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Charles B. Samuel ..... Managing Editor John W. Cory ...... Business Manager Margaret H. Whittemore ..... Art Editor Copyright 1941 : : " ' ii i f Ti_ 7 T H presented by the students or the umvmiiy OF - ' , AT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN V O L U M It i 1 - - : It has been our aim to give you a Michiganensian built for the future one which embodies the more intrinsic, permanent values of Michigan and presents them in a dignified, yet modern manner. All available media have been combined to tell the complete story of the year, supplemented by a generous injection of the omnipresent Michigan spirit. If we have achieved a tangible and lasting representa- tion of the unity of feeling among Michigan men and women for their University, the book will be serving its purpose. ADMINISTRATION SCHOOLS: Literature Engineering . Architecture Business Administration Dentistry Education Forestry Graduate Law Medicine Music . . Nursing Pharmacy COLOR SCENICS ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES: Organizations Women ' s Activities Campus Life HOUSE GROUPS: Fraternities Sororities Dormitories . SATIRE SENIOR ACTIVITIES INDEX It is conventional to picture the graduate as facing shifting tides of fortune, and to wish him courage and success in his voyage. Today, however, these plati- tudinous phrases assume a portentious meaning. They carry us beyond mere trials and tribulations of normal life. Today, as never before, the graduate faces a world in which the very way of life is threatened. Yet his years in the University have increased his understanding of the traditions of a free people, have strengthened his faith in the human values upon which civilization must rest. To these men and women of Michigan, who must and shall " carry on " , the 1941 Michiganensian is proudly dedicated. - 5V . " 1 -s 1 - ' ' - ' V . - , 1. , , ' A r . . - .- JS ' t ., UNIVERSITY HALL BOARD OF REGENTS Top Row Shields, Lynch, Kipke, Herbert, Cook. Row 2 Crowley, Ruthven (Presiding Officer), Shirley W. Smith (Secretary of Board of Regents), Cram. Empowered with independent authority by the State Constitution, the Board of Regents is responsible for the educational policies and administrative functions of the University. Prior to 1852 the Regents were appointed, but since that time two members have been elected, at each biennial spring election, to serve for an eight year term. Thus the Regents, through their independent control of funds of the Uni- versity, are available to plan and to carry out consistent long-term educational policies. REGENTS Regent Franklin M. Cook Regent David H. Crowley Regent Esther M. Cram Regent Charles F. Hemans Regent J. Joseph Herbert Regent Harry G. Kipke Regent John D. Lynch Regent Edmund C. Shields Dr. Eugene B. Elliott Superintendent of Public Instruction Regent ex-officio ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN For over a decade Dr. Alexander Grant Ruthven has with sincerity and fidelity guided the progress of the University of Michigan. During this time he has become personally known to students and alumni alike to a greater extent than almost any other chief executive in the University ' s history. As a man of letters, he has not only maintained Michigan ' s rank among the great Universities of the country, but has greatly increased its reputation and usefulness. In some part his success may be due to his training in the biological sciences. Combining keen insight forthe physical and spiritual needs of students, and a practical mind developed by his many years in the field, Dr. Ruthven affords us an opportunity to observe how a biologist who is accustomed to observe the interplay of vital processes in natural organisms, deals with a great educational institution. His aim has been to produce in the University a corresponding organic constitution in which each division functions to perform, and all are expected to contribute to the unity of the whole. In this true scientific spirit, Dr. Ruthven last year stated in his report to the regents: " ... During the last decade Michigan has become better integrated, more dem- ocratic in administration and spirit, and more effective in attention given to the individual student. This is not to say, however, that nothing remains to be done. A University can never be finished. When it ceases to improve it begins to decline. " 11 SHIRLEY M. SMITH Vice-Presidenl and Secretary ADMINISTRATION " A university is no greater than those who run it " - As Dean of Students, Joseph A. Bursley has been guide and administrator in university affairs for many years. His wise council is the mainstay of campus " curricular " activities. Alice C. Lloyd, Dean of Women, has been the chief influence for the maintenance of high standards among campus women. Our administrators have a threefold task to perform the preservation of academic freedom, the maintenance of an even tenor of life in scholastic affairs, and gen- eral aid in a moral, cultural, and academic way. As guides of the course of our university, may they continue to plan the future with the uplifting, truly educational aims which they have shown in the past. CLARENCE S. YOAKUM Vice-President JAMES D. BRUCE Vice-President HERBERT G. WATKINS Assistant Secretary 12 The Ensian camera catches Dean Bursley in a familiar pose at his desk. JOSEPH A. BURSLEY Dean of Students ALICE C. LLOYD Dean of Women IRA M. SMITH Registrar WILFRED B. SHAW Director of Alumni Relations 13 lITEflflTURf, SCIEllCt HOD flRTS PILLARS OF WISDOM The diagonal at the turn of the century. The posts kept cows out. | or 104 years the backbone of the University has been the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. The primary function of this school has always been to provide an opportunity for a sound liberal education for its thousands of students; an education that provides more than a superficial acquaintanceship with a number of authors or surveys in science and the humanities, but rather a critical and non-professional study of problems and periods. In addition to this primary function, the College provides most of the pre-professional training for the embryonic doctor, lawyer, or educator. It furnishes, however, not only training but the background necessary for a full and intelligent life. The College since the date of its foundation in 1837 has provided the citizens of Michigan and the whole country with wealth in great leaders and in fine tradition. It is a master builder true to the precept of the Northwest Ordinance,- " Religion, morality, and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged. " Students relaxing before University Hall in the 1880 ' s. 17 LITE " Arma virumque cano I sing of arms and the man. " A modern Virgil creates. Delving into the private life of Brachysuchus megalodon. ' Music is the synthesis of all art. " With Keats on the heights of Darien. 18 A Play Production creates TRELAWNEY OF THE WELLS. (Exploring the mysteries of life. 19 DEAN KRAUS Dean Kraus, one of the foremost educators and mineralogists in the country, has also earned a distinguished reputation as leader of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. He first came to Michigan as a professor in 1940. He became Director of the College of Pharmacy in 1920 and served until 1933 when he resigned to take his present position. Exceptionally adept at the necessary admin- istrative functions which his office requires, he is also admired by all the students with whom he comes in contact. His friendly manner puts all who come to visit him at ease and his sincere advice has been a source of inspiration to many a puzzled student. Aside from his work as Dean he has maintained his well-deserved eminence in the world of science and many contributions to the leading technical journals of the country bear his name. DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Top Row Parker, White, McMurry, Hayden, Waterman, Case, Pillsbury. Row 2 Densmore, Bredvold, McKenzie, Nordmeyer, Bartlett, Bishop, Bradshaw. Row 3 Book, Sharfman, Thieme, Hunt, Brumm, Randall, LaRue, Curtis. Missing Schoepfle, Banner, Winter. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FOREST EVASHEVSKI . JANE KRAUSE . . WARREN BREIDENBACH BETH CASTOR President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Top Row -Evashevski, Krause. Row 2 Breidenbach, Castor. SENIOR BALL COMMITTEES GENERAL CHAIRMAN: Hubert Weidman. DECORATION: Helen Bohnsack, Paul Rogers. PUBLICITY: Robert Buritz, William Elmer. TICKETS: Herb Brogan. MUSIC: Fred Dannenfelser. BUILDING: Bill Vollmer. PATRONS: Clara Lee Keller, Catherine McDermott. SECRETARY IN FINANCE: James Lau. PROJECT: Dorothy Carter. PROGRAM: George Nadler. COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE Edward S. Tripp, Chairman Robert A. Barnard; Beverly J. Bracken,- Mary Louise Finney June Frederick; Hugh L. Head; Robert M. Hook; Agnes O. Landers; J. K. Martin; Donald W. Ramsdell; Jane M. Sapp ; Yvonne M. Westrate. FINANCE COMMITTEE Martha Jane Drew, Chairman; Marcia Karn, Virgina Keilholtz, Betty Lombard, Betty Lyman, Helen Cully, Ward Quaal, Maxel Kerby, Arthur Katz, Mary Louise Finney, Charles Barrett. 21 ' " . Frances I. Allen, A.B. in English Margary L. Allison, A.B. in Political Science Elaine Alpert, A.B. in Speech . . Edna M. Alter, A.B. in History Jean R. Anderson, A.B. in Economics Laurella F. H. Andersson, A.B. Mary A. Andresen, A.B. in French , Ruth A. Annell, A.B. in Sociology Peter E. Antonelli, A.B. in Speech James H. Armstrong, A.B. in Astronomy Thomas H. Armstrong, A.B. in Speech New Haven, Conn Madison, N. J. Detroit, Mich. Toledo, O. Duluth, Minn. Ann Arbor, Mich. Duluth, Minn. Worcester, Mass. Bridgeport, Conn. Troy, O. . Wheatland, Pa. William F. Armstrong, A.B. in Political Science, Grosse Pointe, Mich. William J. Ash, A.B. in Political Science Mary E. Ashley, A.B. in Zoology Doris M. Atkinson, A.B. in Sociology . . Norman E. Auerbach, A.B. in Economics Mary E. Baldwin, A.B. in History Marian F. Bale, A.B. in English Shirley M. Bannerman, A.B. in English George S. Banta, A.B. in Economics . . Walter J. Barkey, Jr., A.B. in History Suzanne J. Barlow, A.B. in Sociology Robert A. Barnard, A.B. in Sociology Helen L. Barnett, B.S. in Chemistry , Charles F. Barrett, A.B. in Geography Edward P. Barrett, A.B. in Political Science Virginia D. Barrows, A.B. in Social Work Ruth K. Barry, B.S. in Chemistry Whitman S. Bartley, A.B. in History Jeanne M. Bassett, A.B. in English Literature Virginia M. Baumgardner, A.B. in Sociology John C. Bayless, B.S. in Geology . ' . Henry D. Beale, B.S. in Zoology Howard I. Becker, Jr., B.S. in Physics Pauline M. Becker, B.S. in General Science Jack E. Bender, A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Albany, N. Y. Howell, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Chicago, III. . Toledo, O. Flint, Mich. River Forest, III. Winnetka, III. Huntington, W. Va. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Western Springs, III. Royal Oak, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. South Bend, Ind. Toledo, O. Rexford, N. Y. Bessemer, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. 22 LITERARY Norma C. Bennett, A.B. in French . . Corry, Pa. Mary E. Benson, A.B. in Political Science . . Pontiac, Mich. Nelson, Bentley, A.B. in English . ' . . Plymouth, Mich. Erwin E. Benzier, B.S. in Science and Mathematics, Kew Garden Hills, N.Y. James D. Berger, A.B. in Speech Constance A. Berry, A.B. in Sociology B.M. Beyer, A.B. in Political Science Helen L. Beynon, A.B. in Geography Cleveland Hgts., O. Shaker Hts., O. New York, N. Y. Flint, Mich. Arthur H. BikoFf, B.S. in Science and Mathematics . Brooklyn, N.Y. Ollierae Bilby, A.B. in Speech ' . . Grand Rapids, Mich. Lome C. Black, Jr., A.B. in Economics . " . Port Huron, Mich. Norma E. Blair, B.S. in Zoology . Middletown, O. Bernerd J. Bloom, A.B. in Political Science Dorothy Y. Bloxsom, A.B. in Speech Charles A. Bodwell, B.S. in Mathematics Robert W. Bogle, B.S. in Physics Eileen Bohnet, A.B. in Social Work Helen M. Bohnsack, A.B. in Social Studies Leonard Borin, A.B. in Political Science Mildred L. Bos, A.B. in Sociology Irving Botvin, B.S. in Geology Stanley N. Botwinik, A.B. in History Charles A. Bowen, Jr., A.B. in Speech . James W. Bower, A.B. in History Brookline, Mass. Grand Rapids, Mich. Sanford, Me. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Park Ridge, III. Detroit, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Providence, R. I. New Haven, Conn. Highland Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Russell E. Bowers, Jr., A.B. in Political Science, Grand Rapids, Mich. Beverly J. Bracken, A.B. in Sociology . . Traverse City, Mich. Alice E. Braunlich, A.B. in Mathematics . Rockville Centre, N. Y. Warren C. Breidenbach II, B.S. in Science and Mathematics, Dayton, O. Irl D ' A. Brent, II, A.B. in Economics H. Virginia Brereton, A.B. in Sociology Helen L. Bricker, A.B. in History Herbert A. Brogan, A.B. in Social Studies Detroit, Mich. Rochester, N. Y. Port Huron, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Betty Brooks, A.B. in Fine Arts . . Detroit, Mich. Helen R. Brown, A.B. in Social Studies Dearborn, Mich. Henry Brown, A.B. in Zoology ..... Erie, Pa. Marshall C. Brown, Jr., A.B. in Letters and Bus. Ad. . Janesville, Wis. M S t SENIORS 23 Richard W. Brown, A.B. in Economics Ruth E. Brundrett, A.B. in Fine Arts Robert O. Bush, A.B. in Geography Geraldine F. Cady, B.S. in Chemistry Buffalo, N. Y. Troy, O. Detroit, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Wesley R. Caire, A.B. in History . . . New York, N. Y. Kenneth T. Colder, A.B. in Science and Mathematics . Flint, Mich. J. Belle Calkins, B.S. in Zoology .... Detroit, Mich. Marie H. Camp, A.B. in Sociology . . . Ann Arbor, Mich. Ralph E. Carey, B.S. in Chemistry Willic...i J. Cartmill, A.B. in History . I. ElizabethiCaster, A.B. in Speech Frank L. Cavan, Jr., A.B. in Political Science Bay City, Mich. . Verona, N. J. Crawfordsville, Ind. Birmingham, Mich. Celeste M. Cawthra, A.B. in Sociology . Walloon Lake, Mich. Raymond.E. Chambers, Jr., A.B. in Economics . Grosse Pointe, Mich. Paul M. Chandler, A.B. in Political Science, Sault Ste Marie, Mich. William M. Chase, A.B. in Mathematics . . Syracuse, N. Y. Erwin G. Clahassey, B.S. in Geology Irwin S. damage, A.B. in Political Science Janet R. Clark, A.B. in History Betty M. Clement, A.B. in English Stephen B. Coan, B.S. in Chemistry . Margaret J. Cobb, A.B. in Sociology Sara E. Coburn, A.B. in History Lucile Cohen, A.B. in Speech, . . Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. St. Clair Shores, Mich. . Brooklyn, N.Y. . Rocky River, O. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Woodmere, N. Y. Maynard M. Cohen, A.B. in Science and Mathematics . Detroit, Mich. Robert L. Cohn, A.B. in Speech .... New York, N. Y. Marion L. Conde, A.B. in Speech .... Flint, Mich. Ralph G. Conger, A.B. in Honors . . Grand Rapids, Mich. Philip H. Conley, A.B. in Economics William R. Conrad, A.B. in Journalism Leroy J. Contie, A.B. in Political Science Claire C. Cook, A.B. in Speech Almon L. Copley, A.B. in Economics Bette Corlett, A.B. in History Helen Corman, A.B. in Political Science Margaret I. Cornelius, A.B. in History Jackson, Mich. Milwaukee, Wis. Canton, O. Jackson, Mich. Buffalo, N. Y. Lansing, Mich. Toledo, O. New York, N. Y. LITERARY John W. Cory, A.B. in Economics Donald Counihan, A.B. in Economics Jane F. Coupe, A.B. in Psychology M. Jane Cowing, A.B. in English Jeanette Cranmer, B.S. in Zoology . Spencer, la. Iron River, Mich. Albany, N. Y. Flint, Mich. . Steubenville, O. Edward Crossley, Jr., A.B. in Letters and Business Administration, Flint, Mich. Marshall Fox Crouch, B.S. in Physics . . Saint Louis, Mo. Anne E. Crowley, A.B. in Social Work Helen Culley, B.S. in Psychology Ann K. Czekalski, B.S. in Zoology . Corrine J. Dalman, A.B. in Mathematics Arnold I. Dana, A.B. in History Ralph E. Danforth, A.B. in History Amy B. Davidson, A.B. in History Jeanne Davis, A.B. in Political Science Nelson J. Davis, A.B. in Zoology . . Lake Placid, N. Y. Pittsburgh, Pa. Pass-A-Grille Beach, Fla. Allegan, Mich. Brighton, Mass. Ann Arbor, Mich. Hancock, N. Y. Indianapolis, Ind. Pontiac, Mich. Ruth M. Davis, B. S. in Zoology . . Detroit, Mich. Edwin M. Deal, A.B. . . Detroit, Mich. Pollyanna DeArmond, A.B. in Political Science Tulsa, Okla. June E. DeCordova, A. B. in English . . Highland Park, Mich. John B. DeVine, A.B. in History John R. Dice, B.S. in Chemistry Lucien E. Dick, A.B. in Economics Janet F. Dickinson, A.B. in French Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. LaGrange, III. Tecumseh, Mich. William G. Diemond, A.B. in Economics . . Alpena, Mich. Barbara E. Dittmann, A.B. in Zoology . . . Tuscan, Ariz. Mary K. Dixon, B.S. in Science and Mathematics . Grand Rapids, Mich. John S. Dobson, A.B. in Letters and Bus. Ad. . Ann Arbor, Mich. Frank E. Doe, A.B. in Economics David D. Donaldson, B.S. in Chemistry Jean Donaldson, A.B. in History William T. Downs, A.B. in History Martha Jane Drew, A.B. in French Stanley C. Duffendack, A.B. in English Ben B. Durfee, A.B. . Paul S. Durfee, A.B. in Letters and Law Rochester, N. Y. Dearborn, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. . Toledo, O. Ann Arbor, Mich. 25 I k ! John F. Durr, B.S. in Geology R. Russell Eagan, A.B. in Letters and Law Kenneth V. Eckhart, A.B. in Mathematics Howard R. C. Eddy, B.S. in Zoology Robert G. Eddy, A.B. in Economics . Jeanne B. Edelman, A.B. in History Arthur Edelstein, A.B. in History Basil D. Edwards, B.S. in Geology John G. Eldredge, A.B. in Journalism William B. Elmer, A.B. in Economics Charles A. Emerich, A.B. in Economics Jean M. Engel, A.B. in Sociology . . Belle Fourche, S. D. Chicago, III. Fort Wayne, Ind. Flint, Mich. . Clean, N. Y. Brooklyn, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Elmira, N. Y. . . Detroit, Mich. Alan H. Englander, A.B. in Economics F. Glenn Engle, A.B. in Journalism L. Catherine Ennest, A.B. in English Horatiu T. Enterline, A.B. in Zoology Herman T. Epstein, A.B. in Physics Stanley E. Epstein, A.B. in Political Science . Charles K. Esler, A.B. in Political Science Eva S. Etkin, A.B. in English Jack S. Ettinger, A.B. in History Edith A. Evans, A.B. in English William S. Everard, A.B. in History George R. Eves, A.B. in History Jean E. Fairfax, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts Dorothy Farnsworth, A.B. in Fine Arts Elizabeth J. Farrell, A.B. in French Margaret J. Farrell, B.S. in Botany Leo G. Federman, A.B. in Political Science Joan Ferguson, A.B. in English Madeline S. Ferris, A.B. in Social Work Richard E. Field, B.S. in Chemistry East Cleveland, O. Russell, Pa. St. Clair, Mich. Ashland, Pa. . Portland, Me. Dorchester, Mass. Detroit, Mich. . Buffalo, N. Y. Chicago, III. Ypsilanti, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Reading, Pa. Cleveland, O. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich Jackson, Mich. Austin I. Fink, B.S. in Zoology Miriam Finkeldey, B.S. in Biology Mary L. Finney, A.B. in English Barbara J. Fisher, A.B. in English . Brooklyn, N. Y. Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. . Bismarck, N. D. Traverse City, Mich. 26 LITERARY Edith S. Fisher, A.B. in Mathematics Ruth J. FitzPatrick, A.B. in Speech Richard F. Fletcher, A.B. in Sociology Arthur D. Foley, A.B. in Political Science Norfolk, Va. North Muskegon, Mich. Benton Harbor, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. James H. Follette, B.S. in Science and Mathematics, Bay City, Mich. Joseph W. Foote, A.B. in Mathematics Niagara Falls, N. Y. Catherine M. Forberg, A.B. in English Literature . Des Plaines, III. Thomas G. Ford, A.B. in History . . East Grand Rapids, Mich. Katheryn I. Foreman, B.S. in Zoology Evalyn L. Forshar, A.B. in Business Administration Robert L. Forsythe, A.B. in Letters and Law E. Frances Fox, A.B. in History G. Robert Fox, A.B. in German Jane C. Fox, A.B. in History Alice H. France, A.B. in Social Studies . James R. Frankel, A.B. in Literature and Law James O. Frederick, A.B. in English June Frederick, A.B. in English . Dorothy V. Freedman, A.B. in Sociology Emery T. Freeman, A.B. in Social Studies Gertrude M. French, A.B. in Social Work Gertrude Frey, A.B. in English . Edward R. Fried, A.B. in Economics Fritz O. Friedlaender, A.B. in Economics Adele Friedman, A.B. in Economics David Friedman, A.B. in Literature and Law Harold M. Friedman, A.B. in Anthropology . Clara L. Fulde, A.B. in French Findlay, O. Port Huron, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chicago, III. Flint Mich. Bay City, Mich. Oneonta, N. Y. Chicago, III. Ann Arbor, Mich. North Olmsted, O. Brooklyn, N. Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. . Rome, N. Y. . Battle Creek, Mich. . Long Beach, N. Y. New York, N. Y. Patterson, N. J. Detroit, Mich. New York, N. Y. Park Ridge, III. Catherine E. Gainey, A.B. in History . Flint, Mich. William H. Gambill, B.S. in Science and Mathematics, Centralia, III. Willard W. Garvey, A.B. in Economics . . Wichita, Kan. Victoria Gellatly, A.B. in Anthropology . . Birmingham, Mich. Ralph R. Gentile, A.B. in History Conrad Georg, B.S. in Zoology . Genevieve George, A.B. in English James M. George, A.B. in Speech Irvington, N. J. Ann Arbor, Mich. Creighton, Neb. Ironwood, Mich. SENIORS 27 David N. Gibson, A.B. in French Theodore T. Gibson, Jr., B.S. in Geography Dorothy B. Gilliam, A.B. in French Detroit, Mich. Glastonbury, Conn. Royal Oak, Mich. Robert W. Gilmour, A.B. in Letters and Business Administration . Negaunee, Mich. Alec R. Gilpin, A.B. in History William D. Gingrich, A.B. in History Myron Gins, A.B. in Economics Norma Ginsberg, A.B. in Social Work Joseph H. Glasser, A.B. in History Howard A. Goldman, A.B. in Honors Hartley J. Goldstein, A.B. in Philosophy Jeanne L. Goldstein, A.B. in Speech Rita T. Goldstein, A.B. in Psychology Jeanne M. Gomon, A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. East Grand Rapids, Mich. Cleveland Hts., O. Milwaukee, Wis. Enid, Okla. Chicago, III. . New York, N. Y. Lorain, O. Newark, N. J. Detroit, Mich. Abraham J. Goodman, A.B. in Letters and Business Administration Mt. Clemens, Mich. Esther F. Goodwin, A.B. in Speech Margaret J. Gose, A.B. in Social Studies Nancy D. Gossard, B.S. in Psychology George J. Gottfried, B.S. in Chemistry H. Mason Gould, A.B. in Journalism Martha L. Graham, A.B. in English Jeanne Grant, A.B. in English Joseph G. Gray, A.B. in Political Science Marian E. Gray, B.S. in Psychology Henry G. Green, B.S. in Zoology Gordon S. Greeson, A.B. in History Vance P. Gregory, B.S. in Chemistry Yvonne Gregory, A.B. in Journalism Eugene G. Gibbroek, A.B. in History Pauline E. Griffin, A.B. in Journalism Jane E. Grills, A.B. in Speech Jane N. Griswold, A.B. in English Ypsilanti, Mich. St. Joseph, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Passaic, N. J. Scarsdale, N. Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Shaker Hts., O. Erie, Pa. L ' Anse, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Memphis, Tenn. Detroit, Mich. Atlantic City, N. J. . Rochester, N. Y. Jersey City, N. J Flint, Mich. . Detroit, Mich Ora E. Graft, A.B. in Psychology . . York, Pa. Jerome B. Grossman, A.B. in Economics . . Kansas City, Mo. Jane V. Grove, A.B. in French . . Milwaukee, Wis. Maya D. Gruhzit, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 28 LITERARY James W. Gunn, A.B. in History Alfred K. Guthe, A.B. in History Irving Guttman, A.B. in History Barney J. Habel, A.B. in Political Science Wayne N. Hadley, B.S. in Chemistry Russell W. Haeger, A.B. in Chemistry Richard J. Hainer, A.B. in Political Science Betty M. Hall, A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Tarrytown, N. Y. . Pontiac, Mich. Hamburg, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Manistee, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Joan B. Hamilton, A.B. in Social Studies . Yonkers, N. Y. Eleanor J. Hanavan, A.B. in Political Science . . Detroit, Mich. Lawrence E. Handren, A.B. in Science and Mathematics, Pontiac, Mich. Richard P. Harmel, A.B. in Economics . . Brooklyn, N. Y. William A. Harnist, A.B. Julian W. Harris, A.B. in Political Science Margaret J. Harris, A.B. in History Marian E. Harris, A.B. in Psychology Brooklyn, N. Y. Chicago, III. Chicago, III. Newark, N. Y. James R. Harrison, A.B. in History . . . Memphis, Tenn. Gretchen Hasselbring, A.B. in French, Haileybury, Ont., Canada William J. Hasie, A.B. in History . . Grand Rapids, Mich. Hervie Haufler, A.B. in English . . Covington, Ky. Hugh L. Head, jr., A.B. in Economics Nicholas Hedlesky, A.B. in Political Science Thomas A. Heenahan, B.S. in Zoology Elizabeth Hegge, A.B. in Sociology George B. Heliker, A.B. in Economics George S. Heller, A.B. in Political Science Frances M. Herdrich, A.B. in Sociology Jane B. Herrick, A.B. in Speech Philip W. Heuman, B.S. in Chemistry Robert F. Hext, A.B. in English Frances E. Heydt, A.B. in Economics Edwin A. Hibbard, A.B. in History Fort Thomas, Ky. Ann Arbor, Mich. North Bergen, N. J. Northville, Mich. Walled Lake, Mich. . Brooklyn, N. Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Brooklyn, Mich. Allentown, Pa. Grand Rapids, Mich. Kansas City, Mo. Detroit, Mich. Andrew J. Hieftje, A.B. in English . . Muskegon, Mich. Jane E. Higbee, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts . Grand Rapids, Mich. Margaret R. Hinterman, A.B. in English . . . Berwyn, III. J. Elizabeth Hoag, A.B. in Psychology . . Ann Arbor, Mich. d ft fiie SENIORS fVO Laura A. HoFf, A.B. in Geography . Phyllis E. HoFfmeyer, A.B. in English . John S. Hogg, A.B. in Political Science Mary D. Holcomb, A.B. in Geography Victor H. Holliger, A.B. in Zoology Susanna Hollis, A.B. in Political Science Verna L. Holtman, A.B. in French Charles R. Holton, Jr., A.B. in Economics . Detroit, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. . Scarsdale, N. Y. Saginaw, Mich. . Toledo, O. Boston, Mass. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chicago, III. John H. Holzaepfel, A.B. in Zoology . . . Sandusky, O. Janet T. Homer, A.B. in Speech . . Detroit, Mich. Dorothy M. Hood, A.B. in French . . Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert M. Hook, B.S. in Science and Mathematics, Grand Rapids, Mich. James F. Hoolsema, A.B. in Economics . . . Moline, Mich. Frederick W. Howarth, A.B. in Letters and Business Ad., Republic, Pa. Bernice G. Howell, A.B. in French . . Worcester, Mass. Edith M. Howell, A.B. . Rochester, Mich. Margaret L. Hubbard, A.B. in History Patricia V. Hughes, A.B. in French John A. Huston, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts Burns M. Huttlinger, A.B. in History Grace M. Hyde, B.S. in Chemistry . Jane C. Hyde, A.B. in Economics William H. Hynes, A.B. in Psychology Evelyn Icheldinger, A.B. in Social Work Charlin G. Ihnken, A.B. Raymond W. Ingham, A.B. in English Robert R. Irish, A.B. in Journalism Alfred Israel, A.B. in Economics Paul S. Israel, A.B. in Sociology Leo A. Jachowski, Jr., B.S. in Zoology James F. Jackson, A.B. in Zoology James T. Jac kson, A.B. in English Avrohm Jacobson, A.B. in Zoology John R. C. James, A.B. in Zoology Albert C. Jaslow, A.B. in Zoology Charles Jaslow, A.B. Pontiac, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. New York, N. Y. . Albany, N. Y. Birmingham, Mich. Dayton, O. Ann Arbor, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Brooklyn, N. Y. . Brooklyn, N. Y. Washington, D. C. East Liverpool, O. Muskegon, Mich. Miami, Fla. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 30 LITERARY Helen F. Jean, A.B. in Sociology Hazel A. Jensen, A.B. in French Frances P. Johnson, A.B. in History Josephine E. Johnson, B.S. in Chemistry Rachel K. 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Bradford, B.S. in Mathematics and Science, Detroit, Mich. Dorothy J. Lavan, A.B. in History . . . Toledo, O. Gwendolen Lawhead, A.B. in Sociology . ... Detroit, Mich. Thomas S. Lawton, A.B. in Economics . . Ann Arbor, Mich. Sarafae Lazarus, A.B. in Sociology E. Carolyn Leahy, A.B. in French Charles A. Leavay, A.B. in Speech Bertram H. Lefkowich, A.B. in Political Science Rosemary E. Lehman, A.B. in Greek Louis Leopold, B.S. in Chemistry Edith Leveene, A.B. in Social Studies Robert J. Levine, A.B. in Honors Harold M. Levinson, A.B. in Economics Irving Levitt, B.S. in Zoology Elizabeth M. Lightner, A.B. in Mathematics Owen P. Lillie, A.B. in Letters and Law Murray H. Lilly, A.B. in Economics Lawrence Lindgren, A.B. in Economics Frederick Linsell, A.B. in Economics Phyllis J. Linsey, A.B. in English Elizabeth A. Lipton, A.B. in History Virginia List, A.B. in History Eleanor M. Lobban, A.B. in History Betty M. Lombard, A.B. in History Louis Londy, A.B. in Economics Robert G. Long, A.B. in Geography . Alice A. Lord, A.B. Hugh F. Loveland, A.B. in Botany . James F. Lovett, A.B. in Mathematics Blaz A. Lucas, A.B. in Political Sciences Charlys-Marion Lucht, B.S. in Chemistry Isabella H. Lugoski, B.S. in Chemistry Bay City, Mich. Canton, O. New York, N. Y. Cleveland Hts., O. Fort Wayne, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Mount Vernon, N. Y. . Brooklyn, N. Y. Brookline, Mass. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Maiden, Mass. . Scarsdale, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Troy, N. Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. . Bayside, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Gary, Ind. Birmingham, Mich. Detroit, Mich. LITERARY Jean E. Luxan, A.B. in Sociology Elizabeth M. Lyman, A.B. in French Edith L. Lynch, A.B. in Sociology John T. Lynch, A.B. . Douglas A. Lyttle, B.S. in Chemistry Mary E. MacCready, A.B. in History Jeanne F. Macdonald, A.B. in English Mary E. MacDonald, B.S. in Zoology Robert MacGregor, A.B. in History Frank J. Mackey, Jr., A.B. in Economics Pattie Main, A.B. in French Mary E. Major, A.B. Newell Mailer, A.B. in Political Science Clayton H. Manry, A.B. in Zoology Kenneth B. Marble, A.B. in Economics Robert Marks, A.B. in History Grosse Pointe, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. . Medina, N. Y. Saginaw, Mich. Scarborough, N. Y. Birmingham, Mich. Detroit, Mich. . Bay City, Mich. Chicago, III. Birmingham, Mich. River Forest, III. Chicago, III. Mobile, Ala. Forest Hills, N. Y. Troy, N. Y. Richard H. Martin, A.B. in Economics . . Malverne, N. Y. Laurence E. Mascott, A.B. in Political Science . . Lowell, Mass. Kenneth P. Mathews, A.B. in Letters and Medicine, Ann Arbor, Mich George W. Matthews, A.B. ... . Detroit, Mich. Jean C. Maxted, A.B. in Honors . . . . Ecorse, Mich. Theodora B. Maytag, B.S. in Zoology . . . Pontiac, Mich. Elizabeth A. McCamant, A.B. in Library Science, Iron Mountain, Mich. Gwendolyn M. McCarren, A.B. in Sociology . . Detroit, Mich. Mary F. McConkey, A.B. in Honors Mary A. McCoy, A.B. in Speech John J. McCune, A.B. in History Doris E. McGlone, A.B. in History South Bend, Ind. Zanesville, O. East Lansing, Mich. Flint, Mich. Fred A. McKenzie, A.B. in Economics . . Ann Arbor, Mich. Mary A. McKie, A.B. in Geography . . Ypsilanti, Mich. June C. McPherson, A.B. in English . Battle Creek, Mich. James E. Mead, Jr., B.S. in Science and Mathematics, Traverse City, Mich. Frances J. Mendelson, A.B. in Speech Roger G. Menges, A.B. in Economics Doris V. Merker, A.B. in Political Science Robert E. Merriman, A.B. in Philosophy Woodmere, N. Y. Delmar, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Clarks Summit, Pa. a " . j : - : V SENIORS 33 George F. Merritt, B.S. in Chemistry Rhoda L. Miller, A.B. in Latin Mary L. Mills, A.B. in Political Science Marguerite F. Mink, A.B. in Speech Jackson, Mich. Trenton, N. J. St. Charles, III. Detroit, Mich. James E. Monahan, A.B. in English . . . Forest Hills, N. Y. Stanley A. Moore, A.B. Mathematics and Science, Ann Arbor, Mich. Winifred O. Moore, B.S. in Zoology . . Muskegon Hts., Mich. Mary K. Mootz, A.B. in Social Work . . . ' Detroit, Mich. Stewart T. Moran, A.B. in History Suzanne E. Morgan, A.B. in English Paul L. Morigi, A.B. in Economics Volney F. Morin, A.B. in History Marian Morse, A.B. in Mathematics Lloyd R. Mowery, A.B. in Political Science E. William Muehl, A.B. in Political Science Bettye Jane Mueller, B.S. in Chemistry Marian A. Mumford, A.B. in Journalism Dorothy I. Munro, A.B. in Economics Mary Mustard, A.B. in Journalism George E. Nadler, B.S. in Chemistry Patricia J. Nahser, A.B. in Speech Nessim E. Nessim, B.S. in Chemistry Helen Nevas, A.B. in Sociology Frances B. Nevin, A.B in French Helen New, A.B. in Mathematics and Sciences Robert W. Newbill, A.B. in English Anita A. Newblatt, A.B. in Sociology Barbara J. Newton, A.B. in Speech Science Frederick W. Nimke, A.B. in Political Science Richard H. Nims, A.B. in Economics Audrey Nisson, A.B. in History Betty M. Nixon, A.B. in Social Work . , . Mary J. Noble, B.S. in Psychology Frances H. Norfleet, A.B. in Journalism Jeanne M. Norris, A.B. in History Richard J. Northway, A.B. in Political Science Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Washington, D. C. Newport, Pa. Chicago, III. Winchester, Mass. Ashland, O. Birmingham, Mich. Lincoln Park, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Fairfield, la. Battle Creek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, III. Diwaniyah, Iraq Stamford, Conn. Sewickley, Pa. South Bend, Ind. Flint, Mich. Flint, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Petaluma, Calif. . Ann Arbor, Mich. Cedar Falls, la. Lansing, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. 34 LITERARY . Joseph O. Nouse, A.B. in Economics Pontiac, Mich. Robert J. Novy, A.B. in Economics Cicero, III. Cameron C. Oglesbee, A.B. in Political Science, Dearborn, Mich. Richard F. O ' Hara, A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Barbara H. Olds, B.S. in Zoology R. Louise Ollesheimer, A.B. in Speech Mervin B. O ' Neil, A.B. in Geography Milton Orshefsky, A.B. in Honors Elkhart, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Buffalo, N. Y. Elizabeth, N. J. Dorothea M. Ortmayer, A.B. in Geography . Milwaukee, Wis. William F. Osborn, B.S. in Science and Mathematics, LaPorte, Ind. Esther J. Osser, A.B. in Journalism . . . Munising, Mich. Harold D. Osterweil, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, Long Beach, N. Y. Mary L. Oswald, A.B. in Geology Vincent E. O ' Toole, A.B. in Economics Jean Outhwaite, A.B. Norman Oxhandler, A.B. in Speech Seymour S. Pardell, A.B. in Sociology Howard E. Parr, A.B. in History Frances E. Patterson, A.B. in English John P. Paup, A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Chicago, III. Bennington, Vt. Brooklyn, N. Y. Passaic, N. J. Manchester, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard B. Peckinpaugh, A.B. in Economics Toledo, O. Georgia L. Penny, A.B. in French . . Muskegon, Mich. Lester Persky, B.S. in Science and Mathematics, Cleveland Hts., O. Martha E. Peters, A.B. in Mathematics Charlotte, Mich. Carl A. Peterson, Jr., A.B. in Letters and Law Jean K. Peterson, A.B. in English . MaryAnn C. Peterson, A.B. in English Albert L. Pfaller, B.S. in Zoology Jane Pfeiffer, A.B. in Social Studies Robert H. Phelps, A.B. in Journalism Jean Pheneger, A.B. in Sociology Ernest E. Philipson, A.B. in Philosophy Wendell G. Phillips, A.B. in History Chester Phillipson, B.S. Harry E. Pickering, A.B. in History S. Jane Pinkerton, A.B. in Psychology Grand Rapids, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Huron, S. D. Detroit, Mich. Buffalo, N. Y. Erie, Pa. Duluth, Minn. Belmont, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Flint, Mich. East Cleveland, O. Lapeer, Mich. SENIORS 35 fer. Jack M. Pitlick, A.B. in Zoology . Eugene C. Plankey, A.B. in Economics Mark C. Pleune, A.B. in Economics Irmengard E. Pohrt, A.B. in English Jane L. Pollak, A.B. in Spanish Sonia S. Poloway, A.B. in Journalism Richard A. Postmantur, A.B. in History Margaret J. Powers, A.B. in Spanish William F. 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Virginia J. Ringchrist, A.B. . . . Longmeadow, Mass. Marjorie L. Risk, A.B. in Social Studies . Muskegon Hts., Mich. Donald E. Rivette, A.B. in Political Science . Ann Arbor, Mich. Aubrey C. Roberts, A.B. in Letters and Bus. Ad. . Pontiac, Mich. Shirley A. Roberts, B.S. in Zoology Charlotte N. Robinson, A.B. in Sociology Elizabeth I. Robinson, A.B. in Sociology Leonard Robinson, A.B. in Economics William H. Rockwell, A.B. in Economics Mary A. Rodger, A.B. in Anthropology Barbara E. Rogers, A.B. in Fine Arts Sidney Roginsky, A.B. in Zoology Glen Ellyn, III. Winchester, Mass. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Andover, Mass. Winnetka, III. Pontiac, Mich. Youngstown, O. 36 LITERARY Maty Jane W. Roh, B.S. in Zoology Bessie J. Root, B S. in Zoology Harold Rosen, A.B. in Zoology Sally Rosenberg, A.B. in History Norman H. Rosenfeld, A.B. in Speech Charles R. Ross, A.B. in History Dorothy M. Roth, A.B. in Economics Gilberta J. Rothstein, A.B. in English Josephine M. Rouse, A.B. in Social Work Miriam M. Rubin, B.S. in Zoology Ruth L. Rubiner, A.B. in Political Science E. George Rudolph, A.B. in Letters and Law Dorothy Rudy, A.B. in Sociology George E. Rulison, A.B. in Economics Helen Ryde, A.B. in Latin Alice O. Rydell, A.B. in Journalism Robert C. W. Sadler, B.S. in Chemistry Anita R. Sampson, A.B. in Political Science Dorothy J. Sampson, A.B. in Speech Charles B. Samuel, A B. in Economics Phyllis K. Sandercock, A.B. in English Mary-Jean Sanford, A.B. in Social Work Dorothy L. Sankin, A.B. in Psychology Jane M. Sapp, A.B. in Speech Grand Rapids, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Detroit, Mich. . Pittsburgh, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Cambridge, Mass. South Bend, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Erie, Pa. Naugatuck, Conn. Detroit, Mich. Sioux Falls, S. D. St. Petersburg, Fla. Rochester, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Buffalo, N. Y. Evanston, III. Altoona, Pa. Iron Mountain, Mich. Kansas City, Mo. Brooklyn, N. Y. Novelty, O. Virginia A. Sappington, A.B. in Anthropology . Niagara Falls, N. Y. Alvin N. Sarasohn, A.B. in English . . . Detroit, Mich. Herant M. Saraydar, A.B. in Economics . East Orange, N. J. Frank J. Savage, A.B. in English . . . Birmingham, Mich. Howard L. Seville, A.B. in Journalism Marian C. Schaefer, A.B. in French . Mary E. Schell, A.B. in Library Science Margaret M. Schiller, A.B. in Speech Orchard Park, N. Y. Sandusky, O. Bloomington, Ind. Lansing, Mich. Melvin S. Schlemenson, A.B. in Letters and Medicine, Memphis, Tenn. Robert L. Schneider, A.B. in History Oak Park, III. Daniel M. Schnit, A.B. in Economics . Cleveland Hts., O. Victor H. Schoen.. A.B. Dexter, Mich. SENIORS Betty C. Schumann, A.B. in English Nathalie Schurman, A.B. in Speech Virginia L. Schwegler, A.B. in Geography George P. Scott, A.B. in Economics . Mary T. Sdunek, A.B. in Anthropology Neal Seegert, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts Doyle W. Seldenright, A.B. in Economics Carolyn J. Sempliner, A.B. in History Western Springs, Ml. Washington, D. C. Midland, Mich. . Snyder, N. Y. Milford, Mich. Wauwatosa, Wis. Wyandotte, Mich. Bay City, Mich. L. William Sessions, A.B. in Honors in Liberal Arts, N. Muskegon, Mich. Elinor M. Sevison, A.B. . . . Bismarck, N. D. Elizabeth M. Shaw, A .B. in Political Science, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. William G. Shaw, A.B. in Political Science . . Detroit, Mich. George F. Shepard, A.B. in Liberal Arts . Cohoes, N. Y. John C. Sherrill, B.S. in Zoology . ... York, Pa. Helen Y. Shimoura, A.B. in French . . Highland Park, Mich. Harriet L. Shoecraft, B.S. in Mathematics and Science, Ann Arbor, Mich. 38 Benny Shumaker, A.B. in Economics Janet D. Sibley, A.B. in Social Work Chester J. Sikawitt, A.B. in Economics Betty M. Sikkenga, A.B. in Social Studies Michelle P. Silverman, A.B. in Spanish John M. Simmers, A.B. in History C. Kenneth Simpson, A.B. in Geography Murry Sims, A.B. in Mathematics and Science William R. Sincock, A.B. in History Harold Singer, A.B. in Zoology Shirley Singer, B.S. in Zoology . Evelyn R. Sislin, A.B. in Social Studies Bernard Sisman, A.B. in Zoology . DeRhua E. Skinner, A.B. and B.M. in Music A. Paul Smith, A.B. in Economics Dan F. Smith, A.B. in Economics . ! J. Paul Smith, A.B. Maryann C. Smith, A.B. in Journalism Miriam E. Smith, A.B. in French Ruth M. Smith, A.B. in English Literature Detroit, Mich. Clean, N. Y New York, N. Y. Muskegon Hts., Mich. Hanover, N. H. Detroit, Mich. River Forest, III. McKeesport, Pa. Calumet, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Youngstown, O. Detroit, Mich. W. Hartford, Conn. Joplan, Mo. Detroit, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Howell, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. LITERARY Milton D. Solomon, A.B. in Letters and Law Louise B. Spencer, A.B. in Zoology Jack M. Spitalny, B.S. in Zoology Russell L. Steere, A.B. in Botany Walter W. Steffen, A.B. in Mathematics Sidney D. Steinhart, A.B. in History John W. Stephens, A.B. in Political Science Richard A. Steudel, A.B. in Economics Alice A. Stevenson, A.B. in Sociology Edyth C. Stevenson, A.B. in Sociology Maynard G. Stoddard, A.B. in Journalism Richard B. Stodden, B.S. in Zoology Betty J. Stout, A.B. in Speech Jack C. Strait, A.B. in English John P. Strouss, A.B. in Letters and Bus. Ad. William B. Stuck, A.B. in Political Science . Irene M. Swanson, A.B. in English Betty Jane Swift, A.B. in Sociology John P. Sykes, B.S. in Chemistry Hollis Tara, A.B. in History Mary M. Taylor, A.B. in English Robert F. Taylor, A.B. in Zoology Perry G. Tenney, A.B. in History Jean Tenofsky, A.B. Rena Tenzer, A.B. Ellie Terretta, A.B. in Speech Joseph B. Thaxter, Jr., A.B. in Economics Baird A. Thomas, B.S. in Zoology David H. Thompson, A.B. in Political Science John H. Thompson, A.B. in History Charles C. Thomson, A.B. in Political Science George H. Thomson, A.B. James E. Tobin, A.B. in English Literature Shirley A. Todt, A.B. in Sociology June K. Tolton, A.B. in Spanish Phyllis Tomashoff, A.B. in Sociology . Brooklyn, N. Y. Ashland, Pa. New York, N. Y. Ypsilanti, Mich. West Toledo.. O. Buffalo, N. Y. Dayton, O. Lakewood, O. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Flint, Mich. Davison, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich.. Franklinville, N. Y. . Pontiac, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Middleville, Mich. New York, N. Y. Otter Lake, Mich. Youngstown, O. Charlotte, Mich. East Lansing, Mich. Goshen, Ind. Brooklyn, N. Y. Stony Creek, Va. Brookline, Mass. Ann Arbor, Mich Lincoln, Neb. Dearborn, Mich. Ecorse, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N. Y. SENIORS r ,, J 39 __ Kenneth J. Tonkin, A.B. in Economics . . . Esconaba, Mich. Edward S. Tripp, A.B. in Political Science . . Allegan, Mich. W illmanette M. Troutwine, A.B. in Sociology . . Bellevue, O. Suzanne M. Tussing, A.B. in History .... York, Pa. Robert J. Ulmer, A.B. in Economics . . . Attica, N. Y. Robert D. Ulrich, A.B. in Letters and Law .; . Addison, Mich. Janet M. Unruh, B.S. in Psychology . . . Detroit, Mich. Zelda S. Urdang, A.B. in English . . . Shaker Hts., O. Duane S. van Benschoten, A.B. in History . . Saginaw, Mich. Harvey E. van Benschoten, A.B. in History . . Saginaw, Mich. Margaret J. Van Ess, B.S. in Geology .... Hudson, N.Y. Virginia Van Wagoner, A.B. in Political Science . Pontiac, Mich. Annabel Van Winkle, A.B. in Mathematics . . Howell, Mich. Laurens Veenendall, Jr , A.B. in History . . Grand Rapids, Mich. George M. Vial, A.B. in Science and Mathematics . LaGrange, III. Charlotte A. Vignoe, A.B. in Social Work, . . Detroit, Mich. Jane Anne Visscher, A.B. in English Christopher J. Vizas, A.B. in Economics Walter G. Wadey, B.S. in Physics Enid R. Wagner, A.B. in Psychology . Holland, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. . Brooklyn, N. Y. Robert P. Wagner, A.B. in Speech .... Dover, O. Carrie S. Wallach, A.B. in Political Science, Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Patricia M. Walpole, A.B. in History . . . Janesville, Mich. Margaret L. Walsh, A.B. in English . . . Evanston, III. Alice R. Ward, A.B. . Mildred A. Ward, A.B. in English Guy E. Warner, A.B. in Speech Ardis L. Watson, A.B. in Speech Henry G. Watson, Jr., A.B. in Economics Thelma Weber, A.B. in English Literature Ann D. Wehner, A.B. in Music Hubert F. Weidman, A.B. in Economics Phyllis R. Weisman, A.B. in Social Work Elizabeth A. Welch, A.B. in Latin . Yvonne M. Westrate, A.B. in Honors in Science Joseph N. Wetmore, A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Cheyenne, Wyo. San Francisco, Calif. Milwaukee, Wis. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. . Holland, Mich. Buffalo, N. Y LITERARY Sol M. Wezelman, A.B. in Mathematics . Barbara C. Wheat, A.B. in English Robert L. Wheaton, A.B. in Economics Paul D. Wheeler, A.B. in Speech Frederick G. Whelply, A.B. in Zoology Arnold E. White, A.B. in History Joan M. Whiting, B.S. in General Science Earl S. Wicks, A.B. in Zoology Marion V. Wight, A.B. in Sociology Marcia H. Wilk, A.B. in Tutorial Honors James Wilkinson, A.B. in Economics Harvey Willens, A.B. in Economics Mildred A. Williams, A.B. in Social Service John F. Winne, A.B. in Psychology . Donald M. Wirtchafter, A.B. in Economics . . Omaha, Neb. Bay City, Mich. Hillsdale, Mich. Mishawaka, Ind. . Lodi, N. Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Standish, Mich. Rockville Center, N. Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Park Ridge, III. Detroit, Mich. . . Scranton, Pa. . Albany, N. Y. . Cleveland Hts., O. Raymond T. Wise, B.S. in Science and Mathematics . New York, N. Y. Carrie I. Wismer, A.B. in English . . . Grosse Pointe, Mich. Jack R. Wolin, A.B. in History . . . Cleveland Hts., O. Elaine M. Wood., B.S. in Psychology . . . Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert K. Wood, A.B. in Psychology . Walter H. Wrigley, A.B. in Mathematics Charlotte E. Wyss, A.B. in Social Work Roger B. Yepsen, A.B. in Economics . Dayton, O. Detroit, Mich. Iron Mountain, Mich. Plainfield, N. J. Mary A. Young, A.B. in Social Studies . . Grand Rapids, Mich. Thomas B. Young, A.B. in Political Science . . Seattle, Wash. Irving Zeiger, A.B. in Economics .... Cleveland, O. Edward Zerden, A.B. in Science and Mathematics . Brooklyn, N. Y. Bertram Zheutlin, A.B. in Science and Mathematics . Jersey City, N. J. Harold J. Zimmon, A.B. in Political Science . . Boston, Mass. Charles H. Zolla, A.B. in Speech .... Detroit, Mich. Virginia M. Zuber, A B. in Social Work . Battle Creek, Mich. 41 THETA SIGMA PHI Top Row -Healy, Southerland, Wallace, Modlin. Row 2 Rydell, Foreman, Clark, Maze, Bernstein. Row 3 -Mustard, Osser, Munger, Poloway, Mumford, Kellar. Theta Sigma Phi is a national honorary sorority and working organization of women, whose purpose is to contribute to the cause of better journalism and to assist its members to achievement in the field of letters. Members are elected from junior and senior women concentrating in journalism who have high scholastic records and whose abilities and interests in writing have been recognized by the Department. Theta Sigma Phi seeks to promote the interests of journalism on the campus by sponsoring lectures and conducting forums on topics of interest to students in journalism. Founded 1 909 Alpha Theta Chapter founded 1923 OFFICERS ELOISE MUNGER ESTHER OSSER MARIEN MUMFORD . SONIA POLOWAY MARY MUSTARD President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Recorder FACULTY ADVISOR: John L. Brumm. ALUMNAE ADVISOR Ruth Trezise. MEMBERS: Phyllis Bern- stein, Elise Clark, Agnes Crow, Lois Foreman, Margaret Healy, Louise Kellar, Vivian Maze, Viola Modlin, Marien Mumford, Eloise Munger, Mary Mustard, Esther Osser, Sonia Poloway, Alice Rydell, Maryann Smith, Margaret Southland, Shirley Wallace. 42 , atfo -H THE ARCH OF LEARNING 44 Graduating Class of 1879 s the increasing complexity of industry becomes an even more potent factor of modern society, the expert engineer occupies a position of growing importance. The University of Michigan College of Engineering, the second oldest of its kind in the United States, has kept pace with this development and has anticipated the need for men with practical experience and sound training from 1855, when provision for engineering was first made in the University, until today. Although industry had not started to mechanize until 1890, the Physics Department of the University established a course in Civil Engineering as early as 1855. A brilliant " triumvirate " , Charles E. Greene, the first Dean, Joseph B. Davis, who founded the University camp in Wyoming for field work in surveying, and Charles S. Denison, for whom the well-known engineering arch is named, did much toward laying the foundations of an Engineering School. And it was mainly through their efforts that the first Engineering building, shown below was erected in 1881, and that the College of Engineering was established as a separate department in 1895. There followed shortly after this the present West Engineering Building while in 1928 the East Engineering Building was erected. Since 1875 when the first graduating class of fourteen members received diplomas in Civil Engineering, the College has grown to twenty-seven hundred students in its six branches, Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. The aim of the College is to prepare its graduates for positions upon graduation, and this ideal is realized when every year nearly one hundred per cent of the graduating class are placed. The engineer s out-look is not limited to his slide rule, never-the-less, for the Michigan engineer figures in almost every extra-curricular and social activity. In 1881 the first engineering building was erected. 