,299 Redding, R 53 Redman, Thomas 286 Redman, William 200, 288 Redmond, Dick 311 Reece, Ray 267 Reed, Bill 307 Reed, Charles 312 Reed, Dick 313 Reed, Frank 21 Reed, Jackie 24, 190 Reed, Harry 307 Reed, Mary 239 Reed, Marilyn 250 Reed, Pat 166,210,324 Reed, R 296 Reed, Walter 313 Reeme, Clyde 264 Rees, G 14 Rees, Myrna 232 Reese, James : . . 263 Reeves, Patty 243 Reeve, W 290 Reger, Paul 204,216 Rehm, Dutch 270 Rehtmeyer, Cal 277 Reichlin, Jack 224 Reid, E 53,61, 158 Reid, J 244 Reid, Jasper 309 Reid, John 308 Reid, Maxine 239 Reid, R 235 Reider, W 27 Reifel, Ed 268 Reiher, H 308 Reiley, C 296 Reim, Earl 268 Reimars, Bill 313 Reimar, A 216 Reineck, Jim 310 Reinhardt, W 53 Reinheimer, R 289 Reinke, Charles 308 Reisigm, Bob 293 Reisig, Mary 325 Reissig, Sutti 324 Reisman, Otto 256 Reiss, Jim 93,257 Reiter, f 53 Reiter, R 234 Reitz, David 307 Reitzer, William 14, 160 Rembowski, John 305 Remen, C 290 Remeyn, J 45 Remley, Fred 312 Render, R 162,285 Rendziperis, N 308 Renfres, Al 119, 120, 215 Renier, E 194 Rennie, John 258 Renner, John 288 Rennick, B 218 Reno, Earl 308 Rensford, Libby 152 Rentschler, E 31 Resto, A 227 Retich, John 308 Retneprac, N 262 Rettew, E 232 Neucherlain, D 261 Reynolds, A 30 Reynolds, Barb 247 Reynolds, Bob 298 Reynolds, George 30, 293 Reynolds, John 266 Rex, Janet 191 Rice, C 294 Rice, Dave 258 Rice, Don 277 Rice, Thomas 309 Rich, David 273 Rich, Edward 287 Rich, Jeri 166 Rich, Patricia 240 Richard, Ralph 314 Richards, A 274 Richards, Betty 318 Richards, Carol 235 Richards, Dick 300 Richards, Elmer 158 Richardson, Frank 20, 21, 313 Richardson, Phyllis 323 Richardson, R 226, 259 Richardson, Sally 176, 232 Richlie, Chester 307 Richmond, R 25 Richter, Jim 113,290,311 Richwalski, Bob 313 Rickels, Nina 319 Rider, Paul 176,282 Ridgway, Barbara 177, 247 Ridgwar, Dick 268 Riebe, C 202 Riebe, K 45,219,311 Ried, Jackie 165 Riedel, Maria 325 Riegel 297,305 Rieger, John 298 Riemitis, Chuck 313 Riese, Jim 76 Rifas, E 66,67 Rifenburg, Dick 93,97, 100, 104, 109, 111 Rifle, Ed 162 Riggs, Barbara 220 Riggs, G 248 Riggs, M 233 Riggs, Mary 15, 176 Riker, A 290 Riley, Wally 276 Rindge, Posie 324 Rinehart, C 20 Ringland, Jean 324 Ringland, M 324 Rink, Doie 319 Rios, Miguel 227, 308 Ripley, William 263 Rippert, Don 208,286 Riser, Paul 26 Rising, B 247 Risk, Harriet 202 Riskey, Earl 198 Rittmeyer, E 233 Ritter, Rex 298 Riukees, Norm 306 Rivkin, Carol 325 Roa, Terry 226 Roa, Conrad 226 Roach, Tom 312 Robb, Dave 270 Robb, Jim 270 Robbins, Judith 239 Roberton, John 288 Roberts, Bill 114 Roberts, Don 266 Roberts, Dorothy 21 Roberts, Harry 314 Roberts, Jim 198 Roberts, Margery 21 Roberts, Richard 256 Roberts, W 24, 259 Robertson, Alan 305 Robertson, Jack 259, 264 Robertson, John 304,305,309,313,316 Robinowitz, D 278 Robinson, Betty 212 Robinson, Don 98 Robinson, E 202 Robinson, Marian 152, 243 Robinson, Mary 244 Robinson, S 152 Robinson, W 31 Roby, T 274 Rockwell, Joan 245 Roderick, Tom 173, 281, 309 Rodgers, Bill 305 Rodgers, Bob 42 Rodgers, D 323 Rodgers, H 217 Rodkey 297 Roe, Chet 293 Roeger, Warren 267 Roemisch, Roger 306 Roff, Lane 327 Roger, Bob 208 Rogers, Ann 193, 235 Rogers, C 89,278 Rogal, Edythe 234 Rogers, Irene 42 Rogers, Jim 266, 308 Rogers, Joyce 248, 271 Rogers, Mary 239 Rogers, Robert 261 Roig, Claud 312 Rollins, Art 300 Roman, Paul 262 Romt.-yMi, Jim 219, 311 Romzick, Leo 312 Romzick, V 294 Ronald, Clark 216 Roney, C 220 Roney, John 216,290 Ronning, Norman 309 Roodvoots, H 259 Root, Jim 162, 268 Root, Thatch 308 Rorick, Dick 276 Rese, Alfred 306 Rose, Bob 268 Rose, G 324 Rose, Henry 261 Rose, Jack 312,200 Rose, Julie 237 Rosen, Arlynn 191,333,419 Rosen, Herbert 283 Rosen, Phyllis 11 Rosenbaum, M 315 Rosenberg, A 289 Rosenberg, B 225 448 Rosenthal, H 225 Rosenthal, R 273 Rosenthal, S 222 Rosheim, 1 45 Rosin, J 224 Ross, A 45 Ross, Don 200, 290, 277 Ross, E 193 Ross, Gilbert 72,286 Ross, Julia 220 Ross, P 207,313 Ross, V 168,220,241 Rossen, S 273 Roth, Bill 62 Roth, Don 316 Roth, Gene 310 Roth, 274 Rothenberg, H 225 Rothman, Bill 310 Rothschild, Don . .. 