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I SMS] -. of ' tfac u back to school We haven ' t seen this for a long, long time. We ' re glad to have them back. : " - - " ! ? v . T451 siu. w - ?1 -V Ifflf We feel that this year has brought to Michi- gan a change in spirit and setting that the old University has never experienced before. We are amazed at the increase in enrollment and happy to see that so many of our students come here from all over the earth. The revival of old campus customs pleases us and the beauty of Ann Arbor in the spring again delights us. But we are more impressed by the new tempo of things on the old campus new faces, the re- birth of student government, and the begin- nings of the new buildings that will dot the cam- pus within these next few years. All this is now ours. We are proud of it, and proud to pass on some of its highlights to you. catt faith 22 futrf Wvffeget vifo and MPUS Registration That ' s right. It ' s the 1946 registration, the same old procedure but much more crowded. Confusion reigned but nobody got wet! Everyone suc- ceeded in the end but it was a tough fight. Even the profs had a hand in it all. When we finally got to the door, we heaved a sigh of relief. We were all set for some hard work and plenty of fun. 11 llome- 4-0111111 With ianiare and music the Michigan spirit returned and the pep rallies were revived. Many turned out to help the cheer- leaders give a yell for the team. The cold weather couldn ' t scare these coeds away. 12 Homecoming was like old times again. From these displays our team got the idea that " We want a touchdown. " It must have helped, because we won the game. We did homecoming week-end up right. Ann Arbor literally resounded with the noise of a varsity night, pep rally, and dance. The alums that piled in made it seem like old times again. It ' s the pause that refreshes. The dance was good and so were the cokes. It was the perfect finale to big week-end. 13 n f It takes all kind of talent to make up a show. Vaudeville was never like this! That evening it was all aboard for gobs of fun. The Navy put on a variety show. Hill Auditor- ium was packed and even the rafters shook with laughter. 14 The Navy did it again, this time in the form of a Ball. These weary dancers decided to sit this one out. Don ' t just sit there, boys. Swing it! Ship ahoy wait while we take a whirl around the dance floor. Nobody got seasick that night. 15 FORMALS Take a tip on how to do it provided she hasn ' t got hayfever, 16 You ' ll recognize this one though the first of the year seems a long time back. Michigan is known for its cosmopolitan- ism. It is apparent particularly at Interna- tional Ball. The expression was priceless they were trying to sing. We danced away our week-ends this year. Autograph hounds added quite a few names to their collection, too. 18 J-Hop was a much talked about mystery until we finally saw it this year. T. Dorsey and his band helped make it a terrific celebration for its return. We ' re still frantically searching for ourselves in the J-Hop extra, however. 19 Informal get-togethers i i You know how these people count: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7- 8-9-1 -Jack-Queen-King. Complete informality is comfortable for a change. This lass has a country air. 20 One more good thing about that " informal formal " it ' s easy to choose what to wear. Having been at the Union before the war, the coke bar now is at the League. It solved the problem of how one could most easily avoid studying in the afternoon and have fun doing it. It was the revival of an old tradition in a new setting. 21 ACTIVITIES :X MICHIGAN UNION Established in 1907, the Michigan Union has become the center of activity on the campus. It provides in- numerable recreational facilities for Michigan men, in- cluding a large swimming pool, billiards, bowling alleys, library and the favorite Tap Room. Its spacious ball- room affords the right atmosphere for the weekend dances in addition to the many special events through- out the year. The Fall Union Formal is pictured below. Along with these recreational factors, the Union has become a service organization, handling all types of activities such as Red Cross Drives, Infantile Paralysis Drives, selling tickets for lectures. V ' The Board of Directors of the Union is composed of a group of faculty members and six vice-presidents, elected by men students. The Board this year consisted of the following per- sons: Dean J. A. Bursley, Harry G. Kipke, Prof. A lbert L. Clark, Jr., Prof. Wm. A. Paton, Prof. Robert G. Rodkey, Prof. Chester O. Wisler, T. Hawley Tapping, Donald C. May, Dr. Dean W. Myers. The vice-presidents were Frederick B. Foust, Thomas J. Donnelly, John C. Timms, Paul John, Ross Hume, and Fred Comlossy. Charles Walton represented the Men ' s Judiciary Council on the Board. 24 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL SUMMER SEMESTER, 1945 James Plate President Sanford Perils Secretary Paul John Social Richard Boeder Social Harold Walters Administration Jerry Comer Administration Henry Horldt House George Spaulding House Wayne Bartlett Campus Affairs Charles Hansen Publicity Charles Helmick Orientation All Union work comes through various committees which make up the Junior Executive Council. Dur- ing the summer months of 1945 the office hummed with activity, and many mixer dances were held. Because Bill Layton ' s band was on the road, week- end dances were confined to records. TRY-OUT STAFF 25 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL FALL SEMESTER, 1945 Sanford Perils President Wayne Bartlett Secretary Richard Boeder Social Barley Fortier Administration George Spaulding House Henry Horldt House John Sorice Campus Affairs Harold Walters Campus Affairs Jerry Comer Publicity Charles Helmick Orientation The fall of 1945 brought many new activities with the return of many veterans to campus. The Union Formal was held and Bill Layton played for all the weekend dances. Grid Shuffles and Christmas Party at Hill Auditorium were also sponsored. Paul John and Dick Roeder headed the Homecoming Weekend com- mittee. New Year ' s Eve party, sponsored in conjunction with the League, was a huge success. TRY-OUT STAFF 26 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL SPRING SEMESTER, 1946 Richard Roeder President Harold Walters Secretary Milan Mishowski Social George Spaulding Social Alan Boyd Administration Jerry Comer Publicity Barley Fortier House Gene Sikorovski House Henry Horldt Campus Affairs Andrew Poledor Campus Affairs Rewriting the Michigan Etiquette Book was the project this semester. Harley Fortier and Gene Sikorovsky of the Junior Executive Council took over the job. The weekend dances were turned into novel ideas with the Sweater Weather Dance in March and the Bunny Hop in April. In addition to the many social events, the committees worked on several drives throughout the semester. TRY-OUT STAFF 27 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL I.F.C. Executive Committee Top Row: Morton L. Scholnick. Edward W. Brehm. Jr., Richard B. King. Front Row: William C. Crick. Sec- retary-Treasurer; Fred Matthaei, Jr., President; Douglas James. After surviving four years of war, the Interfraternity Council has come into its own again. With the return of so many Michigan men to campus, the girls have been evicted from the fraternity houses and a man ' s world again prevails. Practically all of the fraternities have become active again and others are rapidly making arrangements to take over iheir former houses. Under the leadership of Charles Walton as president, the council continues its job of regulating rushing and integrating fraternal life on the Michigan campus. The organiza- tion strives to interest men in fraternities and bring about a cooperative relationship among the houses. Each year I.F.C. sponsors its annual ball. Dancers this year danced to the music of Frankie Masters and his orchestra. Dance is pictured belov . I.F.C. Staff Top Row: Charles Lewis, Fred S. Marks, Arnold Linsman, Bob Tisch, Sheldon Bellows, Sher- win Bloc, Ken Hannah, Richard Kurd. Front Row: Milt Goldrath, William C. Crick, Fred Matthaei. !r.. Douglas A. James, Willard R. Heard. I.F.C. BALL, MICHIGAN LEAGUE tat MEN ' S JUDICIARY COUNCIL Standing: Charles Helmick, Fred Matthaei. Saniord Perils. Seated: Richard Mixer. Charles Walton. President; Ray Dixon. Although it looks forward to a short future with the rise of Student Government, the Men ' s Judiciary Council is in charge of all campus elections. The rules governing elect ions are set up by this representative ' group and ballots are counted by them. The group also handles any disciplinary cases which may arise. Council is composed of the presidents of Union, Engineering Council, I.F.C. and Man- aging Editor of Daily. Secretary and president are appointed each year by the outgoing officers. 29 MICHIGAMUA ALL-CAMPUS SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY Seeum Double Hume, Sachem eeum Double Hume Seeum Twice Hume Giggling Totem Pole Derleth Squatum Bottom Striffler Little Battle Chaser Matthaei Blister Ball Bowman Bobbin Bottoms Swanson Fighting Crab Robinson Laughing Hefier Feierman Lightening Charger Franks Running Nose Ufer Model Tee Pee Ford Water Witch Burton Skinney Pine Erlewine Ball Handler Mandler Little Apple Piel Bald Bat Harms Sky Walker Canham Singing Strings Tobin Lazy Lope Barrett 30 SPHINX JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS: President, Duncan Noble; Secretary, Hank Reiser; Treasurer, Richard Roeder. Bob Callahan Robert Cortright arkward Archie Parsons ule Withers 31 TRIANGLES JUNIOR ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS: President, Dogcm Arthur; Secretary-Treas- urer, George N. Spaulding. Walter Blumenstein les G. Helmick nry B. Horldt ick Matthaei Poledor Eugene Sikorovsky Harold L. Walters 32 VULCANS SENIOR ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY Top Row: George Halter; Howard Verges; James Artley; Stuart Snyder; Henry Fonde. 2nd Row: Charles Lauritson; William Redmond; lack Peddy; Keith Harden; Robert Zoeller; John Larsen; Wayne Bartlett. Front Row: Charles Birdsall; Fred Dyson, Secretary; Warren Bentz. President; Charles Walton; John Sorice. Slide Rule Ball Committee Slide Rule Ball, engineers ' traditional dance, was presented in the Union Ballroom on April 12th this year. Or- rin Tucker and his band provided the smooth music for Michigan engineers and their dates. Standing: Russell Cutting; George Spaulding; Hal Walters. Seated: Russell Shields; Milton David; Robert Royce; Henry Kaminski; Betty Hansen; Mary Pat King. 33 LEAGUE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Nora MacLaughlin President Ruth Ann Bales President. Women ' s Judiciary Council lane Strauss Secretary Betty Vaughn Vice-president lean Gaihiey Treasurer 34 c o u C I L Helen Alpert President, Assembly Naomi Buehler Merit-Tutorial Marian Johnson President, Panhellenic Council Ann Schutz Women ' s Editor, Daily Dorothy Wantz Social Chairman Barbara Osborne President, W.A.A. The Michigan League Council is the policy forming and co- ordinating board of all women ' s activities on campus. It is cen- tered in the League with the Daily and W.A.A. represented. Announcements and publicity concerning all activities are turned into the council and sent out through house presidents ' meetings. Policy for the use of the League Building is set up by this council. Nancy Tressel Personnel Chairman 35 mmtt WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY COUNCIL Jean Louise Hole, Edith VanAndel, Ruth Ann Bales, president; Carol Giordano, Carolyn Newberg, Josephine Simpson. Referred to as " Judish, " iliis group charged with the sizeable job of enforcing the house rules for all women on campus. 1 Each week they review cases, pass judg- ment and place penalties for offenses I committed by university women. Their job is also to check over the sign-out sheets and to conduct meetings of the] house presidents. The selection of women for executive I positions on various activities in the League is also done by this group. Inter viewing is the Council ' s best chance to | evaluate the candidates. With Ruth Ann Bales as president, " fudish " has become one of the most im- portant and respected groups on campus I Discipline is necessary and the girls .IK fair, yet unyielding in their decisions. " Off the bench, " they are like any other coed dashing off to classes and looking for excitement on the Michigan campus. JUDICIARY AIDES: Charlotte Leach, Betty Hyboldt, Faith Boult, Margie Keen. Missing: Betty Hansen. 36 SOP PROJECT CENTRAL COMMITTEE, HOSPITAL VOLUNTEERS: (Back Row) Barbara Busse, Pearl Klaus- ner. Marie Neumeister, Chythia Coates. chairman; Janice Greene, Lucile Kennedy, Jule Anne Benson. Front Row: Nancy Robertson, Audrey Lawrence, Betty Lou Zwiemer. SOP CABARET Presented annually by the members of the sophomore class, the Cabaret was ac- claimed a huge success this year. Pictured below are the cast and chorus line. . . Mri r PANHELLENIC PAN-HELLENIC BOARD: Betty Hendel, Treasurer; Nancy Jefierd, Rushing Secretary; Marian John- son, President; Doris Heid- gen, Vice-president; Carol Evans. Secretary. The Panhcllcnic Oflice was a beehive oi activity this year with its many and varied responsibilities. With Norma Johnson as president the group has helped in all campus drives, entertained the servicemen at Percy Jones General Hospital, helped with committee work for the Veterans ' Organi ation Feather Merchants Ball, and many other functions. The group meets every Tuesday afternoon in the League and each sorority is represented. Below is pictured a typical meeting. A 38 c o u GIL Panhell ' s major responsibility, that of maintaining friendly co- operation among sororities, has not been neglected. Exchange dinners are held each semester among the 18 houses and this year bridge parties at the League were inaugurated. Recognition Night was held during the fall semester this year. At this time scholarship and activity awards were presented to the deserving sororities. The committee is pic- tured below. PAN-HELL RECOGNITION NITE COMMITTEE Standing: Connie Converse, Patrons; Dorothy Watson, Publicity; Sarah Stephenson, Finance. Seated: Phyllis Leaf, Program Arrangement; Lois Cothran, Chair- man; Glenice Render, Programs. 39 A S S E B 1Y ORGANIZATION FOR INDEPENDENT WOMEN With Helen Alpert in the president ' s chair, Assembly, the Michigan Independent Women ' s Organ i .a- tion, reached new heights in activities this year on campus. The girls claim a large share in social events. service activities and campus policies. Emphasis on activities brought many girls into campus affairs and has given Assembly a name of which to be proud. Members are still striking out toward new goals, still making plans for future projects and improvements. Acquisition of a new office in the Michigan League this year has centralized all activities of the group and has made a more efficient set-up for the Executive Board. The group conducts house presidents ' meetings and sends out all vital information through this channel. Back Row: Mary Alice Dunivan, secretary-treasurer; June Gumerson. Activities League Houses; Grace Hansen. Activities Dormitories. Front Row: Jacqueline Gatet, Personnel Administrator; Elaine Bailey, Vice-president Dormitories; Helen Alpert. President; Mary Ellen Wood, Vice-president League Houses. 40 i Highlights of an activity-packed year for Assembly were Installa- lion Night (pictured above) and Recognition Night. Nora Mac- Laughlin, president of the Mich- igan League, is pictured at right making awards to the outstand- ing independent women in the fields of scholarship and activi- ties. Ass( inbly Panhellenic Ball, an- nual dance sponsored by the two groups, was held in May this year. 41 JU NIOR GIRLS ' PLAY This year ' s Junior Girls ' Play, " There ' s Room for All, " really struck first base with the audience. It was a take-off on the current housing shortage and crowded conditions in Ann Arbor. The rush in the bookstores at the first of each semester, the difficulties of registering when one is a veteran, and the perennial cokes and potato chip sessions after hours in dorm rooms also were in for their share of the ribbing. As always the gals put on a swell show and had a lot of fun doing it. JUNIOR GIRLS ' PROJECT Instruction of ballroom dancing wss the Junior Girls ' project this year, and the idea met with huge suc- cess. Members of the Cen- tral Committee were: Back Row: Shirley Mattern, Joan Reid, Betty Pritchard, Cath- erine Verschoor, Marjorie Bean, Hilary Jenswold. Front Row: Ruth Hum- phrey, Betty Leavitt, Ann Lippincott, Marty Diefen- bacher, Joan Schlee. 42 ORTARBO ARD Standing: Dorothy Wantz, Betty Vaughn, Ann Schutz, Jean Gaffney, president- Barbara Osborne, lane Archer. Seated: Ruth Ann Bales. lane Strauss, Doris Heidgen. Mortarboard is a national senior honorary society for women, the purpose of which is to provide for the cooperation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to recognize and encourage leadership, and in general to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. Qualifications for membership in this group are good scholarship, service and leadership. Girls are tapped at Installation Night each spring. Under the leadership of Jean Gaffney, the group enjoyed many activities this year including Pay-Off Dance, Smarty Party for all sophomore women with an average of 3.5 or above, and Christmas carolling. 43 WYVERN ALL CAMPUS JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Top Row: Betty Lou Bidwell, Mary Brush, Judy Rado. 3rd Row: Estelle Klein. Elaine Greenbaum, Alice Miller, Shirley Hansen, Olive Chernow. 2nd Row: Ann Wallerstein, Vir- ginia Councell, Treasurer; Ellen Hill, President; lean Brown, Secre- tary; Barbara Rayrner. Front Row: Josephine Simpson, lean Louise Hole, loan Wilk. Caro- lyn Newberg. Missing: Ann Robinson, Carolyn Daley. SCROLL Back Row: Tady Martz, Shirley Sickels, Carol Evans, Norma Mac- Laughlin, Carol Giordano. Front Row: Betty Hendel, Betsy Perry, Jean Pines, President; Jane Arner, Jean Hotchkin. 44 SENIOR SOC1 ETY FOR AF ILIA! !D WOMEN SENIOR SOCIETY SENIOR SOCIETY FOR INDEPENDENT WOMEN Top Row: Ann Schutz. Martha Bradshaw, Mary Ellen Wood, Doro- thy Flint, Barbara Osborne. 2nd Row: Elaine Bailey, Sue Curtis, secretary; Joyce Seigan, president; Beverly Solorow, treasurer. 1st Row: Grace Hansen, Margaret Farmer, Betty Korash, Helen Alpert. SENIOR DINNER Members of Senior Society and Scroll sponsored a senior dinner for February women graduates this year, held in the Grand Rapids Room of the Michigan League. Senior women wore their caps and gowns, and members of Junior Girls ' Play put on parts of their show as entertain- ment. 45 FENCING WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION " A sport for every girl no mutter what her interest. " Such is the program offered by the Women ' s Ath- letic Association in conjunction with the Physical Education Department on the Michigan campus. BADMINTON CAMP COUNSELORS BASKETBALL GOLF HOCKEY TENNIS BASEBALL Whether it be fencing or baseball, dancing or basket- ball, the Women ' s Athletic Association provides the facilities. And a girl need not be an expert, for trained instructors afford excellent opportunities for girls to learn the finer points of the game. The Physical Education Department, under the guid- ance of Dr. Margaret Bell, emphasized physical fitness for Michigan coeds during the war and is continuing this year to encourage every girl on campus to take an active part in intramural activities or in one of the many sports clubs. VOLLEYBALL PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB W. A. A. BOARD Top Row: Ann Lippincott, Sorority Manager; Marie Neumeister, Bowl- ing Manager; Ruth McMorris, Par- ticipation Chairman; Betty Eaton, Hockey Manager; Mary Perrone, Badminton Manager; Janice Bern- stein, Dance Manager; Lee Well- man, Outdoor Sports; Lou Estell, Rifle Manager; Barbara Brady, Women ' s Riding Club. 2nd Row: Pat Daniels, Softball- Barbara Dewey, Golf; Pat Hayes, Swimming; Lucille Sheetz, Basket- ball; Signe Hegge, Camp Counse- lors ' Club; Collee Ide, Ice Skating; Lynne Sperber, Archery; Elaine Greenbaum, Fencing; Dona Gui- maraes. Crop and Saddle. 3rd Row: Joan Wilk, Publicity Chairman; Janet Cork, League House Manager; Shirley Hansen, Treasurer; Barbara Osborne, Presi- dent; Jane Archer, Vice-president; Jean Brown, Intermural Manager; Ann Wallerstein, Dormitory Mana- ger; Harriet Risk, A.F.C.W. SWIMMING CLUB With Pat Hayes as president, Michigan mermaids swim in the Union Pool on Satur- day mornings. In- structors are on hand to teach the girls, and the club is open to all who are interested in improving their swim- ming technique. ' ' ' , 1 48 RIFLE CLUB Lieutenant L. M. Ericson gives Lou Es- tell, president of the rifle club, Gloria Miller, Lola Patton, and Lydia Creed a few pointers on how to increase their shooting skill. The Rifle Club is open to all girls who arc interested in shooting, experienced or inexperienced. Cirls shoot at the R.O.T.C. Rifle Range. At present, there are over 100 active members in the club. Top Row: Mary Ellen Krauss, Marilyn I. Rogers, Barbara I. Browne, Rhea Christian, Mary Louise Young, Elizabeth Barss, Tass Dempsey, Kaki Watson, Charlotte Bryant, Dorothy E. DeGroff, Audrey D. Schutz, Irene Zag, Nancy Bridge, Donna Nussdorfer, Annette Dieters, Harriet Shinnick. 3rd Row: Alice Dallmeier, Mary Ann Waterman, Lynn Douglas, Tink Teetor, Bar- bara Cross, Pat Raseman, loan Swallow, Judy Diggs, Sue Schomburg, lane Gray, Jean Wagner, Jo Reuland, Florence Tsilkofi, June Van Meter, Collee Ide. 2nd Row: Patty Abell, Edna Hyatt, Martha McCray. Joan Crishal, Marilyn Holtom, Joan Buckmaster, Treasurer; Ulafern Larrance, Recording Secretary; Marie Neume.s- ter. President; Sally Ware, Secretary; Shirley Pope, Al- berta M. Captain, Pat Brez- ner, Marjorie Dangel. Front Row: Wanda Mathias, Dorothy Proeike, Mavis Ro- den, Suzanne Sedgwick, Beverly Haley, Carla Mul- lendore, Marjorie Dick, Mar- garet Ann Beis, Barbara Busse. BOWLING CLUB 49 SKATING CLUB A great interest in ice skating developed on the Michigan campus this year as the skating club ' s enrollment hit an all-time high. With Collee Ide as president and Mary Frances Greschke as in- structor, the girls meet weekly at the Coliseum to practice. There were three groups this year, two of which were figure skating groups. A girl need not be an expert to join the club. Excellent instruction is offered. This year the girls put on an exhibition before the Michigan-Minnesota hockey game which was very successful. The club sponsored a skating carnival in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Figure Skat- ing group this year. Their number in the show was entitled Melody on Ice. (Picture at left shows the girls in their costume for the number.) 50 UNIVERSITY WOMEN ' S RIDING CLUB llf[TMFIIT[1TTMf[H Left to Right: Marie Post, Doris Pfefier, Rose Marie Schoetz, Sue Buell. Jeanne Ackerman, Mary Jane Fraser, Barbara Brady, President; Ann B. Davis, Delight Scoville, Colleen Flanery, Marjorie Patterson, Collie Ide, Betty Eaton, Carol Straehley, Margy Lou Office, Yvonne Albright, Ann Brutschy. CROP AND SADDLE To improve their riding ability and showmanship, members of Crop and Saddle have a full program mapped out for each semester. If weather is good, they trot through the wooded bridle paths and gallop over the rolling hills. But come rain 01 snow, they practice horseman- ship in the indoor ring, doing formation riding and exercises on horseback. Highlight of the year is the an- nual Spring Horse Show, spon- sored in conjunction with the University Women ' s Riding Club, in which various skills are performed by the girls. 51 The Board in Control of Student Publications supervises the activities and the editorial policies of the Daily and the Michiganensian. Composed of faculty members, alumni, and elected students, the Board appoints the heads of the various publications and controls the fi- nances. In short, it acts in the capacity of publisher. BOARD IN CONTROL OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS Back Row: Paul Sis lin. Prof. Carl E. Burklund, Prof. Palmer A. Throop. Mr. Lee A. White. Dean Joseph A. Bursley. Front Row: Prof. Merwin H. Water- man, Evelyn Phil- lips, Prof. Gail E. Densmore. Ray Dixon Managing Editor. Fall Margaret Farmer Managing Editor, Spring Although war news no longer comes over the ticker tape during the wee hours just in time to make the deadline, the Daily staff still re- ports world and local news to the Michigan campus and townspeople with all its tradition of being one of the country ' s leading college newspapers. R STAFF I Robert Goldman City Editor Arthur Kraft Associate Editor Elizabeth Knapp Associate Editor Pat Cameron Associate Editor JUNIOR STAFF Night Editors gather around desk ior last min- ute flashes before deadline time. Betty Roth Editorial Director Fall Semester Hale Champion Editorial Director Spring Semester SPORTS STAFF: Stand- ing: Hank Keiser, Des Ho- wart. Clark Baker, Everett Ellin, Chuck Lewis. Seated: Ruth Elconin, Wal- ter Klee, Seymour Lechter. Mary Lou Heath, Associate Sports Editor; Bill Mul- lendore. Sports Editor. The field of Michigan ' s many sports was well covered by the Sports Staff this year. Des Howart and Clark Baker took over the jobs of Sports Editor and Associate Spoils Editor during the spring semester. The women ' s page has a complete- and lA7(}ILf E7 J ' C CTAFF sc P aratc sta " " " ' devotes itself to re- porting the extensive projects of women ' s organizations and social functions on campus. Ann Schutz, editor, and Dona Guimaraes, associate editor of the women ' s section saw to it that the Michigan coeds were represented in print this year. League activities are primarily publicized through this channel and all activities are co- ordinated. The women ' s editor is a member of the League Council. Ann Schutz Women ' s Editor Dona Guimaraes Associate Women ' s Editor WOMEN ' S STAFF: Standing: Betty Hahneman, Lynne Ford, Shirley Rich, Dorothy Simon, Jean Whitney, Joyce Johnson, Blanche Berger. Seated: Ellen Hill, Lois Kelso, Joan Wilk, Ann Schutz. Missing: M. J. Turtle. 54 BUSINESS STAFF Dorothy Flint, Business Manager; Joy Altman, As- sociate Business Manager, Fall Semester. Evelyn Mills Associate Business Manager, Spring Semester Financial wi .ards arc the persons on the business staff who gather ads, manage circulation and keep the books. Funds for publication come largely through the media of subscrip- tions and solicited ads, so the business staff plays an im- portant role. Dorothy Flint and Joy Altman handled the executive end of the business staff during the fall semester, but due to the increased amount of work, Evelyn Mills was made associate business manager for the spring semester. BUSINESS MANAGERS: Standing: Helen Colton, Circulations: Mary Stratsma, National Advertising. Seated: Evelyn Mills, Local Advertising; Shirley Troyan, Serv- ice; Nancy Helmick, Contracts. Daily Business Try-out Staff. 55 i Junior Editors: Jean Griese, Lorelei Nierman, Estelle Klein. Celebrating its 50th anniversary on the campus, the Michiganensian got underway this year with Florence Ringsbury in the editor-in- chief ' s chair and Ann Vallersiein as Associate Editor. In charge of the various sections were Lorelei Xierman, Schools and Colleges; Jean Griese, Organizations; and Estelle Klein, House Groups. The Sports division was covered by Hank Reiser and Ruth Elconin while Ruth Eberhardt held down the big job of art editor and did a great job at it. Photography staff had its share of trouble when flashbulbs and paper became scarce. Marge Elmer, photography editor, managed to get a few gray hairs but the situation solved itself as the campus responded to an urgent call for flashbulbs. Marge was assisted by Rill Wake, Navy student, and Stan Lipsey. Ruth Elconin and Hank Reiser, Sports Editors TRY-OUT STAFF Standing: Karen Holmes, Connie Converse, Jeanne Thome, Marietta Cameron, Barbara Long, Betty Carlson, Nat Drews, Betty Jo Camp- bell, Rozann Radliii. Seated: Sally Reid, Lee Gold- stein, Pat Stanford. 56 ART STAFF Ruth Eberhardl, Art Editor, shows her staff the finer points of making lay-outs. (At right): Warren Talcott, cartoonist, goes over a few sketches as Ruth looks on. PHOTO STAFF Photographers: Stan Lipsey, Marge Elmer, Editor; and Bill Wake. BUSINESS STAFF lean Pines Business Manager Jr. Business Staff: (Back Row), Mary Lou Rookus, Sales; Carol Seibert, Contracts; Barbara Raymer, Cir- culation. Front Row: Patty Owens, Advertising; Norma John- son, Accounts. Ensian Business Try-Out Staff pictured with Jean Pines. Gargoyle, Michigan ' s acclaim- ed humor magazine, found its way back to campus this year. Garg, like nylons and college men, disappeared from cam- pus during the war, but now has come oack into its own. Amid rows of coke bottles, volleys of jokes and wise- cracks, pounding of typewrit- ers, tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth, and general all- round run, the Garg makes its way to press once a month. This year its circulation reached a new all-time high for the Michigan campus which serves to indicate what a great favorite it is with the student body. Bill Goldstein Editor, Fall Semester Joe Walker Editor. Spring Semester JUNIOR STAFF (Fall Semester) Kit Eatz, Ad- vertising Manager; Doris Smith, Junior Art Director: Joe Walker. Literary Edi- tor; John Jodka. Treasurer. 58 BUSINESS STAFF Bill Goldstein, Navy student, started out as the Garg ' s (irsi post-war editor and upon his graduation Joe Walker, former literary editor, took over the job. Janet Rogers replaced Herman Thomas as managing editor for the spring semester and Doris Smith took over in the Art Department, succeeding Harriet Pierce. Other appointments for the spring semester were for the Junior Staff: Ray Shinn, Literary editor; Renee Lichenstein, make-up editor; Sheldon Fellman, art editor; Judd Vear, advertising manager; Jane Hart- man, circulations and Bill Ainslie, treasurer. Bob Chatfield Business Manager Fall Semester Porter Capps Business Manager Spring Semester Business Staff: Enid Weiser, John Jodka, Porter Capps, Bob Chatfield, Irving Weisberg, Kit Katz. ART STAFF Bill Hampton, Sheldon Fellman, Harriet Pierce, Don Ilnicki. Janet Rogers Managing Editor Spring Semester 59 The Michigan ' I ' eclinic enjoys the distinction of being the oldest engineering college maga .inc in America as well as the oldest publication on Michigan ' s campus. At present, it brings all the news of the engineering world to Michigan students, faculty and alumni. Timely articles by professors, alumni and students are featured, dealing with current problems, new methods and processes, and other information of interest to the engineering student. Technic was voted the Best All-Round Magazine twice in the last few years as well as having received other awards for excellence in various departments from the K.M.C.A. (Pictures at left): Robert Royce. edi- tor-in-chief; Russell Shields, asso- ciate editor; Henry Kaminski, busi- ness manager; William Squire, managing editor. (Right) Russell Cutting, Local Advertising. Mary Pat King Circulations Milton David Features Betty Hansen National Advertising For many long years the ' iechnic was strictly a man ' s newspaper with an entire male staff. But women have now invaded the engineer- ing sanctuary and have proved themselves quite capable of working on such a magazine. With Robert Royce as editor-in-chief this year, the Technic enjoyed a huge circulation. It is published as a private enterprise with no financial support from the University. Stafi: Top Row, Eugene Knol, Donald E. Pemberton, Milton David, Henry L. Kaminski, Edgar Simons, William Squire. Front Row: Betty Jean Hansen, Russ Cutting, Mary Pat Kind, Robert Royce, Marian Heilman. Thurman E. Gier, Ruthven Simons. 61 The Newman Club, an organization | eii to Catholic students on campus, is devoted to religious, educational, and social pur- poses. Headed by President Tom Donnelly, the group meets at St. Mary ' s Chapel and has for its advisor Rev. McPhillips. The club offers to its members disc ussion groups, communion breakfasts, suppers, picnics, Friday night parties, bike-rides, and various other activities. The club is a mem- ber of the National Federation of Newman Clubs. EWMA CLUB Back Row: Ned Birdsall, Executive Committee; Cam Fisher, Membership Chairman; Kay Kaye, Executive Committee; Peggy Casto, Secretary; Mary Battle. Executive Committee; Bob Schroeder, Treasurer. Front Row: Rev. John F. Bradley. Asst. Chaplain; Doris Heidgen, Women ' s Vice-President; Tom Donnelly, President; John Jodka, Men ' s Vice-President; Rev. Frank J. McPhillips, Chaplain. 62 Student Council: Top Row, Gus Butterbach, Art Rut sch. Donna Leidlein, Walda Stahmer, Vice-president; Cliff Ittner, Tom Guenter, Secretary-treasurer; Don Hack, Herb Neuchterlein. 2nd Row: Barbara Boggio, Ken Polansky, President; Bonnie Rink, Marjorie Billmeier. Front Row: Marcene Pedersen, Emily Tomell, Jeanne Nuoffer. GAMMA DELTA The University Lutheran Chapel and Student Center, 1511 Washtenaw, is headquarters for Tau Chapter of Gamma Delta, the International Association of Lutheran Students. Under the guidance of the Rev. Alfred Scheips and an elected council, a full program of religious and social activities, including a Sunday morning stu- dent service, is provided for all Sy nodical Con- ference Lutheran Students and their friends. Sunday night supper meeting of Gamma Delta. 63 A P P A PHI Top Row: Alice M. Scott, JoAnne Herringshaw, Patty Anne Aurand, Dorothy Duryea. Marjorie Van Eenam. 2nd Row: Phyllis Smith, Historian; Gene McArtor, Barbara Davenport, Lois Mclntyre, Lucile Willson, Mary Jeanne Burton, Frances Smith, Anne Storr, Janet Cook, Dorothy Mangus, Helen Reeve, Mary Splane, Dorothy Dare. Front Row: Florence Hartsuff, sponsor; Margaret Buchanan, Mary Merrill, Peggy Troost, Vice-president; Adelia Morgan, President; Mary Alice Carter, Treasurer; Dorothy Smith, Recording Secretary; Kathleen Davis, assistant sponsor. Kappa Phi is a National Methodist College Girls ' Club to promote church fellowship and leadership among university women. Its pur- pose is: " Every Methodist Woman in the University world today, a leader in the Church of tomorrow. " Kappa Phi seeks to develop this leadership by making a vital contribution to the religious, social and cultural growth of its members. 64 CONGREGATIONAL DISCIPLES GUILD RECREATION WORSHIP The Congregational Disciples Guild is an organization lor students of the Congrega- tional. Christian and Disciples of Christ Churches. Its purpose is to help individ- uals grow in Christian faith and commit- ment so that they will become creative and unselfish members of society. The officers are as follows: President: WALTER SCOTT, Fall semester TOM WEST, Spring semester I ' irsl I ' ice-I ' residenl: BARBARA STAIJI-T-ER Second Vice-President: DAWN SAARI Secretary: DOROTHY SMITH Treasurer: ROGER BLOSS, Fall semester BRUCE MORRISON. Spring semester Director: H. 1,. PICKERILI. PROJECTS DISCUSSION 65 MICHIGAN CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Top Row: C. Karkalits, Ken Jobson, Bill Watson, Roger Berry, Jack Corbett, Lou Wanaselja. John A. Bollier, Rowland L. Westervelt, David N. Hess, Ralph L. Willoughby, Frank Peake, Clifton Orlebeke, Robert Willoughby, Vice-Presi- dent; Morrison Ismond, Bruce J. Clark, Lewis K. John, Doris Hershberger. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Tryon, Feme Stucky, Secretary; Kuma Pritchett, Jean Hunt, Erliene Carter, Margaret Brown, Norma Priest, Winifred Ives, Martha Tart, William Fulton, President; Julianne Honkavara, Virginia Mulkey, Dorothy Turfus, Vergene Cowell, Christine Calder, Garnet Knack, Blossom Benka. Flora Benka. Front Row: Barbara Cosand, Donna Campbell, Lois Cosand, Margaret Bedford, Treasurer; Donnabelle Collins, Esther Powlison, Charlotte Harriman, Trudy Lothian, Millred Taylor, Marilyn Sundell, Charlotte Swanson, Lorraine Cor- nely, Ellen Anderson, Wilda Wood. Michigan Chapter of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is an inter- denominational evangelical Christian organization for all Christians on campus. Its program includes Sunday afternoon meetings at Lane hall, bible study on Wednesday evenings, an essay contest and open forum discussions. Purpose is Christian fellowship and instruction. With William Fulton as president this year, the group has entered many activities and rounded out a full program. 66 STUDENT RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION Executive Board: Standing, Homer Underwood. Publicity Chairman; Phyllis Eggleton, Secretary; Fred Hopkins, Co-chairman, publicity. Seated: Marilyn Mason, Music Chairman; Joyce Seigan, President: Wayne Saari, Public Affairs; Allenne Golinkin, Social Chairman; Mary Shepherd, Library Chairman. ALPHA PHI OMEGA National Service Fraternity, Gamma Pi Chapter Top Row: Clare Johnston, William DeGrace, Richard Goldsmith, Prof. F. N. Menefee, Faculty Advisor; Jesse F. Keville, Nafe Katter, William Amerman. 2nd Row: Dean Joseph A. Bursley, Faculty Advisor; Charles S. Lewis, Treasurer; Mor- ris Rochlin, President; Russel Scovill, Vice-President; Sidney S. Zilber, Secretary; Walter MacPeek, Scouting Advisor. Front Row: Gilbert Iser, Russell Shields, Robert D. McLean, J. W. Johnson, Jr., John Buczynski. 67 VETERANS ' ORGANIZATION Executive Board, Fall Semester William Akers, President Executive Board, Spring Semester Kenneth Fleischhauer, President With their numbers ever increasing as more and more servicemen return to college, the Veterans ' Organ i a- lion on llie Michigan campus has been quite an active group this year. Hill Akers headed the organization during the fall semester and was succeeded by Ken Fleischhauer. The group handles all problems con- cerning veterans on campus through their central ollicc which is located in Lane Hall. Activities were many and varied this year, including service projects, campus policies and affairs, and the big social event Feather Merchants Hall held at the I. M. Huilding with Ray Anthony and his band pro- viding the music. (Pictured below) 68 MICHIGAN SAILING CLUB OFFICERS: Commodore: Bill Langford Vice-Commodore: Roy Schcich Fleet Captain: Bob Schroder Treasurer: Pat Picard Secretary: Barbara Fairnian Members: Wayne Bart led, Rodger Beck, John Bollier, Jean Borden. Mary Brush, Paul Buckler, Joan Btu kmastcr, Martin Cranston, Tom Donnelly, Leon Graves, Avcry Grant, Charles Hansen, Pris- cilla Hodges, Harriet Jackson, Stephan Jellery, Jay Johnson, Phyl- lis Kieagcr, Larry Krohn, Ruth Ann Mayer, Paul Moote. Sandy Perl is, Herb Rosenthal, George Shepard, Gwen Svviuer, Bill Sherts, Barbara StauH ' er. Carol Vatt. and Don Vvaiil. The Michigan Sailing Club, organ - i ed in 1938, is a member ol the Inter-Collegiate Yacht Racing As- sociation. The club participates in sc eral regattas each year. This past ear the meml)ers took part in three regalias: the McMillan Trophy in June, 19-15. and the Danmark and Fowle Trophy Re- gattas in August. 1945. Harriet Jackson and |oan Ruckniasicr sailed as skipper and crew respec- tively in the first, and Harriet and Barbara Fairman skinpcrcd in the other two regattas. I he dub ' s six boats are kept at Whilmorc Lake. 69 ALL NATIONS ' CLUB Executive Board: Standing, Manuel Hizon, Dara Vasunia. treasurer; P. C. Rajam. Seated: William Magnus. Blanca Alvarez. Richard Deiendini, chairman; Frances Modes, corre- sponding secretary; Dr. E. M. Gale, Director. The All Nations ' Club is a social organization for the purpose of promoting friend- liness and cooperation among foreign students and their friends at the University of Michigan. An all-round pro- gram includes records, lec- tures, concerts, regular Friday afternoon tea dances. The group meets at the Interna- lional Center. TOP ROW: Torick Ataman, Winnie Chan, William R. Correa. Shankar Ranganathau, Stanley Drall. FOURTH ROW: Aditya Prakash, Virginia Hirschiirld. Paul Magnus, Jeanne Rolie, George A. Mansur. THIRD ROW: Blanca Alvarez. Pierre Raynaud. lean Murray, Deryck Freeman, Audry Coates. SECOND ROW: Anand Kelkar. Nina Hadden, Turan Muskara, Genevieve Thomas. Altimur Tanrioer. FRONT ROW: Frances Hodes, Corresponding Secretary; Richard F. Deiendini, President; William E. Magnus, Dara F. Vasunia. Treasurer; Tsao-Kao Woo. 70 S.O.I.C. STUDENT ORGANIZATION FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION S.O.I.C. executive council is comprised of representatives from twenty-one lead- ing campus activities. Officers are: Jack Gore, president; Sheldon Selesnick, vice- president; Marian Johnson, secretary; Helen Alpert, treasurer; and Florence Kingsbury, Historian. Picture at right shows crowd gathering on Rackham steps to hear report on the National Youth Conference held in Washington in July, 1945. Speakers on the program included Polish, French, Chinese, Dutch and Greek students. Dean Lloyd and lack Gore, Michigan ' s representative to the National Youth Confer- ence, discuss ideas with Mrs. Pargment. 71 SORORITIES TOP ROW: Martha Dieffenbacher, ' 48: Dina Goehring, ' 47; Phyllis Esslinger, ' 47; Lila Makima, ' 47; Jane Merrill, ' 47; Dorothy Proefke, ' 47; Dorothy Quick, ' 47; Katherine Frick, ' 48; Ruth McGuiggan, ' 47: Joanne Bundy, ' 47. ROW TWO: Marilyn Holtom, ' 47; Helen Cole, ' 47; Grace Lathrop, ' 47; Lois Gothran, ' 47: Doris Nicholls, ' 46; Sally Albrecht, ' 47; Patricia duPont, ' 47: Betty Ann Rybolt, ' 48; Rosemary Conner, ' 48; Mary Lou Gabel, ' 47; Shirley Mat- tern, ' 47. ROW THREE: Judy Bott, ' 46; Patricia Woodruff, ' 46, warden; Patricia Abell, ' 46, corresponding secre- tary; Mary Bartley, ' 46, recording secretary; Eleanor MacLaughlin, ' 46, vice-president; Mary Jane Kellam, ' 46, presi- dent; Glory King, ' 46, treasurer; Wanda Mathias, ' 46; Shirley Makima, ' 46; Suzanne Rhoades, ' 46; Lavonne Haslett, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Mary Friedrich, ' 46; Jeanette Hiltz, ' 46; Betty Hood, ' 46; Beverly Price, ' 48; Audrey Lawrence, ' 48; Sally Ball, ' 47; Joan Myers, ' 47; Helen Thorny, ' 48. MISSING: Carolyn Street, ' 46: Claire Woodworth, ' 46; Marie Clancy. ' 47; Patricia Clancy, ' 48; Anne Alfs, ' 47; Joan Sanders, ' 47; Catherine Cowan, ' 48. Alpha Chi Omega THETA CHAPTER founded 1898 75 Ill I I I A CHAPTER founded 1929 Alpha Delta Pi TOP ROW: Lillian Dietrich. ' 48: Betty Dyer, ' 47; Frances Stuart. ' 17: Catherine lector. ' 47: Louise Leckner, ' 17: Mary Jane Huegely. ' 48; Ruth Hoffman, ' 47; Marian M ITS. ' 17: Patricia Hampson, ' 48; [Catherine MacDonald, ' 48. ROW TW O: Lynn Menke, ' 48; Patricia Heard, ' 48; Dorothy Beatty, ' 48; Lois Iverson. ' 47: Barbara Cross, ' 47: Evelyn Schun. ' 47: Estlierlou Carlson, ' 47; Jean Cringle, ' 48: Mary Ann Vatcnnan. ' 47: Mary Lou Larmee, ' 48. ROW THREE: Marjorie Littlefield, ' 46, recording secretary: Betty Cooley. ' 46. corresponding secretary: Helen Kearney, ' 47: Evelyn Farquhar, ' 46, president: Mavis Roden. ' 48. vice-president: Dorotln Kuhnle. ' 47: Lois Bock- stahlcr, ' 47. treasurer: Donna Meyer, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Marjorie Basselman. ' 48: Janet Stober. ' 48: Lynn Douglas, ' 46; Patricia Krawiec. ' 18: Mary Lane, ' 46: Patricia Green, ' 46: Joyce Nottingham. ' 46. MISSING: Barbara Browne. ' 47: Shirley Daiton. ' 18: Jane Staats. ' 48; Mary Wilt, ' 48; Alice Fleming. ' 47; Margaret Shinnick. ' 48. 76 TOP ROW: Carol Keinberg. ' 17: Jankc Bernstein. ' 18: (.larice Bercey, ' 48: Janice Obcrman, ' 48: Pearle Handels- inan. ' 48: Joyce Agatstein. ' 48: Charlotte Abranis. ' 48: Frances Don. ' 48; Nancy Schiller, ' 48: Phyllis Welber, ' 47: Sue r scr. ' 48: Eileen Phillips, ' 47: Betty Zien, ' 48. ROW TWO: Jean Levy, ' 47: ' Paula Zerman, ' 48: Trenice Dodek, ' 48: Blosson Davis. ' 48: Gloria Berk.son. ' 47: Peggy Maier. ' 48: Lois Lelkowiu, ' 47: Johanna Gross. ' 49; Ruth La ar. ' 48: Beverly Weissman. ' 48: Sue Isaacson. ' 17. ROW THREE: Dale Moses, ' 46: Betty Ginsberg, treasurer, ' 46; Lila Cha- jage. ' 4(i: Marilyn Botlnnan. ' 46: Anne Schinnan. ' Hi: Inna Blucstcin. ' 46. vice-president; Mrs. Schulman; Rita Auer. ' 16. president: Syclel Goldstein. ' 46: Betty Hendel, ' 46: Alice Fink. ' 46: Louise Schloss, ' 46: Judith Chayes, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Beth Elaine Srere. ' 47: Helen Honvuii. ' 47: Barbara Blumro-en. ' 47; Barbara Raymer. ' 47: Naomi Greenberger, ' 46: Lois Roseimveig, ' 46; Ethel Isenberg. ' 47: Margy Vald, ' 47; Joan Wilk. ' 47. secretary; Betty Mae Becker. ' 17. MISSING: Elaine Friedman. ' 47: Bette Boas, ' 46; Jacqueline Green, ' 48; Margy Jackson. ' 46: Laura Hecht, ' 46. Alpha I ijsilnn Phi I ' l CII PTER founded 1921 ALPHA BETA CHAl ' TKR founded 1922 Alpha Gamma Delta TOP ROW: Mary Haggerstron. ' 47: Barbara Hamilton, ' 48; Jessie May Ahrens. ' 17: Joanii Lamherg. ' 47: Jean David- son, ' 47; Dorothy ' ard. ' 48: Feme Lepisto. ' 47: (Charlotte Bryant, ' 48: Delphine Monius ko. ' 17: Margarete Mann, ' 48; Suzanne Fahay. ' 18. ROW TWO: Joyce Lawrence, ' 48: Elaine Andrews. ' 17: Patricia Ho c . ' 17: Garnet Van Benchoten. ' 17: Eleanor Cordon. ' 47: Donna Leidlein. ' 47: Marilyn Burns. ' 48; Dorothy Taylor. ' !8: Margaret Phillips. ' 48; Aileen Thayer. ' 48: Eleanor Benner. ' 48: Jane Gray. ' 48. ' ROW THREE: Lois Pitchford, ' 47: Eleanor Wet- more. ' 46: Nancy I Vessel. ' 4(i; Elizabeth Quinn. ' 46. secretary; Martha Lovett. ' 46. president: Cloria Kispaugh, ' 46, vice-president: Dorothy Jane Congo. ' 46. treasurer; Dorothy Jefferson. ' 46: Naomi Beuhler. ' 46; Ceraldine Smith. ' 16. FRONT RO ' : Ellen Hand. ' 47: Virginia Shibley, ' 47: Lois Kelso. ' 47: Marian Ott, ' 48: Robin Scherer, ' 47; Jeanne Mueller, ' 47: Jeanne Boyle, ' 48: Jean Wagner. ' 48; Marian Deanne. ' 48. 78 TOP ROW: Charline Matthews, ' 47; Helen Towas. ' 46: Bess Tamura, ' 48: Delores Earl, ' 48: Dorothy Robertson, ' 47: Constance Collins, ' 40: Janet Barber. ' 48: Jane Newsome. ' 48; Mary Sue Wesbrook. ' 48. ROW TWO: Dorothy Waite. ' 47: Barbara Rohan, ' 48: Monna Lee Clark. ' 47: Mary Gordon. ' 48: Barbara Yeomans. ' 47: Avis McCrillis, ' 48: Margaret Rutherford. ' 48: Elizabeth Pressprich. ' 47: Donna McCourtie, ' 48. ROW THREE: Paula Jean Bouchez, ' 46; Phyllis McCall. ' 46: Rosamond Deacon. ' 46, corresponding secretary; Mary Perrone. ' 46. president: Helen Mara- vich, ' 46. vice-president: Eleanor Stewart, ' 47. treasurer: Patricia Swanson. ' 46: Ruth Joy Martin, ' 47. FRONT ROW: Gloria Melbourne. ' 47: Sally Wyman, ' 48; Janet Osgood. ' 48: Eli abeth Gauthier. ' 47: l.ois Breiner. ' 46: Doris Smith. ' 47; Raymonda McGarry. ' 47. MISSING: Lennis Britton. ' 47: Eli abeth Ludlum. ' 46: Bernice Hall. ' 46: Georgia Wyman. ' Hi. recording secretary. Alpha llmimiii Pi OMICRON l ' I CHAPTER founded 1921 79 THETA CHAPTER founded 1892 Alpha Phi TOP ROW: Louell Cravens, ' 48; Joyce Hall, ' 47; Audrey Johnson. ' 18; Marilyn Schaeler, ' 48: Alice Carlson, ' 48; Domiis Murray, ' 48: Mary Lee Krtipka, ' 48: Susan Lunden, ' 48: Janice Green. ' 48; Virginia Olberding. ' 48: Pauline Thompson. ' 48: Marilyn Sevvard. ' 48. ROW TWO: Betty Jean Hiiuhins. ' 47: Calhciinc Cranmer, ' 47: Rosa Law. ' 47; Esther Thors. ' 47: Ruth Tamblyn. ' 47: Louise Patrick, ' 47: Dorothy Seiler. ' 47: Alice- Miller. ' 47: Marian Yager, ' 17: Beatrice Xewberry. ' 48: Louise Kefgen, ' 47. RO V THREE: Kathcrine Eead. ' 47: Helen Masson. ' 4(i: Virginia Garret. ' 4(i. secretary: Patricia King. ' 46: Margaret Berry. ' Hi. president: Mrs. Maratha Barrett: Joan Port . ' Hi. vice- president: Barbara Baxter. ' 46: Ann Schuetnacher, ' 46: Jane Kudner. ' 47. FRONT RO " : Lou Nyberg. ' 46: Marilyn Rinck, ' 46; Betty Abbott, ' 46: Mildred Andrew, ' 46: Nancy Allen. ' 46: Betsy Brown. ' 46: Geraldine Miller. ' 46. MISSING: Mary Bronson. ' 46: Elizabeth Campbell. ' 46: Janice Goodsell. ' 48: Priscilla Hodges, ' 46; Louise Pranglev. ' 47; Shirley Spike, ' 47: Jean Wright, ' 47. 80 TOP ROW: Doris Weyl, ' 48; Carolyn Weigolcl, ' 47; Jeannette Britton. " 48; Nancy Willits, ' 47: Dorothy Sniallman, ' 47; Jean Rowland, ' 47; Eleanor Ross. ' 46: Fay Hansen, ' 47; Sally Norton, ' 48. ROW TWO: Marian Burton, ' 48; Mary Lee Blum, ' 47: Enid McConkey, ' 47; Marilyn Neff, ' 48: Carol Macha, ' 47; Jeannette Collins, ' 48: Joyce Downer, ' 48; Mary Nichols, ' 48; Virginia Lowry, ' 46. ROW THREE: Barbara Whittaker, ' 46; Marilyn Wanty, ' 46; Janine Robinson. ' 46; Ann Miller, ' 46, treasurer: Irma Plisko. ' 46, vice-president; Rose Mary Eden, ' 46, president; Janice Fletcher. ' 47, recording secretary; Lois Patsloff, ' 47, corresponding secretary; Shirley Marcellus, ' 46: Marilyn Matz, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Marian Sayward, ' 48; Beverly Cough, ' 48; Mary Lou Gyourko, ' 48; Mary Ellen Harbison, ' 48; Jane Bartlett, ' 48; Margaret Hilt, ' 48: Rosarita Hume, ' 47: Lillian Lee McLaren. ' 48. MISSING: RUTH REED, ' 48: Peggy Neel, ' 47. Alpha Xi Delta ALPHA F.PSII.ON CHAP! I.R founded 1920 81 ETA CHAPTER founded CM Omega TOP ROW: Katherine Truesdell. ' 47: Jeanne Deibel, ' 47: Dorothy Ann Parker. ' 48: Patricia Reid. ' 48: Gretchen Geigenmueller. ' 48; Lila Jackson. ' 47: Marcia Wagner, ' 48: jean Laird, ' 47: Joan Schlec. ' 47: Barbara Stauffer, ' 47: Faith Boult, ' 48. RO V TWO: Mar Lee Miller. ' 47: Beatrice Holkesvig. ' 47: Katherine Long. ' 47; Jeane Schinke . lkesvig. ' 47: Katherine Long, ' 47; J ' 47: Nancy Robertson. ' 18: Mary Ellen Gray, ' 48: Marion Rice. ' 48; Georgia Suliburk. ' 48: Jean Griese. ' 47: Liu ilk Kennedy, ' 48. ROW THREE: Janet Main, ' 46; Natalie Magmire. ' 46: Phyllis Eggleton. ' 16. secretary: Jean Hotchkin. ' 46, vice-president: Eleanor Ramsay. ' 46, president: Barbara Hastings, ' 46. treasurer; Patricia Beatty. ' 46: D Watson. ' 47: Enid Byrne. ' 46. FRONT ROW: Virginia Tornga. ' 46: Aileen Allen. ' 46: Janet Rogers, ' 46; Mary Meikel. ' 46; Porter Capps, ' 46: Barbara Gernab, ' 48: Marilvn Donaldson. ' 48: Eileen Nedrosik. ' IS. MISSING: upps. Eastman. ' 47: Pat Pettcrson. ' 48: Helen Schmidt. ' 48: Marilyn Spear, ' 48. Dorothy Helen Bettv 82 TOP ROW: Roxana Tayler, ' 48; Doris Diekema, ' 48; Lenore Nack, ' 48; Mary Aschen Brenner, ' 48; Jean I ' ettigrew, ' 48; Susan Taylor, ' 48: Charlotte Leach, ' 48; Frances Walker. ' 48; Nancy Finn, ' 48: Patricia Throop, ' 48. ROW TWO: Margo Ernst, ' 47; Evelyn Mills. ' 47; Glenice Render. ' 47; Carol Bade, ' 47: Cornelia Reagan, ' 47: Harriet Aiwood. ' 47: Isabel Sellon, ' 47; Mary Caroline Wade, ' 47; Sally Kennedy. ' 47: Lucy Rutherford. ' 47. ROW THREE: Helen Baldwin. ' 46: Patricia Picard, ' 46: Signe Hetge, ' 47. secretary; Sally Smith, ' 17. vice-president: Marilyn [cnkinv ' 46. president: Virginia Stone. ' 46, treasurer: Nancy Furstenberg, ' 46: Frances Jenkins. ' 46: Shirley Ward, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Mary Soderberg. ' 46: Christine Smith. ' 46: Joan Breitmeyer. ' 46: Sally Diekema. ' 46; Carol Evans, ' 46: [tine Retzlaff. ' 46: Ann Donnelly. ' 46: Nan Sawyer. ' 46. MISSING: Phyllis Rreager. ' 47. Collegiate Siirusis Jr. ' .k. ' SORORIS CHAPTER founded 1886 83 IOTA CHAPTER founded IS ' H Delta Delta Delta Harriet Sliinnick. ' 17: Marilyn Ford. ' 17: Su anne Genthe. ' -17: Su amie Sedgewick. ' 17: Priscilla Hicks. Walker. ' 48: Rosemary Marin, ' 47; Patricia Hayes. ' 17: Jeanne Bnscli. ' 47: Marjorie Stone. ' 47: Cora Tal- () V TWO: Mary Louise Young, ' 46: Patricia Raseman. ' 46: |ane Quail. ' 48; Mary Lou Hollway. ' 46; mderson. ' 17: Virginia Hoyler. ' 46; Rhoda Crooks. ' 48: Patricia Randall. ' 4(i: Emily Knapp. ' 46: Peggy ' 47. R() V I HREE: Joan Swallow. ' 46: Margaret Kohr. ' 46; Jeanne Vinlield. ' 46: Carol Era m burg. ' Hi. S ' ancv Reber. ' 4(i. chapter president: Rliea Christian. ' 46. house president; Carol Giordano. ' 46: Patricia TOP ROW: ' 47: Virginia W; bott. ' 47. ROW TWO: Mary Louise Young, ' 46: Patricia Raseman. ' 46: Jane Quail. ' 48: Mary Lou Hollway. ' 46; Mary Jean Anderson. ' 17: Virginia Hoyler. ' 46; Rhoda Crooks. ' 48: Patricia Randall. ' 46: Emily Knapp. ' 46: Peggy Matthews, ' 47 treasurer: Nancy Reber. ' 4li. chapter president: Rliea Christian. ' 46. house president; Burton, ' 46, secretary. FRONT ROW: Maryanne Barr, ' 47: Eli abeth Jerome. ' 48: Elizabeth Ettei. ' 48: Rosalie Spence, ' 48; Eleanor Reed, ' 48: Camille Ayo. ' 48: Rozanne Radliff. ' 18i Jane Auld. ' 48. dau, ' 46. MISSING: Delores Lan- 84 T()l ROW: Gerry Gaffney, ' 48; Dorothea Townsend, ' 48: Pat Chaffee, ' 48; Cathryn Mershon. ' 48: Dione Wenger. ' 47; Barbara Snyder, ' 48; Delight Scoville, ' 48: Jean Hyde, ' 48; Patricia Keller, ' 48; Jean Flodd, ' 48: Dorothy Baker. ' 47. ROW TWO: Marcia Wellman, ' 47: Helen Bowernian. ' 47: Patricia Williams. ' 47: Roberta Ames, ' 47; Mar- garet Sum-den. ' 47: Phyllis Wilman, ' 47; Genevieve Braisie, ' 47: Jean Raine, ' 47; Beverly Ritchey, ' 47; Joan Read. ' 47: Jam- Hock. ' 47; Sarah Stephenson, ' 48: Virginia Rogers, ' 48. ROW THREE: Mary Eleanor Stra ' atsma, ' 46; Betty Reacle. ' 46: Dorothy Harvey, ' 46: Jean Atliay. ' 16: Dorothy Want . ' 46. vice-president: Ruthnnn Bales. ' 46, presi- dent: Patricia Rose, ' 46; Charlene Golay. ' 46. treasurer: Jo Anne Brundidge. ' 46: Janet Fowler. ' 46: Betty Needham. Hi. FRONT ROW: Jean Zagelmeier, ' 46: Marjorie Seinon. ' 46: Colleen Terrill. ' ' 46: Mary Ann Berger, ' 46: Jean Gallney. ' i( : Nancy Jefford, ' 46; Emily Johnson, ' 46; Patricia Brown. ' 46: Martha Peet, ' 46. Delta Gamma XI CHAPTER founded 1884 85 NU CHAPTER founded 1945 Delta Sigma Iheta TOP ROW: Mary Clay, ' 47; Estelle Holloway, ' 46; Jane Williams. ' 46: Maurice Tabor, ' 46; Thea Lee, ' 47. ROW TWO: Vivian Lewie, ' 47, recording secretary; Isabelle Deskins, ' 46, treasurer: Mary Eli abeth Spiney. ' 48, president: Laura Johnson, ' 47, vice-president: Shirley Jenskin, ' 46, corresponding secretary. FRONT ROW: Gloria Twisdale, Hi: Elaine Hunter. ' 46; Lutitia Holloway, ' ' 46; Dolores Webb, ' 46; Margaret Eaton, ' 46. MISSING: Vivian Gill. M7: Gladvs Kirkland, ' 46. 86 TOP ROW: Janet Morgan, ' 47; Marian Allen, ' 48; Doris Klee, ' 48; Ann Petty, ' 47; Louise Threkeld, ' 47; Ruth Deibel, ' 47; Paula Davey, ' 48; Sue West, ' 48; Olive Fuller, ' 47; Lillian Larson, ' 47. ROW TWO: June Brand, ' 47; Viola Converse, ' 48; Margaret Jones, ' 48; Margaret Gage, ' 47; Martha McCray, ' 47; Marjorie Dosch, 48; Jane Grothaus, ' 48; Marilyn Watt, ' 47; Edna Lofstedt, ' 47; Pat Stanford, ' 48; Carol Cummins, ' 47; Colle Ide, ' 47: Dorothy Goppelt, ' 48. ROW THREE: Lois Bassett, ' 46; Barbara Bingham, ' 46; Doris Heidgen, ' 46; Jean Wiechel, ' 47; Helen Smith, ' 47, treasurer; Jo Ann Bush, ' 46, vice-president: Betty Raymond. ' 46, president; Jane Arner, ' 46, recording secretary; Sally Larson, " 46, corresponding secretary; Leila Anderson, ' 46; Lou Estell, ' 46; Edna Hyatt, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Hazel Tibbals, ' 48; Mary McNamara, ' 48; Sally Kelly. ' 47: Roberta Hornsby. ' 46: Barbara Everett. ' 47: Beth Fraser, ' 47; Paula Ulrich, ' 48; Betty McCallum, ' 46: Arlene Ely, ' 47; Florence Kingsb ury, ' 47. Gamma Phi Beta BETA CHAPTER founded 1882 87 ETA CHAPTER founded 1879 Kappa Alpha Thria TOP ROW: Doris Miller. ' 47: Betty Smith, ' 47; Nancy Hubbard. ' 47: Marion Sharkey, ' 47; June I.uttrell, ' 47; Nancy Wolfs, ' 47: Phyllis Van Brocklin, ' 47: Carolyn Brown, ' 46; Thea I.eBuclde. ' 47: Rutii McMorril 17: Ann Hoi- ley. ' 46: Ann Hanselnian. ' 47: Janet Baumgartncr. ' 47. ROW TWO: Elly Ruhl, ' 47: Jacqueline Merritt. ' 47: Doris Willard. ' 47: Janet Richards, ' 48; Sybil Shallenberger, ' 47: Joan Lindsay. ' 48: Catherine Bromer. ' 48: Barry Stuart, ' 47: Catherine Verschoor, ' 47. treasurer: Isabel Knoop, ' 47: Marion Honveen. ' 47. ROW THREE: Mary Carpenter. 17: |une West. ' 47: Anne Highley. ' 46: Barbara Long vay, ' 46: Edna Kennedy. ' 46. corresponding secretary: Betty Vaughn. ' 46. president: Jane Archer. ' 46. vice-president: Mary Edison, ' 46. recording secretary; Marjorie Ronal, ' 46: Mai jorie Lewis. ' 46: Patricia Coryell. ' 46: Dorothy White, ' 47. ' FRONT ROW: Sally Stamats. ' 48: Jean Eddv. ' 48: Bev- erly Pryor, ' 48: Jean Kerr. ' 47: Carolyn Craig. ' 47; Ann Kutz, ' 47; Ann Lippincott. ' 47; Corinne Essig, ' 47; Josephine Simpson, ' 47: Mary Jane Houston. ' 47. 88 TOP ROW: Rosalind LaBounty, ' 47: Elaine I ' ew, ' 47; Betty Jones, ' 47; Jule Ann Benson. " 48; Paula Jones, ' 47: I. iin Ryle. ' 47: Pat Honn, ' 47; Dorothy Wikel, ' 48; Nancy Kynoch, ' 48; Regina Manning, ' 48: Jacquelyn Ehnercl. ' 47: Barbara Ferguson. ' 48: Helen Col ton. ' 47. ROW TWO: Barbara Scouler, ' 47: Helen Pierce. ' 48; Ruth Bums, ' 47: M.ii joiic Hewson. ' 48; Janet Young. ' 47: Margery Hoik. ' 48: Mary Pat King. ' 48: Barbara Gray. ' 48: Margaret Hoik, 17: Marion Heilman. ' 48: Erma Stevens. ' 48: Jane I.ohrey. ' 48. ROW THREE: Vivian Gradolph. " 46: Bettie Fos- berg. ' Hi: Dorothy Campbell. ' 46: Doris Stern. ' 47: Elaine Eagle. ' 47. treasurer: Delilah Murrah, ' 46. president: Jean Morgan. ' 46, vice-president: Janice Ward. ' 47. secretary: Eleanor Merriman. ' 47: Nornia Johnson. ' 46: Nancy Thorn- n. " 46: Jane Dahlberg. ' 48. FRONT RO V: Maltha Good. ' 46: Nancy McDurmitt. ' 46: Pat Tvler. ' 46: Margaret Sower. ' 46: Jeanne Storm. ' 46: Jane Brown. ' 46: Edna Mart . ' 46: Patsy Wagner. ' 48: Betty Clark. ' 18. MISSING: Marilyn Crisp. ' 47; Joyce Henry, ' 48: Elizabeth I.aursen. ' 47. Kappa Delta SIGMA 7.F.TA CHAPTER founded 89 HK ' I A l)Ki:r. CM Al ' IKR founded 1890 Kappa Kappa Gamma TOP ROW: Carol Straehley, ' 48: Katherine Dempsey, ' 48: Gertrude Paige, ' 48: Patricia Mentis, ' 47, treasurer: Hilary Jenswolk. ' 47: Doris )( hnsoii. ' 48: Margaret Allen. ' 47: Sue Sdmmberg. ' 18: Harriet Manda. ' 46: |une Mclntosh, ' 17: Lucy Stone, ' 47: Patty Owens. ' 47: Kathleen VVarson, ' 48. ROW TWO: Virginia C:ouiicell. ' 47; Nancy Holt, ' 48; Rae Keller, ' 48; Mary Lou Rookus, ' 47: Barbara Stanton, ' 46; Marie Vidro, ' 47: |ean Brown. ' 47: Barbara Sisson, ' 47; Martha Jane Gault, ' 47: Elaine Raiss, ' 47; Barbara Dewey, ' 47: }o Anne Reuland. ' 48: Marie Neumeister, ' 48; Nancy Neumann. ' 48: Janet Pease, ' 48. ROW THREE: Mary Helen Hovey, ' 46; Lucy Ruddell, ' 46: Joan Lynch, ' 46; Mrs. Owen: Shirley Sickels, ' 46, president; Nancy Gillette, ' 46: Janet Morgan, ' 46: Carol McCormick, ' 46: Margaret Car- roll, ' 46: Molly Carney. ' 46; Marian Johnson, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Catherine Shilson, ' 46, vice-president; Charleen Goimsen. ' 47: Pat Daniels, ' 46, secretary; Margaret Pilliod, ' 46: Margaret Hiett, ' 46; Constance Coulter, ' 47: Joan Buck- master, ' 47: Polly Murray. ' 47; Betty Ann Wilder, ' 48; Julia Diggs, ' 48. 90 TOP ROW: Ann Guinan, ' 48; Eleanor Brown, ' 46; Betty Eaton, ' 48; Juliet Wattles, ' 48; Marjorie Patterson. ' 48; Cyn- thia Cotes, ' 48; Fran Gurche. ' 48: Jane Mayer, ' 47; Virginia Morton, ' 48: Ernalie Brutochy, ' 48. ROW TWO: Janet dork. ' 47; Jean Parker, ' 47; Pat Docile, ' 47; Phyliss Chapel. ' 47: Ann Robinson, ' 47: Betty Pritchard, ' 47; CarlaMul- lendore, ' 48; Betty Wren, ' 48: Kay McGork, ' 47: ' Harriet Thompson, ' 48; Avery Grant, ' 47. ROW THREE: Rose- mary Knox, ' 46; Barbara Fairman. ' 46: Paula Brower, ' 46; Marjorie Siebert. ' 46: Kay Best, ' 46, vice-president; Carol Anderson. ' 46. president; Carol Watt, ' 46: Catherine Schneider, ' 46, treasurer: Betsy Perry, ' 46; Marjorie Sadler, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Peg Peiice. ' 46: Ruth Ann Mayer, ' 47; Gwen Swit er, ' 46: Barbara Brady, ' 47: Nina Kalblus, ' 48; Nancy Bridge, ' 48; Jean Louise Hole, ' 47. MISSING: Greta Lee Kranz, ' 46, secretary; Evelyn Lough. ' 46. Pi Beta Phi BETA CHAPTER founded 1888 91 CHI CHAM 1 R lounded 1918 Sigma Delta Tau 1 01 ' ROW: Phyllis Rosenberg. ' -18: Phyllis Goodweather, ' 48: Barbara Levin. ' 17: Blossom Salkind. ' 40: Rila Grossman, ' 48; Rila Hynian. ' 48: Corrine A en. ' 48; Rita Kallman. ' 18; Joan Rothman. ' 17: Shirley Troyen. ' 40: Harriet Halpert. ' 48: l.ois Kollenberg, ' 48. ROW TWO: Annette Frciclen. ' 47: Lois Truehaft. ' 48: Ruth Klausner. " 18: Gloria Gordon. ' 48: Shirley Weinstein. ' 48: Lorelei Nierman. ' 47: Marge Gornsweet. ' 47: Glad s Birnbainn. ' 40: Bern ice Schneider. ' Hi: Phyllis Leal. ' 18. RO V I HREE: Thelnia Zcskind, ' 46; Shirley Levin. ' 46: Jean Pines. ' 40: Betty Kamens. ' 40. secre- tary: Janet Rubin. ' 40. vice-president: [ane Hoffberger, ' 46. president: Jane Strauss. ' 40. treasurer: Trudy Chertoff. ' 47. historian: Joy Altman. ' 40: Elaine Mann. ' 40: Reva Sendler. ' 40: Audio SduuUon. ' !(.. FRONT ROW: Shirley Samel. ' 47: Lolita Stein. ' 48: Betty Levy. ' 47: Marcia Fisher. ' 48; Evelyn Horelick. ' 40: Estelle Klein. ' 17; Margery Office. ' 18: Anita Kat , ' 48: Pearl ' Klausner. ' 48. MISSING: Jean Kimel. ' 48. 92 TOP ROW: Delva Powell, ' 47; fane Ayre, ' 48; Mildred Bennawy, ' 48: Margaret Morse, ' 48; Jan Harns, ' 48; Robinette Bums, ' 17; Lois Sager, ' 47; Marian Cline, ' 47. ROW TWO: Marilyn Kaebnick, ' 47; Edith Atherton, ' 48; Joey Mac- ken ie, ' 48: Beverly Newberg, ' 48: Leslie McVey. ' 18: Alice Scott, ' 47: Avery Hathaway, ' 47. ROW THREE: Ger- aldine Morris. ' 46; Lee Wellman, ' 46; Suzanne Kiser, ' 46, vice-president: Charlotte Mack. ' 17. treasurer; Alice Macken- i . ' 16, president; Myra Malin, ' 47, secretary: Mary Van Inwagen. ' 46: Dottie Ballemine. ' 46. FRONT ROW: Sylvia von Meeterin, ' 47; Irene Zavalla, ' 47; Shirley Weiucl, ' 47; Ann Belislc. ' 47: Jovce Meengs, ' 48. MISSING: Rosemary Larson, ' 47. Tim Alpha M.I ' HA GAMMA CHAPTER founded 1920 93 In the evening by the piano the fellows are gathered to sing their favorites and maybe to practice for those wonderful serenades. FRATERNITIES PENINSULAR CHAPTER founded 1846 ALPHA DELTA PHI TOP ROW: Richard Kudner, ' 49: Fred Retiring. ' 46; Arthur Clements, ' 47; Peter Van Domelen, ' 49; Miner Keeler, ' 47: Robert Craig. ' 47; Jack Llewellyn. ' 48; Renneth Carl- son, ' 49. ROW TWO: James McCobb, ' 49; Cecil Freihoier. ' 48; Lawrence Finn. ' 49: Rob- ert Webber, ' 47: John Markward, ' 48; Thomas Dunlap, ' 47: Willard Rerr, ' 49; David Strack, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Charles Ness. ' 47: Thomas West. ' 47. treasurer: William Boydell, ' 47. vice-president: Edward Holt. ' 40, president; Donald Sullivan, ' 49, secretary: John Anderson, ' 46: Duncan Noble. ' 48. MISSING: Charles Barnes. ' 48: John Hall, ' 47. 95 Ill- I LAMBDA CHAPTER founded 1888 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 96 TOP ROW: Mike Gray, ' 48; Fred Boxoltl, ' -Hi; Ed Shaker, ' 47; Clay Gordon. ' 46: Dave Martin, ' 48: Hugh Cameron, ' 47; Bob Manley, ' 48; Ed Latluop. ' 46: Jim McCavey, ' 47; Bob Laiigcviii. ' 46: Manart Johnson, ' 47; Dick Seguare. ' 48. ROW TWO: Jim Dwen, ' 49: Art Helms, ' 49: Vince Secontine, ' 46; Farnum, ' 46: Al M Manns. ' 48; Phil Marcellus, ' 46: Bob Manlbetsch, ' 48: Elmer Swanson, ' 47; Don MiAlonaii. ' 47: Art Jones, ' 47. ROW THREE: Bill Webber, grad.; Bill Healy, ' 48; Bill Koeller, ' 47, secretary; Gene Lamont, ' 17. vice-president; Doug James, ' 46, president; Uriel Ham, ' 46. treasurer: Don Parker, ' 48; Ken Hannah, ' 47: Dick Bodycombe, ' 47. FRONT ROW: Jack Sutton. ' 48: Bill Ohlinger, ' 49; Ken Armstrong. ' 48; Ted Karmazin, ' 49: Jack Waters. ' 49: Bill Bowler. ' 49: Lowell Cul- ver, ' 48; Bob Deyoe. ' 47; Bruce Bockstanz, ' 47. MISSING: Keith McKenncy, ' 46; George Ac- ton, ' 48: Leon Maehling. spec.; John Gibb, ' 49: Bob Gardner, ' 47. LAMBDA CHAPTER founded 1845 BETA THETA PI TOP ROW: James De Boer, ' 47: James Temple, ' 49; Robert Gaynor. ' 48: Leigh Gignillat. ' 49; William Hayncs, ' 49; Albert Jenkins, ' 47: Robert Former, ' 49; George Shaw, ' 49. ROW TWO: George Mercer. ' 49; Lewis Beckett, ' 46; Edward Kopf, ' 49; Fred Dyson, ' 46. ROW THREE: Byron Smith, ' 47; Frederick Hetherwick, ' 19; Robert Cavan, ' 48; Malcolm Thompson. ' 49. ROW FOUR: Thomas Flynn. ' 48: Ralph Neely. ' 46: Morton Hunter, grad.: Robert Mat Kay. ' 47: puk Thomas. ' 49: Hugh Kettring. ' 48: Donald Farrand, ' 46. ROW FIVE: William McConnell, ' 46: William Everson, ' 46; Harl ow Williams, ' 47; G. Scott Shaw. ' 48; Chandler Pinney, grad.: Jack Shockley, ' 47; Thad Joos, ' 47. FRONT ROW: Cameron Lombard. ' 17: Ward Pemberlhy, ' 46: Robert Finlayson, ' 46: Julian Beers. ' 46, vice-president: Manuel del Valle. ' 46, president: Harold Fletcher, ' 47; George MacCal- lum, ' 46; pi ol aumer. ' 46. MISSING: Rolston Hayden, ' 48, secretary; Thomas Shick. ' 48: Byron Smith. ' 48; Frank Hauscrman, ' 47. treasurer. 97 I AI.I ' H A TAU CHAPTER founded 1921 CHI PHI TOP ROW: Dick Asbury, ' 48: John McCartey, ' 47: Bob Swanson, ' 49; Louis Brunsting. ' 48; Eddie Grenkoski, ' 49; Donald Rhodes, ' 48; Bob Derleth. ' 46. ROW TWO: Bob Ernst. ' 47; Bob Reynolds, ' 47, vice-president; Bill Potter, ' 47; Mai l.owther. ' 46; Bill Krebs, ' 47: Roger Jacobi, ' 47. treasurer; Bill Pratt, ' 48: Ray Dixon, ' 46. president. FRONT ROW: John Ross, ' 48; Lester Radcliff, ' 48; Bob Rann, ' 49. MISSING: Frank Picard, ' 46, secretary. 98 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER founded 1845 CHI PSI TOP ROW: Arthur Starr. ' 48; Richard Savage, ' 47; Clark Pardee, ' 48: Edward Miller, ' 48; James May, ' 49: James Donovan, ' 48; Stephen Mihalich. ' 47; Clarence Anderson, ' 47; David Brennan, ' 47: David Davis, ' 48. ROW TWO: David Osborn. ' 48; J. Lee Gill, ' 48: Thomas Dolan. ' 49; Roland Stevens, ' 47; Charles Saur. ' 47: Robert Anderle, ' 48: David Sheddon, ' 48; Charles Gilbert. ' 48: Robert DenUyl, ' 49. FRONT ROW: James Nordlie, ' 48: Harold Groves Jr., ' 48; William Hibbard, ' 47, vice-president: Edward Brehm Jr., ' 46, president: Richard Ranney, ' 48. secretary; Don Robinson, ' 47, treasurer: William Wells, ' 47. MISSING: William Chickering. ' 47; Charles McKean, ' 48: James Giblin. ' 48: William Ry burn. ' 46: John Reindel, ' 48. 99 OMICRON CHAPTER founded 1855 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON ' I ' OP R() V: George Leonard, ' 47; Stiles Smith. ' 49: Jack Groesbeck, ' 49: Les Coolidge, ' 49; Ted Merrill. ' 19: Harold Fahs, ' 49. ROW TWO: Ginks O ' Brien. ' 49: Gerry Cotcrillo, ' 47; Diik Riley. ' 40: Wes Meulder. ' 47: Bud Munroe. ' -17: |a k Arnold. ' 18: Peter Trosper Jr.. ' 48. FRONT ROW: Bob Behr. ' 46: Jim Rogers. ' Hi. treasurer: Fred Matthaei Jr.. ' 47, presi- dent: Zig,n Margossian. ' 46. secretary: Earl Ramsav. ' 47: George Babe, ' 46. 100 DELTA CHAPTER founded 1874 DELTA TAU DELTA TOP ROW: Ralph Strafton. ' 49: Thomas Sawyer. ' 49: David Addison. ' 48: Paul Strcill. ' 46; Floyd Kruger, ' 49: Henry Rapulus. ' 4(i: Francis Revord. ' 4li: Mall Conrov. ' Mi: Roman Krauss. ' 46. RO V TWO: Richard Schilling. ' 49: Richard Tara evich. ' 46: Arthur John son. ' 49: Robe-it Watkins. ' 46: William Williams. ' 49: Arthur Holler. ' 40: Paul ]. Davidson. ' 46: William Febel. ' 46: Archie l.ashlord. grad. FRONT ROW: Robert Webster, grad.: F. J. Brown, grad.: Kneel Welch. ' 46: Henr Davenport. ' 46. secretary: Carl Hemmcr. ' 16. corresponding seci ' eiarv: Frank l.ohman, ' 45: John Johnson. ' 46. president: William Hos- sick, ' 46, treasurer; Albert Cherry, grad.: Willis Reed, grad.: William Callahan. grad.: Fred Seegert, ' 46, vice-president. MISSING: Hugh Lilly. ' 49: Hal Rumple. ' 19: Don Compton. ' 47: Tom Corn. ' 48: Phil Bartlett. ' 46. 101 MICHIGAN CHAPTER founded 1876 DELTA UPSILOIV TOP ROW: John Fintel, ' 48; Noyce Strait; Dick Prendegast: Howard Ross: Bill Fors: (,(.)i K c Nitohiu, ' 48: Jack McCourbire, ' 47. ROW TWO: Bob Dimmitt, ' 46; Tom Bliska, ' 4(i: Paul John. ' 46. house manager. FRONT ROW: Bill Kesky. ' 48; Dick Brown, ' 47; Bill De Jong, ' 49: Dave Bradbury. ' 49: Tad Jaski. ' 48. MISSING: John Laird: Harry Jack- son; Dick Ford. ' 46, president; Bill Alexander, ' 47: Bob Willoughby, ' 47; Bob Clark, ' 49; Bob Gieryn: Ed Allmendinger, ' 47; Jim Stephens, ' 47, vice-president; Fred Kalinka. ' 47; Tom Branick; Bill Ford. ' 48: Fred Po ' ole, ' 46, secretary; Ken Tapp, ' 48; Jack Robertson. ' 48: Don Judson, ' 48; Alex Kasidlo, ' 49. 102 SIGMA CHAPTER founded 191 3 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA TOP ROW: Francis Nut to, ' 45; Frank Pennoni. ' 49; Gerald Millar. ' 48: Robert Justice, ' 47; Donald Torr, ' 47; George Jones, ' 48; Anthony Cote, ' 47; Wes Stevens, ' 48. ROW TWO: Frank Pipp, ' 49: Arthur Uelniontc, ' 45; Paul Hood, ' 48; Max Anderson, ' 49; Merle Schwartz, ' 47; Thomas Sage. ' 47; Gilbert Woythal. ' 49: Christopher Story, ' 48. ROW THREE: Edward Nielson, ' 48; Eldon Ward. ' 46; Jack Stapleton. ' 49, secretary; James Richardson, ' 46. president: Robert Young, 46, treasurer: Donald Snider. ' 46, vice-president: Lynn Wildman, ' 46; Raymond Scott, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Desmond Howarth, ' 47; Frank Myers, ' 46: John Flynn, ' 48; Robert Mussman. ' 48: Theodore Zurawski, ' 48: Daniel Forst, ' 47. MISSING: Frant Jacks, ' 49: Arthur Renner, ' 46: Robert Smith, ' 48; Charles Fairman, ' 46: Roland lire, ' 47. ALPHA CHAPTER founded 18(il PHI DELTA THETA 104 TOP ROW: Benjamin Lockart. ' 46: William Rush. ' -18: John ln raham. ' 47: Keiih Mang- les, ' 48: Hugh Hanson, ' 47; Robert Skau. 17: Smart Wilkins. ' 48: Richard Day. ' 48: Rob- ert Speed. ' 47: Charles Hammond. ' 18: David Clark. ' 48: Bin Randolph. ' 4(i: Robert Eck- holm, ' 48; Stanley Myzinski. ' 4(i: Robert Cooper. ' 4(i: Bradley Straatma. ' 48. ROW TWO: John Horning. ' 47: Edward Bahlow, ' 47: Gerald Comer. ' 46: Robert Callahan. ' 47: David Phillips, ' 47: Frederick Tholen. ' 48: John Shippert, ' 46: Arthur Prange. ' 46: John Clippert. ' 46: David Dutcher. ' 47: Eugene Sikorovsky. ' 47: Richard Lungren. ' 46; Richard Hurd. ' Hi; Richard Roeder. ' 47: Robert Dillon. ' 46. ROW THREE: George Bridges. ' 47: Richard Mixer. ' 46: Bliss Bowman. ' 46; Charles Walton. ' 46: Gerald Cooley. ' 46: Belton Cooper, ' 46: William Lambert, ' 47, president: Francis Bade. ' 47. house manager: Homer Simons. ' 46: Frederiik Laymon. ' 46; Bruce Elliot, ' 46: Basil Daltou. ' 46: Perry Mead, ' 46. FRONT ROW: James Wright, ' 49: Raymond Anderson. ' 49: Ned Hoover. ' 49: John I.intol. ' 47: Paul Brancheau, ' 48: Bruce Isaacs, ' 48; Loyal Jodar. ' 49: Frank Allen. ' 49: Donald Kiue- ger. ' 48: Richard Ridgeway. ' 49: George Dunn " . ' 47: Donald Bouchard. ' 47. MISSING: Donald Mclntvre. ' 48: Andrew Marsh. ' 46; James Seaver. ' 46: Jack Weisenbm er. ' 48: Blair Moodv. ' 49: Dominic Tomasi. ' 48. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER founded 1885 PHI GAMMA DELTA TOP ROW: Andrew Olis, ' 47; Frank Boni, ' 47; George Spaulding, ' 47; John O ' Shaugh- nessy. ' 47; William MacGowan, ' 46: Harley Fortier, ' 47; William Walton, ' 47; Henry Dunn, ' 47; Harold Walters, ' 46. ROW TWO: Robert Whitney. ' 49; William Curry, Jr., ' 48; Jack Adamson. ' 47; George Powers, ' 47; Robert Gorrel, ' 47; Robert Spiegel, ' 47; John Carpen- ter, ' 48; Walton Monschein, ' 47; George Gardiner, ' 49: Richard Arnold, ' 47. ROW THREE: Richard Laird. ' 48; James Mulkcy, ' 46; Robert Ounlap, ' 46, corresponding secretary; Ver- non Judd. ' 48, treasurer; Kenneth Allen, ' 47, president; Charles Helmick, ' 47, recording secre- tary; Samuel Emrnons. ' 46, historian; Charles English, ' 47; John Blank, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Gilbert Smith. ' 49; Robert Kristor. ' 49; Robert Orth, ' 48; Albert Warner, ' 48; Donald Lath- rup. Jr., ' 49; Charles Carson, ' 49; John Kentch, ' 47; Ward Peterson, ' 47; William Bristor, ' 49. MISSING; Louis Calabrese. ' 47; Martin Cranston. ' 47: Henry Fonde, ' 46; David Wright. ' 49. 105 ALPHA CHAPTER founded 1876 PHI KAPPA PSI TOP ROW: Carl Gruzhuit, ' 47; Gordon Kretchmar, ' 48; Ray Wheeler, ' 48; James Bry- ant, ' 49; Joseph Hooper, ' 49. ROW TWO: Robert Hibbs, ' 46, vice-president; William Skillings, ' 48; George Sandenburgh, ' 49; Wilbur Sorenson, ' 48; Chapin Barnard, ' 49; Rus- sel Wolford, ' 46; Allen Boyd, ' 47; Paul Gordon, ' 47, secretary; William C. Crick, ' 47, president. FRONT ROW: Franzio de Salles, ' 48; Frederic Comlossy, ' 47; Eugene Yaggee, ' 46. MISSING: Louis LaPierre, ' 49; Allen Nieber, ' 46; Thomas Pauszek, ' 49. 106 ETA CHAPTER founded 1916 PHI SIGMA DELTA TOP ROW: Harvy Hubar, ' 49; Irwin Holtzman, ' 49; Harvey Schneiderman, ' 48; Donald Sheldon, ' 48; Sam Goodman, grad.; Philip Soloway, ' 48; Arnold Pohs, ' 47; Stanley Rob- bins, ' 47; James Ely, ' 47; Robert Miller, ' 48; William Barish, ' 48. ROW TWO: David Brodman, ' 48; Herman Thomas, ' 47; Henry Strauss, ' 49; Alan Fabricant, ' 48; Harold Gross, ' 47; Leonard Light, ' 48; Burton Agata, ' 48; Gerald Wilks, ' 47; Dr. Martin Baum. ROW THREE: Gilbert Silverman, ' 46; Mitchel Pincus, grad.; Philip Carlin, ' 48, secretary; Robert Schwartz, " 47, vice-president; Edward Kane, Jr., ' 46, president; Robert Epstein, ' 47, treasurer; William Grcenwald, Jr., ' 46; Berlyle Walters, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Lowell Ko- mie, ' 49; Lincoln Siegel, ' 49; Laurens Ruben, ' 49; " Bunky " ; Channing Lipson, grad.; Ed- ward Weil, ' 49; Jeremy Gluck, ' 49; Norman Schaeffer, grad. MISSING: Irving Stahl, grad.: Lawrence Maisel, ' 49; Edwin Canner, ' 48; Barry Cohen, ' 49; Ernest Kamins, ' 48. 107 EPSILON CHAPTER founded 913 PI LAMBDA PHI TOP ROW: Richard Kopel, ' 46; John Dreifus. ' 49: William Hausman: Saul Harrison: Gerald Cohen, ' 47. ROW TWO: ' William Skutch, ' 48, vice-president: Donald Hartman. ' 48, secretary: Hugh Carpol, ' 49, treasurer: Bertram Weiss: Edward Her og. ' 48. FRONT ROW: Harrison Fuerst, ' 47; Robert Feinberg, ' 47, president: William Kittay, ' 4fi: Stan- ley Classman. ' 47: I.eo Weiss, ' 48, steward. MISSING: Jack Kaufman. 108 PHI CHAPTER founded 1865 PSI UPSILON TOP ROW: Jack Williams, ' 49; Reed Lowden, ' 48: Robert Jones, ' 48; Alex Canja, ' 46. ROW TWO: Nelson Harvey, ' 48; Arthur Shupp, ' 49; John Mclntosh, ' 46; Fred Prince: John Upjohn. ' 48, secretary; Thomas Lough, ' 48; Arthur Franzen, ' 48. FRONT ROW: David Wagner. ' 47; Gilbert Evans, ' 49; David Christy, ' 46; Charles Lauritsen, ' 46; John Waller, ' 46. president; William Hess, ' 46. MISSING: David Tittle, ' 48; William Smith, ' 48; Keith Blake, ' 46, treasurer; Joseph Edwards, ' 46; Dogan Arthur, " 46; Larry Ward, ' 47. IOTA BETA CHAPTER founded 1889 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON TOP ROW: Don Ward, ' 47; Bob Baker, ' 49; Bill Ayres, ' 48; Bill Averill, ' 46; Seymour Eaton, ' 48; Ed Parnell, ' 46; Don Forney, ' 46; Jim Hinton, ' 48; Andy Hardie, ' 49; Bill Up- ton, ' 47: Dick Wixom, ' 48; John Maloriey, ' 49: Ed Baker, ' 49. ROW ' TWO: Morton Reiss, ' 47: Gerry Gooley, ' 46; Mark Wehmeyer, ' 47; Henry Horldt, ' 47; Bill Gentz, ' 49; John Coflin. ' -17: Burton Dwyer, ' 49: Willard Smith, ' 47; Pancho Saravia, ' 48; John McNutt, ' 47: Carsten Orberg, ' 48; Harold Stelzle, ' 47; Dick Mills, ' 46; Bob Pollock, ' 47. ROW THREE: Don LeVan, ' 46: Bob Hagemeyer, ' 46; Louis Gulfo, ' 47, secretary; Norbert Hnrz, ' 46. vice-president: Borge Orberg, ' 47, president; Tom Fellows, ' 47, treasurer; Douglas Clark. ' 47; Ted McKillop, ' 46; Aimo Saari, ' 47: Phelps Hines, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Joe Trcpanosky, ' 47; Russell Duff, ' 47; Jim Mummey, ' 48; Larry Reilly, ' 47; Nick Fouriezos, grad.; Talbot Honey, ' 49; Bill Kimbrough, ' 49; Bob Potter, ' 47; Cal Graser, ' 48. MISSING: Bob Shafer, ' 47. 110 SIGMA IOTA founded 1923 SIGMA ALPHA MU TOP ROW: Don Tannenbaum, ' 48; Gerry Krause, ' 46; Ed Simons. ' 49; Bob Tisch, ' 48; Dick Goldsmith, ' 49; Al Leese, ' 48; Bernie Harris, ' 48; Morrie Kobleny, ' 48; Ed Ehrlich, ' 48. ROW TWO: Frank Wolf, ' 48; Milt Ginsberg, ' 49; Bernie Meislin, ' 48: Bob Springer, ' 48; Sheridan Winkelman, ' 49; Mynie Milgram. ' 48; Stewart Newblatt, ' 49: Milt Goldrath, ' 48; Sy Lichter, ' 48. ROW THREE: Harry Stern, ' 48; Sol Scott, ' 48; Milt Moscowitz, ' 48, secretary; Hank Reiser, ' 47, president: Marshall Wallace, ' 48, treasurer: Chuck Lewis, ' 48; Sylvan Berman, ' 47: Gerry Millstein, ' 48. FRONT ROW: Sid Katzman, ' 48: Bob Klein, ' 49; Frank Garfunkel, ' 48; Jerry Goren, ' 49; George Tarnoff, ' 48; Dick Lurie, ' 49; Lloyd Chosed, ' 49; Gil Dunayer, ' 49. MISSING; Ed Michaels, ' 47: Fred Feigenson, ' 47; Dave Lowenberg; Sam Steadman, ' 48; Bill Yalles; Hal Levenson, ' 47; Joe Merdler, ' 47; Fred Epstein, ' 47; Al Cohen; Herb Ruskin, ' 48; Harold Levenson; Sunny Russman; Burt Reu- bens; Al Hennes. Ill THETA THETA CHAPTER founded 1877 SIGMA CHI 112 TOP ROW: Walfy Grant, ' 48; Bill Taylor, ' 43; Jack Theriault, ' 48: Jim Coffman. ' 47: Bob Hiltman, ' 46: VVynn Taplin, ' 46; Rod Anderson, ' 46: Charles Unbehaun, ' 46: Dirk Foster, ' 48; Bob Silver, ' 48; Dick McClure, ' 49; Phil Sledding, ' 47; Bob Edge, ' 47: Gene Neal, ' 47, secretary; Bill Courtright, ' 47; Bud Harris, ' 48: Carl Stevens. ' 47; Pete Elliot, ' 49; Don Phillips, ' 47, pro-counsul; Arnie Heller. ROW TWO: Bill Osgood, ' 46; Bob Miller; War- ren Bent , ' 46: Bill Redman, ' 46; John Smedley, ' 48: Mack Kelly, ' 48; Paul Harrison, ' 47, treasurer: Tom Ryland, ' 47; Tom Preston, ' 46: Jim Evans, ' 48; Art Dole, ' 48: Don Ayies. ' 48; Dick Hadler, ' 47: Dennis Youngblood. ' 47; Don Hershberger. ' 49. ROW THREE: Chet Fark, ' 46: Bill Phillipi. ' 46; Bob Nussbaumer. ' 46: Bob Morley, ' 46: Bill Sala, ' 46; Ralph Coon. ' 46; Doug Ferguson, ' 48. consul: Andy Allen. ' 46; Bob Capron, ' 46; Ray Knight. ' 46: DiYk Ensign. ' 47; Glen White. ' 46: Norm Rubbers. ' 46: John Teivksbury, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Wally Teninga. ' 49; Clem Cossalter. ' 49: Tony Momsen. ' 49: Jack Harlan. ' 47: Don Clapp. ' 47: Bob Humason, ' 47; Tom Tierney, ' 48: Jack Edinan. ' 48: Clark Dun- can. ' 48: Kerry Fox. ' 46: Medardo Gutierrez. ' 47: Bill Hamilton, ' 47; Al Wahl, ' 49: John Abbot. ' 48: Hugh Federer. ' 47; Mike Michaels. ' 47: Bob Peterson, ' 49: Ed McNeill, ' ' 49; Dave Peters, ' 47: Jim Foltz, ' 48; Wade Cagle, ' 48; George Hutter, ' 47; Neil Celley, ' 49; Bill Levering, ' 48. V ALPHA CHAPTER founded 1912 SIGMA PHI EPSILON TOP ROW: Robert Mtichow, ' 46; Frank Ru icka, ' 46; Evan Fradenburgh, ' 46; Robert Geiger, ' 48: John Olson. ' 46: Charles Berthoud, ' 47; William Anderson, ' 47: Warren Tal- cott, ' 46: Donald Howie k, ' 47. ROW TWO: Robert Brown. ' 46: Walter Krewson, ' 48; James Kirkemo, ' 49: Richard Burton. ' 48; Russel Kavanaugh. ' 48: William Martz, ' 46; Kenneth Bush. ' 47: Edward Mickey, ' 47: John Blessley, ' 48. ROW THREE: Fred White, ' 47; Lyle Schrum. ' 46. historian; Robert Dauber, ' 46, vice-president: Frank J. Ruck. ' 46, comptroller: Richard King. ' 46, president; John Probert, ' 47. secretary; Harry Anderson. ' 46: John Sweeney. ' 47. FRONT ROW: Edwin Morey. ' 49; James Newbold, ' 49: Robert Bauer, ' 49; Edward Berlin, ' 48; Arthur Dorm out, ' 49; Thomas Cramer, ' 49: Robert Morri- son, ' 46; Patrick Woods, ' 46. MISSING: Frank Stover, ' 48; Charles Scare, ' 48; Bernard Dec, ' 48; Lee Gase, ' 49. ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER founded 1919 THETA CHI TOP ROW: Warren Dahl, ' 48; Gerald Butler, ' 49; Robert Hudson, ' 46; Giles Bole, ' 49; Donald Crtimbaker, ' 47; Charles Lamb, ' 49; Douglas Froelich, ' 48: Robert Sohl, ' 49. ROW TWO: Albert Armour, ' 49; Ian Reach, ' 49; Milton David, ' 48: Frederich Hopkins, ' 46; Wil- liams Dietrich, ' 47; John Carey, ' 49; Robert Stellema, ' 48; Robert Sergeson, ' 49; William Tattersall, ' 49; Richard Weinberg, ' 49. ROW THREE: Robert Ortman, ' 48: Arthur Builta. ' 49: Jerry Mulder, ' 47: Robert Goetz, ' 46, secretary; Raymond Glasser, ' 46, presi- dent: William Dorrance, ' 47, vice-president; Earle Russell, ' 47; Robert Geist, ' 46; Heini Kessler, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Donald McClelland, ' 49; Jack Adams, ' 46; Edward Stone, ' 49: James Jensen, ' 49; Charles Adams, ' 49; Arthur Ackerman, ' 48; Robert Jamo, ' 49; Thomas Heines, ' 49. 114 GAMMA DEUTERON CHAPTER loumlecl 1889 THETA DELTA CHI TOP ROW: Bruce Richards. ' 49; Charles Hendrick, ' 49: Robert Tipping. ' 46; Tom Whit- tingham. ' 49; Dick Bogaral. 49: Norman Bruce, ' 49. ROW TWO: Dick Erickson, ' 48; Robert Dull. ' 47; James Stelt, ' 47; Manfred Tipke. ' 47: Joseph Bony. ' 47; William Molt- hop, ' 47. FRONT ROW: William Lindahl, ' 48; Ray Bradstrum, ' 47, secretary; William Lee, ' 46. vice-president: James Cotner, ' 46, president; John Morris, ' 47; Erskine St. Clair; Robert Schoenfeld, ' 49. MISSING: William Penoyar, ' 47; Albert Lickteig, ' 48; Daniel Van Tuyl, ' 48; Donald Eagan, ' 48; John Johnson, " 48. I ' HI CHAPTER founded XETA BETA TAU TOP ROW: Ronald Goldman. ' 19: Charles Kaulniaii. ' 19: Sheldon llellows. ' 19: Richard Deutsch. ' 47: Villiani Siegel, ' 48: Hubert Goldman, ' 49: Standlord Lipsey. ' 49: Jay Auer- bach. ' 49: Allen Grossman, ' 48: Alan Rosenberg. ' 49. RO V T VO: Sherwin Block, ' 49; Eugene Hirschfield. ' 46: Lawrence Green, ' 49: Stanley Goldberg. ' 49: Arthur Fiedstein, ' 49: Charles Wurt burger. ' 48; Herbert Schrieber, ' 48: David Ruskin. ' 48: Danial Dvorsky, ' 49: Jarvis Fraugblau. ' 47. ROW THREE: Arthur Markey. ' 48: Arthur Gronik. ' 48: Harry Lieberman, ' 47. treasurer; Herman Harris. ' 46, vice-president; Morton Scholnick, ' 46. presi- dent: Harvey Leve, ' 48. secretary; Alvin Levenson, ' 48: Arthur Mayer, ' 47: Robert Jacob- sen. ' 47. FRONT ROW: Robert Chapman. ' 49; Fred Marks. ' 49: James Ginri. ' 49; Arnold Linsnian, ' 49: Sheldon Fellman, ' 46; William Rosenthal. ' 49: William Collinger. ' 49; Richard Gross, ' 49. MISSING: Samuel Spevak, ' 46; Alfred Loewenstein, Jr., ' 47; Ken- neth Solomon. ' 17: Martin Kabsenell, ' 47; Everett Ellin, ' 48: Nathan Springer, ' 49; James Wienner, ' 46. 116 XI CHAPTER founded 1847 ZETA PSI TOP ROW: William Essery, ' 47, vice-president; Joseph Mansour, ' 47; Andrew Poledor, ' 47; William Heard, ' 48, secretary. ROW TWO: Lewis Sappington, ' 47, treasurer: Charles Knappen, grad.; William Johnson, ' 46; Charles Little, ' 46, president; Robert Joseph, ' 47; Thomas McKenna, ' 46; Robert Rathbun, ' 48. ROW THREE: Stephen Jeffry, ' ' 48: James Bagwell, ' 40: Robert Storrer, ' 49; Richard Gustafson, ' 47; Earl Janda, ' 46: Edward Per- kins, ' 49. FRONT ROW: Albert Ohlmacher, ' 49; James Peterson, ' 49. MISSING: Eugene F. Bolliger, grad.; Robert Gaulker, grad.; Howard Halstead, ' 47; Warren Mueller, ' 49. The pause that refreshes during the dance given by the league houses. HOUSE GROUPS PRESIDENT Joan Marquardt VICE-PRESIDENT Margaret Parker SECRETARY Norma Coppersmith TREASURER Billy Van Dyke TOP ROW: Patricia Houser, ' 47, council; Helen House, ' 48, council; Billy Van Dyke, ' 48; Josephine German, ' 48, council; Geraldine Bledsoe, ' 48, council; Joan Marquardt, ' 48. FRONT ROW: Margaret Parker, ' 48; Norma Coppersmith, ' 47; Mary J. Graphos, ' 49, council. 119 TOP ROW: Harriet Risk, ' 47; Mary Gilbertson, ' 46, Edith Van. nclcl. ' 46. FRONT ROW: Sue Curys, ' 46; Martha Bradshaw, ' 46; Miriam Clingman. ' 4(iT Nancv Campbell. ' 46. PRESIDENT Martha Bradshaw VICE-PRESIDENT Sue Curtis SECRETARY Miriam Clingman TREASURER Mary Gilbertson 120 PRESIDENT Helen Masson SECRETARY Alice Berberian TREASURER Nancy MacPherson SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Be tty Kipf TOP ROW: Jan Cole, ' 46; June Leslie, ' 46; Maria Walkowiaic, ' 46; Elizabeth Moore, ' 46; Alice Ber- berian, ' 46; Helen Masson, ' 46; Nancy MacPherson, ' 47; Pat Collin, grad.; Shirley Willits, ' 47; Marcella Hansen, ' 46; Betty Kipf, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Edith Kouach, grad.; Mary Collins, ' 48; Betty Ann Larsen, ' 47. 121 TOP ROW: Margaret Barson, ' 46; Suzanne Smith, ' 48: June Kothnian. ' 47: Phyllis Corbitt, ' 46; Jose- phinc Carey, ' 47. ROW TWO: Walda Strahmer, ' 47; Grace Hansen. ' 4(i: Gloria McElroy, ' 46; Kath- i-yn Pcnix. !( : Mary [unc Simpson, ' 48: Gloriann Sailer, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Pettit, ' 47; Iris ' 17: Mararrt Can. ' 17: Shiilr l-.ihlcr. ' 17: ISarbaia Mi haclsoii. ' l(i: Crc ilia 1- 1 . 01 ad. PRESIDENT Gloria McElroy SECRETARY Kathryn Penix TREASURER . .Grace Hansen 122 HOUSE DIRECTOR . . Miss Jane Bonnell PRESIDENT Nancy Hess VICE-PRESIDENT . . Jeannette Buckley SECRETARY Nancy Culligan TREASURER Patricia Hannagan Nancy Hess, ' 49; Jeannette Buckley, ' 49; Miss Jane Bonnell; Nancy Culligan, ' ' 19; Patricia Hannagan, ' 49. 123 Pat Planck, ' 46; Frances Bull, ' 48; Marjorie Bean, ' 47; Jeanne Sliatiiuk, ' 46; Betty Lou Bidwcll, ' 47. PRESIDENT Jeanne Shattuck VICE-PRESIDENT ...Annette Anderson SECRETARY Frances Bull TREASURER Marjorie Bean txV - T 4 124 PRESIDENT Patricia Gordon VICE-PRESIDENT Marilyn Whaite SECRETARY Marvel Rathburn TREASURER Harriet Jackson STANDING: Harriet Jackson, ' 47. SEATED: Marilyn Whaite, ' 47; Marvel Rathburn, ' 48; Janis Stuck, ' 47; Patricia Gordon, ' 46. 125 TOP ROW: Betty Louise Kaufman, ' 49; Harriet Ewing, ' 48; Claire Morry, ' 49: Patricia Neville. IK: Taxine Smith, ' 49; Carolyn Rice, ' 47; Natalie Tayler, ' 49. RO V TWO: Fay Marian Miller, ' 47; Janet Sragg, ' 48; Mildred Weeks, ' 47; Virginia Woodward, ' 49; Barbara Polowe, ' 47; Conine Firthi ' 49: " ien S. Javorski, ' 49; Claire Michelson. ' 17. RQ.W THRKE: Lorna Fleming. ' 4 : Nita Wallmdge, ' 47; m t Mar iam Kremser, ' 46; Thelma Clark, Ji?Jz);m Pen-lev ' 48; F.Ii ahcth Blootnstroin: Doroiln FRONT ROW: R.isehn lleinlx-iin, ' 48: cssa Meyer, ' 47: Claire Drit , ' 47: Joan Carol {Shirley Farnsworih. ' 49: Mildrwl Dcnctkc, ' 49; Madaline Mahnke, ' 49. MISSI (; : Gcrrie ' in Uaiurolt, ' 47; T. " featton, ' If). PRESIDENT Thelma Clark VICE-PRESIDENT Ruth Miriam Kremser SECRETARY Nita Walbridge TREASURER Joan Pereles ACTIVITIES CHAIRMAN Elizabeth Bloomstrom 126 PRESIDENT. .Irene Johnson VICE-PRESIDENT Jeanne Swendeman SECRETARY-TREASURER. .Janet Blanchard TOP ROW: Alice Shaw, ' 48; Mary Calve, ' 49; Cecelia Gwozdz, ' 48; Nancy Helmick, ' 48; Emily Metz, ' 49; Isabelle Kennan. ' 47; Margaret Shinnick, ' 48; Rosalie McClean, ' 49; Virginia Gaiser. ' 48; Bernice Nimmeroff, ' 47. ROW TWO: Betty Burns, ' 47; Ruth Den Herder. ' 47: Nornia Auer, ' 48; Jean Seagly, ' 47; Irene Johnson, ' 48; Jeanne Swendeman, ' 48; Janet Blanchard, ' 48: Joan Strunsky. ' 46. FRONT ROW: Joy Cochran, ' 47; Joan Katz, ' 49; Shirley Dalton, ' 48: Frances Modes, ' 48; Lois Calvin, ' 48; Barbara Strunsky, ' 18; Lynn Sperber, ' 47: Ruth Gerber. ' 47. MISSING: Gloria Baron, ' 48; Mary Con- stantino, ' 49: Shirley Dowell. ' 46: Alice Jorgensen, ' 48; Helen Katsoris, ' 48; Sybil Katz, ' 46; Jane Haw- kins. ' 48; Alma Fassett, ' 47. 127 Heller, ' 48; Carol Lasser, ' 48; Jeanette Hull, ' 48; Dorothy Duncan, ' 48; Charlotte Swanson, ' 48. MISSING: Lee Orgayevski, ' 46. TOP ROW: Carol Vander Klooi. ' 49: Barbara Sclnverdl. ' 48; Delores Crowe, ' 47; Jocelyn Rudd. ' 17. R() V TWO: Letitia Burke, ' 49; Margaret Ann Beis. ' 49, athletic manager; Phyllis Gustin, ' 47; activity chairinaii: Kleanor Ho- durek, ' 49; Marcie Dubinsky, ' 46, president. FRONT ROW: Dorothy Petrie, ' 47; Emma Ann Beck. ' 49; Millicent Ciolden, ' 49. MISSING: Annette Chaikin, ' 46; Rhoda Dupler, ' 46; Nancy Finn, ' 48; Frances Hannon, ' 48; Eileen Levine, ' 49. 128 TOP ROW: Dorothy Kline, ' 48; Helen Gray, ' 47; Isabel Milne, ' 48; Shirley Pope, ' 47; Jessie Doris Cameron, ' 49; Norma Metz, ' 48. ROW TWO: Clara Albiston, ' 48; Hazel Mills, ' 46; Lolly Metropolsky, ' 46, vice-president; Marian Dunlap, ' 46, president; Pat Cameron, ' 46, secretary; Ruth Nave, ' 46. FRONT ROW: Pat Campbell, ' 48; Gwen Williams, ' 49; Katherine Stasewick, ' 48; Marjorie Dick, ' 47; Pat Westcott, ' 48; Dorothy Sherba, ' 47; Janet Cook, ' 47. MISSING: Margaret Dickeman, ' 49; Shirley Hayes, ' 49. TOP ROW: Margaret Reed, gracl.; Eli abeth I.ipford, grad.: Ann JohiiMin, grad.; Janet Phillips, ' -17; Adriennc Hoxter, ' 49. FRONT ROW: Mary Spivey, grad.; Patricia Penman, ' 19: Ave Maria Odell, ' 49, president: Jane Wil- liams, ' 47, secretary; Edwina Dickerson, ' 49. MISSING: Marion Swan, ' 47; Hortense Reid, ' 47; Shirlee Ross, ' 46; Julia Mosley, grad.; Bernice Tuggles, grad.; Penny Perry, grad.; Marjorie Brown, grad.; Viola Boyd, grad. 129 - . __ 1X24 TOP ROW: Betty Estes, ' 49; Harriet Falls, ' 49; Virginia Louis, ' 49; Mary Lou Stenger, ' 49. ROW TWO: Har- riet Breitbart, ' 48; Virginia Nicklas, ' 49; Betty Finzel, ' 49; Clare Kittredge, ' 47; Elizabeth Fuller, ' 49. ROW THREE: Carol Hally, ' 48; Barbara Driscoll, ' 47, treasurer; Barbara Sullivan, ' 47, president; Elizabeth Steward, ' 47; Su anne Seger, ' 47; Florie Saner. FRONT ROW: Sarah Cossum, ' 47; Margaret Hall, ' 47; Sara Alegranti. ' 19: Odga Fritus, ' 49; Verna Edgeler, ' 49. MISSING: Su anne Garland, ' 47; Dorothy Rivmian. ' 49; Virginia Whichand. t = 9 , i 1 i t t tt t I |,l |.|s.,fLl TOP ROW: Sonya Drews, ' 48; Gladys Martin, ' 48; Donna Houck, ' 48; Nancy Miller, ' 49; Mary Helen Stanley, ' 48: Sally Norton. ' 48; Allene Golinkin, ' 47: Phyllis Shever, ' 48; Marolyn Colin, ' 47: Inez Zelznick. ' 46. ROW TWO: Wilma Smith. ' 49; Jacqueline Krell, ' 47; Wanda Hamialo. ' 48: feannette Britton, ' 48; Joy Blickley, ' 49; Marilyn Neff. ' 48; Enid McConkey, ' 47; Joey Reichert, ' 49: Mary Nichols. ' 48; Betty Janiak, ' 48; Carolyn Weigold. ' 47. ROW THREE: Marian Burton, ' 48: Mary Ellen Harbison. ' 48: Jane Bartlett. ' 48. vice-president; Alys George, ' 17. president: Regina Grneii, ' 47. treasurer: Marian Say ward. ' 48. secretary; Mary Lee Szepta, ' 49; Mary Lou Met- lall. ' 18: Kaiherine Peflers. ' 18. FRONT ROW: Margaret Reilf. ' 49; Emily Kay Cowlin. ' 49: Marcia Lipsett, ' 49: Pali iiia Matheson. ' 49: Betty Sauer, ' 49: Joyce Smith, ' 49; Doris Chung, ' 49; Gertrude Ginsburg, ' 47. MISSING: Helen Alpert, ' !( : Jaccjuelyn Flynn, ' 48; Phyllis Kline, ' 49; Betty Leavitt, ' 47; Thelma Schlesinger. ' 47; Doris Weyl, ' 48; Nantv Willits, ' ' 47. 130 TOP ROW: Betty Lou McGeath, ' 48; Joyce Pomeroy, ' 49; Yvonne Albright, ' 48; Lillian Williams, ' 49; Patty Ann Aurand, ' 48; Bette Hamilton, ' 49; Charlotte Peck, ' 49. ROW TWO: Audrey Smith, ' 48; Marilyn Hendrkks, ' 48; Marilee Diamond, ' 48, vice-president; Naida Chernow. ' 48, president; Eleanor Hofimaster, ' 49, secretary-treas- urer; Jean Dennis, ' 49; Joanne Pullon, ' 49: Anne Blazier, ' 49. FRONT ROW: Patricia Ann Murrin, ' 48; Mary Halpin, ' 48; Lois Jeanne Erwin, ' 49; Betty Armstrong, ' 48; Elizabeth Rettew, ' 49; Tilda Rinnan, ' 49; Joanne Valen- tine, ' 49; Gloria Willar, ' 49. MISSING: Martha Marshall, ' 49. When the day ends, the gab sessions begin. 131 Fletcher Hall TOP ROW: Raunoncl Ballon: fames Pedler: Lawrence Pomeroy; Donald Steibel: John Kephart; Richard Schneider: James Knox: Robert Smith: Joseph Mikeska; Donald Snyder; Robert Pomeroy; Clifford Ittner: William Graham; Edward Baker. ROW TWO: Leo Hollander: Joseph Grzeskowiak: Ottmar Roth; Lee Bilheimer; Max Kogen; George Goldman; Charles Poretta; Lawrence Reilly; Kenneth Jansma: Donald Baker; Arthur Franzen; Robert Jones; James Salisbury: Robert Armbrust. ROW THREE: Walter Poznanski; Robert Muir: Donald Frazer: Clarence Kntith: Richard Gelhaar; Harry Porter; Mrs. Theron S. I.angford; Ray Steele; Mitchael Gnaegy; Lawrence Zellman; Philip Morris; Norbert Wichrowski; Vincent Cichocki. ROW FOUR: Edward Ambrose; Edward Kopf: Raymond Anderson; Donald Johnson: James Wright; Stanley Cooke; Kenneth Rosenow: Richard Anderson; Robert I.ind |uisi: Kenneth Doxtater; Harold Levin; Carrol Little. FRONT ROW: Stanley Ward; George Missad; Rowland Westcrvelt; Howard Haas. HOUSE DIRECTOR Mrs. Theron S. Langford RESIDENT ADVISER Ray M. Steele PRESIDENT Mitchael Gnaegy SOCIAL CHAIRMAN Harry Porter ATHLETIC CHAIRMAN Judd Year TREASURER. ..Clarence Knuth 132 Allen Rumsey TOP ROW: F. Inai; J. Sanford; F. Hetherwick; W. Karvin; F. West; G. Cram; P. Schroecler; F. Haszard; E. Kamins: I). Massnick; D. Londick. ROW TWO: L. Stadler; R. Lyle; J. Marakas; H. C. Edberg; R. Wil- liams; F. Vogler; R. Buckborough; W. Amick; B. Sloat; W. Batesole. ROW THREE: J. Corbe tt; D. Miller; H. Grimes; P. Nibbelink; T. Cramer; A. Dormant; N. Bruce. FRONT ROW: L. Taylor; R. Huffman; J. Wrenn; J. Hancock; H. Loughrin; P. Ryan: R. Gold- man; I. Barris. TOP ROW: P. Morrison; J. Thompson; J. Z. Smith; N. Ratter; V. Kaire; T. Whittingham: E. Evans; J. Thomas; A. Dormant; W. Amerman; R. Emerick; B. Goodman. ROW TWO: S. Baylis; R. Poplow; S. Zilber; J. Westman; F. Allen; J. Kinkemo; T. Guenter; C. Schneider; T. Mer- rill; R. Haber; A. Herrers; J. Wirt. ROW THREE: G. Lourie; L. R. Putney, librarian; W. Thorpe, secretary; N. Assimos, treasurer; J. La Gebnick, president; L. Cool- idge, judiciary chairman: T. Brownell, social chairman. FRONT ROW: E. Cabanaw: R. Bauer: R. Cole: W. Rob- bins; G. Ryther; M. Hack; W. I. Johnson; F. Volger; G. Danz. Green House Tyler House LEFT TO RIGHT: Thomas Dolan, ' 49, secretary-treas- urer; Peter Van Donelem, ' 49, athletic chairman: George Leonard, ' 48: Frank Sutton, ' 49; John Kentch, ' 47, vice president; Allan Sandmann, ' 49, president; August Kolino, ' 49. TOP ROW: David Jones, Stuart Rankin, ' 49; Harry Chan, ' 47. FRONT ROW: Howard Schwartz, secretary- treasurer; Richard Laird, ' 48; Edward Stone, ' 49. presi- dent: Richard Cortright, ' 48; George Connor, ' 47. 133 RTS I THE BRAINTRUST ... the men who direct Michigan ' s grid squads to victory. Left to right: Art Valpey, assistant coach; Bennie Oosterbaan. end coach; Clarence L. " Biggie " Munn, line coach; Head Coach Cr ' sler; and Earl T. Martineau, backfield coach. 72 t B6 77 89 9 6- I 36 88 Si 24 Sfl 2C 46 39 THE 1945 FOOTBALL SQUAD Front Row: Hutter, Rabbers, Fonde. Doty, Grenkoski. Bentz, Mu elder, Redmond. Second Row: Foltz, Brunsting, Kavanaugh, Verges, Watts. Capt. Ponsetto, Nakamura, Soboleski, Freihofer. Weyers, Tomasi. Third Row: Teninga, Coleman, Chiames, Lin- tol. G. Johnson, Andersen, Hershberger, McNeill, Smith, Elliott, Ott, Prashaw. Back Row: Youngblood, Pratt. C. R. Johnson. Cal- lahan. Weisenberger, Reader, Hinton, Swanson, Kuick. Wahl. Momsen. Dworsky, Wilkins. Sauls. F I B H b b " Fritz " Crisler did it again. With comparatively little in the way of truly outstanding ma- terial the famed Wolverine grid general molded what proved to be one of the top teams in the country. Sports dopesters did not give the Maize and Blue eleven much of a chance at the beginning of the season because the squad was composed mainly of youngsters fresh from high school and men who had never before played together. In addition to this, there was no Bob Wiese or Gene Derricotte to spark the team, as in 1944. But, with expert train- ing Michigan ' s unheralded crew, led by veteran quarterback and captain Joe Ponsetto and boasting performers such as backs Jack Weisenberger and Bob Nussbaumer, and cen- ter Harold Watts, developed into a well-balanced, fighting team which placed second in the Western Conference, losing only to Indiana in Big Ten play. On top of this, the hard- hitting Wolverine aggregation gave the powerful Army team its toughest battle of the sea- son in New York ' s Yankee Stadium, losing only by a relatively small 28-7 score, and making its name respected and feared in the nation ' s football circles. 137 MICHIGAN 27 GREAT LAKES 2 Passing-power, particularly a Teninga-McNeill combination, whipped the Great Lakes Bluejackets 27-2 in the season ' s opener before 25,000 fans at Ann Arbor on September 15. The first 1945 score came on an 80-yard, seven-play drive from the kickoff, concluding in Teninga ' s nine-yard aerial to McNeill, clear over the goal line. Great Lakes, coming right back, failed on the one-yard line, as the Michigan line staged a three play stand. When Michigan took over the ball, however, Dworsky ' s fumble gave the Bluejackets their only score of the game, a two-point safety. Michigan ' s second touchdown came the hard way. After starting from the 27 yard line, and twice being thrown into reverse by penalties, Ponsetto heaved a pass to McNeill, who raced the remaining 25 yards for the second score. On the first play of the fourth period, Teninga slipped over the Sailors ' line from the three, and Howard Verges, reserve quarterback, later skipped over from the one for the final score of the game. Besides the first period drive, the only substantial Bluejacket threat came in the third period, when they advanced to the Michigan 20, only to have a fumble recovered by Dominic Tomasi, Wolverine guard. Pete Elliott (45) tries to outrun an ambitious Great Lakes ' tackier. Hank Fonde (19) is powerless to help. George Johnson, Co- lumbus, O.: Tackle; Weight. 190; Height. 6:2. Robert F. Callahan, St. Louis, Mo.; Tackle; Weight. 200; Height. 6:00. Allen R. Wahl, Park, 111.; Tacki Weight. 210; Heic 6:3. MICHIGAN? INDIANA 13 Above: Bulldozer Taliafero plows through. Right: Indiana ' s quarterback, Ben Raidmondi, knifes through the Michigan line for a first down before be- ing tackled by Dom Tomasi (65). A fourth-period drive that ended five yards short of ihc goal and a possible Michigan victory was the high point of the Michigan-Indiana game, played September 22, before 21,500 fans at Ann Arbor, and which saw the cham- pionship Hoosiers emerge on the long end of a 13-7 score. The first half was almost entirely an Indiana affair as Hoosier passes and deception generally nullified latent Michigan power. The first Indiana score was the result of a nine-play 66-yard drive, ending in an eleven-yard pass, Raidmondi to Kluszewski. On three different at- tempts in the second period, the Wolverines were stopped between the Indiana 50 and 35, while Raidmnmli tossed a 29-yard pass to Groomes who ran the following 25 yards for the second Hoosier score. In the third period, however. Michigan roared back in a power drive, and taking over the ball on the Indiana 49, advanced the ball to the one-foot line, Dworsky going over and Ponsctto kicking the point. Still on the make, the Wolverines saw a second rally die on the Indiana 26, but in the fourth period, took over the ball on their own 12, and hulldo cd it 83 yards in seven plays, before finally surrendering it just short of victory- oil the five yard line. Indiana had 14 first downs to Michigan ' s 13, but Michigan had the edge in yards rushing, 179-165. The Hoosiers, however, completed 7 of 15 passes for 106 yards, and the Wolverines 3 of 12 for a total of 83. Robert Nussbaumer. Oak Park. 111.; Halfback; Weight. 165; Height 5:11. George Hutter, Fond du Lac. Wis.; Quarterback; Weight 173; Height, 5:10. Michael Prashaw. Mas sena, N.Y.; Tackle; Weight 200, Height. 6:00. 139 MICHIGAN 40 MICHIGAN STATE The whole Michigan State squad seemed to know where this lone Wolverine was headed . . . and they did something about it. Rebounding in great style from the previous defeat by Indiana, the Michigan gridders swamped a Michigan State eleven 40-0 before 35.000 fans at Ann Arbor on September 29. It was Michi- gan ' s largest score against State in 19 years. Michigan tallied in every period, with one touchdown each in the first and third stan as. and two each in the second and fourth. The first score came on a one-yard line plunge by Dan Dworsky in the first six minutes of the game, terminating a nine-play, 40-yard drive. In scoring position at the end of the first period, thanks to a series of five plays that netted 51 yards, the Wolverines quickly made it 14-0 as Teninga passed to Hershberger on the 10, the latter trotting across to payclirt. The third score also came as the result of a sustained Wolver- ine drive of 98 yards in 12 plays, Nussbaumer and Elliott alternating on the carrying chores. After the half, the Michigan steam roller again got in high, and scored after a drive of 69 yards. Teninga netted another touchdown in the fourth period, and in the last 40 seconds, Muelder, substitute back, intercepted a State pass on the Spartan nine, and walked across for the score. Michigan, with a 16-5 edge in first downs, gained a total of 402 yards to State ' s 85. In 32 rush- ing attempts. State gained but 37 yards, to the Wolverine ' s 274. Ponsetto kicked four of the l conversions. John F. Linlol. Detroit. Mich.: Guard: Weight. 187; Height. 6:1. Robert Swanson. Lans- ing. Mich.; Center; Weight. 180; Height. 6:04. Cecil Freihofer. Indian-l apolis, Ind.; Guard; I Weight, 187; Heiqht.| 6:00. MICHIGAN 20 NORTHWESTERN 7 Despite a hist period Norihwcstcrn score, the Wolverine eleven came horn behind, and handed Northwestern a decisive 20-7 drubbing before a crowd of -KMHM) at K anston on October 6. with the game only two plays old. Dick Conners, Wildcat halfback, scampered (il yards tor the onl Northwestern tally of the game, and only oner besides this was Northwestern inside the Michigan 40. After a 65 yeard run by Bairstow, Wildcat back, that threatened make the game ; -s pulled themsel a tluee- ard ofl- e end of the first runaway, was called back for offsides, the Wolver- es together, and on a 1( yard, drive, culminating ackle slice by Jim 1 oil , made the score 7-6, at period. the second, per d, the Wohei ines. after a 78 yard drive were 1 1 rued back three aids limn the goal line, retook the ball on the Vi Ideal !;(. and in six pla s. tallied again, with Pete Klliott. frosh h.iltU.H k poking through Irom the one- ard line. I ' on cl(o converted. The game ' s final score came hi the third period as the result of a Wildcat tumble, which center Hal Watts recovered on the . ' t- ard line. In five pi a vs. alternated between Elliott. Veisenburger, and Dworskv, the Wolverines scored again. Dworskv ripping through guaid for the last live yards. Ponsetto again converted. Michigan racked up IN Hist downs to the Northwestern 10, and gained - ' l ards rushing to the Wildcats ' I7l. ll passing the Woher- im ' s gained 10 " yards, completing six out ol nine attempts, and, I ' onset to pegged lour out of loin . Above: Wolverine halfback, Teninga, carries the ball through center for a three-yard gain against North- western. Right: Dan Dworsky crashes through for Michigan ' s third score. Henry Fonde, Knox- ville. Tenn.; Halfback; Weight, 165; Height, 5:8. Edward D. McNeill, To- ledo. O.; End; Weight, 190; Height, 6:1. Eugene Hinton, Drum- right. Okla.; Tackle; Weight, 233; Height. 6:2. 141 MICHIGAN 7 ARMY 28 An undefeated Aum juggernaut lhat ranked as one of the bcsl teams of all time Iniinped a bit before running over a fast, scrappy Wol- verine eleven. 28-7. before 70.000 fans in New York ' s Yankee Stadium. The underdog Michigan team struck fast and furiously in the first hall, driving once to the Cadet ' s 17 in the fust stanza, losing the ball on downs, ami again to the 10 in the second frame where they urn MI back bv a holding penalty, their only one of the game. In Ihc second quarter, however, an aroused and scared anm team, threatened as ii was not all the rest of the season, bulled some (is yards in twelve plays, with Shorty M Williams going over for the lust score. The ice once broken. ISIaiuhard. our of the famous ] .m of IlLmi h.inl and Davis, exploded through the Wolverine line and charged H yards for the second tally, to leave the score at the half, 11-0. Coming back swiftly in the third quarter, the Mai c and Blue drove 75 yards for their only score of the game, the tally coming on a 3K- yard dash by Teiiinga, followed by gains by Konde and Vcisenberger which pushed the ball to the Cadet N. where Reuner. in the end one. grabbed a deflected pass tossed by Teiiinga. I ' onsetto kicked the point to put the visitors back in the game and the stadium in an uproar. Taking the ball from the kick-olf. Army drove to the Michigan thiee. where they fumbled, but shortly thereafter, recovered a Michigan bobble and, in three plays, stormed 31 yards for their thiid sioie. Illauchard carrying the ball across from the one-foot line. l- ' inal score in the game came early in the fourth period when Speed Merchant Davis, behind t wo blotkers. burned 70 yards for (he Cadet clincher. Dick Wallcrhouse. former Ann Arbor star, kicked all lour l the extra points. Left: Pete Elliott (45) carries the ball across fallen Army men for a six-yard gain. Below Left: Army ' s Felix Blanchard on the loose. Below Right: lack Weisenberger halts Blanchard . . . at last. Cap). Joseph L. Pon setto. Jr.. Flint. Mich.: Quarterback; Weight 190: Height. 6:00. Stuart F. Wilkins, Can- Ion. O.; Guard; Weight, 187; Height. 5:10. Howard F. Yerges, | Pt. Pleasant, W. Quarterback; Well 175; Height. 5:10. v MICHIGAN 19 ILLINOIS Above: Pete Elliott (45) and Bob Nussbaumer (40) head off an Illinois scoring threat. Right: Illinois connects for a pass right before Harold Watts ' (58), Wolverine center, eyes. A three-touchdown rally in eight minutes of the final period gave Michi- gan a 19-0 win over an Illinois eleven on October 27, in a game charac- lei i cd by tight defenses on the part of both teams. The Michigan rally, after three periods of greatly restricted line work, be- gan when Kd McN ' eill, freshman end, blocked an Illini kick on their own 25, and Lennie Ford, the other Wolverine end, corraled the ball on the 12 yard line, and dashed over for the first tally of the game. The second marker came as the result of a nine-play 60-yard drive, as a weary Illinois line, fagged by the 70 degree heat, was unable to hold back the charging Wolverines, led by Teninga and Weisenberger. I eninga, halfback, carried the ball over from the one-yard line. Bob Callahan kicked the extra point, since Captain Ponsetto had been injured late in the third period. By nailing Butkovich. Illini back, on his own 15-yard line on an attempted fourth down punt. Michigan set up the game ' s third and final score, which came on Teninga ' s pass to Renner in the end zone. Only once in (he first half, on the last play, did the Champaigners get insldr the Michigan 30. while by the use of two lines, one for the offense and one for the defense, they were able to hold the Michigan running at- tack to a total 21-yard gain. Statistics for the game, however, gave Michi- gan a 12-8 edge in first downs, with 177 yards gained by rushing and 33 b passing. Illinois totals were 16 on the ground and ( 4 in the air, al- though during the second half, their net gain from all sources, was one yard. Anton Momsen, Jr., To- ledo, O.: Center: Weight. 205; Height, 6:2. Walter H. Teninga. Chi cago. 111.; Halfback; Weight. 180; Height, 5:10. Dominic Tomasi, Flint. Mich.; Guard; Weight. 180; Height. 5:10. MICHIGAN 26 MINNESOTA Above: Wolverine back Horace Coleman gives a Minnesota tackier a run for his money. Right: Howard Yerges (24) just misses a Gopher back as he gets started on a jaunt off Michigan ' s left tackle. Minnesota ' s Golden Gophers looked a little tarnished due to a sound 26-0 thumping meted out by Michigans Wolverines before 85.132 rabid hometown fans. For three periods it looked as though the Little Brown Jug might journey to Minneapolis this year as the Bier-men re- peatedly threatened the 7-0 lead Michigan had gained on a 65 yard march in the first quarter. Then in the fourth stan a the roof fell in and the Gophers might just as well have crawled back into their holes. Starting from their -16. the Wolverines struck fast and went over in six plays. The drive featured 15 and 12 yard jaunts by little Hank Fonde and a 12 yard touch- down smash by Jack Weisenberger. Wally Teninga took charge of the next touchdown. After hitting I.ennie Ford with a pass on the Gopher 22, the tricky halfback twisted to the 5 and dove over two plays later from the 3. An exchange of punts found Michigan knocking again as Dworsky ripped a 32 yard gain through the Minnesota line to the 14. A penalty stopped the threat on the three, but the Mai e and Blue was not to be denied. Don Robinson connected on 44 and 12 yard passes to McNeill and Warren Bent for the final touchdown, as the gun sounded. Donovan Hershberqer. Freeport, 111.: End; Weight. 180; Height, 6:1. lack Weisenberger. Muskegon Heights, Mich.; Halfback: Weight, 176: Height. 6:1. Edward Grenkoski. Si inaw, Mich.; En Weight. 16S; Heig 6:00. MICHIGAN? NAVY 3 3 Navy ' s football fleet let go with a three-touchdown In (i.uKidr in the lust half to sink a game but out- gunned Michigan eleven. 33-7, before 59.000 fans here today. I lie Middie powerhouse that hadn ' t lived up to pre-season expectations seemed running true to form as it almost blew a two-toiuhdown lead in the Insi half. After an intercepted pass and bad punt Net up the two Bluejacket markers, the Wolverines ' Hank Fonde grabbed a punt and skirted 40 yards lo score. The play was (ailed back to the 13 yard line; but three plays later Wciseubcrger went over from the two. Chiamcs convened and the score Mood 13-7. Michigan roared right back to the Navy 15 but .lost the ball on downs. Undaunted they marched 56 yards to the Middie 4 and were stopped only by the halftime gun. In the second half. Navy ' s fine Heel of backs opened up ami scuttled the fast-tiring Wolverines with a giound and aerial barrage that produced 15 and 1 yaid touchdown runs by 1 ' T-si ed ' I onv Minis! and |oe Bartos. A six-yard pay-dirt pass from Brute Smith lo I ' ele Williams rounded out the scoring. Right: Navy back Bob Kelly is stopped by the Wolverines alter gaining enough for a first down. Below: Hank Fonde falls just short of a touch- down on the Navy two-yard line. Jack Weisen- berger tallied for Michigan on the next play. Daniel Dworsky. Sioux Falls. S.D.; Fullback; Weight. 206; Height. 6:00. Harold M. Watts. Birm- ingham. Mich.; Center; Weight. 176; Height. 1:10. lack E. Smith. Muncie. Ind.; Guard; Weight. 195; Height. 6:00. 145 MICHIGAN 27 PURDUE 13 A drizzling rain and low ceiling couldn ' t stop Michigan ' s aerial attack, as the Wolverines struck twice through the air to provide the difference in their 27-13 conquest ol Purdue before 51,000 water-logged fans. Pete Elliot piloted the Mai e and Blue victory plane l hitting Bob Nussbaumer with 50 and 54 yard touchdown H ses and romping to two more markers himself. The first of these pay-dirt jaunts sandwiched the two spectacu- lar passes and climaxed a 63 yard march. These three markers gave Crisler ' s men the margin they needed and they sat back and played the Boilermakers on even terms throughout the last half. " Catfoot " Ed Cody and Bill Canfield tried to put Purdue back in the ball game l adding to a second period touchdown with a 58 yard march that narrowed the score to 20-13 at the end ol (he third quarter. Elliot then ripped off his second touch- down to put the game on ice and end the scoring at 27-13. Left: The Wolverine line rises to the occasion to stop Purdue star Cody for no gain. Below: Alert Michigan lineplay plus soggy turf takes the edge off the Boilermakers ' quick-opening " T. " George I. Chiames, Freeport. 111.; Fullback; Weight. 180; Height. 5:10. Louis A. Brunsting. Jr., Rochester, Minn.; End; Weight, 175: Height. 6:2. James H. Foltx, Toledo. O.; Fullback; Weight, 185; Height, 5:9. MICHIGAN? OHIO STATE 3 li V Above: Bob Nussbaumer runs into difficulty skirting Ohio State ' s end. Left: Walt Teninga (42) leads Pete Elliott into Buck- eye territory. Michigan lost the Big Ten Crown to Indiana, but wound up the season triumphantly by squeezing by their power- ful arch-rival, Ohio State, 7-3, before 85,132 screaming fans. The Wolverines sat back for three and a half periods waiting for a break and then cashed in on it for the only touchdown of the game. The first half had been a battle between two behemoth lines with neither yielding in a great defensive show. State took to the air in the closing seconds but a couple of great saves by Bob Nussbaumer kept the scoreless tie intact. Ohio started the last half with a rush and a 35 yard aerial brought the pigskin to the Maize and Blue 12. On fourth down Max Snittker dropped back and toed the field goal that looked like the winning margin until Michigan ' s break came midway in the final quarter. A bad punt went out on the Buckeye 44 and the Wolver- ines moved fast. Pete Elliot hit Hank Fonde on a 25 yard pass to the 19, then drove to the 12. The attack fizzled and on fourth down Michigan still needed a yard. Verges slipped the ball to Fonde on a reverse and the little guy made it a first on the 4. Two plays later he went over from the one. Chiames converted and the Maize and Blue ended the season with a record identical with the score, 7-3. M ft MICHIGAN ' S FINAL TALLY: WON 7 LOST 3 147 H: 1 rCHIGJL ' CHIC i cm THE 1945-46 BASKETBALL SQUAD . . . Back Row: Ray Roberts (Trainer), Marty Feinberg, Bill Dietrich, Coach Bennie Oosterbaan. Keith Harder. Gordon Rosencrans, Assistant Coach Bill Barclay. Sitting: Harold Westerman, Bob Harrison. Glenn Selbo, Dave Strack, John Mullaney, Pete Elliott, Bill Walton. Front: Bob Baker, Walt Kell. BfiSK ETBHIili II any team could IK- (ailed unpredictable, and rightly so. it was the Volverines ' HMo-Ki basketball squad. Spectators were surprised to sec Michigan ' s quintet topple some of the major teams in the coun- try one week, only to be defeated by a mediocre aggregation seven days later. On the credit side ol the ledger were the Mai e and Blue ' s stellar performances against Illinois and Ohio Slate. The former squad was rated one of the top in the Big Ten. while the Buckeyes were conceded, at one lime ' , to be- the leading hoop dew- in the country. Both of these aggregations had the misfortune to meet the Wolverines when they were hot. and both went down to unexpected defeat. The Fightin ' lllini were bested, on January 5. by a 49-48 score resulting from a foul shot in the last minute ol play, while Ohio State suffered a similar fate on January 2 , iu Yost Field House 1 . Wolverine captain. Dave Strack (33) sinks one in the first half of the game against Northwestern. 146 Left: Walt Kell (12). in white jersey, fights for one off the backboard. Above: Kell (12) is still fighting, while Pete Elliott (35) looks on. Out of a total of twelve Conference basketball games Michigan ' s squad won six and dropped six. making- a season average of .500. On the 22nd and 29th of De- cember the Wolverines met Indiana and Ohio State respectively in their first Big Ten matches of the 1945-4( season. Unfortunately, the Mai .e and Blue stalwarts lost both of these initial tilts. However 1 , on January 5, they bounced back to smash Illinois on the Yost Field House floor and, a week later, travelled to Chi- cago to overwhelm the Maroons. Northwestern got the better of Michigan ' s crew at Evanston but, the week following saw the Wolverines cek out a sweet revenge over the Wildcats in Ann Arbor. On January 21, Indiana swamped Michigan for the second time, but Ohio State was less fortunate on the 2( th. Wisconsin and Illinois, playing on their home courts, bested the visiting Mai e and Blue squad on February second and ninth respectively. The Wolverines finished up the season with two victories, however, decisively trouncing Wisconsin and Chicago on the Yost Field House floor. Tip-off! Prelude to Northwestern ' s defeat. 149 Bob Harrison (30) and three Wildcats leap for the ball under North western ' s basket. Three of the varsity five . . . Top: Pete Elliott sparkplug guard Center: Glen Selbo, who placed ninth in Big Ten scoring Bottom: Bob Harrison, stellar freshman forward Head basketball coach Bennie Oosterbaati, assistant coach. Bill Barclay, and trainer, Ray Roberts were mainly responsible for whipping Michigan ' s cage squad into shape. Under their direc- tion the Wolverines developed into a well-rounded, balanced quintet with emphasis on team play, not individual performance. However, the varsity five was composed of men who were stars in their own right, as well as good team men. At the forwards were John Mullaney and Bob Harrison. Dave Strack and Pete Elliott handled the guard berths, and Glen Selbo took care of the center position. Mullaney played on the 1944-45 squad, and was the only return- ing letterman to hold down a permanent starting berth. His set shot was deadly and he was noted for his ball handling. Bob Harrison. Mullaiiey ' s fellow-forward, earned a varsity berth though only a freshman recently graduated from high school in Toledo. Although he lacked collegiate experience Harrison more than held his own in Big Ten play. Dave Strack had played guard on the 1942-43 Wolverine squad before entering the service, and showed, by his performances, that he had lost non e of his old form. Pete Elliott, who also played varsity football and golf, earned the reputation of being the team ' s sparkplug, and Glen Selbo was Michigan ' s big scoring threat, annexing top individual honors on the team. ISO Over 50 candidates for the tennis team turned out lor the winter warmup sessions on the paddle ball courts of the Intra- mural Building. With the coming of warm weather regular practice was switched to the outdoor tennis courts. T E n n i s Alter limbering up on the hard wood courts of the Sports Building, Michigan ' s tennis squad began more vigorous practice sessions out- doors in the early part of April, preparing for the initial contest of the season with Michigan State on April 2-1. With a record breaking number of hopefuls seeking berths on the ' -16 juggernaut, Coach Leroy Weir had to release over half of the candidates, making his final decision on the basis of an intra-squad tournament. Chosen for the number one singles spot was Jack Hersh, letter winner from last year ' s team, followed by Bill Mikulich who won freshman numerals while playing on the 1942 team. In the number third and fourth slots were Fred Wellington and Dean McClusky. While Paul Schoenblaub and Jack Evans alternated in the fifth position, with Jack Evans rounding out the singles players. Teaming up for the Wolverine double combinations were Hersh and Wellington in the top slot, with Mikulick and Evans combining to fill the number two doubles twosome. McClusky and Schoenlaub paried for the Maize and Blue ' s third combination. With 16 contests on the ' 46 docket, the Wolverine racketeers face a tough schedule in their attempt to capture their second consecutive Conference crown. After the opening match with the Spartans, Weir ' s charges then encounter their first Big Ten opponents when they take on Purdue and Indiana, followed by tilts with Wayne, Illinois, and Western Michigan. The Wolverines next meet four Conference teams when they have successive matches with Chicago, Northwestern, Ohio State and Minnesota. The final contests of the season are with Kalama oo. Michigan State, and Notre Dame, ending the seasons play with the Conference Championship matches. LeRoy Weir, Wolverine tennis coach, whose teams have captured Big Ten crowns in 1941, 1944, and 1945. 151 Wally Grant, the speedy Wolverine forward, shoots the puck past Minnesota ' s goalie. Duff McDonald, in the second tilt of the two game series at the Coliseum. Michigan triumphed, 9-4. H C K E Michigan ' s hockey team campaign lor the 1945-46 season certainly proved to be the most outstanding year since hockey became a varsity sport at the University in 1921. Coach Vic Heyliger ' s charges downed their first 1 1 opponents to ring up an all time record. Two victories over the University of Minnesota sextet were included in this winning streak, which brought an end to the Gopher domination over the Wolverine puck squads. Then the Maize and Blue pucksters encountered the Univer- sity of Toronto and the Wolverines encountered their first set- backs. Undoubtedly Toronto had the best sextet in collegiate ranks, but Michigan put up quite a battle before it lost to the Canadian club. Maize and Blue pucksters crashed their oppo- nents nets 168 times to rack up another record. During one game the Wolverines tallied 16 goals, five of them coming within four minutes and 16 seconds which is about tops in anybody ' s league. Wingman Al Renfrew established a new mark by out skating the opposition to tally twice within the short span of seven seconds. Ending their season in a fitting way. the Wolverines took a double win from Michigan Tech at the Coliseum and established a total of 17 wins in 25 games. It was the longest and most hazardous year in Michigan hockey history, but the Mai e and Blue pucksters certainly earned their reputation as one of the top American college hockey squads. Yes, Coach Vic Heyliger and the members of the 1945-46 Michi- gan hockey team have a right to feel proud of their record. Gord MacMillan took top scoring honors for the Maize and Blue sextet with 59 points which was good enough to erase Coach Vic Heyliger ' s old mark of 47 made during the 1937-38 season. 152 Tending the Gopher nets. Duff McDer- mid gives the " Old College Try " as he tries to block a Michigan marker. The Minnesota goalie found the going tough in the two game series at the Coliseum, with the Wolverine puck- sters winning both tilts by scores of 5-2 and 9-4. It was the first time in eight years that a Minnesota puck squad had been defeated on Michigan ice. Left to Right: Al Renfrew and Bill Jacobson, Maize and Blue forwards, and Chet Kuznier de- fenseman, proved valuable as- sets to Michigan ' s hockey team as it had its best season in Wol- verine hockey history. 153 Because of past experience, Heini Kessler was elected to lead the ' 46 Wolverine swim squad. s I IDG ' For the swimming charges of Coach Matt Mann, Ohio State spelled trouble. Up to the final meet, the Big Ten Conference championship, at Minneapolis. Michigan ' s tanksters had submerged five teams while losing only two, one to Great Lakes 43-41 in the opener and the other to Ohio State, 57-27. The Wolverines couldn ' t keep pace with the well bal- anced Buckeye squad as they came in second in the Con- ference championship, 75-38. Top scorer for the Maize and Blue was Matt Mann III who took second place in the 220 and 440 yard freestyle races. It was Mann ' s first loss of the year in the latter race. Later in the season OSU again outsplashed Michigan in the NCAA show, and again the younger Mann stood out for his team by finish- ing second in the 1,500 meter. In chalking up six wins against Wayne, Purdue, Michigan State, Great Lakes, and Minnesota the Wolverines set three new pool records. A freshmen freestyle relay squad com- posed of Dave Tittle, Matt Mann III, Charley Moss, and Dick Weinberg churned the 440 in 1:33.8 in the Purdue clash. Against Wayne, the 300 yard medley trio of Bob Mailers, Bob Sohl, and Charley Fries and the 400 yard freestyle relay quartet of Charley Moss, Dick Weinberg, Matt Mann III, and Charley Fries broke old pool records. In addition, other capable performers were Michigan ' s divers, Alex Canja, Gil Evans, and Ralph Trimborne. Coach Matt Mann in his long reign at Michigan has turned out some top- notch teams, and many individual stars. Among the freshmen freestyle speedsters this year was his son. Matt Mann III. Dick Weinberg, 17-year-old sensa- tion, who stamped himself as one oi the coming great free-stylers of the country. He anchored the rec- ord breaking 440-yard relay team, and placed third in the NCAA 100- yard ireestyle race. Left to right: Alex Canja . . . three year veteran diver who placed third in the Big Ten meet and fourth in the NCAA, and is the Michigan NAAU high diving champ. Gil Evans . . . NAAU junior high diving champ, runner-up in the N C A A meet, and third in the Conference meet. Ralph Trimborne . . . rounds out the " Big Three " of diving for Michigan ' s 1945-46 aquatic squad. He ranked fourth and fifth in the NCAA and Conference meets re- spectively. Ed Stone and Will Metcalf prepar- ing to shove off in a 150-yard back- stroke race in the Sport ' s Building pool. Metcali also swam on the 300-yard medley relay team. 155 First row, leit to right: Julian Witherspoon, Richard Barnard, Robert Hume, Ross Hume, team captain, and Richard Forrestel. Second row, left to right: Archie Parsons, Robert Mann, Orval Johnson, George Sheperd, and Robert Thomason. Michigan thinclads holding the spoils oi their four relay victories at the Penn Relays, which tied the mark for winning relays formerly held by Pittsburgh for this 50-year old meet. T R R C K " Too much Illinois " might well summarize the 1945-46 track season which saw Michigan evicted from its Big Ten throne after a three year lease. The Wolverines missed their fourth straight title by two-thirds of a point when the fighting Illini squeezed through to a 57i to 56s at the University of Chi- cago Field House on March 8. The Maize and Blue came down to the last event, the mile relay, leading by % of a point, but the Champaign quartet sped to a 20 yard victory and the Big Ten Championship. Coach Ken Doherty ' s theory of team balance garnered some measure of revenge two weeks later when it brought a : ] : , triumph over Illinois in the Purdue Relays. Track Coach Kenneth Doherty, who, in his eight years as head coach, has come to the fore as one of the leading track mentors in the country. Michigan ' s nemesis was back again as the Orange and Black of Illinois dominated the Chicago Relays. Earlier in the season Illinois had won a dual meet here with Doherty ' s charges by two- thirds of a point to give a preview of what was to come. Aside from the Illinois jinx, Michigan sped to triangular triumphs in meets with Michigan State and Notre Dame, and Purdue and Ohio State. Outstanding stars in the Wolverine Milky Way of Cindermen were Herb Barten, Chuck Birdsall, and Chuck Fonville. Barten was Big Ten half-mile champ, Birdsall the two-mile titleholder, and Fonville set a new Purdue Relays freshman shot-put record of 50 ft. 5 s inches. High jumper Bob Harris. former Air Force captain, who was runner-up for the 1946 Indoor Conference High Jump Championship. 157 The 1945-46 Michigan wrestling team . . . Top Row Forrest Jordan, Ward Petterson, George Chiames, Coach Cliif Keen. Captain Bill Courtright, Dan Dworsky, and Manager John Dreifus. Second Row John Allred, Maurice Smith, Dale Richardson, Art Clements, Dick Kopel, and Wayne Smith. UJ R E S I li I G Highlighting the wrestling season was the return of Coach Cliff Keen, who resumed his duties as mentor of the matmen after serving over three years in the Navy. Keen was greeted by 60 grapplers who were out for spots on the 1946 varsity team. Having to cut i he- squad, the Wolverine mat coach held several intra-squad matches to determine who would (ill the start- ing berths. Drawing top spots for the opening tilt against Indiana were Jim Stark, John Allred, Dale Richardson, Wayne Smith, Bill Courtright, George Chiames, and Dan Dworsky. It wasn ' t a glorious way for Michi- igan to start the season, as the Maize and Blue wrestlers were defeated, 18-8. But the following week at Ann Arbor the Wolverine grapplers retaliated by downing Purdue, 17-11. The Boilermakers were the 1944 Big Ten champs and met the Wolverines with a team comprised of several letterwinners, but Keen ' s charges outplayed their rivals to take their initial triumph of the season. The following week at Madison, Michigan took on the Wisconsin wrestlers and won their second straight contest. Two falls were earned in this meet, going to Courtright and Stu Snyder. But, when Michigan faced Illinois in quest of its third consecutive victory, the Wolverine grapplers were stymied and dropped the encounter, 19-9. Michigan ' s mat team ended the season by taking its last three matches, winning over Michigan State, Ohio State, and Northwestern. " Corky " Courtright brought two titles to the Wolv- erine mat squad as he captured the Big Ten and NCAA crowns in the 155 Ib. class. 158 " Oh, my aching back! " Two Wolverine grapplers get into shape for a forthcoming match. BHSEBHIili Prospects were encouraging tor Coach Ray Fisher ' s baseball nine this spring for the Wolverines to retain their Big Ten title and also extend their victory string which had run to 20 games. Not since the opener in the 1945 season had the Maize and Blue tasted defeat. Over 130 prospects turned out for the diamond sport in early practices and Coach Fisher had veterans available to fill every position. The squad ' s roster was topped with the best talent in Michigan history, and the biggest problem was to find enough work for the various players. Earl Block, Bliss Bowman, " Pro " Boim, Clilf Wise, Dick Bodycombe, and Dick Savage, all previous letter-winners, rounded out the mound staff. Michigan ' s attack at the plate was expected to be led by power hitters Elmer Swanson, Bob Nussbaumer, and Jack Weisenberger. Infield spots will probably find Tom Rosema on first, Oom Tomasi at second, and Don Robinson and Walt Kell filling the short stop and third base positions. Nussbaumer, Weisenberger, and Bob Chapptiis were expected to roam the outer gardens for the Maize and Blue nine. All in all it looked like another successful season for the Michigan baseball team, and many observers prophesied that it would be the outstanding college squad in the country. Gunning ior its third straight Big Ten title, Michigan ' s base- ball squad began brushing up on the fundamentals of the game early this season. Coach Ray Fisher put his charges through strenuous batting and fielding sessions in prepara- tion ior the official cry oi " Play Ball. " Ray Fisher opened his 26th year as chiei mentor oi the Wolverine nine. With several iormer varsity players back, it looks as ii the Wolverine ' s diamond mentor is in ior an- other successful year. INTRAMURAL SPORTS ,0. ' " Up. Up a little bit higher, " is the thsms song ol this PEM class. Nothing like having a good still workout! 160 -CLUB WALLY TENINGA, Football BOB THOMASON, Track FRANK KERN, Football ARCHIE PARSONS, Track JOHN INGERSOLL, Track CHARLES BIRDSALL, Track GEORGE CHIAMES, Football- Wrestling WAYNE GLAS, Track BILL MATNEY, Track ED McNEILL, Football DON HERSHBERGER, Football TONY MOMSEN, Football JOHN MULLANEY, Basketball BOB NUSSBAUMER, Football- Baseball DAVE STRACK, Basketball ELMER SWANSON, Baseball-Track BILL COURTWRIGHT, Wrestling- Golf PHIL MARCELLUS, Golf ROSS HUME, Track CHUCK PINNEY, Track 161 ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN, President 164 BOARD OF REGENTS Top: B. P. BRIGGS; C. S. KENNEDY, Regent; R. A. HAYWARD, Regent; J. J. HERBERT, Re- gent; H. G. KIPKE, Regent; A. B. CONNABLE, JR.. Regent; M. L. NIEHUSS; H. G. WATKINS. Seated: S. BISHOP, Regent; DR. ADAMS, Provost; A. RUTHVEN. President; V. B. BAITS. Regent; O. E. ECKERT, Regent. Serving as a contact between the University and the state legislature, the eleven members of the Board of Regents determine and guide the policy of Michigan. The Board controls funds and directs expenditures in accordance with legislative appropriations. In addition, it sets up the University calendar to conform to state requirements. Originally the office of regent was an ap- pointive position, but ever since 1852 members have been elected by popular vote of the people of the state, two regents being selected at each biannual election to hold office for an eight year term. As a governing body, the Board of Regents has kept the University free from direct control of the state legisla- ture, and has made possible the continuance of a consistent policy in educa- tion. The Board has a broad outlook on University needs and has capably per- formed its job as administrative heads of Michigan. 165 il Below: University Hall, the " home " of many officers in the Ad- ministrative department of the University of Michigan. It is here that much of the work to insure a successful year was car- ried out. This year was one of the most difficult for Michigan, due to the fourteen thousand students who had to be housed and fed. Besides those necessary functions, the administration must supervise the scholastic affairs and extra-curricular activities of the entire campus. It is they who make it possible for the stu- dents to pursue their daily school life without unnecessary inter- ruption and confusion, who keep the machinery of Michigan, with its many intricacies, running smoothly. Every type of prob- lem comes up, from the out-of-state student ban to the making out of eligibility lists, and all are handled with the efficiency and speed that insures Michigan its high place among all universities. CHARLES T. OLMSTEAD Assistant Dean of Students MARVIN L. NIEHUSS Vice President oi the University ADMINISTRATION WALTER B. REA Assistant Dean of Students ALICE C. LLOYD Dean of Women JOSEPH A. BURSLEY Dean oi Students iSS - ' - ROBERT P. BRIGGS Vice President IRA M. SMITH Registrar HERBERT G. WATKINS Secretary and Assistant Vice President 167 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION WALTER G. KIRKBRIDE T. HAWLEY TAPPING ROBERT O. MORGAN MRS. LUCILE B. CONGER Executive Officers WALTER G. KIRKBRIDE President PETER VAN DOMELEN. JR Vice-President JOEL M. BARNES Vice-President OSCAR A. EBERBACH Treasurer T. HAWLEY TAPPING General Secretary Editor of " The Michigan Alumnus " ROBERT O. MORGAN Council Secretary Assistant General Secretary MRS. LUCILLE B. CONGER. .Executive Secretary of Alumnae Council Board of Directors Walter G. Kirkbride. ' 001, President. Hickok Oil Company. Toledo. Ohio. President. Peter Van Domelen, Jr.. ' 22e, Manufacturers ' Representative. lohnstone Van Domelen. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Vice-President. Joel M. Barnes. ' OSe, g ' 05- ' 06. Retired Textile Engineer, Newton Centre. Massachusetts. Vice-President Oscar A. Eberbach, ' 06, e ' 02- ' 05, Manufacturing Pharmacist, Ann Arbor. Michigan, Treasurer. Don T. Hastings, ' 07e, Consulting Engineer. Detroit. Michigan. Emory I. Hyde, ' 041. Retired, Ann Arbor. Michigan. R. Spencer Bishop, ' 08, e ' 05- ' 06. Banker, Flint, Michigan. Christian F. Matthews, ' 19. ' 211, Attorney, Ml. Clemens. Michigan. Judge Paul Jones, ' 051, LL.M.(Hon.) ' 32, Federal Judge, Cleveland, Ohio. Thomas S. Hammond, 1 ' 03- ' 06. President, Whiting Corporation, Harvey, Illinois. Shirley W. Smith. ' 97, A.M 00. LL.D.(Hon.) ' 45, Vice-President of the University (retired), Ann Arbor, Michigan. Paul S. Bigby, ' 31e, g ' 31- ' 32. Engineer, U. S. Rubber Company, Detroit. Michigan. Harry B. Culbertson, ' 06e, Contractor, Detroit. Michigan. Mrs. Marion McPherson Fead, ' IS. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Mrs. Mildred Zoller Wiersema, A.M. ' 28, Tucson, Arizona. Mrs. Nellie Rice Roberts. ' 99. East Grand Rapids. Michigan. Mrs. Elizabeth Nutt Potter. ' 28. Ann Arbor. Michigan. Edward N. Kendall, ' 17e, Engineer, Bell Telephone Company, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. Horace W. Mitchell, ' 13, District Sales Manager, The MacGillis Gibbs Co., Columbus. O. Harold V. Maurer, ' 26arch, Architect, South Bend. Indiana. Wyeth Allen, ' 15e, Management Engineer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. John S. Howland, ' 34, ' 371. Attorney, Des Moines, Iowa. Clem F. Storckman, ' 221, Attorney, St. Louis. Missouri. Robert A. May. ' 34. ' 361. Attorney, Tucson, Arizona. Joseph V. Brady, ' 26. Vice-President, The Citizens ' Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Howell, Michigan. Joseph C. Hooper, ' 231, ' 18-21, Attorney. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Roland J. Sanregret, ' 22d, ' 17- ' 18. Dentist. Negaunee, Michigan. Alfred H. Syverson, ' 01. g ' Ol ' 02. Advertiser (retired), Spokane, Washington. 168 Relaxing with a BOOK between classes. Ladies and gentlemen- How can these students look so happy when they ' re LEAVING classes? BUREAU OF APPOINTMENTS DR. T. LUTHER PURDOM, Director Under the direction of Dr. Purdom, the University Bureau of Appointments and Occupa- tional Information carries out a varied and extensive program in occupational guidance and job placement. The Bureau aids students, alumni and veterans in making vocational choices, occupational adjustments and job placements for which they are best suited. The Bureau, through its nation-wide contacts with business concerns, industrial organizations, govern- ment agencies and educational institutions, has been of real assistance to Michigan veterans by placing them in occupations where they had the best opportunities for success and hap- piness, and in the geographic locations they preferred. GUIDANCE DIVISION attempts to assist an individual in solving his vocational prob- lems by helping him find the right use for his abilities, skills, interests and personality traits in the vocation for which he is best suited. Through its extensive up-to-date occupational information reading files the person can get a complete picture of the vocations he is consid- ering as a life career. TEACHER PLACEMENT DIVISION aids seniors, alumni and veterans in securing first positions and later promotions in teaching jobs in nursery school, elementary grades, high school, and college. The Bureau also places many alumni in supervisory and administrative positions in academic, vocational, and technical schools both public and private throughout the United States, Alaska, Hawaii and the countries of South America as well as many other countries around the world Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and as exchange teachers to the United Nations. 170 GENERAL PLACEMENT DIVISION aids seniors, alumni and veterans to secure jobs of all kinds outside of teaching. The diversity in jobs filled includes, Airplane hostess, operations planning and engine maintenance Machine and bridge designers Research Chemists and physicists Department store merchandising training programs Municipal, state and national civil service Accountant, statistician and actuarial work Editing and reporting for company papers and magazines Red Cross and social service agencies Public health nurse, sanitation engineer Laboratory Technician Dental Hygienist Sales work general and technical Advertising copyright and layout man SUMMER PLACEMENT. The Bureau has also developed a summer placement service which has proved invaluable to the many students desiring work in summer camps, resort hotels, dude ranches, and other types of vacation jobs. Right: U. of M. seniors being interviewed for airplane hostess and reservation clerk by air- plane company representative. Below, left: Dr. Purdom counsels with two vet- erans about job opportunities in Business and Public Health fields. Below, right: Superintendent offers contract to new teacher. 171 LITERARY Dean Keniscon came to the University of Michigan in 1940 as Chairman of the De- partment of Romance Languages, holding that office until March, 1945, when he was appointed Dean of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. He has also been Pro- fessor of Romance Languages here during this period. He served as Cultural Relations Attach in the American Embassy, Buenos Aires, from 1942 to 1944, on leave of absence from the University. Before coming to the University of Michigan, Dean Keniston served as Professor of Spanish Language at the University of Chicago for fifteen years, was Dean of the Graduate School at Cornell University for two years, and taught in the Department of Romance Languages of that institution for a number of years. Prior to that he was an Instructor in Romance Lan- guages at Harvard College, where he received his A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. Dean Keniston has been most interested in providing a staff [or an increasing number of students, in de- veloping a more adequate system of counsel- in " lor the student body, and in planning a curriculum that will prepare the students to take their place in society. DEAN: Hayward Keniston Meet you under the clock. Or maybe we ' ll take time out for a smoke. 1946 GLASS OFFICERS PATRICIA BARRETT President BETTY VAUGHAN Vice-President PAUL JOHN Secretary JEAN ATHAY Treasurer ANNOUNCEMENTS Margaret Carroll. Chairman JoAnn Bush. Chairman Martha Allen Martha Bradshaw Suzanne Curtis Mary Edison Samuel Emmons Douglas James Greta Lee Kranz Frances Popkins Virginia Stone CAPS AND GOWNS Emily Knapp, Chairman Harriet Jackson Marian Jones Betty Raymond Adah Ruble Donald Westfall FINANCE Glenn White. Chairman Patricia Bicard Patricia Daniels Ramon Dixon Virginia Garret! Evelyn Horelick Edna Kennedy Carol Manchester Elizabeth Moore Kathryn Penix SENIOR BALL Richard Ford, Chairman Patricia Abel Rita Auer Bliss Bowman Carmelita Fisher Jean Gaffney Virginia Garrett Robert Goldman Thomas Hayes Norma Johnson Gloria McElroy Robert Morrison Margery Wilson 176 VARSITY DEBATE Top Row: Richard Cortright; David Datcher; Joseph Crafton; Dr. Charles W. Lomas. Front Row: David Wagner; Anne Sugar; Harriet Risk; Betty Lou Bid well; Archie Carmichael. The Varsity Debate club is organized and sponsored by the Speech department of the University to give students experience in debating, discussion groups, and symposium speaking. This past year the club has participated in at least fifty engagements, including Inter-collegiate Debate Contest; Symposiums before au- diences of Rotary clubs, Women ' s clubs. Churches and Schools. Twenty-seven people participated, and were picked both from speech classes and from the De- bate society itself. They spoke on seven subjects; two debateable issues, compul- sory military training and free trade, and five symposium topics, the Far East, Race Relations, Labor and Management, Russia, and What the Veteran Wants. The organization plans to extend its programs to outside audiences in the future. 177 il ZETA PHI ETA Top Row: Patricia Beatty; Jean Raine; Jean Westerman; Mary Ellen Wood; Flor- ence Underwood; Patricia Hays; Betty Bloomquist; Patricia Owen; Mary Bronson. Row 2: Harriet Risk, Marshall; Mary Bat tie. Treasurer; Joyce Siegan, President; Ethel Isenberg, Vice-President; Miriam McLaughlin, Secretary; Ruth Kowalsky. Bottom Row: Patricia Picard; Sere Shep- ard; Marilyn Rundles; Glenna Barratta; Dorothy Murzak; Annette Chaiken. Missing: Carol McCormick; Carolyn Street; Shirley Sickles; Margery Crumpacker. FRENCH I LUB Shirley Schwartz, President; Stanislaus Galozewski, Vice President; Pamela Wrench, Secretary; David G. Brodman. Treasurer; Charles E. Koella, Director; H. E. Williams, E. Diamant, M. Pruden, Charles Gibson, R. D. Miles, L. Perreault, B. A. Hazelton, R. F. Jiife. A. D. Martin, F. M. Slosson, M. L. Stegner, E. Rettew, I. Gross, T. E. Shea, R. Sammet, M. Voigts- berger, E. Badurian, M. Torossian, Sally MuUer, Veryle Kinsel, Sally Ware, Pat Stanford, Theodore Morris, M. Turhan, Kemal Tanaqlu, Sally Wilcox, Elias Cham las, Lucie Fink, Warren Yates, Helen I. Gould, E. Sami Turan, Shirley Weemholi, T. I. Fulton, Oslan Kobsal, R. A. Galusow- ski, Cornelia Kinne, George C. Smith, Jack Jensen. Robert Dumm, Rosemond Busby, Helen I. Freed. Roy N. VanNote, Robert Watron, A. LaRocque. M. Corpron, H. A. VanDyke, M. B, Bris, G. Dennroig, Fer- nando Valenie, E. Putter, Ethel Lester, Chris Story. Lois Juengel, Muriel Davis, Margery Robinson, Melody Damon, Marlyn Austin, Inez Zelznick, James Thompson, John Waller, R. Cart-wright, June Eisner, Janet Transue, Bella Selummel, Jean Lan zon. Burton Gavitt. Gayle, Resnick, Delores Lagich, Fred C. Seeqert. W. J. Tomasini, Louis Calfin. 178 s PANISH bLUB c Top Row: Lillian Dietrich; Louise Leckner; Mary Lloyd Benson; Helen David; Joan Krewin; Lynn Shapiro; Mary E. Gilmore; Audrey Enelow Jane De Maso; Rence Lichenstein; Rupert Coffey; Kenneth Dillon; Carolyn NewBerg; Jaime Cairo; Arthur Marinelli; Dolores Thomas; Jane Springer; Dorothy Fishman; Jane Taylor; Beverly Nowberg; Phillip Wittenberg. Row 4: William Derragon; Peggy Herold; Jean Kodish; Paula Zerman; Ruth Klein; Kathryn Dempsey; Janet Pease; Marty Dieifen- bacher; Dorothy Quick; Felicia Duvall Annette Frey; Doris Nash; Martha Rollins; Barbara Davenport; Elizabeth Woodward; Margaret Allen; Ruth Adair Humphrey; Connie Converse; Pat Stanford; Rosemary Conner; Julian B. Stern. Row 3: Anne Christmas; Dottie Ballantine; Mary Elvin; Shirley Koebel; Suzanne Kiser; Cecelia Teskey; Oswald Castro; Luis Palencia; Helena Dominguez; Senor E. A. Mercado, Director; Morris Bornstein, Treasurer; Lorna Fleming, Vice-president; Burton Gavitt, President; Bunny Brettschneider, Secretary; Edith M. A. Kovach; Helen E. Williams; Seymour Mark; Marion Elliott; Ann Terbrueggen; Ancisar Maiguer; Alfredo Riquelme; Carlos Forero; Alfredo Arias. Row 2: Phyllis Brooks; Audrey Coatse; Coramae Isgrig; Delores Knapp; Margery Roberts; Elizabeth Grathwohl; Anne D. Sugar; Roselyn Bernheim; Pat Wilson; Mary Margaret Walch; Florence Goldfinger; Charlotte Leach; Joyce Meengs; Mary Ellen Baker; Diana Reynol; Edward Anthony; Martha Tuck; Paul Hatcher; G. H. MacDougall. Bottom Row: Jo-an Kleyenberg; Natalie Wilson, Helen Marx; Mary J. Burton; Helen H. Schlotter; Rose Brimberry; Shirley Branson; Peggy Buckingham; Irene Clutter. La Sociedad Hispcinica La Sociedad Hispanica, sponsored by the Department of Romance Languages, whose faculty director is Sr. E. A. Mer- cado, is an organization for the encouragement of the study of Spanish among American students. In addition to a series of lectures in Spanish, several Mexican movies were presented, with the highlight of the year being the two comedies, " Ros- ina es Fragil " and " Las Codornices " , put on by the students. Weekly conversation groups met in the League for informal discussions of topics of interest. Last year, the Sociedad His- panica sent three exchange students to the University of Mex- ico Summer School and plans to include the University of Havana in the future. 179 " BETTY L. ABBOTT, A.B. in French West Orange, New Jersey PATRICIA R. ABDELL, A.B. in Sociology Syracuse, New York JEAN F. ADAMS, A.B. in English Mount Clemens, Michigan ZABELLE D. ADROUNIE, A.B. in Speech Hastings, Michigan STEFANIA ALBRECHT, A.B. in French Detroit, Michigan JEAN D. ALESSANDRINI, A.B. in History. .Grand Rapids, Michigan AILEEN C. ALLEN, A.B. in Social Work San Diego, California JOY L. ALTMAN, A.B. in Psychology New York, New York HELEN E. ALPERT, A.B. in Social Work Watertown, New Jersey ANNETTE P. ANDERSON, A.B. in Geography . . . Bay City, Michigan CAROL M. ANDERSON, A.B. in Political Science Western Springs, Illinois LEILA M. ANDERSON, B.S. in Chemistry Park Ridge, Illinois ELIZABETH APPEL, A.B. in Philosophy Detroit, Michigan JEANNE R. ARBOGAST, A.B. in Anthropology Western Springs, Illinois JANE ARCHER, A.B. in Speech Duluth, Minnesota JANE E. ARNER, A.B. in Anthropology Three Rivers, Michigan KATHRYN E. ATKINSON, A.B. in Journalism Grosse Pointe, Michigan ELAINE AUERBACH, A.B. in Economics Chicago, Illinois PHYLLIS E. BABCOCK, A.B. in Music Alma, Michigan ELAINE O. BAILEY, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Michigan GEORGE A. BAILEY, B.S. in Chemistry .... Grand Rapids, Michigan CHARLOTTE F. BAILIT, B.S. in Zoology .... Brochton, Massachusetts HELEN E. BALDWIN, A.B. in Social Science Lansing, Michigan RUTHANN BALES, A.B. in Mathematics Shaker Heights, Ohio LILLIAS D. BALLENTINE, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Michigan ANNIS M. BANDFIELD, A.B. in Sociology Portland, Michigan LOIS BARKER, A.B. in English Chicago, Illinois VIRGINIA M. BARR, B.S. in Mathematics Corning, New York PATRICIA J. BARRETT, A.B. in Sociology Newberry, Michigan ROBERT M. BARRIE, A.B. in Political Science Grand Rapids, Michigan LOIS A. BASSETT, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Michigan SYBIL J. BAUM, A.B. in English Brooklyn, New York BARBARA A. BAXTER, A.B. in English Grosse Pointe, Michigan PATRICIA N. BEATTY, A.B. in Speech Three Rivers, Michigan BETTY A. BECK, A.B. in Geography Fredonia, New York MARGARET P. BEDFORD, B.S. in Zoology Flushing, Michigan 180 BLANCHE W. BELL, B.S. in Physics Alberquerque, New Mexico MARY A. BERGER, A.B. in English Jackson, Michigan MARGARET A. BERRY, A.B. in Education Ann Arbor, Michigan MARJORIE A. BILLMEIER, A.B. in Latin Saginaw, Michigan BARBARA A. BINGHAM, A.B. in Zoology Detroit, Michigan GLADYS M. BIRNBAUM, A.B. in English . . New Britain, Connecticut BERNICE BLAUFARB, A.B. in Political Science Poughkeepsie, Ne w York BETTY L. BLOMQUIST, A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Michigan IRMA G. BLUESTEIN, A.B. in English Literature Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts BETTE G. BOAS, A.B. in Political Science Chicago, Illinois MARILYN BOTHMAN, A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Michigan LEDAS J. BOTT, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Michigan MARTHA L. BRADSHAW, A.B. in English . . Grand Rapids, Michigan DOROTHY M. BRODY, A.B. in Sociology Brooklyn, New York MARY P. BRONSON, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Michigan PAULA T. BROWER, A.B. in English Holland, Michigan JANE L. BROWN, A.B. in Psychology Chicago, Illinois PATRICIA P. BROWN, A.B. in Spanish Ann Arbor, Michigan JOANNE BRUNDIDGE, B.S. in Chemistry Lansing, Michigan MARCIA BRY, A.B. in French Elberon, New Jersey MILTON BUDYK, B.S. in Mathematics Detroit, Michigan NAOMI A. BUEHLER, B.S. in Zoology Toledo, Ohio M. JOANN BUSH, B.S. in Geology South Bend, Indiana KATHRYN J. BURTON, A.B. in Education Detroit, Michigan MARIETTA CAMERON, A.B. in English Detroit, Michigan MARY P. CAMERON, A.B. in English Wayne, Michigan DOROTHY L. CAMPBELL, A.B. in English Detroit, Michigan ELIZABETH A. CAMPBELL, A.B. in Chemistry Ann Arbor, Michigan LI RARY SENIORS NANCY E. CAMPBELL, A.B. in Sociology Highland Park, Michigan H. PORTER CAPPS, A.B. in English Jacksonville, Illinois MARY E. CARNEY, A.B. in English Bath, Maine MARGARET B. CARROLL, B.S. in Mathematics Maplewood, New Jersey MARY A. CARTER, A.B. in History Belmont, Massachusetts ANNETTE CHAIKIN, A.B. in Speech Gary, Indiana LILA E. CHAJAGE, A.B. in Economics Atlanta, Georgia JUDITH S. CHAYES, A.B. in English Chicago. Illinois 181 SARA G. DIEKEMA, A.B. in History Holland, Michigan RAMON B. DIXON, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Michigan MARILYN J. DONALDSON, A.B. in French . . . San Mateo, California JOYCE DONEN, A.B . in Speech Rye, New York ANN E. DONNELLY, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Michigan MARILYN T. DOOLEY, B.S. in Chemistry Boston, Massachusetts HELEN L. DOUGLAS, A.B. in Sociology. . . .Grosse Pointe, Michigan RIKA G. DREWES, A.B. in English Rochester, Michigan MATILDA CHERNOTSKY, A.B. in Russian Linden, New Jersey VIRJEAN M. CHESKY, B.S. in Chemistry Crystal Falls, Michigan MARGARET A. CHRIST, A.B. in Spanish Adrian, Michigan RHEA M. CHRISTIAN, A.B. in Spanish Oak Park, Illinois IRENE M. CLUTTER, A.B. in Spanish Bay City, Michigan JEANNE S. COCKBURN, A.B. in Journalism. . .Wyandotte, Michigan MARY E. COLLER, A.B. in Botany Snover, Michigan LOIS A. COLLINS, A.B. in Geography Detroit, Michigan HELEN E. COLTON, A.B. in History Indiana, Pennsylvania DOROTHY J. CONGO, A.B. in Sociology Northville, Michigan CATHERINE COOK, A.B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Michigan MARGARET COOK, A.B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Michigan BETTY L. COOLEY, A.B. in Sociology Highland Park, Michigan GERALD COOLEY, B.S. in Zoology Jackson, Michigan JUSTIN H. CORCORAN, A.B. in Political Science Penn Yan, New York ELLEN E. COUTCHIE, A.B. in Psychology Muskegon, Michigan NORMA C. CRAWFORD, A.B. in English Detroit, Michigan ELLEN J. CULBERTSON, A.B. in Sociology Jackson, Michigan FRANCES CULBERTSON, A.B. in Chemistry Goshen, Indiana JULIA I. CULLIGAN, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Michigan SUZANNE CURTIS, A.B. in Psychology Highland Park, Illinois PATRICIA M. DANIELS, B.S. in Mathematics Birmingham, Michigan DOROTHY A. DARE, A.B. in Sociology Maplewood, New Jersey HARRY W. DAUM, A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Michigan DOROTHY H. DAVIS, A.B. in Library Science Grand Rapids, Michigan BETTY K. DEKORNE, A.B. in English Grand Rapids, Michigan RUTH A. DENHERDER, A.B. in French Grand Rapids, Michigan JOSEPH A. DIANA, JR., A.B. in History . . . New Castle, Pennsylvania 182 MARGIE DUBINSKY, A.B. in Sociology Ishpeming, Michigan RUTH E. DUELL, A.B. in Sociology Fort Wayne, Indiana PATRICIA A. DUFFY, A.B. in Psychology .... Grand Haven, Michigan ANITA DUMONT, A.B. in Sociology Flint, Michigan MARIAN E. DUNLAP, A.B. in Sociology Wayne, Michigan SARAH LEE DUNN, A.B. in Speech .Detroit, Michigan JANET B. EDGAR, A.B. in English Ferndale, Michigan MARY E. EDISON, A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Michigan PHYLLIS R. EGGLETON, B.S. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Michigan ALBERT ELIAS, A.B. in Sociology Brooklyn, New York E. MARION ELLIOT, A.B. in Spanish Munising, Michigan MARJORIE B. ELMER, A.B. in History Dearborn, Michigan JUNE E. ELSNER, A.B. in French Wauwatosa, Wisconsin MARY A. ELVIN, A.B. in English Frostburg, Maryland SAM E. EMMONS, A.B. in History Chevy Chase, Maryland ESTELLE S. EPSTEIN, A.B. in Latin Bayonne, New Jersey PEARL EPSTEIN, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Michigan MARGARET M. FARMER, A.B. in Economics Flint, Michigan EVELYN FARQUAR, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Michigan MARILYN L. FEENBURG, A.B. in Speech Oklahoma City, Oklahoma JEAN FEERER, A.B. in Education Detroit, Michigan ALICE B. FINK, A.B. in English South Bend, Indiana CARMELITA R. FISHER, A.B. in Speech Kenmore, New York MARJORY R. FISHER, A.B. in Journalism. . . .Miami Beach, Florida LORA D. FLEMING, A.B. in Spanish Pittsford, New York RENEE FONTS, A.B. in History Carmel, California BETTY FOSBURG, B.S. in Zoology Lincoln Park, Michigan CAROL W. FRAMBURG, A.B. in Mathematics. .River Forest, Illinois T H A R Y SENIORS ANITA I. FRANZ, A.B. in History Chicago, Illinois EUNICE J. FRASER, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Michigan HELENE J. FREED, A.B. in Botany. . . .West Englewood, New Jersey BETTY FRIEDLANDER, A.B. in Political Science Bridgeport, Connecticut BARBARA S. FULLER, A.B. in Economics Hart, Michigan T. ZOE FULTON, A.B. in Chemistry York, Pennsylvania NANCY E. FURSTENBURG Ann Arbor, Michigan JEAN J. GAFFNEY, A.B. in Mathematics Cleveland Heights, Ohio 183 VIRGINIA R. GARRETT, A.B. in Sociology Syracuse, New York BERT D. CASTER, B.S. in Chemistry Brooklyn, New York JACQUELINE H. GATER, A.B. in Economics Farrell, Pennsylvania ROBERT G. GEIST Westfield, New Jersey BETTY B GINSBERG, A.B. in English Chicago, Illinois RAYMOND H. GLASSER, A.B. in Psychology Dearborn, Michigan FRANCES E. GOLDBERG, A.B. in Sociology. .Oil City, Pennsylvania SYDELLE GOLDSTEIN, A.B. in Political Science University Heights, Ohio JANIS GOODMAN, A.B. in History Detroit, Michigan SAM H. GOODMAN, A.B. in Letters and Law Detroit, Michigan ELEANOR A. GOODRICH, A.B. in English . . . Battle Creek, Michigan ANGELINE G.GOODWYN, A.B. in English Saginaw, Michigan PHYLLIS J. GORBUTT, A.B. in Geography Flint, Michigan PATRICIA H. GORDON Pontiac, Michigan PATRICIA R. GRACE, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Michigan VIVIAN E. GRADOLPH, A.B. in Geography Petersburg, Michigan OLIVE D. GRAVES, A.B. in Political Science Birmingham. Michigan GERALDINE GRAY Highland Park, Michigan PATRICIA A. GREEN, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Michigan NAOMI GREENBERGER, A.B. in Political Science. . . .Canton, Ohio WILLARD I. GREENWALD, A.B. in Mathematics and Science Woodmere, New York LILLIAN E. GRUNT, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Michigan DONA I. GUIMARAES, A.B. in English Dearborn, Michigan JUNE L. GUMERSON, A.B. in Political Science. . . .Detroit, Michigan BERNICE D. HALL, A.B. in Speech Hazel Park, Michigan PATRICIA M. HALLER, A.B. in English Literature . . . Flint, Michigan GRACE L. HANSEN, A.B. in History Detroit, Michigan D. JEAN HARVEY, B.S. in Chemistry. . . .North Muskegon, Michigan SEN ft S MARILYN R. HASELSWERDT, A.B. in English Rochester, Michigan AILEEN C. HASKELL, A.B. in Sociology Ferndale, Michigan LAVONNE HASLETT, A.B. in Sociology North East, Pennsylvania BARBARA L. HASTINGS, B.S. in Zoology . . . Schenectady, New York SHIRLEY E. HASTINGS, A.B. in English Southampton, Pennsylvania IRENE B. HAYES, B.S. in Zoology Middletown, Ohio MARY L. HEATH, A.B. in Journalism Dumont, New Jersey LAURA HECHT, A.B. in Political Science Shaker Heights, Ohio VIRGINIA M. HEETER, A.B. in English Akron, Ohio DORIS H. HEIDGEN, A.B. in Geography Lakewood, Ohio BETTY S. HENDEL, A.B. in Economics Wayzata, Minnesota FRANCES A. HENKIN, A.B. in Social Work. . . .Escanaba, Michigan BARBARA E. HERMAN, A.B. in Psychology Franklin Village, Michigan MARGARET T. HIETT, A.B. in English Lakewood, Ohio JEAN R. HILL, A.B. in Education Flint, Michigan PATRICIA Y. HILL, A.B. in French Phoenix, Arizona GRETCHEN L. HINE, A.B. in English Bay City, Michigan BARBARA HOATSON, A.B. in Sociology .... Western Springs, Illinois PRISCILLA J. HODGES, B.S Ann Arbor, Michigan MARGARET S. HODGSON, A.B. in Geography Ann Arbor, Michigan JANE E. HOFFBERGER, A.B. in Sociology. .. .Baltimore, Maryland EVELYN R. HORELICK, A.B. in Music Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania IRVING HOROWITZ, B.S. in Zoology Chicago, Illinois WILLIAM H. HOSSICK, B.S. in Psychology. . . .Ann Arbor, Michigan H. VIRGINIA HOYLER, A.B. in Psychology Escanaba, Michigan RICHARD N. HURD, B.S. in Chemistry Evanston, Illinois EDNA J. HYATT, A.B. in Psychology Canton, Ohio HARRIET C. JACKSON, A.B. in Chemistry. . .Oyster Bay, New York MARJORY S. JACKSON, A.B. in English Huntington Woods, Michigan LOUISE JACOBACCI, B.S. in Zoology Bayonne, New Jersey JUDITH A. JACOBS, A.B. in Social Work Detroit, Michigan DOUGLAS A. JAMES, B.S. in Zoology. .Huntington Woods, Michigan PRISCILLA C. JEAN, A.B. in Psychology New York, New York NANCY L. JEFFORD, A.B. in History Oak Park, Illinois DOROTHY A. JEFFERSON, A.B. in Sociology Highland Park, Michigan ELIZABETH D. JEWELL, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Michigan RARY SEN RS LAURA JOHNSON, A.B. in Social Work Ann Arbor, Michigan MARIAN L. JOHNSON, A.B. in French River Forest, Illinois NORMA A. JOHNSON, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Michigan MARIAN H. JONES, A.B. in Sociology Shaker Heights, Ohio RICHARD W. JONES, A.B. in Political Science St. Albans, New York LOIS M. JUENGEL, A.B. in French Rochester, Michigan EMIL J. KACZOR, B.S. in Physics Detroit, Michigan H. BETTY KAMENS, A.B. in English Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I 185 EDWARD P. KANE JR., B.S. in Zoology Hewlett, Long Island, New York LUCILLE G. KASSVAN, A.B. in Social Work . . . New York, New York GOLDIE KATZ, A.B. in Political Science Indianapolis, Indiana MARILYN G. KATZ, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Michigan ELEANOR C. KEEFE, A.B. in Political Science. . . .Detroit, Michigan PAULA S. KELLNER, A.B. in English Brooklyn, New York RUTHANN KENNEDY, A.B. in Economics Rochester, Michigan RAYMOND KILPELA, A.B. in Political Science Flint, Michigan ESTHER M. KINOSHITA, A.B. in Music Ann Arbor, Michigan BETTY KIPF Elyria, Ohio SUZANNE KISER, A.B. in Spanish Ann Arbor, Michigan GLORIA D. KISHPAUGH, A.B. in Spanish Adrian, Michigan GLADYS R. KISSIN, A.B. in Sociology Lynbrook, New York HELEN L. KLEIN, A.B. in Sociology Chicago, Illinois MARGUERITE E. KLOEPPEL, A.B. in Elementary Education Detroit, Michigan EMILY E. KNAPP, A.B. in Journalism Toledo, Ohio MARGARET K. KNAPP, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Michigan ROSEMARY KNOX, A.B. in Political Science Birmingham, Michigan SHIRLEY M. KOEBEL, A.B. in Geography . . Grosse Pointe, Michigan MARGARET H. KOHR, A.B. in Speech Correction Birmingham, Michigan LEONA M. KONDZIELA, B.S. in Mathematics and Science Walloon Lake, Michigan RUTH M. KOWALSKY, A.B. in Speech Utica, New York ARTHUR J. KRAFT, A.B. in Political Science. .New York, New York GRETA L. KRANZ, A.B. in English Evanston, Illinois E. EILEEN LAMMERS, A.B. in History Detroit, Michigan WILMA D. LANDAU, A.B. in Sociology Lincoln, Illinois MARY H. LANE, A.B. in History Saratoga Springs, New York PHYLLIS N. LAUFE, A.B. in Social Work . . Greensburg, Pennsylvania BY S E Rf ftS LEORA M. LAWERENZ FREDERICK E. LAYMON, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Michigan WILLIAM S. LAYTON, A.B. in English Johnstown, Pennsylvania CHARLES L. LEVIN, A.B. in Letters and Law Detroit, Michigan SHIRLEY R. LEVIN, B.S. in Chemistry Akron, Ohio BARBARA LEVINE, A.B. in Letters and Law La Porte, Indiana DORTHEA LEVINSON, B.S. in Chemistry. . . .Lakewood, New Jersey JOAN C. LINDSAY, A.B. in ' Political Science Escanaba, Michigan CHARLES J. LITTLE, A.B. in History Detroit, Michigan MARJORIE J. LITTLEFIELD, A.B. in Geography Delmar, New York HARRY LOBERMAN, B.S. in Physics Detroit, Michigan GAIL LOCKEN, A.B. in Zoology Temperance, Michigan CORRINE LONGSDORF, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Michigan MARTHA C. LOVETT, A.B. in Sociology Lynn, Massachusetts ELIZABETH J. LUDLUM, A.B. in Journalism. . . . St. Louis, Michigan ELEANOR C. LUNDBLAD, A.B. in English. .Bridgeport, Connecticut MARTHA M. LUNNY, A.B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Michigan GEORGE D. LUTZ, A.B. in Political Science Lapeer, Michigan JOAN R. LYNCH, A.B. in French Plainfield, New Jersey NORMA F. LYON, A.B. in English Worcester, Massachusetts FERN E. MACALLISTER, B.S. in Zoology Jackson, Michigan BARBARA W. MACDONALD, A.B. in Political Science St. Johnsbury, Vermont ELEANOR J. MACLAUGHLIN, A.B. in Geography . .Midland, Mich. JEAN M. MACMAIN, A.B. in Journalism Flint, Michigan CLAIRE M. MACAULAY, A.B. in Sociology Pontiac, Michigan NATALIE A. MAGUIRE, A.B. in Economics Lansing, Michigan LILLIAN F. MALISZEWSKI, A.B. in History Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan CAROLYN R. MANCHESTER, A.B. in Economics .... Portland, Me. HARRIET D. MANDA, B.S. in Zoology Gallup, New Mexico ELAINE J. MANN, A.B. in Economics Oak Park, Illinois HELEN M. MARAVICH, A.B. in Psychology Gary, Indiana JACOB MARGOLIS, A.B. in Economics . . . Worchester, Massachusetts SEYMOUR MARK, A.B. in Economi cs New York, New York SYDELLE R. MARKSON, A.B. in German Alexandria, Ontario, Canada ANDREW HEMARSCH, A.B. in Political Science Chicago, 111. HELEN E. MASSON, A.B. in English Belmont, Mass. SENIORS VIRGINIA L. MAST, A.B. in Chemistry Bay City, Michigan WANDA J. MATHIAS, A.B. in Speech Orrville, Ohio KATHRYN J. MATTHEWS, A.B. in Journalism Alpha, Mich. NORRINE J. MATTHEWS, A.B. in Botany Shelby, Mich. MARILYN R. MATZ, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. MARGARET J. MAYBURY, A.B. in English Pontiac, Mich. PHYLLIS F. McCAIL, A.B. in English Bay City, Mich. GEORGE W. McCALLUM, JR., A.B. in History . .Grosse Pointe, Mich. 187 MARY J. McCUE, M.A. in English Pontiac, Michigan NANCY McDURMITT, B.S. in Geology Binghampton, N. Y. GLORIA T. McELROY, A.B. in Sociology Grosse Pointe, Mich. JULIA J. McEWAN, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Michigan LOIS H. McINTYRE, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Michigan OLGA N. METROPOLSKY, A.B. in Journalism Stanford, Conn. DONNA J. MEYER, A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Michigan HELEN MICHAELS . . . Detroit, Michigan CLAIRE MICHELSON, B.S. in Chemistry Washington, D. C. MARILYN M. MIEHLS, A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. AGATHA M. MILLER, B.S. in Psychology Passaic, New Jersey ANN L. MILLER, A.B. in Latin . . . Minerva, Ohio VIOLET MISEKOW, B.S. in Medical Technology Flint, Mich. PATRICIA A. MITCHELL, A.B. in Mathematics . . . .Columbus, Ohio MARILYN J. MOFFET, A.B. in Economics Shelby, Ohio EDITH M. MONK, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Michigan B. ELIZABETH MOORE, A.B. in French Flint, Michigan JANET M. MORGEN, A.B. in Psychology East Cleveland. Ohio GERALDINE E. MORRIS, A.B. in Library Science. .Detroit, Michigan ANN K. MORROW, A.B. in English Detroit, Michigan DALE B. MOSES, A.B. in Spanish Chicago, Illinois WILLIAM J. MULLENDORE, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. DELIAH MURRAH, B.S. in Zoology Herrin, Illinois SHIRLEY MURRAY, A.B. in Speech St. Clair Shores, Michigan RUTH NAVE, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Michigan ELIZABETH M. NEEDHAM, A.B. in Speech Rock Island, 111. DORIS B. NICOLLS, A.B. in English Pontiac, Michigan JANINA C. NIEDBALA, A.B. in Latin American Relations Chicopee, Massachusetts LITERARY SENIORS MARIE I. OGAEKO, A.B. in Russian Grand Rapids, Michigan GEORGE-ANN OLIVER, B.S. in Zoo ' .ogy Champaign, Illinois HELEN C. ORR, B.S. in Chemistry Flint, Michigan BARBARA R. OSBORNE, A.B. in Mathematics Holland, Mich. PEGGY L. OSGOOD, A.B. in Social Work Saline, Michigan ROBERT M. PAGE, B.S. in Mathematics Flint, Michigan BEVERLY PALEY, A.B. in Anthropology New York, N. Y. W. ROLAND PARKER, A.B. in Political Science Mac ' .inaw City, Michigan 188 CLAIR PARNES, B.S. in Zoology New York, New York JEANETTE M. PARSEKIAN, B.S. in Zoology . .Highland Park, Mich. JEANNE N. PARSONS, A.B. in Speech Saline, Michigan FRANCES PATCH, B.S. in Chemistry West Englewood, N. J. LOLA M. PATTON, A.B. in Psychology Pittsburgh, Pa. EVELYN A. PEASE, B.S. in Chemistry Evansville, Indiana MARGARET M. PENDLETON, B.S. in Geology Oakdale, Pa. KATHRYN A. PENIX, A.B. in French Flatrock, Michigan SANFORD J. PERLIS, B.S. in Mathematics and Science Detroit, Michigan STEPHEN R. PETERSON, A.B. in Letters and Law Ann Arbor, Michigan VIRGINIA E. PETROULEASA, A.B. in Speech . . . Detroit, Michigan DOROTHY J. PHILLIPPO, A.B. in Letters and Law . .Ferndale, Mich. MILDRED PHILLIPS, B.S. in Chemistry New York, New York HARRIET PIERCE, A.B. in English Chicago, Illinois JEAN C. PINES, A.B. in Psychology Worcester, Massachusetts LOIS K. PITCHFORD, A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Michigan PATRICIA A. PLANCK, A.B. in Journalism Lansing, Michigan IRMA J. PLISKO, A.B Woodbridge, New Jersey FRANCES POPKINS, A.B. in Mathematics . . Cleveland Heights, Ohio ELIZABETH A. PORTER, A.B. in English Blissfield, Michigan THELMA J. PRINCE, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Michigan ELIZABETH M. QUINN, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Michigan ELEANOR L. RAMSEY, A.B. in Economics .... Bay City, Michigan PATRICIA G. RANDELL, A.B. in English . . . .Port Huron, Michigan PATRICIA A. RASEMAN, A.B. in Spanish . . . .Kalamazoo, Michigan BETTY L. RAYMOND, A.B. in Botany Saginaw, Michigan HELEN R. REEVE, B.S. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Michigan DOROTHY E. REHN, B.S. in Chemistry . . . .University Heights, Ohio RARY SENIORS JANET E. REIDER, B.S. in Geology Saginaw, Michigan SYLVIA J. REIDAMN, A.B. in Sociology McKeesport, Pa. JANE E. RETZLAFF, A.B. in Sociology Grosse Pointe, Mich. C. SUZANNE RHOADES, A.B. in Sociology Yonkers, New York ANN RICHMOND, A.B. in Sociology Reading, Massachusetts GRETCHEN M. ROBERTS. A.B. in Sociology . .Dearborn, Michigan JANINE E. ROBINSON, A.B. in Speech St. Louis, Michigan CONNIE ROBSON, A.B. in Geography Lansing, Michigan 189 BARBARA ROEHM, B S. in Chemistry East Lansing, Michigan JANET ROGERS, A.B. in History New Rochelle, New York MARJORIE J. RONAL, A.B. in History Monroe, Michigan PATRICIA M. ROSE, A.B. in History Detroit, Michigan BEATY ROSENBLUM, A.B. in Social Work Chicago, Illinois A. JEAN ROSENQUIST, A.B. in Zoology Rochester, Michigan LOIS M. ROSENZWEIG, A.B. in Political Science Welsh, West Virginia DORIS M. ROSS, A.B. in English Grosse Pointe, Michigan LEILA M. ROSSOW, A.B. in German Northville, Michigan BETTY J. ROTH, A.B. in Economics South Bend, Indiana ADAH B. RUBLE, B.S. in Chemistry Port Huron, Michigan LUCY G. RUDDELL, A.B. in History Chevy Chase, Maryland MARILYN L. RUNDLES, A.B. in Speech Flint, Michigan HARRIET SACHS, A.B. in English Baltimore, Maryland PATRICIA A. RYAN, A.B. in Psychology Muskegon, Michigan MARJORIE A. SADLER, A.B. in Speech Glen Ellyn, Illinois BLOSSOM SALKIND, A.B. in Sociology Brooklyn, New York GLORIA-ANN SALTER, A.B. in Sociology Kalamazoo, Michigan MARTHA J. SANDERS, A.B. in French Sherrill, New York E. PHILIP SANFORD, A.B. in Speech River Forest, Illinois NAOMI K. SAWYER, A.B. in History Grosse He, Michigan MARJORIE A. SCHAIRER, A.B. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. SHIRLEY C. SCHA YE, A.B. in Sociology Beloit, Wisconsin ROY D. SCHECK, B.S. in General Science and Education St. Albans, Long Island, N. Y. JOYCE A. SCHIFFER, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Michigan BERNICE SCHNEIDER, A.B. in English Brooklyn, New York ALICE M. SCHULTZ, A.B. in Geography . . . .Edgewater, New Jersey ANNABEL V. SCHULTZ Ann Arbor, Michigan THEONE E. SCHULZ, A.B. in Business Administration Detroit, Michigan ANNE L. SCHUMAN, A.B. in Political Science Cincinnati, Ohio ANN SCHUTZ, A.B. in Economics River Forest, Illinois GRETCHEN SCHWEICKHARD, B.S. in Medical Technology Snyder, New York KENNETH W. SCOTT, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Michigan FRED C. SEEGERT, A.B. in Economics Wauwatosa, Wis. REVA SENDLER, A.B. in English Flint, Michigan JEANNE SHATTUCK, A.B. in English Detroit, Michigan 190 MARY G. SHEPHERD, A.B. in Sociology Highland Park, Mich. ANNETTE J. SHERMAN, A.B. in Social Work Detroit, Michigan JOAN SHIVLEY, A.B. in Political Science Bridgeport, Conn. ARTHUR SHUFRO, A.B. in Chemistry Detroit, Michigan SHIRLEY R. SICKELS, A.B. in Speech and Science Grosse Pointe, Michigan MARJORIE E. SIEBERT, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Michigan JOYCE SIEGAN, A.B. in Speech Los Angeles, California HOMER D. SIMONS, JR., A.B. in Political Science .... Detroit, Mich. PAUL SISLIN, A.B Detroit, Michigan ELIZABETH A. SMITH, A.B. in Social Studies Yale, Mich. GERALDINE A. SMITH, A.B. in Sociology Erie, Pennsylvania RUTH P. SMITH, A.B. in Psychology Boston, Massachusetts MARY A. SODERBURG, A.B. in Social Work . . Traverse City, Mich. MARGARET L. SOUTHWORTH, A.B. in English . . Ann Arbor, Mich. MARGARET SOWER, A.B. in Sociology University Heights, O. FERNE SPIELMAN, A.B. in English New York, N. Y. FRED L. SPRINGBORN, A.B. in Economics Marine City, Mich. YUMA W. STAHMER, B.S. in Chemistry Oak Park, Illinois SALLY G. STANTON, A.B. in Psychology . . Pawtucket, Rhode Island CAROL V. STEEN, A.B. in History Wheaton, Illinois VIRGINIA A. STONE, A.B. in English St. Joseph, Missouri JEANNE A. STORM, A.B. in Sociology Teaneck, New Jersey MARY F. STRAATSMA, B.S. in Zoology . . . New Rochelle, New York JANE M. STRAUSS, A.B. in English . . . .Hewlett, Long Island, N. Y. JEANNE P. STRONG, A.B. in Geography Flint, Michigan IRENE G. SURTMAN, A.B. in Psychology Grosse Pointe, Mich. M. JOAN SWALLOW, A.B. in English Richmond, Indiana GWENDOLYN SWITZER, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Michigan RARY SENIORS . ROBERT L. TAYLOR, A.B. in Mathematics Elmira, New York LORAINE TENINGA, A.B. in English Chicago, Illinois COLLEEN TERRILL, A.B. in Sociology Bay City, Michigan CECELIA K. TESKEY, A.B. in Latin American Studies Detroit, Michigan JOAN C. THOMAS, A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Michigan MARIAN C. THOMAS, A.B. in Social Work Scranton, Pa. MURIEL R. THOMAS, A.B. in Fine Arts Cleveland, Ohio MARGARET A. THOMPSON, B.S. in Zoology Cadillac, Mich. NANCY A. THOMSSEN, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Michigan MARION G. TORN, A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Michigan HELEN A. TOWAS, A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Michigan NANCY V. TOWNSEND, A.B. in Journalism Miami, Florida LEOLA M. TUNISON, A.B. in Sociology Jackson, Michigan PATRICIA A. TYLER, B.S. in Medical Technology Huntington Woods, Michigan EDWIN B. UGOROWSKI, B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Michigan EDITH M. VANANDEE, A.B. in Psychology .... Muskegon, Michigan JANICE M. VANDENBOSCH, A.B. in History . .Grand Rapids, Mich. BETTY VAUGHN, A.B. in English Albion, Michigan ANGELINE M. VOJDIK, A.B. in Sociology Flint, Michigan DAVID L. WAGNER, A.B. in Mathematics Des Plaines, Illinois BERYLE C. WALTERS, A.B. in Political Science . . . .Detroit, Mich. DOROTHY A. WANTZ, A.B. in Fine Arts River Forest, Illinois SHIRLEY WARD, B.S. in Chemistry Big Rapids, Michigan ELIZABETH M. WARNER, A.B. in German Holland, Mich. CAROL J. WATT, A.B. in Psychology Birmingham, Michigan DOLORES M. WEBB, A.B. in Social Work Detroit, Michigan ALENE H. WEINBERG, A.B. in Social Work Bay City, Michigan BERNICE H. WEISMAN, A.B. in English Detroit, Michigan BEVERLY R. WERNICK, A.B. in Social Work Holyoke, Mass. CAROLYN L. WEST, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Michigan DORIS R. WEST, A.B. in Journalism Romeo, Michigan DONALD L. WESTFALL, A.B. in Economics Flint, Michigan JANET F. WESTWATER, A.B. in Political Science Houston, Pennsylvania GLENN E. WHITE, A.B. in Economics Birmingham, Mich. MARION L. WHITE, A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. BARBARA L. WHITTAKER, A.B. in Spanish Lancaster, N. Y. Y SENIORS BETTY J. WILLARD, A.B. in Psychology Houghton Lake, Mich. LUCILE E. WILLSON, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. HELEN G. WILSON, A.B. in Letters and Law .... Kalamazoo, Mich. MARGERY E. WILSON, A.B. in Psychology Westfield, N. J. MARY J. WINFIELD, A.B. in English Grand Rapids, Michigan ELISHA E. WISZOWATY, B.S. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. MARY E. WOOD, A.B. in Speech River Forest, Illinois MARY E. WORCESTER, B.S. in Zoology Middletown, New York GERTRUDE H. WORFOLK, A.B. in Sociology Algonac, Mich. DOROTHY A. WOROSE, B.S. in Zoology Long Beach, Calif. ELIZABETH B. WRIGHT, A.B. in Political Science East Orange, New Jersey UNA E. WRIGHT Warwick, New York MARY L. YOUNG, B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Michigan JANET YOUNGS, B.S. in Psychology Ann Arbor, Michigan ANNE YUNGKWAI, B.S. in Physics Richmond, Virginia JANE A. ZABEL, B.S Niles, Michigan CAROL J. ZACK, A.B. in Political Science Conneaut, Ohio JEAN E. ZAGELMEIER, A.B. in Fine Arts Grand Rapids, Mich. ANASTASIA ZAULARIS, A.B. in Journalism . . Indiana, Pennsylvania ELAINE L. ZELDEN, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Michigan INEZ V. ZELZNICK, A.B. in French Chicago, Illinois JULIE C. ZIEGLER, A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Michigan SHIRLEY M. ZIMBLER, B.S. in Zoology Toledo, Ohio LITERARY SENIORS 193 ENGINEERING 196 Dean Crawford has served as Dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Michigan since 1940. He received his Bache- lor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado in 1912. He was instructor and professor of Civil Engineering at that University from 1912 to 1923. He was Dean and Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Idaho from 1923, to 1937, and was Dean of the School of Engineering at the University of Kansas from 1937 to the time of his coming here. DEAN: Ivan C. Crawford Our miniature shipyards for the Naval Testing Pool. Testing apparatus in the Naval Testing Pool 1946 CLASS OFFICERS HENRY FONDE Vice-President, Fall Term DONALD SNIDER President, Spring Term The officers for the Spring term in Engine school are, besides Don Snider the President, Frank Ruzicka, Vice-President and Art Renner, Secretary Treasurer. The School of Engineer- ing is represented on Senior Ball Committee by George Abbot, chairman, Robert Snell and James Artley. The Announcement committee consists of Jack Oxley, Chairman and Harold VanAss elt, George Kilbourne, George Ostroot, and Robert Olsen. HOWARD VERGES President, Fall Term 198 ENGINEERING COUNCIL The Engineering Council is the student governing body of the Engi- neering College, and as such, has a large measure of the responsibility in all matters concerning the engineering students. Its membership is comprised of representatives elected from each class and from the vari- ous engineering societies and organizations. The Council, led by such able officers as George Spaulding, President, Harold Walters, Vice President, Everett Ellin, Treasurer, and Herbert Schreiber, Secretary, has succeeded in re-assuming full control of its normal peace time duties. One of the most vital of these functions has been the re-organization and subsequent supervision of the honor sys- tem. 199 m TAU BETA 1 1 Bottom Row: J. H. Johnson; H. F. Imster; C. G. Graef; R. H. Kreiger; R. O. Johnson; A. G. Myers; J. J. Fleischman T. E. Gier; H. W. Haftel; J. Eichhom; R. D. Sullivan; D. D. McKeachie; S. K. Clark. Row 2: J. Shaver; G. J. Furman; R. Curtis; C. K. Birdsall; E. A. Fraden burgh; J. L. Morgan D. N. Arden, Vice-President; C. Hansen, President; F. W. Gehrinq, Corresponding Secretary; J. C. Lando, Recording Secretary; D. E. Foringer, Cataloger; J. H. Brems, Engine Council Representative; O. H. Klepper; W. A. Hannig; J. L. Johnson; W. D. Bartlett. Row 3: A. M. Kelkar; L. O. Case, Faculty advisor; K. D. Delapp; I. H. Dennen; T. E. Wedge; K. S. Johnson; J. M. Artley; P. A. Moote; R. A. Shields; K. C. Harder; D. J. Harrington; D. E. DeGraaf D. R. Glass; R. B. Ardis; T. G. Donnelly; R. L. Taylor; J. E. Steder; J. A. McFadden. Top Row: F. D. Dayton; C. J. Orlebeke; R. W. Hess; R. J. Broadman; B.K. Orberg; W. B. Aylward C. H. Adrian; H. W. Smith; J. R. Dmytrik; C. J. Craft; C. H. Lauritsen; S. A. Snyder; H. R. Gradows; J. A. Richardson; G. M. Frye; W. J. Amick; S. H. Levine; C. Upthegrove, Faculty Advisor. Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honor society with over seventy-five chapters in engineering college, elects its members each semester. The purpose of the Society is to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. Activi- ties have included dinners, lectures, dances, and a Spring week-end house-party. Future plans are for a continuation of the mentioned activities and to sponsor a lecture series of general interest to the engineering student body. 200 SIGMA RHO AU Top Row: Lawrence Maisel; Victor Jamal; Robert Foote; John Elsnau; Bernard Schulhoi; Bruce Richards; Richard Clauss; Charles Chadwick; Urban Gross. Row 3: Edward Burns; William Blakely; Algie Grinius; Rudolph Habermann, Home Secretary; Allen Harback; Robert Buckborough; Wendell Young; Robert Pollock, Corresponding Secretary. Row Two: Fay Ajzenberg; Mildred Denecke; Jane Ingersoll; lames Stelt, Vice President; Margaret Carrol, President; Professor Robert Bracket!: Irma Wyman, Marilee Diamond. Bottom How: Manfred Topke; David Wright; Frank Button; Wallace Bergerson; Marvin Shafer; Howard Fox, Treasurer. Sigma Rho Tau is an honorary speech society for engineers and architects. It of- fers the engineer or architect an opportunity to increase his ability to express himself clearly and effectively. He ' learns to speak by speaking. ' The speaking he does is on technical subjects and is in the form of a debate, sales talk, in- formative talk, or impromptu speech. All training and practicing done by the ' Stump Speakers ' is done with the thought that good speaking habits are an extremely valuable asset to any engi- neer or architect. Too many engineers lack this asset. It is, therefore, the pur- pose of Sigma Rho Tau to bring to these professions men who are well-trained not only in engineering and architecture, but also in good speech practices. 201 AMERICAN NSTITUTEOF HEMICAL NGINEERS T 1 Marshall Armstrong; W. A. Anderson; Donald Autore; Donald E. Arvidson; Guy Borden, Jr.; R. A. Bieneman; S. S. Cardmaster; M. M. Chudgar Robert T. Champion; Charles A. Cearley; lane Cuthbert; Harry Chan; Bob Dimmit; Harshard B. Desai; Leon Deackoif; William A. Deorner; R. P. Desai; N. O. Elderd; James Ely; Jacob Eickhorn; James Fleming; E ' mer P. Foster; Donald L. Fleurry; Albert J. Feddeler; Ted Gier; Jeremy Gluck; William Graft; ]. Lee Gill; Ralph Gooch; Robert Gifiils; Gene W. Gorsline; Gerard Hilbers; Sydney R. Hall; Ralph M. Hullett; Sydney Hanks; Ellis Hicks; H. G. Hurrell; Eugene Hess; Robert Hagemeyer; Jackie Heller; Betty Jane Horn; Richard Johnson; Bill Jamicson; O. H. Jef- fries; Eleonore Kanar; William Kiessel; Jesse F. Keville; Wilfred Kennedy; John B. Khu; James A. Klotz; J. P. Kapur; Ralph W. Kullman; H. S. Kan; Robert C. Lindquist; Patricia Lyons; Alvin Luebeck; Robert Loarmont; Wil ' iam L. Matchette; Bionchandra Mchta; Marilyn Marsh; Ishwar Metha; Alez Mich; Arthur Medwedeff; Richard Melcher; Donald McKee; S. D. Mchta; Gopal K. Nidamarly; Leonore Olson; B. C. Oza; William Ohlinger; Carsten Orberg; Harlan Olson; F. R. Peermohammed; R. W. Peterson; Floyd Preston; Philip Purceli; Indulah Parekh; R. C. Parikh; William S. Pann; Leslie Parr; Kenneth H. Quan; James W. Routh; Ramon E. Reyes; Alexander A. Ryman; V. C. Radjadhyaksha; Edward Sheffel; Dharamadas M. Scah; William Snodden; Emanuel Silkiss; D. S. Saxena; Homi N. Sethna; R. Simons; P. G. Short; Robert L. Toole; George N. Thomas; John Thomas; Herbert Troost; I. L. Vasunia; David Warrilow; James Wirt; Lan Ching Wang; Newt Zueila; Cedric Fricke; Cyrais J. Dadachanji; Lawr ence Corey. I lie -.Indent chapter of ihc Amcriran Inslitiilf of ( hemiial l-n i ncers, after a one year wartime period of inactivity, was reorganized during the fall term of 191 " ) with a laigci membership than at am lime during its previous history. It was the (irst student chapter of the A.I.Ch.K. to be organi ed in the I ' nited States. Among its activities every semester are trips to the prominent plants in Michi- gan in order to better acquaint its members with industrial prac- ti(cs and processes, and the presentation of outstanding professional engineers in all fields related to C ' .hcmisir and Metallurgy. At the evening meetings held every month, transactions of the society are discussed, a speaker is presented, and at the clove ol the meeting, iclicshmctils are served. Luncheon meetings are also held once a month at which a speaker from a non-technical field is featured. The object of the A.l.Ch.E. is to better prepare the student in his profession, and to broaden his knowledge in fields other than engineering. 202 NSTITUTE OF ERONAUTICAL CIENCES Top Row: Robert Curtiss; Robert Hess; Robert Herzoq; Keith Harder; William Shertz; Edward Holodnik. Row 3: Edward Astrove; Sanford Niccl; Howard Haftel; Roger Sullivan; William Redmond; Lincoln Wiley; William Smith; Robert Jablonski; Karl Stevens. Row 2: L. Jack Perry; Austin Quackenbush; Robert Gunkel; Cecil Basenburg; lames Lewis; Donald Harrington; Earl Wilhoft; Frank Hotze; Frank Mojcher. Bottom Row: Paul Tiefel; Evan Fradenburg; Harry Imster; Thomas Kenny; Robert Kreiger; Samuel Clark; John Brems; Joe Bonny; Lee Kane. The Institute of Aeronautical Sciences is an engineering society open to all Aero- nautical Engineers, under-graduates, and graduates. It is a national organization whose purpose is to advance the Art and science of Aeronautics. Meetings are held semi-monthly for business that has to be discussed and a lecture by a guest speaker on some phase of Aeronautics that is not likely to be covered in the class- room. During the course of the semester, field trips to various companies and test- ing laboratories are made. 203 AMERICAN OCIETY OF CIVIL NGINEERS Top Row: J. J. Stunika; G. F. Hutter; F. E. Dyson; I. Heilly; G. Pengaillo; J. McCavey; R. Cutting; W. W. Berger- son; R. L. Alexander. Row 3: K. D. DeLapp; W. W. Bentz; J. Petty; R. R. Anderson; J. V. Wickey; S. A. Snyder; D. E. McLean; A. Pole- dor; R. Royce. Row 2: Prof. H. I. MacFarland; Prof. L. C. Mauqh; Prol. E. Young; Prof. C. O. Wisler; Tippy; Prof. J. S. Worley; Prol. H. Bouchard; Prof. G. L. Alt; L. Hallisey. Front Row: I. Oramond; E. Perow; E. Wood; R. J. Rabe; P. A. Moate; I. S. Burtt. AMERICAN NSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Top How: W. D. Bartlett; W. R. Hamil- ton; L. Goldstein; I. L. Johnson; K. R. Fox; R. E. Heineman; R. C. Lee; K. A. Morgan; L. C. Moon. 2nd Row: I. W. Hunter; H. Smithline; D. W. Pride; I. W. Rozian; L. W. Orr; W. L. Sherwood; D. H. Dansby; G. C. Hill; C. J. Craft III; W. R. Aylward; H. W. Rapalus; N. K. Arnas. 3rd Row: T. H. Hendrickson; H. B. Parker; S. B. Vaughn; H. G. Oas; P. D. Leow; W. S. Goldstein; R. Shields; R. Habermann; E. I. Anderson; C. Han- sen; M. Mandzyn; R. M. Ranlll. Bottom Row: S. S. Squillace; L. H. Rus- sell; W. A. Hannig; J. S. Gault. Faculty Advisor; R. O. Johnson, Council Rep- resentative; F. W. Gehring. Chairman; I. A. McFadden, Vice Chairman; R. B. Ardis, Treasurer; J. L. Tishman; H. R. Simon; J. F. Cline. 204 1 SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS Bottom Row: Margaret Barson; Nora Altman, Rep. to Engineering Council; Frances Jenkins, President; Beth Mes- som; Sally Ann Farquhar; Pat Lyons. Top Row: Mary Carol Moeller; Vir- ginia Stuckey; Irma Wyman; Betty Horn; Eleanore Kanar; Helen Striho; Joan Crishal; Mildred Denecki. Missing: Jane Cuthbert, Vice President; Florence Tsilkoff; Dona Leahy; Betty Janiak; Lois Pask; Anne Guinan; Jane Mayer; Betty Hansen; Pat Lewis; Audrey Muller. WEST ENGINEERS The famous Technic tech- nique, it gets ' em every time. v IT- " .fat ! , - ANDREW W. ALLEN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Wynnewood, Pa. NORA S. ALTMAN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. JOHN C. ANDERSON, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Minneapolis, Minn. RODNEY R. ANDERSON, B.S. in Civil Engineering Stromsburg, Nebr. ROBERT B. ARDIS, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering . .Standish, Mich. MARGARET BARSON, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Dearborn, Michigan WAYNE E. BARTLETT, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Saugus, Mass. CECIL A. BASENBURG, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Cullman, Ala. WARREN W. BENTZ, B.S. in Civil Engineering Washington, D.C. WALLACE W. BERGERSON, B.S. in Civil Engineering Lake Park, Minn. CHARLES K. BIRDSALL, B.S.E. in Electrical and Mathe- matics Rocky River, Ohio FRANK D. BOND, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Buffalo, N. Y. JOE J. BONNY, B.S. in Aeronautical Structures. .Salt Lake City, Utah EDWARD W. BRADLEY, B.S. in Civil Engineering Fresno, Calif. JOHN H. BREMS, B.S. in Mathematics and Aeronautical Engineering MARLAND W. BRIGGS, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Ma- rine Engineering Kewanee, 111. BRUCE J. CLARK, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Grand Rapids, Mich. SAMUEL K. CLARK, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Ypsilanti, Mich. HAROLD B. COHN, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Rochester, N. Y. ELVIN R. COON, JR., B.S. in Civil Engineering Belmont, Mass. DONALD L. COSNER, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Martinsborg, W. Va. VERNON R. CRABB, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering. . . Conneaut, O. CLIFFORD J. CRAFT, III, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Drexel Hill, Pa. ROBERT S. CURTIS, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Holland, Mich. HENRY E. DAVENPORT, B.S.E. in Transport Lowell, Mich. KENNETH DELAPP, B.S. in Civil Engineering Mitchell, S. D. MANUEL L. DEL VALLE, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Goguas, Puerto Rico DONALD G. DIECKMONN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. RING SEN DBS N. BHAGWANDAS-DIVECHA, B.S. in Engineering . . .Bombay, India EDWIN M. DIXON, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Grand Forks, N. D. JOHN R. DMYTRYK, B.S. in Civil Engineering. .Northampton, Mass. ROBERT N. DOLPH, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Ridgewood, N. J. THOMAS J. DONNELLY, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Pittsburgh. Pa. M. FAHRI DURA, B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. .Istanbul, Turkey FRED DYSON, B.S. in Civil Engineering Yiroqua, Wis. JACOB EICHORN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering . . . .Saginaw, Mich. 206 CHARLES LUN FAN, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Kiangau, China EVAN A. FRADENBURGH, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Rochester, N. Y. GILBERT J. FURMAN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Port Huron, Mich. FREDERICK W. GEHRING, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Ann Arbor, Mich. DAVID R. GLASS, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering. . . .Jamestown, O. WILLIAM S. GOLDSTEIN, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Syracuse, N. Y. RALPH M. GOOCH, B.S. in Chemical Engineering . . . .Midland, Mich. ROBERT J. GUNKEL, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering. .Chicago, 111. HOWARD W. HAFTEL, B.S. in Aeronautical Structures Invington, N. J. EMIL HAHN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering St. Joseph, Mich. JAMES W. HAMMOND, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. CHARLES HANSEN, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Westfield, N. J. DONALD J. HARRINGTON, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. ROBERT W. HESS, B.S. in Aeronautical Structures Urbana, O. FRANK J. HOTZE, B.S. in Aeronautical Science . . Webster Groves, Mo. RALPH M. HULETT, B.S. in Chemical Engineering .... Flint, Mich. GEORGE F. HUTTER, JR., B.S. in Civil Engineering Fond du Lac, Wis. ROBERT R. JABLONSKI, B. S. in Aeronautical Engineering Muskegon, Mich. JOHN H. JOHNSON, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Jamestown, N. Y. ERNST K. KABOTH, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Manitowoc, Wis. NICHOLAS KAROS, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering and Mathematics Joliet, 111. THOMAS M. KENNY, B.S. in Aeronautical Structures. .Baltimore, Md. FARNUM W. KERR, B.S. in Chemical Engineering. .San Mateo, Cal. MUZAFFER C. KULUR, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Istanbul, Turkey NORMAN F. KUNIN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Los Angeles, Cal. JOHN L. LARSON, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Rosemead, Cal. CHARLES H. LAURITSEN, B.S. in Aeronautical Structures Chicago, 111. WILLIAM W. LEE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering . .Midland, Mich. GIIVEERING SENIORS ET " iO DONALD R. LEVAN, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Niagara Falls, N. Y. SYDNEY H. LEVINE, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering . . Columbus, O. JAMES W. LEWIS, B.S. in Engineering Carbondale, Colo. MELVIN E. LINDLEY, B.S. in Industrial Mechanical Engineering Jackson, Mich. EDWARD J. MAZURKIEWICZ, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Detroit, Mich. JAMES A. McFADDEN, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Maplewood, N. J. PAUL A. MOOTE, B.S. in Civil Engineering Zion, 111. BERNARD C. MORING, JR., B.S. in Electrical Engineering Norfolk, Va. 207 FRANK G. MUJCHER, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Bridgeport, Conn. EDWARD J. MUSCH, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Muskegon, Mich. ARTHUR G. MYERS, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering LaHabra, Cal. SANFORD F. NICOL, B.S. in Engineering New York, N. Y. ROBERT M. OLSEN, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Jackson, Mich. ARNOLD J. OLSON, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Detroit, Mich. RICHARD J. OSBORN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Bridgman, Mich. JOHN H. OXLEY, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Maywood, 111. FRANKLIN E. PEAKE, B.S. in Aeronautical Structures Chenango Bridge, N. Y. JACK E. PEDDY, B.S. in Civil Engineering Fresno, Cal. JORGE PENA y LILLO, B.S. in Civil Engineering La Paz, Bolivia EDUARDO M. PEROU, B.B. in Transportation La Paz, Bolivia LINDSAY J. PERRY, JR., B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Reidsville, N. C. NORMAN L. RABBERS, B.S. in Civil Engineering. .Kalamazoo, Mich. DONALD G. RAMBACHER, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Akron, O. ROBERT M. RANFTL, B.S. in Electrical Engineering Chicago, 111. WILLIAM A. REDMOND, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Kalamazoo, Mich. JACK D. RHULE, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Pittsburgh, Pa. WARREN A. RHULE, B.S.E. in Engineering Pittsburgh, Pa. REDMOND H. ROCHE, B.S. in Chemical Engineering. .Detroit, Mich. BERNARD A. ROSS, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering . Grand Rapids, Mich. ROBERT F. ROYCE, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Lakeside, Mich. LOWELL RUBY, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering . . . .Rushville, Ind. DANA H. RUSSELL, B.S. in Civil Engineering Burlingame, Cal. FRANK A. RUZICKA, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Racine, Wis. WALTER R. SCOTT, B.S. in Engineering Neillsville, Wis. WILLIAM M. SHERTS, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Pittsburgh, Pa. WILLIAM R. SMITH, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Detroit, Mich. G s N as WILLIAM H. SMITH, JR., B.S. in Civil Engineering Woodmont, Conn. STUART A. SNYDER, B.S. in Civil Engineering . .Staten Island, N. Y. JOHN S. SORICE, B.S. in Engineering Port Washington, N. Y. SAMUEL M. SPEVAK, B.S. in Civil Engineering . . Jacksonville, Fla. PAUL TIEFEL, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering . . . Stambaugh, Mich. JOHN L. TISHIYAN, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering New York, N. Y. CHARLES W. UNBEHAUN, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Buffalo, N. Y. CHARLES W. WALTON, III, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Newport, Vt. THOMAS E. WEDGE, B.S. in Engineering Coldwater, Mich. IRVING M. WEISBERG, B.S. in Civil Engineering . . Sacramento, Cal. LINCOLN B. WILEY, B.S. in Aeronautical Structures Pittsfield, Mass. EUGENE C. YAGGEE, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics Dearborn, Mich. ROBERT ZOELLER, B.S. in Engineering Milwaukee, Wis. ENGINEERING SENIORS 209 ARCHITECTURE Dean Bennett received his A.B. in 1911 at Syracuse University, and his M.S. from the University of Michigan in 191fi. He was an instructor in drawing here from 1912 to 1918, and an assistant pro- fessor until 1936, when he became a professor. Jn 1938, he became Dean of the College of Architecture and Design and holds that post today. He was Presi- dent of the Association of Colleges and Schools of Architecture, a member of the American Institute of Architects, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Rho Chi, Tau Sigma Delta, and several other honorary organi- zations. During World War I he was in the Construction division of the Army as a designer. Dean Bennett has written several articles on housing and architec- ture, and is a member of the Michigan Housing Association. DEAN: Wells I. Bennett Ceramics lab. You mean you get credit for this? VIRGINIA F. BAILEY, B.D. in Drawing and Painting Oil City, Pennsylvania THOMAS E. BLISKA, Bachelor of Architecture. . . .Ann Arbor, Mich. BETSY BROWN, Bachelor of Architecture Roanoke, Virginia SUZANNE M. BUELL, B.D. in Advertising Evanston, Illinois ROSAMOND A. DEACON, B.D. in Advertising .... Oak Park, Illinois ANNE DINETZ, B.D Detroit, Michigan RUTH H. EBERHARDT, B.D. in Advertising Lenox, Michigan SUZANNE L. GORDON, Bachelor of Architecture Rochester, N. Y. EVELYN A. LOUGH, B.D. in Advertising Highland Park, Mich. SHIRLEY E. MAKIMA, B.D. in Design Detroit, Michigan PHILLIP B. MARCELLUS, JR., Bachelor of Architecture Rockford, Illinois DELIA J. MORGAN, B.D. in Interior Design Ann Arbor, Mich. MARGARET L. PILLIOD, B.D. in Architecture and Design Swinton, Ohio JOAN H. PORTZ, B.D. in Advertising Detroit, Michigan CATHARINE SAUER, B.D Bad Axe, Michigan ELEANOR J. WETMORE, B.D. in Interior Design Detroit, Mich. ARCHITECTURE SENIORS 214 That gal in the front must be good, everyone ' s watching her. The artists chug alug at their beer picnic. 215 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - ; Dean Stevenson has been Dean of the School of Business Administration since 1944. Since that time he has helped to make a new degree available to the stu- dents of the University of Michigan who are interested in entering the business world. This is the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. Before coming here, Dean Stevenson taught Accounting at the University of Iowa from 1914 to 1920, at the University of Cincinnati from 1920 to 1926, and for eighteen years, from 1926 to 1944, was Dean of the Business School at the University of Minnesota. DEAN: Russell A. Stevenson In class or out. Bus. Ad. students study or lounge equally well. EDYTHE T. ADLERMAN, B.B.A. in Accounting Jersey Homesteads, New Jersey CLAUDE A. ALLEN, JR., B.B.A Ferndale, Michigan C. PARKER ANDERSON, B.B.A Flint, Michigan MARY L. BARTLEY, B.B.A Royal Oak, Michigan JOHN L. BLANK, JR., B.B.A Gary, Indiana FOREST C. CARTER, B.B.A. in Accounting .... Indianapolis, Indiana ROBERT H. COJEEN, B.B.A. in Accounting Flint, Michigan WAYNE H. ERICKSEN, B.B.A. in Economics Fond du Lac, Wis. WILLIAM B. EVERSON, B.B.A Stoughton, Wisconsin DOROTHY L. FLINT, B.B.A Interlaken, New Jersey LOIS H. FYTELSON, B.B.A Bridgeport, Connecticut MARY GEORGE, B.B.A Detroit, Michigan RUTH F. GIETZ, B.B.A Rochester, New York LUCILLE M. GOTTSCHALK. B.B.A Duluth, Minnesota JANE I. HANSON, B.B.A Manistee, Michigan ROBERT K. HIBBS, B.B.A Chicago, Illinois EARL J. JANDA, B.B.A Lyons, Illinois ELISABETHA JOHNSON, B.B.A Mt. Morris, Michigan MARY J. KELLAM, B.S. in Business Administration .... Chicago, 111. STEVEN P. KURIC. B B.A. in Economics East Chicago, Indiana JAMES G. LAWLER, B.B.A Chillicothe, Missouri CHARLES S. LOW, B.B.A. in Economics Detroit, Michigan JANET E. MAIN, B.B.A Battle Creek, Michigan BARBARA A. MICHAELSON, B.B.A Sycamore, Illinois DORRIS C. MICHALSKE, B.B.A Lakewood, Ohio MARIAN V. MILLER, B.B.A Gary, Indiana GERALDINE A. MOSBERG, B.B.A Cadillac, Michigan JACOB B. NAUMER, B.B.A DuQuoin, Illinois S S SENIORS RALPH H. NEELY, B.B.A Chicago, Illinois KENNETH A. POLANSKY, B.B.A. in Accounting Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin JANET S. RUBIN, B.B.A Woodmere, New York FRANK J. RUCK, JR., B.B.A Ann Arbor, Michigan MORTON L. SCHOLNICK, B.B.A Detroit, Michigan ARTHUR SILVERSTEIN, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Michigan JEAN E. SIMPSON, B.B.A. in Accounting Jackson, Michigan ROBERT W. STELZER, B.B.A Akron, Ohio 220 ROBERT F. STEPHAN, B.B.A Chicago, Illinois MARION SWARTHOUT, B.B.A Grand Rapids, Michigan MARILYN O. WANTY. B.B.A Ann Arbor, Michigan ROWLAND L. WESTERVELT, B.B.A Hackensack, New Jersey ANNE C. WOLF, B.B.A Pontiac, Michigan MARIA WOLKOWIAK. B.B.A Detroit, Michigan PATRICK H. WOODS. B.B.A Chicago, Illinois STUART G. KENT, B.B.A Highland Park, Michigan BUSINESS SENIORS 221 SSEtf. DENTISTRY n 224 In 1902 Dean Bunting received Iii-. D.D.S. from the University of Michigan, and in 1903 began practicing in Ann Arbor. He was made Dean of the Dental school in 1937 and has served ever since. He has written several books on oral pathology, and is a member of the Amer- ican Dental Association; A.A.A.S.; Sigma Xi; Delta Sigma Delta, and Phi Kappa Phi among others. Dean Bunting is the recipient of the Callahan Memorial Award and the Faulkner Medal. He was President of the International Associa- tion for Dental Teachers. DEAN: Russell W. Bunting Open Wide .... This is gonna hurt me more than It hurts you. ALPHA OMEGA Top Row: Left to Right: Donald Shapiro; Howard Wolisohn; Gerald Krause; Sidney Weber; Gerald Drew; Harvey Maisel. Row 2: Abel Moreinis; Gerald I. Bloom; Seymour Berman; Eric Billei; Alfred B. Frank. Jr.; Gerhard Schmelz. Bottom Row: Sam Sarver; Sidney Hertz, Treasurer; Maurry Sack, Vice President; Leonard Cohen, President; Marvin Davis, Secretary; Julian P. Wilner. Handicapped by the lack of a house, Alpha Omega has nevertheless been able to function efficiently. The main activities this year have been athletics, social events, and " bull sessions. " At present there are four members in the Uni- versity itself; these are Herbert Bloom, Joseph Cabot, Jerry R. Jacobson, and Maurice J. Kimelman. There are seven senior dental students in the frater- nity, and the expected increase in the number of students in this post-war era will result in the final acquisition of a much-desired house. 226 m DELTA SIGMA DELTA Top Row: D. Benson, C. Westrick, E. Bouck, R. Richards. D. Klopfer. R. Osier. P. Gibbons. E. McDonald, D. Magee. W. Clauss, R. Heath, G. Charbeneau, K. Steketee, R. Reppenhagen. Row 3: L. Fourie. I. Davis, T. Holloway. R. Sykes. D. Kelly, R. Aldrieh, F. Faust. L. Eaton, F. Wehr, R. McLean. E. Atwood, D. Taylor. Row 2: W. Baer, R. Gilham. R. Martin, I. Mills, E. Horstkotte, K. Jacques. Secretary; L. Wheaton, President; R. Norton, Vice President; C. Hibnir. G. Wilson, J. Jordan, R. Dussault. Bottom Row: R. Mills, H. Mehaffey, R. Huettner, F. Wertheimer. J. Paul, D. Campbell, F. Tellers. R. Laidlaw. J. Carlson, G. Williams. Missing: J. Pascoe, R. Murray, N. Hagen. During our first post war year we have participated enthusiastically in the in- tramural sports program, and have shown great interest in a series of lectures and clinics presented by our alumni and members of the Dental School faculty. One of the highlights of the year was a successful drive conducted by the alumni to pay off the bonds outstanding on our house. Two parties have be- come annual affairs on our social calendar, and they deserve mention. The first of these is the open house for the dental hygienists and the second is the now famous Bowery Party, a costume affair of the 1890 ' s. The combination of a very active class of new members and plans for completely redecorating the house during the summer months make our outlook for the coming year brighter than ever. 227 Back Raw: James Tanaka; Robert Weiss; Ward McCartney; Delos Drucker; Donald Rhody. Third Row: lack Anderson; Robert Lathrop; Richard Gehring, Secretary; Leonard Kowalski. President; Leonard Paiciak; Ross Margeson, Treasurer. Second Row: Raymond Bazarnic; Hartley Hermanson, Vice President; Eugene Walker; David Striffler; David Harkness; George Touma. Front Row: Carl Witkop; James Correa; Frank Stanich; Glen Gould; Hermanus Serlontein; Frank Meiiel. Mining: Harry Bell; Paul Body; Earl Dinger; Richard Hayes; Antonio Jaimes; Cornelius Scott. Xi Psi Phi was founded at Ann Arbor on February 8, 1 889, by five freshmen and one junior. It rests on a simple basis, honoring the principle of knowledge, morality and friendship. The fraternity flower is the American Beauty Rose, its colors are lavender and cream. Now consists of twenty-five chapters in fourteen states, Washington, D.C. and Canada. The Xi Psi Phi Quarterly is the official publication of the fraternity, presented four times yearly and pre- sents features and activities from all the college and alumni chapters. 228 A dentist ' s work doesn ' t stop with the patient. Careful study of these slides insures the success oi our Dental School. 229 fcfcrffj ROBERT G. ALDRICH, D.D.S Adrian, Michigan JACK H. ANDERSON, D.D.S Kansas City, Missouri ELEANOR L. BENNER, Dental Hygienist Woodland, Michigan THELMA P. BENNISH, Dental Hygienist Detroit, Michigan PAULAJEAN C. BOUCHEZ, Dental Hygienist Spring Valley, 111. JEAN M. BUILTA, Dental Hygienist Detroit, Michigan WILLIAM H. CLARK, D.D.S Detroit, Michigan LEONARD J. COHEN, D.D.S Detroit, Michigan GRACE L. DeCRUCHY, Dental Hygienist Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio DOROTHY R. DuBREUIL, Dental Hygienist Fennville, Michigan LOUIS C. EATON, D.D.S Northville, Michigan LOU ESTELL, Dental Hygienist Boise, Idaho JACK FELDMAN. D.D.S Detroit, Michigan FREDERICK B. FOUST, D.D.S Bryan, Ohio ALFRED B. FRANK, JR., D.D.S Petoskey, Michigan DOROTHY M. GIOUQUE, Dental Hygienist. . . .Niagara Falls. N. Y. DAVID S. HARKNESS, D.D.S. SIDNEY S. HERTZ, D.D.S Detroit, Michigan JACK A. JORDAN, D.D.S Battle Creek, Michigan GERALD D. KRAUSE, D.D.S Detroit, Michigan RUTH M. KREMSER, Dental Hygienist Detroit, Michigan JANICE R. LANG, Dental Hygienist Detroit, Michigan ROBERT L. LATHROP, D.D.S Traverse City, Michigan MARY L. MARSHALL, Dental Hygienist Detroit, Michigan H Y S N R S ROBERT G. MARTIN, D.D.S Akron, Ohio WARD B McCARTNEY, D.D.S Cleveland, Ohio MARY H. MEIKLE. Dental Hygienist . .Grosse Point Farms, Michigan JOHN C. MILLS, D.D.S Ann Arbor, Michigan EILEEN M. NEDROSIK, Dental Hygienist Ferndale, Michigan ROBERT A. NORTON, D.D.S Bristol, Vermont EVELYN E. ROESER, Dental Hygienist Webbercircle, Michigan M ELEANOR ROSS, Dental Hygienist Detroit, Michigan 230 SHIRLEE M. ROSS, Dental Hygienist Rankin, Pennsylvania SAM SARVER, D.D.S Flint, Michigan HAROLD SHERMAN, D.D.S Ann Arbor, Michigan DAVID F. STRIFFLER, D.D.S Pontiac, Michigan ROBERT S. SYKES, D.D.S Muir, Michigan JAMES H. TANAKA, D.D.S Stockton, California DONALD W. TAYLOR, D.D.S Ferndale, Michigan MARIAN S. THOMPSON, Dental Hygienist Lakeland, Florida ROBERT L. WEISS, D.D.S Bessemer, Michigan LEONARD WHEATON, D.D.S Franklin Village, Michigan GLEN A. WILSON, JR., D.D.S Garfield Heights, Ohio ROBERT P. WISE, D.D.S Birmingham, Michigan ROBERT WRIGHT, D.D.S Burlington, Iowa DONALD H. YONKER, D.D.S Ann Arbor, Michigan DENTISTRY SENIORS 231 EDUCATION 234 Dean Edmonson came to the Uni- versity of Michigan in 1914. He served as Professor of Education and also as Director of the Univer- sity Division of High School Inspec- tion. He has been Dean of the School of Education since 1929. Before coming to the University, he did administrative work in the pub- lic high schools in Michigan. Dean Edmonson has been particularly in- terested in bringing all public schools of the state into close rela- tionship with the University. He hopes to accomplish this by an in- crease of services to the schools. He is also seeking to promote the study of education as a science, and to se- cure to teaching the rights, preroga- tives, and advantages of a profes- sion. DEAN: James B. Edmonson He floats thru the air with the greatest of ease. RUTH AMES, A.B. in Educational History New Britain, Conn. RITA C. AUER, B.S. in Physical Education Cincinnati, Ohio LENORA M. BANDKAU, A.B. in English Owosso, Michigan ANITA M. BEDARD, A.B. in Commerce Alpena, Michigan MARILYN BLAKE, A.B. in Social Studies Brooklyn, New York PATRICIA A. BURTON, A.B. in Education Detroit, Michigan MARTHA A. BUSER, A.B. in Elementary Education Grosse Pointe, Michigan DOROTHY N. CAMPBELL, A.B. in Education Pleasant Ridge, Michigan MARILYN E. CARTER, A.B. in Education Detroit, Michigan JEAN H. COPE, A.B. in Education Detroit, Michigan ELEANORE G. DANIELS, B.S. in Physical Education Newark, New Jersey KATHERINE M. DAVEY, A.B. in Elementary Education Jackson, Michigan MARY V. ECHOLS, B.S. in Elementary Education. .Ann Arbor, Mich. ROSEMARY EDEN, B.S. in Physical Education Niles, Michigan RUTH L. ELCONIN, A.B. in Education Detroit, Michigan CAROL V. EVANS, A.B. in Education Grosse Pointe, Michigan JANET A. FOWLER, A.B. in Elementary Education. . .Detroit, Mich. CAROL GIORDANO, A.B. in Education South Bend, Indiana DOROTHY L. GRAY, A.B. in Education Alpena, Michigan ETHEL M. GRAY, A.B. in English Phoenix, Arizona VIRGINIA M. HACKETT, A.B. in Education Jackson, Michigan MANYA T. HARITON, A.B. in Education Ann Arbor, Michigan JEANETTE C. HILTZ, B.S. in Education Norwalk, Ohio BONNIE J. HOFFMAN, A.B. in Elementary Education Ann Arbor, Michigan MARY L. HOLLWAY, B.S. in Physical Education . .Ann Arbor, Mich. HELEN T. JACOBY, A.B. in Elementary Education ANN L. JOHNSON, A.B. in Education Reed City, Michigan ELEN JOHNSON, A.B. in Education Ridgewood, New Jersey IV SENIORS PATRICIA JUDSON, B.S. in Education Sandusky, Ohio EDNA C. KENNEDY, A.B. in Elementary Education ..Detroit, Mich. BETTY H. KORASH, A.B. in Education Detroit, Michigan EDITH S. KRAUSE, A.B. in Education Highland Park, Michigan DIANA H. LAWTON, A.B. in Education Ann Arbor, Michigan MARY E. MCCARTHY, A.B. in Education Jackson, Michigan ELEONOR M. MELLERT, B.S.E. in Physical Education East Cleveland, Ohio DOLORES L. MOSS, A.B. in Education Detroit, Michigan SHIRLEY H. MUSOLOFF, A.B. in Education Northville, Mich. ESTELLE M. OLEJARCZYK Dearborn, Michigan MARTHA A. PEET, A.B. in Elementary Education Ann Arbor, Michigan MARY A. PERRONE, B.S. in Physical Education Mt. Clemens, Michigan NANCY M. REBER, A.B. in Education Fremont, Michigan DORIS M. RICHARDS, A.B. in Education Flint, Michigan B. LOUISE SCHLOSS, A.B. in Education Denver, Colorado VINCENT C. SECONTINE, B.S. in Education Detroit, Michigan FAITH W. SIMPSON, A.B. in Elementary Education. . .Detroit, Mich. CHRISTINE M. SMITH, A.B. in Education Dearborn, Michigan PATRICIA A. SWANSON, A.B. in Education Johnstown, Pa. MARY E. THOMAS, B.S. in Education Sandusky, Ohio VIRGINIA A. TORNGA, A.B. in Elementary Education Lowell, Michigan ANN TRBOVICH, A.B. in English Detroit, Michigan NANCY A. TRESSEL, A.B. in Education Lincoln Park, Mich. MILDRED J. WELK, B.S. in Physical Education Peoria, 111. E. LEE WELLMAN, B.S. in Physical Education Buffalo, N. Y. JANICE C. WHITTINGTON, A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. CHARLOTTE A. WOOD, A.B. in Elementary Education Adrian, Michigan GEORGIA R. WYMAN, A.B. in Education Ann Arbor, Michigan WARREN G. YATES. A.B. in Education Griffin, Georgia THELMA J. ZESKIND, A.B. in Education Washington, D. C. A IV S E IV I D R S 237 FORESTRY .f A : , V ' l Since 1927, when he first came to the University of Michigan, Dean Dana has been Dean of the School of Forestry and Conservation. Besides teaching Forest Economics and Forest Policy, he has helped establish a course which trains leaders in the field of forestry for work in the furniture industry. This year in the School of Forestry has been marked by the appointment of Professor Warren W. Chase to the faculty; he is taking the place of Professor Wight. Before com- ing to the University of Michigan, Dean Dana served as a forestry assistant and later as an assistant chief of the Offices of Silvics and Forest Investigations in the United States Forestry Service. Time out at Paul Bunyin. DEAN: Samuel 1 , Dana Tree identification Timber-r-r-r! FORESTRY CLUB r Top Row: Clyde E. Heazlit; Frederick R. Walker; Ralph L. Mortier; John G. Brasch; John G. Reagan; Jack Stanford; Dr. W. W. Chase; Joe Brunei; Allan L. Hartong; Clarence E. Williamson. Row 4: Cesar del Castillo; Enrique G. Valente; Herrick L. Wilson; William G. Cahoon; Adolph R. Groncki; Howard F. Hammond; David L. Buell; Lawrence W. Ward; A. Ranghelg; H. O. Nixon. Row 3: Herbert Sternitzke; Loren S. Loomis; Harry Stepson, Jr.; Robert H. Sharp; James D. Grey; Prof. W. F. Ramsdell; Prof. L. J. Young; John Adams, Jr.; Frederic B. Comlossy; James V. Halligan; Russell H. Hause. Row 2: E. Ruiz Landa; L. Morgan Lewis; Tom B. Miller; Richard H. Anderson; Charles D. Malt son; Frank M. Johnson; Tim Fluhr: Milan C. Miskovsky; Fred Hopkins; Henry Stasiek; Irvin H. McFarland; Richard E. Emrick; Russell C. McGregor. Row 1: Milchael C. Gnaegy; Prof. Earl C. O ' Roke; Steve Tolbert; Lee R. Crail; Ernest A. H. Woodman; Theodore D. McKillop; Shirley Peterson; Dr. Dow V. Baxter; Clavdio V. Pavelti M.; Jose Marrero. The Forestry Club is a professional organiza- tion of long standing on the Michigan cam- pus. Primary among its activities are semi- nars and talks on technical subjects, employ- ment, and other items of concern to students in the School of Forestry and Conservation. Also included on the yearly program are func- tions of a social nature, such as the Foresters ' Paul Bunyan dance, campfires, and roasts, all of which are well known on campus. In gen- eral, this organization serves students by pro- viding closer contacts with faculty members and giving them an opportunity to gain pro- fessional information not included in the regular curriculum. 242 DAVID L. BUELL. B.S.F. in Forestry Amasa, Michigan LEE R. CRAIL, B.S. in Forestry Cleveland, Ohio FREDERICK S. HOPKINS, JR., B.S. in Forestry Springfield, Massachusetts EDUARDO L. RUIZ, M.F. in Forestry Amarillas, Cuba HERBERT S. STEANITZKE, B.S. in Forestry New York, N. Y. ROBERT D. WRAY, B.S. in Forestry Detroit, Michigan FORESTRY SENIORS They seem to be enjoying Paul Bunyan, the annual Forestry " informal formal. " Professors chopping and students plot- ting it ' s all part of a days work. 243 LAW Dean Stason has been at the University of Michigan since 1919. He first served as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, and, at the same time, was enrolled in the Law School. In 1922, he graduated with high honors, receiving a J.D. degree. In 1924, after two years of private practice, he returned to the Uni- versity as a Professor of Law. He has been Dean of the School of Law since 1939, and, besides his duties in that office, is Professor of Judicial Adminis- tration and of Administrative Tribunal. In his work as student, Professor, and Dean, Dean Stason has been an out- standing representative of the School of Law. DEAN: E. Blythe Siason. Whether at home or in the library, it ' s all the same to a lawyer books, books, books. LEONARD HYMAN, LL.B Detroit, Michigan ROSEMARY SCOTT, LL.B Ferndale, Michigan DOLAS D. WHITE, LL.B Grand Rapids, Michigan LAW SENIORS Studying outdoors in the beautiful law quad. 248 Potential John Marshalls while away some time between classes. 249 MEDICINE Dean Furstenberg received his B.S. de- gree and his M.D. at the University of Michigan. He has been Dean of the school since 1935, and is one of the rea- sons that its reputation is of the highest. During the first World War he was a first lieutenant in the medical corp. He- is on the executive council of the Ameri- can Medical Colleges Association. He- has contributed to many scientific jour- nals and is well-known in all medical fields. DEAN: Albert C. Furstenberg. Doctors get practical experience in U. Hospital. Can I have my card, please? .- Methodical work in the blood lab. Army and Navy cooperation Galens annual tag day. In b lot 254 G A L E N S Top Row: Pets McGee; Robert Brown; Croydon Long; Rockwell Jackson; Jany Van Zossen; Marvin Wolf. Row 2: Edwin Sundell; Wm. Kendell; Hal Luken; Geo. Stillwell; Donald Browne; Michael Concilia; Philip Seven. Row 3: Kenneth Repola; Robt. Dobbie, Treasurer; Martin Feierman, Vice Presidenl; Wm. Brown, President; Robert Rice, Secretary; Walter Johnson. Bottom Row: Wm. Jensen; John Stedelin; Charles Campbell; Robert Sequla; Carl Blunk. The Galens is an honorary society which was founded in 1914, and consists of Junior and Senior students in the Medical School. Its purpose is to be of service to Medical students and to the hospital. The main project of the organization each year is the drive put on at Christmas time to secure funds for the maintenance of a work-shop and library for the children in the hospital. The Galens Society also gives the annual Caduceus Ball for Medical students and serves the students, faculty, and hospital in many other capacities. John Barnwell, Prelect of Galens. 255 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA f 5- a f Ktj- Top Row: Collins Swords; George Dickinson; Bill Oliver; Bob Yoder; Milton Bryant; Bob Micholi; Ed Tate; Russ Worobeck; Jack Gelman, Corre- sponding Secretary; Jack Erbauqh; Bill Davies; Bob Brown; Elmer Maki; Dave Friedrick. How 2: Bob Pendergrass; Bill Keating; George Mackey; Dave McTaggert; Wilson Richards; Bob Gosling; Bob Woodruff; Don Treat; Ken Winslow; Warren Wills; Lowell Cunningham; Larry Kelly; Harry McCormick. Row 3: Rockwell Jackson; Harry Howard; John Evans, Recording Secretary; Dorr Burns, Treasurer; George Stilwill; Ken De Haven, President; John Mark Lynch; Gene Otlewski, Vice President; Myron Zeis; Bill Kendell. Bottom Row: Frank Patton; Dick Zingle; John Hefllefinger; George Kieler; Dick Allen; Dave English; Jim Cell; Ted Todorolf; Walt Wenberg. Alpha Iota Chapter of Alpha Kappa Kappa, which is a professional frater- nity of medical students, has fifty-two active members. The organization has been most active this past year. Last May, the fraternity inaugurated a yearly lecture series which commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the national Ira ternity. General James S. Simmons, Drs. Theodore L. Squier, George M. Curtis, Thomas M. Durant and Edward H. Weld were the principal speakers. This year ' s lecture series will feature a similar group of eminent physicians. 256 Nu SIGMA Nu n r .- t f : Top Row: Laurin, Vaughn, Robarge, Schmidt, Gordon, Benedict, DeVries, Clark, Kempf, Morley, Emery, Detar. Row 3: Pulford, Glas, Haynes, Cady, Thompson, Crabtree, Oaf, Fries, Anderson, R. Hume, Rcichert. Row 2: Upton, Bazar, Twitchell, Louse, B. Hume, Secretary; Brown, Vice-President; Stedelin, President; Reade, House Manager, Barss, Atn, Wantz. Bottom Row: Campbell, Concilia, Pinney, Bishop, Schorling, Pierce, O ' Leary, Goodsell, Murphy. Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha chapter, was founded on March 2, 1882, as the first Medical fraternity in this country. The founding sprang from the need for a " supporting, protecting fellowship " among doctors. Today Nu Sigma Nu numbers some forty chapters and ten thousand members including some of the most able men of Medicine in the world. Alpha chapter, under the guid- ing influence of Dr. Fredrich G. Novy, is flourishing with an active member- ship of thirty-five. Plans for a new chapter house are again being considered. Our scholarship has maintained its high average throughout the war, and our goal is still the betterment of our profession and the intra-professional rela- tionship. 257 Top Row: Left to Right, Marvin B. Wolf; John W. Rousseau; Kenneth J. Ray; Ralph W. Ryan; R. Jack Chase; Peter L. McGee; Louis Krust; Joe Lelk; Harold Van Dyke; Wayne B. Carte; Wm. Arendshorst; Victor Apple; John Hartman; William J. Steenrod, Jr. Row 3: Left to Right, William John Feicks; Walter R. Johnson, Jr.; Marvin Bonzelaar; Howard R. Marvel; David G. Pietz; Thomas R. Busard; Stuart M. Gould, Jr.; John C. Robinson; Robert P. Dobbie; Robert J. Gaukler; Alvin Bonzelaar; William J. Westmaas; Charles R. Sempere; Donald J. Nenno. Row 2: Elwin W. Topp; David C. Ladcrach; Jack H. Nessel; John R. Sinkey; Kenneth Paul Jones; Vern L. Boersma, Presiding Junior; Robert B. Kugel, Secretary; Jack W. Mandeville, Presiding Senior; Leonard W. Reus, Business Manager; Herbert B. Fowler, Steward; Don W. Hack; Orville Frederick Roeglin; Frank G. Talbot; Lester I. Nienhuis. Bottom Row: Thomas W. Baumgarten; Hobart E. Klaaren; Charles E. Davis; Gail H. Williams; James R. Quinn; E. Edward Kani; Chat. Geo. Kramer; George W. Wahle, Jr.; Robert F. Thompson; Frederick W. Hess. The Phi Chi medical fraternity was founded at the University of Vermont in 1889 and has since grown to be the largest medical fraternity, having thirty- six chapters. The Psi chapter, established in 1906, has always maintained an outstanding reputation, both scholastically and socially. During the war years the standards of the fraternity were not lowered and, in fact, the spirit was substantially increased. Both on the fighting front and the home front Phi Chi traditions were maintained. In spite of the drawbacks of the accel- erated program, we managed to have as many activities as usual, having a vic- tory garden for three years, winning the professional fraternity soft-ball league last year, and participating in other events. With a return of a normal pro- gram there will probably be a rise in the spirit as the good derived by the war years is coupled with the color of peace time activities. 258 PHI DELTA EPSILON Top Row: Samuel Roth; Howard Homer; Nathaniel Messenger; Joseph Dashefsky; lack Kaufman; Donald Malton; Arthur Shufro. Row 2: Harry Koenig; Albert Klug; Allen Hennis; Martin Feferman; Fred Feigenson; Melrin Cohen; Norman Talner; Monte Malach. Row 3: Ned Chalat; Julian Stern; Leo Bennish, Treasurer; Louis Kaufman, Secretary; Harold Jaffe, President; Milton Levine, Vice President; Ruben Kurnitz; Joel Salon. Bottom How: Al Shachman; Allan Levy; Seymour Grant; Michael Gilbert; Manuel Jacob . Absent: Malcolm Levinson; George Ablin. The Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity was established at Cornell University Medi- cal School in 1904, and is now represented by forty-eight chapters in the United States and Canada. The Omega chapter was founded here in 1921 and at present numbers 30 active members. Activities are both social and scientific. Monthly science dinners are held in addition to the regular meetings, at which time talks are given by various members of the faculty. This year, a Phi Delta Epsilon Lectureship was established, which will bring outstanding medical men from all over the country to lecture here annually. 259 p EHO SIGMA ri .fir ., ft tit tt f f 1 1 t Top Row: Laft to Right, W. Newton; R. Bowersox; W. Ratledge; R. AHord; G. Rentschler; C. Rhead; B. Linderholm; G. Long; F. Freeman; R. Anderson; R. Heneveld; N. Davis; H. Damzalski; R. Boyd; C. P. Favago; J. Gillis; A. Anderson; R. Wineland. Row 2: R. Marble; H. Manz; C. Brown; L. Woods; W. Strempek; B. Ostling G. Kilinski; B. Pryor; W. Dinnen; H. Levken; P. Seven; R. Smith; D. Gadd; L. Lemmen; W. Jaracz; R. Nicholson; S. Cousins. Row 3: E. Gillette; R. Garneav; J. Lassignal; V. Lancaster; D. Post; I. Bond; L. Coppel, Vice-President; I. Fiebing, House Manager D. Largo, President; W. Hanley, Corresponding Secretary; C. Blunck, Recording Secretary; J. Cantwell; L. B an; J. Quinn; E. Adams. Row 4: L. Cecil; A. Kane; J. Andrews; J. Morray; D. Brodie; D. Kapp; B. MacMillan; A. McClay; G. Reynolds; G. Forrer; G. Cetnar. Bottom Row: E. Efirat; R. Pierce; A. Beurglar R. Taubert; P. Porter; R. Steinmann; W. Moller; R. Swain; R. Hamilton. Missing: I. McLean; O. Bolstad; W. Michilson; P. Johnson; I. Kittelton. Phi Rho Sigma is a professional fraternity for medical students. Our chapter house is conveniently located near University and St. Joseph Hospitals. We have an active membership at Michigan of seventy-four students. Besides our school work, which occupies a good share of our time, we find some time for social and athletic activities. Parties are held occasionally. We boast the cham- pionship of the Intramural Professional Basketball League. 260 A LPHA E PSILON I OTA Top Row: Yolk-Ming Ting; Evelyn Rockwell; Grace Hyde; Jean Holdredge; Marilyn Birch; Veldora Clunas; Hsi Yen Wang. Row 2: Aurea Munor; Merryday Rosser, Secretary; Ruth Appleton, Vice- President; Barbara Grieve, Treasurer; Ann Mandenberg; Lonnie Myres; Jane Randolph. Bottom Row: Mimosa Marin; Betty Levy; Joyce Carrow; Jean M. Robinson, President; Doris Zenger, Corresponding Secretary; Elsie Panlillio; Mar- garet Ward. Alpha Epsilon Iota is a national sorority of medical women. It Avas founded at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor on February 23, 1890. There are now twenty-six chapters located at Class A Medical Schools throughout the United States. 261 ARTHUR M. ANDERSON, M.D Iron Mountain, Michigan WILLIAM F. ANTONIOLI, M.D Butte, Montana RUTH APPLETON, M.D Providence, Rhode Island JOSEPH A. BARSS, M.D Riverside, Illinois PAUL BAZAR, M.D Detroit, Michigan LEWIS A. BEAN, M.D Gallipolis, Ohio WILLIAM S. BECK, M.D Los Angeles, California EPHRAIM L. BENNISH Detroit, Michigan JOHN W. BISHOP, M.D Toledo. Ohio VERNON L. BOERSMA, M.D Holland, Michigan EUGENE F. BOLLIGER, M.D Detroit, Michigan JOHN W. BOND, M.D Twin Falls, Idaho ROBERT J. BOWERSOX, M.D Lansing, Michigan ROGELIO S. BO YD, JR., M.D Republic of Panama WILLIAM E. BROWN, M.D Ann Arbor, Michigan DORR H. BURNS, M.D Ironwood, Michigan GEORGE A. CANFIELD, M.D Middletown, Ohio JOHN D. CANTWELL, JR., M.D Detroit, Michigan JOYCE M. CARROW, M.D Detroit, Michigan WAYNE B. CARTE, M.D Buhl, Idaho CHARLES G. CHAPLIN, M.D Monroe, Michigan ROBERT L. CLARK, M.D Flint, Michigan LEWIS W. COPPEL, M.D Chillicothe, Ohio LOWELL K. CUNNINGHAM, M.D Madison, Wisconsin JAMES L. CURTIS, M.D Albion, Michigan NORMAN R. DAVIS, M.D Frewsburg, New York KENNETH L. DEHAVEN, M.D The Dalles, Oregon GEORGE J. DICKISON, M.D Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan SENIORS HENRY M. DOMZALSKI, M.D Detroit, Michigan ROBERT P. DOBBIE, M.D Buffalo, New York PETER J. FARAGO, M.D Chicago, Illinois MARTIN FEFERMAN, M.D Newark, New Jersey WILLIAM DINNEN, M.D Detroit, Michigan JACK FIBBING, M.D Traverse City, Michigan HERBERT FOWLER, M.D New Castle, Wyoming DAVID F. FRIEDRICK, M.D, tlh v FRED FEIGENSON, M.D Detroit, Michigan DUWAYNE GADD, M.D Saginaw, Michigan ROBERT P. GARNEAU, M.D Traverse City, Michigan M. JACK GEHMAN, M.D Reading, Pennsylvania EDWARD GILLETTE, M.D Toledo, Ohio JAMES R. GILLIS, M.D Detroit, Michigan WAYNE W. GLAS, M.D Ann Arbor, Michigan JOHN O. GOODSELL, M.D Saginaw, Michigan ROBERT J. GOSLING, M.D Grand Rapids, Michigan GORDON W. GRAY, M.D Poughkeepsie, New York BARBARA A. GRIEVE, M.D Big Rapids, Michigan DONALD W. HACK, M.D Detroit, Michigan QUENTIN P. HAMILTON, M.D Highland Park, Michigan WILLIAM J. HANLEY, M.D Muskegon, Michigan ROBERT L. HARDING, M.D Ann Arbor, Michigan JOHN J. HARTMAN, M.D Hillsdale, Michigan ROBERT J. HARTQUIST, M.D Wyandotte, Michigan ROBERT G. HENEVELD, M.D Wyckoff, New Jersey FREDERICK W. HISS, M.D Toledo, Ohio HAROLD W. JAFFE, M.D Detroit, Michigan WALTER J. JARACZ, M.D Grand Rapids, Michigan VIGGO W. JENSEN, M.D Shelby, Michigan WALTER JOHNSON, M.D Muskegon Heights, Michigan KENNETH P. JONES, M.D Santa Monica, California KENNETH R. KAISCH, M.D Detroit, Michigan LOUIS W. KAUFMAN, M.D Detroit, Michigan FRANK W. KELLOGG, M.D Morewoi, Michigan LAURENCE J. KELLY, M.D Butte, Montana MEDICAL SENIORS WILLIAM G. KENDELL, M.D Bay City, Michigan LAWRENCE H. KROHN, M.D Detroit, Michigan ROBERT B. KUGEL, M.D Washington, D.C. DAVID C. LADERACH, M.D Bay City, Michigan DONALD LAMPE, M.D Toledo, Ohio DONALD J. LARGO, M.D Ypsilanti, Michigan VANCE B. LANCASTER, M.D Hazel Park, Michigan JULIUS C. LASSIGNAL, M.D Saginaw, Michigan 263 HOWARD D. LEE, M.D Hamilton, Montana MARTIN LEFF, B.S. in Mathematics and Science. . . .Brooklyn, N. Y. LLOYD J. LEMMEN, M.D Holland, Michigan CLAYTON LEWIS, JR., M.D Wichita, Kansas MILTON LEVINE, M.D Detroit, Michigan HAROLD D. LUEKEN, M.D Bellingham, Washington JOHN M. LYNCH, M.D Erie, Pennsylvania S. DONALD MALTON, M.D Brooklyn, New York JACK W. MANDEVILLE, M.D North Muskegon, Michigan PEARL MARGOLIES, D.S. in Medical Technology . . Brooklyn, N. Y. SERATEIM P. MASOUREDIS, M.D Detroit, Michigan HARRY M. McCORMICK, M.D Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan JAMES A. McCLEAN, M.D Flint, Michigan LAMBERTUS MULDER, JR., M.D Grand Rapids, Michigan EDWARD S. MURPHY, M.D Kenmore, New York MARION MYKYTEN, M.D Detroit, Michigan DONALD J. NENNO, M.D East Aurora, New York JACK H. NESSEL, M.D Detroit, Michigan WILLIAM A. NEWTON, JR., M.D Traverse City, Michigan LESTER I. NIENHUIS, M.D Holland, Michigan DONALD L. NOUSE, M.D Londonville, Ohio EUGENE A. OTLEWSKI, M.D Detroit, Michigan ERNEST L. OVERBEEK, M.D Holland, Michigan DONALD C. OVERY, M.D Albion, Michigan CHARLES T. PINNEY, M.D. JAMES M. QUINN, M.D Burke, South Dakota HAMILTON RATLEDGE, M.D Caines, Michigan C. WIGHT READE, M.D Frankfort, Michigan MEDICAL SENIORS KENNETH L. REPOLA, M.D Ishpeming, Michigan LEONARD W. REUS, M.D Grand Rapids, Michigan CLIFTON C. RHEAD, M.D Detroit, Michigan JEAN K. ROBINSON, M.D Seattle, Washington ORVILLE F. ROEGLIN, M.D Grosse Pointe, Michigan RAYMOND N. ROMANSKI, M.D Grand Rapids, Michigan JOEL W. SALON, M.D Fort Wayne, Indiana, 264 OTIS W. SCHORLING. M.D Ann Arbor, Michigan STANLEY G. SEDLAR, M.D Kaleva, Michigan CHARLES R. SEMPERE. M.D Keego Harbor, Michigan PHILIP G. SEVEN, M.D Grand Rapids. Michigan JOHN R. SINKEY, M.D Toledo, Ohio ROGER SMITH, M.D Ypsilanti, Michigan JOHN R. STEDELIN, M.D Centralia. Illinois WILLIAM J. STEENROD, M.D Benton Harbor, Michigan JULIAN STERN, M.D Detroit, Michigan GEORGE D. STILWILL, M.D Detroit. Michigan EDWIN C. SUNDELL, M.D Minneapolis. Minnesota FRANK G. TALBOT, M.D Detroit. Michigan GEORGE R. THOMPSON, M.D Detroit. Michigan GLENN F. TOMSU, M.D Detroit. Michigan EDWIN W. TOPP, M.D Kalamazoo, Michigan GEORGE E. WANTZ, M.D . . River Forest, Illinois RICHARD E. WINELAND, M.D Findlay, Ohio RUSSELL WOROBEC, M.D Grand Rapids, Michigan ROBERT R. YODER. M.D Ann Arbor, Michigan MYRON G. ZEIS, M.D Flint. Michigan MEDICAL SENIORS 265 MUSIC Dean Moore has been at the I ' Diversity since 1914 when he became head of the Organ Department. In 1916 he taught theory in the Music Department of the Literary college. He has been Director of the Music Sch x l since 1923. In 1910 he received a degree in Organ, in 1912, a Bachelor ' s Degree, and in 1915, an A.M. Degree from the University of Michigan. He studied in Paris in 1913. Since 1923. he has been in charge of the May Festi- val programs, and was national director of (he W.P.A. Music Program from 1939 to 1940. Dean Moore received an hon- orary degree from the University of Rochester in 1929, and the American Conservatory of music in Chicago in 1938. He is famous for his compositions, and has written music for many special occasions, among them the National Conference of Music Superintendents. Dean Earl V. Moore Jennie Tourell is entertained and entertains. Practice makes perfect CONCERT and MARCHING RAND Wm. B. Revelli Conductor Walter B. Rea Business Manager The University of Michigan Concert Band of 1945-1946 has maintained the high standard of excellence in musicianship which, through the years, has given it superior rating among col- lege and university bands. This distinction may be attributed to the dynamic leadership of the conductor, William D. Revelli. For eleven years Professor Revelli has inspired and guided in- strumental students on the Michigan campus. The Concert Band is a versatile organization. Besides the presentation of traditional concerts, premiere performances of new compositions, appearances at All-State Clinics with noted guest conductors, and providing music for basketball games, an innovation this year is the University of Michigan Band series. Edited by Mr. Revelli and published by a well-known music firm, this series makes possible the printing of worthy, though unfa- miliar band literature. As a service to the state of Michigan, annual trips by the organization provide high schools and civic groups with the opportunity to hear inspiring band music. The smooth functioning of the band is insured by student assistants who are chosen by the conductor. This staff includes the librarian, quartermaster, business manager, officers of the band, and various as- sistants to each. Carl Snyder Student Manager A tremendous welcome goes up from the stadium as the University of Michigan Marching Band heads down the field to the stirring strains of " The Victors. " Each member steps a little higher with a sense of pride and exhilaration. In seat 12, section 36, Joe College experiences a similar feeling as he, leaning forward, watches the resplendent drum major lead the band through brisk and snappy formations with military precision. Under the leadership of Professor William B. Revelli and his corps of assistants, the marchers receive expert training and lasting values. Various traditions add to the esprit de corps, one of which is the wear- ing of the band cap after a victorious gridiron battle. 271 WOMEN ' S GLEE LUB Top ROM : Joyce Matthews; Pat Hollis; Shirley Gale; Sally Norton; Helen David; Barbara Brady; Barbara Gibson; Rhea Christian; Carol Giordano Patty Hampson; Paula Kellner; Marilyn Haselswerdt; Janice Wescott; Gloria L. Hintz. 2nd Row: Dorothy Simon; Ruth Steam; Eleanor Stewart Suzanne Smith; Barbara Cross; Marilyn Watt; Barbara Yeomans; Allene Goldfine; Marion Riegel; Doris Richards; Virginia Olberding; Mary Costantino; Doris Trumpeter Jean Murray; Sybil Katz. 3rd Row: Janet Allen; Beverly Solorow, Accompanist; Rose Derderian, Student Director; Rulhann Perry, Student Director; Carol Framberg. His torian Publicity; Dorothy Gray, Vice President- Marguerite Hood, Director; Bernice Hall, President; Lennis Britton, Secretary; Elizabeth Gauthier, Assistant Librarian; Lois Bockstahler, Librarian; Barbara Everett, Business Manager; Lucile Willson; Ruth Duell. Bottom Row: Jean Thalner; Doris Johnson; Barbara Merrill; Dorothy Beatty; Clara Mettetal; Lois Allison; Margaret Anne Schalk; Rosemary Lar- on; Marcella Kratt; Lois Patslofi; Caroline Godley; Margaret Jean Nichols. The Women ' s Glee Club is under the direction of Miss Marguerite Hood. It consists of sixty members, freshmen to seniors, who meet three times a week for practice. Members are chosen by tryout at the beginning of each semester. The Glee Club offers a scholarship to one of its members every spring. The winners are chosen on the basis of musical ability and scholarship. We have participated in various activities this year including broadcasts. Christmas concerts, International Center program, and the annual meeting of the Jack- son Foreman. Our big spring concert is scheduled for June 6th. and it is cer- tain to be a varied and unusual program. Our plans for next year are tenta- tive, will probably include more radio programs, a Christmas concert, and a Spring concert. Now that the war is over, the girls are anxious to take a con- cert tour next year, and are trying their best to get it. 272 SIGMA ALPHA OTA Top Row: Marilyn Mason, Lynette Booth. Jean Athay, Shirley Marcellus, Margaret Simonetta. Mary K. Harris, Rose M. Grentzer, Director; Virginia Solomon, Ruth Hoffman, Vivian Lanfear, Leah Sawyer, Arlene Burt, Jean Parker, Row Two: Barbara Blythe, Pauleen Smith, Evelyn Horelick, Gene Clark, Marie Eirom, Lennis Britton, Nina Goering, Charlotte Boehm, Ruthann Perry, Virginia Denyer. Bottom Row: Shirley Fryman, Elizabeth Roberts, Virginia Lowry. Ruth Hooker, Mildred Andrews, corresponding secretary; Rose Derderian, re- cording secretary; Arlene Peugeot, president; Barbara Litchfield, vice-president; Lorna Storgaard, chaplain; Blossom Reynolds, treasurer; Roberta Booth, alumni secretary; Edna Martz, Lorene Mummy, Norma Wendelburg. Missing: Harriet Alwood, Shirley Bower. Beverly Bcnesteel, Lenrose Dyess, Dorothea Markus, Georgia Christopherson, Audrey Unger. Sigma Alpha Iota is a national professional music fraternity. The picture above was taken at the Annual Candlelight Service. This year the sorority has taken part in monthly musicals, appeared at convention of Music Teachei ' s National Association in Detroit, gave a luncheon in honor of guests and artists at the Annual May Festival. Jennie Tourel was initiated as a national honor- ary member in November. 273 Mu PHI EPSILON Top Row: Left to Right. Phyllis Stevenson; Marian Stone: Joyce Laurence; Lorraine Zeeuw; Doris Gale; Marjorie Lundin; Barbara Lee Smith; Evelyn Olsen. 2nd How: Left to Right. Sybil Kati, Historian: Beverly Solorow, Recording Secretary; Jean Morgan. Corresponding Secretary; Joanne Ling, Presi- dent; Jean Farquharson. Treasurer; Renee Kaufman, Warden; Esther Stevens, Chaplain. 3rd Row: Left to Right, Lucretia Dell; Jean Westerman; Edwina Gilbert; Ruby Kuhlman; Miriam Mclaughlin; Margaret Wardle; Dorothy Newell. Bottom How: Left to Right, Helen Ashley; Margaret Pyle; Helen Briggs; Gladys Borstad; Betty Jean Huser; Martha Tyner; Virginia Smith; Lynda Pelti. Missing: Elise Cambon; Constance Coulter; Roberta Dresden: Mary Johnson; Peggy Kay; Masako Ono, Vice President; Carolyn Street. Mu Phi Epsilon is a national music sorority having as its purpose the recogni- tion of scholarship and musicianship, and the promotion of friendship within its sisterhood. Gamma Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon has thirty-five members and ten pledges. Membership elections are based upon scholarship, musician- ship, character, and personality, with faculty recommendation in the major subject. Initiations take place from the sophomore through the graduate classes. Gamma Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon awards a Scholarship Medal to the freshman girl who has attained the highest grade average for her first semester in college, and at one of the four formal musicales which the Sorority holds each year, honors the freshmen girls whose scholarship has placed them at the head of their class after one semester ' s work. A fifty dollar ($50) scholarship is also awarded each year in the name of Mu Phi Epsilon by the Scholarship Committee of the School of Music, to the sophomore girl who is most deserv- ing scholastically and musically. Activities for the year, in addition to the four formal musicales, have included a luncheon honoring the " Messiah " solo- ists, a May Festival Dinner, and sponsorship of a foreign film in conjunction with the Art Cinema League. 274 VARSITY GLEE CLUB Top Row: Hal Beam; Eugene Kep- linger; Henry Horldt; Talbot Honey; George Bridges; Sanger Westphal; Bill Tattersall; Wayne Smith; Herbert Neuchterlein; Al Bender. Row Three: William Phebus; Fred Springborn; ; ; Max Lindquist; Russell Foster; Douglas Wilson; Bright McConnell; David Carpenter; Jim Wenzel. Row Two: Robert Rabe; John Anderson; Bob Pollock; Harry McCain; Kenneth Pool; David Mat tern; Ray Buntaine; Richard Miller; Cal Blair; Sheldon Sandweiss. Bottom Row: David Harkness; Roland Ura; John Hancock; Alexander M. Petach; Arthur Lloyd; Eugene Malitz; John Campbell; Richard Ricker; Frank Kelly. Look at that smile, it must be a purty song. 275 M. JEAN ATHAY, A.B. in Music Literature Eloise, Michigan ALICE E. BERBERIAN. B.M. in Music Literature . . . .Detroit, Mich. LOIS V. BREMER. B.M. in Music Education River Forest, 111. HELEN BRIGGS, B.M. in Piano Grosse Pointe. Michigan ANNE E. CROSSLEY. B.M. in Music Education . . . .Midland, Mich. LUCRETIA DELL, B.M. in Piano Ypsilanti, Michigan MARY K. HARRIS. B.M Ann Arbor, Michigan RUTH HOOKER, B.M. in Music Education Eden, New York ROBERTA L. HORNSBY. B.M. in Music Clinton. Michigan SYBIL C. KATZ, B.M. in Music Education Perth Amboy, N. J. RENEE J. KAUFMAN, M.B. in Music Education Voice. .Newark, N. J. KLAAS G. KUIPER. B.M. in Music Education . . .Racine. Wisconsin CAROLYN M. LAUER, B.M. in Music Education Flint, Michigan JOANNE M. LING. B.M. in Music Education Ann Arbor, Mich. BARBARA A. LITCHFIELD. B.M. in Music Education Waterloo, Iowa VIRGINIA L. LOWERY. B.M. in Music Education. . . .Warren, Ohio MARJORIE A. LUNDIN, B.M. in Music Literature. .Des Moines, Iowa EDNA T. MARTZ, B.M. in Music Education Pittsburgh. Pa . MARILYN M. MASON, B.M. in Music Alva. Oklahoma C. JEAN MORGAN, B.M. in Music Maywood. 111. EVELYN M. OLSEN. B.M. in Voice Casper, Wyoming MASAKO ONO, B.M.E Fresno, California ARLENE D. PEUGEOT, B.M Stryker, Ohio MARCIA F. RESNICK. A.B. in Music Ann Arbor. Michigan THERESA A. SCHMITT. B.M. in Education Detroit, Mich. MARGARET A. SIMONETTA, B.M. in Music Eveleth, Minn. BEVERLY SOLOMON. B.M Stratford, Connecticut LORNA M. STORGAARD. B.M. in Voice Detroit. Michigan s CAROLYN STREET. B.M Santa Fe, New Mexico MARTHA J. TYNER. B.M. in Music Education Detroit, Mich. MARGARET L. WARDLE, B.M. in Harp Waterloo, Iowa REX C. WILDER. B.M. in Music Literature . . .Benton Harbor, Mich. 276 Aw, come on, it can ' t be that bad. Another Benny Good- man in the making. 277 MATERNliy WARD NURSING Dean Reddig was head nurse in the Presb terian Hospital in New York horn 1928 to 1929. She has been Direc- tor of the Nursing School here since 1940, before that she worked on various health service projects. She was Chair- man of the Michigan War Council for Nursing, and Red Cross Nursing Chair- man for Washtenaw, Livingston, and Lenawee counties. Director: Rhoda F. Reddiq Practical experience for nurses. Nurses coming out between classes for a walk. He ' s being very well cared for. we ' d say. Nurses gain practical experience with patients at U. Hospital. Children make up a large part of their patients. 282 Bridge need we say more? Decorating for the dance. You know the old saying about all work and no play here the girls from Couzens Hall have a good time at their dance. 283 m A DOROTHY A. ARNOLD, R.N Marine City. Michigan M. JANICE ASMOND, R.N Bryan, Ohio DONNA J. BARLOW, R.N Greenville, Michigan MARGARET M. BARROW. R.N Niles, Michigan OLGA BEBBINGTON, R.N Plymouth, Michigan GLADYS M. BENSON, R.N Cadillac, Michigan BARBARA E. BESEMER, R.N Belleville, Michigan EILEEN E. BROCK, R.N. . . .Elkhart, Indiana MYRA J. CHURCH, R.N Detroit, Michigan DONNABELLE J. COLLINS, R.N New Paris, Indiana E. PAULINE DALGLEISH, R.N Oxford, Michigan LOIS A. DOAN, R.N Trenton, Michigan SHIRLEY A. DRURY, R.N Marquette, Michigan PATRICIA J. ELLIOTT, R.N Beulah, Michigan HELEN E. GHERAROINI, R.N Highwood, Illinois DOROTHY J. GOLDBRAITH, R.N Cheboygan, Michigan NORMA H. GOODRICH, Diploma in Nursing Davison, Michigan MARIAN HALLISSY, R.N Lakewood, Ohio NANCY J. HASCALL, B.S. in Nursing Marquette, Michigan BARBARA E. HOUSHOZDER, R.N Bowling Green, Ohio BARBARA J. HUNT, R.N Wayne, Michigan MARY L. HUNTER, R.N Royal Oak, Michigan MARJORY E. HYDE, R.N Holly, Michigan WINIFRED C. IVES, R.N. . Owosso, Michigan JOAN D. JOHNSON, R.N Bay City, Michigan MYRTLE B. KLEIN, R.N Royal Oak, Michigan WANDA M. KNIERIM, R.N Adrian, Michigan PATRICIA J. KRATT, R.N Hancock. Michigan SING SENIORS YVONNE M. LAROWE, R.N Camarillo, California MARILYN J. LEITZ, R.N Kalamazoo, Michigan NORMA I. LEVERNOIS, R.N Crystal Falls, Michigan MARGARET C. LEWIS, R.N Dearborn, Michigan ELEANOR M. LUCKMAN, R.N Chicago, Illinois CAROL I. MALLEY, R.N Grand Blanc, Michigan OLIVE H. McDONALD, B.S. in Public Health Nursing Pontiac, Michigan BARBARA J. MELLING, R.N Owosso, Michigan 284 ELSIE M. MYERS, R.N Scottville, Michigan LOIS M. O ' DELL, R.N Jackson, Michigan ANN C. OHLMAN. R.N Grand Rapids, Michigan ANNA M. OLSEN, R.N Alpena, Michigan DORIS C. OLSTEIN, R.N Peekskill, New York ELEANOR J. PETERS, R.N Grand Ledge, Michigan PEARLEEN D. POINDEXTER, R.N South Haven, Mich. PATRICIA L. RICHARDS, R.N Ann Arbor, Michigan MARGARET RICHARDSON, R.N Grand Rapids, Mich. KATHELEEN L. ROLLER, R.N Paw Paw, Michigan N. LOUISE ROZEBOOM, R.N Allegan, Michigan SHIRLEY M. RYAN, R.N St. Ignace, Michigan GERTRUDE SCHEER, Diploma in Nursing Bryan, Ohio PAULINE R. SHARLAND, R.N Dansville, Michigan ELIN H. SILSBY, B.S. in Public Health Nursing . . . .Lyons, Michigan ELIZABETH A. SLATING, R.N Romeo, Michigan KATHLEEN A. SLOAN, R.N Bowling Green, Ohio LUAN ANEARING, R.N Toledo, Ohio DOROTHY J. STAHL, R.N Paulding, Ohio FERNE Z. STUCKY, R.N Woodburn, Indiana BETTIE B. TISSOT, R.N Corunna. Michigan MARY E. TITUS, R.N Grosse Pointe, Michigan HELEN M. URBACH, R.N Columbiaville, Michigan MARY C. WANK, R.N Kenton, Ohio JANICE D. YOUNG, R.N Bay City, Michigan DORIS J. ZOETER, R.N Grand Rapids, Michigan NURSING SENIORS 285 PRESCRIPTIONS nm r ftmm PHARMACY E lr 288 Dean Lewis received his A.B. and his Ph.D. from Vale in 1908 and 1913 re- spectively. He taught at Yale, at the University of Pennsylvania, the Univer- sity of Illinois, and at Michigan. He has been director since 1933, came here in 1922 as head of the Department of Physiological Chemistry. He is a mem- ber of Phi Beta Kappa and the National Board of Medical Examiners, as well as a great many other organizations. He is a Harvey Society Lecturer and a con- tributor to scientific journals, most of his articles dealing with nutrition and physiological chemistry. Dean Howard B. Lewis. PRESCOTT CLUB Top Row: Joy Cochran; Kathryn Vergne; Lillian Duckek; Mildred Bennawy; Wilma Smith; Mary Van Inwaqt-n; Robert Dona well; Carl Luce; Charles Mitchell; Helen Green. Row 3: Margaret Magnuson; Roger Booth; Sharon De Young; William Harrison; Wendell Williams; Har- old Shumarsky; George Skuban; Louise Stadler. [low 2: Violet Koroloff; Mary Drol- linger; Hannah Freyer, Treasurer; Professor Stocking; Alice Macken- zie, President; Mary Beat, Vice- President; Joanne Bundy, Secre- tary; Hazel Giberson. Bottom Row: Theodore Bid well; Sherman Meyer; Patricia Schneider; Robert Denis; Edward Hand; Jo- seph Rivers. i II] miimnimt Meticulous work in the Pre- scription lab. 290 A ElM ALICE J. MACKENZIE, B.S. in Pharmacy Goodrich, Michigan GEORGE L. SKUBEN, B.S. in Pharmacy Ann Arbor, Michigan MARY L. VAN INWAGEN, B.S. in Pharmacy . . .Richmond, Michigan SENIORS If she could only cookl 291 GRADUATE Dean Okkelberg has been Acting Dean of the Graduate School since the death of Dean Yoakum last year. He received his A.B. degree in 1906 from the Univer- sity of Minnesota, and his Ph.D. in 1918 from the University of Michigan. Be- fore coming here, he was an instructor in Science and Mathematics, from 1906 to 1908, at Jewell Lutheran College in Iowa, and Assistant Professor of Zoology at the University of Minnesota from 1908 to 1910. He is a charter member of Gamma Alpha, a graduate scientific fra- ternity which is a valuable factor in the scientific life of the University. He col- laborated with Professors Shull and La- Rue and President A. G. Ruthven in pre- paring Laboratory Guides for begin- ning Zoology, Comparative Anatomy, and Physiology. Dean Peter Okkelberg. A corner of famous Clements Library. Even professors study, strange as it may seem. PHI ALPHA KAPPA Top Row: E. Overbeele; A. Franke; E. Ophof; I. Wynqarden: D. Pallie; ]. Deur. Row 2: A. Ophof; L. Rut; W. Jensen: T. Roiema; L. Mulder; C. Vander Veer; D. Gorii. Bottom Row: R. Orsen; ). Robbert. Secretary; H. Ver Schure. Vice President; K. Kuiper. President; ]. Van Zoeren. Buiineu Manager; R. Kempilci. Serqeant at Arms The Alpha chapter of Phi Alpha Kappa was formed in 1929 by a group of graduate students coining from several small colleges throughout Michigan. During its years of activity, the fraternity has been composed chiefly of men in the Medical and Dental Schools, but has members also in Engineering. Architecture, and Law. Consequently the fraternity has a varied and broad representation in campus activities. 296 HARRIET J. THOMPSON, M.A. in History . . .Port Huron, Michigan ELYSE G. SHEPPARD, M.A. in Mathematics New Orleans, La. VIOLET B. SIEGLER, M.A. in Geology New York, N. Y. U AT E S For the many students who have never been inside Clements Li- brary, here ' s a small corner of it 297 SENIOR ACTIVITIES PATRICIA R. ABELL Alpha Chi Omega; J.G.P., Bond Belle, Social Committee-Ruthven Teas (3); Bowling Club, Corre- sponding Secretary of Alpha Chi Omega, Surgical Dressings (4) BETTY L. ABBOT Alpha Phi; Hospital Volunteer, J.G.P. (3); Social Committee (3, 4); Cercle Francaise (4) JEAN F. ADAMS Choral Union (1, 2, 3, 4); J.G.P., Play Production (3); House Sec- retary (2) ROBERT G. ALDRICH Delta Sigma Delta; Union (1, 2) AILEEN C. ALLEN Chi Omega; Assembly Recogni- tion Night, Social Committee (3); Gargoyle, Hospital Volunteer Work, Tutoring, Orientation Ad- visor (4) ANDREW WILSON ALLEN Sigma Chi JEAN D. ALESSANDRINI Orientation Advisor, League House President (4) HELEN E. ALPERT Vice-president, Jordan Hall (1); Nurse Aide, U.S.O. Colonel, Cen- tral Committee Assembly Recog- nition Night, Summer War Coun- cil (2); Publicity Chairman J.G.P., Chairman Assembly Speakers ' Bureau, President Tap- pan House (3); President of As- sembly, Senior Society Treasurer S.O.I.C., League Council, Hillel Student Council (4) JOY L. ALTMAN Sigma Delta Tau; Scroll; War Ac- tivities Chairman House (2): Hospital Work, Frosh Project (1); Daily Servicer, Soph Project (Willow Run), Badminton Club, Surgical Dressings (2); Daily- Service Mgr., Pan-Hcl Dance Committee Publicity (3); Daily Assoc. Business Mgr., Business Mgr. of J-Hop Daily, Orienta- tion Advisor (4) NORA S. ALTMAN Soph Project (2); President So- ciety of Women Engineers, Ori- entation Advisor (3); A.I. Ch. E. (4) ANNETTE P. ANDERSON Betsy Barbour House Secretary (2); Treasurer (3); Vice-Presi- dent (4) ARTHUR M. ANDERSON Phi Rho Sigma CAROL M. ANDERSON Pi Beta Phi, President (4); Cen- tral Committee Soph Project (2); J.G.P. Pan-Hel Dance Com- mittee Ball, Social Committee (3) JOHN C. ANDERSON Alpha Delta Phi, Lutheran Stu- dent Assembly (2, 3), President (4); Quarterdeck (3, 4); Purser (3); Inter Guild Council (4) LEILA M. ANDERSON Gamma Phi Beta, Chem Lab. Assistant (3); Concert Usher f3, 4); Orientation Advisor, Rifle Club (4) RODNEY R. ANDERSON Sigma Chi; Marching Band (2, 3, 4); A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4) JEANNE R. ARBOGAST Ice Skating Club, University Women ' s Riding Club (2); J.G.P. (3) RUTH APPLETON Alpha Epsilon Lota (1, 2, 3, 4) ROBERT B. ARDIS Phi Eta Sigma (1); Navy Band (2, 3, 4); Tau Beta Pi, (4); A.I.E.E. Treasurer (4); Marching Band (4) JANE ARCHER Kappa Alpha Theta; W.A.A. Executive Board (3), Vice-Presi- dent (4); J.G.P. (3); Mortar Board (4) DOROTHY ARNOLD Senior Class President Nursing School, House President (4) JEAN ATHAY Gamma Phi Beta, Treasurer (3), Secretary (4); Frosh Project, PanHellenic Ball Programs (2); J.G.P. Treasurer, Orientation Advisor, Wyvern (3); Scroll (4) JEAN ATHAY Delta Gamma, Rushing Chair- man (4); Michigan Daily Edit Staff (1, 2), Music Critic (2), Women ' s Staff (3); J.G.P. (3); Sigma Alpha Iota (4); Senior Class Treasurer (4) KATHRYN E. ATKINSON Michigan Daily (3) RITA C. AUER Alpha Epsilon Phi, Athletic Manager of House (2), President (3, 4); Hospital Volunteer, Swim- Club (1); President of W.A.A. Swimming Club, Bond Belle, Publicity Chairman of Pan-Hel Night (3); Nurse ' s Aide (2, 3, 4); Crop Saddle (1, 2, 3); Sec- retary of W.A.A. (4) ELAINE AUERBACH Spanish Club, Tennis Club (1); Post-War Council, Red Cross (2); U.S.O. (3); Assistant in Eco- nomics (4) WILLIAM R. AVERILL Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Publica- tions (1); Swimming (2) PHYLLIS E. BABCOCK Figure Skating Club (4) CHARLOTTE F. BAILIT Willow Run Project (2); League Social Committee, Ticket Com- mittee Assembly Ball (3) ELAINE BAILEY Surgical Dressings (1, 2, 3); As- sembly Recognition Night (2); Hospital Volunteer Assembly PanHellenic Ball (2, 3); J.G.P., Bond Belle Captain, Memorial Day Parade (3); Assembly Vice- President, Senior Society (4) HELEN E. BALDWIN Collegiate Sorosis, President (3); Soph Project (2); Hospital Vol- unteer, J.G.P. (3) RUTHANN BALES Delta Gamma, President (4); Mortar Board; Wyvern; Frosh Project Publicity Chairman; Judiciary Council Member (3); Chairman of Women ' s Judiciary Council, League Council (4); W.A.A. Hockey Manager (3) LILLIAS D. BALLENTINE Zeta Tau Alpha; Jordan House Council, Spanish Club, French Club (1); U.S.O. (2, 3, 4); League Social Committee (3, 4); Bowl- ing Club (4) LENORA M. BANDKAU Stockwell Council (3); Secretary of Lutheran Student Association (4) VIRGINIA M. BARR Athletic Manager (1); Post-War Council (2); J.G.P., Rifle Club, Newman Club, Education Club (3); Dorm Social Committee, Tennis Club (3, 4) PATRICIA J. BARRETT J.G.P., Bond Belle Captain (3) MARGARET BARSON A.I. Ch. E. (2, 3, 4); Society of Women Engineers (2, 3, 4); J.G.P. (3) JOSEPH A. BARSS Nu Sigma Nu WAYNE D. BARTLETT Michigan Union (2, 3, 4); Jun- ior Executive Council (3), Sec- retary (4); Tau Beta Pi (4); Vulcans (4); A.I.E.E. (4); New- man Club (2, 3, 4); Michigan Sailing Club (3, 4); Engineering Council MARY L. BARTLEY Alpha Chi Omega, Secretary (4); Glee Club (1); Central Com- mittee Soph Project (2); Surgical Dressings Instructor (2, 3, 4); Social Committee (3); J.G.P., Treasurer (3); Usher for Art Cinema League (4) LOIS A. BASSETT Gamma Phi Beta; Hospital Vol- unteer (1, 2); J.G.P., Orienta- tion Central Committee (3) SYBIL J. BAUM Co-chairman, Ticket Committee for Recognition Night (2); Tick- et Committee for Boulevard Ball, Publicity Committee of J.G.P. (3) BARBARA A. BAXTER Alpha Phi PAUL BAZAR Nu Sigma Nu PATRICIA M. BEATTY Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta (3, 4); Soph Project, League House President (2); Social Commit- tee, University Riding Club (3) OLGA BABBINGTON Choral Club (1); T.P.R. (3); Scalpel (4) LEWIS A. BEAN Phi Rho Sigma MARGARET P. BEDFORD Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Mich- igan Christian Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4) ELEANOR L. BENNER Alpha Gamma Delta EPHRIAM L. BENNISH Phi Delta Epsilon WARREN W. BENTZ Sigma Chi; Track (1, 2); Tri- angles, President (4); Vulcans, President (4); Football (2, 3) ALICE E. BERBERIAN U.S.O. (1, 2); Surgical Dressings (1, 2, 3); Assembly Song. Inter- national Center (2); S.O.I.C., Stockwell Hall Council (3); Ar- menian Students Association, President (4); Stockwell Hall Secretary, Cabinet (4); Assembly Recognition Night, Chairman of Music Committee (4); Inter- Racial Association (4); Social Committee of the League (4); Dancing Classes (4) MARY ANN BERGER Delta Gamma WALLACE W. BERGERSON Sigma Rho Tau; Veterans Or- ganization MARGARET A. BERRY Alpha Phi, President (4) KATHERINE J. BEST Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President (4) MARJORIE A. BILLMEIER Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Gam- ma Delta, Secretary (2) Council (3, 4); Hospital Volunteer (1, 2); Red Cross (1, 3); Surgical Dressings (1, 3); Social Commit- tee (3); Recognition Night, House Council (4) BARBARA A. BINGHAM Gamma Phi Beta, Publicity Chairman (I); Jordan Hall Ex- ecutive Council, Frosh Project, Student Religious Association (1); Soph Project (2); Red Cross (2, 3); J.G.P. (3); Swimming Club (1, 4); Rifle Club (4) CHARLES K. BIRDSALL Varsity Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Foot- ball Band. Triangles (3); " M " Club, A.I.E.E., Newman Club Council (3. 4); Vulcans, Tau Beta Pi (4 ) GLADYS M. BIRNBAUM Sigma Delta Tau; J.G.P., Nurse ' s Aide (3); Orientation Advisor, French Club (4) JOHN W. BISHOP Nu Sigma Nu; Golf (1) JOHN L. BLANK, JR. Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma (1): Football (4); NROTC Pistol Team BERNICE BLAUFARB Usher (1); Surgical Dressings (1. 2); Child Care, U. Laundry (2) THOMAS E. BLISKA Delta Upsilon, President (3, 4); Secretary (5); Tau Sigma Delta, A.I.A. (3); Phi Kappa Phi, Vul- cans (2); War Manpower Corps (2); Union (2, 3, 4), Executive Council (3), President (4); Men ' s Judiciary Council (4); Student Affairs Committee (4); Bomber Scholarship (3) BETTY L. BLOMQUIST Zeta Phi Eta; Michigan Reper- tory Players, Lutheran Student Association (3, 4); Sociedad His- panica (4) IRMA G. BLUESTEIN Alpha Epsilon Phi, Sub-Dean (4); President of League House. Gargoyle Business Staff, Hillel. Frosh Project Central Commit- tee (1); Red Cross Drive (1); Soph Project (2); Surgical Dress- ings Central Committee (2, 3); Bond Belle (3) BETTE G. BOAS Alpha Epsilon Phi; Red Cross (1, 2, 3); Hospital Volunteer (2); J.G.P. Poster Committee, Bond Belle (3) VERNON L. BOERSMA Phi Chi EUGENE F. BOLLINGER Zeta Psi JOHN W. L. BOND Phi Rho Sigma JOE V. BONNY Theta Delta Chi; I.A.E.S., Sum- mer Formal Dance Committee (3) MARILYN J. BOTHMAN Alpha Epsilon Phi 298 BSON-RAYMON DETROIT PLANT DIVISION OF ASSOCIATED SPRING CORP. COOK PLANT ETROIT, MICHIGAN 4 TWO PLANTS ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 299 THE BOYER-CAMPBELL COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS Machinery - Tools Industrial Supplies Safety Equipment DETROIT 2, MICHIGAN 6540 Antoine St. MAdison 8500 Bermingham Prosser Company PAPER For every important publication and commercial need Kalamazoo, Michigan Kitchen Equipment Bar and Restaurant Supplies Michigan ' s Oldest complete Institutional Supply House Food Service Equipment For Hotels Restaurants China Class Silverware Cooking Utensils A j MARSHALL co 3639 Woodward Ave. TE. 1-9450 Detroit, Michigan Free Parking LEDAS J. BOTT Alpha Chi Omega, Social Chair- man (3), Rushing Chairman (4); Social Committee, Surgical Dressings (1); Women ' s Rifle Club (1); Social Committee (2, 3, 4, 5); Surgical Dressings. J.G.P. (3); U.S.O. (3) PAULAJEAN C. BOUCHEZ Alpha Omicron Pi, Vice-Presi- dent (2); Gargoyle (2) ROBERT J. BOWERSOX Sigma Chi; Phi Rho Sigma ROGELIO S. BOYD, JR. Phi Rho Sigma MARTHA L. BRADSHAW Post-War Council (2); J.G.P. (3); Russian Club (3, 4), Presi- dent (4); Dorm President (4) EDWARD W. BREHM, JR. Chi Psi, President (4); Executive Council of I.F.C. (4) LOIS V. BREMER Alpha Omicron Pi: Delta Omi- cron; Band (2, 3) JOHN H. BREMS Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President (2); Newman Club (2, 3, 4); Tau Beta Pi, I.Ae.S., Vice Chairman (3, 4); Engineering Council (4) HELEN R. BRIGGS Mu Phi Epsilon MARLAND W. BRIGGS Quarterdeck Society (2, 3, 4); Lutheran Student Association (3, 4) DOROTHY M. BRODY Hospital Volunteer (2); Child Care, Recognition Night Ticket Committee, U.S.O., Social Com- mittee (2, 3); Alpha Kappa Delta, Treasurer (4); Surgical Dressing (3) MARY P. BRONSON Alpha Phi, Athletic Chairman (3); Zeta Phi Eta; Play Produc- tion PAULA T. BROWER Pi Beta Phi; Post-War Council, Conference Chairman (2), Sec- retary (3); J.G.P., Daily Column- ist (2): Daily Music Critic (4) BETSY BROWN lpha Phi, Vice President (4); Tau Sigma Delta: Phi Kappa Phi; A.I.A., President (4) JANE L. BROWN Kappa Delta: Hospital Volun- teer, Rifle Club, Pan-Hellenic (3); Student Directory Staff (4) PATRICIA P. BROWN Delta Gamm a: J.G.P. (3) WILLIAM E. BROWN, III Nu Sigma Nu; Galens Society (2, 3, 4) JOANN BRUNDIDGE Delta Gamma; J.G.P., Stage Manager (3) MARCIA BRY French Club (2. 3); Russian Club (3, 4) MILTON BUDYK t ' nion Trvout SialF (2): I.R.A. (3) NAOMI A. BUEHLER Alpha Gamma Delia: Scroll (4); Ride Club M): Soph Project (2); Pan Hcl War Activities Chair- man. Pan-Hel Patron ' s Commit- tee Chairman. J.G.P.. Bond Belle (3); Chairman of League Merit-Tutorial Committee, Ori- entation, Golf Club (4) DAVID L. BUELL Forestry Club, President (3) SUZANNE M. BUELL Swimming Club (1. 2, 3); Uni- versity Women ' s Riding Club (1, 3, 4); Ensian (4) DORR H. BURN Alpha Kappa Kappa KATHRYN BURTON Delta Delta Delta; Freshman Project (1); Social Committee (2); Nurse ' s Aide (3); Orienta- tion Advisor, Social Chairman W PATRICIA A. BURTON Delta Delta Delta; Activities Chairman (2), Secretary (4); Frosh Project, Social Committee (2); Pan-Hellenic Ball Central Committee (3); Orientation Ad- visor (3, 4) MARTHA A. BUSER Rifle Club (1); U.S.O., Social Committee. Hospital Volunteer (2, 4); J.G.P. Props Committee (3) MARY J. BUSH Gamma Phi Beta, Vice Presi- dent (4); Frosh Project Chair- man (I): Orientation (2) MARIETTA CAMERON Daily (2); W.A.A. Tennis Club, Mosher Social Committee (3); Ensian (4) MARY P. CAMERON Michigan Daily (1, 3, 4); J.G.P. (3); House Secretary, Usher, Sen- ior Society (4) DOROTHY L. CAMPBELL Alpha Xi Delta (1, 2): W.A.A. (2) DOROTHY N. CAMPBELL Kappa Delta; Frosh Project (1); Soph Project (2); Ensian (2, 3); J.G.P., Child Care, Surgical Dressings (3); Education Club (3, 4); Education School Journal (3.4) ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Alpha Phi NANCY E. CAMPBELL League Social Committee (3, 4); J.G.P. Bond Drive, J.G.P. Ticket Committee, Assembly - Pan-Hel Ticket Committee. ' Post-War Council (3); Senior Representa- tive of Martha Cook (4) JOHN D. CANTWELL, JR. Phi Rho Sigma H. PORTER CAPPS Chi Omega; League House Pres- ident, French Club, J.G.P. Bond Drive, Chairman of League- Union Dance, J.G.P. Prop Com- mitce. Orientation Advisor, Gargoyle Advertising Staff (3): Gargoyle Business Manager (4) MARY E. CARNEY Kappa Kappa Gamma; Theta Sigma Phi (3); Daily (1) MARGARET B. CARROLL Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Rho Tau, Vice-President (3), President (4); Society of Women Engineers (1, 2); J.G.P. (3); Ru- mor Has It Cast (2); Jordan House Council (1): Ensian H. 2. 3); Child Care (2): Surgical Dress- ings (2. 3): Chairman of Senior Class Announcements Committee (4) JOYCE M. CARROW Alpha Epsilon Iota WAYNE B. CARTE Phi Chi MARY A. CARTER Kappa Phi (I, 2. 3, 4) ANNETTE CHAIKIN Zeta Phi Eta (3. 4); Hillel ( . 2. 3. 4): Daily (1): Avukah (I. 2. 3. 4); Play Production Radio (3. 4); Education Club Drama Chairman (3): Poctrv Club (4) 300 of Mich iga n Distinctive Apparel A Michigan Fashion Institution for 76 Years JACKSON ANN ARBOR BATTLE CREEK EAST LANSING GRAND RAPIDS SAGINAW GROSSE POINTE 301 LILA E. CHAJAGE Alpha Epsilon Phi; Publications (1); Hospital Volunteer, Surgical Dressings, Stamp Sales (3) ROBERT B. W. CHATFIELD Gargoyle, Business Manager (4) JUDITH S. CHAYES Alpha Epsilon Phi; Rumor Has It Cast, Red Cross Surgical Dressings (2); Hillel Council, S.O.I.C., Inter-Racial Ass. Ram- pus Kapers, Orientation Advisor (3); Hillel, Vice-President, Com- mittee for Liberal Action, Mod- ern Poetry Club (4) MATILDA CHERNOTSKY Inter-Cooperative Council (2, 3); Personnel Chairman (2); House President, M.Y.D.A. (2, 3, 4); I.R.A. (2); S.O.I.C. (3); F.E.P.C. Council (4); Student Book Ex- change (4); Russian Circle (2, ) RHEA M. CHRISTIAN Delta Delta Delta, President (4); Frosh Project, Ensian (1); Wom- en ' s Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Vice- President (3); Merit Committee, J.G.P. Script (3); U.S.O. (2); U. Concert Band (1); Bowling Club (4); Social Committee (1, 2) MARGARET A. CHRISTMAN Delta Delta Delta, Activities Chairman (3); Hospital Volun- teer (3); League House Presi- dent (3, 4); Spanish Club (4) BRUCE J. CLARK Michigan Christian Fellowship, President (3) ROBERT L. CLARK Nu Sigma Nu SAMUEL K. CLARK Tan Beta Pi (4); I.Ae.S. (3, 4) IRENE M. CLUTTER Kappa Phi; League House Presi- dent (2, 3); French Club (3, 4); Spanish Club (4) JEANNE S. COCKBURN Soph Project (1); Post-War Council (2, 3, 4); Daily (2, 3); J.G.P. (2) LEONARD J. COHEN Alpha Omega, Vice-President (2, 3), President (4) HAROLD B. COHN Kappa Nu, Social Chairman (3), Vice-President (4); Glee Club (1, 2) ROBERT H. COJEEN Concert Band (3, 4); Marching Band (4) HELEN E. COLTON Kappa Delta; Nurse ' s Aide (2); Michigan Daily (2, 3, 4) ELVIN R. COON, JR. Sigma Chi LOIS A. COLLINS Stockwell Council DOROTHY J. CONGO Alpha Gamma Delta, Treasurer (4); Sopr Project, Hospital Vol- unteer (2); Merit Committee (2, 3); J.G.P., Orientation Advisor (3) LILA J. COOK Sigma Kappa; Graduate Outing Club BETTY L. COOLEY Alpha Delta Pi; U.S.O. (3); Dance Club (4) GERALD A. COOLEY Phi Delta Theta BELTON Y. COOPER Phi Delta Theta . i BOB " GACH (Since 1935) NOW TWO STORES 14 NICKELS ARCADE PARTY PICTURES 10 NICKELS ARCADE CAMERAS SUPPLIES JEAN H. COPE Frosh Project (1); Soph Cabaret (2) LEWIS W. COPPEL Phi Rho Sigma; Phi Kappa Psi PATRICIA J. CORYELL Kappa Alpha Theta; U. Hospi- tal Volunteer (3) ELLEN E. COURCHIE Play Production, Social Commit- tee, Student Publications (1, 2) VERNOR R. CRABB Athletics (2); I.Ae.S. (2, 3) CLIFFORD J. CRAFT, III Tau Beta Pi: A.I.E.E. (4); New- man Club (4) LEE R. CRAIL Delta Upsilon; Forestry Club, Vice-President; Paul B u n y a n Dance Chairman NORMA C. CRAWFORD Orientation Advisor (2); J.G.P.; Bond Belle (3); Daily Edit Staff (4) ANNE E. CROSSLEY Alpha Chi Omega; Glee Club (1); Choral Union (2, 3, 4); J.G.P. (3) FRANCES CULBERTSON Alpha Lambda Delta JULIA I. CULLIGAN Alpha Phi, Publicity Chairman (3); Soph Project (2): Surgical Dressings (2, 3, 4); J.G.P. (3); Secretary of Alpha Phi (3) LOWELL K. CUNNINGHAM Alpha Kappa Kappa ROBERT S. CURTIS Tau Beta Pi (3, 4); I.A.S. (4) SUZANNE CURTIS Hospital Volunteer, J.G.P. (2); Pan-Hel Assembly Ball (2, 3); J.G.P., Senior Society Secretary (4): Orientation Advisor, Bond Belle (3), Vice-President of Martha Cook (4) DWIGHT M. DAILEY Kappa Kappa Psi, President (4); Victory Vanities, Kampus Ka- pers (3, 4); U. of M. Concert Band, President (4) ELEANORE G. DANIELS House Athletic Manager. Physi- cal Education Club, Archery (3, 4) PATRICIA M. DANIELS Kappa Kappa Gamma; J.G.P. (2, 3); W.A.A. Board (2, ' S. 4); Orientation Advisor (3, 4); Jor- dan House Council (1); Educa- tion Club, Vice-President (4) DOROTHY A. DARE Kappa Phi (3, 4); Michigan Daily (3); House W.A.A. Chair- man, W.A.A. 7one Chairman W HARRY W. DAUM Orientation Advisor (3); Execu- tive Secretary, Post-War Council. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi (4) HENRY F. DAVENPORT Delta Tau Delta; A.S.C.F.. (2, 3, 4) DOROTHY H. DAVIS Library Science Club NORMAN R. DAVIS Phi Rho Sigma ROSAMOND A. DEACON Alpha Omicron Pi; Ensian Art Staff, Skating Club (2); Ann Ar- bor Skating Club. J.G.P. (3) KENNETH L. DeHAVEN Alpha Kappa Kappa, President (4) KENNETH D. DeLAPP, JR. Marching Band. A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4); Tau Beta Pi (4) LL ' CRETIA L. DELL Mu Phi Epsilon MANUEL L. delVALLE Beta Theta Pi; Mimes (2); Inter- fraternity Council (4) ROBERT J. DERLETH Chi Phi; Hockey (2, 3); Football (2, 3, 4); Triangles; Michigamua GEORGE J. DICKISON Alpha Kappa Kappa SARA G. mi hi M Collegiate Sorosis; Frosh Project (1); Soph Project (2); J.G.P., Orientation Advisor (3) DONALD G. DIECKMANN A.S.M.E. (4) ANNE DINETZ Hillel Social Committee, Gar- goyle Art Staff, House President (4) WILLIAM J. DINNEN, JR. Phi Rho Sigma EDWIN M. DISON Quarterdeck Society (2, 3, 4); Purser (2): Commodore (3) EDWIN M. DIXON Quarterdeck Society (2, 3, 4); Purser (2); Commodore (S) RAMON B. DIXON Chi Phi: Michigan Daily (1, 2, 3. 4); Sphinx (3); Judiciary Council (3, 4); Interfraternity Council (4): Student Affairs Committee (4) JOHN R. DYTRYK Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Beta Phi; A.S.C.E.; Newman Club LOIS A. DOAN Athletics (1), Vice-President (4); Choral Union (1, 2) ROBERT P. DOBBIE, JR. Phi Chi; Galens (3, 4) ROBERT N. DOLPH Phi Eta Sigma (1); Engineering Council (2, 3); Honor Council (2, 3); Triangles (3); A.I.Ch.E. (1, 2, 3, 4) HENRY MICHAEL DOMZALSKI Phi Rho Sigma MARILYN J. DONALDSON Chi Omega; Daily (1); Social Committee (2); J.G.P. (3) JOYCE DONEN U. of M. Women ' s Glee Club (1); Modern Dance Club (1): House Athletic Manager (1, 2); Hillel Foundation Council (2); Nurse ' s Aide (2, 3); University Broadcasting Service (3); Gar- goyle (3): Ensian (3); J.G.P. (3); Ushering (1,2. 3); " Tom Sawyer " (1); Play Production (2, 3), " Naughty Marietta, " " What a Life " ANN E. DONNELLY Collegiate Sorosis THOMAS J. DONNELLY Union Tryout (2); Executive Council (2, 3), Vice-President (4); Triangles (3); Michigan Sail- ing Club (2, 3, 4), Commodore (3, 4); A.I.E.E. (2, 3, 4); Navy Band (2, 3, 4); University March- ing Band (3, 4); Newman Club (3, 4), President (3, 4): Tau Beta Phi (4) MARILYN T. DOOLEY Ensian (4) HELEN L. DOUGLAS Alpha Delta Pi; Surgical Dress- ings (3); Motor Mechanics (3); Selling War Stamps (3); J.G.P. (3); Rifle Club (3) RIKA G. DREWES Co. " D " Show (2); Volunteer Hospital Aide (2); Choral Union (2. 3); Bond Belle (3); Patron ' s Chairman (Assembly Recogni- tion Night) (3); J.G.P. (3); So- ial Committee (3) 302 SHIRLEY A. DRURY Choral Union (I, 2); Athletic House Manager (3) MARCIE DUBINSKY Volunteer Hospital Aide (1); Stockwell Council (2): J.G.P. (3); Bomber Scholarship: House President (4): Zone Chairman (4); Co-chairman of League House Dance Committee (4); Chairman of Modern Poetry Club (4); Gargoyle (I); Liberal Action Group; Assembly-Pan-Hcl Ball (3) DOROTHY R. Du BREUIL Pan-Hel Assembly Ball Decora- tions (1): Soph Cabaret Decora- tions (2) RUTH E. DUELL Child Care at Willow Run (2): Women ' s Glee Club (3. 4): Jun- ior Girls ' Play (3): U.S.O. (3, 4): Kappa Phi (2, 3, 4); House Pres- ident (4) PATRICIA A. DUFFY House President (4) ANITA DUMONT House Activities Betsy Barbour MARIAN E. DUNLAP House Athletic Director (2); House President (1): Alpha Kap- pa Delta (3. 4); Orientation Ad- visor (3); Secretary of Alpha Kappa Delta (4) ROBERT B. DUNLAP Phi Gamma Delta: Correspond- ing Secretary of Phi Gamma Delta (4); Student Representa- tive on Bus. Ad., Student Coun- cil (4) SARAH LEE DUNN J.G.P. (2, 3); Radio Broadcast- ing (3. 4) FREDERIC E. DYSON, JR. Beta Theta Pi: Engineering Council d, 3. 4): Honor Council (3, 4); Triangles (3): Vulcans (4) LOUIS C. EATON Delta Sigma Delta RUTH H. EBERHARDT Women ' s Glee Club (2): Wom- en ' s Riding Club. Pan-Hel-As- sembly Ball (3); Orientation Ad- visor (3, 4); Michiganensian (3); Art Editor (4) MARY V. ECHOLS Glee Club. Frosh Frolic, Choral Union. A. A. Independents (1); Soph Cabaret (2): J.G.P. (3) ROSEMARY EDEN Alpha Xi Delta: F.nsian (1): U.S.O. (2): Surgical Dressings (2, 3); J.G.P., Ushers Club. War Activities Chairman, J.G.P. Bond Belle, Child Care, Pan- Hellenic Representative, Date Bureau, Tutor (3); Health Ex- aminations for Registration (3, 4); Swimming Club, Modern Dance Club, Officiating (4); In- tramural Activities (1, 2, 3, 4); Physical Education Club (1, 2, 3,4) JANET B. EDGAR Chairman of Michibomber Com- mittee. Volunteer Nurse at U. Hospital (I); Junior Manager of Daily Business Staff (3) MARY E. EDISON Kappa Alpha Theta: Soph Proj- ect, J.G.P., Social Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Pitch and Putt Club (4) PHYLIS R. EGGLETON Chi Omega: Member of Board of Governors at Lane Hall on Interguild Council (3, 4); Teach- ing Assistant (3. 4): Secretary of Chi Omega. Secretary of Student Religious Association (4) JACOB EICHHORN Alpha Chi Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma ( " I): Phi Lambda TJpsilon. Sigma Xi (3) RUTH L. ELCONIN Daily Sports Night Editor (4); Co-Sports-Editor of Ensian (4) E. MARION ELLIOTT Sociedad Hispanica (4) MARJORIE C. ELMER Michiganensian (2, 3): Publica- tions (4) JUNE E. ELSNER Choral Union (3, 4); Cercle Francais (4) SAM E. EMMONSTR Phi Gamma Delta: Track (1): Glider Club (1, 2): Football Manager (3): Veterans Organiza- tion (4) ESTELLE S. EPSTEIN Spanish Club (2); French Club (3) PEARL EPSTEIN Volunteer Nurse (2) LOU ESTELL Gamma Phi Beta; Women ' s Rifle Team, Tennis (1); W.A.A. Rifle Club Manager. Secretary- Treasurer Dental Hygienists (2) CAROL V. EVANS Collegiate Sorosis: First Aid (1): Chairman Soph Hospital Proj- ect, Women ' s War Council (2): Group Chairman Social Com- mittee, Chairman of Programs J.G.P., Dance Chorus J.G.P. (3): Secretary Pan-Hellenic, Scroll (4); Stewardess Collegiate Soro- sis (2, 3, 4) WILLIAM B. EVERSON Beta Theta Pi PREKETES SUGAR BOWL for good food 109 S. Main Phone 2-1414 PETER J. FARAGO Phi Rho Sigma; Class Treasurer (1); Class President (2) MARGARET M. FARMER Orientation Advisor (3, 4); Var- sity Debate Squad (2, 3): Elea- nor Clay Ford Awards (2, 3); Michigan Daily, Night Editor (3), Editorial Director (3). Asso- ciate Editor (4); Delta Sigma Rho: Mortar Board; Senior So- ciety EVELYN FARQUHAR Alpha Delta Pi Vice-President (3). President (4): Surgical Dress- ings (2 3): Michigan Daily MARILYN L. FEENBERG Choral Union (1, 2. 3, 4); Hillel Music Committee, Record Chair- man (1): Junior Girls ' Project; Sophomore Girls ' Project; Child Care at Willow Run (2); Chair- man of Nominating Committee, Staff Assistant, and Music Chair- man of Mosher Hall (2): Co- Chairman Weekly and Faculty Teas Betsy Barbour (3): Play Production ' (3) JEAN LIND FEERER Circulation Manager of Gar- goyle (I): House President (4) MARTIN E. FEFERMAN Zeta Beta Tan: Phi Delta Ep- silon: Freshman Tennis: Soph Prom Committee: Ensian Busi- ness Staff (1, 2. 3); Ensian Busi- ness Manager (3); Sphinx; Mich- igamua; Galens, Vice-President WILLIAN J. FEICKS Phi Chi FRED FEIGENSON Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Ep- silon; Phi Kappa Phi JACK FELDMAN Alpha Omega JACK FIEBING Phi Rho Sigma House Manager (3, 4) ALICE B. FINK Alpha Epsilon Phi: Classified Ad Manager Daily (2): Circula- tion Manager Daily (3) CARMELITA R. FISHER Sophomore Girls ' Project (1); Junior Gills ' Play (2, 3); New- man Club (1, 2, 3. 4); U.S.O. (2); Recognition Night (4) MARJORY R. FISHER Daily Staff (2); Hillel (3); S.O.I.C. (3. 4) LORNA D. FLEMING U.S.O. (2): Junior Girls ' Project (3); Tutorial Committee (3, 4); Sociedad Hispanica (3. 4), Vice- President (4): Chairman of Committee for Spanish Play (3) DOROTHY L. FLINT Michigan Daily (2. 3, 4), Busi- ness Manager (4); W.A.A. Board (3); Assembly Board (3): Sopho- more Girls ' Project (2); Junior Girls ' Play (3); Surgical Dress- ings (3); Senior Society (4) DONALD E. FORNEY Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Athletics (3) BETTY A. FOSBERG Kappa Delta; Frosh Project (1); Volunteer Hospital (2); Surgical Dressings (3); Proxy Parents (4) FREDERICK B. FOUST Delta Sigma Delta; Union Vice- President from Dental School (3,4) THE CHAS. A. STRELINGER 149 East La rned Street Detroit 26 Telephone-RA. 7474 CO. Machine Tools Cutting Tools Standardized Gears Power Transmission Equipment Material Handling Equipment Grinding Wheels and Abrasives Precision Tools Electric Tools and Motors Industrial Supplies 1884- 1946 303 DRUGS KODAKS Calkins-Fletcher Drug Co. ' THE DEPENDABLE STORES ' We have served Michigan and her students for fifty-eight years CANDY SODAS Ann Arbor, Michigan RENEE FOUTS House President (4) HERBERT B. FOWLER Phi Chi; Phi Delta Theta JANET H. FOWLER Delta Gamma; Junior Girls ' Play (3); Hospital Volunteer (3) EVAN A. FRADENBURGH Sigma Phi Epsilon: Michigan Technic (3); Flying Club. Vice- President (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; I.Ae.S. (3, 4) CAROL W. FRAMBURG Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer (4); Ensian (1); Freshman Proj- ect (1); Social Committee (1, 2); Glee Club (I, 2, 3, 4), Historian (4); Rifle Club (4); Swimming Club (4); Surgical Dressings ALFRED B. FRANK, JR. Alpha Omega; Band (2) ANITA I. FRANZ Michigan Daily (3, 4) HELENE J. FREED French Club (1 2. 3); House Ac- tivities (1, 2, 3, 4); Botanical Journal Club (3, 4) BETTY FRIEDLANDER Inter - Cooperation Council; S.O.I.C.; Post-War Council; Hil- lel DAVID F. FRIEDRICK Alpha Kappa Kappa T. ZOE FULTON French Club (4) GILBERT J. FURMAN Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E.; A.S.H.V.E. LOIS H. FYTELSON Vice President of Oakwood House (3) DUWAYNE D. GADD Phi Rho Sigma JEAN J. GAFFNEY Delta Gamma; Chairman of Frosh Project (1); U.S.O., Colo- nel (2); Women ' s War Council (2); Alpha Lambda Delta. Presi- dent (2); Wyvern (3); Chairman of Pan-Hel Night (3); Orientation Advisor (3); Bond Belle Captain (3); Junior Girls ' Play Ticket Chairman (3); Ethel McCormick Scholarship (4): Mortar Board, President (4); League Activities Board of Governors (4) Coun- cil (4), League Treasurer (4), Executive Council of League ROBERT R. GARNEAU Phi Rho Sigma VIRGINIA R. GARRETT Alpha Phi. Secretary and His- torian (4); Ruthven Tea Host- ess (3); Hospital (3): Nursery Volunteer (3); Junior Girls ' Play (3); Senior Finance Committee (4); Oratorical Association Usher (4) BERT DAVID CASTER Alpha Omega JACQUELINE H. GATET Michigan Daily (1); Hospital Volunteer (2): Nurse ' s Aid tSY, Junior Girls ' Play (3): Assembly Association Personnel Director (4) M. JACK GEHMAN Alpha Kappa Kappa FREDERICK W. GEHRING Alpha Delta Phi: Tau Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretary; A.I.E.E.. President MARY A. GEORGE HELEN E. GHERARDINT T.P.A. (3): Basketball (I); Cho- ral Club (1); Scalpel (4) EDWARD P. GILLETTE JR. I ' hi Rho Sigma; Class Vice-Presi- dent (2) BETT Y B. GINSBERG Alpha Epsilon Phi, Social Chair- man, Treasurer (4); Daily (2); Hillel Council (3) CAROL GIORDANO Delta Delta Delta, Historian (3), Social Chairman (4); Surgical Dressings (1, 2); U.S.O. (1): Cen- tral Committee of Soph Project (2): Social Committee (2); Pan- Hellenic Representative (2. 3); J.G.P. (3); Bond Belle (3); Glee Club (3, 4); Volleyball (3. 4): Secretary of Judiciary Council (4); Scroll (4) WAYNE WILLIS GLAS u Sigma Nu; M-C.lub DAVID ROGER GLASS Tau Beta Phi: Society of Auto- motive Engineers; Congregation- al Disciples Guild (2. 3. 4), Treasurer (3. 4): Navy Chorus (3. 4), President (4); Choral t ' nion (4) RAYMOND H. GLASSER Theta Chi, President (4): West Quad Council (1); Scabbard and Blade (3) FRANCES E. GOLDBERG Alpha Kappa Delta: Jordan Ath- letic Manager (1); Merit-tutorial, Social Committee (2): Red Cross Central Committee (2); March of Dimes Drive (2); Instructor and Supply Chairman of Sur- gical Dressing Unit (2): Public- ity Chairman. Assembly Recog- nition Night (2): Make-up Chairman of Junior Girls ' Play (2): Social Chairman of Fresh- man Orientation Program (3); Publicity Chairman of Surgical Dressing Unit (3): Chairman of J.G.P. (3); Chairman of Sixth War Loan Drive (3): Wyvern President (3); Senior Society (4) SYDELLE GOLDSTEIN Alpha Epsilon Phi WILLIAM S. GOLDSTEIN A.I.F..E. (1 2, 3. 4): Daily Staff (4); General Manager of Gar- goyle (4) JANIS GOODMAN Publications (2); Volunteer Nurse (2) SAM H. GOODMAN Phi Sigma Delta. Secretary; Michigan Union (2. 3) JOHN O. GOODSELL Nu Sigma Nu: Phi Eta Sigma ( Y. Chi Phi PHYLLIS J. GORBUTT Sponsor Group: Moshcr Hall House Government ROBERT J. GOSLING Alpha Kappa Kappa; Junior Medical Class President LUCILLE M. GOTTSCHALK J.G.P. (3): Bond Belle PATRICIA R. GRACE J.G.P. (3); Newman Club (2, VIVIAN E. GRADOLPH Kappa Delta: Frosh Project (1); University Riding Club (1); Crop and Saddle (2). Treasurer (3): Surgical Dressings (3): Child Care (2): Junior Project (3) OLIVE C. GRAVES Post-War Council DOROTHY LOUISE GRAY Women ' s Glee Club (1 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4): J.G.P. (3); Orientation Advisor (4) GORDON W. GRAY Marching and Concert Band (1) PATRICIA A. GREEN Alpha Delta Pi, Activities Chair- man (2): Girl Scout Leader 13); Crop and Saddle. U.S.O.. Orien- tation Advisor (4) NAOMI GREENBERGER Alpha Epsilon Phi, Manager (4); Ensian ( . 2.1: La Sociedad His- panica (1): Orientation Advisor, Bond Belle (3): Swimming Club (4) WILLARD I. GREENWALD, JR. Phi Sigma Delta BARBARA A. GRIEVE Alpha Epsilon Iota DONA I. GUIMARAES Pi Beta Phi; Social Chairman; Frosh Project University. Wom- en ' s Riding Club. Social Com- mittee (1. 2. 3): W.A.A. Board. Publicity Chairman 1 3); Crop and Saddle (4): Costume Chair- man J.G.P. (3): Michigan Daily (I. 2): Junior Night Editor, As- sociate Women ' s Editor (4); Chairman of Merit-Tutorial Committee, League Council, Scroll (4) JUNE L. GUMERSON Junior Project (1, 2); Hospital Volunteer Stockwell War Ac- tivities Chairman (2): Orienta- tion Advisor, War Bond and Stamp Chairman Stockwell (3); Assembly Board M.W.A. Chair- man in charge of League Houses (4) DONALD W. HACK Phi Chi VIRGINIA III. HACKETT Education Club (3, 4); Newman Club (S) HOWARD W. HAFFEL Tau Beta Pi: Sociedad Hispanica (4); I.A.S. (3, 4) Courtesy of JOHNSTON OPTICAL CO. " Makers of high grade, glasses since 1876 " 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR PHONE 2-2561 or 2-2562 304 art design 409 EAST JEFFERSON AVENUE DETROIT, 26 hti-eigriviif 305 " I ' LL NE ' ER FORGET MY COLLEGE DAYS LEAVING COLLEGE DOESN ' T HAVE TO MEAN LEAVING ALL YOUR SCHOOL CONTACTS KEEP UP WITH THE LATEST UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN NEWS BY SUBSCRIBING BY MAIL TO EfllC IB h : 306 EMIL HAHN A.S.M.E. (44, 45, 46) BERNICE P. HALL Alpha Omicron Pi; Drama (1); Sophomore Project (2); Glee Club-Librarian, Kappa Phi (3); J.G.P. Glee Club, Librarian; Radio; Drama; Daily (4); Glee Club President; Kappa Phi- Cabinet; A.O.T.T. Rushing Chairman; Women ' s League Council PATRICIA M. HALLER Nursery School Work (3); Luth- eran Student Association (3, 4) WILLIAM J. HANLEY Phi Rho Sigma CHARLES HANSEN V-12; Tau Beta Pi (3); Carr. Secretary (4), President; Union (2): Council (3); M. Sailing Club; A.I.E.E. (3, 4); Bomber Scholarship (3); Vulcans (4) GRACE L. HANSEN J.G.P.; Social Chairman of Mosher Hall (3): Senior Society; Assembly Board: Treasurer of Mosher Hall (4) JANE I. HANSON Social Committee (3); Recogni- tion Night (4); Hospital Volun- teer (1): Surgical Dressings (1, z, 3) DONALD J. HARRINGTON Tau Beta Pi Society (4); Cross Country (3): I.A.S. (3, 4) JOHN J. HARTMAN Phi Chi D. JEAN HARREY J.G. Play (3); Hospital Volun- teer (3): Assembly Recognition Night (4); Merit Committee (3) NANCY J. HASCALL Choral Union (I); Editor of Scalpel (4); Student Board (4) MARILYN R. HASELWERDT Women ' s Glee Club (3, 4) LaVONNE HASLETT Alpha Chi Omega; Frosh Proj- ect (I); Surgical Dressings (2, 3): J.G.P. (3): Hospital Work (2. 3): House Official (4) BARBARA L. HASTINGS Chi Omega: J.G.P. (3); Direc- tory (3): Social Committee (1, 2): Frosh Project (1) SHIRLEY E. HASTINGS Baptist Guild (2, 3, 4), Vice- President (3) MADELON E. HA WES J.G.P. (3); Corridor Captain (3); Decorating Committee (3, 4) IRENE B. HAYES Delta Gamma MARY L. HEATH Publications (1, 2, 3 Daily As- sociate Sports Editor (4) LAURA HECHT Alpha Epsilon Phi; Post-War Council (3) DORIS H. HEIDGEN Gamma Phi Beta: Activities Chairman (3); Rushing Chair- man (4); Victory Varieties, Build- ing Grounds (1); Soph Project (2): Pan-Hellenic War Activities Committee, Assistant Treasurer J.G.P.; Membership Chairman of Newman Club; Orientation Ad- visor; Script Committee of For- mal Central Committee; Co- Chairman Pan-Hel-Assembly Ball: Ushering (3); Vice-President of Pan-Hellenic Council; Secre- tary of Mortar Board; Vice-Presi- drnt of Newman Club; Skating Club: League Low-Down (4) BETTY S. HENDEL Alpha Epsilon Phi; Ensian (1, 2): Sales Manager (3); Junior Girls ' Project; Publicity and League House Committees (2); Poster Chairman of Central Committee (3); Wyvern (3); Pan- Hellenic Rushing Committee (3); Pan-Hellenic Treasurer (4); Scroll (4): Crop and Saddle (1) ROBERT G. HENEVELD Plii Rho Sigma FRANCES A. HENKIN Soph Project (1. 2); Hillel Social Committee (2, 3, 4) BARBARA E. HERMAN Chi Omega; J.G.P. Bond Selling (3); Soph Project; Volunteer Hospital Work (3); League House President (3); Social Com- mittee (3, 4); W.S.S.F. Represen- tation (3); Orientation Advisor (4); Gargoyle (4); Navy Show (4) ROBERT WM. HESS Psi Upsilon; Marching Band (3, 4); Tau Beta Pi (4); I.Ae.S. (2, 3,4) ROBERT K. HIBBS I ' hi Kappa Psi; Daily (3); Wres- tling (1) JEAN R. HILL Undergraduate Education Club (3,4) MARGARET J. HIETT Kappa Kappa Gamma; Women ' s Riding Club (1); Hospital Vol- unteer (I, 2): LaCrosse Club (1); Soft Ball (1, 2); Volley Ball (2, 4) JEANETTE C. HILTZ Alpha Chi Omega; Newman Club (3, 4) FREDERIC W. HISS Phi Chi BARBARA HOATSON J.G.P. (3) PRISCILLA J. HODGES Alpha Phi; Choral Union (1, 4); Sailing Club (2, 3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play (3); Student Re- ligious Association (2, 3, 4) MARGARET S. HODGSON Alpha Gamma Delta; French Club; Alpha Gamma Delta 1st Vice-President (4); Merit Com- mittee JANE E. HOFFBERGER Sigma Delta Tau: Child Care (2): Sigma Delta Tau (President 4) BONNIE J. HOFFMAN Undergraduate Education Club (3,4) MARY LOU HOLLWAY Delta Delta Delia; Athletics (4); Newman (4); Rifle Club (1); Sophomore Project (2); Senior Project (3); Crop and Saddle (3, 4); Athletic Manager (4) RUTH E. HOOKER Choral Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Sigma Alpha Iota (3, 4); House Vice- President at Newberry (3) FREDERICK S. HOPKINS, JR. Theta Chi; Student Religious Association Executive Commit- tee (3, 4); Board of Governors (4); Veteran ' s Association (3, 4): Forestry Club (3, 4); President of Forestry Club (3) EVELYN R. HORELICK Sigma Delta Tau; J.G.P. Music (2, 3); Sigma Alpha Iota Assist- ant Treasurer (3); Sigma Delta Tay Song Leader (3, 4) ROBERTA L. HORNSBY Gamma Phi Beta; University of Michigan Concert Band (1, 2. 3, 4); Freshman Hospital Volunteer Project (1); Music School Stu- dent Council Secretary (1, 2); Glee Club (3); J.G.P. (3); Rifle Club (4); Bowling Club (4) EDWARD H. HORSTKOTTE, JR. Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Class Secretary (3) WILLIAM H. HOSSICK Delta Tau Delta; Delta Tay Delta Treasurer (3, 4); Psychol- ogy Club (4) FRANK J. HOTZE I.A.S. (4) MARY HELEN HOVERY Kappa Kappa Gamma H. VIRGINIA HOYLER Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lamb- da Delta (1); House Treasurer (2); Sophomore Project (1); Sen- ior Project (2); House Marshal (4); Rifle Club (4) RALPH M. HULETT Chemical Engineering Society MARY LOU HUNTER Swimming (1); Basketball (1) RICHARD N. KURD Phi Delta Theta; Michigan Un- ion (2, 3); Interfraternity Coun- cil (4): Gargoyle (4) GEORGE F. HUTTER, JR. Sigma Chi; A.S.C.E. (3, 4); Foot- ball (4); Vulcans (4) EDNA JANE HYATT Gamma Phi Beta; Transfer from College of Wooster; Gamma Phi Beta; Hospital Volunteer (3); Ensian Staff (3); Psychology Club (4) LEONARD HYMAN Henry M. Campbell Award (2); Chief Justice of University of Michigan Law School Case Club (4) ROBERT R. JABLONSKI Newman Club; I.Ae.S. (4) HARRIET C. JACKSON Basketball Club (1, 2); Hockey Club (4); Inter Guild (4) Treasurer; Newberry Treasurer (4); Sailing Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Sailing Club Treasurer (1, 3); Sailing Club Secretary (1, 2,) MARJORY S. JACKSON Alpha Epsilon Phi: Daily (1, 2); Social Committee (1,2); Gargoyle (4); Hospital Volunteer (1); Committee for Liberal Action (4) JUDITH B. JACOBS Hillel Council (3. 4); Inter- Racial Association (2, 3); Com- mittee for Liberal Action, Sec- retary (4); Avukah, Student Zionist Organization (1, 2, 3, 4), Treasurer (2, 3) HELEN I. JACOBY Editor Ink Well-School of Ed- ucation (3); Hillel Social Com- mittee (4): Education Club (S, 4) KENNETH A. JACQUES Delta Sigma Delta; Student Council Member (1, 2, 3) HAROLD W. JAFFE Phi Delta Epsilon DOUGLAS A. JAMES Alpha Tau Omega; Ensian Busi- ness Staff (1); I.F.C., Ensian Business Staff (2); I.F.C. Staff; I.F.C. Ball Committee; Frater- nity Secretary (3); Fraternity Secretary; Fraternity President (4): I.F.C. Executive Committee (4) EARL J. JANDA Zeta Psi RECORDS Classical and Popular 715 N. University Ave. Phone 3542 North End of Diagonal 307 " A MICHIGAN TRADITION " WALTER I. JARACZ 1 ' hi Rho Sigma DOROTHY A. JEFFERSON Alpha Gamma Delta; Student Directory (2); J.G.P. War Stamp Sales (3) NANCY L. JEFFORD Delta Gamma; Sophomore Aide to Judiciary Council (2); Sopho- more Project (2); Junior Project (3): Pan-Hellenic Delegate (2, 3); Delta Gamma Rushing Chair- man (3); Pan-Hellenic Rushing Secretary (4) VIGGO W. JENSEN Nu Sigma Nu ANN L. JOHNSON University Choir (1) ELIZABETH A. JOHNSON Society of Women Engineers (1, 2, 3); Soph Project (2); Society of Civil Engineers (2, 3); Treas- urer of Society of Women Engi- neers. Child Care, U.S.O., Stock- well Ticker Editor (3) ELLEN JOHNSON Hospital Volunteer, Surgical Dressings (2); Choral Union Usher (2, 3, 4); Unitarian Stu- dent Group (3, 4) JOHN H. JOHNSON Delta Tau Delta, Vice-President (3), President (4); Varsity Glee Club (1); Sailing Club (1, 2, 3, 4); A.S.M.E. (3, 4), President (4) LAURA L. JOHNSON Delta Sigma Theta MARIAN L. JOHNSON Kappa Kappa Gamma; Fresh- man Hopwood Award (1); Cen- tral Committee, Soph Project (2): Co-Chairman Script Com- mittee, J.G.P. (3); President Pan-Hellenic Association (4) NORMA A. JOHNSON Kappa Delta; Michiganensian (1, 2, 3, 4); Hospital Volunteer (1); Accounts Mgr. (3, 4); J.G.P., V- Ball (3); Business Mgr. Summer Directory, Scroll (4) WALTER R. JOHNSON Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society; Galens Medical Society KENNETH P. JONES III Phi Chi; Acacia; Marching Band MARIAN H. JONES Choral Union (I); Social Com- mitteeLeague (3) RICHARD W. JONES JACK A. IORDAN Delta Epsilon Delta PATRICIA JUDSON Delta Gamma; Transfer-Ohio State University (1. 2. 3); Mar- tha Cook-House Athletics (4) LOIS M. JUENGEL Choral Union (1, 2. 3, 4): Con- gregational Guild, U.S.O. (2, 3, 4); German Club (3, 4); F rench Club (4) BETTY KAMENS Sigma Delta Tau; Soph Project, Daily (I); Soph Project, U.S.O., Daily (2); Child Care, Ensian, Social C h a i r m a n S o r o r i t y , .1 G.I ' . (3): Secretary-Sorority, Orientation Advisor, Gargoyle ( 4 ) EDWARD P. KANE, JR. Phi Sigma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma (1); Vice-President Fraternity (3); President Fraternity, I.F.C. Executive Committee, I.F.C. , Intermural Basketball (3, 4) KENNETH R. KAISCH Alpha Kappa Kappa NICHOLAS KAROS Institute of Aeronautical Sciences LUCILLE G. KASSVAN House President, Hospital Vol- unteer (3, 4); U.S.O. (3, 4) ALLAN KATCHER Psychology Club (4) GOLDIE KATZ Gargoyle Advertising Manager; Sophomore Project; J.G.P.; Speakers Bureau; President of League House; Sigma Delta Tau MARILYN G. KATZ Ruthven Teas, Hospital Volun- teer (3); Spanish Society (4) SYBIL C. KATZ Choral Union (2, 3, 4); Spanish Club (3); Mu Phi Epsilon (3, 4); Historian, Women ' s Glee Club (4); J.G.P. (3); Assembly Recognition Night, Orientation Advisor (4) LOUIS W. KAUFMAN Phi Delta Epsilon RENEE J. KAUFMAN Athletics Recreational Leader- ship (1); Mu Phi Epsilon. Cho- ral Union (2, 3. 1): University Concert Band (3): Class Project. Hospital Volunteer (2) MARY J. KELLAM Alpha Chi Omega. President (3, 4); Daily, Hospital Volunteer (1): Social Committee (I, 3, 4): J.G.P.. Pan-Hel Assembly Ball Treasurer (3) PAULA S. KELLNER Glee Club, Play Production (3, 4) LAURENCE J. KELLY Alpha Kappa Kappa; Class Treasurer (S) WILLIAM G. KENDELL Alpha Kappa Kappa, Galens (2. EDNA C. KENNEDY Kappa Alpha Theta; Nurse ' s Aide (2); Junior Girls ' Project (3) RUTHANN KENNEDY Le Circle Francais (1); House Government, Social Committee of League (3) THOMAS M. KENNY Phi Gamma Delta; I.Ae.S. (3, 4); Newman Club (2, 3, 4); Track Team (4) STUART G. KENT Veterans Organization FARNUM W. KERR Alpha Tau Omega: Chi Epsilon; Ships Ball Committee (4) SUZANNE KISER Zcta Tau Alpha: U.S.O., Volun- teer Hospital Aid: Frosh Project (I); U.S.O. Hospital Volunteer (2); Spanish Club (3, 4) GLORIA D. KISHPAUGH Alpha Gamma Delta; Social Committee (2): Crop and Saddle (2, 3); Rifle Club, Spanish Club (4) GLADYS R. KISSIN J.G.P. (3) KENNETH R. KITCHEN Choral Union: Men ' s Glee Club: Quartet HELEN L. KLEIN Hospital Volunteer (1, 2. 3): So- cial Committee (2. 3); Ticket Committee Recognition Night (2); U.S.O. (2, 3); Child Care; University Riding Club (3) MYRTLE B. KLEIN T.P.R: House Board President MARGUERITE E. KLOEPPEL Orchestra, Band (I); Choral Un- ion (1, 3, 4); Soph Hospital Project (2); Junior Project; Fly- ing Club (4) EMILY E. KNAPP Delta Delta Delta. Pledge- Trainer (4); Daily (2, 3, 4); Caps and Gowns Chairman (1); Child Care, Red Cross (3); Infantile Paralysis Committee (4) ROSEMARY KNOX Pi Beta Phi: Soph Project. Rec Rally (I): Bandages (2. 3): Social Committee (3); Nurse ' s Aide (4); Child Care (S) SHIRLEY M. KOEBEL Frosh Project (1); House Ath- letics (1, 2, 3, 4); Spanish Club (3, 4); Camera Club (4) MARGARET H. KOHR Delta Delta Delta: Glee Club. Senior Project (I. 2, 3); J.G. Play, Assistant Chairman C3): J.G. Project: Soph Project (1. 2): Army Show (2) LEONA M. KONDZILLA Newman Club (1. 4): Deutscher Verein (3. 4); House President (2) BETTY H. KORASCH Daily (2): Night Editor, Hillel Council (President). Play Pro- duction: J.G.P.: S.O.I.C.: Hospi tal Volunteer (3): Senior Socictv (4) RUTH M. KOWALSKY Publications (2): 7eta Phi Eta (3. 4): J.G.P. (3): Hillel Council (3, 4); U.S.O. (3) ARTHUR J. KRAFT Michigan Daily, Associate Edi- tor; Hillel Foundation. Council (I. 2. 3. 4); Student Book Ex- change (4) GRETA KRANZ Pi Beta Phi, Secretary (4): So- cial Committee: Publications. Sports (2): J.G. Project and Play (3) PATRICIA J. KRATT Choral Club (1): T.P.R. (3); Scalpel, Associate Editor (4) EDITH S. KRAUSE Sigma Delta Tau GERALD D. KRAUSE Sigma Alpha Mu LAWRENCE H. KROHN Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa ROBERT B. KUGEL Phi Chi KLAAS G. KUIPER Phi Alpha Kappa NORMAN F. KUNIN A.S.M.E. (3, 4); Intramural Ath- letics (2, 3, 4) DAVID C. LADERACH Phi Chi VANCE B. LANCASTER Phi Rho Sigma WILMA D. LANDALL Delta Delta Delta MARY H. LANE Alpha Delta Pi: Rifle Club, Sur- gical Dressings (2); Michigan Daily, U.S.O. (4) DONALD J. LARGO Phi Rho Sigma YVONNE M. LaROWE Athletic Program House Chair- man (4); U.S.O. (1, 2, S, 4) JOHN L. LARSON Delta Tau Delta; Triangles (3); Track Team (3, 4); Vulcans (4) JULIUS C. LASSIGNAW Phi Rho Sigma ROBERT L. LATHROP Xi Psi Phi PHYLLIS N. LAUFE Hospital Aide (2); Bandage Roll- ing (2, 3); Nurse ' s Aide (3, 4) CAROLYN M. LAUER War Activities Sheets; War Stamps Sales: Surgical Dressings CHARLES H. LAURITSEN Psi Upsilon; Athletics (3, 4); Track Team, House President (4) RUTH M. LAVELY Basketball, Volleyball. Bond Belle, Choir (3) JAMES A. LAWLER Newman Club (2. 3, 4); Vet- erans ' Organi ation FREDERICK E. LAYMON Phi Delta Theta: Golf (2) WILLIAM S. LAYTON Band Leader of Michigan Un- ion HOWARD D. LEE Alpha Lambda WILLIAM W. LEE Theta Delta Chi: Union Staff (2); I.F.C. Council Tryout Staff (3): S.A.E. (3) MARTIN LEFF Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Kap- pa LLOYD J. LEMMEN Phi Rho Sigma DONALD R. LEVAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Golf (3, 4) BARBARA H. LEVINE Alpha Lambda Delta: Delta Sigma Rho: Kappa Beta Pi; Post-War Council (2, 3), Secre- tary (2), Treasurer (3); J.G. Play (3); Hillel Refreshment Committee (3): Eleanor Clay Ford Debate Award (3); Stock- well Faculty Discussions Chair- man and Moderator (3): Student Speaker Bureau (3): Varsity De- bate (3. 4) 308 MILTON LEVINE Phi Delta Epsilon SYDNEY H. LEVINE Tan Beta Pi; A.S.M.E. (3, 4); I.A.S. (3, 4) DOROTHEA LEVINSON Hospital Volunteer (3); Gargoyle (4) CLAYTON LEWIS, JR. Sigma Phi JAMES W. LEWIS Sailing Club (2); I.A.S. (3, 4) MARGARET C. LEWIS Intramural Sports, Nurses ' Glee Club (1) MELVIN E. LINDLEY Kappa Mu Epsilon; Band; Or- chestra JOAN C. LINDSAY Daily, Sports (1. 2. 3); Night Editor of Daily (2. 3); Soph Project (2); J.G.P. (3) JOANNE M. LING Choral Union (2, 3, 4); Mu Phi Epsilon (3, 4); President (4); Pi Lambda Theta IS, 4) BARBARA A. LITCHFIELD Sigma Alpha lota (2. 3, 4): Band (2, 3, 4); W.W. Quintet (2); Or- chestra (3, 4) CHARLES J. LITTLE Zela Psi, President MARJORIE LITTLEFIELD Alpha Delta Pi. Secretary (3, 4); Surgical Dressings (I. 2, 3); U.S.O. (2, 3); J.G.P. (3); Daily (3, 4); Ballet Club (4) HARRY LOBERMAN Phi Eta Sigma (1); Phi Beta Kappa (3); Alumni Scholar GAIL LOCKEN Tail Delta Sigma; U. Symphony Orchestra (3, 4): Choral Union Usher (3, 4); U.S.O. (3); Tennis Club (3, 4); Swimming Club, Child Care, Merit-Tutorial Com- mittee, Basketball Club, Golf Club, La Sociedad Hispanica (4); Sigma Mu Tan CORINNE LONGSDORF Choral Union (2, 3); Women ' s Glee Club (1); Nurse ' s Aide (1, 2); La Sociedad Hispanica (I, 4) EVELYN A. LOUGH Pi Beta Phi. Rush Chairman (3); Hospital Volunteer (1) CHARLES S. LOW Track (3, 4) VIRGINIA L. LOWRY Alpha Xi Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota MALCOLM A. LOWTHER Chi Phi; Baseball MARTHA C. LOVETT Alpha Gamma Delta, President M); Soph Class Project: Bond Belle, Central Committee of Child Care (4) HAROLD B. LUEKEN Phi Rho Sigma ELIZABETH J. LUDLUM Alpha Omicron Pi; Daily; J.G.P.; Play Production: Orien- tation Advisor (3) ELEANOR C. LUNDBLAD Chairman Women ' s War Coun- cil; House President (3) MARJORIE A. LUNDIN W.A.A.; Deutscher Verein (3, 4); Mu Phi Epsilon (4) MARTHA M. LUNNY Kappa Phi GEORGE D. LUTZ Intramural Athletics (1, 2) JOAN R. LYNCH Kappa Kappa Gamma; Hospital Volunteer (2); French Club d. 3. 4); Spanish Club. Surgical Dressings (2, 3) JOHN M. LYNCH Alpha Kappa Kappa, President (2); Phi Kappa Phi NORMA F. LYON W.M.C., Post-War Council, S.R.A. (1); Daily (2); M.Y.D.A.- I.R.A. (2. 3, 4); S.O.I.C., W.S.S.F. (3); U. Hospital Volunteer (3) FERN E. MacALLISTER Judicial Aide (1); Nurses ' Aide (2); U.S.O. Hostess (2); Home- coming Dance Committee; Bond Belle CLAIRE M. MACAULAY Alpha Lambda Delta (1): Merit Committee (1, 2); Social Com- mittee (2); League House Chair- manMarch of Dimes Drive (2); League House Chairman- Red Cross Drive (2): Program Chairman Junior Girls ' Play (2); Instructor; Dorm Attend- ance Chairman Surgical Dress- ing Unit (2): Orientation Ad- visor (2. 3); General Chairman Assembly Recognition Night (3); Supply Chairman Surgical Dressing Unit (3) ' , Dormitories Chairman Junior Girls ' Project (3); Wyvcrii (3); President Sen- ior Society (4); Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4) ALICE J. MacKENZIE Zeta Tan Alpha: Secretary Inter- Cooperative Council (2): Vice- President Zeta Tan Alpha (3): President Prescott Club (4); President 7eta Tan Alpha (4) ELEANOR J. MacLAUGHLIN Alpha Chi Omega; Band Con- cert (1): Frosh-Soph Ball Central Committee (1): Frosh Project (1); Pan-Hellenic Assembly Ball Central Committee (2): Soph Project (2); J.G. Play (2): Sur- gical Dressing Project (2): Jun- ior Girls ' Project (3): Wyvern C3): J.G. Play (3): Dance Club (3); Surgical Dressings (1, 3): Sorority Pan-Hel Delegate (3): League Council President (4): Sorority Vi ce-Presiden t (4): Scroll (4) JEAN M. MacMAIN Michigan Daily (3) NATALIE A. MAGUIRE Chi Omega: Child Care Willow Run (2); Soph Project (2); Sur- gical Dressings (2): Bomber Scholarship (3); J.G. Play (3): Orientation Advisor (3): Chair- man Transfer Orientation (4): Social Chairman Chi Omega (4) SHIRLEY E. MAKIMA Alpha Chi Omega; Frosh Project (1): Michibomer Carnival (2); junior Girls ' Plav (3): Gargovle (4) JANET E. MAIN Chi Omega; Soph Project (2): Surgical Dressing (2): Social Committee (3. 4): Junior Proj- ectStamps; Student Director (8,4) S. DONALD MALTON Phi Delia Epsilon CAROLYN R. MANCHESTER Junior Girls ' Play (2, 3): Fi- nance Committee for Gradua- tion fl) HARRIET D. MANDA Kappa Kappa Gamma; Univer- sity Hospital Volunteer (3): Undergraduate Education Club (4): Rifle Club (4) JACK W. MANDEVILLE Phi Chi ELAINE J. MANN Sigma Delta Tan: Nurse ' s Aide 1 3): J.G. Play (3) For the Best Entertainment and Relaxation at All Times MICHIGAN STATE WUERTH WHITNEY W. S. BUTTERFIELD THEATERS E. C. BEATTY, President 309 BOOK STORES have served Michigan students and graduates for over half a century. Let us continue to serve you after graduation. Special attention given to mail orders. WAHR ' S BOOK STORES " Michigan a oldest and most complete bookstore " ANN ARBOR, MICH. HELEN M. MARAVICH Alpha Omicron Pi; Surgical Dressings (2): Intramural Bas- ketball (2); J.G.P. (3); House President (3); Vice-President of House (4); Intramural Volley- ball (3, 4) PHILLIP B. MARCELLUS Alpha Tau Omega; Intramural Award (1); Football (1, 2, 3); Rushing Chairman (3); Presi- dent (4); Golf (1, 2, 3, 4. 5); Michigan Daily (4); American Institute of Architects (3, 4, 5); Vice-President (4); Executive Council of I.F.C. (4); I.F.C. Committee (4); M. Club (2, 3, 4, 5); Treasurer (5); Vulcans (4, 5) SHIRLEY M. MARCELLUS Alpha 7.i Delta; Sigma Alpha Iota (2); Women ' s Golf Team (2); Choral Union (3) JACOB MARGOL1S Michigan Union (3) PEARL MARGOLIES Soph Project (2) SEYMOUR MARK Hillel Organization (4); Ameri- can Veteran Committee (4); La Sociedad Hispanica (4) SYDELLE R. MARKSON I.C.C. (2, 3, 4); M.Y.D.A. (3, 4); German Club (3, 4) ANDREW H. MARSCH Phi Delta Theta; Freshman Bas- ketball; Mimes Opera; Honorary Speech Fraternity ROBERT G. MARTIN Sigma Chi; Delta Sigma Delta EDNA T. MARTZ Kappa Delta; Frosh Project (1); Soph Project (Hospital) (2); J.G.P. Central Committee; Scroll (4): U. of M. Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Symphony Or- chestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Choral Un- ion Orchestra (I, 2, 3, 4); Ori- entation Advisor (2, 4); Sigma Alpha Iota (4) MARILYN M. MASON University Symphony (3); Junior Girls ' Play (3): Sergeant-at-Arms Alpha Iota (4); Chairman of Music Committee Land Hall (4) HELEN E. MASSON Alpha Phi; Central Committee Soph Project (2); J.G.P. Proper- ties (3); House Secretary (3); Choral Union (1, 2, 3) HELEN V. MASSON W.A.A. (2, 3); Physical Educa- tion (Juli Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 1); House President (4) VIRGINIA L. MAST Bond Belle, 6th War Loan (3); Volleyball Team (3); Basketball Team (3): Baseball Team (3); Church Choir President (3); U. of M. Symphony Orchestra (3, 4): Orientation Advisor (1); Stu- dent Guild (3, 4); American Chemical Society. Student Af- filiate (3, 4) SERATEIM P. MASOUREDIS Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; I ' hi Beta Kappa NORRINE J. MATHEWS League House President (2, 3) WANDA J. MATHIAS Alpha Chi Omega; Hospital Volunteer (2); Nurse ' s Aid (3); Play Production (2, 3); J.G. Project (3); Assistant Director J.G. Play (3); Social Commit- tee (3, 4); Bowling Team (4); Sorority Officer (4) MARILYN R. MATZ Alpha Xi Delta: J.G.P. (3); So- cial Committee (3, 4); Radio EDWARD J. MAZURKIEWICZ A.S.M.E. (3, 4); President Polo- nia Club (4) PHYLLIS McCALL Alpha Omicron Pi; Gargoyle (4) GEORGE McCALLUM, JR. Beta Theta Pi MARY E. MCCARTHY Education Club; Newman Club (3,4) WARD MCCARTNEY Xi Psi Phi HARRY McCORMICK Alpha Kappa Kappa NANCY McDURMITT Kappa Delta, Treasurer (3); Hospital Volunteer, Surgical Dressings (1, 2); Social Commit- tee (2); J.G.P. (3) GLORIA MCELROY Recognition Night (3. 4); Ticket Chairman Homecoming Dance (4): President of Mosher JAMES A. McFADDEN Track. Navy Chorus (2, 3, 4): Choral Union, Westminster Guild, A. I. E. E. (3, 4); Ccrcle Francais (3); Tau Beta Pi (4) LOIS H. McINTYRE Play Production, Radio Dra- matics: Kappa Phi; House Presi- dent; War Loan Gallant THOMAS McKENNA eta Psi THEODORE D. McKILLOP Sigma Alpha F.psilon: Forestry Club JAMES McLEAN Phi Rho Sigma MARYHELEN MEIKLE Chi Omega ELEANOR M. MELLERT Pi Lambda Theta; Physical Ed- ucation Club, Publicity Chair- man (3, 4) BARBARA J. MELLING Handicraft Club (3. 4); Wesley- an Guild ( ): Corridor Coun- selor 0) OLGA N. METROPOLSKY Hospital Volunteer, League Representative (2); Ballet Club, Historian (3); Daily, Russian Club Treasurer (3, 4); Usher- ing, Informant-Linguistic gr., Orientation Advisor (4); Vice- President and Social Chairman (4) DONNA JANE MEYER Alpha Delta Pi: League House President: Hospital Volunteer, U.S.O. (3); Social Chairman Undergraduate Education Club; Ballet Club (4) BARBARA MICHAELSON Newman Club (3, 4); U.S.O. (3) DORRIS C. MICHALSKE Spanish Club (2) HELENE M. MICHEL U. Hospital (2): Hillel (2. 3, 4); S.O.I.C. (4) MARILYN M. MIEHLS League Social Committee (3, 4); Hospital Volunteer (4) AGATHA MILLER Frosh Project (1); Daily (1, 2, 3), Night Editor: M.Y.D.A., President (2) ANN L. MILLER Alpha Xi Delta. Treasurer (3, 4); President of League House (2); Bond Belle, Child Care. So- cial Committee (3) EDMUND MILLER Hospital, Newman Club (1) JOHN C. MILLS Delta Sigma Delta 310 MARIAN V. MILLER House President (3) RICHARD T. MILLS Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Varsity Tennis (3) EMILY MINTHORN Kappa Kappa Gamma; Presi- dent of Auxiliary Dorm, J.G.P., Surgical Dressings (3); Zeta Phi Eta, Play Production, Social Committee (4) VIOLET MISEKOW Russian Club PATRICIA A. MITCHELL House War Activities Chairman (2, 3): House President, Zone Chairman (4) FRANK G. MOJCHER Newman Club, I.Ae.S. (2, 3, 4) ELIZABETH MOORE Le Cercle Francais (3, 4); Stock- well Council, Navy Show (4) JEAN MORGAN Kappa Delta. Rushing Chairman (3), Vice-President (4); Choral Union (I, 2); Pan-Hellenic Rec- ognition Night (3); Ushering, Mu Phi Epsilon (3, 4): League Social Committee (1); U. Sym- phony (I, 2, 3, 4) JANET M. MORGAN Kappa Kappa Gamma; Central Committee Soph Project (2); J.P.G. (3) PAUL A. MOOTE Phi Eta Sigma (1); Michigan Sailing Club, Fleet Captain, Tan Beta Pi (4) DELIA MORGAN Kappa Phi (1, 2, 3, 4) BERNARD C. MORING, JR. Pi Kappa Phi; A.I.E.E. (3, 4) GERALDINE MORRIS Zeta Tau Alpha ANN MORROW Daily, House President and War Activities Chairman (3); New- man Club (3, 4); St. Mary ' s Chapel Chronic le (4) GERALDINE MOSBERG Alpha Lambda Delta DALE MOSES Alpha Epsilon Phi: League Sur- gical Dressings, Central Commit- tee, Chairman at Hillel (2); So- ciedad Hispanica (4) DOLORES MOSS Hospital Volunteer (2); French Club (2, 3, 4); Journal Club, Education Club (3) LAMBERTUS MULDER Phi Alpha Kappa, Fraternity Manager WILLIAM J. MULLENDORE Publications (1, 2, 3, 4); Daily Sports Editor (4) EDWARD S. MURPHY Nu Sigma Nu DELILAH MURRAH Kappa Delta; Hospital Volun- teer (I, 2); Soph Project Central Committee (2); War Activities Central Committee (3); Crop and Saddle (2. 3): President of Kappa Delta (4); Concert Usher- ing (3, 4) SHIRLEY MURRAY Women ' s Glee Club (1, 2); J.G.P., Red Cross Representative (3) DOROTHY V. MURZEK Alumni Scholarship (1, 2, 3, 4); Debate Team Eleanor Clay Ford Award, Dance Director Co. Show, Rumor Has It (2); 6th War Bond Drive, Debate Team (3); Play Production, Zeta Phi Eta (3, 4); Assistant in Speech Department (4) EDWARD J. MUSCH Choral Union (2, 3) SHIRLEY MUSOLFF Junior Project (3) ARTHUR MYERS Tau Beta Pi JACOB B. NAUMER Beta Theta Pi RUTH HARRIETT NAVE Adelia Cheever; Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Choral Union (1, 2); House Athletic Director (2); U.S.O. (2); Kappa Phi (2); Uni- versity Symphony Orchestra (3); Swimming Club (3) ELIZABETH M. NEEDHAM Delta Gamma RALPH H. NEELY, JR. Beta Theta Pi DONALD J. NENNO Phi Chi JACK H. NESSEL Phi Chi WILLIAM A. NEWTON, JR. Phi Rho Sigma SANFORD F. NICOL I.A.S. (3, 4) DORIS B. NICOLLS Alpha Chi Omega; Orientation Advisor (2); Nurse ' s Aide (2); Sophomore Project (3) JANINA C. NIEDBALA Robert Owen Cooperative: Housemother at Robert Owen Cooperative (4); Chairman of Folk Dancers LESTER I. NIENHUIS Phi Chi ROBERT A. NORTON Delta Sigma Delta; Track (1); Vice-President of Delta Sigma Delta (4) DON C. NOUSE Nu Sigma Nu LOIS M. O ' DELL President of Junior Class MARIE I. OGAEKO ANN C. OHLMAN Beal Residence ESTELLE M. OLEJARCZYK GEORGE-ANNE OLIVER Mary Markley; Guild (1, 2); House President (2) ANNE M. OLSEN EVELYN N. OLSEN Mu Phi Epsilon; House Presi- dent; Choral Union ROBERT M. OLSEN American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Veteran ' s Organiza- tion ARNOLD JACK OLSON DORIS C. OLSTEIN MASAKO ONO Mu Phi Epsilon (2, 3): Vice- President of Mu Phi Epsilon (4): Choral Union (3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play Central Committee HELEN C. ORR BARBARA R. OSBORNE Martha Cook: Jordan House Council (1); Hospital Volunteer (1); Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Honors Convocation (1); U.S.O. (2); Ensian Business Staff (2); Martha Cook War Activities Committee (2); University Wom- en ' s Riding Club (2); Assembly Recognition Night Arrange- ments (2); Assembly Pan-Hel Ball Program Committee (2): HAROLD N. NELSON Ensian Photographer ARTISTIC PORTRAITS COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY GROUPS -WEDDINGS PANORAMA PHOTOGRAPHS UP TO TEN FEET IN LENGTH 2450 DIXBORO ROAD Phone 2-6268 STATE SAVINGS BANK OF AIVIV ARBOR Main and Washington Sts. Ann Arbor, Michigan Resources over $20,000,000.00 Established 1893 MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION That individual stationery the campus is talking about is from Columbus Stationery Company Columbus, Ohio Don ' t miss the next display Sorry, no mail orders By representative display only 311 Child Care-Willow Run (2); Orientation Advisor (3, 4); Crop Saddle (2, 3, 4); W.A.A. Dorms Manager (3); W.A.A. Interhouse Manager (3); Child Care-Girl Reserves (3); J.G.P. Bond Belle Captain (3); Sociedad Hispanica (3); Wyvern (3); J.G.P. Tickets Committee (3); Senior Society (4); Mortar Board (4): W.A.A. President (4); Assembly Recog- nition Night War Activities Honorable Mention (4) RICHARD J. OSBORN Football (1); Glee Club (3, 4); American Society of Mechanical Engineers (3, 4) PEGGY L. OSGOOD GEORGE OSTROOT, JR. Football (1, 2); Track (I, 2, 3, 4); Triangles EUGENE A. OTLENSKI A.K.K. JOHN H. OXLEV Band (1); Glee Club (3); Amer- can Society of Mechanical Engi- neers (3, 4) ERNEST L. OVERBEEK Phi Alpha Kappa DONALD C. OVERY Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kap- pa JEAN E. PARKER Delta Gamma; Sigma Alpha Iota (4) W. RONALD PARKER CLAIRE J. PARNES Society of Biology and Medi- cine (1, 2); Chemistry Club (2); I.R.A. (3); S.O.I.C. (3) JEANETTE M. PARSEKAIN Daily (4); Treasurer, A.S.A. Club (3, 4) JEANNE PARSONS Oakwood Howe; Vice-President, Social Director Howe (2); Ballet Club (3); W.A.A. Board Dance Director (3); Play Production (3); Philippine War Relief Pro- gram (3); Figure Skating Club (4); Play Production (4) FRANCES PATCH Mosher Hall; Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Freshman Project (1) LOLA M. PATTON Rifle (2, 3, 4) JACK E. PEDDY Baseball (4); Vulcans (4) EVELYN A. PEASE Stockwell Council (3); Stotkwell Cabinet (4); Riile Club (3, 4); Outing Club (3, 4); Fencing Club (3, 4); Red Cross Motor Corps (3); Interguild Council (3, 4); American Chemical So- ciety (3, 4) MARTHA A. PEET Delta Gamma; Choral Union Chorus (3); Hospital Volunteer (3); Social Ruthven Teas (4) JORGE PENA Y LILLO American Society of Civil Engi- neers; Latin American Society KATHRYN A. PEN IX Mosher Glee Club (1); Hospital Volunteer (2); Choral Union (3); Secretary of Mosher Choral Union (4); Newman Club; French Club (1, 3, 4); Spanish Club (4) SANFORD JAMES PERLIS Union Executive Council (2, 3); Union Secretary (4); Union President (4); Sailing Club (2, 3, 4); Sphinx (3); Men ' s Judici- ary Council (4); Student Affairs Committee (4) ANN ARBOR BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System Ever Ready to Serve MAIN STREET UNIVERSITY OFFICE at HURON 330 STATE ST. EDUARDO M. PEROV American Society of Civil En- gineers; Latin American Society MARY PERRONE Alpha Omicron Pi; President Alpha Omicron Pi (4); Archery Club Manager (3); Badminton Club Manager (4) LINDSEY PERRY, JR. ELEANOR JANE PETERS U.S.O. (1, 2) STEPHEN R. PETERSON Choral Union (2, 3); Varsity Glee Club (3); Case Club (4) VIRGINIA E. PETROULEAS Jordan Paper (1); Hospital Vol- unteer (2); J.G.P. (3); Volleyball (3); Swimming Club (2) ARLENE PEUGEOT Sigma Alpha Iota; President Sigma Alpha Iota (4); Women ' s Glee Club (3); Choral Union (2, MILDRED PHILLIPS Volleyball and Basketball (1, 2); Soph Project (2) DOROTHY PHILLIPPO Martha Cook; J.G.P. (3); Orien- tation Advisor (4); Case Club (4); Kappa Beta Pi (4) FRANK A. PICARD II Chi Phi; Freshman Track (1); Gargoyle (1); Inter-Fraternity Council (2); Play Production (2, 4 ) HARRIET PIERCE Pi Beta Phi: Soph Pioject (2); Ensian Feature Editor (2): Women ' s Judiciary Council (3); Ensian Art Editor (3); Gargoyle Art Editor (4); Wyvern Secre- tary (3); Scroll (4) MARGARET PILLIOD Kappa Kappa Gamma; J.G.P. (3): Homecoming (4) JEAN PINES Sigma Delta Tau; Frosh Project (1): Michigan Ensian. Secretary, Advertising Manager (2); Busi- ness Manager (3, 4): U.S.O. (2); Child Care (2); Central Com- mittee (3); Orientation Advisor (3); Wyvern (3); Scroll, Presi- dent (4) LOIS PITCHFORD Alpha Gamma Delta: Vice-Presi- dent Alpha Gamma Delta; Vol- leyball and Baseball (3. 4); Sur- gical Dressings (1, 2): U.S.O. (2, 3); President, Sigma Eta Chi PATRICIA PLANCK I ' ' rosh Project (1); Daily (3); Mo- tor Corps (3); J.G.P. (3); Orien- tation Advisor (4); Varsity Night Central Committee (4); Social Chairman Betsy Barbour (4) IRMA J. PLISKO Alpha Xi Delta; Newman Club (3, 4); Pan-Hel Ball (1, 3); Sur- gical Dressings (3); Social Com- mittee (2) PEARLEEN POINDEXTER House Board (3) KENNETH POLANSKY Gamma Delta President (4) FRANCES POPKINS Daily (2, 3. 4); House Councils, Jordan, Mosher (1, 2); Publicity Chairman Assembly Ball (3): Fi- nance Chairman Assembly Night (I): J.G. Play (3); Publicity Com- mittee (2); Senior Society (4) ELIZABETH PORTER Delta Delta Delta; League House President (4) JOAN PORTZ Alpha Phi; Alpha Alpha Gam- ma (2): J.G.P. (3); Tau Sigma Delta, President (3); Vice-Presi- dcnt, Secretary Alpha Phi ELIZABETH M. QUINN Alpha Gamma Delta; Social Committee (2); Pan-Hellenic Council (3); Spanish Club (2, 3); Ensian (2) JAMES M. QUINN Phi Rho Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi NORMAN L. RABBERS Sigma Chi; Baseball (4); Foot- ball (3, 4) DONALD RAMBACHER Marching Band, Navy Band, and Navy Orchestra (2, 3, 4); I.A.S. (3, 4); A.S.M.E. (4) ELEANOR L. RAMSAY Chi Omega, President (3, 4); Assistant Rushing Chairman (3); Athletics (2, 3); Social Commit- tee (1, 2, 3); Surgical Dressings (2); J.G.P. (2, 3); Jordan Ath- letics (1); Ensian (2); Pan-Hel- lenic Representative (3) PATRICIA RANDALL Delta Delta Delta; League House President (1); Pan-Hel- lenic Representative (3); Basket- ball and Volleyball (3) ROBERT RANFTL Staff Assistant (3 4); I.R.E. (4); A.I.E.E. (4); I.E.S. (4); Newman Club PATRICIA RASEMAN Delta Delta Delta; Athletics (3, 4); Newman Club (3, 4); Social Committee (3); Surgical Dress- ings (3); Bowling Clul. (4) HAMILTON RATLEDGE Phi Rho Sigma; Sigma Nu BETTY L. RAYMOND Gamma Phi Beta, President (4); Nurse ' s Aide (2, 3, 4); J.G.P. Bond Drive (3); Bowling Club (4) C. WIGHT READE Nu Sigma Nu NANCY M. REBER Delta Delta Delta, Standards Chairman (2), President (4); Surgical Dressings (1, 2); Social Committee (2); J.G.P. (3); Nurse ' s Aide (3); Fresh Air Camp Tag Day, Central Com- mittee (3); Swimming Club (4); Rifle Club (4): Pi Lambda Theta. Secretary (4) WILLIAM A. REDMOND Sigma Chi; Baseball (3); Vulcans (4); I.A.S. (4) HELEN R. REEVE Kappa Phi; Michigan Dames (4) DOROTHY E. REHN Rifle Club (2); German Club (2) RUDOLPH REICHERT Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Theta; Hockey Team (2, 3, 4); Druids (4) SYLVIA REIDMAN Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4); Play Produc- tion (3); Defense Stamp Sales (3) KENNETH REPOLA Galens (2, 3, 4) MARCIA RESNICK Play Production (4); Radio Speaking (4); Avukah (4) JUNE RETZLAFF Collegiate Sorosis, Rushing Chairman (3); U.S.O. (1); Hospi- tal Volunteer (2); J.G.P. (3): Pan-Hellenic (3, 4); Red Cross (3); Bomber Scholarship (2) LEONARD REUS I ' hi Chi CLIFTON RHEAD, JR. I ' hi Rho Sigma C. SUZANNE RHOADS Alpha Chi Omega, Officer (4): Frosh Project (1); Surgical Dressings (2. 3); J.G.P. (3); Hos- pital Work (3, 4) 312 JACK RHULE I.A.S. (3); I.M. Basketball (3, 4) WARREN RHULE I.A.S. (4); I.M. Basketball (4) DORIS M. RICHARDS J.G.P. (3); Women ' s Glee Club (3. 4) ANN RICHMOND Soph Project (3); Choral Union Ushering (3); Mosher Social Committee (3, 4); W.A.A. (3, 4); Ensian (4) JEAN K. ROBINSON Alpha Epsilon Iota JANINE E. ROBINSON Alpha Xi Delta; Junior Girls ' Project (3): War Activities Chairman (3); Play Production (3, 4); M.W.A. (4); Pan-Hel (4); eta Phi Eta (4) CONNIE ROBSON Athletics (1, 2, 3, 4); House Chairman (3); House President (4) REDMOND ROCHE Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); A.I.C.E. (1, 2, 3, 4) ORVILLE ROEGLIN Alpha Sigma Phi: Phi Xi BARBARA ROEHM Alpha Lambda Delta (1); House Government Mosher (3) ENRIQUE ROGERS Forestry Club (3, 4); Newman Club (3, 4): A.S.M.E. (3, 4); All Nations Club (3. 4); Latin American Society, President (4) JANET ROGERS Chi Omega: Soph Project (3); Daily (3); J.G.P. (3); Orientation Advisor (4): Gargoyle, Make-up Editor (4); Merit-Tutorial (4) MARJORIE JANE RONAL Kappa Alpha Thcta BEATY ROSENBLUM Hospital Volunteer (2, 4); Rec- r gnition Night Committee (3); House President (4) A. JEAN ROSENQUIST Hospital Work (2): House Coun- cil (3) PATRICIA ROSE Delta Gamma, Recording Secre- tary (4); Surgical Dressings (2, 3); Social Committee (2, 4); Jun- ior Project (3) BERNARD A. ROSS A.S.C.E. (3, 4) DORIS MAE ROSS Frosh Project (I); Rifle Club (1); Soph Project (2); Ruthven Teas (2): Ensian (4); Kappa Phi (4); Recognition Night (4); U.S.O. (4) M. ELEANOR ROSS Alpha Xi Delta SHIRLEE M. ROSS Alpha Kappa Alpha BETTY J. ROTH Daily (1, 2), Night Editor (3), Associate Editor, Editorial Di- rector (4); Senior Society (4); S.O.I.C., Executive Council (4); M.Y.D.A. (3); Town Hall, Joint Chairman (4) ROBERT F. ROYCE Sigma Rho Tau (1); A.S.M.E. (4); Michigan Technic (4), Edi- tor-in-Chief (5); Slide Rule Ball M); A.S.C.E. (5); Engine Coun- cil (5) JANET S. RUBIN Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-Prcsidcnt 4): Usher (1, 2); Child Care (2); J.G.P. (3); J.G. Play, Cen- tral Committee (3) ADAH RUBLE J.G.P. (3): Gamma Delta (3, 4) LOWELL E. RUBY I.A.E.S. FRANK J. RUCH, JR. Sigma Phi Epsilon, House Man- ager (3, 4); Union Vice-Presi- dent (3) LUCY G. RUDDELL Kappa Kappa Gamma; Russian Club (3, 4) EDUARDO RUIZLANDA Forestry Club MARILYN RUNDLES Beta Phi Eta (3, 4) FRANK RUZICKA Sigma Phi Epsilon; A.S.M.E. (4); Senior Finance Committee (4) PATRICIA A. RYAN House President (3); Newman Club (3, 4) MARJORIE A. SADLER Social Committee, Michigan Daily (2, 3); Junior Girls ' Play, J.G.P., Play Production (4); Play Production, Radio JOEL W. SALON Zeta Beta Tau, Phil Delta Ep- silon GLORIA ANN SALTER Hospital Volunteer (1); House Government, Mosher Hall (2, 1); Play Production (3, 4); Sur- gical Dressings (2); J.G.P. (2) MARTHA J. SANDERS Cercle Francais (3, 4); French Play (3) E. PHILIP SANFORD, JR. Play Production (3, 4); Radio Broadcasting (4); Veterans ' Or- ganization (4) SAM SARVER Alpha Omega CATHARINE SAUER M-Hop Committee (1); J.G.P. (3) NAOMI K. SAWYER Collegiate Sorosis; Frosh Project (1); Soph Project (2); Hospital Volunteer (3); J.G.P. (3); Le Cercle Francais; Surgical Dress- ings (3) MARJORIE A. SCHAIRER League House President (2, 4); Social Committee (4) SHIRLEY C. SCHAYE Hillel Social Committee (4) GERTRUDE SCHEER ROY D. SCHEICK Photographic Club (1, 2): Sail- ing Club (3, 4); Undergraduate Education Club (4); V.O. (3, 4) JOYCE A. SCHIFFER House Government, Mosher Hall; Social Chairman of Mosher Hall (3) B. LOUISE SCHLOSS Alpha Epsilon Phi; Frosh Proj- ect (1); War Stamp Sales (2): Hospital Volunteer, Surgical Dressings (2, 3); Captain of War Bond Selling Team; Orientation Advisor. THERESA SCHMITT Mosher Glee Club (3); Newman Club (3, 4) BERNICE SCHNEIDER Sigma Delta Tau; Hospital Aide (3); War Stamps and Bonds (3) MORTON L. SCHOLNICK 7,eta Beta Tau; Band Chairman, V-Ball Committee (3); Executive Council of I.F.C. (4); Michigan Union Staff (2): Business Staff of Michigan Daily (2); Vice-Presi- dent .eta Beta Tau (3); Presi- dent (4) OTIS W. SCHORLING u Sigma Nu THEONE E. SCHULZ Soph Cabaret (1); J.G.P. Public- ity Committee (1, 2); Nurse ' s Aide (2) ANNE L. SCHUMAN Alpha Epsilon Phi; Michigan Daily (2); Nurse ' s Aide (2, 3) ANN E. SCHUTZ Hospital Volunteer (1); Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Michigan Daily (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Con- vocation (1, 2, 3); Assembly Rec- ognition Night (2); Wyvern (3); Associate Editor, Michigan Daily (3): J.G.P. Central Committee (3); Publicity, War Loan Drive (3); Junior Member of Judiciary Council (3); Mortar Board (4); Senior Society (4); Daily Wom- an ' s Editor (4) GRETCHEN SCHWEICKHARD House Council, Stockwell Hall (1. 2) KENNETH W. SCOTT Alpha Chi Sigma; President, Alpha Chi Sigma (4) ROSEMARY SCOTT Phi Beta Kappa (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Mortar Board (4): Sen- ior Society (4); Wyvern (3); Delta Sigma Rho (3. 4); Michi- gan Daily (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Girls ' Play (3); Soph Cabaret Ticket Chairman; Theatre Arts (2, 3); Social Committee (1, 2, 3, 4): Women ' s Debate Squad (1, 2. 3, 4): Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Athena (1, 2, 3. 4); Michi- gan Law Review; Case Club LYLE J. SCHRUM Sigma Phi Epsilon ANNABEL V. SCHULTZ Frosh Project WALTER R. SCOTT Navy Band (2, 3, 4); University Marching Band (2, 4); Congrega- tional Disciples Guild (2, 3, 4); President (4); Inter-Guild Coun- cil (4) VINCENT C. SECONTINE Alpha Tau Omega; Football (1, 2,3) FRED C. SEEGERT, JR. Delta Tau Delta; Corresponding Secretary, Rushing Chairman (3); Editor, Chapter Newspaper, Vice-President (4) CHARLES R. SEMPERE " hi Chi REVA SENDLER Sigma Delta Tau; Hospital Vol- unteer (2); Child Care (3); Nurse ' s Aide (3); Hillel Council (4) PHILIP G. SEVEN Phi Rho Sigma; Galens (2. 3. 4); Class President (1); Honor Man (2, 3) JEANNE SHATTUCK Betsy Barbour, President (4) ELYSE G. SHEPPARD Eta Sigma Phi: Kappa Delta Phi; Florida State College for Women ANNETTE JANIS SHARMAN I.R.A. (2); Junior Girls ' Project (3) HAROLD SHERMAN Phi Beta Kappa; Tremain Schol- arship; Mills Award (3); Senior Dental Scholarship (4) WILLIAM M. SHERTS Aero Institute (2, 3, 4); Sailing Club (3. 4); Phi Eta Sigma JOAN SHIVELEY J.G.P. Bond Belle (3); Goodfel- low Drive (3); U.S.O. (3); War Activities Committee (3); Rec- ognition Night-War Activities Committee (4) ARTHUR S. SHUFRO Phi Delta Epsilon; White House. Treasurer (1); Union Tryout Staff (3) SHIRLEY R. SICKELS Kappa Kappa Gamma: Frosh Project, Entertainment Chair- man (1); U.S.O. Colonel (2); Orientation Advisor (3); Ath- letics d. 2, 3, 4); Laundry (3); Zeta Phi Eta (3, 4); J.G.P. Script Writer and Cast (3); Bomber Scholarship Committee (3); Pan- Hellenic (2, 3, 4); President of Kappa Kappa Gamma (4); Scroll (4) MARJORIE ESTELLE SIEBERT Pi Beta Phi; Hospital Volun- teer (1); Social Committee (2): Michibomber (2); Surgical Dress- ings (3) JOYCE M. SIEGAN Varsity Debate (1. 2, 3): Judici- ary Aide (1, 2); Speakers ' Bureau Execulive Committee (1. 2), Chairman (3); Hillel Student Council (2. 3, 4): Orientation Advisor (3); Recognition Night Central Committee (3): J.G.P. Central Committee (4): S.R.A. Social Chairman (3), President (4); Lane Hall Board of Gov- ernors (3, 4). President (4): Edi- tor of Insight (4); X.eta Phi F.ta (3, 4), President (4): Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Senior Society, Vice-President, President: Delta Sigma Rho. Sec- retary; Phi Beta Kappa BOOK of all publishers FOLLETT ' S Michigan Bookstore 322 S. State Bob Graham, Mgr. 313 THE EVANS-SHERRAT COMPANY Detroit, Michigan B. E. MUEHLIG DRY GOODS Ann Arbor O. D. MORRILL OFFICE SUPPLIES Ann Arbor METZGER ' S RESTAURANT Ann Arbor MICHIGAN LEAGUE Ann Arbor ALLENEI. HOTEL Ann Arbor f 314 VIOLET B. SIEGLER Geology Journal Club MARGARET A. SIMONETTA Phi Delta Theta; I.F.C. (2, 3) FAITH W. SIMPSON Choral Union Glee Club (3, 4); Newman Club (3, 4); Mosher Glee Club (4) HOMER D. SIMONS Phi Delia Theta; I.F.C. (2, 3) FAITH W. SIMPSON Hospital Volunteer (I); Univer- sity Laundry (2); Undergraduate Education Club (3, 4); Swim- ming Club (3, 4); Canterbury- Club (I, 2, 3, 4); Choral Union (1, 2, 3, 4) JOAN E. SIMPSON Athletics (I, 2, 3) JOHN R. SINKEY Phi Chi PAUL SISLIN Publications (1, 2. 3): Sphinx (3); Daily Associate Editor (5); Board iii Control of Student Publications (4); Sigma Delta Chi (3, 4) CHRISTINE M. SMITH Collegiate Sorosis: Athletics (1): Tutorial (2): Child Care (2): J.G.P. (3): J.G.P. Bond and Stamp Sales (3): Undergraduate Education Club (3. 4); War Ac- tivities (3) ELIZABETH A. SMITH Hospital Volunteer (1,2); J.G.P. (2, 3); Choral Union (3, 4): Ori- entation Advisor (4) GERALDINE A. SMITH Alpha Gamma Delta: Rifle Club (3): Volleyball (3); Basketball () ROGER F. SMITH Phi Rho Sigma RUTH P. SMITH Soph Project (2): Hospital Vol- unteer (I, 2): J.G.P. (2): Choral Union (3. 4); U.S.O. (2) WILLIAM H. SMITH Tau Beta Phi (4) WILLIAM R. SMITH I.A.S. (4): Swimming (4) STUART A. SNYDER Tau Beta Pi: A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4); Vulcans (4): Wrestling Team (4) MARY A. SODERBERG Collegiate Sorosis; Red Cross Motor Corps (3) BEVERLY SOLOROW Mu Phi F.psilon. Treasurer (S), Secretary 14); Senior Society. Treasurer; Mortar Hoard: J.G.P.; University Glee Club Accom- panist (4); Music Director of International Center (I) JOHN S. SORICE Engineering Council. Vice-Pres- ident (3. I): Honor Council. Chairman (3): V ' -Ball (3); Union Executive Council (4): Home- coming (4); Triangles (3); Vul- cans (4) MARGARET L. SOUTHWORTH Band H, 2. 3. 4) MARGARET SOWER Kappa Delta: Choral Union 0); Frosh Project (1); Soph Project (2); U.S.O. (2); Proxy Parents (3); Surgical Dressings (3) SAMUEL M. SPEVAK 7,eta Beta Tau; A.S.C.E.; Wrest- ling (4) FERNE SPIELMAN Poetry Club (4) FRED L. SPRINGBORN President of Robert Owen Co- operative (3); Varsity Glee Club (3, 4); Assistant Resident Ad- visor Wenlcy House (4) DOROTHY J. STAHL Choral Club (2); Social Chair- man (4) YUMA W. STAHMER Frosh Project (1); Daily (1, 2) SALLY G. STANTON House President (3) JOHN A. STEDELIN Nu Sigma Nu; Galen Society (2, 3,4) WILLIAM J. STEENROD, JR. Phi Chi JULIAN STERN Phi Delta Epsilon; Glee Club (2) HERBERT S. STERNITZKE Forestry Club (2, 3, 4); Michi- gan Forester (4); Lane Hall Camera Club (4) CAROL V. STEEN J.G.P. (3) ROBERT W. STELZER Newman Club (2); Veterans ' Or- ganization (3) ROBERT F. STEPHAN Track. GEORGE D. STILLWILL Alpha Kappa Kappa, President (3): Galen ' s Society (3, 4); Alpha Tau Omega VIRGINIA A. STONE Collegiate Sorosis LORNA MARIE STORGAARD Sigma Alpha Iota, Chaplain (2. 3, 4); Choral Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Roger Williams Guild (1, 2, 3, 4), Secretary (3); Deutsche Verein (3) JEANNE A. STORM Kappa Delta: Daily (1); Frosh Project (1); U.S.O. (1, 2, 3,); F.nsian (2); Child Care (3); Sur- gical Dressings (3) MARY ELEANOR STRAATSMA Delta Gamma; Soph Project (2): Social Committee (2, 3, 4): J.G.P. (3); J.G.P. Play Program Committee (3); Junior Manager (3, 4): Michigan Daily (3, 4): Orientation Advisor (4) JANE STRAUSS Sigma Delta Tau, Treasurer; Jordan House Council (1); Daily (1, 2): Ensian (3); Orientation Advisor (3); J.G.P., Central Committee (3); Assembly-Pan- Hel Ball (3); Women ' s League Council. Secretary (4): S.O.I.C. M): Mortar Board, Vice-President (4) CAROLYN STREET Alpha Chi Omega: Mu Phi Ep- silon: eta Phi Eta: Play Produc- tion C3. 4); Choral Union (3, 4) DAVID STRIFFLER Xi Psi Phi: Union. Executive Council (3); Union Secretary (4); Union President (1); Men ' s Con- gress 3): Michigainua. President M) EDWIN SUNDELL Galens (2, 3, 4) M. JOAN SWALLOW Delta Delta Delta. Chaplain (4); Assembly Council (3); Senior Project (3); Bowling Club (4) MARIAN SWARTHOUT Helta Gamma: Hockey Club (S): French Club (3) GWENDOLYN SWITZER Pi Beta Phi. Social Chairman (I): Soph Project (2): J.G.P. (3); Usher (3): Social Committee (3) ROBERT S. SYKES Delta Sigma Delta JAMES H. TANAKA Xi Psi Phi DONALD W. TAYLOR Delta Sigma Delta ROBERT LAWRENCE TAYLOR Tau Beta Pi (3, 4); Varsity De- bate (1); S.R.A. Council (1, 2, 3, 4); S.R.A. Music Chairman (1, 2, 3); Vice-President Committee for Liberal Action (4) LORAINE TENINGA Assembly (3); Social Committee (4) COLLEEN TERRILL Delta Gamma CECELIA H. TESKEY Sociedad Hispania; Newman Club JOHN S. TEWKSBURY Sigma Chi JOAN C. THOMAS Collegiate Sorosis MARION L. THOMAS Assembly (3, 4); House Presi- dent (4) MARY E. THOMAS Kent State University (I, 2, 3); House Athletics (4) MURIEL R. THOMAS Zeta Tau Alpha. Vice-President (3); Ensian (2); French Club (1, 2); 7-11 Club League (2): Wesley Foundation (1. 2); Inter Dorm Council; U.S.O. (4) GEORGE R. THOMPSON Phi Chi HARRIET JEAN THOMPSON Kappa Delta Pi MARGARET A. THOMPSON House President (4) MARION S. THOMPSON Chi Omega; Class Secretary- Treasurer (1) NANCY A. THOMPSON Kappa Delta; Frosh Project (1); Hospital Volunteer (2, 3); Sur- gical Dressings (2, 3); War Bond Gallent (3); Junior Project PAUL M. TIEFEL Gamma Delta; Lutheran Stu- dent Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Institute of Aeronautical Sciences (1, 2, 3, 4); Lutheran Student Council (3); Choral Union (3) JOHN L. TISHMAN A.I.E.E. (2, 3, 4); Football Man- ager (4) MARY E. TITUS Class Secretary (4) FRANK G. TALBOT Phi Chi GLEN F. TOMSU Phi Chi ELWIN W. TOPP Phi Chi MARION G. THORN Frosh Project (1); House War Council (2): Surgical Dressings (2, 3); Bond Belle (3); U.S.O. (3); Nurse ' s Aide (1, 2, 3, 4); Psychology Club (4) VIRGINIA A. TORNGA Chi Omega: Soph Project (1); Child Care (2); J.G.P.; Bond Belle (3): Surgical Dressings (3) HELEN A. TOWAS Alpha Omicron Pi; Bowling (1, 2); Skating (1,2); Orientation Ad- visor (3) NANCY V. TOWNSEND Kappa Delta; Guard (3); Chris- tian Science Organization- Board (2, 3), Reader (3, 4), President (3): Orientation Ad- visor (3): Michigan Journalist (3. 4); War Stamp Sales (3); Surgical Dressings (3); Church War Relief (4) SEXTON BARBECUE SAUCE In 48 stales lovers of good food acclaim this Sexton Sauce for its genuine Bar- becue flavor and rich saucy goodness. SEXTON 315 NANCY A. TRESSEL Alpha Gamma Delta, Second Vice-President (3), Rushing Chairman (4); Frosh Project (1); Soph Project (1, 2); U.S.O. (2); Social Committee (2); En- sian (3): (.G.P. (3); Homecoming Dance (4) LEOLA M. TUNISON Roger Williams Guild (2, 3, 4) PATRICIA ANNE TYLER Kappa Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Women ' s Glee Club (1, 2); Hospital Volunteer (2); Ushering (2, 3, 4); Chem As- sistant (3); Orientation Advisor (3) MARTHA J. TYNER Mil Phi Epsilon EDWIN B. UGOROWSKI Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Polo- nia Club (3, 4) CHARLES W. UNBEHAUN Sigma Chi HELEN M. URBACH Scalpel Staff (4) EDITH M. VAN ANDEL Social Committee (2. 3): J.G.P. (3); Judiciary Council (4); Mar- tha Cook War Activities Chair- man (4) MARY VAN INWAGEN Zeta Tau Alpha; House Presi- dent (1); J.G.P. (3); Orientation Advisor (4); Prescott Club (3, 4); Soph Project (2) BETTY B. VAUGHN Kappa Alpha Theta; Mortar Board; J.G.P. Secretary (3); Vice-President Michigan League (4); Vice-President Senior Class (4) DAVID L. WAGNER Psi Upsilon, Vice-President (3), Secretary (3); Phi Eta Sigma; Debate (3, 4) MARIA WALKOWIAK Newman Club; Stockewll Coun- cil BERYLE C. WALTERS Phi Sigma Delta. Vice-President (3): Michigan Daily (1, 2); Intra- mural Baseball and Basketball (2. 3, 4); Play Production (3); Hillel Student Director (3, 4); Track (1) CHARLES W. WALTON Phi Delta Theta; Engineering Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Triangles, Secretary-Treasurer (3); Vulcans (4); President Engineering Council (3); Union (I, 2), Board of Directors (4); Men ' s Judiciary Council (3), President (4) MARY C. WANK T.P.R. (2, 3); Scalpel (3) MARILYN O ' KANE WANTY Alpha Xi Delta: Orientation Ad- visor (2); Bond Belle (2); Girl Reserve Advisor (3) DOROTHY A. WANTZ Delta Gamma Vice-President (4): Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Choral Union (1): Soph Project (2); League Social Committee (2, 3). Chairman (4); Orientation Advisor (3); Pan-Hel Night Com- mittee (3); J.G.P. (3); Mortar Board (4) GEORGE E. WANTZ, JR. Sigma Chi; Nu Sigma Nu SHIRLEY WARD Collegiate Sorosis MARGARET L. WARDLE Mu Phi Epsilon (3) Since 1885 ALBERT TEACHERS ' AGENCY 25 E. Jackson Blvd. Chicago 4 Correspondent Agencies: 535 Fifth Avc.. New York City 415 Hyde Bldg., Spokane, Wash. Member National Association Teachers ' Agencies Photographers to Michigan ' s Best for 56 Years Rentschler 319 E. Huron Aim Arbor CAROL J. WATT Pi Beta Phi; Nurse ' s Aide (2); Orientation Advisor (3); J.G.P. (3); Corresponding Secretary (4) D. M. WEBB Delta Sigma Theta THOMAS E. WEDGE Tau Beta Phi (3, 4); Flying Club (4) IRVING M. WEISBERG Gargoyle (4) BERNICE H. WEISMAN Orchestra (3); Choral Union (3, 4) ROBERT L. WEISS Xi Psi Phi MILDRED J. WELK Dormitory Activities (2. 3, 4); Intiamurals (2, 3, 4); Rifle Club (2); Physical Education Club (2, 3,4) E. LEE WELLMAN Zeta Tau Alpha, President; W.A.A. (3, 4); Outing Club Manager (3); Physical Education Club, Treasurer (3), President (4); Scroll, Treasurer (4); Riding Club, Secretary-Treasurer BEVERLY R. WERNICK Alpha Kappa Delta (3, 4): Inter- Cooperative Council (2, 3, 4) CAROLYN L. WEST Play Production (3, 4) DORIS R. WEST Michigan Daily (3, 4) DONALD L. WESTFALL Senior Cap and Gown Commit- tee JANET F. WESTWATER Frosh Frolic (1): Hospital Vol- unteer (1, 2) ELEANOR J. WESTMORE Alpha Gamma Delta, Social Chairman (3, 4); Tau Sigma Delta: J.G.P. (3): Social Com- mittee (3, 4); Congregational Disciples Guild (3, 4, 5); U.S.O. (3, 4. 5); Rifle Club (4, 5); Skat- ing Club (5) LEONARD F. WHEATON Delta Sigma Delta. President (4); President Varsity Men ' s Glee Club (3); Track (3) DOLAS D. WHITE Phi Delta Theta; Barristers GLENN E. WHITE Sigma Chi; Michigan Daily (2, 3); Michigan Union Tryout Staff (2): Michigan Union Ex- ecutive Council (2. 3): Bomber Scholarship Committee (2, 3); Co-Chairman Homecoming Committee (3) MARION L. WHITE Colonial House President and Vice-President BARBARA LOUISE WHITTAKER Alpha Xi Delta; league House President (3); Social Committee (3, 4): Archery Club (3, 4); Intra- mural Sports (4); Activities Chairman (4); Spanish Club (4) JANICE C. WHITTINGTON Delta Gamma; J.G.P. (3) JOHN V. WICKEY A.S.C.E., Vice-President a n d President (4) LINCOLN B. WILEY Football (4) BETTY J. WILLARD League House President (4) GLEN A. WILSON Delta Sigma Delta TO THE CLASS OF ' 46 BEST WISHES SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS AND, IN YEARS TO COME, REMEMBER SLATER ' S BOOKSTORE YOUR COLLEGE BOOKSTORE 336 S. Stare St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 316 THE MICHIGAN TECHNIC MONTHLY PUBLICATION BRINGING NEWS OF The ENGINEERING WORLD 3036 E. Engineering Bldg 317 HELEN GLADYS WILSON Kappa Beta Pi (4); House Presi- dent (2); J.G.P. (3); S.O.I.S. (3); Case Club (4) MARGERY E. WILSON Athletic Manager (1); J.G.P. (3); Hospital (3) LUCILLE E. WILSON Publications (2); Hospital Vol- unteer (2, 3); J.G.P. (3); Woman ' s Glee Club (4) RICHARD E. WINELAND Phi Rho Sigma MARY JEANNE WINFIELD Delta Delta Delta; Social Com- mittee, Freshman Project (1); Scholarship Chairman of Delta Delta Delta, Senior Project, Jun- ior Girls ' Project (3); Sophomore Project (2); Corresponding Sec- retary of Delta Delta Delta, Bowling Club, Volleyball (4) ELISHA WISZOWATY President of Pononia Club, As- sistant Girl Scout Leader (3) ROBERT P. WISE Delta Upsilon; Football (1) ANNE C. WOLF Mosher Glee Club, War Stamps (I); War Stamps, Child Care (2): Hospital Volunteer, Bus. Ad. Club (3) CHARLOTTE A. WOOD Martha Cook Residence; Volun- teer Hospital Work (1); Choral Union (2); J.G. Project, Under- graduate Education Club Secre- tary, Choral Union (3); Under- graduate Education Club Chair- man of Martha Cook Residence (4) MARY ELLEN WOOD Martha Cook Residence; Varsity Debate, Speakers ' Bureau, Post- War Council, Senior Society, Play Production (3); Speakers ' Bureau, Zeta Phi Eta, Vice-Pres- ident of Assembly (4) PATRICIA A. WOODRUFF Alpha Chi Omega; Daily, Gar- goyle, Surgical Dressings (1); Soph Project (2); Nurse ' s Aide, Surgical Dressings (3); House Of- ficer, Bowling Club (4) PATRICK H. WOODS Sigma Phi Epsilon; Newman Club MARY E. WORCESTER Phi Sigma Society (3, 4) GERTRUDE H. WORFOLK RUSSELL N. WOROBEC Alpha Kappa Kappa DOROTHY A. WOROSE Newman Club. Athletic Man- ager, Girls ' Glee Club (1); Newman Club, Michigan Chris- tian Fellowship (2); Newman Club (3): Newman Club, Le Cercle Francais, All Nations Club, Michigan Christian Fel- lowship (4) ROBERT D. WRAY Les Voyageurs; Michigan Forest- er Staff (3); Editor-in-Chief of Michigan Forester (4) ELIZABETH B. WRIGHT Wesleyan Guild (I, 2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4); Secretary- Treasurer W.S.S.F. (3) GEORGIA R. WYMAN Alpha Omicron 1 ' i; Sophomore Orientation Advisor (2); Junior Orientation Advisor, Junior Girls ' Play Make-Up, Junior Girls ' War Bond Sales (3) GEORGIA R. WYMAN Alpha Omega Pi EUGENE YAGGEE Phi Kappa Psi WARREN G. YATES French Club; German Club ROBERT R. YODER Alpha Kappa Kappa MARY LOUISE YOUNG Delta Delta Delta. House Standards Chairman (4); Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Soph Project (2); Bowling Club (4): Rifle Club (4) ANNE YUNG-KWAI J.G.P. (3); Camp Counselor ' s Club (3) JANE A. ZABEL Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Ten- nis Club (1); Outing Club (1); I.M. Volleyball and Basketball (1, 2, 3); Hospital Volunteer (1, 2, 3); Rifle Club (1, 2, 3); Crop and Saddle (1, 2, 3) CAROL ZACK Daily (2, 3, 4), Night Editor (3, 4); Post-War Council (2, 3) JEAN E. ZAGELMEIER Delta Gamma; Social Commit- tee (2,3,4); Rifle Club (4) Pitch and Putt (4) ANASTASIA ZAVLARIS K.S.O. (2); Michigan Daily (2, 3); League House President (2, 4); Red Cross Motor Corps (3, MYRON ZEIS Alpha Kappa Kappa ELAINE ZELDER Athletics (1, 2); Spanish Club (I, 2, 3, 4); French Club (2, 3); House President (3) INEZ ZELZNICK Publications (3, 4); French Club (4); Spanish Club (4); Assembly Recognition Night (4) THELMA ZESKIND Sigma Delta Tau; Hospital Vol- unteer (1); Willow Run Child Care (2); Vice-President Hillel Student Council (2); Golf Club JULIE C. ZIEGLER Hospital Volunteer (3); Ensian (4) SHIRLEY ZIMBLER Surgical Dressings (2); Hospital Volunteer (3); German Club (4) ROBERT ZOELLER Phi Delta Theta; Vulcans (4); Track (3) BROCK and RANKIN INCORPORATED and ( ataloy 04in.din.ft BINDERS OF THIS YEAR ' S MICHICANENSIAN 619 S. LaSalle St. Chicago, Voted Most Likely to Succeed is the Co-ed Who Wears Clothes from THE ELIZABETH DILLON SHOP Ann Arbor, Michigan Just Around the Corner on State off North U. The name " PARROT RESTAURANT " is synony- mous with quality foods. Thousands of Michigan Alumni over a period of years rate the Parrot as tops in dining pleasure. The answer is simple highest quality foods at reasonable prices. The fact that the Parrot serves a choice New York Sirloin steak dinner for only $1.00 is proof enough of quality at lowest prices in town. Next time you ' re out for dinner stop in at the Parrot. You ' ll enjoy the food and the prompt efficient service. The Parrot is located on State Street across from the campus. Open daily, except Sunday 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. 318 D E X Abell, Patricia 49, 75 Abbot, John 112 Abbot, Betty 80 Abrams, Charlotte 77 Ackerman, Jeanne 51 Adams, E 260 Adamson, Jack 105, 242 Agata, Burton 107 Agatstein, Joyce 77 Ahrens, Jessie May 78 Ajzenberg, Fay 201 Albin. George 259 Albiston, Clara 129 Albrecht, Sally 75 Albreght, Yvonne 51, 131 Aldrich, R 227 Alegranti, Sara 130 Alexander, R. D 204 Alfs, Anne 75 Alford, R 260 Allen, Andy 112 Allen, F 104, 133 Allen, Janet 272 Allen. Kenneth 105 Allen. Margaret 90 Allen. Marian 87 Allen, Nancy 80 Allen. R 256 Allison, Lois 272 Allred. John 158 Alpert, Helen 35,40, 45 Altman, Joy 55, 92 Altman, Nora 205 Alvarez, Blanca 70 Amerman, W 67, 133 Ambrose, Edward 132 Ames, Roberta 85 Anderle, Robert 99 Anderson 137 Anderson 257 Anderson, A 260 Anderson, C 99 Anderson, Ellen 66 Anderson, Harry 113 Anderson, Jack 76, 228 Anderson, E. J 204 Anderson, Leila 87 Anderson, Mary Jean 84 Anderson, R. R 204 Anderson, Raymond ...104, 132 Anderson, Richard H. . 134, 242 Anderson, Rod 112 Anderson, R 260 Anderson, W. A 1 13, 202 Andrew, Mildred 80 Andrew, T 260 Andrews, Elaine 78 Apple, Victor 258 Appleton, Ruth 261 Archer, Jane 43, 48, 58 Ardis, R. B 204 Arendshorst, Wm 258 Armbrust, Robert 132 Armsehong, Betty 131 Armstrong, Ken 96 Armstrong, Marshall 202 Am 257 Arnas, N. K 204 Arner, Jane 44, 87 Arnold, Richard 105 Artley, James 33 Arvidson, Donald 202 Asbury, Dick 98 Ashley, Helen 274 Assimos, N 133 Ataman, Lorick 70 Athay, Jean 85 Atherton, Edith 93 Atwood, E 227 Atwood, Harriet 83 Auer, Rita 77 Auerbach, Jay 6 Auld, Jane 84 Aurand, Patty 64, 131 Austin, M 178 Autore, Donald 202 Averill, Bill 110 Aylward, W. R 204 Ayre, Jane 93 Ayres, Bill 110 Ayres, Don 112 Ayo, Camille . . : 84 Azen, Corrine 92 B Bade, Carol 83 Bade, Francis 104 Badunan, E 178 Baer, W 227 Bagwell, James 117 Bahlow, E 104 Bailey, Elaine 40, 45 Baker, Clark 54 Ball, Sally 75 Baker, Donald 132 Baker, Dorothy 85 Baker, Edward 110, 132 Baker, Bob 110, 148 Baldwin, Helen 83 Balentine, Dottie 93 Bales, Ruthann .34, 36, 43, 85 Ballow, Raymond 132 Barber, Janet 79 Barclay, Bill 148, 150 Barish, Wm 107 Barnard, Chapin 106 Barnard, Richard 156 Barr, Maryanne 84 Baratta, Glenna 178 Barrett 30 Barson, Margaret 122, 205 Barss, Elizabeth 49, 257 Bartlett, Herb 112 Bartlett, Jane 81, 130 Bartlett, Wayne .25, 26, 33, 204 Bartley, Mary 75 Bassett, Lois 87 Battle, Mary 62, 178 Bauer, Robert 113, 133 Baumgartner, Janet 88 Baumgarten, Thomas 258 Baxter, Barbara 80 Baxter, Dr. Dow 242 Bayles, S 133 Bazar 257 Beal, Mary 290 Bean, L 260 Bean, Marjorie 42, 121 Realty, Dorothy 272 Beatty, Pat 178 Beck, Emma 128 Becker , Betty Mae 77 IV kett, Lewis 97 Bedford, Margaret 66 Beers. Julian 97 Beis, Margaret Ann 49, 128 Belisle, Anne 93 Bellows, Sheldon 28, 116 Benedict 257 Benka, Blossom 66 Benka, Flora 66 Benly 137 Bennawy, Mildred 93, 209 Benner, Eleanor 78 Bennish, Leo 259 Bennroig, G 178 Benson, D 227 Benson, Jule Anne 37 Benty, Warren 33, 112, 204 Berberian, Alice 121 Berry, Clarice 77 Berger, Blanche 54 Berger, Mary Ann 85 Bergeson, W. W 201, 204 Berkson, Gloria 77 Berlin, Edward 113 Berman, Seymour 227 Berman, Sylvan Ill Bernheim, Roselyn 126 Bernstein, Janice 48, 77 Berry, Margaret 80 Berthoud, Charles 113 Bevegler, A 260 Bidwell, Betty Lou .44, 124, 177 Bidwell, Theodore 290 Bieheimer, Lee 132 Bieneman, R. A 202 Billes, Eric 227 Billmeier, Marjorie 63 Bingham, Barbara 87 Birch, Marilyn 261 Birdsall, Charles ...33, 157, 161 Birdsall, Ned 62 Birnbaum, Gladys 92 Bishop 257 Blakely, William 201 Blazier, Anne 131 Bledsoe, Geraldine 119 Blessley, John 113 Blickely, Joy Bliska, Tom 102 Bloc, Sherwin 28, 116 Block, Carl 159 Bloom, Gerald 227 Blooinqtiist, Betty 178 Bloomstrom, Elizabeth .... 126 Bloss, Rogle 65 Bluestein, Irma 77 Blum, Mary Lee 81 Blumrosen, Barbara 77 Blunk, Carl 255, 260 Bockstahler, Lois 272 Bockstanz, Bruce 96 Badycombe, Dick 96, 159 Boersma, Bern 258 Boggio, Barbara 63 Boim 159 Bollier, John 66 Bolliger, Eugene 117 Bolstad, 260 Boni, Frank 105 Bonzelaar, A 258 Bonzelaar, Marion 258 Booth, Roger 290 Borsted, Gladys 274 Borde, Guy 202 Bostes, Herb 157 Bothman, Marilyn 77 Bott, Judy 75 Bouchez, Paula 79 Bouchard, Donald 104 Bouck, E 227 Boult, Faith 36 Bowerman, Helen 85 Bowersox, R 260 Bowler, Bill 96 Bowman 30 Bowman, Bliss 104, 159 Bowne, Donald 255 Boxold, Fred 96 Boyd, Alan 27, 106 Boyd, R 260 Boydell, Wm 76 Boyle, Jeanne 78 Bozarnic, Raymond 228 Brackett, Robert 201 Bradbury, Dave 102 Bradley, Rev. J. F 62 Bradshaw, Martha 45 Brady, Barbara 48, 51, 272 Braisie, Genevieve 85 Brancheau, Paul 104 Brand, June 87 Branch, John 242 Brehn, Edward 28, 99 Breitbart, Harriet 130 Breitmeyer, Joan 83 Bremer, Lois 79 Brennan, David 99 Brenner, Mary 83 Breyner, Pat 49 Bridge, Nancy 49 Bridges, George 104 Briggs, Helen 274 Bris, M. B 178 Briston, Robert 105 Briston, William 105 Britton, Jeannette 81, 130 Britton, Lewis 272 Brodie, D 260 Brodman, David 107, 178 Bromer, Catherine 88 Bronson, Mary 178 Brown 257 Brown, Betsy 80 Brown, C 260 Brown, Carolyn 88 Brown, Jean 44,48, 90 Brown, Mar garet 66 Brown, Patricia 85 Brown, Dick 102 Brown, Robert ...113, 255, 256 Brown, Barbara 49 Brownell, D 133 Bruna, Joe 242 Brundidge, Jo Ann 85 Brunsting, Louis . . .98, 137, 146 Brush, Mary 44 Brutschy, Ann 51 Bryant, Charlotte 49, 78 Bryant, James 106 Bryant, Milton 256 Buckbuough 201 Buchanan, Margaret 64 Buckmaster, Joan 49, 90 Buczynski, John 67 Buehler, Naomi 35, 78 Buell, D. D 242 Buell, Sue 51 319 Bull. Frances Bunm, Edward 201 Bundy, Joanne 75, 290 Buonen. Wm 255 Burns, Dorr 256 Burns, Marilyn 78 Burns. Rohinette 93 Busby, Rosemond 178 Burke, Letitia 128 Burslev, Dean Jos Burton 30 Burton, Marian Burton, Mary Jeanne .... 64 Burton, Patricia Burton, Richard 113 Bunt. J. S 20-4 Busard. Thomas Busch, Jeanne . . . Busch, Jo Ann . . . Bush. Kenneth 113 Bussc. Barbara 37, 49 Butterbach, Gus 63 C Cabanan, E 133 Dacrmaster. S. S 202 Cady H2 Cagle, Wade H2 Gaboon, N. G 242 Calder, Christine 66 Calfin. Louis 178 Callahan. Bob 31, 104, 137, 138, 143 Cambon. Elise 274 Cameron. Hugh 96 Cameron, Jessie 129 Cameron. Marietta 56 Cameron. Pat 53, 129 Campbell 257 Campbell. Betty Jo 56 Campl ell, Charles 255 Campbell, Donna 66, 227 Campl eil. Pat 129 Concilia, Michael 255, 257 Canham 30 Cania, Alex 109, 154. 155 Cantwell, J 260 Capoful, Al .... 159 Capps, Porter 59 Capron, Bob 112 Captain. Alberta 49 Carey, Josephine 122 Carlin. Philip 107 Carlson, Alice 80 Carlson, Betty 56 Carlson. J .227 Carlson, Kenneth 76 Carmichacl. Archie 177 Carney. Molly 90 Carpenter, John 105 Carpenter. Mary 88 Carpol, Hugh 108 Carr. Margaret 122 Carrea, James 228 Carroll. Margaret 90,201 Carrone. Joyce 261 Carson. Charles 105 Carte. Wayne 258 Carter, Erliend 66 Carter, Mary Alice 64 CasU-llo. Cesar del 242 Casto, Peggy 62 Caran. Robert 97 Cowlin, Emily 130 Clarley, Charles 202 Cecie. 1 260 Celley. Neil 112 Cetnar, G 260 Chachvick, Charles 201 Chaflee, Pat 85 Chaiken, Annette 128, 178 Chajage, Lila 77 Chalot, Ned 259 Champion, Hale 53 Champion, Robert 202 Chan, Harry 202 Chan, Winnie 70 Chapman, Robert 1 16 Charpenau, G 227 Charaloa, Elias 178 Chase, P. Jack 258 Chatfield. Bob 59 Chayes, Judith 77 Chernow, Naida 131 Chernow, Olive 44 Chertoff , Trudy 92 Chians, George 137, 116, 158, 161 Ching-Wang, 202 Chosed, Lloyd Ill Christian. Rhea 19. 84, 272 Christy, David 109 Chudgar, M. M 202 Chung, Doris 130 Cichocki. Vincent 132 Claron, Richard 201 Clancy, Marie 75 Clancy, Patricia 75 Clapp, Don 112 Clark 257 Clark, David 104 Clark, Douglas 110 Clark, Mona L 79 Clark, Thelma 126 Clauss. W 227 Clements, Arthur 76, 158 Cline, J. F 204 Cline, Marian 93 Clippct, John 101 Chinas, Veldora 261 Coates, Audrey 70 Coates. Chythia 37 Cochran, Joy 290 Coffin. John 110 Coffman. Jim 112 Cohen, Leonard 227 Cohen, Gerald 108 Cohen, Melvin 259 Conn, Marilyn 130 Cole, Jan 121 Cole. Helen 75 Cole, R 133 Coleman 137 Coleman. Horace 144 Collenger. William 116 Collins, Constance 79 Collins. Donnabellc 66 Collins, Jeannette 81 Collins, Mary 121 Collin, Pat 121 C ' .olton, Helen 55 Comer, Jerry 25. 26. 27. 101 Comlossy. Frederic 106, 242 Congo, Dorothy J 78 Conner, Rosemary 75 Connar, George 133 Converse. Connie 39, 56 Converse, Viola 87 Cook, Janet 64, 129 Cookc. Stanley 132 Cooley. Ge rald 104 Coolidge, L 133 Coon, Ralph 112 Cooper, Belton 104 Cooper. Robert 104 Coppel, L 260 Coplin, Haskell 157 Coppersmith, Norma 119 Corbett. Jack 66 Corbitt, Phyllis 122 Corey, Lawrence 202 Cork, Janet 48 Comely, Lorraine 66 Cornsweet, Marge 92 Corpion, M 178 Correa, William 70 Cortwright, Richard 133, 177, 178 Coryell, Patricia 88 Cosand, Barbara 66 Coasand, Lois 66 Cossalter. Clem 112 Cossum. Sarah 130 Costanlino. Mary 272 Cothern, Lois 39 Cothran, Lois 75 Coulter, Constance 90, 274 Councell. Virginia ..44. 66, 90 Courtwright, Bill 31, 112, 158, 161 Cousins, S 260 Cowan, Catherine 75 Crabtree 257 Craft, III, C. J 204 Crafton. Joseph 177 Craig, Carolyn 88 Craig. Rol ert 76 Crail, Lee 242 Cramer, Thomas 113 Crowe, Delores 12K Cranmer. Catherine 80 Cravens. Lowell 80 Creed, Lydia 49 Crick, William 28, 106 Crishal, Joan 49, 205 Crisler, Fritz 136, 137 Crooks. Rhoda 84 Choppins. Bol 159 Cross, Barbara 49, 272 Crumpacker. Margery 17H Culver, Lowell 96 Cummins. Carol 87 Cunningham. Lowell 256 Curry, William Jr 105 Curtis, Sue 45 Cuthbert, Jane 202, 205 Culling. Russell ...33, 61, 204 D Dadachanji, Cyrais J. . . 202 Dallmeier, Alice 49 Dalton. Basil 10-1 Daly 137 Damon, Melody 178 Danualski, H 206 Dangel. Marjoric 49 Daniels. 1 ' at 48, 90 Dansky. 1). H 204 Danz, G ... 133 Dare, Dorothy 64 Dascb. Marjorie 87 Dashefsky. Joseph 259 Daicher. David 177 Dauber, Robert 113 David. Helen 272 David. Milton D 33. 61 Davidson. Jean 78 Davies. Bill 256 Davis. Ann SI l)a is. Blossom 77 Davis. Charles E 258 Davis. David 99 Davis. J 227 Davis. Kathleen 64 Davis. Marvin 227 Davis. Muriel 176 Davis. N 260 Day. Richard 104 Dayer, Burton 110 Davenport. Barbara fit Deackoff. Leon 202 Deacon. Rosamond 79 Deaii, R. P 202 Deave. Marian 7H DeBoer. James 97 Dcfendini, Richard 70 DeGrace. William 67 DcCroir. Dorothy 49 DeHaven. Kenneth 25(5 Deihee, Ruth 7 Diekema. Doris 83 Deileth 30 Dejong. Bill 102 DeLapp. K. D 204 DcLang. Sharon 290 Dell. Liu ret ia 274 DclValle. Manuel 97 Dcmpey. Katherine 90 Dempsey, Tass 49 DenAyl, Robert 99 Deneckc. Mildred 126 Denecki. Mildred 205, 201 Dennis. Jean 131 Denis. Robert 290 Deoiner. William A 202 Derdcrian. Rose 272 Deileth, Bob 98 Derricotte, Gene 137 Desai, Harshard B 202 Detar ' - ' ' -7 DcVries 257 Deur, J 296 Denisch. Richard 116 Dewey. Barbara 48, 90 Done. Bob 96 Diamant. E 17S Diamond. Marilec 201, 131 Dick, Marjorie 49, 129 Dickenson. George 25(i Dickerson. F.dwiua 129 Dillon. Robert 101 Diekema, Sally 83 Dieters. Annette 49 Dieflenbackei . Martha .... 75 Oiefenbackei . Marty 42 Dietrich. Bill 148 Diggs. Judy 4!) Diggs. Julia 90 Diminit. Bob 102. 202 Dinnen. W 260 Dixon, Ray 29. 53. 9H Dobbie. Robert I ' 2.YV 2.1S Dodek, Trenicc Doherty. Kenneth l r Dolan. Thomas 99 Dole, Art 112 Don, Frances 77 Donawcll. Robert 29(1 Donnellv. Ann Donnelly. Tom 62 Donovan. James Dormonl. Arthur 113. 133 Downer. Joyce 81 Douglas. Lynn 49 Doxtaler. Kenneth 132 Drall. Stanley 70 320 Dreifus, John 158. 108 Dresden. Roberta 274 Drew, Gerald 227 Drews, Nat 56 Drews, Sonya 130 Driscoll, Barbara 130 Dritz. Claire 126 Drollinger, Mary 290 Drncker, Delos 228 Dubinsky. Marcie 128 Dnckek, Lillian 290 Duell. Ruth 272 Duff. Russell 110 Dumm. Robert 178 Dunayer. Gil Ill Duncan. Clark 112 Dunivan. Mary Alice 40 Duncan. Dorothy 128 Dunlap. Robert 105 Dunlap, Marian 129 Dunlup. Thomas 76 Dunn, George 104 Dunn. Henry 105 Dupler, Rhoda 128 DuPont. Patricia 75 Duryea, Dorothy 64 Dussalt, R 227 Dutcher. David 104 Dwen, Jim 96 Dworsky, Dan 116, 137, 141, 145, 158 Dyson. Fred 33, 97, 20-1 E Earl. Delores 79 Eaton. Betty 48. 51 Eaton. L 227 Eaton. Seymour 110 Eberhardt. Ruth 34 Ehrlich, Ed Ill Eley, Cecilia 122 Eckholm, Robert 104 Eddy, Jean 88 Edge. Robert 112 Edgeler, Verna 130 Eden. Rose Mary 81 Fchson. Mary 88 Kclman. Jack 112 Effrat. E 260 Eggleton. Phyllis 67 Eibler, Shirley 122 Eikhorn, Jacob 202 Elconin, Ruth 54, 56 Eldeid. X. 202 Ellin. Everett 54, 116 Elliot. Bruce 104 Elliot, Pete 31, 50. 112, 137, 138 142, 143, 147, 149 Elmer. Marge 34 Eisner. June 187 Ely, Arlenc 87 Ely, James 107, 202 Emerick, R 133 Emery 257 F.mmons. Samuel 105 Emrick. R. E 242 English, Charles 105 English, Dave 258 Ensign, Dick 112 Epstein, Robert 107 Fibaiigh, Jack 250 Erlcwine 30 Eric-son, Lt. L. M 49 Ernst. Robert 98 Ernst. Margo 83 Enven. Lois 131 1 vsti . William 117 Essig, Corinne 88 Esslinger, Phyllis 75 Estes, Betty 130 Esstell, Lois 87, 48, 49 Etter, Elizabeth 84 Evans, Carol 38,44. 83 Evans, E 133 Evans, Gilber 109, 151 Evans, Jack 151 Evans, Jim 112 Evans, John 256 Everett, Barbara 87, 272 Everson, William 97 Ewing, Harriet 126 F Fabricant. Alan 107 Farmer, Margaret 45, 53 Farnsworth, Shirley 126 Farnum % Farquar. Sally Ann 205 Farquarson, Jean 274 Farrand. Donald 97 Faurie, L 227 Faust, F 227 Favago, P 260 Fead. Katherine 80 Feddeler, Albert 202A Federer, Hugh 112 Feferman, Martin ..30, 255, 259 Feicks. William John 258 Feinberg, Carol 77 Feinl erg, Marty 148 Feinberg, Robert 108 Fellman. Sheldon 59, 116 Fellows, Tom 110 Ferguson. Doug 112 Fieburg. T 260 Fingel, Betty 130 Fink, Alice 77 Fink, Luise 178 Finlayson, Robert 97 Finn, Lawrence 76 Finn, Nancy 83, 128 Fintel. John 102 Firth, Corrine 12(i Fisher, Cam 62 Fisher, Maria 92 Fisher, Ray 159 Flanery, Colleen 51 Fleming, James 202A Fleming, Lorna 126 Fletcher, Harold 97 Fletcher, Janice 81 Fleurry, Donald L 202 A Flint, Dorothy 45, 55 Flood, Jean 85 Fluhr, Jim 242 Flynn, Thomas 97 Folvay, Suzanne 78 Foltz, Jim 112, 137, 146 Fonde, Henry 33, 137, 138, 142, 145 Former, Robert 97 Foote, Robert 201 Ford 30 Ford, Lennie 54, 143 Ford, Marilyn 84 Forney. Don 110 Forrestal, Richard 156 Fors. Bill 102 Fortier, Harley 26, 27, 105 Foster, Dick 112 Foster, Elmer P 202A Fouriczos. Nick 110 Fovier G 2(iO Fowler, Herbert B 258 Fowler, Janet 85 Fox, Howard 201 Fox, Kerry R 112, 204B Fradenburg. Evan 113 Framberg, Carol 84, 272 Frank, Alfred B., Jr 227 Franks 30 Franzen, Arthur 109, 132 Fraser, Beth 87 Fraser, Mary Jane 51 Fraughblau, Jarvis 116 Frayan, Shirley 92 Frazer, Donald 132 Freed, Helen 178 Freeman. Deryck 70 Freeman, F 260 Freihoffer, Cecil ...76, 137, 140 Freyer, Hannah 290A Frick, Katherine 75 Fricke, Cedric 202 Frieden, Annette 92 Friedrick, Dave 256 Freidrick, Mary 75 Freidstein, Arthur 116 Fries, Charles 154, 257 Fritus, Odga 130 Fritz, Richard 31 Friville, Chuck 157 Fuerst, Harrison 108 Fulla, Elizabeth 130 Fuller, Olive 87 Fulton, T. J 178 Fulton, William 66 Furstenberg, Nancy 83 G Gabel, Mary Lou 75 Gadd, D 260 Gaffney, Gerry 85 Calf ney, Jean 34,43, 85 Gage, Margaret 87 Gale, Doris 274 Gale, Shirley 272 Galinkin, Allene 67 Galinworski. R. A 178 Golozenski, Stanilous 178 Gardiner, George 105 Garfinkel, Frank Ill Garitt, Burton 178 Garneau, R 260 Garney, Louise 128 Garrett, Virginia 80 Gatee, Jacqueline 40 Gattley, Caroline 272 Gaukler, Robert T. ...117, 258 Gault, J. S 204 Gault, Martha Jane 90 Gauthier, Elizabeth 79, 272 Gayle, 178 Gaynor, Robert 97 Gebnick, J 133 Gebring, Richard 228 Gerhring, F. W 204 Geiger, Robert 113 Gelbaar, Richard 132 Cell. Jim 256 Gelman, Jack 256 Genthe, Suzanne 84 Gentz, Bill 110 George, Alys 130 German, Josephine 119 Gerstner, Ruth 128 Gibbons, Hazel 290 Gibbons, P 227 Gibson, Barbara 272 Gibson. Charles 178 Cignillat. Leigh 97 Gier, Thursman 61 , 202 Giffils, Robert 202 Gilbert, Charles 99 Gilbert, Edwina 274 Gilbert, Michael 259 Gilham, R 227 Gill, J. Lee 99, 202 Gillette, E 260 Gillette, Nancy 90 Gillis, T 260 Ginn, James 116 Ginsberg, Betty 77 Ginsberg, Gertrude 130 Ginsberg, Milt Ill Giordano, Carol .36, 44, 84, 272 Glas, Wayne 161, 257 Glassman, Stanley 108 Cluck, Jeremy 107, 202A Gnaegy. Mitehall 132, 242 Goehring, Luia 75 Golay, Charlene 85 Goldberg, Stanley 116 Golden, Millicent 128 Goldfine, Arlene 272 Goldman, George 132 Goldman, Hubert 116 Goldman, Robert 53 Goldman, Ronald 116 Goldrath, Milt 67, 111 Goldsmith, Richard 67, 111 Goldstein, L 156, 204B Goldstein, Sydel 77 Goldstein, W. S 58, 201B Gooch, Ralph 202A Goodman, B 133 Goodman, Sam 107 Goodsell 257 Geedweather, Phyllis 92 Gooley, Gerry 110 Goppelt, Dorothy 87 Gordon, Clay 96 Gordon, Eleanor 78 Gordon, Gloria 92 Gordon, Mary 79 Gordon, Patricia 125 Gordon, Paul 106 Gore, Jack 31, 71 Goren, Jerry Ill Goris, D 296 Gormsen, Charleen 90 Gorrel, Robert 105 Gorsline, Gene W 202A Gosling, Robert 256 Cough, Beverly 81 Gould, Glen 228 Gould, Helen 178 Gould, Stuart M 258 Graff, William 202A Graham, William 132 Granek, Arthur 116 Grant, Seymour 259 Grant, Wally 112, 152 Graphas, Mary 119 Graser, Cal 110 Grass, Richard 1 l(i Grauque, Dorothy 126 Gray, Dorothy 272 Gray, Helen 104 Gray, Jane 19, 78 Gray, Mike 96 Green, Helen 290A Green, Janice 80 Green, Lawrence 116 Grecnbaum, Elaine . . . .44, 48 Greenberger, Naomi 77 Greenwald. William 107 Grenkoski, Edward 98,144 321 Grey, J. D 242 Griese, Jean 56 Grieve, Barbara 261 Grieve, Janice 37 Grinius, Olgie 201 Groncke, R. R 242 Gross, Harold 107 Gross, Johanna 77, 178 Gross, Urban 201 Grossman, Allan 116 Grossman, Rita 92 Grothaus, Jane 87 Groves, Harold 99 Gruen, Regina 130 Gruzhuit, Carl 106 Grzyskowiak, Joseph 132 Guenter, T 63, 133 Guimaraes, Dona 48, 54 Guinin, Anne 205 Gulfo, Louis 110 Gumerson, June 40 Gurvitz, Joan 128 Gustafson. Richard 117 Gustin, Phillis 128 Gustieviez. Medardo 112 Gyourko, Mary Lou 81 H Haas, Howard 132 Haber, R 133 Haberman, R 201, 204B Hack, Don 63, 258 Hack, M 133 Hadden, Nina 70 Hader, Keith 148 Hadler, Dick 112 Hagemeyer, Robert ..110, 202 A Haggerstrom, Mary 78 Hahneman, Betty 54 Hale, Jean 36, 44 Haley, Beverly 49 Hall, Bernice 272 Hall, Joyce 80 Hall, Margaret 130 Hall, Sydney R 202A Halley, Ann 88 Halligan, J. V 242 Hally, Carol 130 Halpin, Mary 131 Halpert, Harriet 92 Halstead, Howard 117 Halter, George 33 Ham, Uriel 96 Ham ialo, Wanda 130 Hamilton, Barbara 78 Hamilton, Betty 131 Hamilton, Bill 112 Hamilton, W. R 204B Hammond, Charles 104 Hammond, H. F 242 Hampson, Patty 272 Hampton, Bill 59 Hand, Edward 290A Handelsman, Pearl 77 Hankavaar, Julianne 66 Hanks, Sydney 202 A Hanley, W 260 Hannah, Ken 28, 96 Hannon, Frances 128 Hannig, W. A 204B Hanselman, Ann 88 Hansen, Betty 33, 61, 205 Hansen, C 204B Hansen, Charles 25 Hansen, Fay 81 Hansen, Grace 40. 45, 122 Hansen, Marcella 121 Hansen, Shirley 44, 48 Hanson, Hugh 104 Harback, Allen 201 Harbison. Mary Ellen ..81, 130 Harden, Keith 33 Hardie, Andy 110 Harkness, David 228 Harlan, Jack 112 Harms 30 Hams, Jan 93 Harriman, Charlotte 66 Harris, Bernie Ill Harris, Bob 157 Harris, Bud 112 Harris, Joan 128 Harris, Herman 1 16 Harrison, Bob 148, 150 Harrison, Paul 112 Harrison, Saul 108 Harrison, William 290A Harstkatte, E 227 Hartman, Donald 108 Hartman, John 258 Hartong, A. H 242 Haitsiiff, Florence 64 Harvey, Dorothy 85 Harvey, Nelso 109 Harz, Norbert 110 Haselswerdt, Marilyn 272 Haslet t, Lavonne 75 Hathaway, Avery 93 Hause. R. H 242 Hausman, William 108 Hayes. Patricia 48, 84, 178 Haynes 257 Haynes, William 97 Hazelton, B. A 178 Healy, Bill 96 Heard. Willard 28 Heard. William 117 Heath, R 227 Heazlit, Clyde E 242 Hebner, C 227 Heeney, Madelyn 128 Hegge, Signe 48 Heidgen, Doris . .38, 43, 62, 87 Heefflefmger, John 256 Heilman, Marian 61 Heineman, R. E 204B Heller, Arnie 112 Heller, Jackie 202 A Heller, Sally 128 Helmick, Charles 25, 26, 29, 105 Helms. Art 96 Hendel, Betty 38, 44 77 Hendricks, Marilyn 131 Hendrickson, T. H 204B Heneseld, R 260 Hennis, Allen 259 Hentis, Patricia 90 Hirmanson, Hartley 228 Herrers, A 133 Herringshaw, Jo Anne .... 64 Hersh, Jack 151 Hershberger, Don 112, 137, 144, 161 Hershberger, Doris 66 Hertz, Sidney 227 Herzog, Edward 108 Hess, David 66 Hess, Eugene 202A Hess, Frederick 258 Hess, William 109 Hetherwick, Frederick .... 97 Hetge, Signe 83 Heynger, Vic 152 Hezon, Manuel 70 Hibbard, William 99 Hibbs, Robert 106 Hicks, Ellis 203A Hicks, Priscilla 84 Hiett, Margaret 90 Highly, Anne 88 Hilbers, Gerard 202A Hill, Ellen 44, 54 Hill. G. C 204B Hill, Jeanette 128 Hilt, Margaret 81 Hiltman, Bob 112 Hiltz, Jeanette 75 Hines, Phelps 110 Hinton, Eugene 137, 141 Hinton, Jim 110 Hintz, Gloria 272 Hirschfield, Eugene 116 Hirschfield, Virginia 70 Hodes. Frances 70 Hodurek, Eleanor 128 Hoek, Jane 85 Hoffberger, Jane 92 HofFmaster, Eleanor 131 Holdredge, Jean 261 Hollander, Leo 132 Hollis, Pat 272 Holloway, T 227 Holloway. Mary Lou 84 Holmes, Karen 56, 121 Holt, Edward 76 Holt, Nancy 90 Hoi torn. Marilyn 49, 75 Holtzman, Irwin 107 Honey, Talbot 110 Honveen, Marian 88 Hood, Betty 75 Hood, Marguerite 272 Hooper, Joseph 1 06 Hoover, Ned 104 Hopkins, Fred 67, 242 Horelick, Evelyn 92 Horldt, Henry ..25, 26, 27, 110 Horn, Betty Jane 202 A, 205 Horner, Howard 259 Horning, John 104 Hornsby, Roberta 87 Horwich, Helen 77 Hotchkin, Jean 44 Houck, Donna 130 House, Helen 119 Houser. Patricia 119 Houston, Mary Jane 88 Hovey, Mary Helen 90 Hovey. Patricia 78 Howard, Harry 256 Howarth, Des 54 Howick. Donald 113 Hoxter, Adrienne 129 Hoyler, Virginia 84 Hubar, Harvy 107 Hubbard, Nancy 88 Hullett, Ralph 202A Humason. Bob 112 Hume, Robert 30, 158, 257 Hume, Rosarita 81 Hume, Ross ..30, 156, 161, 257 Humphrey, Ruth 42 Hunt, Mrs. Catherine 128 Hunt, Jean 66 Hunter, J. W 204B Hunter, Morton 97 Kurd, Richard 28, 104 Hurrell, H. G 202A Huser, Betty Jean 274 Husttner, R 227 Hutchins, Betty Jean 80 Hutter, George 112, 204 Hutters 137 Hyatt, Edna Jane 49, 87 Hyde, Grace 261 Hyde, Jean 85 Hyman, Rita 92 I Ide, Colle 48, 49, 51. 87 Hand, Ellen 78 Ingersoll, Jane 201 Ingersoll, John 161 Ingraham, John 104 Isaacs, Bruce 104 Isaacson, Sue 77 Isenberg, Ethel 77, 78 Isir, Gilbert 67 Ismond, Morrison 66 Ituer, Cliff 63. 132 Ives, Winifred 66 J Jackson, Harriet 125 Jackson, Joyce 128 Jackson, Rockwell 256 Jacobi, Roger 98 Jacobs, Manuel 259 Jacobsen, Robert 1 16 Jacobson, Bill 153 Jacques, Ken 227 Jaffe. Harold 259 Jamal, Victor 201 James, Doug 28, 96 Jamieson, Bill 202 Janda, Earl 117 Janiak, Betty 130, 205 Jansma, Kenneth 132 Jaracz, W 260 Jaski, Tad 102 Javoiski, Helen 126 Jeffers, F 227 Jefferson, Dorothy 78 Jefford, Nancy 38, 85 Jeffries, O. H. 202 Jeffry, Stephen 117 Jemen, Jack 178 Jenkins, Albert 97 Jenkins, Frances 83,205 Jenkins, Marilyn 83 Jerome, Elizal eth 84 Jensen, W 255, 296 Jenswalk, Hilary 42, 90 Jiffe, R. F 178 Jobson, Ken 66 Jodar, Loyal 104 Jodka, John ....54, 58, 59, 62 John, Lewis K 66 John, Paul 25. 102 Johnson, Ann 129 Johnson, Audrey 80 Johnson, Clare 67 Johnson, C. R 137 Johnson, Donald 132 Johnson, Doris 90, 272 Johnson, Frank M 242 Johnson, Emily 85 Johnson, G 137 Johnson, George 138 Johnson, Joyce 54 Johnson, J. W 67 Johnson, Manart 96 Johnson, Marion ...35. 38, 90 Johnson, Mary 274 Johnson, Norma 34. 87 Johnson. Orval 156 Johnson, P 260 322 Johnson, Richard 202 Johnson, R. 204 Johnson, Val 31 Johnson, Walter ..133, 255, 258 Johnson, William 117 Johnston, J. L 204 Jones, Art 96 Jones, David 133 Jones, Kenneth P 258 Jones, Margaret 87 Jones, Robert 109, 132 Joos, Thad 97 Jordan, Forrest 158 Jordan, J 227 Joseph, Robert 117 Judd, Vernon 105 Juengel, Lois 178 K Kabsenell, Martin 116 Kaebnick, Marilyn 93 Kaire, V 133 Kaiser, Hank ....31,54,56, 111 Kajuer, J. P 202 Kallenberg, Lois 92 Kallman, Rita : 92 Kalter, N 113 Kamens, Betty 92 Komie, Lowell 107 Kaminski, Henry 1 33, 61 Kan, H. S 202 Kanar, Eleanor ...121, 202. 205 Kane, A 200 Kane, Edward Jr 107 Kani, Edward E 258 Karbalits, C 66 Karmazin, Ted 96 Kurnitz, Ruben 259 Katter, Nafe 67 Katz, Anita 92 Katz, Kit 58, 59 Katz, Sybil 272, 274 Katzman, Sid Ill Kaufmann, Betty 126 Kaufman, Charles 116 Kaufman, Jack 259 Kaufman, Louis 259 Kaufman, Renee 274 Kavanough 137 Kavanaugh, Russel 113 Kawalski, Leonard 228 Kay, Peggy 274 Kaye, Kay 62 Keating, Bill 256 Keen, Cliff 158 Keen, Margie 36 Keeler, Miner 76 Kefgen, Louise 80 Kehring, Fred 76 Kell, Walter 148, 149, 159 Kellan, Mary Jane 75 Keller, Patricia 85 Keller, Rae 90 Kellner, Paula 272 Kelkar, Anand 70 Kelso, Lois 54, 78 Kelly, D 272 Kelly, Larry 256 Kelly, Mack 112 Kelly, Sally 87 Kempt 297 Kempski, R 296 Kendcll, William 255, 256 Kennedy, Lucille 37 Kennedy, Edna 88 Kennedy, Sally 83 L Kennedy, Wilfred 202 Kentch, John 105 Kephart, John 132 Kern, Frank 161 Kerr, Jean 88 Kerr, William 76 Kesky, Bill 102 Kessler, Heini 31, 154 Retiring, Hugh 97 Keville, Jesse F 67, 202 Khu, John B 202 Kieler, George 256 Kiessel, William 202 Kilinsky, A 260 King, Glory 75 King. Mary Pat 33, 61 King, Patricia 80 King, Richard 28, 113 Kingsbury, Florence 56, 87 Kinne, Cornelia 178 Kimbrough, Bill 110 Kimel, Veryle 178 Kipf, Betty 121 Kirkemo, James 113, 133 Kiser, Suzanne 93 Kispaugh, Gloria 78 Kittay, William 108 Kitlelton, T 260 Kittredge, Clare 130 Klaurcn. Hobart E 258 Klausner, Pearl 37, 92 Klausner, Ruth 92 Klee, Doris 87 Klee, Walter 54 Klein, Bob Ill Klein, Estelle 44, 56, 92 Kline, Dorothy 129 Klopfer, D 227 Klotz, James A 202 Klug, Albert 259 Knack, Garnet 66 Knoll, Mary Jean 128 Knapp, D 260 Knapp, Elizabeth 53 Knapp, Emily 84 Knapper, Charles 117 Knight, Ray 112 Knol, Eugene 61 Knoop, Isabel 88 Knox, James 132 Kniith, Clarence 132 Koblenz, Morrie Ill Koella, Charles 178 Kocller, Bill 96 Koenig, Harry 259 Kogen, Max 132 Kohr, Margaret 84 Kopal, Oslan 178 Kopel, Dick 108, 158 Kopf, Edward 97, 132 Korash, Betty 45 Koroloff, Violet 290 Kouach, Edith 121 Koupa, Mary Lee 80 Kowalsky, Ruth 178 Kraft, Arthur 53 Kramer, Charles Herman . . 258 Kralt, Marcella 272 Krause, Gerry Ill, 227 Krauss, Mary Ellen 49 Krebs, Bill 98 Kreel, Jacqueline 130 Kremser, Ruth 126 Krctchmar, Gordon 106 Krewson, Walter 113 Krucger, Donald 104 Knist, Louis . . 258 Kudner, Richard 76 Kudner, Jane 80 Kugel, Robert B 258 Kuhlman, Ruby 274 Kullman, Ralph W 202 Kuich 137 Kuiper, K 296 Kutz, Ann 88 Kuznier, Chet 153 L Laderach, David C 258 Lagick, Delores 178 Laidlow, R 227 Laird, Richard 105, 133 Lamberg, Joann 78 Lambert, 104 Lamont, Gene 96 Langevin, Bob 96 Lazon, Jean 178 LaRocaue, A 178 Largo, D 260 I.arrance, Ulafern 49 Larsen, Betty Ann 121 Larson, John 33 Larson, Lillian 87 Larson, Rosemary 93, 272 Larson, Sally 87 Lasser, Carol 128 Lassignal 260 Lathrop, Ed 96 Lathrop, Grace 75 Lathrop, Robert 228 Lathrup, Donald 105 Lauritsen, Charles 33, 109 Laucaster, V 260 Law, Rosa 80 Laurin 257 Lawrence, Audrey 37, 75 Lawrence, Joyce 78, 274 Leach, Charlotte 36, 83 Leaf, Phyllis 39, 92 Leahy, Dona 205 Learmont, Robert 202 Leavitt, Betty 42 LaBudde, Thea 88 Lee, R. C 204 Leese, Al Ill Lefkowitz, Lois 77 Leidlein, Donna 63, 78 Lelk, Joe 258 Lemmen, L 260 Lentol 137 Leow, P. D 204 Lepisto, Feme 78 Leslie, June 121 LeVan, Don 110 Leve, Harvey 116 Levenson, Alvin 116 Levering, Bill 112 Levin, Barbara 92 Levine, Milton 259 Levine, Eileen 128 Levinson, Malcom 259 Levin, Harold 132 Levin, Shirley 92 Levken, H 260 Levy, Betty 92, 261 Levy, Jean 77 Levy, Allen 259 Lewis, Chuck ...21, 54, 67, 111 Lewis, L. M 242 Lewis, Mayone 88 Lewis, Pat 205 Lichter, Sy 54, 111 Lieberman, Harry 116 Light. Leonard 107 Lindeiholm, B 260 Lindquist, Robert 132, 202 Lindsay, Joan 88 Linsman, Arnold 28, 116 I.intol, John 104, 140 Ling, Joanne 274 Lipford, Elizabeth 129 Lippincott, Ann 42, 48, 88 Lipsett, Marcia 130 Lipsey, Standford 34, 116 Lipson, Channing 107 Little, Charles 117 Little, Carrol 132 Little, Dave 154 Litwalk, Leo 59 Llewellyn, Jack 76 Lothian, Trudy 66 Lockart, Benjamin 104 Loewenstein, Alfred 116 Lofstedt, Edna 87 Lomas, Dr. C. W 177 Lombard, Cameron 97 Lough, Thomas 109 Long, Barbara 56 Long, Graydon 255, 260 Longway, Barbara 88 Loomis, L. S 242 Louis, Virginia 130 Lourie, G 133 Lovett, Martha 78 Louse 257 Lowden, Reed 109 Lowry, Virginia 81 Lowther, Mai 98 Lozer, Ruth 77 Luce, Carl 290 Lundeen, Susan 80 Lundin, May 274 Luken, Hal 255 Lungren, Richard 104 Luebreck, Alvin 202 Lurie, Dick Ill Luttrell, June 88 Lynch, Joan 90 Lynch, John M 256 Lyons, Patricia 202, 205 M MacCallum, George 97 MacGowan, William 105 Maclntyre, Neil 157 MacKay, Robert 97 MacLaughlin, Norma ...34, 44 MacMilla, B 260 MacPeak, Walter 67 MacPherson, Nancy 121 Mack, Charlotte 93 Macka, Carol 81 Mackenzie, Alice 93, 290 Mackenzie, Joey 93 Mackey, George 256 Magee, D 227 Magnus, Dorothy 64 Magnus, Paul 70 Magnus, William 70 Magnuson, Margaret 290 Mahnke, Madaline 126 Maier, Peggy 77 Maiscl, Harvey 227 Maisel, Laurence 201 Maish, Marilyn 202 Maki, Elmer 256 Makima, Lila 75 Makima, Shirley 75 Malach, Monte 259 Malen, Myra 93 Mailer, W 260 323 .96, Maloney, John Malton, Donald . . . Manila, Harriet . . . Mandenberg, Ann . Mancleville, Jack W. Mandler Mandzyn, M M angles, Keith . . . Manley, Bob Mann, Elaine Mann, F Mann, Margarete . Mann, Robert Mansour, Joseph . . Mansur, George ... Maravich, Helen . . Marble, R Marcellus, Phil Marcellus, Shirley Margcson, Ross Marin, Rosemary Marin, Mimosa Markey, Arthur Marks, Fred Markward, John 31, Marlinis, Abel Marquardl, Joan Manero, Jose Marry, Claire Martin, A Martin, A. D Martin, Dave Martin, Gladys Martin, Ruth Joy Martineau, Earl Martz, Tady Martz, William Marvel, Honeard R Mason, Marilyn Masson, Helen - Maltheite, William L Matheson, Patricia Malhias, Wanda 49, Matnem, Bill Mattern, Shirley 75, Mailers, Bob Matthali, Fred 29, 26, Matthews, Charline Matthews, Joyce Matthews, Peggy Mattson, Charles D Malz, Marilyn Maulbetsth, Bob Mauz, H May, James Mayer, Arthur Mayer, Jane McAlonan, Donald McArtor, Gene MtCall, Phyllis McCallum, Betty MtCartey, John McCartney, Ward MtCave, James McCavey, J McChiskey, Dean McClay, A McClure, Dick McCobb, James McConkey, Enid Kl, McConnell, William . McCormick, Carol W, McCormick, Harry . McCourbrie, Jack McCourtie, Donna McCray, Martha t9, 110 259 90 261 258 30 204 104 96 92 154 78 156 117 70 79 260 161 81 228 81 261 116 116 76 227 119 212 126 227 178 96 130 79 136 41 113 258 67 121 202 130 75 161 42 154 30 79 272 8-1 242 81 96 260 99 116 205 96 64 79 87 98 228 96 204 151 260 112 76 130 97 178 256 102 79 87 McCrillis, Avis 79 McDonald, E 227 McElroy, Gloria 122 McFadden, J. H 204 McFarland, Irvin H 242 McGarry, Raymonda 79 McGeaih, Betty 131 McGee, Peter L 255, 258 McGiegor, Russell C 242 McGuiggan, Ruth 75 Mclntyre, Lois 64 Mclntosh, John 109 Mclntosh, June 90 McKee, Donald 202 McKellop, Theodore D. 110, 242 McKenna, Thomas 117 McLaren, Lillian Lee 81 McLaughlin, Eleanor 75 McLaughlin, Miriam ..17H, 274 McLean, D. E 204 McLean, Robert 1) 67, 227 McLean, T 260 McManus, Al % McMillan, Gordon 152 McMorris, Ruth 18, 88 McNarnara, Mary 87 McNeill, Ed 112, 137, 111, 143, 161 McNutt, John 110 McTaggert, Dave 256 McVey, Leslie 93 Mchta, Bionchandia 202 Mchta, S. D 202 Mead, Perry 104 Medwedeff, Arthur 202 Melioffey, H 227 Meisel, Frank 228 Meislin, Bernie Ill Melbourne, Gloria 79 Melcher, Richard 202 Mercer, George 97 Merrill, Barbara 272 Merrill, Jane 75 Merrill, Mary 64 Merrill, T 133 Merritt, Jacqueline 88 Mershon, Cathryn 85 Messenger, Nathaniel 259 Messina, Beth 205 Metcalf, Mary Lou 130 Metcalf, Will 154 Metha, Ishwar 202 Metropolsky, Lolly 129 Mettetal, Clara 272 Met , Norma 129 Meyer, N ' essa 126 Meyer, Sherman 290 Mich, Alex 202 Michaels, Bob 256 Michaels, Mike 112 Michaclson. Barbara 122 Michelson, Claire 126 Mickey, Edward 113 Micolan, George 102 Mihalich, Stephen 99 Mikeska. Joseph 132 Mikulich, Bill 151 Miles, R. D 178 Milgram, Mynie II Miller, Alice 41, 80 Miller, Ann 81 Miller, Bob 112 Miller, Doris 88 Miller, Edward 99 Miller, Geraldine 80 Miller, Gloria . 19 Miller, |a lUMi Miller, Nancy 130 Miller, Robert 107 Miller, Tome B 242 Mills, Dick 110 Mills. Carolyn 83 Mills, Hazel 129 Mills, J 227 Mills, R 227 Mills. Warren 256 Millstein, Gerry Ill Milne, Isabel 129 Mishovsky, M. C 27. 2-12 Missad, George 132 Mitchell, Charles 290 Mixer, Richard 29. 104 Moate. P. A 204 Mueller, Mary Carol 205 Mmiiuszko, Delphine 78 Monschcin, Walton M 105 Monsen 137 Monsen. Tony ...112, 143, 161 Moon, L. C 204 Moore, Elizabeth 121 Morgan, Adelia 64 Morgan, Janet 87 Morgan, Janet M 90 Morgan, Jean 221 Morgan, K. A 201 Moi ley 257 Morley, Bob 112 Morray, T 260 Morris, Geraldine 93 Morris, Philip 132 Morris, Theodore 178 Morrison, Bruce 65 Morrison, P 133 Morrison, Rol ert 113 Morse, Margaret 93 Mortier, R. L 242 Mory, Edwin 113 Moscowil . Milt Ill Moses, Dale 77 Moss, Charley 154 Muchow, Robert 1 13 Muelde 137 Muelder, Jeanne 78 Mueller, Warren 117 Muir, Robert 132 Mulder, L 296 Mulkey, James 105 Mulkey. Virginia 66 Mullaney, John ...IIS. 150, 161 Mullendore, Carla 49 Muller, Audrey 205 Muller, Sally 178 Mummey. Jim 110 Miings. Joyce 93 Munn, Clarence 136 Munon, Aurea 261 Murphy 257 Murray, Donnis 80 Murray. Jean 7 , 272 Murray. Polly 90 Murrin, Patricia 131 Murzak, Dorothy 178 Muskara, Turan 70 Myers, Joan 75 Myres, Lonnie 261 My inski, Stanley 104 N Nack. Lenore 83 N ' akamura 137 Naumer, Jacob 97 Nave, Ruth 129 Neal. Gene H2 Needham, Betly Neely, Ralph Nclf. Marilyn 81, Ness, Charles Neuchterlein. Herb Neiiman, Nancy Neumeister, Marie ..48, 49, Neville. Patricia Newberg. Beverley Newl erg, Carolyn 36, Newberry, Beatrice Newblatt, Stewart Newbold, James Newell, Dorothy Newsome, Jane Newton, W Nichal. Margaret Nicklas, Virginia Nichols, Mary 81. Nicholson, R Nicolls. Doris Nidamarty, Gopal Nierman, Lorelei Nixon, H. O Noble, Duncan 31, Nordlee, James Norton, R Norton. Sally 81, 130, Nuoffer, Jeanne Nussbaumer. Bob 112, 137, 139, 143, 147, 159, Nussdorfer, Donna Nyberg, Lou O Oaf Oas, H. G Ol erman, Janice Odell, Avez Office, Margy 51, Ohlinger. William 96. Ohlmacher, Albert Olberding. Virginia . . . O ' Leary Olis, Andrew Oliver, Bill Olsen. Evelyn Olson. Harlan Olson, John Olson. Leonore Ono, Masako Ophof, A Ophof , E Oramond. J Orberding. Virginia Orberg. Borge Orber, Carsten HO, Orlebelse, Clifton Orr, L. W Orsen, R Orth, Robert Osbarn, David Osborne, Barbara 35, 13. 45. Osgood, Bill Osgood, Janet O ' Shanghnessy. John Osteing, B Oster, R Ott Ott, Marian Ollewski, Gene Overbeek, F. Owens, Pat 31.90, Oza, B. C 85 97 130 76 63 90 90 126 93 44 80 111 113 274 79 260 272 130 132 260 75 202 92 242 76 99 227 272 63 161 49 80 257 204 77 129 92 202 117 272 257 105 256 274 202 113 202 274 296 296 204 80 110 202 66 204 296 105 99 48 112 79 105 260 227 137 78 256 2% 178 202 Paige, Gertrude Pann. William . 90 202 324 Pardee. Clark 99 Parebk, Indulah 202 Pai ibk. R. C 202 Paisons. Arch 156, 161 Parker, Don 96 Parker. H. B 20 1 Parker, Margaret 119 Parnell, E 110 Parr, Leslie 202 Parsons. Archie 31 Paschiak. Leonard 228 Pask. Lois 205 Patrick, Louise 80 Patsloff. Lois 81. 272 Patterson. Marjorie 51 Patton, Frank 256 Patton. Lola 49 Paul. J 227 Paulillio, Elsie 261 Pavetti. Clavido 242 Pease. Janet 90 Peck, Charlotte 131 Peady. Jack 33 Pedlcr, James 132 Pedrie, Dorothy 128 Pedurson. Marcenc 63 Pect. Martha 85 Peei mohammed 202 Peffers. Katherine 130 Pelt . Lynda 274 Pembertlig, Ward 97 Pemberton, Donald 61 Pendergrass. Bob 256 Pengaillo, G 201 Pineault, L 178 Penix. Kathryn 122 Penman, Pat 129 Perkins, Ed ward 117 Perlis, Sanford 25, 26, 29 Peres. Joan 126 Perow, E 204 Perrone. Mary 48, 79 Perry, Betsy 44 Perry, Roger 66 Perry, Ruthann 272 Peters, Dave 112 Peterson, Bob 112 Peterson, James 117 Peterson, R 202 Peterson, Shirley 242 Peterson, Ward 105, 158 Pettigrcw, Jean 83 Petit, Phyllis 122 Petty, Ann 87 Petty, 1 204 Pfeffer 51 Phillipi, Bill 112 Phillips, David 104 Phillips, Don 112 Phillips, Eileen 77 Phillips, Evelyn 52 Phillips, Janet 129 Phillips, Margaret 78 Picard, Pat 83, 178 Pierce, Harriet 59 Pierce. R 260 Pietz, David 158 Piel 30 Pilliod. Margaret 90 Pincus. Mitchel 107 Pines. Jean 92 Piniicy. Chandler 97 Pinncy, Chuck 161 Pitchford, Louise 78 Peake. Frank 66 Planck. Pat . . 124 Plate. James 2. " Plisko, Irma 81 Pohs, Arnold 107 Polansky, Ken 63 Poledor, Andrew . . .27, 117. 204 Polorve, Barbara 126 Pollie, D 29f Pollock, Bob 110, 201 Pomeroy, Joyce 131 Pomeroy, Lawrence 1 32 Pomeroy, Robert 132 Pinney 257 Ponsetto 137, 142, 143 Pope, Shirley 49, 129 Poplon, A 133 Poretta, Charles 132 Porter, Elizabeth 128 Porter, Harry 132 Porter, P 260 Portz, Joan 80 Post, D 2f 0 Post, Marie 51 Potter, Bob 110 Potter, Bill 98 Powell, Delva 93 Poweris, George 105 Powlison. Esther 66 Poznanski, Walter 132 Prange, Arthur 104 Prashaw, Michael 137, 139 Pratt, Bill 98, 137 Prendegast, Dick 102 Pressprich, Eliz 79 Preston, Tom 112 Price, Beverly 75 Pride, D. W 204 Priest, Norma 66 Prince, Fred 109 Pritchard, Betty 42 Pritchett, Kuma 66 Probert, John 113 Proefke, Dorothy 49, 75 Prokash, Aditya 70 Pruden, M 178 Pryor, Beverly 88, 260 Pulford 257 Pullon, Joan 131 Pusceli, Philip 202 Putney, L. R 133 Putter, E 178 Pyle, Margaret 274 Q Quail, Jane 84 Quick, Dorothy 75 Quan, Kenneth 202 Quinn, Elizabeth 78 Quinn, Tance 258, 260 R Rabbeis, Norm 112, 137 Rachlieu, Morris 67 Radcliff, Lester 98 Rado, Judy 44 Radjadhyaksha, V 202 Radliff, Rozanne 56, 84 Raine, Jean 85, 178 Raiss, Elaine 90 Rajam, P 70 Rake. R 204 Randall, Pat 84 Randolph, Ben 104 Randolph, Tane 261 Ranfth, R. M 20-1 Ranghelg, A 242 Ranken, Stuart 133 Rann, Bob 98 Raiinry, Richard 99 Rapalus, H. W 204 Raseman. Pat 48, 49, 84 Rathbun, Marvel 135 Rathhun. Robert 117 Ratledge, W 260 Ray, Kenneth 258 Raymer. Barbara ...34, 44, 77 Raymond, Pierre 70 Read, Joan 85 Reade, Betty 85 Reade 257 Reader 137 Reagan, Cornelia 83 Reagan, J. G 242 Reher, Nancy 84 Richards, Metson 256 Redman. Bill 112 Redmore 137 Redmond. William j,. 33 Reed, Eleanor 84 Reeve. Helen 64 Reed. Margaret 129 Reichert 257 Rcirhert, Joev 130 Reid, Joan 42 Reid. Sally 56 Reiff. Margaret 130 Reilly, J 204 Reilly, Lawrence 110. 132 Reiss, Morton 110 Render, Glenice 39. 83 Renfrew, Al 152, 153 Renner 142 Rcpold. Kenneth 255 Reppenhagen, R 227 Resnick 178 Rettow. Elizabeth 131. 178 Retzlaff, June 83 Reuland, JoAnne 49, 90 Reus. Leonard 258 Reutschler. A 260 Reyes, Raymon 202 Reynolds, Bob 98 Reynolds, G 260 Rhead. C 260 Rhodes, Donald 98, 228 Rhoades, Suzanne 75 Rice, Carolyn 126 Richards, Doris 272 Richards. Janet 88 Rice, Robert 255 Rich, Shirley 54 Richards. Bruce 201 Richards. R 227 Richardson, Dale 158 Ridgeway, Richard 104 Riegel. Marion 272 Ries, L 296 Rink. Bonnie 63 Rinck, Marilyn 80 Risk, Harriet 48, 177, 178 Risley, Marilyn 128 Ritman, Telda 131 Richey, Beverly 85 Rivers, Joseph 290 Robarge 257 Robbert, J 296 Robbins, Stanley 107 Robbins, W 133 Robenson, Don 99 Roberts, Ray 148, 150 Robertson, Dorothy 79 Robertson. Nancy 37 Robinson 30 Robinson, Don 159 Robinson. Janine 81 Robinson, Jean 261 Robinson, Margery 178 Rockwell, Evelyn 261 Roden, Mavis 49 Roeder, Richard 25, 26, 27, 31, 104 Rogers, Janet 59 Rogers, Marilyn 49 Rogers, Virginia 85 Rohan, Barbara 79 Rolfe, Jeanne 70 Ronal, Marjorie 88 Ronganathan, Shankar .... 70 Roogein. Orville 258 Rookus, Mary L 34, 90 Rose, Pat 85 Rosema, Tom 159, 296 Rosenberg, Alan 116 Rosenberg, Phyllis 92 Rosencrans, Gorden 148 Rosenow. Kenneth 132 Rosenthal, William 116 Roscnzweig. Lois 77 Ross, Eleanor 81 Ross, Howard 102 Ross, John 98 Rosser, Merryday 261 Roth, Betty 53 Roth, Ottmar 132 Roth. Samuel 259 Rothman, Joan 92 Rothman, June 122 Rousseau, John 258 Routh, James 202 Rowland, Jean 81 Royce, Robert . . .33. 60, 61, 204 Rozin, I. W 204 Rubin, Janet 92 Ruben, Laurens 107 Ruck, Frank 113 Rudd, Jocelyn 128 Ruddell, Lucy 90 Ruhl, Sally 88 Rundles, Marilyn 178 Rusch, Art 63 Russell, L. H 204 Rush, William 104 Ruskin, David 116 Rutherford, Lucy 83 Rutherford, Margaret 79 Ruzicka, Frank 113 Ryan, Ralph 258 Rybolt, Betty 36, 75 Ryman, Alexander 202 Rymer, G 133 S Saari, Aimo 110 Saari, Dawn 65 Saari, Wayne 67 Sachs, Joan 126 Sack, Maury 227 Saderberg, Mary 83 Sager, Lois 93 Sala, Bill 112 Salisbury, James 132 Salkind, Blossom 92 deSalles, Franzio 106 Salon, Joel 259 Saloway, Philip 107 Salta, Gloriann 122 Sanderburgh, George 106 Sanders, Joan 75 Sappington, Lewis 117 Sarver, Sam 227 Savavia, Pancho 110 Sauer, Betty 130 325 Saner, Florie 130 Saur, Charles 99 Sauter, Shirley 92 Savage, Richard 99, 159 Sawyer, Nan 83 Saxena, D. S 202 Saymon, Frederick 104 Say ward. Marian 81, 130 Scab, Dharmadas 202 Schaefer. Marilyn 80 Schaeffer, Norman 107 Schalk, M. A 272 Scherer, Robin 78 Schiller, Nancy 77 Schlee, Joan 42 Schloss, Louise 77 Schmetz, Gerhard 227 Schmidt 257 Schneider, Bernice 92 Schneider, C 133 Schneider, Patricia 290 Schneider, Richard 132 Schoetz, Rose Marie 51 Scholnick, Morton 58 Schomberg. Sue -19. 90 Schorling 257 Schrieber, Herbert 1 Ifi Schroeder, Bob 62 Schrum, Lyle 113 Schudson, Audrey 92 Schuemacher, Ann 80 Schulkof, Bernard 201 Schuman. Anne 77 Schummell, Bella 178 Schutz, Ann 35, 43, 45, 51 Schutz, Audrey 49 Schwartz, Howard 133 Schwartz. Robert 107 Schwartz, Shirley 178 Schwedt, Mary 128 Schwerdt, Barbara 128 Scott, Alice 93 Scott, Alice M 64 Scott, Sol Ill Scott, Walter 65 Scovill, Russel 67 Scoville, Delight 51, 85 Scowden, Margaret 85 Secontine, Nuie 96 Sedgewick, Suzanne ....49, 81 Seger, Suzanne 130 Sequare, Dick % Seibert, Carol 34 Seigan, Joyce 45 Seiler. Dorothy 80 Seinou, Dorothy 54 Seiter, Ethel 178 Selbo, Glen 148, 150 Sellon. Isabel 83 Semon, Marjorie 8, r Sempere, Charles R 258 Sendler. Reva 92 Sequla, Robert 255 Scrfontein. Hermanus 228 Sethna, Homi N 202 Seven, Philip 260 Seward. Marilyn 80 Schachmen, All 259 Shafer, Marvin 201 Shaftee, Ed 96 Shallenberger, Sybil 88 Shapiro, Donald 227 Sharkey. Marion 88 Sharp, R. H 242 Shattnrk, Jean 121 Shaw, George 97 Shaw, G. Scott 97 Shea, T. E 178 Sheddon, David 99 Sheetz, Lucille 48 Sheffel. Edward 202 Shepard. George 156 Shepard, Sere 178 Shepherd, Mary 67 Sherba, Dorothy 129 Sherwood. W. L 204 Shever. Phylis 130 Shibley, Virginia 78 Shields. Russell . .33, 60, 67, 204 Shilson, Catherine 90 Shinnick, Harriet 49, 84 Shipper!, John 104 Shneiderman. Harvey 107 Shockley. Jack 97 Shoclank, Paula 151 Short, P. G 202 Shufro, Arthur 250 Shumarsky, Harold 290 Shupp, Arthur 109 Sickels. Shirley 44, 90, 178 Siegen. Joyce 69, 178 Siegel. Lincoln 107 Siegal. William llfi Sikorovsky. Eugene 27, 104 Silkiaa. Emanuel 202 Silver, Bob 112 Silvennan, Gilbert 107 Simon. Dorothy 272 Simon. H. R 201 Simons. Edgar 61, 111 Simons. Homer 101 Simons. Ruthven 61, 202 Simpson. Josephine .36. 44. 88 Simpson. Mary June 122 Sinkey. John R 258 Sislin, Paul 52 Sisson. Barbara 90 Skau, Robert 104 Skillings, William 106 Skutch. William 108 Skuban, George 290 Slosson, F. M 178 Smallman. Dorothy 81 Smedley. John 112 Smith, Audrey 131 Smith. Barbara Lee 274 Smith, Betty 88 Smith. Byron 97 Smith. Christine 83 Smith. Doris 54, 58, 79 Smith. Dorothy 64, 65 Smith, Frances 64 Smith, George 178 Smith, Geraldine 78 Smith, Gilbert 105 Smith, Helen 87 Smith, Jack 145 Smith, Joyce 130 Smith, J. Z 133 Smith, Maurice 158 Smith, Maxine 126 Smith, Phyllis 64 Smith, Robert 132 Smith, Sally 83 Smith, Suzanne 122. 272 Smith, Virginia 274 Smith, Wayne 158 Smith, Willard 110 Smith, Wilma 130, 290 Smithline. H 204 Snodden. Bill 203 Snyder. Barbara 85 Snyder. Donald 132 Snyder. S. A 204 Snyder. Stuart 33. 158 Soboleski 137 Soxl, Bob 154 Soloman, Kenneth 116 Solorow. Beverly . . .45, 272. 274 Sonmitt. R 178 Sorenson. Wilbur 106 Sorice. John 26. 33 Souls 137 Spaulding 26. 27. 33 105 Speed. Robert 101 Spence. Rosalie 84 Sperber. Lynne 48 Spevak. Samuel 116 Spiegal. Robert 105 Spiney. Mary 129 Splanc. Mary 61 Springer. Bob Ill Springer. Nathan 1 l(i Squire. William 61 Squillace, S. S 201 Srere. Beth E 77 Stadler. Louis 290 Stamats. Sally 88 Stanford. Jack 242 Stanford. Pat 56. 87. 178 Stanich, Frank 228 Stanley. M. H 130 Stanton. Barbara 90 Starr. Arthur 99 Stascwick. K 129 Starilk. Henry 242 Statemer. W 63 Stanffer. Barbara 65 Stearn. Ruth 272 Sledding. Phil 112 Stedelin, John 255. 257 Steenrod. William S 258 Steele. Ray 132 Stegner. Mary Lou 130. 178 Steibel. Donald 132 Stein. Lolita 92 Steinman, R 260 Steketee 227 Stelt, James 201 Stelzle, Harold 110 Stephenson, Sarah 27, 85 Stepson. Harry 242 Stern. Harry Ill Stern, Julian 259 Sternilazke. H 242 Stevens. Carl 112 Stevens, Esther 274 Stevens. Roland 99 Stevenson, Phyliss 274 Steward. Eleanor 79, 272 Steward, Elizabeth 130 Stillwcll, G 255. 256 Stone. Ed 133 Stone. Lucy 90 Stone, Marjorie 84 Stone, Marian 274 Stone, Virginia 83 Storr, Anne 64 Storrer, Robert 117 Story, Chris 178 Strastma, Bradley 104 Strastma, M. E 85 Strack, David . .76, 148, 150, 161 Straehley, C 51, 90 Strahmer, Walda 122 Strait, Noyce 102 Stratsma. Mary 55 Strauss. Jane 31, 43, 92 Strauss. Henry 107 Street. Carolyn 75. 178, 274 Streffler. David 228 Strempck. W 260 Stribo. Helen 205 Strifller 30 Stuart, Barry 88 Stuckcy. V 205 Studky, F 66 Stuck. Janis 125 Stunika, J 201 Sugar. Anne 177 Sullivan, Barbara 130 Sullivan. D 76 Sundell. E 255 Sundell, Marilyn 66 Sutton, Frank 201 Simon, Jack 96 Swain, R 260 Swallow, Joan 49, 84 Swanson, C 66, 128 Swanson. Elmer 96, 157, 159. 161 Swanson, P 79 Swanson, Robert 98, 140 Sweeney, John 113 Swords. Collins 256 Sykis, R 227 Szipta, Mary 130 T Taft, Martha 66 Talbolt, Cora 84 Talbot, Frank 85, 258 Talcott, Warren 34. 113 Tamblyn. Ruth 80 Tanazlcr, Kemal 178 Tamura, Bess 79 ' Kanaka. James 228 Tanncrbaum. Don Ill Tate, Ed 256 Taubert, R 260 Taylor, Bill 112 Taylor, Dorothy 78, 227 Taylor, Mildred 66 Taylor, Natalie 126 Taylor, Roxanna 83 Taylor, Susan 83 Tanrioer, Atimur 70 Taplin, Wynn 112 Tapp, Elwin 258 Tarnoff , George Ill Teetor, Tink 49 Teninga. Wally ...112, 141, 142, 143, 147, 161 Tenysle, James 97 Terrill, Colleen 85 Tewksbury, John 112 Thalner, Jean 272 Thalner, Nornia 259 Thayer, Aileen 78 Tjeriault, Jack 112 Tholen, Frederick 104 Thompson, Malcom 97 Thomas, Jack 97 Thomas, John 133, 202 Thomas. Genevieve 70 Thomas, George 202 Thomas, Herman 107 Thompson, Robert 258 Thompson, James 178 Thompson 257 Thompson, J 133 Thompson, Pauline 80 Thomason, Bob 156, 161 Thorny, Helen 75 ' I home. Jeanne 56 Thorpe. V ' 33 Thors, Esther 80 Threkeld, Louise 87 Throop, Pat 83 Tibbols, Hazel 87 Tierney, Tom 112 Ting, Y 261 Tosch, Bob 28, 111 Tishman, J. L 204 Tobin 30 Todoroff, Ted 256 Tolbert, Steve 242 Tolk, Elizabeth 128 Tomasi, Dan .137, 139, 143, 159 Tomasine, W. J 178 Tomell, Emily 63 Toole, Rovert 202 Topke, Manfred 201 Touma. George 228 Torsian. M 178 Towas, Helen 79 Townsend, Dorothea 85 Traniue, Janet 178 Treat, Don 256 Trepanosky, Joe 110 Tressel, Nancy 35, 78 Troo st, Herbert 202 Tranke, A 296 Troost, Peggy 64 Troyah, Shirley 55 Truehaft, Lois 92 Trumpeter, Doris 272 Tryon, Dorothy 66 Tsilhoff, Florence 49, 205 Tumborne, Ralph .... 154, 155 Turan. E 178 Turfus. Dorothy 66 Turhan. M 178 Twitchell 257 Tynes, Martha 274 Tyser, Sue 77 U Ufer 30 Ulman, John 201 Ulrich, Paula 87 Unbehaun, Charles 112 Underwood, Flo 178 Underwood, Hamur 67 Upjohn, John 109 Upton 257 Upton, Bill 110 V Valenie, Fernando 178 Valente, Enrique 242 Valentine, Joan 131 Valply, Art 136 Van Andel, Edith 36 Van Benchoten, Garnet ... 78 Van Brocklin, Phyllis 88 Vander Kloot, Carol 128 Van Dyke, Harold 258 Van Dornelen, T -ter 76 Van Dyke, Billy 119 Van Dyke, H. D 178 Van Eeman, Marjorie 64 Van Inwager, Mary 93 Van Meter, June 49 Van Meeterin, Sylvia 93 Van Note, Rag 178 Van W agen, Mary 290 Van .wren. J 255, 296 Vasunia, Dora 70 Vasunia, I. L 202 Vaughn, Betty ..34, 43, 88, 257 Vaughn, S. B 204 Vergne, Kathryn 290 Verschaar, Catherine ...42, 88 VerSchure, H 296 Vidro, Marie 90 Voightsherger, M 178 Volger, F 133 W Vade, Mary 83 Wagner, David 109, 177 Wagner, Jean 49, 78 Wake 137 Wake, Bill 34 Wake, Allen 112. 138 Wahle, George 258 Wantz, Dorothy -(3 Waite, Dorothy 79 Walbridge, Nita 126 Wald, Margery 77 Walker, Eugene 228 Walker, Frances 83 Walker, Frederick 42 Walker, Joseph 54, 58 Walker, Virginia 84 Walkowiaic. Maria 121 Wallace, Marshall Ill Waller, John 109, 178 Wallerstein, Ann ...44, 48, 56 Walters, Beryle 107 Walters, Hal .25, 26, 27, 33, 105 Walton, Bill 148 Walton. Charles 29, 33, 104 Walton, William 105 Wanuselja, Lou fir Wang, Hsi 2f l Wang, Lan 202 Wanty. Marilyn 81 Wantz, 257 Wantz, Dorothy 85 Ward, Dorothy 78 Ward, Don 110 Ward, L. W 242 Ward, Margaret 261 Ward, Shirley 83 Ward, Stanley 132 Wardle, Margaret 274 Ware, Sally 49, 178 Warner, Albert 105 Wairilow, David 202 Warson, Kathleen 90 Waterman. May 49 Waters, Jack 96 Watson, Bill 66 Watson, Dorothy 39 Watson, Kak 49 Watson, Robert 178 Watt, Marilyn 87, 272 Watts, Harold .... 137, 145, 147 Webber, Bill 90 Webber, Robert 76 Weber, Sidney 227 Weeks, Mildred 12fi Wehmeyer, Mark 110 Weigold, Carolyn 81, 130 Weil, Edward 107 Weinberg, Dick 151. 155 Weinstcin, Shirley 92 Weir, LeRoy 151 Weisberg, Irving 59 Weise, Bob 137 Weisenberger ...137, 142, 143, 144, 145, 159 Weiser, Enid 59 Weiss, Bertram 108 Weiss, Leo 108 Weiss. Robert 228 Weissman, Beverly 77 Weitzel, Shirley 93 Wellington 151 Wellman, Lee 48, 93 Wellman. Marcia 85 Wells. William 99 Wilson, H. L 242 Wenberg. Walt 256 Wenger. Dione 85 Wertheimer. F 227 Wesbrook, Mary 79 Wescott, Janice 272 Wessel. Jack 258 West. June 88 West. Sue 87 West, Tom 65. 76 Westcott. Pat 129 Westerman, Hal 148 Westerman, Jean 178, 274 Westerwelt. Rowland . . .66. 132 Westman, J 133 Westneaar, William 258 Westrick, C 227 Weltmore, Eleanor 78 Weiprs 137 Weyl. Doris 81 Whaite, Marilyn 125 Wheaton, L. W 227 Wheeler, Ray 106 White. Dorothy 88 White, Fred 113 White, Glen 112 Whitney. Jean 54 Whitney, Robert 105 Whittaker. Barbara 81 Whittingham, T 133 Weeber, Phyllis 77 Wickey. J. V 204 Wiechel, Jean 87 Wiemhoff, Shirley 178 Wienner, James 116 Wilcox. Sally 178 Wilder. Betty 90 Wilk, Joan . . .35, 44, 48, 54, 77 Wilkens 142 Wilkins 137 Wilkins, Stuart 104 Wicks. Gerald 107 Willar. Gloria 131 Willard, Doris 88 Willets, Shirley 121 Willits, Nancy 81 Williams, Gail 258 Williams, G 227 Williams, Gwen 129 Williams, Harlow 97 Williams, H. E 178 Williams, Jack 109 Williams, Jane 129 Williams, Lillian 131 Williams. Wendell . . 290 Williams, Patricia 85 Williamson, C. E 242 Willoughby. R 66 Willson, L 64 Wilman, P 85 Wilmer, J 227 Wilson, G 227 Wilson, Lucille 272 Winelan, R 260 Winfield, Jeanne 84 Winkelmen, Sheridan Ill Winslow, K 256 Wist, J 133, 202 Wire, Cliff 159 Witherspoon, J 31, 156 Witkop, Carl 228 Wixon, Dick 110 Wolf, Frank Ill Wolf, Marvin 255, 258 Wolford, Russel 106 Wolfs, N 88 Wolfsalin, H 227 Woo, Tsao-Kao 76 Wood, E 204 Wood, M. E 40, 45, 178 Wood, Wilda 66 Woodman, Ernest 242 Wo odruff. B 256 Woodruff, P 75 Woods, L 260 Woods. Patricia 113 Woodward, V 126 Woodworth, Claire 75 Worobeck, Russ 256 Wrench, Pamela 178 Wright, David 201 Wright, James 104, 132 Wiuhrowski, N 132 Wurtzburger, Charles 116 Wyman, Irma 201, 205 Wyman, Sally 79 Wyngarden. J 2% Y Yager, Marian 80 Yaggee, Eugene 106 Yath, Warren 178 Yeomans, Barbara 79, 272 Verges, Howard 33, 137, 142, 144 Yoder, Bob 256 Yoder, Iris 122 Young, Mary L 49, 84 Young, Wendell 201 Youngblood 137 Youngblood, Dennis 112 Z ag, Irene 49 Zagelmeier, Jean 85 Zanalla, Irene 93 Zeeuw, Lorraine 274 Zeis, Myron 256 Zellman, Lawrence 132 Zelnick, Inez 130, 178 Zenger, Doris 261 Zerman, Paula 77 Zeskind. Thelma 92 Zien, Betty 77 Zilber, Sidney 67, 133 Zingle, Dick 256 Zoeller, Robert 33 Zuella, Newt 202 Zweimcr, Betty 37 327

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