45 DEAN CRAWFORD New to the campus and the College of Engineering this year is Dean Ivan C. Crawford, who has already proved his worth and won considerable acclaim for himself. He is no stranger to the field of education, having come here from the University of Kansas where he held the posts of professor of civil engineering, Dean of the School of Engineering and Architecture, and Director of the Experimental Station. He began his career in education as an instructor in civil engineering at his alma mater, the University of Colorado, later becoming assistant professor, and associate professor. Leaving the University of Colorado he became professor of civil engineering and Dean of the School of Engineer- ing at the University of Idaho. The new Dean is no academic recluse, having been raised in the Leadville, Colorado, mining camps where he worked as a hard rock miner. He has been extremely active in military affairs and now ranks as Lt. Col. in the Engineers Reserve. He is a fine administrator, a top-notch engineer, and a likable gentleman. Dean Crawford fits at Michigan. DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Standing Gram, A. H. White, Eriksen, Miller, Bragg. Seated Higbie, Hawley, Boston, Lovell, Brandt, Stalker, Johnston. 46 CLASS OFFICERS HARRY G. DRICKAMER DOUGLAS JEFFREY . WILLIAM VOLLMER . HAROLD E. BRITTON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Drickamer, Jeffrey Vollmer, Britton COMMITTEES SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE: Fred Dannenfelser, Robert Buritz, William Vollmer. COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE: James Winkler-Chairman, Edward King, Charles Heinen, Robert Buritz, Dudley Scrogin, William Baxter. CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE: William Beebe-Chairman, Peter Brown, David Ladd, Charles Barker, James E. Davoli, Stanley Mleczko. SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Robert Morrison-Chairman, Paul Johnson. FINANCE COMMITTEE: Harold Britton-Chairman, Charles Tieman, Seymour Furbush, Robert Bishcp, Vance Middlesworth, John Tietjen. 47 N MECHANICAL CHEMICAL and METALLURGICAL AERONAUTICAL N Rodney W. Alexander, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . Ann Arbor, Mich. R. Raymond Allen, B.S. in Business Administration . Milwaukee, Wis. Lee. L. Anderson, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Detroit, Mich. Joseph V. Arcure, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Owosso, Mich Joseph W. Barber, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Charles L. Barker, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Pierce Barker, Jr., B.S. in Eng. Bay City, Mich. Limona, Fla. Detroit, Mich. Jesus J. Battad, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. Santo Domingo Island, P. I. William P. Baxter, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Harmon S. Bayer, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Eugene H. Beach, B.S. in Electrical Eng. William F. Beebe, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Oliver H. Bell, B.S. in Electrical Eng. . Richard J. Bell, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. W. Middletown, O. Winthrop, Mass. Milford, Mich. . Wilmette, III. . Jordanville, N. Y. Newaygo, Mich. William D. Biggers, II, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. . Birmingham, Mich. Carl F. Binder, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert W. Bishop, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng. William C. Blanchard, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Victor F. Boetel, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Robert C. Bogert, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Vincent B. Bonder, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Robert H. Bragg, B.S. in Transportation Wynand W. Brandel, B.S. in Chemical Eng. G. Jerome Brenner, B.S. in Electrical Eng. Harold E. Britton, B.S. in Electrical Eng. Keith R. Bronson, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Charles M. Brown, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng. Peter F. Brown, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Edward G. Bull, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Robert S. Buritz, B.S. in Electrical Eng. J. Earl Burell, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Edward J. Cairns, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Robert L. Candlish, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Frank A. Carlson, Jr., B.S. in Physics Markham S. Cheever, B.S. in Civil Eng.. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Traverse City, Mich. East Chicago, Ind. Dayton, O. Detroit, Mich. White Plains, N. Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Mid land, Mich. Westfield, N. J. Lewiston, N. Y. Galesburg, III. . Stockton, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Aurora, III. Menominee, Mich. Windsor, Canada Springfield, Mass. . Detroit, Mich. 50 Alphonso Cheqwin M., B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. Barranquilla, Columbia ENGINEERING Pete Chomici, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . Ann Arbor, Mich. G. Thomas Christiansen, B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Grosse Pointe Pk., Mich. Daniel J. Clarke, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . . Toronto, Ont. Nathan W. Clauss, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . Jackson, Mich. George E. Cogger, B.S. in Transportation Eng. Kenneth E. Coulter, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Detroit, Mich. Auburn, Mich. Sabin Crocker, Jr., B.S. in Mechanical and Marine Eng. Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. C. Louis Cuccia, B.S. in Electrical Eng. and Mathematics Bedford Hills, N. Y. Joseph Czudak, B.S. in Eng. : . . Utica, N. Y. Maurice J. Dalby, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . , Mt. Clemens, Mich. Nelson E. Damm, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Muskegon Hts., Mich. Frederick J. Dannenfelser, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Toledo, O. Irwin W. Davis, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . Saginaw, Mich. James E. Davoli, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Buffalo, N. Y. A. Daniel DeFoe, B.S. in Physics . . Bay City, Mich. Merton M. DeLancey, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . Ottawa, III. Ezio P. DeLorenzi, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . .- . Buffalo, N. Y. Robert C. Dinsmore, B.S. in Chemical Eng. , Flint, Mich. Harry G. Drickamer, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . E. Cleveland, O. David B. Dunlap, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. . Pontiac, Mich. James R. Duthie, Jr., B.S. in Chemical Eng. Prescott S. Earle, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. James M. Eastman, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Gale R. Ecenbarger, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Howard E. Egert, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Jay P. Eggert, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Lakewood, O. Hermansville, Mich. Daytona Beach, Fla. Pittston, Pa. Rocky River, O. Buffalo, N. Y. Whitney A. Erickson, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. Mamaroneck, N. Y. Avard F. Fairbanks, B.S. in Mathematics Albert Feldman, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Charles D. Ford, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Carlos A. Forero, B.S. in Electrical Eng. . Ann Arbor, Mich. Gloversville, N. Y. Madison, N. J. . Subachoque, Columbia Howard Prentice Fox, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. and Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Woodrow G. Frailing, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Iron River, Mich. Robert F. Freitag, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . . . Jackson, Mich. Seymour A. Furbush, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . Baldwinsville, N. Y. Luis Garcia, B.S. in Aeronautical and Mechanical Eng., Guaynabo, P. R. SENIORS l fw -1 51 iL Steve Gawura, B.S. in Electrical Eng. . . . Dearborn, Mich. Ahmet A. Germirli, B.S. in Civil Eng. . . . Kayseri, Turkey Axel B. Gessler, Jr., B.S. in Civil Eng. . . . Cleveland, O. Allen F. Gilliard, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. and Mathematics, Buffalo, N.Y. Norman W. Gollin, B.S. in Electrical Eng. William A. Golz, B.S. in Civil Eng. . George W. Gotfredsen, B.S. in Electrical Eng. Vincent J. Gottschalk, B.S. in Eng. Douglas T. Graham, B.S. in Civil Eng. William N. Gray, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Charles W. Greene, B.S. in Chemical Eng. George A. Grover, B.S. in Transportation Eng. Robert L. Gustafson, B.S. in Law Harold E. Gwillim, Jr., B.S. in Electrical Eng. Robert T. Hall, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Herbert D. Hamilton, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Munger, Mich. Manasquan, N. J. Lowell, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Farmington, Mich. Toledo, O. Owosso, Mich. Iron Mountain, Mich. Pentwater, Mich. Lakewood, O. Ann Arbor, Mich. Miles H. Hamilton, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . Arlington, Va. Robert C. Hamilton, B.S. in Business Administration, Birmingham, Mich. Charles S. Hann, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . Kansas City, Mo. Donald E. Hartwell, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Detroit, Mich. John H. Harwood, B.S. in Business Administration, Milwaukee, Wis. Carling Havermans, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Muskegon, Mich. Frederick A. Heddle, B.S. in Transportation Eng. . Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles M. Heinen, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Royal Oak, Mich. William J. Herrmann, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . Detroit, Mich. Lewis R. Hetiler, B.S. in Electrical Eng. . Benton Harbor, Mich. Edward M. Hinder!, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Holland, Mich. George P. Hogg, Jr., B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. Pittsburgh, Pa. Robert H. Holyoke, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Detroit, Mich. Gordon K. Hood, Jr., B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . Buffalo, N. Y. Ansel F. Hosmer, Jr. , B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . Dearborn, Mich. Abraham Hurlich, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng. . . Everett, Mass. Bernard J. Ignasiak, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . Detroit, Mich. James B. Imrie, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . . Grand Rapids, Mich. Charles N. Isackson, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . Bay City, Mich. Harry A. Jackson, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. Saginaw, Mich. ENGINEERING Nevin J. Jamieson, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . . Detroit, Mich. Douglas C. Jeffrey, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Akron, N. Y. Jens A. Jensen, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . Little Falls, N. Y. Jay W. Johnson, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Gainsville, N. Y. Merrill N. Johnson, B.S. in Law . Manistique, Mich. Norman P. Johnson, B.S. in Civil Eng. . . Detroit, Mich. Paul A. Johnson, Jr., B.S. in Mechanical Eng., Grand Haven, Mich. Whitney L. Kalmbaugh, B.S. in Electrical Eng. Bay City, Mich. Phillip Kaplan, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Detroit, Mich. Marcellus C. Keck, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . . Montclair, N. J. Ralph J. Kelly, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . Buffalo, N. Y. Charles A. Kerner, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Milwaukee, Wis. Charles L. Keyes, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . New Haven, Conn. Thomas F. Kieckhefer, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . Milwaukee, Wis. Marlin K. Kiehle, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . . Syracuse, N. Y. Robert P. Kimball, B.S. in Civil Eng. . . Grand Rapids, Mich. Edward A. King, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. William F. King, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Joseph Kleiman, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Fred A. Klemach, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Harry E. Kohl, B.S. in Business Administration Karl K. Kreitz, Jr., B.S. in Chemical Eng. Charles Kuchar, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Blaine B. Kuist, B.S. in Chemical Eng. John M. Lacy, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. David M. Ladd, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Elsmere, N. Y. Pontiac, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Dayton, O. . Detroit, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Minot, N. D. . Medina, N. Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles W. Lapworth, Jr., B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. Detroit, Mich. Robert E. Larking, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Oak Park, Norman H. Lauterbach, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. Hilton Village, Va. William E. Leeder, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. John D. Lehner, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng. Carl F. Lepisto, B.S. in Civil Eng. Allegan, Mich. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Wakefield, Mich. Joseph Levine, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Summit, N. J. Jerome A. Lewis, B.S. in Electrical Eng. . . Detroit, Mich. Toivo M. Liimatainen, B.S. in Physics and Mathematics, Peabody, Mass. John P. Lord, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . Saginaw, Mich. w T I 1 wl f SENIORS Robert Lowry, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng., Redding Calif. Arthur R. MacVittie, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Emery S. Madarasz, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Flint, Mich. G. William Mahlman, B.S. in Physics . . . Kenmore, N. Y. David T. Marks, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . . Morenci, Mich. Edward T. Martin, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . . Winnetka, III. Harry C. Matteson, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . Jackson, Mich. Robert K. McCamey, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . Bradford, Pa. Howard K. McCoy, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . Hope, Mich. Warren E. McElroy, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. San Rafael, Calif. Charles W. McWilliams, B.S. in Physics . . . Kearny, N. J. Jerome W. Mecklenburger, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . Winnetka, III. Vance W. Middlesworth, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng. . Ann Arbor, Mich. John T. Mitchell, B.S. in Electrical Eng. . . . Kokomo, Ind. Stanley S. Mleczko, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . Northampton, Mass. Robert J. Morrison, B.S. in Business Administration . Trenton, N. J. Richard G. Morton, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Lowell R. Moss, Jr., B.S. in Chemical Eng. Louis E. Mueller, B.S. in Electrical Eng. Philip R. Mueller, B.S. in Transportation Eng. . Rochester, N. J. . Woodbury, N. J. . Standish, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Thomas C. Nethsrton, B.S. in Transportation Eng., Colorado Springs, Colo. Donald H. Nichols, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Cresco, la. Edwin A. Nielsen, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . Jackson, Mich. Edward S. Osier, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . . Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert G. Owens, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Carl j. Oxford, B.S. in Eng. Mechanics Robert U. Palliaer, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Ernest J. Palmer, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Jacksonville, III. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Jackson, Mich. David Panar, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . Vegreville, Alberta, Canada John F. Patrick, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Detroit, Mich. Russell H. Peebles, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Detroit, Mich. Ernest J. Petersen, B.S. in Mechanical Eng;. . . Greenwich, Conn. Robert R. Peterson, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Eugene A. Pickert, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . John S. Pierson, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Chandler H. Pinney, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Ypsilanti, Mich. . Ann Arbor, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Owosso, Mich. 54 ENGINEERING Fred B. Pomeraning, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Jack E. Price, B.S. in Physics Woodrow W. Rankin, B.S. in Transportation Eng. W. Berry Ratliff, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Floyd F. Rechlin, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Charles L. Reinsch, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Trenton, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Rochester, N. Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Buffalo, N. Y. Spencer Reitz, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. Brooklyn, N. Y. Bruno Rocca, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . Windsor, Ontario, Canada W. Kemp Rogers, Jr., B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Richard R. Rottier, B.S. in Electrical Eng. Don W. Ryker, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Edward Saarinen, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. David M. Sails, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Gilbert Samuelson, Jr., B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Earl Schaefer, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. E. Dudley Scrogin, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Robert R. Selfridge, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . James H. Shaver, B.S. in Chemical Eng. David W. Shearston, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. John A. Shelton, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Baltimore, Md. Kalamazoo, Mich. Royal Oak, Mich. Detroit, Mich. . Nyack, N. Y. Willoughby, O. Spring Lake, Mich. Bradenton, Fla. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Miami, Fla. Chevy Chase, Md. Richard S. Shelter, B.S. in Chemical Eng. and Metallurgical Eng David Shore, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Cedomir, M. Sliepcevich, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Morley L. Sloman, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. .akewood, O. Detroit, Mich. Anaconda, Mont. Bellevue, Pa Paul D. Smeltzer, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. Lewis F. Smith, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. William C. Smothers, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Arnold H. Soeder, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Harvey G. Spencer, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Nelson W. Spencer, B.S. in Electrical Eng. . J. Clark, Spooner, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. George E. Statezni, B.S. in Electrical Eng. Iresson, Pa. . Auburn, N.Y. Highland Park, Mich. Rochester, N. Y. Flint, Mich. East Aurora, N. Y. Glencoe, III. Plymouth, Mich. Jack N. Steketee, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . Detroit, Mich. William L. Stevens, B.S. in Naval Architecturea and Marine Eng. Ypsilanti, Mich. John Strand, B.S. in Electrical Eng. . . Mt. Morris, Mich. Gordon A. Stumpf, B.S. in Electrical Eng. . . Buffalo, N. Y. A SENIORS 55 v v . ' Albert M. Stutz, B.S. Aeronautical Eng. . . . Detroit Mich. David B. Sutherland, B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Eng. . . Monclair, N.J. Joseph B. Tate, B.S. in Electrical Eng Cincinnati, O. Paul W. Theriault, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. . . Negaunee, Mich. Ward W. Thiel, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Benjamin F. Thomas, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. James F. Thompson, B.S. in Transportation Eng. Charles R. Tieman, B.S. in Electrical Eng. John O. Tietjen, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . Louis W. Toth, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Richard F. Towner, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Paul S. Townsend, B.S. in Physics Leslie J. Trigg, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Margaret E. Udell, B.S. in Mathematics Robert D. Van Campen, B.S. in Eng. Mechanics Jacque E. Van Gieson, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Ernesto Villegas, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Aurora, III. . Pittsburgh, Pa. Painted Post, N. Y. . Royal Oak, Mich. . Lakewood, O. Toledo, O. Arlington, Va. Lebanon, N. H. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Flint, Mich. Proving Ground, III. Manizales, Columbia Vincent A. Vis, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . Grand Rapids, Mich. William E. Vollmer, B.S. in Business Administration . Manistee, Mich. Norman E. Wahl, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . Buffalo, N. Y. Arland R. Walkley, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . Muskegon Hts., Mich. Chester W. Waters, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . . Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard N. Weatherston, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. . Buffalo, N. Y. George W. Weesner, B.S. in Chemical Eng. . . Nashville, Tenn. Thomas A. Weidig, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng. Jack Weigel, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Irving Weiss, B.S. in Electrical Eng. Charles B. Westbrook, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Colin C. Weymouth, B.S. in Chemical Eng. Adam A. White, B.S. in Forestry Richard T. White, B.S. in Electrical Eng. Robert G. Willard, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. David Williams, B.S. in Physics James V. Winkler, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Miles K. Wolfson, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. William M. Wood, B.S. in Metallurgical Eng. Monroe, Mich. Wilmette, III. New York, N. Y. Port Jervis, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Pittsburgh, Pa. Willard, O. Wilkinsburg, Pa. Peabody, Mass. Manistee, Mich. Miami Beach, Fla. Ann Arbor, Mich. 56 ENGINEERING Leon R. Wosika, B.S. in Aeronautical Eng. Francis W. Wrock, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. John Yoder, B.S. in Chemical Eng. John R. Young, B.S. in Mechanical Eng. Pao-chong, Young, B.S. in Civil Eng. Orrin G. Youngquist, B.S. in Chemical_Eng. Walter H. Zimmerman, B.S. in Mechanical_Eng. El Pao, Texas Detroit, Mich. Larchmont, N. Y. Lawton, Mich. Shanghai, China Marquette, Mich. . Flint, Mich. In the historic and beautiful Snake River country of Wyoming, Civil Engineers spend the summer learning the intrica- cies of Surveying. SENIORS 57 Top Row Taylor, Bishop, Woodbury, Kelley, Weesner. Row 2 Battey, Hindert, Osier, Tretjen, Gilliom, Wehymeyer Row 3 Elminger, Hartwell, Hogg, Brown, Kennedy, Seals, Wallace. Row 4 Graham, Buritz, Britton, Treasurer,- Morrison, President; King, Vice-President; Wilkie, Secretary,- Winkler, Drickamer. ENGINEERING COUNCIL The most effective student governing body on campus is the Engineering Council, composed of representatives elected by each class of the College of Engineering and by the various engineering organizations. This year, under the able leadership of President Bob Morrison, the Council has had its most successful term in history. Among the more important functions of the Council is that of the Honor Committee, which directs the workings of the Honor System govern- ing all work in the College of Engineering. The Council directs the many activities in the College, including Open House, smokers, the All-Engineering Banquet, and the Engineering Ball. It collects class dues and publishes THE ARCH, the freshman directory. It has contributed in a great part to the spirit and tradition of which the College of Engineering is so justly proud. HONOR COMMITTEE Hutcherson, Gilliom, Wilkie, Hogg, Britton, Chairman,- Hartwell, Brown, Kelley, Wehymeyer. 58 Guided by the Council, the engineers support more student societies than any other division of the University . . . Annually frolic at two formal all- Engineering dances . . . gather each year at the All-Engineering banquet . . . compete each spring in interclass baseball . . . demonstrate that tradi- tion can still exist at a large university . . . belie the belief that fun and work don t mix . . . support their College with a deep rooted love and a belief in the Profession. Bobbys Curdes and Chairman Ed King at Engineering Ball. Al Wilkie, Bob Sommerha ys, and Bob Bishop apply final touches to THE ARCH. Student operators demonstrate engineering techniques at Open House. 59 OPEN HOUSE Every two years, the College of Engineering opens its doors to the public and demonstrates equipment and techniques by means of guided tours. Alumni, high- school students, and the remainder of the student body were entertained by continuous movies, operation of the wind-tunnel and naval tank, puzzling electrical exhibits, and the State highway laboratories. Those who viewed the entire Open House were deeply im- pressed with the immensity of the physical plant and could understand why the College of Engineering is " one of the country ' s finest " . Theory meets practice they agree, they coincide. SLIDE RULE BALL COMMITTEE Top Row Heinen, Mast, Morrison, Williams, King, Proctor, Munger, Wilkie. Row 2 Imboden, Sigrist, French, Yale, Toth, Dobson, Van Alstyne, Burnham. Row 3 Furbush, Chambers, Tieman, Shelly, Weesner, Kuivinen, Ramsay, Britton. 60 Top Row HeMMIi Churchill, Swartz. Bondar, Hosmer, Van Giesen, Petersen, Osborn, Owens, Pomeraning, Furbush. Row 2 Tritten, Wallace, Pabst, Stewart, Jones, Sullivan, Chomicz, Helgren, Jerome, Isackson. Row 3 Sharrard, Gans. Bela, Armstrong, Duthie, Burrell, Selfridge, Greene, Miller, Wengryniuk. Row 4 Currie, Murch, Weisman, Collamore, Kuist, Kennedy, Beals, Ecenbarger, Hayter, Reinsch, Wahl. Row 5 Dalby, Rocca, Youngquist, Moss, Ryker. McCamey, Drickamer, Spencer. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS LOWELL R. MOSS . ORRIN G. YOUNGQUIST DON W. RYKER . ROBERT K. McCAMEY . BRUNO ROCCA HARRY G. DRICKAMER PROFESSOR DONALD L. KATZ . President First Vice-President Second Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Engineering Council Representative Faculty Adviser MEMBERS: Grant Allen, Burton Armstrong, Kent Arnold, Dave Bateman, Robert P. Beals, William Beebe, Sam Bela, Vincent Bondar, John R. Brady, William Brooks, Ken Bromek, Peter F. Brown, J. E. Burrell, Edward Cairns, Peter Chomicz, Stuart Churchill, N. W. Clauss, W. G. Collamore. Dolph Colosky, J. A. Consiglio, William Cranston, Donald Crumbaker, MacCurrie, M. J. Dalby, Merton Delancy, Guy A. Dimichele, William H. Downen, John P. Downing, Harry Drickamer, J. R. Dugan, James Fahs, Gale Feenbarger, Albert Feldman, F. Fowler, Seymour Furbush, William C. Gans, Philip A. Gelber, Sam Grosline, Charles Green, C. N. Hager, John Hammelef, Gilbert Hanke, William Hartwig, Charles Hatcher, Robert Hatchins,- Edward Hayter, Norman R. Helgren, Ansel Hosmer, John Hunt, Charles N. Isackson, Al F. Jerome, Robert Jones, Duane Kenaga, Verne C. Kennedy, Charles Kimmel, Bernard Kroot, Charles Kuchar, Blaine Kuist, Bill Lehman, H. M. Manning, R. K. McCamey, Howard McCoy, J. L. McCurdy, Charles Miller, 0. P. Morch, William Morea, G. A. Morrison, Lowell Moss, Robert G. Owens, J. E. Osborn, Robert Pabst, Max Peterson, Robert Pollioer, Fred Pomeraming, Don Powers, Charles Reinsch, Bruce Renaud, Thaine Reynolds, Bruno Rocca, R. Rosencranz, Robert Roy, M. J. Rzasa, Charles Sech, Robert Selfridge, George Sharrard, Sidney Shell, Duane A. Shepard, Shigekawa, Lawrence Shipman, Cornelius Skutt, C. M. Sliepcevich, Rufus Snook, C. G. Snyder, Arnold H. Soeder, Don Stalyenbach, Donald H. Stewart, Bernard Sullivan, Robert Sundquist, Dorman Swartz, G. P. Taggart, Ray Trittan, John Tripp, R. Van Cleve, Jacques Van Gieson, Vincent A. Vis, Edward Vogt, Norman Wahl, Robert Wallace, John Wardwell, John Weber, Robert Weisman, Arthur Wendt, George Wengryniuk, Don West, Louis York, Richard W. Young, Orrin G. Youngquist. 61 Top Row McNaughton, Weiss, Bangert, Metcalf, Hill, Bell, Statezni, Mabbett. Row 2 Van Camp, Johnson, Thalmer, McCord, Ehrlich, Suthergreen, Hu, Rottier, Royer, Brassfield. Row 3 White, Anthony, Lotus, Miller Whipple, Harrison, Beach, Hetzler, Hopkins. Row 4 Kendall, Stamm, Tull, Gollin, Gawura, Price, Gwillim, Lewis, Cuccia, Mohammed. Row 5 Stumpf, Buritz, Strand, Britton, Attwood, Tieman, Gauld, Gotschall, Battey, Spencer, Gomberg. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS CHARLES R. TIEMAN ROBERT S. BURITZ GEORGE D. GOTSCHALL JOHN STRAND . H. BRUCE BATTEY . JAMES S. GAULT Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary Treasurer Engineering Council Rep. Faculty Advisor FACULTY: Stephen S. Attwood, Benjamin F. Bailey, H. S. Bull, Joseph H. Cannon, William G. Dow, James S. Gault, H. H. Highie, A. H. Lovell, A. D. Moore, Melville Stout. GRADUATES: C. Louis Cuccia, L. J. Ciacoletto, Han Chuan Hu, John Kantor, Gerhard Liedholz, John F. McNaughton, Henry S. Mika, Dick Rottier. MEMBERS: Irving S. Anthony, John T. Bangert, H. Bruce Battey, Eugene H. Beach, Oliver H. Bell, John H. Berkey, William H. Brassfield, Harold E. Britton, Gilbert W. Bullock, Robert S. Buritz, Robert W. Ehrlich, Steve Gawurd, William L. Genzel, Anthony V. Gentile, Norman W. Gollin, Charles E. Goodell, Henry J. Gomberg, George W. Gotfredsen, George D. Gotschall, Harold E. Gwillim, Jr., Lewis R. Hetzler, Donald R. Hill, Louis A. Hopkins, Jr., Arnold Horelick, Alex P. Jerencsik, Byron H. Johnson, Whitney Kalmbaugh, Winters N. Kendall, Dale N. Lotus, Jerome A. Lewis, Arthur E. Mabbett, Blair W. Macdermid, Herbert A. Martens, Herbert W. McCord, W. G. McKenzie, Rowland H. McLaughlin, Fred D. Metcalf, Robert E. Miller, Ali H. Mohammad, Louis E. Mueller, Robert H. Newton, Jack E. Price, Henry W. Royce, Samuel I. Russell, Nelson W. Spencer, John Stamm, George B. Statezni, John Strand, Walter M. Strickland, Gordon A. Strumpf, Bruce B. Suthergreen, Joseph B. Tate, Robert R. Thalner, Casper M. Thompson, Charles R. Tieman, William J. Tull, Margaret E. Udell, Frank E. Van Camp, John A. Vanden Hook, Francis E. Villeneuve, Lloyd Vroman, Don W. Warren, Wilbur Walworth, Irving Weiss, Grant D. Whipple, Richard T. White, D. E. Whomes. 62 Top Row Sierleja, Germirli, Largo, Chang, Killeen, Holmes, Swenson, Price, Alway. Row 2 Lepisto, Djivelekoglu, Wallace, Mosher, Fisher, McCleer, Cogger, Loveys. Row 3 Zograph, Mataraci, Barrett, Golz, Donnelly, Van O ' Linda, Freer, Weesner, Ricketts. Row 4 Kimball, Graham, Johnson, Zolik, Steketee, Gessler, Elmiger, Auferoth, Lee Middleton. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS JACK N. STEKETEE . FRED J. ELMIGER OWEN L. FISHER . AXEL GESSLER . MITCHELL J. ZOLIC. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS: Charles M. Adams, Donald L. Alway, John Anferoth, Jr., Orhan F. Barim, Fern W. Barrett, Paul T. T. Chang, Jim Cissell, George E. Cogger, Paul J. Donnelly, Fred J. Elmiger, Bill Fales, Campbell Fisher, Owen L. Fischer, Romeo H. Freer, Ahmet Germirli, Axel Gessler, William Golz, Walter T. Holmes, Douglas T. Graham, Pai Chuan Hu, Norman Johnson, Frank W. Kennen, Robert F. Killien, Robert P. Kimball, Donald J. Largo, Joseph O. Lee, Carl Lepisto, Marshall Loughin, Donald C. Loveys, Conrad Maxin, Philip McCleer, Maxwell Miles, Jack H. Mosher, Ernest L. Newmann, James H. Price, Allan Rickett, Edward Sierleja, Jack N. Steketee, Marchall Strenger, William W. Swenson, Chew Check Szeto, Bernard R. Thar, Edward H. Van O Linda, David Van Strien, George W. Weesner, Leo J. Zograph, Mitchell J. Zolik. 63 Top Row Peterson, Klute, Clark, Bell, jenkin, Scherer, Youngdahl, Koffel, Brininstool, Moed, Hehemann, Havermans. Row 2 Robinson, Kinney, Stomberg, Waldner, Knight, Bowker, Whitney, Cameron, Matt, Teesdale, Fischer, Clark, Schwab. Row 3 -Hamilton, White, Long, Johnson, Cunningham, Hellenburg, Anderson, Smothers, Sloman, Alexander. Row 4 Ingold, Jones, Hallissy, Eastman, Crocker, Vincent, Johnson, Templer, Tietjan, Davis, Sails. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PROFESSOR E. T. VINCENT PAUL A. JOHNSON . SABIN CROCKER, JR. JOSEPH HALLISSY JAMES EASTMAN . JOHN TIETJEN Honorary Chairman President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Engineering Council Rep. MEMBERS: Rodney Alexander, Lee L. Anderson, Neil Babington, Orhawo, Bati, Preston, E. Beck, Jay C. Bell, John E. Bowker, Gerald Brininstool, Keith R. Bronson, George D. Cameron, Robert L. Candlish, George T. Christiansen, Daniel K. Clark, Jarrett R. Clark, Harvey L. Colgin, Sabin Crocker, Jr., Robert S. Cunningham, Nelson Damm, Irwin W. Davis, James M. Eastman, William W. Fisher, James E. Fromm, Joe M. Hallissy, Herbert D. Hamilton, Carling Haver- mans, Robert F. Hehemann, Clare E. Hellenberg, Robert T. Hunt, Douglas C. Jeffrey, Wendall R. Jenkin, Arden M. Johnson, Paul A. Johnson, Ray S. Jones, Phillip Kaplan, Thomas G. Kinney, Daniel J. Klute, Douglas G. Knight, William K. Koffel, John M. Lacy, John R. Long, William F. Maybury, Frank W. McCabe, Matthew L. Moed, Richard G. Morton, David Panar, Carl L. Peterson, Ernest W. Robinson, Edward Saarinen, David M. Sails, Robert Sayre, Ralph A.Schwab, Herbert L. Schwartz, Leonard P. Shelley, George H. Sherman, Morley L. Sloman, William C. Smothers, Andrew W, Stomberg, Edwin Tarnoff, Rufus Teesdale, John A. Templer, Ward W. Thiel, Louis W. Toth, Bernard R. Van Wagnen Jack H. Waldner, Arland R. Walkley, George H. Webb, Lloyd C. White, Jack E. Wright, John R. Young, Paul E. Youngdahl, Walter H. Zimmerman. 64 Top Row Davis, Rudloff, Schick, Earle, Kelly, Kieckhefer, Shearston, Tsu. Stutz, Eichhorn, Wilkie. Row 2 Dreyer, Dunn, Paxhia, Ranson, Williams, Wolfson, De Lorenii, Satchem, Bogert, Hall. Row 3 Hood, Westbrook, Thetiault, Clarke. Shore, Fitton, Bengal, Parker, Misura, Levin, Boetel. Row 4 Springer, Johnson, Freitag. Ignasiak, Matteson, Keck, Soennichsen, Rechlin, Kerner, Schwarzbach, Strong Row 5 Osier, King, Pawlowski, Trigg. Stalker, Fielding, Thompson, Wasika, Beauvais. INSTITUTE OF THE AERONAUTICAL SOCIETY LESLIE J. TRIGG HENRY T. FIELDING, JR. EDWARD A. KING . LEON R. WOSIKA PROFESSOR MILTON J. THOMPSON . E. SCOTT OSLER . Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary Treasurer Honorary Chairman Engineering Council Representative MEMBERS: James Anderson, Francis N. Beauvais, Vernon C. Bengal, Donald Berg, Arthur B. Billet, V. F. Boetel, Robert C. Bogert, Stewart P. Bower, Max J. Breitenbach, Jim Burchard, Daniel A. Cantor, Donald J. Clarke, Thomas Fred Coleman, Harry Condit, Thomas Courtney, Jr., Douglas Davis, Ezio DeLorenzi, Harley Dennee, Hubert Drake, Edward F. Drewniany, William N. Dreyer, Leigh Ernest Dunn, Prescott S. Earle, Howard W. Eichorn, Henry T. Fielding, Jr., John A. Fitton, Jr., Robert Frietag, Anthony V. Gentile, Eric T. Garrett, Parker Garth, Donald Hack, James B. Hall, Robert T. Hall, Harold J. Harmer, Gordon Hood, Charles Hughes, Bernard J. Ignasiak, John C. Jackovitch, Arne Johnson, Harold I. Johnson, M. Charles Keck, Ralph J. Kelly, C. A. Kerner, Thomas F. Kieckhefer, Marlin H. Kiehle, Edward A. King, Walters, Klappich, Fred Klemach, Wallace J. Latchem, Charles A. Lessinger, Louis R. Levin, Edward T. Martin, Harry Matteson, Eugene Migotsky, Emil Misura, Carl Mortenson, E. Scott Osier, Garth Parker, Vincent B. Paxhia, Robert J. Platt, Jr., Clifford Jack Prentice, Daniel R. Ranney, Charles W. Ranson, Floyd Rechlin, Robert D. Raymond I. Schneyer, Jacquee H. Schooler, Jerome H. Schwarzbach, j. M. Schwartzbach, Victor G. Seiferth, D. Shore, Matthew E. Soennichsen, Richard M. Springer, Joseph W. Straayer, E. W. Strong, Albert M. Stutz, Robert G. Swift, Paul W. Theriault, Frederick W. Thompson, Frederick A. Tietzel, Leslie J. Trigg, Leonard Troy, Jack Chang Nee Tsu, Robert A. Weinberger, Charles B. Westerbrook, Wallace H. Wilkie, Ermont L. Williams, William H. Williams, Miles Wolfson, Leon R. Wosika, Stanislaus L. Yoh. 65 Top: Wood, Goetz. Standing Newman, Braun, Denney, Marshall, Clifford, Cornelius, G. Bott, Hamilton, Marrow, Doman, Weichsel, Robinson, Matteson. Kneeling Martin, Stevens, Burnham, Trigg, A. Bott, Osier, Nielson. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN FLYING CLUB ALAN R. BOTT LESLIE TRIGG HENRY VAN VEEN CORWIN DENNEY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer LESLIE TRIGG E. SCOTT OSLER . WENDELL YOUNG CORWIN DENNEY MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Professor E. W. Conlon, Harold Allen. MEMBERS: George Bott, Bob Braun, Ed. Bull, Rex Burnham, John Clifford, Peggy Cornelius, Glidden S. Doman, Nydia Goetz, Joan Hamilton, Howard Lewis, Jack Marrow, Virl Marshall, Ed. Martin, Harry Matteson, Leo Newman, Edwin Nielson, E. Scott Osier, Stewart Peel, Frank Richart, Warren Robinson, Earl Rottmeyer, Dick Shelby, Ross Stevens, Hans Weichsel, Elaine Wood, Wendell Young, Fred Zeder. National Intercollegiate Flying Champions! This was the title gained by the club, represented by nine members, at the National Intercollegiate Flying Meet. The Meet was won in stiff competition with thirty other college organiza- tions from all parts of the country. The club experienced two other notable accomplishments during the past year: It placed second in the contest for the coveted Loening Trophy which is awarded annually to the college flying club having the most activity coupled with the best competitive record during the past year. After many years of hoping and considerable work on the part of the members, the club achieved its goal of owning its own plane. The ship is a light, two placed 65 hp. sport plane. It is used for pleasure flying and instruction, and by members in local and inter- collegiate meets. 66 Top Row Seniska, Belsley, Battad, Low, Jackson, Andries, Dama, Ulbrich. Row 2 Heller, Binder, Allmendinger, Wheeler, Clifford, Mandel. Row 3 Fitzmier, Wallace, Dunlap, Newman, Limpert, Bragg, Adams, Baier. QUARTERDECK RAY C. BELSLEY ARTHUR LOW . HERMAN ULBRICH KARL BINDER Commodore Vice-Commodore Purser Steward MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Asst. Prof. H. C. Adams, Assoc. Prof. L. A. Baier, Prof. E. M. Bragg, Dean Emeritus H. C. Sadler. HONORARY MEMBERS: Dean Emeritus M. E. Cooley, Capt. Lyal Davidson, C.V. Essery, A. Limpert. MEMBERS: Gene Allmendinger, Joe Andries, Jesus Battad, Ray Belsley, Karl Binder, Arthur Clifford, Frank Dama, Horace Duncan, David Dunlap, Albert Fitzmier, Ries Heller, Harry Jackson, Norman Lauterbach, Arthur Low, Philip Mandel, Warren McElroy, William Mitchell, Charles Newman, Nate Reame, Stanley Seniska, Ralph Turner, Herman Ulbrich, Gene Wallace, Robert Wheeler. 67 Top Row Wilkie, Dobson, Hopkins, Gotschall, White. Row 2 Battey, Stumpf, Britton Recording Secretary, Beach, Corresponding Secretary, Jerencsik, Hetzler. Row 3 Buritz Vice-President, Higbie, Treasurer, Attwood, Strand, Presisent, Stout, Gault, Tieman. ETA KAPPA NU MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Steven S. Attwood, Benjamin F. Bailey, Hempstead S. Bull, Joseph H. Cannon, William G. Dow, James S. Gault, Henry H. Higbie, Lewis N. Holland, Alfred H. Lovell, Arthur D. Moore, Melville B. Stout. MEMBERS: H. Bruce Battey, Eugene H. Beach, Harold E. Britton, Robert S. Buritz, Arthur W. Dobson, George D. Gotschall, Lewis R. Hetzler, Louis A. Hopkins, Alex P. Jerencsik, John Strand, Gordon A. Stumpf, Charles R. Tieman, Alex C. White, Richard T. White. Top Row Don Alway, John Bowker, John Nagel, George Cogger, Bob Radkey, Social Chairman, Fred Elmiger. Row 2 Robert Guenther, Fred Heddle, Howard Wolf, Kimon Vasiliou, Woodrow Rankin Trip Chairman. Row 3 William Chase Secretary and Treasurer, Professor W. J. Emmons, Max Miles Vice-President, George Grover, President, Professor W. C. Sadler, James Conner. TRANSPORTATION CLUB MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Professor Walter J. Emmons, Professor Roger L. Morrisen, Professor Walter C. Sadler, Professor John S. Worley. MEMBERS: Charles M. Adams, Donald L. Alway, John E. Bowker, Robert H. Bragg, Jack W. Butler, William M. Chase, George E. Cogger, James W. Conner, Fred J. Elmiger, Paul N. Erickson, William C. Fales, George A. Grover, Robert W. Guenther, Fred A. Heddle, Clinton L. Heimbach, Marshall I. Loughin, E. V. Middleton, Ludvick J. Mikulich, Max A. Miles, Robert E. Mueller, Philip R. Mueller, John T. Nagel, Tom C. Netherton, Robert B. Radkey, Woodrow W. Rankin, Jacques H. Schooler, Jerome M. Schwarzbach, Roy Stram, Jr., Sanford H. Stone, James F. Thompson, David Van Strien, Kimon F. Vasiliou, Walter M. Williams, Howard F. Wolf. 68 70 AN INVITATION TO DAYDREAM. An ancient tool in a modern school. Individ ualism and originality are stressed in the School of Architecture. Part of the student ' s time is spent in studying the masters of the past, while the rest is devoted to work in his individual phases of art. The courses offered in architecture, landscape architecture, decorative design, drawing, painting, and modeling, provide wide and varied opportunities for students in the school, as well as those from other parts of the campus. Architectural education involves general and technical training supplemented by actual experience. It has as its aim the combination of professional preparation with a background of cultural education. Thus the student is prepared to analyze the varied problems which will confront him during his career. 71 DEAN BENNETT In the three years that Wells I. Bennett has been Dean of the School of Architecture, he has shown a great ability to coordinate the many and varied phases of art taught there. His profound interest in art and archi- tecture is evident even during his leisure time for he spends many hours working in and developing his beautiful garden. He is also concerned with housing conditions and the problems that they present. That he has been extremely active in this field is shown by his membership in the International Housing Association, the National Association of Housing Officials, and his position of director of the Michigan Housing Associa- tion. The Dean first came to Ann Arbor in 191 3, the year after he graduated from the University of Syracuse. The degree of Master of Science was granted him by this University in 1918. u Top Row A. K. Lahty, F. H. Aldrich, E. H. Barnes, E. Weddige, R. Bailey, A. M. Valeric, G. B. Brigham, G. B. Ross, D. B. Gooch, G. B. Cole, H. O. Whittemore, R. Mathews, L. A. Ennersen, S. G. Warner. Row 2 W. W. Gores, J. Hebrard, R. W. Hammett, C. B. Heller, W. I. Bennett, F. C. O ' Dell, W. O. Marshall, M. B. Chapin, J. P. Slusser, G M. McConkey. 72 OFFICERS Gaunt, Vedder, Treut, Smith. GEORGE GAUNT ARTHUR TREUT ANN VEDDER LINN SMITH President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COUNCIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: President, William Harrison, Vice-President, Robert Stoll; Business Manager, John Kelly; Secretary, Ann Vedder. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Finance, George Gaunt; Business, Linn Smith; Social, Jean Ranahan; New Activities, Sue Holtzman; Publicity, Paul Rogers; Maintainence, Frank Butters. Top Row Gaunt, Smith, Stoll, Kelly, Rogers. Row 2 Ranahan, Holtzman, Harrison, Vedder 73 N W Josephine E. Alexander, A.B. Design George F. Andrews, B.S. Arch. Nicholas A. Athens, B.S., Arch. Eng. Grace H. Barton, B.D. Dec. Design William S. Birnerf, B.A. Const. J. Brooks Buderus, B.S. Arch. Will A. Cannon, Jr., B.S. Arch. Dorothy C. Cowan, B.D. Dec. Design Arthur H. Davis, B.S. Arch. Elizabeth J. Dice, B.D. Painting Richard E. Dulebohn, B.S. Arch. Const. Anthony O. Endres, A.B. Arch Marion E. Engel, B.D. Arch. Dewey Evans, B.D. Indus. Design Elizabeth F. Garry, B.S. George H. Gaunt, B. Arch. Robert E. Hague, B.D. Arch. William P. Harrison, B.S. Arch. Clifford W. James, B.S. Arch. . Mary-Anna Jamison, B.D. Evelyn A. Kalb, B.D. Design Dorothy V. Keene, B.D. Int. Design John E. Kelly, B.S. Arch. Gifford G. Kibbe, B.S. Arch. . C. Wesley Lane, B.S. Arch. Jeanne A. Maddy, Bachelor of Design Howard L. McKenney, B.S. Arch. Howard G. McKie, Jr., B.S. Arch. Don R. Metz, B.S. Arch. Mary Lou Mills, B.D. Int. Design James B. Morison, B.S. Arch. Rolf E. Muenter, B.S.A. Arch. James D. Neilson, B.D. J. Wesley Olds, B.S. Arch. Virginia A. Osgood, B.D. Int. Design Stephen S. Page, A.B. Arch. Ann Arbor, Mich. Denver, Colo. Gary, Ind. Escanoba, Mich. Denver, Colo. Toledo, O. Niagara Falls, N. Y. . Ann Arbor, Mich. . Snyder, N. Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ramsay, Mich. Johannesburg, S. Africa Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. . Bluefield, W. Va. Vassar, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. Chicago, III. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Springfield, III. Syracuse, N. Y. Rossford, O. . Elkhart, Ind. Almont, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Auburn, Ind. Escanaba, Mich. Williamsburg, Pa. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Holyoke, Mass. Winnetka, III. Ishpeming, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich 74 Kathryn B. Palmer, B.D. Dec. Design Ralph D. Peterson, Jr., B.S. Arch. Alvaro Posada, B.S. Arch. James C. Roberts, B.S. Arch Eng. . Clarence A. Roessler, B.A. Arch. Paul D. Rogers, B.D. . William J. Rosenberg, B.D. . Betty J. Sage, B.D. Int. Dec. Mazie Saltman, B.D. Adver. Charles M. Shaw, A.B. Design Robert J. Stoll, B.S. Arch. Design John J. Thomas, B.L.A. Arthur A. Treut, Jr., B.D. G. Henry Van Veen, B.D. Ann E. Vedder, B.S. Design Margaret H. Whittemore, B.D. Ann D. Wills, B.D. Int. Design Priscilla L. Woodhead, B.D. Mary A. Young, B.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Gary, Ind. Bogota Columbia, S. A. . Highland Park, Mich. Neillsville, Wis. Chelsea, Mich. . Outremont, Que., Can. Birmingham, Mich. Holyoke, Mass. . Ann Arbor, Mich. . Little Valley, N. Y. Pontiac, Mich. Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Chicago, III. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Marion, O. 75 _ In the community of tomorrow 76 (Abstract design in old and new mediums. 77 Techniques of commercial art the air brush and aerial perspective. 78 Life drawing Hhe mechanical aspects of art. 79 Top Row Hassan, Farrell, Boone, Gregg, Kenyan, Morrison, Gomon. Row 2 Gomersall, Kibbe, Lane, Laitila, Trowell, Lapp, Nelson. Row 3 Hammett, Hartger, Himes, Neuchterlein, Olds, Porter, Spencer, Sakeller. ALPHA RHO CHI Founded at Michigan and Illinois 1914 Iktinos Chapter J. WESLEY OLDS . WILMAR F. NEUCHTERLEIN HAROLD E. HIMES JAMES O. PORTER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Wells I. Bennett, M.S., Ernest H. Barnes, A.M., Ralph W. Hammett, A.M., Emil Lorch, A.M., George M. McConkey, B.A.E., A. Mastro Valeric, Thomas S. Tanner, B.S. ACTIVE MEMBERS: John D. Boone, Charles V. Cowan, William F. Farrell, Richard Gomersall, William R. Goman, G. Jerome Hartgsr, FuadS. Hassan, Harold E. Himes, John E. Kelley, Gifford Kibbe, Walter M. Laitala, C. Wesley Lane, Brooks Lapp, Janes B. Morrison, Norman C. Nagle, Willard Nelson, Wilmar F. Neuchterlein, J.Wesley Olds, James G. Porter, Clarence A. Roessler, Nicholas Sakellar, Nelson W. Spencer, Robert J. Stoll, Albert H. Trowell. 80 19 M K mr TAPPAN HALL. . . BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL 82 " We can easily swing it with a million dollars. " I he growing emphasis on economic planning, the tendency toward recurring maladjustments in business, in fact, our whole modern system of industry demands of the student more than a mere ap- prenticeship. The establishment of the School of Business Administration in 1924 was an outgrow th of the movement to extend instruction in the problems of modern business and finance. Since it is understood that professional instruction in this field should be based upon a substantial general educa- tion, the school has been placed at a graduate level and requires a bachelors degree for admission. To acquaint students with typical situations that arise in business relationships and to emphasize the need for analytical ability, instruction in the Business Administration School is based largely upon the use of the case or problem method, employing cases drawn from actual experience in a wide variety of fields. A large library of contemporary books and periodicals, covering every phase of modern business theory and practice, augments both classroom and lecture. The School also maintains a laboratory containing standard computing and listing machines. Conferences with various groups of businessmen, a Bureau of Business Research, and Bureau of Industrial Relations as well as a placement service are additional features of the School. Surplus profits less 10% depreciation, less defense tax 83 DEAN GRIFFIN Dean Clare Elmer Griffin, possessor of many academic degrees and citations, is perhaps best noted for his versatility in the field of economics and business administration. Professor of trans- port and commerce, expert on the U. S. Shipping Board, authority on banking and marketing, Dean Griffin is also a contributor to the AMER- ICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW and THE JOURNAL OF POLITICAL ECONOMY and author of THE PRINCIPLES OF FOREIGN TRADE. He has also instituted the extra- curricular plan of business instruction in the School of Business Administration. Yet Dean Griffin is not the pedant, for, despite his duties as Dean, he still has time to welcome all students with kindliness and sincerity, and his friendliness and humor, put all who visit him at ease. Because of these admir- able qualities, he is well-liked and respected by all his students. U Standing Blackott, Laing, Rodkey, Waterman, Irwin, Wolaver, Ratcliff, Gault. Seated Phelps, Sawyer, Riefel, Griffin, Jamison, Taggart, Elliott. 