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J? H i- 1 I u i s O c c D C O O) u i O X A 0) More People More Campus Accustomed to a pre-war enroll- ment of about 12,000 students, the University of Michigan has had to adjust to an enrollment of over 18,500 as veterans have flocked back to college since the end of World War II. More people meant intensive utilization of all university facilities. Cafeteria lines, a scarc- ity of textbooks, and regular class lectures in Hill Auditorium are an everyday part of our lives. Overnight the campus has be- come not only a center of learning for many new students but it is the site of a tremendous building pro- gram carefully designed to give us more facilities for more people. This program already well under- way will last for several years and will cost an estimated $25,000,000. It will serve every type of campus need from classrooms to apart- ments for married students. The expansion at Michigan is not unique. It has repeated itself at colleges and universities all over the world. It is our belief that edu- cation will continue to expand and assist all people to gain a better understanding of each other. staff Florence Kingsbury, managing editor Mary Lou Rookus, business manager Ann Wallerstein, associate editor Lorelei Merman, associate editor Warren Talcott, design William Wake, photography contents schools page 8 campus page 154 activities page 174 houses page 234 sports page 308 senior activities and index page 332 O o " TH1KS, I1U JOE " Iselor, and guide to the student body with general oversight and its activities. " Dean Bursley has successfully carried late, received when he was appointed Dean of Students in man to hold such a position in this country. Dean Bursley of the University since his student days. He has served us If Mechanical Engineering and as the link between the fac- |tudent body for twenty-six years. He has seen the campus idously on two different occasions. Both times he has aided lig a post-war university and has been able to help the stu- le enormous housing problem that has confronted them, the First World War, when there was a corresponding sud- enrollment. He has been active on almost every commit- |esult has come in contact with every phase of student and r. As a member of the Board in Control of Student Publi- |s our special gratitude as an understanding friend and ad- Joe " is taking a well earned rest, and an important part of re, as well as our sincere best wishes, go with him. Photo by Bachrach lli ' iiii of Nliiili ' iils. 1921-1946 Alexander G. Ruthven, President -Ti! board of regents Seated: Otto E. Eckert, Regent; Alexander G. Ruthven, President; Vera B. Baits, Regent; Alfred B. Connable, Jr., Regent; J. Joseph Herbert, Regent; Stan ding: Robert P. Briggs, Viee-President; Charles S. Kennedy, Regent; R. O. Bonisteel, Regent; Ralph A. Hayward, Regent; James P. Adams, Provost; Marvin L. Niehuss, Vice-President; Herbert G. Watkins, Secretary and Asst. Vice-President. The Constitution of the State of Michigan establishes the Board of Regents as the Corporation of the University of Michigan and commits to it the general supervision and en- tire control of its funds. In addition to this, it is the respon- sibility of the Board to see that competent executive direc- tion is furnished through the officers and faculty of the Uni- versity. Formerly an appointive position, the Regents are now elected by a general vote of the people, assuring the University of the independent governing body and the con- tinuance of a consistent policy in education. 13 administration James P. Adams, Provost Marvin L. Niehuss, Vice-President Robert P. Briggs, Vice-President University Hall 14 Herbert G. Watlcins, Secretary and Assistant Vice-President Ira M. Smith Registrar Erich B. Walter, Director of Office of Student Affairs Upon the administrators rests the re- sponsibility for the efficient operation of the University. It is they who make it possible for Michigan ' s expanding stu- dent body to go through the routine of daily school life without undue interrup- tion and confusion. In addition to this task of keeping the school ' s daily machinery well oiled and in smooth op- eration, the Administrators are also faced with the problem of providing guidance for the students, exercising control over their scholastic affairs, and supervising their extra curricular activi- ties. The Administrators also work to- ward the betterment of relations be- tween the university, the people of the state of Michigan, and other institu- tions. Walter B. Rea, Associate Director of Office of Student Affairs Joseph A. Bursley, Dean of Students Alice C. Lloyd, Dean of Women 15 k bureau of appointments Under the direction of Dr. Purdom, the Uni- versity Bureau of Appointments and Occu- pational Information carries out a varied and extensive program in occupational guidance and job placement. The Bureau aids stu- dents, alumni and veterans in making voca- tional choices, through its nation-wide con- tacts with business concerns, industrial or- ganizations, government agencies and edu- cational institutions, has been of real assist- ance to Michigan veterans by placing them in occupations where they had the best op- portunities for success and happiness, and in the geographic locations they preferred. GUIDANCE DIVISION attempts to assist an individual in solving his vocational prob- lems by helping him find the right use for his abilities, skills, interests and personality traits in the vocation for which he is best suited. Through its extensive u p-to-date occupation- al information reading files the person can get a complete picture of the vocations he is considering as a life career. TEACHER PLACEMENT DIVISION aids seniors, alumni and veterans in securing first positions and later promotions in teaching jobs in nursery school, elementary grades, high school, and college. The Bureau also places many alumni in supervisory and ad- ministrative positions in academic, vocation- al, and technical schools both public and pri- vate throughout the United States, Alaska, Hawaii and the countries of South America as well as many other countries around the world Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and as exchange teachers to the United Nations. The General Placement Division assists seniors, alumni, and veterans in securing jobs of all kinds outside of the educational field. These are extremely varied, and include such things as accounting, secretarial work, engi- neering and sciences, laboratory technician work, airplane hostesses, social service, sales work of all kinds, advertising, research in va- rious fields. The Bureau has also developed a sum- mer placement service which has proved invaluable to the many students desiring work in summer camps, resort hotels, dude ranches, in laboratories or offices, and other types of vacation and vocational ex- ploratory jobs. Now that peace has re- turned and vocational planning is again possible, the Bureau is reviving its pre-war plan of contacting employers in order to broaden the scope of work opportunities so as to better take care of the needs of the students who want exploratory and try-out summer experience preliminary to choosing a vocation and preparing for it. Dr. T. Luthur Purdom, Director 16 This picture shows four of our Michigan people in attendance at UNESCO conference in Paris. Left to right are: Pearl Baxter, principal at Heidelberg; Edwin M. Boyne, superin- tendent in Berlin; Alta Fisher, principal at Erlangen; Richard F. Meyering ( ' 40), head of the Dependents Schools Service in Germany. Mr. Paul W. Boynton of the Socony- Vacuum Oil Company is shown interview- ing a student, one of a group for engi- neering, sales, and foreign operations. Dr. Ewan Clague, Commissioner of Labor Statistics, U. S. Department of Labor is answering the occupational information questions of students after his vocational lecture, " The Job Outlook Occupational Trends and Opportunities " on December 10, 1946. 17 alumni association Clair B. Hughes Mrs. Lucille B. Conger T. Hawley Tapping Executive Officers: Robert O. Morgan Waldo M. Abbot, Jr. Clair B. Hughes President Wyeth Allen Vice-President Mrs. Nellie Rice Roberts Vice-President Oscar A. Eberbach Treasurer T. Hawley Tapping General Secretary, Editor of THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Robert O. Morgan Council Secretary, Assistant General Secretary Mrs. Lucile B. Conger Executive Secretary of Alumnae Council Waldo M. Abbot, Jr Field Secretary BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Clair B. Hughes, ' 12, ' 141, Lawyer, New York City, New York, President Wyeth Allen, ' 1 5e, Management Engineer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vice-President Mrs. Nellie Rice Roberts, ' 99, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Vice-President Oscar A. Eberbach, ' 06, e ' 02- ' 05, Manufacturing Pharmacist, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Treasurer Don T. Hastings, ' 07e, Consulting Engineer, Detroit, Michigan Emory J. Hyde, ' 041, Retired, Tucson, Arizona Christian F. Matthews, ' 19, ' 211, Lawyer, Mt. Clemens, Michigan Walter G. Kirkbride, ' 001, Lawyer and President, Hickok Oil Company, Toledo, Ohio Earl D. Babst, ' 93, ' 941, A. M. (Hon.) ' II, Chairman, The American Sugar Refining Company, New York City, New York Shirley W. Smith, ' 97, A. M. ' 00, LL D. (Hon.) ' 45 Vice-President Emeritus of the University, Ann Arbor, Michigan Thomas S. Hammond, l ' 03- ' 06, President, Whiting Corporation, Harvey, Illinois Ray B. Johnston, ' 071, Lawyer, Detroit, Michigan Harry B. Culbertson, ' 06e, Contractor, Detroit, Michigan Paul S. Bigby, ' 3le, g ' 3l- ' 32, Engineer, U. S. Rubber Company, Detroit, Michigan Mrs. Lola Jeffries Hanavan, ' 12, Detroit, Michigan Mrs. Ethel Jocelyn Watt, ' 18, Birmingham, Michigan Mrs. Elizabeth Nutt Potter, ' 28, Ann Arbor, Michigan James D. Fleming, e ' 02- ' 03, ' 03- ' 05, Insurance, Elmira, New York Edward N. Kendall, ' I7e, Engineer, Bell Telephone Company, Washington. 15, D. C. Horace W. Mitchell, ' 13, District Sales Manager, The MacGillis Gibbs Co., Columbus, Ohio Dr. Ralph O. Rychener, ' 20, ' 22m, g ' 24- ' 25, Physician, Memphis, Tennessee Earl F. Bucknell, ' 26, Vice-President and Actuary, The Bankers Life Company, Des Moines, Iowa Clem F. Storckman, ' 221, Lawyer, St. Louis, Missouri Robert A. May, ' 34, ' 361, Lawyer, Tucson, Arizona Joseph C. Hooper, ' 231, ' I8- ' 20, Lawyer, Ann Arbor, Michigan Dr. Milton Shaw, ' 12, ' 14m, Physician, Lansing, Michigan Dr. Roland J. Sanregret, ' 22d, ' 1 7- ' 1 8, Dentist, Negaunee, Michigan Roby M. Burley, ' 20, Auditor, Pacific Telephone Telegraph Co., Seattle, Washington Joseph V. Brady, ' 26, Vice-President, The Citizens ' Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Howell, Michigan 18 Everybody plays in their own way the Union pool room (top) and Michiguama initiation (bottom) Everyone seems to be having fun at the new " Casbah " 19 20 Dean Hayward Keniston, dean of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, commenting on its pro- gram of expansion said, " The Univer- sity is hoping to complete its plans of its organized program of expansion in order to take care of the increased enrollment. " The new Chemistry Building will be ready for student use in the fall of 1 947. This building will be for the use of the Literary College. Two new ad- ditions are to be added to Angell Hall in the future. Expansion of the General Library is also planned. Dean Keniston was born in Massa- chusetts and later attended Harvard where he received his A. B., M. A., and Ph. D. He studied in Europe be- fore returning to Harvard to teach. Before coming to the University of Michigan as a professor of romance languages in 1942, he served as Dean of Cornell ' s Graduate School and as a member of the teaching staff at the University of Chicago. In 1945 he became Dean of the Literary Col- ege. Dean Hayward Keniston 21 senior class officers William Courtright, President Patricia Hayes, Vice-President Lit. School Committees Commencement Doris Kreuger, Chairman Cap and Gown Shirley Mattern, Chairman Janice Carter, Assistant Chairman Swing-Out Dick Roeder, Ellen Hill, Co-Chairmen Senior Ball Bob Grandy, Chairman Finance Barbara Raymer, Chairman Joan Willt Treasurer Jean Griese Secretary r 22 i ' varsity debate Front Row: H. Weisberg, E. Smolinski, Mr. Kleclcner, V. Hyde, R. Greene. Second Row: F. Libin, W. Flaskamp, J. Reagen, S. Zilber, I. Robinson, A. Parmichael. Third Row: J. Swarta, L. Rosenson, G. Zuclterman, B. Dilts, J. Wirth. This year the debate organization travelled ex- tensively, participating in as many as fifty de- bates and discussions. An outstanding event among these activities was a series of thirteen de- bates with Western Reserve University of Cleve- land before high school audiences in Michigan and Ohio. The organization discussed six major topics: whether labor should share in the management of industry; whether the federal government should have a system of national health insurance; whether fraternities and sororities are harmful to student life; whether the U. S. should help Great Britain solve the Palestine problem; what should be our attitude toward the negro problem; and what should be our attitude toward communism. A style of debating developed at the sity of Michigan was used in the majority debates. This so-called Michigan style al stimulating audience interest, because, instil the formal rebuttal, the speaker is cross-ex by his opponent. Later, he in turn beo cross-examiner. 23 deutscher verein ont Row: Harold Simon, Reginald Walters, Robert Erhardt, Ernest Behrens, Edward Hascall, Ralph Snoke, William Bigge, Richard Furs. cond Row: Helen House, May Risch, Gustav Butterbach, Shirley Loeblich, Jean Vergho, Beverly Adams, Irma Eichhorn, William Sinnigen, Lois Allison, an Measner, Jim Trautwein, Courtland Geib, Bill Sturti. .JGI.UIIU iwwi i leisn i iuu e, may i i t,n, FIWTVT DUTTeroa( Don Measner, Jim Trautwein, Courtland Geib, Bill Sturti. Third Row: Mary Pinney, Dorothy Rice, Ruth Briegel, Lenrose Dyess, Dorothea Rodgers, Joan Roberts, Margaret Lewis, Jeanne Davin, Beatrice McLaren, Veronica Miller, Anne Mosher. The Deutscher Verein, sponsored by the German Department, is an organization offering students opportunities to hear and speak German. During the past year the faculty Adviser has been Mr. Roger C. Norton. Various programs for the year included social evenings, folk dancing, and a clas- ening of German music. Among other ac- conducted by the club were German and weekly " Kaffee Stunden " in the Grill. 24 phi eta sigma Front Row: Dean Bursley, B. Straatsma, E. Simons, W. Sinnigen, E. FarnswortS, Royian, R. Hodges, S. Saulson. Second: F. Weisman, A. Resta, L. Stewart, J. Westman, J. Simpson, A. Uhle, W. Snell, G. Parker. Phi Eta Sigma is a national freshman honorary so- ciety. The primary purpose of the organization is to promote high scholarship among first year men students at Michigan. As an honorary society, it serves as a reward for conscientious work rather than being a society to promote campus activi- ties. By recognizing the outstanding scholastic ef- forts of freshmen, it hopes to encourage t tinuance of high averages among its me Requirements for admission are based enti grade average which must be 3.5 or abov 25 la sociedad hispanica Front Row: Anita Blumfeld, Rosarita Hume, Toni Rowland, Joan Heyler, Delores Crowe, Eliiabeth Iden, Emma Badurian, Audrey Coates. Second Row: Harriet Kreviti, Gloria Miller, Marvis Gorman, Lois Lefkowitz, Joan de Carvajal, Dorothy Fishman, Carol Fraser, Adrian F. Leon-Marquei, Barbara Davenport, Jane DeMaso, Dolores Thomas, Frances Pearl, Virginia McRae, Phyllis Beckmann, Harriett Wilson, Renee Leder. Third Row: Burton Gavitt, Harvey L. Weisberg, Lucille J. Birnbaum, Bernice Weiner, Bunny Brettschneider, E. A. Mercado, Angela Pons, Gerald Dyk- stra, Morris Bernstein, Jeanne North, Anthony Pasquariello, Muriel Davis, Marjorie Trerice, Carolyn Shapiro, Orville B. Lefho, Joe G. Grubbs, Manuel Aeido M. Fourth Row: Cornelia Kinne, Jerry Honey, Judith Davidson, Jane Hardin, Lillian Winquist, Mary Cobane, Sarah Simons, Andee Sugar, Florence Gold- finger, Rosemary Conner, Yvonne Albright, Mary Sue Wesbrook, Dolores Earl, Raymonda McGarry, Nancy Cress, Constance Beaty, Marion Jean Wilson, Beverly Newberg, Diana Reynol, Ida Halle, Rupert Coffey, Philip Wittenberg, Carl Kaufman, George H. Brown. Fifth Row: Betty Marcus, Barbara Render, Naomi Gaberman, Arlene Brice, Betsy Williams, Maxine Minti, Sally VanMinden, Barbara Langworthy, Anne Siegel, Margaret Botsford, Betty Lou St. Clair, Dorothy Harris, Sarah B. Henry, Barbara Ann Maclsaac, Joanne Joyce Johnson, Mary Carolyn Wright, Virginia Nicklas, Arlette Harbour, Maxine Smith, Margaret Reiff, Irene Zag, Margaret Parker. Sixth Row: Dick Foote, Shirley Bronson, Anne Goodyear, Delores Olsen, Ken Vanderkolk, Steven Hajos, Marjorie Protiva, Gene Weisner, Sherman Poteet. Under the direction of Assistant Professor E. A. Mercado, the Spanish club, with a membership of more than two hundred, has become one of the most active organizations on campus. Regular meetings are held at the International Center at which there are programs of Spanish music or dancing, slides and movies of Latin America, speakers, and group participation in songs and games. Two Spanish language movies were brought to the campus by the club. In April the annual Spanish play was presented, under the di- rection of Assistant Director Anthony Paswuari- a Sociedad Hispanica thrilled four lucky people by awarding them scholarships to the sum- mer so ' .Mons of the Universities of Mexico or Cubal With another memorable year behind it, Riedad Hispanica is looking forward to even better times. 26 - zeta phi eta Front Row: Clarice Bercey, Fay Hansen, Eras Ellis, Shirley Pope, Kathleen Watson. Second Row: Lois Garnitz, Phyllis VanBroclclin, Janice Carter, Harriet Risk, Pat Owens, Barb Eder, Mary Jones. Third Row: Nelle Schloetzer, Pat Pontius, Phyllis Barense, Barb Sisson, Patsy Hayes, Marian Reus, Jackie Pitcher. Missing from Picture: Mary Battle, Serene Sheperd, Lois Bendes, Mae Dix, Marjorie Hetler, Norma Metz, Sally Smith, Barbara Weisberg, Mary Jane Fowler, Betty Greene, Elvira Smolinski, Marge Kohlhaas. alpha lambda delta, freshmen women ' s honorary Front Row: Nancy Hess, Ideane Levenson, Patricia Hannagan, Vice-President; Carol VanderKloot, Secretary; Mary C. Bromage, Ass ' t. Dean of Women; Lois Garnitz, President; Carolyn Vicinus, Treasurer; Janet Anzel, Mildred Ransdorf. Second Row: Frances Klein, Carol McCrady, Sue Ann Synder, Patricia Baumgarten, Anita Grumet, Irma M. Wyman, Sally Van Minden, Jane Sanger, Katharine Ann Hemmer. Third Row: Elizabeth Iden, Patricia Peter, Dulcie Krasnick, Mary Buell, Joy Kaner, Marilyn Zutterneister, Domenica Ro- manelli, Sara Alice Musselman, Marilyn Jane Kopel. Missing from Picture: Jacqueline Breniser, Mary Ann Brice, Carole Castricum, Evelyn Dach, Jeanne Davin, Dorothy Ellis, Harriet Fanske, Lucie Fink, Harriet Friedman, Constance Goodyear, Joan Greenwald, Joyce Gulden, Lois Hall, Lois Hos- sack, Janet Ingling, Betty Inyart, Fae Kaufman, Judith Laikin, Betty Leeman, Norma Levy, Margaret Lewis, Muriel Lewis, Joan Lince, Barbara McNeill, Roberta Meyers, Beatrice Miller, Betsey Moore, Ann Mosher, Ruth Parsons, Charlotte Peck, Kate Polier, Phyllis Rashti, Roberta Reiter, Nancy Ringland, Mary Robinson, Eileen Scanlon, Miriam Schiebar, Donna Schmidt, Phillis Smith, Helena Thomassen, Virginia Ann Walker, Martha Weig, Marie Yamamoto, Rose Marie Young. 27 X le cercle frcmcais First Row: Benjamin Hudson, John Staff, Raymond Chambers, Ann Owens, Dan Jenison, Helen House, Roger Norton, Mrs. Mary Bosley, Bill Tattersall, Robert Watson. Second Row: Ann McGrew, Cornelia Kinne, Janet Anzel, Naome Leavitt, Francis Gravitt, Richard Koppitch, Marian Sayward, Prof. Charles Koella, Gordon Hallman, Shirley Weemhoff, Doris Waisbrod, Anita Blumenfeld, Gertrude Kent, Douglas Miller. Third Row: Sally Ware, William Dickerman, Mary Ellen Gray, Herbert Boothe, Patricia Stanford, Bill Morris, Ruth Lucks, Eugene Kaplan, Eileen Hickey, Albert Moscotti, Elinor Horwitz, Harry Hajos, Virginia Beabes, Loraine Davies, Bonnie Elms. Fourth Row: Philip Carlson, Rodney Parker, Shirley Farnsworth, Soly Bencuya, Betty DeGuise, Frank Reed, Miriam Cady, Turan Sami, Barbara Rosenberg, Bell Trezise, Ruth Sammet, Bernard Shiftman, Sally Pemberton. Le Cercle Francais of the University of Michigan was founded in 1907. This year it has a membership of about ninety students and holds regular meeting every other week. Under its auspices a series of lectures is offered during the fall and spring semesters, given by professors of the Romance Department or of other departments, or by outstanding Frenchmen visiting this country or teaching in other universities. Each spring it presents the Annual French Play; this year i will ' be the forty-first, when Moliere ' s " Le Malade Imaginaire " presented at the Mendelssohn Theater on May 6th. This year it has inaugurated " La P ' tite Causette " , VI lib e. a of students desiring to speak French informally, who meet 01 day and Thursday afternoons at the Michigan League. 28 russicm circle Front Row: Alex Mekula James Kemp, Arthur Novak, Edward Kudreiko, Dezso Sekely. Second Row: John Bankus, Renee Lichenstein, Mr. Leonid Ig- natieff, Mme. Lila Pargment, Wilma Miron, Lynne Sperber, John Kulpinski. Third Row: Leonard Cohen, Edward Kozera, George Kulaga, Harold Pitchford, Johanna Kranold, Carla Mullendore, Ken- neth Goodman. Top Row: Violet Koleda, Ann Guinan, Avery Grant, Shirley King, Yang Jin Yuan, Emma Badurian, Goodman, Catherine Hennessy. In the spring a lit student ' s fancy turns to thoughts of suntan! 29 Muriel F. Aaron, A. B. in Social Work Greenfield, Matt. Arthur J. Abelson, B. S. in Zoology South Orange, N. J. Elizabeth M. Adams, A. B. in English Jackson, Mich. Burton C. Agata, A. B. in Political Science Laurence, N. Y. Marilyn Ahlstrom, A. B. in Mathematics Royal Oak, Mich. Harriet Aiken, A. B. in History Detroit, Mich. Margaret C. Allan, A. B. in Spanish Peoria, III. Margaret J. Allen, A. B. in Psychology Pueblo, Calif. Lois E. Allison, A. B. in Economics Terrace Park, O August J. Altese, A. B. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Helen D. Anderko, A. B. in History Detroit, Mich. Edward Anderson, A. B. Manistee, Mich. LITERARY SENIORS Harry J. Anderson, A. B. in Science Rockford, III. Paul D. Anderson, A. B. in Oriental Civilization Portland, Ore. Mildred I. Andrew, A. B. in Economics Oswego, N. Y. Elaine O. Andrews, A. B. in Social Studies Flint, Mich. John A. Andrews, A. B. in Social Work Ann Arbor, Mich. Celia M. Applegate, B. S. in Zoology Toledo, O. Barbara J. Armstrong, B. S. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Joan C. Armstrong, A. B. in English Piqua, O. Rosemarie Aronica, B. S. in Sociology Jean E. Aurand, A. B. in Speech Marilyn J. Austin, A. B. in French Joseph A. Baclawski, A. B. in Geography .Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Willow Run, Mich. Marjorie Badge, A. B. in History Emma M. Badurian, A. B. in French Natalie Bagrow, A. B. in English Clark R. Baker, A. B. in Political Science Highland Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Schenectady, N. Y. William W. Baker, A. B. in English Kansas City, Kan. Robert P. Ball, A. B. in English Owosso, Mich. Rita K. Baltus, A. B. in Speech Rock, Mich. Janet S. Bancroft, A. B. in Speech Brooklyn, N. Y. 30 I , ' T John D. Babington, A. B. in History Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Carol M. Bade, B. S. in Chemistry. Louisville. Ky Doris M. Barack, A. B. in Social Work Detroit, Mich. Virginia Barnes, B. S. in Chemistry Chicago, III. Gerald F. Barofsky, B. S. in Zoology Grand Rapids, Mich. Lillias D. Ballentine, M. A. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Gloria L. Batt, A. B. in Sociology Kalamaioo, Mich. Mary Battle, A. B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Harriet C. Baum, B. S. in Zoology Bridgeport, Conn. Frank M. Baumann, A. B. in Political Science Kalamazoo, Mich. Joy Baiant, A. B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Robert W. Becker, A. B. Edmore, Mich. Dorothy A. Bek, A. B. in Speech Ferndale, Mich. Edward W. Bennett, A. B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Mary L. Benson, A. B. in Political Science Sandy Springs, Md. Everett Berg, A. B. in Political Science Grand Rapids, Mich. Jay M. Berger, B. S. in Physics Brooklyn, N. Y. Abe R. Berman, A. B. in Political Science Muskegon, Mich. Sylvan M. Berman, A. B. in Political Science Rochester, N. Y. Richard J. Berryman, A. B. in History Highland Park, Mich. Kathleen Bichkoff, A. B. in Spanish Hamtramck, Mich. Sarah Bickler, A. B. in Speech Poland, O. Betty Lou Bidwell, A. B. in Political Science Flint, Mich. Elizabeth M. Birkbeck, A. B. in Sociology Grand Rapids, Mich. Gloria Birkenmaier, A. B. in History Escanaba, Mich. Patricia A. Bishop, A. B. in Economics Trenton, Mich. Kenneth L. Bissell, A. B. in Political Science Ironwood, Mich. T. Calvin Blair, B. S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Frederick T. Blakemore, B. A. in English Chicago, III. Orville E. Blank, B. S. in Mathematics and Science . .. . Daytona Beach, Fla. Stanley Blank, B. S. in Physics ... Passaic, N. J. Anita Blumenfield, A. B. in Spanish Cleveland Heights, O. Y SENIORS 31 Barbara Blumrosan, A. B. in English Literature . Flint, Mich. Charlotte Bobrecker, A. B. in English Kansas City, Mo. Lois M. Bockstahles, A. B. in Spanish Larchmont, N. Y. Charles J. Booth, A. B Birmingham, Mich. Morris Bornstein, A. B. In Spanish John W. Bothwell, A. B. in Economics Charles L. Bowers, B. S. in Zoology Betty L. Boyd, A. B. in Economics Eugene A. Brady, B. S. in Zoology Beth E. Branch, B. S. in Chemistry June E. Brand, A. B. in French Gloria Brandshaft, B. S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. East Lansing, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Brooklyn, N. Y. Port Huron, Mich. Oak Park, III. New York, N. Y. LITERARY SENIORS Genevieve A. Brasie, A. B. in Spanish Flint, Mich. Adele M. Brecht, A. B. in Social Studies . Detroit, Mich. Bernice S. Brettschneider, A. B. in Spanish Somerville, N. J. James F. Brieske, B. S. in Science and Mathematics Harbor Beach, Mich. Ronald A. Brightsen, B. S. in Chemistry Harold D. Brondyk, B. S. in Zoology Eloise M. Brooks, A. B. in Political Science Carolyn Brown, A. B. in Sociology Staten Island, N. Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Goshen, Ind. Lakewood, O. Jean Patricia Brown, A. B. in Economics Lakewood, O. Leland C. Brown, B. S. in Mathematics and Science Rochester, N. Y. Sarama Brown, A. B. in Psychology Ouincy, III. Mary L. Brush, A. B. in English Herkimer, N. Y. Maximilian Bryer, A. B. in Speech Flint, Mich. Dolores Buck, A. B. in English Tecumseh, Mich. Lee A. Buck, A. B. in History Flint, Mich. Joan Buckmaster, B. S. in Science and Mathematics Jamestown, N. Y. Eveleen E. Budnitiky, A. B. in History Detroit, Mich. Andrew Bugosh, A. B. in Oriental Languages Cleveland, O. W. Glen Bulemore, A. B. in Economics Vernon, Mich. Marion Burger, A. B. in Political Science Elmhurst, III. 32 Maxine Burkoff, A. B. in English Chicago, III. Elizabeth Rose Burns, A. B. in Economics Greenville, Mich. Patricia Marie Burns, A. B. in Social Work Grand Rapids, Mich. Patricia M. Burstein, A. B. in Sociology... Riverdale, N. Y. Edson N. Burton, A. B. in History Detroit, Mich. Corinne J. Calkins, B. S. in Mathematics Farmington, Mich. Barbara A. Cameron, A. B. in Social Science Detroit, Mich. Hugh A. Cameron, B. S. in Letters and Medicine Dearborn, Mich. Donna Campb ell, A. B. in Social Studies Davison, Mich. Forrest R. Campbell, A. B. in History Highland Park, Mich. Mary E. Campbell, A. B. in Sociology Adrian, Mich. Bruce D. Carey, B. S. Grosse Pointe, Mich. LI RARY SENIORS Josephine V. Carey, A. B. in History Detroit, Mich. Estherlou Carlson, A. B. in Political Science Erie, Pa. Phyllis M. Carlson, A. B. in Botany Grand Rapids, Mich. Patricia Carnegie, B. S. in Zoology ..Akron, O. Mary S. Carpenter, A. B. in English Detroit, Mich. Eileen K. Carr, B. S. in Chemistry Metamore, O. Margaret J. Carr, A. B. in Sociology Jackson, Mich. Janice E. Carter, A. B. in Speech South Bend, Ind. Peggie A. Chandler, A. B. in Sociology Owosso, Mich. Phyllis M. Chapel, A. B. in Psychology Birmingham, Mich. Francis B. Chapin, A. B. in English Detroit, Mich. Miriam Charef, A. B. in English Maiden, Mass. Alyce Charnas, A. B. in Economics Dorchester, Mass. Seymour M. Chase, A. B. in Political Science Brooklyn, N. Y. Olive Chernow, A. B. in Social Work Saginaw, Mich. Gertrude H. Chertoff, A. B. in Spanish Shaker Heights, O. Brevard J. Childs, A. B. in History Flushing, N. Y. William E. Chope, Jr., A. B. in Political Science Highland Park, Mich. Eliiabeth M. Christman, B. S. in Zoology Wellsville, N. Y. Donald F. Clapp, A. B. in Speech Rochester, N. Y. 33 Jeanne E. Clare, A. B. in Economics New London, Conn. Daniel K. Clark B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Joyce B. Clark, A. B. in Psychology Pontiac, Mich. Mona Lee Clark, A. B. in Psychology Caro, Mich. Thelma B. Clark, B. S. in Chemistry Dearborn, Mich. Benjamin G. Clarke, A. B. in Letters and Law Chicago, III. Arthur A. Clements, A. B Grand Rapids, Mich. Thorneita F. Clinton, A. B. in Social Work Grand Rapids, Mich. Carol E. Clow, A. B. in History Adrian, Mich. Richard M. Cohen, A. B. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Shirley A. Cohen, B. S. in Medical Technology Port Huron, Mich. Jeanette E. Cole, A. B. ... Lyndonville, N. Y. LITERARY SENIORS Harold B. Coleman, M. S. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Hutchins B. Coleman, A. B. in German Detroit, Mich. Constance Collins, A. B. in Spanish Ann Arbor, Mich. (Catherine E. Collins, B. S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Heather C. Comer, A. B. in Sociology Wichita, Kan. Howard C. Comstock, B. S. in Science and Mathematics Monroe, Mich. Charles D. Cook, A. B. in History Saginaw, Mich. Janet A. Cook, B. S. in Geology Owosso, Mich. Hugh Cooper, Jr., B. S. in Science and Mathematics Ann Arbor, Mich. Neola Cope, A. B. in Chemistry Winchester, Ind. William B. Cope, B. S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Peter B. Copeland, A. B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Haskell R. Coplin, A. B. in Psychology Tulsa, Okla. Robert Copp, A. B. in Political Science .Dearborn, Mich. Norma Coppersmith, A. B. in Political Science Johnstown, Pa. Mary F. Corbet, A. B. in Mathematics Birmingham, Mich. Gene Cordt, A. B. in English Kenmore, N. Y. Vincent B. Coren, B. S. in Radio New York, N. Y. Mavis C. Gorman, A. B. in Spanish Burlington, Vt. Margery I. Cornsweet, A. B. in Psychology Shaker Heights, O. 34 Lois A. Cothran, A. B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Thomas A. Coulter, A. B. in Political Science Grosse Pointe, Mich. William E. Courtright, B. S. in Mathematics Ann Arbor, Mich. Henry L. Cowlin, A. B. in History Crystal Lake, III. Carolyn Craig, A. B. in Political Science Grand Rapids, Mich. M. Jean Craig, B. S. in Zoology Pontiac, Mich. Jean R. Crandell, A. B. in Psychology Plymouth, Mich. Robert Crary, A. B. in Law Jackson, Mich. Ewque Crawford Detroit, Mich. John C. Crawford, B. S. in Chemistry Holland, Mich. Marilyn Crisp, A. B. in Psychology White Plains, N. Y. Dorothy E. Crone, B. S. in Science and Mathematics York, Pa. LITERARY SENIORS Dolores Crowe, A. B. in French Dearborn, Mich. B. B. Ann Crowley, A. B. in English East Orange, N. J. Le Roy Daggs, A. B. in Political Science . Saginaw, Mich. Carolyn L. Daley, A. B. in English Detroit, Mich. Charles Dalgleish, B. S. in Mathematics and Science Detroit, Mich. Jacob A. Dalm, A. B. in History Kalamaioo, Mich. James R. Daoust, A. B. in English Bay City, Mich. Burton Daugherty, A. B Pontiac, Mich. Barbara Davenport, A. B. in Spanish Grand Rapids, Mich. Helen J. David, A. B. in Spanish Boston, Mass. Loraine Davies, A. B. in French Detroit, Mich. Muriel Davis, A. B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Mich. Paul Dawson, A. B. in History Detroit, Mich. Edith DeBlois, A. B. in French Benton Harbor, Mich. Irving Deer, B. S Chicago, III. Constance De French, A. B. in History Muskegon, Mich. Jeanne M. Deibel, A. B. in Economics Lakewood, O. Richard Delaplaine, A. B. in English Swarthmore, Pa. William Delhy, B, S. in Mathematics and Science Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard DeMark, A. B. Detroit, Mich. 35 Myra J. DeLass, B. S. in Science and Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Jane DeMaso, A. B. in Spanish Battle Creek, Mich. Barbara Dewey, B. S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Marjorie Dick, A. B. in Psychology New York, N. Y. John Dighton, A. B. in History Monticello, III. Mae Mona Dix, A. B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Dorothy Dody, A. B Saginaw, Mich. Patricia Doelle, A. B. in Psychology River Forest, III. Daniel Donahue, B. S. in Chemistry Lemont, III. Priscilla Donnan, A. B. in Economics Waterville, O. Rosemary Doty, A. B. in Economics Adrain, Mich. Barbara Driscoll, A. B. in Sociology Omaha, Neb. LITERARY SENIORS Claire Driti, A. B. in Sociology Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Martha Duffenbecker, A. B. in English ..... Havana, III. Mary Alice Dunivan, A. B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Richard Dunlap, A. B. in Geology Plymouth, Mich. Patricia DuPont, A. B. in Speech .Wayne, Mich. Dorothy E. Duryea, B. S. in Chemistry Arlington, N. J. Dwight J. Dutcher, A. B. in Mathematics and Science. Bay Point, Mich. Felicia Duvall, A. B. in Geography Ponca City, Mich. Priscilla J. Eacock, A. B. in English Montebello, Calif. Elaine Eagle, A. B. in Psychology Saginaw, Mich. Betty J. Earl, A. B. in Journalism Ann Arbor, Mich. Doris J. Eash, A. B. in Geography Holland, Mich. Betty Eastman, A. B. in Spanish Ann Arbor, Mich. Ruth E. Ebel, A. B. in Psychology Clevel and, O. Barbara L. Eder, A. B. in Speech Correction Detroit, Mich. Shirley J. Eibler, A. B. in Sociology Dearborn, Mich. Eras Ellis, A. B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Mich. Arline Ely, A. B. in Geography Rutherford, N. J. Audrey P. Enelow, A. B. in Speech Wheeling, W. Va. David H. Engel, A. B. in Political Science Bloomfield, N. J. 36 ' ; Melvin E. Engelhardt, A. B. in English Literature Saginaw, Mich. Robert M. Epstein, A. B. in Chemistry Miami Beach, Fla. Mary Margaret Ernst, A. B. in History Saginaw, Mich. Corrine F. Essig, A. B. in Speech Dcwagiac Mich. Ellen Estlund, A. B. in English Port Huron, Mich. Barbar L. Everett, A. B. in Political Science Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Mary Jean Evans, B. S. in Science and Mathematics Bay City, Mich. Esther Evans, A. B. in Social Service Grand Rapids, Mich. David K. Falvay, A. B. in Political Science Westfield, N. Y. George B. Faulder, Jr., A. B. in Political Science Ann Arbor, Mich. Arleen Fein, A. B. in Spanish Holly, Mich. Robert M. Feinberg, A. B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. LITERARY SENIORS Ada M. Ferretti, A. B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Mich. Marion N. Fersit, B. S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. John A. Fisher, A. B. .. Ann Arbor, Mich. Lorraine Fisher, A. B. in English Flint, Mich. Peggy J. Fisher, A. B. in English Pontiac, Mich. Albert L. Fishman .... Detroit, Mich. Dorothy Fishman, A. B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Joan F. Fiske, A. B. in Political Science Shaker Heights, O. Joseph M. Fitzgerald, A. B. in History Thomas M. Flake, B. S. in Chemistry Alice A. Fleming, B. S in. Geology Janice E. Fletcher, B. S. in Psychology Robert P. Foley, A. B. in Political Science James C. Forbes, Jr., M. A. in Economics Marilyn J. Ford, A. B. in English Harley L. Fortier, A. B. in English Julius Franks, B. S. in Psychology Kenneth M. Franti, A. B. in English Beth J. Fraser, B. S. in Psychology Frank Fraser. Jr., A. B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Hamburg, N. Y. Wyandotte, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. East Chicago, Ind. .. Dearborn, Mich. Manistee, Mich. Hamtramck, Mich. Toledo, O. Detroit, Mich. Rockford. III. 37 Lucy C. Fraser, A. B. in Languages San Antonio, Tex. Joseph Frein, A. B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Robert C. Frick, A. B. ... Detroit, Mich. Annette L. Frey, A. B. in Psychology Battle Creek, Mich. Annette H. Frieden, A. B. in Political Science Norfolk, Va. Alyce C. Friedley, B. S. in Chemistry ..Forest Park, III. Ralph E. Friedrich, B. S. in Chemistry Willow Run, Mich. Glenn Friedt, Jr., A. B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Harrison M. Fuerst, A. B. in Political Science Cleveland, O. Mary L. Gabel, B. S. in Chemistry Bellevue, O. Margaret Gage, A. B. in Psychology Mansfield, O. William V. Gamzon, Mathematics Brooklyn, N. Y. LITERARY SENIORS Mary L. Garland, A. B. in Engineering Pittsburgh, Pa. Jack J. Garris, A. B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Florence M. Garritsen, A. B. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Myrtle M. Garvie, B. S. in Medical Technology Flint, Mich. Bert D. Gaster, B. S. in Chemistry Brooklyn, N. Y. Elizabeth I. Gauthier, A. B. in Spanish Shaker Heights, O. John G. Gault, A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Suzanne Genthe, A. B. in Spanish Wyandotte, Mich. Alys I. George, A. B. in Economics New York, N. Y. Ruth L. Gerber, A. B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Robert L. German, A. B. in Political Science Dearborn, Mich. James E. Gibson, A. B. in Oriental Languages Ardmore, Okla. Mary O. Gilbertson, A. B. in Economics Diana Gillis, A. B. in Philosophy Arlene Gilmore, A. B. in Sociology Harry F. Gilmoe, A. B. in Mathematics Gertrude Ginsburg, A. B. in Social Work Roland E. Ginsburg, A. B. Evelyn Gladstone, A. B Barbara J. Glenn, A. B. in Political Science Flint, Mich. Hibbing, Minn. Rochester, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, O. Philadelphia, Pa. Jamestown, N. Y. 38 Albert W. GnaHowski, B. S. in Chemical Engineering. Jackson, Mich. Elizabeth A. Godbout, B. S. in Chemistry Paterson, N. J. Charlene L. Golay, A. B. in Zoology Grand Rapids, Mich. Joyce T. Goldberg, A. B. in Sociology New York, N. Y. Charlotte Golden, A. B. in German Detroit, Mich. Ira S. Goldenberg, A. B. in Psychology Bridgeport, Conn. Sally R. Goldstein, A. B. in Psychology Chicago, III. Elsa C. Goodman, A. B. in English Norfolk, Va. Gloria A. Goodman, A. B. in English White Plains, N. Y. Eleanor V. Gordon, A. B. in Sociology Maywood, III. Paul W. Gordon, Jr., A. B. in Letters and Law Springfield, III. Mary Lou Gork, A. B. in Speech East Grand Rapids, Mich. LITERARY SENIORS Carleen Gormsen, A. B. in English Aurora, III. Enid M. Gosling, A. B. in Fine Arts Ann Arbor, Mich. Symond Gottlieb, A. B. in Social Studies Detroit, Mich. James V. Grady, Jr., A. B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Avery Grant, B. S. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. Jack M. Grant, B. S. in Zoology Steubenville, O. Pauline Graphas, A. B. in Psychology Traverse City, Mich. Gloria J. Gray, A. B. in Speech Grand Rapids, Mich. Helen L. Gray, A. B. in English Millville, N. J. Robert M. Gray, B. S. in Psychology New Philadelphia, O. Betty R. Green, A. B. in Speech Springfield, III. Jacqueline Green, A. B. in Political Science Pittsburgh, Pa. Elaine D. Greenbaum, A. B. in English Bridgeport, Conn. Judith Greencand, A. B. in Speech Rockaway, N. Y. Mary F. Greschke, A. B. in Geology Ann Arbor, Mich. Jean Griese, A. B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Roger Grismore, B. S. in Physics Ann Arbor, Mich. Harold Gross, A. B. in English Brooklyn, N. Y. Leonard Grossman, A. B. in History Detroit, Mich. Joe G. Grubbs, A. B. in Oriental Languages and Literature . Corpus Christ!, Tex. 39 Joan R. Surviti, A. B. in English Brookline Mass. Phyllis L Gustin, A. B. in Psychology Glen Ellyn, III. Evelyn J. Gutekunst, A. B. in Mathematics Ann Arbor, Mich. Barbara E. Haas, A. B. in History ... Trenton, Mich. Douglass A. Haddock, B. S. in Mathematics Pon+iac, Mich. Patricia A. Haley, A. B. in Spanish Toledo, O. Arch H. Hall, B. S. in Zoology Highland Park, Mich. Carl W. Hallberg, B. S. in Zoology Muskegon Heights, Mich. Peter V. Hamill, A. B. in Philosophy Detroit, Mich. Kenneth R. Hannah, A. B. in Latin. Detroit, Mich. Ann Hanselman, A. B. in English Kalamaioo, Mich. Fay E. Hansen, A. B. in Speech Bessemer, Mich. LITERARY SEIIDRS Shirley J. Hansen, B. S. in Zoology Cleveland Heights, O. Hugh G. Hanson, A. B. in History __ Ionia, Mich. Jane B. Hardin, A. B. in English Birmingham, Mich. Ruth E. Haring, A. B. in English Dayton, O. John F. Harrigan, A. B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Margery M. Harrington, A. B. in Social Studies Bridgeport, Conn. Homer B. Harris, A. B. in History .Lincoln, III. Jean Harris, B. S. in Botany Jonesville, Mich. Harriet A. Hartesvelt, A. B. in English Lois Hartman, A. B. in Social Work Marie M. Hatch, A. B. in History Grace Hathaway, A. B. in English Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Lebanon, N. H. Upper Montclair, N. J. Clara Hauser, A. B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Lillian J. Hawkins, B. S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Frank Hawthorne, B. S. in Zoology Lakewood, O. John T. Hayes, B. S. in Science and Mathematics Howard City, Mich. Patricia Hayes, A. B. in Speech Correction Euclid, O. John B. Haielworth, B. S. in Meteorology Jackson, Mich. Arthur Heikkinen, A. B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Gwendolyn E. Helm, B. S. in Science Detroit, Mich. Mavis Henderson, A. B. in Social Work Ann Arbor, Mich. Samuel Henderson, A. B. in Political Science Willow Run, Mich. Richard E. Henne, A. B. in Mathematics DeWitt, N. Y. James H. Herbst, A. B. in Geography Birmingham, Mich. David N. Hess, A. B. in Mathematics Williamston, Mich. Patricia A. Heustis, A. B. in Spanish Indianapolis, Ind. Joan Elaine Heyler, A. B. in Spanish Ypsilanti, Mich. Priscilla F. Hicks, A. B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles W. Higgins, River Forest, III. Thomas J. Higgins, A. B. in History Garden City, Mich. Willard S. Higley, B. S. in Chemistry Grand Rapids, Mich. Charlotte C. Hilarides, A. B. in Social Work Grand Rapids, Mich. LITERARY SENIORS Ellen Hill, A. B. in History ... Pontiac, Mich. Nanette J. Hill, A. B. in Speech ..Pontiac, Mich. Leo Hirsch, B. S. in Zoology Canton, O. James D. Hodge, A. B. in Speech .... Monroe, Mich. Janet Hoenshel, A. B. in Social Studies Edwin Hoff, A. B Elizabeth Hogan, A. B. in History Jean Louise Hole, A. B. in Chemistry Dearborn, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Greenville, Ohio Margaret Hoik, A. B. in Sociology.. Detroit, Mich. James G. Holmes, A. B. in Speech Pratt, W. Va. Karen Holmes, A. B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Marilyn Holton, A. B. in Speech Correction ... Battle Creek, Mich. Anne L. Hooley, A. B. in Spanish Ruthanna Hoopes, B. S. in Chemistry Elsienor R. Hopkins, A. B. in Political Science Patricia Hopkins, A. B. in Geography John M. Horeth, B. S. in Geology Marion Horween, A. B. in Speech Helen Horwich, A. B. in Political Science Helen D. Horwiti, A. B. in Sociology Milwaukee, Wis. Roselle, N. J. Solon, O. Detroit, Mich. Oak Park, III. Winnetka, III. Chicago, III. Elmira, N. Y. 41 Peggy House, A. B. in Psychology Pittsburgh, Pa. Sally Housel, A. B. in Sociology Ferndale, Mich. Patricia Houser, A. B. in Political Science Rochester, Mich. Mary Houston, A. B. in Speech Pittsburgh, Pa. Nancy Hubbard, A. B. in History Robert Huber, A. B. in History Sally Hughes, A. B. in English Rosareta M. Hume, A. B. in Spanish Ruth Humphrey, A. B. in Geography Jean E. Hunt, A. B. in Political Science Thomas Hunt, A. B. in Political Science Emil Hurtilc, A. B. in Spanish Pontiac, Mich. Charlotte, Mich. Manistique, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Minneapolis, Minn. Clarkston, Mich. RABY S NIOHS Betty Jean Hutchins, A. B. in Geography Chicago, III. Thomas Hyde, A. B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Collee Ide, A. B. in Social Studies Saugus. Mass. Ellen Hand, A. B. in Geography St. Louis, Mo. Mary E. Imbus, A. B. in Geography Dayton, O. Harry C. Inman, A. B. in Economics Louisville, Ky. Gilbert Iser, A. B. in Zoology Brooklyn. N. Y. Lois R. Iverson, A. B. in English New Kensington, Pa. Harry H. Jackson, A. B. in Political Science Jackson, Mich. Durand Jacobs, A. B. in Psychology ..... Detroit, Mich. Israel Jacobs, A. B. in Physics . .Buffalo, N. Y. Bensen Jaffee, A. B. in Political Science Cleveland Heights, O. Martin D. Jaffee, B. S. in Mathematics and Science Bay City, Mich. Scott H. Jaggar, A. B. in Oriental Languages Beloit, Kan. Barbara Jahnke, B. S. in Botany Sloatsburg, N. Y. Agnes Jensen, B. S. in Medical Technology Ann Arbor, Mich. Bernice Jensen, A. B. in Sociology .... .. Deckerville, Mich. Dorothy Jhung, B. S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Kathleen M. Johnson, B. S. in Chemistry Canton, O. Kathryn S. Johnson, A. B. in History Fairfield, Conn. 42 Mary Elizabeth Jones, A. B. in Speech Warren, Mass. Diana Kamburoff, B. S. in Zoology... Cleveland, O. Elinore T. Kanar, B. S. in Chemistry Met Hamtramck, Mich. Claire Kantyff, A. B. in Social Work Detroit, Mich. Arthur G. Kaplan, A. B. in Economics New York, N. Y. Theodora Kaplan, A. B. in Political Science Bridgeport, Conn. Gloria P. Katlan, A. B. in Philosophy New York, N. Y. Barbara Kati, A. B. in Zoology Chicago, III. Herbert Kaufman, A. B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Jack Kaufman, B. S. in Science and Mathematics ..Wheeling, W. Va. Helen F. Kearney, A. B. in Sociology Muskegon, Mich. Miner S. Keeler, A. B. in Mathematics .Grand Rapids, Mich. LITERARY SENIORS Isabel L. Keenan, A. B. in Spanish Rochester, N. Y. Charles R. Keene, A. B. in Mathematics Batavia, N. Y. Kendall A. Keenmon, B. S. in Geology Ann Arbor, Mich. Henry B. Keiser, A. B. in Economics New York, N. Y. Lois Marie Kelso, A. B. in English Mountain Lakes, N. J. Jean A. Karr, A. B. in Spanish Bay City, Mich. Heini B. Kessler, B. S. in Physics .Ann Arbor, Mich. Clarence H. Kettinger, A. B. in Economics Monroe, Mich. Charles C. Killin, A. B. in History Peoria, III. Cynthia P. King, A. B. in Mathematics .Bryn Mawr, Pa. LaDonis King, A. B. in History Flint, Mich. Florence Kingsbury, A. B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Clare Kittredge, A. B. in English Dayton, O. Estelle Klein, A. B. in Economics Norfolk, Va. Audrey B. Kline, A. B. in History Detroit, Mich. Duane W. Kline, A. B. in Psychology Grand Rapids, Mich. John A. Knaff, B. S. Detroit, Mich. Norman H. Knight, B. S. in Chemistry Decatur, Mich. Verne B. Kniskern, B. S. in Zoology Negaunee, Mich. Walter O. Koch, A. B. in Economics Lakewood, O. 43 Marilyn J. Koebnick, A. B. in Journalism Ann Arbor, Mich. Bernice J. Kohn, A. B. in History Brooklyn. N. Y. Jack A. Kohn. B. S. in Geology Trenton, N. J. Mary-Ellen Krauss, A. B. in Social Work Bay City, Mich. Jacqueline A. Krell, A. B. in English William A. Kretischmar, B. S. in Zoology Doris G. Krueger, A. B. in Economics Phyllis J. Kudner, A. B. in Geography Earl H. Kuhlik, A. B. in Economics Dorothy Kihnle, B. S. in Geology Gloria Kurian, A. B. in English Ann L. Kutz, A. B. in Political Science Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, III. LITERARY SENIORS Thomas Kuzma, A. B. in Geography Gary, Ind. Rosalind A. La Bounty, A. B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Thea La Budde, A. B. in Sociology Milwaukee, Wis. Charles Lacy. A. B. in English ..Detroit, Mich. Suzanne LaDriere, A. B. in History Beth Laikin, A. B. in Anthropology Jean Laird, A. B. in German William E. Lakey, B. S. in Mathematics Detroit. Mich. Detroit, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Margaret J. Lamberg, A. B. in Sociology Newberry, Mich. William M. Lambert, A. B. in Political Science Bay City, Mich. Jane E. Lammert, A. B. in English Weedsport, N. Y. Charles LaPerriere, B. S. in Psychology Ann Arbor, Mich. Arnold Larsen, A. B. in Economics Lakeview, Mich. Elizabeth A. Larsen, A. B. in English Toledo, O. Karin R. Larson, A. B. in English .Pontiac, Mich. Grace L. Lathrop, A. B. in Sociology Yonkers, N. Y. Elizabeth A. Laursen, A. B. in Sociology ..... Menominee, Mich. Rosa L. Law, A. B. in Spanish Ann Arbor, Mich. Betty Jane Leavitt, A. B. in Social Work Flint, Mich. Lois Lebowitz, B. S. in Zoology Uniontown, Pa. 44 LITERARY SENIORS Janet L. Leckner, A. B. in English Detroit, Mich Lois J. Lefkowitz, A. B. in Spanish Kansas City, Mo Joseph F. Letton, A. B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich John Lemish, B. S. in Geology .Ann Arbor, Mich George J. Lepofsky, A. B. in History Norwalk, Conn Ann M. Leverens, A. B. in Journalism Grosse Pointe, Mich Barbara S. Levin, A. B. in Sociology East Chicago, Ind Betty E. Levin, A. B. in English New York, N. Y Marvin D. Levin, B. S. in Chemistry Bridgeport, Conn. Norma Levy, A. B. in English Clayton, Mo. Charles W. Lewis, A. B. in Economics Birmingham, Mich. Renee Lichenstein, A. B. in Russian McKeesport, Pa. mmEm Harry Lieberman, A. B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Harold Liebman, B. S. in Chemistry Lebanon, Conn. Harriet Lee Liebman, A. B. in English Lebanon, Conn. John F. Lintol, B. S. in Mathematics and Science Detroit, Mich. Edward G. Lipp, A. B. in Geology ... South Bend, Ind. Ann S. Lippincott, B. S. in Psychology Houston, Tex. Ben L. Lipson, A. B. in History New Bedford, Mass. Carroll D. Little, A. B. in Law Evanston, III. Betty Jane Lobensky, A. B. in Journalism.. Grand Rapids, Mich. Edna M. Lofstedt, A. B. in Speech ....Niagara Falls, N. Y. Charles Long, Jr., B. S. in Zoology.. ... Ft. Wayne, Ind. Katherine B. Long, A. B. in Economics .Detroit, Mich. Rosalyn Long, A. B. in Psychology Brookline, Mass. Bernard B. Lootens, A. B South Bend, Ind. Nancy E. Loud, A. B. in Psychology Birmingham, Mich. Vivian M. Lucht, B. S. in Physics Birmingham, Mich. William T. Ludolph, A. B. in History Honors Aurora, III. Ethel M. Ludovic, B. S. in Zoology Frankfort, Mich. Evelyn Luhrs, B. S. in Chemistry New York, N. Y. Barbara J. Luke, A. B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. 45 Dale R. Luttman, B. S. in Mathematics - Sturgis, Mich. June Luttrell, A. B. in Psychology Pontiac, Mich. Robert F. Lyte B. S. in Mathematics and Science . . Pontiac, Mich. Bernard P. Lyons, A. B. in Journalism Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald E. MacCoul, A. B. in Political Science Oak Park, III. Carol N. Macha, B. S. in Geology East Cleveland, O. Charles S. Mack, A. B. in Economics Glencoe, III. Charlotte E. Mack, A. B. in Sociology South Bend, Ind. Nancy Macpherson, B. S. in Mathematics Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. Jeppy C. Madison, A. B. in History New York, N. Y. John F. Mahaney, B. S. in Chemistry Rochester, N. Y. Stuart L. Main, A. B. in Political Science Battle Creek, Mich. LITERARY SENIORS George Makdisi, A. B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Lila Mae Makima, A. B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Marcia M. Malawista, A. B. in Zoology New York, N. Y. Benjamen Mankowski, A. B. in Economics Linden, N. Y. Joseph J. Mansour, A. B. in History Laura R. Manthei, A. B. in History John S. Markward, B. S. in Zoology John E. Marlin, A. 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Wallace Schloerke, A. B. in ' Social Sudies Milwaukee, Wis. Jacob Schmidt, A. B. in Economics Flint, Mich. 52 Carol Schneider, A. B. in Psychology New York, N. Y. Catherine Schneider, A. B. in English Rutherford, N. J. Frank W. Schoch, A. B. in Economics Grosse Pointe, Mich. M. Jane Schoff, A. B. in Economics Jackson, Mich. Amelia Schreiber, A. B. in Political Science Binghamton, N. Y. Robert O. Schulze, A. B. in Sociology Springfield, III. Doretta Schwarti, A. B. in English , New York, N. Y. Robert E. Schwartz, A. B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Alice M. Scott, A. B. in English Detroit, Mich. Margaret Scowden, A. B. in Political Science Buffalo, N. Y. Dorothy Searing, A. B. in English Newfane, N. Y. Gerrie L. Selinger, A. B. in Sociology Battle Creek, Mich. LITERARY SENIORS George R. Sewell, A. B. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Robert W. Shadd, A. B. in English Sheboygan, Wis. Robert L. Shafer, A. B. in English Plainfield, III. Sybil Shallenberger Ann Arbor, Mich. Carolyn A. Shapiro, A. B. in Spanish New York, N. Y. Seymour Shapiro, B. S. in Botany Brooklyn, N. Y. Marian Sharkey, A. B. in English Detroit, Mich. Richard P. Sharpe, A. B. in History Toronto, O. Alice M. Shaw, A. B. in History Maywood, III. Theresa E. Shea, B. S. in Chemistry Brooklyn, N. Y. Annette Shenker, A. B. in Social Work Detroit, Mich. Dorothy Sherba, A. B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Raymond Shinn, Jr., A. B. in Philosophy Grand Rapids, Mich. Harriet Shinnick, A. B. in English R. Wayne, Ind. Robert B. Shott, B. S. in Chemistry Cincinnati, O. Carol J. Siebert, A. B. in Economics Plymouth, Mich. Shirley R. Simons, A. B. in Social Work Detroit, Mich. James W. Simpson, B. S. in Geology Flint, Mich. Josephine B. Simpson, A. B. in English Oak Park, III. Barbara J. Sisson, A. B. in Speech Kalamazoo, Mich. 53 El A ft Y Robert M. Skau, B. S. in Zoology Grosse Pointe, Mich. Elwin J. Slack, A. 8. in Political Science Harbor Beach, Mich. Mildred A. Slack, B. S. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert P. 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Alexander Thiele, A. B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Charlene Thielman, A. B. in Psychology Dearborn, Mich. Dolores Thomas, A. B. in Social Work Flint, Mich. William C. Thomas, B. S. in Zoology ..... Findlay, O. Beverly Thompson, A. B. in Economics . Waterford, Mich. 55 Margaret Thompson, A. B. in Geography Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Esther Thors. A. B. in History Pontiac, Mich. Helen Torren, A. B. in History Montclair, N. J. Robert J. Tracy, B. S. in Psychology Toledo, O. Angelo Trogan, A. B. in Political Science Saginaw, Mich. Margaret A. Troost, B. S. in Zoology St. Joseph, Mich. (Catherine Truesdell, A. B. in Psychology Wayne, Mich. Doris Trumpeter, A. B. in Psychology Beaver, Pa. Mary Ann Tumperi, A. B. in Mathematics Lake Linden, Mich. Irene Turkish, A. B. in English Detroit, Mich. William Underwood, A. B. in English Composition Paducah, Ky. Andrew Linger, A. B. in Economics Cincinnati, O. LITERARY SENIORS Shirley Linger, A. B. in Mathematics Betty Urie, B. S. in Zoology Newark, N. J. Erie, Mich. Garnet Van Benschoten, A. B. in Social Studies-Teacher ' s Certificate Flint, Mich. Phyllis Van Brocklin, A. B. in Speech Grand Rapids, Mich. Edward L. Vandenberg, Jr., A. B. in Economics Grand Rapids, Mich. Lela Vandenberg, A. B. in French Holland, Mich. Marjorie Van Eenam, A. B. in Mathematics Washington, D. C. Joanne Vaughn, A. B. in English New York, N. Y. William J. Vaughn, Jr., B. S. in Geology Bay City, Mich. Mary C. Verbeck, A. B. in Spanish Elyria, O. Jean Vergho, A. B. in English Monroe, Mich. Catherine Verschoor, A. B. in Economics Grand Rapids, Mich. John Veiina, A. B. in Geography Ann Arbor, Mich. Gloria Vreeland, A. B. in English Ridgewood, N. J. Margaret Wahlfield, B. S. in Zoology Comstock Park, Mich. Doris Waisbrod, A. B. in French Newark, N. J. Nita Walbridye, A. B. in Sociology Battle Creek, Mich. Roger Walcott, A. B. in History Grand Rapids, Mich. Margery Wald, A. B. in English Warren, O. Roger Walker, B. 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B. in Speech Buffalo, N. Y. Harvey Weisberg, A. B. in Law. Detroit, Mich. Enid Weiser, A. B. in History New Rochelle, N. Y. Morris Weiss, B. S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Shirley Weitzel, B. S. in Mathematics Indiana, Pa. Robert Welling, A. B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Marcia Wellman, A. B. in English Cleveland, O. Carol Werner, A. B. in English Hewlett, N. Y. Audrey Weston, A. B. in Sociology Berkley, Mich. Marilyn Whaite, A. B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. John G. Whitcomb, B. S. in Zoology Rocky River, O. Sonia White, A. B. in Zoology Grosse lie, Mich. James Whitehead, A. B. in Political Science Toledo, O. Suzanne Wightman, A. B. in Psychology Vassar, Mich. 57 Dorothy Wilhelm, A. B. in Psychology Joan Wilk, A. B. in English William Wilkinson, A. B. in Chemistry Gerald Willis, A. B. in Political Science Doris Willard, A. B. in French Marion Willard, A. B. in Psychology Mary J. Willging, A. B. in Economics Patricia Williams, A, B. in Political Science Traverse City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Benton Harbor, Mich. Dayton, O. Scarsdale, N. Y. Toledo, O. Lemars, la. Detroit, Mich. Harriet Wilson, A. B. in Romance Languages Donald Wines, A. B. in Journalism John Winters, A. B. in History Allyce Wishniosky, A. B. in Speech Ithaca, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Quincy, III. Trenton, N. ' . I RAHY SENIORS Faye Wolf, A. B. in English Alma M. Wong, B. S. in Chemistry Elizabeth Woodward, A. B. in Sociology William Worth, A. B. in Economics Walter G. Wulff, A. B. in History Marian O. Yager, A. B. in English Anna Yambrick, A. B. in English Barbara Yeomans, B. S. in Zoology Natalie M. Yepsen, A. B. in Economics Iris R. Yoder, A. B. in Economics Janet P. Young, A. B. in Sociology Roy Yastrow, B. S. in Physics Grand Haven, Mich. Honolulu, Hawaii Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. East Rochester, N. Y. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Flint, Mich. Holland, Mich. Columbia City, Ind. River Rouge, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Hessel E. Yntema, A. B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Jose A. Zamora, B. S. in Chemistry. Santa Ann, El Salvador Florence M. Zaratiian, A. B. in Speech Highland Park, Mich. Helen Zorn, A. B. in French Detroit, Mich. Irene E. Zavalla, B. S. in Zoology Flint, Mich. Wesley Zebby, A. B. in Oriental Civilizations Dearborn, Mich. Virginia Zeeb, A. B. in Geography Ann Arbor, Mich. Basil G. Zimmer, A. B. in Sociology Port Huron, Mich. 58 Henry Zimmerman, A. B. in Psychology James R. Zuckerman, A. B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich Detroit, Mich a bridge game! Everybody looks as if lad a winning hand. on measurement meticulous work. 59 60 Dean Ivan C. Crawford, Dean of the College of En- gineering is recognized as a leading civil engineer and educator. He received his B. S. in Civil Engi- neering in 1912 and his degree in Civil Engineering in 1915 from the University of Colorado. He served as Dean of the College of Engineering at the Univer- sities of Idaho and Kansas before coming to Michi- gan in 1 940 as dean of the College of Engineering. The College of Engineering is preparing for the future needs of its students under its present expan- sion program. Already one building which will house aeronautical and electrical engineering laboratories, classrooms, and offices is under construction to be completed by the fall of 1947. In the near future additional space will be provided for mechanical en- gineers who, with a total enrollment of over 1 ,000, constitute the largest department in the College of Engineering. Research in aeronautical, electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering is being carried on in hangars at Willow Run. Dean Ivan C. Crawford 61 I senior class officers Senior Engineering Committees Finance D. H. Van Tuyl Chairman R. R. Strader G. R. Kunze F. D. Dornblaser, Jr. R. W. Walstrom D. C. DeSraaf, Jr. F. A. Mammel Executive T. E. Jaski Chairman J. G. Stephens J. R. Lindsay C. W. Saur W. B. Smith J. R. Mulkey Commencement J. R. Milillo Chairman J. Morrison J. Kelso E. L. Simpson W. A. Hannig D. E. Coletti G. Madison Left Harold K. Fletcher, Vice-Presidera Right Andrew P. Poledor, Secretary-Treasurer 62 engineering council N nt Row: Andy Poledor, Lenore Olson, Eugene Silcorowslcy, George Spaulding, Ernie Harper, Bill Hannig, Rudy Habermann. econd Row: Hal Walters, John Cox, Dr. Keutho, Herb Hammond, Herb Schreiber, Floyd Peterson, John Miateeh, Dave Brennan. nird Row: Milt David, Ben Solving, lissing from Picture: Everett Ellin, Russell Shields. As the student legislative body of the Engineer- ing College, the Engineering Council is composed of class representatives and delegates from the various Engineering societies and activities. Led by such able officers as George Spaulding, Eugene Sikorovsky, Harold Walters, and Bill Han- nig, the Council has assumed full control of its pre-war responsibilities and has initiated several important projects during the past year. " Final Design " , a revival of the annual winter engineering formal sponsored by the Council, was presented on January I 7 by a committee com- posed of Eugene Sikorovsky, Everett Ellin, Her- bert Schreiber, and Bill Hannig. A Council committee, under the direction of John Cox, presented the traditional Engi Open House on April 19. The Council reinstated the Honor Sysi the Engineering College during the fall se and sponsored the publication of a stud formation booklet, edited by Everett Elli 63 a me r i can institute of electrical engineers- institute of radio engineers Front Row: H. Oat, R. DeGrand, F. Fruehauf, H. Smithline, D. McKiever, M. Jesurin, B. Arfin, J. Moline, L. Thompson, J. Merdler, C. Strickland, H. Mehlenbacher. J. MacKay, J. Smith, M. Gokbudak. Second Row: J. Gurjar, D. Segaser, R. Lee, E. Kelly, R. Shields, W. Gordon, W. Hannig, W. Aylward, T. Hendrickson, W. Bergner, I. Wyman, L. Lutiker, E. Hotte, W. Squire, R. Schroeder, S. Ryckman. Third Row: E. Long, R. Zastrow, E. Harper, J. Wilcox, R. Wightman, H. Slagter, C. Sharpe, D. Dodge, R. Habermann, R. Mathiak, D. Carpenter, W. Klager, L. Leopold, E. Van Beek, R. Hammer, W. Meyer, G. Adomian. Fourth Row: W. Sherwood, H. Lynn, R. Bostrom, R. Riggs, G. Spoon, H. Helm, F. Kelly, S. Hatch, P. Hiser, A. Finkelstein, A. Redfern, A. Saari, H. Pan- tek, R. Schmidt, J. Hunter, R. Vehn, S. Squillance. Missing from Picture: G. Anderson, R. Angle, F. Arams, R. Ardis, F. Benjamin, J. Boult, H. Claeys, J. Constant, S. Cooke, R. Crane, D. DeGraaf, E. Drost, J. Falst, M. Fitch, F. Gehring, G. Giciewski, P. Greenwood, O. Gruenke, R. Hadler, R. Halvorsen, S. Harrison, R. Heineman, E. Henry, J. Hera- berg, J. Holly, J. Horgan, R. Kelley, A. Kersey, J. Leighton, G. Leopold, P. Leow, J. McFadden, P. McKowen, R. McVean, A. Mennone, R. Merti, E. Mil- ler, A. Munir, C. Orlebeke, W. Paul, S. Perlman, L. Pickett, N. Pollard, W. Prettyman, C. Pryor, G. Rafer, A. Rojas, S. Rowlandson, I. Roiian, B. Rudolph, R. Sarri, R. Shaw, D. Silberg, E. Sion, T. Slattery, R. Stiehl, C. Stone, T. Stout, C. Straitor, E. Suber, C. Taylor, M. Topke, R. Tussing, J. Underwood, R. Ure, R. Walker, P. Welter. C. White, B. Wilterdink, J. Wunch. The University of Michigan Student Branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers Insti- tute of Radio Engineers meets several times a semester to hear lectures on electrical engineer- inq subjects, arranges field trips to industrial es- ments, and sponsors dances, picnics, ban- I and various special projects. Effort is also nadejto acquaint members with the two national orgarjzations. 64 tao beta pi Front Row: M. Folkert, R. C. Lee, E. E. Moon, E. F. Sikorovsky, R. C. Norris, R. G. Widman, J. D. Decker, H. W. Haftel, R. lire, W. C. Meechan, R. Unangst, W. C. Meyer, S. Roberts, M. Fleites. Second Row: G. M. Snow, W. Healy, G. Lament, A. Gafarian, E. R. Hotte, C. E. Vandenberg, J. H. Shayer, W. R. Aylward, J. A. Richardson, D. E. Duff, R. J. Broadman, W. A. Hannig, T. Gier, G. N. Spaulding, J. Kelso, T. Hendrickson, F. J. Ryan. Third Row: W. R. Waterbury, E. G. Moody, R. E. Heineman, W. R. Kiessel, G. M. Westa, R. B. Sharpe, H. L. Kaminski, C. Sanders, H. A. Hammel, G. Adomian, W. Smith, R. L. Sharpe, D. Forman, A. D. Resnick, J. Jans, W. Pritula, R. A. Shields. JJFourth Row: F. R. Arams, O. Greunke, R. P. Lambert, R. P. Johnson, W. L. Sherwood, J. Artley, J. L. Morgan, B. K. Orberg, F. Narciso, A. Shef, K. Allison, D. Whitcombe, R. L. McVean, L. Lutzker, E. R. Hu+chinson, C. E. Bottum, P. M. Raynaud, H. R. Morrison, D. D. Sagaser. Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honor society with over seventy-five chapters in engineering colleges, elects its members each semester. The purpose of the Society is to mark in a fitting man- ner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and ex- emplary character, and to foster a spirit of culture in the engineering colleges of Anferica. Activities include dinner meetings, lewures, dances, a free tutoring program for veterarl, and a Spring week-end house-party. 65 sigma rho tau First Row: (left to right) Frank Carlson, Quentin D. Vandervoort, Robert H. Knapp, Herman J. Merte, John A. Miatech, Robert McMillan, Robert R Rogers, William L Wynn, Herbert C. Boothe, Eldon N. Collett, Carl L. Hanson. Second Row: Robert F. Dyche, L. Terry Finch, Bruce R. Weinert, Harold L. Smith, Lois J. Pask, William B. Lamb, Robert M. House, Jane C. Ingerso Robert D. Brackett, Charles C. Chadwick, Thomas F. Graber, Edward H. Van Zylstra, Arlene E. Chesebro, Marvin D. Shafer. Third Row: Clarence A. La Faive, Donald Morrison, Donald B. Levine, Andrew C. Pretier, George W. Vosper, John M. Holt, James H. Bower, Williair E. Shank, Wilford Howard, Robert L. Heymiger, Robert J. Gustavson, Gerald W. Fauth, David N. Raffel, Thomas O. Schulte. Fourth Row: Dain W. Milliman, Richard Quinlan, Richard Stuckman, Herman H. Knickerbocker, Milton Siegel, John Lehoczky, Jr., Herbert E. Greene Phillip R. Sanford, Don L. Barnett, Russell L. Rollin, Rodger B. Emmert, Neil A. Libka, Fred J. Peterson. Sigma Rho Tau is an honorary speech society for engineers and architects. It offers the engineer or architect an opportunity to increase his ability to express himself clearly and effectively. He " learns to speak by speaking. " The speaking he does is on technical subjects and is in the form of a debate, sales talk, informative talk, or im- promptu speech. All training and practicing done by the " Stump Speakers " is done with the thought that good speaking habits are an ex- y valuable asset to any engineer or archi- tect.! Too many engineers lack this asset. It is, therefore, the purpose of Sigma Rho Tau to bring to thlse professions men who are well-trained not only wi engineering and architecture, but also in qoodi speech practices. 66 institute of aeronautical sciences Front Row: Richard D. LeClair, Henry S. Wolanski, Kenneth J. Miller, Walter R. Boris, Roger D. Sullivan, J. D. Schetier, Myron G. Noll, Richard J. Scoles, Edward Andorko, Dellmar Asplund, Harold J. Cheney. Second Row: J. R. Lind, William P. Gentz, W. R. Philipsen, J. C. Renfro, J. S. Van Summern, R. M. Spath, Norbert J. Seklarz, David F. Dunkle, Robert E. Collins, Albert E. Trapp. Third Row: Roger P. Johnson, Richard A. Passman, R. H. Oberfell, Frank J. Holie, Ferdinand Dierkens, Frank F. Rand, Fred A. Chapekis, David W. Barton. Front Row: E. M. Canner, L. E. Scheer, E. C. Willhoft, W. W. Gollos, Artie Shef A. R. Thomson, R. F. Taylor, F. Bloet- scher, M. P. Murphy. Second Row: James H. Hagen, Thomas Starr, Robert P. Boardman, Donald W. Rhoads, A. D. Sontag, Earl R. Ryder, Wil- liam H. Dorrance, Ronald C. Forrest, Angelo Bandettini. Third Row: Robert M. Cooper, Don E. Rogers, H. G. Hurrell, D. A. Brennan, W. G. Milner. 67 a. i. ch. e. Front Row: S. M. Dasgupta, J. M. Rolph, J. P. Kapur, Jesse F. Kerille, Lenore Olson, Floyd W. Preston, Prof. A. S. Foust, John M. Thomas, Bill Kiessel, John Drew, Jaynt D. Adhia, William Peterson. Middle Row: John B. Khu, Cyrus J. Dadachanji, Arrind Desai, R. D. Vyas, R. S. Neymark, R. Smith, Gerald R. Christin, Leon P. Deackoff, Thurman E. Gier, Robert J. Gustafson, Paul Garson, Alfred Becker, Reed Garrer, Robert Campion. Back Row: M. M. Chudgar, R. Smetna, C. Parsons, Indu Parekh, H. J. Jhaveri, Jack South, Forbes S. Sibley, Arthur J. Medwedeff, Donald M. Mckee, Charles Perry, A. R. Piegols, J. A. Palmer, Ken Allison, Dharamdas Shah. The University of Michigan student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was inaugurated as the Alpha Chapter in 1922 at which time Professor A. H. White became the first counselor. Since then, the Chapter has en- deavored to acquaint the members with the work of the chemical engineer. At each meeting some phase of the engineering field is discussed by a feature speaker from chemical industries in the Detroit area. Another popular activity of the Chapter is par- ticipation in tours of inspection through induslrial concerns doing chemical processing. Tours dur- ing the year have been to plants making tires, cement, gasoline and oil products, paints, caustic soda and lye, and last but not least, beer. To encourage scholarship, the Chapter yearly awards to the Sophomore having the highest grade point average during his Freshman year, a twenty-five dollar prize and to Juniors and Seni- ors having the highest average in their preceding ne year ' s subscription to Chemical Engi- Progress, the official publication of the n Institute of Chemical Engineers. At present the counselor for the organization s Professor Alan S. Foust. This post every five years passes to a different member of the Chemi- cal Engineering Faculty. 68 a. s. c. e ront Row: Eugene T. Brown, Marvin Van Eyck, Prof. J. C. Kohl, Lloyd R. Gates, James M. McCavey, Jesse E. Aber, Fredrick A. Mammel, Prof. Earnest Boycc, Herbert D. Cisco, Prof. Richard King, Ramesh M. Engineer, Hugo N. Halpert. Second Row: O. W. Smith, Edward E. Burns, Adrian H. Koert, Robert L. Herbst, Paul W. Schoenlaub, Gilbert M. Westa, Eugene G. Moody, Frank L. Eaton, William E. McCoppin, Robert, O. Bradley, R. F. Shanabery, Robert H. Peacock. ;Third Row: Robert M. Goodrich, James D. Calvert, James G. Stephens, Andrew P. Poledor, Robert A. Rigotti, Fredric Rusche, William G. Laity, John iS. Romeo, Lawrence A. Hausman, Paul J. Donnelly, Samuel M. Cott, Fred M. Dawley. The American Society of Civil Engineers has served as a beacon light of professional guidance for students of civil engineering at Michigan for years. It attempts to aid students in making the adjustment between formal learning and practi- cal application by having outside speakers discuss various topics of interest. It endeavors to afford its members the opportunities for becomin ter acquainted with others in the field engineering, to promote a spirit of cong among them, to acquaint them with topics terest, and to foster the development of th fessional spirit. 69 americcm society of mechanical engineers Front Row: Sam Bennett, R. J. Tarazevich, Richard J. Broadman, Albert Arklie, Robert Ware, Ray Okonski, Frederick Wil- liams, Karl E. Henion, Jr., John Mackin. Second Row: John E. Matthews, Charles E. Fisk, Ogden C. Smith, Milton D. David, Donald Steibel, David Van Tuyl, Frank D. Amon, John M. Cox, Robert R. Strader, Herbert A. Hammel, A. M. Cherry. Third Row: James D. Decker, Gerald W. Gooley, William B. Smith, Boniard I. Brown, Ralph D. Cobb, John R. Hanilik, Glen Majors, George A. Strawser, Francisco R. Saravia, Morton L. Riess, W. R. Cuthbert, Xavier M. Okon. Fourth Row: Paul R. Wignall, J. C. Bonniwell, H. M. Leiman, F. W. Niedenfuhr, F. D. Dornblaser, John H. Morrison, 0. R. Lone, Donald Knopf, Alan H. Bolles, George R. Kunie, Lee A. Smith, Ray Hulce, D. J. DeFrain, american institute of mining and metallurgical engineers Top Row: Robert M. Lang, A. R. Becker, Richard B. Socky, Merrill J. Whitman, Herbert A. Robinson, Austen E. Dwight, Everett M. Woods. Middle Row: R. C. Gelhaar, Harry J. Hamjian, Richard M. Week, Treasurer; Edwin F. Lau, President; Norman F. Spooner, Secretary; John N. Thomas, Vice-President; John A. Dersch. Bottom Row: Donald N. Frey, Paul S. Kennedy, Harlan H. Olson, John C. Hamaker, William M. Wood. Missing: Gerald A. Conger, Spencer H. Bush, Robert H Hudson, Charles M. Miller, Carl S. Wiedman, Henry Newgard, William M. Scholz. 70 George Abbot, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Lansing, Mich. Jesse E. Aber, Jr., B. S. in Civil Engineering Ebeneier, N. Y. Gayle L. Adams, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Athens, Pa. Jayant D. Adhia, M. S. E. in Chemical Engineering Mithapur, India Allen H. Albert, B. S. in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics Kenmore, N. Y. William W. Alexander B. S. in Chemical Engineering Fayetteville, N. Y. William D. Alexis, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Akron, O. Robert G. Allen, B. S. E. in Industrial Mechanical .Grosse Pointe, Mich. Gordon R. Anderson, Jr., B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering Beloit, Wis. Lowell V. Apeseche, B. S. E. in Chemical and Metallurgical Dear- born, Mich. Frank R. Arams, B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics New York City, N. Y. William R. Aylward, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Freeport, N. Y. ENGINEERING SENIORS Angelo Bandettini, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Calumet, Mich. Richard B. Barrar, B. S. in Engineering Physics Detroit, Mich. Eugene I. Barth, B. S. in Engineering Physics Elmhurst, III. Ben F. Barton, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Barton, Mich. David W. Barton, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Flint, Mich. Francis J. Batchelder, B. S. E. in Civil Engineering Orange, N. J. Sheldon E. Beadle, Jr., B. S. E. in Chemical Engineering LeRoy, N. Y. Leleand W. Beck, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. Roger V. Beck, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Oshkosh, Wis. Robert E. Beers, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Birmingham, Mich. Lincoln J. Bennett, B. S. in Physics Eagle Creek, Ore. Charles Berthoud, B. S. in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering Montclair, N. J. Rudolph A. Bjork, B. S. E. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Jack B. Blane, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Chicago, III. Frederick Bloetscher, B. S, in Aeronautical Engineering , ..Detroit, Mich. Arthur Bloom, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Buffalo, N. Y. Walter Blumenstein, B. S. in Engineering Cleveland, O. John Bodkin, B. S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Willow Village, Mich. James Boult, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Richard C. Boyd, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Pleasant Ridge, Mich. 71 Robert O. Bradley. B. S. In Civil Engineering Huntington, W. Va. William C. Breen, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Akron, O. Victor R. Breidenbach, B. S. in Civil Engineering Willow Village, Mich. Kelly Brent, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Evanston, III. Richard Broadman, B. S. E. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering New York City Roy E. Brockman, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Rochester, N. Y. Robert G. W. Brown, B. S. in Mathematics and Physics Valley Stream. N. Y. Fred J. Bryan, B. S. in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics Melvindale, Mich. Russell G. Burbridge, B. S. M. E. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit Mich. Richard C. Burck, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Jackson, Mich. Walter T. Burdick, Jr., B. S. in Industrial Engineering Saginaw, Mich. Charles A. Burkart, B. S. E. in Chemical Engineering Columbus, O. ENGINEERING SENIORS Sam Calamia, B. S. Cleveland, O. Kenneth R. Callis, B. S. in Engineering Louisville, Ky. William J. Campbell, B. S. in Electrical Engineering St. Clair, Mich. Robert L. Campion, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Defiance, O. Charles N. Cannon, Jr., B. S. in Chemical Engineering Salt Lake City, Utah. William L. Carbrey, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Columbia Miss. William R. Carlson, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Auburn, Ind. Leo Chait, B. S. E. in Engineering Detroit, Mich. Harry Y. Chan, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Ancon, C. Z. Jack Charipar Lansing, Mich. Harold J. Cheney, B. S. E. Port Huron, Mich. Richard E. Chenoweth, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Indianapolis, Ind. Albert M. Cherry, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mattoon, III. Robert S. Christie, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Glen Rock, N. J. M. M. Chudgar, M. S. E. in Chemical Engineering Kharaghoda, India Herbert D. Cisco, B. S. E. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. Homer L. Claypoole, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Cuyahoga Falls, O. Ralph D. Cobb, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. Gerald A. Cohen, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Woodstock, Ontario, Can. Harold N. Cohn, B. S. E. in Aeronautical Engineering Brooklyn, N. Y. 72 Donald E. Colletti, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Flint, Mich. Robert E. Collins, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Rochester, N. Y. Samuel M. Cott, B. S. in Structural Engineering Rockaway Beach, N. Y. Richard Coulton ., . .Woodhavon. N. Y. Alfred W. Co:on, B. S. in Physics ..Ann Arbor, Mich. Wayne E. Craddock, B. S. in Chemistry Jackson, Mich. Cyrus J. Dadachanji, M. S. in Chemical Engineering Bombay, India Joseph Davis, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Fred Dawley, B. S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. Leon Deackoff, B. S. E. in Chemical a nd Metallurgical Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald De Graff, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Grand Rapids Mich. Ricardo P. De Leon M, M. S. E. in Structural Engineering Quezon City, P. I. ENGINEERING SENIORS Coral Depriester, B. S. in Chemical Enginering Battle Creek, Mich. Robert DeRoo, B. S. in Marine Engineering West Sayville, N. Y. Horshad Desai M. S. E. in Chemical Engineering Bombay, India Robert P. Desai, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Bombay, India Melvin DeTweler, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Robert Dickey, B. S. E. in Chemical Engineering Marshall, Mich. Robert G. Dillon, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Bay Port, Mich. Robert Dimmitt, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Washington, D. C. Robert H. Dodd, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Fred D. Dornblaser, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Wyandotte, Mich. William Dorrance, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Manchester, Mich. James F. Drumm, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Monroe, Mich. Leonard A. Duval, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Cleveland, O. Thomas O. Edison, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. William C. Emory, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering St. Clair, Mich. Carl H. Engel, B. S. E. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Fred Epstein, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering New York, N. Y. M. Ramesh Engineer, B. S. E. in Civil Engineering Bombay, India Charles Edward Fairman, Jr., B. S. in Engineering Big Rapids, Mich. Sally Ann Farquar, B. S. E. (Math) Engineering Birmingham, Mich. 73 Mark R. Fisher, Jr., B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. Charles E. Fisk, B. S. E. in Mechanical Engineering East Oranqe N. J. Robert B. Flagg, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Larchmont, N. Y. Harold K. Fletcher, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Downers Grove. III. Melvin B. Folltert. B. S. in Electrical Engineering Holland, Mich. Donald E. Forney, B. S. in Electrical Engineering ( power) Hutchinson, Kan. Ronald C. Forrest, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Cleveland Heights, O. Aaron Friedman, M. S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Lewis Froikin, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering .Dayton, O. Howard D. Fulsher, B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering Harrisville, Mich. William D. Fulton, B. S. in Engineering Columbus, O. Antranig V. Gafarian, Engineering-Matters Hollywood, Calif. IVGINE RING SENIORS Daniel S. Gallie, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Camlachie. Ont. Merton C. Gannett, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Brooklyn, N. Y. M. Elton Garner, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Lorain, O. Reed E. Garver, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Washington, D. C. Richard C. Gelhaar, B. S. in Metallurgical Engineering Youngstown, O. Ralph W. Giber , B. S. E. in Metallurgical Engineering Flint, Mich. Thurman E. Gier, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. James Gkonos, B. S. E. in Chemical Engineering . Owosso, Mich. Robert O. Goeti, B. S. in Civil Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Warren W. Gollos, B. S. in Mathematics-Aeronautical Engineering Chicago, III. Gerald Gooley, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Watertown, N. Y. William H. Gordon, Jr., B. S. E. in Mathematics Detroit. Mich. Robert M. Grandy, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering East Cleveland, O. Thomas S. Grier, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Cheyenne, Wyo. Martin R. Haase, B. S. E. in Naval Architecture and Marine, Engi- neering Milwaukee, Wis. Roy T. Haase, B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering Milwaukee, Wis. Rudolph Habermann, Jr., B. S. in Electrical Engineering Battle Creek, Mich. A. Don Hafer, B. S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Ferndale, Mich. Marvin Hamilton, Jr., B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. William W. Hamilton, Jr., B. S. in Naval Architecture Port Washington, N. Y. 74 Herbert A Hammel, B. S. in Industrial Engineering New York City, N. Y. William Armand Hannig, B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering New York City, N. Y. Richard W. Harvey, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Niagara Falls, N. Y. Sidney S. Hatch, B. S. in Electrical Engineering.. Ann Arbor, Mich. Lawrence Hausman, B. S. in Engineering ... New York City, N. Y. Donald Hayes, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Syracuse, N. Y. Philip W. Hemily, B. S. in Engineering Newaygo, Mich. Thomas J. Hendrikson, B. S. in Engineering Physics ..Detroit, Mich. Kenneth W. Heron, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering East Orange, N. J, Joseph Herz, B. S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Elmhurst, N. Y. Eugene E. Hilderbrant, B. S. E. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. George C. Hill, B. S. in Engineering Physics Huntington Woods, Mich. IVGINE RING SENIORS Mai R. Hoffman, B. S. in Engineering Jackson, Mich. Robert D. Holbrook, B. S. in Mathematical Engineering Detroit, Mich. William P. Hollenbeck, B. S. in Naval Architectural Engineering Washington, D. C. Edward B. Holt, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering River Forest, III. William G. Holt, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Lansing, Mich. Henry Horldt, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Roger Hottle, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Buffalo, N. Y. Frank Hotie, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Webster Grove, Mo. Donald Howell, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Ferndale, Mich. Howard Howerth, M. S. E. in Industrial Engineering Detroit, Mich. George Howland, B. S. in Industrial Engineering Belmont, Mass. Ray Hulce, B. S. in Industrial Engineering Whitewater, Wis. Herbert Hurrell, B. S. E. in Aeronautical Engineering Coldwater, Mich. Donald Hutchinson, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Joseph Hyder, B. S. in Naval Architecture Miami, Fla. Donald Jackson, Jr., B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Fall River, Mass. Alvin Jacobson, Jr., B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Haven, Mich. Edward A. Jacques, B. S. in Industrial Engineering .Detroit, Mich. Robert Jaffe, B. S. in Metallurgical Engineering Bay City, Mich. Robert L. Joseph, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. 75 Tod E. Jaslci, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Wanwatasa, Wis. Frances E. Jenkins, B. S. in Mathematical Engineering Big Rapids, Mich. John D. Jenswold, Jr., B, S. in Mechanical Industrial Engineering Duluth, Minn. Kalin S. Johnson, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Northville, Mich. Roger Paul Johnson, B. S in Aeronautical Engineering M ' iskegon Mich. Arthur L. Jones, B. S. in Industrial Engineering Birmingham, Mich. John J. Jourdan, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering St. Louis, Mo. Henry L. Kaminski. B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Jatrindra P. Kapur, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Delhi, India Sheldon M. Kavieff, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Jack R. Kelso, B. S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. James S. Kerr, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. NGINE RING SENIORS M. . k t Jesse F. Keville, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Pomona, Calif. John B. Khu, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Manila, P. I. Carl Knapp, B. S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Marion, O. William N. Koeller, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Basil A. Kosarin, B. S. ... Detroit, Mich. Donald F. Kowalick, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering .. Rockford, III. George A. Koiloff, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Highland Park, Mich. Reynold R. Kraft, B. S. in Marine Engineering Great Neck, N. Y. Jonas G. Kristinsson, B. S John C. Kuivinen, B. S. in Civil Engineering Reykjavik, Iceland Bessemer, Mich. George R. Kunie, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Wyandotte, Mich. William G. Laity, B. S. in Transportation Engineering Highland Park, Mich. Donald R. Lamb, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Flint, Mich. Gene D. Lament, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. Durelle C. Lane, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Romeo, Mich. Richard W. Lapidos, B. S. in Engineering Physics Fsstoria, O. John E. Laursen, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Menominee, Mich. Henry M. Leiman, B. S. in Industrial Mechanical Engineering Lawrence, N. Y. Allen D. Lewis, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Boyds, Md. Charles Light, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Cedarhurst. N. Y. 76 James R. Lindsay, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Youngstown, O. Donald Long, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Thomas Lootens, B. S. in Mechanical Industrial Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. James Lovell, B. S. in Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Howard F. Lynn, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Albert E. Maass, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Saginaw, Mich. Augusto R. Malabet, B. S. in Naval Architecture Barranquilla, Columbia Curtis V. Main, B. S. E. in Civil Engineering Battle Creek, Mich. Fredrick A. Mammel, B. S. Bay City, Mich. Marvin R. Marsh, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Robert V. Martell, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Ferndale, Mich. John Martyn, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. NGINE RING SENIORS Cipriano S. Masiclat, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Manila, P. I. Fred C. Matthaei, B. S. in Industrial Mechanical Engineering .Ann Arbor, Mich. William Maybury, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. James M. McCavey, B. S. in Civil Engineering Royal Oak, Mich. Robert McCollum, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering .St. Clairsville, O. William McDavid, B. S. in Civil Engineering Washington, Pa. James W. McDermott, B. S. in Mechanical Industrial Engineering Lincoln Park, Mich. Clare McGillem, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Fred B. McGlone, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering ...Lansing, Mich. Donald M. McKee, B. S. in Chemical Engineering. Kalamazoo, Mich. Duane D. McKedchie, B. S. in Engineering Mathematics Davisburg, Mich. George M. McKee, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Colby, Kan. Charles W. McKinley, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Flint, Mich. John A. McNab, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Ferndale, Mich. Philip W. Meader, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Whitinsville, Mass. Arthur J. Medwedeff, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Flint, Mich. Hugh C. Mehlenbacher, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Edwin Menz, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Battle Creek, Mich. Ralph H. Mertz, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth Messom, B. S. E. in Aeronautical Engineering Springfield, Mass. 77 William Meyer, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Port Huron, Mich. George Miakinin, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Eduardo Micaelena, B. S Havana, Cuba Foster H. Middleton, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Joseph R. Milillo, B. S. E. in Aeronautical Engineering and Mathe- matics .. .. Auburn, N. Y. William H. Miller, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Flint, Mich. Chinubhai P. Mody, B. S. in Ch emical Engineering Bombay, India Eugene G. Moody, B. S. E. in Civil Engineering Oak Park, III. Edward E. Moon, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Sharpsville, Pa. Jacob Morrison, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Bronx, N. Y. Jerome Moskowitz, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Accord, Mass. Frank T. Moy, B. S. in Industrial Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. ENGINEERING SENIORS William J. Muha, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. James R. Mulicey, B. S. in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Maurice P. Murphy, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Chicago, III. Clifton Myll St. Clair Shores, Mich. Daniel A. Maymik, A. B. in Engineering Physics Flint, Mich. William A. Nelson, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. Walter Nester, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Albion, Mich. Richard S. Neymark, B. S. E. in Chemical and Metallurgical Engi- neering Boyne City, Mich. Thomas Nobles, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Hart, Mich. Myron G. Noll, B. S. E. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Bruce Norris, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Portland, Mich. Robert H. Oberfell, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Borge K. Orberg Sao Paulo, Brazil Clifton J. Orlebeke, B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. George Osipoff, B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering Dearborn, Mich. Raymond A. Papworth, B. S. Grosse He, Mich. Indu Parekh, M. S. E Bhaunagar, India Natwar M. Parekh. M. S. E. ... ..Bombay, India Pramod Parikil, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Ahmedabad, India Henry Partik, B. S. E Detroit, Mich. 78 Robert E. Pattison, B. S. in Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert Peacock, B. S. in Civil Engineering Yale, Mich. Sanford Pearlman, B. S. in Engineering Mathematics.. Detroit, Mich. Mahomed Raial Peer, B. S. E. in Chemical Engineering .Ann Arbor, Mich. Madhav Pendse, B. S. in Engineering Poora, India Naldo F. Pierpoline, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Watlcins Glen N. Y. Ervin Peterson, B. S. in Electrical Engineering. Detroit, Mich. Robert Pitt, B. S. in Engineering Mechanics Longmeadow, Mass. Donald Pohlman, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Saginaw, Mich. Andrew Poledar, B. S. in Civil Engineering South Bend, Ind. Charles Popma, B. S. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. Russell Potter, B. S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Niagara Falls, N. Y. NGINE RING SENIORS William C. Potter, B. S. in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert B. Preble, B. S. in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert J. Rabe, B. S. in Civil Engineering Iowa Falls, la. Rolf Rabe, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Grosse lie, Mich. Vasant G. Rajadnyaksha, M. S. E. in Chemical Engineering Bombay, India Earl C. Ramsey, B. S. in Industrial Mechanics Harbor Beach, Mich. Frank F. Rand, Jr., B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Pontiac, Mich. Arthur Redfern, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Kenneth M. Reese, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lawrence E. Reilly, B. S. E. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. H. Wesley Reincke, B. S. in Civil Engineering Suttons Bay, Mich. Harold L. Reitz, Jr., B. S. in Chemical Engineering Rochester, N. Y. Arthur W. Renner, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Sturgis, Mich. Arthur D. Resnick, B. S. E. in Mathematical and Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. William B. Retallick, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Pelhem Manor, N. Y. Ramon E. Reyes, B. S. E. in Chemical Engineering Manila, P. I. Donald W. Rhoads, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering .Snyder, N. Y. James A. Richardson, B. S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Pittsburgh, Pa. Clark S. Richmond, B. S. in Engineering Mechanics Detroit, Mich. Richard L. Riedel Fenton, Mich. 79 Robert N. Riggs, B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering Crystal, Mich. Robert M. Robbins, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Traverse City, Mich. William H. Ribbins, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Cleveland, O. Jiacinto Roberts, B. S. in Mechanical Engneering Dayton, O. Spencer W. Roberts, Jr., B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering Grand Blanc, Mich. Richard D. Robinson, B. S. in Electrical Engineering ... Alma, Mich. William R. Rohrbach, B. S. in Aeronautical Em N. Y. John S. Romea, B. S. E. in Civil Engineering William R. Rohrbach, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering East Aurora, N. Y. Astoria, N. Y. Fredric Rusche, B. S. in Civil Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald Rutherford, B. S. Kalamazoo, Mich. Arthur E. Ruts:h, B. S. E. St. Joseph, Mich. Carl Sanders, B. S. In Chemical Engineering Birmingham, Mich. ENGINEERING SENIORS Malcolm Sanders, Ypsilanti, Mich. Alvern Sarvin, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Fenton, Mich. George Saunders, B. S. E. ... Detroit, Mich Charles Saur, B. S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Sparta, Mich. Frank M. Schaffer, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Lawrence Scheer, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering .Yakima, Wash. Paul W. Schoenlaub, B. S. in Civil Engineering Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Samuel H. Schram, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Escanaba, Mich. Thomas Scott Smith, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering .Ann Arbor, Mich. Allan G. Seibert, B. S. E. in Naval and Marine Engineering Queens Village, N. Y. Robert C. Semler, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Benton Harbor, Mich. E. Lane Simpson, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering . Norristown, Pa. William Seymour III, B. S. E. in Metallurgical Engineering La Grange, III. Marvin D. Shafer B. S. E. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Alhambra, Calif. Dharamdas M. Shah, M. S. E. in Chemical Engineering Bombay, India Gunvant M. Shah, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Bombay, India Robert F. Shanabery, B. S. in Civil Engineering Canton, O. Charles B. Sharpe, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Robert E. Shaw, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Niagara Falls, N. Y. Arthur L. Shef, B. S. E. in Aeronautical Engineering and Mathema- tics .. North Berge, N. J. 80 William L. Sherwood, B. S Belding, Mich. Russell A. Shields, B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering.. ..Highland Park, Mich. David Silberg, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Mt. Clemens, Mich. William Sillcworth, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering.-.-New York City Gilbert B. Silverman, B. S. E. in Civil Engineering Detroit, Mich. George E. Sloane, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Chicago, III. William B. Smith, B. S. E. in Industrial-Mechanics Detroit, Mich. William John Snodden, B. S. in Chemical Engineering. ..Port Huron, Mich. George M. Snow, B. S. in Electrical Engineering.. .. Grand Rapids, Mich. Frederick J. Snyder, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Flint, Mich. Clemens K. Solomon, B. S. in Electrical Engineering .Pontiac, Mich. Allan D. Sontag, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Heron Lake, Minn. ENGINEERING SENIORS Richard H. Spath, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering .New York City George E. Spoon, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Muskegon, Mich. Norman F. Spooner, B. S. E. in Chemical and Met. New Bedford, Mass. Donald H. Sprecker, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering. .Mansfield, O. Robert W. Sprenger, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Coleman, Mich. Jack E. Stader, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Jackson, Mich. John K. Steding, B. S. E. in Aeronautical Engineering Scarsdale, N. Y. William K. Steinhagen, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Dayton, O. Harold W. Stelzle, B. S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering .New York, N. Y. Stephen S. Squillace, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Detroit, Mich. James G. Stephens, B. S. E. in Civil Engineering .Lowell, Mich. Karl Stevens, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Youngstown, O. Walter V. Stewart, B. S. E. in Electrical Engineering San Diego, Calif. Robert R. Strader, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Syracuse, N. Y. George A. Strawser, B. S. E. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Charles T. Sundquist, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Trenton, Mich. John M. Sweeney, B. S. E. in Civil Engineering Spring Lake, Mich. Robert Taylor, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering.. ..Ann Arbor, Mich. John Thomas, B. E. in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering Lot Angeles, Calif. James Thompson, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. 81 Lyle Thompson, B. S. in Communications and Chemistry Grand Rapids, Mich. Roland W. lire, B. S. in Engineering Physics Worcester, Mass. Harold Van Asselt, B. S. E. in Mechanical Engineering Cornelius Vandenberg, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Rochester, N. Y. Marvin R. Van Eyck, B. S. in Civil Engineering Muskegon, Mich. Dale E. Van Lente, B. S. in Civil Engineering Holland, Mich. Peter H. Van Scherpe, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. David H. Van Tuyl, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Gilbert G. Via, Jr., B. S. in Marine Engineering Newport, News, Va. William W. Vincent, B. S. E. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Norman Waggoner Portland, Ore. Morgan Walker, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Montclair, Jv|. J. ENGINEERING SENIORS Harold Walters, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Canton, O. Eldon Ward, B. S. in Industrial-Mechanical Engineering Parkersburg, W. Va. Robert Ware, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Philip Warren, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. Woodward A. Warrick, B. S. in Mechanical-Industrial Engineering Richard Widman, B. S. Detroit, Mich. Mark Wehmeyer, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. Sherman Weiner, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Rochester, N. Y. Marvin L. Weiss Woodmere, N. Y. Kneeland Welch, B. S. in Engineering Law Grosse Pointe, Mich. Paul F. Werler, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Buffalo, N. Y. John Weyers Page, N. Dak. Charles White, B. S. in Electrical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. Robert B. White, B. S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. John Wiesler, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Frederick Williams, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Wyandotte, Mich. Walter Williamson, B. S. in Electrical Engineering ...River Rouge, Mich. Charles Wilson, B. S. E. in Physics and Mathematics South Charleston, W. Va. William Witham, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Cleveland, O. John Witheridge, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering Saginaw, Mich. 82 Hwai Zen Yao, B. S. in Mechanical Engineering. Shanghai, China Robert Young, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Alexandria, Va. Kenneth Zemke, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Ann Arbor, Mich. Newton Zucker, B. S. E. ... Cleveland, O. IVGIIVE RING SENIORS This lucky boy is being initiated into Triangles, Engineering Honorary. Perfecting lab technique leads to perfect engineers. 83 Dean Bennett received his A. B. in 1911 at Syracuse University and his M. S. at the University of Michigan in 1916 and has been here since that time. From 1 9 1 2 to 1918 he was an instructor in drawing. He became an assistant professor and held that position until 1936 when he became a professor. In 1938 he became Dean of the College of Architecture and Design. As Dean of the college he seeks to broaden the students view by introducing them not only to all the allied arts, such as ceramics, art, and design, but also to a general ed- ucation so that the influences of one upon the other can be seen. At present Dean Bennett is inter- ested primarily in low-cost residential housing developments. During the first World War he was in the Con- struction Division of the Army as a designer and since then he has writ- ten several articles on architecture and housing. Dean Bennett was Presi- dent of the Association of Colleges and Schools of Architecture, and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Sig- ma Delta and several other honorary organizations. Dean Wells Ira Bennett 85 A. Arnold Agree, B. A Detroit, Mich. Mitchell Barkett, B. D. Cairo, III. George M. Baumgarten, B. A Detroit, Mich. Marjorie A. Bean, B. D. in Art Detroit, Mich. John H. Biclcel, B. of Architecture James Blair, Jr., B. of Architecture Joan B. Cox, B. D. in Interior Design Carolyn Cummins, B. D. in Design Louisville, Ky. Gary, Ind. Fenton, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Barbara W. Fairman, B. of Architecture Construction Brooklyn, N. Y. Marvin K. Geasler, B. in Architecture Pontiac, Mich. Inger M. Glasius, B. D. of Advertising Gros;e Me, Mich. Marie L. Glucksman, B. D. in Advertising Detroit, Mich. ARCHITECTURE SENIORS Kate Hearst, B. D. in Advertising .. Berkeley, Calif. Martha G. Inghram, B. of Design Union City, Mich. Paula J. Jones, B. of Design Lake Worth, Fla. Karl F. Krauss, B. of Architecture Lansing, Mich. June J. Leslie, B. D. in Advertising Buffalo, N. Y. Betty Levy, B. D. in Interiors Port Huron, Mich. Harvey K. Littlejohn, B. D. in Industrial Design Corning, N. Y. John J. Martin, B. S. in Naval Architecture Manitowoc, Wis. Charline C. Matthews, B. D. in Advertising James H. McKeown, B. A. in Architecture Gloria J. Melbourne, B. D. in Design Los Angeles, Calif. Lansing, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Lisabeth J. Mitchell, B. D. in Drawing and Painting Mich. Ann Arbor, Charles W. Moore, B. of Architecture Battle Creek, Mich. Harold A. Nefe, B. A. Frankenmuth, Mich. Charles M. Ness, B. A. Design in Industry Indianapolis, Ind. Willard A. Oberdick, B. A. Gibonsburg, O. Alex S. Pawloff Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles Pearman, B. A Muskegon Heights, Mich. Betty Perrine, B. A. in Design Middletown, N. Y. Mary J. Reed, B. D. in Drawing and Painting Kalamazoo, N. Y. 86 Virginia Scott, B. D. in Art - Ferndale, Mich. Billie Sherrill, B. D. in Interior Dec. York. Pa. Doris A. Smith, B. A. in Design .Detroit, Mich. Harry B. Smith, Jr., B. D. in Advertising Springfield, III. Barbara R. Sylvester, B. D. in Advertising .. .Ypsilanti, Mich. Harold W. Underhill, Jr., B. A. Los Angeles, Calif. Harris A. Ver Schure, B. A. .Holland, Mich. Mary Wade, B. D. in Drawing and Painting. Grosse Pointe, Mich. ARCHITECTURE SENIORS alpha rho chi professional architecture fraternity Front Row: S. N. Krenytzky, Howard Haaken, Walter Wright, C. Van Porter, John Bennett, Robert Mac Pherson. Second Row: James Blair, Willard Nelson, Richard Sinclair, Stuart Price, Robert C. Gaede, Alex Pawloff, David R. Anderson, William Farrell, Charles Third Row: James Lok, Leslie Kenyon, David Stiffler, Richard Zimmer, Robert Breese, Leslie Cripps, Stanley Peacock, Donald Davis, Carter Strong, Clif- ford Bogenberger, Leo Teholiz, Paul Hazelton. Fourth Row: Maurice Merlau, John Wilson, Kenneth Derr, Robert Rasche, Arthur Sercombe, Howard Gunderson, Roy Belco, Arthur Haas, Verne Hen- shaw, Robert Freeman, Paul McClure, Harold Nefe, David Lewis, Ernest Greene. 87 IHISTRATIO 88 Dean Stevenson came to the Univer- sity of Michigan in 1944 as Dean of the School of Business Administration from the University of Minnesota where he had held the same position for the previous 18 years. He taught accounting at Iowa State University from 19 14 to 1920 and at the Univer- sity of Cincinnati, where he was also head of the Commerce Department, from 1920 to 1926. Dean Stevenson ' s chief interest at the present time is in the new Busi- ness Administration School which is under construction here now. The ex- cellent facilities will blaze a new trail in research in business and industrial relations which have not heretofore been carried on to a great extent. As a source of relaxation in the summer time, Dean Stevenson pur- sues his favorite hobby by spending several months mountain climbing. Dean Russell Alger Stevenson 89 delta sigma pi Front Row: Roy C. Crutchfield, Thomas F. Casey, Robert F. Stephan, Robert L. Harris, Elmer J. Faust, Rollin N. Bubert, Arnold Larsen, Louis W. Eng- land, James A. Reeves, Richard W. Smith. Second Row: Prof. John W. Riegel, Ralph Falk, Edward L. Huseman, Bernard L. Blair, George F. Haslanger, Howard R. Cottrell, Fred L. Meyer, Robert W. Stelzer, Howard L. Frasley, Martin J. Horan, Charles S. Low, Prof. RoberJ L. Di xon. Third Row: Richard F. Burke, Enrique I. Moscoso, Steven P. Kuric, Allen B. S:hall, Glenn H. White, Clarence V. Babcock, Victor G. Hajek, William R. Fritz, Minor Vandermede, John J. Hogan, Hillard V. Meyers, Robert J. Gad Jis. Fourth Row: Charles J. Burke, John H. Davidson, Donald A. Michela, Clara D. Mintline, Joseph L. Johnson, Stevens Belknap, William J. Watkins, Arlie D. Reagan, George A. Elgass, Patrick H. Woods, Ted J. Clevenger, Benjamin C. Loveridge, George H. Carrothers, Ian Hannington. Delta Sigma Pi is a professional Business Adminis- tration fraternity and was founded at New York University in 1907. The fraternity was founded for the purpose of fostering the study of business in universities, encouraging scholarship, and to promote a closer affiliation between students of commerce and the commercial world. The fra- ternity regularly secures leaders from the business worMto visit the campus and speak to all stu- jntsfjn various phases of the business world. An- Delta Sigma Pi co-sponsors the School of Is Administration in presenting the " Capi- talist ' -; [ , ' j 1 . 90 alpha kappa psi Front Row: A. Bernard Vespucci, L. Carrel Daugherty, John Riegel, Frank Rizzardi, Gordon Parker, Wesley Small, Kenneth Fleischhauer. Second Row: Richard Waggoner, Robert Cojeen, Eugene Bush, Donald DeWaard, Arthur Mack, Willard Erickson, James Blackwood, Walter Radell, Stewart Rewoldt, Clarence Carlson, Thomas Brewer. Third Row: Robert Schellenberg, Warren Droomers, Earl Forsyth, John Jodka, Richard Igo, Elmer Heidloff, Dale Razor, Arthur Kurtz, Norman Ruth, Dow Mitchell. Missing from Picture: Bruce Bockstanz, Richard Brown, Harold Campbell, Leon Cummings, Gene Darnell, William McTaggart, Kermit Midthun, Robert Orr, Glenn Taylor, Boris Theodoroff, Stanley Stong, Richard Phillips, William MacRitchie, Robert Gibson, John Allyson, Robert Poisson, Fred Peters, August Bolino, Eard Kittle, Watson Pierce, Jack Mitchell, Gardner Jones, Charles Biddinger, Gene Cooper, Kenneth Boyington, Gordon Bowman, Jack Connors, Kenneth Herring. Phi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi was installed at Michigan on May I, 1920. The purpose of the professional fraternity is to have an organization where students, alumni, and faculty members can work together professionally on a basis of equality and friendship. In the fall of 1943, Phi Chapter became in- active when at that time the last member of the local chapter left the campus for military service. The Chapter was again reactivated in the Spring of 1946 by the alumni. The fall semester saw Phi chapter active in both the professional and social fields. Several profes- sional meetings have been held, at which promi- nent men in finance, accounting and industry have spoken. Social activities have included a buffet luncheon after the Army game, s) informal parties at the chapter house, the home coming dance held at the Union, a dance fl Alumni to be held at Barton Hill ' s Countr B and the sponsoring and organizing of the|Cap- italist ' s Ball, an all-campus event. 91 Jean L. Adrianse, M. B. A Grand Rapids, Mich. William E. Ainslie, B. B. A. Flint, Mich. Edwin M. Allmendinger, B. B. A. St. Albans, N. Y. Robert 0. Baker, B. B. A. Des Moines, la. Howard S. Baumgarten, B. B. A. _ Hillsdale, Mich. Barbara S. Beard, B. B. A La Grange, III. Phyllis M. Beclcman, B. B. A. Ecorse, Mich. Elden N. Behrendt, B. B. A. Detroit, Mich. Luzine Bickham, B. B. A James R. Blackwood, B. B. A. Bernard Blair, B. B. A. Robert Bernstein, B. B. A. Tuskogee Institute, Ala. Flint, Mich. ... Minneapolis, Minn. Detroit, Mich. BUSINESS SENIORS Alan C. Boyd, B. B. A. Indianapolis, Ind. Norman M. Brown, B. B. A. ... Shaker Heights, O. Jeanne C. Busch, B. B. A. in Accounting East Grand Rapids, Mich. Bruce K. Bockstani, B. B. A. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Donald A. Cabral, B. B. A Birmingham, Mich. Robert G. Campbell, B. B. A Detroit, Mich. Robert H. Chase, B. B. A. in Marketing _ Detroit, Mich. William J. Cochran, B. B. A. in Transportation Iron Mountain, Mich. Rupert V. Coffey, B. B. A. Detroit, Mich. Louis A. Cohen, M. B. A. in Industrial Relations Detroit, Mich. Jerry B. Comer, B. B. A. Wichita, Kan. John M. Connolly, Jr., B. B. A. Rockville Center, N. Y. George P. Connor, B. B. A. Wellscreek, Pa. Gregory Contrucci, B. B. A Detroit, Mich. Howard R. Cottrell, B. B. A. ... Mt. Pleasant, la. Virginia A. Councell, B. B. A. Cleveland Heights, O. John F. Coyne, B. B. A. New Bedford, Mass. Robert T. Craig, B. B. A. Oak Park, III. William C. Crick, B. B. A. Flint, Mich. Leon Cummings, B. B. A Jackson, Mich. 92 Douglas Curtis, B. B. A Melrose, Mass. Alice L. Dallmeiser, B. B. A Detroit, Mich. Donald DeWard, B. B. A. in Accounting Holland, Mich. Warren Droomers, M. B. A Bay City, Mich. Mary J. Ehnard, B. B. A. in Statistic Accounting. . Escanaba, Mich. Louis W. England, B. B. A. in Accounting Memphis, Tenn. Willard E. Erickson, B. B. A Chicago, III. Elsie L. Evans, B. B. A Grand Rapids, Mich. Howard K. Face, B. B. A. in Finance Grand Rapids, Mich. Lotof Farah, B. B. A. Flint, Mich. J. Edward Fein, B. B A. in Accounting East Chicago, Ind Martin Feinberg, B. B. A. in Accounting Cleveland, O. BUSINESS SENIORS Joseph C. Fenner, B. B. A Winnetka, III. Robert M. Finlayson, B. B. A Mattoon, III. Kenneth J. Fleischhauer, B. B. A. in Accounting Denver, Colo. Richard K. Fletcher, B. B. A. Lansing, Mich. Earl R. Forsyth, B. B. A. in Marketing Detroit, Mich. S. Tracy Freeman, B. B. A. Detroit, Mich. D. Harding Friedman, B. B. A. Detroit, Mich. Harold A. Ginsberg, B. B. A Brooklyn, N. Y. Stanley L. Ginsberg, B. B. A Chicago, III. Harold W. Goodman, B. B. A Detroit, Mich. Robert S. Gordon, B. B. A. in Accounting Helena, Ark. John C. Gray, B. B. A Downers Grove, III. Robert F. Gray, B. B. A. in Finance Toledo, O. Arthur B. Gronik, B. B. A. in Accounting Shorewood, Wis. Regina P. Gruen, B. B. A. in Marketing Worcester, Mass. Arthur E. Hagen, Jr., B. B. A Owosso, Mich. Mary A. Haggerstrom, B. B. A. Battle Creek, Mich. Allen B. Hardenbrook, B. B. A. Detroit, Mich. Robert K. Harrison, B. B. A. Union City, Ind. Rodney C. Hathaway, M. B. A. in Marketing Kalamazoo, Mich. 93 Elmer R. Heidloff, B. B. A. in Marketing Detroit, Mich. Robert C. Heller, B. B. A. Lakewood, O. Kenneth S. Herring, M. B. A. Lenoxville, Que. Warren G. Hildner, B. B. A. Detroit, Mich. Robert Hoffman, M. B. A. Westfield, N. J. John Hogan, B. B. A. Ann Arbor, Mich. Harry H. Holm, B. B. A. in Industrial Relations Menominee, Mich. Robert Hood, B. B. A. Grosse Pointe, Mich. John A. Hooper, B. B. A Danbury, Conn. Marlen J. Horan, M. B. A. in Marketing Chicago, III. Harold Hunter, B. B. A. in Management Leipsie, O. Edward Huseman, B. B. A Omaha, Neb. BUSINESS SENIORS John L. Ingersoll, M. B. A. Duluth, Minn. John M. Jasperse, M. B. A. in Accounting Grand Rapids, Mich. Albert M. Jenkins, B. B. A. in Accounting Washington, D. C. Harry V. Jennings, B. B. A. in Sales and Personnel Flint, Mich. John J. Jodka, B. B. A. in Accounting Lawrence, Mass. Barbara J. Johnson, B. B. A Grand Rapids, Mich. John W. Johnson, Jr., M. B. A. in Accounting Ann Arbor, Mich. John Jonas, Jr., B. B. A. in Accounting . Benton Harbor, Mich. C. Mitchell Justice, B. B. A. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Martin J. Kabcenell, B. B. A. Pontiac, Mich. Sam J. Kayser, B. B. A. Mobile, Ala. Willard B. Krebs, Jr., B. B. A. Philadelphia, Pa. Walter H. Klee, B. B. A. Jacksonville, Fla. Morris Kleiman, B. B. A. Grand Rapids, Mich. Lois J. Kritchman, B. B. A. Detroit, Mich. Gordon F. Lake, B. B. A. in Accounting Ypsilanti, Mich. Lillian M. Larson, B. B. A. Pittsburgh, Pa. Robert S. Lawson, B. B. A Plymouth, Mich. Orville B. Lefko, M. B. A. in Marketing Detroit, Mich. Warren L. Lindeman, B. B. A. La Grange, III. 94 Alfred Loewenstein, B. B. A. .Detroit, Mich. Malcon S. Lowenstein, B. B. A Hamilton, O. Arthur W. Mack, B. B. A. Shaker Heights, O. John G. MacLachlan, B. B. A. in Accounting Saginaw, Mich. Louis Major, B. B. A James E. Maloney, B. B. A. in Accounting Frederick A. Malson, B. B. A. in Advertising James A. Marine, M. B. A. in Accounting South Bend, Ind. .Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rochester, N. Y. Richard E. Marks, B. B. A Toledo, O. Henry E. McDonnell, B. B. A. in Personnel Steubenville, O. Henry J. McNair, B. B. A Bowling Green, Ky. Thomas C. McNail, B. B. A. ... Albion, N. Y. BUSINESS SENIORS William R. McTaggart, B. B. A. in Pre-Law Flint, Mich. Arthur C. Medalie, B. B. A. Cleveland Heights, O. Fred L. Meyer, B. B. A. in Accounting Atlanta, Ga. Hillard V. Meyers, B. B. A. Crystal Lake, III. Edgar W. Michaels, B. B. A. . Pittsburgh, Pa. Ivan J. Minderhout, B. B. A. ... Grand Rapids, Mich. Edward J. Miquelon, B. B. A. in Accounting Salix, la. Dow M. Mitchell, B. B. A Dearborn, Mich. Stephen W. Mlinaz, B. B. A ! Calumet, Mich. Enrique I. Moscoso, M B. A. in Industrial Relations Ponce, P. R. Frederick R. Nederlander, B. B. A Detroit, Mich. Harold L. Norheim, B. B. A. in General Business Minneapolis, Minn. Robert Norwick, M. B. A Shaker Heights, O. Charles Nott, B. B. A. in Statistics University City, Mo. Robert Oddy, B. B. A. in Business Management Gros:e Pointe, Mich. Kazimierz J. Olejarczyk, B. B. A. Dearborn, Mich. Donald N. Olson, M. B. A. in Accounting Ironwood, Mich. Ray T. Parfet, B. B. A. Kalamazoo, Mich. Gordon E. Parker, M. B. A. in Accounting Ludington, Mich. Martin Phalen, B. B. A Grand Rapids, Mich. 95 Walter S. Radell, B. B. A. in Accounting Grand Rapids, Mich. Dale W. Rason, B. B. A. in Accounting Kalamazoo, Mich. Leon L. Raymond, B. B. A Jackson, Mich. James A. Reeves, B. B. A. in Marketing Flint, Mich. Stewart H. Rewoldt, M. B. A. Dundee, III. Norman D. Ruth, B. B. A. in Accounting Benton Harbor, Mich. Malvin S. Rygh, B. B. A. in Accounting Des Moines, la. John F. Rys, B. B. A. in Accounting Crystal Falls, Mich. Robert Schellenbcrg, M. B. A. in Accounting Mich. Grand Rapids, Thelma Schlesinger, B. B. A. Buffalo, N. Y. George Schmidt, B. B. A. F Jwin, N. Y. Hewitt A. Schoonover, B. B. A. in Marketing Shaker Heights, O. BUSINESS SENIORS Raymond T. Scott, B. B. A. in Industrial Management DeKalb, III. R. Ray Sepell, B. B. A. . Dearborn, Mich. David Shinar, B. B. A Manistique, Mich. John W. Shockley, B. B. A. .. Ann Arbor, Mich. George N. Spaulding, B. B. A Ionia, Mich. Barbara Spears, B. B. A. Saginaw, Mich. Russell L. Speirn, B. B. A. Detroit, Mich. Paul C. Staake, B. B. A. Wellesley Hills, Mass. Lynn Stedman, Jr., B. B. A Detroit, Mich. John C. Stegeman, B. B. A - _ Ann Arbor, Mich. Bevan A. Stevenson, B. B. A. in Purchasing Lucy I. Stone, B. B. A. in Marketing and Personnel Cleveland Heights, O. Morris Stulberg, B. B. A. . . .Marshall, Mich. Cora A. Talbott, B. B. A . Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. William R. Thomas, B. B. A. Flint, Mich. Robert Thompson, B. B. A. in Industrial Relations Battle Creelc, Mich. Sally J. Trombley, B. B. A. Saginaw, Mich. Frank Turk, M. B. A. Detroit, Mich. George C. Valentine, B. B. A Detroit, Mich. Jack Van Osdol, B. B. A. Holly, Mich. 96 Judd G. Vear, B. B. A. in Business Administration .Wheaton. III. A. Bernard Vespucci, B. B. A. in Busines; Administration Win- chester, Mass. Adrian F. Vonderhaar, B. B. A Humboldt, la. William Wake. B. B. A. in Business Administration Galesburg, III. Polly Walker, B. B. A. in Business Administration Grand Rapids, Mich. Harlan S. William, B. B. A. in Accounting Rome, N. Y. Walter Winter, B. B. A. in Industrial Relations Detroit, Mich. Jack A. Wolfe, B. B. A. in Accounting Toledo, O. Nancy Wolfs, B. B. A St. Clair, Mich. William Wood, B. B. A. . Holland, Mich. BUSINESS SENIORS " After we ' ve made our first million . . . " 97 98 Dean of the Dental College is Dr. Russell Bunting, a native of Ann Arbor and an alumnus of the Uni- versity of Michigan, receiving both his D. D. S. and D. D. Sc. here. Dean Bunting started working for the Uni- versity as an instructor in Oral Path- ology. He later became a profes- sor of Oral Pathology and in 1937 he became the Dean. He was the former president of the International Association for Dental Research and has written two books on dentistry besides contributing to other publi- cations. In 1929 he received the Callahan Memorial Award and in 1930 was presented with the Fauch- ard Medal for his researches on the cause and control of dental caries. With the increase in demand for dental education, the Dental School has received many more applica- tions than can be accommodated so that admission at the present must be limited. Dean Russell Bunting 99 alpha omega Front Row: Goldberg, Jaslow, Moreinis, Sack, Weber, Wolfsohn, Bernstein. Second Row: Blavin, Feldman, Davis, Levine. Bloom, Schmeli. Third Row: Upfall, Billes, Landsberg, Shapiro, Slesnick, Greenberq. Still handicapped by the lack of a fraternity house, Alpha Omega is nevertheless taking good strides forward. Aided somewhat by the fact that most of the men live in the same section of Ann Arbor, the various members of the fraternity are jointly pursuing a program adapted to their special dental as well as extra-cur- ricular interests. Prominent on the schedule are such items as art, music, social functions and sports, which pleasantly aid in bring- ing the men into close contact outside the boundaries dj| chosen field. Alpha Omegans here are proud of their large, ternational organization and are attempting to live up to til standards set by their Alumni brothers. 100 xi psi phi Front Row: James Correa, Richard Gehring, Dr. Ralph Sanjurjo, Hartley Hermanson, Ross Margeson, Edward Coughlin. Second Row: Hermanus Serfontein, Frank Melsel, James Chauvin, Leonard Kowalslci, Glen Gould, Delos Drucker, Earl Dinger. Missing from Picture: Richard Hayes, Carl Witkup, Frank Stanich, Paul Body, Raymond Baiarnik, David Striffler. cial Knowledge, morality, and friendship are the cornerstones on which Xi Psi Phi was founded. Since the beginning here in Ann Arbor on February 8, 1889, the fraternity has maintained the integrity of these principles and has been instrumental in the raising of standards in the dental profession. Graduate members of Xi Psi Phi are prominent throughout the United States and Canada, es- ially in fields of research and public health dentistry, as well y state and national dental societies. I Zips on campus are vigorously engaged in extra-curricular Bms that have much to do with making well-integrated stu- nd citizens of their members and colleagues. Bofficial publication of the fraternity is the " Xi Psi Phi OuJfcrly. " 101 delta sigma delta Front Row: Herbert Witman, James Field, Paul DeWitt, Burleigh Packwood, Robert Williams, James Pierce, Raymond Nelson, Judson Gates, George Williams, Bruce Vandermade, John Paul. Second Row: Thadeus Buszck, Donald Benson, Kenneth Steketee, William Clauss, Gerald Charbeneau, Edward Bouck, Edward McDonald, G. Ronald Heath, Robert Richards, Donald Klopfer, Paul Gibbons, Jack Carlson. Third Row: Raymond Sherwin, Louis Fourie, Fred Wertheimer, Lamar Timmons, Charles Westrick, Donald Bergeron, Earl Gaskill, Robert Oster, Donald Magee, Robert White, Howard Mehaffey, Douglas Campbell, Robert McClean, Richard Geney, Leonard Staffel. Fourth Row: S. H. Dix, Ralph Dussault, John Gilpin, Robert Peterson, Thoma; Stevenson, William Eggleston, Joseph Murphy, Therman Holloway, Rich- ard Reppenhagen, Robert Murray, Robert Sena, Fred Jeffers Robert Heuttnjr, Richard Reed, Kendall Thomas. Missing: Robert Laidlaw, John Pascoe. Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Delta, now in its sixty-fifth year of active life on the University of Michigan campus, is a fraternity whose membership is restricted to students and practitioners in the profession of dentistry. Since its inception here in 1882, Delta Sigma Delta has become international in character, having affiliated groups in six foreign countries. By promoting a spirit of fraternal cooperation, we hope to keep high the standards of dentistry through scientific, ethical and professional progress. Among our activities throughout the past year have been the tation of various clinics by men in the profession, and an pt to aid the dental practitioners in the war-devastated ries of Europe by the donation of dental supplies and equip- We have also engaged in the regular social functions, and ipated in various campus activities, thus completing an en- e and constructive year. 102 Beverly J. Barclay, Dental Hygienist Kalamazoo, Mich. Marjorie M. Bittker, Dental Hygienist Detroit, Mich. Dorothy Blanchard, Dental Hygienist Joanne Bromm, Dental Hygienist Saginaw, Mich. Beverly Congress, Dental Hygienist Detroit, Mich. Jacquelyn B. Costigan, Dental Hygienist Tecumseh, Mich. June Crowder, Dental Hygienist Ithaca, Mich. Elsa E. Fisher, Dental Hygienist Grand Haven, Mich. Virginia L. Foren, Dental Hygienist Clearwater, Fla. Betty J. Hearn, Dental Hygienist Saginaw, Mich. Jacqueline Horton, Dental Hygienist Little Rock, Ark. Ann P. LeFeure, Dental Hygienist New Baltimore, Mich. DENTISTRY SENIORS Dorothy Maenhout, Dental Hygienist Grosse Pointe, Mich. Carolyn Rice, Dental Hygienist Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth A. Ricketts, Dental Hygienist Coral Gables, Fla. June Robbins, Dental Hygienist Ann Arbor, Mich. Virginia Schneider, Dental Hygienist Alma, Mich. Geraldine E. Stebbins, Dental Hygienist Ionia, Mich. Barbara A. Stickney, Dental Hygienist Detroit, Mich. Jean M. Street, Dental Hygienist Saginaw, Mich. Maxine E. Troy, Dental Hygienist Caledonia, Mich. Virginia Walker, Dental Hygienist Ann Arbor, Mich. 103 Wirh an increased enrollment the School of Education is developing plans to meet the needs of elemen- tary school work. A new program for prospective teachers of business subjects is being developed in co- operation with the School of Busi- ness Administration. Last fall, a course on the problems of higher in- stitutions was provided to meet Ihe needs of graduate students prepar- ing for college positions. The School of Education provides many services to the schools of Michigan, and during the second semester, twenty-five courses in ed- ucation were offered at off-campus center. Supervising these plans is the re- sponsibility of Dean James B. Ed- monson, who started his educational work as a teacher in the Michigan schools. He later received his M. A. from the University of Michigan and his Ph. D. from the University of Chicago. He came to the Univer- sity in 1914 from the Principalship of the Jackson High School. He be- came Dean of the School of Educa- tion in 1929. Besides being active in various educational associations, he is author of several books in the field of education. Dean James B. Edmonson 105 men ' s physical education club Front Row: Dick Bodycombe, John Swainbank, Bob Barnsdale, Don O ' Connell, Don Bacon, John Allred, Bob Gilbert-, Kurt Kampe. Second Row: Hal Raymond, Alan Fitch, Ray Fisher, Elmer Mitchell, Howard C. Leibee, Advisor, George H. Allen, James Holgate, Elmer Swanson, Frank J. Kern, Tris M. Carta, Willard K. Baker. Third Row: Robert Wines, Thomas Dodson, Joseph Hayden, William Johnson, George Calkins, Robert Hollway, Ralph Kohl, Michael Ulyshen, Jack Harbaugh, Richard Brown, Newton Loken. Fourth Row: Bill Desmond, John E. Mature, Reginald G. Sauls IV, Charles J. Baker, Robert E. Betzig, Robert Schoendube, Bruce Blanchard, Art Bradley, Wally Schloerke, Don Kane, Lewis D. Parry, Dennis Rigan, Bill McAninch. " Listen my children and you shall hear... " 106 -- Sally Ann Albrecht, A. B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. George H. Allen, B. S. in Physical Education ..Albany, N. Y. Roberta Ames, A. B. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. Phyllis E. Barense, A. B. in Speech ..... Zeeland, Mich. Betty Mae Becker, A. B. in Education Cedar Rapids, la. Anne Belisle, B. S. in Education Detroit, Mich. Betty J. Benedict, A. B. in Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Gloria E. Berkson, A. B. in Education Chicago, III. Donzel E. Betts, A. B. in Social Studies Harrisville, W. Va. Elizabeth A. Bloomstrom, A. B. in Elementary Education Birmingham, Mich. E. Muriel Braun, B. S. in Education and Mathematics Vineland, N. J. Patricia A. Brownlee, B. S. in Botany Toledo, O. ON SENIORS Cynthia Burrows, B. S. in Education Ann Arbor, Mich. Miriam E. Clingman. B. S. in Education Cleveland, O. Phyllis G. Colville, B. S. in Physical Education Royal Oak, Mich. Lois M. Cosand, A. B. in Elementary Education Flint, Mich. Rosemary R. Costman, A. B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Margaret Dulong, A. B. in Education Bay City, Mich. Donald A. Edwards, A. B. in Social Studies Detroit, Mich. Helen L. Ernst, A. B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. Carol F. Feferman, A. B. in English ............. _______ Bayonne, N. J. Shirley J. Frank, A. B. in Elementary Education .......... Detroit, Mich. Allene Galenkin, A. B. in Education .................................... Chicago, III. Dolores Germain, A. B. in Education Dearborn, Mich. Helen C. Griefer, A. B. in Education Benton Harbor, Mich. Signe G. Hegge, A. B. in Education Northville, Mich. James Holgate, B. S. in Physical Education Milwaukee, Wis. Patricia Hovey. A. B. in Education Flint, Mich. Frances J. Hurley, A. B. in History Chicago, III. Hedwig Iverson, A. B. in Education Iron Mountain, Mich. Wendell J. Jackson, A. B. in Education Willow Run, Mich. Louise S. Kefgen, A. B. in Education Duluth, Minn. 107 B Jo-an . Kleynenberg, A. B. in Education Grand Rapids, Mich. Margaret Kohlhaas, B. S. in Speech Correction Education Duluth, Minn. Jean M. Lanzon, A. B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Rosemary C. Larson, A. B. in Elementary Education Gary, Ind. Donna L. Leidlein, A. B. in Business Education Saginaw, Mich. Feme Lepisto, A. B. in Education Wakefield, Mich. Ethel Lester, A. B. in Elementary Education Dearborn, Mich. Sally Elaine Lichtig, A. B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Elmer F. Madar, A. B. in -Physical Education Detroit, Mich. Myra E. Malin, A. B. in Elementary Education Lekewood, O. Louise M. Marlmus, B. S. in Mathematical Education Toledo, O. Shirley Mattern, A. B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. EDUCATION SENIORS Joyce Matthews, A. B. in Education Walled Lake, Mich. Agnes I. Mclntyre, A. B. in Elementary Education Saginaw, Mich. Jane McKee, A. B. in Elementary Education Birmingham, Mich. Beatrice D. McLaren, A. B. in Education ... Ann Arbor, Mich. Johanne McMillin, A. B. in Education Monroe, Mich. Ruth D. McMorris, A. B. in Education Bay City, Mich. Rosemary R. Miller, A. B. in Education Milford, Mich. Myra E. Montgomery, B. S. in Elementary Education Berkley, Mich. Gloria G. Moore, A. B. in History Education Toledo, O. Alberta L. Morrison, A. B. in History Education Rochester, N. Y. Magdalen A. Netter, B. S. in Mathematics Toledo, O. Lois I. Passloff, A. B. in Education Laurium, Mich. Virginia Pendill, M. A. in Education Newburyport, Mass. Judith S. Pregerson, A. B. in Speech Correction Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth A. Presslrich, A. B. in Elementary Education Saginaw, Mich. Doris M. Prevel, A. B. in Education Marian Reus, A. B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Jocelyn A. Rudd, A. B. in Physical Education Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Evelyn L. Schurr, B. S. in Physical Education Lima, O. Virginia Schaible, A. B. in Education Manchester, Mich. 108 Joan Schlee, A. B. in Elementary Education Chevy Chase, Md. Jeanne Schnaars, A. B. in Elementary Education Congers, N. Y. Constance R. Schwartz, A. B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Mich. Lourdes A. Segundo, A. B. in Education Manila, P. I. Isabel D. Sellong, A. B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Richard S. Shafer, A. B. in Elementary Education .Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert B. Shafer, M. A. in Education Ann Arbor, Mich. H. Lucille Sheetz, B. S. in Physical Education Mentor, O. Ruth S. Sihler, B. S. in Education Litchfield, III. Rosemary H. Stapp, A. B. in Education Greensburg, Ind. J. Elmer Swanson, Jr., B. S. in Physical Education Detroit, Mich. Marie E. Vidro, A. B. in Elementary Education.. Detroit, Mich. EDUCATION SENIORS Betty Waldon, A. B. in Elementary Education Meadville, Pa. Jane Walker, A. B. in Education Pontiac, Mich. Frances Weyers, B. S. in Physical Education Radman, N. Y. Helen Williams, A. B. in Education Jackson, Mich. Mary Wilsberg, A. B. in Education Grand Haven, Mich. Imogene M. Wyckoff, A. B. in Social Studies Pelican Lake, Wis. 109 110 Dean Samuel A. Dana has directed the Forestry School ' s program for almost twenty years. During this time he has seen the school broaden its aims with the use of new courses, projects and curriculums. For many years, forestry training especially emphasized growing timber for lumber. Today, it has been recognized that concen- trated study in other fields closely allied to forestry is of great value. The program now puts equal emphasis on conservation, rec- reation and the integration of forestry with other land use projects. The Forestry School has only recently started a new program, furniture industry which offers a complete group of courses relating to furniture designing and manu- facturing. Michigan was the first university to start a curriculum of this kind. It was in- troduced into the school after a series of extension courses for Grand Rapids manu- facturers proved successful. Camp Filbert Roth, the school ' s summer camp has been modernized by the students. The practical instruction they receive there is an important part of the training. Dean Dana worked with the United States Forestry Department before coming to the university. He is a frequent contribu- tor to many forestry publications, is a direc- tor of the American Forestry Association, and holds memberships in Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and Phi Sigma. Dean Samuel A. Dana 111 forester ' s club Front Row: Bill May, John Aulbach, Jim Panek, Russ Hause, Mike Miskovsky, Gordon Bowker, Fred H. Reiter, Dan Ricker, Bill Yambert. Bob Ballou. Second Row: Cliff Senne, Phi Thomas, Osal Capps, Mitchell C. Gnaegy, Harry Sontag, Fritz Lorentien, George Tourtillott, Ten Chiesna, Bob Raymond. Third Row: Ed. Steigerwaldt, Tom Miller, Harry Kollmeyer, Orville Barton, Irvin McFarland, Ken Boehme, Mike Cassidy, Steve Tolbert, Elmer Richards. The Foresters ' Club was organized in 1903 for the purpose of bringing about a closer intim acy between the forestry students of the University, and to promote an interest in forestry in the Uni- versity. Membership in the club is open to all faculty members of the School of Forestry and Conservation and to all forestry and pre-forestry students. Meetings are held semi-monthly at which pic- tures of interest to the members are shown and talks by prominent persons in the field of For- estry and Conservation help to broaden the views of the members. The club also sponsors many activities, some being restricted to club members and others be- ing campus-wide. The club cooperates with other forestry or- ganizations throughout the nation in promoting a real interest in the field of Forestry and Con- servation. 112 John R. Baltus, B. S. in Forestry Flat Rock, Mich. Theodore P. Bank, Jr., B. S. in Forestry Moscow, Idaho Orville C. Barton, Jr., B. S. in Forest Production Wayne, III. Frederic B. Comlossy, B. S. in Forestry Toledo, O. Herbert J. Cran, Jr., B. S. in Wood Technology Linden, N. J. John F. Davis, B. S. in Forestry Galesburg, III. Mitchael C. Gnaegy, B. S. in Forestry Webster Groves, Mo. Adolph Groncki, B. S. in Wood Technology Roekford, III. James Halback, B. S. in Forestry Waterford, Wis. John Hanson, B. S. in Forestry Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Russel Hause, B. S. in Forestry Carleton, Mich. Frederick Hopkins, B. S. in Forestry Springfield, Mass. FORESTRY SENIORS William Howe, B. S. in Forestry Escanaba, Mich. James C. Lamy, B. S. in Forestry Cincinnati, O. John Lavender, B. S. in Forestry Ypsilanti, Mich. William Lebold, B. S. in Forestry Bolivar, O. William MacConnachie, Jr., B. S. in Forestry Montclair, N. J. Ralph D. Maynard, B. S. in Forestry Geneva, O. Thomas B. Miller, B. S. in Forestry Waukegan, III. Allen V. Mundt, B. S. in Forestry Marinette, Wis. Henry Peterson, B. S. in Forestry Escanaba, Mich. Robert Raymond, B. S. in Forestry Akron, O. Clifford W. Senne, B. S. in Forestry Baldwin, N. Y. Harry O. Sontag, B. S. in Forestry Milwaukee, Wis. Charles O. Swanson, B. S. in Wood Technology Jamestown, N. Y. Philip Thomas, M. S. in Forestry Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lawrence Ward, B. S. in Forestry ... Elkins, W. Va. 113 Jl in The Law School now consists of nearly one thousand students who have been selected from many more applicants. This means that a program of the finest quality is pos- sible. To carry out this program, the Law School, as all the others, has had to expand. Additional sections to basic courses, a new course, " Introduction to the Legal System " for new students which presents a view of the legal system as a whole and plans for an " orientation " week are examples of the way the Law School is meeting the post- war situation. Dean Stason explains that the proposed orientation week for first-year law students will be held a week before the first day of the regular semester. The week will be spent in learning how to use the library by per- forming laboratory problems. The students will also explore records of old cases to familiarize themselves with lawsuit termi- nology. At the completion of this week, the student may feel more familiar with the es- sential working tools of the lawyer. Dean Stason came east from the corn state to study engineering at the university. While teaching in the Engine School, he be- gan law school where he became dean in 1929. He enjoys working with bar associa- tions. In addition to memberships in the American Bar Association, Michigan State Bar Association, he was appointed last fall to the Board of Commissioners of Michigan State Bar. 115 phi delta phi Front Row: Roy Boucher, Charles H. Mullen, Robert Busier, Roy Tolleson, Robert S. Juhl, Richard W. Smith, Kirk Denier, Thomas Dougherty, Charles English, James Grace, Robert O. Hancox. Second Row: Harry Calcutt, James O Connor, Clark Kuppinger, Kenneth Holm, Thomas Tilley, John Dykema, Max Wildman, William A. Beaney, Robert Cardon, Franklin Nehs. Third Row: James McNicholas, Joseph Morency, Jr., Carroll Williams, John Regan, James Finkenstaedt, Bennett Webster, Robert Acton, Robert Janiga, Edwin Bates, Michael Hindert, Freeman T. Eagleson, John P. Ford. Fourth Row: John Addington, Theodore Frailer, Percival Black, Charles Godfrey, Ralph Harbert, Edwin Uhl, Thomas Norpell, Frank Mackey, Larry Tolan. Kent Inn of Phi Delta Phi, the Parent Inn of the Fraternity, was restored to its members in the fall of 1946, after a four-year period of opera- tion by the University under the name of Madi- son House, during which it served as quarters for one of the local military units and, later, as a girls ' dormitory. On its return to us, the house was refurnished and redecorated, largely through the efforts of Professor Waite of the Law School and Richard Morris, a Senior; Morris romptly elected Magister and almost im- ly drafted into the army, the government ly feeling that three years ' service in the was not enough. The present officers of are Robert L. Cardon, Magister, Frank s, Clerk, William W. Beaney, Exchequer, Ihn R. Dykema, Historian. was 116 delta theta phi Front Row: George B. Woodman; Edmund J. Jones, Clerk of the Rolls; Richard E. Sieswerda, Tribune; Prof. Russell A. Smith; James M. Forltins, Dean; John E. Damon, Vice-dean; Charles J. Lincoln, Master of Ritual; Frederick H. Krech, Clerk of Exchequer; John J. Yelvington. Second Row: Eugene K. Snyder, Willard S. Snyder, Russell E. Bowers, Charles E. Boughn, Gordon G. Carlson, Charles J. Sullivan, James G. Strawbridge, DeWitt C. Chatterton, Frank L. Charbonneau. Third Row: Albert P. Herzog, Peter La Duke, August A. King, Lloyd R. Fayliig, Ray Munde, Ned W. Doming, D. Loren Carmichael, John F, O ' Connor, Edward B. Spence, Ken Millard, Hubert L. Rowlands. Missing: Ray Mclntyre, John M. Veale, Thomas E. Deibel, George W. Harm;, Clair J. Hoehn, William F. Hanna, L. Russell Heuman, Claude Van der Ploeg, Francis Boyer, Joseph B. Grigsby. Right " Now take the case of Berry vs. Chaplin . . . " Left A lawyers first love books. 117 George Brody, L. L. B. in Law Detroit. Mich. Robert A. Carr, L. L. B. in Law Muskegon. Mich. Antonio Cintron, L. L. B., M. B. A. in Law Ann Arbor, Mich. Thomas Dalrymple, J. D. in Law Youngstown, O. Robert Day, L. L. B. in Law Ray De Gesero Thomas Dougherty, L. L. B. in Law Charles B. English, L. L . B. in Law Monroe Fink, L. L. B. in Law James M. Forkins, L. L. B. in Law David Friedman, L. L. B. in Law Cornelia Groefsema, J. D. in Law Saginaw, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Fairmont, Minn. Urbana, O. Brooklyn, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. LAW SENIORS Dwight K. Hamborsky, L. L. B. in Lav Howard A. Jacobs, J. D. in Law Stanley I. Kaplan, L. L. B. in Law Ted. M. Kubiniec, J. D. in Law Morton Leitson, L. L. B. in Law Leslie Lum, L. L. B. in Law Charles L. Levin, L. L. B. in Law Elizabeth R. MacTavish, L. L. B. in Lav Richard M. Marsh, L. L. B. in Law Finn G. Olsen, L. L. B. in Law Ralph J. Rodgers, L. L. B. in Law Ralph L. Seltzer, L. L B. in Law Mary E. Spivey, L. L. B. in Law J. Dean Strausbaugh, L. L. B. in Law Robert R. Wheeler, L. L. B. in Law John J. Yelvington, L. L. B. in Law Detroit, Mich. New Haven, Conn. Pen Argyl, Pa. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Flint, Mich. Honolulu. T. H. Detroit, Mich. Lowell, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. San Bernardino, Calif. Detroit, Mich. Cleveland, O. Columbus, O. Grand Rapids, Mich. Newton, III. 113 lawyers club The Lawyers Club was founded in 1922 by William W. Cook of the New York Bar, to provide living quarters for Michigan University law students and to promote the welfare of the legal profession generally. Student members of 1946-1947 deeply appreciate the opportunities afforded by the Lawyers Club in a difficult postwar period. 119 120 During the war, the medical school had an increase in enrollment, but found it difficult to expand to meet the de- mands. Medical men went to war and could not serve as faculty members. The inadequate number of University buildings prevented the school from ex- panding. The post-graduate medical program then existing increased its work, but the school did not have, nor does it have today, any actual program of expansion. Dean Furstenberg is an energetic man leading a double life. Part of his time is devoted to being Dean of the Medical School, also spend- ing many hours with his private prac- tice in Ann Arbor. He often presides at various medical meetings, as well as speaking. The Dean was graduated from the University of Michigan, his B. S. in 1913, and his M. D. in 1915. He began his teaching career at the Uni- versity in 1918, and became Dean in 1935. He served as First Lieutenant in the Medical Reserve Corps during World War I. He is a contributor of many scientific articles and journals and serves on many medical boards and councils. Dean Albert C. Furs+enberg 121 nu sigma nu Front Row: Art Upton, Clayton Gordon, Dave Laurin, Bill Haynes, George Jewel, Bill Emery, Chuck Picard, John Stud, Ranulf Flambard. Second Row: Bill Nurves, Joe Barass, Don Louse, Tom Turtch, Walter Gooch, Fink, Barn Thompson, Mike Console, George Wanti, John Orton Goodsell, Herb Spencer. Third Row: Bob Ham, John Shaw, Elmer Justema, Chuck Fries, Northrup Crabmeat, Don Durante, Louis Anderson, Jack McApe, Earl Wolfman, Harry Schmidt, Fourth Row: Ed Crippen, Tad Joos, John Rieger, Whoose Gordon, Gurdon Pulford, Bill Langford, Paul Brown, Bill Calkens, Ruben Kempf, Hugh Cam- eron, Ross Hume, Bob Reynolds. Missing from Picture: Farley Beasley, Phyto Beioar, John Bishop, Bill Brown, Bob Ember, Will Glas, Oaf Jensen, Ned Murphy, John O ' Toole, Chuck Pinney, Weight Reed, Rudolph Reichert, Ignace Rogorge, Pork Schoepfle, Otis Schorling, Ed Vaughan, Earl Osborne, Bill Smith, Stu Wilson, Haven Jones. Alpha chapter of Nu Sigma Nu was founded in Ann Arbor on March 2, 1882. It was the first medical fraternity to be formed in this country, and was founded because of the need for a " support- ing, protecting fellowship ' 1 among doctors. This chapter, under the excellent guidance of Dr. Frederick G. Novy continues to to the fine ideals which its founders first gave us. We conti achieve the high scholastic record of which we have alway justly proud. 122 galens Front Row: Jim Quinn, Graydon Long, Peter McGee, Dr. H. Towsley, Michael Concilia, William Jensen, Donald Bowne, Charles Campbell. Second Row: Monte Malach, Sail Williams, Howard Mam, Silos O ' Quinn, Gordon Reynolds, Harvey Galloway, Cornien Van De Veer, Carl Blunck. Third Row: Marvin Wolf, George Morley, John Shaw, Dave McFaggart, William Jolly, Robert Segula, William Keating, Rockwell Jackson, Robert Brown. The Galens is an honorary society which was founded in 1914 and is composed of Junior and Senior students in Medical School. Its ose is to be of service to the Medical students, the faculty, e hospital. One of the main projects of the organization is Binual Christmas Drive to raise funds for the maintenance of a Biop, a library, and other recreational and educational facili- r the children in the hospital. The Galens Society also spon- Hi annual Variety Show and the traditional Caducues Ball for Medfcal students. 123 phi rho sigma Front Row: David Post, Phil Porter, Frederick O ' Dell, Don E. Suter, Harvey Campbell, Jack Varney, Carl Gruniit, J. B. Doolittle. Ward Marlatt, Gerald Barofsky, Ray Semplici, William Newton. Second Row: Roger Boyd, Jack Fiebing, Robert Heneveld, Walter Jaracz, Edward Gillette, John Bond, Carl Blund, Burton Ostling, Bruce Linderholm, Lewis Coppel, Peter Farago, Norman Davis, Richard Wineland, James Gillis, Lewis Bean, Henry Donzalski. Third Row: Stan Cosens, Robert Swain, Robert Marble, Bruce Pryor, Howard Manz, Eugene Kulinski, Walter Strempek, Richard Alexander, Richard Turner, Gordon Reynolds, Adam McClay, Phil Johnson, Robert Nicholson, Robert Pierce, Clifton Rfiead, James Andrews, Robert Garneau, William Han- ley, Harold Lueken. Fourth Row: Alfred Buergler, Orville Bolstad, David Kapp, Eugene Rentschler, Norman Bach, Frank Freeman, Richard Alford, Crawford Brown, Graydon Long, John Cantwell, Douglas Brodie, Donald Fredrichson, Ralph Taubert, Bruce MacMillan, Lee Cecil, Leroy Steinmann, Jules Lassignal, Graydon Forrer. Missing: Scharrold Adams, Eugene Cetnar, William Wenner, Lauren Woods. Phi Rho Sigma was founded as a National Or- ganization in 1890 through the untiring efforts of Doctor Milbank Johnson at Northwestern Univer- sity Medical School. In the words of Doctor John- son, " Phi Rho Sigma is built along the lines of friendship, good fellowship, loyalty, and ability, for these are the attributes that are most endur- ing. " On such a brilliant foundation, Zeta Chap- ter of Phi Rho Sigma was founded in 1897 and to esent day continues to prosper. In 1931 w chapter house was dedicated and now hous forty-five grateful and envied Medical studef ts. Zeta Chapter has a justified pride in st, and consequently a greater obligation ntain her high standard in the future. 124 alpha kappa kappa .. " Front Row: Holtz, Reynolds, Williams, Beal, Stimson, Churchill, Bennett, Tompkins. Second Row: Jackson, McTaggart, English, Michels, Richards, Pendergrass, Howard, Mackey, Keating, Todorof, Winslow. Third Row: H. Brown, Davis, Rogers, Ross, Gosling, Kendall, Oliver, Wille, Cunningham, Erbaugh. Top Row: Swords, Burns, Zeis, Tait, Davies, Yoder, Worobec, Sell, Evans, Lynch, McCormick. Missing from Picture: R. Brown, House, Maki, Woodruff, Bryant, Taylor, Allen, Hefflefinger, Kiehler, Treat, DeHaven, Dickison, Friedrick, Gehman, Kaisch, Kelly, Otlewski, Overy, Stilwill, Stewart, Coakes. " To reckon him who taught me this art equally dear to me as my parents to share my substance with him and relieve his necessities if required to look upon his offspring in the same footing as my own brother and to teach them this art if they shall wish to learn it " With this excerpt from the guiding oath of Hippocrates we find both the essence and pur- pose of the medical fraternity. We choose to think of Alpha Kappa Kappa as a strong, closely knit unit within the more inclusive, yet single unit Medicine. We as students receive the the knowledge of our senior brothers. W gift we assume a debt. A debt, the repay which is facilitated by our fraternity. Th active membership we are best able to fu sworn obligation. 125 phi delta epsilon Front Row: Mike Gilbert, George Albin, Joe Dashefsky, Al Levy, Norman Talner, Malcolm Levenson. Second Row: Milton It-vine, Monte Malach, Ned Chalat, Ruben Kurnetz, A I Shachman, Mel Cohen. Top Row: Harry Koenig, Louis Kaufman, Fred Feigenson, Al Klug, Al Hennis, Eugene Maliti, Arthur Shufro. Missing from Picture: Leo Bennish, Marty Feferman, Harold Jaffe, Don Mai ton, Julian Stern, Joel Salon, Seymour Grant. IP The Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity was established at Cornell Univer- sity Medical School in 1904 and is now represented by 48 chapters in the U. S. and Canada. The Omega chapter was founded here 92 I and at present numbers 25. Monthly science dinners are addition to the regular meetings, at which time talks are by the various faculty members. This year the newly estab- Phi Delta Epsilon Lectureship became a reality, inaugurating ram which will bring outstanding medical men from all over untry to lecture here annually. 126 phi chi Front Row: Thomas Hayes, ' 49, Ralph Hulett, ' 50, Richard McMurray, ' 50, Donald Forbeck, ' 49, Walter Poznanski, ' 50, Arthur Prange, ' 50, Robert Evans, ' 50. Frederick Trager, ' 50, William Strittmatter, ' 50, John Van Boven, ' 50, William Bower, ' 50, Frank Wade ' 50 Dan Johnston ' 50 Clayton Hurd ' 50 John Halick, ' 50, William Newlander, ' 50. Second Row: Alvin Bonzelaar, ' 48, Frank Talbot, ' 46, Glen Tomsu, ' 46, Robert Kugel, ' 46, David Laderach, ' 46, Donald Nenno, ' 46, Jack Mandeville, ' 46, Kenneth Paul Jones, ' 46, John Robinson, ' 46, John Sinkey, ' 46, William Steenrod, ' 46, William Feicks, ' 46. Walter Johnson, ' 46, Herbert Fowler, ' 46, George Thompson, ' 46, Charles Sempere, ' 46, Frederick Hiss, ' 46. Third Row: Louis Kivi, ' 50, John Hartman, ' 46, Kenneth Ray, ' 48, Peter McGee, ' 48, R. Jack Chase, ' 48, Kurt Deuschle, ' 48, Marvin Banzelaar, ' 48, Jack Nessel, ' 46, Stephen Mason, ' 46, Stuart Gould, ' 48, David Pietz, ' 48, Robert Garfield, ' 50, Charles George Kramer, ' 49, Howard Marvel, ' 48, Harold Van Dyke, ' 48, Thomas Baumgarten, ' 48, Robert Gaukler, ' 48, John Rousseau ,48, Robert Thompson, ' 48. Fourth Row: Joseph Loomis, ' 49, Earl Schumacher, ' 49, Ralph Ryan, ' 48, James Quinn, ' 49, Edward Scott, ' 50, Louis Krust, ' 48, E. Edward Kani, ' 49, George Wahle, ' 9, Albert Reudemann, ' 49, Hobart Klaaren, ' 49, Gail Williams, ' 49, David Spencer, ' 49, William Westmaas, ' 48, Robert Gullen, ' 49 Forrest Larson, ' 48, Fred Bryant, ' 48, Conrad Kawelkawicz, ' 49, Victor Apple, ' 48, Marvin Wolf, ' 48, Joe Leek, ' 48. Missing from Picture: Donald Kilgore, ' 50, Robert Landstra, ' 50, Glen Moore, ' 50, William Arendshorst, ' 48, Vernon Boersma, ' 46, William Carte, ' 46, Robert Bobbie, ' 46, Conald Hack, ' 46, Lester Nienhuis, ' 46, Leonard Reus, ' 46, Orville Roeglin, ' 46, Alvin Topp, ' 46. Phi Chi, the largest National Medical Fraternity, was founded at the University of Vermont in 1889. The Psi Chapter was established in 1906 and since its inception has maintained an out- standing reputation, both scholastically i daily. The chapter participates, as far a ble, in all intramural sports activities. Th one of our most active campus alumni, Dn E. McCotter, is retiring from his position fessor of Anatomy of the Medical School. 127 128 The name of Earl Moore is often heard on campus. He is widely known by all music students for his personality, and by other students for his compositions: Varsity, College Days, and Bum Army. He has also done organ and choral arrangements. Dean Moore received his A. B. in 1912 and his A. M. in 1915 from Michigan Uni- versity. He studied organ and theory in Paris in 1913 and composition and con- ducting in London, Italy, and Vienna from 1924 to 1925. He has been president of the Music Teachers ' National Association, the National Association of Music Schools, and is now president of Phi Kap- pa Lambda. " Expansion " is the keyword for the fu- ture of the music school. Enrollment has been steadily increasing, and new plans have been laid to meet the demand. A propo sal is now before the State Legisla- ture which, if passed, will provide for a new building to house the intensified ac- tivities of the school. The lot behind Hill Auditorium has been chosen as the site for the new structure. The faculty of the School of Music has already been doubled, and we may look for a greatly improved music department in the future. Dean Earl V. Moore 129 university concert and marching bands William B. Revelli Conductor The University of Michigan Concert Band of 1946-1947 has maintained the high standard of excellence in musicianship which, through the years, has given it superior rating among college and university bands. This distinction may be attrib- uted to the dynamic leadership of the conductor, William D. Revelli. For eleven years Professor Revelli has inspired and guided instrumental students on the Michigan campus. The Concert Band is a versatile organization. Besides the presentation of Traditional concerts, premiere performances of new compositions, appearances at All-State Clinics with noted guest conductors, and providing music for basketball games, the organization has done a service to the state of Michigan by annual trips to provide high schools and civic groups with the opportunity to hear inspiring band music. The smooth functioning of the band is insured by student assistants who are chosen by the conductor. This staff in- cludes the librarian, quartermaster, business manager, officers of the band, and various assistants to each. 130 A tremendous welcome goes up from the stadium as the University of Michigan Marching Band heads down the field to the stirring strains of " The Victors " . Each mem- ber steps a little higher with a sense of pride and exhilaration. In seat 12, section 36, Joe College experiences a similar feeling as he, leaning forward watches the resplendent drum major lead the band through brisk and snappy formations with military precision. Under the leadership of Professor William B. Revelli and his corps of assistants, the marchers receive expert training and lasting values. Various traditions add to the esprit de corps, one of which is the wearing of the band cap after a victorious gridiron battlr. 131 sigma alpha iota Front Row: Rita Parrish, Ruth Yanow, Ruthann Perry, Shirley Bower, Betty Lee Russell. Second Row: Barbara Blythe, Beverly Bonesteel, Lennis Britton, Rose S. Derderian, Mildred Andrews, Roberta Booth, Charlotte Boehm. Third Row: Betty J. Bleekman, Marylee Hill, Arlene Burt, Arlene Sollenberger, Dorothy J. Smith. Norma Wendelburg, Beatrice Gaal, Lynette Booth. Fourth Row: Marjorie Black, Ruth Hoffman, Shirley Fryman, Phyllis Babcoclc, Marjorie C. Jones, Loreve Mummey, Delva Powell. Missing: Jean Athay, Harriet Atwood, Lenrose Dyess, Nina Goehring, Jean Kimel. Sigma Alpha lota is a national professional fraternity for women in the field of music. Alpha Chapter was founded at the University School of Music on June 12, 1903. The present membership of Alpha Chapter is thirty-one active members and fifteen pledges. The fraternity bases its membership elections on scholarship, musicianship and character. Before initiation the pledges must ap- pear on a musicale and also take a written examination. Alph Chapter annually offers a fifty dollar scholarship award to t standing junior girl selected by the Director and Scholarship mittee of the University School of Music. In addition to regula monthly musicales and business meetings, Alpha Chapter pel an Annual Christmas Candlelight Service, an American I Program in the spring, and the May Festival Luncheon in honor of visiting artists. 132 mu phi epsilon Front Row: Margaret Ling, Chaplain; Barbara Lee Smith, Corresponding Secretary; Lorraine Zeeuw, Vice-President; Joanne Ling, President; Doris Gale, Recording Secretary; Joyce Lawrence, Treasurer; Jean Farquharson, Historian. Second Row: Carolyn Austin, Marian Stone, Margaret Kay, Marion Reigel, Jean Morgan, Constance English, Beverly Hare, Ann Hubbell, Lois For- burger. Third Row: Helen Ashley, Nancy Marsh, Helen Briggs, Beverly Solorow, Kathryn Karch, Dorothy Goodin, Lynda Pelti. Missing: Esma Bath Anderson, Virginia Person. , Mu Phi Epsilon is a National Music Sorority in the professional field, having as its purpose the recognition of scholarship and musician- ship, and the promotion of friendship within its sisterhood. Gamma chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon has 25 members and I 7 pledges. Mem- bership elections are based upon scholarship, musicianship, char- acter, and personality, with faculty recommendation in the major subject. Initiations take place from the sophomore through the graduate classes. Gamma Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon awards a Scholarship Medal to the freshman woman who has attained the highest grade aver- age for her first semester in Music School, and honors the freshmen hose scholarship has placed them at the head of their class R ne semester ' s work. A fifty dollar ($50) scholarship is also fcd each year in the name of Mu Phi Epsilon by the Scholar- ship Committee of the School of Music, to the sophomore girl who deserving scholastically and musically. 133 women ' s glee club Top Row left to right: Joyce Matthews, Elizabeth Iden, Glee Dudgeon, Charlotte Boehm, Rosemary Larson, Joanne Miles, Barbara Clark, Carol Peak, Clara Mettetal, Rose Derderian, Barbara Merrill, Patricia Slaughter, Shirley Gale, Patricia Hollis. Second Row left to right from top: Lois Forburger, Marcia Brunk, Phyllis Beauchamp, Billy Van Dyke, Betty Martin, Helen David, Betty Spillman, Joey Reichert, Marilyn Watt, Suzanne Smith, Carol VanderKloot, Ruth Sela, Ruth Spore, Lynette Booth. Third Row: Sally Norton, Doris Johnson, Lennis Britton, Ruthann Perry, Dorothy Beatty, Marguerite Hood, Barbara Everett, Libby Schalk, Lois Patsloff, Maida Chernow, Caroline Godley. Bottom Row: Margaret Neal, Patricia Carnegie, Lois Allison, Peggy Jones, Doris Klee, Joan Rowdabough, Bodie Ree, Anne Belisle, Mary Jane Brender, Jean Thalner, Jean Dennis. Missing: Marian Sayward, Nonn! Elms, Mary Constantino. The Women ' s Glee Club is under the direction of Miss Marguerite Hood. It consists of sixty members, freshmen to seniors, who meet three times a week for practice. Members are chosen by tryout at the beginning of each semester. The Glee Club offers a scholarship to one of its members every spring. The winners are chosen on the basis of musical ability and scholarship. We have participated in various activities this year, including broadcasts and ChristmeJ " certs. Our big spring concert is certain a varied and unusual program. Our pi next year are tentative, and will proba elude more radio programs, a Christma cert, and a Spring Concert, 134 men ' s glee club - Front Row: Peter Rosko, Prescott Holmes, Donald Compton, James L. Eppstein, George B. Palmer, Arthur Laczynski, Robert Rabe, Donald Ross, Thomas Morrill, Richard Hammel, Alexander Petach, Donald S. Cleveland, Robert T. Swartz. Second Row: Thomas Laity, Jackson B. Hallett, Robert C. MacVeety, Richard M. Quetsch, Allan R. Sorenson, Edward Duncan, Richard O. Crystal, Rich- ard E. Miller, Prof. David Mattern, Douglas Wilson, Robert Pollock, Calvin Blair, Richard Cortright, William Tattersall, Luzine B. Bickham, Arthur S. Lloyd, Paul M. Rider, Edward L. DeMeritt, Roger E. DeMeritt. Third Row: Bruce Morris, Rowland McLaughlin, William Phebus, George VanHusen, Gregory Contrucci, Milton D. David, Richard Stewart, Stanley J. Ryckman, Fred C. Matthaei, Jr., D. M. W. Lindquist, Russell Foster, Alvin R. Garchow, David P. Carpenter, Joseph J. Fischer, Donald B. Trow, Gordon Hansen, John B. Campbell. Fourth Row: Henry Horldt, Harry McCain, Maurice Dosier, Harold Beam, Richard T. McGowan, Harry J. Smith, James K. Wilhelm, Rodman Jacob!, Stanley Challis, Paul Converse, Edwin Henry, Charles A. Parcells, Jr., Jack Morrison, Samuel M. Cott, Unknown, Eugene B. RieckhofT, Harry J. Loughrin. The season was started with an organizational smoker to introduce new members into the Club. A particularly successful year followed which be- gan with serenades on Campus and then perform- ances both locally and throughout the state. The members first performed for the Bankers ' Asso- ciation at the Michigan Union, and then sang for a convention of State Teachers at the Masonic Temple in Ann Arbor. The demands for out-of- town concerts increased greatly during the late fall and entire spring, and the Club fulfilled as many of them as possible. These concerts in- cluded Grosse Pointe, Milan, Royal Oak, Willow Village, and Jackson. A Spring Tour planned for the spring vacation followed, and the members traveled to Cincinnati, Owosso, Bay City, High- ark, and Dearborn. The success of the tour own in the annual Spring Concert given at uditorium for the entire campus in April, ties commenced with a banquet given in of the club members most active during- ar. 135 Dalisay J. Aldaba, A. B. in Music Malolos Bulacan, P. I. Mildred M. Andrews, B. M. in Piano Ann Arbor, Mich. Harrier L. Atwood, B. M. in Voice Highland Park, Mich. Beverly Bonesteel, B. M. in Music Education Kingston, N. Y. Shirley A. Bower, B. M. in Piano Scio, O. Lennis G. Britton, B. M. in Music .Midland, Mich. Robinette Burns, B. M. in Music Chattanooga, Tenn. Howard W. Campbell, A. B. in Music Traverse City, Mich. Rose G. Oerderian, B. M. in Voice Detroit, Mich. Lenrose Dyess, A. B. in Music Webb, Miss. Constance C. English, B. M. in Piano Birmingham, Mich. W. Jean Farquharson, B. M. in Piano Buffalo, N. Y. MUSIC SENIORS Beatrice J. Gaal, B. M. in Music Education . Detroit, Mich. Shirley M. Gale, B. M. in Voice Owosso, Mich. Nina C. Goehring, B. M. in Violin Steubenville, O. Allene Goldfine, A. B. in Music New York, N. Y. Dorothy A. Goddin, B. M. in Theory Mary G. Harrison, B. M. in Music Ruth Hoffman, B. M. in Music Education Emogene Holland, B. M. in Piano Maurice Hughes, B. M. in Music Helene J. Jaroes, B. M. in Music Madelene D. Jones, B. M. in Music Marjorie C. Jones, B. M. in Music Vivian Kaplan, B. M. in Music Education Noah A. Knepper, B. M. in Music Carolyn Lauer, B. M. in Music Literature Nancy G. Marsh, B. M. in Piano Nashville, Tenn. Ann Arbor, Mich. Roclcford, III. Memphis, Tenn. Chicago, III. Albion, Mich. Coldwater, Mich. Michigan City, Ind. Brooklyn, N. Y. Bowling Green, O. Lake Terton, Mich. Skyland, N. C. Elizabeth A. Massie, B. M. in Piano Trenton, Ky. Margaret A. Neel, B. M. in Music Education Rochester, N. Y. Delva D. Powell, B. M. in Music Education Bay City, Mich. Margaret I. Prince, B. M. in Theory Lake Worth, Fla. 136 Hortense N. Reid, B. M. in Music Education Detroit, Mich. Marion M. Reigel, B. M. in Music Literature Larchmont, N. Y. Barbara Lee Smith, B. M. in Voice Detroit, Mich. Phyllis J. Smith, B. M. in Music Education Dearborn, Mich. Donald M. Straka, B. M. in Music Education Melrose Park, Pa. Marilynn Watt, B. M. in Music St. Joseph, Mich. Eunice A. Wilcox, B. M. in Music Marshall, Mich. Ruth A. Yanow, B. M. in Piano Union, N. J. MUSIC SENIORS Patience and Fortitude This is no pipel 137 138 The Nursing School is now relaxing after its increased enrollment during the war years. Now there is an actual decrease in enroll- ment, the last class of Cadet Nurses grad- uating in 1948. During the war years, the number of faculty members and classes in- creased, and a new Nursing Arts Laboratory was built. Also Beall Residence was re- modeled and given to the nurses to meet the new demands. The school is now returning to its normal size and program. Dean Reddig is so devoted to the nurs- ing profession that she has no time for her many interests and hobbies. Traveling, read- ing, handicrafts and camping are a few of her loves which must be subordinated to her chosen field. Her aim as Dean of the Nurs- ing School is to expand the school to meet the increasing demands in nursing education. Dean Reddig was graduated from Pres- byterian Hospital, Columbia Medical Cen- ter, New York City in 1928, receiving her B. S. in 1939. She has been a professor of nursing and Dean of the Nursing School since 1940. She is an active member of the Michigan State Board of Nurse ' s Registra- tion, the Board of Directors for the Michi- gan Council for Community Nursing. Dean Rhoda F. Reddig 139 Barbara J. Ball, R. N. in Nursing Bay City, Mich. Jeanne E. Ballenger, R. N. in Nursing . Fremont, O. Bernice F. Bay, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Audrey Bert, R. N. in Nursing Milwaukee, Mich. Marilee P. Betts, R. N. in Nursing Florence Borseth, R. N. in Nursing Wanda C. Bowman, R. N. in Nursing Doris J. Bradke, R. N. in Nursing Mattie L. Brendel, R. N. in Nursing Helen I. Brooks, B. S. in Public Health Donna E. Brown, R. N. in Nursing Margaret A. Brown, B. S. in Nursing Gaylord, Mich. Bergland. Mich. Follansbec. W. Va. ..Wayne, Mich. Grand Blanc, Mich. Upper Sandusky, O. Swarti Creek, Mich. Bunker Hill, Ind. NURSING SENIORS Shirley L. Brown, R. N. in Nursing Phyllis Ann Bumke, R. N. in Nursing Barbara A. Buyer, R. N. in Nursing Patricia J. Carls, R. N. in Nursing Julia E. Carter, R. N. in Nursing Kathryn J. Cash, R. N., B. S. in Nursing Marion Coates, B. S. in Nursing Betty Crowley, R. N. in Nursing Lucille Delburn, B. S. in Nursing Sally DeVries, R. N. in Nursing Florence Drogule, R. N. in Nursing Virginia M. Dunklin, R. N. in Nursing Pauline Edward, R. N. in Nursing Barbara Jean Eyler, R. N. in Nursing Jo E. Elliott, B. S. in Nursing Georgina G. Gault, R. N. in Nursing Mary J. Gillard, R. N. in Nursing Jean S. Gohr, R. N. in Nursing Rosemary E. Grun, R. N. in Nursing Catherine L. Halfield, B. S. in Nursing Royal Oak, Mich. R. Wayne, Ind. Chicago, III. Coldwater, Mich. Scottville, Mich. East Lansing, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. West Palm Beach, Fla. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bessemer, Mich. St. Petersburg, Fla. Berkley, Mich. Carleton, Mich. Warrensburg, Mo. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich Grand Blanc, Mich Menominee, Mich. Pandora, O. 140 Joan M. Hein, R. N. in Nursing Northville, Mich. Iris M. Honeycutt, R. N. in Nursing Highland Park, Mich. Betty L. Jackson, B. S. in Nursing Flint, Mich. Phyllis H. Jehle, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Mabel Louise Johnson, B. S. in Public Health Elmhurst, III. Marcia E. Johnson, R. N. in Nursing Covert, Mich. Marilyn J. Johnston, B. S. in Nursing Cheboygan, Mich. Loraine A. Keeslar, R. N. in Nursing . Sturgis, Mich. Luanne F. Kinyon, Nursing Diploma Ann Arbor, Mich. Marjorie A. Korndorfer, R. N. in Nursing Ann Arbor, Mich. Audrey J. Krauss, R. N. in Nursing .Owosso, Mich. Hope J. Kruitnoff, R. N. in Nursing Zeeland, Mich. NURSING SENIORS Hertha H. Lamb, R. N. in Nursing Rogers City, Mich. Elizabeth A. Lee, R. N. in Nursing Kingsford, Mich. Billy E. Leftwich, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Adele L. Ludwig, R. N. in Nursing Wyandotte. Mich. Pearl M. Mathes, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Patricia H. McHoskey, R. N. in Nursing Grand Rapids, Mich. Mary L. McHugh. B. S. in Nursing Shelby, O. Catherine M. Miller, R. N. in Nursing Ferndale, Mich. Phyllis Miller, R. N. in Nursing Benton Harbor, Mich. Treva A. Mitchell, B. S. in Public Health Olivet, Mich. Pauline Nielsen, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Rita F. Noel, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Jean Norrii, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Mary Norton, R. N. in Nursing Owosso, Mich. Ruby M. Olson, B. S. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Hilda A. Paananen, R. N. in Nursing Pelkie, Mich. Margaret Pastor, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Patricia Pickelmann, R. N. in Nursing Royal Oak, Mich. Dorothy Piegols, B. S. in Nursing Midland, Mich. Esther S. Powlison, R. N. in Nursing Ann Arbor, Mich. 141 Miriam B. Price, R. N. in Nursing .Detroit, Mich. Norma Priest, R. N. in Nursing Redkey, Ind. Helen J. Ray, R. N. in Nursing Durand, Mich. Nancy J. Reim, R. N. in Nursing Anchorville, Mich. Ruth J. Rich, R. N. in Nursing Grand Rapids, Mich. Jean E. Ross, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Marion F. Rutherford, R. N. in Nursing Flint, Mich. Betty J. Schoonover, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Nancy Short, R. N. in Nursing Lansing, Mich. Ellajane Sloan, R. N. in Nursing Wyandotte, Mich. Colene C. Smith, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Lenore Spoutz, R. N. in Nursing Detroit, Mich. NURSING SENIORS IM l- i n Helen M. Stumpmeyer, R. N. in Nursing River Rouge, Mich. Frances A. Sullivan, R. N. in Nursing Flint, Mich. Gwendolyn Taylor, R. N. in Nursing Napoleon, O. Virginia Taylor, R. N. in Nursing Coeur D ' Alene, Id. Betty Terry, R. N. in Nursing Ann Arbor, Mich. Mary M. Todd, R. N. in Nursing Memphis, T e nn. Corinne Toplosky, R. N. in Nursing Newport, R. I. June Trice, R. N. in Nursing Highland Park, Mich. Lucy Van Dyke, R. N. in Nursing Barbara J. Vogel, R. N. in Nursing Karla Vogeler, R. N. in Nursing Joyce M. Wade, R. N. in Nursing Edna Waterman, R. N. in Nursing Edna D. Wendt, R. N. in Nursing Mary E. Whitlock, B. S. in Nursing Jane Wickerman, R. N. in Nursing Battle Creek, Mich. Adrian, Mich. Calumet, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, O. Detroit, Mich. Charlevoix, Mich. Phyllis A. Williams, R. N. in Nursing .Detroit, Mich. Phyllis L. Wilman, A. B. in English Literature Jackson, Mich. Gloria Wilcott, R. N. in Nursing .Huntington Woods, Mich. Shirlee J. Yarian, R. N. in Nursing Nappanee, Ind. 142 Claudia Zelany, R. N. in Nursing Hamtramck, Mich. NURSING SENIORS Ah ha! Glandular fever! The high-strung type 143 II 144 The School of Pharmacy, founded in 1876, was the first college of Pharmacy in the na- tion. Today, in its eightieth year, there is strong indication that the college curriculum may be increased to five years. This change may be due to the greater interest in Pharmacy as the enrollment figures clearly illustrate. At present, the college boasts one hundred and sixty students, the largest number in the last thirty years. This expan- sion can be attributed to the large number of veterans, and also to the great need for pharmacists in the state of Michigan. The addition to the Chemistry and Pharmacy building will improve considerably equip- ment for research. Undergraduate and grad- uate teaching in the field of Pharmacy should appeal to more people in the future if the present trend is any indication. Dean Howard B. Lewis has been head of the department of Biological-Chemistry at the University of Michigan since 1922. Dean Lewis received his Ph. D. at Yale in 1 9 1 3. He was connected with the Physiological de- partments at Yale, the University of Penn- sylvania, and the University of Illinois. He is a member of the National Board of Medical Examiners, Phi Beta Kappa, and many other organizations. Dean Howard B. Lewis 145 american pharmaceutical associatioi student branch Front Row: Fred Taylor, William Harrison, Roger Booth, Weldon Haas, John Priestley, Richard Romeyn, Sherman Meyer, Harold Shumansky. Second Row: James Romeyn, Patricia Schneider, Hazel Birckelbaw, Margaret Magnuson, Hannah Freyer, Mildred Bennawy, Joanne Bundy, John Kenrch, Walter Mason. Top Row: Louis Stadler, Joseph Rivers, Edward Hand, Joseph Sinsheimer, Thomas Sadler, Reginald Lowe, Steven Buich. Missing from Picture: Alan Conlclin, Kathryn Vergne, Ruth Nevin, William Hale, Kenneth Bohn, James Morse, Ronald Cobb, Jack Vealey, Shyo Itami, Fred McKinney, Robert Fairman, Signe Morris, Donna Harrison, Mary Drollinger, David Sutliff, Harold Heyler, Kenyon Brigham, Robert Boucher, Jean Brown, Elmer Benson, Raymond Parr, Mark Hoskins, Richard Webb, Donald Olson, Martin Seiti, Ralph Dorrance. Organized to encourage the advancement of pharmacy as a science and as a profession, especially as it pertains to pharmaceu- tical education, the Student Branch at the University of Michigan is a relatively new organization. The Student Branch is the out- rowth of the original pharmacy organization, the Prescott Club in honor of Dr. Albert B. Prescott, the founder and cham- the University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy. The Branches ' activities are primarily centered around pro- f pharmaceutical interest, climaxed by the annual Honors held in June. 146 Mildred L. Bennawy, B. S. in Pharmacy Detroit, Mich. Hazel M. Birckelbaw, B. S. in Pharmacy South Lyon, Mich. Roger C. Booth, B. S. in Pharmacy Cadillac, Mich. Joanne W. Bundy, B. S. in Pharmacy Orleans, Ind. Richard M. Ellinwood, B. S. in Pharmacy - Norwich, N. Y. John B. Kentch, B. S. in Pharmacy . Wellsboro, Pa. Margaret M. Magnuson, B. S. in Pharmacy Grand Rapids, Mich. Walter C. Mason, B. S. in Pharmacy Muskegon, Mich. Raymond G. Parr, B. S. in Pharmacy St. Johns, Mich. William J. Rice, B. S. in Pharmacy Flint, Mich. William T. Wendell, B. S. in Pharmacy Pontiac, Mich. PHARMACY SENIORS This is the straight dopel 147 - 148 The School of Public Health was established in 1941. Since then the enrollment has in- creased to number two hundred and seven. The only undergraduate students are public health nurses, while the graduates are work- ing towards the degree of Master of Public Health. Under the present organization, the School is divided into four major depart- ments: Public Health Practice, Epidemiol- ogy, Environmental Health, and Tropical Dis- eases. It is a member of the Association of Schools of Public Health. .Henry F. Vaughan, Dean of the School, was born in Ann Arbor and received his B. S., M. S., and Dr. P. H. degrees at the University of Michigan. He has been a spe- cial lecturer in public health administration since 1922 and professor of public health and dean of the School since 1941. Previ- ously to taking the position of dean, he was Commissioner of Health for the City of De- troit for twenty-three years. Since 1928 he has been the promoter of a plan of medical participation in public health service now being extensively adopted. Dean Vaughan has proved himself able author, editor, and executive. Among his other activities are included presidency of both the National Sanitation Foundation and Council of the Michigan State Department of Health. Dean Henry F. Vaughan 149 The Horace H. Rackham School of Gradu- ate Studies has had a relatively small in- crease in enrollment this year since many returning veterans still have to complete their under-graduate work. However, there is a proportionate rise of the number of stu- dents in all graduate departments. The de- partments with the greatest increase in en- rollment are Physics, Psychology, Mathema- tics, Romance Language, and Engineering. Graduate work suffered greatly during the war but prior to that time, the University of Michigan ranked tenth in the number of Ph. D ' s earned at the nation ' s universities. Half of the University ' s foreign population is in the Graduate School. Many more stu- dents may be expected to enter Graduate School because the war has intensified the need for additional education. Dean Ralph A. Sawyer estimated that the present en- rollment in the Graduate School would prob- ably double during the next few years. Dean Sawyer came to Michigan in 1919 as a Physics instructor after earning his Ph. D. at the University of Chicago. He has been a professor of Physics since 1930. He is a member of the National Research Coun- cil, Phi Beta Kappa, and director of the Op- tical Society of America. Dean Ralph A. Sawyer 151 , phi alpha kappa Front Row: R. Orser, D. Pollie, G. Kiester, H. Petersen, R. Weener, J. Robbert. Second Row: L. Wiegerink, E. Vandenberg, R. Oom, F. Winter, G. Walters, A. Franlte, K. Kuiper, J. Wyngaarden. Third Row: W. Wilkinson, A. Koert, L. Mulder, A. Ophoff, W. Jansen, T. Rosema, L. Rus, Q. Hamilton. Top Row: E. Overbeek, R. Dice, R. Then, R. Kempski, C. Van Der Veer, D. Boersma, J. Van Zoeren, J. Deur, D. Oliver. Missing from Picture: H. Ver Schure. Phi Alpha Kappa is one of the youngest fra- ternities on the campus. It was founded in 1929 by a group of graduates from several western Michigan Colleges. In these few years the fraternity has rapidly grown into an active organization of graduate students from every college of the University. With its members concentrating in Medicine, Den- tistry, Law, Economics, Engineering, Music, Education, Business Administration and For- estry, the fraternity promotes a stimulating companionship among men of greatly differ- ing educational interests. 152 Desal Aruind Bombay, India Milton A. Netter, M. S. in Mechanical Engineering Toledo, O. William Snell, M. A. in Mathematics Monroe, Mich. GRADUATES God bless the 6. I. Bill! Undergrads play bridge. 153 mtf E 3 ft E B w . , ' -N I .. .- ' - Wata more people more life 156 157 I didn ' t want Psych 41 anyhow! That book will be in in four months They say it looks different from the fifty yard line loads of crowds 158 - loads of lines Even with extra coaches we were crowded Curtain going up for Modern Novel in Lydia Mendellsohn All aboard for Willow Run 159 Varsity Nite left us practically speechless. The finest Homecoming display " Hail to the victors. " 160 " he Homecoming dance, the end of a swell weekend! Sorta burns you up when you think of the next day, doesn ' t it? 161 that big Some went by train . . . some found other means . . . some were arm chair listeners . . . but every- one heard those victorious cheers from the Ohio State Stadium. 162 weekend 163 Opening night at our version of the Copacobana . . . the Casbah Between you and me, I prefer blue jeans St. Valentine reigned at Pay-Off Dance Bottom: Open Sesame was the magic word for a successful Pan-Hel Ball Bunyan . . . the most informal formal of the year Wild music at the Union Formal 164 oh how hey danced 165 personalities discussing roblems we don ' t PlflNISl EXTRA CONGER FRI.FEB.21,83 , Beethoven or Boogie Woogie. Appreciating the finer things of life. 166 always study bridge the book. imbibing movies 167 Top: Mother ' s cooking was never like this We really meant to study... warm ways Bottom: Crossroads of about 18,000 private lives The main drag ... the Diag snow days Bottom: Wonder what the Alps would be like. It looks so easy in pictures. - Top: Woops! It was ice . . . and now it ' s slush Ziggy Elman kept us dreamy with slow music 170 ' . .while Jimmy Lunceford kept us jumpin ' to his jive. J J and to find our names in the J-Hop extra 171 The J-Hop committee worked hard, and even set up a miniature foretelling the big event. Accidents will happen, but everything went smoothly. J-HOP J-HOP 172 ' " . HOP J-HOP We often stopped to look . . . listen . . . and chat in various booths. A 2:30 A. M. breakfast and a 4:30 curfew topped off an exciting week-end. 173 1i y NOTICES i w o student legislature CABINET Robert Taylor, Vice- Preside nt ; Ruth Klausner, Recording Secretary; Hack Coplin, President; Thomas Walsh, Rep- resentative at Large. Missing: Virginia Councell. Representative at Large; Rae Keller, Corresponding Secretary; Terrill Whitsitt, Treasurer. A portion of the Student Legislature at work. The revival of student government on campus in 1945 marked the beginnings of student-re-awakening in the post war period. And it was natural that this should occur. Not only had there not been a council during the war years, but the great expansion of university enrollment with its attendant student problems, made it imperative that a representative body be elected. Accordingly, a constitutional convention was held, and the constitution submitted was put to a popular vote and ratified. Thus was laid the groundwork for the re-institution of a campus-controlled government. Ths first elected legislature found itself faced with the task of acting as mediator between the students and the administration, and co-ordinator of student activities. To perform the functions of government required of it, the Student Legislature is organized into executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Among the accomplishments of the Student Legisla- ture to date, was the obtaining for those wishing to go to the Ohio State game, the use of a special train, the Homecoming dance, the conducting of elections for the Union vice-presidents, the J-HOP Commit- tee, student members of the Board in Control of Student Publications and its own members, plus the oper- ation of the Student Book Exchange. Some of these activities are pictured on the next page. 176 The Men ' s Judiciary Council, elected from the Legislature, handles disciplinary and other jurisdictional cases. A picture of one of its meetings appears at the right. A glimpse of the Student Book Exchange which is operated for the profit and benefit of the students. Counting the ballots in a recent student election. 177 Along with the rest of the University, the Union has expanded its membership and its duties. This time next year should see the work begun on a new addition to the present building. On hand as usual, to mention just a few, will be the facilities of a large swimming pool, the billiards room, the library, and the ever-popular Tap Room. michigcm union 178 Richard Roeder President executive council FALL AND SPRING SEMESTER 1946-47 Henry Horldt Secretary Fall Hal Walters Secretary Spring Louis Lapierre Jerry Comer Arthur DerDerian " Mike " Mishowski George Schaffer Bradley Straastma Richard Courtwright Gene Sikorovsk! Andrew Poledor 179 board of directors Standing: Ralph Kenyon, Engineering College; Robert Richards, Dental College; Charles Kerner, Combined Colleges; Ross Hume, Medical College; Talbot Honey, Men ' s Judiciary Council; Richard Ford, Law School; Thomas Walsh, Literary College. Sitting: Donald May, Alumni Member; Harold Walters, Secretary; Richard Roeder, President; Erich Walters, Director of of Student Affairs; Professor Chester Wisler, Finance Secretary. Absent: Prof. A. L. Clark; Prof. Carl Brandt; Dr. Dean Myers; Prof. Robert Rodkey; Harry Kipke. Workers unitel As good as they promised! 180 " Cue " for relaxation Union malteds are famous GOINGS ON AT 181 THE UNION A penny for your dreams Knights on the move interfraternity council I.F.C. Executive Committee Top Row: Robert Foote, Kenneth Allen, Robert Wendling. Front Row: Robert Tisch, Harry Jackson, President; Willard Krebs, Secretary-Treasurer. Scene from the Interfraternity Track Meet Under the leadership of Harry Jackson, the I.F.C. continues its work of regulating rushing and integrating fraternal life at Michigan. This year the council ' s duties were many due to the increased number of men rushing and the exis- tence of thirty-three fraternities on campus. The principal aims of the organization are to interest men in the fraternal life and to bring about a cooperative relationship among the houses. In the latter category falls the inter- fraternal sports ' contests, I.F.C. Sing, and the famous I.F.C. Ball. Signing up for rushing in the I.F.C. offices of the Union 182 michigamua ALL-CAMPUS SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY Flank Runner Renner Rail Reader Roeder Empty Quiver Copland Please Punt Verges Greek Grabber Krebs Happy Hand Hooper Little Battle Chaser Matthei Bobbin Bottoms Swanson Mighty Might Courtwright Racing Flame Elliot Heap Hulk Hilkene Gnome Dome Davis Hopping Hair Horldt Dizzy Dribbler Gibbert Wiser Weasel Walters Goal Getter Greer Windy Wizard Taylor Bark Marker Harsha Slippery Flipper Canja Whatta Wallop Wikel 183 vulcans SENIOR ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS: President, Chip Warrick; Secretary, Bob Reichert Bob Allen Charles Birdsal Bill Breen George Burg Dick Chenoweth Ralph Chubb Milt David Henry Fonde Bob Grandy Ted Greer Harry Holiday John Jenswold Henry Kaminski Verne Kennedy Cliff Myll Al McNab Andy Poledor Russ Potter Gene Sikorosky George Spaulding Hal Walters Hal Watts Howard Verges 184 ' triangles JUNIOR ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY John Campbell Everett Ellin Herbert Schreiber George H. Schaffer William Squire Dominic Tomasi 185 -12. sphinx ALL-CAMPUS JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS: President, Dick Bodycombe; Secretary, Brad Straatsma; Treasurer, Jim Evans Dave Barclay Herb Barten Bob Betzig Bob Chappius George Curtis A. Rebel DerDerian Gene Derricotte Dan Dworsky Chalmers Elliott Allan Farnsworth Stuart Finlayson Leonard Ford Harley Fortier Cecil Freihofer Bob Harrison Paul Harrison Connie Hill Chuck Hills Harry Jackson Bill Jacobson Val Johnson Louie LaPierre Hugh Mack 186 Bob Mann Bernie Meislin Bill Mikulich Milan Miskovsky Gord McMillan Al Renfrew Bill Roberts George Shepard Bob Sohl Sam Stedman Bob Thomason George Vetter Jack Weisenburger Merril Wilson Dennis Youngblood pi tau pi sigma delta chapter university of michigan William S. Squire President H. Henry Keskitalo Vice-President Ralph E. Schroeder Secretary-Treasurer Major Howard Porter Advisor PI TAU PI SIGMA, National Signal Corps Honorary Fraternity. An organization to promote social and professional interests of its members. Back Row: Ralph E. Schroeder, J. W. Pielmeier, Leo H. Laakso, Robert C. Buckborough, Edward A. Crovella, H. Henry Keskitale. Front Row: William S. Squire, Melrose M. Jesurun, Professor Lewis N. Holland, Major Howard E. Porter, Professor John C. Brier, Gerand H. Ciczewski. Missing: Charles H. Culbertson, Lucien T. Finch, Professor B. J. Bailey, Alfred T. Swain. 187 reserve officers ' training corps MICHIGAN ' S ROTC UNIT, replaced during the War by special military training programs, returns to its task of producing reserve officers trained for national defense as Major General Edward Sedley Bres, War Department Head of Reserve and ROTC affairs for the United States Army discusses future plans with Colonel Karl E. Henion, Chairman of the Military Science Department. The Department of Military Science and Tactics, a tradition on the campus since 1817, trains Michigan men for leadership in the Army ' s Organized Reserve Corps. Nine branches of the service have been selected by the University to train students electing ROTC. The five prewar branches, Infantry, Corps of Engineers, Signal Corps, Medical Corps and Ordnance Department have been augmented by Army Air Forces, Quartermaster Corps, and the Army ' s two newest services, Transportation Corps, and Corps of Military Police. The student may select the branch most closely related to his major field of civilian specialization. In so doing his civilian experience will be allied to his military career. 188 Branches of Service in the ROTC 189 naval reserve officers ' training corps OFFICERS Standing: Captain Valante, USMC; Lt. Col. Sabol, USMC, Lt. Cmdr. Fitch; Cmdr. McQuiston, USN; Lt. Cmdr. Hough, USN; Lt. Cmdr. Williams, S.C., USN. Sitting: Captain Michaux, USN. NROTC Battalion Staff: Linus Litsey, Den- nis Youngblood, Battalion Commander; Russel Duff, Robert Allbright, Eugene Ost- lund. NROTC Company Commanders: Robert Izzo, John Morrissey, Aimo Saari. 190 Combat Information Center Chief Quartermaster Joly, whose gold service stripes represent 37 years of naval service, shows a group of NROTC students how to plot the information obtained from radar. Fire Control Hitting the target is largely a matter of rapid solution of ballistic and trajectory problems. The computer shown here solves the fire control problem rapidly and con- tinuously. North Hall Main Battery Research has produced new weapons such as the atomic bomb, guided missile, and the rocket, but have not made obso- lete the Naval gun with its large caliber and long range. The gun shown here is a 5-inch dual purpose weapon that was formerly on the destroyer Endicott which sank two German destroyers in the Mediter- ranean when attacked while she had only one gun firing. Communications The flag hoist sig- nal used for centuries by seafaring men to signal between ships is still used for tactical maneuvers in the fleet. 191 scabbard and blade ACTIVE MEMBERS: Stephen A. Brooks, Charles G. Campbell. David S. Climer, Alvin Cohen, Harold B. Coleman, James W. Creaser, William G. Crocker, Edward A. Crovella, David R. Dunkle, Frederick L. Eareckson, Jr., Ben C. Fairman, Joseph P. Franklin, William P. Gentz, Robert F. Guthrie, Jack E. Harlan, Karl E. Henion II, Lawrence W. Hetrick, Donald E. Kenny, Leonard A. Mika, Donald E. Queller, Richard R. Robinson, Robert E. Rugar, Glenn Schneider, Ralph E. Schroeder, Robert L. Shafer, Roy Smith, Douglas Swift, Harry G. Troxell, John C. Vyn, Henry P. Wenger, John Yelanjian, Dennis E. Youngblood, Jack W. Zordell, W. T. Zurschmiede. Scabbard and Blade, National Honorary Military Society, was reactivated this year, after a four- year absence from the University of Michigan. Traditionally an Army group, Scabbard and Blade opened its ranks, in 1947, to Naval ROTC cadets, for the first time at Michigan, and initiated fourteen Navy men. Merit is the sole basis for membership in Scabbard and Blade. Top Row: Troxell, Coleman, Franklin, Kenney. Third Row: Henion, Swift, Youngblood. Second Row: Lt. Col. Davidson, Fairman, Genrz, Creaser, Zurschmiede. First Row: Robinson, Baclawski, First Sergeant; Perry, Captain; Ware, First Lieutenant; Harlan. 192 Chicago Tribune Gold Medal being awarded to the outstanding ROTC student, Joseph A. Baclawski. The traditional christening of new members Paying homage to the first Scabbard and Blade men rifle team Standing: M Sgt. Richard Hanson, Assistant Coach; Peter Leow, Bernard Kimmel, Thomas Miller, Executive Officer; Francis Rylance, Frank Sams, Lt. Col. Howard E. Ferguson, Coach. Kneeling: Warren Eder, Treasurer; Police Lundgard, George Meyer, President; Samuel Gesko, Vice-President. Missing: Robert Graham. 193 women ' s Ellen Hill President EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Jean Louise Hole President, Women ' s Judiciary Council Josephine Simpson Vice-President Phyllis Welman Secretary Carolyn Daley Secretary 194 council Ann Robinson Social Committee Margaret Gage Panhellenic Council Jeanne Clare Assembly The Michigan League Council coordinates all women ' s activities on campus. It includes both social and service projects. It also forms policies for the administration of the League Building. This year the Council met the chang- ing demands of the University by increasing its number and by expanding its activities. Jean Brown Women ' s Athletic Association Barbara Everett Women ' s Glee Club Doris Krueger Publicity Joan Schlee Freshmen Orientation Campus Casbah 195 women ' s league Joan Willc Women ' s Editor Daily Shirley Mattern Dancing Classes Judy Rado Merit-Tutorial Jean Engstrom House Committee UNDERGRADUATE COUNCIL Olive Chernow Hospital Service Lois Iverson Transfer Orientation Barbara Raymer Drives Estelle Klein Personnel Committee 196 women ' s judiciary council Standing: Jo Reuland, Junior Member; Sarah Jane Stephenson, Junior Member. Sitting: Harriet Shinnick, Senior Member; Carolyn Newberg, Secretary; Jean Louise Hole, President; Betty Hahneman, Junior Member. Women ' s " Judich " functions both as a disciplinary group and as the chief inter- viewing body for women ' s positions on campus. Under Jean Louise Hole ' s lead- ership, " Judich ' s " reputation for fairness and keen insight has been strengthened. " Off the bench " they are like any other Michigan coeds scurrying to classes and enjoying the campus life. Judiciary Aides Left to right: Eileen Scanlon, Eleanor Hoffmaster, Dulcie Krasnick, Lois Jean Hall. Missing: Harriett Friedman. 197 pcmhellenic council Standing: Lois Cothran, Rushing Secretary; Patricia Pontius, Treasurer; Monna Lee Clark, Secretary. Sitting: Louise Patrick, First Vice-President; Margaret Gage, President; Betty Pritchard, Second Vice-President. Pan-Hell meeting in session. Held once a week, they give the affili- ated women the opportunity to exchange views, discuss them, and then act as a unified body. It is Pan-Hell ' s aim to bring both the affiliated women closer together and to continue strengthening friendship with independent girls. 198 Pan-Hell Ball. A wonderful dance featuring Sonny Dun- ham ' s orchestra. Held in Waterman Gym, there was room for all. Dean Alice Lloyd, Mr. Smith, Registrar and Regent Baits, together with the committee in charge of Pan-Hell Recognition Night, and guests. Sorority houses were honored, as well as the outstanding sorority women. 199 _ assembly Organization for Independent Women Board Standing: Suzanne Smith, Social Chairman; Pamela Wrinch. Secretary-Treasurer; Sarah Simons, Personnel Chairman. Sitting: Allene Golinken, Vice-President in charge of League Houses; Jeanne Clare, President; Phyllis Pettit, Projects Chairman. Missing: Audrey Weston, Vice-President in charge of Dormitories. The aim of Assembly is the promotion of the ideals and interests of independent women. Every independent woman on campus is a member of the Assembly Associa- tion. She is represented at weekly meetings by her house president. She is always welcome to visit the Assembly office where she will find a member of the Board able to explain campus activities and anxious for suggestions of improvements to be made in Assembly. Highlights of this year ' s calendar were the Fortnight Show, Recognition Night, " Tag Day, " Assembly Ball, and the Fresh Air Camp Ball. 200 Fortnight Show assembly highlights Left: Assembly Ball Below: Fresh Air Camp Ball Dormitory Presidents ' Meeting League House Presidents ' Meeting 201 junior girls ' play Camille Ayo, Assistant Chairman; Doris Miller, General Chairman; Kathleen Watson, Director. The memories of " The Best Years " set down in music, dancing and laughter to become one of the besF JS Plays ever presented on the Michigan campus. Top Row: Arlene Kadiff, Jean North, Betty Spillman, Gloria Barren, Pamela Wrinch, Rozann Radliff, Audrey Burnard. Second Row: Avis McCrillis, Donis Murray, Janet Cork, Nancy Schiller, Janet Osgood, Cynthia Cotes, Frances Gurche. First Row: Penny Klausner, Betty Steward, Dolores Massey, Jane Wetmore, Nancy Holt, Nancy Neumann. 202 soph cabaret Mary Stierer, Stage Show Chairman; Polly Hanson, General Chairman; Bobby Jo Ream, Asst. General Chairman. It was " Tale-Spin " for 1946 and more than 140 Soph girls worked in this Cabaret. The third since the war, it was a smash success and added one more glorious page to the tradition of Soph Cabaret. Central Committee Top Row: Marjorie Plant, Bette Hamilton, Eugenia McCallum, Melody Damon, Marilu Hill, Ruth Sights, Mickey Wilson, Tee Burke, Sue Ann Snyder. Second Row: Pat Baumgarten, Pat Hannagen, Joyce Bowen, Bobby Jo Ream, Polly Hanson, Chairman; Mary Stierer, Gwen Sperlich, Sally Stanton. First Row: Harriet Mermelstein, Lois Garniti, Sue Montgomery, Virginia Garritsen, Karin Lindh, Laurene Pickford, Betty Estes. Missing: Joanne Bromm, Jackie Reid, Marilyn Holmquist, Mary Quinn. 203 ' mortarboard Mortarboard is a national senior honorary society for women, the purpose of which is to provide for the cooperation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to recognize and encourage leadership and in general to stimulate and develop the finest type of college woman. Qualifications for membership in this group are good scholarship, service, and leadership. Girls are tapped at Installation Night each spring. Top Row: Mary Alice Dunivan, Olive Chernow, Harriet Risk, Ellen Hill, Collee Ide, Virginia Councell Second Row: Lucy Stone, Eleanor Stewart, Betty Lou Bidwell, Josephine Simpson, Ann Robinson. First Row: Jean Louise Hole, Lennis Britton, Dawn Saari, Judy Rado. Ann Wallerstein. Missing: Ann Kutz, Mary Brush. 204 wyvern All Campus Junior Honor Society Wyvern " Tapping " Top Row: Jean Gringle, Roiann Radliff, Marie Neumeister, Sarah Simons, Cynthia Cotes. Second Row: Jo Osgood, Virginia Olberding, Secretary; Carol Lieberman, President; Betty Hahneman, Treasurer; Pamela Wrinch, Project Chairman. First Row: Reitha Harmon, Mary Ruth Levy, Betty Lou Zwemer, Jerry Gaffney, Naida Chernow. 205 senior society Senior Society for Independent Women Top Row: Harriet Risk, Olive Chernow, Carolyn Newberg, Ellen Hill, Carolyn Daley, Rose Der- derian, Betty Lou Bidwell. Second Row: Frances Paine, Janice Carter, Shir- ley Hansen, President; Betty Ann Larsen, Treas- urer; Dawn Saari, Secretary; Alene Golinkin. Front Row: Judy Rado, Jeanne Clare, Ann Wal- lerstein, Mary Battle. Missing: Mary Brush, Margery Harrington Lawson, Vice-President; Joan Fiske. scroll Senior Society for Affiliated Women " S 1 A A ' A Top Row: Florence Kingsbury, Mary Lou Rookus, Estelle Klein, Jean Brown, Pat Hayes, Barbara Stauffer, Joan Wilk, Marilyn Ford. Front Row: Lois Kelso, Lorelei Nierman, Signe Hagge, Secretary; Ann Lippencott, President; Joan Schlee, Barbara Dewey, Treasurer; Lois Iverson. Missing: Lois Cothran, Ruth McMorris, Jean Griese, Barbara Everett, Margaret Gage. 206 women ' s athletic W. A. A. Board association Top Row: Virginia Howe, Camp Counselors; Pat Newberg, Archery; Lucille Sheetz, Softball; Dorothy Goppelt, Table Tennis; Sally Ware, Tennis; Jeannette Collins, Fencing; Jo Osgood, Badminton; Delight Scoville, Crop and Saddle Assistant; Joan Bromm, Dancing; Jerry Gaffney, Basketball; Barbara McNiel, Hockey. Second Row: Mary Lou Larmee, Participations Chairman, Rae Keller, League Houses; Betty Eaton, Intramural Manager; Jean Brown, President; Joan Wilk, Secretary; Pat Doelle, Treasurer; Betty Hahneman, Publicity; Ann Wallerstein, AFCW Representative. Front Row: Joan Smith, Ice Skating; Gwen Sperlich, Bowling; Joan Richardson, Outing; Barbara Crosby, Rifle; Betsy Moore, Golf; Karen Larsen, Crop and Saddle; Louise Markhas, Swimming; Barbara Dewey, Dormitory Manager. Missing: Janice Bernstein, Sorority Manager. women ' s physical education club Officers, seated: Mary Lou Larmee, Junior Repre- sentative; Patricia Crandall, Secretary; Sue Kauf- man, President; Dr. Laura Campbell, Advisor; Naida Chernow, Treasurer; Jo Osgood, Publicity. 207 1 Table Tennis woua The purpose of W. A. A. is to promote participation in athletic activities, emphasize physical fitness, and foster a comprehensive recreational program which will include all the women in the Univer- sity of Michigan. Golf 208 W.d.d. In order to fulfill such a purpose the W. A. A. offers its program in con- junction with the Physical Education Department on campus. It provides all the facilities in the way of student managers, equipment and excellent instructors or advisors for seventeen clubs. In addition, all girls are en- couraged to participate in the intra- mural activities. Archery Field Hockey 209 vi.a.a Badminton Fencing swimming club Front Row: Bee Richards, Gloria Miller, Betty Richards, Marilyn Howell, Mildred Denecke, Virginia Zeeb, Louise Markhus, President. Row 2: Miss Gareis, Advisor; Maxine Mintz, Harriet Fenske, Mary Pinney, Ruth Bush, Avery Grant, Phyllis Brooks, Sally Donovan. Row 3: Paula Davey, Collee Ide, Janet Adams, Virginia Nicklas, Mary Carolyn Wright, Jeannette Buckley, Ellen Crowley, Roxie Tayler. Missing: Frances Jenkins. 210 rifle club Prone: Pat Raeside Anne Sugar, Marilyn Mears, Mary Lou Stegner, Lynn Menke. Kneeling: Sgt. Hanson, Lydla Creed, Barbara Crosby, Manager, Dorothy Hall. bowling club 211 HHMM skating club The Ice Skating Club meets twice a week, worked on figures, dances, free-skating, terminated season by participating in an ice carnival with Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club, and furnished the " Swing Num- ber " for the Hockey series with Michigan Tech. Mary Frances Greschke, University and Ann Arbor professional and winner of the 1942 midwest championship, who arranged and directed the ice extravaganza, " Melody On Ice. " She is shown doing a split jump. Left to right: Martha Weig, Irene Straub, Marilu Hill, Anne Sirota, Gloria Miller, Sally Spouse, Phyllis Babcoclc, Lucille Sheetz, Joan Smith, President; Corinne Brennan, Ruth Martini, Frances Radford. 212 crop and saddle This year saw the University Women ' s Riding Club absorbed in the Crop and Saddle Club. When the weather is good they ride outdoors, through the woodlands and rolling hills. But come rain or snow, as it frequently does here, they will still be found riding and practicing in the indoor ring. The highlight of the year is the annual Spring Horse Show. Karen Larsen, President Practicing for the Spring Show It ' s a cinch they all can ' t get onl 213 dance club Beginning Class Left to right: Esther Stulberg, Joan Goldstein, Zena Friedland, Donalee Reed. The Dance Club meets once a week in Barbour Symnasium where they test out the modern theory that dancing is an art as fully expressive as painting or music. Modern Dance Representatives Left to right: Andee Sugar, Melva Weinberger, Joan Bean Intermediate Left to right: Helen Morley, Gwen Helm, Joanne Bromm, President, Cohleen Jenson, Adrianne Volberding, Andee Sugar. 214 student publications board in control of student publications Top Row: John Shockley; Dean Erich A. Walfer, ex-officio member; Prof. Robert L. Dixon; Prof. Paul Kauper; Ray Ginger; Paul Sislin. Front Row: Mr. Webb McCall, Mt. Clemens; Prof. Palmer A. Throop; Prof. Gale E. Densmore, Chairman; Mr. Lee Woodruff, Grand Rapids; Prof. Carl E. Burklund. 215 michigcm daily Robert Goldman Managing Editor Fall Term Paul Marsha Managing Editor Spring Term With the return of pre-war editors and staff, the Daily enlarged its wartime skeleton facilities to meet the challenge of a University that produced one big news " break " after anot her. Feature stories, editorial columns, the Associated Press, and the greatest number of campus pictures in Daily history. Most memorable story came in the fall when in answer to an edi- torial plea, the campus gave up tickets to the Army game for dis- abled vets from Percy Jones Hos- pital. Other headlined events were the Willow Village triumph over electricity, tremendous ad- vances in the University building program, the Red scare, and " Fritz " Crisler ' s expanded athletic program. Clayton Dickey City Editor Milton Freudenheim Editorial Director 216 Ann Kutz Associate Editor Clyde Recht Associate Editor Mary Brush Associate Editor sports Jack Martin, Sports Editor, far left. Archie Parsons, Associate Sports Editor, near left. With Jack Martin, Sports Editor, and Archie Parsons, Associate Sports Editor, Michigan ' s many sports activities have been well covered. women ' s page Lois Kelso, Associate Women ' s Editor, spring term, far left. Joan Wilk, Women ' s Editor, near left. Missing: Lynne Ford, Associate Women ' s Editor, fall term. The Women ' s page of the Daily has its own staff whose job is to report on the varied activities of the many women ' s organizations on campus and the many social functions. Joan Wilk, Women ' s Editor; Lynne Ford, Associate Women ' s Editor, fall term, and Lois Kelso, hold the same posi- tion for the spring term. 217 ' daily business Robert E. Potter, General Manager Pictured below are the Daily Night Editors, backbone of the news staff. Writing the most im- portant " stories " and editorials, " putting out " the paper once a week, they form the junior staff with three years experience be- hind them. Janet Cork, Business Manager and Nancy Helmicl, Advertising Manager Standing Assistant Night Editors: Phyllis Kaye, Gloria Bendet, Lida Dalles, Harriett Friedman, Elinor Moxness, Shirley Frank. Seated Night Editors: Gay Larsen, Mary Ruth Levy, Stuart Finlayson, Eunice Minti, John Campbell, Frances Paine. 218 michiganensian r The ' Ensian, like the rest of the Univer- sity, has expanded considerably this year, handling a larger volume of material than ever before. A larger staff has put their best efforts toward a wider coverage of all phases of campus life. After operating under wartime restrictions, the staff has found the going easier now that more normal conditions have been restored. It is our hope that those flash-bulb blues and paper problems are gone forever. Florence Kingsbury, Managing Editor Mary Lou Roolcus, Business Manager Ann Wallerstein, Associate Editor; Lorelei Nierman, Associate Editor Warren Talcott, Art; Nancy Constantine, Layout Alexander Lmnian, Photographer; Bill Wake, Photography Editor; Stan Lipsey, Photographer. Missing: Barry McCabe, Photographer Ruth Fairbanks, Senior Pictures; Jean Kodish, Features; Elaine Wilets, Houses Rozann Radliff, Schools and Colleges; Jeanne Thome, Organizations; Walt Klee, Sports 219 ensicm business Junior Editors Standing: Carol Siebert, Sales; Pat Heustis, Advertising; Lloyd Jewell, Circu- lation; Bud Tamarkin, Publicity; Gerry London, Contracts. Seated: Barbara Gray, Accounts. Edit Tryouts (above) Business Staff Tryouts (below) gargoyle Gang staff relates after March sales Don ' t go to your ten o ' clock without a Gargoyle! Christmas spirits reign in Garg office 220 gargoyle Gargoyle, Censor Ed McKinlay, Managing Editor Ray Shinn, Associate Editor Bill Hampton, Art Editor Judd Vear, Business Manager Prominent among campus publications this year has been the Gargoyle, the only college humor magazine in the country which reads madly in all directions. The familiar cries of " Send a Gargoyle to your mother-in-law, she ' ll die laughing, " and " If you ' re an engineer, you can look at the pictures, " will long ring in the ears of those approached by the Garg salesmen. Featuring talented art and literary staffs and inspired by the guiding spirit, Garg, the six issues of the magazine have contrib- uted more than their share of chuckles to the school year. Junior Staff: Frances Modes, Advertising Manager; Joan Fiske, Literary Editor; Lynn Shapiro, Make-up Editor; Leo Teholii, Assistant Art Editor; Ernest Novak, Advertising Manager; Andee Sugar, Circulation. Missing: Mary Ellen Gray, Make-up Editor; Edward Cole, Advertising Assistant, Fall Semester. 221 MM michigan technic Milt David, Editor-in-Chief The Michigan Technic has the distinction of being the oldest college engineering magazine in America as well as being the oldest publication on the Michigan campus. Its offices are located in East Engineering where the Staff can be found working any afternoon or night to bring the news of the engineering world to Michigan students, alumni, and faculty. The Technic features articles on new invention, developments, and problems in such a way as to make them inter- esting and readable for the layman. Just as Engineering school has been penetrated by women so also has the Michigan Technic. It is published as a private enterprise with no financial support from the University. Marilyn Marsh, Business Manager Phillip Stemmer, Associate Editor Betty Hansen, Managing Editor 222 junior staff Top Row: Robert Ware, Features Editor; Jack Kelso, Editorial Staff; Ernest Harper, National Advertising Manager; Donald Slcilliter, Circulation Manager; John I. Smith, Local Advertising Manager. Front Row: Stan Saulson, Publications; Florence Tsilkoff, Illustrations; Henry Kaminski, Business Staff. Top Row: Karl Henion II, Gerard Giczewski, Morris Weimer, Robert Gustafson, Theodore John, Ernest Harper, Jr., James Chandler, Benjamin Selving, John Smith. Front Row: John Cox, Ann Lawrence, Eve Gait, Jo Lince, Donald Steibel, Lexie Herrin. tryouts slide rule ball committee Top Row: C. Philip Stemmer, Band; Robert Ware, Decorations; Henry Kaminski, Business; John Campbell, Publicity; Don Skilliter, Tickets. Front Row: Marilyn Marsh, Programs; Jack Kelso, Co-Chairman; Milton David, Co-Chairman; Mary Pat King, Patrons. l fl 223 women veterans Officers reading from left to right: Ann Borgman, Treasurer; Anne Dearnley, President; Lucille Schulz, Vice-President. Betty Pecsenye, right, receives a welcome back to school from Edith Ross, Chairman, seated left, Marie Culbertson, standing left, and Ann Borgman, seated right. Ann Trease, Social Chairman, left, discusses future activities with committee members Haiel Norquist, Hilde Johnson, and Flor- ence Jhung (left to right). Organized in the Summer, 1946, the University Women Veterans Association represents one of the first women veterans groups to be organized college campus. The members, who meet on a fortnightly for social activity, also express their views on pertinent current events. In cooperation with other veterans groups, a UWVA representa- tive attends the luncheon meetings of the Univer- sity Veterans Council. Three women representa- tives attended the state-wide Michigan Student Veterans Planning Conference. 224 veterans ' organization Behind the scenes The Veteran Organization has carried out a very full and varied program on campus this semester. Highlighting the activities was the conducting of a campus-wide survey for the need for increased subsistence. This material was then presented by President William M. Haydon in a special hearing before the House Veterans ' Affairs Committee, in Washington, D. C. This event was only one of a number of events including work on housing, rent ceilings, absence reports, and aid in filling state bonus forms. Highlight- ing the social program was the Black-Cat Ball given in the fall as well as picnics and other lesser affairs. Officers: Harold Lawson, Treasurer; William Haydon, President; Warren Weil, Corresponding Secretary; Pearl Rasmusser, Vice-President. Missing: Walter Koch, Executive Secretary. 225 flying club Learning how The University of Michigan Flying Club, Inc., consists of sixty-six flying enthusiasts ranging in experience from the novice to ex-service men with thousands of flying hours stacked up. Highlight of this year ' s activities will be the International Intercollegiate Air- meet to be held in May at Willow Run airport with the U. of M. club acting as host. Top Row: Dick Elling, Glenn Friedt, Norman Lip- stin, George Athens, Don Milbourn, Lou Crieth, James Baird, Gerald Cooley. Second Row: Harry Aprian, Charles Parcells, Anne Guinan, Gloria Eisenstein, Virginia Young, John Buczynski, Margaret Lou Trout. First Row: Bob Lamb, Barbara Foster, Herb Beyer, Clarence Kutschinski. Top Row: Roger Markle, Art Miller, Don Coletti, Bob Goslow, George Hoyt, R. A. Dimlap. First Row: Jack Garris, Mark Fisher, Carol Ander- son, Fran Hamilton, Richard Welkins, Bill McDermott, Margery Robinson. 226 sailing club The Michigan Sailing Club, organized in 1938, is a member of the Inter- Collegiate Yacht Racing Association. The club participates in several intercollegiate regatta each year. The club, which is located at Whit- more Lake, has six racing dingies and an eighteen-foot sloop. alpha phi omega The Michigan Chapter of A. P.O. was founded in 1941 and is known as Gamma Pi chapter. Alpha Phi Omega ' s membership is open to former Scouts. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is " To assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and promote service to humanity. " Top Row: George Wheat; Roberts; John Mathews; Harry Helm; Lewis Horton; Joe Grubbs; Ferdinand Dierltins; William Goldsmith. Second Row: Russell Shields; Lew Rydland, Vice-President; Prof. Nor- man Willey: Sidney Zilber, President; Charles Lewis, Treasurer; Gilbert Iser, Secretary. 227 canterbury club 1300 cans of food were collected by the club and sent overseas during the Famine Drive. The Canterbury Club for Episcopal students is one of a number of such clubs at colleges and universi- ties throughout the country. Meeting each Sunday evening in the Episcopal Student Center, it aims to promote regular worship, the study of religious and social problems, service to Church and community, and fellowship. Recreation is an integral part of the Club ' s activities. Members of the Canterbury Club receive the Holy Communion at their regular Wednesday morning service. 228 gamma delta The University Lutheran Chapel and Student Center, 1511 Washtenaw Avenue, is the home of Tau Chapter of Gamma Delta, the International Association of Lutheran Stu- dents. Under the guidance of the Reverend Alfred Scheips and an elected council, a full program of religious and social activities, including Sunday morning student services and Sunday evening supper socials, is provided for all Synodical Conference Lutheran Students and their friends. A Gamma Delta Song Fest Student Council Top Row: Eugene Barth, Gus Butterbach, Dorothy Barth, Hank Walt, Erma Muclcenhtrn, Mickey Polovitz, Barbara Maul, Dick Rehmus, John Nauman. Second Row: Jean Sriese, Tom Gu enter, President; Eleanore Breitmeyer, Vice- President; Barbara Boggio, Secretary; Don Measner, Treasurer; Marian Si ess. Front Row: Arnold Helbig, Al Ptegols, Orv Greunlce, Les Kangas, Herb Opltz. Missing: Jeanne Nuoffer, Dot Piegols. 229 newmcm club Executive Council Standing: Barbara Luke, Secretary; Den Daly, Executive Committee; Bob Scanlon, Executive Com- mittee; Charlotte Mack, Membership Chairman. Seated: Fr. McPhillips, Chaplain; Steve Squillace, Executive Committee; Dorothy Goodin, Treasurer; Henry Melton, President; Mary Battle, Women ' s Vice-President; Arthur Barkey, Men ' s Vice-President; Fr. Bradley, Assistant Chaplain. Missing: Margaret Zirbes; Bill O ' Brien, Executive Committee. The Newman Club, an organization open to Catholic students on campus, is devoted to religious, educational, and racial purposes. Headed by Henry Melton, the group meets at St. Mary ' s Chapel and has for its advisor Reverend Father McPhillips. 230 hillel foundation Hillel Student Council Top Row: Harvey Weisberg, Marshall Wallace. Virginia Brown, Libby Rosenbloom. William Resnick, Bennett Yanowiti. Morma Lappen, Miriam Eckerling, Dorothy Kassis, Rita Hyman. Second Row: Rabbi Herschel Lymon, Director; Oscar Feldman; Jay Singer, Third Vice-President; Carol Lieberman, Secretary; Stuart Goldfarb, President; Barbara Levin, Second Vice-President; Benson Jaffee, First Vice-President; Allene Golinlcin; Helen Horwiti. First Row: Samm Cott, Muriel Aaron, Gilbert Silverman, Miriam Levy, Helen Greenberg, Frances Pearl, Blanche Berger. Missing: Fae Kaufman, Howard Freeman, Charlotte Halman, Esther Stulberg, Fred Libin, Harvey Miller, Earl Kuhlilc, Seymour Lichter. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation on the Uni- versity of Michigan campus. When Hillel was organized on this campus in 1926 it was a pioneering group, there being only two like it in the United States. The first Hillel Founda- tion was located on East University. As the Foundation expanded in membership and activities, its headquarters were moved to I 102 Oakland and then to its present site on the corner of Hill and Haven in the fall of 1942. The Hillel Foundations are sponsored by B ' nai B ' rith, America ' s oldest and largest service organization, to bring a more adequate knowledge of their heritage to the Jewish stu- dents on the University campus. The units are supervised by trained professional directors who cooperate with representative student leaders in the task of making Jewish religious and cultural values vital and relevant for the college generation. B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation a corner of the Music Room 231 Hindustan association The Hindustan Association was founded at the International Center in 1945 by a group of Indian students and American friends. The aims were to pro- mote fellow-feeling among friends of India, to discuss all questions concerning India, and to cooperate with other societies organized for similar objects. It has since become the largest foreign student organization on campus, empha- sizing union and fellow-feeling. The Association counts in its membership students from several other nations and residents of Ann Arbor and Detroit. During the year, the Association has presented films on India, an Indian Handicrafts Exhibition, and a celebration of a religious festival. January twenty-sixth, Indian Independence Day was solemnized. Members have par- ticipated in functions at other universities with songs, dances, and instrumental music. A drive was held for India famine relief. American and Indian leaders have spoken on the turbulent Indian scene. Top Row: Nasiruddin; Govindrajan; Syne; Surja; Josh; Amin; Modi; C. Ardmaster; Talsania; Dadachanji; Mundle; Phalnikar; Chandan. Fourth Row: P. Parikh; Jadhavrao; G. Shah; Vya; G. Patel; N. Parekh; Felts; Chudgar; K. Subramanina; Peermohamed; Vasunia; Prakash. Third Row: Kaushiva; Adhia; Patterson; Shah; M. Desai; Hore; Murthy; M. Malani; S. N. Das Gupta; Jhaveri; B. Mehta. Second Row: Correa; Joshi; Rajadhyaksha; Desai; Parikh, Treasurer; Chhatrapati, President; Lewin , Secretary; D. Shah, Secretary; Kapadia, Social Director; Tripathi. First Row: Ranganathan; Sethna; Lamba; Pendse; H. Desai; I. Parikh; R. Desai. 232 polonia club The Polonia Club is an organization of students of Polish descent. Founded in 1917 as Polonia Literary Society it has been reorganized until it has become the Polonia Club with social and cultural aims. The chief aim is tc enrich the common pool of American culture by the most valuable traits of Polish civilization. Among its activities on the campus the outstanding were collecting one thousand dollars for books about Poland for the Library in 1926, presenting the " Polish Ballet " and " A Polish Night " in 1943, and bringing Polish films to the campus in 1945, as well as two distinguished speakers on international affairs in 1946. Orher activities include outside speakers and discussions on various topics connected with Polish culture, evenings of Polish literature, folk singing and dancing, and parties and picnics. Top Row: W. Warzybok; E. Szymanslci; E. Wilamowski; A. Laczynslci; T. Werner; R. Cieslinski; S. Serafinski. Second Row: E. Kozera; J. Mikula; J. Bukwaz; I. Pacak; J. Sobczek; I. Trzcinski; D. Krosnicki; S. Ferenc. First Row: B. Dziengielewski; C. Skowronski, Social Chairman; A. Novak, Treasurer; W. Lejnar, President; H. Wolanski, Vice-President; N. Podgorski, Secretary; K. Olejaarczyk, Historian; M. Ambrozy. 233 Top Row: Jane Gordon 49, Dorothy Proefke 47, Jean Leonard 49, Mary Wilson 48, Marilyn Zinc 48. Margaret Burton 49, Dorothy Quick 47, Dorothy Hart 49, Janice Smith 48, Dorothy Fraser 49, Nina Goehring 47, Martha Dieffenbacher 47. Third Row: Jeanne Swendemen 48, Gloria Baron 48, Helen Cole 48, Catherine Cowan 48, Joan Schaeffer 48. Lucie Fink 49, Sally Albrecht 47, Patricia duPont 47, Melody Damon 49, Marilyn Holton 47, Joan Marquardt 48, Helen Thorny 47. Second Row: Lois Cothran 47, Rosemary Conner 48, Joan Myers 47, Grace Lathrop 47, president: Mrs. Goodale: Joan Sanders 47, vice- president: Jane Merrill 47, treasurer: Lila Makima 47, corresponding sacretary: Ruth McGuiggan 47, recording secretary. Front Row: Suzanne Davis 48, Elizabeth Rettew 49, Patricia Clancy 48, Sally Ball 48, Beverly Price 48, Audrey Lawrence 48. Marie Clancy 47. Jean Hall 49, Jean Lindbloom 49. Missing: Shirley Mattern 47, Patricia Shields 49, Katherine Frick 48. Theta Chapter founded 1898 237 Beta Eta Chapter founded 1929 Pi Top Row: Mary Lou Larmee 48, Mary Halpin 49, Shirley Dalton 48, Mary Jane Fraser 49, Helen Schlotter 49, Barbara Beadle 49, Catherine Tillotson 49, Ann Blazier 49, Carolyn Daugherty 49, Joyce Pomeroy 49, Lois Maycock 49, Mary Ann Cabral 49, Margaret Bird 48, Edith Barrett 49, Betty Grathwohl 48. Third Row: Lois Iverson 47, Martha Rollins 48, Dorothy Beatty 48, Pat Murrin 48, Virginia Seput 49, Louise Cunningham 48, Margaret Shinnick 48, Evelyn Schurr 47, Beverly Rowan 48, Marjorie Riggs 49, Jean Gringle 48, Nora Jane Staats 48, Patricia Heard 48, Alice Fleming 47. Marjorie Hilsinger 49. Second Row: Mary Catherine Peters 49, Wilhemina Brandt 49, DoroJhy Kuhnle 47, Lynn Menke 48, Estherlou Carlson 48, Lillian Dietrich 48, Marian Myers 47, Lois Bockstahler 47, president; Patricia Hampson 48, Kathryn MacDonald 48, Mary Wilt 48, Ruth Hoffman 47, Helen Kearney 47, Patricia Meanwell 48. Front Row: Betty Carlson 47, Marjorie Basselman 48, Dorothea Wallace 49, Margaret Ovitt 49, Jean Collins 48, Louise Leckner 47, Patricia Krawies 48, Mary Jane Stephens 49, Ellajean Allard 48, Elaine Reuhl 48, Mary Ann Waterman 47. 238 Top Row: Janice Oberman 48, Shirley August 49, Marilyn Plout 49, Lois Sarnitz 49, Virginia Brown 49, Phyllis Alvin 48, Peggy Berris 49, Vivian Goldberger 49, Naomi Krauss 49, Irma Lou Galansky 49, Roberta Reiter 49, Marilyn Kopel 49. Third Row: Peggy Maier 48, Sally Van Minden 49, Janice Gray 49, secretary; Trenice Dodek 48, Joyce Agatstein 48, Harriet Friedman 49, Gloria Berkson 47, Edythe Rogal 49, Lois Bendis 48, Frances Don 48, Ruth Lazar 48. Second Row: Jacqueline Greene 44, Eileen Phillips 47, Sue Tyser 48, Betty Mae Buker 47, Barbara Raymer 47, Mrs. Schulman, Barbara Blumrosen 47, Helen Horwich 47, Charlotte Abrams 48, Beth Srere 47, Joan Wilk 47. Front Row: Lois Lefkowitz 47, Helen Siskin 49, Amie Schreiber 47, Clarice Bercey 48, Betty Zien 48, treasurer; Eleanor Weiss 48, Audrey Goldberger 48, Pearl Handelsman 48, vice-president; Paula Zerman 48, house manager; Janice Bernstein 48, president. Pi Chapter founded 1921 239 Founded 1946 Top Row: Virginia Zeeb 47, Barbara MacLachlin 49, Barbara Smith 49, Barbara Dunlcle 49, Lillian Winguist 48, Mary Hiclcs 49. Second Row: Kathryn Randolph 49, treasurer: Mary Cabane 48, conesponding secretary: Barbara Beard 47, vice-president: Beverly Garrett 48. president: Betty Benidict 47, vice-president: Phyllis Brooks 48, recording secretary. Front Row: Janet Taylor 49, Suzanne Kuivinen 49, rushing chairman: Vitginia Young 48, Margaret Kelly. 240 Top Row: Mary Burton 49, Annette Wuest 49, Lucille Saxman 49, Marian Ott 48, Charlotte Bryant 48, Pollee Thompson 49, Jeanne Boyle 49, Haverly Hubert 49, Sue Falvay 49, Barbara Hamilton 48, Gloria Johnston 48, Marion Deane 48. Third Row: Joyce Lawrence 48, Peggy Buckingham 49, Corinne Firth 49, Margurite Phillips 48, Marilyn Burnes 48, Jeanne North 47, Ruth Mollnon 49, Bernice Calkins 49, Jean Wagner 48, Aileen Thayer 48, Jane Gray 48, Dorothy Ward 48, Harriet Jails 49. Second Row: Jessie-May Ahrens Simmons 47, Garnet Van Benschoten 47, Donna Ludlein 47, Betty Mitchell 47, Eleanor Gordon 47, Elaine Andrews 47, Joan Lamberg 47, president; Roberta Scherer 47, Delphine Moniuszko 47, Ginny Schaible 47, Jean Davidson 47, Feme Lepisto 47. Front Row: Shirley Meyer 49, Barbara Kelso 49, Helene Keeler 49, Mary Alice Cheney 49, Mary Haggerstrom 47, treasurer; Jeanne Mueller 47, secretary; Lois Kelso 47, Nancy Reekie 47, Ginny Smith 47, Patricia Hovey 47, Ellen Hand 47. Missing: Frances Foley 49. Alpha Beta Chapter founded 1922 241 Omicron Pi Chapter founded 1921 Pi Top Row: Doris Eash 47, Jacqueline Langan 49, Charline Matthews 47, Janet Johnson 48, Barbara Clark 49, Jane Newsome 48, Jeanne Lindsey 49, Barbara Rohan 48, Carolyn Mioskowski 49, Beverly Haley 49, Rosalie Moore 48, Bess Tamura 47, Dorothy Jemal 49, Gay Larsen 48. Third Row: Mary Ann Brice 49, Mary Gordon 48, Margaret Rutherford 48, June Rothman 47, Martha DeLano 49, Patricia Adams 48, Avis McCrillis 48, Sally Pearson 47, Mary Ann O ' Connor 49, Sally Wyman 48, Charline Thieleman 47, Gloria Gonan 49. Second Row: Elizabeth Gauthier 47, Lennis Britton 47, Barbara Yeomans 47, recording secretary; Janet Barber 48, treasurer: Doris Smith 47, vice-president; Eleanor Stewart 47, president; Gloria Gray 47, corresponding secretary; Monna Lee Clark 47, Elizabeth Pressprich 47, Connie Collins 47, Delores Earl 48. Front Row: Corrine Schild 49, Margaret Anne Schalk 48, Joy Martin 47, Gloria Melbourne 47, Mary Sue Westbrook 48. Mary Campbell 47, Janet Osgood 48, Raymonda McGarry 47, Haidee Prager 49. 242 Top Row: Marilyn Schaefer 48, Frances Hall 49, Sally Stanton 49, Pat Laus 49, Margaret Speckhard 49, Donis Murray 48, Janice Green 48, Mary Quinn 49, Nancy Culligan 49, M,ary Cambell 49. Third Row: Suzanne Tolford 49, Carol Holly 49, Cristine Blair 49, Bea Newberry 48, Frances Bond 48, Mrs. Dorothy P. Eckhart, Mary Cariline Wright 49, Mary Lee Krupka 48, Virginia Olberding 48, Janice Soodsell 48. Second Row: Esther Thors 47, Joyce Hall 49, Rosa Law 47, Louise Patrick 47, president; Barbara Driscoll 47, vice-president; Louise Prangley 47, recording secretary; Jane Kudner 47, Lou Nyberg 47. Front Row: Marian Yager, Louise Kefgen 47, Alice Miller 47, Ruth Tamblyn 47, Mildred Andrew 47, Barbara Glenn 47, Pauline Thompson 48, Alice Carlson 48. Missing: Betty Jean Hutchins 47, Margaret Parker 48. Theta Chapter founded 1892 243 Alpha Epsilon Chapter founded 1920 Top Row: Beverly Sough 48, Nathalie Drews 48. Jane Bartlett 48, Nancy Willits 47, Janet Bird 49, Martha Weig 49. Sally Norton 48, Nancy Rothfuss 49, Betty Christman 48, Margaret Hilt 48, Lee McLaren 48, Ruth Reed 47. Third Row: Paula Kemmer 49, Bonnie Elms 48, Candy Gaiser 48, Mary Nichols 48, Jeannette Collins 48, Enid McConkey Gosling 47, Carol Macha 47, Shirley Johnson 49, Maxine Smith 49, Jeannette Britton 47, Toni Rowland 47, Virginia Foren 47. Second Row: Betty Whittaker 49, Marilyn Neff 48, recording secretary: Janice Fletcher 47, vice-president: Mrs. Hetty Wolfs, house chaperone; Lois Patsloff 47, president: Mary Lou Lyourko 48, treasurer; Fay Hansen 47, corresponding secretary; Marian Sayward 48, Thomasine Neering 49. Front Row: Caroline Weigold 47, Joan Smith 49, Lois Bagley 48, Lucy Carol Fraser 47, Patricia Plate 48, Margaret A. Neel 47, Kathryn Lamley 49, Rosarita Hume 47. Missing: Marian Burton 48, Dorothy Smallman 49, Theda Temple Drake 48, Nelle Moore Schloetzer 47. 244 Top Row: Nancy Musselman 49, Marilyn Haley 49, Nancy Phillips 49, Faith Boult 48, Caroline Gibson 47, Dawn Vickers 49, Charlotte Clark 49, Molly Rogers 49, Patricia Stevens 49, Eleanor Hoffmaster 49, Joan Lince 49, Judy Robbins 49, Betty Gene Inyart 49, Lucy Kennedy 48. Third Row: Janet Farley 48, Nancy Stanton 48, Nancy Constantino 49, Jeanne Deary 48, Patricia Reid 48, Wilma Lyons 49, Nancy Robertson 47, Gretchen Geigenmueller 47, Peggy Herald 48, Marian Rice 48, Georgia Suliburk 48, Marilyn Spears 48, Patricia Petterson 48. Second Row: Betty Eastman 47, Dorothy Watson 47, Jeanne Deibel 47, treasurer; Joan Schlee 47, secretary; Jean Griese 47, president; Mrs. Russell, Kay Long 47, vice-president; Jean Schinkez 47, Barbara Stickney 47, Mary Alice Dunivan 47. Front Row: H. Kaye Griefer 47, Doris Kreuger 47, Jere Hurley 47, Jean Laird 47, Mary Ellen Gray 48, Mary Lee Miller 47. Dorothy Goodin 47, Elizabeth Adams 47. Barbara Stauffer 47, Beatrice Holkisvig, 47. Missing: Katherine Truesdell. Et Chapter founded 1905 245 Founded 1886 Top Row: Natalie Tayler 49, Elizabeth Barss 49, Suzanne Toepel 49, Betsey Moore 49, Ingrid Burklund 49, Alice Huntington 49, Joyce Thomas 49, Ann Owens 49. Third Row: Doris Diekema 48, Nancy Finn 48, Barbara Laun 49, Nancy Vedder 49, Helen House 48, Virginia Coffin 49, Lisabeth Hilde- brandt 49, Diane Richardson 48, Sarama Brown 47, Frances Walker 48, Sally Forman 48. Second Row: Lenore Nack 48, rushing chairman; Susan Taylor 48, Jean Pettigrew 48, Patricia Throop 48, secretary; Signe Hegge 47, president; Betty Aschen Brenner 48, vice-president; Roxana Taylor 48, stewardess; Charlotte Leach 48, treasurer; Cornelia Reagan 47, Mary Ellen Krauss 47. Front Row: Sally Smith 47, Glen Render 47, Mary Caroline Wade 47, Marilyn Jenkins 47, Sonia White 47, Evelyn Mills 47, Margo Ernst 47, Laura Manthei 47. Missing: Harriet Atwood 47, Joan Lochner 48. 246 Top Row: Eleanor Reed 48, Betty Dixon 48, Rosalie Spense 48, Betty Jerome 48, Martha Bird 48, Mary Buell 49, Betty Estes 49, Betty Etter 48, Polly Hanson 49, Elsie Evans 47, Jean Lyman 49, Jane Auld 48. Third Row: Jane Wetmore 48, Mary Ann Barr 48, Rozann Radliff 48 Marilu Hill 49, Joey Reichert 49, Virginia Nichlas 49, Jane Quail 48, Evelyn Wohlgemuth 49, Phyllis Barense 47, Audrey Buttery 49, Jeanne Thorne 48. Second Row: Cora Talbott 47, Priscilla Hicks 47, Lynne Ford 47, RoseMary Marin 47, Jeanne Busch 47, treasurer; Patricia Hayes 47, Chap- ter president; Mar|orie Stone 47, Harriet Shinnick 47, House president; Betty Steward 47, Mary Wilsberg 47, secretary. Front Row: Suzanne Genthe 47, Peggy Cummings 47, Barbara Peterson 48, Gwen Keister 49, Marian Reus 47, Marjorie Reber 49, Rae King 49, Ann Follinger 49, Camille Ayo 48. Missing: Nell Wilson 49. lota Chapter founded 1894 247 Chapter founded 1884 Top Row: Mary Margaret Walch 49, Patricia Hannegan 49, Nancy Loud 47. Sarah Stevenson 48, Virginia Rogers 48, Patricia Chaffee 48, Dorothea Townshend 48, Jean Flood 48, Jerry Gaffney 48, Elizabeth Woodward 47. Third Row: Agnes Mclntyre 47, Nancy Patton 49, Patricia Morley 48, Virginia Buckley 49, Sarah Bowern 49, Jean Hyde 48, Delight Scoville 48, Ann Gestie 49, Sue Wade 48, Elizabeth Bloxsom 48. Second Row: Roberta Ames 47, Charlene Goley 47, treasurer; Margaret Scowden 47, secretary; Patricia Williams 47, president; Mrs. Edith Quinn, Genevieve Brasie 47, vice-president; Phyllis Wilman 47, Bsverly Ritchey 47, Marcia Wellman 47. Front Row: Mary Lou Garland 47, Rosemary Strapp 47, Joan Read 47, Mary Lou Dove 49, Dolores Farah 49, Martha Marshall 49, Margaret Ellingwood 49, Joan Massey 49. Missing: Sally Stimson 48, Diana Gillis 47, Patricia Baumgarten 49, Sus Slocum 48. 248 Top Row: Nancy Smyth 49, Mary McNamara 48, Joanne Miles 48, Marian Allen 48, Collee Ide 47, Connie Converse 48, Doris Klee 48, Ruth Spore 49, June Brand 47, Paula Davey 48, Janet Morgan 47, Carolyn Chandler 48, Shirley Farnsworth 49. Third Row: Sue West 48, Kay Lynch 49, Jean Lee Van Leeuwen 49, Leona Martin 49, Jane Grothaus 48, Edna Lofstedt 47, Jacqueline Reid 49, Marilyn Watt 47, Mary Margaret Robinson 47, Carla Cobb 49, Gwen Sperlich 49, Phylis Collins 49, Louise Lawrence 49. Second Row: Peggy Jones 48, Carolyn Cummins 47, Rose Marie Schoetz 48, Martha McCray 47, Marjorie Dosch 48, Margaret Gage 47, vice-president; Barbara Evrett 47, president; Pat Stanford 48, treasurer; Joan Stevens 47, corresponding secretary; Helen Smith 47, record- ing secretary; Dona Schneider 49, Dorothy Goppelt 48. Front Row: Betty McCallum 47, Patricia McKenna 49, Esther Gommnsen 49, Barbara Bartley 49, Arline Ely 47, Mary Lou Estell 47, Florence Kingsbury 47, Beth Eraser 47, Frances Klein 49. Beta Chapter founded 1882 249 Eta Chapter founded 1879 Top Row: Cynthia Finn 49, Ruth McMorris 47, Pat Matheson 48, Joan Lawson 49, Janet Richards 48. Eleanor Ruhl 47, Marilyn Jervis 49, Jane Stout 49, Mary Catherine Patterson 47, Ann Lippincott 47, Mary Lou Dickinson 49, Sally Stamats 48. Second Row: Mary Jane Houston 47, Doris Miller 48, Marion Sharloy 47, Mary Carpenter 47, Carolyn Craig 47, Nancy Hubbard 47, Jean Kerr 47, Phyllis Van BrocMin 47, president: Mrs. Romine, Josephine Simpson 47, Cassie Verschoor 47, Thea La Budde 47, Corrine Essig 47, Jyme West 47, Ann Kutz 47. Third Row: Patricia Pontius 47, Jacqueline Merritt 47, Barry Stuart 47, Doris Willard 47, Joan Lindsay 48, Marion Riegel 47, Sybil Shallenberger 47, Lois Anderson 48, Elspeth Stuart 49, Janet Zinzer 48, Carol Fisher 49, Ursula Meister 49, Sue Martin 49, Eugenia Losch 49, Jean Eddy 48, Constance Nester 48. Fourth Row: Marion Horween 48, Anne Hanselman 47, Anne Hooley 47, Joan Corlett 47, Elizabeth Brundrette 49, Nancy Wolfs 47, Betsy Driscal 49, Beverly Ballantine 49, Helen Stegeman 48, Joan Dodge 49, Nancy Sayre 49. June Luttrell 47, Isabel Knoop 47, Beverly Thompson 47, Carolyn Brown 47, Betty Rohde 47. 250 Top Row: Gretchen Markle 49, Norma Mettler 49, Bonnie McClelland 49, Barbara Ferguson 48, Laureen Pickford 49, Dorothy Wikel 48, Eleanor Merriman 47, Mary Elizabeth Jones 47, Jane Dahlberg 48, Jacqueline Ehnerd 47, Marjory Stern 49. Third Row: Sue Ann Snyder 49, Marion Heilman 48, Margeret Hoik 48, Mary Pat King 48, Irene Johnson 48, Eileen Scanlon 49, Ann Griffen 49, Elaine Pew 47. Second Row: Doris Stern 47, Joyce Henry 48. Barbara Gray 48, Elaine Eagle 47, treasurer; Janice Ward 47, president; Janet Young 47, vice-president; Patsey Wager 48, secretary; Marjorie Hewson 48, Ruth Burns 47. Front Row: Paula Jones 47. Ann Norris 49, Regina Manning, Elizabeth Laursen 47, Marilyn Crisp 47, Rosalyn La Bounty 47, Jule Ann Benson 48, Barbara Brown 49, Phyllis Smith 49. Missing: Barbara Bolmer 49. Sigma Zota Chapter founded 1921 251 Beta Delta Chapter founded 1870 Top Row: Barbara Forster 49, Kathryn Dempsey 48, Carol Straehley 48, Mary June Simpson 48, Jeanne Hunt 49, Nancy Holt 48, Rae Keller 48, Kathleen Watson 48, June Dement 48, Marjorie Sutfin r9, Barbara Sickles 49, Karen Lindh 49, Penelope Newhall 49, Sally Bacon 48, Nancy Neumann 48. Third Row: Patricia Owens 47, Felicia Duvall 47, Barbara Stanton 47, Betty Stevenson 48, Sally Chapman 49, Marie Vidro 47, Barbara Sisson 47, Jean Brown 47, secretary; Carleen Gormsen 47, Donna Bro vn 49, Mary Buckmaster 49, Susan Schomburg 48, Janet Pease 48, Doris Johnson 48, Margaret Rathke 49. Second Row: Barbara Ream 49, Barbara Dewey 47, Mary Lou Rook js 47, Lucy Stone 47, Elaine Raiss 47, Mrs. Owens, house mother; Joan Buckmaster 47, president; Virginia Councell 47, vice-presidenl; Patricia Heustis 47, treasurer; Polly Murry 47, Joanne Reuland 48, Margaret Allen 47. Front Row: Jeanne Blinn 49, Carol Castricum 49, Julia Blume 48, Barbara Walker 49, Nancy Hess 49, Ruth Sights 49, Joanne Hill 49, Marcia Brunk 49, Julia Diggs 48, Joan Kampmeier 49. 252 Top Row: Ellen Crowley 49, Charlotte Peck 49, Ann Tuck 49, Nan Pjrry 49, Shirley Smith 49, Joyce Gavins 49, Dorothy Ellis 49, Barbara Busse 48, Joan Lambert 47, Joan Boos 49, Sue Montgomery 48. Third Row: Ernalee Brutschey 48, Betty Eaton 48, Kay McCord 47, Bitty Wren 48, Janet Cork 47, Sunny Thompson 48, Marge Patterson 48, Cynthia Cotes 47, Frances Gurche 48, Eleanor Brown 48, Jane Mayer 48, Teddy Courtney 49. Second Row: Karin Larson 47, Avery Grant 47, Nancy Bridge 48, Jaan Parker 47, Jean Louise 47, president; Phylis Chapel 47, Virginia Morton 48, Catherine Schneider 47, Nina Kalbfus 47, Betty Pritchard 47. First Row: Carla Mullendore 47, Betty Hearn 49, Joan Broadbridge 4), Pat Doelle 47, Mary Cochran 48, Ann Guinan 48, Juliet Wattles 48. Mary Stierer 49, Harriet Fenchke 49. Pi Beta Chapter founded 1888 253 Chi Chapter founded 1943 Top Row: Margy Zahler 49, Genny Steiger 49, Lorraine Cobrin 49, Lynn Rittenbaum 49, Margery Schlenger 49, Vivian Miller 48, Rita Kallman 48, Lois Kollenberg 48, Corrine Azen 48, Harriet Halpert 48, Rita Grossman 49, Phyllis Rosenberg 48. Third Row: Florence Schiff 48, Gloria Gordon 48, Betty Lou Rafelman 49, Martha Fisher 48, Marcia Lipsett 48, Judy Levin 49, Devora Fe idler 49, Mimi Eckerling 49, Margie Office 48, Anita Katz 48, Harriet Mermelstein 49. Second Row: Barbara Levin 47, Bette Levin 47, Shirley Sauter 47, Trudy Chertoff 47, treasurer; Estelle Klein 47, vice-president; Marge Cornsweet 47, president; Betty Levy 47, secretary; Ruth Klausner 48, historian; Annette Frieden 47, Lorelei Nierman 47. Front Row: Joan Silverman 49, Marilyn Davies 49, Lois Treuhaft 48, Phyllis Leaf 48, Sue Bravsman 48, Betty Waldon 47. Norma Levy 47, Penny Klausner 48, Jan Rothman 47. 254 Top Row: Patricia Henry 48, Myre Malin 47, Edith Atherton 48, Jaquiline Hams 48, Robin Burns 47, Dottie Ballentine 46, Wanda Pangle 47. Third Row: Anne Belisle 47, Corinne Calkins 47, Rosemarie Young 49, Joey MacKenzie 48, Alice Scott 47, Beverly Newburg 48, Alice Dallmeier 47, Shirley Weitzel 47. Second Row: Barbara Crosby 49, Marilyn Koebniclt 47, Leslie McVey 48, vice-president; Avery Hathaway 47, president, Mrs. J. Wythe Walker, chaperone; Charlotte Mack 47, treasurer; Mildred Bennawy 47, secretary; Joyce Meengs 48. Front Row: Elaine Keebler 49, Rosemary Larson 47, Delva Powell 47, Margaret Morse 48, Irene Zavella 47, Barbara Luke 47. Missing: Joan Richardson 49, Joyce Jackson 49. Alpha Gamma Chapter founded 1920 255 256 Mother Chapter founded 1904 Top Row: Richard Deane 48, Landing Jones 49, Fred Malsom 47, OttD Strobel 49, Edward Walker 50, Stuart Frey 49, Lawrence Girton 49, James Reagen 50, Robert Eldson 50, William Wynn 50. Third Row: Kenneth Smith 49, Jack Kelso 47, Daniel Gillespie, Grad: Donald Queller 49, Wilmer Pierson, Grad; Arch McGregor 48, James Kemmish, Grad; Stuart Wunch, Grad; Walter Conrad 50. Second Row: Ward Opdyke 49, James Churchill 47, Herbert Smith 49, John Wunch 48, senior dean; Kay Buchanan 48, venerable dean; Henry Hosmer 49, junior dean; Russell Buster 48, house manager; Fred Bryan 47, Arch Hall 47. Front Row: Robert Hughes 49, Robert Herlihy 50, Robert Campbell 50, Rollyn Storey 48, David Stremmel 50, John Hazelworth 47. Missing: Edmund Brownell 48, David Ulmer 50, Charles Wolfe 50. 257 Top Row: Ken Gilbert 49, Jack Llewellyn 48, Pat Roberts 50, Fred De Turk 50, George Curtis 48, Art Clements 47, Bill Hickey 48, Ken Carlson 49, Morgan Johnson 47, John Mummert 49, Frank Little 48, Jim McCobb 49, Herb Upton 48, Larry Finn 49, Jim Van Dusen 50, Jim Van Buren 48, Dick Kudner 49. Third Row: Munroe Taliaferro 50, Bill Owsley 49, Dick Stanfield 49, J. T. Minor 50, Fred Freihofer 49, Bill Heffner 48, Dave Upton 48, George Kraeger 47, Doug Beath 48, Cecil Freihofer 48, Ed Holt 47, Dune Noble 47, Don Sullivan 49, Jay Petter 49, Charles McCallum 50. Howard Orr 48, recording secretary. Second Row: Bill Boydell 48, Charles Barnes 48. Jack Markward 47, Bill Seymour 47, John Winters 47, Bob Craig 47, treasurer; Ed Rawlines 47, president; Charles Ness 47, vice-president; Bill Bowen 48; Harry Skinner 48, corresponding secretary; Bruce Hilkene 47, Larry Harbeck 48, Pete Van Domelen 49. Front Row: John Spaulding 50, Bob Barney 50, Tom Griffin 50, Bob Hamill 50, Rod Ganiard 50, Bill Modrack 50. Ted Kidd 50, Charles Moore 50, Steve Upton 49, John Butterfield 50, Bill Crispin 50. Missing: Minor Keeler 47, Bruce Laing 48, Lem Beardsley 48, Bill Coxon, Grad; Dave Burnell 49, Bob Hall 47, Ralph Johnson 49, Ed Walsh 50. c. Peninsular Chapter founded 1846 258 II :tf. Theta Chapter founded 1908 Stytta, Top Row: Joseph Marble 48, William Moon 50, Carl Bieser 50, George Gaston 50, Donald LaSage 48, Karl Stern 48, Sail Shoup 49, John Hornberger 49, John Winters 49, secretary; John Dunn 50, Paul Hiser 49, William Waterbury 48. Second Row: Lee Clark 48, William Leever 49, William Wilson 48, Benjamin Clark 47, Cal Graser 48, Robert Hopps 48, William Hayden 48, Donald Coombs 50, Richard Davis 50, Nicholas Quint 47, William Philipsen 48. Third Row: Henry Bruner 49, Richard Wayne, Grad: Palmer Wood 47, Lewis Sleeper 49, Joseph Fitzgerald 47, George Connor 47, presi- dent; George Vossburg 48, Robert Hoffman, Grad; Raymond Bohn 48. Fourth Row: Michel Coccia, Grad; George Wolfe 48, treasurer; Kenneth Murphy 48, John Grierson 49. Cleland Nelson 48, Fred Blakemore 47, Richard Benner 47, Zane Brandenstein 47. Missing: Robert Dodd 47, vice-president; Donald Weston 47, James Hodge 47, Carl Engel 47, Donald Sandborn 47, Kenneth Fryar 49, Keith Moffat 47, Charles Oblinger 49, Robert Shirrell 48, Robert Erben 50. 259 Top Row: Wilbur Hann 47, Robert Leader 48, Ted Karmazin 49, Leslie Stratton 47, Carl Knapp 47, Gene Lamont 47, Leigh Smith 48, Jack Water 49, Tom Coates 50, Robert Adrianse 50, Kenneth Kline 48. Fifth Row: Ro,l Snider 48, Allan Beattie 50, Douglas James, Grad; James Reiss 50, Robert Maulbetsch 48, John Dau 49, Robert Hilarides 48, William Koeller 47, Philip Warren 47, James Goldammer 48, Kenneth Armstrong 48, Joseph Gerylt 49, Paul Anderson 50, Richard Randall 50, Charles Stinson 50, Jack Shireling 48, Lathrop Berry 49, Don Hoexter 50. Fourth Row: William Bowler 49, Robert Wittbold 50, William Malin 51, Alfred Dau 50, Ray Bandemer 50, Edward Dunn 49, Tom Healey 50, John Gurche 49, Robert Shepler 48, Kenneth Hannah 47, William Keenan 47, Howard Wikel 47, Bruce Bockstanz 47, John Martin 47, James McCavey 47, Jesse Aber 47, DeMott Riley 48, Frank Munger 50. Third Row: James Gkonos 47, William McTaggert 47, Elmer Swanson47, William Thomas 47, Edward Shafter 47, David Baldwin 48, treasurer; Dick Bodycombe 48, president; William Healy 48, vice-president; Alan McManus 48, secretary; George Sewell 48, Don Hafer 47, Milton Netter, Grad; Robert Rees 47. Second Row: Brawn Sproul 50, Robert Smith 51, Al Pasch 48, Burt Daugherty 47, James Dwen 48, Cliff Boyce 48, Maynard Johnson 47, Don Metz 49, Frank Goodrich 49. Charles Edwards 49, Robert Frick 48, Douglas Sinn 50, Robert Scherwat 50, Roger Hotte 47, Robert Denial 49. Front Row; William Grant 50, James Cotton 50, John Lenkowski 50, Richard Burck 47, R. Bruce Blanchard 49, Cyril Tyler 47, Myron T. Gray 48, John Nortness 49, William Ohlinger 49, Robert Kelley 50, Richard Sequare 48, Lee Wasmund 50, James Reynolds 49, William Young 49, Ralph Andrews 50, William Dunlop 49, Arthur Meier 50, Robert Manley 48, Jack Van Duren 50, Arthur Jones 47, James Gordy 47. Missing: Don McAlonan 48, Don R. Parker ' 48, John Corbett 47, Leonard Gordinier 49, Harry Filby 49, Art Copeland 48, Carl Roth 48, Jack Bentley 48, Robert Deyce 47, Ed Carli 48, Erik Hansen 48. Beta Lambda Chapter founded 1898 260 Lambda Chapter founded 1845 Pi Top Row: John Carey 49, Jack Clark 50, John Boukamp 48, Mai Wright 50, Chuck Whipple 50, Leigh Gignilliat 49, corresponding secre- tary; Ed Kopf 49, Bill Hedges 50, John Gillette 49, Lome Black, Grad; Dick Ford 48. Fourth Row: George Mercer 49, Ted Kindel 49, Craig Rowley 48, Bud McKinley 47, Tom Hunt 47, John Baker 50, Bob Ferguson 50, John Rennie 50. Third Row: Bill Graham 49, Wayne Morse 48, Jack Schockley 47, Manuel del Valle, Grad; Steve Selby 48, Jim Herbst 47, John Laursen 47, Bill Telfer 49, Jim Holland 47, Bruce Ferguson 50, Cap Wright 48, Cal Chamberlain 49. Second Row: Ralston Hayden 48, Gordy Johnson 48, Vance Kleinstiver 48, Jim DeBoer 48, Bob Fonner 49, Dave Hunting 48, Bill Teesdale 48, Tom Reader 48, Jim Reader 50, Harry Wieting 48, Paul Vieth 48, Jim Kerr 47. Front Row: Ward Penberthy 47, George Snow 47, Bud Williams 47, J ' m Grady 47, Dick Marsh 48, Tom Flynn 48, recording secretary; Bob Anderson 48, president; Bob Wendling 47, house manager; Al Jeikins 47, vice-president; Jack Hooper 47, Harvey Littleton 47, Hal Fletcher 47, Bill Wake 47. 261 Top Row: Danhof Yntema 50, Garry Buhrow 50, Laurance Frederick 49, Robert Lehmann 50, Robert Haefner 50, Richard Halt 49, Roger Vaughn 50, Robert Morris 47, William Terzia 50, Jens Wheaton 50, John Sturgis 48, John Ross 49, Bryce Boothby 49, Ben Sproat 48, pres- ident; Stuart Yntema 48, John Pursley, Srad; Charles Asbury 50, Robert Taylor 49, Robert McLeod 49, Robert Lawson 48, Robert Songer 49, Charles Gallup 48. Third Row: William Roberts 49, Robert Braun 49, Frederick McDonald 50, Robert Gaddis 48, William Kuivinen 49, Johnson Wright 48, Roger Jacob! 47, treasurer: William Johnson 50, Robert Noser 48, Jerome Powell 47, Charles Neilson 47, James Burbott 48, William Potter 47, Robert Rann 49, Jack Jensen 49. Louis Brunsting Jr. 49. Vincent Young 50, Lester Radcliff 48 Robert Olshefskv 49 Ralph Rose Jr. 49. Second Row: Charles Raymond 48, Donald Raymer 47, Keith Jensen 48, John Hutchinson 47, William Fead, Grad; Richard Nelson, 48, Richard Delaplaine 47, Bruce Carey 47, Richard Asbury 48, John McCarty 47, William Pratt 48, John Knaff 47, vice-president- Glenn Lake 48. Willard Krebs 47, Robert Campbell 47, Hessel Yntema Jr. 47. Front Row: Robert Browne 49, Donald Graul 48, Jason Kutak 49, Donald Hall 50, Herbert McKenney 50, Donald Bacon 49, Robert Richardson 50, Charles High 49, Stanley Poag 50, " Chris, " David Oaming 50, James Robertson 50, Tom Chance 50, Jack Pietz 50, Walter Manley 50, Dean Spaulding 50. Missing: William Ammerman 49, John Ball 48, Frederick Becker 47, Thomas Claggett 48, Robert Derleth 47, Thomas Geiger 47, Ralph Gibert 47, Stephen Keifer 47, Claire Mintline 47, John Picard 50. Ralph Shultz 50, John Stegeman 48, James Stenglein 50, Larry Stentzel 50 Donald Stone 50, William Tate 47, William Woelk 47. Alpha Tau Chapter founded 1921 262 Alpha Epsilon Chapter founded 1845 Top Row: Paul Dunn 48, Robert Bryant 48, Robert Lausten 49, Robert Wood 50, David Davis II 48, James Donovan 48, William Roberts 48, Gordon Belshaw 50, Rodman Jacobi 49, Thomas Osborn 50, Frank Ederle 50, William Ryburn, Grad: Robert Frick 50, John Bird 48, Charles Braznell 48. Third Row: Byron Parshall 49, Robert DenLlyl 49, Stephen Mihalich 49, William Gordon 47, Adolph Neeme 48, James Nordlie 48, David Sheddon 48, Thomas Dolan 49, Eugene Howard 49, Robert Keiser 49, Charles Greenway 49, John Lucas 48, Charles McKean 48. Second Row: Maynard Newton 50, Hugh Mack Jr. 48, G. Curtis Bradley 48, David Osborn 49, Willis Boice 49, Russell Fisher 48, Harold Watts 48, Kenneth Nickolls, Grad; Lee Gill 49, James Giblin 49, Edward Miller 48, William Chickering Jr. 48, Lloyd Taft, Grad. Front Row: Arthur Christensen 48, Clark Pardee Jr. 48, George McDermott 48, Harold Groves Jr. 48, James Bargmann 48, Richard Ranney 48, vice-president; William Hibbard 47, president; William Wells 48, secretary; Don Robinson 47, treasurer; Charles Saur 47, David Brennan 47, Roland Stevens 47. 263 Top Row: Roberto Beato 47, Peter Lober 49, Arthur Smith 49, Male Im Barnum 49, Forrest Palmer 47, Philip Weadoclc Jr. 49, Theodore Merrill Jr. 49, Stiles Smith III 49, William Newton Jr., Spec; Robert Klagstad, Spec: Lorence Burdick 49, Robert Armstrong 49, Stanford Crapo 50, John Vanderkloot 50, Roger Rice 50, John Hubbard 49. Third Row: Charles Raphael 49, George Howland 47, Philip Allen, Spec; Lee Woodruff Jr. 50, Orlin Heller 48, Tom Hough Jr. 49, Henry Meyer 48, Carleton Moore 48, William Breer 48, John Roach 47, Roy Metelski 49, Jay Terbush Jr. 49, Robert Germain 47, Donald Murray 48, Peter Trosper Jr. 48. Second Row: Robert Diclcerman 50, John Kelly 48. John Dixson 48, John Arnold 48, John Harrigan 47, Earl Ramsey 47, George Leonard 48, treasurer; Jacob Dalm Jr. 47, president; Dudley Olcott Jr. 49, secretary; Joseph Fee 48, Frederick Matthaei 47, Earl Roberts Jr. 48, Norman Kuhn 48, James Hubbard 49. Front Row: Joseph White 50, William Cashbaugh 50, Spec; Richard Barnes 49, Edward Withey Jr. 50, Spec; John Coulton 48, Philip Hadsell Jr. 50, William Desiardins 50 ' , Charles Buckley 50, Henry Stapp 50, Charles Higbie 50. Missing: James Page 48. John Wirtz 49. William Matheny 48, Spec; David Adams 48, Robert Sligh 50, Charles Woodruff 48, Gerando Coterillo 48, Bayard Ramsay 50, Robert Vanranst 48, Paul Kircher, Grad. Omicron Chapter founded 1855 264 Delta Chapter founded 1874 Top Row: Paul Morgan 49, Alger Morrison 48, William McConnell, Grad; Ralph D. Maynard 47, Allen Perlberg 47, Joseph Wimsatt 49, Richard Tarazevich 48, Bill Callahan 48, correspondin g secretary; Richard Schilling 48, Lewis Neilson, Grad; Walter Bauer, Grad; Thomas Nobles 47, Albert M. Cherry 48, Richard Freeman, Grad. Second Row: Stephen Johnson 48, Henry Nikkei, Grad; George Carruthers 49, John Lee 50, William Ripley 50, Donald Lane 48, George Whitehorn 49, John Dighton 47, Paul Prill 48. Robert Olsen 48, Edward Cole 48. Front Row: Richard De Mark 47, Richard McKinely 48, John Drollinger, Robert Webster 47, Robert De Rose 48, vice-president; John Considine Jr. 48, chapter secretary; Robert Foote 48, president; Fred Seegert, Grad., treasurer; William Welsh, Grad., advisor; Joseph Millillo 47, James Mitchell 48, Walter Nester 47. Missing: Hal Lumble 49, Robert Collins 47, Arthur Johnson 49, Thomas Corn 49, Byron Webb 48, Arthur Horler 47, John Bartley 49, Walter Schaffer 50, Richard Garrett 48, Peter Speek, Grad; Millis Peet 49, Willis Van Dyke 49, William Nielson 48, Jerry Brown, Grad; Clayton Dickey 48, Ben Corwin, Grad; Zolton Horvath 48, William Ludolph 49, Herman Morin 48, Paul Meyer, Grad; Richard Pease 48, John Platt, Grad; Covell Radcliff 49, Francis Revord 48, Richard Shepherd, Grad; Kneeland Welch 48, John Weyers 48, Willis Reed 49. 265 Top Row: John Watkins 48, Hugh Jackson 47, Parker Cumings 49, Gerald Dickson 49, William Schultz 50, William Ford 49. Marvin Winston 49, George West 49, Charles Wilson 49, Thomas Brannick 48, William Fors 48, Phillip Jackson 50, David Bradbury 48, George Keskey 48, Charles Kerner 48, Joseph Laird 48, John Copeland 47. Third Row: Jean Carpenter 48, John Herlihy 50, Noyce Strait 48, Arthur Newman 48, Robert Ballou 50, Fred Kalinka 48, Byron Lodwick 48, O ' Brien Doyle 50, George Nicolau 48, Stephen Kaptain 48, John Hillenbrand, Grad; Thomas Miller 48, George Strong 48, John Doyle 49, Charles Moeller, Grad. Second Row: John Robertson 48, J. Robert Lindsay 47. William Maxwell, Grad: Harry Jackson 48, Tad Jaski 47, William Alexander 47. treasurer; Donald Judsen 48, president; Ken Tapp 48, vice-president; Arthur Adams 47, secretary; Robert Dimmit 47, Robert Willoughby 47, Edward Miller, Grad; Patrick Hayes 48. Front Row: Leland Barthalomew 50, Robert Johnston 50, Robert Ball 47, Donald Calhoun 50, Gerald Olsen 50, Daniel De Graff 50, Charles Bailie 50, John Prevel 49, George Gilbert 50, Edwin Allmendinger 47. Missing: Fred Poole 48, Richard Poole 50, Glen Wiitala 50, Loren Sexder 48. Michigan Chapter founded 1876 266 Alpha Zeta Chapter founded 1892 Top Row: Jack Miller, Srad; Les Cox 48, Branch Kerfoot, Grad; Ed Miller 48, Larry Kelley 47, Dick Allen 50, Fred Peake 49, Jim Hesler 48, Karl Henion 48, Don Plott 47, Nick Hariaris 48, Walt Hurt 47. Third Row: Rollie Howell 50, Dick Hutchinson 49, George Danaczko 48, Rog McAllister 49, Dave Dunkle 48, Bob Vial 48, Morgan Walker 48, Ray Hulce 48, Bill Retallick 48, Roy Engelhardt 49, Bob Van Norstrand 48, Jim Lynch 48, Bill Silberberg 49. Second Row: Bob Holland 47, Walt Stewart 47, Bob Brown 47, JudJ Vear 47, treasurer; Mel Engelhardt 47, vice-president; Bob Scjjulze 47, president; Tom Fain 47, Dick Scoles 49, secretary; John Rochelle 48, B b Foley 47, Bob Plank, Grad; Jack Morrison 48. Front Row: John Barnes 50, Bill Harrison 48, Bill Merritt 50, Larry Ward 47, Howard Meinke 50, Milt Hack 48, John Barbour 50, Reg Smith 49, Warren Bovee 48, Fred Palmer 48, Bruce Palmer 48. Missing: Bill Pritula 47, Jim Germanson 48, Howard Stephenson 50, La-ry Stratton 50, John Veen 50, Dick Knight 50. 267 Top Row: William Jack 48, John Waite 50, George Spasyk 49, Robert King, Grad; Frank Young, Grad; Robert Fisher 48, Merle Schwarz 48, James Wanland 47, Arthur Renner 47, Paul Hood 48, Harold Timmers 49, Robert Scanlon 50, Charles Kay 47, Elmer Radka 49, Roland Ure 47, Donald Carter 50, Wilbur Perry 49, Jerome Zurawsld 49. Third Row: John Tolfree 50, Harry Hutchinson 49, Edward Law 49, Arthur Belmonte 46, Thomas Sage 48, Robert Justice 48, John Stapelton 49, Norman Waggoner, Grad; Robert Snell, Grad; Warren Heller, Grad; William Ainslie 48, John Crombie 48, George Woods 48, Victor Gansser 49, William Snell, Grad; Rodney Hathaway, Grad. Second Row: Eldon Ward 47, Doniel Smith 48, Gerry Millar 48, Edward Nielson, Grad; Grant Jacks 49, social chairman; Harry Lustgar- ten 49, Burton Vincent 48, secretary; Raymond Scott 47, president; Richard MacFarland, Grad, vice-president; Ned Lau, Grad, treasurer; Frank Pipp 48, Robert Young 47, Charles Fairman 47, Howard Howerth, Grad; James Richardson 47. Front Row? Gordon Olson 49, Claude Morehouse 50, William Duerr 50, Manvel Coombs 49, John Bloomshield 49, John MacKay 48, John Tracy 49, Robert Tracy 49, Emmet Smith 50, Richard Collinge 50, Raymond Reece 49, Sam Burdge 49, Gordon Ironsaide 50, Edward Sandell 50, Thomas Frownfelder 50, Howard Haftel 49. Missing: James Coleman 50, Robert Wallace, Grad; Charles Clark 47, Desmond Howarth 47. Sigma Zeta Chapter founded 1913 268 Phi Chapter founded 1911 Top Row: Louis W. Wheaton, Elton A. Price 48, Leonard G. Ford 48. vice-president; Robert Mann 48, Noah F. Ryder. Front Row: Charles D. Hudson 48, president; Marvin L. Crawford 48, Jason N. Calhoun, Broadus N. Butler, Carroll Little 47, Dennis L Dowdell. Missing: P. T. Cochran 47, W. Kermit McAllister. 269 Top Row: Wilkins, D. Dutcher, Theurer, Mixer. Fifth Row: Bouchard, Lambert, A. Taylor, Graves, Billings, Straatsma, Allan, Moody, Baird, Cooley, Hammond, Ekholm, Tomasi, Wellerson, Forman, Toler, Skau, Chenoweth, Armstrong, Biordi, Dorsett, Tinlcham, Thompson. Fourth Row: Roeder, Shephard, R. Smith, Haggerdy, Robbins, Thoreson, Clark, Todar, Hoover, Christie. Wetterau, Athay, Mclntyre, Sikorovsky, Madden, Broderick, Dillon, Kilgore, Finch, Bade, Hamilton, Kimmel. Third Row: Lintol, Parker, Hurd, Wenzlau, Jones, Warrick, Chope, Hormumz, Chappuis, Yturria, Markendorf, Hanson, Bahlow, Callahan, Manglos, White, Felton. Second Row: Bridges, Dunn, Kempthorn, Leonard!, Brown, Moe, M. Taylor, Nissler, Bukema, Rush, Cobble, Brent, Carpenter, Morford, Stitt. Front Row: Jackson, Atkins, Beatty, Farley, Wicks, Souter, Myers, Dillingham, McClaran, Hickey, B. Dutcher, Evans, Neat. Michigan Alpha Chapter founded 1864 270 Alpha Phi Chapter founded 1902 Delta Top Row: Lee Smith 49, Robert Main 50, Stanley DeWolf 49, William McDail 47, John O ' Shaughnessy 47, Robert Gregg 48, Jock Fors 49, Robert Norwick, David Staddiford 49, Robert Foukat 50, Richard Schultz 50, Ward Peterson 47, Albert Warner 48, Robert Carson 49, Robert Crane 49, James Kirk 49, Robert Whitney 49, David Leyshon 49, Donald Lathrup 49, William MacGowan 48. Fifth Row: Jerome Hans 49, Keith Jordan 49, Frank Long 48, James MacDonald 48, Glenn Neff 48, Edsell Eady 48, Frederick Woodward 49, Stratton Bull 48, Robert Carpenter 47, Lawrence Albert! 48, George Shaffer 48, George Eckerle 49, Dean Firth 48, Howard DeMallie 49, Robert Holland 49, William Thiedel 47, Philip Pratt 49, Donald Nichols 49, James Kistler 50, David Wright 49. Fourth Row: Robert Allen 48, Kenneth Allen 48, Vernon Judd 48, Harold Walters 47, Orville Barton 47, Charles Ketterer 48, Robert Orth 50, corresponding secretary; George Spaulding 47, treasurer; Robert Grandy 47, president; Harley Fortier 47, secretary; John Kamin 48, historian; Herbert Beyer, Thomas Kuzman, William Hollenbeck 47, Richard Wakefield 47, Harvey Spaunberg 47. Third Row: Harold Anderson 48, Robert Cole 47, Arthur Macol 47, James Mulkey 47, Frank Boni 47, Martin Cranston 48, John Rohrbaugh 49, Edward Green 47, John Kentch 47, Thomas Heaton 48, John Winch 49, Douglas Watkins 48, Daniel Gardiner 49, John Kistler 50. Second Row: Donald Mattison 50, David Burkholder 50, Richard Russell 50, Charles Doherty 48, Philip Henderson 48, Ray Newhall 49, James Caufeld, Peter Craighead 50, Edward VanDyke 48, Herman Webber 48, Eugene Ryan 50. Front Row: Richard Hurst 50, Stuart Rankin 49, Herbert Barten 49, Alben Carlson 50, Curtis Bottum 48, Thomas Emerson 50, Carleton Patterson 50, William Wyckoff 49, Donal Todd 50, Crandall Rogers 49. Missing: Ralph ' Chubb 47, William Dawson 47, Robert Eich 47, Rob3rt Fancett 47, Henry Fonde 47, William Gripman 50, Robert Heath 49, John Howell 48, Richard Laird 48, Philip McLean 48, Phillip Mooney 48. Robert Muir 50, Raymond Snyder 49, Webb Wilson 49, John Snodgrass 48. 271 ii Top Row: Robert Rodriguez 48, Joseph Hooper 49, Douglas Leader 48, Herbert Jose 47, Richard Elinwood 47, David Baird 50. Kenneth Heron 47, George Punter 50, Allan J. Nieber 46, William Goodnough 49, Louis LaPierre III 47, Johan Berst 50, George Haller 49, Ross Crawley 48, George McCargar 49, Carl Brownell 48. Third Row: Howell Spear 48, James Bryant 49, Jerome Webb 50, Gaorge Sandenburgh 49, Robert Cage 49, Manson Carpenter 48, John McNab 47, David Tuttle 47, Quentin Sickels 50, Jerry Lucas 48, Alexander Trout 48, John Barney 48, Thomas McDonald 50, James Reason 50. Second Row: Eugene Estes 49, Frederick Comlossy 47, William Crick 47, Harry Smith 47, Chapin Barnard 49, Alan Boyd 47, house manager; David J. McElroy 48, president; Arthur Sandt 47, vice-president; Robert Beers 47, Edson Burton 47, Charles Booth Jr. 47, secretary; Paul Gordon 47. Front Row: Stephen Hunter 50, Frank Carson Jr. 49, Robert Brown 3!! 50, Joseph McCargar 50, Andrew Thomas 48, Frank DeLand 47, Philetus Spear 49, Harold Rehm 49, John Driver 48, John Hunter 49, Frank Sinks 49, Strongheart 50. Missing: James Gullberg 50, Albert McAdams 50, Harold Kretchmeyer 48, Donald Daron 47, John Thompson 48, Jacob Schmidt 47. Frank Greenwald, Ellis Wunch, John Ehlers 49, George Faulter, Robert Stoffer, Thomas Adams 48, William Zeeman. Michigan Alpha Chapter founded 1876 272 Eta Chapter founded 1916 Top Row: William Barish 49, Laurens Ruben 49, Lee Freedman 48, Stuart Schwartz 49, Jack Magidsohn 48, Samuel Havis 49, Robert Miller 48, Donald Sheldon 48, Robert Perrin 49, Philip Soloway 49, Arthur Abelson 47, Edwin Canner 48, president; Arnold Pohs 48, David Brodman 48, Marvin Robinson 48, Gerald Willcs 47, Herbert Weisshart 49. Fourth Row: Adolph Taubman 49, Jerome Furstenburg 47, Toby Holtzman 49, Lawrence Maisel 49, Earl Kuhlik 47, Hillard Morris 48, vice- president; Arnold Agree 47, Alan Fabricant 48, Orville Lefko, Grad; Charles Light 48, Lewis Froikin 47, Seymour Chase 47, Marvin Rollins 48, Philip Carlin 48, Louis Maling 48, Alan Goldstein 48. Third Row: Leonard Grossman 47, Robert Schwartz 47, Burton Agata 47, Gilbert Silverman 47, Israel Jacobs 47, Herbert Kaufman 47, James Ely 48, Henry Strauss 48, Harvey Schneiderman 48, treasurer; Norman Brown 47, Charles Stockstiel 48, Newton Zucker 47, Sheldon Gerson 48, Robert Epstein 47, Harold 47. Second Row: Warren Wepman 50, Robert Alpern 50, Avery Davis 49, Herbert Sillman 49, Sanford Rossen 50, Leonard Wolf 50, Herbert Epstein 50, Leonard Siegal 50, Carl Goldfarb 50, Philip Goodman 50, David Subar 50, Joel Goldenberg 50. Front Row: Norman Cone 48, Bertram Zausmer 49, Harry Goldberg 48, " Mile, " Edward Casper 48, John Hofman 49, Justin Henshell 48, Leonard Alexander 48, Herbert Ebner 50, Lee Weiss 48. Missing: Arnold Levy 49, Durand Jacobs 47, Harvey Krasner 49, Robert Lipson 49, secretary; Jeremy Gluck 49, Harvey Hubar 49, William Sapiro 49, Alan Sosin 49, Daniel Goddhill 48, Beryle Walters. Grad; Irving Stahl, Grad; Norman Shaeffer, Grad; Channing Lipson, Grad; Milton Jacobson, Grad; David Levy 47, Sidney Kaplan 47. 273 Top Row: A. Miller, W. Grossman 48, O. Lewis 48, treasurer; D. Sprecker, R. Engel, A. Little, W. Schriner 49, D. Pontius 48. Second Row: A. McLean, A. Engel, president; E. Bower, J. MacDonald 47, secretary; R. Lapidon 47, vice-president; A. Grunewald, R. Gross 50. Front Row: A. Bassett 50, H. Face 47, W. Deifenbach 50, H. Marsha 50, C. Tower 49, W. McAnnich 48. Delta Oeuteron Chapter founded 1913 274 Epsilon Chapter founded 1913 Pi Top Row: Leo Weiss 49, Lincoln Siegel 49, Robert Slaff 47, Michael Kane, Grad; Edward Elukin 48, Burton Wechsler 47, Howard Mass 48, Bernard Kimmel 48, Jared Schubiner 50. Third Row: Marvin Weiss 47, Joseph Warner 48, Richard Wald 47, Harrison Fuerst 47, Earl Chapman 49, Donald Hartman 49, secretary; Richard A. Passman, Joseph Stern 48, steward: Kenneth Berke 48, Alvin Steinman 48, John Dreifus 49. Second Row: Richard Elconin 50, Morton Cohn 48, Sual Harison 48, Roland Ginsburg 47, Lawrence Gilford 47, Robert Feinberg 47, pres- ident; William Skutch 48, vice-president; Milton Roth 48, Stanley Ginsberg 47, Arthur Medalie 47, Jack Kaufman 47. Front Row: Louis Spiesberger 47, Morrish Brown 50, Norman Feinberg 49, Stanley May 50, Harvey Abel 50, William Glick 49, Warren Weil 49, Maurice Weidentahal 50, James Eppstein 50, Stanley Gard 50. Missing: Gerald Gordon 50, Burton Hunter 49. 275 Top Row: Edward McNulty, Ernie Kratzet 48, Joe Dice 49, Harold Jackson 50, Ward Culver 50, Robert Ducker 50, Richard Turner 49, Robert Everett 48, Peter Finn 48, Mitchell Justice 47, Henry Kahlman 49, Jack Cole 50, Jack Lawson 50, Charles Hutchingson 50, Edward O ' Hara 47, William Gerhardt 47, Robert Moore 50, Robert Gustke 49. Fourth Row: Robert Pierce 49, Reed Lowden 48, Paul Eaton 47, Merrill Hunter 48, Robert Byerly 48, Edward McPherson 49, Fred Prince 48, Arthur Schupp 49, Arthur Franzen 48, John Stover 49, John McDonnell 48, J. W. Coe 48, Edwin Larson 48, Gil Evans 49, Robert Chute 48, Richard King 49, William Davis 48, John Dolan 48. Third Row: Keith Blake 48, Lawrence Ward 47, William Ducker, William Smith 49, corresponding secretary; Douglas Chanter 47, Robert Jones 48, recording secretary; Donald Eckrich 48, vice-president; Henry McDonnell 47, president; Harry Holiday 48, treasurer; John Jens- wald 47, Vincent Corcoran 47, Louis Haughey 48, Alex Canja 48, Robert Mulligan 48. Second Row: David Brown 50, Jerry McKinney 50, Richard Daniels 48, Henry Berry 50, Lloyd Jones 50, Sandy Dewar 50, Lyman Fish- burn 50, Robert Kittridge 48, Robert Fisher 48, Gordan Hardie 48. Front Row: John Hamlen 49, Nelson Harvey 49, Bill Edwards 50, George Patterson 50, Thomas Lough 49, Robert LaJoie 47, John Pridgeon 50, Allan MoGregor 50, Robert McGowan 49, Everett Clark 50. Phi Chapter founded 1865 276 lota Beta Chapter founded 1888 Top Row: Jim Lee 48. Art Haag 48, Reed Garver 47, Link Bennett 47, Milt Zoschke 49, Bill Upton 48, Carsten Orberg 48, George Wild 48, Don Neal 48, Kern Lewis, Grad; Andy Saari 47, Jim Minahan 47, Wally Schloerke 47, Ted McKillop, Grad; Sandy Smith 49, Jack Martin 47, Borge Orberg 47, Bob Beys+er, Grad; Si Stimson, Grad; Bob Larsen, Grad. Fourth Row: Bob Pollack 47, Fred McGlone 47, Bruce Siegenthaler, Grad; Joe Thompson 48, Bill Scheef 47, John Maloney 49, Andy Hardie 49, Jack Lind, Grad; Larry Reilly 47, Chick Knott 47, Bill Gentz 49, Bob Rodgers 48, Milt Bryant, Grad; Bob Lee 49, Bob Baker 47, Clark Baker 47, Tom Fellows 47, Hal Stlezle 48, Pancho Savaria 48, Bob Gilfillan 47. Third Row: Al Brede, Grad; Cal Rehtemeyer 48, Gerry Gooley 47, Bob Shafer 47, secretary; Tal Honey 49, Bill Rohrbach 48, Cory Bell 47, vice-president; Ruel Lehman 47, president; Lou Major 47, treasurer; Ed Baker 49, John Benjamin 48, Bob Gradener 47, Bob Hagemeyer 47, Bob Potter 47, Ray Simon 48, Paul Werler 47, Don Cannon 49. Second Row: Don Mather 48, Mort Riell 48, Bill Kimbrough 49, Bill B. Smith 47, Roger Markle 50, Bill Seeger 49, Walker Calderwood 48, Don Roher 48, Bob Schultheiss 49, Bob Holbrook 47, Nick Fouriezos, Grad; Cal Johnson 48, Dick Allen 48. Front Row: Chuck McDonald 48, Ray Saunders, Grad; Hap Eaton 48, Bob King, Grad; Mark Wehmeyer 47, Burt Dwyre 49, Al Becker 49, Norb Harz 48, Bill C. Smith 48, Jack Handley 48, Bob Kipper 48. 277 Top Row: Charles Allenier 49, Herbert Shevin 50, Harvey Seller 49, Robert Klein 49, Gilbert Dunayer 49, Lee Fisher 50, Murray Grant 49, George Gordon 49, Robert Wisbaum 49, Milton Goldrath 48, Norman Left 48, Lloyd Schultz 49, Marvin Wolf 49, Milford Ginsberg 49, Gilbert Berman 49, Daniel Gilbert 49, Daniel Tannenbaum 49, Edward Bazelon 49, Joseph Merdler 46, Samuel Weiss 48. Third Row: Harold Gladstone 48, Bernard Harris 48, Sidney Katzman 48, Jerry Stenbuck 48, Marvin Zelony 49, Richard Goldsmith 49, Edgar Simons 49, Frank Wolf 48, Harry Newblatt 50, Robert Springer 48, Sheridan Winkelman 49, Gerald Goren 49, Herbert Ruslcin 49, Gerald Millstein 49, Mossi Koblenz 49, Edward Ehrlich 49, Stanley Brown 48, Seymour Lichter 48. Second Row: Sylvan Berman 46, Avern Cohen 45, William Yolles 44, Al Cohen 45, Nathan Peterman 45, Louis Cohen 44, Jason Sachs 45, Sol Scott 45, secretary; Bernard Goldstone 48, Marshall Wallace 48, treasurer; Edgar Michaels 46, Henry Keiser 46, Milton Moscowitz 46, Richard Barrar 46, Fred Epstein 46, Walter Bergner 48, Charles Lewis 48. Front Row: Gerald Ingber 50, Bernard Zemmol 50, Walter Rosenberg 50, Mark Abend 49, Edward Dworsky 50, Warren Witus 48, George Zuckerman 49, Sheldon Rose 50, Saul Saulson 50, Barton Koslow 49, Preston Tisch 48, Hillard Friedman 50. Clifford Rogers 50, Phil Wit- tenberg 48, Daniel Babitch 50, Michael Sherman 49, Harvey Snider 50, Milton Siegel 50, Howard Corman 48. Missing: Fred Feigenson 45, Al Hennes 45, Bernard Meislin 48, Harr Stern 48, Gerald Lipnik 48. Sigma lota Chapter founded 1923 278 Theta Theta Chapter founded 1877 Top Row: Fred Booth 48, Tom Bayless 48. Boyd Granger 49, Dick Wildermuth 49, Don Clapp 47, Medardo Gutierrez 47, Bob Edge 48, Dick Hadler 49, Don Phillips 47, Don Engl 48, Don Ayers 47, Karl Stevens 47, Jim McKenzie 48, Dick Beineman 47, Kirk McKinney 48, Jack Rokos 48, Jack O ' Connor 47, Bill Murray 48, Hugh Tuttle 49. Fifth Row: Bill Shreve 49, Bob Harrison 49, Dick Wilson 49, Art Dole 49, Ken Franz 47, Julian Renfro 47, Newell Wright 47, Morris Hill 48, Cliff Myll 47, Don Larson 47, Hugh McClair 49, Jack Loffgren 49, Phil Tinsley 48, Frank Jones 49, Bud Kishler 49, Dick McClure 49, Ed McNeill 49, Paul Harrison 48, treasurer; Don Hershberger 49. Fourth Row: Ralph Trimborn 49, Bud Harris 47, Jack Ogle 47, George Kozloff 47. Walter Michael 48, Jim Hartrick 47, vice-president: Ed Hoff 47, president; Denny Youngblood 48, secretary; Tom ZurSchmeide 49, Ed Ladd 47, Dave Peters 47, Jack Wake 48, Winn Taplin 49, Bob Silver 48, Irvin Wisniewski. Third Row: John Morrissey 47, Bob Seeley 49, Ray Collins 50, Dick Kearney 50, Bob LaPlante 48, Don Maunders 48, Tom Minor 49, Milt Jokela 49, Ed Ulvestad 50, Stan Dale 49. Howard Cooper 50, Jack Higgins 50, Steve Bernard 50. Dick Smith 49. Second Row: Dick Hall 50. George Burg 48, Gill Westa 48, Larry Hetrick 48, Tom Butler 50, Bob Williams 50, Russ Mullen 50, Bob Sohl 49, Joe Seamon 49, Jim Nichols 48, Dick Weinberg 49, Fred Cayia 49. ' Front Row: Bill Clark 50, Bill Courtright 47, Russ Preston 49, Mike Kerr 50, Luke Woods 48, Don Edge 51. 279 Top Row: George Brewbacker 49, Gwilyn Williams 49, George Schumacher 48, George Cheffy, Smith Atwood 47, Larry Stiers 47, Charles Ansterberry 48, Edward Simpson 47, James Hollingsworth 47, Roger Gatward 49, Harvey Hagland 48, John Hogan 49, Gaylord Gulp 48. Third Row: James Nickel 47, David Buck 48, John Lewis 48, Phil Sawyer 48, Robert Hebel 48, Ward Arbanas 48, Elmer Weber 49, James Harris 48, Max Kelly 47, Phillip Visser 49, James Daoust 47, Louis Lekus 48, Douglas Cook 49, Reginald Walters 50, Wallace Lamb 50. Second Row: Dale Cade 48, John Neuenschwander 49, William Bielausleus 47, William Cochran 47, president; Charles Cook 47, vice- president; Stanley Hartman 47, Harold Underhill, treasurer; Donald Otto, Wayne Balling 49, David Roberts 50, Thaddeus Samoriski 49. Front Row: John Kupka 50, Jerome Manett 49, David Pearce 50, James Greenway 50, Robert Colliee 49, Wolloa Sturtz 48, John Mills 49, John Martyn 47, Ernest Harper 48, Thomar Monahan 49. secretary; John Carries 49. Missing: John Adams. Richard Archer, Clayton Mammel, Charles McKenny, Jr., Robert Wiese, Harry Tuman 47, Robert Shaeffer 48. Gamma Nu Chapter founded 1902 280 Alpha Chapter founded 1858 Top Row: Dick Lincoln 50, David Facobson 50, Clarence Johnson 50, Joe Bracken 49, Dale Van Lente 47, Stu Finlayson 48, Norman Nichol 49. John Brink 49, Bob Schemm 49, Jim Johnston 50, Dick Learman 50, Henry Newman 50, Stu Fraser 50, Dobbie Burton 47, Lewis Towler 50. Second Row: Casper Offut 50, Paul Fletcher 50, Bruce Englehart 49, Carl Mehlhop 48, Joe Jennings 50, Raolph Dunn 48, Frank Zagel- meyer 50, Jack Learman 49, Jack Mack 48, Stan Pratt 49, Pete Charnley 49, Lloyd Heneveld 50, Ted Unger 49, Ted Dunn 50, John Wicker 50. Front Row: Ben Pipp 48, George Allen 47, Tom Grier 47, treasurer; Al Mundt 47, Charles Ferguson 47, Jim Davidson 47, Charles Mack 47, president; William Emory 47, Alvin Jacobson 47, Everett Berg 47, Paul Schoenlaub 47, Phil Meader 47, secretary; Dick Rehmus 48. Missing: Jack Fyfe 49, Arlie C. Hitchcock 48, Stan Wiggin 50, Art Watson 50, Irv Rector 48, Graham Conger 48, Frank Johnson 50, John Combes 50, George Gregory 48. Top Row: Jack Spaulding 49, Fred Banta 49, Jack Sweeney 47, Bob Ohlmacher 48, John McCarthy 49, Tom Boyd 50, Jack Monteith 49, Dick Ougan 48, Jack Blessley 48, Robert Langlands 49, John MacLachlan 47, Harry Anderson 47, Bill Auch 48, George O ' Brien 47, Bill Marvin 49, Gary Wilson 47, Don Lindquist 47, Sam Massie 47, Don McPhail 50, Fred Auch 50, Cecil Sink 47. Fourth Row: Hal Coleman 46, Donald Steibel 48. Don Edwards 47, Fred White 48, Bob Isleib 48. Harry Fedderson 48, Dick Dunlop 47. Don Tennyson 48, Ken Bush 48, Phil Johnson 49, Bob Geiger 48, Ward Brown 48, secretary; Ronald Brightson 47, C. Lewis Johnson 49. Gene Freed 49, Dan Treacy 50, Bob Dunlop 50, Bob Christie 49, Pat Woods 46. Jim Morrish 50. Third Row: Bob Frick 48, Jack Mansfield 48, Dick Pear 48, Jim Kirkemo 49, Dick Park 50, Walter Krewson Jr. 48, Allen B. Hardenbrook 47, vice-president; Donald W. Howick 48, Mrs. L Vibert, Bill Mikulich 49, president; Bob Reichert 48, Don MacKinnon 47, Karl Heimback 49, Harry Troxell 50, Jack Olsen 47. Second Row: Roger Bellows 50, Charles Berthoud 47, Bud Apesech e 48, Don Draper 50, Hank Cowlin 47, Bob Bauer 49, Jim Finegan, Grad; Don Lessig 49, Charles Fisk 47, Frank Scribano 49, Don Kowalic 48. Jack Probert 48. John Scully 50. Front Row: Lloyd Jewell 49, Dick Richards 50, Bob Pear 48, Duke D os ier 49, treasurer; Dick Boyd 49, Warren Talcott 47, Dick Roberts 50, Ross Herron 50, Jim MacDonald 49, Don Granger 47, John Kuivenen 47, Roy Ahonen 49, John Bothwell 47. M ' ssing: Ed Morey 49, Leon Alvarez 50. Newton Webb 49, Bill Reitzer 49, Paul Wilcox 49, Bob McGhee 50, Dick Troost 50. Russ Johnson 50, Clare Smith 48, James Earl 49, Bob Hicks 47, Roland P. Lussier. Michigan Alpha Chapter founded 1912 282 Alpha Gamma Chapter founded 1919 Top Row: Frank Lahr, Warner Jennings 49, Jack Brown 49, Robert Hudson 48, James Black 50, Robert Goetz 47 Frank Millhouse 49, Carter Beach 50, Thomas Heines 49, Robert Jamo 49, William Tattersall 49, David Contois 49, John DeMallie, Robert Kykora 48, Earl Wood. Fourth Row: Kenneth Jenson 50, William Emery, Daniel Ricker 48, Robert Hills 48, Larry McCaring 48, William Short 49, Frank West 47, James Gould 47, Richard Weeks 48, Heini Kessler 47, William Lore 49, Clifford Steggall 50, Daniel Paul 49, Charles Adams 48, Richard Noll 50, Jackson Hallett 49, Jack Zuiderveld 48. Third Row: William Dorrance 47, Homer Claypoole 47, Albert Armous 48, Dale Haakenstad 49, Charles Porter 49, secretary; Warren Dahl 49, treasurer; Donald Boor 48, president; Charles Killin 47, vice-president; Arlie Reagan, Robert Sergeson 49, Kenneth Sands 48, Bruce Milroy 48. Second Row: Raymond Lewis 48, Charles Jackson 50, Meryl Englander 48, Joseph Goetz 50, Robert Yung 48, Charles Lamb 49, James Somers 48, Philip Gustafson 48, Robert Semler 47. Front Row: Ernest Graham 49, Gordon Dunfee 48, Fred Schott 49, T ' ouble, Philip Stirdivant 49, William Fickinger 49, Arthur Ackerman 49. Missing: Harry Jennings 47, Donald Dorrance 50, Donald Crumbaker 47, Herb Troost. 283 Top Row: Albert Low, Grad; Sanger Westphalk 48, Morton Eldridge 50, Ralph Vosper 50, James Ze Branek 49, Robert Stratton 50, Charles Krecke 49, Edwin Morhous 48, James Ely Jr. 50, John Peachey 50, Roger La Rue 48, William Wise 50, William Hamilton 50, Thomas Moore 50, Jack Wilson 48. Third Row: David Muzall 49, Max Kuhr 49, Charles Hedrick 49, Clark Hall 48, Charles Ingersoll 49, James Stolt 47, Charles Ohlsson 49, Richard Bogard 49, David Murray 50, Robert Schoenfeld 49, Peter Molthop 47, John McCarthy 49, Norman Bruce 49, Robert Flott, Grad; Marvin Holter 48. Second Row: Robert Oddy 47, William Penoyar 47, William Thomas 47, John Perry 48, secretary; Manfred Topke 48, Albert Licktieg 48, Donald MacCoul 47, president; William Jennet 48, treasurer; John Morris 47, vice-president; Roy Bradstrum 48, Richard Sharpe 47, Russell Walstrom 48, William Cope 47. Front Row: Victor Breidenbach 47, Joseph Cobane 50, Edward Carrington 49, Eugene Whitacre 50, Ronald Jenkins 49, Glenn Friedt Jr. 47, Robert McFee 49, Robert James 50, James Protz 49, James Barlow 48. Missing: Arthur Geib, Grad; Louis Janihke, Grad; Robert Dull 48, Richard Ahlbecht 48, Robert Hall 48, David Van Tuyl 47, William Lindahl 47. Gamma Deuteron Chapter founded 1889 284 Sigma Chapter founded 1914 Top Row: Hal Lawson 49, Henry Hatch 50, Grayson Hill 48, Jim E ster 48, Larry Commora 48, Fred Connine 49, Harry Porter 50, Bob Russell 50, Jack Keeler 50, William Adam 48, Tom Gerhart 50, Stan Porter 48. Third Row: Jim Wilkerson 50, Doug Graham 48, Jack Hamaker 47, Dave Hauser 50, Jim Brady 49, Bill Miller 48, Bob Richardson 47, Duncan Kelly 49, Leland Brown 47, Bob Mann 48. Tom Landrum. Second Row: Al Hirsch 48, Warren Lindeman 47, Hugh Cooper 47, corresponding secretary; Bob Shadd 47, steward; Dick Kelly 48, treas- urer; Bruce Lockwood 48, president; Samuel Schaefer 49, vice-president; Paul Jennens 49, Paul Fisher, Walter Klee 47, Dave Wehemeyer. Front Row: Donn Nichols 50, Bob Uvick 50, Bill Gordon 48, Bryce Durant 49, Dick Gordon 48, Don Hiles 50, Jack Wirth 50, Don McLean 50. Missing: Dick Eyster. 285 Top Row: Warren Kawin 49. William Berman 48, Sherwin Block 48, Philip Anoff 49, Burton Burg 49, Richard Kahn 48, Sidney Rosenbaum 49, Herbert Schreiber 48, William Brenner 50, David Ruskin 48, William Collinger 49, Charles Wurtzburger 48, Arthur Fridstein 49, Howard Lichterman 48, Kenneth Solomon 47, Ronald Greenberg 48. Frank Honigsbaum 48. Fourth Row: Nathan Springer 49, Alan Rosenberg 49, Arnold Linsman 48, Philip Winn 48, James Lewy 48, Harold Rosen 48, Sheldon Bellows 49, Bud Tamarkin 48, Stanford Weiss 49, Lawrence Green 49, Martin Goldman 49, Schuster Siegel 48, Hubert Goldman 49, Martin Kabcenell, William Oberfeler 48, Edward Blumberg 48, James Ginn 49. Third Row: Eugene Hirschfield, Martin Jaffe 47, Alan Schwartz 47, Arthur Gronik 47, Robert Gordon 47, Peter Copeland 47, Stanley Perimeter 47, treasurer: Malcolm Lowenstein, president; John Redfield 48, vice-president: Fred Marks 49, secretary: James Zuckerman 47, Robert Welling 47, Alfred Lowenstein 47, Alan Kahn 48. Jack Treuhaft 47. Second Row: Arnold Heyman 50, Richard Cole 48, Bruce Brown 48, Stanford Lipsey 49, Ruthven Simons 49, James Horvitz, Gilbert Mombach 50, William Steinberg, Harry Gordon 50, Richard Berendt 49, Robert Russel 50, Sam Kayser 47. Front Row: Everett Ellin 48, Morton Hartz 48, Ronald Rothstein 48, Harry Lieberman 47, Harvey Leve 48, Allen Grossman 48, Lawrence Aranoff 49, Robert Brody 48. Missing: Robert Jaffe 47, William Ko an 48, Myron Linger, William Davidson 47, Allen Bratman 49, Daniel Dworsky 49, Howard Kane 50, Gerbert Loeb 50, Stanley Kaplan 50, Stuart Fisher 50, Harvey Shaprow 50, Donald Diamond 50, Kenneth Block 48, Eugene Winkelman 49, Joe Borinstein 50, Malcolm Arnstein 50, Edward Hoffman 50, Howard Freedman 49, Al Harris 50, Robert Cohen, Grad: Jack May 50, Al Klein 48, Fred Arnstein 50. Phi Chapter founded 1912 286 X! Chapter founded 1858 Top Row: Robert Geiger 49, Charles Raymond 49, Walter Russell 49, Robert Straith 48, treasurer; William Hohnson, Dean Forrester 50, Joseph Sember 48, William Ostrander 49, Tim Donovan 48, Porter Pfohl 49. Third Row: Ralph Brandt 49, Jaclc Westman 49, Alex Riker 50, James Barber 48, Allen Boeghold 50, Ed Perkins 48, Earl Janda, Salmer Sands 50, George Kohlbaclcer 48, Stephen Jeffrey 48, Horace Rathbun 48. Second Row: Willard Heard 48, Roger Walker 47, Joseph Mansour 47, George Engel 47, vice-president: Harold Votey 48, president; Edwin Menz 47, Paul Dawson 47, Andrew Poledor 47, Walter Koch 46, Ben Anslow 48. Front Row: Harold Beam 49, James Bagewell 49, Donald Straith 50, Thomas Morrill 50, John Lent 48, Larry -Pound 50, Edward Strong 50, Edwin Grimes 49, Mark Wenley 49, Charles Parcells. Missing: Dona! Ross 50, Jack Bender. 287 Top Row: Palmer Sutton 48, William Shank 50, Frank Sanborn 50, Arthur Thompson 47, Ralph Burton 50, Raymond Parr 47, John Zabriskie 50. Front Row: George Hooper 47, Michael Chiappetta 47, Robert Martelli 47, secretary; Donald Howell 47, president; John Willis 47, treasurer; Lawrence Neuman 48. Missing: J. Fred Lawton Jr. 48, William Downs 48. Serenades and mall are very Important parts of the day and night. 288 Fall football season for girls too. You can find all forms of relaxation around here. 289 Top Row: Richard Lulden, Jerry Ryan, social chairman; Tom Kuzma, treas- urer; George Wolf. Front Row: Malcom MacGregor, Jerry H fibers, secretary; Howard Com- stock, president; Richard Shen, sports chairman. Top Row: Seymour Glanz, Donald Moore, Thomas Greenfield, Theodore Loomis, Carleton Patterson Jr., William Davis, Hugh Lillie. Front Row: Joseph Tylickl, vice-president; Jack Adams, president; Richard Koch, George Cantrick, George Poy. COUNCIL Top Row: Richard Koch, Craig Wilson, Frank Sutton, James Ackerman, Stanley Wiggln, George Cant rick. Front Row: Jack Adams, William Pierce, treasurer; Allan Sandman n, president; Howard Corns tock, Joe Tylicki. Top Row: LeRoy Daggs, athletic chairman; Frank Sutton, George Patter- son, co-social chairman; William McLean, co-social chairman. Front Row: David Roberts, treasurer; Robert Kellas, vice-president; Allan Sandmann, president; Willis Snell, secretary. Top Row: Geoge Walker, Raymond Courage, social chairman; Charles Lyle, athletic chairman; Robert Elson. Front Row: James Ackerman, Craig Wilson, president; William Pierce, treasurer. 291 Top Row: McCabe, Whitsitt, Soulen, Gaskill, Geib, Przybylowicz, Cochran, Auch, Cohen, staff assistant; Wend, Kempa, Richard Kempa, Carlson. Middle Row: Armbrust, Little, Rosenow, Trombley, Rice, Sharland, Livingston, Redmond, Miller, Curtis, Srorck, Barnes, Prakash, Budd, staff assistant. Front Row: Kafesjian, athletic chairman; Elkington, secretary; Wesson, treasurer; Wichrowski, social chairman; Gawel, assistant resident adviser; Mrs. E. J. Schroeder, resident adviser; Zellman, president; Morris; Ambrose, vice-president; Fonville, Gleich. Top Row: Johnson, Kephart, Dinnan, Doxtator, Guerin, Furs, Lubeck, Hooton, Pringle, Higgs, Sion, Vealey, Gresla, Way. Middle Row: Cooke, Kuick, Hammarskjold, Hammond, Schroeder, McPhail, Blue, Pendse, Schwartz, Schoon- over, Yearnd, Dixon. Front Row: Evans, Seltzer, Young, Lerche, Wiesenmaier, Lemler, Mulford, Mattise, Chrisin, Gruenberg, Mar- zetti, Shyne, Simms, Roberts. 292 Top Row: Harold Opitz, Bill Dart, Seymour Shapiro, John Boyne, Kendal Clarlc, Top Row: Glen Mead, John Veen. Fred Schott, Howard Weurth, Bill Garland, Tom Chance, Don Hall, Norman Cone, Cecil Castor, Gordon Lockyer, Ted Loughrin. Bill Katopish, Bob Lyle, Ward Stoepker, Henry Leung. Row Three: Bill Alt, Dick Strauss, William Barth, Bud Howell, Leo Daly, Ken Row Three: Jack Lazar, Bill Noble, Edward Nycz, Wally Laub, Bob Coleman, Daly, Warren Gondzwaard, Jack Dietrick, Jack Becker, Don Showmaker, James Bruce Cook, Nick Schooley, Larry Stratton, Bill Lichtenberg, Bob McColley, Masty. John Coyne. Row Two: John Chuchin, Don Dohn, Bob McKie, Sidney Zilber, Jack Edman, Jerry McKie, Tom Guenter. Front Row: Irshed Ali Khan, Howard Haas, Bob Schute, John Hancock, Jack Loughrin, Milton Hack, Harry Loughrin, Eduardo de Leon. Row Two: Steve Blaisus, Bob Scott, Edwin Benjamins, Bob Edmonson, Jim Knox, Don Young, Harrison Cornell. Front Row: Bill Merritt, Bob Carniero, Bert Zausman, Don Massnick, John Huchla, Don llnicki. Top Row: Louis Stadler, Bob Burton, Berk Goodman, Dan Daver, John Lewis, Top Row: Harold Conroy, Don llnicki, Al Goren, Bob Jones, Cipriano Mascilat, Charles Lacey, Walter Heilbronner, Norman Faustyn, Don Wood, Charles Branyon. Bob Uvick, Don Prentiss, Ted Dagenhardt. Row Three: Roy Brogren, Bill Gorman, Roy Boldt, Edwin Evans, Jack Steinhelper, Row Two: George Dembry, Walter Bertschinger, Charles Delvin, Justin Mont- Bob Buckborough, Bob Ferguson, Howard Cooper, Alfred Dau, Donald Bolliger, gomery, John Lehoczky, Clinton Rose. Bob Hoffman, Douglas Lockhart. Bill Rogers. Front Row: Claude Puffer, Jack Dietrich, social chairman; Glen Mead, secretary; Row Two: Jerry Bowers, Bryan Harry, Harvey Grimes, Paul Nibbelink, Dick Don Massnick, treasurer; Bob Buckborough, judicial chairman; Prentiss Ryan, Rappely, Bill Rohring, Joe Cobane. athletic chairman; Arthur Ross. Front Row: Don Davies, John Brodhun, Jim Hagen, Bill Schultz, Morgan Ramsey, Richard Kieft, Hans Heilbronner. Art Doersam. 293 Top Row: Logothetis, Buhrow, Cornish, Logothetis, J. S.; Hartley, Bradley, Jenison, Huber, Laczynski, Franzoi, James, Jeffries, Colbert, Andonian. Middle Row: Barnett, Dillon, Colley, Crabtree, Priestley, Barryman, Trchirhart, Fitch, Schultz, Amerman, Boyd, Dietrich, Drapek, Harland, Crabtree, L C.; McCubbrey, Wirth. Front Row: Petrillin, Perry, Luckham, Ingle, Lawrence, McCutcheon, Mrs. L. W.; Zagelmeyer, Haydon, Plant, Appel. Top Row: Mills, Nelson, Ouelette, Reed, Morris, Dalgleish, Kenney, Pomeroy, Wolfe, Stadler, Rabtz, Squire. Middle Row: Ulmer, Sauer, Storrie, Sienkowski, VanderKolk. VanWinkle, Murphy, Murray, Stanbury, Preuel, Chiles, Coates, Piekarski. Front Row: Seaman, S 1 " 1 ' ' . Snyder, Okonski, Reese, Zerweck, Swiggett, Thomas. Tucker. Top Row: Engibous. Kratkiewicz, Lippitt, Jeffery, Hurst, Hull, Kozan, MacCutcheon, Frezon, Lippitt, C. J.; Keir. Middle Row: Hoheisel, Kirzniak, Milanowski, Jickling, LaMoreaux, Herban, Gorman, Ebner, Holm. Lewis, Baker. Front Row: Shudra. Hagen, Erhardt, Lane, Kearney, Fox, Wotanzki, Landen, Dean, Liackes. 294 :, Top Row: Robbins, Baker , Ertgelder, Devault, Breakey, Epstein, Corden, Kantey, Top Row: Zeller, Sommer, Mackey, Barber, Mattison, Sorensen, Chapman, Welke, Kern. Clark, Harvey, Ross. Second Row: Mr. Ginsberg, resident adviser; Horeth, Cameron, Hoffman, Smith, Second Row: Spaulding, Cambell, Fauth, Legters, Grimshaw, Jones, Strohm, Springborn, Haber, Elder, Duncan, Procita. Ferree, Thornton. Front Row: Mottel, Ryther, Shackman, Engle, Rozian, Barnes, Simons, Richardson, Front Row: Uvick, Dennis, Walsh, Plumeau, McFee, Angle, Leopold, Shiftman, Parry, Mclnerney. Collinge, Bentley. Top Row: Samborn, Ginsberg, Podolsky, Kalb, Wurzburg, Massick, Royal, Meyers, Batesole, Scheffler, House, Dietrichsterin, Jardins. Second Row: Le Fevre, Mehman, Clanahan, Antilla, Her, Harrison, Sinnegen, Voigt, Hans, Mitchell, Subar, Hotchkiss, Hoexter. Front Row: Sartin, Soderberg, Fox, Reading, Steinhart, Beam, president; Unger, secretary; Olsen, Harkins, Mills. 295 296 Stocfaetl ' ttl Top Row: Jean Marson, Jan Osgood, vice-president, secretary; Nancy Macpherson, president; Virginia McRae, treasurer; Emma J. Conklin. Front Row: Barbara Eder, Karen Holmes. 297 rf p Top Row: M. Carr, E. Greenbaum, P. Raeside, M. Benson, A. Weston, C. Blasier, J. Carey, M. Gardner. Second Row: E. Peterson, I. Yoder, treasurer: E. Mulvihill, second vice-president: B. Boyd, president; A. McGrew, first vice-president; M. R. Levy, secretary; M. Taft. Front Row: M. J. Brender, M. L. Gorlt, J. McKee, G. London, P. Vandenburg, B. Hansen. 298 Lorraine Judson, night chaperon; Miriam Clingman, senior repre- sentative; Mary Gllbertson, vice-president; Harriet Risk, president; June Miller, secretary; Irma Eichhorn, junior representative; Helen Perry, treasurer. 299 Top Row: M. Reid, H. Sondheimer, A. Riddell, S. Cooke, T. FHe. Second Row: S. Dunitz, treasurer; S. Goodyear, vice-president; B. Bousfield, president; E. Littlefield, secretary; D. Malanicl:, social chairman. Front Row: R. Cross, J. Titus, J. Homsher, R. Reader. Missing: M. Anderson. 300 Standing: Phia jardine, vice-president; Martie Rathbun, social chairman; Carol Muggins, secretary; Marge Van Eenam, treasurer. Seated: Janice M. Stuck, president. 301 J, Top Row: Virginia Scott, social chairman; Betty Haneman, activities chairman; Barbara Hitchcock, treasurer. Front Row: Barbara Holland, secretary; Betty Lou Bidwell, pres- ident; Ann Leverenz, vice-president. 302 Top Row: Rosemary Brown, Elsie Lammert, Jane Lammert, Katherine Macpherson, Mary Lou Webb, Rebecca Mayer, Jean Moore, Elaine Richwalski. Third Row: Alicia de Laza, Ruth Haring, Peggy Ann House, Ann Dewitt, Kathleen Johnson, Jean Craig, Eleanor Field. Second Row: Mabel George, Jean Willging, Nanette Hill, Emogene Holland, President; Joyce Bahr, Beverly van Ratten, Martha Tuck. Front Row: Betty Peck, Ethel Danielson , Lillian d ' Amico, Gloria Karhonen, Barbara Martin, Deane Hacha. Top Row: Norma Metz, Shirley Pope, Joan de Carnegai, Betty Macdonald, Ruth Ziegler, Mary Hicks. Third Row: Gwen Williams, Clara Allbiston, Marilyn Johnson, Joanne Cox, Sue Fox, June Leslie. Second Row: Pat Campbell, Betty Jane Larson, Helen Gray, Marjorie Dick, Kathie Stasewick, Dorothy Kline. Front Row: Mary Constantino, Margaret Dickeman, Esther Griffin, Marie McPhail, Stella Wilson. ' 303 Top Row: Susan Buck, Barbara Briggs, Adeline Rasmussen, Jean Budkwaz, Elvira Terzagi, Elaine Kutchinski. Third Row: Florence Miller, Norma Swinney, Jane Walker, Mary Jane Mallory, Marguerite Hutchin- son, Marianne Graetzer, Barbara Miller. Second Row: Barbara Ballantine, Marian Grant, Helen Gould, Jane Lammert, president; Carolyn Wheeler, Helen Strike, treasurer; Betty Sheppard. Front Row: Isabella Silva, Mildred Dooley, Neala Cope, Phyllis Portwood. Top Row: Dorothy Fishman, Lois Lebowitz, Ruth Sammet, Jean Welton, Bernice Halpert, Shelley Mosher, Shirley Gill. Second Row: Dorette Schwartz, Nancy Kling, Janet Berman, Betty Himelhoch, Norma Lappen, Joyce Goldberg, Gloria Shein, Rosalie Mayer. Front Row: Harriet Baum, Edith Pincus, Marion Razes, Carol Ann Rivkin, treasurer; Florence Gold- finger, president; Gerldyn Mostov, Mavis Corman, Reva Kolodney. Missing: Jane Hartman, Veronica Miller, Edith Febenson, Enid Weisler. 304 Top Row: Jackie James, Shirlee Rich, Marie Wing, Dorothy Simon, Molly Ann Boyell, Kathy Wohl, Pauline Antonucci. Second Row: Suzanne Kaufman, Jean Staubach, Gladys Relkin, president; Nancy Boyle, Esther Giovannone, Margaret McNamara. First Row: Blanche Berger, Glenna Van Home, Eleanor Eppstein, Barbara Bradfield, Emily Karch. Missing: Margaret Botsford, Nancy Hathaway, Dorothy Weisgerber, Carol Van Glahn. Top Row: Betty Urie, Dorothy Newell, Joyce Katz, Hannah Jane Freyer, Suzanne Wightman, Lorraine Zeeuw. Middle Row: Shirley Weemhoff, Beth Delaney, Carolyn Shapiro, president: Mrs. Edith Simmons, housemother; Zara Laux, Pat Delaney. Front Row: Doris Gale, Rita Parrish, Judy, mascot; Mary Julia Warren, Rosemary Doty. Missing: Ethel Kudrna, Marva Sanford. 305 Looking over the day ' s events Chatting with the house-mother 306 JMI Redding the Sunday papers- including the funnies Guests for dinner Oh my ... I pass! 307 t 0 in tribute The late Fielding Yost with the stadium he built In 1901 Fielding Harris Yost came to Ann Arbor to be head football coach of an unknown mid- western university. In 1947 the same Michigan is one of the most feared opponents in all phases of intercollegiate athletics. " Hurry Up " Yost is responsible for this reputation. From 1901 to 1941 Yost served twenty-five years as head football coach and twenty years as Athletic Director for the University. During his quarter of a century at the helm of Michigan football, Yost ' s teams won one hundred and sixty-four games, tied ten, and lost but twenty-nine. Eight of the fourteen years Michigan was a member of the Western Conference, the Wolverines won the Big Ten football crown. Yost will be most remembered for his famed " point-a-minute " teams of 1901 to 1905. His first team won eleven games, scoring 550 points to for the opponents. The 1902 eleven defeated Stanford 49-0 in the first Rose Bowl. During the four-year span, Yost ' s teams won fifty-seven games, fifty-four consecutively, tied one, and lost one. In 1921 Yost took over the direction of all Michigan sports when he was appointed to the position of Athletic Director. During the next twenty years Michigan was to gain a reputation in the field of athletics and a four million dollar athletic plant second to none in the entire nation. The field house that bears his name, the Sports Building, the golf course, the baseball diamond, skating rink, the second largest college football stadium in the nation, Palmer and Ferry Fields, and the Woman ' s Athletic Building are living memorials to the man who made Michigan athletics. On August 20, 1946, seventy-five years after his birth, Fielding Yost died. His memory and his Michigan spirit will live forever in the minds of all Michigan men and women. 310 coaches Herbert O. (Fritz) Crisler completed his ninth year as head football coach and his sixth as Athletic Director of all Michigan Sports. The Spring of 1947 will long be remembered for the two weeks in February that students and alumni alike " sweated out " the two-week trip to California where Fritz was offered a job. After two weeks of silence (and lots of conjecture), we knew he was to stay. Working under head coach Crisler to put out the 1946 edition of the Michigan football team was an able staff of seven men. Bennie Oosterbaan, one of the greatest figures in Michigan athletic history, was In charge of the backfield and Crisler ' s chief lieutenant. This season saw the return of Jack Blott to the position of line coach, a position he previously held for ten years. Art Valpey spent his first year in the position of end coach. Ernie McCoy had three duties with the football team, those of head scout and assistant backfield coach as well as assistant to the Athletic Director. Forrest Jordan assisted Blott with the line. Wallie Weber and Jack Petoskey were in charge of the " B " squad. Cliff Keen, wrestling coach, also shared " B " team duties. Jordan Oosterbaan Valpey Crisle Blott McCoy Weber Petoskey 311 Back Row: Dominic Tomasi, Gene Derricotte. George Burg, Ed McNeill, Fenwick Crane, Len Ford, J. T. White, Tony Momsen, Jack Carpenter. Fourth Row: Henry Fonde, Pete Elliott, Bob Chappuis, Jack Weisenberger, Dick Rifenburg, Don Hershberger, Bob Ballou, Hank Hatch (Equipment Manager). Third Row: Bob Vernier, Dan Dworsky, Joe Soboleski, John Lintol, Bill Pritula, Stuart Wilkens, Bill Culligan, Howard Verges. Second Row: Chalmers (Bump) Elliott, Jim Brieske, George Kraeger, Ed Bahlow, Bob Callahan, Ralph Chubb, Bob Mann, Don Robinson, Max Kogan (Manager). Front Row: Bob Weise, Paul White, Bruce Hilkene, Art Renner (Captain), H. O. Crisler (Coach), Bob Derleth, Harold Watts, Elmer Madar. Michigan ' s 1946 football team was one of Fritz Crisler ' s greatest. It ended the season with six wins, two losses, and a tie, held second position in the Big Nine, and was ranked fifth in the nation. At the beginning of the season more than thirty former lettermen reported for practice, making the job of choosing a starting combination almost impossible. There were at least two complete lines and three backfields of more or less equal ability. The 651,387 people who watched the Wolverines in action were more than had ever watched a college football team in history. The high point of the season was the Army game. A sellout crowd of more than 87,000 saw the Cadets come out on top 20-13, but not before a valiant, hard fighting, inspired Maize and Blue eleven had given the West Pointers their first scare in three years. The letdown following this game caused the Wolverines to tie Northwestern, 14-14, and to lose to Illinois 13-9. After they had lost the Big Nine Championship, the Wolverines improved so much that their 58-7 rout over Ohio State left little doubt as to the strongest team in the Conference. It is virtually impossible to single out any small group of players who were responsible for this fine record, without committing a grave injustice. The 1946 football season saw two more Wolverines enter the football hall of fame, as Elmer Madar was named to one of the end positions on the Associated Press All American eleven and Bob Chappuis made virtually all mythical Western Conference elevens. Madar earned his position largely by the stellar game he played against Army when Glenn Davis ended the afternoon with a negative gain in yardage around Madar ' s side of the line. All season long, Madar was sensational on defense and played a steady game on offense. Bob Chappuis was so hon- ored because of his two Western Conference records, total offensive records with 1039 yards and highest pass completion percentage .556. All American Elmer Madar All Conference Bob Chappuis 312 Michigan 21 Indiana O Abe Addams reaches in vain for a touchdown pass Len Ford ' s long reach gathers in a Michigan score Showing a powerful running attack and taking advantage of all the breaks, the 1946 Michigan football team opened its season on September 28 with a 21-0 victory over the defending Western Conference Champion Indiana eleven. By the victory, the Wolverines gained revenge for the pair of defeats suffered at the hands of the Hoosiers in openers the two previous years. Michigan scored first after seven minutes of play on fourth down when Gene Derricotte completed a 28 to Paul White for the first score of the season. Fumbles, pass interceptions, and determined defense prevented any real scoring threats for the remainder of the half. It wasn ' t until the fourth period that Michigan added two more touchdowns to their credit. The second score came on a sensational one-handed catch by Lennie Ford on a pass from Pete Elliott right in front of the Michigan stu- dent section. Two minutes later, Derricotte scored stand- ing up after receiving the ball on a reverse from Ralph Chubb who had received an Indiana punt on the Mich- igan 48. The 75,000 fans were thrilled as the Hoosie rs vainly tried to come back into the game by filling the air with thirty passes, only twelve of which were completed. Coach Crisler emptied his bench of forty-five payers as he experimented with the strongest combinations on the squad. 313 Michigan 14 Iowa 7 Derricotte being urged to stop as Sickles looks on Verges heading for the sidelines after receiving a pass Iowa ' s football team came to Ann Arbor October 5 for a game that was supposed to be a warmup for the all im- portant Army game the following week. Before the final whistle blew, 65,000 fans had a mansized scare thrown into them before the Wolverines walked off the field with a 14-7 victory, and a new star named Bob Chappuis. The Wolverines scored on an eighty-yard march after receiving the opening kickoff. Chappuis lead a ground attack which netted three first downs and put the ball on the Hawkeye thirty-eight. Two successive Chappuis passes, one to Paul White, the other to Howard Verges, put the ball on the eight yard marker. " Chappy " slithered over for the touchdown on the next play. The next time the Wolverines got the ball, they scored on a sixty yard march that saw Chappuis run for two first downs, pass for another, and score on a thirteen yard jaunt over right tackle. " Automatic " Jim Brieske con- verted his fourth and fifth straight points after touch- down. Another sixty yard march was halted when Chappuis fumbled on the three. The second half was a different story. Paced by the hard charging fullback, Dick Horner, who had broken away for runs of 15, 21, and 18 yards, Iowa scored on a one yard pass from Emlen Tunnell to Horner. While Michigan was playing defensive football, the Hawkeyes came within ten yards of tying the score in the final minutes of the game. 314 Michigan 13 Army 2O Arnold Tucker evades the grasp of a Michigan tackier Gene Derricotte starts a neat cut-back Michigan went down to defeat 20-13 before the Army football juggernaut October 12, in what many sports writers termed the " football game of the decade. " The sellout crowd of more than 87,000 fans will long remem- ber the Wolverines ' fourth quarter finish that came within eleven yards of stopping the Army ' s unbeaten, untied record at twenty-four. Glenn Davis ' pass interception on the goal line ended a fifty yard march, just as the game ended. It took All American performances by Davis, Doc Blanchard, Arnold Tucker, and the whole team to defeat a Maize and Blue team whose inspired play can be described only by superlatives. Elmer Madar clinched his All American rating by playing one of the most sensa- tional games of defensive end ever witnessed. The whole Wolverine line out-blocked and out-charged the West Pointers ' forward wall. Davis, who completed seven out of seven forward passes and scored on a fifty-seven yard run to either score or be responsible for all three Army scores, was the difference. Michigan scored first on an eight yard pass from Bob Chappuis to Howard Verges after marching from mid- field. Brieske converting, Davis ' cutback over center and Jack Ray ' s conversion evened the score. On the last play of the half, Davis connected with Bob Folsom to put Army out in front. Paul White climaxed an eight-five yard advance with a five yard scoring thrust before Blanchard bulldozed over from the five to cap a Davis paced march from the ten, for the final score. 315 I _. Weise and Madar stop Schwall short of his goal An inspired Northwestern eleven put the first blot on the 1946 Michigan Western Conference record as it fought the Wolverines to a 14-14 deadlock in Michigan Stadium on October 19. Michigan had to come from behind in the final quarter and stave off three determined bids to save themselves from defeat. Michigan, as usual, was the first team to break into the scoring column. After Michigan ' s first drive had been stopped on the ten, Gene Derricotte intercepted a North- western pass on the Michigan thirty. Five plays later, Chalmers (Bump) Elliott made a sensational one-armed, diving catch of a 42-yard pass from Bob Chappuis. Another intercepted pass stopped another Wolverine threat and set the stage for an 84-yard drive for North- western ' s first score. Vic Schwall drove over from the sixteen. A Michigan fumble paved the way for a second Wildcat score, Art Murakowski scoring from one foot out. Northwestern was on the Michigan two when the gun sounded to end the first half. On the first play of the final period, fullback Bob Weise intercepted Don Birson ' s pass on his own ten, raced to midfield where he lateralled to Bumps Elliott who went over for the score, Jim Brieske adding his second con- version of the afternoon. With less than two minutes to play Jack Weisenberger picked up a blocked field goal attempt on the ten and raced to the Northwestern forty. Two passes, one from Chappuis to Bob Mann and another from Don Robinson to Weise, advanced the ball to the five. Murakowski intercepted Robinson ' s pass on the goal as the game ended. Michigan 14 Northwestern 14 All American Madar being stopped after a pass 316 Michigan 9 Illinois 13 Even this Chappuis hurdle couldn ' t help us take the crown Buddy Young ' s fleet feet going nowhere Not being able to come through in the clutch and faulty ball-handling caused Michigan ' s football team to lose the 1946 Western Conference Championship as an alert Illinois eleven took advantage of all the breaks to defeat the Wolverines, 13-9. 86,000 Homecoming fans saw their team be the victim of a dozen fumbles and a mis- directed pass, as the Wolverines ' fifth straight home game of the season was entered into the record books on the wrong side of the ledger. Bob Weise scored the only Maize and Blue touchdown from the Illinois two after one of the freakest plays of the year. Bob Chappuis was tackled on the twenty-four, but the ball slithered out of his hands down towards the Illinois goal. Howard Verges was the last man to touch the ball as it went out of bounds on the five. Two plays later, Weise scored, Jim Brieske adding his ninth con- version of the season. Paul Patterson scored for the Illini at the end of an eighty yard march following a Michigan scoring threat. The Illini went ahead in the third period as end Sam Zatcoff scored on a 52-yard runback of a pass intercep- tion. Then Michigan made three scoring threats, to have each stopped by a fumble or a brilliant goal line stand. After one of them, Bruce Hilkene blocked a Dike Eddie- man punt for a safety. Michigan outgained the visitors 332 yards to 143 but when the chips were down, could do no better than come cose. 317 Michigan 21 Minnesota O Looks like basketball, don ' t it? For its sixth game of the season, Michigan journeyed to Minneapolis for its annual " Little Brown Jug " battle with Minnesota and came out on the long end of a 21-0 score to retain the jug for the fourth straight year. Held to a single score in the first half, the Wolverines came out of a two-game lethargy with a pair of brilliantly executed touchdowns and were inches away from a fourth score as the game ended. Bump Elliott and Elmer Madar were the stars for the Maize and Blue, the former for his stellar offensive play and the latter for his sensational defensive play at end. After the scoreless first quarter, Michigan scored on a drive that started when Bob Chappuis, having re- ceived a Gopher punt on his own twenty, returned it to the Minnesota forty-four. Chappuis hit Madar with a pass down to the three, and four plays later, Bump Elliott carried the ball over for the score. A determined Gopher defense held for the remainder of the half. The score remained that way until late in the third period when Elliott again scored on a reverse off left tackle, this time on a 16-yard run. The final score came on a beauti- fully executed 45-yard aerial from Gene Derricotte to Bob Mann. " Automatic " Jim Brieske made all three con- versions. In the final minutes of play the Maize and Blue, lead by Don Robinson ' s passes to Pete and Bump Elliott, marched eight-nine more yards to have time run out on them before they could score. " Bump " Elliott scores Michigan ' s first 318 Michigan 55 Michigan State 7 Don Robinson brought to earth Coming back to Ann Arbor for the seventh game of the season, November 9, Michigan defeated its country cousins from Michigan State by a completely one-sided score of 55-7. The first three teams scored at will over the hapless Spartans who only managed to break into the scoring late in the game against the third team. Michigan scored twice in every period, the scores coming on a pair of passes, four runs, and two intercepted passes. Eight Wolverines were credited with a touch- down apiece and Jim Brieske made good on the seven points after touchdown he attempted. Bob Chappuis figured in on the first two scores as he climaxed the opening Maize and Blue drive with a 9-yard plunge over the right side of the line. His 30-yard pass to Pete Elliott made it 14-0. Gene Derricotte scored from two yards out. The fourth Wolverine to cross the Spartan goal was Elmer Madar who scored on a 16-yard pass interception. The rout continued just five minutes after the intermission when Don Robinson went over from the one. Four minutes later Derricotte found Paul White in the end zone with a 43-yard heave to make it 41-0. At that point Spartan Horace Smith hit Franklin Waters with a pass that went from the twenty-eight to the fifty, Waters outracing the Michigan secondary for the score. Jack Weisenberger bulldozed over from the three to open up the fourth period scoring. Tony Momsen, third string center, ended the scoring parade on a 33-yard pass interception before the " B " team took over. 319 : ' Michigan 28 Wisconsin 6 Bob Mann tucks one in for a score Completing their seven-game home schedule on a rainy, cold afternoon, November 16, the Maize and Blue eleven rolled over a Wisconsin team 28-6. An even half dozen men who had played for Michigan under the Navy pro- gram had returned to Ann Arbor with the Badgers. A mud soaked field did not prevent the Wolverines from showing a classy aerial offensive that netted two of the Wolverines ' scores and set up a third, Bob Mann being the hero for the Wolverine cause. Wisconsin received the opening kickoff and immediately gambled for a quick score. Wally Dryer lost 20 yards as he was thrown on his own seven attempting to get away a pass. Chappuis and company took over on the Mich- igan forty-five after a Badger punt and nine plays later had produced a Michigan score. The score came on a 13-yard heave from Bump Elliott to Mann. On the next series of downs that started on their own thirty-five, seven plays produced a score. Chappuis ripped off gains of 14, 10, and 9 yards and connected with a 27-yard pass to Mann in the end zone. Michigan fumbled on their own twenty to give their opponents a scoring chance but pushed the Badgers back five yards to take over. On their next series of downs ex-Wolverine Jack Wink and Lisle Blackbourn alternated hitting each other with passes to make the score 21-6. Dan Dworsky and Len Ford ended the Michigan scoring on a line buck and an end-around, both from inside the five yard line. Jim Brieske added four conversions. 320 Michigan 58 Ohio State 6 Buckeye Bob Brugge in a vain cutback as Len Ford gets taken out of the play This Buck didn ' t prevent Madar ' s catch Michigan football team closed the lid on its 1946 season on November 23 before a homecoming crowd of 78,634 in Columbus where it defeated Ohio State 58-6 in one of the most decisive games in modern football. The Wolverines served notice on the nation that they were the strongest team in the Conference as they scored at will over the hapless Buckeyes that had forced the Cham- pion Illinois eleven to the limit the week before. The Bucks were primed for their arch rivals, but wilted under an aerial and ground attack that rolled up the largest margin since the 1902 " point-a-minute " team scored a 58-0 victory. Bob Chappuis, who set two records with his sparkling performance, accounted for 270 yards on thirteen com- pleted passes and nine rushing attempts was the star for the day. He broke Otto Graham ' s total yardage record by 176 yards and set a new record for the percentage of pass completions. End Bob Mann, whose 101 yards was good for the Conference yardage record for pass re- ceivers, scored three times, on 48 and 36-yard passes and on a 16-yard end-around. Hank Fonde, who played most of the game for the injured Paul White and Bump Elliott, scored twice, while single touchdowns were scored by White, Len Ford, and Chappuis. Jim Brieske con- verted seven out of eight placements and kicked a 12-yard field goal. With the " B " team playing in the final minutes, Ohio State finally broke into the scoring column, on a sleeper pass. 321 basketball Won 12, Lost 8 Fifth Place, Big Nine Coach Ozzie Cowles Coach Ozzie Cowles, in his first season on the Michigan coaching staff, led a brood of yearling cagers to six wins in twelve Western Conference appearances and earned for them a reputation of a coming power in Big Nine basketball circles. With an eye to the future, Cowles built his club around a talented group of freshmen and sophomores. A victory over Ohio State in the season finale in Columbus gave the Wolverines undisputed position of fifth place in the Conference standings and rang the curtain on the most successful hardwood campaign since 1937. The Maize and Blue looked best on the home court as they defeated North- western, Purdue, Ohio State, and Minnesota, losing only to first place Wisconsin and Illinois on the field house floor. The cagers won twelve out of twenty for the season as a whole. Left- Mac and Roberts fight. Below Waiting and watching. Capt. Pete Elliott Michigan ' s hoopsters got started on the right foot as Boyd McCaslin ' s 19-point performance led the Wolverines as they had an easy time defeating Michigan State 52-29. For the second game of the season, the Wolverines dropped a 65-61 thriller to Western Michigan in Kalamazoo as Hal Genishen, All American forward, dropped in 30 points. During Christ- mas vacation, Michigan won five straight before journeying to Minnesota to drop a 48-37 game. Stanford, Marquette, Northwestern, and Iowa, twice, fell before the Wolverines during this surge. A second victory over Northwestern followed. Then, in one of the best games the Wolverines played all season, Michigan defeated Purdue. Mack Suprunowicz led the Wolverines with 24 points and Pete Elliott held Walt Hoffman, who had a 19-point average up to this game, absolutely scoreless. Between semesters Michigan defeated Ohio State and lost to Indiana and Toledo before Wiscon- sin ' s Champion five came to Ann Arbor for the most thrilling game of the season. It took two free throws with two seconds remaining to give the Badgers a 52-51 victory. Just five seconds before Boyd McCaslin had stolen the ball from Glen Selbo, ex-Wolverine center, to give Michigan a tem- porary lead. All through the game, neither team was able to hold a small margin for more than a minute or so. 7400 people yelled their lungs out at the valiant efforts of McCaslin, Suprunowicz, center Bill Roberts, and Elliott, the last man who held Hal Cook, top scorer in the Conference, to a pair of field goals. Michigan then went on the road for a pair of disastrous defeats. In both the 5 5-46 Iowa loss, and the 56-45 loss to Purdue, the Wolverines more than held their own during the first half only to fall apart in the closing minutes of play. Suprunowicz ' s play during the road trip was sensational. Minnesota ' s Gophers came to the field house for a return match and went down to defeat by a 44-25 score. Michigan won two of the last three games of the season. Illinois ' " Whiz Kids " came to Ann Arbor to play before an overflow crowd. For three periods Michigan looked like world beaters as they built up a 30-20 lead. Then came the deluge. Illinois started to solve the Michigan defense, Suprunowicz was injured, and the final score was Illinois 45, Michigan 36. The Wolverines beat Michigan State on the Spartans home court and took the measure of Ohio State in Columbus paced by a 25-point attack by Suprunowicz. 322 In Mack Suprunowicz, -freshman forward, Coach Cowles came up with one of the best prospects in years. In his first year of college basketball, the rangy eager was good enough to score 163 points to rank fifth in the Western Conference which was studded with court stars from the past seven years. He was named the team ' s most valuable and was honored by three All Conference teams. A fast, steady player, " Supe " sparked the Wolverine offense with his accurate one-handed shooting. He racked up 25 and 24 points in two games and had a game average of I 7 points for the season as a whole. Another newcomer, Boyd McCaslin, held down the other forward post for the Wolverines. McCaslin had been a star freshman at Dartmouth the year before and continued his progress towards being an outstanding basketball player. An outstanding shot, and a good man under the backboards, the 6 ft. 2 in. forward was a constant offensive threat. A pair of returning lettermen, Pete Elliott and Bob Harrison, held down the first two guard assignments on the Michigan five. Capt ain Elliott was the outstanding defensive player in the Big Nine this season. His heads-up floor work gave the Conference big guns a hard time as they tried to hit the hoop. Harrison, a forward on last year ' s squad, was shifted to guard to strengthen the Wolverine attack. The Toledo ace was a smooth ball handler who in addition to being a threat with a one-handed pushup, kept the ball moving to the pivot and forwards. He was the best free throw artist on the squad. One of the " discoveries " of the year was freshman center Bill Roberts. Short on experience, the 6 ft. 7 in. center was long on ability. In addition to being a constant scoring threat beneath the backboard, he was good on handling rebounds and handled his defensive role with finesse. With more experience, Roberts can easily become one of the outstanding pivotmen in the country. Bill Mikulich, a veteran from the 1946 squad, filled the utility guard role. His dependable ball handling added to the Wol verine attack. Gerrit Wierda, another freshman, saw considerable action at one of the forward positions this season. With more experience he should develop into one of the outstanding members of the team. Irvin Wisniewski and Hal Morri were the two men who were called upon reserve duty at the center position. Gene Vance scores Michigan 52 Michigan 61 Michigan 45 Michigan 58 Michigan 38 Michigan 70 Michigan 39 Michigan 37 Michigan 49 Michigan 66 Michigan 52 Michigan 42 Michigan 56 Michigan 51 Michigan 46 Michigan 45 Michigan 44 Michigan 36 Michigan 59 Michigan 66 SEASON RECORD Michigan State College 29 Western Michigan 65 Stanford 37 Iowa State 37 Iowa State 27 M a rq uette 64 Northwestern 31 Minnesota 48 Northwestern 41 Purdue 43 Toledo University 59 Indiana 55 Ohio State 53 Wisconsin 52 Iowa 55 Purdue 56 Minnesota 25 Illinois 45 Michigan State College 47 Ohio State . . .62 Big Bill retrieves hockey Won 13, Lost 8, Tied I Big Nine Champions Coach Vic Heyliger Cap . Connie Hill Michigan ' s 1946-47 hockey team had one of the most suc- cessful seasons in years as it garnered thirteen wins, while losing eight and tying one. Included in the win column, were a pair of hard fought victories over Minnesota, which put together with a loss and a deadlock, gave the Wolverines the mythical Big Nine Championship. During the middle of the season the Wolverines went ten games without a defeat. MacDonald stops one The season ' s opener with the Windsor Spitfires was a wild affair, with Bill Jacobson, converted to center from a wing position for this season, oerforming the hat trick, while Gordon McMillan scored five points. The Toronto jinx again plagued the pucksters, as the Blues defeated the Wol- verines on two occasions, a 6-3 tilt in the Canadian city and 4-2- in a thriller at the Coliseum. Both games were well played but the defensive skill and powerful Toronto attack proved too much for Vic Heyliger ' s charges. No Michigan hockey team has ever beaten the Toronto sextet since the inauguration of the rivalry in 1937. Michigan met Dartmouth College for the first time in history, and the Big Green came out on the long end of a 4-2 score. This might be the first in a series of clashes with Eastern Colleges because Michigan plans to enter the Ivy League hockey competition. Christmas vacation saw the puck squad take a journey out to the West Coast. The Wolverines split a pair of contests with Colorado College and won 1-0 and 8-1 decisions over San Francisco ' s Olympic Club and the University of California. The improved per- formance of Jack MacDonald in the Michigan nets inspired the defensive play of the entire team. After returning to home ice, the stickmen took two games from Queens University. Until the final period of the second game when the Wolverines scored four times, the series was characterized by stellar defensive play. The powerful Min- nesota sextet came to Ann Arbor for a two-game series early in February. In a brilliantly fought series it was only in the final minutes of the second game that Lyle Phillips scored after a face-off to give Michigan a 5-4 victory, the first game ending in a 4-4 deadlock. The sextet had an easy time taking McMaster University and the Brantford Hockey club by one sided scores before they moved up to Minneapolis for the return series with the Gophers. Two goals by Wally Gacek paced the Wolverines to a 4-2 victory which assured them the Conference title. Goalie Jack MacDonald was credited with forty saves in this game to turn in the outstanding performance of the season. The Gophers took the last of the series, 3-2. The Wolverines beat Waterloo and split a series with Michigan Tech to end their season. Gophers clear a Phillips shot Coach Vic Heyliger completed his third season leading the fortunes of the Michigan hockey team. His most successful record includes 33 Wolverine victories, 21 losses, and two ties with Minnesota. It is through Coach Heyliger that hockey has achieved true prominence on Michigan ' s campus. Heyliger was also a great player and one of the best ever to don skates and pads for the Maize and Blue. He set Michigan ' s all-time scoring record with 43 goals in 1937 and was named All-American center in that year. After leaving Michigan, he played three years of professiona hockey with the Chicago Blackhawks. Captain Connie Hill again ably led the Wolverine pucksters for his second straight year and he was elected the most valuable player on the squad for the second successive cam- paign. Besides this, Hill accomplished a feat no other athlete has ever done at Michigan, that of being elected captain of an athletic team for three years. Hill was the backbone of the squad throughout the season and played a major portion of every game. It was his effective poke checking and adept stick handling that greatly accounted for the successful year. The blond captain was also the bad man on the team as he spent 51 minutes in the penalty box. Center Gordon McMillan and wing Al Renfrew led the team in scoring, both garnering 38 points, but Renfrew was the leading goal getter with 19, while McMillan ' s 24 assists was tops for the season. Both these stickmen were the sparks in the Wolverines ' offense. Center Bill Jacobson and wingman Ted Greer were the other high scoring pair which played together very well. Jacobson had much hard luck with a groin injury which kept him out of action for several of the final games. Ossie Phillips played heads up hockey while he was eligible t he first part of the season, while Wally Gacek was only able to play the latter portion of the winter. Dick Starrak and Herb Upton played both wing and defense on various occasions and their versatility were great assets to the squad. Goalie Jack McDonald was the most improved member of the team and was very much responsible for the late season successes of the pucksters. His best games were the ones in Minneapolis and the contests with Michigan Tech. George Balestri had I I goals for a defenseman during the season, and his defensive tactics were as effective as his brilliant goal producing. Bob Marshall played consistent defense and was known for his hard body checks. Other lettermen were forwards George Peugeot and Sam Steadman. Everybody looking for the puck Michigan .......... 5 Michigan .......... 10 Michigan .......... 3 Michigan .......... 9 Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan .......... 8 Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan 2 6 4 5 15 II Michigan .......... 4 Michigan .......... 2 Michigan .......... 8 Michigan .......... 3 Michigan .......... I HOCKEY Detroit Red Wings 7 Windsor Spitfires 7 Toronto University 6 Marquette, Mich., Hockey Club 6 Toronto University 4 Dartmouth 6 Colorado College 6 Colorado College I Olympic Club (San Francisco) University of California I Queens University I Queens University 3 Minnesota (tie) 4 Minnesota 4 Brantford 2 McMaster 4 Minnesota 2 Minnesota 3 Waterloo 6 Michigan Tech I Michigan Tech 3 Renfrew lights the red light The Waterloo goalie sits on the puc!; swimming Won 7, Lost I Second Place Big Ten Second Place NCAA Coach Matt Mann Capt. Alex Canja Above Bob Sohl, Below Harry Holiday The 1946-47 season for the Michigan swimming squad found Coach Matt Mann ' s charges playing the role of second fiddle only to the great Ohio State natators. In the year ' s most important meets, the Western Conference and the NCAA meet, the Maize and Blue had to be content with second place. In dual meets, the team won seven out of eight, losing only to the Buckeyes. Individual performances throughout the year were record shattering. Harry Holiday set no less than eight new records during the season, topmost of which were world ' s marks in the 400-yard and 400 meter backstroke events. Holiday teamed up with breaststroker Bob Sohl and freestyler Dick Weinberg to establish new world ' s records in the 300-yard and 150-yard medley relay events as they went through the season undefeated and were crowned Western and National champs. Sohl set a new Conference mark in the breaststroke as he took the Big Ten title and placed second in the NCAA meet later in the season. Weinberg finally shook a " bridesmaid " role he had played to Halo Hirose of Ohio State to cop the NCAA crowns in both the 50-yard and 100-yard freestyle events. Captain Alex Canja and Gil Evans were Michigan ' s divers. Freshmen freestylers Gus Stager and Wally Stewart were the other outstanding performers on the squad. Dick Weinberg 326 track Won I, Lost 2 Third Place Big Nine Capt. Charles Birdsall In its most dismal season in many years, Michigan ' s indoor track team won but one of three dual meets and finished third in the Big Nine behind Illinois and Ohio State. The only distinction held was the complete domination the team held over the Michigan AAU meet and the Michigan State Relays. A greatly improved class of cinder- men represented all schools in the Conference. Without exception the Wolverines bettered their performances in the 1946 meet when they finished second. As has been the case for several years, Mich- igan was especially strong in the distance events. Michigan ' s two Conference champions, half-miler Herb Bar-ten and Charles Fon- ville are pictured at the right. Coach Ken Doherty Left Captain Birdsall and Don Queller snapped in a photo finish. Below Two Buckeyes nose out John Morish in a dash. Coach Ken Doherty had three Olympic possibilities on his squad this year in Sophomores Herb Barten and Chuck Fonville and Freshman distance star Don Queller. Barten was undefeated all year in his half mile specialty and had several creditable miles to his credit. His victory in the Conference half mile event bids promise that he will be one of the truly great Wolverine cindermen before he leaves the University. Barten was a crowd pleaser with his famous last lap kick which always saw him pass the field to finish going away. Fonville, who holds the Conference indoor record in the shotput, is the outstanding shotputter ever to come to Michigan. After the first meet he broke his own Yost Field House record every time he putted the shot. Coach Doherty looks to Fonville as the outstanding decath- lon star for the United States in next year ' s Olympic games. Queller was bothered all winter by a cold and lame ankle and still managed to take second in the Conference mile with the creditable time of 4:16.4. Outdoors he ought to find his own way. Other out- standing men on the team were Captain Charles Birdsall, and Rog Kessler, Chuck Low, Bob Fancett, Jack Martin, Bob Harris, Chuck Lauritsen, and John Morish. 327 wrestling Won 4, Lost 2 Third Place Big Nine Coach Cliff Keen " Corlcy " applying pressure before a fall Capt. Bill Court right Featuring a well-balanced attack, the Wolverine grapplers led by Coach Cliff Keen compiled a record of four wins against two defeats in Big Nine competition during the 1946-47 campaign and emerged with a tie for third place honors in the Conference meet at the close of the season. Con- ference victories in dual meet competition were scored against North- western, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Indiana while Illinois and Purdue handed the Wolverines their only Big Nine defeats. A small contingent of Wolverine wrestlers, led by Assistant Coach Butch Jordan, captured one first, a second, and two thirds in the State A.A.U. meet. The Wolverines introduced one of the brightest mat prospects in the Midwest during the 1947 season in the person of 155-pounder Bob Betzig, who scored six falls in Conference competition. Captain Bill Courtright ended his collegiate wrestling career by capturing the Big Nine 155-pound championship for the second year in succession and finishing second in the N.C.A.A. tourney. Wolverine heavyweight Dan Dworsky rang the curtain on a successful season by upsetting the Conference heavies to win second place laurels in the Big Nine conclave. Bob Johnston, a former Wolverine mat captain, returned to the squad late in the season and made a rapid comeback to win the Big Nine and State A.A.U. 121-pound crowns. Michigan ' s scrappy 136-pounder, Maurice Smith, turned in a fine performance in earning third place honors in the Conference meet. John Allred, Phil Carlson, George Curtis, Jim Smith, Hugh Mack, and Ward Peterson also shone in the Wolverine attack and received major letters for their season ' s work. Bob Betiig seen in action An Illini grabs for Dworsky ' s leg spring sports Seven lettermen links veterans are eligible for play under new golf coach " Bert " Katzenmeyer this year. Number one on I946 ' s Big Nine Championship golf squad Dave Barclay will be back again this year to lead the Michigan linksmen. From the gridiron and hardwood comes Pete Elliott who will probably be in the number two spot for the Wolverines, followed by Bill Courtright. Ed Schalon, whose fine play in the Conference meet last year highlighted the Maize and Blue Championship, will be in the number four position. John Bennett and Rog Kessler round out the list of veterans who will battle a group of promising newcomers for the final two positions on the squad. A golfer warms up in the I-M nets Head tennis coach Bob Dixon will send a team composed of both veterans familiar to Michigan court fans and promising newcomers in quest of the Western Conference Championship. As the team prepared to start its tour through the South, Andy Paton seemed the best bet for the number one slot on the team, followed closely by Fred Otto and team Captain Bill Mikulich. Dean McClusky seemed to have the fourth position well in hand and Fred Zieman and Hal Cook were the two most likely candidates for the last two positions on the team. The netters ' victory over powerful Kalamazoo College on the Sports Building floor showed promise of a successful season. Net Captain Bill Mikulich Michigan ' s track team hopes to better its indoor record when it takes to the Ferry Field cinderpaths this spring. Herb Barten and Chuck Fonville are odds on favorites to take the honors in the half-mile, shot-put, and discus throw. Don Queller, who will be recovered from a cold which bothered him indoors, is a dangerous threat to the mile title. Chuck Birdsall and Rog Kessler are certain to score in the two- mile. Bob Mann and Val Johnson ought to do well in the shorter events, while Jack Martin ought to improve on his indoor record. Then too, there are several promising freshmen who came along rapidly the latter part of the indoor season who will be valuable. Freshman miler Don Queller baseball Coach Ray Fisher faced the 1947 season (his twenty-seventh at the University) with a team composed of veteran performers at every position but two. Cliff Wise, Captain of the 1947 nine, is the only experienced pitcher on the squad, but his last year ' s record of seven wins and no losses speaks well for the Michigan chances in the Big Ten title race. The backstopping department also has no letterman, although Hal Raymond won a numeral last year. Lettermen Don Boor, Dom Tomasi, Howie Wikel, and Jack Weisenberger make up a strong infield. Bob Weise, Paul White, and Bump Elliott make up a powerful trio to man the outer gardens. Promising newcomers are ready to step into any gaps that may develop. The only question mark is the remainder of a mound corps. manager ' s club Back Row: Bill Graves, baseball; George Howland, hockey; Bud Low, track; Kenneth Fleishauer, intramurals (Secretary); John Kniivala, basketball; John Dreyfuss, wrestling. Front Row; T. Hawley Tapping, Alumni President; Max Kogen, football (Chairman); Ernest McCoy, Assistant to the Athletic Director; Henry Hatch, Equipment Manager. Missing: Ray Roberts, Trainer; Andrew Baker, Ticket Manager. 330 M-Club First Row: Ward Peterson, Wrestling; Jim Pierce, Tract; not identified; Ed Schalon, Golf; Tom O ' Neill, Swimming; Maurice Smith, Wrestling; Chip Warriclc, Wrestling; Bill Marcoux, Track; Hal Cook, Tennis. Second Row: George Vetter, Track; Don Boor, Baseball, Football; Elmer Swanson, Baseball, Track; Ralph Trimborn, Swimming; Archie Parsons, Track; Bill Courtright, Wrestling, Golf; Charlie Ketterer, Baseball, Basketball; Howard Wikel, Baseball; Pro Boim, Baseball; Clif Wise, Baseball; Bob Chappuis, Football, Baseball. Third Row: Al McNabb, Track; Mel Detwiler, Track; Fred Stoliker, Track; Charles Birdsall, Track; Charles Mack, Golf; Bill Breen, Golf; Walter Stewart, Swimming; Charles Moss, Swimming; Jack Martin, Track; Dick Schmidke, Track; George Burg, Football. Fourth Row: Ross Willard, Track; Bruce Blanchard, Baseball; George Ceithamel, Football; Bob Sohl, Swimming; Irv Einbinder, Swimming; Tom Messinger, Golf; Alex Canja, Swimming; Fred Booth, Wrestling; Bob Reichert, Wrestling; Gene Moody, Track. 331 senior activities F. Muriel Aaron Surgical Dressing Comm. (1, 2) ; U.S.O. (I, 2) ; Soph. Project Central Comm. (2); Hospital Volunteer (3); Hillel Council (4). George A. Abbott Varsity Football (3) ; Senior Ball Co-chairman (4) ; A.S.M.E. (4). Arthur J. Abelson Phi Sigma Delta ; Phi Eta Sigma (1). Jesse E. Aber, Jr. Alpha Tau Omega. Elizabeth M. Adams Chi Omega ; Swimming Club; League; J.G.P. (3) ; Newman Club (3. 4) ; Orienta- tion (3, 4). Burton C. Agata Phi Sigma Delta ; Publications (1); Intramural Basket- ball (1, 2); Hillel Foundation Coun- cil (2, 3). A. Arnold Agree Phi Sigma Delta; Frosh Frolic Comm. (1); University Band (1); Football Manager (2); Theta Sigma Delta (3) ; Ensian Jr. Editor (3); V-Ball (3); 1943 J-Hop. Marilyn L. Ahlstrom Navy Show (3) ; Spanish Club (3) ; Swimming Club (3, 4). Harriet Aiken Nurses ' Aid (1); Michigan Daily Business Staff (2); Publicity Comm. for Recognition Night (3); Gargoyle (31; Volley Ball (4). William E. Ainslie Lambda Chi Al- pha ; Gargoyle Treasurer (3. 4). Sally Ann Albrecht Alpha Chi Ome- ga ; U.S.O. (1, 2); Inter-house Team Sports (1. 2, 3, 4); J.G.P. (3): Social Chairman of Alpha Chi Omega (4). William W. Alexander Delta Up- silon; A.I.C.E. Margaret C. Allan U.S.O. (1) : Red Cross (1); Spanish Club (3); Kappa Phi (3, 4). George H. Allen Sigma Phi ; Base- ball (4) ; Wrestling (4). Margaret J. Allen Kappa Kappa Gamma; Frosh Project (1); Soph. Cabaret (2) ; Surgical Dressings (2 ; J.G.P. (3) ; Social Comm. (3) ; Rifle Club (3). Robert G. Allen Phi Delta Theta; Union Staff (1). Lois E. Allison Women ' s Glee Cluh (2, 3. 4) ; Deutscher Vertin (2, 3, 4) : Treasurer (3, 4). Edwin M. Allmendinger Delta Up- silon. Roberta R. Ames Delta Gamma: Daily (1); Frosh Proiect (1): Hos- pital Work (1); Hockey (1, 2. 3 ; League Social Comm. (2) ; J.G.P. (3) : J-Hop Comm. (3). Helen D. Anderko Spanish Club (1); Willow Run Nursery (2); Mosher Hall Baseball Team (3) ; Red Cross (3). Gordon R. Anderson, Jr. Sigma Chi; Hockey (1. 2. 3, 4): Triannles (2. 3) : Vulcans (3. 4) : Pres. clars 194 1 ! ; A. I. E. E. (3. 4) : Teaching Fellow (4) ; M. Club (2. 3, 4). Harry J. Anderson Sigma Phi Epsi- lon. Paul D. Anderson Michigan Chris- tian Fellowship (4). Mildred I. Andrew Alpha Phi ; Cen- tral Comm. Soph. Project (2). Elaine O. Andrews Alpha Gamma Delta; Frosh Project (1); Frosh Frolic (1); Red Cross (1. 2); Ensian (1. 2); Basketball (1. 2); Volley Ball (1, 2); Baseball (1, 2): Soph. Cabaret (2) ; Meut. Comm. (2) ; Pan- hellenic (2. 3. 4) ; Alpha Gamma Delta Social Chairman (2, 3) : Alpha Gamma Delta 2nd V Pres. (3, 4). Mildred M. Andrews Sigma Alpha Iota; Orchestra (1. 2; Band (1. 2. 3) ; Choral Union (1, 2, 3). Lowell V. Apeseche Delta Tau Delta. Frank R. Arams Editor-in-Chief of Michigan Technic (1. 2. 3. 4): Eta Kappa Nu (3. 4) ; Engineering Coun- cil (3. 4) ; Honor Council (3, 4). Barbara I. Armstrong Delta Delta Delta, Denison University. Joan C. Armstrong Publications (1, Harriet L. Atwood Collegiate Soro- sis; Sigma Alpha Iota (2); Hospital Volunteer (2) ; Choral Union (2, 3. 4) ; I.G.P. (3). Marilyn J. Austin Assembly Person- nel (3) ; Golf Club (3) ; French Club (3, 4) ; Gargoyle (4). William R. Aylward A.I.E.E., Treas- urer (3), vice-president (4) ; Tau Beta Pi, Secretary (3), Vice-presi- dent (4). John D. Babington Play Production (1, 2, 3, 4). Marjorie Badge Senior Class repre- sentative to house board. Emma M. Badurian French Club (3); Newman Club 3 ; Golf Club (3); Stockwell Paper (3); Armenian Student Association (3, 4). Natalie Bagrow Michigan Daily (Night Editor) (3. 4). Virginia A. Barnes Daily Women ' s Staff (1, 2): Soph. Project (21. Eugene I. Barth Gamma Delta (3, 4). Clark R. Baker S.A.E., Michigan Daily (1, 2); Sports Editor (3. 4); Freshman Orientation Advisor (2, 4). William W. Baker Phi Eta Sigma (1); Ensian (2); Sphinx (3); Mar- riage Relations Comm. (3); Sigma Delta Chi (3); Michigan Daily (1, 2, 3). Robert P. Ball Delta Upsilon ; In- door Track ; Michigan Daily. Lillias Dorothy Ballentine Zeta Tau Alpha Social Chairman (4) ; Jordan Council (1); Bowling Club (2); Spanish Club (21; French Club (2); U.S.O. (2, 3. 41; Outing Club (5); Red Cross f . John R. Baltus Les Voyageurs (3. 4). Rita K. Baltus Athletic director of Michigan League Dorm girls (1). Angelo Bandettini Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences (4). Theodore P. Bank. Jr. Delta Tau Delta ; Football, Harvard University (1); Track. Harvard University (1); Photographer and Art Editor, Har- vard Crimson (2); Research Assistant (3) ; Forestry Club (3) ; Teaching Fellow (4). Doris M. Barack Iota Alpha Pi ; House President (3, 4). Phyllis E. Barense Delta Delta Delta; Transfer from Hope College; Junior Girls ' Play (3): Junior Girls ' Project (3) ; Bowling Club (3) ; Zeta Phi Eta (3. 4). Mitchell Barkett Ensian, Art Staff (3). Virginia A. Barnes Daily, Women ' s Staff (1. 2); Soph. Project (2); Uni- versity Women ' s Riding Club (3, 4). Orville C. Barton, Jr. Phi Gamma Delta. Richard Blaine Barrar Sigma Alpha Mu. David W. Barton Theta Xi ; Michi- gan Technic (2). Francis J. Batchelder Delta Chi ; Engineering Council (3). Mary I. Battle Debate (1, 2, 3); Newman Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Sumy- nunj (2); Delta Sigma Rho (3, 4); Zeta Phi Eta (2, 3, 4); Student Re- ligious Association (2. 3. 4) ; Senior Society (4) ; Play Production (3). Harriet C. Baum Transfer from the University of Connecticut. Howard S. Baumgarten Druids ; Sphinx; Scabbard and Blade; Michi- gan Daily (41. John D. Babington Play production (1, 2. 3. 4). Marjorie Badge Senior class repre- sentative to house board. Emma M. Badurian Golf Club (3) ; French Club (3) ; Newman Club (3) ; Stockwell Paper (3); Armenian Stu- dent Association (3, 4). Natalie Bagrow Michigan Daily Night Editor (3. 4). Virginia A. Barnes Daily (1, 2) ; Soph. Project (2). Eugent I. Barth Gamma Delta (3, 4). Clark R. Baker Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Michigan Daily (1, 2, 3, 4); Orientation Advisor (2, 4). William W. Baker Phi Eta Sigma (1); Daily (1, 2. 3); Sphinx (3); Marriage Relations Committee (3) : Sigma Delta Chi (3); Ensian (2). Robert P. Ball Indoor Track (1) ; Michigan Daily (4). Lillias D. Ballentine Zeta Tau Al- pha ; Bowling Club (2); Jordan Council (1); U.S.O. (2. 3. 4); Span- ish Club (2) ; French Club (2) : Out- ing Club Ol ; Red Cross O) ; Social Chairman of Zeta Tau Alpha (4). John R. Baltus Les Voyageurs (3, 4). Rita K. Baltus Athletic director of Michigan League. Angelo Bandettini Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences (4). Theodore P. Bank, Jr. Delta Tau Delta ; Football Harvard University 111; Track. Harvard University (1); Photo and Art Editor, Harvard Crim- son (2); Forestry Club (3); Teach- ing Fellow (4); Research Assistant (3). Doris M. Barack Iota Alpha Pi ; House President (3, 4). Phyllis E. Barense Delta Delta Delta; J.G.P. (3); Junior Girls ' Project (3 ; Bowling Club (3) ; Zeta Phi Eta (3, 4). Mitchell Barkett Artist-Ensign (4). Virginia A. Barnes Daily (1, 2); Soph. Project (2,3) ; University Wom- en s Riding Club. Orville C. Barton, Jr. Phi Gamma Delta. Richard Blaine Barrar Sigma Alpha Mu. David W. Barton Theta Xi ; Tech- nic (2). Francis J. Batchelder Delta Chi ; Engineering Council (3). Mary I. Battle Debate (1, 2. 3); Newman Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Sumy- nona (2); Delta Sigma Rho (3. 4); Beta Phi Eta (2, 3. 4) ; S.R.A. (2. 3, 4) ; Senior Society (4) ; Play Pro- duction. Howard S. Baumgarten Daily ; Sphinx ; Druids, Scabbard Blade. Joy Bazant Daily; Chairman Speak- ers ' Bureau. Sheldon E. Beadle, Jr. Alpha Chi Sigma lav M. Berger Phi Eta Sigma. Marjorie A. Bean House Officer 12, 3); Junior Girls ' Project (3). Barbara S. Beard Delta Zeta. Betty Mae Becker Alpha Epsilon Phi; Garg; University Riding Club; House Manager. Robert W. Becker Track. Robert E. Beers Phi Kappa Psi. E ' den N. Behrendt Alpha Kappa Psi. Dorothy A. Bek Snorts and Social Chairman, Betsv Barbour ; Soph Cab- aret; Play Protection. Bettv I. Benedict Alpha Eta : Vice President, So r ority. Business Educa- tion Group: Spanish Club (3. 4 . Mildred L. Bennawy Zeta Tau Al- pha; Prescott Cli ' b (2, 3, 4); Secre- tirv of Soror ; rv (4). Edward W. Bennett Psi Upsilon : Garg (1, 2). Lincoln J. Bennett Sigma Alpha Ensilon. Mary Llo-d Benson Spinish OuH (3. 3): Usher. Student Govt. : Rifle Club ; Tennis Club. Everett E. Berg Sigma Phi: N R.O. T C. (1 2, 3) ; Interfraternal Coun- cil. Gloria E. Berkson Ensian. Hospital Volunteer. Sylvan M. Berman Sigma Alpha Mu ; Daily; Historian. Charles E. Berthoud Sigma Phi Epsilon; Hockey (2). Kathleen R. Bichkoff Spanish So- ciety. John H. Bickel Architectural Coun- cil (3) ; R.O.T.C. (I. 2, 3. 4) ; Al- pha Rho Chi, A. I. A.. Wolverines, Pres. School of Arch. Des. (4). Luzine B. Bickham Alpha Phi Al- pha; Inter-Racial Association (3); Glee Club (4) ; Flying Club (4). Betty Lou Bidwell Alpha Lambda Delta Finance Chr. Soph Cabaret ; Wyvern (3) : President of Mortar Board (4); Senior Society (4); Jr. Asst. League Social Committee ; U. of M. Debate ; Delta Sigma Rho ; Activities Chr. Betsy Barbour ; Presi- dent Betsy Barbour. Hazel M. Birckelbaw Prescott Club (2, 3); A. Ph. A. (4); House Presi- dent (2). Elizabeth M. Birkbeck Alpha Lamb- da Delta : League Social Committee ; Junior Girls ' Dancing Class. Kenneth L. Bissell Union Staff (1. 2): Student Legislature (3. 41: Mgr. Student Book Exchange (3, 41; Chairman, Willow Village Commis- sion. James Russell Blackwood Alpha Kappa Psi. Beranrd L. Blair Delta Sigma Pi, Treasurer. James H. Blair, Jr. Alpha Rho Chi ; Albert Kahn Scholarship ; Tau Sigma Delta (4) ; Phi Kappa Phi American Institute of Architects; President. A. Inst. of Architects ; Senior Honors. T. Clavin Blair Mgr. Glee Club (4). Frederick T. Blakemore Alpha Sig- ma Phi: Garg (21. lack B. Blane Intramural Baseball, Track and Basketball. Orville E. Blank Sigma Chi. Frederick Bloetscher I.A.S. (2. 3. 4). Elizabeth A. Bloomstrum Orienta- tion advisor; Jordan council; Activ- ity Chr., Geddes House; Athletic Di- rector, Geddes House; Red Cross Work. Anita L. Blumenfeld Daily (3) ; U.S.O. (3) ; Sociedad Hispanica (4) ; French Society (4) ; Gargoyle (4). Walter Karl Blumenstein Wrestling Team (2. 3. 4). Barbara H. Blumrosen Alpha Epsi- lon Phi; Hospital Volunteer; U.S.O.; Hillel Decoration Committee; House President. Charlotte M. Bobrecker Choral Union Usher (3,4); Mich. Daily (Night Editor) (1-3): Hockey Club (1-4); Committee for Liberal Action; Publicity Chairman ; Orientation Ad- visor (3); Soph Cabaret; Student Legislature (3-4); Student Gov ' t Committee ; Frosh Project ; Publicity Committee; Modern Poetry Club (3, Lois M. Blockstahler Alpha Delta Pi: Women ' s Glee Club (1-4); Li- brarian (3); Daily. Assistant Ac- counts Manager ; House Manager ; House Treasurer ; House President. Bruce K. Bockstanz Alpha Tau Omega ; Intramural Activities. Ath- letics ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Business Fraternity. Beverlv B. Bonesteel Sigma Alpha lota (2. 3, 4); Kappa Phi (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Choral Union (1. 2, 3). Frank Boni, Jr. Phi Gamma Delta; Charles V. Booth, Jr. Phi Kappa Psi. Roger E. Booth Prescott Club (3) A. Ph. A. (4). Morris Bornstein Spanish Club (1, 2. 3, 4) : Treasurer (3) ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi : Phieta Sig- ma ; Spanish Plav ; House Secretary. John W. Bothwell Sigma Phi Ep- la-r-es H. Boult Kappa S : gma Choral Union (2). Shir ' ey A. Bower Sigma Alpha ' ota : Kappa Phi. Char ' es L. Bowers Footbrll (1. 2. 3) : Mich. Wolverine (1, 2, 3). A ' an C. Boyd Phi Kappa Psi , ..: : .C. Staff (2); Executive Council of Mich. Union (3). Betty L. Boyd Pres. of Mosher Hall (4). Richard C. Boyd Sigma Phi Epsi- lon; Westminster Guild (1, 4); Pi Eta Sigma ; Tau Beta Pi. Robert O. Bradley A.S.C.E. Eugene A. Brady Phi Eta Sigma. Beth E. Branch Baptist Guild (3, 4). June E. Brand Gamma Phi Beta ; Bowling: Sw-imming ; Tennis; Vice President, Mosher Hall (2) ; Michilo- dean. Genevieve A. Brasie Delta Gamma ; Rushing Aid; J.G.P. William C. Breen Alpha Tau Orne- fi ; Vulcans ; M-CIub ; Swimming earn. Kelly Brent Phi Delta Theta. Bernice S. Brettschneider La Socie- dad Hispanica (1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary, 3); Le Ccrcle Francais (1, 2, 3. 4); Hospital Volunteer; U.S.O.; Assem- bly Ball; J.G.P.; Athletic Chairman of Oakwood House. James F. Brieske Sigma Nu ; Foot- ball (1. 2. 3, 4); Sphinx (3); Stu- dent Legislature (4). Ronald A. Brightsen Sigma Phi Epsilon. Lennis G. Britton Alpha Omicron Pi. ; Sigma Alpha Iota ; Mortar Board ; Frosh Project ; Soph Cabaret : Wom- en ' s Glee Club; S.A.I.. Vice Presi- dent; Student Conductor; Choral Union Accompanist (3. 4). Richard J. Broadman ASME (3, 4). Pres. (4); Tau Beta Pi (3). Pres. (4); Engine Council (4). Roy E. Brockman East Quad Cam- era Club. George Brody Law Review. Joanne Bromm Modern Poetry Club (1, 2) ; Pres. Ballet Club (2) ; Danc- ing Chairman (2); Soph Cabaret. Carolyn Brown Kappa Alpha Theta. Jean Patricia Brown Kappa Kappa Gamma; Hospital Volunteer (1. 21; Zone Athletic Mgr. : Frosh Project ; Surgical Dressings ; WAA League House Mgr. 12 1: Soph. Cabaret- Hostess Chr. : WAA Intramural Mgr. (3) ; J.G.P. -Props. Committee (3) ; Wyvern (3) ; Scroll (4) ; WAA Pres- ident (4). Leland C. Brown Theta Xi ; Sail- ing Club. Norman M. Brown Phi Sigma Del- ta: Union (2) ; Daily (3). 332 DETROIT PLANT DETROIT, MICHIGAN TWO PLANTS COOK PLANT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 333 THE BOYER-CAMPBELL COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS Machinery - Tools Industrial Supplies Safety Equipment DETROIT 2, MICHIGAN 6540 Antoine St. MAdison 8500 Robert G. W. Brown Kappa Sigma ; Engr. Council, Student Senate ; Soph Prom. Committee ; Engr. Council ; Senate, Alpha Phi Omega ; Engr. Council: Scabbard Blade; Engr. Honor Council. Sarama Brown Sorosis ; Harp En- semble (3); Volleyball and Basket- ball (3, 4). Patricia A. Brownlee Pi Beta Phi. Mary L. Brush Daily (1, 2, 3, 4). Fred I. Bryan Phi Eta Sigma (1) : Tau Beta Pi (3, 4) ; Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1); Vulcans (4); Hockey (3). Maximilian B. Bryer Play Produc- tion ; Radio. Joan R. Buckmaster Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sailing Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Hospital Volunteer (1); Swimming Club (2, 3); Bowling Club, Treas- urer (3); J.G.P. (3); K.K.T.; Pres- ident. Eveleen E. Budnitzky Soph Project (1, 2); J.G.P. (3); Michiganensian (3) ; Assembly Recognition night Hillel committee; Child Care (2, 3. 4); U.S.O. (1); Surgical Dressings (1). Andrew Bugosh Delta Epsilon Pi Society (4). W. Glen Bulemore Band (1, 2). Joanne W. Bundy Alpha Chi Ome- ga ; Prescot Club (1, 2, 3); A. Ph. A. (4) ; Rho Chi (3. 4). Richard C. Burck Alpha Tau Ome- ga; Varsity Band (1); Scabbard Blade (3) ; Society American Mili- tary Engineers (2, 3). Charles A. Burkart Alche (3, 4). Maxinf J. Burkoff Hosp. Volunteer (1); League Social Committee (1, 2); U.S.O. (1, 2); Dance Class Asst. Chairman (2); Assembly Com- mittees; Dorm Publicity Chairman (3); Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4); Mosher Dorm Social Co-Chairman (4) ; As- sembly Recognition Night Decora- tions Chairman (4). M. Robinette Burns Zeta Tau Al- pha ; League Hse. Pres. ; Soph Cab- aret ; Jr. Girls ' Play; Choral Union; Band; Outing Club; Skating Club. Edsoo N. Burton Phi Kappa Psi. William D. Burton Swimming; Capt. of Swim Team ; Michaguma. Jeanne C. Busch Delta Delta Del- ta ; Frosh Project (1); Hospital Vol- unteer (1); J.G.P. (3); Panhel Dance (1, 2); Historian, Treasurer House. Eugene H. Bush Alpha Kappa Psi. Barbara A. Buyer Swimming ; Bas- ketball. Donald A. Cabral Sigma Nu. Corinne J. Calkins Zeta Tau Alpha. Barbara A. Cameron House Presi- dent (3); Kappa Phi (3, 4); Ruth- ven Teas (3, 4). Hugh A. Cameron Varsity Reserve Basketball (2). Forrest R. Campbell Speech Dept. (3) ; U. of M. Extension Program (3). Mary E. Campbell Alpha Omicron Pi; Glee Club (2). Robert G. Campbell Chi Phi Pres- ident 1941; I.F.C. (2). Charles N. Cannon Scabbard and Blade (3) ; A.I.C.E. (3, 4). Bruce D. Carey Chi Phi, Sec. (3) ; Union (1, 2); Orientation Advisor (2). Josephine V. Carey House Council (2). Estherlou Carlson Alpha Delta Pi ; War Activities Chairman (1); War Refugee Comm. (1, 2); Surgical Dressings (1, 2); Soc. Comm. (2); House Pres. (2) ; Ass ' t. Director J.G.P. (3) ; Sorority Officer (3, 4). Patricia Carnegie Frosh Project (1) ; Red Cross (1, 2, 3); Junior Project (3) : Glee Club (4). Mary J. Carpenter Kappa Alpha Theta. Margaret J. Carr Social Comm. (2) ; Mosner House Government (2, 3, 4). Robert A. Carr, Jr. Baseball (1); Phi Kappa Tau, V. Pres. (3) ; Phi Delt Kappa a Phi (4). Janice E. Carter Daily (1, 2); So- cial Comm (2); Chairman of Social Dance Class (2) ; Soph. Cabaret (2) ; J.G.P. Script Chairman (3) ; Gar- goyle (3) ; Recognition Night (3) : Play Production (3, 4) ; Radio (3, 4) ; Zeta Phi Eta (3) ; Social Chair- man (4). Kathryn J. Cash Alpha Gamma Delta. Jacquelyn B. Castigan Soph. Cab- aret (2). Harry Y. Chan, Jr. Tyler House Council (3); A.I.C.E. (3, 4). Phyllis M. Chapel Pi Beta Phi; Frosh Project (1); Hospital Volun- teer (1); Pan Hel Ball Decorations (1, 2); Surgical Dressings (2); Vol- ley Ball and Baseball (2, 3. 4) ; Orientation Advisor (3, 4) ; House Manager of Pi Beta Phi (4). Francis B. Chapin Gargoyle (3) ; Daily (3, 4). Seymour M. Chase Phi Sigma Del- ta, V. Pres. (3) : Scimitar (1) ; Foot- ball Manager (2); Second Place Speech 31 Contest (2) ; Alpha Nu (2) ; Student Legislature Cabinet (3) ; Corresponding Secretary Student Leg- islature (3) ; Chairman of Men ' s Judiciary Comm. (3) ; Student Af- fairs Comm. (3) ; Union Executive Council (3). Richard E. Chenoweth Phi Delta Theta; Union Council (2. 3); Union Vice President (3. 4); Vulcans (4). Olive Chernow Central Comm. for Surgical Dressings (1); Frosh Proj- ect (1); Hospital Volunteer (1, 2); U.S.O. (1, 2); Colonel (3); Judi- ciary Aide (2); J.G.P. (3): Ruthven Tea Hostess (3) ; Dancing Class (3) ; Wyvern (3) ; Alpha Kappa Delta (3): Sec. (4); League Council (3) ; Hospital Service Chairman (4) ; Tem- porary Chairman of Personnel Proj- ect (4) ; Mortarboard (4) ; Senior Society (4). Albert M. Cherry Delta Tau Delta. Gertrude H. Chertoff Sigma Delta Tau, Historian (3) ; Treasurer (4) ; Hospital Volunteer (1); Soph. Proj- ect (2) ; Child Care (4). William E. Chope, Jr. Phi Delta Theta. El izabeth M. Christman Nurses ' Aide (2, 3) ; Stockwell Social Comm. (3) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Dancing Class (3). lames P. Churchill Numerals, Soph Football Manager (2) ; President of Acacia (4). Donald F. Clapp Play Production (3. 4) ; Radio (4). Jeanne E. Clare U.S.O. (1, 2) ; Frosh Project (2) ; Soph Cabaret (2) ; Dorm Corridor Captain (2) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Assembly Recognition Night, Social Committee (3) ; Merit Tutor- ial (3); Finance Co-Chairman, As- sembly, Pan Hel Ball (3) ; President of Assembly (4) ; League Council (4). Benjamin G. Clarke Alpha Sigma Phi; Football (1); Swimming (1. 3) ; President of Alpha Sigma Phi (4). Daniel K. Clark A.S.M.E. (1) ; Sig- ma Rho Tau (1). Monna Lee Clark Alpha Omicron Pi- Hospital Volunteer (1. 2); Red Cross (2) ; Tennis (2) ; Ticket Com- mittee, Soph Cabaret (2) : Volley Ball (2, 3) ; Usher, J.G.P. (3) ; Pan Hel Delegate (3) ; Golf (3) : Social Chairman. Alpha Omicron Pi (3) : Rushing Committee for Pan Hel (3) ; Rushing Chairman. Alpha Omicron Pi (4) ; Sec., Pan Hel Board (4). Thelma B. Clark J.G.P. (3). Homer L. Claypoole Theta Chi, University Marching Band (3). Arthur A. Clements Alpha Delta Phi, Wrestling team (3. 4). Miriam E. Clingman Sec.. Martha Cook (3); Senior Representative, Phys. Ed. Club (-1); Pi Lambda Theta. Marion. Coates Soph Project (2). Ralph D. Cobb Phi Eta Sigma (1) ; Tau Beta Pi (3). William J. Cochran Sigma Nu ; Daily Advertising (2) ; Treasurer, Sigma Nu (2) ; Sec., Sigma Nu (4). Howard J. Coffey Theta Chi. Rupert B. Coffey Alpha Kappa Psi. Gerald A. Cohen Pi Lambda Phi ; Freshman Wrestling (1). Louis A. Cohen Sigma Alpha Mu ; Gargoyle (1, 2, 3); Scabbard and Blade (3. 4). Shirley A. Cohen Hillel Social Com- mittee (3); House President 13, 4). Jeanette E. Cole Nurses ' Aide (2) ; Stockwell Council and Cabinet (2, 3. 4) ; Secretary of Stockwell (4). Harold B. Coleman Sigma Phi Epsi- lon ; Michigan Union (1, 2); Stu- dent Senate (3) ; Scabbard and Blade (3) ; Alpha Phi Omega (3). Hutchins B. Coleman U. of M. Symphony Orchestra (1, 2, 3). Donald E. Coletti I.A.S. (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Flying Club (4). Constance Collins Alpha Omicron Pi ; Spanish Club (3, 4) ; Orientation Advisor (3, 4). Katherine E. Collins Newman Club (1. 2, 3. 4) ; Ballet Club (2. 3) ; J.G.P. (3); Skating Club (3, 4). Robert Ellsworth Collins Delta Tau Delta. Phyllis G. Colville Alpha Chi Ome- ga : Badminton Club (1, 2); House Athletic Manager (2. 3). Jerry B. Comer Phi Delta Theta: Michigan Union Executive Council (1. 3, 4); Michigan Daily Accounts Mgr. (3). Frederic B. Comlossy Phi Kappa Psi; Michigan Union Vice Pres. (3): Business Mgr. " Michigan Forester " (4) ; Student Assistant (3, 4) ; Les Voyageurs (3. 4). Howard C. Comstock Intramural Athletics (3, 4) ; President of Tyler House (4). John M. Connolly, Jr. Hockey (1) ; Track (1); Newman Club (1, 2, 3. 4). George P. Connor Alpha Sigma Phi ; House Council of East Quad (3) ; Intramural Sports (3. 4) ; Choral Union (3, 4) ; Vice Pres., Alpha Sigma Phi (4). Gregory Contmcci Glee Club (4). Charles D. Cook Sigma Nu ; Intra- mural football U ; I.F.C. (2). Hugh Cooper, Jr. Theta Xi. Neola Cope House President (3); Methodist Choir (3. 4) ; Michigan Daily (3). William B. Cope Theta Delta Chi ; President (3). Peter B. Copeland Zeta Beta Tau. Haskell R. Coplin Student Legisla- ture, Track, Gymnastics, Micha- gamua. Gene Cordt Publications (1, 2). Vincent B. Coren Michigan Daily. Book reviewer (1, 2) ; University broadcasting. Production Director, Radio Dramatics (4). Mavis C. Corman Gargoyle (3) : Spanish Club (3,4) ; Hillel Represen- tative (4). Margerv I. Cornsweet Sigma Delta Tau; Michigan Daily (2.3): Presi- dent, Sigma Delta Tau (4) ; Orienta- tion Advisor (3.4). Lois M. Cosand Michigan Christian Fellowship. Lois A. Cothran Alpha Chi Omega : Spanish Club (1); Michigan Daily (2) ; Junior League Assistant (3) : General Chairman Panhellenic Recog- nition Night (3) Scroll (4) ; Rushing Sec., Pan Hel (4). Samuel M. Cott A.S.C.E. (2.3,4) : Athletic Director of Hillel (2,4) ; Men ' s Glee Club (4). Howard R. Cottrell Delta Sigma Pi. Thomas E. Coulter Beta Theta Pi : Phi Eta Sigma (1): Michigan Union (1,2); Union Executive Council (3). Virginia A. Councell Kappa Kappa Gamma ; V. Pres. (4) : Hospital Volunteer (I); Zone Manager in W.A.A. (1); Lt. in U.S.O. (1): House Pres. (1): Home Coming Comm. (1); Chairman for Soph. Project (2) ; Ticket Chairman of T.G.P. (3) ; Panhel Reoresentative- (3) ; Wwern Treasurer (3) : Secre- tary of Student Legislature (4) ; Mor- tar Board (4). William E. Courtwright Siema Chi -Pres. (4); Golf (; Wrestling (l)-Captain (2.3.4): Triangles 12): Sohinx (3) ; Michieamua (4) ; Pres. " M " Club (4); V. President " M " Club (4). Henry L. Cowlin Sigma Phi Epsilon. Alfred W. Coxon Alpha Delta Phi. Carolyn Craig Kappa Alpha Theta. M. Jean Craig Hollis House Presi- dent (4). Robert T. Craig Alpha Delta Phi. Herbert J. Cran, Jr. Choral Union (4). Robert Crary, Jr. Phi Eta Sigma. John C. Crawford Marching Band (3). 334 Put the BENDIX in your post-graduate plans It ' s the college woman who can best appreciate the vir- tues of the Bendix Washer. For she has been trained to evaluate the significance of scientific trends and to be alert in profiting by them. So if home-making ' s your ambition and you plan to step from campus to kitchen from lecture-hall to laundry room, give full consideration to the Bendix automatic Washer. For here ' s work-saving economy and efficiency and here ' s proof: BENDIX automatic Home Laundry, the " washer with the Porthole, " is first on the " wanted " list of modern women. Recent surveys prove this and there are many indica- tions of an interest wider than the surveys covered. Modern women everywhere want the Bendix automatic Washer. What they like is the full Bendix automaticity the com- plete freedom from washday drudgery and the thorough- ness of the washing job. The housewife puts in the clothes, sets a dial, adds soap and goes away without putting her hands in water! The Bendix works untended. It fills itself with water of correct temperature. Gentle to delicate fabrics, thorough with stubborn dirt, it sudses, rinses away dirty water, deep-rinses twice in fresh water, spins clothes damp-dry, cleans itself, drains itself, turns itself off! How long has this been going on? Nine years! The Bendix is a veteran of nine years in homes, apartment buildings, army camps, and even in warships at sea. BENDIX HOME APPLIANCES, INC. SOUTH BEND, IND BENDIX automatic Home laundry 335 William C. Crick Phi Kappa Psi- V. President. (2)-Pres. (3,4) ; Secre- tary Treasurer of I.F.C. (3). Marilyn L. Crisp Kappa Delta so- cial chairman (3) ; Merit Comm. (1) ; Soph. Cabaret (2); Hospital Volun- teer (2). B. B. Ann Crowley J.G.P. (3). Leon F. Cummings Alpha Kappa Psi Sec. (4). Carolyn A. Cummins Gamma Phi Beta ; Treas. of Woodlawn House (2) ; J.G. Play (3) ; Volley Ball (3) ; Newman Club (3) ; Chairman of Homecoming Decorations (3) ; Treas. School of Arch. Des. (4). Douglas W. Curtis Chi Psi. James R. Dadust Sigma Nu ; Fenc- ing. Leroy W. Daggs Alpha Phi Alpha; Varsity Track (1); Green House House Council ; Athletic Chairman Green House; I.R.A. Carolyn L. Daley Women ' s Glee Club (1,2); Frosh Project (II; Cho- ral Union (2,3) ; Sophomore Project Central Committee (2) ; Merit Tu- torial Junior Aid (3) ; Chairman of Junior Girls ' Play (3) ; Wyvern (3) ; Treasurer of Women ' s League (4) ; Senior Society (4) ; Orientation Ad- visor (3) ; Chairman of Senior Supper (4); House vice president (2). Alice L. Dallmeier Zeta Tau Alpha ; Bowling Club (3); Ruthven Tea Hostess; Ice Skating Club (4). Jacob A. Dalm Delta Kappa Epsi- lon, President (4). Thomas L. Dalrymple Phi Eta Sig- ma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kap- pa; Exec. Council of Lawyer ' s Club. Burton P. Daugherty, Jr. Alpha Tau Omega. Barbara J. Davenport Kappa Phi (1,2,3,4); Sociedad Hispanica (3,4); Glee Club (3) ; Properties Chr. Span- ish play (3). Helen J. David Women ' s Glee Club (3,4). Loraine Davies French Club (3,4) ; House Treasurer. John F. Davis Tau Kappa Epsilon ; Forestry Club (3,4). Muriel E. Davis Kappa Phi ; French Club ; Flying Club ; Junior Girls ' Project; Wesleyan Guild; Spanish Club; French Club; Merit Tutorial Comm. ; Dance class. Fred Dawley A.S.C.E. Paul R. Dawson Zeta Psi. Robert R. Day Lawyers Club. Leon P. DeuckoH Band (3) ; AICHE (3); President (4); ' Engineering Council (1). Edith L. Deblois Women ' s Glee Club (2); French Club (2); House President (3); Athletic Manager (1). Constance J. Defrench Ruthven ' s Teas (3); Undergraduates Club (3); Gamma Delta (3) ; Gargoyle (4) ; In- ternational Teas (4). Donald E. DeGraaf Tau Beta Pi; Choral Union (2,3). Jeanne M. Deibel Chi Omega ; WAA (1); Social Comm. (2); Gar- goyle (3) ; Orientation (4) ; House Teas (4). Richard P. DeLaPlaine Chi Phi. Ricardo P. DeLeon President Phil- ippine Michigan Club. Myra Jane DeLass Deutcher Verein. Richard R. Demark Delta Tau Del- ta; Football (2). Jane L. DeMaso Spanish Club (2,3,4) ; House President(2) ; All Na- tion ' s Club (2); Glee Club (2). Coral L. DePriester Sigma Rho Tau (1,2,3,4); S.A.M.E. (3,4); Chairman Bomber Scholarship Comm. (1). Rose S. Derderian Choral Union (1,2,3,4) ; Kappa Phi (1) ; Glee Club (2,3,4) ; Sigma Alpha Iota (2) ; JGP Choral Director (3); SAI Pres. (4). Robert L. De Roo Wesley Founda- tion (1, 2, 3); Quarterdeck Society (2, 3, 4). Donald R. Dewaard Alpha Kappa Psi. Jfferina tk erna in Portrait Photography to Students of Michigan negatives are kept on file for reorders 332 South State Phone 5031 GACH CAMERA SHOP 10-12 Nickels Arcade C verutnintf [ notograpkic Ann Arbor ' s Only 100% Camera Shop " Bob " Cach Barbara Dewey Kappa Kappa Gam- ma ; President of Jordan (1); Hospi- tal Volunteer (1); All Sports (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Asst. of Frosh Project (1) ; Script, Tickets, and Acting in Soph. Cabaret (2) ; Manager, Golf Club, W.A.A. (3); Associate Sec.-Treas. J.G.P. (3) ; W.A.A. Dormitory In- tramural Mgr. (4); Treasurer of Scroll (4) ; Orientation Adivsor (2, 3) ; Patrons Chairman for Michelo- deon (3) ; Kappa Kappa Gamma Ac- tivities Chairman (3) ; Kappa Kappa Gamma Scholarship Chairman (4). Mariorie Dick Bowling Club (3) ; Michigan Daily (3) ; House Sec.- Treas. (4). Robert B. Dickey Social Chairman, West Lodge (4). Martha A. Dieffenbucher Alpha Chi Omega; Publications (2, 3); French Club; Spanish Club; Modern Poetry Club; J.G.P.; Dance Class Committee; Jr. Honors. John T. Dighton Delta Tau Delta. Robert G. Dillon Phi Delta Theta ; A.I.E.E. Mae M. Dix Play Production (2, 3, 4) ; Radio (2, 3, 4) ; Hillelzapop- pin (4) ; Zeta Phi Eta (4). Patricia Doelle Pi Beta Phi; Frosh Project (1); Hospital Volunteer (1); Soph Central Committee (2) ; W.A.A. Tennis Manager (3); J.G.P. (3); W.A.A. Treasurer (4) ; Pi Phi Social Chairman (4). Fred D. Dornblaser, Jr. Sigma Rho Tau (1) ; A.S.M.E. (2, 3, 4); Dorm Athletics, Football, Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4). William H. Dorrance Theta Chi ; Freshman Football (1); Gargoyle (3); Vice Pres. Theta Chi (3); Sec- retary Theta Chi (3) ; Intramural Athletics (3, 4) ; I.A.S. (4). Thomas E. Dougherty Phi Delta Phi, Barristers Club; Sec.-Treas. of Executive Council of Lawyers ' Club (4). Barbara J. Driscoll Alpha Phi; Sur- gical Dressing (1, 2); Nurses ' Aide (1 2); Swimming Team (2); Treas- urer of League House (2, 3) ; Social Comm. (3, 4) ; Volley Ball (3, 4) ; Basketball (4) ; Vice-Pres. of Alpha Phi (4). Claire D. Dritz War Chairman (1) ; Hospital Aide (1); Michigan Daily (2). Florence M. Drogule Newman Club (1, 2, 3). Margaret E. Dulong J.G.P. (3) ; Golt Club (3) ; Undergraduate Ed. Club (3, 4) ; Presbyterian Guild (3, 4); Merit-Tutorial Comm. (4). Mary Alice Dunivan Chi Omega ; Frosh Project (1); Stockwell Coun- cil (1, 2); Assembly-Pan Hel Ticket Comm. (2) ; Sec.-Treas. Assembly (J) ; Orientation Advisor (3) ; RiHe Club (3) ; Mortarboard (4). Richard G. Dunlop Sigma Phi Epsi- lon ; Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Alpha Phi Omega. Patricia M. duPont Alpha Chi Omega; Orientation Advisor (3, 4); Song Leader of Alpha Chi Omega (3) ; Bill Layton ' s Band (3, 4). Leonard A. Duval Football (1, 2) ; Sigma Rho Tau (1, 2, 3). Felicia Duvall Kappa Kappa Gam- ma; Spanish Club (3); Golf Club (3); Crop and Saddle (3, 4). Lenrose Dyess Sigma Alpha Iota (4) ; Choral Union (4). Priscilla J. Eacock Alpha Xi Delta; Daily (1, 2). Elaine M. Eagle Kappa Delta; Hos- pital Volunteer (1, 2) ; Ensian (1, 2); Surgical Dressings (1, 2); ' 47 Corps; Lantern Nile (1, 2, 3); Soph Cabaret Costumes Chairman ; Panhel- Ass. Dec. Committee (2); War Stamps (2) ; Orientation Adv. (3, 4) ; J.G.P. Skits Comm. (2); House Tr---- 2, 3, 4) ; Sports (1, 3). Dons J. Eash Alpha Omicron Pi ; U.S.O. (1); House War Activities Chairman (2) ; Tennis Club (3) : Colonial House Sec. (3) ; Dancing Class (4). Betty J. Eastman Chi Omega ; Jor- dan Hall Sec. (1); Surgica) Dress. (1); Soph Project (2); Orientation Adv. (2, 3, 4): J.G.P. Pub. (3) ; Pan-Hel Ball Pub. (3) ; Soc. Comm. (2)- Merit-Tutorial Comm. (3); Soph Cab. Dec. (2). Ruth E. Ebel Gamma Phi Beta; House Pres. (3); Athletic Zone (4); Athletics (3, 4). Barbara L. Eder Sec. Jordan Hall (1); Play Production; f.G.P. ; Zeta Phi Eta; Sec. and PUD. Chairman Stockwell Cabinet. Thomas O. Edison Tau Beta Pi (4). Donald A. Edwards Sigma Phi Ep- silon ; Track (1); Ensian (2, 3, 4); Education Club (3, 4) ; Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Mary Jacquelyn Ehnerd Kappa Del- ta ; Red Cross ; Newman Club ; Soph Cabaret; Concert Usher; Pan-Hel Dec. Comm. Richard M. Ellinwood Phi Kappa Psi. Jo Eleanor Elliot Pres. Student Board Couzens Hall (4). Eras M. Ellis Delta Epsilon Pi (3, 4); Daily (2); Play Prod. (2, 3, 4) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Zeta Phi Eta (3, 4) ; Social Club (3) ; Frosh Frolic (1) ; U.S.O. (2, 3); Dance Club (3). Arline Ely Gamma Phi Beta ; Bowl- ing (3); Ruthven Teas (2). William C. Emury Sigma Phi ; For- estry Club (4); Swimming (1), Audrey P. Enelow Play Production (3, 4) ; Hillel (2, 3, 4) ; Spanish Club (3, 4) ; Hillel Players (3, 4). Carl Henry Engel Alpha Sigma Phi ; Daily (1) ; I.rfC. (2). David H. Engel Daily (1); French Club (2); Scabbard and Blade (3); International Center Staff (3). George P. Engel Zeta Psi. Melvin . Engelhardt Kappa Sigma ; Ensian (2, 3) ; Orientation Adv. (3, 4) ; House Sec. (2) ; Treas. (3) ; V. Pres. (4). M. Ramesh Hindustan Assn. Louis W. England Delta Sigma Pi. Charles B. English Phi Gamma Del- ta Corresp. Sec ' y ; Phi Delta Phi Treas.; Case Club Judge (2, 3); Barristers Club (2, 3) ; Lawyers ' Club Council (2). Constance C. English Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mu Phi Epsilon. Fred Epstein Sigma Alpha Mu. Robert M. Epstein Phi Siema Delta Pres. (3) ; Phi Eta Sigma Treas. (2) ; Mich. Union (2) ; Phi Beta Kappa (3). Willard E. Erickson Alpha Kappa Psi. Mary M. Ernst Collegiate Sorosis. Corrine J. Essig Kappa Alpha Theta; Soc. Comm. (1, 2); Hospital (1) ; Play Prod. (3, 4) ; J.G.P. (3); House Soc. Chairman. Ellen Estlund House Pres. (2), Ath- letic Mgr. (1). Elsie L. Evans Delta Delta Delta; Bowling Club (3). M. Jean Evans Frosh Mixer (1) ; Soph Cabaret (2) ; Red Cross Vol. (1). Barbara L. Everett Gamma Phi Beta; Surg. Dress. (1); Soph Cab. (2); Hosp. Vol. (3); J.G.P.; Glee Club (4) ; House Pres. ; Glee Club Pres. ; Bowling Club ; Ice Skating Club ; Tennis Club ; Scroll. Howard K. Face Phi Sigma Kappa. Barbara W. Fairman Pi Beta Phi ; W.A.A. (1, 2); Choral Union (1. 3, 4), Sigma P.T. (2, 3); Sailing Club (3, 4) sec. (5) ; A.I.A. (3, 4, 5). Charles E. Fairman, Jr. Lambda Chi Alpha. Sally Ann Farquhar Society of Wo- men Engineers V. Pres. (2) ; Presi- dent (4). Jean Farquharson Spanish Club (2); Choral Union (2); Music School Student Council (2) ; Orches- tra (2, 4) ; Mu Phi Epsilon (2) Treas. (3) Historian (4). George B. Faulder, Jr. Phi Kappa Psi. Carol F. Feferman- " -Alpha Epsilon Phi. J. Edward Fein Baseball (1, 2). Martin Feinberg Basketball (2, 3. 4). Robert M. Feinberg Pi Lambda Phi. Pres.; Track (1); Phi Eta Sigma. Ada M. Ferrehi Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Monroe Fink Board of Control of Student Publications (1); Case Club (1, 2); Library Comm. of Lawyers ' Club (3). Robert M. Finlayson Beta Theta Pi. Dorothy Fishman U.S.O. (1, 2): Surgical Dressings (2) ; La Sociadad Hispanica (3. 4) ; Merit-Tutorial Serv- ice (3, 4); Russian Circle (4). 336 Elsa E. Fisher Soph. Cabaret (2). Mark R. Fisher, Jr. Baseball (1); C.P.T.P. (2) ; U. of M. Flying Club (3, 4). Charles E. Fisk Track (1) ; A.S.M.E. loan F. Fiske Riding Club (2) ; Rifle Club (3) ; Gargoyle (3, 4) ; Daily (4). Joseph M. Fitzgerald Alpha Sigma Phi. Pres. (4); Spanish Club (2). Robert B. Flagg A.I.C.E. (3, 4). Thomas M. Flake Alpha Phi Alpha. Kenneth J. Fleischhauer Alpha Kappa Psi ; Veterans ' Organization Pres. (3). Alice A. Fleming Alpha Delta Pi ; University Women ' s Riding Club (1, 2) ; Crop and Saddle (4). Harold K. Fletcher Beta Theta Pi; Mich. Technic (2) ; Track Manager (2, 3) ; Fraternity Officer (2, 3) ; I.A.S. ; V. Pres. Senior Engineers. Janice E. Fletcher Alpha Xi Delta Officer (2, 3, 4) ; Soph. Project (2) ; Social Corhm. (2) ; Merit Comm. (2) ; House Sports (2, 3, 4) ; Bowl- ing Club (3). Robert P. Foley Kappa Sigma sec. social chairman ; I.F.C. ; Pres- cott House Social Chairman ; Delta Phi Epsilon. James C. Forbes, Jr. Lambda Chi Alpha; Intramural Athletics; Eco- nomics Club. Marilyn J. Ford Delta Delta Delta ; Daily (2, 3); Associate Women ' s Editor (4) ; J-Hop Comm. (3) ; J. G. Play Comm. (3) ; Student Govern- ment (4); Scroll (4). Virginia L. Foren Alpha Xi Delta ; Sorority Athletics (3, 4) ; Secretary- Treasurer of Dental Hygienists. James M. Forkins Delta Theta Phi Dean (4). Donald E. Forney Sigma Alpha Epsilon House Pres. (4); Track (3); A.I.E.E. (3, 4). Ronald C. Forrest Football (3); Institute of Aeronautical Sciences (4) ; Gargoyle (4) ; Mich. Technic Earl R. Forsyth Alpha Kappa Psi. Harley L. Fortier Phi Gamma Delta Sec. (4); Union Staff (2); Union Council (2. 3); Sphinx (3). Shirley J. Frank Michigan Daily (2, 3, 4). Julius Franks, Jr. Alpha Theta Al- pha; Football (1, 2, 3); " M " Club (2, 3, 4); Sphinx (3); Michigamua (4). Kenneth M. Frantz Sigma Chi; Union (1, 2). Beth J. Fraser Gamma Phi Beta Activities Chairman (1, 2, 3 4) Michelodeon (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Badmin- ton (2) ; Bowling (2, 3) ; Publica- tions Try-Out (3); Tennis (3). Lucy C. Fraser Alpha Xi Delta ; J-G.P. (3) ; Spanish Club (4) ; Skat- ing Club (4). S. Tracy Freeman Michigan Union Staff and Council (I, 2) ; Social Chairman of Prescott Hall (2) ; Chairman of East Quad Social Comm. (2) ; Varsity Cheerleading Squad (2, 3.1 ; Spurs (4). Joseph Frein Daily (3, 4) ; Inter- Racial Association (4); American Veterans ' Comm. (4) . Annette L. Frey Merit- Tutorial Comm. (4). Annette H. Frieden Sigma Delta Tau; Frosh Project (1); Surgical Dressings (1, 2); Hospital Work (1, 2); J.G.P. (2); Ensian (2, 3); Ori- entation Advisor (3). Alyce C. Friedley Mosher Glee Club (2, 3) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Panhel Assembly Ball Comm. (3). David Friedman Tau Epsilon Rho. Glenn Friedt, Jr. Theta Delta Chi. Lewis Froikin Phi Sigma Delta ; Football Mgr. (2. 3) ; Mich. Tech- nic (2, 3) ; A.I.A.E. (2, 3) ; Army Ordnance Assoc. (2, 3) ; Scabbard and Blade (3). Harrison M. Fuerst Pi Lambda Phi ; I.F.C. (2). Howard D. Fulsher Scabbard and Blade (3). William D. Fulton Michigan Chris- tian Fellowship Pres. (3). Beatrice J. Gaal Choir (2, 3, 4) ; French Club (3) ; Sigma Alpha Iota (3, 4). Mary Louise Gabel Alpha Chi Ome- ga ; Swimming Club (3); Deutscher Verein (3). Antranig V. Gafarian Tau Beta Pi Pres. (4) ; Edwin M. Miller Award in Math (4). Margaret H. Gage Gamma Phi Beta V. Pres. (4) ; Surgical Dressings (1); W.A.A. Athletics (2); Panhel Ball Comm. (2) ; J.G.P. Booth (2) ; Panhellenic Delegate (2, 3) ; J. G. Play Comm. (3) ; Orientation Advisor (3) ; League Council (4) ; Pres. of Panhellenic (4) ; Scroll (4). Shirley M. Gale Choral Union (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; As- sembly House Pres. (2). Mary E. Gallarno Post- War Council (2). William V. Gamzon American Vet- erans ' Comm. (2, 3, 4) ; Hillel Foun- dation (2, 3, 4) ; Interco-op Council (3, 4). Mary L. Garland Delta Gamma. Reed E. Carver Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Phi Eta Sigma (1.2); Alpha Phi Omega (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Sigma Rho Tau (1, 2, 3) ; A.I.C.H.E. (2, 3, 4). Bert David Gaster Alpha Omega. John G. Gault Beta Theta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma. Elizabeth I. Gauthier Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Glee Club (1.2,3,4); Soph Cabaret (2) ; J.G.P. (3). OF MICHIGAN A Michigan Fashion Institution for 77 years ANN ARBOR JACKSON BATTLE CREEK GRAND RAPIDS PETOSKEY EAST LANSING SACINAW CROSSE POINTE Marvin K. Geasler Student Chapter A.I.A. (2, 3, 4, 5) ; Eugene Fassett Scholarship (3, 4) ; Treas., Tau Sig- ma Delta (4) ; Vice Pres., A.I.A. (4); Book Award, A.I.A. (4). Thomas S. Grier Sigma Phi; Union Staff (1). Suzanne I. Genthe Delta Delta Delta; War Council (1) ; Jordan So- cial Committee (1); Soph Cabaret (2) ; Spanish Society (3). Alys I. George House President (2, 3); Student Publications (3, 4). Ruth L. Gerber Daily (1, 2, 3) : Spanish Club (2) ; Jordan Social and Publicity Committees (1, 2) ; League Social Committee and Dance Classes (2, 3, 4) ; I.R.A. (4) ; A.V.C. Get Out the Vote Comm. (4) ; Asst. Chairman V. A. Black Cat Ball (4) ; Crop and Saddle (4) ; A.V.C. Mixers (4) ; Survey (Cost of Living) (4) ; Varsity Comm. of Student Legisla- ture (4). Dolores W. Germain Assembly Recognition Night (3) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Daily Sports Staff (3, 4) ; Ruthven Teas (4). Robert L. Germain Delta Kappa Epsilon; I.F.C. (2); Rushing Chair- man; Social Chairman. Ralph W. Gilbert Chi Phi; Basket- ball (3) ; Triangle; Michigamua. James E. Gibson Sigma Chi. Thurman E. Gier Chi Phi ; Phi Eta Sigma (1) ; Tau Beta Pi (3, 4) ; Vice Pres., A.I.Ch.E. (3,4); Michigan Technic (3) ; Phi Lambda Upsilon (3, 4) ; Sigma Xi (3, 4) ; Veterans ' Org. (3, 4) ; Features Editor, Michi- gan Technic (4). Mary O. Gilbertson Treas., Martha Cook (3) ; Vice Pres., Martha Cook (4). Lawrence E. Gilford Pi Lambda Phi ; Tennis Team (1). Diana Gillis Delta Gamma ; Choral Union (3, 4). Alene M. Gilmore U.S.O. (1, 2,3) ; Assembly (2); House Office (2). Roland E. Ginsburg Pi Lambda Phi; Michigan Daily (2). Stanley Lester Ginsberg Pi Lambda Phi ; Phi Eta Sigma (1). James W. Gkonos Alpha Tau Ome- ga; A.I.CH.E. Ebelyn G. Gladstone M.Y.D.A. ; House Treasurer (3) ; Publicity Di- rector, I.C.C. (3). Inger M. Glasius Make-up Comm. " Rumor Has It " ; Rec. Nite Program (3, 4) ; Assembly Poster Comm. Can- terbury Club. Barbara J. Glenn Alpha Phi. Marie L. Glucksman Daily Business Staff; A.V.C. Albert W. Gnatkowski A.I.Ch.E. Elizabeth A. Godbout Panhel-As- sembly Ball Poster Chairman (1) ; Soph Cabaret (2) ; J.G.P.; Red Cross Surgcial Dressings (2). Caroline B. Goddey Women ' s Glee Club (3,4). Nina C. Goehring Alpha Chi Ome- ga ; Sigma Alpha Iota; J.G.P. (3). Robert O. Goetz Theta Chi; A. S. C. E. (3) ; Tau Beta Pi (4) ; Theta Chi Sec. (3). Charlene L. Golay Delta Gamma ; Freshman Project (1); W.A.A. (1, 2); Publications (1); S.O.I.C. (3); Orientation Advisor (4). Joyce T. Goldberg Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4). Ira S. Goldenberg Phi Epsilon Pi. Allene Goidfine Golf Club (1,2. 3,4); Assembly (3); " Rumor Has It. " Sally R. Goldstein Sophomore Aide ; Judiciary Council (2). Allene Golinkin Red Cross (1) ; Willow Run (2); Hille l Council; Lane Hall Exec. Comm. ; Badminton Club (3) ; Soph Cabaret (2) ; Senior Society; Soph War Activities Win- ner; Vice Pres. Assembly (4) ; League Social Comm. (2). THE CHAS. A. STRELINGER 149 East Larned Street Detroit 26 Telephone-RA. 7474 CO. Machine Tools Cutting Tools Precision Tools Standardized Gears Power Transmission Equipment Material Handling Equipment Grinding Wheels and Abrasives Carbide Tipped Tools Electric Tools and Motors Industrial Supplies Metals 1884-1947 337 DRUGS KODAKS Calkins-Fletcher Drug Co. " THE DEPENDABLE STORES " We have served Michigan and her students for fifty-eight years CANDY COMPLETE STOCK SODAS INTERESTED SERVICE AINN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Warren W. Gollos Wrestling (1); Football (3,4); Social Chairman Winchell House; Flying Club. Dorothy A. Goodin Chi Omega ; Mu Phi Epsilon (3); Newman Club Treas. ; House Pres. Gloria R. Goodman Daily (3) ; I.R.A. (3). Gerald W. Gooley Sigma Alpha Ep- silon ; A.S.M.E. Eleanor V. Gordon Alpha Gamma Delta; Frosh Project (1); Bandage Rolling (2) ; U.S.O. (2) ; Merit Com- mittee (3) ; J.G.P. (3) ; House Sec. Paul W. Gordon, jr. Phi Kappa Psi. Robert S. Gordon Zeta Beta Tau ; Twirler with Marching Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Concert Band (1); Track Team William H. Gordon A.I. E.E. (2, 3, 4) ; Treas. (4). Mary Lou Gork Crop and Saddle Club (3, 4) ; Pan Hel-Assembly Pub. Comm. (3); J.G.P. (3); Michelo- dean Comm. (3) ; House Council (3, 4) ; Play Prod. (4). Carleen Gormsen Kappa Kappa Gamma; Frosh Project (1); J.G.P. (3); Orientation Adv. (4). Enid M. Gosling Alpha Xi Delta ; Women ' s Riding Club (1); War Bonds Publicity (3) ; Bowling Club ; Gargoyle. Symond R. Gottlieb Debating So- James V. Grady, Jr. Beta Theta Pi. Robert M. Grandy Phi Gamma Del- ta ; Mich. Union (2, 3, 4) ; Vulcans (4) ; Track (4) ; House Pres. Avery R. Grant Pi Beta Phi ; Soph Project; Swimming Club; Sailing Club. Pauline Graphos Orthodox Student Society Pres. (3, 4) ; German Club (4); Inter-Guild Council (4). Edwin G. Gravelyn Marching Band (3); A.S.C.E. Gloria I. Gray Alpha Omicron Pi ; Glee Club (2, 3) ; Kappa Phi (2) ; House V. Pres. and Corres. Sec. ; . . . . Tennis Club ; Badminton (4) ; Ping Pong (3,4). Robert F. Gray Union (1, 2). Jacqueline H. Green Alpha Epsilon Phi; Daily (1); Surgical Dress. (2). Elaine D. Greenbaum Frosh Project (1); Fencing Club (3); Hillel Stu- dent Council (3, 4) ; Wyvern (3) ; Assembly Board (2); Mosher (4). Mary Frances Greschke Skating Club Instructor (3, 4) . Helen C. Griefer Chi Omega ; League House Pres. (2) ; Panhel-Assembly Comm. (2); Olympic Ball Comm. (3) ; Phys. Ed. Club (2, 3, 4). Thomas S. Grier Sigma Phi ; Mich. Union (1). Dorothy J. Griese Chi Omega; En- sian (2) ; Ensian Jr. Editor (3) ; Ori- entation Advisor (3) ; Pan-Hellenic (3,4); Chi Omega Pres.; U.S.O. (2); Senior Class Sec. (4); Lutheran Student Council (2,4); Scroll (4). Cornelia Groefsema Kappa Beta Phi ; Law Review (2, }) ; Case Club (1, 2). Adolph R. Groncki Phi Kappa ; I.A.S. (1); Aiche (2,3); Forestry Club (3, 4). Lorrice M. Gronlund Alpha Gamma Delta ; Student Board. Arthur B. Gronic Zeta Beta Tau ; Dialy (1, 2). Harold Gross Phi Sigma Delta; W.S.S.F. ; House V. Pres.; Hillel Council. Leonard L. Grossman Phi Sigma Delta; Mich. Bridge Soc. (2, 3. 4). Regina P. Gruen Soc. Comm. Ruth- ven Teas (2) ; Daily Bus. Staff (3) ; Adams House Treas. ; Tennis Club ; Stockwell Volley. Phyllis L. Gustin House President (2, 4). Joari R. Gurvitz J.G.P. (3) ; Skat- ing Club (3) ; Play Prod. (4) ; Pan- hellenic Dec. Comm. (3). Phyliss L. Gustin House President (2, 4). Martin R. Haase Quarterdeck So- ciety (2, 3, 4) ; Sailing Club (4). Roy T. Haase Sailing Club. Rudolph Habermann, Jr. Sigma Rho Tau (1, 2) ; A.I.E.E. (2, 3, 4) ; Engi- neering Council (1, 2, 3, 4). A. Don Hafer Alpha Tau Omega. Mary A. Haggerstrom Alpha Gamma Delta, House Manager (3) ; House Treasurer (4); Surgical Dressings (1) ; Frosh Project (1) ; Soph Project (2) ; Rifle Club (2) ; Ensian (2) ; Merit-Tutorial (3); Bowling Club (3); Spanish Club (3); J. G. Play (3) ; Michigan Union Student Book Exchange, Cashier. James L. Halbach Alpha Phi Ome- ga; Forestry Club (3, 4). Arch H. Hall Acacia, Secretary (3), V. Pres. (4) ; Men ' s Glee Club (1) ; Choral Union (2, 3, 4) ; Reserve Of- ficers ' Association (4). Dwight K. Hamborsky Delta Tau Delta ; Sigma Delta Psi ; Barristers (3, 4). Marvin Hamilton, Jr. Sigma Chi ; Track (1). William W. Hamilton, Jr. Sigma Phi Epsilon j Swimming Squad (1, 2); Quarterdeck Society (4). Herbert A. Hammel Institute of Aeronautical Sciences (2, 3) ; Tech- nic (3) ; Baseball Manager (3) ; Tau Beta Pi (3) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineering (4). Kenneth R. Hannah Alpha Tau Omega; Phillips Scholar (1,2); In- terfraternity Council Staff (3). Ann Hanselman Kappa Alpha Theta ; Ruthven Teas, Social Com- mittee (1,2,3); Hospital Volunteer (1,2,3); Soph Cabaret (2); Home- coming Dance, Decorations Commit- William A. Hannig Phi Eta Sigma (1); Tau Beta Pi (3); Engineering Council (4) ; American Institute of Electoral Engineers, Representative, Secretary, Chairman (4). Fay E. Hansen Alpha Xi Delta ; Pan Hellenic (1,2,3), Bowling Club (3) ; J. G. Play (3) ; Zeta Phi Eta (3 4) ; Play Production (3, 4). Shirley J. Hansen Frosh Project (1); Sophomore Hospital Volunteer (1, 2) ; Red Cross Committee (1, 2) ; Soph Project Central Committee (2) ; Panhellenic-Assembly Ball, Ticket Chairman (2) ; Women ' s Athletic As- sociation, Treasurer (3); Wyvern (3) ; Recognition Night, Chairman of War Activities Awards (3) ; Senior Society, President (4); Assembly Fortnight, Chairman (4). Hugh G. Hanson Phi Delta Theta ; Wrestling (1); Interfraternity Coun- cil (3); Veterans ' Organization (4). John Hanson Forestry Club (3, 4). Allen B. Hardenbrook Sigma Phi Epsilon. Jane B. Hardin Transfer, Stephens College ; League Social Committee (3); Michigan Daily (4); Tennis Club (4) ; Pep Club (4). Ruth E. Harmg-;-Gamma Phi Beta; Transfer, University of Maryland. John F. Harrigan Delta Kappa Ep- silon; Football (1,2); Newman Club ; Veterans ' Organization. Margery M. Harrington Frosh Proj- ect (1); Soph Project, Secretary (2); Assembly Recognition Night, Program Chairman (2), Assistant Chairman (3); J. G. Play, Properties Chair- man (3); Senior Society (4). Homer B. Harris Sigma Chi. Harriet A. Hartesvelt J.G. Play (3). H. Stanley Hartman Sigma Nu, Commander. Lois J. Hartman War Activities (2) ; Hospital Volunteer (2) ; Gargoyle, Circulation Manager (3). James G. Hartrick Sigma Chi. Richard W. Harvey American So- ciety of Mechanical Engineers (3.4). Sidney S. Hatch American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Grace A. Hathaway Zeta Tau Al- pha, President (4) ; Bowling Club (3); Panhellenic Ball, Publicity Committee (3) ; Spanish Club (3) ; U.S.O., Captain (3) ; Congregational Guild (4) ; Panhellenic Representa- tive (4) ; Outing Club (4) ; Bowling Club (4) ; Rifle Club (4). Rodney C. Hathaway Lambda Chi Alpha. Russel H. Hause Forestry Club. Lawrence A. Hausman American So- ciety of Civil Engineers. John T. Hayes Baseball (1, 2, 3) ; N.R.O.T.C. (1,2,3,4); Rackham Undergraduate Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4). Patricia J. Hayes Delta Delta Delta, President (4) ; Sophomore Cabaret, Central Committee (2) ; Chairman of Swimming Club (3) ; Women ' s Ath- letic Association Board (3) : J-Hop, Central Commi ttee (3) ; Zeta Phi Eta (3, 4) ; Scroll (3) ; V. Pres. of Senior Class (4). John B. Hazelworth Acacia. Betty J. Hearn Pi Beta Phi. Signe G. Hegge Collegiate Sorosis, Secretary (3), Treasurer (3), Presi- dent (4) ; Soph. Project (2) ; J. G. Play (3) Women ' s Athletic Associa- tion Board (3) ; Scroll (4). Elmer R. Heidloff Alpha Kappa Psi Sec. (2), Pres. (4). Robert C. Heller Alpha Kappa Psi. Gwendolyn E. Helm House Treas- urer (1, 2); ' 47 Corps; Soph Public- ity Ass ' t Chairman; Red Cross (3); J.G.P. Philip W. Hemily Phi Eta Sigma (1) ; Tau Beta Pi (3) ; Band. Mavis A. Henderson Alpha Kappa Alpha. Thomas J. Hendrickson A.I.E.E. Sec., Tau Beta Pi (4). Joseph E. Here Quarterdeck (2, 3, -I). Joan Elaine Heyler Spanish Club. James H. Herbst Beta Theta Pi. Kenneth W. Heron Phi Kappa Psi. Kenneth G. Herring Michigan Daily (5) ; Varsity Comm. O). David N. Hess Michigan Christian Fellowship (3,4); Track (3). Patricia A. Heustis Kappa Kappa Production (3); Spanish Club (3); Spanish Club; K.K.G. Treas. (3,4). William B. Hibbard Chi Psi ; Choral Union (2, 3). Priscilla F. Hicks Delta Delta Delta ; Soph Cabaret (2) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Hos- pital Vol. (2). Charles W. Higgins Sigma Chi; Swimming (2). Charlotte C. Hilarides J.G.P. (3) ; Assembly Fortnite. Eugene E. Hildebrandt Theta Delta Chi. Warren G. Hildner Intramural Ath- letics (3, 4) ; Glee Club (3). Ellen P. Hill Frosh Project Central Comm. (1); Daily (1,2,3); Soph Cabaret Chairman (2) ; Chairman As- sembly Recognition Night (3); Wy- vern (3); J.G.P. (3); League Coun- cil Pres. (4); Mortarboard (4); Senior Society (4). Nanette J. Hill Recognition Night Comm. (1); League House Dance Central Comm. (3) ; House Officer (2) ; Social Chairman (4) ; Hospital Volunteer. James D. Hodge Alpha Sigma Phi. Janet Hoensher Soph Cabaret (2). Edwin C. Hoff Sigma Chi. May R. Hoffman Glee Club (1,2, 3) ; A.S.C.E. Robert R. Hoffman Alpha Sigma Ruth E. Hoffman Alpha Delta Phi ; Sigma Alpha Iota (3) ; Congregation- al Disciples Guild (3,4); Soph Cab- aret (2) ; J.G.P. (3). Robert D. Holbrook Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Jean L. Hole Pi Beta Phi ; Fresh- man Project Ass ' t Chairman ; Hospi- tal Vol. (1, 2) ; Swimming Club (2) ; Women ' s Judiciary Council (3, 4) ; Wyvern (2); Mortarboard (3); Al- pha Lambda Delta (1); Phi Beta Kappa (3): Pres. Pi Beta Phi li: Student Affairs Comm. (4) ; Admin- istrative Board (4) ; League Board of Governors (4) ; Orientation Advisor (2); League Exec. Council. James G. Holgate Sigma Alpha Ep- silon; Football (3. 41. Margaret L. Hoik Central Comm. (1); Hosp. Vol. (3); J.G.P. (3); Surg. Dress. Emogene Holland League Dance Hostess (3); Social Chairman (3); Choral Union (4); House Pres. (4). William P. Hollenbeck Phi Gamma Delta. James G. Holmes Play Production (4) ; Radio Production (4). P Karen Holmes Stockwell Cabi- net (3,4); Ensian (3,4); Bowling Club (4); Frosh Frolic (1); Orien- tation Advisor (4) ; Play Production (3, 4). Edward B. Holt Alpha Delta Phi; Marching Band (2, 3). William G. Holt Alpha Tau Omega, Pres. (3). Marilyn A. Holtom Alpha Chi Ome- ga ; Surg. Dress. (1); Daily (1.21; U.S.O. (1, 2); Hosp. Vol. (1, 21; Soph Cabaret and Project (2) ; Social Comm. (2. 4) ; Bowling Club (3. 4) J.G.P. (3) ; Homecoming Dance Ticket Co-Chairman (4); Panhel Dance Publicity Comm. (4) ; League Dance Classes (4); Pep Club (4). Anne L. Hooley Kappa Alpha Theta; Spanish Club (3,4); Golf Club; Rifle Club; League House Pres. John A. Hooper Beta Theta Pi ; Interfraternity Council (2, 3, 4); Sphinx (3) ; Mimes (2, 3). Elsienor R. Hopkins War Forum Club (1). Frederick S. Hopkins, Jr. Theta Chi- S.R.A. Exec. Comm. Bd. of Governors (3) ; Vets ' Org. (3) ; For- estry Club (3,4,5); Pres. Forestry Club (3). Patricia A. Hopkins Kappa Delta ; War Activities Chairman ; Frosh Proj- ect (1); Glee Club (2,3); Hosp. Vol. (2); League House (2). Martin J. Horan Delta Sigma Pi ; Headmaster (4) ; Master of Cere- monies (5). John M. Horeth Ensian and Daily Photographer (1.2); Wenley House Pres. and Social Chairman (4) ; Fly- ing Club (4). Henry B. Horldt Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon ; Union Exec. Council (2); Sigma Rho Tau ; American Society of Me- chanical Engineers (2); Glee Club (2) ; Union Executive Council (3) ; Glee Club (3) ; Triangles (3) ; Sec- 338 mmmmmm ___ BROPHY ENGRAVING COMPANY _ MjlsMllfiriii . Detroit 26 I ' LL NE ' ER FORGET MY COLLEGE DAYS ' LEAVING COLLEGE DOESN ' T HAVE TO MEAN LEAVING ALL YOUR SCHOOL CONTACTS KEEP UP WITH THE LATEST UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN NEWS BY SUBSCRIBING BY MAIL TO TH 340 retary ot the Michigan Union (4) ; Vukans (4) ; Glee Club (4) ; Engi- neering Council (4); Michigamua H). Jacqueline J. Horton President of League House (1). Marion G. Horween Kappa Alpha Theta, President (3) ; Transfer, Cor- nell University; French Club (3); Tennis Club (4). Helen M. Horwich Alpha Epsilon Phi, Athletic Manager of House (2, 3); Treasurer (3,4); Hospital (2); Post War Council (2). Helen D. Horwitz Gargoyle (3) ; Hillel Foundation (2, 3, 4). E. Roger Hotte Alpha Tau Omega, Transfer, University of Buffalo; Sig- ma Rho Tau (2, 3, 4) ; Technic (2, 3) ; Business Manager (3) ; Inter- Fraternity Council (2, 3) ; Secretary Treasurer (3) ; American Institute of Electrical Engineers (3, 4) ; Tau Beta Pi (4). Frank I. Hotze A.I.S. (3,4), Cor- respondence Committee (4). Howard J. Howerth Lambda Chi Alpha; Engineering Council (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4) ; Engineering Honor Council (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Interfraternity Council (3); Triangles (3); Vulcans (3) ; Men ' s Judiciary Council (4) ; Secretary of October Graduating Class, Engineering ' 43. Patricia J. Houser Daily (2) ; Treas- urer of House (2); House Council (3) : Dorm Athletics and Committee Chairman (4). Mary J. Houston Kappa Alpha Theta, Social Committee (3) ; J. G. Play (3) ; Athletics (2). Patricia J. Hovey Alpha Gamma Delta. William R. Howe Forestry Club (4). George D. Howland Delta Kappa Epsilon. Donald D. Howell Trigon, President (4); Football Manager (2,3). Nancy J. Hubbard Kappa Alpha Theta, House Manager (4) ; Hospital Volunteer (1) ; Soph Cabaret, Social Committee (2) ; J. G. Play (3) ; Pan Hellenic (3). Koh(. D. Huber Tau Kappa Epsilon. Allen Hughes Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia ; Choral Union (4). Ray A. Huice Kappa Sigma ; Engi- neering Council (2, 3) ; Honor Coun- cil (2, 3) ; American Society of Me- chanical Engineers (2, 3, 4). Rosarita M. Hume Alpha Xi Delta, Athletic Chairman (2, 3) ; Athletic Chairman of League House (1); Hockey Club (1,4); ' 47 Corps (1); Bowling Club (1) ; Swimming Club (2) ; Spanish Club (2, 4) ; Newman Club (2,4); Soph Cabaret (2); French Club (2, 3, 4) ; Ushering (2. 3, 4) ; Orientation Advisor (3) ; J. G. Play (3) ; Merit Committee (3) ; Tutoring (3). Ruth A. Humphrey Frosh Project (1): Hospital Volunteer (1.2); As- sembly Ball Ticket Comm. (2) ; Cen- tral Comm. J. G. Project (3) ; La Sociedad Hispanica (3) ; Assembly Recognition Night Awards Comm. (3); J. G. Play Props Comm. (3); League Social Comm. (3, 4) ; Assem- bly Recognition Night Scholastic Chairman (4). Frances J. Hurley Chi Omega ; New- man Club (2) ; War Stamp Sales (2); J. G. Play (3); Michiganes- sian Business Staff (3) ; Newman Club (3); Panhel- Assembly Ball (3); Ice Skating Club (4) ; Gargoyle Ad- vertising Staff (4) ; Newman Club (4) ; Panhellenic Ball (4). Herbert G. Hurrell Freshman Foot- ball (1); Phi Eta Sigma (1); I.A.S. (3, 4). Walter L. Hurt Naval Rifle Team; Navy Dance Comm. Betty Jean Hutchins Alpha Phi, Corr. Sec. of Alpha Phi (4) ; Patrons Soph Cabaret Central Comm. (2) ; Nurses ' Aide (1,2). Thomas F. Hyde Ajpha Mu Omega Honorary Math Society ; Officer in N.R.O.T.C. Joseph Hyder Quarterdeck Society (3, 4). Collee Ide Gamma Phi Beta. Sports Chairman ; War Activities Chairman of Betsy Barbour (2) ; Co-Chairman Activities Awards for Assembly Rec- ognition Night (2); J-Hop Central Committee (3); J. G. Play. Booth Chairman (3) ; General Chairman Pan Hel Ball (3) ; Assistant Chair- man " Michilodeon " (3): General Chairman 1946 Gym-Jam (3) ; Presi- dent University Skating Club (3) ; Mortar Board (4) ; Vice-President W.A.A. (4); Soph Cabaret (2); J.G. Project Representative (2) ; U.S.O. (1,2); ' 47 Corps (1); Skating Car- nival (3) ; Swimming Club (2, 3, 4) ; University Women ' s Riding (3) ; Crop Saddle (4) ; Bowling Club (2, 3, 4); Basketball Club (1,2); Univer- sity Skating Club (1,2,3,4); La Crosse Club (1); Ann Arbor Skating Club (2, 3,4). Ellen E. Hand Alpha Gamma Delta ; Merit Tutorial (2,3); Freshman Project (1). Mary Ellen Imbus Social Chairman (2,3). Martha G. Inghram Chi Omega ; V.Pres., School of Arch. Des. (4). Harry C. Inman, Jr. Sigma Nu. Gilbert Iser Alpha Phi Omega Secretary (3); President (4); Michi- gan Union (1,2); Cheerleader (2); Hillel Foundation (1,2,3,4). Heddy E. Iverson Muriel Lester Co- operative, Secretary of Co-Operative (3); J.G.P. (3, 4). Lois R. Iverson Alpha Delta Pi ; Publication (1,2,3); League Coun- cil (4) ; J-Hop Committee (3) ; Pan- Hel (1,2,3,4); Homecoming Ball (3). Harry H. Jackson Delta Upsilon ; Men s Judiciary Council President (3); President I.F.C. (4); Student Legislature (3). Durano F. Jacobs Phi Sigma Delta ; Swimming (1). SWIFT ' S DRUG STORE 340 S. State St. PRESCRIPTIONS DRUG SUNDRIES STUDENT SUPPLIES FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES The Rexall store on the campus Howard A. Jacobs Tau Epsilon Rho ; Judge of the Marshall Case Club (3); Council of the Lawyers ' Club (3) ; Chief Justice of the Case Clubs (4) ; Assistant Editor of the Michigan Law Review (4) ; Executive Council of the Lawyers ' Club (4). Israel S. Jacobs Phi Sigma Delta Secretary (2), President (3) ; Hillel Student Council (3). Alvin Emmanuel Jacobson, Jr. Sigma Phi; Football (1); Sailing Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Engineer Council (3) ; N.R.O.T.C. Edward A. Jacques Alpha Gamma Upsilon. Benson Jaffee Inter-Cooperative Council (2) ; B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation; Student Director (3), Student Cantor (3), Vice President (4), Committee Chairman (2,3,4); Student Religious Association Repre- sentative. Bob Jaffee Zeta Beta Tau. Martin Jaffee Zeta Beta Tau. Tad E. Jaski Delta Upsilon. John M. Jasperse Alpha Kappa Psi. Albert M. Jenkins Beta Theta Phi. Frances E. Jenkins Collegiate Soro- sis ; Society of Women ' s Engineers. Marilyn J. Jenkins Collegiate Soro- sis; Vice-President (3) ; Daily Circu- lation Mgr. (2) ; Junior Girls ' Play (3) ; President of Sorosis (4). Harry U. Jennings Theta Chi. John D. Jenswold, Jr. Psi Upsilon Varsity Hockey (2,3); Golf (2 3 4); Triangles (3); Vulcans (4). Dorothy Jhung Tennis Club (4). John J. Jodka Alpha Kappa Psi ; Gargoyle (3, 4) ; Treasurer Newman Club (3) ; Vice President and Exec. Committee. Barbara J. Johnson Barbara J. Johnson Miss Mullison. Miss Mullison John W. Johnson, Jr. Union Stu- dent Committees ; Alpha Phi Omega. Kalin S. Johnson Tau Beta Pi (4). Lyman M. Johnson Alpha Tau Omega. Roger Paul Johnson I.A.E.S. (3, 4) ; Band (3). Arthur L. Jones Alpha Tau Omega; Technic Staff (4). Marjorie C. Jones Sigma Alpha Iota; Treasurer Jordan Hall (1). Mary Elizabeth Jones Kappa Delta, Sports Manager (3) ; Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Central Committee Soph. Cabaret (2) ; Junior Girls ' Play (1, 2,3); Panhel Decorations (2)- En- sian (2); Play Pro. (3); Surgical Dressing (1); Kampus Kapers (2). Paula J. Jones Kappa Delta ; Frosh Project (1); Soph. Project (2); Ath- letics (2). Robert L. Joseph Zeta Psi. C. Mitchell Justice Psi Upsilon. Martin J. Kabcenell Zeta Beta Tau. Diana Kamburoff House President ; Orientation Advisor. Elinore T. Kanar A.I.C.H.E., Treas- urer (3,4); S.W.E. and Polonia Arthur G. Kaplan Campus Co-oper- ative, Rob ' t Owen House (2) Social Chairman, A.V.C. (4). Theodora B. Kaplan Phi Sigma Sig- ma, Transfer; Spanish Club (1,2); Russian Club (2); International Re- lations (1,2); W.S.G.A. (1,2)- Michigan Daily (3,4); Assembly (3, 4). Stanley I. Kaplan Tau Epsilon Rho ; Case Club (1, 2). Gloria P. Katlam Interfaith Com- mittee of Hillel (3, 4) ; House Presi- dent (3) ; Gilbert and Sullivan So- ciety. Barbara S. Katz House President Shelden M. Kavieff Varsity Foot- ball (3,4); Varsity Track (4); Sig- ma Rho Tau (3); A.S.M.E. (3 and 4). Sam J. Kayser Zeta Beta Tau. Audrey Barbara Kline Daily (1) ; Red Cross (1,2); Hospital Volun- teer (1). RECORDS Classical and Popular a cuttt Second 715 N. University Ave. Phone 2-0542 North End of Diagonal 341 U A MICHIGAN TRADITION ' Ptetjel ZJni book is bound in a SMITHCRAFTED by THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY 2857 N. WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO 18, ILLINOIS Jatindre P. Kapur Hindustan Assoc. Henry Leonard Kaminsk Veterans ' Organization. Corresponding Secretary (1); Michigan Technic (3); Student Legislature (3) ; A.S.M.E. Polonia Club (4). Herbert Kaufman Phi Sigma Delta ; Michigan Bridge So ciety (3, 4). Jack Kaufman Pi Lambda Phi. Shelden M. Kavieff See above. Sam J. Kayser Zeta Beta Tau. Helen F. Kearney Alpha Delta Pi ; Social Chairman ; Rushing Chairman ; Ruthven Teas (2) ; Newman Club (2, 4) ; Orientation Advisor (3, 4) ; U.S.O. ; Dance Club ; Surgical Dress- ings ; Intramural Activities. Miner S. Keeler Alpha Delta Phi. Isabel L. Keenan Spanish Club. William C. Keenan Alpha Tau Omega; Football (1, 2). Charles R. Keene (Transfer from Hobart College); Publication (1,2, 3); Chiwera (3): Bank (1); Basket- ball (1,2); Druid (3); Class Vice- ier Board. ball (1, 2 President (1); Chairman Intramural Louise S. Kefgen Alpha Phi; Jor- dan Council (1); Orientation Group (2, 3) ; Soph. Project (2) ; Newman Club (4). Henry B. Keiser Sigma Alpha Mu Exchequer (2); President (2,3); Michigan Marching Band (1); Phi Fta Sigma, Historian (1,2); Michi- gan Daily Sports Night Editor (1, 2, 3); Micniganensian Sports Editor (3); Sphinx, Secretary (3). jack Robert Kelso Acacia ; Michigan Technic (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) ; Editor (4) ; Phi Eta Sigma (1); Tau Beta Pi (3, 4, 5) ; Asce (2, 3, 4, 5) ; Engineering Council (3. 4) ; Acacia (3, 4, 5) ; Tri- angles (3) ; Vulcans (4). Jack Robert Kelso Acacia ; Tau Beta Pi (3. 4. 5) ; Asce (2, 3, 4, 5) ; Mich- igan Technic (2, 3. 4, 5) ; Editor in chief (4) ; Triangles (3) ; Vulcans (4, 5) ; Phi Eta Sigma (1) ; Slide Rule Ball Committee (4, 5) ; Engi- neerino Council (4). Lois M. Kelso Alpha Gamma Delta ; J.G.P. Script Chairman (3) ; Sc ll (4); Gargoyle (3): Michigan Daily (2. 3, 4) ; Book Exchange (3, 4). John B. Kentch Phi Gamma Delta. James S. Kerr Beta Theta Pi Treas- urer (3). Jean A. Kerr Kappa Alpha Theta ; T.G. Project (2, 3) ; J.G. Play (3) ; Social Committee (1,2.3); Soph Cabaret (2) ; Spanish Club (3, 4) ; Orientation Central Committee (3) ; Corresponding Sec ' y of House (4) ; Jr. Asst. of League (3). Heini B. Kessler Theta Chi ; Swim- ming Team (1, 2, 3, 4). William Bennett Ketollick Kappa Sigma. Clairence H. Kettinger Alpha Kappa Psi; Athletics (Basketball) (1). Jaesse F. Keville Alpha Phi Ome- ga; Newman Club (2, 3, 4) ; Univer- sity Marching Band (3) ; Chairman of Memorial Dance ; Phi Lambda Up- silon (3. 4) ; A.I.Ch.E. Charles C. Killin Theta Chi. Florence E. Kingsbury Gamma Phi Beta; Michiganensian, tryout (1); Junior Editor (1,2); Managing Edi- tor (3, 4) ; League Social Committee (1); U.S.O. (1); J.G.P. Booth Com- mittee (2) ; Junior Captain Merit- Tutorial (3) ; Student Legislature (3, 4) ; Scroll (4). Clare Kittredge Volleyball (3) ; Swimming Team (1, 2) ; Social Com- mittee (3, 4) ; House President (4) ; Hospital Work (1,2); Glee Club (1, 2). Estelle L. Klein Sigma Delta Tau, Rushing Chairman ; General Chair- man Freshman Project (1); Surgical Dressings (2); Hospital Volunteer; Ensian Tryout (3) ; Wyvern ; Orien- tation Advisor; Personnel Chairman, League Council (4). Walter H. Klee, Jr. Theta Xi ; Michigan Daily (1, 2, 3) ; Michigan Ensian (4) ; Sports Editor (4) ; Stu- dent Legislature (4). Jo-An G. Kleynemberg IR.A (3, 4) ; Corresponding Secretary (3) ; Spanish Club (3,4); Latin Club (1); Usher- ing (3, 4) ; League House President (4). Audrey Barbara Line Daily (1); Hospital Volunteer (2) ; Willow Run Arts Crafts Volunteer. John A. Knaff Chi Phi. Charl Knapp Alpha Tau Omega ; Union (1) ; Ensian (1) ; Ensian (1. 2, 3,4); Gargoyle (2); A.S.M.E. (3). Noah A. Knepper University Bank (2, 3. 4) ; Orchestra (3, 4) ; Choral Union (3,4). Norman Harold Knight Lambda Chi Alpha. Walter O. Koch Zeta Psi Secretary (4) ; U. of M. Sailing Club (3, 4) ; Secretary (4) ; Veterans ' Organization (4). Marilyn J. Koebnich Zeta Tau Al- pha ; Michigan Daily (2, 3) ; Asst. N.E. ; Evangelical Reformed Guild. Pres. (1). Member (2,3,4). William N. Koeller Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.M.E. (3, 4). Margaret E. C. Kohlhaas War Stamps (1); Frosh Project (1); Hos- pital Volunteer (1); Riding Club (1); U.S.O. (1); Dorm Social Com- mittee (2); Pan-Hel Ball Central Comm. (2); League Social Commit- tee (2) ; War Stamps (2) ; Dorm Art Committee (2); Recognition Night Ticket Committee (2) ; Golf Club (3) ; Pan Hel Assembly Ball Ticket Committee, League Social Committee (3); J.G.P. Project (3); J. G. Play (3) ; Dorm Social Committee (3) and (4) ; Ensian Business Staff Commit- tee ; Dancing Club ; Student Govern- ment Ticket Fraud Committee, Poe- try Club; Hospital Volunteers (3). Bernice J. Kohn Daily (3, 4) ; House Officer (2, 3) ; Hillcl Com- mittees (2); W.S.O. (2); Hospital Volunteer (2). Jack A. Kohn D.O. M.S. ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi- Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Pi. Basil A. Kosarin Swimming (1); Track (2); N.R.O.T.C.; Sigma Rho Tau; A.S.M.E.; Sigma Delta Psi. Donald F. Kowalick Sigma Phi Epsilon. George A. Kozloff Sigma Chi ; Daily Sports Staff (1, 2) ; Triangles (3). Reynold R. Kraft, Jr. Sigma Nu ; I.F.C. (2, 3). Karl F. Krauss, Jr. American Inst. of Arch. (2, 3, 4, 5) ; Treasurer (4) ; Tau Sigma Delta (4, 5) ; President (4). Mary Ellen Krauss Collegiate Wilia ' rd B. Krebs. Jr. Chi Phi, Pres- ident (3); Cheerleader (2); Interfra- ternity Council Executive Committee (3) ; I.F.C. Secretary (4). Jonas G. Kristinsson Publicity Chair- man in " Quarterdeck " (4). Lois J. Kritchman Hillel Member- ship Committee (1); U.S.O. (1,2); All Nations Club Social Committee (2); Hospital Volunteer (2); Choral Union (3) ; Child Care (J) ; J. G. Dancing Classes (3, 4) ; Hillel Social Committee (4) ; Stockwell Glee Club Director (4). Doris C. Krueger Frosh Project Cen- tral Committee (1); J.G. Play (1); Soph Cabaret Publicity Committee (2); Orientation Advisor (2.3,4); Daily Business Staff (2 ; J. G. Play Publicity Committee (3) ; Stockwell Council (3) ; League Publicity Chair- man (4). Ted Michael Kubiniec Phi Delta Phi Barristers (3, 4) ; Asst. Editor Michigan Law Review (4). Phyllis Jane Kudner Alpha Phi. Earl H. Kuhlik Phi Sigma Delta. Dorothy M. Kuhnle Alpha Delta Pi; Frosh Project (1); Hospital Vol- unteer (1) ; Red Cross Surgical Dress- ings (1.2); Michigan Daily (2); House Officer (2, 3) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Social Committee (2,3); War Activi- ties Chairman (2). John C. Kuivinen Sigma Phi Epsi- lon; Michigan Union (1); Michigan Technic (1) ; Band (1, 2, 3). George R. Kuntze Michigan Tech- nic (2); A.S.M.E. (3, 4). Gloria Kurian Daily (1) ; Poetry Club (3, 4) ; Garg (3). Ann L. Kutz Kappa Alpha Theta ; Michigan Daily (2,3,4); J.G.P. Central Committee (3); Associate Editor Mortarboard (4). Rosalind A. LaBounty Kappa Delta ; Frosh Project (1): Surgical Dressings (2); Athletics (2,4); Child Care (3) ; Lantern Night (3) ; War Stamps (2)- Newman Club (1,2.3,4). Thea B. LaBudde Kappa Alpha Theta; Michigan Daily (1); Hospital Work (1) ; Work in Fine Arts Dept. (3) ; Work in Sociology Dept. (4) ; Member Sociological Honorary Fra- ternity (4). Suzanne J. LaDriere American Vet- erans Committee Secretary (3.4); Vets ' Organization (3.4). Beth Laikin Volley Ball Team (1); Sec. Aurrah (1); President Auukah (2 34); Play Production (3.4); Hillel Council (2). Jean Laird Chi Omega ; Frosh Proi- ect (1); Army Show (1); Women ' s Glee Club (1, 2) ; Soph Cabaret (2) ; Rolled Bandages for Red Cross (3) ; Sorority Song Leader (4). William G. Laitv American Society Civil Engineers (3,4). William E. Lakey Band (4). Willial E. Lakey Band (4). Hertha H. Lamb Choral Club (1) ; T.P.R. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; " Scalpel " (4). Margaret Joan Lamberg Alpha Gam- ma Delta, President (3, 4) ; Frosh Project (1): Frosh Frolic (1); Red Cross (1. 2) ; Soph Cabaret (2) ; Vol- ley Ball (2, 3, 4) ; Baseball (2, 3, 4) ; Basketball (2. 3, 4) ; Rifle Club (2, 3) ; Panhellenic (3, 4) ; League House President (2, 3). William M. Lambert Phi Delta Theta; Daily (1, 2); J-Hop Commit- tee ; Sphinx ; Sigma Delta Chi. Jane E. Lammert Choral Union (1) ; Rifle Club (3) ; League House Presi- dent (3, 4). Gene D. Lament Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Sigma Xi, Phi Eta Sigma. James C. Lamy Les Voyageurs, For- restry Club, Swimming. Richard W. Lapidos Phi Sigma Kappa. Arnold Larsen Delta Sigma Pi. Elizabeth A. Larsen Daily (1,2); Soph Project (2) ; Publicity Chairman Panhel-Assembly Ball (3) ; Cheever House Vice-Pres. (4); Publicity Chairman, Assembly Fortnight (4) ; Senior Society Treasurer (4). Donald N. Larson Sigma Chi ; V-12 Navy Band (2, 3) ; Union Ex. Coun- cil (3) ; Sphinx. Karin R. Larson Pi Beta Phi ; Crop and Saddle (2, 3, 4) ; President (4) ; I.G. P. (31. Lillian M. Larson Gamma Phi Beta. Volleyball (3) ; Ice Skating (3) ; Athletic Zone Leader (3). Rosemary C. Larson Zeta Tau Al- pha; Glee Club (3) ; Education Club (3) ; Ice Skating (4). Grace L. Lathrop Alpha Chi Ome- ga; House President (4); Hospital Volunteer (2); Social Committee (2. 4) ; Senior Ball Committee (3) ; Pan- hel Ball Committee (4). Elizabeth A. Laursen Kappa Delta ; Frosh Project (1) ; Surgical Dress- ings Child Care, U.S.O., Athletics. John E. Laursen Beta Theta Pi ; Mich. Union (1, 2) ; Varsity Glee Club (1, 2) ; Orientation (2, 3) ; Navy Ball (3,4). Gerald J. Lavender Forestry Club. Rosa L. Law Alpha Phi ; Frosh Proj- ect (1); University Women ' s Riding Club (1) ; Hospital Volunteer (1, 2) ; Red Cross Surgical Dressings (1, 2). Robert S. Lawson Chi Phi. Betty Jane Leavitt Ensian (2) ; J.G.P. Central Committee (3) ; Daily William R. Lebold Forestry Club. Lois Lebowitz Surgical Dressings (1); U.S.O. (12) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Hillel (3) : Women ' s Activities Committee (3 4) Janet L. Leckner Alpha Delta Pi. Richard D. LeClair Sigma Chi. Elizabeth A. Lee Class Vice Prcs. (3); Class Social Chairman (4). Morton Leitson Lawyers ' Guild, Tau Epsilon Rho. John Lemish Russian Circle (3). Feme A. Lepisto Alpha Gamma Delta President of House (1) ; Frosh Project (1); Soph Cabaret (2); Uni- versity Choir (3) ; Lutheran Student Association (3. 4) ; Basketball and Baseball (3, 4). June J. Leslie Choral Union Usher- ing ft, 2, 3) ; J.G.P. Props (3) ; Stockwell Hall Council (3. 4) ; Vice- President (3), Cabinet Member (4). Ethel I. Lester Surgical Dressings (1 2)- Soph Cabaret; J.G. Play; Newman Club (2. 3. 4) ; Hospital Volunteer (2) ; Social Committee Cer- cle Francais (3, 4) ; Undergraduate Education Club, Treasurer (3) ; As- sembly Recognition. Ann M. Leverenz Red Cross ( 1 ) ; J.G. Play; Assembly Recognition (3) ; Michelodean (3) ; Vice-Presi- dent of Betsy Barbour (4). Barbara S. Levin Sigma Delta Tau ; Hospital Volunteer (1) ; Frosh Proj- ect ' Soph Cabaret, Refreshment Chair- man Blood Donor (1.2.3); Red Cross, Bandage Rolling (2) : Girl Scout Leader ; Hillel Student Council (2) ; Secretary and Social Chairman (3) : Vice-President (4). Marvin D. Levin Kappa Nu. Vice- President (4) ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Mich. Daily (1); Frosh Football. Betty H. Levy Sigma Delta Tau, Secretary (4) ; Soph Project (Hospital Volunteer) ; Poster Committee for Panhel-Assembly; Ensian (2); Blood Donor (3). Norma R. Levy Sigma Delta Tau, Athletic Manager (2) ; Soph Project. Allen D. Lewis N.R.O.T.C. (1. 2, 3) ; Track (2) ; Rifle Team (1, 2, 3) ; Captain (2). Renee Lichenstein Panhel-Assembly Ball (2, 3) ; French, Russian. Span- ish Clubs (2, 3) ; Gargpyle, Make-up Editor (3) ; Hillel Social Committee (3)- Russian Club Vice-President (4) ; A.V.C. Social and Membership Committees (4) ; Council of Ameri- can-Soviet Friendship League (4). Sally E. Lichtig Proxy Parent (2, 3, 4). Charles B. Light Phi Sigma Delta; Frosh Swimming Squad ; R.O.T.C. (1,2,3,4); A.I.A.E. (2,3); Rifle Team (2, 3) ; Army Ordnance Assoc., American Society Military Engineers (2, 3); Scabbard and Blade (3). Orville B. Lefko Phi Sigma Delta; Secretary (3) ; Treasurer (4) ; Socie- ded Hispanica (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) ; Phi Eta Sigma (1); Alpha Nu (2.3): Phi Kappa Phi (4) ; Phi Beta Kappa (4). 342 Lois J. Lefkowitz Alpha Epsilon Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta (1) ; Frosh Project (1) ; League House Pres. (2) ; Gargoyle (2, 3) ; Sociedad Hispanica (2, 3, 4) ; Panhellenic Delegate (2) ; Hillel Forum Committee (4) ; Hillel Social Committee (4). Joseph F. Le fton Order of Scimitar (1, 2); Gargoyle Business Staff (2). Donna L. Leidlein Alpha Gamma Delta; Hospital Work (2). Barbara I. Luke Zeta Tau Alpha ; League Social Committee (3,4); Newman Club Executive Council (3) ; Editor, St. Mary ' s Chapel Chronicle (3), Secretary (4) ; Bowling Club (4) ; Golf Club (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Ball (4) ; Ushering (4). William M. MacConnachie, Jr. Phi Delta Theta ; Football (2) ; Basket- ball (2. 3) ; Sphinx (3). Donald E. MacCoul Theta Delta Chi. James C. MacDonald Phi Sigma Kappa. Carol N. Macha Alpha Xi Delta; Tap Club (2) : Geological Journal Club ; Skating Club ; W.S.S.F. ; Con- gregational Disciples Guild ; Swim- ming Club. Arthur W. Mack Alpha Kappa Psi. Charles S. Mack Sigma Phi : Swim- ming Team ; Inter-Fraternity Council ; Sphinx : M-Club. Charlotte E. Mack Zeta Tau Alpha; Newman Club; Frosh Project: Red Cross; Treasu rer-Z . T . A . ; Daily; U.S.O. John G. MacLachlan Sigma Phi Epsilon. Nancy MacPherson Treasurer, Stock- well ; President, Stockwell (4) ; Ori- entation Advisor (4). Elizabeth R. MacTavish Kappa Beta Pi. Elmer F. Madar Athletics (1,2,3,4). Jeopv C. Madison M.Y.D.A ; I.R.A.; S.O.I.C. ; I.C.C. ; Book Ex- change ; Daily. Margaret M. Magnuson Prescott Club; A. Ph. A. John F. Mahaney N.R.O.T.C. Curtis V. Main Zeta Psi ; A.S.C.E. Stuart L. Main Beta Theta Pi. Louis Major Sigma Alpha Epsilon. George Makdisi French Play (3). Lila Mae Makima Alpha Chi Ome- ga : Hospital Volunteer (1): Alpha Lambda Delta (1): Frosh Project (1): U.S.O. (1): Michigan Daily (2, 3) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Ushering. Marcia M. Malawista Hospital Vol- unteer (1): Social Chairman, Hill House (2) : Red Cross Volunteer (1). Myra E. Malin Zeta Tau Alpha ; Choral Union (2, 3, 4) ; Tennis Club (3) ; Skating Club (4) ; U.S.O. (2. 3) : Panhellenic Association. Frederick A. Malsom Acacia. Frederick A. Mammel Gamma Del- ta ; A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4). losenh I. Mansour Zeta Psi : Cheer- leader (1. 2, 4) ; Intramural Athletics (1, 2, 3,4). Laura R. Manthei Collegiate Sorosis. Rose-Mary Marin Delta Delta Delta : Frosh Project (1); J.G.P. (3); Cor- responding Secretary Delta Delta Delta (4). James A. Marine Daily Business Staff (1, 2). Louise M. Markhus Pi Beta Phi; W.A.A. Swimming Club (3) ; Man- ager (4). lohn S. Markward Alpha Delta Phi : Varsity Basketball (2, 4) ; Baseball (2. 3. 4); Sphinx (3). John Edward Marlin Debate Team, tit. Club. Nancy G. Marsh Mu Phi Epsilon. Richard M. Marsh Alpha Tau Ome- ga; Inter-Fraternity Council (2, 3). Robert V. Martelli Trigon ; Rifle Team (1) ; Mimes Opera (2) ; House Manager. Jack R. Martin Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Michigan Daily (1,2,3,4); Sports Editor (4) ; Track (2, 3, 4) ; M Club (2. 3, 4). John J. Martin Alpha Tau Omega ; Quarterdeck Society (1,2,3.4); Track (2). Walter C. Mason, Jr. Prescott Club (3) ; American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation (3. 4). Shirley Mattern Alpha Chi Omega, Social Comm. (3) ; University Wom- en ' s Riding Club (2) ; Choral Union (3) ; Junior Girls ' Central Comm. Frederick C. Matthaei, Jr. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Pres. for 5 semesters ; Phi Eta Sigma (1); Navy Chorus (2, 3) ; Triangles (3) ; Pres. of I.F.C. (3) ; Michigamua (4) ; Varsity Comm. (4). Charline G. Matthews Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Frosh Project (1); U.S.O. (I. 2, 3) : Soph. Cabaret (2) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Tennis Club (3) ; Student Gov- ernment (3); Gargoyle Art Staff (3, 4); Pan-He! Ball Publicity Comm. (3, 4). Hester V. Matthews Kappa Alpha Theta; Junior Girls ' Play (3); Ori- entation Advisor (4). Joyce Matthews Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Child Care (2). William S. Maxwell Delta Upsilon ; Phi Eta Sigma (1) ; Sophomore Hon- ors; Phi Beta Kappa (3). William F. Maybury, Jr. Alpha Tau Omega; Technic (1) ; Band (1, 2, 3) ; S.A.M.E. (3.4); A.S.M.E. (3,4); Scabbard and Blade (4); Kappa Kappa Psi (4). Ralph D. Maynard Delta Tau Del- ta; Union (1); Track (3); Forestry Club (3,4). Gene C. McArtor Kappa Phi (2, 3), Recording Sec. (4). Betty J. McCallum Gamma Phi Beta ; Publications Try-out (3) ; Rifle Club (3). John Thomas McCarty Chi Phi ; Kappa Phi Sigma ; Alpha Tau Ome- ga ; Student Chapter of American Road Builders (2, 3. 4) ; A.S.C.E. ; Keeper of Spiget (2, 3) ; V. Pres. (4) ; Student Society of Automotive Eng. (3, 4). Robert E. McCollum Phi Delta Theta. Mackay McCord Pi Beta Phi ; U.S.O. Captain (1) ; Jordan Council (1); Pan-Hel Ball, Decorations (1. 2.3), Asst. Chairman (4); Soph. Cabaret (2) ; Spanish Club (2. 3, 4) : Asst. Chairman of Properties of J.G.P. (3). Martha A. McCray Gamma Phi Beta. Rushing Chairman (4) : Surgi- cal Dressings (1) ; Frosh Project (l) ; Red Cross Motor Mechanics (1); U.S.O. (1, 2) ; Basketball. Volleyball, Baseball (1. 2. 3, 4) : Soph. Cabaret (2) ; Camp Counsellors ' Club (2) ; Assembly Recognition Night (2); Hockey Club (2,3); Bowling Club (3. 4). William E. M. McDaid Phi Gamma Delta. Henry E. McDonnell, Jr. Phi Upsilon. Raymonda McGarry Alpha Omicron Pi; Hospital Work (2); Gargoyle (3); Spanish Club (2,3,4); J.G.P. (3) ; League Social Committee (3). Fred B. McGIone, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Ruthe W. McGuiggan Alpha Chi Omega; Frosh Project (1); Surgical Dressings (1); Volunteer Hospital Work (2) ; Merit-Tutorial (2) ; Asst. Merit Tutorial (3): J.G.P. (3). Mary McHush Scalpel ; Class Pres- ident (3) : Senior Member of House Board (4). Thomas S. Mclnerney Union. Agnes I. Mclnryre Delta Gamma : Undergraduate Education Club (3) ; Newman Club (4) ; League Social Comm. Duane D. McKeachie Tau Beta Pi (4). Donald M. McKee Golf Squad (3) ; A.I.Ch.E. (3, 4). George M. McKee, Tr. Sigma Al- pha Epsilon; A.S.C.E. (2,3,4), Treas. (3). lane C. McKee League House Pres- ident (2) ; Tennis Club (2, 3. 4) ; Golf Club (3). James H. McKeown Scabbard and Blade (3, 4) ; Architectural Society (3,4). Edward H. McKinley Gargoyle Lit. Staff (3) ; Gargoyle Managing Edi- tor (4). Charles W. McKinley Beta Theta Pi. John D. McMaster Phi Kappa Sig- ma; Track Team (2,3); M-Club. Johanne McMillin War Activities (1,2); Choral Union (1,2.3); Cong.-Dis. Guild (1. 2. 3, 4) ; W. S. S. F. (2); Dean ' s Committee (4); Undergraduate Education Club (4). For the Best and Relaxation at All Times MICHIGAN STATE WUERTH WHITNEY W. S. BUTTERFIELD THEATERS 343 BOOK STORES have served Michigan stu- dents and graduates for over half a century. Let us con- tinue to serve you after gradu- ation. Special attention given to mail orders. WAHB ' S BOOK STORES " Michigan ' s oldest and most complete bookstore " ANN ARBOR, MICH. Ruth P. McMorris Kappa Alpha Theta; Merit-Tutorial ( ) ; Michigan Daily (1) ; Soph Cabaret (2) ; J.G.P. Asst. Chairman (3) ; W.A.A. ixecu- tive Board (3) ; Student Legislature (4) ; Rushing Chairman (4). John A. McNab Phi Kappa Psi ; Varsity Track (3, 4) ; Vulcans (4) ; M-Club (3, 4). Thomas C. McNall Bill Sawyer ' s Orchestra (2) ; Michigan Union Or- chestra (3, 4). John W. McNutt Sigma Alpha Ep- silon ; Marching Band (3. 4) ; Batt. Comm. N.R.O.f.C. Unit (4). Virginia McRae Frosh Frolic (1); Surgical Dressings (1); Assembly Recognition Night Central Comm. (2); Soph Cabaret (2); J.G.P. (3); Dorm Council (3) ; Stockwell Treas- urer (4). William R. McTaggart Alpha Tau Omega; Technic Staff (1) ; Social Chairman, Victor Vaughn (3) ; Alpha Kappa Psi. Phyllis M. McVoy Play Production (3) ; J.G.P., House President (4) ; Play Production (4); Golf (4). Phyllis W. Meader Sigma Phi, A.l.E.E. (4). Arthur C. Medalie Phi Lambda Phi; Ensian Business Staff (2). Arthur J. Medwedeff A.I.C.E. (3, 4) ; Men ' s Glee Club (4) ; Intramural Football (4). Hugh Charles Mehlenbachee Sigma Chi " A.l.E.E. Treasurer (4). Sylvia K. Meier J.G.P. (3) ; Assem- bly Personnel (3). Richard K. Meinke Sigma Nu. Donald F. Mela Phi Eta Sigma, Daily (1, 2) ; Spanish (1). Gloria J. Melbourne Alpha Omi- cron Pi; Frosh Project (1); Surgical Dressings (1); Campus Drives (1,2, 3,4) ; Glee Club (2) ; Panhel Dance (3,4); Soph Cabaret (2); U.S.O. Hostess (2) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Michi- bomer Carnival (3); Baseball, Ping Pong, Basketball (3, 4) ; Senior Proj- ect (4). Albert A. Mellen Play Production (3, 4). Carolyn Melsheimer Gamma Phi Beta; J.G.P. (3). Edwin R. Menz Zeta Psi ; Michigan Technic (1); Scabbard and Blade (3) ; Tau Beta Pi (4). Jane E. Merrill Alpha Chi Omega ; Hospital Volunteer (1); J.G.P. (}). Eleanor L. Merriman Kappa Delta, House President (2) ; Hospital Volun- teer (2) ; Mich. Daily (}). Jacqueline Merrit Kappa Alpha Theta. Elizabeth Messom Skating Club (1) ; Tennis Club (1); Society of Women Engineers (2, 3, 4). Fred L. Meyer Delta Sigma Pi. William C. Meyer University Band (3, 4). Hillard U. Meyers Delta Sigma Pi; Newman Club (3, 4). George Miakinin I.A.S. Edgar W. Michaels Sigma Alpha Mu, Publications, Intramurals, I.F.C. Eduardo Michelena Quarterdeck Society ; Latin American Society. Richard B. Michelson Senior Honors (4). Neva H. Miesen S.R.A. Council (3); Choral Union (3,4): French Club (3, 4) ; Congregational Disci- ples ' Guild (3, 4) ; Undergraduate Education Club (4). Joseph R. Milillo Delta Tau Delta; Union Staff (1) ; Michigan Technic (1) ; Sigma Rho Tau (1, 2). Clifton O. Myll Sigma Chi ; Foot- ball (2, 3). Alice C. Miller Alpha Phi; Daily Business Staff (1) ; Daily Accounts Manager (2,3); Frosh Project (1); Surgical Dressings ( 1 ) ; Soph Cabaret General Chairman (2) ; J.G.P. Cast (3) ; Wyvern (3) ; Lacrosse Club (1); League Junior Treasurer (3). Harvey S. Miller Inter-Cooperative Council (4). Jerome S. Miller Phi Gamma Delta. June L. Miller Pres. of League Dorm (1); Assembly Board (2); J.G.P. (3) ; Sec., Martha Cook (4) ; Assembly Recognition Night Com- mittee (3); Merit-Tutorial Comm. (2). Libby E. Miller League House Treasurer (1) ; Ensian (3) ; Surgical Dressings (1); Hospital Volunteer (1); Frosh Project (1); Hillel Com- mittees (1, 2, 3. 4) ; J.G.P. (3). Marylee S. Miller Chi Omega W.A.A. Representative (2); Chi Omega House President. Rosmary R. Miller Education Club (3, 4). Thomas Burt Miller Chairman Dec- orations Committee, Paul Bunyan Dance (3) ; Forestry Club (2, 3, 4) ; Assoc. Business Mgr. Michigan For- ester (4); Michigan Varsity Rifle Team, Exec. Officer (2, 3, 4) ; Mich- igan Gymnastics Team (2,3). Evelyn R. Mills Collegiate Sorosis; Corresponding Sec. iorosis (2) ; ; erv- ice Manager, Michigan Daily Busi- ness Matt (3) ; Assoc. business Man- ager oaily ( ) ; Orientation Advisor h iviarjorie C. Mills Transfer Advisor (1); me Micnigan Uaiiy (2, 3). James G. Mmaiian Aigma Alpha upsilon. Ivan J. Minderhout Phi Alpha r .appa. Hume A. Mintz Daily (1, 2, 3). i J. iniqueion I ' m Gamma oelta ; vice-rres., Michigan Union (3) j Treasurer Phi Gamma Lielta (i). Wilma . ivuron president, Kussian Circle (l, 3). Dow M. ivulchell Alpha Kappa Psi ; fi Kappa Aipna. Lisaoetn J. Mitchell Alpha Gamma Lielta; Ritle Club (1,2,3); Ameri- can Ked Cross Motor Corps (2, 3) ; Sophomore Cabaret Publicity (4); Orientation Advisor (4) ; Michelodeon (}) ; Lantern Night (3) ; Sorority Scribe (4) ; Spamsn and French Play Publicity (1, 2) ; Sec., School of Arch. m. Des. (4). Peter D. Molthrop Theta Delta Chi. Oelphine L). Moruuszko Alpha Gamma Delta; J.G.P. (3). Myra E. Montgomery Swimming (1, 4) ; Basketball (2) ; Volleyball (3) ; Ice Skating Club (3). Eugene G. Moody Phi Eta Sigma Honorary Society (1); Letters in Track (1,2); M-Club (1,2,3,4); A.S.C.E. (1,2,3,4); Triangles (3); Sphinx (3). Edward t. Moon Phi Eta Sigma (1) ; A.S.M.E. (4). Charles W. Moore Phi Eta Sigma (1); Freshman Honors (1); Sopho- more Honors (2) ; Junior Honors (3) ; Tau Sigma Delta (3) ; American Institute Architects (3) ; Tagge Schol- arships (3,4); Secretary, lau Sigma Delta (4) ; President, American Insti- tute Architects (4) ; Senior Honors (4) ; American Institute Architects Medal (4) ; Fassett Scholarships (3, 4, 5). Nancy J. Mor.irity Pi Beta Phi ; Junior Girls ' Project (3) ; Newman Club (3,4); Sociedad Hispanica (3,4). Marian E. More Freshman Project, U.S.O. Hostess (1); Hospital Volun- teer, U.S.O. Hostess (2) ; Assembly Recognition, Golf Club (3) ; Gar- goyle (4) ; Dancing Hostess (3) ; Martha Cook Dorm Constitution (3). Janet Morgan Gamma Phi Beta ; En- sign Try-out, Surgical Dressings, Summer Central Committee, Frosh Project (1); Glee Club, Sophomore Cabaret (2) ; J.G.P. Central Commit- tee, Secretary, Judiciary Aide, J. G. Play, W.A.A. Table Tennis Manager, Orientation Advisor; J.G.P. Stamp Salesman, Bow Committee Chairman, Lantern Night (3). Helen S. Morley House President, ' 47 Corps, Hospital Volunteer, Red Cross, Athletics (1) ; Sophomore Cab- aret, Assembly Athletics (2); J.G.P., Assembly, Merit Tutorial, Athletics (3 . John C. Morris Theta Delta Chi. Robert T. Morris Chi Phi ; Daily (1). Alberta L. Morrison Athletics (3, 4) ; M.C.F. (3, 4). Jacob Morrison Varsity Glee Club (3, 4). John J. Morrissey Sigma Chi; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2. 3, 4). Enrique I. Moscoso Delta Sigma Pi; Bosing Squad (1). Milton J. Moscowitz Sigma Alpha Mu ; Michigan Daily (2 ; Freshman Track (1). Dorothea R. Mountz Ticket Public- ity Committees, Assembly Ball (2); Newman Club (2,3,4); U.S.O. Colonel (3); Orientation Advisor (3); Dorm Yearbook Editor (3); J.G.P. (3) ; Central Committee As- sembly, Recognition Night (4). Frank T. Moy Alpha Lambda. Jeanne A. Mueller Alpha Gamma Delta; Frosh Project, Red Cross, U.S.O. (1); U.S.O., Sophomore Project, Rifle Club (2) ; Rifle, Bowl- ing Club (3) ; Bowling Club (4) ; Baseball, Volleyball. Basketball (2, 3. 4). William I. Muha Commander Drum and Bugle Corp, N. R. O. T. C., A.l.E.E.. Vice Pres. Newman Club, U. of M. Marching Band. James R. Mulkey Phi Gamma Delta. Allen V. Mundt Sigma Phi. Maurice P. Murphy Institute of the Aero Sciences (2, 3, 4). Waiter R. Murphy Sigma Chi. Jean Murray President. Mary Mark- ley House (31 : Women ' s Glee Club (3) ; Choral Union (4). John R. Murray Newman Club (4). Polly M. Murray Kappa Kappa Gamma; Social Committee (3); Bowling Club (3). 344 The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan The official spokesman for the 1 20,000 graduates and former students of the University iviiionA The Michigan Alumnus Association of University of Michigan Clubs The Alumnae Council The Class Officers Council Keep contact with MICHIGAN by reading THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Official publication of the Alumni Association 26 issues per year for Seniors Only a special " Introductory Price " has been established. By ordering early these New Alumni may have the magazine for the whole year for TWO DOLLARS. An annual subscription starts any- time and runs for twelve months. It ' s not the cheapest subscription rate in the alumni world but the Michigan Alumnus is the best alumni magazine. $2 $4 .00 .00 Thirty-six months Three years of your alumni magazine. A new bargain rate just put in effect. Saves the annoyance of writing annual checks. 900 pages of interesting reading. The Life Subscription ! The Mich- igan Alumnus will reach your li- brary table as long as you live, with no further payments. The easy way, if you desire a life subscription for six annual pay- ments of TEN DOLLARS. $10 .00 $50 .00 For Alumni Families Only. A hus- band and wife, both alumni, can assure receiving their magazine always. Six annual checks for $12.75 will do the same thing. $63 .50 345 HIDNOFF ST 550 Fifth Avenue New York Jf-ficiat l notoarapner THE 1947 MICHIGANENSIAN 346 Joan G. Myers Alpha Chi Omega ; Frosh Project (1); Michigan Daily. Sophomore Hospital Project (1,2); U.S.O. (2) : Social Committee, Vice President, Alpha Chi Omega (4). Doris L. Nash Speakers ' Bureau (2, 3) ; Soph Project. Margaret A. Neel Alpha Xi Delta ; Choral Union (3, 4) ; Glee Club (4) ; Skating Club (4) ; Navy Show As- sistant Director. Harold A. Nefe Alpha Rho Chi. Edward J. Neithercut Men ' s Glee Club (2). William A. Nelson Baseball (3,4). Bernice Nemeroff University Wom- en ' s Riding Club (1,2); Hospital Volunteer (1); Child Care (2); League Social Comm. (3) ; League Personnel Comm. (3). Charles M. Ness Alpha Delta Phi, Pres. (3), and Vice-Pres. (4). Walter Nester Delta Tau Delta. Margaret A. Netter Chi Omega ; W.A.A. (3,4). Milton A. Netter Alpha Tau Omega. Carolyn L. Newberg Frosh Project (1); U.S.O. (1); Hospital Volunteer (1); Soph Project, Central Commit- tee (2) ; Speakers ' Bureau (2, 3) ; Social Comm. (2, 3, 4) ; Dormitory War Activities, Bond Chairman (2) ; Soph Cabaret (2) ; Assembly Panhell Ball Ticket Committee (2); Spanish Club (3) ; Wyvern (3) ; Judiciary Council (3) ; J.G. Project (3) ; J.G. Play (3) ; Secretary Judiciary Council (4) ; League Council (4) ; Senior So- ciety (4). La Vaugn F. Newberry Play Pro- duction (3, 4) ; House Pres. (3). Margaret J. Nichol Choral Union (2. 3) ; Glee Club (3) ; Orientation Advisor (3) ; U.S.O. (1, 2) ; J.G. P. James B. Nickel Sigma Nu. Allen J. Nieber, Jr. Phi Kappa Psi. Pauline I. Nielsen Lutheran Delta Gamma. Lorelei Nierman Sigma Delta Tau ; Scroll; Frosh Project; Usher (1); Red Cross; J.G. Project; Soph Cab- aret (2); J.G. Play (3); Ensian Jr. Editor (2); Gargoyle Lit. Staff; En- sian Sr. Editor; War Activities, Skit. Scholastic Chairman, Panhellenic Rep- resentative ; Hillellzapoppin (3); En- sian Associate Editor (4) ; Michigan Maize (4). Thomas W. Nobles Delta Tau Del- ta ; Marching Band (2). Myron G. Noll Phi Kappa Tau. Robert J. Norwick Phi Gamma Delta. Charles L. Nott Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Robert B. Norris Men ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Lou Nyberg Alpha Phi ; Hospital Volunteer (2); J.G. Project; Golf Club (4). Willard A. Oberdick Junior A.I.A. (3); Tau Sigma Delta (3,4). Robert K. Oddy Theta Delta Chi ; Manpower Corps (2); Executive Council; Stein Club. John L. Ogle Sigma Chi ; Michi- ganensian (1,2,3); I.F.C. (1,2); Sphinx. Kazimierz J. Olejarczyk Polonia Club (3,4). Donald N. Olson Alpha Kappa Psi. Phillip S. Oram Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Borge K. Orberg Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon ; Tau Beta Pi (4). Clifton J. Orlebeke Union -Tau Beta Pi ; Choral (3). John T. O ' Shaughnessey Phi Gam- ma Delta. George Osipoff A.I.E.E., H.K.N. President. Patricia A. Owens Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ensian (1.2,3); Speakers ' Bureau (3) ; J.G. P. (3) ; Gargoyle (3) ; Zeta Phi Eta (3, 4). John H. Packer Drum Major (1, 2, 3, 4). HAROLD N. NELSON ARTISTIC PORTRAITS COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY GROUPS - WEDDINGS PANORAMA PHOTOGRAPHS up to ten feet in length 2450 DIXBORO ROAD Phone 2-6268 Bernice V. Padget Phi Epsilon Ep- silon ; Social Committee (3) ; Hospi- tal Volunteer Work (4). Frances A. Paine Michigan Daily, Canterbury Club (2,3,4). Laura L. Palley House Pres. (2). Wanda J. Pangle Zeta Tau Alpha ; Spanish Club (2,3.4); Jr. Girls ' Project (3) ; W.A.A. (3) ; Outing Club (4) ; Skating Club (4). Henry R. Pantek Triangle. Barbara A. Panzner Unitarian Stu- dent Group President (2) ; I.C.C. Education Chairman (4). Raymond A. Papworth Quarterdeck Society; V-12 Chorus (3). Gordon E. Parker Alpha Kappa Psi. Jean L. Parker Pi Beta Phi. Anne Partney Spanish Club (1,2, 3, 4) ; League Social Comm. (2) ; Play Production (3). Margaret A. Pastor Nursing Social Chairman (3). Louise L. Patrick Alpha Phi ; Presi- dent League House ; Social Commit- tee. Hospital Work (2) ; PanHel Representative. Surgical Dressing. Volleyball. Basketball. Pitch and Putt Club ; Junior Girls ' Play Social Com- mittee (3) : President of Alpha Phi, Vice President of PanHel. Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball (4). Lois I. Patsloff Alpha Xi Delta; Frosh Project (1) ; Soph Cabaret (2) ; Bowling Club (3, 4) : Women ' s Glee Club (3. 4) ; Business Manager (4) ; Panhel Delegate. Education Club, Sorority President (4). Mary Catherine Patterson Kappa Al- pha Theta ; Choral Union ; Social Committee (2). Charles W. Pearman Alpha Rho Chi; Alumni Scholar (1,2.3); Tau Sigma Delta: A.I.A. (3) ; Tau Sigma Delta. President (4) ; Honors (4, 5) ; Arthur C. Tagge Scholar (5). Sally L. Pearson Alpha Omicron Pi ; At Sullins Junior College, Radio Workshop (1. 2), Secretary (2) ; Sec- retary Student Gov ' t, Secretary French Club, Mardi Gras Court (1) ; Science Club, Senior Advisor (2) ; At Mich- igan. Play Production (3, 4) ; Radio Production (4). Millis L. Peer Delta Tau Delta. Lawrence E. Peheer Athletics (4). Grover W. Penberthy Beta Theta Pi. Virginia S. Pendill Pi Beta Phi. Victor J. Perini, Jr. Delta Phi Ep- silon; Gargoyle (4). Floyd A. Perlberg Delta Tau Delta. Stanley E. Perimeter Zeta Beta Tau, President (3), Treasurer (4). Helen J. Perry League House Pres- ident (1) ; J.G. P. Make-up Commit- tee. Secretary Econcentrics Club. As- sembly Recognition Night Committee (3); Treasurer, Martha Cook (4). Betty J. Perrine House Chairman, U.S.O.. Gargoyle (3) ; Modern Poe- try Club (4). David W. Peters Sigma Chi. Henry J. Peterson Forestry Club. Ward D. Peterson, Jr. Phi Gamma Delta; Wrestling (3). Virginia P. Pettit Mosher House Council, Assembly War Activities Committee (3) ; Project Chairman, Assembly Board (4). Elaine M. Pew Kappa Delta ; Ath- letics (1,2,3,4); J.G. P. (3); En- sian (2). Elizabeth L. Pfeiffer String Orches- tra (1); U.S.O. (2, 3). Martin C. Phalen Phi Gamma Delta. Eileen D. Phillips Alpha Epsilon Phi; Surgical Dressings (1); Ensian, Nurses ' Aide, Directory (2) ; Hillel- zapoppin (3). Dorothy M. Piegols Gamma Delta. William J. Pierce Econcentrics. Naldo F. Pierpoline Michigan Tech- nic (2, 3). Mary K. Pinney Frosh Project (1) ; Sophomore Project (2) ; J.G. P. (4) ; Play Production ; Deutscher Verein ; Swimming Club; Choral Union (4). Jacqueline S. Pitcher Zeta Phi Eta Professional Speech Arts Fraternity for Women (3, 4) ; Women ' s Glee Club (2). M. Jane Pitt Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Sophomore Project (2) ; J.G. P. (3) ; Spanish Club (2, 3) ; Sailing Club (4). Robt. S. Pitt Theta Xi ; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3); Sailing Club (2, 3.4). Robert L. Pitts Newman Club ; Resi- dent Adviser Lockwood Manor (3) ; Resident Adviser Lloyd House (4). Charles R. Plumb Delta Tau Delta; Publications (3) ; Band (3). Donald F. Pohlman American So- ciety of Mechanical Engineers (3, 4). Andrew P. Poledor Zeta Psi; Asceie; Union Council (3,4); Tri- angle, Vulcans, Sr. Class Sec.-Treas. Eng. Council (3). Barbara A. Polowe Daily (1,2); Patrons Committee, Pan-Hel Assem- bly Ball (1); Hillel (3,4); Social Committee, Tappan House (2) ; Bond Belle (1); War Activities Reco rder, Jordan (1) ; Surgical Dressings (1). Angela Pens Spanish Club (1, 2, 3) ; Stockwell Ticker (2) ; Newman Club (1, 2, 3. 4) ; Vice-President Spanish Club (4). Patricia J. Pontius Kappa Alpha Theta ; Hse. Soc. (3) ; Play Produc- tion (3) ; Zeta Phi Eta (3, 4) ; Pan- hellenic Treasurer (4) ; House Offi- cer (4). Shirley M. Pope Sophomore Publi- cations (2) ; Junior Play Production and Radio (3) ; Officer in Congre- gational Disciples Guild (3). Charles T. Popma American Society Civil Engineers (2, 3, 4) ; Vets ' Or- ganization. Lillian S. Potter Freshman Publica- tion (1) ; Creative Writing (2, 3, 4) ; Veteran Publicity; Bond Rally; Dance Committee. Robert E. Potter, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Navy Yearbook, the Pelor- sus (3) ; Michigan Daily. Business Manager (4) ; Navy Show (3) ; Naval R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). Russell F. Potter Michigan Club (4) ; Swimming (2, 3, 4) ; A.S.M.E. (4). William C. Potter Chi Phi; Ath- letics, Track (3). Delva D. Powell Zeta Tau Alpha ; Choral Union (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Pan Hel- lenic (3) ; Sigma Alpha Iota (4). DISTINCTIVE INDIVIDUAL STATIONERY COLUMBUS STATIONERY COMPANY Columbus, Ohio Don ' t miss the next display 347 Jerome M. Powell Chi Phi ; Fresh- man Hockey Team (1) ; Michigan Sailing Club (2). Esther S. Powlison Michigan Chris- tian Fellowship. Paul S. Powlison Michigan Chris- tian Fellowship. Arthur J. Prange, Jr. Phi Delta Theta. Dorothy R. Pravda Phi Kappa Phi (3). Jedith S. Pregerson Sophomore Cab- aret, Speakers ' Bureau (2); Ticket Chairman for Recognition Night (3). Elizabeth Ann Pressprich Alpha Omicron Pi; Freshman Project (1); U.S.O. Hostess (1,2); Surgical Dressings (2); Sophomore Cabaret (2); Deutscher Verein (2); Tennis Club (3) ; Michibomer Carnival (3) ; Pan-Hel Assembly Dance Committee (3, 4) ; Publicity Manager and His- torian for Alpha Omicron Pi (3, 4) ; La Sociedad Hispanica (4); House President (4) ; Senior Project (4) ; Education Club (4). Doris M. L. Prevel Mosher Hall Social Committee. Margaret I. Prince Choral Union (1,2,3,4); Women ' s Glee Club (4); Stockwell Chorus Conductor (3). Betty A. Pritchard Pi Beta Phi ; Chairman of Programs. Sophomore Cabaret (2); Central Committee for Transfer Orientation (3); Central Committee for J.G. P. (3) ; First Vice-President of Pan-Hellenic (4) ; Rushing Chairman for Pi Beta Phi (3). Dorothy I. Proefke Alpha Chi Ome- ga ; Glee Club (1); Hospital Volun- teer (1) ; House Manager (3) ; Bowl- ing Club (3). Eleonore E. Putter French Club, Spanish Club (3, 4) ; Russician Club, German Club (4). Dorothy V. Quick Alpha Chi Ome- Si; (3) Social Committee, Junior iris ' Project : (3, 4) Spanish Club, Merit Tutorial Committee ; (4) Pub- licity Chairman, Alpha Chi Omega. Nicolas M. Quint Alpha Epsilon Phi. Robert J. Rabe (4) Glee Club, A.S.C.E. Rolf Rabe. Walter S. Radell Alpha Kappa Psi; (3, 4) Newman Club. Judith Viola Rado Alpha Lambda Delta; (1) ' 47 Corps, Surgical Dress- ings, War Stamp Sales, U.S.O. ; (1,2) Daily Women ' s Staff, Ballet Club, Child Care at Willow Run; (2) Aide on Judiciary Council; (3) Wyvern, Assistant to Secretary on League Council, Swimming Club, J.G.P. Dancing Chorus, Assembly- Panhel Ball Publicity Committee, Ice Skating Club; (4) Mortar Board, Senior Society, League Council, Merit Tutorial Comm. Chairman. Isabelle P. Raeside. Elaine Raiss Kappa Kappa Gamma ; (1) Hospital Volunteer, Surgical Dressings, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec- retary. Skating Club ; (2, 3) Ann Ar- bor Skating Club; (3) J.G.P. Cen- tral Comm. ; (4) K.K.G. House Manager. Vasant G. Rajadhyaksha. Gerald I. Ralya. Earl C. Ramsey Delta Kappa Epsi- lon, Social Chairman (4). Frnak Finson Rand, Jr. N.R.O.T.C. Transfer to Naval Air Corps 1940- 1942; (2) Wrestling; (3) Flying Club; (3,4) I.A.S. Aero Engineers Society. Dale W. Rasor Alpha Kappa Psi. Edward S. Rawling Alpha Delta Phi. Helen Jean Ray. Barbara Raymer Alpha Epsilon Phi. Donald G. Raymer Chi Phi; A.I.E.E. Robert G. Raymond Forestry Club (3, 4). Arthur H. Redfern A.I.E.E. Mary J. Read Delta Gamma; League House President; J.G.P. Cen- tral Comm. (3) ; Michigan " Diag " (3) : Michigan Etiquette (3) ; Home- coming Dance (3) ; Tau Sigma Delta (4). Cornelia A. Reagan Collegiate Soro- sis; House Pres. (2); Mich. Daily (3.4). Donalee Reed ' 47 Corps (1); Red Cross (2). Ruth J. Reed Alpha Xi Delta ; Span- ish Club (3). Nancy D. Reekie Alpha Gamma Delta; Badminton Club (3); Inter- national Teas (3); Lantern Night (3) ; Activities Chairman of Mosher (3); Ticket Selling for Varsity Night and Homecoming (3) ; Pan-Hel Pro- gram Comm. (4) ; Student Directory Kenneth M. Reese Reserve Award for Wrestling. James A. Reeves Delta Sigma Pi. Hortense N. Reid Alpha Kappa Al- pha ; J.G.P. (3). Lawrence E. Reilly Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Newman Club. (3); Vet- erans ' Organization (3) ; A.S.C.E. (3,4). H. Wesley Reincke A.S.C.E. (4). Harold L. Reitz, Jr. Alpha Chi Sig- ma ; Treasurer of Westminster Guild (4); Men ' s Glee Club (4). Glenice K. Render Collegiate Soro- sis; Red Cross (1); Frosh Project (1); Hospital Work (2); Stockwell V. Pres. (2) ; Soph. Cabaret (2) ; Homecoming Dance (3); Pan-Hel Recognition Night (3). Arthur W. Renner Lambda Chi Alpha; Football (1,2,3,4); Tri- angles (3); Vulcans (4). William B. Retallick Kappa Sigma. Marian Reus Delta Delta Delta ; Junior Girls ' Project (3) ; Junior Girls ' Play (3) ; Bowling Club (3) ; Zeta Phi Eta (3, 4) ; Swimming Club (4). Newton Ressler Wrestling (2) ; Sailing Club (3). Stewart H. Rewoldt Alpha Kappa Jean Lois Reynolds Debating (1, 2) ; Daily Reporter (1, 2). Donald W. Rhoads Institute of Aero Sciences (2, 3, 4) ; So ciety of Amer. Military Engineers (2). Helene R. Rich Daily (3, 4) ; Con- cert Band (3. 4) ; House President (4) ; Lane Hall Social Comm. (3) : Hillel Social Comm. (3, 4) ; U. Hos- pital Volunteer (3) ; U.S.O. Hostess (3). Martha Elizabeth Rich Transfer from Bennington College. Vt. (3); Bowl- ing Club (3) ; Kappa Phi of Meth- odist Church (3) ; Ballet Club (4) : Tennis Culb (4) ; House President (4). James A. Richardson, Jr. Lambda Chi Alpha ; President of Lambda Chi Alpha (3, 4) ; President Tau Beta Pi (4). Elizabeth A. Ricketts League House President (1). Alyce L. Ridinger Deutscher Verein (2) ; Rifle Club (2) ; Hospital Volun- teer (2); Swimming Club (4). Nancy A. Ridley Assembly ( 1 ) ; Daily (1); I.R.A. (2); Michigan Sailing Club (2); I.R.A. (3); Stu- dent Govt. Comm. (3) ; M.Y.D.A. (4). Richard L. Riedel A.S.M.E. (2,4). Marion M. Riegal J.G. Play (3) : Women ' s Glee Club (3) ; Choral Union (4). Robert N. Riggs A.I.E.E. Student Member National and Local (3,4). Robert A. Rigotti A.S.C.E. (4). Bonabelle A. Rink Badminton Tour- nament (1); Ruthven Teas (1); Red Cross (1) ; Glee Club (2) ; President of Gamma Delta (3) ; Chairman, Willow Run Dances (3); Student Book Exchange (3). May Ella Risch Tutoring ; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta. ANN ARBOR BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve Svstem Ever Ready to Serve MAIN STREET at HURON UNIVERSITY OFFICE 330 STATE ST. AM AHBDR PRESS Book and Catalogue PRINTERS Color Work a Specialty 317 Maynard St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 348 Harriet J. Risk Orchestra (1,2,3, 4); Choral Union (1,2); U.S.O. (1) ; W.A.A. Board (2, 3) ; Varsity Debate (2, 3) ; Speakers ' Bureau (2) ; J.G.P. (3); Play Production (3,4); Zeta Phi Eta (2, 3, 4) ; Pres. of Zeta Phi Eta (4) ; Martha Cook Executive Board (4) ; Orientation Advisor (4) ; Percy Jones Entertainment Work (3) ; Senior Society (4) ; Mortarboard (4); Delta Sigma Rho (3). Beverly F. Ritchey Delta Gamma ; Tennis Club (1, 2, 3) ; Soph Cabaret (2); J.G.P. (3). Harriet J. Robbe Hopwoods (1); Hospital Volunteer (2). Robert M. Robbins Pi Kappa Phi; Frosh Frolic Comm. (1). Aimo M. Saari Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; A.I.E.E. (2, 4). Millicent D. Saari Congregational Disciples Guild (1, 2, 3, 4) ; S.R.A. (3, 4) ; Senior Society (4) ; Mortar- board (4). Alice R. Sackheim Hospital Aide ; Soph. Cabaret (2) ; Alpha Lambda Delta; Orientation Advisor, J.G.P. Merit-Tutorial Comm. ; Ensian. Donald A. Sanborn Alpha Sigma Phi; Baseball (1); Hockey (1). Carl W. Sanders Alpha Chi Sigma. Joan C. Sanders Alpha Chi Omega, 1st V. Pres. (4). Malcolm A. Sanders A.S.M.E. (3,4). Arthur R. Sandt, Jr. Phi Kappa Psi. Patricia A. Sarle Choral Union (1); War Forum Club (1); J.G.P. (3); Psc. and Econ. Clubs. Harry W. Saums Beta Theta Pi. Richard E. Savage Chi Psi; Baseball (2, 3, 4) ; Druids (3). George R. Saunders Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Track Team (2, 3); A.S.C.E. (2,3,4). Charles W. Saur Chi Psi. Alvein C. Sawin Delta Tau Delta. Norman F, Schaeffer Phi Sigma Delta, Pres. (3) ; Phi Eta Sigma (1) ; I.F.C. (3). Frank M. Schaffer A.I.Ch.E. (4). Jerome K. Schaffer Football (1,2,3). Virginia L. Schaible Alpha Gamma Delta; Merit Comm. (2) ; Rifle Club (3) ; Play Production (4). Lawrence E. Scheer Gamma Delta ; Track (4). Robert W. Schellenberg Alpha Kappa Psi. M. Roberta Scherer Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice-Pres. (4) ; Women ' s Glee Club (1) ; Soph. Cabaret (2) ; Inter- national Events Chrm. Social Comm. (3) ; Choral Union (3, 4). Catherine E. Schneider Pi Beta Phi, Treas. (2,3); Basketball Club (1); Frosh Project (1) ; Volley Ball (2, 3, 4) ; Pan-Hel Dec. Comm. (2, 3) ; Red Cross Volunteer (3) ; Baseball (3, 4) ; Orientation Advisor (3, 4). A. Jeane Schinkez Chi Omega ; Hos- pital Volunteer (1,2); Surgical Dressings (1, 2) ; Merit Comm. (2) ; Newman Club (2,3,4); J.G.P. Dancing Classes (3) ; Orientation Ad- visor (3, 4). Gretel Schinnerer Jordan, Sec. (1); French Club (1); Post War Council (1, 2) ; Soph. Cab., Sec. (2) ; Assem- bly Speakers ' Bureau (1, 2, 3), Chair- man (3); Assembly Recognition (2,3). Joan S. Schlee Chi Omega, Sec. (4); Frosh Frolic (1); Jordan Schol- arship Comm. (1) ; Bandage Rolling (1); Bomber Scholarship (1): Soph, judiciary Aide (2) ; Soph. Cab. (2) ; Social Com., Ruthven Teas (2); J.G.P., Ass ' t Chairman (3) ; J. G. Play (3) ; Orientation Advisor (3) ; Homecoming Dance, Finance Chrm. (3) ; Gargoyle (3) ; Freshman Wom- en ' s Orientation Chairman (4) ; Mich. League Council (4) ; Scroll, Vice- Pres. (4) ; Campus Casbah, Chair- man (4). Wallace C. Schloerke Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Jacob H. Schmidt Phi Kappa Psi. Carol A. Schneider House Pres. (3) ; Hillel Social Comm. (3, 4) ; Day Nursery Work (4). Frank W. Schoch Delta Tau Delta. Paul W. Schoenlaub Sigma Phi ; A.S.C.E. (2,3,4), Sec. (4); Varsity Tennis Team (3); M Club (4). M. lane Schoff Nurses ' Aide (2) ; J.G.P. (3). Hewitt A. Schoonover Phi Delta Theta; Miami University (1, 2). Amelia Miriam Schreiber Alpha Ep- silon Phi; Daily (3); Volleyball Nan Schultz Hoqse Board (3). Robert O. Schulze Kappa Sigma, Sec. (2), Pres. (4); Ensian (2,3); Fresh Air Camp Supervisor (3) ; Ori- entation (3, 4). Evelyn L. Schurr Alpha Delta Pi ; W.A.A. Clubs (1, 2, 3, 4). Alan E. Schwartz Zeta Beta Tau. Constance R. Schwartz Soph. Cab. (2) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Hillel Social Comm. (3); Hillel News (3); Dancing Classes (4). Doretta Schwartz Assembly Dance Hostess ; Hillel Social Comm. ; Hil- lel Athletic Comm. ; I.R.A. Robert E. Schwartz Phi Sigma Del- ta, Vice-Pres. (2, 3) ; Intramural Golf (3). Shirley M. Schwartz French Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Pres. (3) ; Baseball (1, 2) ; Volley Ball (1, 2) ; Assembly Recognition Publicity Comm. (3). Alice M. Scott Zeta Tau Alpha ; Spanish Club (1); Golf Club (1); Red Cross Driver (2, 3) ; Play Pro- duction (3) ; Outing Club (3, 4) ; Camp Counselors (3, 4) ; Kappa Phi (3,4). Raymond T. Scott Lambda Chi Al- pha, Pres. (4) ; Marching Band (3) ; Navy Band (3). Virginia Scott Frosh Frolic (1) ; Chairman Sophomore Cabaret Pub- licity (2) ; Chairman J.G.P. Scenery Committee (3); Orientation Adviser (3). Margaret Jane Scowden Delta Gam- ma ; Hospital Work (1); League So- cial Committee (2) ; Hockey (2, 3). Dorothy M. Searing Daily (1). Lourdes A. Segundo Secretary-Treas- urer, Philippine Michigan Club (3). Allan G. Seibert Quarterdeck So- ciety (3, 4). Isabel D. Sellon Collegiate Sorosis. Ruth G. Selo Glee Club (3, 4) ; Orientation Adviser (3,4). Robert C. Semler Theta Chi. Clifford W. Senne Forestry Club (3,4). George R. Sewell Alpha Tau Omega. William Seymour III Alpha Delta Phi; Basketball Varsity (3); Vulcans (3) ; M Club (3) ; American Insti- tute Chemical Engineers. Robert W. Shadd Theta Xi ; Publi- cations (1, 2) ; Theta Xi Steward (2,4). Marvin D. Shafer Sigma Rho Tau (2,3,4), Treasurer (3,4). Richard S. Shafer Play Production (3,4). Robert L. Shafer Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon Editor of Pelorus, Navy Year- book (3); Producer of Navy Show (3) ; Navy Chorus (3). Edward M. Shatter, Jr. Alpha Tau Omega. Gunvant M. Shah Executive Com- mittee Hindustan Association (4). Sybil Shallenberger Kappa Alpha Theta; Social Committee (1); Sopho- more Cabaret (2). Robert F. Shanabery American So- ciety Chemical Engineers. Carolyn A. Shapiro Spanish Club (1) ; Daily, Spanish Club (2) ; Daily, Garg (3); Garg, House Pres. (4). Seymour Shapiro Research Assistant, Botany (4) ; Teaching Fellow, Botany Marion Sharkey Kappa Alpha Theta ; Frosh Project (1); Sophomore Cab- aret (2) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Social Com- mittee (2). Charles B. Sharpe Phi Eta Sigma (1) ; Tau Beta Pi (3, 4). Richard P. Sharpe Theta Delta Chi; Stein Club. Robert E. Shaw American Institute Electrical Engineers (2,3,4). Theresa E. Shea Newman Club (3, 4). H. Lucille Sheetz Hospital Volun- teer (1); Zone Athletic Manager, League House Athletic Manager (2) ; Sophomore Cabaret (2); J.G.P., W.A.A., Dorm Athletic Manager (3) ; W.A.A., Physical Education Club Board (4). Arthur L. Shef Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma (1,2,3,4); Play Produc- tion (2,3); Broadcasting Service (3,4). Annette S. Shenker Hospital Volun- teer (1); Hillel (2). Ruth L. Sihler Assembly Personnel Committee (3). David Silberg American Institute Electrical Engineers (4). Gilbert B. Silverman Phi Sigma Delta; Simitar (Mich. Fencing So- ciety) (1); Michigan Technic (2); Play Production (3) ; A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4); Hillel Student Council (4). Billie J. Sherrill Orientation Adviser Shirley R. Simons Glee Club, Soph. (3); Surgical Dressing (1); House Project (1): Vets ' Organization (3); Vice-President (2). William L. Sherwood American In- stitute Electrical Engineers (3,4). Russell A. Shields Marching Band (3, 4) ; Alpha Phi Omega (2, 3, 4) ; Michigan Technic (2, 3, 4) ; Michigan Union (3,4); American Institute Electrical Engineers (2, 3, 4) ; Tau Beta Pi (3, 4) ; Phi Kappa Phi (3, 4) ; Slide Rule Ball Committee (3, 4). David A. Shinar Debate (1). Raymond J. Shinn Michigan Daily, Night Editor (2, 3) ; The Gargoyle, Associate Editor (4). Harriet L. Shinnick Delta Delta Delta; Hospital Volunteer (2) ; Soph- omore Cabaret (2) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Bowling Club (3) ; Judiciary Coun- cil (4). John W. Shockley Beta Theta Pi; Interfraternity Council (1, 2) ; Legis- lature (3, 4) ; Debate (3) ; Board in Control of Student Publications (4). Nancy L. Short Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore (2). Robert B. Shott Michigan Union (1, 2, 3) ; J-Hop (3). Richard P. Shryock Sigma Chi. Allan Grimmell Seibert Quarterdeck (3,4). Carol I. Siebert Hospital Volunteer (1); Daily Business; Sophomore Cabaret, U.S.O., Michiganensian Bus- iness Starr (2) ; Contracts Manager (3); Sales Manager (4); J.G.P. Project (3) ; Junior Girls ' Play Cen- tral Committee (3) ; League Social Committee (3) ; Orientation Advisor (4). Treasurer of " Alpha Kappa Delta (4)! E. Lane Simpson Sigma Nu ; Tyler House Social Chairman (1,2). Josephine B. Simpson Kappa Alpha Theta; Frosh Project (1); Recogni- tion Night (2) ; Judiciary Council, Wyvern (3) ; Vice Pres. of League, Vice Pres. of Kappa Alpha Theta, Mortar Board (4). Cecil W. Sink Sigma Phi Epsilon; Mich. Union Exec. Council, Engin. Council, Post War Council (3) ; Tri- angle (3,4), Pres. (4); I.F.C. Exec. Council, Vulcans. Pres. ; Men ' s Ju- diciary Council, Pres. (4). Barbara J. Sisson Kappa Kappa Gamma; Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Frosh Project (1); Bomber Scholarship (1); Surgi- cal Dressings (1, 2) ; Swimming Club, Sophomore Cabaret (2) ; Hospital Volunteer (2) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Zeta Phi Eta, House Social Chairman (3, 4) ; Orientation Advisor (4). Robert M. Kkau Phi Delta Theta. Robert P. Slaff Pi Lambda Phi. George E. Sloane Sigma Phi Epsi- lon ; Mich. Technic (1,2,3); Tau Beta Pi, Vulcans, Phi Kappa Phi (3,4). Jean F. Smolak Tennis (1) ; String Orchestra (1). Barbara Lee Smith Choral Union (1, 2,3,4); Rifle Club (1); University Choir, Soph. Cabaret (2) ; Mu Phi Epsilon (2, 3, 4) ; Operas (2, 3, 4). Colene C. Smith Social Chairman, Nurses ' Res.; Choral Club (1). BOOK of all publishers at FOLLETT ' S Michigan Bookstore 322 S. State Bob Graham, Mgr. Ann Arbor Kitchen Equipment Bar and Restaurant Supplies MICHIGAN ' S OLDEST COMPLETE INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLY HOUSE Food Service Equipment For Hotels Restaurants China Class Silverware Cooking Utensils AJ MARSHALL co 3639 Woodward Ave. TE. 1-9450 Detroit, Michigan Free Parking 349 ALLENEL HOTEL Ann Arbor GAGE LINEN SHOP Ann Arbor MICHIGAN LEAGUE Ann Arbor O. D. MORRILL OFFICE SUPPLIES Ann Arbor 350 Doris A. Smith Alpha Omicron Pi ; Baseball, Athletic Manager (1) ; Soph Cabaret (2); Pan Hel Assembly Ball (3) ; Gargoyle Art Editor, Publicity Manager for Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice Pres. of Alpha Omicron Pi, Casbah, Orientation Advisor, Chairman of Homecoming (4). Harry B. Smith, Jr. Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Pres. (1) ; Tau Sig- ma Delta (3). Helen F. Smith Gamma Phi Beta. Lois K. Smith J.G.P., Recognition Night, Soph. Project (3). Ottmar W. Smith A.S.C.E. (1,2, 3,4); Track (3,4). Phyllis J. Smith Kappa Phi Meth- odist Church (3, 4), Pres. (4) ; Univ. Mich. Orchestra and Choir. Sarah D. Smith Collegiate Sorosis ; Frosh Project (2) ; Play Production (3, 4) : Vice Pres. Sorosis, Zeta Phi Eta (4). Thomas Scott Smith Zeta Psi. Virginia M. Smith Alpha Gamma Delta ; Badminton Club, Interna- tional Teas, Lantern Night, Christian Science Organization, Varsity Night, Homecoming (3) ; Pan Hel Programs (4). William B. Smith Sigma Alpha Ep- silon ; Newman Club (3, 4) ; Vet- erans ' Organization, A.S.M.E. (4). William M. Snell Lambda Chi Al- pha; N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; House Manager (3). William John Snoddon Alpha Chi Sigma ; Amer. Inst. Chem. Engineers. Marilyn Sperber President, Russian Circle. Martha Taft (1. 2, 3, 4) Michigan Christian Fellowship; (2) Secretary, Mosher Hall ; (2, 3) W.A.A. Basket- ball ; (4) House Council, Mosher Hall. Suzanne Takken (1) U.S.O., Frosh Project. Surgical Dressings ; (2) Soph Cabaret U.S.O. ; (2, 3. 4) Geol. Jour- nal Club; (3) J.G.P. ; (3,4) An- thropology Club. Cora Talbott Delta Delta Delta ; (1) Frosh Project; (2) Soph Cabaret, Soph Project; (3) Gargoyle. Warren E. Talcott, Jr. Sigma Phi Epsilon: (3) Ensian Art Staff; (4) Ensian Art Editor. Ruth J. Tamblyn Alpha Phi. Gwendolyn J. Taylor. Irwin L. Taylor. Robert F. Taylor (1) Football; (2, 3) Intramural Football, Basketball; (4) I.Ae.S. Virginia L. Taylor (3) Class Presi- dent; Student Board Vice President. Betty L. Terry. Patricia A. Terry House Club, Mosher Hall. Richard B. Thai. Donna M. Thatcher (1) Frosh Proj- ect; (2) Stockwell Council; (2,3) Kappa Phi; (3) Orientation Advisor. Alexander Thiele Member A.V.C. Charline M. Thieleman Alpha Omi- cron Pi. Dolores T. Thomas (3) " U " Hos- pital Volunteer Worker; (3,4) Span- ish Club, Newman Club, Merit-Tu- torial Committee, Dorm Athletics, Alpha Kappa Delta. John M. Thomas A.I.Ch.E. (3, 4) Vice-Pres. Philip B. Thomas Delta Sigma Pi; B.A. Albion College ' 43; (3) Mich. Forester Staff; (3,4) Forestry Club; (4) Canterbury Club. William C. Thomas Theta Delta Chi. William R. Thomas Alpha Tau Omega. Beverly A. Thompson Kappa Alpha Theta; (1,2,3) Mich. State College. James P. Thompson Phi Delta Theta; N.R.O.T.C.; (2,3,4) New- man Club; (4) A.S.M.E. Lyle G. Thompson (4) A.I.E.E. Margaret F. Thompson (2, 3, 4) League Social Committee; (3) Patron Chairman Assembly Recognition Night; (4) General Chairman As- sembly Recognition Night, Chairman Panhellenic Assembly Ball. Robert L. Thomson. Esther V. Thors Alpha Phi: (1) Nurses ' Aide, Central Comm. Frosh Project Surgical Dress. ; (2) Nurses ' Aide, Soph Cabaret; (3) Alpha Phi Housemanager. Mary Margaret Todd. Stephen A. Tolbert (3) Sec ' y For- estry Club, Paul Bunyan Comm. Corinne Toplosky. Helen Meyer Torrens (2) House Athletic Manager, Athletic Zone Man- ager, Hospital Volunteer; (3) House President. Robert J. Tracy Sigma Chi; (2) Union Staff. Jane Trice. Angelo E. Trogan (1, 2, 3) Football. Sally J. Trombley. Margaret A. Troost (1, 2, 3) Uni- versity Concert Band; (1,2,3,4) Kappa Phi, (2) Membership Chair- man; (3) Vice-Pres., (4) Pres. Maxine Troy. Katherine A. Truesdell Chi Omega ; (1) Frosh Project; (2, 3) Student Directory; (3,4) House Athletic Manager. Maryann J. Tumperi (1) Athletics. Doris E. Trumpeter (1) Frosh Proj- ect; (1, 2) Hospital Volunteer, House Officer, Surgical Dressings; (1,2,3) Glee Club; (2) Soph Cabaret; (2, 3) Assembly Recognition Night; (3) J.G.P., J.G.P. Dancing Class, Percy Jones, Choral Union; (3,4) Martha Cook Dorm. Committees, Merit-Tu- torial. Frank J. Turk. Irene Nita Turkish (4) Play Pro- duction. Cyril M. Tyler Alpha Tau Omega. Robert E. Tyner N.R.O.T.C. (1, 2, 3, 4). Harold W. Underbill, Jr. Sigma Nu ; Student Chapter of A. I. A. William K. Underwood Phi Kappa Tau. B. Andrew Ungar Phi Epsilon Pi (1, 2) ; Football (1, 2, 3) ; Art Staff of Pelorus (2). Myron P. Unger Zeta Beta Tau. Shirley R. Unger Soph Cabaret (2) ; Hillel (2, 3) ; House Sports Man- ager (3); S.R.A. (3). Roland W. Ure, Jr. Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Glee Club (3); A.I.E.E. (3, 4) ; Pres. of Inter-Guild (4). Harold N. VanAsselt Announcement Comm. (4) ; A.S.M.E. (4). Garnet M. Vandenschpten Alpha Gamma Delta ; Hospital Volunteer (1) ; Nurses ' Aid (2) ; Soph. Comm. (2) ; League House Pres. (2) ; Junior Class Project (3); Play Pro. (3). Phyllis A. VanBrocklin Kappa Al- pha Theta, Rushing Chairman (3), House Pres. (4); War Activities Chairman (1); Hospital Volunteer (1); Nurses ' Aid (2); Soph. Comm. (2); League House Pres. (2); Junior Class Project (3); Play Pro. (}). Edward L. Vandenberg, Jr. Phi Alpha Kappa. Lela M. Vandenberg Freshman Ac- tivities; French Quo (1, 2) ; House V. Pres. (2) ; Choral Union (3, 4). Marjorie L. Vaneenam Kappa Phi (2,3), Program Chairman (4); House Athletic Chairman (3) ; House Treasurer (4). Dale E. VanLente Sigma Phi. David H. VanToyl Theta Delta Chi American Society of Mechani- cal Engineers (3), Pres. (4). Joanne S. Vaughn Kappa Alpha Theta. Judo G. Vear Kappa Sigma Busi- ness Mgr. of Gargoyle (3, 4). Mary C. Verbeck Surgical Dressings (1); Athletics (1,2); Soph. Project (2); J.G.P. (3); Merit-Tutorial (3). Jean E. Vergho Le Circle Francais (1,2); Newman Club (2,3,4); Deutscher Verein (3), Secretarial Staff (4). Catherine N. Verschoor Kappa Al- pha Theta, Social Comm. (1, 2, 3), Sec.-Treas. (3), Sec. (4) ; Alpha Lambda Delta, V. Pres. (1); Soph. Project (2); J.G.P. Treas. (3). Harris A. Verschure Phi Alpha Kappa; Choral Union (2,3,4); A.fX. (3,4). A. Bernard Vespucci Alpha Kappa Psi. John H. Vezina Delta Upsilon ; Golf (1). Marie E. Vidro Kappa Kappa Gamma. Cornelius E. Vandenberg Tau Beta Pi. Peter H. Van Scherpe Band (1); Scabbard and Blade (3) ; A.S.M.E. Gloria Vreeland Daily (1,2,3 4) Soph. Project (2) ; Hospital Volun- teer (1, 2, 3). Mary C. Wade Collegiate Sorosis, Social Chairman (3) ; Hospital Vol- unteer (1); J.G.P. (3); Orientation Advisor (4). Norman E. Waggoner Lambda Chi Alpha; A.S.C.E. (3). Doris Waisbrod Alpha Lambda Del- ta (1); Frosh Project (1); U.S.O. (1,2); Cercle Francais (1,2,4); University Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4) Michigan Daily (2, 3). William S. Wake Beta Theta Pi; Photography of Ensian (3), Photog- raphy Editor (4) ; Photography Daily (4). Nita L. Walbridge Hospital Volun- teer (1); Geddes House Sec. (2); Nurses ' Aide (2, 3). Margery A. Walk Alpha Epsilon Phi; Perspectives (3,4). Betty D. Waldon Sigma Delta Tau. Morgan D. Walker Kappa Sigma. Polly Walker J.G.P. (3). Roger V. Walker, Jr. Zeta Psi; UnTon Staff (2). Virginia A. Walker Delta Delta Delta. William H. Walker Phi Gamma Delta. Ann. Wallerstein House Fire War- den (1); Ensian (1), Junior Editor (2), Associate Editor (3, 4) ; Athletic Manager (2) ; Wyvern (3) ; Michilo- deon Publicity Chrm. (3) ; W.A.A. Dorm Manager (3) ; Gym Jam Pub- licity Chrm. (3, 4) ; A.F.C.W. (4) ; Senior Society (4) ; Mortarboard (4) ; Alpha Kappa Delta (4). Harold L. Walters Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma (1); Union Staff (1); Union Council (2,3); Triangles (3) ; J. Hop Comm. (3) ; A.S.M.E. (3, 4) ; Engineering Coun- cil, Sec. (3), V. Pres. (3), Treas. (4) ; Union Sec. (4) ; Vulcans (4) ; Senior Class Pres. (4). ror twenty-five uear tke finest in men A wear OXFORD CLOTHES BURBERRY COATS DOBBS HATS HAMLEY BELTS DANIEL HAYS GLOVES JOHNSTON MURPHY SHOES VAN 8 OVEN State Street at Campus Ann Arbor 41 East Adams Avenue Detroit 351 B. E. MUEHLIG DRY GOODS Quality Service Courtesy 126 South Main Phone 2-3184 CHOOSING THE RIGHT IIOOHIMMH IS The degree of success your book or catalog enjoys may well depend on the binding you choose. Select an experi- enced bookbinding organization one whose expert knowl- edge assures quality and whose craftsmanship assures cor- rectness and lasting wear. Brock and Rankin have a background of bookbinding ex- perience and craftsmanship which assure skilful perform- ance of all operations, and sincerity in maintaining the most exacting standards of bookbinding. A good book is worthy of being well bound. BROCK and II A H I Book and Catalog Binders Since 1892. 619 SOUTH LA SALLE STREET, CHICAGO 5, ILLINOIS Diana E. Wareham Kappa Delta. Eldon L. Ward Lambda Chi Alpha. Sec. (3, 4) ; N.R.O.T.C. Rifle and Pistol Team (2, 3) ; Univ. Flying Club (3, 4) ; A.S.M.E. (4). Janice M. Ward Kappa Delta ; Frosh Project (1); Athletics (1,2, 3, 4) ; Ensian (1, 2) ; Campus Capers (2); J.G.P. (2); Soph Project (2): Decoration Chairman of Pan Hel (2) ; Secretary of Kappa Delta (3) ; President of Kappa Delta (4) ; Surgi- cal Dressings (2,3); Orientation Advisor (3, 4). Lawrence W. Ward Kappa Sigma. Robert H. Ware U. of M. March- ing Band (2, 3) ; U. of M. Concert Band (2, 3) ; American Society of Mechanical Engineers (3, 4) ; Michi- fan Technic (4); Kappa Kappa igma. Mary T. Warren Frosh Project (1): W.A.A.; Soph Cabaret (2); Red Cross ; Volunteer Hospital ; Ruthven Teas. Philip A. Warren Alpha Tau Omega. Woodward A. Warrick, Jr. Phi Delta Theta ; Varsity Wrestling (2, 3, 4); M Club; A.S.M.E. (3, 4). Edna M. Waterman Choral Club (1). Mary Ann Waterman Alpha Delta Pi; Daily (1); Hospital Volunteer (1); House Office (2,3,4); Bowl- ing Club (3). Dorothy L. Watson Chi Omega; ' 47 Corps (1); Nurses ' Aide (2); Social Committee (2) ; Pan Hel Recognition Night Central Committee (3) ; Orien- tation Advisor (3). Robert S. Watson French Circle (2, 3, 4) ; Economics Club, Pub. Mgr. (3, 4) ; German Club (4) ; Interna- tional Relations Club Officer (4). Marilynn E. Watt Gamma Phi Beta ; Women ' s Glee Club (1,2,3,4); Choral Union (1); Student Gov ' t (3); Publicity, Navy Show (3); Bowling Club (2) ; House Song Chairman (3, 4) ; Editor of Beta Banner (3,4); Volley Ball (3); Swimming Meet (2, 3). Mary Lou Webb House Vice Pres. (1); Newman Club (1,2,3,4); Basketball Tournament (1, 2) ; House Secretary (2) ; Child Care. Robert W. Webster Delta Tau Delta. Burton David Wechsler Pi Lambda Phi ; Phi Eta Sigma. Mark O. Wehmeyer Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Carolyn B. Weigold Alpha Xi Del- ta; Hospital Volunteer (2) ; Gargoyle (3) ; Bowling Club (3, 4). Bernice Weiner League House Pres.; I.R.A. ; Spanish Club; C.L.A. Barbara J. Weisberg Play Produc- tion (3,4); Radio Script Writing (3) ; League Committees. Harvey L. Weisberg Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Rho ; Alumni Scholar ; Postwar Scholar (1, 2, 3) ; Debating (2, 3). Enid B. Weiser Hillel Representa- tive (2,3); Zone Chairman, J.G.P. (3) ; S.O.I.C. (3) ; Gargoyle (3, 4). Marvin L. Weiss Pi Lambda Phi; Gargoyle (2). Shirley Jane Weitzel Zeta Tau Al- pha; Athletic Mgr. (3); Volley Ball (4). Kneeland M. Welch Delta Tau Del- ta ; N.R.O.T.C. (1); A.S.M.E. (2, 3.4). Kneeland M. Welch Delta Tau Del- ta ; A.S.M.E. (2, 3). Robert W. Welling Zeta Beta Tau ; Golf (1, 2). Marcia A. Wellman Delta Gamma ; Michigan Daily (1); J.G.P. (3); Al- pha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. Paul F. Werler Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon: Alpha Phi Omega (1); Sailing Club (3,4). Carol Jean Werner Michigan Daily (1) ; Soph Project (1). Audrey F. Weston Pan Hel-Assem- bly Ball (3) ; Assembly Board (4) ; Orientation Advisor (4) ; House Gov ' t (4); F.A.C. Dance Committee (4); League Council (4). Frances J. Gates Weyers Vice Pres., Physical Education Club (3) ; Zone Mgr., League Houses (1, 2), John W. Weyerj Delta Tau Delta; Football Team (3) : Track Team (3) ; Triangle (3) ; Pres., Vulcan Club (4). Marilyn E. Whaite House Officer (3) ; Motor Corps (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Ten- nis Team (2, 4) ; Varsity Night (3). Robert R. Wheeler Lawyers ' Club. John G. Whitcomb Band (3). Robert B. White M.C.F. (4). Sonia S. White Collegiate Sorosis. Mary Elizabeth Whitloch Alpha Omicron Pi. Richard G. Widman Acacia ; A.S.C.E.; Scabbard and Blade. Suzanne J. Wightmaid Hospital Volunteer (1); U.S.O. (2) ; J.G.P. (3); Assembly Personnel Comm. (4). Eunice A. Wilcox U. of M. Band (1,2). Dorothy C. Wilhelm Red Cross (1) ; Decorations Chairman, Assem- bly Recognition Night (3) ; J.G.P. (3); Michelodeon (3). loan F. Wilk Alpha Epsilor Phi ; Michigan Daily ; Ass ' t Chairman of Soph Cabaret (2) ; W.A. A. Rifle Club (2) ; Publicity Chairman of W.A.A. (3) ; Wyvern (3) ; Secretary Alpha Epsilon Phi (3) ; Social Com- mittee, Central Comm. for Transfer Orientation (3) ; Scroll (4) ; Secre- tary, W.A.A. (4) ; League Council (4); Treas. Sr. Class (4). William W. Wilkinson Phi Alpha Kappa ; Track (4) ; Orientation Ad- visor (4). Gerald H. Wilks Phi Sigma Delta. Doris B. Willard Kappa Alpha Theta; Frosh Project (1); Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Soph Cabaret (?) ; J.G.P. (3) ; Hospital Volun- teer (3). Marion E. Willard Frosh Project (1); Soph Cabaret (2); I.G.P. (3); Orientation Advisor (3,4). Mary J. Willging Women ' s Glee Club (2. 3) ; Michigan Daily (3, 4). Harlow S. Williams Beta Theta Pi. Helen P. Williams Delta Gamma; House Pres. (2) ; League Social Com- mittee (3) ; J.G.P. (3) : Junior As- sistant League Personnel Committee (3). Patricia A. Williams Alpha Lambda Delta (1); J.G.P. (3). T. Wendell Williams Alpha Phi Alpha. Phyllis L. Wilman Delta Gamma ; Pan Hel Ball (3) ; Judiciary Summer Council (3); Secretary, Michigan League (4). Mary E. Wilsberg Delta Delta Del- ta; Frosh Project (I). Charles W. Wilson III Phi Eta Sig- ma (1); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Tau Beta Pi (3). Garyer A. Wilson Sigma Phi Epsilon. Harriett E. Wilson Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Phi Beta Kappa (3). Donald E. Wines Varsity Track (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Union Staff (2) ; Glee Club (2,3). John M. Winters Alpha Delta Phi ; Golf Team (1); Scabbard and Blade (3). Allyce Wishnevsky Jordan Music Comm. (1); Jordan Current Events Comm. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; U. of M. Con- cert Band (1. 2, 3, 4) ; U. of M. Symphony Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Debate (2) ; Play Production (3); Radio (3,4); Special " Mes- siah " Orchestra (2, 3, 4). John M. Witheridge Choral Union (3,4); A.S.M.E. (3); Tau Beta Pi (3,4). Albert B. Wohl Spanish Club (1, 2); Congress (2, 3). Nancy J. Wolfs Kappa Alpha Theta; House Pres. (3); Golf Club (4). Alma M. Wong. William J. Wood Theta Chi ; Mich- igan Union Executive Council (2, 3). Elizabeth Woodward Delta Gamma. Walter G. Wulff Cross Country (2) ; House Gov ' t (2) ; Residence Halls Staff (4). Imogene M. Wyckoff I.R.A. (3) ; French Club (1). Marian O. Yager Alpha Phi ; Surgi- cal Dressings (2,3); J.G.P. (3). Anna Yambrick House President (2. 3) ; Newman Club (3, 4). Ruth A. Yanow French Club (1) ; Sigma Alpha Iota (3, 4). Hwai-Zen Yao Alpha Lambda. John J. Yelvington Delta Theta Phi ; Barristers Club. H irh.ii. i J. Yeomans Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary (4); Women ' s Glee Club (1,2,3); Frosh Project; Vol- ley Ball (1,2,3,4); Soph Project, Basketball (2) ; J.G. Play, Dance Chorus and Finance, J.G. Project (3, 4) ; Baseball, U.S.O. (2. 3). Hellel E. Yivtema Chi Phi. Iris R. Yoder Kappa Phi (1, 2, 3, 4). Janet P. Young Kappa Delta, Rush- ing Chairman, Vice President; Frosh Project, Ensian (1,2); Athletics. Kampus Kapers, J.G.P. Stage Man- ager, Junior League Asst. to V. Pres. ; Soph Project, Surgical Dress- ings ; Infantile Paralysis Drive; Child Care. Roger P. Young Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer (3). Florence M. Zaratzian Frosh Proj- ect, W.A.A. (1) ; Assembly Recog- nition, W.A.A. (2) ; Play ' Produc- tion, Michelodeon, Assembly Dance Class; W.A.A., Gargoyle; Jr. Girls ' Play, Varsity Nite (4). Irene E. Zavalla Zeta Tau Alpha, Sports Manager: French Club, New- man Club, Rifle Club, Golf Club, Swimming Instructor Class. Virginia M. Zeeb Swimming Club, Ensian, Delta Zeta. Kenneth M. Zcmke Lambda Chi Alpha; A.I.E.S. Henry G. Zimmerman Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Golf (3, 4). Helen Zorn Michigan Daily (3, 4) ; Michigan League. Newton Zucker Phi Sigma Delta, Secretary (2) ; Advertising Manager, Technic (3) ; Scabbard and Blade (4). James R. Zuckerman Zeta Beta Tau; Publications, I.F.C. (2). 352 Index Aaron, Muriel 231 Abel. Harvey 275 Abelson. Arthur 273 Abend, Mark 278 Aber, J. C. _. 69, 260 Ablin, George 126 Abrann, Charlotte 239 Ackerman, Arthur 283 Ackerman, James 291 Acton, Robert 114 Adam. William 285 Adams, Arthur 266 Adams, Beverly 24 Adams, Charles 283 Adams, Elizabeth 245 Adams, Jack 291 Adams, Janet 210 Adams. Patricia 242 Adams, Thomas 272 Addington, John 114 Adhia 232 Adhia, Jaynt 68 Adomian, G. 64, 65 Adrianse, Robert 260 Aeido, Manuel 26 Agata, Burton 273 Agatstein, Joyce 239 Agree, Arnold 273 Ahmous, Albert 283 Ahonen, Roy 282 Ainsler, William 268 Albcote, Lawrence 271 Albrecht, Sally 237 Albright, Yvonne 26 Alexander, Timard 273 Alexander, Richard _ 124 Alexande r, William 266 Alford, Richard .. 124 Allan 270 Allard, Allajean 238 Allbiston, Clara 303 Allen, Dick 267, 277 Allen, George 106, 281 Allen, Kenneth 271 Allen, Margaret 252 Allen, Marian 249 Allen, Philip 264 Allen, Robert 271 Allenier, Charles ._ 278 Allison, K. 65 Allison, Ken 68 Allison. Lois 24. 134 Allmendinger. Edwin 266 Allred, John 106 Alpen. Robert ._ 273 Alt. Bill 293 Alvin, Phyllis 239 Ambrose 292 Amrozy 233 Amerman 294 Ames, Roberta 248 Amin 232 Amon, Frank 70 Anderson, Bob 261 Anderson, Carol 226 Anderson, David 87 Anderson, Harold 271 Anderson, Harry 282 Anderson, Lois 250 Anderson, Louis 122 Anderson, Paul 260 Andonian 294 Andocko, Edward 67 Andrew, Mildred 243 Andrews, Elaine 241 Andrews, James 124 Andrews. Mildred 132 Andrews. Ralph 260 Angel. Janet 28 Angle 295 Anoff, Philip 286 Anslow, Ben 287 Ansterberry, Charles 280 Antilla 295 Antonucci. P. 305 Anzel, Janet 27 Apeseche, Bud 282 Appel 294 Apple, Victor 127 Aprian. Harry 226 Arams. F. A. 65 Arbanas, Ward 280 Ardmaster, C. 232 Arfin, B. _ 64 Arklie, Albert . 70 Armbrust 292 Armstrong 270 Armstrong. Kenneth 260 Armstrong, Robert 264 Arnold, John __ 264 Artley, J. 65 Asburg 262 Asbury, Richard 262 Aschen, Betty 246 Ashley, Helen 133 Asplund, Dellmar 67 Athay 270 Athens, George 226 Atherton, Edith 255 Atkins 270 Atwood, Harriet 246 Atwood, Smith 280 Auch 292 Auch, Bill 282 Auch, Fred 282 August. Shirley 239 Aulbach, John 112 Auld. Jane 247 Austin, Carolyn 133 Ayers, Don 279 Aylward, W. R. 65 Aylward, W. 64 Ayo, Camille 202,247 Azen, Corrine 254 Babcock, Clarence 90 Babcock. Phyllis 42, 132 Babitch, Daniel 278 Bach, Norman 124 Backborough, Bob 293 Bacon. Don 106. 262 Bacon, Gloria 237 Bacon, Sally 252 Bade 270 Badurian, Emman 26, 29 Baggio, Barbara 229 Bagley, Lois 244 Bahlou 270, 312 Bahr, Joyce 303 Bailie, Charles 266 Baird 270 Baird, David 272 Baird, James 226 Baker 294 Baker 295 Baker, Bob 277 Baker, Charles _ 106 Baker, Clark 277 Baker. Ed 277 Baker, John 261 Baker, William 106 Baldwin, David _ _ 260 Ball. Robert _ _ 266 Ball. Sally 237 Ballantine, Barbara 304 Ballantine, Beverly 250 Balling. Wayne 280 Ballou, Robert 112, 266, 312 Bandemer, Ray _ 260 Bandettini, Angleo 67 Banelman, Marjorie 238 Bankus. John 29 Banta, Fred 282 Banzelaar. Marvin 127 Barass, Joe 122 Barber, James 287 Barber, Janet 242 Barbour 295 Barbour, John 267 Barede. Al 277 Barense, Phyllis 27 Bargmann. James __ 263 Barish, William 273 Barkey, Arthur 230 Barlou, James 284 Barnard, Chapin 272 Barnes 292 Barnes 295 Barnes, Charles 258 Barnes. John 267 Barnes, Richard 264 Barnett _ 294 The Sexton Plant at CHICAGO Sexton Square Competition is solely a contest to develop the most valuable service for the benefit of those served. SHERMAN J. SEXTON A service keyed to the particular needs of those who feed many people each day resulting from 60 years of continuous and specialized effort in the interest of this great market. Qualify Bvotfa- CHICAGO LONG ISLAND CITY DALLAS - ATLANTA PITTSBURGH DETROIT 353 Since 1885 ALBERT TEACHERS ' AGENCY 25 E. Jackson Blvd. Chicago 4 Correspondent Agenciet: 535 Fifth Ave., New York City 415 Hyde Bldg., Spokane, Wash. Member National Association Teachers ' Agencies money regularly Spending money sensibly Investing money carefully money wisely These four sound practices are just as essential to the achieving of financial security as is the earning of money. ANN ARBOR TRUST COMPANY Barnett, Don 66 Barnett, Edith 238 Barney. Bob 258 Barney, John 272 Barnsdale, Bob 106 Barnum, Malcolm 264 Barofsky, Gerald 124 Barr. Mary Ann 247 Barrar, Richard 278 Barron. Gloria 202 Barryman 294 Barss, Elizabeth 246 Barten, Herbert 271, 327 Earth, Dorothy 224 Earth, Eugene 229 Earth, William 293 Bartholomew, Leland 200 Bartlett, Jane 244 Bartley, Barbara 249 Barton, David 67 Barton, Orville . .._112, 271 Bassett. A. 274 Bates, Edwin : ._ 114 Batesole ._ 295 Battle, Mary 206, 230 Bauer, Bob 282 Bauer, Walter 265 Baum, Harriet 304 Baumgarten, Patricia 27, 203 Baumgarten, Thomas 127 Bayless, Tom 279 Bazarnik, Raymond 101 Bazelon, Edward 278 Bazle, Jeanne 241 Beabes. Virginia 28 Beach, Carter 283 Beadle, Barbara 238 Beal 125 Beam 295 Beam, Harold 135, 287 Bean, Lewis 124 Beaney, William 114 Beard, Barbara 240 Beath, Doug 258 Beati, Roberto 264 Beattie, Allan 260 Beatty, Dorothy 134, 238 Beaty, Constance 26 Beauchamp, Phyllis 134 Becker, Al .. 277 Becker, Alfred 68 Becker, A. R. 70 Becker, Betty Mae 239 Becker, Jack 293 Beers, Robert 272 Behrens. Ernest 24 Beineman, Dick 279 Belisle, Anne 134, 225 Belknap, Stevens 90 Bell, Cory 277 Bello, Roy 87 Belows, Roger 282 Bellows, Sheldon 286 Belmonte, Arthur 268 Belshaw, Gordon 263 Bencuya, Soly 28 Bendet, Gloria 218 Bendis, Lois 239 Benidirt. Betty 240 Benjamins, Edwin 293 Benjamin, John 277 Bennawy, Mildred 146, 255 Benner, Richard 259 Bennett 125 Bennett, John 87 Bennett. Link 277 Bennett. Sam 70 Benson. Donald 102 Benson, Jule Ann 251 Benson. Mary 298 Bentley 295 Bercey. Clarice 27, 239 Berendt, Richard 286 Berg, Everett 281 Berger, Blanche 231. 305 Bergeron. Donald 102 Bergner, W. 64 Bergner. Walter 278 Berke, Kenneth _ 275 Berkson, Gloria ._ 239 Berman. Gilbert 278 Berman, Janet 304 Berman, Sylvan ._ 278 Berman. William ._ 286 Bernard. Steve 279 Bernstein. Janice 100. 239 Berris. Peggy 239 Berry. Henry 276 Berry, Lathrop 260 Berst, Johan _ 272 Berthoud, Charles 282 Bertschinger. Walter ._ _ 293 Betzig, Robert _ 106. 238 Beyer, Herbert 226, 271 Beyster, Bob 277 Bhaer, Joan 214 Bickham, Luzine 135 Bidwell, Betty Lou 206, 302 Bielausleu, William 280 Bieser, Carl 259 Bigge, William . . 24 Billes 100 Billings 270 Biordi 270 Birckelbau, Hazel 146 Bird, Janet 244 Bird, John 263 Bird, Margaret 238 Bird, Martha 247 Birdsall, Charles 327, 331 Birnbaum, Lucille 26 Black, Lome 261 Black, Marjorie - 132 Black, Pervical 114 Blackwood, James 91 Blair, Bernard 90 Blair, Calvin 135 Blair, Christine 243 Blair, James 87 Blaisar, Steve 293 Blake, Keith 276 Blakemore, Fred 259 Blanchard, Bruce 106, 260. 331 Blasier. Carolyn 298 Blavin 100 Blazier. Ann 238 Bleekman, Betty 132 Blessley, Jack 282 Blinn, Jeanne 252 Block. James 283 Block, Percival 114 Block, Sherwln 286 Bloetscher, F. 67 Bloom 100 Bloonshield. John 268 Bloxsom, Elizabeth 243 Blue 292 Blumberg, Edward 286 Blume, Julia 252 Blumenfeld, Anita 28 Blumfeld. Anita 26 Blumrosen. Barbara 239 Blund. Carl __ 124 Blunck, Carl 123 Blythe, Barbara 132 Boardman, Robert 67 Bockstahler, Lois 238 Bockstanz, Bruce 260 Body, Paul 101 Bodycombe, Dick 106, 260 Boeghold, Allen 287 Boehm, Charlotte 132 Boehme. Ken 112 Boehn. Charlotte 134 Boersma. D. 152 Bogard. Richard 284 Bogenberger, Clifford 87 Bogewell. James 287 Bonn, Raymond _ 259 Boice, Willis 263 Boin, Pr. O. 331 Boldt, Roy 293 Bolles, Alan 70 Bolliger, Donald 293 Bolmer, Barbara 251 Bolstad, Orville ._ 124 Bond, France __ 243 Bond, John 124 Bonesteel, Beverly _ 132 Boni, Frank 271 Bonnwell, J. C. 70 Bonzelaar, Alvin _ 127 Boor, Donald 283, 331 Boos, Joan 253 Booth, Charles 272 Booth, Fred 279. 331 Booth. Lynette 132. 134 Booth, Roberta _ 132 Booth, Roger 145 Boothby. Bryce _ 262 Boothe. Herbert __28. 66 Borense. Phyllis 247 Borgman. Ann . 224 Boris, Walter 67 Bornstein, Morris 26 Bostrom, R. g4 Botsford, Margaret 26 Bothwell. John ... 282 Bottum, Curtis 65,271 Boucher, Roy . 114 Bouchert 270 Bouck, Edward _ _ 102 Boughn, Charles 117 Boukamp. John _ 261 Boult. Faith 245 Bousfield, B. 300 Bovee, Warren _ 267 Bowen, Bill ._ 258 Bowen, Joyce 203 Bower, E. 274 Bower, James . 66 Bower, Shirley 132 Bower, William 127 Bowern, Sarah 248 Bowers, Jerry 293 Bowers, Russell 117 Bowker, Gordon 112 Bowler, William 260 Bowne, Donald _ 123 Boyce, Cliff . 260 Boyd 294 Boyd. Alan _ 272 Boyd, Betty _ 298 Boyd, Dick 282 Boyd, Roger 124 Boyd, Tom 282 Boydell, Bill 258 Boyell, Molly Ann 305 Boyle, Nancy 305 Boyne. John 293 Bracken, Joe _ 281 Brackett, Robert 66 Bradbury, David 266 Bradfield, Barbara 305 Bradley 294 Bradley, Art _ 106 Bradley, Curtis 263 Bradley, Robert 69 Bradstrum, Roy _ _ 284 Brady, Jim 285 Brand, June 249 Brandenstein, Zane 259 Brandt, Ralph 287 Brandt, Wilhemina 238 Brangon, Charles 293 Brannick, Thomas 266 Brasie, Genevieve 248 Braun, Robert - 262 Br aveman, Sue 254 Braznell, Charles 263 Breakey 295 Breen. Bill 331 Breese, Robert 87 Breidenbach, Victor 284 Breitmeyer, Eleanor 229 Brender, Mary Jane 134, 298 Brennan, Corinne 212 Brennan, D. 67 Brennan, Dave 63, 263 Brenner. William 286 Brent 270 Brettschneider. Bunny 26 Brewbecker, George 280 Brewer. Thomas 91 Brice, Arlene 26 Brice. Mary Anne 242 Bridge 270 Bridge, Nancy 253 Briegel.Ruth 24 Brieske 312 Briggs, Barbara 304 Briggs. Helen 133 Brightson, Ronald 282 Brink, John 281 Britton, Jeannette 244 Britton, Lennis 132, 134. 242 Broadbridge. Joan 253 Broadman. Richard 70 Broadman. R. J. __65 Broderick 270 Brodhur. John 293 Brodie. Douglas 124 Brodman. David 273 Brody. Robert 286 Brogren. Roy 293 Bromm, Joanne 207, 214 Bronson, Shirley 26 Brooks, Phyllis 210, 240 Brown 270 Brown, Barbara 251 Brown, Bob 267 Brown, Boniard 70 Brown, Bruce 286 Brown, Carolyn 250 Brown, Crawford 124 Brown. David 276 Brown. Donna 252 Brown, Eleanor 253 Brown, Eugene 69 Brown, George . 26 Brown, H. ._ 125 Brown, Jack __ 283 Brown, Jean 195, 206. 207, 252 Brown, Leland 285 Brown, Morrie 275 Brown, Norman 273 Brown, Paul 122 Brown, Richard 106 Brown, Robert 123 Brown, Rosemary 303 Brown, Sarame 246 Brown, Stanley .. 278 Brown, Virginia 231, 239 Brown, Ward 282 Browne, Robert 262 Brownell, Carl 272 Brownell, Robert 272 Bruce, Norman 284 Brundrette, Elizabeth 250 Bruner, Henry 259 Brunk, Marcia 134. 252 Brunsting, Louis 262 Brun, William 264 Brush, Mary 206 Brutshey, Ernalee _ 253 Bryan, F. J. 65 Bryan, Fred 257 Bryant, Charlotte 241 Bryant, Fred 127 Bryant, James 272 Bryant, Milt _ 277 Bryant, Robert 263 Bubert. Rollin . 90 Buchanan, Kay .. 257 Buck, David 280 Buck, Susan 304 Buckborough, Bob 293 Buckingham, Peggy 241 Buckley, Charles 264 Buckley, Jeannette 210 Buckley, Virginia 248 Buckmaster, Joan 252 Buckmaster, Mary 252 Buczynski. John 226 Budd 292 Budkwaz, Jean 304 Buell, Mary 27, 247 Buergler, Alfred . 124 Buhrou 262, 294 Buick, Steven 146 Bukema 270 Bull. Stratton 271 Bulway, J. 233 Bundy. Joanne 146 Burbatt. James 262 Burck, Richard 260 Burdick, Lorence 264 Burg 312 Burg, Burton 286 Burg, George 279, 331 Burke, Charles 90 Burke, Richard 90 Burke, Tee 203 Burkholder, David 271 Burklund, Ingrid 246 Burnard, Audrey 202 Burnes, Marilyn 241 Burns 125 Burns, Edward 69 Burns, Robin 255 354 Burns, Ruth 251 Burt, Arlene 132 Burton, Bob 293 Burton, Dobbie 281 Burton, Eason 272 Burton, Margaret 237 B urton, Mary 241 Burton, Ralph 288 Busch, Jeanne 247 Bush, Eugene 91 Bush, Ken 282 Bush, Ruth 210 Busier, Robert 114 Busse, Barbara 253 Buster, Russell 257 Buszck, Thadeus 102 Butler, B. N. 269 Butler, Tom 279 Butterback, Gustav 24, 229 Butterfleld. John 258 Buttery, Audrey 247 Byerley, Robert _ -_ 276 Cade, Dale . 280 Cady, Miriam 28 Cage, Robert 272 Cajeen, Robert 91 Calcutt, Harry 114 Calderwood, Walker 277 Calhoun, Donald 266 Calhoun, J. N. 269 Calkens, Bill 122 Calkins, Bernie 241 Calkins, Corinne 255 Calkins. George 106 Callahan 270, 312 Callahan, Bill 265 Calvert. James D. 69 Cameron 295 Cameron, Hugh 122, 295 Campbell 295 Campbell, C. 123 Campbell, Douglas 102 Campbell, Harvey 124 Campbell. John 135,218,223 Campbell, Mary 242, 243 Campbell, Pat 303 Campbell, Robert 257, 262 Campion, Robert 68 Canja, Alex 276, 325, 331 Canner, E. 67 Canner, Edwin 273 Cannon, Don 277 Cantrich, George 291 Cantwell, John 124 Capps. Osal 112 Carpon, Robert 114 Carey, Bruce 262 Carey, John 261 Carey, Josephine 298 Carlin, Philip 273 Carlson 292 Carlson, Alben 271 Carlson, Alice 243 Carlson, Betty 238 Carlson, Clarence 91 Carlson, Astherlan 238 Carlson, Frank, Jr. 272 Carlson, Gordon 117 Carlson, Jack 102 Carlson, Ken 258 Carlson, Phillip 28 Carmichael, D. Loren 117 Carnegie, Patricia 134 Carneiro. Bob 293 Carnes, John 280 Carpenter 270 Carpenter, D. 64, 135 Carpenter, Jean 266 Carpenter, Manson 272 Carpenter, Mary 250 Carpenter, Robert 271 Carr, Margaret 298 Carnidine, John 265 Carrington, Edward 284 Carruthers, George 90, 265 Carson, Robert 271 Carta, Tris 106 Carter, Donald 268 Carter, Janice 27, 206 Carver, Reed 277 Casey, Thomas 90 Cashbaugh, Wm. 264 Casper, Edward 273 Cassidy, Mike 112 Castor, Cecil 293 Castricum, Carol 282 Gates, Judson 102 Canfield, James 27) Cavins, Joyce 253 Caxia, Fred 279 Cecil, Lee 124 Ceithamel, George 331 Chadwick, Charles 66 Chaffee, Patricia 248 Chalat, Ned 126 Challis, Stanley 135 Chamberlain, Cal 261 Chance, Tom 262 Chambers, Raymond 28 Chandan 232 Chandler, Carolyn 249 Chandler, James 223 Chanter, Douglas 276 Chapekis. Fred 67 Chapel, Phyllis 253 Chapman 295 Chapman, Earl 275 Chapman, Sally 252 Chappius, Bob 270, 312, 317, 320, 331 Charbeneau, Gerald 102 Charbonneau, Frank 117 Charnley. Pete 281 Chase, Jack 127 Chase, Seymour 273 Chatterton, DeWitt 117 Chauvin, James 102 Cheffy, George 280 Cheney, Harold 67 Cheney, Mary Alice 241 Chenoweth 270 Chernow, Naida 134, 207 Chernow. Olive 196, 206 Cherry, Albert 265 Cherry, A. M. 70 Chertoff, Trucy 254 Chesebro, Arlene 66 Chhatrapoti 232 Chiappetta. Michael 288 Chickering, William 263 Chiesna, Ten 112 Chiles 294 Chope 270 Chrisin 292 Christensen, Arthur 263 Christie 270 Christie, Bob 282 Christin, Gerald 68 Christman, Betty 244 Chubb, Ralph 271, 312 Chuchin, John 293 Chudgar, M. M. 68 Chudgar 232 Churchill 125 Churchill, James 257 Chute, Robert 270 Cieslinski, R. 233 Cisco, Herbert D. 69 Clanahan 295 Clancy, Marie 237 Clancy, Patricia 237 Clapp, Don 279 Clare, Jeanne 195,200,206 Clark 243, 270, 295 Clark, Benjamin 259 Clark, Bill 279 Clark, Charles 268 Clark, Charlotte 245 Clark, Everett 276 Clark, Jack 261 Clark. Kendal 293 Clark, Monna Lee 198,242 Clark, Lee 259 Clauss, William 102 Claypoole, Homer 283 Clements. Art 258 Cleveland. Donald 135 Clingman, Miriam 299 Coates, Cynthia 202, 253 Coates, Audrey 26 Coates, Tom 260 Coates 294 Cobane, J. 284. 293 Cobane, Mary 26, 240 Cobb, Carla , 249 Cobb. Ralph 70 C obrin. Corraine 254 Cobble 270 Coccia, Michel 259 Cochran, Mary 253 Cochran, P. T. 269 Cochran 292 Cochran, William 280 Coe, J. W. 276 Coffey. Rupert 26 Coffir, Virginia 241 Cohen, Al 278 Cohen, Avern 278 Cohen. Leonard 29 Cohen. Louis 278 Cohen. Mel 126 Cohen 292 Cohn, Morton 275 Colbert 294 Colbert 294 Cole. Helen 237 Cole, Robert 271 Cole, Edward 205 Coleman, Bob 293 Cole, Jack 276 Cole, Richard 286 Coleman, Hal 282 Coleman, James 268 Collett, Eldon 66 Coletti, Don 226 Colley 294 Colliee, Robert 280 Collinge 295 Collinge, Richard 268 Collinger. William 286 Collins, Connie 242 Collins, Jean 238 Collins, Jeannette 207, 244 Collins, Phyllis 249 Collins, Ray 279 Collins, Robert 67 Comer, Jerry 179 Comlossy, Frederick 272 Commora, Larry 285 Compton, Donald 135 Comstock, Howard 291 Concilia, Michael 123 Cone, Norman 273, 293 Conklin, Emma 297 Conner, Rosemary 26, 237 Connine, Fred 285 Connor, George 259 Conrad, Walter 257 Conroy. Harold 293 Console, Mike 122 Constantine, Nancy ___219, 245, 303 Contoes, David 283 Contrucci, Gregory 135 Converse, Connie 249 Converse, Paul 135 Cooley, Gerald 70, 277 Cope, Neala 304 Cope, William 284 Copeland, John 266 Copeland, Peter 286 Cook, Bruce 293 Cook, Charles 280 Cook, Douglas 280 Cook, Hal 331 Cooke 292 Cooke. S. 300 Cooley 270 Cooley, Gerald 226 Coombs, Ronald 259 Coombs, Manvel 268 Cooper, Howard 279, 293 Cooper, Hugh 285 Cooper, Jack 261 Coppel, Lewis 124 Cooper, Robert 67 Cordy, James _ 260 Corgoran, Vincent 276 Corden _ 295 Councell, Virginia ._ 252 Cork, Janet 202, 218, 253 Corlett, Joan 250 Gorman, Marvis 26, 304 Corman, Howard 278 Cornell, Harrison 293 Cornish 294 Cornsweet. Marge 254 Correa, James 101, 232 Cortright, Richard 135 Cothran, Lois 198, 206, 237 Cosens. Stan 124 Cott, Samuel M. 69. 135 Cottrell, Howard 90 Cottm. James 260 Coughlin, Edward 101 Coulton, John 264 Courage, Raymond 291 Courtney, Teddy 253 Courtright 22, 279 Courtwright, Richard 179 Courtwright, William 328,331 Cowan. Catherine 237 Cowlin, Hank 282 Coyne, John 293 Cox, Joanne _ 303 Cox, John 63, 70. 223 Cox, Les 267 Crabmeat. Northrup 122 Crabtree, L. C. 294 Craig, Carolyn 250 Craig, Robert 258 Craig, Jean 303 Craighead, Peter 271 Crandall, Patricia 207 Crane ._ 312 Crane, Robert 271 Cranston, Martin 271 Crapo, Stanford 264 Crawley, Ross 272 Cress, Nancy 26 Crick, William 272 Crieth. Lou 226 Crippen, Ed 122 Cripps, Leslie 87 Crisp, Marilyn 251 Crispin, Bill 258 Crombie, John _ 268 Crosby, Barbara 207, 255 Cross, R. 300 Crowe, Delores _ 26 Crawford, M. L. I 269 Crawley, Ellen 210, 253 Crutchfield, Ray 90 Crystal, Richard _ 135 Culbertson, Marie 224 Culligan. Nancy _243 312 Culp, Gaylord __ 280 Culver, Ward 276 Cumings, Parker 266 Cummings. Peggy 247 Cummins, Carolyn _ _ 249 Cunningham 125 Cunningham, Louise _ _ 238 Curtis _ _ 292 Curtis, George 258 Custavson, Robert _ -66 Cuthbert, W. R. I 70 Dadachanje, Cyrus . __68, 232 Daggs, LeRoy 291 Dagenhart, Ted . 293 Dahl, Warren 283 Dahlberg, Jane 251 Dalles, Lida 218 Dale, Stan 279 Daley, Carolyn 194, 206 Dalgleish 294 Dallmeier, Alice 255 Dalm, Jacob _ 264 Dalton. Shirley 238 Daly, Ken 270, 293 Daly, Leo 293 Damon, John 117 Damon, Melody 203, 237 Danachzko, George 267 Daniels, Richard 276 Danielson. Ethyl __ 303 Daoust, James 280 Daron, Donald _ 272 Dart, Bill 293 Das Gupta, S. N. 68, 232 Dashefsky, Joe 126 Dau, Alfred 260, 293 Dau, John 260 Daugherty, Burt 260 Daugherty, Carolyn 238 EST. 1872 For 75 Years MICHIGAN STUDENTS have said SLATER ' S IS ' Tour College Bookstore " 336 S. State St. Phone 2-0814 355 Daugherty, J. C. 91 Daugherty, Thomas 114 Davenport, Barbara 26 Davey. Dan 293 Davey, Paula 210, 249 David. Milton 63, 70, 135, 222, 223 Davidsen, John 90 Davidson, Jean Davidson, Jim 281 Davidson, Judith 26 Davies, Don 125, 293 Davies, Marilyn 254 Davies, Loraine 28 Davin, Jeanne 24 Davis 100, 125 Davis, Avery 273 Davis. David 263 Davis, Donald 87 Davis, Muriel 26 Davis, Norman 124 Davis, Richard 259 Davis, Suzanne 237 Davis, William 276, 291 Dawley, Fred 69 Dawson, Paul 287 Dawson, William 271 Deackoff, Leon 68 Dean 294 Deane, Marion i Deane, Richard 257 Dearnley 224 Dearey, Jean 245 DeBoer, Jim 261 de Carvajal, Joan 26. 303 Decker, James : 65, 70 DeFrain, D. J. 70 De Graft, Daniel 266 DeGrand, R. 64 De Guise, Betty - 28 Deibel, Jeanne 245 Deifenbach, W. 274 DeLand, Frank 272 Delaney, Beth 305 Delaney, Pat 305 DeLano, Martha 242 Delaplaine, Richard 262 deLaza, Alma 303 deLeon, Edward 293 Delts, B. 23 delValle, Manuel 261 Delvin, Charles 293 DeMaller, Howard 271 De Mach, Richard 265 DeMaso, Jane 26 Dembry, George 293 Dement, June 252 Demeritt, Edward 135 DeMeritt, Roger 135 Deming, Ned 117 Dempsey, Kathryn 252 Deneche, Mildred 210 Denial. Robert 260 Denier, Kirk 114 Dennis 295 Dennis, Jean 134 Denschle, Kurt 127 Denuyl, Robert 263 Derderian, Arthur 179 Derderian, Rose 132.134,206 Derleth, Robert __ 312 DeRose, Robert 265 Derr, Kenneth 87 Derricotte, Gene 312, 314, 315 Desai, Arvind 68, 232 Desai.H. 232 Desai, M. 232 Desai, R. 232 Desjardins, W. 264 Desmond, Bill 106 DeTurk, Fred 258 Detwiler, Mel 331 Devault 295 DeWaard, Donald 91 DeWallie, John 283 Dewar, Sandy 276 Dewey, Barbara 206, 207, 250 Dewltt, Ann 303 Dewitt, Paul 102 De Wolf , Stanley 271 Deur, G. 152 Dice, Dorothy 24 Dice, Joe 276 Dice, R. 152 Dick, Marjorie 303 Dickeman 303 Dickerman, Robert 264 Dickerman, William 28 Dickey, Clayton 216 Dickinson, M. 250 Dickson, G. 266 Dieffenbacher, M. 237 Diekima, Doris 246 Dierkens, Ferdinand 67 Dietrich 294 Dietrich, Jack 293 Dietrich, Lillian 238 Dietrichsterin 295 Diggs, Julia 252 Dightow, John 265 Dillingham 220 Dillon 270 Dillon 294 Dimlap, R. 226 Dimmit. Robert 266 Dinger, Earl 101 Dinnan 292 Dix, S. 102 Dixon 292 Dixon, John 264 Dodeh, Trennie 239 Dodge, D. 64 Dodge, Joan 250 Dodson, Thomas 106 Doelle. Pat 207, 253 Doersan, Art 293 Doherty, Charles 271 Dohn. Don 293 Dolan. John 276 Dolan. Thomas __ .. 263 Dole. Art 279 Don, Frances 239 Donnelly. Paul 69 Donovan, James 263 Donovan, Sally 210 Donovan, Tim __ 287 Donzalski. H. . ._ 124 Doolittle, J. 124 Dooley, Mildred 304 Dornblaser, F. D. 70 Dorrance. William 67, 283 Dorsett 270 David, Helen 134 Doseh, Marjorie 249 Dosier, Duke 282 Dosier, M. 135 Doty. Rosemary 305 Dove, Mary 248 Dowdell, D. L. . 269 Doxon, Betty 247 Doxtator 292 Doyle, O ' Brien 266 Drapeh 294 Draper, Don 282 Dreifus, John 275, 330 Drew. John 68 Drews, N. 244 Driscal, Betty 250 Driscoll. Barbara 243 Driver, John 272 Drollinger, J. 265 Droomers, Warren 91 Drucker, Delos 101 Ducker, Robert 276 Ducker, William 276 Didgeon, Glee 134 Duff, D. E. 65 Dugan, Dick 202 Dunayer, Gilbert 278 Duncan, Edward 135 Dunfee, Gordon 283 Dunits, S. 300 Dunivan, M. 245 Dunn 270 Dunn. Edward 260 Dunn, Joan 259 Dunn, Paul 263 Dunn, Ralph 281 Dunn, Ted 281 Dunlop, Bob 282 Dunlop, Dick 282 Dunlop, William 260 Dunhle, Barbara 240 Dunkle, Dave 267 Dunkle, David 67 Duncan 295 duPont, Patricia 237 Durant, Bryce 285 Durante, Don 122 Durkins, Ferdinand 227 Dussault, R. 102 Dutcher, B. 270 Dutcher, Wilkins 270 Dubale, Felicia 252 Dwight, Austin 70 Dworsky, Dan 278, 312. 328 Dwyre, Burt 277 Dyche. Robert 66 Dyess, Lenrose 24 Dykema, John 114 Dyle. John 266 Dykstra, Gerald . 26 Eady, Edsell _ 271 Eagle, Elaine 251 Eagleson, Freeman 114 Earl, Dolores 26. 242 Eash, Doris 242 Eastman, Betty 245 Eaton, Betty 207, 253 Eaton, Frank 69 Eaton, Hap 277 Eaton, Paul 276 Ebner. Herbert 273 Eckerle, George 271 Eckerling, Miriam 231, 254 Eckrich. Donald 276 Eddy, Jean 250 Eder, Barbara 27, 297 Ederle, Frank 263 Edge, Bob 279 Edge, Don 279 Edman, Jack 293 Edmonson, Bob 293 Edwards, Bill 276 Edwards, Charles 260 Edwards, Don 282 Eggleston, William 102 Ehlers, John 272 Ehnerd, Jacqueline 251 Ehrlich, Edward 278 Eichhorn, Irma 24, 299 Eidson, Robert 257 Einbinder, Irv 331 Eisenstein, Gloria 226 Ekholm 270 Elder 295 Eldridge, Morton 284 Elgass, George 90 Elconin, Richard 275 Elinwood, Richard 272 Elkington. 292 Everett, Ellin 286 Elling, Dick 226 Ellingwood. Margaret 248 Elliott, Chalmers 310, 312 Elliot, Pete .312, 322 Ellis. Dorothy 253 Ellis, Eras 27 Elms. Bonnie 28, 244 Elson. Robert .. 291 Elukin, Edward .. 275 Ely, Arlene 249 Ely. James 273, 284 Emerson, Thomas 271 Emmert. Rodger . 66 Emery, William .__122, 283 Emory, William __281 Engel, A. 274 Engel. George _287 Engelder 295 Engelhardt, Mel _ 267 Engelhardt, Roy 267 Engibous 294 Engineer. Ramesh _ 69 Engl, Don _ 279 England, Louis _ 90 Englander, Meryl 283 Engle 295 Engle. R. 274 Englehart, Bruce 281 English 125 English. Charles 114 English. Constance 133 Engstrom, Jean 196 Eppstein, Eleanor 305 Eppstein, James 135, 275 Epstein 295 Epstein, Fred 278 Epstein, Herbert 273 Epstein, Robert 273 Erbaugh 125 Erch, Robert 271 Erhardt 294 Erhardt, Robert 24 Erickson, Willard 91 Ernst, Margo 246 Essig, Corrine 250 Estell, Mary Lou 249 Estes, Betty 203. 247 Estes, Eugene 272 Etter, Betty 247 Evans 125, 270, 292 Evans, Elsie 247 Evans, Edwin 293 Evans, Gil 276 Evans, Robert 127 Everett, Barbara 134, 195, 206. 249 Everett, Robert 276 Eyster, Jim - .. 285 Fabricant, Alan _ 273 Face, H. 274 Facobson. David 281 Fain, Toni 267 Fairbank. Ruth 219 THE TECHNIC EXPLORES THE TECHNIC REFLECTS THE TECHNIC PRESENTS ARTICLES - EDITORIALS CAMPUS AND ALUMNI NEWS THE MICHIGAN TECHNIC 3036 E. Engineering Bldg. 356 Fairman, Charles 268 Falk, Ralph 90 Falvay, Sue 241 Farago. Peter 124 Farah, Dolores 248 Farley 270 Farley, Janet 245 Farnsworth, Al 179 Farnsworth, E. 25 Farnsworth, Shirley 28, 249 Farquharson, Jean 133 Farr, Raymond 288 Farrell, William 87 Faulter, George 272 Faust, Elmer 90 Faustyn, Norman 293 Fauth, Gerald 66, 295 Fayling, Lloyd 117 Fead. William 262 Fedderson, Harry 282 Fee, Joseph 264 Feicks, William 127 Feigenson, Fred 126 Feinberg, Norman 275 Feinberg, Robert 275 Feldman 100 Feldman. Oscar 231 Fellows, Tom 277 Felton 270 Felts 232 Fenske, Harriet 210, 253 Ferenc, S. 233 Ferguson, Barbara 251 Ferguson. Bob 261,293 Ferguson, Bruce 266 Ferguson, Charles 281 Ferree 295 Fickinger, William 283 Fiebing. Jack 124 Fiedler. Devora 254 Field. Eleanor 303 Field, James 102 Fife, T. __ 300 Finch 270 Finch, Terry 66 Finegan, Jim 282 Fink 122 Fink. Lucie 237 Finkelstein. A. 64 Finkenstaedt, James 114 Finlayson. Stuart 218, 281 Finn, Cynthia 250 Finn. Nancy 246 Finn, Peter 276 Finn, Larry 258 Firth, Dean 271 Fishburn, Lyman 276 Fisher, Carol 250 Fischer. Joseph 135 Fisher, Lee 278 Fisher, Marcia 254 Fisher, Mark 226 Fisher, Paul 285 Fisher, Ray 106 Fisher, Robert 268, 276 Fisher, Russell _ 263 Fishman, Dorothy 26, 304 Fisk, Charles 70,282 Fiske, Joan 206. 221 Fitch __ 294 Fitch. Alan 106 Fitzgerald, Joseph 259 Flambard, Ranulf _ _ 122 Flaskamp, W. 23 Fleischaver, Kenneth 91.330 Fleites, M. 65 Fleming, Alice 238 Fletcher, Harold 62, 261 Fletcher, Janice 244 Fletcher. Paul 281 Flood. Jean 248 Flott. Robert 284 Fly nn, Tom 261 Foley, Bob 267 Folkert, M. 65 Follinger. Ann 247 Fancett. Robert ._ 271 Fond, William 266 Fonde, Henry 271, 312 Fonner, Bob 261 Fonville. Charles 292. 327 Foote, Dick . 26 Foote, Robert 265 Forbeck. Donald 127 Forburger, Lois 133, 134 Ford, Dick 261 Ford, John ._ 114 Ford 312 Ford, Len 269, 313 Ford, Lynne 247 Ford, Marilyn 206 Foren, Virginia 244 Forklns, James 117 Forman 270 Forman, D. 65 Forman, Sally 246 Forrer. Graydon 124 Forrest, Dean 287 Forrest, Ronald 67 Fors, Jack 271 Fors, William 266 Forster, Barbara 252 Forsyth, Earl 91 Fortier, Harley 271 Foster, Barbara 226 Foster, Russell 135 Fourie, Louis 102 Fouriezoo, Nick 277 Fouhal, Robert 271 Foust, A. S. 68 Fowler, Herbert 127 Fox . ..294 Fox 295 Fox. Sue 303 Fraizer, Theodore 114 Frank, Shirley 218 Franke, A. 152 Franold, Hohanna 29 Franz, Ken 279 Franzen, Arthur 276 Franzoi 294 Fraser, Beth 249 Fraser, Carol 26 Fraser, Dorothy 237 Fraser, Lucy Carol 244 Fraser, Mary Jane 238 Fraser, Stu 281 Frasley, Howard 90 Frederich, Laurance 262 Fredrichson, Donald 124 Freed, Gene 282 Freedman, Lee 273 Freeman, Frank 124 Freeman, Richard 265 Freeman, Robert 87 Friedt. Glenn 226 Freihofer, Cecil 258 Freihofer, Fred 258 Frerice. Marjorie 26 Freudenheim. Milton 216 Frey. Stuart 257 Freyer, Hannah 146, 305 Frezon 294 Frick, Robert 260. 263, 282 Fridstein. Arthur 286 Frieden, Annette 254 Friedland, Zena 214 Friedman, H arriett 218, 239 Friedman, Hillard 278 Fries, Chuck 122 Friedt, Glenn 284 Frith, Corinne 241 Fritz, William 90 Froikin, Lewis 273 Frosper, Peter 264 Frownfelder, Thomas 268 Fruehauf , F. 64 Fryman, Shirley 132 Fuerst, Harrison 275 Furs 292 Furs, Richard 24 Furstenberg, Jerome 273 Gaberman, Naomi 26 Gadis, Robert 96, 262 Gafarian, A. 65 Gaffney. Jerry 207, 248 Gage, Margaret ___195, 198. 206, 249 Gaiser, Candy 244 Galansky, Irma Lou 239 Gale, Doris 133, 305 Gale, Shirley 134 Galloway, Harvey 123 Gallup, Charles 262 Gait, Eve 223 Ganiard, Rod 258 Gansser, Victor 268 Gasl. Beatrice 132 Gapp, Kenn 296 Garchow. Alvin 135 Card. Stanley 275 Gardiner, Daniel 271 Garfield, Robert 127 Garland. Bill 293 Garland. Mary 248 Gardner. Mary 298 Garneau. Robert 124 Garnitz. Lois 27. 203, 259 Garrer, Reed 68 Garrett, Beverly 240 Garis, Jack 226 Garritsen, Virginia 203 Garson, Paul 68 Gaskill, Earl 102, 292 Gaston. George 259 Gates, Lloyd 69 Gatward, Roger 280 Gaukler, Robert 127 Gauthier, Elizabeth 242 Gavitt, Burton 26 Gawel 292 Gehring, Richard 101 Geney, Richard 102 Geib 292 Geib, Courtland 24 Geigenmueller, Gretchen 245 Geiger, Robert 282, 287 Gelhaar, R. C. 70 Cell 125 Geller, Harvey 278 Genthe, Suzanne 247 Gentz, Bill .67, 277 George, Mabel 303 Gerhardt, William 276 Gerhart, Tom 285 Germain, Robert 264 Gernanson, Jim 267 Gerson. Sheldon 273 Geryk, Joseph 260 Gestie, Ann 248 Gibbons, Paul 102 Giblin, James 263 Gibson, Caroline 245 Giczewski, Gerard 223 Gilbert, Mike 126 Gier, T. 65 Gignilliat, Leigh 261 Gilbert, Bob 106 Gilbert, Daniel 278 Gilbert, George 266 Gilbert, Ken 258 Gilbertson, Mary 299 Gilflllian, Bob 277 Gilford, Lawrence _. ._ 275 Gill, Lee 263 Gill, Shirley 304 Gillespie, Daniel 257 Gillette, Edward 124 Gillette, John 261 Gillis. James 124 Gilpin. John 102 Gier, Thurman 68 Ginn, James 286 Ginsberg 295 Ginsberg, Milford 278 Ginsberg, Stanley 275 Ginsburg. Roland 275 Giovannone, Esther 305 Girton, Laurence 257 Gkonos, James 260 Gladstone, Harold 278 Glanz, Seymour 291 Gleich 292 Glenn, Barbara 243 Click, William 275 Gnaegy, Mitchell 112 Godfrey, Charles 114 Godfrey, Caroline 134 Goehring, Nina 237 Goetz, Jose 283 Goetz, Robert 283 Gokbudak, M. 64 Goldammer. James 260 Goldberg 100 Goldberg, Harry 273 Goldberg. Joyce 304 Goldberger, Audrey 239 Goldberger, Vivian 239 Goldenberg, Joel 273 Goldfarb. Carl 273 Goldfarb. Stuart 231 Goldfinger, Florence 26 Goldfinger, Florence 304 Goldman, Hubert 286 Goldman. Martin 286 Goldman, Robert 216 Goldrath, Milton 278 Goldsmith. Richard 278 Goldstein, Alan 273 Goldstein, Joan 214 Goldstone, Bernard 278 Goley, Charlene 248 Golinkin. Allene .. __200, 206, 231 Gollos, W. 67 Gommesen, Esther 249 Gonan, Gloria 242 Gondewaard. Warren 293 Gooch, Walter 122 Goodin, Dorothy 133, 230. 245 Goodman 29 Goodman. Berk 293 Goodman. Kenneth 29 Goodman, Philip 273 Goodnough, William 272 Goodrich. Frank 260 Goodrich, Robert 69 Goodsell, Janice 243 Goodsell, John 122 Goodyear, Anne 26 Goodyear, S. 300 Goppelt, Dorothy 207, 249 Gordon. Clayton 122 Gordon, Dick 285 Gordon, Eleanor 241 Gordon, George 278 Gordon, Gloria 254 Gordon, Harry 206 Gordon, Jane 237 Gordon, Mary 242 Gordon, Paul 272 Gordon, Robert 286 Gordon, W. 64, 122 Gordon, William 263, 285 Goren, Al 293 Goren. Gerald 278 Cork, Mary Lou 298 Gorman 294 Gorman, Bill 293 Gormsen, Carleen 258 Gosling 125 Gosling, Enid M. 244 Goslow, Bob 226 Gough, Beverly 244 Gould, Glen 101 Gould. Helen 304 Gould. James 253 Gould. Stuart 127 Govindrajan 232 Graber. Thomas 66 Grace, James 114 Gradener, Bob 277 Grady, Jim 261 Graetzer, Marianne 304 Graham, Bill 261 Graham, Doug 285 Graham, Ernest 283 Grandy, Robert 271 Granger, Boyd 279 Granger, Don 282 Grant, Avery 29, 210, 253 Grant. Marian 304 Grant, Murray 278 Grant, William 260 Graser, Cal 259 Grathwohl, Betty 238 Graul, Donald 262 Graves 270 Graves, Bill 330 Gravik, Francis 28 Gray, Barbara 251 Gray, Gloria 242 Gray, Helen 303 Gray, Jane 241 Gray, Janice 239 Gray, Mary Ellen 28, 245 Gray, Myron 260 R. L SPITZLEY HEATING COMPANY INCORPORATED Spitzley-Rettenmier Sheet Metal Co. SUBSIDIARY PLUMBING- HEATING REFRIGERATION - VENTILATING INDUSTRIAL PIPING AIR CONDITIONING Tel. CAdillac 0840 1200 Fort St., West Detroit 26, Michigan Contractors on GENERAL SERVICE BUILDING ENGINEERING COLLEGE ADDITION SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CHEMISTRY BUILDING ADDITION R. L. Spitxlcy. 191 1 E J. H. Spitzlcy. 1938 E 357 ATTENTION! June Graduates Get your B.A. and B.S. all in one package Special Gargoyle Gift Assortment Send in your diploma and 25c and we will send you a photostatic copy of your diploma mounted on the back of one Gargoyle. Suit- able for framing ! Glows in the Dark ! This Offer Expires June 14 All entries become the property of THE GARGOYLE Green, Edward 271 Green. Lawrence 286 Green. Janice 243 Greenbaum, Elaine 298 Greenberg 100 Greenberg. Helen 231 Greenberg, Ronald 286 Greene, Ernest 87 Greene. Herbert 66 Greene, Jacqueline 239 Greene. R. 23 Greenfield. Thomas 291 Greenwald, Frank 272 Greenway, Charles 263 Greenway. James 280 Gregg, Robert 271 Grescke, Mary F. 212 Gresla .. 292 Greunke, Orv 65, 229 Grief er. Kaye .-245 Grier, Tom 281 Grierson, Hohn 259 Griese, Jean Griffin. Ann 251 Griffin. Esther 303 Griffin. Tom 258 Grimes. Edwin 287 Grimes. Harvey 293 Grimshaw 295 Cringle. Jean 238 Gripman, William 271 Gross. R. 274 Grossman. Allen 286 Grossman. Leonard 273 Grossman. Rita 254 Grossman, W. __ 274 Gronik, Arthur ._ 286 Grothaus. Jane 249 Groves, Harold _ 263 Grubbs, Joe 26, 227 Gruenberg 292 Gruhzit, Carl 124 Grumet. Anita 27 Grunewald. A. 274 Guenter, Tom 293 Guenther, Tom 229 Guerin __ 292 Guinan, Anne 29, 226, 253 Gullberg, James 272 Gullen, Robert 127 Gunderson, Howard _ 87 Gurche, Frances 202, 253 Gurche, Hohn 260 Gurja 232 Gurjar. J 64 Gustafson. Philip 283 Gustafson. Robert _ __68, 223 Gustke, Robert 276 Gutierrez, Medardo 279 Haag, Art 277 Haaken, Howard 87 Haakenstad, Dale 283 Haas, Arthur 87 Haas, Howard 275, 293 Haas. Weldon 146 Haber 295 Haberman, Rudy 63,64 Hacha, Deane 303 Hack, Milton 293 Hades, Frances 221 Hadler, Dick _ 279 Hadsell, Philip 264 Hafer, Don ._ 260 Haftel, H. W. 65, 268 Hagemeyer. Bob 277 Hagen, Jim 67, 293 Haggerdy 210 Haggerstrom, Mary 241 Hagland. Harvey 280 Hahneman, Betty 197,207 Halt, Richard 262 Hajek, Victor 90 Hajos, Harry 28 Hajos, Steven 26 Haley, Beverly 242 Haley, Marilyn 245 Haifner, Robert. 262 Halick, John 127 Halkesvig, Beatrice _ 245 Hall, Arch 257 Hall, Clark 284 Hall, Dick ._- 279 Hall. Don ___ _- 293 Hall, Donald 262 Hall, Frances 243 Hall. Lois Jean 197 Hall, Jean 237 Hall, Joyce 243 Halle, Ida . 26 Haller, George . __ 272 Hallett. Jackson 135, 283 Hallman. Gordon 28 Halpert, Bernice 304 Halpert. Harriet 254 Halpert, Hugo 69 Halpin, Mary 238 Ham. Bob 122 Hann, Wilbur 260 Hamaker, Jack 285 Hamker. John 70 Hamill, Bob 258 Hamilton 270 Hamilton, Barbara 241 Hamilton, Bette 203 Hamilton. Fran 226 Hamilton. G. -- 152 Hamilton, William 284 Hamjian, Harry 70 Hamlen, John 276 Hammarskjold 292 Hammel, H. A. 65 Hammel. Herbert 63.70 Hammel, Richard 135 Hammer. R. 64 Hammond 270 Hammond 292 Hampson. Patricia ._ 238 Hampton. Bill 221 Hause. Peggy Ann 303 Hancock. John 293 Hancoy, Robert _ 114 Hand, Edward 146 Hand, Ellen 241 Handelsman, Pearl _ 239 Handley, Jack 277 Haneman, Betty 302 Hanley, William 124 Hannagen, Pat 127.203 Hannah. Kenneth 260 Hanney. Bill 63 Haring. Ruth 303 Hannig. W. A. 64,65 Hannington, Ian 90 Hans 295 Hans, Jerome 271 Hanselman. Anne ._ 250 Hansen. Betty 298 Hansen. Fay 27,244 Hansen, Gordon ._ 135 Hansen, Shirley 206, 222 Hansman, Lawrence . 69 Hanson __ 270 Hanson, Carl . 66 Hanson, Polly 203.247 Hanzlik, John 70 Harbaugh. Jack .. 106 Harbaur, Arlette 26 Harbeck, Larry ._ 258 Harbert, Ralph ._ 114 Hardenbrook, Allen ._ 282 Hardie, Andy ._ 277 Hardie. Gordon ._ 276 Hardin. Jane . 26 Hare, Beverly 133 Hariaris, Nick 267 Harkins 295 Harland II. 294 Harns, Jaquiline 255 Harper, E. 63, 64 Harper, Ernest 223, 280 Harrigan, Hohn 264 Hannegan, Patricia _ 248 Harris, Bernard 278 Harris, Bud 279 Harris, Dorothy 26 Harris, James 280 Harris, Robert . 90 Harrison 295 Harrison. Bill _ 267 Harrison, Bob ._ 279 Harrison, Paul ._ 279 Harrison. Saul 275 Harrison, William _ 146 Harry, Bryan 293 Harsha, H. 274 Harsha. Paul _ 216 Hart, Dorothy _ 237 Hartman, Stanley _ 280 Hartley 294 Hartman, Donald I 275 Hartman, John 127 Hartrick, Jim 279 Hartz 286 Harvey 295 Harvey, Nelson 276 Harz, Norb 277 Hascoll, Edward 24 Haslanger, George _ 90 Hatch, Henry 285.312,330 Hatch, S. 64 Hathaway, Avery 255 Hathaway, Rodney 268 Haughey, Louis 276 Hause, Dave _ 285 Hause, Russ 112 Havis, Samuel 273 Hawley, T. 330 Hayden, Joseph _ _ 106 Hayden, Ralsion ___ 261 Hayden. William .-_ 259 Haydon 294 Haydon. William 225 Hayes, Patrick 266 Hayes, Pat 22, 27. 206, 247 Hayes, Richard 101 Hayes, Thomas 127 Haynes, Bill 122 Hazelworth. John ___ 257 Hazelton. Paul . 87 Heard, Williard 287 Healy, Tom .. 260 Healy. W. 65,260 Heard, Patricia 238 Hearn, Betty 253 Heath, G. Ronald 102 Heath, Robert 271 Heaton. Thomas 271 Hebel. Robert 280 Hedges. Bill 261 Hedrick, Charles 284 Heelman, Marion 251 Heffner, Bill 258 Hegge, Signe 206, 246 Hehm. Harold . _ 272 Heidloff, Elmer . . 91 Heikey, Bill 258 Heilbronner, Hans 293 Heilbronner, Walter 293 Heimback. Karl 282 Heineman. R. E. 65 Heines, Thomas 283 Helbers. Jerry 291 Helbig, Arnold 229 358 Heller. Orlin 264 Heller, Warren 268 Helm, Gwen 214 Helm, H. 64 Helm, Harry 227 Helmick, Nancy 218 Hembell, Justin 273 Hemberson, Philip 271 Hemberson, Philip 271 Hemmer, Katherine 27 Hendrickson, T. 64, 65 Heneveld, Lloyd 281 Heneveld, Robert 124 Henion, Karl 26, 70, 223 Hennessy, Catherine 29 Hennis, Al 126 Henry, Edwin 135 Henry, Joyce 251 Henry, Patricia 255 Henry, Sarah 26 Henshaw. Verne 87 Herban 294 Herbst, Jim 261 Herbst, Robert L. 69 Herliky. John 266 Herliky, Robert 257 Hermanson. Hartley 101 Herold, Peggy 245 Heron, Kenneth 272 Herrin, Lexie 223 Herron. Ross 282 Hess. Nancy 25, 27 Hershberger, Don 279 Herzog, Albert 117 Hesler, Jim 267 Hetrik, Carry 279 Heustis, Pat 22, 252 Heuttner, Robert _ 102 Hewson, Marjorie ._ 251 Heyler, Joan _ 26 Heyman, Arnold .. 286 Heymiger, Robert 66 Hibabrd, William _ 263 Hichey 270 Hickey. Eileen 28 Hicks, Mary 240, 303 Hicks, Priscilla __ __ 247 Higbie. Charles ._ 264 Higins, Jack _ 279 Higgs _ 292 High, Charles ._ 262 Hil, Robert ._ 283 Hilarides, Robert 260 Hildebrandt, Lisabeth . . 246 Hiles, Don 285 Hilkene, Bruce 285, 312 Hill, Connie 324 Hill, Ellen .__194, 206 Hill, Grayson _ 285 Hill, Joanne ._ 252 Hill, Marilu 203, 212, 247 Hill, Marylee 132 Hill, Morris _ 279 Hill, Nannette __ 303 Hillenbrand, John _.. _ 266 Hilsinger, Marjorie _ 238 Hilt, Margaret _ _ 244 Himelhoch. Betty 304 Hindert, Michael . 114 Hirsch, Al 285 Hirschfield, Eugene _ 286 Hirshberger . 312 Hiser, P. 64, 259 Hiss, Frederick 127 Hitchcock, Barbara _ 302 Hock, Milt 267 Kodges, R. 25 Hoexter 295 Hoester, Don . 260 Hoff, Ed 279 Hoffman 295 Hoffman, Robert 259, 293 Hoffman, Ruth 132. 238 Hoffmaster, Eleanor 197,245 Hofman. John 273 Hogan, John _90, 280 Hoger 294 Hoheisel 294 Hohnson. William ._ 287 Holbrook, Bob 277 Hole, Jean Louise 194, 197, 253 Holge. Frank 67 Holiday. Harry 276, 325 Hoik. Margaret 251 Holland, Barbara 302 Holland, Emogene 303 Holland, Jim 261 Holland, Robert 267, 271 Hollenbeck, William 271 Hollingsworth, James 280 Hollis. Patricia 134 Holloway, Sherman 102 Hollway, Robert __ 106 Holly, Carol 243 Holm 294 Holm, Kenneth 114 Holmes. Karen 297 Holmes, Prescott ._ 135 Holt, Ed 258 Holt, Nancy 202 Holt, John . 66 Hole, Nancy 252 Holter, Marvin 284 Holton, Marilyn ._ 237 Holtz 125 Holtzman, Toby 273 Homsher. J. 300 Honigsbaum, Frank 286 Honey, Jerry 26 Honey, Tol 277 Hood, Paul 268 Hooley, Anne 250 Hooper, George 288 Hooper, Joseph 272 Hooton 292 Hoover 270 Hopps, Robert 259 Koran, Martin 90 Hore 232 Horeth 295 Horldt, Henry 135, 179 Hormumz 270 Hornberger, John 259 Horton, Lewis 227 Horween, Marion 250 Horwich, Helen 239 Horwitz, Elinor 28 Horwitz, Helen 231 Horvitz, James 286 Hosmer, Henry 257 Hotchkiss 295 Hotte, E. R. 64, 65 Hotte, Roger 260 Hough, Tom 264 House 295 House, Helen 24, 28, 246 House, Robert 66 Houston, Mary Jane 250 Hovey, Patricia 241 Howard, Eugene 263 Howard 125 Howard, Wilford 66 Howarth, Desmond 268 Howe, Virginia 207 Howell, Bud 293 Ho well, Donald 288 Howell, John 271 Howell, Marilyn 210 Howell, Rollie 267 Howerth, Howard 268 Howick, Donald 282 Howland, George 264, 330 Hoyt, George 226 Holgate, James 106 Hubbard, James 264 Hubbard, John 264 Hubbard, Nancy 250 Hubbell, Ann 133 Huber 294 Hubert, Hoverly 241 Huckler, John 293 Hudson, Benjamin 28 Hudson, C. D. 269 Hudson, Robert 273 Hughes, Robert 257 Hulce, Ray 70, 267 Hulett, Ralph 127 Hull 294 Hume, Rosarita 26, 244 Hume, Ross 122 Hunt, Jeanne 252 Hunt, Tom ___ 261 Hunter, J. 64 Hunter, John _ 272 Hunter. Merrill 176 Hunter. Stephen 272 Hunting, Dave 261 Huntington, Alice 246 Hurd 270 Hurd, Clayton 127 Hurley, Jere _ 245 Hurrell, H. 67 Hurst 294 Hurst, Robert _ 271 Hurb, Walt 267 Huseman, Edward 90 Hutchingson, Charles 276 Hutchingson, Die 267 Hutchingson, E. R. 65 Hutchingson, Harry 268 Hutchingson, John 262 Hutchingson, Marguerite 304 Hyde, Jean 248 Hyde, V. 23 Hyman, Rita 231 Ide, Collee _. ,_210, 249 Iden, Elizabeth 26, 27, 134 Igo, Richard . 91 Her 295 Ilnicki, Don 293 Ingber, Gerald 278 Ingle 294 Ingersoll, Charles 284 Ingersoll, Jane 66 Inyart, Betty Gene 245 Ironside, Gordon 268 Iser, Gilbert _ 227 Isleib. Bob 282 Iverson, Lois 196, 206, 238 Jalk, Harriet _ .- 241 Jack. William 268 Jacks, Grant 268 Jackson 125, 270 Jackson, Charles 283 Jackson, Harry 266 Jackson, Harold 276 Jackson, Hugh 266 Jackson, Philip 266 Jackson, Rockwell 123 Jacobi. Rodman 135. 263 Jacobi, Roger 262 Jacob. Iscall 273 Jacovson, Alvin 281 Jacobson, Milton 273 Jadhavrao 232 Jaffe, Martin 286 Jaffee, Benson 231 James 294 James, Douglas 260 James, Jackie 305 James, Robert 284 Janda, Earl - . 287 Jano, Robert 203 Janiga, Robert 114 Jans, J. 65 Jaracz, W. 124 Jardine, Phia 301 Jardins 295 Jaski, Tad 266 Jarlow 100 Jeffers, Fred 102 Jeffery 294 Jeffery, Stephen 287 Jeffries 294 Jemal, Dorothy 242 Jenison 294 Jenison. Dan . 28 Jenkins, Al _ 261 Jenkins, M. 246 Jenkins, Ronald 284 Jennens. Paul 208 Jennet, William 284 Jennings, Joe 281 Jennings, Warner 283 Jensen, A. 152 Jensen, Jack 262 Jensen, Keith 262 Jensen, William 123 Jenson, Cohleen 214 Jenson, Kenneth 283 Jenswald, John 276 Jerome, Elizabeth 247 Jervis, Marilyn 250 Jesurin, M. 64 Jewel, George 122 Jewel, Lloyd 220, 282 Jhaveri 232 Jhung, Florence 224 Jickling 294 Jinyuan 29 Jodha, John 91 John, Theodore 223 Johnson 292 Johnson, Cal 277 Johnson, Clarence 281 Johnson, Doris 134, 252 Johnson, Gordy 261 Johnson, Hilde 224 Johnson, Irene 251 Johnson, Janet 242 Johnson, Joanne 26 Johnson, Joseph 90 Johnson, Kathleen 303 Johnson, Lewis 282 Johnson, Marilyn 303 Johnson, Maynard 260 Johnson, Morgan 258 Johnson, Phil 124. 282 Johnson, R. 65 Johnson, Roger 67 Johnson, Shirley 244 Johnson, Stephen 265 Johnson, Walter 127 Johnson. William _ ._ 106 Johnson, William 262 Johnston, Dan 127 Johnston, Elma 241 Johnston, Jim 281 Johnston, Robert 266 Jokela, Milt ._ 279 Jolly, William 123 Jones 295 Jones 270 Jones, Arthur 260 Jones, Bob 293 Jones, Edmund 117 Jones, Frank 279 Jones, Kenneth 127 Jones. Lansing 257 Jones, Lloyd 276 Jones, Marjorie 132 Jones, Mary 27 Jones, Mary E. 251 Jones, Paula 251 Jones, Peggy 134, 249 Jones, Robert 276 .loos, Ted 122 Jordan, Keith 271 Jose, Herbert _ 272 Josh 232 Joshi 232 Judd, Vernon 271 Judson, Donald 266 Judson, Lorraine _ 299 Juhl, Robert 114 Justema, Elmer _ 122 Justice, Robert __ 268 Justice, Mitchell 276 Kabcenell, Martin _. 286 Kadiff, Arlene 202 Kafesjian _ 292 Kahn, Alan _ 286 Kahn, Richard 286 Kalb .. 295 Kalbfus, Nina 253 Kalinka, Fred 266 Kallman, Rita 254 Kamin, Jean .. 271 Kaminski, Henry 65, 223 Kampe, Kurt 106 Kampmeier, Joan 252 Kane, Don 106 Kane, Michael 275 Kaner, Joy 27 Kangos, Les 229 Kani, Edward _ 127 Kantey 295 Kapadia 232 Kaplan, Eugene 28 Kaplan, Sidney 273 Kapstein, Stephen 266 Kapur, J. P. 68 Karch. Kathryn 133 Karhoven, Gloria 303 Karch, Emily 305 Voted Most Likely to Succeed is the Co-ed Who Wears Clothes from THE ELIZABETH DILLON SHOP Ann Arbor, Michigan Just Around the Corner on State off North U. MARATHON-BRYANT LINEN SUPPLY 3433 E. WARREN PL 2727 P- n oLinen 359 STATE SAVINGS BANK DF ANN ARBOR Main and Washington Sts. Ann Arbor, Michigan Resources over $20,000,000.00 Established 1893 MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Courtesy of JOHNSTON OPTICAL CO. " Makers of high grade glasses since 1876 " 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR PHONE 2-2561 or 2-2562 Karmazin, Ted __ 260 Kassis, Dorothy _ _ 231 Katopish. Bill __ 293 Katz. Anita 254 Katz, Joyce 305 Katzman, Sidney ._ 278 Kaufman, Carl _ 26 Kaufman, Herbert 273 Kaufman, Jack 275 Kaufman, Louis 126 Kaufman, Sue 207, 305 Kawelkawixz, Conrad 127 Kaushwa 232 Kawin, Warren 286 Kay, Charles 268 Kay, Margaret 133 Kaye, Phyliss 218 Kayser, Sam 286 Kearney, Dick 279 Kearney 294 Kearney, Helen 238 Keating _ 125 Keating. William 123 Keebler, Elaine 255 Keenan, William 260 Kefgen, Louise 243 Keir 294 Reiser, Robert _ 263 Keiser, Henry 278 Keister, Gwen 152, 247 Kellar, Robert 291 Keller, Jack _ 285 Keller, Rae 207, 252 Kelley. Robert _ 260 Kelly, Dick 285 Kelly, Duncan _ _ 285 Kelly, E. I B4 Kelly, F. 64 Kelly, John 264 Kelly, Larry 267 Kelly, Margaret 210 Kelly, Max 280 Kelso, Barbara 241 Kelso, Jack 65. V 3, 257 Kelso. Lois 206, 241 Kemmer, Paula 244 Kemp. James 29 Kempa, Richard 29? Kempf. Ruben 122 Kemoski, R. 152 Kendall ._ 125 Kenh, Gertrude 28 Kennedy, Lucy 245 Kenney 294 Kentch, John 146. 271 Kenyon, Leslie 87 Kephart 292 Kerfoot, Branch 267 Kerille, Jesse 68 Kern 295 Kern, Frank 106 Kerner, Charles 266 Kerr, Jean 250 Kerr, Jim 261 Kerr, Mike 279 Kessler, Heini 283 Keskey. George 266 Ketterer. Charles 271, 331 Khan. Jrshed All _ 293 Khu. John 68 Kidd, Ted 258 Kieft. Richard 293 Kiessel, W. R. 65, 68 Kilgore 270 Killin. Claire 283 Kimbrough, Bill __ 277 Kimmel 270 Kimmel, Bernard 275 Kimmish, James . _ 257 Kindel, Ted " " 261 King, August 117 King, Bob 277 King, Mary Pat 223, 251 King, Rae 247 King, Richard 276 King, Robert 268 King, Shirley 29 Kingsbury, Florence __206, 219, 249 Kinne. Cornelia 26, 28 Kipper, Bob 277 Kirk, James 271 Kirkemo, Jim 282 Kirzniak 294 Kishler, Bud 279 Kistler, James 271 Kistler, John 271 Kittridge. Robert 276 Kivi. Louis _ 127 Klaaren. Hobart .. 127 Klager. W. 64 Klagstad. Robert 264 Klausner. Penny 202. 254 Klausner. Ruth 254 Klee, Doris .._134, 249 Klee. Walt . _219, 285 Klein, Estelle 196, 254, 206 Klein, Frances 27, 249 Kleinstiver, Vance 261 Klein, Robert 278 Kline, Dorothy __ 303 Kline, Kenneth 260 Kling. Nancy __ 304 Kloffer, Donald _ 102 Klug. Al 126 Knaff, John 262 Knapp. Carl 260 Knapp, Robert 66 Knickerbocker, Herman 66 Knight, Dick ._ 267 Kniivala 330 Knoop, Isabel 250 Knopf, Donald 70 Knott, Chick 277 Knox, Jim ._ 293 Koblenz. Morri 278 Kook, Richard _ 291 Koch. Walter 225. 287 Kodish, Jean 219 Koelnick, Marilyn 255 Koeller, William 260 Koenig, Harry 126 Koerb, A. 152 Koert, Adrian 69 Kogan 312 Kogen, Max 330 Kohl, Ralph 106 Kohlbacher, George _. _ 287 Koleda. Violet 29 Kollmeyer. Harry 112 Kollenberg, Lois 254 Kolodney, Reva 304 Kopel, Marilyn 27,239 Kopf, Ed 261 Koppitch, Richard 28 Koslou, Barton 278 Kowalick, Don 282 Kowalski, Leonard 101 Kozan 294 Kozera. E. 29, 233 Kozloff, George 279 Kraeger 312 Kramer, C. G. 127 Krawies, Patricia 238 Krasnick. Dulcie 27,197 Krauss. Mary Ellen 246 Kroeger, George 258 Kratkiewicz 294 Kratzet. Ernie _ .. 276 Krebs, Willard _ .. 262 Krech, Frederick 117 Kreche, Charles 284 Krenytzky, S. N. 87 Kretchmeyer, Harold 272 Krevitz, Harriet 26 Krewson, Walter, Jr. 282 Krosnicki, D. 233 Krueger, Doris 195, 245 Krupha, Mary Lee 243 Krust. Louis 127 Kudner. Dick 258 Kudner. Jane 243 Kudreiko, Edward 29 Kugel, Robert 127 Kuhlamn, Henry _ 276 Kuhlik. Earl 273 Kuhn, Norman 264 Kuhnle, Dorothy 238 Kuhr, Max 284 Kuick 292 Kuiper. K. 152 Kuivenen. John 282 Kuivinen, William 262 Kuivinen, Suzanne 240 Kulaga, George 29 Kuler, Helene 241 Kulinski. Eugene 124 Kulpinski, John 29 Kunze, George 70 Kupka, John 280 Kuppinger, Clark 114 Kurnetz, Ruben 126 Kurk. Steven 90 Kurtz, Arthur 91 Kutah, Jason 262 Kutchinski, Elaine 304 Kutscinski, Clarence 226 Kuzman. Thomas 271 Kuzma. Tom 291 Kutz, Ann 250 Kykora, Robert 283 La Bounty, Rosalyn _ _ 251 LaBudde, Thea 250 Lacy, Charles 293 Laczynski, Arthur 135, 294 Ladd, Ed 279 Laderach, David 127 La Duke, Peter 117 Laede, Robert 87 La Faive. Clarence 66 Lahe, Glenn 262 Lahr, Frank 283 Laird, Jean 245 Laird, Joseph 266 Laird, Richard 27 Laity, Thomas . 135 Laity, William 69 LaJoie. Robert 276 Lamb, Bob 226 Lamb, Wallace _ 280 Lamb, William 66 Lamba 232 Lamberg, Joan 241 Lambert 270 Lambert, Joan 253 Lambert, R. P. 65 Lamblyn. Ruth 243 Lamley, Kathryn 244 Lammert, Elsie 303 Lammert. Jane 303.304 Lamont, G. 65, 260 La Moreaux 294 Landen 294 Landsberg :_. 100 Lane 294 Lane. Donald 265 Lang. Robert 70 Langan. Jacqueline 242 Langford, Bill 122 Langlands, Robert 282 Langworthy, Barbara 26 Lapidon, R. 274 La Pierre, Louis 179.272 La Plante, Bob 279 Lappen, Norma 231. 304 Larmu, Mary 207 Larmee, Mary Lou 238 Larsen. Arnold 90 Larsen, Betty Ann 206, 303 Larsen, Bob 277 Larsen, Edwin _ 276 Larsen, Gay 218. 242 Larsen, Karen 213, 207, 253 Larson, Don 279 Larson, Forrest 127 Larson, Rosemary 134, 255 La Rue, Roger 284 LaSage, Donald 259 Lassignal, Jules 124 Lathrop, Grace 237 Lathrup, Donald 271 Lau, Edwin 70 Lau, Ned 264 Laub, Wally 293 Laun, Barbara 241 Laurin, Dave 122 Laursen, Elizabeth 251 Laursen, Joan 261 Laus, Pat 243 Lausten. Robert 263 Laux, Zara _ 305 Law, Charles 283 Law, Edward 268 Law, Rosa 243 Lawrence 294 Lawrence, Ann 223 Lawrence, Audrey 237 Lawrence, Joyce 133, 241 Lawrence, Louise 249 Lawson, Jack 276 Lawson, Joan 250 Lawson, Harold 225, 285 Lawson, Margery 206 Lawson, Robert 262 Lazar, Jack 293 Lazar, Ruth 239 Leach, Charlotte 246 Leader, Douglas _ 272 Leader, R. 300 Leaf, Phyllis 254 Learman, Dick 281 Learman, Jack 281 Leavitt, Naome 28 Lebowitz, Lois 304 Lechner, T. 238 Leek, Joe 127 LeClair, Hugh _ 279 Le Clair. Richard 67 Leder, Renee 26 Lee, Bob 277 Lee, Jim _ 277 Lee, John . 265 Lee, R. C. 64, 65 Leeder, Robert 260 Leever, William 259 Lefeure 295 Leff, Norman 278 Lefko, Orville 26, 273 Lefkowitz, Lois 26, 234 Legters 295 Lehman, Ruehl 277 Lehmann 262 Lehoczky, John 66, 293 Lucks, Ruth . 28 Leiman, H. M. 70 Lejnae, W. 233 Lekus, Louis __ 280 Lemard, Jean 237 Lemler 292 Lence, Joan 245 Lenkowski, John ._ 260 Lent, John 287 Leonard. George .. 264 Leonard! 27 Leon-Marquey, Adrian _. . 26 Leopold 295 Leopold, L. 64 Lepisto, Feme ._ 241 Lerche 292 Leslie, June _ 203 Lessig, Don _ 202 Leung, Henry 293 Leve, Harvey 286 Levenson, Ideane 27 Levenson, Malcolm ._ 126 Leverenz, Ann 302 Levin, Barbara 231, 254 Levin, Bette 254 Levin. Judy 254 Levine 100 Levine, Donald 66 Levine. Milton 126 Levy, Al 126 Levy, Betty 254 Levy, David 273 Levy, Mary Ruth 218,298 Levy, Miriam 231 Levy. Norma 254 Lewin 232 Lewis _ 294 Lewis, Charles 227, 278 Lewis, David 87 Lewis, John 280, 293 Lewis, Ken 277 Lewis, Margaret _ 24 Lewis, O. 274 Lewis, Raymond 283 Lewy, James 286 Leyshon, David 271 Liaches 294 Libin, F. 23 Libka, Neil 66 Lichtenberg, Bill 293 Lichtenstein, Renee 29 Lieberman, Carol 231 Lieberman, Harry 286 Lichter. Seymour 278 Lichterman, Howard 286 360 Lichtieg. Albert 284 Light. Charles 273 Lillie, Hugh 291 Lince, Jo 223 Lincoln, Charles 117 Lincoln, Dick 281 Lind, J. 67 Lind. Jack 277 Lindbloom, Dan 237 Lindeman, Warren 285 Linderholm, Bruce _ 124 Lindh, Karin 203, 252 Lindquist, Don 135, 202 Lindsay, Joan 250 Lindsay, Robert 266 Lindsey, Jeanne 242 Ling. Joanne 133 Ling. Margaret 133 Linsman. Arnold 286 Lintol, John 312, 270 Lippincott, Ann 206, 250 Lippitt 294 Lipsett, Marcia 254 Lipsey, Stan 219. 286 Lipson, Channing 273 Lipstin, Norman _ 226 Little 292 Little, A. . 274 Little. C. 269 Little. Frank 258 Littlefleld, Eleanor _ 300 Littleton, Harvey 261 Livingston 292 Llevenger, Ted 90 Llewellyn. Jack 258 Lloyd, Arthur 135 Lmnian. Alexander 219 Lober, Peter 264 Lochner, Joan 246 Lockhart. Douglas 293 Lockwood. Bruce 285 Lockyer, Gordon 293 Lodwick. Byron 266 Loeblich, Shirley 24 Loffgren, Jack 279 Lofstedt. Edna 249 Logothetis 294 Logothetis, J. S. 294 Lok, James 87 Loken. Newton 106 Lolford. Suzanne 243 London, Geraldine 220, 298 Long, E. 64 Long, Frank 271 Long, Graydon 123, 124 Long, Kay 245 Loomis. Joseph 127 Loomis, Theodore __ 291 Lore. William 283 Lorentzen, Fritz 112 Losch, Eugenia 250 Lott, Sam 231 Loud, Nancy 248 Lough, Thomas 276 Loughin, Harry 293 Loughin. Jack 293 Loughin, Ted 293 Louse, Don _ 122 Love. D. R. 70 Loveridge, Benjamin _ -90 Low, Bud _ 330 Low, Charles _ 90 Lowden, Reed _ 276 Lowe, Reginald 146 Lowenstein, Alfred _ 286 Lowenstein, Malcolm 286 Lubelk 292 Lulas, Jerry 272 Lucas, John ._ 263 Luckham 294 Ludlein, Donna . 241 Lueken, Harold 124 Lueden, Richard 291 Luke, Barbara 230. 255 Lustgarten. Harry _ 268 Luttrell, June _ 250 Lutzker, L. 64, 65 Lyle. Bob 293 Lyle, Charles 291 Lyman, Jean ._ 247 Lynch 125 Lynch. Jim _ 267 Lynch, Kay _ 249 Lynn, H. 64 Lyons. Wilma _ 245 Lyourko. Mary Lou 244 Mac Carl. Donald 284 MacDonal, Jim 274, 282 MacDonald, Betty 303 MacDonald, Kathryn 238 Macel, Arthur 271 MacFarland, Richard 268 MacGowan, William 271 MacGregar, Malcom 291 Macba, Carol 244 Machin, Joh 70 Maclsaac, Barbara 26 MacLathlin, Barbara 240 MacLathlan, John 282 Mach. Arthur 91 Mac, Charles 281, 331 Mack, Charlotte 230, 255 Mack, Hugh 263 Mack. Jack 281 MacKay, J. 64.268 MacKenzie, Joey 255 Mackey 295 Mackey. Frank 114 MacKinnon. Don 202 MacMillan, Bruce 124 Macpherson. Katherine 303 Macpherson, Nancy 297 Macpherson, Robert 87 MacCutcheon 294 MacVeety. Robert 135 Madar. Elmer 312. 316. 321 Madelen 270 Magee, Donald 102 Magidsohn, Jack 273 Magnuson, Margaret 146 Maier, Peggy 239 Main, Robert 271 Maisel, Lawtence 273 Majors, Glen 70 Major, Lou 272 Makima, Lila 237 Malach, Monte 123, 126 Malini, M. 232 Malanick, D. 300 Malin, Myre 255 Malin, William 260 Maling, Louis 273 Malitz, Eugene 126 Malkey 125 Mallory, Mary Jane 304 Maloney, John 277 Malsom, Fred 257 Malthop, Peter 284 Mammel, Frederick 69 Mandeville, Jack 127 Manett, Jerome 280 Manglos 270 Manley, Robert 260 Manley. Walter __ 262 Mann. Bob 285, 319, 320 Mann 312 Mann, R. 269 Manning, Regina 251 Mansfield, Jack 282 Mansour, Joseph 287 Manthei, Laura 246 Manz, Howard 123, 124 Marble, J. 259 Marble, Robert _ 124 Marcoux. Bill 331 Marcus, Betty 26 Matgeson, Ross 101 Marin. Rosemary 247 Markendorf 270 Markhas, Louise 207, 210 Markle, Gre tchen _ 251 Markle. Roger 226, 277 Marks. Fred 286 Markward, Jack 258 Marlatt. War _ 124 Marquardt. Joan 237 Marsh. Dick 261 Marsh, Marilyn 222, 223 Marsh, Nancy 133 Marchall, Martha 248 Marson, Jean 247 Martelu, Robert ._ 288 Martin, Betty _ 134 Martin, Barbara __ 303 Martin, Jack 277, 331 Martin, John _ 260 Martin, Joy _ 242 Martin, Leona 249 Martin, Sue _ 250 Marin. Ruth 212 Martyn, John 280 Marvel, Howard _ _ 127 Marvin, Bill 282 Marzetti 292 Mascilat, Cpriano 293 Mason, Stephen 127 Mason, Walter 146 Massey, Dolores 202 Massey, Joan 248 Massick 295 Massie, Sam 282 Massnick, Don 283 Masty, James 293 Mather, Don 277 Matheson, Pat . 250 Mathiak. R. 64 Mattern. Shirley _ 196 Matthaei. Fred 135, 264 Mathews, Charline 242 Mathews, John 70, 227 Mathews, Joyce 134 Mattise 292 Mattison 295 Mattison, Donald 271 Maturo, John 106 Maul, Barbara 229 Maulbetscha, R. 260 Maunders, Don __ .. 279 Maxwell, William .. 266 May, Bill ___ 112 May, Stanley 275 Maycock, Lois 238 Mayer, Jane 253 Mayer, K. 303 Mayer, Rosalie 304 Maynard, Ralph 265 McAdams, Albert _ .-272 McAllister, Hog _ ._ 267 McAllister, W. K. _ ._ 269 McAnnich, W. . . 106, 274 McApe. Jack 122 McCabe _ ... 292 McCain. Harry 135 McCallum, Betty 249 McCallum, Charles 258 McCallum. Eugenia 203 McCargar. George 272 McCaring, Larry 283 McCarthy, John 262, 282, 284 McCavey. Mames 69, 260 McCoppin, William 69 McClaran 270 McClay, Adam 124 McClelland. Bonnie 251 McClure, Dick 279 McClure. Paul 87 McCobb. Jim 258 McColley, Bob 293 McConnell, William 265 McCord, Kay 253 McCormick 225 McCoy, Ernest 330 McCrady, Carol 27 McCray, Martha 249 McCrillis. Avis ___208, 242 McCubbrey 294 McDail, William _ 271 McDermott, Bill 226 McDermott, George 263 McDonala, Chuck 277 McDonald, Edward 102 McDonald, Frederick 262 McDonald, James 271 McDonald, Thomas 272 McDonnell, Henry 276 McDonnell, John 276 McElroy, David 272 McFaggart, Dave 123 McFarland, Irvin 112 McFee 295 MeFee. Robert 284 McGarry, Raymonda 26, 242 McGee. Peter 123, 127 McGlone, Fred 277 McGowan, Richard 135 McGowan, Robert 276 McGregor, Allan 276 McGregor, Arch 257 McGrew, Ann 28, 298 McGuiggan, Ruth 237 Mclnerney .. 295 Mclntyre 270 Mclntyre. Agnes . 248 McKean, Charles 263 McKee, Donald 68 McKee, Jane 298 McKenna, Patricia 249 McKenney, Herbert 262 McKenzie. Jim 279 McKie, Bob 293 McKie, Jerry 293 McKiever, D. 64 McKillop. Ted 277 McKinley, Bud 261 McKinlay, Ed 221 McKinley, Richard 265 McKinney, Jerry 276 McKinney, Kirk 279 McLaren. Beatrice 24 McLaren, Lee 244 McLaughlin, Rowland 135 McLean, A. 274 McLean, Don 285 McLean. Philip 271 McLean, Robert 102 McLean, William 291 McLeod. Robert 262 McManus. Alan 260 McMillan. Robert 66 McMorris. Ruth 206,250 McMurray. Richard 127 McNab. John 272 McNabb, Al 331 McNamara. Margaret 305 McNamara. Mary 249 McNeil 312 McNeill, Ed 279 McNicholas. James 114 McNiel, Barbara ._ 207 McNulty. Edward . ._ 276 McPhail 292 McPhail. Don ._ 282 McPhail. Marie 303 McPherson. Edward 276 McRae, Virginia 26.297 McTaggart. William 125, 260 McVean. R. L. 65 McVey, Leslie 255 Mead, Glen 293 Meader, Phil . ._ 281 Meanwell, Patricia 238 Measner, Don 24. 229 Medalie, Arthur 275 Medwedeff, Arthur 68 Meechan, W. C. 65 Meengss, Joyce 255 Mehaffey, Howard 102 Mehlenbacher, H. . 64 Mehlhop, Carl 281 Mehman 295 Mehta, B. 232 Meier, Arthur 260 Meinke, Howard 267 Meisel, Frank - 101 Meister, Ursula -- 250 Mekula, Alex 29 Melbourne, Gloria 242 Millstein, Gerald 278 Melton, Henry 230 Menahan, Jim 277 Menke, Lynn 238 Menz, Edwin 287 Mercado, E. 26 Mercer, George 261 Merdler, Joseph 278 Merdler, J. 64 Merlau, Maurice 87 Mermelstein. Harriet 203, 254 Merrill, Barbara 134 Merrill, Jane 237 Merriman, Eleanor 251 Merritt, Bill 267, 293 Merritt. Jacqueline 250 Merte, Herman 66 Messinger, Tom 331 Metelski, Roy 264 Mettetal, Clara 134 Mettler, Norma 251 Metz, Don 260 Metz, Norma 303 Meyer, Fred 90 Meyer, Henry 264 Meyer, Sherman 146 Meyer, Shirley _ 41 Meyer, W. _ 64 Meyer, W. C. 65 Meyers 295 Meyers, Hillard 90 Miatech, John 63, 66 Michael, Walter 279 Michaels, Edgar 278 Michela, Donald 90 Michels 125 Mihalich, Step hen 263 Mikula, J. _ _ 233 Mikulich, Bill 282 Milanowski 294 MiHimaii. Dain 66 Milbourn, Don 226 Miles, Joanne 134, 249 Millar, Gerry 268 Millard, Ken 117 Miller 292 Miller, A 274 Miller, Alice 243 Miller, Art 226 Miller, Barbara 304 Miller, Bill 285 Miller, Doris 202, 250 Miller, Douglas 28 Miller, Ed 267 Miller, Edward 263, 266 Miller, Florence 304 Miller, Gloria 26, 210, 212 Miller, Jack 267 Miller, June 299 Miller, Kenneth 67 Miller, Mary Lee .. .. 245 Miller, Robert ._ 273 Miller, Thomas 266 Miller, Tom 112 Miller, Veronica 24 Miller, Vivian 254 Millhouse, Frank 283 Millillo, Joseph 265 Mills 294 Mills 295 Mills, Evelyn 246 Milner, W. 67 Milroy, Bruce 283 Minor, J. T. 258 Minor, Tom 279 Mintline, Clare 90 Mintz, Eunice 218 Mintz, Maxine 26 Mioskowski, Carolyn 242 Miron. Wilma 29 Miskovsky, Mike 112, 179 Mitchell 295 Mitchell, Betty 241 Mitchell, Dow 91 Mitchell, Elmer 106 Mitchell, James 265 Mixer 270 Mmucszko, Delphine 241 Modi 232 Modrach, Bill 258 Moe 270 Moeller, Charles 266 Moline, J. 64 Mollnon. Ruth 241 Mombach, Gilbert 286 Momsen 312 Monahan, Thomas 280 Monteith, Jack 282 Montgomery, Sue 203, 253 Montgomery. Justin 293 Mood. William _ . 70 Moody 270 Moody, Eugene 65, 69, 331 Moon, E. E. 65 Moon, William 259 Mooney, Phillip 271 Moore, Betsy 207, 246 Moore, Carleton 264 Moore, Charles 258 Moore, Donald 291 Moore, Jean 303 Moore, Robert 276 Moore, Thomas 284 Moorie, Rosalie 242 Morehouse, Claude 268 Moreinis 100 Morency, Joseph, Jr. 114 Morford 270 Morgan, Janet 249 Morgan, Jean 133 Morgan, J. L. 65 Morgan, Paul 265 Morley, George 123 Morley, Helen 214 Morley, Patricia 248 Morous, Edwin 284 Morrill, Thomas 135, 287 Morris 294 Morris 292 Morris, Hillard 273 Morris, John 284 Morris, Robert 262 Morrish, Jim 282 Morrison, Alger 265 Morrison, Donald 66 Morrison, H. R. 65 Morrison. Jack 267 Morrison. John 70 Morrissey. John 279 Morse, Margaret 255 361 Morse, Wayne 261 Morton, Virginia 253 Moscoso, Enrique 90 Moscotti. Albert 28 Moscowitz. Milton 278 Mosher, Anne 24 Mosher, Shelley 304 Moss, Charles 331 Mostov, Geraldyn 304 Mottel 295 Moxness, Elinor 218 Muckerhern, Erma 229 Muller, Jeanne 241 Muir, Robert 271 Mulder, L. 152 Mulford 292 Mulkey, James .. 271 Mullen. Charles 114 Mullen, Russ 279 Mullendore 29, 253 Mulligan, Brobert ._ 276 Mulvihill, Ellen 298 Mummert, John 258 Mummey, Lorene 132 Munde, Ray 117 Mundle 232 Mundt, Al 281 Hunger, Frank 260 Murphy 294 Murphy, Joseph 102 Murphy, Kenneth 259 Murphy, M. 67 Murray 294 Murray, Bill 279 Murray, David 284 Murray, Donald 264 Murray, Donis 202, 243 Murray, Polly 252 Murray, Robert 102 Murrin, Pat 238 Murthy 232 Musselman, Nancy 245 Musselman, Sara Alice 27 Muzall, David 284 Myers, Joan 237 Myers, Marian 238 Myers 27 Myll, Cliff 279 Nack, Leonore ._ 246 Narciso, F. 65 Nariruddin 232 Neal, Don _ 277 Neal. Margaret 134 Neat 270 Neeme, Adolph 263 Neering, T. _ 244 Nefe, H. 87 Neff, Glenn 271 Neff, Marilyn 244 Nehs, Franklin 114 Neidenfuhr, F. 70 Neil, Marzans 244 Neilson, Charles 262 Neilson, Lewis 265 Nelson 294 Nelson, Cleland 259 Nelson, Raymond 102 Nelson, Richard 262 Nelson, Willard 87 Nenno, Donald ._ 127 Ness, Charles 258 Nessel, J. 127 Nestor, C. __ 250 Nestor, W. _ 265 Netter, Milton 260 Neuman, L. 288 Neuman, Nancy 202, 252 Nevenschwander, John 280 Newberg, Carolyn 197, 206 Newberg, P. 207 Newberry, B. _ 243 Newblott. H. IIIII.I 278 Newburg, B. 26, 255 Newell, D. 305 Newhall, P. 252 Newhall, R. ._ 271 Newlander, William ._ 127 Newman, A. 266 Newman, H. __ 281 Newsome, J. _ 242 Newton, M. _ 263 Newton, W 124,264 Neymark, R. 68 Nibbelink, P. _ _ 293 Nichol, N. _ 281 Nichols, D. 285 Nichols, J. 279 Nichols, M. 244 Nicholson, R. 124 Nickel, J. . 280 Nicklas, V. 26, 210. 247 Nickolls, Kenneth 263 Nicolau, G. 266 Nicols, D. 271 Nieber, Allan 272 Nielson, Edward 268 Nierman, Lorelei 206, 219, 254 Nikkei, Henry 265 Nissler _ 270 Noble, Bill 293 Noble, Dune 258 Nobles, Thomas 265 Nole, Myron 67 Noll, Richiard . 283 Nordlie, J. 265 Norpell, T. 114 Norquist, H. 224 Norris, A. 251 Norris, Bruce 135 Norris, R. 65 North, J. -. 202 North, Jeanne 26, 241 Nortness, John 260 Norton, Roger 28 Norton, Sally 134. 244 Norwick, R. 271 Noser, Robt. 262 Novak, A. 233 Novak, Arthur 29 Novak, Ernest 221 Nuoffer, Jeanne 229 Nurves, Bill 122 Nyberg, Lou 243 Nycz, Edward 293 Oas, H. _ 64 Oberfeler, William _ .. 286 Oberfell. R. 67 Oberman. Janice 239 O ' Brien, George 282 O ' Connell, Don 106 O ' Connor, Jack 279 O ' Connor, James 114 O ' Connor. Mary Ann 242 O ' Conner. John 117 Oddy, Robert 284 O ' Dell, Frederick 124 Olming, David 262 Office, Margie 254 Offut, Casper 281 Ogle, Jack 279 O ' Hara, Edward 276 Olsem, Robert 265 Ohlmacher, Bob 282 Ohlinger, William 260 Ohlsson, Charles 284 Okon, Xavier _ 70 Okonski 294 Olberding. Virginia ._ 243 Olcott, Dudley _ 264 Olejaarezyk, K. 233 Oliver, D. 152 Oliver 125 Olsen, Delores 26 Olsen, Gerald 266 Olsen, Jack 282 Olsen 295 Olshefsky, Robert 262 Olson, Gordon 268 Olson, Lenore 63, 68 O ' Neill. Tom 331 Oom, R. 152 Oldyke, Ward 257 Ophoff, A. _ 152 Opitz, Harold _ 293 Opitz, Herb 229 O ' Quinn, Silos 123 Orberg, Borge 65, 276 Orberg, Carsten 277 Okonski, Ray 70 Orr, Howard 258 Orser, R. 152 Orth, Robert 271 Osborn. David 263 Osborn. Thomas 263 Osgood, Janet 202, 242 Osgood, Jim 297 Osgood, Jo 207 O ' Shaughnessey, John 271 Oster, Robert 102 Ostling, Burton 124 Ostrander. William 287 Ott, Marian 241 Otto, Donald 280 Ouelette 294 Overbeek, E. 152 Ovitt, Margaret 238 Owen, James 260 Owens, Ann 28, 246 Owens, Patricia 27, 252 Owsley, Bill 258 Pacah, I. ._ 233 Packwood, B. 102 Pohs, Amand 273 Paine, Frances 206, 218 Palmer, Bruce 267 Palmer, Forrest 264 Palmer. Fred 267 Palmer, Geiorge 135 Palmer. J. W. 68 Palter, W. 262 Panek, Jim 112 Pangle, W. . 255 Pantek, H. 64 Parcells 135, 226, 287 Pardee, Clark 263 Parekh. Indu 68 Parekh, N. 232 Parikh, I. ._ 232 Parikh, P. 232 Park, Dick 282 Parker 270 Parker, G. 25 Parker, Gordon 91 Parker, Jean 253 Parker. Margaret 26 Parker, Rodney 28 Parmechael, A. 23 Parrish. Rita 132, 305 Parry 295 Parry. Lewis 106 Parshall. B. 263 Parsons, Archie 331 Parsons, C. 68 Pasch, Al 260 Pask, Lois 66 Pasquariello, A. 26 Passman, R. 67, 275 Patel, G. 232 Patrick, Louise 198, 243 Patsloff. Lois 134, 244 Patson, Nancy 248 Patterson, George 276 Patterson. Carleton 271. 291 Patterson, George 291 Patterson, Marge 253 Patterson, Mary 250 Paul, Daniel 283 Paul, John .. 102 Pawloff, A. 87 Peachy, John 284 Peacock, Robert 69 Peacock, Stanley _ 87 Peake, Fred 267 Pear, Bob 282 Pear, Dick 282 Pearce, David 280 Pearl, Frances 26, 231 Pearman, Charles 87 Pease, Janet 252 Peason, Sally 242 Peck, Betty 303 Peck, Charlotte 253 Pecsenye, Betty 224 Peermohamed 232 Peltz, L. 133 Pemberton, Sally 28 Pemberthy, W. 261 Fender. Barbara 26 Pendergrass 125 Pendse 232, 292 Penoyar, W. 284 Peoefke, D. 237 Perlberg, A. 265 Perimeter, Stanley 286 Perkins. Ed 287 Perrin, Robert ._ 273 Perry 294 Perry, Charles _ 68 Perry, Helen 299 Perry, John 284 Perry, Nan 253 Perry, Ruthann 132, 134 Perry, Wilber 268 Petach, Alexander _ 135 Peter. P. _ 27 Peters. Dave 279 Peters, Mary 238 Peterman. N. 278 Peterson, B. 247 Peterson, E. 298 Peterson, Floyd 63 Peterson, Fred 66 Peterson, H. 152 Peterson, R. 102 Peterson, Ward 271, 331 Peterson, William 68 Petrillin 294 Petter, J. 258 Petterson, Patricia _ 245 Pettigrew, J. 246 Pettit, Phyliss 200 Pew, Elaine _ 251 Pfohl, P. _ 287 Phalnihar 232 Phebus, W. 135 Philipsen, W. 259 Phillips, Don 279 Phillips, Eileen 239 Phillips. Maturite 241 Phillips. Nancy _ 245 Philipsen, W. 67 Picard, C. 122 Pickford. Laurene _ __25. 203 Piefols, A. 68. 229 Piekarski 294 Pierce, James 102, 331 Pierce. Robert ...124, 276 Pierce, William ._ 291 Pierson, Wilmer 257 Pietz, David 127 Pietz, Jack 262 Pinkus, Edith 304 Pinney, Mary 24. 210 Pipp, B. 281 Pipp, F. 268 Pitcher, J. .. 27 Pitchford, H. 29 Plank, Bob _ 267 Plant 294 Plant, Margery _ 239 Plate, P. _ 244 Plaut, M. _ 203 Plot, D. 267 Plumeau 295 Poag, S. 262 Podgorski, N. 233 Poledor, A. 62. 63. 69, 179 Pollie, D. 152 Pollock, Robert 135, 277 Polovitz, Mickey 229 Pomeroy 294 Pomeroy, Joyce _ 238 Pons, A. 26 Pontius, D. 274 Pontius. P. 27, 198. 250 Pope, S. 27, 303 Porter, C. Van 87 Porter, Charles 283 Porter, Harry 285 Porter, Phil 128 Porter. Stan 285 Portwood, Phylis 304 Post, David 124 Potect, Sherman 26 Potter, Robert 218, 277 Pound, Larry 287 Powell, Delva 132, 255 Powell, Jerome 262 Poy, George 291 Poznanski, W. 127 Prager, Haidee 242 Prakash 232, 292 Prange, A. 127 Prangley, Louise 243 Pratt, Philip 271 Pratt, Stan 281 Pratt. William __ 262 Prestiss, D. 293 Presprich. E. 242 Preston. F. 68 Preston, R. 279 Pretyer, A. 66 Preuel 294 Prevel. John 26 6 Price, Beverly 237 Price. E. 269 Price. S. 87 Pridgeon. John 276 Priestly 294 Priestly. John 146 Price, Paul 268 Prince, Fred 276 Pringle 292 Pritchard, Betty 198, 253 Pritula 312 Pritula. W. __65, 267 Probart. J. 282 Procita 295 Protwa, M. 26 Protz, J. 284 Przybylowicz 292 Pryor, Bruce .. 124 Pudolsky ._ 295 Puffer. Claude 293 Pulford. Gurdon 122 Punter. George 272 Pursley, John 262 Quail. Jane _ .. 247 Queller. Donald 257. 327 Quetsch. Richard 135 Quick. Dorothy 237 Quinlan, Richard 66 Quinn. Jim 123, 127 Quinn, Mary 243 Quint, Nicholas 259 Rabe, Robert ... _ 135 Rabtz 294 Radcliff, Lester 262 Radell, Walter 91 Radford, Frances _ 212 Radka, Elmer _ 268 Radliff, Rozann 202,219,247 Rado, Judy 196,206 Raeside, Patricia 298 Rafelman, Betty Lou 254 Raiss, Elaine 252 Rajadhyahska 232 Ramsey. Earl 264 Ramsey. Morgan 293 Rand, Frank 67 Randall. Richard 260 Randolph. Kathryn 240 Rangansthan 232 Rankin, Stuart 271 Ranney. Richard 263 Rann. Robert _ 262 Ransdorf, Mildred 27 Raphael, Charles 264 Rappely, Dick 293 Rasche, Robert 87 Rasmussen, Adeline 304 Rasmusser, Pearl _ _ 225 Rathbun, Martie 301 Rathke, Margaret 252 Rawlines, Ed 258 Ray, Kenneth 127 Raymer, Barbara 196, 239 Raymer, Donald 262 Raymond, Bob 112 Raymond, Charles 262, 287 Raymond, Hal 106 Raynaud, P. M. 65 Razes, Marian 304 Razor, Dale 91 Rea, Joan 248 Read, Donalee 214 Reader, Jim 261 Reader, Tom 261 Reading __ 295 Reagan, Arlie 90, 283 Reagan, Cornelia 241 Reagan, James 257 Reagen, J. . 23 Ream, Barbara 203, 252 Reason. James 272 Reber, Marjorie 247 Redfern, A. 64 Redfleld. John 286 Redmond 292 Ree. Bodie 134 Reece, Raymond - .. 268 Reed ._ 294 Reed, Eleanor 247 Reed, Frank 28 Reed, Richard 102 Reed, Ruth 244 Reekie, Nancy _ 241 Rees, Robert .. 260 Reese 294 Reeves, James 90 Rehmus. Dick 229, 281 Rehtemeyer. Carl ._ 277 Reichert, Bob 282, 331 Reichert. Joey 134, 247 Reid, Jacqueline __ 249 Reid, M. ._ 300 Reid, Patricia 245 Reifl, Margaret 26 Reilly, Larry 277 Reiss. James 260 Reiter, Fred 112 Reiter, Roberta 239 Relkin, Gladys 305 362 Render, Glen 246 Renfro, Julian 67, 279 Renner, Arthur 268, 312 Rennie, John 261 Rentshler, Eugene 124 Reppenhagen, Richard 102 Resnick, A. 65 Resnick, William 231 Resta, A. 25 Retallick, Bill 267 Reudemann, Albert 127 Reuhl, Elaine 238 Reuland, Joanne 197, 252 Reus. Marian 247 Rewoldt, Stewart 91 Reynol, Diana 26 Reynolds 125 Reynolds. Bob 122 Reynolds. Gordon 123,124 Reynolds, James 260 Rhead, Clifton 124 Rhoads, Donald 67 Rice 292 Rice, Marion 245 Rice, Roger 264 Rich, Shirlee 305 Richards . ._ 125 Richards Richards Richards Richards Richards Richards Betty 210 Bill 210 Dick 282 Elmer 112 Janet _ 250 Robert 102 Richardson 295 Richardson, Diane 246 Richardson, Bob 285 Richardson. J. A. 65 Richardson. James 268 Richardson. Joan 207 Richardson, Robert 262 Richwalski. Elaine 303 Ricker, Dan 112 Riddell, A. 300 Rider. Paul 135 Rieckhoff, Eugene 135 Riegel, John 91 Riegel, Marion 133, 250 Rieger, John 122 Rieker, Daniel __ 283 Riell, Mort 277 Riess. Morton 70 Rifenburg 312 Rigan, Dennis 106 Riggs. Marjorie 238 Riggs, R. 64 Riker, Alex 287 Riley, DeMott 260 Ripley, William 265 Riseh. May . 24 Risk, Harriet 27, 206, 299 Ritchey, Beverly 248 Rittenbaum, Lynn 221. 254 Rettew, Elizabeth 237 Rivers, Joseph 146 Rivkin, Carol Ann 304 Rizzardi, Frank 91 Roach, John 264 Robberts, J. 152 Robbins 295 Robbins 270 Robbins, Judy 245 Roberts ._ 292 Roberts 227 Roberts, David 280, 291 Roberts, Dick 282 Roberts, Earl 264 Roberts. Joan 24 Roberts. Pat 258 Roberts, S. 65 Roberts, William 262. 263 Robertson, James 262 Robertson. Nancy 245 Robinson 312 Robinson. Ann 195 Robinson, Don 263, 319 Robinson, Herbert 70 Robinson, I. 23 Robinson, John 127 Robinson, Mary Margaret 249 Robinson, Margery 226 Robinson, Marvin 273 Rochelle, John ._ 267 Roeder, Richard 179,270 Rodgers. Bob 277 Rodgers, Dorothea 24 Rodriguez. Robert 272 Raffel. David 66 Rogal, Edythe 239 Rogers 125 Rogers, Clifford 278 Rogers, Crandall .. 271 Rogers. Bill 293 Rogers, Don 67 Rogers, Molly 245 Rogers, Robert 66 Rogers, Virginia 248 Rohan. Barbara 242 Rohde. Betty 250 Rohen, Don 277 Rohrbach. Bill 277 Rohrbaugh, John 271 Rohrig, Bill 293 Rokos. Jack 279 Rollin. Russell 66 Rollins. Marvin 273 Rollins, Martha 238 Rolph, J. M. 68 Romeyn, James 146 Romeo, John 69 Romeyn, Richard 146 Rookus. Mary Lou 206.219,252 Rose, Clinton _ ._ 293 Rose, Ralph 262 Rose. Sheldon 278 Rosen, Harold 286 Rossen. Sanford 273 Rosenbaum. Sidney 286 Rosenberg, Alan 286 Rosenberg, Barbara 28 Rosenberg. Phyllis 254 Rosenberg. Walter 278 Rosenbloom. Libby 231 Rosema, T. 152 Rosenow 292 Rosenson, L. 23 Rosko, Peter 135 Ross 125 Ross 295 Ross, Arthur 293 Ross, Donald 135 Ross. Edith 224 Ross, John 262 Roth, Milton 275 Rothbun, Horace 287 Rothman, June 242 Rothman. Joan 254 Rothstein. Ronald 286 Rousseau. John 127 Rowan. Beverly 238 Rowdabough. Joan 134 Rowland. Ton! 26. 244 Rowlands. Hubert 117 Rowley. Craig 261 Royal 295 Rozian 25 Rozian 295 Ruben. Laurens 273 Ruggins, Carol 301 Ruhl, Eleanor 250 Rus, L. 152 Rusche. Fredric 69 Rush 270 Ruskin. David 286 Ruskin, Herbert 278 Russell. Betty Lee 132 Russell, Robert 285, 286 Russell, Richard 271 Russell, Walter 287 Ruth. Norman 91 Rutherford. Margaret 242 Ryan. Eugene 271 Ryan. Jerry 291 Ryan, Prentiss 293 Ryan. Ralph 127 Ryburn. William 263 Ryckman. S. 64, 135 Ryder, N. F. 269 Ryder. Earl 67 Rydland. Lew 227 Ryther ._ 295 Saari, Andy 64 Saari. Dawn 206 Sagaser. D. 64, 65 Sage, Thomas 268 Sack 100 Sacks. Jason 278 Sader. Thomas 146 Saiman, Tuille 241 Salawaz, Philip 273 Samborn 295 Samborn, Frank 288 Sami. Turan 28 Sammet, Ruth 28,304 Samoriski, Thaddeus 200 Sandenburgh. George 272 Sanders, C. 65 Sa nders, Joan 237 Sandmann, Allan 291 Sands, Kenneth 283 Sands, Salmer 287 Sandt, Arthur 272 Sanford, Phillip 66 Saravia, Francisco 70 Sartin 295 Sauer 294 Sauls, Reginald 106 Saulson, Saul 251, 278 Saulson, Stan 223 Saunders. Ray 277 Saur, Charles 263 Sauter. Shirley 254 Savaria. Pancho 277 Savdell, Edward 268 Sawyer. Phil 280 Sayre, Nancy 250 Sayward. Marian 28.244 Scanlon. Eileen 197, 251 Scanlon, Robert 230, 268 Schachman, Al 126 Schaefer. Marilyn 243 Schaefer, Samuel 285 Schaefter, Joan 237 Schaible, Ginny 241 Schalk, Libby 134 Schalk, Margaret Anne 242 Schalon, Ed 331 Schall, Allen .. 90 Scheef, Bill 277 Scheffler ._ 295 Scheer, L. 67 Schellenberg, Robert 91 Schemm. Robert 281 Scherer, Roberta 241 Scherwat, Robert _ 260 Schetzer, J. 67 Schiff, Florence 254 Schild, Corrine 242 Schiller, Nancy . .. 202 Schilling, Richard 265 Schirer, Carolyn 238 Schirkey, Jean 245 Schlee. Joan 195. 206, 245 Schlenger, Margery 254 Schloerke, Wally 106. 277 Schlotter, Helen 238 Schmelz 100 Schmidke. Dick 331 Schmidt, Harry 122 Schmidt, Jacob Schmidt, R. 64 Schneider, Catherine 253 Schneider, Dona 249 Schneider, Patricia 146 Schneiderman, Harvey 273 Schockley, Jack 261 Schoendube. Robert _ 106 Schoenfeld, Robert 284 Schoenlaub, Paul 69. 281 Schoetz, Rose Marie 249 Schoetzer, Nelle 27 Schomburg, Susan 252 Schooley, Nick 293 Schoonover 292 Schott, Fred 283, 293 Schreiber. Amy 239 Schreiber. Herbert 63, 286 Schroeder 292 Schroeder, R. 24 Schubiner, Jared 275 Schultheiss, Bob 277 Schulte. Thomas 66 Schultz, Bill 293 Schultz. Lloyd 278 Schultz, Richard 271 Sehultz, William .-266 Schultz 294 Schulz. Lucille 224 Schulze. Bob 267 Schumacher. Earl 127 Schumacher, George 280 Schupp. Arthur 276 Schute. Bob 293 Schwartz 292 Schwartz. Alan 286 Schwartz, Porette 304 Schwartz, Robert 273 Schwartz, Stuart 272 Schwarz. Merle 268 Scoles. Dick 67, 267 Scovilli, Delight ___207. 248 Scott. Alice 255 Scott. Bob 293 Scott. Edward 127 Scott, Raymond 268 Scott, Sol 278 Scott. Virginia 302 Scowden, Margaret 243 Scribane. Frank 282 Scully. John 282 Seaman 294 Seaman. Joe 279 Seeger. Bill 277 Seeley, Bob 279 Segula, Robert 123 Sekely, Pezso 29 Seklarz, Norbert . 67 Sela, Ruth . 134 Selby, Steve _ 261 Seltler _ 292 Selving. Benjamin 63. 223 Sember, Joseph 287 Sember, Robert 283 Sempere. Charles 127 Semplici. Ray : 124 Sena, Robert 102 Sencer, David 127 Senger. Jane 27 Senne, Cliff 112 Seput, Virginia 238 Sequare. Richard 260 Serafinski. S. 233 Sercombe, Arthur 87 Serdivant. Philip 283 Serfontein, Hermanus 101 Sergeson. Robert 283 Serota, Anne __ 212 Sethna 232 Sewell. George .. 260 Seymour. Bill _ 258 Shab 232 Shackman 295 Shaeffer. Norman ._ 273 Shafer, Bob 277 Shafer, Marvin 66 Shaffer.George 271 Shafter, Edward 260 Shah, Dharamdas 68, 232 Shah, G. 232 Shallenberger, Sybil 250 Shanabery, R. F. 69 Shank, William 66,288 Shapo. Bob 285 Shapiro 100 Shapiro, Carolyn 26, 305 Shapiro, Lynn 221 Shapiro, Seymour 293 Sharkey, Marion 250 Sharland 292 Sharpe, C. 64 Sharpe. R. B. 65 Sharpe, Richard 284 Sharpe. R. L. 65 Shaver, J. H. 65 Shaveri. H. J. 68 Shaw. John 122, 123 Sheddon. David 263 Sheetz, Lucille _. ___207, 212 Shef, A. . ___ 65 Shef. Artie 67 Shein, Gloria 304 Shieden, Donald 273 Shen, Richard 291 Sheppard. Betty 304 Shephard 270 Shepler. Robert 260 Sherman, Michael 278 Sherwin, Raymond 102 Sherwood, W. L. 65 Sherwood, W. 64 Shevin, Herbert 278 Shields, Russel 164, 227 Shields, R. A. 65 Shiftman 295 Shiftman, Bernard 28 Shinn, Ray 221 Shinner, Harry 258 Shinnick, Harriet 147, 247 Shinnick, Margaret 238 Shireling, Jack 260 Showmaker, Don ._ 293 Short, William 283 Shoup, Gail 259 Shreve, Bill 279 Shringer, W. 274 Shudra 294 Shufro, Arthur 126 Shumansky, Harold 146 Sibley, Forbes 68 Sickles, Barbara 252 Sickels, Quenton 272 Siebert, Carol 220 Seegert, Fred 265 Siegal, Leonard 273 Siegel, Lincoln 275 Siegel, Milton 66. 278 Siegel. Anne 26 Siegel, Schuster 286 Siegenthaler, Bruce 277 Sienkowski 294 Siess. Marion 229 Sieswerda, Richard _ 117 Sights. Ruth 203. 252 Sikorovsky, Eugene 63.179,270 Sikorovsky, E. F. _ 65 Silberberg. Bill 267 Sillman, Herbert 273 Silva. Isabella 304 Silver. Bob . 279 Silverman, Gilbert 237, 231 Silverman, Joan 254 Simms 292 Simon, Harold 24 Simon, Dorothy 305 Simons 295 Simons. Ruthven 286 Simpson, Edward 280 Simpson, Mary Jane 252 Simpson, J. 25 Simpson, Josephine 194, 250 Simons, E. 25 Simons, Edgar 278 Simons, Ray 277 Simons, Sarah 26. 200 Sinclair, Richard 87 Singer. Jay 231 Sink, Cecil 282 Sinks, Frank 272 Sinkey, John 127 Sinn, Douglas 260 Sinnegen 295 Sinnigen, William 24, 25 Sinsheim, Joseph 146 Sion 292 Siskin, Helen 239 Sisson, Barbara 27, 252 Skau __ 270 Skilliter, Donald 223 Skowronski, C. . 233 Skutch. William _. ._ 275 Slaff, Robert _ 275 Slagter. H. 64 Slaughter. Patricia 134 Sleeper, Lewis 259 Slesnick 100 Small, Wesley 91 Smetna, R. _ 68 Smith 295 Smith, Arthur 264 Smith, Barbara . 240 Smith. Barbara Lee . _ 133 Smith, Bill _ 277 Smith, Bill C. __ 277 Smith, Daniel __ 268 Smith, Dick ._ 279 Smith, Doris 242 Smith, Dorothy _ 132 Smith, Emmet 268 Smith, Ginny 241 Smith, Harold 66 Smith, Harry 135, 272 Smith, Helen _ 249 Smith, Herbert 257 Smith, J. 64 Smith, Janice 237 Smith, Joan 207, 244 Smith, Joan 212 Smith, John ._ 223 Smith, John I. 223 Smith, Kenneth 257 Smith, Lee 271 Smith, Lee A. 70 Smith, Leigh ._ 265 Smith, Maxine 26, 244 Smith, Maurice 331 Smith, Ogden . 70 Smith, O. W. . 69 Smith, Phylis .. 251 Smith, R. 270 Smith, R. __ 68 Smith, Reg 267 Smith, Richard 90, 114 Smith, Robert 260 Smith, Sally 246 Smith, Sandy 277 Smith. Shirley 253 Smith, Stiles 264 Smith. Suzanne -134, 200 363 Smith, W. _ 65 Smith. William . .._70, 276 Smithline, H. 64 Smolinski, E. 23 Smyth. N. 249 Snell, Robert 268 Snell. W. 25 Snell. William 268 Snell. Willis 291 Snider. Harvey 278 Snider, Rod 260 Snodgrass, J. 271 Snoke. R. 24 Snow, G. 65 Snow, George 261 Snyder, E. 117 Snyder. R. 271 Snyder, Sue Ann 203. 251 Snyder. Willard ... 117 Sobczek. J. _ .. 233 Soboleski 312 Socky. R. 70 Soderberg 295 Sohl. B. 279, 325. 331 Sollenberger 132 Solomon. K. 286 Solorow. B. 133 Somers, J. 283 Sommer 295 Sondheimer. H. 300 Songer. R. 262 Sontag, A. 67 Sontag, H. 117 Sorenson, A. 135 Sorensen _ 295 Soulen, B. _ 292 Souter 270 South. J. 68 Spamberg 271 Spasyk, G. 268 Spath. R. 67 Spaulding 295 Spaulding, D. 262 Spaulding. G. 63,65,271 Spaulding, Jack 202 Spaulding, John 258 Spear, H. 272 Spear, Phuletus 272 Spears. Marilyn ._ 245 Spcckhard. M. 243 Spence, E. 117 Spencer, H. 122 Spense, R. 247 Sperber, L. 29 Sperlich. Gwen 203, 207. 249 Spiesberger, L. 275 Spillman. B. 134. 202 Spoon, G. 64 Spooner, Norman . 70 Spore, R. 134, 249 Spouce, S. 212 Sprecker. D. 274 Springborn 295 Springer. N. 286 Springer, R. 278 Sproat, B. 262 Sproul, B. 260 Squillance. S. 64 Squillau, S. 230 Squire _ 294 Squire. W. 64 Sraehley, C. 252 Srere. Ruth 239 Srorck 292 Staats. Nora Jane .. 238 Staddiford, David _ 271 Stadler 294 Stadler, Louis 146. 293 Staffel, Leonard 102 Stahl. Irving 273 Stamats. Sally __ 250 Stanbury 294 Stanfleld. Dick 258 Stanford, Patricia 28, 249 Stanton, Barbara 252 Stanton, Sally 203. 243 Stanton. Nancy _ 245 Stapleton, John _ 268 Stapp, Henry 264 Starr, Thomas 67 Stasewick, Kathie 303 Staubach. Joan 305 Stauffer. Barbara 206,245 St. Clair, Betty Lou 26 Steenrod. William 127 Stegeman. Helen _, 250 Steggall, Clifford 283 Steketee, Kenneth 102 Stelzer, Robert 90 Stelt, James 284 Stenbuck, Jerry 278 Stemmer, Phillip 222, 223 Steibel, Donald 70, 223,282 Steiger, Genny 254 Steigerwaldt, Ed .. 112 Steinberg, William . 286 Steinhart 295 Steinhelper, Jack 293 Steinman, Alvin 275 Stephan, Robert 90 Stephens, James 69 Stephens, Mary Jane 238 Stephenson, Howard 267 Stephenson, Sarah Jane 197 Stern, Doris 251 Stern, Joseph 275 Stern. Karl 259 Stern. Marjory 251 Stevens, Joan 249 Stevens. Karl 279 Stevens. Patricia 245 Stevens. Roland 263 Stevenson. Betty 252 Stevenson. Sarah 248 Stevenson, Thomas 102 Steward, Betty 202. 247 Stewart. Eleanor 242 Steward, T. 25 Steward. Richard 135 Stewart, Walt 267, 331 Stickney. Barbara 245 Stierer. Mary 203, 253 Stiers, Larry 280 Stimson 125 Stimson. Si 277 Stinson, Charles _ 260 Stitt 270 Stlezle, Hal _ 277 Stockstiel. Charles ... _ 273 Stoepken, Ward _ 293 Staffer. Robert . 272 Stoliker, Fred 331 Stone, Lucy 252 Stone, Marian 133 Stone. Marjorie 247 Storey, Rollyn 257 Storrie 294 Stout, Jane 250 Stover, John 276 Straatsma, Bradley 25, 179, 270 Strapp, Rosemary 248 Strader, Robert 70 Straith, Donald 287 Straith, Robert 287 Strait, Noyce 266 Stratton, Larry .267, 293 Stratton, Leslie 260 Stratoon, Robert 284 Straub, Irene .. 212 Strauss. Dick 293 Strauss. Henry 273 Strawbridge, James 117 Strawser, George 70 Stremmel, David 257 Strempek, Walter 124 Strickland, C. 64 Strike. Helen 304 Striffler, David 87, 101 Strittmatter, William 127 Strobel, Otto 257 Strohm 295 Stronger, Carter 87 Strong, Edward 289 Strong, George 266 Stuart, Barry 250 Stuart. Elspeth 250 Stuck, Janice 301 Stuckman, Raymond 66 Stud, John ___ 122 Sturgis. John 262 Sturtz, Bill 24, 280 Subar 295 Subar, David 273 Subramanina, K. 232 Sugar, Andee 26, 214, 221 Suliburk, Georgia 245 Sullivan, Charles 117 Sullivan, Don 258 Sullivan, Roger 67 Suter, Don 124 Sulfin, Marjorie 252 Button. Frank 291 Sutton. Palmer 288 Swain, Robert 124 Swainbank, John 106 Swanson, Elmer 106,260,331 Savartz, J. 23 Swartz, Robert 135 Sweeney. Jack 282 Swendemen. Jeanne 237 Swiggett 294 Swinney, Norma 304 Swords 125 Synder, Sue Ann 27 Syne 232 Szymanski. E. 233 Taff . John _ . 28 Thon. R. 152 Thoreson 270 Thorn. Kemp 270 Thorne. Jeanne 219, 247 Thornton 295 Thors, E. 243 Throop, P. 246 Thurver 270 Tilley, T. 114 Tillotum, C. 238 Timmons, Lamar 102 Tinkham 270 Tinsley, P. 279 Tisch. P. .. 278 Titus. S. - 300 Todar 270 Todd, D. . .. 271 Todorof 125 Toepel, S. 246 Tolan, L. 114 Tolbert, S. 112 Toler ... 270 Tolfree, J. 268 Tolleson. R. 114 Tomasl 270. 312 Tompkins 125 Tomsu. Glenn 127 Topke, M. 284 Tourtklott, G. 112 Tower, C. - 274 Towler, L. 281 Townshend. D. 248 Tracy, J. 268 Tracy, R. 268 Trager, F. 127 Trapp, A. 67 Trautweln, J. 24 Trchirhart 294 Treacy, D. 282 Trease. Ann 224 Treuhaft, J. 286 Truehaft. L. . 254 Trexell, Harry . 282 Trezise. Bill 28 Trimborn. Ralph 279. 331 Tripathe 232 Trombley 292 Trout. A. . 272 Trout, M. _ 226 Trow. D. _. ..135 Trzcinski. I. . 233 Tsilkoff. F. 223 Tuck. Ann 253 Tuck, Martha 303 Tucker 294 Turner. Richard 124.276 Turria. Y. 270 Turtch, T. 122 Tuttle, H. 279 Tuttle, D. 272 Taczynski, A. 233 Taft. Lloyd 263 Taft. Martha 298 Tait _ - 125 Talbot, C. -. 247 Talbot. F. -. 127 Talcott. Warren 202, 219 Taliaferro. M. -. 258 Talner. N. _ 126 Talsania 232 Tamarkin 220, 286 Tamura.B. 242 Tannenbaum. D. 278 Taplin, W. 279 Tarazevich. R. 70 Tarazevich. Richard 265 Tattersall. B. . ..-28, 135 Taubert Ralph 124 Taubman. A. 273 Taylor. A. 270 Taylor. Fred 146 Taylor, M. 270 Taylor. Natalie 246 Taylor. R. 67 Taylor. Robert 262 Taylor. Roxanna 210, 246 Taylor, Susan 246 Teesdale, B. 261 Teholiz. L. 87. 221 Telfer. B. 261 Temmers, H. 268 Tennyson. D. 282 Terbush. J. 264 Terzagi. E. 301 Terzia. W. 262 Thalner. J. 134 Thayer. A. 241 Theihl, W. 271 Thieleman, C. 242 Thomas 294 Thomas, A. 272 Thomas, D. Thomas. John 68 Thomas, Joyce 246 Thomas, Kendall 102 Thomas, P. 112 Thomas. William 260. 284 Thompson 270 Thompson, Arthur 288 Thompson, B. 250 Thompson. Barn - 122 Thompson. C. Thompson. George 127 Thompson. Joe 277 Thompson, John 272 Thompson, Pauline 243 Thompson, Pollee 241 Thompson. Robert 127 Thompson. Sunny 253 Thomson. A. 67 Thoony. H. . 237 Tyler. Cyril 260 Tylich. Joe 291 Tylicki, J. 291 Tyser. Sue _ -- 239 Uhl. Edwin - 114 Uhle. A. 25 Ulmer 294 Ulvestad. Ed 279 Ulyshen. Michael 106 Unangst, R. 65 Underhill. Harold 280 Unger . - 295 Unger. Ted - 281 Upfall 100 Upton, Art 122 Upton, Bill 277 Upton, Dave --- 258 Upton, Herb - -258 Upton, Steve - 258 Ure, Roland 65, 268 Urie. Betty 305 Urdick, Bob 285, 293. 295 VanBeek. E. .. 64 Van Benschoten, Garnet 241 Van Boven, John 127 Van Brocklin, Phyllis 27, 250 VanBuren, Jim 258 Vandenberg. C. E. 65 Vandenberg. E. 152 Vandenburg, Phyllis 298 Vanderkloot, John 264 Vanderkolk. Ken 26 Vandermade. Bruce 102 Vandermede. Minor 90 Vandervoort. Quentin 66 Van Der Veer, C. 152 Van De Veer. Cornien 123 Van Domelen. Pet 258 Van Duren, Jack 260 Van Dusen. Jim 258 Van Dyke. Billy _ 134 Van Dyke, Edward .. .-271 Van Dyke. Harold 127 Van Eenam, Marge 301 Van Eyck. Marvin 69 Van Home. Glenna 305 Van Husen, George 135 Vanderkloot, Carol 27 Vander Klott, Carol 134 Van Leeuwen. Jean Lee 249 Van Lente. Dale 281 Van Minden, Sally 26. 27. 239 Van Norstrand. Bob 267 Van Ratten. Beverly 203 Van Summern. J. 67 Van Tuyl. David . 70 Van Winkle 294 VanZoeren, J. 152 Van Zylstra, Edward 66 Varney, Jack 124 Vasunia 232 Vaughn, Roger 262 Vealey . 292 Vear. Judd .. _._221.267 Vedder. Nancy .. .. 246 Veen. John ___267. 293 Vehn. R. 64 Verghs. Fean 24 Vernier 312 Verschoor. Cassie 250 Vespucci. Bernard 91 Vetter. George __. 331 Vial, Bob 267 Vicinus. Carolyn 27 Vickers, Dawn 245 Vidro, Mare .. 252 Vieth, Paul 261 Vincent. Burton _. ._ 268 Visser, Phillip 280 Voigt 295 Volberding, Adrianne 214 Vosper, George 66 Vosper, RalDh 284 Vossburg. George 259 Votez, Harold ._ 287 Vya 232 Vyas, R. D. 68 Wade, Frank ..127 Wade. Mary Caroline 246 Waeb. Sue 248 Wager. Palsey 251 Waggoner. Norman 268 Waggoner. Richard 91 Wagner, Jean 241 Wahle. George 127 Waisbrod. Doris 28 Waite, John 268 Wake, Bill 219. 261 Wake, Jack 279 Wakefield. Richard . 271 Walch. Mary __ 248 Wald. Richard 275 Waldon, Betty 254 Walker, Barbara Walker. Edward 257 Walker. Frances 246 Walker, Jane .-304 Walker. George 291 Walker. Morgan _. 267 Walker. Roger 287 Wallace. Dorothea 238 Wallace. Marshall _. ___231. 278 Wallace. Robert _ .. 268 Wallerstein, Ann-_206. 207, 219. 369 Walsh 295 Walstrom. Russell 284 Walt. Hank _ .. 229 Walters. G. _ .. 152 Walters. Harold _ .. 271 Walters. Hal . ___62. 63. 179 Walters. Reginald .. ...24. 280 Wanderkolk 294 Wanland. James 268 Wantz. George 122 Ward. Dorothy ___ 241 Ward, Eldon 268 Ward. Janice 251 Ward. Larry ___ 267 Ward. Lawrence 276 Ware, Robert ...70. 223 Ware, Sally ... 28, 207 Warner, Albert . .. 271 Warrelk 270 Warren, Mary Jane 305 Warren. Philip 260 Warrick, Chip - 331 Warner, Joseph 275 Warzybok. W _ 233 Wasmund, Lee 260 Wasson 292 Water, Jack 260 Waterbury, W. R. 65 Waterbury, Willian 259 Waterman. Mary Anne 238 Watkins, Douglas 271 Watkins. John 266 Watkins. William 90 Watson, Dorothy 245 Watson, Kathleen 252 Watson, Kathleen 27, 202 Watson, Robert 28 Watt, Marilyn 134, 249 Wattles, Juliet 253 Watts 312 Watts, Harold 263 Waunch, Ellis _. 272 364 Way 292 Wayne, Richard 259 Weadock, Philip 264 Webb, Jerome - 272 Webb, Mary Lou 303 Weber, Herman 271 Weber 100 Weber, Elmer 280 Webster, Bennett 114 Webster, Robert 265 Wechsler, Burton 275 Weeg, Martha 212 Week, Richard 70 Weeks, Richard 283 Weemhoff, Shirley 28, 305 Weener, R. 152 Wehemeyer, Dave 285 Wehmeyer, Mark 277 Weidenthal, Maurice _ 275 Weig, Marth 244 Weigold, Caroline 244 Weil, Warren 225, 275 Weimer, Norris 223 Weinberg, Dick 279,325 Weinberger, Melva 214 Weiner, Bernice _ 26 Weinert, Bruce 66 Weisberg, Harvey 23, 26, 231 Weisf, Bob 312,316 Weisenberger 312 Weisman, F. 25 Weisner. Gene 26 Weiss, Eleanor 239 Weiss, Lee 273 Weiss, Leo 275 Weiss, Marvin 275 Weiss, Samuel 278 Weiss, Stanfrod 286 Weisshart, Herbert ._ 273 Weitzel, Shirley _ _ 255 Welke 1!: I 295 Welkins, Richard 226 Wellerson 270 Welilng. Robert _ 286 Wellman. Marcia _. 248 Wells, William . 263 Wepman, Warren . 273 Welsh, William " 265 Welton, Jean _ _ 304 Wend _ _ 292 Wendelbrug, Norma .. 132 Wendling, Bob _ 261 Wenkelawn, Sheridan _ _ 278 Wenley, Mark _ 287 Werler, Paul __ _ 277 Werner, T. _ 233 Wertheimer, Fred 102 Wesbrook, Mary Sue _ __26, 242 West, Frank 283 West, George II 266 West, Jyme 250 West, Sue 249 Westa, Gill 65, 69, 279 Westman, J. 25 Westman, Jack 287 Westmas, William 127 Weston. Audrey 298 Westrick, Charles 102 Wetmore, Jane 202, 247 Wetteran 270 Wheat, George 227 Wheaten, L. 269 Wheaton, Jens 262 Wheeler. Carolyn 304 Whipple, Chuck 261 Whitacre, Eugene 284 Whitcombe, D. 65 White 270 White, Fred 282 White, Glenn 90 White, J. T. 312 White, Joseph 264 White, Paul 312 White, Robert 102 White. Sonia 246 Whitehorn. George 265 Whitman, Merrill 70 Whitney, Robert 271 Whitsitt 292 Whittaker, Betty 244 Wichrowski 292 Wicker, Joan 281 Wicks 270 Widman 65 Wiegerink, L. 152 Wiesenmaier 292 Wieting, Harry 261 Wiggin, Stanley 271 Wightman, R. 64 Wightman, Suzanne 305 Wignall, Pau 70 Wikel, Dorothy 251 Wikel, Howard 260, 331 Wilamowski, E. 233 Wilcox, J. 64 Wild, George 277 Wildman, Max 114 Wildermuth, Dick 279 Wilets, Elaine 219 Wilhelm, James 135 Wilk, Joan 22, 196, 206, 207, 239 Wilkerson, Jim 285 Wilkens 312 Wilkinson, W. 152 Wilks, Gerald .... 273 Willard. Doris . 250 Willard, Ross 331 Wille 125 Willging, Jean _ -_ 303 Williams 125 Williams, Betsy 26 Williams, Bob 279 Williams, Bud . ___ 261 Williams, Carroll 114 Williams, Fredrick 70 Williams, Gail 123, 127 Williams, George 102 Williams, Gwen 303 Williams, Gwilyn 280 Williams. Patricia .. ___ 248 Williams, Robert .. ... 102 Willis, John 288 Willits. Nancy 244 Willhoft. E. 67 Willoughby, Robert 266 Wilman, Phyllis 194, 248 Wilsberg, Mary 247 Wilson, Charles 266 Wilson, Craig 291 Wilson. Dick 279 Wilson. Douglas 135 Wilson, Gary 282 Wilson. Harriet 26 Wilson, Jack 284 Wilson, John 87 Wilson, William 259 Wilson, Marion Jean 26 Wilson, Mary 237 Wilson, Micky 203 Wilson, Stella 303 Wilson, Webb 271 Wilt, Mary 238 Wimsatt, Joseph 265 Winch, John 271 Wineland, Richard 124 Wines, Robert 106 Wing, Marie 305 Winn, Philip 286 Winquist, Lillian 26, 240 Winslow 125 Winston, Marvin 266 Winter, F. 152 Winter, John 258 Winters, John _ 259 Wirth, J. _ 23 Wirth _ 294 Wirth, Jack 285 Wisbaum, Robert 278 Wise, Cliff 331 Wise, William 284 Wisniewski, Irvin 279 Witkey, Edward 264 Witkup, Carl 101 Witman, Herbert 102 Wittenberg, Philip 26, 278 Wittbold. Robert 260 Witus, Warren 278 Wohl. Kathy 305 Wohlgemuth, Evelyn 247 Wolanski, Henry _ 67 Wolanski, H. .._ 233 Wolanzki _ ___ 294 Wolf. Frank _ _ 278 Wolf. George . ._ 291 Wolf, Leonard 273 Wolf, Martin __ 278 Wolf, Marvin 123, 127 Wolfe 294 Wolfe, George 259 Wolfman, Earl 122 Wolfs, Nancy 250 Wolfsohn 100 Wood, Don 293 Wood, Earl 283 Wood, Palmer ..259 Wood, Robert 263 Woods, Everett 70 Woods, George 268 Woods, Luke 279 Woods, Patrick _ 90 Woods, Pat 282 Woodman, George 117 Woodruff, Lee 264 Woodward, Elizabeth 248 Woodward. Frederick 271 Worobec 125 Wren. Betty 253 Wright, Cap 261 Wright, David 271 Wright. Johnson 262 Wright, Mai 261 Wright. Mary C. 26. 243 Wright, Mary 210 Wright, Newell 279 Wright, Walter 87 Wrinch, Pamela 200, 202 Wuerth, Howard 293 Wuest, Annette 241 Wunch, John 257 Wunch, Stuart 257 Wurtzburger, Charles 286 Wurzburg 295 Wyckoff. William 271 Wyman, Irma 27, 64 Wyman, Sally 242 Wyngaarden, J. 152 Wynn, William _ 66, 257 Yager, Marian 243 Yambert, Bill 112 Yanow, Ruth 132 Yanowitz, Bennett _ ._ 231 Yearnd 292 Yelvington, John 117 Yerges, Howard 312,314 Yoder 125 Yoder, Iris __ 298 Yolles, William 278 Young 292 Young, Don 293 Young. Frank 268 Young, Janet 251 Young, Robert 268 Young, Vincent 262 Young, Virginia 226, 240 Young. Rosemarie 255 Young, William 260 Youngblood, Denny 279 Yntema, Danhof 262 Yntema, Hessel 262 Yntema, Stuard __ 262 Yung, Robert _ 282 Zabriskie, Joan 288 Zag, Irene 26 Zagelmeyer 294 Zagelmeyer, Frank 281 Zaller, Margy 254 Zastrow, R. 64 Zausmer, Bertram 273, 293 Zavella, Irene 255 Zaglor, Janet 240 ZeBranek, James 284 Zeeb, Virginia 210, 240 Zeeman, William 272 Zeew, Lorraine 305 Zeeuer, Lorraine 133 Zeis 125 Zeller 295 Zellman 292 Zelony, Marvin 278 Zemmol. Bernard 278 Zerman, Paula 239 Zerweck 294 Ziegler, Ruth 303 Zien, Betty 239 Ziengielewski, B. D. 233 Zilber, Sidney 23, 227, 293 Zimmer, Richard 87 Zinc, Marilyn 237 Zinzer, Janet __ 250 Zoschke. Milt 277 Zucker, Newton 273 Zuckerman, James 286 Zuckerman. George 23, 278 Zuiderveld, Jack 283 Zurawski, Jerome 268 Zurschmeide, Tom 279 Zutterneister, Merilyn 27 365

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