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ON THE LAWNS . : . FOOTBALL AND FINE ARTS P.EM. S)jt y FIELD ... THE SECOND FRONT l.TION STUDENTS r ,EAVK FOR THE SERVICES VCTOl . WAR COMMUNIQUES AND RUMORS EIGHT TAPS IN THE QUAD BARRACKS . . .BASKETBALL AND DRILL NURSES AIDES CHING TO CLASS THE TREES AH. DIPLOMAS AND GODSPEED ' ' : ' ft J : V . i. w , jjjbfo jgra ft , . ' 5fc A . - fj t ' ' r Phi G-axnma Delta. I End page photo Phillip Cendreau OHNSON, editor LDART, design BENJAMIN H. DOUGLAS, business Copyright 1943 H BHIBj from calculus to cold steel . . . NICHIGANENSIAN " OWI PHOTOS and ships and planes and guns " ri ; ' ' - ' - ' - 1 - f ' r ;ift ' ' ' " Ffr OWI PHOTO He was a student. He was your roommate, and I knew him too. It isn ' t hard to remember when he crammed tor a mid-semester or drank beer at the P-Beil, because it wasn ' t very long ago. He was a tot of fun and a good guy. . . even though he never did pass that Physics survey course. But the war came, and they called him for active duty. It doesn ' t take long to make a soldier ...he learned to shoot a gun and to stick a bayonet into a man ' s belly. Then they sent him over. He suffered the stench of the Solomons, the cold of Alaska, and when they stormed Tunis he was there. They had never taught him to kill here at home, and it was pretty tough at first to go against all those talks about world unity and the brotherhood of man. But then he ' d think about all of us still at home, and it seemed sort of as though he was responsible for our safety. His number came up before long. . . and they say a lot more of them will before we ' re done. He died in a foxhole, a snowdrift, and on a hot desert. He accounted for quite a few of the Jerrys and laps before they got him . . . and we won ' t forget his part in the " unfinished business " . WAR COMES TO THE UNIVERSITY. THE UNIVERSITY GOES TO WAR. MKtUJj OBRY. Miss Zimmerman, but that section is closed. But I am a junior, and I ' d rather not have a Saturday class. . . . And speaking of Saturdays, the N.R.O.T.C. men display their marching ability to spectators and Boy Scouts. ... Two franks and coffee coming up ... The moment you never forget, first arrival in Ann Arbor. 11 ?. 13 . w. I T II an Armistice Day bolt at eleven o ' clock, students line State Street to gape at the band, beat time to the music, and wonder how long they ' ll be on the curbs themselves. ... Attention! Lieutenant Pavlichenko leaves Hill Auditorium after shaking the audience with tales of snip- ing in Russia. ... Tramp, Tramp, Tramp today they march for credit, tomorrow 7 they do it for glory. . . . The Daily ' s in the scrap again. Oh, Michigan men are very fine men, and mighty good scrap collectors besides. 15 . H and that MMM, the old heart is in perfect shape puts you in I - A son. ... Off we go, and ev listens attentively as Michiganders ar ' s oi-n inn. tin- Army Air Corps. ... Remember the day your little world was shattered with the calling up of the Enlisted Reserves. You walked out of your two o ' clock into a December storm to find that it was all settled, and even the Daily had printed an extra. i BBMHBBm L 17 A, I.I. GOD ' S hi I In ii got s mil in faces as George, the houseman, plays Santa Clans at the Sigma Chi Christmas party. . . . Comes the day of vacation and here we are at the station, with the 2:33 to Detroit lost between Jackson and Ann Arbor again. ... Good King Wenceslas looked out from the Law Quad and so did the J.A.D. ' s to hear the women ' s honoraries sing sweet carols in the chill night air. . . . George Sallade ' s reward for editing the Goodfellow edition, counting the piles of quarters and dimes and nickels, and pennies to make many Ann Arbor Christ- mases merrier oj s 18 19 Yes, live know Victory Ball came way later, but it ' s the last time we ' ll see that many men in tux ' s ior a long, long time. The foresters get a little north woods atmosphere in, before the Paul Bunyan formal. 20 k native daughter re- Hlriis to the fold, and it isn ' t every Ensian pho- tographer that returns for a triumphal address in Hill Auditorium, as did Margaret Bonrke- White. You watch the birdie this time, Miss White. Thank you. And there ' s enough ruhber left for welcoming 1943 with balloons at the League. State Street on New Year ' s Eve, the first one in Ann Arbor for most of us. . 21 , firoMf n place. What ' s my name, Sonny Boy? Well, now, I always thought it was Deke. The expression is intense, but we can ' t tell whether it ' s censorship or interest. Oh, temptation even a Mimes mem- ber can sling a mean grass skirt. 22 Once again Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils collaborated, to present Victory Vanities, a gay and hilarious variety show. From the money-making point of view, this was one of the most successful events to which the Bomber Scholarship has given impetus. It ' s a good cause and we had a good time, and hope that it stays as another Michigan institution. military Ball-the nigl before graduation January, and so this year it was Senior Ball for a lot of people. Today they graduate in mortar boards. Tomorrow they dig trenches in khaki. . . trench For although they receive their diplomas in cap and gown. " I is in uniforms that they go out inta he wide, wide world. The nef ra at Michigan first we graduate, then we study for finals. 25 26 I here ' s soilll ' lllillg I lie X IH ' 4-s-sillll- O vat hin OIK ' ol .ilM-n ' s smooth |MM||| - K.llpll If we aren ' t in iiniloi by now oiir olv! i. fall in step beh|l i army. A ml History I 7 I student. s s|M-ml I in--.- dayw lioi-inu into II. v Conunagei Study Hall. 10 i, kids, we ' ve got le edition to bed. WAAC and see i h world, preferably Ix-loi fiii.-ilx. p. talty for be- soc major, kg springtime Study Hall. When the sun lights the way eight o ' clock, spring is really here. Long after (he rest are gone X. R. 41. T. . men still drill on PalinediipJd. At least one of the Daily ero has to reach for her knowled Initiations are early this year so the boys can hang their pins before they go in the ai JM It isn ' t every university president ' s home where yon can feel comfortable drinking tea on the library floor. r In the good old days we might have ivalked out to the Arboretum. . . But therc ' ve been some changes made. How about a coke instead? . S.. IS 94 V MREOEtfTS Of THE UNIVERSITY .V C ffGAff FOR THE USE OF TflL n-fxsirrAXff of THE SCHOOLS i Of AJW AK3OK A HIS poor lad gazed upon a robin on the library window-sill, and so he simply had to wander out to see if the winter was really over. ... A bolt in your ten o ' clock usually means window-shopping on State Street. ... Time out from Descartes for a smoke and a yawn. 37 | roiiiixcl i he IIIIMI lhvs ' x r i v o 11 I d Th He about calloused hands. The Union coke bars are f-ay to Utttc Hup, two, three, four eyes ahead, 9 officers 38 I ' Strolling along the diagonal is a lot Ing after- loon lli.-iu looking up lli liis|or of I In- -;irlt I V ? Come finals and these spring-struck ids hadn ' t ;iiil -r-l from I In- ! . .12 !( lire. m m Let ' s get together for a coke. Meet you under the elock at three. Wait till the ten o ' clocks are out, to see the di- agonal, the cross-section of campus life. Pride conies before they crawl. It takes years to be able to humble your- self for an honorary pin. 41 I I I I I I L I PUBLICATIONS, HONOR SOCIETIES, CLUBS, R.O.T.C. AND N.R.O.T.C., UNION, LEAGUE, W.A.A., CLASS PROJECTS, WOMEN ' S ACTIVITIES. ' 1 mH HI m Meet. Mr. Big. the Sugar Beet! and the men who worked in thunder, light- ning and rain! Michigan ' s mind and mus- cles start the flow oi scrap headed for the Jap. The Michigan Manpower Corps, created by the student body, was the initial action in Michigan ' s conversion to an all-out drive to War Mobilization. Under the dynamic leadership of Marv Bor- man, the corps organized the Michigan Males into an effective work crew. Headlined during the football season was the scrap salvage campaign; later in the winter Sugar Beet pickers were trucked into the Thumb where they harvested in the mud and cold for three days; then assistance was asked for factory, restaurant, and hospital work. In this as in the Blood Bank and Red Cross drive, the Manpower Corps, the Men of Michigan set their own program and carried it thru to national recognition. 44 Pull up the beets, knock off the mud. pile ' em up and smile! Then a clean shirt, combed hair, and a home-cooked, farm din- ner . . . O, ior a coal stove and bull ses- sion in lieu of the Farmer ' s Daughter. 45 ESERVE FFICERS The Reserve Officers ' Training Corps under the command of Colonel William A. Ganoe epitomized the Michigan campus at war. The first semester was one of intensive work, of drill, of combat training, of rifle practice, of mock hattles in the Arboretum. The Armistice Day parade gave formal emphasis to this daily and weekly concentration of the army; serious study was broken only by the Military Ball of early December. Paralleling the expansion of the Army of the United States, the reserve unit at Michigan also broadened. With its in- creased activity came the demand for an expansion of housing facilities, and Headquarters moved across campus into a larger building beside the Union. There were other changes too: Scabbard and Blade, the honorary society of the ROTC, was opened to all men of the Advanced Corps, and it in turn was disbanded for the duration when the men marched to active duty in March. This calling up of the Advanced Corps fol- lowed closely that of the Air Corps Reserve and ERC. The men were sent to Fort Custer for their outfitting, stayed just less than two weeks, and returned (all 168) as cadets with baracks in the West Quad until the end of the semester . . . then came either Officer Candidate School or basic training. The trend was for more and more Michigan Men to go Uniform. The Language students, Colonel Ganoe ' s other company, was housed in the East Quad with the Meteorology students. The martial step was everywhere; khaki the easy way out. The army took over as the students passed out, but vindication came to the men in their week-end pass and co-ed appeal. So the Spring term closed with the campus in uni- form, the country in arms, and only 4-F men left to the femi- nine tradition of Michigan. Colonel Ganoe worked seriousness into a well-drilled corps which exposed its talents at the Armistice Day Parade. A short time afterward a few studied Custer for a day ' s preview of the life to come. 46 RAINING ORPS ROTC REGIMENTAL OFFICERS Robert W. Ehrlich, Cadet Captain. Henry C. Loud, Cadet Major, Arthur G. Volz, Jr., Cadet Lieutenant- Colonel, Charles M. Thatcher, Cadet Colonel, Harry S. Parmelee, Cadet Major, Richard L. Cole, Cadet Major. ROTC FIRST BATTALION William W. Hutcherson, Cadet 1st Lieutenant, Mort H. Cohen, Cadet 1st Lieutenant, Phillip Levy, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, Robert W. Gibson, Cadet Cap- tain, David A. Ovaitt, Cadet Captain. ROTC SECOND BATTALLION Dean M. Rockwell, David Crohn, Oscar H. Feldman, John E. Stauch, Robert K. Miars, William A. Sum merfelt COMPANY CAPTAINS TOP ROW Edward R. Dytko, John M. Duff, Tho- mas L. Dalrymple, Robert P. Tillson, Everett B. Hauslov. Robert L. Brigham. ROW 2 J. M. Ed- munds, Richard G. Schoel, Jr., P. J. Blumenthal, J. Robert McWilliams, Robert M. Snow. Clinton L. Heimbach. 47 48 L ,HE infantry inarching as to War " Hut, " " hip. " The books replace the guns, but Khaki still marches across the diagonal. The khaki measurements follow the order of the Sergeant of the Quartermaster Corps; if they don ' t fit, you press them into shape. Ordnance goes to work on the mechanism of the 30-30, still Old Reliable. Engineers find their forte of study here as well as the Engineering Corps, celebrated for its booby-trap eliminations of the African push. The Medics, now nearly all continuing study as enlisted men, develop field efficiency in their lab work. And the Signal Corps, using its fa- mous Walkie-Talkie and other equipment, strikes up a code cadenza via a hand generator. This campus training is now army disciplined and will soon be front-line duty. 49 VON STEUBEN GUARDS The Von Steuben Guards were organ i ed at the beginning of the fall term on the initiative of the ROTC men who believed a more rigorous army training and discipline would better lit them for their fast-approaching active duty. Some 35 of them took up barracks in the base- ment of the East Quad, eating, sleeping, work- ing, living army. They had their inspection, drill, fatigue duties and homework. Spare time was little, but a bull session or other recreation was as necessary and common as at the frater- nity houses they may have moved out of. The Guards kept army hours: in rising and lights- out; in the matter of passes for special absence (usually week-end) ; in mess time. These Von Steuben Guards worked into an effective and synchronized unit by the end of the semester, only to have the calling of the ERG and the en- trance of the Meteorology students into the Quad force their disbandment. PI TAU PI SIGMA TOP ROW Edward Worsham, Louis Dimasi, Donald Knebel, Donald Engstrom, Richard Spath, Lloyd Ressler, Russell Speirn. ROW 2 Robert Ehrlich, James Pierce, Robert Tillson, Robert Brigham, Harry Scott, Major Vollrath, Lt. Samuel Riezman, John Duff, Carrol Haas, Herbert McCord, Douglas McLeod. Line-laying, part of the informal initiation of members to Pi Tau Pi Sigma SCABBARD AND BLADE | BARY GRADUATES-Vermm C. Apple-gate, 1 ' ctcr J. Blumenthal, Robert 1,. Brigham, Robert G. . laown. James Carmichacl, Richard L. Cole, David Crohn, Thomas L. Dalrymplc, Nelson G. Sans, johnlM. Duff, fames M. Edmunds, John F. Eley, Robert W. Ehrlich, Richard D. Gaulhier, Robert W. (.iliscli, Carl R. Giddings, Robert E. Hehemann, Everett B. Houston, William W. Hutcherson, Alfred II. Klitschinski, Phillip A. Levy, Kenneth T. Marshall, Robert E. Mayberger, William E. Maybury, Rob- (ii K.J Miars, Harry S. Parmelee, Warren M. Parris, John R. Patten, Robert Petteys, James B. Pierce, Ridivtl G. Schoel, Bertram S. Schwartz, Charles E. Sempere, Philip E. Sharpe, Robert M. Snow, John M. Siiucli, William A. Summerfclt, Charles M. Thatcher, Robert P. Tillson. Arthur G. Volz, John M. intlrs. 2ND-SEMESTER SENIORS-Morton H. Cohen, James J. Collins, Samuel B. Coulter, Henry |. Doligvillo, Edward R. Dytko, Frederick C. Eggert, John W. Fauvcr, Oscar H. Feldman, Reuben Trey, CilniJn E. Gambs, Walter W. Gentry, Stuart A. Gerrard, Robert H. Cribble, Edward W. Haag, Carrol | I lasts. Clinton L. Heimbach, Edward R. Holmberg, f. Bradford John, G. Stewart Johnson, Richard 0. Jclies, Robert W. A. Jubb, Leverett H. Kelly, Ward ' W. Kelly, Henry C. Loud, Herbert W. McCord, |. RoLert Williams, James A. O ' Malley, David A. Ovaitt, Dean M. Rockwell, Andrew M. Skaug, Tudor 1. liomas. 1ST SEMESTER SENIORS-Harold C. Bayer, John H. Bickcl, Warren R. Bourquin, Mar- lin l | Browning, George A. Brundrett, Richard C. Burck, Linus E. Carlson, Walter Cattle, Albert B. ChipAan, Louis A. Cohen, Bruce Corson, Richard H. Coulton, Roy DcGesero, Coral L. DePriester, Samuel s. Dillaggio, Louis A. Dimasi, Donald B. Engl, Duanc Engstrom. John A. Erlewine. Richard C. Ford, (.harfts L. Foster, Lewis Froiken, Howard D. Fulsher, Lawrence E. Gilford. Raymond H. Glasser. John II. I laclley, Philip W. Hemily, George D. Hooper, John H. Hunter, Barton H. Jenks, Howard W. Kain- Edward R. Dytko, 1st Sergeant, Charles M. Thatcher, 1st Lieutenant, Richard L. Cole, Captain, Richard G. Schoel, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant. i;l, Robert E. Lampert, Anson E. Laufer, John B. Leidy, Howard E. Long, Harry J. Lustgarten, Coiddn B.. Mackenzie, Douglas D. MacLeod, Andrew H. Marsch, Edwin R. Menz, Charles M. Mil.ler, KichJd S. Neymark, Frank M. O ' Brien, Leslie W. Parr, Robert J. Patton, LeRoy H. Pecar, James E. Plrngl, Robert M. Poisson, Donald U. Powers, Kenneth S. Rankin, R. David Redner, Clifford f. Rey- nolds] Harold E. Relyea, Harold E. Rudel, Marvin G. Schaeffer, Robert L. Schwyn, Robert W. ' Sharp, |ovpi i H. Silversmith, George M. Snow, Richard M. Spath, Russell L. Spiern, William K. Steinhagan, Walt]- V. Stewart, Stanley R. Stong, Boris J. Theodoroff, Donald T. Wallace, Robert G. West, Robert M. ilklr. nhiir S. Wiseman, I. Edward Worsham, Hessel E. Yntema, John F. Zimmerman, Newton M. I cker. JUNIORS-George Ablin, William W. Baldwin. Howard S. Baumgarten, Ralph H. Beuhler. Willijm O. Bliss, Donald A. Borrman, William S. Cain. Charles N. Cannon, Harold B. Coleman, Fred 1). DC rnblaser, David H. Engel, Donald N. Frey, Reed H. Garver, Ivan H. Gilman, Harry F. Gilmore, Allciij f. Greiger, William D. Hawes, Robert L. Herbst, Herbert J. Howerth, Norman C. Jimerson, C. Grrar 1 Kevil, William H. Klingbeil, Donald W. Knebel, Thomas G. Kuzma. Ernest L. Leonardi, Paul ( ' ,. Li Idicoat, Charles B. Light, Robert McFadden, James H. McKeown, E. Kirk McKinney, Kenneth li. Mi rshall, William S. Maxwell, Robert T. Minshull, Robert J. Norwick, Milton Pergament, Melvin R. Pe -Iman, Robert W. Reisdorf, Lloyd Ressler, Robert C. Ringkvest, Norman D. Ruth, Eber H. Ryd- luilnH Richard E. Savage, William L. Schmidt, Harry J. Scott, Daniel L. Seiden, David A. Shinar, Rob- en V . Shopoff, George E. Sloane, Robert R. Strader Carl R. Turnquist, George C. Valette, Peter H. i an S herpe. John S. Van Summern, Paul H. Van Wert, John W. Walcott, Richard V. Wellman, Carl B. Unit Mirth, Richard G. Widman, Bennett Yanowitz, Eric Zalenski, Wilbur F. Zipp, Lt. Comm. K. S. Shook (Executive Officer), Lt. A. H. Atkinson. Captain R. E. Cassidy (Commandant), Lt. C. Grewer, Lt. (j.g.) N. A. Pananides. NAVAL RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS The Naval Officers Training Corps organized just three years ago, now under the pin mand of Capt. R. E. Cassidy, will graduate its first class into active duty. The Adva let d Course is composed of 57 men. half of whom will graduate in September and im m-d iately be commissioned Ensigns in the USNR. These as well as the freshmen and sc fcho mores of the NROTC will be called to duty about July i, all to be classified under the Aval V-is program of concentrated preparation of these future officers. And to furnish ;i r:i tical basis for the training, the summer cruise will again be taken. At Michigan as e [ei where, the Navy has built a Record and is proud of it. ; On deck lor inspection, the offi- cers-to-be taste the envious life of the gob. 1 1 Study and memorization still are the foundations of the good officer. In the NROTC library, in an atmosphere of ships and sailors, the cadet officers devote themselves to ordnance, navigation, and seamanship. TOP ROW Lee A. White (Alumnus), Prof. Palmer A. Throop. Prof. Carl E. Burklund, Prof. Hobart R. Coffey. Homer Swander (Student). ROW 2 Dean Joseph A. Bursley, W. Webb McCall (Alumnus), Prof. Merwin H. Waterman (Secretary-Treasurer), Hol- brooke S. Seltzer (Student). MISSING Prof. G. E. Densmore (Chairman), Marvin Bor- man (Student). The Michigan Publications the Daily, the Michiganensian, the Gargoyle faced squarely the complications of a war minded campus and a draftable male staff. Graduation via an accelerated pro- gram, or any one of the various army motivations brought in a nearly com- plete turnover of staff positions. And the general tendency was here, as in the country as a whole, toward an in- flux of the feminine. If the publications are to svirvive the war, it will be the wo- men who will accomplish this. But the numerous positions left vacant caused a violent outbreak of student opinion and heated discussions of policy when they were filled somewhat injudiciously by the Board in Control. Here, laid bare to the students, was a matter of demo- cracy and freedom of management of editorial policy, and the result was to cement the convictions of those leaving as to just what they were fighting for. Homer Swander, Managing Editor of the DAILY, and Morton Mintz, Editorial Director, gave more than lip-service to the War Bonds and the war. Bob Mantho, Charles Thatcher, Associate Editor, and Will Sapp, City Editor, without the humor of George Sallade, meet in one of their many " ses- sions. " Black War headlines and an aggressive editorial policy jerked the campus out of its fall lethargy. The Michigan Daily 1942-43 spurred the student body to an all-out effort and waited for the rest of the University to wake up. It did, in a controversy in which student freedom of expression was the focal point. Swan- der, Sapp, Mintz, Thatcher, and Sallade backed liberal conviction with a firm stand, and after the verbal firing, Mich- igan went back to the " normalcy " of War. Marion Ford, second semester Assoc. Editor, and Leon Gordenker, second semester City Editor peruse their Ink Child behind the door marked " Keep Out. " Daily Bull: out of this confusion some- how emerges a nationally recognized newspaper. 57 Fred Ginsberg, Assoc. Business Manager, and Edward Perlberg, Business Manager. lerbert Osterman, r ' ranl O ' Brien, Howard Baumgarten. Business staff juniors. Richard Cole, Marjorie Green, William Berns, also Business staff juniors. Bud Hendel, Sports Editor, and Mike Dann, Assoc. Sports Editor " Damn the torpedoes. " 58 T HE Michigan Daily, product of the correlation of editorial, business, sports and wo- men ' s staffs, is held together by the work of tryouts. Six days a week the Daily brings the news of the world and campus to University and townspeople, each edition the immed- iate responsibility of the Night Editor. He is on the job throughout the evening until the 2:30 deadline; his is the full work of initiative and resource in holding open the pages for late news flashes, changing, re -arranging but keeping a good page make-up. Out of this comes the Daily, and 1943 brought added activity to the Daily staffs: ex- tras heightened the tension of student war nerves the calling of the ERG blackened the white of a December blizzard as the presses rolled the news onto the campus; the Daily Dance Extra of Victory Ball brought out all the corn of pre-ration days; and a new G.I. Sunday supplement was introduced for the benefit of the large number of servicemen studying at Michigan the second semester. The business staff had a diffi- cult time in meeting the increased costs, but sold and budgeted the Daily over the Red Line. The sports staff had as much trouble with its own line up as the Michigan teams it covered. Michigan athletes left with the Air Corps, ERG and Advanced ROTG; the sports staff lost Bud Hendel, Mike Dann and Eric Zalenski. The Backbone tryout staffs shrunk, the women increased AV!I he hands for White Cliffs and there will always be a Daily. The DAILY sports staff you can praise or blame for that fifth page copy: Harvey Frank, Mike Dann, Bob Shopoff, Des Howarth, Eric Zalenski, second semester sports editor, and Clarke Baker. Sundry DAILY edit stafl members: Homer Swander, Allan Axelrod, Irving Jaffe, Charlotte Conover, second semes- ter assoc. editor, Harry Lavine, Morton Mintz, Bud Brimmer, second semester editorial director, Ray Dixon, Mark Lip- per, Henry Petersen, Bob Preiskel, Mary Ronay, Jay Erie- wine, second semester Managing Editor. 59 w, ' omen at work: Nothing new at Michigan; nothing ne for the Daily. There are men, at closer examination. Barbara deFries, Women ' s Editor, Betty Harvey, and Shirley Raskey. 60 Women and the Women ' s Staffs have in former years been nearly synonymous. Not so in War Years such as these. The dirth of men and a seeming increased initiative among the co-eds have combined to push them into the most responsible positions of the Daily staff. The two Daily associate editors are women; others have taken over the larger portion of the editorial work; some have invaded the sports sphere, hitherto refuge for the male mentality. It is no mean prediction to assume that in an- other year even a 4-F man will be a phenomenon on a Daily staff of dictatorial women. Jane Lindberg, Women ' s Adver- tising Manager, and Mary Lou Cur- ran, Women ' s Business Manager. is is the Women ' s Staff in vocal array: Alice Fretz, Frances Tries- tram, Phyllis Present, and Janet Veenboer. 61 EDITORIAL STAFF Work and Fight might well have been the slogan for The Michigan- ensian of 1943. Military uncertain- ties were clarified in the appoint- ment of Dorothy Johnson as the Editor early in the fall. Her assist- ants were Bob Sundquist and Stu Gildart, the Art Director. The jun- ior positions were in an especially fluid state throughout the year. Car- son C. Grunewald, Organizations, and Arnie Agree, Sports, were the only two men in at the finish. Betty Anne Kranich, House Groups, Jean Whittemore, Women ' s Activities, and Sue Sims, Features, also stayed through the April Shower of Deadlines. Mel Engelhard! and Bob Schulze left with the first bugle call, turning their Schools and Col- leges sections over to Phyllis Le- vine. Pat Page and Ed Anthony. 62 ART STAFF The Ensian art staff that conjures up the layouts, designs the cover and takes care of the innum- erable " art " problems oi the book looks to Griff Young, Nancy Worrell, Dick Allen, Gloria Jaco- bus, llene Olson, Libby Rodgers. Betty Kefqen and Pat Cleary for the heavy work. ; Principal problems of the Michiganensian were those of People and Priorities. The physical essentials of work first had to be obtained: office supplies, photography equipment, art mater- ials. These dribbled in as the junior editors dribbled out. When flashbulbs were in stock, photographers were in the hospital; when jun- iors applied themselves to work, the bottlenecks of labor and engraving appeared. Synchroni a- tion of efforts was necessary and the motivating force, Dottie Johnson, worked herself into a mid-winter touch of pneumonia. An increased tempo was effected with better co-ordination of the second semester and Friday afternoons finished the week in a flurry of grease pencils, rub- ber cement and budget controls. Eventually all en- gravings were in, all copy sent to the printer after the optimistically fall-planned deadlines. Proofs were returned, checked and re-checked, the pages were printed, covers arrived and all was turned over to the binder. The Michiganensian was finally as sembled, the tension was over and the men of the staff relaxed into active duty with the armed forces. PHOTOGRAPHERS Faithful Photographers: Gerald Leavitt, Carl Knapp, and Hal Schulte. The Busines Staff opened a dynamic sales drive even before school started that first " blue Monday. " It car- ried on the winter winds and helped overcome the later turnover in staff organization. Buck Dalton and Dick Bieneman were both called into the army; Ben Douglas in the ERG. Marty Feferman took over and finished out the second semester as Business Manager. Advertising, sales promotion, and the Books, and ris- ing prices kept the entire staff at work all the time. Further complications came from the first term grad- uates who wanted the Ensian mailed. But toil and trouble did not quite bubble over the cauldron: the foam stayed on the beer, as you see here. Ruth Wood and Ben Doug- las, Business Manager of the Michiganensian the one-two punch. Ben Douglas and the " paper work " of the business staff. 64 Vance, Margery Merria Frances Thompson, and Buck ton, the rest of the business stall. Dick Bieneman and Clare Black- ford relax over a Coke that never got to war I Ruth Wood, Barbara Eddy, and Martin Feierman in a sales tete-a- 65 " Business " and the Gargoyle just don ' t mix. But the routines of a business organiza- tion must be maintained subscriptions and sales no matter how automatic, must be recorded, advertising sold, the revenues counted. These Business staff essentials of 1942-3 were under the direction of Garg Business Manager John Zimmerman, as- sisted by Barbara Sternfels. The junior staff men Ken Kardon, Bernard Goldstone " the fardels bore " in promoting the humor tradition of the Campus Life magazine. Under this nominal male dominance the Garg Business staff appeared more like the publications of other years but this was merely the end of a Phase. " They also serve: " Jean Misner, Ken Kardon, Ber- nard Goldstone. 66 Super Sales Force: Martha Spector, Horn, Barbara Griffith. The Gargoyle, magazine of the Michigan Mind, countered the campus mental uneasiness with a humorous interpretation of war in our time. Led by Editor Olga Gruhzit, and assistants Pat High (second semester editor) and William Kehoe, the Garg opened its pages to a Beauty Album of Michigan coed charm. Featuring as usual the sports and in- dividual write-ups of campus life, the staff also turned to more serious topics such as the post-war opinions of various professors. It too felt the immediate war problems of supply- ing photographers and artists enough to turn out results, but while there is a " joke " left at Michigan, there will be a Garg to record it. Nancy Northrup, Paul Denn, Ruth Selby, and Al Cohen take, make or fake the pictures ior the Gargoyle. Betty Kefgen, Wink Stevens, Gloria Jacobus, Les Meckler (Arts Editor) turn out ior layouts in this school ior scandal. 67 Keith L. Smith, Managing Editor; William W. Hutch- erson. Editor-in-chief; Syd- ney Shell, Editorial Direc- tor. Alexander, Advertis- ing; Rufe Teasdale, Fea- s; George Snow, Cir- ation. The Michigan Technic, publication of the engineering college, is a student version of a scientific or technical journal. Published as a private enterprise with no financial support from the Uni- versity, it boasts a circulation of some 1000 copies a month among student, Michigan high school and industrial concern subscribers. It is the oldest engineering college publication in the coun- try, and as a member of the Engineering College Magazine Assoc., the Technic has twice in the last four years been awarded Best All Around Magazine. 68 Technic Advisory Board Prof. R. D. Bracket!, Prof. M. B. Stout, Prof. F. N. Menefee. Missing Prof. R. Schneidewind. Staff members gather in one of those organizational meetings for which all publications are notorious. W. O. Jacobs, Articles; K. Brenk- ert. Publications; George Sloane, Illustrations. 69 STUDIN ' l SENATE SEATED left to right: Robert Templin, Milan Cobble. Bill Ager, James Landers, Pres- ident, Elaine Spanger, Secretary, Richard Orilkoif. Edwin Greider, Harold Coleman. AB- SENT SENATORS Bill Loughborough. Sid Bramer, Herman Hudson, Lewis Saks, Glenn Taylor; Faculty Advisor, Dr. Blakeman. r, MIMES TOP ROW Don West, David Matthews. Edward Whalen, Jack Hooper. ROW 2, ard Wirth, Robert Sundquist, Ford Whipple, Hal Petrowitz, William Beck. The Michigan Union, home of Michigan Men and Alumni, paced a campus at war by ing its facilities to the servicemen at Michigan. Behind the Flying Flag are hotel rooms, housing army and navy officers, dining rooms, an excellent dance floor, and numerous oth creational facilities: bowling alleys, pool tables, billiards and ping pong, and swimming. Bud Brandt and Bunny Crawford, Publicity Committee. The Michigan Union spur- red to a full schedule of ac- tivities by Don West and Ed Holmberg turned most of its fall efforts toAvard Michigan Men and their war preoccu- pation. The Union saw the last of the traditional foot- ball week-ends for the dura- tion, opened its facilities to army officers rather than home-comers and shattered precedent by encouraging women ' s patronage. MICHIGAN UNION BOARD OF DIRECTORS TOP ROW Prof. Richard C. Fuller, Robert A. Matthews, George Brooks, Vice-president, Robert Templin, Vice-president, Mr. Donald May. ROW 2 Dean Joseph A. Bursley, Prof. Chester O. Wisler, Financial Secretary, Donald C. West. Jr. President, Mr. Franklin C. Kuenzel, Manager. Mr. Dean Myers. 72 GENE ML WENTAHO ly Chuck Dotterrer and Bob Shott. Dave Striffler, Orientation Committee Social Committee UNION COMMITTEES The motivation of all Union work comes from the committees, these men doing the promotion for their projects. Bud Brandt and Bunny Crawford tackled the publicity; Chuck Dotterrer and Bob Shott planned the social life, running through Football Dances, Coke Bars to the Union Formal; Dave Striffler handled the Fall Orientation, and took over the post of Secretary the sec- ond semester; Dick Ford, second semester Union President, and Art Geib headed the co-operative committee; and Herb Heaven- rich and Bob Schwyn completed the organization with their Or- ganization Committee. UNION SOPHOMORE TRYOUT STAFF TOP ROW Morton Pepper, Kenneth Frantz. Morris Mendeloff. Rupert Straub. Erwin Larsen, Jack Platt, John Clippert, George Walsh, Ruel Lehman. ROW 2 Dean Monson, Dick Spitz, Bob Davey, Bob Aldrich, Cameron Lombard, Irwin Kasle. Allen Holt, Warner Jennings. ROW 3 John Holland, Herb Beyer, Nel- son McCoy, Bob Dobbie, Allen Mayerson, Tom Coulter, Dave Gardner, Roy Boucher, Harry Miller. Dick Ford and Art Geib, Co-oper- ative Committee Herb Heavenrich and Bob Schwyn. Organization Committee 73 - !, 74 : r . TOS 75 The second annual banquet of the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Camp Lee, Va. Col. Lawrence L. Colb, T. Hawley Tapping, General Secretary of the Alumni Assoc., 2nd Lt. Roland (Joe) Savilla, President of the Club, Lt. Col. Stan- ley G. Waltz, Mgr. of the Michigan Union. Mrs. Lucile Baily Conger, ' 04 Executive Sec- retary of the Alumnae Council, Mrs. Lillian Carnegie Allen, ' 17, director of the National Alumnae Assoc., and Chr. of the Alumnae Council, and Mrs. Gennette Armstrong Good- ale, ' 17, M.S. ' 18, Pres. of the U of M Alumnae Club of Milwaukee. THE ALUMNUS overseas 1st Lt. Robert Lu- ery. U. S. Army Air Force, 1st Lt. S. R. Gus- tafson, U.S. Medical Corps (Cadet Colonel of ROTC 1938), and 1st Lt. R. S. Jackson, U.S. Medical Corps. Mr. Morgan, ' 31 Bus Ad, Assistant General Secretary of the Alumni Association, has been presenting war movies for the students at the Michigan Union. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 76 i ' J. Frederick Hoffman, II; and Norton L. Norris, President of Men ' s Congress. MEN Men ' s Congress, all-campus organization for undergraduate, unaffiliated men of the University of Michigan, seeks to improve the social welfare of the independent student, to gain for him fair repi esentation on campus organizations, societies and boards, and to interest him in activities. The executive council is composed of Ed- gar J. Vaughan, Donald Patrick, Dave Striffler, Art B. Craig, John MacKinnon, Theodore King, Robert Sharp, and John R. Burton. The shift to a war program is expedited by the newly created President ' s Council and a system of rooming house representation. 77 Discussion, books, records . . . the educational com- bination the Student Religious Association and Lane Hall offers to every student of the Michigan campus. The Student Religious Association was established by the University of Michigan to aid students in un- derstanding religion in theory and practice. Undei the direction of Mr. E. William Muehl, the associa- tion is primarily concerned with giving students an opportunity to understand concepts other than their own denomination, of the nature and purpose of man, and it offers to students the religious manifes- tations in art, music, drama and literature, which the individual church denomination cannot provide. In fulfilling its program the SRA brings to the cam- pus lecturers of all faiths, chosen for their contribu- tions to religion and associated subjects. Each week discussion groups are developed on various topics, social projects are effected, and at the informal teas students have the opportunity to meet Oriental, Catholic, Jewish and Protestant friends in an area of common interest. Lane Hall, the home of SRA. provides a good library of religious books, a collec- tion of recordings of religious music, reproductions of famous religious paintings and comfortable fa- cilities for student meetings. Th e organization is that of a Board of Governors, Professor W. A. Mc- Laughlin, Chairman, and a Council including: Nor- man Schwartz, Robert Fisher, Warren Laufe, Mar- tha Taylor, John Fitch, Ora Sievers, Gregor Hile- man, Aileen Olson, Robert Taylor, Winifred Stein- orth, Inez Chamberlin, Dorothy Briddon, Paul Mishkin, Ida Bucci, Tom Johnson, Marcia Kohl, Sue Stephenson, Lewis Hoskins, Dorothy Arthur, Frank Bender, John Muehl, Elaine Spangler, Mary Ames, William Andrews. STUDENT RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION ALPHA NU TOP ROW Harry Miller, Seymour Chase, Hal Cooper. Arnott Tail, Albert Chipman. Jeff Solomon, Ed Whalen, Max Pearse. ROW 2 Frank Hileman, Dean Monson, Alan Brandt, Dick Rawdon, Bill Ludolph, Paul Goolian, S. Che Tang, Wallace Nichol. ROW 3 Tracy Freeman, Robert Vibbert. Albert Cohen, John Steward, Dick Ford. President; Paul Johnson, Secretary; Marvin Levey, Treasurer. MISSING John Babington, Herman Hudson, Nate Bryant, Bob Sucher, James Hartrick, Dean Burdick. NEWMAN CLUB TOP ROW Roger McAleer, Virginia Becker, Eileen Bradley. Fern-Aileen Symons. Joan H. Shuchowsky. Hone Pen- ner. Joseph F. Roderker. ROW 2 Betty Hagan, Harry Bayer. Father Bernard Kearns, James Landers, Betty Ann Will- ging, Ida Bucci. Dr. Purdom introduces some of the teachers the Bureau has recommended to Mr. Mil- likan, Director of the Airplane School at the Willow Run Bomber Plant. Recommending available men, and especially women, lor factory work in the essen- tial industries is an important part of the Bureau ' s work. Here at Willow Run, Employ- ment Manager Mr. Brown interviews a few of the many aspirants. The Bureau of Appointments and Occu- pational Information, directed by Dr. T. Luther Purdom, recommends teachers for school, government and industrial training programs, recommends students and alum- ni in occupations other than teaching and supplies vocational information and guid- ance to those who request it. The Teacher Placement Division answering calls from Alaska to South America was especially busy in filling requests from defense in- dustries for experienced teachers to staff the newly organized training programs. The General Placement Division soon ex- hausted the supply of graduating men and women and fanned into the alumni clubs to contact experienced people over draft age for business work, defense industries and government agencies. Through the public school superintendents of the area the division is locating a large number of seventeen year old workers, placing them where they are most needed. The Guid- ance Division lays special emphasis on the role of women in the war effort, aiding girls uncertain whether to begin college or to train for a defense job. It assists the high schools to reorganize their programs to meet the student needs of the war emer- gency, helping men choose the service branch for which they are best fitted. In such ways as these the Bureau with its placement and guidance machinery has spent all its efforts to meet the demands of war. Dr. T. Luther Purdom, Director of the Bureau; Mr. Marsh, Michigan Bell Telephone, Mr. Anderson. Supt. of Schools, Berkeley and Mr. Haien of the Chrysler Corp. representative speakers and em- ployers of the Bureau. U R E A U O F PPOINTMENTS 81 r INTER- FRATERNITY TOP ROW John Wiese, Howard Howerth, Jack Hooper, Bud Burgess, Bud Brown. ROW 2 Mark Hance, John Crabb, Dick Emery. John Fauver, President: Paul Wingate, Secretary-Treasurer; Reynold Kraft, Jack Hadley. MISSING Dick Winters. The Interfraternity Council ' s initial fall project of signing freshmen for rushing set the tone for its subsequent excel- lent record. More men were signed up for rushing (950) , more pledged, and a larger Pledge Banquet given than in any previous year. The first edition of the Interfraternity Council News was printed, including information from all the chapters at Michigan. Fletcher Henderson ' s Orchestra swung out at the Interfraternity ball in December, the proceeds of which, some $500 was turned over to the Bomber Scholarship fund. In co-operation with Panhcl- lenic Council, the Victory Vanities, first campus variety show, filled Hill Auditorium with laughs; the fraternity scrap drive was the most successful on campus; and the tra- ditional Interfraternity Sing added to the music of Spring- time Michigan. Such were the activities of fraternity men on a campus at war. 82 John Fauver. President, and Paul Win- gate, Secretary-Treasurer oi IFC. COUNCIL Over 400 people were turned away from the Interiraternity Ball held at the Union a few weeks before Christmas vacation. During intermission, Fletcher Henderson gave way to the first Pledge Sing, with a cup awarded to the winning harmonizers. lars to the Bomber Scholarship. And the hard-working boys who helped to make it possible, are shown in the throes of formu- lating their plans Victory Vanities, stunt and variety show, gathered some 2,500 students at Hill Auditorium to witness individual and fraternity talent burlesque through an evening of fun and donate 800 dol- 83 OFFICERS Robert Sundquist, President; Donald West, Vice-President; Carter Taylor, Corres- ponding Secretary; Ross Clark, Recording Secretary; Kenneth Moehl, Cataloguer. MEMBERS F. C. Anderson, N. C. Barish, H. Berman, K. E. Beu, J. G. Bingham, E. A. Bongort, B. M. Bowman, W. T. Boyd, R. Bradley, F. J. Bryan, W. C. Burgess, M. A. Canvasser, J. R. Clark, K. Cordes, J. R. Dangle, R. C. Drutowski, H. Dykstra, E. R. Dytko, J. M. Edmunds, R. Ehrlich, A. Fairbanks, R. G. Fledderman, A. J. Geib, C. E. Goodell, E. W. Haag, G. Hammond, P. D. Hann, H. S. Heaven- rich, R. Hehemann, C. L. Heinbach, P. H. Hemily, G. A. Hoenke, W. Hutcherson, R. F. Inman, G. S. Johnson, R. R. Jones, H. W. Kammeraad, R. Kebler, J. K. Koffel, T. Kohler, W. G. Lang- ton, W. H. Lehmann, B. M. Lent-Koop, W. R. Menz, J. Miklowitz, K. R. Moehl, R. K. Mosher, A. M. Moshy, E. Nesbitt, H. A. O ' Hern, J. A. O ' Malley, D. O ' Neill, C. Orberg, D. A. Pagel, W. M. Parris, K. D. Peterson, R. Powell, T. Reynolds, T. Rice, D. M. Rockwell, E. Rutan, G. A. Sawyer, W. Sernuik, C. R. Sessions, L. W. Sessions, P. Sharpe, R. L. Shively, F. Sleator, G. E. Sloane, L. M. Smith, W. Sparrow, H. Sterngold, W. A. Summerfelt, R. Sundquist, C. F. Tay- lor, C. Thatcher, R. K. Townley, L. C. Verduin, C. Warner, F. C. Wellington, D. C. West, P. D. Wingate, J. M. Witheridge, H. Yoshihara, M. L. Zeskind. TOP ROW Reynolds, Rice, O ' Neill. Menz, Mosher. Inman. Ehrlich. O ' Hern, Lent-Koop. ROW 2 Miklowitz, Sparrow, Bowman, Lehmann, Hehemann, Langton, Pagel, Peterson, Sleator, Rockwell. ROW 3 Heimbach, Or- berg, Fledderman, Anderson, Koffel, Sessions, Bradley, O ' Malley, Edmunds. ROW 4 Berman, Hahn, Dytko, Nesbitt, Bongort Johnson, Rutan, Moshy, Thatcher. ROW 5 Moehl, Wingate, Heavenrich, Sessions, Sundquist, Hutcherson, Clark, Taylor, West 84 PHI ETA SIGMA TOP ROW Lincoln, Gault, Goldstone, Srere, Ginsberg, Sanders, Abelson, Milnor, Van Den Belt, Aronson, Rovit. ROW 2 Hirsch, Morrison, Lehman, Horstkotte, Mac Coul, Linker, Westmaas, Boucher, Miller, McHale. ROW 3 Feinberg, Green, Shevin. Fleischer, Hutchinson, Masouredis, Jennings, Wood, Stianson, Marble. ROW 4 Bernhardt, Kelso, Rosso, Bauer, Bard, Lane, Blois, Hasel, Schneider. ROW 5 Mayerson, Wilson, Clip- pert, Stubbs, Germanson, Burton, Hamme, Harris, Seltz. OFFICERS-James G. Germanson, President; Harry E. Stubbs, Vice-President; Victor J. Baum, Secretary; James R. Burton, Treasurer; Thomas E. Coulter, Historian; Karl F. Reed and Herb- ert S. Heavenrich, Upperclass Advisers. MEMBERS-Arthur J. Abelson, Richard A. Ahlbeck, Koorkin J. Andonian, Philip R. Aronson, John W. Athens, Richard J. Bard, Victor J. Baum, Walter F. Bauer, Norman W. Bernhardt, Robert W. Blois, Roy D. Boucher, James R. Burton, Richard H. Cha mbers, John R. Clippert, Ralph D. Cobb, Thomas E. Coulter, William H. Ducker, William C. Emory, Robert Feinberg, Stephen Fleischer, Louis R. Freimiller, John G. Gault, James G. Germanson, Thurman E. Gier, Stanley L. Ginsberg, Roy L. Glauz, Jr., Bern- ard Goldstone, Eugene L. Gomberg, John A. Goodsell, III, Daniel L. Gotthilf, Gerald W. Green, Richard N. Hamme, George A. Harris, Lowell E. Hasel, Lawrence V. Hastings, Paul R. Hines, Albert E. Hirsch, Edward H. Horskotte, Herbert G. Hurrell, Edward R. Hutchinson, Warner C. Jennings, Leroy S. Jimerson, Jr., Jack R. Kelso, Marvin M. King, Richard J. Koppitch, Frank Lane, Ruel F. Lehman, John W. Lincoln, John J. Linker, Josiah A. McHale, Donald E. Mac- Coul, Joseph D. Marble, Serafein F. Massouredis, Allen L. Mayerson, Carrol J. Meyer, Harry B. Miller, Robert C. Milnor, Edward E. Moon, John H. Morrison, John H. Peterson, John M. Rosse, Richard L. Rovit, Carl W. Sanders, Charles L. Seltz, Louis J. Schneider, Edward B. Schwenk, Jr., Alfred Shevin, Warren M. Schwayder, Isadore M. Sin ger, David Slepian, Alfred A. Srere, Stanley G. Stianson, Harry E. Stubbs, Jr., Frank L. Tobey, Thomas E. Twitchell, Ben H. Vanden Belt, Stanford A. Wallace, Herbert J. Weintraub, William J. Westmaas, Allen A. Wheat, Earnest W. Whitlock, Jr., James Monroe Wienner, Charles W. Wilson, Lester M. Wolfson, Palmer R. Wood. 85 MICHIGAMUA ALL CAMPUS SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY HONORARY SACHEMS Big Ten Aigler, Wise Council Anderson, Battle Finder Barthelme, Great Builder Bates, Friendly World Campbell, Friendly Chief Cooley, Long Trail Duffy. Warrior Builder Hoyt. Bell Cow Murfin. Peace Maker Ruthven, Canoe Builder Sadler, Readum Birchbark Strauss, Council Pleader Sunderland, Mai Councils Tapping, Great Scalper Yost. ING BRAVES pple Sinew Ceithaml eaver Tooth Dawson No Nose Douglas Fawn Follower Fauver Broken Hatchet Hendel Papoose Puss Holmberg Sharp Beak Hutcherson Gonna Lose Irwin Cryum Out Loud Ball Handler Mandler Granite Face Matthews Mental Midget Matthews Timber Topper McCarthy Nimble Noggin Norris Puddle Paddler Patten Wobble Tongue Perlberg gging Sack Sapp y Hides Skinner eepy Slicer Smith Thunder Quill Swander Tepee Patcher Thatcher Running Nose Ufer All Points West Never Late Wingate Slim Limb Zimmerman 86 D R U I D S SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Harry Anderson, Arch Druid; Bob Segula, Vice-Druid; George Sallade, Hoarder of the Funds; Wayne Christenson, Seneca. HONORARY MEMBERS Carl G. Brandt, Joseph L. Da- vis, Walter J. Fariss, Ray L. Fisher, Russell Hussey, Jo- seph E. Kallenbach, George May, Richard Myers, Karl F. Lagler, Shorey Peterson, Allan Seager, Arthur Smith- Walter J ' lf ber ' Harry Anderson Max Barych Wayne Christe fel Comin 11613 ie Dann Mickey Fishman Gil Gambs Fred Gipso Will Glas Ted Horle: Bud Jessop Johns||| Manly Johnson Bill Kopcke Jim Landers ' Elmer Madar Dave Matthews Dave McCalmont Ed Reichert Ken Repola George Sallade Bob Segula Jerry Sheets Ben Smith Bob Stenberg Bob West John Wise Al Wistert 87 SPHINX JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Mervin Pregulman, President; Charles Pin- ney. Secretary-Treasurer. Howard Baumgartei Morrie Bike Irving Boii Don Boor Marvin Boi Alex Canj( Richard Col Bunny Crawforc William |i|jpty Fef enjj Richard Ford Julius Franks Carson Grune wald Jack Hooper John Ingersoll Kenneth " ie Leonarde William MacConnachie Alan McTier Bob McWilliams Frank O ' Brien John Roxborough Don Robinson Robert Schwyn Robert Shopoff Paul White Jack Wiese Eric Zalenski 88 V U L C A N S SENIOR ENGINEERING HONORARY SOCIETY OFFICERS John Fauver, President; Jack Patton, Vice- President; Paul Wingate, Treasurer; Robert Fife. Secre- tary. MEMBERS C. Freeman Alexan Robert Sundquist Donald West Phil Sharpe James Kline James Edmunds Charles Thatcher Roy Bradley Gene Hirsch Rudy Smeja Tom Poyser Robert Tillson William Hutcherson Robert Kemp Carter Taylor Keith Smith James O ' Malley 89 TRIANG ENGINEERING SCHOOL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS President, Ralph H. Amstutz; Treasurer, George A. Kosloff; Secretary, Warren C. Burgess. Lincoln C. Aldridge Richard A. Bieneman dson G. Brown Thomas D. Coffield Charles M. Dot Donald B. Engl Arthur J. Geib Louis W. Haughey Herbert S. Heavenrich Howard J. Howerth William Pritula Henry L. Schmidt George M. Snow Richard M. Spath Walter V. Stewart Frederick C. Wellington 90 91 TOP ROW B. Stieler, M. Hughes, A. Terbrueggen, M. Evans, R. Couzelman, K. Shimoura, J. King. ROW 2 C. Rosas- co. I. Kulsavage, E. Phillips, F. Robinson, B. Hartsuch, D. Michalske. ROW 3 E. Mercado (Faculty Adviser), M. John- son, R. Bennett (Vice-president), E. McCarus (President), F. Rowe (Secretary), G. Dykstra (Treasurer), C. N. Staubach. LA SOCIEDAD E S P A N O L I Mary Evans, David Crohn, Elizabeth Halpin, Elinor Salfingere, Betty Kranich, Donald Mela, Barbara Greenberg, Violet Miller Janet McLaughlin, Jack Hoo- per, Nancy DeFoe, Betty Petley, Marilyn Meyers, Allan Mayerson, Ruth Couzel- man, Ellen St. John, Dorris Michalake, Florine Robinson, Norma Braga, Marian Edgar, Virginia Dodd, Estelle Sager, Shirley Shanik, Allan Anderson, Ann Fer- brueggen, Atken Shulamith, Emily Peter, Marjorie Bowen, Doris West, Helen Stahl, Julia Carney, Eleanor Chapman, Witold Malenauski, Charles Williams, Horace Rodgers, Harry Skinner, Philip Toll, Elton McNeil, Dorothy Mae Dick, Dorothy Williams, Lillian Bird, John Frazier, Sheldon Sinclair, Louise Curtis, Fredericka Jenkins, Bill Moody, Norman Bernhardt, Hazel Batchelor, Louise Edelson, Harvey Bracker, Florence Young, Eleanor Rakestraw, Barbara Peter- son, Jean Peters, George Braun, Victor Baum, Jack Vaughn, Gloria Brugaletta, Robert Buell, Elizabeth Mahlman, Robert Miller, William Brown, Zabelle Yar- dumian, Elaine Averback, Marian Batchelor, Marjorie Crandell, Ann Dixon, Cecily Anne Duggan, Betty Duwe, Catherine Fletcher, Harold Frank, Lettie Ga- vin, Mary Hammond, Betsy Hartsuch, Mary-Leigh Hughes, Eleanore Hunn, Manly Johnson, William Johnson, Jack Kape, Jean King, Evelyn Phillips, Car- melita Rosasco, Eleanor Rosenbaum, Evangeline Shempp, Katherine Shimoura, Elaine Skud, Barbara Stieler, Beatrice Tishkopf, Anita Uvick, Molly Ann Wina- kair, Elizabeth Wright, Jean Whittemore, Palilo Samper, Edward Muzky, Stuart Alexander, Jane Honey, Marjorie Weiss. 92 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS TOP ROW Leona Bukowski. John DeBoer. Hazel Batchelor. George Sal- lade, Anita Gilleo, Russel Sacco, Evangeline Shempp. Frank McClear. Eleanor Bard. ROW 2 Barbara Herrinton, Shirley Robin, Constance Ta- bor, Ruth Conzelman, Babette Blum, Madeline Vibbert, Barbara Donald- son, Mildred Stern. ROW 3 Glen Kolb, Warner Heineman (President), Page Batchelor (Treasurer), Mr. Koella, Jacqueline Jump (Secretary), Jack Vaughn (Vice-president), Alphone Favreau. ALPHA PHI OMEGA TOP ROW Richard Dunlop, Paul Werher, Harold Coleman, Harold Sher- man, Edwin Greider, Reed Carver. Carson Grunewald, Herbert Smith, L. William Coulter. ROW 2 H. M. Leiman, George Harris, Donald G. Lon- worth, Richard Schoel (President), Hobart Wagener, Bill Ager, Russ Sacco. Robert Templin and William MacRitchie, Ball Co-chairmen. VICTORY ALL w ,-? 5 Mervin Pregulman, Hildie Johnson, A. Arnold Agree, Jean Whittemore, William DeCourcy, Mildred Otto William Loughborough, Jane Pritchard, Charles Dotterrer, Jean Ranahan, Jeff Solomon, Shirley Altfeld. 94 Victory Ball, combined J-Hop and Senior Ball, was the most impressive dance of the 1943 school year. Sparkling the post-exam week on February 6 the Ball was for many the last col- legiate social function before entry into the armed forces. Les Brown and his " Band of Re- nown " and Stan Kenton ' s Orchestra were the harmonious musical duo, alternating in giv- ing out both sweet and swing to the musical satisfaction of the 1200 couples swelling the In- tra-Mural Building to capacity. Sax-ist Brown brought back his band of the previous year ' s J-Hop especially tuned to the " hot taste " of the Michigan dancers. Stan Kenton, direct from a Meadowbrook engagement, featured Dolly Mitchel and The Town Criers in his sensational musical arrangements. This musical spotlight was set under the decorative theme of Unity of the United Nations, flags of all the Allies draped above the crowded floor. Equally bril- liant was the Red, White and Blue of Victory: an immense eagle dominated one end of the floor, the Flag the other; band stands were done in red-white stripings; blue lights toned to the dancing enjoyment. The Bomber Scholarship Fund absorbed the profits, and by the x dawn ' s early light, Michigan Men put away their white ties for the next dance or the duration. SLIDE RULE BALL TOP ROW Kenneth Moehl, Juliet Lindeman, Freeman Alexander, Suzanne Sprin- ger, Paul Wingate, Margery Ettenheim, Herb Heavenrich, Nancy Stock, L. William Sessions, Geradine Wurth, William Jacobs, Opal Shimmons, George Snow, George Sloane. ROW 2 Kathryn Wood, Mildred Christa, William Hutcherson, Ruth Guyton, Keith Smith, Georgiana Fergason. Slide Rule Ball, class dance of the engineers, took over the St. Patrick ' s Day theme with Jan Savitt playing in the Union Ballrom March 12. Decorations had been cut to a minimum in keeping with war conditions, but the large green four leaf clover was hung above the bandstand, charming along with the melodic strains of Maestro Savitt, the 250 couples present. The only regrettable aspect of the dance was that there were not more engineers there to enjoy the musical atmosphere. A few dropped in to hoist the small slide rule to its re vered spot at the south end of the floor, but the lawyers and lits appeared everywhere. The lawyers, following established tra- dition, had as one put it " with little physical, but much mental labor " stolen the engineers ' large Slide Rule, symbol of their learning and profession. Im- mediately following the Grand March after intermission, this slip stick (in the vernacu- lar) was returned by four lawyers. The en- gineers once more felt at ease and enjoyed the rest of the dance even the intermissions as much as the next Mister Two by Four. 96 M-H O P The M-Hop, a new dance name for the University, combined what in previous years had been the Frosh Frolic and Soph Prom. This, the last of the " winter " formals, was held in the Union on April 9 with the musical background by Clyde Lucas and his Orchestra. As in all the dances at the University of Mich- igan, decorations were held to a minimum, corsages were noti- ceably absent, and part of the proceeds given to swell the Bomber Scholarship Fund. The rhythm tended toward the jive, hit it hot, and sank into melodious swing. Though nomi- nally sponsored by the classes of ' 45 and ' 46 it had the support of many upper classmen and uniforms were as common as the formal wear. Anticipated as the last formal of the year all serv- ice-bound men turned out in a final fling of the Michigan they had known in former years. Co-chairmen of the M-Hop Edna Sott and Stan Wallace. TOP ROW Don Granger, Rosemary Klein, Harry R. Scott. Catharine Sauer. Joseph Warner. ROW 2 Selig Estroff, Eleanor Mclaughlin, Stan Wallace. Edna Sott. Allen Daskal, Ruth Maloney. MISSING Larry Loftus. 97 MICHIGAN LEAGUE COUNCIL Charlotte Thompson President of Michigan League MEMBERS Charlotte Thompson, President; Marjorie Storkan, Vice-president; Barbara McLaughlin, Secretary; Eleanor Rake- straw, Treasurer; Virginia Morse, Panhellenic; Betty Newman, Assembly; Nancy Filstrup, Women ' s Athletic Association; Bar- bara DeFries, Women ' s Editor, Michigan Daily; Barbara Alcorn, tutorial; Virginia Capron, Orientation; Marallyn MacRitchie, Merit System; Margaret Ihling, Defense; Catherine Jones, House; Lorraine ludson. Judiciary; Marjorie Mahon, Candy Booths; Audrey Johnson, Dance; Margaret Brown, Social. The women are at war! And Michigan ' s Recruiting Sta- tion is none other than the Michigan League. There girls wearing Red Cross Headdresses bend tediously over their surgical dressings. Coeds swarm the Undergrad office to register their services for volunteer hospital as- sistance. More coeds dash madly by, but none are too busy to stop at the Junior girl ' s booth to add another 2$c defense stamp to her almost full stamp booklet. Commander-in-chief of women ' s forces is Char Thompson and the Women ' s draft board is the League Council. They have been doing a miraculous job in fill- ing the quota needed in war activities. Thus they bid fond farewell to the traditional projects (Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, and JGP) and have substituted for the duration Freshmen entertainment of soldiers, Sophomore University Hospital volunteer service, Junior sale of stamps and bonds, and Senior Surgical Dressing Unit. Capron, Judson, MacRitchie, Johnson, Alcorn, McLaughlin, Thompson, Storkan, Morse, Brown, Filstrup, Rakestraw, De- Fries, Mahon. Marilyn Mayer, junior member; Jane Schermerhorn, senior member; Lorraine Judson, chairman; Ruth Wood, senior mem- ber; and Ann MacMillan, junior member. Their gowns are black as the crimes committed, black as the hearts of the offenders, and black as the night in which the deed was done. Tight lipped, grim faced they sit as the case of some hapless coed who forgot that like Cinderella, she must be in be- fore 12:30 or great misfortune would befall her. It is a far cry from somber black robes when they change to gaily colored plaid skirts and bright sweaters. It is quite a difference in the tone of voice as they raise their stern, low pitch and return to their normal friendly welcome. It is thus that these women of Judiciary Council change from passing on an offender to interviewing applicants for the nu- merous League positions. " What experience have you had? What are your ideas? " The versatility of this group of women, which is one of the most im- portant organizations on campus, was such that this year they have undertaken another task, that of or- ganizing the new House Presidents Association. JUDICIARY COUNCIL Lorraine ( " Juddie " ) Judson Chairman of Judiciary Council 99 Women are swarming the Grand Rapids Room Sorority presidents, Dormitory presidents, League house presidents. From amid the smoke, " Knit one, drop two, " and chatter, come many of the most important decisions made on campus. These energetic women form the newest and one of the most influential organizations on campus. This is the House Presidents Association. One of its main jobs is to place each and every woman on campus in a war activity, such as blood donations and scrap drive. The group promotes a schedule for maintaining quiet hours and physical fitness program. TOP ROW Beverly Batchelder, Augspurger; Marjorie Storkan. Chi Omega; Irma Bluestein, Freeman; Kitty Keegan. Cordes; Unidentified; Joan Madsen, Gorton; Ann Dixon, Alpha Xi Delta. 2ND ROW Janet Lewin, Alpha Epsilon Phi; Batty Kuhne, Benson; Kay Hood, Delta Delta Delta; Lucille Genuit. Austin; Donna Eckert, Delta Gamma; Thelma Hauer, Betsy Barbour. 3RD ROW Unidentified: Dorothy Larson, Alpha Gamma Delta; Betty Peat, Goeinan; Florence Morehouse, Alumnae; Sybil Winstein, Gorton; Mildred Christa, Alpha Omicron Pi. MISSING Barbara McLaughlin, Alpha Chi Omega; Eleanor Gray, Alpha Delta Pi; Jean Gilmer. Alpha Phi; Violet Oulbegian, Adelia Cheever; Margaret Sattelmeier, Askren; Margaret Anderson, Asman; Dida Marrow, Bannasch; Marjorie Rosenbaum, Colvin; Jean Gill, Cook; Mary Van Iwegen, Evarts; Mary Ellen Zahrn, Famey; Ruth Wood, Gamma Phi Beta. HOUSE 100 P Rfe TOP ROW Sybil Wofsey, Simons; Phyllis Petersen, Reever; Joan Pennoyer, Mosher; Betty Hagan, Theta Phi Alpha. 2ND ROW Barbara Thomas, Miller; Marion Borin, Tansey; Barbara Petty, Schultz; Dorothy Castricum, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jean Gaskell, Maddy. 3RD ROW Lenore Bode, O ' Conner; Faye Bronstein, Zimmer; Esther Smith, Rock; T helm a Coleman, Sulli- van; Emalene Mason, Shauman. MISSING Constance Hammett, Smith; Lucille Graham, Smith; Jean Denton, Starring; Mary Burke, Stein er; Ann Sherwin, Stevenson; Constance Gilbertson, Stockwell; Florence Light, Taylor; Peggy Osgood, Steiner; Vivian Benke, Van Benschoten; Lois Leonard, Van Tuyl; Virginia Rock, Wilson; Marieta Krejci, Wood; Helen Snyder, Wood; Shryl Gould, Zeta Tau Alpha. TOP ROW Unidentified; Aileen Olsen, Pickerill; Chloe Heitsch, Jordan, Peggy Gibbons, Hunt; Mary Ellen Sandoz, Gucker; Syril Green, Phi Sigma Sigma; Unidentified. 2ND ROW Audrey Bratman, Jellema; Beatrice Glass, Helen Newberry; Margaret Hamilton, Icheldinger; Kit Kammeraad, Pray; Donelda Eagle, Kappa Delta; Marilynn Katz, Simon. 3RD ROW Virginia Morse, Kappa Alpha Theta; Ruth Daniels, Madison; Mildred Getzoff, Strickland; Dora Klein, Keusch; Unidentified; Margery Bursley, Collegiate Sorosis. MISSING Bernice Blackman, Hutchings; Esther Howard, Jafell; Shulanith Atkin, Jeffrey; Jane Johnson, Magincalda; Virginia Capron, Martha Cook; Frances Moncrieff, McGregor; Fern Rice, Palmer; Marilyn Gebhard, Pi Beta Phi. E S I D E N T S 101 fi 1 1 Sophomore project: From morn to night, from bathing babies to feeding patients, the sophomores are volun- teering their services to relieve the nurses at Univer- sity Hospital. 2 Senior project: " Watch those dog ear corners " re- minds the instructress at the Surgical dressing unit. 3 Freshman project: " The ride in the truck was cold, but entertaining those soldiers at Camp Cassidy was fun. " 4 Junior project: The juniors have made a record in their defense stamp drive. One way was selling de- fense stamp corsages at the football games. 102 103 WAR ACTIVITIES BOARD STANDING Jo Fitzpatrick, Miriam Dalby, Jane Thompson, Frances Thompson. Ann Terbrueggen. SEATED Margaret Ihling. MISSING Mary Brownrigg, Shirley Field, Nancy Gray, Dorothy Service, and Ruth Schwab. A gruesome figure, face bandaged except for two peering eyes, and legs and arms abnormally swollen with bandages and splints such is the scene which will greet your eye in most of the sororities one evening a week when the first aid classes are in session. This is one of the many groups for which the War Activities Board is responsible. Name? Mary Smith; Class? Junior; Abilities? Well, I can read and write, but that ' s about all. And so it goes as coeds sign up for a war job. This committee has a job for every woman on campus ranging from corresponding with the Michigan men in the service to learning how to feed her future family. Hold on there! First aid class at Helen Newberry. Miss MacCormick, League Social Director, registers women for war activities. 104 MORTAR BOARD Black, usually associated with the dark and sinister, with shadows, with the hidden and the crooked carries with it no such connotations when applied to the coeds who wear those cov- eted caps and robes of Mortar Board, national senior women ' s society. These girls, far from hiding their light under a bushel, bring it out and leave behind them a trail of virtue. Many is the time when you have probably looked through the D.O.B. and have found a little dis- creet notice saying that there was going to be a meeting of Mortar Board in Room - , and you have wondered what goes on behind those closed doors. Since we aren ' t one of the elite, we cannot tell you but we can judge by the re- sults. They probably spent many an anxious hour assuring the success of " Payoff, " seeing that you contributed to the World Student Service Fund, and even getting their vocal chords in condition to render their annual Christmas caroling. TOP ROW Gloria Nishon; Marjorie Storkan, Historian; Charlotte Thompson; Nancy Filstrup; Barbara MacLauqhlin; Barbara Alcorn. 2ND ROW Marjorie Green; Gertrude Inwood; Marjorie Mahon; Eleanor Rakestraw; Lorraine Judson; Betty Newman; Virginia Capron. 3RD ROW Dorothy A. Johnson; Barbara DeFries; Janet Lewin; Jean Jeffrey, President; Dorothy Cummings, Secretary; Dorothy Schloss, Treasurer; Mildred Janusch. 105 PANHELLEM Dorothy Cummings, Vice-President; Lorraine Dalzen. Secretary; Virginia Morse, President; Jane Gra- ham. Rushing Secretary; Elaine Earth, Treasurer. REPRESENTATIVES Anne Adams, Mary Ames, Barbara Amsbury, Ann Andrews, Virginia Becker, Beatrice Bouchard, Mary E. Brown, Margery Burseley, Mildred Christa, Violet Cinq-Mars, Gertrude Clubb, Rhoda Cohen, Jean Cox, Ann Dixon, Patricia Doyle, Donelda Eagle, Donna Eckert, Marilyn Gebhard, Jean Gilmer, Shyrl Gould, Carol Graeif, Eleanor Gray, Syril Greene, Betty Hamey, Nancy Hattersly, Ann Herzog, Betty Hogan, Rita Hyman, Martha Keas, Marjorie Killins, Martha Kinsey, Dorothy Larson, Jean Ledwith, Janet Lewin, Jean Marxhausen, Natalie Mattern, Barbara McLaughlin, Marjorie Merriam, Mary E. Milne, Helen Moscowitz, Charlotte Noble, Martha Poe, Elaine Richert, Bette Sachs, Alice Louise Schutt, Eugenia Schwartzbek, Mary Sellon, Claire Sherman, Roberta Shreck, Jane Shute, Nancy Stock, Mary Jane Thielman, Marion Thompson, Frances Vyn, Virginia Weadock, Morrow Weber, Sally Weinhart, Ruth Wood. No fuss or frills in college life this is the motto of every feminine wearer of the Greek letters. Panhellenic is 100% strong in the " all out " war effort. The homecoming displays of this year made real " homecoming " for our armed forces, because this year Pan-hell and IFC sold a multitude of War Bonds and Stamps and " displayed " a check for Uncle Sam. Pan-hell high pressure tactics topped IFC efforts by three thousand dollars. That ' s the spirit, girls! Frivolity with a purpose was ushered in when Pan-hell and IFC again col- laborated, this time to present " Victory Vanities. " The skits put on by four sororities and four fraternities will go down in Michigan history. " Happy Joe " Gentile, guest toast- master, presented the $50 war bond to first prize winners, the buggy riding girls of the Alpha Chi Omega house. High scholarship and the War Effort being practically synony- mous, Panhellenic decided on rushing deferred until second semester for freshmen women. 106 BOARD TOP ROW Peggy Ross; Phyllis Present. 2ND ROW Jane Shute; Sue Wood, Chairman. 3RD ROW Peggy Laubengayer; Mary Lee Grossman; Betty Roser. Marcia Sharpe; Peggy Morgan; Anne Adams; Frances Vyn, Chairman; Nancy Hattersley, Mary Jane Hastreiter. BALL Panhellenic Ball, in honor of the new pledges, introduced a new idea of how to keep up the Army morale (and incidentally, to have fun.) Girls whose men were in the service arranged to take soldiers stationed on campus to the dance. And the demand for these soldier boys was tremendous! Leroy Smith and his orchestra played, and the glowing reports of the gay affair made procrastinators who put off getting tickets positively wince because the dance was a complete sell-out. BANQUET Women ' s hats of every conceivable color, shape, and size decorated the tables for Panhellenic Banquet. Fittingly, Natalie Mattern put " a feather in your cap " when she made her appeal- ing speech to encourage all women on campus to participate in war work. The winners at Lantern Night last May, Kappa Kappa Gamma, sang " The Green Cathedral, " while Margery Bursley, Rushing Secretary, gave a statistical report on deferred rushing. The Gamma Phi Betas were the proud receivers of the scholarship cup. 107 TOP ROW Lucy Barnes; Edith Helberg; Joan Madsen; Maxine Hall; Joanna Penoyer. 2ND ROW Connie Gilbertson; Marriott Rolleston; Florence Morehouse; Ruth Daniels; Genevieve Zrmack; Beatrice Glass; Thelma Hauer. 3RD ROW Maureen O ' Hanlon; Roberta Holland, Treasurer; Mary Moore, Secretary; Betty New- man, President; Dorothy Schloss, Vice-President; Jean Conway; Mildred Otto. MISSING Barbara Grey; iolet Oulbegian. Who are those gals rushing around doing the " difficult " immediately? They ' re Inde- pendentsand we do mean " independent " and they are up to their elbows in war acti- vities. In the fall, Ann Arborites of the group really started things rolling . . . bandages were their specialty. And then devoting a little more time to what seemed " impossible, " the enterprising assemblers pooled their pin money and provided books for spare moments at Camp Custer. But they did not stop with collecting volumes of entertaining literature. These young ladies combined their ideas of interior decorating and home furnishings with games, easy chairs, ping pong tables, and so forth, to set up a refreshing recreation room for weary soldiers at Camp Custer. They varied their program with a bit of drama. That is, they sold tickets for Play Production. Assembly is to be congratulated for the re- markable job of organizing the League houses. Up to last year women living in League houses have not taken as active a part in campus activities because of the lack of contact. But the Assembly Board has made special efforts to inform them and to encourage them to take part in League, W.A.A., and various war activities. Assembly Board has been acting as League Council ' s right hand man. League Council just says the word and the energetic Assembly representatives pitch in and help with the special projects. Of course, Assem- bly ' s highlights of the year are Assembly Banquet and Assembly Ball. 108 Y BOARD OP ROW Marion Hrebek; Ruth Edberg; Florene Wilkins; Betsy ollin. 2ND ROW Florence Turin; Frances Sacks. 3RD ROW lary Jane Utley; Beatrice Glass, Chairman; Jean Bisdee. MISS- NG Catherine Call, Doreen Larmee, Joan Kintzing, Joan Selmier. Dorine Larmee, Lucille Barnes, Cornelia Groeisema, Miriam Dalby, Mildred Otto, Chairman, Ernestine Elser, Lieut. Mor- rison, Ensign Stewart, Charlotte Thompson, Beatrice Glass, Obeline Elser, and Mary M. Scott. BALL Fun with a purpose that was Assembly Ball. A whole evening of floating about to smooth music, that is, in what space there was to float. Yes, when the independent women get to- gether to give a party they really get together. No treasury problems, however, for the Bomber Scholarship Fund was the all important " purpose. " The big moment of the dance came when some lucky couple drew the $25 war bond door prize. B A N Q U E T Attention! Away from Assembly Banquet this year came many future WAACS and WAVES. We sat with eyes glued on the chic uniforms sported by Lieut. Morrison and Ensian Stewart. These were the first feminine recruiting officers to speak before a campus group. And now independents are really " insiders " on the situation. Just to keep the independents from sud- denly joining the women ' s forces, the traditional program of presenting scholarship and activity awards reminded them of the work they must continue. 109 SENIOR SOCIETY TOP ROW Dorothy Schloss; Betty Newman; Gloria Nishon; Ruth E. Clark; Mary Moore; Irene Mendelsohn; Barbara Alcorn. 2ND ROW Beatrice Glass; Jean Conway; Marjorie Green; Lor- raine Judson; Mildred-June Janush; Charlotte Morley. 3RD ROW Connie Gilbertson; Dorothy Johnson; Lenora Grossman, Vice-President; Gertrude Inwood, President; Roberta Holland, Treas- urer; Jeanne Cordell, Secretary; Virginia Capron. The " smarties " of our independent senior women are really leading the way. As soon as they were tapped at Installation Banquet they got that " wise " look. In fact, they looked so wise that the government chose them to do some important research work. They have been canvassing the vicinity and asking lots of different people lots of questions but just what they are asking is a deep, dark government secret. These girls not too busy to have fun sponsored the " Jingle Jive " at the League. Mrs. Santa Glaus was the special guest, and we gave her a big welcome. And she listened patiently to all our Christmas requests; two of which were included in many a student ' s list were, " Give us a longer Christmas vaca- tion, " and " Let me stay in school another semester. " The proceeds of the Jive were turned over to the Bomber Scholarship Fund. Along with other honorary women ' s societies, they went caroling during the Christmas sea- son. Later in the year Senior Society carried out its annual silver survey. 110 SCROLL TOP BOW Nan Gray; Frances Triestram; Lorraine Dalzen; Margaret Brown; Barbara Jenswold; Frances Capps. 2ND ROW Margaret Ihling; Sue Cone; Betty Sachs; Marilyn MacRitchie; Vir- ginia Morse. 3RD ROW Ruth Wood; Jane Honey. Vice-President; Sally Walsh, President; Jean Gilmer, Secretary; Mary Lou Curran, Treasurer; Elaine Earth. " Now don ' t make that girl ' s leg out of proportion to her other proportions. " No, it isn ' t a life class. Among the jars of paint, dirty brushes, and plaid skirts are the energetic members ot Scroll (senior women ' s society for sorority women) . They may not be Rembrandts or Van Goghs, but they will get good results from their splashing of color. They are working on tricky posters to advertise their project for the year, that of sponsoring a big Victory Dance at the League. All proceeds of this dance are turned over to the Bomber Scholarship Fund, and Scroll members have this way of getting lots of people to come. Scroll differs from the other senior honorary societies by surprising the campus as to just when they will tap their new members. So a warning for the active junior sorority women to be prepared. The original purpose of Scroll was to bring the alumni into closer contact with college wom- en, but their activities have branched out considerably. Ill WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB TOP ROW Margaret Gardner, President; Marjorie Covert, Bette Soper, Sybil Hansen, Josephine Holmes, Leanor Grossman, Marcia Nelson, Secretary-Treasurer; Irene Mendelssohn, Carol Cothran, Gwendolyn Cooper, Dorothy Mayer, Mary Chamberlain, Jacqueline Bear, Doris Langs, Mrs. George Faxon. 2ND ROW Marjorie Gould, Student Director; Margaret Emery, Vice-President; Charlotte Iselman, Dorothy Pugsley, Jane Eneedler, Frances Rubenstein, Virginia Weadock, Evangeline Shempp, Phyllis Crawford, Patricia Potter, Patricia Spore. 3RD ROW Joan Gearing, Charlotte MacMullen, Dorothy Dubuisson, Jean Mitchell, Corinne Longsdorf, Elaine Glasner, Ruth Sanford, Marjorie Hall, Elizabeth Taylor, Gloria Fassen, Barbara White, Patricia Tyler, Margaret Kohr. Pep, pretty faces, clever arrangements all this added to really good voices equals Women ' s Glee Club. This group of fifty ambitious girls, directed by Bill Sawyer, gathers for three hours of singing every week solely for the enjoyment. (Of course, as more than one girl has shyly put it, " It does offer a wonderful opportunity for a good, uninhibited view of Bill " ) . The girls have contributed directly to the pepping up of the morale of civilian and armed forces by sing- ing at various Ann Arbor churches, over the radio, at Camp Custer, at Assembly Banquet, and at the Christ- mas program on the library steps. The clever " redressing " of older songs and unusual arrangements of new ones give novelty and sharpness to their performances. " When Johnny Comes March- ing Home " is a classic example of one unusual arrange- mentand is one audiences will long remember. 112 TOP ROW Sue Sims; Gerry Stadel- man; Mary Brownrigg; Ann MacMil- lan; Jane Lindberg; Jo Fitzpatrick. 2ND ROW Jean Whittemore; Phyllis Present; Connie Taber; Esther Stev- ens; Morrow Weber; Marilyn Mayer; Monna Heath. 3RD ROW Frances Vyn; Rita Hyman, Treasurer; Helen Kressbach, President; Barbara Smith. Secretary; Mildred Otto. MISSING Nancy Griffin, Grace Potter. RVYVERN TOP ROW Suzanne Wood; Shirley Raskey; Carol Cothran; Marcia Nel- son; Virginia White. 2ND ROW Nancy Upson; Agnes Gilbert; Shirley Field; Lois Arnold; Grace Proctor, Marcia Zimmerman. 3RD ROW Leaner Grossman, Treasurer; Mrs. H. S. Ogden, Sponsor; Josephine Fitz- patrick, President; Frances Vyn, Sec- retary; Leaner Grossmon, Treasurer; Peg Evans, Vice-President. MISSING Elizabeth Campbell; Jeanne Cor- dell; Esther Stevens; Ruth Johnson. ATHENA " Wonder how I ever managed to learn to tie those square knots, " ex- claims a junior B.W.O.C. member of Wyvern, filling the shortage of Girl Scout leaders, while other members help in nursery school pro- gram. They are all going through their second childhood with more vim and zest than through their first, profiting from previous experi- ence. Organized to promote friendship between women of the fresh- men and junior classes, members of Wyvern are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and extra-curricular activities. " Girlish gossip postponed for the duration " was the weighty decision of members of Athena, honorary literary society. This group of female orators, in cooperation with the Ann Arbor Office of Civilian Defense, have gone about the vicinity speaking on various fields of civilian co- operation. Received with attention and respect, one of the " pillars " of the town (after listening to a particularly stimulating speech made by a particularly charming young lady) remarked, " Never knew any girl that pretty could think so straight! " 113 TOP ROW Dorothy Means, Patty Spore, Frieda Vogan, Marillyn Schultz, Harriet Porter, Frances Bostwick, Phyllis Crawford, Marianne Gooding. 2ND ROW Jean Steele, Nancy Faxon, Martha Wentworth, Ave Case, Joyce Raines, Eleanore Samuel, Sara Hanby, Eleanor McLam. 3RD ROW Lonna Evans, Recording Secretary; Jane McArtor, President; Violet Oulbegian, Treas- urer; Florence Small; Jean Jeffrey. MISSING Ruth Berge, Mildred Stern, Frances Troop, Jean Westerman, Vice-President. ' Twas a dark and stormy night when two well-muffled individuals were seen hustling through the snow with two large, but flat, packages. They hugged these for dear life, for woe be to all their hard efforts if they slipped on the ice and fell. Yes, they were carrying dynamite. It was dynamite that could blow a " White Christmas " to those fighting in sunny Africa. These two Mu Phi Epsilon members were bringing their fa- vorite recordings to the big collection of Mu Phi Epsilon ' s record drive. " Victory through music " is, indeed, the slogan of this national women ' s musical society. Nearby soldiers, sailors, and marines have been entertained at the Service Center, thus leaving the boys with a song in their heart to replace what they left at the stage door canteen. MU PHI EPSILON 114 TOP ROW Betty Wilson; Frances Phillips; Marion Rickert; Jane Sefton; Phyllis Gugino; Phyllis Munger, Corresponding Secretary; Phyllis Robison. 2ND ROW Winifred Murray; Ann Micke- rik; Florence McCracken; Rose Marie Grentzer; Betty Ivanoff; Lois Kerstetter; Beruarda Danford. 3RD ROW Dorothy Stefany; Dagmar Carter; Betty Likely; Charlotte Williams; Barbara Zwayer: Barbara Pierson; Sara Titus, Secretary; Rose Hull. 4TH ROW Ruth Deacy. Lois Parker, Vice- President; Lynette Spath, President; Janet Gallup, Ellen Edwards, Betty Grimes. I " Silent night, holy night " echoed through the church as white robed members of Sigma Alpha Iota, national professional music fraternity, gave their annual candlelight service last De- cember. The tall white cierges gave off not only light but also a feeling of peace and security. These girls are in truth long-haired musi- cians, at least such was the case until the advent of the war with its necessity for economy, and long flowing locks went the way of sugar and were replaced by feather cuts. Musicians all, these coeds vary in talent from an ability to slap that bass to giving a rendition of Bach and Beethoven that would be hard to excel. Some of us are doing our bit to keep that all important morale by going without coffee, but these children of the goddess of music spread their good will by radio, especially with their string quartets and songs of America and her allies. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA 115 TOP ROW Barbara Wisner; Pat Miekle; Barbara Stuber; Betty Alice Brown; Janet Stickney; Blanch Holpar. 2ND ROW Dorothy Chamberlain; Delores Knapp; Mildred June Janusch; Bethine Clark; Carol Misner. 3RD ROW Gail Parsons, Secretary; Barbara White, Vice-Pres- ident; Dorothy Nan Wineland, President; Catherine Fletcher, Treasurer; Mary Moore; Nancy Filstrup. ZETA PHI ETA Silence is supposed to be golden, but until mental telepathy is developed to a higher level, the girls of Zeta Phi Eta will strive to promote better standards of speech. However, you don ' t have to be a potential feminine Cicero to join this speech society; anyone who combines a gift of gab, or a way with words, or a skill in stagecraft with an adequate scholastic average is eligible. One of the proj- ects undertaken by the girls is the entertaining of the speech faculty every year. On these occasions the air is thick with scintillating conversation and rhetorical devices. The main project this year was the presentation of a post war play. Scenes during the rehearsal might have been con- fusing; however, the play was received as a great success. The twentieth century ideal of feminity is not a deaf mute, and the gals are being trained to have the last word. 116 TOP ROW Betty Mayberry; Clara Huttleston; Betty Sherritt; Carol Berman. 2ND ROW Lyn- den Fuller; Jeanne Barnett; Marianna Albert; Blossom Minchenberg; Genevieve O ' Leary. 3RD ROW Doris Hutchinson; Mary Ellen Alt, Vice-President; Jane Wright, President ' Constance Byers, Secretary-Treasurer. MISSING Ann Anielewski. Keeper of the Archives; Marion New- man; Eve Schwiger. THETA SIGMA PHI Papers, papers everywhere blank sheets, yellow scratch, crumpled wads, sheets scored with numer- ous blots, interspersed with ink bottles, carriage return levers of obscured typewriters, erasers, pens, pencils in abundance; that vital box of crackers to supply the necessary food for thought, and mis- cellaneous Coca-Cola bottles which have stimulated the spark of creation. From such milieu springs the finished product, the members of Theta Sigma Phi, honorary journalism society. Though these budding literary geniuses do not have to suffer the traditional poetic pangs of hunger, un- heated rooms, one crust of bread, utter neglect by the rest of the world, and so on ad infinitum, they do take their writing as seriously as any other writer. And while they do not decide to end it all after every rejection, they suffer many an anxious moment as they watch over the childhood, adolescence, and maturity of their writing. Don ' t think that their writing is all fun and frivolity. On the contrary, staunch supporters of the old adage that the pen is mightier than the sword, they have been doing their bit for the war effort by wielding their mighty pens in cooperation with the National Writers War Board. Not to be out done by others, these gals " scoop " the campus with their own unique style. Spring brings the high spot in the lives of these future " beat " chasers when they meet to dine and chatter over their annual Matrix Table. This further inspiration they carry with them to their National Convention, where they really carry on as the future leading lights in journalism. 117 STANDING Phyllis Present. Publicity; Nancy Filstrup. President; Shelby Dietrich. A.F.C.W. SEATED Lenore Bode, Interhouse; Betty Sachs, Vice-President; Esther Stevens, Awards; Jean Gaskell, League Houses; Monna Heath, Sororities. MISSING Gertrude Inwood, Treasurer; Sue Cone, Secretary, Arline Ross, Dormitories. Betty Hagan, Archery; Barbara Bathke, Golf; Carol Grede, Field Hockey; and Nancy Hat- tersley. Tennis. Marion Ford, Bowling; Marcia Sharpe, Table Tennis and Lacross; and Dorothy Lundstrom, Outdoor Sports. 118 WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION " One-two-three, up-two-three, down-two-three. Keep your back straight. No fair to bend your legs. " And so a group of girls go through their nightly calisthenics organized by the W.A.A. Thus the lads in PEM who are tying themselves into complicated knots in an effort to build up strength and stamina, can console them- selves with the knowledge that the men do not have a monopoly on the physical fitness program. These coeds are already getting dividends from the short time they have spent for physical fitness, and are beginning to look amazingly healthy. This institution of voluntary calesthenics is not the only activity in which the Michigan women indulge. For those who are avid sports enthusiasts there are sports between the differ- ent sororities, dormitories, and Leagvie houses. Fall and winter Barbotir Gym echoes with the shout of " Only two more points and we ' ll tie them. " And then quiet as the score is being counted, soon broken by the yell of the winning team. In the spring the same performance is repeated on Palmer Field as softball enthusiasts gather to match their skill. But it is not necessary to have a taste for sports with a dash of mayhem in order to enjoy exercise. The gal in a modern dance class is likely to discover at least twelve aching muscles, hitherto unknown. And the individualist is not left out in the W.A.A. ' s program, Dr. Margaret Bell, director, and Nancy Fil- strup, president. but indulges in her favorite pastime, ranging from training to be a woman sniper to ping-pong for the frail intel- lectuals. Helen Garrels, Basketball; Marjorie Gieiel, Bad- minton; Helen Clarke, Softball; Oriel Strachley, Swimming; and Nancy Upson, Ice Skating. Pat Coulter, President of University Women ' s Riding Club; Sybil Graham, President of Crop and Saddle; and Doris Kimball, Rifle. 119 Doreen Armstrong, Virginia Smith, Mary Lib Donaldson, Sybil Gra- ham, Irene Hollingsworth, Pat Coulter, Kit Kammeraad. Betty Sue Lamb, Emily Peter, Glory King, Jackie Bear, Oriel Straehley; Sybil Graham, President; Irene Hollingsworth. Vice-President; Betty Sue Lamb, Secretary. MISSING Mary Lou Andrews, Elizabeth Hendee, Marian Chapin, Marian Hrebek, Natalie Martin, Jean Mills, Dena Stover. CROP AND SADDLE " Give me my boots and my saddle " is the cry neard every Wednesday afternoon as Crop and Saddle prepared for its weekly jaunt. The familiar " Get a horse! " of the gay nineties may again become a reality and these centaurettes are going to be prepared for any such eventuality. The Michigan campus has been blessed with such a profusion of these experts that this year marked the beginning of a supplementary unit the Women ' s Riding Club. Competition is really in a heat at the annual horse show, and the important result of all this activity is physical fitness. 120 Sybil Graham knows how to make herself popular with " Mel- ody Maid. " A carrot does the trick. Physical fitness program isn ' t work for these girls. They look as if they are enjoying it. Spring or fall, the W.A.B. is a favorite gathering for sport enthusiasts. 121 A perfect body, a perfect silhouette . . . modern dancers know how. Plenty of action . . . that ' s Lacrosse in summary. i 122 Another swimmer is another saver . . . the saying goes. life- 123 I __ FOOTBALL, WRESTLING, TRACK, BASKETBALL, GOLF, TENNIS, SWIMMING, HOCKEY, BASEBALL. F IILLING the shoes of a retired expert has always been the supreme test of a man ' s capabilities, but never has the feat been more successfully accomplished than when Herbert O. " Fritz " Crisler succeeded Fielding H. Yost as Michigan ' s Director of Athletics in June, 1941. Coming to Michi- gan as the new head football mentor in 1938, Crisler brought with him a prodigious record as both a star athlete at the University of Chicago in 1919, 1920, and 1921, and as a brilliant coach at Chicago, Minnesota, and Princeton. A clear, thorough thinker, Crisler added to this record at Michigan, culminating his achievements by charting and placing into operation a vast physical conditioning program for Michigan ' s entire male student body, a program unexcelled in the en- tire country, which gives evidence of his administrative brilliance. Known as PEM, this physical training program is Michigan ' s answer to the demands of the Army, Navy, and Marines for more physically fit recruits. Under the direction of Crisler, and with members of Michigan ' s coaching staff, as well as undergraduates, serving as supervisors and instructors, the program was officially launched at the beginning of the summer term. Starting off in high gear, to the extreme chagrin and audible discomfort of Michigan ' s heretofore " easy-chair " athletes, the P.E.M. instructors set out on their goal of toughening the bodies and developing the competitive spirit of America ' s future soldiers and sailors. The program requires every student in the course to spend four and one-half hours each week going through such hardening activities as calisthenics, games, relays, and work-outs on the obstacle course. Much time is also devoted to individual activities, such as swimming, boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and track and field. The only way one may build physi- cal energy and reach the peak in physical condition is through strenuous and oft repeated exer- cise. That ' s the way it is being done in ' the Army, the Navy, and the Marines. It also is being done at the University of Michigan, as e very male student can testify. Physical hardening is a commodity high on the list of University priorities; the need for men who are in top condition is vital. ATHLETICS AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION CO AC HE S... Bennie Oosterbaan, the only Michigan player ever to receive All-American honors for three years, is end-coach. Earl T. Martineau, Wol- verine backfield coach, was formerly a star half-back for Minnesota. To Clarence L. " Biggy " Munn, head line coach, goes the credit for developing the brilliant play of Michigan ' s " Seven Oak Posts. " Ernest McCoy, who served as assistant coach in football, left Michigan last year to accept a commission in the navy. Bill Barclay and Art Valpey, assist- ant coaches, were members of Michigan ' s grid teams of 1935, 1936, and 1937. SQUAD... BACK ROW Coach Fritz Crisler, Bill Keenan, Paul White, Bill Pritula. Don Boor, Phil Sharpe, Bob Oren, Bob Derleth, Phil Marcellus, John Greene, Otto Chady, Bob Shemky. Jack Karwales. Bill Kuyper, Al Wistert, Pete Grins, Frank Wardley. Walt Freihofer, Assistant Coach Ernie McCoy. MIDDLE ROW Backfield Coach Earl Martineau, Vince Secontine, Cliff Wise, Don Cady, Phil Mooney, Warren Yaap, Chuck Kennedy, Jim Brieske, Elmer Madar, Chuck A very, Bob Vernier, George Kiesel, Bob S ten berg, Angelo Trogan, Bill Rohrbach, George Ceithaml, Bob Chappius, Line Coach Clarence Munn. FRONT ROW Assistant Coach Art Valpey, Milton Per- gament, Clifton Myll, Don Lund, Rudy Smeja, Mervin Pregulman, Don Robinson, John Van Summern, Ralph Amstutz, Tom Kuzma, Bob Wiese, Bob Kolesar, Julius Franks, Bill Baldwin, Fred Bryan, Assistant Coach Bill Barclay. 16 " ,: -77 ,. 3 78 55 75 ?- f f . 42 32 SS 8 10 - 18 S3 r - r % r f f BOARD IN CONTROL In the hands of the three men pic- tured above, who comprise Michi- gan ' s Board in Control of Athletics, lies the responsibility for supervising the Wolverines ' vast athletic program. Undergraduate George Ceithaml cap- tained the Michigan 1942 football team and starred for three years as Michigan ' s signal-calling quarterback and leading blocker. Herbert O. " Fritz " Crisler, the Board ' s supervis- ing faculty member, is Michigan ' s ath- letic director and head football coach. Don Robinson, the second undergrad- uate member of the Board, sparked Michigan ' s grid team last year with his brilliant play in the halfback post and, until his recent induction into the Army, was captain-elect of the 1943 baseball team. Raymond V. Roberts, rubbing down grid Captain, George Ceithaml, is now serving in his 13th year as head trainer of the Michigan athletic teams. Graduated from the Army school of bacteriology and chemistry, Roberts completed his training at West Point, and after serving as assistant trainer at West Point until 1930, he joined the Michigan staff. Roberts, who pos- sesses a brilliant inventive mind, has patented many articles of athletic equipment, which have been widely copied in other training rooms. 129 ALL GEORGE CEITHAML cap- tained Michigan ' s team from the quarterback position. In the system used by Crisler and his coaches, a quarter- back does not have a very spectacular role. In spite of this seeming handicap, Cei- thaml ' s blocking was so out- standing, and field general- ship so well done that he re- ceived many plaudits. Be- sides several Ail-American mentions, he was chosen all- conference quarterback and started in the East- West char- ity game. 130 Michigan ' s favorite, JULIE FRANKS, played outstand- ing football at guard for ten successive games. Per- haps his greatest perform- ance was in the Illinois game against Agase, in what was billed as a duel for Ail-American guard honors. Julie was named on the " original " Ail-Amer- ican team for Colliers ' Mag- azine by Grantland Rice, besides many others. MERV PREGULMAN was center and " backer-upper " of the " Seven Oak Posts. " Switching from guard to fill the shoes of the great Bob Ingalls, Merv did a great job at the pivot post. He also was named on the Big Ten team. AMERICANS AL WISTERT, playing his last year of football for the Maize and Blue, was the key man and chief inspiration of the " Seven Oak Posts. " He re- ceived universal acclaim for his great work by being named on virtually all the nu- merous All-American selec- tions. Carrying on for brother Whitey Wistert, All-American tackle in 1933, the " Ox " was a sixty-minute performer in all the hardest fought con- tests this season. MICHIGAN 9 GREAT LAKES.. . . . smothered in Sailors. Before the 1942 football season started, Wolverine grid fans thought the star-studded Great Lakes eleven would be the toughest team Michigan had to face. The fifteen thousand fans had hardly snuggled into their ninety thousand seats before it became evident to all that Coach Fritz had built another great team. Even a three-ocean Navy couldn ' t have helped the sailor boys as the Wolverines slashed their way to a 9-0 victory. The spectators saw a thrilling wide-open brand of football on the part of the M lads, while the ponderous battleships of G. Lakes ineffectually threw about their brawn to no avail. Time and again the deceptive Wolverine backs carried the ball the whole length of the field, only to lose it on the fumble or on downs. But, in the mid-second quarter, the big drive began. The Wolverines embarked on a 92 yard march to score the only touchdown of the afternoon. The tally was made on Bob Chappius ' perfect pass to halfback Paul White. In the third quar- ter, big Jim Brieske, an untried and unknown sophomore, placed a kick squarely between the posts for a field goal, the final score of the afternoon. This boot earned for him the place-kicking duties for the Wolver- ines this season. The Michigan line, which later in the year was called " best in the country, " did a wonder- ful job. They broke through the Great Lakes forward wall continually to stop such stars as Ail-Americans Bruce Smith and Bob Swisher. Not once did the visitors from Chicago get started in any sort of offensive dis- play. Though lacking the scoring punch of Tommy Kuzma, who was out with a leg injury, the backs played a fine game. Led by able George Ceithaml, sophomores Bob Wiese and Bob Chappius showed considerable ball handling ability in their first Varsity game. The performances of Paul White and Don Robinson showed high promise for a successful season. In fact, as Great Lakes Coach Clark Hinkle put it, " Crisler ' s only prob- lem will be in picking which of his great backs he wants to make the touchdowns. " 132 With the flip of a. hip . . . Robinson evades a would-be tackier. MICHIGAN 20 MICHIGAN STATE On the shadowy banks of the stagnant Red Cedar, they will long remember the story of State ' s to 20 fall before the march of the mighty Wolverines. But this story starts one sweet day last spring. It seems Coach Fritz, while watching a lissome lad bounding nimbly abom the chalk-lawn said, " Umm- humm! " As this was an unusually long statement for the Silent One to make, all present turned to gaze upon the designated youth, one Don Robinson. When, five months later, " Robbie " fulfilled this glorious prediction by sav- agely tearing apart the State eleven and sparking all the Michigan touch- downs, no one was surprised. No one, that is, except Charlie Bachman, his scouts, his team, his relatives and the rest of M.S.C. But that wasn ' t all Coach Crisler had cooked up to raise the Spartans aspirin-budget. Three more bril- liant sophs, Don Lund, Warren Yaap and " Tee " Wardley were galloping all over the field. Bob Weise was making his ends catch passes left-handed, just to make it harder. The old standbys, Franks, Pregulman, Wistert and Madar, due to their close and continuous associations with the State backs, became quite chummy, even tenderly picking them up after each play. After an epi- demic of fumbles during the first half " Robbie " broke the ice in the second half with an off-tackle drive for the first score. Wardley made the second tally, taking the ball on a fast spinner play from fullback Bob Wiese. Yaap and Lund shared honors in the third drive, with Warren marking up the last bell-ringer. Jim Brieske made two of three conversions. Robbie tries hard for a high one. MICHIGAN 14 IOWA NAVAL CADETS 26 In a " game-of-the-day " event which attracted 34,000 spectators and all the major sportcasters and scribes to Ann Arbor, Michigan suffered its first defeat at the hands of the Iowa Seahawks, 26-14. Adding in- sult was the fact that the Seahawks were coached by our own private Nemesis, Bernie Bierman, late of the invincible Golden Gophers. Defeat came from the sheer force of numbers Bierman had three stars for each position, exhausted Michigan ' s sixty-minute performers. A fifty-nine yard march in the opening minutes was climaxed by Bob Wiese ' s score. In the second period, Chappius toss- ed a pass to end Elmer Madar for Michigan ' s sec- ond touchdown and a 14-0 lead. Led by ex- Wol- verine Forrest Evashevski at quarter-back, the Sea- hawks came back in the second half. Pushing an ever-wearier Michigan team all around the field, (hey scored four touchdowns. Two were by big George Benson, fullback from Northwestern, while " Evie " and Dick Fisher, Ohio State back, each scored one. Acknowledging their defeat to super- ior force, Michigan bowed to the men of Iowa, U.S.N. First defeat kills hopes for perfect season. _ a: MICHIGAN 34 NORTHWESTERN 16 Wiese around end as Wildcats tumble like bowling pins. In a game that established Michigan as a contender for the Big Ten Crown as well as sure national recognition, the Wolverines teed off against a supposedly strong Northwestern eleven and won 34-16. The Maize and Blue looked like one of the finest Michigan crews in years as they plowed neat furrows through the Northwestern line at will. The outcome was never questioned after Michigan established its supremacy early in the opening quarter when Bob Wiese cracked through center for a touchdown. The " Seven Oak Posts, " Michigan ' s 60 minute line, continued their inspiring play as they saw more action in the Northwestern backfield than did the Purple backs. Standouts were the two members of the Wolverines forward wall that all the nation was talk- ing about, big Al Wistert and aggressive Julie Franks. Only the magnificent passing arm of Otto Graham, Pur- ple left halfback, who completed 20 out of 29 attempts for a total gain of 295 yards, prevented the Wolverines from chasing the Wildcats right out of the stadium. Tom Kuzma made his first appearance of the season and accounted for one of the Wolverine touchdowns. Looking like the old " Ghost from Gary, " Kuzma scored on a double lateral from Bob Wiese and Capt. George Ceithaml. Paul White scored twice for his teammates and proved himself to be one of the most dangerous men in the Wolverine backfield. Northwestern turned godfather to Michigan in the last few minutes of the game when Graham threw a pass that fell short of his mark into the hands of Merv Pregulman, who lumbered 35 yards for a touchdown. Franks was practically leaning on Graham ' s face when the pass was thrown. Michigan stuck almost exclusively to its ground game for the victory, attempting only eight passes during the entire contest. The defeat was the fifth straight for the Wildcats who have not beaten Michigan since 1937. Naval cadet driving hard but getting nowhere. 135 MICHIGAN 14 MINNESOTA .... 16 Kuzma plunges . . . " where Angels fear to tread. " Anyone who doesn ' t think breaks often determine the winner of a football game had better never talk about Michigan-Minnesota football games. This year Michigan lost to Minnesota for the eighth straight time, and for the third time in the last three years, the Wolverines lost because Lady Luck apparently was sitting on the Minnesota bench. This, one of the hardest, roughest games of the year, gave birth to a controversy which has been the subject of numerous debates. The whole dispute started when Minnesota, smashing and passing their way from their own 46 to the Wolverine 3, late in the second quarter, put it up to Daley to smash over for the score. Daley smashed and was smashed backwards for a loss of three yards by the immovable Julie Franks. Dr. George Hauser, Gopher Coach, then ordered Bill Garnaas in, AND THE CLOCK STOPPED AT THIS INSTANT WITH FOUR SECONDS REMAINING OF THE HALF! Although Coach Crisler ' s and Capt. Ceithaml ' s immediate protest to Referee Masker started the clock going again, it was too late the few priceless seconds that had passed between the stopping and the starting of the clock were enough to give the Minnesotans their chance to kick the game-winning field goal. The same Michigan team which had fought so brilliantly in the first half came back on the field for the third quarter with a greal deal of their fire gone. Billman ' s interception of Kuzma ' s pass set the stage for the Gopher ' s second touchdown -a smashing drive down the field which climaxed in a five-yard lateral from Garnaas to Frickey who drifted around left end for the score. Garnaas, half an hour too late, missed his kick, and the score stood at 16-7. Michigan came back with all the ferocity of their first-half attack which had sent Tommy Kuzma on to score in the opening minutes of the game. Robinson and Tommy worked the famous criss-cross lateral on Silovich ' s punt; Robbie, taking the ball on his own 35, whirled and twisted his way down the south side line for a beautiful 52 yard dance to the Minnesota 15. Paul White went around left end for 2, and then Kuzma plunged across the goal line with three Gopher men hanging on his shoulders for the last score. Wiese shrugs while " Poison Paul " blocks five Illini. 136 MICHIGAN 28 ILLINOIS 14 Paul White outruns Indian. The troublesome Illinois Eleven that has a habit of getting in Coach Crisler ' s hair, journeyed from Champaign in the twenty-eighth annual renewal of the M Illini rivalry. Their best efforts were in vain, however, as the Maize and Blue swept to a 28-14 victory. Michigan presented an overwhelming assort- ment of power that had Coach Ray Eliot shifting his line every other play, but to no avail. One unusual feature of the game was the duel between two Ail-American candidates, Julie Franks, and Alex Agase, the Illinois guard. Julie played one of the greatest games of his career that afternoon and clearly out-classed Agase. This day ' s play was instrumental in Franks being named by Grantland Rice to the " original " All-American team in the Colliers mag- azine. Michigan ' s touchdowns were spread evenly, one to each quarter of the game. Tom Kuzma passed 19 yards to Paul White in the first period. Chappius climaxed a 69 yard pilgrimage into Illinois territory by driving over from the five for the second M B tally. Bob Stenberg and Bob Wiese similarly climaxed long marches in making our third and fourth touchdowns. Making a fine comeback after their Minneapolis disappointment, every Wol- verine did a fine job. Al Wistert and Merv Pregulman rattled dishes all the way to Ypsi with their hard blocking. Four fullbacks and seven halfbacks all looked good enough to be sixty-minute men for any other team in the coun- try. Big Jim Brieske had a field day with four conversions in four tries, was dubbed by one sportscaster " . . . the Jack Manders of intercollegiate football. " 4tt MICHIGAN HARVARD The noble sons of John Harvard ventured forth from the cosy confines of the Ivy League to do bat- tle with Michigan ' s mighty Wolverines. Prepared only for a gentlemanly tiff at rugby, the Crimson crew were crushed by the boorish display of scor- ing might turned on by the midwesterners. Michi- gan blasted into high gear early to score five times. Paul White took the ball over for the first touch- down on four consecutive slashes from the Harvard 40. Tommy Kuzma scored the second on a 13 yard end run characterized by faultless blocking. In the most sensational play of the afternoon, Elmer Ma- dar intercepted a Crimson heave and galloped 53 yards for the third M tally. Just before the half ended, Bob Chappius tucked a 32 yard pass under Paul White ' s wing. The last touchdown climaxed a drive by Michigan ' s second team and was scored by Bob Stenberg. Jim Brieske continued his sen- sational kicking, making five conversions in five attempts for a record of twelve straight. Harvard ' s big scoring splurge occured at the onset of the sec- ond half. Wayne Johnson went over for a lone Harvardian touchdown and the final score stood, for all history to observe, at Michigan 35, Har- vard 7. John Harvard crumbles against Seven Oak Posts. MICHIGAN 32 NOTRE DAME ... 20 Miller dives over the Michigan line for a N.D. touchdown. In one of the most highly publicized and anxiously awaited contests of the year, Michigan and Notre Dame met in South Bend to continue their gridiron feud after a gap of 33 years. The pennant of victory flying from the Michigan mast recorded in the history books the worst Irish defeat since 1916, 32-20. In this scoring splurge, the men from South Bend drew first blood with a Bertelli pass to Dove for the score. Michigan came back to lift the gloom when Tommy Kuzma, aided by team-mates White and Wiese, threaded his way through the Notre Dame line on successive blitzes to within one foot of South Bend pay-dirt. Chappius plunged over. After Livingstone ' s fumble, which Madar recovered for the M B, on the Irish 36, Madar and Wiese ripped their way down the field to within a goober-width of the Irish goal-line. On a fake field goal attempt Robinson picked up the ball, got off his knees, and scampered around left end for the score to make it 13-7. Kuzma ' s fumble of Bertelli ' s punt, recovered by Capt. Bob Murphy on the Mich. 13, was the break enabling them to go over for the tally and make it 14-13, Notre Dame, at halftime. In the third period, the Wolverines scored three consecutive touchdowns and completely crushed the fighting Irish with the terrific display of power they opened up. White ' s bucks off right tackle accounted for the first. After Kolesar recovered the kickoff on the Notre Dame 25, White chopped his way to the three yard line, whereupon Kuzma careened over to make it 26-13. White ' s interception of Bertelli ' s pass on the Irish 29 set the stage for the last touchdown. Don Rob- inson ' s score was nullified by a penalty, so Kuzma returned to the 16 from which point he passed to Madar to the 1 and then hurled himself over for the final Michigan touchdown. After Brieske ' s law-of-averages miss on conversion, the tally was 32 to 14. Notre Dame came back fighting in the fourth period on Bertelli ' s bomb- sight passing, but the lone touchdown they scored was " too little too late. " The most gratifying victory of the season, it was well worth 33 years of waiting. Tommy Kuzma grins toothlessly while galloping thru broken field. 139 MICHIGAN 7 OHIO STATE .... 21 H -jft in Kuzma making a tackle . . . the hard way. A rain-drenched, screaming crowd of 71,896 spectators sat in Ohio Stadium to watch Michigan ' s title hopes trampled into the mud of oblivion by a 21 to 7 defeat at the hands of the Buckeyes. The wet, slushy under- foot and the granite front wall of the Ohio State line held the famed " long voyages " of the Michigan Back- field to short, ineffective bursts. Meanwhile the devastating aerial bombardments of the Buckeye left half, Paul Sarringhaus, shrieked and whistled through the air in th e swan song of Michigan ' s title hopes. Ohio State received the first break of the game when Csuri, great Buckeye tackle, broke through to block Kuzma ' s kick out of bounds on the Michigan 35. From this point the Bucks suddenly opened their terrific aerial attack. Sarringhaus scored three plays later on a beautiful heave from Horvath that put them in front 7-0. Michigan threatened seriously in the final minute when Chappius cut loose with a barrage of five-out-of-six successful passes to spark the Wolverines to the O.S.U. one-yard line. At this point the gun sounded and the half ended with the Bucks retaining their slim margin. Michigan fans felt their hopes for a victory and the Big Ten title slip- ping away when, with five minutes to play in the third quarter, Sarringhaus heaved one far down the field to the Michigan 35. There, end Bob Shaw snagged it and loped the remaining yardage to pay-dirt for a sixty yard victory-voyage. Fekete kicked his second conversion. Wiese, taking the kick-off, smashed and pounded his way to Michigan ' s only touchdown in five straight line bucks; Brieske kicked point. But the wet field and the breaks detoured the fighting Maize and Blue from their comeback road. A fumble by Paul White on his own 32 set the stage for the third and crushing O.S.U. tally. Michigan, fighting all the way, attempted to stage a last-minute comeback after the kick-off, but an intercepted pass and another fumble spelled finis to their hopes. 140 Ceithaml leading Kuzma thru center of the Iowa line. MICHIGAN 28 IOWA 14 Michigan gridders so effectively shackled the rugged Iowa Hawkeyes, in this, the season ' s finale, that no one could deny the 1942 Maise and Blue was one of the best in Michigan ' s glorious grid history. In what may prove to be the last season " for the duration, " the Wolverines put on an exhibition which will forever remain as an inspiration to succeeding teams in the uncertain future. Dogged by injuries and tough breaks throughout the year, they still ended with a winning average and a brave grin. Kuznia smashed over for the first score midway in the opening quarter and the Juggernaut was underway. Uknes fumbled the kickoff that followed and Wistert recovered on the lowan ' s 30. Wiese pushed over in four plays to leave the Hawkeyes skewerd on the short end of a 14 to score at halftime. Jim Brieske kicked the extra point, which, plus his next two successful boots, placed his season ' s mark at 26 good of 31 attempts. The most thrilling play of the day came when Hoehner snatched the kickoff at the birth of the third period and galloped 85 yards thru the entire Michigan squad for a sensational tally. The Wolverines came back snarling at this unexpected setback and tore their way to the Hawkeye ' s three yard line. Three more line smashes netted nothing. So Chappius, on fourth down, cooly flipped a pass to Paul White who walked over, untouched for the third score. Iowa came to life briefly when Uknes streaked thru right tackle for 42 yards and a touchdown. The last M bell-ringer came on a rather freak play. Wiese smashed through to the Iowa two yard line only to have the ball squirt through his hands. Fortunately, Chuck Kennedy was there to pluck the pigskin from the grasstops and step across for the final score. Coach and Captain grin at end of good season. ,r sv p MAKIN Fully realizing that winning this war requires every fighting man and every future fighting man to be in the best of condition, the Board of Regents of the University decreed in the spring of 1942 that every male student under- graduates and graduates alike must enroll in the newly-mapped conditioning course and re- main in it as long as he stays in school. Even though the full value of P.E.M. may not be realized until Michigan ' s fighting men actually test their mettle on the field of battle, it is significant that at the end of the program ' s first semester, every student in the course showed marked improvement over his previous achieve- ments in the various tests given. No matter what feats of physical prowess this war may call forth, therefore, it is a safe bet that, thanks to Fritz Crisler and P.E.M. the soldiers who attended Michigan will prove themselves more than a match for the enemy. 142 During the fine summer weather, P.E.M. classes are held on the lawns of Ferry Field. The mass games, tug-of-wars, and the hardening " obstacle course " race, featuring an eight foot wall to be scaled, provide both fun and exercise. USCLE FOR THE MILITARY At the Waterman Gym and Intramural Sports Build- ing, the men of Michigan daily undergo a rigorous workout. An interminable session of calisthenics and " Floor drill " is followed by a brisk run around the track. The class is then adjourned to the boxing and wrestling rooms, basketball courts or gymnastic floor. The one absolute requirement of P.E.M. 31 is that each student learn to swim well enough to pass a test requiring that he remain afloat five minutes, swim 100 yards, and dive. or jump from the high board. 143 BACK ROW Assistant Coach Ray Barclay, Don Lund. Hugh Miller Manager; Bob Wiese, Ray Roberts, trainer. FRONT ROW Gerry Mullaney, Dave Strack, Coach Oosterbaan, Captain Jim Mandler, Leo Doyle, Ralph Gibert, Mel Comin. BRSKETBHIili Starting off the season with five successive victories, Michi- gan ' s 1943 basketball team underwent a terrific slump in the middle of the year, and consequently turned in the worst record in the reign of Bennie Oosterbaan as head coach, winding up eighth in the Conference standings. The Wol- verines ' record in the Big Ten league of four games won and eight lost does not, however, present an accurate ac- count of the capabilities of this erratic quintet. For the Michigan basketeers, displaying the on-and-off brilliance which characterized their entire year, won all six non-con- ference games which they played, turning in an over-all season record of ten victories as against eight defeats. It was more the sparkling play of other Big Ten teams which caused Michigan to finish in the lower end of the Confer- ence standing. The fine play of Captain Jim Mandler un- der the baskets accounted for much of whatever success the Wolverines achieved. A leading exponent of the art of retrieving the ball, Mandler set up many baskets with his passes to sharp-shooters Leo Doyle, Bob Wiese, Dave Strack, and Ralph Gibert, and, with his over-hand hook shot, gar- nered more than his share of two-pointers. But Michigan ' s offense was not enough to overcome the torrent of points rained through the Wolverine baskets by Illinois, the con- ference champions, and other Big Ten teams. 144 In a pre-game warm-up, right, MEL COMIN, MORRIE BIKOFF and JIM MANDLER sharpen their shooting eyes and limber their arms for the forthcoming fray. In the game against the Selfridge Field flyers, which Michigan won 56 to 33, a Wol- verine skipped behind the airmen ' s guards to score a sensational basket. A glance at the player ' s bench, below, shows JIM MANDLER, BOB WffiSE, GERRY MULLANEY and DON LUND watching with varying degrees of anxiety as their team-mates battle the Wisconsin Badgers. Below, right, MANDLER waits to flip the jump-ball into the Wisconsin basket. Michigan won that game 38 to 34. 145 RESTIiinG Serving his first year as wrestling mentor in the absence of Cliff Keene, who left last year for the Navy, Ray Courtright guided Michigan ' s 1943 wrestling team to a highly successful dual meet season, and then saw his proteges battle their way to a second place in the annual Big Ten meet. Led by Capt. Manley Johnson, the Wolverines opened their dual meet season by wiping up the mats with the Detroit YMCA team to the tune of 34-0. Victories over Ohio State, Purdue, and Indiana followed in quick succession. Then the fighting Michigan team turned in their best work of the season by defeating Michigan State, last year ' s NCAA champions, 16-14. This was the first time Michigan had been able to trounce the Spartans since 1940, and reversed a decision which Michigan State had hung up over the Wolverines earlier this season. The Mich- igan matmen climaxed the year with their annexation of second place in the Western Confer- ence meet held at Evanston, March 6. Little Dickie Kopel, undefeated in dual meets during the season, won the 121 pound title by pinning Chicago ' s Nicholas Mel as in the only fall in the championship round, gaining his victory after three minutes and forty-five seconds of spirited action. Capt. Johnson, the defending titleholder in the 145 pound class, scored a 3-1 decision over Rollie Raybourn of Illinois. Those two championships were worth 12 points, and in addition, the Wolverines, during the two day competition, turned in six falls worth one point each. Heavyweight Johnny Greene garnered two points while Chip Warrick and Mort Klein each added one. This totaled six points short of Indiana ' s winning margin. BACK ROW Larry Loftus, George Maclntyre, Hal Rudel, Bob Richardson (Manager), Chip Warrick. Max Luikart, Dick Kopel. FRONT ROW Pete Speak, Bob Allen, John Greene, Manly Johnson, Coach Courtright, Hugh Mack, Tom Mueller. 146 MANLEY JOHNSON, left, captained Michigan ' s line wrestling squad this season. Besides great periormances in each of the dual meets, he walked off with the Big Ten title in the 145 Ib. weight class. At 121 Ibs., DICK KOPEL, below, was the baby of the squad in size, but not in prowess. Captain-elect for the next year, he was undefeated in dual meets and is Big Ten champ at his weight. Enjoying a little horseplay, above, heavyweight JOHNNY GREENE lifts little DICK KOPEL over his head with one hand. At left, Greene is more serious as he wrestles HUGH MACK in a practice session. 147 H G K E It ' s great to be on the winning side, but no school has a monopoly on championship teams. This is especially true in the Big Ten conference where athletic competition is probably the toughest in the country. Though Michigan, famed for champions, has had more than its share, our hockey squad was clearly outclassed by its Big Ten rivals. Winning only one game and gaining two ties while losing nine games, the sextet had one of its most unsuccessful years. Many tough breaks such as ineligibilities, mid-season graduation, and plain bad luck contributed to poor team morale. Their sole victory was made at the expense of the Pt. Edward sextet, 6-4. The high point of the season was the well-deserved tie with Minnesota in a hard-fought, never-to-be- forgotten battle. Hank Loud played the greatest game of his career that night making numerous " impossible " saves. Loud was easily the best goalie seen at the Colesium this year, and one of the best non-professionals playing today. Also outstanding for Michigan this year were Bob Der- leth and Bill Dance. Veteran mainstays Bob Opland, Ed Reichert, and Bob Kemp were sorely missed after they left the team at the end of the first semester. Besides the above mentioned, Gordon Anderson, Johnny Athens, Bob Stenberg, and Roy Bradley were awarded Varsity let- ters. Bob Mulligan and Dave Pontius earned reserve letters for their efforts. As Coach Lowrey said at midseason, " We could give up; but as long as I have six men who can stand up on skates, Michigan will have a team on the ice doing its best. " BACK ROW Coach Lowrey, Bennett. Dance, Mulligan, Derleth, Pontius, Gambs (Manager). FRONT ROW Anderson, Stenberg, Capt. Loud, Athens, Bradley. 148 ' BOB DEHLETH. above, watches JOHNNY ATHENS, No. 16 stumble as they combine efforts to forestall a London rush on the Michigan net. Der- leth one of the few bright spots in a dismal season, teamed with BOB STENBERG to provide Michigan ' s first string defense pair. Due to a lack of adequate substitutions, these men were often forced to play the full sixty minutes. Outstanding player on the squad was CAP- TAIN HANK LOUD, net tender for the Wol- verines. Given weak protection by a poor defense, he made sensational saves time after time, averaging thirty-nine stops per game. Ice hockey is a fast grueling game that calls for exceptional fortitude and dura- bility as well as skating skill. Nearly all of the better players are Canadians, as is the London team, above. Michigan was sparked by two Canadians, BOB KEMP of Oakville and HANK LOUD of Grimsby, Ontario, and coached by ED LOWREY, also from Ontario. 149 G li F BACK ROW Bill Stewart, Bill Courtright, Coach Emeritus Trueblood, Bob Fife, Coach Courtright. FRONT ROW Phil Marcellas, Dave Osier, Capt. John Leidy, Chan Simonds, C apt. -elect Ben Smith. The popular COACH COURTRIGHT, better known as just " Corky, " is coach of the golfers. With him is son BILL who won his varsity letter in the sport. Blasting their way through the 1942 season, Michigan ' s golf team racked up five victories in dual meet competition against Big Ten teams, and climaxed the season by snatching the Western Conference crown out of the clutches of a fighting Minnesota squad on the Wol- verines ' home course. Coached by Ray Courtright and captained by veteran John Leidy, the Wolverine shot-makers suffered only two losses throughout the entire season, while winning five meets; both set-backs being handed them by Ohio State. A tie match with the Michigan State Spartans was the only other meet which the Wolverine crew did not chalk up on the win side of the scoring column. Capt.- elect Ben Smith, with his long-range wood shots and excellence on the putting greens was the outstanding member of a brilliant squad. Favored to win medalist honors in the Conference tourney, Smith faltered in the last 18 holes and was surprisingly nosed out by Jim McCarthy of Illinois. " Big John " Leidy ended his Conference career in a blaze of glory by playing the best game of his tenure as Michigan captain, and wound up in fifth place in the Big Ten meet. Chan, Simonds was named the most consistent golfer of the tourney, and Dave Osier and Bill Courtright also contributed outstanding perform- ances to the Wolverine cause. 150 Captained by Lawton Hammett and Wayne Stille, Michigan ' s 1942 tennis team had a very successful year. Winning nine of ten dual meets, they swamped their traditional rivals, Chicago and Northwest- ern, and lost only to a sensational Notre Dame squad. Coached by LeRoy Wier, they missed the Big Ten championship at Columbus last spring by an eyelash. Lawton Hammett and Jim Porter, seeded No. 1 and No. 2, bowed in the preliminaries of the conference meet, but Wayne Stille, Jerry Schaflander and Tom Gamon swept their flights to win the No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 titles respectively. In addi- tion, Schaflander teamed with Jinx Johnson to annex the No. 3 doubles crown. In spite of this fine showing, the Wolverines landed one point out of first place for the team standings; Northwestern fin- ished with 15 points while Michigan and Chicago were tied with 14 each. Suffering the loss of five seniors, Hammett, Porter, Stille, Scha- flander and Gamon, prospects for the 1943 squad are not too promis- ing. Returning lettermen are Captain-elect Jinx Johnson and Fred Wellington, seeded No. 6 and No. 7 last season. Since the suspension of the freshman rule, many more promising players will be given the opportunity to make the team this year. Best prospect seems to be Frosh Roger Lewis from Ann Arbor High, the State Champion for the past two years. JERRY SCHAFLANDER and WAYNE STILLE won the Big Ten Title, seeded No. 4 and 3 respectively, at Columbus last spring. BACK ROW Bob Mathews, Fred Wellington, Bob Brewer, Jerry Schaflander, Jinx Johnson. FRONT ROW Tom Ga- mon, Co-Capt. Wayne Stille, Coach LeRoy Wier, Co-Capt. Lawton Hammett, Jim Porter. 7 151 B fl S E B H li li BACK ROW Don Robinson. Don Boor, Irving " Pro " Boim, John Erpelding, Paul White, Bill Cain, Mickey Fish- man, Dick Savag e. FRONT ROW Davey Nelson, Wayne Christensen, Whitey Holman, Coach Ray Fisher, Capt. George Harms, Mgr. Joe Hallissy, Bill Cartmill, Bob Stenberg, Bud Chamberlain. The only Michigan team to repeat as Big Ten champion, the 1942 Wolverine baseball team let loose a broadside of extra base blows against Big Ten opponents last spring and turned in a fine record of 10 wins and two losses in Conference games to annex first-place tie with the University of Iowa in the Western Conference standing. Capi- talizing on its last annual spring jaunt to the southland for the duration, the Michigan nine broke even in four games played under sunny southern skies, gaining the experience and confidence which was to stand them in such good stead during the regular season. Upon their return to Ann Arbor, the Wolverines early began to show the speed and class that was to bring them their second consecutive Big Ten crown turned in an all-season record of 15 victories as against seven losses. One of the losses came at the hands of an all-star service team from Great Lakes Naval Training Station led by Don Padgett, former star outfielder of the St. Louis Cardinals and including many former big league stalwarts, who, coached by Mickey Cochrane, handed the Wolverines a 6-2 setback early in the season. Coach Fisher, the man who developed more big league prospects than any other mentor in the Big Ten, added several stars to his already-long list of proteges which includes Dick Wakefield, the outfielder who sold himself for $52,000 to the Detroit Tigers last year, Elmer Gedeon, who signed a contract with the Washington Sen- ators, Johnny Gee, who pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Herm Fishman, an outstanding hurler for the Syracuse Chiefs two years ago. Chief among the potential big league material turned out by Fisher last year was shortstop Don Robinson, one of the smoothiest infielders in the Conference. An able hitter with outstanding speed, Robinson set up a host of double plays and was the lead-off man of the famous Michigan double-killing trio, in- cluding Wayne Christenson at second and Don Boor at first. His team-mates rewarded the flashy infielder by nam- ing him captain-elect for the coming season. Also outstanding on the Michigan nine was outfielder Paul White, one of the heaviest hitters in the Big Ten. Captain George Harms, the Wolverine rough-and-ready catcher, cut down more than his share of runners with his whiplash throw to second base. Buddy Chamberlain, the Michigan guardian of the hot corner, drove in timely runs with his clutch hitting, and Don Holman sparkled with his sen- sational shoe-string catches in the pastures of center field. 152 f f e ' ; I c 1 DON ROBINSON slides in a cloud of dust as a bewildered Notre Dame second baseman holds the ball in his glove. 2 PAUL WHITE and star pitcher MICKEY FISHMAN. 3 WHITE, who hits from the port side of the plate, takes a really healthy swing. 4 Even the umpire seems excited as BILL CARTMILL slides home, cheered on by little DAVEY NELSON. 5 These five seniors. CAPT. GEORGE HARMS. BILL CARTMILL, BUD CHAMBERLAIN. DAVEY NELSON, and WHITEY HOLMAN. made their last appearance in U. of M. uniforms last spring. 153 PAUL WHITE, GEORGE HARMS, and BUD CHAM- BERLAIN congratulate MICKEY FISHMAN in pic- ture at upper left, on the occasion of his one-hit shutout against Northwestern. The hit: a single with two out in the ninth. In the rundown, above, DON BOOR passes the ball to DON ROBINSON for the tag while WAYNE CHRISTENSON covers second base. GEORGE HARMS, left. Wolverine catcher and captain, catches the runner at the plate with a quick dive. OTTO GRAHAM of Northwestern, above, one of the finest all- around athletes in the country, really sent that ball for a long ride. WHITEY HOLMAN, sliding home pants first, scores a Michigan run. 154 BACK ROW Roosevelt Stiger, Joe Lahey, Livius Strola. Jim Sears, Hank Schmidt. THIRD ROW Coach Stack- house, Johnny McKean, John Ingersoll, Bud Byerly, Gene Hirsch, Willie Glas, John Roxborough, Chuck Dona- hey. SECOND ROW Ernie Leonardi, Chuck Pinney. Buell Morley, George Ostroot. Will Ackerman, Bob Se- gula, Mgr. Chuck Boynton. FRONT ROW George Pettersen, Frank McCarthy, Al Thomas, Capt. Bud Piel, Coach Ken Doherty, Capt-elect Dave Matthews, John Kautz, Bob Ufer. TRUCK After a rather poor showing in the Spring, 1942, outdoor season, Michigan ' s trailblazers returned to the Victory Path in the indoor season to annex the Big Ten crown. At the Millrose Games in Madison Square Garden last February, the two-mile relay team, composed of John Roxborough, Capt. Dave Matthews, Ross Hume, and Bob Ufer, annexed the first of six straight wins. The Wolverine squad then headed for the Michigan State Relays at East Lansing where the invincible Ufer set a new meet record in the 300 yard dash with a fast :31.4 seconds sprint. From there, the Michigan crew returned to Ann Arbor to give the home-town fans a chance to see it click in a dual meet with Ohio State. The Wolverines romped over the Buckeye squad, last year ' s Big Ten cham- pions, with a 75i 9-28i 2 win, and " Hose-Nose " Ufer set his second record of the season, this time a new field house record in the 440. yard dash of 49 seconds flat. In this meet Michigan gave its Big Ten opponents a chance to witness the all-round team strength which the following week was to bring it the Conference title. In the University of Chicago ' s Field House on March 6, the Michigan squad, raised to the peak of condition by Coach Ken Doherty, brought into its possession for the first time in four years the Western Conference indoor track title. The Wolverine crew came through with five first-place wins to garner 53i points, far in advance of second-place Wisconsin ' s 371 markers. Ufer once more blazed his way to a victory in the 440 yard dash, sprinting his specialty in :48.6 seconds. With the Conference Cup now placed securely in the trophy room at Yost Field House, the Wolverine crew, not content to rest on its laurels, set out in search of new fields to con- quer. On March 13, Ufer returned to Madison Square Garden to pace the field in the 600 yard run, breaking the tape in 1:11.4 seconds. On the same evening, Chuck Pinney, Michigan ' s new timber-topping star, streaked his way to a win in the low-hurdles event at the Illinois Tech Relays. The two-mile relay team came into the spot- light again as it swept to a victory in the Chicago Relays on March 20, and a week later in the Purdue Relays, climaxed its season by bettering the accepted American indoor record with a 7:40.9 second race. 155 Outstanding star on a great track team, BOB UFER set several records at his specialty, the 440 yard dash . This, the longest sprint dis- tance, is considered the toughest length of all to run. BUB SEGULA, though not quite as good as the fabulous Warmerdam, was one of the fin- est pole vaulters in Big Ten competition. The two-mile relay team, composed of, left to right, BOB UFER. CAPT. DAVE MAT- THEWS, JOHN ROXBOROUGH, and ROSS HUME, annexed six straight wins in indoor competition this year. Starting at Madison Square Garden ' s Millrose Games, they swept to the Big Ten title and went on to better the American indoor record at the Purdue Relays. AL THOMAS broke the tape just a step ahead of teammate BUD PIEL. right, leaving their Illinois opponents with a final burst of speed. BOB UFER pulls away far ahead of his oppo- nents in the quarter mile run in the Illinois meet last spring. 156 - BUD BYERLY, Wolverine hurdler, takes off just a step behind OLSON of Illinois in the high hurdles. 157 TOP ROW Pat Hayes, John F. McCarthy. Chuck Fries. Mert Church, Harry Holiday. John Aigler, Ace Cory, Bill Wells. SECOND ROW Lou Kivi. Bob West. Jack Patten. Coach Mann. Jim Skinner, Walt Stewart. Irvin Einbinder. THIRD ROW Gil Evans, Alex Canja, Lou Haughey. Continuing the winning ways which have consistently marked it as one of the outstanding swimming teams in the nation, the 1943 Michigan tank squad swept through all four of its dual meets this season, but lost out by a meager margin of five points to a superior Ohio State crew in the Big Ten meet. The Buckeyes later nosed Michigan out of the NCAA title race by a similar minute margin. The Wolverine mermen added numerous accomplishments to their long list of previ- ous honors, and if the armed services had not appropriated so many of the Michigan swimmers during the course of the season, the results of the Big Ten and National Intercollegiate meets might have been different. Michigan defeated Ohio State twice in dual meet competition early in the season, no small feat in itself, for it was this same Buckeye squad which was later to snatch the Big Ten crown away from the Wolverines for the first time in five years. In no meet did the team coached by Matt Mann finish out of the spotlight. Led by the brilliant sophomore backstroke expert, Harry Holiday, the Wolverines consistently bettered various established records during the season. Holiday ' s feat of toppling Adolph Kiefer off the backstroke throne which the former Chicago Towers swimmer had occupied for the past seven years was easily the most outstanding aquatic accomplishment of the year. Michigan ' s Big Ten champion, Capt. John Patten, who was named the best swimmer of the year, nosed out Buckeye Bill Smith, the long Hawaiian who holds prac- tically every freestyle record in the books, in the finals of the National Intercollegiate 100 yard sprint. Breaststroker Jim Skinner also wound up his Big Ten career in fine fashion by winning the Big Ten title in his specialty for the third con- secutive year. 158 HARRY HOLIDAY. brUliant backstroker, es- tablished two world marks in his specialty. He also dethroned Adolph Keifet as back- stroke king. ALEX CANJA. below, shared the Varsity diving chores with LOU HAUGHEY and freshman GIL EVANS. Captain oi the squad. JACK PATTEN, far right. Big Ten and Collegiate champion at the 100-yard free- style, was voted the outstanding swimmer oi the year at the NCAA meet in Columbus. ACE CORY, right, swam on Michigan ' s record-breaking 300- yard medley relay team and was on the 440-yard tree-style relay team which won the Big Ten title. 159 JIM SKINNER, above, twice the collegiate breast- stroke champ, retired to the seclusion of the med- ical school after the Big Ten meet, leaving his mantle to IRV EINBINDER and PAT HAYES. Though crowding the Varsity from their pool tem- porarily, from such P.E.M. swim classes as these, COACH MATT MANN will build Michigan ' s champions of the future. 160 nnncERS CLUB BACK ROW Jerry Sheets, Track; James Kline, Football; Fred Gipson, Basketball. FRONT ROW Robert Richardson, Wrestling; Oilman Gambs, Hockey; Herbert O. Crisler, Athletic Director; William Kopcke, Baseball. The Undergraduate Athletic Managers Council, more familiarly known as the Manager ' s Club, is one of the most select and sought after organizations on campus. The members are the senior managers of each of the varsity sports. They have the power to make recommendations to the Board in Control of Inter- collegiate Athletics and annually nominate two candidates, one of whom is elected as the student representative on the Board. They enjoy the same privi- leges extended to the Varsity M-Club, including free life passes to all home ath- letic events. Oilman Gambs is the president, William Kopcke vice-president, and James Kline secretary. 161 FRATERNITIES, SORORITIES, DORMITORIES, COOPERATIVES. I t- aa o 3. Alpha Gam memories. Rushing includes some of the old as well as the new. . 4. It ' s nice seeing the Pi Lams enjoying their Ensian, but honestly, we never knew housing facilities were that crowded. 5. This is a picture of a quiet afternoon before someone discovered an ace on the floor and bedlam broke loose. CACIA TOP ROW GranvilJe, S. Wunch, Smith, Chapman, Pierson, Pospisil, Hess, Grismore. HOW 2 Spath. Kennedy, Brown, J. Wunch, Eastman, Roberts, W. Clark, Hall, Trask. ROW 3 Op- dyke, Buchanan, Spracklin, Lent-Eoop, Widman, R. Clark, Soukup, Reid, Moehlman, Broughton. MICHIGAN CHAPTER-1923 GEDDES-OFFICERS: J. Ross Clark, President; Richard G. Widman, Vice-President; Robert J. Soukup, Secretary; Richard M. Spath, Treasurer. SENIORS: Bryce Broughton, J. Ross Clark, Maurice Ray Denny, Jacob F. Fahrner, B. Madison Lent-Koop, John H. Moehlman IX, Paul F. Popisil, Robert H. Reid, Robert J. Soukup, Howard L. Spracklin. JUNIORS: Carroll Brown, Fred J. Bryan, William Clark, Allen J. Greiger, Kenneth Paul Jones III, Elbert S. Kennedy, Robert Opdyke, Warren W. Shelley, Richard M. Spath, Richard Widman. SOPHOMORES: Thomas Kay Buchanan, James P. Churchill, Albert E. Eastman, Arch H. Hall, Stewart A. Kingsbury, John E. Wunch. FRESHMEN: Herbert Chapman, Rodger Grismore, Frank Hess, Donald McGregor, Wilmer Pierson, Herbert Smith, Jack Trask, Stuart Wunch, Richard Grandville. 166 ' A DELTA PHI TOP ROW Bowen, Orr, Potter, O ' Leary, Spear, Strack, Laing. ROW 2 Frantz. Kellogg, W. Brown, Spreen, Morton, S. Brown, Upton, Osborne, Beath. ROW 3 Harbeck. N. Sheehy, Cans, Renaud, Hadley, Bruns, Wason, Godfrey, I. Winters, Sandwick, Rodger, R. Winters. ROW 4 Costing. Beardsley, Skinner, Van Buren, Hall, Noble. Smith, Llewellyn, Curtiss, Ness, S ymour. PENINSULAR CHAPTER-556 S. STATE-OFFICERS: Richard Bruns, President; Russell Hadley, Vice-President; John Wason, Treasurer; Peter Frantz, Secretary. SENIORS: Richard Bruns, William Cans, Charles Godfrey, Russell Hadley, Bruce Renaud, Edward Sheehy III, James Spaulding, John Wason. JUNIORS: Ralph Beuhler, William Brown, Joseph Cox, Walter Freihofer, David Morton, John Rodger, Luther Sandwick, Richard Sheehy, Walter Spreen, John Winters, Richard Winters. SOPHOMORES: William Bowen, Stratton Brown, Peter Frantz, Morgan Johnson, D. Bruce Laing, John Mum- mert, John O ' Leary, Howard Orr, Earl Osborne, Edward Potter, George Spear, David Strack, David Upton. FRESHMEN: Lehman Beardsley, Douglas Beath, John Becker, George Curtiss, Robert Hall, Law rence Harbeck, William Hutchins, Edward Kellogg, George Kraeger, John Llewellyn, Charles Ness, Duncan Noble, Gordon Costing, William Owsley, David Pontius, William Seymour III, Henry Skinner, Emmons Smith, James Van Buren. 167 A SIGMA PHI TOP ROW Bohn, Vincent, Winters, Ling, Leever, Peek, Waterbury, Nelson, Colony, Giffels, ROW 2 Franzcek, Vossberq, McKinnon, Reiter, Dodd, Holzhauer, Sandborn, Wolff, J. Erpel- ding, Preston, Brandenstein. ROW 3 Springer, Pachulski, Aldridge, A. Erpelding. Averill, Yoder, Janes, Wayne, Engel, Coquillard. THETA CHAPTER-800 LINCOLN-OFFICERS: John Averill, President; Robert Yoder, Vice-President; John Erpelding, Treasurer; George Wolff, Secretary. SENIORS: Kent Arnold, John Averill, John Erpelding, Robert Janes, Arthur Pachulski. JUNIORS: Lincoln Aldridge, Henry Franzcek, Ralph Holzhauer, Daniel Ling, Robert Reisdorf, Richard Wayne, Robert Yoder. SOPHOMORES: Zane Brandenstein, James Coquillard, Robert Dodd, Carl Engel, Robert Giffels, Cleland Nelson, William Peek, Jack Preston, Donald Sandborn, Warren Van Wicklen, George Wolff, Palmer Wood. FRESHMEN: Ray Bohn, David Colony, William Leever, Mai McKinnon, Ed Reiter, Steven Utley, Kenneth Vincent, George Vossberg, William Wa- terbury, John Winters, Robert Springer. 168 TAU OMEGA TOP ROW Keenan, George Sewell. McAlonan, Whelan. L. Smith. Holt. Corbett, Haier. Netter. MacNaughton, Gordinier, Gordon. ROW 2 Hirons. Conn, Jones, Marcellus, Muller, O. Smith. Page. Ayres. Brown. Burchill, Watts. Wikel. ROW 3 Brenkert. Kolb. Tyler. Roth. Vantine, Mott. Maybury. Robinson, Hutcherson, Wellman. Allen, Guy Sewell, Houston. Reiger. Eley. Teesdale. Caughey. ROW 4 Rohr, Aber. Allais, Offringa. Warren, Baldwin, Treleaven, Rob- erts. Patten, Lawrie. Sheplar, Feather, Gurihe, Keusko. BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER-1415 CAMBRIDGE-OFFICERS: Richard Wellman. President; Karl Brenkert. Jr., Vice- President; Robert Allen, Treasurer: Keith Muller, Secretary. SENIORS: Hugh Ayers, John F. Eley, Richard Gauthier, Ever- ett Houston, William Hutcherson, Richard Manning, William Maybury, Jr., Robert Mott, John Reiger III, Thomas Rob- inson, Jr., John Rohr, John Roth, Guy Sewell, Rudy Smeja, Rufus Teesdale, Charles Trick, Robert Vantine. JUNIORS: Jesse Aber, Robert Allen, Edward Anthony, Jr., Alvin Bek, Karl Brenkert, Jr., John Brown, Phillip Burchill, Richard Burck, Reed Caugher, Jr., William Conn, Orvil Feather, Roger Hirons, Arthur Jones, Burton Kolb, Phillip Marcellus, Jr., Keith Muller, Edward Munnell, John Page, George Roberts. Oliver Smith, Cyril Tyler, Jr., Philip Warren, Richard Wellman, Paul White. SOPHOMORES: ' David Baldwin, Bruce Blanchard, Richard Bodycombe, Leonard Gordinier, Donald Hafer, Wil- liam Holt, Edwin Howe, William Keenan, John King, Nicholas Krusko, Robert Leeder, Roger MacNaughton, Donald McAlonan, Milton Netter, Reno Offringa, Robert Patten, William Reisig, Russell Schope, George Sewell, Robert Sheplar, Leigh Smith, Roy S ymanski, Warren Watts, Phillip Whelan, Howard Wikel. FRESHMEN: Richard Allais, Claude Batuk, John Caleb, James Cornelius, Burton Daughtery, Charles Edwards, Neil Fashbaugh, Robert Frick, Joseph Geryk, Frank Goodrich, John Gordon, John Gurche, Guy Lawrie, William Rese, Peter Treleavan, Chandler Ward. 169 TA THETA PI TOP ROW Gault, Hayden, McCallum. del Valle, Buckey, Erb, Hedges, Plant, Laursen, Moon. Cavan, Summerfield, Teller, Eleinstiver, Morse. ROW 2 T Schick, Wendling, Selby, .Baker, Hooper, Herbst, Marble, Somers, Klingbeil. Relnhart. Hunter, Coulter, Saxton. Snow, Buell, Hardgrove. Osgood, Vyn, Culbertson. ROW 3 Saums, Doyle, Whipple, Alexander, O ' Neill, Caulson. West, Sundquist, McCalmont, Adams, Trowbridge, Burton, Pearce. ROW 4 McCoy, Lombard, Colvin. Teesdale. Ford, Hendershot. Eli (dog), Bennett. Tennis, Williams, G. Johnson, J. Johnson. LAMBDA CHAPTER-604 S. STATE-OFFICERS: Robert Sundquist, President; Paul Schick, House Manager; Donald West, Vice-President; David McCalmont, Secretary. SENIORS: Edward Adams, Freeman Alexander, Douglas Burton, Milton Coul- son, Dewey Doyle, David McCalmont, Don O ' Neill, Don Pearce, Harry Saums, Paul Schick, Robert Sundquist. William Trow- bridge, Donald West, Richard Wirth. JUNIORS: Quentin Baker, Robert Buell, James Herbst, John Hooper, Morton Hunter, William Klingbeil, Frederick Marble, Sherman Massingham, Robert Reinhart, George Snow, Arthur Summerfield. SOPHO- MORES: William Buckey, Milledge Bullard, Thomas Coulter, Robert Hargrove, John Laursen, William Osgood, Robert Saxton, Thomas Schick, Stephen Selby, William Somers, Manuel del Valle, John Vyn, Robert Wendling. FRESHMEN: Robert And erson, Robert Bennett, Robert Cavan, Thomas Colvin, Albert Culbertson, Richard Ford, John Gault, Ralston Hayden, William Hedges, Paul Heinze, Fred Hendershot, Benjamin Holmes, Gordon Johnson, James Johnson, Dudley June, James Kerr, Vance Kleinstiver, Cameron Lombard, George McCallum, Nelson McCoy, Richard Moon, Waynes Morse, Fletcher Plant, John Shockley, William Teesdale, Charles Telfer, Richard Tennis, Hillary Williams. 170 PA EPSILD1V TOP ROW John Hubbard, Conklin. Jim Hubbard, Dickerman. Taliaferro, Arthur Smith. Dixon. ROW 2 Woodruff, Burdick, S. Smith, Hurley ' Kempf, Harrigan, Reader, Holzapfel, Weadock, Raefield, Arnold. Allen Smith. ROW 3 Kelly, Croul, Roach, Bennett, White, Byerly. Mandler, Davis, Mitchell. Cargill. Livingston, Bryant, Fee. OMICRONCHAPTER-1912GEDDES-OFFICERS: James Mandler, President; James Byerly, Vice-President; John Kelly, Secretary; Chester Mitchell, Treasurer. SENIORS: William Bennett, Nathan Bryant, James Byerly, Don Cargill, Robert Davis, Wiley Livingston, James Mandler, John White. JUNIORS: Chester Mitchell, John Roach. SOPHOMORES: Stephen Bryant, John Croul, Jacob Dalm, Joseph Fee, Henry Holzapfel, Robert Hurley, John Kelly, Paul Kempf, Delbert Purdy, Rus- sel Reader, Warren Yapp. FRESHMEN: John Arnold, Laurence Burdick, Thomas Conklin, William Decker, Robert Dick- erman, John Dixon, Jim Hubbard, John Hubbard, John Harrigan, Thomas Hough, Cameron McNaughton, Roger Rice, Allen Smith, Arthur Smith, Stiles Smith, Malcolm Raefield, Monroe Taliaferro, Philip Weadock, Charles Woodruff. 173 A TAU DELTA TOP ROW Hance. Cole. Clark. Collins, Maynard. Welch, Burrell, Sacco, Downey, Dawson, Racette, Koch, Brown. Yager, Torrence, Sheppard. HOW 2 Leemhuis, Radcliife. Wood, Sharp, Platt, Hance. Schwyn, Gentry. O ' Brien. Peck, Speek. Erickson. Meyer. Reinhart. Morgan. Garrett, Dreher. ROW 3 Bauer, Znapp, Ludolph, McCord, Schmid, Snow, Matthews, Smith, Perlberg, Gambs, Goeckel, Gipson, Wilson, Schoel, Crabb, Mitchell, Martin. DELTA CHAPTER- 1928 GEDDES-OFF1CERS: Ed Perlberg, President; Robert Erickson, Vice-President; Peter Speek, Secretary; James Mitchell, Treasurer. SENIORS: John Crabb, William Downey, Robert Erickson, Oilman Gambs, Ernest Goeckel, Mark Hance, William Higgins, Herbert McCord, Paul Meyer, Frank O ' Brien, Ed Perlberg, Richard Schoel, Robert Schwyn, Boyd Smith, Robert Snow, Ira Wilson. JUNIORS: Robert Burrell, Richard Garrett, Walter Gentry, William Knapp, Jack Koch, William Ludolph, Thomas Martin, Charles Peck, Wendell Racette, Carl Reinhart, Russell Sacco, John Wood, Charles Yager. SOPHOMORES: Walter Bauer, Jerry Brown, John Platt, Bryant Sharp, Fergus Stephen. FRESH- MEN: Robert Collins, Nathan Dawson, Richard Dreher, Joseph Hance, Steven Johnson, Fred Leemhuis, Ralph Maynard, Roland Sheppard, Frank Torrence, Knceland Welch, George Whitchornc. 174 DELTA IIPSILON TOP ROW Ball, Kalinka, McCoubrie, Hayes. Judsen. Nickerson, Kehoe. Little. Laird, Ryd- holm, Tapp. ROW 2 Bliska. Carpenter, Alexander, Ford. Jacob, Severn, Patten. Catlin, Jack- son, Chase. Straub. ROW 3 Willoughby, Walcott. MaxweU, Wise, Covert. Russell. Keller. Cattle. Murray, Brown, Pearse, Sherman. ROW 4 Dimmitt, Townsend, Poole, Strait, Pyatte, Keskey. Kendall, Boggs, Lindsay, Sawyer, Woliston, Butters. MICHIGAN CHAPTER-1331 HILL-OFFICERS: Robert Wise, President; David Keller, Vice-President; Stirling Maxwell, Secretary; Harwood Rydholm, Treasurer. SENIORS: Rober t R. Brown, Walter Cattle, Elmer Covert, James W. Kehoe, David Keller, Albert Little, Francis Moreland, Ray Murray, John Patten, Max Pearce, John L. Rudloff, Samuel Russell, Robert Wise. JUNIORS: Robert Catlin, Richard Ford, Theodore Jacob, Stirling Maxwell, Harwood Rydholm, Peter Sher- man, Robert Sovern, John Walcott, Robert Willoughby. SOPHOMORES: William Alexander, William Chase, Patrick Hayes, Harry Jackson, John Laird, Rupert Straub, Donald Judsen. FRESHMEN: Gordon Ball, Thomas Bliska, Harold Boggs, Robert Butters, Jean Carpenter, Robert Dimmitt, Frederick Kalinka, Robert Kendall, Richard Keskey, Robert Lind- say, John McCoubrie, Edward Miller, Thomas Miller, Frederick Pole, Robert Pyatte, Noyce Strait, Kenneth Tapp, Morgan Townsend. 175 . PPA DELTA RHD TOP ROW Seibert. Andrade. Smith. Weideman. Phelps. DeMeritt. Raymond. ROW 2 Van Hoek, Boynton. Repola. Crowe, Barrett, Haines. MU CHAPTER-732 FOREST-OFFICERS: James A. O. Crowe, President; Kenneth L. Repola, Vice-President; Richard D. Boynton, Secretary; Earl G. Barrett, Treasurer. SENIORS: James A. O. Crowe, Malcolm A. Haines, Kenneth L. Repola. JUNIORS: Earl G. Barrett, Richard D. Boynton. SOPHOMORES: Richard Andrade, Edward DeMeritt, George C. Phelps, Charles Raymond, Allan G. Seibert, James M. Smith, Carl M. Weideman. 176 KAPPA Nil TOP ROW Krohn. J. Goldman. ROW 2 Moore. Joseph, Feigelson. Fogel. Caplan. ROW 3 Sterngold, Klopper, Cohn. Wilson. Leiderman. L. Goldman. ROW 4 Bans, Weiner, Zerman. Zeskind, Kozel. Fried. MU CHAPTER-800 LINCOLN-OFFICERS: Marvin Zeskind, President; Howard Feigelon, Vice-President; Herbert Moore, Secretary; Melvin Krohn, Treasurer. SENIORS: Philip Baris, Melvin Comin, Reuben Fried, Bernard Kozel, Sol Weiner, Milton Zerman, Marvin Zeskind. JUNIORS: Harold Cohn, Jerome Goldman. Lawrence Goldman, Walter Klopper, Martin Leiderman, Hyman Stcrngold, Charles Wilson. SOPHOMORE: Irving Caplan. Howard Feigelson, Chester Fogel, Melvin Krohn, Joseph Joseph, Herbert Moore. FRESHMEN: Lewis Greenspan, Seymour Schoen. 177 KAPPA SIGMA TOP ROW LongstaH. Vibbert. Otis, Foley. Powers. Germanson. Parenteau. ROW 2 G. W. Powell. Riopelle, Wardley. McCune. Walker. Griffiths. King, Engstrom, Klaphaak. ROW 3 Twight, Newman. Stewart. Johnston. Roy Powell.Canfield. Schulze. Altman, Hungeriord. ROW 4 Silberberg. McAllister. Bostian, Furs, Miller. ALPHA ZETA CHAP I ER-80(i HILL-OFFICERS: Ray B. Powell, President; William S. Johnston, Vice-Presidcnt; Charles R. Canfield, Treasurer; Robert O. Schulze, Secretary. SENIORS: Harry E. Altman, Charles R. Canfield, William B. Hunger- ford, Harold S. King, Blaine F. Newman, G. Wayne Powell, Ray B. Powell, Jr., Robert A. Vibbert. JUNIORS: E. LeRoy Bostian, James H. Boult, Albert D. Engstrom, Millard F. Griffiths, Robert A. Janke, William S. Johnston, Jerome F. Paren- teau, William Pritula, John A. Riopelle, Robert O. Schulze, Walter V. Stewart, Roy Pierce Tidman, Frank L. Wardley, Paul H. Van Wert. SOPHOMORES: David M. Edgar, Robert P. Foley, James G. Germanson, Nick R. Hadiaris, Peter J. Klaphaak, William H. Longstalf, James E. Lynch, Maurice B. Otis, William R. Powers, William C. Silberberg, Robert Van Nostrand, Morgan R. Walker. FRESHMEN: LcRoy A. Englehardt, Harry Flick inger, Richard Furs, Slacey E. Kortcs, Owen R. McAllister, Edward M. Miller. 178 CHI ALPHA TOP ROW Heller. Meyerhoven. Vincent. Janssen, MacNab, Watson. Woods. Ruzicka, Ho- warth, Hauser. Ramsdell. Black. Coulter, Blair. ROW 2 Dates. Stitzinger. Nutto. Weikel. Keith. Anderson, Raymond. Howard Howerth, King. Coulter. ROW 3 Grimmett, Neilsen, Lambert, Whisler, Lau, Herbert Howerth, Patton, Lustgarten, Gwinn, Heininger, Snell. SIGMA ZETA CHAP TER-lfiOl WASHTENAW-OFFICERS: Robert Patton, President; James Weikel, Vice-President; Harry Lustgarten, Secretary, William Snell, House Manager. SENIORS: John Crombie, Sam Coulter. Murray Dates, Richard Davis, Erwin Heininger, Herbert Howerth, Robert King, Ross Monroe, Edwin Neilson, Robert Patton, Elmer Radka, Samuel Rupert, Howard Whisler. JUNIORS: Howard Grimmett, Joseph Gwinn, Hugh Hauser, Howard Howerth, Clar- ence Lambert, Ned Lau, Harry Lustgarten, Dan Smith, Robert Stimpson, John Stremmel, Kenneth Zemke. SOPHOMORES: Villiam Coulter, Warren Heller, Des Howarth, Bradford Keith, Francis Nutto, Allen Raymond, William Ru icka, William Snell, George Stit i nger, James Weikel, George Woods. FRESHMEN: Ted Black, Alan Blair, Lee Janssen, John McNab, Melvin Meyerhoven, Robert Ramsdell, Burton Vincent, Stuart Watson. 179 A THETA TOP ROW Laver, Clippert. Lourin. Sheldin, Snyder. Chope, Marsch, Swanson. Warrick, At- kins. Lary. Crawford. Cobble, Leonard!. Billiard. Athens. ROW 2 Stewart. Comb. Amstutz. Richey. Davis. Coit. Rudy. Seaver, Brent. Ingersoll. Larsen. Dalton, E. Gillette. Blodgett, Wetter- eau. Bowman. ROW 3 Webb. Woodward. Johnson. Edison, Begle, Blanchard, Reed, Uier, Hildebrandt, Aldworth, Gripman, Zimmerman, Coale. Athay, Pinney. Davey. ROW 4 R. Gil- lette, E. Q. Smith. R. Smith, Wallace, Hanson, Brown. Bell. ( " Monk. " the dog), Bayer, Bade. Markendorf, Culligan, Wilson, Parker. MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER-1437 WASHTENAW-OFFICERS: Burnett Crawford, President; Merle Rudy, House Manager; Maitland Comb, Secretary. SENIORS: Edward Aldworth, Robert Athay, Robert Begle, James Blanchard, William Coale, Robert Edison, John Emmett, Ray Gripman, -George Hildebrandt, Alden Johnson, Charles Pinney, Walter Reed, Edward Reichert, Ben Smith, Robert Ufer, Wilber Wallace, Albert Wistert, John Woodward, Frank Zimmerman. JUNIORS: Ralph Amstutz, Harold Bayer, Robert Blodgett, Kelly Brent, William Chope, John Coit, Maitland Comb, Burn- ett Crawford, Basil Dalton, James Davis, Howcrth Gilardy, John Greene, Ted Hodges, John Ingersoll, Ernest Leonard!, Andrew Marsch, William McConnachie, George Mclntyre, Herbert Richey, Merle Rudy, James Seaver, Howard Snyder, William Stewart, Charles Swanson, Woodward Warrick, Clifford Wise. SOPHOMORES: John Athens, Edward Atkins. Samuel Bacon, Robert Chappius, John Clippert, Miland Cobble, Richard Gillett, Robert Hilliard, Harvey Jones, Erwin Larsen, Arnold Laver, Samuel Lourin, Arthur Markendorf, James Sheldon, John Shafroth, Clarence Webb, E. Q. Smith, Brud Lary. FRESHMEN: Francis Bade, Robert Bell, Bliss Bowman, Max Brown, William Culligan, Robert Davcy, Hugh Hanson, James Hill, James Kirk, Maurice Laine, William Nissler, Robert Parker, Roger Smith, Seth Steiner, Robert Wal- lace, George Wettereau, Robert Wilson, William Wenzleau, Max Chur. 180 MA DELTA TOP ROW Smith, MacDonald. Cattle. Gulekunst. Benton, Grandy. MacFarland. Eich, Standi- iord, Robert Hume, Wakefield, Ross Hume, Upton, R. Allen. Dotterrer, Shumway. Hollenbeck, Firth, Watkins. Cole. Aiken. ROW 2 Beyer, Barton, Alberti, H. Anderson, Spaunburq, Dunlap, Mancl, Bull, Kerr, Adams, Kirk. Mahon. Emmons. Kamin, Foley, Brashler, Holcombe, Peterson, Childs. ROW 3 K. Allen. Douglas. Vaughn, Lyman, H. F. Anderson, Loughborough, How- land, Irwin, Norwick, Snodgrass, L. Hulbert, Stuch. Corson, F. Anderson. ROW 4 Auer. Gardiner, Holland, Jordan. W. Hulbert, Gallagher, Montgomery, O ' Dell, Hornberger, Rickert, Main, Fors. Laird, Stanley, Woodward. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER-707 OXFORD-OFFICERS: George Irwin, President; Robert Norwick, Treasurer; Lyons How- land, Secretary. SENIORS: Kenneth Allen, Frederick Anderson, Harry Aqderson, Southerd Corlett, Bruce Corson, Benjamin Douglas, Lyons Howland, Laurence Hulbert, George Irwin, William Loughborough . William Lyman, Robert Norwick, James Snodgrass, Lafayette Stuch. Jack Vaughn. JUNIORS: Charles Adams. Frederick Cady. Charles Dotterrer, Samuel Emmons, Robert Kerr, Henry Mahon, Robert Kirk, Thomas Kuzma, Victor Peterson, Richard Wakefield. SOPHOMORES: LaVerne Aiken, Larry Alberti, Robert Allen, Harold Anderson, Herbert Benton, Herbert Beyer, Richard Brashler, Stratton Bull, Frederick Childs. Robert Cole, Robert Dunlap, Robert Eich, Hal Fix, Phillip Foley, William Hollenbeck, Robert Hume, Ross Humes, John Kamin, Arthur Mancl, David McFarland, Philip McLean, William Riley, Norman Shumway, Robert Smith, Harvey Spaunburg, John Terquerst, Arthur Upton, Douglas Watkins. FRESHMEN: Daniel Auer, Clark Barton, Dean Firth, Jack Fors, Frederick Gallagher, Daniel Gardiner, Thomas Gattle, Robert Grandy, Gurney Gutekunst, Philip Holcombe, Charles Holland, John Harnberger. William Hulbert, James Jordan, Richard Laird, James MacDonald, Robert Main, James Montgomery, Frederick O ' Dell, Glennis Rickert, John Snodgrass, David Standiford, DeWolf Stanley, John Winch, Frederick Woodward. 181 PA fo ' 1 s l TOP ROW McClelland, Brooks, Hylant, D. Smith, Strickland, Leader, Seed, McElroy, Olm- stead, Skillings. Haller, Schanbacher, Clark, Cage, Trout, Adams, Van Cleave, Perry, Carpen- ter, Wilson, Brown. ROW 2 Fenner, E. Smith. Baxter. Wattles. lose. Sandt. Sudhoff, Matthews. Rybolt, Gardner. Tuttle. ROW 3 H. Smih. Turner, Starks, Ehlers, Green, Pittman, Booth, Adams. McCargar, Loftus. Gardner, Bush, Emery. Hibbs. ROW 4 Hadley. Curto, Chase, P. Samper, Fauver, Kelly, Sessions, G. Samper, Fife, Beers. MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER-1550 WASHTENAW-OFFICERS: Edward Chase, President; Robert Fife, Vice-Presi- dent; Albert Green, Treasurer. SENIORS: Edward Chase, Frank Curto, John Fauver, Robert Fife, William Kelly, Gonzalo Samper, Hernando Samper, Pablo Samper, Louis Sessions. JUNIORS: Thomas Adams, Robert Beers, Charles Booth, John Ehlers, Albert Green, Jack Hadley, Richard Pittman. Hugh Starks. J. R. Bjork. SOPHOMORES: Harry Baxter, William Bush, John Fenner, David Gardner, Herbert Jose, Lawrence Loftus, George McCargar, Harry Rybolt, Ralph Sandt, Earl Smith, Max Sudhoff, Thomas Wattles, Jacob Schmidt. FRESHMEN: Richard Adams, Edgar Bowerfind, James Brooks, Walter Brown, Robert Cage, Manson Carpenter, Richard Clark. John Gardner, George Haller, Robert Hibbs, Robert Hylant, Douglas Leader, Douglas McClelland, David McElroy, Charles Olmstead, John Perry, Paul Schanbacher, Andrew Seed, William Skillings, Dale Smith, Harry Smith, Richard Strickland, John Thompson, Alexander Trout, John Turner, David Turtle, Wallace Van Cleave, Hugh Wilson. 182 KAPPA TAIJ TOP ROW Fryt, Kennedy, Gucker, Tompkins. ROW 2 Pederson, Oleksy, Johnson, Trezise, Jones. ROW 3 Davantzis. Scoville, Carr, Wark, Bruni. TAU CHAPTER-1023 OAKLAND-OFFICERS: Robert A. Carr, Jr., President; Bruce Wark, Vice-President; John A. Sco- ville, Treasurer; Samuel Bruni, Secretary. SENIORS: Robert A. Carr. Jr.. Richard C. Bek. Samuel Nino Bruni. Walt Scholes, Jack Fiedler. JUNIORS: John A. Scoville. Bruce Wark, James Davantzis, Dee Johnson. Donald Jones, Monty Fryt. LeRoy Pederson. SOPHOMORES: Louis Friemiller, William Trezise. FRESHMEN: Chester Dec, William Moore. ' 183 GMA DELTA TOP ROW Gerson, Mahlin. Friedman, Rosenthal. Meltzer. Ball. Behrens, I. Stahl. Kauvar. Di- amond. ROW 2 Miller. Fisher, A. Grossman, Wilkes. Aronson, Isenberg, Bloomfield, Chase, Chertoff, Unger. Oakner, Pepper. Alexander. Brown. Light, Shapiro. Levy. ROW 3 Kreinberg, Zucker, Lefko. Sherman, L. Grossman, Abelso n. Kaplan. R. Stahl, Padnos, Froiken, Brandt, Ell- man. Jacobs, Root. Cohen. ROW 4 Stone, Schaeffer. Leign, Maling, Laskow, Indianer, Resnick, Kleinman, Moore. ETA CHAPTER-1811 WASHTENAW-OFFICERS: Garry Chertoff, President; Lewis Froikin, Vice-President; Arthur AbeJson, Secretary; Norman Brown, Treasurer. SENIORS: Bud Brandt, Mort Cohen. Sid Kreinberg, Ray Resnirk. Bob Stahl. JUNIORS: Art Abelson, Phil Aronson, A. Arnold Agree, Dick Bloomfield, Norm Brown, Garry Chertoff, Hal Cooper, Lou Froikin, Lenny Grossman, Al Grossman, Sid Kaplan, Dave Kleinman, Dave Levy, Chuck Light, Harry Miller, Stuart Padnos, Marv Shapiro, Stan Unger, Newt Zucker. SOPHOMORES: Bill Behrens, Sy Chase, Justin Henshell, Bud Isenberg, Jack LaZebnick, Murray Mahlin, Mort Pepper, Mary Robinson, Chuck Stocksteil, Jerry Wilkes. FRESHMEN: Stan Ball, Sheldon Gerson, Jake Jacobs, Jack Magidsohn, Louis Maling, Marty Meltzer, Norm Schaeffer, Irv Stahl, Bob Stone. 184 MA KAPPA TOP ROW Bassett, Pontius, Shannon. Gross, Balch, Smallman, Lapidos, Gann, Hillig, Stasson, Thayer. ROW 2 Vinkemulder, Walsh, Davey. Lauzon, Waggner, A. Grunewald, Williamson, Northrop, C. Grunewald, Field, Engel. DELTA DEUTRON CHAPTER-1043 BALDWIN-OFFICERS: Russcl Williamson, President; Albert Grunewald, Vice- President; Charles Lauzon, Treasurer; Albert Engel, Secretary. SENIORS: Wiliam Davey, Albert Grunewald, Charles Lauzon, C. Wiley Waggoner, Russcl Williamson. JUNIORS: Albert Engel, Segwick Field, Carson Grunewald, Robert McPherson, Richard Northrop. SOPHOMORES: Joseph Egan, Paul Gann, William Hillig, Richard Lapidos, Richard Shannon, Robert Smallman, Gwyn Thayer, Henry Vinkemulder, Mervyn Walsh. FRESHMEN: Hugh Balch, Arthur Bassett, William Gross, Dave Pontius, Blythe Stasson. 185 AMBDA PHI TOP ROW Baker. Gilford, R. Ginsburg, M. Cohn, Spiesberger, Kasle, S. Ginsberg, Steinman. Feinberg, Medalie, Morris, Wechsler. ROW 2 Kopel, Frankel, Passman, Roth, Schooler, R. Cohn, Alkon, Wald, Kittay, Osterman. Schwayder, H. Cohen, M. Weiss. B. Weiss. ROW 3 Nobel, R. Stern. Maxim, Unger, F. Ginsberg, Mandeberg, Lazerwitz, Wallach, Click. Brussell, Gerson, Titleman. Kane. Baer. ROW 4 Harrison, Warner, Lazar, Warren. J. Stern, Monk, Est- roff. G. Cohen, Willens. L. Weiss. Skutch. H. Franklin. EPSILON CHAPTER-715 HILL-OFFICERS: Howard Wallach, President, James Lazerwitz, Vice-President; James Wein- stein, Treasurer; Stanley Ginsburg, Secretary. SENIORS: Richard Baer, Eugene Brussell, Myer Franklin, Ramon Gerson, Fred Ginsberg, James Glick, Michael Kane, James Lazerwitz, Eugene Mandeberg, Conrad Maxmin, Rudi Nobel, Richard Stern, Mark Titleman, Robert Unger, Howard Wallach, Bertram Weiss. JUNIORS: Leonard Alkon, Russell Cohn, William Kittay, Richard Kopel, Herbert Osterman, Kermit Schooler, Richard Wald, fames Weinstein. SOPHOMORES: David Baker, Henry Cohen, Morton Cohn, Selig Estroff, Robert Feinberg, Lawrence Gilford, Stanley Ginsberg, Roland Gins- burg, Irwin Kasle, Arthur Medalie, Richard Passman, Warren Shwayder, Louis Spiesberger, Alvin Steinman. FRESHMEN: Kenneth Berke, Gerald Cohen, Edward Elukin, Saul Harrison, Jack Kaufman, Alan Lazar, Donald Morris, Milton Roth, William Skutch, Joseph Stern, Joseph Warner, Milton Warren, Burt Wechsler, Marvin Weiss, Leo Weiss, David Willens. 186 PSI UPSILDN Illl- TOP ROW Hamlin, Jones, Edwards, Heymann, Sandling, Chute, Evans, Campbell, Pierce. ROW 2 McPherson, Corcoran, Cristy, Long, Yarrow, Coe. ROW 3 Farr, Mulligan, Carney, Ducker, Rogers, Bennett, Avery. ROW 4 Lindemer, King. Rumney, J. Kennedy, Waller, Beatty, Chanter, Mackey. HOW 5 Morley, Anderson, Scott, Staake, McDonnell, Holiday, Lee, Stover, Cox. ROW 6 Somerville, Neal, Forsythe, L. Kaughey, Langford, Coifield, Nicolls, Yard, C. Kennedy, Cone, Caldwell, Dance. ROW 7 Emery, Post, Moon, C. Haughey. Schmidt, Harbert, Darden, Zahn, Johnston, Marshall, Lahey. PHI CHAPTER-1000 HILL-OFFICERS: Ralph Harbert, President; Don Schmidt, Vice-President; Harry Holiday, Re- cording Secretary; Sam Moon, Corresponding Secretary. SENIORS: Bruce Allen, Arthur Darden, Ralph Harbert, Charles Haughey, Donald Schmidt, Edward Zahn. JUNIORS: Tom Coffield, Bill Dance, Jack Emery, Louis Haughey, Chuck Kennedy, Joe Lahey, Jim Lee. Sam Moon, Tom Neal, Kieth Nicolls, Norris Post, Ed Scott, Rufus Somerville, Paul Staake, John Waller, Boyd Yard. SOPHOMORES: Chuck Anderson, Bob Beatty, Ned Bennett, Bill Caldwell, Doug Chanter, Dave Christy, Bob Chute, Bill Ducker, Harry Holiday, John Kennedy, John Mackey, Ed Morley, Bob Mulligan, Mason Rumney, John Stover. FRESHMEN: Dick Avery, Mike Carney, Jack Coe, Colin Campbell, Vincent Corcoran, Bill Cox, Don Eckrich, Joe Edwards, Gilbert Evans, Bob Farr, John Hamlin, Dick Heymann, Bill Jones, Pete King, Bob Long, Ed McPherson, Bob Pierce, Joe Rogers, Milton Sandling, Don Yarrow. 187 PHA EPSILD1V TOP ROW Baker, Kopf. Rehtmeyer, Levan. Haskell, Woods, Becker, Holcombe, Neal. ROW 2 Hehetnann, Otto, Lehman, Schraff , Gates, Tarbell, Collins, Shepard, Myron, McPike. ROW 3 Vallete, Noble, Parmenter, Kevil, Carver, Gordon, Jenkins, Brooks, Highfield. ROW 4 Ben- jamin, Post, Ballantyne, Rossman, Scott, Chipman, Bell, Wild. Ehrlich. Teller. IOTA BETA CHAPTER-1804 WASHTENAW-OFFICERS: Theodore Tarbell, President; James Collins, Vice-President; Ned Gates, Secretary; A. Karl Schraff, Treasurer. SENIORS: James Collins, Robert Ehrlich, Ned Gates, Louis Gingras, Richard Hall, Robert Hehemann, Harold McPike, Mclvin Myron, Charles Otto, James Rossman, John Rust, A. Karl SchariF, Duane Shepard, Theodore Tarbell. JUNIORS: William Brooks, Albert Chipman, William DeCourcey, Thomas Kopf, Reed Carver, Philip Jenkins, Gerard Kevil, James Minahan, Phillip Oram, George Valette. SOPHOMORES: Clark Baker, Lloyd Ballantyne, John Belknap, F. Cortez Bell, John Benjamin, Robert Gardner, William Gordon, John Hoben, Ruel Leh- man, Donald Neal, William Nobel, William Parmenter, David Post, Donald Woods. FRESHMEN: AlFred Becker, George Haskell, Allen Holcombe, Robert Lee, Donald Levan, Donald Micnaud, Calvin Rehtmeyer, Charles Rettick, Vance Simonds, Robert Telfer, George Wild. 188 A ALPHA Mil TOP ROW Avem, Cohn, G. Krauss, Busch, Holt Barrar, M. Wallace, S. Wallace, Goldstone. Shevin, Moscowitz, Lewis Bilski, Baslin. ROW 2 Merdler, Lipnik, Allan, Cohen, Feigenson, Kaine, Ingber, Alexander, Brawer, L. Cohen, Albert Miller, Baum, Raimi, Stenbuck, Zelony. ROW 3 Wagner, R. Krause, Backer. Silver, Shulman, Kirchenbaum, Pregulman, Moyer, Albert Cohen, Shagrin, Posmantur. Alpem, Yolles. ROW 4 Salit, Epstein, Greenburg, Levenson. Church, Alenier, Schultz, Rovit, Gould, Freedman. Lowenberg, Rose. SIGMA IOTA CHAPTER-1 108 HILL-OFFICERS: Mervin Pregulman, President; Bruce Kirchenbaum, Treasurer; Aaron Moyer, Secretary. SENIORS: Albert Cohen, Bruce Kirchenbaum, Aaron Moyer, Harvey Shulman, Melvin Silver, Eugene Wagner. JUNIORS: Richard Albert, Sidney Brawer, Allan Cohen, Louis Cohen, Fred Feigenson, George Ingber, Henry Kaine, Gerald Lipnik, Mervin Pregulman, William Yolles. SOPHOMORES: Stuart Alexander, Richard Barrar, Victor Baum, Donald Busch, Avern Cohen, Bernard Goldstone, Norman Gould, Allen Holt, Gerald Krause, Milton Moscowitz, Richard Rovit, Alfred Shevin, Melvin Wallace, Stanford Wallace. 189 MR SIGMA CHI TOP HOW McKinney. Munson, Lougheed. Schoepfle, Murray. Perry, Twitchell, Jepsen. Wantz, Ferguson, G. Morley, Cory. Acton. ROW 2 McCormick, McFaddin. Galvin, Bieneman, Barks- dale, Engl, Schulmeyer. Johnston, Kozloff, Landes, Wright, Labbe, Collins, Petoskey, Beckett. Larson, Evans. Silver. ROW 3 Biehman, Stenberg. Sharemet, Metzger, Gram, Frissell, Kline, MacKenzie. Betzhold, Burke, Phillippi, Kopcke, Matthews, Sharpe. ROW 4 Anderson, Nuss- baumer, Kampe, Rossier, Frantz, Scoville. Prozeller, Finsley, R. Morley. Swiggett. Frogner. Ladd. Bussey. Wildermulh. THETA THETA CHAPTER-548 S. STATE-OFFICERS: Gordon Mackenzie, President; James D. Kline, Vice-President; Fred Betzhold, Secretary; Donald Engl, Treasurer. SENIORS: Myron Beekman, Fred Betzhold, Bill Burke, George Foster, Don Frissell, Bill Gram, James Kline, Bill Kopcke, Gordon MacKenzie, Dave Matthews, Fred Metzger, Bill Phillippi, Carl Riggs, Phil Sharpe, Charles Thatcher. JUNIORS: Leigh Barksdale, Dick Bieneman, Charles Cannon, Bill Courtright, Don Engl, Joe Ensign, Dick Johnston, George Kozloff, Armand Labbe, Bob Landes, John McCormick, Bob McFaddin, Bruce Mason, Bill Murray, Dave Peters, Jack Petoskey, James Petlapiece, Russell Speirn, Bob Stenberg, Palmer Wright. SOPHO- MORES: Gordon Anderson, Dick Beckett, Don Cady, George Collins, Ace Cory, Douglas Ferguson, Kenneth Frantz, Don Galvin, James Hartrick, Edwin Hoff, Bob Howland, Ralph Jepsen, Dick LeClaire, Jack Lougheed, Kirk McKinney, Dean Munson, George Morley, Edward Perry, Paul Prozeller, Tom Schoepfle, Stew Schulmeyer, Tom Twitchell, Pat Wantz, Al Weeks. FRESHMEN: Bob Acton, Dave Beatty, Loren Brown, Floyd Bussey, James Evans, James Frogner, Kurt Kampe, Edwin Ladd, Don Larson, Charles McKenna, Bob Morley, Bob Nussbaumer, Alexander Ogle, Char les Perrine, Bob Rossier, James Scoville, Bob Silver, Dick Swiggett, Jack Theriault, Phil Tinsley, Dick Walterhouse, Dick Wildermuth. 190 PHI EPSILDN TOP ROW Pear. Lund, Troxell, Bothwell, Wa ' .lis, Tennyson. Banta. Gately. Hofmann. ROW 2 Barrett. Hicks. Mansfield, Thomas. Swart, MacLachlan, Schwab, McCarthy, Lee, Grey, Hamil- ton, Werst. ROW 3 Linker, Lessig, Grimshaw, Jacobs, Brimmer, Smith, Ludwig, Sloane, Sink, Granger. Bott, Hackett, Dunlop. ROW 4 Mikulich, Holland, Brooks, Rafelson. Bartlow, Harms. Huntoon, Rowlee, Powers, Sears, Holmberg, Templin, Thorpe, G. Johnson, Denney, Ager. ROW 5 P. Johnson, Curto. Howick, Hardenbrook, Brown, Scott, Reichert, L. Johnson, Prick, Whitney, Audi, Alt MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER-733 S. STATE-OFFICERS: Asa Rowlee, President; James Sears, Vice-President; Richard Huntoon, Secretary; John Powers, Treasurer. SENIORS: William Ager, Robert Bartlow, William Brooks, Corwin Denney, Robert Grimshaw, George Harms, Sampson Holland, Edward Holmberg, Richard Huntoon, John Mikulich, John Powers, Max Rafelson, Asa Rowles, James Sears, Robert Templin, Frank Thorpe, Kenneth Wood. JUNIORS: James Banta, John Bothwell, Clarence Brimmer, Harold Coleman, Richard Dunlop, fames Gately, Edwin Greider, Donald Howick, William Jacobs, John Kuivinen, William Ludwig, Arthur Nikkels, Gordon Pleiss, Richard Raw- don, George Sloane, Donald Smith, James Werst. SOPHOMORES: Charles Fisk, Donald Granger, Robert Greene, William Grey, Edwin Hackett, William Hamilton, Allen Hardenbrook, Robert Hicks, Sawyer Lee, Donald Lessig, John Linker, John McCarthy, James MacDonald, John MacLachlan, Jack Mansfield, Robert Ohlmacher, William Schwab, Cecil Sink, Lynn Stedman, Elaine Swart, Charles Thomas, Harry Williams. FRESHMEN: John Alt, William Auch, Raymond Barrett, Ward Brown, Donald Curto, Frank Fraser, Robert Frick, Fred Hofmann, Lewis Johnson, Phil Johnson, Lee Kenney, Kenneth Lasson, Thomas Lund, Roland Lussier, Edward MacDonald, Robert Pear, Robert Reichert, Harry Scott, Donald Tennyson, Harry Troxell, James Wallis, James Whitney, Donald Wimberly. 191 THETA CHI TOP ROW Gould, Lee, Freeman, H. Jennings, Sands, Winkler, Reynolds, Moss, Roeser, Beres- iord, Fredrickson, Geist, Gault. ROW 2 Stephenson, Ackenhusen, Ankli, Weeks, Crippen, Russell, Connell, Hopkins, Hawes, Stribley, I. Hallett, Watkins, Harvey, Yoder, Noll, Glasser, Chance. ROW 3 Shopoff, Parvin, R. Emery, Bigelow, Reagan, Lahr, Bartlett, Dongvillo, Troost, Dimfee, Droman, Crow, Kettler. ROW 4 Coward, Toll, Benson, Gusiaison, Taylor, R. Hallett, Twining, Quinsey, Millhouse, Robins, W. Jennings, Gittins, Fickinger. ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER-1351 WASHTENAW-OFFICERS: Richard Emery, President; Arlie Reagan, Vice-Presi- dent; Herbert Troost, Secretary; James Bartlett, House Manager. SENIORS: James Bartlett, George Ceithaml, John Crow, Henry Dongville, Richard Emery, J. Bradford John, Frank Lahr, Arlie Reagan, Herbert Troost. JUNIORS: Ross Belyea, Merritt Bigelow, Donald Boor, William Dorrance, Charles Droman, Gordon Dunfee, James Frederickson, Raymond Glasser, Richard Harvey, William Hawes, Harry Jennings, Gerald Noll, Gene Parvin, Robert Shopoff, William Zipp. SOPHO- MORES: Kenneth Ankli, George Beresford, James Connell, Kenneth Crippen, David Gault, Robert Geist, James Gould, Irving Hallett, Kent Hopkins, Milton Kettler, Albert Lee, Raymond Lewis, Herman Moss, Larry Reynolds, Carleton Roeser, Earle Russell, William Watkins, Richard Weeks, Gene Yoder. FRESHMEN: John Ackenhusen, Clifford Benson, Robert Chance, Francis Coward, William Emery, William Fickinger, William Freeman, Robert Gittins, Philip Gustafson, Richard Hallett, Warner Jennings, Charles Killin, Franklin Millhouse, Rodney Parker, Charles Porter, Robert Quinsey, John Robins, Kenneth Sands, Edward Stephenson, Richard Stribley, William Taylor, Philip Toll, Robert Twining, Richard Winkler. 192 SIGMA MU TOP ROW Nutt, Johnson, Sanchez, Inman, Oren, Brieske, Schaeffer, Luikart, Bogen, Whitney. ROW 2 Smeltzer, Schumacher, Stiers, Hartman, Cobb, Wiese, Hebel, Cochran, Lekus, Hartwick, C. Cook, Pittsley. ROW 3 Miller, R. Killing, Grandy, B. Cook, Callens, Lewis, Robertson, Parker, Kraft. Dukes. ROW 4 Shirkey, Bielauskas, Baxter, Ennis. Kelly, Craig, Ross, Swenson, Schultz, Hafford. J. KUlins. GAMMA NU CHAPTER-700 OXFORD-OFFICERS: George Callens, Commander; John Lewis, Lieut.-Commander; Larry Stiers, Secretary. SENIORS: George Callens, Barton Cook, Randolph Dukes, W. John Grandy, R. Stanley Hartman, Bruce Hartwick, Robert Killins, John Lewis, Joseph Parker, David Robertson, Ernest Schultz, William Swenson. JUNIORS: William Cochran, William Cobb, Reynold Kraft, Louis J. Lekus, Max Luikart, Russel Miller, Henry Sanchez, Larry Stiers. SOPHOMORES: William Bielauskas, James Brieske, Robert Hebel, Harry Inman, Richard Nutt, Robert Schaeffer, Robert Shirkey, Gene Swenson, Robert Wiese. FRESHMEN: Maurell Baxter, Charles Cook, John Craig, Arthur Ennis, George Hafford, Charles Hanson, John Kelly, James Killins, William Oren, William Pittsly, Larry Ross, Richard Whitney. 193 SIGMA PHI TOP ROW Monger. J. Angle. Emory, Hiett. Smart, C. Mack. Grier, Westrate. Dodge, H. Mack. ROW 2 Berns. Mundt. Jacobson, Carlson, Green. Mactier, Aigler, Wiese, Lewis, Davidson, Schmidt. ROW 3 Devine, Porter, Berg, Warren. Westrate, Sallade. Savllle, Johnson, Dins- more. ROW 4 Eschbach, Molesta, Rector, Wolaver, Jaracz. Lewis, Shemn, W. Angle, Rehmus, Berg, Ferguson, Charnley. MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER-426 N. INGALLS-OFFICERS: Warren Westrate, President; Kenneth Warren, House Manager; Allen Mundt, Secretary. SENIORS: Roger Berg, Hugh Dinsmore, Stewart Johnson, Henry Loud, George Sallade, Richard Saville, Kenneth Warren, Warren Westrate. JUNIORS: John Aigler, Julius Berns, Jack Carlson, James Davidson, Robert Green, Alvin E. Jacobson, Jr., Clayton Lewis, Jr., Henry L. Schmidt, Jr., James Mactier, John Wiese. SOPHO- MORES: John Angle, Thomas Grier, William Emory, Edward Hiett, Walter Jaracz, Charles Mack, Harry Mack, Charles Munger, Irving Rector, John Smart, Walter Pipp, William Westrate, Jr. FRESHMEN: William Angle, Everett Berg, Morion M. Charnley, Jr., Robert Eschbach, Edward Ferguson, Roger Lewis, Richard Rehmus, Robert Shemn, David Wolaver. 194 MGLE TOP ROW Ford. Fisher. Hull, Pantek. ROW 2 Plenge, Snyder, Case. MICHIGAN CHAPTER-927 S. FOREST-OFFICERS: Edward Snyder, President; Robert Ford, Vice-President; Henry Pantek, Secretary; James Plenge, Treasurer. SENIORS: Henry Pantek, Edward Snyder. JUNIORS: James Plenge. SOPHO- MORES: Edson Case, Warren Fisher, Robert Ford, Donald Hull. 195 niiiiix PI i tt TOP ROW Neuman, Thomson, Lent-Koop, Broggini, Voiles, Sutton. ROW 2 Hooper, Howell, Reed, Bazley, Parr, Martelli. 1617 WASHTENAW-OFFICERS: Karl F. Reed, President; James R. Bazley, Vice-President; Raymond Parr, Secretary; Robert V. Martelli, Treasurer. JUNIORS: James R. Bazley, George D. Hooper, Donald D. Howell, Theodore R. Lent-Koop, Robert V. Martelli, Karl F. Reed, Arthur R. Thomson. SOPHOMORES: Lawrence A. Neuman, Raymond G. Parr. FRESH- MEN: Lloyd Broggini, Palmer F. Sutton, Jack A. Voiles. 196 DELTA CHI TOP ROW Ingersoll, Penoyar, Oddy, Walsh, Dull, Wiesert, Beltz, MacCoul, Otjen. Holter, F. Sippy, K. Sippy. ROW 2 Ahlstrom, Cunningham, Sharpe. Barker, Bartell, Bogen, Hall, Geib, Low, Kugel, Cope. ROW 3 Flagler, Flott, Sharp, Pierce, Schroeder, Sheets, Nixon, Gerlach, DeLand, Jahnke, Burgess, Clement. GAMMA DEUTERON CHAPTER-700 S. STATE-OFFICERS: Joe Schroeder, President; James Pierce, Vice-President; Richard Dick, House Manager. SENIORS: Leroy Aldinget, Carlos Bell, Warren DeLand, Robert Flott, William Gerlach, Donald Nixon, James Pierce, Joe Schroeder, Theo. Sharp, Jerome Sheets. JUNIORS: Paul Barker, Lawrence Bartell, Robert Bogen, Warren Burgess, Jr., Paul Clement, Richard Dick, John Flagler, Arthur Geib, Clark Hall, Jr., Louis Jahnke, Albert Low, Richard Sharpe. SOPHOMORES: Fred Beltz, James Cunningham, George Dunlevy, Jr., Robert Dull, Marvin Holter, Robert Kugel, Donald MacCoul, Robert Oddy, Carl Otjen, William Potter, Francis Sippy, Kenneth Sippy, Edward Weisert, George Walsh, Jr. FRESHMEN: Orin Ahlstrom, William Cope, Charles Ingersoll, William Jennett, David Muzzall, William Penoyar. 197 XI FRATERNITY TOP ROW J. Eyster, Hunter, Shadd, Barton, I. Williams, Klee, L. Brown, Weigel, Beadle, Ah- lers, Commora, Erbland. ROW 2 Pitt, Fegert. Lauier, Adam, Wehmeyer, Bourquin, Cooper, Lockwood, DeWitt, Lynch, Goy, Schrever, Porter. ROW 3 Burnham, Wood. Beauchamp, Nel- son, Fisher, R. Eyster, Taylor, Bracket!, Richardson, Brodie, Geniesse, Nesbitt. ROW 4 Graham, Schausten, Kelly, Schaeier, Spanagel, Trace, Drury, Halvorsen, MacPhail. SIGMA CHAPTER- 1345 WASHTENAW-OFFICERS: Richard D. Eyster, President; Philip H. Fisher, Vice-President; F. Carter Taylor, Treasurer; James T. Williams, House Manager; Robert W. Shadd, Steward; Robert E. Lynch, Corespond- ing Secretary. SENIORS: John S. Beauchamp, Robert J. Brodie, John Burnham, Richard D. Eyster, George Fegert. Philip H. Fisher, Eugene Geniesse, R. Lee Nelson. Robert Richardson, F. Carter Taylor. Wilbur P. Wood. JUNIORS: William Adam, John J. Bracken II, R. Warren Bourquin, Glenn M. Heck, John H. Hunter, Paul Jennens, Elaine Johnson, Anson Laufcr, Jr., David Pusack, Ogden C. Smith, David Wehmeyer. SOPHOMORES: Edwin Baker, David W. Barton, Leland Brown, Robert C. Brown, Hugh Cooper, Jr., David DeWitt, James P. Eyster, Robert W. Goy, Walter Klcc, Jr., W. Bruce Lockwood, Robert E. Lynch, Robert MacPhail, Robert Pitt, Jack H. Schausten, Robert W. Shadd, Edwin Weigel, James T. Williams. FRESHMEN: Stanley Ahlers, Robert Beadle, Lawrence Commora, Richard R. Drury, Robert M. Erbland, James Halvorsen, Albert E. Hirsch, Douglas G. Graham, Richard S. Kelly, Warren Lindeman, Charles N. Manhoff, Jr.. C. Stanley Porter, Samuel Schaefer, Frederick Schriever, Jack A. Spangel, Keith B. Trace, Jr., R. Lee Williams. 198 ETA BETA TAU a -ff ?. mj y 2 flH I vt 1 f " TOP ROW Laufe, Kahn, Jaffe, Spitz. Zuckerman, Salon, Wienner. Epstein, Janeway, Cooper, Wise, Brown, Treuhaft, Weil. Cohen, Brown. Lanin. ROW 2 Redfield, Davidson. Cole, Kellner, Feferman. Borman. Heavenrich, Brown, Miller, Aronoif, Rosencrans, Mayer, Levkoif. Eardon, Silversmith, Seivers, Samuels, Jacobson. Hallenstein, Siegel. ROW 3 Bloch, Heineman, Morrison, Burstein, Rosen, Winkelman, Steinberg, Wingate, Grossberg, Seiden, Simon, Roths- child, Solomon, Wolf, Hendel, Landsberg. ROW 4 Welling, Schonfeld, Robinson, Goldman, Simons, Anoif. Lowenstein, Leopold, Levinson. Glickstein, Kosarin, Dascal, Nemerovski, Harris, Rosenstock. PHI CHAPTER-2006 WASHTENAW-OFFICERS: Robert Burstein, President; Marvin Borman, Vice-President; Richard Simon, Treasurer; Norman Schwartz, Secretary. SENIORS: Henry Bloch, Robert Burstein, Edmund Grossberg, Warner Heineman, Bernard Hendel, Robert Morrison, Douglas Rosen, Charles Rothschild, Daniel Seiden. Richard Simon, Jeff Solomon, Robert Steinberg. Paul Wingate. Stanley Winkclman, Frederick Wolf. JUNIORS: Marvin Borman, Bernard Brown, Richard Cole, Richard Cooper, William Davidson, Martin Feferman, Herbert Heavenrich, Cornell Janeway, Richard Kahn, Kenneth Kardon, Haskell Kellner, Warren Laufe, Abner Levkoff, Arthur Mayer, William Samuels, Norman Schwartz, Ora Sievers, Joseph Silversmith, Edwin Weil. SOPHOMORES: Martin Brown, Robert Cohen, Louis Hallenstein, Robert Jaffe, Alan Kahn, Robert Jacobson, Basil Kosarin, Alvin Levinson, Arthur Miller, Jay Left, John Redfield, Herbert Rosencrans, Joel Salon, Richard Spitz, Jack Treuhaft, James Wienner, Robert Wise, James Zuckerman. FRESHMEN: Phil Anoff, Larry Aronoff, Mel Brown, Burton Burg, Alan Dascal, Donald Epstein, Robert Glickstein, Martin Goldman, Herman Harris, Paul Landsber, Myron Lanin, James Leopold, Malcolm Lowenstein, Leonard Nemorovski, Robert Newman, James Robinson, Charles Rosenstock, Schuster Siegel, Broudy Simons, Robert Welling. 199 ZETA PSI TOP ROW Serrester, Mosher. Menz, Miller, Fowle, Bolliger, Smith. ROW 2 Runge. Mc- Kenna, Jackson, Burnett, Sullivan, Essery, Little, Halstead, Heard. ROW 3 Dawson, Ostrander, Sands, Sappington, Walker, Evans, Thurber, Gaulkler, Rathbun, Waggoner, Kerner. XI CHAPTER-1443 WASHTENAW AVE.-OFFICERS: Frank W. Sullivan, President; William E. Essery, Vice-President. SENIORS: Fred Arnold, Mai Buhner, Chuck Fielder. Doug Fowle, Torn Inman, Ed Men , Dean Miller, Dick Mosher, Rudy Salvette, Bernie Serrester. JUNIORS: Gene Bolliger, Les Burnett, Gib Hocking, Chuck Little, Tom McKenna, Scott Smith, Russ Tree. SOPHOMORES: Bill Essery, Howard Halstead, Will Heard, Jim Jackson, Bill Johnson, Ed Runge, Bud Sullivan. FRESHMEN: Dave Evans, Bob Gaulkler, Lee Kerner, Bill Ostrander, Bob Rathbun, Sel Sands, Lew Sappington, Bill Waggoner, Roger Walker. 200 Alpha CM Omega Ir OFFICERS: Barbara MacLaughlin, President; Virginia Stover, Vice-President; Louise Higbee, Recording Secretary; Marion Orth, Treasurer. SENIORS: Marion Carlson, Susanne Cone, Joan Genung, Jean Graf, Louise Higbee, Doris Hutchison, Mary Keppel, Jeanne Macklem, Barbara MacLaughlin, Marion Orth, Virginia Stover. JUNIORS: Susan Ball, Catherine Butman, Carol Cothran, Gertrude Clubb, Polly Estes, Martha Elliott, Charlotte Iselman, Louise Mueller, Claire Sherman, Alvira Spencer. SOPHOMORES: Elizabeth Appel, Phyllis Banbrook, Katherine Bocco, Anna Brown, Doris Buchanan, Bernadine Cameron, Patricia Dillenbeck, Betty Duwe, Barbara Gross, Carol Henderson, Ellen Hooper, Peggy Laukengayer, Georgianna Leslie, Glenn McDaniel, Mary Jane Millard, Violet Miller, Louise Olander, Patricia Palmer, Penelope Pet- ley, June Pomering, Dorothy Pugsley, Elaine Rathbun, Janice Reid, Jeanne Roberts, Sherry Roop, Joan Ross, Elizabeth Summers, Irene Turner, Virginia White. FRESHMEN: Jane Scholes, Patricia Sanders. 1004 OLIVIA STREET TOP ROW MacLaughlin, Stover. Higbee, Orlh, Carlson. Cone, G. Genung, Graf, Hutchison, Macklem, Clubb. Cothran. ROW 2 Elliat. Keppel, Iselman, Mueller, Sherman, Spencer, White, Appel, Ball. Banbrook, Brown, Butman. ROW 3 Cameron, Dillenbeck, Duwe, Estes, Gross, Henderson, Hooper, Leslie, McDaniel, Millard, Miller, Olander. ROW 4 Pugsley. Palmer, Petley, Pomering, Rathbun, Reid. Roberts, Ross, Sanders, Summers, Turner, Scholes. 202 TOP ROW E. Gray, Bercaw. Johnston. Shute, Dolf. Gearing. F. Gray, Mahlman, Marxhausen. ROW 2 Radiord. Anderson. Churchill, Du- buisson, Du Puis. MacMahon, Rodgers. Lector, White. ROW 3 Blom- quist. Covert. Curtis. Glutsch. Hansen, King. Linnig. Soper, Wiltsee. OFFICERS: Eleanor Gray, President; Nancy Bercaw, Vice- President; Sally Johnston, Secretary; Jane Shute, Treasurer. SENIORS: Virginia Anderson, Nancy Bercaw, Barbara Dolf, JoAnn Gearing, Eleanor Gray, Frances Ann Gray, Elizabeth Mahlman, Jean Marxhausen, Elizabeth Radford, Elizabeth Rodgers. JUNIORS: Betty Churchill, Marion Curtis, Joan Du Puis, Dorothy Dubuisson, Sally Johnston, Gomer Ann MacMahon, Barbara Jean White. SOPHOMORES: Jean Blomquist, Marje Covert, Terese Glutsch, Sybil Hansen, Eliza- beth King, Beatrice Linnig, Jane Shute, Bette Soper, Sally Teetor, Harriette Wiltse. 722 FOREST 203 OFFICERS: Janet Lewin, President; Lois Arnold, Vice-Presi- dent; Kayla Backrach, Secretary; Gloria Donen, Treasurer. SENIORS: Shirley Altfeld, Lois Arnold, Elaine Earth, Thelma Bernsten, Ruth Bloom, Gloria Donen, Joanne Gross, Patti Kunzman, Janet Lewin, Adele Neiman, Beatryce Nickoll, Hazel Taylor. JUNIORS: Kayla Ba chrach, Henrietta Browar- sky, Harriet Cooper, Vivian Fischer, Rosalie Frank, Grace Freudberg, Bernice Galansky, Marie Gordon, Doreen Harris, June Harris, Betty Harvey, Rita Hyman, Dorothy Levinthal, Marilyn Levinthal, Phyllis Present, Adele Sherman, Martha Spector, Lisbeth Spero, Barbara Sternfels, Justine Travis, Margery Welber. SOPHOMORES: Margery Batt, Luaine German, Agnes Brown, Betty Feltenstein, Adrienne Goldwyn, Irma Greenberg, Joan Lewine, Berverly Mann, Ruth Ribback, Marjorie Rosmarin, Rita Schoenfeld, Barbara Shure, Marcia Silver, Margery Snowden, Deborah Springer, Betty Weber, Margery Wolfson. 407 N. INGALLS Alpha Epsilon PHI TOP ROW Lewin, Arnold. Backrach, Donen. Altfeld, Earth. Bern- stein, Bloom. Gross, Kunzman. ROW 2 Neiman, Nickoll, Taylor, Browarsky, Cooper, Fischer, Frank. Galansky, Gordon, D. Harris. ROW 3 J. Harris, Harvey, Hyman, D. Levinthal. M. Levinthal. Present, Sherman. Spector, Spero, Sternfels. ROW 4 Travis, Wallace. Welber, Batt, Berman. Brown, Freudberg, Goldstein, Goldwyn, Green- berg. ROW 5 Harmon. Ribback. Rosmarin, Silver, Shure, Snowden, Springer, Wolfson. 204 TOP ROW Larson, Alt. Gray, Marsom, Brugaletta, Crawford, Evarts, Frank, Holiday. Hull. ROW 2 MacRitchie, Moore, Muller, Preston, Wensink, Woodward, Adams, Andrews. Baskette, Brand, Edwards. ROW 3 Fassen, Gouzie, Kranich, Larsen, Peat, Ramsdell, Reese. Schleh. Stokinger, Wampler. ROW 4 Watkins, Ashley, lames. New- ell, Paly, Porter, Pullum, Sheridan. OFFICERS: Dorothy Mae Larson, President; Mary Ellen Alt, Vice-President; Louise Marsom, Treasurer; Nancy Gray, Secretary. SENIORS: Mary Ellen Alt, Mary Crawford, Anne Evarts, Nancy Gray, Helen Holiday, Rose Hull, Dorothy Lar- son, Marallyn MacRitchie, Louise Marsom, Audrey Moore, Hazel Muller, Martha Preston, Carolyn Wensink. JUNIORS: Anne Adams, Ann Andrews, Marion Baskette, Ruth Brand, Gloria Brugaletta, Eleanor Edwards, Gloria Fassen, Margaret Frank, Suzzann Gouzie, Betty Kranich, Rae Larsen, Betty Peat, Betty Ramsdell, Carolyn Reese, Ruth Schleh. Elva Stok- inger, Lois Anne Watkins. SOPHOMORES: Helen Ashley, Marian James, Betty Newell, Jeanne Paty, Elinor Porter, Joan Pullum, Audrey Sheridan. 1322 HILL ma Delta 205 Alpha pmftron Pi OFFICERS: Mildred Christa, President; Jean Ranahan, Vice- President; Margaret Davidson, Treasurer; Wanda Baumiller, Secretary. SENIORS: Jane Baessler, Wanda Baumiller, Mar- garet Bowman, Elizabeth Campbell, Mildred Christa, Margaret Davidson, May Belle Davis, Jean Denton, Eleanor Feldrappe, Gloria Jacobus, Betty Jones, Dorothy Judson, Muriel Keltner, Jean Kerr, Florence Light, Ethel Mary Mathis, Mary Mor- ris, Myrtle Patterson, Jean Ranahan, Mary Lou Wagner, Dorothy Wineland. JUNIORS: Marion Ford, Carol Graeff, Rita Jaski, Dorothy Visscher Little, Norma Rowe, Marjorie Giefel, Patricia Swanson. SOPHOMORES: Joyce Den Her- der, Nancy Hoffman, Elizabeth Taylor, Virginia Weadock. FRESHMEN: Mary Elizabeth Whitlock. 1017 OAKLAND TOP ROW Christa. Jaski, Baumiller. Campbell, Baessler, Bowman. Davidson, Denton, Feldrappe. ROW 2 Jacobson, Jones. Judson. Keltner. Kerr. Mathis. Morris, Patterson, Ranahan. ROW 3 Wagner, Wineland. Ford, Graefi. Light. Rowe. DenHerder. Gieiel. Hoffman. ROW 4 Swanson. Taylor. Weadock, Whitlock. 206 TOP ROW Gilmer. Skinner. Rogers. Walsh, Blodgett. DeRoo. Em- melt, Fead, Gruzhit. ROW 2 Jackson, Killing, Noble, Orr, Pratt, Royle. Burden, Gracey, Harmon. ROW 3 Johnson, Kressbach, Lov- ett MacMillan, McComb, Peterson, Proctor, Sandenburgh. ROW 4 Sexauer, Trosper, Armstrong, Bronson, Brown, Christian, Crump, Davidson. Day. ROW 5 Dyble, Farrant, Jacques, Norihrup, Peirsol. Stenhouse, Warren, Woltzen, Zahrn. OFFICERS: Jean Gilmer, President; June Skinner, Vice-Presi- dent; June Sandenburgh, Corresponding Secretary; Frances Rogers, Recording Secretary. SENIORS: Ruth Blodgett, Mar- jorie DeRoo, Carol Emmett, Jean Gilmer, Olga Gruhzit, Virginia Jackson, Marjorie Killins, Charlotte Noble, Betty Orr, Harriet Pratt, Frances Rogers, Ann Royle, June Skinner, Helen Walsh. JUNIORS: Jean Burden, Nell Fead. Frances Gracey, Margaret Harmon, Ruth Johnson, Helen Kressbach, Jean Lovett, Sue Lovett, Ann MacMillan, Elizabeth McComb, Joan Peterson, Martha Peirsol, Grace Proctor, June Sanden- burgh, Mary Jane Sexauer, Roberta Trosper. SOPHO- MORES: Doreen Armstrong, Jayne Bronson, Betsy Brown, Jean Christian, Nan Crump, Agnes Day, Mary Jane Dyble, Jane Farrant, Mary Jo Jacques, Barbara Mason, Nancy North- rup, Jean Stenhouse, Virginia Warren, Jane Wolt en, Mary Ellen Zahrn. 1830 HILL 207 OFFICERS: Ann Dixon, President; Bette Sachs, Vice-Presi- dent; Kay Buszek, Treasurer; Ruth McDavid, Secretary. SEN- IORS: Kay Buszek, Ann Dixon, Florence McCracken, Ruth McDavid, Bette Sachs, Betty Seitz, Barbara Smith, Charlotte Thompson. JUNIORS: Ellen Cooper, Jane Johnston, Phyllis Johnston, Mary Jane Morris, Barbara Vaughan. SOPHO- MORES: Dorothy Callahan, Virginia Dodd, Janice Fletcher, Betty Harris, June Harris, Kathryn Joels, Patricia Kammerer, Mary Catherine Koebe, Ann Maloney, Martha Loe Mc- Cracken, Dorothy Packer, Eugenia Schwartzbek, Marion Thompson. 825 TAPPAN Alpha fifelta r A, TOP ROW Dixon, Sachs. Darid, Buszeck, F. McCracken, Seitz. Smith, C. Thompson, Urmston. HOW 2 Cooper. Morris, Vaughan. Callahan. Dodd, Fletcher. B. Harris. J. Harris, Joels. ROW 3 Johnson, Kammerer, Koebe, Maloney, M. McCracken, Packer, Schwartzbek, M. Thompson. 208 TOP ROW Storkan, McLean, Stevens, Bierwirth, Arehart, Bonazzi. Cayi, Munger, Murlin. ROW 2 Ramsdell, M. Strong, Upson. Walsh, Wright, Cing-Mars, Doyle, Forsyth, Gardner. ROW 3 McGrath, Mclaughlin, Novy, Page, Peters, Stadleman, Treadwell, Bradshaw, Fishel. ROW 4 Goodin, Harmon, Lackey, Livermore, Loree, Low, McDaniels, Meeker, Mountjoy. HOW 5 Ramsay, Ruch, Snaddon, Steiler, B. Strong, Swift, Worsham, Zarbock. OFFICERS: Marjorie Storkan, President; Jane McLean, Vice- President; Esther Stevens, Secretary; Nancy Bierwirth, Treas- urer. SENIORS: Britta Bonazzi, Jane Cayia, Jane McLean, Maureen Munger, Esther Murlin, Frances Ramsdell, Marjorie Storkan, Kathryn Upson, Sally Walsh, Joy Wright. JUNIORS: Thelma Arehart, Nancy Bierwirth, Violet Cinq-Mars, Patricia Doyle, Carol Forsyth, Phyllis Gardiner, Dorothea McDaniel, Joan McGrath, Janet McLaughlin, Mary Lous Meeker, Bar- bara Novy, Patricia Page, Jane Peters, Geraldine Stadelman, Esther Stevens, Marjorie Strong, Dorothy Treadwell. SOPHO- MORES: Mary Helen Bradshaw, Harriet Fishel, Peggy Goodin, Ann Marie Harmon, Mercedes Lackey, Joyce Livermore, Jean Loree, Joyce Low, Elinor Miller, Mary Mountjoy, Jeanne Ramsey, Marilyn Ruch, Harriet Snaddon, Barbara Steiler, Barbara Strong, Betty Jane Swift, Mary Worsham, Doma Mae Zarbock. 1503 WASHTENAW 209 OFFICERS: Marjery Bursley, President; Sara Loughead, Vice- President; Nancy Moore, Secretary; Eugenia Eady, Treasurer. SENIORS: Rosemary Aldrich, Sally Bauble, Marjery Bursley, Eugenia Eady, Nancy Filstrup, Nancy Moore, Elizabeth Rine- hart, Nancy Worrell. JUNIORS: Beatrice Bouchard, Harriet Cress, Helen Garrels, Jane Gilbreth, Mary Leigh Hughes, Martha Keas, Patricia Lewis, Sara Loughead, Alice Roelofs, Barbara Schoepfle, Penelope Shaw, Joy Sibley, Barbara Stuber. SOPHOMORES: Mary Blanchard, Louise Forbush, Joan Frantz, Ann Grootendorst, Mary Lee Grossman, Maureen Har- wood, Julie Jennings, Marita Krejci, Marian Kuechenmeister, Elizabeth Mathes, Joyce McCormick, Madeline McMath, Eve- lyn Otis, Ruthmary Picard, Marjorie Rutherford, Margaret Sadler, Harriet Skinner, Mary Jane Trainer, Madeline Vib- bert. FRESHMEN: Margaret Anderson. 1501 WASHTENAW Snrusis TOP ROW Bursley. Loughead. Stuber, Eady. Aldrich, Baubie, Brier, Cress. Filstrup. ROW 2 Gilbreth. Moore, Rinehart, Worrell, Bouch- ard, Garrels, Hughes. Keas, Lewis. ROW 3 Mathes, Roelofs, Schoe- pfle, Shaw. Sibley, Vi bbert, Anderson. Blanchard. Forbush. ROW 4 Frantz, Grootendorst, Grossman, Jennings, Krejci. Kuechenmeister, McCormick, McMath, Otis. ROW 5 Picard. Rutherford, Sadler, Skinner, Trainer. 210 TOP ROW Sellon. Hood, Curran, Morgan, Ahlstrom. Brennan. Clement. Cummings, DeFoe. ROW 2 De Fries, Elkins, Evans, Gard- ner. Gillis. Griswold. Marty, Morris, Schreck. ROW 3 Berry, Blanch ard. Claassen, Loveioy, Mclaughlin, Nelson, Ross, Strong, Whitte- more. ROW 4 Wright. Young, Brown, Frey, Griswold, Heym. Kimball, Kittredge, Kneedler. ROW 5 Lyon. McDonald, Moore, Morgan, Peterson, Stedman, Thielen, Walters. OFFICERS: Mary Sellon, President; Catherine Hood, House President; Mary Lou Curran, Secretary, Martha McMillan, Treasurer. SENIORS: Virginia Ahlstrom, Joan Clement, Dorothy Cummings, Mary Lou Curran, Nancy DeFoe, Barbara DeFries, Marcia Elkins, Peggy Evans, Margaret Gardner, Pat- ricia Gillis, Betty Griswold, Catherine Hood, Doris Marty, Jo Ann Morris, Roberta Schreck, Mary Sellon. JUNIORS: Barbara Berry, Mary Jane Blanchard, Catherine Brennan, Kathryn Claassen, Marjorie Lovejoy, Audrey McLaughlin, Martha McMillan, Marcia Nelson, Margaret Ross, Jean Whit- lemore. Lucy Chase Wright, Marjorie Young. SOPHO- MORES: Margaret Brown, Martha Frey, Dorothy Griswold, Barbara Heym, Mary Lou Kimball, Dorothy Kittredge, Jane Kneedler, Ann Lyon, Betty McDonald, Marilyn Moore, Mar- garet Morgan, Barbara Peterson, Muriel Stedman, Ruth Strong, Mary Jane Thielen, Dorothy Walters. 718 TAPPAN Delia Delta Delta 211 OFFICERS: Jane Graham, President; Eleanor Rakestraw, Vice-President; Donna Eckert, Secretary; Jane Lindberg, Treasurer. SENIORS: Charlotte Conover, Donna Eckert, Jane Graham, Sybil Graham, ' Isabel Kulsavage, Betty Sue Lamb, Mable Luton, Jeanne Moehlman, Betty Ann Neal, Winifred Palmer, Eleanor Rakestraw, Janet Stickney, Virginia Young. JUNIORS: Nancy Bonisteel, Elizabeth Bunnell, Pat- ricia Fearnley, Mary June Hastrieter, Mary Hunter, Mary Jane Kirchgessner, Jane Lindberg, Martha Opsion, Barbara Pierson, Mary Reichert, Alice Louise Schutt, Betty Jane Scott, Marlou Shartel, Elizabeth Swisher, Margaret Whipple, Phyllis Whitten. SOPHOMORES: Mary Ames, Suzanne Arnstein, Mary Ann Berger, Irene Brosius, Patricia Clark, Mary Alice Hahn, Jeanette Raymond, Elizabeth Reiger, Rose Stoetzel, Katherine Tripp, Mary Caroline Ulrich, Pam Watts, Louise Whipple. 1205 HILL Delta Gamma TOP HOW Graham. Rakestraw, Eckert. Lindberg, Conover, Graham, Kulsavage, Lamb. Luton. ROW 2 Moehlman, Neal, Stickney, Young, Bonisteel, Bunnell, Cole, Fearnley, Hastrieter. ROW 3 Hunter, Kirchgessner, Opsion, Pierson, Reichert, Schutt, Scott. Shartel, Swisher. ROW 4 Whipple, Whitten, Ames, Arnstein. Berger, Brosius, Hahn, Palmer, Raymond, Reiger, Stoetzel, Ulrich, Whipple. Clark, Trip, Watts. 212 TOP ROW Wood, Jeffrey. Ihling, Gustafson, Arner, Barnes. Cald- well, Hoffman, Honey. Poe. ROW 2 Reichle, Triestram, Wakeman, Woodbury, Farrar, Fitzpatrick. Glasner, Hodges, Lathrop. May. ROW 3 Spore. Upson, Veenbrer. Vyn, Willging, Zimmerman. Beck. Cecil. Collins. Davis, Holmes. ROW 4 Klintworth, Lawson. MacNeal, McCarthy, McCulloch, McNamnee, Mason, Merriam, Miller. ROW 5 Parry. Sayers, Stark, Stevens, Tappe, Thompson, Vance. OFFICERS: Ruth Wood, President; Jean Jeffrey, Vice-Presi- dent; June Gustafson, Treasurer; Margaret Ihling, Secretary. SENIORS: Doris Arner, Belva J. Barnes, Jean Caldwell, Molly Hoffman, Jane Honey, Margaret Ihling, Jean Jeffrey, Martha Poe, Mary Reichle, Frances Triestram, Virginia Wakeman, Ruth Wood, Mary Lou Woodbury. JUNIORS: Diggins Far- rar, Josephine Fitzpatrick, Elaine Glasner, June Gustafson, Ruth Hodges, Katherine Lathrop, Carol May, Patricia Spore, Nancy Upson, Janet Veenboer, Frances Vyn, Betty Willging, Marcia Zimmerman. SOPHOMORES: Clara Beck, Carol Cecil, Joyce Collins, Elizabeth Davis, Sally Dreese, Josephine Holmes, Katherine Klintworth, Marjorie Lawson, Ruth Mac- Neal, Jane McCarthy, Marjorie McCulloch, Mary McNamee, Sue Mason, Margery Merriam, Barbara Miller, Deborah Parry, Harriet Sayers, Gloria Stark, Helen Stevens, Hope Tappe, Frances Thompson, Betty Vance. 1520 S. UNIVERSITY 213 OFFICERS: Virginia Morse, President; Barbara Amsbary, Vice-President; Barbara Carritte, Secretary; Mary Pfender, Treasurer. SENIORS: Barbara Amsbary, Elizabeth Buesser, Dorothy Burke, Barbara Carritte, Betty Green, Frances Hall, Catherine Jones, Sue Kahn, Judy Morrill, Virginia Morse, Elizabeth Oldfield, Mary Pfender, Phyllis Robison, Jane Scher- merhorn, Marjory Smith, Laura Vial, Harriet Vicary. JUN- IORS: Lenore Bode, Janet Clarke, Carol Grede, Marianne Gooding, Alberta Fisk, Betsey Frank, Carolyn Hallsteen, Mar- jorie Leete, Betty Markward, Barbara Piper, Helen Snyder, Morrow Weber, Suzanne Wood, Jane Whiteside, Shirley Zimmer. SOPHOMORES: Peggy Bartell, Barbara Bathke, Margaret Carlisle, Nita Carritte, Ruth Caryl, Arlene Caswell, Barbara Chadwick, Barbara Eddy, Charlotte Haas, Jean Hark- ness, Mary Ann Jones, Jane Longstaff, June Nieboer, Ann Parker, Mary Jane Romine, Suzanne Springer, Cornelia Sturges, Mary Vedder. 1414 WASHTENAW Kappa Ajpha Theta TOP ROW Morse, Amsbary, Carritte, Robison, Buesser, Burke, G. Green, Hall, C. Jones, Kahn. ROW 2 Oldfield, Pfender, Schermer- horn. Smith, Vail, Vicary, Bode, Clarke, De Vine. Gooding. ROW 3 Grede, Hallsteen, Leete, Markward. Parker, Piper, Snyder, Weber, Whiteside, Wood. ROW 4 Zimmer. Bartell, Bathke, Carlisle, Caryl, Caswell, Chadwick, Eddy, Fisk, Frank. ROW 5 Hass, Harkness, M. Jones, Longstaff. Milne. Nieboer. Romine, Springer, Sturges, Vedder. 214 TOP ROW Eagle. Merrill, D. Beebe, Dehlin. Barber. O. Beebe, Bill. Bowen, Clare. ROW 2 Clarke, Cox, Crall, Duggan, Johnson, Lee, Parsons, Tuck, Weinhart. ROW 3 Adams, Banks, Case, Eberle, Gamham. Greene, Grifien, Holman, Knapp. ROW 4 Savage, Scott. Travis, Brown, Coleman, del Siena, Gray, Hall, Halliday. ROW 5 laniga. Miller, Rosa, Sandos, Stewart, Underwood, Uvrick, Warren. OFFICERS: Donelda Eagle, President; Betty Merrill, Vice- President; Diana Beebe, Secretary; Alice Dehlin, Treasurer. SENIORS: Virginia Barber, Olive Beebe, Dorothy Bill, Mar- jorie Bowen, Jeanne Clare, Helen Clarke, Jean Cox, Virginia Crall, Donelda Eagle, Hilda Johnson, Kathryn Lee, Gail Par- sons, Betty Merrill, Georganna Tuck. JUNIORS: Phyllis Adams, Natalie Banks, Diana Beebe, Clorice Case, Alice Deh- lin, Cicely Duggan, Melvina Eberle, Betty Greene, Frances Griffin, Shirley Holman, Dolores Knapp, Marilyn Savage, Elaine Travis, Sally Weinhart. SOPHOMORES: Eleanor Brown, Doris Jean Coleman, Dorothy del Siena, Janet Gray, Betty Hall, Virginia Halliday, Mary Jane Janiga, Lucy Miller, Elizabeth Rosa, Mary Ellen Sandos, Beverly Stewart, Florence Underwood, Anita Uvick, Claire Warren. 1620 CAMBRIDGE 215 ye. a Gamma OFFICERS: Ann Herzog, President; Monna Heath, Vice- President; Elizabeth Kinsey, Secretary; Sue Sims, Treasurer. SENIORS: Margaret Brown, Pauline Drake, Betty Lou Duvall, Ann Herzog, Barbara Jensvvold, Doris Kimball, Betty Kinsey, Rosemary Mann, Margaret Murray, Elaine Richert, Margaret Savage, Jean Watson. JUNIORS: Clare Blackford, Margaret Cannon, Mary Lib Donaldson, Monna Heath, Patricia Hop- per, Martha Kinsey, Fannie Milne, Harriette Sue Montague, Shirley Raskey, Janet Robb, Barbara Robinson, Barbara Sauer, Daphne Shaw, Suzanne Sims, Hope Sisk, Nancy Squire, Doro- thy Wearley, Mary Jane Wilder, Nancy Wood, Virginia Young. SOPHOMORES: Marilyn Braun, Jean Campbell, Julia Car- ney, Katherine Carney, Elizabeth Carpenter, Dorothy Castri- cum, Margaret Chute, Phyllis Crawford, Shelby Dietrich, Gale Doyle, Patricia Heil, Ruth Ives, Beth King, Shirley Krause, Martha Manton, Natalie Mattern, Carol Miller, Marilyn Moser, Marcia Netting, Margaret Pilliod, Dorothy Rausch, Georgianna Root, Marcia Sharpe, Oriel Straehley, Margaret Vogt. 1204 HILL TOP ROW Herzog. Kinsey. Kimball, Sims. Brown, Drake. Duvall. Mann, Murray, Richert. ROW 2 Savage, Thome, Watson, Black- ford, Cannon, Donaldson, Doyle, Heath. Hopper, Kinsey, Milne. ROW 3 Montague, Raskey, Robb, Robinson, Shaw, Sisk, Squire, Wearley, Wilder. ROW 4 Wood. Young. Braun, Campbell, K. Carney, J. Car- ter, Castricum, Chute, Crawford. ROW 5 Dietrich, Heil, Ives, King, Krause. Manton, Mattern, Miller, Moser, Netting. ROW 6 Pilliod, Rausch, Root, Sauer, Sharp, Straehley, Vogt. fc " p I : 216 I TOP ROW Greene, Kohl, Moskowitz, Cohen. ROW 2 Miller. Rosen- hain, Schwartz. Phi Sip Sigma OFFICERS: Syril Greene, President; Dorothy Lewis, Secretary; Helen Moskowitz, Treasurer; Marcia Kohl, Vice-President. SENIORS: Syril Greene, Rhoda Kohen, Marcia Kohl. JUN- IORS: Dorothy Lewis, Helen Moskowitz, Phyllis Schapiro, Norma Schwartz. SOPHOMORES: Adele Rosenhain. 1430 CAMBRIDGE 217 OFFICERS: Marilyn .Gebhard, President; Patricia Young, Vice-President; Janet Osborn, Corresponding Secretary; Kitty Simrall, Recording Secretary; Sally Morton, Treasurer. SEN- IORS: Frances Capps, Phyllis Fowler, Marilyn Gebhard, Ruth Gram, Mary Knapp, Margery Mahon, Kitty Simrall, Nancy Stock, Marian Wendell, Patricia Young. JUNIORS: Virginia Bishop, Madalyn Born, Jean Caldwell, Patricia Cosgrove, Charlotte Fern, Lois Fromm, Patricia Gehlert, Nancy Griffin, Mari Guinan, Shirley Hassard, Nancy Hattersley, Bettyanne Heidbreder, Barbara Hulbert, Margaret Johnson, Juliet Linde- man, Sally Morton, Janet Osborn, Jane Pritchard, Miriam Ruge, Mary Sue Tuck, Ruth Whittlesey. SOPHOMORES: Patricia Arnall, Elizabeth Banks, Harriet Boyer, Ann Cook, Beverly Gotschall, Joyce Helmick, Eleanor Ketcham, Patricia MacGregor, Ruth Maloney, Naomi Miller, Lee Robinson, Anna Louise Stanton, Barbara Swain, Frances Tripp, Barbara Wallace. 836 TAPPAN TOP ROW Young, Fowler, Simrall, Morton, Capps, Gebhard. Gram, Knapp, Mahon, Stock. ROW 2 Wendell, Born, Caldwell, Cosgrove, Fern, Fromm, Gehlert, Griiiin, Guinan, Hassard. ROW 3 Hattersley, Heibreder, Helmick. Hulbert, Johnson, Lindeman, Osborn, Pritchard, Ruge, Swain, Tuck. ROW 4 Whittlesey, Arnall, Banks, Bishop, Boyer, Cook, Gotschall, Ketcham. MacGregor. ROW 5 Maloney, Miller, Robinson, Stanton, Tripp, Wallace. 218 TOP ROW Hagan, Ervin, Shuchowsky, Baron. Becker. ROW 2- Hibst, Hogan, Penner. Quinlan, Gibbons. Tlieta PhUlpha OFFICERS: Elizabeth Hagan, President; Betty Ervin, Vice- President and Treasurer; Joan Shuchowsky, Secretary. SEN- IORS: Elizabeth Hagan. JUNIORS: Marie Baron, Virginia Becker. SOPHOMORES: Betty Ervin, Margaret Gibbons. Geraldine Hibst, Shirley Hogan, Eleanore Keefe, Hone Pen- ner, Jane Quinlan, Joan Shuchowsky. 821 E. UNIVERSITY 219 Zrlil Til OFFICERS: Phyllis Rye, President; Muriel Thomas, Vice Pres- ident; Jeani Maclnnes, Secretary; Margot Bender, Treasurer. SENIORS: Lorraine Dalzen, Elizabeth Decker, Genevieve George, Liese Price, Phyllis Rye. JUNIORS: Margaret Apple- gate, Margot Bender, Shyrl Gould, Catherine Koert, Patricia Laughrey, Jeani Maclnnes. SOPHOMORES: Marion Basset. Bonalyn Brown, Harriet Godshalk, Jean Ledwith, Alice Mac- Kenzie, Virginia Oksa, Betty Parsons, Kathleen Roche, Mar- gery Shaw, Muriel Thomas. 826 TAPPAN TOP ROW Rye. Maclnnis. Thomas. Dalzen, Decker. Applegate, Bender. ROW 2 Gould, Laughrey. Bassett, Brown, George, God- shalk, Ledwith. ROW 3 MacKenzie. Oksa, Parson, Roche, Shoecraft. 220 MARTHA COOK OFFICERS Virginia Capron, President; Mariett Rolleston, Vice-President; Anita Gilleo, Secretary; Beth Frehse, Treas- urer. BOARD OF GOVERNORS-Mrs. Chauncey F. Cook, Jr., Mrs. James O. Murfin, Mrs. Evans Holbrook. HOUSE STAFF Mrs. G. J. Diekema, Social Director; Miss Sara Rowe, House Director. TOP ROW Barbara Bentley, Judy Morrill. ROW 2 Hau Manary, Virginia Capron, Mariette Rolleston, Beth Frehse. 222 STOCK WELL TOP ROW Pagey Batchelor, Luise Nieman, Gretchen Schweickhard, Sue Gordon, Genevieve Sibiga, Betty Damon, Phyllis Aronberg, Frances Vander Mey. ROW 2 Shirley Sieg, Adele Blum- berg, Eileen Bradley, Miriam Dalby, Connie Gilbert- son, RiRi Wooten, Judy Dornian. ROW 3 Jeanne Anderson, Barbara Moore, Elizabeth Hawley, Pat Gildemeister, Jean Hubbard. STOCKWELL HOUSE OFFICERS-Constance Gilbertson, President; Kay Negus, Secretary; Eileen Bradley, Treasurer; June Ross, Vice President. HOUSE COUNCIL-Miriam Dalby, Marian Luhrs, Mary Banting, Nora Altman, Lucile Babbitt, June Anutta, RiRi Wooten, Eileen Bradley, Judy Donnan, Suzanne Gordon, Mary Yearn, Adele Blumberg, Jeanne Anderson, Frances Vander Mey, Elizabeth Hawley, Phyllis Aronberg, Barbara Moore, Jean Hubbard, Pagey Batchelor, Helen Sieg, Genevieve Sibiga, Betty Damon, Gret- chen Schweickhard, Luise Niemann. 223 MOSHER-JORDAN MOSHER HOUSE OFFICERS-Joanna Penoyar, President; Barbara Smith, Vice-President; Ruth Mersser, Secretary; Barbara Grieve, Treas- urer; Mary Horan, Social. HOUSE COUNCIL Virginia Johnson, Florence Turin, Helen Johnston, Georgeanna Fergason, Joan Piper, Janet Singer, Marian Hrebek, Patricia Coulter, Leaner Grossman, Dorothy Mean, Beth McLellan, Lois Parker, Kathleen Garrity, Phoebe Scott, Dorothea Hedges, Mary Ann Eibler, Evelyn Popper, Betty Bott, Lois Moore. JORDAN HOUSE OFFICERS-Chloe Heitsch, President; Greta Lee Kranz, Secretary-Treasurer. HOUSE COUNCIL Barbara Bingham, Frances Goldberg, Nancy Buckley, Betty Giles, Barbara Fairman, Helen Riopelle, Rosamond Deacon, Marion Stacey. 224 TOP ROW Phebe Scott, Lee Grossman, Irene Mendelsohn, Barbara Grieve, Ruth Meesser, Lois Moore. ROW 2 Katherine Ganity, Pat Coulter, Joanna Pen- oyar. Martha Mullinger, Evelyn Popper. ROW 3 Mary Ann Eibler, Sarah Cor- win, Betty Bott, D. J. Hedges, Barbara Coulter. TOP ROW Chloe Heitsch, Barbara Osborne, Francis Popkins, Greta Lee Kranz, Helen Riopelle. ROW 2 Frances Goldberg, Margaret Carroll, Jane Daniels, Helen Dickenson, Phyllis Hovey. ROW 3 Jane Strauss, Dorothy Flint Marian Stacy, Lucy Bracket!, Barbara Bingham, Sally Larson, Marianne Albertson, Ann Donnelley. 225 HELEN NEWBERHY TOP ROW Betty Jane Awrey, Ruth Edberg, Rosalie Bruno. ROW 2 Jean Mills, Ernestine Elser, Beatrice Glass. HOUSE OFFICERS-Beatrice Glass, Presi- dent; Doris Bazant, Vice President; Betty Jane Awrey, Treasurer; Ernestine Elser, Secretary; Ruth Edberg, Athletic Director; Jean Mills, Social Director; Rosalie Bruno, Air Raid War- den. BOARD OF GOVERNORS-Mrs. Henry B. Joy, Mrs. John G. Hays, Mrs. Arthur Brom- age, Mrs. Wilfred B. Shaw, Dean Alice C. Lloyd. HOUSE STAFF-Mrs. Walter Newell, House Director; Miss Marie Harris, Dietitian. 226 91, !!!! m II II Jin i I II i I BETSY II A II H II T I! TOP ROW Thelma Hauer, Joan List. Carol Lewis. ROW 2 Anne Podoley, Lois O ' Brien. HOUSE OFFICERS-Thelma Hauer, Presi- dent; Carol Lewis, Vice President; Ann Podo- ley, Treasurer; Lois O ' Brien, Secretary; Joan List, Social Chairman. BOARD OF GOVER- NORS-Mrs. John Worley, Mrs. Edward L. Adams, Mrs. Charles B. Vibbert, Mrs. John Bry- ant, Dean Alice C. Lloyd. HOUSE STAFF- Mrs. Hazel Overtoil, House Director; Miss June Voorheis, Dietitian. 227 ALUMNAE HOUSE TOP ROW Marcheta Frye. Barbara Witters. Barbara Roehm. ROW 2 Vera Schreiner, Marion Hall, Florence Morehouse, Jeanne Fenwick, Jean Scott OFFICERS Florence Morehouse, President; Barbara Witters, Vice-President; Jean Scott, Secretary; Marion Hall. Treasurer. HOUSE COUNCIL Marcheta Frye. Vera Schreiner, Barbara Roehn, Jeanne Fenwick. Alumnae House, the home of sixteen university women this year, was founded by an alumnae group from Detroit. The present house is not the original one, which was where Forest crosses Wash- tenaw. The house dates from Civil war days, when it was owned by a well- known judge. For many years it was a fraternity house until it was taken over ten years ago to be the present Alumnae House. The house is owned by the uni- versity and is officially a dormitory al- though there still is an alumnae board which supplies linens for the girls that the university doesn ' t provide. 228 MADISON HOUSE TOP ROW Mary Thompson, Dorothy Brody. Ian Laube, Mildred Andrew, Mary Trix, Virginia Barr. Jayne Gourley, Joan Portz, Jeanne Arbogast. ROW 2 Mary McHugh, Sylvia Ragir, Marjorie Gavins, Barbara Kelley, Ruth Daniels, Gladys Wilson. Carol Kreusser, Mildred Johnson. ROW 3 Frances Sacks, Vera Sorokanich, Ellen Servicky, Lois Aytelson, Mary Morris. OFFICERS-Ruth F. Dan- iels, President; Barbara A. Kelley, Vice-President; Mar- jorie M. Gavins, Secretary; H. Gladys Wilson, Treas- urer. HEAD OF HOUSE- Mrs. Edward G. Heckle. Dorm life on a war time campus! The girls are smil- ing even without men. 229 WEST QUADRANGLE TOP ROW Jim Gillis, Joe Woods, Roy Boucher, Charles Telfer, Bill Rose, Bob Dondero. ROW 2 Bernard Williams, James Koutias, Bob Barnes, Bob Large, Bill Downey, Bill Owen. OFFICERS Robert Barnes, President; Robert Wal- lace, Vice-President, William Kier, Secretary-Treas- urer. The War has brought many changes in the res- idents of the West Quadrangle and yet it has gone on as before the war being a home for one thousand university students. During the fall semester, the dormitory was entirely civilian but, in the middle of the spring semester, the senior R.O.T.C. was called to active duty and is now being housed in Allen-Rumsey. These men, after a week at Fort Custer. found a wel- come reception in the quad. Although they are under strict army regulation, these fellows are allowed to attend their regular classes and will graduate at the end of this semester. This is the last year for the duration in which the West Quad will be for civilian use. The first of July, the navy is planning to move in about twelve hundred to take training in the univer- sity. 230 7 The boys anxiously look for mail. Could it be their draft notice they ' re expecting? The line forms to the right! The fel- lows in West Quad wait in line for their food. Michigan memories! When these fellows are in the armed forces they ' ll remember those good old days in West Quad. E A S T U A D TOP ROW King Doyle. Warner Jennings, Clinton Heim- bach, Robert Boardman, Gene Stubbs. ROW 2 John Hus- ton, John Vaughn, Bill Doelle, Aron Friedman. OFFICERS Clinton Heimbach, President; Francis Doyle, Vice-President; Gene Stubbs, Secretary; Wil- liam Doelle, Treasurer. There have been many changes on campus this year, and among the most drastic have been those in East Quad. For the fall semester the quadrangle housed four hundred university stu- dents but with the start of the spring semester, these students were forced to move when the U. S. Army took over. During the first semes- ter, the Steuben Guards, established by the lo- cal R.O.T.C. department were located within the dormitory. The men living in these bar- racks were under army regulation although they were allowed to attend classes as before. Dur- ing the spring term, the quad has been the home for nearly one thousand soldiers moved in from all over the country to study Japanese and meteorology in the university. 232 Who is the most sought after man in the unit. Well, by these anxious faces, it ' s the mailman no doubt. One of the enjoyable moments of army life. - One darned good reason why gas rationing doesn ' t make so much difference on Monroe Street. If the army says it ' s a sidewalk it ' s a sidewalk. Going to dinner all in step maybe. If they weren ' t in uniform there would be quite a rush at this time. Don ' t you want to eat, fellows? Finally inside the cafeteria, the boys get a taste of good food. Remember Fort Custer? 233 I I I I (6(DILIL ENGINEERING, LITERATURE, ARCHITECTURE, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, DENTISTRY, EDUCATION, FORESTRY, GRADUATE, LAW, MEDICINE, NURSING, MUSIC, PHARMACY. PRESIDENT RUTHVEN Alexander Grant Ruthven Aside from the formal type of information that can be found about Dr. Ruthven in Who ' s Who, there are other facts about our president that the average student wants to know. In the listings it can be read that the president was born in a small Iowa town and that he got his B.S. degree at Morningside College, his Ph.D. here in Ann Arbor and then progressed through the natural channels of promotion in the Zoology Department and the Museum to the office of Dean of Administration. But few of us realize that he has discovered many new animals, including a number of snakes; and the most interesting, he thinks, is the lizard Basiliscus bar- bouri. This lizard is over two feet long, has a fin on its back, and runs on its hind legs. The natives of South America, where it was found, call it a " Christ lizard " because it runs on its big hind feet across the water. Of the plants and animals other scientists have found and named for him, the president thinks that the most amusing is a plant louse, Euthrips ruthveni. The pres- ident has been decorated with the Order of Jade, the highest award given by the Chinese gov- ernment. He feels that the girls on the social committee of the league who are hostesses for his teas are very able and efficient. His summer home at Frankfort, Michigan, i s built like a western ranch on a beautiful tract of wooded land overlooking Lake Michigan. It is there that he breeds Morgan horses, a prized American breed. 236 Obviously this picture was taken before March 28. Ummmm! Stamp collecting is really a big business these days, and President Ruthven is an enthusiastic philatelist ... is that the word, Mr. Kieran? 237 R. Spencer Bishop Alfred B. Connable, Jr. O A Lt.-Comdr. Harry J. Kipke Franklin M. Cook Died April 14, 1943 O F John D. Lynch 238 David H. Crowley Alexander G. Ruthven Eugene B. Elliott E G E Edmund C. Shields J. Joseph Herbert T S Shirley W. Smith ADMINISTRATION These are the officers of the University upon whose foresight and guid- ance rests the management of a vast campus of some ten thousand students. In peacetime, it was to these men and women that we turned for counsel and for help when the intricacies of the Univer- sity proved too much to comprehend. They have regulated our extra-curricular activities. It was to them that we looked for leader- ship, and it was upon them that we depended for the management of student and faculty affairs. Now, in this time of war, the adminis- trators have taken on yet another task . . . the alignment of the Uni- versity with the other great forces of America in the war effort. To this end they have worked both long and well. C. T. Olmsted. Assistant Dean of Students; J. A. Bursley. Dean of Students; W. B Rea. Assistant Dean of Students. 240 Standing: I. Smith, Registrar; W. Shaw. Director of Alumni relations; H. Watkins, As- sistant Secretary. Seated: L. A. Hopkins, Director of Summer Session; S. Smith, Vice-President and Secretary. E. Blythe Stason, Provost Alice C. Lloyd, Dean of Women Clarence S. Yoakum, Vice-President Assistant Deans Woodburne and Walter and Dean Kraus still find time to joke with each other, even though they had to reorganize a good share of their Lit School to harmonize with the war effort. It is under their direction that the " humanities and arts " are being preserved at Michigan. There ' s something about Haven Hall that re- minds one of those good old freshman history courses along with Sociology 51. And who hasn ' t waited on the steps of Angell when they were let out of their ten o ' clock five minutes early? 244 HE College of Literature, Science and the Arts, long the stamping ground for a broad, cultural education, has now been modernized. Realizing the needs of the emer- gency, the Lit School showed that it was no mere " ivory tower. " Commencing with the 1942 summer term, new courses pertinent to the war effort were added, and old ones were revised and rendered more useful to the emergency needs. The history, political science, language and geology departments have instituted courses in for- eign policy, in German, Japanese, Thai, map-making and reading . . . courses which will make the Lit students more directly useful in war-time. Students of chemistry and other sciences in the college will continue to fill many technical positions which are now even more important. Perhaps the most important, and certainly the most radical move taken by the Lit School was the presentation of a special degree program in International Studies. This program, backed by the State and War Departments, endeavors to familiarize students with the cultural, political, and economic back- grounds of nations and regions which will need rejuvenation following the war. The addition of the new courses has not meant that the traditional studies have been led to the block. With a long-sighted view to the future, the Literary College has recognized that the winning of the war and the winning of the peace cannot be accomplished by technicians alone. More than ever before, the world will be in need of intelligent citi- zens who have a broad training and understanding of the basic social, political and cultural aspects of world life. The war effort extends to the teaching of Jap- anese to civil- ian students. And the Geography Department, which up to now has been a man ' s world, has come into its own by offering military mapping, one of the most popular courses in the University. 246 CLASS F F I C E R S SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-Harry Anderson, President; Ben Smith, Vice-pres- ident; Ann Herzog, Secretary; Nancy Gray Treasurer. FINANCE Bill Ager, Chairman; Mary Ellen Alt, Francis Capps, Elayne Bennett, Norton Norris, Bob Ufer, George Sallade, Dorothy Wineland, Don Westfall, Mary Jane Utley. CAP AND GOWN Lyons Howland, Chairman; Edward Holmberg, Eleanor Rake- straw, Betty Merrill. ANNOUNCEMENTS James Mandler, Chairman; Lorraine Dalzen, James Bartlett, Mudge Killins, Robert Morrison, J. Hood Vaughan. Anderson, Herzog, Gray, Smith. 247 BERNICE I. ADAMS. B.S. in Mathematics, Sept. ' 43 Flint, Mich. EDWARD B. ADAMS. A.B. in Economics, May Kansas City, Mo. JOHN C. ADAMS, A.B. in Journalism, Jan. . Washington. D.C. WILLIAM F. ACER. A.B. in Speech, May . . Ann Arbor, Mich. SEYBURN L. AGNEW, A.B. in Economics, Ian. . Detroit, Mich. VIRGINIA A. AHLSTROM, A.B. in English Literature, May Royal Oak, Mich. BARBARA ALCORN, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts. May Storrs, Conn. ROSEMARY E. ALDRICH. A.B. in Design. Sept ' 43 Ann Arbor, Mich. EDWARD KING ALDWORTH, A.B. in Economics, Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. RICHARD T. ALLAN, Jr., A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. JOHN G. ALLEN, B.S. in Zoology, Sept. ' 43 Watkins Glen, N.Y. KENNETH E. ALLEN, A.B. in Zoology, Jan. . . Ferndale, Mich. MARY ELLEN ALT, A.B. in Journalism, May . . Detroit, Mich. SHIRLEY E. ALTFELD, A.B. in Social Work, May . . .Elyna, O. BARBARA J. AMSBARY, A.B. in Sociology. May Detroit, Mich. HARRY F. ANDERSON, A.B. in Journalism. May, Chicago, 111. ANN HELEN ANIELEWSKI, A.B. in Journalism, May Ann Arbor, Mich. RUTH APPLETON, B.S. in Zoology, May . . . Providence, R.I. DORIS M. ARNER, B.S. in Chemistry, May Three Rivers, Mich. KATHRYN G. ARNOLD, A.B. in Latin, May . . Wayne, Mich. LOIS C. ARNOLD, A.B. in Speech, May .... Syracuse, N.Y. S. LAWRENCE ARONSSON, A.B. in Economics, Jan Detroit, Mich. DOROTHY L. ARTHUR, A.B. in Social Studies, May Grand Rapids. Mich. DOM A. ARTUSO, A.B. in Languages, Jan., Binghamton, N.Y. THEODORE R. ASTLEY, A.B. in Psychology, Jan Pontiac, Mich. BETTY J. AWREY, A.B. in French, May Milford, Mich. HUGH AYERS, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Highland Park, Mich. MILDRED L. BABBITT, A.B. in Spanish, May . . Riverside, 111. LITERARY SENIORS SUZANNE H. BACKUS, A.B. in History, May Ann Arbor, Mich. ELIZABETH K. BAER, A.B. in Psychology, May, Detroit, Mich. RICHARD A. BAER, A.B. in Mathematics and Science, Jan Niagara Falls, N.Y. LAURA B. BAIRD, A.B. in History, May .... New York, N.Y. DOROTHY R. BAKER, A.B. in Geography, May, Detroit, Mich. EDWIN V. BANTA, Jr., A.B. in Letters and Medicine, May Floral Park, N.Y. MARY R. BANTING, A.B. in History, May, Richmond, Mich. VIRGINIA H. BARBER, A.B. in Sociology, Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. 248 MARIAN J. BARCLAY, A.B. in English. May Grand Rapids, Mich. HELEN E. BARNES, A.B. in History, May, Grosse Pointe, Mich. ELAINE S. BARTH, A.B. in Social Work, Jan., Rochester, N.Y. JAMES D. BARTLETT, A.B. in Economics, Jan. . . Lima, N.Y. VERNELL W. BARTLETT, B.S. in Physics. May Saginaw, Mich. MARGARET E. BARTLEY, A.B. in Social Studies, May Pittsburgh, Pa. WANDA M. BAUMILLER, A.B. in History, May, Detroit, Mich. JOHN S. BEAUCHAMP, B.S. in Chemistry, May, Detroit, Mich. OLIVE B. BEEBE, A.B. in Sociology, May Detroit, Mich. ROBERT G. BEGLE, A.B. in Economics, May . . Detroit, Mich. DANIEL S. BEHRMAN, A.B. in English, Jan. . New York, N.Y. ANNE BELSHAW, A.B. in English, May . . Greenville, Mich. MURIEL B. BEMIS, A.B. in Science and Mathematics, May Wobum, Mass. ELAYNE N. BENNETT, B.S. in Zoology, May . . Detroit, Mich. RUTH E. BENNETT, A.B. in Languages, May Corry. Pa. WILLIAM S. BENNETT, A.B. in Economics, May Grand Rapids, Mich. BARBARA L. BENTLEY, A.B. in Political Science, May Marshall, Mich. CAROL BERMAN, A.B. in Journalism, May . . Brooklyn, N.Y. STEPHANIE BERNSTEIN, A.B. in French, Jan., New York, N.Y. THELMA BERNSTEN, A.B. in Speech, Jan Gary, Ind. WILBUR R. BIRK. A.B. in Letters and Medicine, May Wayne, Mich. GEORGE A. BLEASBY, A.B. in English, May. Ann Arbor, Mich. HENRY W. BLOCK, B.S. in Mathematics, May Kansas City, Mo. RUTH E. BLOOM, A.B. in Social Work, Jan. . . Detroit, Mich. WILLIAM BOGEDAIN, A.B. in Zoology. Sept. ' 43 Interlaken. N.J. ROBERT G. BOGEN, B.S. in Zoology. Sept. ' 43, Detroit, Mich. BRITTA H. BONAZZI, A.B. in Political Science, May, Akron. O. CAROL J. BOOTH, A.B. in History. Sept. ' 43 Marine City. Mich. fe jf pv 1 - - 1 mf JP ' - I f LITERARY SENIORS " Show your colors, gents, show your colors! " And here a couple of young and hopefuls are caught shelling out the green and silver for the yellow and blue. 249 JOSEPH K. BORGES, A.B. in Economics, Sept. ' 43, Flint, Mich. MARGARET E. BOWMAN, A.B. in Social Studies, May Detroit, Mich. MARJORIE D. BOWEN, A.B. in French, May . . Niles, Mich. SANDILANDS G. BOYD, A.B. in French, May Ocean Springs, Miss. JOHN J. BRACKET!, A.B. in Political Science, Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. CONRAD A. BRADSHAW, A.B. in Letters and Law. May Grand Rapids, Mich. AUDREY C. BRATMAN, A.B. in Sociology, May Baltimore, Md. CATHERINE BRENNAN, A.B. in Geography, Sept. ' 43 Albion, N.Y. DOROTHY F. BRIDDON, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, May Rochester, N.Y. FERN H. BRODIE, A.B. in Social Work, May . . . Derby, N.Y. BETTY A. BROWN, A.B. in Speech, May Erie, Pa. G. ELAINE BROWN, B.S. in Chemistry, May, Wausau, Wis. JOHN W. BROWN, A.B. in Economics, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. MARGARET E. BROWN, A.B. in Psychology, May, Flint, Mich. WILLIAM E. BROWN III, A.B. in Economics, Sept ' 43 Ann Arbor, Mich. MARTIN R. BROWNING, A.B. in Economics, May Iron Mountain, Mich. GLORIA F. BRUGALETTA, A.B. in Latin, Sept. ' 43 Berkeley, Mich. NATHAN H. BRYANT, Jr., A.B. in Speech, May Grand Rapids, Mich. ARTHUR M. BUECHE, B.S. in Chemistry, Jan., Flushing, Mich. ELIZABETH L. BUESSER, A.B. in English, May . Detroit, Mich. JEANETTE BUIST, B.S. in Zoology, May, Grand Rapids, Mich. LEONA H. BUKOWSKI, A.B. in French, May, Bay City, Mich. MARGERY K. BURSLEY, A.B. in English, Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. ROBERT H. BURSTEIN, A.B. in Bus. Ad., May, Pittsburgh, Pa. WILLIAM D. BURTON, A.B. in Mathematics, May Detroit, Mich. ALICE BYER, A.B. in Sociology, May Rochester, N.Y. JAMES A. BYERLY, Jr., A.B. in Geography, May Owosso, Mich. CONSTANCE J. BYERS, A.B. in Journalism, May Kansas City, Mo. LITERARY SENIORS Two battleships and a cruiser come steaming into town as part of the convoy for the Great Lakes team. 250 JEAN CALDWELL, A.B. in English, May .... Bronxville, N.Y. CATHERINE M. CALL, A.B. in Psychology, Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. GEORGE V. CALLENS, A.B. in Economics, May Dearborn, Mich. F. DOUGLAS CAMPBELL, A.B. in Economics, May, Caro, Mich. E. FRANCES CAPPS, A.B. in History, May, Jacksonville. 111. VIRGINIA I. CAPRON, B.S. in Chemistry, May, Detroit, Mich. MARION I. CARLSON, A.B. in Fine Arts, May Highland Park, Mich. ANDREW F. CAUGHEY, JR., A.B. in Letters and Medicine, May Detroit. Mich. GEORGE F. CEITHAML, A.B. in Economics, May, Chicago, ni. DOROTHY M. CHAMBERLIN, A.B. in Speech, May East Palestine, O. EDWARD G. CHASE, JR., A.B. in Economics, Jan Evanston, m. WILLIAM D. CHASE, A.B. in Geography, May, Dearborn, Mich. ELSIE W. Y. CHOY, A.B. in Economics, May, Shanghai, China ROBERT W. CHRISTENSON, A.B. in Economics, May Flint, Mich. LESTER I. CITRIN, B.S. in Zoology, Sept. ' 43 Brooklyn, N.Y. STANFORD A. CLAMAGE, A.B. in Mathematics, May ..Detroit, Mich. RUTH E. CLARK, A.B. in Psychology, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. SHIRLEY I. CLEVENGER, A.B. in History, May . . Tiffin, O. ROBERTA R. CLOVER, A.B. in Philosophy, May Muskegon. Mich. MORTON H. COHEN, A.B. in Political Science, May Columbus, O. RHODA COHEN, A.B. in Spanish. May. Chestnut Hill. Mass. THELMA J. COLEMAN, A.B. in Sociology. Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. JAMES J. COLLINS, A.B. in Political Science, May Meadville, Pa. MARGARET E. COLLINS. A.B. in Sociology, May Corunna, Mich. SUZANNE E. CONE. A.B. in Psychology, Jan. . . Toledo, O. CHARLOTTE E. CONOVER, A. B. in English, May Palmerton. Pa. JAMES R. CONANT. A.B. in Philosophy, May Cambridge, Mass. JOHN D. COONS . . Ironwood, Mich. LITERARY HS JEANNE F. CORDELL, A.B. in Literature, May, Dearborn, Mich. SARAH A. CORWIN, A.B. in Speech, May, Milwaukee, Wis. LOUIS J. COTE, A.B. in Mathematics, Jan Detroit, Mich. VIETTA M. COX, B.S. in Psychology, May. Rochester, N.Y. JOHN H. CRABB, A.B. in History, May Huntington Woods, Mich. JANET L. CREBBIN, A.B. in French, Jan Flint, Mich. DAVID CROHN, A.B. in Political Science, Jan. . Detroit, Mich. JAMES A. O. CROWE, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts. Jan Ferndale, Mich. 251 MARGARET H. CROWLEY. A.B. in Sociology. May Hudson Falls, N.Y. DOROTHY M. CUMMINGS, A.B. in Speech. May Ann Arbor, Mich. MARY LOU CURRAN, A.B. in Social Work, May Mountain Lakes. N.J. ROY T. CURRIE, A.B. in History, May . . Staten Island. N.Y. FRANK T. CURTO. A.B. in History. Jan Chicago, 111. PATRICIA J. DAHLSTROM, B.S. in Chemistry, May L ' Anse, Mich. THOMAS L. DALRYMPLE, A.B. in Political Science. Jan Youngstown, O. LORRAINE M. DALZEN, A.B. in Speech, May . . Lenox, Mich. BETTY L. DAMON, A.B. in Psychology, May . . .Detroit, Mich. ELIZABETH B. DAMON, B.S. in Mathematics and Science, May Coloma, Mich. MYRON M. DANN, A.B. in Economics, May . . Detroit, Mich. CHERYL A. DAVIDSON, B.S. in Chemistry, May Shrevesport, La. JANE E. DAVIS, A.B. in Geography, May . . Rochester, N.Y. MARY ANNE DAVIS, A.B. in English. May Muskegon Heights, Mich. ROBERT G. DAVIS, A.B. in Geography, May Port Huron, Mich. ARTHUR G. DAY, A.B. in Psychology, Sept. ' 43 Rochester, N.Y. JOHN A. DEAN, B.S. in Chemistry, Sept. ' 42 Sault Ste Marie, Mich. RUTH C. DEAN, A.B. in English, May Arlington, Va. R. W. DeBLOIS, B.S. in Physics, Sept. ' 43, Benton Harbor, Mich. MARY E. DECKER. A.B. in Speech. May . . Burr Oak, Mich. NANCY F. DeFOE, A.B. in French, May ... Bay City, Mich. BARBARA A. DeFRIES. A.B. in German, Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. GILBERT A DEIBEL, A.B. in History, May . . Saginaw, Mich. MARY-JANE DENISON, A.B. in Library Science, May Detroit, Mich. E. JEAN DENTON, A.B. in Sociology. Sept. ' 43 Frankfort, Mich. MARJORIE DeROO, A.B. in Psychology, May . . Flint, Mich. CLAIRE M. DeWEESE, A.B. in English, May, Bloomington, 111. DOROTHY MAE DICK, A.B. in Psychology, May Ann Arbor. Mich. LITERARY BETTY L. DINGLER. A.B. in Social Studies, May Michigan City, Ind. ANN E. DIXON. A.B. in French. May Englewood, N.J. WALTER W. DOERINGSFELD, JR., B.S. in Geology. Jan Mishawaka, Ind. GLORIA E. DONEN, A.B. in English, May Rye, N.Y. HENRY J. DONGVILLO, A.B. in Social Studies, May St. Joseph, Mich. JUDITH DONNAN, A.B. in English. May .... Waterville, O. JOAN C. DORIS, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, May New York, N.Y. ELIZABETH A. DRAPER, A.B. in Geography, May Ferndale, Mich. II 252 ROBERT T. DUFF, A.B. Ln Journalism, Jan. . . Rochester, Mich. CICELY A. DUGGAN, A.B. in French, Sept. ' 43 . Bradford, Pa. FRANCES M. DZIKOWICZ, A.B. in Psychology, May Amsterdam, N.Y. DONELDA P. EAGLE, A.B. in Sociology, May, Saginaw, Mich. t ELEANOR F. EARLE, A.B. in Latin, May . . Montpelier, Vt. JOSEPHINE P. ECKERT, A.B. in English, Sept. ' 43, Ottawa, O. JOHN R. EDELBERG, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Saranac Lake, N.Y. HERBERT EDELHERTZ, A.B. in Political Science, Jan New York, N.Y. MARIAN M. EDGAR, A.B. in Latin, May Detroit, Mich. HAROLD M. ELY, B.S. in Chemistry, May . . Middletown, O. W. KEITH ENGEL, A.B. in Business Administration, May Port Huron. Mich. E. LOUISE ENGELL, A.B. in English, May, Schenectady, N.Y. ROBERT W. ERICKSON, B.S. in Zoology, Sept. ' 43 Ishpeming, Mich. JOHN W. ERPELDING, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Chicago, 111. H. WALTER EVANS. JR., B.S. in Mathematics, Sept. ' 43 Philadelphia, Pa. MARGARET EVANS, A.B. in Speech, May, Royal Oak, Mich. ANNE G. EVARTS. A.B. in English, May . Ann Arbor, Mich. JACOB F. FAHRNER, JR., A.B. in Letters and Law, May Ann Arbor, Mich. PETER J. FARAGO, B.S. in Zoology, May Chicago, 111. ANTHOS M. FARAH, A.B. in English, May .... Flint, Mich. ALEXA N. FARMER, A.B. in English, May Flint, Mich. E. NELL FEAD, B.S. in Zoology, Sept. ' 43 . Port Huron, Mich. ROSA M. FEIGENBAUM, A.B. in Social Studies, May Glens Falls, N.Y. GRACE R. FELDMAN, B.S. in Zoology, May, Bridgeport, Conn. OSCAR H. FELDMAN, A.B. in Economics, May Poughkeepsie, N.Y. ROBERT S. FELDMAN, B.S. in Psychology, May, Utica, N.Y. ELEANOR H. FELDRAPPE, B.S. in Zoology, May, Lakewod, O. SHIRLEY A. FIELD, A.B. in History, Sept. ' 43, Fort Wayne, Ind. LITERARY This is a graphic illustration of what war has done to short-order service. This picture was snapped near the end of the fifth rubber and they were still waiting for their cokes! 253 CATHERINE J. FLETCHER, A.B. in Speech, May Dearborn, Mich. ROBERT F. FLOTT, A.B. in Mathematics, May . Chicago, 111. C. RICHARD FORD, A.B. in History, Sept. ' 43 Battle Creek, Mich. GEORGE P. FOSTER, JR., A.B. in History, May, Oak Park, 111. CAROLYN E. FOWLE, A.B. in Mathematics, May, Dover, Pa. NATHANIEL E. FOWLER, B.S. in Zoology, May Rochester, N.Y. PHYLLIS M. FOWLER, A.B. in Latin, May Toledo, O. EDWARD FRANK, A.B., Jan Detroit, Mich. HAROLD R. FRANK, A.B. in Spanish, Jan Detroit, Mich. JOHN H. FRAZIER, JR., A.B. in Economics. May Dearborn, Mich. BETH M. FREHSE, A.B. in English, May . . . Ferndale, Mich. HERMA FRIEDER, A.B. in Speech. May Hudson, N.Y. DONALD M. FRISSELL. A.B. in Spanish, Jan., Winnetka. 111. MARION S. FRYT, A.B. in Zoology, Jan Jackson, Mich. LYNDEN L. FULLER, A.B. in Journalism, May, Algonac, Mich. TEEFE R. GABRIEL. A.B. in Political Science. May Lake Worth, Fla. GILMAN E. GAMBS, A.B. in Economics, May, Manistee, Mich. MARGARET L. GARDNER, A.B. in French, May Birmingham, Mich. NED B. GATES, A.B. in Economics, Jan Plymouth, Ind. BETTY M. GAUSS, A.B. in Social Work. May Ann Arbor, Mich. MARILYN GEBHARD, A.B. in Social Work, Jan.. Morris. 111. JOAN P. GENUNG, A.B., May Forest Hills, N.Y. W. PRESTON GERMAIN, A.B. in Speech, May, Saginaw, Mich. RAMON I. GERSON, A.B. in Speech. May . . . Detroit. Mich. MILDRED S. GETZOFF, A.B. in Social Studies, May Colchester, Conn. ARTHUR C. GIBSON. A.B., Sept. ' 43 Port Huron. Mich. ROBERT W. GIBSON. A.B. in Economics. Jan Battle Creek, Mich. AGNES J. GILBERT, A.B. in Sociology. Jan Far Rockaway, N.Y. LITERARY " Yes, ma ' am, the camera doesn ' t lie. That ' s what he really looked like. " Bob Gach frowns as girl bites her lip, wondering whether she ought to tell her mother or not E 254 HELEN L. GILBERTSON. A.B. in English, May . . Flint, Mich. KENNETH F. GILL, B.S. in Chemistry, Sept. ' 43, Jackson, Mich. PATRICIA GILLIS, A.B. in English, May .... Hibbing, Minn. JEAN M. GILMER, A.B. in English, May .... New York, N.Y. A. LOUIS GINGRAS, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Wyandotte, Mich. FRED M. GINSBERG, A.B. in Economics, May, Detroit, Mich. JOHN R. GINTHER, A.B. Sept ' 42 Sturgis, Mich. FREDERICK V. GIPSON, B.S. in Mathematics and Science, Jan Toledo, O. RUTH GLASER, A.B. in English, May Brooklyn, N.Y. WAYNE W. GLAS, A.B. in Psychology, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. BEATRICE V. GLASS, A.B. in Psychology, May Calumet, Mich. ELAINE GLASS, B.S. in Chemistry, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. MALCOLM J. CLICK, A.B. in Speech, Jan. . . . Cleveland O. SYLVIA GLICKMAN, A.B. in Social Work, May Newton Centre, Mass. FRANCES B. GOLDBERG, A.B. in Psychology, May Detroit, Mich. ROBERT I. GOLDBERG, A.B. in Social Service, May Grand Rapids, Mich. DONNA C. GOLDMAN, A.B. in Psychology, May Franklin, Mich. DOROTHY M. GOLDSTEIN, A.B. in Economics, May Pittsburgh, Pa. HERBERT W. GOLDSTROM, B.S. in Psychology, Jan . ' Detroit, Mich. NINA R. GRABLE, A.B. in History, Sept. ' 43, Indianapolis, Ind. SYBIL A. GRAHAM, B.S. in Psychology, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. RUTH E. GRAM, A.B. in History, May . . Ann Arbor, Mich. WILLIAM P. GRAM, A.B. in English, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. W. JOHN GRANDY, A.B. in Economics, Jan. . . Duluth, Minn. ELEANOR L. GRAY, A.B. in Speech, May Sylvania, O. FRANCES A. GRAY, A.B. in English, May . . Cleveland, O. NANCY GRAY, A.B. in Spanish, May Lakewood, O. ELIZABETH J. GREEN. A.B. in History, Jan., Crystal Falls, Mich. " k . im MARJORIE B. GREEN, A.B. in Spanish, Jan. . . Babylon, N.Y. RAHL GREENBAUM, A.B. in Psychology, May, Detroit, Mich. SYRIL A. GREENE, A.B. in Psychology, May . . Utica, N.Y. C. EDWIN GREIDER, JR., A.B. in Mathematics, Lakewood, O. ROBERT H. GREKIN, A.B. in Chemistry, May Highland Park, Mich. ROBERT H. T. GRIBBLE, A.B. in Economics, Sept. ' 43 Wakefield, Mich. BETTY R. GRISWOLD, A.B. in Sociology, May, Detroit. Mich. MARGARET C. GROEFSEMA, A.B. in Political Science, May Detroit, Mich, 255 ELAINE D. GROMBECKER, A.B. in Economics, Jan New York, N.Y. JOANNE GROSS, A.B. in Sociology, Jan Toledo, O. EDMUND J. GROSSBERG, A.B. in Economics, May Glencoe, 111. LEANOR E. GROSSMAN, A.B. in Speech, May, Detroit, Mich. OLGA M. GRUHZIT, A.B. in History, May Grosse Pointe, Mich. ELIZABETH R. HAAS, B.S. in Zoology, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. FRANCES C. HALL, A.B. in English, May Berwyn, 111. WILLIAM J. HALLIDAY, JR., A.B. in Political Science, Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. JEANETTE HALPER, A.B. in Social Work, May Wilkes-Barre, Pa. QUENTIN P. HAMILTON, B.S. in Zoology, Sept. ' 43 Highland Park, Mich. MARK F. HANCE, A.B. in Honors in History, May, Troy, O. GEORGE W. HARMS, A.B. in History, Jan Detroit, Mich. H. STANLEY HARTMAN, A.B. in Geography, May Indianapolis, Ind. THELMA C. HAUER, A.B. in English, May Grand Rapids, Mich. LAURENCE W. HAYES, JR., B.S. in Letters and Medicine, May Howard City, Mich. ALILEA HAYWOOD, A.B. in History, May . . Stockton, Calif. WARNER HEINEMAN, Business Administration May Chicago, 111. ERWIN C. HEININGER, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. LILLIAN M. HEMINGER, B.S. in Zoology, May, Midland, Mich. BERNARD HENDEL, A.B. in Economics, May, Pittsburgh, Pa. ANN HERZOG, A.B. in Geography, May Flint, Mich. JEANNE HICKS, A.B. in Social Work, May, Eggertsville, N.Y. LOUISE G. HIGBEE, A.B. in Social Work, Jan Cleveland Heights, O. JEANNE HIGH, A.B. in English, May Muskegon, Mich. FRANKLIN L. HILEMAN, B.S. in Zoology, May, Detroit, Mich. CHARLES HIMELHOCH, A.B. in Economics, Jan., Flint, Mich. EUGENE J. HIRSH, A.B. in Economics, Jan Muskegon Heights, Mich. MOLLY M. HOFFMAN, A.B. in English, May . .Lakewood, O. L I TE R AR1 JAMES A. HOLECAMP, B.S. in Forestry, May Webster Groves, Mo. HELEN R. HOLIDAY, B.S. in Chemistry, May . . . Butler, Pa. ROBERTA L. HOLLAND, A.B. in Elementary Education, May Ann Arbor, Mich. SAMPSON P. HOLLAND, A.B. in Economics, Jan Washington, D.C. I EDWARD R. HOLMBEHG, JR., A.B. in History, May Waukegan, 111. RUTH W. HOLMES, B.S. in Mineralogy, May, Dearborn, Mich. ELEANOR J. HONEY, A.B. in History, May, Kalamazoo, Mich. HARRIET L. HOROWITZ, A.B. in Spanish, May ,,,,,,, Charleston, W.Va. 1-1 256 DONALD M. HOSMER, A.B. in Economics, Jan Dearborn, Mich. RICHARD C. HOUGHTON, A.B. in Zoology May Ann Arbor, Mich. EVERETT B. HOUSTON, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Birmingham, Mich. HELEN L. HOWARD, A.B. in Social Work, Jan., Detroit, Mich. MARJORIE E. HOWELL, A.B. in English, May Washingtonville, N.Y. JEAN P. HUBBARD, A.B. in English, Sept. ' 43 Grand Rapids, Mich. M. ROSE HULL, A.B. in Fine Arts, May . . Ann Arbor, Mich. DORIS A. HUTCHISON, A.B. in Journalism, May Detroit, Mich. CLARA B. HUTTLESTON, A.B. in Journalism, May East Syracuse, Mich. MARGARET H. IHLING, A.B. in Spanish, May Kalamazoo, Mich. GERTRUDE H. INWOOD, A.B. in Mathematics and Business Administration, Jan Ferndale, Mich. GEORGE M. IRWIN, A.B. in Speech, May Quincy, 111. SHERWOOD A. JACKMAN, B.S. in Psychology, Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. JOSEPHINE E. JACKSON, A.B. in Sociology, May Croswell, Mich. VIRGINIA M. JACKSON, A.B. in Political Science, May Buffalo, N.Y. IRVING S. JAFFE, A.B. in Political Science, Jan., Passaic, N.Y. ROBERT J. JANES, A.B. in Social Work, Jan. . . Buffalo, N.Y. JEAN S. JEFFREY, A.B. in English Education, May Wauwatosa, Wis. AUDREY H. JOHNSON, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, May Arlington, Mass. BETTY L. JOHNSON, B.S. in Mathematics, May Ironwood, Mich. DOROTHY A. JOHNSON, A.B. in Botany, May Farmington, Mich. HILDA A. JOHNSON, A.B. in Psychology, May, Detroit, Mich. VIRGINIA L. JOHNSON, B.S. in Mathematics and Science, Jan Flint. Mich. CATHERINE M. JONES, A.B. in English, May Highland Park, 111. KENNETH P. JONES HI. B.S. in Psychology, Sept. ' 43 San Fernando, Calif. MARTHA D. JONES, M.D., Jan Pleasant Ridge, Mich. ROBERT L. JONES, A.B. in Economics, May . . Detroit, Mich. RUTH B. JORDAN, A.B. in Zoology, May Warsaw, N.Y. Seven stalwarts pictured about to make the long dusty trip out into the country for lunch. They are drawing lots to determine who will get in last run risk of getting leg stuck in door. 257 DOROTHY A. JUDSON, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Detroit, Mich. LORRAINE M. JUDSON, A.B. in Sociology, May Sandusky, O. PRISCILLA A. KAHN, A.B. in Speech, May . . Detroit, Mich. HELEN L. KANTOR, A.B. in Philosophy, Sept. ' 42, Chicago, 111. MARTHA A. EARLSON, A.B. in Mathematics, May North Muskegon, Mich. MICHAEL KASHA, B.S. in Chemistry, Ian. . . Elizabeth, N.J. LUCILLE H. KATZ. A.B. in English Education, May New York, N.Y. CHARLOTTE L. KAUFMAN, A.B. in Psychology, May Ann Arbor, Mich. PAUL J. KEENAN, A.B. in English Composition, Sept. ' 43 Rochester, N.Y. ELEANOR C. KELLY, A.B. in Economics, May Birmingham, Mich. LEVERETT H. KELLY, A.B. in History, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. WARD W. KELLY, A.B. in Zoology, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. MURIEL J. KELTNER, A.B. in Sociology, May, South Bend, Ind. ELLSWORTH H. KENDIG, JR., A.B. in Political Science, May Detroit, Mich. MARJORY M. KILLINS, A.B. in History, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. ROBERT L. KILLINS, A.B. in History, Jan., Ann Arbor, Mich. DORIS J. KIMBALL, A.B. in Geography, May . . Chicago, 111. ALICE V. KING, A.B. in Geology, May Waterloo, N.Y. JEAN E. KING, A.B. in Spanish, Sept. ' 43 Albion, Mich. ELIZABETH A. KINSEY, A.B. in Psychology, Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. MELVIN I. KLAYMAN, B.S. in Zoology, May Haverhill, Mass. H. BERTHA KLEIN, A.B. in Sociology, May .... Chicago, Dl. NATALIE KLEIN, B.S. in Psychology, May . . Brooklyn, N.Y. CAROLYN KLEINER, A.B. in Economics, Jan., New York, N.Y. WALTER J. KLOPPER, B.S. in Chemistry, Sept. ' 43 Cleveland Heights, O. MARY KNAPP, A.B. in Political Science, May, Evanston, 111. WILLIAM L. KNAPP, B.S. in Zoology, Sept ' 43 Wyandotte, Mich. PHYLLIS G. KNOELL, A.B. in Economics, Jan Tonawanda, N.Y. Signs of the times: Next week ' s advertisements and last week ' s saddle shoes pause ior a moment on the passing parade. MARCIA I. KOHL. A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, Jan Miami, Fla. WILLIAM R. KOPCKE, A.B. in English, May, North East, Pa. RICHARD M. KOPEL, A.B. in Political Science, Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. MARVIN V. KOSKI, A.B. in Economics, Jan, Ironwood, Mich. HARRIETT B. KRAEMER, A.B. in Psychology, May Mt. Clemens, Mich. KARL H. KREUTER, B.S. in Zoology, May Canton, O. WILLIAM G. KRING. A.B. in German, Jan., Blissfield, Mich. BERNARD G. KROHN, B.S. in Zoology, May, Detroit, Mich. LAWRENCE H. KROHN, B.S. in Chemistry, May Detroit, Mich. C. ISABEL KULSAVAGE. A.B. in Spanish, May Ann Arbor, Mich. PATRICIA G. KUNZMAN, A.B. in Social Work, Jan Plainfield, N.J. ALFRED H. KUTSCHINSKI, B.S. in Chemistry. Jan Benton Harbor, Mich. GERALD M. KUTZEN, A.B. in Sociology, May, Detroit, Mich. DONALD M. LAMPE, B.S. in Chemistry, May . . Toledo, O. JAMES J. LANDERS, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Springfield, Mass. LUCILLE H. LASKY, A.B., May Detroit, Mich. JAMES A. LAZERWITZ, A.B. in English, May .... Gary, Ind. FRANCES O. LEE, A.B. in Latin, May Ann Arbor, Mich. MARTIN LEFF, A.B. in Science and Mathematics, Jan Brooklyn, N.Y. MARY M. LEIGHTON, A.B. Sept. ' 43 . . Niagara Falls, N.Y. ALFRED S. LEIMAN, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Lawrence, L.I., N.Y. KATHRYN LEMON, A.B. in Social Work, Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. IRMA E. LENDING, A.B. in Zoology, May . . . Teaneck, N.J. LORRAINE P. LePAGE, A.B. in Latin, May Mt. Clemens, Mich. MARVIN LEVEY, A.B. in Speech, Jan. . . Ann Arbor, Mich. MILTON LeVINE, A.B. in Chemistry, Jan Detroit, Mich. BERTRAM A. LEVY, A.B. in Economics, Jan New Brunswick, N.J. PHILLIP A. LEVY, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, Jan . South Bend, Ind. LITERARY JANET B. LEWIN, A.B. in Economics, May . . Pittsburgh, Pa. JOHN R. LEWIS, JR., B.S. in Chemistry, May, Pittsburgh, Pa. CAROL R. LEWIS, B.S. in Zoology, May, New Hartford, N.Y. STANLEY J. LEIVENSE, A.B. Sept. ' 43 Jackson, Mich. PAUL T. K. LIN, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, Jan Vernon, B.C., Canada and Kwangtung, China MURIEL B. LIPSON, A.B. in French, May Detroit, Mich. HENRY C. LOUD, A.B. in Speech, May, Grimsby, Ont., Canada WILLIAM E. LOUGHBOROUGH, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Detroit, Mich. - MABLE J. LUTON, A.B. in Sociology, Jan Grand Rapids. Mich. WILLIAM H. LYMAN, JR., A.B. in Political Science. May Westfield. N.J. GORDON B. MacKENZIE, A.B. in Letters and Business Administration, Jan Kalamazoo, Mich. BARBARA A. MacLAUGHLIN, A.B. in Sociology. May Midland, Mich. MARALLYN J. MacRITCHIE. A.B. in History, May Dearborn Hills. Mich. WILLIAM J. MacTAGGART, A.B. in Political Science. Sept. ' 43 Owendale, Mich. JOAN M. MADSEN, A.B. in Latin, May Park Ridge, 111. RAMON A. MAGRINA-SUAREZ. A.B., May San Juan, Puerto Rico ELIZABETH MAHLMAN, A.B. in Spanish, May, Kenmore, N.Y. MARJORIE E. MAHON, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Mansfield, O. S. DONALD MALTON, B.S. in Zoology. May, Brooklyn, N.Y. ILAU C. MANARY, A.B. in Economics, Jan., Bay City, Mich. EUGENE E. MANDEBERG, A.B. in English Composition, Jan Detroit, Mich. JACK W. MANDEVILLE, B.S. in Zoology, May North Muskegon, Mich. JAMES E. MANDLER, A.B. in History, May . . Chicago. 111. DORIS A. MAIN, A.B. in Social Work, Jan., Ann Arbor, Mich. ROSEMARY MANN, A.B. in Speech, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. HILDA W. MARSH, A.B. in English, Sept. ' 43, Saginaw, Mich. ROBERT A. MARTIN, B.S. in Chemistry, May, Bay City, Mich. DORIS MARTY, B.S. in Chemistry, May Plandome, L.I., N.Y. R. DAVID MATTHEWS, A.B. in English, Jan., Owosso, Mich. JOHN W. MATTICK, A.B. in Science and Mathematics, May Buffalo, N.Y. RAYMOND H. MATTSON, B.S. in Chemistry. Jan Bessemer, Mich. DOROTHY M. MAYER, A.B. in English, May . . Detroit, Mich. LILLIAN T. McCABE, A.B. in History, May . . Jackson, Mich. FRANK C. MCCARTHY, A.B. in History, Jan., New Orleans, La. ERNEST N. McCARUS, A.B. in Spanish, May Charleston, W. Va. RUTH M. McDAVID, A.B. in Spanish, May Selfridge Field, Mich. LITERARY SEN ARLENE R. McGRUER, A.B. in History, May, Port Huron, Mich. OLGA B. McGUIRE, A.B. in Social Studies, May Ferndale, Mich. JANE McLEAN, B.S. in Zoology, May Dayton, Ohio MARTHA A. McMILLAN, A.B. in Social Studies, Sept Bay City, Mich. MARGARET McVAY, A.B. in Spanish. Jan. . . Detroit, Mich. GLORIA McVITTIE, A.B. in Speech, Sept Rosedale Park, Mich. LESTER MECKLER, A.B. in Liberal Arts, Sept New York, N.Y. WILLIAM R. MERCER, B.S. in Zoology, May . Ponttac, Mich. 260 BETTY M. MERRILL, A.B. in French, May .... Detroit, Mich. NATHANIAL B. MESSINGER, B.S. in Chemistry, Jan Brooklyn, N.Y. FRED L. METZGER, A.B. in Economics, May . . Toledo, Ohio JACK MEYER, B.S. in Chemistry, May . New London, Conn. ANTHONY S. MIGNERY, A.B. in Geology, Jan., Bryan, Ohio EARL I. MILLER, B.S. in Chemistry, Jan Flint, Mich. BLOSSOM MINCHENBERG, A.B. in Journalism, May New York, N.Y. MORTON A. MINTZ, A.B. in Economics. May Ann Arbor, Mich. JAMES K. MITSUMORI, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Pasadena, Calii. CHESTER F. MITCHELL, A.B. in Economics, Sept., Chicago, 111. ERICA C. MOECKEL, A.B. in Economics, May Dearborn, Mich. JEANNE H. MOEHLMAN, A.B. in Oriental Civilization Ann Arbor, Mich. LILLIAN E. MOELLER, A.B. in Speech, Sept., Dearborn, Mich. EDWARD MONACO, B.S. in Chemistry, Jan Bristol, Pa. JOHN F. MONROE, A.B. in Economics, May, Muskegon, Mich. JASPER L. MOORE, A.B. in Social Studies, Jan Romulus, Mich. JULIA J. MORRILL, A.B. in English, May Detroit, Mich. JoANNE MORRIS, A.B. in Sociology, May, South Bend, hid. MARY MORRIS, A.B. in Political Science, Jan., Madison, N.J. SEYMOUR S. MORRIS, A.B. in Mathematics and Sciences, Sept Detroit, M ich. ROBERT L. MORRISON, A.B. in Political Science. May Waukegan, HI. VIRGINIA E. MORSE, A.B. in English, May . . Oak Park, 111. MARSHALL F. MOSER, A.B. in History, Sept Pine Plains, N.Y. AARON S. MOYER, A.B. in Economics, May . . Lorain, Ohio ESTHER D. MURLIN, A.B. in English Literature, May Dayton, Ohio CHARLES N. MURPHY, A.B. in History, Jan. . . Lansing, Mich. MARGARET S. MURRAY, A.B. in Speech, May Eveleth, Minn. RAY H. MURRAY, JR., A.B. in Sociology, May, Detroit, Mich. f T f M to A r LI RARY SENIORS Picture of a young man with revolution brewing in his soul. After standing there for an hour, he has taken to hurling epithets after the cars that pass him by. 261 ELIZABETH A. NEAL, A.B. in Economics. May. Detroit, Mich. KATHERINE B. NEGUS, A.B. in Social Work, May. Lyons, N.Y. GEORGE J. NESSLE, B.S. in Chemistry, Jan., Corning, N.Y. BETTY L. NEWMAN, A.B. in Social Studies, May. Cadiz, Ohio SUSANNA E. J. NICHOLSON, A.B. in English, May Niles, Mich. CLAIRE M. NICKITUK, A.B. in History. Jan Dearborn, Mich. RALPH Y. NISHIME, B.S. in Chemistry. Ian.. Koloo, Hawaii GLORIA L. NISHON. A.B. in Speech, May Forest Hills, Long Island. N.Y. NORTON L. NORRIS. A.B. in Political Science. May Detroit, Mich. PHILLIP O. NORTH. A.B. in Economics, Jan Charleston, W. Va. O. P. NORTON, A.B.. Jan Oak Park. 111. ROGER C. NORTON, A.B. in French. May Grand Ledge. Mich A. VIVIENNE NOVAK. A.B. in Sociology, May Perth Amboy, N.J. FRANK M. O ' BRIEN. A.B. in Economics. Sept Bluefield, W. Va. WILLET H. O ' DELL, A.B. in Economics, May Ann Arbor, Mich. GENEVIEVE I. O ' LEARY, A.B., May Elmira, N.Y. ELIZABETH J. OLDFIELD. A.B. in History. May River Forest, 111. GEORGE M. OLDS, A.B. in Chemistry. May. Ishpeming. Mich. BETSY S. ORR. A.B. in Geography. May . . . Saginaw, Mich. JANET G. OSWALD. B.S. in Chemistry. May. Oak Park, 111. CHARLES S. OTTO. JR.. A.B. in Economics, Jan., Chicago. 111. W. WALLACE PARKER. A.B. in Political Science. Sept Flint, Mich. GAIL B. PARSONS, A.B. in Speech. May . . Cincinnati. Ohio M. MARIE PATTERSON. A.B. in Geography. May Ann Arbor, Mich. DAVID S. PAYNE. A.B. in Economics. Jan., Newaygo, Mich. ALICE G. PEARLMAN. A.B. in English. May. Providence, R.I. JOANNA D. PENOYAR, A.B. in Sociology. May Birmingham, Mich. EDWARD J. PERLBERG, A.B. in Political Science, May Standish, Mich. The fighting Wolverines look on as the bomb which blew up the Great Lakes fleet is adressed to Tom Harmon. 262 FRANCES A. PERONO, A.B. in Mathematics, May, Flint, Mich. CHARLOTTE E. PERSINGER, A.B. in Political Science, May Salem, Va. PHYLLIS A. PETEHSEN, A.B. in English, May, Baltimore, Md. JOHN A. PETRASKY, B.S. in Chemistry, Jan., Belleville, Mich. ROBERT M. PETTEYS, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, Jan Howell, Mich. BARBARA H. PETTY, A.B. in English, May . . Mason, Mich. MARY C. PFENDER, A.B. in English, May Freeport, 111. LUCIEN J. PHILION, A.B., May Mishawaka, Ind. BERTHA PINES, A.B. in Social Work, Jan Flint, Mich. CHARLES T. PINNEY, A.B. in Science and Mathematics, May Detroit, Mich. JANICE P. PLUMB, B.S. in Chemistry, May .... Flint, Mich. MARY J. PLUMER, A.B. in History, Jan. . . Ann Arbor, Mich. ANNE M. PODOLEY, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, Sept. ' 43 Mt. Morris, Mich. MARTHA J. POE, A.B. in History, Jan Royal Oak, Mich. LEE M. POPPER, A.B. in Sociology, Jan., White Plains, N.Y. SAMUEL PRATO, Pre-Medicial, Sept. ' 43 . . Rochester, N.Y. HARRIETT F. PRATT. A.B. in English, May, Maplewood, N.J. MARTHA J. PRESTON, A.B. in French, May East Cleveland, O. EVELYN V. PRILL, A.B. in Mathematics, May, New Era, Mich. ANTHONY J. PROCASSINI, B.S. in Psychology, May Newark, N.J. JOHN C. PURDUE, A.B. in English, Jan. . . Ann Arbor, Mich. ELEANOR K. RAKESTRAW, A.B. in Economics, May Lakewood, O. FRANCES W. RAMSDELL, B.S. in Zoology, May Ann Arbor, Mich. MARY M. REICHLE, A.B. in German, May, Bay City, Mich. DON F. RENDINELL, A.B. in English Literature, May Youngstown, O. L. ELAINE RENO, A.B. in English, May . . Manchester, Mich. JANE L. RESTIN. A.B. in Geography, May, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. FERN E. RICE, A.B. in English, Jan Pontiac, Mich. LITERARY SENIORS ROSELYN RICH, A.B. in Speech, May .... Rock Island, 111. ROBERT C. RICHARDSON, A.B. in German, May Shaker Heights, O. ELAINE RICHERT. A.B. in History. Sept. ' 43 . . Detroit. Mich. BETTY J. RINEHART. A.B. in Economics, Jan., Detroit, Mich. MARY E. RINER, B.S. in Botany, May Cheyenne, Wyo. AUDREY M. RIOUX, A.B. in English. May, Birmingham, Mich. CHARLOTE L. ROBBINS. B.S. in Psychology, May Detroit, Mich. GLORIA E. ROBERTS. A.B. in Geography. May Dearborn, Mich. 263 ARTHUR D. ROBINSON, A.B. in Political Science, May Detroit, Mich. FLORINE F. ROBINSON, A.B. in Spanish, May Bay City, Mich. LOREN T. ROBINSON, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Detroit Mich. WILLIAM L. ROBINSON, A.B., Ian Detroit, Mich. HELEN V. ROCKOFF, A.B. in History, May Highland Park, N.J. RUTH E. RODENBECH, A.B. in Chemistry, Sept. ' 43 Cincinnati, O. FRANCES P. ROGERS, A.B. in English, May, New York, N.Y. MARIETT ROLLESTON, A.B. in Political Science, May Tuckahoe, N.Y. MARY C. RONAY, A.B. in English, May, Highland Park, Mich. DOUGLAS A. ROSEN. A.B. in Political Science. May Muskegon, Mich. MARJORIE J. ROSENBAUM, A.B. in Geography, May Evansville, Ind. WALLACE C. ROSENBAUM, A.B. in History, Ian New York, N.Y. BARBARA A. ROSS, A.B. in Political Science, Ian Ambridge, Pa. ELIZABETH A. ROTH, A.B. in History, May .... Elmira, N.Y. IOHN H. ROTH. A.B. in Economics. May, Ann Arbor, Mich. CHARLES I. ROTHSCHILD, IR., A.B. in Economics, May Fort Wayne, Ind. ASA S. ROWLEE, IR.. A.B. in Geography. May Battle Creek, Mich. ANN ROYLE, A.B. in Social Work, May Ossining, N.Y. IACK G. SAHN, A.B. in Economics, May . . Brooklyn, N.Y. ELINOR M. SALFINGER, A.B. in English, May, Columbus, O. GEORGE W. SALLADE. A.B. in Political Science, May Ann Arbor, Mich. PHYLLIS F. SAMUELS, A.B. in Social Work, May Detroit, Mich. F. RUTH SANFORD, A.B. in French, May, Kansas City, Mo. GLORIA F. SAPIRSTEIN, A.B. in Economics. May lamaica, N.Y. WILL SAPP, A.B. in Political Science, May Novelty, O. BETH E. SARGENT, A.B. in English, May, Kalamazoo, Mich. MARGARET J. SAVAGE, A.B. in History, May . . Flint, Mich. ALEXANDER K. SCHARFF, A.B. in Mathematics, Ian Bloomfield, NJ. LITERARY SENIORS ROBERT W. SCHELLENBERG, A.B. in Economics, May Grand Rapids, Mich. DOROTHY LEE SCHLOSS, A.B. in Economics, May Denver, Colo. RICHARD W. SCHMID, A.B. in Economics, Ian., Detroit, Mich. ROBERTA G. SCHRECK, A.B. in English, May East Tawas, Mich. MANUEL M. SCHWAB, A.B. in Political Science, Ian Binghamton, N.Y. RUTH B. SCHWAB, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, May Bayside, N.Y. BERTRAM S. SCHWARTZ, B.S. in Mathematics and Science, Ian New York, N.Y. KENNETH J. SCHWEITZER, B.S. in Chemistry. Ian Detroit. Mich. 264 JOHN A. SCOVILLE, A.B. in Economics, Jan., Detroit, Mich. VIOLET T. SEIDLER, A.B. in Sociology, Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. BETTY M. SEITZ, A.B. in History, May Chelsea, Mich. RUTH M. SELBY, A.B. in History, May, Grand Rapids, Mich. CHARLES R. SEMPERE, B.S. in Zoology, May Keego Harbor, Mich. FREDA J. SENDLER, A.B. in History, May Flint, Mich. GUY W. SEWELL, A.B. in Zoology, Jan Detroit, Mich. JEAN E. SHAFER, B.S. in Zoology, Sept. ' 43, Melrose, Mass. JEROME B. SHEETS, A.B. in Economics, Jan. . . Rocldord, 111. FREDERICK F. SHEVIN, B.S. in Chemistry, Jan., Detroit, Mich. KATHERINE H. SHIMOURA, A.B. in Sociology, Jan Highland Park, Mich. ALICE J. SHREVE, A.B. in English, Jan Tallmadge, O. HARVEY L. SHULMAN, A.B. in French, May Staten Island, N.Y. HELEN G. SHULMAN, B.S. in Chemistry, Sept. ' 43 Washington, D.C. BETTY M. SHUMAN, A.B. in Social Studies, Jan Dearborn, Mich. JOAN SIEGEL, A.B. in Social Work, May, Grand Rapids, Mich. WILLIAM M. SIEGEL, A.B. in Political Science, May : Flint, Mich. MELVIN L. SILVER, A.B. in Mathematics and Science, Jan Brooklyn, N.Y. RICHARD S. SIMON, A.B. in English, Jan. . . Pittsburgh, Pa. JUNE P. SKINNER, A.B. in Sociology, May . . Cranford, N.J. SYBIL SKLUT, A.B. in Speech. Jan Wilmington, Del. IRVING SLIFKIN, A.B. in Letters and Law, May Tarrytown, N.Y. BARBARA J. SMITH, B.S. in Zoology, Jan Highland Park, Mich. BENJAMIN S. SMITH, A.B. in History, May . . Ft. Myers, Fla. MARJORIE E. SMITH, A.B. in English, May Birmingham, Mich. RUTH A. SMITH, B.S. in Public Health and Nursing, May Angola, Ind. ROSYLN B. SNYDER. A.B., Jan New York, N.Y. JULIUS F. SOLOMON, JR., A.B. in Speech, May . . Lima, O. L ITE R AH Soft lights, cool ivory, ' twas the week before Christmas and Jingle Bells was being boogie-woogied violently on the piano. 265 MARGERY L. SOLOMON, A.B. in English, Sept., ' 43 Detroit, Mich. ELAINE L. SPANGLER, A.B. in Geography, May Auburn, Mich. HARVEY V. SPARKS, M.D., Jan Flint, Mich. GEORGE E. SPENCER, JR., A.B. in Medicine and Arts, May Cleveland, O. NINA A. SPURR, A.B. in Latin, May Calumet, Mich. ROBERT E. STEINBERG, A.B. in Political Science, May Detroit, Mich. HAROLD P. STERN, A.B. in Political Science, May Wyandotte, Mich. JEROME J. STERN, A.B. in Speech, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. ESTHER M. STEVENS, B.S. in Botany, Sept., ' 43, Wheaton, 111. MONICA STEVENS, A.B. in Education, May Ann Arbor, Mich. D. RICHARD STEWART, A.B. in Speech, Sept. ' 43, Dayton, O. M. JANET STICKNEY, A.B. in Speech, May, Clarkston, Mich. DOROTHY STIGLITZ, A.B. in Social Work, Sept., ' 43 Detroit, Mich. NANCY A. STOCK, A.B. in Music, May Hillsdale, Mich. LIVIUS N. STROIA, B.S. in Zoology, Sept. ' 43, Ecorse, Mich. MARJORIE M. STORKAN, A.B. in Social Work, May Battle Creek, Mich. VIRGINIA I. STOVER, A.B. in History, Jan., Milwaukee, Was. JEANNE C. STROEBEL, A.B. in Sociology, Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. WILLIAM E. STRAIN, A.B. in Economics, May Glen Spey, N.Y. IRVIN H. STRUB, B.S. in Zoology, Jan Detroit, Mich. BRUCE B. SUTHERGREEN, A.B. in History, May Williston Park, N.Y. KENDELL L. SVENDSEN, B.S. in Mathematics, Jan Greenville, Mich. JOHN V. SWIERAT, JR., B.S. in Mathematics and Science, May Depew, N.Y. JULIE M. SZUCS, A.B. in Speech, May .... Belleville, Mich. ROBERT L. TEMPLIN, JR., A.B. in Economics, May Downington, Pa. JAMES R. TERRELL, A.B. in Mathematics, May Ann Arbor, Mich. MARJORY G. THOMAS, B.S. in Zoology, May Dearborn, Mich. RUTH E. THOMAS, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, May Grand Rapids, Mich. R AR Y Three resplendent young freshmen pictured trotting across campus in their new pots. Next year they may be marching across campus in their newer G. I. caps. I TUDOR L. THOMAS. B.S. in Chemistry, Jan ..... Ulica, N.Y. WILIAM I. THOMAS, JR.. A.B. in English, Jan ......................... Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. CHARLOTTE P. THOMPSON, A.B. in English, May ................................ Painted Post, N.Y. DIANA R. THOMPSON, A.B. in English, Jan., New York, N.Y. JANE J. THOMS, B.S. in Chemistry, May .... Detroit, Mich. BEATRICE TISHKOFF, A.B. in Sociology, May .................................. Rochester, N.Y. M. JEAN TRAYNOR, A.B. in History, Sept., ' 43 Glen Ellyn, HI. FRANCES M. TRIESTRAM, A.B. in English, Jan .................................. Kalamazoo, Mich. WILLIAM S. TROWBRIDGE, A.B. in Economics, May ................................ Ann Arbor, Mich. JEAN C. TURNER, A.B. in Psychology, May, Durham, N.C. ROBERT P. UFER, A.B. in History, May ____ Mt. Lebanon, Pa. ROBERT M. UNGER, A.B. in Political Science, Jan ............................. ... Shaker Heights, O. KATHERINE UPSON, A.B. in History, Jan ..... Hamburg, N.Y. MARY JANE G. UTLEY, A.B. in Latin, May .............................. Michigan City, Ind. HOWARD E. VAN OOSTEN, B.S. in Mathematics and Science, May ..................... Grand Rapids, Mich. JACK H. VAUGHN, A.B. in French, May .... Albion, Mich. LAURA T. VIAL, A.B. in History, May ........ LaGrange, ni. ROBERT A. VIBBERT, A.B. in History, May . . Detroit, Mich. JAMES D. VINE, B.S. in Geology, Jan. . . Ann Arbor, Mich. EDMUND L. VOLPE, A.B. in History, May, New Haven, Conn. CHARLES W. WAGGONER, A.B. in Psychology, Jan ...................................... Chicago, 111. MARY L. WAGNER, A.B. in History, May . . Pittsburgh, Pa. RICHARD C. WALEROWICZ, B.S. in Education, Jan ..................................... Detroit, Mich. ALICE S. WALKER, A.B. in Economics, May ................................ Woodmere, N.Y. ESTHER WALKER, A.B. in Economics, May, New York, N.Y. GILBERT T. WALKER, A.B. in History, May .............................. White Plains, N.Y. HOWARD F. WALLACH, B.S. in Chemistry, May ..................................... Chicago, 111. HELEN C. WALSH, A.B. in English, May, Port Huron, Mich. BY SALLY M. WALSH, A.B. in English, May, Ann Arbor, Mich. EDNA M. WALTON, A.B. in Sociology, May . . Detroit, Mich. ANNE F. WARD, B.S. in Mathematics, May .............................. South Orange. N.J. BRUCE H. WARK, B.S. in Chemistry, Jan ..... Detroit, Mich. ROBERT M. WARNER, A.B. in Economics, May, Newark, N.J. ALVIN WATERSTONE, A.B. in Music, Jan. . . Detroit, Mich. BARBARA J. WATSON, A.B. in Anthropology, Sept., ' 43 ........................... Ann Arbor, Mich. JEANNE M. WATSON, B.S. in Chemistry, May .............................. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. 267 DONNA T. WEISS, A.B. in Sociology, May Grand Rapids, Mich. MARION A. WENDELL, A.B. in History, Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. CAROLYN E. WENSINK, A.B. in Social Work, Sept., 43 Wauwatosa, Wis. ROBERT G. WEST, B.S. in Mathematics and Science, May Jackson, Mich. DONALD L. WESTFALL, A.B. in Economics, May, Flint, Mich. WARREN K. WESTRATE, B.S. in Zoology, Jan., Holland, Mich. FERNE E. WHEELER, A.B. in Latin, Jan Detroit, Mich. JOHN P. WHITE, A.B. in Geography, May . . . Owosso, Mich. E. LENORE WHYTE, A.B. in English, Jan Cleveland. O. BETTY A. WILLGING, A.B. in English, Sept., ' 43, LeMars, Iowa RUTH WILKINSON, A.B. in Psychology, May River Forest, 111. WILBUR A. WILLIAMS, B.S. in Psychology, Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. IRA J. WILSON, A.B. in Political Science, May, Detroit, Mich. JAMES J. WILSON, A.B. in Economics, Jan. . . Detroit, Mich. DOROTHY N. WINELAND, A.B. in Speech, May, Fostoria, O. RICHARD E. WINELAND, B.S. in Zoology, May, Findlay, O. STANLEY J. WINKLEMAN, B.S. in Chemistry. Jan Detroit, Mich. SHIRLEY WINOKUR, A.B. in Social Work, May Watervliet, Mich. SYBIL WINSTEN, A.B. in Speech, Sept., ' 43, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. JOHN R. WISE, A.B. in Economics, Jan Bradford, Pa. REINHARD WITTKE, A.B. in History, Jan. . . Trenton, Mich. HA BY S SYBIL M. WOFSEY, A.B. in English, May . . Stamford, Conn. FREDERICK H. WOLF, A.B. in Economics, Jan Ft. Wayne, Ind. KATHRYN E. WOOD, A.B. in Sociology, May, Adrian, Mich. NANCY H. WOOD, A.B. in English, Sept., ' 43, Scarsdale, N.Y. RUTH J. WOOD, A.B. in Spanish, May Evanston, 111. MARY LOU WOODBURY, A.B. in Sociology, May Bay City, Mich. I 268 JOY L. WRIGHT, A.B. in Speech, May . . Battle Creek, Mich. N. JANE WRIGHT, A.B. in Journalism, Jan Altoona, Pa. PATRICIA A. YOUNG, A.B. in History, May Grosse Pointe, Mich. RACHEL A. ZACKS, A.B. in Social Work, May Erie, Pa. EDWARD J. ZAHN, JR., A.B. in Political Science, Sept., ' 43 Racine, Wis. JEAN ZEMMER, A.B., May Grand Rapids, Mich. FRANK S. ZIMMERMAN, A.B. in Economics, May Detroit, Mich. JOHN F. ZIMMERMAN, A.B. in Political Science, Jan Milwaukee, Wis. DALE F. ZORNOW, A.B. in Education, Jan., Rochester, N.Y. GEORGE G. HEARTWELL, A.B. in Economics, May Detroit, Mich. HARVEY J. MAISEL, A.B., May BESSIE L. WEATHERSTONE, A.B. in MATHEMATICS, Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. DONALD F. SCHMIDT, A.B. in History, May Milwaukee, Wis. GEORGE ALGER, M.D., May Washington, D.C. 269 LPHA APPA TOP ROW Raymond VanHarn, ' 44M; Nickolas Heerema, ' 43E; Jack Sanders, ' 46M; Clarence DeHaan, ' 46D; Alvin Bielema. ' 43BAd; Arthur Baker. ' 43M; Everette Gustafson. ' 44M; Peter Hoi- stra, ' 43M. ROW 2 Martin Martinus, ' 44M, Herman VanFassen, ' 43BAd; Lee Verduin, ' 43E; Lee Nelson, ' 43E; Marvin Haveman, ' 44D; Jerry Bolthuis, ' 43M. ROW 3 Edward Doezema, ' 43M; Peter Dejong, ' 43E. Secretary; Henry Homan, ' 43D, Vice-president; William H. Vander Ploeg. ' 43M, President; Albert Posthuma, ' 43M; Milton Denekas, ' 43, Treasurer; Peter De- Vries, ' 43M. ROW 4 Jay Tinholt, ' 46D; Clarence Hoogerland, ' 44M; Donald Ritzema, ' 44D; Robert Dice, ' 45L; Jack Kuipers, ' 43E; Robert Bolt, ' 46M. Not in picture Stanley Auwers, ' 43- BAd; Adrian Koert, ' 43E; Wesley De Young, ' 43D; Bernard Meeuwsen, ' 43M; John Van Dellen, ' 45L; Alvin Wiersma, ' 46M. PHI ALPHA KAPPA is a graduate students ' fraternity which was organized by a group of graduates of Hope College, Cal- vin College and Alma College when they came to Ann Arbor to continue their studies. The boys in the " Dutch House " are said to have the most cosmopolitan fraternity on campus with their members representing professions ranging from den- tists, doctors and engineers to lawyers and business-men . . . all kinds of scholars. They participated this year in basketball and indoor baseball intramurals as well as being represented in the scholastic honorary societies of Galens and Phi Kappa Phi. 270 LPHA IGMA TOP ROW Paul Smith, ' 44; Verne Bidlack. Jr., ' 44; Scott Styles, ' 44; Roy Glauz, ' 44; Robert Voss, ' 43; Elmer Carlson, Jr.. grad; Richard Field, grad. ROW 2 Max Chilcote, grad.; Gay- lord Underwood, ' 43; Lawrence Bartell, ' 43; Vaughan Koppin, ' 44, Secretary; William Snod- don, ' 44; Charles Sech, Jr., ' 43; Howard Sieien, grad; Worthy Boyd, ' 43. ROW 3 Robert Is- ler, ' 43; Harold Werner, ' 43; Lawrence Anderson, ' 43; Charles Braithwaite, Jr., ' 43, President; Raymond Mattson, ' 43, Vice-president; Arthur Bueche, ' 43; Herman Dykstra, grad; Kent Ar- nold, ' 43; Peter Alexander, ' 44, Treasurer. Not in picture Arthur Anderson, grad; John Hea- ron, grad; Derland Johnston, grad; Paul Morris, grad; Raymond Warzynski, grad; Richard Dick, ' 43; Thomas Mueller, ' 43. ALPHA CHI SIGMA is the professional chemical fraternity for students preparing for work in all phases of chemistry from pure chemistry and chemical engineerng to bio-chemistry and pharmacy. Freshmen and sophomores may be pledged, but may not be initiated until their fourth semester. Although there is no particular scholastic requirement for membership, the members are well-represented among the honorary societies Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, and Kappa Kappa Psi. Alpha Chi Sigma sponsors the Freshmen Chemistry Club, holding meeting and smokers at which professors call attention of members to the many interesting phases of chemical work not ordinarily covered in the University ' s course. 271 m m e ' 4 JEt Ivan C. Crawford, Dean of the College of Engi- neering. Three engineering faculty members look over and discuss an intricate machine in one of the labora- tories in the West Engineering Building. DEAN CRAWFORD Dean Crawford, Dean of the College of Engineering, has, in the two years he has headed this vital part of the University, firmly entrenched himself in the affec- tions of both his colleagues and his students. He has undertaken, and proved himself more than equal to the herculean task of putting the Engineering Col- lege on a war basis. A Major in the Engineering Corps Reserve in the first World War, in this war he has made himself invaluable in the preparation and direction of a war engineering program. Born in Col- orado, Dean Crawford attended the university in that state and later became an instructor there. From that post, he advanced rapidly to become respectively pro- fessor of Civil Engineering, Dean of Engineering at the University of Idaho, Dean of Engineering and Ar- chitecture at the University of Kansas, and finally was called to the University of Michigan where he as- sumed the leadership of the College of Engineering. With the increased demand for trained war workers in the engineering fields, the Engineering School has taken over the educational training of both civilian and military employees of the United States Govern- ment. Engineers in all fields including chemical, civil, mechanical, and electrical have been placed in uni- form by the army and been assigned to " barracks " in the East Quadrangle, where they combine strict army life with intensive study under a rigid official disci- pline. 274 Practical engineering experi- ence is learned in one of the many laboratories of the En- gineering College. " Ring out the old ... " an ancient bell is removed to be converted into more useful forms. The engineering building ' s profile against the sky; a sight familiar to every engineering student. CLASS OFFICE R S SPRING OFFICERS-Robert Mott, President; Richard Schoel, Secretary; William Ryan, Treasurer. FALL OFFICERS Fred Betzhold, President; James Pierce, Vice-President; Brice Bowman, Secretary; C. Free- man Alexander, Treasurer. ANNOUNCEMENTS Harold McPike, Chairman; Alan Donkin. George Kirschner, Elmer Covert, Fred Anderson, Jack Patten. Edward Haag, B. Madison Lent-Koop, James A. O ' Malley. CAP AND GOWN Bruce Renaud, Chairman; Lee Aldinger, Charles Haughey. William Leh- mann, Dean Rockwell, Richard von K. Brims, Barton Cook, Roger Berlin, Kathryn Nicol. FINANCE William Ryan, Chairman; Arlie Reagan, John Duff, Robert Golden, William Swenson, Donald Groft, Thomas Marshall, C. Freeman Alexander. SOCIAL Theo Sharp, Chairman; Paul Wingate, Roy Brad- ley, John Fauver, Richard Wirth, Robert Snow, William Sessions, Keith Smith. Schoel, Mott, Ryan. 276 TOP ROW Racette, Gardner, Hadley, Youngdahl, Upton, Rosso, Linker. ROW 2 Burgess, Otjen, Reagan, Cox, Snow, Hall, Pierce. ROW 3 Betzhold. Sforzini, Edmunds, Howerth, Wehmeyer, Reed, West. MISSING Poyser, Aldinger. Mott, Riopelle, Reynolds, Cameron, Willis, Fife, Thorp, Kunze. ENGINEERING COUNCIL At the head of the Engineering College ' s student body stand the members of the Engineering Council. This is the student governing body of the College which handles all important matters of student life, sponsoring the Slide Rule Ball, Engineering Smoker and Open House, as well as collecting class dues and publishing the Arch, freshman Engineering Directory. Each class and engineering organization elect representatives to serve on the council, and these men then choose the officers who are to guide the affairs of the council. The present list of officers includes Howard Howerth, President; Bob Mott, Vice President; Dave Wehmeyer, Secretary, and Karl Reed, Treasurer, while Jim Edmunds, Thomas Poyser, Howard Howerth, and Robert Sforzini are those officers who served in the term just past. In addition to its other responsibilities, the Engineering Council handles the activities of the Honor Committee which is the effi- cient supervisor of the honor system, used only in the Engineering School. 277 ERNEST E. AHO. B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Negaunee, Mich. LYLE F. ALBRIGHT, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Munger, Mich. FREEMAN ALEXANDER, B.S. in Mech.-Marine Eng., May Kansas City, Mo. HARRY E. ALTMAN, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Kew Gardens, N.Y. FRANKLIN C. ANDERSON, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Buffalo, N.Y. LAWRENCE A. ANDERSON, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Rochester, N.Y. DONALD W. ANGELL, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. DUDLEY E. ARNOLD, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. KENT B. ARNOLD, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May, Flint, Mich. CLARENCE R. ANTILLA, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Republic, Mich. ROBERT M. ATHAY, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. JOHN H. BAER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May, Flint, Mich. NORMAN BARISH, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept. ' 43 New York, N.Y. DONALD C. BATTIN, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Townsend, Mass. JACK M. BEAUCHAMP, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. MYRON C. BEEKMAN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng, Sept. ' 43 Glen Ellyn, 111. ROBERT H. BEEMAN, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Saginaw, Mich. CARL E. BEMENT, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May, Buffalo, N.Y. ROGER W. BERLIN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Walled Lake, Mich. HERBERT BERMAN, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Chicago, 111. REINHARD A. BERNSTEIN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept. ' 43 New York, N.Y. FRED C. BETZHOLD, JR., B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Lakewood, O. WESTLY W. BLAKE, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Lansing, Mich. ROMAINE O. BLANDY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept. ' 43 Lancaster, N.Y. EDGAR A. BONGORT, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan., Flint, Mich. BRICE W. BOWMAN, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan., Akron, O. ROY K. BRADLEY, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. JOHN R. BRADY, JR., B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Baltimore, Md. G I NE E HI N ROLAND A. BRANDAU, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May .................................... Detroit, Mich. JOHN F. BREMER. B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan., Danville, 111. DELLASON F. BRESS, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan ............................... S. Ozone Park, N.Y. WILLIAM J. BROOKS, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May ................................... Drexel Hill, Pa. J. EUGENE BROWN, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May ................................ Miami Beach, Fla. ROBERT W. BRULEY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept. ' 43 ............................ Iron River, Mich. ROBERT E. BURRELL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept. ' 43 ................................. Alliance, O. GEORGE D. CAMERON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan ............................... Grosse Pointe, Mich. A 278 MELVIN R. CAMPBELL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Buchanan, Mich. CHARLES R. CANFIELD, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Delevan, N.Y. MARVIN A. CANVASSER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. DON A. CARGILL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Grand Rapids, Mich. JAMES W. CARMICHAEL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Iron River, Mich. JARRETT R. CLARK, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Zeeland, Mich. JULIAN L. COHN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Brooklyn, N.Y. RICHARD L. COLE, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Dunkirk, N.Y. THOMAS F. COLEMAN, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Highland Park, 111. JAMES W. CONNOR, B.S. in Transportation, May, Avon, N.Y. BARTON B. COOK, JR., B.S. in Marine Eng., May Manhasset, L.I. N.Y. BRUCE CORSON, B.S. in Industrial Eng., May Birmingham, Mich. WILLIAM M. CRANSTON, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Pittsburgh, Pa. DONALD L. CREED, B.S. in Marine Eng., Sept. ' 42 Marshfield, Mass. JAMES F. CROCOLL, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan., Buffalo, N.Y. STUART L. GROSSMAN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept. ' 43 Schenectady, N.Y. HERBERT E. CRUMRINE, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Rochester, N.Y. WARREN E. DANEKIND, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Flint, Mich. ARTHUR D. DARDEN, B.S. in Naval Arch. Marine Eng., Jan Norfolk, Va. JOSEPH DATSKO, B.S. in Mechanical Eng, May. .Colver, Pa. G. DOUGLAS DAVIS, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Evanston, 111. WOODROW C. DeBYLE, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. WILLIAM D. DeCOURCY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Corning, N.Y. WALTER W. DEMPSEY, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Pontiac, Mich. CORWIN D. DENNEY, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Washington, C.H., Ohio CORAL L. DePRIESTER, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Sept., 43 Battle Creek, Mich. ROBERT F. DESEL, B.S. in Naval Architecture Marine Eng., Sept., ' 43 Jamaica, L.I., N.Y. HERMANN DOEHNER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., Mexico ENGINEERING It isn ' t easy to get up before the crack of dawn to study for that 8 o ' clock blue book. This engineer typifies those alarm clock blues. 279 ALAN N. DONKIN, B.S. in Naval Architecture, May E. Braintree, Mass. HUBERT M. DRAKE., B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Hempstead, N.Y. JOHN M. DUFF, B.S. in Electrical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. JAMES E. DUNBAR, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Grand Rapids, Mich. HERMAN DYKSTRA, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Detroit, Mich. JOHN R. EDELBERG, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Saranac Lake, N.Y. JAMES M. EDMUNDS, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Toledo, Ohio ROBERT W. EHRLICH, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Maplewood, N.J. HARRY F. EHRNST, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng., May Mt. Morris, Mich. PAUL N. ERICKSON, B.S. in Transportation Eng., May Ann Arbor, Mich. JOHN W. FAUVER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Birmingham, Mich. GEORGE FEGERT, B.S. in Naval Arch. Marine Eng., May Bay City, Mich. ROBERT E. FIFE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept Grosse Pointe, Mich. RALPH L. FISCHER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Plymouth, Mich. CAMPBELL L. FISHER, B.S. in Civil Eng., Sept.. .Detroit, Mich. PHILLIP H. FISHER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Rochester, N.Y. DICK G. FLEDDERMANN, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan New Orleans, La. ROBERT C. FLINK, B.S. in Electrical Eng., May Mt. Vernon, N.Y. WILLARD J. FREY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Ann Arbor, Mich. AARON FRIEDMAN, B.S. in Naval Arch. Marine Eng., May Detroit, Mich. RICHARD D. GAUTHIER. B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Detroit, Mich. EUGENE W. GENIESSE, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Jan Washington, D.C. SYLVESTER P. GENTILE, B.S. in Electrical Eng., May Jersey City, N.J. CECIL L. GEORGE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May.Deshler, O. ARTHUR C. GIBSON, B.S. in Civil Eng., Sept., ' 43 Port Huron, Mich. DALE GILLIARD, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Ann Arbor, Mich. ERNEST S. GOECKEL, B.S. in Eng. Mechanics, May Royal Oak, Mich. LAWRENCE GOLDMAN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Buffalo, N.Y. ' tr There is nothing like a tasty meal in the basement of Michigan Union to prepare for an evening of con cen- trated study. 280 ROGER E. GOODWIN. B.S. in Civil Eng., May Norfolk, Va. EDWARD W. HAAG. B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. May College Point, L.I., N.Y. JOHN B. HADLEY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May. .Toledo, O. P. DOUGLASS HANN, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Kansas City, Mo. RICHARD A. HARANG, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Ridgewood, N.J. CHARLES S. HAUGHEY, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Battle Creek, Mich. ROBERT F. HAY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan. . Detroit, Mich. ROBERT F. HEHEMANN, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng., Jan Cincinnati, O. EDWIN E. HENRY, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Port Huron, Mich. WILLIAM P. HICKEY, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Ebenezer, N.Y. WILLIAM HIGGINS. B.S. in Chemical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Union, N.J. GEORGE G. HILDEBRANDT, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Hamburg, N.Y. ARTHUR Y. HILLMAN, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Schenectady, N.Y. JAMES KING, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Courtland, Calif. GENE HIRSH, B.S. in Eng., Jan Detroit, Mich. G. DONALD HOLLINSHEAD, BiS. in Aeronautical Eng., May Perry, N.Y. DONALD E. HOOK, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Grand Rapids, Mich. JAMES E. HOWARD, B.S. in Civil Eng., Jan Birmingham, Mich. HOWARD J. HOWERTH, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Detroit, Mich. EL WOOD J. HUNEMORDER, B.S. in Physics, Sept., ' 43 Midland, Mich. JOHN C. HUNT, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Sault Ste Marie, Mich. RICHARD J. HUNTOON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Highland Park, Mich. ROBERT J. ISLER, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan.. .Detroit, Mich. R. J. JOHNSTON, B.S. in Electrical Eng., May Flint, Mich. ROBERT R. JONES, B.S. in Naval Architecture, Sept., ' 43 Kearney, Mich. HOWARD W. KAMMERAAD, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Holland, Mich. RAYMOND KANFER, B.S. in Electrical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. SOMCHITR KANSANANDA, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Bangkok, Thailand ENGINEERING S DAVID P. KELLER, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Grand Rapids, Mich. WILLIAM M. KELLY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. ROBERT A. KEMP, Jr., B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Oakville, Ont., Canada JOHN E. KING, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Sodus, Mich. JOSEPH E. KING, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Muskegon, Mich. EDWARD KIRSTOWSKY, B.S. in Metallurgy, May Saginaw, Mich. JAMES D. KLINE, B.S. in Eng. Metallurgy, Sept., ' 43 . . Erie, Pa. B. RICHARD KOCH, B.S. in Electrical Eng.. May Ypsilanti, Mich. 281 JOHN K. KOFFEL. B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Kalamazoo, Mich. WILLIAM S. KOLODZIEU, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. May Muskegon, Mich. IRVING C. KOVAL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Rochester. N.Y. RUSSELL H. KYSER, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Sept., ' 42 Lowell, Mich. THADDEUS W. KUCHARSKI, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Rochester, N.Y. FRANK F. LAHR, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan.. St. Joseph, Mich. WILLIAM R. A. LAMBERT, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May, ' 43 Ann Arbor, Mich. ROBERT J. LANDES, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Salt Lake City, Utah JOEL M. LANXNER, B.S. in Eng., May Shamokin, Pa. HOWARD W. LARSON, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Brooklyn, N.Y. WALLACE J. LATCHEM, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Kirkland Lake, Ont., Canada NED B. LAWRENCE, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Columbiaville, Mich. WILLIAM H. LEHMAN, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. B. MADISON LENT-KOOP, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Ann Arbor, Mich. WILLIAM G. LIDMAN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Rochester, N.Y. LLOYD L. LONG, JR., B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Muskogee, Okla. CHARLES LISKOW, B.S. in Eng., Sept., ' 43 Pleasant Ridge, Mich. WALTER F. LONG, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Roselle Park, N.J. ROBERT E. LOVELL, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. DAVID W. LUECK, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. FRANK R. MACLEAR, B.S. in Eng., May New York, N.Y. ARTUR MAGER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. Jan Haifa, Palestine RICHARD E. MANNING, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Ecorse, Mich. KENNETH T. MARSHALL, B.S. in Marine Eng.. Sept., ' 43 E. Lansing, Mich. THOMAS H. MARSHALL, B.S. in Electrical Eng., May Dearborn, Mich. GEORGE W. MATTHEWS, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Detroit, Mich. RAYMOND C. MATTSON, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Ironwood, Mich. ROBERT E. MAYBERGER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May . Detroit, Mich. ENGINEERING WILLIAM F. MAYBURY, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Pontiac, Mich. ROGER W. McALEER, B.S. in Naval Architecture, Sept., ' 43 Weymouth, Mass. HERBERT W. McCORD, B.S. in Electrical Eng., May Washington, D.C. JOHN J. McKETTA, JR., B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Uniontown, Pa. DONALD A. McMILLAN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Flint, Mich. GILBERT A. McWETHY, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Midland, Mich. SAMUEL O. MEGANTZ, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Lincoln Park, Mich. JULIUS MIKLOWITZ, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Schenectady, N.Y. 282 A s NnytBk HBk : vBk Warn WESLEY L. MILES, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan. Remsen, N.Y. ROLAND B. MILLER. B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Ann Arbor, Mich. KENNETH R. MOEHL, B.S. in Electrical Eng., May Dearborn, Mich. RICHARD K. MOSHER, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. ROBERT G. MOTT, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. THOMAS D. MUELLER, B.S. in Chemical Eng.. Sept., ' 43 Cleveland, O. JOHN E. MUNSON, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan. Vulcan, Mich. BERNARD A. NAPIERALSKI, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. RICHARD L. NELSON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Highland Park, Mich. ELAINE F. NEWMAN, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Miami Beach, Fla. KATHRYN J. NICHOL, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Highland Park, Mich. JOHN M. NORTON, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. ARNOLD C. NYBLADE, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng., Sept., ' 42 Casonovia, Mich. MORTON B. NYMAN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Danielson, Conn. DONALD A. OCKERMAN, B.S. in Naval Architecture Marine Eng., May Long Beach, Calif. HAROLD A. O ' HERN, JR., B.S. in Chemical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Lancaster, N.Y. CHESTER B. OKONSKI, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Buffalo, N.Y. JAMES A. O ' MALLEY, Jr., B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Port Jervis, N.Y. MARVIN W. OONK, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Holland, Mich. ROBERT H. OPDYKE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Detroit, Mich. CARL V. ORBERG, B.S., Sept., ' 43 Sao Paulo, Brazil GEORGE OSTROOT, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Viborg, S.Dak. DAVID A. OVAITT, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Lapeer, Mich. ARTHUR F. PACHULSKI, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Waterbury, Conn. DUANE A. PAGEL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May. .Flint, Mich. JOSEPH E. PARKER, B.S. in Electrical Eng., May Richmond, Mich. RAYMOND C. PARRY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Whitehall, N.Y. ROBERT J. PATTON, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Detroit, Mich. Not content with the rigorous training provided by the University ' s physical hardening program, these students indulge in an extra-curricular game of football. 283 DAVID PAUL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May. . .Detroit, Mich. KENNETH D. PETERSON, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Detroit, Mich. HAROLD C. PETROWITZ, B S. in Electrical Eng., May . : Lansing, Mich. GEORGE A. PETTERSEN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 42 Evanston, 111. KENNETH P. PETTIBONE, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Sept., ' 42 Detroit, Mich. VICTOR P. PIANA, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Ironwood, Mich. JAMES B. PIERCE, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Washington, D.C. JAMES E. PLENGE, B.S. in Mechanical Industrial Eng., Sept., ' 43 Scotia, N.Y. WILLIAM C. POTTER, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Gothenburg, Nebr. RAY B. POWELL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan. . Lewiston, N.Y. DONALD U. POWERS, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Boise, Idaho JOHN O. POWERS, B.S. in Aeronautical and Mechanical Eng., May Washington, D.C. THOMAS O. POYSER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Thiensville, Wis. MEYER S. PRIZAND, B.S. in Marine and Naval Architecture, May New York, N.Y. Z. TED RAJEWSKI, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Muskegon, Mich. ALBERTO RAMIREZ ANGEL, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Bogota, Col., S. America KENETH S. RANKIN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Salisbury, Md. ARLIE D. REAGAN, B.S. in Civil Eng., May Detroit, Mich. CARL C. REDINGER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Sept., ' 42 Washington, D.C. KARL REED, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Erie, Pa. ROBERT H. REID, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Ann Arbor, Mich. BRUCE J. RENAUD, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May. .Chicago, El. GORDON J. RENO, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Riverview, Mich. ROBERT B. RENTON, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. CLIFFORD J. REYNOLDS, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Rochester, N.Y. THAINE W. REYNOLDS, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Syracuse, N.Y. THOMAS S. RICE, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan. Niles, Mich. AUBREY ROBERTSHAW, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. May Erie, Pa. p m Varied emotions of deep interest, enthusiasm, indiffer- ence, and boredom are registered on the faces of this typical group of students. 284 EDWARD S. ROBINSON, B.S. in Transportation Eng., May Kirkland Lake, Ont., Canada DEAN M. ROCKWELL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Utica, N.Y. LESTER ROSENBLATT, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng., Sept., ' 42 New York, N.Y. JOHN L. RUDLAFF, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Pontiac, Mich. SAMUEL J. RUPERT, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. Jan New Castle, Pa. SAMUEL I. RUSSELL, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Northbrook, 111. EDWARD A. RUTAN, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Elmira, N.Y. WILLIAM E. RYAN, B.S. in Electrical Eng. Mathematics, May Springfield, Mass. PABLO C. SAMPER, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Bogota, Columbia, S.A. ALEXANDER P. SAXON, B.S. in Civil Eng.. Sept.. ' 43 E. Chicago, Ind. NIEL J. SCHAIRER, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. RICHARD G. SCHOEL, JR., B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. RAYMOND G. SCHNEIDER, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. PAUL H. SCHWAN, B.S. in Chemical Eng.. May Grand Rapids, Mich. VILLA M. SCHWERTFEGER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan PennYan, N.Y. ROBERT A. SFORZINI, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. Jan Rochester, N.Y. DONALD L. SHANCK, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. May Douglaston, N.Y. WILBUR W. SHAPIRO, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. THEODORE F. SHARP, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. PHILIP E. SHARPE, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan.. .Lake wood, O. DUANE A. SHEPARD, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng., Jan Detroit, Mich. GUY L. SMITH, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May. .Buffalo, N.Y. LEWIS M. SMITH, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Mt. Rainier, Md. RODNEY L. B. SMITH, B.S. in Naval Architecture, Sept., ' 42 National City, Calif. ROBERT M. SNOW, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. May Dearborn, Mich. E. GRAYDON SNYDER, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Pleasant Ridge, Mich. NORMAN N. SNYDER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Sept., ' 42 Detroit, Mich. ROBERT J. SOUKUP, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan. ' 43 Omaha, Nebr. ENGINEERING WILLIAM T. SPARROW, B.S. in Marine Eng, Jan Hampton, Va. ALEXANDER E. STANYAR, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May E. Templeton, P. Q., Canada SANFORD H. STONE, B.S. in Civil Eng., Jan.. . .Detroit, Mich. HOWARD STRAUSS, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Buffalo, N.Y. BRUCE S. STUART, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. WILLIAM T. SULLIVAN, B.S. in Chemic al Eng., May Ironwood, Mich. WILLIAM A. SUMMERFELT, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Benton Harbor, Mich. ROBERT J. SUNDQUIST, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng., Jan Muskegon, Mich. ! ' ' " Z. % ' t v r.- MKM 285 WILLIAM W. SWENSON, B.S. in Civil Eng., May Buffalo, N.Y. ROBERT G. SWIFT. B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Kenmore, N.Y. SIR CHE TANG, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., May Hongkong, China THEODORE H. TARBELL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Kenmore, N.Y. F. CARTER TAYLOR, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Rochester, N. Y. RUFUS S. TEESDALE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. CHARLES M. THATCHER, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Escanaba, Mich. FREDERICK W. THOMPSON, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Sept., ' 42 Syracuse, N.Y. FRANK W. THORP, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Highland Park, Mich. JOHN W. TIEMAN, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Royal Oak, Mich. NORMAN W. TREPANIER, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Marquette, Mich. ROBERT V. TWINING, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. BLAINE A. ULMER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Webster Groves, Mo. DONALD W. VAN DOORN, B.S. in Eng., May. . . .Flint, Mich. WILLIAM S. VAN SLYCK, B.S. in Electrical Eng., Sept., ' 43 Ironwood, Mich. KIMON F. VASILIOU, B.S. in Transportation Eng., Jan ' Nashua, N.H. ROBERT A. VOSS, B.S. in Chemical Eng., May Kalamazoo, Mich. JOHN C. WARREN, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Sept. ' 42 Ironwood, Mich. HAROLD G. WERNER, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan. Rossford. O. DONALD C. WEST, JR., B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Westfield, N.J. WILLIAM C. WEYANDT, JR., B.S. in Metallurgical Eng., Sept., ' 42 Erie, Pa. WALTER M. WILLIAMS, B.S. in Transportation Eng., May Jonesville, Mich. MERVILLE E. WILLIS, B.S. in Naval Architecture Marine Eng., Jan Norwood, Pa. CHARLES WILSON, B.S. in Civil Eng., Sept., ' 43. Detroit, Mich. CHESTER W. WITTERS, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng., Jan St. Johnsbury, Vt JOHN M. WITHERIDGE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept. ' 43 Saginaw, Mich. RICHARD D. WIRTH, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May Detroit, Mich. PAUL D. WINGATE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., May , Chicago, 111. 2 J? j-j a ! ' A 7 i W - IV G I IV RIIVG SENIOR HOWARD F. WOLF, B.S. in Transportation Eng., Jan. Gloversville, N.Y. PALMER W. WRIGHT, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Sept. ' 43 Ann Arbor, Mich. ROKU YASUL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Sept. ' 43 Hood River, Ore. HIDEO YOSHIHARA, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng., Jan Jerome, Ark. RICHARD W. YOUNG, B.S. in Chemical Eng., Jan Jackson, Mich. MARVIN L. ZESKIND, B.S. in Marine Eng.. Jan Washington, D.C. 286 Am 9m C AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS TOP ROW Howard, Johnson, Goodwin. W. Swenson, Palmgren, Stone, Reagan. ROW 2 E. Swan- son, Coltri, Gibson, Flook, Fisher, Connor, Herbst, Bek. ROW 3 Sofyanos, Wolf. Bald, Kelso, Strickland, Widman, Brown, Otis, Oakes, Hassell. OFFICERS President, William W. Swenson; Vice-President, Paul A. Palmgren; Secretary, Sandord H. Stone; Treasurer, Roger E. Goodwin; Faculty Adviser, Prof. W. J. Emmons. SENIORS Arthur C. Gib- son, Campbell L. Fisher, Arlie D. Reagan, William W. Swenson, Sanford H. Stone, Conrad Maxmin, Roger E. Goodwin, Guy A. Hoenke, James E. Howard, Paul A. Palmgren, Bernard R. Thar, Edward J. Sierleja, Robert M. Edison, Walter M. Williams, Kimon F. Vasiliou, Paul N. Erickson, Rudy M. Smeja, Howard F. Wolf. Alexander P. Saxon, Kai C. Lu, Lyman R. Flook. JUNIORS-Carl Hassell, Alvin K. Bek, Joseph H. Silversmith, Gerald Shuirman, Val Coltri, Robert L. Herbst, Richard G. Widman, Gerald A. Oakes, Carroll S. Brown, Daniel S. Ling, Hyman Sterngold, Herbert S. Heavenrich, Robert W. Reis- dorf, Edward R. Baumann, Jesse E. Aber, Richard I. Strickland. SOPHOMORES-Elizabeth A. John- son, Robert E. Bald, James W. Connor, Philip S. Foley, Adrian H. Koert, Jack R. Kelso, Everett L. Lend- erman, Robert L. Mitchell, Maurice B. Otis, Eugene D. Swenson, S. J. Sofyanos. GRADUATES Mo- hammed Shukri, Ibram Hassan, Sidney J. Jennings, Joseph O. Lee, Malcolm A. Haines, Sergio Carvallo, Halil Ozbash. 287 TOP ROW Hillman, Carlson, Reynolds, Wallin. Bongort, Anderson, Renaud, Brown, Hunt, Betzhold, King, Schneider. ROW 2 Eiser, Hutchings, Crocoll, Johnson, Schoel, Bowman. ROW 3 Schwan, Trepanier, Dane kind. TOP ROW Burns, Greene, Lane, Orberg, Weikel, Mueller. Wright, Snyder, Dugan, O ' Hern, Negus, Shell. ROW 2 Gier, Kann, McKetta, Pantek, Arnold, Voss. OFFICERS, SPRING TERM-Douglas Hann, President; Jack Hunt, ist Vice-President; Keith Smith, 2 nd Vice-President; Robert Voss, Secretary; LeRoi Hutchings, Treasurer; Thaine Reynolds, Engineering Council Representative. OFFICERS, SPRING TERM-Carl Orberg, President; Paul Teeter, ist Vice- President; Worthy Boyd, 2nd Vice-President; Harold O ' Hern, Secretary; Joseph King, Treasurer; Westly Blake, Engineering Council Representative. 288 ETA KAPPA NU TOP ROW Verduin, Morton, Snow, Ehrlich, Drutowski. Kanfer. ROW 2 Ryan. Needle, Goodell, Gentile, Munson. A. I. E. E TOP ROW Gillio, Kohan, Willets, Drutowski, De Jong, Paap, Garthwaite. Redner. ROW 2 Van Slyck, Koch, Yost. Kanfer, Brown, Verduin, De Byle. Antilla, Johnston. ROW 3 Moshy, Munson, Marshall. Lawrence, Petrowitz, Stuart, Needle, Okonski. ROW 4 Ryan, Norton, Campbell, Goodell, Ehrlich, Duff, Pierce, Battin, Gentile. 289 I. Ae. S. OFFICERS Lloyd Heinonen, Chairman; Norman Peterson, Vice Chairman; James Hing, Secretary; Rob- ert Soukup, Treasurer; Lewis Smith, Eng. Council Representative; Dr. A. M. Kuethe, Honorary Chair- man. MEMBERS Joan Armstrong, Herbert Berman, Robert Birckhead, Jack Blane, Frederick Bloet- scher, Joel Brown, William Bugielski, Bruce Carmichael, Marvin Canvasser, Richard Clark, Raymond Dean, John DeBoer, James Edburg, Robert Field, Lewis Froikin, Nave Fuleihan, Anthony Gentile, David Glabe, Keith Glaza, Robert Graham, Bertrand Greve, Allen Grossman, Rudolph Haefeli, Herbert Ham- mel, Lowell Hasel, Robert Heinrich, Arthur Hillman, Donald Hollinshead, Joseph Joseph, Harold King, George Lambros, Richard LeClair, B. Madison Lent-Koop, Carl Levin, Charles Light, Lloyd Long, David Lueck, Roger Luidens, Robert Milnor, Ralph McCormick, Harry Myers, William O ' Brien, Russell Og- ness, Peter Olmstead, James O ' Malley, Howard Nelson, Jr., Richard Osborn, Richard Passman, Robert Patton, John Powers, Jerome Przybylowicz, George Rathert, Joseph Raymond, Robert Renton, Donald Rhoads, David Robertson, B. C. Roden, William Ruzicka, Roy Schechter, George Skurla, Guy Smith, Alexander Stanyar, Robert Stimpson, Nobert Szklarz, Arthur Thomson, James Tootle, Jack Voiles, Hans Weichsel, William Werback, Donald Woods, Robert Worth, Hideo Yoshihara. TOP ROW Rutan, Berman, Napieralski, Renson, Lueck, L. Smith, Dean, Soukup, Lent-Koop, Heinonen, Hollinshead. ROW 2 Long, Hing, Fleddermann, Heinrich, Telander, O ' Malley, Drake, Ruzicka, Crumrine, Angell, Nesbitt, Schwert- feger. Brown, Bremer, Coleman, Dempsey, Levin, Froikin, Mager. ROW 3 Gentile, Dr. Kruethe. Peterson, Powers, Edel- berg, Pawlowski, G. Smith, Professor Steinbacher, Canvasser. 290 FLYING CLUB TOP ROW Richard Wilkins, John Welker, Edward Vandenberg. James Gannett. Robert Kitely, Robert Worth, Gordon Ball, Mark Fisher, Jr. ROW 2 Mary Baker, William Collette, James Plenge, Flight Manager; Richard Manning, Presi- dent; Dr. Kuethe, Jack J. Behler, Edwin Hackett, Carl Bronnell, Carolyn Fowle. MEMBERS Kent Arnold, Mary Baker, Gordon Ball, Jack Behler, Alan Bott, Carl Bronnell, Catherine Butman, William Collette, Marl Fisher, Carolyn Fowle, James Gannett, Edwin Hackett, Robert Kitely, Dr. Kuethe, Richard Manning, Robert Mitchell, James Plenge, Thomas Ulfer, Edward Vandenberg, Hans Weichsel, John Welker, Richard Wilkins, Robert Worth. ADVISERS Assistant Dean Walter Rea, Pro- fessor Edgar Lesher. 291 A. S. M. E 1 i TOP ROW Leveridge, Wing, Berlin, Golden. ROW 2 Hwang, Riedel, Blowney, Opdyke, Friedman. ROW 3 Hicks, Strawser, Gilliard, Pohlman, Kolodzien, Porter. ROW 4 Pachulski, Francyek, Miller, Linke, Lamber t, Rajewski. QUARTERDECK TOP ROW Parvin, Darden. ROW 2 Siekert, Maclear, Purser; Townsend. ROW 3 Jones, Marshall, Donkin, Mitch- ell, Vice Commodore; Desel, Downey, Warner, Brown, Cook. ROW 4 Bollier, Stamatakis, McAleer, Kuizinas, Fegert, Mc- Coun, Willis, Commodore; Covert, Steward; Prof. Bragg, Schellens, Prof. Adams, Mr. Limpert, Kirschner, Prof. Baier. 232 TOP ROW J. Shapero, E. Johnson, M. Worsham, A. Horn, J. Pollak, P. Lyons. ROW 2 V. Schwertfeger, M. Carroll, J. Dibble, M. Sinclair, B. Thomas, K. Nicol. AMERICAN SOCIETY WOMEN ENGINEERS 293 1 I DEAN BENNETT The College of Architecture and Design, under the leadership of capable Dean Ben- nett has certainly done its share in adjust- ing its courses to the needs of the present emergency. Architects and designers are very directly needed in the war effort and in answer to this demand, the College has made various changes to adequately pre- pare its students to meet the present war- time needs. Perhaps the most interesting course and the one most directly related to the war is the newly introduced course in camouflage. Here the student learns the principles of camouflage both in theory and in practice. A visual sketching course has been introduced in which the student learns how to make freehand sketches of mechanical parts, to give the workman an idea of the object to be constructed. De- sign students are now taking engineering drawing courses. A shop practice course has been introduced to teach students how to translate sketching and blue prints into three dimensional objects. Besides these new courses which have been introduced, the school has made a special effort to stress the war in all the courses. Students are told how to make their constructions bomb- proof and post war planning of communi- ties is strongly emphasized. 296 CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT John Moehlman, Treasurer; Walter Laitala, President; Belva Barnes, Secretary; Garfield Laity, Vice President. A. I. A. TOP ROW Hobart Wagener, Peter Tarapata, James Blair, Paul VanWert. MIDDLE ROW John Bickel. Griffith Young, Suzanne Gordon, Albert Trowell. BOTTOM ROW Belva Barnes, Garfield Laity, Walter Laitala, John Moehlman. OFFICERS Walter Laitala, President; Garfield Laity, Vice President; Belva Barnes, Treasurer; Suzanne Gordon, Secretary. AMERICAN NSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS 297 LPHA BACK ROW Albert Trowell, Hobart Wagener, Wilmar Nuechterlein, Miguel Rozas, David Lewis, George Crepeau, James Tibbetts, Stuart Price, Peter Tarapata, George Purcell. FRONT ROW Prof. Hebrard. Walter Laitala, Carter Strong, Gariield Laity, James Blair, Alex Pawloff, Stan Peacock, Robert MacPherson. MISSING James Porter, Robert Rasche. OFFICERS Walter M. Laitala, President; Albert H. Trowell, Vice-President; Garfield H. Laity, Secretary; Hobart D. Wagener, Treasurer. MEMBERS Walter Laitala. Garfield Laity, Wilmar Nuechterlein, James Porter, Peter Tarapata. JUNIORS James Blair, George Purcell, Albert Trowell, Hobart Wagener. SOPH- OMORES George Crepeau, David Lewis. Robert MacPherson, James Tibbetts, Miguel Rozas. FRESHMEN -Alex Pawloff, Stan Peacock, Stuart Price. Carter Strong. FACULTY MEMBERS-George M. McConkey, Ralph W. Hammett, Thomas S. Tanner, Emil Lorch, Wells I. Bennett, Alexander M. Valerio, Ernest H. Barnes, Roger Bailey, Jean Hebrard. 298 . ALPHA ALPHA GAMMA TOP ROW G. Conover, A. Olsen, S. Gordon, M. Jones, E. Guntley, J. Groves, J. Ranahan. SECOND ROW D. Visscher, A. Moore, A. Singer, G. Jacobus, L. Pause, M. Davidson. FIRST ROW R. LaLonde, M. Gard- ner, B. Kefgen, M. Sattelmeier, J. Baessler. MEMBERS Jane Baessler, Betsy Brown, Lee Carretti, Gertrude Conover, Margaret D avidson, Donna Eckert, Marian Gardner, Sue Gordon, Jane Graham, Jean Groves, Esther Guntley, Gloria Jaco- bus, Mary Ann Jones, Betty Kefgen. Rosemary LaLonde, Audrey Moore, Aileen Olsen, Lorna Pause, Jean Ranahan, Margaret Sat- telmeier, Ann Singer, Dorothy Visscher. OFFICERS Marian Gardner, President; Aileen Olsen, Vice-President; Sue Gordon, Secretary; Jane Baessler, Treasurer. An awed group of future advertising artists listen to a graphic description oi the power and cunning oi pic- torial propaganda. 299 JOHN C. AVERILL, B.L.A., May Montpelier. Vt. M. JANE BAESSLER, B.D., Int. Design, Sept. ' 43 Grand Rapids, Mich. BELVA J. BARNES, A.B., Arch., Sept. ' 43 ... Plymouth, Mich. ROBERT J. BRODIE, B.S., Arch., Sept. ' 43 ... Rochester, N.Y. MILDRED M. CHRISTA, B.D., May Detroit, Mich. JOAN E. CLEMENT, B.D., May Ann Arbor, Mich. MARGARET L. DAVIDSON, B.D., May Hancock, N.Y. DONNA A. ECKERT, B.A., Int. Design, May, Saginaw, Mich. MARTIN V. ENGSTROM, B.A., Jan Evanston, 111. J. STUART GILDART, B.D., Advertising, May . . . Caro, Mich. ANNE D. GILDEMEISTER, B.D., May Detroit, Mich. M. HAGGAR, B.D., Int. Design, May Sioux Falls, S.D. BRUCE M. HARTWICK, B.A., Design, Jan. . . . Lansing, Mich. GLORIA E. JACOBUS, B.D., Int. Design, Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. M. MICHAEL KANE, B.D., Int. Design, Jan Cleveland Heights, O. EVELYN A. KUIVINEN, B.D., Arch., May Detroit, Mich. WALTER M. LAITALA, B.A., Arch., May . . Negaunee, Mich. GARFIELD H. LAITY, B.A., Arch. May, Highland Park, Mich. CHARLES W. LAUZON, B.A., May Port Huron, Mich. ARTHUR C. LUCAS, JR., B.S.A., Arch. Design, Sept. ' 43 Chicago, 111. JOHN HENRY MOEHLMAN, B.S., Arch., May Ann Arbor, Mich. WILMAR F. NUECHTERLEIN, B.A., Art, Jan Frankenmuth, Mich. AILEEN B. OLSEN, B.D., May Stonington, Mich. DAVID W. OSLER, B.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. LORNA M. PAUSE, B.D., Adv. Design, May Chicago, 111. MARY E. PHELPS, B.D., Int. Dec., May Orillia, Ont. JAMES G. PORTER, B.A., Arch., Jan. . . Salt Lake City, Utah JEAN A. RANAHAN, B.D., May . Buffalo, N.Y. ARC R JOHN H. RUST, B.D., Jan Detroit, Mich. PHYLLIS J. RYE, B.D., May Ann Arbor, Mich. HARRIETTE M. VICARY, B.D., Art, May . . . Dearborn, Mich. NANCY L. WORRELL, B.D, May Detroit, Mich. 300 An embryonic Bonheur giggles delightedly as her prof utters a calm deliberate compliment on her work. From the looks of this picture we ' d say it really must be a fascinating way to get an education. 301 In proof that such things come in time to all men. Dean Griffin and Professor Waterman are pictured frowning in consternation over their income-tax blanks. It should not be too great a problem for these two men, however, as both are experts in their chosen fields of Business Administration. Dean Griffin has been head of the School of Business Administration since 1925 and was an acknowledged wizard on com- mercial and industrial transactions before that time, while Professor Waterman has been a familiar foundation of the School ' s faculty for many years. 304 I N this day and age when a couple of million dollars is pin-money, it is important that we have men who know their dollars and cents and what to do with them. The train- ing of such men and women is, though crudely described, the goal of the School of Busi- ness Administration. A special program of War Emergency and Industrial Mobiliza- tion courses have been added with emphasis on such phases as production manage- ment, factory management and industrial relations. The whole program, as Dean Grif- fin has stated, is flexible and will be changed from time to time as new demands de- velop. In addition to training men for production on the home front, the Business School is cooperating with the U. S. Army by assisting in the training of men for the newly established University ROTC division of the Quartermaster Corps. Require- ments for a commission in this corps are either a degree in business administration or the satisfactory completion of a considerable number of courses in the school. Realiz- ing the immediate wartime need for women trained in business fields, the School of Business Administration has made certain modifications in its program. The courses have been rearranged and modified in such a way that after two terms, the student will have minimum training which will be sufficient for the immediate future and which can also be rounded out at a later time by another two terms which will lead to the reg- ular bachelor ' s degree of the school. Training for women for immediate war jobs in business began with the spring semester. 306 LPHA APPA TOP ROW Ruth, Theodoroff, Strong, Buchanan, Jasperse, Kornoelje, Adams, Linzell, Mac- Ritchie, Carlson, Rewolt. ROW 2 Parker, Poisson, Stirling, Browning, Olson, D ' Arcy, Tay- lor, Schellenberg. ROW 3 Gibson, Pell, Bury, Shelley, Santopietro, Phillips, Koski. OFFICERS Robert Shelley, President; Olindo Santopietro, Vice-President; Richard Phillips, Secretary; Robert Gibson, Treas- urer. GRADUATES-Walter Bury, Robert Pell, Richard Phillips, Olindo Santopietro, Robert Shelley. SENIORS- Martin Browning, Richard D ' Arcy, Robert Gibson, Donald Hosmer, John Jasperse, Marvin Koski, William MacRitchie, Robert Marr, Gordon Parker, Robert Poisson, Robert Shellenberg, Stanley Stong, Boris T. Theodoroff. JUNIORS John Adams, Hugh Buchanan, Clarence Carlson, Robert Kornoelje, Donald Olson, Stewart Rewolt, Norman Ruth, Ralph Stirling, Glenn Taylor. SOPHOMORES-George Linzel. 307 C. PARKER ANDERSON, B.B.A.. May Flint, Mich. WALTER M. BURY, M.B.A. in Accounting, May Dearborn, Mich. CLARENCE G. CARLSON, B.B.A., Sept. ' 43 . . Pontiac, Mich. NICK P. CHAPEKIS, M.B.A. in Personnel Finance, Jan Escanaba, Mich. RAYMOND C. F. CHEN, B.B.A., Sept. ' 43 . . Shanghai, China ALBERT M. COHEN, B.B.A., May Detroit, Mich. LOUIS A. COHEN, B.B.A., May Detroit, Mich. JAMES K. DANIELS, A.B. in Economics, Ian., Chelsea, Mich. RICHARD E. D ' ARCY, A.B. in Economics, May, Detroit, Mich. BENJAMIN H. DOUGLAS, B.B.A., May Albany, N.Y. RICHARD L. EYSTER, B.B.A., May Toledo, O. GEORGE S. FISCHLER, B.B.A. in Accounting, Sept. ' 43 Hillside, N.J. GERTRUDE M. INWOOD, M.B.A. in Accounting and Industrial Relations, May Ferndale, Mich. JOHN M. JASPERSE, B.B.A., Sept. ' 43 ... Grand Rapids, Mich. MILTON J. KATZ, M.B.A. in Accounting, May Grand Rapids, Mich. BRUCE J. KIRCHENBAUM, B.B.A., May Albany, N. Y. CHARLES R. KNUTSON, B.B.A., Jan Flint, Mich. ROBERT A. KRAUSE, M.B.A., May Detroit, Mich. JOHN MACKINNON, B.B.A., Sept. ' 43 Dearborn, Mich. JAMES A. MARINE, B.B.A., May Rochester, N.Y. ROBERT A. MATTHEWS, A.B. in Economics, May Glencoe, 111. J DEAN J. MILLER, M.B.A. in Finance, Jan Detroit, Mich. GERALD O ' BRIEN, B.B.A., May Wayne, Mich. ROBERT E. PELL, M.B.A. in Accounting, Jan. . . Plainwell, Mich. MELVIN R. PERLMAN, B.A.D., May Roxbury, Mass. RICHARD B. PHILLIPS, M.B.A. in Accounting. Jan Bay City, Mich WATSON B. PIERCE B.B.A. in Economics, May, Flint, Mich 308 ROBERT M. POISSON, B.B.A. in Business Management. May Iron Mountain, Mich. RICHARD A. POSMANTUR, M.B.A. in Industrial Management, Jan Buffalo, N.Y. PAUL L. POSTON, M.B.A. in Actuarial Science, May Oakland, Calif. ROBERT M. POWELL, B.B A. in Accounting, Jan Coldwater, Mich. OLINDA O. SANTOPIETRO, M.B.A. in Personnel Industrial Administration, Jan Waterbury, Conn. JOE E. SCHROEDER, B.B.A., May Marshall, Mich. JOHN SHAREMET, B.B.A., May Detroit, Mich. NORMAN D. SCHWARTZ, B.B.A., May Waukegan, El. ROBERT L. SCHWYN, B.B .A., May Ionia, Mich. DANIEL L. SEIDEN, B.B.A., May Chicago, Dl. ROBERT O. SHELLEY, M.B.A., Jan Flint, Mich. {CATHERINE E. YOUNG, B.B.A., May Lawton, Mich. 309 DEAN BUNTING Since there is an overall shortage of dentists as well as physicians and sur- geons tor war-time and civilian needs, dentistry is considered as an essential occupation in the war. To meet the need for dentists in both the armed forces and civilian life, it has been necessary to accelerate. The School of Dentistry is organized and is pro- ceeding according to a plan whereby a class entering in the fall of a given term graduates in June of the third year following, having finished the work in less than three calendar years. 312 Attendance in the Dental School has not suffered from the war . . . thus far, no den- tistry students in good stand- ing have been called to active duty by ihe Selective Service. It is anticipated that by the be- ginning of the summer term the Army and Navy will con- tract for the enlistment of prac- tically all students of dentistry. 313 MAX G. AIKEN. D.D.S., Jan Detroit. Mich. MAXINE F. ANDREAE, Dental Hygiene, May . . . Yale, Mich. GERALD R. APTEKAR, D.D.S., Jan. . . Detroit, Mich. HERBERT M. ARONSTEIN, D.D.S., Jan Detroit, Mich. ALVIN AUGUST, D.D.S., Jan Detroit, Mich. RUSSELL L. BAKER, D.D.S., Jan Wayland, Mich. RICHARD BERRIS, D.D.S., Jan Tuxedo. Mich. ALBERT E. BUCHHOLZ, D.D.S.. Jan Pigeon, Mich. DOROTHY BUCKHOLZ, Dental Hygiene, May Kalamazoo, Mich. INEZ F. CHAMBERLIN, Dental Hygiene, May Muskegon, Mich. BARBARA A. DOLF, Dental Hygiene, May. Marquette, Mich. JOHN E. DUMON, D.D.S., Jan Big Rapids, Mich. HERBERT J. EDER, D.D.S., Jan Detroit, Mich. JEROME L. FECHTNER, D.D.S.. Jan Newark, N.J. ANTOINETTE H. GAGNIER, Dental Hygiene, May Detroit, Mich. JEAN G. GRAF, Dental Hygiene, May BuHalo, N.Y. THOMAS J. HANSON. D.D.S., Jan. . . Sault. Ste. Marie. Mich. HAZEL K. JOHNSON, Dental Hygiene, May Ann Arbor, Mich. STELLA JURAS, Dental Hygiene, May Ann Arbor, Mich. JAMES E. KNOX, D.D.S., Jan Niles, Mich. BERNARD L. LEVY, D.D.S.. Jan. . . Detroit, Mich. Oj $ Hh| . " F HARRY H. LUTON, D.D.S., Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. JEANNE MACKLEM. Dental Hygiene, May . . Bay City. Mich. CARL E. MOSBERG, D.D.S., Jan Cadillac, Mich. MAUREEN M. MUNGER, Dental Hygiene, May . . Hart, Mich. MYLA J. NISWONGER, Dental Hygiene, May . . Leslie, Mich. BETTY P. NITCHUN, Dental Hygiene, May. . .Detroit, Mich. 314 WINIFRED R. PALMER, Dental Hygiene, May, Chelsea, Mich. ABRAHAM PLOUS. D.D.S., Jan Iron River, Mich. DAVID C. PRAY, D.D.S., Jan. . . East Jordan, Mich. DELBERT E. RAWSON, D.D.S., Jan Cass City, Mich. VIRGINIA A. ROHR, Dental Hygiene, May Charleston, W. Va. ROBERT E. ROSS, D.D.S., Jan. . . Detroit, Mich. WILLIAM C. RYLE, D.D.S., Jan Flint, Mich. ARTHUR I. SHAPIRO, D.D.S., Jan Lapeer, Mich. DOROTHY J. SIMPSON, Dental Hygiene, May. Flint. Mich. JANE L. SLOCUM, D.D.S., Jan Highland Park, Mich. ROBERT C. SMALL, D.D.S., Jan Detroit, Mich. JANIS A. SMITH, Dental Hygiene, May Lapeer, Mich. HOWARD E. STAFFORD, D.D.S., Jan Kalamazoo, Mich. GLORIA A. STARK, Dental Hygiene, May Lima. O. MELVIN R. YOFFEE, D.D.S., Jan. . . Detroit, Mich. 315 LPHA MEGA TOP ROW Cafaol, Upfall, Kaufman. Ellias. Kimelman. Meyers. Bikoff. Cohen. ROW 2 K. Small, Lesser, Weinberg. Waldon. Jacobson. Lezell, Thomas. Wenner, F. I.evine, L. Levine. Feldman. ROW 3 Rosen, Robins, Gerendasy, DeRoven. Berris. Aronstein. Aptekar, R. Small, August, Simon, -Hertz, Krohn. OFFICERS Marvin DeRoven, President; Robert Gerendasy, Vice-President; Raymond Robins, Secretary; Phillip Hertz, Treasurer. SENIORS Gerald Aptekar, Herbert Aronstein, Alvin August, Henry Berris, Herbert Eder, Bernard Levy, Robert Small. JUNIORS Marvin DeRoven, Robert Gerendasy, Jerry Jacobson, Alvin Lezell, Arthur Thomas, Sanford Waldon. SOPHOMORES Phillip Hertz, Samuel Krohn, Raymond Robins, Harold Rosen, Paul Schiff, Burton Simon, Alex Weinberg, Morton Lesser, Kenneth Small. FRESHMEN-Joseph Cabot, Samuel Cohen, Morris Bikoff, Jack Feldman, Myron Kaufman, M. Jack Kimelman, Fred Levine, Leslie Levine, Edward Meyers, Joseph Miller, Yale Upfall, Harry Wenner. 316 ELTA IGMA ELTA TOP ROW Whalen, Forsyth, DeLamarter, Daryaw, Richards, Johnson, J. Brown. Nash, Jones. Jackson, Hoek, Shortt, MacDermaid. O ' Dell. Jacques. Elbing. ROW 2 Pray, Luton, Buchholz. Gies, Gilson, Meagher, Rawson, Happle, Renwick, Stevens, DeMartin, Dodge. ROW 3 Hogg, Ryding, Cossar. W. Brown, Nolen, Gjorup, Allen, Calcott, Baribeau, Wight. OFFICERS Delbert Rawson, President; Harry Luton, Vice-President; C. Mark Gilson, Treasurer; James Happle, Secretary. SENIORS Robert Barber, Albert Buchholz, Cyril Collins, Raymond Gies, C. Mark Gilson, Thomas Hanson, James Happle, Harry Luton, William Korbelak, Paul Meagher, David Pray, Delbert Rawson, Phillip Sloan. JUNIORS Alger DeLamarter, Roland DeMartin, W. Smith Dodge, Henry Elbing, Arthur Kitzmiller, William Jackson, Joseph Morris, Duncan MacLachlin, Ralph Renwick, Ray Stevens, Donald Ward. SOPHOMORES-James Adamwicz, R. David Allen, Ray Arends, Griffith Cossar, Walter Calcott, James Hayward, Lewis McQuillan, Thad Morrison, John Nolen, Ralph Nash, Howard O ' Dell, Charles Rice, Lee Short, Jean Gjorup, Paul Jackson. FRESHMEN Charles Beribeau, William Brown, James Brown, Russell Daryaw, Wendell Dwight, Arthur Forsyth, Emerson Harvey, Robert Hoek, Paul Hogg, Blaine Johnson, Kenneth Jacques, Thomas Jones, Robert Langlois, Gordon McDermaid, James Richards, Robert Ryding, John Shoemaker, Edward Whalen, Edwin Wight, Paul Williams. 317 t mw . DEAN EDMONSON The School of Education has fol- lowed the footsteps of the other schools in the University and has clone its share in the war effort. Realizing the importance of well trained teachers in this National Emergency the School of Education is fulfilling a two-fold purpose. First of all, it is providing profes- sional training for those students entering the teaching field; and secondly, through its adult exten- sion program, it is making better teachers of those already in the field. It is conducting various re- search projects to adjust the school to war conditions, such as the plan- ning of aid raid shelters. At the head of these activities is capable Dean Edmonson, who besides lead- ing the activities of the Education School, is taking an active part in war activities as a member of the University War Board. FACULTY The School of Education consists of the University High School, the University Elementary School, as well as the part of the school whose purpose is to give professional training to prospective teachers. The University High School and Elementary School serve a sort of laboratory function. Besides the students who are preparing for the University, the School consists of " special cases " which are studied by professors and students of the Uni- versity. Upon a student ' s entrance into the School of Education he is assigned an adviser. Numerous conferences with the adviser help him plan his courses so that he will meet the teaching re- quirements of the locality in which he expects to teach. The stu- dent devotes a good deal of his two years in the Education School taking some basic courses in Education, such as History of Edu- cation, Educational Psychology, and special methods of teaching his particular subject. Then, after he has mastered the theory, he gets his opportunity to put it into practice. This is the 5 hour Practice Teaching Course which is the culmination of the Under- graduate ' s study in the Education School, and an experience he will never forget. Dr. Claude Eggertson giving his History of Education class a few points on Joseph Lancaster. 320 Dorothy Wineland, David Matthews, Mary Sellon, Helen Clarke. CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS David Matthews, President; Mary Sellon, Vice-President; Helen Clarke, Secretary; Dorothy Wineland, Treasurer. COMMIT- TEES Finance, Helen Clarke; Program, Marjorie Holland, Joan Gear- ing; Announcements, June Dale Sackter. 321 VIVIAN M. ANSPACH, B.S. in Speech, May Mt. Pleasant. Mich. RUTH L. ASNESS, B.S., Sept. ' 43 New York City, N.Y. JEAN O. BARTON, A.B. in English, Sept. ' 43 White Cloud, Mich. NANCY A. BERCAW, B.S. in Mathematics, Sept. ' 43 Wilmette, Dl. DOROTHY K. BILL, A.B., May Detroit, Mich. RUTH J. BLODGETT, A.B., May Detroit, Mich. MERIAN R. BROWN, A.B., May Akron, Ohio CATHERINE E. BUTMAN, B.A. in Social Studies, Sept. ' 43 Ann Arbor, Mich. BARBARA L. CARRITTE, B.D. in Art, May Pleasant Ridge, Mich. JANE R. CAYIA, A.B., May Manistique, Mich. JUNE D. CHARLTON, A.B., May New York City, N.Y. ALVIN C. CLARK, A.B. in History, Jan Buffalo, N.Y. HELEN E. CLARKE, B.S., May Wilmette, 111. MELVIN M. COMIN, A.B., May Chicago, 01. BARBARA A. COULTER, A.B., May Flint, Mich. MARY I. CRAWFORD, B.S. in Physical Education, May Lakewood, Ohio BARBARA M. CRIPPS, B.S., Jan Dearborn, Mich. MAYBELLE L. DAVIS, B.S. in Commercial Education, Jan Washington, D.C. BETTY A. DONNAN, A.B. in English, May Holla, Mo. PAULINE A. DRAKE, A.B. in History. May Cleveland Heights, Ohio BETTY J. ERDMANN, A.B., Jan Detroit, Mich. I JOAN C. GEARING, A.B., May St. Clair, Mich. BETTY E. GRANT, A.B., May Oil City, Pa. CONSTANCE M. GRIMES, A.B., May Flint, Mich. ELIZABETH G. HALPIN, A.B. in French, May Fort Wayne, Ind. LOIS P. HERRICK, A.B., Sept. ' 43 Mt. Morris, Mich. ELIZABETH J. JONES, B.S.,May Detroit, Mich. 7 322 BETTY L. KEFGEN, B.A. in Art, May Duluth, Minn. KATHRYNE R. KELLY, B.S. in Public Health, May Austin, Minn. JEAN D. KERR, A.B. in Latin, Sept. ' 43 Gary, Ind. PEARL KOBLENZ, A.B., May Witherbee, N.Y. JEANNETTE R. KUBICKI, A.B., May Detroit. Mich. CATHERINE E. LEE, A.B., May Detroit, Mich. LOUISE M. MARSOM, A.B. in Mathematics, May Detroit, Mich. JEAN P. MARXHAUSEN, B.A., May Flint, Mich. DAVID O. MATTHEWS, B.S. in Physical Education, May Royal Oak, Mich. RUBY H. MAURER, A.B., May Ann Arbor, Mich. PAUL B. MCKEE, JR., B.S., Jan Dearborn, Mich. MARTHA A. MELLINGER, A.B., May . . . Birmingham, Mich. IRENE MENDELSOHN, A.B., May Detroit, Mich. LORNA D. MENZIES, A.B., May Highland Park, Mich. ROLAND B. MILLER, A.B., May Ann Arbor, Mich. MARY M. MOORE, A.B. in English, May, Negaunee, Mich. CHARLOTTE J. MORLEY, A.B., May Saginaw, Mich. WALLACE D. NICHOL, A.B., Jan Saginaw, Mich. MARIAN M. ORTH, A.B., Jan Milwaukee, Wis. CHARLOTTE PAPERNICK, A.B., Sept. ' 43 .... Glassport, Pa. ELENORE L. PRESS, A.B., May Long Beach, N.Y. -ft Young artists at work University Nursery School Stu- dents. 323 ARLENE B. ROSS, B.S.. May Hollis, N.Y. BETTE C. SACHS, B.S. in Physical Education, May Chicago, 111. BETTY I. SCHERMERHORN, A.B., May Evanston, 111. MARY M. SELLON, A.B., May Detroit, Mich. GENEVIEVE J. SIBIGA, B.S., May Hint, Mich. SHIRLEY M. SIEG, A.B., May Detroit, Mich. MARY M. STEBBINS, A.B., May Flint, Mich. KATHRYN A. STEINER, A.B., Sept. " 43 . . Ann Arbor, Mich. RUTH E. STITT, A.B., May Ann Arbor, Mich. DOREEN E. TAYLOR, A.B. in Social Studies, May Linden, Mich HELEN G. TODD, A.B. in Mathematics, May Highland Park, Mich CORINNE TRIMBLE, A.B. in English, May, . . . Riverdale, 111 GEORGANNA B. TUCK, A.B., May Pontiac, Mich VIRGINIA WAKEMAN, B.A., May Pontiac, Mich SALLY WEINHART, A.B. in Art Education, Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich WILBUR P. WOOD, B.S. in Physical Education, May Detroit, Mich MARY JANE WOODLEY, A.B., May Detroit, Mich SHIRLEY ZHEUTLIN, A.B., May Jersey City, N.J 324 Teachers take their place in the war effort. This is a typical class scene in the Ford Bomber Plant. Here workers receive valuable in- formation which produces greater efficiency on the job. A heart to heart talk with the ad- viser the first step in an Educa- tion Student ' s career. Practical application comes after the learning of theory Practice Teaching the great moment in ev- ery Education student ' s life. 325 tt ' ft p 88sss . m : m am Since 1927, Dean Samuel T. Dana has served the University in his capacity as Dean of the Forestry School. Qualified by an extensive background of service and research in all departments of forestry and allied sciences, Dean Dana has distinguished himself through his tireless fight for the preservation of America ' s natural resources, and his equally tire- less efforts to produce competent, well-trained grad- uates to carry on that fight. That he has succeeded is clearly seen in the magnificent work of reforestation and conservation of our national wealth which has been performed for the government by graduates of the school. Their work is a living tribute to Dean Dana ' s sixteen years of service in raising the School of Forestry to the high degree of excellence it now possesses. Trees too have diseases; but in classes like these the forestry school learns how to combat them. 328 DEAN DANA FREDERICK J. ARNOLD, B.S. in Forestry, May, Chicago, 111. W. SOUTHARD CORLETT, B.S. in Forestry, Jan Hudson, O. LAMONT G. ENGLE, B.S. in Forestry, Jan., Milwaukee, Wis. MILLARD B. FERGUSON, B.S. in Forestry, Indust. Sept. ' 43 Flushing JOHN R. GEHRON, B.S. in Forestry, June, Williamsport, Pa. RICHARD M. GODMAN, B.S. in Forestry. Feb Kansas City, Mo. ADRIAN M. GOLDBERG. B.S. in Forestry, Jan., Brooklyn, N.Y. HUBERT HARRIS, B.S. in Forestry, Sept Passaic, N.J. RICHARD J. HARTESVELDT, B.S. in For. Wild Life. May Grand Rapids, Mich. JAMES A. HOLECAMP, B.S. in Forestry, May Webster Groves, Mo. RICHARD F. HOLECAMP, B.S. in Forestry. Jan Webster Groves, Mo. WILLIAM L. KIER, B.S. in Forestry, Sept, Washington, D.C. ROBERT W. KING, B.S. in Forestry, May Boise, Ida. DONALD G. LAMBRECHT. B.S. in Forestry, May Milwaukee, Wis. OTTO H. LARSEN. B.S. in Forestry, May Chicago, 111. GERALD J. LAVENDER, B.S. in Forestry, May Newberry, Mich. WESLEY A. LEHMAN, B.S. in Forestry. May . . Detroit, Mich. LEONARD R. MARTINEK, B.S. in Forestry, May Hamtramck, Mich. THEODORE C. NAGLER, B.S. in Forestry, Jan., Chicago, 111. KENNETH E. NELSON, B.S. in Forestry, Sept Chicago, EL KARL E. PROSHEK, B.S. in Forestry, May . . Perrysburg, O. HAROLD E. RELYEA. B.S. in Forestry. Jan Joliet, 111. RICHARD SAVILLE, B.S. in Forestry. Jan. . . Pasadena, Calif. ROBERT W. STEIDEMANN, B.S. in Forestry, Jan St. Louis, Mo. EDWARD F. STEIGERWALDT, B.S. in Forestry. May Chicago, 111. MICHAEL J. VONESH, B.S. in Forestry, Jan Berwyn, 111. EDWIN H. WEIL, JR., B.S. in Forestry, Sept., Philadelphia, Pa. GORDON T. WOODS, B.S. in Forestry, May Newington, Conn. v fi 329 Telephone line construction is one of the many field activities undertaken by foresters while at their summer camp. Get out of the way, boys, this one ' s coming down in a hurry! The dispatcher station in time of fire is an important function of the forest fire control organization. A Wild life is often encountered in the field. Here a bear cub performs for three woodsmen. % It takes giant saws to topple the forest giants, and they must be kept in perfect condition. 331 T JfcH HE School of Law, probably more than any other college of the Michigan campus, has felt the repercussions of the present world conflict. Despite the fact that its program has been accelerated in an attempt to permit students to finish in three years instead of four, the catch soon appeared in the fact that there simply were no students to take the speed-up course. For the draft had done its work, and 1943 found the Law School enrollment less than twenty percent of that of normal years. Then the Army to the rescue. ... In the Fall of 1942 Dean Stason extended an invi- tation to the War Department to establish its Judge Advocate General ' s School in the William W. Cook Law Quadrangle. Taking advantage of the excellent facili- ties offered in Ann Arbor, the school, under Colonel Edward H. Young, Comman- dant, moved from Washington to Ann Arbor on September i4th and now shares the Law Quad with the regular " few and far between " law students. The Judge Advo- cate General ' s School consists of a staff of members of the War Department and commissioned lawyer-teachers, plus one hundred and forty commissioned army offic- ers as students. All officer students are members of the bar and all have practiced law for four or more years. The special training program, consisting of instruction in the various features of military law, extends over a ten-week period, at the end of which time, a new group of student officers move in for the course. The staff and officer students live in the rooms of the Law Quadrangle Dormitory, and the school has its offices and class rooms on the second floor of Hutchins Hall. 334 Eyes cast down with the worry of study might never catch this rather striking view of the West Quad. All is peace and serenity here in the sunlit Inner Sanctum. Obviously our Ensian photogra- pher was a little " high " when he took this picture of the august Old Bailey. Equity was never like this. Remember, anything you look like may be used against you. Outdoor sports for the legal-minded. 336 JAMES L. MCCRYSTAL, J. D.. Jan Sandusky, O. C. BLAKE MCDOWELL, JR., L.L.B., Jan Akron, O. PHILLIP NUSHOLTZ, L.L.B., May Detroit, Mich. WILLIAM A. RINER, L.L.B., May Cheyenne, Wyo. CLARENCE A. SAHLIN, L.L.B., Jan Ironwood, Mich F. ELIZABETH THORNE, L.L.B., Jan Washington, Iowa ROBERT D. ULRICH, J.D., Jan Addison. Mich. 1 337 w f jit Dr. Albert C. Furstenberg has been capable Dean of the Medical School since 1935. In this capacity he has helped fulfill the first purpose of the School, which is the train- ing of men and women to be doctors " with credit to themselve s and safety to their patients. " " But Dr. Soule, can you always expect a positive reaction when you add that so- lution? " DEAN FURSTENBERG 340 SENIORS STANDING - - Ittner, De Vries. SEATED Borden, Leai. Fish. Poppen. JUNIORS 341 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS STANDING Van Harn, Brill. Rosenman. SEATED Herman, Rider, O ' Dell. OFFICERS Christian Herman, President; Charles O ' Dell, Vice-President; Nancy Rider, Sec- retary; Thomas Brill, Treasurer; Raymond Van Harn, Honor Man; Ray Rosenman, Execu- tive Council. 342 " TOP ROW Carney, Willson, Hodgson. ROW 2 O ' Dell, Wiltsee, Kozonis. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS Michael Ko onis, President; Paul Hodgson, Vice-President; Joyce Wiltsee, Sec- retary; Jean Willson, Treasurer; Charles O ' Dell. First Year Honor; John Carney, Second Year Honor. 343 CHARLES H. ALTSHULER, M.D., Jan Detroit, Mich. FRANCIS C. ANDERSON. M.D., Jan Cadillac, Mich. GOULD A. ANDREWS, JR., M.D., Jan. . . Grand Rapids, Mich. GUNNARD J. ANTELL, M.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. THEODORE M. ARMSTRONG, M.D., Jan. . . Bronson, Mich. A. KEARNEY ATKINSON, M.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. JAMES S. BERTOGLIO, M.D., Jan Butte, Mon. ELDEAN G. BETZ, M.D., Jan Bridgewater, Mich. RALPH E. BITTINGER, JR., M.D., Jan Detroit, Mich. GEORGE W. BROOKS, JR., M.D., Jan Norwich, N. Y. JERRY E. BULTHUIS, M.D., Jan Holland, Mich. IRVING F. BURTON, M.D., Jan. . . Detroit, Mich. JOHN M. BUSARD, M.D., Jan Muskegon, Mich. LEE M. CATTELL, JR., M.D.. Jan Bronson, Mich. JAMES I. COLLINS, M.D Flint, Mich. WILLIAM T. COUTEH, M.D. . . Midland, Mich. KENNETH R. CRISPELL. M.D.. Jan., Slaterville Springs, N.Y. ARMIN A. DARMSTAETTER, M.D., Jan Detroit, Mich. JAMES D. DAVIDSON, M.D., Jan Edmonds, Wash. MALCOLM K. DOLBEE, M.D., Jan E. Lansing, Mich. DAVID B. DOLESE, M.D., Jan Detroit, Mich. ROBERT L. EASTERLY, M.D.. Jan Missoula, Mont. DAVID EDWARDS, M.D., Jan Yorkshire, England LYLE D. ELLIOTT, A.B., M.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. GEORGE S. EVSEEFF, M.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. MARSHALL L. FOLLO, M.D., Jan Akron, O. LOIS FRAYSER, M.D., Jan Richmond, Va. LORENZ F. GERLACH, M.D., Jan Spring Lake, Mich. m fcM PHILIP D. GORDY, M.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. PETER C. HOFSTRA, M.D., Jan Paterson, N.J. MATIAN E. IDDINGS, M.D., Jan East Lansing, Mich. ARTHUR W. IDE, JR., M.D., Jan. . . St. Paul, Minn. HERBERT T. IWATA, M.D., Jan Twin Falls, Ida. MICHAEL H. JAYSON, M.D., Jan Detroit, Mich. WILLIAM JEND, JR., M.D., Jan Detroit, Mich. JAMES A. JOHNSON, M.D., Jan Empire, Mich. 344 WALTER S. JOHNSON, M.D., Jan Roanoke. Va. A. CURTIS JONES. JR., B.S. and M.A. in Zoology, Boise, Ida. ALBERT L. JUERGENS, M.D., Jan Chester, 111. ARNOLD H. KAMBLY, JR., M.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. KEITH C. KEELER, M.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. HOWARD A. REISER, M.D., Jan Ludington, Mich. JOSEPH L. KURTZ, M.D., Jan Ironwood, Mich. JOHN D. KUTSCHE. M.D., Jan Monroe, Mich. JAMES I. LAIRD, M.D., Jan Dearborn, Mich. PAUL R. LAUER, M.D., Jan Seattle, Wash. WILLIAM E. LAUR, M.D., Jan. Detroit, Mich. WILLIAM M. LA ZEBNIK, M.D., Jan Jackson, Mich. JACK M. LEOPARD, M.D., Jan Flint, Mich. DORA S. LEVINE, M.D., Jan Detroit, Mich. LEONARD S. LINKNER, M.D., Jan Detroit, Mich. RALPH D. MAHON, JR., M.D., Jan Milan, Mich. PERRY C. MARTINEAU, M.D., Jan Pocatello, Ida. MARGARET F. McMAHON, M.D., Jan Toledo, O. ROBERT S. MECHLING, M.D., Jan Pittsburgh, Pa. BERNARD MEEUWSEN, A.B., M.D., Jan. Grand Rapids, Mich. ROBERT D. MERCER, M.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. BENJAMIN MOORSTEIN, M.D., Jan. ... Traverse City, Mich. MORRIS J. MURRAY, M.D., Jan Charlotte, Mich. EDWARD G. NEDWICKI, M.D., Jan. . . Detroit, Mich. OSCAR A. NELSON, M.D., Jan Lamar, Colo. CHARLES E. O ' BRIEN, M.D., Jan Dearborn, Mich K. H. OAKLEY, M.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. C. T. PIER, M.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. You may get cross-eyed looking through miscroscopes, but it ' s all part of acquiring a medical education. 345 FRANK P. RAIFORD, M.D., Jan Detroit. Mich. THOMAS G. REED. M.D., Jan Lake Odessa, Mich. ROGER RIDLEY, M.D., Jan Belleville, Mich. JOHN R. RIESEN, JR., M.D., Jan. . . Shorewood, Wis. HERBERT ROSENBAUM. M.D., Jan Detroit, Mich. WILLIAM ROTTSCHAEFER, M.D., Jan. . . Ann Arbor, Mich. JAMES W. SARGENT. M.D., Jan Milwaukee, Wis. THEODORE L. SAXE, M.D., Jan Bay City, Mich. E. OSKAR SCHREIBER, M.D., Jan Lansing, Mich. FREDERICK J. SOHWIND, M.D., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. CHARLES H. SEARS, M.D., Jan Beulah, Mich. LOUIS E. SIGLER, JR., M.D., Jan Grand Rapids, Mich. ROY E. SNYDER, M.D., Jan Ft. Worth, Tex. CARL A. STOLBERG, M.D., Jan Ludington. Mich. SEYMOUR TAFFET, M.D., Jan Belleville, N.J. WILLIAM Y. TAKAHASHI, M.D., Jan. . Seattle, Wash. ARTHUR H. ULMER, JR., M.D., Jan Toledo, O. EDWARD W. VAN AUKEN, M.D., Jan. ... Big Rapids, Mich. A. BURGESS VIAL, M.D., Jan La Grange, 111. MARSHALL P. WEES, M.D., Jan. . . Ann Arbor, Mich. WILLIAM M. WHITE, M.D., Jan Detroit, Mich. CHARLES ALDRIDGE, M.D., Sept Ann Arbor, Mich. ARTHUR C. BAKER, M.D., Sept Grand Rapids, Mich. RALPH R. BEATTY, M.D., Sept Walla Walla, Wash. JAMES C. BEESLEY, M.D., Sept Constantino, Mich. ROBERT A. BORDEN, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Crestline, O. WILLIAM S. BOWDEN. M.D.. Sept. ' 43 St. Clair, Mich. DUKE CHO CHOY, MD., Sept. ' 43 . . Honolulu, Hawaii Now fellows, leave the poor guy alone, two ' s company, three ' s a crowd. CHARLES E. CLARK, M.D.. Sept Ann Arbor, Mich. EDWARD R. DOEZEMA, M.D., Sept. . . . Grand Rapids, Mich. FRANK R. ELLIS, M.D., Sept Detroit, Mich. RAYMOND M. ENGLEMAN, M.D., Sept. ' 43 . . Detroit, Mich. HENRY C. EVERETT, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Columbia, S.C. MORTIMER S. FALK, M.D., Sept Mount Kisco, N.Y. ELDON L. FOLTZ, M.D., Sept East Lansing, Mich. CHARLES E. FRIEDGOOD, M.D., Sept Pontiac. Mich. LILA J. GAIRNS, M.D., Sept Flint, Mich. ABRAHAM H. GRUNT, M D., Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. LEONARD J. HALLEN, M.D., Sept Detroit, Mich. H. J. HAZELDINE, M.D., Sept Ann Arbor, Mich. CHARLES H. HENDRICKS, M.D., Sept. ' 43 . . Kalkaska, Mich. JOHN L. HOLLOMAN, M.D., Sept. ' 43 ... Washington, D.C. MARY E. HYMAN, M.D., Sept. ' 43 New York, N.Y. MARTIN J. ITTNER, M.D., Sept. ' 43 . . Bay City, Mich. GARTH L. JARVIS. M.D., Sept Battle Creek, Mich. HENRY T. JOHNSON, JR., M.D., Sept. ' 43 . . Appleton, Wis. MAURICE E. JOHNSON, M.D., Sept. ' 43 West Hartford, Conn. ALVIN E. JUDD, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Lansing, Mich. JOHN F. KRAMER, M D., Sept. ' 43 Ann Arbor, Mich. ALBERT H. KEMPTER, M.D., Sept. ' 43. . .Grand Rapids, Mich. JOHN C. KRETZSCHMAR, M.D., Sept Detroit, Mich. PAUL T. LAHTI, M.D., Sept. ' 43 . . Marquette, Mich. HERBERT G. LEVIN, M. D., Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. IRVING LEVITT, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. JOHN T. MANNING, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Muskegon, Mich. KENNETH P. MATHEWS, M.D., Sept. ' 43, Ann Arbor, Mich. o r . T ' THEODORE M. MATTSON, M.D., Sept. ' 43, Negaunee, Mich. STEPHEN MAYKA, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Rochester, N.Y. E. ERLE MCDONNELL, M D., Sept. ' 43 .... Scottville, Mich. CLARK G. MCGAUGHEY, M.D., Sept. . . Ann Arbor, Mich. VICTOR D. NEWCOMER, M. D Kalamazoo, Mich. PETE T. OKUMOTO, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Hilo, Hawaii ALBERT R. PALMER, M.D., Sept Ann Arbor, Mich. ROSLYN F. PARISER, M.D., Sept. ' 43 . . Detroit, Mich. 347 CARL A. PETERSON, M.D. Sept. ' 43 Grayling. Mich. ALBERT E. POSTHUMA, M.D.. Sept. ' 43, Grand Rapids, Mich. FRANCIS L. PURCELL, M.D., Sept Ypsilanti, Mich. JOHN L. HIKER, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Traverse City, Mich. FRED W. ROBINSON, M.D., Sept Sturgis, Mich. MELVIN S. 3CHLEMENSON, M.D., Sept. ' 43, Memphis, Tenn. 4Ih HENRY K. SCHOCH, JR., M.D., Sept. ' 43 Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. WILLIAM R. SHEEHY, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Portland, Ore. JUDDSON E. SHEPHARD, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Pontiac, Mich. RALPH M. SILAS, M.D., Sept Ishpeming, Mich. DUMONT S. STAATZ, M.D., Sept. " 43 ... Olive View, Calif. RUTH S. TIBBITS, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Detroit, Mich. SIK WOO TING, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Shanghai, China THEODORE TOMITA, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Waipahu, Hawaii S. VANDENBERG, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Ann Arbor, Mich. WILLIAM H. VANDERPLOEG, M.D., Sept. ' 43, Holland, Mich. DONALD E. VAN HOEK, M.D., Sept. ' 43, Ann Arbor, Mich. KEATS K. VINING, JR., M.D Grand Rapids, Mich. RAYMOND A. WEITEMIER, M.D., Sept ' 43, Glyndon, Minn. CLARK D. WEST, M.D., Sept. ' 43 Jamestown, N.Y. NEVA M. HARRIS, B.S. in Public Health, Feb Macedonia, Iowa Even the Medical students have time for horse play. Here, in a free-for-all, two students learn anatomy the hard way. ,, Much valuable experience is gained by medical stu- dents in study at the modern University Hospital. Although not usually associated with the Medical School, this building, which houses the pharmacology department, provides a necessary part of the medical curriculum. Every medical student spends long hours each day in laboratories. Cleanliness must become second nature to the physi- cian. 343 ALENS TOP ROW Palmer. McDonell, White, Nedwicke, Burnett. ROW 2 Vander Ploeg. Griep, Slat- meyer. Tompseti Whitehouse. Reiser. Adams. ROW 3 Rae. Anderson. Betz. Reed. Darmstaet- ter. Bittenger, O ' Brien. OFFICERS President, Thomas G. Reed; Vice-President, Robert D. Mercer; Secretary, Philip D. Gordy; Treasurer, Armin A. Darmstaetter. SENIORS Francis C. Anderson, Eldean G. Betz, Ralph E. Bittinger, Howard A. Keiser, Edward G. Nedwicki, Charles E. O ' Brien, Karel R. Slatmyer, William White. JUNIORS Frederick M. Adams, John Burnett, Jr., Arthur H. Griep. 350 LPHA PSILON TOP ROW R. Parlser. E. Gillespie. M. Jones, J. Wiltsee, A. Frankenberry, L. Frayser, N. Rider. SECOND ROW R. Tibbits, C. Levin, F. Viancour, J. Madigan. T. Tsen, R. Jhung. M. Thomas. J. Schaefer. THmD ROW M. Hyman, D. Levine, M. Iddings, M. McMahon, M. Wilson. H. Shoe- craft, L. Gairns. OFFICERS Margaret McMahon, President; Marion Iddings, Vice-President; Dora LeVine, Treasurer; Lila Gairns, Record- ing Secretary; Mary Hyman, Corresponding Secretary. 351 IGMA TOP HOW Rogers, Rundler, Lane, Skinner. Young, Klemme, McCord, Woodward, Hayes, Con- nell. Hodgson, Wilkon. ROW 2 Taylor, Rae, Cranmer, Reed, Krieger, Collander, Muenzer, Cos- grove, Nagle, Panhall, Gillett. ROW 3 Coyle, Cramer, Montgomery, Ryan, Meier, Lahti, Fish, Carlson, Weller, Beesley. Adams, Root. ROW 4 Meerken, Mantele, Couter, Walters, Darm- staetter, Wayson, Bittinger, Jones, Ide, Andrews. ROW 5 Snyder, Vandenberg, DeWitt, John- son, Lowrey, Haas, Yardbird. OFFICERS Edward E. Wayson, President; Armin A. Darmstae uer, Vice-President; Ralph E. Bittinger, Treasurer, Fall; Keith E. Weller, Treasurer, Spring; James S. Krieger, Secretary; William T. Couter, Historian; John E. Orebaugh, Custodian. SEN- IORS Gould Andrews, Ralph Bittinger, Willam Couter, Armin Darmstaetter, Arthur Ide, James Johnson, Arthur Jones, Earl Moore, Roy Snyder, John Walters, Edward Wayson. JUNIORS Frederick Adams, James Beesley, Leroy Carlson, Robert Fish, Albert Kempter, John Kramer, Paul Lahti, Howard Latourette, George Lowrey, Kenneth Mantele, Walter Meier, Adrian Neerken, James Rae, Samuel Root, Joseph Ryan, George Taylor, Keith Weller. SOPHOMORES Gerald Cosgrove, Linus Cranmer, James Krieger, Robert Muenzer, Douglas Nagle, John Orebaugh, Dale Parshall, Joseph Reed. N, H zo 0 ' 352 TOP ROW Hendrickson, Moore, Kazonis, Scott, G. Moore, Foltz, H. Johnson, O ' Neil, Elliot, Nord, Jones, Beatty, Bates, Taylor, Spencer, Mueller, Campbell, Getty, Mohney. ROW 2 Nunn, West, Aldridge, Holtzaepfel, Mason, Garlinghouse, Corley, Beale, Sheeny, Vandenberg, Peter- son, McDonnell, Jarvis, Claver, Hiker, Griep, Manning, O ' Dell, Barrett. ROW 3 Schreiber, Mechling, Ulmer, Sargent, Anderson, Davidson, Busard, Reed, Lauer, Crispell, Riesen, W. John- son. Rottshaeier, Vial, Antell. ROW 4 K. Vandenberg, Tappan, Galles. McKeever, Bolthouse. Sayles, W. O ' Dell, DeLong, Haanes. OFFICERS Max Busard, President; Henry Johnson, Presiding Junior; Carl Peterson, Secretary; James Davidson, Treasurer. SENIORS Francis Anderson, Gunnard Antell, Max Busard, George Brooks, Kenneth Crispell, James Davidson, Lorenz Ger- lach, Walter Johnson, John Kutsche, Paul Lauer, John McAllister, Robert Mechling, Tom R eed, William Rottschaeffer, John Riesen, James Sargent, Oskar Schreiber, Arthur Ulmer, Burgess Vial. JUNIORS Charles Aldridge, Ralph Beatty, Charles Clark, Randall Claver, Eldon Foltz, Arthur Griep, Garth Jarvis, Henry Johnson, John Manning, Erie McDonnell, James Nunn, Carl Peterson, James Riker, William Sheehy, Clark West, Steven Mason. SOPHOMORES-Frank Barrett, Richard Bates, Henry Beale, Robert Corley, Joseph Elliott, Jack Garlinghouse, Jack Holzaepfel, Don Mason, Gordon Moore, Charles Nord, Jack O ' Dell, Mervin O ' Neil, Ivan Pelegrina, Robert Taylor, Jerry Drake, Ron Bishop. FRESHMEN Robert Bolthouse, Harold Borenz, Peter Brachman, Robert Campbell, Robert DeLong, James Galles, William Getty, Merle Haanes, Michael Ko- zonis, Willard Hendrickson, George McKeever, Glen Mohney, Glen Moore, Douglas Moore, Richard Mueller, William O ' Dell, Joseph Picard, Skip Roeglin, David Sayles, Edward Scott, William Tappan, Kenneth Vandenberg, George Spencer. 353 ELTA PSILON TOP ROW M. Levin. Green, Fox. Stern. Grekin. ROW 2 Phillipson. Wandrutt. Shelden, Ros- enman. Milgrom. ROW 3 H. Levin. Levitt. Engelman, Grunt. ROW 4 Friedman, Linkner, Ait- shuler, Rosenbaum, I. Grekin. Burton, La Zebnik. OFFICERS Raymond M. Engelman, Consul; Herbert G. Levin, Vice-Consul; Sidney Milgrom, Treasurer; Abraham H. Grunt, Secretary. SENIORS Charles H. Althshuler, Irving F. Burton, William LaZebnik, Leonard S. Linkner, Herbert Rosenbaum. JUNIORS-Raymond M. Engelman, Abraham H. Grunt, Herbert G. Levin, Irving Levitt. SOPHOMORES-Sidney Milgrom, Chester Phillipson, Ray Rosenman, Warren Shelden, Benjamin Wandruff. FRESHMEN Leonard Fox, Martin Green, Robert Grekin, Bernard Krohn, Mortimer Levin, Aaron Stern. FACULTY MEMBERS-Dr. H. Willis Friedman, Dr. John N. Grekin, Dr. Emil M. Isberg. 1 i K ( t ft Ja F. 354 Id 91 TOP ROW Shramek. Dickenson, Bach, Kenfield. Frayer, Robertson, Barlow, Rice, Luros, Eddy, Dumas. Collins, Carney, Peterson, La Du, Birk. ROW 2 Banghart Quinn, Meinke, Bruggers, M. Cook, Anderson, Burnett Barss, Riekse, Steiner, Juzek, De Puy. Herrmann. Kelty, Barone, Banta. ROW 3 Bowden, Tansey, H. Cook, Edwards, Van Auken. Keiser, lend. House, Schluter, Tompsett. Stolberg, Gardiner, Borden, Barton, Stobbelar. OFFICERS James L. DePuy, President; Robert Borden, Vice- President; Albeit Meinke, Treasurer; Robert Stobbelaar, Stew- ard; John Carney, Recording Secretary; Harold G. Schluter, Corresponding Secretary. SENIORS Glenn House, James Col- lins, Edward Van Auken, David Edwards, Keats Vining, Howard Keiser, William Jend, Carl Stolberg, Maurice Murray, Keith Keeler. JUNIORS-Robbert Stobbelaar, Robert Borden, William Bowden, Hugh K. Cook, Charles Climie, Richard Kelty, Al- bert Meinke, Alfred Gardiner, Richard Taylor, Arthur Tompsett, John Burnett, Karel Slatmyer. SOPHOMORES James L. DePuy, Robert E. Rice, Howard Eddy, Harold G. Schluter, William Collins, Clayton Anderson, John Tansey, Jon T. Luros, James Riekse, Laurence Bruggers, Thomas W. Quinn, William Barss, J. Maxwell Cook, Gordon A. Dumas, Charles G. Ba- rone, Robert Juzek, Christian Hermann, James T. W. Robertson. FRESHMEN George D. Alger, Norman Banghart, John F. Boyd, James Abbott, John R. Carney, Bryant Wedhe, Frank Howard, David Dickinson, Charles Kennedy, Jr., Norman Bach, Edwin Banta, Bert N. LaDu, James Neering, Richard Steiner, Joseph Shramek, Thomas Barton, Robert C. Peterson, Wilbur Birk, William Frayer, William Kenfield, Richard Hill, William Reed, James Tracy, Craig Barlow. 355 1 4E8P I The School of Music was organized in 1879 by the University Musical Soci- ety in order to provide a quality of musical instruction comparable to other branches of education in col- leges and universities. Beginning with the year 1929 the University School of Music: operated as ;i division of the University of Michigan with its own Hoard of Directors but subject to the approval of the Board of Regents of the University. In the fall of 1940 the School of Music became entirely separated from the University Mus- ical Society and became one of the thirteen schools of the University. In- structio n, both undergraduate and graduate, covering the whole field of musical study is offered. The ' Music School lias clone its share to keep morale high and serves as a major source of recreation. Genial Dr. Earl V. Moore, Director of the School of Music, is indeed a Michigan man. Born in Michigan, he came to the University as a student and successively became a professor in the school and its director. DEAN MOORE Professor Hackett giving a Singing Lessor 358 Palmer Christian and a young dis- ciple in a reverent search for the lost chord. Some last minute cramming for that Music 41 Exam. THOMAS C. BRIDGES, B.M Detroit. Mich MARGIE L. CLAWSON, B.M., May Royal Oak. Mich. JEAN E. COX, B.M. in Public School Music, Jan Detroit, Mich. ELLEN W. EDWARDS, B.M. in Music Education, Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. DELWYN ELLIOTT, B.M., May Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. CONSTANCE E. GILBERTSON, B.M. in Music Education, May Elizabeth, N. J. JOHN R. GINTHER, B.M. in Music Education, Sept. ' 43 Sturgis, Mich. PHYLLIS L. GUGINA, B.M. in Music Education, May Fredonia, N.Y. ELIZABETH D. IVANOFF, B.M., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. ALWILDA J. KELLY, B.M. in Music Education, May Manchester, Mich. MARY LOUISE KNAPP, B.M. in Music Education, May Detroit, Mich. ROBERT DALE KUITE, B.M. . . Holland, Mich.. . DOROTHY M. LARSON, B.M. in Music Education, May Calumet, Mich. MURIEL LEVY, B.M. in Music Education, Jan., Brooklyn, N.Y. BETTY G. LIKELY, B.M. in Piano, May Boone, Iowa ELSIE R. LITMAN, B.M. in Public School Music, May Newport, R.I. NANCY F. McCRACKEN, B.M. in Music Education, May Ann Arbor, Mich. ELEANOR W. McLAM, B.M. in Theory, May East Ryegate. Vt. ANNE MISKERIK, B.M. in Music Education, Jan., Milan, Mich. PHYLIS M. MUNGER, B.M. in Music Education, May Adrian, Mich. VIOLET OULBEGIAN, B M. in Theory, May . . Detroit, Mich. LOIS M. PARKER, B.M. in Music Education, Jan Worcester, Mass. MARSHALL M. PENN, B.M., Jan Ann Arbor, Mich. PHYLLIS F. ROBISON, B.M. in Violin, May. . .El Dorado, Kan. LEO G. SACARNY, B.M., Jan Perth Amboy, NJ. THELMA A. SHOOK, B.M., Sept. ' 43 Bronson, Mich. JOHN F. SMETANA, B.S.M., May Cleveland, O. ALICE L. SPATH, B.M. in Music Education. May Kalamazoo. Mich. BB MUSIC SENIOR MILDRED F. STERN, B.M. in Music Education, May South Orange, N.J. IMOGENE TENNISWOOD, B.M., May Melvin, Mich. SARA A. TITUS, B.M. in Violin,, Sept. ' 43, Waynesburg, Pa. DONALD T. WALLACE, B.M. in Theory, May Oklahoma City, Okla. JEAN M. ZEMMER, B.M. in General Supervision, May Lapeer, Mich. BARBARA F. ZWAYER, B.M. in Organ, May, Brooklyn, N.Y. 360 i " Sarah, shall we say that last sharp was a little uh-flat? " A break in the jam-session while the prof points out a place where she done him wrong. Five followers of the muse gather in a wooded spot for a bit of har- mony. The National Music Camp at Interlocken provides a summer of work and pleasure for young artists. Study in black and white the bell tower stops ringing long enough to have its picture taken. All right. Quasimodo, you can start swing- ing again, now. 361 U o f M BAND STAFF William D. Revelli, Conductor; Captain L. W. Peterson, Drillmaster; Herbert G. Watkins, Faculty Business Manager; George Irwin, Student Manager; Paul G. Liddicoat, Quartermaster; Boris J. Theodoroff, President; Phyllis Gugino, Vice-President; Lynette Spath, Secretary -Treasurer; Edward R. Munnell, Personnel Manager; Clarence Brown, Librarian. FORMATIONS COMMITTEE-Boris J. Theodoroff, Chairman; Pat C. McNaughton, Edward R. Munnell, Francis X. Nutto, George B. Spence. From this list are made up the three University Bands, football, concert, and " pops. " The football band is disbanded with the end of the football season, and the concert and " pops " bands then con- tinue on through the rest of the school year. Flutes and Piccolos Kent Arnold, John Barfuss, Rhea Christian, William Hawes, Thelma Shook, Lynette Spath, Boris Theodoroff, Robert Voss, Ruth Wehner, Robert Weiss, Merrill Wilson. Oboes William Fitch, Marguerite Kloeppel, Doris Reed, Leo Sacarny. English Horn Paul Liddicoat. Eb Clarinet- George Roach. Bb Clarinets Richard Ahlbeck, Jean Aldridge, Donald Allen, Richard Bard, Warren Bellis, Thomas Braeuer, Merle Brown, John Carnes, Frederick Cunliffe, Dean Coston, Dwight Dailey, Anthony Disederio, Dellwyn Elliott, William Fitch, Eugene Freed, Therese Glutsch, Phyllis Gugino, Norman Haas, Charles Hills, Roberta Hornsby, George Irwin, Robert Kitely, Leon Larson, Mary Laughlin, Virginia Long, Eleanor MacLaughlin, Joseph Manago, Robert McVean, Sherwood Miller, Edward MacDonald, Jack Oxley, Henry Penn, Robert Pfeuffer, Hazel Ruettinger. Leo Sacarny, Mary Seguare, Robert Smallma n, Hugh Starks, Warren Stobaugh, Thomas Snyder, William Swettman, Albert Togna, George Wallick. Alto Clarinets Joseph Manago, Ann Miskerik. Bass Clarinets Warren Bellis, Leon Larson. Saxophones Robert Glickstein, Robert Hansen, William Jennett, Stewart Kingsbury, Francis Nutto, Margaret Southworth, Robert Vogtlin, Alexander Zuckerbraum. Bassoons Sylvia Deulscher, Francis Prokop. French Horns Nor- man Barnett, Martin Bernstein, Anna Choate, Harrison Dodge, Constance Gilbertson, Raymond Lewis, Stewart Mast, Paul Morgan, Paul Smith, Palmer Sutton, Donald Wallace, Jack Yancey, Charles Yancich. Cornets and Trumpets- Alfred Becker, Richard Buck, Samuel Chapman, Keith DeMeritt, Sedgwick Field, Bertrand Greve, Harold Harmon, o TOP ROW Boris Theodoroff, President; Clar- ence Brown, Librarian; George Irwin, Business Manager; Paul Liddicoat, Equipment Manager. SECOND ROW Professor Wm. Revelli; Phyllis Gugino, Vice-President; Lynette Spath, Secre- tary and Treasurer; Captain Peterson, Drill Master. Yvonne Harmon, Roger Jacobi, Donald Kane, John Kuivinen, Edwin Ladd, Jack Lofgren, Don- ald MacKinnon, Gordon Mathie, Ralph McCor- cick, Arthur Mover, Edward Munnell, Fred Nel- son, Donald Patrick, George Roach, David Sal- wen, Robert Shaltis, Stanley Thayer. Baritones John Belknap, Leon Deackoff, William Larson, Harry Lichty, Donald Miller, Francis Prokop, Francis Purdy, Robert H. Sharp. Trombones- Raymond Aim, Verne Bidlack, Clarence Brown, William Henline, David Lindsay, Marshall Penn, Robert H. Sharp, Claries Thatcher. Basses William Emery, Waldemar Firehammer, Herbert Fisher, Homer Marple, Harry McCor- mick, Robert Peck, George Spence, Donald Straka, Bynum Weathers. String Bass Edna Mart . Percussion Mary Coate, Robert Flink, Alfred Frank, John Ginther, Kenneth Jones, Raymond Opland, Carl Otjen, Robert Precious, George Roberts, Robert Rosengarden, Robert W. Sharp, Warren Shelley. Glockenspiels Paul Liddicoat, Donald Wallace. Drum Majors Pat McNaughton, Lynn Stedman. Twirler Robert Glickstein. EN ' S LEE LUB V la (enneth Repola, President; James Crowe, Manager; Judson Brown, Vice-President; Vaugham Koppin, Sec- etary; Daniel Saulson, Treasurer. DI RECTO R-Professor Mattern. MEMBERS-George Ablin, Earl Barrett, Raymond Bohn, Rich- ard Boynton, Bryce Broughton, Judson Brown, Coulter, H. Dongrillo, John Finlayson, James Fred- rickson, James Gillis, Louis Gingras, Richard Hammell, Allen Hennes, Paul Hildebrandt, T. Hildebrandt, Warren Hildner, William Hines, Frank Kellogg, Vaugham Koppin, MacVeety, H. McCormick, McKinley, Edward Neithercut, Bruce Norris, Frederick Poag, Kenneth Repola, Daniel Saulson, Siggins, Isadore Singer, Donald Straka, William Swenson, Thomas Ulmer, Don- ald Wallace, F. Watson, Sylvester Williams. 364 APPA APPA TOP ROW Shelley, Flink, Togna, Greve, Dailey. Bidlack. Jones. MIDDLE ROW Bernstein Henline, Wallace, Firehammer, Voss, McCormick, Roach. BOTTOM ROW Liddicoat, Fitch, Meretta, Revelli, It- win, Theodoroif; members not in picture: H. G. Watkins, Pat McNaughton. MEMBERS Seniors Waldemar Firehammer, Robert Flink, William Henline, George Irwin, Paul Liddicoat, Warren Shelley, Boris Theodoroff, Albert Togna, Robert Voss, Donald Wallace. Jun- iors Marting Bernstein, Kenneth Jones, Harry McCormick. SophomoresVerne Bidlack, Dwight Dailey, Bertrand Greve. Graduates William Fitch, George Roach, Pat McNaughton. Members in faculty Leonard Meretta, William Revelli, Herbert G. Watkins, W. H. Stubbins. OFFICERS George Irwin, president; William Henline, vice-president; Pat McNaughton, secretary; Boris Theodoroff, treasurer; Paul Liddicoat, editor, Warren Shelley, pledge trainer. 365 Professor Rhoda Reddig has gone to war! Not really, but with her numerous war activities, she is waging a battle of her own on the home front. Among the new tasks of Miss Reddig is the recruit- ment of nurses for the military, besides varied memberships on committees, both state and local. However, she has not slighted her responsibility as Director of the Nursing School, and Director of the Nursing Service at the University Hos- pital. Her vast experience has equipped her for carrying out both these responsi- bilities with efficiency. A Dusy member of the Nursing faculty is Miss Kowl, Supervisor of the operat- ing room. Pauline Shear, Social Chairman; Ruthann Asbury, President; R. Marion Thomas, Secretary and Treasurer; H. Jane Sutter, Vice-President. I)a s ol ilu- " 1 ' robv " (hose days i)l ( " lasso on campus, basic sciences,, learning the- nursing alls, Ire-e- week-ends, two-hour duly and one patient apiece, end with the capping se-i vices held on March . ' list. On April 1st, the Sophomores, who become funiois in September, start eight- hour dutv on ihc basic se-i iee-s, which include medicine, surgerv. diet and the operating loom, while their Rig Sisters o on to advance services, such as Obstetrics, I ' ediairie-s. Clinics. the Tuberculosis I nil. and I ' svchiatrv. The siudeiil nurse participates in campus activities and although there is ihe problem ol 41 -iiing oil elutv on lime, she enjoys the lecture. i iiceii. and drama se i ie-s and lakes advan- tage ol the many nppoi (unities ollered bv the ' om n ' s lhielie liuildini; and V. Herman ( iMimasimn. If she is interested in spoils, there are the basketball, softball, and swimming teams which compete wilh other halls. If she cnjovs singing, there is ihc- Choral (Hub vhich meets once a week and aciiveh panic -{pales in Lantern Night. l esicies ihese ac(i iiies, ihc-rc- aie main lor (he siudeiil tiui ' ses alone: the numerous leas. some of which are given for the students who are afllliaiin ; I ' rom Si. l,nkc- llospiial in Mar- (|iu lie- and 1 ' rom Kalama oo Slate Hospital: the Bridge Club, which oilers lessons and parties; and canoe (rips, bicycle hikes, picnics, and c-arh morning breaklasts. I ln-re are main land-marks that uide the snidenl ntii ' se loward the. 1 " oal ol ' receiving an R. . llu- plain while cap. the narrow, black band for the cap. and lalc-r ihe wide-, black band each denote the relative rank of the student. Kach step brings her closer lo the day when she can shed her student uniform of blue and don the ' complete while uniform. This da is graduation: the high point in her three years of training. On April 1st of this year, the new Victory Nurse Corps course was inaugurated lor those stalling their lasi c-ar. In this course-, all the theoretical work and all (he required clinical ices will be finished by the- thirtieth month. II the im needs more muses .11 this time. these students will devote their last -.i months ' training (o musing in the militarv. I low- ever, thev will still receive their diplomas Irom this school and l pf-pari 1 to lake- llie Slale lioaid Kxaminatioiis. alie i hie !i 369 Freshman nurses master the fundamental proce- dures of medicine. Cousins Hall Home of Michi- gan ' s Student Nurses. Time out from a day ' s work at the hospital. 370 m A second year nurse pre- paring surgical dressings. One of the many tasks of a third year nurse learning to prepare formulas. RUTHANN ASBURY Coldwater, Mich. KATHERINE M. BARRETT Decatur, Mich. ADELE A. BAYER Detroit, Mich. HELEN B. BENEDICT . . Coldwater, Mich. ALICE L. BERRY Center Line, Mich. VIRGINIA O. BESAW Saginaw, Mich. DOROTHY E. BEYERLEIN Owosso, Mich. ANNE M. BISMACK Berkley, Mich. RUTH BOGARDUS BLACKNEY Saginaw, Mich. DELPHINE BOCIS Detroit, Mich. INEZ M. BRADLEY Fremont, Mich. MAXINE A. CAMPER . Tiffin, O. PAULINE E. CRAWFORD Eaton Rapids, Mich. E. RUTH DAY Grand Blanc, Mich. MARTHA O. DRAGE Detroit, Mich. DORTOHY R. DUDAS . . Niles, Mich. VERA B. EPPS Gaylord, Mich. DOROTHY L. HALL Elwell, Mich. ANN M. HECOX St. Ignace, Mich. MURIEL B. HOENKE . . Flint, Mich. HELEN ROTHE HERZOG Ann Arbor, Mich. MURIEL E. HOLCOMB Vicksburg, Mich. JULIETTE S. HONE Oak Park, 111. MILDRED K. INAUEN Michigan City, Ind. JUNE Y. JUENGAL Rochester, Mich. SHIRLEY M. KLINKNER Muskegon, Mich. ELSIE S. KROHNE Hudsonville, Mich. MARGAREY M. LEE . . Ann Arbor, Mich. NURS I N G JEANNE ELIZABETH LILLIE Grand Rapids, Mich. MARY L. MARTINI Sebewaing, Mich. MARIE A. MATTHEWS Chicago Heights, 111. NORMA J. MOSHER . . Monroe, Mich. MARJORIE P. MULLIN Ann Arbor, Mich. PAULINE R. MURRAY Detroit, Mich. KATHRYN I. NEBEL Gladstone, Mich. WANDA H. NESBITT . . Schoolcraft, Mich. 372 PHYLLIS A. NICKERSON Manton, Mich. HELEN M. NUTTING Detroit. Mich. GERALDINE M. PARTIN Highland Park, Mich. BETTY WHITMAN PIERSON . . Dearborn, Mich. SOPHIA MURIE SCHUDT Columbiaville, Mich. PAULINE E. SHEAR Wolcott, N.Y. MARJORIE E. SNIDER Levering, Mich. MAXINE D. SOLOSKY . . Midland, Mich. GENEVIEVE J. SOUTHWORTH Schoolcraft, Mich. BERNICE SOUTHWORTH Vicksburg, Mich. CLARA J. SOWULEWSKI Saginaw, Mich. WILMA J. SPALDING Monroe, Mich. JANET C. STOUT, B.S Momence, 111. I. ANNABEL STRUBER Fremont, O. H. JANE SUTTER DeGrasse, N.Y. LUCILLE J. SZABA Ann Arbor, Mich. R. MARION THOMAS Marshall, Mich. ETHELIE M. VACHTA, B.S Berwyn, El. P. JEAN WALTER Ann Arbor, Mich. RUTH M. WHITE . . Battle Creek, Mich. BETTY F. WHITMAN Chicago, 111. RUTH M. WILLE . . Durand, Mich. 373 IP ' A i Dr. Howard B. Lewis of the College of Pharmacy has been teaching at Michigan for twenty one years. After serving as a member of the faculties of Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Illinois, he came to Ann Arbor as head of the Physiological Chemistry Depart- ment. Amiable Dr. Lewis is greatly respected as an educator and scientist of exceptional ability. He has proved himself also an able administrator in progressively guiding the Col- lege of Pharmacy since 1933. As a scientific authority, Dr. Lewis contributes to many journals on subjects of nutrition and physiological chemistry. Behind this door many prescriptions have been compounded as the phar- macy students strive to perfect them- selves in their chosen profession. 376 DIRECTOR LEWIS IPT10N FRANCES ANN BERGER, B.S. in Pharmacy, May Superior, Wis. BERTHA E. BERNDT, B.S. in Pharmacy, May Vanderbilt, Mich. CASMIRA S. BUSZEK, B.S. in Pharmacy, Jan., Detroit, Mich. JOHN CAMPBELL, JR., B.S. in Pharmacy, May, Wayne, Mich. JOSEPH FIORILLE, B.S. in Pharmacy, May Ithaca, N.Y. REUBEN FRIED, B.S. in Pharmacy, May, So. Fallsburg, N.Y. HOWARD H. HANMER, B.S. in Pharmacy, Feb., Beulah, Mich. JOHN H. HOLLOWELL, B.S. in Pharmacy, May Ann Arbor, Mich. LEONARD E. KASSMAN, B.S. in Pharmacy, May, Ithaca, N.Y. ROBERT F. KEEFER, B.S. in Pharmacy. May New Buffalo, Mich. THEODORE KING, B.S. in Pharmacy, Sept., Olypshant, Pa. ETHEL M. MATHIS, B.S. in Pharmacy, May . . . Chicago, 111. ARTHUR A. ROSER, B.S. in Pharmacy, Jan., Rochester, N.Y. JACK C. WONG, B.S. in Pharmacy, Jan Honolulu, T.H. oa 377 7 LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND THE ARTS EDWARD B. ADAMS Beta Theta Pi, Union Opera, (3), Mimes (3). WILLIAM F. ACER Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Senate (3), (4), Newman Club, Orientation Ad- visor (4). SEYBURN L. AGNEW University Band. VIRGINIA A. AHLSTROM Delta Delta Delta, Soph Cabaret, Assembly Banquet (2), J.G.P., Theatre Arts (3), Hospital Volun- teer. BARBARA ALCORN Betsy Barbour, Frosh Project Com- mittee Chairman, Soph Cabaret, I.G.P., Theatre Arts, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Tutorial System Chair- man (4), Mortar Board, Senior Society. ROSEMARY E. ALDRICH Sorosis, Architectural Council (1), Publications (2). EDWARD K. ALDWORTH Phi Delta Theta, Football Manager (1), (2), (3). RICHARD T. ALLAN. JR. Chi Gamma Phi, Quadrangle. KENNETH E. ALLEN Phi Gamma Delta. MARY E. ALT Alpha Gamma Delta, Theta Sigma Phi-Vice-President (3), (4), League Committees (1), (2), (3), (4), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Senior Project, Orientation (4), Victory Vanities (4), Textbook Lending Library Chairman (3), Daily (1), Gargoyle (2), Swimming Club (2), Pan-Hel Ball (2), Theatre Arts (3), (4). SHIRLEY E. ALTFELD Alpha Epsilon Phi, Frosh Project, Glee Club (1), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P.. Theatre Arts (2), (3), (4), Candy Booth (2), (3), Victorv Ball (4). BARBARA J. AMSBARY Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice-Presi- dent, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Tutorial Committee (3), J.G.P. HARRY F. ANDERSON Phi Gamma Delta, Daily, Gargoyle, Football (1), (2), (3), Druids. ANN H. ANIELEWSKI Daily (3), Archery Club (1), (2), Rifle Club (2), Theta Sigma Phi (3), (4), La Sociedad Hispanica (2), (3). RUTH APPLETON Sigma Eta Chi (3), (4). DORIS M. ARNER Gamma Phi Beta, ' Ensian (1), (2), (3), Iota Sigma Pi (3), (4), J.G.P., Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Ori- entation Advisor (4). LOIS C. ARNOLD Alpha Epsilon Phi, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Hillel Foundation (2), (3), (4). S. LAWRENCE ARONSSON Winchell House, Sociedad His- panica (2), (3), (4), Spanish Play (2), (3), President Allen Rumsey House (4), Chairman West Quad- rangle Council (4). DOROTHY L. ARTHUR Katherine Pickering Coop., Student Religious Association, League House Councils (2), (3), Lutheran Students ' Ass ' n, I.C.C. (4). DOM A. ARTUSO Fencing (1), ' Ensign (2), (3), Junior Editor (3), Cercle Francais (2), Pre- Medical Society (2), Directory Co- Editor (4). THEODORE R. ASTLEY Debate (2), (3). BETTY J. AWREY Helen Newberry, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Theatre Arts, Daily Editor (2), (3), Vice-President of Dorm (3), Treasurer of Dorms (4), Assembly Banquet (2), J.G.P. HUGH AYERS Alpha Tau Omega, Union Opera (2), Student Senate (2), (3), P.A.C.I. Dance Chairman (3), Interfraternity Council (2), (3). MILDRED L. BABBITT La Sociedad Hispanica, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball. SUZANNE H. BACKUS Alpha Lambda (1), Phi Kappa Phi (4), French Club (4). RICHARD A. BAER Pi Lambda Phi, Tennis Squad (1), Union Staff (2). LORNA B. BAIRD Hillel Society, J.G.P., Play Pro- duction (3). EDWIN V. BANTA, JR. Phi Eta Sigma (1), Phi Kappa Phi (4). MARY R. BANTING Stockwell, Frosh Project, Glee Club, Soph Project, Assembly Ball, Stockwell Basketball, Red Cross Chairman of Stockwell (4). VIRGINIA H. BARBER Kappa Delta, Social Committee (3). HELEN E. BARNES Helen Newberry House Council (1), (2), Soph Cabaret. ELAINE S. BARTH Alpha Epsilon Phi, Daily, Merit System, Candy Booth Committees (1), (2), (3), Orientation Advisor (3), (4), Scroll, J-Hop, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Treasurer of Pan-Hel (4). JAMES D. BARTLETT Theta Chi, Orientation Advisor (2), (3). WANDA M. BAUMILLER Alpha Omicron Pi, Orientation (4). JOHN S. BEAUCHAMP Theta Xi. OLIVE B. BEEBE Kappa Delta, League Social Com- mittee, J.G.P., Soph Cabaret, Thea- tre Arts (3), Surgical Dressing (4). ROBERT G. BEGLE Phi Delta Theta, J-Hop, Army-Navy Ball, NROTC Rifle. DANIEL S. BEHRMAN Daily (1), (2), (3), Sigma Delta Chi (3), (4). ANNE BELSHAW Jordan House Council (1), Martha Cook Board (3), Orientation Ad- visor (4). RUTH E. BENNETT Martha Cook, Publications (1), (2), Frosh Project, Soph Prom, J.G.P. WILLIAM S. BENNETT Delta Kappa Epsilon. BARBARA L. BENTLEY Martha Cook, Phi Kappa Phi. CAROL BERMAN Stockwell, Theta Sigma Phi, Phi Kappa Phi (4). THELMA BERNSTEN Alpha Epsilon Phi. WILBUR R. BIRK Phi Rho Sigma. HENRY W. BLOCK Zeta Beta Tau. RUTH E. BLOOM Alpha Epsilon Phi, Frosh Project, Daily (1), Soph Cabaret, Hillel So- cial Committee, Leag ue Dance Committee (2), (3). WILLIAM BOGEDAIN Track (1), Athletics Chairman and President of Lloyd House, (1), (2). ROBERT G. BOGEN Theta Delta Chi. BRITTA H. BONAZZI Red Cross-Home Nursing (3), First Aid (4), Surgical Dressing. JOSEPH K. BORGES Alpha Kappa Psi, Spanish Play (3), Gargoyle (3), (4), Boxing. MARGARET E. BOWMAN Alpha Omicron Pi, Soph Cabaret, Choral Union (3), (4). MARJORIE D. BOWEN Kappa Delta, French Club, League Social Committee, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret. SANDILANDS G. BOYD Sociedad Hispanica. JOHN J. BRACKETT Theta Xi, Union Staff (1), (2), Union Opera (2), Marine Reserve Club. CATHERINE BRENNAN Delta Delta Delta, Candy Booth (2), (3), J.G.P., Victory Vanities, Surgi- cal Dressing (3). DOROTHY F. BRIDDON Katherine Pickerill Coop., Alpha Lambda Delta, Student Senate (3), Executive Comm. S.R.A., Phi Kap- pa Phi (4). BETTY A. BROWN Adelia Cheever, Glee Club, Choral Union, Radio (3), (4), Play Produc- tion (3), (4). G. BLAINE BROWN Choral Union (3). MARGARET E. BROWN Kappa Kappa Gamma, Wyvern, Scroll, League Council, J.G.P., Theatre Arts, 7-11 Club, Soph Project, President Stockwell (1). WILLIAM E. BROWN Alpha Delta Phi, Track (1), Basket- ball (1). MARTIN R. BROWNING Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi (4), Phi Beta Kappa (4), Hiawatha Club, Scabbard and Blade. GLORIA F. BHUGALETTA Alpha Gamma Delta, Daily, Phi Tau Alpha, Soph Honors, League Defense Comm., Soph Cabaret, Frosh Project, Theatre Arts. NATHAN A. BRYANT, JR. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Union Opera (3), Play Production, Alpha Nu, Radio (3), (4). ARTHUR M. BUECHE Phi Lambda Epsilon (4). ELIZABETH L. BUESSER Kappa Alpha Theta. LEONA H. BUKOWSKI Phi Tau Alpha, Newman Club, Polonia Society, French Club, F.T.A. (3). MARGERY K. BURSLEY Sorosis, President (4), Pan-Hel (4), Surgical Dressing. ROBERT H. BURSTEIN Zeta Beta Tau, Union Staff, J-Hop. WILLIAM D. BURTON Beta Theta Pi, Vice-President (4), Orientation (3), (4). ALICE BYEH Muriel Lester Coop., Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Alpha Kappa Delta, Inter Coop. Council (3), (4). JAMES A. BYERLY Delta Kappa Epsilon, Vice-Presi- dent (4), Track. CONSTANCE J. BYERS Stockwell, Theta Sigma Phi, Sec- retary (3), (4), Daily (3), Senior Project. JEAN CALDWELL Gamma Phi Beta, Daily (3), ' Ensian (4). CATHERINE M. CALL Beta Kappa Rho, Vice-President (1), Assembly Ball (4), Phi Sigma (4), Psychological Journal Club (3). GEORGE V. CALLENS Sigma Nu. 378 The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan The official spokesman for the 106,878 graduates and former students of the University DIVISIONS The Michigan Alumnus Association of University of Michigan Clubs The Alumnae Council The Class Officers Council Keep contact with MICHIGAN by reading THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Official Publication of the Alumni Association 26 issues per year for Seniors Only a special " Introductory Price " has been established. By ordering early these New Alumni may have the magazine for one whole year for TWO DOLLARS. QQ Thirty-six months Three years of your alumni magazine. A new bargain rate just put in effect. Saves the annoyance of writing annual checks. j " 1 || f f S I J-U(J An annual subscription starts anytime and runs for twelve months. It ' s not the cheapest subscription rate in the alumni world but the Michigan Alumnus is the best alumni magazine. 900 pages of interesting reading. The Life Subscription! The Michigan Alumnus will reach your library table as long as you live, QQ with no further payments. The easy way, if W you d es i re a |jf e subscription for six annual payments of TEN DOLLARS. $50.oo For Alumni Families Only. A husband and wife, both alumni, can assure receiving their magazine always. Six annual checks for $12.75 will do the same thing. $63-50 379 WHITE-HAINES OPTICAL CD. formerly the WOLVERINE OPTICAL CO. Wholesale Opticians featuring Bausch and Lomb Products 306-7 Wolverine Bldg. Ann Arbor STATE SAVINGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN RESOURCES OVER $15,000,000.00 ORGANIZED 1893 Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation F. DOUGLAS CAMPBELL Delta Omega Gamma (4). E. FRANCIS CAPPS Pi Beta Phi, Choral Union. VIRGINIA I. CAPRON Martha Cook, President (4), Mortar- board, Senior Society, Orientation Chairman, Iota Sigma Pi, Wyvern, Chairman Assembly Bano aet. MARION I. CARLSON Alpha Chi Omega, Glee Club, Rid- ing Club, Nurses Aid. ANDREW F. CAUGHEY, JR. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Alpha Nu, Intra-Mural Debate, Union Execu- tive Council, Congress Executive Council. GEORGE F. CEITHAML Theta Chi, Michigamua, Football (2), (3), (4), Captain (4), Sphinx, Yost Honorary Award (3), Fresh- man Football Award. DOROTHY M. CHAMBERLIN Play Production (4), Zeta Phi Eta (4), Daily (3). EDWARD G. CHASE, JR. Phi Kappa Psi, President (4). WILLIAM D. CHASE Chi Gamma Phi. ELSIE W. Y. CHOY Sigma Sigma Phi, Chinese Stu- dent ' s Club. ROBERT W. CHRISTENSON Baseball (3), Sphinx, Druids. STANFORD A. CLAMAGE Daily, Choral Union (3), Wrestling (4). RUTH E. CLARK Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Senior Society, Assembly Board (3). ROBERTA R. CLOVER Martha Cook, Tutorial Committee, Defense Committee, Nursing, Sen- ior Project. MORTON H. COHEN Phi Sigma Delta, Scabbard and Blade (4), Union Opera (3). RHODA COHEN Phi Sigma Sigma, Sociedad His- panica, Hillel Committee. THELMA I. COLEMAN Glee Club. JAMES J. COLLINS Alpha Nu, Scabbard and Blade. MARGARET E. COLLINS Martha Cook, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Merit Committee, Orientation Advisor (3), (4). SUZANNE E. CONE Alpha Chi Omega, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Pan-Hel, J.G.P., Scroll, Senior Project. CHARLOTTE CONOVER Delta Gamma, Daily (3), (4). JAMES H. CONANT Daily (1), (2), Track, Phi Eta Sigma. JEANNE F. CORDELL Daily, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Senior Society, Athena Speech So- ciety. SARAH A. CORWIN University Orchestra (2), (3), As- sembly Board (3). LOUIS J. COTE Brandeis Coop, Delta Omega Gamma. JOHN H. CRABB Delta Tau Delta, Interfraternity Council. JANET L. CREBBIN Gamma Delta, League Social Com- mittee. DAVID CHOHN Sociedad Hispanica, Student Di- rector Hillel Foundation. JAMES A. O. CROWE Kappa Delta Rho, President (4), Glee Club, Manager (4), Interna- tional Ball Committee. DOROTHY M. CUMMINGS Delta Delta Delta, Pan-Hel Dele- gate, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Mortar- board, Athena (3), (4). MARY LOU CURRAN Delta Delta Delta, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Wyvern, Scroll, Daily. ROY T. CURRIE Track (3), (4). FRANK T. CURTO Phi Kappa Psi. PATRICIA J. DAHLSTROM Martha Cook, Frosh Project, ' En- sian, Soph Cabaret. THOMAS J. DAHLRYMPLE Union Opera, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Orientation (3), Scab- bard and Blade. LORRAINE M. DALZEN Zeta Tau Alpha, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Pan-Hel Secretary (4), Scroll. MYRON M. DANN Daily, Night Editor, Gargoyle, ' En- sian, Perspectives. ROBERT G. DAVIS Delta Kappa Epsilon. ARTHUR DAY Treasurer, Lloyd House. JOHN A. DEAN American Chemical Society (3), (4). RUTH G. DEAN Martha Cook, Basketball, Tennis, Glee Club. R. W. DeBLOIS Phi Eta Sigma. MARY E. DECKER Zeta Tau Alpha, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Kappa Phi, Play Production. NANCY F. DeFOE Delta Delta Delta. BARBARA A. DeFRIES Delta Delta Delta, Frosh Project, Daily Editor (4), Night (3), Soph Cabaret, Theatre Arts Committee, Michigan Party, Perspectives, Co- Editor (3), Wyvern, Mortarboard. GILBERT A. DEIBEL Choral Union, (3), (4). MARY J. DENISON Glee Club (3). E. JEAN DENTON Alpha Omicron Pi, Soph Cabaret, ' Ensian, Senior Project, Rifle. MARJORIE DeROO Alpha Phi, J.G.P. DOROTHY MAE DICK J.G.P., Soph Project, Theatre Arts. ANN E. DIXON Alpha Xi Delta, President (4), Daily, Pan-Hel (4), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. , Orientation Ad- visor (4), Sociedad Hispanica. WALTER W. DOERINGSFELD, JR. Varsity Band, Sigma Gamma Ep- silon, Forestry Club, Staff Assistant Fletcher Hall (4). GLORIA E. DONEN Alpha Epsilon Phi, Scroll, Orienta- tion (4), Post War Council, Hillel Council, Daily, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. HENRY J. DONGVILLO Theta Chi, Glee Club, Choral Union. JUDITH DONNAN Rifle Club, Glee Club, Choral Union. JOAN C. DORIS Muriel Lester Coop, Daily, Perspec- tives, Modern Dance Club, Inter- Racial Association. CICELY A. DUGGAN Kappa Delta, Orchestra (1), French Club, J.G.P., Choral Union. FRANCES M. DZIKOWICZ Newman Club. DONELDA P. EAGLE Kappa Delta, Soph Cabaret, Pan- Hel (2), J.G.P., Union Opera (3), Theatre Arts, President-Treasurer Kappa Delta. 380 ELEANOR F. EAHLE Stockwell, Frosh Project, Theatre Arts, Phi Tau Alpha. HERBERT EDELHEHTZ Daily (1), (2), Hillel News, Editor. MARIAN M. EDGAR Spanish Play (3), Choral Union, (3), (4), Play Production (3). E. LOUISE ENGELL Stockwell, Kappa Phi, Frosh Proj- ect, Soph Cabaret, Daily (3). ROBERT W. ERICKSON Delta Tau Delta, Union (2), Swim- ming (1). JOHN W. ERPELDING Alpha Sigma Phi, Baseball, Foot- ball (1). H. WALTER EVANS, JR. Winchell House, Mimes, J.G.P., Inter-Mural Athletics. MARGARET EVANS Delta Delta Delta, Soph Cabaret, Play Production, Assembly Ban- quet (3), J.G.P., Pan-Hel, Athena, Merit System Committee. ANNE G. EVARTS Alpha Gamma Delta, Choral Union (2), League Committees. JACOB F. FAHRNER Acacia, Track (1), I.F.C., Student Senate (3), (4), Winter Parley. E. NELL FEAD Alpha Phi, Daily (2), Theatre Arts, Alpha Lambda Delta, Soph Cabaret, Orientation Advisor. ROSA M. FEIGENBAUM Betsy Barbour, Frosh Project, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Soph Cabaret, Phi Kappa Phi. OSCAR H. FELDMAN Kappa Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade (3), (4), Phi Kappa Phi (4), Orientation Advisor (4), Band (1), (2), (3). ELEANOR H. FELDRAPPE Alpha Omicron Pi. SHIRLEY A. FIELD Women ' s Debate (2), (3), (4), Chil- dren ' s Theatre (2), Athena (2), (3), (4), Womens War Activities Coun- cil (3). CATHERINE J. FLETCHER Treasurer Zeta Phi Eta (4), Play Production (3), (4). ROBERT F. FLOTT Theta Delta Chi, Daily (1), (2), Union Opera (2). GEORGE P. FOSTER, JR. Sigma Chi, Secretary (4). NATHANIEL E. FOWLER Prescott House, President (1), (2), East Quad Council. PHYLLIS M. FOWLER Pi Beta Phi, Athletics, J.G.P., Phi Tau Alpha. HAROLD R. FRANK Sociedad Hispanica. JOHN H. FRAZIER Congress, Secretary-Treasurer (4), Student Senate (3). BETH M. FHEHSE Martha Cook, Treasurer (4), Daily (3). DONALD M. FRISELL Sigma Chi, President (4), I.F.C. (2). MARION S. FRYT Phi Kappa Tau, Basketball (1). LYNDEN L. FULLER Gargoyle (3), Theta Sigma Phi (4). TEEFE R. GABRIEL Stockwell, Spanish Club (2), New- man Club, J.G.P. GILMAN E. GAMBS Delta Tau Delta, Hockey Manager (4), Druids, Scabbard and Blade (4). MARGARET L. GARDNER Delta Delta Delta, Glee Club (3), (4), J.G.P., Mimes (3), Theatre Arts (3), Victory Vanities (4). NED B. GATES Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BETTY M. GAUSS Social Service Committee, Student Religious Association (1), (2), (3). MARILYN GEBHARD Pi Beta Phi, President (4). JOAN P. GENUNG Alpha Chi Omega, Social Commit- tee (3), Theatre Arts (3), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Sen- ior Project. W. PRESTON GERMAIN Varsity Debate (3), Glee Club (3). RAMON I. GERSON Pi Lambda Phi. MILDRED S. GETZOFF Hillel News (3), (4), Gargoyle (3), Athletics Director (3), La Sociedad Hispanica, Pre-Med Society, J.G.P., Theatre Arts (3), Ruthven Tea Hostess (4). ROBERT W. GIBSON Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Daily (1); (2), Student Senate (3). AGNES J. GILBERT Stockwell, Athena, Tutorial Com- mittee (2), (3), (4). PATRICIA GILLIS Delta Delta Delta, J.G.P., Glee Club (4), Varsity Vanities (4). JANE M. GILMER Alpha Phi, Daily (2), (3), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Scroll. A. LOUIS GINGRAS Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRED M. GINSBERG Pi Lambda Phi, Daily, Associate Business Mgr. (4), Sphinx. FREDERICK V. GIPSON Delta Tau Delta, Wrestling (1), In- fra-Mured Mgr. (2), Basketball Mgr. (2), (3), (4), Druids, M-Club Mgr. (4), Pre-Med. Society (2). WAYNE W. GLAS Basketball (1), Track, Druids. BEATRICE V. GLASS Gargoyle (1), (2), Helen Newberry Residence (4), Assembly Board (4), Senior Society. ELAINE GLASS Alpha Lambda Delta, Archery Club (2), Gargoyle (2), Phi Tau Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi (4). MALCOLM J. CLICK Pi Lambda Phi. SYLVIA GLICKMAN Stockwell, News, Alpha Kappa Delta. FRANCES R. GOLDBERG Daily (2), J.G.P. SYBIL A. GRAHAM Delta Gamma, Crop and Saddle (3), President (4), WAABoard, Ori- entation Advisor (4). RUTH E. GRAM Pi Beta Phi, Frosh Frolics, Soph Cabaret, League Council, Social Committee. WILLIAM P. GRAM Sigma Chi. W. JOHN GRANDY Sigma Nu, Daily (2), (3), President (4) S.N. ELEANOR L. GRAY Alpha Delta Pi, Theatre Arts (2), (3), Archery Mgr. (3), Senior Project. FRANCES A. GRAY Alpha Delta Pi, Choral Union (3), (4). NANCY GRAY Alpha Gamma Delta, Scroll, League Committees, Soph Prom and Cabaret, Pan-Hel, La Sociedad Hispanica, Cercle Francais, ' Ensian Jr. Editor, J.G.P., Senior Class Treasurer. ELIZABETH N. GREEN Kappa Alpha Theta. KEEP IN TOUCH AFTER YOU LEAVE SCHOOL KEEP UP ON FRIENDS AND EVENTS IN ANN ARBOR A YEAR ' S SUBSCRIPTION BY MAIL to 381 Courtesy of JOHNSTON OPTICAL CO. " Makers of high grade glasses since 1876 " 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR Phone 22561 or 22562 JACDBSON ' S Ann Arbor Michigan ORDER ALL YOUR BOOKS FROM FOLLETT S MICHIGAN BOOKSTORE 322 S. State St., Ann Arbor Bob Graham, Mgr. MARIORIE B. GREEN Mosher, Mortarboard, Senior So- ciety, Daily (4), Orientation Ad- visor (3), J.G.P., Assembly Ball (2), Spanish Club Secretary (2), League Committees. RAHL GHEENBAUM Stockwell, Alpha Lambda Delta. SYRIL A. GREENE Phi Sigma Sigma, French Club, Pan-Hel (2), (3), (4), Hillel (2), (4),, Phi Sigma Sigma, Treasurer (3), Theatre Arts (3), Social Commit- tees, Phi Sigma Sigma, President (4). C. EDWIN GREIDER, JR. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Track, Alpha Phi Omega (3), (4), Sigma Delta Psi, Library Assistant (3), (4). ROBERT H. GREK1N Phi Delta Epsilon, Fencing (1). BETTY H. GRISWOLD Delta Delta Delta, Soph Cabaret, Pan-Hel (3), Orientation Advisor (3), First Aid (4), Motor Mechanics (4). ELAINE D. GROMBECKER ' Ensian (2), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret. JOANNE GROSS Alpha Epsilon Phi, Candy Booth (3), Merit Committee (3). EDMUND I. GROSSBERG Zeta Beta Tau, Daily (1), (2), (3). LEANOR E. GROSSMAN Mosher, Choral Union (1), (2), (3), Glee Club (3), (4), J-Hop, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Sen- ior Society, Vice-President, Athena, Treasurer. OLGA M. GRUHZIT Alpha Phi, Frosh Frolic and Project, Soph Cabaret, Theatre Arts (2), (3), J.G.P., Gargoyle (3), (4). ELIZABETH R. HAAS Lutheran Student Association, Sec- retary (3). FRANCES C. HALL Kappa Alpha Theta, J.G.P., Social Committee (3), (4), Nurses Aid (4). WILLIAM J. HALLIDAY, JR. Debate (1), (2), (3), (4), Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Rho, Phi Kap- pa Phi, West Quad, Council, Alum- ni Scholar (1), (2), (3), (4). JEANETTE HALPER Alpha Kappa Delta, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Play Production (4), Volun- teer Hospital and Social Work. MARK F. HANCE Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, I.G.C. (2), (3). GEORGE W. HARMS Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President (4), Sphinx, Druids, Michigamua, M-Club (2), (3), (4), Baseball Cap- tain (4). H. STANLEY HARTMAN Sigma Nu, I.F.C. THELMA C. HAUER Betsy Harbour, President (4), As- sembly Board (4), Daily (3). LAWRENCE W. HAYES. JR. Nu Sigma Nu, Track (1). ALILEA HAYWOOD J.G.P. WARNER HEINEMAN Zeta Beta Tau, French Plays (2), (3), Cercle Francais, President (4). ERWIN C. HEININGER Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Nu, ' En- sian (1), (2), L.C.A. Secretary (3). BERNARD HENDEL Zeta Beta Tau, Football (1), Daily, Sphinx, Sigma Delta Chi, Michi- gamua, Soph Prom. ANN HERZOG Kappa Kappa Gamma, President (3), (4), Secretary of Senior Class, Nurses Aid (4). JEANNE HICKS Martha Cook, Assembly Banquet (3). LOUISE G. HIGBEE Alpha Chi Omega, Frosh Project, J.G.P., Theatre Arts (3). JEANNE HIGH Gargoyle (3), (4), J.G.P., Rifle Club (3), (4). FRANKLIN L HILEMAN Speaker ' s Bureau (4), Fencing Club (4), East Quad Camera Club. MOLLY M. HOFFMAN Gamma Phi Beta, Mosher House Council (2), J.G.P. HELEN R. HOLIDAY Alpha Gamma Delta, J.G.P. ROBERTA L. HOLLAND J.G.P., Assembly Board (3), Treas- urer (4), Senior Society Treasurer, Assembly Banquet (3). SAMPSON P. HOLLAND Sigma Phi Epsilon, Basketball, Jr. Manager (4). EDWARD H. HOLMBERG, JR. Sigma Phi Epsilon, I.F.C. (2), Sphinx, Scabbard and Blade (3), (4), Union Secretary (4), Mimes, Michi- gamua. RUTH W. HOLMES Chi Omega, Merit Committee (3). ELEANOR J. HONEY Gamma Phi Beta, Social Commit- tees (1), (2), (3), Ruthven Teas, Merit System (1), (2), Tutorial (2), (3), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Theatre Arts (1), (2), (3), Wyvern, Scroll, Surgical Dressing (4). HARRIET L. HOROWITZ Gargoyle (2), (3), Theatre Arts (2), (3), Assembly Banquet (3). EVERETT B. HOUSTON Alpha Tau Omega, Scabbard and Blade. MARJORIE E. HOWELL Martha Cook, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret. JEAN P. HUBBARD Choral Union (3). M. ROSE HULL Alpha Gamma Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota (3), (4), Choral Union (2), (3), (4), League Committees (2), (3), (4), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. DORIS A. HUTCHINSON Alpha Chi Omega, ' Ensian (3), Theta Sigma Phi (3). CLARA B. HUTTLESTON Theta Sigma Phi (3). MARGARET H. IHLING Gamma Phi Beta, Social Commit- tees (2), (3), Merit Committee, (1), (3), Theatre Arts (3), Soph Project, Frosh Project, 7-1 1 Club, Secretary G.P.B. (4), Scroll, Surgical Dressing Instructor (4). GERTRUDE M. INWOOD Martha Cook, W.A.A., Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Assembly Ball (3), Banquet (2), (3), Senior Society, Mortarboard, Orientation (3), (4). GEORGE M. IR WIN Phi Gamma Delta, President (4), Michigan House President (1), Ori- entation (3), Band, Student Manager (4), Kappa Kappa Psi, Vice-Presi- dent (4), Michigamua. SHERWOOD A. JACKMAN Wenley House " Blotter, " Men of Jazz Club. JOSEPHINE E. JACKSON Pitch and Putt Club (1), (2), J.G.P. VIRGINIA M. JACKSON Alpha Phi, Children ' s Theatre (3), Social Committees (3), J.G.P., Rifle Club. IRVING S. JAFFEE Daiy (3), (4), Brandies Coop. Presi- dent (3), Summer Parley, Phi Eta Sigma, Inter-Coop. Council (2), (3). 382 JEAN S. JEFFREY Gamma Phi Beta, Frosh Project, Band (2), (3), Orchestra, Pan-Hel, Mortar Board, President. AUDREY H. JOHNSON Mosher Hall, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mosher Glee Club, House Council (3), League Committee (2), (3), Sigma Eta Chi, Treasurer (2), Sec- retary (3), President (4), Phi Beta Kappa (3), Phi Kappa Phi (4), Alpha Kappa Delta. BETTY L. JOHNSON Hiawatha Club, L uther League. DOROTHY A. JOHNSON Soph Cabaret, Orientation (3), (4), Marriage Relations Committee (3), (4), ' Ensian (1), (2), (3), Managing Editor (4), Wyvern, Senior Society, Mortarboard. HILDA A. JOHNSON Kappa Delta, Publications (2), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Social Committee, Candy Booth (2), (3). CATHERINE M. JONES Kappa Alpha Theta, Daily (2), J.G.P., Theatre Arts (3), Wyvern, League Council (4), Scroll. KENNETH P. JONES, III Acacia, Pops Band (4), Band (2), (3), I.F.C. RUTH B. JORDAN Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Glee Club (3), Choral Union (4), Rifle (4). DOROTHY A. JUDSON Alpha Omicron Phi, Treasurer (3), Soph Cabaret, Social Committee (3), Candy Booth (4). LORRAINE M. JUDSON Martha Cook, Judiciarty Committee (4) Chairman, Mortarboard, Senior Society, Wyvern, Alpha Lambda Delta (2), Assembly Board (2), Soph Cabaret, Frosh Project, Orientation (3). PHISCILLA A. KAHN Kappa Alpha Theta, Social Com- mittee (2), (3), J.G.P., Orientation (4). LUCILLE A. KATZ J.G.P., Play Production (3), Soph Project, Senior Project, Merit Com- mittee, Assembly Banquet (4). PAUL J. KEENAN Daily (1 ), (2), Newman Club (1), (2), (3), Congress (1). MURIEL J. KELTNER Alpha Omicron Phi, Social Com- mittee (3), Rifle (3), Candy Booth (4). MARJORY M. KILLINS Alpha Phi, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. ROBERT L. KILLINS Sigma Nu, Daily, Gargoyle, ' En- sian (3), (4). DORIS J. KIMBALL Kappa Kappa Gamma, W.A.A., Rifle Manager (4). H. BERTHA KLEIN Betsy Barbour, Gargoyle (2), Per- spectives (2), Soph Cabaret, Play Production (3), Hillel (2). NATALIE KLEIN Daily (1), (2), Spring Parley (2), J.G.P. CAROLYN KLEINER Daily (2), (3), Frosh Project, J.G.P. PHYLLIS G. KNOELL Martha Cook, J.G.P. MAHCIA I. KOHL Phi Sigma Sigma, Secretary Spring Parley (2), Hillel (2), (3), Student Religious Association Council (3), (4), Pan-Hel. WILLIAM H. KOPCKE Sigma Chi, Secretary (4), Druids, Manager ' s Club, Vice-President, Senior Baseball Manager, Band (1). RICHARD M. KOPEL Pi Lambda Phi, Wrestling (3), Phi Eta Sigma Sphinx, M Club. KARL H. KREUTER Track (3), (4), Play Production (3), (4), A Capella Choir (3). WILLIAM G. KRING University Choir (3), Choral Union (3), (4), Cercle Francais (3). BERNARD G. KROHN Debate (1), (2), President Allen Rumsey House (3). LAWRENCE H. KROHN President Allen Rumsey (1), Phi Eta Sigma. C. ISABEL KULSAVAGE Delta Gamma, Sociedad Hispanica (2), (3), (4), Cercle Francais (3), Phi Kappa Phi (4). PATRICIA G. KUNZMAN Alpha Epsilon Phi, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Alpha Kappa Delta, Hillel. ALFRED H. KUTSCHINSKI Band (1), (2), Phi Eta Sigma (1), Phi Lambda Upsilon (4). JAMES J. LANDERS Student Senate, President, New- man Club, President. JAMES A. LAZEHWITZ Pi Lambda Phi, Vice-President. FRANCES O. LEE Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Tau Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi (4). MARTIN LEFF Phi Kappa Phi (4). ALFRED S. LEIMAN Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary (3), (4), Union Offices (1), (2), East Quad War Coordinator (3), Scabbard and Blade (4), Inter-National Soccer Team (1), (2). LORRAINE P. LePAGE Adelia Cheever, International Cen- ter (4), Phi Tau Alpha, Deutscher Verein (1), (2), (3), Social Committee (4). MARVIN LEVY Play Production, Alpha Nu. PHILLIP A. LEVY Varsity Debate (1), (2), (3), Scab- bard and Blade (3), (4), Military Ball (3), Druids. JANET B. LEWIN Daily (1), (2), (3), W.A.A., Wyvern, Mortarboard, J.G.P., Soph Project, Frosh Project, Pan-Hel (3), (4), President Alpha Epsilon Phi, Mich- elodeon (2). JOHN R. LEWIS. JR. Sigma Nu, Vice-President. CAROL R. LEWIS Betsy Barbour, Treasurer (3), Vice- President (4). PAUL T. K. LIN Delta Sigma Rho, President Chinese Students ' Club (2), Choral Union, Student Religious Association, In- ternational Center, Chinese Stu- dents ' Christian Association, Presi- dent, Post-War Council. HENRY C. LOUD Sigma Phi, Hockey (2), (3), (4), Michigamua, Scabbard and Blade, M Club. WILLIAM E. LOUGHBOHOUGH Phi Gamma Delta, Student Senate (3), (4), Post-War Council (4), Vic- tory Ball (4). M ABLE J. LUTON Delta Gamma, Daily (2), (3), J.G.P. GORDON B. MACKENZIE Sigma Chi, ' Ensian (2), (3), Presi- dent S.C. (2), (3), (4). BARBARA A. MacLAUGHLIN Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Frosh Project, Social Com- mittee, Theatre Arts (1), Soph Cabaret, Pan-Hel, Banquet (3), Ball (3), J.G.P., Wyvern, Treasurer; Mortarboard, Phi Kappa Phi, Sec- retary League (4). MARALLYN J. MacRITCHIE Alpha Gamma Delta, Scroll, League Council (4), Theatre Arts (3), Ori- entation (3), Cercle Francais (2), (3), Treasurer (3), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., League Com- mittees (1), (2), (3), ' Ensian (2), Play Production (3), Deutscher Verein (1), Skating Club (3), Daily (1), Pan-Hel Ball (2) and Banquet. JOAN M. MADSEN Assembly Board (4), League House Council President (4), Phi Tau Alpha, Treasurer (3), President (4), Theatre Arts (3), (4), Assembly Ball, Banquet. ELIZABETH MAHLMAN Alpha Delta Pi, Newman Club, W.A.A., Outing Club, Nurses Aid. MARJOHIE E. MAHON Pi Beta Phi, Frosh Project, Soph Project, J.G.P., Wyvern, Mortar- board. S. DONALD MALTON Intramural Sports Manager (1), (2), (3). EUGENE E. MANDELBERG Pi Lambda Phi, Publications, Sig- ma Delta Chi (3), (4). JAMES E. MANDLEH Delta Kappa Epsilon, Basketball (2), (3), Captain (4), Sphinx, Michi- gamua, DKE President, M Club (2), (3), (4), Yost Award. DORIS A. MANN Daily (1), Assembly {!), (2), Frosh Project. ROSEMARY MANN Kappa Kappa Gamma, J-Hop. DORIS E. MARTY Delta Delta Delta, Iota Sigma Pi (3), (4). R. DAVID MATTHEWS Chicago House, Vice-President (1), President (2), Mimes. RAYMOND H. MATTSON Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Lambda Up- silon, (4). DOROTHY M. MAYER Martha Cook, Glee Club (4). FRANK c. MCCARTHY Chi Psi, Sphinx, Druids, Michi- gamua, Track. ERNEST N. McCARUS French Club (1), (2), (3), Spanish Club (1), (2), (3), President (3), Spanish Play (1), (2), French Play (1). RUTH M. McDAVID Alpha Xi Delta, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret. OLGA B. McGUIRE Theta Phi Alpha, Newman Club, Pan-Hel Representative (3). JANE McLEAN Chi Omega, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, ' Ensian (2), (3). MARTHA A. McMILLAN Delta Delta Delta, Social Commit- tee, Pan-Hel Ball, Sailing Club, Nurses Aid. MARGARET L. McVAY Gargoyle (1), (2), (3), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. BETTY M. MERRILL Kappa Delta, Vice-President (4), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Cercle Fran- cais (2), (3). NATHANIEL B. MESSINGER Phi Beta Delta, I.F.C. (2). ANTHONY S. MIGNEHY Choral Union (2), (3), (4), Track (2). BLOSSOM MINCHENBERG Daily (3), Cercle Francais (4), Merit Committee, Assembly Banquet, Senior Project. MORTON A. MINTZ Daily (1), (2), (3), Night Editor (2), President Sigma Delta Chi. CHESTER F. MITCHELL. JR. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Football (1), Spanish Club (2). LILLIAN E. MOELLER Frosh Project, Zeta Phi Eta (3). JOHN F. MONROE Intramural Swimming. JULIA J. MORRILL Choral Union (4), Senior Project (4). JoANNE MORRIS Choral Union, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret. MARY MORRIS Alpha Omicron Pi, Soph Cabaret, Athena (2), (3), (4), Senior Project SEYMOUR MORRIS Pre-Medical Society, ' Ensian (1), (2), Swimming Team (1). ROBERT L. MORRISON Zeta Beta Tau, Frosh Frolic, Win- chell House President (1), Hillel Council (3), Football (2), (3). VIRGINIA E. MORSE Kappa Alpha Theta, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Social Committee (2), Orientation (3), Wyvern, W.A.A. Board (3), Pan-Hel Banquet (3), Stu- dent War Board (4), K.A.T. Presi- dent (4), Scroll, J.G.P., Michelodeon (2). AARON S. MOYER Sigma Alpha Nu, Gargoyle (3), Hillel Foundation President. ESTHER D. MORLIN Chi Omega, Choral Union (2), (3), Merit Committee (2). CHARLES N. MURPHY Delta Sigma Rho (3), Varsity De- bate (3), (4), Varsity Glee Club (3). MARGARET S. MURRAY Kappa Kappa Gamma, J.G.P., Chil- dren ' s Theatre (3). HAY H. MURRAY. JR. Delta Upsilon, Wrestling (1), (3), (4). ELIZABETH ANN NEAL Delta Gamma, Frosh Project, J.G.P., Hospital Volunteer (4), Surgical Dressing Instructor (4). KATHERINE B. NEGUS Stockwell, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Assembly Ball (2), Assem- bly Board (2), Stockwell Council (1), (2), (3), (4). GEORGE J. NESSLE Newman Club (1), (2), (3), (4). BETTY L. NEWMAN Assembly Banquet (2), League Committees, Wyvern, Junior Mem- ber Judiciary Council, President of Assembly (3), Mortarboard (4), Senior Society (4), Bomber Scholar- ship Committee (4). SUSANNA E. J. NICHOLSON Frosh Project, Merit System Com- mittee (2), Social Committee (2), Harris Hall Cabinet (3), (4). CLAIRE M. NICKITUK Beta Kappa Rho (1), (4), Slavic Club, Secretary (3), (4), Inter-club Board (4). RALPH Y. NISHIME Robert Owen, Intermural (3), (4). GLORIA L. NISHON Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Play Production (2), (3), Daily (1), (2), (3), Jr. Night Editor (3), Mortarboard (4), Senior Society, Zeta Phi Eta. NORTON L. NORRIS Student War Board (4), Men ' s Con- gress, Organization Chairman (3), President (4), Michigamua Men ' s Judiciary Council (4), Student Win- ter Parley, Personnel Chairman (3), Administration Board of LSA (4), Student National Education As- sociation, Secretary (3), Bomber Scholarship Committee (4). PHILIP OLIN NORTH Chi Phi, Michiganesian (1), (2), Post-War Council (4), Scabbard and Blade (4). 383 e nsian balutes It ' s |i Dey Studio Nelson Studio Dixboro Rd. Rentschler Studio 319 E. Huror Spedding Studio All Negatives Kept on File so that Additional ! 384 ur Official Photographers Who have been giving! and will continue to give unequaled service to Michigan students ' holographs May Be Ordered at Any Time 385 SENIORS We have enjoyed serving you Best wishes for the future To protect your future buy War Bonds AM ARBOR BANK Southeast Corner of Main and Huron Streets University Branch State St. at Nickel ' s Arcade Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System of your COLLEGE LIFE fiction fun fashions GARGOYLE ROGER C. NORTON Men ' s Glee Club (3), Phi Kappa Phi, (4). FRANK M, O ' BRIEN Delta Tau Delta, Daily Service Manager (3), Sphinx, Scabbard and Blade. WILLET H. O ' DELL Gargoyle (1), (2). ELIZABETH J. OLDFIELD Kappa Alpha Theta. BETSY S. ORR Alphi Phi, Geography Department Assistant (4). JANET G. OSWALD J.G.P. CHARLES S. OTTO. JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Track (1), Interfraternity Council (3), Michi- gan Party (1). GAIL B. PARSONS Kappa Delta, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Senior Project, Zeta Phi Eta, Theatre Arts Make-up Chairman (3), Usher (2), League Dance Class Assistant. M. MARIE PATTERSON Alpha Omicron Pi, Senior Project, League. DAVID SIDNEY PAYNE Play Production (4). ALICE G. PEARLMAN Daily Advertising Staff (2), (3), Betsy Barbour, Assistant Athletic Leader. JOANNA D ' ARMON PENOYAR J.G.P., Mosher President (4), As- sembly Ball (3), Assembly Banquet (3), (4), Assembly Board, (3), (4). EDWARD J. PERLBERG Delta Tau Delta, President (4), Daily (1), (2), (3), (4), Business Man- ager (4), Michigamua (4), Sphinx (3). FRANCES A. PEHONO Athletics (3), J.G.P. ROBERT M. PETTEYS Phi Eta Sigma (1), West Quad Council (1), (2), Secretary (1), Phi Kappa Phi (4), Post-War Council (4), Scabbard and Blade, Honors Convocation (1), (2), (3). BARBARA H. PETTY Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Glee Club (3), Mosher President (4). MARY C. PFENDER Kappa Alpha Theta, Treasurer (4). BERTHA PINES Frosh Project, J.G.P., Michigan- ensian (2), Hillel Social Comm. (3). CHARLES T. PINNEY Phi Delta Theta, Track (2), (3), (4), Sphinx, Secretary-Treasurer. MARY JANE PLUM ER Kappa Phi, Women ' s Debate (3), (4). ANNE M. PODOLEY Alpha Lambda Delta (1), Betsy Barbour Treasurer (2). MARTHA J. POE Gamma Phi Beta, Daily (2), Pan- Hellenic (2), (4). LEE M. POPPER Frosh Project Publicity, Soph Caba- ret Publicity, Theatre Arts (2), Alpha Kappa Delta. HARRIET F. PRATT Alpha Phi, J.G.P., W.A.B. Tennis Manager (2), (3). MARTHA JANE PRESTON Alpha Gamma Delta, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Senior Proj- ect, League Activities (1), (2), (3), (4), French Club (3), (4). EVELYN V. PRILL Assembly (1), (2), (3), (4), Beta Kap- pa Rho, " The Bluebird " (3), Kappa Phi (2), (3). ANTHONY J. PROCASSINI Newman Club (2), (3), Baseball (1). JOHN C. PURDUE Sigma Phi Epsilon, Track (1), (2), (3), M Club (3). ELEANOR K. RAKESTRAW Delta Gamma, Treasurer (3), Vice- President (4), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. Finance Chairman, Wyvern, League Treasurer (4), Mortarboard (4). FRANCES W. RAMSDELL Chi Omega, Theatre Arts (3), J.G.P. Central Comm. (3). MARY M. REICHLE Gamma Phi Beta, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Fencing Manager (3), Daily (2). DON F. RENDINELL Glee Club (1), Varsity Glee Club (2), Sailing Club (1), (2), (3), (4). JANE L. RESTIN Daily (3), Spanish Play (3). FERN E. RICE Girls ' Intercooperative Personnel Comm. (4), Palmer Cooperative House President (4). ROBERT C. RICHARDSON Theta Xi, Baseball Manager (2), (3), Wrestling Manager (4). ELAINE RICHEHT Kappa Kappa Gamma, Social Com- mittee (3), Pan-Hel Ball (3) Pan-Hel Delegate (2), (3), Michelodeon (3). BETTY S. RINEHART Collegiate Sorosis, Merit System Comm. (3), J.G.P., Children ' s Thea- tre (3). CHARLOTTE L. ROBBINS Alpha Lambda Delta (1), Alpha Chi Omega Award (2). GLORIA E. ROBERTS Daily (3), League Social Committee (4). ARTHUR D. ROBINSON Chi Psi. FLORINE F. ROBINSON J.G.P., Hillel News (3), (4), Spanish Club (3), (4), Theatre Arts Ushering Committee (3), (4). LOREN T. ROBINSON. JR. Chi Phi, Publications (1), Chi Phi Historian (3), Treasurer (4). WILLIAM L. ROBINSON Chi Phi, I.F.C. (2), (3). HELEN V. ROCKOFF Daily (3), J.G.P., League Social Committee (3), Theatre Arts Pro- gram Committee (3). RUTH E. RODENBECK Glee Club (1), (2), (3), Social Com- mittee League (3), Jordan Adviser (2). FRANCES PEARSON ROGERS Alpha Phi, Daily (2), Tennis Club (2), (3), (4). MARIETT ROLLESTON Women ' s Glee Club (1), Rifle Club (2), Chairman of Dormitories for Red Cross Drive (3), Theatre Arts (2), (3), J.G.P., Martha Cook Vice- President (4), League Committees (1), (2), (3), (4). MARY C. RONAY Publications (3), (4). DOUGLAS A. ROSEN Zeta Beta Tau, Gargoyle Business Staff (2). WALLACE C. ROSENBAUM Phi) Sigma Delta, Secretary (2), Daily (2), I.F.C. (2), (3), Union Opera (2), Hillel Players (3), Play Production (3), (4), Michigan Rep- ertory Players (4). BARBARA ANNE ROSS League House President (2). ELIZABETH A. ROTH Alpha Omicron Pi, Glider Club Secretary (3), Theta Sigma Phi (3), Rifle Club (4), Badminton Club (4). JOHN H. ROTH Alpha Tau Omega. 386 CHARLES I. ROTHSCHILD. JR. Zeta Beta Tau, House Manager (3), (4), Daily Business Staff (1), Mimes (3), (4). ASA S. ROWLEE. JR. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chi Gamma Phi, Mimes Opera (2). ANN ROYLE Alpha Phi. GEORGE W. SALLADE Sigma Phi, Daily (1), (2), 3), (4), Sigma Delta Chi, Le Cercle Fran- cais (2), (3), (4), Bomber Scholar- ship Committee (4), Druids (4). PHYLLIS F. SAMUELS Assembly Banquet and Ball (2), (3), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. Ticket and Us hering Committee. F. RUTH SANFORD Choral Union (2), (3), Kappa Phi (1), (2), (3), (4), Glee Club (2), 3), (4), French Club (3). GLORIA F. SAPIRSTEIN Hillel, Ushering (1), (2), (3), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. WILL SAPP Beta Theta Pi, Daily (1), (2), (3), (4), City Editor (4), Sigma Delta Chi (2), (3), (4), Sphinx (3), Michigamua (4). BETH E. SARGENT Assembly Banquet (4), Senior Proj- ect, Pi Lambda Theta. MARGARET J. SAVAGE Kappa Kappa Gamma, Soph Caba- ret, Social Committee (3). ALEXANDER K. SCHARFF Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Daily (1), (2), Basketball Manager (2), (3). DOROTHY L. SCHLOSS Gargoyle (2), Theatre Arts, Assem- bly Ball, Vice-President Assembly (4), Mortarboard, Senion Society, Merit System. ROBERTA G. SCHRECK Delta Delta Delta, ' Ensian (1), (2), (3), Frosh Project, Soph Project. BERTRAM S. SCHWARTZ Pre-Medical Society, (2), (3), (4), Hillel, Scabbard and Blade (4). JOHN A. SCOVILLE Phi Kappa Tau, Treasurer (4), Base- ball (1), Glee Club (1), Cercle Fran- cais (3). RUTH M. SELBY Martha Cook, Choral Union (2 ), (3), (4), Gargoyle (4), Glee Club (4), J.G.P., Theatre Arts (2), (3), Soph Cabaret, Frosh Project, French Club, Spanish Club (2). FREDA I. SENDLER Gargoyle (3), French Club (3). GUY W. SEWELL Alpha Tau Omega, Band (1), (2). JEAN E. SHAFER German Club (3). JEROME B. SHEETS Theta Delta Chi, Track Manager (2), (3), (4), Druids, Debate (2). FREDERICK F. SHEVIN Gargoyle (2), Camera Club, Secre- tary (2), Pre-Med Society (3). K ATHERINE H. SHIMOURA Assembly Ball (3), Jap-American Student Club (3), (4). ALICE J. SHREVD Publications (3), Play Production (3), League (3). HARVEY L. SHULMAN Sigma Alpha Mu, Baseball (1), I.F.C. (2). JOAN SIEGEL Publications (1), (2), Social Com- mittees (3), Frosh Project, Soph Prom (2). MELVIN L. SILVER Sigma Alpha Mu, Intramural Man- ager (2), (3), Pre-Med Society. RICHARD S. SIMON Zeta Beta Tau, Secretary (3), Treas- urer (4), Daily (2), (3), Mimes. JUNE P. SKINNER Alpha Phi, Vice-President (4). IRVING SLIFKIN Track (1), Basketball (2), Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Case Club (1). BENJAMIN S. SMITH Phi Delta Theta, Golf, Sphinx, Michigamua, President N. Collegi- ate Golf Association (4), Captain Golf Team (4), M Club, Vice-Presi- dent (4). MARJORIE E. SMITH Kappa Alpha Theta, Soph Cabaret, Social Committee, Orientation (4). JULIUS F. SOLOMON. JR. Zeta Beta Tau, Mimes (3), (4), Alpha Nu (2, (3), (4), Play Produc- tion (1), (2), Union Opera (2). ELAINE L. SPANGLER Student Religious Association (3), (4), Student Senate (3), (4), Inter- Coop Council (2), (3), (4). GEORGE E. SPENCER. JR. Chicago House President (3), Pre- Med Society (1), (2), (3). NINA A. SPURR Glee Club, Classical Language So- ciety (2), (3), (4), Choral Union (4). ROBERT E. STEINBERG Zeta Beta Tau, Union Staff (1), (2), Post-War Council (3). HAROLD P. STERN Glee Club (2), (3), (4), Union Opera (2). (3). ESTHER M. STEVENS Chi Omega, Rifle, Pitch and Putt, Secretary (3), W.A.A. Awards Man- ager (4), War Activities Board (4), Soph Cabaret, Wyvern, Athena, Orientation (4), Vice-President Jor- dan (1), Secretary Chi Omega (4). D. RICHARD STEWART Choral Union, Union Opera (2), Play Production, Alpha Nu. M. JANET STICKNEY Delta Gamma, Play Production (3), (4), Zeta Phi Eta (4). NANCY A. STOCK J.G.P., Daily. LIVIUS N. STHOIA Track. MARJORIE M. STORKAN Chi Omega President (4), Vice- President League (4), Senior Proj- ect, Wyvern, J.G.P., Pan-Hel Ball (3), Theatre Arts, Frosh Project, Glee Club, Soph Cabaret, Social Committees. VIRGINIA I. STOVER Alpha Chi Omega, Vice-President (4), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Orientation (3), (4), Crop and Saddle (3), (4), Social Commit- tee, Senior Project. WILLIAM E. STRAIN Congress (2), (3), Marriage Rela- tions (2), (3), (4), P.A.C.I. (2), Alpha Nu (3). ROBERT L. TEMPLIN, JR. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Union Execu- tive Council 3), Sphinx, Toastmas- ter ' s Club President (4), Victory Ball (4), Union Formal (3), V.P. Union (4), Director Senate (4). JAMES R. TERRELL Phi Eta Sigma Secretary (2), ' En- sian (1), (2), Student Rel igious As- sociation (2), (3), (4), Choral Union (3), Choir (3), Canterbury Club (3), Secretary (4), Orientation (4), Inter Racial Association, Vice-President (3), (4), Acolytes. TUDOR L. THOMAS Scabbard and Blade (3), (4), Riding, Wolverine (3), (4). CHARLOTTE P. THOMPSON Alpha Xi Delta, League President (4), Mortarboard, Student War Board Secretary (4), Wyvern, J.G.P., Crop and Saddle Secretary (2), Vice-President (3), Choral Union (2), (3), Soph Cabaret, Frosh Proj- ect, Pan-Hel (1), (2), (3). JANE J. THOMS Frosh Project, Theatre Arts (2), Deutscher Verein, Treasurer (3), Beta Kappa Rho (1), (2), Alumni Scholarship, Iden Scholarship, In- terguild. BEATRICE TISHKOFF Daily (1), Frosh Project, Alpha Kappa Delta (4), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Social Committees, Hillel, Volunteer Hospital (3), (4), Senior Project. M. JEAN TRAYNOR Daily (1), (2), Leagued), (2), (3). FRANCES M. TRIESTHAM Gamma Phi Beta, Daily (3), (4), Orientation (4), Scroll. WILLIAM S. TROWBRIDGE Beta Theta Pi, Baseball (1), (2). JEAN C. TURNER Alpha Kappa Alpha (2), (3), (4), President Muriel Lester Coop (2). ROBERT P. UFER Phi Delta Theta, Track (1H4), Foot- bal (1), Sphinx, Michigamua. ROBERT M. UNGER Pi Lambda Phi, Daily, Hillel, Intra- mural. MARYJANE G. UTLEY Martha Cook, Assembly W.A.A. , Phi Tau Alpha League Commit- tees, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Orientation (4). JACK H. VAUGHN Phi Gamma Delta, French Club, Vice-President (4). LAURA T. VIAL Kappa Alpha Theta, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Social Committees. ROBERT A. VIBBEHT Kappa Sigma, Mimes, Alpha Nu. CHARLES W. WAGGONER Phi Sigma Kappa, I.F.C. President P.S.K. (3). ALICE S. WALKER Play Production (3), J.G.P. HOWARD F. WALLACH Pi Lambda Phi, Treasurer (3), President (4), Frosh Frolic, German Play, Mimes, Daily (1), (2), Phi Eta Sigma. HELEN C. WALSH Alpha Phi, J.G.P., Daily Senior Project. SALLY M. WALSH Chi Omega, Daily, League Com- mittees, Frosh Project, Soph Caba- ret, J.G.P., Student Senate Secre- tary (3), Scroll President (4). ROBERT M. WARNER Phi Eta Sigma, Student Senate, Hillel (3), (4), Winter Parley. ALVIN WATERSTONE Baseball (1), Union Opera (3), J.G.P. JEANNE M. WATSON Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Phi. DONNA T. WEISS Choral Union (3), HMS Pinafore (3), Hillel (4), Play Production (4). CAROLYN E. WENSINK Alpha Gamma Delta, J.G.P., Thea- tre Arts (3), Social Committees (3). ROBERT G. WEST Swimming (l)-(4), M Club, Druids, Scabbard and Blade (3). WARREN A. WESTRATE Sigma Phi, I.F.C., (3), (4), Sigma Phi President (4). FERNE E. WHEELER Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Tau Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa (3), (4), Phi Kappa Phi (4). JOHN P. WHITE Delta Kappa Epsilon, I.F.C., Stu- dent Senate (3), Alpha Nu. BETTY A. WILLGING Gamma Phi Beta, Student Senate (3), Choral Union (3), (4), Soph Project, Newman Club (3), (4). DOROTHY WINELAND Alpha Omicron Pi, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Zeta Phi Eta President, Debate, Play Produc- tion, Theatre Arts, Orientation (4), Delta Sigma Rho, War Board. STANLEY J. WINKELMAN Zeta Beta Tau, Union (2), Debate (2). SHIRLEY WINOKUR Theatre Arts, Hillel (4). SYBIL WINSTEN Play Production, Hillel, Daily, Sen- ior Committee. JOHN R. WISE Track (1M4), Sphinx, Druids, New- man Club (1H4). HEINHARD WITTKE German Club, Vice-President (3). SYBIL WOFSEY Hillel (4). FREDERICK H. WOLF Zeta Beta Tau, Daily (1), Alpha Nu (3), (4). KATHRYN E. WOOD Martha Cook, Crop and Saddle (3). NANCY H. WOOD Kappa Kappa Gamma, Daily, Crop and Saddle (1), (2). RUTH J. WOOD Gamma Phi Beta, Soph Project, J.G.P., Pan-Hel Banquet and Dele- gate, ' Ensian (2), (3), (4), Business Manager (4), Judiciary Council (4), Scroll, President of G.P.B., Social Committee. MARY LOU WOODBUHY Gamma Phi Beta, ' Ensian (4), Social Committee (3). JOY L. WRIGHT Chi Omega, Frosh Project, Glee Club (1), Soph Cabaret, Pan-Hel Banquet (3), J.G.P., Senior Project N. JANE WRIGHT Mosher, Alpha Lambda Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, President, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., ' Ensian (1), League, Senior Project. PATRICIA A. YOUNG Pi Beta Phi, J.G.P., Athletics U - (4). JOHN F. ZIMMERMAN Chi Psi, President (4), Gargoyle (1H4), Michigamua, Sphinx, Scab- bard and Blade, Student Senate (2), (3), Daily (2), Union (1). DALE F. ZOHNOW Band (1), (2), (3). BESSIE L. WEATHERSTRON Alpha Omicron Pi, ' Ensian (2), (3). ENGINEERING ERNEST E. AHO Suomi Club, Vice-President (3), A.S.M.E. (4). LYLE F. ALBRIGHT AJ.Ch.E. (3), (4), Sigma Rho Tau (3). FREEMAN ALEXANDER Beta Theta Pi, Technic (2), (3), (4), Manager Arch (3), Union Opera (3), Slide Rule Ball (3), (4) Tri- angles (3), Class Treasurer (4), Vulcans (4). HARRY E. ALTMAN Rifle Manager (3), Technic (1), (2). 387 LAWRENCE A. ANDERSON Alpha Chi Sigma, A.I.Ch.E. DUDLEY E. ARNOLD Baseball, A.S.M.E. (4). KENT B. ARNOLD Alpha Sigma Phi, Alpha Chi Sig- ma A.I.Ch.E. Football (1), Flying Club (3), (4), Pops and Marching Bands (3), (4), Technic (2), (3) Al- phi Phi Omega. CLARENCE R. ANTILLA A.I.E.E. (4), Suomi President (3). DONALD C. BATTIN A.I.E.E., Union Opera (3), I.R.E. (4). JACK M. BEAUCHAMP A.S.M.E. MYRON C. BEEKMAN Band, Sigma Chi. ROBERT H. BEEMAN A.I.Ch.E. ROGER W. BERLIN A.I.M.E. (3), (4). HERBERT BERMAN Technic (3), (4), Glee Club (4), Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, I.A.S. (3), (4), Armour Institute of Tech- nology (1). FRED C. BETZHOLD. JR. Sigma Chi, Secretary (4), Phi Eta Sigma (1), Engin. Council (3), (4), Class President (4), A.I.Ch.E. (4). EDGAR A. BONGORT A.LCh.E. (3), (4), Tau Beta Pi (4), Phi Lambda Upsilon (4). BRICE M. BOWMAN Phi Eta Sigma (1), A.I.Ch.E., Tau Beta Pi (4), Class Secretary (4). ROY K. BRADLEY Hockey, Tennis (2), (3), (4), Tri- angles, Tau Beta Pi, Vulcans, Vice- President of Union. JOHN H. BRADY. JR. Phi Kappa Sigma, President (4). ROLAND A. BRANDAU A.S.M.E., Basketball. DELLASON F. BRESS Track (1), A.I.Ch.E. (3). WILLIAM J. BROOKS A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), (4). J. EUGENE BROWN I.A.S. (4). ROBERT E. BURRELL Delta Tau Delta, A.S.M.E. (3), (4). GEORGE D. CAMERON A.S.M.E., Secretary (3), Student Council (4), Sigma Phi. MELVIN R. CAMPBELL A.S.M.E. (4), Scimitar (4). JARRETT R. CLARK Acacia, Secretary (2), Vice-Presi- dent (3), President (4), Phi Eta Sigma Union (2), Alpha Phi Omega (3), (4), Tau Beta Pi Secretary (4), Phi Kappa Phi (4). RICHARD L. COLE Scabbard and Blade, Captain (4). THOMAS F. COLEMAN I.Ae.S., Wrestling (2), (3). JAMES W. CONNOR Glee Club (2), Newman Club, A.S.C.E. (4), Transportation Club. BARTON B. COOK, JR. Sigma Nu, Quarterdeck. BRUCE CORSON Phi Gamma Delta, Scabbard and Blade (3), (4), Dramatic Season (2), (3), (4). WILLIAM M. CRANSTON Chi Phi, A.I.Ch.E. (1), (3), (4). JAMES F. CROCOLL Scalp and Blade (3), (4), A.I.Ch.E. STUART L. GROSSMAN A.S.M.E. (3), Newman Club. WARREN E. DANKIND A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). ARTHUR D. DARDEN Psi Upsilon, President (4), Quar- terdeck. THE MICHIGAN TECHNIC Brings, to students and alumni the news of the engineering world. Rate: $1, one year THE MICHIGAN TECHNIC, 3036 E. Engineering Bldg. JOSEPH DATSKO Sigma Rho Tau, Technic, A.S.M.E. (3), (4). G. DOUGLAS DAVIS Glider Club (1), I.A.S., President West Quadrangle Council (2). WOODROW C. DeBYLE A.I.E.E. (4). WILLIAM D. DeCOURCY Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bands (1), Soph Prom, Alpha Phi Omega, A.S.M.E. (4). WALTER W. DEMPSEY I.A.S. (3), (4). CORWIN D. DENNEY Sigma Phi Epsilon, Flying Club, I.A.S. CORAL L. DePRIESTER Sigma Rho Tau, A.I.Ch.E., S. A.M.E., Congress, Bomber Scholar. Com- mittee, President (3), (4), Scab- bard and Blade (3), (4). ALAN N. DONKIN Sailing Club (2), (8), (4), Quarter- deck (4). HUBERT M. DRAKE Glider Club (1), (2), I.A.S., Sigma Rho Tau (1). JOHN M. DUFF A.I.E.E., Secretary (3), I.R.E. (1), Pi Theta Pi (2), Scabbard and Blade (2), Alpha Phi Omega (4), Pi Tau Pi Sigma (2). JAMES E. DUNBAR A.I.Ch.E. HERMAN DYKSTRA A.I.Ch.E.,. (3), (4), Tau Beta Pi (4), Phi Lambda Upsilon (4). JOHN R. EDELBERG Track (1), I.A.S. (3), President (4). JAMES M. EDMUNDS Delta Tau Delta, Tau Beta Pi, Triangles, Vulcans, Scabbard and Blade, President Engineering Council (4), Union, Judiciary Coun- cil (4). ROBERT W. EHRLICH President, Scabbard and Blade, Union (2), Phi Eta Sigma (1), Pi Tau Pi Sigma (3), (4), Eta Kappa Nu (3), (4), Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Phi (4). HARRY F. EHRNST A.I.M.M.E., A.S.M.E. PAUL N. ERICKSON A.S.C.E., Transportation Club Vice- President (4). JOHN W. FAUVER Phi Kappa Psi, President (4), I.F.C. President, Vulcans, Michigamua, Student War Board, Mens ' Judici- ary, Scabbard and Blade. ROBERT E. FIFE Phi Kappa Psi, Hockey, Golf, Tri- angles Treasurer (3), Vulcans Sec- retary (4), Engineering Council. RALPH L. FISCHER Delta Tau Delta, A.S.M.E. (1). CAMPBELL L. FISHER A.S.C.E., Transportation Club (3), (4), Bulldozer Editor (3). DICK G. FLEDDERMAN Tau Beta Pi, Iota Alpha. ROBERT C. FLINK Kappa Kappa Psi, Eta Kappa Nu, Band (2), (3), (4). AARON FRIEDMAN A.S.M.E., President Tyler House (4). RICHARD D. GAUTHIEH Alpha Tau Omega, I.F.C., Scab- bard and Blade, S.A.M.E. (3). SYLVESTER P. GENTILE Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.E.E., Eta Kappa Nu (3), (4). ARTHUR C. GIBSON A.I.C.E. (2), (3), (4). DALE GILLIARD A.S.M.E. (4), Sigma Rho Tau (4). LAWRENCE GOLDMAN Kappa Nu, Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2). DRUGS KODAKS CALKINS-FLETCHER DRUG CO. " THE DEPENDABLE STORES " We have served Michigan and her students for fifty-seven years. CANDY SODAS Ann Arbor, Michigan 388 ROGER E. GOODWIN Glee Club, Choral Union (3), (4), A.S.C.E. Treasurer (4), Union Opera (3), Transportation Club (3), A.S.C.E. Paper. EDWARD W. HAAG A.S.M.E. (2), Scabbard and Blade (3). JOHN B. HADLEY Phi Kappa Psi, I.F.C. (2), (3), Engi- neering Council (3), Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). P. DOUGLAS HANN Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon (4), A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4), President (4). CHARLES A. HAUGHEY Psi Upsilon, A.I.Ch.E. (4). ROBERT F. HAY Technic (2), (3), A.S.M.E. (3), (4). ROBERT F. HEHEMAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.M.E., A.S.M.E. (2), (3). EDWIN F. HENRY Iota Alpha (4), Choral Union (4), Glee Club (3), (4). GEORGE H. HILDEBRANDT Football (1), (2), (3), (4), Phi Delta Theta President. GENE HIRSCH Track, M Club, Vulcans. G. DONALD HOLLINSHEAD I.A.S., Union, A.S.M.E. (4). JAMES E. HOWARD A.S.C.E. (2), (3), (4). HOWARD J. HOWERTH Lambda Chi Alpha, Engineering Council, Secretary (3), President (4), Engineering Honor Council, I.F.C., A.S.M.E., Wolverines (2), Triangle (3), Men ' s Judiciary Council (4). JOHN C. HUNT Band (2), (3), A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). ' RICHARD J. HUNTOON Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary (4). A.S.M.E. HOWARD W. KAMMERAAD Phi Eta Sigma (1), Scabbard and Blade, A.S.M.E. (3), Alumni Scholar, R.C.G. Scholar, C.J. Dono- van Scholar. RAYMOND KANFER Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu, Wol- verines (3). WILLIAM M. KELLY Phi Kappa Psi, Engineering Coun- cil and Honor Council (1). ROBERT A. KEMP, JR. Hockey, Vulcans. JOHN E. KING A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). JAMES D. KLINE Football Manager, Triangles, Vul- cans, M Club, Sigma Chi. B. RICHARD KOCH Wrestling (1), Pops Band (2), Choral Union (3), (4), A.I.E.E. (3), (4). JOHN K. KOFFEL A.S.M.E. (3), President (4), Technic (4), S.A.E. (4), Tau Beta Pi (4). IRVING C. KOVAL Alpha Phi Omega, A.S.M.E., Hillel. RUSSELL H. KYSER A.I.E.E. (3), President (4). THADDEUS W. KUCHARSKI S.A.M.E., Scabbard and Blade, Union Opera (4), Military Ball (3). FRANK F. LAHR The Chi, President (4), Mimes. WILLIAM R. A. LAMBERT A.S.M.E., Sigma Rho Tau (1). WALLACE J. LATCHEM I.A.S., A.S.M.E., S.A.E. NED B. LAWRENCE A.I.E.E. (3). WILLIAM H. LEHMANN Chi Phi, President (4), Phi Eta Sigma (1), Tau Beta Pi (4), Phi Lambda Upsilon. B. MADISON LENT-KOOP Acacia, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Rho Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Technic, I.A.S., Glider Club. WILLIAM LIDMAN A.S.M.E. (3). LLOYD L. LONG. JR. I.A.S. (3), (4). FRANK R. MacLEAR Track Team (2), (3), (4), French Club, Quarterdeck (3), (4). RICHARD E. MANNING Alpha Tau Omega, Flying Club President (4), Sigma Delta Psi. KENNETH T. MARSHALL Psi Upsilon, S.A.M.E., Glee Club (2), Choral Union (2), (3), Scabbard and Blade (4), Quarterdeck (4). GEORGE W. MATTHEWS Sailing Club (3), (4). RAYMOND C. MATTSON A.LCh.E. (4). ROBERT E. MAYBERGER Scabbard and Blade (4), S.A.M.E. WILLIAM F. MAYBURY. JR. Alpha Tau Omega, Band, A.S.M.E. (2), S.A.M.E. (3), (4), Scabbard and Blade (4), Kappa Kappa Psi (3), (4). ROGER W. McALEER Quarterdeck (3), (4). HERBERT W. McCORD Delta Tau Delta, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Technic, Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President (3), A.I.E.E., I.R.E. JULIUS MKLOWITZ Phi Beta Delta, Gargoyle (1), A.S.M.E. (3), (4), Tau Beta Pi (4). WESLEY J. MILES A.S.M.E., Choral Union. KENNETH R. MOEHL Technic, Tau Beta Pi (3), (4), A.I.E.E. RICHARD K. MOSHER Zeta Psi, Sailing Club (3), Tau Beta Pi (4). ROBERT G. MOTT Alpha Tau Omega, Football All- Star (1), A.S.M.E., Band, Engineer- ing Council. JOHN E. MUNSON Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Kappa Nu. BLAINE F. NEWMAN Kappa Sigma, Technic, A.I.Ch.E. JOHN M. NORTON Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E., Alpha Phi Omega. HAROLD A. O ' HERN. JR. A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4), Tau Beta Pi (3), (4). CHESTER B. ORONSKI A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Glider Club, Pol- onia Society. JAMES A. O ' MALLEY Track (1), (2), (3), Vulcans (4), Ori- entation (3), (4), Scabbard and Blade (3), (4), S.A.M.E. (3), (4), I.A.S. (4), Phi Eta Sigma (1), Tau Beta Pi (4). ROBERT HENRY OPDYKE Acacia, A.S.M.E. (2), (3). GEORGE OSTROOT, JR. Track (1), (2), (3), (4), Football (1), (2), M Club (2), (3), (4), Triangles. DAVID OVAITT Chi Phi. ARTHUR F. PACHULSKI Alpha Sigma Phi, Polonnia Soci- ety (1), (2), (3), (4), President (4), Polish Engineering Society (1), (2), Secretary-Treasurer (2), A.S.M.E. (4). DUANE A. PAGEL Phi Eta Sigma (1), Baseball (1), (2), Triangles (3), Tau Beta Pi (4). JOSEPH PARKER Sigma Nu, Technic (2), A.I.E.F. (3), (4). RAYMOND C. PARRY S.A.E. (3). ROBERT J. PATTON Lambda Chi Alpha, I.A.E.S. (2), (3), President Lambda Chi Alpha (3), Scabbard and Blade (3), House Manager (2). DAVID PAUL A.S.M.E. (2), (4), S.A.E. (4). KENNETH D. PETERSON Tau Beta Pi (4). HAROLD C. PETROWITZ Michigan Daily (2), Union Opera (2), (3), (4), Mimes (4), A.I.E.E. (4). GEORGE A. PETTERSEN Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer (4), Track (1), (2), (4), M Club (4), A.S.M.E. (4). KENNETH P. PETTIBONE I.A.S. (4). JAMES B. PIERCE Theta Delta Chi, Chairman, Frosh Frolic, Triangle, President, Vice- President of Senior Class (4), A.I.E.E., Engine Council, Scabbard and Blade, Pi Tau Sigma. JAMES E. PLENGE Triangle, Phi Eta Sigma (1). WILLIAM C. POTTER Phi Kappa Sigma. RAY B. POWELL Kappa Sigma Vice-President (3), Treasurer (3), President (4), ' Ensian (1), (2), (3), Tau Beta Pi (3), (4), Executive Council (4), Executive Council of I.F.C. (4). DONALD U. POWERS Sigma Rho Tau (1), A.I.E.E. (2), (3), (4), S.A.M.E. (3), (4), Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). JOHN O. POWERS Sigma Phi Epsilon. THOMAS O. POYSER Chi Psi, Michigan Daily (1), (2), Michigan Technic (2), (3), I.F.C. (1), (2), Engineering Council (3), (4), J-Hop Com. (3), Triangles (3), Vul- cans (4), Scabbard and Blade (3), (4), Track (1), Riding Club (3), S.A.M.E. Secretary-Treasurer (3). MEYER S. PRIZAND A.S.M.E. ALBERTO RAMIREZ ANGEL Tennis (1), Union Staff (1), (2), Sociedad Latino-Americana (1), (2), (3), (4), C.P.T. (2). ARLIE D. REAGAN Theta Chi, Vice-President (4), Union Staff (1), Michelodeon (2), Union Opera (3), A.S.C.E. (3), (4), Engineering Council (4), Assoc. Ed. of Bulldozer (4). CARL C. REDINGER Phi Sigma Kappa, Tau Beta Pi (4). KARL REED Trigon. ROBERT H. REID Acacia. BRUCE J. RENAUD Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma (1), Union Staff (2), Orientation Ad- visor (2), (3), J-Hop Committee (3). GORDON RENO A.I.C.E. (2), (3), (4). ROBERT B. RENTON I.A.S. CLIFFORD J. REYNOLDS Scabbard and Blade (3), (4), Riding (4). THOMAS S. RICE Tau Bsta Pi (3), (4), Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2). AUBREY ROBERTSHAW I.A.S. (3), (4). EDWARD S. ROBINSON Transportation Club (4). DEAN M. ROCKWELL Riding (3), S.A.M.E. (3), (4), Tau Beta Pi (4), Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). LESTER ROSENBLATT Quarterdeck, Sailing (3), (4). JOHN L. RUDLAFF Delta Upsilon, I.A.S., Glider Club. SAMUEL I. RUSSELL Delta Upsilon, Union (1), (2). EDWARD A. RUTAN Sigma Rho Tau President (4), Tau Beta Pi (4), Phi Eta Sigma (1). WILLIAM E. RYAN Football Manager (1), (2), Eta Kap- pa Nu (3), (4), A.I.E.E. (3), (4). ALEXANDER P. SAXON A.S.C.E., Transportation Club, Bull- dozer Staff (4). RICHARD G. SCHOEL, JR. Delta Tau Delta, Frosh Frolic, Alpha Phi Omega President (3), (4), Engineering Council (4), Scab- bard and Blade Treasurer (4) A.I.Ch.E. (4). RAYMOND G. SCHNEIDER A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). VILLA M. SCHWERTFEGEH I.A.S, S.W.E., Orientation (4). ROBERT A. SFORZINI S.A.E. Secretary-Treasurer (2), President (3), A.S.M.E., Engineer- ing Council Treasurer (4). DONALD L. SHANCK Chi Phi, A.S.M.E., I.F.C (2) THEO. F. SHARP Soph Prom, Executive Council Union (3), J-Hop. PHILIP E. SHARPE Sigma Chi, Triangles (3), Vulcans (4), Tau Beta Pi (4), Scabbard and Blade (3), (4), Football (2), (3), (4), Phi Lambda Upsilon (4). DUANE A. SHEPAHD Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A.I.M.E (4) GUY L. SMITH I.A.S. (3), (4). RODNEY L. B. SMITH Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A.S.M.E., Quarterdeck. ROBERT M. SNOW Delta Tau Delta, S.A.M.E., Scab- bard and Blade, Military Ball (3). E. GRAYDON SNYDER Triangle, A.I.Ch.E. WILLIAM SPARROW Phi Eta Sigma, Sailing, Tau Beta Pi (4). SANFORD H. STONE A.S.C.E., Transportation Club. WILLIAM A. SUMMERFELT Scabbard and Blade, S.A.M.E. President (4). ROBERT J. SUNDQUIST Beta Theta Pi, President (4), ' En- sian Editor (3), (4), Tau Beta Pi, President (4), Mimes, President (4), Vulcans, Triangles, Phi Eta Sigma, Union Opera (3), (4). WILLIAM SWENSON Sigma Nu, Glee Club, A.S.C.E., Scalp and Blade. THEODORE H. TAHBELL Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President (4), Daily, Gargoyle, Triangles. F. CARTER TAYLOR Theta Xi, Technic, Triangles, Vul- cans. RUFUS S. TEESDALE Alpha Tau Omega, Technic, I.F.C., Arch., A.S.M.E., S.A.M.E. CHARLES M. THATCHER Sigma Chi, Daily, Editor (4), War Board (4), Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Michigamua, Vulcans, Tri- angles, Scabbard and Blade, Band, A.I.Ch.E. President (4). FRANK W. THORP Sigma Phi Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, I.A.S., A.S.M.E., S.A.M.E., S.A.E., Engineering Council (4). NORMAN W. TREPAIER A.I.Ch.E., Newman Club, Hia- watha. BLAINE A. ULMER A.S.M.E., Glee Club (4). KIMON F. VASILIOU Union Opera (2), Transportation Club (2), (3), (4), A.S.C.E. (3), (4). 389 BARNES-GIBSON-RAYMOND DETROIT PLANT DIVISION OF ASSOCIATED SPRING CORP. COOK PLANT DETROIT, MICHIGAN TWO PLANTS ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 390 ROBERT A. VOSS Alpha Chi Sigma, Band, Engineer- ing Council (3), Kappa Kappa Psi, A.I.Ch.E. DONALD C. WEST. JR. Beta Theta Pi, Michigamua, Vul- cans, Mimes, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, President Triangles (3), Union (2), Executive Council (3), President (4), Engineering Council (3), (4), Track Manager (1), (2), Men ' s Judiciary Council (4), War Board (4), A.I.Ch.E., Union Opera (3), (4). WILLIAM C. WEYANTT. JR. A.I.M.E. (4). WALTER M. WILLIAMS Transportation Club, Secretary (3), A.S.C.E. (3), (4). MERVILLE E. WILLIS Quarterdeck. CHESTER W. WITTERS Hockey (1), Baseball, A.I.M.E. (3), (4), A.I.Ch.E. (2). JOHN M. WITHEHIDGE A.S.M.E., Choral Union, Allen- Rumsey Treasurer (3). RICHARD D. WIRTH Beta Theta Pi, Union Opera, Mimes. PAUL D. WINGATE Zeta Beta Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, I.F.C. (2), (3), Secretary- Treasurer (4), Vulcans (4), Michi- gamua (4). HOWARD F. WOLF Transportation Club (2), (3), (4), Vice-President (3), President (4), A.S.C.E. (4), Glee Club. PALMER W. WRIGHT A.I.Ch.E., Sigma Chi. HIDEO YOSHIHARA Congress Coop., Tau Beta Pi, Sheehan Scholarship (4), Donovan Scholar (4). MARVIN L. ZESKIND Kappa Nu, Sigma Rho Tau, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi (3), (4), Quarterdeck (3), (4). ARCHITECTURE JANE BAESSLER Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Alpha Gamma, Treasurer (4), Band (3). BELVA J. BARNES ' Ensian (2), J.G.P., Tau Sigma Delta, Treasurer (3). MILDRED M. CHRISTA Alpha Omicron Pi, J-Hop, Social Committees (2), (3), ' Ensian (2), Alpha Omicron Pi President (4), Soph Cabaret, Pan-Hel. JOAN E. CLEMENT Delta Delta Delta, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Orientation (3), (4), Per- spectives, Co-Editor (2), League Committees (2), (3). MARGARET L. DAVIDSON Alpha Omicron Pi, Architectural Council (2), (3), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Pan-Hel Banquet (3), Alpha Alpha Gamma President (1), Sail- ing Club, Glee Club, ' Ensian (1), (2), (3). DONNA A. ECKERT Delta Gamma, Alpha Alpha Gam- ma, Michelodeon. J. STUART GILDART Delta Omega Gamma, ' Ensian, (D, (2), (3), Art Director (4), Gargoyle (2), (3), Daily (3), Sum- mer Directory Editor (4), Druids. BRUCE M. HAHTWICK Sigma Nu, Baseball (1), Archi- tectural Council Treasurer (2), J- Hop. GLORIA E. JACOBUS Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Alpha Gamma, Directory (3), Gargoyle (3), (4). M. MICHAEL KANE Pi Lambda Phi, I.F.C., Boxing, Wrestling (4). EVELYN A. KUIVINEN ' Ensian (1), J.G.P., Assembly Ball (1), Social Committees (4). WALTER M. LAITALA Alpha Rho Chi, Treasurer (3), President (4), Hiawatha Club. GARFIELD H. LAITY Alpha Rho Chi, Secretary (4), (5), Vice-President American Institute Architects. WILMAH F. NUECHTERLEIN Alpha Rho Chi, Vice-President (3), American Institute Arichitects Sec- retary (3), President (4), Archi- tectural Society Treasurer (4), Phi Kappa Phi (5). AILEEN B. OLSEN Alpha Alpha Gamma, Secretary (3), (4), Tau Sigma Delta Secretary (4), ' Ensian (4), Alpha Lambda Delta (2), Florence Abbott Scholar (4). DAVID W. OSLER Golf, ' Ensian (2). LORNA M. PAUSE W.A.A. Board, Gamma Delta, President-Treasurer. JAMES G. PORTER Tennis, Alpha Rho Chi President (4), Treasurer (3). JEAN A. RANAHAN Alpha Omicron P i, Architectural Cabaret, J.G.P., Newman Club, Wyvern, Alpha Alpha Gamma, Arch. Ball (2), Wynx. JOHN H. RUST ' Ensian (1), (2), Gargoyle (2), Soph Prom, Perspectives (2), Michelo- deon, Architectural Council, Union (3). PHYLLIS H. RYE Zeta Tau Alpha, J.G.P. NANCY L. WORRELL Sorosis, ' Ensian (4), Gargoyle (4). BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WALTER M. BURY Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Nu (1), (2), (3), Phi Eta Sigma (1), Phi Kappa Phi (4), Phi Beta Kappa (4). CLARENCE G. CARLSON Alpha Kappa Psi, Debate, Rack- ham Undegrad. Scholarship. NICK P. CHAPEKIS Delta Epsilon Pi, Hiawatha Club, Congress (1), (2), (3), Alpha Nu (1), (2), (3). RAYMOND C. F. CHEN Chinese Students ' Club (1), (2), (3), Inter-Club Board (3). ALBERT M. COHEN Sigma Alpha Mu, Gargoyle (2), (4), Debate, Hillel (3), (4), Alpha Nu. LOUIS A. COHEN Gargoyle (2), (3), Sigma Alpha Mu, Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). JAMES K. DANIELS Swimming, Publications, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids. BENJAMIN H. DOUGLAS Phi Gamma Delta, Vice-President Winchell House (1), Union Opera (2), Sphinx, Michigamua, Wynx Dance (3), ' Ensian (1), (2), (3), (4), Business Manager (3), (4). RICHARD D. EYSTEH Theta Xi, Daily (1, (2), President (4), T.X. GEORGE S. FISHLER Phi Eta Sigma (1), Vice-President Allen Rumsey (3). BRUCE J. KIRCHENBAUM Sigma Alpha Mu, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa (3), ' Ensian (1), (2), (3), Hillel (2), (3). ROBERT A. KRAUSE Sigma Alpha Mu, I.M. Manager, President-Treasurer Student Sen- ate, Daily, Track (1). JOHN MacKINNON Congress (2), (3), Student Senate (3), I.C.C. (3). JAMES A. MARINE Daily (1), (2). ROBERT A. MATTHEWS Delta Tau Delta, Union (1), (2), (3), Sphinx, President Men ' s Judiciary C. (4), Delta Tau Delta Treasurer (4), President Student War Board (4), Michigamua. DEAN J. MILLER Zeta Psi, Treasurer, I.F.C. ROBERT M. POISSON Alpha Kappa Psi, Newman Club, Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). OLINDO O. SANTOPIETHO Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice-President (3), (4), Newman Club (3), (4). JOE E. SCHROEDER Theta Delta Chi, Debate (2), (3), Delta Sigma Rho (4). NORMAN D. SCHWARTZ Zeta Beta Tau, Hillel Council, Vice-President (2), Student Re- ligious Association (2), (3), (4), Phi Eta Sigma. ROBERT L. SCHWYN Delta Tau Delta, Union Council (3), Sphinx, Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). ROBERT O. SHELLEY Alpha Kappa Psi, Band Publicity Manager (3), (4), Vice-President Alpha Kappa Psi (3), President (4). DENTAL GERALD R. APTEKAR Alpha Omega, Phi Kappa Phi. ALVIN AUGUST Alpha Omega, Baseball (1), (2). RUSSELL L. BAKER Senior Class President. ALBERT E. BUCHHOLZ Delta Sigma Delta, Student Coun- cil (1), (2). DOROTHY E. BUCKHOLZ Junior Hygienist Association. INEZ F. CHAMBEHLIN President Wenley Foundation, Stu- dent Religious Association, Junior Hygienist Association. BARBARA A. DOLF Alpha Delta Pi, Junior Hygienist Association, Rifle, Hiawatha. JOHN E. DUMON Xi Psi Phi Secretary (4). JEAN E. GRAF Alpha Chi Omega , President Dental Hygiene Class. HAZEL K. JOHNSON Junior Hygienist Association. STELLA JURAS Dental Association, American Nurses Association. JEANNE MACKLEM Alpha Chi Omega, J.G.P., Junior Hygienists Association. MAUREEN M. MUNGER Chi Omega, Junior Hygienists As- sociation, Senior Project. BETTY P. NITCHUN Treasurer Dental Hygienists. WINIFRED R. PALMER Delta Gamma, Dental Hygiene Secretary. 391 DELBERT E. RAWSON Delta Sigma Delta, President. VIRGINIA A. ROHR Junior Hygienists Association. ROBERT E. ROSS Xi Psi Phi, E. Mills Award (2), Student Council (3), Odonto Ball (3), Vice-President X.P.P. (4). DOROTHY J. SIMPSON Betsy Barbour, Junior Hygienists Association. GLORIA A. STARK Gamma Phi Beta, Junior Hygienists Association. EDUCATION RUTH L. ASNESS Betsy Barbour, Athletics (1), (2), (3), Pi Lambda Theta (3). NANCY A. BERCAW Alpha Delta Pi, W.A.A. Board, Alpha Gamma Delta, Pi Alpha Iota, Phi Kappa Phi (4). DOROTHY K. BILL Kappa Delta, Soph Cabaret, Pan- Hel Ball (2), Sojrh Prom, Theatre Arts (3). RUTH I. BLODGrTT Alpha Phi, J.G.P. MERIAN R. BROWN J.G.P., Assembly Ball Choral Union (4). CATHERINE E. BUFMAN Alpha Chi Omega, Flying Club (3), (4), J.G.P. BARBARA L. CARRITTE Kappa Alpha Theta, J.G.P., Alpha Alpha Gamma (3), (4), Michelo- deon. Senior Project, Badminton. JANE R. CAYIA Chi Omega, Athena (2), (3). HELEN E. CLARKE Kappa Delta, W.A.A. Board (4), American Association of Health, Physical Education and Recre- ation (4), Class Treasurer (4), Hockey (1), (2), Basketball, Base- ball, Badminton, Swimming, Vol- leyball, J.G.P. MELVIN M. COMIN Kappa Nu, M Club, Sphinx, Druids, Basketball, P.E. Club. MARY I. CRAWFORD Alpha Gamma Delta, League Com- mittees, Frosh Project, Soph Caba- ret, J.G.P. PAULINE A. DRAKE Kappa Kappa Gamma, Crop and Saddle (3), (4), Theatre Arts (3), J.G.P. BETTY J. EROMAN Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gargoyle (1), (2), Glee Club (1), J.G.P., Pan- Hel, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret. JOAN C. GEARING Alpha Delta Pi, Glee Club (4), Swimming (4). BETTY E. GRANT Hillel, Student Religious Asso- ciation. ELIZABETH G. HALPIN J.G.P., French Club (4). ELIZABETH I. JONES Alpha Omicron Pi, Social Commit- tees (4), Photography (4). BETTY L. KEFGEN Martha Cook, Assembly Banquet (2), Orientation (4), Gargoyle (2), (3), ' Ensian. JEAN D. KERR Alpha Omicron Pi, Phi Tau Alpha (3), W.A.A., Soph Cabaret. PEARL KOBLENZ Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Frosh Proj- ect. JEANETTE R. KUBICKI J.G.P., Senior Project. CATHERINE E. LEE Kappa Delta, J.G.P., Senior Proj- ect, Social Committee (4). LOUISE M. MARSOM Alpha Gamma Delta, League Com- mittees, Frosh Project, Soph Caba- ret, J.G.P., Phi Kappa Phi. JEAN P. MARXHAUSER Alpha Delta Pi, Theatre Arts, Riding (3). DAVID O. MATTHEWS Sigma Chi, Swimming, Track Cap- tain (4), DruicJs, Michigamua, Sigma Delta Psi, M Club President. RUBY MAUHER Hockey Club, Swimming Club, Ann Arbor Independents, G.A.A. Representative. MARTHA A. MELLINGER J.G.P. IRENE MENDELSOHN Choral Union, Glee Club (3), (4), Vice-President (3), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Senior So- ciety. LORNA D. MENZIES Spanish Club (3). MARY M. MOORE Martha Cook, Rifle (3), Hiawatha (3), (4), J.G.P., Zeta Phi Eta (3), (4), Assembly, Secretary (3), Orienta- tion (4). CHARLOTTE J. MORLEY Social Committees (2), (3), Theatre Arts (2), (3), (4), J.G.P. MARIAN M. ORTH Alpha Chi Omega, Social Com- mittee (3), Pi Lambda Theta (3), (4). CHARLOTTE PAPERNICK Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret. ELEANOR L. PRESS Frosh Project, J.G.P., Theatre Arts. BETTE C. SACHS Alpha Xi Delta, Pan-Hel Ball, Ban- quet (2), (3), Crop and Saddle, J-Hop, Merit Committee (3), Vice- President W.A.A., Scroll, Victory Vanities. BETTY J. SCHERMERHORN Kappa Alpha Theta, J.G.P., Judici- ary Committee (4), Scroll. MARY M. SELLON Delta Delta Delta, ' Ensian (1), (2), (3), Frosh Project, Soph Project, J.G.P., Delta Delta Delta President. GENEVIEVE J. SIBIGA Newman Club (3), (4), Polonia Society (2), (3), (4), Slavic Society (2), J.G.P. SHIRLEY M. SIEG League Committees (2), (3), (4), Merit, Play Production (3), (4), Kappa Phi (2), (3), (4), J.G.P., As- sembly Banquet (2), (3). CORRINE TRIMBLE J.G.P., Theatre Arts (3), Senior Project. VIRGINIA WAKEMAN Gamma Phi Beta, Crop and Saddle (3), J.G.P., Rifle. SALLY WEINHART Kappa Delta, Pan-Hel, Bomber Scholarship Committee (3), (4). MARY JANE WOODLEY Frosh Frolic, J.G.P. SHIRLEY ZHEUTLIN Hillel, Pi Lambda Theta (3), (4). FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION FREDERICK J. ARNOLD Les Voyageurs. W. SOUTHARD CORLETT Phi Gamma Delta, Paul Bunyan (3), (4), " Forester " (4), Class Presi- dent (4). LaMONT G. ENGLE Forestry Club (3), (4), " Forester " (4), Phi Kappa Phi, Newman Club. ADRIAN M. GOLDBERG Forestry Club (3), (4), Forest Properties (3). RICHARD J. HARTESVELDT " Forester, " Forestry Club, Treas- urer. JAMES A. HOLEKAMP Forestry Club (4), " Forester " (4), Secondary C.P.T. RICHARD F. HOLEKAMP Forestry Property (3), (4). WILLIA L. KIER Forestry Club (1), (3), (4). DONALD G. LAMBRECHT Congress Coop., Forestry Club (3), (4), Treasurer (3), President (4), Coop. OTTO R. LARSEN Forestry Annual (4), Forestry Club (4), " Octet " (4), Paul Bunyan (4), " Forester " (4). WESLEY LEHMANN " Forester. " LEONARD R. MARTINEK " Forester " Editor (4), Les Voy- ageurs, Paul Bunyan (4). THEODORE C. MAGLER Newman Club (1), (2), Congress (3), Les Voyageurs (3), (4). KENNETH E. NELSON " Forester " (3). HAROLD E. RELYEA Scabbard and Blade (2), (3), For- estry Club (2), (3). ROBERT W. STEIDEMANN Les Voyageurs, " Forester, " For- estry Club, Secretary. EDWARD F. STEIGERWALDT Forestry Club, " Forester. " EDWIN H. WEIL, JR. Zeta Beta Tau, Forestry Club (3). LAW JAMES L. McCRYSTAL Phi Alpha Delta, Law Review (2), (3), Barristers (2), President (3), Phi Alpha Delta, President (3). c. BLAKE MCDOWELL, JR. Phi Kappa Psi, Case Club. WILLIAM A. RINER Law Club, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma. CLARENCE A. SAHLIN Sigma Phi Epsilon, Case Club. F. ELIZABETH THORNE Kappa Kappa Gamma, Secretary Class (4), Kappa Beta Pi. ROBERT D. ULRICH Sphinx, Toastmasters, Barristers, Law Review. MEDICAL CHARLES H. ALTSHULER Phi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Omega Alpha. FRANCIS C. ANDERSON Phi Chi, Alpha Sigma Phi, Galens (3), (4), Druids, I.F.C., President Alpha Sigma Phi (4). GOULD A. ANDREWS, JR. Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Omega Alpha (3), Class Treasurer (4), Victor Vaughn Society (4). GUNNARD J. ANTELL Phi Chi, Victor Vaughn Society. ELDEAN G. BETZ Phi Beta Pi, Galens (3), (4). GEORGE W. BROOKS, JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi, Union (4). JOHN MAX BUSARD Phi Chi President (4), Class Treas- urer (3). WILLIAM T. COUTER Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Omega Alpha. KENNETH R. CRISPELL Phi Chi, Victor Vaughn Society (4), Senior Class President. ARMIN A. DARMSTAETTER Nu Sigma Nu, Galens Society. LOIS FRAYSER Sigma Xi, Iota Sigma Pi, Women ' s Research Club, Secretary Senior Class (4). PHILIP D. GORDY Phi Beta Pi, Galens (3), (4), Alpha Omega Alpha (3), (4), Class Treas- urer (1), Victor Vaughn (4). MARIAN E. IDDINGS Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Ep- silon Iota. ARTHUR W. IDE, JR. Nu Sigma Nu, Victor Vaughn So- ciety, Vice-President Senior Class. ALBERY L. JUERGENS Phi Kappa Phi. HOWARD A. REISER Phi Rho Sigma, Galens (3), (4). JOSEPH L. KURTZ Honor Committee (1), Vice-Presi- dent Junior Class (3). JOHN D. KUTSCHE Phi Chi, Track, M Club. JAMES I. LAIRD Theta Chi, Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Sigma Eta. PAUL R. LAUER Phi Chi, Honor Council (4). WILLIAM E. LAUR Victor Vaughn Society. DORA LEVINE Alpha Epsilon Iota. RALPH D. MAHON, JR. Phi Beta Kappa, Class President (1), Alpha Omega Alpha (4), Vic- tor Vaughn Society. MARGARET F. McMAHON Alpha Epsilon Iota. ROBERT D. MERCER Galens. EDWARD G. NEDWICKI Alpha Kappa Kappa, Galens (3), (4). OSCAR A. NELSON Phi Beta Pi, Class Vice-President (1). CHARLES E. O ' BRIEN Class President (3), Galens (3), (4). THOMAS G. REED Phi Chi, Galens (3), Presi dent (4), Class Vice-President (2). JOHN R. RIESEN. JR. Phi Chi, Victor Vaughn Society (4). HERBERT ROSENBAUM Phi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Omega Alpha (4). JAMES W. SARGENT Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Chi, Honor Committee (3), Victor Vaughn Society (4). E. OSCAR SCHREIBER Phi Chi, Victor Vaughn Society, Secretary-Treasurer (4). ARTHUR H. ULMER, JR. Phi Chi, Alpha Omega Alpha. EDWARD W. VAN AUKEN Phi Rho Sigma, Victor Vaughn Society. A. BURGESS VIAL Phi Chi, Alpha Omega Alpha (4), Victor Vaughn Society (4). MARSHALL P. WEES Phi Beta Pi, Senior Class Ad- visory Committee (4). WILLIAM M. WHITE Alpha Kappa Kappa, Galens (3), (4). ROBERT A. BORDEN Phi Rho Sigma, Vice-President (4). RAYMOND M. ENGELMAN Phi Delta Epsilon. ELPON L. FOLTZ Phi Chi, Victor Vaughn Society. CHARLES E. FRIEDGOOD Victor Vaughn Society, Athletics (1), (2). 392 LILA J. GAIRNS Iota Sigma Pi, Alpha Epsilon Iota. MARY E. HYMAN Alpha Epsilon Iota. GARTH L JARVIS Phi Chi, Class Treasurer (1). HENRY T. JOHNSON, JR. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Chi, Alpha Omega Alpha. KENNETH P. MATHEWS Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi. E. ERIE MCDONNELL Phi Chi, Galens (3), (4). ROSLYN FELLMAN PARKER Alpha Epsilon Iota. HENRY K. SCHOCH, JR. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa. RALPH M. SILAS Alpha Kappa Kappa, Treasurer (4). WILLIAM H. VANDER PLOEG Phi Alpha Kappa, Galens. DONALD E. Van HOEK Alpha Kappa Kappa, Kappa Delta Rho, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Galens. CLARK D. WEST Phi Chi, Honor Committee (3). MUSIC JEAN E. COX Kappa Delta, Choral Union (3), Symphony (1), (2), (3). ELLEN W. EDWARDS Sigma Alpha Iota, Choral Union (3), (4). DELWYN ELLIOTT Band (4), Choir (3). CONSTANCE E. GILBERTSON Stockwell, President (4), Orienta- tion (3), (4), Band, Orchestra (1), Choral Union (1), (2), Soph Caba- ret, Assembly Banquet (2), (3), J.G.P., Assembly Ball (3), Senior Society, Assembly Board (4). JOHN R. GINTHER Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. PHYLLIS L. GUGINO Concert Band (2), (3), (4), Vice- President (4), Symphony (4), Sigma Alpha Iota. ELIZABETH D. IVANOFF Alpha Lambda Delta (1), (2), Sigma Alpha Iota (2), (3), (4), French Round Table (3), Little Symphony (3), Phi Kappa Phi (4). ALWILDA J. KELLY Choral Union. MARY LOUISE KNAPP Sigma Alpha Iota, J-Hop, Assem- bly Ball (4), Orientation (3), Choral Union, Sigma Alpha Iota, Treas- urer (4), Orchestra (1), (2), (3), Social Committee, Assembly Ban- quet (3), J.G.P., Soph Cabaret, Oliver Ditson Scholarship. ROBERT DALE KUITE Kappa Kappa Psi (3), (4), Band Li- brarian (3), Orchestra (1), (2), (3). Tf NO. 40 FACE SHIELD Gives unobstructed vision with com- fort. Our unique method of changing windows permits standardization of one headgear for all industrial opera- tions. Plastic windows for protection from flying objects. Screen windows for protection from heat. Fibre win- dows with glass holders for welding. THE BOYER-CAMPBELL CO. Safety Division Detroit PAPER IS AS PAPER DOES! In determining paper value the real test is- What does it do for type and pictures? How does it stand up after long use? For the best in modern printing papers specify those from BIRMINGHAM PROSSER COMPANY PAPER MERCHANTS KALAMAZOO. MICHIGAN FOR BOOKS AND CATALOGS Distinctive bindings by BROCK and RANKIN give added beauty, effective- ness and life to books of importance. Bibles, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Year Books and better bound Catalogs are done by skilled craftsmen in our or- ganization. The experience of more than fifty years is reflected in the solu- tion of binding problems submitted to us. BROCK and RANKIN BOOK AND[CATALOG BINDERS FOR FIFTY YEARS 619 South La Salle Street Chicago 393 OON the night will pass and when to the Watchman upon the ramparts of liberty the anxious ask, ' Watchman what of the night? his reply will be, N lo the j.L ' ft morn appeareth. This country is too intelligent and this world too broken to exist long under a condition of destruc- tion. Arthur J. Wiltse, Manager, The Ann Arbor Press. DOROTHY M. LARSON Alpha Gamma Delta, Choral Union (2), (3), Soph Cabaret, President (4), A.G.D. MURIEL LEVY Pops Band (3). BETTY G. LIKELY Sigma Alpha Iota, Choral Union (2), (3). NANCY F. McCRACKEN Alpha Xi Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota (4), Choral Union (3), Soph Caba- ret. ANNE X. MISKERIK Sigma Alpha Iota, Band (4). PHYLLIS M. HUNGER Sigma Alpha Iota (2), (3), (4), Choral Union (2), (3), (4). VIOLET OULBEGIAN Mu Phi Epsilon, Treasurer (3), (4), Adelia Cheever President (4), Armenian Students Club, Presi- dent (3), International Center (3), (4). LOIS M. PARKER Choral Union, Orchestra (2), (3), (4), Sigma Alpha Iota, Vice-Presi- dent (4). MARSHALL M. PENN Kappa Alpha Psi, Band (1), (2), (4), Orchestra (3), Phi Kappa Phi (4). PHYLLIS F. ROBINSON Sigma Alpha Iota (3). LEO G. SACARNY Band (3), (4), Choral Union (4). THELMA A. SHOOK Band (1), (3), (4), Choral Union (1), (3), (4). JOHN F. SMETANA Band (3), Slavic Club (4). ALICE L. SPATH Stock-well, J.G.P., Band (3), (4), Choral Union (3), (4), Sigma Alpha Iota (3), President and Secretary- Treasurer (4). MILDRED F. STERN Orchestra, French Club (2), (3), (4), Mu Phi Epsilon (3), (4), Sym- phony (3), Archery (2), Orienta- tion (3). IMOGENE TENNISWOOD Mosher, Glee Club (2), Choral Union (2), (3), (4), J.G.P. SARA A. TITUS Sigma Alpha Iota, Frosh Project, Symphony (1), (2), (3), Assembly Banquet (3), Orientation (3). DONALD T. WALLACE Band (2), (3), (4), Glee Club (3), (4), Kappa Kappa Psi (3), (4), Scabbard and Blade (4), Social Committee (4). JEAN M. ZEMMER Martha Cook, Choral Union (1), (2), (3), J.G.P., League (1), (2). BARBARA F. ZWAYER Sigma Alpha Iota. NURSING RUTHANN ASBURY Class President (4). VIRGINIA O. BESAW T.P.R. (4), Scalpel (4). RUTH B. BLACKNEY Choral Club, Vice-President (4), Class President (3), Orientation (3). WAHR ' S BOOKSTORES have served Michigan students and graduates for over half a century. Let us continue to serve you after graduation. Special attention given to mail orders. WAHR ' S BOOK STORES ' A MICHIGAN INSTITUTION " Ann Arbor, Mich. 395 DOROTHY R. DUDAS T.P.R. (2), Choral Club (2), (3), Scalpel. MURIEL H. HOENKE Class President (2). JULIETTE S. HONE Scalpel (4), T.P.R. (4). MILDRED K. INAUEN Scalpel (4). JUNE Y. JUENGEL Choral Club (1), (4), T.P.R. . (4), Scalpel (4). ' ELSIE S. KROHNE Choral Club (1), (2), (3). MARJORIE P. MULLIN Chi Omega, Daily (1), Hopwood Award (1), J-Hop, T.P.R., Scalpel (4). HELEN M. NUTTING Kappa Delta, Choral Union, Choral Club. CLARA J. SOWULEWSKI T.P.R. (3), Scalpel (3), Choral Club (2), (3). J. ANNABEL STRUBEL Student Council Secretary (3). H. JANE SUTTER Class Vice-President (4). ETHELIE M. VACHTA J.G.P. P. JEAN WALTER Student Council (2). RUTH M. WHITE Choral Club, Scalpel (4). RUTH M. WILLE T.P.R. (3). PHARMACY CASMIRA S. BUSCEK Alpha Xi Delta, Treasurer (2), (3), (4), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Apothecaries Club, Secretary (2), I.G.P., Newman Club, W.A.A. (4), Summer League Council (4), Rho Chi, Class President (4). REUBEN FRIED Kappa Nu, Union (1), (2), Scab- bard and Blade (4). JOHN H. HOLLOWELL Amercian Pharamaceutical Asso- ciation (4). LEONARD E. KASSMAN Phi Beta Delta, Class Treasurer (4), Apothecaries Club, Apothe- caries Ball (2), Golf (1), Football (1), Gargoyle (1). ETHEL MARY MATHIS Alpha Omicron Pi, Secretary (3), Class Secretary (4). ARTHUR A. ROSEN Orientation (4), Rho Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma. JACK CHONG WONG Rho Chi, President, Class Vice- President (4). BUY WAR BONDS MICHIGAN ST AT E FOR YOUR NECESSARY ENTERTAINMENT AND RELAXATION FROM WARTIME ROUTINE WUERTH ORPHEUM WHITNEY W. S. BUTTERFIELD THEATRES E. C. BEATTY President 396 ENGRAVERS FOR THE MICHIGANENSIAN PHY-miSBURY COMPANY 409 EAST JEFFERSON AVE., DETROIT, MICHIGAN 397 Kitchen Equipment Bar and Janitor Supplies Michigan ' s Oldest Complete Institutional Supply House Food Service Equipment for Hotels Restaurants China Glass Silverware Cooking Utensils A. J. MARSHALL COMPANY 3639 Woodward Ave. TE. 1-9450 Detroit, Michigan Free Parking - citrons 0. D. MDRHILL Ann Arbor B. . MUEHLIG Ann Arbor EDWARDS LETTER SDDP Ann Arbor THE CHAS. A. STRELINGER co. 149 E. Larned Street Detroit Machine Tools Cutting Tools Industrial Supplies 884-1943 398 ORGANIZATION INDEX Acacia . . . . ' 166 Administration 240 Alpha Alpha Gamma 299 Alpha Chi Omega 202 Alpha Chi Sigma 271 Alpha Delta Phi 167 Alpha Delta Pi 203 Alpha Epsilon Iota 351 Alpha Epsilon Phi 204 Alpha Gamma Delta 205 Alpha Kappa Psi 307 Alpha Nu 79 Alpha Omega 316 Alpha Omicron Pi 206 Alpha Phi 207 Alpha Phi Omega 93 Alpha Rho Chi 298 Alpha Sigma Phi 168 Alpha Tau Omega 169 Alpha Zi Delta 208 Alumni Association 76 Alumnae House 228 American Institute of Architects 297 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 288 American Institute of Electrical Engineers 289 American Society of Civil Engineers 287 American Society of Mechanical Engineers .... 292 Architectural College 294 Assembly Board 108 Athena 113 Bands 362 Harbour 227 Baseball 152 Basketball 144 Beta Theta Pi 170 Board in Control of Athletics 129 Board In Control of Publications 56 Board of Regents 238 Bureau of Appointments .... 80 Business Administration School 302 Chi Omega 209 Chi Phi 171 Chi Psi 172 Collegiate Sorosis 210 Congress 77 Crop and Saddle 120 Daily 57 Delta Delta Delta 211 Delta Gamma 212 Delta Kappa Epsilon 173 Delta Sigma Delta 317 Delta Tau Delta 174 Delta Upsilon 175 Dental School 310 Druids 87 East Quadrangle 232 Education School 318 Engineering College 272 Engineering Council 277 Eta Kappa Nu 289 F Flying Club 291 Football 128 Forestry School 326 French Club 93 G Galens 350 Gamma Phi Beta 213 Gargoyle 66 Glee Club, Men ' s 364 Glee Club, Women ' s 112 Golf 150 H Hockey 148 House Presidents ' Association 100 I Institute of Aeronautical Science 290 Interfraternity Council 82 I Judiciary, Men ' s 74 Judiciary, Women ' s 99 Kappa Alpha Theta 214 Kappa Delta 215 Kappa Delta Rho 176 Kappa Kappa Gamma 216 Kappa Kappa Psi 365 Kappa Nu 177 Kappa Sigma 178 Lambda Chi Alpha 179 Law School 332 League Council 98 Literary College 242 M M-Hop 97 Madison House 229 Manager ' s Club 161 Manpower Corps 44 Martha Cook 222 Medical School 338 Michigamua 86 Michiganensian 62 Michigan Union 71 Mimes 70 Mosher-Jordan 225 Mu Phi Epsilon 114 Music 356 N N.R.O.T.C 53 Newberry 226 Newman Club 79 Newman Club 79 Nursing School 366 Nu Sigma Nu 352 Pan Hellenic Council 106 Pharmacy 374 Phi Alpha Kappa 270 Phi Chi 353 Phi Delta Epsilon 354 Phi Delta Theta 180 Phi Eta Sigma 85 Phi Gamma Delta 181 Phi Kappa Psi 182 Phi Kappa Tau 183 Phi Rho Sigma 355 Phi Sigma Delta 184 Phi Sigma Kappa 185 Phi Sigma Sigma 217 Pi Beta Phi 218 Pi Lambda Phi 186 Psi Upsilon 187 Quarterdeck 292 R.O.T.C 46 S Scroll Ill Senior Society 110 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 188 Sigma Alpha Iota 115 Sigma Alpha Mu 189 Sigma Chi 190 Sigma Nu 191 Sigma Phi 192 Sigma Phi Epsilon 193 Slide Rule Ball . ..96 Society of Women Engineers 293 Spanish Club 92 Sphinx 88 Stockwell 223 Student Religious Association 78 Student Senate 158 Swimming 158 Tau Beta Pi 84 Technic 68 Tennis 151 Theta Chi 194 Theta Delta Chi 195 Theta Phi Alpha 219 Theta Sigma Phi 117 Theta Xi 196 Track 155 Triangle 197 Triangles 90 Trigon 198 Victory Ball 94 Vulcans 89 W War Activities Board 104 West Quadrangle 230 Wolverines 75 Women ' s Athletic Association 118 Wrestling 146 Wyvern 1 13 Zeta Beta Tau 191 Zeta Phi Eta 116 Zeta Psi 200 Zeta Tau Alpha 220 STUDENT INDEX Abbott, James 355 Abelson, Art 85, 184 Aber, Jesse E 169, 287 Ablin, George 52, 364 Ackenhusen, John 192 Ackerman, Will 155 Acton, Bob 190 Adam, William 198 Adams, Anne ....106, 107, 205 Adams, Bernice 1 248 Ada ms, Charles 181 Adams, Edward B. ...170, 248 Adams, Frederick ....350, 352 Adams, John 248, 307 Adams, Phyllis 215 Adams, Prof 292 Adams, Richard 182 Adams, Thomas 182 Adamwicz, James 317 Ager, William F. ..70, 191, 248 Agnew, Seyburn L 248 Agree, Arnold 62, 94, 184 Ahlbeck, Richard 85, 362 Ahlers, Stanley 198 Ahlstrom, Orin 197 Ahlstrom, Virginia A. .211 ,248 Aho, Ernest E 278 Aigler, Big Ten 86 Aigler, John 158, 194 Aiken, LaVerne 181 Aiken, Max G 314 Albert, Richard 189 Alberti, Larry 181 Albertson, Marianne ..117, 209 Albright, Lyle F 278 Alcorn, Barbara 98, 105, 110, 248 Aldinger, Lee 197, 276, 277, 288 Aldrich, Bob 73, 75 Aldrich, Rosemary E. .210, 248 Aldridge, Charles 353 Aldridge, Jean 362 Aldridge, Lincoln 90, 168 Aid worth, Edward King 180, 248 Alexander, Freeman 89, 96, 170, 276, 278 Alexander, Len 68 Alexander, Stuart 92, 189 Alexander, William 175 Alger, George 269, 355 Alkon, Leonard 186 Allais, Richard 169 Allan, Richard T., Jr 248 Allen, Bob 146 Allen, Bruce 187 Allen, Donald 362 Allen, John G 248 Allen, Kenneth E 181, 248 Allen, Mrs. Lillian Carnegie 76 Allen, R. David 317 Allen, Robert 181 Allen, Robert E 171 Allen, Robert W 169 Aim, Raymond 362 Alt, John 191 Alt, Mary Ellen ..117, 205, 248 Altfeld, Shirley E. .94, 204, 248 Altman, Harry E 178, 278 Altman, Nora 223 Altshuler, Charles 344, 354 Ames, Mary 75, 106, 212 Amsbary, Barbara 106, 214, 248 Amstutz, Ralph ..90, 128, 180 Anderle, Robert 172 Anderson, Allan 92 Anderson, Charles Parker 117, 308 Anderson, Clayton 355 Anderson, Francis 344, 350, 353 Anderson, Franklin C. . .84, 278 Anderson, Frederick ..181, 276 Anderson, Gordon 148, 190 Anderson, Harry F. 87, 181, 248 Anderson, Jeanne 223 Anderson, Lawre nce . .a78, 288 Anderson, Margaret ..100, 210 Anderson, Robert 170 Anderson, Virginia 203 Anderson, Wise Counsel ....86 Andonian, Koorkin J 85 Andreal, Maxine F 314 Andrede, Richard 176 Andrews, Ann 106, 205 Andrews, Gould 344, 352 Andrews, Mary Lou 120 Andrews, William 78 Angel, Alberto 284 Angell, Donald 278 Angle, John 194 Angle, William 194 Anielewski, Ann Helen 117, 248 Ankli, Kenneth 192 Anoff, Phil 199 Antell, Gunnard 344, 353 Anthony, Edward, Jr 169 Antilla, Clarence R. ...278, 289 Anutla, June 223 Appel, Eliz 202 Applegate, Margaret .... 220 Applegate, Vernon C 52 Appleton, Ruth 248 Aptekar, Gerald 314, 316 Arehart, Thelma 209 Arends, Ray 317 Armstrong, Doreen ....120, 207 Armstrong, Joan 290 Armstrong, Theodore 344 Arnall, Patricia 218 Arner, Doris M 213, 248 Arnold, Dudley 278 Arnold, Frederick 200, 329 Arnold, John 173 Arnold, Kathryn G 248 Arnold, Kent 68, 278, 291, 362 Arnold, Lois 113, 204, 248 Arnstein, Suzanne 212 Aronberg, Phyllis 223 Aronoff, Larry 199 Aronson, Phil 85, 184 Aronsson, S. Lawrence 248 Aronstein, Herbert 314, 316 Arthur, Dorothy L 78, 248 Artuso, Dom A 248 Asbury.Ruthann 369 Ashley, Helen 205 Astley, Theodore R 248 Athay, Robert 180, 278 Athens, John 148, 149, 180 Atkin, Shulanith 101 Atkins, Edward 180 Atkinson, Allie Kearney ..344 Atkinson, Lt. A. K 53 Auch, William 191 Auer, Daniel 181 Auerback, Elaine 92 August, Alvin 314, 316 Averill, John 168 Avery, Church 128 Avery, Dick 187 Awrey, Betty J 226, 248 Axelrod, Allan 59 Ayers, Hugh 169, 248 B Babbitt, Lucile 223 Babbitt, Mildred L 248 Babington, John 79 Bach, Norman 355 Bachrach, Kay la 204 Backus, Suzanne H 248 Bacon, Samuel 180 Bacone, Charles 355 Bade, Francis 180 Baer, Elizabeth K 248 Baer, John 278 Baer, Richard A 186, 248 Baessler, Jane 206, 297 Baier, Prof 292 Bailey, Roger 298 Baird, Laura B 248 Baker, Clark 59, 188 Baker, David 186 Baker, Dorothy R 248 Baker, Edwin 198 Baker, Mary 291 Baker, Quentin 170 Baker, Russell L ' ..314 Balch, Hugh 185 Bald, Robert E 287 Baldwin, David 169 Baldwin, William W. ..52, 128 Ball, Gordon 175, 291 Ball, Stan 184 Ball, Susan 202 Ballantyne, Floyd 188 Banbrook, Phyllis 202 Banghart, Norman 355 Banks, Elizabeth 218 Banks, Natalie 215 Banta, Edwin V., Jr. . .248, 355 Banta, James 191 Banting, Mary R 223, 248 Barber, Robert 317 Barber, Virginia H. ...215, 248 Barclay, Coach Bill 128 Barclay, Marian J 249 Barclay, Coach Ray 144 Bard, Glenn 93 Bard, Richard J 85, 362 Barfuss, John 362 Bargmann, James 172 Baris, Philip 177 Barish, Norman 84, 278 Barker, Paul 197 Barksdale, Leigh 190 Barlow, Craig 355 Barnes, Belva 213, 297 Barnes, Ernest 298 Barnes, Helen E 249 Barnes, Lucille 109 Barnes, Lucy 108 Barnes, Robert 230 Barnett, Jeanne 117 Barnett, Norman 362 Baron, Marie 219 Barrar, Richard 109 Barrett, Earl G 176, 364 Barrett, Frank 353 Barrett, Raymond 191 Barss, William 355 Earth, Elaine S. 106, 111, 204, 249 Barthelme, Battle Findu ... 86 Bartell, Lawrence 197 Bartell, Peggy 214 Bartlett, James D 192, 249 Bartlett, Vernell W 249 Bartley, Margaret E 249 Bartlow, Robert 191 Barton, Clark 181 Barton, David 198 Barton, Don 172 Barton, Thomas 355 Barych, Max 87 Baskett, Marion 205 Bassett, Arthur 185 Bassett, Marion 220 Batchelder, Beverly 100 Batchelor, Hazel 92, 9 Batchelor, Marian 92 Batchelor, Pagey 93, 223 Bates, Great Builder 86 Bates, Richard 353 Bathke, Barbara 118, 214 Baft, Margery 204 Baffin, Donald C 278, 289 Batuk, .Claude 169 Baukie, Sally 210 Bauer, Walter 85, 174 Baum, Victor J 85, 92, 189 Baumann, Edward R 287 Baumgarten, Howard S. 52, 58, 88 Baumiller, Wanda M. ..206, 249 Baxter, Harry 182 Baxter, Maurell 193 Bayer, Harold C. ...52, 79, 180 Bazant, Doris 226 Bazley, James R 196 Beadle, Robert 198 Beadle, Sheldon 7! Beale, Henry 353 Bear, Jacqueline 112, 11 Beardsley, Lehman 167 Beath, Douglas 167 Beatty, Bob 187 Beatty, Dave 190 Beatty, Ralph 353 Beauchamp, John S. 198, 249, 278 Beck, Clara 213 Beck, William 70 Becker, Alfred 188, 362 Becker, Frederick 171 Becker, James 171 Becker, John 167 Becker, Virginia ...79, 106, 219 Beckett, Dick 190 Beebe, Diana 215 Beebe, Olive B 215, 249 Beekman, Myron 190, 278 Beeman, Myron 278 Beeman, Robert 278 Beers, Robert 182 Beesley , James 352 Begle, Robert G 180, 249 Behler, Jack 291 Behrens, Bill 184 Bek, Alvin 169, 287 Bek, Richard 183 Belknap, John 188, 362 Bell, Carlos 197 Bell, Dr. Margaret 119 Bell, F. Cortez 188 Bell, Robert 180 Bellew, Robert 288 Bellis, Warren 362 Belshaw, Anne 249 Beltz, Fred 197 Belyea, Ross 192 399 Bement, Carl 278 Bemis, Muriel B 249 Ben, K. E 84 Bender, Frank 78 Bender, Margot 220 Benjamin, John 188 Benke, Vivian 101 Bennett, Dean 296 Bennett, Elayne M 249 Bennett, Ned 187 Bennett, Robert 170 Bennett, Ruth E 249 Bennett, Wells 298 Bennett, William S 173, 249 Benson, Clifford 192 Bentley, Barbara L 249 Benton, Herbert 181 Bercaw, Nancy 203 Bereeford, George 192 Berg, Everett 194 Berg, Roger 194 Berge, Ruth 114 Berger, Frances 372 Berger, Mary Ann 212 Beribeau, Charles 317 Berke, Kenneth 186 Berlin, Roger 276, 278 Berman, Carol 117, 249 Berman, Herbert ...84, 278, 290 Berman, Luaine 204 Berns, Julius 194 Berns, William 58 Bernhardt, Norman W. ..85, 92 Bernstein, Martin 362, 365 Bernstein, Reinhard 278 Bernstein, Stephanie 249 Bernsten, Thelma 204, 249 Berris, Henry 316 Berris, Richard 314 Berry, Barbara 211 Bertiglio, James 344 Berudt, Bertha 372 Betz, Eldean 344, 350 Betzhold, Fred 190, 276, 277, 278 Beuhler, Ralph 52, 167 Beyer, Herbert 73, 181 Bickel, John H 52, 297 Bidlack, Verne 362, 365 Bieglow, Merritt 192 Bielauskas, William 193 Bieneman, Richard A. 64, 65, 90, 190 Bierworth, Nancy 209 Bikoff, Morris 88, 145 316 Bill, Dorothy 215 Bingham, Barbara 225 Bingham, J. G 84 Birckhead, Robert ... , 290 Bird, Lillian 92 Birk, Wilbur R 249, 355 Bisbee, Lee 171 Bisdee, Jean 109 Bishop, R. Soencer 238 Bishop, Ronald 353 Bishop, Virginia 218 Bittinger, Ralph ..344, 350, 352 Bjork, J. R 182 Black, Ted 179 Blackford, Clare 65, 216 Blackman, Bernice 101 Blair, Alan 179 Blair, James 297, 298 Blake, Westly 278, 288 Blakeman, Dr 70 Blanchard, Bruce 164 Blanchard, James 180 Blanchard, Mary 210 Blanchard, Mary Jane 217 Blandy, Romaine 278 Blane, Jack 290 Bleasby, George A 249 Bliska, Thomas 175 Bliss, William 52 Block, Henry W 199, 249 Blodgett, Robert 180 Blodgett, Ruth 207 Bloetscher, Frederick 290 Blois, Robert W 85 Blomquist, Jean 203 Bloom, Ruth E 204, 249 Bloomfield, Dick 184 Bluestein, Irma 100 Blum, Babette 93 Blumenthal, Peter J 47, 52 Blumberg, Adele 223 Boardman, Robert 232 Bocco, {Catherine 202 Bode, Lenore 101, 118, 214 Bogedain, William 249 Bogen, Robert G 197-249 Boggs, Harold 175 Bonn, Raymond 168, 364 Boice, Willis 172 Boim, Irving 88, 152 Bollier, Roger 292 Bolliger, Gene 200 Bolthouse, Robert 353 Bonazzi, Britta H 209, 249 Bongost, Edgar 84, 278, 288 Bonisteel, Nancy 212 Boor, Donald 88, 128, 152, 154, 192 Booth, Carol J 249 Booth, Charles 182 Boothby, Bryce 171 Bordeu, Robert 341, 355 Borenz, Harold 353 Borges, Joseph K 250 Borin, Marian 101 Borman, Marvin 56, 88, 199 Born, Madalyn 218 Borrman, Donald A 52 Bostian, E. LeRoy 178 Bostwick, Frances 114 Both-well, John 191 Bott, Alan 291 Bott, Betty 224 Bouchard, Beatrice ...106, 210 Boucher, Roy 73, 75, 85, 230 Boult, James H 178 Bourquin, R. Warren 198 Bowden, William 355 Bowen, Marjorie D. 97, 215, 250 Bowen, William 167 Bower, James 172 Bowerfind, Edgar 182 Bowman, Brice 84, 180, 276, 278 Bowman, Margaret E. .206, 250 Boyd, John 355 Boyd, Sandilands G 250 Boyd, Worthy T 84, 288 Boyer, Harriet 218 Boynton, Richard 155, 176, 364 Brackman, Peter 353 Bracker, Harvey 92 Bracket!, John J. II 250, 198 Bracket!, Prof. R. D 69 Bradley, Curt 172 Bradley, Eileen 223, 79 Bradley, Roy 148, 84, 276, 89, 278 Bradshaw, Conrad A 250 Bradshaw, Mary Helen .... 209 Brady, John 278 Braeuer, Thomas 362 Braga, Norma 92 Bragg, Professor 292 Braithwaite, Charles 289 Brand, Ruth 205 Brandau, Roland 278 Brandenstein, Zone 168 Brandt, Alan 79 Brandt, Bud 72, 184 Brashler, Richard 181 Bratman, Audrey C. ...101, 250 Braun, Marilyn 216 Brawer, Sidney 70, 189 Braznell, Charles 172 Brehm, Edward 172 Bremer, John 278 Brenkert, K 69, 169 Brennan, Catherine ....250, 211 Brent, Kelly 180 Bress, Dellason 278 Brewer, Bob 151 Briddon, Dorothy F 78, 250 Brieske, James, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 128, 132, 133, 193 Brigham, Robert L. ..51, 52, 47 Brill, Thomas 342 Brimmer, Clarence 59, 191 Brodie, Fern H 250 Brodie, Robert 198 Broggini, Lloyd 196 Bronnell, Carl 291 Bronson, Jayne 207 Bronstein, Faye 101 Brooks, George 72, 344, 353 Brooks, James 122 Brooks, William ..188, 191, 278 Brooks, William 288 Brosins, Irene 212 Broughton, Bryce 364, 166 Browarsky, Henrietta 204 Brown, Agnes 204 Brown, Anna 202 Brown, Bernard 199 Brown, Betsy 299, 207 Brown, Betty Alice 116, 250 Brown, Bonalyn 220 Brown, Bud 82 Brown, Carroll S 166, 287 Brown, Clarence 363, 362 Brown, Eleanor 215 Brown, G. Elaine 92, 250 Brown, J. Eugene 278 Brown, Jack 292 Brown, James 364, 317 Brown, Jerry 1 74 Brown, Joel 290 Brown, John W 164, 250 Brown, Judson G 90, 288 Brown, Leland 198 Brown, Loren 190 Brown, Margaret E. 250, 211, 216, 111, 98 Brown, Martin 199 Brown, Mary E 106 Brown, Max 180 Brown, Mel 199 Brown, Merle 362 Brown, Norm 184 Brown, Robert C 198 Brown, Robert G. W 52 Brown, Robert R 175 Brown, Stratton 167 Brown, Walter 182 Brown, Ward 191 Brown, William E. Ill 250, 92, 317, 167 Browning, Martin R. 52, 307, 250 Brownrigg, Mary 113, 104 Brugaletta, Gloria . . 250, 205, 92 Bruggers, Laurence 355 Bruley, Robert 278 Brundrett, George A 52 Bruni, Samuel Nino 183 Bruno, Rosalie 226 Bruns, Richard 276, 167 Brussell, Eugene 186 Bryan, Fred J 166, 128, 84 Bryant, Nathan, Jr. 250, 79, 173 Bryant, Stephen 173 Bucci, Ida 78, 79 Buchanan, Doris 202 Buchanan, Hugh 307 Buchanan, Thomas 166 Buck, Richard 362 Buckey, William 170 Buckholz, Albert 314, 317 Buckholz, Dorothy E 314 Buckley, Nancy 225 Bueche, Arthur M 250 Buell, Robert 92, 170 Buesser, Elizabeth L. ...214, 250 Bugielski, William 290 Buist, Jeannette 250 Bukowski, Leona H 93, 250 Bull, Stratton 181 Bullard, Milledge 170 Bulmer, Mai 200 Bulthuis, Jerry 344 Bunnell, Elizabeth 212 Burchill, Phillip 169 Burck, Richard C 52, 169 Burden, Jean 207 Burdick, Dean 79 Burdick, Lawrence 173 Burg, Burton 199 Burgess, Warren 82, 84, 90, 197, 277 Burke, Bill 190 Burke, Dorothy 214 Burke, Mary 101 Burklund, Prof. Carl E 56 Burnett, John 350, 355 Burnett, Les 200 Burnham, John 197 Burott, James 171 Burrell, Robert 174, 278 Bursley, Joseph A. ..56, 72, 240 Bursley, Margery K. 101, 106, 210, 250 Burstein, Robert H 199, 250 Burton, Douglas 170 Burton, Irving 344, 354 Burton, James R 85 Burton, John R 77 Burton, William D 172, 250 Bury, Walter 307, 308 Busard, John 344 Busard, Max 353 Busch, Donald 189 Bush, William 182 Bussey, Floyd 190 Buszek, Casmira 208, 372 Butman, Catherine 202, 291 Butters, Robert 175 Byer, Alice 250 Byerly, James A. Jr. 155, 157, 173, 250 Byers, Constance J 117, 250 Cabot, Joseph 316 Cady, Don 190 Cady, Frederick 181 Cage, Robert 182 Cain, William S 52, 152 Calcott, Walter 317 Caldwell, Bill 187 Caldwell, Jean 215, 218, 251 Caleb, John 169 Call, Catherine M 109, 251 Callahan, Dorothy 408 Callens, George V 251 Cameron, Bernadine 202 Cameron, George D. ...277, 278 Campbell, Charles 171 Campbell, Colin 187 Campbell, Elizabeth 113 Campbell, F. Douglas 251 Campbell, Friendly World . . 86 Campbell, Jean 216 Campbell, John 372 Campbell, Margaret 206 Campbell, Melvin 279 Campbell, Robert 353 Canfield, Charles 178, 279 Canja, Alex 88, 158, 159 Cannon, Charles ...52, 190, 288 Cannon, Margaret 216 Canvasser, Marvin 84, 279, 290 Caplan, Irving 177 Capps, E. Frances 111, 218, 251 Capron, Virginia I. 98, 101, 105, 110, 222, 251 Carey, Bruce D 171 Cargil, Don A 173, 279 Carlisle, Margaret 214 Carlson, Clarence G. ...307, 308 Carlson, Jack 194 Carlson, Leroy 352 Carlson, Linus 52, 288 Carlson, Marion 1 202, 251 Carmichael, Bruce 290 Carmichael, James W. ..52, 279 Games, John 362 Carney, John 343, 355 Carney, Julia 92, 216 Carney, Katherine 216 Carney, Mike 187 Carpenter, Elizabeth 216 Carpenter, Jean 175 Carpenter, Jerry 172 Carpenter, Manson 182 Carr, Robert A., Jr 183 Carretti, Lee 299 Carritte, Barbara 214 Carritte, Nita 214 Carroll, Margaret 293 Carter, Dagmar 115 Cartmill, Bill 152, 153 Carvallo, Sergio 287 Caryl, Ruth 214 Case, Ave 114 Case, Clorise 215 Case, Edson 195 Cassidy, Capt. R. E 53 Castricum, Dorothy 101 Castricum, Julia 216 Caswell, Arlene 214 Catlin, Robert 175 Cattell, Lee 344 Cattle, Walter 52, 175 Caughey, Andrew F., Jr. ...251 Caugher, Reed, Jr 169 Cavan, Robert 170 Gavins, Marjorie M 229 Cayia, Jane 209 Cecil, Carol 213 Ceithaml, George F., 128, 129, 130, 132, 135, 136, 140, 192, 251 Chadwick, Barbara 214 Chady, Otto 128 Chamberlain, Bud 152, 153, 154 Chamberlain, Mary 112 Chamberlin, Dorothy M. 116, 251 Chamberlin, Inez 78, 314 Chambers, Richard H 85 Chance, Robert 192 Chanter, Doug 187 Chapekis, Nick P 308 Chapin, Marian 120 Chapman, Eleanor 92 Chapman, Herbert 166 Chapman, Samuel 362 Chappius, Robert, 128, 132, 134, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 180 Charnley Morton, Jr 194 Chase, Edward G., Jr. 182, 251 Chase, Seymour 79, 184 Chase, William D 175, 251 Chay, Duke 341 Chen, Raymond D. F 308 Chertoff, Garry 184 Chickering, William 172 Childs, Frederick 181 Chipman, Albert 52, 79, 188 Choate, Anna 362 Chope, William 180 Choy, Elsie W. Y 251 Christa, Mildred 96, 100, 106, 206 Christenson, Robert W. 87, 152, 154, 171, 251 Christian, Ahea 362 Christian, Jean 207 Christy, Dare 187 Chur, Max 180 Church, Mert 158 Church, William 171 Churchill, Betty 203 Churchill, James 166 Chute, Margaret 216 Chute, Robert 187 Cinq-Mars, Violet 106, 209 Citrin, Lester 1 251 Claassen, Kathryn 21 damage, Stanford A 251 Clare, Jeanne 215 Clark, Bethine 116 Clark, Charles 347, 353 Clark, larrett 279 Clark, J. Ross 84, 166 Clark, Patricia 212 Clark, Ruth E 110, 251 Clark, Richard 182, 290 Clark, William 166 Clarke, Helen 119, 215, 321 Clarke, Janet 214 Clover, Randall 353 Clement, Joan 211 Clement, Paul 197 Clevenger, Shirley 1 251 Climie, Charles 355 Clipper!, John 73, 85, 180 Clover, Roberta R 251 Clubb, Gertrude 106, 202 Coale, William 180 Coate, Mary 362 Cobb, Ralph D 85 Cobb, William 193 Cobble, Miland 70, 180 Cochran, William 193 Cody, Don 128 Coe, Jack 187 Coffey, Prof. Hobart R 56 Coffield, Thomas D 187, 90 Cohen, Albert M. 67, 79, 189, 308 Cohen, Allan 189 Cohen, Avern 189 Cohen, Gerald 186 Cohen, Henry 186 Cohen, Louis A 52, 189, 308 Cohen, Morton H. 47, 52, 184, 251 Cohen, Rhoda 106, 251 Cohen, Robert 199 Cohen, Samuel 316 Cohn, Harold 177 Cohn, Julian 279 Cohn, Morton 186 Cohn, Russell 186 Colt, John 180 Colb, Col. Lawrence L 76 Colby, S. J 75 Cole, Richard L. 47, 52, 58, 88, 199, 279 Cole, Robert 181 Coleman, Doris Jean 215 Coleman, Harold B. 52, 70, 93, 191 Coleman, Thelma J. ...101, 251 Coleman, Thomas F 279 Collette, William 291 Collins, , Cyril 317 Collins, George 190, 193 Collins, James 52, 188, 251, 344, 355 Collins, Joyce 213 Collins, Margaret E 251 Collins, Robert 174 Collins, William 355 Colony, David 168 Coltri, Val 287 Colvin, Thomas 170 Comb, Maitland 180 Combe, Richard Body 169 Comin, Melvin 87, 144, 145, 177 Commora, Lawrence 1 98 Conant, James R 251 Cone, Suzanne E. Ill, 118, 202, 251 Couper, Mrs. Lucile Baily . . 76 Conklin, Thomas 173 Conn, William 169 Connable. Alfred B., Jr 238 Connell, James 192 Connor, James 279, 287 Conover, Charlotte E. ..212, 251 Conover, Gertrude 299 Conway, Jean 108, 110 Conzelman, Ruth 93 Cook, Ann 218 Cook, Barton .193, 276, 279, 292 Cook, Charles 193 Cook, Franklin M 238 Cook, Hugh 355 Cook, J. Maxwell 355 Cooky, Friendly Chief 86 Coons, John D 251 Cooper, Ellen 208 Cooper, Gwendolyn 112 Cooper, Hal 79, 184 Cooper, Harriet 204 Cooper, Hugh, Jr 198 Cooper, Richard 199 Cope, William 197 Coquillard, James 168 Corcoran, Vincent 187 Cordell, Jeane F. 113, 160, 251 Cordes, K 84 Corlett, A. Southard ...181, 329 Corley, Robert 353 Cornelius, James 169 Corson, Bruce 52, 181, 279 Cort, Jack 75 Corwin, Sarah A 251 Cory, Ace 158, 159, 190 Cosgrove, Gerald 352 Cosgrove, Patricia 218 Cossar, Griffith 317 Coston, Dean 362 Cote, Louis J 251 Cothran, Carol 112, 113, 202 Courtright, Coach Raymond O. 146, 150 Courtright, Bill 150, 190 Coulson, Milton 170 Coulter, Patricia 119, 120, 209, 224 Coulter, Sam 52, 179 Coulter, Thomas E. ...70, 73, 85 Coulter, William 93, 179 Coulton, Richard H 52 Couter, William 344, 352 Coveney, Buck 172 Covert, Elmer 175, 276, 292 Covert, Marjorie 112, 203 Coward, Francis 192 Cox, Bill 187 Cox, Jean 106, 215 Cox, Joseph 107 Cox, Vietta M 251 Crabb, John H 82, 174, 251 Craig, Art B 77 Craig, John 193 Crall, Virginia 215 Crandell, Marjorie 92 Cranmer, Lewis 352 Cranston, William 171, 279, 288 Crawford, Burnett 72, 75, 88, 180 Crawford, Dean Ivan C. ...274 Crawford, Marv 205 Crawford, Phyllis 112, 114, 216 Crebbin, Janet L 251 Creed, Donald 279 Crepean, George 298 Cress, Harriet 210 Crippen, Kenneth 192 Crisler, Herbert O., Athletic Director, 126, 128, 129, 136, 137, 142, 161 Crispel, Kenneth 244, 353 Crocoll, James F 279 Crohn, David ...47, 52, 92, 251 Crombie, John 179 Grossman, Stuart 279 Croul, John 173 Crow, John 192 Crowe, James A. O. ..176, 251 Crowley, David H 239 Crowley, Margaret H 252 Crumine, Herbert 279 400 Crump, Nan 207 Culbertson, Albert 170 Culligan, William 180 Cummings, Dorothy M. 105, 106, 211, 252 Cunliffe, Frederick 362 Cunningham, James 197 Curran, Mary Lou 61, 111, 211, 252 Currie, Roy T 252 Curtis, George 167 Curtis, Louise 92 Curtis, Marion 203 Curto, Donald 191 Curto, Frank T 182, 252 Dahlstrom, Patricia J 252 Dailey, Dwight 362,365 Dalby, Miriam 104, 109, 223 Dalm, Jacob 173 Dalrymple, Thomas L. 47, 52, 252 Dalton, Buck 64, 65, 180 Dalzen, Lorraine M. 106, 111, 220, 252 Damon, Betty L 223, 252 Damon, Elizabeth B 252 Dana, Dean Samuel T 328 Dance, William ...88, 148, 187 Danekind, Warren 279, 288 Danford, Beruarda 115 Dangl, J. R 84 Daniels, James K 87, 308 Daniels, Ludwik 171 Daniels, Ruth F. ..101, 108, 229 Dann, Mike 58, 59, 87, 252 D ' Arcy, Richard E 307, 308 Darden, Arthur 187, 279 Darmstaetter, Armin A. 344, 350, 352 Daryow, Russell 317 Dascal, Alan 199 Daskal, Allen 97 Dates, Murray 179 Datsko, Joseph 279 Daughtery, Burton 169 Davantzis, James 183 Davey, Robert 73, 180 Davey, William 185 Davidson, Cheryl 252 Davidson, James ..194, 344, 353 Davidson, Margaret . . . 206, 299 Davidson, William 199 Davis, Elizabeth 213 Davis, G. Douglas 279 Davis, James 180 Davis, Jane E 252 Davis, Mary Anne 252 Davis, May Belle 206 Davis, Richard 199 Davis.Robert 173 Davis, Robert G 252 Downey, William 174 Dawson, Beaver Tooth 86 Dawson, Nathan 174 Day, Agnes 207 Day, Arthur G 252 Deackoff, Leon 362 Deacon, Rosamond 225 Dean, John A 252 Dean, Raymond 290 Dean, Ruth C 252 Deasy, Ruth 115 De Blois, R. W 252 DeBoer, John 93, 290 DeByle, Woodrow 279, 289 Decker, Mary E 220, 252 Decker, William 173 DeCourcy, Wm 94, 188, 279 Dee, Chester 183 DeFoe, Nancy F. ..92, 211, 252 DeFries, Barbara 61, 89, 105, 211, 252 DeGesero, Roy 52 Dehlin, Alice 215 Deibel, Gilbert 252 Dejong, Peter G 289 DeLamarter, Alger 317 DeLand, Warren 197 DeLong, Robert ... ' 353 delSiena, Dorothy 215 del Valle, Manuel 170 De Martin, Roland 317 De Meritt, Edward 75, 176 De Meritt, Keith 362 Dempsey, Walter W 279 Den Herder, Joyce 206 Denison, Mary-Jane 252 Denn, Paul 67 Denney, Corwin D 191, 279 Denny, Maurice Roy 166 Densmore, Prof. G. E 56 Denton, E. Jean ...101, 206, 252 DePriester, Coral ..52, 279, 288 DePuy, James 355 Derleth, Bob 128, 148, 149 DeRoo, Marjorie 207, 252 DeRoven, Marvin 316 Desel, Robert 292 Desiderio, Anthony 362 Deutscher, Sylvia 362 DeVries, Peter J 341 DeWeese, Claire M 252 DeWitt, David 198 Dibble, Jane 293 Dick, Dorothy Mae 92, 252 Dick, Richard 197 Dickerman, Robert 173 Dickinson, David 355 Dietrich, Shelby 118, 216 Dillenbeck, Patricia 202 DiMaggio, Samuel S 52 Dimasi, Louis 51, 52 Dimmitt, Robert 175 Dingier, Betty L 252 Dinsmore, Hugh 194 Dixon, Ann 92, 100, 106, 208, 252 Dlxon, John 173 Dixon, Ramon 59, 171 Doakes, Joe 128 Dobbie, Bob 73 Dodd, Robert 168 Dodd, Virginia 92, 208 Dodge, Harrison 362 Dodge, W. Smith 317 Doehner, Herman 279 Doelle, William 232 Doeringsfeld, Walter W 252 Doezema, Edward R 347 Doherty, Ken, Coach 155 Dolbee, Malcolm 344 Dolese, David 344 Dolf, Barbara A 204, 314 Donahey, Chuck 155 Donald, Judsen 288 Donaldson, Barbara 93 Donaldson, Mary Lib ..120, 216 Dondero, Bob 230 Donen, Gloria E 204, 252 Dongvillo, Henry L. 52, 192, 252, 364 Donkin, Alan 276, 280, 292 Donnan, Judith 223, 252 Donoven, James 172 Doris, Joan C 252 Dornblaser, Fred D 52 Dorrance, William 192 Dotterrer, Charles 73, 90, 94, 181 Douglas, Benjamin H. 64, 181, 308 Douglas, No Nose 86 Downey, William 232, 292 Doyle, Dewey 176 Doyle, Francis 232 Doyle, Gale 216 Doyle, Leo 144 Doyle, Patricia 106, 209 Doyle, Virginia 209 Drake, Hubart 280 Drake, Jerry 353 Drake, Pauline 216 Draper, Elizabeth A 252 Dreese, Sally 213 Dreher, Richard 174 Droman, Charles 192 Drury, Richard R 198 Drutowski, Richard 84, 289 Dubuisson, Dorothy ... 1 12, 203 Ducker, Willion H 85, 187 Duff, John 47, 51, 52, 276, 280, 289 Duff, Robert T 253 Duffy, Long Trail 86 Duggan, Cicely A. 92, 215, 253 Dukes, Randolph 193 Dunfee, Gordon 192 Dunleny, George Jr 197 Dull, Robert 197 Dumas, Gordon A 355 Dumon, John E 314 Dunbar, James 280, 288 Dunlop, Richard ...93, 181, 191 Dunn, Paul 172 DuPuis, Joan 203 Duvall, Betty Lou 216 Duwe, Betty 92, 202 Dwight, Wendell 317 Dyble, Mary Jane 207 Dykstra, Herman 84, 280 Dytko, Edward R 47, 52, 84 Dzikowicz, Frances M 253 Eady, Eugenia 210 Eagle, Donelda P. 101, 106, 215, 253 Earle, Eleanor F 253 Easterly, Robert 344 Eastman, Albert 166 Eberle, Melvina 215 Eckert, Donah 100, 106, 212, 299 Eckert, Josephine P 253 Eckrich, Don 187 Edberg, Ruth 109, 226 Edburg, James 290 Eddy, Barbara 65, 214 Eddy, Howard 355 Edelberg, John R 253, 280 Edelhertz, Herbert 253 Edelson, Louise 92 Eder, Herbert J 314, 316 Edgar, David 178 Edgar, Marian M 92, 253 Edison, Robert 180 Edmonson, Dean 320 Edmunds, James M. 47, 52, 84, 89, 276, 280 Edmunds, Robert 74, 288 Edwards, Charles 169 Edwards, David 344, 355 Edwards, Eleanor 205 Edwards, Ellen 115 Edwards, Joe 187 Eggert, Fred C 52 Eggertsen, Claude 320 Egan, James 171 Egan, Joseph 185 Ehlers, John 182 Ehrlick, Robert W. 47, 51, 52, 84, 188, 280, 289 Ehrnst, Harry 280 Eibler, Mary Ann 224 Eich, Robert 181 Einbinder, Irvin 158, 160 Elbing, Henry 317 Eley, John F 52, 169 Elkins, Marcia 211 Ellinwood, Richard 75 Elliot, Dellwyn 362 Elliott, Eugene B 239 Elliott, Joseph 353 Elliott, Lyle 344 Elliott, Martha 202 Ellis, Frank R 347 Elser, Ernestine 109, 226 Elser, Obeline 109 Elukin, Edward 186 Ely, Harold M 253 Emery, Jack 187 Emery, Margaret 112 Emery, Richard 82, 192 Emmett, Carol 207 Emmett, John 180 Emmons, Prof. W. J 287 Emmons, Samuel 181 Emory, William 85, 192, 194, 362 Engel, Albert 185 Engel, Carl 168 Engel, David H 52 Engel, W. Keith 253 Engelhardt, LeRoy 178 Engelhardt, Mel 62 Engell, E. Louise 253 Engelman, Raymond M. 347, 355 Engl, Donald B 52, 90, 190 Engle, LaMont 329 Engstrom, Albert 1 178 Engstrom, Donald 51 Engstrom, Duane 52 Ennis, Arthur 193 Ensign, Joe 190 Epstein, Donald 199 Erbland, Robert M 198 Erickson, Paul N 280, 287 Erickson, Robert W. ..174, 253 Erlewine, John A 52, 59 Ernst, Robert 171 Erpelding, John W. 151, 168, 253 Ervin, Betty 219 Eschbach, Robert 194 Essery, Bill 200 Estes, Polly 202 Estroff, Selig 97, 186 Ettenheim, Margery 96 Evans, Dave 200 Evans, Gilbert 158, 159, 187 Evans, H. Walter 253 Evans, James 190 Evans, Lonna 114 Evans, Margaret ..113, 211, 253 Evans, Mary 92 Evarts, Anne G 205, 253 Everett, Henry C 347 Evseef , George 344 Eyster, James P 198 Eyster, Richard D 198, 308 Fahrner, Jacob 253, 166 Fairbanks, A 84 Fairman, Barbara 225 Falk, Mortimer S 347 Farago, Peter J 253 Farah, Anthos M 253 Farmer, Alexa N 253 Farr, Bob 187 Farrant, Jane 207 Farrar, Diggins 213 Faslibaugh, Neil 169 Fassen, Gloria 112, 205 Faureau, Alphone Fauver, John, 82, 276, 74, 52, 86, 280, 182 Faxon, Nancy 114, 112 Fead, E. Nell 207, 253 Fead, William 171 Fearnley, Patricia 212 Feather, Orvil 169 Fechtner, Jerome L 314 Fee, Joseph 173 Feferman, Marty, 65, 88, 199, 64 Fegert, George 198, 280, 292 Feigelson, Howard 177 Feigenbaum, Rosa M 253 Feigenson, Fred 187 Feinberg, Robert 85, 186 Feldman, Grace R 253 Feldman, Jack 316 Feldman, Oscar H. ..47, 52, 253 Feldman, Robert S 253 Feldrappe, Eleanor H. 206, 253 Feltenstein, Betty 204 Fenner, John 182 Fenwick, Jeanne 228 Fergason, Georgian ....96, 224 Ferguson, Douglas 190 Ferguson 4 Edward 194 Ferguson, Millard 329 Fern, Charlotte 218 Fickenger, William 192 Fiedler, Jack 183 Field, Robert 290 Field, Sedgivick 185, 362 Field, Shirley 104, 113, 253 Fielder, Chuck 200 Fife, Bob 150, 182, 277, 280 Filstru p, Nancy, 98, 105, 116, 118, 119, 181, 210 Finch, G. Kirkwood 75 Finlay son, John 364 Fiorelle, Joseph 372 Firehammer, Waldemar 362, 365 Firth, Dean 181 Fischer, Ralph 280 Fischer, Vivian 204 Fischler, George S 308 Fish, Robert G 341, 352 Fishel, Harriet 209 Fisher, Campbell 280 Fisher, Herbert 362 Fisher, Mark 291 Fisher, Philip 280, 198 Fisher, Coach Ray 152 Fisher, Robert 78 Fisher, Russ 172 Fisher, Warren 195 Fishman, Mickey 87, 152, 153, 154 Fisk, Alberta 214 Fiske, Charles D., Jr. ..172, 191 Fitch, John 78 Fitch, William 362, 365 Fitzpatrick, Josephine 104, 113, 213 Flagler, John 197 Fleischer, Stephen 85 Fletcher, Catherine 92, 116, 254 Fletcher, Janice 208 Flickinger, Harry 178 Flink, Robert 280, 362, 365 Flook, Tyman R 287 Flott, Robert F 197, 254 Fogel, Chester 177 Foley, Phillip 181, 287 Foley, Robert 178 Follin, Betsy 109 Folio, Marshall 344 Foltz, Eldon 347, 353 Forbush, Louise 210 Ford, Marion 57, 118, 206 Ford, Richard C., 52, 79, 73, 88, 170, 175, 254 Ford, Robert 195 Fors, Jack 181 Forsyth, Arthur 317 Forsyth, Carol 209 Foster, Charles 52, 171 Foster, George P 190, 254 Fowle, Carolyn 254, 291 Fowle, Douglas 200 Fowler, Nathaniel E 254 Fowler, Phyllis 218 Fox, Leonard 354 Frank, Alfred 362 Frank, Betsey 214 Frank, Edward 254 Frank, Harold 92, 254 Frank, Harvey 59 Frank, Margaret 205 Frank, Rosalie 204 Frankenberry, Anne M 351 Franklin, Myer 186 Franks, Julius, 88, 128, 130, 133, 135, 136, 137 Frantz, Joan 210 Frantz, Kenneth 73, 190 Frantz, Peter 167 Franzcek, Henry 168 Eraser, Frank 191 Frayer, William 355 Frayser, Lois 344, 351 Frazier, John H., Jr 92, 254 Fredrickson, James 195, 364 Freeman, Tracy 75, 79 Freeman, Wi lliam 192 Frehse, Beth M 22, 254 Freihofer, Walter 128, 167 Freimiller, Louis R 85 Fretz, Alice 60 Freudberg, Grace 204 Frey, Donald N 52 Frey, Martha 211 Frey, Reuben 52 Frick, Robert 169, 191 Fried, Eugene 362 Fried, Reuben 177, 372 Frieder, Herma 254 Friedgood, Charles E 347 Friedman, Aaron 232, 280 Friedman, Dr. H. Willis 354 Friemiller, Louis 183 Fries, Charles 183 Frissell, Donald M 190, 254 Frogner, James 1 90 Froikin, Lewis 52, 75, 184, 290 Fromm, Lois 218 Frye, Marchets 228 Fryt, Marion S 183, 254 Fuleihan, Nove 290 Fuller, Lynden L 117, 254 Fuller, Professor Richard C. 72 Fulsher, Howard D 52 Furs, Richard 178 Furstenberg, Dean Albert C. 340 Gabriel, Tufe F 254 Gagneir, Antoinette H 314 Gairns, Lila J 347, 351 Galansky, Bernice 204 Galbraith, John 172 Gallagher, Frederick 181 Galles, James 353 Gallup, Janet 115 Galrin, Don 190 Gambs, Gilman E., 52, 87, 148, 161, 174, 254 Gamon, Tom 151 Gann, Paul 185 Gannett, James 291 Ganoe, Col. Wm. A 46 Cans, William 167 Gardiner, Alfred 555 Gardiner, Daniel 181 Gardiner, Phy liss 209 Gardner, David 73, 182 Gardner, John 182, 277 Gardner, Margaret L. 112, 211, 254 Gardner, Marian 299 Gardner, Robert 188 Garlinghouse, Jack 353 Garrels, Helen 119, 210 Garrett, Richard 174 Garrity, Kathleen 224 Carver, Reed 52, 93, 187 Gasco, Jean 118 Gaskell, Jean 101, 209 Gately, James 191 Gates, Ned B 187, 254 Cattle, Thomas 181 Gaulkner, Bob 200 Gault, David 192 Gault, John C 85, 170 Gauss, Betty M 254 Gauthier, Richard . .52, 169, 280 Gavin, Lettie 92 Gay, Robert W 198 Gebhard, Marilyn 101, 106, 218, 254 Gehlert, Patricia 218 Gehrvn, John 329 Geib, Art 73, 84, 90 Geist, Robert 192 Geniesse, Eugene 198, 280 Gentile, Anthony 290 Gentile, Sylvester 280 Gentry, Walter W 52, 124 Genuit, Lucille 100 Genung, Joan 202, 254 George, Cecil 280 George, Genevieve 220 Gerendasy, Robert 316 Gerlach, Lorenz 344, 353 Gerlach, William 197 Germain, W. Preston 254 Germanson, James C. ...85, 178 Gerrard, Stuart A 52 Gerson, Ramon J 186, 254 Gerson, Sheldon 184 Geryk, Joseph 169 Getty, William 353 Getyoff, Mildred S 101, 254 Gibbons, Margaret 219 Gibert, Ralph 90, 144 Giblin, James 172 Gibson, Arthur 280, 287 Gibson, Robert W. ..47, 52, 254 Giddings, Carl R 52 Giefel, Marjorie 119, 206 Gier, Thurman E 85 Gies, Raymona 317 Giffels, Robert 168 Gilardy, Howerth 180 Gilbert, Agnes 113, 254 Gilbertson, Constance 101. 108, 110, 223, 362 Gilbertson, Helen L 255 Gilbreth, Jane 210 Gildart, Stu 62, 87 Giles, Betty 225 Gilford, Lawrence E 52, 186 Gill, Jean 100 Gill, Kenneth F 255 Gilleo, Anita 93, 222 Gilleo, M. Alien 289 Gillespie, E 351 Gillett, Richard 180 Gilliard, Dale 280 Gillis, James 230, 364 Gillis, Patricia 211, 255 Gilman, Ivan H 52 Gilmer, Jean 100, 106, 111, 207, 255 Gilmore, Harry F 52 Gilson, C. Mark 317 Gingras, Louis ....188, 255. 364 Ginsberg, Fred 58, 186, 255 Ginsberg, Stanley L. ...85, 186 Ginsburg, Roland 186 Ginther, John 255, 362 Gipson, Fred 87, 161, 255 Girvin, Willard S 171 Gittins, Robert 192 Giourp, Jean 317 Glabe, David 290 Glas, Wayne W. ...87, 155, 255 Glaser, Ruth 255 Glasner, Elaine 112, 213 Glass. Beatrice V. 101, 108, 109, 110, 226, 255 Glass, Elaine 255 Glasser, Raymard H. ...52, 192 Glauz, Ray L., Jr 85, 288 Glazoe, Keith 290 Glennan, Francis 209 Click, James 186 Click, Malcolm J 255 Glickman, Sylvia 255 Glickstern, Robert 199, 362 Glutsch, Therese 203, 362 Godfrey, Charles 167 Godman, Richard 329 Godshalk, Harriet 220 Goeckel, Ernest 174, 280 401 Goldberg, Adrian 329 Goldberg, Frances B. ..225, 255 Goldberg, Robert 1 255 Golden, Robert 276 Goldman, Donna C 255 Goldman, Jerome 177 Goldman, Lawrence ...177, 280 Goldman, Martin 199 Goldstein, Dorothy M 255 Goldstone, Bernard 66, 85, 189 Goldstrom, Herbert W 255 Goldwyn, Adrienne 204 Gomberg, Eugene L 85 Goodale, Mrs. Gennette Armstrong 76 Goodin, Peggy 209 Gooding, Marianne ....114, 214 Goodrich, Frank 169 Goodsell, C. E 84 Goodsell, John A. Ill ...85, 171 Goodwin, Roger 281, 287 Goodell, Charles 289 Goolian, Paul 79 Gordenker, Leon 57 Gordinier, Leonard 169 Gordon, John 169 Gordon, Marie 204 Gordon, Suzanne 223, 297, 299 Gordon, William 188 Gardy, Philip D 344, 350 Gotschall, Beverly 218 Gotthilf, Daniel L 85 Gould, James 192 Gould, Marjorie 112 Gould, Norman 189 Gould, Shryl 101, 106, 220 Gouzie, Suzann 205 Grable, Nina R 255 Gracey, Frances 207 Graeff, Carol 106, 206 Graf, Jean G 202, 314 Graf, Walter 288 Graff, Robert 288 Graham, Douglas G 198 Graham, Jane 106, 212, 299 Graham, Lucille 101 Graham, Robert 290 Graham, Sybil A. 119, 120, 121, 212, 255 Gram, Ruth E 218, 255 Gram, William P 190, 255 Grandy, Robert 181 Grandy, W. John 193, 255 Granger, Donald 97, 191 Granville, Richard 166 Gray, Eleanor L. 100, 106, 203, 255 Gray, Frances A 203, 255 Gray, Janet 215 Gray, Nancy 104, 111, 205, 255 Grede, Carol 118, 214 Green, Albert 182 Green, Elizabeth J 214, 255 Green, Gerald W 85 Green, Marjorie B. 58, 105, 110, 255 Green, Martin 354 Green, Robert 194 Greenbaum, Rahl 255 Greenberg, Barbara 92 Greenberg, Irma 204 Greene, Betty 215 Greene, John 128, 146, 147, 180 Greene, Robert 191 Greene, Syril A. 101, 106, 2l7, 255 Greenspan, Lewis 177 Greider, C. Edwin 70, 93, 191, 255 Greiger, Allen 52, 166 Grekin, Dr. John 354 Grekin, Robert H 255, 354 Grentzer, Rose Marie 115 Greve, Bertrand ..290, 362, 365 Grewer, Lt. C 53 Grey, Barbara 108 Grey, William 191 Gribble, Robert H. T. ... 52, 255 Griep, Arthur 350, 353 Grier, Thomas 194 Grieve, Barbara 224 Griffin, Clare E 304 Griffin, Frances 215 Griffin, Nancy 113, 218 Griffith, Barbara 66 Griffiths, Millard 178 Grimes, Betty 115 Grimmett, Howard 179 Grimshaw, Robert 191 Gripman, Ray 180 Grismore, Rodger 166 Griswold, Betty R 211, 255 Griswold, Dorothy 211 Gritis, Pete 128 Groefsema, Cornelia 109 Groefsema, Margaret C. ... 255 Groft, Donald 276 Grombecker, Elaine D 256 Grootendorst, Ann 210 Gross, Barbara 202 Gross, Joanne 204, 256 Gross, William 185 Grossberg, Edmund J. 199, 256 Grossman, Allen 184, 290 Grossman, Leaner E. 110, 112, 113, 224, 256 Grossman, Lenny 184 Grossman, Mary Lee ..107, 210 Groves, Jean 299 Gruhzit, Olga M. ..67, 207, 256 Grunewald, Albert 85 Grunewald, Carson C. 62, 88, 93, 185 Grunt, Abraham 347, 354 Gugino, Phyllis ...115, 362, 363 Guinan, Mari 218 Guntley, Esther 299 Gurche, John 169 Gustafson, June 64, 213 Gustafson, Philip 192 Gustafson, 1st Lt. S. R Gutekunst, Gurney 181 Guyton, Ruth 96 Gwinn, Joseph 179 Haag, Edward ..52, 84, 276, 281 Haanes, Merle 353 Haas, Carrol 51, 52 Haas, Charlotte 214 Haas, Elizabeth R 256 Haas, Norman 362 Hackett, Edwin ...191, 288, 291 Hackett, Professor 358 Hadiaris, Nick 178 Hadley, John 52, 82, 182, 280, 297 Hadley, Russell 167 Haefeli, Rudolph 290 Hafer, Donald 169 Hagan, Betty 79, 101, 106, 118, 219 Hahn, Mary Alice 212 Haien, Mr 81 Haight, Dr. Cameron 352 Haines, Joyce 114 Haines, Malcolm A. ...176, 287 Hall, Arch 166 Hall, Betty 215 Hall, Clark, Jr 197 Hall, Frances C 214, 256 Hall, Marion 228 Hall, Marjoria 112 Hall, Maxine 108 Hall, Richard 188 Hall, Robert 167 Haller, George 182 Hallett, Irving 192 Hallett, Richard 192 Halliday, Virginia 215 Halliday, William, Jr 256 Hallissy, Joe 152 Hallsteen, Carolyn 214 Halper, Jeannette 256 Halpen, Elizabeth 92 Halstead, Howard 200 Halvarsen, James 198 Hamilton, Margaret 101 Hamilton, Quentin p 256 Hamilton, William 191 Hamlin, John 187 Hamme, Richard N 85 Hammel, Herbert 75, 290 Hammell, Richard 364 Hammett, Constance 101 Hammett, Lawton 151 Hammett, Ralph 298 Hammond, Gilbert 84 Hammond, Mary 92 Hanby, Sara 114 Hance, Joseph 174 Hance, Mark N. ...82, 174, 256 Hanmer, Howard 372 Hann, Douglas 281, 288 Hansen, Robert 362 Hansen, Sybil 112, 203 Hansen, Charles 193 Hanson, Hugh 180 Hanson, Thomas 314, 317 Harang, Richard 281 Harbeck, Lawrence 167 Harbert, Ralph 187 Hardenbrook, Allen 191 Hargrove, Robert 170 Harkness, Jean 214 Harmon, Anna Marie 209 Harmon, Harold 362 Harmon, Margaret 207 Harmon, Yvonne 362 Harms, George 152, 153, 154, 191, 256 Harris, Betty 208 Harris, Doreen 204 Harris, George 75, 85, 93 Harris, Herman 199 Harris, Hubert 329 Harris, June 204, 208 Harris, Neva M 348 Harrison, Saul . , 186 Hartesveldt, Richard 329 Hartman, H. Stanley ..193, 256 Hartrick, James 79, 190 Hartsuch, Betsy 92 Hartwick, Bruce 193 Harvey, Betty 61, 106, 204 Harvey, Emerson 317 Harvey, Richard 192 Harward, Maureen 210 Hasel, Lowell 85, 290 Haskell, George 188 Hassan, Ibram 287 Hassard, Shirley 218 Hassell, Carl 287 Hastings, Barbara 209 Hastings, Lawrence V 85 Hastreiter, Mary June 107, 212 Hattersley, Nancy 106, 107, 118, 218 Hauer, Thelma C. 100, 108, 227, 256 Haughey, Charles 187, 276, 281 Haughey, Louis 90, 158, 159, 187 Hauser, Hugh 179 Hauslov, Everett B 47 Hawes, William 52, 192, 362 Hawley, Elizabeth 223 Hay, Robert 281 Hayden, Ralston 170 Hayes, Laurence W 256 Hayes, Patrick ...158, 160, 175 Haynes, Harley 353 Hay ward, James 317 Haywood, Amilia 256 Hazeldine, Herbert 341, 347 Heard, Will 200 Heartwell, George G 269 Heath, Monna 113, 118, 216 Heavenrich, Herbert 73, 84, 90, 96, 199, 287 Hebel, Robert 193 Hebrard, Jean 298 Heck, Glenn M 198 Heddermann, Dick 280 Hedges, Dorothea 224 Hedges, William 170 Heheman, Robert 52, 84, 188, 281 Heidbreder, Betty anne 218 Heil, Patricia 216 Heimbach, Clinton L. 84, 47, 52, 232 Heineman, Warner 93, 199, 256 Heininger, Erwin C. ...179, 256 Heinonen, Lloyd 290 Heinrich, Robert 290 Heinze, Paul 170 Heitsch, Chloe 101, 225 Helberg, Edith 108 Heller, Warren 179 Helmick, Joyce 218 Hungerford, William 178 Hemely, P. H 52, 84 Heminger, Lillian M 256 Hendee, Eliz 120 Hendel, Bernard ...58, 199, 256 Hendel, Broken Hatchet .... 86 Hendershot, Fred 170 Henderson, Carol 202 Hendricks, Charles H 347 Hendrickson, Willard 353 Henline, William 365, 362 Hennes, Allen 364 Henry, Alfred 171 Henry, Edwin 281 Henshell, Justin 184 Heppes, Roger 171 Herbert, J. Joseph 239 Herbst, Robert 52, 170, 287 Hermann, Christian 342, 355 Herrington, Barbara 93 Hertz, Phillip 316 Herzog, Ann 106, 216, 256 Hess, Frank 166 Heym, Barbara 21 1 Heymann, Dick 187 Hibbard, William 172 Hibbs, Robert 182 Hibst, Geraldine 219 Hickey, William 281 Hicks, Jeanne 256 Hicks, Robert 191 Hiett, Edward 194 Higbee, Louise G 202, 256 Higgins, William 174, 281 High, Jeanne 67, 256 Hildebrandt, George ...180, 281 Hildebrandt, Paul 364 Hildebrandt, Ted 364 Hildner, Warren 364 Hileman, Frank 79 Hileman, Gregor 78 Hill, James 180 Hill, Richard 355 Hilliard, Robert 180 Hillig, William 185 Hillman, Arthur 281, 290 Hills, Charles 362 Himelhoch, Charles 256 Hines, Paul R 85 Hines, William 364 Hing, James 281, 290 Hirms, Robert 169 Hirsch, Albert E 85, 198 Hirsh, Eugene 89, 155, 256, 281 Hitler, Adolph 128 Hoben, John 188 Hocking, Gib 200 Hodges, Ruth 213 Hodges, Ted ' ..180 Hodgson, Paul 342 Hoek, Robert 317 Hoenke, Guy A 84, 287 Hoff, Edwin 100 Hoffard, George 193 Hoffman, J. Frederick 77 Hoffman, Molly M 213, 256 Hoffman, Nancy 206 Hofmann, Fred 191 Hofstra, Peter 344 Hogan, Shirley 219 Hogg, Paul 317 Hailand, Marjorie 321 Holcombe, Allen 188 Holcombe, Philip 181 Holecamp, James A 256 Holecamp, Richard 329 Holiday, Harry ...158, 159, 187 Holiday, Helen R 205, 256 Holland, Charles 181 Holland, John 73 Holland, Roberta 108, 256, 110 Holland, Sampson P. ..191, 256 Hollenbeck, William 181 Hollingsworth, Irene 120 Hollinshead, G. Donald 281, 290 Holloman, John L 347 Holman, Shirley 215 Holman, Whitey ..152, 153, 154 Holmberg, Edward L. 52, 74, 72, 256, 191 Holmberg, Papoose Puss ... 86 Holmes, Benjamin 170 Holmes, Josephine 112, 213 Holmes, Ruth W 209,256 Holpar, Blanch 116 Holt, Allen 73 Holt, William 169, 288 Holler, Marvin 197 Holzaepfel, Jade 353 Holzaepfel, Henry 173 Holzhauer, Ralph 168 Honey, Eleanor J 256 Honey, Jane 92, 111, 213 Honey, William 288 Hood, Catherine 211 Hood, Kay 100 Hook, Donald 281 Hooper, George D 52, 196 Hooper, Jack 70, 82, 88, 92 Hooper, ' John 170 Hooper, Ellen 202 Hooper, Patricia 216 Hopkins, Kent 192 Hopkins, Louis A 241 Hoppee, James 317 Horan, Mary 224 Horlenko, Ted 87 Horn, Arlene 293 Horn, Lee 66 Hornberger, John 181 Hornsby, Roberta 362 Horowitz, Harriet L 256 Horskotte, Edward H 85 Hoskins, Lewis 78 Hosmer, Donald M 307, 257 Hotchkins, Jean 209 Hough, Thomas 173 Houghton, Richard C 257 House, Glenn 355 Houston, Everett B. 52, 169, 257 Howard, Esther 101 Howard, Frank 355 Howard, Helen L 257 Howard, James 281, 287 Howarth, Des 59, 179 Howe, Edwin 169, 288 Howe, Toni 64 Howell, Donald D 196 Howell, Marjorie E 257 Howerth, Herbert 52, 179 Howerth, Howard 82, 90, 179, 277 Howick, Donald 191 Howland, Bob 190 Howland, Lyons 181 Hoyt, Warrior Builder 86 Hredek, Marian ...109, 120, 224 Hubbard, Jean P 223, 257 Hubbard, Jim 173 Hubbard, John 173 Hudson, Herman 70, 79 Hughes, Mary-Leigh ....92, 210 Hulbert, Barbara 218 Hulbert, Laurence 181 Hulbert, William 181 Hull, Donald 195 Hull, M. Rose 205, 115, 257 Hume, Robert 181 Hume, Ross 181 Hunemorder, Elwood 281 Hunn, Eleanore 92 Hunt, Jack 288 Hunt, John C 281 Hunter, John H 52, 198 Hunter, Mary 212 Hunter, Morton 170 Huntoon, Richard 191, 281 Hurley, Robert 173 Hurrell, Herbert C 85 Huston, John 232, 288 Hutcherson, Sharp Beak ... 86 Hutcherson, Wm. W. 47, 52, 68, 84, 89, 96, 169 Hutchins, William 167 Hutchinson, Donald 171 Hutchinson, Edward R 85 Hutchison, Doris A. 117, 202, 257 Huttleston, Clara B. ...117, 257 Hylant, Robert 182 Hyman, Mary E 347, 351 Hyman, Rita 204, 113, 106 Iddings, Mateau 344, 351 Ide, Arthur 344, 352 Ihling, Margaret H. 98, 104, 111, 213, 257 Ingber, George 189 Ingersoll, Charles 197 Ingersoll, John ....88, 155, 180 Inman, Harry 193 Inman, R. F 84 Inman, Tom 200 Irwin, George M. 86, 181, 257, 362, 363, 365 Inwood, Gertrude H. 105, 110, 118, 257, 308 Isberg, Dr. Emil 354 Iselman, Charlotte 112, 202 Isenberg, Bud 184 Isler, Robert 281 Ittner, Martin J 341, 347 Ivanoff, Betty 115 Ives, Ruth 216 I Jackman, Sherwood A 257 Jackson, Harry 175 Jackson, Jim 200 Jackson, Josephine E 257 Jackson, Paul 317 Jackson, 1st Lt. R. S. Jackson, Virginia M. ...207, 257 Jacob, Theodore 175 Jacobi, Howard 171 Jacobi, Roger 171, 362 Jacobs, Jake 184 Jacobs, William. 69, 96, 191, 317 Jacobson, Alrin A. Jr 194 Jacobson, Jerry 316 Jacobson, Robert 199 Jacobus, Gloria 67, 206, 299 Jacgues, Kenneth 317 Jacques, Mary jo 207 Jaffe, Irving S 59, 257 Jaffe, Robert 199 Jahnke, Lows 197 James, Marion 205 James, Robert J 168, 257 Janeway , Cornell 1 99 Janke, Robert 178 Janiga, Mary Jane 215 Janssen, Lee 179 Janusch, Mildred 105, 110 Jaracz, Walter 194 Jarvis, Garth 317, 353 Jaski, Rita 206 Jasperse, John M 307, 308 Jaysou, Michail 344 Jeffrey, Jean.. 105, 114, 213, 217 lend, William 344, 355 Jenkins, Fredericka 92 Jenkins, Philip 187 Jenks, Barton H 52 Jennens, Paul 198 Jennett, William 197, 362 Jennings, Harry 192 Jennings, Julie 210 Jennings, Sidney J 287 Jennings, Warner... 73, 192, 232 Jenswold, Barbara 111,216 Jepsen, Ralph 190 Jessop, Bud 87 Jhung, Rosalie S 351 Jimerson, Leroy S Jr 85 Jimerson, Norman C 52 Joels, Kathryn 208 John, J. Bradford 52, 192 Johnson, Alden 180 Johnson, Audrey H 98, 257 Johnson, Betty L 257 Johnson, Elaine 198, 317 Johnson, Dee 18 3 Johnson, Dottie A. 62, 105, 110, 257 Johnson, Elizabeth A 287, 293 Johnson, G. Stewart.. 52, 84, 194 Johnson, Gordon 170 Johnson, Hazel K 314 Johnson, Henry T 347, 353 Johnson, Hilda A.... 94, 215, 257 Johnson, James 170 Johnson, James 344 Johnson, James 352 Johnson, Jane 101, 208 Johnson, Jiax 87, 151 Johnson, Lewis 191 Johnson, Manly. 87, 92, 146, 147 Johnson, Margaret 218 Johnson, Maurice E 347 Johnson, Morgan 167 Johnson, Paul 79 Johnson, Ruth 113, 207 Johnson, Steven 74 Johnson, Ted 171 Johnson, Tom 78 Johnson, Virginia L. ...224, 257 Johnson, Walter 345, 353 Johnston, Dick 190 Johnston, Helen 224 Johnston, Phyllis 191, 208 Johnston, R. J 281 Johnston, Robert 289 Johnston, Sally 203 lohnston, William. . .92, 178, 200 Jones, A. Curtis 345 Jones, Arthur 169, 352 Jones, Batty 206 Jones, Catherine M. 98, 214, 257 Jones, Donald 181 Jones, Harvey 180 Jones, Kenneth 166, 257, 362, 365 Jones, Martha D 257, 351 Tones, Mary Ann 214, 299 Jones, R. R 84 Jones, Richard D 52 Jones, Robert 281, 292 Jones, Robert L 257 Jones, Thomas 317 Jones, Willene 187, 209 Jordan, James 181 Jordan. Ruth B 257 Jose, Herbert 18: Joseph, Joseph 177 402 Jubb, Robt. W. A 52 Judd, Alvin E 347 Judsen, Donald 175 Judson, Dorothy A 206, 258 Judson, Lorraine 98, 99, 105, 110, 258 Juergens, Albert 345 Jumb, Jacqueline 93 June, Dudley 170 Juras, Stella 314 Juzek, Robert 355 Kahn, Alan 199 Kahn, Priscilla A 258 Kahn, Richard 199 Kahn, Sue 214 Kain, Henry 189 Kalinka, Frederick 175 Kambly, Arnold 345 Kamin, John 181 Kammeraad, Howard W. 52, 84 Kammeraad, Kit 101, 120 Kammerer, Patricia 238 Kampe, Kurt 190 Kane, Donald 362 Kane, Michael 186 Kanfer, Raymond. .281, 289, 75 Kansananda, Somehitr 281 Kantor, Helen L 258 Kape, Jack 92 Kaplan, Sid 184 Kardon, Ken 88, 199, 66 Karlson, Martha A 258 Karwales, Jack 128 Kasha, Michael 258 Kasle, Irwin 73, 186 Kassman, Leonard 372 Katz, Lucille H 258 Katz, Marillyn 101 Katz, Milton J 308 Kaufman, Charlotte L 258 Kaufman, Jack 186 Kaufman, Myron 316 Kaunty, John 155 Kearns, Father Bernard .... 79 Keas, Martha 210, 106 Kebler, R 84 Keefe, Eleanore 219 Keefer, Robert 372 Keegan, Kitty 100 Keeler, Keith 355,345 Keenan, Bill 169, 128 Keenan, Paul J 258 Kefgen, Betty 67, 299 Kehoe, James W 175 Kehoe, Wm 67 Keiser, Howard ...350, 345, 355 Keith, Bradford 179 Keller, David 288, 281, 175 Kelley, Barbara A 229 Kellner, Haskell 199 Kellogg, Edward 167 Kellogg, Frank 364 Kelly, Donald ' 171. Kelly, Eleanor C 258 Kelly, John 173, 193 Kelly, Leverett H 52, 258 Kelly, Richard A 198 Kelly, Ward W 52, 258 Kelly, William 281, 182 Kelly, Richard 355 Kelso, Jack R 287, 85 Keltner, Muriel 1 206, 258 Kemp, Bob 148, 149, 89, 281 Kempf, Paul 173 Kempter, Albert 347,352 Kenage, Duane 288 Kendall, Robert 175 Kendig, Ellsworth 258, 171 Kenfield, William 355 Kennedy, Charles 141, 187, 128, 355 Kennedy, Elbert 166 Kennedy, John 187 Kenney, Lee 191 Keppel, Mary 202 Kerner, Lee 200 Kerr, James 170 Kerr, Jean 206 Kerr, Robert 181 Kerstetter, Lois 115 Keskey, Richard 175 Ketcham, Eleanor 215 Kettler, Milton 192 Kevil, Garard 50, 188 Kier, William 230, 329 Kiesel, George 128 Killin, Charles 192 Killins, James 193 Killins, Marjorie 207, 258, 192,106 Killins, Robert 258, 193 Kimball, Doris J 119, 216, 258 Kimball, Mary Lou 211 Kimelman, M. Jack 316 King, Alice V 258 King, Elizabeth 203, 210 King, Harold 290, 178 King, Jean E 92, 258 King, Glory 120 King, Joseph 288, 281 King, John 169, 281 King, Marvin M 85 King, Pete 187 King, Robert 179, 329 King, Theodore 77, 372 Kingsbury, Stewart . . . .362, 166 Kinsey, Elizabeth A. ...216, 258 Kinsey, Martha 216, 106 Kintzing, Joan 109 Kipke, Lt. Cmdr 238 Kirchenbaum, Bruce J. ..189, 308 Kirchgessner, Mary Jane ...212 Kirk, James 180 Kirk, Robert 181 Kirschner, George 276, 292 Kirstowsky, Edward 281 Kitely, Robert 291,362 Kittay, William 186 Kittredge, Dorothy 217 Kitzmiller, Arthur 317 Kivi, Lou 158, 88 Klaphark, Peter 178 Klayman, Melvin 1 258 Klee, Walter Jr 198 Klein, Dora 101 Klein, H. Bertha 258 Klein, Natalie 258 Klein, Rosemary 97 Kleiner, Carolyn 258 Kleinman, Dore 184 Kleinstiver, Vance 170 Kline, James ..16, 281, 190, 89 Klingdeil, William H. ...52, 170 Klintworth, Katherine 213 Kloeppil, Marguerite 362 Klopper, Walter 258, 177 Knaff, John 171 Knapp, Delores 16, 215 Knapp, Mary 218, 258 Knapp, William L 174, 258 Knebel, Donald W 52, 51 Kneedler, Jane 112,211 Knoell, Phyllis G 258 Knox, James E 314 Knutson, Charles R 308 Koch, B. Richard 281 Koch, Jack 174 Koche, Mary Catherine 208 Koch, Richard 289 Koella, Mr 93 Koert, Adrian H 287 Koert, Catherine 220 Koeser, George 288 Koffel, J. K 282, 84 Kohl, Marcia 1 78, 217, 259 Kohr, Margaret 112 Kohan, Alex 289 Kohen, Rhoda 217 Kohler, T 84 Kolb, Burton 169 Kolb, Glenn 93 Kolesar, Bob 128, 139 Kolodzieu, William 282 Konze, George 277 Kopcke, William R. 87, 161, 190, 259 Kopel, Richard 146, 147, 156, 88, 259 Kopf.Thomas 188 Koppin, Vaugham 364 Koppitch, Richard J 85 Korbelak, William 317 Kornoelje, Robert 307 Kortes, Stacey 178 Kosarin, Basil 199 Kosloff, George A 90 Koski, Marvin 259, 307 Koutres, James 230 Koval, Irving 282 Kowl, Miss 368 Kozel, Bernard 177 Kozloff, George 190 Kozonis, Michael 343, 353 Kraeger, George 167 Kraemer, Harriett B 259 Kraft, Reynolds 82, 193 Kramer, John 352, 347 Kranich, Betty Anne 20 ' 5, 82, 62 Kranz, Greta Lee 225 Krause, Gerald B9 Krause, Robert A 308 Krause, Shirley 216 Kraybill, Richard 288 Krebs, Williard 171 Kreinberg, Sid 184 Krejce, Marieta 101, 210 Kressbach, Helen 113, 207 Kretzschmar, John C 347 Kreuter, Karl H 259 Krieger, James 352 Kring, William G 259 Krohn, Bernard G 354, 259 Krohn, Lawrence H 259 Krohn, Melvin 177 Krohn, Samuel 316 Kruska, Nicholas 169 Kucharski, Thaddeus 282 Kuechenmeister, Marian ....210 Kuehn, Dick 172 Kuenzel, Franklin 72 Kuethe, Dr. A. M 290, 291 Kugel, Robert 197 Kuhne, Kitty 100 Kuivinen, John 362, 191 Kuizinas, V. S 292 Kulsavage, Isabel 259, 212 Kunin, Seymour 288 Kunze, Robert 75 Kunze, Franklin 277 Kunzman, Patricia G. ..204, 259 Kurtz, Joseph 345 Kutsche, John 345, 353 Kutschinski, Alfred H. ..52, 259 Kutzen, Gerald M 259 Kuyper, Bill 128 Kuzma, Tom 181, 88, 52, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 128, 132, 135 Kyser, Russell 282 Labbe, Armand 190 Lackey, Mercedes 209 Ladd, Edwin 190, 362 LaDee, Bert 366 Lahey, Joe 155, 187 Lahr, Frank F 192, 282 Lahti, Paul T 347, 352 Laine, Maurice 180 Laing, D. Bruce 167 Laird, James 345 Laird, John 175 Laird, Richard 181 Laitala, Walter 297, 298 Laity, Garfield 297, 298 LaLonde, Rosemary 299 Lamb, Betty Sue 120, 212 Lambrecht, Donala 329 Lambert, Clarence 179 Lambert, William 282 Lampe, Donald M 259 Lampert, Robert H 52 Landes, Robert 190, 282 Landers, James ..70, 79, 87, 259 Landsber, Paul 199 Lane, Danelle 288 Lane, Frank 85 Lanes, Doris 112 Langton, W. G 84 Langlois, Robert 317 Lanin, Myron 199 Lanxner, Joel 282 Lapidor, Richard 185, 288 Larch, Emil 298 Large, Bob 230 Larmbros, George 290 Larmee, Dorine 109 Larsen, Erwin 73, 75, 180 Larsen, Otto 329 Larsen, Rae 205 Larson, Don 190 Larson, Dorothy ...100, 106, 205 Larson, Howard 282 Larson, Leon 302 Larson, William 362 Lary, Brud 180 Lasky, Lucille H 259 Lasson, Kenneth 191 Latchem, Wallace 282 Lathrop, Katherine 213 Latourette, Howard 352 Lau, Ned 179 Laubengayer, Peggy ..107, 202 Lauer, Paul 345, 353 Laufe, Warren 78, 199 Laufer, Ansen E 52, 198 Laugheed, Jack 190 Laughlin, Mary 362 Laughrey, Patricia 220 Laur, William 345 Laursen, John 170 Lauzon, Charles 185 Lavender, Gerald 329 Laver, Arnold 180 Lawrence, Ned 282 Lawrie, Guy 169 Lawson, Marjorie 213 Lazar, Alan 186 LaZebnick, Jack 184 LaZebnik, William 354 Lazerwitz, James A. ...186, 259 Leader, Douglas 182 Leaf, Alexander 341 LeClair, Richard 190, 290 LedwUh, Jean 106, 220 Lee, Albert 192 Lee, Frances 259 Lee, Jim 187 Lee, Joseph 287 Lee, Kathryn 215 Lee, Robert 188 Lee, Sawyer 191 Leeder, Robert 169 Leemhuis, Fred 174 Leete, Marjorie 214 Leever, William 168 Leff, Jay 199 Leff , Martin 259 Lehman, Fritz 172 Lehman, Ruel 73, 188 Lehmann, Wesley 329 Lehmann, William .84, 171, 276 Lehmann, Wm. 84, 171, 276, 282 Leiderman, Walter 177 Leidy, John B 52, 150 Leighton, Mary M 259 Leiman, Alfred S 259 Leiman, H. M 93 Leivense, Stanley J 259 Lekus, Louis 193, 288 Lemon, Kathryn 259 Lenderman, Everett S 287 Lending, Irma E 259 Lendoff, Abner 199 Lent-Koop, B. Madison 84, 166, 276, 282, 290 Lent-Koop, Theodore K 196 Leonard, Lois 101 Leonard!, Ernie 52, 155, 180 Leopard, Jack 345 Leopold, James 199 LePage, Lorraine P 259 Lesher, Edgar 291 Leslie, Georgianna 202 Lesser, Morton 316 Lessig, Donald 191 Levan, Donald 188 Levey, Marvin 79, 259 Levin, Carl 290 Levin, Charlotte R 351 Levin, Herbert 347, 354 Levin, Mortimer 354 Levine, Dora S 345, 351 Levine, Leslie 316 LeVine, Milton 259 Levinson, Alvin 1 99 Levinthal, Dorothy 204 Levinthal, Marilyn 204 Levitt, Irving 341, 354 Levy, Bernard 314, 316 Levy, Bertram A 259 Levy, Dave 184 Levy, Phillip A... 47, 52, 87, 259 Lewin, Janet 100, 105, 106, 204, 259 Lewine, Joan 204 Lewis, Carol R 277,259 Lewis, Clayton Jr 194 Lewis, David 298 Lewis, Dorothy 217 Lewis, John R. Jr 193, 259 Lewis, Patricia 210 Lewis, Raymond 192, 362 Lewis, Roger 151, 194 Lezell, Alvin , 316 Lichty, Harry 362 Liddicoat, Paul G. 52, 362, 363,365 Lidman, Wm 282 Light, Charles B..52, 75, 184, 290 Light, Florence 101, 206 Likely, Betty 115 Ling, Daniel S 287 Linkner, Leonard 345, 354 Lipnik, Gerald 189 Lipper, Mark 59 Lipson, Muriel B 259 Lin, Paul T. K. 259 Lincoln, John W 85 Lindberg, Jane 61, 113, 212 Lindeman, Juliet 96, 218 Lindeman, Warren 198 Lindsay, David 362 Lindsay, Robert 175 Ling, Daniel 168 Linker, John S 85, 191, 277 Linnig, Beatrice 203 Linzel, George 307 Liskow, Charles 282 List, Joan 227 Little, Albert 175 Little, Chuck 200 Little, Dorothy Visscher ....206 Livermore, Joyce 209 Livingston, Wiley 173 Llewellyn, John 167 Lloyd, Alice C 241 Lockwood, W. Bruce 198 Lofgren, Jack 362 Loftus, Lawrence ..97, 146, 182 Lombard, Cameron 73, 170 Long, Bob 187 Long, Harold E 52 Long, Lloyd 282, 290 Long, Virginia 362 Long, Walter 282 Longsdorf, Corinne 112 Longstaff, Jane 214 Longstaff, William 178 Lonworth, Donald C 93 Loud, Gryum Out 86 Loud, Henry C. 47, 52, 148, 149, 194, 259 Loughborough, Bill 70, 94, 181, 259 Loughead, Sara 210 Lourin, Samuel 180 Lovee, Jean 209 Lovejoy, Marjorie 211 Lovell, Robert 282 Lovell, Jean 207 Lovett, Sue 207 Law, Albert 197 Low, Joyce 209 Lawenstein, Malcolm 199 Lowrey, Coach Edward 148, 149 Lowrey, George 352 Lu, Kai C 287 Ludolph, William 79, 74 Ludwig, William 191 Lueck, David 282, 290 Luery, 1st Lt. Robert 76 Luhrs, Marian 223 Luidens, Roger 290 Luikert, Max 146, 193 Lund, Don 128, 133, 144, 145 Lund, Thomas 191 Lundstrom, Dorothy 118 Luros, Jon J 355 Lussier, Roland 191 Lustgarten, Harry J 52, 179 Luton, Harry H 314, 317 Luton, Mable J 212, 260 Lyman, William J. Jr. ...181, 260 Lynch, Diane 172 Lynch, James 178 Lynch, John D 238 Lynch, Robert E 198 Lyon, Ann 211 Lyons, Patricia 293 M MacConnachie, William .... 88 MacCormick, Miss 104 MacCoul, Donald E 85, 197 Maccoun, William 292 MacDonald, Edward ...191, 362 MacDonald, James 181, 191 MacGregor, Patricia 218 Maclmres, Jeani 220 Maclntyre, George 146 Mack, Charles 194 Mack, Harry 194 Mack, Hugh 146, 147, 172 Mackey, John 187 MacKenzie, Alice 220 MacKenzie, Gordon 52, 190, 260 MacKinnon, Donald 362 MacKinnon, John 77, 308 Macklem, Jeanne 202, 3)4 MacLachlan, John 191 MacLachlin, Duncan 317 MacLaughlin, Barbara A. 100, 105, 106, 202, 260 MacLaughlin, Eleanor 362 Maclear, Frank 292, 282 MacLeod, Douglas D. ...51, 52 MacMahon, Gomer Ann ....203 MacMillan, Ann 99, 113, 207 MacMullen, Charlotte 112 MacNaughton, Roger 169 MacNeal, Ruth 213 MacPhail, Robert 198 MacPherson, Robert 298 Mac Ritchie, Marallyn 98, 111, 205, 260 Mac Ritchie, William ...94, 307 Mac Taggart, William Jr. 260 . . Mactier, James 194 Mac Vetty 364 Madar, Elmer 87, 128, 133, 134, 138, 139 Maddock, Robert 288 Madigan, Julie E 351 Madsen, Joan M. ..100, 108, 260 Mager, Artur 282 Magerson, Allan 75, 92 Magidsohn, Jack 184 Magrina, Suarez, Ramon A. 260 Mahlin, Murrey 184 Mahlman, Elizabeth 92, 230, : ' 60 Mahon, Henry 181 Mahon, Marjorie 98, 105, 218, 260 Mahon, Ralph 345 Main, Doris A 260 Main, Robert 181 Maisel, Harvey 269 Malenauski, Witold 92 Maling, Louis 1 84 Maloney, Ann 208 Maloney, Ruth 97, 218 Malton, S. Donald 260 Manago, Joseph 362 Manary, Ilau C 260 Manco, Arthur 181 , 288 Mandeberg, Eugene E. 186, 260 Mandeville, lack W 260 Mandler, Ball Handler 86 Mandler, James E. 144, 145, 173, 260 Manhoff, Charles N. Jr 198 Mann, Beverley 7, 15, 204, 418 Mann, Coach Matt 158 Mann, Rosemary 216, 260 Manning, John T 353, 347 Manning, Richard 291, 169, 282 Mansfield, Jack 91 Mantele, Kenneth 352 Mantho, Bob 57 Manton, Martha 216 Marble, Frederick 170 Marble, Joseph D 85 Marcellas, Plril ..128, 150, 169 Marine, James A 308 Marino, John 75 Markendorf , Arthur 1 80 Marks, Allan 2R8 Markwarrf, Betty ?14 Marcle. Homer 362 Marr, Robert 307 Marrow, Dida 1 00 Marsch, Andrew 52, 180 Marsh, Hilda W 260 Marsh, Mr 81 Marshall, Kenneth 52, ??., 2S2 Marshall, Thomas 282, 276 Marsom, Louise 705 Martlli. Robert V lK Martin, Natalie 120 Martin, Robert A 760 Martin, Thomas 174 Martineau, Coach Earl T. ..128 Martineau, Perry 345 Martinet, Leonard 329 Marrv, Doris 260, 211 Marty, EHna 362 Martz, Lvle lifi, 203 Marxhai " =en, Jean ....106, 7fl3 Mason, Barbara 207 Mason, R nice 1 90 Mason, Don 353 Mason, Kmalene 101 Mason, Steven 353 Mason, Sue 213 Massingham, Sherman 170 Massouredis, Serafeint 85 Mast, Stewart 362 Mathews, Kenneth P 347 Malhes, Elizabeth 210 Mathes, Ethel 372 Mathie, Gordon 362 Mathis, Ethel Mary 206 Mathisen, Krist 75 Mattern, David 364 Mattern, Natalie 106, 216 403 Matthews, Dave, 155, 156, 190, 321, 70, 87, 260 Matthews, George 282 Matthews, Granite Face 86 Matthews, Mental Midget . . 86 Matthews, Robert A. 74, 72, 151, 171, 308 Mattick, John W 260 Mattson, Raymond H. 260, 288, 282 Mattson, Theodore M 347 May, Carol 213 May, Donald 72 Mayberger, Robert 52, 282 Mayberry, Mary 117 Maybury, William, 52, 169, 282 Mayer, Arthur 199 Mayer, Dorothy M 112, 260 Mayer, Marilyn 99, 113 Mayerson, Allen L 73, 85 Mayka, Stephen 347 Maynard, Ralph 174 Maxmin, Conrad 287, 186 Maxwell, William S 52 Maxwill, Stirling 175 McAleer, Roger ..790, 292, 282 McAllister, John 353 McAllister, Owen 170 McAlonan, Donald 169 McArtor, Jane 114 McCabe, Lillian T 260 McCall, W. Webb 56 McCallum, George . . ' . 170 McCalmont, David ..74, 87, 170 McCargar, George 182 McCarthy, David 171 McCarthy, Frank C. 155, 172, 260 McCarthy, Jane 213 McCarthy, John F., Timber Topper 158, 191, 86 McCarus, Ernest N 260 McClear, Frank 93 McClelloud, Douglas .... 182 McComb, Elizabeth 207 McConkey, Georae 298 McConnachie, William 180 McCorcick, Ralph 362 McCord, Herbert 52, 174, 51, 202 McCord, J. M 352 McCormick, Harry 365, 364, 362 McCormick, Joyce 210 McCormick, John 190 McCormick, Ralph 290 McCoubrie, John 175 McCoy, Ernest, Coach 128 McCou, Nelson 73, 170 McCracken, Florence ..208, 115 McCracken, Martha Lee ....208 McCrvstal, James L 337 McCullock, Marjorie 213 McDaniel, Dorothia 209 McDaniel, Glenn 202 McDavid, Ruth M 208, 260 McDermaid? Gordon 317 McDermoth, George 172 McDonald, Betty, 350 McDonnell, Edward . . 350 McDonnell, Erie 347, 353 McDowell, C. Blake 337 McElroy, David 182 McFaddin, Bob 52, 190 McFarland, David 181 McGaughey, Clark G 347 McGrath, Joan 209 McGregor, Donald 166 McGiver, Arlene R 260 McGuire, Olga B. . ..260 McHale, Josiah A Mclntyre, George 180, 288 McKean, Johnny 155 McKeener, George 353 McKenna, Charles 190 McKenna, Tom 200 McKeown, James H 52 McKetta, John 288, 282 McKinley 364 McKinnon, Mai 168 McKinney, E. Nick 42, 190 McLam, Eleanor 114 McLaughlin, Audrey 211 McLaughlin, Barbara 98 McLaughlin, Eleanor 97 McLaughlin, Janet 92, 209 Mclaughlin, Prof. W. A ... 78 McLead, Robert 171 McLean, Jane 209 260 McLean, Philio 181 McLellan, Beth 224 McMahon, Margaret F. 345, 351 McMath, Madeline 210 McMillan, Donald 282 McMillan, Martha A. ..211, 260 McMurrav, Paul McNab, John 179 McNamee, Mary 213 McNauahton, Cameron .... 173 McNaughton, Pat 365, 362 McNeil, Elton 92 McPherson, Ed 1R7 McPherson, Robert .... 185 McPike, Harold 276, ' 88 McQuillan. Lewis 317 McTier, Allan 88 McVay, Margaret 260 McVean, Robert 362 McVittie, Gloria 260 McWethy, Gilbert 282 McWilliams, Robert 88, 47, i72 Meager, Paul 317 Mean, Dorothy 114, 224 Mechling, Robert 345, 153 Meckler, Lester 67, 260 Medalic, Arthur 186 Meeker, Mary Lou 209 Meemvsen, Bernard 345 Megantz, Samuel 282 Meier, Walter 352 Meikle, Pat 116 Meinke, Albert 355 Mela, Donald 92 Meltzer, Marty 184 Mendeloff, Morris 73 Mendelsohn, Irene 110, 112 Menefee, Prof. F. N 69 Menz, Edwin R 52, 200 Menz, W. R 84 Mercer, Robert D 345, 350 Mercer, Wiliam R 260 Meretta, Leonard 365 Merriam, Marjorie 65, 213 Merrill, Betty 215, 261 Mersser, Ruth 224 Merz, Edmund 288 Meschke, Robert E 75 Messinger, Nathanial B. ...261 Metzger, Fred L 190, 261 Meyer, Carrol J 85 Meyer, Jack 261 Meyer, Paul 174 Meyerhoren, Melvin 179 Meyers, Edward 316 Meyers, Marilyn 92 Miars, Robert K 47, 52 Michalake, Dorris 92 Micnaud, Donald 188 Mignery, Anthony S 261 Milowitz, Julius 282 Millulich, John 191 Miles, Wesley 283 Milgrom, Sidney 354 Millard, Mary Jane 202 Miller, Arthur 288, 199 Miller, Barbara 213 Miller, Carol 216 Miller, Charles M 2 Miller, Dean 20, 308 Miller, Donald 362 Miller, Earl 1 261 Miller, Edward ...172, 175, 178 Miller, Elinor 209 Miller, Harry 73, 75, 79, 85, 184 Miller, Hugh 144 Miller, Joseph 316 Miller, Lucy 215 Miller, Naomi 218 Miller, Robert 92 Miller, Roland 283 Miller, Russell 193 Miller, Sherwood 362 Miller, Thomas 175 Miller, Violet 92, 202 Millhouse, Franklin 192 Mills, Jean 120, 226 Milne, Fannie 216 Milne, Mary E 106 Milnor, Robert C 290, 5 Minahan, James 188 Minchenberg, Blossom 177, 261 Minshull, Robert T 52, 388 Mintz, Morton 57, 59, 261 Misher, Jean 66 Mishkin, Paul 78 Miskerik, Ann 115, 362 Misner, Carol 116 Mitchell, Chester 173, 261 Mitchell, Jean 112 Mitchell Robert ...292, 291, 28? Mitsumori, James K 261 Moeckel, Erica C 261 Moehl, Kenneth ....84, 96, 283 Moehlman, Jeanne H. ..262, 261 Moehlman, John 166, 297 Moeller, Lillian E 261 Mohney, George 353 Monaco, Edward 261 Moncrieff , Frances 101 Monroe, John F 261 Monroe, Ross 179 Monson, Dean 73, 79 Montague, Hariette Sue ....216 Montgomery, James 181 Moody, Bill 92 Moon, Edward E 85 Moon, Richard 170 Moon, Sam 187 Mooney, Phil 128 Moore, Audrey 205, 299 Moore, Barbara 223 Moore, Dean 358 Moore, Douglas 353 Moore, Earl 352 Moore, Glen 353 Moore, Gordon 353 Moore, Herbert 177 Moore, Jasper L 261 Moore, Lois 224 Moore, Marilyn 211 Moore, Mary 108, 110, 116 Moore, Nancy ' 210 Moore, William 183 Moorstein, Benjamin 345 Morehouse, Florence 100, 108, 228 Moreland, Francis 175 Morgan, Margaret 107, .-11 Morgan, Paul 362 Morley, Bob 190 Morley, Buell 155 Morley, Charlotte 110 Morley, Ed 187 Morley, George 190 Morrill, Julia J 214, 261 Morris, Donald 186 Morris, Jo Ann 211, 261 Morris, Joseph 317 Morris, Mary 206, 261 Morris, Mary Jane 208 Morris, Robert 171 Morris, Seymour S 261 Morrison, John H 85 Morrison, Lieut i09 Morrison, Robert L 199, 261 Morrison, Triad 317 Morse, Virginia E. 98, 101, 106, 111, 214, i:61 Morse, Wayne S 70 Morton, David 167 Morton, Sally 218 Mosberg, Carl E 218 Moscowitz, Helen 106 Moscowitz, Milton 189 Moser, Marilyn 216 Moser, Marshall F 261 Mosher, Richard ...84, 200, 283 Moshy, Albert M 84, 284 Moskowitz, Helen 217 Moss, Herman 192 Mott, Robert 169, 276, 277, 283 Mountjoy, Mary 209 Mayer, Aaron S 189, 261 Moyer, Arthur 362 Muehl, John 78 Mueller, Louise 202 Mueller, Thomas ..146, 288, 283 Mueller, Richard 353 Muenzer, Robert 352 Munson, John 289 Muller, Keith 288 Murray, Morris 345 Murray, Winifred 115 Murray, Maurice 355 Mullaney, Jerry 172 Mullaney, Gerry 144, 145 Muller, Hazel 205 Muller, Keith 169 Mulligan, Bob 148, 187 Mummert, John 167 Munger, Charles 194 Munger, Maureen M. ..209, 314 Munger, Phyllis 115 Munn, Clarence L., Coach 128 Munnell, Edward 169, .;62 Munson, John 283 Munson, Dean 190 Murfin, Bell Con 86 Murlin, Esther D 209, 261 Murphy, Charles N 261 Murray, Bill 190 Murray, Margaret S. . .216, 261 Murray, Ray H., Jr. ...175, 261 Muzky, Edward 92 Muzzall, David 197 Myers, Dean 72 Myers, Harry 290 Myll, Clifton 128 Myron, Melvin 188 N Nagle, Douglas 352 Nagler, Theodore 329 Napieralski, Bernard 283 Nash, Ralph 317 Meal, Donald 188 Meal, Elizabeth A 212 262 Neal, Tom 187 Nedwicki, Edward ....345, 350 Needle, Jules 289 Neering, James 355 Neerkin, Adrian 352 Negus, George 288 Negus, Katherine B. ..223 262 Neilsen, Edwin 179 Neilson, Charles 171 Neiman, Adele 204 Neithercut, Edward ....75, 364 Nelson, Cleland 168 Nelson, Davey 152, 153 Nelson, Fred 362 Nelson, Glen 288 Nelson, Howard 290 Nelson, Kenneth 329 Nelson, Lee R i98 Nelson, Marcia ..112, 113, 211 Nelson, Oscar 345 Nelson, Richard 171, 283 Nemorovski, Leonard 199 Nesbitt, E 84 Ness, Charles 167 Nessle, George J 262 Netter, Milton 169 Netting, Marcia 216 Neuman, Lawrence A 196 Newcomer, Victor D 347 Newell, Betty 205 Newman, Betty 98, 105, 108, 110, 262 Newman, Blain 178, 283 Newman, Marion 117 Newman, Robert 199 Neymark, Richard S. ...52, 288 Nichituk, Claire M 262 Nichol, Kathryn ..276, 283, 293 Nichol, Wallace 79 Nickoll, Beatryce 204 Nicholls, Keith 187 Nieboer, June 214 Niemann, Luise 223 Nikkels, Arthur 191 Nishime, Ralph Y 262 Nishon, Gloria 105, 110, 263 Nissler, Wiliam 180 Niswonger, Myla J 314 Nitchun, Betty P 314 Nixon, Donald 197 Noble, Duncan 167 Nobel, Rudi 186 Nobel, William 188 Noble, Charlette 106, 207 Nolen, John 317 Noll, Gerald 192 Nord, Charles 353 Norris, Bruce 364 Norris, Nimble Noggin 86 Norris, Norton 74, 77, 262 North, Phillip 171, 262 Northrop, Richard 85 Northrup, Nancy 67, 207 Norton, John 283, 289 Norton, O. P 262 Norton, Richard 289 Norton, Richard 289 Norton, Roger 262 Norwick, Robert 52, 181 Noser, Robert 171 Novak, A. Vivienne 262 Novy, Barbara 209 Nuechterlein, Wilmar 298 Nunn, James 353 Nusholtz, Phillip 337 Nussbaumer, Bob 190 Nutt, Richard 193 Nutto, Francis 179, 362 Nyblade, Arnold 283 Nyman, Morton 283 Oakes, Gerald A 287 Oakley, K. N 345 O ' Brien, Charles 345, 350 O ' Brien, Frank M. 52, 58, 88, 174, 262 O ' Brien, Gerald 308 O ' Brien, Lois 227 O ' Brien, William 290 Ockerman, Donald 283 O ' Connor, Robert 172 Oddy, Robert 197 O ' Dell, Charles 342, 343 O ' Dell, Frederick 181 O ' Dell, Howard 317 O ' Dell, Jack 353 O ' Dell, Willet 262 O ' Dell, William 353 Offringa, Reno 169 Ogle, Alexander 190 Oaness, Russell 290 O ' Hanlou, Maureen 108 O ' Hern, Herold 84, 283, 288 Ohlmacher, Robert 191 Okonski, Chester 283, 289 Oksa, Virginia 220 Okumoto, Pete T 347 Olander, Louise 202 Oldfield, Elizabeth J. ..214, 262 Olds, George M 262 O ' Leary, Genevieve ...117, 262 O ' Leary, John 167 Olmstead, Charles 182, 240 Olmstead, Peter 290 Olson, Aileen 78, 101, 299 Olson, Donald 307 O ' Malley, James 52, 84, 89, 276, 283, 290 O ' Neil, Donald 84, 170, 288 O ' Neil, Mervin 353 Oonk, Marvin 283 Oosterbaan, Bennie, Coach 128, 144 Oosting, Gordon 167 Opdyke, Robert 166, 283 Opland, Bob 148 Opland, Raymond 362 Opsion, Martha 212 Oram, Phillip 188 Orberg, Carl ....84, 283, 288 Orebaugh, John 352 Oren, Bob 128 Oren, William 193 Orlikoff, Richard 70 Orr, Betsy S 207, 262 Orr, Howard 167 Orth, Marion 202 Osborn, Janet 218 Osborn, Richard 290 Osgood, Peggy 101 Osgood, William 170 Osborn, Earl 167 Osborn, William 172 Osier, Dave 150 Osterman, Herbert 58, 186 Ostrander, Bill 200 Ostroot, George 155, 283 Oswald, Janet C 262 Otis, Evelyn 210 Otis, Maurice B 178, 287 Otjen, Carl 197, 277, 362 Otto, Charles 188, 262 Otto, Mildred 94, 108, 109, 113 Oulbegian, Violet 100, 108, 114 Ovaitt, David A. 47, 52, 171, 283 Overcashier, Robert 288 Owen, Bill 230 Owsley, William 167 Oxley , Jack 362 Ozbash, Halil 287 Paap, Peter 289 Pachulski, Arthur 168, 283 Packer, Dorothy 208 Padnas, Stuart 184 Page, John 169 Page, Patricia 209 Pagel, Duane 84, 283 Palingren, Paul 287 Palmer, Albert R Palmer, Patricia 202 Palmer, Richard 350 Palmer, Winifred R. ..212, 315 Pananides, Lt. (S.G.) H. A. 53 Pantek, Henry 195, 288 Parentean, Jerome 178 Parisen, Roslyn F 347 Parker, Ann 214 Parker, Gordon 307 Parker, Joseph 193, 283 Parker, Lois 115, 224 Parker, Robert 180 Parker, Rodney 192 Parker, W. Wallace 262 Parker, R 351 Parmelee, Harry S 47, 52 Parmenter, William 188 Parr, Leslie W 52 Parr, Raymond G 196 Parris, W. M 52, 84 Parry, Deborah 213 Parry, Raymond 283 Parshall, Dale 352 Parsons, Betty 220 Parsons, Gail 116, 215, 262 Parvin, Eugene 192, 292 Passman, Richard ....186, 290 Patrick, Donald 77, 362 Patten, Jack 52, 158, 159, 175, 276 Patten, Puddle Paddler 86 Patterson, M. Marie 262 Patterson, Myrtle 206 Patton, Robert 52, 169, 179, 283, 290 Paty, Jeanne 205 Paul, David 284 Pause, Lorna 299 Pawloff, Alex 298 Payne, David S 262 Peacock, Stan 298 Pear, Robert 191 Pearce, Don 170 Pearce, Max 175 Pearlman, Alice G 262 Pearse, Max 79 Peat, Betty 100, 205 Pecar, Le Roy H 52 Peck, Charles 174 Peck, Robert 362 Pederson, Le Roy 183 Peck, William 168 Peirsol, Martha 207 Pelegrina, Ivan 353 Pell, Robert 307, 388 Penn, Henry 362 Penn, Marshall 362 Penner, lone 79, 219 Penoyar, Joanna D. 101, 108, 224, 262 Penoyar, William 197 Pepper, Morton 73, 184 Pergament, Milton 52, 128 Perlberg, Edward J. 58, 174, 262 Perlberg, Wobble Tongue . . 86 Perlman, Melvin R 52, 308 Perono, Frances A 263 Perrine, Charles 190 Perry, Edward 190 Perry, John 182 Persinger, Charlotte E 263 Peter, Emily 92, 120 Peters, Clare 190 Peters, Jane 209 Peters, Jean 92 Peterson, Henry 92 Peterson, Phyllis A. ...101, 263 Peterson, Barbara 92, 211 Peterson, Captain 362, 363 Peterson, Carl 348, 353 Peterson, Kenneth 284 Peterson, Joan 207 Peterson, John 85 Peterson, Norman 290 Peterson, Robert 355 Peterson, Victor 181 Petley, Penelope 92, 202 Petnasky, John G 190, 263 Petrowitz, Harold ..70, 284, 289 Pettapiece, James 190 Pettersen, George 155, 284 Petteys, Robert M 52 263 Pettibone Kenneth 284 Petty, Barbara 101, 263 Pfender, Mary C 214, 263 Pfeuffer, Robert 362 Phelps, George 176 Philion, Lucien J 263 Phillippi, Bill 190 Phillips, Evelyn 92 Phillips, Frances 115 Phillips, Richard 307, 308 Phillipson, Chester 354 Piana, Victor 284 Picard, Frank II 171 Picard, Joseph 353 Picard, Huthmary 210 Piel, Bud 155, 156 Pier, C. T 345 Pierce, Bob 187 Pierce, James 51, 52, 197, 276, 284, 289 Pierce, Watson B 308 Pierson, Barbara 115, 212 Pierson, Wilmer 166 Pilliod, Margaret 216 Pines, Bertha 263 Pinney, Charles ..155, 180, 263 Piper, Barbara 214 Piper, Joan 224 Pipp, Walter 194 Pitt, Robert 198 Pittman, Richard 182 Pittsly, William 193 Pittsly, William 193 Plant, Fletcher 170 Platt, John 73, 74 Pleiss, Gordon 191 Plenge, James 52, 195, 284, 291 Plotken, Roy 75 Pious, Abraham 315 Plumb, Janice D 263 404 Plumer, Mary 1 263 Poag, Frederick 364 Podoley, Anne M 227, 263 Poe, Martha 106, 213, 263 Polsson, Robert M. 52, 307, 309 Pole, Frederick 175 Pollak, Janice 293 Pomering, June 202 Pontius, David . . . 148, 167, 185 Poppen, Donald Y 341 Popper, Arelyn 224 Popper, Lee M 263 Porter, C. Stanley 198 Porter, Charles 192 Porter, Eliinor 205 Porter, Harriet 114 Porter, James 151, 298 Posmantur, Richard R 309 Pospisil, Paul 166 Post, David 188 Post, Norris 187 Posthuma, Albert E 348 Poston, Paul L 309 Potter, Adward 167 Potter, Patricia 112 Potter, William 197, 284 Powell, G. Wayne 178 Powell, Jerome 171 Powers, John 191 Powell, Ray 84, 284 Powell, Robert M 309 Powers, Donald 52, 284 Powers, John 284, 290 Powers, William 178 Poyser, Thomas 89, 172, 277, 284 Prato, Samuel 263 Pratt, Harriet 207 Pratt, Harriett F 263 Pratt, William 171 Pray, David C 315, 317 Precious, Robert 362 Preiskel, Bob 59 Pregulman, Mervin, 94, 128, 130, 133, 135, 137, 189 Present, Phyllis 60, 107, 113, 118, 204 Preston, Jack J 75, 168 Preston, Martha 205 Preston, Martha J 263 Price, Leslie 75 Price, Liese 220 Price, Stuart 298 Prills, Evelyn V 263 Pritchard, Jane 94, 218 Pritula, William 90, 128, 178 Prizand, Meyer 284 Procassini, Anthony J 263 Proctor, Grace ...109, 113, 207 Prokap, Francis 362 Proshek, Karl E 329 Prozeller, Paul 190 Prudich, John 190 Przybylowicz 290 Pugsley, Dorothy 112, 202 Pullem, Joan 205 Purcell, Francis L 348 Purcell, George 298 Purdom, Dr. T. Luthur ...80, 81 Purdue, John C 263 Purdy, Delbert 173 Purdy, Francis 362 Pusack, David 198 Pyatte, Robert 175 Quinlan, Jane 219 Ouinn, James 171 Ouinn, Murray 75 Ouinn, Thomas 355 Quinsey, Robert 192 Racette, Wendell 174, 277 Radford, Elizabeth 203 Radka, Aimer 179 Ral, James 350, 352 Raefield, Malcolm 173 Rafelson, Mac 191 Raiford, Frank 346 Rakestraw, Eleanor K. 92, 98, 105, 212, 263 Ralleston, Mariett 222 Ramsdell, Betty 205 Ramsdell, Frances W. 209, 263 Ramsdell, Robert 179 Ramsay, Elinor 179 Ramsay, Jeanne 209 Ranahan, Jean ....94, 206, 299 Rankin, Kenneth 52, 284 Ranney, Dick 172 Raskey, Shirley 61, 113, 216 Rathbun, Elaine 202 Rathbun, Bob 200 Rathert, George 296 Rausch, Dorothy 216 Rawdon, Richard 79, 191 Rawson, Delbert 315, 317 . Raymond, Allen 179 Raymond, Charles 75, 176 Raymond, Jeannette 212 Raymond, Joseph 290 Rea, Walter (Assistant Dean) 291, 240 Reader, Russel 173 Reagon, Arlie 192, 276, 277, 284, 287 Rebtimeyer, Calnin 188 Rector, Irving 194 Reddig, Rhoda 368 Redfield, John 199 Redinger, Carl 284 Redner, Blanchard 289 Redner, David R 52 Reed, Joseph Reed, Karl 352 .196, 277, 284 Reed) Tom 346, 350, 353 Reed, William 355 Reese, Carolyn 205 Reese, Ken 172 Rehmus, Richard 194 Reichert, Edward ..87, 148, 180 Reichert, Robert 191 Reichle, Mary M. 212, 213, 263 Reid, Janice 202 Reid, Philip 171 Reid, Robert 166, 284 Reiger, Elizabeth 212 Reiger, John III 169 Reindel, John 172 Reinhart, Carl 174 Reinhart, Robert 170 Reisdorf, Robert W. 52, 287, 168 Reisig, William 169 Reiter, Ed 168 Rejewski, Z. Ted 384 Relyea, Harold E 52, 329 Renaud, Bruce 167, 276, 284, 288 Rendinell, Don F 263 Reno, Gordon 284, 288 Reno, L. Elaine 263 Renton, Robert 284, 290 Renwick, Ralph 317 Repola, Kenneth ...87, 176, 364 Rese, William 169 Resnick, Roy 184 Ressler, Lloyd 51, 52 Restin, Jane L 263 Rettick, Charles 188 Revelli, William ..362, 363, 365 Rewoldt, Stewart 307 Reynolds, Clifford J. ...52, 284 Reynolds, Sydney 288 Reynolds, Thame 84, 284 Rhoads, Donald 290 Ribback, Ruth Rice, Charles 317 Rice, Fern E 101, 263 Rice, Richard Rice, Robert 355 Rice, Roger 173 Rice, Thomas 84, 284 Rich, Roselyn 263 Richards, James 317 Richardson, Robert 146, 161, 198, 263 Richer, John L 348 Richert, Elaine ..106, 216, 263 Richey, Herbert 180 Rickert, Glennis 181 Rickert, Marion 115 Rider, Nancy E 342 351 Ridley, Roger 346 Riefman, Lt. Samuel 51 Riekse, James 355 Riesen, John 346 353 Riggs, Carl 190 Riher, James 353 Riley, William 181 Rinehart, Betty J 263 Rinehart, Elizabeth 210 Riner, Mary E 263 Riner, William A 337 Ringkvest, Robert C 52 Riopelle, Helen 225 Riopelle, John 178, 277 Rioux, Audrey M 263 Roach, George 362, 365 Roach, John 173 Robb, Janet 216 Bobbins, Charlotte L 263 Roberts, George 169, 362 Roberts, Gloria E 263 Roberts, Jeanne 202 Roberts, Ray, Trainer ..129, 144 Roberts, William 171 Robertshaw, Audrey 284 Robertson, David 193, 290 Robertson, James 355 Robin, Shirley 93 Robins, John 192 Robins, Raymond 316 Robinson, Arthur D. ...172, 264 Robinson, Barbara 216 Robinson, Don, 88, 128, 129, 132, 136, 139, 152, 153, 154, 172 Robinson, Edward 285 Robinson, Florence 264, 92 Robinson, Fred W 348 Robinson, James 199 Robinson, Lee 218 Robinson, Loren T 171, 264 Robinson, Mary 1 84 Robinson, Phyllis 115, 214 Robinson, Thomas Jr 169 Robinson, William L. 171, 172, 264 Roche, Kathleen 220 Rock, Virginia 101 Rockoff , Helen V 264 Rockwall, Dean 47, 52, 84 276 285 Rodeker, Joseph F 79 Roden, B. C 290 Rodenbach, Ruth E 264 Rodger, John 167 Rodgers, Elizabeth 203 Rodgers, Horace 92 Roeglin, Skip 353 Roehm, Barbara 228 Roeser, Carleton 192 Roelofs, Alice 210 Rogers, Charles E 75 Rogers, Frances P 207, 264 Rogers, Joe 187 Rohr, John 169 Rohr, Virginia A .315 Rohrbach, Bill 128 Roleston, Mariett 108, 264 Romine, Mary Jane 214 Ronay, Mary 59, 264 Roop, Sherry 202 Root, Georgianna 216 Root, Samuel 352 Rosa, Elizabeth 215 Rosasco, Carmelita 92 Rose, Bill 230 Rosen, Douglas A 199, 264 Rosen, Harold 316 Rosenbain, Adele 217 Rosenbaum, Eleanor 92 Rosenbaum, Herbert ..346, 354 Rosenbaum, Marjorie J. 100, 264 Rosenbaum, Wallace C 264 Rosenblatt, Lester 285 Rosencrans, Herbert 199 Rosengarden, Robert 362 Rosenman, Ray 342, 354 Rosenstock, Charles 199 Roser, Arthur 372 Roser, Betty 107 Rosmarin, Marjorie 204 Ross, Arline 118 Ross, Barbara A 264 Ross, Jean 202 Ross, June 223 Ross, Larry 193 Ross, Margaret 107, 211 Ross, Robert E 315 Rosse, John M 85 Rossier, Bob 190 Rossmore, James 188 Rosso, John 277 Roth, Elizabeth A 264 Roth, John H 169, 264 Roth, Milton 186 Rothschild, Charles J. ..199, 264 Rottshaeffer, William ..346, 353 Rovit, Richard L 85, 187 Rowe, Norman 206 Rowlee, Asa S 191, 264 Roxborough, John ..88, 155, 156 Roy le, Ann 207, 264 Rozas, Miguel 298 Rubenstein, Frances 112 Ruch, Marilyn 209 Rudel, Harold E 52, 146 Rudlaff, John 175, 285 Rudy, Orerle 75, 180 Ruettinger, Hazel 362 Ruge, Miriam 218 Rummey, Mason 187 Runge, Ed 200 Rupert, Samuel 179, 285 Rusell, Carle 192 Rusell, Samuel 175, 285 Rust, John 188 Rutan, Edward 84, 285 Ruth, Norman D 52, 307 Rutherford, Marjorie 210 Ruthven, Alexander G. 236, 249 Ruthven, Peace Taker 86 Ruzicka, William 179, 290 Ryan, Joseph 352 Ryan, William E. 276, 285, 289 Rybolr, Harry 182 Rydholm, Eber H 52 Rydholm, Harwood 175 Ryding, Robert 317 Rye, Phyllis . 220 Ryle, William C. . . .315 S Sacarny, Leo 362 Sacco, Russell 93, 174 Sachs, Bette 106, 111, 118, 208 Sacks, Frances 109 Sackter, June 34 Sadler, Canoe Builder 86 Sadler, Margaret 210 Sager, Estelle 92 Sahlin, Clarence A 337 Sahn, Jack G 264 St. John, Ellen 92 Saks, Lewis 70 Salfingere, Elenor 92, 264 Salade, George 264, 57, 87, 93, 194 Salon, Joel 199 Salvette, Judy 200 Salwen, David 362 Samper, Gonsalo 182 Samper, Hernando 182 Samper, Pablo 92, 182, 285 Samuel, Eleanore 114 Samuels, Phyllis F 264 Samuels, William 199 Sanborn, Don 75 Sanckey, Henry 193 Sandborn, Donald 168 Sandenburgh, June 207 Sanders, Carl W 85 Sanders, Patricia 202 Sandling, Milton 187 Sandos, Mary Ellen 215 Sands, Kenneth 192 Sands, Sel 200 Sandt, Ralph 182 Sandroick, Luther 167 Sanford, Ruth 112, 264 Santopietro, Olinda O. 307, 309 Sapirstein, Gloria F 264 Sapp, Sagging Sack Sapp, Will 57, 264 Sappington, Lew 200 Sargent, Beth E 264 Sargent, James 346, 353 Satelmeier, Margaret ..100, 299 Sauer, Barbara 216 Sauer, Catherine 97 Saul, William 171 Saulson, Daniel 364 Saums, Harry 170 Sous, Nelson G 52 Savage, Margaret J. ..216, 264 Savage, Marilyn 215 Savage, Richard E. 52, 152, 172 Savilla, 2nd Lt. Roland 76 Saville, Richard 194, 329 Sawyer, G. A 84 Saxe, Theodore 346 Saxon, Alexander V. ..285, 287 Saxton, Robert 170 Sayers, Harriet 213 Sayles, David 353 Schaef er, Jane 351 Schaefer, Samuel 198 Schaef fer, Norm 1 84 Schaef fer, Robert 193 Schaf lander, Jerry 151 Schairer, Neil 285 Schanbacker, Paul 182 Schape, Russell 169 Scharff, A. Karl. .. .264, 188, 198 Schechter, Roy 290 Schellenberg, Robert W. ...264 Schellens, Peter 292 Shermerhorn, Jane 214 Schick, Paul 170 Schick, Thomas ... 170 Schiff, Paul 316 Schleh, Ruth 205 Schlemenson, Melvin S. . . .348 Schloss, Dorothy 105, 108, 110, 246 Schluter, Harold 355 Schmid, Richard W 264 Schmidt, Donald F 187, 269 Schmidt, Henry T. Jr. 90, 155, 194 bcnmidt, Jacob . 102 Schmidt, William L Schneider, Louis J 85 Schneider, Raymond . .285, 288 Schneidewind, Professor R.. 69 Schoch, Henry K. . . 343 Schoel, Richard G 47, 52, 93, 174, 276, 285 bchoen, Seymour 177 Schoenfeld, Rita 204 Schoepfle, Barbara . 210 Schoepfle, Tom 190 Scholes, Jane 202 Scholes, Walt ' . ' .183 Schooler, Kermit ] 186 Schreck, Roberta G. ...211 264 Schreiber, Oskar 346, 353 Schreiner, Vera 228 Schriener, Frederick . . . . . " l98 Schroeder, J. E 197, 309 Schulmeyer, Stew [go Schultz, Ernest . ... ' " l8S Schultz, Marillyn 114 Schulze, Robert 62, ' 178 Schutt, Alice Louise ...106 212 Schwab, Manuel M 264 Schwab, Ruth B 104 264 Schwab, William 191 Schwan, Paul 285, 288 Schwartz, Bertram S. . . 52 264 Schwartz, Norma 78, 199, 217, 309 Schwartzbek, Eugenia .106, 208 Schweickhard, Gretchen ...223 Schweitzer, Kenneth J 264 Schwenk, Edward B., Jr 85 Schwertfeger, Villa 285 ' , ' 293 Schwiger, Eve 117 Schwiud, Frederick ........ 346 Schwyn, Robert L 52, 73, 88, 174, 309 bcott.Betty Jane 212 Scott, Edward 187 353 Scott, Harry J., Jr.... 51, 52, 191 bcott, Harry R 97 Scott, Jean ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . .228 Scott, Mary M 109 Scott, Phoebe ' . ' . ' , ' , ' .224 Sconelle, James 190 Scoville, John A 183 ' , ' 265 Sears, Charles 345 Sears, James 155, 19; Seaver, James 180 Secontine, Vince ' . ' . ' . 128 Seed, Andrew 182 Sefton, Jane 15 Seguau, Mary .,. ' . 362 Secmla, Bob 87, 155 156 Seibert, Allan 175 Seiden, Daniel L....52, 199,309 Seidler, Violet T 265 Seitz, Betty M 208, 265 Seby, Ruth 67, 265 Selby, Stephen 170 Sellon, Mary 106, 211, 321 Selmier, Joan log Seltz, Charles L 75, 85 Seltzer, Holbrooke 56 Sempere, Charles R 52 265 Sendler, Freda J. ... 265 Sernuik, W 84 Sen-ester, Bernie 200 Service, Dorothy 104 Sessions, Cecil R 84 Sessions, Louis 84, 96, 182, 276, 288 Seven, Ray 288 Sewell, Georae 169 Sewell, Guy M 169, 265 Sexauer, Mary Jane 207 Seymour, William, III 167 Sforenzi, Robert 277,285 Shadd, Robert W 198 Shaeffer, Marion G 52 Shafer, Henry 171 Shafroth, John 180 Shaltis, Robert 362 Shanck, Donald 171, 285 Shanik, Shirley 92 Shannon, Richard 185 Shapero, Joyce 293 Shapiro, Arthur 1 315 Shapiro, Marvin 184 Shapiro, Phyliss 217 Shapiro, Wilbur 285 Sharemer, John ' 309 Sharp, Bryant 174 Sharp, Robert W. ... 52 77 362 Sharp, Theodore ..197, 276, 285 Sharpe, Marcia 107, 118 216 Sharpe, Phillip . 52, 84, 128, 190, 285 Sharpe, Richard 197 Shartel, Marlou 212 Shafer, Jean E !!265 Shaw, Daphne 216 Shaw, Margery 220 Shaw, Penelope . Shaw, Wilfred ' . ' . ' . ' . ' .241 Shear, Pauline " 359 Sheeky, Edward, III ... 167 Sheeky, Richard 167 Sheeky, William 348, 353 Sheets, Jerome B. 87, 161, 197, 265 bhelden, Warren 354 Sheldon, James 1 80 Shell, Sydney ' .68 288 Shellenberg, Robert 307 Shelley, Robert 307, 309 | he ev - Warren ... 1 66, 362, 365 Shelley, William Shemky, Bob Shemn, Robert 194 Shempp, Evangeline.92, 93 112 bhepard, Duane 188, 285 bhepard, Juddson E 343 Sheplar, Robert 169 Sheppard, Roland ' . ' . ' . . ' 174 Sheridan, Audrey ' 205 Sherman, Adeie " 206 Sherman, Claire .106 202 bherman, Harold . . 93 Sherman, Peter ....... ' " 175 Sheomerhorn, Jane gg Sherrit, Betty . " 1 1 7 Sherwin . " ifii Shevin, Alfred . . ' . ' . ' . ' . 85, 189 Shevin, Frederick F .265 Shields, Edmund C . 239 Shimmons, Opal ' 95 Shimoura, Katherine H. ' .92,265 Shirkey, Rrbert Shockley, John 170 Shoecraft, Harriet L [ 3 5l Shoe}, Richard 288 Shoemaker, John , ' 317 Shook, Lt. Cmdr. K S " Shook, Thelma " 352 Shopoff, Robert W. t , 52. 59, 88, 192 bhort, Lee ... 017 Shott, Bob ! 73 Shramek Joseph .! " ! " ! I " 355 Shreck, Roberta 105 Shreve, Alia J ! " ! ! 265 Shuchowsky, Joan 79 219 Shukre, Mohammed ... " ' 287 Shuirman, Gerald . ' 287 Shulamith, Atken .... " " 92 Shulman, Helen G 265 Shulman, Harvey L .189 265 Shuman, Betty M 265 Shumway, Norman .. .181 Shure, Barbara ' 204 Shute, Jane 106, 107 203 Shwayder, Warren 85, 186 Sibiga, Genevieve .... 223 Sibley, Joy Sieg, Helen ' . ' . ' . , ' .223 Siegel, Joan 265 Siegel, Schuster . Siegel, William M. . . . ' . ' . ' . ' . [ ' . 265 Siekert, John ' . 292 Sierleja, Edward ' 287 Sievers, Ora 78, 499 logins 364 Sigler, Louis 345 Silas, Ralph M " ' 343 Silberberg, William . 178 Silver, Bob 190 .Silver, Marcia.. " 204 Silver, Melvin L 89, ' 265 Silversmith, Joseph. 52, 199, 287 Simon, Burton 315 Simon, Richard S 199 265 Simonds, Chan 150 Simonds, Vance ' 188 Simons, Broudy igg Simpson, Dorothy J. . ' ' 315 Simrall, Kitty Sims Sue 62, 113 218 Sinclair, E. Marie 293 Sinclair, Sheldon 92 Singer, Ann 299 Singer, Isadore M 95, 364 Singer, Janet 224 Sink, Cecil jgi Sippy, Francis ig7 Sipoy, Kenneth ig7 Sisk, Hope 216 Skaug. Andrew M 52 Skillings, William 182 Skinner, Harriet 210 Skinner, Henry 92, 167 405 Skinner, Jim 158, 160 Skinner, June P 207, 265 Skinner, Many Hides 86 Sklut, Sybil 265 Skud, Elaine 92 Skurla, George 291 Skulch, William 186 Slatmyer, Karel 350, 355 Sleator, F 84 Slepiah, David 85 Slifkin, Irving 265 Sloan, Phillip 317 Sloane, George E. 52, 69, 84, 96, 191 Slocum, Jane L 315 Small, Florence 114 Small, Kenneth 316 Small, Robert C 315, 316 Smallman, Robert 185, 362 Smart, John 194 Smeja, Rudy M. 89, 128, 169, 287 Smith, Allen 173 Smith, Arthur 173 Smith, Barbara 113, 308, 224, 265 Smith, Barton 171 Smith, Benjamin S. 87, 150, 180, 265 Smith, Boyd 174 Smith, Dale 182 Smith, Daniel 179 Smith, Donald 191 Smith, E. J 180 Smith, Earl 182 Smith, Emmons 167 Smith, Esther 101 Smith, Guy 285, 290 Smith, Harry 182 Smith, Herbert 93, 166 Smith, Ira 241 Smith, James M 75, 176 Smith, Janis A 315 Smith, Keith 68, 89, 96, 288 Smith, Lewis 84, 285, 290 Smith, Heigh 169 Smith, Marjorie E 214, 265 Smith, Ogden C 198 Smith, Oliver 169 Smith, Paul 362 Smith, Robert 181 Smith, Rodney 285 Smith, Roger 180 Smith, Ruth A 265 Smith, Scott 200 Smith, Shirley W 239, 241 Smith, Sleepy Slicer 86 Smith, Stiles 173 Smith, Virginia 120 Snaddon, Harriet : 209 Snell, William 179 Snodgrass, James 181 Snodgrass, John 181 Snow, George M. 52, 68, 90, 96, 176, 289 Snow, Robert 47, 52, 174, 276, 277, 285 Snowden, Margery 204 Snyder, E. Graydon ...195, 285 Snyder, Helen 101, 214 Snyder, Howard 180 Snyder, Norman 285 Snyder, Roslyn 265 Snyder, Roy 346, 352 Snyder, Thomas 362 Sobyanos, S. J 287 Solomon, Jeff 79, 94, 199 Solomon, Julius F 265 Solomon, Margery 266 Somers, William 170 Somerville, Ruf us 1 87 Sonnenberg, Leonard 288 Soper, Bette 112, 203 Sott, Edna 97 Soukup, Robert ...166, 285, 290 Soull, Dr 340 Southworth, Margaret 362 Severn, Robert 175 Spangel, Jack A 198 Spongier, Elaine 70, 78, 266 Sparks, Harvey V 266 Spath, Lynette 115, 362, 363 Spath, Richard M.. 51, 52, 90, 166 Spaulding, James 167 Spaunburg, Harvey 181 Speak, Pete 146 Spear, George 167 Spector, Martha 66, 204 Speirn, Russell 51, 52, 190 Spencer, Alvira 202 Spencer, George ..266, 353, 362 Spero, Lisbeth 204 Spiesberger, Louis 186 Spitz, Richard 73, 199 Spore, Patricia 112, 113, 213 Spracklin, Howard 166 Spreen, Walter 167 Springer, Deborah 204 Springer, Robert 168 Springer, Suzanne 96, 214 Sproat, Ben 171 Spurr, Nina A 266 Squire, Nancy 216 Srere, Alfred 85 Staoke, Paul 187 Staoty, Dumont S 348 Stackhouse, Coach 155 Stacy, Marian 225 Stadelman, Geraldine. .113, 209 Stafford, Howard E 315 Stahl, Bob 184 Stahl, Helen 92 Stahl, Trn 184 Stamatakis, Constantinos ...292 Standiford, David 181 Stanley, DeWolf 181 Stanton, Anna Louise 218 Stanyard, Alexander ..285, 290 Stark, Gloria A 218, 315 Starks, Hugh 362, 182 Stason, E. Blythe, Jr. 185, 241, 334 Stauch, John E 47, 52 Stedman, Lynn 191 Stedman, Muriel 211 Steele, Jean 114 Stefany, Dorothy 115 Stegerman, John 171 Steidemann, Robert 329 Steigerwaldt, Edward 329 Steiler, Barbara 209 Steinberg, Robert E. ...199, 266 Steiner, Richard 355 Steiner, Seth 180 Steinhagen, William K 52 Steinman, C 186 Steinorth, Winifred 78 Stenberg, Bob 87, 128, 137, 138, 148, 149, 190, 152 Stenhouse, Jean 207 Stephen, Fergus 174 Stephenson, Edward 192 Stephenson, Sue 78 Stern, Aaron 354 Stern, Harold P 266 Stern, Jerome J 266 Stern, Joseph 186 Stern, Mildred 93, 114 Stern, Richard 186 Sternfels, Barbara 204, 66 Sterngold, Human ..287, 84, 177 Stevens, Ester 209 Stevens, Helen 213 Steward, John 79 Steward, Harry 292 Steward, Walter V 178 Stewart, Beverly 215 Stewart, Ensiger 109 Stewart, D. Richard 75, 266 Stewart, Walter V. ..52, 90, 158 Stewart, William 150, 180 Stevens, Esther ...113, 118, 266 Stevens, Monica 266 Stevens, Ray 317 Stevens, Wink 67 Stianson, Stanley C 85 Stickney, M. Janet 212, 116, 266 Stieler, Barbara 92 Stiers, Larry 193 Stiger, Roosevelt 155 Stiglitz, Dorothy 266 StiUe, Wayne 151 StirKp on, Robert 290, 179 Stirling, Ralph 307 Stitzinger, George 179 Stobaugh, Warren 362 Stobbelaar, Robert 355 Stock, Nancy A. 218, 96, 106, 266 Stocksteil, Chuck 184 Stoetzel, Rose 212 Stolbera, Carl 346, 355 Stone, Bob 184 Stone, Sanford 285, 287 Stong, Stanley 307 Storkan, Marjorie M. 209, 100, 98, 105, 266 Stout, Prof. M. 3 9 Stover, John 187 Stover, Virginia I. 120, 202, 266 Strack, David 167 Strachley, Clifford 171 Strachley, Oriel 119, 120 Strach, Dave 144, 145 Strait, Noyce 175 Strain, William 266 Straka, Donald 362, 364, 171 Straub, Rupert 73, 175 Strauss, Howard 285 Strauss, Readum Birchbark. . 86 Strawser, George A 75 Stremmel, John . 17S Stribby, Richard 1C2 Strickland, Richard ....182, 287 Striffler, Dave 73, 77 Stroder, Robert R 52 Strobel, Jeanne C 266 Stroehley, Oriel 216 Stroia, Liuius N 155, 266 Stron, Barbara 209 Strong, Carter 298 Strong, Marjorie 209 Strong, Ruth 211 Strong, Stanley R 52 Strub, Irvin H 266 Stuart, Bruce 285, 289 Stubbins, W. H 365 Stubbs, Gene 232 Stubbs, Harry E. Jr 85 Stuber, Barbara 116, 210 Stuch, Lafayette 181 Sturgis, Cornelia 214 Sturges, John 171 Sucher, Bob 79 Sudhoff , Max 182 Sullivan, William 285,288 Sullivan, Bud 203 Summerfelt, Wm. A. 47, 52, 84, 285 Summerfield, Arthur 170 Summers, Eliz 202 Sunderland, Council Pleader 85 Sundquist, Robert 62, 70, 84, 89, 170, 285 Suthergreen, Bruce B 266 Sutler, June 369 Sutton, Palmer 196, 362 Svendson, Kendell L 266 Swain, Barbara 218 Swander, Homer 56, 57, 59, 74, 171 Swander, Philip 1 1 Swander, Thunder Quill 86 Swanson, Charles 180 Swanson, Patricia 206 Swart, Elaine 191 Swenson, Eugene D. ..193, 287 Swenson, William 286, 287, 193, 276, 364 Swettman, William 362 Swierat, John V., Jr 266 Swift, Betty Jane 209 Swift, Robert 286 Swiggett, Dick 190 Swisher, Elizabeth 212 Symons, Fern-Aileen 79 Szklarz, Norbert 290 Szucs, Julie M 266 Szymanski, Roy 169 Tabor, Constance 93, 113 Taffet, Seymour Tail, Arnott 79 Takahashi, William 346 Taliaferro, Monroe 173 Tampsett, Arthur 355 Tang, Sik Che 286 Tang, S. Che 79 Tanner, Thomas 298 Tansey, John 355 Tappan, William 353 Tapping, Many Councils .... 86 Tapping, T. Hawley 76 Tapp, Kenneth 175 Tarapata, Peter 297-298 Tarbell, Theodore 188,286 Tate, John 171 Tate, Raymond 288 Tate, William 171 Taylor, Eliz 112 Taylor, Eliz 206 Taylor, F. Carter 84, 89, 198, 286 Taylor, George 352 Taylor, Glenn 70, 307 Taylor, Hazel 204 Tappe, Hope 213 Taylor, Martha 78 Taylor, Richard 355 Taylor, Robert 78 Taylor, Robert 353 Taylor, William 192 Teesdale, Rufus 169 Teesdale, Rufus 286 Teesdale, Rufe 68 Teesdale, William 170 Teeter, Paul 288 Teetor, Sally 203 Telfer, Charles 170 Telfer, Charles 230 Telfer, Robert 188 Templin, Robert.. 70, 72, 94, 266 Tennyson, Donald 191 Terbrueggen, Ann 92, 104 Terquerst, John 181 Terrell, James R 266 Thar, Bernard 287 Thatcher, Charles .... 47, 52, 57 84, 89, 190, 286, 288, 362 Thatcher, Tepee Patcher Thayer Gwyn 185 Thayer Stanley 362 Theodoroff, Boris T. 52, 307, 362, 363, 365 Theriault, Jack 190 Thielen, Mary Jane 211 Thielman, Mary Jane 106 Thomas, Al 155, 156 Thomas, Arthur 316 Thomas, Barbara 101, 293 Thomas, Charles 191 Thomas, Marion 369 Thomas, Marjory G. ...266, 351 Thomas, Muriel 220 Thomas, Ruth E 266 Thomas, Tudor L. ..52, 267, 268 Thomas, William J 267 Thompson, Charlotte 98, 105, 109, 608, 267 Thompson, Diana R 267 Thompson, Frances 65, 104, 213 Thompson, Frederick 286 Thompson, lone 104 Thompson, John ] 82 Thompson, Marion 106, 208 Thorns, Jane J 267 Thomson, Arthur L 196, 290 Thome, F. Elizabeth 337 Thorp, Frank 191, 277, 286 Throop, Prof. Palmer A 56 Tibbetts, James 298 Tibbits, Ruth S 348, 351 Tidman, Ray Pierce 178 Tieman, John 286 Tillson, Robert P. 47, 51, 52, 89 Ting, Sik Woo 348 Tinsley, Phil 190 Tishkoff, Beatrice 92,267 Titleman, Mark 186 Titus, Sara 115 Tobey, Frank L 85 Togria, Albert 362, 365 Toll, Philip 92, 192 Tomita, Theodore .348 Tompsett, Arthur 350 Torrence, Frank 174 Tootle, James 290 Townley, R. K 84 Townsend, Harry 292 Townsend, Morgan 175 Trace, Keith B 198 Tracy, James 355 Trainer, Mary Jane 210 Trask, Jack 166 Travis, Elaine 215 Travis, Justine 204 Traynor, M. Jean 267 Treadwell, Dorothy 209 Tree, Russ 200 Treleavan, Peter 169 Trepanier, Norman ....286, 288 Treuhoft, Jack 199, 288 Trey, Willard 280 Trezise, William 183 Trick, Charles 169 Triestram, Frances 60, 111, 213, 267 Tripp, Frances 218 Tripp, Katherine 212 Troxell, Harry 191 Trogan, Angela 128 Troop, Frances 114 Troost, Herbert 192 Trosper, Roberta 207 Trout, Alexander 182 Trowbridge, William . . 170, 267 Trowell, Albert 297, 298 Trueblood, Coach 150 Tsen, Te-Mer 351 Tuck, Georgeanna 215 Tuck, Mary Sue 218 Turin, Florence 109, 224 Turner, Irene 202 Turner, Jean C 267 Turner, John 182 Turnquist, Carl R 52 Tuttle, David 182 Titchell, Thomas E 85, 190 Twyning, Robert 192, 286 Tyler, Cyril, Jr 169 Tyler, Pat 112 Ufer, Robert P. 155, 156, 157, 180, 267 Ufer, Running Nose 86 Ulfer, Thomas 291 Ulmer, Arthur 346, 353 Ulmer, Elaine 286 Ulmer, Thomas 364 Ulrich, Mary Caroline 212 Ulrich, Robert D 337 Unger, Robert M 186, 267 Unger, Stan 184 Upfall, Yale 316 Upson, Katherine 209, 267 Upson, Nancy 113, 119, 213 Utley, Mary Jane 109, 267 Upton, Arthur 181 Upton, David 167, 277 Utley, Steven 168 Uvick, Anita 92, 215 Valeria, Alexander 298 Valette, George 52, 188 Valpey, Coach Art 128 Van Auken, Edward ...346, 355 Van Buren, James 167 Vance, Betty 65, 213 Van Cleare, Wallace 182 Vandenberg, Edward 291 Vandenberg, S 348 Vanden Belt, Ben H 85 Vander Mey, Frances 223 Vander Ploeg, William 348, 350 Van Doom, Donald 286 Van Harn, Raymond 342 Van Hoek, Donald E. ..348, 350 Van Iwegen, Mary 100 Van Nostrand, Peter 178 Van Oosten, Howard E 267 Van Scherpe, Peter H 52 Van Slychk, William ..286, 289 Van Summern, John S. ..52, 128 Vantine, Robert 169 Van Wert, Paul H. 52, 178, 297 Van Wicklen, Warren 168 Van Wineland, Dorthey Nan 116 Vasiliou, Kirnon 287 Vaughan, Barbara 208 Vaughan, Edgar J 77 Vaughn, Jack H. 92, 937, 181, 267 Vaughn, John 232 Vedder, Mary 214 Veenboer, Janet 60, 213 Verduin, Lee C 84, 289 Veenboer, Janet 60, 213 Vial, A. Buraess 346, 353 Vial, Laura T 214, 267 Viancour, Florence R 351 Vibbert, Madeline 93, 210 Vibbert, Robert A. 79, 178, 267 Vicary, Harrriet 214 Vincent, Burton 179 Vincent, Kenneth 168 Vine, James D 267 Vining, Keats K 348, 355 Vinkemulder, Henry 185 Visscher, Dorothy 299 Vogan, Frieda 114 Vogt, Margaret 216 Vogtlin, Robert 362 Voiles, Jack A 196, 290 Vollrath, Major 51 Volpe, Edmund L 267 Volz, Arthur G. Jr 47, 52 Vonesh, Michael 329 Voss, Robert 286, 288, 362, 365 Vossberg, George 168 Vyn, Frances 106, 107, 113, 213 Vyn, John 170 W Wagener, Hobart ..93, 297, 298 Waggoner, Bill 200 Waggoner, Charles W. 185, 267 Wagner, Eugene 189 Wagner, Mary Lou ....267, 206 Wakefield, Richard 181 Wakeman, Virginia 213 Walcott, John W 52, 175 Wald, Richard 186 Waldon, Sanford 316 Walerowicz, Richard C 267 Walker, Alice S 267 Walker, Esther ..267 Walker, Gilbert T 267 Walker, Morgan 178 Walker, Robert E. 75 Walker, Roger 200 Wallace, Barbara 218 Wallace, Donald 365, 364, 362, 52 Wallace, Melvin 189 Wallace, Robert 230, 180 Wallace, Stanford 75, 85, 187, 97 Wallace, Wilber 180 Wallach, Howard 186 Waller, John 187 Wallick, George 362 Wallin, Curtiss 288 Wallis, James 191 Walsh, George Jr 73, 197 Walsh, Helen C 207, 267 Walsh, Mervyn 288, 185 Walsh, Sally M. ..209, 111, 267 Walter, Louise 190 Walters, Dan 75 Walters, Dorothy 211 Walters, John 352 Walton, Edna M 267 Waltz, Lt. Col. Stanley G. . . 76 Wandsuft, Benjamin 354 Wantz, Pat 190 Ward, Anne F 267 Ward, Chandler 169 Ward, Donald 317 Wardley, Frank 178, 123 Wardley, Tee 133 Wark, Bruce H 183, 267 Warner, Caleb 292, 84 Warner, Joseph 97, 186 Warner, Robert M 267 Warren, Claire 215 Warren, John 286 Warren, Kenneth 194 Warren, Milton 186 Warren, Phillip 169 Warren, Virginia 207 Warick, Woodward 146, 180 Wason, John 167 Waterbury, William 168 Waterman, Prof. Merwin H. 56, 304 Waterstone, Alvin 267 Watkins, Douglas 181 Watkins, Herbert 368, 362, 241 Watkins, Lois Anne 205 Watkins, William 192 Watoon, Barbara J 267 Watson, F 364 Watson, Jeanne M 216, 267 Watson, Stuart 179 Wattles, Thomas 182 Walts, Pam 212 Watts, Warren 169 Wayne, Richard 168 Wayson, Edward E 352 Weakock, Phillip 173 Weadock, Virginia 106, 112, 200 Wearley, Dorothey 216 Weathers, Bynum 362 Weatherstone, Bessie L 269 Webb, Clarence 180 Weber, Betty 204 Weber, Morrow ..106, 113, 214 Wechsler, Burt 186 Wedhe, Bryant 355 Weeks, Al 190 Weeks, Richard 192 Wees, Marshall 346 Wehmeyer, David 198, 277 Wehner, Ruth 362 Weichsel, Hans 290 Weideman, Carl 176 Weigel, Edwin 198 Weikel, James 179, 288 Weil, Edwin 199, 329 Weinhart, Sally ] 06 Weinbera, Alex 316 Weiner, Sol 177 Weinhart, Sally 215 Weinsteine, James 186 Weintroub, Herbert J 85 Weisert, Edward 197 Weiss, Bertram 186 Weiss, Donna T 268 Weiss, Leo M 186 Weiss, Marjorie 92 Weiss, Marvin 186 Weiss, Robert 362 406 Weitemier, Raymond A 348 Welber, Margery 204 Welch, Kneeland 174 Welker, John 291 Weller, Keith 352 Welling, Robert 199 Wellington, Frederich C. 84, 90, 151 Wellman, Richard V. ...52, 169 Wells, William 159 172 Wendell Marion A. ...218, 268 Wendling, Robert 170 Wenner, Harry 316 Wensink, Carolyn E. ..205, 268 Wentworth, Carl B 52 Wentworth, Martha 114 Wenzlaw, William 180 Werback, William 290 Werler, Paul 93 Werver, Ha rold 286 Werst, lames 191 West, All Points 86 West, Clark D 348, 353 West, Donald C. Jr. 70, 72, 84, 89, 170, 286 West, Doris 92 West, Robert G. 52, 87, 158, 268 Westerman, Jean 114 Westfall, Donald L 268 Westmaas, William J 85 Westrate, Warren K. ..194, 268 Westrate, William Jr 194 Wetterau, George 180 Weyaudt, William 286 Whalen, Edard 70, 79, 317 Wheat, Allen A 85 Wheeler, Feme E 268 Whelan, Phillip 169 Whipple, Ford 70 Whipple, Louise 212 Whipple, Margaret 212 Whisler, Howard 179 White, Barbara Jean 112, 116, 203 White John P 173, 268 White, Lee A 56 White, Paul, 88, 128, 132, 135, 136, 137, 138, 141, 152, 154, 169 White, Virginia 113, 202 White, William 350 Whitehorn, George 174 Whitehouse, Keith 350 Whiteside, Jane 214 Whitlock, Ernest W., Jr 85 Whitlock, Mary Eliz 206 Whitney, lames 191 Whitney, Richard 193 Whittemore, J ean 62, 92, 94, 113, 211 Whitten, Phyllis 212 Whittlesey, Ruth 218 Whyte, E. Lenore 268 Widman, Richard G. 52, 166, 287 Wienner, James 85, 199 Wier, Coach LeRoy 151 Wiese, John 82, 88, 194 Wiese, Robert, 128, 132, 133, 134, 135, 137, 139, 140, 141, 144, 145, 193 Wight, Edwin 317 Wikel, Howard 169 Wilcon, Charles 288 Wild, George 188 Wilder, Mary Jane 216 Wildermuth, Dick 190 Wilkes, Jerry 184 Wilkie Robert M 52 Wilkins, Florence 109 Wilkins, Richard 291 Wilkinson, Ruth 268 Willens, David 186 Willging, Betty Ann 79, 213, 268 Williams, Bernard 230 Williams, Charles 92 Williams, Charlotte 115 Williams, Dorothy 92 Williams, Harry 191 Williams, Hillary 170 Williams, J. Robert 52 Williams, James T 198 Williams, Paul 317 Williams, R. Lee 198 Williams, Sylvester 364 Williams, Walter 286 Williams, Wilbur A 268 Williamson, Russel 185 Willis, Merville 285, 292 Willoughby, Robert 175 Willson, Jean 343 Wilson, Betty 115 Wilson, Charles ...85, 177, 286 Wilson, H. Gladys 229 Wilson, Hugh 182 Wilson, Ira J 174, 268 Wilson, James J 268 Wilson, Martha G 351 Wilson, Merrill 362 Wilson, Robert 180 Wiltsee, Joyce H 343, 351 Wiltse, Harriette 203 Wimberly, Donald 191 Winakair, Molly Ann 92 Winch, John 181 Wineland, Dorothy 206, 268, 321 Wineland, Richard E 268 Wingate, Never Late 86 Wingate, Paul 82, 84, 96, 199, 276, 286 Winkleman, Stanley ..199, 268 Winkler, Richard 192 Winokur, Shirley 268 Winsten, Sybil 100, 268 Winters, John 52, 167, 168 Winters, Richard 82, 167 Wirth, Richard 70, 170, 276, 286 Wise, Clifford 128, 180 Wise, John R 87, 268 Wise, Robert 175, 199 Wiseman, Arthur S 52 Wisler, Prof. Chester D 72 Wisner, Barbara 116 Wistert, Al, 87, 128, 131, 133, 135, 137, 141, 180 Witheridge, John 84, 286 Witters, Barbara 228 Witters, Chester 286 Wittke, Reinhard 268 Wofsey, Sybil M 260 Wolaner, David 194 Wolf, Frederick H. .. 199, 268 Wolf, Howard 287, 286 Wolfe, Jr. George C 75 Wolff, George 168 Wolfson, Lester M 85 Wolfson, Margery 204 Wolsey, Sybil 101 Woltzen, Jane 207 Wong, Jack 372 Woods, Joe 230 Wood, John 174 Wood, Kathryn 96, 268 Wood, Kenneth 191 Wood, Nancy H 216, 268 Wood, Palmer 85, 168 Wood, Robert 172 Wood, Ruth J., 99, 100, 111, 213, 106, 64, 65, 268 Wood, Suzanne ..107, 113, 214 Wood, Wilbur 198 Woodbury, Mary Lou . .213, 268 Woodruff, Charles Woods, Donald 290, 188 Woods, George 179 Woods, Gordon 329 Woodward Frederick 181 Woodward, John 180 Woolen, Ri Ri 223 Worrell, Nancy 210 Worsham, Edward 51, 52 Worsham, Mary 293, 209 Worth, Robert 290, 291 Wright, Bernard 171 Wright, Elizabeth 92 Wright, lane 117 Wright, Johnson 171 Wright, Joy L 209, 269 Wright, Lucy Chase 211 Wright, N. Jane 269 Wright, Palmer ..190, 286, 288 Wunch, John 166 Wunch, Stuart 166 Wurth, Geraldine 96 Wylie, Robert 288, 75 Yager, Charles 174 Yancey, Jack 362 Yancich, Charles 362 Yanowitz, Bennett 52 Yapp, Warren ....128, 133, 173 Yard, Boyd 187 Yardamian, Zabelle 92 Yarrow, Don 184 Yasiu, Roku 286 Yearn, Mary 223 Yntema, Hessel E 52, 171 Yoakum, Clarence S 241 Yoder, Gene 192 Yoder, Robert 168 Yoffee, Melvin R 315 Yolles, William Yoshihara, Hideo . .84, 286, 290 Yost, Donald 75, 289 Yost, Great Scalper 86 Young, Florence 92 Young, Griffith 297 Young, Katherine E 309 Young, Marjorie 211 Young, Patricia 218, 269 Young, Richard 286, 288 Young, Sam G 75 Young, Virginia 212, 216 Youngdahl, Russell 277 Zacks, Rachel A 269 Zahn, Edward J 187, 269 Zahrn, Mary Allen 100, 207 Zalenski, Eric 52, 59, 88 Zarback, Tornia Mae 209 Zemke, Kenneth 179 Zemmer, Jean 269 Zerman, Milton 177 Zeskind, Marvin ..284, 177, 286 Zimmerman, Frank S. ..180, 269 Zimmerman, John F. 66, 172, 269 Zimmerman, Marcia ..113, 213 Zimmerman, Slim Limb .... 86 Zipp, William 192 Zornow, Dale F 269 Zrmack, Genevieve 108 Zucker, Newton M. 52, 184, 288 Zuckerbraum, Alexander ... 362 Zuckerman, James 199 Zwayer, Barbara 115 407 ' 4 - ' fcjP ' ' . " - ' ' jgKlP ' aB .., . .%% " P 1 J " ' ' -gMj r . F . Jp JKSr k. - . ORIENTATION . . . BLUE FRESHMAN POTS . . . MANPOWER CORPS VOLUNTEERS IN THE Of A WHITE CHRISTMAS AND SKIING IN THE ARBORETUM SLUE FIN. Miiiiiiiilii: COURSES IN JAPANESE ANi

Suggestions in the University of Michigan - Michiganensian Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) collection:

University of Michigan - Michiganensian Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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University of Michigan - Michiganensian Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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