84 Studying world trends. Graphic analysis to demonstrate buying power. Keeping up to date with world finance. 85 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS W. Joseph Adams, M.B.A. Ralph F. Anthony, M.B.A. Robert L. Anthony, M.B.A. Richard_A. Babcock, M.B.A. Kenneth A. Balay, M.B.A. Wanzer D. Bosworth, M.B.A. Gene E. Bowles, M.B.A. Harold T. Bruner, M.B.A. Mary V. Bush, M.B.A. Elizabeth H. Christen, M.B.A. Peter Chupinsky, M.B.A. Walter H. Clark, M.B.A. John W. Clarke, M.B.A. Herman W. Content, M B.A. Stirling R. Coors, M.B.A. CarfA. Culver, M.B.A. Fred C. Culver, M.B.A. . William M. Curtin, M.B.A. Jackson, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Syracuse, N.Y. Cincinnati, O. Rochester, N. Y. Grand Rapids, Mich. . Wilkinsburg, Pa. Huntington, W. Va. . Watervliet, N.Y. Wolfdale, Pa. Grand Haven, Mich. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Oakland, Calif. 86 Sidney Davidson, M.B.A. William J. Davis, M.B.A. Miles J. Doan, M.B.A. Robert L. Ellis, M.B.A. W. Bradley Gougn, M.B.A. Thomas R. Hancock, M.B.A. ArthurS. Hann, M.B.A. G. Robert Harrington, M.B.A. Harry F. Hartjen, M.B.A. Harry M. Howell, M.B.A. Richard H. Kent, M.B.A. Henry J. Klose, M.B.A. John M. Kovtan, M.B.A. Mischa Mandel, M.B.A. Robert F. May, M.B.A. Kenneth R. Mayne, M.B.A. Harry M. Morris, M.B.A. . Herman C. Nowack, M.B.A. Edwin G. Olsen, M.B.A. John H. Ryckman, M.B.A. Wilfred A. Shale, M.B.A. Charles E. Simmons, Jr., M.B.A. Alex. W. Thomas, M.B.A. Lynn A. Townsend, M.B.A. Louis J. Vximanen, M.B.A. Frederick H. Vogt, M.B.A. David J. Watson, Jr., M.B.A. Flint, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Clarkfield, Minn. Port Huron, Mich. Jackson, Mich. . Albany, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Schenectady, N. Y. Kalamazoo, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bergen, N. Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Rochester, N. Y. Ann Arbor, Mich. Flint, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Jacksonville, Fla. Pontiac, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grandville, Mich Ann Arbor, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. L Jr ' M 87 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WANZER D. BOSWORTH President SIDNEY DAVIDSON . Vice-President EDWIN G. OLSEN . Secretary ROBERT L. ELLIS Treasurer Top Row Bosworth, Davidson Row 2 Olsen,Ellis COMMITTEES FINANCE COMMITTEE: Miles Doan, Chr., Robert Brockway, Harley Harshman, Harry Hartjen, Stephen J. Long. INVITATION COMMITTEE: Peter Chupinsky, Chr., Gene Bowles, Walter Clark, Fred Culver, Louis Vanmanen. CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE: Carl Culver, Chr., Thomas Carrington, Charles Deutsch, Fred Vogt. SPORT ' S COMMITTEE: Richard Shroth, Chr., Edward Christiansen, Joseph Gardner, Archie Kodros, Robert Schneider. AD- VISORY COMMITTEE: William Curtin, Chr., George Clark, Morgan Gibbs, Lynn Townsendjames Watson. ' SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Richard Babcock, Chr., Mary Virginia Bush, Stan Sayre, Robert Slusser. SCHOOL ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE: Robert May, Donald Richey. ALUMNI CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: Charles Forbes, Richard Kent. CLASS PICTURE COMMITTEE: John Simrock. CAPITALIST BALL COMMITTEE: G. Robert Har- rington, Senior Co-Chairman, Robert W. Gilmour, Junior Co-Chairman. MUSIC AND DECORATIONS: Clarence Klopsic, Clayton Kullman. PUBLICITY: Harold Garbe, Gerald Tupper. ' PATRONS: Robert Addison. TICKETS: James E. Dunlap, Charles LeClair, Robert Morrison. 88 i ; PJT Top Row Fellman, Smith, Garbe, Downs, Ferguson, Hartley, Wieneke. Row 2 Ernst, Chupinsky, Lipski, Nowack, Vanmanen, Gilmour, Jubb, Slusser. Row 3 Curtin, Dunlap, Doan, Ryckman, Balay, Reading, Olsen, Bosworth, Tupper. ALPHA KAPPA PSI KENNETH BALAY STUART READING JOHN RYCKMAN EDWIN G. OLSEN President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary SENIORS: Kenneth Balay, Wanzer D. Bosworth, Peter Chupinsky, William Curtin, Miles J. Doan, Benjamin S. Downs, James E. Dunlap, Harold Garbe, Herman C. Nowack, Edwin G. O ' sen, Stuart Reading, John Ryckman, Gerald Tupper, Louis Vanmanen. SENIORS LITERARY COLLEGE: Richard Frederick, William Hogan. JUNIORS: Ira Ernst, Paul Fellman, Allyn Ferguson, Robert Gilmour, Eugene Hartley, Robert Lipski, Clayton Roshirt, Robert Slusser, Daniel Smith, John Wieneke. SOPHOMORE: Robert Jubb. Phi Chapter founded 1920 Founded at New York University 1 904 89 Top Row Dick, Foster, Crosman, Crossley, Meisner, Pierpont. Row 2 Carrington, Babcock, Christensen, Wilson, Bruner, Eddy, Hancock. DELTA SIGMA PI VANCE N. WILSON JOHN CHRISTENSEN HAROLD BRUNER . ROBERT G. EDDY President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary GRADUATE: Max Crosman. SENIORS: Richard A. Babcock, Harold Bruner, Thomas Carrington, Thomas Hancock, Vance N. Wilson. JUNIORS: John Christensen, Edward Crossley, Hans Meissner, Robert Travis. SENIOR LITERARY COLLEGE: Lucien Dick, Robert G. Eddy. SENIOR ENGINEERING COLLEGE: James Foster. Xi Chapter 1921 Founded at New York University 1907 90 TEMPLE OF SCIENCE 92 Health habits build beauty. I he School of Dentistry, now serving its 66th year as an integral part of the University, had humble beginnings in 1908 in the home of a professor on the north side of campus. Since then the expansion of the School has taken place at such a rapid rate that it now possesses, in addition to its general operative clinic, a dental library of several thousand volumes, a Museum of Odontological Specimens, and the new remarkable W. K. Kellogg Graduate Foundation, the outcome of the School s progressive spirit. The School of Dentistry has kept pace with all the developments of modern science, and the change in its entrance requirements has reflected the increasing complexity of dental studies. The original dental curriculum consisted of two six-month sessions. The course was gradually lengthened until 1901 when the four-year curriculum was first offered. Beginning in the first year with the basic medical sciences, students are trained in every phase of work so that they are able to go immediately into practice after graduation. The students of the School of Dentistry are fortunate in their ability to make use of the facilities of the School of Medicine and the University Hospital, and thus are offered a far broader background through contact with interns, technicians, and experts in fields of related sciences. t Instruction by courtesy of Mother Goose. 93 DEAN BUNTING For over forty years Dean Russell Welford Bunting has been associated with the School of Dentistry in nearly every capacity, watching it grow and helping it to advance to the status it enjoys today. He was graduated in 1902 from what was then the College of Dental Surgery, and later became an instructor in oral pathology. In 1914 he was made a professor and held that position until he became Dean. In recognition of his services in the field of dentistry, Dean Bunting received the Callahan Memorial Award in 1929 and the Fauchard Award in 1930. In addition he belongs to several honorary dental fraternities. Dean Bunting is also widely known for his numerous contributions to various dental magazines and for two books which he has written. FACULTY Standing Faust, Bloom, Kerr, Northrop, Wright, Held, Moyer, Whitman, Peyton, Waldo, Easlick, Nissle, Kemper, Ostrander, Jay. Seated Moore, Ward, Vedder, Bunting, Jeserich, Kingery, Mackoy, Hard. Absent Sommer, Schultz, Hall, Applegate. 94 (Dentists build bridges too. ) The work behind that inlay. (Keep it clean- new sterilizing apparatus. 95 DENTAL SENIORS Lyle F. Aseltine, D.D.S. . Jackson W. Bates, D.D.S. Oscar A. Di Loreto, D.D.S Justin H. Dunmire, Jr., D.D.S. John H. Duxbury, D.D.S. Andrew A. Frostic, D.D.S. Kenneth R. Gibson, Jr., D.D.S. Sol J. Heiligman, D.D.S. Maurice T. Hogan, D.D.S. Louis Hurwiti, D.D.S. Benjamin J. Katz, D.D.S. Irving Katzman, D.D.S. Bernard B. Kott, D.D.S. John G. Kucera, D.D.S. Anthony La Forgia, D.D.S. Morris Miller, D.D.S. . William A. C. Miller, Jr., D.D.S. Daniel C. Mixer, D.D.S. Herman J. Portenga, D.D.S. . Annabelle Richter, D.D.S. Rafael R. Sanjurjo, D.D.S. W. H. George Schaller, D.D.S. David H. Schumansky, D.D.S. Sam Skulsky, D.D.S. Mason, Mich. Ovid, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Pine Plains, N. Y. Wyandotte, Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N. Y. . Bad Axe, Mich. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, N. Y. North Bergen, N. J. Standish, Mich. New York, N. Y. . Brooklyn, N. Y. Linden, N. J. Muskegon Hts, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Marlette, Mich. Santurce, P. R. Grosse lie, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. 96 Russell L. Smallwood, D.D.S. Burdette A. Stone, D.D.S. John H. Verwys, D.D.S. . Leo G. Weiss, D.D.S. . Stanley J. Winters, D.D.S. . Detroit, Mich. Flint, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. . Elizabeth, N. J. New York, N. Y. DENTAL HYGIENE SENIORS Dental Hygiene is a very important department of the School of Dentistry. Although this group is undoubtedly the smallest of any individual one in the University, it is not the least important. Since 1921 the School of Dentistry has offered a one-year curriculum in dental hygiene. Beginning with the year 1938-1939, the curriculum was increased to two years. The general function of the dental hygienist is to assist in the maintenance of the health of the mouth by cleaning teeth and instructing patients in the methods of mouth cleanliness. The program of studies is arranged so that the dental hygienist will receive as broad a foundation in the basic medical sciences as possible, and upon this foundation the special training in mouth hygiene will be built. The dental hygienist may be employed in the office of a dentist, in schools, public institutions, and industrial plants under the supervision of a dentist. In these capacities many dental hygienists are performing a very valuable service in public health. Pearl_C. Bernfeld . Enola J. Campbell . Annette E. Derrick Mary E. Mayfield Melvine R. Pollack Betty M. Shull . Margaret E. Teetzel . Brooklyn, N. Y. . Gaylord, Mich. Takoma Park, Md. Flint, Mich. Cleveland, O. . Hicksville, O. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. 97 Heiligman, Aseltine, Kucera, Verwys. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SOL J. HEILIGMAN LYLE F. ASELTINE JOHN H. VERWYS . JOHN G. KUCERA President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Leo G. Weiss, Chr., Maurice T. Hogan, Annabelle Richter, Rafael R. Sanjurjo, Sam Skulsky. PICTURE COMMITTEE: Jackson W. Bates, Chr., Louis Hurwitz, Ben J. Katz, William A. C. Miller, Russell L. Smallwood. ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE: Andrew A. Frostic, Chr., Oscar A. DiLoreto, John H. Duxbury, Bernard B. Kott, Philip F. Strasburg. CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE: Anthony LaForgia, Chr., Justin H. Dunmire, Jr., Irv Katzman, David H. Schumansky, Burdette A. Stone. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRE- SENTATIVES: Daniel C. Mixer, Stanley J. Winters. 98 Dentistry ' s new abode Getting to the root of things. 99 Top Row -DeRoven, Berris, Eder, Small, Levy, Aronstein, Aptekar, Gerendasy. Row 2 -Miller, Bean, Simon, Weiss, Kott, Hirshon, Begelman. Row 3 Katzman, Heligman, Hurwitz, Skulsky, Katz, Schumansky. ALPHA OMEGA LOUIS HURWITZ SOL J. HEILIGMAN OSCAR BEAN SAM SKULSKY . LEO G. WEISS BEN J. KATZ President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer House Manager Steward SENIORS: Sol J. Heiligman, Louis Hurwitz, Ben J. Katz, Irving Katzman, Bernard B. Kott, David H. Schumansky, Sam Skulsky, Leo G. Weiss. JUNIORS: Oscar Bean, Irving Begelman, Selvin Hirshon, George Miller, Donald Simon. SOPHOMORES: Gerald R. Aptekar, Herbert Aronstein, Henry Berris, Herbert Eder, Bernard Levy, Robert Small. FRESHMEN: Marvin DeRoven, Robert Gerendasy. Founded at Maryland 1907 Chi Chapter founded 1926. 100 Top Row Kitzmiller, Hopple, Gilson, Hanson, Graham, Gies, Buchholi, Sloan, White, Rawson. Row 2 Ribb, Rudd, Root, Barber, Maurer, Murphy, Willmeng, Luton, Benner, Lubbers, Ward. Row 3 Godfrey, Gibson, Stone, Miller, Frostic, Schaller, Bates, Duxbury. DELTA SIGMA DELTA LYLE F. ASELTINE JACKSON W. BATES ANDREW A. FROSTIC President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Oliver C. Applegate, D.D.S., D.D.Sc., Russell W. Bunting, D.D.S., D.D.Sc., Kenneth A. Easlick, D.D.S., Hugh Godfrey, D.D.S., Harold W. Held, A.M., D.D.S., John Kemper, D.D.S., M.D., Donald Kerr, D.D.S., Richard Kingery, D.D.S., William R. Mann, D.D.S., Roland O. Nissle, D.D.S., Philip M. Northrop, D.D.S., M.S., Floyd Darl Ostrander, D.D.S., Ralph Sommer, D.D.S., M.S., Francis B. Vedder, D .D.S., Marcus L. Ward, D.D.Sc., Elmer Whitman, D.D.S. SENIORS: Lyle F. Aseltine, Jackson W. Bates, John Duxbury, Andrew A. Frostic, Kenneth R. Gibson, Maurice T. Hogan, William A. C. Miller, Jr., George W. H. Schaller, Burdette A. Stone. JUNIORS: Robert Barber, Arthur Bibb, Jr., Edward Cheney, Tom Graham, James Harrison, Durward Jadwin, George Maurer, Gerald Murphy, Robert Root, Edward Rudd, Lumon Willmeng, SOPHOMORES: Al Buchholz, Raymond Gies, Mark Gilson, Tom Hanson, Jim Happle, Harry Luton, Dave Pray, Delbert Rawson, Phil Sloan, Robert White. FRESHMEN: George Benner, J. Alger De Lamarter, Roland De Martin, W. Smith Dodge, William Jackson, Arthur Kitzmiller, Julius Lubbers, Charles Meach, Joseph Morris, Ray Stevens, Donald Ward. Alpha Chapter Founded at Michigan- -1882 101 Top Row -Ross, Dumon, Frutiger, Smith, Henry, Golden. Row 2 -Hartsook, Ryle, Stance, White, Short, Kruska, McAlpine, Sferra. Row 3 Smallwood, LaForgia, Barrow, Sanjurjo, Kucera, Di Loreto, Zak, Goldbeck. XI P S I PHI RAFAEL R. SANJURJO ANTHONY LAFORGIA RUSSELL L. SMALLWOOD JOHN G. KUCERA President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Dr. Gerald Barrow, Dr. Heinz O. Goldbeck, Dr. George R. Moore, Dr. John W. See- burger, Dr. Anthony Shemiot, Dr. Charles M. Waldo. SENIORS: Oscar DiLoreto, John G. Kucera, Anthony LaForgia, John G. McAlpine, Rafael R. Sanjurjo, Russell L. Smallwood. JUNIORS: Joseph Hartsook, Henry J. Kruska, George Sferra, J. Robert Short, Henry F. Stance, Dale White. SOPHOMORES: John E. Dumon, John E. Golden, James Knox, Clifford Lumbert, Robert Ross, William Ryle, Howard Stafford. FRESHMEN: Roland C. Bernier, Dennis Frutiger, John D. Henry, George Sanzi, William D. Smith. Alpha Chapter Founded at Michigan 1889 102 ' ' ' t.- ' f i T ' THE DOORWAY TO EDUCATION 104 Practice teaching I o instill in the students the knowledge of how to get along with people, is one of the primary considerations of the School of Education. This aim is correlated with the three other purposes of the college; to prepare students for teaching, to promote the study of problems in education, and to advance the interests of teaching as a profession. A variety of programs preparatory to teaching in senior high, junior high, and elementary schools are provided for undergraduates. There is also a wide range of courses for teachers and school administrators. A number of extension courses are offered, including a field course in education, with sections meeting in selected cities. The school cooperates with other units of the University in programs designed to prepare students for teaching and administrative work. Professional education courses were offered in the University of Michigan for the first time in 1879. In 1921 the School of Education was established as a separate unit of the University, to succeed the Department of Education of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. 105 DEAN EDMUNSON Dean Edmunson has an unusual and fascinat- ing hobby people. In his extensive travels in this country as well as abroad, he has enjoyed nothing better than talking with those about him, and getting their various points of view. This has led to his interest in social problems and educating for good citizenship. Before he became Dean of the School of Education in 1929, he was a teacher of social studies and principal of the University High School. He is familiar with the Michigan campus in the role of student as well as instructor, having received his A.B. and A.M. here. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, where he also taught in the summer sessions. Dean Edmunson also is the author and co- author of several books on education and related subjects. FACULTY Top Row James, Walcott, Thorpe, Eggertsen, Trow, Dunham, Copp, Woody, Koch, Carrothers, Good, Moehlman, Mitchell, Courtis, Van Kersen. Row 2 Anderson, Schorling, Curtis, Stephenson, Olson, Campbell, Davis, C. O. Davis, Fries, Edmonson. 106 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Standing Renda, Ruele. Seated Katzenel, Bradley. EARL A. BRADLEY HERCULES G. RENDA . GEORGE I. RUELE . LAURA KATZENEL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES FINANCE: Laura Katzenel, Chr., Harry E. Erickson, Charlotte R. Frazee, Virginia J. Philipps, Hercules G. Renda, George I. Ruehle, Dolores I. Sterzik. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mary-Jean O ' Donnell, Chr., Miller R. Collings,. Robert J. Crane, June L. Finkbeiner, Mary K. Healy, Frances M. Hogg, Margaret E. May, William R. Shannon. CON- VOCATION: Dolores I. Sterzik, Chr., Maida E. Cohen, Joan Ferguson, Mary K. Healy, Rose Laro, George R. Thomp- son, Edward W. Vanni. STUDENT-FACULTY RELATIONS: June L. Finkbeiner, Chr., Maida E. Cohen, Harry E. Erickson, Charlotte R. Frazee, Irene M. Johnson, Helen A. Pielemeier, Hercules G. Renda, Dolores I. Sterzik, Doris E. Vyn. SENIOR BALL. Herbert C. Brogan. 107 Ruth E. Augspurger, A.B. Earl L. Blackburn, B.S. Helen K. Boutell, A.B. Ruthe I. Capron, A.B. Betty J. Carder, A.B. . Betta Cartwright, A.B. Elmer J. Clark, A.B. Maida E. Cohan, A.B. Miller R. Callings, A.B. George A. Conrey, B.S. Sally A. Corcoran, B.S. Florence E. Corkum, B.S. Robert J. Crane, A.B. Mary H. Davis, A.B. June L. Finkbeiner, A.B. Margaret M. Fishley, A.B. Sue Flaningam, A.B. Lila L. Foster, B.S. Charlotte R. Frazee, B.S. Virginia E. Fulford, A.B. Edith D. Golden, A.B. Ruth A. Gray, A.B. Jane Guinnane, A.B. V. Lee Hardy, A.B. Frances M. Hogg, A.B. Norman R. Holzaepfel, B.S. Irene M.Johnson, B.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Bennington, Vt. Wixon, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, III. Angola, N.Y. Albany, N. Y. Flint, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Buffalo, N. Y . Shaker Hts., O. Thorntown, Ind. Flint, Mich. Dowagiac, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chicago, III. L ' Anse, Mich. Jamestown, N. Y. Midland, Mich. St. Albans, W. Va. Sandusky, O. Hancock, Mich. 108 EDUCATION Margaret L. Johnson, B.S. Laura Katzenel, B.S. Frank W. Keith, A.B. . Charlotte Kinney, A.B. Gertrude A. Klaver, B.S. Jane L. Klein, A.B. Rose Laro, B.S. V. Ruth Mast, A.B. . . Margaret E. May, A.B. Jean F. McLachlan, A.B. Thelma L . Mitchell. A.B. Jane T. O ' Brien, B.S. . Mary J. O ' Donnell, A.B. Sherman R. Olmsted, B.S. Virginia W. Osmun, A.B. Virginia J. Philipps, A.B. Helen A. Pielemeier, A.B. Gwendolyn S. Powrie, A.B. Earl A. Radley, A.B. . Hercules G. Renda, B.S. June Roberts, B.S. Mary E. Robinson, B.S. George I. Ruehle, B.S. William R. Shannon, B.S. Edith A. Silverman, A.B. Viola J. Skiles, A.B. . Earla B. Smith, A.B. . Hanna City, III. Newark, N. J. Warren, Mass. Columbia, Ind. Marinette, Wis. Rockford, III. Flint, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Queens Village, N.Y. Detroit, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Flint, Mich. E. Norwalk, Conn. Jochin, W. Va. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rochester, N. Y. Portland, Me. . Shelby, O. Royal Oak, Mich. SENIORS 109 Neil G. Smith, A.B. Dolores I. Sterzik, A.B. Ida M. Stilt, A.B. . Elise H. Stroud, A.B. . Milo F. Sukup, B.S. George R. Thompson, B.S. Marjorie Ullman, A.B. Betty C. Varnell, B.S. Lester E. Veigel, B.S. Pauline M. Vihtelic, B.S. Doris E. Vyn, A.B. Marion J. Wagner, B.S. Claudia P. Wagstaff, A.B. Ethel Weintraub, A.B. . Marion E. Weiss, B.S. Marion E. Wheeler, A.B. Betty Lou Witters, B.S. Charlotte Woody, A.B. Ernest P. Zielinski, B.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. Petoskey, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Mentha, Mich. Muskegon Hts., Mich. Detroit, Mich. New York, N. Y. Charleston, Tenn. Tuscarawas, O . Dearborn, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Youngstown, O. Hudson, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. St. Johnsbury, Vt. Thorntown, Ind. Bay City, Mich. 110 Juvenile journalists. Student strings. Ardent artists. 111 iii ' - Getting down to work. 112 FORESTRY . . . MEN, TREES, THE SKY 114 A memorial was erected to Daddy " Filbert Roth by friends and former students in 1927 . . . " - ' I he School of Forestry and Conservation at the University was one of the pioneers in blazing the trail toward formal instruction in forestry. Its first classes were taught in the Department of Political Science in 1 881 . It later was incorporated as a depar tment in the Literary College until 1927 when it became a separate unit. It was largely due to the untiring efforts of Filbert Roth, better known to his students as Daddy " Roth, that the School of Forestry was founded. A short time after his death, friends and former students, prompted by their great love for him, erected a memorial in Saginaw forest to " Daddy " Filbert Roth. After its beginning the School of Forestry developed rapidly until today it is one of the leading schools of its kind in the country. And it seems rather fitting that the growth of Filbert Roth ' s dream and first love, the School of Forestry, should be paralled by the growth of the trees planted around his memorial. These trees can be seen in the picture below just after they had been planted and above as they stand today. The Natural Science Building provides excellent facilities for instruction and research. Practical experience is easily gained in the numerous forests and woods situated in and about Ann Arbor. The School also maintains a summer camp at Golden Lake in the Ottawa National Forest in the Upper Peninsula which provides a basic part of the curriculum. The technical side, however, is not unduly emphasized. The following is one of the primary aims of the school: " Con- servation as a philosophy is emphasized not only in relation to forest and other natural resources, but in relation to human resources and to commerce and industry in general, as the only sound basis of permanent national prosperity " . . . . and still today members of the Forestry School pay tribute to this great man. 115 DEAN DANA As Dean of the School of Forestry and Conservation, Dean Samuel T. Dana is in charge of one of the most important divisions of the University. Born in Port- land, Maine, he was raised in a state wherein the science of forestry is extensively utilized. His undergrad- uate years were spent at Bowdoin Col- lege in his native state. He graduated summa cum laude and then specialized in forestry at Yale University and received his master s degree, also summa cum laude. Dean Dana has held a large number of positions. He has served in various capacities in the United States Forest Service, has served as forest commissioner of his home state, Maine, and has taught forestry here at Michigan. He has participated in many national and inter- national forestry conventions and is the author of many bulletins and reports as well as having served as editor in chief of the JOURNAL OF FORESTRY. He has been Dean of the School of Forestry and Conservation since the founding in 1927, and Michigan is indeed proud of him. FACULTY Standing Bromley, Allen, Murray, Matthews, Young, Graham. Seated -Ramsdell, Craig, Dana, Kynoch, Wight. 116 FORESTR Lyle M. Argetsinger, Masters in Forestry . Fairmont, W. Va. Wi lliam J. Barnatt, B.S. in Forestry . . Millville, Mass. John P. Boone, B.S. in Forestry . . . Pittsburgh, Pa. Albert Desjardins, Masters in Forestry . Levis, Quebec, Canada Bruce O. Dick, A.B. in Forestry R. Franklin Dugan, B.S. in Forestry Ronald R. Faust, B.S. in Forestry William K. Ferrell, B.S. in Forestry Howard W. Fiedler, B.S. in Forestry Sidney Hale, B.S. in Forestry James H. Jones, Jr., B.S. in Forestry Eugene Keller, B.S. in Forestry Frederic A. Kremer, B.S. in Forestry . Russell W. LaBelle, B.S. in Forestry James E. Lau, B.S. in Forestry James W. Maddox, Jr., B.S. in Forestry Paul F. McWilliams, B.S. in Forestry Joseph John Mendel, B.S. in Forestry Donald E. Morgan, A.B. in Forestry Robert G. Ohlman, B.S. in Forestry . John F. Reagan, B.S. in Forestry Edson A. Reeder, B.S. in Forestry Thomas B. Roll, B.S. in Forestry . Charles R. Smith, B.S. in Forestry Laurence E. Smith, Jr., B.S. in Forestry Bernard L. Tauber, B.S. in Forestry Frederick R. Walker, B.S. in Forestry George R. Walters, A.B. in Forestry Gordon L. Watts, B.S. in Forestry Shuman B. Worrell, B.S. in Forestry Holland, Mich. Sugar Grove, III. Madison, Wis. Akron, O. Cudahy, Wis. Mayfield, Ky. Youngstown, O. Memphis, Tenn. MinneapoTis, Minn. Pittsburgh, Pa. Hollywood, Calif. . Mayfield, Ky. . Shiloh, O. Milwaukee, Wis. Detroit, Mich. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Connellsville, Pa. Springfield, O. . Ann Arbor, Mich. Jeanette, Pa. Muskogee, Okla. Brooklyn, N. Y. Elgin, III. Youngstown, O. . Portland, Ore. Germantown, O. Y SENIORS 117 Part of a forester ' s training is a term at Summer Camp Filbert Roth in the Upper Peninsula . . . several of last years students working out logs. Field work is also a part of the summer program but there is still time for relaxation. 118 THE RACKHAM BUILDING 120 President Alexander G. Ruthven ' pre- sided at ceremonies as corner stone of Graduate Building was laid. I he Graduate Department was first organized in the spring of 1892 as a part of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Before this time graduate degrees were granted in Master of Arts and Master of Science. The former was conferred in 1 849 and the latter in 1 859. However, it was not until 1 892 that provision was made for a systematic and efficient administration of graduate work, and so far as possible for the separate instruction of graduate students. The Graduate Department organized in 1 892 was formed into an individual unit in the fall of 1 91 2 and was separated from the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Its scope was enlarged so as to include graduate work in all fields of study. In recent years there has been an increasing demand for graduate study and research in all professions and learned occupations. The increase in knowledge in almost every field of scholarships and science has been so great that four years is not enough for a student to become an expert and an authority in any one field. The Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate studies is a direct outgrowth of this movement for higher education. The Graduate School received a very great impetus in 1935 when the Horace H. and Mary A. Rackham Fund was donated to the University. A magnificent building was constructed which contains ample facilities for research groups and graduate organizations. The remaining portion of this huge fund provides a large income for endowment of research in various fields. The Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies has attracted investigators from every state in the Union and many foreign nations as well, thereby showing the extent to which its fine reputation has travelled. A memorial to Horace H. Rackham. 121 DEAN YOAKUM The Graduate School is indeed fortunate in having Dr. Clarence S. Yoakum as its dean. Although he is small in stature, he is a most industrious individual. He has taught psychology at Campbell College, his alma mater, has held a professorship at the University of Texas and a fellowship at the University of Chicago, performed psychological services for the National Government, and has also done work in personnel management at the Carnegie Institute as well as here at the University. These are but a few of his many accomplishments. His main hobby, one which utilizes his skill in psychology, is the study of human beings. He examines the hidden characteristics of people in addition to noting their outward appearances. However, this does not prevent him from being one of the most genial officers on the campus. Upon entering his office, one im- mediately senses the air of friendliness which pervades the atmosphere. Thus we have characterized the man who, in addition to being dean of the graduate school, is also one of the vice-presidents of the University. In the Clemens Library is a collection of historical documents for Graduate study. 122 The Rackham Building isatribute to modern architecture and design. Its scientifically lighted auditorium equipped with luxurious plush chairs, its elaborately furnished study halls and social rooms, and its modern conference rooms combine to make its facilities convenient and complete in every way. In these surroundings the graduate student may pursue his studies with complete quiet and comfort and in an atmosphere in every way in keeping with his increasingly important work. Of course there are innumerable other facilities for graduate study on campus. One such institution is The Clemens Library. Luxurious lecture facilities . . . Archduke Felix speaks in the Graduate School auditorium. Many graduate students spend considerable time in theirlocated in the stacks of the main library . . . . . . while others take advantage of the beautifully equipped study halls of the Graduate Building. 123 Top Row Stalk, Sluyter, Kouyudyk, Baker, Buter, De Vries, Stuck, Heyus. Row 2 Vander Heide, Bulthnis, Homan, Vanden Hoek, Boes, Meeuwsew, Hafstra, Joldersma. Row 3 - DeYoung, Beckering, Lamberts, Westra, Stehouwer, Schaubel, Bosma, Sevensma, Scheibe. PHI ALPHA KAPPA ORRIE W. STEHOUWER HENRY DEVRIES , HOWARD SCHAUBEL PETER WESTRA . HENRY HOMAN President Vice-President Secretary Business Manager Sargent MEMBERS: Joseph Auwers, Arthur Baker, Earl Beckering, Donald Boes, James Bosma, Jerry Bulthuis, Gordon Buter, George De Jong, Henry De Vries, Peter De Vries, Wesley De Young, James Edson, Roger Heyns, Peter Hofstra, Henry Homan, Alfred Joldersma, Lambert Konydyk, Austin Lamberts, Bernard Meeuwsen, Robert Michmerhuizen, Millard Posthuma, Howard Schaubel, John Scheibe, Eugene Sevensma, Richard Sluyter, Orrie Stehouwer, William Stolk, William Struck, Anthony Vander Heide, John Vanden Hoek, Peter Westra. Founded at Michigan 1929 Alpha Chapter 1929 1000 East Ann 124 LAW LIBRARY -FROZEN ASSETS 126 Early beginning Law School, 1859 o, " ne of the nation s leading legal institutions is the Law School of the University of Michigan. Founded in 1 859 with a faculty of three, it has grown until it now has one of the largest enrollments in the country. Proceeding on the premise that students are best trained for the practice of law by obtaining, in addition to a thorough knowledge of legal rules and principles, a broad view of their origin, development, and function, the school seeks to train students to examine these principles in their proper depth and application to life. Classroom instruction conducted by means of the free discussion of legal principles and practical exercises by student-managed case clubs in a fully equipped practice court contribute greatly to the effectiveness of the training. Admission is granted to students who meet the rigid requirements, and upon the completion of the required work, an L.L.B. or J.D. degree is granted. Work in the Law School is carried on in the exceptionally beautiful Gothic surroundings of the Law Quadrangle, composed of the School itself, the great Law Library, and the Lawyers Club. Study lights burn all night in the Quadrangle, and typewriters click out briefs during all of the twenty-four hours of the day, but the reward, a degree from Michigan, will open the doors of most law offices to the graduate. BMOC s on State Street in the good old days " . 127 SPRING COMES TO THE LAW QUAD 128 DEAN STASON Dean of Law is his present title, but E. Blythe Stason has been associated with the University of Michigan for many years in several capacities. He began his career here as Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering in 1919, enrolling in the Law School at the same time, and received a J.D. degree in 1922. After an interim of two years spent in practicing law, he returned to the Law School as a professor. He became Provost of the University in 1938 and Dean of Law in 1939. As Professor Stason he did a fine job, and as Dean Stason he is continuing the reputation he has won in the Law School and in the University. FACULTY Standing Smith, Simes, James, Shartel, Niehuss, Stason, Blume, Yntema, Dawson, Coffey, Woodbridge. Seated Kauper, Tracy, Drake, Goddard, Waite, Grismore, Sunderland, Leidy. 129 i Sentinels of the night. Parodies in glass. 130 A book s eye-view of the Law Library. S. S. Martha Cook Ahoy! Incurring illegal debts. 131 BBBBBBBHMI Joseph F. Bartley, Jr., LL.B. Grove E. Bowles, LL.B. Eugene B. Colder, Jr., LL.B. H. Murray Campbell, LL.B. Calvin B. Chamberlain, LL.B. Robert H. Clark, LL.B. . Bernard L. Cohen, LL.B. William R. L. Craft, Jr., LL.B. Harold J. Egloff, LL.B. Alfred G. Ellick, Jr., LL.B. Quentin A. Ewert, LL.B. David V. Flynn, LL.B. . Robert V. Hackett, LL.B. Reid, J. Hatfield, LL.B. Alfred W. Hewitt, LL.B. William H. Hillier, J. D. Felicia Himiel, LL.B. Spencer E. Irons, LL.B. Robert E. Jamison, LL.B. Brooks K. Johnson, LL.B. John B. Keith, LL.B. . F. Arthur Kepka, LL.B. Euge T. Kinder, LL.B. Joseph B. Klein, LL.B. . A. Robert Kleiner, LL.B. Robert P. Kneeland, J. D. . Walter C. Knutson, LL.B. Emil L. Kraus, LL.B. Charles M. Lovett, LL.B. C. Edward McDonough, LL.B. Thomas H. Moore, Jr., LL.B. Carlton H. Morris, LL.B. Lewis W. Newcomer, LL.B. Fred Niketh, LL.B. Kenneth J. Nordstrom, J. D. Henry C. Odbert, LL.B. Peoria, III. Grove City, Pa. Ypsilanti, Mich. Manistee, Mich. Erie, Pa. Marquette, Mich. Buffalo, N. Y. Christianburg, Va. Saginaw, Mich. Omaha, Neb. Grand Ledge, Mich. Geneva, III. Detroit, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. East Lansing, Mich. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Chicago, III. New Castle, Pa. Tacoma, Wash. Gettysburg, Pa. Plymouth, Mich. Gates Mills, O. . Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. . Jamestown, N. D. Marshalltown, la. Grayling, Mich. Detroit, Mich Parkersburg, W. Va. State College, Pa. Kalamazoo, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Gary, Ind. East Aurora, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. 132 LAW SENIORS Jesse R. O ' Malley, LL.B. H. Martin Peckover, LL.B. Reed T. Phalan, LL.B. Robert A. Reeder, LL.B. Stark Ritchie, LL.B. . Harold W. Rosenn, LL.B. Sidney J. Salzman, LL.B. Sheldon Silverman, LL.B. Robert O. Smith, LL.B. Robert N. Spaeder, LL.B. William H. Spitalny, LL.B. Robert A. Stuart, LL.B. William D. Sutton, J. D. Jay C. Taylor, LL.B. . . James M. Teahen, Jr., LL.B. James T. Warns, LL.B. . John R. White, LL.B. . William C. Whitehead, J. D. William T. Yorks, LL.B. Frederick C. Ziem, LL.B. Brown City, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Erie, Pa. Troy, Kan. Battle Creek, Mich. Kingston, Pa. . Rochester, N. Y. Butler, Pa. Chillicothe, O. Erie, Pa. Newark, N. J. Sheridan, Wyo. Butler, Pa. Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Cuyahoga Falls, O. Anderson, Ind. Perry, N. Y. Pontiac, Mich. 133 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ritchie, French, Nordstrom, Knutson AMES FRENCH ALTER KNUTSON KENNETH NORDSTROM STARK RITCHIE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES CREASE BALL: Richard S. Roberts, Sidney Salzman. MUSIC: Robert Kleiner, Chester Kwasiborski. TICKETS AND PUBLICITY: Harold Van Domelen, Robert Cooper, Fred Niketh. DECORATIONS: Robert Stuart, Robert Ferguson, Alfred Rothman, Walter Eblen, jack Sutherland. PATRONS: Robert Kneeland, Robert Gillis Elizabeth Durfee. RAW REVIEW: Robert S. Glass, Samuel I. Krugliak, John McFate, Williaml Craft Phillip Durfee SENIOR PICTURES: Everett Prosser, William Sutton, Maurice Greenbaum, James Teahan. ' ALUMNI SEC- RETARY: Gerald M. Lively. CAP AND GOWN: Murray Campbell, Edward K. Reyman, James O Shetterly GRADUATION: Arthur Kepka, Alfred Swiren, Richard Willis, Gail Haddock. LAW CLUB COUNCIL Top Row Marion L. Bradbury Jr., James A. Harper, Frank B. Keller, James M. French, Jay W. Sorge. Row 2 David L. Loeb, Sec ' y--Treas., Charles M. Lovett, Pres., Eugene T. Kinder, Vice-Pres. 134 SERVICE CENTER FOR THE STATE 136 The first University Hospital I he University of Michigan Medical School opened its doors, ninety two years ago in 1849. The aim of the six professors of that day and the goal of a faculty of fifty at present are synonymous. These men must pass on their knowl- edge of medicine, their feeling for humanity, and their desire for research, to each student. The Medical School grew rapidly after its founding, as can be seen by the contrast between the first University Hospital and the present magnificent structure, and between the equipment in the two Medical Buildings now on campus and that of the old Medical Building razed by fire in 1910. Today the Michigan Medical School is known throughout the world for its excellence. The University Hospital with its capacity of thirteen hundred and twelve beds is the principle place of instruction and research. Good scholarship furnishing a groundwork of theory, and inquisitive intelligence to promote an enlivened practice and an indominable character to relieve suffering are the gifts of Michigan doctors to the nation ' s people. The old Medical Building destroyed by fire in 1910 137 i DEAN FURSTENBERG Albert C. Furstenberg, of the Medical School is a Michigan man in every sense of the word. A native of the state, Dean Furstenberg, first came to the University as a student in 1909. Six years later he graduated from the Medical School. This, however did not result in his leaving Ann Arbor, for he remained here for the next two years taking his interneship at the University Hospital. In 1918 he accepted a position as an instructor of otolaryngology in the Medical School. He advanced first as an assistant, and then an associate professor until in 1932 he was made professor. Three years later he became Dean of the School of Medicine. Doctor Furstenberg is particularly noted for the extensive research work he has made in the field of otolaryngology, being nationally recognized as one of the leaders in this field. However, Dean Furstenberg does not limit himself to medicine. The true worth of a man is shown by his versatility. Dr. Furstenberg raises hunting horses as a hobby, he has a stable of horses just outside of Ann Arbor. He is fond of fishing and hunting, especially duck-hunting, and shows great interest in other sports. Dean Furstenberg is truly a versatile man. DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Top Row Waggoner, Weller, Patten, Pollard, Sturgis, Sundwall. Row 2 Fralick, Coller, Gesell, Peet, Lewis. Row 3 Newburgh, McCotter, Camp, Furstenberg, Edmunds, Wile. 138 _E! Dean Furstenberg believes that a Medical School should stress three major points, they are: practice of Medicine, research, and medical educa- tion. Probably the easiest to portray pictorially is research. For the two greatest aids of medical research are the test tube and the microscope. Under the supervision of Dr. Fursten- b s rg a tremendous amount of research, in all phases of medicine, has been carried on at the University. One of the most publicized products of such research is the new blood bank now in use at the University Hospital. The test tube and the microscope, medical research s two greatest aids. Preparing a sample for the University Hospital ' s new blood bank. 139 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Murphy, Medlar, Zacafonetis, Weeks. PERCY J. MURPHY ROBERT E. MEDLAR . CHRIS J. D. ZARAFONETIS WILLIAM F. WEEKS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Wesley G. Logan Chairman, Max A. Finton, John H. Sanders, Paul M. Cunningham, Eleanor Smith, Primitiva D. Demandante, Gordon R. Harrod, William W. Jack, Jack N. Grekin, F. Bruce Kimball. COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT COMMITTEE: Robert F. Ziegler-Chairman, Myrtle V. Collins, Donald D. Finlayson, Robert E. Michmerhuizen, Wayne H. Stewart. ENSIAN COMMITTEE: Howard C. Lawrence, Mason S. Maynard, Donald B. Effler, Daniel C. Siegel. CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE: Robert Christensen Chairman, Margaret E. Bentley, Jack Aapides, Robert W. Brown. CLASS PICTURE COMMITTEE: Philip S. Peven Chairman, Richard Pomeroy, Herbert Pedersen, Harford W. Friedman. HONOR COUNCIL: George J. Andros Chairman, Walter M. Whitehouse, John R. McNicholas. FINANCE COMMITTEE: William F. Weeks Chairman, Helen M. Thompson, Walter I. Lillie Myron Fink, H. Clay Tellman. STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: Arthur G. Seski- Chairman, Ruth M. Moyer, Robert H. Davies. CANE COMMITTEE: Fred G. Swartz Chairman, J. Bradley Moring. SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE: William H. Beierwaltes Chairman, Alan R. Brown. 140 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Top Row Davidson, Benz. Row 1 Penhale, Leitch, Okamura. ROBERT M. LEITCH . DONALD DAVIDSON WILLIAM PENHALE CARL A. BENZ President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer HONOR COMMITTEEMEN: Don Okamura, Charles B. Tolle. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Edward Mac- Kenzie Chairman, J. William Wright, Jr., Sylvester J. O ' Conner. TREASURY COMMITTEE: Donald Cooper, John Laux, George Schaiberger. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Reinhold, Sundeen, Winston Hall, Laurie Higgins. 141 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Top Row Reed, House. Row 2 -Slatmyer, Honhart. KAREL R. SLATMYER, JR. THOMAS G. REED BETSY B. HONHART. GLENN W. HOUSE, JR. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Karel R. Slatmyer, Jr. Chairman, Thomas G. Reed, Betsy B. Honhart, Glenn W. House, Jr. HONOR COMMITTEE: Harrie W. Bird, James W. Sargent. PROGRAM COMMITTEE: John McCal- lister, Burgess A. Vial, Keats K. Vining, Margaret F. McMahon. TREASURY COMMITTEE: Philip D. Gordy, Armin A. Darmstaetter, Lila J. Gairns, Rex W. Wilson. 142 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Jarvis, Hyman, Ryan, Rae. JOSEPH M. RYAN JAMES W. RAE MARY E. HYMAN . GARTH L. JARVIS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer HONOR COMMITTEE: Men Keith H. Whitehouse, John T. Manning. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Frederick M. Adams-Chairman, James Beesley, Robin G. Fish. FINANCE COMMITTEE: Garth L. Jarvis-Chairman, Henry Johnson, Samuel Root. PROGRAMS: William Sheehey-Chairman, William Cheney, Arthur Griep, John Mont- gomery. 143 George J. Andros, M.D. . Morris Arnkoff, M.D. . Edward F. Arscott, M.D. James B. Ashley, M.D. Julian I. Barish, M.D. , William H. Beierwaltes, M.D. Margaret E. Bentley, M.D. James F. Bosnia, M.D. Leonard J. Brandman, M. D. Alice B. Brigham, M.D. . George T. Britton, M.D. Alan R. Brown, M.D. ] . Robert W. Brown, M.D. . William C. Browne, M.D. John E. Burch, M.D. . Robert C. Christensen, M.D. Arnold Cohen, M.D. Eugene L. Cook, M.D. Robert H. Davies, M.D. Primitive D. Demandante, M.D. Richard C. Deming, M.D. Alphonse R. Deresz, M.D. Henry DeVries, M.D. . Gregg L. Dunlap, M.D. James Edson, M.D. Donald B. EFfler, M.D. Milton D. Feldman, M.D. ; Hypolit K. Filip, M.D. . Myron Fink, M. D. Donald D. Finlayson, M.D. Max A. Finton, M.D. Arthur L. Foley, II, M.D. . Harford W. Friedman, M.D. H. Harvey Gass, M.D. Max M. Goodman, M.D. Guerdon D. Greenway, M.D. . Ann Arbor, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Rogers City, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Newark, N. J. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Port Huron, Mich. Stockbridge, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Northville, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chicago, III. Cleveland, Ohio Dumangas, lloilo, P. I. Jackson, Mich. . Detroit, Mich. . Grand Rapids, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Paterson, Mich. Toledo, O. Detroit, Mich. Interlochen, Mich. Toledo, O. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Alpena, Mich. Bay City, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Flint, Mich. Owosso, Mich. 144 MEDICAL John N. Grekin, M.D. Jack R. Gustafson, M.D. Meyer A. Gutterman, M.D. Gordon R. Harrod, M.D. James E. Harryman, M.D. Marion S. Hay, M.D. Arthur W. Hirschy, M.D. William W. Jack, M.D. Robert G. Jaedecke, M.D. Ha. B. Jennings, Jr., M.D. Joseph F. Julian, M.D. F. Bruce Kimball, M.D. Willard R. Klunzinger, M.D. Austin E. Lamberts, M.D. Ernest F. Lang, M.D. Jack Lapides, M.D. Howard C. Lawrence, Jr., M.D. Walter I. Lillie, M.D. . Martin L. List, M.D. Wesley G. Logan, M.D. Charles R. Lowe, M.D. Stanley M. Lynn, M.D. Mason S. Maynard, M.D. James H. McCadie, M.D. John R. McNicholas, M.D. Robert E. Medlar, M.D. John B. Moring, M.D. Percy J. Murphy, M.D. Paul L. Neiswancer, M.D. Stanley P. Oleksy, M.D. William G. Paine, M.D. . Herbert E. Pedersen, M.D. John R. Pepin, M.D. Philip S. Peven, M.D. Richard W. Pomeroy, M.D. William P. Purfield, M.D. Detroit, Mich. Chicago, III. Detroit, Mich. Grand Ledge, Mich. Lansing, Mich. Dayton, O. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ishpeming, Mich. . Toledo, O. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Fremont, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Haven, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Boise, Idaho Lapeer, Mich. Ionia, Mich. . . Detroit, Mich. Marenisco, Mich. Mt. McGregor, N. Y. Fort Wayne, Ind. . . Ahmeek, Mich. . Ada, O Jackson, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Stolen Island, N. Y. Escanaba, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. fi i? (? LfiLtffk SENIORS J . 145 George C. Reed, M.D. . Harold E. Runde, M.D. Stuart W. Russell, M.D. . John H. Sanders, M.D. Allen Sounders, M.D. C. Waldo Scott, M.D. . Arthur G. Seski, M.D. Daniel C. Siegel, M.D. Orrie W. Stehouwey, M.D. Martin R. Sutler, M.D. Sigmund C. Szabunia, M.D. H. Clay Tellman, M.D. . Helen M Thompson, M.D. Gilbert A. Twichell, M.D. Leo F. Twiggs, M.D. Maggie L. Walker, M.D. . William F. Weeks, M.D. George E. Weick, M.D. . Harold E. West, M.D. . Walter M. Whitehouse, M.D. Asa G. Yancey, M.D. Jerome A. Yared, M.D. Chris J. Zarafonetis, M.D. Robert F. Ziegler, M.D. Willisburg, Ky. Detroit, Mich. Kalamazoo, Mich. Rocky River, O. Coldwater, Mich. Newport News, Va. Detroit, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Newport, R. I. Hamtramck, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. . Toledo, O. Chicago, III. Billings, Mont. Richmond, Va. Highland Park, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ypsilanti, Mich. Atlanta, Ga. Grand Rapids, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. Birmingham, Mich. 146 Top Row R. Murphy, Leitch, Wright, Tolle, Cooper, Schaiberger, Hovis, Schaubel. Row 2 Ver Hey, Effler, McNicholas, Maynard, Purfield, P. Murphy, Pedersen, O ' Connor. Row 3 Higgins, Filip, Lawrence, Dr. Waggoner, Browne, Medlar, Stewart, Christensen, Hall. G A L E N S W. CRAIG BROWNE HOWARD C. LAWRENCE ROBERT E. MEDLAR H. K. FILIP, JR. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer PRAEFECT: Dr. Raymond W. Waggoner. HONORARY MEMBERS, Dr. Walter G. Maddock, Dr. Vincent C. Johnson. MEMBERS: Craig Browne, Robert Christensen, Donald Cooper, Donald Effler, Hypolit Filip, Winston Hall, Laurie Higgins, Logan Hovis, Howard Lawrence, Robert Leitch, Mason Maynard, John McNicholas, Robert Medlar, Robert Murphy, Percy Murphy, Sylvester O ' Connor, Herbert Pedersen, William Purfield, George Schaiberger, Howard Schaubel, Wayne Stewart, Charles Tolle, William Verhey, William Wright. 147 Top Row Richter, Drygas, Cattell, Niedzwiecki, W. Smith, Riker, Weld. Row 2 McGrath, Davidson, Higgins, Lyons VerHey, Morrow, Crooks, Davey. Row 3 Black, Swartz, EFfler, Filip, Harrod, Gutelius, Whitehouse. Row 4 R. Smith, Church, Neiswander, Cunningham, Jackson, James. ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA HYPOLIT K. FILIP, JR. MAX A. FINTON NEILL B. McGRATH. PAUL M. CUNNINGHAM President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Fleming Barbour, Howard Berkley, John Bean, George Belote, Willis Brown, Peter Crabtree, Arthur Curtis, Marion DeWeese, Henry Field, Robert Gesell, Albert Heustis, Frederick House, Charles Knerler, John Law, James Miller, Norman Miller, Louis Newburgh, Max Peet, H. Marvin Pollard, Nelson Smith, Nougle Thomas, Harry Towsley, John Wolgamot. SENIORS: Franklin R. Black, Paul M. Cunningham, Donald B. Effler, Hypolit K. Filip, Jr., Max A. Finton, Stanley K. Gutelius, Gordon R. Harrod, Willard R. Kunzinger, Paul L. Neiswander, Stanley P. Oleksy, Fred G. Swartz, Jr., Walter M. Whitehouse. JUNIORS: Charles I. Crook, Winthrop N. Davey, Donald L. Davidson, Laurie W. Higgins, James W. Lyons, Neill B. McGrath, Jr., William J. Morrow, William B. VerHey. SOPHOMORES: Lee M. Cattell, Edward G. Niedzwiecki, Hugh A. Weld, William M. White. FRESHMEN: Brooks D. Church, Henry F. Drygas. James Jackson, John James, Paul F. Richter, Jr., John L. Riker, William S. Smith. Founded at Dartmouth - 1 888 Alpha lota Chapter- 1906 800 Oxford 148 4V . Top Row- Darmstaetter, Walters, Couter, Bittinger, Johnson, Moore. Row 2 -Weir, Benz, Smith, Cooper, McCord, Pommerening, Morton, Hall, Carver, Jones, Ide. Row 3 Browne, Andros, Gustafson, Harryman, A. Sounders, Jackson, Weeks, Greenway, Ashley, Hay, Lillie, Moring, J. Sounders. Row 4 -Taylor, La Tourette, Rae, Kramer, Neerken, Mantele, Root. NU SIGMA NU W. F. WEEKS . G. D. GREENWAY H. W. BIRD . R. S. JACKSON . G. J. ANDROS J. A. JOHNSON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Custodian MEMBERS IN FACULTY: John Adcock, M.D., Joh Alexander, A.M., M.D., Russell R. deAlvarez, M.D., Paul S Barker A.B. M.D., Dan J. Bulmer, A.B., M.D., Carl D. Camp, M.D., Kyril B. Dongerm, M.D., Charles B. Darner, A.B., M.D., C. W. Edmunds, A.B., M.D., H. W. Emerson, Ph.C, B.S. Pharm., Richard H. Freyberg. A.B., M.D., Cameron Height A.B., M.D., George Hammond, A.B., M.D., Howard C. Jackson, M.D., Franklin D. Johnston, B.S.E., M.D., Edgar A. Kahn, B.S., M.D., Earle B. Kaye, Z.B., M.D., Frank A. Lamberson, M.D., James W. Logie, A.B., M.D., Dugald S. Maclntyre, M.D., James H. Maxwell, A.B. M.D., Frederick Novy, M.D., Sc.D., LL.D., Ruben Peterson, M D Griswold Ruth, M.D., H. Simrall, M.D., Charles J. Smyth, M.D., M. H. Souie, MX. Chem., Sc.D., LL.D., Carl V. Weller, M.S., M.D., Udo J. Wile, A.B., M.D., Frank N. Wilson, B.S., M.D., Walter P. Work, A.B., M.D. SENIORS: G. J. Andros, J. B. Ashley, Browne, G. D. Greenway, J. R. Gustafson, J. E. Harryman, M. Hay, R. S. Jackson, C. Kiehn. W. L. Lillie, J. B. Moring, W. Payne, J. H. Sanders, A. Sounders, W. H. Stewart, W. F. Weeks. JUNIORS: C. A. Benz, E. S. Carr, G. B. Carver, D. R. Cooper, W. C. Hall, J. M. McCord, J. A. Morton, R. A. Pommerening, W. Smith, W. C. Weir. SOPHOMORES: G. Andrews, H. W. Bird, R. E. Bittinger, W. T. Couter, L.A. Craig, A. A. Darmstaetter, A. W. Ide, J. A. Johnson, A. C. Jones, E. V. Moore, J. F. Walters, E. E. Wayson. FRESH- MEN- F. M. Adams, J. F. Kramer, P. T. Lahti, H. B. Latourette, G. H. Lowrey, K. A. Mantele, W. A. Meier, J. A. Neerken, J. W. Rae, S. W. Root, G. D. Taylor, K. Weller. Founded at University of Michigan 1 882 Alpha Chapter 1882 1015 E. Huron 149 Top Row McCoy, Gomley, Snow, Hovis, Hinerman, Kalder, Fischer, Christopherson, Betz, Robinson. Row 2 Williams, Wake, Welch, Wees, Nelson, Schwind, Lyons, Schaiberger, Truemner, Gordy. Row 3 Christensen, Lowe, Jennings, Reed, Pedersen, Brown, Twiggs, Jack, Arscott. PHI BETA PI HERBERT E. PEDERSEN GEORGE C. REED ROBERT C. CHRISTENSEN ROBERT W. BROWN Archon Vice-Archon Treasurer Secretary MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Carl E. Badgley, M.D., James B. Craig, M.D., Vernon S. Dick,M.D., John S. Ferguson, M.D., Albert C. Furstenberg, M.D., William G. Gordon, M.D., Fred J. Hodges, M.D., Edward G. Seybold, M.D., Ralph G. Smith, M.D., John Sundwall, M.D., Hobart H. Wright, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY: Walter Belser, M.D., J. Philip Berger, M.D., Dolphus Compere, M.D., Fredrick W. Chard, M.D., A. William Coxon, M.D., H. Francis For- sythe, M.D., John Holt, M.D., William H. Houston, M.D., D. E. Lichty, M.D., Vincent Rees, M.D., John H. Seabury, M.D., Kenneth Smith, M.D. SENIORS: Edward F. Arscott, Robert W. Brown, Robert C. Christensen, Dorin Lee Hinerman, William W. Jack, Hal Bruce Jennings, Charles R. Lowe, Herbert E. Pedersen, George C. Reed, Robert F. Schugmann, Leo F. Twiggs, Richard C. Wixson. JUNIORS: Frank M. Burroughs, James W. Christopherson, James E. Fischer, Henry L. Gomley, Logan W. Hovis, Ned B. Kalder, George L. Schaiberger, Frederick J. Schwind, Robert H. Snow, Keith N. Treumr, Douglas L. Wake, Herbert D. Welsh, Edward T. Williams. SOPHOMORES: Eldean G. Betz, John E. Christensen, Malcolm K. Dolby, Phillip D. Gordy, Peter C. Hofstra, Robert F. Lyon Oscar H. Nelson, Marshal P. Wees, Rex W. Wilson. FRESHMEN: James Beesley, Martin J. Ittner, Benjamin E. Kuchar Leslie F. McCoy, Charles L. Nord, Harry C. Nord- strom, Fred W. Robinson, Ralph M. Silas. Founded at Philadelphia 1 891 Beta Chapter 1 891 1010 E. Ann 150 Top Row McCallister, Vial, Gerlach Kutsche, Brooks, Mechling, Ulmer, Crispell, Busard, Reed, Davidson, Sargent, Lauer. Row 2 Beatty Anderson, Sundeen, Todd, Baum, Laux, Clayton, Dawson, Johnson, Marion, Wright, Riesen, Antell. Row 3 Schreiber, McCadie, Brown, Weick, Twichell, Juedecke, Tellman, Medlar, McNicholis, Pomeroy, Pepin, Russell, List Row 4 Fish, Griep, Nunn, Clover ' Kokomoor, H. Johnson, Manning, Montgomery, Jarvis, West, Peterson, Carlson. PHI CHI ROBERT E. MEDLAR J. WILLIAM WRIGHT, JR. WILLIAM BAUM . CLAY TELLMAN President Presiding Junior Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY: H. W. Cummings, M.D., F. E. Davis, A.B., M.D., R. N. Dejong, A.B., M.D., C. E. Folsome, A.B., A.M., M.D., W. E. Forsythe, B.S., Ph.D., M.D., F. B. Fralick, M.D., M.S., H. W. Harris, A.B., M.D., L E Himmler A.B. M.D., B. C. Johnson, M.D., R. Kimbrough, M. D., A. C. Kirklikowske, M.D., W. G. Maddock, A B M D R. Major, M.D., R. E. McCotter, M.D., R. S. Nesbit, A.B., M.D., H. K. Ransom, A.B., M.S., M.D., L. E. Reck A B. H. E. Riecker, A.B., M.D., E. W. Sink, A.B., C. C. Sturgis, B.S., M.D., R. W. Waggoner, M.D., R. Wilson, A.B., M.D. SENIORS: William Beierwaltes, Alan Brown, Charles Furniss, Robert Jaedecke, Martin List, James McCadie, John McNicholas, Robert Medlar, John Pepin, Stuart Russell, Clay Tellman, Gilbert Twichell, George Weick, Richard Pomeroy. JUNIORS: Robert Bailey, William Baum, Ralph Dawson, Paul Clayton, Nelson Green, Charles Hender- son, Jack Laux, Rheinhold Sundeen, Mark Todd, William Wright. SOPHOMORES: Francis Anderson, Gunnard Antell, George Brooks, Max Busard, Charles Clark, Kenneth Crispell, James Davidson, Lorenz Gerlach, Walter Johnson, John Keetsche, Paul Lauer, Ralph Mahon, Steven Mason, John McAllister, Robert Meehling, Tom Reed, John Reisen, William Rottschafer, James Sargent, Oskar Schreider, Arthur Ulmes, Burgiss Vial. FRESHMEN: Charles Aldrich, Ralph Beattie, LeRoy Carlson, Robert Fisch, Arthur Griep, Dick Kelte.. Garth Jarvis, Hank Johnson, John Manning, Jack Montgomery, James Nunn, Carl Peterson, Al Vandenberg, Clark West. Founded at Vermont 1 889 Psi Chapter 1906 1541 Washtenaw 151 Top Row Friedman, Lieberman, Engleman, Levin, Zackheim, Linkner, Altschuler. Row 2 Friedman, Burton, Fajans, LaZebnik, Rosenman, Rosenbaum. Row 3 Goodman, Peven, Barish, Brandman, Siegel, Grekin, Gutterman. PHI DELTA EPSILON LEONARD J. BRANDMAN JULIAN I. BARISH ARTHUR N. LIEBERMAN . MILTON D. FELDMAN President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Moses Cooperstock, M.D., Samuel Gingold, M.D., S. Milton Goldhamer, M.D., Mervin Green, M.D., Morton Helper, M.D., Reuben Kahn, Sc.D.I. MEMBERS IN CITY: Joseph Kerzman, M.D. SENIORS: Julian I. Barish, Leonard J. Brandman, Milton D. Feldman, Harford W. Friedman, Max Goodman, Jack Grekin, Meyer Gutterman, Philip Peven, Daniel C. Siegel. JUNIORS: Stefan Fajans, Arnold Friedman, Arthur N. Lieberman, Leonard Rosenman, Herschel Zackheim. SOPHOMORES: Charles Atschuler, Robert Berris, Irving Burton, William LaZebnik, Leonard Linker, Herbert Rosenbaum. FRESHMEN: Raymond Engleman, Herbert Levin. Founded at Cornell - - 1904 Omega Chapter founded 1922 1824 Geddes 152 Top Row Von Auken, Climie, Keeler, Gardner, Borden, Kieser, Whitehouse, Sears, Slatmyer, Stolberg, Smiley, Jend. Row 2 Johnson, Murry, Collins, House, Tolle, Corres, Rush, MacKinsie, Cahalen, Randall, Scheurman, Vining, Taylor. Row 3 Foley, Maynard, Payton, Cook, Lang, Davies, Deming, Dunlap, Spriggs, Connor, Murphy. Row 4--Thomsett, Burnett, Ryan. PHI RHO SIGMA ROBERT H. DAVIES HOWARD LAWRENCE ROBERT MURPHY . MASON MAYNARD KAREL SLATMEYER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Recorder MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Robert J. Bannow, M.D., William M. Brace, M.D., James D. Bruce, M.D., Bert M. Bullington, M.D., Darrell A. Campbell, M.D., Frederick A. Coller, M.D., John M. Ferris, M.D., Homes D. Howes, M.D., John W. Kemper, M.D., Norman R. Kretzsohmar, M.D., Grover C. Penberthy, M.D., John M. Sheldon, M.D. SENIORS: Robert Davies, Richard Deming, Gregg Dunlap, Lee Foley, Fred Lang, Howard Lawrence, Mason May- nard, Richard Ottoman, Andrew Sackett, John Spriggs, Tom Britton, Gene Cook. JUNIORS: Dale Corres, Dave Johnson, Bob Murphy, Dave Randall, Norman Shippey, Ed Connors, Dale Rush, Charles Tolle, Walter Scheurman, Joseph Cahalan, Edward MacKenzie. SOPHOMORES: James Collins, Glenn House, William Jend, Howard Kaiser, Keith Keelor, Morris Murray, Charles Sears, Karel Slatmyer, Carl Stolberg, Julian Torrey, Ed Van Auken, Keats Vining. FRESHMEN: Bob Borden, Jack Burnett, William Brewer, Hugh Cook, Alfred Gardiner, James Haggerty, John Montean, Joe Ryan, Vic Scotville, William Sheehy, William Scheney, Dick Taylor, Arthur Tompsett, Keith White- house. Founded at Northwestern 1 890 Zeta founded 1897 300 N. Ingalls 153 Top Row Wilson, Whitman, Stryker, Sikkema, Barrows, Gairns, Hyman. Row 2 Haggan, Thompson, Moyer, Bentley, Sullivan, Down, Collins. ALPHA EPSILON IOTA MARGARET BENTLEY ELEANOR SMITH FRANCES SULLIVAN RUTH MOYER . MARGARET HAGGAN President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer PATRONESSES: Mrs. R. Bishop Canfield, Mrs. A. C. Furstenberg, Mrs. Robert Gesell, Mrs. Howard B. Lewis, Mrs. Frederick Novy, Mrs. Cyrus C. Sturgis, Mrs. Carl V. Weller. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Margaret Bell, M.D., Elizabeth C. Crosby, Ph.D., Meldon Everett, M.D., L. Dell Henry, M.D., Marianna Smalley, M.D., Elizabeth Thompson, Ph.D., Ruth Wanstrom, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY: Anna Cook Cowie, M.D., Victoria Fitzgerald Kimbrough, M.D., Anne Lufkin High, M.D., Lavinia Mac Kaye, M.D., Eloise Evans Mclvor, Martha Vaughan Parker, Dorothy Smith Ratner, M.D. SENIORS: Winona Barrows, Margaret Bentley, Myrtle Collins, Ruth Moyer, Stella Sikkema, Eleanor Smith, Alice Stryker, Helen Thompson. JUNIORS: Margar et Haggan, Laura Kronquist, Frances Sullivan. SOPHOMORES: Frances Costello, Martha Down, Lila Gairns, Betsy Honhart, Marian Iddings, Margaret McMahon. FRESHMEN: Rosalind Fellman, Lois Gillilan.. Mary Hymen, Evelyn Whitman, Martha Wilson. Founded at Michigan -- 1890 Alpha Chapter founded 1890 119 Park Terrace 154 ITS MUSIC SHALL SOUND FOREVER IN THE SKIES 156 .when concerts were held in University Hall. ! I he School of Music was organized in 1 879 by the University Musical Society in order to provide a quality of musical instruction comparable to other branches of education in colleges and universities. This supervision and maintenance continued for half a century. Beginning with the year 1929 the University School of Music operated as a division of the University of Michigan with its own Board of Directors but subject to the approval of the Board of Regents of the Uni- versity. During this time the Musical Society and the Music School expanded as a unit into an outstanding organization. A change was inaugurated in the fall of 1940 when the School of Music became entirely separated from the University Musical Society and became one of the thirteen schools of the University. Instruction, both undergraduate and graduate, covering the whole field of musical study is offered. However, this training is carried out according to the belief that professional training in music should be accompanied by a broad general education. The Michigan Glee Club 1895 157 DIRECTOR MOORE Genial Dr. Earl V. Moore, Director of the School of Music, is indeed a Mich- igan man. Born in Michigan, his first connection with the University was in the capacity of student. Later he became a professor in the school, and] in 1923 he was made its director. He also conducted the May Festival Concerts from 1923 to 1939. Dr. Moore was responsible for the music for the Union Operas from 1908 to 1913. Among his own compositions are such favorites as College Days , " Bum Army " , and " Varsity " . Aside from his interests in the University, Dr. Moore was President of the National Association of Music Schools from 1933 to 1936, President of the National As- sociation of Music Teachers from 1936 to 1938, and was National Director of the WPA Music Programs in 1939. FACULTY Top Row T. Kinkhead, G. Filkins, R. Williams, C. Vroman, M. McArtor, H. Van Deursen, P. Christian. Row 2 P. Price, H. Pick, W. Besekirsky, A. Whitmire, T. Newell, A. Case, S. Lacey, G. McGeach, W. Revelli, D. Mattern, L. Gregory, A. Hackett, E. V. Moore, W. Stubbins. Row 3 E. Koon, K. Barry, T. Lewis, L. Cuyler, M. Okkelberg, H. Titus, N. Hunt, M. Rhead, F. O ' pt. Holt, M. Fishburne. 158 (Graceful motion . . . sweet music. i A study in harmony. 159 CLASS OFFICERS Rhoads, Bondurant, McDermott, Mueller WILLIAM E. RHOADS JEAN BONDURANT . CATHERINE McDERMOTT HAROLD MUELLER President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary ANNOUNCEMENTS: John E. Howard-Chairman, Forest A. Bartlett, Geraldine Braun, Leslie A. Grimord, Martha McCrory. FINANCE: Catherine McDermott-Chairman, J. R. Edwards, Marjorie Forrestel, John D. Rohrer, Margaret E. Woodruff. CAP AND GOWN: Joan Bondurant-Chairman, Dorothy Bogart, Betty Ann Chaufty, Joan M. Stevens. ACTIVITIES: Harold Mueller-Chairman, Paul Robey Bryan, Hubert J. Martin, Judith R. Victor. PUB- LICITY: Charles Wellington-Chairman, Jean A. Goll, Gordon A. Hardy, Helen A. Weissman. SENIOR BALL REPRESENTATIVE: Catherine McDermott. 160 Madeline E. Ardner, B.M. C. Sidney Berg, B.M. Joan V. Bondurant, B.M. Geraldine Braun, B.M. Paul R. Bryan, B.M. BettyAnn Chaufty, B.M. Richard V. Correll, B.M. J. R. Edwards B.M. Margery Forrestel, B.M. Burton A. Fuller, B.M. Jean A. Goll, B.M. Leslie A. Grimord, B.M. Gordon A. Hardy, B.M. John E. Howard, B.M. William E. Jakad, B.M. . Philip Malpas, B.M. . Hubert J. Martin, B.M. Margaret V. Martin, B.M. Martha McCrory, B.M. Catherine H. McDermott, B.M. Harold Mueller, B.M. Elizabeth L. Newton, B.M. . Herbert E. Neuchterlein, B.M. Barbara L. Ostheimer, B.M. William Rhoads, B.M. Caroline M. Rosenthal, B.M. Katherine M. Sarich, B.M. Frances Sauer, B.M. Thomas G. Shuler, B.M. Joan E. Stevens, B.M. Charlotte M. Tuite, B.M. Judith R. Victor, B.M. Charles K. Wellington, B.M. Helen C. Westlin, B.M. . John L. Wheeler, B.M. , Margaret E. Woodruff, B.S. . Toledo, O. Gary, Ind. Great Bend, Kan. Dayton, O. Trenton, N. J. Ann Arbor, Mich. Elkhart, Ind. Evansville, Ind. Akron, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. Montpelier, O. Iron Mountain, Mich. Hudson, Ind. Oklahoma City, Okla. Springfield, Mass. Flushing, Mich. Detroit, Mich. . Troy, O. Quincy, III. Benson, Minn. Austin, Texas . South Bend, Ind. Bay City, Mich. Erie, Pa. Hammond, Ind. Detroit, Mich. Eveleth, Minn. . Bad Axe, Mich. Bowman, S. C. . Grand Rapids, Mich. Stonington, Conn. Detroit, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. . Lindenhurst, N. Y. . Toledo, O. . Memphis, Mich. 161 MICHIGAN BANDS When Ferdi Grofe, one of America s outstanding composers, was here as guest conductor for Varsity Night, he remarked that the Michigan Band was the finest amateur band he had ever heard. The feature of the program this night was a Stump me if you can " program, in which Tom Harmon, Annabelle VanWinkle, Professor O. P. Moore and Grofe were the experts. On the football trips the band played concerts in New York, Minneapolis and Boston. The bands also sponsored the High School Bandmaster ' s Clinic, during which Morton Gould was the guest conductor. Two concerts, one in mid- winter and the other in the spring are given annually. Without the bands graduation would not be the same, for they play at commencement as well as for the senior parade and lantern night. Every student knows, what an active part the band takes in school activities during the year. 162 Top Row Connell, Morris, Berg, Kuite, Worthington. Row 2 Prof. Revelli, Watkins, Col. Kuntz, Parks. CONCERT BAND FLUTES: Preston Cochran, Frank Grubbs, Gordon Hardy, William Hawes, Patricia MacFarland, Harold Mueller, Beatrice Rubin, Gertrude Rubin, Boris Theodoroff, Ruth Wehner. ENGLISH HORN: Paul Leddicoat. OBOE: George Conrey, John Gajec, Noah Knepper, Kenneth Matson. B FLAT CLARINETS: Frank Basso, Alvin Bohmn, Robert Brown, William Brown, Albert Chipman, Louis Davis, Fred Eggert, David Gates, Harry Geiger, George Gotschall, Justin Gray, Phyllis Gugino, Monna Heath, Clayton Henderson, Arthur Hills, Charles Hills, Jr., Norris Huston, George Irwin, Leslie Matson, Anne Miskerik, William Pappas, William Rhoads, Harold Saeger, Franklyn Tinker, Albert Togna, Herschel Wallace, Victor Wertheimer, Dale Zornow. ALTO CLARINETS: Phillip Busche, Hubert Martin, Richard Worthington. BASS CLARINETS: Gordon Gray, Robert Kuite, George Roach. BASSOONS: Hugh Cooper, Edward Ostroski, Meyer Victor. ALTO SAXOPHONES: John Howard, E. Rollin Silfies, John Wells, TENOR SAXOPHONE: Edwin Kruth. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Leonard Ruby. CORNETS AND TRUMPETS: Gene Brown, Marion Chown, Raymond Crisara, Donald Dickinson, J. R. Edwards, Sedgewick Field, Leslie Grimord, Albin Johnson, Herbert Miller, Wilfred Roberts, Jr., Roy Swift. FLUGEL HORN: Forrest Bartlett, Oscar Feldman. FRENCH HORNS: Martin Bernstein, Harold Britton, Lewis Garner, Constance Gilbertson, Clelan Graham, C. Gene Sherry, Ralph Stokes, John Walcott, Don Wallace, Milan Yancich. TROMBONES: Betty Correll, John Eidson, William Maybury, W. Owen Mays, Maynard Post, John Robbins, Charles Thatcher. BASS T ROM- BONE: Stuart Park. BARITONES: Paul Bryan, Jack Koman, Donald Marrs, Donald McLeod, Kenneth Summerfelt. SOUSAPHONES: Richard Correll, Albert Erskine, John Hagen, Edwin Jones, Wendell Steiner, Elbert Travis. STRING BASSES: Waldemar Firehammer, Harvey Hodges. PERCUSSION: Marvin Draeger, Albert Flink, John Ginther, Raymond Opland, John Rohrer, Clarence Schultz, Warren Shelley. TYMPANY: C. Sidney Berg. HARP: Christine Smith. REGIMENTAL BAND FLUTES: Robert Harvey, John Prakken, Robert Voss. B FLAT CLARINETS: John Allen, Stewart Churchill, Norman Colbath, John Hunt, Louis Hurd, Morette Rider, John Robertson, Norman Schwartz, John Shoemaker, Russell Williams, Redfield Zittel. BASS CLARINET: Theodore Powell. BASSOONS Ganet Graham, Harwood Ryciholm. ALTO SAX: C.Louis Cuccia, Sam Eastman, Irving Frankel, Robert Savory, William Stewart. TENOR SAX: Arnold Agree, Leonard Zuckerman. BASS SAX: John Ball. TRUMPETS AND CORNETS: Seyburn Agnew, Richard Burck, Raymond Burdick, Robert Collins, William Converse, John Crocker, Ralph Deutsch, Walter Doeringsfeld, Richard Dulebohn, Oscar Elling, William Firman, James Hall, Ralph Holzhauer, John Kuivenin, Alfred Kutchinski, Edward Munnell, Norman Schottin, Robert Shelley, Russell Speirn, W. Leroy Weeks. FRENCH HORNS. Jane Baessler, Frank Bender, William Gibson, Herbert Whitehouse. TROMBONES: George Brown, Fred Cohrs, Sam De Lancey, Charles Droman, Alan Marks, Roy Mattern, William Millman, Robert Seidel, Walker Thorsby. BARITONES: John Crocker, Clinton Heimbach, Lowell Loeffler. PERCUSSION: Walter Huntingdon, Kenneth Jones, Donald Lessig, Douglas McLeod, Jack Pelton, Robert Sharp, Richard Youngquist. SOUSAPHONES: William Ellet, Harry McCormick, Marshall Penn. ' ir H Between the halves . . . 163 . GLEE CLUB Top Row Brown, Berger Row 2 Watkins, Mattern DIRECTOR: Professor Mattern. MEMBERS: David Allen, James Bassett, James Berger, Richard Boynton, Charles Brown, James Conti, James Crowe, Nelson Davis, J. R. Edwards, Herman Erke, Eugene Fairbanks, George Fox, James George, Colvin Gibson, Ed Gibson, Phelps Mines, Stanley Hipwood, Robert Holland, Clarence Klopsic, Cary Landis, Toivo Liimatainen, Robert Lov ell, James Martin, Donald Mason, Harry Morris, George Muller, Herbert Neuchterlein, Jack Ossewaarde, Harry Parmelee, Charles Parthum, Chandler Pinney, Franklin Powers, Floyd Rechlin, Kenneth Repola, Charles Schaeffer, Erwin Scherdt, Wilfred Shale, Russell Steere, James Stephenson, Harold Stern, Walter Strickland, Roy Summerfield, William Swenson, Anthony Walker, Russell Warren, Donald Whitney. 164 Top Row Howard, Edwards, Ostroski, Davis, Hardy, Irwin, Draeger, Kruth, Park, Mattern. Row 2 -Brown, Ginther, Schultz, Swift, Roberts, Wellington, Robbins, Mays, Gajec, Graham. Row 3 -Kuite, Opland, Williams, Zornow, Gotschall, Gray, Basso, Busche, Sherry, Bryan. Row 4 - Rhoads, Rohrer, Ruby, Worthington, Mueller, Watkins, Reveili, Britton, Berg, Hills, Johnson. KAPPA KAPPA PSI Founded at Oklahoma A. and M.- -1919 Nu Chapter 1925 JOHN ROHRER WILLIAM RHOADS RICHARD WORTHINGTON SIDNEY BERG President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY: William D. Reveili, William H. Stubbins, Herbert G. Watkins. MEMBERS IN CITY: Ralph Anthony, Robert Anthony, William Champion, James Gribble, Michael Massa, Alex Miller, William Parkinson, Fred Robinson, Wilson Sawyer, Erie Stewart, Louis VanManen, Clyde Vroman. SENIORS: Forest Bartlett, Sidney Berg, Harold Britton, Paul Bryan, Richard Correll, J. R. Edwards, Clelan Graham, Leslie Grimord, Gordon Hardy, John Howard, Albin Johnson, Jerome Martin, Harold Mueller, William Rhoads, John Rohrer, Charles Wellington. JUNIORS: Frank Basso, Robert Brown, Philip Busche, Marvin Draeger, Fred Eggert, John Gajec, George Gotschall, Justin Gray, Arthur Hills, Edwin Kruth, Roy Mattern, Jr., Owen Mays, Edward Ostroski, Stuart Park, John Robbins, Leonard Ruby, Gene Sherry, Franklyn Tinker, Richard Worthington. SOPHOMORES: Louis Davis, Albert Erskine, Oscar Feldman, John Ginther, George Irwin, Robert Kuite, Donald MacLeod, Raymond Opland, Wilfred Roberts, Jr., Clarence Schultz, Roy Swift, Robert Voss, Milan Yancich, Dale Zornow. GRADUATES: George Roach, Kenneth Summerfelt, Russell Williams. 165 Top Row Moron, Ball, Bach, McCrory, Goll, Ivanoff, Lewis, Fritz. Row 2 Deasy, Likely, Chaufty, R inck, Alexander, Shinkman, Fries. Forrestel, Waters. Row 3 Romig, Mellot, Munger, Anderson, Westlin, Baisch, McGeoch, Sarick, Knapp. Founded at University of Michigan -1903 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA DONNA BAISCH . KATHERINE SARICH HELEN WESTLIN ELIZABETH LEWIS DE RHUA SKINNER PHYLLIS WATERS GERALDINE BRAUN President Vice-President Secretary Secretary Editor Sergeant-at-Arms Treasurer ACTIVES: Dorothy Anderson, Anne Alexander, Donna Baisch, Geraldine Braun, Dorothy Bach, Doris Ball, Barbara Cahoon, Betty Ann Chaufty, Ruth Deasy, Marjorie Forrestel, Carolyn Fries, Ruth Fritz, Jeane Goll, Betty Ivanoff, Mary Louise Knapp, Elizabeth Lewis, Betty Likely, Martha McCrory, Margery Mellott, Phyllis Munger, Kathleen Rinck, Mary Romig, Katharine Sarich, De Rhua Skinner, Jane Stone, Mary Shinkman, Helen Westlin, Phyllis Waters. PATRONESSES: Mrs. Ralph Aigler, Mrs. Chester D. Barnes, Mrs. Henry M. Bates, Mrs. Joseph Brinkman, Mrs. R. Bishop Canfield, Mrs. S. T. Dana, Mrs. A. C. Furstenberg, Mrs. James W. Clover, Mrs. G. Carl Huber, Mrs. M. Ries Hutchins, Mrs. James Inglis, Mrs. Waldo Johnston, Mrs. Tom Kinkead, Mrs. John Kollen, Mrs. George Longford, Mrs. Emil Lorch, Mrs. Alfred H. Lloyd, Mrs. Angus B. McLaughlin, Mrs. Earl V. Moore, Mrs. Richard H. Morgan, Mrs. George W. Patterson, Mrs. Max Miner Peet, Mrs. Samuel Stanton, Mrs. Morris P. Tilley, Mrs. E. L. Whitman, Mrs. E. S. Wolaver, Mrs. L. D. Gregory, Mrs. W. D. Revelli. 166 . , OFF DUTY 168 The Class of 1900 T he year 1941 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the University Hospital School of Nursing. A total of sixteen hundred young women have been graduated; many of these nurses have made an outstanding contribution to nursing, which is indicative of the excellent background given them by this professional school. In an effort to meet the challenge of the ever-changing times of our society, the curriculum is being constantly revised. The objectives of the school are to give the nurse a more scientific, social, and technical background to meet the needs of the community and to educate her so she will be better able to derive from her work the security and ability to live more fully. Because of its excellent resources of academic and clinical material, it is not difficult for the school to equip its young women to meet the requirements and obliga- tions of their profession. 169 BBBB i MISS REDDIG For one and a half years Miss Rhoda Reddig has been director of the School of Nursing and Director of Nursing Service in the University Hospital. In this short time she has become an integral part of these institutions. Her charming personality has quickly won her many new friends. It is not surprising that she adjusted herself to her new position with such ease, for she had already had extensive experience as an Instructor of Nursing in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. She also was head nurse and assistant night director at the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, her alma mater. She holds a B.S. degree and a M.A. degree from Teachers College, Columbia University. These are only a few of her accomplishments, for one could continue to enumerate her many services rendered to various health agencies throughout the country. Miss Margaret Oesterblom Assistant Director of Nursing 170 Ccttell, Arduin, Blakley SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ANN BLAKLEY PAULINE ARDUIN . MARIAN HEIN . BETTY ANN CATTELL President Vice-President Sec y. Treasurer Social Chairman SCALPEL STAFF: Editor-in-Chief, Margaret Moore,- Asst. Editor-in-Chief, Helen Jasaitis,- Literary Editor, Betty Dickinson; Asst. Literary Editors, Muriel Bendemuhl, Katherine Douglas, Ruth Pennanen; Photography, Elizabeth Hunt; Artist, Lucille Middleton. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: President, Katherine Morse; Vice-President, Florence Wubbena; Sec ' y.-Treasurer, Lucille Huestis. STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES SENIOR CLASS: Muriel Brendemuhl, Bernice Fry, Giola Sigg. SENIOR CLASS GIFT: Betty Dickinson, Wanda Gruszczynski, Joyce Pam- mel. SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE MEMBER: Dorothy Carter. SENIOR ANNOUNCEMENTS COMMIT- TEE MEMBER: Nella Mona Shirley. 171 Patricia A. Birkhold, Diploma in Nursing Ann Blakley, Diploma in Nursing . Jane W. Bowler, Diploma in Nursing Anne S. Bremer, Diploma in Nursing Muriel R. Brendemuhl, Diploma in Nursing Lorraine K. Brieske, Diploma in Nursing Phyllis I. Brubaker, Diploma in Nursing Betty L. Berger, Diploma in Nursing Dorothy J. Carter, Diploma in Nursing Betty A. Cattell, Diploma in Nursing Cora L. Chapman, Diploma in Nursing Vivian M. Daniels, Diploma in Nursing Betty J. Dickinson, Diploma in Nursing Lucille E. Dolsen, Diploma in Nur sing Katherine T. Douglas, Diploma in Nursing Elizabeth A. Foote, Diploma in Nursing Fay A. Frederick, Diploma in Nursing Catherine A. Freer, Diploma in Nursing Jean E. Glasgow, Diploma in Nursing Janiece P. Grindol, Diploma in Nursing Helen W. Gruszczynski, Diploma in Nursing Ruth E. Hamilton, Diploma in Nursing Helen J. Hansen, Diploma in Nursing Helen S. Harju, Diploma in Nursing Marion E. Hein, Diploma in Nursing Elizabeth J. Huber, Diploma in Nursing Helen M. Jasaitis, Diploma in Nursing Latty, O. Dearborn, Mich. Savannah, N. Y. Grosse lie, Mich. Dunn Center, N. D. Harbor Beach, Mich Romulus, Mich. Saginaw, Mich. Waukon, la. Ann Arbor, Mich. Muskegon, Mich. Sterling, Mich. E. Cleveland, O. St. Ignace, Mich. Sterling, Mich. Lakewood, O. N. Olmstead, O. Marine City, Mich. Jonesville, Mich. Battlecreek, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Greensburg, Pa. Iron Mountain, Mich. South Range, Mich. Ironwood, Mich. Jackson, Mich. Grand Rapids, Mich. 172 Margaret L. Lehman, Diploma in Nursing Genevieve L. Luckman, Diploma in Nursing Mary E. Masteller, Diploma in Nursing Lucille Middleton, Diploma in Nursing Helen C. Miller, Diploma in Nursing Margaret B. Moore, Diploma in Nursing Katharine M. Morse, Diploma in Nursing Jane E. Munson, Diploma in Nursing Phyllis Osgood, Diploma in Nursing Louise Parcierelli, Diploma in Nursing Ruth H. Pennanen, Diploma in Nursing Wilma A. Rowerdink, Diploma in Nursing H. Elaine Scheid, Diploma in Nursing Nella M. Shirley, Diploma in Nursing Ghola C. Sigg, Diploma in Nursing Gertrude E. Terro, Diploma in Nursing Evalyn M. Tripp, Diploma in Nursing Mary J. VanDoven, Diploma in Nursing Muriel O. Vogel, Diploma in Nursing Ruth Wood, Diploma in Nursing . Florence L. Wubbena, Diploma in Nursing Phyllis R. Yackey, Diploma in Nursing Chelsea, Mich. Iron Mountain, Mich. . Sidney, O. Durand, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Pontiac, Mich. Dearborn, Mich. Vulcan, Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. .. . Flint, Mich. . Highland Park, Mich. East Grand Rapids, Mich. Ida, Mich. Hotchkiss, Colo. Sherwood, O. Munising, Mich. Highland Park, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Grosse Pointe, Mich. . Kalamazoo, Mich. Essexville, Mich. Strasburg, O. 173 Study comes before practice. Learning laboratory technique. Setting up the table. 174 CHEMISTRY BUILDING PHARMACISTS ' RETREAT 176 Doing the " Diag " in 1860 Few schools have a more distinguished record than the College of Pharmacy. Established in 1 876, it was the first college of pharmacy within an American university. Since then it has constantly strived to train men and women for useful service in positions which embrace the entire field of pharmacy. The School offers three fields of concentration: retail pharmacy, general analytical or manufacturing pharmacy, and technical laboratory training. The course is four years in length, leading to a degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. Many unusual opportunities are available in fellowships and prizes. In addition, the School is near large manufacturing organizations of pharmaceutical goods, cosmetics, and foods. Also of primary importance are the excellent physical facilities which include laboratories, a museum, a library, and a medical garden. The College forms a nucleus for the phar- maceutical activities of the state and annually sponsors a conference for Michigan druggists. All of these factors make it one of the foremost professional schools in the nation. Chemistry Building 1870 177 DIRECTOR LEWIS Dr. Howard B. Lewis, Director of the College of Pharmacy, possesses the essential qualities necessary for such a position. A scientist of unusual capacities, of cheerful and friendly personality, energetic and progres- sive, he has guided the College of Pharmacy to a position of foremost importance in the country. Dr. Lewis gained his experience at Yale, the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, and the University of Illinois. In 1922 he became head of the Physiological Chemistry Department at the University of Michigan, and was promoted to his present position in 1933. He is an outstanding contributor to numerous scientific journals and a member of many honorary societies including Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi. FACULTY Top Row Blicke, Cataline. Row 2 Glover. Lewis, Stocking. 178 Blanche Anderson, B.S. William L. Austin, B.S. Charles W. Barnes, B.S. . Jack Berman, B.S. Paul E. Blower, B.S. . James R. Dehlin, B.S. . Alex Dine r, B.S. . Nydia Fernandez, B.S. . John D. Gregg, B.S. . Marjorie A. Kern, B.S. Paul E. Morris, B.S. Howard S. Nunes, B.S. Loren R. Parliament, B.S. Leonard G. Robinson, B.S. Henry A. Scislowicz, B.S. Elwun E. Turner, B.S. Bessemer, Mich. Perth Amboy, N. J. Valdosta, Ga. Muskegan, Mich. Paw Paw, Mich. . Gladstone, Mich. Paterson, N. J. . Cabo Rojo, P. R. Kalamazoo, Mich. Cleveland Heights, O. Baltimore, Md. Harwich, Mass. West Branch, Mich. . ' Leslie, Mich. Chicago, III. Onsted, Mich. : ' " U ' . T- " . I and another drug takes its place on the reagent shelf. 179 THf UIOfntfTS LfflGUf . cflfiipus mosflic . GOTHIC GRflnOfUfi The House that Yost Built. Life begins at 70 for the Grand Old Man. hen Louis Elbel dedicated his great new song, " Mich- igan Spirit " , at the Yost banquet last fall he was expressing once again the indescribable force which makes Michigan true " Victors ' and champions of the nation as well as the West. From Louis undergraduate days, associated with the famous point-a-minute aggregations of Michigan s first champions, through the present athletic season, Michigan has enjoyed a continuous succession of championship teams. What is it that makes Michigan teams consistently champions that converts mediocre individuals into great athletic teams? The answer is a traditional Michigan spirit, which since the turn of the century, has swept even the most unemotional Michigan student into its tidal wave of fame and glory. That Michigan spirit is Fielding Yost. Law may make the Grand Old Man of Michigan retire, but the mark of his forethought, determination, and competitive spirit will endure forever, and with it Michigan champions. Yost may retire to a well-earned rest, but his name will always be indelible on the Michigan student body. 188 Administration Interior Trophies of past victories. ATHLETIC BOARD FACULTY MEMBERS Ralph Aigler Fielding H. Yost Ira M. Smith Lewis M. Gram Elmer D. Mitchell Clifford C. Woody Arthur E. R. Book ALUMNI MEMBERS George C. Paterson, Flint Paul G. Goebel, Grand Rapids Douglas F. Roby, Detroit STUDENT MEMBERS Warren E. Breidenbach Norman D. Call Prof. Ralph Aigler Warren Breidenbach and Norman Call 189 ' V Top Row Lockhart, Kolesar, Butler, Kennedy, Ceithaml, Kresja. Row 2 -Howarth, Mgr., Wistert, Wise, Flora, Frauman, Call, Melzow, Roberts, trainer. Row 3- -Ingalls, Kelto, Fritz, Kromer, Czak, Kohl, Sukup, Nelson. Row 4 Rogers, Harmon, Yost, athletic director, Evashevski, capt., Crisler coach, Westfall capt. elect, Frutig. FOOTBALL Michigan s 1940 Football season was one of its best. Only a rainsoaked one point loss to Minnesota marred a perfect season as the Wolverines went on to a second in the conference and a third place national rating. Here in Ann Arbor we will always believe the 1940 " Wolves " were without peer since the two teams rated ahead of them were Minnesota and Stanford. Michigan pushed the Gophers all over the field and lambasted California, Stanford ' s big rival 41 to nothing whereas the Bears narrowly missed besting the Indians. With this Monday morning quarterbacking out of the way we return to realities. Michigan opened and closed its season with two of the greatest exhibitions of football ever seen, smashing mighty California 41 to nothing and mightier Ohio State, pre-season Big Ten favorites, 40 to the same nothing. Harmon was of course the star being named on every All-American, but the Greek Italian winning the Heisman and Maxwell trophys for the outstanding player of the year, and breaking Red Grange ' s Big Ten scoring record for the three year span. Placing himself at the head of the all time greats, Harmon, like the team, was best in the Bear and Buckeye games although an off day was something he never did experience. Ed Frutig, like Harmon, was All American although not unanimous. The great pass snatcher and defensive wingman made the Liberty magazine team as well as International News Service and Hearst aggregations. The Liberty post is especially significant since it denotes the opinions of hundreds of coaches and stars throughout the country. In addition to Harmon and Frutig, Evashevski, Fritz, Wistert and Westfall made various Big Ten teams with the first four being virtually unanimous on all teams selected after the Ohio State encounter. Harmon, Frutig, and " Evie " were on the Eastern All Star team playing in the Shriner ' s charity game on the coast. Passes from Harmon to first " Evie " and then Fruit Bowl accounted for both Eastern touchdowns. Ralph Fritz likewise, played all star ball starting and starring at guard for the North in their annual Blue-Grey game at Montgomery, Ala. Others who leave the football turf with the exceptional class of 41 " are Milo Sukup, three year veteran at running guard, Paul Kromer, the touchdown twin who came back despite a gelatin knee, Ed Czak, the diminutive firebrand at end, and last, but certainly not least, " Jeep " Mehafey and Jack Meyer, two great sophomore backs who were shelved by complicated leg injuries while starring on Fritz Crisler s first Michigan team three years ago. The seniors of " 41 " have gone a long way together and their names will always be bright in Michigan ' s memory lane of gridiron greats. 1 190 COACHES Weber, McCoy, Oosterbaan, Martineau, Munn, Crisler, Renda, Kodros. Fierce blocking, alert signal calling, crisp tackling, and spectacular pass catching these are the qualifications which made Forest Evashevski the outstanding quarterback in the Big Ten for three years. As captain and running mate for Harmon, the " One Man Gang , as sports writers affectionately dubbed him, was a tremendous asset to the team. In both leadership and ability the football of this blocking giant was never doubted. " refueling ' 191 -AMERIC V . - r Y f i t f- " I 4i-o Bullet Bob bounces. History repeated itself on the sunny slopes of Cali- fornia when a wintery blast of Michigan football blew the California Bears out of their own backyard. Forty years ago a Michigan team, the first under Fielding (Hurry Up) Yost, invaded California to massacre the original Rose Bowl hosts. On September 29th, with that first Rose Bowl shellacing still in mind, 35,000 spectators, including Fielding Yost, watched an equally amazing spectacle. Tommy Harmon was celebrating his twenty first birthday and no man alive could stop the party. California fans, who had come to see the flying Michigan team take a beating, were at first shocked, and then pleasantly amazed at the feats of the air-minded Wolverines. The Golden Bears were helpless as Harmon, with the help of mid-season blocking, grabbed the kick- off and galloped 94 yards through the entire California team to a touchdown. Following this with 72, 86 and 8 yard spurts, Harmon blazed a trail that even Pecos Bill would have been envious to see. Whether it was proving the fact that a boy becomes a man at 21, or whether it was simply a day s work for the Hammer, is a question. But regardless of the answer, the whole Pacific Coast from the Bear Coach, Stub Allison, to the now famous twelfth man on the team, stood and cheered with Fielding Yost as Harmon walked off the field. Their opinions of him had grown so high that they were actually shocked with surprise to see him miss his place kick after the fifth touchdown, a pass he threw to Davey Nelson. Cliff Wise, the Ace s sophomore understudy, scored the sixth touchdown. 194 Frutig leaps,- Harmon drives. CHIGflll STflTf 21-14 ' I ' m coming through ' On a blazing Indian Summer day in early October, Michigan s traveling gridders were in- troduced to a home crowd of 65,000. In rolling up their third straight victory over the Spartans, emblematic of the state championship, Michigan again showed mid-season form. From scrimmage they gained 31 2 yards to 49 for M.S.C., and except for a faulty pass defense, which accounted for State s two touchdowns, the Wolverines seemed to have everything. The game was featured by the sensational play of Michigan s All-Americans Tom Harmon and Ed Frutig. Harmon was mag- nificent as usual, scoring all of the Wolverines 21 points on smashes of 13, 2, and 9 yards re- spectively. On the last of these, the Hammer " looked especially brilliant carrying three State tacklers with him for the score. Frutig was terrific on both offense and defense, forming a bulwark in the line and snagging passes at will. Big Al Wistert in the line and Captain Evie and Bob Westfall in the Michigan backfield were also exceptional. For Charlie Bachman s Spartans, it was Wy Davis and Pawowski, the latter scoring all States 14 points by capitalizing on two rather peculiar situations. m Look out, Davey!,- it ' s good. 195 HflUflfiO 27-0 Ingalls has ' him. After burying California on the west coast and murder- ing Michigan State in Ann Arbor, Michigan ' s fugitive footballers continued their wave of crime with a trunk murder in Cambridge. Back and forth across the continent from coast to coast, this wave of destruction broke with a vengeance on John Harvard s rather low crimson tide. Showing no respect whatsoever for Dick Harlow ' s razzle- dazzle, Michigan s touchdown twins scored 27 points in routing the Harvard men. Harmon scored three and passed to the ailing Paul Kromer for the fourth in a game that saw the Wolverine seconds play all but two minutes of the second half. Ironically enough it was the referee and not the Harlow Harvards who kept the scoring within reason. Cooperating with Fritz Crisler ' s substituting program the whistle blowers penalized Michigan 110 yards thus providing the principle goalward obstacle. Harmon s 20 points, made before the critical Eastern crowd, gave him a total of 67 for his three intersectional games and established him without peer as the nation ' s point producer. Harmon kicks off, passes, and scores. 196 ' 28-0 Where ' s the truck? Pile-up Franklin D., Jr. in town for the the ol fox of the Determinction With Murray Van Wagoner and tilt, Bob Zuppke, better known to sports lovers as gridiron, coach of Red Grange and many other famous Illinois stars, brought his fighting Illini to Ann Arbor on October 19 fresh from their sensational struggle with highly touted Southern California. But all of Zuppke s tricks were for naught as Michigan went out to win their first Big Nine game of the season with the Grange of a new era in the saddle. With the Illini upset victory of the previous year still in their minds the Wolverines steamrollered out a 28 to revenge before a rainsoaked homecoming crowd of 40,000. It was bullet " Bob Westfall s field day as the muddy turf proved no handicap to his knifing plunges, accounting for 152 yards and the final touch- down. Harmon added ten points to his total with a touchdown he set up from the 23 and a magnificent field goal which divided the uprights despite the sloppyball. The other score was a pass from All-American to All-American as Ed Frutig, playing his usual great ?ame, caught the Harmon toss on the 30 and raced across the goal, his game marked the end of the career of MiloSukup, diminutive senior guard, who because of a slight concussion was advised to remain out of action the remainder of the season. 197 Reagan cuts back nil sum OH u-o With Ted Husing and Bill Stern both on hand, and short wave lines extending clear into war-torn Europe, Coach George Munger brought his undefeated Pennsylvania gridders to Ann Arbor for a battle royal with ' Fritz Crisler ' s undefeated Michigan Wolverines. The most publicized battle of the year between Penn ' s All American Francis Xavier Reagan and Terrible Tommy Harmon did not materialize, as Harmon had everything his own way Michigan blasted out on the long end of a 14 to score as the two greatest lines in the nation pounded away at each other ' s granite. 59,91 3 howling spectators saw Tornado Tom streak 19 yards for the first score and then rifle a pass to Frutig for the second. Harmon rolled up 142 yards in all as he and Captain-elect Bob Westfall took turns pounding and slicing the Penn line. In the line for Penn, it was Captain Ray Frick and for Michigan Al Wistert playing the greatest games of their respective careers. Harmon s kicking was the big surprise as he continued his form of the Illinois game with booming 60 yard punts, thus establishing himself as a great punter in addition to his other feats. The play of the game goes to Black Mike Evashevski for a vicious block on Ray Frick that saw captain pulverize captain in a bone crusher that sent both men down for the count. The victory proved even more glorious as Penn went on to beat Cornell for the supremacy of the East. Harmon passes to Frutig for second score. 198 flflESOTfl 6-1 End Around After an open date featured by the operation for Evie scare, a shock to the campus which proved to be a false alarm on the second examination, the Wolverine gridders entrained for Minneapolis, the Golden Gophers of Bernie Bierman being the main attraction of this big game hunt, the first of three powerful foes in Michigan s suicide football finish. The results were not pleasant, as the wet turf teamed up with little Joe Mernick to blast National and Conference Championship hopes for the Wolverines. All-American ' s Tom Harmon for Michigan and " Sunny " Franck forthe Gophers were spectacular in their punting and passing duel, but it was Bruce Smith who ran the eighty yards for Min- nesota s score. A pass, Harmon to Evie had scored first, but ironically enough it was Joe Mernick, a tiny substitute back with an educated toe who split the uprights to spell defeat for Michigan. The Wolverines completely outplayed the Bierman charges with fifteen first downs to five, plus a distinct superiority in ground gaining through both scrimmage and passing, but it was to no avail, as Harmon, trying to drive forward with his famous cutback, was continually pulled down by old man mud. Mernick was the hero of the day, as the Minnesota jinx hexed the Wolverines, and the elusive " little brown jug " was again too slippery to grab. Minnesota went on to win the National Championship, while Michigan finished third, but here in Ann Arbor we II always believe it was rain and not the Gophers which pushed Michigan out of what would have been its first national championship since 1932. The fatal kick. 199 II OUT Hilts Hl ' ll 20-13 Harmon scores an offensive battle of backfields Forest Evashevski, newly elected president of the Senior class, showed his leadership ability in the Wol- verine ' s driver seat as the Wildcats of Northwestern were sent down to a 20 to 1 3 defeat despite a last minute rally which almost spelled upset for the Michiganders. The last home game for the Michigan seniors brought together two great teams both suffering one loss, and both to the same team by the same margin, Joe Mernik ' s oh so small but potent toe. Approximately 77,000 spectators saw the Wolverines complete masters of the situation for 49 minutes, only to have an 80 yard touch- down sprint by Red Hahnenstein revive Wildcat hopes and change the whole complexion of the game. An inspired Wildcat literally tore into the Michigan line on a 72 yard march which was finally stopped when Westfall threw Hahnenstein at the line and the Wolverine took over on its own 6. For Michigan it was Westfall, Harmon, and Frutig carrying the mail. " Bullet Bob plunged 92 yards, scoring two Michigan touch- downs. The " Hammer " pushed 95, punted magnificently, and ran up his 30th 6 pointer, Frutig blocked a kick on the N. U. seven to feature his usual All-American performance. Lockhart and Harmon returned punts a total of 105 yards to double the Wildcat gain in that depart- ment, and even up statistical yardage, while Paul Kromer intercepted a wild last minute toss on his own thirty to end the eleven minute North- western scare. For Coach Lynn Waldorf it was Motl scoring first. Hahnenstein was the star of their attack, however, despite glass ankles which seemed to stand up better than a corning cooker or a shatterproof windshield on his 80 yard goalward jog. Frutig snares a high one. 200 OHIO SlflH 40-0 Touchdown twins in action. Presenting Ralph Fritz with a birthday party, " Hurry Up Yost with a testimonial, and Francis Schmidt with a farewell shower, Tom Harmon and Michigan put on a near perfect football game at the expense of an astonished group of Buck- eyes. Michigan that day performed like no other collegiate team in the country was capable of functioning. It was alert, determined, and spirited. In rolling up 22 first downs through 300 yards by rushing, and 1 50 by passing, the team not only scored 40 points, but backed it up with the most convincing statistical display Ohio fans had seen in 35 years. Ironically enough for Ohio it was Michigan on that ancient day. After 11 minutes of play the Wolverine scored on an 80 yard sustained drive. A pass from twin to twin, from Harmon to Kromer, set up the score on the seven from where Harmon pounded it over. Two minutes later Kromer, climaxing one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sport, grabbed a Scott punt on his 20, and behind Harmon s magnificent block, and further help from Tutti Frutig and Birthday Boy Fritz, he raced 80 yards to score. In the second quarter a pass from Harmon to Evashevski, fhe latter carrying the ball over from the 15. Captain Evie s brilliant play throughout the game gave him a seasonal edge over the ' Post boy Don Scott and on every All-Big Ten team, selected after the game it was ' Black Mike who was named. Ed Fruit Bowl Frutig was the senior who scored the fourth touchdown. This time it was a pass from Harmon climaxing a 77 yard drive. To complete the show Harmon reared back on the Ohio 18, cocked his arm for a pass, and then roared down the sidelines to cross standing up. Red Grange s record stood no more. The final 55 yard drive culminating in a 7 yard touchdown plunge was merely a finishing touch for the transplanted Hoosier. As he left the field with 38 seconds left to play, everyone in Columbus realized that the greatest star in modern football had just taken a battered body and a torn 98 from the collegiate gridiron for the last time. Many were inclined to call the Ohio team weak and demoralized but it is only fair to the Wolverines to give them full credit. Ohio had earlier pushed Minnesota all over the gridiron and it was with their recent beating by the Gophers still in mind that the greatest backfield and the greatest line in the country all combined to show a bunch of Ohio gridders how a coach s dream team would operate. 201 $ v " m Top Row Roberts, Trainer, Comin, Glasser, Townsend, Asst. Coach, Doyle, Westerman, Osborn, Mgr. Row 2 Mandler, Cartmill, Capt. elect, Oosterbaan, Coach, Brogan, Capt., McCoy, Asst. Coach, Ruehle, Herrmann. BASKETBALL The short striding Michigan basketball team, 1940-41 version, was noticeable because of its fight. Led by Speedy Captain Brogan the team, sadly lacking in height, wasn ' t a soft touch for any five men. They started off with an impressive victory over their East Lansing rivals. This victory over State was especially sweet as the Cow College went on to beat Long Island University in Madison Square Garden. Despite this start the Wolverines proved to be an on and off ball club. On trips during Christmas vacation, they beat highly rated Butler and a strong Pittsburgh outfit, only to lose a ragged struggle to Notre Dame and an uninspired 30-29 contest to Princeton. Michigan entered the Big Ten campaign with a scrappy combination formed only after making a replacement at forward for 64 Bob Fitzgerald who was lost to the team because of illness. The cagers gave their all but dropped a one pointer to Purdue, followed by nip and tuck battles taken by Illinois and Indiana. Then, to prove that the old college try counts for something, the tide turned and Michigan finished the Big Ten race with a string of four victories. The ideal combination of Cartmill, Sofiak, Mandler, Brogan, and Ruehle had been found. The maize and blue began the victory parade by dealing Iowa a crushing defeat on their home floor for the Wolverine courtmen s first conference win of the year. Although it is harder to win after taking many on the chin, the same quintet beat Chicago, Illinois, and Northwestern in quick succession. After an anti-climatic loss at Columbia, Michigan found that she finished in a tie for fifth place, and had put fast dribbling sparkplug Mike Sofiak George, Wheel, Mike, Herb, Jim. 202 on the all conference second team, and placed rangy Jim Mandler as center of the Honorable Mention five. For next year the team under the captaincy of Bill ' Wheel ' Cartmill will lack experience. However, the best freshman team in years is expected to help form a respectable outfit, not alone in height, of which there will be plenty, but in fight and ability. Outnumbered Cartmill goes up Ruehle Shoots 203 . ' Top Row LongstaFf, Weidig, Becker, Wilson, Courtright, Paddy Barnett, Copley, Mar. Row 2 Galles, Capt. elect, Paup, Keen, Coach, Combs, Capt., Robertson, Asst. Coach, Dean, Klemach. WRESTLING Coach Cliff Keen opened the 1940-41 wrestling season with one of the most powerful outfits in Wolverine history, but second semester ineligibility of half the team including heavyweight Jack Butler and Captain Billy Combs, proved fatal to any prospects for another championship. A good season was enjoyed, nevertheless, as the star-striped stranglers turned back Dearborn, Northwestern, Illinois, Ohio State, and Navy, losing only to Michigan State, Indiana, and the Nitany Lions of Penn State. Captain elect Jim Galles in the 1 75 pound class was our only conference champion, as the grapplers took a fifth place. Art Paddy pulled down a second, while Court- right, Paup, Barnett, and Weidig all corraled valuable points. Calks and Courtright, the matmen ' s only entries in the nationals at Lehigh, came out with a strangle hold on a second and third place, despite a tear-jerking strike at nearby Bethlehem Steel. Captain Bill Combs was the outstanding wrestler on the team. The Oklahoma Hurricane seemed headed for a sure conference and national championship, when one-eyed Louie, the scholarship kid, threw him for his first loss. With graduation and army life taking many of his first line bone- brushers, Keen will face the task of molding a new squad for next year ' s grappling grind. Despite this loss of four varsity men, Coach Cliff Keen expects the strongest mat squad he has ever coached in 1941. With a nucleus including Captain-elect Galles, Courtright, Paddy, Deane, and Barnett, Keen ' s hopes for once again gaining the conference crown seem bright. With a little help from potential Sophomore champions and a break by ol ' " one-eye " , the champions may again be dressed in yellow and blue. Captain Combs and Captain elect Galles. 204 Twisting out of a tight one. 205 V M , Frj cw Top Row Bronson, trainer, Collins, Ross Capt., Samuelson, Goldsmith, Lowery, Coach. Row 2 Lovett, Kemp, Loud, Bahrych, Gillis. Not Present Fife. HOCKEY Coach Lowery Hockey at Michigan has long been a favorite sport. With the center of intercollegiate hockey interest so closely tied up with the Big Ten and its Canadian rivals, it is no wonder that the Michigan stickers have had their share of puck stars cutting up the Coliseum. This last season was no exception. Although the hockey team had what can be termed a disasterous season from the point of view of wins and losses, they were never easy marks for anybody. In almost every loss it was a matter of but one or two goals. In trying to find the right combination, Coach Lowery shuffled his players continually, even going so far as to move Captain Charlie " Ross from his defensive position to right wing on the Forward line. With these changes and the gradual seasoning of the greener boys, Michigan finally reached its peak for the last six games, the first two against Minnesota and the last four against Illinois. Both these teams are tops, Minnesota being the best in the country two years ago only to be ousted by the " Illini " this past season. Against these teams Michigan, finally rolling, played real big-time hockey. All six games were close, hard-fought contests with Michigan going so far in the last two games at Champaign, as to actually outplay the great Illinois team which ironically enough is coached by Vic Heyliger, a star on the Wolverine puckster ' s last championship team. Captain ' Charlie Ross, Bert Stodden, Jim Lovett, and Fred Meddle are the graduating seniors who will be sorely missed, but with John Braidford, a Canadian boy, and Bill Dance coming from the best freshman squad in years to bolster the offense, and with the added experience of the returning lettermen, it looks like better things ahead for colorful Coach Lowery and his Wolverine Hockey team. 206 Captain Charlie Ross. Squaring off IP A r I " - Action against ' Illini ' . Captain-elect Paul Goldsmith. 207 PT i Top Row Horlenko, Allen, J. Sharemet G. Sharemet, Patton, Morse. Row 2 Mann, Coach, West, Williams, Skinner, Reidle, Mueller, Asst. Coach. Row 3 -Barker, Wolin, Heydt, Beebe, Capt., Welsh, Thaxter, Garvey. Seated Wilkinson, Burton. SWIMMING Captain Beebe Adjectives describing Mat Mann and his swimmers have long since run out of originality. Each year presents a team greater than the year before, and each year the Wolverines leave the competition in collegiate swimming farther behind. Mats 1941 aggregation was superb in every department. In the Big Ten meet at Iowa they ran up 87 points to 81 for the other 9 teams combined. In addition to this unprecedented score, the splashers took all the first places but the dive, broke long course records in every event, and took the first four places in one event, the backstroke. To continue their rampage around the swimming world and establish their claim as the intercollegiate team of the year the Wolverines went over to State and did a repeat on their oft-won national title. It was during this meet that free styler Charlie Barker was awarded the trophy emblematic of the outstanding collegiate swimmer of the year. In addition to Barker taking the individual title in the 50, Jim Skinner won the breast stroke in near record time,- Jim Welsh, voted most valuable senior on the team, took the 440; and Francis Heydt ran off with the century and half back stroke. Unable to arrange dual meets with Yale and onre powerful Ohio State, the Wolverines best dual meets came at the expense of Wayne University, 3rd ranking team behind the locals, and Yale. Bill Prew of Wayne and Jim Welsh of Michigan proved the stars of these two meets. Prew bested such stars as Barker and Gus Sharmet in both the fifty and hundred, while Welsh bested collegiate champion and Wayne Captain Andy Clark in the 220 and 440. It is significant to note that both these champions met surprise defeats inthenationals, appearing a little stale or overtrained. Each won one title instead of the expected two for Prew and triple win for Welsh. With 10 dual meet wins and victories in the Western conference and national collegiates, Matt Mann, the screaming " Scottsman , closed another year of championship swimming with his Blitzkreig Battalion of Clorine Crawlers. 208 BIG TEN CHAMPIONS 1927 1928 1929 1931 1931 1933 1934 1935 1937 1937 1937 1939 1940 1940 1940 1941 NATIONAL COLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS 1927 1928 1931 1932 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1938 1939 1939 1940 1940 1940 1941 NATIONAL A.A.U. CHAMPIONS 1940 Patten and Welsh Look at the Record if r Warming up in the giant Fort Lauderdale Pool. Combining work with pleasure the Wolverine swimmers spent their Christmas vacation amid sunshine, senoritas, salt water, and sand. The work was conditioning for the coming swimming season, the occasion was the annual East-West swimming gala, and the location was, as usual, the beautiful Fort Lauderdale pool. The West, captained by Jim Welsh, won in a breeze. Michigan was the West and their performance was nothing short of amazing in view of the early season date of the meet. Special Congratulations should be given diver Strother " T-bone " Martin for his performance in beating Earl Clark, Ohio State ' s national champion. What are you kicking about. No Gus, This ain ' t Michigan. This is how the birds do it. Not too close, Matt. The magic eye catches " T-Bone " Martin in one of the dives that helped him win his dual with national champion Earl Clark. 211 Top Row -Stackhouse, Asst. Coach, Keller, J. Dobson, Egert, Lawton, Decker, Gauthier, Adams, Mgr. Row 2 -Kautz, Ackerman, W. Dobson, Hook, Leutritz, Ostroot, Piel, Barnard, Harnist. Row 3 Barret, Wisner, Breidenbach, C. Culver, Rae, F. Culver, Heyle, Amstead, Hall. Row 4 Smith, Kelly, Balyeat, Schwarzkopf, 1 940 Capt, Doherty, Coach, Canham, 1 941 Capt., Hogan, Cushing, Jester. TRACK Great track teams at Michigan have become a tradition. 1941 is no exception. Plagued by illness and sophomore inexperience, Michigan lost its first indoor Western Conference championship in 8 to a strong Indiana squad led by two invincibles, Camball Kane, and Roy Cochran. One thing the critics seem to have overlooked, however, is that the Michigan cindermen scored more points than they had scored in winning the 1940 title. As if to prove that the indoor games were an exception rather than the rule, the Doherty men returned to form in the Butler Relays to take their eight consecutive victory and reverse their indoor conference position with the Flying Hoosiers. The Butler crown, coupled with half-mile relay titles at the coveted Millrose games and the Chicago relays, shows beyond a doubt that the Wol- verines will be gunning for their fifth consecutive outdoor championship in May. The dual meet record of the Dougherty men " was even more impressive. Running up a perfect dual meet score of three for three the Wolverines showed their famous team balance in beating Pitt 64-40, Ohio 62 1 3-41 2 3, and Michigan Normal and Michigan State 75 7 10 to 39 2 10 to 15 1 10 in their annual triangular meet. The first two victories were especially sweet, Pitt being I. C. 4 A. champions and Ohio State having just turned in a one point loss to Indiana. Team balance as usual prevails on the 1 941 edition of the Wolverine express. Individuals who bear mentioning are Captain Don Canham, holder of the Michigan indoor high jump record, and outstanding Big Ten high jumper for two years. Senior Warren Breidenbach, outdoor Conference 440 champion in ' 39 and ' 40, and Bob Ufer, Sophomore star who ran a 48.6 quarter indoors, showed bril- liance in both the quarter and half. Johnny Kautz in the latter distance, and Bud Piel in the sprints also bear mentioning as do Al Thomas, and Frank McCarthy, all around handymen who were dependable for points in seven events between them, both competing in the low hurdles. Seniors Jeff Hall, Jack Dobson, Bob Barnard, and Bob Hook were other outstanding men, with Junior Charlie Decker of motorcycle fame blazing to a new field house pole vault record in his last year of competition before joining the air corps in June. Many others should be mentioned as indoor performers and still others will crop up for the competition on the outdoor cinder paths, but the important thing is that Michigan as a team is, as usual, potent and, if spirit means anything, will again cop the outdoor title. 212 Charlie Posed for this one. . ii ff! ii il ir I! For years Michigan has had great quarter milers. Capt. Canham in action. McCarthy takes a high one. Saddle jump. Take it Warren. Wise, Ufer, Briedenbach and Ackerman in action. 214 Top Row Reis, Tusing, Balinger, Mgr., Lamb, Clark, Osier. Row 2 Black, Trueblood, Coach Emer:tus, Palmer, Capt. 1940, Courtright, Coach, Danenfelser, Capt. 1941, Emery. GOLF The 1 940 golf team enjoyed a most successful season. In its eleven dual meets Michigan won the first ten Tennessee, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Michigan State, Purdue, Indiana, Notre Dame, Illinois, and Northwestern only to tie once-defeated Michigan State for the only blemish on a perfect dual meet record. Two-time Captain Bob Palmer, led his teem to a second in both the Southern Inter-collegiates and the Big Ten meets. Michigan lost the latter to Illinois by a narrow margin after defeating the " Illini ' earlier in a dual meet. Palmer was also eighth in the National Intercollegiates at Manchester, Vermont and like the team, was undefeated in his dual meet matches. 1941 Captain Fred Dannenfelser has a fairly green team this year, with Osier and Leidy the only other returning lettermen. But with the addition of Smith and Fife, two fine sophomore prospects, and John Barr, a reserve award winner from last year, it looks like Coach Ray Courtright again has the nucleus for what is fast becoming a perennial great golf team. Coach and Captain Pair off. 215 E v, ,c ' H A Sw H ft Wl l 0 H , 4 ' fe % y - -. I Top Row Holman, Steppon, 1941 Capt., Stoddard, Bond, Ruehle, Chamberlin, Trosko, Knapp, Mgr. Row 2 Barry, R. Dobson, Fisher, Coach, Pink, 1940 Capt., Evashevski, Greenberg, Sofiak. Seated Nelson, Harmes. BASEBALL In the spring of 1940 Coach Ray Fisher celebrated his 20th anniversary as head mentor of the Michigan baseball team. During those twenty years this one time Yankee mound star has produced enough champions to make up a " Who ' s Who in baseball. The " Vermont School Teacher , as his Yankee teammates used to call him, has won six Big Ten championships, twice successfully toured Japan, and in other ways, established a record that puts him on a par with Bill Coughlin and Jack Combs as the greatest college baseball coaches in the country. Fisher s 1941 aggregation is a question mark as this book goes to press but, like many of his past outfits, may be- come a championship outfit by June. Charlie Pink, the 1940 Captain,and " Freddy Trosko, two hard-hitting out- fielders took their sheepskins last June, but hitting isn t the chief worry of this year ' s team, as outfielders and infielders are two deep at every spot. Captain Bill Steppon, varsity second sacker, leads the entire first string infield back into battle with basketballers Sofiak and Ruehle on short and first respectively, and Chamberlin back at the hot corner. With this inner defense, catcher Harmes, and Davey Nelson and Don Holman returning for outfield duty, Coach Fisher can concentrate on pitching, that perennial worry of all diamond coaches. Jack Barry, last year ' s number one hurler, has graduated and Lyle Bord, the most promising veteran, was forced to leave school due to illness. Mickey Stoddard, last year ' s relief ace, soph- omore Cliff Wise, and those two fugitives from the hockey team, Charlie Ross, and Paul Gold- smith, are a few of the more promising candidates for the questionable mound corpse that will either make or break the Wolverines bid for a seventh Big Ten crown. The 1940 Varsity finished fifth in the Confer- ence with seven victories and five defeats. The 1941 team should improve on that record. With Plenty to spare. 216 Shake a leg ' Davey, times a wastin ' . On your toes pitcher, He ' s a buntin ' fool. Coming home, Pepper Martin style. . 217 - T 5 Top Row Dober, Cohen Tobin, Capt. 1941, Ellman, Mgr., Stille, Sessions, Kohl. Row 2 -Brewers, Jeffers, Durst, Capt. 1940, Weir, Coach, Bourquin, Gamon. TENNIS Jim Tobin This spring sees Coach LeRoy Weir starting his fourth year as head coach of the Wolverine netters " with the squad apparently improved in both the six singles and three doubles combinations. A fairly successful 1940 season was featured by bad breaks including the ineligibility of Hammet and Porter, a rainy southern trip, and Jim Tobin s bad knee. Despite these obstacles, Captain Durst led his team on the steep uphill grind which finally culminated in a fourth place conference rating for the ball-smashing captain and his team. In dual meets the netters accounted for an impressive record of eleven wins as against five defeats. As the 1941 season opens, things look brighter than they have looked for years for Wolverine, Weir, Tobin, incorporated. Captain Jim, his knee on the mend, is rarin ' to go. Both Ham- met and Porter are eligible and set for the two or three singles spots. Stille and Gamon complete the first five with a quartet of promising sophomore and reserve stars fighting it out for the remaining singles and doubles spots. The Racketeers have been blasting away indoors all winter and with a decent break by ol man Sol, and a little less California dew on the southern pilgrimage, the 1941 edition of the Michigan tennis team should be conditioned and ready to tear into their matches and the Big Ten Championships. 218 Swingin ' at the I. M. INTRA-MURAL ATHLETICS ii i I it it SB SB II I I Ml M IF ii M ' ii ii I if ; Michigan prides itself in having the finest athletic plant of any college or university in the country. Not the least among the facilities planned and achieved through the energy of Fielding Yost is the multimillion dollar Sports Building. Within the walls of this building there is opportunity offered for participation in every sport imaginable. Handball, tennis, basketball, and squash courts, a beautiful swimming pool, wrestling, boxing, weight lifting, gym- nastics, and golfing facilities are other opportunities offered. 219 V INTRA-MURAL STAFF: Seated John Johnstone, Earl N. Riskey, Elmer D. Mitchell, A. A. James: Standing Marion Gwinn, Bruce Bennett, William Riorden, Lilburn Ochs, Kooman Boycheff, Douglas Brown. ;lta Theta Phi, Professional Fraternity Basketball Champions. Chi Psi, Fraternity Track Champions Sigma Chi Fraternity Basketball Champions. Indoor facilities in Yost Field House include wrestling mats, a removable basketball court, an excellent 220 yard cinder track and room for indoor baseball and football practice. The Michigan Union with its swimming pool, billiard room, and bowling alleys is another valuable recreation center, as is Waterman gym with its running track, and double gymnasium. To round out the indoor program for intramural and intercollegiate sports the Colliseum was built to house an ice rink for use by all students interested in skating. 220 Turkish students, Champion Soccer Team. 1 Residence Hall managers. INTRA-MURAL MANAGERS: Seated Bob Krause, Charles Essler, Gene Gribbrock, Bil Carrothers: Standing Mel Silver, Frank Hanauer, Donald Molton, Frederick Gipson. Outdoors the Michigan facilities for sport are unlimited. The pride of Michigan is the biggest of all its athletic enterprises, the great bowl which accommodates the Wolverine s home football crowds. Used exclusively for football this largest of all college owned stadiums forms a giant bowl seating 88000 spectators. There are also separate stadiums for both track and baseball, one of the countries finestjkept golf courses, and dozens of well situated tennis courts. Practice fields for football, speedball and Softball complete the university owned facilities, although privately owned riding stables, golf_courses, and a canoe livery are used by various organizations on campus. Robert Owen, Co-op, basketball Champions Wenley House, Residence Hall Swimming Champions. Wolverines, Independent Basketball Champions. 221 Top Row Tobin, Mayio, Westbrook. Row 2 White, Bursley, McLaughlin, Sunderland, McCall, Calderwood. PUBLICATIONS BOARD The Board in Control of Student Publications supervises the activities and the editorial policies of the Daily, the Michiganensian, the Gargoyle, and Perspectives. Composed of four faculty members, two alumni, and three elected students, the Board appoints the heads of the various publications and controls the finances. In short, it acts in the capacity of publisher. FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. William A. McLaughin . ... Chairman Prof. Edson R. Sunderland . . . . Supervising Business Mgr. Dean Joseph A. Bursley Prof. Howard B. Calderwood STUDENT MEMBERS Philip Westbrook Albert Mayio James Tobin ALUMNI MEMBERS Lee A. White W. Webb McCall Home of the Michiganensian 224 MICHIGANENSIAN The Michiganensian ' s purpose is to present to the students of the University as complete a review of activities of the year as is possible. The " Ensian " , as it is informally known, presents its story through words and illustrations. SENIOR STAFF EDITORIAL CHARLES B. SAMUEL . Managing Editor MARTHA GRAHAM . Women ' s Editor BUSINESS JOHN W. CORY . . . Business Manager JUNE LARSON . Women ' s Business Manager ART MARGARET WHITTEMORE Art Editor Samuel Cory Graham Larson JUNIOR EDITORIAL STAFF MARY GAGE, House Groups. JEANNE D. GOUDY, Schools and Colleges. GERALD HEWITT, Schools and Coheres. BESSIE LAWTON, Campus Life. ROBERT MERRIMAN, Athletics and Photography. ROBERT NICKLE, Layouts and publicity. RAY POWELL, Schools and Colleges. BEN THORWARD, Organizations. 226 JUNIOR BUSINESS STAFF JOHN R. BACHMAN, Accounts. ALAN W. DAVID, Organizations. IRA R. KATZ, Publicity. ALFRED W. OWENS, Sales and Advertising. Cory ' s Coin Chasers 227 ART STAFF Top Row Osier, Rust, Hart, Maddy, Kuivinen, Christa, Choate. Row 2 -Davidson, Nickle, Whittemore, Power, Barnes. STAFF Margaret Whittemore, Art Editor Belva Barnes, Mildred Christa, Margaret Davidson, Julie Hart, Evelyn Kuivinen, Bob Nickle, Dave Osier, Phoebe Power. Whittemore PHOTOGRAPHERS Jack Bates Stu Gildart Art Marion Bob Merriman Will Sapp 228 Ensian work in process. TR YOUTS EDITORIAL: Edward Anthony, Dom Artuso, Ralph Berlow, Jean Bisdee, Dorothy Blicke, Mary E. Brown, Dorothy Davidson, William Dawson, Jean Denton, Helen Eckerman, Anne Evarts, Nancy Gray, Elaine Grombecker, Carson Grunewald, Herbert Heavenrich, Eleanor Howe, Barbara Hulbert, Dorothy Johnson, Martha Kinsey, George Lepofsky, Marallyn MacRitchie, Marjorie Mahon, Jack Ogle, Bertha Pines, Marie Pilcher, Barbara Robinson, Alice Roelofs, Mary Sellon, Jeanne Sharpies, Kitty Simrall, Suzanne Sims, Robert Sundquist, Constance Taber, Marjorie Teller, James Terrell, Jean Whittemore. BUSINESS: Doris Arner, Janice Benson, Dick Bieneman, Pat Dahlstrom, Ben Douglas, Martin Feferman, Reed Garver, Rae Gustafson, Erwin Heininger, Vicki Henry, Eleanor Howe, Bud Kaine, Mary Keppel, Bruce Kirchenbaum, Kathryn Lathrop, Gordon MacKenzie, Tom Matthews, Jane McLean, Lewis Mintz, Richard Pittman, John Rodger, Bobbie Schreck, Betty Steffen, Miriam Westerman, Ruth Wood. Top Row Grunewald, Kaine, Feferman, Berlow, Artuso, Bieneman. Row 2 Anthony, Gray, MacRitchie, Whittemore, Kirchenbaum, Minti, Douglas. Row 3 Johnson, McLean, Pilcher, Gustafson, Sellon, Pines, Davidson, Teller. Row 4 Ogle, Rodger, Wood, Benson, Dahlstrom, Keppel, Sundquist, Shirrell, MacKenzie. 229 . THE MICHIGAN DAILY In addition to covering the campus events, The Daily includes columns of national and international news, as as editorial interpretations of news by students we representing various views on important questions of the day. EDITORIAL STAFF J. HERVIE HAUFLER . Managing Editor PAUL M. CHANDLER City Editor ALVIN N. SARASOHN ESTHER J. OSSER DONALD M. WIRTCHAFTER HOWARD A. GOLDMAN, Senior Associate Editor KARL KESSLER . Senior Associate Editor MILTON ORSHEFSKY . Senior Associate Editor LAWRENCE E. MASCOTT, Senior Associate Editor HELEN CORMAN . Exchange Editor Editorial Director Women s Editor Sports Editor OSSER WIRTCHAFTER 230 SENIOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS Top Row Kessler, Orshefsky, Mascott. Row 2 Goldman, Gorman (Exchange Editor). NIGHTEDITORS JUNIOR NIGHT EDITORS: Al Blaustein, Gerald Burns, Al Dann, Bernard Dober, Emile Gele, Dave Lachenbruch, Rosebud ScoH, Jean Shapero, Robert Speckhard. WOMEN ' S NIGHT EDITORS: Frances Aaronson, Jeanne Crump, Doris Cuthbert, Alice Haas, Janet Hiatt, Rhoda Leshine, Frances Mendelson, Grace Miller. SPORTS NIGHT EDITORS: Woody Block, Gene Gribbroeck, Arthur Hill, Norman Miller, Holbrooke Seltzer, Hal Wilson. Top Row -Block, Seltzer, Wilson, Hill, Miller, Gribbroek, A. Dann, Gele. Row 2 Dober, Aaronson, Hiatt, Miller, Scott, Shapero, Speckhard. Row 3 Blaustein, Leshine, Cuthbert, Haas, Crump, Mendelson, Burns, Lachenbruch. 231 BUSINESS STAFF IRVING GUTTMAN . ROBERT W. GILMOUR HELEN BOHNSACK JANE KRAUSE Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Women ' s Business Manager Women ' s Advertising Manager Guttman Gilmour Bohnsack Krause JUNIOR DEPARTMENT MANAGERS JOHN A. ROOKUS Contracts EUGENE A. KANE, Local Advertising STERRY BRAD WILLIAMS, Service JAMES GORVIN . Accounts JAMES COLLINS . Classified Advertisingjand Publications Mgr. DANIEL H. HUY ETT, Circulation Mgr. Top Row Kane, Huyett, Rookus. Row 2 Collins, Williams, Garvin. 232 Top Row -Lovejoy, Parsons, Cutting, Hadsell, Hollis. Row 2 Carpenter, Lebster, Rydell. JUNIOR WOMEN Lou Carpenter, Frances Cutting, Margaret Hadsell, Sue Hollis, Rosabeth Lebster, Phyllis Lovejoy, Jean Mullins, Ruth Parsons, Margaret Sanford, Evelyn Wright. Q Checking ads in the composing room. 233 Top Row Thatcher, Sapp, MacLeod, Behrman, Swander, Mandeberg, Sallade. Row 2 -Jenswold, Fensterr.aker, Eyster, Mintz, Baker, Bridgen, Johnson. Row 3 Wooster, Rogers, Cordell, Ruddy, Norton, Shapero, Donen. Row 4 -damage, Simon, Gilmer, Nishon, deFries, Avery, M. Dann, Hendel. EDITORIALTRYOUTS SOPHOMORE EDITORIAL TRYOUTS: William Baker, Dan Behrman, Gloria Donen, Richard Eyster, Howard Fenstermaker Edmund Grossberg, Will Hardy, Barbara Jenswold, Eugene Mandeberg, William MacLeod, Robert Mantho, Morton Minti, Gloria Nishon, Rosemary Ryan, George Sallade, Will Sapp, Homer Swander, Charles Thatcher. SOPHOMORE WOMEN ' S STAFF TRYOUTS: Margaret Avery, Ruth Bennett, Dottie Brigden, Jeanne Cordell, Barbara DeFries, Jean Gilmore, Frances Goldberg, Kay Jones, Muriel Keahey, Catherine Norton, Fran Rogers, Kay Ruddy, Lois Shapero. SOPHOMORE SPORTS TRYOUTS: Stan damage, Myron Dann, Bernard Hendel, Lyons Howlands, Bob Stahl, Dick Simon. FRESHMEN TRYOUTS: Doris Joan Adding, Robert Bogen, Clarence Brimmer, Hale Champion James R. Conant, Herbert Edelhertz, Louise Engell, John A. Erlewine, Alice Fretz, Dorothy Goldstein, Leon Gordenker, Kevin R. Jones, K. Paul Jones, Martha L. Keas, Fritz Lehmann, Ethel Levine, Florence A. Light, Kenneth B. 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FRESHMEN BUSINESS TRYOUTS: Marie Bannan, Dorothy Bales, Howard Baumgarter, J. William Berns, Lee Bisbee, Elizabeth Bunnell, Warren Burgess, Betsy Burkheiser, Janet Clarke, Dottie Dudgeon, Lillian Edelson, John W. Emery Jr., Nell Fead, Josephine Fitzpatrick, Rosalie Frank, Marjorie Green, Nancy GriFfin, Harold Gutzog, Betty Harvey, Mary June Hastreiter, Betty Hogan, Marion Hunter, Rita Hyman, Phyllis Levine, Natalie Lilienthal, Jane Lindberg, Marjorie Lovejoy, Dave Lynch, Ann MacMillan, James Marine, Judith Miklosh, Gloria Nelthorp, Herbert Osterman, Suzanne Sheffer, Alvin G. Sherman, Jean Shinnick, Sherwood H. Standish, Jr., Marcia Stern, Margery Welber, Henry Wolf, Ginny White, Lucy Chase Wright. 234 PERSPECTIVES Perspectives is published each month as a supplement to the Michigan Daily and contains the best of creative writing on campus. Featuring book-reviews, poetry, essays, and fiction, it seeks to stimulate and encourage good writing among students. The material is selected by the editorial board, assisted by the faculty advisor board. Outstanding work is submitted from time to time to national writing contests. STAFF Ellen Rhea ELLEN RHEA Editor JAY W. McCORMICK . . Fiction Editor Joanne Cohen, Gilberta Rothstein, Ray Ingham, Emile Gele, Barbara Richards. RICHARD M. LUDWIG . . . Essay Editor John Baker, Betty Whitehead, Frances Patterson, Lawrence Springarn, M. M. Lipper, Bruce W. Forbes JOHN BRINNEN . JAMES GREEN TRISTAN MEINECKE Betty Baer, Bertha Klein, Joan Clement Gerald Burns, Edward Burrows Poetry Editor Book Review Editor Art Editor CAROL BUNDY . . . . Publications Editor Joan Siegel, Joan Doris, Jean Mullins, Erath Gutekunst, Rose An n Kornblume, Barbara DeFries. ADVISORY BOARD Arno L. Bader, Herbert Weisinger, J. L. Davis, Morris Greenhut, Allan Seager, Emil Weddige. Top Row - Ludwig, Ingham, Weiss. Row 2 Greenhut, Rhea, McCormick. 235 GARGOYLE The Gargoyle has been character- ized this year by progress and modern- ization. In addition to increasing the number of pages in the publication, several new departments have been incorporated. The most unusual of these is the section which consists of the pictorial presentation of campus news. EDITORIAL DAVID DONALDSON, Editor-in- Chief PAUL ROGERS . Art Director BILL ELMER . Editorial Director MAYA ELMER, Senior Assoc. Editor RAY INGHAM, Senior Assoc. Editor DONALDSON BUSINESS BERNERD J. BLOOM, Business Mgr. WEBSTER COOK, Advertising Mgr. RALPH MITCHELL, JR., Publications and Publicity Mgr. MARJORIE POLUMBAUM, Accounts Mgr. WILLIAM G. SCHUST, Circulation and Personnel Mgr. BLOOM 236 Top Row -Upper, Rieger, Trytten, McNeil, Cost. Row 2 Brown, McDonald, Wolf, Cole, Baumgarten, Picard, Waller. Row 3 Riley, Little, Schoenfield, Butters, Ross, Otto, Bisdee, Protetch. Row 4 Ureles, Goodkind, Edelman, Rogers, Donaldson, Mrs. Elmer, Mr. Elmer, Altman, Dinsmore, Axelrod. LOWER EDITORIAL STAFF JUNIORS: Bill Altman, Aggie Crow, Bob Dinsmore, Joe Edelman, Tom Goodkind, Cliff Graham, C. Korton, Helen Rhodes, Chan Simonds. ASSISTANTS: Al Axelrod, Fred Blakemore, Frank Butters, John Rieger, Pat Stearns, Jay Steinhart, Al Ureles. TRYOUTS: Mary Ellen Alt, Belva Barnes, Leo Bennish, Jean Bisdee, Dick Cole, Russ Downey, Bernice Galansky, Stan Glassman, Bill Kehoe, Bill Kittay, Tim McDonnel, Bob McNeil, Peggy Noble, Mildred Otto, Frank Picard, Dave Protetch, Demmy Riley, Don Rendinel, Charlotte Riff, Peggy Ross, B. Schoenfeld, John Waller. BUSINESS TRYOUTS VRYOUTS: Dorothy C. Ager, Mildred Berstein, Donald Busch, Alice C. Cavender, Beatrice Glass, Ralph W. Herbert, Jr., Harriet Horowitz, Kenneth L. Kardon, Edith E. Longyear, Margaret L. McVay, Benita Miller, Aaron S. Moyer, Willet H. O ' Dell, Dorothy Schloss, Barbara Sternfels, James W. Weinstein, John F. Zimmerman. Top Row Moyer, O ' Dell, Busch. Row 2 -Horowitz, Glass, McVay, Cavender, Ager. Row 3 Cook, Polumbaum, Bloom, Schloss, Mitchell, Schust. 237 GEORGE W. WEESNER Editor HAROLD E. BRITTON Business Manager SYMOUR A. FURBUSH Managing Editor CHARLES R. TIEMAN Editorial Director JOHN S. BURNHAM, Publication PHIL MANDEL, Accounts GEORGE D. GOTSCHALL, Photography ROBERT L. IMBODEN, Advertising MORRIS MILLER, Circulation ALEX C. WILKIE, Illustrations MICHIGAN TECHNIC The Michigan Technic is the oldest engineer- ing college magazine in the country. Far from being a dull technical journal, it presents a wide variety of features to its readers. Articles by students, professors, and alumni, personality sketches and a humor page that is funny con- tribute toward making it an extremely interesting magazine. 238 ARTHUR W. C. DOBSON, Articles BURR FRENCH, Features STAFF PUBLICATION BOARD: George W. Weesner, Editor; Seymour A. Furbush, Managing Editor; Harold E. Britton, Business Mgr. ; Charles R. Tieman, Editorial Director. FACULTY BOARD: Col. Henry W. Miller, Chr,-. Prof. Ferdinand N. Menefee, Prof. Robert D. Brackett, Prof. Melville B. Stout. ADVERTISING: Robert L. Imboden Harper Hull, Tom Poyser, Phil Van Nordstrand. CIRCULATION: Morris Miller Freeman Alexander, Harry Altman, Joe Parker. ' ACCOUNTS: Phil Mandel. ' ARTICLES: Arthur W. C. Dobson Rudy Axelson, Gordon Osterstrom, Kieth Smith. ILLUSTRATIONS: Alex C. Wilkie- Kent Arnold, Conrad Maxmin. FEATURES: Burr J. French- William Collamore, William Hutcherson, Richard Shoel. PUBLICATION: John S. Burnham Herbert McCord, Carter Taylor. PHOTOGRAPHY: George D. Gotschall DeMott Riley. Top Row Riley, Smith, Taylor, Osterstrom, Schoel, McCord, Maxmin. Row 2 Hutcherson, Van Nordstrand, Hull, French, Burnham, Miller, Collamore, Wilkie. Row 3 - Altman, Gotschall, Mandel, Furbush, Britton, Weesner, Tieman, Imboden, Dobson. 239 CHARLES A. SINK, President THE univmuy THE SIXTY-SECOND ANNUAL CHORAL UNION CONCERT SERIES Marian Anderson, Contralto. Rudolf Serkin, Pianist. Don Cossack Chorus, Serge Jaroff, Conductor. New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, John Barbirolli, Conductor. Richard Bonelli, Baritone, Ernst Wolff, Accompanist. Boston Symphony Orchestra, Serge Koussevitzky, Con- ductor. Vladimir Horowitz, Pianist. Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, Dimitri Mitropoulos, Conductor. Budapest String Quartet, Josef Roisman, Alexander Schneider, Boris Kroyt, Mischa Schneider. Nathan Milstein, Violinist. ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CONCERT HANDEL ' S " MESSIAH " SOLOISTS: Thelma von Eisenhauer, Soprano. Joan Peebles, Contralto. William Hain, Tenor. Richard Hale, Baritone. Palmer Christian, Organist. The University Choral Union. The University Symphony Orchestra, Thor Johnson, Conductor. Eugene Ormandy Serge Koussevitzky. The Musical Art Quartet of New York musicfu sociuy FORTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL MAY FESTIVAL SOLOISTS: Lawrence Tibbett, Baritone. Jarmila Novotna, Soprano. Norman Cordon, Bass. Gregor Piatigorsky, Violincellist. Suzanne Sten, Mezzo-Soprano. Jose Iturbi, Pianist. Dorothy Maynor, Soprano. Jascha Heifetz, Violinist. Enid Szantho, Contralto. Charles Kullman, Tenor. Mack Harrell, Baritone. The University Choral Union, Thor Johnson, Conductor. The Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, Eugene Or- mandy, Conductor Saul Caston, Associate Con- ductor. The Youth Chorus, Juva Higbee, Conductor. FIRST ANNUAL CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL The Musical Art Quartet of New York. Sascha Jacobsen, First Violin. Paul Bernard, Second Violin. William Hymanson, Viola. Marie Roemaet-Rosanoff, Violincello. THOR JOHNSON, Conductor Joan Peebles and Thelma von Eisenhauer Johnson, Hall, Hackett and Sink. 241 DR. LUTHER B. PURDOM, Director BUREAU OF APPOINTMENTS The Bureau of Appointments was established in 1927 to aid students in making occupational adjustments, and since that time the demands upon it have grown until now a great proportion of the students of the University come in contact with it each year. Under the direction of Dr. Luther B. Purdom, the Bureau carries out a varied and extensive program in job placement and vocational guidance which includes not only students and alumni, but also high school students who are planning a college education. Seniors who are looking for jobs meet employers in interviews arranged by the general or the teacher ' s placement division. Thus much of the tedium and fruitless- ness of jobhunting is avoided. Of greatest interest to undergraduates, however, is the Guidance Division, which helps students in their vocational problems, their choices of fields of concentration, and many of the other problems which beset students. In addition to its regular services the Bureau has developed a summer placement service which has proved invaluable to the many students desiring summer work. 242 THE GUIDANCE DIVISION . . . attempts to assist an individual in solving his vocational problems by analyzing his abilities, skills, interests, and personality traits through the use of achievement and aptitude tests and interviews. THE GENERAL DIVISION . . . serves as the middle man between employers and new graduates and alumni who are seeking positions. Since a greater part of the calls received from employers are for men with previous experience, an extensive file of alumni is maintained. THE TEACHING DIVISION . . . aids students and alumni in securing advancement or first positions in public and private schools, colleges, and universities. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION MATTHEWS TAPPING EXECUTIVE OFFICERS CHRISTIAN F. MATTHEWS . President GEORGE MEADER . Vice-President MRS. IRENE B. JOHNSON Vice-President LOUIS P. JOSELYN . Secretary OSCAR A. EBERBACH . . Treasurer T. HAWLEY TAPPING, General Secretary, Editor of ' The Michigan Alumnus ROBERT O. MORGAN Council Secretary, Asst. General Secretary MRS. LUCILLE B. CONGER, Executive Sec- retary of Alumni Council CONGER MORGAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHRISTIAN F. MATTHEWS, ' 19, ' 211, Attorney, Mt. Clemens, Michigan, President. GEORGE MEADER, ' 27, J. D. ' 31, Attorney, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Vice-President. MRS. IRENE BIGALKE JOHNSON, ' 14, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Vice-President. LOUIS P. JOSELYN, ' 87, Retired Educator, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Secretary. OSCAR A. EBERBACH, 06, Manufacturing Pharmacist, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Treasurer. MASON P. RUMNEY, ' 07e, Vice-President, Detroit Steel Products Company, Detroit, Michigan. DON T. HASTINGS, ' 07e, Consulting Engineer, Detroit, Michigan. EMORY J. HYDE, ' 041, Retired, Ann Arbor, Michigan. R. SPENCER BISHOP, ' 08, e ' 05- ' 06, Banker, Flint, Michigan. EARLE W. WEBB, ' 02, President, Ethyl Gasoline Corporation, New York, New York. WYETH ALLEN, ' 15e, Management Engineer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. FRED M. ZEDER, ' 09e, M. Eng. (Hon.) ' 33, Vice-President of the Board Chrysler Corporation, Detroit, Michigan. ELMER L. FREEMAN, 00, Freeman Manufacturing Company, Sturgis, Michigan. LESLIE P. YOUNG, ' 261, ' 22- ' 23, Attorney, Detroit, Michigan. JAMES S. GAULT, ' 21 e M.S. ' 24, g ' 25- ' 26 Assistant Professor of Engineering, Ann Arbor, Michigan. JOHN HERLIHY, ' 20 e, ' 1 5- ' 1 7, G. W. Van Slyke Horton, Inc., Kingston, New York. RICHARD M. WOODWARD, ' 20e, Realtor and Insurance, Riverton, New Jersey. HAROLD S. DICKERSON, ' 05e, ' 00- ' 02, Industrial Department, The Pure Oil Company, Columbus, Ohio. GLENN REARICK, ' 24, Insurance, Gary, Indiana. WILBUR C. BACON, ' 081, Attorney, Chicago, Illinois. RAY C. COUTTS, ' 24, Director Iowa Tax Service, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. VERNON F. HILLERY, ' 23, ' 251, Legal Department, Sinclair Oil Company, Fort Worth, Texas. HAROLD L. HEAKIN, ' 25, Pacific Foundry Co., Ltd., San Francisco, California. ELMER P. GRIERSON, ' 12, 1 ' 11- ' 13, Publisher, THE AMERICAN BOY, Detroit, Michigan. F. ROLAND ALLABEN, ' 23, ' 251, Attorney, Grand Rapids, Michigan. GEORGE A. OSBORN, ' 08, Publisher, THE EVENING NEWS, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. ALFRED H. SYVERSON, ' 01, g ' 01-02, Advertiser, Syverson Kelley, Spokane, Washington. MRS. ELIZABETH EARHART KENNEDY, ' 28- ' 29, g ' 36- ' 37, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 244 MICHIGAN UNION The Michigan Union, with its countless activities and many services, plays an important part in the lives of the University men. The Pendelton Library, the game room, the swimming pool, and weekly dances in the ballroom offer relaxation and enjoyment. The many projects sponsored by the Union undergraduate staff include the travel bureau, the book exchange, the Michigan Union Opera, and the Winter Carnival. This year a revival of the old Mich- igras was held under the name of Michelodeon. CHESTER O. WISLER STANLEY G. WALTZ BOARD OF DIRECTORS DOUGLAS P. GOULD CHARLES M. HEINEN HAROLD SINGER GEORGE DAVIDSON JOHN R. PEPIN JAMES M. FRENCH RAPHAEL SANJURJO MILES DOAN President Recording Secretary Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President T. HAWLEY TAPPING CHESTER O. WISLER JOHN E. TRACY HARLOW J. HENEMAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY JOHN S. WORLEY DR. DEAN W. MYERS DON MAY FRANKLIN M. COOK Top Row French, Davidson, Pepin, Doan, Singer. Row 2 May, Heinen, Gould, Bursley, Worley. 245 I DOUGLAS P. GOULD President CHARLES M. HEINEN Recording Secretary JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL JACK GRADY BERT LUDY CARL ROHRBACH JAMES ROSSMAN ROBERT SAMUELS RICHARD SCHERLING ROBERT SHEDD ROBERT SIBLEY . WILLIAM SLOCUM RICHARD STRAIN Publicity House Organization House Organization Social Orientation Orientation Publicity Social GRADY SCHERLING LUDY SHEDD ROHRBACH SIBLEY ROSSMAN SLOCUM SAMUELS STRAIN 246 Football Saturday in front of the Union. LOWER STAFF SOPHOMORES: Robert Burstein, Andy Caughey, Ross Clark, James Edmunds, Robert Ehrlich, Philip Fisher, Richard Goldsmith, James Hall, Edward Holmberg, Al Leiman, Murray Markland, Robert Mathews, Buel Morley, Ted Sharp, Mel Silver, Andy Skaug, Robert Steinberg, Robert Templin, James Tracy, Don West. FRESHMEN: Allan Anderson, Merritt Bigelow, Romaine Blandy, Warren Bourquin, Marvin Borman, Jack Brackett, Alan Brandt, Clarence Carlson, Hayden Crawford, Robert Dull, Samuel Eastman, Martin Feferman, Tracy Freeman, John Hunter, Gerard Kevil, William Klingbeil, William Knapp, Gerald Lipnik, Joe Miller, Alger Morrison, Carl Orberg, Al Ramirez, Richard Rawdon, David Redner, Robert Reisdorf, Don Rendinell, John Rodgers, Norman Schwartz, Robert Schwyn, Robert Shott, William Steinhager, William Stewart, David Striffler, Sam Strong, James Turner, Edward Weil, James Weinstein, Bennett Yanowitz, Lenard Zucherman, Robert Zucherman. Top Row Miller, Striffler, Rodger, Schwyn, Markland, Strong, Bourquin, Brackett, Weil, Freeman. Row 2 -Hunter, Morrison, Blandy, Bigelow, Kevil, Redner, Borman, Schwartz, Lipnik. Row 3 Stewart, Anderson, Crawford, Brandt, Rawdon, Dull, Eastman, KlingbeiL Skaug, Leiman. Row 4 -Matthews, Fisher, West, Templin, Morley, Holmberg, Edmunds, Sharp, Caughey, Goldsmith, Clark. 247 Top Row Gormsen, Prasil, Goodkind, Duthie, Finkelstein, Heinen, Slocum, Cheever. Row 2 Brenner, Hardy, Fielding, Bowen, Conrad, Gubow, Strain, Gould. Row 3 Laitnir, Titus, Boynton, Neilson, Stevenson, Treut, Holton, Vedder, McCormick. Ml MES... Thomas Armstrong, Russell Berg, Charles Boyton, Charles Bowen, Robert Bush, Dale Chamberlain, Markham Cheever, William Conrad, Harry Drickamer, Bryant Dunshee, James Duthie, Alan Englander, Henry Fielding, Sheldon Finkelstein, Bruce Forbes, Harlan Fraumann, Thomas Goodkind, James Gormsen, Lawrence Gubow, Douglas Gould, Richard Hadley, Gordon Hardy, Thomas Harmon, James Harrison, Hervie Jaufler, Charles Heinen, George Heller, C. Phelps Hines, Frederick Herschman, Paul Hoeper, Charles Holton, John Jackovitch, Aaron Kahn, Arthur Katz, Richard Kebler, Warren King, William Laitner, Theodore Lesser, Robert Lewis, Frederick, Linsell, William Mays, Jay McCormick, Jack Meyer, Chandler Pinney, Alfred Potts, Robert Prasil, Gerald Ross, Will Sapp, Robert Shedd, George Shepard, John Shields, Robert Sibley, John Sinclair, William Slocum, Robert Smolinski, Paul Shick, Donald Stevenson, Richard Strain, Edward Sullivan, Robert Sundquist, Robert Titus, William Todd, Arthur Treut, Neil Vedder, Hurbert Weidman, Paul Wheeler, Charles Zolla. PRESENTS ' TAKE A NUMBER COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN ARTHUR TRUET Ticket HARRY DRICKAMER Finance ALFRED B. POTTS, JR., THOMAS GOODKIND Program WILLIAM SLOCUM . Publicity WILLIAM LAITNER . House FREDERICK LINSELL Personnel CHARLES A. BOWEN Music CHARLES BOYNTON . Rehearsal ALAN ENGLANDER Patrons ROBERT BUSH . Properties WHITFIELD CONNOR Make-Up Director Hadley confers with stage manager Boynton. 248 GENERAL STAFF KENNETH T. ROWE HERBERT A. KENYON STANLEY G. WALTZ JAMES NEILSON JACK SILCOTT CHARLES M. HEINEN . DOUGLAS GOULD WILLIAM CONRAD JACK SILCOTT WILLIAM CONRAD RICHARD HADLEY . HELEN ELLIS ROBERT E. MELLENCAMP EMMA HEIRSH . KENNETH SUMMERFELT HARRY BLISS Advisory Committee Executive Committee General Manager Assistant Manager Director Dance Director Scenery Costumes Music Director Orchestra Director Will Osborne auditions the opera music. Footballer Bob Ingalls Center of attraction. Romantic leads in action. Harem hula, Union Opera style. 249 If MEN ' S JUDICIARY COUNCIL Top Row Singer, Harrison, Jackson, Morrison. Row 2 Brown, Quaal, LaBelle. WARD QUAAL PETER F. BROWN President Secretary Harold Singer William Harrison Robert Morrison William Jackson Russell LaBelle The Men s Judiciary Council functions primarily as an advisory body in matters of discipline referred to it by the deans of the respective faculties. It is composed of not less than five nor more than seven members who are appointed each year by the Dean of Students and a committee composed of the heads of the more important men s activities. In addition to its judiciary duties, the Council considers the petitions for places on election ballots, supervises the elections, and conducts mass meetings and class games. 250 J. F. KUHNS Cadet Colonel LIEUT. COL. F. M. BRANNAN Professor of Military Science and Training REGIMENTAL STAFF J. F. Kuhns, Cadet Colonel, Regimental Commander. Neal Seagert, Cadet Lt. Colonel, Regimental 2nd in Command. W. W. Fischer, Cadet Major, Regi- mental Staff, S-3. G. A. Stumpf, Cadet Captain, Regi- mental Adjutant. W. G. Frailing, Cadet Major, O. Trailing, Lade Regimental Staff, S-4. RESERVE OFFICERS ' TRAINING CORPS The purpose of the Reserve Officers Training Corps is to produce a pool of Reserve officers that will be immediately available for use in the initial stages of a general mobiliza- tion. This corps was installed in the University of Michigan in 1921. Since its inception 1142 students have graduated from the Advanced Course and have received commissions as Second Lieutenants in the Officers Reserve Corps of the United States. The five branches represented at this University are: Infantry, Engineers, Signal Corps, Ordnance, and Medical, and have a present enrollment of 1077 students. The course of instructions is divided into a Basic and an Advanced Course covering a period of four years. The instruction in the first two years covers the basic funda- mentals of Military Training. Upon the completion of this basic instruction those students selected for the Advanced Course continue with more specialized instruction designed to fit them to perform the duties of Second Lieutenants in their respective branches of the service upon graduation. The value and importance of this training is being most conclusively demonstrated during the present emergency. The War Department plans contemplate calling out 56,000 Reserve Officers by July 1, 1941. The great majority are graduates of the Reserve Officers Training Corps at various institutions. It must be apparent that without this pool of Reserve Officers to call on, it would be impossible for the War Department to make effective its present plans for mobilization. Top Row Fischer, Stumpf, Trailing. Row 2 Kuhns, Seegert. 251 BATTALION OFFICERS Top Row Brown, Smith, Grover. Row 2 Schonberg, Brent, Cox. Row 3 Davoli, Ryker, Stephens. J. E. Davoli, Cadet Lt. Colonel, 1st Bn. Commander. D. W. Ryker, Cadet Lt. Colonel, 2nd Bn. Commander. J. W. Stephens, Cadet Lt. Colonel 3rd Bn. Commander. P. I. Schonberg, Cadet Major, 1st Bn., 2nd in Command. I. D. Brent, Cadet Major, 3rd Bn., 2nd in Command. J. E. Cox, Cadet Major, 2nd Bn., 2nd in Command. M. C. Brown, Cadet 1st Lieutenant, Adjutant, 2nd Bn. C. R. Smith, Cadet 1st Lieutenant, Adjutant, 1st Bn. G. A. Grover, Cadet 1st Lieutenant, Adjutant, 3rd Bn. COMPANY COMMANDERS E. S. Miller, Cadet Captain-Company A, 1st Bn. M. J. Dalby, Cadet Captain-Company B, 1st Bn. J. M. George, Cadet Captain, Company C, 1st Bn. R. S. Cockroft, Cadet Captain, Company E, 2nd Bn. G. H. Van Veen, Cadet Captain, Company F, 2nd Bn. J. C. Bayless, Cadet Captain, Company G, 2nd Bn. J. D. Berger, Cadet Captain, Company I, 3rd Bn. E. P. Foster, Cadet Captain, Company K, 3rd Bn. R. F. Towner, Cadet Captain, Company L, 3rd Bn. Top Row Berger, Foster, Towner. Row 2 Cockroft, Van Veen, Bayless. Row 3 Miller, Dalby, George. 252 RIFLE TEAM VERNE C. KENNEDY, Captain RICHARD O. JONES GEORGE HOOPER HARRY ALTMAN GORDON STUMPF GARLAND MARRS WALLACE WILKIE DUANE ENGSTROM DAVID WEISBERG ROBERT EHRLICH DeMOT RILEY RUDOLPH AXELSON LIEUT. LEONARD W. PETERSON, Coach SGT. DEWEY G. BONNEWELL, Coach Top Row Ehrlich, Stumpf, Kennedy, Jones. Row 2 -Wilkie, Weisberg, Alta ian, Engstrom. The R. O. T. C. Rifle Team competes with schools throughout the country. Most of the matches are postal matches in which each competing team fires on its own range and exchanges targets with its competitors. The Big Ten matches, sponsored by the National Rifle Association, are conducted as dual meets. MILITARY BALL In keeping with the fast moving train of current events this year s Military Ball, which was held on May 9, depicted the life of the Selectee. Decorations carrying out the theme added to the atmos- sphere. Top Row Foster, Scheibe, Payton, Kucharski, Radkey, Dean, Blanchard. Row 2 Jeffrey, Peterson, Kuhns Chr., Brent, Matt. 253 t t ' o . t-: ' ' V ' Top Row Newton, Jeffrey, Cox, R. Brown, Gotschall, Imboden, Poe, Brent, Wilkie, Matt, Rivette. Row 2 Pinney, Barker, Garvey. VanGieson, Ryker, Heuman. Kniskern, McLogan, Laughlin, Berger, Kuhns. Row 3 Chase, Brown, Cogger, Kennedy, Hurley, Federman, Peckinpaugh, Wezelman, Mackay, Huttlinger. Row 4 Crane, Moss, Dalby, Bayless, Rich, Lenz, Davoli. Wood, Blanchard, Frailing, Seegert. Row 5 Stephens, Wheeler, Peterson, Kneeland, Renner, Brannan, Riley, Huston, Kolb, Dean, Marrs. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is the national honor society for cadet officers of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps. Basis for election of members includes scholarship in military science, efficiency in drill, personal qualifications, and campus activities. OFFICERS WENDELL E. LENZ . . Captain JOHN W. STEPHENS First Lieutenant LINDLEY M. DEAN Second Lieut. PAUL WHEELER . First Sergeant HONORARY AND ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Major J. C. Brier, Captain D. J. Bulmer, Captain C. M. Davis, Colonel B. D. Edwards, Prof. M. B. Eichelberger, Lt. F. S. Elsifor, Captain K. R. R. Huston, Lt. R. L. Kolb, Lt. Col. R. N. Kunz, Major W. E. Lay, Prof. A. H. Lovell, Major F. A. Mickle, Col. H. W. Miller, Lt. W. P. Oliver, Jr., Lt. L. W, Peterson, Dean W. B. Rea, Captain W. E. Renner, Lt. Col. H. D. W. Riley, Dr. A. G. Ruthven, Major W. C. Sadler, Major T. H. Tapping, Captain S. G. Waltz, Col. A. H. White, Lt. Col. J. S. Worley, Fielding H. Yost. MEMBERS: Charles Barker, John Bayless, James Berger, William Blanchard, James Bourquin, Irl D. Brent, R. G. W. Brown, William M. Brown, William Chase, G. T. Christiansen, W. J. Clement, George Cogger, John Cox, Robert Crane, John M. Dalby, James E. Davoli, L. M. Dean, F. R. Ellis, Leo G. Federman, W. G. Frailing, Willard Garvey, George Gotschall, Philip Heuman, William Hurley, B. M. Huttlinger, Robert Imboden, John James, D. G. Jeffery, Jack Keig, Verne Kennedy, Charles A. Kerner, Culver Kniskern, James Kuhns, L. B. Laughlin, W. E. Lenz, Frank Mackey, Garland Marrs, Jr., Joseph Matt, Edward McLogan, Lowell Moss, Edwin S. Miller, R. Peckinpaugh, Alward Pinnock, John Poe, Donald E. Rivette, Don W. Ryker, Neal Seegert, John W. Stephens, Gordon A. Stumpf, Francis P. Sweeney, Jacque Van Gieson, Allan Wetter, Sol Wezelman, Alex Wilkie, William M. Wood, Paul D. Wheeler. 254 PI TAU PI SIGMA IA If i t Top Row Radkfy, Garner, BrassReld, Ryther, Hallissy. Row 2 Foster, French, Hill, Elmiger, Crouch, Vollrath. Row 3 Tieman, Keig, Fischer, Strickland, Borst. Pi Tau Pi Sigma, national honorary signal corps fraternity, draws its membership from the junior and senior signal corps classes of the R.O.T.C. The fraternity seeks to culti- vate character, establish better coordination between the students and officers of the unit and promote the general welfare of the signal corps. WILLIAM W. FISCHER . GEORGE E. COGGER WALTER M. STRICKLAND OFFICERS President Secretary-Historian Treasurer MEMBERSSENIORS: Theodore Borst, George E. Cogger, Marshall Crouch, William W. Fischer, Elmer P. Foster, Richard E. Hanslip, Donald R. Hill, John W. Keig, Charles R. Tieman. JUNIORS: William H. Brassfield, Fred J. Elmiger, Myron E. Garner, Joseph M. Hallissy, Jr., Robert B. Radkey, Gordon G. Ryther, Walter M. Strickland. Stopped by barbed wire. Walking the plank army style. 255 NAVAL RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS NAVAL OFFICERS CAPTAIN LYAL A. DAVIDSON, COMMANDANT LIEUTENANT-COMMANDER WELLS. L. FIELD LIEUTENANT ROBIE E. PALMER CHIEF BOATSWAIN ' S MATE ANDREWS CHIEF GUNNER ' S MATE BREITENBACH CHIEF QUARTERMASTER ' S MATE JOLY CHIEF YEOMAN PEARSAUL CADET OFFICERS CADET-LIEUTENANT-COMMANDER CADET LIEUTENANT . CADET LIEUTENANT CADET LIEUTENANT . CADET LIEUTENANT (JG) . CADET LIEUTENANT (JG) CADET LIEUTENANT (JG) . CADET ENSIGN . CADET ENSIGN CADET ENSIGN B. Hoyden Crawford Nelson H. Upthegrove James A. Mactier Robert A. Green Robert G. Begle Robert D. Reynolds Russell E. Miller Caleb Warner John F. Lourim Stanley J. Lievense MEMBERS: C. S. Adams, T. R. Adams, F. C. Atkins, R. H. Bacon, E. R. Benedict, R. O. Blandy, R. P. Boucher J. H. Boult, A. E. Brandt, B. A. Brown, H. M. Brown, J. W. Brown, W. J. Buffington, R. W. Carey, T. E. Clagett, T. D. " ff , t t t t n " tt i i . A - i i - 11. - _, ' , ' _ ' _ ' . Coffield, H. R. Colby, V. L. Coltri, A. M. Comb, J. R. Conant, H. Cooper, E. J. Cregan, J. C. Cregan, P. CDeLong R. F. P. Desel, R. C. Emery, H. D. Fashbaugh, D. J. Felski, M. G. Fenwick, M. R. Fisher, T. G. Geiger, R. D. Geney, C. J. Gibson, A. B. Green, M. L. Greenberg, H. E. Groves, R. B. Haag, L. C. Hanavan, P. F. Hanson, J. B. Harsha, L. W. Haughey, J. T. Hayes, R. C. Heid, R. D. Hodgson, R. H. Hough, R. S. Houston, D. D. Howell , H. J. Howerth, M. R. Hunter, A. E. Jaconson, P. P. Jennens, W. S. Johnston, R. J. Kasurin, H. J. Keilner, W. E. Kuyper, L. R. Lenz, A. C. Lucas, W. T. Ludolph, W. E. Maccoun, H. I. Mahon, D. G. Manning, P. D. Margold, R. V. Martelli, R. L. Martin, G. W. Mclntyre, H. E. Miller, P. Molthop, A. A. Natoniewski, F. E. Neumeyer, K. K. Nicolls, E. G. O ' Brien, J. R. O ' Brien, R. M. Orlikoff, A. M. Osborn, J. R. Patterson, C. B. Penn, N. C. Peterson, W. E. Pickard, D. J. Pusack F. F. Rand, R. B. Reed, G. W. Roberts, H. E. Sanchez, D. M. Saulson, E. P. Schellens, R. S. Sheeny, J. M. Sherwig, R. P. Slaff, G. D. Stewart, A. R. Thomson, W. G. Thorsby, H. S. Townsend, J. T. Van Aken, M. J. Van Aken, R. J. Wald, W. A. Warrick, D. E. Whomes, J. C. Wiessler, J. M. Wolf. 256 Voincident with the national defense p rogram was the establishment this year of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps. New as it is, however, the Corps has developed an ESPRIT DE CORPS and morale which rivals that of the long established Army Reserve Officers Training Corps. The course of instruction, which includes gunnery, navigation, ordnance, seamanship and naval practices, lead to the com- mission of ensign in the Reserve Corps. A requirement rigidly enforced, but thoroughly enjoyable, is a summer cruise with the Atlantic Fleet. GUNNERY t ' NAVIGATION MARKSMANSHIP 257 STUDENT SENATE John McCune President, Martin Dworkis Speaker, Julie Chockley Secretary. Missing Robert Reed Vice President. An organization is measured, not only by the amount of work it does, but also by the scope and extent of its effort. Composed of earnest students desiring to make a real contribution to the University, the Student Senate essays to ac- complish these tasks: to discuss local, national, and international affairs insofar as they relate to students,- to sponsor parleys and other faculty-student discussions in an informal manner and to create, stimulate, and register student opinion. Not only has the Senate been largely successful in executing these aims, but, more than that, as a democratic body it has established and promulgated proportional representation. Top Row Lindgren, Tituse, Rockwell, Clark, Ellman, Hurley. Row 2 Todd, Boynton, Krause, Longford, Perry, Epstein. Row 3 Sapp, Gorman, McCune, Dworkis, Chockley, Bayse. Missing Archer, Brown, Irwin, Kelley, Moore, Reed, Sessions, Shepard, Warner. 258 1941 TRIBE OF MICHIGAMUA ALL CAMPUS SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY HONORARY SACHEMS Big Ten Aigler Wise Council Anderson Battle Finder Barthelme Great Builder Bates Friendly World Campbell Friendly Chief Cooley Long Trail Duffy Warrior Builder Hoyt Bell Cow Murfin Peace Maker Ruthven Canoe Builder Sadler Readum Birchbark Straus: Council Pleader Sunderland Many Councils Tapping Great Scalper Yost FIGHTING BRAVES Lazy Lope Barrett Flashing Fin Beebe Many Buckets Brogan Sky Walker Canham Wobble Bottom Chandler Little Falls Combs Windy Face Cory Battle Runner Evashevski Flank Scout Frutif! Pouch Face Gould Tender Tail Guttman Lightning Striker Harmon Haw Haw Haufler Puff Puff Heinen White Squirrel Johnson Council Maker Lucas Quivering Scalp Morrison Three Square Muehel Many Squalls Quaal Saggin Jaw Rockwell Sleepy Fox Sarasohn Thunder Stick Steppon Singing Strings Tobin Papoose Mouth Wirtchafter m ft tj -.- ;!., P.- J. m . m r 7F i.v ' . ' v - -- ' " " ClSK-T- ' iVS - ' S-v ' v " ?r DRUIDS Top Row -Samuel, Donaldson, Glasser, Osborne, Czak, Loud. Row 2 -Harrison, Cartmill, Gilmore, Crane, Jackson, Treut, Tripp. Row 3 -Lawton, Dobson, Ruehle, Devine, Neilson, Morgan, Lovett, Peckinpaugh. JOHN DEVINE . President (Arch Druid) JAMES LOVETT Vice-President (Vice Arch Druid) JAMES NEILSON. . . Secretary (Seneca) GEORGE RUELE Treasurer (Hoarder of the Funds) Druids is an honor society for outstanding senior men of the College of Literature, Science and the Arts and the School of Education. HONORARY MEMBERS: Carl G. Brandt, Joseph L. Davis, Walter J. Fariss, Ray L. Fisher, Joseph E. Kallenbach, Shorey Peterson, Jesse S. Reeves, Allen Seager, Morris P. Tilley, L. G. Vender Velde, Walter J. Weber, Robert Morgan. MEMBERS: Lyle Bond, Port Brown, William Cartmill, Robert Crane, Edward Czak, John Devine, John Dobson, David Donaldson, Robert Gilmore, Joseph Glasser, Geoffrey Hall, James Harrison, Frances Heydt, William Jackson, Tom Lawton, William Loud, James Lovett, Robert Merriman, Jack Meyer, James Neilson, William Osborn, Richard Peckin- paugh, George Ruele, Charles Samuel, Frank Savage, Bert Stodden, Blake Thaxter, Arthur Treut, James Welch. 260 1940 FACULTY MEMBERS A. G. Ruthven F. A. Mickle A. Marin C. F. Kessler A. F. Parker R. Schneidewind Edward King William Beebe Charles Barker William Vollmer James Winkler Harold Britton Charles Brown Peter Brown Harry Drickamer James Duthie Howard Egert Seymour Furbush Jack Harwood Charles Heinen William Herrmann George Hogg Harry Kohl David Ladd Jerry Mecklenberger Robert Morrison Charles Tieman George Weesner Thomas Williams Fred Dannefelser Chandler Pinney Vulcans taps, each spring, the exceptional members of the incoming senior class of the College of Engineering. 261 SPHINX Top Row Rookus, Schust, Fraumann, Ingalls, Fitzgerald, Sharemet, Kelley, Galles. Row 2 Chamberlain, Harms, Holman, Newton, Thorward, Owens, Hurley. Row 3 Block, Huyett, Stevenson, Stille, Call, Scherling, Slocum, Piel. Sphinx taps men of the junior class of the Literary College and the School of Education who have been outstanding in campus activities. HONORARY SPHINXES: Wald o Abbot, Arthur S. Alton, A. E. R. Book, William M. Brace, Carl G. Brandt, Howard B. Calderwood, Robert Campbell, F. C. Cappon, Harry Carver, Frederic O. Crandall, Richard Fuller, Donal Haines, Robert B. Hall, Harlow F. Keneman, J. A. C. Hildner, Clark Hopkins, Wilber R. Humphreys, Russell C. Hussey, Karl Litzenberg, George Meyer, John H. Muyskens, Richard R. Myers, Robert M. Petrie, Lewis Vander Velde, Arthur Van Duren, Jr., Charles B. Vibbert, Charles P. Wagner, Stanley Waltz, Bennett Weaver, Mentor Williams. ACTIVES: Wolfred Block, Norman Call, President; Francis Chamberlain, Robert Fitzgerald, Harlan Fraiemann, James Galles, John Gillis, Sec.-Treas.; Paul Goldsmith, George Harms, William Hurley, Donald Huyett, Robert Ingalls, Roger Kelley, Strother Martin, Jay McCormick, David Nelson, William Newton, Alfred Owens, Alfred Piel, John, Rookus, Richard Scherling, William Schust, Gus Sharemet, John Sharemet, William Slocum, Donald Stevenson, Wayne Stille, Benjamin Thorward, Robert Westfall, Albert Wistert. 262 1940 MEMBERS Jack Butler Ro bert Collins Henry Fielding Thomas Gamon Robert Getts Charles Gibson George Gotschall Allen Hamilton Robert Imboden Ruben Kelto Ted Kennedy Verne Kennedy Art Kirkpatrick Jack Marrow George Ostroot Richard Riedl Carl Rohrback ames Rossman illiam Schomburg Robsrt Sibley Robert Summerhays Robert Wallace Alex Wilkie Triangles, the junior class counterpart of Vulcans, taps members of the College of Engineering who have been outstanding in activities. 263 PHI BETA KAPPA OFFICERS 1940-41 PROFESSOR JOSEPH R. HAYDEN, President PROFESSOR HAZEL MARIE LOSH, Secretary-Treasurer EXECUTIVE BOARD Professor Herbert A. Kenyan (1938-41) Professor Benjamin W. Wheeler (1938-41) Professor Carlton F. Wells (1939-42) Professor Alvalyn E. Woodward (1939-42) Professor Walter F. Colby (1940-43) Professor Edgar M. Hoover, Jr. (1940-43) Robert A. Fehr Gertrude Frey James Hervie Haufler Frederick W. Howarth Edna B. Kearney Leonard D. Kurtz CLASS OF 1941 (Elected in 1940) June Tenby Larson Kenneth Pine Mathews John David Newburgh Harold D. Osterweil Lester Persky Louis William Sessions Alice R. Ward CLASS OF 1942 (Elected in 1941) Robert I. Alpern William P. Mallick Theodore W. Hildebrandt Robert N. Samuels Henry Levinstein Robert G. Shedd Joseph S. Livosky Coveted academic goal of every student is Phi Beta Kappa. Members are chosen from the College of Education and the College of L. S. A. CLASS OF 1941, James H. Armstrong Constantine N. Bozion Russell M. Braga Helen A. Breed Henry Brown Jean B. Calkins Ralph G. Conger Benjamin Czajka Jean Fairfax Richard E. Field Barbara J. Fisher James H. Follette Helen L. Foster Howard A. Goldman John A. Huston James T. Jackson Karl G. Kessler Jane L. Krause Jeanne M. LaForge COLLEGE of L.S. A. Elizabeth M. Lightner Isabella H. Lugoski Elizabeth M. Lyman Douglas A. Lyttle Doris E. McGlone Dorothy I. Munro Betty M. Nixon Philip B. Ostrow Seymour Pardell William A. Riner Victor H. Schoen Neal Seegert Holbrooke S. Seltzer Elinor M. Sevison Florence I. Signaigo Robert T. Swartz Edward J. Trost Margaret J. Van Ess Donald E. Van Hoek Walter G. Wadey CLASSES OF 1940 and of FEBRUARY, 1941 Roland W. Carter Robert E. Morrow Mildred G. Epstein Sylvia R. S. Neivert Elizabeth J. Karshner Richard Neuberg Dorothy I. Marquart William W. Schottstaedt Alfred Melov Doris A. Scott GRADUATE STUDENTS PAUL CARDWELL . . Chemistry JOHN T. DALING Philosophy ROBERT A. GREGG . Chemistry RAYMOND E. JOHNSON . . Zoology WESLEY W. RICHES . Chemistry MING-CHEN WANG Physics 264 TAU BETA PI Top Row Tieman, Hamilton, Theriault, Anderson, Gustafson, Davoli, Harwood, Drickamer, Winkler, Eastman. Row 2 Weesner Beach, Havermans, Weidig, Hulich, Vine, Smith, Heller, Blair, Battey. Row 3 Emery, Kimball, Heddle, Stumpf, Misch, Peterson, Fairbanks, May, Forbes. Row 4 Rankin, Hood, Hogg, Oxford, Britton, Walkley, Jeffrey, Frailing, Schaefer, Damm. Row 5 Shaver, Jones, Marin, Strand, Buriti, Morrison, Hindert, Gilliard, Stout, Kuist, Allen. ROBERT J. MORRISON . ROBERT S. BURITZ . ALLEN F. GILLIARD . ORRIN G. YOUNGQUIST HAROLD E. BRITTON President Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer EDWARD M. HINDERT Engineering Council Rep. Tau Beta Pi chooses for membership engineering students who have distinguished themselves academically and in activities. Robert R. Allen Lee L. Anderson Charles B. Armstrong Herbert B. Battey Eugene H. Beach Robert S. Buritz Dan Carson Arthur W. Clifford Nelson E. Damm James E. Davoli Harry G. Drickamer James E. Eastman Kenneth Emery Avard F. Fairbanks Charles Forbes Woodrow G. Frailing Lawrence Giacoletto Allen F. Gilliard George Gotschall Robert Gustafson Grant R. Hacen Herbert D. Hamilton George Hanson John Harwood Carling Havermans Frederick A. Heddle Edward M. Hindert George P. Hogg Gordon K. Hood Harper H. Hull Douglas C. Jeffrey, Jr Ray Jones Robert P. Kimball Thomas R. Kohler Blain B. Kuist Philip Mandel Robert May Robert E. Miller Robert I. Morrison Kenneth M. Nelson Carl I. Oxford, Jr. Robert R. Peterson John S. Pierson Ray B. Powell Woodrow R. Rankin Earl Schaefer James H. Shaver Lewis F. Smith Charles J. Stem, Jr. John Stone John Strand Gordon A. Stumpf Norman C. Taylor Paul W. Theriault Charles R. Tieman Ray Tritten Benjamin Vine Lloyd Vrcman Arland R. Walkley Robert T. Wallace George W. Weesner Thomas A. Weidig Donald R. Whitney Alexander C. Wilkie James V. Winkler Orrin G. Youngquist 265 PHI KAPPA PHI DEAN ALICE C. LLOYD PROFESSOR J. R. HAYDEN PROFESSOR R. S. SWINTON DR. MARY C. VAN TUYL President , . Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Corresponding Secretary FALL ELECTIONS-1940: William L.Austin, EugeneH. Beach, ConstantineN. Bozion, Russell M. BragaJeanB. Calkins William F. Carbine, B.S., M.S., Walter Cofnuk, Howard M. Ehrmann, Jean E. Fairfax, Robert A. Fehr, Richard E. Field, Myron Fink, Barbara J. Fisher, Stanley B. Fleischaher, Gertrude Frey, Harford W. Friedman, A.B., Kenneth R. Gibson, Jr., A.B., Allen F. Gilliard, Thelma V. Gresham, Herbert D. Hamilton, J. Hervie Haufler, Carl Havermans, Frederick W. Howarth, Abraham Hurlich, Harold I. Johnson, Thor Johnson, Elizabeth J. Karshner, Dena Kearney, Frank W. Kennon, Marjorie A. Kern, Jane L. Krause, Leonard D. Kurtz, JuneT. Larson, Elizabeth M. Lightner, Thomas S. Lovering, Charles R. Lowe, Isabella H. Lugoski, Kenneth P. Mathews, Herbert L. Misch, Arthur B. Moehlman, Betty May Nixon, Harold D. Osterweil, Carl J. Oxford, Lester Persky, Robert R. Peterson, Earl A. Radley, William A. Riner, Earl Schaefer, Victor H. Schoen, Neal Seegert, Sidney S. Sobin, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Mischa Titiev, Margaret Jane Van Ess, Donald Edward Van Hoek, Alice R. Ward, Gordon L. Watts, George W. Wessner, Charles K. Wellington, Ann D. Wills, Sol M. Wezelman. ' SPRING ELECTIONS 1941 : John E. Allen, Robert R. Allen, James H. Armstrong, Theodore Berlin, Constance A. Berry, Arthur L. Biggins, Robert H. Bingham, Neal M. Bowers, Russell E. Bowers, Jr., Thomas L.Broadbent, Urie Bronfenbrenner, Henry Brown, Stephen C. Cappannari, Paul B. Cares, Harue J. Carlson, Elizabeth H. Christen, Bernice Cohen, Ralph G. Conger, Nelson E. Damm, Mary J. Dembowski, Harry G. Drickamer, James S. Duesenberry, Helen H.Eilola, Samuel J. Eldersveld, Kenneth G.Emery, Avard F.Fairbanks, Howard W.Fiedler, James H. Follette, Maurice H. Fouracre, Helen L. Foster, Jane C. Fox, Woodrow G. Frailing, Dorothy V. Freedman, H. Harvey Gass, Lawrence J. Giacoletto, Myron Gins, Horace A.Goldman, Harry E. Goodman, John N. Grekin, Walter S. Grimala, Robert L. Gustafson, Robert K. Hall, Harold M. Helfman, George B. Heliker, Fay M. Hemphill, Edward M. Hindert, John E. Howard, John A. Huston, John F. Ingold, James T. Jackson, Thomas P. Jenkin, Josephine E. Johnson, Edwin H. Jorris, Harold S. Kemp, Robert P. Kimball, Blaine B. Kuist, John W. Lederle, Daniel Levine, Harold M. Levinson, Herman C. Lichstein, Robert M. Lillibridge, Robert G. Lindeborg, Betty M. Lombard, Elizabeth M. Lyman, John M. Maxon, Doris E. McGlone, Ruth Matchner, Clayton H. ' Manry, Marion M. Mayer, Dorothy I. Munro, Jeanne .M. Norris, Sulho A. Nurmi, Milton ' Orshefsky, Peter A. Ostafin, Philip B. Ostrow, Seymour S. Pardell, Joe Park, Ralph D. Peterson, Jr., Philip S. Peven, James D. Phillips, John S. Pierson, Gerald L. Poor, Clarence Pott, DonW. Ryker, Lawrence B. Scott, Rosebud Scott, Holbrooke S. Seltzer, Elinor M. Sevinson, Daniel C.Siegel, Chester J. Sikawitt, Harriet E. Smith, John Strand, Philip F. Strasburg, Robert T. Swartz, Ellie Terrettajaft Y. Toribara, Lynn A.Townsend, Edward J.Trost, Cheng K.Tseng, Russell Van Cleve, Walter G. Wadey, Enid R. Wagner, Arland R. Walkley,Ming-Chen Wang, Chester D. Ward, Stanton J. Ware, Henry M. Wilbur, Walter R.Wilson, James W. Winkler, Ralph L. Witherspoon, Leon R. Wosika, Otto Yntema, Bertram Zheutlin, Robert F. Ziegler, Joan E. Stevens. Phi Kappa Phi is the only all-campus senior scholastic society at Michigan. Service to the University and scholarship are the fundamental requirements. BBBK y. auitegj fto-ij? 266 PHI ETA SIGMA Top Row Mount, Banta, Sparrow, Lent-Koop, John, Walker, Hehemann, Rubin, Andrews, Strong. Row 2 Zeskind, Halliday, Dalrymple, Baker, Hutcherson, Taylor, Gibson, Grunewald, Smith, Munson. Row 3 Browning, Weingarten, Gentile, Levering, Benedicto, Thatcher, Clark, Duff, Birk, Sundquist. Row 4 Bowman, Betzhold, Terrell, West, O ' Dell, Wolf, O ' Malley, Renaud, Ehrlich. CHARLES W. O ' DELL . DONALD C. WEST, JR. JAMES R. TERRELL JAMES M. WOLF . JAMES A. O ' MALLEY, JR. ROBERT T. WALLACE RICHARD M. LUDWIG . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer History Upper-Class Advisor Upper-Class Advisor Freshmen who attain a scholastic average of half " A " and half " B " are honored by membership in Phi Eta Sigma. HONORARY MEMBERS: Dean Joseph Bursley, Professor Paul Henle, Professor Karl Litzenberg, Professor Arthur D. Moore, Professor Bennett Weaver. MEMBERS. Elroy W. Andrews, Jr., Allan Axelrod, William W. Baker, Edwin V. Banta, Jr., Philip Boris, Paul L. Benedicto, Fred C. Betzhold, Jr., Wilbur R. Birk, Charles Boynton, Brice M. Bowman, Martin R. Browning, Otto E. Chady, Robert L. Chapman, Herman Shin-gee Chiu, Jarrett R. Clark, Thomas L. Dalrymple, James K. Daniels, Robert T. Duff, Robert W. Ehrlich, Sylvester P. Gentile, Robert W. Gibson, Richard E. Goldsmith, Albert L. Grunewald, William J. Halliday, Jr., Robert R. Hehemann, William W. Hutcherson, Irving S. Jaffe, J. Bradford John, Richard R. Kimerer, Bruce J. Kirchenbaum, Daniel J. Klute, Kenneth K. Kugel, Alfred H. Kutschinski, William H. Lehmann, Benjamin M. Lent-Koop, Ernest J. London, Tom G. Levering, Robert O. McWilliams, Frank W. Mount, John E. Munson, Cyrus A. Neuman, Charles W. O ' Dell, James A. O ' Malley, Jr., Duane A. Pagel, Warren M. Parris, John R. Patten, Robert M. Petteys, Robert H. Preiskel, Bruce J. Renaud, David R. Robertson, Arthur A. Rosen, James E. Rubin, Edward A. Rutan, Harvey L. Shulman, Pete Smith, William T. Sparrow, Jr., Robert H. Stacy, Frederick W. Stanton, Jr., C. Stanley Strong, Robert J. Sundquist, Frank C. Taylor, Jr., James R. Terrell, Charles M. Thatcher, Ridhard F. Walker, Howard F. Wallach, Robert M. Warner, Paul D. Weingarten, Donald C. West, Jr., Aaron E. Whitehorn, James M. Wolf, Claude R. Womer, Jr., Marvin L. Zeskind. 267 . CONGRESS Congress, a service organization for independent men, has the largest membership of any group on campus. During the year the Independent Men ' s Association sponsors many varied activities for its more than 6,000 undergraduate members. Panar and Rockwell EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE WILLIAM H. ROCKWELL DAVID PANAR ALBERT P. BLAUSTEIN RICHARD L SHUEY GORDON ANDREW . President Executive Secretary . Activities Chairman Organization Chairman Personnel Chairman DAVID MARGOLD . Student Welfare Committee Chairman WILLIAM STRAIN ARTHUR KOLLIN JOHN MIDDLETON . DAVID LACHENBRUCH ROBERT HANSON Social Chairman President of the Rooming House Council . Secretary of the Rooming House council Daily publicity chairman Secretary Hitt, Kollin, Middleton, Fogal. Andrew, Blaustein, Margold, Coe, Strain Top Row Fogel, Engstrom, Hewitt, Levin, Middleton. Row 2 Strain, Missura, Jones, Hansen, Halm, Hitt. Row 3 Margold, Coe, Rockwell, Panar, Andrew, Blaustein. 268 WOLVERINE Top Row Westbrook, Sibley, Gibbs. Row 2 Mueschke, Scheibe, Kepka, Spencer, Nordstrom. Gardner, Counihan, Spencer BOARD OF DIRECTORS JOHN R. SCHEIBE . . President F. ARTHUR KEPKA . Vice-President and Secretary KENNETH NORDSTROM Director JOHN SPENCER . Director ROBERT SIBLEY . Director LLOYD GIBBS . . Director PROFESSOR PAUL MUESCHKE Director PHIL WESTBROOK Director EXECUTIVE OFFICERS DONALD COUNIHAN . Purchasing Agent JOSEPH GARDNER . Treasurer JOHN SPENCER Personnel Manager The Michigan Wolverine is a student co- operative organization, which serves meals to students at a greatly reduced cost. Last year it successfully sponsored a series of Social Hours on Sunday evenings. In addition, its members have been participating in intramural sports and various other activities. Dinner Time 269 STUDENT RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION Top Row -Morgan, Allen, Bowers, Stamm. Row 2 Bender, Seldenright, Chambers, Wehner, Clark, Schwartz. Row 3 Zander, Huston, Johnson, Muehl, Fairfax, Van Cleve, Parker. Religious activity and thought on campus finds its inspiration and correlation in the Student Religious Association. Working in close cooperation with the churches and the religious director of the University, the Association provides a well rounded program em- bodying every phase of religious activity. The member- ship of the Association includes nearly every faith and creed, making the discussions of the art, music and philosophy of each interesting parts of the program. Coffee hours, seminars, lectures, and recorded concerts attract many students. Each fall the Association sponsors the Freshman Rendezvous, a weekend camp held for the men of the incoming class. Another interesting project is the toy lending library which caters to the children of Ann Arbor. BOARD OF GOVERNORS PAUL G. KAUPER, Chairman KENNETH W. MORGAN, Director MRS. ALVIN ZANDER, Assistant Director JEAN FAIRFAX JOSEPH C. HOOPER JAMES INGLIS HOWARD Y. McCLUSKY WILLIAM A. MCLAUGHLIN E. WILLIAM MUEHL JACOB SACKS RUSSELL VanCLEVE ERIHC A. WALTER STUDENT COUNCIL: E. William Muehl, Pres., John Allen, Roderick Anderson, Frank Bender, Erwin Bowers, Urie Bronfenbrenner, Christine Chambers, William Clark, Jean Fairfax, Betty Grant, John A. Huston, Frances Johnson, Fakhri Maluf, Lonna Parker, Norman Schwartz, Doyle Seldenwright, John Stamm, Kathleen Summers, Russell VanCleve, Dorothy Way, Ann Wehner. 270 NEWMAN CLUB Top Row -Priebe, Sullivan, Allen, Counihan. Row 2 McNaughton, Norton, Landers, Jelsch. Row 3 Kenney, Schinderle, Berry, Huttlinger, Granfield. Catholic students find an opportunity for fellowship and activity in the Newman Club, organized to supplement the work of the St. Mary ' s Chapel with religious, educational, and social functions. The Club sponsors, among other activities, an annual spirtual retreat, worship services, lectures, and social activities. VERY REV. MSG3. ALLEN J. BABCOCK, S.T.L., LL.D. REV. CLAIR J. BERRY PROF. WILLIAM A. MCLAUGHLIN . STUDENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Pastor Chaplain Faculty Adviser BURNS M. HUTTLINGER ALBIN J. SCHINDERLE MARY JANE KENNEY . GERALDINE C. GRANFIELD JOHN F. McNAUGHTON JOHN E. ALLEN CATHERINE L. NORTON JAMES J. LANDERS . GERALDINE L JELSCH . M. DONALD COUNIHAM VINCENT J. PRIEBE President Vice-President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Religious and Educational Chairman Publicity Chairmani Chronicle Editor Member-at- Large Member-at- Large Member-at-Large 271 SENIOR BALL Hubert Weidman Chairman James Lau Secretary Robert Buritz Publicity George Nadler Program Paul Rogers Decorations Lee Keller Patrons William Elmer Tickets Helen Bohnsack Herbert Brogan Decorations Tickets William Vollmer Building Dorothy Carter Fred Dannenfelser Catherine McDermott Project Music Patrons 272 Graduation time is always a peculiar mixture of sadness and pride, but this year more than ever, the out- going seniors will be filled with misgivings about the next few years. Many of the men of the class of 41 are already looking forward to a year s training in the service of Uncle Sam. But all of them, including the women, can look forward to a very difficult near future. More- over, it is hard to say good-bye to Michigan with its memories and its friends and the familiar scenes of a pleasant four years. In looking for a way in which to make the 1941 Senior Ball something which will crystallize all the nostalgic feelings about Michigan, to make the parting easy, and to provide some real entertainment, the Committee has decided to give this Spring dance the very touch that should be associated with June 1 7th. Plans have been made for a special floor to be set up on Ferry Field, which adjoins the Intramural Building, so that the 100th graduating class of the University can dance beneath the friendly stars of the Ann Arbor sky. White coats and filmy dresses will set off this dance from all others of the year, with cool breezes and cool refreshments available for everyone. There will be dancing inside the IM Building too, but as plans stand at present, we predict that ninety-nine percent of the dancers will be out under the stars! Ruth Gramand Chairman Weidiman 273 J - H O P The class of ' 42, led by Chairman Lee Perry, presented the Michigan students with the greatest galaxy of swing music ever put on in Michigan s massive Sports building. For two solid nights the walls rocked and the floors rumbled as 2500 rug cutting swingeroos jumped to Gene Krupa, Raymond Scott, and the one and only " King of Swing " , Benny Goodman. Yasah, Yasah, as Cootie Williams might blurt, the pahty wah a boomin success. LeRoy Perry Chairman Richard Arbuckle Lou Carpenter Publicity Patrons Bruce Hartwick Carolyn Denfield Decorations Patrons BBB Robert Collins Jeanne Goudy Booths Secretary James Rossman Frances Aaronson Buildings Program Sydney Aronson Phyllis Waters Paul Sampson S. Che. Tang Booths Music Tickets Buildings 274 Goodman ' s Cootie cuts capers. King of Swing . That drummer man ' Modernist deluxe " Carol Glidden and Chairman Perry 275 SOPH PROM Top Row Swander, Lehner, Davis, Hendel, Dawson, Rust, DeCourcy, Sharp. Row 2 Royce, Willits, Clare, Bothman, Gustafson, Carritte, Hybrader, Knapp. The Sophomore class played host to the best of the student body at its annual Soph Prom held at the Union. Music was by Bob Chester and his orchestra. BERNARD HENDEL BUCK DAWSON THEO SHARP HOMER SWANDER JOHN RUST WILLIAM DE COURCY JEANNE CLARE . RUTH WILLITS General Chairman Publicity Tickets Music Decorations Finance Programs Patrons CONSTANCE BOTHMAN and BERNARD HENDEL 276 FROSH FROLIC Top Row Brown, Agree, Easlick, Kuyper, Borman, Straehley, Weinstein, Wald. Row 2 Bleiweiss, Springer, Bunnell, Pritchard, Sternfels, Junker, Horowitz, Mann. The freshman class reveals its hidden talents for the first time in planning Frosh Frolic, the annual dance given each fall. Scat Davis and his orchestra furnished the music this year. MARVIN BORMAN A. ARNOLD AGREE BERNARD BROWN ELIZABETH BUNNELL JANE PRITCHARD CLIFFORD STRAEHLEY RICHARD WALD JAMES WEINSTEIN General Chairman Decorations Publicity Patrons Programs Music Decorations Decorations BARBARA STERNFELS and MARVIN BORMAN 277 M - C L U B Top Row J. Sharemet, Stoddard, Kennedy, Osier, Frauman, Wistert, Glasser, Fitzgerald, G. Sharemet. Row 2 - Canfield, Rosen, J. Dobson, B. Dobson, Williams, Cartmill, Harms, Sofiak, Tobin, Ingalls. Row 3 Lawton, Call, Lovett, Thaxter, Brogan, Lockhard, Grissen, Nelson, Ruehle, Frutig. Row 4 Holman, Heddle, Dobe r, Stodden, Samuelson, Galles, C. Culver, Kohl, McMaster, F. Culver. Row 5 Sherrill, Eggert, Bernard, Hatch, Combs, Heydt, Holmes, Paup. BILL COMBS DON NICHOLS FRANCIS HEYDT President Vice-President Secretary MEMBERS: Wilbert Ackerman, Charles Barker, Robert Barnard, Edward Barrett, Lyle Bond, William Beebe, Warren Breidenbach, Robert Brewer, Herbert Brogan, William Canfield, Donald Canham, William Cartmill, Bud Chamberlain, Robert Collins, John Corson, Edward Czak, Fred Dannenfelser, Charles Decker, Bud Dober, William Dobson, Jack Dob- son, Howard Egert, Forrest Evashevski, Robert Fitzgerald, Robert Flora, Ralph Fritz, Edward Frutig, James Galles, John Gillis, Joe Glasser, Paul Goldsmith, James Grissen, John Haigh, Jeff Hall, Tom Harmon, George Harms, Fred Heddle, Donald Holman, William Holmes, Robert Hook, Robert Ingalls, John Kautz, Stan Kelly, Reuben Kelto, Harry Kohl, Paul Kromer, Tom Lawton, Jack Leutritz, James Lovett, Strother Martin, Howard Mehaffey, William Melzow, Jack Meyers, John McMaster, Dave Nelson, Don Nichols, Dave Osier, John Paup, Bud Piel, Dick Riedl, Joe Rogers, Charles Ross, George Ruenle, Gilbert Samuelson, Gus Sharamet, John Sharamet, Mike Sofiak, William Steppon, Maynard Stoddard, Bert Stodden, Wayne Stille,Milo Sukup, James Tobin, Blake Thaxter, Tom Weideg, James Welsh, Bob Westfall, Tom Williams, Karl Wisner, Bob Zimmerman. 278 MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Top Row McMaster, Riordan, Comin, Bikoff, Cohn. Row 2 Fishman, Hansma, Zielinski, Copp, Petroskey, Renda, Brown. Row 3 Boycheff, Mehaffey, Pannucci, Thomas, Kautz, Boim, James, Brogan. Row 4 Megregian, Blystone, Rodechko, Ruehle, Tomaselli, Thompson, May, Mitchell, Townsley. Physical education men in the University keep in touch with their field of work through the Men ' s Physical education Club. The Club is represented each year at the national physical education convention. ALPHA PHI OMEGA t f 1 r f ALPHA PHI OMEGA Top Row Scott, VanHoek, F. Smith, Meier, Garver, Kennedy, Cope, DeCourcy, Arnold, Fairbanks. Row 2 Bartle, MacPeek, Ager, Yarman, Gormsen, Prentice , Plenge, Peterson, Van Nordstrand, Radom, Professor Fairbanks, Brown, Professor Menefee. Row 3 Yost, Smith, Hoglund, Koval, Duff, Ludy, Fletcher, Jachowski, Schoel, Leiman, Professor Case. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath Law, to develop friendship and to promote Service to humanity in the following areas: Service to members of the Fra- ternity, and Service to the nation as participating citizens. 279 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Top Row Seltzer, Levitt, Brodie, Bowen, MacRitchie, Gardiner, Chambers. Row 2 Gray, Howell, Shimoura, Lyman, Leahy, Bennett, N. Bennett, Scott. Row 3 Artuso, Bernstein, Larson, Wallach, Ward, Hansen, Forbes. Le Cercle Francois gives students an opportunity to become familiar with the French language and culture. A series of lectures, given by the faculty members and noted French speakers, develop facility in understanding French. The presentation of a French play each spring gives members an opportinity to develop their speaking ability. CARRIE WALLACH GEORGE KISS ALICE WARD J. TENBY LARSON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS: Frances Allen, Ruth Arnhold, Dom A. Artuso, Katherine Balint, Norma Bennett, Ruth Bennett, R. A. Bernstein, Frances Blumenthal Anton Bogleff, Jeanne Bolgiano, Marjorie Bowen, David Bradley, Jean Brodie, Sylvia Casper, R. E. Chambers, Jr., Margaret Cleary, Janet Dickinson, David Engel, Elizabeth Farrell, William Feldman, Bruce Forbes, Gertrude French, Jeanne Gardiner, David Gibson, Dorothy Gilliam, Roland Godbout, Frances Goldsmith, Nancy Gray, Syri! Greene, Loyal Gryting, Ann Hamilton, Ralph Hansen, Richard Harmel, Warner Heineman, John Hogg, Verna Holtman, Dorothy Hood, Bernice Howell, Shryle Imber, Elsie Jensen, Hazel Jensen, George Kiss, J. Tenby Larson, Anna V. LaRue, Carolyn Leahy, Jeanne Levitt, Morris Lichtenstein, Elizabeth Lightner, Salvatore Longo, Elizabeth Lyman, Marallyn MacRitchie, Marian Mayer, Guy Metraux, Roberta Moore, Lauranna Needles, Adelita Ortiz, Marshall Palley, Richard Payne, Margaret Pons, David Rich, Katherine Rumisek, George Sallade, Ruth Sanford, Rosebud Scott, Holbrooke Seltzer, Robert Sethian, Gaston Seydoux, Helen Shimoura, Harvey Shulman, Bertram Smith, Miriam Smith, Mildred Stern, Barbara Suffrin, Elaine Taylor, Nikolay Turitzen, Betty Jane VandenBelt, Carrie Wallach, Virginia Walcott, Alice Ward, Mildred Williams, Ann Woestenburg, Ruth Wood. 280 _ LA SOCIEDAD HISPANICA Top Row -Edwards, Babbitt, Richards, McCrus, Felski, Wendt, Hanson, Fotias, Gilliard, Grossman. Row 2 -Chambers, Gray, Mier, Rons, Velasco, Perou, Rossello, Wahl, Zrmack, Osborne. Row 3 Teller, Rosasco, Czerkawski, Hansen, Ferretti, Kulsavage, Falconieri, Haferkamp, Diamond, Perkins, Garner. Row 4 Sempliner, Pollak, Silverman, Shimoura, Lapitsky, Green, Frye, Bennett, Leahy, Larson, Smith, Mercado. La Sociedad Hispanica brings together students and faculty who are interested in Spain, South America and Mexico. A series of lectures designed to acquaint students with the language, meetings conducted entirely in Spanish and the presentation of a Spanish play further their knowledge of the people and customs of these countries. STANLEY FRYE NORMA BENNETT MARJORIE GREEN . HELEN LAPITSKY PROFESSOR E. MERCADO . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor MEMBERS: Ruth Arnhold, Norma Bennett, Lucille Babbitt, Rosasasco Carmelita, Raymond Chambers, David Crohn, Stella Czerkawski, Donald Diamond, James Edwards, John Falconer!, Dave Falvay, Daniel Felski, Antonietta Ferretti, Chris Foltias, Stanley Frye, Teefe Gabriel, Louis Garcia, I. Nims Garner, Burton Gavitt, Allen Gilliard, Nancy Gray, Marjorie Green, Leaner Grossman, Sandy Haferkamp, Ralph Hansen, Phil Hanson, William Harris, Claude Hulet, Alma Hunt, Alden Johnson, Max Kanter, Herb Kilner, John Kirby, June Larson, Caroline Leahy, Orville Lefko, Burt Ludy, Mike Massa, Ernest McCrus, Catherine Osborne, Judy Perkins, Jane Pollock, Betty Ponds, Donald E. Rivette, Helen Shamura, Michelle Silverman, Caroline Simpliner, Miriam Smith, Louis Stein, Marjorie Teller, Ralph Turner, Albert Wahl, Dave Warriner, Andrew Watson, Genevieve Zrmach. 281 MICHIGAN PARTY Top Row -(Party Council) McCune, McOmber, Cheffy, Todd, Walsh, Thompson, Edmonson, Salvette, Otto, Tann. Row 2 (Executive Committe) Hurley, Longford, Hoeper, Cox, Prof. Weaver, Hyde, Ebbets, Comstock. The Michigan Party was formed in the spring of 1 940. The Party, primarily concerned with the betterment of student government and the attainment of a more complete and responsible representa- tion, proposes to awaken the general student body to its responsibil- ities and opportunities. It realizes the achievement of its objectives through speakers, lectures, activities and Student Senate elections. MEMBERS: Richard Archer, Jane Baits, Ruth Basye, Robert Behr, Charles Boynton, James Bourquin, Norman Call, George Cheffy, John Christian, Joan Clement, William Comstock III, Bette Corlett, Winston H. Cox, Jeanne Crump, Barbara DeFries, William Diemond, Margaret Dodge, Richard Ebbets, Jr., John Edmonson, Betty Fariss, Barbara Fisher, Edwin Giombolini, Charles Gould, Douglas Gould, Paul Hoeper, William Hurley, Burns Huttlinger, Jane Hyde, William Irwin, Paul Johnson, Ted Kennedy, Robert Krause, Annette Lalonde, William Longford, Carl Licht, Owen P. Lillie, Lawrence Lindgren, John McCune, Ted McLogan, Ted McOmber, Arnold Moore, Eloise Munger, Laura Needle, Charles Otto, Lee Perry, Rudy Salvette, Jane Sapp, William Sessions, Robert Shedd, William Slocum, Richard Strain, Selinah Stroh, Edward Tann, David Thompson, Robert Titus, William Todd, Jack Walsh, Sally Walsh, Keith Watson, Ray Zulauf. WINSTON H. COX President 282 ZETA PHI ETA Top Row Sata, Cook, McKee, Freeman, Wooster. Row 2 -Gladding, Parsons, Conde, Funkhouser, Cornell, Garvey. Row 3 Grills, Ward, Hubbard, McCoy, Gould, Howell, Herrick. Zeta Phi Eta, National Professional Speech Sorority, is the oldest one of its kind. It tries to band together groups of selected college women interested in maintaining high standards of speech. The membership is made up of women in all fields of speech academic, theatrical, and public address. It is a professional aid and stimulus after graduation. MARY ANN McCOY JEAN HUBBARD . MILDRED WARD NANCY GOULD , JANE GRILLS . MRS. F. O. CRANDALL. MRS. G. E. DINSMORE President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . Faculty Adviser Patroness Adviser HONORARY MEMBERS: Mrs. G. E. Dinsmore, Mrs. Louise Eich, Miss Ethel McCormick. MEMBERS: Adelaide Carter, Marion Conde, Betty Cornell, Claire Cook, Irene Ferguson, Carole Freeman, Jean Funkhauser, Rita Garvey, Kathryn Gladding, Nancy Gould, Jane Grills, Edith Howell, Jean Hubbard, Jane Herrick, Mary Ann McCoy, June McKee, Jeanne Mieras, Gail Parsons, Alvira Sata, Mildred Ward, Betty Wooster. 283 ALPHA N U Top Row -Boynton, Lewis, Manikoff, Webb. Row 2 -Lefko, Plankey, Oglesbee, Kerby. Row 3 -Steudel, Altman, Shepard, Radka, Trost. Excellence in public speaking and debate is the goal of the members of Alpha Nu, speech society. ATHENA Top Row Taylor, Caster, Sapp, Fitzpatrick, Ferguson. Row 2 Williams, Kreinson, Allison, McCarren. Athena Literary Society promotes efficiency in public speaking and debate among women students. Debating with Alpha Nu is one of its activities. 284 The Michigan League is the center of women ' s activities on campus. Here are developed character traits essential to good citizenship, a background of social experience, and friendships to be treasured through the years. MICHIGAN LEAGUE Top Row -Walpole, Caster, Van Winkle, Osser, Osgood, Sevison, Grove. Row 2 Hubbard, Davis, Hardy, Merker, Lombard, Stout. From the hub, which is the League Council, radiate the many women s activities. Composed of the heads of committees and organizations, this central body unites the majority of women s activities into a coopera- tive and well-organized whole which functions as the Women s League. LEAGUE COUNCIL VIRGINIA LEE HARDY BETTY STOUT . MARGARET HUBBARD BETTY LOMBARD . JEANNE DAVIS . DORIS MERKER ESTHER OSSER . JANE GROVE ANNABEL VAN WINKLE PATRICIA WALPOLE BARBARA DITTMANN VIRGINIA OSGOOD BETH CASTER JANE PINKERTON . ELINOR SEVISON MARGARET WHITTEMORE President Vice-President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Judiciary Council Daily Women s Editor W. A. A. President .Panhellenic President Assembly President Merit System Social Candy Booths Theater Arts Publicity Dance Class LEE HARDY, President 287 WOMEN ' S JUDICIARY COMMITTEE Top Row Baits, Heames. Row 2 -Forrestal, Merker, Clement. One of the most important administrative bodies governing the women students on campus is the Judiciary Committee. Composed of three senior members and two junior members, this group working cooperatively with the Dean of Women s office, is the disciplinary body for the women of the University. The Committee also has the responsibility of interviewing and appointing women for Orientation Advisors, League Positions, and class project committee chairmanships. DORIS MERKER . BETTY CLEMENT MARJORIE FORRESTEL JANE BAITS . HARRIET HEAMES Chairman Senior Member Senior Member Junior Member Junior Member DORIS MERKER, Chairman 288 _ MORTAR BOARD Top Row -Lyman, Van Winkle, Whittemore, Stout, Krause, Van Ess, Lombard, Hardy, Dittman, Merker, Signaigo. Row 2 Maxted, Sevison, Davis, Barnett, Caster, Fischer, Osser. HELEN L BARNETT . JEANNE DAVIS . BARBARA FISHER . BETH CASTER JEAN MAXTED President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Historian MEMBERS: Helen Barnett, Beth Caster, Jeanne Davis, Barbara Dittman, Barbara Fisher, Virginia Lee Hardy, Jane Krause, Betty Lombard, Betty Lyman, Jean Maxted, Doris Merker, Esther Osser, Elinor Sevison, Florence Signaigo, Betty Stout, Margaret Van Ess, Annabel Van Winkle, Margaret Whittemore. Requirements for membership in Mortarboard, senior honor society, are outstanding excellence in scholarship and leadership displayed in participation in campus activities. Highlights of the year ' s activities for the women in Mortarboard are a Smarty Party, given for outstanding sophomore women, and a Pay-Off dance. HELEN L. BARNETT, President 289 SENIOR SOCIETY Top Row Clement, Van Ess, Caster, Tenofsky, Nevin, Lombard, Hollis, Sibley, Culley, Walpole, Lyman Row 2 Maxted, Herdrick, Sapp, Crowley, Stout, Osser JANE SAPP . FRANCES HERDRICH BETTY HALL . BETTY-LOU WITTERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS: Beth Caster, Betty Clement, Anne Crowley, Helen Culley, Betty Hall, Frances Herdrich, Sue Hollis, Betty Lombard, Betty Lyman, Jean Maxted, Frances Nevin, Esther Osser, Jane Pinkerton, Jane Sapp, Janet Sibley, Betty Strout, Jean Tenofsky, Margaret Van Ess, Pat Walpole, Betty-Lou Witters. Senior Society is an honor society for Independent women prom- inent in leadership, scholarship and service. In order to promote friendship and goodwill among women on campus, this group sponsors Independent Fortnight at the beginning of each school year. In addition, this year it is publishing a booklet about campus organizations. Jane Sapp, President 290 Top Row Hubbard, Forrestel, Grove, Kepler, Osgood, Allison, Fitzpatrick, Bohnsack, Rodger, Conde, Brereton Forberg Wills Row 2 Westrate, Keilholtz, Ortmayer, Walsh, Chaufty, Vedder. SCROLL Scroll Honorary Society selects its members from senior affiliated women who excell in scholarship, participation in extra-curricular activities, and service to the student body. Installation Dinner is frequently the occasion for the " tapping " of these outstanding women who take as their objective the furthering of relations between and Undergraduate women. Top Row Gage, Keatley, Rhodes, Schaible, Crow, Hubbard, Fariss, Bailie. Row 2 Thorn, Scott, Heames, Baits, Sanford, Hayden. Row 3 Aaronson, Gardner, Goudy, Waters. WY VERN Excellence in leadership, scholarship and service are the require ments for membership in Wyvernjuniorhonor society. In orderto foster better relations between freshmen and junior women, this group takes as its special project to be big sisters " to those freshmen who receive Michigan Alumni Scholarships. women 291 ASSEMBLY ASSOCIATION Top Row Walker, Engel, Ginsberg, Neague, Sapp, Malmros, Judson, Rosensweig, Anderson. Row 2 Krise, Lyman, Walpole, Crowley, Nevin. ASSEMBLY OFFICERS PATRICIA WALPOLE . . President BETTY LYMAN . Vice-President BETTY HALL . . Secretary ANNE CROWLEY Treasurer ANN ARBOR INDEPENDENTS JEAN KRISE President NORMA GINSBERG . Secretary-Treasurer LEAGUE HOUSE GROUP BARBARA ANN FREIDBERG . President ELIZABETH WALKER . Secretary-Treasurer BETA KAPPA RHO SARA-JANE HAUKE . . . President THELMA COLEMAN Secretary-Treasurer DORMITORY GROUP Jane Sapp Norma Malmros Lorraine Judson Frances Nevin Katherine Neagus Dorothy Anderson Jean Engel Mary Pillow PATRICIA WALPOLE, Pres. Through the medium of Assembly the Independent Michigan women are organized into one of the finest groups of its kind in the country. Friendlier relations are developed among unaffiliated women living in dormitories and league houses enabling them to cooperate as a unit among campus organizations. These groups are kept well-informed about campus activities, including plans for class projects and opportunities to petition for positions in the League. At the annual banquet presented by Assembly those who excell in scholarship and leadership are recognized and honored. 292 _ ASSEMBLY SCHOLARSHIP BANQUET CENTRAL COMMITTEE JEAN HUBBARD, General Chairman JEAN GRANT, Assistant Chairman JEAN TENOFSKY . . Program MARY MITCHELL . . Publicity PEGGY POLUMBAUM . Tickets VIRGINIA CAPRON . Decorations DOROTHY ANDERSON Patrons Top Row Tenofsky, Mitchell, Polumbaum. Row 3--Grant, Hubbard, Anderson. Assembly Banquet is the annual dinner given for Independent women who have merited academic recognition through outstanding scholarship. Leaders in extra-curricular activities are also honored. ASSEMBLY BALL COMMITTEE HELEN CULLEY . . Chairman ELIZABETH LUCKHAM, Asst. Gen. Chairman KAY NEGUS . EVELYN KUIVINEN Decorations Decorations MARJORIE POLLUMBAUM DORIS CUTHBERT MARJORIE GREEN BARBARA ALCORN JUNE de CORDOVA BETTY NEWMAN . Publicity Publicity Finance Patrons Tickets Tickets Top Row -Kistler, Cuthbert, Conert, Pickering, Newman, Harsha. Row 2 Jordan, Negus, Greene, Christy, de Cordova, Vieke, Kuivinin, Lok, Wilson. Row 3 Schflander, Polumbaum, Duffendack, Culley, Luckham, Campbell, Alcorn. Decorations for this year ' s Assembly Ball oiven by Independent women carried out the theme of a " Garden Gavotte " . Music was by Anson Weeks and his orchestra. 293 JUNIOR GIRLS ' PLAY Top Row- -Keatley, Fisher, Goudy, Brown, Bailie, Dodge. Row 2 Scott, Power, Smith, Hayden, Frey, Purdom, Radford. Row 3 -Gardner, Drury, Silver, Waters, Sanford. SHIRLEY SILVER . . General ROSALIE SMITH . Patrons MARGARET SANFORD . . Finance BETTY BAILIE . . . Publicity PHOEBE POWER . . Ass ' t. Publicity MARGARET IDA GARDNER Ticket VIRGINIA DRURY . Programs JEANNE GOUDY . . Ushers VIRGINIA APPELTON . Costume COMMITTEE Chairman MARGARET DODGE Chairman ELAINE FISHER . Chairman VIRGINIA FREY Chairman VEITCH PURDOM Chairman MILDRED RADFORD Chairman MARY HAYDEN Chairman PHYLLIS WATERS . Chairman LOUISE KEATLEY Chairman PEARL BROWN Ass ' t. Costume Chairman Properties Chairman Scenery Chairman Make-up Chairman Dance Chairman Ass ' t Dance Chairman Music Chairman Bookholder Recorder The Junior Girls Play is presented each year by the women in the Junior class. The many tasks necessary for the production are planned and completed by them under the guidance of the League theatrical staff. This year ' s play Jumpin Jupiter was greeted enthusiastically by the Senior women, traditional first night audience, and went on to a successful four day run. SHIRLEY SILVER, Gen. Chm. 294 LEAGUE PROJECTS Extra-curricular activities for Undergraduate women, which include participation in style shows and skits, dancing classes, and many other events take the form of League Projects. Typical of scenes common to all such projects are these from this year ' s J.G.P. The principals in J.G.P. take seriously the learning of their lines in order to be expression perfect in rehearsal. The enthusiastic manner in which women students cooperate is evidenced by these countenances. Time out to relax and indulge in friendly chatter is all part of the fun. 295 mil WOMENS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Enthusiastic participation by the freshmen women during their year of required athletic instruction has been developed not only by the interest and vitality of the instructors but also through the facilities for play offered to them. Opportunity for improvement in team sports or advancement in individual skill is offered in a varied program of classes organized at Barbour Gym and at Palmer Field House during the spring and fall season. Competition through intramural tournaments encourages athletic ac- tivity among women students not enrolled in regular classes. In addition many outing and sports clubs have been organized for those particularly interested in this form of recreation. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC BUILDING DR. MARGARET BELL, Chairman ' of the Department ' of Physical Education for Women, Professor of Hygiene and Physical Education, and Physician in the Health Service. DR. MABEL RUGEN, Associate Professor MISS LAURI E. CAMPBELL, Assistant Professor MISS DOROTHY BEISE, Instructor MISS RUTH BLOOMER, Instructor MISS MARIE HARTWIG, Instructor MRS. STEWART HANLEY, Assistant MISS CATHERINE GOOD, Assistant MISS MARGERY TAYLOR, Assistant MISS RUTH KREMERS, Assistant DR. MARGARET BELL, Chm. 296 Top Row Allison, Andresen, Patterson, Hayden, Voiles, Schaible. Row 2 Bercaw, Westrate, Inwood, Taylor, Stelle, Lyman, Pause, Aaronson. Row 3 Allen, Van Ess, Grove, Williams, Fariss, Lewin. W.A.A. BOARD The members of the W.A.A. board are chosen for their interest in athletics and for their enthusiasm in developing good-will among the campus women through participa- tion in athletic activities. The most important function of the board is the organization of tournaments among sorority and independent groups and the sponsoring of individual competition. JANE GROVE . ANNA JEAN WILLIAMS MARGARET VAN ESS . BETTY FARISS . YVONNE WESTRATE . FRANCES AARONSON GERTRUDE ANDRESEN . DONELDA SCHAIBLE NANCY BERCAW JANET LEWIN LORNA PAUSE . BETTY LYMAN MARGARET JOHNSON JOANNE TAYLOR . DORIS ALLEN . PAT STELLE . MARY HAYDEN HARRIET PRATT GERTRUDE INWOOD . NEVA DILLEY DOREEN VOILES VIRGINIA PATTERSON CHARLOTTE KINNEY . MARGARY ALLISON EUGENIA EADY . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer A.F.C.W. Publicity Awards Intramural Dormitories Sororities League Houses Archery Bowling Badminton Baseball Basketball Riding Tennis Outdoor Sports Dance Fencing Rifle Hockey Golf Swimming JANE GROVE, President 297 CROP AND SADDLE , Crop and Saddle Club for advanced horsewomen, has as its purpose the development of good horsemanship. Members enjoy Sunday morning canters and evening rides together during the out- door season. A horse show in the spring features exhibition drills and competitive riding. ' MEMBERS: Anita Alexander, Kay Crawford, Agnes Crow, Ann Czekalsky, Pollyanna De Armond, Nancy Drew Eleanor Hanavan, Betty Johnson, Helen Lahey, Dorothy Lindquist, Virginia Moore, Barbara Reddig, Margare Sutherland, Julie Test, Yvonne Westrate, Betty Whitely, Nancy Wood. 298 . Poise plus points. It ' s fun and it ' s healthy. 299 An extensive program of outdoor sports for all seasons of the year gives Michigan women opportunity for relaxation and enjoyment. 300 - CflfUPUS SfPHfllBfll... OCTOBER Eyes riveted on the players, few fans saw this view of the stadium. 1940 SEPTEMBER 194O 194O OCTOBER 194O FR1_ SAT SUN FBI 1 8 15 2 9 16 29 3O 3 1O 17 24 4 11 18 567 12 13 14 6 19 20 21 13 26 27 28 20 7 14 21 1 8 15 2 9 16 3 1O 17 4 11 18 5 12 19 3O 31 302 Plotting Naval maneuvers to swamp the Quakers. It ' s a " a Great Big Meeshigan Day 303 9 All set for registration. Number trouble. 304 ITLLTRKE MDRE THRN TD STOP MICHIGRN ' B ' Roll ' em up Yost " . And " Michigan ' s Runs " weren ' t stopped. Harmon registers for the draft. He isn t number 78 on Uncle Sam s Team. R.O.T.C. students get a preview of army life. Highstepping Jack Sherrill " Struts his Stuff. " Up and at them says Chrysler at Pep Rally before the State Game. Coming Events casttheirshad- " In the Land of the Free . He] ows before. " Evie and Ruth studies on Michigan Campus photographed early last fall, while a 15 year sentence) awaits him at home. 305 A HOUSE DIVIDED AT ELECTION 1940 NOVEMBER 194O SUN 3 1O 17 24 MON 4 11 18 THE. 5 12 19 WED 6 13 THU 7 14 21 FRI 1 8 15 SAT 2 9 16 29 3O 306 Governor Van Wagoner and All American Captains Roosevelt and Har- mon clasp hands at a pre-election meeting. They also ran. Phys Ed student exercises her vote. .REUNITES FOR THE COMMON CAUSE November 18, Serge Jeroff leads Don Cossak Chorus in Russian folk songs. November 10, Dorothy Thompson discusses current problems. November 20, foreign students demonstrate native folk dances at Thanksgiving party. " Where oh where are the gay young sophomores? " 308 November 22, freshmen and sophomores fight war to end wars as final Black Friday battle ends in a draw. November 25, behind scenes at the Druid tapping. " Why at Soph Cabaret of Course! " 309 When Greek meets Greek, it must be at (he Interfralernity Ball. These are who answer 9 The Michigan Daily celebrated its Fiftieth Anniversary in November. Former editors and reporters joined today s would-be Mark Hellingers at a gala banquet at which the toastmaster was Harold Titus. They also brought out a special anniversary edition looking back over the paper ' s history. The Daily can well be proud of its achievements, for in the past fifty years it has come to be consider- ed one of the best college newspapers in the country and has been given numerous awards by the National Scholastic Press Association. It even takes such an active interest in the welfare of the campus that it sponsors a Fashion Show to advise on what the well-dressed student should wear! . what Quizmaster Brumm asks at Varsity Night. 310 DfCtlBf! When members of the Interfraternity Council Committee called Forest Evashevski to ask if he would play the part of pere Noel , he thought they said would he play the part of Hairless Joe. As a result, 5,000 Ann Arbor school children now have a new impression of Santa Claus. 1940 DECEMBER 194O SUN 1 8 15 MQN 2 9 16 3O TUB 3 1O 17 31 WED 4 11 18 THU 5 12 19 FRI 6 13 2O SAT 7 14 21 311 Before the Greeks took over . Not much Margin " and no ' Error " . 312 November 6th and 7th, medical students occupied all campus entrances. The password for the day was, Yes, I ve bought My Galen s tag " . December 7, the last shot of the hockey team before it was snowed under. No longer mourn for me when I am dead . Independent Men at Coffin Capers. eads up Chins out All set for action. Richard Bonelli glances over his music Friday 13th, It ' s all right. They ' re " Luckies ' for the concert. 313 n u n R y . . . f t B mi fl R y J-Hop 1941. 1941 JANUARY 1941 1941 FEBRUARY 1941 SUM I MOM I TUE I WED I TMU I r l I SAT 5 12 19 6 13 2O 7 14 21 1 8 15 2 9 16 3 10 17 31 SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 4 11 2 18 9 25 16 23 3 1O 17 24 4 11 18 5 12 19 6 13 2O 27 14 21 28 1 8 15 314 ! " It ' s June in January " as far as these " M " Swimmers, Heydt, Holmes, Thaxter and their wives are concerned. ? Warden Lawes spoke on the American Prison System. 100 Latin American Students stopped for a glimpse of the Michigan Campus. June Larson and Norma Bennett, stars in the Spanish play, pose for a publicity shot. 315 A winner on the ether, Jane Connell successfully answers a question on " Vox Pop " . Students turn to the more serious side of getting an education. Hangover Hustle, " the first social event after J-Hop. January 7, Royalty visits the " M " campus in the person of Archduke Otto. 316 Still Serious Students hear Professor Slosson address a panel in the And Now the Lighter Side Assembly Ball proved popular among ' Winter Parley. ' Independent women. Activities Smoker encourages underclassmen to enter activities. Jan. 19, the Engineers have their fling. 317 menu If you re late for class it isn ' t because you don ' t know what time it is 2 9 16 23 30 3 1O 17 24 3 31 4 11 18 1941 5 12 19 6 13 2O 7 14 21 1 8 15 313 Even Bus. Ad. students take time out for Capitalist Ball. Everyone has Ideas in Fashion Even the Union and League. 319 March 15, Seniors rent their Caps and Gowns in preparation for Senior Supper and their preview of J. G. P. Leland Stowe covered the European Situation in an Oratorical Association lecture. March 11, The Navy had its Say at Michigan when Admiral Yates Stirling, Jr. spoke on " The Far East " . 320 flPfilL From Angell Hall to Mosher Jordan as seen from the air. 1941 1941 6 13 2O 27 7 14 21 28 1 8 15 22 29 2 9 16 23 3O 3 1O 17 24 4 11 18 25 5 12 19 26 321 This is the way the C.A.A. views Ann Arbor . PR EVI E W OF MAY FESTIVAL ARTISTS Army Manoeuvres. Scabbard Astronomy Department holds and Blade initiates. Open House and visitors look to the Heavens. :HARLES KULLMAN Tenor SUZANNE STEN Mezzo-Soprano MACK HARRELL Baritone NORMAN CORDON Bass-Baritone DOROTHY MAYNOR Soprano JOSE ITURBE Pianist 322 And this the way Ann Arbor views the C.A.A. he Gargoyle office through a haze of smoke. Plenty of seats on the fifty as squad holds spring President and Mrs. Ruthven entertain at practice. one of their many student teas. ENID SZANTHO GREGOR PIATIGORSKY JASCHA HEIFETZ Contralto Cellist Violinist LAWRENCE TIBBETT JARMILA NOVOTNA Baritone Soprano 323 Men Students relax in the Union Library before finals. Triangles amuse by-standers with their initiation. The winner of Interfraternity Sing is presented with a cup. Matriculating with the " Class of ' 45 ' 324 fly...jun His sister graduated, but he couldn ' t see her. . 1941 M A. Y 1941 1941 JUNE 1941 4 11 18 5 12 19 6 13 2O 7 14 21 1 8 15 2 9 16 30 SAT SUN 3 1 1O 8 17 15 31 29 2 9 16 30 3 1O 17 4 11 18 5 12 19 6 13 2O 7 14 21 325 " I ' ll ne ' er forget my College Days " . Alumni enjoy a reunion lunch- eon at the Union. Sheep being led to the sheep skin. Seniors become Graduates in a few short moments. 326 r Ensian editors seem still to have their doubts while Ensian Business Staff rejoices. 327 JSE GROU D Rushing- when the freshman is king. Initiation putting them through their paces. " Shucks, fellas, I didn ' t know initiation was like this " . 330 And then the spring formal. J-Hop tops on the social calendar. Hill-billy party in full swing. 331 I NTR APR ATERNITY COUNCIL LOWER STAFF: David Bateman, Jerome Brenner, James Bourquin, Bernard Cannon, Paul Cosper, Reed Cranmer, Roy Fairlamb, Charles Geisen, Robert Getts, Edward Glanz, Aron Kahn, Roger Kelley, Arthur Leckner, Ted MacLogan, Kenneth Nelson, Koyne Osborne, Robert Porter, Don Stevenson, John Stover. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE DEAN J. A. BURSLEY MR. CHARLES GRAHAM MR. HERBERT WATKINS PROF. CARL BRANDT JAMES HARRISON (Pres.) JOHN DEVINE (Sec ' y). ROBERT CRANE WILLIAM ASH RICHARD PECKINPAUGH J. PAUL SMITH JAMES HARRISON and JOHN DEVINE 332 Fraternities present their favorite songs every spring at the Interfraternity Sing. The Interfraternity Council might well be called the " clearing house for general fraternity activities. The council is in charge of all the arrangements for Interfroternity Ball, Pledge and Initiation Banquets, Interfraternity Sing, and Greek Week and the presentation of a cup to the pledge class with the highest scholarship. The Council also sponsors most of the fraternity charity functions such as the annual Christmas Party, and Tag Day. A refreshing pause at Interfraternity Ball, one of the season ' s biggest dances. 333 HB Top Row Roberts, Denny, Ruby, Rider, Moehlman, Ford, Hills, Churchill, Fahrner, Spath, P. Jones. Row 2 Jeffrey, Hann, Kalmbaugh, C. Jones, Soukup, Williams, Lentcoop, Hebden, Greene, Smellie, Paup, Broughton. Row 3 Leeder, Seyfried, Clark, Boswell, Pryce, Matthews, Enersen, Durr, Pierson. ACACIA GEORGE W. MATTHEWS JOHN F. DURR J. ROSS CLARK . ROBERT B. BOSWELL. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Tracy V. Buckwalter, A.B., George Masselink, A.B., A.M., jack Redwine, A.B. Thomas G. Reed, A.B., Alva D. Rush, A.B., George F. Sharrard, B.S. (Ch.E). MEMBERS IN FACULTY: R. W. Bunting, D.D.S.. M. E. Colley, L.L.D., I. C. Crawford, B.S. (C.E.), F. D. Curtis, Ph.D., H. W. Emerson, M.D., L. A. Ener- son, M.L.A. R. W. Hammett, M.Arch., C. T. Johnson, C. E., M. L. Niehuss, C. E.,F. G. Novy, M.D., R. G. Rodsky, Ph.D.. C. A. Sink, M.Ed., LL.D., M. B. Small, A.B., E. A. Stalker, M.S., T. H. Tapping, LL.B. MEMBERS IN CITY: H. H. Atwell, J. E. Beal, P. Boehm, R. A. Campbell, L. G. Christman, F. Defries, R. C. Eastman, L. Emde, R. E. Granville, W. C. Hollands,O. D. Lefferts, R. Mann, R. Norris, C. R. Pryce, F. A. Sargeant, F. Seyfried. SENIORS: David B. Dunlap, John F. Durr, Charles D. Ford, Charles S. Hann, Douglas C. Jeffrey, Whitney Kalmbaugh, William E. Leeder, George W. Matthews, John P. Paup, John S. Pierson, Walter J. Roberts. JUNIORS: Robert B. Boswell, Stuart W. Churchill, M. Ray Denny, Arthur G. Hills, Morrette L. Rider, Leonard E. Ruby, Robert G. Smellie, Raymond J. Williams, M. J. Hebden. SOPHOMORES: Bryce Broughton, J. Ross Clark, J. F. Fahrner, Jr., Robert Q. Greene, Madison Lent-Koop, Robert Soukup. FRESHMEN: Cranston Jones, Paul Jones, Richard M. Spath. George W. Matthews Founded at the University of Michican 1904 1923 Geddes r k L 4 v . r;; Mil F- - mt . Top Row L. Anderson, Soeder, Spencer, Chilcote, Wells, Zuehlke, Albaugh, Rideout. Row 2 Coston, Geniesse, Wright, A. Anderson, Siefen, Beckham, Cleveland, Wallace, Stumpf. Row 3 Prof. Baker, Ecenbarger, Guillen, Lyttle, Deason, Perkins, Burkhalter, Jenesel, Zienty, Maxwell. ALPHA CHI SIGMA PAUL W. DEASON . DOUGLAS A. LYTTLE LOWELL PERKINS . FRANK A. RIDEOUT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Frederick Albaugh, Arthur Anderson, Joseph Burckhalter, Max Chilcote, E. A. Cleveland, Malcolm Coston, Paul W. Deason, George M. Fekula, Derland Johnston, Lowell Perkins, Howard Siefen, Henrv Stevens Harry C. Stumpf, William H. Sullivan, Russell Van Cleve, John Wallace, Raymond Warzynski, Maynard Wells Robert ' Werner, William B. Wright, Mitchell F. Zienty, Carl W. Zuehlke. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Leigh ' C. Anderson, Ph.D., Werner E. Bachmann, Ph.D., Edwin M. Baker, B.S., Floyd E. Bartell, Ph.D., John C. Brier, M S George G Brown Ph.D., Oliver I. Brown, Ph.D., Robert J. Carney, Ph.D., Lee O. Case, Ph.D.,Adam A. Christman, PhD " Harold C. Eckstein, Ph.D., Alfred L. Ferguson, Ph.D., Roger H. Gillette, Ph.D., Joseph O. Halford, Ph.D., James H. Hodges, Ph.D., Howard B. Lewis, Ph.D., Roy K. McAlpine, Ph.D., Clifford C. Meloche, Ph.D., Richard Schneidewind Ph D Chester S. Schoepfle, Sc.D., William G. Smeaton, A.B., Byron A. Soule, Sc.D., Malcolm H. Soule, Sc D L L D ' Donald G. Thomas, Ph.D., Lars Thomassen, Ph.D., Ch.E., Clair Upthegrove, B.S., Ch.E., Phillip F. Weather- ill ' Ph D Albert E White, B.S., Ch.E., Hobard H. Willard, Ph.D., William P. Wood, M.S.E. MEMBERS IN CITY: Walter L. Badger, M.S., Charles E. Maxwell III, Ph.D. SENIORS: Gail Ecenbarger, Nickolas Jenesel, Douglas Lyttle, Frank Rideout, Arnold H. Soeder, Harvey Spencer. JUNIORS: Robert Beckham, Jean Geniesse, Charles Quillen. SOPHOMORE: Lawrence Anderson. Douglas Lyttle ed at Wisconsin 1902 Alpha Beta Chapter -191 6 727 S. State Top Row -Williams, Green, Funk, McKinney, Wright, Hoelscher, Lyons, Gibson, Brenner. Row 2 -Gans, Ahleim, Wierengo, Leidy, Coxen, Spaulding, Skinner, Hadley, Harsha. Row 3 - -Thaxter, Yepsen, Hook, Beebe, Everard, Sadler, Christiansen, Young, Conrad, Moore. Row 4 Hurges, Lovell ,Kirkpatrick,Templeton, Renaud, Champion, McGehee, Brown, Bliss, Warner. ALPHA DELTA PHI ROBERT C. W. SADLER STANLEY A. MOORE DAVID K. McKINNEY WILLIAM S. EVERARD President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Pierre Aiman, Howard J. Carey, Lloyd M. Forster, Horace W. Gilmcre, Owen P. Lillie, Earl V. Moore, Jr., Edward P. MacKenzie, William W. Jack, David J. Watson, Jr. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Harry M. Bates, Ph.D., LL.D., LL.B., W. H. Butts, Ph.D., Clark Hopkins, Don Marshall, M.S., M.D., Jesse S. Reeves, Ph.D., LL.D., Phillip F. Weatherill, Ph.D., Benjamin W. Wheeler, A.M., Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY: Horace E. Allen, M.D., David M. Ladd, Dana P. Seeley, Clarence O. Skinner, Joseph B. Thaxter III. SENIORS- William F. Beebe, George T. Christiansen, William S. Everard, Robert M. Hook, Stanley A. Moore, Richard Putt, Robert C. W. Sadler, J. Roderic Van Leuwen, Roger B. Yepsen, Thomas B. Young. JUNIORS: G. Jerome Brenner, Jr., William R. Conrad, William Coxon, William K. Funk, Charles J. Gibson, Jr., John B. Leidy, Robert M. Lyons, B. Richard Sturges, Hans Weichsel, Jr., Duncan M. Wierengo, S. Bradford Williams. SOPHOMORES: Richard F. Ahlheim, Robert L. Bliss, Richard V. Bruns, William C. Gans, Russell W. Hadley, Jr., Dexter Green, W. Bradford Hoelscher, Frank E. McGehee, David K. McKinney, Bruce J. Renaud, Edward S. Sheehy III, James W. Skinner, James C. Spaulding, Taylor Sonke, John E. Wason, Arthur J. Wright. FRESHMEN: John G. Allerdice, William E. Brown III, C. HaleChampion, Walter B. Freihofer, James B. Harsha, Robert S. Kirkpatrick, John H. Kudner, James M. Lovell, John M. Roger, Jr., Luther M. Sandwick, Jr., Richard S. Sheehy, Samuel B. Sneath, Frank H. Templeton, Jr., Caleb Warner, John M. Winters, Richard M. Winters. Robert Sadler ounded at Hamilton College 1832 ' eninsular Chapter 1846 56 S. State 336 Top Row Eakins, DeLand, Kuzmiak, Geyer, Damon, Notley, Fiedler, Ladd. Row 2 Hamilton, Fisher, Denise, Kreuz, Walker, Gile, Bartels, Brown. Row 3 Finl , Cockroft, Weesner, Cooney, Tieman, Lipp. ALPHA KAPPA LAMDA JOHN D. COONEY GEORGE W. WEESNER ROBERT E. FISHER . ROBERT S. COCKROFT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Austin H. Beebe, Kenneth Kreuz, Wimburn L. Wallace. MEMBERS IN FAC- ULTY- Robert C F Bartels Ph.D., Dow V. Baxter, Ph.D., Harlan H. Bloomer, Ph.D., Richard T. Liddicoat, B.S., Howard Y. McClusky, Ph.D., Lawrence C. Maugh, M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY: John D. Hogan, O. Wallin Ladd, Lewis C. Reiman. SENIORS: Robert S. Cockroft, Howard Fiedler, Donald Notley, Charles R. Tieman, George W. Weesner . JUNIORS: William Brown, John D. Cooney, L. Jerome Fink, Robert E. Fisher, Richard M. Gile, Allen B. Hamilton, Donald Lipp. SOPHOMORES: Frank E. DeLand, Theodore C. Denise, Philip N. Eckins, Hans P. Geyer. Crispin, George Damon, John J. Kuzmiak, John Steding. FRESHMEN: John John D. Cooney Founded at the University of Cal Zeta Chapter 1924 604 E. Madison Top Row -Smith, Erpelding, DeLong, Wayne, Hagar, Bostwick, Holzhauer, Clarke, Taylor, O ' Connor. Raw 2 -J. B. Wilkie, O ' Dell, Daniels, Whitman, Averill, A. Wilkie, Roeglin, Morley, Hendrick. Row 3 -Shaw, Sherman, Chase, Bronson, Martin, Toth, J. S. Wilkie. ALPHA SIGMA PHI KEITH BRONSON ELWIN HENDRICK ROBERT HOFFMAN WILLIAM CHASE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Charles Aldridge, Francis Anderson, George Gangwere, Newton Hagar, Dye Hogan, John O ' Dell, Finn Olsen. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Ralph W. Aigler, Frederick F. Basom, William M. Brace, Ivan C. Crawford, Kenneth W. Morgan, Bennie G. Oosterbaan, James M. Plumer, A. Franklin Shull, Frederick K. Sparrow, Frederick B. Wahr. SENIORS: Keith Bronson, William Chase, William Hall, Richard Martin, George Sherman, Ralph Schwarzkopf, Louis Toth, William Shaw, Charles Daniels. JUNIORS: John Averill, Monroe Gilbert, Elwin Hendrick, John Morley, Kenneth Nelson, Orville Roeglin, George Whitman, Alex Wilkie, John Wilkie. SOPHOMORES: Darwin Bostwick, Howard Colby, Robert DeLong, John Erpelding, Robert Hoffman, Ralph Holzhauer, Robert Janes, Thomas O Connor, William O ' Dell, Glenn Taylor. FRESHMEN: Benjamin Clarke, Joseph Fitzgerald, Douglas Smith, Richard Wayne. Keith Bronson Founded at Yale University -1845 Theta Chapter 1908 1315 Hill Top Row Jones, Teesdale. Gauthier, Hawley, Martin, Meyers, Watson, Ayers, Todd, Kendall. Row 2 Klein, Caughey, Robinson, Pasch, Harnist, Lapworth, Maybury, Barr, Mott, Petersen, Rieger, Freeman. Row 3 Hollar, Kinsell, Thompson, Boyd, Haas, Muenzer, Colbridge, Cannon, P. Smith, Metz, Thomas. Row 4 Platts, Rendinell, Laraway, Hutcherson, Bacon, Conners, Cox, Gillard, Rees, Allen, O. Smith. ALPHA TAU OMEGA ROBERT MUENZER . THOMAS COLBRIDGE THERON HAAS BERNARD CANNAN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Robert DeLine, Kenneth Meyer, Steven Remias. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Joseph H. Cannon, B.S., Herbert W. Emerson, M.D., Wilbur R. Humphreys, A.M., Louis B. Simes, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY: J. Allison, A.B., Milton A. Kendrichs, A.B., H.H. Riecker, M.D., Hugh Wellman, A.B. SENIORS: Thomas Colbridge, Thomas Courtney, Robert Decker, Emery Freeman, William Harnist, Arthur Hollar, George Jones, William Kinsell, William Lapworth, Neil Mann, H. Jerome Martin, Don Metz, Paul Smith, Baird Thomas, David Thompson. JUNIORS: Robert Boyd, Bernard Cannon, Winston Cox, Richard Gillard, Theron Haas, Arthur Hawley, Paul Hoeper, Robert Klein, James Livingston, Robert Muenzer, Robert Pasch, Fred Peterson, William Todd, Keith Watson. SOPHOMORES: Hugh Ayers, Reed Caughey, Richard Gauthier, Everett Houston, William Hutcherson, William Maybury, Robert Mott, John Rieger, Thomas Robinson, Rufus Teesdale, Charles Trick, Robert Vantine. FRESHMEN: Robert Allen, Richard Bacon, Orrie Barr, Charles Chase, Gene Connor, John Dorr, Roger Hirons, George Kew, Robert Laraway, Keith Muller, Ralph Platts, Robert Rees, Don Rendinell, Oliver Smith. Robert Muenzer Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1865 Beta Lambda Chapter 1888 1 41 5 Cambridge Road ' . -V c 1 - ' t Top Row Shick, Trowbridge, McCalmont, Herbst, Reinhart, Bush, Snow, Hooper, Youngquist, Klmgbeil. Row 2 Sundquist, Littleton, Coulson, Holland, Finlayson, Marble, West, Turner, Tenney. Row 3 Earle, Stevenson, Kniskern, Whtlock, Angst, Boynton, Conrath, Alexander, Sapp, Whipple. Row 4 -Moran, Watson, Duthie, Vis, Dalby, Black, E. Barrett, Cavan, Hynes, Pinney. BETA THETA PI LORNE BLACK MAURICE DALBY FRANK CAVAN EDWARD BARRETT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: James Allen, Dave Holmes, Robert Johnson, Henry Ohrt, John Shelton, Donald Thompson, Lynn Townsend. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: E. W. Dow, A.B., C. Goodrich, Ph.D., K. McMurray, Ph.D., J. Perkins, A.B., R. Robbins, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY: E. Beal, Junius E. Beal, Dan C. Bryant, M. Bullard, W. S. Clarkson, R. Earhart, R. A. Heaps, C. McCallum, M. W. Wheeler, A. S. Whitney. SENIORS: Charles Barrett, Edward Barrett, Lome Black, Robert Bush, Frank Cavan, Maurice Dalby, James Duthie, Robert Hall, William Hynes, James Imrie, James Mead, Stuart Moran, Harlan Olson, John Orndorff, Chandler Pinney, Perry Tenney, Vincent Vis, Henry Watson. JUNIORS: Philip Aldrich, William Angst, Charles Boynton, Dexter Burley, Fred Conrath, Sawyer Earle, Culver Kniskern, William Slocum, Donald Stevenson, Ford Whipple. SOPHO- MORES: Edward Adams, Freeman Alexander, Milton Coulson, Harry Gustafson, James Holland, Bruce Hubbard, Charles Kennedy, Harvey Littleton, David McCalmont, Gordon Messener, Don Pearce, Will Sapp, Paul Schick, Robert Sundquist, William Trowbridge, Richard Wirth, Donald West. FRESHMEN: Robert Buell, Robert Finlayson, James Herbst, John Hooper, William Klingbeil, David Manning, Fred Marble, Robert Reinhart, George Snow, James Turner, Richard Youngquist. Lome Black Founded at Miami University 1839 Lambda Chapter 1 845 604 S. State Top Row -Robinson. Shanck, Ovaitt, Colgan, Yoder, Lehmann, North, Hillhouse, Swander, Alig, Wallace. Row 2- Blakely, Stover, Vardaman, Naulin, Ellis, Frick, Rookus, Harris, Schust, Posada. Row 3 -Braun, Lampkin, Campbell, Clark, Wade, Buhler, Heenahan, Eddy, Lorenzen, Posada, Ratliff. Row 4 Madaras, Jennison, Antle, Peckinpaugh, Swander, Straehley, O ' Connor, Older, Yntema, Kuivenin, Crossley. CHI PHI CHARLES F. WADE RICHARD B. PECKINPAUGH JOHN A. ROOKUS . HOWARD J. CLARK President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSI TY: George A. Andros, A.B., Phillip S. Durfee, A.B., Donald B. Effler, A.B., Robert L. Ellis, A.B., Dennis D. Flanagan, A.B., Robert M. Hammond, A.B., Thomas Hancock, A.B., Herbert L. Nigg, A.B., Donald L. Nixon, A.B., Edward D. North, B.S., Martin Peckover, A.B., Charles Peckinpaugh, A.B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: F. F. Blicke, Ph.D., R. B. Hall, Ph.D., C. F. Hemans, A.B., J. J. Herbert, LL.B., J. L Law, M.D., J. E. Moser, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY: R. H. Bayley, H. C. Bennett, A. A. Heald, B. W. Manwaring, D. Shepherd, C. W. Strickler, R. H. Trimby, John E. Seeley, W. A. Frayer. SENIORS: Charles L. Barker, Richard H. Blakely, Randall F. Braun, Herbert A. Brogan, Jean E. Buhler, Robert S. Buritz, Benjamin B. Durfee, Howard R. C. Eddy, Thomas A. Heenahan, F. William Jennison, Jr., Ernest D. Lampkin, John M. Lorenzen, Richard B. Peckinpaugh, Alvaro Posada, William F. Powers, W. Berry Ratliff, Donald D. Richey, Charles F. Wade, Paul L. Wallace, John E. Yoder. JUNIORS: Robert C. Antle, Robert G. Campbell, William E. Church, Howard J. Clark, John W. Colgan, Louis J. Frick, Alan H. Harris, Emery S. Madarasz, Donald B. Naulin, Camilo Posada, Kenneth W. Rhoads, John A. Rookus, William G. Schust, John P. Stover, C. Donald O Connor, Mark E. Older. ' SOPHOMORES: Frank S. Alig, Theodore R. Hillhouse, William H. Lehmann, John E. Magielski, Philip O. North, David A. Ovaitt, Loren T. Robinson, Donald L. Shanck, Homer D. Swander, William G. Robinson. FRESHMEN: Frederick H. Becker, Thomas Claggett, William C. Crossley, Charles L. Foster, John Kuivinen, Robert A. Mathews, Charles W. Neilson, David Peckinpaugh, Frank A. Picard, Jr., Clifford J. Straehley, J. Philip Swander, Hessel E. Yntema. Robert Campbell Founded at College of New Jersey 1 824 Alpha Tau Chapter 1921 1 530 Washtenaw Top Row Vary, Groves, Robinson, Peet, Walton-Black, McKay, Miller, McWilliams, Bisbee, Potter, Coveney, Gehrke. Row 2 Gilbert, Davis, Fiske, Poyser, Bird, Zimmerman, Whitney, Eade, McKinley. Row 3 Dance, Cook, Bartley, Collins, Kelley, Schomburg, Parshall, Ferrand, Summerhays, Nelson. Row 4 Martin, Lord, Pleune, Reitz, Biggers, Breidenbach, Osborn, Kilner, Hibbard, Head, Gingrich. CHI P S I WARREN C. BREIDENBACH WILLIAM H. SCHOMBURG ROGER F. KELLEY JAMES B. COLLINS . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Joseph F. Bartley, A.B., Joseph B. Buderus, John H. Duxbury, Raymond J. Fraser, Neil McKay, A.B., Robert A. Palmer, A.B., James W. Rae, A.B., Lawrence H. van den Berg, A.B., Hugh Wagner. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Waldo M. Abbott, A.B., Stewart G. Armitage, Lafayette F. Dow, A.B., A.M., Ray- mond Fisher, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY: H. Seger Slifer, A.B., A.M., J.J.D., Lee Richardson, A.B. SENIORS: Warren C. Breidenbach, William D. Biggers, William D. Gingrich, Hugh L. Head, Edwin A. Hibbard, Herbert D. Kilner, John P. Lord, John K. Martin, William F. Osborn, Mark C. Pleune, Harry Rees, Spencer Reitz. JUNIORS: Thomas S. Bartley, James B. Collins, Webster Cook, Jam es C. H. Davis, Mark Ferrand, Roger F. Kelley, Royce McKinley, Perry Nelson, Dale B. Parshall, William H. Schomburg, Robert L. Summerhays, Richard L. Taylor. SOPHOMORES: John A. Bird, James S. Bower, Charles D. Fiske, Frank C. McCarthy, Thomas O. Poyser, Arthur D. Robinson, David von Schlegell, William Whitney, John F. Zimmerman. FRESHMEN: Leland S. Bisbee, Charles W. Braznell, Erwin L. Coveney, William Dance, Robert J. Eade, Robert B. Gehrke, Charles B. Gilbert, Harold E. Groves, Ohn D. Lynch, William McKay, J. Robert McWilliams, Thomas L. Miller, Stewart T. Peet, W. Taylor Potter, Donald . Robinson, Calvin P. Vary, James A. Walton-Black, Peter M. Wege. Tfl Ffi Jo 33 Warren Breidenbach Founded at Union College Alpha Epsilon 1845 620 S. State 1841 1 Top Row Ohley, Lindquest, Blood, O Brien, O Hara, McConky, Raleigh. Shelby, Bennett. Row 2 Drake, White, Pearce, Byerly, Furnace, Porter, Collins, Behr, Zeder, Ballantyne, McAndrew, Gustafson, Mandler. Row 3 Nelson, Batchelder, Morris, Morin, Ford, Glasser, Dwyer, Mackey, Troy, Holler, Doolittle, Thompson. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON JOSEPH H. GLASSER ROBERT BEHR . THOMAS FORD President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Phillip Buchen, William Canfield, Armin Darmstaeter, John Townsend, Harry Wise. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Arthur Alton, Ph.D., Robert Angell, Ph.D., Howard Erhman, Ph.D., Alan Foust, John H. Stibbs. SENIORS: Raymond Dwyer, Thomas Ford, Joseph H. Glasser, Frank Mackey, Volney Morin, Kenneth Troy. JUN- IORS: James Anderson, Tilden Batchelder, Gordon Critchell, William Doolittle, P. Hugh Holler, William Hurley, John McMurry, Pendelton Morris, Donald Nelson, Robert H. Porter, William Thompson, Ray J. Tower, Robert Zimmerman. SOPHOMORES: Douglas Ballantyne, Robert Behr, Jack Butler, James Byerly, John Collins, Earl Drake, William Furniss, James Mandler, Atwood McAndrew, Fred Pearce, David Proctor, Donald Warren, John White, Fred Zeder. FRESHMEN: Robert Bennett, Howard Blood, William Breer, Ernest Lindquest, William McConkey, Chester Mitchell, Eugene O ' Brien, John O ' Hara, Robert Ohley, Dudley Olcott, Linn Phillips, William Rawleigh, Richard Shelby, Robert Sykes, Harry Thalen. Joseph H. Glasser Founded at Yale University - 1 844 Omicron Chapter, 1855 1912 Geddes Top Row -Gipson, Britton, Holzaepfel, Crabbe, Erickson, Humphries, Larson, Dighton, Matthews, Hoglund, McCord, Snow, White, D. Harness, Sibley, Schwyn. Row 2 -O ' Brien, Meyer, Smith, Hutchinson, Conover, Albrecht, Eldred, Chamberlain, Yager, Burgess, Licht, Thomas, Edmondson, Edmunds, Hickey, Buell, Imboden. Row 3 -Cauley, Winkler, Gwillim, Mueller, Ulmer, Reid, Johnson, Quaal, Peebles, Combs, Vollmer, Kimball, Wagner, Gray, Peidirti. Row 4 J. Harness, Neumann, Mitchell, Grieb, Shelley, Jones, Cambridge, Ludolph, Morrison, Hance, Knapp. DELTA TAU DELTA WARD QUAAL MERRILL JOHNSON JOHN YAGER EDWARD REID President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: H. Murray Campbell, Guerdon D. Greenway, Del Jeffers, John McCallist er, William Nichols, William Taft, Carl D. Wheeler, Joseph Yager. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: J. Alexander, F. E. Bartell, D. Bulmer, F. D. Curtis, C. M. Davis, F. M. Gaige, W. W. Gilbert, C. E. Guthe, H. H. Willard, L. J. Young. MEM- BERS IN CITY: P. J. Burroughs, R. D. Cutting, R. Fasquelle, W. W. Florer, A. M. Highley, G. P. McCallum, F. L. Oakes, S. Platt, H. H. Smith. SENIORS: William Baxter, William Gray, Harold Gwillim, Nevin Jamieson, Merrill Johnson, Robert Kimball, L. Bradford Laughlin, Carl Licht, Louis Mueller, Russell H. Peebles, L. Ward Quaal, Edward Reid, Gordon Spooner, Robert Ulmer, William Vollmer, Robert Wagner, James Winkler, Walter Wrigley. JUNIORS: Charles Buell, William Burgess, Richard Cauley, Francis Chamberlain, George Combs, John Dighton, John Edmonson, Ney Eldred, John Hog- lund, Robert Imboden, John Larson, Edwin Northway, Joseph Pezdirtz, John Ragsdale, Robert Sibley, Dean Thomas, John Yager. SOPHOMORES: Ted Albrecht, Robert Conover, James Edmunds, Gilman Gambs, Frederick Gipson, Don Harness, Richard Hutchinson, Raymond Jones, Robert Matthews, Herbert McCord, Edward Perlberg, Richard Schoel, Boyd Smith, Robert Snow, Philip White, Ira Wilson. FRESHMEN: John Britton, Bruce Cambridge, John Crabb, Robert Erickson, George Grieb, Mark Hance, Harry Hansen, John Hickey, Jere Harness, John Holzaepfel, Edwin Humphreys, William Knapp, William Ludolph, Thomas Martin, James Mitchell, Alger Morrison, Paul Neumann, Frank O Brien, Robert Parsons, Paul Meyer, James Ritter, Robert Schwyn, Robert Shelley. Ward Quaal Founded at Bethany College - 1 858 Delta Chapter 1874 1928 -Geddes Top Row Waggoner, Little, Sherman, Patten, Cattle, Butters, Firman, KoFfel, Severn, Maxwell, Sexauer, Ford. Row 2 -Wolcott, Allmendinger, Stevens, Hird, Smith, Knudsen, Garvey, Madory, Cheadle, Osmond. Row 3 McVeigh, Marion, Treadwell, Grier, Prangen, Russell, R. Brown, Erwin, Townsend, More- land, Grunder. Row 4 Kerner, Alexander, Caire, Vedder, Holton, Schneider, Dannenfelser, M. Brown, Blaisdell, Larkin, White, Sutherland. DELTA UPSILON ROBERT SCHNEIDER , CHARLES KERNER ROBERT BROWN MARSHALL BROWN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBER IN UNIVERSITY: James D. Ritchie, A.B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: O.W.BIadcett Ph.D., G. M. Bleekman, M. S. C, W. B. Ford, Ph.D., R. H. Fryberg, Ph.D., E. B. Greene, Ph.D., S. B. Hadley, Ph.D., W. C. Hoad, A. B., C. A. Knudsen, Jr., Ph.D., K. Litzenburg, Ph.D., H. M. Randall, Ph.D., W. B. Shaw, A. B. W. W.Taylor, A. M., F. B. Vedder, D.D.S., R. T. Woodburne, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY: W. F. CookJ. O. Bergelin, A. E. Green, E. J. Huntington, E. B. Kay, H. W. Nichols, H. G. Pettyman, C. A. Rogers, D. W. Titus. SENIORS: Rodney Alexander, Marshall Brown, Jr., Wesley Caire, Fred Dannenfelser, Charles Holton, Charles Kerner, Robert Larkin, William Prangen, Robert Schneider, David Sutherland, Neil Vedder, Arnold White, Malcolm Blaisdell, Willard Garvey. JUNIORS: Kenward Atkin, Henry Barringer, Robert Brown, John Erwin, Allen Grier, James Hird, James Kehoe, Edward Knudsen, Arthur Marion, Hugh McVeigh, Sam Russell, James Sherman, William Smith, Charles Townsend, George Webb, Carl Wolfson. SOPHOMORES: Frank Butters, Walter Cattle, Raymond Davis, William Koffel, Albert Little, Francis Moreland, John Nickerson, Bernard Osmond, John Patten, James Stephens. FRESHMEN: Edward Allmendinger, Thomas Cheadle, William Firman, Richard Ford, Robert Grunder, Ted Jacob, George Madory, Stirling Maxwell, Loren Sexauer, William Steen, Robert Waggoner, John Walcott. Robert Schneider Founded at Williams College --1 834 Michigan Chapter 1876 1331 Hill Top Row -Beauchamp, Auferoth, Eshenroder, Hanslip, Giombolini, Danforth, Snyder. Row 2 McKinney, Brown, Lawyer, Barber, Wilson, Laginess, Palmer, Mosher. Row 3 DeFoe, Whelply, Dulebohn, Weidig, Swiderski, Butler. HERMITAGE THOMAS A. WEIDIG RICHARD E. HANSLIP A. DANIEL DeFOE . EDWARD J. SWIDERSKI President Secretary Treasurer House Manager MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: John E. Burch, B.S., William J. Davis, B.S., Martin J. Ittner, B.S., Loyall G. Watson, A.B., Jack Ossewaarde, B.M. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: R. W. Ackerman, A.M., R. W. Aigler, LL.B., L. A. Baier, B.Mar.E., R. W. Cowden, A.M., L. M. Gram, B.S., L. Preuss, Ph.D., A. G. Ruthven, Ph.D., H. C. Sadler, Sc.D. MEMBERS IN CITY: Guy S. Kaser, Robert Johnson, Herbert M. Shaw, Lavern H. Taylor. SENIORS: Joseph W. Barber, James W. Butler, Ralph Danforth, A. Daniel DeFoe, Richard E. Duhlebohn, Richard E. Hanslip, Myrle King, Howard McKenney, Ernest J. Palmer, Edward J. Swiderski, Thomas A. Weidig, Grant Whelply. " JUNIORS: John W. Brown, Owen D. Eshenroder, Edwin P. Giomobolini, Wayne G. Laginess, George F. Lawyer, Thomas Snyder, John L. Wilson. SOPHOMORES: John Auferoth, Jack Beauchamp, Jack H. Mosher. Thomas A. Weidig Founded at University of Michigan -1 f . 07 1319 Hill Top Row Pugh, Skeets, Ratti, Cuccia, Glanz, W. Van Hoek, D. Van Hoek, Harry, Linabury. Row 2 George, Boynton, Lay, Rankin, Whitz, Johnson, Van Nordstrand. KAPPA DELTA RHO WOODROW RANKIN ADAM WHITZ . ARTHUR PUGH RICHARD BOYNTON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Walter R. Van Hoek, George Y. Harry, William H. Parry. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: L. V. Colwell, B.M.E., L. M. Eich, Ph.D., F. L. Everett, Ph.D., W. E. Lay, B.M.E., N. H. Williams, Ph.D. SENIORS: C. Louis Cuccia, James M. George, Norman Johnson, Woodrow W. Rankin, Adam A. Whitz, Donald E. Van Hoek. JUNIORS: Richard D. Boynton, Conrad Georg, Edward F. Glanz, Theodore V. Linabury, Arthur Pugh, Joseph Straayer, Philip C. Van Nordstrand. SOPHOMORES: Aldin Ratti, Arthur Skeets. Woodrow Rankin Founded at Middlebury College 1905 Mu Chapter 1923 732 Forest Top Row B. Zuckerman, Fried, J. Steinhart, Klopper, Laro, Weiner, Lerner, L. Zuckerman, Foxman. Row 2 Zerman, Kohlenberg, Phillips, Horlick, Ostrow, Sott, Boris, Kozel, Eder. Row 3 -Kramer, Golden, S. Steinhart, Goudsmit, Klein, Schnit, Rosenfeld, Pitlick KAPPA N U BURTON L. KLEIN SIDNEY STEINHART GERALD J. EDER DANIEL M. SCHNIT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Arnold Friedman, Robert Golden, Jack Laro, Phillip Ostrow, Leonard Rosenman, Herbert Sott. MEMBER IN FACULTY: Samuel Goudsmit. SENIORS: Burton L. Klein, William Kramer, Jack Pitlick, Norman Rosenfeld, Daniel M. Schnit, Sidney Steinhart. JUNIORS: Gerald Eder, Arnold Horlick, Norman Kohlenberg, Mortimer Levin, Robert Phillips, Jay Steinhart. SOPHOMORES: Phillip Boris, Erwin Foxman, Bernard Kozel, Milton Zerman. FRESHMEN: Walt Klopper, Ruby Fried, Burton Zuckerman, Leonard Zuckerman. Burton Klein Founded at University of Rochester 1911 Mu Chapter -1921 800 Lincoln Top Row -Aldrich, Waldron, Canfield, H. Altman, McCune, Woodard, W. Altman, Rivette, Smith. Row 2 -Caruthers, Hulet, Brown, Calouette,Morrison, Essler, Brogan, Thompson, Brown. Row 3 Foley, Fletcher, Rudolph, Powell, Tyler, Reed, Harrington, Ruehle, Pace, Herman. Row 4 Haws, Kelly, Plott, Stewart, Moon, King, Eyre, Jolley, Horst. KAPPA SIGMA FREDERICK C. TYLER RAY B. POWELL. GEORGE E. RUDOLPH G. ROBERT HARRINGTON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: John B. Moring, Sydney R. Jackson. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Ferdinand N. Menefee, M.C.E., John M. Sheldon, M.D., Leon H. Strong, M.D., Robert R. Thomson, M.S., Arthur E. Wood, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY: John B. Ames, Harold J. Barnum, Frank S. Carson, Norbert J. Fell, William N. Haas, William C. Manchester, Maynard A. Newton, Frank H. Stevens, William E. Umbach. SENIORS: Charles M. Brown, John E. Callouette, Richard R. Fletcher, Herbert Brogan, Charles K. Esler, Arthur D. Foley, G. Robert Harrington, William J. Herrmann, Robert J. Morrison, Jeffries Pace, Donald E. Rivette, George E. Rudolph, George I. Ruehle, Harry E. Smith, Charles C. Thomson, Frederick C. Tyler. JUNIORS: William M. Altman, Robert G. W. Brown, Charles R. Canfield, William F. Caruthers, Claude L. Hulet, Edward Mothersbaugh, Alword C. Pinnock, Ray B. Powell, Robert S. Reed, Robert E. Waldron, Austin R. Woodard. SOPHOMORES: John S. Aid- rich, Harry S. Altman, William D. DeCourcy, Clifford C. Jolley, Harold S. King, John F. McCune, III. FRESHMEN: David Eyre, Millard Griffiths, William Hawes, Eric Horst, Robert Hunt, Lawrence E. Kelley, Robert Moon, Donald Plott, Donald W. Piersons, Robert Schulze, Walter Stewart. Richard Fletcher Founded at University of Virginia 1869 Alpha Zeta Chapter 1892 806 Hill Top Row M. Kohl, Hathaway, Miller, Willison, Whisler, Rupert, Herbert Howerth, Weis, Zemke, Howard Howerth, Bush. Row 2 Berg, Crombie, Heininger, Oline, Monroe, MacMillan, Seibel, Doman, Billet, Robinson, Zeerip, Adams, Bosch, Nielson. Row 3 Harris, Roberts, Smith, Handren, Gottschalk, Ryker, Woods, Newman, H. Kohl, Strait. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA VINCENT J. GOTTSCHALK DON W. RYKER . AUBREY C. ROBERTS LAWRENCE E. HANDREN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Arthur W. Burks, Floyd N. Cahoon, Myron B. Chapin, Ruel V. Churchill, Maurice Eichelberger, Floyd Hartmann, William S. Housel, Frederick R. Matson, Jesse Ormondroyd, William G. Smeaton, Clifford Woody. MEMBERS IN CITY: Mark W. Alger, Kingsley Anderson, Albert G. Baker, Curtiss Bottum, Vernon H. Cook, Henry Field, Richard Gustine, Weldon P. Hare, John Kagey, Ross E. MacNaughton, Wirt M. Master, Lawrence Prakken, Paul L. Proud, Joseph Sahlmark, Edwin Van Cleaf. SENIORS: Morgan Gibbs, Vincent J. Gottschalk, Charles W. Greene, Lawrence E. Handren, Marcellus C. Keck, Harry E. Kohl, Jay W. McCormick, Dan E. Miller, Roy S. NeFf, Charles Newman, Edwin A. Nielsen, Robert W. Prasil, Aubrey C. Roberts, Don W. Ryker, Jack C. Strait, Charles Willison, Damon C. Woods. JUNIORS: Russell E. Berg, Charles W. Bush, Glidden S. Doman, Rodney C. Hathaway, John W. MacMillan, Ross R. Monroe, Robert D. Richard, Warren R. Robinson, Howard E. Whisler, Thomas E. Zeerip. SOPHOMORES: Arthur B. Billet, George E. Bosch, Erwin C. Heininger, Herbert J. Howerth, Milton Kohl, James Oline, Samuel J. Rupert, Mason E. Seibel. FRESH- MEN: John N. Crombie, Murray Dates, Robert R. Harris, Howard J. Howerth, Clarence G. Lambert, Harry Lustgarten, William T. Weir, Kenneth M. Zemke. L Vincent J. Gottschalk Founded at Boston University 1909 Sigma Chapter 1 91 3 1601 Washtenaw Top Row -Chope, Faber, Crawford, Snyder, Hillman. Row 2 Idema, Athay, Edison, Swain, Comb. Row 3 Begle, Coale, Aldworth, Smith, Lehman, Shuler. Row 4 Blanchard, Marshall, Wallace, Johnson. Row 5 White, Bierkamp, Young, Reed, Shields, Mitchell. Row 6 Sager, Solar, Perry, Stewart, Gormsen. Row 7 McCabe, Howarth, Meyer, Brown, Scherling, Pettersen, Cooper, Lockwood. PHI DELTA THETA JAMES E. TOBIN . LLOYD R. MOWERY GEORGE S. BANTA. President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Lawrence Barasa, Gene Bowles, Robert Cooper, David A. Killins, P. J. Laux, James D. McNicholas, C. Robert Mix, John D. Peters, Samuel W. Root, Thomas B. Root, Allen Sounders, G. Dekle Taylor, Phillip Woodworth. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: P. S. Barker, D. Crary, C. W. Edmunds, E. S. Pettyjohn, H. A. Sanders, A. H. White. MEMBERS IN CITY: E. C. Chase, Edward French, J. A. Kennedy, H. G. Kipke, C J. Price, W. H. Shafroth, C. G. Watkins, A. E. White. SENIORS: George S. Banta, Richard W. Brown, Belton Cooper, Thomas D. Harmon, Fred W. Howarth, Emil Lockwood, Howard Mehaffey, JohnO. Meyer, Lloyd R. Mowery, Charles R. Ross, M. C. Strenger, James E. Tobin, Lawrence Wickter. JUNIORS: Fred J. Bierkamp, James Blanchard, John C. Gillis, James H. Gormsen, Robert B. Hotchkiss, Thomas Marshall, Frank McCabe, Leroy B. Perry, George A. Pettersen, Ned A. Reading, Joseph O. Reed, Robert C. Sager, Richard E. Scherling, John W. Shields, Charles Soar, John Stewart, Wilbur Wallace, Albert Wistert, Donald Young. SOPHOMORES: Edward Aldworth, Robert Athay, Robert Begle, George A. Cato, William Coale, Parker Consaul, James Cook, Robert Edison, John Emmett, John Fletcher, Ray Gripman, Clarence Hall, George Hildebrandt, Alden Johnson, Robert Kolesar, Harold Langstaff, Carl Lehman, S. L. A. Marshall, Robert Mitchell, Edward Reichert, Pete Smith, John Swain, Robert Ufer, Richard Walker, V. Hudson White, Jr., Clifford C. Wise. FRESHMEN: Ralph Amstutz, Byron Avgerinos, Robert F. Blodgett, Kelley Brent, William E. Chope, Jr., A. Maitland Comb, Burnett H. Crawford, Jr., John Dalton, Russell Faber, Edward Gillette, Douglas W. Hillman, David G. Idema, Carleton E. Mc- Nicholas, Andrew H. Marsch, Ogden R. Moe, Merle E. Rudy, Jr., rjames P. Searver, Thomas Shuler, Howard W. Snyder Woodward A. Warrick, Jr. James Tobin Founded at Miami University 1848 Alpha Chapter 1864 1437 Washtenaw Top Row -Stein, Felber, Goldsmith, Judson, Shott, Ellis, Palter. Row 2 --Kopman, Klein, Rosenberg, Arkins. Weinstock, R. Berlow, Gordon, Neuman. Row 3 Lewis, Newman, Buckner, Ungar, Kilter, Sykes, S. Berlow. PHI EPSILON PI RICHARD G. UNGAR STANLEY BERLOW NOEL A. BUCKNER RICHARD E. GOLDSMITH President Vice-President Treasurer Steward MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Uric Braufeubrenner, Charles Fox, Malcolm Katz, Leonard M. Newman. MEM- BERS IN FACULTY:. Jerome Conn, M.D., James K. Davis, M.S., Sc.D., Alexander H. Hirschfeld, M.D.Julian Tobias, M.D. SENIORS: Stanley Berlow, Jerome A. Lewis, John B. Sykes. JUNIORS: Richard Arkins, Noel A. Buckner, Edward Joffe, Nathaniel S. Ritter, Louis M. Rosenberg, Richard G. Ungar, Harold B. Weinstock. SOPHOMORES: Ralph Berlow, Thomas Felber, Richard E. Goldsmith, Jack D. Gordon, Jerome W. Klein, Joseph W. Kopman, Cyrus A. Neuman. FRESHMEN: David Ellis, Robert Judson, Burton Palter, Robert Shott. Richard Ungar Founded at City College of New York- 1904 Alpha Gamma Chapter 1921 1 319 Cambridge Top Row -Slater, Titus, Detwiler, Chamberlin, F. Anderson, Dawson, Pilcher, Steele, Hulbert, Houle. Row 2 -Adams, Fielding, Call, Douglas, Miller, Norwick, Snodgrass, Schoedinger, Wright, Irwin, Ireland, Howland. Row 3 Mays, Darling, Spooner, Hastie, Harrison, Darden, King, Tripp, Clarke, M. Anderson, Ott, Hext, Egert. Row 4 De Puy, Lyman, Kerr, Cady, Dixon, Hokans, Mahon, Downey, Osborn, Whittemore. EDWARD A. KING EDWARD S. TRIPP JOHN W. CLARKE . ROBERT H. DARDEN PHI GAMMA DELTA President . . . . . Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Harvey Clarke, Fred Densmore, Howard Egert, Stuart Eagleson, Elmer Gedeon, James Henderson, John E. Henderson, John Knecht, John McFate, Glen Morse, Edward Schlaudt, William Schulzke, Robert Smolensk!, Clarke Spooner, Robert Ulrich, A. Burgess Vial. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: I. H. Anderson, Ph.D., J. R. Hayden, Ph.D., T. H. Kinkead, J. N. Lincoln, Ph.D., C. F. Meyer, Ph.D., H. W. Miller, M. E., W. B. Rea, A.B., H.E.Riggs,C.E.. H.C.Sadler, C.Sc.,S. W. Smith, A.M., C. W. Spooner, Jr., A.M., C. C. Sturgis,M.D., E. R. Sunderland, LLD.,M. P. Tilley, Ph.D., Bennett Weaver, Ph.D., C. S. Yoakum, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY: R. W. Babcock, W. T. Buchanon, D. B. Fletcher, L. L. Forsythe, H. A. Haynes, W. H. Houston, Jr., R. H. Lyons, H. H. MagoonJ. K. McAdam, W. D. Peterson, Calvin Rayburn, Jr., Peter Rowe, S. M. Swinton, E. T. Thieme, John C. Thorn, H. H. Upton, J. A. Woodburn. SENIORS: Mauritz Anderson, John Clarke, Robert Darden, Forrest Evashevski, James Harrison, William Hastie, Ro- bert Hext, Edward King, David Ott, Edward Tripp, Lynn Riess, Hubert Weidman. JUNIORS: Norman Call, Dale Chamberlin, Milton A. Darling, James DePuy, Philip Detwiler, Henry Fielding, Robert Gelston, Charles Hall, William O. Mays, Clayton J. Pilcher, Robert Titus, Harold Whittemore. SOPHOMORES: Fred Anderson, Harry Anderson, Bruce Corson, William Dawson, Benjamin Douglas, Robert Fors, William Houle, Lyons Howland, Lawrence Hulbert, George Irwin, Glenn Ireland, William Lyman, Jerome Miller, Stuart Miller, Robert Norwick, William Schoe- dinger, Richard Slater, James Snodgrass, Edward Steele, LaFayette Sfuch, Jack Vaughn, Wayne Wright. FRESH- MEN: Charles Adams, Bruce Brown, Frederick Cady, Raymond Dixon, Russell Downey, Samuel Emmons, Carl Hokans, Robe rt Kerr, Henry Mahon, Albert Osborn, Walter Tiedeman. Edward King Founded at Jefferson College -1848 Alpha Phi Chapter 1885 707 Oxford Top Row -Wasson, Ehlers, Matthews, Hoff, Funk, Candler, Ryan, Curto, Bellairs, Harrelson, P. Samper, H. Samper. Row 2 Wendt, G. Samper, Ulrey, McLogan, Easlick, Bachman, Rexford, Fife, R. James, Fauver, Kelly R. Hadley. Row 3 Gearhart, Gunn, Simmers, Robinson, Sessions, Savage, Krieger, Pittman, Chamberlain. Row 4 Beamer, Adams, Stump, J. Hadley, Green, Burton, Rundles, Pittman, Booth, Beers. PHI KAPPA PSI WILLIAM SESSIONS FRANK SAVAGE EDWARD A. McLOGAN JOHN WENDT . President Vice-President House Manager Secretary MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: J. B. Adams, A.B.. R. Barnes, A.B., R. Dobson, B.Ed., J. A. Harper, A.B., J. Sargent, B.S.. C. Payton, B.S., E. C. Shutts, A.B., W. C. Whitehead, A.B., E. A. Wunsch, A.B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: R. G. Adams, Ph.D., H. B. Calderwood, Ph.D., E. H. Kraus, Ph.D., Sc.D., W. C. Trow, Ph.D., S. Ware, A.M. MEMBERS IN CITY: H. E. Covert, P. R. Kempf, D. H. McGill, M. Oliphant, N. P. Rogers, J. B. Smalley, R. Wise, H. E. Wilson. SENIORS: John Dobson, R. Russell Eagan, James W. Gunn, Clifford W. James, James S. Krieger, William C. Loud, A. John Neerkin, Glenn L. Robinson, Frank J. Savage, L. William Sessions, John M. Simmers. JUNIORS: John R. Bachman, Robert Barren, Carter A. Chamberlain, William T. Dobson, David Easlick, Robert W. Hadley, R. William Harrelson, James Hoff, Ted Kennedy, Jr., Edward A. McLogan, Raymond A. Pittman, John E. Rexford, Gonzalo Sam- per, Thomas P. Ryan, Scott S. Ulrey, John A. F. Wendt, Jr. SOPHOMORES: Robert Bellains, William R. Candler, Frank T. Curto, John W. Fauver, Robert Fife, James B. Funk, Richard S. James, William M. Kelly, James J. Kennedy, Thomas K. Matthews, Peter B. Olmsted, Pablo Samper, Hernando Samper, Harry Wasson. FRESHMEN: Thomas R. Adams, William Beamer, Robert E. Beers, Charles V. Booth, Edison Burton, John Ehlers, Orval Lee Gearhart, Albert B. Green, John B. Hadley, Richard L. Pittman, Walter Rundles, William Stump. William Sessions Founded at Jerrerson College- 1852 Alpha Chapter 1876 1550 Washtenaw Top Row Fairlamb, McMaster, Fogg, Nulty, Hagemeyer, Mansfield, Thalner, Hendricks, Richter, Egan, Shick. Row 2 Pinckney, Ackerman, Kieckhefer, Laskey, Treut, Marble, Moss, C. Culver, F. Culver. Row 3 Everett, Anderson, Long, Kreidler, Sterling, Graf, Cain, Brady, Barstowe. PHI KAPPA SIGMA ARTHUR A. TREUT, JR. ROY D. FAIRLAMB JOHN F. ACKERMAN . KENNETH B. MARBLE . President Vice President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Carl A. Culver, Fred C. Culver, Philip D. Gordy, Hugh J. Hagemeyer, John H. Lemke, William F. Mudge, Grey K. Nelson, Stanton G. Roesch, Franklin B. Shall, George N. Vogel. MEMBERS IN FAC- ULTY: John Lewis Brumm, Herbert A. Kenyan, William A. McLaughlin, Clarence L. Munn. SENIORS: Robert L. Brown, Prescott S. Earle, Edward C. Frutig, Thomas F. Kieckhefer, Derwood D. Laskey, Kenneth B. Marble, Lowell R. Moss, Jr., Irving N. Munson, Howard E. Shick, Jack N. Steketee, Arthur A. Treut, Jr. JUNIORS: John F. Ackerman, Clifton L. Dance, Jr., George S. Egger, Roy D. Fairlamb, Richard G. Fogg, Curtis J. Hendricks, Richard M. Mansfield, John D. McMaster, William Melzow, Paul F. Penvenne, Robert B. Pinckney, Edward L. Richter, Jr., Robert R. Thalner. SOPHOMORES: Clarence Andersen, John R. Brady, Jr., George Earle, William J. Egan, Marcus J. Everett, Lewis A. Kirk, Jr., William C. McDonald, G. Edward Reynolds, Rudy J. Sengel. FRESHMEN: William S. Cain, Walter A. Graf, Jr. William P. Kreidler, Charles O. Long, James A. Sterling, James M. Walker. Arthur Treut Founded at University of Pennsylvania 1850 Alpha Omicron Chapter 1905 1443 Washtenaw S " 9l v ' f Si A n o 1 1f ! k V 1 Top Row Capald, Martin, West, Swanson, Scholes, deLaurier, Portz. Row 2 Work, Scoville, Moynes, Duncan, Woods, MacLean, Carr. Row 3 Peterson, Weatherston, Barker, Holyoke, Coleman, Roberts, Sullivan, Parliament. PHI KAPPA TAU ROBERT H. HOLYOKE TOM W. COLEMAN BRUCE H. WARK . JAMES C. ROBERTS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Harry Bowman, George Frank, Ben Marino, Charles Murray, Walter Scholes, Arthur Woods. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Matt Mann, Axel Marin, Frank Mickle, Amos Morris. MEMBERS IN CITY: Fred Heller, Charles Lyle, Samuel Lukens, Jack McAllister, Robert Wikle, Oliver Todd. SENIORS: Pierce Barker, Tom W. Coleman, Robert Holyoke, James Roberts, Richard Weatherston, Joseph Tate. JUNIORS. Sam Capald, Robert Carr, Horace Duncan, John Fiedler, John MacLean, Frank Moynes. SOPHO- MORES: David Daniels, Jacques deLaurier, Fred Martin, Howard McClain, James Peterson, William Portz, John Scoville, John Sullivan, Bruce Wark. Robert Holyoke Founded at Miami University 1906 Tau Chapter 1923 1023 Oakland Top Row -Prager, Rosenbaum, Sherman, R. Grossman, Chertoff, Kent, R. Goldstein, Brandt, Ellman, Samuels, Stahl, Wexler, Tann. Row 2 Aronson, Ginsburg, Persky, H. Goldstein, Willens, Sisman, Lefko, Solomon, Nadler, Spitalny, Lewis. Row 3 Frankel, L. Grossman, Cooper, Cohen, Padnos, Kaufman, Jacobson, Jacobs, Kreinberg, Zucker. PHI SIGMA DELTA BERNARD SISMAN JAMES D. BERGER ORVILLE B. LEFKO HARVEY WILLENS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Howard Ark, Sidney Ginsburg, Emanuel H. Hecht. Milton S. Goldhammer. MEMBER IN FACULTY: SENIORS: James D. Berger, Hartley J. Goldstein, George E. Nadler, Lester Q. Persky, Bernard Sisman, Samuel Solo- mon, Jack M. Spitalny, Max Wexler, Harvey Willens, Jack R. Wolin. JUNIORS: Sydney M. Aronson, Robert I. Goldstein, Robert D. Grossman, Orville B. Lefko, Robert Lewis, Aubrey T. Samuels, James J. Sherman. SOPHO- MORES: Morton H. Cohen, Milton L. Jacobson, Harold M. Kaufman, Jerome A. Klein, Wallace C. Rosenbaum, Robert N. Stahl, Edward Tann. FRESHMEN: Alan Brandt, Garry Chertoff, Harold Cooper, Jack P. Ellman, Richard W. Frankel, Leonard Grossman, Durand Jacobs, Bernard Kent, Sydney Kreinberg, Stuart B. Padnos, Newton Zucker. Bernard Sisman Founded at Columbia University 1 9C Eta Chapter 1916 1811 Washtenaw tIK I .4 ,- V te :f Top Row McLean, Fields, Waggoner, Lauzon, Williamson, Northrop, C. Grunewald, R. McPherson, Bowen, Sharpe. Row 2 Karpinski, A. Grunewald, Carlson, Cope, Whitney, Elmer, MacDonald, H. Almdale, Moniel. Row 3 Huff, J. McPhe rson, Northway, Arthur, Webber, Bell, Fromm, Peterson, E. Almdale, Mille. PHI SIGMA KAPPA RICHARD BELL VINCENT MONZEL ROBERT ARTHUR . RICHARD NORTHWAY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Robert Hartnett, Roger B. Peterson. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: P. H. Jeserich, D.D.S., Ernest McCoy, A.M., R. C. Porter, M. S. M. E., R. D. Thomson, B.S.E., H. G. Waller, M.D., A. H. White, D.S.E. MEMBERS IN CITY: W. P. Comstock, C O. Creal, E. C. Pingerle, C. O. White. SENIORS: Einar R. Almdale, Richard J. Bell, Charles Bowen, James E. Fromm, Douglas Miller, Richard Northway, JUNIORS: Howard Almdale, Robert T. Arthur, Robert L. Carlson, Robert E. Cope, Kenneth C. Huff, Charles Karpinski. James P. McPherson, L. Vincent Monzel, Richard Sharpe, Albert G. Webber, Donald Whitney. SOPHOMORES: Russell E. Elmer, Dillard F. Gay, Albert L. Grunewald, Charles Lauzon, Russell B. Williamson. FRESHMEN: Walter Derby, Sedgwick S. Field, Carson C. Grunewald, Paul C. Johnson, Alex McLean, Robert C. McPherson, Richard North- rop, Charles Waggoner. Richard Bell Founded at Massachusetts State- -1873 Delta Deuteron Chapter 1915 1043 Baldwin Top Row Wallach, Mandeberg, J. Schooler, Baer, Maxmin, Linger, Fenton, Hirschkorn, Titelman, M. Kane, Ureles, Goldstein, Lazerwitz. Row 2 Rosenman, Solomon, Ravick, Besser, Mitchell, Klauber, Hausman, Hoddeson, Weiss, David, Stern, Parnes. Row 3 E. Kane, Frankel, Samuel, Malter, Lefkowich, Gins, Botwinik, Heller, Ettinger, Herman, Merker, Glick. Row 4 Slaff, Brussel, Freeman, Wald, Alkon, K. Schooler, Weinstein, Kittay, Nisberg, Bloom, Kopel, Gerson. PI LAMBDA PHI MYRON GINS BERTRAM LEFKOWICH EUGENE A. KANE . HOWARD SOLOMON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Robert Alpert, Robert Berris, James Frankel, M. Robert Herman, Paul Soboroff, Robert Weinberger. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: William Haber, Phillip Jay, Reuben Kahn, Arthur Keller. SENIORS: Stanley Botwinik, Irwin damage, Jack Ettinger, Myron Gins, George Heller, Bertram Lefkowich, Newell Malter, Charles Samuel. JUNIORS: Robert Besser, Alfred Breckler, Alan David, Myer Franklin, William Hausman, Burton Hoddeson, Eugene Kane, Leo Klauber, Ralph Mitchell, Jr., Edward Ravick, Ray Rosenman, Howard Solomon, Bertram Weiss. SOPHOMORES: Richard Baer, Eugene Brussel, Sam Bloom, Stanford damage, Edgar Fenton. Ramon Gerson, James Glick, George Hirschkorn, Michael Kane, James Lazerwitz, Conrad Maxmin, Lionel Parnes, Jacques Schooler, Mark Titelman, Robert Unger, Alvin Ureles, Howard Wallach. FRESHMEN: Leonard Alkon, Tracy Freeman, Stanley Glassman, William Kittay, Richard Kopel, Jack Nisberg, Kermit Schooler, Robert Slaff, Richard Wald, James Weinstein. Myron Gins Founded at Yale University 1895 Epsilon Chapter 191 3 715 Hill ! v Top Row Post, Fowler, Nicolls, Kelsey, Waller, Emery. Row 2 Johnson, Harbert, Williams, Harsha, Pridgeon, Shearer, Story. Row 3 Mclntyre. Asselin, Zahn, Darden, Cranmer, Pfender, Harvey, L. Haughey. Row 4 Strayer, Schmidt, Ludwig, Allen, Huyett, Fishburn, Arbuckle, Moore, Briggs. Row 5--Johnston, Wood, Rogers, Hammond, MacMahon, Elmer, Miller, Arthur, Haglin, Kumler, McDonnell. PSI UPSILON WILLIAM B. ELMER. CHARLES H. MacMAHON. JR. DANIEL H. HUYETT, III . GEORGE H. MILLER President Vice-President Secretary House Manager MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Robert E. Bolthouse, Gordon B. Carver, Harry C. Calcutt, Paul S. Durfee, Robert Edgerton, Edwin H. Hoagland, Everett Houghton, Paul Keller, Robert G. Miller, Robert D. Mitchell, George Potter, Stark Ritchie, John H. Sanders, James O. Shetterly, Ganson P. Taggart. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: George G. Brown, Ph.D., Samuel F. Dana, Ph.D., Sprague Gardiner, M.D., Frank Lymann, M.D., George Meyer, A.M., William Newcomb, M.D., George A. Richardson, M.D., Allan Seager, A.M., George M. Stanley, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY: Edward B. Barrett, Charles W. Graham, Charles Irvin, Victor H. Lane, Richard Lorch, Douglas D. Loree, Christian Mack, Nathan S. Potter, III, Finley B. Riggs, Alexander M. Waldron. SENIORS: M. Wilson Arthur, Jr., William B. Elmer, John J. Haglin, James W. Hammond, John L. Kumler, Charles H. MacMahon, Jr., George H. Miller, William H. Newton, Paul D. Rogers, Donald R. Spencer. JUNIORS: R. David Allen, Richard C. Arbuckle, L. Reed Cranmer, Jr., Breard E. Fishburn, Christian Herrmann, Jr., Robert B. Fowler, Daniel H. Huyett, III, Robert W. Johnston, William C. Longford, Richard B. Lord, Richard M. Ludwig, Henry E. McDonnell, Arnold Moore, John F. Pfender, Harold F. Wood, Jr. SOPHOMORES: Bruce A. Allen, David C. Asselin, Richard W. Briggs, Robert G. Canham, Arthur D. Darden, Samuel G. Gorsline, Ralph W. Harbert, William Harsha, Walter L. Harvey, Charles S. Haughey, M. Neil Maclntyre, Noell L. Pridgeon, Frederick P. Spaulding, Donald F. Schmidt, William C. Strayer, Woodson J. Williams, Edward J. Zahn. FRESHMEN: James H. Claypool, John C. Emery, Jr., Edwin H. Franks, Charles J. Haslam, Louis W. Haughey, H. James Johnson, Edward W. Kelsey, III, Charles F.Kennedy, Jr. Keith K. Nicolls, L. Norris Post, Alfred M. Shearer, Sherwood H. Standish, Jr., George W. Story, III, John H. Waller. William Elmer Founded at Union College Phi Chapter -1865 1000 Hill 1833 V T t ' , - ' J rV _. Top Row May, Hinckley, Cannon, Tarbell, Jenkins, Ehrlich, Kevil, Smith, McDowell, Wyatt, Shepard, Chipman. Row 2 Barnes, Roy, Millard, O ' Donnell, Otto, Shelter, Bouis, Burckhalter, McPike, Collins, Scharff, Rust, Brines. Row 3 Howell, Thompson, Schlegel, Leckner, Harrison, Armstrong, Foote, Bogle, Heinen, Hehe- mann, Dalrymple, Roper. Row 4 McNaughton, Matthews, Selchow, Garver, Hunter, Davis, Simpson, Buell, MacArthur. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON JOSEPH FOOTE WILLIAM ARMSTRONG ROBERT BOGLE President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: John F. Anderson, Charles W. Barnes, George W. Brooks, Royal A. Buehler, Thomas G. Holcomb, Howard J. Luxan, Fred W. McCracken, George W. Trendle, Jr., Carl A. Viehe, Flint C. Watt, Robert Wood, William B. Wreford, Jr. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Shirley Allen, Ross T. Bittinger, Emerson W. Conlon, Kirkland E. Fisher, Rudolph H. Gjelsness, Arthur D. Moore, James A. Nyswander, Charles T. Olmsted. MEMBERS IN CITY: Albert S. Barr, M.D., Travis R. Cash, E. L. Cushing, Lee C. Fowle, Walter M Gibson, Wallace P. Holcomb, Richard A. Jacoby, Roy E. Joyce, W. F. Kinsey, Harry A. Mott, David M. Reed, C. F. Ramsey, C. H. Stuhburg, George D. Westerman, Kenneth N. Westerman, Robert K. Whitely, Donald Williams. SENIORS: William Armstrong, Charles Barnes, Robert Bogle, Robert Burckhalter, Will Cannon, Joseph W. Foote, Charles Heinen, Phelps Hines, Richard Shetter, Kenneth Simpson, James Thompson. JUNIORS: Elliott Bouis, Floyd D. Harrison, Arthur Leckner, Frank May, Bert T. Millard, James Rossman, Robert Roy, Carl Schlegel, Duane Shepard, Penn G. Skillern, Robert Wyatt. ' SOPHOMORES: Robert Brines, James Collins, Thomas L. Dalrymple, Paul Darnton, Robert Ehrlich, Richard Hall, Robert HehemannJ. Walter McDowell, Harold C. McPike, Edwin T. O Donnell, Charles S. Otto, Robert Roper, John H. Rust, Alexander K. Scharff, Rodney Smith, Theodore H. Tarbell. FRESHMEN: William Brooks, Robert Buell, Albert B. Chipman, Jr., Thomas Clayton, Robert Cunningham, Donald Davis, Reed Garver, Morton Hunter, Phillip Jenkins, Charles G. Kevil, Edward S. MacArthur, Halford McNaughton, John H. Matthews, Richard Selchow. Joseph Foote Founded at University of Alabama -1 856 lota Beta Chapter 1889 1 408 Washtenaw Top Row Hanuer, Friedman, M. Pregulman, Grossberg,Agree, Cohen, Stenbuck, Silver, Robbins, Busch. Row 2 Lyons, Kaine,Kirchenbaum, J. Pregulman, Schagrin, Coggan, Spiro, Green, Krause, Shu I man, Mover. Row 3 Edelman, Levinson, Postmantur, Bloom, Alpern, Levy, Kohn, Federman, Dana, Fink, Rubens. SIGMA ALPHA MU RICHARD E. LEVY ROBERT I. ALPERN MORTIMER C. KOHN President Treasurer Secretary MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: H. Harvey Gass, A.B., David M. Goldring, Samuel I. Krugliak, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY: Harold Goldman, Mervin Green, M.D., Jack Sheps, M.D. SENIORS: Bernard J. Bloom, Arnold I. Dana, Leo G. Federman, Austin I. Fink, Mortimer C. Kohn, Harold M. Levinson, Richard E. Levy, Richard A. Lyons, Richard A. Postmantur. JUNIORS: Robert I. Alpern, Thomas M. Brill, Yale D. Coggan, Joseph Edelman, Julius Friedman, Martin A. Green, Frank E. Hanuer, Robert A. Krause, Julian L. Pregulman, Burton J. Rubens, Harry Schagrin, II, David Spiro. SOPHOMORES: Herbert L. Grosberg, Bruce J. Kirchenbaum, Aarron S. Moyre, Harvey L. Shulman, Melvin L. Silver, Eugene M. Wagner. FRESHMEN: Alexander A. Agree, Donald A. Busch, Louis A. Cohen, Henry D. Kaine, Mervin Pregulman, Harvey A. Robbins, Fred R. Stenbuck, Howard M. Wolfe. Richard Levy hounded at City College ot New York 1909 Sigma lota Chapter 1923 Top Row Mitchell, Mattern, Kline, Marrow, Sharpe, John Ogle, Dalzell, Morley, Sherrill, Karwales, Tracy, Thorward, Phillippi, Stotzer, Hill, Giesen. Row 2 Anderson, Riggs, Keig, Piel, Kennedy, Wandel, Cosper, Morley, Downer, Acker, Stewart, L. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, Gram, Owens, Foster. Row 3 Irwin, Collins, Gambill, Wilkinson, Reutter, Lucas, P. Brown, Cory, Knapp, M. DeLancey, James Ogle, Van Campen, Collette, Frissell. Row 4 B. Brown, S. DeLancey, MacKeniie, Kozloff, Betzhold, Barksdale, Thatcher, W. Hamilton Johnston, Bieneman, Lee, E. Brown. SIGMA CHI PETER F. BROWN JOHN W. CORY CHARLES D. KNAPP BLAZ A. LUCAS, JR. President Vice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Jim Cissel, Donald Cooper, Frank Doe, John W. Gee, Jack R. Gustafson, William R. R. Hall, John B. Keith, Thomas K. Phares, Robert H. Potter, John Rea, Stan Sayres, John C. Sherrill, Robert P. Stenberg, Robert A. Stuart, Fred M. Stultz, Frank Whitney. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: R. O. Courtright, A.B., L. M. Gram, B.S., Earl T. Martineau, B.S., F. H. Yost, L.L.D., J. S. Worley, M.S., C. E. MEMBERS IN CITY: Col. E. G. Beuret, Lyman Bittman, Dr. D. D. DeWeese, R. O. Eberbach, Paul Icerman, Robert C. Kennedy, T. R. Peirsol. SENIORS: Peter F. Brown, John F. Clifford, John W. Cory, Merton M. DeLancey, William H. Gambill, Charles D. Knapp, Blaz A. Lucas, James E. Ogle, Robert L. Reutter, Robert D. VanCampen, James Wilkinson. ' JUNIORS: Edward Anderson, William E. Collette, Robert L. Collins, Paul L. Cosper, William H. Downer, George P. Foster, Charles P. Giesen, William P. Gram, Lucius O. Hamilton, Marvin Hamilton, Arthur N. Hill, H. William Irwin, Verne C. Kennedy Jack S. Marrow, Roy E. Mattern, Jerry G. Michael, Robert P. Mitchell, Francis W. Morley, William Munsey, Alfred W. Owens, William Phillippi, Alfred H. Piel, Donald H. Stewart, Benjamin F. H. Thorward, Robert Wandel. SOPH- OMORES: Fred Betzhold, William G. Burke, Hugh P. Dalzell, Donald M. Frissell, John Karwales, James D. Kline, Buel Morley, John L. Ogle, Carl D. Riggs, Philip E. Sharpe, Robert H. Stotzer, Charles Thatcher, Robert J. Tracy, Wayne G. Wolfe. FRESHMEN: W. Leigh Barksdale, Richard Bieneman, Bruce Brown, Eugene Brown, Ray Burdick, Sam DeLancey, William Hamilton, Richard Johnston, George Kozloff, David Lee, Gordon MacKenzie, Russell Spiern. t Peter Brown hounded at Miami University -1855 Theta Theta Chapter -1877 548 S. State Top Row Miller, Grandy, deYoung, Eckhart, Cook, Schumacher, Hess, Dunten, Wriqht. Row 2 -Schaffer, Robertson, Meinke, Killins, Hartman, Lewis, Gibson, Swenson, Ruby, Parker, Melcher. Row 3 Ratcliffe, Bentley, Hauser, Bragg, Boston, Osborne, Harrison, Gilliom, Archer, Cheffy, Crocker, Sampson, Hammett. SIGMA N U WILLIAM P. HARRISON KOYNE D. OSBORNE . RICHARD L. GILLIOM C. EDWARD BOSTON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Jack Andrews, A.B., John Dunton, A.B., Thomas Edwards, A.B., Arthur H. Greip, A.B., A.M., Charles G. Killins, A.B., John P. Livingston, A.B., Donald Smith, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY: R. D. Boehnke, T. W. Bywaters, Frederick Delano, R. T.Dobson, C. E. Friesinger, R. L. Hawkins D. J.MacLean, E. R. Murbach, P. M. Northrup, H. C. Rufus, Jack Sinn, Richard Sinn, W. G. Swarts, R. H. Upson, W.C. Walz, G. S. Watkins, R. M. West. SENIORS: C. Edward Boston, Robert H. Bragg, Sabin Crocker, Jr., Kenneth V. Eckhart, Jr., William P. Harrison. JUNIORS: Herbert M. Bentley, George W. Cheffy, Oscar E. Hauser, Jr., Lawton Hammett, Bruce M. Hartwick, Richard Melcher, Koyne D. Osborne, Paul D. Sampson. SOPHOMORES: Richard I. Archer, Barton B. Cook, Edgar B. Gibson, Richard L. Gilliom, Harold S. Hartman, William H. Hartwig, Robert L Killins, John R. Lewis, Richard K. Meinke, Joseph E. Parker, Thomas F. Ratcliffe, David Robertson, Philip L. Ruby, Robert K. Schaffer, William W. Swenson. FRESHMEN: Philip E. deYounq, George L. Dunten, W. John Grandy, Charles E. Hess, Russell Miller, Edward B. Powers, George A. Schumacher, Jr., C. Quinn Wringt, III. William Harrison Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1869 Gamma Nu Chapter -1902 700 Oxford Top Row Salldde, DeWitt, Rue, Oatis, Porter, Mactier, Aigler, Adams, Warren, Miller. Row 2 Cameron, King, Devine, Johnson, Clapp, P. Smith, Conger, Gail, Linsell, Helgren, H. Smith. Row 3 Weiss, Lewis, Mundt, Schmidt, Laufer, Dinsmore. SIGMA PHI J. PAUL SMITH HOWARD P. PORTER FREDERICK LINSELL President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: William F. Bavinger, Olaf P. Bergelin, Alfred G. Ellick, James A. Hynes, Walter I. Lillie. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Mortimer E. Cooley, Rudolph A. Winnacker. SENIORS: Philip H. Clapp, Ralph G. Conger, John B. Devine, William H. Gail, Paul A. Johnson, W. William Laitner, Frederick Linsell, J. Paul Smith, James E. Welch. JUNIORS: David A. Badenoch, James F. Bourquin, G. Dallas Cameron, Hugh S. Dinsmore, Norman R. Helgren, Robert D. King, Arthur L. Kirkpatrick, E. Stanton Miller, Henry B. Smith. SOPHOMORES: John C. Adams, William S. Dewitt, Charles W. Ferguson, Laurance S. Haynes, Stewart Johnson, Vincent P. Oatis, John P. Rue, George W. Sallade, Richard M. Saville, Kenneth A. Warren, Warren K. Westrate. FRESHMEN: John A. Aigler, Jack Carlson, James E. Davidson, Thomas P. Droste, Robert A. Green, William P. Herbert, Alvin E. Jacobson, Anson E. Laufer, Clayton Lewis, G. Allen Mactier, Allen V. Mundt, Edgar K. Orr, Henry L. Schmidt, John L. Wiese. Paul Smith rounded at union Alpha of Michigan 1858 426 N. Ingalls Top Row Lessig, Sloane, Brimmer. Row 2 Rafelson, Wilson, Johnson, Powers. Row 3 Berg, Huntoon, Templin, Osterstrom, Brooks. Row 4 -Bott, Atherton, Ogden, King, Grimshaw, Keetch, Zeller, Sears, Mikulich. Row 5 -Purdue, Webb, Rowlee, Holmberg, Harms, McOmber, Stegath, Wheaton, Aldrich. Row 6 - Smith, Langschwager, Gould, Armstrong, McCune, Davidson, Contie, Pfaller, Grover, Steudel. Row 7 Morse, Ransom, Swan, Rawdon, Steinhagen, O Hara, Roney, Smith. SIGMA PHI EPSILON JOHN J. McCUNE . THOMAS H. ARMSTRONG LEROY J. CONTIE . HARRY W. REED President Vice-President Secretary Comptroller MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Henry R. Johnson, A.B., William Phillips, A.B., John Risen, A.B., Clarence A. Sahlin, A.B., Robert A. Stacker, A.B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Earl W. Britton, Ralph Hile, Thomas Jenkins, Francis Longford, Naugle Thomas. SENIORS: Thomas H. Armstrong, William J. Ash,Leroy J. Contie, George L. Davidson, Douglas P. Gould, George A. Grover, Frederick P. Langschwager, John J. McCune, Albert L. Pfaller, William H. Reed, C. Bruce Smith, Richard A. Steudel, Robert Wheaton. JUNIORS: James L. Aldrich, David F. Bateman, Alan R. Bott, George Harms, Robert C. Keetch, Warren R. King, Frederick N. McOmber, Robert J. Ogden, William B. Stegath, Henry O. Zeller. SOPH- MORES: Curtis Atherton, Roger F. Berg, William j. Brooks, Corwin D. Denny, Robert S. Grimshaw, Edward Holmberg, Richard J. Huntoon, John Mikulich, Clare Morse, Robert O Hara, Gordon E. Osterstrom, John O. Powers, John Purdue, Max E. Rafelson, Asa Rowlee, James M. Sears, Robert Shirrell, Robert L. Templin, Newton Webb, James A. Wilson. FRESHMEN: C. Brimmer, John Cregan, Gardner Johnson, Don Lessig, Charles Ranson, Richard Rawdon, George Roney, James Sawn, George Sloane, Don Smith, William Steinhagen. V John McCune Founded at University of Richmond -1901 Michigan Alpha Chapter 1912 733 S. State . Top Row Clary, DeYoung, Endres. Row 2 Lenz, Wetter, Sweeney, Lammerman, Raddatz, Hall. Row 3 Patrick, Stumpf, Scott, Winne, Mahlman. TAU KAPPA EPSILON GEORGE P. SCOTT . JOHN F. WINNE GORDON A. STUMPF G. WILLIAM MAHLMAN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: James S. Duesenberry, Forest Carhart, Francis P. Sweeney. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Russell A. Dodge, Richard C. Fuller, Willard C. Olson, I. D. Scott, Nathan Sinai, Charles H. Stocking. MEMBERS IN CITY: Charles J. Barclay, R. B. Finley, William G. Gordon, Fielding L. Huesmann, J. Robert Wilson, James Brown. SENIORS: Allan Bell, Alfred A. Healy, Lyle Hinkley, Wendell E. Lenz, G. William Mahlman, John F. Patrick, George P. Scott, Gordon A. Stumpf, John F. Winne. ' JUNIORS: Frederick Clary, John T. Hall, JohnMacAnaulty, Prescott N. Stocking, Allan A. Wetter. SOPHOMORES: Howard F. De Young, Robert W. Raddatz, Robert A. Sforzini. George P. Scott Founded at Illinois Wesleyan 1 899 Upsilon Chapter 1925 907 Lincoln r Top Row Crumbaker, Zipp, Bartlett Coward, Gibson, Droman, Gracey, Strain, Low, Fraumann, Dillman, Coquillette, Westfall. Scoug, Matson. Row 2 Murphy, Falvey, Belyea, Brennen, Garven, Cowles, Troost, Wiens, Lahr, Fleming, Housel, Potthoff, Trytten. Row 3 Eddy, Muenter, Donaldson, Hardy, Thompson, Davis, Wright, Deal, Kroeger, Crane, Reagan, Dunfee. T H E T A CHI JACK THOMPSON NELSON DAVIS . EDWIN DEAL ROBERT CRANE . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Colvin L. Gibson, Harold J. Holshuh, James I Laird, Richard F. Shroth, Lewis M. Slater, Frank O. Smith, William R. Stevens, John F. Walters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Arno L. Bader, George E. Carrothers, James H. Cissel, Preston H. James, Harold J. McFarlan, William B. Palmer, Charles B. Vibbert. SENIORS: Markham Cheever, Robert Crane, Nelson Davis, Edwin Deal, David Donaldson, Rubin Frost, Gordon Hardy, Karl Kessler, Ralph Muenter, Dan Ranney, Jack Thompson. JUNIORS: Ross Belyea, Charles Brennan, Leon Coquillette, John Corson, Wheaton Coward, Walter Cowles, Donald Crumbaker, Charles Dillman, Robert Fleming, Harlan Frauman, Jim Garvin, Jack Gracey, JackGrady, Richard Strain, Herbert Troost, Robert Westfall, David Wiens, Eric Wright. SOPHOMORES: Gordon Dunfee, George Eddy, Dave Falvey, Jack Lagrou, Frank Lahr, Rollins D. Low, Kenneth Matson, Joseph Murphy, Arlie Reagan, Andrew Scoug. FRESHMEN: Bill Dorance, Charles Droeman, Richard Emory, Robert Housel, Edward Pothoff, Perry Trytton, Bill Zipp. Jack Thompson Founded at Norwich University 1856 Alpha Gamma Chapter 1919 1351 Washtenaw Top Row Sheets, Schroeder, Cornwell, P. Molthop, Schell, Nichols, Sharp, Robertson, J. Huttlinger, Flagler, Van Tuyl, Barker, Clement, Burgess, Nixon. Row 2 -Low, D. Eldredge, Flott, Wallace, Shedd, R. Molthop, McN ' amee, Stille, Celts, Aldinger, Pierce, Deland, Kugel. Row 3 J. Eldredge, Brent, Martin, Copley, B. Huttlinger, Edwards, Neilson, Thomson, Barr, Canham, Seegert, Park, Monahan. THETA DELTA CHI JAMES D. NEILSON II GEORGE H. THOMSON ROBERT T. WALLACE BASIL D. EDWARDS, JR. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Alvin M. Bentley, III, Marion L. Bradbury, Jr., Walter!. Clement, Charles J. Kessler, Jr., Roger H. Muzzall, Charles T. Novak, Bruce T. Telfer, William F. Weeks. MEMBER IN FACULTY: Ernest F. Barker. MEMBERS IN CITY: Harry O. Potter, Frank F. Van Tuyl. SENIORS: John B. Barr, Irl D. Brent II, Donald B. Canham, Almon L. Copley, Basil D. Edwards, Jr., John G. Eldredge, Geoffrey G. Hall, Burns M. Huttlinger, Edward T. Martin, James E. Monahan, James D. Neilson II, Neal Seegert, George Thomson. JUNIORS: Stanton Allen, Robert L. Getts, Arthur H. Kuhn, James McNamee, Richard W. Mol- thop, Stuart A. Park, Omer Robbins, George M. Robertson, Jr., Robert G. Shedd, Wayne W. Stille, Robert L. Thomas, Harold S. Voegelin, Robert T. Wallace. SOPHOMORES: Leroy A. Aldinger, Warren P. DeLand, David E. Eldredge, Robert F. Flott, Kenneth K. Kugell, Donald H. Nixon, James B. Pierce, Richard H. Schell, Joseph E. Schroeder, Theo F. Sharp, Jerome B. Sheets. FRESHMEN: Paul B. Barker, Warren C. Burgess, Jr., Paul H. Clement, Harvey F. Cornwell, Jr., Robert L. Dull, John M. Flagler, John B. Huttlinger, Albert E. Low, James G. Marsh, Peter Molthop, H. Janney Nichols III, David H. Van Tuyl. James D. Neilson Founded at Union College- 1847 Gamma Deuteron, 1889 700 S. State Top Row Girod, Linden, Cunningham, Wadsworth, Arnold, Lundin, Rogers, Gauthier, Eyster, Taylor, O. Smith Hogg. Row 2 -Richardson, Fisher, Nies, Christiansen, Meier, Alexander, Closser, Keller, Hallissy, Mac- Gregor, R. Smith, Henry, Garland. Row 3 Brodie, Martin, Wood, Blanchard, Conley, Lamp, Britton, Harwood, Kipka, McLaughlin, Jones, Kreitz, Allen. Row 4 -Adam, Morrison, Wehmeyer. Hunter, Jorgenson, Johnson, Shipps, Bullard, Brackett, Bost- wick, Nelson, Mayo, McKenna, Thorns. T H E T A XI PHILIP H. CONLEY . WILLIAM C. BLANCHARD R. RAYMOND ALLEN JAMES S. ROGERS President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary MEMBERS IN FACULTY: B. F. Bailey, Ph.D., S. D. Dodge, Ph.D., James W. Freeman, Ph.D., H. H. Higbie, E. E. W. C. Hoad, B.S., H. M. Kendall, Ph.D., C. A. Siebert, Ph.D., W. P. Wood, M.S.E. MEMBERS IN CITY: J. B. Ames, H. R. Beuhler, R. J. Beuhler, B. F. Bailey, Jr., L. Boddy, W. R. Drury. SENIORS: R. Raymond Allen, William C. Blanchard, Harold E. Britton, Philip H. Conley, John H. Harwood, John R. Henry, George P. Hogg, Jr., James H. Jones, Jr., Donn G. Kipka, Karl K. Kreitz, Jr., John T. Lamb II, Robert Mac- Gregor, George E. Rulison, Michael J. Sofiak, William J. Steppon, Jr., Lester E. Viegel, William M. Wood. ' JUNIORS; Kellard Bostwick, Earl E. Garland, Raymond H. Gauthier, Gordon H. Girod, George D. Gotschall, Joseph M. Hallissy, Jr., John S. Keller, John E. Linden, William M. Lundin, James S. Martin, David R. Meier, John D. Nies, Wesley H. Peters, James S. Rogers, Jr., Robert D. Shipps, Rendel W. Smith. SOPHOMORES: Robert B. Arnold, Robert J. Brodie, P. Francis Cunningham, Richard D. Eyster, Philip H. Fisher, Thomas J. McKenna, Lee R. Nelson, Robert C. Richardson, Ogden C. Smith, F. Carter Taylor, Jr. FRESHMEN: William L. Adam, John J. Brackett, Warren Bullard, Ralph P. DeVries, John H. Hunter, Blaine B. Johnson, Frank W. Jorgenson, Nestor Silvie Mayo, Frank G. Morrison, David J. Pusack, John J. Thorns, David B. Wehmeyer. Philip Conley Founded at Rennsalaer Polytechnic Institute -1864 Sigma Chapter 1914 1 345 Washtenaw 370 Top Row--Gumaer, Plenge, Snyder, Petersen, Zytkewick, DeLorenzi. Row 2 Hull, Whipple, Thatcher, Kucharski, Klute, Garrett. Row 3 Johnson, Rogers, Shandley, MacVittie, Case, Platt, Bishop. TRIANGLE ARTHUR R. MacVITTIE ROBERT W. BISHOP ROBERT J. PLATT, JR. JOHN A. SHANDLEY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Harry Bouchard, B.C.E., Edward L. Eriksen, B.C.E., Walter C. Sadler, M.S., C.E., LL.B., Richard Scheidewind, Ph.D., Edward A. Stalker, M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY: Withred T. Cook, Albert J. Doty, Thomas J. Mitchell, Chase R. Teaboldt. SENIORS: Robert W. Bishop, E. Peter DeLorenzi, Jay W. Johnson, Arthur R. MacVittie, Richard G. Morton, Ernest J. Petersen, W.Kemp Rogers, Jr., Charles L.Keyes. ' JUNIORS: P. Benham Case, Robert J. Platt, Jr., John A. Shandley, Russell S. Thatcher, Thaddeus W. Kucharski, Grant D. Whipple, John Zytkewick. SOPHOMORES: Eric T. Garrett, Daniel J. Klute, Norman L. Symons, Edward G. Snyder. FRESHMEN: Harry W. Gumaer, James G. Hull, James E. Plenge, William F. Weatherwax. Arthur R. MacVittie rounded at University or Illinois 1907 Michigan Chapter- 1925 927 Forest ' " in mm Top Row -Kemp, Regenhardt, Eastman, Reed, Peters, Bailey, Thompson, Peltier. Row 2 -Willis, Berg, Lehner, Lovett, Pickering, Downs, Mead, Weber. T R I G O N JAMES F. LOVETT . JOHN D. LEHNER HARRY E. PICKERING COLIN C. WEYMOUTH President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: David G. Laing, A.B., Charles M. Lovett, A.B. James K. Pollock, Ph.D., Palmer E. Sutton, M.D., Herbert G. Watkins. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: SENIORS: William T. Downs, Thomas S. Lawton, John D. Lehner, James F. Lovett, Harry E. Pickering, Colin C. Weymouth. JUNIORS: Marvin C. Bandoli, Robert E. Bedford, Donald P. Berg, Richard P. Mead, F. O. Nogirt. SOPHOMORES: Richard D. Peltier, Alvin H. Peters, Robert J. Regenhardt, John J. Weber, John R. Willis. FRESH- MEN: James R. Bazley, Sam E. Eastman, Donald D. Howell, Robert A. Kemp, Karl F. Reed, John C. Shaughnesy, William B. Thompson. James Lovett Founded at University of Michigan 1905 1617 Washtenaw Top Row Solomon, Rothschild, Grossberg, Rosen, F. Wolf, Hendel, Burstein, Winkelman, Rein- schreiber, Wingate, Steinberg, Cole, Heineman, Cooper. Row 2 Simon, Cohen, A. Kahn, Schulof, Weisman, Katz, Goodkind, W. Block, Stockier, Landsberg, H. Bloch, Schwartz, Morrison. Row 3 J. Wolf, Wirtchafter, Mecklenburger, Goldman, Kessel, Harris, Grossman, Barnard, Samuels, Englander, Zolla, Boas, Mann. Row 4 Laufe, Silversmith, Seiden, Sievers, Kardon, Kellner, Brown, Borman, Frank, Janeway, Weil, Feferman, Davidson, R. Kahn. ZETA BETA TAU JEROME B. GROSSMAN JACK KESSEL ROBERT SAMUELS . ROBERT BARNARD President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: Oscar Feferman, Alan Levingston, Bernard Mount, Paul Obendorf, Milton Peterman, William Pollack, Jules Rubels, Ira Witchner. MEMBERS IN FACULTY: Rabbi I. Cohen, I. Leo Sharfman. SENIORS: Robert Barnard, Alan Englander, Howard Goldman, Jerome Grossman, Julian Harris, Jerome Mecklen- burger, Melvin Schlemenson, Donald Wirtchafter, Charles Zolla. JUNIORS: Wolfred Block, Jack Cohen, Thomas Goodkind, Aron Kahn, Ira Katz, Jack Kessel, Leon Landsberg, Robert Samuels, Arthur Schoenberg, Harold Schulhof, Harold Stockier, Robert Wiseman. SOPHOMORES: Henry Bloch, Morrie Boas, Robert Burstein, Harold Frank, Edmond Grossberg, Bernard Hendel, Robert Morrison, Robert Reinschreiber, Milford Romanoff, Douglas Rosen, Charles Rothschild, Dan Seiden, Richard Simon, Julius Solomon, Robert Steinberg, Stanley Winkelman, Paul Weingarten, Frederick Wolf, James Wolf. FRESHMEN: Marvin Borman, Bernard Brown, Richard Cole, Richard Cooper, William Davidson, Martin Feferman, Werner Heineman, Cornell Janeway, Richard Kahn, Kenneth Kardon, Haskell Kellner, Warren Laufe, Arthur Mann, Norman Schwartz, Ora Seivers, Joseph Silversmith, Edwin Weil. Jerome Grossman Founded at City College of New York Phi Chapter 1912 2006 Washtenaw 1898 Top Row Johnson, Quarles, Gardner, Lockwood, Tietjerv Hadley, Diemond, Stephens. Row 2 Collamore, Hamilton, Arnold, Gould, Gustafson, Gamon, Venrose. Row 3 -Fowle, Comstock, Salvette, Menz, Brigham, Tree, Fielder, Miller. ZET A PSI JOHN O. TIETJEN CHARLES H. GOULD . JOHN W. STEPHENS ROBERT L. GUSTAFSON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY: J. T. Carriel, A.B., A.M., C D. Grodon, A.B., A.M., T. W. Hinshaw, A.B., G. M. Lockwood, B.S., C. S. Quarles, A.B. MEMBER IN FACULTY: P. E. Bursley, A.B., A.M. SENIORS: William G. Diemond, Robert L. Gustafson, Wayne N. Hadley, Robert C. Hamilton, John W. Stephens, John O. Tietjen. JUNIORS: Fred E. Arnold, Malcolm W. Bulmer, William Comstock, III, William G. Collamore, Charles R. Fielder, Douglas M. Fowle, Thomas H. Gamon, Charles H. Gould, Dean J. Miller, Martin M. Spitz, Robert Venrose. SOPHOMORES: Theodore W. Brigham, Phillip D. S. Brown, Rudy A. Salvette, Bernard F. Serrester. FRESHMEN: Alfred L. Arnold, Edwin R. Menz, Frank J. Schell, Russel M. Tree. .v ' ' : ; " John O. Tietjen Founded at New York University -1847 Xi Chapter 1847 512 S. State Rushing -informally! Climax of rushing the formal dinners. Initiation week strenuous but fun. 376 i Sunday night tea serve it yourself. Personality in a sorority room Congratulations to the newest actives. Remember our pledge meetings? 377 MICH IGAN PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION Panhellenic Association is composed of representatives from each sorority and is organized to regulate rules for rushing and to further cooperation among all women, affiliated aid unaffiliated. ANNABEL VAN WINKLE MARION CONDE BARBARA FISHER ELIZABETH KEPLER President Secretary Treasurer Rushing Secretary MEMBERS: Frances Aaronson, Virginia Alfvin, Ruth Barry, Lois Basse, Frances Besancon, Virginia Brereton, Paula Copeland, Elizabeth Cowart, Agnes Crow, Dorothy Cummings, Jean Donaldson, Betty Erdmann, Betty Fariss, Elaine Fisher, Katherine Forberg, Lois Gish, Jeanne Gomon, Jane Graham, Nancy Gray, Syril Greene, Jane Griswold, Rae Gustafson, Patricia Hadley, Rhoma Heal, Betty Hoag, Marianne Holaday, Jeanne Kaufmann, Helen Kirkbride, Marcia Kohl, Ellen Koopman, Bonnie Lowden, Jean Luxan, Patricia MacFarland, Barbara MacLaughlin, Pattie Main, Jean Manwaring, Mary Maynard, Viola Modlin, Barbara Newton, Carol Pitcher, Jeanne Rakestraw, Elinor Sevinson, Harriet Shoecraft, Rosalie Smith, Nancy Stock, Marjorie Strand, Margot Thorn, Charlotte Thompson, Mildred Ward, Mary Ellen Wheeler, Anna Jean Williams, Nancy Worrell. ; ANNABEL VAN WINKLE 378 PANHELLENIC BALL Top Row O Hard, Manwaring, Lamb, Basse, Gish, Smith. Row 2 Call, Fink, Haughey. Yager, Fairbanks, Pinney. Row 3 -Ewing, Pate, MacLaughlin, Merki, MacFarland, Miller. Panhellenic Ball was the sparkling social event of this year for sorority women. Under the stars on the roof garden of Panhellenic Hotel, Al Kavelin ' s music played sophisticated rhythms climaxed by the soft melody of the Sweetheart Waltz while the lights of New York flashed up from below. Barbara MacLaughlin and Charles Haughey BARBARA MacLAUGHLIN LOIS BASSE . MARY LOU EWING . LOIS GISH PATRICIA MacFARLAND JEAN MANWARING DOROTHY MERKI GRACE MILLER MARY PATE General Tickets Patrons Program Ballroom Publicity Decorations Co- Music Decorations Co- Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman 379 PANHELLENIC SCHOLARSHIP BANQUET FORMER WINNERS: 1926 Alpha Chi Omega 1927 Collegiate Sorosis 1928 Delta Gamma 1929 Pi Beta Phi 1930 Pi Beta Phi 1931 Pi Beta Phi 1932 Pi Beta Phi 1932 Pi Beta Phi 1933 Kappa Delta 1934 Chi Omega 1935 Delta Zeta 1936 Alpha Delta Pi 1937 Alpha Delta Pi 1938 Alpha Delta Pi 1939 Phi Sigma Sigma 1940 Delta Gamma Panhellenic Scholarship Banquet is held annually for the purpose of furthering cooperation among sororities and also in order to present to the sorority maintaining the highest scholastic average throughout the preceding year the Panhellenic Scholarship Cup. BONNIE LOWDEN . NANCY GRAY . DORIS ALLEN PATRICIA STEARNS ANNA JEAN WILLIAMS HELEN RHODES . ROSALIE SMITH BETTY WHITELY . CHARLOTTE THOMPSON General Chairman Tickets Decorations Assistant Decorations . . Menu Music . . Patrons Programs Assistant Programs BONNIE LOWDEN 380 Top Row -Heald, Baldwin, Farnsworth, Fisher, Gossard, Heal, Mary Mills. Row 2 -Parker, fodt, Wehner, Allen, Clark, Curtis, Fuller, Gates, George, Hiatt. Row 3 -Holaday, Johnson, Knight, Radford, Rosing, Searls, R. Smith, Turner, Cone, Eiffert. Row 4 Genung, Higbee, MacLaughlin, Miller, Millikin, Peterson, Rhoads, M. Smith, Stover, Taylor. Row 5 Walton, Woodward, Beardsall, Campbell, Clubb, Dudgeon, Husted, Iselman, Lowe, Margaret Mills. ALPHA CHI OMEGA SENIORS: Mary Baldwin, Dorothy Farnsworth, Barbara Fisher, Nancy Gossard, Rhoma Heal, Mary Katherine Heald, Mary Lou Mills, Lonna Parker, Shirley Todt, Ann Wehner. JUNIORS: Doris Allen, Elise Clark, Barbara Curtis, Sally Fuller, Florence Gates, Linda-Gail George, Janet Hiatt, Mary Anne Holaday, jean Johnson, Clare Knight, Mildred Radford, Jane Rosing, Elinor Searls, Marjorie Sherman, Rosemary Smith, Dorothy Turner. SOPHOMORES: Suzanne Cone, Jane Eiffert, Joan Genung, Louise Higbee, Barbara MacLaughlin, Patricia Miller, Betty Jo Millikin, Ella Peterson, Ann Rhoads, Madeline Smith, Virginia Stover, Katherine Taylor, Ruth Walton, Lucille Woodward. FRESHMEN: Joan Beardsall, Virginia Campbell, Gertrude Clubb, Dorothy Dudgeon, Jeanne Grossenbacher, Jean Husted, Charlotte Iselman, Margaret Lowe, Patricia Lowe, Margaret Mills. Founded at DePauw University 1 885 Theta Chapter 1 898 1004 Olivia 381 Top Row -Benson, Conde, Derrick, Hoffmeyer, Keene. Row 2 -Main, Mayfield, Mills, Skinner, Weiss, Gish, Hagemeyer. Row 3 Kilburn, Schwartz, Taylor, Bercaw, Campbell, Carll, Gray. Row 4 Stearns, Wooster, Anderson, Dodge, Leach, Meier, Trerice. r ALPHA DELTA PI SENIORS: Mary E. Benson, Marion Conde, Annette Derrick, Phyllis Hoffmeyer, Dorothy Keene, Pattie Main, Mary E. Mayfield, Mary L. Mills, DeRhua Skinner, Marion Weiss. JUNIORS: Lois Gish, Muriel Hagemeyer, Faye Kilburn, Agnita Schwartz, Joanne Taylor. SOPHOMORES: Nancy Bercaw, Helen Campbell, Gloria Carll, Frances A. Gray, Patricia Stearns, Betty Wooster. FRESHMEN: Virginia Anderson, Dorothy Dodge, Celia House, Martha Leach, Jeanne Meier, Eula Stump, Marjorie Trerice. Founded at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia 1851 Beta Eta Chapter 1929 722 Forest 382 Top Row -Epstein, Lipton, Ollesheimer, Rubiner, Sack, Sampson, Weber, Wilk. Row 2- -Aaronson, Abramson, Baker. Bluestein, Copeland, Fisher, Halkin, Holtiman, Imber, Leibson. Row 3 Magidson, Perla, Rabinovitcn, Riff, Robison, Schlow, Schwab, Shapiro, Silver, Snyder. Row 4 Altfeld, Arnold, Barth, Bernstein, Beiber, Bloom, Bothman, Davidson, Donen, Elaine Gordon. Row 5 Gross, Kunzman, Lewin, Neiman, Packer, Taylor, Teller, Bachrach, Fischer, Frank. Row 6 Marie Gordon, Harris, Harvey, Hyman, Lilienthal, Lowenstein, Present, Schulhof, Sternfels, Welber. ALPHA EPSILON PHI SENIORS: Mildred Epstein, Elizabeth Lipton, Rose Ollesheimer, Ruth Rubiner, Joan Sack, Dorothy Sampson, Thelma Weber, Marcia Wilk. JUNIORS: Frances Aaronson, Dorothy Abramson, Harriet Baker, Muriel Bluestein, Paula Copeland, Elaine Fisher, Cyrille Halkin, Suzanne Holtzman, Shyrle Imber, Betty Leibson, Irene Magidson, Louise Margolis, Eleanor Perla, Ina Mae Rabinovitch, Charlotte Riff, Hope Robison, Irma Schlow, Lorraine Schwab, Lois Shapiro, Shirley Silver, Hilda Snyder. SOPHOMORES: Shirley Altfeld, Lois Arnold, Elaine Barth, Thelma Bernstein, Deena Beiber, Ruth Bloom, Constance Bothman, Dorothy Davidson, Gloria Donen, Elaine Gordon, Joanne Gross, Patricia Kunzman, Janet Lewin, Adele Neiman, Lenore Packer, Hazel Taylor, Marjorie Teller. FRESHMEN: Kayla Bach- rach, Vivian Fischer, Rosalie Frank, Marie Gordon, June Harris, Betty Harvey, Rita Hyman, Natalie Lilienthal, Jacque- line Lowenstein, Phyllis Present, Dorothy Schuloff, Barbara Sternfels, Margery Welber. Founded at Barnard College Pi Chapter 1921 407 N. Ingalls 1909 383 Top Row -D. Duroux, J. Duroux, Augspurger, Harris, Hoag. Row 2 -Luxan, Schaefer, Tussing, Watson, Wright, Campbell, Donahue, Fairbairn, Henderson. Row 3 -Maliche, Sorensen, Thomssen, Walter, Alt, CoFfelt, Crawford, Fuson, Gray. Row 4 Hull, Hunt, Knoll, Larson, MacRitchie, Marsom, Muller, Preston, Reddig. Row 5 -Spain, Woodward, Adams, Barton, Bennett, Blount, Eckerman, Kidd, Peat. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA GRADUATES: Dorothy Duroux, June Duroux, Phyllis Olson. SENIORS: Ruth Augspurger, Margaret Harris, Betty Hoag, Jean Luxan, Marian Schaefer, Suzanne Tussing, Ardis Watson, Marian Wright. JUNIORS: Eleanor Campbell, Eleanor Donahue, Barbara Fairbairn, Leona Henderson, Eleanor Maliche, Audrey Sorensen, Ellen Jane Thomssen, Mary Lou Walter. SOPHOMORES: Mary Ellen Alt, Jean Coffelt, Mary Crawford, Norma Fuson, Nancy Gray, Rose Hull, Jane Hunt, Mary Knoll, Dorothy Larson, Marallyn MacRitchie, Louise Marsom, Hazel Muller, Martha Preston, Barbara Reddig, Betty Spain, Barbara Woodhouse, Joanne Woodward. FRESHMEN: Anne Adams, Belle Barton, Marjorie Bennett, Martha Blount, Helen Eckerman, Kathleen Kidd, Betty Peat. Founded at Syracuse University 1 904 Alpha Beta Chapter 1922 1322 Hill 384 - , !! - flflfe j jtfBL. jt_ Bk f AT? I -! - f V I M ' i t t . w f A n y Top Row Brown, Parish, Roseboom, Anderson, A. Davidson, Garvy, Gomon, Maytag, McKie. Row 2 Wood, Cowart, Ferguson, Lawton, McLearn, Prindiville, Prentice, Bowman, Campbell. Row 3 Christa, M. Davidson, Davis, Feldrappe, Hager, Judson, Kirkbride, Mathis, Morris. Row 4 Ranahan, Patterson, Wineland, Denton, Ford, Graeff, Norton, Taber, Wunluck. ALPHA OMICRON PI GRADUATE: Marta Parish, Frances Roseboom. SENIORS:lB lanche Anderson, Peggy Cornelius, Amy Davidson, Elizabeth Garry, Jeanne Gomon, Theodora Maytag, Mary Ann McKie, Elaine Wood. JUNIORS: Elizabeth Cowart, Irene Ferguson, Bessie Lawton, Ruth McLearn, Betty Prindiville, Jeanne Prentice. SOPHOMORES: Margaret Bowman, Elizabeth Campbell, Mildred Christa, Margaret Davidson, Maybelle Davis, Jean Denton, Eleanor Feldrappe, Carolyn Hager, Dorothy Judson, Helen Kirkbride, Ethel Mathis, Mary Morris, Myrtle Patterson, jean Ranahan, Dorothy Wineland. FRESHMEN: Marion Ford, Carol Graeff, Jeanne Kerr, Marita Norton, Constance Taber, Fern Wunluck. Founded at Barnard College Omicron Pi Chapter 1921 1017 Oakland 1897 385 Top Row Brooks, Corlett, Cranmer, Grill, M. Gruhzit, Hopkins. Row 2 -J. Kaufmann, List, May, Mustard, Schiller, Skiles, Unruh, Byrne, Crump, Davidson. Row 3 -Glair, Hadley, Hayden, Spaeth, Wood, O. Gruhzit, Killins, Noble, Pitcher, Pratt. Row 4 -Proclor, Rogers, Royle, Smith, Wetherald, Alexander, Fead, Ferguson, Gracey, Harmon. Row 5 -Johnson, M. Kaufmann, Kempf, Lalonde, Lovett, MccMillan, Parfet, Peirsol, Riggin, Williams. ALPHA PHI ' SENIORS: Betty Brooks, Bette Corlett, Jeannette Cranmer, Barbara Grill, Maya Gruhzit, Suzanne Hopkins, Jeanne Kaufmann, Virginia List, Margaret May, Mary Mustard, Margaret Schiller, Jane Skiles, Janet Unruh. JUNIORS: Carolyon Byrne, Jeanne Crump, Joan Davidson, Jacquelyn Glair, Patricia Hadley, Mary Hayden, Mary Spaeth, Barbara Wood. SOPHOMORES: Jean Gilmer, Olga Gruhzit, Marjorie Killins, Charlotte Noble, Carol Pitcher, Harriet Pratt, Grace Proctor, Ann Royle, Kathleen Smith, Margaret Wetherald. FRESHMEN: Anita Alexander, Emelie Fead, Frances Ferguson, Frances Gracey, Margaret Harmon, Ruth Johnson, Marjorie Kaufmann, Patricia Kempf, Annette Lalonde, Jeanne Lovett, Ann MacMillan, Meredith Parfet, Martha Peirso!, Charlotte Riggin, Miriam Williams. Founded at Syrccuse University 1 872 Theta Chapter 1892 1830 Hill 386 Top Row- -Barry, Heater, Wikel, Welch, Church. Row 2 -Cilley, Geary, Evans, Modlin, Morris, Oetjen. Row 3 Urmston, Wiedman, Buszek, Dixon, Johnson, McCracken. Row 4 -McDavid, Sachs, Thompson, Vogel, Hall, Newman. ALPHA XI DELTA SENIORS: Ruth Kathryn Barry, Dorothy Heater, Dorothy Wikel, Elizabeth Welch. JUNIORS: Nan Church, Geraldine Cilley, June Cleary, Betty Evans, Viola Modlin, Mary Jane Morris, Phyllis Oetjen, Nancy Urmston, Elaine Wiedman. SOPHOMORES: Kay Buszek, Ann Dixon, Barbara Johnson, Florence McCracken, Ruth McDavid, Bette Sachs, Charlotte Thompson, Maxine Vogel. FRESHMEN: Mary Jo Hall, Margaret Newman. Founded at Lombard College 1893 Alpha Epsilon Chapter 1920 825 Tappan 387 Top Row Alexander, Allison, Bogart, Brereton, Davis, Hanavan, H. Jensen, Lawhead. Row 2 Linsey, Minckler, Morgan, Swift, Visscher, Westrate, Woody, Mary Young, Baird. Row 3 -Bancroft, Besancon, Bouchard, Cottrell, Da Lee, Durocher, Eckert, Frey, Goetz. Row 4 -Howard, E. Jensen, McFarland, Munger, St. John, Marjorie Taylor, Van Vleck, Williams, Haymens. Row 5 Keahey, McKinley, McLean, Murlin, Pexton, Ramsdell, Storkan, Strong, Marianne Taylor. Row 6 Upson, Walsh, Wright, Atkinson, Doyle, McGrath, Stevens, Treadwell, Mildred Young. CHI OMEGA SENIORS: Josephine Alexander, Margary Allison, Dorothy Bogart, Virginia Brereton, Ruth Davis, Eleanor Hanavan, Hazel Jensen, Gwen Lawhead, Jean Linsey, Anne Mincker, Suzanne Morgan, Shirley Roberts, Betty Jane Swift, Jane Anne Visscher, Yvonne Westrate, Charlotte Woody, Mary Anne Young. JUNIORS: Elaine Baird, Margaret Bancroft, Frances Besancon, Joanne Bouchard, Janet Cottrell, Mildred Da Lee, Betty Durocher, Barbara Eckert, Virginia Frey, Catherine Goetz, Elizabeth Howard, Elsie Jensen, Ada McFarland, Eloise Munger, Ellen St. John, Marjorie Taylor, Doris Van Vleck, Anna Jean Williams. SOPHOMORES: Jane Cayia, Euphaymia Haymens, Muriel Keahey, Geraldine McKinley, Jane McLane, Esther Murlin, Elizabeth Pexton, Frances Ramsdell, Marjorie Storkan Marjorie Strong, Marianne Taylor, Katherine Upson, Sally Walsh, Joy Wright. FRESHMEN: Jeanne Atkinson, Mary Jean Cunningham, Patricia Doyle, Carol Forsyth, Phyllis Gardner, JoanJMcGrath, Geraldine Stadleman, Esther Stevens, Dorothy Treadwell, Mildred Young. Founded at University of Arkansas 1895 Eta Chapter 1905 1 503 Washtenaw 388 Top Row -Bursley, M. Cleary, Bracken, Donaldson, Hegge, Holcomb, Hubbard, Robinson, Smith. Row 2 -Vedder, Vrooman, Wheat, Wheeler, Bentley, P. Cleary, Goodrich, Gould, Haskell, Heames. Row 3 -P. Loughead, Miller, Mullins, Paterson, Purdom, Thomas, Aldrich, Avery, Baubie, Book. Row 4 Eady, Gilbreth, Knappen, Reutter, Stuber, Verdon, Worrell, Barnwell, Bouchard, Garrels. Row 5 Gerry, Heyser, Hughes, Lewis, S. Loughead, Nixon, Roelofs, Sawyer, Tichenor, Winton. COLLEGIATE SOROSIS GRADUATE: Anne Bursley, Margaret Cleary. SENIORS: Beverly Bracken, Jean Donaldson, Elizabeth Hegge, Mary Dick Holcomb, Margaret Hubbard, Elizabeth Robinson, Miriam Smith, Ann Vedder, Carolyn Vrooman, Barbara Wheat, Mary Ellen Wheeler. JUNIORS: Suzanne Bentley, Patricia Cleary, Elizabeth Goodrich, Nancy Gould, Mary Haskell, Harriet Heames, Patricia Loughead, Barbara Miller, Jean Mullins, Virginia Paterson, Veitch Purdom, Mary Thomas. SOPHOMORES: Rosemary Aldrich, Sally Baubie, Vivienne Book, Eugenia Eady, Jane Gilbreth, Jean Knappen, Joan Reutter, Barbara Stuber, Eleanor Verdon, Nancy Worrell. FRESHMEN: Nancy Avery, Lucy Barnwell, Beatrice Bouchard, Helen Garrels, Jane Ann Gerry, Harriet Lou Heyser, Mary Leigh Hughes, Patricia Lewis, Sally Loughead, Patricia Nixon, Alice Roelofs, Naomi Sawyer, Blanche Tichenor, Mary Winton. Founded University of Michigan 1886 1501 Washtenaw 389 Top Row Berry, H. Bohnsack, Brown, Flaningam, Fulde, J. Griswold, Harris, Kalb, Landers. Row 2 Lightner, Lobban, Nisson, Patterson, Poloway, Rhea, Rodger, Sappington, Ruth Smith. Row 3 Wills, Beatty, Denfield, Goudy, Gudekunst, Hardy, Henry, Longyear. Row 4- Lovejoy, Miller, Mohlin, B. Ross, Scheer, Sheehy, Rosalie Smith, Sollitt, E. Wright. Row 5 Zollner, Borland, R. Bohnsack, Clement, Cummings, Curran, DeFries, Flanagan, B. Griswold. Row 6 Hood, Kendall, Morris, Reynolds, Schreck Sellon, Willits, Young, Baechle. Row 7 Brennan, Mason, McLaughlin, McMillan, Poling, P. Ross, Shinnick, Whittemore, L. Wright. DELTA DELTA DELTA ' SENIORS: Constance Berry, Helen Bohnsack, Helen Brown, Sue Flaningam, Clara Louise Fulde, Jane Griswold, Marian Harris, Evelyn Kalb, Agnes Landers, Elizabeth Lightner, Eleanor Lobban, Audrey Nisson, Frances Patterson, Sonia Poloway, Ellen Rhea, Mary Rodger, Virginia Sappington, Ruth Smith, Jean Wagner, Ann Wills. JUNIORS: Mary Beatty, Carolyn Denfield, Jeanne Goudy, Erath Gudekunst, Marjorie Hardy, Elizabeth Henry, Edith Longyear, Phyllis Lovejoy, Grace Miller, Gertrude Mohlin, Bette Ross, Helen Scheer, Phyllis Sheehy, Rosalie Smith, Jean Sollitt, Evelyn Wright, Dona Zollner. SOPHOMORES: Jean Borland, Ruth Ann Bohnsack, Joan Clement, Dorothy Cummings, Mary Lou Curran, Barbara DeFries, Peggy Flanagan, Betty Griswold, Catherine Hood, Marjorie Kendall, Jo Anne Morris, Phyllis Reynolds, Roberta Schreck, Mary Sellon, Ruth Willits, Barbara Young. FRESHMEN: Virginia Baechle, Catherine Brennan, Violet Mason, Audrey McLaughlin, Martha McMillan, Elizabeth Poling, Peggy Ross, Jeanne Shinnick, Jean Whittemore, Lucy Chase Wright. Founded at Boston University 1888 lota Chapter 1893 718 Tappan 390 Top Row Bloxsom, Calkins, Conn, Forberg, Johnson, Kearney, Keilhotz, Kinney, Krause. Row 2 Lavan, McConkey, Outhwaite, Whittemore, Alfvin, Baits, Bender, Benham, Connell. Row 3 Drury, Hofman, Purgett, Scott, Tydeman, Wright, Chockley, Cleary, Corl. Row 4 Eckert, Graham, Luton, Moehlman, Neal, Rakestraw, Young, Alexander, Bales. Row 5- Bunnell, Hastreiter, Kirchgessner, Lindberg, Opsion, Raymond, Schutt, Shartel, Stapp. DELTA GAMMA SENIORS: Dorothy Bloxsom, Belle Calkins, Betty Conn, Catherine Forberg, Rachel Johnson, Edna Kearney, Virginia Keilholtz, Charlotte Kinney, Jane Krause, Dorothy Lavan, Mary McConkey, Joan Outhwaite, Margaret Whittemore. JUNIORS: Virginia Alfvin, Jane Baits, June Bender, Jean Benham, Jane Connell, Virginia Drury, Jeanette Hofman, Dorothy Lindquist, Berna Deane Purgett, Martha Scott, Dorothy Tydeman, Margaret Wright. SOPHOMORES: Julie Chockley, Charlotte Cleary, Sue Corl, Donna Eckert, Jane Graham, Isabel Kulsavage, Mabel Luton, Jean Moehl- man, Betty Ann Neal, Eleanor Rakestraw, Virginia Young. ' FRESHMEN: Geraldine Alexander, Dorothy Bales, Elizabeth Bunnell, Mary June Hastreiter, Mary Jane Kirchgessner, Jane Lindberg, Martha Opsion, Marjorie Ray- mond, Alice Louise Schutt, Marlou Shartel, Mary Ann Stapp. Founded at Oxford Institute 1 874 Xi Chapter 1885 1205 Hill 391 Top Row -Dixon, Finkeldey, R. Fitzpatrick, Foster, Hardy, Hyde, Newton, Ortmeyer, Rigterink, Roberts. Row 2 Schumann, Schwegler, Walsh, J. Zimmermann, Adams, Benson, Brooks, Cowing, Crosby, Gage. Row 3 R. Gustafson, Holt, Hulbert, Keatley, Lay, Manwaring, Neafie, Plaisted, Poe, Power. Row 4 Rhodes, Spamer, Stresau, Williams, Allen, Arner, Barnes, Bjork, Heun, Hoffman. Row 5 Honey, Ihling, Jeffrey, Reichle, Stelle, Wood, Dodd, J. Fitzpatrick, J. Gustafson, Hennig. Row 6 Herbert, Hughes, Lathrop, Parquette, Rich, Sessions, Shearer, Upson, Vyn, M. Zimmerman. GAMMA PHI BETA SENIORS: Mary Dixon, Miriam Finkeldey, Ruth Fitzpatrick, Lila Foster, Virginia Lee Hardy, Jane Hyde, Barbara Newton, Dorothea Ortmeyer, Helen Rigterink, June Roberts, Betty Schumann, Virginia Schwegler, Margaret Walsh, Jane Zimmermann. JUNIORS: Susan Adams, Janice Benson, Dorothy Brooks, Beth Cowing, Catherine Crosby, Mary Gage, Rae Gustafson, Caroline Holt, Margaret Hulbert, Louise Keatley, Shirley Lay, Jean Manwaring, Mary Neafie, Harriet Plaisted, Martha Poe, Phoebe Power, Helen Rhodes, Evelyn Spamer, Ann Stresau, Eleanor Williams. SOPHOMORES: Betty Allen, Doris Arner, Belva Barnes, Phyllis Bihn, Marian Bjork, Virginia Heun, Molly Hoffman, Jane Honey, Margaret Ihling, Jean Jeffrey, Mary Reichle, