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m Wi m i Ma. X m " !v- ' -X E ' ' m . ..v ' .;: V :; " , Oliver Samuel DeLancey Ann Arbor. Michigan Class of 1 944 and B. Arch. 1950 . , - F 11 I - . L j - , H : 6 - " m - -:: i n Zftfetwtt . . Copyrighted 1942 The success of a yearbook steins not from what it has in common with other yearbooks or publications, but from what it has extraordinary to itself. We have attempted to catch the spirit of this Michigan, this year. It is extremely difficult to record in cold type the vital, moving forces that make up any year and it has been especially difficult to do so in this year of war. History has demanded that the University pro- duce now the leaders and technicians who must take their places in the front lines of our armies, industries, and thought. This fact, however, only gradually has become apparent to us. We of " 12. in a sense, have been engulfed in a fast-flowing era of thought. Four years ago v- arrived amid the halcyon ebb of pacifism and ivory-towered cynicism. Now the tide has turned and is in full flood. We have witnessed the advent of a cataclysmic conflict, w r hich as it grew in scope anil intensity has changed the entire mode of our thinking and action. The peace rallies of 1938 gave way to the several war relief drives until our concern and de- veloping maturity led us to " The Post War Problems " conference of 1942. But this is only half of the picture. the more public half; even as we turned from the laboratories, the machine shops, and the desks to our |i I -! oi i i -;ii ion. ve 4- 4 r v k re made ;i%var. by ;il 4 IM-4 ' o oil I- 4-l.lssni;i|4 ' ill III ' .service I In I a liill-linn h.Ulh IN iM ' iii " I on hl Sliill. li.i in IM-- c OHM- ;i .ii- ' . v k pill our |ilay to work ami gav k hill of MI| |OI-| lo oiif S-hohii- hi| " aiul 10 our li-i 4-N. V k never 4-4 HI hi ho| k lo i-4 ' 4-rl ili4 ' oinph-H- hislorv of surli a 4- 1 i in. -i4- 1 i 4- v k ar. v k lisivo noi ;iii4 ui|H4 4l 10 ilo MO. but if W4P have ill Koui k Niiiall vav 4i oiiv4 k y4 k l a picture of the vital, grow- ing, evolving force tliait i ilemocracy. w k sh.-ill have caught a picture of the year If) 12. - , COLLEGES Literature, Engineering, Architecture, Business Adminis- tration, Dentistry, Education, Forestry, Graduate, Law, Medicine, Music, Nursing, Pharmacy. ATHLETICS Football, Swimming, Basketball, Wrestling, Hockey, Golf, Baseball. Tennis, Track. ACTIVITIES Publications, Clubs, Honorary Societies, R.O.T.C. and N.R.O.T.C., Union, League, W.A.A., Junior Girls ' Play. Women ' s Activities. CAMPUS Freshmen and Fall, Sophomores and School, Juniors and J-Hop, Seniors and Spring. HOUSES Michigan ' s Thirty-Eight Fraternities, Michigan ' s Nine- teen Sororities, Michigan ' s Ten Dormitories. J THIS YEAR . . . THIS MICHIGAN .-P f. J " jf W --. E. R. S U N D E L D For the past quarter-century one man has stood out in his continuous service on the Board in Control of Student Publications. That man, Edson Sunderland, one time member of the Michigan Daily editorial staff, has sought with rare enthusiasm and by continuous vigilance, vigor, and idealism, to establish traditions of excellence in stu- dent publications. From their advent in the back rooms of professional printing shops to their present maturity in a modern self-sustained plant, the student publications have sought to uphold these traditions. In addition to his position on the Law school faculty, he serves the nation as an authority on legal procedure and judicial organization. As Secretary of the Board, Professor Sunderland has encouraged student initiative and the de- velopment of student talent. We of the University Student Publications are privileged to pay tribute to a man whose record is testimony to his service, Edson Read Sunderland. amt i OAR O 12 TOP ROW Regent B. Connable. Jr., Earl L. Burhans, Alexander Grant Ruthven (Presiding Officer), Harry G. Kipke, Shirley W. Smith (Secretary of Board of Regents) ROW 2 Regent J. Joseph Herbert, John D. Lynch, Edmund C. Shields, David H. Crowley MISSING Regent Esther M- Cram, and Dr. Eugene B. Elliott G E T S The eleven member Board of Regents serves as a contact between the University and the state legislature. It directs expenditures as limited by legislative appropriations, and sets up the University calendar according to state requirements. Elected bien- nially for eight year terms, the Regents are able to command a wide perspective of the University program and thus capably perform their job as administrative heads of Michigan. The Board ' s ability to attack the problem at hand was recently illustrated by their efficient action on the accelerated National Defense program that they put into effect in January. 13 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIE ILLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE Ah DESIGN . . . SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . . . SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY . . . COLLEGE OF LAW . . . SCHOOL EDUCATION . . . COLLEGE OF MEDICINE . . SCHOOL OF FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION . . COLLEGE OF PHA HORACE H. RACKHAM SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES. . . COLLEGE OF ENGINEERIN COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS . . COLLEGE OF ENGINEERII G . . . COLL EGE OF ARCHITE URE A DESIGN . . . SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . . SCHOOL OF EDUCATION . . . COLLEGE OF MEDICINE . . SCHOOL OF FOREST HORACE H. RACKHAM SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES . . C COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS . . . DESIGN . . . SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRAT ' . SCHOOL LEGE OF PHARMA . COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTUR COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AN RY . . COLLEGE OF LAW . . SCHOOL C EDUCATION . . . COLLEGE OF MEDICINE HORACE H. RACKHAM SCHOO COLLEGE OF LITERATUR DESIGN . . . S EDUCATIO HORACE .. .. IE .RY AND CONSERVATION . . COLLEGE OF PHARMAC EGE OF ENGINEERING . . COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTUR .LEGE OF ENGINEERING . COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AN N . . . SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY . . COLLEGE OF LAW . . SCHOOL . . . SCHOOL OF FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION . . COLLEGE OF PHARMA( HOcL OF GRADUATE STUDIES . . . COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING . . . COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTUR IENCE, AND THE ARTS . . . COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING . . . COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AN OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . . SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY . . COLLEGE OF LAW . . SCHOOL EDUCATION . . . COLLEGE OF MEDICINE . . . SCHOOL OF FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION . . COLLEGE OF PHARMAC HORACE H. RACKHAM SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES . . . COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING . . . COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTU COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS . . COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING . . COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE A) DESIGN . . . SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . . SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY . . COLLEGE OF LAW . . SCHOOL EDUCATION . . . COLLEGE OF MEDICINE . . SCHOOL OF FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION . . COLLEGE OF PHARMAC ALEXANDER G. RUTHVE For over a decade it has been the task of Alexander Grant Ruthven to supervise the students faculty in their many diversified activities. Fortunately, he is a man of energy, patience, understanding, a man who is constantly on the alert for new trends in education. U? his guidance many innovations beneficial to the University have been aaopt. His importance as administrator has never been questioned, but now, more than ever before, aas shown his real worth. The impact of war has necessitated the 1; merge; :ciple, Dr. n has been one of the real forces behi gram. The University of Michigan is indeed fortunate in having such a man at ' 17 J v JOSEPH A. BURSLEY Dean of Students ADMINI ALICE C. LLOYD Dean of Women SHIRLEY W. SMITH Vice-President and Secretary JAMES D. BRUCE Vice-President HERBERT G. WATKINS Assistant Secretary RATION Upon the administrators rests the responsibility for the efficient operation of the University. It is they who make it possible for Michigan ' s ten thousand to go through the routine of daily school life without undue interruption and confusion. In addition to this task of keeping the School ' s daily machinery well oiled and in smooth operation, the administrators are also faced with the problem of providing guidance for the students, exercising con- trol over their scholastic affairs, and supervising their extra- cur- ricular activities. IRA M. SMITH Registrar WILFRED B. SHAW Director of Alumni Relations CLARENCE S. YOAKUM Vice-President 19 . I Aft Bluebook Blues Anthropology 101 One hundred years ago the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts was founded at Ann Arbor. The original cur- riculum consisted of Latin, Greek, and the more elemen- tary branches of mathematics. The College has since ex- panded giving rise to some thirteen new schools and col- leges. Today the College faces a national call to arms with grim determination as it speeds up its program with a twelve month schedule. 22 Dissecting embryo sharks in an anatomy lab. Play production in the laboratory theatre. Geography students study map technique from one of the early Mich- igan land surveys. 23 DEAN KRAUS Dean Edward H. Kraus, one of the better known mineralogists and educators of this country, first came to Michigan in 1904 as an Assistant Professor of Mineralogy. As a reward for his patience and calm efficiency in the execution of his duties he was made Director of the College of Pharmacy in 1923, an office which he ably filled until he resigned ten years later in order to accept his present position. Since then student and faculty man alike have come to admire him more and more for his friendly man- ner and helpful advice. DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN TOP ROW Parker, White, McMurry, Hayden, Waterman, Case, Pillsbury ROW 2 Densmore, Brevold, McKenzie, Nordmeyer, Bartlett, Bishop, Bradshaw ROW 3 Boak, Sharfman, Thieme, Hunt, Brumm, Randall, LaRue, Curtis 24 CLASS OFFICERS FINANCE Ira Katz, Chairman, Jane Rosing, Betty Bailie, Nancy Drew, Holbrook Seltzer, Charles Gie- sen, Louis Shapiro, Jane Barbott, Dorothy Anderson, Charles Dillman, Elizabeth Anderson. CAP AND GOWN M. Alfred Darling, Chairman, Robert Gel- ston, Dorothy Brooks. ANNOUNCEMENT Robert Titus, Chairman, Owen Mays, Dorothy Tydeman, Alice Haas, Jeanne Goudy, James Pilcher, F. Allen Grier, Dale Chamberlin, Constance McLeary, Stuart Park, Patricia Hadley. NORMAN CALL President AGNES CROW Vice-President JOHN SHAREMET Secretary MILDRED RADFORD Treasurer 25 FRANCES AARONSON, A.B. in French WASHINGTON. D.C. ELEANOR H. ABRAMOWITZ, A.B. in French . . . .LAKEWOOD. N.J. BERNARD ABRAMS, B.S. in Chemistry CLEVELAND, O. JOHN F. ACKERMAN, A.B. in History OSWEGO, N.Y. EILEEN M. ADAM, A.B. in Speech CHELSEA, MICH. SUSAN H. ADAMS, A.B. in English GROSSE POINTE, MICH. HARRY W. ALCORN, A.B DEARBORN, MICH. JAMES L. ALDRICH, A.B in Geography MT. CLEMENS, MICH. VIRGINIA G. ALFVIN, A.B. in Psychology WINNETKA, ILL. DORIS B. ALLEN, A.B. in Mathematics . . .GROSSE POINTE, MICH. JOHN E. ALLEN, A.B HORSEHEADS, N.Y. ROBERT I. ALPERN, A.B. in Letters and Business Administration . . DETROIT, MICH. BETTY L. ALTMAN, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. WILLIAM M. ALTMAN, A.B. in English KEW GARDENS, N.Y. SHIRLEY F. ALTSCHULER, A.B. in Political Science DETROIT, MICH. EDWARD A. ANDERSON, A.B. in Economics . . .EWEN, MICH. ELIZABETH D. ANDERSON, A.B. in Economics . . . .DULUTH, MINN. LaMAR H. ANDERSON, A.B. in History GARY, IND. MOURITZ G. ANDERSON, B.S. in Zoology EVANSTON, ILL. STUART E. ANDERSON, A.B. in Sociology ERIE, PA. GERTRUDE E. ANDRESEN, B.S. in Zoology DULUTH, MINN. GORDON J. ANDREW, A.B. in Economics DETROIT, MICH. ROBERT ANTLE, B.S. in Mathematics SAGINAW, MICH. VIRGINIA R. APPLE, A.B. in English . . . .GROSSE POINTE, MICH. RICHARD C. ARBUCKLE, A.B. in Speech ERIE, PA. ELLIOTT L. ATAMIAN, A.B BELMONT, MASS. KENWARD L. ATKIN, A.B. in Economics SOO, MICH. CAMILLA J. AYERS, A.B. in Music . . .HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. JOHN R. BACHMAN, A.B. in Mathematics . .BIRMINGHAM, MICH. ELIZABETH J. BAILIE, A.B. in Journalism DETROIT, MICH. JANE BAITS, A.B. in History GROSSE POINTE, MICH. HARRIET A. BAKER, A.B. in Political Science . . .BUFFALO, N.Y. WENDELL D. BAKER, A.B. in History ANN ARBOR, MICH. FRANCIS W. BALICE, B.S. in Chemistry HART, MICH. MARGARET L. BANCROFT, B.S. in Zoology TOLEDO, O. A. MARIE BANNAN, A.B. in History . . .PORT HURON, MICH. 26 BERNARD BARASH, B.S. in Science and Math. . .NEW YORK, N.Y. HENRY C. BARRINGER, A.B. in French PHILADELPHIA, PA. RAYMOND S. BARRY, B.S. in Zoology . . . .NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. KEITH H. BARTON, A.B. in Social Studies . .WHITE CLOUD, MICH. THOMAS A. BARTON, B.S. in Mathematics and Science PETOSKEY, MICH. LOIS M. BASSE, A.B. in History HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. ELLEN BATES, A.B. in Chemistry CULVER, IND. ROBERT E. BEDFORD, A.B. in History ANN ARBOR, MICH. EDNA D. BELTER, B.S. in Chemistry WAUTOMA, WIS. JUNE E. BENDER, A.B WAUWATOSA, WIS. ROBIN BENEDICT, A.B. in Mathematics . .WEST NEWTON, MASS. JEAN M. BENHAM, A.B. in History INDIANAPOLIS, IND. JANICE C. BENSON, A.B. in English DULUTH, MINN. A. SUZANNE BENTLEY, A.B. in History DETROIT, MICH. FLOYD A. BERNARD, B.S. in Chemistry . . . .PORT HURON, MICH. VERNA E. BERNECKER, B.S. in Zoology FLINT, MICH. BEVERLY BERNSTEIN, A.B. in English PATERSON, N.J. PHYLLIS R. BERNSTEIN, A.B. in Journalism . . . .DENVER, COLO. FRANCES L. BESANCON, A.B. in Spanish MILFORD, MICH. FREDERICK J. BIERKAMP, A.B. in History . . . . YOUNGSTOWN, O. MILDRED C. BIDLEMAN, A.B. in Mathematics . .TRENTON, MICH. ARTHUR L. BIGGENS, A.B. in Political Science POCATELLO, IDAHO PHYLLIS M. BIHN, B.S. in Psychology TOLEDO, O. HELEN G. BITTKER, A.B. in Social Work ROCHESTER, N.Y. A. P. BLAUTSTEIN, A.B. in Speech BROOKLYN, N.Y. ROBERT L. BLISS, A.B. in Political Science MASON CITY, IA. WOLFRED W. BLOCK, A.B. in Economics FLINT, MICH. MURIEL E. BLUESTEIN, A.B. in French BROOKLINE, MASS. WARREN P. BLUMBERCT, A.B. in Political Science LONG ISLAND, N.Y. VIRGINIA J. BOARDMAN, A.B. in Political Science JACKSON, MICH. JOAN V. BONDURANT, A.B. in Music GREAT BEND, KAN. ELINOR J. BOUCHARD, A.B. in French . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. FRAN CES E. BOURKE, A.B. in History ATLANTA, GA. CHARLES M. BOYNTON, A.B. in Political Science SOUTH BEND, IND. I. ALFRED BRECKLER, B.S. in Zoology FORT WAYNE, IND. MORTON I. BREEN, A.B. in Political Science . . .CADILLAC, MICH. 27 P WALTER W. BRESSLER, A.B. in Zoology SAGINAW, MICH. FRED C. BREWER, A.B. in History HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. DOROTHY J. BRIDGEN, A.B. in Speech OAK PARK, ILL. THOMAS M. BRILL, A.B. in Letters and Medicine . .YOUNGSTOWN, O. JEAN R. BRODIE, A.B. in English DETROIT, MICH. JOHN A. BROMAN, B.S. in Mathematics and Science CRYSTAL FALLS, MICH. DOROTHY E. BROOKS, B.S. in Zoology EAST ORANGE, N.J. ELIZABETH J. BROUGHAM, A.B. in English . . . .SYRACUSE, N.Y. PAUL W. BROWN, B.S. in Zoology LAURELTON, L.I. N.Y. ELVERA C. BRUEGMANN, B.S. in Education EDWARDSVILLE, ILL. SAMUEL N. BRUNI, A.B. in History BIRMINGHAM, MICH. MARY K. BRUNNER, A. B. in History . . .ALMA, MICH. PAULINE N. BRUNO, B.S. in Zoology . .IRON MOUNTAIN, MICH. CHARLES H. BUELL, A.B. in Mathematics SNYDER, N.Y. JEANNE BULLION, A.B. in Sociology ANN ARBOR, MICH. JANE M. BURBOTT, A.B. in History . . .WINNETKA, ILL. HAZEL E. BURGESS, A.B. in History SAGINAW, MICH. BARBARA BURNS, A.B. in French DOWNERS GROVE, ILL. ELIZABETH J. BURRIDGE, A.B. in Political Science LEOMINSTER, MASS. ERMA K. BUSH, A.B. in History . . .NORWOOD, N.Y. CAROL YON D. BYRNE, A.B. in Social Studies and Teachers Certificate KENT, O. JOHN H. CAHALANE, A.B. in English . . . . CHARLESTOWN, N.H. NORMAN D. CALL, A.B. in Economics NORWALK, O. CATHERINE M. CAMP, A.B. in Sociology . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. ELINOR L. CAMPBELL, A.B. in English BOSTON, MASS. JACK S. CAMPBELL, A.B. in English EMPORIUM, PA. JEANNE CAMPBELL, A.B. in Hstory CHARLEVOIX, MICH. ERCELL R. CARLEY, A.B. in Social Studies . . .ROME, N.Y. ROBERT L. CARLSON, A.B. in Political Science WEST WEBSTER, N.Y. ELIZABETH M. CARMICHAEL, A.B. in Mathematics HIBBING, MINN. JOHN R. CARNEY, A.B. in Science and Mathematics ANN ARBOR, MICH. LIANA L. CARPENTER, A.B. in English SCARSDALE, N.Y. ROBERT A. CARR. JR., A.B. in Political Science MUSKEGON, MICH. WILLIAM F. CARUTHERS, A.B. in Economics IRWIN, PA. VERSEL CASE, JR., A.B. in Economics . . . .CARSON CITY, MICH. SYLVIA D. CASPER, A.B. in French . . .ISHPEMING, MICH. RICHARD J. CAULEY. A.B. in Economics BUFFALO, N.Y. FRANCIS B. CHAMBERLAIN, A.B. in Economics ROYAL OAK, MICH. DALE S. CHAMBERLIN, A.B. in Political Science . .BETHLEHEM, PA. NICK P. CHAPEKIS, A.B. in Economics . . .ESC AN ABA, MICH. SALLY A. CHAPIN, A.B BAY CITY, MICH. HERMAN S. CHASIN, A.B. in Letters in Business Administration NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. MICHAEL CHIAPPETTA, A.B. in Latin DETROIT, MICH. MARION C. CHOWN, A.B. in Speech . . .GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. RALPH CHRISTENSEN, A.B. in History ANN ARBOR, MICH. ROBERT R. CHRISTENSEN, A.B. in Accounting . . SHELTON, CONN. NAN L. CHURCH, A.B. in English GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. ANGEL A. CINTRON, B.S. in Zoology ANN ARBOR, MICH. ELISE CLARK, A.B. in Journalism AUGUSTA, MICH. HOWARD J. CLARK, A.B. in Economics . .BATTLE CREEK, MICH. LILYLEE CLEARY, A.B. in English HINSDALE, ILL. PATRICIA E. CLEARY, A.B. in English BATTLE CREEK, MICH. RUTH J. CLEARY, B.S. in Zoology . . . .HOLLIDAY ' S COVE, W.VA. JAMES A. COBB, A.B. in Economics ROCKY RIVER, O. J. ROBERT COFFIELD, A.B. in Economics . .GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. YALE D. COGGAN, B.S. in Psychology DETROIT, MICH. BEVERLY F. COHEN, A.B. in Sociology CHICAGO, ILL. GERTRUDE M. COHEN, B.S. in Mathematics ATLANTA, GA. JACK H. COHEN, A.B. in Letters and Law . . .EAST PALESTINE, O. JOANNE E. COHEN, B.S. in Psychology QUINCY, ILL. JOHN W. COLGAN, A.B. in Zoology ROCHESTER, N.Y. JAMES B. COLLINS, A.B. in Economics ORANGE, N.Y. GEORGE L. COMBS, A.B. in History CHARITON, IA. WILLIAM COMSTOCK, III, A.B. in Geography . . .DETROIT, MICH. JANE CONNELL, B.S. in Psychology DETROIT, MICH. WEBSTER COOK, A.B. in Political Science . . . .SAGINAW, MICH. ROY V. COOLEY, A.B. in Zoology PONTIAC, MICH. PAULA J. COPELAND, A.B. in History . . .DETROIT, MICH. JOHN R. CORSON, A.B. in Economics . . . .BIRMINGHAM, MICH. PAUL L. COSPER, A.B. in History DETROIT, MICH. JANET L. COTTRELL, A.B. in Psychology DETROIT, MICH. ESTHER M. COUNTS, A.B. in Speech NEW YORK, N.Y. fcv 1 - H DOROTHY L. COUZENS, A.B. in English ROCKY RIVER, O. L. ELIZABETH COW ART, A.B. in Letters Business Administration BIRMINGHAM, ALA. BETH E. COWING, A.B. in English FLINT, MICH. WINSTON H. COX, A.B. in History . . .BIRMINGHAM, MICH. ALFRED W. COXON, B.S. in Science and Mathematics ANN ARBOR, MICH. ARTHUR B. CRAIG, A.B. in Political Science . . . .OWOSSO, MICH. WILLIAM A. CRECRAFT, A.B. in Philosophy KENT, OHIO META J. CRISWELL, A.B. in Speech BAY CITY, MICH. GORDON M. CRITCHELL, A.B. in English . . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. GEORGE H. CROCKER, B.S. in Chemistry . . . .SAGINAW, MICH. CATHERINE C. CROSBY, B.S. in Zoology UTICA, N.Y. AGNES L. CROW, A.B. in Journalism . . .HIGHLAND, PARK, MICH. JEANNE W. CRUMP, A.B. in History WASHINGTON, D.C. MARTHA E. CUMMINS, A.B. in English MIDLAND, MICH. LEO P. CUNNINGHAM, A.B. in Zoology REVERE. MASS. LYMAN B. CURTIS, A.B. in Urban Community FLINT, MICH. MILDRED A. CURTIS, B.S. in Physics CHEVY CHASE, MD. DORIS A. CUTHBERT, A.B. in Speech ANN ARBOR, MICH. EDWARD W. CZAK, A.B. in Social Studies ELYRIA, O. STELLA J. CZERKAWSKI, A.B. in Social Work . . .DETROIT, MICH. EUGENE W. DACH, A.B. in Zoology DETROIT, MICH. BETTY L. DAHLEM, A.B. in Honors in History . .JACKSON, MICH. MILDRED L. DALEE, B.S. in Education . . . .BIRMINGHAM, MICH. CLIFTON L. DANCE, JR. A.B. in Zoology BROOKLYN, N.Y. ALVIN A. DANN, A.B. in Political Science DETROIT, MICH. M. ALFRED DARLING, A.B. in Political Science . .DETROIT, MICH. MOHAMAD M. DARWISH, B.S. in Chemistry . .DEARBORN, MICH. CRAIG E. DAVIDS, A.B. in Letters and Law . .CHARLOTTE, MICH. KATHERINE J. DAVIDSON, A.B. in French ELIZABETH, N.J. CYNTHIA DAVIS, A.B. in Social Work GOSHEN, IND. DOUGLAS A. DEHN, A.B. in Political Science THREE RIVERS, MICH. RICHARD B. DEKORN, A.B. in Zoology . . .GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. MARY G. DeMONG, A.B. in Social Studies BIRMINGHAM, MICH. THEODORE C. DENISE, A.B. in Honors in Philosophy LANSING, MICH. MARY-JANE DENISON, A.B. in Fine Arts DETROIT, MICH. MAURICE R. DENNY, JR., B.S. in Mathematics and Science DETROIT, MICH. JUNE P. DENSMORE. A.B. in English FLINT. MICH. RAYMOND F. DIETZ. A.B. in Economics DETROIT, MICH. JOHN T. DIGHTON, A.B. in History MONTICELLO, ILL. CHARLES J. DILLMAN, A.B. in History ROCHESTER, MICH. WILLIAM T. DOBSON, A.B. in History ANN ARBOR, MICH. MARGARET DODGE, A.B. in History DETROIT, MICH. ELEANOR M. DONAHUE, A.B. in Psychology NILES.MICH. LLOYD D. DONELSON, A.B. in Economics . . .FLINT. MICH. PATRICIA J. DONNELLY, A.B. in Psychology KALAMAZOO, MICH. G. WILLIAM DOOLITTLE, JR., A.B. in History ROCKY RIVER, OHIO NANCY G. DREW, A.B. in English EVANSTON, ILL. DELOS E. DRUCKER, B.S. in Chemistry . . . BUFFALO, N.Y. LOIS V. DRUMMOND, A.B. in English DEARBORN, MICH. GORDON A. DUMAS, A.B. in Mathematics and Science DETROIT, MICH. BRYANT R. DUNSHEE, B.S. in Chemistry ANN ARBOR, MICH. FREDERICK A. EARLE, A.B. in Economics . . .ESCANABA, MICH. DAVID K. EASLICK, A.B. in Geography ANN ARBOR, MICH. GEORGIENE M. EBERLY, B.S. in Zoology ...... .JACKSON, MICH. BARBARA A. ECKERT, A.B. in English LANSING, MICH. JOSEPH EDELMAN, A.B. in Letters and Law . . . DETROIT, MICH. GERALD J. EDER, A.B. in Mathematics and Science DETROIT, MICH. JOHN K. EDMONSON, A.B. in Political Science . .PONTIAC, MICH. CLARKE R. EGELER, A.B. in Economics ...... LONG ISLAND, N.Y. NAOMI S. ELLIAS, A.B. in English and Teacher ' s Certificate WYANDOTTE, MICH. JEAN ELLIOTT, A.B. in History KENOSHA, WIS. RICHARD D. EMORY, B.S. in Chemistry . . GROSSE POINTE, MICH. JEAN M. ENGLEHART, A.B. in Mathematics and Science WEBSTER, N.Y. MARY ENGSTROM, A.B. in Psychology . . . .CHARLESTON, W.VA. CHARLES E. ERICKSON, B S. in Chemistry CHELSEA, MICH. JOHN H. ERWIN, A.B. in Psychology NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. ROY D. FAIRLAMB, A.B. in Political Science GROSSE POINTE, MICH. JOHN V. FALCONIERI, A.B. in Romance Languages NEW YORK, N.Y. BETTY J. FARISS, A.B. in English FT. SAM HOUSTON, TEX. JOHN E. FARRAND, A.B. in History JACKSON, MICH. FRIEDA S. FARRENS, A.B. in Fine Arts ANN ARBOR, MICH. RUTH J. FAUSEL, A.B. in English . . . SAGINAW, MICH. OLGA J. FEDKO, A.B. in Social Work FRUITPORT, MICH. HOWARD F. FENSTEMAKER, A.B. in Journalism BLOOMSBURG, PA. FRANK V. FEORELLO, B.S. in Chemistry SYRACUSE, N.Y. IRENE A. FERGUSON, A.B. in Speech . . .DETROIT, MICH. THEODOSIA S. FIELD, A.B. in Sociology . . . .FORT WAYNE, IND. CHARLES R. FIELDER, A.B. in Philosophy GROSSE POINTE, MICH. JOHN H. FIEDLER, A.B. in Economics HAMBURG, N.Y. BYRON H. FINDLING, A.B. in Political Science . . .HOBART.IND. WALTER C. FISH, B.S. in Science and Mathematics CORNING, N.Y. ELLEN J. FLEISCHMANN, A.B. in Speech SAGINAW, MICH. LOUIS FOGEL, A.B. in Political Science DETROIT, MICH. BRUCE W. FORBES, A.B. in French ALLEGANY, N.Y. LEE H. FORBSTEN, B.S. in Meteorology DETROIT, MICH. SYLVIA G. FORMAN, A.B. in Sociology ALBION, N.Y. DOUGLAS M. FOWLE, A.B. in Literature ..... .MILWAUKEE, WIS. RICHARD R. FRANCO, A.B. in Spanish . . .NEW YORK, N.Y. CAROL J. FREEMAN, A.B. in English BROOKLYN, N.Y. FRANCES J. FRIEDER, A.B. in Sociology SAGINAW, MICH. WILLIAM K. FUNK, B.S. in Mathematics and Science ATHENS, MICH. EUNICE J. FUNKHOUSER, A.B. in English . . .DAYTON.O. KENNETH E. FURMAN, B.S. in Chemistry . . . PORT HURON, MICH. PEGGY C. GABRIEL, A.B. in Psychology DETROIT, MICH. MARY M. GAGE, B.S. in Zoology MANSFIELD, O. JAMES O. GALLES, B.S. in Zoology CHICAGO, ILL. WILLIAM GALUSHA, A.B. in Psychology AMSTERDAM, N.Y. ELAINE L. GARDNER, A.B. in Social Studies DETROIT, MICH. MARY M. GARRETT, A.B. in History FLINT, MICH. RITA V. GARVEY, A.B. in Speech SYRACUSE, N.Y. JAMES H. GARVIN, A.B. in Economics PETOSKEY, MICH. FLORENCE M. GATES, A.B. in English HAMILTON, N.Y. BURTON S. GAVITT, A.B. in English DETROIT, MICH. MARVIN W. GELLER, A.B. in Political Science MAPLEWOOD, N.J. BETTE B. GELTNER, A.B. in Political Science DETROIT, MICH. LINDA-GAIL GEORGE, A.B. in History GREENSBURG, PA. MILDRED GERSON, A.B. in Social Studies DETROIT, MICH. LLOYD M. GIBBS, A.B. in Economics . . . ROCHESTER, N.Y. CHARLES P. GIESEN. A.B. in History SUPERIOR, WIS. MONROE A. GILBERT, A.B. in History WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. GENE S. GILMORE, A.B. in Journalism ST. LOUIS, MICH. RUTH D. GINSBURG, A.B. in Fine Arts DORCHESTER, MASS. LOIS E. GISH, B.S. in Zoology CHEVY CHASE, MD. ADELINE I. GITTLEN, A.B. in Speech . . . .GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. KATHRYN T. GLADDING, A.B. in Speech WEST ALLENHURST, N.J. CATHERINE A. GOETZ, A.B. in History DETROIT, MICH. NYDIA B. GOETZ, B.S. in Chemistry JACKSON, MICH. JUDY K. GOLD, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts ANN ARBOR, MICH. FAY GOLDNER, A.B. in Speech CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, O. JEROME A. GOLDSTEIN, B.S. in Zoology . . . .LONG BEACH, N.Y. ROBERT I. GOLDSTEIN, A.B. in Economics FLINT, MICH. MAXINE J. GOOD, A.B. in English FLINT, MICH. THOMAS GOODKIND, A.B. in English . . HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. WILLIAM D. GOOLEY, A.B. in Economics ERIE, PA. JAMES H. GORMSEN, A.B. in Journalism AURORA, ILL. MURRAY GROTTLIEB, A.B. in Science and Mathematics ELIZABETH, N.J. JEANNE D. GOUDY, A.B. in Sociology LAKEWOOD, O. NANCY GOULD, A.B. in Speech DETROIT, MICH. DUNSTAN D. GOULDTHORPE, B.S. in Zoology WESLEYVILLE, PA. JANET E. GRACE, A.B. in Speech DETROIT, MICH. JACK A. GRADY, A.B. in Economics WAYNE, MICH. GERALDINE C. GRANFIELD, A.B. in Social Work . DETROIT, MICH. JOHN S. GRAY, B.S. in Zoology NORWALK, CONN. MARTIN A. GREEN, B.S. in Science and Mathematics DETROIT, MICH. SAMUEL GREENBERG, A.B. in Zoology PORTLAND, ME. JOSEPH C. GREENWALD, B.S. in Science and Mathematics . .... NEW YORK, N.Y. F. ALLEN GRIER, JR., A.B., in Economics SALEM, N.J. WILLIAM K. GRUBE, A.B. in Speech PHOENIX, ARIZ. RICHARD A. GRUDZINSKI, A.B. in Political Science SYRACUSE, N.Y. DOROTHY H. GUCKER, A.B. in History ANN ARBOR, MICH. MARIAN R. GUSTAFSON, A.B. in Political Science RIVERSIDE, ILL. ERATH G. GUTEKUNST, A.B. in Psychology PLEASANT RIDGE, MICH. MARION T. GWINN, A.B. in History MT. CLEMENS, MICH. ALICE L. HAAS, A.B. in English MONROE, MICH. . , r felfel mm iV - THERON H. HAAS, A.B. in Zoology TOLEDO, O. MARY E. HABEL, A.B. in Sociology PONTIAC, MICH. CORA J. HACKETT, B.S. in Zoology DETROIT, MICH. PATRICIA C. HADLEY, A.B ANN ARBOR, MICH. MARGARET A. HADSELL, A.B. in History NILES, MICH. MARY E. HAFERKAMP, B.S. in Botany OSWEGO, N.Y. MURIEL O. HAGEMEYER, A.B. in History DETROIT, MICH. J. FRANKLIN HAGEN, A.B. in Journalism . . . NORTHPORT, MICH. MAURICE S. HAHN, A.B . in Business Administration MISHAWAKA, IND. CYRILLE R. HALKIN, A.B. in Mathematics and Science NEW YORK, N.Y. PETER H. HALLER, A.B. in Geography CHICAGO, ILL. CELIA HALPERT, A.B. in Sociology KALAMAZOO, MICH. LUCIUS O. HAMILTON, A.B. in Political Science INDIANAPOLIS, IND. PHYLLIS J. HAMILTON, B.S. in Chemistry BAY CITY, MICH. ROGER E. HAMMER, A.B. in Political Science JAMESTOWN, N.Y. FRANK E. HANAUER, B.S. in Mathematics CHESTNUT HILL, MASS. HELENA E. HANSON, A.B. in Chemistry SAGINAW, MICH. VIRGINIA M. HARDGROVE, B.S. in Zoology ALMA, MICH. MARJORIE E. HARDY, A.B. in History HUDSON, IND. JEROME R. HARRIS, B.S. in Zoology LONG BEACH, N.Y. LUCILLE HARRIS, A.B KALAMAZOO, MICH. VIVIAN M. HARRIS, A.B. in English and Teacher ' s Certificate ANN ARBOR, MICH. EDWARD B. HARRISON, A.B. in Letters and Law DETROIT, MICH. MARY HASKELL, A.B. in Journalism . . . WENATCHEE, WASH. LAURA M. HATFIELD, A.B. in French BATTLE CREEK, MICH. WILLARD F. HATFIELD, A.B. in English DETROIT, MICH. RODNEY C. HATHAWAY, A.B. in Letters and Business Administration KALAMAZOO, MICH. SARA J. HAUKE, B.S. in Psychology ROYAL OAK, MICH. WILLIAM L. HAUSMAN, A.B. in English TOLEDO, O. ARTHUR S. HAWLEY, B.S. in Geology DETROIT, MICH. MARY R. HAYDEN, A.B. in History ANN ARBOR, MICH. MARGARET S. HEALEY, A.B. in Journalism . . .DETROIT, MICH. HARRIET E. HEAMES, A.B. in Psychology DETROIT, MICH. MILTON D. HELLER, B.S. in Chemistry KEARNY,N.J. MARGERY A. HEMMETER, A.B. in History . . . .SAGINAW. MICH. DORISANN HENDRICKS, A.B. in Political Science . . . C ANFIELD, O. CHRISTIAN HERRMANN, Jr., A.B. in Letters and Medicine LANSING, MICH. SYLVAN J. HERSHEY, A.B. in Mathematics and Science BROOKLYN, N.Y. GERALD HEWITT, A.B. in Science and Mathematics BROOKLYN, N.Y. ROBERT L. HEYBOER, A.B. in Economics DETROIT, MICH. JANET HIATT HOOKER, A.B. in Journalism ROCHESTER, N.Y. THEODORE W. HILDEBRANDT, A.B. in Physics ANN ARBOR, MICH. BETTY-RAE HILEMAN, A B. in Latin DETROIT, MICH. ARTHUR N. HILL, A.B. in Political Science . . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. ELIZABETH J. HILL, B S. in Zoology PITTSBURGH, PA. HARRIET B. HILLS, A.B. in English JACKSON, MICH. JAMES T. HIRD, B.S. in Physics LAKEWOOD, O. FRED HIRE, B.S. in Anthropology PONTIAC, MICH. FREDERICK L. HIRSCHMAN, A.B. in Psychology DETROIT, MICH. ELMER G. HITT, A.B. in History DEARBORN, MICH. HANNAN M. HITT, A.B. in Economics DEARBORN, MICH. BURTON A. HODDESON, A.B. in Zoology . NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. JEANETTE C. HOFMAN, A.B. in History GROSSE POINTE FARMS, MICH. MARY ANNE HOLADAY, A.B. in History DETROIT, MICH. ALMON C. HOLMES, Jr., A.B. in Speech DETROIT, MICH. SCOTT HOLMGRAIN, A.B. in History DEARBORN, MICH. CAROLINE H. HOLT, A.B. in History BIRMINGHAM, MICH. CALVIN E. HONES, A.B. in Economics JACKSON, MICH. ELIZABETH A. HOWARD, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts ANN ARBOR, MICH. JEAN G. HUBBARD, A.B. in Speech DETROIT, MICH. MARGARET H. HULBERT, A.B. in Sociology AURORA, ILL. CLAUDE L. HULET, A.B. in Spanish PONTIAC, MICH. ALMA E. HUNT, A B. in Botany VENGENNES, VT. WILLIAM L. HURLEY, A.B. in Economics . GROSSE POINTE, MICH. S. MICHAEL HURWITZ, B.S. in Zoology PARKSVILLE, N.Y. DANIEL H. HUYETT, III, A B. in Political Science READING, PA. HOWARD A. IDESON, A.B. in Economics JOHNSTOWN, PA. SHYRLE IMBER, A.B. in Speech DETROIT, MICH. LEO V. IMPERI, B. of Public School Music .GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. D. ROBERT INGALLS, B.S. in Political Science MARBLEHEAD, MASS. ANTHONY D. INTRIERE, A.B. in Letters and Medicine GREENWICH, CONN. JOHN C. IVANOFF, B.S. in Science and Mathematics ANN ARBOR, MICH. 35 BERNICE L. JACK. A.B. in Latin ROSELLE PARK, N.J. ROY O. JACKSON. B.S. in Geology SAN MARCOS, TEX. WILLIAM G. JACKSON. B.S. in Chemistry DETROIT, MICH. GERALDINE L. JELSCH, A.B. in Social Work . . . MAYBEE, MICH. FRED W. JENTZ, A.B. in Zoology DETROIT, MICH. ESTHER L. JEWELL, A.B. in Latin PONTIAC, MICH. EDWARD E. JOFFE, A.B. in Economics ROCHESTER, N.Y. LESTER L. JOFFE, A.B. in Mathematics . . .BROOKLYN, N.Y. HAZEL M. JOHNSON, A.B. in Latin ANN ARBOR, MICH. VIRGINIA M. JOMINY, A.B. in English DETROIT, MICH. CATHERINE JONES, A.B. in English HIGHLAND PARK, ILL. DORIS J. JONES, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts .MILFORD, MICH. ARON KAHN, A.B. in Economics CHICAGO, ILL. EUGENE A. KANE, A.B. in English .... .CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, O. MARCIA J. KARN, A.B. in English JACKSON, MICH. CHARLES E. KARPINSKI, A.B. in Political Science ANN ARBOR, MICH. IRA R. KATZ, A.B. in Economics CINCINNATI, O. MILTON J. KATZ, A.B. in Economics GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. LOUISE C. KEATLEY, A.B. in English . GULFPORT, MISS. MARJORIE J. KELLER, A.B. in Economics . . GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. MARY J. KELLER, A.B. in Mathematics GROSSE POINTE, MICH. M. LOUISE KELLER, A.B. in Journalism DEARBORN, MICH. ROGER F. KELLEY, A.B. in History GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. HARRY M. KELSEY, A.B. in History . GROSSE POINTE PARK, MICH. MARJORIE S. KENDALL, A.B. in Social Work .DOWNERS GROVE, ILL. MARJORIE E. KEPHART, A.B. in Geography BERRIEN SPRINGS, MICH. JACK E. KESSEL, A.B. in Economics CINCINNATI. O. DOROTHY J. KETTRING, A.B. in Sociology . . . SOUTH BEND, IND. ROBERT J. KIEBER, B.S. in Zoology BUFFALO, N.Y. FA YE J. KILBURN, A.B. in General Science FLINT, MICH. VALERI I. KINCADE, B.S. in Zoology WICHITA, KAN. LEO D. KLAUBER, B.S. in Science and Mathematics STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. HAROLD S. KLEIN, A.B. in Economics YONKERS, N.Y. EDWARD KNUDSEN, A.B. in Mathematics and Science BROOKLYN, N.Y. CHARLES R. KNUTSON, A.B. in Economics FLINT, MICH. NORMAN KOHLENBERG, A.B. in History DETROIT, MICH. ARTHUR W. KOLLIN, A.B. in Economics PONTIAC. MICH. JOSEPH KOPCHICK. B.S. in Chemistry GRANVILLE, N.Y. ALICE P. KRAMER, A.B. in Letters and L aw CADILLAC. MICH. ROBERT A. KRAUSE, A.B. in Letters and Business Administration DETROIT, MICH. JEAN E. KRISE, A.B. in English ANN ARBOR, MICH. ROBERT A. KROMER, A.B. in Letters and Medicine ANN ARBOR, MICH. SHELDON J. LACHMAN, B.S. in Psychology . . . . DETROIT, MICH. HELEN LAHEY, A.B. in Speech Science WICHITA, KANS. GARY E. LANDIS, A.B. in Political Science DELAND, FLA. LEON H. LANDSBERG, B.A. in Economics ROYAL OAK, MICH. JOHN C. LARSON, A.B. in Economics MANISTEE, MICH. CHARLOTTE E. LaRUE, A.B. in English ANN ARBOR, MICH. SHIRLEY L. LAY, A.B. in History ANN ARBOR, MICH. JEROME LEBOWITZ, A.B. in Economics PITTSBURGH, PA. MILTON LEBOWITZ. A.B. in Political Science . . . . DETROIT. MICH. ROSABETH LEBSTER, A.B. in English . . . .FLINT. MICH. ARTHUR F. LECKNER, Jr., A.B. in Economics . . ST. JOSEPH, MICH. ORVILLE B. LEFKO, A.B. in Letters and Business Administration DETROIT, MICH. BETTY R. LEIBSON, A.B. in Social Work BROOKLYN, N.Y. JOHN B. LEIDY, A.B. in History ANN ARBOR, MICH. RHODA E. LESHINE. A.B. in Social Work . . .EAST HAVEN, CONN. JACK C. LEUTRITZ, A.B. in History SAGINAW, MICH. SALLY S. LEY. B.S. in Mathematics ANN ARBOR, MICH. HENRY LEVINSTEIN, B.S. in Physics ANN ARBOR, MICH. BRYNA LEWIS, A.B. in Speech ROCHESTER, N.Y. JOSEPH LIKOVSKY, B.A. in Zoology ORANGE, N.J. ERNEST B. LINQUEST, A.B. in Economics DULUTH, MINN. HENRY G. LOGEMAN, A.B. in Economics . . .FLINT, MICH. EDITH F. LONGYEAR. A.B. in Sociology . .GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. PATRICIA A. LOUGHEAD, A.B. in Teaching . KALAMAZOO, MICH. PHYLLIS A. LOVEJOY, A.B. in Social Studies . . . . EVANSTON, ILL. ROLLINS D. LOW, A.B. in Economics . . .HAMBURG, N.Y. MARY E. LOWERY, A.B. in English MANCHESTER, MICH. ELIZABETH G. LUCKHAM, A.B. in Political Science DETROIT, MICH. RICHARD M. LUDWIG, A.B. in English READING, PA. ALBERT K. LUDY, Jr., A.B. in Economics WASHINGTON, D.C. i r . CLAIRE E. MacARTHUR, A.B. in English SALINE. MICH. JAMES C. MacDONALD, A.B. Journalism . HIGHLAND PARK. MICH. PATRICIA A. MacFARLAND. A.B. in History . . DEARBORN. MICH. JOHN W. MacMILLAN, B.S. in Mathematics and Science . . ROCHESTER, N.Y. JULIA E. MADIGAN, B.S. in Zoology MUNISING, MICH. WILLIAM P. MALLICK, A.B. in Political Science . .DETROIT, MICH. NORMA D. MALMROS, A.B. in Sociology . . SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. V. JOHN MANIKOFF, A.B. in Economics . . . DETROIT, MICH. JACK W. C. MANN, A.B. in Mathematics FERNDALE, MICH. JEAN MANWARING, A.B. in Sociology LAGRANGE, ILL. ARTHUR J. MARION, A.B. in Psychology ENDICOTT, N.Y. DOROTHY I. MARKINKO, A.B. in Sociology . . . . DETROIT, MICH. THOMAS F. MARSHALL, A.B. in Economics FRANKFORT, K. . MERCEDES MATTHEWS, A.B. in English EVANSTON, ILL. MARION M. MAYER, A.B. in Economics ELMHURST, N.Y. MARY E. MAYNARD, A B. in Sociology ANN ARBOR, MICH. BRUCE MAYPER, A.B. in Psychology DOUGLASTON, N.Y. WILLIAM O. MAYS, A.B. in Political Science QUINCY, ILL. VIVIAN L. MAZE, A.B. in Journalism MUSKEGON, MICH. ATWOOD R. McANDREW, A.B. in Mathematics . YPSILANTI, MICH. LAURA J. McCAMENT, A.B. in English CHICAGO, ILL. WILLIAM C. MCCARTHY, B.A. in Journalism UTICA, N.Y. JAY W. McCORMICK, A.B. in English DETROIT, MICH. JAMES S. McCOY, A.B. in History GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. JOHN B. McKEAN, A.B. in Science and Mathematics OGDENSBURG, N.Y. JUNE C. McKEE, A.B. in Speech DETROIT, MICH. ROYCE B. McKINLEY, A.B. in English ANN ARBOR, MICH. CONSTANCE McLEARY, A.B. in English . . . . FARMINGTON, ME. EDWARD A. McLOGAN, A.B. in Economics FLINT, MICH. JAMES O. McNAMEE, A.B. in Political Science MUSKEGON, MICH. FREDERICK N. McOMBER, A.B. in Speech . . . ANN ARBOR, MICH. JAMES P. McPHERSON, A.B. in Economics . . SAULT STE. MARIE, MICH. DOROTHY W. MERKI, A.B. in Speech TOLEDO, O. JACK O. MEYER, A.B. in History ELYRIA, O. MARGARET L. MEYER. A.B. in Sociology DETROIT, MICH. SIDNEY MILGROM, A.B. in Letters and Medicine . DETROIT, MICH. 38 GRACE E. MILLER, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts ISHPEMING, MICH. JOHN R. MILLER, B.S. in Geology EAST LANSING, MICH. NORMAN MILLER, A.B. in Political Science SPRINGFIELD, MASS. MARY VIRGINIA MITCHELL, A.B. in Biology BUFFALO, N.Y. RALPH MITCHELL, Jr., A.B. in Economics ROCHESTER, N.Y. VIOLA MAY MODLIN, A.B. in Journalism DETROIT, MICH. RICHARD W. MOLTHOP, A.B. in Geology LAGRANGE, ILL. MICHAEL MONROE, A.B. in Economics . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. L. VINCENT MONZEL, A.B. in Sociology ALTON, ILL. PATRICIA M. MOORE, A.B. in English . . . GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. HARRY MOORSTEIN, A.B. in Letters and Business Administration TRAVERSE CITY, MICH. EDWARD L. MOREHOUSE, B.S. in Chemistry . . WAUKEGAN, ILL. FRANCIS W. MORLEY, III, A.B. in Political Science TOLEDO, O. MARY MORRIS, A.B. in Political Science MIDLAND, MICH. DOROTHY G. MORTON, A.B. in German ELMIRA, N.Y. RICHARD P. MUELLER, B.S. in Chemistry CLEVELAND, O. JEAN MULLINS, A.B. in Psychology CHICAGO, ILL. ELOISE R. MUNGER, A.B. in Journalism HART, MICH. THOMAS MUZIK, A.B. in Botany BERWYN, ILL. VIRGINIA NATHANSON, A.B. in English TOLEDO, O. ELEANOR L. NELSON, B.A. in Political Science PORTLAND, ORE. MARY E. NEAFIE, A.B. in Sociology PONTIAC, MICH. ELEANOR NEUBERT, A.B. in Speech AMSTERDAM, N.Y. PAUL G. NEUMANN, B.S. in Chemistry . . GRAND HAVEN, MICH. E. ELIZABETH NETZLOF, A.B. in English LATROBE, PA. EDWARD G. NEWCOMB, A.B. in Mathematics BLISSFIELD, MICH. MARJORIE M. NIERGARTH, B.S. in Zoology. .ANN ARBOR, MICH. EDWIN B. NORTHWAY, A.B. in History ROYAL OAK, MICH. CATHERINE L. NORTON, A.B. in Social Studies ONTONAGON, MICH. GERALD E. O ' BRIEN, A.B. in Economics WAYNE, MICH. CHARLES S. OCHAB, B.S. in Chemistry UTICA, N.Y. CHARLES D. O ' CONNOR, A.B. in Political Science. .. ANN ARBOR, MICH. PHYLLIS M. OETJEN, B.S. in Geology HINSDALE, ILL. ROBERT B. O ' HARA, A.B. in Political Science ANN ARBOR, MICH. JAMES A. OLINE, B.S. in Chemistry SCHENECTADY, N.Y. MARJORIE E. ORECK, B.A. in Biology DULUTH, MINN. . fifc ROBERT A. ORNDORFF, A.B. in History DELAY AN, ILL. KOYNE OSBORNE, A.B. in Psychology . . . . LIVINGSTON, MONT. BERNARD N. OSMOND, A.B. in History ANTIOCH. ILL. RAYMOND W. OTIS, A.B. in Psychology . . . .LAKE PLACID, N.Y. RUTH M. OWEN, A.B. in Music PETOSKEY, MICH. ALFRED W. OWENS, A.B. in Economics DETROIT, MICH. MATILDA J. PABST, A.B. in Sociology YOUNGSTOWN, O. SALLY A. PARK, B.A. in English . . .PEARL RIVER, N.Y. STUART A. PARK, A.B. in Spanish CHICAGO, ILL. DAVID G. PARKES, A.B. in Zoology FERNDALE, MICH. MARTHA J. PARKHILL, A.B. in Journalism FLINT, MICH. RUTH M. PARSONS, A.B. in Honors in English GREAT NECK, N.Y. BETTY R. PARTENFELDER, A.B. in Economics CANTON, O. CHARLES F. PARTHUM, Jr., A.B. in Philosophy GROSSE POINTE, MICH. PENELOPE F. PATTERSON, A.B. in English LEONIA, N.J. CELIA P. PEARCE, A.B. in Speech LAKE LINDEN, MICH. ELEANOR I. PERLA, A.B. in Mathematics and Science NEW YORK, N.Y. LeROY B. PERRY, A.B. in Political Science WEBSTER GROVES, MO. LEONARD PETITTI, B.S NEWARK, N.J. ELIZABETH PEXTON, B.A. in History . .HARLAN, IA. BETTY E. PFAFF, B.A. in Music DETROIT, MICH. CHARLES W. PFLAUM, A.B. in Mathematics DALE, N.Y. CHESTER PHILLIPS, B.A. in Political Science . . . . JACKSON, MICH. RICHARD B. PHILLIPS, A.B. in Economics . . . BAY CITY, MICH. ROBERT F. PHILLIPS, B. A. in Economics DETROIT, MICH. ROSALIE L. PIELMEIER, A.B. in German . . . . ANN ARBOR, MICH. C. JAMES PILCHER, A.B. in Economics FORT DODGE, IA. ROGER H. PINEAU, A.B. in Letters and Law . . .FLINT, MICH. HARRIET M. PLA1STED, A.B. in History . . . .SHAKER HEIGHTS, O. SEYMOUR E. PODOLSKY. A.B DETROIT, MICH. MARJORIE P. POLUMBAUM, A.B. in Sociology . . HARRISON, N.Y. ROBERT H. PORTER, A.B. in Journalism . . . BIRMINGHAM, MICH. FRANKLIN I. POWERS, A.B. in English POLAND, O. JULIAN L. PREGULMAN, A.B. in Economics LANSING, MICH. JEANNE E. PRENTICE, A.B. in Sociology BARBERTON, O. SHIRLEY R. PRESENT, A.B. in Geography PONTIAC, MICH. 40 I. VEITCH PURDOM, A.B. in Speech ANN ARBOR, MICH. BERNA DEANE PURGETT, B.S. in Mathematics and Science PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. THOMAS W. QUINN, A.B. in Letters and Medicine NAPOLEON, O. INA M. RABINOVITCH, A.B. in Social Work . . .FLINT, MICH. MILDRED E. R ADFORD, A.B. in Fine Arts BROOKLYN, N.Y. ELMER L. RADKA, B.S. in Economics ROGERS CITY, MICH. MARVIN M. RAFFEL, A.B. in Sociology NEWARK, N.J. RUSSELL RAGAN, B.S. in Zoology FLUSHING, MICH. DOROTHY I. RAGLA, A.B. in English BATTLE CREEK, MICH. JEANNE E. RAKESTRAW, A.B. in History LITTLE NECK, N.Y. HOMER M. RAY, B.S. in Chemistry ANN ARBOR, MICH. NED A. READING, A.B. in Political Science . . ANN ARBOR, MICH. DELLA REBISH, A.B. in Psychology NEW YORK, N.Y. DORIS E. REED, A.B. in English ADRIAN, MICH. JEAN A. REED, B.S. in Zoology MICHIGAN CITY, IND. CLAIRE L. REED-HILL, A.B. in History CHEVY CHASE, MD. CHARLES H. REISDORF, B.S. in Chemistry HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. JEAN MARIE RENDINELL, A.B. in French YOUNGSTOWN, O. JOHN E. REXFORD, A.B. in History DETROIT, MICH. ALICE E. RHODES, A.B. in History . . . ADRIAN, MICH. HELEN T. RHODES, A.B. in Speech HOWES CAVE, N.Y. DAVID RICH, A.B. in Speech BELLE HARBOR, N.Y. CHARLOTTE H. RIFF, A.B. in Economics CHICAGO, ILL. MARYILYN G. RISING, A.B. in Political Science CLAYTON, MICH. M. JOAN RITCHIE, A.B. in Speech METUCHEN, N.J. NATHANIEL S. RITTER, A.B. Philosophy NEW YORK, N.Y. OMER E. ROBBINS, B.S. in Chemistry DETROIT, MICH. HOPE M. ROBISON, A.B. in History SOUTH BEND, IND. MARVIN B. RODNEY, B.A. in History BROOKLYN, N.Y. ORVILLE FREDERICK ROEGLIN, B.S. in Science and Mathematics GROSSE POINTE, MICH. JAMES S. ROGERS, A,.B. in Science and Mathematics GAINESVILLE, FLA. JOHN A. ROOKUS, A.B. in Political Science . . . DETROIT, MICH. CARMELITA T. ROSASCO, A.B. in Spanish ANN ARBOR, MICH. JOHN C. ROSEMERGY, B.S. in Chemistry ROCHESTER, MICH. BERNARD N. ROSENBERG, B.S. in Chemistry GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. RAY H. ROSENMAN, A.B. in Philosophy . . .DETROIT, MICH. I , 41 JANE E. ROSING, A.B. in History DUNKIRK, N.Y. BETTE ROSS, A.B. in History ANN AR BOR, MICH. GERALD F. ROSS, A.B. in Political Science DETROIT, MICH. MARJORIE H. ROTH, A.B. in History GO WAND A, N.Y. HELEN ROTTSCHAEFER, A.B. in English HOLLAND, MICH. BURTON J. RUBENS, A.B. in Economics ROCHESTER, N.Y. IRWIN H. RUBIN, A.B. in Economics SOUTH BEND, IND. MARTIN L. RUBIN, A.B. in Economics . . .MT. CLEMENS, MICH. MARY K. RUDDY, A.B. in English HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. RECILLA R. RUDNICK, A.B. in Mathematics ALBANY, N.Y. KATHERINE RUMISEK, A.B. in English IONIA, MICH. SAMUEL B. RUSSELL, A.B. in Economics . . .READING, PA. DOROTHY A. RYBOLT, A.B. in History INDIANAPOLIS, IND. JEAN S. RYERSON, A.B. in English JACKSON, MICH. RUDY A. SALVETTE, A.B. in Economics DEARBORN, MICH. PAUL D. SAMPSON, A.B. in Economics ST. CLAIR SHORES, MICH. AUBREY T. SAMUELS, A.B. in History DETROIT, MICH. ROBERT N. SAMUELS, A.B. in Economics DENVER, COLO. DANIEL R. SANFORD, A.B. in History ROCHESTER, N.Y. MARGARET L. SANFORD, A.B. in Zoology CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO JANET E. SARGENT, A.B. in Social Work MAYFIELD, MICH. ALVIRA M. SATA, A.B. in Speech RIVER ROUGE, MICH. GERALD M. SCHAFLANDER, A.B. in Speech DETROIT, MICH. C. DONELDA SCHAIBLE, A.B. in Social Work ANN ARBOR, MICH. HARRY SCHAGRIN, A.B YOUNGSTOWN, O. HELEN L. SCHEER, A.B. in Economics . .ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. RICHARD H. SCHELL, A.B. in Speech . . .HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. RICHARD E. SCHERLING, A.B. in Letters and Business Administration GROSSE POINTE, MICH. ALBIN J. SCHINDERLE, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts IRON MOUNTAIN, MICH. JACK B. SCHIRAGA, A.B. in Social Work BOSTON, MASS. IRMA M. SCHLOW, A.B. in Speech STATE COLLEGE, PA. HELEN R. SCHMALE, A.B. in German . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. R. MARLOW SCHNEIDER, A.B. in Pol. Sci KANKAKEE, ILL. PAUL I. SCHONBERG, B.S. in Science and Mathematics CHICAGO, ILL. HAROLD E. SCHULHOF, A.B. in Economics CHICAGO, ILL. NEIL S. SCHULTZ, A.B. in Georgraphy ANN ARBOR, MICH. WILLIAM G. SCHUST, A.B. in Economics SAGINAW, MICH. LORRAINE F. SCHWAB, A.B. in Speech TOLEDO, O. ELEANOR SCHWARTZ, B.S. in Psychology EAST McKEESPORT, PA. DONALD C. SCOTT, B.S. in Zoology WASHINGTON, D.C. ROSEBUD SCOTT, A.B. in History FERNDALE, MICH. ELINOR M. SEARLS, A.B. in French OAKFIELD, N.Y. HELEN M. SEARSON, A.B. in Latin LANSING, MICH. MELVIN D. SEEGER, A.B. in History . . .MT. VERNON, N.Y. GEORGE K. SEIDEL, B.S. in Chemistry ROCHESTER, N.Y. CELIA M. SEITZ, B.S. in Zoology DETROIT, MICH. JEAN E. SHAPERO, A.B. in English DETROIT, MICH. LOIS A. SHAPIRO, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts . ..CHIC AGO, ILL. LOIS B. SHARE ACH, A.B DETROIT, MICH. CONST ANTINE G. SHAREMET, A.B. in History . . DETROIT, MICH. JOHN J. SHAREMET, A.B. in Economics DETROIT, MICH. CLARA E. SHAW, B.S. in Zoology BAY CITY, MICH. ROBERT G. SHEDD, A.B. in History DETROIT, MICH. WARREN E. SHELDON, A.B. in General Science . . DETROIT, MICH. ROBERT O. SHELLEY, A.B. in Economics FLINT, MICH. MARY E. SHEPHERD, A.B. in Anthropology FENTON.MICH. JAMES SHERMAN, A.B. in Political Science DETROIT, MICH. MARJORIE E. SHERMAN, A.B. in Sociology .... DETROIT, MICH. JOHN W. SHIELDS, A.B. in Letters and Business Administration DULUTH, MINN. MARY B. SHINKMAN, A.B. in Music . . . GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. S. ELIZABETH SHIPMAN, A.B. in History . . N. MUSKEGON, MICH. NATHAN SHOICHET, B.S. in Geology FLINT, MICH. RUTH C. SILVA, A.B. in Political Science BATTLE CREEK, MICH. DONALD SKELLY, A.B. in History FLINT, MICH. CHARLOTTE M. SKENE, A.B. in Speech ANN ARBOR, MICH. CHANDLER D. SIMONDS, A.B. in Journalism . . DEARBORN, MICH. GEORGE M. SLEEMAN, A.B. in History ROME, N.Y. WILLIAM G. SLOCUM, Jr., A.B. . . .EAST ORANGE, N.J. JANET C. SLOTTOW, A.B. in Sociology CHICAGO, ILL. DONALD E. SMITH, A.B. in Sociology OWOSSO, MICH. EDWARD W. SMITH, B.S. in Geology DETROIT, MICH. FRANK O. SMITH, A.B. in Political Science. . . RAINELLE, W.VA. ffb 5 i ift HELEN J. SMITH, B.S. in Zoology IMLAY CITY, MICH. ROSALIE SMITH, A.B. in Social Work DAYTON, O. HILDA R. SNYDER, A.B. in Political Science GREENEVILLE, TENN. TOM SNYDER, A.B. in Political Science ANN ARBOR, MICH. HELEN M. SOHNI, B.S. in Mathematics BUHL, MINN. CHARLES L. SOLAR, A.B. in English ANN ARBOR, MICH. HOWARD G. SOLOMON, A.B. in Philosophy . . . .DETROIT, MICH. MARGARET M. SOUTHERLAND, A.B. in Jouarnalism . .HALL, N.Y. LORETTA L. SPADAFORE, A.B. in English THREE RIVERS, MICH. MARY E. SPAETH, A.B. in History JACKSON, MICH. CLAUDE F. SPENCER, B.S. in Chemistry PAINTED POST, N.Y. MARTIN M. SPITZ, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts KEW GARDENS, N.Y. ANTHONY STAMPOLIS, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts KALAMAZOO, MICH. GEORGE C. S TEEH, A.B. in History MT. CLEMENS, MICH. BETTY A. STEFFEN, B.S. in Zoology ANTIGO, WIS. WILLIAM B. STEGATH, A.B. in Speech ESCANABA, MICH. JACOB M. STEINHART, A.B. in Science and Mathematics OLEAN, N.Y. JULIA P. STENGER, A.B. in History CORNING, N.Y. AARON M. STERN, A.B. in Zoology WYANDOTTE, MICH. DONALD C. STEVENSON, Jr., A.B. in Political Science GROSSE POINTE, MICH. WAYNE W. STILLE, A.B. in Geography CHICAGO, ILL. SYDNEY L. STOLLER, A.B. in Economics BRONX, N.Y. JOHN P. STOVER, A.B. in Political Science . . . MILWAUKEE, WIS. RICHARD H. STRAIN, Jr., A.B. in English . .NEW BEDFORD, MASS. LaVONA M. STROMQUIST, A.B. in Social Studies IRON MOUNTAIN, MICH. SHIRLEY J. STUMPMEYER, A.B. in Mathematics RIVER ROUGE, MICH. BARBARA S. SUFFRIN, A.B. in Economics GROSSE POINTE, MICH. KATHLEEN M. SUMMERS, A.B. in Music ORCHARD LAKE, MICH. A. ELAINE TAYLOR, A.B. in French GROSSE POINTE, MICH. JOANNE TAYLOR, B.S. in Zoology BERKELEY, CALIF. MARIANNE L. TAYLOR, A.B. in Psychology MUNCIE, IND. MARJORIE C. TELLER, A.B. in Speech NEW YORK, N.Y. DEAN F. THOMAS, A.B. in Political Science DES MOINES, IA. ELLEN J. THOMSSEN, A.B. in History DETROIT, MICH. ROBERT W. TITUS, A.B. in Economics EVANSTON, ILL. WILLIAM M. TODD, A.B. in Economics . . .TOLEDO, O. 44 PHYLLIS J. TONKIN, A.B. in English . . . .IRON MOUNTAIN, MICH. ROBERT C. TOWNSEND, A.B. in Mathematics and Science JACKSON, MICH. BESSIE H. TRETHEWAY, A.B. in English IRON MOUNTAIN, MICH. CARL A. TREZISE, A.B. in Political Science . . . CALUMET, MICH. KENNETH D. TROY, A.B. in Economics CINCINNATI, O. WAYNE E. TRUAX, A.B LANSING, MICH. DOROTHY J. TURNER, A.B. in Sociology IRON MOUNTAIN, MICH. DOROTHY A. TYDEMAN, A.B. in History LAGRANGE, ILL. SUSAN J. UDELL, A.B. in Economics MARSHALL, MICH. MARTIN J. ULMER, B.S. in Zoology TOLEDO, O. NANCY E. URMSTON, A.B. in English TIPTON, IND. ROBERT H. VANDERMEER, A.B. in History . GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. MURIEL I. VAN RIPER, A.B. in Zoology HARTFORD, MICH. NEIL D. VEDDER, A.B. in Political Science . . . . CARROLLTON, ILL. HAROLD S. VOEGELIN, A.B. in Economics PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. MARY E. VOGEL, A.B. . .. ANN ARBOR, MICH. DOREEN B. VOILES, A.B. in Anthropology . . . ROYAL OAK, MICH. MARTHA ANN WAGNER, A.B. in English BELDING, MICH. VIRGINIA M. WALCOTT, A.B. in English . . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. ELIZABETH A. WALKER, A.B. in English . .GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. WILBUR S. WALLACE, B.S. in Zoology ERIE, PA. VIVIAN K. WAL WORTH, B.S. Chemistry . . . . ANN ARBOR, MICH. ROBERT C. WANDEL, II, A.B. in Economics HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. VIRGINIA P. WARD, A.B. in History PONTIAC, MICH. ELLEN H. WAS, A.B. in English DETROIT, MICH. ANDREW S. WATSON, B.S. in Zoology . . . . BIRMINGHAM, MICH. KEITH WATSON, A.B. in Political Science CHICAGO, ILL. MERLE E. WEBB, A.B. in Speech LINCOLN PARK, MICH. LOUISE H. WEBSTER, A.B. in English GALESBURG, ILL. ROBERT M. WEIER, B.S. in Chemistry TOLEDO, O. ROBERT WEINBERG, A.B. in Economics ROCHESTER, N.Y. BERTRAM D. WEISS, A.B. in Economics . . . CEDARHURST, N.Y. CHARLES F. WEISS, A.B. in Speech SOUTH LYON, MICH. NELSON M. WELLMAN, A.B. in Chemistry YONKERS, N.Y. JOHN A. F. WENDT, A.B. in Honors in Political Science WINNETKA, ILL. ALBERTA J. WESTERMAN, A.B. in Speech . . ANN ARBOR, MICH. BETTY J. WHITEHEAD, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts MANOR, PA. BETTY J. WHITELY, A.B. in English SANDUSKY, MICH. BETTY J. WIBEL, A.B. in History . .BIRMINGHAM, MICH. LOUISE I. WIBLE, B.S. in Chemistry PITTSBURGH, PA. MARVA J. WICKLAND, A.B. in French MUSKEGON, MICH. ELAINE E. WIEDMAN, A.B. in Economics . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. CATHERINE C. WIENERT, A.B. in Zoology PORT HURON, MICH. DAVID W. WIENS, A.B. in Mathematics LAKEWOOD, O. DUNCAN M. WIERENGO, A.B. in Speech GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. ELSIE I. WIKLE, A.B. in Science and Mathematics DETROIT, MICH. MARJORIE C. WILCOX, A.B. in History FLUSHING, MICH. WINSTON W. WILEY, A.B. in English ALLEN PARK, MICH. ANNA-JEAN WILLIAMS, A.B. in Speech ROCHESTER, N.Y. ELEANOR M. WILLIAMS, A.B. in Political Science RIVERSIDE, ILL. STERRY B. WILLIAMS, B.S. in Geology GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. MAXINE WILLIAMSON, A.B. in French DETROIT, MICH. HAL WILSON, A.B. in Journalism PHILADELPHIA, PA. MARTHA E. WILT, A.B. in Mathematics . . . DETROIT, MICH. MARGARET H. WISEMAN, A.B. in Speech NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. DOUGLAS A. WITSCHIEBEN, A.B. in Economics ELMHURST, N.Y. NANCY WOLFE, B.S. in Science and Mathematics . . . WINCHESTER, MASS. BARBARA WOOD, A.B. in Literature WATERTOWN, N.Y. AUSTIN R. WOODARD, A.B. in Economics STEUBENVILLE, O. ROBERT M. WORGESS, A.B. in History . . . FLUSHING, MICH. ERIC J. WRIGHT, A.B. in History DEARBORN, MICH. EVELYN D. WRIGHT, A.B. in French OAK PARK, ILL. MARGARET J. WRIGHT, A.B. in History ... .NORFOLK, VA. CARL I. WYNSTRA, B.S. in Chemistry GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. JOHN W. YAGER, A.B. in History TOLEDO, O. G. EMERSON YEASTING, A.B. in Sociology HELENA, O. DONALD A. YOUNG, A.B. in Economics PARMA, O. WARREN W. YOUNG, A.B. in Economics ALPENA, MICH. MILDRED F. YOXALL, A.B. in Oriental Civilizations DETROIT, MICH. DAVID ZARON, A.B. in Political Science MINEOLA, L.I., N.Y. STELLA J. ZATOCKY, A.B. in Political Science BETHLEHEM, PA. DOROTHY M. ZIEGLER, A.B. in Sociology FLINT, MICH. JANE L. ZIMMERMAN, A.B. in Sociology MILWAUKEE, WIS. RUTH V. ZUIDEMA, A.B. in English DETROIT, MICH. BETTY A. ZUNK, A.B. in English DEARBORN, MICH. . r DEAN CRAWFORD Having completed his initial year as head of the Engineering School, Dean Ivan C. Crawford has proved himself a capable leader in his short stay at the University. With his friendly spirit and efficient direction, he has endeared himself alike to the per- sonnel and students in the College of Engineering. A native of Colorado by birth, Dean Crawford at- tended the University of that state and after gradu- ation stepped immediately into an instructorship there. Advancing steadily to a full professorship of Civil Engineering, he became Dean of Engineering at the University of Idaho. Before arriving at Mich- igan he accepted the position of Dean of the En- gineering and Architectural School at the University of Kansas. Dean Crawford is well versed in national affairs, having been successively a Captain in the Colorado National Guard, a Major in the Engineering Corps during World War I, and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Engineering Corps Reserve since 1921. He will undoubtedly prove himself invaluable to the Uni- versity in turning out men ready to help our country in the present national emergency. DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN 50 STANDING Lewis M. Gram, Alfred H. White, Edward L. Eriksen, Henry W. Miller, Edward M. Bragg. SEATED Henry H. Higbie, Ransom S. Hawley, Orlan W. Boston, Alfred H. Lovell, Carl G. Brandt, Edward A. Stalker, Clarence T. Johnston. CLASS OFFICERS FINANCE Robert L. Imboden, Chairman, Henry T. Fielding, Burr J. French, Harry Imming. ANNOUNCE- MENTS William H. Schomburg, Chairman, Wil- liam G. Collamore, Robert L. Collins, Kenneth M. Nelson. CAP AND GOWN Donald R. Whitney, Chairman, George D. Gotschall, William K. Koffel, Robert C. Keetch, George W. Pusack, Raymond I. Schneyer. TED KENNEDY President WILLIAM G. COLLAMORE Vice-President HARRY IMMING Secretary ROBERT L. IMBODEN Treasurer 51 ENGINEERING has been defined as " the art and science of directing the great sources of power in nature to the use and convenience of man. " The College of Engineering of the University of Michigan has lived in accordance with this definition in the instruction of students by a capable faculty and through the use of extensive laboratory and library facilities. The policy of the school is based on theory and general information, for it is believed that practical application can prove more beneficial if practiced in the respective position to which the graduate may be called. This is accomplished in conjunction with an efficient staff of instructors who are experts in practical instruc- tion and scientific training. 1942, as never before, will prove the necessity and effectiveness of the University of Michigan College of Engineering. Recently equipped with a new branch of teach- ing, the National Defense Courses, the college, along with those of the nation as a whole, will form a vital and enormous cog in the United States ' defense machinery. 52 The Engineer toys with log scales and slide rules, but he must also toil in the lab. 53 gm. f -T s WILBERT E. ACKERMAN, B.S. in Eng. Mechanics BRYAN, O. STANTON ALLEN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng MILWAUKEE, WIS. HOWARD ALMDALE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng GROSSE POINTE, MICH. WILLIAM D. ANGST, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. . .MONTREAL, WIS. CHARLES B. ARMSTRONG, B.S. in Chemical Eng GROSSE POINTE, MICH. N. ROBERT ARTHUR, B.S. in Eng. Physics DETROIT, MICH. SAMUEL C. ASSIK, B.S. in Chemical and Metallurgical Eng DETROIT, MICH. RUDOLPH A. AXELSON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng FORT ETHAN ALLEN, VT. THOMAS S. BARTLEY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng PEORIA, ILL. CIHAT M. BASHAK, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . ISTBANBUL, TURKEY DAVID F. BATEMAN, B.S. in Chemical Eng BUFFALO, N.Y. ORHAN O. BATI, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ISTANBUL, TURKEY H. BRUCE BATTEY, B.S. in Electrical Eng ROCHESTER, N.Y. ROBERT BECKHAM, B.S. in Chemical Eng TOLEDO, O. SAMUEL A. BELA, B.S. in Chemical Eng FLINT, MICH. JAY C. BELL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng MARINE CITY, MICH. VERNON C. BENGAL, B.S. in Civil Eng BLACKFOOT.ID. RICHARD H. BLAKELEY, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. DETROIT, MICH. KENNETH G. BOLL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. . . CHANNING, MICH. WILLIAM B. BORRMANN, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. and Math BUFFALO, N.Y. JOHN BOSHAR, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. and Math LAWRENCE, MASS. ROBERT B. BOSWELL, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng UTICA.N.Y. JAMES F. BOURQUIN, B.S. in Naval Architecture ANN ARBOR, MICH. JOHN E. BOWKER, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng INWOOD, N.Y. ROBERT BOYD, B.S. in Mechanical Eng TOLEDO, O. G. JEROME BRENNER, JR., B.S. in Electrical Eng. . SAGINAW, MICH. ROBERT R. BROWN, JR., B.S. in Electrical Eng. ANN ARBOR, MICH. WILLIAM BROWN, B.S. in Marine Eng BRAINTREE, MASS. WALLACE J. BRUDER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ROGERS CITY, MICH. JOHN C. BULLEN, B.S. in Chemical Eng JACKSON, MICH. JOHN S. BURNHAM, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. KANSAS CITY, MO. DAVID W. BURTON, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng HARBOR SPRINGS, MICH. KENNETH BUTLER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng EAST LANSING, MICH. WALTER J. BUTLER, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng DETROIT, MICH. BERNARD M. CANNAN, B.S. in Chemical Eng TOLEDO, O. LOUIS D. CARRAS, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng PATTERSON, N.J. ARTHUR W. CARTER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. .. NORFOLK, VA. PHILIP B. CASE. B.S. in Metallurgical Eng.. .NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. JOHN J. CASEY, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng BUFFALO, N.Y. ALLEN D. CHRISTIAN, B.S. in Eng. Mechanics. . ROCHESTER, N.Y. WILLIAM F. CHRISTIE, B.S. in Chemical Eng CARMEL, CALIF. STUART W. CHURCHILL, B.S. in Chemical Eng. and Math IMLAY CITY, MICH. JOHN J. CLARK, A.B. in Mechanical Eng SAGINAW, MICH. ARTHUR W. CLIFFORD, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng SCHENECTADY, N.Y. THOMAS D. COLERIDGE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng HUNTINGTON WOODS, MICH. WILLIAM G. COLLAMORE, B.S. in Chemical Eng. BROOKLYN, N.Y. ROBERT L. COLLINS, B.S. in Mechanical Eng DETROIT, MICH. DOLPH D. COLOSKY, B.S. in Chemical Eng.. .CENTER LINE, MICH. MELVIN R. COLVIN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. ... BALTIMORE, MD. ROBERT E. COPE, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng DETROIT, MICH. DONALD H. COURTER, B.S. in Electrical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. WALTER C. COWLES, B.S. in Naval Architecture. .OAK PARK, ILL. DONALD G. CUMMINGS, B.S. in Electrical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. MAC A. CURRIE, B.S. in Chemical Eng FENTON, MICH. NORMAN W. DAVIS, B.S. in Engineering Physics ROCHESTER, N.Y. EDWARD A. DAY, B S. in Mechanical Eng SAGINAW, MICH. LEWIS J. DEDO, B.S. in Mechanical Eng VULCAN, MICH. HARLEY E. DENNEE, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng FLINT, MICH. PHILIP B. DETWILER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng DETROIT, MICH. EMERICK DOBO, B.S. in Chemical Eng NEW YORK, N.Y. ARTHUR W. DOBSON, B.S. in Eng STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. IAN C. DOUTHWAITE, B.S. in Naval Architecture SYRACUSE, N.Y. WILLIAM H. DOWNER, B.S. in Chemical Eng.. .BAY CITY, MICH. EDWARD F. DREWNIANY, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng TAUNTON, MASS WILLIAM N. DREYER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. .BAY CITY, MICH. H. C. DUNCAN, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng NEWPORT NEWS, VA. EDWARD EDING FRED J. ELMIGER, B.S. in Civil Eng NEW YORK, N.Y. OWEN D. ESHENRODER, B.S. in Chemical Eng.. . MONROE, MICH. FRANK C. FARRAR, B.S. in Mechanical Eng JACKSON, MICH. FRANK C. FARRAR, B.S. in Mechanical Eng JACKSON, MICH. HENRY T. FIELDING, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. . PL AINFIELD, N.J. ' -s Cy Cll 1 | B T - flK I ' } If HENRY T. FIELDING. JR., B.S. in Aeronautical Eng PLAINFIELD, N.J. WILLIAM W. FISCHER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ANN ARBOR, MICH. JOHN A. FITTON, JR., B.S. in Aeronautical and Mechanical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. RICHARD G. FOGG, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng MOYLAN, PA. BURR J. FRENCH, B.S. in Mechanical Eng FAN WOOD, N.J. VIRGINIA M. FREY, B.S. in Engineering Mathematics. .TOLEDO, O. LOUIS J. FRICK, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . BENTON HARBOR, MICH. JULIUS FRIEDMAN, B.S. in Chemical Eng BAY CITY, MICH. JOHN C. FUNK, B.S. in Mechanical Eng TIPTON, MICH. WILLIAM W. FURNISS, B.S. in Chemical Eng WAVERLY, N.Y. WILLIAM GABBE, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. .BAY CITY, MICH. THOMAS H. GAMON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng RED BANK, N.J. RAYMOND H. GAUTHIER, B.S. in Chemical Eng SHAKER HEIGHTS, O. PHILIP A. GELBER, B.S. in Chemical Eng PERTH AMBOY, N.J. JEAN H. GENIESSE, B.S. in Chemical Eng SPRINGFIELD, PA. ROBERT L. GETTS, B.S. in Marine Eng LANSING, MICH. JOHN F. GRINCEWICH, B.S. in Eng BUFFALO, N.Y. WILSON T. GROVES, B.S. in MetallurgicalEng. . .DEARBORN, MICH. ROBERT W. HADLEY, JR., B.S. in Electrical Eng TOLEDO, O. GRANT R. HAGEN, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng NORTHPORT, MICH. JAMES B. HALL, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng ST. LOUIS, MO. JOHN T. HALL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng SCOTIA, N.Y. JOSEPH M. HALLISSY, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Eng LAKEWOOD, O. JOHN C. HAMMELEF, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng KANSAS CITY, MO. ALFRED L. HAMMETT, B.S. in Electrical Eng WEST ENGLEWOOD, N.J. GILBERT A. HANKE, JR., B.S. in Metallurgical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. RICHARD E. HANSLIP, B.S. in Aeronautical and Mechanical Eng TOLEDO, O. ALAN H. HARRIS, B.S. in Metallurgical and Chemical Eng DETROIT, MICH. FLOYD D. HARRISON, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng KALAMAZOO, MICH. IBRAHIM M. HESSAN, B.S. in Civil Eng., Geodesy and Surveying ANN ARBOR, MICH. EDWARD F. GLANTZ, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. . . DETROIT, MICH. HAROLD E. GOELLER, B.S. in Chemical Eng FREEPORT, N.Y. EDWARD D. GOLDSMITH, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ISLIP TERRACE, L.I., N.Y. GEORGE D. GOTSCHALL, B.S. in Electrical Eng CLEVELAND, HEIGHTS, O. CHARLES H. GOULD, A.B. in Electrical Eng RIVERSIDE, ILL. G. ELLIS GRAY, B.S. in Electrical Eng ANNAPOLIS, MD. OSCAR E. HAUSER, JR., B.S. in Electrical Eng.. . DETROIT, MICH. EDWARD J. HAYTER, B.S. in Chemical Eng ROCHESTER, N. Y. CLAIR H. HEATLEY, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. . .PITTSBURGH, PA. MARCELLES J. HEBDEN, B.S. in Chemical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. LOUIS F. HELD, B.S. in Mechanical Eng INDIANAPOLIS, IND. JOHN R. HENRY, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. .BASKING RIDGE, N. J. GERALD HIESER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. . BLOOMINGTON, ILL. NICKERSON HINCKLEY, B.S. in Chemical Eng NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. TENHO S. HINDERT, B.S. in Chemical Eng DETROIT, MICH. DONALD V. HORN, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N. Y. KENNETH C. HUFF, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng.. RIVER FOREST, ILL. HARPER H. HULL, B.S. in Naval Architecture. .ANN ARBOR, MICH. ROBERT L. IMBODEN, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO HARRY S. IMMING, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Eng BROOKLINE, MASS. DAVID C. IPSEN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng SCHENECTADY, N.Y. MICHAEL S. IVEN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ROCHESTER, N.Y. jpe t JOHN C. JACKOVICH, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng PORT JERVIS, N. Y. SIDNEY J. JENNINGS, B.S. in Chemical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. ARDEN M. JOHNSON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICH. ARNE I. JOHNSON, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. MOUNT KISCO, N. Y. GLENN A. JOHNSON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. . .FAIRPORT, N.Y. HAROLD A. JOHNSON, B.S. in Physics. .IRON MOUNTAIN, MICH. JOSEPH G. JOHNSON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. LLEWELLYN H. JONES, B.S. in Chemical Eng BUFFALO, N.Y. : T- ROBERT W. JONES, B.S. in Chemical Eng.. . .PARCHMENT, MICH. RICHARD W. KEBLER, B.S. in Physics OWOSSO, MICH. ROBERT C. KEETCH, B.S. in Mechanical Eng BUFFALO, N.Y. JAMES W. KEHOE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. .ANN ARBOR, MICH. WINTERS M. KENDALL, B.S. in Electrical Eng.. .MONTPELIER, VT. VERNE C. KENNEDY, JR., B.S. in Metallurgical Eng EVANSTON, ILL. J. GORDON KIRKWOOD, B.S. Civil Engineering. .WINDSOR, ONT. CULVER L. KNISKERN, B.S. Chemical Eng EVANSTON, ILL. S WILLIAM K. KOFFEL, B.S. in Mechanical Eng KALAMAZOO, MICH. FREDERICK R. KOHLER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ROYAL OAK, MICH. THOMAS R. KOHLER, B.S. in Physics and Mathematics ROYAL OAK, MICH. ANDREW KOSTEN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. J } c r . HOWARD C. LACY, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng MEDINA, N. Y. WILBUR P. LAFAYE, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . NEW ORLEANS, LA. JOSEPH O. LEE, B.S. in Chemical Eng NANAIMO, CAN. L. ROSS LEVIN, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng SAULT STE. MARIE, MICH. CARL E. LIEHT, B.S. in Chemical Eng AURORA, ILL. CHARLES W. LILLIE, B.S. in Chemical Eng.. GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. FRANKLIN W. LITTLE, B.S. in Electrical Eng HUDSON, O. JAMES J. LIVINGSTON, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Eng HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. RICHARD B. LORD, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng EVANSTON, ILL. JOHN B. MACLEAN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng DUNCAN, ARIZ. PHILIP MANDEL, B.S. in Naval Architecture NORWICH, CONN. JACK S. MARROW, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng DETROIT, MICH. JAMES S. MARTIN, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. .SPRINGFIELD, ILL. JAMES F. MATOUSEK, B.S. in Chemical Eng BERWYN, ILL. LESLIE E. MATSON, JR., B.S. in Physics WILMETTE, ILL. JOSEPH J. MATT, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng UTICA, N.Y. ROY E. MATTERN, JR., B.S. in Engineering DETROIT, MICH. FRANK W. McCABE, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . WICHITA, KANS. THOMAS J. McKENNA, B.S. in Mechanical Eng NEWARK, N. J. WILLIAM E. McNALLY, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng BRIDGEPORT, MICH. JERRY G. MICHAEL, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng GENEVA, ILL. EUGENE MIGOTSKY, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. .NEW YORK, N.Y. EUGENE A. MILINKEVICH, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng BELGOROD, RUSSIA BERT T. MILLARD, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng CINCINNATI, O. MORRIS MILLER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng DETROIT, MICH. ROBERT P. MILLER, B.S. in Engineering DETROIT, MICH. MATTHEW L. MOED, B.S. in Mechanical Eng PORT WASHINGTON, N. Y. WILLIAM H. MOREA, B.S. in Chemical Eng JACKSON, MICH. GORDON A. MORRISON, B.S. in Engineering. .WAUKEGON, ILL. DONALD P. MURCH, B.S. in Chemical Eng MIDLAND, MICH. JACK E. MURCHIE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng TRAVERSE CITY, MICH. ADOLFO A. MUSSENDEN, B.S. in Marine Eng.. .MAYAGIIEZ, P. R. JOHN T. NAGEL, B.S. in Transportation BLUE ISLAND, ILL. DONALD B. NAVLIN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. .MILWAUKEE, WIS. JOHN S. NEILL, B.S. in Chemical Eng ROCHESTER, N. Y. DONALD C. NEITHERCUT, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. .FLINT, MICH. HOWARD E. NELSON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. .BAY CITY, MICH. KENNETH M. NELSON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . WESTFIELD, N. J. KEITH F. NORWALK, B.S. in Mechanical Eng FLINT, MICH. ROBERT J. OGDEN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. BATTLE CREEK, MICH. THOMAS E. OSBORN, B.S. in Chemical Eng BUFFALO, N. Y. ROBERT E. PABST, B.S. in Chemical Eng YOUNGSTOWN, O. GEORGE W. PANAGOS, B.S. in Chemical Eng.. .DETROIT, MICH. ANTHONY J. PANEPINTO, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ANN ARBOR. MICH. ROBERT PASCH, M.E. in Mechanical Eng CLEVELAND, O. DAVID R. PEET, B.S. in Mechanical Eng WEBSTER, N. Y. JOHN T. PERRY, JR., B.S. in Aeronautical Eng LEXINGTON, KY. MAX G. PETERSEN, B.S. in Chemical Eng BOISE, IDA. ELWOOD P. PETIT, B.S. in Mechanical Eng RIO TINTO, NEV. PETER P. PETKOFF, B.S. in Chemical Eng DETROIT, MICH. JOHN F. PFENDER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng FREEPORT, ILL. P. KENNETH PIERPONT, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. .WICHITA, KAN. GENE J. PIETRANGELI, B.S. in Eng KENOSHA, WIS. WILLIAM N. PLATTE, B.S.E. in Metallurgy. . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. JOSEPH F. PROCTOR. B.S. in Aeronautical Eng FLINT, MICH. GEORGE W. PUSACK, B.S.E. in Mathematics, Aeronautical Eng ARLINGTON, VA. MARK S. PUTNAM, B.S. in Chemical Eng MIDLAND, MICH. LELAND J. QUACKENBUSH, B.S. in Engineering. . JACKSON, MICH. ROBERT B. RADKEY, B.S. in Transportation Eng.. .CHICAGO, ILL. CHARLES W. HANSON, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng.. .CLEVELAND, O. ROY RAUSMUSSEN, B.S. in Naval Architecture, Marine Eng SEATTLE, WASH. ROBERT D. RICHMOND, B.S.C. in Aeronautical Eng TORONTO, CAN. GLENN L. ROBINSON, B.S.E. in Metallurgical Eng HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. CARL ROHRBACH, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng E. AURORA, N. Y. HOWARD G. ROUDABUSH, B.S. in Chemical Eng WASHINGTON, D. C. HENRY W. ROYCE, B.S. in Electrical Eng LAKESIDE, MICH. WALDEMAR RUPINSKI, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. .DETROIT, MICH. GORDON G. RYTHER, B.S. in Electrical Eng BUFFALO, N. Y. ROBERT C. SAGER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng BUFFALO, N. Y. CLARE F. SALTZ, B.S.E. in Chemical Eng YPSILANTI, MICH. ALBERT J. SARGENT, JR., B.S. in Chemical Eng.. . .BUFFALO, N. Y. WILLIAM H. SCHAMBURG, B.S.E. in Mechanical Eng. . TOLEDO, O. v c c. yj u CARL E. SCHLEGEL, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng LAKEWOOD, O. RAYMOND I. SCHNEYER. B.S.E. in Aeronautical Eng ELLICOTT CITY, MD. CHARLES A. SCHULTE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. .DETROIT, MICH. DONALD P. SCHULTZE, B.S. in Mechanical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. RALPH A. SCHWAB, B.S.E. in Mechanical Eng.. .MANSFIELD, PA. HERBERT L. SCHWARTZ, B.S. in Mechanical Eng NEW ROCHELLE, N. Y. WALTER SERNIUK, B.S.E. in Physics ELIZABETH, N. J. RALPH H. SEYFRIED, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. ANN ARBOR, MICH. JOHN A. SHANDLEY, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. IRWIN P. SHARPE, B.S.E. in Mechanical Eng BROOKLYN, N. Y. BRUCE M. SHEFFER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. .HASTINGS, MICH. LEONARD P. SHELLEY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. .PETERSON, N.J. JAMES L. SHERMAN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng S AULT STE. MARIE, MICH. ROBERT M. SHIER, B.S. in Naval Arch ANN ARBOR, MICH. RICKLEFF W. SHIRK, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. . . WILKINSBURG, PA. RICHARD L. SHUEY, B.S. in Mathematical Eng. . . BERKELEY, CALIF. ROBERT S. SIBLEY, B.S.E. in Chemical Eng PONTIAC, MICH. HERMAN K. SIEDER, B.S. in Engineering FLINT, MICH. CORNELIUS R. SKUTT, B.S.E. in Chemical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. ROBERT M. SLEPIAN, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng.. .PITTSBURGH, PA. ROBERT G. SMELLIE, B.S. in Eng CANTON, O. JOHN V. SOBESKY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng DETROIT, MICH. ROBERT F. SPEAKER, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Eng TOLEDO, O. GORDON F. SPOONER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng.. .DETROIT, MICH. RICHARD M. SPRINGER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . AMBRIDGE, PA. CHARLES J. STERN, JR., B.S. in Chemical Eng. . ANN ARBOR, MICH. ROSS N. STEVENS, JR., B.S. in Aeronautical Eng BEAVER DAMS, N. Y. NEVIN J. STEVENSON, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . MONTCL AIR, N. J. DONALD H. STEWART, JR., B.S. in Chemical Eng ROCHESTER, N. Y. WILLIAM M. STOLK, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. LEROY STRAM, JR., B.S. in Marine Eng DETROIT, MICH. EDWARD W. STRONG, B.S. in Eng EVANSTON, ILL. ROBERT L. SUMMERHAYS, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ROCHESTER, N. Y. NORMAN C. TAYLOR, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ELMIRA, N. Y. JOHN A. TEMPLER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng SW AMPSCOTT, MASS. ROBERT R. THALNER, B.S. in Electrical Eng FLINT, MICH. NEIL L. THOMPSON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng DETROIT. MICH. WILLIAM M. THOMPSON, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ANN ARBOR, MICH. RAY A. TRITTEN, B.S. in Chemical Eng UTICA, N.Y. WILLIAM J. TULL, B.S. in Electrical Eng JACKSON, MICH OSMAR A, ULLRICH, JR., A.B. in Physics ROCHESTER, N. Y. SHARON S. ULREY, B.S. in Chemical Eng EVANSTON, ILL. RICHARD G. UNGAR, B.S. in Mechanical Eng CINCINNATI, O. FRANK E. VANCAMP, B.S.E. in Electrical Eng BAY CITY, MICH. PHILIP C. VAN NORDSTRAND, B.S. in Eng SCOTIA, N. Y. EDWARD H. VAN O ' LINDA, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng SCHENECTADY, N. Y. GORDON J. VAN WYLEN, B.S. in Mechanical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. JACK H. WALDNER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng ANN ARBOR, MICH. CARROLL L. WALKER, JR., B.S.E. in Mechanical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. ROBERT T. WALLACE, B S. in Chemical Eng ROCHESTER, N. Y. JOHN H. WARDWELL, B.S. in Chemical Eng GROSSE POINTE, MICH. DUDLEY W. WATKINS, JR., B.S, in Aeronautical Eng WASHINGTON, D. C. CHESTER WEGER, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng PHOENIX, ARIZ. HANS WEICHSEL, JR., B.S. in Aeronautical Eng WEBSTER GROVES, MISS. ROBERT L. WETSMAN B S. in Chemical Eng DETROIT, MICH. LEONARD R. WEST, B S. in Mechanical Eng DETROIT, MICH. RICHARD G. WESTERMAN, B S.E. in Chemical Eng MILWAUKEE, WIS. ALLAN E. WETTER, B.S. in Mechanical Eng BUFFALO, N.Y. GRANT D. WHIPPLE, B.S. in Electrical Eng PARKVILLE, O. HERBERT E. WHIPPLE, B.S. in Chemical Eng PORT HURON, MICH. GEORGE S. WHITMAN, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Eng BINGHAMTON, N. Y. DONALD R. WHITNEY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng TRENTON, N. J. FRANK V. WHITNEY, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ANN ARBOR, MICH. w ALEX C. WILKIE, B.S. in Electrical Eng PORT WASHINGTON, N. Y. JOHN B. WILKIE, B.S. in Naval Architecture PORT WASHINGTON, N. Y. ERMONT L. WILLIAMS, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. THEODORE E. WILLIAMS, B.S.E. in Mechanical Eng DETROIT, MICH. THOMAS V. WILLIAMS, B.S. in Mechanical Eng GERMANTOWN, PA. DAVID C. WOHLANDER, B.S. in Marine Eng QUINCY, MASS. CARL E. WOLFSTON, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Eng PITTSBURGH, PA. ALBERT E. WOOD, B.S. in Mechanical Eng ANN ARBOR, MICH. HAROLD F. WOOD, JR., B.S. in Mechanical Eng CHICAGO, ILL. CHARLES S. WORSLEY, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture BURLINGAME, CALIF. ROBERT K. WYATT, B.S. in Mechanical Eng GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. PAUL F. YOUNGDAHL, B.S.E. in Mechanical Eng BROCKWAY, PA. AH LEONG G. YUEN, B.S. in Chemical Eng HONOLULU, T. H. JOHN ZYTKEWICK, JR., B.S. in Eng LINCOLN PARK, MICH. T HE Engineering Council is the student governing body of the Engineering College. Elected members from each class and representatives of the various engineering organizations comprise its membership. The Council has a large responsibility in all matters of concern to the engineer- ing student. Among the more important of the council ' s many functions is the sponsoring of the Engineering Smoker, Slide Rule Ball, and Open House, the collecting of class dues, and the publishing of the Arch, a freshman directory. The council also directs the function of the Honor Committee, which efficiently supervises the operation of the honor system. The Council, lead by such capable officers as Bob Summerhays, President, Bob Collins, Vice President, Verne Kennedy, Secretary, and Joe Hallissy, Treasurer, has continued to actually be one of the few functioning and live organizations on campus. The work of these men is supplemented and aided by the Honor Committee consisting of Al Wilkie, Lee Aldinger, Jim Edmunds, Howard Howerth, Dave Wehmeyer, Dave Upton. TOP ROW Eyster, Voss, Upton, Imboden, French, Edwards, Sforzini ROW 2 Hutchenson, Aldinger, West, Edmunds, Wilkie. Dobson, Howerth, Rhor- bach ROW 3 Elmiger, Williams, Kennedy, Summerhays, Gotschall, Skutt, Casey ineering coun oil 63 J I I 1 Jti i O Donald L. Katz, Faculty Advisor; William G. Collamore, President; John H. Wardwell, First Vice-President; Thomas E. Osborn, Second Vice-President; Edward J. Hayter, Secretary; Charles B. Armstrong, Treasurer; Cornelius R. Skutt, Representative of Engineering Council. JYl | JV1 15 Jtl JK O Roy Albright, Grant Allen, Charles B. Armstrong, S. C. Assik, J. F. Baker, David Bate- man, Robert Beals, Robert Beeman, Sam Bela, Karl Beu, B. M. Bowman, Dellason Bress, William J. Brooks, Kenneth Broucek, John Bullen, Stanley Byer, Bernard Cannon, Linus Carlson, Herman S. Chui, William Christie, S. W. Churchill, William Collamore, Kenneth Cordes, Gerald Conger, Mac Currie, George Damon, C. DePriester, Emerick Dobo, John P. Downing, John Dugan, James Duthie, Herman Dykstra, Robert Edmonds, Julius Friedman, Frank Fowler, William Furniss, Reed Gar- ver, Philip Gelber, Harold Goeller, W. D. Harbert, Edward J. Hayter, Marcelles Hebden, Charles Heinen, Stanley Hoffman, John Hunt, LeRoi Hutchings, Robert Isler, Robert Jones, S. Kansananda, J. S. Keller, Paul Kennedy, Verne Kennedy, Robert Kerr, Charles Kimmel, Joe Kleiman, C. L. Kniskern, Bernard Kroot, Frank Lahr, William Lehmann, Carl Licht, Warren Lillie, Richard Lord, William Lord, Richard Lyon, Edmund Merz, S. O. Mesantz, Robert Miesmer, Ross Monroe, Gordon A. Morris, Donald Murch, John Neill, B. F. Newman, Richard Neymark, Joseph Nowak, Thomas E. Osborn, Robert Over- cashier, Tonert Pabst, Carl Penn, M. G. Peterson, Donald Powers, George Preckshot, M. S. Putnam, Clare Saltz, Sydney Shell, C. R. Skutt, Elmer Steger, C. J. Stern, L. A. Shipman, G. E. Sloan, Dorman Swartz, Charles Thatcher, Richard Thom- son, Andres Torre-Arregiu, Jack Trask, Norman Trepanier, Ray Tritten, Scott Urey, Enest Villegas, Robert Voss, Robert Wallace, Curtiss Wallin, John Wardwell, Robert Weisman, Richard Westerman, Richard Young, Newton Zucker. TOP ROW Kimmell, Wallin, Friedman, Bullen, Peterson, Powers, Saltz, Merz, Pabst, Christie, Neymark, Carver, Assik ROW 2 Bela, Currie, Beyer, Dyk- stra, Kennedy, Churchill, Gelber, Meganz, Thatcher, Lillie, Stern, Murch ROW 3 Overcashier, Shell, Westerman, Gardes, Jones, Neill, Newman, Can- nan, Voss, Carlson, Putnam, Hutchings ROW 4 Gauthier, Skutt, Hayter, Wardwell, Katz, Collamore, Osborn, Armstrong, Kerr, Weisman erican institute of chemical engineers 64 Vy 111 V El ili George D. Gotschall, Chairman; H. Bruce Battey, Vice-Chairman ; John W. Edwards, Engineering Council Representative; Robert R. Thalner, Treasurer; Robert W. Ehrlich, Secretary; Professor J. S. Gault, Counselor. JYl Jtl 1Y1 JD j Jt D Abbas H. Aloe, John T. Bangert, H. Bruce Battey, Donald C. Battin, Ralph E. Bell, Kemal Bilgesu, Edward C. Blom, Jr., G. Jerome Brenner, Jr., Robert L. Brigham, Robert R. Brown, Jr., Warren H. Bullard, Donald H. Courier, C. Louis Cuccia, Arthur W. Dobson, Richard C. Drutowski, John M. Duff, John W. Edwards, Robert W. Ehrlich, Sylvester P. Gentile, Henry J. Gomberg, Charles E. Goodell, George D. Gotschall, Charles H. Gould, Robert W. Hadley, Jr., J. B. Hutt, Robert J. Johnston, Jr., Raymond Kanfer, Winters M. Kendall, B. Richard Koch, Thomas R. Kohler, E. Kutay- din, Russell H. Kyser, Dale N. Latus, Ned B. Lawrence, Arthur E. Mabbett, Herbert W. McCord, Kenneth R. Moehl, John E. Munson, John M. Norton, Robert L. Ohlsson, Chester B. Okonski, James B. Pierce, Arthur H. Redfern, R. David Redner, Henry W. Royce, William E. Ryan, Gordon G. Ryther, Walter Serniuk, Richard B. Sharpe, Richard L. Shuey, Lawrence A. Smith, John F. Smolak, Milton L. Sterngold, Walter M. Strickland, Bruce Stuart, Bruce B. Suthergreen, Alan G. Teague, Robert R. Thalner, William J. Tull, John Vander Tuin, Lloyd Vroman, Grant D. Whipple, Donald E. Whomes, Alex C. Wilkie, Clyde Wiltse. TOP ROW Sharpe, Aloe, Latus, Tull, Dixon, Kohler, Cuccia, Hammett, Brown, Dobson, Hauser, Sernuik, Wiltse ROW 2 Koch, Stuart, Bullard, Van Camp, Vroman, Kendall, Moehl, Royce, Teague, Wilkie, Blom, Bangert ROW 3 Johnston, Lawrence, Little, Munson, Duff. Goodell, Demirkut, Smith, Ogel, Brigham, Pierce, Shuly ROW 4 Gombert, Battey, Attwood, Gotschall, Gault, Edwards, Thalner, Staut, Ehrlich erican institute of electrical engineers 65 X JT JL JZi M O Fred J. Elmiger, President; James H. Cissel, Jr., Vice-President; Joseph O. Lee, Secre- tary; William W. Swenson, Treasurer; Professor W. J. Emmons, Faculty Advisor. MFMUFP Q JL V J. l_i JL ' J. AJ JLi X kj Lawrence Aisman, John Auferoth, Vernon Bengal, Robert Brewer, Carroll Brown, James Cissel, Jr., Paul Donnelly, Robert Edison, Fred Elmiger, Lyman Flook, Arthur Gibson, Roger Goodwin, Ibriham Has- san, Herbert Heavenrich, Robert Herbst, John Hildinger, Guy Hoenke, James Howard, Sidney Jennings, William Sage Johnston, Joseph Lee, Daniel Ling, Conrad Maxmin, John Nagel, Gerald Oakes, Paul Palmgren, Peter Tetkoff, Robert Rad- key, Arlie Reagan, Mohammed Shukri, Joseph Silversmith, Robert Steffenson, Hyman Sterngold, Sanford Stone, William Swenson, Robert Van Sile, Richard Widman. I TOP ROW Hassan, Nagel, Silversmith, Radkey, Brown, Steffensen, Jennings, Goodwin, Petkoif ROW 2 Shukri, Bengal, Gibson, Ling, Herbst, Widman, Oakes, Stone ROW 3 Howard, Swensen, Brewer. Elmiger, Lee, Auferoth, Donnelly ericcin society of civil engineers 66 VX i JT 1 V JK President, John A. Templer; Vice-President, William K. Koffel; Secretary, George D. Cameron; Treasurer, Leonard P. Shelley, Student Council Representative, Donald R. Whitney; Honorary Chairman, Prof. R. Clay Porter. JY1 l IVl JJ Jti i iD Stanton Allen, Howard Almdale, Orhan Bati, Jay Bell, Roger Berlan, John Boshar, John Bowker, Edward Bragg, William Brown, John Burnham, Jarrett Clark, John Clark, Melvin Colvin, Maurice Dams, Joseph Datsko, Edward Day, Bernard De Boe, Edward Eding, William Faasse, Frank Farrar, Ralph Fischer, William Fischer, Henry Franczek, Louis Frick, William Gabbe, Thomas Gamon, Herman Geller, Edward Glanz, Edward Haag, Joseph Hallissy, Allen Hamilton, Gilbert Hammond, Robert Hay, Robert Hehemann, Richard Hicks, Howard Howerth, Harry Imming, Mi- chael Iven, Alvin Jacobson, Norman Jimerson, Arne Johnson, Glenn Johnson, Verne Kennedy, John Koffel, Fred Kohler, Irving Koval, William Lambert, Robert Large, Anson Laufer, Robert Leveridge, William Lidman, Robert Lindner, James Livingston, John MacLean, Roy Mattern, Julius Miklowitz, Hugh Miller, Matthew Moed, Robert Mott, Kenneth Nelson, Howard Nelson, Lee Nelson, Wilber Nordstrom, Robert Nyman, Robert Opdyke, David Ovaitt, Anthony Panepinto, Robert Pasch, Alex Pentland, Julius Petach, Elwood Petit, George Pettersen, Robert Phillipps, Joseph Picarazzi, John Powers, Glen Poyzer, Bruce Preble, Walter Prosek, Leland Quackenbush, Allen Raymond, Lester Rubin, Waldemar Rupinski, Ralph Schwab, Herbert Schwartz, Ralph Seyfried, Robert Sforzini, Erwin Shapiro, Bruce Sheffer, James Sherman, Ricklef Shirk, Ogden Smith, Rodney Smith, Robert Stanton, William Steinhagen, Robert Strasburg, Robert Summerhays, Charles Sund- quist, Sabahattin Sungur, Norman Taylor, Rufus Teesdale, Neil Thompson, William Thompson, Glair Van Etten, Gordon Van Wylen, Carroll Walker, George Webb, John Wells, Nathaniel Wheeler, Frank Whitney, Theodore Williams, Thomas Williams, David Wohlander, Jask Wright, Robert Wyatt, Thomas Zeerip. TOP ROW Steinhagen, Sherman, J. Koffel, Hicks, Bell, Imming, Haag, Lev- eridge, Koval, Howerth, Hehemann, W. Fischer, Franczek ROW 2 W. Thompson, Van Wylen, Miller, Strasburg, Laufer, Miklowitz, Day, R. Nelson, Pasch, Mott, Colbridge, Teesdale, R. Smith ROW 3 Jimebson, R. Fischer. Schwab, Nyman, Shirk, Wohlander, Kohler, J. Clark, Moed, Livingston, Boyd, Petterson, Gabbe ROW 4 Almdale, Raymond, Brown, Iven, Faasse, Colvin, Sharpe, Lindner, Van Etten, Panepinto, Youngdahl, Lidman, Datsko ROW 5 J. R. Clark, Seyfried, Bowker, Funk, Petit, Rubin, Hallissy, Wyatt, Schwartz, A. Johnson, Gamon, Berlin ROW 6 Walker, V. Kennedy, Burnham, D. Whit- ney, W. Koffel, Templer, Shelley, Cameron, T. Will iams, Nordstrom. eric an society of mech anical engineers 67 VX JT f 1 Jj J O Professor Edward Stalker, Faculty Sponsor; Henry Fielding, President; Alan Bott, Vice- President: Floyd Harrison, Secretary; Jerome Schwarzbach, Treasurer; Carl Rohrbach, Engineering Council Representa- tive. JXl lYi JD Ju HI O John W. Anderson, Alan Bott, Bob Ballard, John Boshar, Ralph Broberg, Robert Byrne, Edward Carlson, Arthur Carter, Richard Coe, Thomas Coleman, Harry Condit, William Cunningham, Harley Dennee, Wil- liam Dreyer, John Edelberg, Henry Fielding, Dick Fledderman, Louis Garby, Anthony Gentile, Robert Gibbs, David H. Glabe, Hugh Gosnell, Harry W. Gumger, Jr., Donald Hack, James B. Hall, Floyd Harrison, Lloyd Heinonen, G. Donald Hollinshead, James Hull, Arne Johnson, Ted Kennedy, Wilbur Lafaye, L. Ross Levin, B. Madison Lent-Koop, Lloyd Long, Jr., Jack Marrow, William McNally, Eugene Migotsky, Garth Parker, Gene Pietrangeli, Robert J. Platt, Jr., John Thomas Perry, Jr., Robert D. Richmand, Lloyd Ressler, Carl Rohrbach, Raymond Schneyer, Jerome Schwarzbach, Villa M. Schwert- feger, T. Scott Smith, Norman Snyder, Richard M. Spath, Robert Soukup, Nevin J. Stevenson, Robert R. Strader, S. Che Tang, Robert P. Tillson, John Valentin, Jr., Edward Van O ' Linda, Jack Waldner, Anthony Weller, George S. Whitman, George B. Wills, Henry Zeller. TOP ROW Robertshaw, Ranson, Lent-Koop, Dennee, Gosnell, Dreyer, Strader, Hack, Marrow ROW 2 Parker, Renton, Hollinshead, Thompson, Broberg, Fitton, Richmond, Levin, McNally ROW 3 Edelberg, Sieder, Boshar, Fleddermann, Carlson, Wills, Van O ' Linda, Drake, Rudlaff, Stevens ROW 4 Imperi, Carter, Coe, Ehlers, Migotsky, Dytro, Strong, Lafaye, Ballard ROW 5 Weichsel, Hall, Johnson, Snyder, Weller, Boland, Bugielski, Springer ROW 6 Schwertfeger, Kuethe, Rohrbach, Pawlowski, Fielding, Stalker, Schwarzbach, Steinbacher, Harrison. itute of the aeronautical sciences 68 OFFICERS Warren Robinson, Treasurer. Glidden S. Doman, Alan R. Bott, President; Robert Hotchkiss, Vice-President-Secretary; JW1 1 JLTl D JZi X k) Arthur Billet, Alan R. Bott, Bob Braun, Katherine Butman, Harley Dennee.CorwinDenney, Bob Dinsmore, Glidden Doman, Robert Hotchkiss, Jack Marrow, Ed Martin, Dick Mead, Dick Olivere, John Perry, Joe Pezdirtz, Peggy Pounds, Warren Robinson, Hans Weichsel, Charles Willison, Albert Wood, Wendell Young. TOP ROW Mead, Dennee, Denney, Marrow, Dinsmore, Wood, Plenge, Doman, Perry SECOND ROW Robinson, Hotchkiss, Pounds, Bott. Butman, Olivere, Weichsel. g club 69 OFFICERS can, Steward. A. F. Low, Commodore; R. F. Turner, Vice-Commodore; S. Seniska, Purser; H. C. Dun- MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dean Emeritus H. C. Sadler, Professor E. M. Bragg, Associate Professor L. A. Baier, Assistant Professor H. C. Adams. HONORARY MEMBERS Dean Emeritus M. E. Cooley, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Captain Lyal A. Davidson, Jar Wood, C. V. Essery, A. A. Limpert. ACTIVE MEMBERS J. E. Bowker, C. Carnicelli, A. W. Clifford, D. L. Creed, I. C. Douthwaite, H. C. Duncan, G. R. Hagen, R. W. Harrell, D. W. Horn, H. H. Hull, A. F. Low, W. E. Maccoun, P. Mandel , P. F. Markstrom, W. E. McElroy, D. A. Ockerman, J. F. Petrich, R. Rasmussen, N. L. Reaume, S. Seniska, R. L. B. Smith, R. F. Turner, J. B. Wilkie, M. E. Willis, D. C. Wohlander, C. S. Worsley, H. R. Zenier. TOP ROW Maccoun, McElroy ROW 1 Ackerman, Smith, Creed, Willis, Zenier, Bowker. Wohlander ROW 2 Mandel, Clifford, How, Rasmussen, Turner, Aur, Limpert. Prof. Bragg ROW 3 Harrell, Hull. Hagen, Wilkie, Duncan, Carnicelli, Low, Prof. Baier. arter deck 70 E ta kappa nu OFFICERS Arthur W. Dob- son, President; John T. Bangert, Vice-President; Robert W. Hadley Jr., Recording Secretary; Alex C. Wilkie, Corresponding Secretary; Lloyd Vro- man, Treasuer. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Stephen S. Attwood, Benjamin F. Bailey, Hemp- stead S. Bull, Joseph H. Cannon, William G. Dow, James S. Gault, Henry H. Higbie, Lewis N. Holland, Alfred H. Lovell, Arthur D. Moore, Melville B. Stout. MEMBERS John T Ban gert, H. Bruce Battey, Richard L. Congdon, Ar- thur W. Dobson, Robert W. Ehrlich, Charles E. Goodell, George D. Gotschall, Robert W. Had- ley, Jr., Kenneth R. Moehl, John E. Munson, Lloyd Vroman, Alex C. Wilkie. TOP ROW Goodell, Machl, Gotschall. Erlich, Munson ROW 2 Wilkie, Bangert, Gault, Dobson, Attwood. Vro- man, Battery. A merican institute of metallurgical engineers OFFICERS RobertB. Bos well, President; Kenneth C. Huff, Vice-President; David W. Burton, Secretary; Robert E. Cope, Treasurer; John J. Casey, Council Representa- tive; Professor C. A. Siebert, Faculty Advisor. M E M B E R S Roy Albright, Samuel Assik, Dave W. Burton, P. Benham Case, Edward Dofter, Victor Gauthier, Wilson Groves, John Hammelef, Gilbert Hanke, Robert Hehe- man, Verne Kennedy, Howard Lacy, Donald Mahler, Joseph Matt, Robert Miller, W. Wayne Shaperi, Robert Slepian, Robert Valentine, W. C. Weyandt, Merrill Whitman, C. Witters. TOP ROW Weyandt. Lacy, Mahler, Whitman. Valentine, Groves, Witters ROW 2 Hammelef, Dorter, Slepian, Ken- nedy, Hanke, Case, Heheman. Gauthier ROW 3 Assik, Huff, Casey, Boswell, Cope, Burton, Miller. 71 ?i HM.BBB DEAN BENNETT Under Dean Bennett ' s leadership, the College of Architecture and Design has become outstanding as a progressive school not only in architecture but in the whole field of design. New methods in the development of creative ability combined with a professional approach has been demonstrated by the staff in a definite coordination of effort. Dean Bennett organized a Conference on Design, held in Ann Arbor two years ago and attended by world- famous architects and designers. This conference, the first of its kind, is widely known for its effect on the teaching and practice of design in this country. This year he has been successful in securing as visiting teachers or lecturers national leaders in the field of city planning and housing in connection with the new graduate course in Regional and City Planning. He is a member of the State Registration Board of Architects, Engineers and Surveyors, and Vice-president of Collegiate Schools of Architecture. Castle Bungay, his summer home on Lake Huron, as well as a well-equipped shop in his Ann Arbor home, prove that Architecture and Design have their lighter moments for Dean Bennett. c u 74 TOP ROW Lahti, Ennersen, Valeric, Chapin, Brigham, Mundt, Lippold. Tan- ner, Weddige. Cole BOTTOM ROW Barnes, Hebrard, Bennett. O ' Dell, Bailey, Hammett SENIOR OFFICERS Walter Johnson, President; Robert Henick, Vice-President; Elizabeth Henkel, Secretary; Dorothy Wiedman, Treasurer Committees: FINANCE: Elizabeth Henkel, Chairman; Linn Smith, Harold Himes, William Ditz, Susan Holtzman ANNOUNCEMENT: Dorothy Wied- man, Chairman; Dorothy Walker, Marjorie Taylor, Marilynn Vogel, Ivan Cuthbert. ARCHITECTURAL COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Linn Smith, President; Wilmar Nuechterlein, Business; Susan Holtzman, Secretary COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: Wilmar Nuechterlein, Business; Jean Ranahan, Social; Gene Walper, New Activities; Albert Little, Publicity; John Moehlman, Records; Mildred Christa, Maintenance. Romanoff, Nuechterlein, Walper, Moehlman, Holtzman, Smith, Davidson, Ranahan. Johnson, Henick, Henkel, Wiedman. 75 Si Jr j " NORMAN N. ANDERSON. B.S ROCHESTER, N.Y. ETEM A. BALTACIOGLU, A.B ISTANBUL, TURKEY MARY-LOU BAUMGARTEN, B.D.. . . .LOGANSPORT, IND. ROBERT L. BURCKHALTER, B.S MICHIGAN CITY, IND. WILLIAM F. BURGESS, B.D ROYAL OAK, MICH. CHRISTINE CHAMBERS, B.D.. . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. IVAN N. CUTHBEHT, A.B ANN ARBOR, MICH. WILLIAM T. DITZ, JR.. B.D SAGINAW, MICH. VIRGINIA DRURY. B.D.. . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. ANTONIETTA P. FERRETTI, B.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. JANET S. FISHER, B.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. ROBERT E. FISHER, B.D... ..ELKHART, IND. RICHARD H. GOMERSALL. A.B WASHINGTON, D.C. CLELAN H. GRAHAM, B.D FLINT, MICH. FUAD S. HASSAH, A.B.. . . .BEIRUT, SYRIA ROBERT W. HENICK, B.S CHICAGO, ILL. ELIZABETH C. HENKEL, B.D GROSSE POINTE PARK, MICH. HAROLD W. HIMES, B.S. . ..DETROIT, MICH. C. PHELPS HINES. B.D EDEN, N.Y. SUSAN HOLTZMAN. B.D DETROIT, MICH. WALTER K. JOHNSON. B.S THREE OAKS. MICH. CHAUNCEY F. KOHTEN ANN ARBOR, MICH. LOIS MacDONALD, B.D CLAWSON, MICH. CHARLES H. MacMAHON. JR., A.B.. . . .GROSSE POINTE, MICH. GERTRUDE E. MOHLIN, B.D GARY, IND. ROBERT W. NICKLE. B.D SAGINAW, MICH. ALVIN J. OBERST, B.S.. . . .BUFFALO, N.Y. ALFRED H. PIEL. A.B INDIANAPOLIS, IND. PHOEBE M. POWER, B.D BETHESDA, MD. MAX C. RICHARDSON, B.S OWOSSO, MICH. EMILIE M. ROOT, B.D DETROIT, MICH. GONZALO S. SAMPER, A.B BOGOTA, COLOMBIA LINN C. SMITH, B.S MOUNT MORRIS, MICH. MARJORIE J. TAYLOR, B.D GROSSE POINTE PARK, MICH. E. RUTH TENNANT. B.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. RUSSELL S. THATCHER, B.S FLINT, MICH. MARY I. TRELFA, B.D DETROIT. MICH. . J. RODERICK VAN LEUWEN, A.B HOLLAND, MICH. MARILYNN VOGEL, A.B.. . ANN ARBOR, MICH. DOROTHY WALKER, B.D DETROIT, MICH. WESLEY W. WEBB, B.S MASON, MICH. DOROTHY L. WIEDMAN, B.D.. . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. )oms of the Architectural School to be aware of the air of informality which surrounds all activity in this school. One is impressed by the in- tensity, with which these students create, and their sensitivity to line, texture, and form. After complete analysis of specific advertising problems and careful designing to suit reproduc- tion restrictions, deft brushes create the magic of commercial design. 78 Workrooms echo the new trends re- vealed in clay models, sketches from life, and finely designed plans ior mod- ern communities. 79 V OLA DEAN GRIFFIN Professor of transport and commerce, expert on the United States Shipping Board, authority on banking and marketing, Dean Clare E. Griffin is well known for his versatility in the field of economics and busi- ness administration. After gaining experience teaching economics at Dartmouth and transportation at Johns Hopkins, Dean Griffin came to the University of Michigan where he became Associate Professor of commerce and industry. Later he was elevated to the position STANDING Pierpont. Paton, Rodkey, Riegel, Phelps, Blackett. SEATED Jami- son, Elliott, Wolaver, Griffin, Sawyer, Gault, Waterman. 82 Putting accounting theory into practice Delving into the problems of big business Recognizing the problems of modem busi- ness and industry and the educational needs created by them, the University es- tablished the School of Business Adminis- tration in 1925. Since then its program has been extended and its facilities enlarged to such a degree that it is now one of the better recognized schools of its type in the country. Requiring a bachelor ' s degree for admission (except for those who fill the University ' s combined curriculum require- ments) the school is basically for gradu- ate study. Its general purpose is to provide the student with instruction of a profes- sional grade in the basic principles of management, to afford training in the use of quantitive measurements in the solution of management problems, and to assure education in the relationships between business leadership and the more general interests of the community. Even learning to add is a complicated procedure 83 RUSSELL M. BRAGA, M.B.A ROCHESTER, MICH. IRL D ' A. BRENT II, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations DETROIT, MICH. GORDON H. BUTER, M.B.A. in Marketing . .HOLLAND, MICH. HAROLD K. CHARLESWORTH, M.B.A. in Accounting CLEAR LAKE, IA. EDWARD P. CHRISTENSEN, M.B.A. in Marketing TWO HARBORS, MINN. BENJAMIN CZAJKA, M.B.A. in Accounting NEMACOLIN, PA. JOHN A. DAMGAARD, JR., M.B.A TARRYTOWN, N.Y. CHARLES T. DAY, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations SAGINAW, MICH. JAMES E. DUNLAP, M.B.A ANN ARBOR, MICH. HERMAN E. ERKE, M.B.A. in Investments RICH HILL, MO. IRA ERNST, M.B.A MINOT, N.D. PAUL W. FELLMAN, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations. . . . MONTREAL, WIS. ALLYN C. FERGUSON, M.B.A ANN ARBOR, MICH. ROBERT W. GILMOUR, M.B.A. in Personnel and Industrial Management NEGAUNEE, MICH. DOUGLAS P. GOULD, M.B.A. in Marketing LAKEWOOD, O. ROBERT C. HAMILTON, M.B.A. in Production Management BIRMINGHAM, MICH. EUGENE R. HARTLEY, M.B.A. in Marketing BATTLE CREEK, IA. JOHN G. HAVIGHURST, M.B.A. in Industrial Management. .ANN ARBOR, MICH. ROBERT E. JOHNSON, M.B.A HUNTINGTON WOODS, MICH. A LFRED T. JOLDERSMA, M.B.A. in Accounting HOLLAND, MICH. JAMES E. KEENAN, M.B.A ROCHESTER, N.Y. CLARENCE KLOPSIC, M.A DETROIT, MICH. CHARLES H. LeCLAIRE, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations FERND ALE, MICH. HAROLD M. LEVINSON, M.B.A.. . BROOKLINE, MASS. LOWELL F. LOEFFLER, M.B.A. in Factory Management YUTAN, NEB. EDWARD L. MURPHY, M.B.A ESCANABA, MICH. GEORGE K. POTTER, M.B.A JACKSON, MICH. DAVID W. RICE, M.B.A IRON RIVER, MICH. MAURICE M. RINKEL, M.B A ANN ARBOR, MICH. AUBREY C. ROBERTS, M.B.A. in Accounting PONTIAC, MICH. FRANCES R. ROSEBOOM, M.B.A ANN ARBOR, MICH. DOUGLAS S. RUSSELL, M.B.A KALAMAZOO, MICH. ERNEST D. SAL WEN, M.B.A.. . . . BROOKLYN. N.Y. STANLEY W. SAYRE, M.B.A. in Industrial Relations TERRE HAUTE, IND. WILLIAM L. SCHOOFS, M.B.A MILWAUKEE, WIS. ARTHUR C. SEDESTROM, M.B.A.. .. DETROIT, MICH. DOYLE W. SELDENRIGHT, M.B.A WYANDOTTE, MICH. H. ROBERT SLUSSER, M.B.A. in Accounting CANTON, O. ROBERT W. STOCKER, M.B.A. in Acc ounting ROCKFORD, ILL. JOHN P. STROUSS, M.B.A JACKSON, MICH. ROBERT S. TRAVIS, M.B.A. in Finance PONTIAC, MICH. FREDERICK R. WAINGROW, M.B.A.. . . . ROCHESTER, N.Y. GERALD M. WATERS, M.A ROME, N.Y. ELIZABETH C. WURSTER, M.B.A ANN ARBOR, MICH. WILLIAM ZACK, M.B.A.. DETROIT, MICH. w CLASS OFFICERS ADVISORY COMMITTEE George A. Fogarty, Chairman, Fred- erick R. Waingrow, Joseph A. Otte, John A. Damgaard FI- NANCE COMMITTEE Russell M. Braga, Chairman, Frances R. Roseboom, David W. Rice, Allyn Ferguson, Douglas P. Gould SOCIAL COMMITTEE Robert W. Gilmour, Chairman, John W. Clarke, Sterling H. Schoen, Lena Cowart, Joseph V. Bres ATH- LETIC PROGRAM COMMITTEE John P. Strouss, Chairman, Charles T. Day, Hans Meissner, Clayton J. Pilcher, D. M. Phelps CAPITALIST BALL COMMITTEE John H. Harwood, Sr., John W. Shields, Jr., Co-Chairmen. INVITATIONS COMMITTEE Gordon H. Buter, Chairman, Edward Murphy, Robert E. Johnson CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE James E. Keenan, Chairman, Roy Weber, Aubrey Roberts, David Liang ALUMNI CONFER- ENCE COMMITTEE Herman E. Erke, Chairman, John G. Havig- hurst, Robert W. Stocker CLASS PICTURE COMMITTEE Fran- cis G. Pletz, Chairman, Raymond D. Balcom. STANLEY W. SAYRE President ROBERT S. TRAVIS Vice-President CHARLES H. LeCLAIRE Secretary RUSSELL M. BRAGA Treasurer 86 LPHA APPA TOP ROW Monroe, Yeasting. Ruth, Kettinger, Santopietro, Earle, Shelley, Reading Row 2 Jubb, Phillips, Larsen, Hood, Galusha, Emerich, Linzel Row 3 Dunlap, Hart- ley, Ferguson, Gilmour, Damgaard, Fellman, Rumney. OFFICERS Robert Gilmour, President; F. Allen Earle, Vice -President; Allyn C. Ferguson, Secretary; Eugene R. Hartley, Treasurer SENIORS. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Robert Hartley, Allyn Ferguson, Paul Fellman, Robert Gilmour, James Dunlap, John Damgaard, Ira Ernst JUNIORS, SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Richard Phil- lips, Howard Larsen, Charles Emerick, Herbert Hood, Michael Monroe, Olindo Santopietro, John Fry SENIORS F. Allen Earle, Emerson Yeasting, Robert Shelley, William Galusha JUNIORS Robert Jubb, Robert De Young SOPHOMORES Norman Ruth, Clarence Kettinger FRESHMAN George Linzel. 87 " ' DEAN BUNTING For over forty years Dean Russell W. Bunting has been connected in one capacity or another with the school of Dentistry. He has through these years watched it grow and done much to advance it to the status that it enjoys today. With the addition of the new Kellogg Institute last year, the school took another step forward in the field of science and re- search. With the aid of Dean Bunting, who was the recipient of the Callahan Memorial Award in 1929 and the Fauchard Award in 1930, and with the im- proved facilities for the school, the student of dentis- try today can feel sure that he is getting a sound trainin g which will enable him to go into practice almost immediately after graduation. u STANDING Faust, Bloom, Kerr, Northrop, Wright, Held, Moyer, Whitman, Peyton, Waldo, Easlick. Nissle, Kemper, Ostrander, Jay SEATED Moore, Ward, Vedder, Bunting, Jeserich, Kingery, Mackoy, Hard. 90 Convinced that practical experience is important as class room study, the Dental School continues its extensive program in first-hand instruction. Serving as the center for this training is the Clinic, which is one of the largest in the nation. 91 OSCAR BEAN, D.D.S DETROIT. MICH. IRVING BEGELMAN, D.D.S DETROIT, MICH. ARTHUR BIBB, JR., D.D.S .TROY, N.Y. EDWARD A. CHENEY, D.D.S CHARLOTTE, MICH. MILTON F. DOODLE, A.B., D.D.S SYRACUSE, N.Y. THOMAS F. GRAHAM, D.D.S HARBOR SPRINGS, MICH. JAMES W. HARRISON, D.D.S EDWARDSBURG, MICH. JOSEPH T. HARTSOOK, D.D.S DETROIT, MICH. JOHN W. HAYS, D.D.S . . ANN ARBOR, MICH. SELVIN HIRSHON, D.D.S PORTLAND, ME. ROBERT P. HOFFMAN, D.D.S GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. DURWARD W. JADWIN, D.D.S . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. HENRY J. KRUSKA, D.D.S CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS, PA. ANTHONY W. MARKOVICH, D.D.S PAW PAW, MICH. GEORGE J. MAURER, D.D.S . .TOLEDO, O. GEORGE J. MILLER, D.D.S DEARBORN, MICH. GERALD J. MURPHY, D.D.S LANSING, MICH. JAMES M. RILEY, D.D.S . . DETROIT, MICH. ROBERT W. ROOT, D.D.S KALKASKA, MICH. EDWARD RUDD, JR., D.D.S LES CHENEAUX, MICH. GEORGE W. SFERRA, D.D.S . .DUMONT, N.J. J. ROBERT SHORT, D.D.S FLINT, MICH. DONALD A. SIMON, D.D.S DETROIT, MICH. HENRY F. STANCO, D.D.S . . BROOKLYN, N.Y. LESTER B. WEISS, A.B., D.D.S NAUGATUCK, CONN. DALE H. WHITE, D.D.S GAINES, MICH. LUMON E. WILLMENG, D.D.S... .. WATER VLIET, MICH. LASS OFFICERS OFFICERS Edward Rudd, Jr., President; Oscar Bean, Vice-President; Dale H. White, Secretary; Ed- ward A. Cheney, Treasurer. CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Joseph Hartsook, Chairman. AN- NOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE John Hays, Chair- man. EDWARD RUDD, JR. President OSCAR BEAN Vice-President DALE H. WHITE Secretary EDWARD A. CHENEY Treasurer 93 FRANCES L. BAKER TOLEDO, O. LUCILLE E. BENZ ANN ARBOR, MICH. VIRGINIA H. CAMPBELL CANONSBURG, PA. YVONNE DES JARDINS CROSWELL, MICH. PATRICIA L. FOX ATHENS, MICH. FRANCES M. HAYS ANN ARBOR, MICH. MARY F. HUNT DETROIT, MICH. FRANCES E. HUTCHENREUTHER BAY CITY, MICH. JANE A. LAMBERTSON FLINT, MICH. JEAN A. LONG ASHTABULA, O. JANE E. PARKHILL GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. VIVIAN R. SIGLER CHILLICOTHE, O. JANE A. VANDERLEEST GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. MONA J. WALTER SOUTH CHARLESTON, W. VA. CORA MAY WIEDLEA MARSHALL, MICH. DONA M. ZOLLNER. . ... .CLEVELAND,. TOP ROW Gerendasy, Bass, Jacobson, Lezell, DeRoven, Rosen, Small, Robins, Krohn, Weinberg ROW 2 August, Aronstein, Aptekar, Levy, Eder, Berris, Small ROW 3 Miller, Begelman, Bean, Simon, Hirshon. OFFICERS Oscar Bean, Chancellor; Selvin Hirshon, Vice-Chancellor; Gerald Aptekar, Quaestor; Bernard Levy, Scribe; Herbert Eder, Steward. SENIORS Oscar Bean, Irving Begelman, Selvin Hirshon, George Miller, Donald Simon. JUN- IORS Gerald Aptekar, Herbert Aronstein, Henry Berris, Herbert Eder, Bernard Levy, Robert Small. SOPHOMORES Marvin DeRoven, Robert Gerendasy. PLEDGES Alvin August, Seymour Bass, Phillip Hertz, Jerry Jacobson, Samuel Krohn, Alvin Lezell, Raymond Robins, Harold Rosen, Paul Schiff, Benjamin Small, Alex Weinberg. 95 ELTAilIGMA ' , ! p w t x - - H f TOP ROW Elving, Godfrey, Adamwicz, Ryman, McQuillan. Odell, Hayward. Pond, Cossar, Allen, Rice, Pray ROW 2 Gies, Happle, Paine, Meagher, Hanson, Karbelick, Dodge, Luton, Demartin ROW 3 Rawson, Maurer, Root, Cheney, Murphy, Harrison, Graham, Willmeng, Bibb, Rudd, Jadwin. OFFICERS Arthur Bibb, Jr., Grand Master; George Maurer, Worthy Master; Gerald Murphy, Scribe; Robert Root, Trea- surer. SENIORS Arthur Bibb, Jr., Edward Cheney, Thomas Graham, James Harrison, Duward Jadwin, George Maurer, Gerald Murphy, Robert Root, Edward Rudd, Lumon Willmeng. JUNIORS Robert Barber, Albert Buckholz, Ray Gies, Martin Gilson, Thomas Hanson, James Happle, William Karbelick, Harry Suton, Paul Meagher, David Pray, Delbert Raw- son, Philip Sloan. SOPHOMORES John DeLamarter, Roland Demartin, Smith Dodge, Harry Elving, William Jackson Arthur Kitzmiller, Joseph Morris, Ralph Renwick, Ray Stevens, Donald Ward, Earl Watch. FRESHMEN Duane Abbott, James Adamwicz, David Allen, Griffith Cossar, William Gambill, James Hayward, Dwight Landon, Lewis McQuillan, George Mullin, John Nolen, Howard Odell, Philip Olds, Robert Paine, Donald Peterson, Floyd Pond, Charles Rice, Julian Ryman, Charles White, Robert York. 96 TOP ROW Doyle, R. E. Walker. Hamm. Ranney. Lambert Reizian, R. A. Walker. Law- son. Molina. Stone ROW 2 Golden. Ryle, Ross, Henry. Konas BOTTOM ROW Kruska. Short, White, Dr. Moore, Sierra, Dr. DeLoreto, Stance, Hartsook. OFFICERS George Sferra, President; Joseph Hartsook, Vice-President; Dale White, Secretary; Henry Kruska, Treasurer. SENIORS Joseph Hartsook, Henry Kruska, George Sferra, Robert Short, Henry Stance, Dale White. JUNIORS John Dumon, John Golden, Gerald Hodgson, Robert Ross, William Ryle, Howard Stafford. SOPHOMORES Mathew Czyzcki, John Doyle, Dennis Frutiger, George A. Hamm, John Henry, Harry Reizian, George Sanzi, Jack Smith, Ford Stone, Richard E. Walker. FRESHMEN Clayton Konas, Dale Lambert, Richard Lawson, Fernando Molina, Glenn Ranney. 97 MPl SCHOOL EDUCATIO DEAN EDMONSON Dean Edmonson became Dean of the School of Education in 1929 having obtained his A.B. and A.M. at the University earlier. He is a member of many state and national educational committees, including the Educational Policies Commission of N.E.A. since 1935. However, the most recent of these positions came with his appointment as a member of the University War Board. His latest publication is the textbook " Civics in American Life " just off the press, in which he col- laborated with Arthur Dondineau. Dondineau has worked with him on several other publications. Although many persons are interested in the people around them, Dean Edmonson makes a hobby of his interest. He likes nothing better than to ride on unusual and old trains which are not used much. He enjoys talking with the brakemen, conductors, and other passengers, and often en- gages in this pastime while traveling. c u TOP ROW James. Walcott, Thorpe, Eggertsen, Trow, Dunham, Copp, Woody, Koch, Carrothers, Good, Moehlman, Mitchell, Courtis, VanKersen ROW 2 ' Anderson, Schorling, Curtis, Stephenson, Olson, Campbell, Davis, C. O. Davis, Fries, Edmonson. 100 ASS OFFICERS David Nelson, President; Margaret Gardner, Vice- President, Albert Hyde, Secretary; Jean Johnson, Treasurer. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN - - Margaret Gardner, Commencement and Announcement; Jean Johnson, Finance; Betty Johnson, Senior Ball Repre- sentative. Practice teaching and student confer- ences are part of the teacher training program. Following a student ' s decision to become a teacher, a con- ference is arranged between the student and his adviser. Courses are planned for the branch of the profession which is desired. Young women in the elementary train- ing course, along with their regular courses in their junior year may elect to assist in nursery, kindergarten or first grade. Because it may be the first actual contact with children, the volunteer does not actually teach but helps the regular teacher. The first stage often reveals lack of ability to get along with children, or develops this necessary requirement. During the senior year, an actual teacher-training course is carried out at the University High School or in a desig- nated school. Here the student handles lesson plans and classroom procedure, is helped by the critic teacher finally to teach alone. After this period of training has been passed satisfac- torily, a certificate is awarded and the student is qualified to teach in any school system which will accept his back- Voluntary assistance in the nursery school develops ability to get along with children. To understand their problems and develop in the child good personality traits is the primary aim of the nursery school. 103 BARBARA ALT, A.B ANN ARBOR, MICH. CAROLINE J. ANDERSEN, B.S MUSKEGON, MICH. VIRGINIA F. APPLETON, A.B EAST CLEVELAND, O MARY M. BEATTY, A.B THREE RIVERS, MICH. ELIZABETH A. BELISLE, A.B DETROIT, MICH. GERTRUDE I. BENNETT, B.S . .DECATUR, ILL. MAXINE E. BLACKMORE, A.B LESLIE, MICH. NORMAN W. BLYSTONE, B.S CLARE, MICH. ELIZABETH M. BREATHWAITE, A.B .. FLINT, MICH. DONNA M. BROWN, A.B FLUSHING, MICH. LINDSLEY L. BUCK, A.B SANDUSKY, O. DALE W. BULEMORE, B.S . . VERNON, MICH. ALICE JANE BUTLER, A.B MILAN, MICH. JOSEPHINE M. CARPENTER, A.B DETROIT, MICH. ELAYNE M. CLINKSTON, A.B... . . SAGINAW, MICH. JOSEPH C. COLLING, B.S FLINT, MICH. ISABEL COLTHORP, A.B SAGINAW, MICH. CLEO JEAN COVERT, A.B... .. FLINT, MICH. INA L. COX, B.S BONAPARTE, IA. JEAN CRAWFORD, A.B PORT CLINTON, O. MARGERY L. DAHLSTROM, A.B.. . . .IRON MOUNTAIN, MICH. CAROLYN E. DENFIELD, A.B LANSING, MICH. DORIS M. DICKASON, B.S ANN ARBOR, MICH. RUTH L. EDDY, A.B.. . .ST. CLAIR, MICH. ROBERT A. EMERSON, A.B N. MUSKEGON, MICH. RUTH ANN ENGEL, A.B CHICAGO, ILL. HELEN R. ETTER, B.S.. . . .GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. JULIE M. FENSKE, A.B DEARBORN. MICH. ROBERT L. FLORA. B.S MUSKEGON, MICH. HARLIN E. FRAUMANN, A.B PONTIAC, MICH. REVA B. FRUMPKIN, A.B FLINT, MICH. MARGARET I. GARDNER, A.B PORTSMOUTH, O. THOMAS GILLIES, A.B.. . ABERDEEN, WASH. JACQUELYN GLAIR, A.B FLOSSMOOR, ILL. ROLAND F. GODBOUT, A.B BENNINGTON, VT. ROBERT W. HALM, A.B.. . EGGERTSVILLE, N.Y. GERALDINE HARTMANN, A.B GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. BETTY C. HASSE, A.B JACKSON, MICH. ROBERT E. HASSELTINE, A.B.. .. BRISTOL, VT. ARLENE G. HELLIESEN, B.S WOLCOTT, N.Y. AGNES L. HIGGS, A.B DEARBORN, MICH. STANLEY J. HIPWOOD, B.S FLINT, MICH. DONALD A. HOLMAN, A.B DETROIT, MICH. ANNE E. HOLMES, A.B ANN ARBOR, MICH. ALBERT E. HYDE, A.B.. . GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. JOCELYN A. IRONSIDE, A.B HASTINGS, MICH. A. JEAN JOHNSON, B.S IRON MOUNTAIN, MICH. C. ELIZABETH JOHNSON, B.S.. . ANN ARBOR, MICH. JOHN W. KAUTZ, B.S CHICAGO, ILL. ANNETTE F. KEMPER, B.S LYNBROOK, N.Y. ALMA M. KEYL, B.S. . SAGINAW, MICH. DOROTHY J. LINDQUIST, A.B BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICH. MARJORIE R. McCOY, A.B ANN ARBOR, MICH. MARGARET B. McGUIRE, A.B.. . . . FERNDALE, MICH. BARBARA L. MILLER, A.B KALAMAZOO. MICH. LUCILLE MUSGROVE, B.S CHICAGO, ILL. DAVID M. NELSON, B.S DETROIT, MICH. MARY A. PATON, A.B URBANA, ILL. MARGARET H. RAMSAY, B.S PHILADELPHIA, PA. RUTH B. REINHARD, A.B GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. SHIRLEY M. RISBURG, B.S DETROIT, MICH. WALTER C. SEKOWSKI, A.B SCHENECTADY, N.Y. ONILEE L. SHANER, A.B LITTLE GENESSEE, N.Y. OPAL M. SHIMMONS, B.S FLINT, MICH. CHRISTINE E. SMITH, A.B YPSILANTI, MICH. DORIS I. SMITH, B.S MARINE CITY, MICH. WARREN H. SMITH, B.S HUDSONVILLE, MICH. HELEN B. SNOW, B.S NEWARK, N.J. RALPH I. SNYDER, A.B FLINT, MICH. EVELYN E. SPAMER, B.S BROOKLYN, N.Y. MARJORIE R. STRAND, A.B DEARBORN, MICH. MARGOT THOM, A.B DENVER, COLO. ALFRED S. THOMAS, B.S DETROIT, MICH. EUGENE A. TOMASELLI, B.S NEW YORK, N.Y. JUNE M. WAGNER, A.B JACKSON, MICH. MARY L. WAGNER, A.B GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. KENNETH WASSERMAN, A.B BROOKLYN, N.Y. HELEN E. WHITING, A.B. . . STREATOR, ILL. NORMA E. ZABRISKIE, B.S GLEN ROCK. N.J. Rather than dealing in abstract and inanimate materials as many other schools do, the Education School deals with that most pliable but exceedingly tensile material, youth. Moulding the still immature minds of children proves a fascinating and ever changing occu- pation for those who have chosen this field. In order to solve successfully the va- ried problems of personality and en- vironment which are a large part of this career and to develop a skill for stimulating the desire for learning, stu- dents in the Education School attend classes in which they learn fundamen- tals and methods of teaching. In addi- tion to class work, these students, in their senior year, have actual experi- ence making lesson plans and teach- ing classes in the particular field in which they are concentrating. Elementary practice teaching must be done off campus at one of several designated colleges. However, those training for high school may remain here and practice teach at University High school. This school offers a specialized train- ing in the many phases of the profes- sion, yet combines with this the background and general knowledge necessary to a well-rounded individ- ual. The goal complete independence and responsibility in conducting a class. 107 -.- DEAN DANA Realizing the importance of forestry and conserva- tion in the country today with the ever diminishing supply of national resources, Dean Samuel T. Dana has done much to promote the activities of forestry and in the extensive training of students in this field. Born in Portland, Maine, a center in this industry, Dean Dana later entered Boudoin College in this state and graduated summa cum laude in 1904. Repeating this scholastic achievement at Yale, he proved conclusively his abilities as a forester. Since his collegiate career and before his appointment as dean, his experiences in all phases of forestry have been extensive and varied. He served various of- fices in the United States Forestry Service beginning as a forestry assistant in 1908. Later he was ap- pointed assistant chief of offices of silvics and forest investigations. Since 1927, the year that he became associated with the University of Michigan, Dean Dana in the role of professor and dean has correlated the activi- ties of the College of Forestry into an institution of undisputed merit. U Standing: Bromley, Allen, Murray, Matthews, Young, Graham Seated: Ramsdell, Craig, Dana, Kynoch, Wight 110 JOHN H. AYERS, B.S. in Forestry LOS ANGELES, CAL. SAMUEL L. BELLANCA, B.S. in Forestry MT. MORRIS, N.Y. DONALD S. DUCKART, B.S. in Forestry WISCONSIN RAPIDS, WIS. CHESTER J. EWING, B.S. in Forestry FLUSHING, N.Y. WILLIAM R. HAUSER, B.S. in Forestry ANN ARBOR, MICH. LAWRENCE E. HOWARD, B.S. in Forestry ORANGE PARK, FLA. FRANK B. KENT, B.S. in Forestry OCONTO, WIS. CARL A. LANGENBACH, B.S. in Forestry WEST BEND, WIS. VIRL D. MARSHALL, B.S. in Forestry NEWPORT, MICH. CHARLES L. MOHLER, B.S. in Forestry ARKANSAS CITY, KAN. RICHARD D. MORIN, B.S. in Forestry GROSSE POINTE, MICH. ROBERT W. NEELANDS, B.S. in Forestry. . . . PRUDEN VILLE, MICH. JOHN E. O ' LEARY, B.S. in Forestry SACRAMENTO, CAL. NEAL G. SPERHAKE, B.S. in Forestry BURLINGTON, WIS. ALEX J. YORMAN, B.S. in Forestry REEDSBURG, WIS. Surrounded by a Daniel Boone setting of sylvan beauty the Tim- ber Men take time off for a snack. Attired in typical hand tailored togs, the foresters make calcula- tions in preparation for the ac- tual work. After scouting the area for fire hazards Joe Forester telephones in his report. : SE JB m r a . 6 , One of the newest schools in the University of Michigan, the School of For- estry and Conservation was independently established in 1927. Expanded greatly since the Forestry courses were first taught as a part of the curricu- lum of the School of Political Science in 1881, the school now emphasizes professional work. Study is made not only of scientific problems of produc- tion, but attention is also paid to the technical, business and administrative problems of forest owners, and the economic and social problems rel ating to the development of human welfare. Conservation is studied as a philoso- phy in relation to commerce and industry, as the only sound basis of national prosperity. Basic training is given the student in the biological, engineering and social sciences, specialization not being encouraged until the third year of Forestry. For those specializing in Forestry Production, the University maintains Camp Filibert Roth located in the Upper Peninsula. Students camp there during the ten weeks of summer and encounter the practical problems of forestry, receive field instruction in mapping and measuring forest stands, fire prevention and control, and doing the construction and maintenance of the forest. 113 ir .V p Lost in the intricacies of a maze of machines, this graduate stu- dent tabulates and lists records of educational importance. Here a graduate student checks his coat in preparation for a siege on books. Seated on a plush seat, sur- rounded by luxurious adorn- ments, this student " cons " in preparation for class. 116 and academic center for the many advanced students of Michigan. The first graduate degrees to be granted by the University of Michigan were those of Master of Arts, conferred in 1849, and Master of Science, conferred ten years later. In the spring of 1892, a graduate department was organized in connection with the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Encour- aging the separate instruction of graduate students, the new department inaugurated a more systematic and efficient program of graduate study. The rapid growth of the department soon necessitated its separation from the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Thus, by the fall of 1912, the scope of the school was enlarged so as to include graduate work in all fields of study. In 1935 the Horace H. Rackham and Mary A. Rackham Fund provided gifts of a building for the Graduate School of the University and a generous endowment for research. The income from this endowment has made pos- sible a great expansion and improvement of the research and educational facilities of the graduate functions of the University. The building ' s numerous lecture halls, reading, study, discussion, and conference rooms have proved to be an inspiring help to the school ' s research groups. 117 DEAN YOAKUM Clarence S. Yoakum, Dean of the School of Gradu- ate Studies of the University of Michigan, is well qualified for his position. After graduating from Campbell College with an A.B. in Psychology in 1901, he held a fellowship at the University of Chicago. He became a professor at the University of Texas and was later made head of the Department of Philosophy and Psychology. After the first world war, in which he served as a Major in the Psycho- logical Service, he was appointed director of the Bureau of Personnel Management at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He accepted a similar posi- tion at the University of Michigan five years later, and in 1927 he became director of the Bureau of University Research. Besides his work as dean, this well-known Kansasan is vice-president in charge of Educational Investigation. Hard-worked graduate students rest to the soothing sonatas of Beethoven. 118 LPHA APPA TOP ROW Denekas, Koert, Baker, Tuin, DeVries, Luidens ROW TWO Ritzema, Haveman, De Young, Meeuwsen, Doezema, G. Dejong, Heyns ROW THREE Velzen, P. Dejong, Ploeg, LeClaire, Auwers, Homan, Stolk. OFFICERS Joseph T. Auwers, President; Roger Heyns, Vice-President; Wesley De Young, Secretary; Alfred T. Jolder- sma, Business Manager; George De Jong, Sargent. GRADUATES Milton O. Denekas, Roger W. Heyns, John P. Lui- dens, Bernard H. Velzen. SENIORS Medicine: George De Jong, Millard Posthuma, Eugene Sevensma. Law: Joseph T. Auwers. Business Administration: Gordon Butler, Alfred T. Joldersma, Charles H. Le Claire. Engineering: William Stolk. JUNIORS Medicine: Jerry Bulthuis, Peter Hofstra, Bernard Meeuwsen. Dentistry: Wesley De Young, Henry L. Homan. Engineering: Peter G. De Jong, Adrian H. Koert, John Vander Tuin. SOPHOMORES Medicine: Arthur G. Baker, Peter J. De Vries, Edward Doezema, Albert El Posthuma, William Vander Ploeg. FRESHMEN Dentistry: Mar- vin J. Haveman, Donald Ritzema. 119 one Michigan Law School continues year after year to live up to its traditionally high st s of education. Proceeding on the premise ' ! ats are best trained for this profession b .ning not only a tho: of the law, but also a knowledge oi cultural background, the fac i l BB BHH BII places emphasis on the origin and the development of the profession and its relations to society. Thus our legal system is examined as a general scheme of social control with a background of economics, political theory, sociology, and other social sciences, as well as psychology, psychiatry, and biology. Especial care is taken to develop in the students a knowledge of the pro- cedural side of the law and to that end their regular instruction is supple- mented by practical exercises in a fully eguipped practice court and by student managed case clubs or moot courts. The work is hard and the hours long, but the graduate has the extreme satisfaction of knowing that he has received one of the finest legal trainings obtainable. 122 The " Law Review staff edits copy Case Club court in action. 123 DEAN STASON Dean E. Blythe Stason first came to the University in 1919 as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engi- neering. At this time he also enrolled as a student in the Law School. Three years later he graduated with a J.D. degree, a degree given in recognition of outstanding attainments in scholarship. After two years of private practice, he returned to the Univer- sity, became a Professor of Law and finally in 1939 was elevated to his present position. The Law School and the University can justly feel proud of Dean Stason, for his work as a student, as a Pro- fessor, and as a Dean has always been of a guality commanding the highest respect. c u STANDING Smith, Simes, James, Shartel, Niehuss, Stason, Blume, Yntema, Dawson, Coffey, Woodbridge SEATED Kauper, Tracy, Drake, Goddard, Waite, Grismore, Sunderland, Leidy MISSING Aigler, Bates, Durfee 124 SENIOR OFFICERS OFFICERS Donald H. Treadwell, President; Jack H. Schuler, Vice-President; Edward W. Adams, Secretary; John F. Hall, Treasurer. GRADUATION COMMITTEE James D. Guern- sey, Chr., John P. O ' Hara, Loren T. Wood, Charles Wright. ALUMNI COMMITTEE Rob- ert B. Manley, Chr., Joseph B. de Peyster, David Davidoff, Donald R. Flintermann, Robert D. Mitchell, David G. Laing. CREASE BALL COMMITTEE Dean G. Beier, Co-Chr., Marion L. Bradbury, Co-Chr., Seymour J. Spellman, Lloyd M. Forster, Raymond J. Eraser, William R. Beasley. RAW REVIEW John K. Mclntyre, Co-Editor, Virginia M. Simpson, Co-Editor, Robert B. Hartnett, Bus. Mgr. PICTURE COMMITTEE Paul M. Oberndorf, Chr., Lon H. Barringer, John F. McGarl, Woodrow A. Yared. LAW CLUB COUNCIL OFFICERS Carl M. Shinn, President; Marion L. Bradbury, Vice-President, Donald H. Treadwell, Sec ' y-Treasurer. MEMBERS William B. Bavinger, Marion L. Bradbury, Oscar L. Clarke, R. Jackson Conn, Forrest R. Hainline, James A. Harper, Carl M. Shinn, Donald H. Treadwell. , IM i m - STANDING Conn, Hainline, Bavinger, Harper, Clarke SEATED Treadwell, Shinn, Bradbury a jflL Donald H. Treadwell Jack H. Schuler Edward W. Adams John F. Hall 125 EDWARD W. ADAMS, J.D HORACE W. ADAMS, LL.B JOSEPH T. AUWERS, JR., LL.B.. .MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA PAW PAW, MICH. . .GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. WILLIAM R. BEASLEY, LL.B MARION L. BRADBURY, JR., LL.B. SEBASTIAN A. BUFFA, LL.B.. . . . .PLEASANT RIDGE, MICH. .NORTH MUSKEGON, MICH. ..DETROIT, MICH. WILLIS C. BULLARD, LL.B H. WM. BUTLER, LL.B RAYMOND R. CAMPBELL, LLB.. .LANSING, MICH. .DETROIT, MICH. .LANSING, MICH. BROOKS F. CRABTREE, LL.B.. MARGARET L. CURRY, LL.B.. , ALFONSE J. D ' AMICO, LL.B.. .SAN DIEGO, CALIF. ...SAGINA W.MICH. ..DETROIT, MICH. LLOYD M. FORSTER, LL.B RAYMOND J. FRASER, LL.B SANDERS A. GOODSTEIN, LL.B. .BIRMINGHAM, MICH. PEORIA.ILL. ..DETROIT, MICH. JAMES D. GUERNSEY, LL.B.. . ROBERT B. HARTNETT, LL.B.. JOHNF. HALL, J.D... .FOSTORIA,OHIO ....AKRON, OHIO ..ROCKFORD.ILL. HARRY M. KARNEMONT, LL.B. WILLIAM H. KINSEY, J.D DAVID G. LAING, LL.B.. . ...FREMONT, MICH. .ANN ARBOR, MICH. .DOWAGIAC.MICH. BENJAMIN D. LEWIS, LL.B.. GEORGE W. LOOMIS, LL.B.. ETHEL L. NORBERG, LL.B.. . MEMPHIS, TENN. .GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. ..DETROIT, MICH. JOHN P. O ' HARA, JR., LL.B.. . . CHARLES J. O ' LAUGHLIN, J.D. CHARLES S. QUARLES, LL.B.. . ...DETROIT, MICH. ....CHICAGO, ILL. .MILWAUKEE,WIS. JACK H. SHULER, LL.B PONTIAC, MICH. FREDERICK E. SISK, LL.B TRINIDAD. COLO. JAY W. SORGE, LLB GROSSE POINTE. MICH. WILLIAM L. TAFT, LL.B MONROE, MICH. DONALD H. TREAD WELL, LL.B GROSSE POINTE, MICH. EVERETT R. TREBILCOCK, J.D LAURIUM, MICH. GEORGE W. TRENDLE, JR., LL.B GROSSE POINTE, MICH. GEORGE M. TUNISON, LL.B BAY CITY, MICH. ILA M. WAGGONER, LL.B ANN ARBOR, MICH. LOYALL G. WATSON, LL.B CAPAC, MICH. WILLIAM S. WILSON, LL.B EAST ORANGE, N.J. HARRY D. WISE, JR., LL.B.. . BIRMINGHAM, MICH. IGIN DEAN FURSTENBERG Dean Albert C. Furstenburg has been " top man " in the College of Medicine since 1935. During his administration, numerous changes and improve- ments have been made. A new building, the East Medical, has been built and much new eguipment purchased. He has been influential in organizing a faculty which has kept Michigan the Mecca of so many medical students. 1942 has placed many new problems to this capable man. With the advent of war, even the facilities were taxed to their utmost to train rapidly a large group of badly needed doctors. As Dean Furstenburg well knows, doctors cannot be " turned out " by factory methods. No bit of training or prac- tice can be neglected and the standards of skill and knowledge cannot be lowered where men ' s lives are concerned. By instituting a summer semester and appealing to every man of the student body and of the faculty, he has materially aided the prob- lem of " defense doctors. " Drawing from his vast experience and intimate knowledge of the problem, he has capably handled his great responsibility. DEPARTM: :N ' CHAIRM: N TOP ROW Waggoner, Weller, Patten, Pollard, Sturgis, Sundwall ROW 2 Fralick, Coller, Gesell, Peet, Lewis ROW 3 Newburgh, McCotter, Camp, Fur- stenberg, Edmonds, Wile 130 i V TOP ROW Gordy, Mercer, Bittinger, Nedwick, White ROW 2 Slatmyer, Betz, Hig- gins, Ver Hey, Wright, Hovis, Anderson Darmstaetter ROW 3 Schaubel, Cooper, Tolle, Schaiberger, O ' Conner, Johnson, Hall, Murphy, Leitch OFFICERS Sylvester J. O ' Connor, President; George L. Schaiberger, Vice-President; Charles B. Tolle, Secretary; Win- ston C. Hall, Treasurer. HONORARY MEMBERS Charles F. McKhann, M.D., Allan C. Barnes, M.D. SENIORS Donald Russell Cooper, Winston Conwell Hall, Laurie Willard Higgins, Logan William Hovis, Robert Matthews Leitch, Robert Thomas Murphy, Sylvester John O ' Conner, George Leonard Schaiberger, Howard James Schaubel, Charles Banat Tolle, William Brady Ver Hey. JUNIORS Francis Charles Anderson, Eldean George Betz, Ralph Emerson Bittin- ger, Armin Arthur Darmstaetter, Philip Durand Gordy, Howard Addison Keiser, Robert Dean Mercer, Edward Gregory Nedwicki, Charles Edward O ' Brien, Thomas Gorsuch Reed, Karel Rolland Slatmyer. 131 LASS OFFICERS EXECUTIVE Donald Cooper, David Randall, Neill McGragh, Ronald Crissey, Francis Sullivan. AN- NOUNCEMENT Bernice Cohen, Jack Laux, Henry Gomley, Margaret Haggan. CAP AND GOWN- John Scheible, William Brownlee, Eugene Seven- sma, Doris Heinerm, David Bohn. CLASS PICTURE Mark Todd, Keith Treumnen, William Pewhale, Arnold Friedman, Laura Kronquist. FINANCE William Baum, Carl Benz, Reinhold Sundden, James Christophersen. SENIOR BALL Robert Pommeren- ing, Charles Killins, William Wright, James Fischer, Howard Schaubel. HONOR COUNCIL Gordon Fischer, Nelson Green, Leonard Nanzetta. WILLIAM J. MORROW President DAVID B. JOHNSON Vice-President JAMES M. McCORD Secretary WILLIAM C. BAUM Treasurer 132 t Jj 1 m In preparing the blood for the blood bank the doctor must extract the blood, then it ' s typed, placed in a labelled bot- tle and " refrigerated. " Thus blood is kept available at all times ior an emer- gency transfusion. 133 STANDING Busard, Kurtz SEATED O ' Brien, Down. Dolese OFFICERS Charles E. O ' Brien, President; Joseph L. Kurtz, Vice-Presi- dent; Martha J. Down, Secretary; John M. Busard, Treasurer. EXECU- TIVE COMMITTEE Charles O ' Brien, Chr., Joseph Kurtz, Martha Down, John Busard. HONORS COMMITTEE David B. Dolese, A. Burgess Vial. PROGRAM COMMITTEE James A. Johnson, Chr., Arthur W. Ide, Kenneth R. Crispell, George S. Evseeff. TREASURY COMMITTEE -William T. Couter, Chr., Roger W. Ridley, Albert Juergens, Ben Moor- stein. CLASS OFFICERS 134 STANDING Lowery, Taylor SEATED Cheney. Wilson CLASS OFFICERS G. Dekle Taylor, President; G. Harrison Lowrey, Vice-President; Martha G. Wilson, Secretary; William D. Cheney, Treas- urer. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Edward E. McDonnell, Luther H. Zick, Kenneth P. Mathews, Wilson K. Brewer, William D. Bennett. HONOR COMMITTEE Keith H. Whitehouse, Charles W. Aldridge, Jr., Duke Cho Choy, Raymond M. Engelman, Henry E. Everett. PROGRAM COM- MITTEE Dumont S. Staatz, Roslyn H. Fellman, William H. Vander Ploeg, Anne Samborski, Raymond A. Weitemeir. FINANCE COMMIT- TEE Keith E. Weller, Charles H. Hendricks, Arthur G. Baker, Melvin Schlemenson, Ralph M. Silas. CLA 135 STANDING Muenzer. Gillette, Van Hani SEATED Cosgrove, Calkins, O ' Neil CLASS OFFICERS Mervin B. O ' Neil, President; Gerald E. Cosgrove, Jr., Vice-President; Belle Calking, Secretary-Treasurer; Raymond S. Van Harn, Two Year Honor Man; Robert W. Muenzer, One Year Honor Man; Frederick S. Gillette, Chairman-Executive Committee. SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE Gene D. Olsen, Chairman; Theodore Blevins; John Orebaugh. PROGRAM COMMITTEE Martin Martinus, Chairman; Clarence Hoogerland, Jack Mclntyre, Lester Kashiwa. SOCIAL COM- MITTEE C. Gerald Barone, Chairman; Lawrence Bruggers, Glenn Callander. CLA 136 WILLIAM C. BAUM. M.D SAGINAW, MICH. CARL A. BENZ, M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. DAVID F. BOHR. M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. WILLIAM M. BROWNLEE, M.D DEARBORN, MICH. FRANK M. BURROUGHS. JR., M.D GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. JUAN R. CABRERA, M.D SAN JUAN, P.R. JOSEPH L. CAHALAN, M.D WYANDOTTE, MICH. EDWARD S. CARR, M.D MIDLAND, MICH. GORDON B. CARVER, M.D BAY CITY, MICH. FREDERICK J. CHAPIN, M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. JAMES W. CHRISTOPHERSEN, M.D MUSKEGON, MICH. ROBERT W. CLARKE, M.D.. . TUCSON, ARIZ. PAUL A. CLAYTON, M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. BERNICE COHEN-SACHS, M.D PASSAIC, N.J. EDWARD D. CONNER, M.D HIGHLAND PARK, MICH. DONALD R. COOPER, M.D KALAMAZOO, MICH. DALE H. CORREA, M.D ELLENSBURG, WASH. RONALD E. CRISSEY, M.D.. . LANSING, MICH. CHARLES L. CROOK, M.D HUNTINGTON, W.VA. WINTHROP N. DAVEY, M.D JACKSON, MICH. DONALD L. DAVIDSON, M.D SHELBY, MICH. RALPH E. DAWSON, M.D BLANCHARD, MICH. STEFAN S. FAJANS, M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. GORDON F. FISCHER, M D.. . ANN ARBOR, MICH. JAMES E. FISCHER, M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. ARNOLD L. FRIEDMAN, M.D ROCKVILLE CENTER, N.Y. CHARLES O. FURNISS, M.D.. WOODLAND, MICH. EDWARD M. GATES, M.D DETROIT, MICH. HENRY C. GOMLEY, M.D HAMTRAMCK, MICH. NELSON W. GREEN, M.D. . . . . DETROIT, MICH. MARGARET E. HAGGAN, M.D CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, O. LAURIE W. HIGGINS, M .D SAN DIEGO, CALIF. DORIN L. HINERMAN, M.D.. . . . HUNTINGTON, W. V A. FREDRIC B. HOUSE, M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. LOGAN W. HOVIS, M.D PARKERSBURG, W.VA. WINSTON C. HALL, M.D . .TOLEDO, O. NED B. KALDER, M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. CHARLES G. KILLINS, M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. PHILIP J. LAUX, JR., M.D. . . .GROSSE POINTE, MICH. ROBERT M. LEITCH, M.D BATTLE CREEK, MICH. ARTHUR N. LIEBERMAN, M.D BANGOR, MAINE JAMES W. LYONS, JR., M.D.. . . .JACKSON, MICH. THOMAS B. MACKIE, M.D RUDYARD, MICH. JAMES M. McCORD, M.D DETROIT, MICH. NEILL B. McGRATH, JR., M.D.. . . .LAMAR, COLO. WILLIAM J. MORROW, M.D MUSKEGON, MICH. ROBERT T. MURPHY, M.D ROYAL OAK, MICH. WILLIAM A. MURRILL, M.D.. . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. SYLVESTER J. O ' CONNOR, M.D BURBANK, S.DAK. I. D. OKAMURA, M.D PAPAALOA, HAWAII HERBERT L. PARISER, M.D. . . .PASSAIC, N.J. .. CHARLES F. PAYTON, M.D BIRMINGHAM, MICH. WILLIAM D. PENHALE, M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. ROBERT A. POMMERENING, M.D.. . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. 138 MILLARD POSTHUMA, M.D GRAND RAPIDS. MICH. KARL M. HAGUE, M.D MANCHESTER, MICH. DAVID S. RANDALL, M.D.. . . ALBION, MICH. HAROLD E. REID, M.D OAK PARK, ILL. LEONARD D. ROSENMAN, M.D DETROIT, MICH. GEORGE L. SCHAIBERGER, M.D... .. TOLEDO, O. HOWARD J. SCHAUBEL, M.D GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. JOHN R. SCHEIBE, M.D GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. WALTER G. SCHEUERMAN, M.D . . DETROIT, MICH. WILLIAM L. SMITH, M.D CAMBRIDGE, MASS. ROBERT H. SNOW, M.D READING, MICH. FRANCES M. SULLIVAN, M.D . . SAGINAW, MICH. REINHOLD A. SUNDEEN, M.D EVANSTON, ILL. YOSHIRO TAIRA, M.D HONOLULU, HAWAII MARK F. TODD, M.D . .BELLEVILLE, MICH. ROBERT F. TRESCOTT, M.D LANSING, MICH. KEITH M. TRUEMNER, M.D FLINT, MICH. WILLIAM B. VERHEY, M.D.. . . .KALAMAZOO, MICH. A. L. HUBERT VERWYS, M.D GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. DOUGLAS L. WAKE, M.D ROYAL OAK, MICH. WILLIAM C. WEIR, JR., M.D. . . . . PAOLA, KAN. HERBERT D. WELSH, M.D BATTLE CREEK, MICH. EDWARD T. WILLIAMS, M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. HAL T. WILSON, M.D.. . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. RICHARD C. WIXSON, M.D ANN ARBOR, MICH. JOSEPH W. WRIGHT, JR., M.D INDIANAPOLIS, IND. HERSCHEL S. Z ACKHEIM, M.D. . . . . DETROIT, MICH. LPHA APPA APPA TOP ROW Berden. Armstrong. Drygus, Mattson, Palmer, Bresoler, Barstow, Statz, Stephanowshi, Groesser, Tudwig SECOND ROW Davey, McGroth, House, Keltons, Higgins, VerHey, Davidson, Morrow, Nedwichi, White, Cattell OFFICERS President, William B. VerHey; Vice-President, Don L. Davidson; Secretary, Edward Nedevicki; Correspond- ing Secretary, Winthrop Davey; Treasurer, William Morrow. SENIORS Charles Crook, Winthrop Davey, Don Davidson, Laurie Higgins, Fred House, Charles Killins, James Lyons, Neill McGrath, William Morrow, William VerHey. JUNIORS Lee Cattell, William Sauer, Edward Nedwicki, William White. SOPHOMORES John Burden, Henry Drygas, John Groesser, Ted Mattson, Clark McGaughy, R. A. Palmer, Dumond Staatz. FRESHMEN Dick Barstow, Ray Chamberlain, Henry Kowalski, Claude Ludwig, Phil Stefanowski. 140 IGMA TOP ROW Gillette, Stodden. Krieger, Meier, Lowery, Reed, Rae, Krammer, Adams, Gillis, Weller, Nagle, Parshall, Muenzer, Cranmer ROW TWO Cosgrove, Haroldson, Ryan, Root, Heerkin, Carlson, Montgomery, Taylor, Beesley, Wayson, Snyder, An- drews. Lahti, Kempter, Latourette, Mantelle, Orbaugh ROW THREE Johnson, Couter, Ide, Carver, McCord, Benz, Cooper, Smith, Hall, Pommerening, Darmstaetter, Bittinger, Tones OFFICERS D. R. Cooper, President; C. A. Benz, Vice-President; G. H. Lowrey, Secretary; W. C. Hall, Treasurer; J. A. Morton, Historian. MEMBERS IN FACULTY John Alexander, A.M., M.D., Russell R. deAlverez, M.D., Richard Arm- strong, B.S.E., M.D., Paul S. Barker, A.B., M.D., Dan J. Bulmer, A.B., M.D., Carl D. Camp, M.D., Kyril B. Conger, M.D., Charles J. Courville, A.B., M.D., Robert Cummings, A.B., M.D., A. Jackson Day, A.B., M.D., David D. De Weese, A.B., M.D., H. W. Emerson, Ph.C., B.S.Pharm., Peter Eastman, A.B., M.D., Richard H. Freyberg, A.B., M.D., Cameron Haight, A.B., M.D., George Hammond, A.B., M.D., Harley A. Haynes, M.D., Franklin D. Johnston, B.S.E., M.D., Edgar A. Kahn, B.S., M.D., Earle B. Kaye, A.B., M.D., James W. Logie, A.B., M.D., Richard H. Lyons, A.B., M.D, James H. Maxwell, A.B., M.D., Fred- rick G. Novy, M.D., Sc.D., LL.D., Walter R. Parker, B.S., MD., Sc.D., Robert J. Parsons, A.B., M.D., Ruben Peterson, A.B., M.D., Sc.D., M. H. Soule, M.S.Chem., ScD., LL.D., E. Thurston Thiene, M.S., M.D., Carl V. Weller, M.S., M.D., Udo J. Wile, A.B., M.D., Frank N. Wilson, B.S., M.D., Ward W. Woods, A.B., M.D. SENIORS C. A. Benz, E. S. Carr, G. B. Carver, D. R. Cooper, W. C. Hall, J. M. McCord, J. A. Morton, R. A. Pommeerening, W. Smith, W. C. Weis. JUNIORS G Andrews, R. E. Bittinger, W. T. Couter, A. A. Darmstaetter, A. W. Ide, J. A. Johnson, A. C. Jones, E. V. Moore, R. E. Snyder, J. F. Walters, E. E. Wayson SOPHOMORES F. M. Adams, J. Beegly, L. O. Carlson, A. Kempter, J. F. Kramer, P. T. Lahti, H. B. Latourette, G. H. Lowery, K. A. Mantele, W. A. Meier, J. Montgomery, A. J. Neeskin, J. W. Rae, S. W. Root, J. M. Ryan, G. D. Taylor, K. Welles. FRESHMEN G. Cosgrove, R. Cranmer, F. Gillette, F. Gillis, W. Hereloon, J. Krieger, S. Moore, P. McGill, R. Mueuzer, D. Nagle, J. Orebaugh, L. Petitti, J. Reed, B. Stodden. 141 TOP ROW Moore, Barrett, Fowler. Clark, Gerlach, Sheehy, Beatty, Riker, Vanden- berg, McDonnell, Jarvis, Foltz, Petersen, Griep, Manning, Garlinghouse, O ' Neil ROW 2 West, McCallister, Laver, Bussard, Riesen, Vial, Anderson, Schrieber, Kutsche. Antell, Mechling, Ulmer, Crispell, Sargent, Johnson, Edwards, Claver, Nunn, Aldrich ROW 3 Reed, Davidson, Laux, Baum, Green, Wright, Dawson, Clarke, Henderson, Clayton, Todd, Furniss ROW 4 VanLierop, Follette, Bolthouse, Beale, Corley, Taylor, Mason, Pelagrina, O ' Dcll, Holzaepfel, Bates, Jones CHAPTER OFFICERS William Wright, President; Burgess Vial, Presiding Junior; Paul Lauer, Secretary; Gunnard Antell, Treasurer. SENIORS William Baum, Robert Clark, Paul Clayton, Ralph Dawson, Charles Furniss, Nelson Green, Charles Henderson, Jack Laux, Robert Leitch, Rheinhold Sundeen, Mark Todd, William Wright JUNIORS Francis Anderson, Cunnard Antell, Max Busard, George Brooks, Kenneth Crispell, James Davidson, David Edwards, Marshall Folio, Lorenz Gerlach, Walter Johnson, John Kutsche, Paul Lauer, Ralph Mahon, John McCallister, Robert Mechling, Tom Reed, John Riesen, William Rottschaeffer, James Sargent, Oskar Schreiber, Arthur Ulmer, Burgess Vial. SOPHOMORES Charles Aldridge, Ralph Beatty, Charles Clark, Randall Claver, Eldon Foltz, Arthur Grisp, Garth Jarvis, Henry Johnson, John Manning, Erie MacDonnell, James Nunn, Carl Peterson, John Riker, William Sheehy, Al Vandenberg, Clark West. FRESH- MEN Frank Barrett, Dick Bates, Henry Beale, Robert Corley, Joe Elliott, James Follett, Herbert Fowler, Jack Garlinghouse, Jack Holzapfel, Casey Jones, Don Mason, Gordon Moore, Charles Nord, Harry Nordstrom, Jack O ' Dell, Men in O ' Neil, Ivan Pelegrini, Robert Taylor, Raymond Van Harn, Peter von Lierop. 142 ELTA PSILON TOP ROW Milgrom, Levin, Rosenman, Philipson, Grunt, Solovich ROW 2 Linkner, Burton, Levitt, Rosenbaum, Altshuler, Engelman ROW 3 Zackheim, Friedman, Lieber- man, Fajans, Rosenman OFFICERS Arthur N. Lieberman, President; Herschel Zackheim, Vice-President; Arnold Friedman, Scribe; Herbert Rosen- baum, Treasurer. SENIORS Stefan Fajans, Arnold Friedman, Arthur N. Lieberman, Leonard Rosenman. JUNIORS Charles Altshuler, Irving Burton, William La Zebnik, Leonard Linkner, Herbert Rosenbaum. SOPHOMORES Ray Engelman, Abraham Grunt, Irving Leavitt, Herbert Levin. FRESHMEN Sidney Milgram, Chester Philipson, Ray Rosen- man, Warren Solovich. 143 IGMA TOP ROW Climie, Vining, Jr., Mienke, Stobbelaar, Kieser, Bowden, Borden, Burnett, Thomsett ROW TWO Tolle. Cheney, Taylor, Gardiner, Cook, Collins, Van Auken, Jendi, Sears. Stolberg, House, Schluter ROW THREE MacKenzie, Shiebe, Schauble, Conner, Payfon, Randall, Johnson, Murphy, Scheuerman, Rush, Rice, Riekse, Eddy ROW FOUR Palmer, Bassett. Dussey, Cook, Dawe, Collins, DePuy, Anderson, Brug- gers, Juzeck, Olsen, Early OFFICERS David B. Johnson, President; Robert T. Murphy, Vice-President; William Jend, Jr., Secretary; David S. Ran- dall, Treasurer; Hugh K. Cook, Recorder. SENIORS Joseph L. Cahalan, Edward D. Conner, Dale H. Correa, David B. Johnson, Edward P. MacKenzie, Robert T. Murphy, Jack Payton, David S. Randall, Dale Rush, Howard J. Schaubel, John R. Scheibe, Walter G. Scheuerman, Norman R. Shippey, Charles B. Tolle. JUNIORS James I. Collins, Glenn W. House, Jr., William Jend, Jr., Keith C. Keeler, Howard A. Keiser, Morris J. Murray, Charles H. Sears, Karel R. Slatyer, Jr., Carl A. Stolberg, Edward W. Van Auken, Keats K. Vining, J. SOPHOMORES William D. Bennett, Robert A. Borden, William S. Bowden, William A. Brewer, John E. Burnett, Jr., William D. Cheney, Charles F. Climie, Jr., Hugh K. Cook, Alfred S. Gardiner, Albert H. Meinke, Jr., Robert I. Stobbelaar, Richard L. Taylor, Arthur C. Tompsett. FRESHMEN William C. Anderson, Jr., William A. Barss, James G. Bassett, Laurence Bruggers, William T. Collins, J. Maxwell Cook, Douglas Dawe, James L. DePuy, Edward T. Drier, Jr., Zoltan Ducsay, Gordon A. Dumas, Robert L. Eardley, Howard R. Eddy, Wil- liam L. Halnon, Robert H. Juzek, John T. Luros, Jack B. Mclntyre, Gene D. Olsen, Girardin O ' Sullivan, Dale Palmer, Robert C. Quay, Robert E. Rice, James M. Riekse, Harold G. Schulter, John J. Tansey, Leon P. VanHaaften. 144 LPHA PSILON IOTA TOP ROW Shoecraft, Schaeffer, Gillespie, Conrad, Beckenbach, Levine, Rider, Haggan ROW 2 Hyman, Down, McMahon, Sullivan, Wilson, Gairns, Fellman OFFICERS Frances M. Sullivan, President; Martha Down, Vice-President; Lila Gairns, Treasurer; Rosyln Fellman, Re- cording Secretary; Marian Iddings, Corresponding Secetary; Martha G. Wilson, Rushing Chairman. SENIORS Margaret Haggan, Frances M. Sullivan. JUNIORS Martha Down, Lila Gairns, Marian Iddings, Margaret McMahon, Ruth S. Tibbetts. SOPHOMORES Rosyln Fellman, Mary E. Hyman, Martha G. Wilson. FRESHMEN . Madeline Breckenbach, Mary Conrad, Eleanor Gillespie, Nancy Rider, Jane Schaeffer, Harriet Shoecraft. 145 B I t 1 V v 1 iH us DIRECTOR MOORE Following the completion of his A.B. and A.M. at the University of Michigan, Dr. Moore continued with his work in the study of organ and theory as a graduate. After a number of years of study in Europe he returned here to become an instructor, and later Director of the School of Music in 1923. Several of Michigan ' s traditional favorites are Dr. Moore ' s compositions. Among these are " College Days, " " The Bum Army " and " Varsity. " From 1933- 36, he was President of the National Association of Music Schools, and from 1936-38, President of the National Association of Music Teachers, followed by the position of National Director of W.P.A. Music Programs in 1939. More recently, in March of this year, Dr. Moore was appointed by the Special Services Branch of the War Department at Washington for the purpose of advising in the setting-up of a curriculum for a school for the training of regimental recreation of- ficers. He is to help in giving courses for the training of the initial group of 125 officers. c u 148 TOP ROW Kinkhead, Filkins. Williams, Vroman, McArtor, Van Deursen, Chris- tian ROW 2 Price, Pick, Besekirsky, Whitmire, Newell, Case, Lacey, McGeach, Revelli, Mattern, Gregory, Hackett, Moore, Stubbins ROW 3 Koon, Barry, Lewis, Cuyler, Okkelberg, Titus, Hunt, Rhead, Holt, Fishburne CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS John Rohrer, President; Arthur Hills, Vice-President; Edward Ostroski, Secretary; Doro- thy Ager, Treasurer. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: ANNOUNCEMENTS, Edward Ostroski; FINANCE, Dorothy Ager; ACTIVITIES, William Pappas; PUB- LICITY, Frank Basso; CAP AND GOWN, Leonard Ruby; SENIOR BALL REPRESENTATIVE, Dorothy Anderson. ROHRER HILLS OSTROSKI AGER 149 aus DOROTHY C. ACER, B.M ANN ARBOR, MICH. M. ANNE ALEXANDER, B.M GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. DOROTHY K. ANDERSON, A.B., B.M PHILADELPHIA, PA. DONNA E. BAISCH, B.M.. . . .BATTLE CREEK, MICH. DORIS E. BALL, B.M MAYWOOD, ILL. FRANK D. BASSO, B.M SESSEX, ILL. MAXINE R. BERTUCCI, B.M ISHPEMING, MICH. ROBERT J. BROWN, B.M. . . . . LOGANSPORT, IND. ALFRED S. BURT, B.M PONTIAC, MICH. PHILIP C. BUSCHE, B.M ERIE, PA. DONALD D. DICKINSON, B.M BERNHARDS BAY, N.Y. MARVIN R. DRAEGER, A.B. in Music . . . . MILWAUKEE, WIS. RUTH E. FRITZ, B.M BELLEVILLE, ILL. RICHARD A. GOOLIAN, B.M GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. J. JUSTIN GRAY, B.M DETROIT. MICH. ARTHUR C. HILLS, B.M JOLIET, ILL. LOUIS C. KURD, A.B. in Music ANN ARBOR, MICH. EDWIN C. KRUTH, B.M LAPEER, MICH. JAMES L. MERRILL, B.M BLOOMINGTON, ILL. EDWARD L. OSTROSKI, B.M.. . . .ANN ARBOR, MICH. WILLIAM PAPPAS, A.B. in Music MASON CITY, IA. MAYNARD A. POST, B.M BUCHANAN, MICH. MORRETTE L. RIDER, B.M READING, PA. JOHN W. ROBBINS, B. A. in Music . . . . FLINT, MICH. JOHN D. ROHRER, B.M DETROIT, MICH. LEONARD E. RUBY, JR., B.M JACKSON, MICH. GARY F. SCHWAB, B.M CINCINNATI, OHIO BARBARA M. SCUTT, B.M.. . . .RED CREEK, N.Y. C. GENE SHERRY, B.M WHITING, IND. THOMAS J. WHEATLEY, JR., B.M ST. ALBANS, W.VA. JOHN A. WOLAVER, B.M ANN ARBOR, MICH. JAMES B. WOLFE, B.M.. . . .OMAHA, NEB. RICHARD A. WORTHINGTON, B.M HOBART, IND. HADASSAH YANICH, B.M DETROIT, MICH. FLORENCE ZAPOTOCHNA, B.A. in Music. . . .ROSELLE, N.J. Love of music expresses itself not only in long hours oi practice and class work, but in moments oi relaxation and in finished performances. 151 CONCERT BAND FLUTES Jack Welbaum, Lynette Spaeth, Gertrude Rubin, Beatrice Rubin, Thelma Shook, Boris Theodoroff, John Gajec, Patricia McFarland, Ruth Wehner. OBOES Noah Knepper, Leo Sacarny, Warren Heller, Paul Liddicoat. B FLAT CLARINETS Arthur Hills (Concert-Master), Robert Vagner, William Pappas, Louis Davis, Byron Findling, Phyl- lis Gugino, Albert Togna, Justin Grey, Norris Huston, George Irwin, Mary Langlin, Edwin Kruth, Charles Hills, Thomas Brauer, Richard Jensen, William Brown, Dale Zor- now, Dean Coston, Richard Bard, Leonard Ruby, Anne Mis- kerik, May Seguare, Robert Smallman. E FLAT CLAR- INET Arthur Berg. ALTO SAXOPHONES Dwight Dailey, Fred Nelson. TENOR SAXOPHONE Tom Snyder. BARI- TONE SAXOPHONE Russell Howland. ALTO CLARINETS Richard Worthington, Frank Basso, Fred Eggert. BASS CLARINETS Robert Kuite, Robert Sohn. BASSOONS- Hugh Cooper, Edward Ostroski, Francis Prokop, Allen The strains of " The Victors " comes over as the band completes the formation. 152 The outstanding performance of the Michigan Bands is made possible through excellent co- ordination of faculty and student activity. TOP ROW Worthington, Liddicoat, Park, Huston, Kruth ROW 2 Revelli, Watkins, MacFarland, Lt. Lohla Wheat. CORNETS Bob Roberts, Gene Brown, Malcolm Alber, Alvin Round, Robert Shaltis, Paul Converse, Dee Cox, Robert Roush. FRENCH HORNS Gene Sherry, Paul Morgan, William Lebedeff, Milan Yanich, Martin Bernstein, Louis McEnderfer, Don Wallace, Constance Gilbertson. BARITONES Robert Sharp, Raymond Bartholomew, John Crocker. TROMBONES Betty Davis, John Robbins, John Edison, Owen Mays. BASS TROMBONES Stuart Park, William Henline. BASSES John Smetana, Albert Erskine, Harry Carnine, Homer Marple, Robert Peck, Marshall Penn, Don Straka. STRING BASS Theodore Klebsattel, Walde- mar Firehammer. PERCUSSION John Rohrer, Robert Flink, Warren Shelley, John Ginther, Marvin Draeger, Mary Coate. HARP Virginia Sheridan. Warner. FRENCH HORNS Paul Morgan, Constance Gil- bertson, Louis McEnderfer, Norman Barett, William Jehle, Leonard Gordinier. BARITONES Ray Bartholomew, John Crocker, Dorman Godwin, John Belnap, Arthur Park. TROMBONES John Eidson, Charles Thatcher, Verne Bid- lack, Theodore Noel, Don Hollingshead, Sam DeLancey, Norman Gould. BASSES Homer Marple, Harry Hanson, Harry McCormick, Donald Straka, Frank Hagen, Leslie Froelich, Robert Peck. PERCUSSION Robert Peck, Alfred Frank, Carl Otjen, Bob Johnson, Philip Foley, George Roberts. " POPS " BAND FLUTES John Gajec, Thelma Shook, Josiah McHale, Elinor Porter, Richard Lapidos, Kent Arnold. OBOE Paul Liddi- coat, Leo Sacarny. BASSOON Francis Prokop, Allen Wheat, Gloria Fischer. B FLAT CLARINET Richard Worthington, Robert Sohn, Anne Miskerik, Dwight Dailey, Marion Leinin, Hugh Starks, John Robertson, Stewart Churchill, Hazel Ruettinger, Don Miller, Jacob Krumholz, Ernest Rhea, James Hagen, Arthur Abelson, Robert Milnor, Richard Koch, Harold Saeger, Robert Finlayson, Norman Sherwood, William Perham, Ralph Parks, Robert Sharp, Bruce Beckington. ALTO SAXOPHONES Francis Nutto. TENOR SAXOPHONES Alexander Zuckerbraun, Arnold Agree, Barbara Butler. B FLAT CORNETS Bert Grieve, Robert Roush, Fred Nelson, W. Leroy Weeks, Edward Mun- nell, John Kuivinen, Keith DeMerritt, Paul Converse, Stan- ley Thayer, Seyburn Agnew, Robert Ramsey, Oscar Elling, Norman Schottin, Ralph McCormick, J. Dayton Ford, Caleb A finished performance is the result of many hours of individual and group practice. 153 DIRECTOR Professor Mattern MEMBERS George Ablin, James Aldrich, Earl Barrett, Walter Bauer, Karl Beu, Judson Brown, Philip Busche, Harold Cohn, James Crowe, Peter Dejong, Richard Darby, Henry Dongville, Charles Diehl, Eugene Fairbanks, John Farrand, Joseph Fischer, Robert Fisher, James Frederickson, John Funk, Walter Germaine, Colvin Gibson, James Gillis, Earle Harris, Edwin Henry, Theodore Hildebrandt, Gregor Hileman, Robert Holland, Leo Imperi, Frank Kellogg, Clarence Klopsic, Vaughn Koppin, Gary Landis, John Laursen, George Luckett, Edward McDonough, Charles Murphy, Edward Neithercut, Robert Norris, Roger Norton, Donald Plott, Frederick Poag, David Protetch, John Queern, Richard Rawdon, William Rednion, Kenneth Repola, Kenneth Rhoads, John Rieger, Daniel Saulson, Oliver Smith, Harold Stern, Walter Stricklan d, Donald Wallace, Edwin Weigel, James Wilton, Donald Whitney. TOP ROW Barrett. Hileman, Smith, Brown, Dongville. Beu ROW 2 Fair- banks, Frederickson, Cohn, Protetch, Strickland, Fischer, Funk ROW 3 Rieger, Derby, Henry, Rhoades, McDonough, Norton, Busche, Imperi ROW 4 Rawdon, Gibson, Kellogg, Murphy, Westerman, Farrand, Holland, Ablin, Koppin ROW 5 Stern, Harris, Aldrich, Wheeler, Hildebrandt, Saulson, Gillis ROW 5 Plott, Repola, Landis, Mattern, Crowe, Klopsic, Whitney club 154 OFFICERS John Rohrer, President; Edwin C. Kruth, Vice President; E. L. Ostroski, Secretary - Leonard Ruby, Treasurer; Justin Gray, Editor MEMBERS IN FACULTY William D. Revelli, William H. Stubbins, Herbert G. Watkins. MEMBERS Frank Basso, Gene Brown, Robert Brown, Philip Busche, Lewis Davis, Donald Dickinson, Marvin Draeger, Frederic Eggert, John Eidson, Oscar Feldman, Waldemer Firehammer, Robert Flink, John Gajec, John Ginther, Arthur C. Hills, Charles W. Hills, Norris Huston, George Irwin, Noal Knepper, Robert Kuite, Donald McLeod, Allen Marks, Roy Mattern, Owen Mays, William Pappas, Stuart Park, Maynard Post, John W. Robbins, Bob Roberts, Warren Shelley, Gene Sherry, Tom Snyder, Franklin Tinker, Albert Pogna, Donald Wallace, Herbert Watkins, Richard Worthington, Milan Yancith, Dale Zar- now. TOP ROW Feldman, Pappas, Basso, Flink, Eggert, Firehammer, Roberts, Sherry ROW 2 Tinker, Dickinson, Irwin, Ginther, Shelley, Eidson, Draeger, Kuite, Mattern ROW 3 Post, Gajec. Zornow, Busche, C. Hills, Huston. Knep- per, Robbins ROW 4 Worthington, Gray. Ruby, Ostroski, Rohrer, Kruth, Watkins. Park. A. Hills ppa kappa psi 155 Hff w. : , ' ' . L.. ' t f ! NUR5I DIRECTOR REDDIG Miss Rhoda Reddig, Director of the School of Nurs- ing and Director of Nursing Service in the University Hospital, has devoted herself wholeheartedly to the Defense Program. Extensive experience, including positions as head nurse and assistant night director at the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, her alma mater, and several years here at the hospital have given her the background necessary to suc- cessful planning and organization of such work. At the present time, she is in charge of " refresher " courses sponsored by the University Extension Serv- ice for graduate nurses throughout the state, except for the Detroit area. She is also a member of the Medical Aid division of the Red Cross Disaster Com- mittee, of which Ira M. Smith is the chairman. In ad- dition, she is chairman of the Red Cross Emergency Nursing Service for this area, and is organizing a Volunteer Nurse ' s Aid program to train laywomen. Miss Reddig is one of the many persons on cam- pus who is doing more than her share in the Na- tional Defense Program. Miss Margaret Oesterblom, Assistant Director of Nursing 158 CLASS OFFICERS Jean Guilford, President; Mary Hope, Vice-Presi- dent; Barbara Holzhausen, Secretary-Treasurer; Omilo Haider, Social Chairman. SCALPEL STAFF, Lucille Huestis, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Mary Hanus, HOUSE PRESIDENT, Mavis Howe, ANNOUNCE- MENTS, Elizabeth McFillen, SENIOR BALL REPRE- SENTATIVE. GUILFORD HOPE HOLZHAUSEN HALDER 159 MARJORIE JEAN ALLES DETROIT, MICH. ALICE E. ANDERSON KALAMAZOO, MICH. PAULINE C. ARDUIN CASPIAN, MICH. KATHERINE BALL . . .COLDWATER, MICH. JOSEPHINE C. BOTTKE FREELAND, MICH. JANET L. CHAMBERLIN XENIA. O. VIRGINIA M. COPLEY DECATUR, MICH. CONSTANCE J. GEROW . . .ALGONAC, MICH. JEAN GUILFORD WAUSEON, O. OMILO M. HALDER XENIA, O. MARY M. HANUS ASHLEY, MICH. LUCILLE A. HEUSTIS . . .LEOMINSTER, MASS. BARBARA J. HOLZHAUSEN CORUNNA, MICH. MARY E. HOPE KALAMAZOO, MICH. MAVIS G. HOWE JACKSON, MICH. HELEN C. HUBINGER . . . FRANKENMUTH, MICH. FLORENCE S. JAAKSI ISHPEMING, MICH. MELBA M. JOHNSON LAURIUM, MICH. MARY K. JUDY LAFAYETTE, IND. VICTORIA Y. Y. KIANG . . .NANKING, CHINA DORIS E. KINGSBURY ANN ARBOR, MICH. IRENE M. KROLCZYK DETROIT, MICH. DOROTHY G. LAING ANN ARBOR, MICH. HELEN H. LEHTO . . .MASS, MICH. ELLEN K. MARJAMAKI RUMELY, MICH. FRANCES H. MEAD MENOMINEE, MICH. ESTHER J. MOYKKYNEN ATLANTIC MINE, MICH. NANCY J. NYQUIST . . .TOLEDO, O. AMANDA A. PLATT BARBERTON, O. MARJORIE M. SHERMAN ANN ARBOR, MICH. MIRIAM V. TUMPERI LAKE LINDEN, MICH. DOROTHY M. WALLER . . .OAK PARK, ILL. ENID E. WHITMEYER ELKHART, IND. MARY C. WRONA . . .MUNISING, MICH. 160 Long hours ol study and classroom work are combined with varied and fascinating duties in the Uni- versity Hospital. This integration gives these young women the sci- entific, social and technical back- ground necessary to their profes- sion. 161 I . BfEBr IBDB nooLO DIRECTOR LEWIS Dr. Howard B. Lewis, of the College of Pharmacy, is a scientist of unusual capacities and a man posses- sing a cheerful and friendly disposition. Since 1933 he has ably guided the destinies of the small but active College of Pharmacy. In 1922, Dr. Lewis came to Michigan as head of the Physiological Chemistry Department, having previously gained experience at Yale, the Univer- sity of Pennsylvania, and the University of Illinois. He is an outstanding contributor to many scientific journals and is a member of numerous honor so- cieties, including Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi. CULT Lia.UUL.lJ ,IJ J JJLJ TOP ROW Blicke, Cataline ROW 2 Glover, Lewis, Stocking 164 SYDNEY M. ARONSON, B.S NORWICH. N.Y. KELLARD C. BOSTICK, B.S MANTON, MICH. RONALD H. CHADWICK, B.S. . NORWICH, N.Y. EARL E. GARLAND, B.S TRAVERSE CITY, MICH. NORMA GENE GREER, B.S ANN ARBOR, MICH ALBERT H. HART, B.S. . . .VERMILION, O. DURWOOD HERSH, B.S HARTFORD, CONN. GEORGE H. LEWIS, B.S EAST GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. ANNE D. MINCKLER, B.S. . . .GENESEO, N.Y. DAVID EDWARD OTT, B.S MANSFIELD, O. ARTHUR J. PUGH, B.S , LAKEWOOD, O. ELLEN F. ST. JOHN, B.S. . ... .HABANA, CUBA DAVID SCHLICHTING, B.S FERGUSON, MO. EUGENE G. WEINAUG, B.S AURORA, ILL. S. L. YUDKIN, B.S. . . .ANSONIA, CONN. 165 GOLDEN GOPHERS . . . BADGERS . . . MAROONS . . . WILDCATS . . . INDIANS . . . BUCKEYES . . . WOLVERINES BOILERMAKERS . . HAWKEYES . . SPARTANS . . LIONS . . BULLDOGS . . OUR TEAM IS RED HOT . . YEA Ml -I-C-H . . YEA MICH . . . WOLV-ERRR-INE . . . FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT MICHIGAN FIGHT FIGHT OTBALL . . SWIMMING . . BASKETBALL . . . TRACK . . . BASEBALL . . . HOCKEY DEN GOPHERS . . BADGERS . . . MAROONS . . . WILDCATS . . . INDIANS BOILERMAKERS . . HAWKEYES . . . SPARTANS . . . LIONS . . . BULLDOGS M-I-C-H . . YEA MICH . . . WOLV-ERRR-INE . . . FIGHT FIGHT FIG OOTBALL . . SWIMMING . . BASKETBALL . . TRACK GOLDEN GOPHERS . . BADGERS . . MAROONS BOILERMAKERS . . HAWKEYES . . SPART GOLDEN M-I-C-H . . YEA MICH . . WOLV-ER FOOTBALL . . SWIMMING GOLDEN GOPHERS . WOL 1 GOLF . . WRESTi YES. .WOLVERINES. . HOOS R TEAM IS RED HOT . . YEA Ml GAN FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. . WOLV-E HOCKEY. .TENNIS. .GOLF. . WR ATS. .INDIANS. .BUCKEYES. .WOLVERINES. .HOOS BOILERMAKER M-I-C-H . LIONS . . . BULLDOGS . . . OUR TEAM IS RED HOT . . . YEA MIC FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT MICHIGAN FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT BOILERMAK ETBALL . .TRACK. .BASEBALL. .HOCKEY. .TENNIS. .GOLF. .WREST MAROONS. .WILDCATS. .INDIANS. .BUCKEYES. .WOLVERINES. .HOOS KEYES . .SPARTANS. .LIONS. .BULLDOGS. . OUR TEAM IS RED HOT ... YEA Ml MICH. .WOLV-ERRR-INE. . FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT MICHIGAN FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT WOLV FOOTBALL . . . SWIMMING . . . BASKETBALL . . . TRACK . . . BASEBALL . . . HOCKEY . . . TENNIS . . . GOLF . . . WRESTL! GOLDEN GOPHERS . .BADGERS. .MAROONS. .WILDCATS. .INDIANS. .BUCKEYES. .WOLVERINES. .HOOS! BOILERMAKERS . . HAWKEYES . . SPARTANS . . LION [I I ' : FIELD H E R B E D H YOST For forty years the keystone in Michigan ' s athletic wall has been Fielding Harris Yost. Now in his first year of retirement, Yost looks back on forty years, fat years of progress and success. Years in which his teams made records unparalleled in collegiate history and his athletic plant became the best in the country. It is neither the won lost record of his football teams, nor the athletic plant he has built, however, that shows Yost ' s true value to Michigan. Instead it is that ambigu- ous something called " character, " the character he has built. Every coach is called a great character builder, and a devotee to fair play, and good sportsmanship, but few really are. Yost is one of the few, a coach that has treated the game as a reli- gion, and not a business. Sure he hated to lose, but that would never prompt him to try anything shady. One of the reasons he hated to lose so much was because he invariably put his all into a game. No Yost team ever lacked courage. His boys had absolute faith in him and would fight for him against any odds. It was this same faith in Yost ' s honesty, sincerity and judgement that made reluctant author- ities finally give the " Grand Old Man " the go signal on his farsighted building program. Yes, Yost is retired but his men will carry on. Courtright, Fisher, Mann, and the others continue to produce their champions in the style of the old master who brought them here. The athletic plant he built will never crumble, and his champions of the West, the better men he has helped to build, will never forget their great teacher. The tradition of Fielding Yost will never retire at Michigan. O. C R I S L E R In the Spring of 1938 when Michigan started looking around for a new football coach to bring back her traditional glory, she realized she must get more than just a good coach, for the " Old Man " would soon be retired as Athletic Director and the new mentor would have to be capable of handling the work normally cut out for two experienced men. The man finally selected was H. O. " Fritz " Crisler, the scholarly giant who had performed miracles at ivy walled Princeton. Fritz was persuaded to come back to his first love, Big Ten football. Here he had become an All-American under that other " Grand Old Man, " Alonzo Stagg at Chicago, and in that stronghold of the North, Minnesota, he gained his first fame as a football coach. If Crisler welcomed his chance to reenter Big Ten football, his joy was only a frac- tion of that expressed by Michigan alumni. Our gridiron giants again reached na- tional prominence. Five Ail-Americans in four years is one indication of the indi- vidual stars Crisler has developed since his arrival, but the team record is even more indicative of his coaching genius. This year Crisler took on the double responsibil- ity of handling both the Athletic Directorship and the football fortunes of the Uni- versity. He has done the job well filling it beyond all expectation. As Yost ' s succes- sor there only could have been one man, and that man is " Fritz " Crisler, the highly respected president of the American Association of College football coaches for the year just ended. With " Fritz " Crisler at the helm, we need not fear as to the man- agement of our athletic fortunes. 169 m-club PRESIDENT Gus Sharemet. V. PRESIDENT Norm Call. SECRETARY Jeep Mehaffey. The M-Club is a social club composed of all the Var- sity letter winners at Michigan. They hold regular meetings in addi- tion to their two big social functions of the year, the M-Club Varsity Dance and the big Pep Rally which precedes the Minnesota football game. At the rally they not only have to plan the program but they must also help police the city afterwards to keep the students with their new-found pep from running wild and stepping on the tender toes of some solid citizens. The M-Club also maintains a block of seats at all home football games where Varsity alumni can get choice seats for the asking and sit with their old friends of the athletic fraternity. 9 f TOP ROW Kolesar, Kuzma, Chamberlin, Stille, J. Sharemet, Doyle. Comin, Karwales, Smith, Barnett 2ND ROW Burton, Franks, Cunningham, Mathews. Segula, Acker- man, Ufer, Madar, Smeja. Byrich FRONT ROW Harms, Holman, Williams, Galles, Pres. G. Sharemet. V. Pres. Call, Mehaifey. Deane, Ostroot 170 managers club THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Board of Directors of the Athletic Association is made up of the two managers of the I.M. Sports building, the Director of Athletics, and the senior managers of all varsity sports. The chairman is Robert Wal- lace, varsity basketball manager, and the secretary is Robert Krause, one of the I.M. managers. With the exception of H. O. Crisler, the Athletic Director, the Board is also the undergraduate M-Managers Club. The M-Managers Club is a select group enjoying the same privileges extended the Varsity M Club as free life passes to all home athletic events. The M-Managers ' function as the Board of Directors is to help the students form policy by acting as a representative of the athletic association in matters brought before the Board in Control of Collegiate Athletics. Upon petition of one hundred students any matter pertaining to athletic policy and prac- tice may be brought before the Board of Directors for consideration. TOP ROW Leo Atamian, Robert Weisman, Stanton Allen FRONT ROW Charles Boynton, Pres. Robert Wallace, H. O. Crisler, Robert Krause, William Hurley 171 The business and financial agency of the department of Physical Edu- cation and Athletics is the Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athlet- ics. Faculty members are: Chairman, Herbert O. Crisler; Secretary, Ralph Aigler; Ira M. Smith; Elmer D. Mitchell; Clifford C. Woody; Carl G. Brandt; Samuel S. Graham. The alumni members are: George C. Paterson of Flint, Paul G. Goebel of Grand Rapids, and Douglas F. Roby of Detroit. The student members are Norman Call and George Ceithaml. Ralph Aigler retains his post as faculty representative to the Western Conference. George Ceithaml and Norman Call are the students elected to the Board. Norm is the senior member. The football coaches gather outside the Administration Building to look over a scout- ing report. From left to right: Osterbaan, Munn, Crisler, Martineau, Weber, McCoy, Keen, and Kodros. Across the page is an aerial view of their Saturday hangout. Coach Crisler and his All American Captain Red-headed Bob Ingalls, unanimous choice for All-Conference center. 173 football 1941, predicted to be a lean year in Michigan football, turned out more than lean for the opponents who expected a soft touch. Six victories, a tie, and a lone 7 point defeat was the record made by All American Captain Bob Westfall and his Sophomore stud- ded squad, an unpleasant surprise for anybody who expected a day of rest when Michigan came to town. A great veteran line should be given much of the credit for a highly creditable sea- son. Center Bob Ingalls was voted All-Conference on everybody ' s team and his under- study, Ted Kennedy, received honorable mention, something unheard of for a second string lineman. Flanking these pivot men were four first rate guards, Kolesar, Franks, Pregulman, and Melzow, the latter doubling as our extra point booter. From there on out the wealth of substitutes vanishes. Two tackles, Big Ox Wistert selected by many for an all-conference berth, and " Rube " Kelto, elected the team ' s most valuable player, were sixty minute players in a great many games. The same was true of Joe Rogers and Harlin Fraumann at end. After Joe was hurt in the Minnesota game, Sharpe and Smeja handled his position well, an encouraging omen for next year. Behind this great forward wall a green backfield revolved around Captain West- fall. Captain-elect Ceithaml moved up from alternate to first string quarterback and called the plays with perfection. Halfbacks were numerous, but those two sophomore sensations White and Kuzma wasted little time in burning up the backfield. Both Westfall and Ingalls were named on various All-American teams and invit ed to play in the Shriner ' s All-Star game in New Orleans. 1941 was a great year in Michigan football, and the graduating seniors can well be proud of their last year on a team that prompted Lou Little, the famous Columbia coach, to say that the ' 41 edition of the Wolverine Express was the best team he had ever seen on a college gridiron. 1 TOP ROW Hildebrand. Kuzma, Sharpe, Sowers, Karwales, White, Laine, Franks, Pre- gulman, C. Kennedy. Thomas, Denise, T. Kennedy, Kolesar 3RD ROW Friehofer, Anderson, Lockard, Morrison, Greene, MacConnachie, Shemky, Kelto, Trogan, Brown, Robinson, Boor 2ND ROW Harrigan, Hazlam, Kuyper, Smeja, Miller, Pritula, Frau- mann, Petoskey, Secontine, Stenberg, Nelson FRONT ROW Amstutz, MacFaddin, Melzow, MacDougall, Rogers, Cunningham, Wistert, Captain Westfall, Ingalls, Madar, Ceithaml, Dawley 174 Michigan ' s great Captain Bob Westfall was selected for All-American fullback honors this year by experts from Coast to Coast. The coun- try ' s leading exponent of the spinner play, Westy has been a big offensive weapon in three successive years. Used on end runs as well as line smashes and spinners, Westy stamps himself as one of the most versatile fullbacks in Michigan history. As a further honor Westy was elected Captain of the Eastern All Star team, the first honor of this kind bestowed in the history of the annual New Year ' s day tussle. 175 r-4C , -.O , f t f jr " : fe 5 .. v ! r ' micHiGfin STHTE With a boy named Harmon broadcasting his first football game from the Michigan press box another boy named Tom from Harmon ' s horns town Gary, Indiana, was playing his first game of football for the Wolverine Varsity. Bachman had drilled his Spartan gridders for weeks, and a veteran squad was ready to tear into an unheralded Michigan football team which was playing without its three great All-Americans Harmon, Evashevski, and Frutig for the first time in three years. Experts picked State and rightfully so, but they did not reckon with the new Wolverine Sophomores. Filling in nobly wherever needed, the esteemed class of ' 44 helped Captain Bob Westfall, Ox Wistert, and the other veterans smash State 19 to 7. State scored first to give the Crisler charges quite a scare, but the drive of our great line and the speed and power of Westfall, Nelson, Kuzma, and White was not to be denied. Kuzma in par- ticular looked good in his first game as he scored twice, completed three passes, and did a fair job of punting. In the fourth quarter he drew a laugh and a cheer from the crowd as he booted a high punt up the field and then raced to the fifty where he downed his own kick. The Michigan line ' s remarkable record of not permitting a score on any kind of a running play within the 35 yard line was continued with Big Ox Wistert rampaging all over the field in his one man stampede on State ' s offensive attack. Veteran Bob Kolesar and newcomers Pregulman and Franks carried on the tradition of great Wolverine guards reminiscent of Hei- kkinen and Brennan, the pocket battleship blitzers of Coach Crisler ' s first team here. The referee had quite a headache on his hands as the Spartans substituted Davis ' with reckless abandon. Brothers Wy and Will and dusky Hugh ran on and off the field so often under the new free substitution rule that the referee needed an adding machine or a parking meter to make sure Charlie Bachman was not pulling a Houdini on him. Kuzma made two of the six pointers while Captain Westfall drove the other one over from the four. Redheaded Bob Ingalls stepped back from his center position to split the uprights for the only extra point. 176 Michigan ' s Big Ten Season opened against the Iowa Hawkeyes with a slim 6 to victory on the rain soaked turf of the Michigan Stadium. Tommy Kuzma scored from the three yard line on two tackle smashes, after he and Captain Westfall had alternated in bringing the ball down the field the first period. A 15 yard penalty threw Iowa back to the two yard line. A magnificent punt carried past the midstrip into Michigan territory, but Crusher Kuzma caught it on the dead run and bulled his way through to the Hawkeye ' s 18. Westfall took it to the 3 on as many plays and Kuzma made the score. The game could have finished here as far as the scorekeeper was concerned, because 3 more periods saw both goal lines unscathed by enemy ball carriers. Iowa played a magnificent game despite the mud and rain. Remembering the humiliating defeat 2 years ago when Tom Harmon and another Michigan team marred an otherwise per- fect season, lowan underdogs rose up on their haunches and actually outdrove the vaunted Mich- igan line. On four separate occasions the Wolverines were knocking at the gate only to have a MacArthur like defense thrown up by their hard bitten adversaries, Judging from the hordes that stayed away from the game, less than 30,000 attended, very few expected such a close conflict. The superb punting of Tommy Kuzma was the bright light in the drab setting. Several times his coffin corner boots put the Hawks in the hole. Hard tackling Ox Wistert was the line star of the game. The great tackle blocked a kick, recovered a fumble, and ran all over the field stalking the prey which he pounded to the ground with his vicious blocks and tackles. The spectators usually do not notice a lineman, but Wistert ' s superior play was so obvious that everyone gave him a big hand. For the Corn Belters Jim Walker, giant negro tackle, and backfield stars Bill Green and Bus Mertes stood out. miCHIGfifi micmGnn PITTSBURG After a slow start the Wolverines suddenly came to life and filed down the claws of the Pitt Panthers to the tune of 40-0. It was Michigan ' s most decisive victory of the year and worst defeat ever dished out to the once-mighty Pittsburgh team. Thirty minutes of grace were granted the Panthers by the Maize and Blue who scored but one of the six touchdowns in the first half; but the Crisler men made up for lost time in the second period as Kuzma, Robinson, Boor, and Nelson followed Tippy Lockard ' s example and drove into the end zones for 34 points. Maize and Blue scoring was split five ways with Lockard picking up seven yards for the first marker in the initial period, followed by touchdown drives of 48 and 7 yards by Tommy Kuzma, 28 by Davey Nelson, 5 by Don Robinson and one by Don Boor in the second half. Ingalls and Melzow split the uprights for the extra points. The game ' s leading ground gainer was 155 pound halfback Nelson who put over the Wolver- ine ' s final tally with a 28 yard run in the last minutes of the game. Previously little Davie had weaved his way down the field in a 51 yard touchdown dash only to have the run nullified by a clipping penalty. In this game the spectators got their initial glimpse of triple-threat Don Robinson who in his first running attempt in collegiate competition shook off two would-be tacklers and scored the fifth Michigan marker of the afternoon. But there was more to the show. Captain Bob West- fall and field general Ceithaml both came through with brilliant performances as did the mighty Wolverine forward wall which thoroughly out-charged and out-fought the Panther linemen. The Wolverines had pushed the Pitt team to the one foot line when the referee ' s gun sounded the end of the massacre. And the 34,403 impressed spectators who filed out of the vast bowl, forgot their previous fears that the 1941 Michigan team would be lost without the services of Harmon and Evashevski and would be forced to play a season of defense ball. The Wolver- ines had proved their offensive power and drive, and no one knew that fact better than the weary Panther crew who left the field with no desire to hurry back to " dear Ann Arbor town. " 178 This year ' s biggest " away " game was the titanic struggle with the mighty Northwestern Wild- cats before a crowd of 47,000 that spilled out over the edges of Dyche Stadium. Michigan scored first with a 78-yard sustained march featuring Bullet Bob Westfall, their great All American captain. Bill Melzow ' s unstained toe swung with precision and the Mich- igan fans went wild. Things were all Michigan until the middle of the second period, when Waldorf introduced Otto Graham for Bill De Correvont and things began to explode. A beauti- ful punt crossed the sideline on the Michigan four and Graham was just beginning. Kuzma matched the punt from his end zone but the Wildcats returned it to the Wolves ' 37, and Graham was starting to go. After ripping off 1 1 yards around the left flank, he faded back on the next play and rifled a long pass to Bob Motle on the seven. On the next play Graham kept right on going to the two-yard marker. Two drives by fullback George Benson gained only five feet and then the heralded Graham drove into the line on the fourth down for what was ruled to be a touchdown. As the second half got under way Northwestern was even stronger. One drive went clear to the Michigan five but Michigan held as Kuzma batted down a DeCorrevont pass in the end zone. Relying on those famous Yostian P ' s, punt, pass and pray Michigan ' s iron men kept praying until the big break finally came, when they jumped on it like a pack of starving can- nibals. With the fourth down and eight to go on the Michigan 43, Kuzma dropped back in punt formation and sent one of his amazingly accurate boots out of bounds on the N. U. four. Mich- igan held and DeCorrevont kicked to Kuzma who was tackled inside the Wildcat 48. Without warning on the first play, Big Kuz faked a lateral to wing-back White, then faded back and looped a 23 yard forward to Joe Rogers who gathered it in on the 24 and raced unmolested to the goal line behind a 2 man screen of blockers. (That was the pass) and the (prayer) was an- swered. A final desperate barrage of Northwestern passes fell short, and Michigan ' s jubilant gang of fagged footballers trotted into the locker room on the long end of a 14 to 7 score. nORTHUIESTERn Wi ' " tm. ' ! minnEsoifl It was Homecoming Day at Ann Arbor, and fraternities and sororities put on their best displays to welcome 85,000 spectators for the Minnesota battle. Both teams were undefeated for the year and both boasted outstanding stars. On a comparable basis, Michigan beat Pitt 40-0 and the Gophers skinned the Panthers 39-0 on succeeding weekends. Minnesota boasted two sub- sequent All-Americans, Bruce Smith and Dick Wildung, and Michigan, All-American fullback Capt. Bob Westfall. It was not just a game of stars, however, but of truly great teams. They were fighting for Big Ten and national supremacy in the biggest, toughest game of the year. The big break came midway in the second period. Employing a streamlined version of the old " punt, pass and pray, " Capt. Smith lofted a tremendous kick from his own 18 over the head of safety man Tom Kuzma which finally rolled to rest on the Michigan 12. Forced to kick from his own end zone, Kuzma, who punted marvelously all day, put one out of bounds at mid- field. After a short pass downed by Michigan ' s Merv Pregulman, Minnesota connected, Smith to Frickey, on a long one back of Westfall. He was finally downed by Kuzma on our 5. It was first, and goal to go, for Minnesota as the Wolverines were backed to their goal line. On the third attempt, Frickey plunged over and Bill Garnaas added the extra point for the only score of the afternoon. The real heart-breaker came at the very end of the fourth quarter. The long-awaited break came, with six minutes to play, when Higgins fumbled on the Minnesota 33. Kuzma passed to Ceithaml in the flats, and he gained the Minnesota 21. Then came the three blows: a pass to Al Thomas which he couldn ' t quite hold, a beautiful pass, Kuzma to Fraumann, all alone in the corner of the field, which he dropped as he fell across the goal line, and another long pass from Kuzma which Garnaas intercepted in the end zone. Thus the Little Brown Jug was again carted back to the North country for another, but probably its last annual stay. 180 Beneath the gray skies of a cool and threatening Champaign clime, a homecoming crowd of 30,101 windchilled spectators watched Michigan power destroy the light but shifty razzle-dazzle of the Orange and Blue Illinois squad. Back of a strong Wolverine line, Captain Westfall and Sophomore Tom Kuzma drove through and around the Zuppke team as they scalped the In- dians 20-0. Force, fumbles, and fighting featured the razzle-dazzle fizzle of an outclassed Illinois team. Knifing from the opening kickoff Michigan swept to the Orange and Blue 12. Illinois then had her first chance to fumble and kick, the Wolverines taking over again at midfield. Five downs later Kuzma stepped off left tackle shoving off the Indian tomahawks for a touchdown just six minutes in the quarter. Backed by the war whoops of the " Faithful, " Illini Braves Smith and Griffen ambushed the Michigan line with a T formation lateral run down to the fourteen. Stopping the surge, Mich- igan pushed back into Indian territory until tripped up by another fumble. But two kicks and two fumbles latter Captain Westfall drove over from the one yard stripe. Passing and fumbling occupied both the Wolverines and the Indians, accounting for most of the ground gained and lost in the rest of the game. In the fourth period war cries took on a personal character and Wistert left the field for his physical encounter with the verbose Cheele. Even with No. 1 1 gone, Illinois couldn ' t crack the line and set up by a fumble and Kuzma ' s run, Westfall smashed center sixteen yards to the third Michigan marker. Outplayed in all departments but penalties and fumbles, the Illini found these their most de- pendable ground-gainers. Brought down again and again by the low hard tackling, the Illinois backs couldn ' t hold the wet, cold pigskin. Neither, for that matter, could Michigan, but the of- fensive punch of the Wolverine backfield far offset their momentary lapses. Not only did West- fall enhance his All-American prestige, but Tom Kuzma and Paul White with their accurate passing and fast stepping proved themselves among the best backs in the game. In the line, Ingalls with his brilliant line backing and Kelto in fumble recovery matched Wistert in heads- up football through the entire game. iiibinois micHicfln Jl M micHicfln Putting on their best display for the Eastern grid experts, Michigan ' s Mighty Wolverines com- pletely trounced and trampled the valiant Columbia Lions. Even the lop-sided score of 28-0 gives no indication of Michigan ' s vast superiority. One statistic which may help is yards gained by rushing: Michigan 359, Columbia 33. Coach Fritz made free use of substitutes to give the varsity a bit of a rest and to give his friend, Lou Little, somewhat of a break. Coach Little said, after the game, that the Wolverines were the finest college squad, individually and collectively, that ever hit the " big town. " Though the game had many stars, the standouts for the Maize and Blue were undoubtedly Bob Westfall and Tommy Kuzma. Kuzma turned in the longest run of the afternoon, a 66 yard gambol through the entire Columbia team. Though forced to kick only twice, he averaged 46 yards on a quick-kick and a punt that rolled out on the Lion ' s one yard line. He scored Mich- igan ' s first touchdown on a seven yard buck after a 21 yard dash to put the ball in position. Westfall crashing the line like a man berserk, demonstrated his power and ability to the sat- isfaction of the most skeptical Easterner. He put on a show that New York will not soon forget and succeeded in capturing All-American plaudits for himself. His personal performance con- sisted of numerous power dives thru the Lion ' s line and around through and under their back- field which completely demoralized the Eastern team. He scored three of Michigan ' s tallies, one on a smashing, bucking run of 21 yards. His other scores came on short bullet bucks of three and seven yards climaxing long drives. His greatest contribution to Michigan ' s victory was his inspirational leadership which sparked the whole team. Several other Wolverines turned in fine performances. Don Robinson, Davey Nelson, Tippy Lockard and Don Boor all showed considerable ball handling ability. Big Merv Preguiman played a great game and looked especially good on blocking a punt which set things up for Michigan ' s first touchdown. Paul White made several good runs and was only overshadowed by the great play of Kuzma and Westy. 182 The great Ohio State-Michigan Football rivalry which has waged furiously since the turn of the century never saw a more evenly matched exhibition of super charged offensive power than that displayed in this year ' s fitting climax to a great football season. Both teams entered the game with a lone, one touchdown defeat to mar their otherwise perfect seasons and each was geared for a fight to the death against its greatest rival. Before the largest crowd, 85,752, that had ever witnessed a Michigan-Buckeye tussle, the two went at it, hammer and tong. royal was so fiercely fought. To open the scoring and startle a confident Michigan crowd, Jack Graf, the great Buckeye fullback bulled his way over left tackle from the four after a 50 yard sustained drive. John Hallabrin converted, but the lead was short lived as Michigan came back quickly in the wan- ing minutes of the initial half. In seven plays, Westfall, White, and Kuzma pounded the ball 40 yards with Kuzma blasting his way through the scarlet wall of Buckeye beef for the score. Bill Melzow rushed into the game, swung his automatic fibula and the score was tied. In the second half of this western thriller, it was Michigan who took the initiative and after eight short minutes, the goddess of the inland seas was out in front for the first time as Kuzma rifled a perfect aerial to Whitey Fraumann, thirteen yards for the touchdown. Melzow again converted, his seventh extra point in a row. Far from resigning themselves to defeat, the Columbus kids took the ball on the kickoff and came back to score on a sustained drive of seventy-one yards. Hallabrin again split the uprights and once more the teams were in a stalemate. Like a pack of wildcats with Saint Vitus dance, the Bucks were striking again. Graf faded back slightly from his own 48, threw a short flat pass to " Flash " Fisher and that was all there was to it as the speedy Fisher wormed his way past our secondary and then outran our de- fense in a race for the goal line. Hallabrin missed his first kick and the crowd went mad. The din never died down as Michigan took the next kickoff and pounded down the field to cross the goal in exactly 5 minutes with thirteen beautifully executed plays. Melzow, the ex- tra point man, finally showed he was human and missed the upright that would have spelled victory. micmGnn m 1 TOP ROW Wiese, Stewart, J. Sharemet. G. Sharemet, Brown, Skinner, Patten, Levy ROW 2 Horlenko, Troytten, Riedl, Coach Mann, Captain Burton, Coach Muller, West, Kivi DIVERS Houghey, Martin, Canja s i n g Michigan had a typical swimming season. That means to those " in the know " that the Wolverines swept through all opposition with the usual finesse, style, and precision, with one exception, and Matt Mann has refused to bow his mighty head to that blot. It happened when wily Bob Kiphuth brought his Yale mermen to Ann Arbor for the highly heralded " meet of the year. " It truly was the meet of the year and in addition, the surprise of the year. With the " hottest " and most beautifully conditioned team of tankers our eyes had ever seen, the powerful Eiis swept every event on the program mercilessly trouncing the proud Wolverines 59-16, and end- ing an amazing record of 35 straight dual meet victories. Truly, it was an amazing exhibition of nautical strength. It was, as Mann figured, no disgrace to lose to a team that packed the wallop of the Easterners. Names like Howie Johnson, Rene Chouteau, Dick Kelly, and Jim Cook all blended together to make Yale the greatest team of the year and one of the greatest of all time. The brighter side of the swimming picture saw the Maize and Blue sweep through all the rest of their dual meets with members of the Big Ten, several Eastern foes, and Michigan State as victims. Ohio State fell twice before the Wolverines, despite the fact that it took the final race of the evening, the 400 yard free style relay to shove the Mannmen 184 ahead of the battling Bucks in the Big Ten meet here in Ann Arbor. Capt. Dobb Burton, swimming like an inspired dolphin took sec- onds in both the 50 and 100 yard free style dashes in the Confer- ence, and then led off that final hair raising relay to stamp his work this year as a meritorious job well done. Young Jack Patten, the distance ace of the team since Jimmy Welsh ' s graduation, and new captain-elect for the ' 42- ' 43 season, regained his Big Ten 220 yard crown, but dropped his 440 title, while Jim Skinner retained the 220 yard breaststroke title. Both relays went to the Maize and Blue, to continue their long-held domin- ation of the shuttle titles. T-Bone Martin, regaining eligi- bility and the form which he showed his sophomore year, dove beautifully all year though he slumped to a third place off the low board in the Big Ten meet. Though Gus Sharemet failed to set the pool sizzling in this, his last year as a Wolverine tanker, he did show that he was the Great Gusto when he battled the speedy Howie Johnson on almost even terms in that classic Yale Meet. Gus swam three races in that meet, and his times in all three hovered around .52 seconds for the century which is speed- ing in any man ' s country. Even the printer couldn ' t tell which end was up on this one. Can you? The Michigan Varsity practices in those lanes on the ceiling. Matt gives his breast stroke champion, Jim Skin- ner, a few words of advice after Jim finishes an im- portant time trial. 185 Captain Dobbie Burton leaves the pool after a fast 50. Captain-elect Johnny Patten, one of the nation ' s top 220 men. National collegiate breast stroke cham- pion, Jim Skinner. John, the breast stroke half of the brothers Sharemet. Jim Skinner and the butter- fly action that made him the country ' s best T-Bone Martin, Michigan ' s top diver, gets poised for a " back jack. " The other half of the brothers Sharemet is Gus, famous as a freestyler. Matt Mann a face for every situation. His teams have won so many national championships that he has to take his moccasins off to count them. basketball The 1942 Basketeers did not complete the greatest record in Michigan hardwood his- tory. In fact they finished in a seventh place tie. Despite this poor showing however, there are several redeeming features that bear mentioning. Michigan finished seventh out of 10 teams represented in the Western Conference, but this does not tell the whole story. The Western Conference is not an ordinary league, not just a good league, but the strongest galaxy of court aggregations in the country. Year in, year out the Big Ten presents outstanding basketball teams, one of which usually wins the National Collegiate title. In a league as strong as that, sev- enth place is no disgrace. Michigan ' s three victories over their big football rivals, Minnesota, Ohio State, and Northwestern were very gratifying, as was the hoopsters superior home play. Their victory record was not impressive but they played brilliant basketball in Yost Field House, vanquishing Minnesota, Ohio State and Chicago, holding Illinois, the conference champions to four points, and losing hotly contested games to Indiana and Purdue, two of the league ' s better teams. The hoopsters ' home record however, was far superior to their showing on the road. Another highlight of the season was Captain Elect Jim Mandler ' s new Michigan con- ference scoring record of 164 points erasing the old mark of 135 points set up by Jake Townsand, Michigan ' s all American " Houdini of the hardwoods, " back in 1938. Jim was named second team All-Conference Center. . M J, [f m. TOP ROW Coach McCoy, MacConnach ie, Comin, Asst. Coach Fishman, Holman, Bi- koff. Coach Oosterbaan 1st ROW Manager Wallace, Mandler, Cartmill, Antle, Doyle 188 The interior of the Yost Fieldhouse any afternoon pictures a beehive of industry. Here the basket- ball team is working on fundamentals to improve their defense. The superior height of the Conference Champion Illinois team proved too great an obstacle off the backboards, and the Illini beat Michigan by a scant four points. Captain-elect Jim Mandler covers his man in the Iowa tussle. 189 wrestling The first Michigan coach to leave for army or navy duty was Wrestling Coach Cliff Keen, who temporarily terminated his seventeen year career as Michigan ' s wrestling mentor. Lieutenant Keen of the United States Navy leaves one of his greatest teams to take over coaching duties at the University of Georgia Physical Education School for Navy Pilots. Left behind are Captain Jim Galles, Conference Champion Manky John- son, and a host of great wrestlers. Only Michigan State, runner up for national honors in 1941, managed to beat the Wolverines in dual competition, and had " Johnny " John- son been eligible at that time, we might have skinned the Spartans. Johnny Greene was the heavyweight until the Dean ' s office removed him from the mat, after which Big Al Wistert took over the spot. One of the seasons highlights was the " Ox ' s " first match, a bonecrusher with a 240 pound giant from Nebraska. Wistert ' s principal hold, the flying tackle, proved ineffective as the big boy would repeatedly step back and then fall on Wistert with his full weight. Ox lived through the match, but that was about all. Captain Jim Galles in the light heavyweight division was undefeated in dual meet competition, completing a three year record with but one loss. Others compiling good marks were Marv Becker, " Corkie " Courtright, Ray Deane, " Johnny " Johnson, and that hard luck kid, Herb Barnett. In the light weights, Dick Kopel and Morey Anderson looked better than any we have had in several years. TOP ROW Coach Keen, Wistert, Greene, Kuyper, Joseph, Russel, Bursian ROW 2 Barnett, Crawford, Johnson, Capt. Galles, Speak, Reynolds, Mclntyre, Courtright ROW 3 Murray, Littleton, Deane, Becker, Warnick, Anderson, Kopel, DeLand 190 Coach Cliff Keen, now Lieutenant Keen of the United States Navy, loosens his boys up with this mass grapple. If you think you would like to get in this, there is a small spot of canvas open in the upper left hand corner. CAPTAIN JIM GALLES Big Ten Champion, MANLEY JOHNSON, hails from Oklahoma. No wonder he ' s a whiz. 191 -Y PROkWJTED TOP ROW Trainer Bronson, Bahyrich, Collins, Capt. Goldsmith, Gillis, J. Corson, Clay- pool, Coach Lowery ROW TWO Reichert. Hillman, Capt. Elect Loud, Kemp, Dance, Broadley hockey Michigan ' s valiant sextet, plagued throughout one of the poorest years in Wolverine history by ineligibility and injury, was able to rack up but two wins and two ties as opposed to fourteen defeats. Captain Paul Goldsmith and his mates salvaged only four games from the wreckage of mentor Eddie Lowrey ' s worst sea- son, but those four contests provided maximum satisfaction for the victory-hungry pucksters. Perhaps their biggest thrill took place at Minneapolis as they upset mighty Minnesota 4-3 in the thrilling opener of their four game series; the Gophers won the other three, but the lustre of the initial triumph still remains. Other season high spots were the victory over Michigan Tech 2-1 in the final game of the home season, and two ties with the same team. The final win enabled the Wolverines to tie Tech for the mythical in fact almost invisible state collegiate hoc- key crown. Lack of extensive personnel once again handicapped the Wol- verines as they often held opponents even into the second or third periods before succumbing to the onslaught of superior numbers. Led by Captain Goldsmith, every member of the team acquit- ted himself with credit; none more than junior net-minder Henry (Hank) Loud, who has been honored by his teammates with next year ' s captaincy. CAPTAIN PAUL GOLDSMITH 192 V The roughest game of them all is hockey. 1. Captain Paul Goldsmith is about to re- ceive the puck. 2. Johnny Corson foiled by an alert goalie. 3. Big John Gillis for two years a standout on defense. 4. Out- numbered. 5. Captain-elect Loud, our veteran goalie stops another. The action is all in the Paris game. 193 A tie for second place in the western conference meet sums up the quality of last year ' s Golf team. Ironically, the team bracketed with Michigan in the conference meet was Ohio State, a team twice defeated in dual competition by the smooth stroking Wol- verines. Only Illinois and Notre Dame bested Coach Courtright ' s charges in dual meet record. A split with Michigan State and wins over Georgia Tech, Tennessee, North- western, Purdue, Indiana, and the afore-mentioned duo of Ohio State conquests were the principal milestones in the dual meet season. Personnel included Captain Freddy Dannenfelser now of the U. S. Navy, John Barr also of the Navy (Air Corps), Captain-Elect John Leidy, Dave Osier, Bib Fife, and Ben Smith, the sophomore sensation of the conference, played number one man on the squad and had a remarkable season record of consistency, less than one stroke over par for all of his individual matches. Golf is a very inconsistent game so it is virtually impossible to predict Michigan ' s chances in the Big Ten this year. Illinois, last year ' s winner, and Northwestern along with the Wolverines should be the principal contenders. All of our 1941 team is back except Captain Dannenfelser and Johnny Barr. A veteran squad supplimented by Chandler Simonds, Senior newcomer, and a host of sophomore hopefuls, should at least equal last year ' s brilliant record. The conference meet is here, another advantage toward attaining that elusive conference championship. m ). LEFT TO RIGHT Capt. Dannenfelser, Ben Smith. Coach Courtright, Coach Trueblood, Capt. Elect John Leidy. Barr IN FRONT Robert Fife, Dave Osier 194 TOP ROW Manager Knapp. Stoddard, Ruehle, Cartmill, Sofiak NEXT ROW Cham- berlin, Christenson, C. Wise, Holman, Muir LAST ROW Nelson, Capt. Elect Harms, Wakefield, Capt. Steppon, Gould, Coach Fisher baseball Michigan ' s 1941 baseball team took more than its share of collegiate athletic honors by taking the Big Ten Crown, sharing the mythical national championship and contributing a 50,000 dollar left fielder to the Detroit Tigers. Coached by the Wolverines veteran mentor, Ray Fisher, the varsity stepped into an early lead for the conference crown and never stopped until every team on the league had cried the proverbial uncle. One of the major factors for Michigan ' s brilliant success on the diamond was lanky Dick Wakefield. The sophomore beanpole proved to be such a capable fence buster that the Detroit Tigers offered him the biggest contract ever offered to a college ball player or any other free agent for that matter. Along with the heavy hitting that the varsity possessed, came the capable pitching of curly haired. Cliff Wise. The husky junior proved to be one of the best speedball artists and control pitchers in the conference. Little mase Gould Muir and the veteran Mickey Stoddard formed the remaining part of the efficient Wolverine pitching staff that made most of the heavy hitting batters of the Big Ten look like pitchers at the plate. The colorful Mike Sofiak and Capt. Bill Steppon were one of the smoothest looking collegiate keystone combinations until Steppon came down with a severe foot infection that ended his baseball career at Michigan. George Ruehle, fast stepping Wolverine first baseman ended up with the best fielding average in the conference while being an able hitter in the clutch. The varsity recognized the great ability of catcher George Harms when they elected him captain of the 1942 squad. The scrappy backstop was a real hustler behind the plate, while handling the pitchers in a manner that would do any major league catcher proud. When the squad trots out onto the field this season it will mark Fisher ' s twenty-sec- ond year as the Wolverine baseball coach, a record unsurpassed by any other coach on the conference, 195 (1) Mickey Stoddard, pitching mainstay, (2) Dick Wakefield, right field, (3) Wayne Christenson, sophomore second baseman, (4) Don Holman, covered the ground in the left pasture, (5) Cap- tain Bill Steppon stepped from the keystone sack to a Washing- ton farm club, (6) Bub Chamberlain, Big Ten ' s classiest at the hot corner, (7) Davie Nelson pulled down the liners that went to center field, (8) Captain-elect Harms handled the pitches magnif- icently from behind his catcher ' s mask, (9) George Ruehle picked them out of the sky around first base, (10) diminutive Mike Sofiak was a flash at shortstop, (11) number one hurler for the champions. Cliff Wise. The dotted line follows the sensational career of Dick Wake- field the sophomore slugger who grew fat on Big-Ten pitching last spring. Upon finishing his sophomore year Dick started listening to big league scouts, and he kept right on listening until all the clubs but Cleveland and Detroit were forced to bow out. The Tigers won and Mr. Briggs peeled $52,000 off his fat bankroll, the largest sum ever payed a free agent, much less a college ball player. TOP ROW Stille, Schaflander, Coach Wier, Bacon, Bradley SECOND ROW Gamon, Bourquin, Capt. Tobin, Hammett, John- son tennis Captain Jim Tobin covers the net in an important doubles match while " Lawt " Hammett serves hard one. Conference Champions what could better describe the qual- ity of Michigan ' s 1941 tennis team? After an extremely suc- cessful Southern trip the squad pitched into their dual meet schedule with nine straight wins. Two losses were then sus- tained during the illness of Captain Tobin, the Number 1 , and Jim Porter, the number 3 man. After the return of these stal- warts the team again began to click and went through the remaining six meets unvanquished. The highlight, of course, was the conference championship meet in which Tobin No. 1, Stille No. 4, Gamon No. 5, and Johnson No. 6 all reached the finals in their respective divisions. Gamon and Johnson won titles. In the doubles Tobin and Hammett reached the finals in the number one bracket while Schaflander and Gamon did the same in the number three spot. Michigan won handily with 16 points. Captain Tobin, unquestionably the team ' s outstanding player, is the only man not returning, but his loss will be strongly felt since there doesn ' t appear to be a replacement capable of wielding his racket. Lawton Hammett, one of the new co-captains, will probably move up to number one. Other veteran lettermen returning are Porter, Co-Captain-Elect Stille, Johnson, Schaflander, and Brewer, a 1940 letterman. Prospects for this year look great, but without Tobin nothing is certain. Northwestern and Chicago, perennial tennis greats, who finished in a second place tie behind the Wolverines in the Conference, are stronger than last spring so that Mich- igan can expect a real fight in her defence of the Conference crown this year. 198 track " The team to beat is Michigan. " That oft used phrase is a part of every Big Ten track coach ' s pep talk, for no other team has even approached the Wolverines ' long term supe- riority on the cinder paths. The thinclads do not always win, but when they do not win they do always come close, close enough to be well respected. The 1942 indoor season was one of those come close years. After vanquishing all comers in dual meet compe- tition the fighting Wolves went into the conference meet at Chicago commanding all the respect usually attending Michigan track teams. It was not in the books for another vic- tory, however, and Coach Doherty ' s men went down to their first defeat of the season eleven points behind the winning Ohio State squad. Despite the loss, Michigan was not to be shoved into the background. As Lanky Bob Ufer, the country ' s outstanding col- legiate indoor quarter miler, broke Ray Cochran ' s world record, and turned in a sensa- tional 48.1 for the distance. This new world record was unquestionably the outstand- ing collegiate indoor track performance of the year. The entire year was a good one for another fine Michigan track team backed by an all time record of more conference championships than any other team. I TOP ROW Spitalny, Donahey, O ' Malley, Tilleson, Hirsch, Coach Stockhouse SEC- OND ROW McKean, Dawson, Keller. Leake, Purdue, Segula, Rueter THIRD ROW Lawton, MacMaster, Matthews, Wedenga, N. Maclntyre, McCarthy, Ufer, J. Wise FOURTH ROW J. Dobson, Thomas, Ackerman, Kautz, Allen, Kimerer, W. Dobson, Decker, Egert BOTTOM ROW Wisner. Lutritz, Hall, CapL Canham. Coach Doherty. Capt. Elect Piel, Breidenbach, Barnard 199 10 m 1. The magic eye catches Al Thomas going over the low hurdles. 2. Bob Uier and Dave Matthews, the two Junior mid- dle distance stars, show that nine foot stride that kills off the opposition. 3. Al Thomas breaks the tape for another mile relay victory. 4. Coach Ken Doherty surveys the champions he has developed. 5. Again we have Al Thomas. This time the versa- tile speedster is coming out of the blocks for a time trial in the hundred yard dash. 6. Ufer finishes the 440 in front as he breaks the field house record with a blistering 49.1 in the Notre Dame meet. Later on " Blazing Bob " coped the world indoor mark with a sensaiional 48.1 at the Big Ten meet. 7. Dave Matthews, one of the best in the country at the half mile distance. 8. Captain Al Piel, senior sprint star, warms up be- fore the 220 race. 9. Frank McCarthy, in addition to being the team ' s best timber topper in the highs, is also number one man in both the high and the broad jumps. 10. Determination yes, but if you have wondered why they call him " Hose Nose " then wonder no more. 201 i-m sports While King Winter reigns, bringing ice and bitter cold to nature ' s play ground, the students here have opportunity to go inside these walks for the fun and exercise offered by our great, all inclusive intramural sports program. An indoor sport to satisfy every interest is the desire of the intramural coaching staff. Facilities in this massive sports building include squash, hardball, tennis, basket- ball and volleyball courts, a huge natatorium, two com- plete gymnasiums, and space and equipment for every other activity immaginable. With the exception of the natatorium which serves a dual purpose, the entire build- ing is devoted to intramural sports, with expert instruction for anyone who wants to become adept at his favorite sport or desires to learn the fundamentals of a new one. 202 This year with our nation plunged into war, physical fit- ness is more important than ever before. Michigan is do- ing her part by throwing wide open the doors of her great athletic plant for the drilling of our ROTC unit as well as the usual exercise program for everyone. In addition to the sports building pictured here, Michigan has Yost Field- house, a building seating ten thousand spectators and housing an eighth mile cinder track, movable eguipment for Varsity basketball and wrestling, and ample room for football and baseball practice when rain or snow make it necessary for these teams to practice indoors. The Coli- seum is an indoor ice palace that houses Varsity hockey and pleasure skating, while Waterman Gymnasium and the Union swimming pool are other athletic facilities open to any student wanting to enjoy competitive athletics and become physically fit. Practice and coaching in almost any sport imaginable is offered at the well equiped I-M Sports Building. 203 OYLE . . . MICHIGA INION . . CONGRESS . . STUDENT SENATE . . DEBATING . . PERSPECTIVES . . . DRUIDS . . . VULCANS . . . UNION OP PHINX . . TRIANGLES . .WYVERN . . . SENIOR SOCIETY. . . MORTARBOARD . - . SCABBARD HI . . PHI BETA KAPPA . . PHI ETA SIGMA. . .MICHIGANENSIAN . . . SPHINX . . . TRIANG IIGANENSIAN . . MICHIGAN DAILY . . . GARGOYLE . . . MICHIGAN TECH ION. .CONGRESS. . STUDENT SENATE ... DEBATING ... PERSPECTI HINX . . TRIANGLES . . WYVERN . . . SENIOR SOCIETY . . M LADE . .PHI KAf PHI . . PHI BETA KAPPA . . PHI ETA SIGMA. . . MICHIGAN UCHIGANENSIAN . . . MICHIGAN DAILY . . . CARGO UNION. .CONGRESS... STUDENT SENATE SPHINX . . . TRIANGLES . . . WYVERN PHI . . PHI BETA KAPPA MICHIGANENSIAN . . UNION... CONGR SPHINX . GARGOYLE . . . MICHIG MICHIGAN LEAGUE . . . MICHIG DRUIDS . . VULCANS . . . UNION OPE RD . . SCABBARD AND BLADE ... PHI AN . . MICHIGAN DAILY . . . GARGOYLE . . . MM JYLE . . MICHIGAN TECHNIC . . MICHIGAN LEAGUE . . . MICI ATING . . . PERSPECTIVES . . . DRUIDS . . VULCANS UNION OPE NIOR SOCIETY . .MICHIGAN DAILY. . SCABBARD AND BLADE ... PHI KA! I ETA SIGMA. . .MICHIGANENSIAN . . . MICHIGAN DAILY . . . GARGOYLE . . . MICHIG MICHIG ,IGAN DAILY . . GARGOYLE . . MICHIGAN TECHNIC . . . MICHIGAN LEAGUE . . . MICHIG . . STUDENT SENATE . . . DEBATING . . . PERSPECTIVES . . . DRUIDS . . . VULCANS . . . UNION OPI __S . . . WYVERN . . . SENIOR SOCIETY . . . MORTARBOARD . . SCABBARD AND BLADE . . . PH PHI ... PHI BETA KAPPA ... PHI ETA SIGMA.. . MICHIGANENSIAN . . . MICHIGAN DAILY . . . GARGOYLE ... MIC MICHIGANENSIAN . . . MICHIGAN DAILY . . . GARGOYLE . . . MICHIGAN TECHNIC . . . MICHIGAN LEAGUE . . . MICHIG UNION . . CONGRESS . . STUDENT SENATE . . DEBATING . . PERSPECTIVES . . . DRUIDS . . VULCANS . . UNION OPE SPHINX . . TRIANGLES . . WYVERN . . SENIOR SOCIETY . . MORTARBOARD . SCABBARD AND BLADE ... PHI KAP V " The reorganized Board in Control of Student Publications, publishers of the Ensian, Daily, and Gargoyle successfully weathered what was perhaps the most stormy year of its existence. Beset by financial hazards brought on by the war, the Board, under the wary eyes of faculty and students, managed to keep an equivocally even keel. The Board consists of six faculty mem- bers, two alumni members, and three student members. It appoints the edi- tors and managers of the several publications and is responsible for their conduct. fifi TOP ROW Prof. Carl E. Burklund, Prof. Hobart R. Coffey, Dean Joseph A. Burs- ley, Prof. Merwin H. Waterman, Prof. Edson R. Sunderland (Secretary-Treas- urer), Karl Kessler (Student), Charles M. Heinen (Student) 2ND ROW Lee A. White (Alumnus), Prof. Gail E. Densmore (Chairman), W. Webb McCall (Alum- nus) MISSING Margaret Campbell (Student) y GERALD HEWITT Managing Editor The Michiganensian, which has devoted an entire book to telling you of the University, will now take a few pages to tell you of itself, the work it does, and the peo- ple who do it. Producing a yearbook is a year ' s job, and on this page is the senior staff which directs the work. Its responsibility is great, for the ' Ensian has grown to be a big business as it has sought to produce a book which would interest professors and undergraduates, alumni, and prospective students. ALFRED W. OWENS Business Manager RAE GUSTAFSON Women ' s Business Manager JEANNE D. GOUDY Women ' s Editor SENIOR STAFF Gerald Hewitt Managing Editor Jeanne Goudy Women ' s Editor Alfred W. Owens . . . Business Manager Rae Gustafson Women ' s Business Manager Robert Nickle Art Editor William Ditz . . Assistant Art Editor 207 JUNIOR EDITOR MARY SELLON Schools and Colleges DOM A. ARTUSO Schools and Colleges JACK A. OGLE Schools and Colleges DOROTHY A. JOHNSON Women ' s Activities ROBERT SUNDQUIST Organizations It all began last spring when the Board in Control came out of its huddle to an- nounce that Jerry Hewitt was the Managing Editor of the 1942 Michiganensian, and he in turn pulled four men and four women junior section editors out of the grab- bag of sophomore tryouts. On the same afternoon, he threw the die again and recommended an art editor, a layout editor, and a women ' s editor seniors to aid in the administration of the year ' s work. With the assignment of sections, work began immediately wherever possible in planning the art theme, the cover, color combinations, and page layouts. Scenics were taken while Ann Arbor was at its prettiest. Theoretically, the book was com- pletely planned during the summer months; but, with the fall, a bloodless purge was accomplished as ideas were killed and resurrected in greater glory. After the first shock of being driven to put out the Student Directory in record time passed, the work on the Ensian began in earnest. The Business Staff, under the direction of Al Owens and Rae Gustafson, inspired sophomore tryouts to sell more, more, more, more subscriptions. The squad on the diagonal intersection unwittingly even tried to sell junior and senior staff members subscriptions. Their foot weary treks in search of advertising were completed by Christmas time. Everything was going according to schedule until those little friends of ours dropped in at Pearl Harbor on a Sunday afternoon. Within a few days, our deadline was advanced one month, and Nick and Ditz were driven to distraction by incessant demand for layouts and design. Ineligibility and absorption in the war effort played their own sort of havoc, but fine cooperation on the part of a hard working lower staff pulled us up to schedule. This year there have been some few innovations, simpler and cleaner layouts, more emphasis on better photography, a more prolific use of copy, and a judicious splashing of color. We hope it ' s a better book. The typewritters are clacking on the index, the last step but one. There remains the job of proofreading and the sad realization that all our ideas could not be translated into print; the new freshmen tryouts, the new administration, the job beginning again. 208 A L STAFF MARJORIE TELLER Campus Life NANCY GRAY House Groups WILLIAM F. DAWSON Sports and Publicity JUNIOR BUSINESS STAFF BRUCE J. KIRCHENBAUM GORDON B. MacKENZIE BENJAMIN H. DOUGLAS Organizations Sales and Local Ad. Accounts, Foreign Ad. 209 PHOTOGRAPHY Pictures are the heart of a yearbook, and fortunate is the editor who can get good ones. Action shots, group portraits, infor- mal individual and group pictures, scenic, candid glimpses all require a variety of skills which provide never ending head- aches for a student photographer. More worries lie in the darkroom work of devel- oping, printing, and special techniques. The results of the past year ' s efforts are spread over the pages you ' ve seen, and we think they ' re above average as a general rule. To the right is the staff responsible for the work: Art Marion, photography editor, Stu Gildart, who ran the darkroom in addi- tion to his photography work, Dick Strong, Jack Nisberg and Bob Killins. D S G N LEFT TO RIGHT Don Choate, Margaret Dav- idson, Audrey Moore, Sue Holtzman, Dorothy Wiedman, Clifford Graham, Margaret Mills, Stuart Gildart, Phoebe Power, Dorothy Visscher, Marilyn Vogel, John Moehlman, Clifford Young, Jean Nisbet, Stan Glassman MISSING Chaun- cey Korten, Betty Kefgen ROBERT NICKLE Art Editor WILLIAM DITZ Assistant Art Editor 210 0] :OR: AL RYOU S " AF TOP ROW Jean Carl, Betty Goldstein, Elizabeth Hawley, Charles Adams, Bob Schulze, Phyllis Levine, Herbert Phillipson 2ND ROW Jean Whittemore, Frances Wilcoxen, Edward Anthony, Carson Grunewald, Elinor Porter, Sue Sims, Mel Engelhardt MISSING Arnold Agree, Diana Beebe, Phyllis Bernstein, Clorice Case, Thelma Davis, Helen Eckerman, Ted Gier, Paul Goolian, Marie Gordon, Carol Graefi, Elizabeth Grimes, Barbara Hulbert, Hannah Katz, Betty Anne Kranich, Bruce Laing, Dick Lapidos, Warren Laufe, Diggie Led- with, Susan Ortmayer, June Pomering, Florine Robinson, Norma Rowe, Freda Sendler, Ruth Strong, William Thompson, Irene Turner, Frances Vyn ENSIAN BUSINESS STAFF TOP ROW June Gustafson, Henry Kaine, Betty Stelfen, Janet Osborn, Bob Severn, Toni Howe, Dorothy Siena ROW 2 Doris Arner, Jane McLean, Mary Keppel, Basil Dalton, Ruth Wood, Frances Thompson, Janet Gray ROW 3 Lois Fromm, Dick Bieneman, Marjorie Merriam, Sue Tuck, Kelly Brent MISSING Martin Feferman, Dorothy Bales, Joyce Collins, Jerry Powell, Roy Jimerson, Doris Coleman, Straiten Bull EMILE GELE Managing Editor DAVID LACHENBRUCH City Editor ALVIN DANN Editorial Director JAY McCORMICK Associate Editor Upholding a tradition of many years of service, this year ' s Daily again ranked among the top college newspapers of the country. From its home in the Stulent Publications Building, where the presses begin to roll every morning at 2:30, the Daily sends forth news of the campus as well as history of the nation and the world. 1942 was an exceptionally important year for the Daily, its staff, and readers. Keeping the campus posted on the latest war news was an all-day, and often an all-night, job. Teletypes clicked at all hours and the wire-news service poured facts and stories into the office twenty- four hours a day. University announcements likewise flooded the copy room as drastic changes made necessary by the war were hast- ily formulated and reconsidered. The tryouts assembled the last-minute bul- letins, junior editors sifted the news into fiction and typographical errors for the morning edi- tion, and the seniors supervised, checked and revised, waiting anxiously for the deadline. By seven the presses had stopped and a complete newspaper with advertisements found its way to every fraternity, dorm and rooming house on campus. In spite of the rush, the Daily continues to set the tempo for campus life with its coverage of social events and publicity for coming attrac- 212 a ' T- DANIEL HUYETT Business Manager JAMES COLLINS Associate Business Manager JANET HIATT HOOKER Women ' s Editor HAL WILSON Sports Editor tions. Its pages sponsored many a charitable campaign and publicized campus entertainment. It was used as a platform of discussion for both the varsity sports and the activities of clubs and societies. In a word, the Daily further en- trenched itself as the vital organ of Michigan ' s activities. " Revenue Runners " of the Daily are its busi- ness staff members, fusing competence and sales ability into the activity of their department. Supervised by the senior men, the six junior staff members manage the advertising, circula- tion and accounting of our Michigan paper. When not listening to customers ' complaints over the missing tabloids, the Circulation Man- ager directs sales and distribution. Local mer- chants are persuaded to display their wares through the Daily ' s pages by the Local Advertis- ing and Contracts Managers, while dragging ef- ficiency out of the tryout staff is the duty of the Service Manager. The Accounts Manager keeps the bookkeeping department in a semblance of order and worries about the collection on last year ' s statements, but looking ahead is the Na- tional Advertising Manager who handles mer- chandising and promotional campaigns. LOU CARPENTER Vomen ' s Advertising Manager EVELYN WRIGHT Women ' s Business Manager DAVID McCALMONT Circulation EDWARD PERLBERG Contracts DAVID McKINNEY National Advertising FRED GINSBERG Local Advertising JAMES DANIELS Service JOHN GRANDY Accounts 213 Culled each Spring from a group of two score try- outs, the 12 junior night editors on the Michigan Daily are the functional backbone of Michigan ' s student newspaper. " In the slot " once a week with an assistant by his side, the Daily night editor is boss man for the nine hours before the 2:15 a.m. press run. On his shoulders falls the task of judiciously editing the thousands of words of A.P. wire copy which flow into the office by teletype from every corner of the world. It is the night editor who decides just what goes into tomorrow ' s Daily, how it is to be blue- penciled, and how it is to be played. And it is the night editor who decides just what doesn ' t go into the Daily it is he who must ascertain whether a story is libelous or in violation of the Daily ' s strin- gent code of ethics. The night editor is the correlating link between the composing room and his own staff, and at the same time he assumes responsibility for the sports and women ' s page copy. Deadline time 2:15 a.m. finds the n.e. down in the shop directing the composition of his front page on the chase forms, approving last-minute headlines. Overtimes carry a stiff fine, but the night editor is ready until the last minute to remake his entire paper should a stop-press story come over the wire. During the TOP Homer Swander, Gloria Nishon, Will Sapp, Dan Behrman MIDDLE Morton Mintz, George Sallade, Bill Mac- Lead, Barbara Jenswold, Eugene Mandenberg BOTTOM Charles Thatcher, Robert Mantho, Wil- liam Baker, Howard Fenstemaker, Edward Gross- berg ARTHUR HILL Assistant Sports Editor Myron Dann, Stanford damage. Bud Hendel, Dick Simon MISSING Bob Stahl. Hoe Seltzer 214 LEFT TO RIGHT Jean Gil- mer, Kay Ruddy, Lois Sha- poro, Barbara de Fries MISSING Margaret Avery, Jeanne Cordell LEFT TO RIGHT Elaine Earth, Mary Green, Alice Pearlman, Ann Dixon, Stella Zatocky, Janet Lewin, Mary Lou Curran MARY VIRGINIA MITCHELL Exchange Editor GRACE MILLER Assistant Women ' s Editor first week of the war, when major news invariably broke late, the Daily n.e.s. held their page forms open until 3 a.m. and later to include latest war news in the newspaper which consistently has the latest deadline time of any daily paper in the State of Michigan. Armed with a smile of their superiority, the women of the Daily graced the year with a most efficient style and a new rebellion over the traditional rele- gation of their position to one of assisting the men ' s staffs. Whether putting out the Women ' s Page or filing, typing and record-keeping, the women liv- ened the usually dull routine of the year ' s work. One of their most comprehensive tasks, the pres- entation of the fall and spring style shows, effected an immediate contact of the students to the war through fashions. And turning on the glamor this year, the women ' s sales forces completely routed the men, and looking forward to another victory next autumn, the girls confidently flick the ashes from their cigarets and gaze out over their type- writers with that well-known sparkle in their eyes. 215 LOWER EDITORIAL STAFF TOP ROW Theodore King, Herbert Edelhertz, John Erlewine, Robert Stirling, Paul Keenan, Mark Lipper, Clarence Brimmer, Kenneth Mollhagen ROW TWO Audrey Hirschl, Charles Champion, Leon Gordenker, Richard Rosenman, Marion Ford, Ann Anielewski, Jean Caldwell, Florence Light, David Pollock ROW THREE Lettie Gavin, Harry Levine, Audrey Rubenstein, Marion Traynor, Clayton Dickey, Charlotte Con- over, Hilda Slautterback, Betty Jane Awrey MISSING Robert Preiskel, Irving Jaffe, Mary Ronay, Beryl Shoenfield. Thelma Hauer, Naomi Shapiro LOWER BUSINESS STAFF TOP ROW Howard Baumgarten, Don Folkman. Ed Orr, Frank O ' Brien, Lee Bisbee ROW TWO Morton Hunter, Herb Osterman, William Berns, Henry Wolf, William Samuels, Al Mundt ROW THREE Eileen Bradley, Marjorie Lovejoy, Virginia White, Rosalie Frank, Marcia Stern, Ellen Goldstone, Margery Welber MISSING Suzanne Scheffer, Martha Opsion, Jane Lindberg, Dick Cole TOP ROW Graham. Stocking, Burns, Ludwig ROW 2 Martin, Gutekunst, Greenhut, Auden, McCormick. JAY McCORMICK Editor-in-Chiei This year " Perspectives, " edited by Jay McCormick as a supplement to the " Daily, " completed its fifth successful season on campus. Featuring modern lit- erature in poetry and prose, it appealed to both the literary intelligentsia, and common students, includ- ing the engineers. Its contributors, talented men of the student body, had their literary efforts in fields of essay, fiction, and poetry, illustrated by original etchings. Book reviews of the " new classics " to keep the busy college man posted on what ' s worth read- ing, were published, too. All was under the critical eye of the Advisory Boa rd composed of prominent members of the Michigan faculty. EDITOR Jay McCormick FICTION EDITOR Gerald Burns; Lois Welles, Mark Lipper, William Kehoe, Eugene Mandeburg, Nelson Bentley ESSAY EDITOR Richard M. Ludwig; Erath Gutekunst, Gerald Schaflander POETRY EDITOR David Stock- ing; Clarence Foster, Audrey Hirschl, Sam Moon, Donet Soren- son. John Ragsdale BOOK REVIEW EDITOR Guy Serge Metraux; George Kerr, Ray Ingham, Robert Hemenway ART EDITOR Cliff Graham PUBLICATIONS EDITOR Carol Bundy, Betty Baer, Lynn Bell, Joan Siegel, Barbara DeFries, Etaoin Shrdlu ADVISORY BOARD Arno L. Bader, Herbert Weisinger, J. L. Davis, Morris Greenhut, W. H. Auden, Donald Martin, Emil Weddige 217 CHAN SIMONDS Editor-in-Chief RALPH MITCHELL Jr. Business Manager To those who have come to know and love it, Garg has become a campus institution. The Gargoyle, Michigan ' s Magazine of College Life, has appeared monthly on campus for the past thirty-two years. And this year Garg has been bet ter than ever, breaking all previous circulation records, as well as several of the Ten Commandments. Much of its success was due to the fine work of Chan Simonds who maintained the Garg editorial tradition. BILL ALTMAN Associate Editor AGNES CROW Women ' s Editor ALLAN AXELROD CHARLOTTE RIFF AL URELES JOHN RIEGER OLGAGRUHZIT PAT HIGH THEODORE TARBELL. AARRON MOVER DOROTHY SCHLOSS. JOHN ZIMMERMAN.. . . .ADVERTISING MANAGER ..PUBLICATIONS MANAGER .WOMEN ' S ADV. MANAGER ..CIRCULATION MANAGER 218 STANDING Bob Fisher, Stan Classman, Al Cohen, Jeanne Crump, Pat High SITTING Bernice Galansky, Bill Kehoe, Beryl Shoenfield, Betty Kefgen MISSING Allan Axelrod, Ned Bennett, Al Chipman, Doug Corbin, Bob Gallup, Olga Gruhzit, Les Meckler. John Rieger. Charlotte Riff, Al Ureles. Stu Gildart, Hal Schulte, Jack Nisberg. Dick Strong CLIFF GRAHAM Art Editor CHAUNCEY KORTEN Art Editor TOP ROW Lou Cohen, Dave Lynch. Harriett Horowitz. Ken Kardon, Jean Misner, Marilyn Katz, Reed Garver, Barbara Stern- fels 2ND ROW Aarron Moyer, John Zimmerman. Millie Bern- stein. Dotty Schloss, Ted Tarbell MISSING Margaret McVay, Lee Weiss, Art Nikkei BURR J. FRENCH Editor-in-Chief JOHN S. BURNHAM Managing Editor ROBERT L. IMBODEN Business Manager TOP ROW Richard Spath, Sidney Shell, David Wehmeyer, Peter Krailo, Henry Franczek, Jo- seph Silversmith, Robert Hay ROW 2 Daniel Ling, John J. Huston, George Snow, Leslie Parr, Edwin Lau, Karl Brenkert, Blaine Newman, Dan- iel Smith ROW 3 Keith Smith, Harry Imming, Conrad Maxmim, Harper Hull, William Hutcher- son, William Koffel, Newton Zucker ROW 4 DeMott Riley, Carter Taylor, Robert Imboden, Burr French. John Burnham, Freeman Alexan- der MISSING Kenneth Moehl, David Pusack, William Jacobs, Cornell Janeway, Paul Kennedy, George Sloane, Lincoln Aldridge, Robert Reis- dorf, Edwin Menz, Frank Murphy The Michigan Technic, publication of the University ' s College of Engineer- ing, celebrated its sixtieth anniversary this year. Not only the oldest student publication on campus but also the oldest college engineering magazine in the country, the Technic has consist- ently won awards for its obvious merits during the past six decades. Most re- cent, that of " Best All- Around Maga- WILLIAM HUTCHERSON Features FREEMAN ALEXANDER Circulation zine, " was given last fall by the Asso- ciation of Engineering College Maga- zines. Timely articles by professors, alumni, and students are featured, dealing with current problems, new methods and processes, and other information of interest to the engineering student. Among the distinguished contributors were Professor-Emeritus Goulding and Dean Crawford comparing the Col- FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD Chairman. Pro- fessor Ferdinand N. Menefee, Associate Profes- sor Robert D. Brackett, Associate Professor Rich- ard Schneidewind, Associate Professor Melville B. Stout lege, Past with Present. Colonel Miller wrote an exceedingly informative arti- cle about " The Revolution in Artillery " of especial interest to the present war- world. KEITH L. SMITH Articles DeMONT RILEY Photography HARPER H. HILL Advertising CARTER TAYLOR Publication CONRAD MAXMIN Illustrations 221 EN ' S JUDICIAL COUNCIL Made up of senior men who have worked in other activities, the Men ' s Judiciary Council functions primarily in making recommendations on disciplinary matters re- ferred to it by deans of the respective schools, and by other University authorities. These recommendations are subject to final decision by the University Disciplinary Committee, a faculty group. The Council calls and supervises all student elections, with a few exceptions, in addition to considering petitions and making up the bal- lots; it regulates the initiations and general conduct of all men ' s honor societies, and establishes such rules as are deemed necessary concerning campus dances. It is composed of seven seniors who are appointed each spring from those who petition for membership. The appointment committee consists of the managing edi- tor of the Daily, the presidents of Congress, the Interfraternity Council, and the Union, the outgoing president of the Council, and the Dean of Students. TOP ROW Carl Rohrbach, Gordon J. Andrew, Richard E. Scher- ling ROW 2 Verne C. Kennedy Jr., Robert L. Celts, William G. Slocum, Jr. Robert N. Samuels 222 The Michigan Union occupies a unique position on campus, for its variegated character will not allow its classification into any one category. To the student body it represents a physical plant, amazing in its facilities for relaxation and rec- reation; a staff of activity men who form one of the most powerful single groups of undergraduates on the campus. To the professorial staff the Union suggests the University Club, an escape from classes and students, where bottle pool, cof- fee, good food, and talk reign supreme. For transients it is the best hotel in town. The plant includes a swimming pool with showers and steam baths, bowling al- leys, a vast billiard and ping pong room, a barber shop, a tap room and cafeteria sacred to men alone, public and private dining rooms, and the Main Ballroom. 223 TOP ROW Ogden, Short, Crabtree, Sundeen SECOND ROW May, Wisler, Sibley, Kuenzel, Grady, Myers, Yorman ROBERT SIBLEY President JACK GRADY Recording Secretary FRANK C. KUENZEL Acting Manager CHESTER O. WISLER Financial Secretary PRESIDENT Robert Sibley. RECORD- ING SECRETARY Jack Grady. VICE- PRESIDENTS Robert Samuels, Liter- ary; Robert Ogden, Eng. Arch.; Brooks Crabtree, Law; Alex Yorman, Bus. Ad. For.; Reinhold Sundeen, Medical; J. Robert Short, Dental. ALUMNI SECRETARY T. Hawley Tapping. FINANCIAL SECRETARY- Chester O. Wisler. FACULTY MEM- BERS John E. Tracy, Harlow J. Hene- man, John S. Worley. ALUMNI MEM- BERS Dr. Dean W. Myers, Don May. REGENT MEMBER - - Franklin M. Cook. DEAN OF STUDENTS Joseph A. Bursley. 224 UNDER STAFF Bob Burstein Andy Skaug Jim Edmonson Bob Templeton Andy Caughey Ed Holmberg Theodore Sharp Don West Bill Schoedinger Bob Matthews Taking part in the promotion of many types of campus activities in the fields of en- tertainment, education, and others, the Junior Executive Staff of the Union offers the student body many opportunities to break the routine grind of classes. Its members include a select group chosen on the basis of achievement as sophomores. The pres- ent members and their respective positions are Bob Burstein, Orientation, Andy Caughey, Social, Jim Edmunds, House, Ed Holmberg, Organization, Bob Matthews, Orientation, Bill Schoedinger, Publicity, Ted Sharp, Organization, Andy Skaug, House, Bob Templin, Social, Don West, Publicity. JUNIOR STAFF TOP ROW Orrie Barr, Harold Coleman, Alan Brandt, Charles Dotterrer, Burnett Crawford, Warren Bour- quin, Dick Todd, Burt Kolb SECOND ROW Herbert Heavenrich, Arthur Geib. Ted Sharp, Bob Templin. Tracy Freeman, Allan Anderson, Robert Shott MISSING Eugene Bellinger, Marvin Borman, John Brac- ket! II, Norman Brown, Bud Burgess, Clarence Carlson, Bob Erickson, Donald Haeiele, William Hanley, John Hunter, Gerard Kevil, William Loughborough, Alger Morrison, Carl Orberg, Wendell Racette, George Roney, Ora Sievers, Bob Schwyn, Bill Stewart, Dave Striiiler, Donald Trinklein, Burton Zuckerman, Leon- ard Zuckerman 225 As traditional to Michigan as State Street and " Hurry-up " Yost are the pony operas of hairy legs, full skirts, bass voices, and blonde wigs pro- duced each year by Mimes in conjunction with the Michigan Union. Created in 1912 when the all-male operas were at their height, Mimes is a dramatic society whose members are chosen each spring from among those who have been outstanding in some branch of opera activity. Its men work all year long in gathering the best of campus talent together for the annual show given in December. i i i ' - I I TOP ROW Aron Kahn, Dale Chamberlin, James Gormsen, Robert Sundquist ROW 2 Fred Hirschman, Douglas Gould. Bryant Dunshee, Owen Mays, Henry Fielding, Richard Kebler, William Todd, Donald Stevenson, Jerry Ross ROW 3 Robert Sibley, Librarian, William Slocum, Vice-President, Robert Titus, President, Charles Boynton, Treasurer, Bruce Forbes, Corresponding Secretary MISSING Russell Berg, Harry Drickamer, James Duthie, Sheldon Finkelstein, Harlin Fraumann, Thomas Goodkind, Recording Secretary, Gordon Hardy, Charles Heinen, Phelps Hines, John Jackovich, Arthur Katz, Will Sapp, Paul Schick, Robert Shedd, John Shields, Richard Strain, Neil Vedder 226 Burr J. French General Chairman John S. Burnham Robert L. Imboden Music Finance Robert L. Sibley Tickets Robert L. Summerhays Floor Robert C. Keetch Decorations Ted Kennedy, Jr. C. Freeman Alexander F. Carter Taylor William W. Hutcherson Patrons Publicity Programs Decorations Burr J. French, General Chairman; John S. Burnham, Music; Robert L. Imboden, Finance; Robert L. Sibley, Tickets; Ted Ken- nedy Jr., Patrons; Robert L. Summerhays, Floor; Robert C. Keetch, Decorations; William W. Hutcherson, Decorations; C. Freeman Alexander, Publicity; F. Carter Taylor, Programs. Probably no dance on campus gets the clever pub- licity build up that is annually accorded the Engi- neers big blow out, the Slide Rule Ball. When Daily Editors aren ' t arranging for the Committee to let the Lawyers steal their symbolic slide rule, thus starting a riot among two of the biggest schools on campus, they are coming forth with slide rule favors discov- ered behind secret panels and other such odd stunts. Despite their odd touch, however, these publicity stunts do stir up a lot of fun, and what ' s more impor- tant, they let the rest of the campus know about the biggest individual college dance in the University, the Slide Rule Ball. This year the sliderulers brought Bunny Berrigan as their musical attraction, and a record crowd of Engineers turned from their drafting boards and blueprints to crowd into the Union Ballroom to two-step the trumpeteers tempos sweet and swing. 227 The University Musical Society was organized in 1879 and incorporated in 1881 as a non-profit or- ganization whose purpose was to provide good music for the members of the University and the community in general. It developed the Choral Union Chorus of three hundred voices and inaug- urated the Choral Union Concert Senes which has grown to include ten annual performances. Since May, 1894, the series has been climaxed by the Annual May Festival, consisting now of six con- certs given over a period of a few days. The con- certs have presented the world ' s most distinguished musical artists, both vocal and instrumental, sym- phony orchestras, guartets, choral organizations, and other ensemble groups. As a result, the Univer- sity audiences have been privileged to hear nearly the whole of musical literature. The University Musical Society also developed, and until 1940, maintained and administered the School of Music, which was relinguished to the Uni- versity at that time. UNIVERSITY FREDERICK STOCK EUGENE ORMANDY ARRIVES 228 THOR JOHNSON BOARD OF DIRECTORS Charles A. Sink. President- Alexander G. Ruthven, Vice-President; Durand W. Springer, Sec.-Treas.; Thor Johnson, Conductor; Junius E. Beal, Roscoe O. Bonisteel, Harley A. Haynes, James Inglis, Hor- ace G. Prettyman, E. Blythe Stason; OTHER MEMBERS David Mattern, Hardin A. Van Deursen. THE SIXTY-THIRD ANNUAL CHORAL UNION CONCERT SERIES Grace Moore, Soprano; Isaac Van Grove, Accompanist Emanuel Feuermann, Violon- cellist; Albert Hirsch, Accompanist; Cleveland Symphony Or- chestra, Artur Rodzinski, Conductor; Giovanni Martinelli, Tenor; Ezio Pinza, Bass; Fritz Kitzinger, Accompanist; Chicago Sym- phony Orchestra, Frederick Stock, Conductor; Boston Symphony Orchestra, Serge Koussevitzky, Conductor; Robert Casadesus, Pianist; Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, Dimitri Mitropoulos, Conductor; Joseph Szigeti, Violinist; Vitya Vronsky and Victor Babin, Pianists. THE FORTY-NINTH ANNUAL MAY FESTIVAL Soloists Helen Traubel, Soprano; Judith Hellwig, Soprano; Marian Anderson Contralto; Enid Szantho, Contralto; Jan Peerce, Tenor; Felix Knight, Tenor; Mack Harrell, Baritone; Rabbi Bar- nett R. Brickner, Narrator; Carroll Glenn, Violinist; Emanuel Feuermann, Violoncellist; Sergei Rachmaninoff, Pianist; The Uni- versity Choral Union, Thor Johnson, Conductor; The Festival Youth Chorus, Juva Higbee, Conductor; The Philadelphia Sym- phony Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor; Saul Caston, Associate Conductor. THE SECOND ANNUAL CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL The Roth String Quartet Feri Roth, Violin; Rachmael Weinstock, Violin; Julius Shaier, Viola; Oliver Edel, Violoncello. ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CONCERT Messiah- Handel Marie Wilkins, Soprano; Ernest McChesney, Tenor; Edwina Eustis, Contralto; Douglas Beattie, Baritone; Palmer Christian, Organist; University Choral Union, University Sym- phony Orchestra, Thor Johnson, Conductor. ICAL SOCIETY ARTUR RODZINSKI GRACE MOORE AND MR. JOHNSON SERGE KOUSSEVITZKY 229 OFFICERS Christian F. Matthews, President; Glenn Rearick, Senior Vice- President; Mrs. Irene Bigalke Johnson, Junior Vice-President; Louis P. Jocelyn, Secretary; Oscar A. Eberbach, Treasurer; T. Hawley Tapping, General Secretary; Editor of " The Michigan Alumnus " ; Robert O. Morgan, Council Secretary; Assistant Gen- eral Secretary; Mrs. Lucille B. Conger, Executive Secretary of Alumnae Council. DIRECTORS Christian F. Matthews, ' 19, ' 211, Attorney, Mt. Clemens, Mich- igan, President; Glenn Rearick, ' 24, Insurance, Gary, Indiana, Vice-President; Mrs. Irene Bigalke Johnson, ' 14, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Vice-President; Mason P. Rumney, ' 07e, Vice-Presi- dent, Detroit Steel Products Company, Detroit, Michigan; Don T. Hastings, ' 07e, Consulting Engineer, Detroit, Michigan; Emory J- Hyde, ' 041, Retired, Ann Arbor, Michigan; R. Spencer Bishop, ' 08, e ' 05- ' 06, Banker, Flint, Michigan; Earle W. Webb, ' 02, Presi- dent, Ethyl Gasoline Corporation, New York, New York; Fred M. Zeder, ' 09e, M. Eng. (Hon.) ' 33, Vice-President of the Board, Chrysler Corporation, Detroit, Michigan; Carl W. Eberbach, ' 12, ' 16m, Physcian, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Charles S. Beardsley, ' 991, Miles Laboratories, Inc., Elkhart, Indiana; Leslie P. Young, ' 261, ' 22- ' 23, Attorney, Detroit, Michigan; James S. Gault, ' 21e, M.S. ' 24, g ' 25- ' 26, Assistant Professor of Engineering, Ann Ar- bor, Michigan; John Herlihy, ' 20, e ' 15- ' 17, G. W. Van Slyke Horton, Inc., Kingston, New York; Herman H. Schmidt, ' 14- ' 16, Realty Developer, Washington, D.C.; Harold S. Dickerson, ' 05e, ' 00- ' 02, Industrial Department, The Pure Oil Company, Colum- bus, Ohio; Harold J. Hornberger, ' 20, e ' 14- ' 15, g ' 19- ' 20, Insur- ance, Chicago, Illinois; William Z. Proctor, ' 251, ' 21- ' 22, Attorney, Des Moines, Iowa; Vernon F. Hillery, ' 23, ' 251, Legal Depart- CHRISTIAN F. MATTHEWS President T. HAWLEY TAPPING General Secretary Editor of the ' The Michigan Alumnus ' MRS. LUCILLE B. CONGER Executive Secretary of Alumnae Council ROBERT O. MORGAN Council Secretary Asst. General Secretary ment, Sinclair Oil Company, Fort Worth, Texas; Harold L. Heakin, ' 25, Pacific Foundry Company, Ltd., San Francisco, Cali- fornia; Elmer P. Grierson, ' 12, I ' ll- ' lS, Attorney, Detroit, Mich- igan; Carl J. Bauer, Jr., ' Sled, Clay Sewer Pipe Association, Inc., Saginaw, Michigan; F. Roland Allaben, ' 23, ' 251, Attorney, Grand Rapids, Michigan; George A. Osborn, ' 08, Editor, THE EVENING NEWS, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan; Alfred H. Syver- son, ' 01, g ' 01- ' 02, Advertiser, Syverson Kelley, Spokane, Washington; Mrs. Lillian Carnegie Allen, ' 17, Milwaukee, Wis- consin; Mrs. Mildred Zoller Wiersema, A. M. ' 28, Pontiac, Mich- igan; Mrs. Elizabeth Earhart Kennedy, ' 28- ' 29, g ' 36- ' 37, Ann Ar- bor, Michigan. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 230 COLONEL WILLIAM A. GANOE Chairman of Military Science and Tactics The Reserve Officers ' Training Corps gives op- portunity for outstanding college men to obtain commissions in the armed services of their coun- try. It is the chief element of our progress in military efficiency over World War I. Already the University of Michigan has furnished about 1500 officers for the Reserve Corps, many of whom are now in active service. The course is divided into the Basic for fresh- men and sophomores and Advanced Juniors and Seniors. Cadet Officers compose the Ad- vanced Course and are selected from those who have completed the Basic Course. The two main criteria in the competition for the Ad- vanced Course are all-round scholarship in the University and extra-curricular activities. Those men who fail to attain the Advanced Course but have successfully completed the Basic, are tendered warrants in di- ploma form, which are helpful in gaining recognition and promotion, if the student is taken into the service as an enlisted man. The entire course at the University of Michigan lays emphasis upon inspiring teaching methods, illustration and demonstration predominating. The drill of two hours per week constitutes a laboratory for that type of practical and sympathetic leadership of human beings, which has proven thoroughly beneficial in any walk of life, espe- cially in emergencies. Seniors are captains and first lieutenants; juniors, second lieutenants; and sophomores, non-commissioned officers. These cadet officers and non-commissioned are left free to handle their units without interfer- ence. The maximum responsibility and author- ity are placed on all of them. All good points of the men in ranks are those of the commanders of the units. Guidance to Cadet Officers is im- parted at a distance from the drill ground and floor. Official color guard of University of Michigan ' s Reserve Officers Training Corps commands added significance in this year of war. 231 MB CADET CAPTAINS Henry C. Barringer, Edward B. Harrison, George D. Gotschall. John F. Sisson, Verne C. Kennedy, Robert W. Hadley, Lind- ley D. Dean, Alfred W. Owens, Edward A. McLogan 232 1 The rapidly expanding medical corps has given probationary commissions to all junior and senior students in the medical school. They ' ll soon be leading this work in the field. The heart and manpower of the Army is found in the infantry, which trains its cadet officers to utilize the maximum firepower in the most effective fashion. Tactical exercises in the Arboretum provide simu- lated war conditions in which cadets gain experience. J Providing and maintaining weapons such as these for the Army is the task of the ordnance corps. Drawing its cadets from the Engineering College, it gives them specialized training in arsenal and chemical warfare work. A Essential in keeping con- tact between headquarters and outposts, the Signal Corps through its communi- cation systems gives the modern army the high maneuverability it requires. The strategy of victory is planned from the reports and effected by the orders trans- mitted by the corps to the field of battle. % To the engineering corps falls the task of adapting the terrain to the purposes of war; aiding its advancing units and obstructing the enemy. Building and destroying bridges and fortifications constitute much of its work. How do you like the modern trenching techniques of these cadet officers? 233 SCABBARD AND BLADE TOP ROW Cleveland, Poe, Sharpe, Thompson, Bourquin, Shipman, Imboden, Ehrlich, Jones, Patten ROW TWO Wetter, Carey, Radkey, Poyser, Schaffer, Strickland, Thomas, Marts, Nowakowski ROW THREE Orndorif, Collamore, Cole, Wilkie, Johnson, Edmunds. Foley, Swift, D. Riley ROW FOUR Thatcher, Feldman, Matt, Carlson, Kucharski, Dean, Kennedy, Klein, Knight, Bull ROW FIVE Tapping. Lt. Peterson. Capt. Houston. Col. Mickle, Col. Ganoe, Col. H. Riley, Maj. Renner. Capt. Vollrath, Lt. Kolb OFFICERS Lindley Dean, Captain; Verne Kennedy, First Lieutenant; Thaddeus W. Kucharski, Second Lieutenant; Rob- ert Carlson, First Sergeant. HONORARY AND ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Colonel William A. Ganoe, Lt. Colonel Grover B. Egger, Lt. Colonel Harrie D. Riley, Captain Bernard H. Vollrath, Captain Keith R. Houston, Lt. John A. Lohla, Lt. Leonard Peterson, Lt. Roland Kolb, Major William E. Renner, Capt. Dan J. Bulmer. MEMBERS James Bourguin, Robert Brown, Paul Bull, Russell Carey, Eugene Cleveland, Richard L. Cole, William Colla- more, Robert Collins, James Edmunds, Robert Ehrlich, Oscar Feldman, Roland Foley, Raymond Gauthier, Joseph Hallissy, Jr., Robert Imboden, Stewart Johnson, Richard Jones, Harold Klein, Douglas Knight, Culver Kniskern, Henry Loud, Garland Marrs, Joseph Matt, Edward Nowakowski, Robert Orndorff, John Patten, Alward Pinnock, John Poe, Thomas Poyser, Robert Radkey, DeMott Riley, Ivan Schafer, Phillip E. Sharpe, Larry Shipman, Walter Strickland, Wesley Swift, Charles Thatcher, Dean Thomas, William Thompson, Sharon Ulrey, Allan Wet- ter, Alexander Wilkie. 234 PI TAU PI SIGMA OFFICERS Walter M. Strick- land, President; Gordon G. Ry- ther, Vice-President; M. Elton Gamer, Secretary; Gordon G. Ryther, Treasurer. MEMBERS-SENIORS Theodore L. Borst, William H. Brassfield, Fred J. Elmiger, M. Elton Garner, Joseph M. Hallissy, Jr., Robert B. Radkey, Gordon G. Ryther. JUN- IORS Robert L. Brigham, Wil- liam D. De Courcy, John M. Duff, Robert W. Ehrlich, Roland D. Foley, Jr., Stuart A. Gerrard, Car- rol J. Haas, Herbert W. McCord, James B. Pierce, Walter M. Strick- land, Robert P. Tillson. LEFT TO RIGHT Borst, Radkey, Foley, McCord, Brigham, Hallissy, Brass- field, Garner, Vollrath, Strickland, Ryther, Haas, Gerrard, Pierce, Duff, Till- son, Ehrlich, DeCourcy. Calisthenics at Fort Custer 235 Captain R. E. Cassidy, U.S.N. IT, HE Naval Reserve Officers ' Train- ing Corps, missing by a year the brand of a war baby, is in its second year on the Michigan campus, and com- manded by Captain R. E. Cassidy, USN, who relieved Captain L. A. Dav- idson, USN, it is now preparing men for an active career in the U. S. War effort. These men of the V-l and V-7 classifi- cations stepped forth in full regalia for the Navy Day inspection by Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, now Commander- in-chief, Pacific Fleet. Then with trie announcement of the Color Company Competition, focal point of all N.R.O. T.C. battalion activity, the corps put added effort into the company drills, in- dividual and company marksmanship, and sailing, skills on which the award is based. Inter-platoon, and inter-com- pany sailing regattas, gun loading and firing crews all took part in the compe- tition. The increased tempo of the N.R.O. T.C. courses held to a minimum the so- cial activity of the unit, but correspond- ingly added to the significance of the rifle matches and practical experience of the men. Yet there was found time to issue in its second year the Michigan Pelorus, one of the outstanding N.R.O. T.C. publications in the country. The war is close to these students in the N.R.O.T.C. battalion and in a short time they will be graduated to the battle line of the sea. Fifty members of the N.R.O.T.C. unit took the cruise last summer on the U.S.S. Dover. The Dover visited a num- ber of Ports in Lake Erie including To- ledo, Cleveland and Put-in-Bay, and during the cruise, the cadet ' s knowl- edge of seamanship, learned from books in the college course, was given practical application. Instructions in practical seamanship, small boat handling, gunnery, and ship han- dling were given. After two weeks afloat, all hands returned to civilian life bronzed and healthy from the rug- ged shipboard life. 236 1 DEPARTMENT OFFICERS R. E. Cassidy, Captain, U.S.N. R. E. Palmer, Lieutenant-Commander, U.S.N. C. K. Shook, Lieutenant, U.S.N. N. A. Pamedes, Lieutenant, U.S.N. F. W. Andrews, Chief Boatswain ' s Mate E. Plummer, Chief Gunner ' s Mate A. E. Gros, Chief Quartermaster ' s Mate F. J. Joly, Chief Quartermaster ' s Mate E. M. Pearsol, Chief Yeoman CADET OFFICERS J. A. Mactier Battalion Commander H. S. Townsend Battalion Sub-Commander R. A. Green Adjutant E. P. Schellens Commissary and Quartermaster B. H. Crawford Commander, First Company N. H. Upthegrove Commander, Second Company A. M. Comb Commander, Third Company 237 LPHA PHI OMEGA TOP HOW J. R. Clark, Buck Dawson, R. G. Westerman. Frank Smith, J. M. Duff, Alex Yorman, Hobart D. Wagener, lack M. Norton, Theodore Greenfield, Al Leiman 2nd ROW Don Longworth, Jack Lind, R. L. Brigham, L. E. Howard, Bob Eich, Verne Kennedy, L. William Coulter, George D. Meier 3rd ROW Bill Ager, Reed Carver, Herbert McCord. Robert Cope, Dick School. Irving C. Koval, Carson C. Grunewald M ISSING Fred T. Anderson, Kent B. Arnold, William Beeker, Robert G. Brown, Stuart Churchill, William DeCourcy, Ramon Dixon, Eugene Fairbanks. lames H. Gormson. George Harris. Frank Kellogg, John J. Linker. Albert K. Ludy. Donald Scott. Stanley Stong, William Watkins, Philip Van Nordstrand. Richard Bates. Leo lackowski, Jim Plenge, Dick Terwilliger Performing useful service to the University, the youth and com- munity, its members and the na- tion, is the role undertaken by Alpha Phi Omega, national hon- orary service fraternity for for- mer boy scouts. Formally founded only two years ago, the Michigan chapter has already established a record for benefi- cial service. Originating and launching the Bomber-Scholar- ship drive, conducting the an- nual spring " Keep off the Grass " campaign, aiding in civilian fingerprinting and participating in the Union guide service are but examples of the extensive work the members of Alpha Phi Omega accomplish. TUDENT SENATE The Senate, only all-campus rep- resentative body in the Univer- sity, is composed of thirty stu- dent senators elected on a semi- annual basis to one-year terms. Sponsors of the Winter and Spring Parleys, the Senate has also been instrumental in inves- tigating library lighting condi- tions and conducting surveys of student workers ' hours and wages. Meetings are held bi- monthly and are open to the en- tire student body, for the Senate is the Michigan organ of student opinion. TOP ROW Morton Hunter, Harold Klein, Clayton Pilcher, Ted Me Omber, lack Edmonson, John White, Bill Stewart, Bryant Dunshee, William Ellman, Hoe Seltzer ROW TWO Jerry Davidson, John Zimmerman, David Lynch, Don O ' Connor, Bill Ager, Ray Davis, Sam Russell, lake Fahrner, Andy Skaug ROW THREE Ed Tann, Dorothy Briddon, Robert Krause, Pres.. William Todd, Sally Walsh, Bob Alpern, lean Shapero, Martha Kinsey MISSING Richard Archer, Hugh Ayers, Warren Blumberg, Clarence Brimmer, Margaret Campbell, William Clark, Winston H. Cox, Orval Johnson, Roger Kelley, John Middleton, Jim Pilcher, Marvin Rodney, Buck Dawson, Marvin Lerner 238 MICHIGA ALL CAMPUS SENIOR RON HONORARY SACHEMS Big TenjjjjjatWiae CfjP:il Anderson, Battle Finder Barthelme, Great Builder Bates, Friendly World Campbell, Friendly Chief Cooley, Long Trail Duffy, Warrior Builder Hoyt, Bell Cow Murfin, Peace Maker Ruthven, Ca||l||ttde? l ' Hiper, Readum Birchbark Strauss, CeJKS BLd. Many Councils Tapping, FIGHTING BRAVES Bla Bla Blaustein Water Witch B Damn Close OH Lope Cartmill Tamer Clark Rump Gall e Tail Gele ail Goldsmi Steep Grady aid Bat Hill ison Butt Mitchel rong Name Owe ocky Mountain Little Apple Piel orpoise With ' um Purpose Sharemet hop Shuey Little Ho Saggin ' BeHll||i Thunder Scalp Wallace Battering Bull vi||f Greasy Grin Wil 239 DRUIDS SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS John Gillis, Arch Druid; John Sharemet, Vice-Druid; William Hurley, Hoarder of the Funds; Charles Boynton, Seneca; HONORARY MEMBERS Carl G. Brandt, Joseph L. Davis, Walter J. Fariss, Ray L. Fisher, Joseph E. Kallenbach. Karl F. Lagler. Shorey Peterson, Jesse S. Reeves, Allan Seager, Morris P. Tilley, L. G. Van- der Velde, Walter J. James Collins ningh D bS Gerald Hewitt Art Hill Donald Hoi Robert King John Leidy Strother Mar aZHMflffflmffl. Howard Mehaffey William Melzo Nelson William Newton Holbrooke Seltzer Constantine Sharemet Robert Shedd Richard Scherling William Schust Chandler Simonds Wayne Stille Alfred Thomas William Todd Robert Titus 240 SPHINX JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Frank McCarthy, President; John Fletcher, Secretary. :BE C ' ax Bahryc! Wayne Christenso George Ceitha William Dawso Ben Doug John Fletch WmwffliVMmMffl ' Fred Ginsbe Bernard Hendel -E trd HolmbepP Alden Johnson Robert Eolesar Harold Lockard James Mandler Robert Matthe David McCalmont Frank McCarthy Dave McKinney John Ogle Edward Perlberg James Skinner Ben Smith Robert Templin Robert Ufer John Wise John Zimmerman 241 VULCANS SENIOR ENGINEERING HONORARY SOCIETY OFFICERS Lawton Hammett, President; Henry Field- ing, Vice-president; Robert Summerhays, Secretary; Rob- ert Sibley, Treasurer. illiam Ackerman tan Allen ' illiam Collamore ' om Gamon Henry Fielding Burr French Lawton Hammett Robert Imboden Bud Keetch Ted Kennedy Verne Kennedy Richard Reidl Carl Rohrbach Robert Sibley Robert Summerhays Robert Wallace 242 ENGI1 1 OFFI ANGLES SCHOOL HONOR SOCIETY Fife esident, James Pierce; Treasurer, Robert cretary. Carter Taylor. J Bruce James Ed Robert Fie William Hutcherso Jack Patton James Pierce Ted Sharpe Freeman Alexander Roy Bradley Al Grunewald Duane Pagel Tom Poyser Phil Sharpe Rudy Smeja Robert Sundquist Theodore Tarbell Donald West 243 OFFICERS Robert T. Wallace, President; Do - Whitney, Vice-President; Kenneth R. Nelson, Recording Secretary; Harper H. Hull, Corresponding Secretary; Arthur W. Clifford, Cataloguer; George D. Gotschall, Engineering Council Re esenJ ttive. ' ' fy jM? MEMBERS Charles B. Armstrong, John T. Bangert, H. Bruce Battey, William G. Collamore, R. Lawr- ence Congdon, Arthur W. Dobson, Harry Drickamer, Avard F. Fairbanks, Jr., Robert W. Hadley, Jr., Grant R. Hagen, James B. Hall, John H. Harwood, Harry S. Imming, Jr., David C. Ipsen, Richard W. Kebler, Ted Kennedy, Jr., William K. Koffel, Thomas R. Kohler, Joseph O. Lee, Leslie E. Matson, Jr., Philip Mandel, Robert R. Peterson, John S. Pierson, George W. Pusack, George W. Preckshot III, F. Roy Rasmussen, H. Glenn Roudabush, Lester R. Rubin, William H. Schomburg, Jr., Walter Ser- niuk, Cornelius R. Skutt, C. Jerry Stern, Edward W. Strong, Norman C. Taylor, Ray A. Tritten, Lloyd Vroman, Alexander C. Wilkie, John B. Wilkil Paul F. fiungdahL TOP ROW Serniuk, Skutt, Collamore, Congdon, Tritten, Kennedy, Koffel, Mandel, Imming, Lee ROW 2 Pierson, Rass- mussen. Hall, Hagen, Roudabush, Hadley, Ipsen, Youngdahl, Strong, Rubin, Fairbanks ROW 3 J. Wilkie, Vroman, Mat- son, A. Wilkie, Kohler, Bangert, Pusack, Stern, Peterson, Dobson ROW 4 Schomburg, Armstrong, Gotschall, Wallace, Whitney, Nelson, Harwood, Battey TAU BETA PI OFFICERS Herbert S. Heavenrich, President; p|prd J. Straehley, Vice-President; Karl F. Reed, Secretary; Lewis M. Smith, Treasurer; Reed E. jps ver, Historian; James Terrell, Upper Class Ad- visor; Charles O ' Dell, Upper Class Advisor. m - ' ffifflffiffiw06 ffiffiffifo , MEMBERS Edward M. Anthony, Paul Barker, Duane Bird, Marvin Borman, Marian E. Bourns, Worthy T. Boyd, William E. Brown, Jr., Fred J. Bryan, Warren C. Burgess, Jr., William S. Cain, James D. Campbell, Charles G. Chaplin, James R. Conant, Kenneth L. Cordes, Joseph R. Dangl, Peter R. Darnton, Ralph W. DeBlois, Richard C. Drutowsk i, George S. Fischler, Herbert J. Fisher, Richard W. Frankel, Allan W. Gardner, Reed E. Garver, Charles P. Giel, Jackie Gill, James R. Gillis, Harry F. Gilmore, Carson C. Grunewald, Richard Harvey, Herbert S. Heavenrich, Kevin R. Jones, Raymond Kanfer, Louis P. Kivi, Peter Krailo, Lawrence H. Krohn, Bernard Lamer, Anson E. Laufer, Gerald A. Lipnik, William S. Maxwell, Donald F. Mela, Edmund H. Merz, Carl V. Orberg, Carl B. Penn, Nor- man C. Peterson, James E. Plenge, George A. Rathert, Jr., Karl F. Reed, Samuel Rosen, Richard L. Rosenman, Henry L. Schmidt, William Schumer, Norman D. Schwartz, Ora E. Sievers, Joseph Sil- versmith, George E. Sloane, Lewis M. Smith, Clifford J. Straehley, Hyman Sterngold, Richard Strong, Albert Togna, Ralph K. Townley, Caleb Warner, David B. Wehmeyer, Frederick Wellington, Victor Wertheimer, Bennet Yanowitz, Wiltf TOP ROW Fisher, Gardner, Snow, Kivi, Gilmore, Warner, Darnton, Campbell, Schwartz, Plenge, Bourns, Hudson SEC- OND ROW Giel, Schmidt. Sievers, Gill, Merz, Yolles, Townley, Peterson, Hance, Kieser, DrutowsH THIRD ROW Brown, DeBlois, Wehmeyer, Silversmith, Jones, Conant, Mendelson, Borman, Hemily, Kammeraad, Barker FOURTH ROW Maxwell, Orberg, Millman, Chaplin, Fischler, Krailo. Grunewald, Rathert. Anthony, Geib FIFTH ROW Kopel, Kanfer, Burgess, Cornell. Boyd, Lipnik, Weinberg. Krohn, Togna SIXTH ROW Cordes, Mela, Smith. Reed, Heavenrich, Straeh- ley, Garver, Terrell, Anderson. Laufer PHI ETA SIGMA 245 The Student Religious Association, established by the University to aid students in understanding religion in theory and practice, is now in its fifth year on the University of Michigan campus five years of continuous growth in service and influence on student thought. Oriental, Catholic, Jewish and Protestant students participate in those aspects of the program which suit their special needs. The activities of the S.R.A. provide an environment in which students with widely different social and religious backgrounds can meet naturally to work together on matters of common concern. The wide range of points of view represented and the vigor and clarity with which they are presented, make the meetings sponsored by the Association some of the most stimulating educational activities available for students. The lectures sponsored by the Association bring to the Campus nationally known religious representatives of many faiths, recog- nized for their scholarly contributions to religious thought. The discussion groups deal with those religious issues which are of most concern to students, meeting under student leadership with the help of competent faculty advisors. Those who wish to make a detailed study of religion may take part in seminars which con- tinue throughout the year. A considerable number of students work on social service projects, publications, and cooperative ac- tivities with the twenty student religious groups on the campus. Lane Hall, the home of the S.R.A., provides a good library of religious books, a collection of recordings of religious music, many reproductions of famous religious paintings, and facilities for stu- dent meetings. Cross section of S.R.A. activity: all faiths, every creed combine in the discussion groups, recorded concerts of religious music and Friday afternoon Coffee hours. IOUS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF GOVERNORS Paul G. Kauper, Chairman, Kenneth W. Morgan, Director, Mrs. Alvin Zander, Assistant Director, Joseph C. Hooper, William M. Laird, Howard Y. McClusky, William A. McLaughlin, Jacob Sacks, Erich A. Walter. ASSOCIATION COUNCIL William Clark, President, Roderick Anderson, Stuart Anderson, E. Wil- liam Andrews, John Baker, Frank Bender, Dorothy Briddon, Urie Bronfenbrenner, Christine Cham- bers, P. R. Darnton, Ruth Fritz, Helen Gabel, Robert Gelston, Betty Grant, Lewis Hoskins, John Hus- ton, Paul Lim-Yuen, Fakhri Maluf, Betty Mastick, John Muehl, Marshall Palley, Liese Price, Albin Schinderle, Elaine Spangler, Susan Stephenson, Norman Schwartz, Kay Summers, Constance Ta- ber, James Terrell, Jean Westerman. 246 CONGRESS Lou Fogel, Dick Shuey, Elmer Hitt EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President, Richard Shuey; Secretary-Treasurer, Elmer Hitt, Exe- cutive Secretary, Louis Fogel; Recording Sec- retary, Norton Norris; Daily Representative, Bob Mantho; Union Representative, Andrew Caughy; Elected Representatives, Theodore King; Albert Wohl; Richard Orlikoff; William Buffington. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Personnel Com- mittee, Orval Johnson; Social Committee, Sik Che Tang; Scholarship Committee, John Fra- zier; Organization Committee, Ivan Oilman; Student Welfare Committee, John Mac Kin- non; Sports Committee, Mert Stiles. TOP ROW Peach, Mertz, Hoover. Norris, Katz, Rhea, Buffington, Sforzini ROW TWO Frazier, MacKinnon, Fogel, Shuey. Hitt, Tang, Gilman, Johnson 247 LPHA NU TOP ROW Singer, Buller, Cooper, Atamiam, Radka, Solomon, Johnson ROW 2 Boynton, Twitmire, Rubens, Jones, Fletcher, Segula ROW 3 Vibbert, Stuck, Webb, Whalen, Ford MISSING William Altaian, Jim Bob Stephenson, John White Alpha Nu, honorary speech so- ciety, aims to promote excel- lence in public speaking. Mem- bers admitted each semester after choice from among the rec- ommendations of the speech professors, are limited to fifty men. Major activities of the year consist of debates with Athena and Zeta Phi Eta, other speech organizations. HI MU ALPHA TOP ROW A. Collier Minor, Charles Matheson. John Wheeler, Donald Plott. Charles Wellington ROW 2 Edward Ormond, Morette Rider, J. R. Edwards, Leo Imperi, Robert Vagner, Kenneth Rhodes ROW 3 James Merrill, Arthur Hills, Robert Holland, Sec ' yTreas., Alfred Burt, President, Marion McArtor, Faculty Advisor, Russell Howland, Leonard Gregory MISSING John Wolves, Vice-president. Harold Fishman, James Wolfe, Italo Frajola, Thomas Shuler, Thomas Wheatley, Richard Goolian, Tom H. Kinkead, John Kollen, Clyde Vro- man, Clarence Schultz Phi Mu Alpha, honorary frater- nity of the Music School, strives to advance the cause of music in America, foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of stu- dents in music, develop the tru- est fraternal spirit among its members, and encourage loy- alty to the Alma Mater. 248 DR. T. LUTHER PURDOM I OBS and services have keynoted the year at Mich- igan, and many of them are focused in the Bureau of Ap- pointments and Occupational Information. Here stu- dents have found particular aid in finding their own places in the nation ' s, as well as the University ' s, war efforts. The Bureau ' s work is carried out in three phases: the Guidance Division, assisting in occupational and per- sonal adjustments; the General Placement Division, which arranges meetings between students or gradu- ates and employers; and the Teaching Division, which places Education graduates throughout the country. Under the direction of Dr. T. Luther Purdom, the Bureau of Appointments established in 1927 has expanded to such an extent that a great pro- portion of University students come in contact with it each year. With the recent increased de- velopment of business and industry, the Bureau is invaluable in fitting students to their niche in the cog of war machinery. 249 .. " When bigger and better Senior Balls are thrown the Seniors will throw them. " So said Tommy Williams, the Slide Rule Splash King, who turned politician and wound up at the head of this year ' s big Senior dance. Since the Ensian goes to press long before Senior Ball, we can ' t reveal the band selected to play at the dance. But since the last two Senior Balls have had Glenn Miller, we can predict that this year ' s party certainly will not have a bet- ter band, that is, unless Stanislas Leshinxy can be induced to bring his Hungarian 18 out of exile in- West Hoboken. Another thing is guite certain! This year ' s Sen- ior Ball will not have a Japanese Garden, as have several in the past. In other words, it is safe to predict that this year ' s dance will be different. 250 Seriously, though, Tommy Williams and his gang are already starting to work and the current Senior Ball should turn out to be a star-studded af- fair, despite the necessary absence of many of the peacetime decorative lux- uries enjoyed in the past. Uncertain for months as to whether conditions would permit a Senior Ball, the com- mittee has finally gotten the go sign and promises a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all. TOM WILLIAMS, Chairman MARY MAY SCOVILLE :HESTER j. EWING Programs LEE CLEARY Tickets FREDERICK N. McOMBER Decorations JEAN G. HUBBARD BURTON J. RUBENS CECIL E. JOHNSON Patrons Buildings Secretary AWTON HAMMETT PHOEBE M. POWER Music Decorations ROBERT L. GETTS Tickets MAE E. McFILLEN Project RAYMOND F. DIETZ Publicity D. ANDERSON Patrons 251 The biggest social Event of the Year was J-Hop. The Junior Class and its J-Hop Chairman Ted Sharpe outdid themselves to present a bigger and better musical extravaganza. The shortened semester forced a last min- ute change in plans for the big dance, and for a while it looked as though we would end up with Holy Smoly and his Clambake Seven, but things finally straightened themselves out, Sharpe ' s hair changed back to its usual color, and the country ' s only two-day, three- band College Prom went on as plan- ned. As some 2800 starry eyed swing- eroos, decked out in formal attire el- bowed their way onto the spacious floor of the expansive sports building, Orrin Tucker husked a bushel, and the dance was begun. Alternating with Orrin was the one and only Jimmy 252 Lunceford, of " It Ain ' t What You Do But the Way What You Do It " fame. His mellow rendition of " Blues in the Night " completely sold the Michigan jazeroos on the colored maestro and his all-college swing band. On Saturday night the theme was deformalized and the shorter skirts were accompanied by Les Brown ' s new orchestra. Combining his novelty arrangements with a super new style, and a smooth sax section, Brown com- pletely captivated the ginger ale soaked hep cats who braved a second day of bad weather, house parties, and sleepless fat-i-gue to strut before the Blue Devil Maestro. National Defense was the theme of decoration. A huge spangle-studded Eagle watched the affair from his perch at the far end of the gym while red, white, and blue streamers added fur- ther color. TED SHARPE General Chairman BRUCE RENAUD Booths ELAINE EARTH Programs ROBERT BURSTEIN ROSE MARY MANN JAMES SNODGRASS Publicity Patrons Booths MARY LOU KNAPP Secretary fHOMAS POYSER LEONORE GROSSMAN ROBERT BARTLOW Buildings Patrons Music MILDRED CHRISTA Decorations ROBERT BEGLE MARJORIE MULLIN Tickets Decorations 253 TOP ROW Classman, Posmantur, Feferman, Cooper, Dotterrer, John- son, Emery, Hooper, Beuhler ROW 2 Heenan, Present, Lilienthal, Davis, Elser, Hattersley, Ross, Gustaison, Reichert Probably the flashiest of all the campus dances this year was the Sophomore Prom. Due to the fact that all arrangements were made before we plunged into total war, the decorative scheme was designed along lavish peacetime lines. De- cember 12 was the date, and the whole program was built around a mythical New Year ' s Eve. Twelve o ' clocks in New York, Chicago, Denver, and Wynsocki were rung out at hourly intervals with noise-makers, streamers, balloons, and con- fetti turning the place into a frenzied turmoil, as Sunny Dunham hit the first note of Auld Lang Syne. Sunny ' s new band was terrific. When he hit high C on that famous trumpet of his, Chairman Chuck Dotterrer expected the chandeliers to shatter, but it was only the spot light operator ' s daughter, who was hanging by a fingernail after leaning over the balcony too far to see who Chuck ' s date was. All in all the dance was a bang-up success, and it was with a great deal of re- gret that the couples filed out of their mythical New Year ' s celebration into the dreary December dawn, as the last strains of Memories of You, Dunham ' s popu- lar theme, poured out of the Union ballroom. COMMITTEE Charles Dotterrer, General Chairman; Nancy Hattersley, Patrons; Phyllis Present, Programs; Ralph Beuhler, Finance; Jack Hooper, Music; Dick Emery, Music; Stan Glassman, Decor- ations; Hal Cooper, Publicity; Martin Feferman, Tickets. 254 Red Norvo, his band, and his box of sticks made one of their frequent ap- pearances on the Michigan front line social ladder when they breezed into town for the Frosh Debut, annual coming out party for the Freshman Class. The Debut was held in the Union Ballroom amid a plantation scene conveying the splendor of an old Southern mansion. Head Colonel of the dance was Steve Selby, who courted Nan Jewell on his Southern arm. The freshmen turned out strong for their initial class stomp, but many revellers in the form of upperclassmen also attended to make the dance a thoroughly suc- cessful affair. Juleps were spiritless, but nevertheless the usual formality, friend- liness, and gayety of the Old South were well expressed as Nprvo ' s Dixie Drum- mer beat out a hot southern jam in the best cannibal style. Chivalry is not dead, at least not among the beaux and belles of the Class of ' 45. COMMITTEE Stephen Selby, General Chairman; Irwin Kasle, Decorations; Mary Ann Jones, Dec- orations; Jerry Powell, Publicity; Milton Kettler, Orchestra; Cornelia Groefsema, Program; Lucy Mil- ler, Patrons; Henry Cohen, Tickets. TOP ROW Kasle, Selby. Powell ROW TWO Kettler, Groefsema, Jones, Miller, Cohen - . 255 OFFICERS Treasurer, Raymond Chambers. President, Claude Hulet; Vice President, Doreen Voiles; Secretary, Carmelita Rosasco; MFMRFPQ JLj X ' Ji JJ Ju Jt O Ann Anielewski, Lawrence Aronsson, Paul Barry, Norma Bennett, Ruth Bennett, Nor- man Bernhardt, Joan Bonderant, Lou Carpenter, Pearce Chambers, Raymond Chambers, Angel Cintron, David Crohn, Antoinietta Ferretti, Joe Fitzgerald, Nancy Gray, Claude Hulet, Emil Hurtik, Jacob Krumholz, Orville Lefko, Ramon Ma- grina, Lorna Menzies, Victor Oddi, Joanna Penoyar, Barbara Peterson, Carmelita Rosasco, Katherine Shimoura, Harvey Shulman, Robert Stenberg, James Vine, Marva Wickland, Dorothy Woodhead. : jr I " L HiX i TOP ROW Wickland, Hurtik, Bennett, Krumholz, Bernhard, Gray, Vine, Woodhead 2nd ROW Peterson, Barry, Menzies, Magrina, Shulman, Peno- yar, Fitzgerald, Shimoura, Chambers 3rd ROW Aronsson, Anielewski, Sten- berg, Bennett, Crohn, Robinson, Oddi, Bonderant 4th ROW Mercado, Car- penter, Lefko, Rosasco, Hulet. Chambers, Ferretti, Cintron, Staubach panish club 256 J , ' i 1, V Jt d President, George Kiss; Vice-President, Richard Picard; Secretary, Elsie Jensen; Treas- urer, Mdrdllyn MacRitchie. JXl III JXX X5 JCZl X O John Baker, Marian Batchelor, Mildred Bidleman, Margaret Birkett, Marjorie Bowen, Louise Coniins, Cicely Duggan, Betty Farrell, J. Nims Gainer, Nancy Gray, I. Leonard Greenwald, Helene Halperin, Betsy Hartsuch, Elnice Hoffer, Irene Hollingsworth, Verna Holtman, Elsie Jensen, George Kiss, C. Isabel Kulsavage, Phyllis Levine, Betty Lyman, Frank MacLiar, Marallyn MacRitchie, Ernest McCarus, Betty Merrill, Phyllis Miller, Margaret Mur- phy, Alice Pentkowski, Barbara Peterson, Richard Picard, Jean Rendinell, Florence Rowe, George Sallade, Marilynn Sav- age, Jack Scoville, John Sherwig, Helene Sieg, Netta Siegel, Anne Stafford, Julia Stenger, Arthur Upton, Jack Vaughn, Vir- ginia Weadock, Griffith Young. TOP ROW Bowen, Duggan. Sallade. Scoville, Young, J. Peterson, B. Peter- son SECOND ROW Merrill, Bidleman, Weadock, Thomas, Halperin, Pent- kowski, Levine, Miller, Hoffer THIRD ROW Siegel, Gravit, Jensen. Koella, MacRitchie, Coniins. Gray, Savage ench club 257 Beehive of women ' s activities is the Michigan League. Around the queenbee, Margaret Sanford, swarm the busy little workers spreading their honey hither, thither, and yon. Junior Job, Junior Job, Junior Job hum the little stingers as they flit from committee to committee, from point to point. All this confusion is but a day in the activity of the League. The Lydia Mendelssohn Theater on the second floor houses Play Production, the Union Opera, Junior Girls Play, and any other theatrical productions staged on campus. The beehive theme of the League is carried on in the honey-comb of dressing rooms, make-up stalls, and wardrobe closets that wind around the back of the theater. 258 LEAGUE COUNCIL The League Council controls all women ' s campus activities, which control all the leading women, who control all the women, who control the campus in general. 1942 has been a big year for the council, which has undertaken many important projects includ- ing the organization of all defense activities for women. This in- cludes defense courses, blood donations (?), and jiu-jitsu to be used on dates who refuse to cooperate with the council ' s much heralded 12:30 curfew. The Council also financed the presentation of " George Washing- ton Slept " at Camp Custer. This item has been pending since last December, but the presses simply will not wait any longer. We must assume that they did finally send the play. The Council not only takes this active part in the running of campus affairs, but they also approve all appointments for the various women ' s activities. The girls are responsible for the oper- ation of the candy booth in U. Hall, so don ' t be too severe in your opinion of them, fellows, even if they did shorten the hours. Prexy Sanford to admire. She achieved what all aspire. MEMBERS Virginia Appleton, Betty Bailie, Jane Baits, Betty Fariss, Mary Gage, Patricia Hadley, Janet Hiatt Hooker, Jean Hubbard, Betty Johnson, Louise Keat- ley, Phyllis Lovejoy, Elizabeth Luckham, Dorothy Merki, Marjorie Polumbaum, Margaret Sanford, Donelda Schaible TOP ROW Johnson, Polumbaum, Hadley, Keatley. Lovejoy, Gage, Appleton, Luckham ROW TWO Bailie, Schaible, Merki, Sanford, Baits, Hubbard, Fariss 259 JUDICIARY COUNCIL That black-robed inquisition board of five stern, unsmiling women, which holds meetings in a darkened room in the League, is the Women ' s Judiciary Committee. " Judish " is the better known name for the council which deals with lateness cases in a probationary sort of way, giving 8:45 week-end permission for the lighter of- fenses. They quiz you like a Poli. Sci. prof, when you ' re quilty of disturbing the dormitory quiet hours and ask " What is your expe- rience? " and " Have you any plans? " every time you petition for the patrons chairman ' s job on the Second Semester Freshman Hop. Chief inquisitor of this sinister group is " Six gun " Baits. To be thrown in her path is a fate faced by many a minor offender. Dan- iel himself when thrown to the lions, is rumored to have muttered, " This a thousand times, but not Jane Baits! " This same Jane Baits may not be a lioness in sheep ' s clothing, but she is unquestionably the most absolute student leader on campus. Upon Jane, and the awe-inspiring quintet she heads, falls the disciplinary duties gov- erning 3000 women. Laughing though she looks to- day. She will make you mend your way! MEMBERS Jane Baits, Chairman; Harriet Heames, Senior Member; Margaret Hulbert, Senior Member; Lorraine Judson, Junior Member; Betty Newman, Junior Member. Newman, Heames, Baits, Hulbert, Judson 260 TOP ROW Heames, Andresen, Scott, Gage, Keatley, Purdom SECOND ROW Sanford, Lovejoy, Aaronson, Frey. Drury, Curtis THIRD ROW Appleton, Polumbaum, Baits, Walker, Miller MORTAR BOARD OFFICERS Virginia Frey, President; Virginia Drury, Vice-President; Frances Aaronson, Secretary; Phyllis Lovejoy, Treasurer; Mildred Curtis, Chapter Edi- tor. MEMBERS Frances Aaronson, Gertrude Andresen, Virginia Appleton, Jane Baits, Mildred Curtis, Virginia Drury, Virginia Frey, Mary Gage, Harriet Heames, Louise Keatley, Phyllis Lovejoy, Grace Miller, Marjorie Polumbaum, Veitch Pur- dom, Margaret Sanford, Rosebud Scott, Elizabeth Walker. Know ye, by their square heads, these women are B.W.O.C. ' s, newly initiated into the society of the intellectually elite known as Mortarboard. Each spring the old Mortars tap the little Mortars at the League ' s Installation Banquet. Mortarboard is a national organization for senior women with high scholastic averages and outside activities. Two big social functions are annually sponsored by the " board. " One is the " Smarty Party " for sophomores with 3.5 averages (all five of them). And the other is " Pay Off, " the annual dance whereat the girls return the favor to their J-Hop dates. This year ' s " Pay Off " was a wow! J-Hop had Les Brown, Jimmy Lunceford, and Or- rin Tucker. " Pay Off " had Joe, the record changer. Such grati- tude! What a pay-off! In Confederate money! Another activity was added this year when the various girls ' honor societies got together and did some pre-Christmas caroling. Cocked cap, bright grin. Smart gal wins pin. 261 SENIOR SOCIETY TOP ROW Polumbaum, Curtis. Altaian, Walker, Luckman, Mitchell Row 2 Krise, Brown, Scott, Baisch, Saniord, Anderson ROW 3 Partenfelder, Root, Leshine, Grace, Cuthbert, Hubbard Peter Pan collar, big blue bow. It ' s Senior Society, don ' tcha know! OFFICERS Rosebud Scott, President; Jean Krise, Vice-President; Donna Baisch, Secretary; Pearl Brown, Treasurer. MEMBERS Betty Altman, Dorothy Ander- son, Donna Baisch, Pearl Brown, Marion Chown, Mildred Curtis, Doris Cuth- bert, Janet Grace, Jean Hubbard, Jean Krise, Rhoda Leshine, Elizabeth Luckham, Mary Virginia Mitchell, Betty Partenfelder, Marjorie Polumbaum, Shirley Risberg, Emilie Root, Margaret Sanford, Rosebud Scott, Elizabeth Walker. The patter of tiny feet, Peter Pan collar, huge blue bow . . . not James James Morrison Morrison, but a senior gal joining her sis- ters of the society. It ' s the annucl Installation Banquet and Senior Society is tap- tapping its new rr embers. And said members are the leaders on campus among independent women. Scholastics, ac- tivities, service, they tackle everything and leave no project un- turned in their wake. What their treasury conceals, let no one ask, but if it ' s carnations to sell or collars to rent, an S. S. representative will be on hand to serve you. Ably led in their path of work without rest by " Scotty, " these girls exemplify the utmost in consuming drive . . . not always with- out purpose. Membership in Senior Society is one of the highest honors an independent woman can achieve on campus. And we think the group deserves the blue ribbon for being one of the few groups on campus to accomplish anything. 262 TOP ROW Johnson, Brown, Storkan, Jones, Ewing, Curran, Thompson ROW 2 Ranahan, Newman, Judson, Avery, Mac- Laughlin, Honey ROW 3 Lewin, deFries, Gruhzit, Morse, Capron WYVERN When the lengthy band of yellow-hair-bowed women marches right in the front door singing " To hell with Sphinx and Druid too! " , it ' s Wyvern tapping junior women outstand- ing on campus in service, scholarship, and leadership. Probably the only organization whose main function is per- formed during the summer, Wyvern members write letters to the women freshmen-to-be holders of Michigan Alumni scholarships explaining the hither and yons of college life. TOP ROW Merki, J. Johnson, Schaible ROW 2 Bailie, Car- penter, Goudy, Hooker, B. John- son, Basse, Fariss, Williams ROW 3 Hadley, Smith, Rad- iord. Crow, Haas, Gardner SCROLL One of the newest organizations on campus, Scroll is the sorority woman ' s bid for fame. Honorary for activities and scholarship, we have here another senior honor society. The members " march at night with hearts aglow " and academic gowns flapping to tap worthy juniors. And these lucky girls arise early the next morning to be initiated in the court of the League while gray dawn creeps over the garden walls. 263 TOP ROW Bernstein, Holland, Brownrigg, Dalby, Clarke, Kressbach ROW 2 Corwin, Cuthbert, Hubbard, Root, Walker, Anderson ROW 3 Shimmons, Reis- man, Barden, Heise, Gregory, Vickroy ASSEMBLY BOARD OFFICERS Jean Hubbard, President; Emilie Root, Vice-President; Doris Cuthbert, Secretary; Opal Shimmons, Treasurer. MEMBERS Dor- othy Anderson, Mary Barden, Phyllis Bernstein, Mary Brownrigg, Ruth Clarke, Sarah Corwin, Miriam Dalby, June Gregory, Betty Heise, Ro- berta Holland, Linda Reisman, Margaret Vick- roy, Betty Walker. Each dormitory and League house elects one, and when you put them all together they spell Assembly Board. It directs the activities of independent women . . . the more activity the better. Each representative has a committee under her to form an integrating link between the League and the under- class woman, but not completely pleased with the enthusiasm of inde- pendents, the Board formed a Scout- ing Committee this year. Under an ap- pointed chairman, the committee is the spur to the side of the dorm-dweller, and they roam corridors with sheaves of petitions and lists of positions in their hands. Another group eager to provide fishes for the fountain or to send books to Custer, they choose a worthy proj- ect each year. When the matter of funds raised its hairy head, the girls sold tickets to the dramatic series, on the regulation 107 " basis, and then gave their money to the League schol- arship fund. If you ' re shy of activities, run, rabbit, run . . . ' cause they ' ll get you if you don ' t watch out. But when time for As- sembly Ball or Banquet rolls ' round, the Board displays a splendid capacity for organizing matters efficiently. 264 B A N Q U E T TOP ROW Kefgen, Neubert, Buck, Parten- felder. Otto ROW 2 Hicks, Holland, Capron, Chown, Risburg Comedy and tragedy reigned over the annual Assembly Banquet. It was, you see, chiefly a report on scholarship and . . . well, not all of us are Phi Bete material. The Drama, though, was the theme of the affair, and that explains the presence of the two large masks, one smiling, the other distorted with grief. " Assembly raised the curtain " on the winners of all the various scholarship and activity awards, and the usual speeches ensued. Dean Lloyd spoke once more on women in defense, and of course, as in all productions, at length the curtain fell upon the extra- vaganza in the League ballroom. BALL TOP ROW Corwin, Knapp. Dalby. Kressbach, Klotz ROW 2 Raskey, Inwood, Gilbertson, Criswell, Sata, Bernstein Glittering with colored spotlights, hang- ing crystal globes, and fluttering fem- inine flounces, Assembly Ball blos- somed forth this spring under super- vision of the central committee of eleven. Two giant replicas of Assem- bly ' s triangular symbol clung to the walls, and campus notables decorated a charmingly furnished patrons ' cor- ner. Bernie Cummins played on an awn- inged bandstand, and he threw in a floorshow at 12:00 with scarcely any extra charge to the committee, which had waited half an hour for its touted band leader to arrive from the Union. 265 Smith, Basse, Hadley, Manwaring, Williams PANHELLENIC BOARD I OFFICERS Patricia Hadley, President, Jean Manwaring, Secretary, Rosalie Smith, Treasurer, Lois Basse, Rushing Secretary, Anna Jean Wil- liams, Social Chairman. MEMBERS Frances Aaronson, Shirley Altfeld, Betty Bailie, Jane Baits, Elaine Earth, Lois Basse, Betty Bell, Eliza- beth Cowart, Jean Cox, Agnes Crow, Dorothy Cummings, Mildred DaLee, Mary Lorraine Dal- zend, Eleanor Donahue, Betty Erdman, Reva Frumpkin, Jane Gilbreth, Nancy Gould, Jane Gra- ham, Nancy Gray, Syril Greene, Alice Haas, Pa- tricia Hadley, Celia Halpert, Harriet Heames, Mary Ann Holloday, Margaret Hulbert, Marcia Karn, Marjorie Kaufman, Helen Kirkbride, Dor- othy Larson, Edith Longyear, Olga MacGuire, Jean Manwaring, Patricia McFarland, Barbara McLaughlin, Margaret Meyer, Viola Modlin, Vir- ginia Morse, Gloria Nelthorpe, Charlotte Noble, Ruth Parsons, Mildred Radford, Elaine Richert, Bette Sachs, Margot Schesinger, Roberta Schreck, Alilu Schutt, Rosalie Smith, Mary Spaeth, Patricia Stearns, Nancy Stock, Marjorie Storken, Joanne Taylor, Charlotte Thompson, Frances Vyn, Morrow Weber, Sally Weinhart, Anna Jean Williams, Ruth Wood, Joy Wright, Fern Wunluck. Composed of three delegates from each sorority on campus, Panhellenic Association is a group of amazing size. Quite filling the Grand Rapids room of the League when they meet, Panhel regulates all rushing activities of the houses. Promoting good will among all women on campus is one of the avowed aims of the association, and it is alert to perceive niches where it can do its Girl Scout deed for the day. This year the girls purchased curtains for the stage at the recreational hall of the Red Cross hospital at Fort Custer. To assure the success of Cavalleria Rusticana and VanPaasen ' s lecture, both benefit performances, the girls bought scads of tickets and gave them to each sorority house. In all, the group is the Greek guardian goddess of all her brood of eighteen houses. 266 B A N Q U E T Sorority crests on every cloud and " sloppy joes " on every angel ... it was a Panhel heaven just behind the pearly gates of the League. The committee of nine archangels established the atmos- phere, and when they had it finished, shure ' twas Panhellenic Banquet! Food came first, and then Dean " Gabriel " Lloyd blew a silver trumpet about a major topic at hand, women in defense. The Panhel scholarship cup was awarded to Delta Gamma for the sec- ond consecutive year, and a talk on the subject obligingly given by Mr. Ira Smith. The scholarship reports of all the sororities completed the program of the event. TOP ROW Wright, Erdmann, Wood, Griffen, MacLaughlin ROW 2 Davidson, Cummings, Morse, Gilbreth BALL Ancient Greece, white columns, and swingin ' jive! The Pantheon in the League ballroom! Let none underesti- mate the abilities of a Panhel commit- tee! And they probably got it all from an oracle near Delphi. TOP ROW Davidson, Weber, Seeger, Jeffries, Graeff, Burton, Storkan, Metzger, Heidbreder, Wright ROW 2 O ' Dell, Graham, Whipple, Richert, Pitcher, Emmett, El- kins, Murton Each pillar bore the symbol of a sor- ority, and the orchestra held sway on the reconstructed Pantheon. Athenian citizens never heard PeeWee Erwin, but his music was o.k. to the crowd at Panhel Ball as painted Dianas waltzed and swung with their padded Apollos. 267 I SJ i V TOP ROW McLaughlin, Jones, Dalzen, Filstrup, Thompson, Brown, Stockon, Ramsdell, Alt ROW 2 Green, Gilmer, Rakestraw, Ewing, Morley, Mahon ROW 3 Lewin, deFries, Gilbertson 268 The 1942 J. G. P. production, " No Ques- tions Asked, " was a humorous takeoff on Mrs. Roosevelt tearing across the country looking for her lost Girl Scout merit badge. Kay Ruddy and Allen Axelrod wrote the original script, which had no resemblance to the finished product. Mary Ellen Wheeler handled the directing, and Mary Lou Ewing was general chairman of the affair. The string of double-talk promoters, producers, and players was continued with another Mary Lou, Curran by name, who played the lead as Mrs. Roosevelt. Lucille Katz and Frances Hull played the Girl Scout sub-leads. Choruses flitted on and off the stage in quick succession and provided the biggest laughs in the three day show. Programs were miniature newspapers featuring Eleanor ' s " My Day. " A MHHHV " " vr mmm amm " Northland needs you and your drive. Southland needs your swingin ' jive. No questions asked 1 " Oif the cutting room floor in Ye Old Barbour office comes an- other J. G. P. script. Don ' t look so stunned, Mary Ellen, they ' ll improve. My kingdom for an idea! Frosh Project still in the embryonic stage. Daffy dillies at Soph Cabaret, or ... ballet version of murderer ' s row. 269 TOP ROW Sutherland, Healy, Carney, Wright, Alt, Hutchison ROW 2 Clark, Bernstein. Maxe, Keller, Modlin, Crow ROW 3 Byers, Roth, Weber, Fox THETA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS M. Louise Keller, President; Viola Modlin, Vice-President; Vivian Maze, Secretary- Treasurer; Phyllis Bernstein, Keeper of the Ar- chives. MEMBERS Mary Ellen Alt, Ann H. Anielewski, Phyllis Bernstein, Constance Byers, Mary Ellen Carney, Elise Clark, Agnes Crow, Dorothy L. Fox, Peggy Healy, Doris A. Hutchi- son, M. Louise Keller, Vivian Maze, Viola Mod- lin, Marien Mumford, Eloise Munger, Gene- vieve O ' Leary, Elizabeth Roth, Margaret Suther- land, Margaret Weber, N. Jane Wright. Sure, we all have a yen once in a while to write, but these women are really doing it! They ' re majors in the School of Journalism, and these are the best of them all. Chosen for high scholastic achievement, they are a chapter of a national fraternity of sob-sisters. Though they eye each robin as a fea- ture, and make NEWS out of every- thing, they find time to hear other peo- ple ' s views. Every month speakers are invited to chatter to the group . . . writ- ers, photographers, anyone with the call of the Press in their ears. The fac- ulty often speaks its mind at informal coffee hours, and the super-function of each year is the Matrix Table. Alums from miles come to talk shop, an out- standing woman in the field presents her success story, and fortified with an abundant meal, the Ladies of the Press revel in an atmosphere heavy with printer ' s ink. They may not contribute to Perspec- tives, but when better columns are writ- ten, these are the girls who will write them! 270 TOP ROW Hull, Ball, Robison, Ivanoff, Shinkman, Leininger, Fries, Stone ROW 2 Titus, Munger, Knapp, Baisch, Fritz, Alexander, Anderson ROW 3 Westlin, Grimes, Parker, Zwayer, Morris, Murray SIGMA ALPHA IOTA OFFICERS Donna Baisch, President; Ruth Fritz, Vice-President; Anne Alexander, Secre- tary; Mary Louise Knapp, Treasurer. MEM- BERS Anne Alexander, Dorothy Anderson, Donna Baisch, Doris Ball, Frieda Berglind, Ruth Deasy, Ellen Edwards, Caroline Fries, Ruth Fritz, Elizabeth Grimes, Rose Hull, Elizabeth Ivanoff, Mary Louise Knapp, Marian Leininger, Betty Likely, Margery Mellott, Mary Jane Morris, Phyl- lis Munger, Winifred Murray, Lois Parker, Phyl- lis Robison, Mary Romig, Mary Shinkman, Lynette Spath, Hazel Stone, Sara Titus, Helen Westlin, Betty Wilson, Barbara Zwayer. There ' s music on the breeze when these girls gather, and it ' s quite ex- plainable, for each is a music major of B plus scholastic average. They meet weekly in the League, and they hold musicales once a month, just to satiate their yearning for melody. Members are pledged into the local chapter of this national sorority, and they work without " discord, " " harmoni- ously " accompanying each other at re- citals and without " sharp " words work- ing routines out " flat, " which is as it should be " naturally. " Through honorary memberships the girls claim such luminaries as Deanna Durbin, Lily Pons, and buxom Miss Flagstad as sisters. Really, Sigma Alpha Iota is an efficient group of mem- bers related through their major field of interest. 271 TOP ROW Knapp. Nishon, Purdom. Rhodes, Wineland, White ROW 2 Mc- Kee, Cuthbert, Sata. Gould, Freeman, Criswell, Garvey ROW 3 Gladding. Goldner, Parsons, Funkhouser, Filstrup, Fletcher ZETA PHI ETA OFFICERS Nancy Gould, President; Alvira Sata, Vice-President; Meta Jane Criswell, Treas- urer; Carol Freeman, Recording Secretary; Doris Cuthbert, Corresponding Secretary. MEMBERS Janice Benson, Phyllis Cone, Betty Cornell, Sarah Corwin, Meta Jane Criswell, Doris Cuth- bert, Nancy Filstrup, Judy Fletcher, Ellen Fleisch- mann, Carol Freeman, Jean Funkhouser, Rita Garvey, Elyse Gitlow, Kathryn Gladding, Fay Goldner, Nancy Gould, Dolores Knapp, June Mc- Kee, Gloria Nishon, Eleanor Neubert, Gail Par- sons, Veitch Purdom, Rosemary Ryan, Alvira Sata, Barbara White, Dorothy Wineland, Betty Wooster Singer, Helen Rhodes. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Mrs. G. E. Dinsmore, Mrs. Louise Eich, Miss Ethel McCormick. A forbidding group to get in an argu- ment with, Zeta Phi Eta is composed of speech majors and minors. The mem- bers are chosen by try outs, and the emot- ing would-be Earnhardts must qualify on their own abilities. " Speech finely framed delighteth the ears, " and crowds gather bi-weekly to hear the music of Lambda chapter. The brave boys of Alpha Nu some- times challenge the Zetas in debate and . . . well you know who has the last word. The girls give skits for their professors, and coffee hours after some of the plays in Mendellsohn. To aug- ment their funds they sponsor bridge parties, and of course it ' s then that their best talking is done. In answer to the greatest demand on the part of American women Zeta Phi Eta was the first professional women ' s organization in the United States, and is the only national speech fraternity for women. Its real purpose continues after graduation, for it lends profes- sional aid to its erstwhile members. " A band of selected students interested in maintaining high standards of speech " . . . what possibilities we must offer to these aspiring reformers! 272 TOP ROW Scott, Grossman, Campbell, White, Fitzpatrick, Wright ROW 2 Teller, Fergu- son, Williams, Keatley, Evans, Cummings ROW 3 Morris, Fields, Zimmerman, Cordell, Stelle ATHENA Another group of speakers, Athena attempts to achieve " pro- ficiency in public speaking " through the back door. Rather than talking before a mirror each morning, the girls find things to talk about. Primarily a literary society, it is of local standing only, having no antecedents in Greece. Having no scholastic average " musts, " members are chosen for their congeniality and general interests, whether they are in art, music, or purely oratorical. One of the institutions at the Michigan League has always been the afternoon coke date, wherein the very busy girl gives five minutes of her oh-so-valuable time between League meetings to Joe Steady, the lucky fellow who has smoothed up for this glorious " pause that refreshes. " Alas and alack, " them days are gone forever. " Cokes are scarce, the pauses are scarcer, and business has gone back to the golf course where it was before League women took it away from their fathers. 273 Modern annex to time-worn Barbour Gym, the Women ' s Athletic Building hides a wealth of facilities behind its classic pillars. Michigan women toss balls down the gutters of bowling alleys here, sock golf balls at targets, tug at bow-strings, sguint down rifle sights, and bat at ping-pong pills. On Palmer Field, adjoining the building, they cavort at badminton, race around at hockey, and the sixteen tennis courts are always filled in good weather with both experts and novice ball-chas- ers. And when the girls are exhausted, the building beckons with a sunny terrace, comfortable lounges on the second floor, and ample shower and locker rooms. When the long sought for women ' s swimming pool is constructed, it will prob- ably be at the W.A.B., but until that momentous time . . . every Thursday is ladies night at the Union pool. - tfi TOP ROW Curran, Steffan, Griffin, Vrooman ROW 2 Morse, Edmonds, Muller, Inwood, Kemper, Sacks, Pause, Bode RO W 3 Hendricks, Shapiro, Allen, Andresen, Schaible, Williams, Johnson, Hayden W.A.A. BOARD MEMBERS Doris Allen, Gertrude Andresen, Lenore Bode, Mary Lou Curran, Jane Edmonds, Nancy Filstrup, Virginia Frey, Eleanor Gray, Nancy Griffin, Mary Hayden, Doris Ann Hen- dricks, Gertrude Inwood, Jean Johnson, Annette Kempler, Elizabeth Mahlman, Virginia Morse, Hazel Muller, Lorna Pause, Harriett Pratt, Mary Reichle, Shirley Risburg, Betty Sachs, Donelda Schaible, Lois Shapiro, Betty Steffen, Carolyn Vrooman, Anna Jean Williams. The Women ' s Athletic Association, stu- dent group sponsored by the Depart- ment of Physical Education for Women, promotes all sports activities on cam- pus, and organizes the various clubs. The association is a committee of the League, and like all major committees is represented on the Council by its president ... a particularly responsible position in this day of national emer- gency and weighty local decisions. A symposium of club leaders, W.A.A. governs " amazons at play. " W. A. A. is headed by (top) Dr. Margaret Bell, faculty director and (bottom) Donelda Schai- ble, appointed student president. 275 TOP ROW Lamb, Hayden, Graham, Bunt, Johnson, Grossman, Sacks, Estaiania, Armstrong, Brooks, An- drews ROW 2 Moore, Avery, Wakeman, Bierworth, Hollingsworth, Summers, Chapin, Stover, Schrdlu, Wood, McGregor, Gilmer, Wood. " Over hill, over dale, as they hit the dusty trail. " Who said the cavalry was a thing of the past? Why Michigan 75th, better known as Crop and Sad- dle, is just getting started! " She was only the stableman ' s daughter, but all the horsewomen knew her " is the slo- gan of this group of loping Amazons who gallop over hill and dale . . . drag- ging their horses behind them. Mary Hayden, president of the rug- ged outdoor group, has built the girls up into guite a fine " cavalry unit. " The girls meet Wednesday at the Golfside Riding Academy, curry their horses, curry each other, and then, pretty as a picture, they canter out over the coun- tryside or into the barn, depending on weather conditions and all that sort of thing. All jibing aside, though, the girls are selected on merit alone, and each spring they put on guite a little horse show. Classes have expert instruction and are organized according to the ex- perience of the members. The club points toward first-class horsemanship combined with good sport. Hayden astride! Ride gal, ride! 276 AMAZONS AT PLAY Women ' s sport activities at the Univer- sity center about the Physical Educa- tion department and the majors in the field, who regularly play field hockey in the cold mists of early morning. But anyone who wants to stir her lethargic self into action or increase her hemo- globin content is encouraged to play with the girls. Thirteen clubs are or- ganized for everything from riding to leather-craft, and inter-ho use contests incite the victor impulse. Competition with other schools is limited (we ' re ane- mic, you know), but every year there are " play days " with Michigan State and Ohio State. W. A. A. sponsors a project each year, until now to raise funds for the elusive women ' s pool, which bids fair to rival Paul Bunyan in middlewestern mythology. In view of the current drive to " build up American womanhood, " however, the project this year resolved into a three-night " Rec Rally " early in April. Exercises, posture contests, grooming lectures, and a night of co- recreation did everything possible to tempt the Michigan coed into action and to put the color in her cheeks. Lantern night is also backed by the association, and is one of the more col- orful campus traditions. But literally, for on an early summer ' s night seniors are escorted to Palmer Field by under- classmen carrying varicolored, lighted lanterns. The lengthy train snakes its way from the library steps to the Field, and an all -campus women ' s sing fol- lows. Trick arrangements and prized soloists are displayed for the audience crouching on the hillside and for the judges who award the coveted silver cup. Off the shimmering ice ... Betty Jane Courtright shows how. 277 The prone position always win. . straight shooters Oh for a pin! The balloon relay race in the inter-house swimming meet. Gutter snipe . . . 278 It ' ll loosen muscles ... or bust ' em! PALMER FIELD offers lots of " wide open spaces " to gambol in, both for team sports and individual games. One can practice drives without hitting anything except a window of Mosher or a lens of the observatory, and if the archers are rather accomplished, the nurses scarcely have to worry at all. It ' s guaranteed to be fun, come over and take a workout! Enough oxygen and your hemoglobin will be up to Red Cross standards in no time at all ... warning, don ' t over- do it at first, or the Red Cross will be doling blood out to you. The staff of the department is most proficient, and they cheer- fully render advice to blundering beginners. The freshmen are ob- liged to sample the ware of the de- partment for a year, but many up- perclassmen would profit by shiv- ering their timbers on a tennis court twice a week. Perhaps not all we read is propa- ganda think of our waistlines after a month of regular exercise beyond roving the diag . . . over and above our health rating. Velvet greens, long fairways, and a tremendous drive in the making! " As in days of yore ... " Perfect follow-through here. 279 NIOR GIRLS PLAY . . SOPH CABARET . . . FROSH PROJECT . . . MAY FESTIVAL . . . SOPH PR . UNION FORMAL . . . LEAGUE PROJECTS . . . GRADUATION . . . REGISTRATIO ' MORES AND SCHOOL . . . JUNIORS AND J-HOP . . . SENIORS AND SPRIN ' S PLA FROSH PR ' FRESHMEN AND FALL . . . SOPHMORES AND SCHOOL . . . JUNI LANTERN NIGHT . . JUNIOR GIRLS PLAY . . . SOPH CABA FROSH FROLIC . . SENIOR BALL . . . UNION FORM FRESHMEN AND FALL . . . SOPHMORES AND LANTERN NIGHT . . . JUNIOR GIR FROSH FROLIC . . . SENIOR B FRESHMEN AND FALL ... SO ING... SWING OU AY FESTIVAL . . . SOPH PROK DUATION . . REGISTRATION . . J-HOP . . SENIORS AND SPRING . . . SWING OU SH PROJECT . . MAY FESTIVAL . . . SOPH PL TS . . GRADUATION . . . REGISTRATION . . JUNIORS AND J-HOP . . . SENIORS AND SPRING . . . SWING LANTERN NIG FROSH PH CABARET . . FROSH PROJECT . . . MAY FESTIVAL . . . SOPH PROM N FORMAL . . LEAGUE PROJECTS . . . GRADUATION . . . REGISTRATION RETUM. .SPRING PICNICS . FROSH FROLIC ... SENIOR BALL ... UNION FOR ND SCHOOL . . JUNIORS AND J-HOP . . . SENIORS AND SPRING . . . SWING OPH CABARET . . FROSH PROJECT . . . MAY FESTIVAL . . . SOPH P UNION FORMAL . . LEAGUE PROJECTS . . . GRADUATION . . . REGISTRATION . SPRING PiCNICS FRESHMEN AND FALL . . . SOPHMORES AND FROSH PROJECT . . MAY FESTIVAL . . . SOPH PRO iRMAL . . LEAGUE PROJECTS . . . GRADUATION . . . REGISTRATION 282 1 " Deep Gym " . I ' m . . Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap . . in the Heart of Waterman Where ' s your Saturday class? sorry but that section is full ... But is it a pipe? . . . I ' m taking an 8 o ' clock- I work better in the dark ... Where is Hygiene on the Ouija Board? . . . It ' s confusion like this that makes students sign up for Economics ... Well, then get your Greek changed and stop cry- ing. We can ' t change the whole depart- ment around for you the classification and registration view at Waterman Gym. The train ' s in boys! Get ' em while they ' re hot. Bags and baggage arrive at the Michigan Central Station. What ' s the matter, Doc? W T hat ' s the matter? o kidding, Doc! Do I really? Is that bad, Doc? Will they let me in anyway. Doc, will they? The doctors go through this for a week dur- ing the freshman physical examina- tions. 283 284 1 " You hit the high note and I ' ll hit the low note and we ' ll all be in Tri Deli together. " Sorority rushing at Delta Delta Delta. Dottie Cummings on the voeal. mM Alpha Sigma Phi Home- coming display winner. Dat ta dat ... da ... da . . Ernnn ... ernnn ... ernnnnnnn Wrp ... i-| ... wrp . . wrp . . plop The display won but Minnesota did it again. The choice of experts 2 to 1, but we weren ' t satisfied. %fr Do you recognize anybody? Part of the record crowd of U. .r7O football fanatics who watched the thriller w r ith Minnesota. That man with the hat in the upper right hand corner is the same one who is about to buy his ticket over on the other page. Among those present are many It MM " S not covered in this book. SAX at the Union Formal, the season ' s first big social event. The art won first prize in a " Guess What " con- test. V " Down by the Old Mill Stream " The Gold Rush of ' 48 was a piker beside the Golden Gopher Rush of ' 41 as students and scalpers fought it out for tickets to the Rrown Jug Classic with Minnesota. P.S. The Scalpers won. J Our photographers banded together for this one. Between the halves of the same ill-fated Home- coming game. 285 286 1 schoolmasters convene for the Lit School Centennial. The mortarboard row includes Professor John G. Winter, Professor Jesse V Reeves, President Alexander G. Rnthven, Dean Edward II . Krans, Professor A. Franklin Shull. and Professor Arthur E. Boak. Grace Moore, famed operatic soprano, inaugurated the sixty-third annual presentation of the Choral Union Con- cert Series. M Heavy, heavy, what hangs over? King Football brings thou- sands to the Michigan Union on a Sat- urday morning prior to a big game. The vestigial remnants of the once bloody Black Friday, annual Frosh-Soph battle. %J The bass of another successful Varsity Night, the big show of the year to raise money for the band. %J : One of the fall lectures brought Anne O ' Hare McCorntick, cor- respondent on The New Yorh Times. 287 288 1 Well, we had to put our plug in some place! Salesmen for the world famous Michiganensian trap two vic- tims crossing the diag. " Sign here and we ' ll move the blockade, " bargains one of our super salesmen. Yes, Miss Ruddy, we do file cards, but look at those pretty girls! Note: Mary Si-lion and Vicki Mason. The Ensian staff working overtime to put out the Si ml on i Directory. %P Deadline approaches for the " huskies on Daily night desk. No " pause that refreshes ' here. That ' s Will Sapp, not Dracula, leaning on the copy pencil. 289 f 290 1 Th IN is no stag party ... Balloon dance, Club 44 style, at this year ' s Soph Prom. Browne and Lewis pose for our cameraman before taking the rostrum for their debate on " li Can ' t Happen Here " , one of the low spots of our regular lecture series at Hill Audi- torium. The big Defense Rally had as its principal speaker Governor Murray D. Van Waggoner. The Paul Bunyan Formal is a field day for screwballs. Pat Heyl and Burly Bill Shoedinger w T ere no exception as they rode around the ballroom on this bicycle built for two. Panhellenic Banquet, annual affair for sorority girls. The speakers 9 table includes left to right, Dean Alice Lloyd, Chairman Virginia Morse, Registrar Ira Smith, and Virginia Osgood. 291 292 1 Leap Year for a day Sophisticated Syncopation at the Panhellenic Ball. This is the big party for sorority women. This is no bowling alley. It ' s just the pony line rehearsing for the Union Opera, Full House. The ponies are Bud Sykes, John Wason, Hal Schulhof, Ed Whalen, Bruce May per, and a smarter chorus I never hope to see. Santa has nothing on Boh Westfall, Ail-American idol of the Ann Arbor kids. When they found out it was ff Westy " and not Santa they cheered even louder, All this went on at the annual Christmas party given by the I. F. C. for the youngsters in town. This started out to be an interclass water polo game between the freshmen and sophomores. The game was called on account of darkness about the eyes. Eating your cake and keeping it too. That special private party before the Interfraternity Ball. " Damn, Damn, Damn, to Michigamua " Wyvern taps a prospective member. The four girls pictured here are Janet Lewin, Barbara deFries, Marjorie Storkan, and Jane Honey. 293 ' " ' 5 - 294 1 " Casey would waltz . . . " but this couple would rather look at the pro- grain. Resting in between dances at the formal half of J-Hop, and no wonder! Standing in line for a ticket, cleaning the fraternity for a house party, mov- ing furniture down to the I-M Building, meeting your date ' s train at some un- earthly hour, struggling into some friend ' s starched collar that ' s far too small, and finally fighting your way onto the dance floor which has 3OOO milling around propelled by the jive of two bands alternating without let-up. Brother, you can sit one out for me too! The big affair is here but we don ' t blame you for stopping to catch your breath for the rush of excitement to follow. It ' s worth it! Or is it? J-Hop is just " Arsenic and Old Lace " to this other couple who splintered their feet at the Hobo Hop. Informal dances of this kind w T ere especially popular this year. First the Paul Iliui- yan Formal outdrew Panhell Ball on the same night and then these " hoboes " took over. 295 296 1 A big week-end for Radio Cab. Couples arriving at the informal half of J-Hop Saturday night. M It ' s listening time for the girls and looking time for the boys as Orrin Tucker ' s tor- rid singer warms up to the crowd. On Saturday evening it was Les Brow T n with his sensational new band. Super arrangements and novelty were mixed to a degree pleasing everyone from Chairman Ted Sharpe right on down to Wilber McWheelbase of Kokomo, Indiana who came stag be- cause he likes gingerale. Across the dance floor from Tucker, Jintmic Lunceford captivated J-Hoppers with his superb renditions of " Blues in the Night, " " T ' ain ' t What You Do, " and many of his other famous arrange- ments After the Ball is Over " - Good-night, laddies, we ' ve had a simply won-der-ful time! How did they sneak in here again? Hoboes lounging on the hardwoods continue to show complete scorn for J-Hop. 297 z 298 - " - 1 Shortly after the war began an 1 1 - Campus Defense Rally was scheduled to help the students make necessary wartime adjustments. Among the speakers were our President, Dr. Ruthven, Dean Bursley, and Dean Lloyd. The Congressional Medal of Honor W 7 as bestowed posthumously on Marine Corps Lieutenant George H. Cannon, former Michigan student. Jack Henderson makes his heart beat for an Army doctor. He ' s in the Army now, so I guess that he was all right on the downbeat, despite that frightened look. Motor Me- chanics loom big on the Red Cross calendar. Senior women learn the ins and outs of everything from spark- plugs to fender crinkles. There ' s nothing like knowing what the other fellows are talking about. New defense courses at the University include Jap- anese. We ' ll speak their language if it kills them. 299 300 1 Hogan ' s Alley would love this. Dye Hogan, track star, senior president, and campus big shot of two years ago goes right ahead despite the new de- fense curfew which is supposed to do away with this sort of thing. Bfl Go- ing up where it ' s really cold! C.A.A. training is a valuable part of defense training, and cold w eather doesn ' t stop Uncle Sam! %F Defense courses in- clude the curricula set up for the new 9O-day wonder treatment for Army Ordnance applicants. It ' s thorough despite its brevity, however, and the entrance requirements are nobody ' s pipe. 301 302 1 Slap that bass Jazz up that action, buddy ... the Druids are tapping, and none too gently. Men work for years to get into these honor societies and look what happens. Each spring strange groups of wild looking characters can be seen sending a new crop of BMOCs through some such medieval torture as that pictured here. Arch Druid John Gillis leads his band of senior big shots around the symbolic oak representing Drnid strength as the newly tapped juniors " Buckle Down Winsocki! " mM Basketball may not be Michi- gan ' s favorite indoor game, but it is certainly one of the contenders. Here Michigan ' s Captain Cartmill goes up for a high one which he takes on the rebound from a rangy Hawkeye. Rear Admiral Chester W. Bfimitz, now Commander of the Pacific fleet, chats with Bunny Crawford after an in- spection of our new Naval R.O.T.C. unit now in its second year of oper- ation. 303 304 1 With Spring comes Ann Arbor at its best. Even approaching final exams can ' t cast their melancholia over " Double A " once the long winter breaks, the ice melts, and the trees blossom forth in the balmy spring air. State Street is brighter as coatless coeds enter their favorite cafe or soda bar lor that between-class coke. Sailing too is popular here in the Spring. The Sailing Club sponsors in- tramural competition on Lake Vhii- more to entice students interested in the sporting canvas of a full sail. As evening approaches we see couples, their shoulders again covered, crossing the diag for a few hours of important study in the library. With Spring also comes romance! T wo subjects willingly posed for our cameraman at " Tin- Island. " The Huron in Spring- just before it drys up beautiful? AND THEN FINALS! 305 306 I Finale to a college career. Silhou- etted against the uncertain clouds that now envelope the world, these symbolic figures represent thousands like them who regretfully leave Ann Arbor, its traditions, its trials, and its good times after four glorious years which will glow in memory for the rest of their lives. Spring is waning and with it the Class of ' 42. Her members have left but her memories will live on indefinitely in the archives of the class. With all the pageantry of the Crusaders of old, the seniors doll up in their best bib and mortarboard and march around the campus. The band leads the pro- cession of prospective graduates who line up by schools for the big parade. Different colored tassels identify the schools as do other symbols such as the big slide-rule carried by the senior officers in the Engineering College. After Swing-out is over the pa- rade breaks up into various groups which lope down to the local taverns for friendly little farewell gatherings. Four great years covering every prob- lem conceivable are discussed over the amber brew as the prospective gradu- ate reminisces with his friends. Groups similar to this form at every table and it is with no little sorrow that they must break up when the Big Bell rings for the last time. 307 EAST QUADRANGLE . . . MART TERNITY . . BETSY BARBOUR . . . HELEN NEWBERRY . . . STOCKWELL HALL . . COUZ HALL . . . MOSHER HALL . . . JORDAN HALL . . . VICTOR VAUGHN HOUSE . . . INTER FRATERNITY BALL . . . PAN-HELL B INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL . PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL . . . INTERFRATERNITY SING . . . WEST QUADRAS HALL . . MOSHER HALL . . JORDAN HALL . . . VICTOR VAUGHN HOUSE INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL . . . PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL EAST QUADRANGLE . . . MARTHA COOK . . . BETSY BARBOUR HALL . . MOSHER HALL . . . JORDAN HALL . . . VICTOR INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL . . . PAN-HELLENIC N-HE LL . . COl ERNITYBALL. . PAN-HELL B TY SING . . . WEST QUADRANGLE EAST QUADRANGLE . . . MARTHA COO HALL . . MOSHER HALL . . JO INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL EAST QUADRANGLE HALL . . . MOSHER ' EWBERRY . . STOCKWELL HALL . . COUZ SE . . INTERFRATERNITY BALL . . PAN-HELL B IL . . . INTERFRATERNITY SING . . . WEST QUADRANGLE OUR . . HELEN NEWBERRY . . STOCKWELL HALL . . . C L . . VICTOR VAUGHN HOUSE . . INTERFRATERNITY BALL . . . PAN HELL B ELLENIC COUNCIL . . INTERFRATERNITY SING . . . WEST QUADRANGLE INTERFR :A COOK . . BETSY BARBOUR . . HELEN NEWBERRY . . . STOCKWELL HALL . . . COUZ AN HALL . . VICTOR VAUGHN HOUSE . . INTERFRATERNITY BALL . . . PAN-HELL B Y CHRISTMAS PARTY . . . PAN-HELL BANQUET STOCKWELL HALL VICTOR VAUGHN i INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL . . . PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL . . . INTERFRATERNITY SING . . . WEST QUADRANGLE EAST QUADRANGLE . . . MARTHA COOK . . . BETSY BARBOUR . . . HELEN NEWBERRY . . . STOCKWELL HALL . . . COUZ HALL . . MOSHER HALL . . JORDAN HALL . . VICTOR VAUGHN HOUSE . . INTERFRATERNITY BALL . . . PAN-HELL B INTERFRATERNITY CHRISTMAS PARTY . . . PAN-HELL BANQUET INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL . . . PAN-HEI 1 " When Night Falls, Dear. " Hasn ' t a man any privacy any more? Action out- side Betsy Barbour just before the ring- ing of the curfew. mM Newest of the campus dormitories are those making up the luxuriant East Quadrangle, now in its second full year of operation. J Fraternity rushing, Sigma Chi version. Super rushers Jack Ogle and Al Owens heckle Russ Speirn and Gordy Mac- Kenzie as they jam for the rushees. In the background is a map showing all the Sigma Chi chapters. Sororities rush a little differently. Here the Alpha Gams stage a W.C.T.U. version of an old frontier tavern as part of their rushing program. % Homecoming brought vigorous competition for the best fraternity an d sorority display. Phi Delts erected this guillotine. J Bushing whirl at Tri Belta. " Heavy, heavy, what hangs over thy head? Stairway to the Stars. The Girl Friend of the Whirling Dervish. Happy Land- ings. Any mail for me? " Take your choice, readers. The copy writers got away from themselves when captioning this one. M Harmon - izing, on a Kuzma scale. Peggy Cannon and Tommy Kuzma give their rendition of chopsticks in the music room of the Phi Gam house. Cave men wrestle their frails at the Sig. Ep. pledge Formal. This is the one occasion w r hen pledges can call their dates their own. %J A fraternity booth at J-Hop. Don ' t Look so worried girls, they ' re coming back. 310 MINNE -FEETED 311 N 1 ;R FRATERNITY OUNCIL Working as coordination center for the many fraternities on the campus, the In- terfraternity Council serves a truly use- ful purpose. The council is composed of a senior president and secretary, a fif- teen man Junior Staff and a Sophomore staff consisting of one representative from each fraternity. Among the many activities included in the scope of the council ' s work are the Children ' s Christmas Party, the IFC Ball, the Interfraternity Sing, Greek Week, and Pledge Banguet. This year the council has taken on added work due to the war. Plans for group buying and other time and money saving projects are being considered; through such coordinated projects the Michigan fraternities should be able to face the future with confi- dence. DON STEPHENSON and BOB PORTER EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dean J. A. Bursley. Mr. Charles W. Graham. Mr. Herbert G. Watkins, Professor Carl Brandt. JUNIOR STAFF Standing, Warren Westrate, Bill Robinson, Wally Rosenbaum Seated, Charles Otto, Dick Twitmire, John Fletcher, Hugh Ayers, Carl Riggs, Jake Fahrner, Rufus Teasdale, Richard Gauthier, Brad Higbie, Paul Wingate Absent, John Fauver. 312 " Well, Boys, Here ' s how it is " Giving the freshmen the lowdown on the brothers during formal rushing. " Step along you Grecian hep-cats! " Michigan ' s Greek letter men and their dates hold forth at the annual Inter Fra- ternity Ball. 313 CACIA TOP ROW Spath, Widman, Jones. ROW 2 Matt, Dixon, Moehlman, Soukup, F. Sey- fried, Mann. Lent-Koup. Wunch, Clark ROW 3 Sherry, R. Seyfried, Rider, Fahrner, Denny, Hills ROW 4 Kingsbury, Buchanan, Murphy, Hall, Kennedy, J. Churchill. Spraklin, Pospisil. Eastman, P. Reid, J. Reid OFFICERS John S. Pierson, President, J. Ross Clark, Vice-President, Stuart W. Churchill, Secretary, Richard M. Spath, Treasurer. SENIORS Robert B. Boswell, Stuart W. Churchill, George H. Crocker, Maurice Ray Denny, William S. Dixon, Marcelles J. Hebden, Arthur C. Hills, Joseph J. Matt, Morrette L. Rider, Leonard E. Ruby, Jr., Ralph H. Seyfried, C. Gene Sherry, Robert Gavin Smellie. JUNIORS J. Ross Clark, Jacob F. Fahrner, Jr., Leslie H. Froelich, B. Madison Lent-Koup, John H. Moehlman, IV, Paul F. Pospisil, Robert H. Reid, Howard L. Spracklin. SOPHOMORES Bryce Broughton, Fred J. Bryan, Allen J. Grieger, Kenneth Paul Jones, III, Elbert S. Kennedy, Warren W. Shelley, Robert J. Soukup, Richard M. Spath, Richard G. Widman. FRESHMEN Thomas Kay Buchanan, Robert A. Campbell, James P. Churchill, Albert E. Eastman, Arch H. Hall, Stewart A. Kingsbury, David W. Murphy, Philip C. Reid, John E. Wunch. 314 ALPHA DELTA PHI TOP ROW Kirkpatrick, D. Winters, Rodgers, J. Winters, Friehofer, B. Broun, Sandwick, Beuhler, Cox ROW 2 Frantz, Bruns, Cans, Wason, McKinney. Skinner, Spaulding, Renaud, Godfrey, Uhl, Hadley ROW 3 Laing, Bowen, Funk. Weichel, Wierengo. Leidy, Williams, Brenner ROW 4 Orr, Lyons. O ' Leary, Nelville, Potter, Gerlinger, Osborne, S. Broun, Upton, Hearn OFFICERS Robert Bliss, President, Rhodes Capithorn, Vice- President, Richard Sheehy, Secretary, John Wason, Treas- urer. SENIORS Robert Bliss, Jerome Brennen, Rhodes Capithorn, Alfred Coxon, William Funk, John Leidy, Hans Weichsel, Duncan Wieremgo, S. Bradford Williams. JUNIORS Richard Ahlelm, Richard Bruns, William Cans, Charles Godfrey, Russill Hadley, David McKinney, Bruce Renaud, Edward Sheehy, James Skinner, James Spaulding, Edwin Uhl, John Wason. SOPHOMORES Ralph Beuhler, William Brown, Joseph Cox, Walter Friehofer, Robert Kirkpatrick, John Rodger, Luther Sandwich, Richard Sheehy, John Winters, Richard Winters. FRESHMEN William Bowen, Peter Frantz, Donald Gerlinger, Bruce Laing, John Lyons, Richard Neville, John Mummert, Earl Osborne, Howard Orr, John O ' Leary, Edward Potter, George Spear, David Strack, David Upton. 315 LPHA KAPPA LAMBDA TOP ROW Speding, Damon, Baldwin, Walker, Heininger ROW 2 Cooney, Geyer, Eakins, Brown ROW 3 Gile, Denise, Hamilton, Fisher OFFICERS Allen B. Hamilton, President, Robert E. Fisher, Vice-President, Richard M. Gile, Secretary, Theodore C. Denise, Treasurer. SENIORS William Brown, John D. Cooney, Theodore C. Denise, Robert E. Fisher, Richard M. Gile, Allen B. Hamilton. JUNIORS Russell N. Carey, Philip N. Eakins, Hans P. Geyer, Gilbert T. Walker. SOPHOMORES George F. Damon, John Steding. 316 PHA SIGMA PHI TOP ROW Clarke, Wayne, R. Reisdori, Smith ROW 2 De Long, Erpelding, O ' Dell, Bostwick, Hoffman, Fitzgerald, Yoder, O ' Connor, Arnold ROW 3 Nelson, West, Whitman, Hall, J. Wilkie, Morley, A. Wilkie, Roeglin, C. Reisdori ROW 4 Coquil- lard, Ott, Zahner, Aldridge, Dodd, Sanborn, Wolfe, Pachulski OFFICERS John Wilkie, President, John Averill, Vice-President, Benjamin Clarke, Secretary, Kenneth Nelson, Treasurer. SENIORS John Averill, Charles Daniels, Monroe Gilbert, William Hall, Elwin Hendrick, John Morley, Kenneth Nelson, Charlies Reisdorf, Orville Roeglin, Leonard West, George Whitman, Alexander Wilkie, John Wilkie. JUNIORS Kent Arnold, Darwin Bostwick, Robert DeLong, John Erpelding, Joseph Fitzgerald, Robert Hoffman, Robert Holzhauer, Robert Janes, Thomas O ' Connor, C. William O ' Dell, Arthur Pachulski, Robert Yoder. SOPHOMORES Lincoln Aldridge, Ben- jamin Clarke, Robert Reisdorf, R. Douglas Smith, Richard Wayne. FRESHMEN James Coquillard, Robert Dodd, Carl Engel, Albert Ott, Donald Sanborn, Robert Springer, George Wolfe, Bert Zahner. 317 OMEGA VJHI t I TOP ROW Muenzer, Brown, Allen, Muller, Smith, Munnell, Brenkeit, Connor, Meyer, Barr, Rees ROW 2 Page, Gouzie, Vantine, Maybury, Eley, Gauthier, Smeja, Trick, Houston, Ayers, Sewell ROW 3 Robinson, Mott, Cox, Todd, Watson, Haas, Living- ston, Cannon, Hawley, Hanink, Teesdale ROW 4 Wellman. Wikel, Roth, Marcellus, Whelan, " Butch " , Bauckham, Davis, Howe, Leeder OFFICERS Theron Haas, President, William Todd, Vice-P resident, William Hutcherson, Secretary, Keith Watson, Treas- urer. SENIORS Robert Boyd, Bernard Cannan, Winston Cox, Theron Haas, Dean Hanink, Arthur Hawley, James Liv- ingston, Robert Pasch, William Todd, Keith Watson. JUNIORS Hugh Ayers, John Ely, Richard Gauthier, Richard Gouzie, Everett Houston, William Hutcherson, William Maybury, Robert Mott, John Rieger, Tom Robinson, John Roth, Guy Sewell, Rudy Smeja, Rufus Teesdale, Charles Trick, Robert Vantine. SOPHOMORES Robert Allen, Edward Anthony, Ortha Barr, Karl Brenkert, Jack Brown, Richard Burck, Clayton Chaminade, Gene Conner, Robert Hough, Philip Marcellus, Robert Meyers, Keith Muller, Edward Munnell, John Page, Ralph Platts, Robert Rees, Oliver Smith, Richard Wellman, Paul White. FRESHMEN John Bauckham, John Corbett, William Davis, William Esslinger, Edwin Howe, Robert Leeder, Leigh Smith, Cyril Tyler, Warren Watts, Philip Whelan, Howard Wikel. 318 TA THETA PI TOP ROW Wendling, Hunter, Buckey, Todd, Bullard, Smith, Selby, Somers, Saxton, Peterson ROW 2 Hargrove, Baker, Finlayson, Hogge, Forsyth, Marble, Reinhart, Buell, Hooper, Snow, Cobb, T. Schick ROW 3 P. Schick, Sundquist, Burton, Doyle. Little- ton, West, Alexander, McCalmont, Holland, Adams, O ' Neill, Flook, Klingbeil ROW 4 Wirth, Orndorff, Duthie, Hall, Boynton, Slocum, Stevenson, Kniskern, Angst, Earle, Coulson, Gustafson, Whipple OFFICERS Donald C. Stevenson, Jr., President, Ford Whipple, Vice-President, Charles M. Boynton, Secretary, William G. Slocum, Treasurer. SENIORS William Angst, Charles Boynton, Sawyer Earle, Culver Kniskern, Robert Orndorff, William Slocum, Donald Stevenson, Ford Whipple. JUNIORS Freeman Alexander, Douglas Burton, Milton Coulson, Jack Doyle, Harry Gustafson, James Holland, Charles Kennedy, David McCalmont, William McConnell, Don Pearce, Harry Saums, Paul Schick, Robert Sundquist, William Trowbridge, Donald West, Dick Wirth. SOPHOMORES Quentin Baker, Robert Buell, William Cobb, Robert Finlayson, Warner Forsyth, James Herbst, John Hooper, Morton Hunter, William Klingbeil, Fred Marble, Robert Reinhart, Alvin Sherman, George Snow. FRESHMEN William Buckey, Milledge Bul- lard, Thomas Coulter, Robert Hargrove, Henry Petersen, Thomas Reader, Edward Robertson, Robert Saxton, Thomas Schick, Stephen Selby, Byron Smith, William Somers, James Todd, John Vyn, Robert Wendling. 319 CHI PHI TOP ROW Knaif, Smith, Ward. Hann, Clubb, Broadhead, Lake, McCurdy, B. Smith, Powell, Kendig, Tate, Fonda, Lucas, Becker, Sellon, Hupp, Stegeman ROW 2 Picard, Swander, Neilson, Yntema, Gibert, Ovaitt, Lehmann, Shanck, Robinson, North, L. Robin- son. Cranston, F. Becker, Hillhouse ROW 3 Straehley, Claget t, Blakely, Rookus, Stover, Vardaman, Clark, Harris, Schust, Lorenzen, W. Church, Naulin, An tie, Foster ROW 4 Quinn, Daniels, Carey, Krebs, Roche, Geiger, Straka, Campbell, Goodsell, Allen, Burbott OFFICERS William Schust, President, Alan Harris, Vice-P resident, James Vardaman, Secretary, Howard Clark, Treas- urer. SENIORS Robert Antle, William Church, Howard Clark, John Colgan, Alan Harris, John Lorenzen, Donald Naulin, Donald O ' Connor, William Schust, Lawrence Smith, John Storer, John Rookus, James Vardaman. JUNIORS Wayne Christenson, Theodore Hillhouse, Ellsworth, Kendig William Lehmann, Philip North, David Ovaitt, Loren Robin- son, Jr., William Robinson, Donald Shanck, Homer Swander, John Tate, William M. Cranston. SOPHOMORES Fred- erick Bedker, Thomas Clagett, William Farrar, Charles Foster, Thomas Geiger, Ralph Gibert, Charles Neilson, Frank A. Picard, II, James Quinn, Clifford Straehley, Philip Swander, Hessel Yntema. FRESHMEN Robert Allen, James Becker, Almet Broadhead, James Burbott, Bruce Carey, Charles Campbell, Robert Clubb, Ludwik Daniels, John Fonda, John Good- sell, Wilbur Hann, John Hutchinson, James Hupp, Jack Knaff, Willard Krebs, Glynn Lake, James Lucas, Allan McCurdy, Robert Morris, Jerome Powell, William Sellon, Barton Smith, Benjamin Sproat, John Stegeman, Donald Straka, John Ward. 320 CHI P S I TOP ROW Fisher, Galbraith, McDermott, Krupp, Strickland, Hibbard, Christensen, Bargman ROW 2 Boice, Anderle, Ranney, Gracey, Kuehn, Poyser, Bird, Braznell, Bower, O ' Connor, Nordlie, Wenzell, Pardee ROW 3 Gehrke, Eade, D. Robinson, Lynch, Bisbee, Groves, McWilliams, Wege, Miller, Coveney, McKay, Oostdyk ROW 4 Parks, Bartley, Ferrand, Cook, A. Robinson, Schomburg, McCarthy, Collins, Kelley, Summerhays, Zimmerman OFFICERS William Schomburg, President, Frank C. McCarthy, Vice-President, Arthur D. Robinson, Secretary, James B. Collins, Treasurer. SENIORS Thomas S. Bartley, James B. Collins, Webster Cook, Bryant Dunshee, Marc E. Ferrand, Roger F. Kelley, Royce B. McKinley, Dale B. Parshall, William, H. Schomburg, Robert L. Summerhays. JUNIORS James A. Bird, James S. Bower, Charles Dostdyk, Frank C. McCarthy, Thomas O. Poyser, Arthur D. Robinson, John F. Zim- merman. SOPHOMORES Leland S. Bisbee, Charles W. Braznell, Erwin L. Coveny, Robert J. Eade, Robert B. Gehrke, Charles B. Gilbert, Harold E. Groves, William B. Hibbard, John D. Lynch, William McKay, J. Robert McWilliams, Thomas L. Miller, Robert J. O ' Connor, Don William Robinson, Peter M. Wege. FRESHMEN Robert A. Anderle, James F. Barg- man, Willis S. Boice, Arthur L. Christensen, Russel H. Fisher, John A. Galbraith, Richard L. Gracey, Herman W. Kothe, Edwin S. Krupp, Richard C. Kuehn, George R. McDermott, James Nordlie, Clark E. Pardee, Richard F. Ranney, Richard Strictland, Richard Wenzell, Robert Williamson. 321 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON T t TOP ROW Breer, R. Sykes, Shelby, Rawleigh, Kaiser, Thalen, Maxwell, CargUl, S. Bryant ROW 2 Davis, White, Byerly, Lindquist, Olcott O ' Hara, Pearce, Behr, O ' Brien, Yaap ROW 3 Ewing, Critchell, Thompson, W. Hurley, Porter, Furniss, Doolittle, Haller, Troy, Morris, McAndrew, Collins ROW 4 Dalm, R. Hurley, Livingston, Fee, Growl, Kelley, D. Sykes, Floyd, Flannery, Roberts, N. Bryant, Armstrong OFFICERS G. William Doolittle, President, Robert Sykes, Secretary, William Furniss, Treasurer. SENIORS James Anderson, Gordon Critchell, G. William Doolittle, Fred Ewing, P. Hugh Haller, William Hurley, John McMurry, Pendel- ton Morris, Robert Porter, William Thompson, Kenneth Troy. JUNIORS Douglas Ballantyne, Robert Behr, James Byerly, Jack Collins, Earl Drake, William Furniss, James Mandler, Atwood McAndrew, Fred Pearce, David Proctor, John White. SOPHOMORES Robert Bennett, Howard Blood, William Breer, Ernest Linquest, Chester Mitchell, Eugene O ' Brien, John O ' Hara, Dudley Olcott, William Raleigh, Richard Shelby, Robert Sykes, Harry Thalen. FRESHMEN James Armstrong, William Bennett, Nathan Bryant, Stephen Bryant, Donald Cargill, John Croul, Jake Dalm, Joseph Fee, Walter Flannery, Robert Floyd, Henry Holzeapfel, Robert Hurley, John Kelly, Wiley Livingston, Phillip Maxwell, Earl Roberts, Donald Sykes, Warren Yapp. 322 LTA TAU DELTA TOP ROW Brown, Meyer, Morrison, Speak, Erickson, Knapp, McCord, Crabb, Mitch- ell, Pezdirtz ROW 2 Morgan, Peck, Dickey, Smith, Show, Gambs, Perlberg, Schoel. Jackson, Matthews, Edmunds, Ludolph, O ' Brien, Schwyn ROW 3 Northway, Buell, Hutchinson, Imboden, Thomas, J. Yager, Chamberlain, Combs, Cauley, Larson, Licht, Edmonson, Cambridge ROW 4 Wickes, Platt, Reinhart, C. Yager, Huntoon, Kelly OFFICERS B. Francis Chamberlain, President, John Yager, Vice-President, Robert Matthews, Treasurer, Phillip White, Secretary. SENIORS Charles Buell, Richard Cauley, B. Francis Chamberlain, George Combs, Jack Edmonson, Ney Eldred, John Hogland, Robert Imboden, John Larson, Carl Licht, Edward Northway, Joe Pezdirtz, Robert Sibley, Dean Thomas, John Yager. JUNIORS John Crabb, James Edmunds, Oilman Gambs, Ernest Goeckel, Fred Gipson, Richard Hutchinson, Robert Matthews, Herbert McCord, John McKinley, Edward Perlberg, Richard Schoel, Boyd Smith, Robert Snow, Phillip White, Ira Wilson. SOPHOMORES Bruce Cambridge, Clayton Dickey, Robert Erickson, Mark Hance, William Knapp, William Ludolph, Paul Meyer, Richard McKinley, James Mitchell, Alger Morrison, Frank O ' Brien, Charles Peck, Robert Schwyn, Peter Speek. FRESHMEN Jerry Brown, Richard Garrett, Max Huntoon, Burton Kelly, Paul Mor- gan, Jack Platt, Carl Reinhart, Richard Wickes, Charles Yager. 323 DELTA UPSILON TOP ROW Robertson, Laird. Straub, Kerner, Pearse, Rydholm, Keller, Willoughby, Ford, Severn, Telbizoff, Lemmon, Alexander, Covert, Hayes ROW 2 Catlin, Stephens, Johnson, P. Sherman, Madory, Allmendinger, Nickerson, Sexauer, Wise, Moreland, Maxwell, Jacob, Grander, Walcott, Steen, Davis, Butters ROW 3 Marion, Grier, Knu ri- sen, Vedder, Townsend, Kehoe, Hird, Wollston, Brown, Russell, Webb, J. Sherman, Erwin, Smith, Osmond OFFICERS Robert Brown, President, James Hird, Vice-President, Jack Patten, Secretary, John Erwin, Treasurer. SEN- IORS Kenward Atkin, Henry Barringer, Robert Brown, John Erwin, Allen Grier, James Hird, James Kehoe, Edward Knud- sen, Arthur Marion, Bernard Osmond, Samuel Russell, James Sherman, William Smith, Charles Townsend, Neil Vedder, George Webb, Carl Wolfston. JUNIORS Frank Butters, Ray Davis, William Keller, Al Little, Francis Moreland, Jack Patten, Max Pearse, James Stephens, Jack Vizena, Robert Wise. SOPHOMORES Edwin Allmendinger, Robert Catlin, Richard Ford, Robert Grunder, Theodore Jacob, George Madory, Sterling Maxwell, Leren Sexauer, Peter Sherman, Robert Sovern, William Steen, John Walcott. FRESHMEN William Alexander, William Bielauskas, Elmer Covert, Patrick Hayes, Richard Johnson, William Kerner, John Laird, Charles Lemmon, John Robertson, Harwood Rydholm, Louis Telbizoff, Robert Willoughby, Rupert Straub. 324 KAPPA DELTA RHO TOP ROW Behringer, Edwards, MacLeod, Twitmire, Thompson, Gannett, Crowe, Bar- rett ROW 2 Repola, Straayer, Boynton, Professor Lay, Pugh, Gele, Van Nordstrand OFFICERS Richard D. Boynton, President, Arthur J. Pugh, Vice-President, Earl G. Barrett, Secretary, Malcolm A. Haines, Treasurer. SENIORS Richard D. Boynton, Emile Gele, Edward F. Glanz, Arthur J. Pugh, Joseph W. Straayer. JUNIORS James A. O. Crowe, Rodney D. Edwards, Malcolm A. Haines, William A. MacLeod, Kenneth L. Repola, Richard F. Twit- mire. SOPHOMORES Earl G. Barrett, Romaine O. Blandy, William E. Behringer, Stanford G. Summers. FRESHMEN Elwood K. Gannett, Robert E. Thompson. 325 KAPPA N U TOP ROW Zerman, Zabriski, Kramer. Klopper, Baris. Kozel, Soodik, Foxman ROW 2 Freed, Schonberg, Solvin, Eder, Steinhart, Phillips, Kohlenberg, Wasserman OFFICERS Bernard Kozel, President; Milton Zerman, Vice-President; Walter Klopper; Secretary; Philip Baris, Treasurer. SENIORS Melvin Colvin, Gerald Eder, Norman Kohlenberg, Robert Phillips, Paul Schonberg, Jacob Steinhart, Kenneth Wasserman. JUNIORS Philip Baris, Melvin Comin, Irwin Foxman, Reuben Fried, Bernard Kozel, Milton Zerman. SOPHOMORES Walter Klopper, Melvin Soodik, Hymen Sterngold, Milton Sterngold. 326 KAPPA SIGMA HHHI I [ . . TOP ROW Johnston, Engelhardt, Brennan, Longstaif. Walker ROW 2 Powers, Kle- ber. Brown. Spangler. Klaphaak, Foley ROW 3 Vibbert, Plott, H. Altaian, Schulze, Boult. Griffiths, Winkley. Stewart. Waldron, Wardley ROW 4 Hulet, McCune, Kel- ley, Caruthers. Stevenson, Canfield, King, Woodard, W. Altaian MISSING Holmes, Holland, Moon, Mothersbaugh, Pace, Pinnock, Powell OFFICERS Nevin Stevenson, President, Charles Canfield, Harold King, Vice-Presidents, Alward Pinnock, Secretary, William Caruthers, Treasurer. SENIORS William Altman, William Caruthers, Claude Hulet, Jeffries Pace, Nevin Stev- enson, George Rudolph, Robert Waldron, Austin Woodward. JUNIORS William Ackerman, Harry Altman, Robert Brown, Charles Canfield, Robert Holland, Almon Holmes, John McKune, Alward Pinnock, Ray Powell, Robert Vibbert, Robert Winkley. SOPHOMORES John Babington, David Brennan, James Boult, Melvin Engelhardt, Albert Engstrom, Millard Griffiths, William Hungerford, William Johnston, Lawrence Kelly, Harold King, Bruce Kleber, Donald Plott, Robert Schulze, Walt Stewart, Frank Wardley. FRESHMEN Robert Foley, Peter Klaphaak, William Longstaff, William Powers, William Spangler, Morgan Walker. 327 M A CHI ALPHA TOP ROW Nutto, Patton, Whisler, Myll, Sichlesteel, Raymond, Atkinson, Richmond, Lay, Weikel, Snell, Stitzings, Cram ROW 2 Oline, Stremmel, Dates, Lustgarden, Lam- bert, Howerth, Crombie, Gwinn, Zemde, Gaul, Willison ROW 3 Rupert, Zeerip, Hatha- way, Berg, Woods, Howerth, Richmond, Weineinger, Doman, Radka OFFICERS Herbert Howerth, President, Samuel Rupert, V ice-President, John Crombie, Secretary, Thomas Zeerip, Treas- urer. SENIORS B. Berg, G. Doman, R. Hathaway, J. McCormick, Al Radka, Dick Richmond, Warren Robinson, Howard Whisler, Thomas Zeerip. JUNIORS E. Heininger, Herbeit Howerth, R. Monroe, H. Oline. SOPHOMORES John Crombie, M. Bates, J. Gwinn, R. Hardy, Howard Howerth, B. Lambert, Ned Lau, H. Lustgarten, R. Patton, Robert Stimpson, John Stremmel, Kenneth Zemke. FRESHMEN T. Atkinson, R. Gaul, B. Keith, F. Nutto, Al Raymond, Milt Sickelsteel, William Snell, George Stitzinger, James Weikel. 328 I DELTA THETA TOP ROW Gillette, Snyder. Moe, Crawford, Comb, McNicholas, Emmett, Blodgett. Chope ROW 2 Mclntyre, Idema, Brent, Seaver, Warrick, Amstutz, Hillman, Faber, Marsch, Rudy, Aldworth, Edison, Athay, Reed, Hildebrandt, Fletcher, Dalton, Johnson ROW 3 S. Marshall, Coale, Woodward, White, Wichter, Sager, Reading, T. Marshall, Pettersen, Scherling, J. Stewart, McCabe, Gormsen, Solar, Young, Hotchkiss ROW 4 Shafroth, Bacon, Athens, Pinney, Guthrie, Coit, Ingersoll, Atkins, Dorsett, Lary, Lau- rin, Sheldon, Larsen OFFICERS Richard E. Scherling, President; George A. Petterson, Treasurer; John J. Stewart, Secretary. SENIORS Fred Bierkamp, John Gillis, James Gormsen, Robert Hotchkiss, Frank McCabe, Thomas Marshall, LeRoy Perry, George Pettersen, Ned Reading, Joseph Reed, Robert Sager, Richard Scherling, John Shields, Charles Solar, John Stewart, Wilbur Wallace, Larry Wichter, Donald Young. JUNIORS Edward Aldworth, Robert Athay, Robert Begle, James Blanchard, William Coale, Robert Edison, John Emmett, John Fletcher, Raymond Gripman, George Hildebrandt, Fred Hodges, Alden Johnson, Robert Kolesar, Joseph LeGros, Samuel Marshall, Douglas Moore, Walter Reed, Edward Reichert, Thomas Sloan, Pete Smith, Robert Ufer, Hudson White, Albert Wistert, John Woodward, Frank Zimmerman. SOPHOMORES Ralph Amstutz, Robert Blodgett, Kelly Brent, William Chope, A. Maitland Comb, Burnett Crawford, Basil Dalton, Russell Faber, Edward Gillette, Richard Guthrie, Douglas Hillman, David Idema, John Ingersoll, George Mclntyre, Carl McNicholas, Andrew Marsch, Ogden Moe, Charles Pinney, Merle Rudy, James Seaver, Howard Snyder, William Stewart, Woodward Warrick. FRESHMEN John Athens, Edward Atkins, Samuel Bacon, Robert Chappius, John Coit, Robert Dorsett, James Howarth, Harvey Jones, Erwin Larsen, Banning Lary, Samuel Laurin, John Leary, John Shafroth, James Sheldon. 329 TOP ROW Flatow, Block, Kay, Gassin, Phillipson ROW 2 Silberblatt, A. Miller, Ellis, B. Arkins, Shott, B. Ungar, Mendeloff, Judson, Neuman, Goldsmith, Stein ROW 3 Berlow, D. Arkins, Weinstock, Felber, D. Ungar, Rosenberg, Jofle, Hitter, Gordon, Kopman OFFICERS Richard G. Ungar, President; Louis Rosenberg, Vice-President; Thomas Felber, Treasurer; Joseph Kopman, Secretary. SENIORS Richard Arkins, Noel Buckner, Edward Joffe, Nathaniel Ritter, Louis Rosenberg, Harold Wien- stock, Richard Ungar. JUNIORS Ralph Berlow, Thomas Felber, Richard Goldsmith, Jack Gordon, Joseph Kopman, Cyrus Neuman. SOPHOMORES Ramon Block, David Ellis, Jr., Robert Judson, Robert Shott. FRESHMEN Robert Arkins, Robert Flato, Bernard Gassin, Sanford Kay, Morris Mendeloff, Jr., Robert Miller, Jr., Arthur Miller, Herbert Phil- lipson, Jr., Paul Silberblatt, B. Andrew Ungar. 330 PHI MMA DELTA TOP ROW Brophy, Lyman, Eich, Vahue, H. Anderson, Cole, Judd, McGreevy, Upton ROW 4 Ross Hume, Bowen, Shoedinger, J. Miller, Bull, Irwin, Douglas, Ma- hon. Pollock, Rowland, Adams ROW 3 Dunlap, Stuck, Hulbert, Wright, Vaughn, Norwick, F. Anderson, Robert Hume ROW 2 Thompson, Emmons, Tiedeman, Spaumburg, Nepple, Dawson, Loughborough, Steele, S. Miller. Corson, Kerr ROW 1 Ott, Gelston, Pilcher, Darling, Call, Chamberlin, Fielding, Titus, Detwiler, Mays OFFICERS Norman Call, President; Robert Titus, Treasurer; Henry Fielding, Corresponding Secretary; Owen Mays, Recording Secretary; Dale Chamberlin, Historian. SENIORS Mauritz Anderson, Norman Call, Dale Chamberlin, M. Alfred Darling, James DePuy, Phillip Detwiler, Henry Fielding, Robert Gelston, William Hastie, William O. Mays, David Ott, ]. T. Perry, Clayton J. Pilcher, Robert Titus, Harold Whittemore. JUNIORS Fred Anderson, Harry Anderson, Max Byrich, Southard Corlett, Bruce Corson, Benjamin Douglas, William Dawson, Lyons Howland, Lawence Hulbert, George Irwin, William Loughborough, William Lyman, Jerome Miller, Stuart Miller, Phillip Neppel, Robert Norwick, William Schoedinger, James Snodgrass, Edward F. Steele, LaFayette Stuck, Richard Thompson, Jack Vaughn, Wayne Wright. SOPHOMORES C harles Adams, William Bassett, Frederick Cady, Charles Dotterrer, Samuel Emmons, Robert Fors, Robert Kerr, Thomas Kuzma, Henry Mahon, Robert McGreevy, David Pollock, Walter Tiedeman. FRESHMEN Lawr- ence Albert, Harold Anderson, Richard Brashler, Stratton Bull, Robert Cole, Robert Dunlap, Edsel Eady, Robert Eich, Robert Hume, Ross Hume, Verne Judd, Harvey Spaunburg, Arthur Upton, William Vahue. 331 PHI KAPPA PSI TOP ROW Gardner, Bush, Baxter, Osteimann, Smith, Wattles, Rybolt, Lockwood, Ellinwood ROW 2 Fenner, Kretchmar, McCargar, Sudhoff, Jose, D. McLogan, Honey, Loitus ROW 3 Green, Pittman, J. Hadley, Wasson, Adams, Beers, Daron, Starks, Chase ROW 4 Matthews, Edwards, Fauver, Bellairs, Rundles, Curto, Candler, Kelly, J. Kennedy, P. Samper, Bjork ROW 5 G. Samper, H. Samper, T. Kennedy, R. Hadley, Wendt, T. McLogan, Rexford, Easlick, Bachman, Ulrey OFFICERS Edward A. McLogan, President; John E. Rexford, Vice-President; Robert H. Bellairs, House Manager; John A. F. Wendt, Jr., Secretary. SENIORS John R. Bachman, William T. Dobson, David K. Easlick, Robert W. Hadley, R. William Harrelson, James E. Hoff, Ted Kennedy, Jr., Edward A. McLogan, Raymond A. Pittman, John E. Rexford, Glen L. Robinson, Gonzalo Samper, Hernando Samper, John M. Simmers, S. Scott Ulrey, John A. F. Wendt, Jr. JUNIORS Robert H. Bellairs, William R. Candler, Edward G. Chase, Frank T. Curto, William D. Daron, James K. Edwards, John W. Fauver, Robert E. Fife, William M. Kelly, James J. Kennedy, Thomas K. Matthews, M. Christopher McCord, Peter B. Olm- sted, Pablo Samper, Harry Q. Wasson. SOPHOMORES Thomas R. Adams, Robert E. Beers, Charles V. Booth, A. Matt Buder, Edson V. Burton, John E. Ehlers, Albert B. Green, John B. Hadley, Bruce R. Lockwood, Donald C. McLogan, Rich- ard L. Pittman, Walter Z. Rundles, Hugh A. Starks. FRESHMEN Harry M. Baxter, William H. Bush, Richard M. Ellin- wood, John C. Fenner, William A. Honey, Herbert O. Jose, H. Gordon Kretchmar, Lawrence R. Loftus, George L. McCargar, G. William Ostermann, Harry H. Rybolt, A. Ralph Sandt, Jacob A. Schmidt, Earl B. Smith, Max F. Sudhoff, Thomas I. Wat- tles. 332 PHI KAPPA SIGMA TOP ROW Brady, Schnieder, Apple, Kruse, Sengel, Bare ROW 2 Kriedler, Stramm, Tones, Malcus, Patterson ROW 3 Munson, Melzow, Graf, Fairlamb, Hogg, Ackerman OFFICERS Roy D. Fairlamb, President; Robert B. Pinckney, Vice-President; William P. Kreidler, Secretary; Irving Munson, Treasurer. SENIORS John F. Ackerman, CliftonL. Dance, Jr., George S. Egger, Roy D. Fairlamb, Richard G. Fogg, John D. MacMaster, William Melzow, Robert B. Pickney, Edward L. Richter, Roy Stram, Marlow Schneider. JUN- IORS John R. Brady, George Earle, Marcus J. Everett, William C. McDonald, Rudy J. Sengel, Irving Munson, John Apple. SOPHOMORES Walter A. Graf, William P. Kneidler, James A. Sterling, John Patterson, William Malkus, Wil- liam Schmidt, Allen Schall. FRESHMEN Louis Baird, Harold Kruse. 333 PHI KAPPA TAU f " iW 9 wr 1 ! ' -rjji JUG- r " Yl TOP ROW Arnold. Hackett, Hicks, Hutt ROW 2 Scoville, Wheatley, Bruni, Rahn, Wark, Trezise, Davantzis ROW 3 Bek, Can, Duncan, Fiedler, Woods, Porte OFFICERS Horace C. Duncan, President; Robert A. Carr, Jr., Vice-President; Bruce Wark, Secretary; John H. Fiedler, Treasurer. SENIORS Robert Carr, Jr., Thomas Coleman, John Fiedler, James Hutt, Frank Moynes, Arthur Woods. JUN- IORS Richard Bek, Saverio Bruni, John Scovilie, Bruce Wark. SOPHOMORES Stewart Arnold, James Davantzis, Jacques deLaurier, George Portz, Frederick Martin, William Moore, Bruce Wheatly. FRESHMAN William Trezise. 334 GMA DELTA TOP ROW Grossman, Gotthilf. Bloomfield, Brown, Ungar, Aronson ROW 2 Fisher, Miller, Freedman, Abelson, Diamond, Isenberg, Alexander ROW 3 Agree, Prager, Cooper, Zucker, Chase ROW 4 Froikin, Chertoff, Kaplan, Ellman, Grossman, Jacobs, Brandt, Levy, Kreinberg, Padnos, Light, Cohen ROW 5 Tann, Samuels, Sher- man, Leio, Goldstein, Rosenbaum, Jacobson, S. Aronson, Solomon OFFICERS Robert Goldstein, President; Robert Stanl, Vice-President; Orville Lefko, Treasurer; Wallace Rosenbaum, Secretary. SENIORS Sydney Aronson, Robert Goldstein, Orville Lefko, Aubrey Samuels, James Sherman, Samuel Solomon. JUNIORS Morton Cohen, Milton Jacobson, Wallace Rosenbaum, Robert Stahl, Edward Tann. SOPHOMORES A. Arnold Agree, Alan Brandt, Garry Chertofi. Harold Cooper, Jack Ellman, Lewis Froikin, Leonard Grossman, Durand Jacobs, Sidney Kaplan, Sidney Kreinberg, David Levy, Charles Light, Stuart Padnos, M. Newton Zucker. FRESHMEN Arthur Abelson, Leonard Alexander, Philip Aionson, Richard Bloomfield, Norman Brown, Seymour Chase, Morton Diamond, Edward Fisher, Henry Friedman, Daniel Gotthilf, Allen Grossmann, Bernard Isenberg, Harry Miller, Stanford Linger. 335 GMA KAPPA TOP ROW Field, Hillig, MacDonald, Vinkemulder, Egan, Smallman, Walsh ROW 2 Arthur, Monzel, Waggoner, Davey, Lauzon, Tozer, A. Grunewald, C. Grunewald ROW 3 Sobesky, O ' Leary, Lynn, McPherson, Huff, Almdale, Cope, Carlson, Whitney, Sharpe OFFICERS James MacDonald, President; Kenneth Huff, Vice-President; Cha rles Lauzon, Secretary; James MacPherson, Treasurer. SENIORS Howard Almsdale, Robert Arthur, Robert Carlson, Robert Cope, Kenneth Huff, Joseph Lynn, James MacDonald, James MacPherson, Vincent Monzel, John O ' Leary, Richard Sharpe, John Sobesky, Donald Whitney. JUN- IORS Gerald Clements, Russell Elmer, Dillard Gay, Albert Grunewald, Charles Lauzon, C. Wiley Waggoner. SOPHO- MORES William Davey, Sedgewick Field, Carson Grunewald, Richard Northrup. FRESHMEN John Carlson, Joseph Egan, William Hillig, Richard Shannon, Robert Smallman, Henry Vinkemulder, Mervin Walsh. 336 I LAMBDA PH TOP ROW Wienner, R. Ginsberg, Feinberg, S. Ginsberg, Lewis, Spiesberger, Wein- stein, Wald, Kittay, Steinman, H. Cohn, Kasle, Warsaw, Berman ROW 2 Nobel, Schooler, Slaff, Lazerwitz, Unger, Click, Titleman, F. Ginsberg, Ureles, M. Kane, Baer, Gerson, Kopel ROW 3 Brussel, Wallach, Mandeberg, Hoddeson, Lebowitz, Mitchell, Klauber, Solomon, E. Kane, Besser, Weiss, Breckler, Hausman, Maxmin, Stern. OFFICERS Howard Solomon, President; Eugene Kane, Vice-President; Eugene Mandeberg, Secretary; Howard Wal- lach, Treasurer. SENIORS Robert Besser, Alfred B reckler, Myer Franklin, William Hausman, Burton Hoddeson, Eugene Kane, Leo Klauber, Ralph Mitchell, Jr., Howard Solomon, Bertram Weiss. JUNIORS Richard Baer, Eugene Brussel, Ramon Gerson, Fred Ginsberg, James Glick, Michael Kane, James Lazerwitz, Eugene Mandeberg, Conrad Maxim, Mark Titelman, Robert Unger, Alvin Ureles, Howard Wallach. SOPHOMORES Leonard Alkon, Jerry Berman, Stanley Glass- man, William Kittay, Richard Kopel, Kermit Shooler, Robert Slaff, Richard Wald, Saul Warshaw, James Weinstein, William Beck. FRESHMEN Henry Cohen, Roland Ginsburg, Stanley Ginsberg, Robert Feinberg, Alvin Steinman, James Wien- ner, Lewis Spiesberger, Morton Cohen, Irwin Kasle, Sandford Lewis. 337 PSI UPSILON TOP ROW Cottield, Holiday, Early, Caldwell, Cone ROW 2 Ducker, Mulligan, Lahey, Claypool, McDonnell, Chickering, Morley ROW 3 Rumney, Kelsey, Stand- ish. Moon, Shearer, Post, Wood, Emery, Waller ROW 4 Parsons, Strayer, Harvey, Mount, Darden, Schmidt, Zahn, Haslam ROW 5 Fishburn, Arthur, Moore, Arbuckle, Huyett, Fowler, Ludwig, Pfender, Harbert OFFICERS Daniel H. Huyett, III, President; Arnold Moore, Jr., Vice-President; Ralph W. Harbert, Jr., Secretary; Richard Ludwig, House Manager. SENIORS Richard C. Arbuckle, M. Wilson Arthur, Jr., Breard E. Fishburn, Robert B. Fowler, Daniel Huyett, Robert W. Johnston, Richard Lord, Richard Ludwig, Arnold Moore, Jr., John Pfender, Harold Wood, Jr. JUNIORS Bruce Allen, Arthur Darden, Ralph Harbert, Walter Harvey, Charles Haughey, Bradley Higbie, Joseph Mount, Ben Parsons, Donald Schmidt, William Strayer, Edward Zahn. SOPHOMORES James Claypool, Thomas Coffield, Charles Dryden, John Emery, Jr., Charles Haslem, Louis Haughey, Edward Kelsey, Charles Kennedy, Jr., Joseph Lahey, Samuel Moon, Kieth Nicolls, L. Morris Post, Edward Scott, Alfred Shearer, Sherwood Standish, Jr., John Waller, David Wood. FRESHMEN William Caldwell, William Chickering, Jr., Arthur Cone, Jr., William Ducker, William Early, Eugene Eckrich, Harry Holiday, Jr., Jay Huntington, John McDonnell, Edward Morley, Jr., Robert Mulligan, Mason Rumney, Jr. 338 __ SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON TOP ROW Selchow, Lind, Oram, Chipman, Kevil, Baskett, Garver, Brooks, Hinkley, Schlegel, TarbelL Gingras ROW 2 Handley, Gates, Skeats, Otto. Roper, Ehrlich, Scharff, Smith, Collins, Heherman. Rust. Jenkins ROW 3 Petrich, Hatfield, Hanke, Hines, Bouis, Millard, Leckner, Ipsen, Burckhalter OFFICERS C. Elliot Bouis, President; Bert T. Millard, Vice-President; Arthur E. Lechner, Treasurer; Duane A. Shepard, Correspondent. SENIORS F. Cortez Bell, C. Elliot Bouis, Robert L. Burckehalter, Gilbert Hanke, William Hatfield, Nickerson Hinckley, C. Phelps Hines, David C. Ipsen, Arthur E. Lechner, Carl E. Schlegal, Robert Wyatt. JUNIORS Robert O. Brines, James Collins, Robert Ehrlich, Ned B. Gates, A. Louis Gingras, Richard Hall, Robert Hehemann, Jack R. Lind, Harold C. McPike, Bert T. Millard, Melvin R. Myron, Charles S. Otto, Robert L. Roper, John H. Rust, A. Karl Scharff, Duane A. Shepard, Rodney Smith, Theodore Tarbell. SOPHOMORES David Baskett, William Brooks, Albert Chipman, Reed Garver, John W. Handley, Philip Jenkins, Gerard Kevil, Robert K. Miars, Phillip Oram, Philip R. Scott, Richard Selchow. FRESHMEN John A. Benjamin, Arthur L. Haag, Jack D. Highfield, Ruel S. Lehman, Jr., William E. Noble, William W. Parmenter. 339 ALPHA TOP ROW S. Wallace, Lipnik, Ingber, Bobbins, Cohen, Yolles, M. Pregulman, Kaine, Stenbuck, A. Cohen, A. Cohen ROW 2 Moyer, Feigenson, Silverman, Shulman, Al- exander, Kirchenbaum, Wagner, Barrar ROW 3 Silver, Schagrin, Hanauer, Coggan, J. Pregulman, Rubens, Krause, Posmantur, Green, Alpern SITTING Fink, Holt, Lutz, Bracker, Goldstone, Rovit, Moskowitz, Gould, Seltzer, M. Wallace OFFICERS Julian Pregulman, President, Burton Rubens, Secretary, Yale Coggan, Treasurer. SENIORS Robert I. Al- pern, Yale D. Coggan, Martin A. Green, Frank E. Hanauer, Robert A. Krause, Julian L. Pregulman, Burton J. Rubens, Harry Schagrin. JUNIORS Sidney L. Alexander, Bruce J. Kirchenbaum, Aarron S. Moyer, Harvey L. Shulman, Melvin L. Silver, Seymour J. Silverman, Eugene M. Wagner. SOPHOMORES Albert M. Cohen, Alan Cohen, Louis A. Cohen, Fred Feigenson, J. George Ingber, Henry D. Kaine, Gerald A. Lipnik, Mervin Pregulman, Harvey A. Robbins, Fred R. Stenbuck, William A. Yolles. FRESHMAN Richard B. Barrar, Victor J. Baum, Harvey L. Bracker, Monroe F. Fink, Ber- nard Goldstone, I. Norman Gould, Allen H. Holt, Robert Lutz, Milton J. Moscwitz, Richard L. Royit, Ralph L. Seltzer, Mel- vin Wallace, Stanford A. Wallace. 340 SIGMA CHI TOP ROW T. Owens. Cory, Wright, Engl, Anderson, Karwales, Brown. Barksdale, Ogle, Beekman, Kozloff, Hamric, Bieneman, DeLancey, Speirn, Burdick, Sharpe, Betz- hold, Preston, Lougheed, Dilley ROW 2 Downer, Riggs, Kline, Metzger, Tracy, Mac- Kensie, Mitchell, B. Morley, Phillippi, Stotzer, Kopcke, Thatcher, Frissell, Wolfe, Matt- hews, Dietz ROW 3 Cosper, Marrow, R. Collins, Thorward, Foster, Giesen, F. Mor- ley, Piel, A. Owens, Hamilton, J. Michael, Kennedy, Wandel, Stewart ROW 4 W. Michael, Gross, Pettapiece, Beckington, G. Collins, Geary, Nott, Ferguson, Gardner, Jepsen, G. Morley, Beeson, McKinney, Wantz, Twitchell, Monson. OFFICERS Alfred Piel, President; Frank Morley, Vice-President; Alfred Owens, Secretary; Jack Ogle, Treasurer. SEN- IORS Edward Anderson, Robert Collins, Paul Cosper, Bill Downer, George P. Foster, Charles Giesen, Lucius Hamilton, Art Hill, Verne Kennedy, Charles Knapp, Jack Marrow, Roy E. Mattern, Jerry Michael, Frank Morley, Alfred Owens, Al- fred Piel, Gus Sharemet, John Sharemet, Don Stewart, Ben Thorward, Robert Wandel, Tom Williams. JUNIORS Myron Beekman, Fred Betzhold, Bill Burke, Charles Cannon, Dave Ensign, Don Frissell, James Kline, William Kopcke, Dave Matthews, Fred Metzger, Bob Mitchell, Buel Morley, Gordon MacKenzie, Jack Ogle, Bill Phillippi, Carl Riggs, Philip Sharpe, Bob Stotzer, Charles Thatcher, Jim Tracy, Wayne Wolfe SOPHOMORES W. Lee Barksdale, Dick Bieneman, Eugene Brown, Raymond Burdick, Bill Courtright, Sam DeLancey, Don Dilley, Don Engl, Joe Ensign, George Kozloff, Bob Landes, Jim Pettapiece, Tom Preston, Frank Schell, Russell Speirn, Palmer Wright FRESHMAN Tom Beeson, George Collins, Ace Cory, George Dietz, Douglas Ferguson, George Gardner, Herbert Geary, Ben Gross, Fred Hamric, James Hartrick, Ralph Jepson, Jack Lougheed, Kirk McKinney, Walter Michael, George Morley, Dean Monson, Berk Nott, Tom Owens, Edward Perry Tom Schoepfle, Tom Twitchell, George Wantz. 341 SIGMA N U TOP ROW Booth, Godwin, Archer, de Young, Cochran, Luikart, Gilliom, Parker, Rebel, Wilton, Schumacher, Kraft, Avedon, Kehoe, Lekus, Johnson, Buck, Sanchez, Nutt, Mil- ler, McKitrick ROW 2 Dukes, Powers, Ratcliffe, Killins, Grandy ROW 3 Callens, Campbell, Cook, Lewis, Hartman, Swenson ROW 4 Landis, Harwick, Hammett, Cheffy, Sampson, Hauser, Newcomb, Ford. OFFICERS Lawton Hammett, President; Richard Archer, Vice-President; Gary Landis, Secretary. SENIORS George Cheffy, Frank Ford, Lawton Hammett, Bruce Hartwick, Oscar Hauser, Robert Killins, Gary Landis, Edward Newcomb. JUNIORS Richard Archer, Donald Cabral, Barton Cook, Richard Gilliam, W. John Grandy, H. Stanley Hartman, John Lewis, Joseph Parker, Edward Powers, Thomas Ratcliff, David Robertson, William Smeltzer, William Swenson. SOPHO- MORES Thomas Booth, James Campbell, William Cochran, Randolph Dukes, Philip de Young, William Hartwig, Wil- liam Kehoe, Reynold Kraft, Max Luikart, Russell Miller, Henry Sanchey, George Schumacher, James Wilton. FRESHMEN Burt Avedon, William Bogan, George Callens, Dorman Godwin, Robert Hebel, Owen Johnson, Lewis Lekus, Richard Nutt, Gene Swen son. 342 SIGMA PHI TOP ROW Berg, Brown, Munger, Mundt, DeWitt, Herbert, Aigler, Green, Mactier, Orr, Wiese, Warren, Davidson, Lewis ROW 2 Johnson, Porter, Kirkpatrick, Cameron, Helgren, Miller, A. Emory. Bourquin, King, Westrate, Saville ROW 3 Beyster, Horst- kotte, Grier, Queern, Smart, W. Emory, Angle, Dooge, P. Mack, C. Mack, Loud OFFICERS E. Stanton Miller, President; Norman R. Helgren, Corresponding Secretary; William S. Dewitt, Recording Secretary; Kenneth A. Warren, Treasurer SENIORS David A. Badenoch, James F. Bourquin, B. Dallas Cameron, Jr., Richard D. Emory, Norman R. Helgren, Robert D. King, Arthur L. Kirkpatrick, Jr., E. Stanton Miller, Howard P. Porter, Jr., JUNIORS Roger F. Berg, William S. Dewitt, G. Stewart Johnson, Henry C. Loud, George W. Sallade, Richard M. Sa- ville, Kenneth A. Warren, Warren K. Westrate SOPHOMORES John A. Aigler, James E. Davidson, Robert A. Green, William P. Herbert, Clayton Lewis, Jr., J. Allen Mactier, Allen V. Mundt, Edgar K. Orr, Henry L. Schmidt, Jr., John L. Wiese FRESHMEN John C. Angle, James D. Beyster, William K. Brown, Jr., B. Russel Dooge, Jr., William C. Emory, Jr., Thomas S. Grier, Charles S. Mack, H. Patterson Mack, Charles T. Munger, John S. Smart, William Westrate, Jr. 343 SIIEMA PHI EPSILON TOP ROW Baird, Gordon, Mikulich, Brimmer ROW 2 Templer, Lehman, Wood, Smith, Rawdon, Grey, Shambach, Holland, Sloane, Holmberg, Roney, Denny, Cook, Hascall ROW 3 Grover, King, Contie, Purdue, Osterstrom. Huntoon, Rawlee, Grim- shaw, Bartlow, Sears, Johnson, Brooks, Emerson, O ' Hara ROW 4 Bateman, McOm- ber, Keetch, Aldrich, Harms, Ogden, Zeller, Powers, Stegath, Gould, Ranson, Rafelson ROW 5 Hamilton, W. Mikulich, McCarthy, Stedman, Granger, Fisk, Grimshaw, Swart, Laursen, MacDonald OFFICERS Henry Zeller, President, George Harms, Vice-President, Robert Ogden, Secretary, John Powers, Treasurer. SENIORS James Aldrich, David Bateman, Allen Bott, Leroy Contie, Robert Emerson, Doug Gould, George Grover, George Harms, Robert Keetch, Warren King, Ted McOmber, Robert Ogden, Rober t O ' Hara, Charles Ranson, Bill Stegath, Henry Zeller. JUNIORS Bill Ager, Robert Bartlow, Bill Brooks, Oscar Cook, Corwin Denny, Robert Grimshaw, Sam Holland, Edward Holmberg, Richard Huntoon, Gardner Johnson, John Mikulich, Gordon Osterstrom, John Powers, John Purdue, Max Rafelson, Asa Rowlee, James Sears, Robert Templin, James Wilson. SOPHOMORES Bud Brimmer, Harold Cole- man, Fred Lehman, Bill Ludwig, Art Nikkei, Richard Rawdom, George Roney, George Sloane, Don Smith, Bill Steinhagen. FRESHMEN Dick Baird, Louis Devantier, Chuck Fiske, Don Gordon, Don Granger, Bill Grey, Tom Grimshaw, Bill Ham- ilton, Ed Haskell, John Laursen, John McCarthy, James McDonald, Bill Mikulich, Bob Ohlmacher, Bob Ramsay, Bill Schwab, John Shambach, Lynn Stedman, Blaine Swart, Chuck Thomas, Don Thrun, Ken Wood. 344 T H E T A CHI TOP ROW Hawes, Eddy, Shopoff, Zipp, Droman, Bigelow, Ceithaml, Boor, Trytten ROW 2 John, Luckett, Bartlett, Skaug, Emery, Reagan, Lockard, Lahr ROW 3 Pabst, Smith, Wiens, Low, Dillman, Garvin. Wright, Strain, Grady, Cowles ROW 4 Blake- more, Langwig, Gault, Kettler, Inman, Schoch, Connell, Hopkins OFFICERS Charles Dillman, President, Rollins Low, Vice-President, James Garvin, Secretary, David Wiens, Treasurer. SENIORS Leon Coquillette, John Corson, Walter Cowles, Charles Dillman, Harlin Fraumann, James Garvin, Jack Grady, Rollins Low, Robert Pabst, Frank Smith, Richard Strain, Robert Westfall, David Wiens, Eric Wright. JUNIORS James Bartlett, Frederick Blakemore, George Ceithaml, George Eddy, J. Bradford John, Frank Lahr, Harold Lockhard, Arlie Reagan, Andrew Skaug, Herbert Troost. SOPHOMORES Meritt Bigelow, Jr., Donald Boor, John Crow, William Dor- ranee, Charles Droman, Richard Emery, William Hawes, Robert Shopoff, J. Perry Trytten, Wilbur Zipp, Jr. FRESHMEN James Connell, William Gault, Kent Hopkins, Harry Inman, Jr., Milton Kettler, John Langwig, George Luckett, Gordon Parks, Thornton Schoch. 345 THETA DELTA CHI TOP ROW Flaglu. Huttlinger. McDerby. Low. Clement, Williams, Burgess, Holthop ROW 2 R. Molthop, Schroeder, Flott, Aldinger, Sharp, Pierce, Nixon, Sheets ROW 3 Robertson, Shedd, Allen, Getts, Wallace, Stille, Egebr, Voeglin, Schell ROW 4 Linton, Otjen, Gieb, Walsh, Beyer, Bartell, Schelley, Cunningham, Weisert, Lamb, Beltz OFFICERS Robert Wallace, President, Wayne Stille, Vice-President, Robert Getts, Treasurer, Joe Schroeder, Corres- ponding Secretary. SENIORS Stanton Allen, Clarke Egeler, Robert L. Getts, James McNamee, Richard Molthop, Stuart Park, George Robertson, Jr., Richard Schell, Robert Shedd, Wayne Stille, Harold Voegelin, Robert Wallace. JUNIORS Leroy Aldinger, Warren DeLand, David Eldredge, Robert Flott, Jerome Lamb, Donald Nixon, James Pierce, Joe Schroeder, Theo Sharp, Jerome Sheets. SOPHOMORES Paul Barker, Lawrence Bartell, Warren Burgess, Jr., Paul Clement, Arthur Geib, John Flagler, John Huttlinger, Louis Jahnke, Albert Low, Frank McDerby, Peter Molthop, Robert Shelley, Donald Williams. FRESHMEN Fred Beltz, Jr., Herbert Beyer, Jr., James Cunningham, Lloyd Linton, Carl Otjen, George Walsh, Jr., Edward Weisert. 346 T H E T A XI TOP ROW Gotschall, Jorgensen, Bullard, Morrison, Johnson, Wehmeyer, Jennens, Heck, Lockwood, Geniesse, Brown, J. Eyster, Lynch, Hogan, Grady ROW 2 Mac- Gregor, Harwood, Brackett, Richardson, Hunter, Wadsworth, Fisher, Christensen, Ar- nold, Henry, Garland, Taylor, Nelson ROW 3 Burnham, Munn, Linden, McKenna, Gauthier, Keller, Rogers, Martin, Brodie, D. Eyster, O. Smith, Hallissy ROW 4 Klee, Williams, Shadd, Rehm, Wood, Huntington, Cooper, Baker, Barton, Beauchamp OFFICERS James S. Rogers, President, George D. Gotschall, Vice-President, Raymond H. Gauthier, John J. Brackett, Treasurer. SENIORS John S. Burnham, Earl E. Garland, Raymond H. Gauthier, George D. Gotschall, Joseph M. Hallissy, John R. Henry, John S. Keller, John E. Linden, James S. Martin, Thomas J. McKenna, James S. Rogers, Michael J. Sofiak, William J. Steppon. JUNIORS Robert B. Arnold, John S. Beauchamp, Robert J. Brodie, Richard D. Eyster, Phillip Harvey Fisher, Eugene W. Geniesse, Charles Munn, R. Lee Nelson, Robert C. Richardson, Ogden C. Smith, F. Carter Taylor, Wil- liam A. Wadsworth, Wilbur Wood. SOPHOMORES John J. Brackett, Warren Bullard, Glenn M. Heck, John H. Hunter, Walter H. Huntington, Paul P. Jennens, Elaine B. Johnson, F. Warren Jorgenson, W. Bruce Lockwood, Frank Morrisson, David J. Pusack, David B. Wehmeyer. FRESHMEN Edwin C. Baker, David W. Barton, Leland C. Brown, Hugh Cooper, Jr., James Eyster, James V. Grady, Fredrick H. Hogan, Walter H. Klee, Jr., Robert E. Lynch, Harold W. Rehm, Robert W. Shadd, Robert M. Whitehorn, James T. Williams. 347 R I A N G L E TOP ROW Dofter, Plenge, E. Case, Snyder, Thatcher, Bengal, Zytkewick ROW 2- Gumaer, Hull, Klute, Platt, Shandley, B. Case, Weatherwax OFFICERS Robert J. Platt, Jr., President, John A. Shandley, Vice-President, Philip B. Case, Secretary, Daniel J. Klute, Treasurer. SENIORS Vernon C. Bengal, Philip B. Case, Edward J. Dofter, Robert J. Platt, Jr., John A. Shandley, Russell S. Thatcher, Grant D. Whipple, John Zytkewick. JUNIORS Daniel J. Klute, Henry R. Pontek, Edward G. Snyder. SOPHOMORES Harry W. Gumaer, Jr., James G. Hull, James E. Plenge, William F. Weatherwax. FRESHMEN Edson G. Case, Robert G. Ford, Edward G. Rich. 348 R I G O N TOP ROW Martelli, Thompson, Kemp, Hooper, Redmon, Lent-Coop, Strawser, Parr, Bazley ROW 2 Weylouth, Bandoli. Howell, Reed, Mead, Lovett, Pickering OFFICERS Karl F. Reed, President, Donald D. Howell, Vice-President, William B. Thompson, Secretary, James F. Lovett, Treasurer. SENIORS Marvin Bandoli, James F. Lovett, Richard P. Mead, Colin Weymouth. JUNIORS Robert Kemp, Richard D. Peltier. SOPHOMORES James R. Bazley, George Hooper, Donald D. Howell, Theodore Lent-Coop, Robert Martelli, Karl F. Reed, William B. Thompson. FRESHMEN Lawrence Neumann, Raymond Parr, William Redman, George Strawser. 349 ZETA BETA TAU J , TOP ROW W. Samuels, Silversmith, Seivers, Heavenrich, Weil, B. Brown, Kellner, Feierman, Cole, Burstein, Borman, Laufe, Janeway, Cooper, Helzberg, Schwartz ROW 2 R. Kahn, Bloch, Wingate, Solomon, Wolf, Sieden, Steinberg, Romanoff, Rosen, Winkelman, Grossberg, Morrison, Rothschild ROW 3 Heiniman, Weisman, Hendel, Simon, Landsberg, Kessel, R. Samuels, Boas, Block, A. Kahn, Schulof, Katz ROW 4 Jaffe, Cohen, Mann, Salon, Zuckerman, M. Brown, Treuhaft, Spitz, Leff, Wise, Ostrow, Hallerstein, Jacobson OFFICERS Jack E. Kessel, President, Bernard Hendel, Vice-President, Richard S. Simon, Secretary, Leon H. Landsberg, Treasurer. SENIORS Wolfred W. Block, Jack H. Cohen, Thomas Goodkind, Aron Kahn, Ira R. Katz, Jack E. Kessel, Leon H. Landsberg, Robert N. Samuels, Harold E. Schulhof, Robert L. Weisman. JUNIORS Henry W. Bloch, Morrie G. Boas, Robert H. Burstein, Edmund J. Grossberg, Warner Heineman, Bernard Hendel, Robert L. Morrison, Milford M. Romanoff, Douglas A. Rosen, Charles J. Rothschild, Jr., Daniel E. Seiden, Richard S. Simon, Julius F. Solomon, Jr., Paul D. Wingate, Stanley Jay Winkelman, Frederick H. Wolf. SOPHOMORES Marvin Borman, Bernard M. Brown, Richard L. Cole, J. Richard Cooper, Martin E. Feferman, Herbert S. Heavenrich, Jr., James M. Helzberg, Cornell Janeway, Richard L. Kahn, Kenneth L. Kardon, Haskell J. Kellner, Warren R. Laufe, William D. Samuels, Norman D. Schwartz, Ora E. Sievers, Joseph H. Silversmith, Jr., Edwin W. Weil, Jr. FRESHMEN Martin G. Brown, Robert S. Cohen, Louis S. Hallenstein, Robert J. Jacobson, Robert Jaffe, Jay C. Leff, Robert L. Mann, Jerome L. Ostrow, Joel W. Salon, Richard M. Spitz, Jack J. Treuhaft, Robert S. Wise, James R. Zuckerman. 350 Z E T A P S I TOP ROW Collamore, Quarels, Hamilton, Cahalane, Bulmer, Miller, Salvette, Arnold, Fielder, Gould, Todd ROW 2 Comstock, Menz, Bolliger, Smith, Serrester, Arnold, Jackson, Ritchie, Tree OFFICERS Fred E. Arnold, President, Edwin R. Menz, Vice-President, Russell M. Tree, Secretary, Bernard F. Serrester, Corresponding Secretary. SENIORS John R. Cahalane, William G. Collamore, William Comstock, Charles R. Fielder, Thomas H. Gamon, Charles H. Gould, Robert C. Hamilton, Charles S. Quarles, Rudy A. Salvette, Martin M. Spitz. JUNIORS Fred E. Arnold, Malcolm W. Bulmer, George C. Fink, Douglas M. Fowle, Wayne N. Hadley, Dean J. Miller, Bernard F. Sen-ester. SOPHOMORES Alfred L. Arnold, Edwin R. Menz, T. Scott Smith, Russell M. Tree. FRESHMEN Eugene G. Bellinger, James B. Jackson, Donald R. Nelson, Phil Ritchey. 351 MEGA IPHA TOP ROW Holaday, Johnson, Clark, MacLaughlin, Allen, Campbell, Gates, George, Hooker. Radiord, Rosing, Schumann ROW 2 Searls, M. Sherman, Sigler, D. Turner, Cone, Genung, Higbee, Higgins, Hutchinson, Macklem, Orth, Rhodes ROW 3 Stover, Taylor, Carlson, Clubb, Dudgeon, Husted, Iselman, Keppel, McGill, Mills, Mueller, Spen- cer ROW 4 Appel, Cameron, Cothran, Dillenbeck, Duwe, Estes, Henderson, Hooper, McDaniel, Olander, Palmer, Petley ROW 5 Pomering, Pugsley, Reid, Rowe, Roop, C. Sherman, Summers, I. Turner OFFICERS Mary Anne Holaday, President, Jean Johnson, Vice-President, Elise Clark, Recording Secretary, Doris Allen, Corresponding Secretary, Barbara MacLaughlin. SENIORS Doris Allen, Virginia Campbell, Elise Clark, Florence Gates, Linda Gail George, Janet Hiatt Hooker, Mary Anne Holaday, Jean Johnson, Mildred Radford, Jane Rosing, Elinor Searls, Marjorie Sherman, Betty Jane Schumann, Vivian Sigler, Dorothy Turner. JUNIORS Suzanne Cone, Joan Genung, Louise Higbee, Mar- jory-Anne Higgins, Doris Hutchison, Barbara MacLaughlin, Mar- ion Orth, Ann Rhoads, Virgina Stover, Katherine Taylor. SOPHOMORES Marion Carlson, Gertrude Clubb, Dorothy Dudgeon, Jean Husted, Charlotte Iselman, Mary Keppel, Mary McGill, Margaret Mills, Louise Mueller, Alvira Spencer. FRESH- MEN Elizabeth Appel, Bernadine Cameron, Carol Cothran, Jean Dillenbeck, Betty Duwe, Polly Estes, Carol Henderson, Ellen Hooper, Jean Macklen, Glenn McDaniel, Louise Olander, Patricia Palmer, Betty Petley, June Pomering, Dorothy Pugsley, Janice Reid, Sherry Roop, Joan Ross, Jean Rowe, Claire Sherman, Eliza- beth Summers, Irene Turner. Founded at De Pauw University 1885. Theta Chapter 1898. 1004 Olivia. 354 Founded at Wesleyan Female College 1851. Beta Eta Chapter 1929. 722 Forest. OFFICERS Joanne Taylor, President, Lois Gish, Vice-Presi- dent, Nancy Bercaw, Treasurer, Nelda Cain, Secretary. SEN- IORS Joyce Engstrom, Lois Gish, Muriel Hagemeyer, Faye Kilburn, Joanne Taylor. JUNIORS Nancy Bercaw, Helen Campbell, Eleanor Gray, Frances Ann Gray, Elizabeth Mahlman, Jeanne Marxhausen, Patricia Stearns. SOPHOMORES Virginia Anderson, Betty Bell, Nelda Cain, Dorothy Dodge, Dorothy Dubuisson, Nancy Frank, Sally John- ston, Martha Leach, Patricia McDonald, Jeanne Meier, Elizabeth Rodgers. FRESHMEN Mary Carol Almen, Jean Blomquist, Helen Covert, Barbara Dolf, Theresa Glutsch, Sybil Hansen, Beatrice Linnig, Jane Shute, Harriette Wiltsee. TOP ROW Taylor, Gish, Cain, Bercaw, Engstrom, Hagemeyer, Kilburn, Campbell, Dolf ROW 2 Gearing, E. Gray, F. Gray, Mahlman, Marxhausen, Singer, Stearns, Anderson, Bell ROW 3 Dodge, Dubisson, Franck, Johnston, Leach, McDonald, Meier, Rodgers, Almen ROW 4 Blomquist, Covert, Glutsch, Hansen, Linnig, Shute, Soper, Wiltsee. ( I 1 ft Ak LPHA ELTA 355 LPHfl PSILON TOP ROW Aaronson, Rabinovitch, Arnold, Robson, Baker, Bluestein, Copeland, Holtz- man, Imber, Leibson, Margolis, Riff ROW 2 Schlow, Schwab, Shapiro, Snyder, Teller, Altfeld, Earth, Bernstein, Bloom, Donen. Gross Kunzman ROW 3 Lewin, Neiman, Nickoll, Sternfels, Taylor, Bachrach, Browarsky, Cooper, Fischer, Frank, Galansky, Gor- don ROW 4 D. Harris, J. Harris, Harvey, Hirshman, Hyman, Kahn, Lilienthal, Present, Schulhof, Spector, Webber, Batt ROW 5 Brandsterter, Freudberg, Goldstein. M. Gross, Herman, Ribbach, Shure, Wallace, Wolfson OFFICERS Frances Aaronson, Dean, Ina Mae Rabinovitch, Sub-dean, Lois Arnold, Scribe, Hope Robison, Treasurer SENIORS Frances Aaronson, Harriet Baker, Muriel Bluestein, Paula Copeland, Cyrille Halkin, Suzanne Holtzman, Shyrle Im- ber, Betty Leibson, Louise Margolis, Eleanor Perla, Ina Mae Rabinovitch, Charlotte Riff, Hope Robison, Irma Schlow, Lorraine Schwab, Lois Schapiro, Hilda Snyder, Marjorie Teller JUNIORS Shirley Altfeld, Lois Arnold, Elaine Earth, Thelma Bernstein, Ruth Bloom, Gloria Donen, Joan Gross, Patricia Kunzman, Janet Lewin, Adele Neiman, Bebe Nickoll, Hazel Taylor SOPHO- MORES Kayla Bachrach, Henrietta Browarsky, Harriet Cooper, Vivian Fischer, Rosalie Frank, Bernice Galansky, Marie Gordon, Doreen Harris, June Harris, Betty Harvey, Gloria Hirschman, Rita Hyman, Ann Kahn, Natalie Lilienthal, Phyllis Present, Dorothy Schulhof, Martha Spector, Barbara Sternfels, Justine Travis, Mar- jorie Welber. FRESHMEN Marjorie Batt, Ruth Branstetter, Grace Freudberg, Audrey Goldstein, Marilyn Gross, Gerry Her- man, Ruth Ribback, Barbara Shure, Peggy Wallace, Marjorie Wolfson. Founded at Barnard College Pi Chapter 1921. 407 North Ingalls. -1909. 356 OFFICERS Eleanor Donahue, President; Audrey Sorensen, Vice-president; Elinor Campbell, Secretary; Mary Crawford, Treasurer. SENIORS Mary Lou Baumgarten, Eleanor Donahue, Elinor Campbell, Margaret Harris, Eleanor Maliche, Audrey Sor- enson, Jane Thomssen. JUNIORS Mary Ellen Alt, Jean Cof- felt, Mary Crawford, Anne Evarts, Nancy Gray, Helen Holiday, Rose Hull, Dorothy Larson, Marallyn MacRitchie, Louise Marson, Hazel Muller, Audrey Moore, Martha Preston, Betty Spain, Joanne Woodward, Carolyn Wensink. SOPHOMORES Anne Adams, Anne Andrews, Ruth Brand, Helen Eckerman, Betty Anne Kranich, Betty Peat, Betty Ramsdell, Carolyn Reese, Jane Springer. FRESHMEN Marian Alaniva, Helen Ashley, Nancy Hayes, Marian James, Betty Newell, Elinor Porter, Jean Patey, Joan Pullum, Audrey Sheridan. Founded at University of Syracuse 1904. Alpha Beta Chapter 1922. 1322 Hill Street TOP ROW Donahue, Sorensen, Campbell, Crawford, Baumgarten, Harris, Hayes, Hoag, Maliche ROW 2 Schoberg. Thomssen, Alt, Coffelt, Evarts, Gray, Holiday, Hull, Lar- son ROW 3 MacRitchie, Marsom, Moore, Muller, Preston, Spain, Wensink, Wood- ward, Adams ROW 4 Brand, Eckerman, Kranich, Peat, Ramsdell, Reese, Springer, Alaniva, Andrews ROW 5 Ashley, Hayes, James, Newell, Paty, Porter, Pullum, Sheri- dan LPHA llAMMA ELTA 357 MICRON LPHA TOP ROW Cowart, Prentice, Mathis, Judson, Weidlea, Ferguson, Jones, Davidson, Morris, Davis ROW 2 Wineland, Feldrappe, Ranahan, Bowman, Elizabeth Campbell, Christa, Kirkbride, Kolbe, Patterson, Keltner ROW 3 Denton, Baumiller, Roth, Jaski, Norton, Ford, Visscher, Fotheringham, Rowe, Wunluck ROW 4 Tabor, Lamson, Graeff, Eleanor Campbell, Kerr, Taylor, Birkett, Weadock, Chandler, Den Herder OFFICERS Elizabeth Cowart, President; Jeanne Prentice, Vice-president; Ethel Mary Mathis, Secretary; Dorothy Judson, Treasurer. SENIORS Margaret Cornelius, Elizabeth Cowart, Irene Ferguson, Jeanne Prentice, Cora Mae Weidlea. JUN- IORS Jane Baessler, Wanda Baumiller, Margaret Bowman, Elizabeth Campbell, Mildred Christa, Margaret Davidson, May- belle Davis, Jean Denton, Eleanor Feldrappe, Elizabeth Jones, Dorothy Judson, Muriel Kettner, Helen Kirkbride, Shirley Kolbe, Ethel Mathis, Mary Morris, Myrtle Patterson, Jean Ranahan, Eliza- beth Roth, Dorothy Wineland. SOPHOMORES Eleanor Camp- bell, Marion Ford, Virginia Fotheringham, Carol Graeff, Rita Jaski, Jean Kerr, Lois Lampson, Deni Molini, May Rita Norton, Norma Rowe, Constance Tabor, Dorothy Visscher, Feme Wunluck. FRESHMEN Margaret Birkett, Virginia Chandler, Joyce Den Herder, Elizabeth Taylor, Virginia Weadock. Founded at Barnard College 1897. Omicron Pi Chapter 1921. 1017 Oakland. 358 Founded at Syracuse University 1872. Theta Chapter 1892. 1830 Hill Street. OFFICERS Mary Spaeth, President; Barbara Wood, Vice- President; Frances Rogers, Secretary. SENIORS Carolyn Bryne, Jeanne Crump, Joan Davidson, Jackie Glair, Patty Hadley, Mary Hayden, Sue Hopkins, Mary Spaeth, Barbara Wood. JUNIORS Marjorie De Roo, Jean Gilmer, Olga Gruhzit, Virginia Jackson, Marjorie Kittens, Charlotte Noble, Betsy Orr, Carol Pitcher, Harriet Pratt, Frances Rogers, June Skinner, Kathleen Smith, Helen Catherine Walsh, Margaret Wetherald SOPHOMORES Delores Anderson, Ruth Blodgett, Nell Fead, Frances Ferguson, Frances Gracey, Margaret Harmon, Marjorie Kaufman, Ann MacMillan, Martha Piersol, Mary Jane Sezauer, Miriam Williams FRESHMEN Dor- een Armstrong, Jayne Bronson, Betsy Brown, Jean Christian, Nan Crump, Billy Davidson, Agnes Day, Mary Jane Dyble, Ann Hauser, Mary Jo Jacques, Sue Lovett, Barbara Mason, Ann Murray, Nancy Northrup, Jo Ann Peterson, June Sanden- burgh, Jean Stenhouse, Virginia Warren, Jane Woltzen. TOP ROW Spaeth, Wood, Byrne, Glair, J. Crump, J. Davidson, Hadley. Hayden, Hop- kins, Blodgett, DeRoo, Gilmer ROW 2 Jackson, Killins, Noble, Orr, Pitcher, Pratt, Gruhzit, Rogers, Royle, Skinner, Smith. Walsh ROW 3 Wetherald, Anderson, Fead, Ferguson, Gracey, Harmon, Johnson, Kaufmann, Peirsol, Riggin, Sexauer, Trosper ROW 4 Williams, Armstrong, Bronson, Brown, Christian, N. Crump, B. Davidson, Day, Dyble, Hauser, Kennedy, Lovett ROW 5 Mason, Murray, Northrup, Peterson, Sanden- burgh, Stenhouse, Warren, Woltzen LPHA 359 LPHA ELTA TOP ROW Modlin, Thompson. Wiedman, Morris, Church, Cleary, Oetjen, Urmston, Buszek ROW 2 Dixon, Johnson, McCracken, McDavid, Sachs, Seitz, Smith, Vaughn, Vogel ROW 3 Calahan. Dodd, Furst, Koebbe, McCarthy, McCracken, Packer, Thomp- son. OFFICERS Viola Modlin, President; Charlotte Thompson, Vice-President; Elaine Wiedman, Secretary; Mary Jane Morris, Treasurer. SENIORS Nan Church, June Cleary, Viola Modlin, Mary Jane Morris, Phyllis Oetjen, Nancy Urmston, Elaine Wiedman. JUNIORS Kay Buszek, Ann Dixon, Barbara S. Johnson, Florence McCracken, Ruth McDavid, Bette Sachs, Betty Seitz, Barbara Smith, Charlotte Thompson. SOPHOMORES Barbara Vaughan, Maxine Vogel. FRESHMEN Dorothy Cal- lahan, Virginia Dodd, Barbara Furst, Mary Catherine Koebbe, Jeanne McCarthy, Martha McCracken, Dorothy Packer, Marion Thompson. Founded at Lombard College- Alpha Epsilon Chapter 1920. 825 Tappan. -1893. 360 Founded at University of Arkansas 1895. Eta Chapter 1905. 1503 Washtenaw. OFFICERS Anne Minckler, President, Mildred Da Lee, Vice-President, Marjorie Strong, Secretary, Margaret Bancroft, Treasurer. SENIORS Josephine Alexander, Elaine Baird, Margaret Bancroft, Frances Besancon, Joanne Bouchard, Janet Cattrell, Mildred Da Lee, Barbara Eckert, Virginia Frey, Cath- erine Goetz, Elizabeth Howard, Elsie Jensen, Anne Minckler, Eloise Munger, Elizabeth Pexton, Catherine Ruddy, Ellen St. John, Marianne Taylor, Marjorie Taylor, Dorothy Weidman, Anna Jean Williams. JUNIORS Jane Cayia, Muriel Kea- hey, Jane Me Lean, Esther Murlin, Frances Ramsdell, Marjorie Starham, Marjorie Strong, Kathryn Upson, Sally Walsh, Joy Wright. SOPHOMORES Nancy Bierwirth, Britta Bonazzi, Violette Cinq-Mars, Carol Forsythe, Phyllis Gardiner, Marjorie Lowe, Joan McGrath, Maureen Munger, Geraldine Stadel- man, Esther Stevens, Janet Taylor, Dorothy Treadwell. FRESHMEN Mary Ann Buchanan, Dorothy Goetz, Peggy Goadin, Edith Jensen, Norma Kelly, Joy Low, Dorothea McDaniel, June McNutt, Marilyn Ruch, Harriet Snaddon, Barbara Strong, Betty Jane Swift. TOP ROW Minckler, Da Lee, M. Strong, Bancroft, Alexander, Besancon, Bouchard, Cottrell, Eckert, Frey, C. Goetz ROW 2 Howard, Elsie Jensen, E. Munger, Pexton, Ruddy, St. John, Marianne Taylor, Marjorie Taylor, Weidman, Williams, Cayia ROW 3 Keahy, McLean, M. Munger, Murlin, Ramsdell, Storkan, Upson, Walsh, Wright, Bier- wirth, Bonazzi ROW 4 Cinq-Mars, Forsyth, Gardiner, Lowe, McGrath, Stadelman, Stevens, J. Taylor, Treadwell, Buchanan, D. Goetz ROW 5 Goodin, Edith Jensen, Kelly, Low, McDaniel, McNutt, Ruch, Snaddon, B. Strong, Swift MEGA 361 OROSIS OLLEGIATE TOP ROW Heames, Knappen, Worrell, Mullins, Adams, Bentley, Cleary, Gould, Has- kell ROW 2 P. Loughead, Purdom, Thomas, Aldrich, Avery, Baubie, Bursley, Eddy, Filstrup ROW 3 Reutter, Rinehart. Bouchard, Garrels, Gilbreth, Hughes, Keas, S. Loughead, Nixon ROW 4 Roelofs, Sawyer, Schoepfle, Shaw, Stroh, Vennell, Blanch- ard, Forbush, Frantz ROW 5 Grootendorst, Lawton, McCormick, McMath, Otis, Sadler, Skinner, Trainer, Wotherspoon OFFICERS Harriet Heames, President, Jean Knappen, Vice- President, Nancy Worrell, Secretary, Jean Mullins, Treasurer. SENIORS Suzanne Bentley, Patricia Cleary, Nancy Gould, Mary Haskell, Harriet Heames, Patricia Loughead, Jean Mall ' ns, Veitch Purdom, Carolyn Vrooman. JUNIORS Rosemary Aid- rich, Sally Baubie, Margery Bursley, Eugenia Eady, Nancy Fil- strup, Jean Knappew, Joan Reutter, Betty Rinehart, Sally Stroh, Nancy Worrell. SOPHOMORES Nancy Avery, Beatrice Bouchard, Helen Garrels, Jane Gilbreth, Mary Leigh Hughes, Martha Keas, Sally Loughead, Pat Nixon, Alice Roelofs, Nan Sawyer, Barbara Schoepfle, Penelope Shaw. FRESHMEN Mary Blanchard, Louise Forbush, Joan Frantz, Ann Grootendorst, Mary Lee Grossman, Hope Lawton, Joyce McCormick, Made- laine McMath, Evelyn Otis, Margaret Sadler, Harriet Skinner, Mary Jane Trainer, Ann Vennell, Yvonne Wotherspoon. Founded at Unversity of Michigan 1886. 1501 Washtenaw. 362 OFFICERS Edith Longyear, President, Jean Sollitt, House President, Phyllis Lovejoy, Secretary, Gertrude Mohlin, Treas- urer. SENIORS Mary Beatty, Carolyn Denfield, Jeanne Goudy, Erath Gutekunst, Marjorie Hardy, Marjorie Kendall, Edith Longyear, Phyllis Lovejoy, Grace Miller, Gertrude Moh- lin, Bette Ross, Helen Scheer, Phyllis Sheeny, Rosalie Smith, Jean Sollitt, Evelyn Wright, Dona Zollner. JUNIORS Bar- bara Berry, Joan Clement, Dorothy Cummings, Mary Lou Cur- ran, Nancy De Foe, Barbara deFries, Marcia Elkins, Mar- garet Evans, Jean Fahrenbach, Bette Griswold, Kathryn Hood, Doris Marty, Jo Anne Morris, Phyllis Reynolds, Roberta Schreck, Mary Sellon, Ruth Willits. SOPHOMORES Catherine Brennan, Cathryn Classen, Margaret Gardner, Marjorie Love- joy, Vicki Mason, Audrey McLaughlin, Martha McMillan, Marcia Nelson, Ruth Elizabeth Poling, Margaret Lou Ross, Jeanne Shinnick, Barbara Steeh, Lucy Chase Wright, Jean Whittemore, Marjorie Young. FRESHMEN Margaret Ann Brown, Martha Frey, Pat Gillis, Dorothy Griswold, Barbara Heym, Joan Kintzing, Ann Lyon, Ruth Strong, Mary Jane Thielen. Founded at Boston University 1888. Iota Chapter 1893. 718 Tappan. TOP ROW Longyear, Sollett, P. Lovejoy, Mohlin, Goudy, Hardy, Kendall, Miller, B. Ross, Scheer, Sheehy ROW 2 Smith, E. Wright, Zollner, Clement, Cummings, Curran, DeFoe, deFries, Elkins, Evans, Fahrenbach ROW 3 Gardner, Gillis, B. Griswold, Hood, Marty, Morris, Reynolds, Schreck, Sellon, Steeh, Willits ROW 4 Berry, Claassen, M. Lovejoy, Mason, McLaughlin, McMillan, Nelson, Poling, P. Ross, Shinnick, Whittemore ROW 5 L. Wright, Young, Brown, Frey, D. Griswold. Heym, Kintzing, Lyon, Strong, Thielen ELTA ELTA ELTA 363 ELTA AMMA TOP ROW Baits, Drury Benham, Rakestraw, Alfvin, Bender, Bloxsom, Connell, J. Hof- man, Purgett, Tydeman ROW 2 Van Dyke, Wright, Holmes, Lamb, Neal, J. Graham, Moehlman, Luton, Young, Kulsavage, De Vries ROW 3 Eckert, Stickney, Schutt, Bun- nell, Hastreiter, Bales, Swisher, Scheffer, Lindberg, Rogers, Opsion ROW 4 Shartel Stapp, M. Whipple, Reichert, S. Graham, Linehan, Rieger, Fletcher, Barney, Brown, L. Whipple ROW 5 Brosius, Hahn, E. Hofman, Morell, Stoetzel. Berger, Palmer, Althouse OFFICERS Jane Baits, President, Virginia Drury, Vice President, Eleanor Rakestraw, Treasurer. SENIORS Virginia Alfvin, Jane Baits, June Bender, Jean Benham, Dorothy Bloxsom, Jane Connell, Virginia Drury, Jeanette Hofman, Dorothy Lindquist, Berna Deane Purgett, Dorothy Tydeman, Helen Van Dyke, Margaret Wright. JUNIORS Marian De Vries, Donne. Eckert, Jane Graham, Sybil Graham, Marie Holmes, Isabel Kul- savage, Betty Sue Lamb, Mabel Luton, Jean Moehlman, Betty Ann Neal, Eleanor Rakestraw, Janet Stickney, Virginia Young. SOPHOMORES Dorothy Bales, Elizabeth Bunnell, Mary June Hastreiter, Jane Lindberg, Martha Opsion, Mary Reichert, Doris Rogers, Suzanne Scheffer, Alice Louise Schutt, Marlou Shartel, Mary Ann Stapp, Elizabeth Swisher, Margaret Whipple. FRESH- MEN Margaret Althouse, Dorothy Barney, Mary Ann Berger, Irene Brosius, Barbara Brown, Betty Fletcher, Mary Alice Hahn, Ellen Hofman, Barbara Linehan, Joyce Morrell, Winifred Palmer, Elizabeth Rieger, Rose Stoetzel, Louise Whipple. Founded at Oxford Institute Xi Chapter 1885. 1205 Hill Street -1874. 364 OFFICERS Margaret Hulbert, President, Martha Poe, Vice- President, Doris Arner, Treasurer, Mary Gage, Corresponding Secretary, Marian Rae Gustafson, Recording Secretary. SEN- IORS Susan Adams, Janice Bens on, Phyllis Bihn, Dorothy Brooks, Beth Cowing, Catherine Crosby, Mary Dixon, Mary Gage, Marian Rae Gustafson, Caroline Holt, Margaret Hulbert, Louise Keatley, Shirley Lay, Jean Manwaring, Mary Neafie, Harriet Plaisted, Martha Poe, Phoebe Power, Helen Rhodes, Evelyn Spamer, Eleanor Williams, Jane Zimmerman. JUN- IORS Betty Allen, Doris Arner, Belva Barnes, Jean Caldwell, Molly Hoffman, Jane Honey, Margaret Ihling, Jean Jeffrey, Mary Riechle, Patricia Stelle, Frances Triestram, Virginia Wake- man, Ruth Wood, Mary Lou Woodbury. SOPHOMORES Eleanore Dodd, Diggins Farrer, Josephine Fitzpatrick, June Gustafson, Shirley Heenan, Catherine Lathrop; Carol May, Susan Ortmayer, Nancy Upson, Janet Veenboer, Frances Vyn, Marcia Zimmerman. FRESHMEN Carol Cecil, Josephine Halmes, Alice Maxwell, Marjorie McCulloch, Mary McNamee, Margery Merriam, Barbara Miller, Jane Neafie, Deborah Parry, Hope Tappe, Frances Thompson. Founded at University of Syracuse 1874. Beta Chapter 1882. 1520 South University. TOP ROW Hulbert, Poe R. Gustafson, Arner, Adams, Benson, Bihn, Brooks, Cowing, Crosby, Dixon, Gage ROW 2 Keatley, Lay, Manwaring, M. Neafie, Plausted, Power, Rhodes, Spamer, Williams, J. Zimmerman, Allen, Barnes ROW 3 Bjork, Caldwell, Hoffman, Honey, Ihling, Jeffrey, Reichle, Triestram, Wakeman, Wood, Woodbury ROW 4 Dodd, Farrar, Fitzpatrick, J. Gustafson, Heenan, Lathrop, May, Ortmayer, Upson, Veenboer, Vyn, M. Zimmerman ROW 5 Cecil, Holmes, Maxwell, McCulloch, Mc- Namee, Merriam, J. Neafie, Tappe, Thompson AMMA 365 BETA APPA LPHA TOP ROW Haas, Barlow, Basse, Bridgen, Baker, Bourke, Burns, Campbell, Carpenter, Farriss, Habel, Johnson, Rybolt ROW 2 Ryerson, Thorn, Tonkin, Wagner, Ward, Ams- bary. Brown, Buesser, Burke, Carritte, Gooding, Green, Hall ROW 3 Hawley, C. Jones, Kahn, Markward, Merrill, Morse, Oldfield, Piender, Robison, Schermerhorn, Smith, Vicary. Bode ROW 4 Brooks, Clarke, DeVine, Highley, Lloyd, Paley, Vial, Weber, Wood, Bartell, Bathke, Caryl, Caswell ROW 5 Chadwick, Eddy, Haas, M. Jones, Longstaff, Milne, Niebor, Romine, Springer, Sturges, Vedder OFFICERS Alice Louise Haas, President, Sue Barlow, Vice-President, Lois Basse, Recording Secretary, Phyllis Tonkin, Corresponding Secretary, Dorothy Bridgen, Treasurer. SENIORS Joan Baker, Sue Barlow, Lois Basse, Frances Bourke, Dorothy Bridgen, Barbara Burns, Jean Campbell, Josephine Carpenter, Betty Fariss, Alice Louise Haas, Mary Habel, Betty John- son, Dorothy Rybolt, Jean Ryerson, Margot Thorn, Phyllis Ton- kin, Virginia Ward, Mary Lee Wagner. JUNIORS Barbara Amsbary, Mary Eleanor Brown, Elizabeth Buesser, Barbara Car- ritte, Mary Ann Gooding, Betty Green, Frances Hall, Catherine Jones, Betty Markward, Virginia Morse, Mary Pfender, Phyllis Robison, Marjorie Smith, Harriette Vicary. SOPHOMORES Virginia Brooks, Dorothy Burke, Janet Clarke, Ellen DsVine, Anne Highley, Sue Kahn, Josephine Lloyd, Ruth Paley, Laura Vial, Morrow Webber, Sue Wood. FRESHMEN Peggy Bartell, Bar- bara Bathke, Ruth Caryl, Arlene Caswell, Barbara Chadwick, Barbara Eddy, Charlotte Haas, Mary Ann Jones, Jane Longstaff, Mary Elizabeth Milne, June Nieber, Mary Jane Romine, Sue Springer, Connie Sturges, Mary Vedder. Founded at DePauw University- Eta Chapter 1879. 1414 Washtenaw Avenue. 366 -1870. -1897. OFFICERS Margaret Meyer, President, Jeanne Rakestraw, Vice-President, Marjorie Bowen, Secretary, Donelda Eagle, Treasurer. SENIORS Barbara Alt, Dorothy Couzens, Kath- ryn Gladding, Marjorie McCoy, Mary Maynard, Margaret Meyer, Matilda Pabst, Jeanne Rakestraw, Doris Smith, Betsy Tretheway, Martha Wilt. JUNIORS Virginia Barber, Olive Beebe, Dorothy Bill, Marjorie Bowen, Helen Clarke, Jean Cox, Virginia Crall, Donelda Eagle, Betty Lou James, Hilda John- son, Betty Merrill, Gail Parsons, Mary Pate. SOPHOMORES Phyllis Adams, Natalie Banks, Diana Beebe, Clorice Case, Alice Dehlin, Cicely Duggan, Melvina Eberle, Francis Griffin, Shirley Holman, Delores Knapp, Marilynn Savage, Mar- garet Sundean, Elaine Travis, Georganna Tuck, Sally Weinhart. FRESHMEN Dorothy del Siena, June Ely, Janet Gray, Betty Hall, Virginia Halliday, Mary Jane Janiga, Lucy Miller, Elizabeth Rosa, Beverly Stewart, Anita Uvick, Claire Warren. Founded at Virginia State Normal College Sigma Zeta Chapter 1921. 1620 Cambridge. TOP ROW Meyer, Rakestraw, Bowen, Eagle, Alt, Couzens, Gladding, Maynard, McCoy, Pabst, Smith ROW 2 Tretheway, Ward, Wilt, Barber, O. Beebe, Bill, Clarke, Cox, Croll, Duggan, Fink ROW 3 James, Johnson, Merrill, Parsons, Adams, Banks, D. Beebe, Case, Dehlin, Eberle, Griffin ROW 4 Holman, Knapp,, Savage, Sundean, Travis, Tuck, Wein- hart, del Siena, Ely, Gray, Hall ROW 5 Holliday, Janiga, Miller, Rosa, Stewart, Uvick, Warren APPA ELTA 367 AMMA APPA APPA TOP ROW Bailie, Dodge, Sims, Andre sen, Bennett, Bullion,!. Carpenter, Hadsell.Henkel, Merki, Nelson, Patterson, Pearce ROW 2 Williamson, Brown, Condit, Drake, Duvall, Erdmann, Herzog, Holmes, Jenswold, B. Kinsey, Mann, Richert, Sawyer ROW 3 Schumann, Smith, Thome, Watson, Asselin, Chute, Crittenden, Doyle, Heath, M. Kin- sey, Pulfer. Robb, Robinson ROW 4 Savage, Slick, Thomas, Wilder, Wood, Adams, Brown, Campbell, B. Carpenter, Castricum, Crawford, Dietrich, Hayden ROW 5 Heil, Houghton, Ives, King, Mattern, Miller, Moser, Netting, Pilloid, Root, Sharpe OFFICERS Betty Bailie, President, Penelope Patterson, Standards Chairman, Margaret Dodge, Secretary, Suzanne Sims, Treasurer. SENIORS Gertrude Andresen, Betty Bailie, Bonnie Bennett, Jeanne Bullion, Lou Carpenter, Margaret Dodge, Margaret Ann Hadsell, Betty Henkel, Dorothy Merki, Eleanor Nelson, Penelope Patterson, Celia Pearce, Elizabeth Thorne, Maxine Williamson. JUNIORS Peg Brown, Shirley Condit, Pauline Drake, Betty Lou Duvall, Betty Erdmann, Ann Herzog, Virginia Holmes, Barbara Jenswold, Betty Kinsey, RoseMary Mann, Elaine Richert, June Sawyer, Barbara Schumann, Ruth- mary Smith, Jean Waison. SOPHOMORES Joan Asselin, Peg Cannon, Margaret Chute, Nancy Crittenden, Gail Doyle, Monna Heath, Martha Kinsey, Roberta Pulfer, Barbara Robinson, Mar- garet Savage, Suzanne Sims, Jo Ann Slick, Mildred Thomas, Nancy Wood. FRESHMEN Veramae Adams, Marilyn Braun, Jean Campbell, Elizabeth Carpenter, Dorothy Castricum, Phyllis Crawford, Shelby Dietrich, Dorothy Hayden, Patricia Heil, Bar- bara Houghton, Ruth Ives, Beth King, Natalie Mattern, Carol Founded at Monmouth College-1870. Miller ' Maril y n Moser - Marcia Netting - Pegg y Pilliod Georgi - Beta Delta Chapter 1890. anna Root Marcia Sharpe. 1204 Hill Street 368 Founded at Hunter College 1913. Eta Chapter 1922. 1430 Cambridge. OFFICERS Celia Halpert, President, Marcia Kohl, Vice-president, Cyril Greene, Treasurer, Reva Frumkin, Secretary. SENIORS Ruth Alenik, Reva Frumkin, Celia Halpert. JUNIORS Iva Aronstein, Rhoda Cohen, Cyril Greene, Marcia Kohl. SOPHOMORES Shirlee Bower, Dorothy Lewis, Phyllis Miller, Helen Moskowitz, Shirley Rudolph, Norma Schwartz, Ida Weinstein. FRESHMEN Estelle Forgash, Adele Rosenhain. TOP ROW Halpert, Kohl, Frumkin, Greene, Alenik, Aronstein, Cohen, Bower, Lewis ROW 2 Miller, Moskowitz, Rudolph, Schwartz, Weinstein, Forgash, Rosenhain IGMA JIIGMA 369 J TOP ROW Karn, Drew, Reed-Hill, Mahon, Appleton, Ayers, Boardman, Courtney, Crow. Fenske, Fisher, Gabriel ROW 2 Gardner, Kincade, Lahey, Matthews, Ren- dinell, Schaible, Shipman, Strand, Whitely, Barnett, Capps, Chapman ROW 3 Ewing, Fowler, Gebhard, Gram, Knapp, Simrall, Standerline, Stock, Wendell, Young, Born, Dickmeyer ROW 4 Fromm, Griffin, Hassard, Hattersley, Heidbreder, Helmick, Hul- bert, Lillie, Morton, Osborn, Preston, Pritchard ROW 5 Tuck, Boyer, Cook, Gotschall, Jewell, Ketcham, MacGregor, Maloney, Miller, Stanton, Tripp, Wallace OFFICERS Marcia Karn, President, Nancy Drew, Vice President, Marjorie Mahon, Treasurer. SENIORS Virginia Ap- pleton, Camilla Ayers, Virginia Boardman, Agnes Crow, Nancy Drew, Julienne Fenske, Janet Fisher, Margaret Gabriel, Margaret Ida Gardner, Marcia Karn, Imogene Kincade, Helen Lahey, Mercedes Matthews, Claire Reed-Hill, Jeanne Rendinell, Donelda Schaible, Sarah Elizabeth Shipman, Marjorie Strand, Betty Whitely. JUNIORS Betty Jane Barnett, Frances Capps, Nancy Chapman, Mary Louise Ewing, Phyllis Fowler, Lynn Gebhard, Ruth Gram, Mary Knapp, Marjorie Mahon, Janet Osborn, Kitty Simrall, Mary Standerline, Nancy Stock, Marian Wendell, Patri- cia Young. SOPHOMORES Madalyn Born, Doris Dickmeyer, Lois Fromm, Nancy Griffin, Shirley Hassard, Nancy Hattersley, Bettyanne Heidbreder, Joyce Helmick, Barbara Hublert, Mary- ellen Lillie, Sally Morton, Kathleen Preston, Jane Pritchard, Mary Sue Tuck. FRESHMEN Harriet Boyer, Ann Cook, Beverly Gotschall, Nancy Jewell, Eleanor Ketcham, Ruth Maloney, Pa- tricia MacGregor, Naomi Miller, Anna Louise Stanton, Frances Tripp, Barbara Wallace. Founded at Monmouth College 1867. Beta Chapter 1888. 836 Tappan. 370 Founded at University of Michigan 1910. Re-established 1 938. 821 East University. OFFICERS Ruth Parsons, President, Mary Jane Kenney, Treasurer- Vice-president, Margaret Healy, Secretary. SENIORS Dorothy Ager, Betsy Berkheiser, Margaret Healy, Mary Jane Kenney, Margaret McGuire, Ruth Parson. JUNIOR Olga McGuire. SOPHOMORES Virginia Becker, Betty Hagen, Ann Louise Fedewa, Gloria Nelthorpe. FRESMEN Patricia Farrell, Shirley Hogan, Betty Irvin, Eleanor Kief, Hone Penner, Jane Quinlan, Joan Schuchowsky. TOP ROW Parsons, Healy, Kenney, Ager, Burkheiser, M. McGuire, O. McGuire, Becker, Fedewa ROW 2 Hagen, Nelthorpe, Farrell, Hogan, Keeie, Penner, Quinlan, Shuchowsky HETA LPHA 371 LPHA TOP ROW MacFarland, E. Taylor, Walcott, Hackett, Engel, George, Granfield, Lam- bertson. Mutter ROW 2 Scutt. Shoecraft, Dalzen, Gould, Price, Rye, Ward, Apple- gate, Heinrich ROW 3 Osborn, Schlesinger, O. Taylor, Bassett, Ledwith, Mac-Innes, Roche, Thomas OFFICERS Patricia MacFarland, President, Elaine Taylor, Vice-President, Virginia Walcott, Secretary, Cora Hackett, Treas- urer. SENIORS Ruth Ann Engel, Geraldine Granfield, Cora Hackett, Jane Lambertson, Patricia MacFarland, Barbara Scutt, Elaine Taylor, Virginia Walcott. JUNIORS Lorraine Dalzen, Shyrl Gould, Liese Price, Phyllis Rye, Joan Ward. SOPHOMORES Margaret Applegate, Genevieve George, Maxine Heinrich, Catherine Osborn, Margot Schlesinger, Edith Taylor. FRESHMEN Marion Bassett, Jean Ledwith, Jean Maclnnes, Kathleen Roche, Harriet Shoecraft, Muriel Thomas. Founded at Virginia State Normal College Alpha Gamma Chapter 1920. 902 Baldwin. -1898. 372 ARTH A OOK HOUSE OFFICERS Marion Chown, President; Lee Cleary, Vice President; Elizabeth Luckham, Secretary; Maxine Good, Treasurer; Sally Park, Senior Representative; Anne Belshaw, Junior Representative; Frances Gaines, Night Chaper- one. BOARD OF GOVERNORS Mrs. Edward D. Maire, Mrs. James D. Bryce, Mrs. Chauncey F. Cook. HOUSE DIRECTORS Mrs. G. J. Diekema, Social Director; Miss Sarah L. Rowe, House Director. STANDING Ann Belshaw, Frances Gaines SEATED Marion Chown, Sally Parker, Eliza- beth Luckham, Lee Cleary, Maxine Good 374 TOCKWELL H ALL HOUSE OFFICERS Edna Belter, President; Katherine Negus, First Vice President; June Ross, Second Vice President; Margaret Keene, Third Vice President; Mrs. Martha Ray, House Director; Miss Betty Jane Wallace, Social Director. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Miriam Dalby, Judith Donnan, Nina Grable, Thelma Ulrich, Joce- lyn Ironside, Florence Light, Gloria Nishon, Arline Ross, Constance Taber. HOUSE COUNCIL Jocelyn Iron- side, Elizabeth Undera, Elizabeth Carmichael, Jane Criswell, Eleanor Neubert, Doreen Voiles, Alice Jernazian, Judith Donnan, Connie Gilbertson, Marilyn Mayer, Mary Gunn, Louise Webster, Helena Hanson, Sally Chapin, Mary Leighton, Gretchen Doelle, Virginia Connell, Frances Goldberg. TOP ROW Alice Jernazian, Virginia Connell. Eleanor Neubert, Sally Chapin, Gretchen Doelle, Judy Donnan, Libbey Anderson, Louise Webster ROW 2 Betty Carmichael, June Ross, Edna Belter, Kay Negus, Margaret Kean, Jane Criswell ROW 3 Donna Goldman, Helena Hanson, Jocelyn Ironside, Mary Gunn, Betty Pons, Connie Gilbertson, Marilyn Thayer 375 OSHER ORD AN Mosher-Jordan beautifully contrasted against a background of fleecy clouds. This dormitory houses nearly 500 girls, who live, eat, study, and enjoy many memorable moments. 376 H, OUSE OFFICERS Mary Jane Denison, President; Leaner Grossman, Vice-President; Aud- rey Johnson, Secretary; Betty Partenfelder, Treasurer; Helen Whiting, Social Chairman; COUNCIL MEMBERS Audrey Johnson, Betty Partenfelder, Janet Grace, Cynthia Davis, Elizabeth Brockhaus, Irene Men- delsohn, Truey McCauley, Dar- lene Izard, Katherine Shimoura, Lettie Ganin, Roberta lull, Mar- tha Mellinger, Evelyn Kenesson, Elizabeth Netslof, Ruth Meisser, Marie King, Virginia Long. ,-, TOP ROW Tuck, Tull, Mellinger, Brockhaus, Gavin, Netslof, Shimoura ROW 2 Spadaiore, Schwartz, Kenes- son, Izard, McCauley, Whiting ROW 3 Mendelsohn, Partenfelder, Grossman, Denison, Johnson, Davis, Grace MO SHE R HALL H JORDAN HALL OUSE OFFICERS Gather ine Jones, President; Barbara Strong, Vice-President; Cornelia Groefsema, Secretary-Treasurer; HOUSE COUNCIL Bette Soper, Mary Ellen Sandoz, Sherry Roop, Katherine Joels, Jeanne Ramsey, Bette Carpenter, Peggy Morgan, Faye Bronstein, Jean Wick, Doris Jean Coleman, Sue Lovett, Kay McFee, Dorothy Simpson, Mary Lee Mason, Martha Seer, Carol Miller, Jane Campbell, Phyllis Bresler, Shirley Rogers, Shirley Robin. TOP ROW Katherine Joels, Sherry Roop, Jean Ramsey, Doris Jean Coleman, Elizabeth Carpenter, Barbara Smith, Mary Ellen Sandoz ROW 2 Margaret Morgan, Faye Bronstein, Barbara Strong, Catherine Jones, Cornelia Groefsema, Jean Wick, Elizabeth Soper 377 ETSY ARBOUR MTIJ IW n,,r, II1|r HOUSE OFFICERS Elizabeth Brougham, Presi- dent; Mary Haferkamp, Vice President; Carol Lewis, Treasurer; Mary Jaworski, Secretary; Jane Bessler, Social Chairman; Dorothy Anderson, Assembly Representative. BOARD OF GOV- ERNORS Mrs. E. L. Adams, Mrs. John Worley, Mrs. John Bryant, Mrs. Charles B. Vibbert, Miss Alice Lloyd. HOUSE STAFF Mrs. C. Stanley Mitchell, Social Director; Jena Perkins, Dietician; Katherine Cox, Assistant Dietician. LEFT TO RIGHT Dorothy Anderson, Joan Sie- gel, Carol Lewis, Mary Jaworski, Mary Hafer- kamp, Betty Brougham. 378 ELEN EWBERRY HOUSE OFFICERS Mildred Curtis, President; Betty Jane Awrey, Vice President; Betty Altman, Treasurer; Margaret Emery, Secretary; Mary DeMong, Social Chairman. BOARD OF GOVERNORS Mrs. Henry B. Joy, President; Dean Alice C. Lloyd, Mrs. Wilfred B. Shaw, Mrs. John C. Hayes, Mrs. Arthur Bromage, Miss Janet MacFarlane. HOUSE STAFF Mrs. Walter Newell, House Director; Miss Marjorie Saliard, Dietician. TOP ROW Betty Altman, Mildred Curtis, Betty Awrey ROW 2 Mar- garet Emery, Mary DeMong 379 w EST UADRANGLE ADAMS ALLEN-RUMSEY CHICAGO LLOYD MICHIGAN WENLEY WILLIAMS WINCHELL Air view of West Quadrangle STUDENT COUNCIL SITTING Bernard Krohn, Frank- lin Powers, P. R. Darnton, William Stevens, Robert Brewer, Koorkin Andonian STANDING John Woog, Robert F. Desel, William Rezin, Charles Long, Henry Dong- ville, William Brown, George Spen- cer MISSING John Lemish, Rob- ert Ideson, Allen Axelrod 380 Another Bull Session Burning the midnight oil Carol Singing in the Concourse Leisure in the Strauss Memorial Library Letters irom Home Dinner in the Quad AST UADRANGLE Led by an efficient Council, East Quad, The Younger of the Mens Dorms, has rapidly oriented itself into the University of Michigan system. The Quad attempts to give the students a home atmosphere, maintaining recrea- tional and social activities which furnish opportunities for making friend- ships which will last through life. HINSDALE GREENE TOP ROW Roger McNaughton, Nor- man Peterson, Russell Fisher SECOND ROW George Phelps, Herbert Beger, Keith Smith, Charles Goodman, John Cunningham. TYLER TOP ROW Arthur Dubin, William Sie- gel, Richard Frankel ROW 2 Kevin Jones, Robert Lowrie, James Conant, Kimon Vasiliou PRE SCOTT TOP ROW Lane, Simpson, Sherman, Jackman, John Bikel, Aaron Friedman, Donald Sanborn, Edward Neithercut SECOND ROW Richard Wicks, Charles Van Pelt, William Quercashier, Gary Landis, Bert Kniskern, Raymond Cam- phor TOP ROW J. O. Robertson, Louis Tel- bizoff LAST ROW Harry Gilmore, Clinton Heimbach, Nat Fowler, John Gel- latly, Tracy Freeman 382 Y 15, Cl NTS YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION $5.00 o I I. tf, 1. 1. 1. 14 IV E L S D IV 2450 Dixboro Road Phone 25-8877 HE1VTSCHLEH 319 East Huron Phone 5541 kevt on rue o- that 384 w DEY STUDID 332 South State Phone 5031 SPEEDING 619 East Liberty Phone 4434 Ol h maw e d at attw time y 385 NATIONAL DEFENSE CALLS FOR THE SAFETY OF WORKMEN AND MACHINES. For your Safety needs, call or write THE BOYER-CAMPBELL CO. MAdison 8500 DETROIT " Specialists in Safety Equipment " LETTERS TO THE EDITORS FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST... And good, though not necessarily expensive paper can infer c haracter and quality in the firm, group or individual it represents. Ask us about papers for yearbooks, bulletins, publications, blotters, cards and booklets. BERMINGHAM R PBOSSEB CO. PAPER MERCHANTS KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN SHOP EQUIPMENT of Every Description Machinery Tools Many Kinds Metals Great Variety Shop Supplies Gears 5000 Kinds and Sizes Electric Tools and Motors Grinding Wheels Power Transmission Equipment Screw Products Etc. THE CHAS. A. STRELINGER co. 149 E. Lamed St. Detroit No Mother She DEAR SIR: I believe you created a slight confusion by the picture you printed last week in the article about me (See above). I wish to state at this time that Miss Curdes is not now, and has never been associated with me in the capacity of my mother. Trusting you will correct your error, I remain Yours truly, JACK GRADY No Failure It Dear Sir: Possibly your criticism of the Union Opera this year was almost just, but I think it was extremely unfair of your reviewer to judge the entire play on the basis of the first night. We say it again, you should have seen the second night. Yours truly, DON WEST, Publicity Chairman, Union Opera No Tyrant She Dear Sir: We think it was completely nasty of you to say such terrible things about Jane Baits in your last issue. You may call her a tyrant if you will, but any Delta Gamma will tell you that Miss Baits has never done any more than her duty as head of Women ' s Judiciary Committee. As for your insinuating that Miss Baits has the D. G. ' s, well, it ' s a lie. Yours in a huff, THE DELTA GAMMAS Editorial Correspondence should be addressed to: THE EDITOR, LEER Student Publications Building Ann Arbor, Mich. I s E E Y U I N T H E ' E N S I A N 386 BSON-RAYMON BARNES- DETROIT, MICHIGAN COOK PLANT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 387 AH JU Ml HI! TH ir Ai Cil I DOING HIS BIT TO KEEP UP CIVILIAN MORALE WHILE ALL OTHERS ARE LOSING THEIR HEADS ABOUT THEM, CORDON HARDY, UNIVERSITY ' S ACE BAND- LEADER, GOES ON WITH TRYING TO GET " BUSINESS AS USUAL " AS HE COKES WITH JOAN MCGRATH. HARDY ENJOYS THE REPUTATION OF BEING ONE OF THE CAMPUS ACE SALESMEN, USUALLY SWINGS HIS CONTRACTS FOR SORORITY DANCES BY HAVING A WEE ONE WITH THE SOCIAL CHAIRMAN (MISS MCGRATH IS FROM LATE, GREAT CHI OMEGA). Speaking of Pictures 388 r AR and wartime came to Ann Arbor with a terrible suddenness, in- stilled a new resolve and determination into students who resolved and determined to do their bit, put their shoulders to the wheel of civilian de- fense effort, drink their coffee even without sugar if necessary. Hard-hitting faculty members hit upon the idea of starting a Committee of 42 so-called because of its 42 members making it entirely student initiated, giving to its members the power of making it the Committee of 43 if another member was deemed necessary with the approval of the hard- hitting faculty members. Not stopping at this small sacrifice their time for work, the women students more particularly, the League Council initiated a plan coming from the Dean ' s office which cut down closing hours for women ' s dorms and residences one hour each on Friday and Saturday nights, gave up even their time for play. Some excitement was occasioned by the measure, did not compare, how- ever, with excitement and thrill which swept Ann Arbor at the marriage of Robert Westfall, ' 42, and Ruth Mary Smith, ' 43. CLASS OFFICERS, HARASSED BY HEAVY DUTIES, ALMOST WENT MAD WITH THE INTENSE EXCITEMENT ATTACHED TO THEIR JOBS. SHOWN GOING MAD IN A FLURRY OF BUSY ACTIVITY ARE ACNES CROW, MILLIE RADFORD, AND NORM CALL. THE MISSING MEMBER OF THE QUARTET, JOHN SHAREMET, UNIVERSITY ' S ACE SWIMMER, FELT THE STRAIN OF HIS JOB SO MUCH THAT HE WAS ADVISED BY HIS DOCTOR TO TAKE A TRIP TO OHIO STATE TO QUIET HIS NERVES. KNOWN TO ALL AS NO. 1 CAMPUS FUNNYMAN FOR 1941-42, WILLIAM DAWSON, ACE COMEDIAN, WHEN ASKED TO POSE FOR A PICTURE BY LEER ' S PHOTOGRAPHER IN BLACKFACE. SMILED BASHFULLY, SAID, " I DON ' T KNOW WHAT I ' VE DONE TO DESERVE ALL THIS PUBLICITY, " AND POLISHED HIS FORMAL BUCKSKIN MOCCASINS WITH A NERVOUS GESTURE. MANY A CAY LAUGH WAS PROVIDED THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, BY THE " TERRIBLE THREE " AS THEY WERE AFFECTIONATELY KNOWN TO THEMSELVES. ALL OF THEM ARE CONSIDERED BY MANY AS WRITERS, BUT THEIR CHIEF CLAIM TO CAMPUS DISTINCTION IS THEIR ABILITY AS GOOD NEWSPAPERMEN. FROM MIDDLE TO OUTSIDE, WE SEE JAY MCCORMICK, AND GERRY BURNS, AND JAY MCCORMICK AND EMILE CELE. DOING THEIR PART IN THE TOUCH BATTLE TO KEEP UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FROM ROAMING THE STREETS IN GANGS, STEALING TIRES AS THEY CO, BOB SIBLEY AND JACK CRADY, DURING THE ENTIRE YEAR, PUT ON AN INTERESTING VENTRILOQUISM ACT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ' S ACE UNION. NOTICE MAN ON KNEE. CONGRATULATIONS To the Class of 1942 TAYSTEE BREAD GRENNAN CAKES Purity Bakeries Products LEER ' S COVER Gagnier Paint Company Paints Colors Brushes 160-166-168 Congress East DETROIT, MICHIGAN KINGSKHAFT CDVEH is protecting your ' Ensian KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. 325 West Huron Chicago Dazzli ng cover subject of this issue of Leer is tall, dark, hand- some Joan Reutter, dimple- kneed song-bird of the Michi- gan campus. Miss Reutter gained the honor of being Mich- igan ' s best female vocalist in a General Electric-sponsored Hour of Charm contest, later in the year took the campus by storm with her warbling for Gordie Hardy at the League. The great photo was taken by Leer ' s great photographer, Bob Killin, who used a Speed Gra- flex camera in the effort. EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Kay Ruddy and Allan Axelrod EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Alvin Dann SCURRILITY EDITOR Dan Behrman COPY BOY Hale Champion FRIEND AND COUNSELOR Gerry Hewitt PHOTOGRAPHERS Stu Gildart, Bob Killins, Dick Strong, Jack Nisberg, Hal Schulte. Subscriptions and all correspondence regarding them should be addressed to CIRCULATION OFFICE: 420 May- nard Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan. LEKR is published annually by Michi- Kanensian, Incorporated Editorial and Advertising Offices, Student Publica- tions Bldg. , 420 Maynard, Ann Arbor, Michigan Gerald A. Hewitt. Chair- man; Alfred W. Owens, President; Benjamin Douglas, Treasurer; Frances Wilcoxen, Secretary. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: One year. $4.50 in the U.S.A.; $5.00 (Canadian dollars) in Canada including duty; $6.00 in Pan American Union; else- where, $10.00. Single copies in the U.S.A., lOc; Canada, 12c; U. S. Ter- ritories and Possessions, 15c; elsewhere, 25c. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Three weeks ' notice required for change of address. When ordering a change please give both the new and the old address. .. E E Y U I N T H E E N S I A N 390 Wherever art (a drawing or a photograph) appears in the 1942 Michiganensian a photo-engraved printing plate is required. The quality of a printing plate is determined by how closely the printed page compares to the original drawing or original photograph. There are 432 pages in this Michiganensian and on most of the pages appear printed impressions made from photo-engraved printing plates. As you thumb through this modern yearbook just pause at some of the reproductions which appeal to you most . . . then remember . . . the photo-engraved printing plates were made by the coterie of crafts- men assembled by the Brophy Salisbury Company in Detroit, Michigan. 391 IT IS SIGNIFICANT that this wartime Yearbook is, perhaps, i the finest ever produced by the University of Michigan. In times of strife and difficulty the fibre, the determination, the will to accomplish and win through, have always strength- ened in human beings. The finest works have always been done, the greatest advancements have always come when great travail has stripped away the husks of occupation, of social position and of privilege to leave the field to the use- ful and the good. In a war of mechanized science the worth of a great University to the cause is so apparent that it is trite to make the assertion. But neither must we lose sight of the values of higher education in warfare merely because we fear repetition of a fact. A yearbook depicting in story and illustration the activities of a contributor to science, lit- erature, and art has its place in war or peace and it is our pleasure to have participated in the production of this book of the University of Michigan. ARTHUR J. WILTSE, Manager THE ANN ARBOR PRESS VOL. 1 LEER MAY 15, 1942 CONTENTS THE YEAR ' S EVENTS Student Senate Passes Away 395 LEER On The News Fronts Of The World 396 Housing Conditions In Ann Arbor Exposed 403 ARTICLES A Modern Yearbook Covers The War 404 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY Jane Connell 401 SPORTS Men Of Science In The Sports World 407 DRAMA Mother Margie ' s Chickens 398 OTHER DEPARTMENTS Letters To The Editor 386 Speaking Of Pictures: War In The University 388 LEER ' S Cover 390 LEER Goes To A Party: The Michigan Daily ' s Rats Race 409 Pictures To The Editor .410 LEER ' S PHOTOS All photographic copy of this issue of LEER was taken by the following: ART MARION STU GILDART DICK STRONG BOB KILLINS JACK NISBERG GERALD HEWITT COMPLIMENTS of the CONTINENTAL BAKING COMPANY Bakers of the FAMOUS SLO-BAKED WONDER BREAD THE MICHIGAN TECHNIC Brings, to students and alumni, the news of the engineering world. Rate: $1, one year THE MICHIGAN TECHNIC, 3036 E. Engineering Bldg. 393 The Alumni Association of the University ol Michigan The official spokesman for the 103,921 graduates and former students of the University DIVISIONS The Michigan Alumnus Association of University of Michigan Clubs The Alumnae Council The Class Officers Council Keep contact with MICHIGAN by reading THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Official Publication of the Alumni Association 26 issues per year for Seniors Only a special " Introductory Price " has been established. By ordering early these New Alumni may have the magazine for one whole year for TWO DOLLARS. An annual subscription starts anytime and runs for twelve months. It ' s not the cheapest subscription rate in the alumni world but the Michigan Alumnus is the best alumni magazine. QQ ' Thirty-six months Three years of your alumni magazine. A new bargain rate just put in effect. Saves the annoyance of writing annual checks. 900 pages of interesting reading. The Life Subscription! The Michigan Alumnus will reach your library table as long as you live, with no further payments. The easy way, if you desire a life subscription for six annual payments of TEN DOLLARS. $50-00 For Alumni Families Only. A husband and wife, both alumni, can assure receiving their magazine always. Six annual checks for $12.75 will do the same thing. $63 50 s [ ' I van. . :lh ' . " . ::. i-: ' :. : ' ' ;. foil =;i e: -: 394 Vol. 1 LEER May 15, 1942 STUDENT SENATE Toll of Time Killed Climbs as Rival Parties Battle TERMED " sole representative body on campus " in blatant Daily election ad- vance, the Student Senate has accomplished much in smoke-filled rooms it filled them with smoke. Bob Krause, president of the simpering solons, ruled Senate politics with an iron hand encased in a coating of rust. Before attaining Fuehrership, Krause stirred Senate chambers with a labor sur- vey, moved out of fraternity house, made political hives buzz with a speech denounc- ing Roger Kelly, aspirant to Senate presi- dency in 1941. Krause was also named Senate treasurer with only one vote, Kelly ' s, cast against his unanimous choice. No runaway legislature, Michigan ' s " Rump Parliament " has distinguished it- self by taking thirty minutes debate to de- cide what meeting it was in, by shelving all business to vote itself gold keys, by soft-pedalling " radical " members who pro- posed library lighting investigations, stu- dent wage surveys, etc. Biggest laugh in last year ' s comedy of errors was the Senate tag day, signed, sealed, and delivered by the Senate, and then vetoed by the Com- mittee on Student Affairs. Said one Sena- tor, " What the hell right has the Committee on Student Affairs to pass on our meas- ures? " Said another Senator, " Sh-h! " Senate lily-whites also found a st one wall in attempting to buck Michigan Party steamroller. While Tammany, Kelly-Nash, and Pendergast were destructive in power politics, Michigan Party strategy calls for complete opposition to any and all mo- tions. Through devious channels (oft re- ported to be smoke signals from Boss Bud Cox ' s cigarette), Party men whipped in and out of line like a Sunday driver with hysterics. Senate, originally formed to perpetuate Spring Parley, was in death throes while trying to perpetuate self, and ended by voting itself out of existence. 395 LEER ON THE NEWS FRONT OF THE WORLD OPERA GREAT, SAYS CHARLIE HEINEN Best-publicized of the year ' s student shows was Mimes ' Union Opera, presented in December, general-chairmaned by large, blond, un-aesthetic looking Jim Gormsen, directed by a former Mimes member and actor in the Opera who returned for the sake of sentiment and a $500 salary. Saved from complete decease by a time- worn but still funny rendition of the hawker-in-the-street act by ' 42 ' s Woody Block and the ingenious choreography of Dick Strain, Mimes ' best act was put on by its publicity director, Don West, who was there every night, kept insisting it was better the third time than the second, said it grew on you, was told so does fungus. Disregarding losses, the company partied in traditional Mimes style on the last night, charged it up as just another loss, wished it had given the party to the audience in- stead of the opera. Bud Cox leaves offices of Inter-Frater- nity Council where he has stamped seals of approval on Michigan Party Candidates. Cox, campus Boss Tweed in a dirty shirt, effectively pulls strings behind Michigan Party Student Senators when he is not ineffectively pulling strings behind deficient blueprints. Cox has become a myth in Student Sen- ate annals, having been named to Senate posts by three retiring Senators without formality of election. Senatorial courtesy system allows Michigan Party men to " re- tire " and turn senatorship over to Cox. Cox rules Senate meetings behind a cloud of cigarette smoke which emits " That ' s unconstitutional " at five minute intervals. Xo crusader he, Cox has thrown so many monkey wrenches that he has been investi- gated by the Committee for the Conserva- tion of Steel Scrap. DICK SHUEY WAS PRESIDENT OF CONGRESS FOR THE YEAR 1941-42, SHARED A SUITE IN THE UNION WITH INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL. " . . . and so the year of 1942 promises to be one of the most interesting years of all history. I confidently predict that there will be much excitement this year, with much the same con- fidence with which I predicted that there would be much ex- citement last year. And just as there will be turmoil in the world ' s affairs, so will there be turmoil in the Cut Rate Drug PICTURE OF THE YEAR PRESTON SLOSSON Store this month over the spe- cial offer that it is making to all its regular customers. You will be able to get a special combi- nation of foot-lotion and hair- dress for only 29 cents. And that will be all for tonight. " 396 Expert Craftsmanship and exacting care, backed by half a century of service, have helped Brock and Rankin maintain leadership in the bookbinding industry. BROCK and RANKIN 619 South La Salle Street Chicago THEATER STATE SAVINGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN RESOURCES OVER $10,000,000.00 ORGANIZED 1893 Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation LEAGUE GROUP HAS HIT ON ITS HANDS IN " MOTHER MARGIE ' S CHICKENS T7 II IT of the 1941-42 drama season was the Michigan League ' s ' presentation of " Mother Margie ' s Chickens, " a drama writ- ten and directed by Miss Ethel McCormick of the League. For sincerity of fulfillment of roles, the characters have seldom been surpassed in the history of the American theatre and the most remarkable thing was the amazing ability of the cast- ing director in her choice of persons to fill the various roles. Every portrayal was so authentic, it seemed that it could scarce be but lifelike. The plot of the play is essentially simple, concerning a mother who has gone through rather hard times (Margaret Sanford) in the rearing of her children, but who is strengthened in her resolve to bring up her kiddies right by the example set to her by an old friend of the family, a Miss Lloyd (Miss Lloyd). Her family is all daughters two of whom are social butterflys competing for the same man two of whom are trying to establish themselves as respectable career girls, and one who has resigned herself to old maidhood and who strongly disapproves of the youngest sister, a flighty young thing who has gone on the stage to the disgrace of the family. How Mother Margie resolves the discordant notes between the vari- ous members of the family is the subject of the ace drama. LEER presents a few great pictures to show what we mean. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO ANY PERSONS LIVING IS STRICTLY COINCIDENTAL, AND IS NOT TO BE TAKEN AS ACCIDENTAL. MOTHER MARGIE ATTEMPTS TO PACIFY HER YOUNC ' UNS AS MARY AND MARIAN (MARCOT THOM AND HELEN RHODES) SQUABBLE OVER THEIR COMMON BOY-FRIEND, WHO DOES NOT APPEAR IN THE PLAY, BUT WHO IS KNOWN AS THE " HOOSIER AMOUR. " ON THE OTHER COUCH, MARTHA AND MABEL (PAT HADLEY AND JEAN HUBBARD) HAVE THEIR OWN LITTLE SQUABBLE, AS MARTHA, WHO IS SOMEWHAT OF A SUCCESS IN HER CAREER CONDESCENDINGLY PATS MABEL ON THE HEAD FOR HAVING CHOSEN AN INFERIOR LOT. MISS LLOYD ' S PICTURE BEAMS DOWN BENEVOLENTLY. 398 FOR REAL ENTERTAINMENT AND RELAXATION, THE MOVIE IS BEST-- MICHIGAN MAJESTIC WUERTH DRPHEUM WHITNEY and the grand new STATE W. S. BUTTERFIELD THEATRES E. C. BEATTY Pres. WAHR ' S BOOKSTORES have served Michigan students and graduates for over half a century. Let us continue to serve you after graduation. Special attention given to mail orders. WAHR ' S BOOK STORES " A MICHIGAN INSTITUTION " Ann Arbor, Mich. 399 Courtesy of JOHNSTON OPTICAL CO. " Makers of high grade glasses since 1876 " 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR Phone 22561 or 22562 SENIORS--- We have enjoyed serving you Best wishes for the future ANN ARBDR BANK Southeast Corner of Main and Huron Streets University Branch State St. at Nickel ' s Arcade Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System 400 " MOTHER MARGIE ' S CHICKENS (continued) THE OLD FAMILY RETAINER IPECCY POLUMBAUM) LISTENS SYMPA- THETICALLY AS MOTHER MARGIE POURS OUT HER HEART AND ORDERS A CHEESE SANDWICH. THE RESIGNED OLDER SISTER I JANE BAITS), STERN IN HER CON- DEMNATION OF MORAL OBLOQUY, SCORNFULLY POINTS AN ACCUS- ING FINGER AT NANCYBELLE (VEITCH PURDOMI WHO HAS LEFT HOME AND DISGRACED HER FAMILY BY GOING ON THE STAGE. DENOUEMENT OF THE PLAY COMES WHEN NANCYBELLE INVITES A WILD STAGE FRIEND HOME FOR DINNER VIRGINIA APPLETONI. JENEANE, THE OLDER SISTER IS INFURIATED AND POSITIVELY CRE- ATES A SCENE, WHILE THE BEWILDERED MAIDEN AUNT (LOUISE KEATLEY) OF THE FAMILY LOOKS ON IN AMAZEMENT. J? -f ll ane " She ' s a killer you ' ll admit She ' s a killer, you ' ll be bound If she only would forget Marcia ' s in the cold, cold ground. ' WITH these words did campus bigwigs patroniz- ingly approve of the lightning career of little Janey Connell. She seen her path, and she followed it, providing a last meteoric spurt to the comet that was her sister. Last report of Miss Connell II had her practicing her broad-jumping in a semi-successful attempt to fill her sister ' s footsteps. 401 Kitchen Equipment Bar and Janitor Supplies Michigan ' s Oldest Complete Institutional Supply House China Class Silverware Cooking Utensils Food Service Equipment for Hotels Restaurants A. J. MARSHALL CO. 3639 Woodward Ave. Tel. 1-9450 Detroit, Michigan Free Parking JACDBSDN ' S Ann Arbor Michigan DRUGS KODAKS CALKINS-FLETCHER DRUG CO. " THE DEPENDABLE STORES " We have served Michigan and her students for fifty-seven years. CANDY SODAS Ann Arbor, Michigan if CAN FOR m PATRONS O. D. MORRILL Ann Arbor ALLENEL HOTEL Ann Arbor EDWARDS LETTER SHOP Ann Arbor B. E. MUEHLIG CO. Ann Arbor TO5 !OU! TOSS 01 Ml ilAliT 402 AS PRESIDENT OF I. F. C, DON STEVENSON HAS MUCH TO DO WITH MICHI- GAN ' S ACE DEAN OF STUDENTS. HE SPENDS MANY AN HOUR WAITING FOR " UNCLE JOE, " RECENTLY RENTED A CHAIR FROM JOE ' S SECRETARY, MISS SCANLAN. ROBERT SHEDD JUNIOR PHI BETE AND OTHER NAUSEATING THINGS, COPED WITH THE PROBLEM AS SHOWN ABOVE. MR. SHEDD INSISTS ON A HIGH LEVEL OF DECORUM IN MEETINGS OF THE CAMPUS SCHOLARSHIP BOARD OF WHICH HE IS CHAIRMAN. HOUSING This month, LEER crusades against dread housing conditions in Ann Arbor, which cause d Daily City Editor to move into a W.P.A. outhouse (plus utilities). Housing shortage has caused untold suffering, untold hardship; forced many campus celebrities to set up new residences. Constructive rather than destructive, LEER shows how various U. of M. celebrities have coped with this ace problem. MEMBER OF THE ACE CAMPUS THESPIAN CROUP MOTTO. " YOUR HEART MAY BELONG TO DADDY, BUT MINE BELONGS TO DRAMA " BILL ALTMAN MOVED INTO LAB THEATRE. SCENE OF MANY A HEART-RENDING DEBUT. HIS COMMENT, " IT ' S A BEAUTIFUL SHOW. " WILLIAM SLOCUM, PRESIDENT OF MEN ' S JUDICIARY COUNCIL, IN CHARGE OF MAINTAINING DECENT CONDUCT AMONG STUDENTS, HAS RECENTLY MOVED INTO THE BELL. OFFICE HOURS 5-12 P.M. 1942 YEAR A MODERN YE ARBOO AL OWENS BUSINESS MANAGER SMIL- ING, SWEET, AND QUITE DISCREET. GERRY HEWITT EDITOR-IN-CHIEF HIS SMILING FACE AND WINSOME PERSON- ALITY GAINED HIM MANY NEW FRIENDS DURING 1942. ROBERT NICKLE ART EDITOR HIS MAN NEW IDEAS TOOK THE CAMPUS BY STORM This year, America entered the second year of war, and America ' s press expanded its already high-class facilities to cover the varied fronts of the nation ' s military efforts. New cables were laid, new corre- spondents were hired, new and better techniques of war coverage on the various fronts were developed. 404 HUM DOKTHE OF DESTINY COVERS THE WAR... WILLIAM DITZ HIS MANY NEW IDEAS TOOK THE CAMPUS BY STORM. RAE CUSTAFSON WOMAN ' S BUSINESS MANAGER STYLISHLY STOUT, BUT WITH- AL, A REAL WOMAN. JEANNE COUDY WOMAN ' S EDITOR HER MANY NEW IDEAS TOOK THE CAMPUS BY STORM. The culmination of the American press ' heightened efforts is best shown in the revolutionary methods by which the Michiganensian, photographic supplement to the Michigan Da y,did its part. This issue of Leer shows the staff of this great publication at work and at play. 405 YOUR Year at Michigan in 432 Pages The Michiganensian For 35 years the GARGOYLE Has Been Part of Michigan Record of college life Guide to campus fashions Cartoons Wit, satire, fiction, in fact, everything Published Monthly " Michigan ' s Magazine of College Life " A YEAR AT MICHIGAN FOR FIVE DOLLARS That ' s how much it costs you to keep in touch with events and friends in Ann Arbor after you leave Michigan HOW? A Mail Subscription to THE MICHIGAN DAILY 406 Men of Science Men of Destiny Men of Hygiene 101 these are the fine, brave, strong heroes and fighters who go on in a world of chaos and trouble and horrible upset, with their great battle against time and Bursley. On, on, on! Up against greater odds than were faced even by Reed or Pasteur or Banting, they are not daunted by their dull normal classification; brain cells are none of their worry. It is these noble men who have done science its greatest service of the century. They have proven the real worth of the rote method of learning. SCIENCE TOP ROW STILL ELIGIBLE, AL PIEL OWES ALL TO HYGIENE STILL ELIGIBLE, JIM CALLES OWES ALL TO HYGIENE 101 AFTER TWO SEMESTERS OF INELICIBILITY. HYGIENE 101 WAS A QUIET, QUIET HAVEN FOR JOHNNY CILLIS. ROW 2 STILL ELIGIBLE, WAYNE STILLE OWES ALL TO HYGIENE 101. ROW 3 STILL ELIGIBLE, CUS SHAREMET OWES ALL TO HYGIENE 101 STILL ELIGIBLE, BOB INCALLS OWES ALL TO HYGIENE 101 AL DANN FOUND HYGIENE 101, FOUND THE REAL AL DANN. AFTER PARTY STARTS, THE CROUP SPLITS UP INTO SEVERAL LITTLE CLIQUES. HERE THE WILD PARTY IS SHOWN, DAN HUYETT, EVELYN WRIGHT, JIM COLLINS AND LOU CARPENTER. NOTICE THE GIRL ON THE LAP. STEWARD OF THE AFFAIR, EMILE CELE, IS SHOWN HERE IN- VITING GRACE MILLER TO HIS APARTMENT. EMILE HAS ONE OF THE COUNTRY ' S FINEST COLLECTIONS OF ETCHINGS AND HOT BUTTERED RUM. HALE LOOKS ON, AS DOE-LINE GIRLS WATCH PARTY ' S PROCEEDING. NOTICE THE WOLF ON THE FLOOR. f OB v HIGHLIGHT OF EVERY PARTY IS THE CLEVER LITTLE GOSSIP SHEET TURNED OUT. HALE GETS RIGHT INTO THING ' S SPIRIT; TAKES ACTIVE CHARGE. to Highlight of the Michigan social season this year or any year for any of the fortunate who receive invitations is the party (nightly except Sunday) given at the Michi- gan Daily from approximately 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., attended by a select group of students; product is a daily paper which is best known for the fine quality of its corset advertisements. Leer decided to depart from its usual method of cover- ing the parties which it attends and selected one of the less known members of the number which was invited for the evening, spotted him at his home where he pre- pared for the Babylonian revelry and nameless orgies ahead by stuffing his pockets with copy pencils and nickels for the coke machine, cleaned his teeth for a novelty. That man was Hale Champion. HALE PREPARES FOR THE PARTY. SWANK DAILITES ARE SMOOTH ENOUGH TO SCORN ORDINARY CONVENTIONS, MAKE A FETISH OF TIELESS- NESS. INTELLECTUAL ACTIVITY IS NOT PARTICULARLY DISCOUR- AGED. MEN SHOWN ABOVE ARE MOSTLY ELIGIBLE BACHELORS: THEIR ELIGIBILITY STOPS AT THAT POINT. AFTER THE PARTY, HALE DROPS INTO THE GARGOYLE. HASHERY FAMED FOR ITS OLD WORLD ATMOSPHERE, RUSSIAN INTROVERSION. 409 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS No He He Allenel Hotel 402 Alumni Association 394 Ann Arbor Press 392 Ann Arbor Trust Co 411 Ann Arbor Savings and Commercial Bank 400 Barnes-Gibson-Raymond 387 Bermingham and Prosser Co 386 Boyer Campbell Co 386 Brophy-Salisbury Engraving 391 Butterfield Tbeatres 399 Calkins Fletcber Drug Co 402 Continental Baking Co 393 Dey Studio 384-385 Edwards Letter Sbop 402 Follett ' s Bookstore 411 Gagnier Paint Co 390 Jacobson ' s 402 Johnson Optical Co 400 Kingsport Press Co 391 Marshall, A. J., Co 402 Morrill, O. D 402 Mueblig, B. E., Co 402 Nelson Studio 384-385 Purity Bakers 390 Rentschler Studio 384-385 Spedding Studio 384-385 State Savings Bank 398 Strelinger, Chas. A., Co 386 Wahr ' s Bookstores 399 White-Haines Optical Co 411 410 Dear Sir: In your last issue you mentioned something about my son, Jack being the proud father of a baby girl. This is incorrect. My son, Jack, is a baby girl. I am enclosing picture. Jack Grady ' s Father Yours truly, Ed. Due to lack of space, we are printing Miss Grady ' s pic- ture in our next issue of Co-ed, which will be on sale at your newsstand next Friday. No He She Dear Sir: I noted in your last issue that you printed you stated that my daughter, Bobby Curdes, was born a blue-eyed spanking baby boy of 10 pounds. I am enclosing picture (see above) which proves conclusively that my daughter is a girl. Yours truly Jack Grady No Nothing She Dear Sir: I am enclosing a picture of one of my dearer friends which I am also sending to the Detroit Free Press, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Detroit Times for immediate release. It is part of a publicity campaign for Joan Reutter, Michigan ' s best female singer, and I think it will be of interest to your readers, since it shows Miss Reutter singing gaily. I dare you to print this picture. Yours truly Will Sapp Ed. Note See cover. Shown in character- istic pose, Samson- wigged Allan Axelrod and cacophonous-cack- ling Kay Ruddy ponder one of their numerous imponderables. No in- trovert he, Axelrod first achieved fame when he refused lucrative offer to ride down State Street on homecoming day as Lady Godiva. Axelrod, noted abstain- er, is occasionally Garg- Oiled, shuns women, chews hair in medita- tion, lives alone in cus- tom-built West Quad garret, is authority on Joyce. Ruddy Chi O, Daily Women ' s Pageep, and JGPlay wright with Ax- elrod turns a ready wit and winning smile to good advantage. If Hitler has more ene- mies, it ' s news to us. Gives lie to all rumors of prospective nuptial - lance with Jack Grady. WHITE-HAINES OPTICAL CD. formerly the WOLVERINE OPTICAL CO. Wholesale Opticians featuring Bausch and Loml) Products 306-7 Wolverine Bldg. Ann Arbor COMPLETE TRUST SERVICE Executor Administrator Guardian Trustee Agent Property Manager Mortgages Safe Deposit Boxes ANN ARBOR TRUST COMPANY Corner Main and Huron Streets ORDER ALL YOUR BOOKS FROM FOLLETT S MICHIGAN BOOKSTORE 322 S. State St., Ann Arbor Bob Graham, Mgr. 411 LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND THE ARTS FRANCES AARONSON Alpha Epsilon Phi, pres. (4); Freshman Project; Orientation Adv. (2), (3); Theatre Arts (2), (3); Dance Club (1); Wyvern; J-Hop; J.G.P.; Panhell. Banquet (2); Sec ' y Mortarboard (3); Daily (2), (3). ELEANOR H. ABRAMOWITZ Spanish Club (4); Interco-op Council (3), (4). BERNARD ABRAMS Union (1); Daily (1). JOHN F. ACKERMAN Orientation Adv. (3); Phi Kappa Sigma Sec ' y (3). SUSAN H. ADAMS Gamma Phi Beta; Daily (2); Soph Cabaret (2); J.G.P. (3); League Comm. (3), (4). JAMES L. ALDRICH Sigma Phi Epsilon; Glee Club (2), (4); Union Opera (2), (3); Student Senate (4); Freshman Adv. (2), (3). VIRGINIA G. ALFVIN Delta Gamma; Frosh Project; Theatre Arts (2); Soph Cabaret; Panhell Council (3); Social Coun- cil (3). DORIS B. ALLEN Alpha Chi Omega; Frosh Project (1); Soph Cabaret (2); J.G.P.; Pan- hell Banquet (3); W.A.A. Board (3); League President-summer ses- sion ' 41; W.A.A. Treas. (4). ROBERT I. ALPERN Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Beta Kappa (3); Student Senate (4). BETTY L. ALTMAN Helen Newberry, Treas. (4); Al- pha Lambda Delta; Senior Soci- ety; Orientation Adv. (3), (4); Daily (2); Finance Chr. Assembly Dance (2); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Theatre Arts (2), (3). WILLIAM M. ALTMAN Kappa Sigma; Play Prod. (3),(4); Gargoyle (2), (3), (4); Alpha Nu (4); Union Opera (1). SHIRLEY F. ALTSCHULER J.G.P. EDWARD A. ANDERSON Sigma Chi. ELIZABETH D. ANDERSON Stock-well; J.G.P.; League Merit Comm. (4); Stockwell Council (4); Assembly Ball. LAMAH H. ANDERSON Sociedad Hispanica (2), (4). MAURITZ G. ANDERSON Phi Gamma Delta; " Les Voyag- eurs " (3), (4); Track (1); Wrestling (4). GERTRUDE E. ANDRESEN Kappa Kappa Gamma; Awards Chr. W.A.A. (3); Vice-Pres. W.A. A. (4); Mortarboard (4). GORDON I. ANDREW Congress (2); Men ' s Judiciary Council (4); Pres. Fletcher Hall (2). ROBERT C. ANTLE Chi Phi; Football (2); Basketball (2, (4); Golf (4). VIRGINIA R. APPLE Mosher Hall. RICHARD C. ARBUCKLE Psi Upsilon; Union Opera (2); J-Hop (4); Exec. Comm. ELLIOT L. ATAMIAN Hockey Mgr. (1), (2), (3); Golf (4). KENWAHD L. ATKIN Delta Upsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Adjutant-Infantry Officers Club; Hockey (1); Christian Science Organization; Hiawatha Club. CAMILLA J. AYERS Pi Beta Phi, Sec ' y; Women ' s Glee Club (1); Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Social Comm. (3); Theatre Arts (3); J.G.P. JOHN R. BACHMAN Phi Kappa Psi; Michiganensian (1), (2), (3). ELIZABETH J. BAILIE Kappa Kappa Gamma; Michigan- ensian (2); J.G.P. Central Comm.- Publicity; Social Comm.; Wy- vern; League Council, Vice-Pres. (3); Scroll. JANE BAITS Delta Gamma; Frosh Project, Chr.; Soph. Cabaret; Wyvern; Theatre Arts (1), (2); Judiciary Council (3); Mortarboard; Mar- riage Relations Comm. (3), (4); Chr. Judiciary Council (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4). HARRIET A. BAKER Alpha Epsilon Phi; J.G.P. FRANCIS W. BAUCE Forestry Club (1). MARGARET L. BANCROFT Chi Omega, Treas. (4). A. MARIE BANNAN Martha Cook; League Comm. (3), (4); J.G.P.; Daily (3); Assembly Ball (3), (4). BERNARD BARASH Pre-Med. Soc. (4). HENRY C. BARHINGER Delta Upsilon; Scimitar (3); Chris- tian Science Org. (1), (2), (3), (4); French Play (3); I.M. Sports (1), (4); Scandinavian Club (2). LOIS M. BASSE Kappa Alpha Theta; Frosh Proj- ect; Panhell. Delegate (3); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Rushing Sec ' y of Panhell. (4); Panhell. Ball (3); Scroll. ELLEN BATES Choral Union (3), (4); Jordan Adv. (4). EDNA D. BELTER J.G.P. (3); League Merit Comm. (3), (4); Stockwell, Pres. (4). JUNE BENDER Delta Gamma. ROBIN BENEDICT Phi Tau Alpha; Math. Club. JEAN M. BENHAM Delta Gamma; Daily (1), (2), (3); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. JANICE C. BENSON Gamma Phi Beta; Michiganensian (3), (4); League Social Comm.; J.G.P.; J-Hop; Zeta Phi Eta. A. SUZANNE BENTLEY Collegiate Sorosis; Social Comm. (2), (3), (4); Tutorial (3), (4); Soph Cabaret; Michiganensian (2). BEVERLY BERNSTEIN Murial Lester Co-op; Glee Club (1); Gargoyle (2). PHYLLIS R. BERNSTEIN Slade League House, Pres. (4); Assembly Banquet (3); Sec ' y- Treas. -League House Council; Archivist-Theta Sigma Phi; As- sembly Board; Play Prod.; Hillel Players. FRANCES L. BESANCON Chi Omega; Spanish Club (2); J.G.P.; Modern Dance Club (4); French Club. FREDERICK J. BIERKAMP Phi Delta Theta; Union Opera (2). MILDRED C. BIDLEMAN Cercle Francais (3), (4); Kappa Phi (3); F.T.A. (4). ARTHUR L. BIGGINS All Campus Lightweight Boxing Champion; Varsity Debate (2), (3), (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Delta Sigma Tau; Phi Kappa Phi. PHYLLIS M. BIHN Gamma Phi Beta; Mosher Hall- House Council (3). HELEN G. BITTKEH Daily (2), (3); Assembly Ball (2); League Comm.; Orientation Adv. (3); J.G.P.; Hillel Student Council (4); A.K.D. (4). ROBERT L. BLISS Alpha Delta Phi. WOLFRED W. BLOCK Zeta Beta Tau; Publications (1), (2), (3); Sphinx; Union Opera (4). MURIEL E. BLUESTEIN Alpha Epsilon Phi; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Theatre Arts (3). WARREN P. BLUMBERG Student Senate (3), (4). VIRGINIA J. BOARDMAN Pi Beta Phi; J.G.P.; Social Comm. (4); Theatre Arts (3). JOAN V. BONDURANT Chi Omega; Mu Phi Epsilon; Daily (1), (2); Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4); J.G.P.; Sociedad His- panica (4). ELINOR I. BOUCHARD Chi Omega; Newman Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Freshman Adv. (4). FRANCES E. BOURKE Kappa Alpha Theta; Social Stand- ards Comm. CHARLES M. BOYNTON Beta Theta Pi; Druids; Mimes; Union Opera (2), (3), (4); Track Mgr. (2), (3), (4); M-Mgr ' s Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Nu; Stu- dent Senate (2), (3). I. ALFRED BRECKLER Pi Lambda Phi; Daily (1), (2); Alpha Nu (3). WALTER W. BRESSLER Alpha Kappa Kappa. FRED C. BREWER Golf (1), (2), (3), (4). DOROTHY J. BRIDGEN Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas. (4); Daily (2), (3); Zeta Phi Eta (2), (3); Social Comm. League (2); Sec ' y Michilodeon (3); J.G.P. JEAN H. BRODIE Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Daily (1); J.G.P.; Music Comm.; Le Cercle Francais (3), (4). JOHN A. BROMAN Hiawatha Club, Pres.; Lutheran Student Club (1), (2), (3), (4). DOROTHY E. BROOKS Gamma Phi Beta; Daily (1), (2); Frosh Project; Assembly Ball; Soph Cabaret; Orientation Adv.; J.G.P. ELIZABETH J. BROUGHAM Betsy Barbour House, Pres. (4). SAMUEL N. BRUNI Phi Kappa Tau; Daily (1), (2); Union (1); Alpha Nu (2), (3), (4); Newman Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Council (2); Congress (1. PAULINE N. BRUNO Frosh Project; J.G.P.; Theatre Arts Comm. (4); Candy Booth Comm. (2), (3). 412 CHARLES H. BUELL Delta Tau Delta. JEANNE BULLION Kappa Kappa Gamma; Michigan- ensian (2); J.G.P.; League Comm. (3). JANE M. BURGOFF Mosher Hall. HAZEL E. BURGESS J.G.P. (3); Orientation Central Comm. (4). BARBARA BURNS Kappa Alpha Theta; J.G.P.; Social Comm.; Dance Class (4); Social Comm. Transfer Orientation Adv. ELIZABETH J. BURRIDGE House Pres. CAROLYON D. BYRNE Alpha Phi Sec ' y (4); League (3), (4). JOHN H. CAHALANE Zeta Psi; Newman Club (4). NORMAN D. CALL Phi Gamma Delta, Pres. (4); Foot- ball (1, (2), (3), (4); Basketball (2); Track (1); Sphinx, Pres.; Michi- gamua (4); Class Pres. (4); Vice- Pres. M. Club (4); Board in Con- trol of Physical Ed. (3), (4); La Sociedad Hispanica (2). ELINOR L. CAMPBELL Alpha Gamma Delta. JEANNE CAMPBELL Kappa Alpha Theta; J.G.P.; Sec ' y of Social Comm. (4); Transfer Ori- entation Adv. ROBERT L. CARLSON Phi Sigma Kappa; Basketball Mgr. (2); Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). JOHN R. CARNEY Pre-Med. Soc. (2), (3), (4). LIANA L. CARPENTER Kappa Kappa Gamma; Golf Club (1), (2); Daily (3), (4); J-Hop; Socie- dad Hispanica (4); Scroll; League Comm. (3); J.G.P. ROBERT A. CARR. JR. Phi Kappa Tau; Social Chr. (3), (4); Baseball (1); Fraternity Basket- ball; Volleyball. WILLIAM F. CARUTHERS Kappa Sigma, Treas. (4); R.O.T.C. Rifle Team (1), (2); Sports Mgr. (2), (3), (4). VERSEL CASE, JR. Union (1), (2). SYLVIA D. CASPER Stockwell Hall; Daily (1); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Cercle Francais (3), (4); Hillel News (1); Hillel Social Comm. (2), (3), (4). RICHARD J. CAULEY Delta Tau Delta. FRANCIS B. CHAMBERLAIN Delta Tau Delta; Sphinx; Druids; Baseball (1), (2), (3), (4). DALE S. CHAMBERLIN Phi Gamma Delta; Track (1); Mimes; Chief of Les Voyageurs. NICK P. CHAPEKIS Delta Epsilon Phi; Hiawatha Club; Student Senate (3). SALLY A. CHAPIN Transfer Adv. (3). HERMAN S. CHASIN Congress Co-op; Daily (1); Hop- wood Award (1). MICHAEL CHIAPPETTA Trigon; Union Opera (3); Phi Tau Alpha (4); Law Club (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4). MARION C. CHOWN Play Prod. (3), (4); Athena (4); Martha Cook, Pres. (4); Choral Union (3), (4); University Concert Band (3). NAN L. CHURCH Alpha Xi Delta; Fencing Club (3), (4); Athletic Chr. (4). ANGEL A. CINTRON Sociedad Hispanica (3), (4); Pre- Medical Soc. (2), (3), (4). ELISE CLARK Alpha Chi Omega; Gargoyle (1); Rifle (1); Theta Sigma Phi (3), (4); J.G.P.; Panhellenic Ball (3). HOWARD J. CLARK Chi Phi. LILYLEE CLEARY Martha Cook, Pres. (4). PATRICIA E. CLEARY Collegiate Sorosis. RUTH J. CLEARY Alpha Xi Delta, Vice-Pres. (4); Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Soph Cabaret. YALE D. COGGAN Sigma Alpha Mu; Mimes (2), (3), (4). BEVERLY F. COHEN League House; Sec ' y Hillel (3). GERTRUDE M. COHEN Class Project (3); Hillel (2), (3), (4). JACK H. COHEN Zeta Beta Tau. JOANNE E. COHEN Daily (2); Perspectives (2), (3), (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Hillel Hostess (3); League Comm.; Theatre Arts, Swim Club; Tennis Club. JOHN W. COLGAN Chi Phi; Daily (2). JAMES B. COLLINS Chi Psi, Treas. (3), (4); Daily (1), (2), (3), (4); Toastmasters Club (3), (4); Druids (4). GEORGE L. COMBS Delta Tau Delta. WILLIAM COMSTOCK, III Zeta Psi, Vice-Pres. (3), (4); Mich. Party (2), (3), (4). JANE CONNELL Delta Gamma; J.G.P.; Theatre Arts (3); Mimes (4); Costume and Make-up Comm.; P. A. C.I. Dance Comm.; Red Cross Motor Corps; Orientation Adv. (3). WEBSTER COOK Chi Psi; Gargoyle (2), (3); Glider Club (3); Toastmasters. ROY V. COOLEY Alpha Phi Alpha. PAULA J. COPELAND Alpha Epsilon Phi; J.G.P.; Pan- hellenic Rep. (2). JOHN R. CORSON Theta Chi; Hockey (1), (2), (3), (4); Sailing Club; Flying Club. PAUL L. COSPER Sigma Chi; I.F.C. JANET L. COTTRELL Chi Omega. ESTHER M. COUNTS Play Prod. (3), (4). DOROTHY L. COUZENS Kappa Delta; J.G.P.; Frosh Proj- ect; Soph Cabaret; Theatre Arts Comm. (4); League Comm. (2), (3). L. ELIZABETH COWART Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres. (4); Pan- hellenic (2), (3), (4); League Comm. (2), (3), (4); Rushing Chr. (3); Alpha Lambda Delta. BETH E. COWING Gamma Phi Beta; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Social Comm. Merit Sys- tem (4). WINSTON H. COX Alpha Tau Omega; Daily (1), (2); Orientation Adv. (2), (3), (4); Sen- ate (4); Gargoyle (1), (2), (3); Mich. Party, Pres. (3), (4); Con- gress (1), (2); P.A.C.I., Pres. (1), (2), (3). ALFRED W. COXON Alpha Delta Phi. ARTHUR CRAIG Congress (3), (4). META J. CRISWELL Stockwell,- Play Prod. (3), (4); J.G.P.; Theater Arts (3), (4); Stock- well Council (3), (4); Zeta Phi Eta (3), Pres. (4); Transfer Orientation Adv. (4). GORDON M. CHITCHELL Delta Kappa Epsilon. GEORGE H. CROCKER Acacia. CATHERINE C. CROSBY Gamma Phi Beta; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Daily (2), (3); J.G.P. AGNES L. CROW Pi Beta Phi; Frosh Frolic; Frosh Project; Crop and Saddle; Daily (2); Soph Cabaret; Pub. Chr. Pan- hellenic Banquet (3); Wyvern (3); Gargoyle (3), (4); Theatre Arts (3); Soc. Comm. League (3); Scroll (4); Panhellenic (3); Vice-Pres. Class (4). JEANNE W. CRUMP Alpha Phi; Daily (1), (2), (3); Gar- goyle (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; League Formal (4); Ori- entation Adv. (4); Spanish Play (2); Spanish Club (4). MARTHA E. CUMMINS Archery Club (1); Assembly Tea (2); Assembly Banquet (2); Choral Union (2); Rifle Club (3). LEO P. CUNNINGHAM Phi Beta Pi; Football (1), (2), (3), (4); Druids; Yacht Club (3), (4); " M " Club (4). MILDRED A. CURTIS Frosh Project; Mortar Board; Senior Society. DORIS A. CUTHBEHT Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Daily (I, (2), (3); Assembly Ban- quet (2). EDWARD W. CZAK Football (1), (3), (4); M Club (3), (4); Druids. EUGENE W. DACH Baseball (1). MILDRED L. DALEE Soph Prom; I.G.P.; Frosh Project; W.A.A. (2), (3). CLIFTON DANCE, JR. Phi Kappa Sigma; Hockey (1). ALVIN A. DANN Daily (2), (3), (4); Sigma Delta Chi. M. ALFRED DARLING Phi Gamma Delta. KATHERINE J. DAVIDSON J.G.P. CYNTHIA DAVIS Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Theatre Arts (3), (4). RICHARD B. DE KORN I.B.F. (3); Sports (3). MARY G. DE MONG Newberry, Vice-Pres. (3); Social Chr. (4); J.G.P. THEODORE C. DENISE Alpha Kappa Lambda; Football (3). MARY-JANE DENISON Orientation Adv. (4); Glee Club (3); Theatre Arts (3). MAURICE R. DENNY, JR. Acacia; I.F.C. (2). JUNE P. DENSMORE Adelia Cheever, Sec ' y-Treas. (3). RAYMOND F. DIETZ Mich. Wolverine Purchasing Agent (4). JOHN TIMMONS DIGHTON Delta Tau Delta. CHARLES J. DILLMAN Theta Chi, Pres. (4). WILLIAM T. DOBSON Phi Kappa Psi; Track (1), (2), (3), (4); Druids; " M " Club. MARGARET DODGE Kappa Kappa Gamma; League Comm. (1), (2), (3); Prosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Gargoyle (3); Orientation Adv. (3). ELEANOR M. DONAHUE Alpha Gamma Delta; Publications (1), (2); Panhellenic Rep. (3), (4); Candy Booth (1), (4); Social Comm. (2); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Panhellenic Ball (4); Senior Ball; Merit Comm. (2); Rushing Chr. House (3); Chapter Pres. (4); Frosh Frolic Comm. (1); Theatre Arts (3). G. WILLIAM DOOLITTLE, JR. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Pres. (4); Football (1). NANCY G. DREW Pi Beta Phi; Soph Cabaret; Crop and Saddle (2), (3), (4); J.G.P. DELOS E. DRUCKER Scalp and Blade (1), (2), (3), (4). BRYANT R. DUNSHEE Chi Psi; Choral Union (3); Mimes (3), (4); Student Senate (3), (4). FREDERICK A. EARLE Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice-Pres. (4); Hiawatha Club (1), (2), Vice-Pres. (4). DAVID K. EASLICK Phi Kappa Psi. BARBARA A. ECKERT Chi Omega; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Rifle Club (1), (2), (4); League Comm. JOSEPH EDELMAN S.A.M.; Wrestling (1); Phi Eta Sigma; Gargoyle (1), (2), (3); Spanish Club (1), (2), (3). GERALD J. EDER Kappa Nu, Vice-Pres. (4); Pre- Med. Soc. (3); Phi Eta Sigma JOHN K. EDMONSON Delta Tau Delta; Congress Comm. (2), (3); Student Senate (3). CLARKE R. EGELER Theta Delta Chi; Union Opera (4). NAOMI S. ELLIAS Assembly Ball (2); J.G.P.; Avukah Sec. (3), (4); Hillel Council (4). JEAN ELLIOTT Delta Delta Delta; Daily (3); League Comm. (3), (4). RICHARD D. EMORY Sigma Phi. JEAN M. ENGLEHART Basketball (2), (3); Baseball (1), (2), (3). MARY JOYCE ENGSTHOM Alpha Delta Pi; Glee Club (4); Theatre Arts Comm. (4); Michi- gras (1); Soph Cabaret. 413 JOHN H. ERWIN Delta Upsilon, Treas. (4). ROY D. FAIRLAMB Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-Pres. (3), Pres. (4); Scimitar (2); I.F.C. (3), (4), Exec. Comm. (4). JOHN V. FALCONIERI Sociedad Hispanica; I.M. Sports. BETTY J. FARISS Kappa Alpha Theta; Frosh Proj- ect; Frosh Frolic; W.A.A. Treas. (3); Wyvern; Scroll; Gargoyle (2); League Council (4). JOHN E. FARRAND Tyler House, Pres. (3); Relations Club; Varsity Glee Club. RUTH J. FAUSEL Daily (2), (4); Frosh Project. OLGA J. FEDKO Slavic Club (3), (4); Beta Kappa Rho (3), (4); Alpha Kappa Delta (4). HOWARD F. FENSTEMAKER, JR. Daily (2), (3), (4). FRANK V. FEORELLO Choral Union (4). IRENE A. FERGUSON Alpha Omicron Pi, Sec ' y (4); Athena Vice-Pres. (4); J.G.P. THEODOSIA S. FIELD Theatre Arts (3), (4); League Comm. (3), (4); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. CHARLES R. FIELDER Zeta Psi; Scimitar (1). JOHN H. FIEDLER Phi Kappa Tau, Treas. (4). BYRON H. FINDLING Band (1), (2). WALTER C. FISH Fletcher Hall. ELLEN J. FLEISCHMANN Zeta Phi Eta (3), (4). LOUIS FOGEL Congress Exec. Sec ' y (3), (4); Hillel Council; International Rela- tions Club (3), (4). BRUCE W. FORBES Mimes; Cercle Francais (2), (3), (4); Phi Tau Alpha (2), (3); Orient- ation Adv. (3), (4); Union Opera (2), (3). LEE H. FORBSTEN Chi Gamma Phi (3). SYLVIA G. FORMAN Assembly Ball (2); Alpha Kappa Delta (3), (4); Hillel Social Chr. (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret. DOUGLAS M. FOWLE Zeta Psi. CAROL J. FREEMAN Zeta Phi Eta, Sec ' y (4); Theatre Arts (4); Play Prod. (4). WILLIAM K. FUNK Alpha Delta Phi; Football (1), (2); Mimes Opera (2), (4); Frosh Frolic. EUNICE J. FUNKHOUSER Zeta Phi Eta (3), (4); Pi Lambda Theta (3), (4); Choral Union (3), (4); J.G.P.; Assembly Representa- tive (3). PEGGY C. GABRIEL Pi Beta Phi. MARY M. GAGE Gamma Phi Beta; Sec ' y League (4); Mortarboard; Michiganensian (2), (3); J.G.P.; Wyvern; Soph Cabaret; Frosh Project; Orienta- tion (2), (3); League Comm. JAMES O. GALLES Wrestling (1), (2), (3), (4); " M " Club, Treas. (4); Sphinx; Michi- gamua. WILLIAM GALUSHA Alpha Kappa Psi; Student Bureau of Opinion (1); La Sociedad His- panica (2); Glider Club (3). ELAINE GARDNER Alpha Lambda Delta (1). MARY M. K. GARRETT J.G.P. RITA V. GARVEY Play Prod. (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (4); Zeta Phi Eta (2), (3), (4). JAMES H. GARVIN Theta Chi; University Band (1); Daily (1), (2), (3). FLORENCE M. GATES Alpha Chi Omega; Daily (1); Frosh Project; Freshman Glee Club; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; So- cial Comm; Orientation; Theatre Arts (3), (4). BURTON S. GAVITT Perspectives. LINDA-GAIL GEORGE Alpha Chi Omega; Choral Union (1); Girls ' Glee Club (2); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Daily (1); Theatre Arts Comm. (2); Panhellenic Ban- quet (3); Panhellenic Ball (3). MILDRED GERSON Hillsl Council (4). LLOYD M. GIBBS Tennis (1); Daily (1); Union (2); J-Hop; Board of Directors Mich. Wolverines (3), (4); Sports (3), (4). CHARLES P. GIESEN Sigma Chi; Basketball (1), (2); I.F.C. (2), (3). MONROE A. GILBERT Alpha Sigma Phi; Football Mgr. (1), (2), (3); Tennis Mgr. (4). GENE S. GILMORE Glee Club (1); Congress (2). LOIS E. GISH Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-Pres. (4) Gar- goyle (1); Michiganensian (1), (2); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Phi Sigma (4); Panhellenic Coun- cil (2), (3); Panhellenic Ball (3); League Social Comm. (3), (4); Deutscher Verein (2), (3); Orienta- tion Adv. (4). ADELIA J. GITTLEN Flay Prod. (2), (3), (4). KATHRYN T. GLADDING Kappa Delta; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Panhellenic Banquet (2); J.G.P.; League Comm.; Zeta Phi Eta. CATHERINE A. GOETZ Chi Omega. NYDIA B. GOETZ Flying Club (3); Glider Club (4). JUDY K. GOLD Daily (1); Alpha Lambda Delta. FAY GOLDNER Play Prod. (2), (3), (4); Theatre Arts (4); J.G.P.; Zeta Phi Eta (3), (4). JEROME A. GOLDSTEIN Glee Club (1); Orientation Adv. (3). ROBERT I. GOLDSTEIN Phi Sigma Delta, Pres. (4). MAXINE J. GOOD Theatre Arts Comm. (4); Assem- bly Ball (3); Martha Cook, Treas. (4); Advisor (4); Assembly Ban- quet (4). THOMAS GOODKIND Zeta Beta Tau; Gargoyle (1), (2), (3), (4); Sec ' y (4); All-Campus Wrestling Champ (2), (3), Gamma Sigma. JAMES H. GORMSEN Phi Delta Theta; Union Opera (2), (3), (4); General Chr. (4); Mimes (2), (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (3), (4); Choral Union (2), (3); Alpha Phi Omega; Daily (1), (2). MURRAY GOTTLIEB I.M. Sports (2), (3), (4); Wolverine (1), (2), (3), (4). JEANNE D. GOUDY Delta Delta Delta; Soph Cabaret; League Comm.; J.G.P.; J-Hop; Michiganensian (2), (3), (4); Wy- vern; Scroll. NANCY GOULD Collegiate Sorosis; Zeta Phi Eta (2), (3), Pres. (4); Daily (1); Michi- ganensian (2); Theatre Arts (2), (3), (4); Panhellenic (3), (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Orienta- tion Adv. (3), (4). JANET E. GRACE Varsity Debate (1), (2), (3), (4); Mosher Hall House Council (3), (4); Delta Sigma Rho (3), (4); Senior Society. JACK A. GRADY Theta Chi; Michigamua; Phi Kappa Phi; Union (2); Exec. Coun- cil (3); Sec ' y (4); Phi Eta Sigma. GERALDINE C. GHANFIELD Zeta Tau Alpha; Newman Club, Sec ' y (3); Student Religious Assn.; Freshman Rendezvous Counselor (4). JOHN S. GRAY Phi Sigma, Pres. (3). MARTIN A. GREEN Sigma Alpha Mu; Union Opera (2), (3). SAMUEL GREENBERG Daily (3); Chr. Summer Parley, 1941; Deutscher Verein (1), (2); Alpha Nu (2), (3). JOSEPH C. GHEENWALD Pre-Med. Society (4). F. ALLEN GHIER Delta Upsilon, Sec ' y (3). RICHARD A. GRUDZINSKI Alpha Kappa Delta. MARIAN RAE GUSTAFSON Gamma Phi Beta; Orientation Adv. (2); Soph Cabaret; Panhel- lenic (2); J.G.P.; Frosh Frolic; Michiganensian (1), (2), (3), (4); League Comm. (2), (3); Scroll. ERATH G. GUTEKUNST Delta Delta Delta; Daily (3); Per- spectives (3), (4); J.G.P.; League Soc. Comm. (3), (4); Union Opera (4). ALICE L. HAAS Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres. (4); Daily (2), (3); Social Comm. (2), (3); Publicity Comm. (3); Scroll; Frosh Orientation Adv. (2), (3), (4); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. THERON H. HAAS Alpha Tau Omega; I.F.C. (2). MARY E. HABEL Kappa Alpha Theta; Summer Ses- sion, 1941, League Council. CORA J. HACKETT Zeta Tau Alpha; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; League Comm. (2), (3), (4). MARGARET A. HADSELL Kappa Kappa Gamma; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Daily (3). MARY E. HAFERKAMP German Club (1); Spanish Club (2); Glider Club (2), (3), (4); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. MURIEL O. HAGEMEYER Alpha Delta Pi; House Mgr. (3), (4); Michigras (2); Soph Cabaret; League Comm. (3), (4); J.G.P.; Panhellenic Banquet (3); Newman Club (2). J. FRANKLIN HAGEN Band (2), (3), (4). CYRILLE R. HALKIN Alpha Epsilon Phi. PETER H. HALLER Delta Kappa Epsilon; Stein Club (4); Senate (2); I.F.C. (2). CELIA HALPERT Phi Sigma Sigma, Pres. (4); Pan- hellenic (3), (4); League Comm. (3), (4); Theater Arts (4). LUCIUS O. HAMILTON Sigma Chi; Basketball (1). PHYLLIS J. HAMILTON Martha Cook; Iota Sigma Pi (3), (4). FRANK E. HANAUER Sigma Alpha Mu; Mgr. I.M. Sports (3), (4). VIRGINIA M. HARDGROVE Betsy Barbour. MARJORIE E. HARDY Delta Delta Delta; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. MARY HASKELL Collegiate Sorosis. VIVIAN M. HARRIS Newman Club (3), (4). EDWARD B. HARRISON Hockey (1), Boxing (1), (2), (3). LAURA M. HATFIELD Pi Lambda Theta. WILLARD F. HATFIELD Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RODNEY C. HATHAWAY Lambda Chi Alpha. SARA JEANNE HAUKE Alumnae House, Sec ' y (2); As- sembly Board (3), (4); Beta Kappa Rho, Pres. (3); Daily (2). WILLIAM L. HAUSMAN Pi Lambda Phi; Daily (1), (2). ARTHUR S. HAWLEY Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Hockey Mgr. (2), (3), (4). MARY R. HAYDEN Alpha Phi; Crop and Saddle (1), (2), Pres. (3), (4); Daily (2); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; W.W.A. Board (3), (4); Union Opera Dance Direc- tor (4); Wyvern; Scroll. MARGARET S. HEALY Theta Phi Alpha; Social Comm. (2); J.G.P.; Theta Sigma Phi. HARRIET E. HEAMES Collegiate Sorosis, Pres.; Soph Cabaret; Jud. Comm. (3), (4); J.G.P.; Tutorial Comm. (3); Michi- ganensian (3); Pres. of Wyvern; Mortarboard; Panhellenic Rep. (4). MILTON D. HELLER Michiganensian (1), (2); Phi Eta Sigma. DORISANN HENDRICKS Bowling Chairman (4); W.A.A. Board (4); Candy Booth (4); Mosher Sports Editor (4). CHRISTIAN HERRMANN. JR. Psi Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Deutscher Verein (2). SYLVAN J. HERSHEY Baseball Mgr. (2); Pre-Med. Soc. (2), (3), (4); Hillel (2), (3), (4). 414 GERALD HEWITT Knights of the Amber Brew; Michiganensian (1), (2), (3), Man- aging Editor (4); Druids, P.A.C.I. (3); Fencing (1), (2); Congress (1), (2), (3); Pre-Med. Soc.; Delta Omega Gamma. JANET H. HOOKER Alpha Chi Omega; Scroll; J.G.P.; Soph Cabaret; Daily (1), (2), (3); Crop and Saddle (1), (2); League Council (4); Union Opera (4); Michilodean (3); Panhellenic Ball (3); Social Comm. League (2). THEODORE W. HILDEBHANDT Junior Math Club (2), (3), Pres. (4); Glee Club (4); Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. BETTY-RAE HILEMAN Alpha Lambda Delta; Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4); Phi Tau Alpha (2), (3), (4); Alumnae House Treas. (2); Wesley Foundation (3), (4). ARTHUR N. HILL Sigma Chi; Daily (1), (2), (3), (4); Asst. Sporting Editor (4); Spanish Play (1); Detroit Times Corre- spondent (4). HARRIET B. HILLS Stockwell Hall. JAMES T. HIRD Delta Upsilon; Math Club (3); Union Opera (4). FREDERICK L. HIRSCHMAN Alpha Nu (2); Mimes (3), (4); Union Opera (2), (3). ELMER GORDON HITT Congress Exec. Council (3); Sec ' y- Treas. (4). BURTON A. HODDESON Pi Lambda Phi; Basketball (1), Mgr. (2). JEANETTE C. HOFMAN Delta Gamma; Daily (2); J.G.P. MARY ANN HOLADAY Alpha Chi Omega; Panhellenic Association (2), (3), (4); Alpha Chi Omega, Pres. (4). ALMON C. HOLMES. JR. Kappa Sigma; Swimming (1). CAROLINE H. HOLT Gamma Phi Beta; Soph Cabaret; League Comm.; League Tutor (3). ELIZABETH A. HOWARD Chi Omega; J.G.P. JEAN G. HUBBARD Zeta Phi Eta (3); Choral Union (3); Assembly Board (2); Soph Cabaret; W y v e r n ; Orientation Adv. (3); J.G.P.; Chr. Assembly Banquet (3); Pres. Assembly (4); Senior Society. MARGARET H. HULBERT Gamma Phi Beta, Pres. (4); Women ' s Jud. Comm. (4); Alpha Kappa Delta (4). CLAUDE L. HULET Kappa Sigma; Sociedad Hispan- ica (3), (4); Cercle Francais (4); Citizens Pilot Training (3). ALMA E. HUNT German Club (1), (2); Spanish Club (3). WILLIAM L. HURLEY Delta Kappa Epsilon; Sphinx; Druids; Scabbard and Blade; Senior Football Mgr.; Student- Senate (3). S. MICHAEL HURWITZ Wrestling (3), (4). DANIEL H. HUYETT Psi Upsilon, Pres. (4); Daily (1), (2), (3), (4), Bus. Mgr. (4); Michi- gamua; Sphinx; Toastmasters; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Senate (2); Chr. 1940 Spring Parley. HOWARD A. IDESON Williams House. SHYRLE IMBER Alpha Epsilon Phi; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Cercle Francais (2), (3); Theater Arts (2). LEO V. IMPEHI Varsity Glee Club (3), (4); Choral Union. D. ROBERT INGALLS Football (2), (3), (4); Sphinx, Druids. ANTHONY D. INTRIERE Pre-Med. Soc. (1), (2), (3); New- man Club (1), (2), (3). BERNICE L. JACK Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Tau Alpha. ROY O. JACKSON Sigma Gamma Epsilon (4); Chi Gamma Phi (4). WILLIAM G. JACKSON Alpha Chi Sigma; Druids; Men ' s Jud. Council (4); Phi Lambda Up- silon (4); Union Opera (3). GERALDINE L. JELSCH Newman Club (2), (3), (4). ESTHER L. JEWELL Glee Club (1); Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Phi Tau Alpha. EDWARD E. JOFFEE Phi Epsilon Pi; Union Opera (3). HAZEL M. JOHNSON Phi Tau Alpha (2), (4). VIRGINIA M. JOMINY Choral Union (3), (4); Assembly Board (4); Future Teachers ' Assn. (3); Mich. Christian Fellowship, Sec ' y (4). CATHERINE JONES Kappa Alpha Theta; J.G.P. Cen- tral Comm. (1); Wyvern (2); League Dance Class (3); Theatre Arts Costume Comm. DORIS J. JONES Assembly Comm. (2); Theater Arts; Alpha Lambda Delta; J.G.P.; Wesleyan Guild Cabinet (4); Phi Kappa Phi; League Comm. ARON KAHN Zeta Beta Tau; I.F.C. (2), (3); I.F.C. Exec. Comm. (4); Mimes (2), (3), (4); Gamma Sigma. EUGENE A. KANE Pi Lambda Phi; Daily (1), (2), (3), Local Adv. Mgr. (3); Union Opera (2). MARCIA J. KARN Phi Beta Phi, Pres. (3), (4); Social Comm. (3); Tutorial Comm. (3), (4); Lambda Theta (3), (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4). IRA R. KATZ Zeta Beta Tau; Michiganensian (2), (3); Publicity Mgr. (3); Gamma Sigma; Union Opera (4). LOUISE C. KEATLEY Gamma Phi Beta; Frosh Project; Gargoyle (1), (2); Soph Cabaret; Michiganensian (2), (3); Wyvern; Mortarboard; Treas. League (4); Athena, Treas. (4). MARJORIE J. KELLER J.G.P. MARY J. KELLER J.G.P. M. LOUISE KELLER Daily (1); W.A.A. Board (1); Theta Sigma Phi (3), Pres. (4). ROGER F. KELLEY Chi Psi; Sphinx; Toastmaster (4); Student Senate (1), (2), (3), Vice- pres. (4); Daily (2); I.F.C. (2), (3). MARRY M. KELSEY Daily (2), (3), (4); Sigma Delta Chi, Sec ' y-Treas. (3); Vice-Pres. (4); Congress Exec. Comm. (2); Marriage Relations Course Comm. (3), (4). MARJORIE SUE KENDALL Delta Delta Delta; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. JACK E. KESSEL Zeta Beta Tau, Vice-Pres. (3), Pres. (4); Daily (1), (2); Soph Prom; Union Opera (4). DOROTHY J. KETTRING Assembly Banquet (2); J.G.P. ROBERT J. KIEBER Newman Club (1), (3), (4); Scalp and Blade (1), (2). FAYE J. KILBURN Alpha Delta Pi; Girl ' s Glee Club (2), (3); Women ' s League Soc. Comm. (3); Theater Arts (4). VALERI I. KINCADE Pi Beta Phi. LEO D. KLAUBER Pi Lambda Phi; Football Mgr. (1), (2), (3). HAROLD S. KLEIN Scabbard and Blade (4); Union Opera (4). EDWARD KNUDSEN Delta Upsilon. NORMAN KOHLENBERG Kappa Nu, Sec ' y. ARTHUR W. KOLLIN Independent Student Assn. (3); Rooming House Council (3). JOSEPH KOPCHICK Robert Owen Co-op, Steward and P. A. (4); Pre-Med. Soc. (3), (4). ROBERT A. KRAUSE Sigma Alpha Mu; Daily (1); Stu- dent Senate (2), (3), (4); Treas. Pres. (3), (4); Board of Directors of Athletic Assn., Sec ' y (4); I.M. Mgr. (1), (2), (3), (4). JEAN E. KRISE Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Senior Soc.; Phi Kappa Phi (4). ROBERT A. KROMER Newman Club. SHELDON J. LACHMAN Pre-Med. Soc. (2), (4); Spanish (2). HELEN LAHEY Pi Beta Phi; Crop and Saddle. GARY E. LANDIS Sigma Nu; Choral Union (2); Var- sity Glee Club (2), Sec ' y (3), Pres. (4); Pres. E. Good Council (4); Pres. Tyler House (4). LEON H. LANDSBERG Zeta Beta Tau; Michiganensian (4). JOHN C. LARSON Delta Tau Delta. SHIRLEY L. LAY Gamma Phi Beta; Social Comm. (3), (4); League Council (Summer School) (3); Social Comm. (Sum- mer School) (3). JEROME LEBOWITZ Pi Lambda Phi. ROSABETH LEBSTER Betsy Barbour; Daily (2), (3); J.G.P.; Theater Arts (2). ARTHUR EDWARD LECKNER. JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; I.F.C. (4). ORVILLE B. LEFKO Phi Sigma Delta; Sec ' y (3), Treas. (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Sociedad Hispanica (1); Al- pha Nu (3). BETTY R. LEIBSON Alpha Epsilon Phi; Hillel Players (3); Gargoyle (4); Chr. Hillel Photography Club (4). JOHN B. LEIDY Alpha Delta Phi; Golf (1), (2), (3), Capt. (4). RHODA E. LESHINE Stockwell; Daily (1), (2), (3); Senior Soc.; Frosh Project; As- sembly (4); Soph Cabaret; League Comm. (1), (2), (3), (4); Parley Comm. (3). JACK C. LEUTRITZ Track (2), (3), (4); M Club. SALLY SUE LEV Math Club (1), (2), (3); Sec ' y (1), (2); Tennis Club. HENRY LEVINSTEIN Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa (3), (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Ori- entation Adv. (4); Junior Math Club. BRYNA LEWIS Adelia Cheever; Radio (3). JOSEPH LIKOVSKY Congress Co-op, Treas. (4); Wres- tling (1); Phi Eta Sigma (2); Sports Mgr. (2), (3); Phi Beta Kappa; Pre- Med. Soc., Pres. ERNEST B. LINQUEST Delta Kappa Epsilon. EDITH E. LONGYEAR Delta Delta Delta; Gargoyle (2), (3); Social Comm. (2), (3); Candy Booth Comm. (2), (3); J.G.P.; Women ' s Golf Team (1), (2), (3), (4); Pitch and Putt Club (1), (2), (3), (4). PATRICIA A. LOUGHEAD Collegiate Sorosis; Social Comm. (2), (3); J.G.P. PHYLLIS A. LOVEJOY Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta, Sec ' y (1); Mortar Board, Treas. (4); League Council (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; League Comms. (1), (2), (3); Daily (1), (2), (3); Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Lambda Theta. ROLLINS D. LOW Theta Chi. MARY E. LOWERY Adelia Cheever, Vice Pres. (3); Pres. (4). ELIZABETH G. LUCKHAM Martha Cook; Frosh Project; As- sembly Banquet; J.G.P.; Assem- bly Ball; Orientation Adv. (3); Vice Pres. League (4). RICHARD M. LUDWIG Phi Eta Sigma (1); Perspectives (1), (2), (3), (4). ALBERT K. LUDY, JR. Band (1), (2); Phi Eta Sigma, Treas. (2); Union (1), (2), (3); Exec. Council (3); Alpha Phi Omega (2), (3), (4); Westminster Guild Officer (3); Sociedad Hispanica (1), (2), (3), (4). CLAIRE E. MacARTHUR Kappa Phi. JAMES C. MacDONALD Phi Sigma Kappa. PATRICIA ANN MacFARLAND Zeta Tau Alpha, Pres. (3), (4); Soph Cabaret; Panhellenic Dele- gate (2), (3), (4); Central Comm. Panhellenic Ball (2); Band (1), (2), Pres. (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (2), (3), (4). 415 JOHN W. MacMILLAN Lambda Chi Alpha. JULIA E. MADIGAN League House. WILLIAM P. MALLICK Deutscher Verein (3), (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa (3). NORMA D. MALMROS Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Assem- bly Board (1), (2), (3). V. JOHN MANIKOFF Alpha Nu (2), (3), (4). IEAN MANWARING Gamma Phi Beta; Publicity Chr. Panhellenic Ball (3); Orientation Adv. (4); Panhellenic Council, Sec ' y. (4). ARTHUR J. MARION Delta Upsilon; Publications (3), (4). THOMAS F. MARSHALL Phi Delta Theta. MERCEDES MATTHEWS Pi Beta Phi; Sec ' y Transfer Ori- entation Comm. (4). MARY E. MAYNARD Kappa Delta; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Social Comm. (3), (4). WILLIAM O. MAYS Phi Gamma Delta, Sec ' y (4); Union Opera (2); Band (1), (4); Mimes (2), (4); Kappa Kappa Psi (3), (4). VIVIAN L. MAZE Theta Sigma Phi (3), (4), Sec ' y- Treas. (4); Martha Cook Annual (3), (4). ATWOOD R. McANDREW Delta Kappa Epsilon. LAURA J. McCAMENT Martha Cook; Social Comm. (3); Theater Arts (3); J.G.P. JAY W. McCORMICK Lambda Chi Alpha; Daily (4); Per- spectives (4). JOHN B. McKEAN Track (1), (2), (3), (4). JUNE C. McKEE University of the Air (2), (3), (4); Daily (2), (3), (4); Play Prod. (2), (3); Mimes Union Opera (3), (4); League (2), (3); Choral Union (2); Athena (2); Zeta Phi Eta (3), (4). HOYCE B. McKINLEY Chi Psi. CONSTANCE McLEARY Daily Style Show (3), (4). EDWARD A. McLOGAN Phi Kappa Psi; I.F.C. (2), (3); Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). JAMES O. McNAMEE Theta Delta Chi; Daily (1), (2); Union Opera (4). FREDERICK N. McOMBEH Sigma Phi Epsilon; Gargoyle (1); Student Senate (3), (4); Senior Ball. JAMES P. McPHERSON Phi Sigma Kappa. DOROTHY W. MERKL Kappa Kappa Gamma; Frosh Proj- ect; Soph Cabaret; Panhellenic Ball; J.G.P.; House Chr. League (4); League Council; Scroll. JACK O. MEYER Phi Delta Theta; Football (1), (2); Sphinx (3); Druids (4). MARGARET L. MEYER Kappa Delta, Pres., Treas.; Thea- ter Arts (2), (4); J.G.P. GRACE E. MILLER Delta Delta Delta; Daily (1), (2), (3), (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cab- aret; J.G.P.; Soph Prom, Social Comm. (2), (3); Panhellenic Ball (3); Merit System Comm. (2); Ori- entation Adv. (2), (3); Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortarboard; Wy- vern; Phi Kappa Phi. JOHN R. MILLER Fletcher Hall; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon (3), (4). NORMAN MILLER Daily (1), (2), (3). MARY VIRGINIA MITCHELL Mosher Hall; Sen. Society; Daily (1), (2), (3), Exchange Editor (4); Orientation Adv. (2), (3), (4); As- sembly Banguet Comm. (3); J.G.P.; Soph Cabaret; Frosh Project; League Comm. (1), (2), (3), (4). RALPH MITCHELL. JR. Gargoyle (1), (2), (3), (4); Michi- gamua; J-Hop; Track (1); Pi Lambda Phi, House Mgr. (3). VIOLA MAY MODLIN Alpha Xi Delta, Pres. (4); Theta Sigma Phi, Vice Pres. (4); Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (4); J.G.P.; Pan-Hell dele- gate (3), (4); Pan-Hell Ball Decora- tions Comm. (4); League Comm. RICHARD W. MOLTHOP Theta Delta Chi; Daily (2); Union Opera (3), (4). MICHAEL MONROE Alpha Kappa Psi; Kappa Kappa Psi; Michigan Band (1), (2); Socie- dad Hispanica, Treas. (3); Mich- igan Wolverine, Treas. (4). L. VINCENT MONZEL Phi Sigma Kappa; Gargoyle (2); Union (2). PATRICIA M. MOORE Betsy Barbour. HARRY MOORSTEIN Phi Eta Sigma; Daily (2). FRANCIS W. MORLEY, III Sigma Chi, Pres. (4); Michigan Union (2); I.F.C. (2). MARY MORRIS Alpha Xi Delta; Newman Club (3); League Comm. (3); Kappa Beta Pi (4). DOROTHY G. MORTON Helen Newberry; Freshman Glee Club (1); Women ' s Glee Club (2); League-Theatre Arts (2); Soph Cabaret; Choral Union (3), (4); J.G.P.; Theatre Arts (3); League. RICHARD P. MUELLER Wrestling (2). JEAN MULLINS Collegiate Sorosis; Daily (3); So- cial Comm. (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (4); J.G.P. ELOISE R. MUNGER Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi, Pres.; Kappa Tau Alpha; Michi- gan Party (3), (4); Pitch and Putt (4); Soph Cabaret. VIRGINIA NATHANSON ELEANOR L. NELSON Kappa Kappa Gamma. MARY E. NEAFIE Gamma Phi Delta; Frosh Project; J.G.P., Theatre Arts, Social Comm.; League Council. ELEANOR NEUBERT Stockwell; Theatre Arts (3), (4); J.G.P.; Stockwell Hall Cabinet (4); Assembly Banquet Cent ' l Comm. (4); Zeta Phi Eta. PAUL G. NEUMANN Newman Club (3), (4). E. ELIZABETH NETZLOF Mosher Hall; J.G.P.; Theater Arts (4); Assembly Banguet (3). EDWARD G. NEWCOMB Sigma Nu. EDWIN B. NORTHWAY Delta Tau Delta. CATHERINE L NORTON Daily (2), (3); Newman Club (2), (3), (4); Vice-Pres. (4). GERARD E. O ' BRIEN Delta Sigma Pi. CHARLES S. OCHAB Newman Club. CHARLES D. O ' CONNOR Chi Phi. PHYLLIS M. OETJEN Alpha Xi Delta; J.G.P.; Theater Arts (3). ROBERT B. O ' HARA Sigma Phi Epsilon. JAMES A. OLINE Lambda Chi Alpha. J.VEITCH PURDOM Collegiate Sorosis; Frosh Project; Daily (2); Michiganensian; Make- up Assistant Theater Arts; Union Opera Make-up Assistant M. BERNA DEANE PURGETT Delta Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Daily (2), (3); Frosh Project; J.G.P.; League Comm. ROBERT A. ORNDORFF Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). KOYNE OSBORNE Sigma Nu, Vice Pres. BERNARD N. OSMOND Delta Upsilon. RUTH M. OWEN Katherine Pickerill Co-operative; Choral Union (3), (4); Inter Co-op. Council (3), (4). ALFRED W. OWENS Sigma Chi; Pres. Infantry Officers ' Club; Sphinx (4); Michigamua; Michiganensian (1), (2), (3), (4). MATILDA J. PABST Kappa Delta. SALLY A. PARK Glee Club (1); Frosh Project; Glee Club (2); Soph Cabaret; Senior Representative (Martha Cook). STUART A. PARK Theta Delta Chi; Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Band Business Mgr. (3), (4); Michigamua (4); Kappa Kappa Psi (2), (3), (4). DAVID G. PARKES Fletcher Hall (2); Vaughan House (3); Varsity Glee Club (2), (3); Pre-Med. Soc. (3). MARTHA J. PARKHILL Delta Gamma. RUTH M. PARSONS Theta Phi Alpha; League (1), (2), (3); Frosh Project; J.G.P. BETTY R. PARTENFELDER Assembly (3), (4). CHARLES F. PARTHUM, JR. Choral Union (2); Glee Club (3); University A Capella Choir (4); Play Production (2). PENELOPE F. PATTERSON Kappa Kappa Gamma; Daily (1), (2); Frosh Project Scenery Comm.; Soph Cabaret; Publicity Comm. of League; J.G.P. Publicity Comm.; Publicity Comm. of League and Theatre Arts. CELIA P. PEARCE Kappa Kappa Gamma. ELEANOR I. PERLA Alpha Epsilon Phi. LeHOY B. PERRY Phi Delta Theta; Orientation Adv.; Student Senate; General Chr. J. Hop; Alpha Nu. LEONARD PETITTI Newman Club (1), (2), (3); Pre- Med. Soc. (2), (3). ELIZABETH S. PEXTON Chi Omega; Theatre Arts (4); Soph Cabaret. CHARLES W. PELAUM Transportation Club (1), (2); Junior Math. Club (1), (2), (3). RICHARD B. PHILLIPS Alpha Kappa Psi. ROBERT F. PHILLIP Kappa Nu; Michigan Daily (2). ROSALIE L. PIELEMEIER Deutscher Verein (2), (3), (4); Sec. (3); Vice Pres. (4); Women ' s Glee Club (3). C. JAMES P1LCHER Phi Gamma Delta; Student Sen- ate (3). HARRIET M. PLAISTED Gamma Phi Beta MARJORIE P. POLUMBAUM Helen Newberry; League Council (4); Ment System (1), (2), (3); Mor- tarboard; Senior Society; J.G.P.; Gargoyle (3); Theatre Arts (2), (3); Assembly Ball (3); Soph Cab- aret; Frosh Project; Orientation (2), (3). ROBERT H. PORTER Delta Kappa Epsilon; Druids (1), (2). FRANKLIN I. POWERS Winchell House; Varsity Glee Club (3); President Winchell House (4); University Choir (4). JULIAN L. PREGULMAN Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres. (4); Mimes (3); Hillel (4). JEANNE PRENTICE Alpha Omicron Pi; League Comm. (2), (3); Pan Hell Comm. (4); Treas. of Sorority (3); Vice Pres. of Sorority (4). SHIRLEY R. PRESENT League House Pres. (1); Soph Cabaret. THOMAS W. QUINN Newman Club (1), (2); Track (1). INA M. RABINOVITCH Alpha Epsilon Phi; Daily Frosh Project (1); Soph Cabaret; Theater Arts (2), (3); Hillel Honor Roll (3); Sub-Dean of Sorority (3); J.G.P.; Sub-Dean, Hillel (4). MILDRED E. RADFORD Alpha Chi Omega; Scroll Society (4); Mimes Opera Dance (4); Sen- ior Class Treas. (4); J.G.P. Dance Chr. (3); Theater Arts Dance Comm. (2), (3); Soph Cabaret Dance; Candy Booth Comm. (1), (2); Assembly Ball Programs Chr. (2). ELMER L. RADKA Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Nu (2), (3), (4); Vice Pres. (3); Orienta- tion Adv.; Debate. MARUIN M. RAFFEL Congress Rep. (3); Orientation Adv. (4); Congress Sports Comm. (4). JEANNE E. RAKESTRAW Kappa Delta; Daily (1), (2); Assist- ant Orientation Adv. (2); Theater Arts (2), (3); Social Comm. (2), (3); Vice Pres. of Kappa Delta (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Pan- hellenic Council (2), (3). NED A. READING Phi Delta Theta. 416 JEAN A. REED Mosher Hall; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Orientation Adv. CLAIRE L. REED HILL Pi Beta Phi, Sec ' y (4). CHARLES H. REISDORF Alpha Signv Phi. JEAN MARIE RENDINELL Phi Beta Phi; French Club (2), (3), (4); League Social Comm. (2), (3); Summer Session Assistant League Social Chr. 1941. JOHN E. REXFORD Phi Kappa Psi. HELEN T. RHODES Gamma Phi Beta; Gargoyle (2), (3); Wyvern (3); Zeta Phi Eta; J.G.P.; Social Comm. League (2), (3); Music Chairman Panhellenic Banquet (3); Patrons Chr. Soph Prom; Frosh Project; Choral Union (1). DAVID RICH Play Prod.; Radio Broadcasting. CHARLOTTE H. RIFF Alpha Epsilon Phi; Gargoyle (3), (4). M. JOAN RITCHIE Glee Club (1), (2); Theater Arts (4). NATHANIEL S. HITTER Phi Epsilon Pi; Phi Epsilon Pi Sec ' y (2); Vice-Pres. (3); Staff Assist. Residence Halls (4). OMER E. ROBBINS Theta Delta Chi; Asst. in Chem. Dept. (3), (4). HOPE M. ROBISON Alpha Epsilon Phi; Frosh Frolic; Soph Cabaret; Theater Arts; J.G.P. MARVIN B. RODNEY Robert Owen Co-op.; Freshman Baseball Squad (1); Student Sen- ate (2); Inter-Co-op. Council (3). ORVILLE FREDERICK HOEGLIN Alpha Sigma Phi. JAMES S. ROGERS Theta Xi, Pres. (4). JOHN A. ROOKUS Chi Phi; Daily (1), (2), (3); Sphinx; Football (1). CARMELITA T. ROSASCO Newman Club (1); La Sociedad Hispanica (3), (4); Sec ' y (4); Puebla De Las Mojeres (3). RAY H. ROSENMAN Pi Lambda Phi; Michiganensian (2); Union (1). JANE E. ROSING Alpha Chi Omega; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Social Chr. Mosher (3); Panhellenic Ball (3). BETTE ROSS Delta Delta Delta; Soph Cabaret; League Comm.; Theater Arts and Social; J.G.P.; League Comm. (4). GERALD F. ROSS Michigras (1); Frosh Frolic; Union (1), (2); Union Opera (2), (3), (4). MARJORIE H. ROTH Mosher Hall. BURTON J. RUBENS Sigma Alpha Mu; Soph Prom; Hillel Players (3); Bus. Mgr. (4); Alpha Nu (4); Senior Ball; Chr. Student Defense Comm. MARY K. RUDDY Chi Omega; Daily (3), (4); J.G.P.; Athena (3), (4); Theater Arts Pub- licity Chr. (4); Gargoyle (4). RECILLA R. RUDNICK Hillel (2), (3), (4); League Usher- ing (3), (4). KATHERINE RUMISEK Betsy Barbour; Le Cercle Francais (2), (3), (4); Daily (2); Assembly (1); Glee Club (1). SAMUEL B. RUSSELL Student Senate (3), (4). DOROTHY A. RYBOLT Kappa Alpha Theta Social Comm. (4). JEAN S. RYEHSON Kappa Alpha Theta. RUDY A. SALVETTE Zeta Psi. PAUL D. SAMPSON Sigma Nu; Orientation Adv. (3); J. Hop Ticket Chr. (3); Capitalist Ball Comm. (4); Mich. Wolverine Board of Directors (4). AUBREY T. SAMUELS Phi Sigma Delta; Sociedad His- panica (2), (3); Union Opera (4). ROBERT N. SAMUELS Zeta Beta Tau; Union (1), (2); Exec. Council (3); Vice Pres. (4); Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi; Men ' s Jud. Coun- cil (4). MARGARET L. SANFORD Mosher Hall; Pres. of League (4); Mortarboard (4); Senior Society; J.G.P.; Wyvern; Soph Cabaret; Frosh Project; Daily (1), (2), (3); Assembly Ball (2); Mosher Hall, Sec ' y (3); Alpha Lambda Delta. JANET EVELYN SARGENT Martha Cook Bldg.; Theater Arts Comm.; Choral Union; Alpha Kappa Delta; Senior Representa- tive on Martha Cook Student Board. ALVIRA MARGARET SATA Martha Cook; League Comm. (2), (3), (4); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Zeta Phi Eta (2), (3), (4); Vice Pres. (4). GERALD M. SCHAFLANDER Daily (2), (3); Gargoyle (3 ); Ten- nis (3), (4); " M " Club (3), (4); Alpha Nu (2), (3), (4); Congress (3). C. DONELDA SCHAIBLE Pi Beta Phi; League Comm. (1), (2); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Intramural Mgr. of W.A.A (3); Pres. of W.A.A. (4); Pitch and Putt Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Women ' s Golf Team (1), (2), (3), (4); Wy- vern (3); Scroll (4); Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities; Lantern Night Sing Chr (3). HARRY SCHAGRIN. II Sigma Alpha Mu; Gargoyle (1) (2). HELEN SCHEER Delta Delta Delta. RICHARD H. SCHELL Theta Delta Chi; Union Opera (4). RICHARD E. SCHERLING Phi Delta Theta, Pres. (4); Tennis (1); Frosh Frolic; Soph Prom; Union (2), (3); Union Exec. Coun- cil (3); Sphinx; Men ' s Judiciary Comm. (4); Druids; Toastmaster (4). ALBIN J. SCHINDERLE Newman Club Membership Chr. (2); Men ' s Vice Pres. (3); Pres. (4); Hiawatha Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (3), (4); Freshman Rendezvous Counselor (2); Alpha Kappa Delta (3) (4); Treas. (4); J. Hop (3). JACK B. SCHIRAGA Congress Co-op. IRMA M. SCHLOW Alpha Epsilon Phi; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Hillel Players (3). PAUL I. SCHONBERG R.O.T.C. (1), (2), (3), (4); Treas. West Quad. Council (2). HAROLD E. SCHULHOF Zeta Beta Tau; Union Opera (4). NEIL S. SCHULTZ Chi Gamma Phi. WILLIAM G. SCHUST Chi Phi; Gargoyle (2), (3); Soph Prom; Pres. Chi Phi (3), (4); Sphinx; Druids. LORRAINE F. SCHWAB Alpha Epsilon Phi; Daily (1), (2); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Hillel Players (2), (3), (4); Hillel News (3), (4); Play Prod. (3), (4); Radio (3), (4). ELEANOR SCHWARTZ Mosher Hall; Orientation Adv. (4); League Comm. (3), (4); Mosher House Council (4). DONALD C. SCOTT Alpha Phi Omega (3), (4); Phi Sigma (4). ROSEBUD SCOTT Betsy Barbour House; Daily (1), (2), (3), (4); Varsity Debating (1), (2), (3), (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Mortarboard; Senior Soc. Pres. (4); Wyvern Treas. (3); Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Delta Sigma Rho (3), (4); J.G.P. ; Soph Cabaret; Athena (1), (2), (3), (4); Le Cercle Francais (2), (3); League Comm. (1), (2), (3), (4); Assembly Banquet 1 , (2), (3); Glider Club (2), (3); Debating (1), (2), (3). ELINOR M. SEARLS Alpha Chi Omega; Panhellenic Ball (3); Panhellenic Banquet (3); Transfer Orientation Adv. (4). MELVIN D. SEEGER Publications (2), (3); Debating (4). GEORGE K. SEIDEL Band (1), (2). JEAN E. SHAPEHO Daily (1), (2), (3); Student Senate (4); Sociedad Hispanica (4). LOIS A. SHAPIRO Alpha Epsilon Phi; J.G.P.; Alpha Kappa Delta (3), (4); Alpha Lambda Delta (2); Soph Cabaret; Daily (2), (3), (4); W.A.A. Exec.- Board Publicity Chr. (4). CONSTANTINE GUS SHAREMET Sigma Chi; Sphinx; Michigamua; Swimming (1), (2), (3), (4); " M " Club Pres. (4). JOHN J. SHAREMET Sigma Chi; Swimming (1), (2), (3), (4); Class Sec ' y (4). CLARA E. SHAW Stockwell Hall. ROBERT G. SHEDD Theta Delta Chi; Daily (1); Union (1); Union Opera (2); Exec. Comm. Union (3); Mimes Union Opera (3); Druids Student Award Fund Chr. WARREN E. SHELDON Phi Delta Epsilon; Union Staff (1), (2). ROBERT SHELLEY Alpha Kappa Psi; Band. JAMES SHERMAN Phi Sigma Delta. MARJORIE E. SHERMAN Alpha Chi Omega. JOHN W. SHIELDS Track Mgr. (2), (3); Mimes (2), (3), (4). MARY B. SHINKMAN Sigma Alpha Iota (3), (4); Choral Union (4). S. ELIZABETH SHIPMAN Pi Beta Phi; Michiganension (1), (2); Frosh Frolic; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; W.A.A. (1), (2); League (1), (2). NATHAN SHOICHET Abe Lincoln Co-op. RUTH C. SILVA Martha Cook. CHARLOTTE M. SKENE Chi Omega; Speech Clinic (3). CHANDLER D. SIMONDS Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Gargoyle (3), (4); Golf (1), (3); Druids; Glee Club (1). GEORGE M. SLEEMAN Union (1), (2). WILLIAM G. SLOCUM. JR. Beta Theta Pi; Men ' s Jud. Council (4); Union Exec. Council (3); Union Opera (2), (3); Michigamua (4); Sphinx (3); Toastmasters (3), (4); Mimes (2), (3), (4). JANET C. SLOTTOW Frosh Project; Daily (2); J.G.P.; Hillel (3); Alpha Kappa Delta (3), (4). DONALD E. SMITH Alpha Nu (2), (3); Cheer Leader (3). EDWARD W. SMITH Delta Upsilon; Track (1); Track Mgr. (2), (3); Sigma Gamma Ep- silon. FRANK O. SMITH Theta Chi; Tennis (1); Alpha Phi Omega (3), (4); Forestry Club (1). HELEN J. SMITH Frosh Project; Dormitory Social Comm. (1); Tea Comm. (2), (4); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. ROSALIE SMITH Soph Cabaret; Panhellenic Rep. (2), (3); Treas. (4); Michiganensian (2); Panhell Scholarship Luncheon (2); Panhell Banquet Patrons Chr. (3); J.G.P.; Scroll Treas. (4). HILDA R. SNYDER Alpha Epsilon Phi; Daily; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Theater Arts (3). TOM SNYDER Hermitage; Kappa Kappa Psi (4); Band (1), (4). HELEN M. SOHNI Stockwell Hall; Candy Booth (3); Newman Club (3). CHARLES L. SOLAR Phi Delta Theta; Union Opera (2), (3); Basketball Mgr. (3). HOWARD G. SOLOMON Pi Lambda Phi; Debating Soc.; Philosophy Soc.; Sports Staff (3); Fraternity Treas; Pres. MARGARET M. SOUTHERLAND Betsy Barbour; Crop and Saddle (1), (2), (3), (4); Gargoyle (2); Theta Sigma Phi (3), (4). LORETTA L. SPADAFOHE Mosher Hall; Daily (3), (4); New- man Club (1), (2), (3); Mosher House Council (4). MARY E. SPAETH Alpha Phi, Pres. (4); Panhel (3), (4). MARTIN M. SPITZ Zeta Psi. ANTHONY STAMPOLIS Abe Lincoln Co-op., Vice Pres. and Sec ' y (4); Phi Tau Alpha (1), (2); KMS Soc. (3), (4); ASU. BETTY A. STEFFEN Stockwell Hall; W.A.A. (3), (4); Michiganensian (3), (4); League Comm. (3), (4); J.G.P. 417 WILLIAM B. STEGATH IMM (1), (2); Union Opera (3); Play Production (3), (4). JACOB M. STEINHART Kappa Nu; Hillel Players (2); Publications (3) . JULIA P. STENGER Glee Club (1); French Club (4); Theater Arts (2). AARON M. STERN Pre-Medical Society (3), (4). DONALD C. STEVENSON, JR. Beta Theta Pi; Pres. (4); I.F.C. (2), (3), Pres. (4); Union Opera (2), (3); Mimes (2), (3), (4), Vice Pres. (3); Sphinx; Michigamua; Toastmas- ters (3), (4); Nat. Interfraternity Conference Pres. (4). WAYNE W. STILLE Theta Delta Chi; Varsity Tennis (1), (2), (3), Co-Capt. (4); Sphinx (3); Druids (4). JOHN P. STOVER Chi Phi; Football (1); I.F.C. (2), (3). RICHARD H. STRAIN, JR. Theta Chi; Union (2); Union Exec. Staff (3); Cheer Leader (2), (3); Union Opera (2), (3), (4); Mimes (1), (2), (3), (4); Play Prod. (3), (4); Michelodeon (3. LAVONA M. STHOMQUIST Soph Cabaret. SHIRLEY J. STUMPMEYER Phi Kappa Phi (4). BARBARA S. SUFFRIN F r o s h Project; Orientation (2); Soph Cabaret; Assistantship in Economics (4). KATHLEEN M. SUMMERS SRA (2), (3), (4). A. ELAINE TAYLOR Zeta Tau Alpha; League (1), (2), (3), (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cab- aret; J.G.P.; ZTA, Vice Pres. (3), (4); Phi Kappa Phi. JOANNE TAYLOR Alpha Delta Pi; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Athletic (1), (2), (3), (4); W.A.A. Board (3); Panhellenic Council (4). MARIANNE L. TAYLOR Chi Omega; League Comm. (3), (4); Soph Cabaret; Swimming Club (4). MARJORIE C. TELLER Alpha Epsilon Phi; Michiganen- sian (3), (4); Athena (3), Sec ' y (4); League Comm. (2), (3), (4); Hillel Players (2), (3), (4); Hillel Council (4); Play Prod. (3), (4); Radio (4); J.G.P.; Soph Cabaret. DEAN F. THOMAS Delta Tau Delta; Scabbard and Blade. ELLEN J. THOMSSEN Alpha Gamma Delta. ROBERT W. TITUS Phi Gamma Delta; Track (1), (2); Michiganensian (2); Union Opera (2), (3), (4); Mimes (2), (3), (4); Treas. (3); Pres. (4); Student Sen- ate (2), (3); Druids. WILLIAM M. TODD Alpha Tau Omega, Vice Pres. (4); Alpha Nu (2); German Plays (2); Mich. Party, Council (2); Student Senate, Pres. (3), (4); Union Opera (3), (4), Chr. (4); General Chr., Winter and Spring Parley (3); Choral Union (3); Mimes; Druids. PHYLLIS J. TONKIN Kappa Alpha Theta. BESSIE H. THETHEWAY Kappa Delta; J.G.P.; Theater Arts Comm. (4); Social Chr. Kappa Delta (3). KENNETH D. TROY Delta Kappa Epsilon; Union Opera (4); Boot and Spur (3), (4), Pres. (4). DOROTHY J. TURNER Alpha Chi Omega; Frosh Project; J.G.P.; Panhell Ball (3); Panhell Banquet (4); Social Comm. (4); Alpha Kappa Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta. DOROTHY A. TYDEMAN Delta Gamma. SUSAN J. UDELL Daily (2), (3). NANCY E. URMSTON Alpha Zi Delta, Sec ' y (3); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Merit System Comm. MURIEL I. VAN RIPER Mosher Hall. NEIL D. VEDDER Delta Upsilon; Track (1), (2); Glee Club (1); I.F.C. (2), (3); Mimes (2), (3), (4); G.A.C. (4). HAROLD S. VOEGELIN Theta Delta Chi; Chi Gamma Phi; Union (1), (2); Gargoyle (2), (3); Union Opera (2), (4). DOREEN B. VOILES Stockwell Hall; Fencing Club (1), (2), (3), (4), Mgr. (2), (3); Sociedad Hispanica (3), (4), Vice Pres. (4). MARTHA ANN WAGNER Stockwell Hall; Pres. (3). VIRGNIA M. WALCOTT Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Phi Kappa Phi (4). ELIZABETH A. WALKER Martha Cook; League House Sec ' y (3); Assembly (3), (4), Treas. (4); Senior Society; Mortarboard (4). WILBUR S. WALLACE Phi Delta Theta. ROBERT C. WANDEL, II Sigma Chi. VIRGINIA PALMER WARD Kappa Alpha Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Merit System Comm.; Properties Comm.; Rifle Club (3); J.G.P.; Rifle Club Vice Pres. (4). ELLEN H. WAS Adelia Cheever; Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4); Women ' s Glee Club (1), (2); J.G.P. ANDREW S. WATSON Phi Sigma. KEITH WATSON Alpha Tau Omega; Michigan Party; Michigan Union (1), (2). MERLE E. WEBB Alpha Nu (2), (3), (4), Pres. (4); Debate (3); Play Prod. (3), (4); Radio (3), (4). LOUISE H. WEBSTER Pi Beta Phi. BERTRAM D. WEISS Pi Lambda Phi. NELSON M. WELLMAN Union (1); Hillel Players (2). JOHN A. WENOT, JR. Phi Kappa Psi; Gargoyle (2); Football Mgr. (2); International Relations Club (3), (4); Mich. Party (3). ALBERTA WESTERMAN Choral Union (3), (4); Play Prod. (4); Nu Phi Epsilon; Kappa Phi; Comm. and Board of Governors (4); Wesley Foundation Council (3), (4). BETTY J. WHITEHEAD Martha Cook; Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Perspective (2), (3). BETTY J. WHITELY Pi Beta Phi; Daily (1); Crop and Saddle (1), (2), (3); Frosh Project; Panhell Banquet (3). BETTY J. WIBEL Spanish Club (1), (2); Pitch and Putt (2), (3), (4); Assembly Ball (3). LOUISE I. WIBLE Martha Cook; League (3); West- minster Guild Sec ' y. MARVA J. WICKLAND Mosher; German Club; Spanish Club (4); Tutoring; Candy Booth (4). ELAINE E. WIEDMAN Alpha Xi Delta, Sec ' y (4); League Activities (4). CATHERINE C. WIENERT House Pres. (3); Pres. of Bethle- hem Evangelical Reformed Stu- dent Guild (4); Choral Union (4). DAVID W. WIENS Theta Chi, Treas. (4); Football Mgr. (1). DUNCAN M. WIERENGO Alpha Delta Phi; Varsity Glee Club (3), (4); Alpha Delta Phi, House Mgr. (4). ELSIE I. WIKLE Choral Union (1), (2), (3); Ann Arbor Independents (1). WINSTON W. WILEY Phi Beta Pi. ANN JEAN WILLIAMS Chi Omega; Pitch and Putt {!), (2), (3), Sec ' y (2); Frosh Project; Social Comm. (1), (2); Soph Cab- aret; Panhell Delegate (2), (3); Athena (2), (3), Pres. (4), Treas. (3); Panhell Social Chr. (4); W.A.A. (3), (4), Vice Pres. (3), Sec ' y (4); Orientation Adv. (3), (4); Scroll. ELEANOR M. WILLIAMS Gamma Phi Beta; Alpha Lambda Delta (1). STERRY B. WILLIAMS Alpha Delta Phi; Daily; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Baseball Mgr. MAXINE WILLIAMSON Kappa Kappa Gamma; Frosh Proj- ect (1); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. HAL WILSON Michigamua; Daily Sports Editor (4); Daily (1), (2), (3); Sigma Delta Chi (3), (4), Pres. (4); Gargoyle; West Quadrangle Council. MARTHA E. WILT Kappa Delta; Social Comm. (3), (4); I.G.P.; Study Topics Chr. (4); Dance Comm. (3). MARGARET H. WISEMAN Play Prod. (2), (3), (4); Assembly (1), (2), (3); Theatre Arts (2), (3); J.G.P.; Alpha Lambda Delta. DOUGLAS A. WITSCHIEBEN Union (1). NANCY WOLFE Helen Newberry. BARBARA WOOD Soph Cabaret (1); Alpha Phi (2), Vice Pres. (3); Athletic Chr. of House. AUSTIN R. WOODARD Kappa Sigma. ERIC J. WRIGHT Theta Chi. EVELYN D. WRIGHT Delta Delta Delta; Daily (3), (4); J.G.P. MARGARET J. WRIGHT Delta Gamma; Orientation Adv. (4); J.G.P. JOHN W. YAGER Delta Tau Delta. G. EMERSON YEASTING Alpha Kappa Psi; Rifle Team (2), (3). DONACO A. YOUNG Phi Delta Theta; Union Opera (4); Wrestling (1); C.A.A. (3). MILDRED F. YOXALL Kappa Phi; Woman ' s League Comm.; Junior Adv. DAVID ZARON Brandeis Co-op.; Inter-Co-op. Council (2), (3); Delta Omega Gamma. STELLA J. ZATOCKY Mosher; Daily (2), (3); League (2), (3), (4); J.G.P. JANE L. ZIMMERMANN Gamma Phi Beta; Orientation Adv. (3), (4). RUTH V. ZUIDEMA Martha Cook; Choral Union (3), (4); League Social Comm. BETTY A. ZUNK Alice Palmer Co-op.; League (1), (2). ENGINEERING WILBERT E. ACKERMAN Kappa Sigma; Varsity Track (2), (3), (4); Vulcans. STANTON ALLEN Theta Delta Chi; Baseball Mgr. (4); Freshman Adv. (2), (3), (4); Army Ordnance Assn. (3), (4); Vulcans; A.S.M.E. (4); Mien. Ath- letic Mgr. ' s Club (4). HOWARD ALMDALE Phi Sigma Kappa; Wrestling (1); Scandinavian Club (1), Pres. (2); Glider Club (3), (4); A.S.M.E. (4). WILLIAM D. ANGST Beta Theta Pi; Football Mgr. (2); Union Opera (2), (3); A.S.M.E. CHARLES B. ARMSTRONG A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), Treas. (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); Phi Kappa Phi. N. ROBERT ARTHUR Phi Sigma Kappa; Men ' s Debate (2). SAMUEL C. ASSIK A.I.M.E. (3), (4); A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). RUDOLPH A. AXELSON Sigma Rho Tau; Mich. Technic (3); Army Ordnance Assn. (3), (4); Rifle Team (3), (4). THOMAS S. BARTLEY Chi Psi. DAVID F. BATEMAN Sigma Phi Epsilon; I.F.C. (2), (3); Wrestling (1); Football Mgr. (1), (2); Scalp and Blade (1), (2), (3), (4); A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), (4). ORHAN O. BATI Turkish Soc. Sec ' y (3), (4). H. BRUCE BATTEY Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); Eta Kappa Nu (3), (4); Eng. Council (3); Vice Chr. A.I.E.E. (4); Eng. Ball Comm. (3). ROBERT R. BECKHAM Alpha Chi Sigma. SAMUEL A. BELA A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). 418 JAY C. BELL A.S.M.E. (3), (4); S.A.E. (4). VERNON C. BENGAL Deutscher Verein (2), (3); I.A.S. (2), (3); Michigan Sailing Club (3); A.S.C.E. (4). RICHARD H. BLAKELEY Chi Phi. KENNETH G. BOLL A.S.M.E.; Army Ordnance Assn. JOHN BOSHAR I.A.S. (2), (3), (4). ROBERT B. BOSWELL Acacia Treas. (3), (4); A.I.M.E. (3), Pres. (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1); Track (1), (2). JAMES F. BOURQUIN Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); Tennis (2), (3), (4); I.F.C. (2), (3). JOHN E. BOWKER Sailing Club (3); A.S.M.E. (3), (4); Transportation (3), (4); Quarter- deck (4). ROBERT A. BOYD Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.M.E. (4). ROBERT R. BROWN Delta Upsiion, Pres. (4); A.I.E.E. (3), (4). WILLIAM BROWN Alpha Kappa Lambda; A.S.M.E. JOHN C. BULLEN A.I.Ch.E. (4); Westminster Guild (3), (4). JOHN S. BURNHAM Theta Xi; A.S.M.E. (2), (3), (4); Vulcans (4); A.O.A.; Mich. Tech- nic (2), (3), (4). DAVID W. BURTON Campbell Scholarship (1); Mandel- baum Scholarship; A.I.M.E. (2), (3), (4), Sec ' y (4). KENNETH BUTLER Fletcher Hall; I. M.S. (1), (2), (3); Soc. Chr. Fletcher Hall (3). WALTER J. BUTLER Hermitage; Wrestling (1), (2); Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2). BERNARD M. CANNAN Alpha Tau Omega; I.F.C. (2), (3); Exec. Comm. I.F.C. (4); A.I.Ch.E. (4). ARTHUR W. CARTER Phi Eta Sigma. PHILLIP B. CASE Triangle; Varsity Glee Club (1), (2); Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); A.I.M.E. JOHN J. CASEY Gabriel Richard Co-op.; Pres.; Eng. Council; A.I.M.E.; Newman Club; Comm. on Eng. Professional Ethics. ALLEN DANIEL CHRISTIAN Stalker Co-op.; Technic (2). STUART W. CHURCHILL Acacia, Sec ' y; Band (1), (2), (3), (4); A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4); Alpha Phi Omega (4). JOHN J. CLARK Sigma Rho Tau (2); A.S.M.E. (4). ARTHUR W. CLIFFORD Sigma Rho Tau (1); Quarterdeck (3), (4); Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); Con- gregation Student Fellowship, Pres. (2), (3). THOMAS D. COLBRIDGE Alpha Tau Omega; A.S.M.E. WILLIAM G. COLLAMORE Zeta Psi; Class Vice Pres. (4); Pres. A.I.Ch.E.; Tau Beta Pi; Vul- cans; Scabbard and Blade; Mich. Technic (1), (2), (3); Phi Eta Sigma. ROBERT L. COLLINS Sigma Chi; Band (1), (2), (3); Hockey (1), (2), (3), (4); J-Hop; Eng. Council Vice Pres.; Chr. Eng. Ball; Triangles; Vulcans; Scabbard and Blade. DOLPH D. COLOSKY A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). MELVIN R. COLVIN Kappa Nu; Track (4); A.S.M.E. (4). ROBERT E. COPE Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Phi Omega (3), (4); A.I.M.E. (2), (3), (4). DONALD H. COURTER A.I.C.E. WALTER C. COWLES Theta Chi; Mich. Technic (1), (2); I.F.C. (2). DONALD G. CUMMINGS Chr. Communication-Open House (3); A.I.E.E. (4). MAC A. CURRIE A.I.Ch.E.; Band (1); Technic (1). NORMAN W. DAVIS Track (4). EDWARD A. DAY A.S.M.E. (4). LEWIS J. DEDO Band (1). HARLEY E. DENNEE Glider Club (3); Flying Club (4); I.A.E.S. PHILIP B. DETWILER Phi Gamma Delta; Wrestling (1), (2). EMERICK DOBO A.I.Ch.E.; IM Handball. ARTHUR W. DOBSON IM Boxing (2), (3); Technic (2), (3); Slide Rule Ball (3); Quad- rangle (3), (4); Eta Kappa Nu (3), Pres. (4); Swimming (4); Tau Beta Fi (4); Eng. Ball Comm. (4). IAN C. DOUTHWAITE Quarterdeck; Choral Union (2). WILLIAM H. DOWNER Sigma Chi; A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). EDWARD F. DREWNIANY Track (2); Newman Club (2), (3), (4); I.A.S. (3), (4). WILLIAM N. DREYER I.A.S. (3), (4). H. C. DUNCAN Phi Kappa Tau, Pres. (4); Weight Lifting Team (1); Quarterdeck, Stewart (4). FRED J. ELMIGER Eng. Council (3), (4); S.C.E. (2), Vice Pres. (3), Pres. (4); Transpor- tation Club (2), (3), (4); Pi Tau Pi Sigma (3), (4). OWEN D. ESHENRODER Hermitage Treas. (4); A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), (4). FRED B. EWING, JR. Delta Kappa Epsilon. WILLIAM FAASSE A.S.M.E. FRANK C. FARRAR A.S.M.E. HENRY T. FIELDING. JR. Phi Gamma Delta; Union Opera (2); Mimes (2), (3), (4); Triangles; Vulcans; I.A.S., Vice Chr. (3), Chr. (4). WILLIAM W. FISCHER A.S.M.E. (3), (4); Pi Tau Pi Sigma (3), Pres. (4); R.O.T.C. (1), (2). JOHN A. FITTON. JR. S.A.M.E. (3); I.A.S. (4), (5). RICHARD G. FOGG Phi Kappa Sigma; Track (1); I.A.S. (4). BURR J. FRENCH Stalker House; Technic (1), (2), (3), (4); Eng. Council (3), (4); Slide Rule Ball (3), (4); Vulcans. VIRGINIA M. FREY Alpha Lambda Delta; Frosh Proj- ect; Chi Omega Women ' s Golf Team (1), (2), (3), (4); Pitch and Putt Club (1), (2), (3), Pres. (4); Theater Arts (3); League Comm. (2), (3); Honorary Tau Bet Pi (3); Mortarboard, Pres. (4); J.G.P.; Soc. of Women Engineers, Vice Pres. (3), (4). LOUIS J. FRICK Chi Phi; A.S.M.E. (4); S.A.E. (4). JOHN C. FUNK Brandeis Co-op.; Union Opera (4); Varsity Glee Club (4). WILLIAM W. FURNISS Delta Kappa Epsilon, House Mgr. (4); Soph Prom; Eng. Council (3); A.I.Ch.E. (3); Chr. Open House (3). WILLIAM GABBE, JR. A.S.M.E.; I.M. Athletics. THOMAS H. GAMON Zeta Psi; Basketball (1); Tennis (1), (2), (3); Triangles. RAYMOND H. GAUTHIER Theta Xi; Track (1), (2); A.I.Ch.E. (4); S.A.E. (3); Army Ordnance Assn. (3), Pres. (4); Eng. Council (3). PHILIP A. GELBER Robert Owen Co-op., Pres. (4); Union (1); A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4); Sports (1), (2), (3), (4). JEAN H. GENIESSE Alpha Chi Sigma, Pres. (4). ROBERT L. GETTS Theta Delta Chi, Treas. (4); Tri- angles, Senior Ball; I.C. Ball (3); Men ' s Jud. Council, Sec ' y (4); I.F.C. (2), (3). EDWARD F. GLANZ Kappa Delta Rho, Rushing Chr. (2), (3); I.F.C. (2), (3); A.S.M.E. (4). HAROLD E. GOELLER Phi Eta Sigma. GEORGE D. GOTSCHALL Theta Xi, Vice Pres. (4); Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Technic (2), (3); Kappa Kappa Psi (2), (3); Triangles; Eta Kappa Nu (3), (4); Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); Eng. Council (4); Vulcans; A.I.E.F. (1), (2), Sec ' y (3), Pres. (4). CHARLES H. GOULD Zeta Psi, Pres.; Sigma Rho Tau (1); Union (2); Mich. Party (3); A.I.E.E. (2), (3), (4). G. ELLIS GRAY Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wesmin- ster Guild, Treas. (3), Purchasing Agent (4); Sigma Rho Tau. JOHN F. GRINCEWICH Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2); A.I.Ch.E. (4). WILSON T. GROVES A.I.M.E. ROBERT W. HADLEY, JR. Phi Kappa Psi; Eta Kappa Nu (2), (4); Tau Beta Pi (4); A.I.E.E. (3), (4). GRANT R. HAGEN Tau Beta Pi (3); The Gondoliers (4); Quarterdeck Sec ' y (4). JAMES B. HALL Phi Delta Theta; Band (3), (4); I.A.S. (3), (4). JOHN T. HALL Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres. (4); I.F.C. (2). JOSEPH M. HALLISSY. JR. Theta Xi, House Mgr. (3), Steward (4); A.S.M.E. (2), Sec ' y (3), (4); Baseball Mgr. (2), (3); Eng. Coun- cil (4); Treas. (4); Army Ordnance Assn. (3), (4); Scabbard and Blade (4). JOHN C. HAMMELEF A.I.M.E. (4); Eng. Council (4); Treas. (4). ALFRED L. HAMMETT Sigma Nu; Tennis (3), (4); Co-Cap- tain (4); I.F.C. (2); Vulcans; Pres. A.I.E.E. (4); " M " Club (4). GILBERT A. HANKE. JR. S.A.E.; A.I.M.M. (3), (4). RICHARD E. HANSLIP Wrestling (1), (2); Pi Tau Pi Sigma (3), (4). ALAN H. HARRIS Chi Phi. FLOYD D. HARRISON I.A.S., Sec ' y (4). OSCAR E. HAUSER, JH. Sigma Nu. EDWARD J. HAYTER Stalker Co-op.; A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), Sec ' y (4). CLAIR H. HEATLEY Band (1); Choral Union (3), (4). MARCELLES J. HEBDEN A.I.Ch.E. LOUIS F. HELD A.S.M.E.; S.A.E. JOHN R. HENRY Theta Xi; Daily (1). NICKERSON HIMCKLEY Sigma Alpha Epsilon. TENHO S. HINDERT Alumnae House, Pres. (4); Tau Beta Pi (4); Iota Sigma Pi (4); Soc. of Women Engineers (4). DONALD V. HORN Hinsdale House; Quarterdeck (4); Newman Club (3), (4). KENNETH C. HUFF Phi Sigma Kappa; A.I.M.E. HARPER H. HULL Phi Eta Sigma; Mich. Technic (2), (3), Adv. Mgr. (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Quarterdeck (4). ROBERT L. IMBODEN Delta Tau Delta; Technic (2), (3); Triangles; Vulcans; Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); Eng. Council (4); Slide Rule Ball (3), (4); Class Treas. (4). HARRY S. IMMING Class Sec ' y (4); Tau Beta Pi (4); Army Ordnance Assn. (3), (4), Sec ' y (4); Union Opera (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1), (3), (4); Technic (4); A.S.M.E. (4); S.A.E. (4). DAVID C. IPSEN Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.S.M.E. (3), (4); Tau Beta Pi (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Phi Eta Sigma. MICHAEL S. IVEN A.S.M.E. (4). JOHN C. JACKOVICH Mimes (3), (4); Track (1), (2); Union Opera (2), (3); I.A.S. (1), (2), (3), (4). SIDNEY J. JENNINGS A.S.C.E. (4). ARDEN M. JOHNSON A.S.M.E. (3), (4). ARNE I. JOHNSON I.A.S. (3), (4); A.S.M.E. (4). GLENN A. JOHNSON A.S.M.E. (2), (3), (4). JOSEPH G. JOHNSON S.A.E. (3), (4). 419 LLEWELLYN H. JONES Delta Kappa Epsilon; Track (2); Lacrosse (3). ROBERT W. JONES A.E.Ch.E. (3), ( 4); Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Rho Tau (1). RICHARD W. KEBLER Union Opera (2), (3), (4). ROBERT C. KEETCH Sigma Phi Eta; Dorm Pres. (1); Cheer Leader (1), (2), (3), (4); Vul- cans; Gamma Sigma (3), (4). JAMES W. KEHOE Delta Upsilon; Daily (1); Golf (1); Student Senate (1), (2); Soph Prom; Michigan Party (2); C.A.A. WINTERS M. KENDALL A.I.E.E. (4). VERNE C. KENNEDY. JR. Sigma Chi; Rifle Team (1), (2), (3), (4), Capt. (3), (4); Eng. Council (3), (4), Sec ' y (4); Men ' s Judiciary Council (4); Vulcans; Triangles; Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); A.I.M.E.; Army Ordnance Assn. (3), (4); Sigma Rho Tau; Alpha Phi Omega. CULVER L. KNISKERN Beta Theta Pi; Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). WILLIAM K. KOFFEL Mich. Technic (3), (4); S.A.E. (4); A.S.M.E., Vice Pres. (4). FREDERICK R. KOHLER A.S.M.E. THOMAS R. KOHLEH Mich. Union (1), (2); Phi Eta Sigma (1); Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); A.I.E.E. (4). ANDREW KOSTEN A.S.M.E. HOWARD C. LACY A.I.M.E. WILBUR P. LAFAYE I.A.S. JOSEPH O. LEE Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); A.S.C.E. (2), (3), Sec ' y (4); Alpha Lambda (2), (3), (4), Sec ' y (3), Pres. (4); Chi- nese Students Club (2), (3) (4) Pres. (3), (4). L. ROSS LEVIN Track (2); Congress (3); I.A.S. (3), (4). CARL E. LIGHT Delta Tau Delta; Band (2); A.I.Ch E. (4). CHARLES W. LILLIE A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). JAMES J. LIVINGSTON. JR. Alpha Tau Omega. RICHARD B. LORD Psi Upsilon; Union Opera (2) (4 A.I.Ch.E. JOHN B. MacLEAN Phi Kappa Tau. PHILIP MANDEL Michigan Technic (2), (3); Phi Eta Sigma (1); Quarterdeck (3), (4)- Tau Beta Pi (3), (4). JACK S. MARROW Sigma Chi; Mich. Technic (1), (2); Triangles; Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2)- I.A.S. (4). JAMES S. MARTIN Theta Xi; Glee Club (1), (3). JAMES F. MATOUSEK Army Ordnance Assn. (3), (4)- A.S.Ch.E. LESLIE E. MATSON. JR. Stalker Co-op., Pres. (3), Treas. (4 ); Union (1); Band (2), (3); Tau Beta Pi (4), House Pres.-House Mgr., Treas. (3). JOSEPH J. MATT Scabbard and Blade; A.I.M.E.; Military Ball (3). ROY E. MATTEHN. JR. Sigma Chi; Band (1), (2), (3). FRANK W. McCABE. JR. Phi Delta Theta; A.S.M.E. (3), (4). THOMAS J. McKENNA Theta Xi; Sigma Rho Tau (1); R.O.T.C. (1), (2). JERRY G. MICHAEL Sigma Chi; Track (1), (2); C.A.A. EUGENE MIGOTSKY Track (1); Union (2); Michiganen- sian (2); A.S.M.E. (3), (4); I.A.S. !3), (4). EUGENE A. MILINKEVICH Slavic Soc. (3), Vice Pres. (4). BERT T. MILLARD Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Athletics Gym Team (3), (4); I.A.S. MORRIS MILLER Mich. Technic (2), (3); A.S.M.E. (3), (4). ROBERT P. MILLER Phi Tau Sigma; A.I.M.E. (3), (4). MATTHEW L. MOED Wrestling (1); Sigma Rho Tau (1); A.S.M.E. (3), (4). WILLIAM H. MOREA A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). GORDON A. MORRISON A.I.Ch.E.; Mich. Sailing Club; Sigma Rho Tau. DONALD P. MURCH Tau Kappa Epsilon; A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). JACK E. MURCHIE A.S.M.E. ADOLFO A. MUSSENDEN Scimilar Honorary Fencing Soc. JOHN I. NAGEL Transportation Club (3), (4), Sec ' y- Treas. (4); A.S.C.E. DONALD B. NAULIN Chi Phi; Michiganensian (1), (2). DONALD C. NEITHERCUT A.S.M.E. (4). HOWARD E. NELSON A.S.M.E.; I.M.A. Athletics (2), (3), (4). KENNETH M. NELSON Alpha Sigma Phi; I.F.C. (2), (3); Track Mgr. (2), (3); Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2); A.S.M.E.; Tau Beta Pi. ROBERT J. OGDEN Union Vice Pres.; Sigma Phi Ep- silon. THOMAS E. OSBORN A.I.Ch.E. (3), Vice Pres. (4). ROBERT E. PABST Theta Chi; Sigma Rho Tau (2); Technic (2); Glider Club (3); A.I.- Ch.E. (3), (4). GEORGE W. PANAGOS Delta Epsilon Pi, Sec ' y (3), Pres. (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1); Mich. Technic (2); A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). ANTHONY J. PANEPINTO Phi Eta Sigma (1); Mich Technic (1), (2); Newman Club (1), (2); A.S.M.E. (3), (4); S.A.E. (3), (4). ROBERT PASCH Alpha Tau Omega; Union, Daily; Sigma Rho Tau; A.S.M.E. JOHN T. PERRY. JR. Phi Gamma Delta. MAX G. PETERSEN A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), (4). JOHN F. PFENDER Psi Upsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. P. KENNETH PIERPONT I.A.S. (4). GENE J. PIETRANGELI Phi Eta Sigma; I.A.S. WILLIAM N. PLATTE A.I.M.E. (3), (4). JOSEPH F. PROCTOR Fletcher Hall. GEORGE W. PUSACK Phi Eta Sigma; Track (1), (2); Tau Beta Pi (4). MARK S. PUTNAM Tau Kappa Epsilon. LELAND J. QUACKENBUSH A.S.M.E. (4). ROBERT B. HADKEY Fletcher Hall; Military Ball; Trans- portation Club (3), Pres. (4); Scab- bard and Blade; Eng. Ball Comm. CHARLES W. HANSON Sigma Phi Epsilon; I.A.S. (3), (4); Technic (3). ROY RASMUSSEN Tau Beta Pi; Quarterdeck. ROBERT D. RICHMOND Lambda Chi; Glider Club (2); I.A.S. (3), (4). GLENN L. ROBINSON Phi Kappa Psi. CARL ROHRBACH Triangles; Vulcans; A.Ie.S. Eng. Council; Union Council; Men ' s Jud. HOWARD G. ROUDABUSH Delta Tau Delta; A.I.Ch.E. (4); Tau Beta Pi (4). HENRY W. HOYCE A.I.E.E. WALDEMAR RUPINSKI A.S.M.E. (4). GORDON G. RYTHER Pi Tau Pi Sigma (3), (4), Vice Pres. and Treas. (4). ROBERT C. SAGER Phi Delta Theta; I.A.S. (3), (4); Scalp and Blade (1), (2), (3), (4), Pres. (4). CLARE F. SALTZ Kappa Kappa Psi; Sigma Rho Tau; A.I.Ch.E. (4); Band (1), (2), (3). ALBERT J. SARGENT. JR. Hunt, Gemmel Scholarship (1); A.I.Ch.E. (4); Wrestling (2), (3), (4); " M " Club (3), (4). WILLIAM H. SCHOMBURG Chi Psi; Basketball (2), (3); Track (1); Triangles; Tau Beta Pi (4). CARL E. SCHLEGEL Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tennis (2), (3); I.F.C. (4); I.A.S. (4). RAYMOND I. SCHNEYEH Basketball (1); Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi; I.A.S. (3), (4). DONALD PAUL SCHULTZE S.A.E. RALPH A. SCHWAB A.S.M.E. (1), (2), (3). HERBERT L. SCHWARTZ A.S.M.E. (3), (4). WALTER SEHNIUK Tau Beta Pi (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); A.I.E.E. (4). RALPH H. SEYFRIED Acacia; A.S.M.E. (3), (4). JOHN A. SHANDLEY Triangles. IRWIN PAUL SHARPE Congress; Baseball Mgr. (2); Track (2); Sigma Rho Tau (2), (3); A.S.M.E. (4); Ski Club (2), (3) 40. BRUCE M. SHEFFER A.S.M.E. (2), (4); Boxing (1), (2), (3). LEONARD P. SHELLEY Sigma Rho Tau (1); A.S.M.E. (3), Treas. (4). JAMES L. SHERMAN Delta Upsilon; Sigma Rho Tau (1); A.S.M.E. ROBERT M. SHIER HICKLEF W. SHIRK A.S.M.E. (4). RICHARD L. SHUEY Congress Co-op.; Congress Inde- pendent Men ' s Assn.; Exec. Chm. Publicity (2), Ex. Chm. Organiza- tion (3), Pres. (4); Inter Co-op. Council: Social Chr. (2), Personnel Comm. Sec ' y (2), Purchasing Agent (3); House Mgr. (3), Pres. (4); Michigamua (4); Delta Omega Gamma. ROBERT S. SIBLEY Delta Tau Delta; Union Pres. (4); Union Staffs (1), (2), (3); Mich. Wolverine Vice Pres. and Sec ' y (3), (4); Michigamua (4); Mimes (3), (4); Vulcan ' s Treas. (4); Toast- masters (3), (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2). HERMAN K. SIEDER I.A.S. (3). CORNELIUS R. SKUTT Michiganensian (2); A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), (4); Comm. on Professional Practice (4); Eng. Council (4); Eng. Ball Comm.; Tau Beta Pi. ROBERT G. SMELLIE Acacia; I.M. Sports (1), (2), (3). JOHN V. SOBESKY Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Football (1); Track (1); Mich. Tech- nic (1), (2); Stump Speakers ' Soc. (1), (2); Soph Prom. ROBERT F. SPEAKER Fletcher Hall; Track (1), (2); Phi Eta Sigma. GORDON F. SPOONER Delta Tau Delta. RICHARD M. SPRINGER Wrestling (1); I.A.S. (3), (4); N.I.- F.C. (3), (4). CHARLES J. STERN, JR. Phi Eta Sigma (1); Tau Beta Pi (3); A.I.Ch.E. (4); Gemmel Schol- arship (2); Hunt Scholarship (3). ROSS N. STEVENS, JR. Glider Club (1), (2), Sec ' y-Treas. (3), Pres. (4). NEVIN J. STEVENSON Kappa Sigma, Pres. (4); Tennis (1); Union (1); I.F.C. (2). DONALD H. STEWART Sigma Chi; A.I.Ch.E. WILLIAM M. STOLK Phi Alpha Kappa; A.S.M.E. LeROY STHAM, JR. A.S.M.E. (1), (2); Transportation Club (3), (4). EDWARD W. STRONG I.A.S. (3), (4); Council Hinsdale House (3); Tau Beta Pi (4). ROBERT L. SUMMERHAYS Chi Psi; Honor Council (2); Open House (3); Pres. Eng. Council (4); Triangles; Vulcans. NORMAN C. TAYLOR Greene House; Frosh Frolic; Stump Speakers ' Soc. (1), (2); Glider Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Phi Eta Sigma. JOHN A. TEMPLER Sigma Phi Epsilon; A.S.M.E. (2) (3), Pres. (4). ROBERT R. THALNER Boxing (1); Triangles (3); A.I.E.E. Treas. (4). WILLIAM M. THOMPSON D.K.E.; I.F.C. (1), (2); Basketball (1), (2); A.S.M.E. (3), (4); Scabbard and Blade (4). 420 RAY A. TRITTEN Basketball (1); A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. WILLIAM J. TULL I. M. Swimming; A.I.E.E. (4). OSMAR A. ULLRICH. JR. Stalker Co-op.; Band (1), (2), (3). SHARON S. ULREY Phi Kappa Psi; R.O.T.C. (1), (2), (3), (4); Army Ordnance Assn. (3), (4); Scabbard and Blade (4). RICHARD G. UNGER Phi Epsilon Pi, Pres. (3), (4); Base- ball (1); Union (1), (2); I.F.C. (3), (4). FRANK E. VAN CAMP A.I.E.E. (3), (4). PHILIP C. VAN NORDSTRAND Kappa Delta Rho, Pres. (3); Tech- nic (1), (2), (3); Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2). EDWARD H. VAN O ' LINDA A.S.C.E. (3); I.A.S. (4). GORDON I. VAN WYLEN M.C.F. House, Sec ' y (3), (4); A.S.- M.E. (4); M.C.F. Vice Pres. (3), (4). JACK H. WALDNER A.S.M.E. CARROLL L. WALKER, JR. A.S.M.E. (4); S.A.E. (3), Treas. (4). ROBERT T. WALLACE Theta Delta Chi, Pres. (4); Phi Eta Sigma, Pres. (2); Adv. (3); Tau Beta Pi, Pres. (4); Basketball Mgr. 4); Michigamua; Vulcans; Trian- gles; Phi Kappa Phi (4). JOHN H. WAHDWELL A.I.CH.E. (2), (3), Vice Pres. (4); Eng. Open House (3). DUDLEY W. WATKINS Army Ordnance (3), (4); Scimitar (3), (4). CHESTER W. WEGER Phi Eta Sigma. HANS WEICHSEL, JR. Alpha Delta Phi; Glider Club (1) (2), (3), (4); Flying Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Eng. Council (2); C.A.A. (2); Sigma Rho Tau (1). ROBERT L. WEISMAN Zeta Beta Tau; Wrestling Mgr. (4); Engineering Ethics Comm.; Phi Eta Sigma (2); Tau Beta Pi (4); A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), (4). LEONARD R. WEST Alpha Sigma Phi; Track (1); A.S.- M.E. (4). RICHARD G. WESTERMAN Beta Theta Pi; Wesley Founda- tion (3), (4); A.I.Ch.E. (4); A.C.S. (4); Alpha Phi Omega (4); Glee Club (4). ALLAN E. WETTER Tau Kappa Epsilon; Union (2); I.F.C. (3); Scalp and Blade (2), (3), (4); Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); S.A.M.E. (3), (4). GRANT D. WHIPPLE Triangles. HERBERT E. WHIPPLE Beta Theta Pi, Vice Pres. (4); Golf 0); Basketball (1); Union Opera 3), (4); I.M.C. Champion (3). GEORGE S. WHITMAN Alpha Sigma Phi; I.A.S. (4). DONALD H. WHITNEY Phi Sigma Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E. (3), (4); Glee Club (1), (2), (3), (4). FRANK V. WHITNEY Sigma Chi; A.S.M.E. (4). ALEX C. WILKIE Alpha Sigma Phi. JOHN B. WILKIE Alpha Sigma Phi, Pres. (4); Con- cert Band (1), (2); Kappa Kappa Psi; Quarterdeck (2), (3), (4); Tau Beta Pi. ERMONT L. WILLIAMS I.A.S. (3), (4). THEODORE E. WILLIAMS A.S.M.E. (3), (4); Engineering Open House (3). THOMAS V. WILLIAMS Sigma Chi; Swimming (2), (3), (4); Triangles; Vulcans; " M " Club (2), (3), (4); Eng. Council (3), (4); Honor Comm.; Eng. Ball; A.S.- M.E.; Senior Ball. DAVID C. WOHLANDER M.C.F. House; A.S.M.E. (4); Quar- terdeck (4). CARL E. WOLFSTON. JR. Delta Upsilon; Union (1), (2). ALBERT E. WOOD Army Ordnance Assn. (4); Flying Club (4). HAROLD F. WOOD, JR. Gargoyle (1), (2); Frosh Frolic. CHARLES S. WORSLEY Quarterdeck (4). ROBERT K. WYATT S.A.E.; A.S.M.E. (4). PAUL F. YOUNGDAHL Tau Beta Pi (4); Phi Kappa Phi; A.S.M.E. (3), (4). AH LEONG G. YUEN A.S.C.E. (3). JOHN 2YTKEWICK, JR. Triangle. ARCHITECTURE NORMAN N. ANDERSEN Alpha Delta Chi (1); A.I.A. (3). MARY-LOU BAUMGAHTEN Alpha Gamma Delta; Zeta Phi Eta (2); J.G.P.; Soph Cabaret; Theater Arts (4). ROBERT L. BURCKHALTER Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Tau Delta. CHRISTINE CHAMBERS Adelia Cheever, Vice Pres (3)- S.R.A. Council. WILLIAM I. DITZ. JR. Delta Omega Gamma; Brandeis Co-op., Treas. (3), Pres. (4); Inter Co-op. Council (4); University Re- lations Comm. (4); Student Senate (3), (4); Summer Parley Gen. Chr. (3); Michiganensian (3), (4); Asst Art Ed. (4). VIRGINIA DRURY Delta Gamma; J.G.P.; Alpha Alpha Gamma; Mortarboard, Vice Pres. ANTONIETTA P. FEHHETTI Newman Club (1), (2), (3), (4); So- ciedad Hispanica (2), (4). JANET S. FISHER Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta (1); Alpha Alpha Gamma (3); Tau Sigma Delta, Sec ' y (3); Phi Kappa Phi. ROBERT E. FISHER Alpha Kappa Lambda; Gargoyle (3), (4), (5); Band (1). RICHARD H. GOMEHSALL Alpha Rho Chi. CLELAN H. GRAHAM Gargoyle (3), (4); Art Ed. Michi- ganensian (2), (3), (4); Perspec- tives (3), Art. Ed. (4); Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Tau Sigma Delta; Kappa Kappa Psi; Jane Higbee Award 1940; Chess (3), (4). FAUD S. HASSAH Alpha Rho Chi. ROBERT W. HENICK Arch. Soc;, A.I.A.. Exec. Comm. (3), Treas. (4); Class Vice Pres. (4). ELIZABETH C. HENKEL Kappa Kappa Gamma; Soph Cab- aret; Arch. Council (2); Pan Hell Ball, Sec ' y (4); Sec ' y Class (4). HAROLD W. HIMES Alpha Rho Chi; Tau Sigma Delta (3). C. PHELPS HINES Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Union Opera (3); Mimes (3), (4). SUZANNE HOLTZMAN Alpha Epsilon Phi; Daily (1), (2); Arch. Council Sec ' y (4); Michi- ganensian Art Staff (4). WALTER K. JOHNSON Class Pres. (4); Pres. Michigan Co-op. (4). CHAUNCEY F. KORTEN Michiganensian (2), (4); Gargoyle (3), Art Ed. (4); Tau Sigma Delta (3), (4); Hiawatha Club (1). LOIS A. MacDONALD Helen Newberry; Assembly Ball (3). CHARLES H. MacMAHON Psi Upsilon. GERTRUDE E. MOHLIN Delta Delta Delta; League (2), (3), (4). ROBERT W. NICKLE Delta Omega Gamma; Michigan- ensian (2), (3), Art Ed. (4); Sum- mer Parley (3); Football (2), (3); 1941 Jane Higbee Award. ALVIN J. OBERST Wenley House; Scalp and Blade (1), (2), (3), (4); A.I.A. (3), (4). ALFRED H. PIEL Sigma Chi, Pres. (4); Michigamua; Sphinx; Track (1), (2), (3), Capt. (4). PHOEBE M. POWER Gamma Phi Beta; Michiganensian (1), (3), (4); Frosh Frolic; Soph Cabaret; J-Hop; Senior Ball; Alpha Delta Chi; (1); Vice Pres. and Sec ' y; League (1), (2), (2), (4); Soc. Comm. (2), (3); Theater Arts (3). EMILIA M. ROOT Mosher; Decorations Chr.; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Pres. of Assem- bly; Senior Soc. GONZALO S. SAMPER Phi Kappa Psi; Newman Club; A.I.A.; Track (2). LINN C. SMITH Arch. Council Bus. Mgr. (3), Pres. (4); A.I.A. Sec ' y (3); Class Treas. (4). MARJORIE J. TAYLOR Chi Omega; Knox College (1); Soph Cabaret; Social Comm. (2); J.G.P.; Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Rifle Club (3), (4); Great Vespers (3). RUSSELL S. THATCHER Triangle. MARY J. TRELFA Stock-well; Assembly (2), (4); Ori- entation Adv. (3), (4); f.-G.P. J. RODERICK VAN LEUWEN Alpha Delta Phi. MARILYNN VOGEL Assembly Ball (3); J.G.P.; Michi- ganensian (4). DOROTHY WALKER Stockwell; Assembly Ball Decor- ating Comm. (1); Soph Prom Dec- orations Comm. (2); J-Hop Decor- ating Comm. (3); J.G.P. Publicity (3). WESLEY W. WEBB Alpha Rho Chi; A.I.A. (4). DOROTHY L. WIEDMAN Chi Omega; Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4); Michiganensian Art Staff (4); L.S.A.; Senior Treas. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RUSSELL M. BRAGA Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi (4); Phi Beta Kappa (4); Class Treas. (4). IHL D ' A. BRENT. II Theta Delta Chi; Union (2), (3); Union Opera (3 ), (5); Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). GORDON H. BUTER Phi Alpha Kappa. EDWARD P. CHRISTENSEN Theta Xi. JOHN A. DAMGAARD. JR. Sigma Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Kappa Psi. JAMES E. DUNLAP Daily (1), (2); Band (2); Capitalists Ball (6); Law Review (6). HERMAN E. ERKE Varsity Glee Club (2), (3), (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Choral Union (2). PAUL W. FELLMAN Alpha Kappa Psi. ALLYN C. FERGUSON Alpha Kappa Psi; Sailing Club (5), (6); Rifle Club (4), (5), (6). ROBERT W. GILMOUR Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres. (4), (5); Daily (1), (2), (3), (4); Druids; Co- Chr. Capitalist Ball (4). DOUGLAS P. GOULD Sigma Phi Epsilon; Union (1), (2), (3), Pres. (4); Sphinx; Michigamua; Toastmasters (3), (4), (5), Sec ' y- Treas.; Mimes. ROBERT C. HAMILTON Zeta Psi; A.S.M.E. (3); Sigma Rho Tau (1); Sailing Club (3). EUGENE R. HARTLEY Alpha Kappa Psi. ROBERT E. JOHNSON A.T.O. ALFRED T. JOLDERSMA Phi Alpha Kappa. JAMES E. KEENAN Newman Club (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) Treas. (5); Gargoyle (2). CLARENCE KLOPSIC Union Opera (4), (5), (6); Varsity Glee Club (5), (6); Capitalist Ball (5), (6). CHARLES H. LeCLAIRE Phi Alpha Kappa; Capitalist Ball; Class Sec ' y (4). HAROLD M. LEVINSON Sigma Alpha Mu; Gargoyle (1); Hillel (4); Phi Kappa Phi. LOWELL F. LOEFFLER Choral Union (3), (4). DAVID W. RICE Beta Gamma Sigma (4), (5); Teach- ing Fellow-Economics (5); Toast- masters (4), (5); Hiawatha Club (1), (2), (3), (4), (5). AUBREY C. ROBERTS Lambda Chi Alpha. FRANCES R. ROSEBOOM Alpha Omicron Pi; Finance Comm. ERNST D. SALWEN Phi Beta Delta; Tau Epsilon Rho, Treas. (3, (4); Band (1), (2), (3); Law Review (6). STANLEY W. SAYRE Sigma Chi; Class Pres. (4). DOYLE W. SELDENRIGHT Swimming (1), (2); Wesleyan Guild (1), (2); Lane Hall (3), (4), (5). 421 ROBERT W. STOCKER Sigma Phi Epsilon. ROBERT S. TRAVIS Delta Sigma Pi; Class Vice Pres. (4). WILLIAM ZACK Phi Eta Sigma (1); Orientation Adv. (3). DENTAL OSCAR BEAN Alpha Omega Chi; Scribe; A-O (2); Student Council Chancelor (3); Class Vice Pres. (4); Vice Pres. U. G. Rickert Dent. Soc. IRVING BEGELMAN Alpha Tau Omega. ARTHUR BIBB. JR. Delta Sigma Delta. EDWARD A. CHENEY Delta Sigma Delta; Student Coun- cil (3); Odonto Ball Finan. Chr. (3); Class Treas. MILTON F. DOODLE Phi Kappa Phi (4). THOMAS F. GRAHAM Delta Sigma Delta. JAMES W. HARRISON Delta Sigma Delta. JOSEPH T. HARTSOOK Xi Psi Phi, Vice Pres. (3); Senior Class Repr. Student Council. SELVIN HIRSHON Alpha Omega, Vice Pres. (3); Odonto Ball Comm. (3); Student Council (4). ROBERT P. HOFFMAN Student Council (4); Student Dent. Soc. (3). (4). DURWARD W. JADWIN Delta Sigma Delta. HENRY J. KRUSKA Xi Psi Phi. ANTHONY W. MARKOVICH Student Dental Soc. (3), (4); S enior Scholarship. GEORGE J. MAURER Delta Sigma Delta; Class Treas. (1); Class Pres. (3); Student Coun- cil Pres. (3). GEORGE J. MILLER Alpha Omega. GERALD J. MURPHY Delta Sigma Delta; Gen. Chr. Odonto Ball Comm. (3). ROBERT W. ROOT Delta Sigma Delta; Class Pres. (4); Student Council (4). EDWARD RUDD, JR. Delta Sigma Delta; Student Coun- cil (2); Odonto Ball Comm. Chr. (3); Class Pres. (4); Pres. U. G. . Rickert Dental Soc. (4). GEORGE W. SFERRA Xi Psi Phi; Odonto Ball Comm. (3). J. ROBERT SHORT Xi Psi Phi; Vice Pres. Union Board of Directors (4); Dental Council Sec ' y (3); Class Vice Pres, (2); Class Treas. (3); Exec. Comm. of Student Soc. (3). DONALD A. SIMON Alpha Omega; Hillel (3), (4). HENRY F. STANCO Xi Psi Phi; Editor, Xi Psi Phi (4); Student Council (4). LESTER B. WEISS Student Council (4). DAVE H. WHITE Xi Psi Phi; Sec ' y (4); Sec ' y of Class (4). LUMON E. WILLMENG Delta Sigma Delta; Class Pres. (1); Odonto Ball Comm. Chr. (3). DENTAL HYGIENE VIRGINIA H. CAMPBELL Alpha Chi Omega. YVENNE M. DES JARDINS Katherine Pickerill Co-op. FRANCES M. HAYS Alpha Gamma Delta; Class Pres. ' !); Jr. Dent. Hygienists Pres. (2); Student Council (2). FRANCES E. HUTCHENREUTHER Choral Union (1). JANE A. LAMBERTSON Zeta Tau Alpha. JEAN A. LONG Stockwell Hall. VIVIAN R. SIGLER Alpha Chi Omega. CORA MAY WIEDLEA Alpha Omicron Pi. DONA M. ZOLLNEL Delta Delta Delta. EDUCATION BARBARA A. ALT Kappa Delta; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Pitch and Putt (2), (3); Rifle Club (4). CAROLINE J. ANDERSON Choral Union; Public Health Club, Social Comm. (2), (3), (4). VIRGINIA F. APPLETON Pi Beta Phi; Merit System (1), (2), (3); Theater Arts (2), (3), Chr. (4); Mortarboard; J.G.P.; Mimes Make- up (3), (4); Orientation (2); Central Comm. (3). MARY M. BEATTY Delta Delta Delta; Social Comm. (2); Michiganensian (3); Merrill Palmer School (4). ELIZABETH A. BELISLE Frosh Project; J.G.P.; Candy Booth (2); Theater Arts (3). MAXINE E. BLACKMORE Stockwell Hall. NORMAN W. BLYSTONE Phi Epsilon Kappa; Sec ' y Men ' s Physical Ed. Club. DONNA M. BROWN Kappa Phi. LIONSLEY L. BUCK Westminster Foundation, Vice Pres. (4). DALE W. BULEMORE Sports (2), (3), (4). ALICE JANE BUTLER Kappa Phi; Assembly (1); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. JOSEPHINE M. CARPENTER Kappa Alpha Theta. ELAYNE M. CLINKSTON Martha Cook. ISABEL COLTHORP Martha Cook; J.G.P.; . F.T.A. (3), (4); Women ' s Glee Club (4). CLEO JEAN COVERT Martha Cook; Assembly Banquet (3); Assembly Ball (3); Theater Arts (3); Merit Comm. (4); Orient- ation Comm.; Women ' s Glee Club. INA LUCEIL COX Muriel Lester Co-op. JEAN CRAWFORD Martha Cook; Sailing Club (2), (3), (4); Swimmers Club (1), (2), (3). MARGERY L. DAHLSTHOM Martha Cook; Assembly Banquet (2); Sociedad Hispanica (2); Mich- iganensian (3). CAROLYN E. DENFIELD Delta Delta Delta; J-Hop (3); J.G.P.; Soph Prom; Merrill-Palmer (4). RUTH L. EDDY Alice F. Palmer Co-op., Sec ' y (2), Pres. (3), (4); House Mgr. (3); F.T.A. (3), (4); Sigma Eta Chi (3), (4); Merrill Palmer School. ROBERT A. EMERSON Sigma Phi Epsilon. RUTH A. ENGEL Zeta Tau Alpha; Choral Union (3), (4); Modern Dance Club (4). HELEN R. ETTER Martha Cook; Athletics (1), (2), (3), (4); Delta Pi Alpha. JUNE M. FENSKE Pi Beta Phi; Pi Lambda Theta; J.G.P. ROBERT L. FLORA Football (2), (3), (4). MARLIN E. FRAUMANN Theta Chi; Football (2), (3), (4); Sphinx; Union Opera (2), (3), (4). REVA B. FRUMKIN Phi Sigma Sigma, Sec ' y (3), (4); Hillel Players (3), (4); Sec ' y (4); Panhellenic Rep. (4); Social Comm. of League (4); Theater Arts (4). MARGARET I. GARDNER Pi Beta Phi; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Michiganensian (2); Orientation Adv. (2), (3); Transfer Orientation (4); Wyvern; Scroll; Vice Pres. Class (4); Omega Upsilon (4). JACQUELYN GLAIR Alpha Phi Athletic Chr.; House Mgr., Treas.; Soph Cabaret; Wom- en ' s Athletic Assn. (3); Children ' s Theater (4). ROLAND F. GODBOUT Fletcher Hall, Social Chr. (3); Cer- cle Francais (2), (3), (4). ROBERT W. F. HALM Congress (3). GERALDINE M. HARTMANN Martha Cook; Choral Union (3), (4); Hockey (4). BETTY O. HASSE Stockwell Hall. ROBERT E. HASSELTINE Basketball (1); Baseball (1); F.T.A. (4). STANLEY J. H1PWOOD Varsity Glee Club (3). DONALD A. HOLMAN Baseball (2), (3), (4); Basketball (2), (4); Sphinx; Druids; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. ALBERT E. HYDE Adams House, Treas. (4); Class Sec ' y (4). JOCELYN A. IRONSIDE League Social Comm. (3); Merit Comm. (4); Social Chr. of Stock- well Hall. A. JEAN JOHNSON Alpha Chi Omega; Pan Hell Ban- quet (2); Pan Hell Ball (3); W.A.- A. Social Comm.; Summer Sect, of Women ' s League Council; W.- A.A. Intramural Mgr. (4); Pan Hell Banquet; Scroll (4); J.G.P.; Miche- lodeon. C. ELIZABETH JOHNSON Kappa Alpha Theta; Crop and Saddle (2), (3), Sec ' y (4); Orienta- tion Adv. (3); Social Chairman of League Summer School (4); Merit System Comm. of League (2), (3); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Chr. Dance Classes and Ball Room Comms. on League Council (4); Social Chr. for Sorority (4). JOHN W. KAUTZ Track (4); Druids; Phi Epsilon Kappa. ANNETTE F. KEMPER Mosher; Women ' s Physical Ed. Club (1), (2), (3), (4), Treas. (3), Pres. (4); W.A.A. Board (4). DOROTHY J. LINDQUIST Delta Gamma; Crop and Saddle (3), (4); Social Comm. (3). MARJORIE R. McCOY Kappa Delta; I.M. Sports (3); League Comm. (2); Sec ' y of Phy- sical Ed. Club (1). MARGARET B. McGUIRE Theta Phi Alpha; League House Pres. (3); Newman Club (2), (3), (4). BARBARA L. MILLER Collegiate Sorosis; J.G.P. LUCILLE MUSGROVE DAVID M. NELSON Football (1), (2), (3), (4); Baseball (1), (2), (3), (4); Phi Kappa Phi; Class Pres. (4); Phi Epsilon Kappa; Sphinx; Druids. MARY A. PATON Martha Cook; Athletics (1, (2), (3), (4); A.L.D. MARGARET H. RAMSAY Phi Delta Pi; Dance Club (2); Women ' s Phys. Ed. Club (2); I.M. Sports (2), (3), (4); J.G.P. RUTH B. REINHARD Martha Cook; Choral Union (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (4); J.G.P. SHIRLEY M. RISBURG Martha Cook; Senior Soc. Treas. (4); Phys. Ed. Club. WALTER C. SEKOWSKI Tau Sigma Pi; Pres. Freshman Class; Cercle Francais (1), (2); Pres. Sophomore Class; Political Science Club; Po Ionia Soc. (3), (4); Polish Engineers Soc.; Chr. Polish Relief Fund Drive (2). ONILEE L. SHANER Mosher Hall. OPAL M. SHIMMONS Martha Cook; Rifle Club (3); J.G.P.; I.M. Debating; Assembly Ball (4); Assembly Board Rep.; P.A.C.I. Rep. HELEN BROOKS SHOW CHRISTINE E. SMITH Orchestra (3); Band (3), (4). DORIS I. SMITH Kappa Delta. EVELYN E. SPAMER Gamma Phi Beta; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Choral Union (3), (4); Jor- dan Hall Adv. (3); League Comm. MARJORIE RUTH STRAND Pi Beta Phi; Play Prod. (3). MARGOT THOM Kappa Alpha Theta; Frosh Frolic; Soph Cabaret; Orientation Adv. (2), (3); J.G.P.; Wyvern; Social Comm. ALFRED S. THOMAS Football (3), (4); Track (1), (2), (3); Druids. JUNE M. WAGNER Martha Cook; J.G.P. MARY L. WAGNER Kappa Alpha Theta. KENNETH WASSERMAN Kappa Nu. NORMA E. ZABRISKIE Jordan Hall; Pi Lambda Theta (4); Public Health Club (2), (3), (4); Dormitory Nursing (3), (4). 422 FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION JOHN H. AYERS Forestry Club; I.M. Sports. SAMUEL L. BELLANCA Soc. Les Voyageurs; Mich. For- ester (3), (4); Forestry Club, Treas. (4); Class Sec. (4); I.M. Sports; Congress Sports Comm. (4); New- man Club (4). DONALD S. DUCKART Forestry Club (3), (4). CHARLES J. EWING Les Voyageurs; Forestry Club(l), (2), (3), (4); Vice Pres. and Social Chr. (4); " Michigan Forests " (2), (3); I.M. Basketball (3), (4). WILLIAM R. HAUSER Forestry Club (2), (3), (4); I.M. Sports (2), (3), (4). LAWRENCE E. HOWARD Newman Club (1); Forestry Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Michigan Forester (3), (4); I.M. Sports; Senior Class Vice Pres. (3); Alpha Phi Omega. FRANK B. KENT Forestry Club (3), (4); Newman Club (3), (4); CARL A. LANGENBACH I.M. Sports (2), (3), (4); Forestry Club (2), (3), (4); Bus. Staff of Michigan Forester (3), (4); Class Pres. (4); Union Opera (4). VIRL D. MARSHALL Forestry Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Fly- ing Club (3); Civilian Pilot Train- ing (2). ROBERT W. NEELANDS Forestry Club (2); Class Treas. (4). JOHN E. O ' LEARY Phi Sigma Kappa; Forestry Club. NEAL G. SPERHAKE Forestry Annual (3). ALEX J. YORMAN Michigan Forester Editor (4); Union Vice Pres. (4); Alpha Phi Omega. LAW EDWARD W. ADAMS Sigma Nu; Lawyers Club (1), (2), (3); Case Club (2); Law Review (1), (2), (3); Barristers (2), (3). HORACE W. ADAMS Law Clu b. JOSEPH T. AUWERS. JR. Phi Alpha Kappa, Pres. (2); Case Club (1), (2). WILLIAM R. BEASLEY Delta Theta Phi; Barristers (3), (4); Crease Ball (4). MARION L. BRADBURY, JR. Theta Delta Chi; Lawyer ' s Club; Law Club Council (1), (2), (3); Vice Pres. Crease Ball (3). SEBASTIAN A. BUFFA Law Club; Case Club. WALLIS C. BULLARD Delta Theta Phi; Case Club (1), (2). H. WM. BUTLER Delta Theta Phi; Case Club Adv. RAYMOND R. CAMPBELL Law Club; Case Club (1), (2). BROOKS F. CRABTREE Phi Alpha Delta; Law Review (3); Vice Pres. Union (3). MARGARET L. CURRY Alpha Chi Omega; Kappa Beta Pi; Case Club. ALFONSE D ' AMICO Lawyer ' s Club. LLOYD M. FORSTER Phi Alpha Delta; Law Review (2), (3); Barristers (3). RAYMOND J. FRASER Lawyer ' s Club; Chi Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Barristers. JAMES D. GUERNSEY Phi Alpha Delta; Case Club Judge (3). ROBERT B. HARTNETT Phi Sigma Kappa; Lawyer ' s Club. JOHN F. HALL Lawyer ' s Club; Barristers Class Treas. (4). WILLIAM H. KINSEY Case Club (1), (2). DAVID G. LAING Mich. Law Review (2), (3); Case Club Finalist (3); Pres. Toastmas- ters (3). BENJAMIN D. LEWIS Tau Epsilon Rho. ETHEL L. NORBERG Kappa Beta Pi. JOHN P. O ' HARA, JR. Phi Alpha Delta; Cleark (3). CHARLES J. O ' LAUGHLIN Phi Alpha Delta; Lawyers Club; Mich. Law Review. CHARLES S. QUARLES Student Senate; Toastmasters. JACK H. SHULER Delta Theta Phi, Dean (3); Case Club (1), (2), Chr. (3); Toastmas- ters (2), (3); Barristers (2), (3); Sen. Class Vice Pres. FREDERICK E. SISK Lawyer ' s Club. JAY W. SORGE Phi Kappa Psi; Lawyer ' s Club; Law Review; Exec. Council of Law Club. WILLIAM L. TAFT Delta Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Delta; Lawyer ' s Club; Case Club (1), (2). DONALD H. TREADWELL Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers; Law Review (2), (3); Sec ' y-Treas. of Law Club; Class Pres. (3). EVERETT R. TREBILCOCK Phi Alpha Delta; Law Review. GEORGE W. TRENDLE, JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Theta Phi. LOYALL G. WATSON Lawyer ' s Club. WILLIAM S. WILSON Delta Upsilon; Case Club (1), (2). HARRY D. WISE, JR. Delta Theta Phi; Delta Kappa Ep- silon; Barristers. MEDICAL WILLIAM BAUM Victor Vaughn Soc.; Class Treas. (4). CARL A. BENZ Victor Vaughn Soc.; Class Treas. (3). DAVID F. BOHR Phi Sigma, Sigma Xi; Victor Vaughn Soc.; Amer. Assn for Advancement of Science. WILLIAM M. BROWNLEE Phi Sigma; Victor Vaughn Soc. FRANK M. BURROUGHS, JR. Phi Beta Pi. JOSEPH L. CAHALAN Phi Rho Sigma; Newman Club(l), (2), (3), (4); Editor, Chapel Chron- icle (2). EDWARD S. CARR Nu Sigma Nu; Victor Vaughn Soc. GORDON BAXTER CARVER Psi Upsilon; Nu Sigma Nu. JAMES W. CHRISTOPHERSEN Phi Beta Pi; Victor Vaughn Soc. (4). ROBERT W. CLARKE Phi Chi; M Club; Tennis (1), (2), (3). PAUL A. CLAYTON Phi Chi Fraternity. BERNICE COHEN-SACHS Hillel Soc. Comm., Hillei Scholar- ship; Shapiro Foundation Scholar- ship, Alpha Lambda Delta; Iota Sigma Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Omega Alpha; A.M.S.; A.M.W.A. EDWARD D. CONNER Phi Rho Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi (4); Alpha Omega Alpha (4). DONALD R. COOPER Nu Sigma Nu, Pres. (4); Galens (3), (4); Class Vice Pres. (1). DALE H. CORREA Phi Rho Sigma; Class Vice Pres. (2). RONALD E. CRISSEY Victor Vaughn Soc. CHARLES L. CROOK Alpha Kappa Kappa; C.A.A. Pilot Training Course (3); Epsilon Delta. WINTHROP N. DAVEY Alpha Kappa Kappa; Exec. Comm. (1); Class Sec ' y (2); Alpha Omega Alpha (4); Victor Vaughn Soc. (4). DONALD L. DAVIDSON Alpha Kappa Kappa; Vice Pres. (3); Soc. Chr. RALPH E. DAWSON Phi Chi. STEFAN S. FAJANS Phi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Omega Alpha (3); Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. GORDON F. FISCHER Alpha Omega Alpha. JAMES E. FISCHER Phi Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. ARNOLD L. FRIEDMAN Kappa Nu; Phi Delta Epsilon. CHARLES O. FURNISS Phi Chi. EDWARD M. GATES Quadrangle. HENRY C. GOMLEY Phi Beta Pi. NELSON W. GREEN Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. MARGARET E. HAGGAN A.E.I.; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha. WINSTON C. HALL Nu Sigma Nu; Galens (3), (4). LAURIE W. HIGGINS Alpha Kappa Kappa; Galens (3), (4). DOHIN L. HINERMAN Phi Beta Pi. FREDERICK B. HOUSE Alpha Kappa Kappa. t LOGAN W. HOVIS Phi Beta Pi; Galens (3), (4); Kappa Alpha. NED B. KALDER Phi Beta Pi. CHARLES G. KILLINS Alpha Kappa Kappa; Sigma Nu. PHILIP J. LAUX, JR. Phi Delta Theta,- Phi Chi. ROBEHT M. LEITCH Phi Chi; Galens (3), (4); Class Pres. (3). ARTHUR N. LIEBERMAN Phi Delta Epsilon. JAMES W. LYONS, JR. Alpha Kappa Kappa; Class Sec ' y (1). JAMES M. McCORD Nu Sigma Nu; Victor Vaughn Soc. (4). NEILL B. McGRATH, JR. Alpha Kappa Kappa; Victor Vaughn Soc. WILLIAM J. MORROW Alpha Kappa Kappa; Victor Vaughn Soc. (4); Alpha Omega Alpha (4). ROBERT T. MURPHY Phi Rho Sigma; Galens (3), (4). SYLVESTER J. O ' CONNOR Honor Comm. Galens Soc. (3); Pres. Galens (4). HERBERT L. PARISER Victor C. Vaughn Soc. (3); Schol- arship Chr. (3). CHARLES F. PAYTON Phi Rho Sigma; Victor Vaughn Soc. (4). WILLIAM D. PENHALE Honor Comm. (2); Class Sec ' y (3). ROBERT A. POMMERENING Nu Sigma Nu. MILLAR POSTHUMA Phi Alpha Kappa. KARL M. HAGUE Victor Vaughn; Class Pres. (2). DAVID S. RANDALL Phi Rho Sigma. LEONARD D. ROSENMAN Phi Delta Epsilon; Kappa Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha, Pres. (4); Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma. GEORGE L. SCHAIBERGER Phi Beta Pi; Galens. HOWARD J. SCHAUBEL Phi Rho Sigma; Class Treas. (2); Galens (3), (4). JOHN R. SCHEIBE Phi Rho Sigma; Michigan Wolver- ine (1), (2), (3), Pres. (4). WALTER G. SCHEUERMAN Phi Rho Sigma. WILLIAM L. SMITH ROBERT H. SNOW Phi Beta Pi. FRANCES M. SULLIVAN Alpha Epsilon Iota; Iota Sigma Pi. REINHOLD A. SUNDEEN Phi Chi; Honor Comm. (1); Victor Vaughn Soc. (4); Union Vice Pres. (4). YOSHIRO TAIRA Victor C. Vaughn. MARK F. TODD Phi Chi. ROBERT F. TRESCOTT A.M.S.A. KEITH M. TRUEMNER Phi Beta Pi. WILLIAM B. VER HEY Alpha Kappa Kappa; Galens (3), (4); Alpha Kappa Kappa, Pres. (4). DOUGLAS L. WAKE Phi Beta Pi; A.O.A.; Phi Kappa Phi. WILLIAM C. WEIR, JR. Nu Sigma Nu. HERBERT D. WELSH Phi Beta Pi. HAL T. WILSON Victor Vaughn Soc. RICHARD C. WIXSON Phi Beta Pi. 423 JOSEPH W. WRIGHT. JH. Phi Chi; Galens. HERSCHEL S. ZACKHEIM Phi Delta Epsilon. MUSIC DOROTHY C. ACER Theta Phi Alpha; Gargoyle (3), (4); Class Treas. (4); J.G.P.; Soc. Comm. League; Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Soph Cabaret; Theater and Arts (4). M. ANNE ALEXANDER Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec ' y (4); Choral Union (3), (4). DOROTHY K. ANDERSON Sigma Alpha Iota; Assembly Board (3), (4); Assembly Banquet Comm. (3); Soph Cabaret; League Comm. (2); J.G.P.; Betsy Barbour Assembly Rep. (3), (4); Senior Soc. DONNA E. BAISCH Sigma Alpha Iota; Senior Soc.; Women ' s Glee Club (2), (3); Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4); I.G.P. DORIS E. BALL Adelia Cheever; Sigma Alpha Iota (3), (4); University Symphony (1), (2), (3), (4). FRANK D. BASSO Orchestra (2), (3), (4); Band. MAXINE R. BERTUCCI League House; Soph Cabaret; Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Glee Club (4). ROBERT J. BROWN Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Kappa Kappa Psi (2), (3), (4); Choral Union (2), (3). ALFRED S. BURT Phi Mu Alpha, Pres. (3); Little Symphony (2), (3); Band (1); Or- chestra (2), (3), (4). PHILIP C. BUSCHE Kappa Kappa Psi, Vice Pres. (3); Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Orchestra (2); Daily (4); Glee Club (4). DONALD D. DICKINSON Band (2), (3), (4); Kappa Kappa Psi (4). MARVIN R. DRAEGER Kappa Kappa Psi; Varsity and Concert Band (3), (4). RUTH E. FRITZ Sigma Alpha Iota; Choral Union (3), (4); S.R.A. (3), (4); Exec. Comm. (4). RICHARD A. GOOLIAN I. JUSTIN GRAY Kappa Kappa Psi; U. Concert Band (1), (2), (3), (4); U. Symphony Orchestra (1), (2), (3). ARTHUR C. HILLS Acacia; Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Or- chestra (3), (4); Phi Mu Alpha (3), (4); Kappa Kappa Psi (2), (3), (4); Class Vice Pres. (4). LOUIS C. KURD Band (3); Choral Union (4); Uni- versity Choir (4). EDWIN C. KRUTH Kappa Kappa Psi, Vice Pres. (4); Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Orchestra (1), (2), (3); Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4). JAMES L. MERRILL Phi Mu Alpha Symphonia; Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Orchestra (2). EDWARD L. OSTROSKI Band and Orchestra (1), (2), (3), (4); Class Sec ' y (4); Kappa Kappa Psi (2), (3), Sec ' y (4); Woodwind Quintet (2), (3), (4). WILLIAM PAPPAS Delta Upsilon; Band (3), (4); Kappa Kappa Psi (4). MAYNARD A. POST Band; Kappa Kappa Psi. MORRETTE L. RIDER Acacia; Band (2), (3); Orchestra (2), (3), (4); Phi Mu Alpha. JOHN W. ROBBINS Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Kappa Kappa Psi. JOHN D. ROHRER Pres. of S. of Music (4); Kappa Kappa Psi, Pres. (4). LEONARD E. RUBY Acacia; Band (1), (2), (3); Kappa Kappa Psi. GARY F. SCHWAB Mu Phi Epsilon, Sec ' y (4). BARBARA M. SCUT Zeta Tau Alpha; Choral Union (2); League Comm. (3). C. GENE SHERRY Acacia; Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Sym- phony Orchestra (1), (2), (3), (4); Kappa Kappa Psi (2), (3, (4). THOMAS J. WHEATLEY, JR. Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Little Symphony. JOHN A. WOLAVER Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi (4); Phi Mu Alpha (3); German Play (1), (3). JAMES B. WOLFE Chicago House; University Sym- phony (1), (2), (3), (4); Phi Mu Alpha (3), Historian (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Play Prod. (4). RICHARD A. WORTHINGTON Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Kappa Kappa Psi (2), (3), (4), Sec ' y (3); Student Conductor (3), (4). HADASSAH YANICH Alice Freeman Palmer Co-op.; Hillel Foundation (2), (4); Chm. Music Comm.; Choral Union (3), (4); Avukah (3), (4). FLORENCE ZAPOTOCHNA Girls ' Glee Club (3), (4); Univer- sity Choir (4). NURSING MARJORIE J. ALLES Couzens Hall. ALICE ANDERSON Couzens Hall. LUCILLE A. HEVSTIS Social Chm. (1); Sec ' y Train. Stu- dent Council (3); T.P.R. (3); Scalpel (3). BARBARA J. HOLZHAUSEN Sec ' y-Treas (3). MARY E. HOPE Choral Club (1), (2), (3); Student Council (1); Class Vice Pres. (3). HELEN C. HUBINGEH Couzens Hall. FLORENCE S. JOAKSI Choral Union (2), (3); Choral Club (D, (2), (3). MARY K. JUDY Couzens Hall. DORIS E. KINGSBURY T.P.R. (3). IRENE M. KROLCZYK Vice Pres. (1), (2), (3). FRANCES H. MEAD Choral Club (1), (2), (3); Sec ' y De- troit Dist. S.N.A. (1). AMANDA A. PLATT Couzens Hall. ENID E. WHITMYER Couzens Hall. PHARMACY SYDNEY M. ARONSON Phi Sigma Delta; J. Hop; Chm. Mortar and Pestle Ball (3); Apoth- ecaries Club (2), Apothecaries Ball Comm. (2), Vice Pres. (3). RONALD H. CHADWICK Apothecaries Club, Treas. (3). EARL E. GARLAND Theta Xi; Gymnastics (3); Apoth- ecaries Club; Civilian Pilot Train- ing (4); Senior Class Pres. NORMA GENE GREER Daily (1); Rifle Club (4); Soph Cabaret. ALBERT H. HART Apothecaries Club (2), (3); Journal Club (4). GEORGE H. LEWIS Track (1), (2); Hockey (1), (2). ANNE D. MINCKLER Chi Omega, Sec ' y (3), Pres. (4); J.G.P.; Pharm. Journal Club (4). DAVID EDWARD OTT Phi Gamma Delta; Apothecaries Club (3), (4); Apothecary Ball (3); A.Ph.A. Rep. (3); Journal Club (3), (4). ARTHUR J. PUGH Kappa Delta Rho; Pharmacy Ball (3); Basketball Mgr. (2). ELLEN F. ST. JOHN Chi Omega; Crop and Saddle (1), (2); Michigras (2); Pharmacy Jour- nal Club (3), (4); Sociedad Hispan- ica (4); Iota Sigma Pi (3), (4). DAVID A. SCHLICHTING Basketball (1), (2); Track (1); Choral Union (2); Apothecary Ball (2), (3); Apothecary Club (2), (3); Journal Club (3), (4); A.Ph.A. EUGENE G. WEINAUG Class Treas. (4). S. L. YUDHN Class Vice Pres. (4); Journal Club. 424 ORGANIZATION INDEX Acacia 314 Administration 19 Alpha Chi Omega 354 Alpha Delta Phi 315 Alpha Delta Pi 355 Alpha Epsilon Iota 145 Alpha Epsilon Phi 270, 356 Alpha Gamma Delta 357 Alpha Kappa Kappa 140 Alpha Kappa Lambda 316 Alpha Kappa Omega 87 Alpha Nu 248 Alpha Omega 95 Alpha Omicron Pi 358 Alpha Phi 359 Alpha Phi Omega 238 Alpha Sigma Phi 317 Alpha Tau Omega 318 Alpha Xi Delta 360 Alumni Association 230 American Institute of Aeronautical Science 68 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 64 American Society of Civil Engineers 66 American Institute of Electrical Engineers 65 American Society of Mechanical Engineers .... 67 American Institute of Metallurgical Engineers . . 71 Architecture 72 Architecture Council 75 Athena 273 Athletics 166 Assembly Board 264 B Baseball 199 Beta Theta Pi 319 Betsy Barbour 278 Board in Control of Athletics 172 Board of Regents 12 Business Administration .... 80 Campus Life 280 Chi Omega 361 Chi Phi 320 Chi Psi 321 Collegiate Sorosis 362 Concert Band 152 Congress 247 Crop and Saddle 276 Daily 212,213,214,215,216 Delta Delta Delta 363 Delta Gamma 364 Delta Kappa Epsilon 322 Delta Sigma Delta 96 Delta Tau Delta 323 Delta Upsilon 324 Dentistry 88 Druids 240 East Quadrangle 382 Education 98 Engineering College 49 Engineering Council 63 Eta Kappa Nu 71 Flying Club 69 Forestry 108 French Club 257 Frosh Frolic 255 Galens 131 Gargoyle 218, 219 Gamma Phi Beta 365 Glee Club 154 Golf 194 Graduate 114 H Helen Newberry 379 Hockey Team 192 I Interfraternity Council ..312,313 J-Hop 252, 253 ludiciary Council 222 Junior Girls ' Play 269 K Kappa Alpha Theta 366 Kappa Delta 367 Kappa Delta Rho 325 Kappa Kappa Gamma 368 Kappa Kappa Psi 155 Kappa Nu 326 Kappa Sigma 327 Lambda Chi Alpha 328 Law 120 League Council 259 Literary College 20 M " M " Club 170 Managers ' Club 171 Martha Cook 375 Medicine 128 Michigamua 239 Michiganensian 207,208,209,210, 211 Michigan Union 223, 224, 225, 226 Mortarboard 261 Mosher-Jordan 376,377 Music 146 Musical Society 228 N N.R.O.T.C 236,237 Nu Sigma Nu 141 Nursing 156 Panhell Board 266 Perspectives 217 Pharmacy 163 Phi Alpha Kappa 119 Phi Chi 142 Phi Delta Epsilon 143 Phi Delta Sigma 335 Phi Delta Theta 329 Phi Epsilon Pi 330 Phi Eta Sigma 245 Phi Gamma Delta 331 Phi Kappa Psi 332 Phi Kappa Tau 334 Phi Mu Alpha 248 Phi Rho Sigma 144 Phi Sigma Kappa 336 Phi Sigma Sigma 369 Pi Beta Phi 370 Pi Lambda Phi 371 Pi Tau Pi Sigma 235 Psi Upsilon 338 Publications ' Board 206 Quarterdeck 70 R.O.T.C 231, 232, 233 S Scabbard and Blade 234 Scroll 263 Senior Ball 250, 251 Senior Society 262 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 339 Sigma Alpha Iota 271 Sigma Alpha Mu 340 Sigma Chi 341 Sigma Nu 342 Sigma Phi 343 Sigma Phi Epsilon 344 Slide Rule Ball 227 Soph Prom 254 Sororities 353 Spanish Club 256 Sphinx 242 Student Religious Association 246 Student Senate 238 Swimming Team 187 Tau Beta Pi 244 Technic 220 Tennis 198 Theta Chi 345 Theta Delta Chi 346 Theta Phi Alpha 371 Theta Xi 347 Track Team 195 Trigon 349 Triangle 348 Triangles 243 Vulcans 241 W Women ' s Athletic Association 275 West Quadrangle 380,381 Wrestling Team 190 Wy vern 263 Xi Phi Psi . . 97 Zeta Beta Tau 350 Zeta Psi 351 Zeta Phi Epsilon 272 Zeta Tau Alpha 372 STUDENT INDEX Aaronson, Frances 261, 266, 356 Abbott, Duane 96 Abelson, Arthur 335 Albin, George 154 Abramowitz, Eleanor 26 Abrams, Bernard 26 Ackerman, D. H 70 Ackerman, John 26, 333 Ackerman, Wilbert E. 54, 170, 241, 327 Adam, Eileen 27 Adams, Anne 357 Adams, Charles 211,331 Adams, Edward W 125, 126 Adams, Mrs. E. L 3 8 Adams, Horace W 126 Adams, Phyllis 367 Adams, Susan 26, 365 Adams, Thomas 332 Adams, Veramae 368 Adamwicz, James 96 Ager, Bill 238, 344 Ager, D 150 Agree, A. Arnold 211,335 Ahlheim, Richard 315 Aigler, John 343 Aigler, R. F 124, 239 Aisman, Lawrence 66 Alaniva, Marian 357 Albert, Lawrence 331 Albright, Roy 64,71 Alcorn, Harry 26 Aldinger, Leroy 63, 346 Aldrich, James 26, 154, 344 Aldridge, Charles 142 Aldridge, Lincoln 221,317 Aldworth, Edward 329 Alexander, Anne 272 Alexander, C. Freeman 220,221, 227,243,319 Alexander, Josephine 361 Alexander, Leonard 335 Alexander, M 150 Alexander, Sidney A 340 Alexander, William 324 Alkon, Leonard 337 Allaben, F. Roland 230 Allen, Betty 365 Allen, Bruce 184, 243, 338 Allen, D 96,275 Allen, Grant 64 Allen, John E 26 Allen, Mrs. Lillian C 230 Allen, Robert 318,320 Allen, Stanton 54,67, 171,241, 346 Allen, Doris 26,354 Alles, M 160 Almdale, Howard . . .54, 67, 334 Allmendinger, Edwin 324 Almen, Mary Carol 355 Aloe, Abbas H 65 Alpern, Robert 1 26,340 Alt, Barbara 109,367 Alt, Mary Ellen ...269,270,343 Altfield, Shirley 266,356 Althouse, Margaret 364 Altman, Betty 26,262,379 Altman, Harry 327 Altman, William 26, 218, 248, 327 Altschuler, Shirley 26 Altshuler, Charles 143 Amstutz, Ralph 329 Anderle, Robert A 321 Andersen, C 104 Andersen, N 76 Anderson, Allan 225 Anderson, Delores 359 Anderson, D 150 Anderson, Dorothy 25, 257, 2b2, 264, 272, 378 Anderson, Edward 26,341 Anderson, Elizabeth 25,26 Anderson, Francis 131,142 Anderson, Fred 238,331 Anderson, Gertrude 26 Anderson, Harold 331 Anderson, James 322 Anderson, LaMar 26 Anderson, Mauritz 26, 331 Anderson, Roderick 246 Anderson, Stuart 26,246 Anderson, Virginia 355 Anderson, William, Jr 144 Anderson, Wise Council ....239 Andonian, Koorkin 380 Andresen, Gertrude 261,275,368 Andrew, Gordon 26, 222 Andrews, Anne 357 Andrews, E. William 246 Andrews, F. W 236 Angle, John 343 Angst, William D 54 Anielewski, Ann 256, 270 Antell, Gunnard 142 Anthony, Edward .211,245,318 Antle, Robert 26, 187, 320 Appel, Elizabeth 354 Apple, John 333 Apple, Virginia 26 Applegate, Margaret 372 Appleton, Virginia 104, 259, 261, 370 Aptekar, Gerald 95 Arbuckle, Richard 26,338 Archer, Richard 238,342 Ardum, P 160 Arkins, Robert 330 Armstrong, Charles B. ..54,244 Armstrong, Doreen 359 Armstrong, James 322 Arner, Doris 211, 365 Arnold, Alfred 351 Arnold, Fred 351 Arnold, Kent B 238, 317 Arnold, Lois 356 Arnold, Robert 347 Arnold, Stewart 334 Aronson, Lawrence 256 Aronson, Philip 335 Aronson, Sydney 165, 335 Aronstein, Herbert 95 Amsbary, Barbara 366 Arthur, Robert 54, 336 Artuso, Dom A 208 Ashley, Helen 357 Asselin, Joan 368 Assik, Samuel C 54,64,71 Atamian, Elliot 26 Atamian, Leo 248 Athay , Robert 329 Athens, John 329 Atkin, Kenward 26,324 Atkins, Edward 329 Atkinson, T 328 Auden, W. H 217 Auferoth, John 63, 66 Augst, William 319 August, Alvin 95 Auwers, Joseph 119,126 Avedon, Burt 342 Averill, John 317 Avery, Margaret 215,263 A very, Nancy 362 Awrey, Betty Jane 379 Axelrod, Allan 218,219 Axelson, Rudolph A 54 Ayers, Camilla 26,370 Ayers, Hugh 212,238,218 Ayers, John Ill B Babington, John 327 Bachman, John R 26, 332 Bachrach, Kay la 356 Bacon, Samuel 329 Badenoch, David 343 Bader, Arno J 217 Baer, Richard 337 Bailie, Betty 25, 26, 259, 263, 266, 368 Baird, Elaine 361 Baird, Louis 333 Baird, Richard 344 Baisch, Donna 150, 272 Baits, Jane 26, 259,260, 261, 266, 364 Baker, Arthur 119 Baker, Edwin C 347 Baker, Frances L 94 Baker, Harriet 26,356 Baker, Joan 366 Baker, John 64,246,257 Baker, Quentin 319 Baker, Wendall 119 Baker, William 214 Bales, Dorothy 211,364 Bailee, Francis 26 Ball, Doris 150,272 Ball, K 160 Ballantyne, Douglas 322 Baltacioglu, E 76 Bancroft, Margaret 26, 361 Bandoli, Marvin 349 Bangert, John 65, 244 Banks, Natalie 367 Bannan, A. Marie 26 Barash, Bernard 27 Barber, Robert 96 Barber, Virginia 367 Barbott, Jane 25 Barden, M. Carolyn 264 Bargman, James t 321 Boris, Philip 326 Barker, Charles 234,2 8 Barker, Paul 245,346,351 Barksdale, W. Lee 341 Barlow, Sue 366, 393 Barnard, Robert 278 Barnes, Belva 365 Barnes, Charles W 361 Barnett, Betty Jane 371 Barnett, Helen 289 Barnett, Herbert 170 Barney, Dorothy 364 Barr, Betty 217 Barr, Orrie 225,318 Barrar, Richard B 340 Barrett, Charles 340 Barrett, Earl 154, 325 Barrett, Frank 142 Barringer, Henry C. 27, 233, 324 Barringer, Len 125 Barry, Paul 256 Barry, Raymond 216 Barss, William A 144 Bartell, Lawrence 346 Bartell, Peggy 366 Earth, Elaine ..215,253,266,356 Barthelme, Battle Finder ...239 Bartlett, Harley 24 Bartlett, James 345 Bartley, Thomas 54, 321 Bartlow, Robert 253,344 Barton, David W 347 Barton, Keith 26 Barton, Thomas 27 Bashak, Cihat M 54 Basket!, David 339 Bass, Seymour 95 Basse, Lois 27,263,266,366 Bassett, James G 144 Bassett, Marion 372 Bassett, William 331 Basso, Frank 150,155 Batchelor, Marion 257 Bateman, David 54,64,344 Bates, Ellen 27 Bates, Prof. Henry M 124 Bates, Jackson W 98 Bates, Richard 142, 238 Bates, Great Builder 239 Bathke, Barbara 366 Bati, Orhan 54,67 Battin, Donald C 65 Batt, Alan R 69 Batt, Marorie 356 Battey, H. Bruce 54, 65, 244 Baubie, Sally 362 Bauckman, John 318 Bauer, Carl 230 Bauer, Walter 154 Baum, Victor J 340 Baum, William 133,137,142 Baumgarten, Howard 216 Baumgarten, M. C 76 Baumgarten, Mary Lou 357 Bavinger, William B 125 Baxter, Harry 332 Beal, Junius 228 Beale, Henry 142 Beals, Robert 64 Bean, Oscar 92, 93, 95 Beardsley, Charles S 230 Beasley, William 125, 126 Beatty, Mary 104, 363 Beatty, Ralph 142 Beauchamp, John S 347 Beck, William 337 Becker, James 320 Beckham, Robert 54 Bedford, Robert E 27 Bedker, Frederick 320 Beebe, Diana 367 Beebe, Olive 367 Beeker, William 238 Beekman, Myron 104 Beers, Robert 332 Beeson, Tom 341 Begelman, Irving 92,95 Begle, Robert 253, 329 Behr, Robert 322 Behringer, William E 325 Behrman, Dan 214 Beier, Dean 125 Bek, Richard 334 Bela, Samuel A 54 Bellairs, Robert 332 Bellanca, Samuel Ill Belisle, E 104 Bell, Betty 266,355 Bell, F. Cortez 339 Bell, Jay C 54,67 Bell, Lynn 217 Bell, Ralph E 65 Belshaw, Anne 375 Belter, Edna D 266 Beltz, Fred, Jr 346 Ben, Karl 154 Bender, Frank 246 Bender, June 27, 364 Benedict, Robin 27 Bengal, Vernon 54, 66, 348 Benham, Jean 27,364 Benjamin, John 339 Bennett, Bonnie 368 Bennett, G 104 Bennett, Ned 219 Bennett, Norma 256 Bennett, Robert 322 Bennett, Ruth 256 Bennett, William D 144,322 Benson, Janice 27,272,365 Bentley, Nelson 217 Bentley, Suzanne 27,362 Benz, Carl 133, 137 Benz, Lucille E 94 Berg, B 328 Bercaw, Nancy 355 425 Berg, Roger, II 343 Berger, Mary Ann 364 Berlan, Roger 67 Berman, Jerry 337 Bernecker, Verna E 27 Bernhardt, Norman 256 Berns, William 216 Bernstein, Beverly 27 Bernstein, Millie 219 Bernstein, Phyllis 27, 211,264,265,270 Bernsten, Thelma 356 Berris, Henry 95 Berry, Barbara 356 Bertucci, M 150 Besancon, Frances 27,361 Bessler, Jane 378 Besser, Robert 337 Better, Edna 376 Betzhold, Fred 341 Betz, Eldean 131 Beuhler, Ralph 254,315 Beyer, Herbert, Jr 346,382 Bey ster, James 343 Bebb, Arthur, Jr 92, 96 Bidleman, Mildred 27, 257 Bielauskas, William 324 Bieneman, Dick 211,341 Bierkamp, Fred 27,329 Bierwirth, Nancy 361 Bigelow, Merritt 345 Biggins, Arthur L i ' .?J Bihn, Phyllis 27,365 Bikoff, Morrie 187 Bilgesu, Kemal 5 Bill, Dorothy 367 Billet, Arthur 69 Bird, Duane 245 Bird, James A 321 Bisbee, Lee Zlfa Bisbee, Leland S 32 Bishop, R. Spencer 230 Bittker, Helen G 27 Bittinger, Ralph 131 Blackett, Olin W 82 Blakeley, Richard H 5. Blademare, Fred ...218,219,345 Blanchard, James 329 Blanchard, Mary 36: Blandy, Romaine 325 Blautstein, Albert P 27,239 Bleu, Karl 64 Bliche, F. F 164 Bliss, Robert 27, 315 Bloch, Henry 351 Block, Ramon 331 Block, Wolfred W 27, 350 Blodgett, Robert 321 Blodgett, Ruth 359 Blom, Edward C., Jr 65 Blomquist, Jean 35! Blood, Howard 32: Bloom, Ruth 356 Bloom, Herbert J 90 Bloomfield, Richard 331 Bloxsom, Dorothy 364 Blumberg, Warren 27,238 Blume, W. W 124 Blueslein, Muriel 27, 356 Blystone, N 104 Boak, Arthur E. R 24 Boardman, Virginia 27,370 Boas, Marrie 350 Bode, Lenare 275 Bogan, William 342 Bohr, David F 133, 137 Boice, Willis S 321 Boll, Kenneth G 54 Bellinger, Eugene 225,351 Bonazzi, Britta 361 Bondecant, Joan 27, 256 Bonisteel, Roscoe 228 Boath, Thomas 342 Boor, Donald 345 Borden, Robert A 144 Borman, Marvin ...225,245,350 Borrmann, William B 45 Born, Madalyn 370 Borst, Theodore 235 Boshar, John 54, 67 Bostick, Killard C 165 Bostwick, Darwin 317 Boswell, Robert B. ...54,71,314 Bott, Allen 344 Bottke, J 160 Bouchard, Joanne 361 Bouchard, Beatrice 362 Bouchard, Elinor J 27 Bouis, C. Elliot 339 Bourke, Frances 27,366 Boult, James 327 Bourns, Marian 245 Bourquin, James 54,234,343 Bourquin, Warren 225 Bowden, William S 144 Bowen, Marjorie 257,367 Bower, James S 321 Bower, William 315 Bower, Phoebe 210 Bowker, John E 54, 67, 70 Bowman, B. M 64 Boyd, Robert 54,318 Boyd, Worthy 245 Boyer, Harriet 370 Boynter, Charles 27, 171,240,248, 319 Boynton, Richard D 325 Bracker, Harvey L 340 Bracked, John J 225,347 Brachett, Robert D 221 Bradbury, Marion L., Jr. 125, 126 Bradford, S 315 Bradley, Eilien 216 Bradley, Ray 243 Brady, John 333 Bradshaw, John W 24 Braga, Russell M 84, 86 Bragg, Edward 67 Brand, Ruth 357 Brandt, Alan 225,335 Brandt, Carl 212 Branstetter, Ruth 356 Brashler, Richard 331 Braun, Marilyn 368 Braun, Bob 69 Braznell, Charles W 321 Breathwaite, E 104 Breckenbach, Madeline ....145 Breckler, Alfred 27, 337 Breer, William 322 Brenkert, Karl 221,318 Brennan, Catherine 363 Brennan, David 327 Brennan, Jerome 315 Brenner, G. Jerome, Jr. ...54,65 Brent, Irl 84 Brent, Kelly 211, 329 Bresler, Phyllis 377 Bressler, Walter W 28 Brewer, Fred C 28 Brewer, Robert 66,380 Brewer, William A 144 Briddon, Dorothy 238,246 Bridgen, Dorothy 28, 366 Brigham, Robert 65,235,238 Brill, Thomas M 28 Brimmer, Clarence 344 Brines, Robert 339 Broadhead, Almet 320 Brenold, Louis I 24 Brockhaus, Elizabeth 376 Brodie, Jean R 28 Brodie, Robert J 347 Bromage, Mrs. Arthur 379 Broman, John A 28 Brontenbrenner, Urie 246 Branson, Jayne 359 Bronstein, Faye 377 Brosius, Irene 364 Brossfield, William 235 Broucek, Kenneth 64 Brougham, Elizabeth ... .28, 378 Broughton, Bryce 314 Brooks, Dorothy E. . . .25, 28, 365 Brooks, George 142 Brooks, Virginia 366 Brooks, William 64,339,344 Browarsky, Henrietta 356 Brownlee, William M. ..133, 137 Brownrigg, Mary 264 Brown, Barbara 364 Brown, Bernard 350 Brown, Betsy 359 Brown, Carroll 66 Brown, D 104 Brown, Eugene ' ...341 Brown, Gene 155 Brown, Jack ' 313 Brown, Jerry 323 Brown, Judson .154 Brown, Leland C 347 Brown, Martin 350 Brown, Margaret ..263,269,368 Brown, Mary Ann 363 Brown, Mary Eleanor 366 Brown, Norman 225 335 Brown, Paul W 28 Brown, Pearl 262 Brown, Robert . 155, 234, 238, 327 Brown, Robert R., Jr. 54, 65, 150, 324 Brown, William 54,67,245,315,316,343 Bruce, Mrs. J. D 375 Bruce, James D 19 Bruder, Wallace J 54 Bruegmann, Elvera C 28 Bruggers, Laurence 144 Brummer, Clarence 238 Brumm, John L 24 Bruni, Samuel N 28 Bruni, Saverio 334 Bruno, Pauline N 28 Bruns, Richard 315 Brunner, Mary K 28 Brussel, Eugene 337 Bryan, Fred J 245,314 Bryant, Mrs. John 378 Bryant, Nathan 322 Bryant, Stephen 322 Bryne, Carolyn 359 Buchanan, Mary Ann 361 Buchanan, Thomas Kay . . . .314 Buck, L 104 Buck, Phyllis 265 Buckey, William 319 Buckholz, Albert 96 Bucklund, Carl E 206 Buckner, Noel 330 Buder, A. Matt 332 Buell, Charles 28,323 Buell, Robert 319 Buesser, Elizabeth 366 Buffa, Sebastian A 126 Buffington, William 247 Bull, Paul 234 Bull, Stratton 211,331 Bullard, Milledge 319 Bullard, Warren 65,347 Bullard, Willis C 126 Bullen, John 54, 64 Buller, Richard 248 Bullin, Jeanne 28,368 Bulmer, Dan J 234 Buhner, Malcolm 351 Bulthuis, Jerry 119 Buman, Robert Bundy, Carol Bunnell, Elizabeth Burbott, James Burbott, Jane M Burch, Richard Burckehalter, Robert . . . Burdick, Raymond Burgess, Hazel E Burgess, Warren C., Jr. 76, Burgess, William Burke, Bill Burke, Dorothy Burnett, John E., Jr. Burnham, John S. 54, 67,220,221,227, Burhans, Earl L Burnham, John S Burns, Barbara Burns, Gerald Burridge, Elizabeth J. . . Burroughs, Frank M., Jr Bursley, Joseph 18, 206, Bursley, Margery Burstein, Robert ...253, Burt, Alfred Burton, David W Burton, Dobson . Burton, Douglas . Burton, Edson V. Burton, Irving . . Busard, John M. Busard, Max . Busche, Philip Bush, Erma K .... Bush, William . . . Buss, Delias Buszek, Kay Buter, Gordon H. Butler, A. J Butler, Gordon . . . Butler, H. William Butler, Kenneth . . Butler, Walter T. . Butman, Katherine Butters, Frank . . . Byer, Stanley .... Byerly, James . . . Byers, Constance Byrich, Max Byrne, Carolyn D. .... 64 ....217 ....364 ....320 28 318 .76, 339 ....341 .... 28 ..170, . . . . 150, 245, 346 225 341 366 144 241, 247 .... 13 ....220 .28, 366 ....217 .... 28 . ...137 212, 224 ....362 255, 350 248 ..54, 71 184, 239 319 332 ....143 134 142 154, 155 28 332 64 360 84 104 119 126 54 54 69 218,324 64 322 270 170, 331 .. 28 Caboral, Donald 342 Cabrera, Juan 137 Cady, Frederick 331 Cahalan, Joseph L 137,144 Cahalane, John 28,351 Cain, Nelda 335 Cain, William 245 Call, Norma D. 25, 28, 170, 239, 331 Callahan, Dorothy 360 Caldwell, Jean 365 Caldwell, William 338 Cambridge, Bruce , 323 Cameron, Bernadine ...343,354 Camp, Catherine M 28 Campbell, Charles 320 Campbell, Elinor 28, 357 Campbell, Helen 355 Campbell, James 254, 342 Campbell, Jane 377 Campbell, Jean 28,366,368 Campbell, Jack S 28, 239 Campbell, Margaret 238 Campbell, Raymond R 126 Campbell, Robert A 314 Campbell, Virginia H. ..94,354 Candler, William 332 Canfield, Charles 327 Cangden, Lawrence 244 Canja, Alex 184 Cannon, Bernard 54, 64, 316 Cannon, Charles 341 Cannon, Peg 368 Capithonn, Rhodes 315 Capps, Frances 370 Capron, Virginia 65 Carbett, John 318 Carey, Bruce 320 Carey, Russell 234,316 Cargill, Donald 322 Carl, Jean 211 Carley, Ercell R 28 Carlson, Clarence 225 Carlson, John 336 Carlson, Linus 64 Carlson, Marion 354 Carlson, Robert 28, 234, 336 Carmichael, Elizabeth W. 28, 376 Carney, John R 28 Carney, Mary Ellen 270 Carnicelli, Carlos 70 Carpenter, Elizabeth ..368,377 Carpenter, Josephine ..104,366 Carpenter, Liana L. 28, 213, 256, 263, 368 Carr, Edward S 137 Carr, Robert 28, 334 Carras, Louis D 54 Carritte, Barbara 366 Carter, Arthur W 55 Cartmill, William 187, 239 Caruthers, William F. ...28,327 Carver, Gordon B 137 Caryl, Ruth 366 Case, Clorice 211,367 Case, Edson 348 Case, Philip 55, 348 Case, Versel, Jr 28 Casella, B. A 253 Casella, L. J 252 Casey, John J 55, 63, 71 Casper, Sylvia D 28 Cassar, Griffith 96 Castricum, Dorothy 368 Caswell, Arlene 366 Cataline, E. L 164 Catlin, Robert 324 Cattrel, Janet 361 Caughey, Andy 225,247 Cauley, Richard 29,323 Cayia, Jane 361 Cecil, Carol 365 Ceithamel, George 174, 345 Chadwick, Barbara 366 Chadwick, Ronald H 165 Chamberlain, Francis B. 29, 240, 323 Chamberlin, Dale 25, 29, 170, 331 Chamberlin, Jane 160 Chambers, Christine 76,246 Chambers, Pearce 256 Chambers, Raymond 256 Chaminade, Clayton 318 Chapekis, Nick P 29 Chapin, Frederick J 137 Chapin, Sally 29, 376 Chappins, Robert 329 Chaplin, Charles 245 Chapman, Nancy 370 Charlesworth, Harold K 84 Chase, Benham P 71 Chase, Frank 332 Chase, Seymour 335 Chasin, Herman 29 Cheffy, George 342 Cheney, Edward A. .92,93, 96 Cheney, William D 144 Chertoff, Garry 335 Chiappeta, Michael 29 Chickering, William 338 Chipman, Al 219,339 Choate, Don 210 Chope, William 329 Chown, Marrion 29, 262, 265, 375 Christa, Mildred 253 Christensen, Arthur L 321 Christensen, Edward P 64 Christensen, Ralph 29 Christensen, Robert R 29 Christenson, Wayne 320 Christian, Allen D 55 Christian, Jean 359 Christian, Palmer 229 Christie, William 55,64 Christophersen, James W. 133, 137, 153 Chui, Herman S 64 Church, Nan 29,360 Church William 320 Churchill, Stuart W. 55,238,314 Chute, Margaret 368 Cinq-Mars, Violette 361 Cintron, Angell 29,256 Cissel, James, Jr 66 Clagett, Thomas 320 damage, Stanford 214 Clark, Charles 142 Clark, Devil Tamer 239 Clark, Elise 29,270,354 Clark, Howard 29, 320 Clark, Jarrett 67,238 Clark, John 55, 67 Clark, Robert 142 Clark, Ross J 314 Clark, Ruth E 264 Clark, William 238, 246 Clarke, Benjamin 317 Clarke, Helen 367 Clarke, Janet 366 Clarke, Oscar L 125 Clark, Robert W 137 Classen, Kathryn 363 Clover, Randall 142 Claypool, James 338 Clayton, Paul 137, 142 Cleary, June 360 Cleary, Lee 257,375 Cleary, Patricia 29,362 Cleary, Ruth 29 Clemen, Joan 363 Clement, Paul 346 Clements, Gerald 336 Cleveland, Eugene 234 Clifford, Arthur W 55, 70 Climie, Charles F., Jr 144 Clinkston, E 104 Clubb, Gertrude 354 Clubb, Robert 320 Coale, William 329 Cobb, James A 29 Cobb, William 319 Cochran, William 342 Coffelt, Jean 357 Coffey, Prof. Hobart R. 124, 206 Cof field, J. Robert 29 Cof field, Thomas 338 Coggan, Y ale D 29,340 Cohen, Alan 340 Cohen, Albert M 219,340 Cohen, Bernice 133,137 Cohen, Beverly 29 Cohen, Gertrude 29 Cohen, Henry 337,255 Cohen, Jack H 29, 350 Cohen, Joan E 29 Cohen, Louis A 219,340 Cohen, Morton 337,335 Cohen, Robert 350 Cohn, Harold 154 Coit, John 329 Collamore, William C. 51, 55, 64, 234, 241,244,351 Colbridge, Thomas D 55 Cole, Dick 214, 234, 350 Cole, Robert 331 Coleman, Doris Jean ...211,377 Coleman, Harold 225,344 Coleman, Thomas 334 Colgan, John W 29, 320 Colling, J 104 Collins, George 341, 342 Collins, Jack 322 Collins, James B. 29, 144,240, 321, 339 Collins, Joyce 211 Collins, Robert 51,55,63,234, 241,341 Collins, William T 144 Colliss, James 212 Colosky, Dolph D 55 Colthorp, 1 104 Colvin, Melvin 55,67,326 Comb, A. Maitland 329 Combs, George 29, 323 Comin, Melvin 326 Comins, Louise 257 Commings, Donald G 55 Comstock, William 29,351 Conant, James 245,382 Condit, Shirley 368 Cone, Arthur 338 Cone, Phyllis 272 Cone, Suzanne 354 Conger, Gerald 64 Conger, Mrs. Lucile B 230 Conn, R. Jackson 125 Connable, Alfred B 13 Connel, James 345 Connell, Jane 29, 364 Connell, Virginia 376 Conner, Edward D 137, 144 Conner, Gene 318 Conrad, Mary 145 Contie, Leroy 344 Cook, Ann 370 Cook, Barton 342 Cook, Franklin 224 Cook, Hugh K 144 Cook, J. Maxwell 144 Cook, Oscar 344 Cook, Webster 29, 321 Cooley, Roy V 29,239 Cooney, John 316 Cooper, Donald 131, 133, 137 Cooper, Harold . . . .248, 254, 335 Cooper, Harriet 356 Cooper, Hugh, Jr 347 Cooper, J. Richard 350 Cope, Robert 55, 71, 238, 336 Copeland, Paula 356 Copely, V. M 160 Coquellette, Jean 345 Coquillard, James 317 Corbin, Doug 219 Cordell, Jeanne ..215,273 Cordes, Kenneth 64, 245 Correa, Dale H 137, 144 Corlett, Southard 331 Corley, Robert 142 Cornell, Betty 272 Corson, Bruce 331 Corson, John 29,345 Corwin, Sara 264, 265, 272 Cory, Ace 341 Cosper, Paul L 29, 341 Cossar, Griffith 96 Cothran, Carol 354 Cottrull, Janet L 29 Coulson, Milton 319 Coulter, Thomas 319 Coulter, William 238 Counts, Esther 29 Courier, Donald H 55, 65 Courtright, Bill 341 Couter, William T 134 Couzens, Dorothy L 30,367 Coveny, Erwin L 321 Covert, Clio 104 Covert, Elmer 324 Covert, Helen 355 Cowart, Elizabeth 30, 266 Cowing, Beth E 30,365 Cowles, Walter 55, 345 Cox, Ina 104 Cox, Jean 266,367 Cox, Joseph 315 Cox, Katherine 378 Cox, Winston 30, 238, 318 Coxon, Alfred W 30, 315 Crabb, John 323 Crabtree, Brooks F 126,224 Craig, Arthur B 30 Crall, Virginia 367 Cram, Esther M 13 Cranston, William M 320 Crawford, Burnett 225, 329 Crawford, J 104 Crawford, Mary 357 Crawford, Phyllis 368 Crecraft, William A 30 Creed, D. L 70 Crispell, Kenneth R. ...134,142 Crissey, Ronald E 133, 137 Criswell, Meta J 30,272 Criswell, Jane 265,376 Critchell, Gordon 30,322 Crittenden, Nancy 368 Crocker, George H 30,314 Crohn, David 256 Crombie, John 328 Crook, Charles L 137 Crosby, Catherine C 30, 365 Croul, John 322 Crow, Agnes 25, 30, 218, 263, 266, 270, 370 Crow, John 345 Crowe, James A. 154, 325 Crowley, David H 13 426 Cuccia, C. Louise 65 Crump, Jeanne 30,219,359 Crump, Nan 359 Cummings, Dorothy 266, 267, 273, 363 Cummins, Martha E 30 Cunningham, James 346 Cunningham, John 382 Cunningham, Leo 30, 170, 174, 240 Curran, Mary Lou 215, 263, 275, 363 Currie, Mac A 55, 64 Curry, Margaret L 126 Curtis, Heber D 24 Curtis, Lyman B 30 Curtis, Mildred .30, 261, 262, 379 Curto, Frank 332 Cuthbert, J 76 Cuthbert, Doris A. 30, 262, 264, 272 Czajka, Benamin 84 Czak, Edward 30 Czyzcki, Mathen 97 Dach, Eugene 30 Dahlem, Betty L 30 Dahlstram, M 104 Dalby, Miriam 264,265,376. Dalee, Mildred 30,361 Dalrm, Jake 322 Dalton, Basil 211,329 DaLu, Mildred 266 Dalzen, Lorraine 269, 372 Dalgena, Mary Lorraine ....266 D ' Amico, Alphonse 126 Domguard, John A 84,87 Damon, George 64, 316 Dams, Maurice 67 Darley, Richard 154 Dance, Clifton 30,333 Dangl, Joseph 245 Daniels, Charles 317 Daniels, James 213 Daniels, Ludwik 320 Dann, Alvin A 30, 212 Dann, Myron 214 Darden, Arthur 338 Darmstaetter, Armin 131 Darling, M. Alfred ...25,30,331 Darntpn, Peter R. ..245,246,380 Darwish, Mohamad M 30 Dates, M 328 Datsko, Joseph 67 Davantzis, James 70,334 Davey, William 336 Davey, Winthrop 137 Davidoff, David 125 Davids, Craig E 30 Davidson, Billy 359 Davidson, Donald L 137 Davidson, James 142, 343 Davidson, Jerry 238 Davidson, Joan 359 Davidson, {Catherine J 30 Davidson, Margaret ...210,267 Davis, Cynthia 30, 376 Davis, J. L 217 Davis, Lewis 155 Davis, Norman 55 Davis, Ray 238 324 Davis, Thelma 211,254 Davis, William 318 Dawe, Douglas 144 Daron, William 332 Dawson, Buck 238 Dawson, Professor J. P 124 Dawson, Ralph 137, 142 Dawson, William 209,331 Day, Agnes 359 Day, Charles 84 Day, Edward 55, 67 Dean, Lindley 234 Dean, Ray 170 DeBlois, Ralph 245 De Boe, Bernard 67 De Courcey, William . .235, 238 Dedo, Lewis 55 De Foe, Nancy 363 De Fries, Barbara 215, 217, 263, 269, 363 Dehlin, Alice 367 Dehn, Douglas 30 Deinen, Charles M 206 Deinter, Morton 214 De Jong, George . . . ; 119 De Jong, Peter 119, 154 De Korn, Richard 30 De Lamarter, John 96 De Lancey, Sam 341 De Land, Warren 346 De Laurier, Jacques 334 De Long, Robert 317 Del Siena, Dorothy 367 Demartin, Roland 96 DeMong, Mary 30, 379 Denekas, Milton 119 Denfield, Carolyn 104,363 Denise, Theodore 30,316 Denison, Mary Jane 30, 376 Dennee, Harley 55, 69 Denny, Corwin 69,344 Densmore, Gail E 24,206 De Priester, C 64 De Puy, James 144, 331 De Roo, Marjorie 459 De Raven, Marvin 95 Desel, Robert 380 Des Jardins, Yvonne .... 94 Detwiler, Phillip 55 331 Ditz, William, Jr. .76,207,216 Devantier, Louis 344 De Vine, Allen 366 De Vries, Marian 364 De Vries, Peter 119 De Witt, William 343 de Young, Philip 342 De Young, Robert 87 De Young, Wesley 119 Diamond, Morton 335 Dickason, D 104 Dickerson, Harold S 230 Dickey, Clayton 323 Dickinson, Donald 150,155 Dickmeyer, Doris 370 Diehl, Charles 154 Diekema, Mrs. G. J 375 Diet, George 341 Dietrica, Shelby 368 Dietz, Raymond F 31,251 Dighton, John 31 Dillenbeck, Jean 354 Dilley, Don 341 Dillman, Charles 25,31,345 Dinsmore, Bob 69 Dixon, Ann 215, 366 Dixon, Mary 365 Dixon, Ramon 238 Dixon, William S 314 Dobo, Emerick 55, 64 Dobson, Arthur W. 55, 63, 65, 244 Dobson, William T. .31,240,322 Dodd, Eleanor 365 Dodd, Robert 317 Dodd, Virginia 360 Dodge, Dorothy 355 Dodge, Margaret 31,368 Dodge, Smith 96 Doelle, Gretchen 376 Doezema, Edward 119 Dofter, Edward 71,348 Dolese, David B 134 Dolf, Barbara 355 Doman, Glidden 69,328 Domgaard, John A 84 Donahue, Eleanor ..31,266,357 Donelson, Floyd D 31 Donen, Gloria 356 Donguille, Henry 154,380 Donnan, Judith 376 Donnelly, Patricia J 31 Donnelly, Paul 66 Doodle, Milton F 92 Dooge, B. Russel 343 Doolittle, G. William 31,322 Dorrame, William 34 Dorset!, Robert 329 Dostdyk, Charles 321 Dotterrer, Charles ..224,254,331 Douglas, Benjamin H. ..209,331 Douthwaite, Ian C 55 Down, Martha J 134, 145 Downer, William 55,341 Downing, John P 64 Doyle, John 97,319 Doyle, Leo 170, 187 Draeger, Marvin 150, 155 Drake, Earl 322 Drake, Professor J. H 124 Drew, Nancy 25,31,370 Drake, Pauline 368 Drewniany, Edward F 55 Dreyer, William N 55 Drickamer, Harry 244 Drier, Edward T., Jr 144 Droman, Charles 345 Drucker, Delos E 31 . Drummond, Lois 31 Drury, Virginia 76, 261, 364 Drutowski, Richard C. ..65,245 Dryden, Charles 338 Dubb, Robert 87 Dubin, Arthur 382 Dubuisson, Dorothy 355 Duckart, Donald Ill Ducker, William 338 Ducsay, Zoltan 144 Dudgean, Dorothy 354 Duff, J. M 65,235,238 Duffy, L. T 239 Dugan, John 64 Duggan, Aiely 257,367 Dukes, Randolph 342 Dulemore, D 104 Dumas, Garden A 31, 144 Dumon, John 97 Duncan, H. C 55, 170 Dunlap, James E 87 Dunlap, Robert 87,331 Dunshee, Bryant R. .31, 238, 321 Durfee, Edgar N 124 Duthie, James 64 Duvall, Betty Lou 368 Duwe, Betty 354 Dyble, Mary Jane 359 Dykstra, Herman 64 Eade, Robert J 321 Eady, Edsel 331 Eady, Eugenia 362 Eagle, Donelda 367 Eakins, Philip 316 Earle, Frederick A 31,87 Earle, George 333 Earle, Sawyer 319 Earley, Robert L 144 Early, William 338 Easlick, David K 31,332 Eberbach, Carl W 230 Eberbach, Oscar A 230 Eberle, Melvina 367 Eberly, Georgine 31 Eckerman, Helen 211,357 Eckert, Barbara 31,361 Eckert, Donna 364 Eckrich, Eugene 338 Eddy, Barbara 366 Eddy, George 345 Eddy, Howard R 144 Eddy, R 104 Edelman, Joseph 31 Eder, Gerald 31,326 Eder, Herbert 95 Eding, Edward 55,67 Edison, Robert 66,329 Edmonds, Jane 275 Edmonds, Robert 64 Edmunds, James 63, 233, 243, 323 Edmonson, Jack 323 Edmonson, Jim 225 Edmonson, John K 31,238 Edwards, David 142 Edwards, J. R 248 Edwards, James 332 Edwards, John W 65 Edwards, Rodney 325 Egan, Joseph 336 Egeler, Clarke 31,346 Egger, George 333 Egger, Lt. Col. Grover B. ...234 Eggert, Frederick 155 Ehlers, John 332 Ehrlich, Robert . .65, 234, 235, 339 Eich, Robert 238,331 Eidson, John 155 Eldred, Frey 323 Eldredge, David 346 Elkins, Marcia 267, 363 Ellaan, Jack 335 Ellias, Naomi S 31 Ellinwood, Richard 332 Elliot, Jean 31 Elliott, Eugene B 13 Elliott, Joe 142 Elliott, Margaret 82 Ellis, David 330 Ellman, William 238 Elmer, Russell 336 Elmiger, Fred ....55,63,66,235 Elser, Obeline 254 Elving, Harry 96 Ely, Joan 318 Ely, June 367 Emerick, Charles 87 Emerson, Robert 104, 344 Emery, John 338 Emery, Margaret 379 Emery, Richard 254, 345 Emmett, John 329 Emmons, Samuel 331 Emory, Richard D 31,343 Emory, William 343 Engel, Carl 317 Engel, Don 341 Engel, R 104 Engel, Ruth Ann 372 Engelhardt, Melvin 211,327 Engelman, Ray 143 Englehart, Jean M 31 Ensign, Dave 341 Ensign, Joe 341 Engstrom, Albert 327 Engstrom, Joyce 355 Engstrom, Mary J 31 Erickson, Charles E 31 Erwin, John H 31 Erdmann, Betty . . . .266, 267, 368 Erickson, Robert 225, 323 Erke, Herman E 84 Ernst, Ira 84, 87 Erpelding, John 317 Erwin, John 324 Eshenroder, Owen D 55 Esslinger, William 318 Estes, Polly 354 Ettar, H 104 Euslick, Kenneth A 90 Evans, M 273 Evans, Margaret 363 Evarls, Anne 357 Everett, Marcus 333 Evseeff, George S 134 Ewing, Chester 111,257 Ewing, Fred 322 Ewing, Mary Lou ..263,269, 170 Eyster, James 63, 347 Eyster, Richard 347 F Faasse, William 67 Faber, Russell 329 Fahener, Jake 238 Fahrenbach, Jean 363 Fahrner, Jack 212 Fahrner, Jacob F., Jr 314 Fairbanks, Avard F., Jr 244 Fairbanks, Eugene 154, 238 Fairlamb, Roy 37, 333 Fajans, Stefan S 137,143 Falconieri, John V 31 Fariss, Betty ...31,259,263,366 Farrand, John E 31, 154 Farrar, Diggins 365 Farrar, Frank 55,67 Farrar, William 320 Farrell, Betty 257 Fairens, Frieda 31 Fausel, Ruth J 31 Fauver, John 332 Faust, Homer E 90 Fead, Nell 359 Fedko, Olga J 32 Fee, Joseph 322 Feferman, Martin . . .24, 254, 350 Feigenson, Frederick 340 Feinberg, Robert 337 Felber, Thomas 330 Feldman, Oscar 155, 234 Fellman, Paul W 84 Fellman, Rosyln 145 Felman, Paul 87 Fenner, John 332 Fenske, Julienne 105, 370 Fenstemaker, Howard ..32,214 Feorello, Frank V 32 Ferguson, Allyn C 84,87 Ferguson, Douglass 341 Ferguson, Frances 359 Ferguson, Irene 32,273 Ferrand, Marc E 321 Ferretti, Antoinetta 76, 256 Fiechofer, Walter 315 Fiedler, John 334 Field, Sedgewick 336 Field, Theodosia S 32 Fielder, Charles 32,351 Fielding, Henry .51,56,241,331 Fields, Shirley 273 Fife, Robert 243,332 Filstrup, Nancy ...269,272,362 Findling, Byron H 32 Fink, George 351 Fink, Mary Pate 367 Fink, Monroe F 340 Finlayson, Robert 319 Firehammer, Waldemer .... 155 Fischer, Gordon 133, 137 Fischer, James 133, 137 Fischer, Joseph 154 Fischer, Ralph 67 Fischer, Vivian 356 Fischer, William W 56 Fischer, George 245 Fish, Walter C 32 Fishburn, Breard 338 Fisher, Edward 335 Fisher, Herbert 245 Fisher, J 86 Fisher, Janet 370 Fisher, Phillip H 347 Fisher, Robert ..76,154,219,316 Fisher, Russel H 321,386 Fisherman, Herm 187 Fishman, Harold 248 Fiske, Chuck 344 Fitton, John A 56 FitzGerald, Joseph 256,317 Fitzpatrick, Josephine ..273,365 Flager, John 346 Flannery, Walter 322 Flato, Robert 330 Flatt, Robert 346 Fleischmann, Ellen 32,272 Fletcher, Betty 364 Fletcher, John 212,248,329 Fletcher, Judy 272 Flink, Robert 155 Flintermann, Donald 125 Flook, Lyman 66 Flora, R 105 Floyd, Robert 322 Fogel, Louis 32, 247 Fogg, Richard 56, 333 Foley , Robert 327 Foley, Roland 234,235 Folkman, Don 216 Follett, James 142 Folio, Marshall 142 Foltz, Elden 142 Fonda, John 320 Forbes, Bruce W 32 Forbsten, Lee H 32 Forbush, Louise 362 Ford, Frank 342 Ford, Richard 248, 324 Ford, Robert 348 Forman, Sylvia G 32 Fors, Robert 331 Forster, Lloyd 125 Forsyth, Warner 319 Forsythe, Carol 361 Foster, Charles 320 Foster, Clarence 217 Foster, George 341 Foster, Lloyd M 126 Fowle, Douglas 32, 351 Fowler, Frank 64 Fowler, Herbert 142 Fowler, Phyllis 370 Fowler, Robert 338 Fox, Dorothy L 276 Fox, Patricia L 94 Foxman, Irwin 326 Frajola, Italo 248 Franco, Richard R 32 Franczek, Henry 67,221 Frank, Nancy 355 Frank, Roselie 216, 356 Frankel, Richard 245, 382 Franklin, Myer 337 Franks, Julius 170,174 Frantz, Joan 362 Frantz, Peter 315 Eraser, Marion 125 Eraser, Raymond J 126 Fraumann, Harlin 105, 345 Frazier, John 247 Frederickson, James 154 Freeman, Carol 32, 272 Freeman, Tracy 225 French, Burr J. 51, 56, 220, 221, 227, 241 Freudberg, Grace 356 Frey, Martha 363 Frey, Virginia 56,261,361 Frick, Louis 56,67 Fried, Reuben 326 Frieder, Frances J 32 Friedham, Arnold . .133, 137, 143 Friedman, Henry 335 Friedman, Julius 56,64 Fries, Carolyn 272 Frissell, Don 341 Fritz, Ruth 150, 246,272 Froelich, Leslie H 314 Froikin, Lewis 335 Fromm, Lois 211,370 Frumkin, Reva 105,266 Frutiger, Dennis 97 Fry, John 87 Funehauser, Jean 272 Funk, John C 56, 154 Funk, William 32,315 Funnhouser, Eunice J 32 Furman, Kenneth E 32 Furniss, Charles 137,142 Furniss, William 56,64,322 Furst, Barbara 360 Gabbe, William 56, 67 Gabel, Helen 246 Gabriel, Margaret 32, 370 Gadbout, R 105 Gage, Mary ....32,259,261,365 Gainor, S. Nines 25 ' Gaines, Frances 375 Gairns, Lila 145 Gajec, John 155 Galansky, Bernice 219, 356 Galbraith, John A 321 Gale, Whale Tail 239 Galles, James O. ...32,170,239 Gallup, Bob 219 Galusha, Bill 87 Gambs, Oilman 323 Gamley, Henry C 138 Gamon, Thomas .56, 67, 241, 351 Gannett, Elwood K 325 Ganoe, Colonel William A. .234 Cans, William 315 Garlinghouse, Jack 142 Gambill, William 96 Gardiner, Alfred S 144 Gardiner, Phyllis 361 Gardner, Allan 245 Gardner, Elaine L 32 Gardner, George 341 Gardner, Margaret Ida 105, 263, 363, 370 Garland, Earl E 165, 347 Garner, M. Elton 235 Garrels, Helen 362 Garrett, Mary M 32 Garrett, Richard 323 Garver, Reed 64, 219, 238, 245, 339 Garvey, Rita 32,272 Garvin, James 32, 345 Gassin, Bernard 330 Gates, Edward M 138 Gates, Florence 32, 354 Gates, Ned 339 Gaul, Raymond 328 Gault, Edgar H 82 Gault, James S 230 Gault, William 345 Gauthier, Raymond H. 56, 212, 234, 318, 347 Gauthier, Victor 71 Gavin, Lettie 376 Gavitt, Burton S 32 Gay, Dillard 336 Gebhard, Lynn 370 Gehrke, Robert 321 Geiger, Thomas 320 Geib, Arthur 225,346 Gelber, Philip A 56 Gele, Emile 212,325 Geller, Marvin W 32 Gelston, Robert 25,246,331 Geltner, Bette B 32 Geller, Herman 67 Geniesse, Eugene 347 Geniesse, Jean H 56 Gentile, Sylvester P 65 George, Genevieve 372 George, Linda Gail 32,354 Genung, Joan 354 Gerendasy, Robert 95 Gerlach, Lorenz 142 Gerlinger, Donald 315 Germaine, Walter 154 Gerow, C 160 Gerrard, Stuart 235 Gerson, Mildred 3: Gerson, Ramon 337 Getts, Robert L. .25,26,222,346 Geyer, Hans 316 Gibert, Ralph 320 Gibbs, Lloyd M 32 Gibson, Arthur 66 Gibson, Colvin 154 Gies, Ray 96 Gier, Ted 211 Giesen, Charles P. . . .25, 33, 341 Gilber, Philip 64 Gilbert, Charles B 321 Gilbert, Monroe A 33,317 Gilbertson, Constance 265, 269, 376 Gilbreth, Jane 266, 267, 362 Gildart, Stuart 210 Gile, Richard 316 Giel, Charles 245 Gill, Jackie 245 Gillespie, Eleanor 145 Gillette, Edward 329 Gilliam, Richard 342 Gillies, Tom 105 Gillis, James 154,245 Gillis, John 240,329 Gillis, Pat 363 Gilman, Ivan 247 Giler, Jean 215,269,359 Gilmore, Gene S 33 Gilmore, Harry 245 Gilmour, Robert 84,87 Gilson, Martin 96 Gingras, Louis A 339 Ginsberg, Fred 213,337 427 Ginsburg, Roland 337 Ginsburg, Ruth 33 Ginsberg, Stanley 337 Ginther, John 155 Gipson, Fred 323 Gish, Lois E 33, 355 Gittlen, Adeline J 33 Gitlow, Elise 272 Gladding, Kathryn . .33, 272, 367 Glain, Jackie 105,359 Glang, Edward F. ...56,67,325 Glassman, Stanley 210, 219, 254, 337 Click, James 337 Glover, Prof. C. C 164 Goadin, Peggy 361 Goddand, Prof. E. C 124 Godfrey, Charles 315 Godwin, Dorman 342 Goeckel, Ernest 323 Goeller, Harold E 56, 64 Goetz, Catherine A 33, 361 Goetz, Dorothy 361 Goetz, Nydia B 33 Gold, Judy K 33 Golden, John 97 Goldman, Donna 376 Goldner, Fay 33, 272 Goldsmith, Edward D 56 Goldsmith, Icy Tail 239 Goldsmith, Richard 330 Goldstein, Audrey 356 Goldstein, Betty 211 Goldstein, Jerome 33 Goldstein, Robert 1 33, 335 Goldstone, Bernard 340 Goldstone, Ellen 214 Gomberg, Henry J 65 Gomersall, Richard 76 Gomley, Henry 133 Good, Maxine J 33,375 Goodell, Charles E 65 Goading, Mary Ann 366 Goodkind, Thomas 33, 350 Goodman, Charles 382 Goodsell, John 320 Goodstein, Sanders 126 Goodwin, Roger 66 Gooley, William D 33 Goolian, Paul 211 Goolian, Richard 150,248 Gordon, Don 344 Gordon, Jack 330 Gordon, Marie 211,356 Gordy, Philip 131 Gormsen, James H. .33,238,329 Gotschall, George 51,56,63, 65,233, 241, 347 Gotshall, Beverly 370 Gotthilf, Daniel 335 Gottlieb, Murray 33 Goudy, Jeanne D. 25, 33, 207, 263, 363 Gould, Charles H. ...56,65,351 Gould, Douglas 84, 344 Gould, Norman 1 340 Gould, Nancy . .33, 266, 272, 362 Gould, Shyrl 372 Gouldthorpe, Dunstan 33 Gouzie, Richard 318 Grable, Nina 376 Grace, Janet E 33, 262, 376 Gracey, Frances 359 Gracey, Richard L 321 Grady, Jack A 33, 224, 345 Grady , James V 347 Grady, Too Steep 239 Graeff, Carol 211 Graf, Walter 333 Graham, Charles 76,212 Graham, Clifford ..210,217,219 Graham, Jane 266, 267,364 Graham, Sybil 364 Graham, Thomas 92,96 Gram, Ruth 370 Grandy, John 213, 342 Granfield, Geraldine C. .33, 372 Granger, Don 344 Grant, Betty 246 Groves, Harold E 321 Gravit, Francis W 257 Gray, Eleanor 355 Gray, Frances Ann 355 Gray, Ellis G 56 Gray, Janet 211, 367 Gray, John S 33 Gray, Justin 150,155 Gray, Nancy 209, 256, 257, 266, 357 Green, Albert 332 Green, Betty 366 Green, Marjorie 269 Green, Martin A 33,340 Green, Nelson W. .133, 138, 142 Green, R. A 236, 343 Greenberg, Samuel 33 Greenhut, Morris 217 Greene, Syrill 266 Greenfield, Theodore 238 Greenwald, Joseph 33 Greenwald, Leonard J 257 Greer, Mary 215 Greer, Norma 165 Gregory, June 264 Gregory, Leonard 248 Grey, Bill 344 Grieger, Allen 314 Grier, Allen F 25,33,324 Grier, Thomas 343 Grierson, Elmer P 230 Griffin, Clare E 82 Griffin, Frances 367 Griffin, Nancy 267,275,370 Griffiths, Millard 327 Grimes, Berry 211,272 Grimshaw, Robert 344 Grimshaw, Tom 344 Grincewich, John F 56 Gripman, Raymond 329 Grismore, Prof. G. G 124 Grisp, Arthur 142 Griswold, Betty 363 Griswold, Dorothy 363 Groefsema, Cornelia ...255,377 Groatendorst, Ann 362 Gross, Ben 341 Gross, Joan 356 Gross, Marilyn 356 Grossberg, Edmund 350 Grossberg, Edward 214 Grossmann, Allen 335 Grossman, Lenore 253,273 Grossman, Leonard 335 Grossman, Mary Lee 362 Grover, George 344 Groves, Wilson 56, 71 Grube, William 33 Grudzinski, Richard 33 Gruhzit, Olga 219,265,359 Grunder, Robert 324 Grunewald, Albert 243, 336 Grunewald, Carson 211,238,245,336 Grunt, Abraham 143 Gucker, Dorothy H 33 Guernsey, James 125, 126 Guetzkow, Harold 206 Guilford, Jean 159, 160 Gunn, Merl 376 Gustafson, Harry 319 Gustofson, June ...211,254,365 Geistafson, Marian .33,207,365 Gutehunst, Erath ...33,217,363 Guthrie, Richard 329 Glutsch, Theresa 355 Gwinn, J 328 Gwinn, Marion T 33 Haag, Arthur 339 Haag, Edward 67 Haas, Alice .25,33,263,266,366 Hass, Carol 235 Haas, Charlotte 366 Haas, Theron 34, 318 Habel 34,366 Hacked, Cora 34,372 Hadley, Patricia 25, 34, 259, 263, 266, 359 Hadley, Robert .56, 233, 244, 332 Hadsell, Margaret 34,368 Hahn, Mary Alice 364 Hall, John 56, 125, 126 Hammelef, John 56, 63, 371 Hammett, Alfred 56 Hammett, Lawton ..241,257,342 Herbert, Ralph 338 Harper, James 125 Harris, Earle 154 Harris, Vivian 34 Harrison, James 92, 96 Hatwig, William 342 Hays, Frances 94, 357 Hays, John 92, 93 Hayter, Edward 57,64 Hay ward. James 96 Heakin, Harold 230 Healey, Margaret 34, 270 Heames, Harriet 34,260,261,266,362 Heavenrich, Herbert 66, 225, 245, 350 Heinen, Charles 64 Heller, Milton D 34 Hildebrandt, Theodore ..35,154 Hewitt, Gerald 35, 207, 240 Hill, Art 35, 214,240,341 Holland, Roberta 264,265 Holman, Donald 105, 240 Holmberg, Edward 225, 344 Holmes, Almon 35,327 Holtzman, Suzanne .76,210,356 Honey, Jane 263, 365 Hooker, Jane Hiatt 35, 213, 259, 263, 354 Hoper., Mary 159,160 Horn, Donald V 57, 70 Hotchkiss, Robert 69,329 Hovis, Logan 131,138 Howard, Elizabeth 35,361 Howard, James 66,329 Hulbert, Barbara 211,370 Hulbert, Margaret 35, 260, 266, 365 Hulet, Claude 35,256,327 Hull, Harper 57,70,221 Hull, Rose 272, 357 Hunter, John 225,347 Hunter, Morton 238,319 Hurley, William 35,240,322 Huston, John 221,246 Hutcherson, William 63, 220, 221,227, 243, 318 Hutt, James 65, 334 Huyett, Daniel .35, 212, 239, 338 Hyman, Rita 356 I Iddings, Marian 145 Ide, Arthur W 134 Idema, David 329 Ideson, Howard A 35 Ihling, Margaret 365 Imber, Shyrle 35, 356 Imboden, Robert 51, 57, 63,220,221,227,234,241,323 Imming, Harry 51,57,62, 221,244 Imperi, Leo 35,154,248 Ingalls, D. Robert . .35, 174, 240 Ingber, J. George 340 Ingersoll, John 329 Ingham, Ray 217 Inglis, James 228 Inman, Harry, Jr 345 Intriere, Anthony D 35 Inwood, G 265, 275 Ipsen, David 57,244,339 Irl D ' a, Brent 84 Ironside, Jocelyn 105, 376 Irevin, George 155, 331 Iselman, Charlotte 354 Isenberg, Bernard 335 Isler, Robert 64 Ivanof f, Betty 272 Ivanoff, John C 35 Iven, Michael 57,67 Izard, Darlene 376 Jaaksi, F 160 Jack, Bennice L 36 Jackovich, John 57 Jackowski, Leo 238 Jackson, James 351 Jackson, Roy 36 Jackson, Virginia 359 Jackson, William 96 Jacob, Theodore 324 Jacobs, Durand 335 Jacobs, William 221 Jacobson, Jerry 95 Jacobson, Milton 335 Jacobson, Robert 350 Jacques, Mary Jo 359 Jadwin, Dunward 92, 96 Jahnki, Louis 346 James, Betty Lou 367 James, Prof. L. K 124 James, Marian 357 Jamison, Charles L 82 Janes, Robert 317 Janeway, Cornell 221,350 Janiga, Mary Jane 367 Jarvis, Garth 142 Jawerski, Mary 378 Jay, Philip 90 Jeffrey, Jean 365 Jefferies, Jean 267 Jelsch, Geraldine L 36 Jend, William, Jr 144 Jenkins, Philip 339 Jennens, Paul 347 Jennings, Sidney 57,66 Jensen, Elsie 257, 361 Jensen, Edith 361 Jenswoed, Barbara ....214,268 Jentz, Fred W 36 Jepsen, Ralph 341 Jernazian, Alice 376 Jesserich, Paul H 90 Jewell, Esther L 36 Jewell, Nancy 370 Jimerson, Roy 211 Jocelyn, Louis P 230 Joels, Catherine 377 Joffe, Edward 36,330 Jaffee, Robert 350 John, Bradford J 345 Johnson, Alden 329 Johnson, Arden 57 Johnson, Arne 57, 67 Johnson, A 105 Johnson, Audrey 376 Johnson, Barbara 360 Johnson, Betty 259,263,266 Johnson, Blaine B 248,347 Johnson, Cecil E 105,251 Johnson, David B 144 Johnson, Dorothy A. ...208,263 Johnson, Gardner 344 Johnson, G. Stewart ...234,343 Johnson, Glenn 57,67 Johnson, Harold 57 Johnson, Hazel M 36 Johnson, Henry 142 Johnson, Hilda 367 Johnson, Mrs. Irene Bigalke 230 Johnson, J 275 Johnson, James A 134 Johnson, Jean 263, 354 Johnson, Joseph 57 Johnson, M 160 Johnson, Orval 238,247 Johnson, Owen 342 Johnson, Richard 254,324 Johnson, Robert J., Jr 65 Johnson, Robert E 84 Johnston, Robert 338 Johnston, Sally 355 Johnson, Thor 228, 229 Johnson, W 76 Johnson, Walter 142 Johnston, William Sage .66,327 Jolderman, Alfred 84,119 Jominy, Virginia M 36 Jones, Casey 142 Jones, Catherine 36, 263, 269, 366, 377 Jones, Doris 36 Jones, Harvey 329 Jones, Kenneth Paul, III ....314 Jones, Kevin 245, 382 Jones, Llewellyn 57 Jones, Mary Ann 366 Jones, Richard 234 Jones, Robert 57, 64, 248 Jorgenson, F. Warren 347 Jose, Herbert 332 Joy, Mrs. H. B 379 Jubb, Robert 87 Judd, Verne 331 Judson, Lorraine 260,262 Tudson, Robert 330 Judy, M 160 Juergens, Albert L 134 Jues, Ruth 368 Juzek, Robert H 144 K Kahn, Ann 356 Kahn, Aron 36, 350 Kahn, Richard 350 Kahn, Sue 366 Kaine, Henry 211,340 Kalder, Ned B 138 Kane, Eugene 337 Kane, Michael 337 Kanfer, Raymond 65,245 Kansananda, S 64 Kaplan, Sidney 335 Kappin, Vaughn 154 Karbelick, William 96 Kardon, Kenneth 219, 350 Karn, Marcia J 36,266,370 Karnemont Harry M 126 Karpinski, Charles E 36 Karten, Chauncey 219 Karwales, Jack 170 Kassle, Irwin 255 Katz, Donald L 64 Katz, Hannah 211 Katz, Ira R 25, 36, 350 Katz, Marilyn 219 Katz, Milton J 36 Kaufmann, Marjorie . . . .266, 359 Kauper, Paul G 124, 246 Kautz, John 105, 240 Kay, Sanford 330 Keahey, Muriel 361 Keas, Martha 362 Keatley, Louise 36, 259, 261, 273, 365 Kebler, Richard W 57, 244 Keeler, Keith C 144 Keenen, Nancy 254 Keene, Margaret 376 Keetch, Robert C. 51,57,227, 241,344 Kefgan, Betty L. ...210,219,265 Kehoe, James 57, 324 Kehoe, William 217,219,342 Keirl, Gerard 339 Keiser, Howard A 131, 144 Keith, B 328 Keller, Marjorie 36 Keller, Mary J 36 Keller, M. Louise 36, 270 Keller, John S 64, 347 Keller, William 324 Kelley, Norma 361 Kelley, Roger 36, 238, 321 Kellner, Haskell 350 Kellogg, Frank 154, 238 Kelly, Burton 323 Kelly, John 322 Kelly, Lawrence 327 Kelly, William 332 Kelsey, Edward 338 Kelsey, Harry M 36 Kelto, Reuben 174 Kemp, Robert 349 Kemper, A 105, 275 Kemper, John W 90 Kendall, Marjorie 363 Kendall, Winters M 57, 65 Kendan, Marjorie S 36 Kendig, Ellsworth 320 Kennedy, Charles 319, 338 Kennedy, Elbert S 314 Kennedy, Mrs. Elizabeth E. .230 Kennedy, James 332 Kennedy, Paul 64, 221 Kennedy, Ted 51, 63, 174, 227, 241, 244, 332 Kennedy, Verne 57, 63, 64, 67, 71, 222,233, 234,238,241,341 Kent, Frank Ill Keppel, Mary 211,354 Kerr, Donald A 90 Kerr, George 217 Kerr, Robert 64, 331 Kerner, William 324 Kessel, Jack E 36, 350 Kessler, Karl 206 Ketcham, Eleanor 370 Kettinger, Clarence 87 Kettler, Milton 255,345 Kettring, Dorothy J 36 Kevil, Gerald 225 Keyl, A 105 Kiang, V 160 Kieber, Robert J 36 Kilburn, Faye J 36,355 Killins, Charles G 133, 138 Killins, Robert 342 Kimmel, Charles 64 Kincade, Imogene 370 Kincade, Valeri 1 268 King, Harold 327 King, Marie 376 King, Theodore 247 King, Warren 344 Kingery, Richard H 90 Kingsbury, D 160 Kingsbury, Stewart A 314 Kinkhead, Thorn H 248 Kinsey, Betty 368 Kinsey, Martha 238,368 Kinsey, William H 126 Kintzing, Joan 363 Kipke, Harry G 13 Kirchenbaum, Bruce J 209 Kirkbride, Helen 266 Kirkpatrick, Arthur 343 Kirkpatrick, D 315 Kirkpatrick, Robert 315 Kirkwood, J. Gordon 57 Kiss, George 257 Kittay, William 337 Kittens, Marorie 359 Kitzmeller, Arthur 96 Kivi, Louis 184,245 Kiper, Russell H 65 Klaphaak, Peter 327 Klauber, Leo D 36, 337 Kieber, Bruce 327 Klee, Walter H., Jr 347 Kleiman, Joe 64 Klein, Harold 234, 238 Kline, James 243, 341 Klingbeil, William 319 Klopsic, Clarence 154 Klotz, Jeanette 265 Klopper, Walter 326 Klute, Daniel 348 Knaff, Jack 320 Knapp, Charles 341 Knapp, Delores 367 Knapp, Mary Louise 253, 265, 272, 370 Knapp, William 323 Knappen, Jean 362 Kneidler, William 333 Knepper, Noah A 155 Knight, Douglas 234 Knight, Douglas 234 Kniska, Henry 92 Kniskern, Culver 57, 64, 234, 319 Knudsen, Edward 324 Koch, B. Richard 65 Koebbe, Mary Catherine ...360 Koella, Charles 257 Koert, Adrian 119 Koffel, John 67 Koffel, William K. 51, 57, 221, 244 Kohlenberg, Norman 326 Kohler, Fred 57, 67 Kohler, Thomas R. . . .57, 65, 244 Kolb, Burt 225 Kolb, Lt. Roland 234 Kolesar, Robert .... 170, 174, 329 Kollen, John 248 Kollin, Arthur W 37 Konas, Clayton 97 Kopchick, Joseph 37 Kopcke, William 341 Kopel, Richard 337 Kopman, Joseph 330 Korten, Chauncey 76, 210 Kosten, Andrew 57 Kothe, Henman W 321 Koval, Irving 67, 238 Kozel, Bernard 326 Kozloff, George 341 Kroft, Reynold 342 Krailo, Peter 221, 245 Kramer, Alice P 37 Kranich, Betty Anne ...211,357 Krause, Robert A. 37, 171, 238, 340 Krebs, Willard 320 Kreinberg, Sidney 335 Kresbach, Helen Mae ..264,265 Kretchmar, H. Gordon 332 Krupp, Edwin S 155, 321 Krise, Jean E 37, 262 Krolezyk, J 160 Krohn, Bernard 380 Krohn, Lawrence 245 Krohn, Samuel 95 Kramer, Robert A 37,38 Kronquist, Laura 133 Kroot, Bernard 64 Kroth, Edwin 155 Kuite, Robert 155 Krumholz, Jacob 256 Kruska, Henry 92, 97 Kruth, E 150 Kucharski, Thaddeus W. ...234 Kuehn, Richard C 321 Kulsavage, Isabel 257,364 Kunzman, Patricia 356 Kurtz, Joseph L 134 Kutaydin, E 65 Kutsche, John 142 Kuzma, Tom 170,174,331 Lacherbruch, David 212 Lachman, Sheldon 37 Lackwood, W. Bruce 347 Lacy, Howard 58,71 Lafaye, Wilbur 58 Lahey, Helen 37, 370 Lahey, Joseph 338 Lahr, Frank 64,345 Laing, Bruce 211,315 Laing, David 125, 126, 160 Laird, John 324 Laird, William 246 Laisen, Howard 87 Lake, Glynn 320 Lamb, Betty Sue 364 Lamb, Jerome 346 Lambert, Dale 97 Lambert, William 67,328 Lambertson, Jane 94,372 Landis, Gary 37,154,342 London, Dwight 96 Landsberg, Leon 37, 350 Laner, Paul 142 Langenbach, Carl Ill Langwig, John 345 Lapidos, Dick 211 Large, Robert 67 Lamer, Bernar 245 Larsen, Erwin 329 Larson, Dorothy 357 Larsen, Howard 87 Larson, John 37, 323 Larb, Edwin 221 LaRue, Charlotte 37 LaRue, George 24 Lary, Banning 329 428 Lathrop, Catherine 365 Lotus, Dale 65 Lau, Ned 328 Laufe, Warren 211, 350 Laufer, Anson 67, 245 Laurin, Samuel 329 Laursen, John 154 Laursen, John 344 Laux, Jack 133, 142 Laux, Philip 138 Lauzon, Charles 336 Lawrence, Ned 65 Lawson, Richard 97 Lawton, Hope 362 Lay, Shirley L 37,365 Lazebnik, William 143 Lazell, Alvin 95 Lazerwitz, James 337 Leach, Martha 355 Leary, John 329 Leavitt, Irving 143 Lebowitz, Jerome 37 Lebowitz, Milton 37 Lebster, Rosabeth 37 Leckner, Arthur, Jr 37, 339 LeClaire, Charles 86, 119 Led with, Jean 372 Ledwith, Riggie 211 Lee, Joseph 58, 66, 244 Leeder, Robert 318 Leff; Jay 350 Lefko, Orville 37,256,335 LeGros, Joseph 329 Lehman, Fred 344 Lehman, Ruel 339 Lehmann, William 64,320 Lehto, Helen 160 Leibson, Betty R 37 356 Leidy, John B 37, 240, 315 Leidy, P. A 124 Leighton, Mary 376 Leirnan, Al 238 Leininger, Marian 272 Leitch, Robert 131,138,142 Lekus, Lewis 342 Lemman, Charles 324 Lent-Koop, B.Madison 314 Lent-Koop, Theodore 348 Lerner, Marvin 238 Leshine, Rhoda E 37,262 Leutritz, Jack C 37 Leveridqe, Robert 67 Levin, Herbert 143 Levin, Ross 58 Levine, Phyllis 211, 257 Levinstein, Henry 37 Levy, Bernard 95 Levy, David 335 Lewin, Janet . .215, 263, 269, 356 Lewis, Benamin D 126 Lewis, Bryna 37 Lewis, Carol 378 Lewis, Clayton 343 Lewis, George H 165 Lewis, Professor H. B 164 Lewis, John 342 Lewis, Sandford 337 Ley, Sally S 37 Lezell, Alvin 95 Licht, Carl 64, 323 Lieberman, Arthur N 138 Lieht, Carl E 58 Light, Charles 335 Light, Florence 376 Likovsky, Joseph 37 Lilienthal, Natalie 254, 356 Lillie, Charles 58 Lillie, Mary Ellen 370 Lillie, Warren 64 Lim-Yuen, Paul 246 Lind, Jack 238 Lindberg, Jane 364 Linden, John 347 Lindner, Robert 67 Lindquist, Dorothy 364 Linehan, Barbara 364 Ling, Daniel 66, 221 Linnig, Beatrice 355 Linguest, Ernest B 37, 322 Linton, Lloyd 346 Linzel, George 87 Lipnik, Gerald 245, 340 Lipper, Mark 217 Little, Al 324 Little, Franklin 58 Livingston, James ... .58, 67, 318 Livingston, Wiley 322 Lloyd, Alice 18, 378, 379 Lloyd, Josephine 366 Lockhard, Harold 345 Lockwood, Bruce 332,347 Loftus, Lawrence 332 Logeman, Henry 37 Lohla, John 234 Lolzapfel, Jack 142 Londes, Bob 341 Long, Charles 380 Long, Jean 94 Long, Virginia 376 Longstaff, Jane 366 Longstaff, William 327 Longworth, Dan 238 Longyear, Edith E. . .37, 266, 363 Loomis, George W 126 Lord, Richard 58 64 338 Lord, William 64 Lou, Albert 346 Lou, Joy 361 Loud, Henry 234, 343 Longhborough, William 225, 331 Loughead, Paricia 37,362 Loughead, Sally 362 Longheed, Jack 341 Love joy, Phyllis A. 37, 259, 261, 363 Lovejoy, Marjorie 214, 363 Lovett, Jim 349 Lovett, Sue 359,377 Low, Arthur 70 Low, Rollins D 37, 345 Lowe, Marjorie 361 Lowery, Mary E 37 Lowin, Robert 382 Lucas, James 320 Luidens, John 119 Luikart, Max 342 Luckbain, Elizabeth 37 Luckett, George 154, 345 Luckharn, Elizabeth 259, 262, 375 Ludolph, William 323 Lud wig, Bill 344 Ludwig, Richard 37, 217, 338 Ludy, Albert K 37, 238 Luros, John 144 Lustgarten, H 328 Luton, Mabel 364 Lutz, Robert 340 Lyman, Betty 257 Lyman, William 331 Lynch, Dave 13,219,238 Lynch, John 13,321 Lynch, Robert 347 Lynn, Joseph 336 Lyon, Ann 363 Lyon, Richard 64 Lyons, James 138 Lyons, John 315 M MacConnachie, William .... 187 MacDonald, James C. ...38,336 MacDonnell, Erie 142 MacFarland, Patricia A. .38,372 MacFarlane, Janet 379 MacGregor, Patricia 370 MacGuin, Olga 266 Maclnnes, Jean 372 Mack, Charles 343 Mack, H. Patterson 343 MacKenzie, Edward P 144 MacKenzie, Gordon ....209,341 Mackie, Thomas B 138 MacKinkon, John 247 Macklen, Jean 354 Mackoy, Morris D 90 MacLear, Frank 257 MacLaughlin, Barbara 263, 269, 354 MacLeod, Bill 214 MacLean, John B 58 67 MacLeod, William A 325 MqcMahon, C 76 MdcMaster, John 333 MacMillan, Anne 359 MacMillan, John W 38 MacRitchie, Marallyn ..257,357 Mactier, Allen 343 Mactier, J. A 236 Mader, Elmer 170 Madigan, Julia E 38 Madory, George 324 Macklman, John, III 314 Magrina, Ramon 256 Mahler, Donald 71 Mahlman, Elizabeth 355 Mahon, Henry 33 1 Mahor, Marorie 263, 370 Mahon, Ralph 142 Maire, Mrs. Edward 375 Maliche, Eleanor 357 Malkus, William ., . .333 Mallick, William P 38 Malmros, Norma D 38 Maloney, Ruth 370 Maltheus, Bob 225 Molthap, Peter 346 Maluf, Fakhri 246 Mandeberg, Eugene 214, 217, 337 Mandel, Philip 58,70,244 Mandler, James 187 322 Manikoff, V. John 38 Manley, Robert 125 Mann, Jack W. C 38 Mann, Matt 184 Mann, Robert 350 Mann, Rose Mary 253,368 Manning, John 142 Mantho, Robert 214,247 Manwaring, Jean 38,365 Marble, Fred 319 Marcellus, Philip 318 Margolis, Louise 356 Marion, Arthur J 38,324 Marjqmaki, Ellen 160 Markinko, Dorothy 1 38 Markovich, Anthony W 155 Marks, Allen 155 Markstrom, Paul F 70 Markward, Betty 366 Marrow, Jack S 69,341 Marrs, Garland 234 Marsch, Andrew 329 Marshall, Thomas F 38 Marshall, Samuel 329 Marshall, Thomas 329 Marshall, Virl Ill Marsom, Louise 357 Martelli, Robert 349 Martin, Donald 217 Martin, Edward 69 Martin, Frederick 334 Martin, James S 58,347 Martin, Strother 184, 240 Marty, Doris 363 Marwell, Sterling 324 Marxhausen, Jeanne 355 Mason, Barbara 359 Mason, Don 142 Mason, Mary Lee 377 Mason, Vicki 363 Mastick, Betty 246 Matheson, Charles 248 Matousek, James F 58 Matson, Leslie E 244,581 Matt, Joseph J. ..58,71,234,314 Mattern, David 228 Mattern, David 154 Mattern, Natalie 368 Mattern, Roy E., Jr. 58, 67, 155, 341 Matthews, Christian 230 Matthews, Dave 170,341 Matthews, Mercedes ....38,370 Matthews, Robert 323 Matthews, Thomas 332 Maulin, Donald 320 Maurer, George J 92,96 Maxmin, Conrad 66, 221, 337 Maxwell, Alice 365 Maxwell, Phillip 322 Maxwell, William 245 May, Carol 365 May, Don 224 Mayburg, William 318 Mayer, Marilyn 376 Mayer, Marion M 38 Maynard, Mary E 38, 367 Mayper, Bruce 38 Mays, Owen ....25,38,155,331 Maze, Vivian L 38,270 McAndrew, Atwood R. ..38,322 McArtor, Marion 248 McCabe, Frank W., Jr. ..58,329 McCall, W. Webb 206 McCallister, John 142 McCalmont, David 213,319 McCament, Laura J 38 McCargor, George 332 Mc-Carthy, Frank C 321 McCarthy, Jeanne 360 McCarthy, John 344 McCarthu, William 38 McCarus, Ernest 257 McCauley, Truey 376 McClusky, Howard Y 246 McConnell, William 319 McCord, Herbert 65, 235, 238, 323 McCord, James 138 McCord, M. Christopher 332 McCormick, Jay W. 38, 212, 217, 328 McCormick, Joyce 362 McCoy, Ernie 187 McCoy, James 38 McCoy, Marorie 105, 367 McCracken, Florence 360 McCracken, Martha 360 McCulloch, Marorie 365 McCurdy, Allan 320 McDaniel, Dorothea 361 McDaniel, Glenn 354 McDavid, Ruth 360 McDerby, Frank 346 McDermott, George R 321 McDonald, James 344 McDonald, Patricia 355 McDonald, William 333 McDonnell, John 338 McDonough, Edward . ..154 McElroy, W. E 70 McFa ' rland, Patricia 2KB McFee, Kay 377 McFillen, Mae E 159,257 McGarl, John 125 McGill, Mary 354 McGrath, Joan 361 McGrath, Neill B 133, 138 McGreevy, Robert 331 McGuire, M 105 Mclntyre, George 329 Mclntyre, Jack B 144 Mclntyre. John 125 McKay, William 321 McKean, John B 38 McKee, June C 38,372 McKenna, Thomas J 58, 347 McKinley , John 323 McKinley, Richard 323 McKinley, Royce B 38,321 McKinney, David 213,315 McKinney, Kirk 341 McKune, John 327 McLaughlin, Audrey 363 McLaughlin, Barbara ..266,267 McLaughlin, William A 246 McLean, Jane 211, 361 McLeary, Constance 25, 38 McLeod, Donald 155 McLogan, Edward A 233 McLogan, Donald 332 McLogan, Edward 38,332 McMahon, Margaret 145 McMath, Madelaine 362 McMillan, Martha 363 McMurry, John 322 McMurry, Kenneth C. . 24 McNally, William E 58 McNamee, James 38,346 McNamee, Mary 365 McNaughton, Roger 382 McNicholas, Carl 329 McNutt, June 361 McOmber, Frederick N. .38, 251 McOmber, Ted 238, 344 McPherson, James P 38, 336 McPike, Harold 339 McQuillan, Lewis 96 McVov, Margaret 219 McWilliams, J. Robert 321 Mead, F 160 Mead, Richard 69,349 Meagher, Paul 96 Mechling, Robert 142 Meckler, Les 219 Meeuwsen, Bernard 119 Mefee, Ferdinand N 221 Mehaffey, Howard 170,240 Meier, George D 238 Meier, Jeanne 355 Meinke, Albert H., Jr 144 Meisser, Ruth 376 Mela, Donald 245 Melzow, William . . 174, 240, 333 Mendeloff , Morris 330 Mendelsohn, Irene 376 Menz, Edwin 221,351 Menzus, Lorna 256 Mercer, Robert 131 Merki, Dorothy W. 38, 150, 259, 263, 368 Merriam, Marorie 211,365 Merrill, Betty 257,367 Merrill, James 248 Merz, Edmund 64, 245 Mesantz, S. C 64 Metraux, Guy S 217 Meizger, Fred 341 Meyer, Jack 38 Meyer, Margaret ...38,266,367 Meyer, Paul 323 Meyers, Robert 318 Miars, Robert 339 Michael, Jerry G 58 341 Michael, Walter ...341 Middleton, John 238 Mierlin, Esther 361 Miesmer, Robert 64 Migotsky, Eugene 58 Miklowitz, Julius 67 Milulick, Bill 344 Milgrom, Sidney 38, 143 Milinkewich, Eugene 58 Millard, Bert 58, 339 Miller, Arthur 330 Miller, B 106 Miller, Barbara 365 Miller, Carol 368 Miller, Dean 351 Miller, E. Stanton 343 Miller, George T 92, 95 Miller, Grace E. 39,215,261,363 Miller, Harry 335 Miller, Hugh 67 Miller, Jerome 331 Miller, John R 39 Miller, Lucy 255, 367 Miller, Marri 58 Miller, Morris 58 Miller, Naomi 370 Miller, Norman 39 Miller, Robert 71 330 Miller, Robert P 58 Miller, Russell 343 Miller, Stuart ' .331 Miller, Thomas L 321 Millinger, Martha 376 Mills, Margaret 210, 354 Milne, Mary Elizabeth 366 Minckler, Anne 165, 361 Minor, A. Collier 248 Mintz, Morton 214 Misner, Jean Mitchell, B. B 239 Mitchell, Bob 341 Mitchell, Mrs. C. S 378 Mitchell, Chester . ' 322 Mitchell, James 323 Mitchell, Mary Virginia 39 915 9fi9 Mitchell, Ralph 39 218 337 Mitchell, Robert 125 Modlin, Viola ..39,266,270,360 Moe, Ogden 329 Moed, Matthew 58 67 Moehl, Kenneth 65, 221 Moehlman, Jean 364 Moehlman, John 210 Mohler, Charles 11] Mohlin, Gertrude 76,363 Molina, Fernando 97 Molthop, Richard W 39, 346 Monroe, Michael 39 87 Monroe, Ross 64, 328 Monson, Dean 341 Monzel, L. Vincent 39,336 Moon, Samuel 217,338 Moore, Arnold 338 Moore, Audrey 210, 357 Moore, Douglas 329 Moore, George R 90 Moore, Gordon 142 Moore, Patricia M 39 Moore, William 334 Moorstein, Ben 134 Moorstein, Harry 39 Morea, William 58 Morehouse, Edward 39 Moreland, Francis 324 Morgan, Paul 323 Morgan, Robert 230 Morgan, Kenneth W 246 Morley, Buel 341 Morley, Charlotte 269 Morley, Edward 338 Morley, Francis W., Ill 39 Morley, Frank 341 Morley, George 341 Morley, John 317 Morrell, Joyce 364 Morris, Gordon A 64 Morris, Jo Ann 363 Morris, Joseph 96 Morris, Mary Jane 39, 272, 273, 360 Morris, Pendleton 322 Morris, Robert 320 Morrison, Alger 225, 323 Morrisson, Frank 347 Morrison, Gordon 58 Morrison, Robert 350 Morrow, William J 138 Morse, Virginia 262, 266, 267, 275, 366 Morton, Dorothy G 39 Morton, Sally 370 Moser, Marilyn 368 Mosewitz, Milton H 340 Mott, Robert 67, 318 Mount, Joseph 338 Moyer, Aaron 218,219,340 Moyer, Ralph S 90 Moyens, Frank 334 Muehl, John 246 Mueller, Louise 354 Mueller, Richard 39 Muller, Hazel 275, 357 Muller, Keith 318 Mulligan, Robert 338 Mullin, George 96 Mullin, Marjorie 253 Mullins, Jean 39,262 Mumford, Marien 270 Mummert, John 315 Mundt, Allen 216, 343 Munger, Charles 343 Munger, Eloise 39,270,361 Munger, Maureen 361 Munger, Phyllis 272 Munn, Charles 347 Munnell, Edward 318 Munson, Irving 333 Munson, John E 65 Murch, Donald 58,64 Murchie, Jack 58 Murfin, B. C 239 Murphy, Charles 154 Murphy, David 314 Murphy, Frank 221 Murphy, Gerald 92,96 Murphy, Margaret 257 Murphy, Robert ...131,138,144 Murray, Ann 359 Murray, Morris J 144 Murray, Winifred 272 Murrill, William A 138 Musgrove, T 106 Mussenden, Adolfo A 58 Muzik, Thomas 39 Mabbett, Arthur E 65 MacArthur, Claire E 38 Maccoun, William D., Jr. ... 70 MacDonald, C 76 N Nagle, John 58, 66 Nalen, John 96 Nanzetta, Leonard 133 Nathanson, Virginia 39 Navlin, Donald B 58 Neafie, Jane 365 Neafie, Mary 39, 365 Neal, Betty Ann 364 Nedwicki, Edward 131 Negris, Katherine 376 Neilands, Robert Ill Neill, John 58,64 Neilson, Charles 320 Neiman, Adele 356 Neithercut, Donald 58 Neithercut, Edward 154 Nepple, Phillip 331 Nelson, Dave 240 Nelson, D 106 Nelson, Donald 351 Nelson, Eleanor 39, 368 Nelson, Howard E 59, 67 Nelson, Kenneth ..51,59,67,317 Nelson, R. Lee 67, 347 Nelson, Marcia 363 Netting, Marcia 368 Netslof, Elizabeth 39,376 Neubert, Eleanor 39, 265, 272, 376 Neumann, Lawrence 349 Neumann, Paul G 39 Neville, Richard 315 Newcomb, Edward G. . . .39, 342 Newell, Betty 357 Newell, Mrs. Walter 379 Newman, Betty 260,263 Newman, Elaine 64, 221 Newman, Cyrus 330 Newton, William 240 Neymark, Richard 64 Nickle, Robert 76,207,210 Nickoll, Bebe 356 Nicolls, Kieth 338 Nieber, June 366 Niehuss, Prof. M. L 124 Niergarth, Marjorie M 39 Nikkle, Art 219,344 Nisbet, Jean 210 Nishon, Gloria 214,272,376 Nissle, Roland 90 Nixon, Donald 346 Nixon, Pat 362 Noble, Charlotte 266,359 Noble, William 339 Nolen, John 96 Norberg, Ethel L 126 Nord, Charles 142 Nordlie, James 321 Nordmeyer, Henry W 24 Nordstrom, Harry 67, 142 Norris, Norton 247 Norris, Robert 154 North, Philip 320 Norton, Catherine 39 Norton, Jack M 65, 238 Norton, Roger 154 Northrup, Nancy 359 Northrup, Richard 336 Northway, Edward 39,323 Nott, Berk 341 Nowakowski, Edward 234 Newark, Joseph 64 429 Norwalk, Keith F 59 Norwick, Robert 331 Nunn, James 142 Nuthrope, Gloria 266 Nutt, Richard 342 Nutto, F 328 Nyman, Robert 67 Nyquist, N 160 Nyron, Melvin 339 Oakes, Gerald 66 Oberndorf, Paul 125 Oberst, A 76 O ' Brien, Charles E 131,134 O ' Brien, Eugene 322 O ' Brien, Frank 214, 323 O ' Brien, Gerald E 39 Ochab, Charles S 39 O ' Connor, Charles D 39 O ' Connor, Donald 238,320 O ' Connor, Robert J 321 O ' Connor, Sulvester 131,138 O ' Connor, Thomas 317 Oddi, Victor 256 Odell, Howard 96 O ' Dell, Jack 142 O ' Dell, C. William 317 Oetjen, Phyllis M 39, 360 Ogden, Robert 59,224,344 Ogle, Jack A 208,341 O ' Hara, John 125, 126, 322 Ohlmacker, Bob 344 Ohlsson, Robert L 65 Okamura, I. D 138 Okonski, Chester B 65 Olander, Louise 354 O ' Laughlin, Charles J 126 Olcott, Dudley 322 Olds, Philip 96 O ' Leary, Genevieve 270 O ' Leary, John 111,315,336 Oline, H 328 Oline, James 39 Olinsted, Peter 332 Olivere, Dick 69 Olsen, Gene D 144 O ' Neil, Mervin 142 Opdyke, Robert 67 Opsion, Martha 216, 364 Oram, Phillip 339 Orberg, Carl 225, 245 Oreck, Marjorie E 39 Orlikoff, Richard 247 Ormond, Edward 248 Orndorff, Robert 40, 234, 319 Orr, Betsy 359 Orr, Edgar 216,343 Orr, Howard 315 Orth, Marion 354 Ortmayer, Susan 211,365 Osborn, Catherine 372 Osborne, Earl 315 Osborn, George A 230 Osborn, Janet 211, 370 Osborne, Koyne 40 Osborn, Thomas E 59, 64 Osmon, Bernard N 40 Osmond, Bernard 324 Osterbaan, Ben 187 Osterman, Herb 216 Ostermann, William 332 Osterstrom, Gordon 344 Ostrander, Floyd D 90 Ostroot, George 170 Ostrow, Jerome 350 Ostroski, Edward L 150, 155 O ' Sullivan, Girardin 144 Otis, Evelyn 362 Otis, Raymond W. . 40 Otjin, Carl " 346 Ott, Albert 317 Ott, David . 165, 331 Otto, Charles 212 339 Otto, Mildred 265 Oumaer, Harry 343 Ovaitt, David 67, 320 Overcashier, Robert 64 Owen, Ruth M 40 Owens, Alfred 40, 207, 233, 239, 341 Owens, Tom 341 Pabst, Matilda 40 367 Pabst, Robert 59 345 Pabst, Tonert 64 Pace, Jeffries 327 Pachulski, Arthur 317 Packer, Lois Padnos, Stuart !!!!!! 335 Page, John ' . ' .318 Pagel, Duane 243 Paine, Robert " 95 Paley, Ruth ' ' 356 Palley, Marshall 246 Palmgren, Paul 66 Palmer, Dale 144 Palmer, Patricia 354 Palmer, Winifred 364 Panagps, George W 59 Panepinto, Anthony J. ...59,67 Pappas, William 150, 155 Pardee, Clark E 321 Pariser, Herbert L 138 Park, Sally 40,375 Park, Stuart .25, 40, 155, 239, 346 Parker, DeWitt H 24 Parker, Dorothy 360 Parker, Joseph 342 Parkes, David G. . 40 Parkhill, Jane E. . " 94 Parkhill, Martha J | " 40 Parks, Gordon 345 Parmenter, William 339 Parr, Leslie 221 Parr, Raymond 349 Parshall, Dale B 321 Parsons, Ben 338 Parsons, Gail 272, 367 Parsons, Ruth 40,266 Partenfelder, Betty 40, 262, 265, 376 Parthum, Charles F., Jr 40 Pasch, Robert 59,67,318 Patey, Jean 357 Paton, M 106 Paton, William A 82 Patterson, Penelope 40,368 Patterson, John 333 Patten, Jack 184, 234, 324 Patton, R 328 Pattons, Jack 243 Pause, L 275 Payser, Tom 243 Payster, Thomas 234 Payton, Charles F 138 Payton, Jack 144 Pearce, Celia 40, 368 Pearce, Don 319 Pearce, Fred 322 Pearse, Max 238, 324 Pearlman, Alice 215 Pearsol, E. M 236 Peat, Betty 357 Peck, Charles 323 Peerson, John S 244 Peet, David R 59 Pelegrini, Ivan 142 Pelrberg, Edward 323 Penayar, Joanna 256 Penhale, William 133, 138 Penn, Carl 64 245 Pentkowski, Alice 257 Pentland, Alex 67 Perkins, Frances 378 Perla, Eleanor 1 40,356 Perlberg, Edward 213 Perry, Edward 341 Perry, John 59,69,331 Perry, LeRoy B 40, 329 Petach, Julius 67 Petersen, Max G 59, 64 Peterson, Barbara 256, 257 Peterson, Carl 142 Peterson, Donald 96 Petersen, Henry 319 Peterson, Janet 257 Peterson, Jo Ann 359 Peterson, Leonard H 234 Peterson, Norman 245, 382 Peterson, Robert R 244 Petil, Elwood 59,67 Petitti, Leonard 40 PetkoJf, Peter P 59,66 Petley, Betty 354 Petrich, J. F 70 Pettapiece, Jim 341 Pettersen, George 67, 329 Pe whale, William 133 Pexton, Elizabeth 40,361 Peyster, Joseph 125 Peyton, Floyd A 90 Pezdirtz, Joe 69, 323 Phelps, Dudley M 82 Phelps, George 382 Pfaff, Betty E 40 Pfender, John 59, 338 Pfender, Mary 366 Pflaum, Charles W 40 Philipson, Chester .. .143 Phillippi, Bill 34] Phillips, Chester 40 Phillips, Richard 87 Phillips, Robert F. ...40,67,326 Phillipson, Herbert 211, 330 Picarazzi, Joseph 67 Picard, Frank A., II 320 Picard, Richard 257 Pickney, Robert 333 Piel, Alfred 77,, 239, 341 Pielemeier, Rosalie L 40 Pierce, James 63, 65, 235, 243, 346 Piermont, Wilbur K 82 Pierpont, P. Kenneth 59 Piersol, Martha 359 Pietrangeli, Gene J 59 Pilcher, Clayton J 331 Pilcher, C. James 25,40,238 Pilliod, Peggy 368 Pillsbury, Walter B 24 Pineau, Roger H 40 Pinney, Charles 329 Pinnock, Alward 234 327 Pitcher, Carol 267,359 Pitchey, Phil 351 Pittman, Raymond 332 Pittman, Richard 332 Plaisted, Harriet 40,365 Platt, A 150 Platt, Donald 154, 248, 327 Platt, Jack 323 Platt, Robert 341 Platte, William N 59 Platts, Ralph 318 Plenge, Jim 238,245,341 Plummer, E 236 Poag, Frederick 154 Podolsky, Seymour 40 Poe, John 234 Poe, Martha 355 Pogna, Albert 155 Poling, " Ruth Elizabeth 363 Pollock, David 331 Polumbaum, Marjorie 40,259,261,262 Pomering, June 211,354 Pommerening, Robert ..133,138 Pond, Floyd 96 Pontek, Henry 348 Porter, Elinor 211,357 Porter, Howard 343 Porter, Robert 40,322 Portz, George 334 Posmantur, Richard 254 Pospisil, Paul F 314 Post, Maynard 150, 155 Post, Norris 338 Posthuma, Albert 119 Posthuma, Millard 119,139 Potter, Edward 315 Pounds, Peggy 69 Powell, Jerry 211,255,320 Powell, Ray 327 Power, Phoebe M. ..77,251,365 Powers, Donald 64 Powers, Edward 342 Powers, Franklin 40,380 Powers, John 67,344 Powers, William 327 Poyzer, Glen 67 Poyser, Tom 63, 253, 321 Pratl, Harriett 359 Preble, Bruce 67 Prechshot, George W., Ill 64, 244 Pregulman, Julian 40,340 Pregulman, Mervin 340 Prentice, Jeanne E 40 Present, Phyllis 254, 356 Present, Shirley R 40 Preston, Kathleen 370 Preston, Marttia 357 Preston, Tom 341 Prettyman, Horace G 228 Prey, David 96 Price, Liese 246, 372 Pritchard, Jane 370 Proctor, David 322 Proctor, Joseph F 59 Proctor, William Z 230 Prosek, Walter 67 Prefetch, Walter 154 Pugh, Arthur J 165, 325 Pugsley, Dorothy 354 Pulfer, Roberta 368 Pullum, Joan 357 Purdom, Dr. T. Luther 249 Purdom, Veitch 261, 362 Purdue, John 344 Purgette, Berna Deane ..41,364 Pusach, David 221, 347 Pusack, George W. ..51,59,244 Putnam, Mark S 59, 64 Quackenbush, Leland J. ..59,67 Queries, Charles 126,351 Quay, Robert C 144 Queern, John 154 Quinn, James 320 Ouinn, Thomas W 41 Rabinovitch, Ina Mae ...41,356 Racette, Wendell 225 Radford, Mildred 25,41,263,266, 354 Radka, Al 328 Radka, Elmer L 41,248 Radkey, Robert 59, 63, 66, 234, 235 Rafelson, Max 344 Raffell, Marvin 41 Ragla, Dorothy 41 Ragsdale, John 217 Rague, Karl M 139 Rakestraw, Eleanor 263, 269, 364 Rakestraw, Jeanne E. ...41,367 Raleigh, William 322 Ramsey, Bob 344 Ramsey, Jeanne 377 Ramsay, Maurice 106 Ramsdell, Betty 357 Ramsdell, Frances 361 Ranahan, Jean 263,269 Randall, David S. .133, 139, 144 Randall, Harrison M 24 Ranney, Glenn 97 Ranney, Richard F 321 Hanson, Charles W 59,344 Raquan, R 41 Raskey, Shirley 265 Rasmussen, Ray 59, 70, 244 Ratcliff , Thomas 342 Rathert, George 245 Raudabush, H. Glenn 244 Rawdon, Richard 154,344 Rawson, Delbert 96 Ray, Homer M 41 Ray, Mrs. Martha 376 Raymond, Allen 67, 328 Reader, Thomas 319 Reading, Ned A 41, 329 Reagan, Arlie 66,345 Rearick, Glenn, Sr 230 Reaume, N. L 70 Rebish, Delia 41 Redfern, Arthur H 65 Redner, R. David 65 Rednion, William 154 Reed, Jean H 41 Reed, Joseph 329 Reed, Karl 254, 349 Reed, Thomas 131,142 Reed, Walter 329 Reedhill, Claire L 41,370 Rees, Robert 318 Reese, Carolyn 357 Rehm, Harold 347 Reichert, Edward 329 Reichert, Mary 254,364 Reid, Harold E 139 Reid, Janice 354 Reid, Phillip C 314 Reid, Robert H 314 Reide, Richard 184,241 Reinhard, Ruth 106 Reinhart, Carl 323 Reinhart, Robert 319 Reisdorf, Charles 41,317 Reisdorf, Robert 317, 221 Reisman, Linda 264 Reizion, Harry 97 Renaud, Bruce 253, 315 Rendinell, Jean Marie 41, 257, 370 Renner, William E., Major .234 Renwick, Ralph 96 Repola, Kenneth L 154, 325 Reuter, Joan 362 Revelli, William D 155 Rexford, John E 41, 332 Reynolds, Phyllis 363 Rezin, William 380 Rhoads, Ann 354 Rhodes, Alice E 41 Rhodes, Helen T. ...41,272,365 Rhodes, Kenneth 154, 248 Ribbock, Ruth 356 Rice, Charles 96 Rice, David W 85 Rice, Robert E 144 Rich, David 41 Rich, Edward 348 Richardson, M 77 Richardson, Robert 347 Richert, Elaine 266,267,368 Richmond, Dick 328 Richmond, Robert D 59 Richter, Edward 333 Rider, Morrette 150, 248, 314 Rider, Nancy 145 Ridley, Roger W 134 Riechle, Mary 365 Riegel, John W 82 Rieger, Elizabeth 364 Rieger, John, III 154, 218, 219, 318 Riekse, James M 144 Riesen, John 142 Riff, Charlotte H. ...41,219,356 Riggs, Carl 212, 341 Riker, John 142 Riley, DeMott 221, 234 Riley, Harrie D., Colonel ..234 Riley, James M 92 Rinehart, Betty 362 Rinkel, Maurice M 85 Risberg, Shirley ...106,262,265 Rising, Mariln G 41 Ritchie, M. Joan 41 Ritter, Nathaniel S 41,330 Ritzema, Donald 119 Robbins, Harvey 340 Robbins, John W 150, 155 Robbins, Omer E 41 Roberts, Aubrey C 85 Roberts, Bob 155 Roberts, Earl 322 Robertson, David 342 Robertson, Edward 319 Robertson, George 346 Robertson, John 324 Robin, Shirley 377 Robins, Raymond 95 Robinson, Arthur D 321 Robinson, Barbara 368 Robinson, Don William 321 Robinson, Florine 211 Robinson, Glenn L 59,332 Robinson, Tom 318 Robinson, Warren 69, 328 Robinson, William 212,320 Robison, Hope 41, 356 Robison, Phyllis 272,366 Roche, Kathleen 372 Rodger, John 315 Rodgers, Elizabeth 355 Rodkey, Robert D 82 Rodney, Marvin 41,238 Roeglin, Orville 41,317 Roelafs, Alice 362 Rogers, Doris 364 Rogers, Francis 359 Rogers, James S 41,347 Rogers, Shirley 377 Rohrback, Carl ..59,63,222,241 Rohrer, John D 150, 155 Romanoff, Milford 350 Romine, Mary Jane 366 Romsdell, Frances 269 Roney, George 225, 344 Rookus, John A 41,320 Hoop, Sherry 354,377 Root, Emilie 77,262,264 Root, Georgianna 368 Root, Robert 92, 96 Roper, Robert 339 Rosa, Elizabeth 367 Rosasco, Carmelita T. ...41,256 Roseboom, Frances R 85 Rosemercy, John C 41 Rosen, Douglas 350 Rosen, Harold 95 Rosen, Samuel 245 Rosenbaum, Herbert 143 Rosenbaum, Wallace ..212,335 Rosenberg, Bernard 41 Rosenberg, Louis 330 Rosenman, Leonard ....139, 143 Rosenman, Roy 41, 143 Rosenman, Richard 245 Rosing, Jane 25,41,354 Ross, Arline 376 Ross, Bette 42 363 Ross, Gerald 42 Ross, Joan 354 Ross, June 376 Ross, Margaret 254, 363 Ross, Robert 97 Roth, Elizabeth 270 Roth, John 318 Roth, Marjorie 42 Rothschild, Charles 350 Rottschaefer, Helen 42 Rottschaefer, William 142 Roudabush, Howard 59 Rowe, Florence 257 Rowe, Jean 354 Rowe, Norma 211 Rowe, Sara 375 Royce, Henry 59 Rubens, Burton .42, 248, 251, 340 Rubin, Irwin 42 Rubin, Lester 67,244 Rubin, Martin 42 Ruby, Leonard 150,155,314 Ruch, Marilyn 361 Rudd, Edward 92, 93, 96 Ruddy, Kay 42,215,361 Rudnick, Recilla 42 Rudolph, George 327 Rudy, Merle 329 Rumisek, Katherine 42 Rumney, Mason 230,338 Rundles, Walter 332 Rupinski, Waldemar 59 Rush, Dale 144 Russell, Douglas 85 Russell, Samuel 42,238,324 Rust, John 339 Ruth, Norman 87 Ruthven, Alexander Grant 13, 16, 17, 228, 248 Ryan, Rosemary 272 Ryan, William 65 Rybolt, Dorothy 42, 366 Rybolt, Harry 332 Rydholm, Harwood 324 Rye, Phyllis 372 Ryerson, Jean 42,366 Ryle, William 97 Ryman, Julian 96 Ryther, Gordon 59,65,235 Sachs, Bette 266, 275, 360 Sakcs, Jacob 246 Sadler, Canoe Builder 239 Sadler, Margaret 362 Sager, Robert C 59, 329 Saliard, Marjorie 379 Saliven, Ernest D 85 Sallade, George ...214,257,343 Sallitt, Jean 363 Salon, Joel 350 Saltz, Clare 59, 64 Salvette, Rudy A 42, 351 Samper, Gonzalo 77,332 Samper, Pablo 332 Sampson, Paul D 42 Samuels, Aubrey 42,335 Samuels, Robert 42, 222, 224, 350 Samuels, William 214,350 Sanborn, Donald 317 Sanchey, Henry 342 Sandenburgh, June 359 Sandoz, Mary Ellen 377 Sandt, A. Ralph 332 Sandwich, Luther 315 Sanford, Daniel R 42 Sanford, Margaret ..42,259,262 Sanford, Marjorie 261 Santopietro, Olindo 87 Sanzi, George 97 Sapp, Will 214 Sargent, Albert J., Jr 59 Sargent, James 142 Sargent, Janet E 42 Sata, Alvira M 42,265,272 Saulson, Daniel 154 Saums, Harry 319 Savage, Manly nn 257,367 Saville, Richard 343 Sawyer, June 368 Sawyer, Martha G 82 Sawyer, Nan 362 Saxton, Robert 319 Sayre, Stanley 85, 86 Scalp, Thunder 239 Schach, Thornton 345 Schaeff er, Jane 145 Schafer, Ivan 234 Schailander, Gerald M. .42,217 Schagrin, Harry 42,340 Schaiberger, George ...131,139 Schaible, Donelda 42, 259, 263, 275, 370 Schall, Allen 333 Schamburg, William 59 Schapiro, Lois 356 Scharff, A. Karl 339 Schaubel, Howard J. 131, 133, 139, 144 Scheer, Helen L 42, 363 Scheibe, John R 139 Scheffer, Suzanne 216,364 Scheible, John 133,144 Schell, Frank 341 Schell, Richard 42, 346 Scherling, Richard 42, 222, 240, 329 Scheuerman, Walter G. 139, 144 Schick, Paul 319 Schick, Thomas 319 Schiff, Paul 95 Schinderle, Albin J 42,246 Schirqga, Jack 42 Schesinger, Margort 266 Schlegel, Carl E 60, 339 Schlessinger, Margot 372 Schlichting, David 165 Schloss, Dorothy 218, 219 Schlow, Irnia 356 430 Schlowab, Irma M 42 Schmidt, Donald 338 Schmidt, Henry 245,343 Schmidt, Herman H 230 Schmidt, Jacob 332 Schmidt, William 333 Schneider, R. Marlow . . .42, 333 Schneidewind, Richard 221 Schneyer, Raymond I. . . .51, 60 Schoedinger, William . .225, 331 Schoel, Richard 238,323 Schoepfle, Barbara 362 Schoepfle, Tom 341 Schonburg, William 51, 244, 321 Schools, William L 85 Schreck, Roberta 266,363 Schreiber, Oskar 142 Schroeder, Joe 346 Schuler, Jack H 125,127 Schulhof, Harold E 42,350 Schulman, Harvey L 340 Schuloif, Dorothy 356 Schulte, Charles A 60 Schulter, Harold G 144 Schultz, Clarence 248 Schultz, Neil S 42 Schulze, Robert 211, 327 Schumacher, George 342 Schumann, Barbara 368 Schumann, Betty Jane 354 Schumer, William 245 Schust, William 43,240,320 Schutt, Alice L 266,364 Schwab, C 150 Schwab, Lorraine 43,356 Schwab, Ralph 60 Schwab, William 344 Schwartz, Elianor 43 Schwartz, Herbert L 60 Schwartz, Norman .245, 246, 350 Schwyn, Bob 225,323 Scott, Donald C 43 Scott, Edward 338 Scott, Donald C 43,238 Scott, Philip 339 Scott, Rosebud 273 Scovilie, John 257,334 Scoville, Mary May 251 Scutt, Barbara 150, 372 Searls, Elinor 43, 354 Sears, Charles 144 Sears, James 344 Searson, Helen M 43 Seaver, James 329 Sedestrom, Arthur C 85 Seeger, Melvin 43 Seiden, Daniel 350 Seer, Martha 377 Segler, Vivian 354 Segula, Robert 170, 248 Seidel, George 43 Seitz, Betty 360 Seitz, Celia 43 Sekowski, W 106 Selby, Stephen 255,319 Selchow, Richard 339 Seldenright, Doyle W 85 Sellon, Mary 208, 363 Selion, William 320 Seltzer, Hoe ....25,214,238,240 Seltzer, Ralph 340 Sendler, Freda 211 Sengel, Rudy 333 Seniska, S 70 Serniuk, Walter 60,65,244 Serrester, Bernard 351 Sevenson, Gene ...119,133,342 Sewell, Guy 318 Sexauer, Loren 324 Sexauer, Mary Jane 389 Seyfried, Ralph 60,314 Sfarzini, Robert 63 Sfema, George 92 Sierra, George 92, 97 Shaf roth, John 329 Shambach, John 344 Shanck, Donald 320 Shandley, John A 60,348 Shaner, 106 Shannon, Richard 336 Shaped, W. Wayne 71 Shapero, Jean E 43, 238 Shapiro, Lois A 43,215,275 Shapiro, Louis 25 Sharbach, Lois B 43 Sharemet, Constantine G. 43, 170, 184, 239, 240, 341 Sharemet, John 25, 43, 1701, 184, 240, 341 Sharfman, I. L 24 Sharp, Theodore 225, 243, 253, 346 Sharpe, Irwin P 60 Sharpe, Marcia 368 Sharpe, Phillip C. .234,243,341 Sharpe, Richard B 65,336 Shartel, Marlow 364 Shaw, Clara E 43 Shaw, H 106 Shaw, Penelope 362 Shaw, Wilfred B 19 Shaw, Mrs. W. B 379 Shearer, Alfred 338 Shedd, Robert ..43,240,346,347 Sheehy, Edward 315 Sheehy, Phyllis 363 Sheehy, Richard 315 Sheehy, William 142 Sheets, Jerome 346 Sheffer, Bruce M 60 Shelby, Richard 322 Sheldon, James 329 Sheldon, Warren E 43 Shell, Sydney 64,221 Shelley, Leonard P 60 Shelley, Robert O. ...43,87,346 Shelley, Warren 155,314 Shene, Charlotte M Shepard, Duane A 339 Shepherd, Mary E 43 Sheridan, Audrey 357 Sherman, Alvin 319 Sherman, Claire 354 Sherman, James .43,60,324,335 Sherman, Marjorie E. 43, 160, 354 Sherman, Peter 324 Sherry, C 150 Sherry, Gene 155,314 Sherwig, John 257 Shields, Edmund C 13 Shields, John W 43, 329 Shier, Robert M 60 Shimaura, Katherine ...256,376 Shimmons, 106, 264 Shinkman, Mary B 43, 272 Shinn, Carl M 125 Shinnick, Jeanne 363 Shipman, L. A 64, 234 Shipman, S. Elizabeth ...43,370 Shippey, Norman R 144 Shoecraft, Harriet 145, 372 Shoenfield, Beryl 219 Shoichet, Nathan 43 Shooler, Kermit 337 Shopoff , Robert 345 Short, J. Robert .92, 97, 225, 330 Shrdlu Etaoin 217 Shuey, Richard L. 60, 65, 239, 247 Shukri, Mohammed 66 Shuler, Jack H 127 Shuler, Thomas 248 Shulman, Harvey 256 Shure, Barbara 356 Shute, Jane 355 Sibley, Robert S. 60,224,227,239,241,323 Sickelsteel, Milt 328 Siebert, L. A 71 Sieder, Herman K 60 Sieg, Helene 257 Siegel, Joan 217 Siegel, Netta 257 Siegel, William 382 Siena, Dorothy 211 Sievers, Ora 225, 245, 350 Sigler, Vivian R 94 Silberblatt, Paul 330 Silva, Ruth C 43 Silver, Melvin 340 Silverman, Seymour J 340 Silversmith, Joseph 66, 221, 245, 350 Simes, L. M 124 Simmers, John 332 Simon, Donald 92, 95 Simon, Richard 214, 350 Simonds, Chandler 43, 194, 218, 240, 339 Simpson, Dorothy 377 Simpson, Virginia 125 Simrall, Kitty 370 Sims, Sue 211, 368 Singer, Betty 272 Singer, Eugene 248 Sink, Charles A 228 Sinker, John J 238 Sisk, Frederick E 127 Sission, John F 233 Sivisher, Elizabeth 364 Skaug, Andrew ...225,238,345 Skelly, Donald C 43 Skene, Charlotte M 43 Skinner, Harriet ..362 Skinner, James 184,315 Skinner, June 359 Skutt, Cornelius ..60,63,64,244 Staff, Robert 337 Slatmeyer, Karel 131,144 Sleoman, George M 43 Slepian, Robert M 60,71 Slich, Jo Ann 368 Sloane, George .64,221,245,344 Sloan, Philip 96 Sloan, Thomas 329 Slocum, William, Jr. 43, 222, 239, 319 Slosson, Preston W 248 Slottow, Janet C 43 Slusser, H. Robert 85 Small, Benjamin 95 Small, Robert 95 Smallman, Robert 336 Smart, John 343 Smeja, Rudy ...38,170,174,243 Smellie, Robert G 60,314 Smeltzer, William 342 Smith, Barbara 360 Smith, Barton 320 Smith, Ben 170 Smith, Boyd 323 Smith, Byron 319 Smith, C 106 Smith, Daniel 221 Smith, Donald E. . . .43, 106, 344 Smith, R. Douglas 317 Smith, Doris 367 Smith, Earl 332 Smith, Edward W 43 Smith, Frank 43,238,345 Smith, Helen 44 Smith, Ira M 19 Smith, Jack 97 Smith, Kathleen 359 Smith, Keith 221,382 SVnith, L 77 Smith, Lawrence A 65,320 Smith, Leigh 318 Smith, Lewis 245 Smith, Marjorie 366 Smith, Ogden 347 Smith, Oliver 154, 318 Smith, Pete 329 Smith, R. L. B 70 Smith, Rodney 339 Smith, Rosaline 44, 263, 266, 363 Smith, Scott 351 Smith, Shirley W 13, 19 Smith, William ....106,139,324 Smolak, John F 65 Snell, William 328 Snodgrass, James 253,331 Snaddon, Harriet 361 Snow, George 221,319 Snow, Robert H 139, 323 Snyder, Edward 348 Snyder, Hilda R 44, 356 Snyder, Howard 329 Snyder, R 106 Snyder, Tom 44, 155 Sobesky, John V 60,336 Sofiak, Michael J 347 Sohni, Helen 44 Solar, Charles L 44,329 Solomon, Howard G 44, 337 Solomon, Jeff 248 Solomon, Julius 350 Solomon, Samuel 335 Solovich, Warren 143 Somers, William 319 Soodik, Melvin 326 Soper, Bette 377 Sorensen, Audrey 357 Sorensen, Donet 217 Sorge, Jay W 127 Soukup, Robert J 314 Southerland, Margaret M. . . 44 Sovern, Bob 211,324 Spadafore, Loretta L 44 Spaeth, Mary E 44, 266, 359 Spain, Betty 357 Spamer, Evelyn 106, 365 Spongier, Elaine 246 Spongier, William 327 Spata, Richard 221,314 Spaulding, James 315 Spaunburg, Harvey 331 Speaker, Robert F 60 Spear, George 315 Spector, Martha 356 Speek, Peter 323 Speinn, Russell 341 Spellman, Seymour 125 Spencer, Alvira 354 Spencer, Claude F 44 Spencer, George 380 Sperhake, Neal Ill Spiesberger, Lewis 337 Spitz, Martin M 44, 351 Spitz, Richard 350 Spooner, Gordon F 60 Spracklin, Howard L 314 Springer, Durand W 228 Springer, Jane 357 Springer, Richard M 60, 317 Springer, Sue 366 Sproat, Benjamin 320 Stadelman, Geraldine 361 Stafford, Anne 257 Stafford, Howard 97 Stahl, Robert 214,335 Stampolis, Anthony 44 Stance, Henry 92, 97 Standerline, Mary 370 Standish, Sherwood 338 Stapp, Mary Ann 364 Starham Marjorie 361 Storks, Hugh 332 Stason, E. Blythe 124, 228 Stanton, Anna Louise 370 Stearns, Pat 218, 266, 355 Steding, John 316 Stedman, Lynn 344 Steeh, Barbara 363 Steeh, George C 44 Steele, Edward F 331 Steen, William 324 Steffan, V. B 275 Steffen, Betty 211 Steffenson, Robert 66 Steflen, Betty A 44 Stegath, William B 44,344 Stegeman, John 320 Sieger, E. M 64 Steinhart, Jacob M 44,326 Steinhagen, Bill 344 Steinman, Alvin 337 Stelle, Patricia 273,365 Stenberg, Robert 256 Stenbuck, Fred R 340 Stenger, Julia 44,257 Stenhouse, Jean 359 Stephenson, Jim Bob . . .248, 324 Stephenson, Susan 246 Steppon, William J 347 Sterling, James 333 Stern, Aaron M 44 Stern, Charles J., Jr 60 Stern, G. J 64 Stern, Harold 154 Stern, Jerry 244 Stern, Marcia 216 Sternfels, Barbara 219, 356 Sterngold, Hyman . .66, 245, 326 Sterngold, Milton 65, 326 Stevens, Esther 361 Stevens, Ray 96 Stevens, Ross N 60 Stevens, William 380 Stevenson, Donald C. 44, 239, 319 Stevenson, Nevin J 60,327 Stewart, Beverly 367 Stewart, Dan 60,341 Stewart, John 329 Stewart, Walt 184, 327 Stewart, William ..225,248,329 Stickney , Janet 364 Stiles, Mert 247 Stille, Wayne ..44,170,240,346 Stimpson, Robert 328 Stitzinger, George 328 St. John, Ellen 165,361 Stobbelaar, Robert 1 144 Stock, Nancy 266,370 Stacker, Robert W 83 Stocking, David 164, 217 Stoetzel, Rose 364 Stolberg, Carl A 144 Stolk, William M 60, 119 Stoller, Sydney L 44 Stone, Ford 97 Stone, Hazel 272 Stone, Sanford 66 Stong, Stanley 238 Storer, John 320 Storkan, Marjorie . .263, 267, 269 Stotzer, Bob 341 Stout, Melville B 221 Stover, John P 44 Stover, Virginia 354 Straayer, Joseph W 325 Strack, David 315 Straehley, Clifford 245,320 Straka, Donald 320 Strain, Richard H 44,345 Strain, Roy 60, 333 Strand, M 106,370 Straub, Rupert 324 Strauss, Readum Birchbark .239 Strawser, George 349 Strayer, William 338 Stremmel, John 328 Strickland, Richard 321 Strickland, Walter 65, 154, 234, 235 Striffler, Dave 225 Stroh, Sally 362 Stromquist, LaVona M 44 Strong, Barbara 361,377 Strong, Edward W 60,244 Strong, Marjorie 361 Strong, Ruth 211, 363 Strouss, John P 85 Stuart, Bruce 65 Stubbins, William H 155 Stuck, LaFayette 248,331 Stumpmeyer, Shirley J 44 Sturges, Connie 366 Sudhoff, Max 332 Suffrin, Barbara S 44 Sullivan, Frances M. 133, 139, 145 Summerhays, Robert L. 60, 63,227,241,321 Summers, Elizabeth 354 Summers, Kay 44, 246 Summers, Stanford G 325 Sundean, Margaret 367 Sundeen, Reinhold A. 133, 139, 142 Sunderland, Council Pleader 239 Sunderland, Edson R. ..124,206 Sundquist, Robert .208,243,319 Suthergreen, Bruce 65 Sutherland, Margaret 270 Suton, Harry 96 Swander, Homer 214, 320 Swander, Philip 320 Swart, Elaine 344 Swartz, Dorman 64 Swenson, William 66,342 Swift, Betty Jane 361 Swift, Wesley 234 Sykes, Donald 322 Sykes, Robert 322 Syverson, Alfred H 230 Taber, Constance 246,376 Taft, William L 127 Taira, Yoshiro 139 Tang, Che Sik 247 Tann, Edward 238, 335 Tansey, John J 144 Tappe, Hope 365 Tapping, T. Hawley 224, 230, 239 Tarbell, Theodore 218, 219, 243, 339 Tate, John 320 Taylor, Edith 372 Talor, Elaine A 44,372 Taylor, F. Carter 221, 227, 243, 347 Taylor, Hazel 356 Taylor, Janet 361 Taylor, Joanne 44,266,355 Taylor, Katherine 354 Taylor, M 77,361 Taylor, Marianne L 44 Taylor, Norman C. ..60,63,244 Taylor, Richard L 144 Taylor, Robert 142 Teague, Alan L 65 Teasdale, Rufus 212,318 Telbizoff, Louis 324 Teller, Marjorie 44, 209, 273, 356 Templer, John A 60 Templeton, Robert 225 Templin, Robert 225,344 Tennant, E 77 Terrell, James 246 Terwilliger, Richard 238 Thalen, Harry 322 Thalner, Robert R 60, 65 Thatcher, Charles 64, 214, 234, 243, 341 Thatcher, R 77, 348 Thielen, Mary Jane 363 Thorn, Margot 106, 366 Thomas, A 106 Thomas, Alfred 240 Thomas, Charles 344 Thomas, Dian F 44, 234, 323 Thomas, Mildred 368 Thomas, Muriel 257,372 Thompson, Charlotte 263, 266, 269, 360 Thompson, Frances ....211,365 Thompson, Marion 360 Thompson, Neil L 61 Thompson, Robert E 325 Thompson, William 322 Thompson, William M. 61,211,234,349 Thomson, Richard 64,331 Thomssen, Ellen J 44 Thomssen, Jane 357 Thome, Elizabeth 368 Thorward, Ben 341 Thrun, Don 344 Tibbetts, Ruth S 145 Tiedeman, Walter 331 Tillson, Robert 235 Tinker, Franklin 155 Titelman, Mark 337 Titus, Robert W. .25,44,240,331 Titus, Sarah 272 Todd, Richard 225 Todd, James 319 Todd, Mark F 133, 139, 142 Todd, William M. 44, 238, 240, 318 Tolle, Charles B 131, 144 Tomaselli, E 106 Tompsett, Arthur C 144 Tonkin, Phyllis J 45, 366 Torre, Arregui Andres 64 Townsend, Charles 324 Townsend, H. S 236 Townsend, Robert C 45 Tracy, Prof. J. E 124 Tracy, James 341 Tracy, John 224 Trainer, Mary Jane 362 Trask, Jack 64 Travis, Elaine 367 Travis, Justine 356 Travis, Robert S 85, 86 Treadwell, Donald H. ..125, 127 Treadwell, Dorothy 361 Trebilcock, Everett R 127 Tree, Russell 351 Trelfa, M 77 Trendle, George W., Jr 127 Trescott, Robert F 139 Tretheway, Bessie H. ...45,367 Treuhaft, Jack 350 Treumnen, Keith 133 Trezise, Carl A 45 Trezise, William 334 Trich, Charles 318 Triestram, Frances 365 Trinklein, Donald 225 Tripanier, Norrnan 64 Tripp, Frances 370 Tritten, Ray A 61,64,244 Troost, Herbert 345 Trowbridge, William 319 Troy, Kenneth D 45,322 Traux, Wayne E 45 Truemner, Keith M 139 Trytten, J. Perry 345, 184 Tuck, Georganna 367 Tuck, Mary Sue 211,370 Tull, Roberta 376 Tull, William J 61, 65 Tumperi, M 160 Tunison, George M 127 Turner, Dorothy S 45,354 Turner, Irene 211,354 Turner, H. F 70 Twitchell, Tom 341 Twitmire, Richard F. 212,248,325 Tydeman, Dorothy A. 25, 45, 364 Tyler, Cyril 318 Udell, Susan J 45 Ufer, Robert 170, 329 Uhe, Edwin 315 Ullrich, Osmar 61 Ulmer, Arthur 142 Ulmer, Martin J 45 Ulrey, Sharon S 61, 234, 332 Undera, Elizabeth 376 Unger, B. Andrew 330 Unger, Richard 61, 330 Unger, Robert 337 Unger, Stanford 335 Upson, Kathryn 361 Upson, Nancy 365 Upton, Arthur 257,331 Upton, David 63, 315 Ureles, Al 218,219,337 Urey, Scott 64 Urmston, Nancy E 45, 360 Uvick, Anita 367 Vagner, Robert 248 Vahue, William 331 Valentine, Robert 71 Van Auken 144 Van Camp, Frank 61 Vandenberg, Al 142 Vanderleest, James 94 Vanermeer, Robert H 45 Vader Ploeg, William 119 Vander Twin, John 65 Van Deursen, Hardin 228 Van Dyke, Helen 364 Van Haaften, Leon 144 Van Harn, Raymond 142 Van Leviwen, J 77 431 Van Nordstrand, Philip .61,238 Van O ' Linda, Edward 61 Van Riper, Muriel 45 Van Sile, Robert 66 Vantine, Robert 318 Van Wylen, Gordon 61 Vardaman, James 320 Vasiliou, Kumon 382 Vaughan, Barbara 360 Vaughn, Jack 257,331 Vedder, Francis 90 Vedder, Mary 366 Vedder, Neil D 45, 324 Veencoer, Janet 365 Velzen, Bernard 119 Vennell, Ann 362 Verhey, William 131, 139 Verwys, A. L 139 Vial, Burgess 134, 142 Vial, Laura 366 Vibbert, Mrs. C. B 378 Vibbert, Robert 248,327 Vicary, Harriette 366 Vickray, Margaret 264 Villegas, Ernest 64 Vine, James 256 Vining, Keats 144 Vinkemulder, Henry 336 Visscher, Dorothy 210 Vizena, Jack 324 Voegelin, Harold 45, 340 Vogel, Marilynn 210 Vogel, Mary 45,77 Vogel, Maxine 360 Voiles, Doreen B 45, 376 Vollrath, Bernard H 234 Von Lierop, Peter 142 Vass, Robert 63,64 Vroman, Clyde 248 Vroman, Lloyd 65, 244 Vrooman, Carolyn 275, 362 Vyn, Frances 211, 266, 365 Vyn, John 319 W Wads-worth, William 347 Wagener, Hobart S 238 Waggoner, C. Wiley 336 Waggoner, Ila M 127 Wagne , Eugene M 340 Wagne , J 106 Wagne , Mary Lee 336 Wagne , Martha Ann 45 Wagne , M 106 Wagne , Virginia Ann 45 Waingrow, Frederick R 85 Waite, Prof. J. B 124 Wake, Douglas L 139 Wakeman, Virginia 365 Walcott, John 324 Walcott, Virginia M 45,372 Wald, Richard 337 Waldner, Jack H 61 Waldo, Arthur W 90 Waldron, Robert 327 Walke , Carroll L 61 Walke , D 77 Walke , Elizabeth A. 45, 261,262, 264 Walke , Gilbert 316 Walke , Morgan 327 Walker, Richard E 97 Wallace, Barbara 370 Wallace, Betty Jane 376 Wallace, Donald 154, 155 Wallace, Melvin 340 Wallace, Peggy 356 Wallace, Robert 64,171,241,346 Wallace, Stanford A 340 Wallace, Wilbur S 45, 329 Wallach, Howard 337 Waller, D 160 Waller, John 338 Wallin, Curtiss 64 Walsh, George, Jr 346 Walsh, Helen C 359 Walsh, Mervin 336 Walsh, Sarah M 238,361 Walter, Erich A 246 Walter, Mono A 94 Waltzer, Jane 359 Walworth, Vivian K 45 Wandel, Robert C 45, 341 Wantz, George 341 Ward, Donald 96 Ward, Joan 372 Ward, John 320 Ward, Marcus L 90 Ward, Virginia P 45,366 Wardley, Frank 327 Wardwell, John H 61, 64 Wark, Bruce 334 Warren, Claire 367 Warren, Kenneth 343 Warren, Virginia 359 Warrick, Woodward 329 Warshaw, Saul 337 Was, Ellen H 45 Wason, John 315 Wasson, Harry 332 Wasserman, Kenneth ..106,326 Watch, Earl 96 Waterman, Leroy 24 Waterman, Merwin H. ..82,206 Waters, Gerald M 85 Watkins, Dudley W 61 Watkins, Herbert ...19,155,212 Watkins, William 238 Watson, Andrew S 45 Watson, Jean 368 Watson, Keith 45,318 Watson, Loyall G 127 Wattles, Thomas 332 Watts, Warren 318 Wayne, Richard 317 Weadock, Virginia 257 Weatherwax, William 348 Webb, Earle W 230 Webb, George 324 Webb, Merle C 45, 248 Webb, W 77 Weber, Margaret 270 Weber, Morrow ...266,267,366 Webster, Louise H 45,376 Weddige, Emil 217 Wege, Peter M 321 Weger, Chester 61 Wehmeyer, David ..63,221,347 Weischel, Hans, Jr. ..61,69,315 Weidman, Dorothy 361 Weier, Robert M 45 Weigel, Edwin 154 Weikel, James 328 Weil, Edwin 350 Weinaug, Eugene G 165 Weinberg, Alex 95 Weinberg, Robert 1 45 Weinhart, Sally 266, 367 Weinstein, James 337 Weir, William C., Jr 139 Weisert, Edward 346 Weisinger, Herbert 217 Weisman, Robert L. 61,64, 171,350 Weiss, Bertram D 4 5,337 Weiss, Charles F 45 Weiss, Lee 219 Weiss, Lester 92 Welber, Margery 214,356 Welles, Lois 217 Wellington, Charles 248 Wellman, Nelson M 45 Wellman, Richard 318 Welsh, Herbert D 139 Welt, Martha 367 Wendell, Marian 370 Wendling, Robert 319 Wendt, John A. F 332 Wenot, John A. F 45 Wensink, Carolyn 357 Wenters, John 315 Wenzell, Richard 321 West, Carl 142 West, Donald ..63,225,243,319 West, Leonard R 61, 317 West, Robert 184 Westerman, Alberta S 45 Westerman, Jean 246 Westerman, Richard G. 61, 64, 238 Westfall, Battering Bull 239 Westfall, Robert 174,345 Westfall, Ruthmary Smith ..368 Westlin, Helen 272 Westrate, Warren 343 Westrate, William 343 Wetherald, Margaret 359 Wetter, Allan E 61,234 Weyandt, W. C 71 Wey mouth, Colin 349 Whalen, Edward 248 Wheatley, Thomas, Jr. .150,248 Wheatly , Bruce 334 Wheeler, John 245 Whelan, Philip 318 Whipple, Ford 319 Whipple, Grant D. ..61,65,348 Whipple, Louise 364 Whipple, Margaret 364 Whisler, Howard 328 White, Alfred H 24 White, Barbara 272 White, Charles 96 White, Dale 92, 93 White, Hudson 329 White, John 248, 322 White, Paul 318 White, Phillip 323 White, See A 206 White, Virginia 216, 273 Whitehead, Betty J 46 Whitehorn, Robert M 347 Whitely, Betty 46, 370 Whiting, Helen 376 Whitman, Elmer L 90 Whitman, George S 61,317 Whitman, Merrill 71 Whitmyer, E 160 Whitney, Donald R. 51,61, 63, 154,336 Whitney, Frank V 61 Whitning, H 106 Whittemore, Harold 331 Whittemore, Jean 211,363 Whomes, Donald E 65 Wibel, Betty S 46 Wikel, Howard 318 Wibie, Louise 1 46 Wick, Jean 377 Wickes, Richard 323 Wickland, Marva 46,256 Wickter, Larry 329 Widman, Richard 66 Wiedlea, Cora May 94 Wiedman, Dorothy 77, 210 Wiedman, Elaine 46,360 Wienert, Catherine C 46 Wienner, James 337 Wiens, David W 45,345 Wienstock, Harold 330 Wierengo, Duncan M. ...46,315 Wiersema, Mrs. Mildred Zoller 230 Wiese, John 343 Wikie, Elsie 1 45 Wilcox, Marjorie C 46 Wilcoxon, Frances 211 Wiley, Winston W 46 Wilkie, Alexander 62, 63, 65, 234, 244, 317 Wilkie, John B. . .62, 70, 244, 317 Williams, Anna Jean 46, 263, 266, 273, 275, 361 Williams, Donald 346 Williams, Edward T 139 Williams, Eleanor 46,365 Williams, Ermont L 62 Williams, James T 347 Williams, Miriam 359 Williams, Terry B 46 Williams, Theodore E 62 Williams, Tom 62, 63, 170, 251, 341 Williamson, Maxine . . 46, 368 Williamson, Robert 321 Willis, M. E 70 Willison, Charles 69 Willits, Ruth 363 Willmeng, Leeman 92, 96 Willoughby, Robert 324 Wilson, Arthur 338 Wilson, Greasy Grin 239 Wilson, Hal T 46, 139, 213 Wilson, Ira 323 Wilson, James 344 Wilson, Martha G 145 Wilson, William S 127 Wilt, Martha 46 Wilton, James 154, 342 Wiltse, Clyde 65 Wiltsee, Harriette 355 Wingate, Paul 212,350 Winkelman, Stanley 350 Winkley, Robert 327 Winters, Richard 315 Wipple, Herbert E 61 Wirth, Dick 319 Wise, Harry D., Jr 127 Wise, Robert 324, 350 Wiseman, Margaret 46 Wisler, Chester 224 Wistert, Albert 174,329 Witshieben, Douglass 46 Witters, C 71 Wixson, Richard C 139 Wolaver, Earl S 82 Wolf, Frederick 350 Wolb, Henry 216 Wolfe, George 317 Wolfe, James 150,248 Wolfe, Nancy 46 Wolfe, Wayne 341 Wolfson, Marjorie 356 Wolfston, Carl E 62,324 Wohl, Albert 247 Wohlander, David C 62,70 Wolves, John 248 Wood, Albert E 62,69 Wood, Barbara 46, 359 Wood, David 338 Wood, Harold 62,338 Wood, Ken 344 Wood, Loren 125 Wood, Nancy 368 Wood, Ruth 266,365 Wood, Sue 366 Wood, Wilbur 347 Woodard, Austin 46 Woodbury, Mary Lou 365 Woodhead, Dorothy 256 Woods, Arthur 334 Woodward, Austin 327 Woodward, Joan 357 Woodward, John 329 Woog, John 380 Worgess, Robert 46 Worley, John 224 Worrell, Nancy 362 Worsle , Charles S 62,70 Wotherspoon, Yvonne 362 Worthington, Richard ..150,155 Wright, Charles 125 Wright, Corwin 90 Wright, Eric 46, 345 Wright, Evelyn 46,213,363 Wright, Joseph W 139 Wright, Joy 266,267,361 Wright, Lucy Chase 363 Wright, Margaret 46,364 Wright, N. Jane 270 Wright, Wayne 331 Wright, William 133, 142 Wrona, M 160 Wunch, John 314 Wunluck, Fern 266 Wurster, Elizabeth G 85 Wyatt, Robert K 62,339 Wynstra, Carl J 47 Wolaver, J 150 Yager, Charles 323 Yager, John W 47, 323 Yancith, Milan 155 Yanich, H 150 Yapp, Warren 322 Yared, Woodrow 125 Yeasting, Emerson 47,87 Yntema, Hessel 124, 320 Yoakum, Clarence 19 Yoder, Robert 317 Yolles, William 340 York, Robert 96 Yorman, ' Alex Ill, 224, 238 Younq, Clifford 210 Your Donald 47, 329 Your ' ith 257 Your 230 Your . ..363 Your. 370 Youn 64 Youn 364 Yount., Vvarrt. 47 Youngi Wendell 69 Younco hi, Paul 62,244 Yoxafl .Mildred 47 Yudk - S. L 165 Yuen h Leong 62 Zack, William 85 Zackheirr, Herschel 139,143 Zahn, Edward 338 Zahner, Bert 317 Zaron, David 47 Zatocky, Stella 47,215 Zeder, Fred 230 Zeerip, Thomas 328 Zeller, Henry 344 Zemke, Kenneth 328 Zenier, H. R 70 Zerman, Milton 326 Ziegler, Dorothy 47 Zimmerrr an, Frank 329 Zimmermc a, John o- - ir - Zimmei Zimmei Zipp, W Zollner, Zornow, Zucker, Zuckernu ... -. - Zuckerm 350 Zuckerm ..ard 225 Zuidema iu.. 47 Zunk, BE " y 47 Zwayer, 3arbara 272 Zytkewic:., John 62, 348 432 m m m

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