11,289, 306 Roti, Dick 284, 306 Rotte, Coleman 225 Rottenberg, N 225 Rottier, John 299 Rottman, A 278 Reuman, George 314 Roumell, George 312 Rouse, F 274 Rouse, Richard 286 Roush, Richard 305 Rovner, H 265 Rowell, Lois 232 Roxas, James 226 Royall, R 313 Rubay, George 25i Ruben, Laurens 273 Rubenstein, F 289 Rubert, Doris 325 Rubine, Joan 64 Rubiner, W 270 Ruby, Arnold 275 Rudolph, 1 261 Rueber, f 280 Ruedemann, Al 300 Rugar, Bob 292 Rumble, Hal 263 Rummo, Tony 305 Rupp, Ralph 310 Rupp, Ruth Ann 237 Rupp, Woody 257 Rupprecht, W 313 Ruschman, Don 258 Ruskin, B 278 Ruskin, David 225 Ruskin, H 172, 278 Rusky, B 309 Russ, Joan 167, 172, 237 Russman, Paul 307 Russel, Robert 286 Russell, Dick 269 Russell, Hart 62 Rust, H 276 Rutherford, R 277 Rutza, V 192 Ryan, Bill 276,312 Ryan, Jerry 338 Ryan, Potsy 175, 269 Ryan, Prentiss 113 Ryan, Miller 217 Ryburn, S 248 Ryburn, W 260 Ryckman, G 26,172 Ryder, John 11, 263 Ryia. B 238 Rymes, Charles 267 Rynning, J 294 Saag, James 275 Sabal, Jaime 227 Sablich, Joe 313 Sachs, M 227 Sadler, C 259 Sofir, Marilyn 234 Sagansky, B 278 Sage, P 207,284,315 Sahlins, Marshall 275 Sahni, Rabindra 221 St. Clair, Betty Lou 419 St. John, Jud 262 Saka, Can 254 Sakai, James 113, 204, 286 Saker, James 280 Sakstrup, Gordon 313 Salomon, Roger 289 Salen, Marvin 275 Salles, J 274 Salotti, Chuck 277 Samikoglu, Ferit 86 Sammon, Theodore 308 Sandell, Edward 267 Sandell, Robert 287 Sandenburgh, George 270 Sanders, Eugene 305 Sanders, Nancy 247 Sanders, Richard 273 Sandfast, Marjorie 91 Sandground, Mark 308 Sandman, Al 276 Sanger, Jane 324 Sanregret, Bob 271, 312 Sands, Douglas 290 Sands, Ken 284 Santees, Kenith 261 Saravca, Pancho 277 Sargeant, Sam 161, 314 Sargent, John 76 Sargeson, Bob 123 Sartin, M 274 Sauer, Ann 177, 237 Sauerhaft, Stan 192 Saulson, Lenamira 218 Saulson, Stan 204, 308 Sounders, Prudence 324 Saurisch, Ray 284 Savas, Sam 311 Savin, Joseph 308 Sawusch, Raymond 305 Sawyer, Barbara 235 Sawyer, Tom 263 Saxman, Lucille 235 Saxon, Gordon 309, 316 Soyles, Dan 310 Sayre, Murray 309 Sayre, Nancy 245 Scala, James 284 Scanlan, Bob 267 Scanlon, Eileen 166, 190, 246 Scanlon, Mary Lou 246 Scararda, Donald 314 Scarbough, R 217 School, Harry 312 Schade, Carl 194 Schade, Donald 309 Schaechterle, R 323 Schaefer, Alan 307 Schaefer, Bob 277 Schaefer, Rollo 290 Schaeffer, Joan 234 Schaeffer, Rita 234 Schafer, Bob 297 Schafer, Norman 273 Schaible, Paul 312 Schaidler, Hope 168, 232 Schakne, Norman 273 Schalon, Ed 138, 215 Scharenburg, Rolf 208 Schatz, Harvey 182 Schatz, Ralph 315 Schaub, W. A 195 Schawitzberg, A 313 Schechter, Jock 273 Scheffler, Fred 223, 313 Scheiern, M 308 Schell, Marilyn 193 Schen, Jim 311 Schenkel, Edward 308 Schenkel, John 308 Schenkmyer, Robert L 216 Scherzer, Jan 242 Scheu, Jim 223 Schierber, Jeanne 177 Schiesswohl, Otto 182 Schiffman, Milton 225 Schild, Corinne 236 Schilds, Corrine 190 Schipper, Bill 299 Schlademan, Nancy .410,418 Schlatter, Helen 233 Sch lee, Joan 162 Sch lee, John 173,305 Schlenger, Margery 249 Schmidt, B. J 242 Schmidt, Bob 313 Schmidt, Eldon 312 Schmidt, Guy 262 Schmidt, Henry 313 Schmitt, John, Jr 223 Schmidt, Marge 172 Schmidt, P 24 Schmidt, R. . . . ' 26 Schmidt, Thomas 308 Schmitz, Richard 314 Schmoker, Geraldine 20 Schneider, Carol 247 Schneider, Curt 60, 279 Schneider, Dick 300 Schneider, Donna 220, 244 Schneider, G 274 Schneider, Jim 173, 208, 223, 297 Schoeger, Allen 254 Schoen, William 314 Schoenberg, Arthur 289 Schoenberg, C 25 Schoendube, Bob . 134, 135, 215 Schoetz, Rosemarie 152, 190, 244 Scholey, Walter 284 Scholten, Dick 27 Scholton, Don 299 Schooley, N 26,310 Schoonmaker, Ann 165, 190, 246 Schopps, Bob 258 Schosser, John 27 Schotsman, Janine 21 Schotsmans, Jean 21 Schott, Fred 284 Schott, Garry 314 Schott, L 271 Schreiber, Jeanne 239 Schriner, W 274 Schroeder, Craig 306 Schroeder, D 26,310 Schroeder, George 26 Schroeder, Jean 246 Schroeder, P 26, 300 Schroll, Bernard 309 Schrotzberger, Jo Ann 218 Schubert, Gil 263 Schubring, K 294 Schueler, E. Richard 222 Schuhmacher, Mary 20 Schuler, Harold 209 Schulte, Thomas 309 Schultheiss, Bob 277 Schults, R 26 Schultz, Bill 264 Schultz, Dick 269 Schultz, L 25 Schulz, Bill 277 Schumacher, Carol 232 Schumacher, Earle 300 Schuneman, A 25 Schupp, Art 276 Schurnmeister, Chuck 277 Schuster, Roland 314 Schutt, Jean 242 Schwalbe 25 Schwamberger, Ruth 86 Schwartz, Arthur 223 Schwartz, Bruce 272 Schwartz, Harold 312 Schwartz, Howard 304 Schwartz, Lola 173 Schwartz, Michael 273 Schweitzer, G 274 Schwennssen, Earl 313 Schwartz, Howard 308 Schwendener, John 312 Scofield, Caroline 250 Scott, Bob 310 Scott, Ed 300 Scott, Eleanore 193 Scott, Janet 66, 67 Scribner, Richard 307 Scruggs, Jack 311 Scully, John 282 Scurlock, Charles 200, 305 Seager, Loren 309 Seaman, H 26 Seaman, Ralph 305 Seaman, Joseph 279,410,418 Seaton, Don 281, 306 Secrest, R 294 Seder, Boris 212,249 Seeber, Bob 161,284 Seeber, Jack 284 Seeger, Andee 156 Seeger, Barbara 235 Seeger, Bill 277 Seeger, Dean 293 Seeger, Richard 305 Seeley, Bob 279 Seelye, Juliette 218 Segal, Merton 283 Segal, Maria 218 Seguin, Rosemary 250 Sehgal, Rajinder 221 Seibert, C 26 Seigel, William 289 Seller, Anita 193 Seitz, Jim 310 Selden, Burl 113 Seler, Kemal 86 Selin, Marvin 309 Sellers, J. P., Jr 195 Seltzer, Fredrick 219 Seltzer, Ruth 234 Seltzer, Stanley 67 Selving, Ben 305 Selzer, W 259 SenderofT, Gerry 173 Senkbeil, E 25 Seppala, Roy 312 Seput, Virginia 157, 233 Serafin, Dolores . . . ; 325 Serafmski, Stanley 67 Sergeson, Robert 284 Service, Willis 216 Seto, Chauncey 214 Seto, Millard 214 Seu, Nuri Oyden 216 Sevenson, Malcolm 225 Shackman, Norman 308 Shafer, Ann 202,210 Shafer, Robert 158 Shaffer, Walter 263, 419 Shah, Jyant S 221 Shanahan, Robert 308 Shanker, Morris 309 Shanklin, Genevieve 202 Shannon, Ann 193 Shanthamallappa 221 Shapero, Wally 173, 265 Shapiro, Ronnie 322 Shappirio, Dave 305 Sharou, Elias 308 Sharland, Robert 314 Sharma, J 221 Sharma, Sohan 221 Sharpe, William 288 Shattuck, Nancy 325 Shaw, James 37 Shaw, John 30 Shaw, Larry 113,282 Shauer, June 234 Shaylor, Norma 250 Shea, Don 272 Sheaner, Mike 297 Sheehan, Michael 284 Sheldon, Donald 273 Sheldon, Marilyn 152 Shelton, Alan 309 Shelton, James 309 Shelton, William 308 Sheppard, Carl 222 Sheppard, Joan 15, 325 Shera, Suzanne 324 Sheridan, Patricia 322 Sheridan, Paul 216 Sherizen, Paul 307 Sherman, Duane 312 Sherman, M 278, 297 Sherman, Noah 66, 67 Sherwin, R 296 Sherwood, Mary 240 Shevin, H 278 Shew, Richard . .-. 308 Shifman, Burton 265 Shilson, T 274 Shinsato, Morris 214 Shingleton, Marilyn 279 Shipman, Zola 152,243 Shirmer, Hank 42 Shirmer, Robert , . 260 Shodhan, N 221 Shoemaker, Pot 245 Short, Ron 311 Shreve, Bill 279 Shroger, Gene 310 Shuart, Dave 176,258 Shubot, Rita 167 Shufro, Arthur 225 Shulte, T. 204 Shupert, W 296 Shuptrine, Calvert 264 Shure, Herbert 273 Shurtz, Edward 216 Sibby, Forbes 216 Sibille, Marion 192 Sickels, Quentin 97, 270 Sickles, Barbara 247 Sidhll, S. S 221 Sieber, Lois 202 Siegel, Anne 202 Siegel, B 278 Siegel, Daniel 225 Siegel, Leonard 273 Siegel, M 278 Siegel, Norman 314 Siegal, Lincoln 275 Siegal, Paul 265 Siegel, Robert 308 Siering, Bill 312 Siess, Marian 21 1 Sights, Ruth 190,247 Sigman, Donald 309 Sikkema, Donald 314 Silberberg, Bill 266 Silberfarb, Ed 305 Silep, Harriet 249 Silman, Dotty 60 Silver, Allen 222 Silverman, Bob 173, 194 Silverman, Joan 249 Silverman, Herb 300 Silversmith, Ralph 289 Simmons, K 26 Simons, Ray 312 Simmons, W 27 Simon, Harold, Jr 20 Simon, Joyce 193 Simon, Theodore 314 Simons, E 195, 278 Simon, Harold 156 Simpson, Calvin 254 Simpson, Joe 311 Sinclair, Bruce 287 Sinclair, Dick 79, 295 Sinclair, Vern 305 Singer, Hal 284, 307 Singler, Don 312 Singleton, Palmer .64,410,418 Singley, June 238 Sinha, Awadh 221 Sink, Charles 84 Sinks, Frank 270 Sinn, Douglas 257 Siochi, Nene 226 Sipp, George 113 Siskin, Helen 212, 234 Sisson, James 313 Sisson, William 260 Sivier, Kenneth 309 Sjaarda, Mart 299 Skaff, Connie 191, 236 Skaggs, J. 294 Skarlatos, Paul 310 Skau, Robert 268,296 Skeels, M 294 Skidmore, Edward 37, 310 Skinner, Patricia 322 Sklar, Esther 249 Sklar, Rosalie 210 Skowron, John 196 Skrbina, John 315 Skufis, Xenophon 20 Skulstad, Robert 194 Skud, Bernard 309 Skud, Joan 64 Skye, Robert 309 Stagier, Neil 27, 195 Slater, J 274,419 Slater, Robert 264 Slavins, John 276 Slavin, Ray 289 Sleder, F 294 Slesnick, H 227 Slifer, Harry 260 Slight, Bob 262 Slocum, Dick 78, 92, 161, 270 Slocum, Sally 166, 240 Slugget, Jerome 305 Sluis, Mark 287 Sluyter, Ann 237 Slykhouse, R 306 Sma!e, Harry 284 Smale, Steve 311 Smaller, R 26, 315 Smart, Jack 276, 31 1 Smedley, J 26, 196 Smiegel, James 314 Smithies, Henry 292 Smith, A 53 Smith, Barbara 172 Smith, Bill 276, 298 Smith, Dick 270, 31 1 Smith, Edith 326 Smith, Edward 313 Smith, Emmett 267 Smith, Frank 306 Smith, Gerald 216,267,314 Smith, Gordon 113 Smith, H 45, 195, 219, 262, 270, 271 Smith, J 26,195,271,296 Smith, Jean 236 Smith, Jim 141, 192,213,260,297 Smith, John 26, 27, 182, 196, 215 Smith, Kenneth 254 Smith, L 269,271,313 Smith, M 53, 220, 238 Smith, Paul 267, 277 Smith, Patricia 325 Smith, Philip 216, 254, 310, 316 Smith, R 26,271 Smith, Reggie 266 Smith, Robert 216,257,268,305,314 Smith, Roy 26, 195, 196, 272 Smith, Sandy 277 Smith, Shirley 190, 248 Smith, Sylvester 312 Smith, Theodore 254, 284 Snell, R 53 Snider, H 278 Snider, Rod 257 Snook, Arthur 37, 200 Snyder, Dave 312 Snyder, Ed 282 Snyder, Frank 309 Snyder, R 286,294 Snyder, Sue Ann 246 Soboleski, Joe 97 Soddy, Bruce 25, 309 Soderberg, Pete 216, 313 Soehngen, Kurt 194, 266 Soennichsen, Eric 267 Sohl, Bob 126, 127, 142,215,279 Sokoloff, Jock 89 Sokoloff, Margaret 89 Solether, Dee .307 449 Solotaroff, Theodore 309 Solouy, Jerry 304 Somaya, M 221 Sommer, Bob 174 Somer, Carole 152, 322 Sommer, Earl 311 Somers, James 284 Somers, Nancy 152, 239 Sommers, W 24 Sonkin, Sy 172 Sons, Raymond 192 Sorem, Herman 26, 1 96 Sorenson, C 319 Sorenson, L 313 Sosin, Al 225 Sosin, Ralph 11 Sotier, Glenna 235 Sotier, Nickie 168 Souchek, Don 279 Souter, Bill 268 South, Ruth Ann 152, 243 Southerton, Glen 312 Spade, Glenn 308 Spaeth, Stan 158 Spalding, D 259 Sparks, Roselle 179 Sparling, Leon 299 Sparrow, Tom 226, 264 Spasyk, George 267 Spaulding, H 274 Spear, Phil 270 Speckhard, M 237 Speer, R 296 Spencer, Clyde 310 Spencer, Herb 298 Spencer, Jean 322 Spencer, Joan 322 Spencer, Penny 232 Spense, H 259 Sperlich, Gwen 152, 165,190,244 Sperlich, Hal 162,284 Spiegel, Bob 269 Spies, Dave 305 Spillman, Ruth 325 Spindler, John 256 Spivak, E 278 Spooner, C 24 Spore, Ruth . . .165, 190, 220, 244 Sposito, John 308 Spring, Sam 297, 335 Spross, Chuck 312,269 Sprung, Jeanette 320 Sprunger, H 53 Spry, Bob 268 Squire, Alan 37 Staeger, Gus 69, 129,215 Staeger, Kirk 79 Staff, John 294 Staffer, L 296 Stafford, R 26 Stahl, Robert 273 Staley, Robert 316 Stander, Dick 293 Standiford, D 269,298 Standiford, J 220 Stanley, deWolf 269 Stanton, Betsy 241 Stanton, D 25 Stanton, Sally 237 Stanton, Walter 309 Stanulis, Chuck 264, 307 Stapleton, B 324 Stapleton, Jack 267 Stapp, Hank 262 Stark, Frank 265 Stark, James 216 Starnes, Jesse 27 Starr, Helen 250 Starrak, Dick 119,215 Starrals, R 158 Stashower, Art 173, 275 Staubach, Joan 218 Stauffer, R 200 Stearns, D 222 Stebbins, W 309 Steber, H 234 Steck, Sid .... 175, 191, 220, 247 Steding, Phil 200, 279 Steele, Alice 323 Steele, Louise 167, 242 Steere, Lois 161 Steere, N 194 Stefan, Elsie 202 Steggall, C 284 Stegner, Mary 21 Stegner, V 325 Stein, C 173 Stein, David 181 Stein, Larry 289 Stein, Mary 171, 173, 191 Stein, R 53,202 Stein, W 306 Steinberg, J 249 Steinbruek, L 150,311 Steinhelper, J 272,313 Steinhoff, H 26 Steinman, S 324 Steir, B 273 Stekiel, R 53 Stemmer, P 26, 182 Stempien, R 31 1 Stenbuck, N 234 Stenglein, D 323 Stenglein, J 259 Stenglein, W 259 Stenn, Irving 289 Stenstrow, Ray 316 Stephen, Steve 293 Stephanauskus, C 220 Stephanauskus, M 220 Stephens, Mary 233 Stephens, Henry 314 Stephenson, S 266 Stephenson, T 296 Stepkowicz, Ed 305 Stepniewski, D 223,292 Sterling, J 271 Stern, Naomi 170,191,325 Sternberg, Doris 192 Sterns, D 216 Stevens, P 239 Stevens, Sal 242 Stevens, R 339 Stevens, W 296 Stevenson, C 150,313 Stevenson, D 45,297,313 Stevenson, H 297 Stewart, Betty 322 Stewart, E 194,310 Stewart, John 309 Stewart, L. ... 195, 267, 274, 303 Stewart, M 167, 254 Steirer, M 165, 190,248 Stiere, Norm 204 Stlffer, David 295 Stiles, T 316 Stillings, F 37 Stimson, Cy 293 Stinchcombe, J. D 195 Stinson, Charles 257 Stinson, Ronald 308 Stirdivant, Phil 284 Stirton, Ed 315 Stitt, Bob 268 Stitt, M 53,158 Stock, Leon 314 Stoddard, Bud 279 Stoddard, James 308 Stoddard, V 15,248 Stoepker, Ward 311 Stoliker, Fred 215 Stoll, Dick 272 Stolton, Stephen 216 Stoltz, Bob 312 Stone, B 274 Stone, Ed 284 Stone, Joe 314,316 Stone, K 26 Stone, Marilyn 234, 247 Stone, Mary 241 Stone, Richard 309 Stone, Ross 282 Stone, W 26 Stormont, Patricia 237 Story, Bill 314 Stotzer, Don 279 Stough, Charlotte 246 Stoup, Floyd 334 Stout, George 313 Stout, Wally 31,300 Stoycos, George 279 Strachan, Bob 173, 312 Straffon, Dale 97 Strahan, James 27 Straight, Bob 226 Straley, Jack 311 Strand, Margaret 325 Stratton, Bob 208, 285 Stratton, Larry 266 Straub, Irene 157, 238 Strauss, Dick 268 Strauss, Sally 249 Streeper, Lynn 250 Streicker, James 280 Streicker, Robert 280 Streidel, William 308 Stremmel, David 254 Strobel, Otto 254 Stroebe, R 26, 196 Strohm, Leland 313 Strohm, Marilyn 237 Strong, Carter 42, 295 Strong, Edward 290 Strong, George 264, 297 Strong, Peter 313 Strong, R 53 Stress, L 278 Strothmann, R 53 Stribe, Ralph 305 Strieker, William 261 Strickland, Bertram 37 Strickland, Chuck 63 Strittmatter, W 300 Stryker, Lee 311 Stuart, Donald 286 Stuart, Glenn 200 Stucky, Harry 288 Studier, Winford 261 Sturges, J 259 Sturm, Jack 272 SuBar, David 273 SuBar, Gerald 273 Subey, Martin 283 Suffness, Frances 321 Sullivan, F. M 306 Sullivan, Jerry 270 Summers, Jack 266 Sumner, Harriet 324 Superstine, M 227 Suprunowicz, Mack. 115, 116, 117 Sura, V. A 216,221 Susman, A 227 Sussman, Ina 220, 322 Suiter, Jim 306 Sutherland, George 269 Sutfin, Marjorie 247 Sutliff, David 219 Sutton, Frank 305 Suzuki, George 214 Swain, A 207 Swain, R 294 Swancutt, Don 266 Swanson, D 45,284,293 Swanson, J 216,274,314 Swartwout, Frank 297 Sweeney, J 26, 266 Sweet, M 294 Sweet, Wm 194 Swets, John 277 Swinton, Ray 226 Swintz, George 270 Swords, Kenneth 254 Sykora, Robert 284 Sylvan 308 Syverson, Jock 270 Sylvester, Lee 312 Symmonds, Charleen 202 Symons, Noncy 220, 324 Swimmer, Robert 314 Szemberski, Chester 307 Szmanski, Edward 261 Szor, Samuel 305 Taber, Walter 313 Tabibian, Susan 324 Taft, Bill 215 Tagare, D 221 Taggart, Herb 113 Taira, K 86,214 Talan, M 278 Talaska, Ray 300 Talner, Norman 225 Tamplin, R 200 Tamura, Harry 86, 214 Tan, C 226 Tancik, E 238 Tangalakis, S 312 Tanigawa, H 214 Tannenbaum, D 278 Tanner, Harold 310 Tapping, T 160 Tapping, Ted 281 Tarnutzer, Dick 258 Tarter, Jim 310 Tattersall, J. C. W 284 Tayler, N 240 Tayler, Roxie 240 Taylor, Jan 243 Taylor, N 246 Taylor, R 259 Taylor, W 271 Tebbetts, Ned 285 Teeg, Bob 315 Teholiz, Leo 295 Teifer, Joe 300 Tek, Rasin 86 Telang, Y 221 Temple, Jim 258 Tendick, F 26 Tendulkar, 1 221 Tennent, Dave 270 Tennent, Dewey 270 Tenninga, Wally 91,93, 104, 108,279 Tennyson, Don 282 Terbo, Bill 312 Terfer, Bill 298 Terrin, Jim 300 Tersoff, A 26, 195, 196 Tenia, W. 259 Tessmar, R 256 Tews, Edith 172 Thakar, M 221 Thelen, B 324 Theunissen, B 282 Theurer, Dick 268 Theurer, Mary K 242 Thiede, G 286 Thisted, M 239 Thomas, Ann 237 Thoman, G 195 Thoman, Dick 279, 311 Thoman, Don 192 Thoman, J 41,259 Thomas, Dave 269 Thomas, Joyce 240 Thoman, K 296,410,418 Thomas, T 90,91 Thomason, Bob 122 Thompson, C 309 Thompson, D 274 Thompson, E 280 Thompson, Fred 37,134, 179,313,316 Thompson, H 324 Thompson, J 26 , 268 Thompson, James 307 Thompson, M 244 Thompson, W 203, 267 Thomson, Mai 258 Thomson, Pollee 235 Then, Ray 299 Thornton, C 292 Thorn, Mary 168, 245 Thorn, Frank 270 Thorpe, Ken 206,208,209 Threckmorton, K 309 Thrush, Sarah 243 Thurston, Gigi 76 Thurber, R 20 Triestram, J 45 Tibbitts, Bob 279 Tiernan, Tom 269 Tikkala, W. 53 Tillery, Frank 306 Tillman, T 134, 135,272 Tillotson, C 233 Timyan, Phil 279 Timmens, L 296 Timmerman, R 314 Timmers, Hal 267 Tinkham, Dan 268 Tinkler, Ed 315 Tinkell, L 307 Tipping, R 182 Tittle, Dave 128,276 Tittle, Raymond 254 Titus, Paul 298 Tobin, Ann 324 Tobin, Cal 42,275 Tobermann, J 53 Todd, Don 62,269 Todd, Stu 175,177 Todoroff, Ted 293 Toepel, S 190,240 Toler, R 268 Tolford, S 237 Tom, Wallace 214, 306 Tomasi, Dom ....9,36,91, 103,133,215,268 Tompkins, Davis 339 Tompkins, Matt 293 Toncrazi, Jean 218 Tonnegerger, T 37 Toole, Alpha 323 Toole, Bob 292 Tooley, Bob 306 Toops, Cliff 293 Toporowski, J 294 Topper, Janie 242 Topping, Al 276 Tornow, W 267 Tornquist, B 240 Towar, Barbara 324 Towar, C 274 Towler, Lew 281 Townley, M 160,314 Townsend, Al 288 Townsend, N 244 Trager, Fred 300 Trapp, Albert 286 Trapp, Albert 286 Trapp, Marilyn 235 Trovers, Leo 313 Troves, Neale 269 Travis, Paul 307 Traxler, Ellen 32 Treat, Don 293 Treckelo, Dick 173 Trezise, David 272 Triestram, John 219 Trimborn, Ralph 129,215,279,419 Trinkl, Frank 310 Trion, Ed 311 Trivedi, N 221 Troost, Dick 282 Troost, George 297 Trost, Ted 279 Trousdale, Bill 305 Trow, Bill 223 Troxell, Harry 282 Truettner, Keith 158 Trumbo, Jim 312 Tsoo, E 66 Tuck, Ann 248 Tuck, George 267 Tucker, Ed 268 Tucker, Marcia 240 Tucker, Robert 20 Tucker, Shirley 193 Tuer, Carol 152,236 Turner, Andy 195,204,205,216,233 Turner, Bill 264 Turner, Bob 292, 301 Turner, Richard 31 Tuttle, James 309 Tuuri, Walter 309 Tweedie, Bob 312 Tweedie, Martin 310 Tyaum, Rueben 214, 305 Tylicki, Joseph 307 Tyner, W 26 Tyson, Dave 272 Tyson, Henry 279 Uchitelle, Bob 179,308 Uhle, Alvan 306 Ulbrich, Carl 259, 307 Ulmer, David 256 Ulvstad, Ed 125, 279 Umphrey, James 314 Unger, Ted 281 Ungerleider, Tom 289, 31 1 Uprall, Y 227 Upjohn, Diana 63 Uppal, Madan 221 Upthegrove, Bill ...127,215,269 Upton, Tom 134, 313 Urban, T 274 Utley, Joanne 202 Utzinger, Lois 202 Uvick, Robert 286 Vaccari, Leo 282 Vackaro, Joann 322 Vaidya, M 221 Vakil, J 221 Valassis, George 268 Valeric, G 410,418 Vallance, Georgia 243 Valley, Ray 257 Valliere, Paul 295 VanArsdol, Robert 214 VanAvery, Denise 327 VanBoven, Peter 260,300 VanBuren, Walter 217 VanBurgel, Herb 311 VanCamp, L 53 Van DeGraaf, Bill 267 Vandenberg, Ed 299 Vanderkloot, Dave 262 VanderKuy, Lee ...114, 116, 117 Vandermade, B 296 Vandermade, V 26 VanDerMeer, Pete 299 VanderMeiden, John 42 VanderMolen, John 299 VanderVeen, Brad 268 Vandervoort, Quentin .26, 194 VanderWoude, Anne 60 Vanderzee, Storm 307 VanDeusen, Charles 309 VanDeWaa, Alfred 300 VanDvjzen, Jean 218 VanDyke, James 216 Van Eenam, Don 315 VanHouten, Phil 305 VanHoutte, R 259 VanLeeuwen, Jean 244 VanLiere, Allen 312 VanLonKhuyzen, P 299 VanMinden, Sally 234 VanOosten, H 30 VanOsdol, Nat 42 VanOtteren, Gay 307 VanRiper, Neil 198 VanRyn, Russell 200 VanSise, Jane 250 VanSummern, Bob 97 VanTil, Nick 299 VanTuyle, W 294 VanValkenberg, L 288 VanVeen, James 209,316 Van Waggoner, Ellen ..168,248 Varian, Dick 284 Varland, Markeson 208 450 Vasu, Cordell 313 Vaughn, R 259 Vedder, Nancy 240 Veen, John 266 Velasquez, O Veldkamp, Bill 299 Veldman, Don 268,419 Verhake, Tom Verschoor, Curtis . . . Vetter, Nancy 192 Vetter, T 259 Vial, Betsy 168,247 Vigor, C. W Vincent, Bob Vincent, Dwight Vinieratos, Betsy Virgo, Richard 258 Vis, V 26 Vlachos, John 314 Voelker, Charlotte 168 Vogel 25,264 Vogler, Frank 175, 177,295 Vogt, Bob 253,281 309 309 . 294 ... 303 ... 327 216,221 274 Voice, Clifford Voice, Russell . . Vokac, R Volinsky, Eugene Von Glahn, Carol Vora, P. P Vosper, G. Vreeland, Bruce . . Vreeland, Victor 312 W Wade, Jacob 300 Waddell, Agnes 235 Wadely, Jack Wagemaker, O Waggoner, Charles 312 Waggoner, R 294 Wagner, Lilias 20, 172, 235 Wagner, R 1 ' 5 Wagner, Richard 182, 309 Wagner, Robert 309 Wagner, Sherwood 27 Wahl, Al 97,107,279 Wahle, George 31,300 Wainscott, T 53,158 Waite, Ward 222 Wakefield, Dick 269 Waldman, A 249 Waldon, Bob 150, 313 Waldow, Don Waldoron, Bob 162 Walk, George 286 Walker, B 247 Walker, E 195,218 Walker, H 296 Walker, Mary 237 Walker, Nancy 242 Wall, Al 269 Wallace, A 278 Wallace, D 233 Wallace, Paul 37 Wallace, Stu 62 Wallace, W 259 Walldron, W 312 Waller, Jean 202 Walli, Charles Walpole, Ginny 326 Walsh, D 295 Walsh, G 285,315 Walsh, H 285 Walsh, Len 3 Walsh, Meme 242 Walsh, Tom 180 Walter, Erich 160 Walters, B 410,418 Walters, Jack 277 Walz, Jim 266 Wambolt, Gene 277 Wanderski, f 307 Ward, Ted 297 Wardenburg, B 271 Wardle, Bob 264 Wargell, E 156 Warmeling, D 236 Warner, A 306 Warnke, Jim 311 Warren, Clyde 219 Warren, L 238 Warren, R 217 Warrick, Robert . . 280 Warrilow, R 308 Warshawsky, A 306 Warsinski, R 26 Wartinbee, S 266 Washington, G 26 Waterkamp, H , . . . 306 Westman, Jack . . . 300 Willoughby, Bob 134 Waterman, R 27 Weston, Loy 261 Wilmot, Mary 244 Waters, Jack 209, 255 Westphal, J 285 Wilson, Craig 171, 192 Waterstone, A .... 312 Westphal, S 195 Wilson, Don 314 Waterstone, L .. 312 Westra, Norma . . 42 Wilson, Doyle 293 Wathen, B 26, 196 Wetmore, Lynn . . 23J Wilson, Harriet 202 Watkins, Doug 269 Wetsman, W 239 Wilson, Henry .... 286 Watkins, Tom . . . . 307 Wetzel, Dick 20? Wilson, James ... 314 Watson, Dave . . . 279 Weyand, Fred 306 Wilson, Jim 222 Watson, H ... 274 Weyant, D 25 Wilson, John 286 Watson, Jane ... 218 Whaite, Jack 267 Wilson, M 218 Watson, Jim . . . 262 Whale, Ed 312 Wilson, Mart Jo 165, 167, 318 Watson, Marnie ... 232 Wheeler, Carl 315 Wilson, Mary Delle 202 Wa.ts, R 226, 254 Wheeler, Lloyd 290 Wilson, Susan .... 240 Wax, H . . 227 Whelan, Tom 311 Wilson, Tom 37,92 Wayt, Helen 246 Whippie, C 258 Wilson, Webb 269 Wearing, L 323 Whitacre, E 285 Wilson, Wilma 202 Weaver, Ann . . . 325 Whitcombe, J 216, 292 Wiltshire, Eric 266 Weaver, Joan 220 White, C 311 Winchester, H 222,261,312 Webb, By 298 V hite, D 293, 296 Winebaum, S 273 Webb, Jerry 270 White, G 26,314 Wingeart, J 267 Webb, Mary ... 242 White, James 263 Winkelman, E. ... 289 Webb, Ray . 256 White, Jim 264 Winkelman, S 278, 289 Webb, W . 285 White, Ink 180 Winkler, J 296 Webber, F 274 White, Norman 263 Winslow, Ken 293 Webber, R 223, 308 White, R 296 Winsor, R 309 Weber, Art ... 311 White, Richard 222 Winston, Bob 264 Weber, Elmer 280 White, Robert 171,272, 295 Winston, Marv 264 Weoer, Jackie . 249 Whiet, S 86,314 Winter, Fred 299 Weber, N .. 310 Whitecraft, H 268 Winters, Fredrica . 171 Weber, Niklos . . 297 Whirehorn, G 263 Winters, K 256 Weber, Wally 98 Whitehouse, F. . . . 113,306 Winters, Ruth 247 Webster, J 53, 158,306 Whitfield, C 222 Wimmer, Bob 315 Wedge, Ed ... 42 Whitlock, E 271 Wimsett, Joe ....252,263 Wee, Joseph ... 214 Whitney, Bob 269 Wlodyga, D 311 Weeb, Howard ... 254 Whitney, R 296 Wirth, John 286 Wehmeyer, David . . 286 Whittaker, E 238 Wirtz, John 262 Weible, George . 313 Whittingham, T. 285 Wise, Bill 161, 208, 285,311 Weidenthal, Bud ... 172 Whitworth, G. 239 Wise, Martha 233 Walke, Marilyn ... 325 Wurzel, P 198 Wise, Poosey 220 Weiland, K .... 295 Wicgerink, L 30 Wisler, Chester 160 Weile, Ken ... 313 Wickersham, Mary 232 Wismer, R 53 Weil, Warren . . 275 Wicking, Mary . . . 325 Wisniewski, Ed . . . 97,297,419 Weil, William 273 Wicks, Doug 268 Wisniewski, Irving 61,215 Weinberg, Dick 126, 215, 279 Widrig, D 26 Wistert, Al . . . 97, 101, 107, 111 Weiner, Ann 321 Wiedle, Fred 305 Witherspoon, Bruce 284 Weiner, H 278 Wiegerink, L 299 Witherspoon, John 284 Weiner, Norm . ... 305 Wiese, Robert 211,314 Withey, Ted 262 Weiner, Sam 289 Wiggers, M 250 Witte, Beverly ... 232 Weiner, W 278, 313 Wilbur, 1 315 Wittliff, C 25, 195 Weingarden, Marshall . 265 Wilchar, R 24 Wittot, George . . . 277 Weinger, B 227 Wilcox, Elba 312 Witus, Sybil 234 Weinstein, A 27,309 Wilcox, John 113,284 Witus, Warren . 225 Weinstein, L 182,287 Wilcox, L 272,310 Woelk, William . . . 288 Weisbaum, Joy 249,419 Wilcox, Sally 243 Wohlgemuth, Evelyi i 241 Weisberg, Harver 224 Wilcox, Sarah . . . . 21 Wolber, W ....195,213 Weise, R ... 53 Wilcox, V 250 Wolf, Don 279 Weiseberger, Jack 131, 132 Wilcox, W 254 Wolf, George 182,282 Weiss, A . . . . 278 V ildman, N 25, 222 Wolf, James 189 Weiss, M . . . . 227 Wilo, Dave 298 Wolf, L 273 Weiss, S .289 Wile, T 27 Wolf, M 278 Weiss, Walter . . . . 307 Wiggin, S 281 Wolf, Paul 225 Weissman, M 283 Wilhelm, L 168,246 Wolf, Sam 278 Welber, Bob . . 306 Wilkie, L 309 Wolf, Stan 278 Welch, Mary . 324 Wilkins, Stu 97, 268 Wolfe, Charles . 256 Welch, P . 60 Wilkinson, B 299 Wolfman, Earl .... 298 Welchman, Alonzo .... 295 Wilkinson, B 288 Wolfmeyer, H. . . . 2 72 Welden, T ... 241 Wilkinson, M 324 Wolk, 1 283 Weldon, Bill 266 Will, C 246 Wolson, Debby . . . 249 Weldon, C . . 286 Will, Neil 307 Wong, Annie 214 Weldon, Jim . 266 Willens, Joan . . . . 193,249 Wong, Dewey .... 214 Welke, Bill 316 Willey, Norman . . . 222 Wong, Lawrence . . 214 Weller, Ken . 299 Willhoft, Earl 297 Wong, William . . . 214 Wellerson, Ted 268 Williamson, R 280 Wong, Winifred 214 Wellington, R 173, 260 Williamson, W. 254 Woo 25 Wellman, M . . . . 305 Willis, John 288 Wood, Don 310 Wells, P 218 Williams, Bob 258, 279 Wood, Robert .... 260 Wells, W 272,274 Williams, Brant . . . 27 Wood, S 45 Welspy, C . 65 WMIiams, C 20 Woodard, El 305 Welsh, C . ... 311 Williams, D 200 Woodburne, Russell 30 Weltman, W . 278 Williams, Don 307 Wooscock, L 45,219,314 Wendling, J . 25 Williams, Dorothy . 220 Woodell, Bruce 307 Wendt, E . . . . 284 Williams, G 296 Woodhams, C. . 173,232 Wenger, Penny 264 Williams, Gail 30,31,300 Woodman, Robert 287 Wenley, Mark 290 Williams, Gene . 305 Woodruff, Jim 60 Wenokur, M .... 311 Williams, Jack 276 Woodruff, Kay . . . 11,245 Wepman, Warren . . . . 275 Williams, Jan . . . . 247 Woodruff, Lee 180 Werle, Floyd . 309 Williams, Jane . . 202 Woods, Frank .... 290 Werme, Bob . 267 Williams, Joy . . . . 220, 235 Woods, Hal 267 Wermter, R 27 Williams, Jus 124,215,266 Woods, Tee 76, 241 Werner, Keith 276 Williams, Lois 246 Woodson, Nita 326 Werner, R . . . . 53 Williams, Nancy . 167, 245 Woodward, C. ... 193 Wernick, R 24,226 Williams, Peggy 192 Woodward, Doug 300 Wernig, Jean . . . . 325 Williams, R 26, 296 Woodward, Ed ... 300 Wertheimer, F 296 Williams, Ralph 286 Woodward, P 320 Wertin, V 236 Williams, T 200 Wooley, D 27 West, C . ... 315 Williams, W 307 Worsham, E 296 West, G 24 Willson, Jennie . . 20 Worthington, John 310 Westerberg, M 280 Willson, Roger . . . 279 Wright, Art 300, 306 Wright, Dale 281 Wright, Deil 315 Wright, Jim 92, 204, 268, 287 Wright, John 258 Wright, M. C. 164, 166, 237, 190 Wright, Paul 150 Wright, Tom 3] ] Wright, W 26, 200, 246 Wrigley, Lyle 297 Wrinch, P 324 Wudgeon, Glee 220 Wulsin, M 202 Wulz, Dottie 245 Wunderlich, R 310 Wurdock, R 305 Wyatt, Claire 244 Wyngaarden, M 299 Wyllie, Bob 306,307 Wyman, Grace 91, 250 Wyman, John . . 309 Wynn, W 254 Yager, Helene 21 Yakas, Joe 31] Yankee, J )95 Yanni, N 27, 289 Yeager, Frank 311 Yeckley, R 27 Yee, Clarence 214 Yellin, Jean 10 Yeow, Marian 323 Yim, T 214 Yntema, D 259 Yntema, S 289 Yobst, George 308 York, Chuck 276 York, John 256 Young, Art 226 Young, Bill 226, 257 Young, Charles 279, 305 Young, Chuckles 208 Young, Dick 173, 268 Young, Don 310 Young, G 53 Young, John 292, 301 Young, L 53 Young, Mary 232 Young, Pat 248 Young, Phil 310 Young, Robert 309 Young, V 269 Young, Warren 290 Yuen, Heeny 214 Yukawa, Sumio 305 Zablah 25,227 Zabel, Jane 218 Zabriskie, J 288 Zack, F 296 Zagelmeyer, F 161, 281 Zabrowsky, W 254 Zaller, Margie 164, 190, 193, 249 Zaremski, M 297 Zarnosky, Bob 312 Zausmer, B 273 Zawistowski, E. . 219 Zebranek, S 285 Zeff, Lester 283 Zenker, B 278 Zerman, Bill 92, 176, 192,269,419 Zettel, J 45 Zerweek, H 282 Ziedenstein, G 275 Ziegler, Ruth 202 Ziganth, H 157 Zimme, W 24 Zimmer, R 295 Zimmerli, R 216 Zimmerman, Bob 270 Zimmerman, P 248 Zimmermann, F 263 Zimmie, W 295 Zinnes, Jerry 309 Zinser, Jack 279 Zipp, Jackie 243 Zipperstein, D 212 Zivkoff, Helen 238 Zivow, Leonard 307 Zordell, Jack 284 Zurawski, J 267,418 Zuttermeister, M 418 Zwagerman, Marcia 202 Zwerling, Ben 418 Zylowski, R 308 451 F i

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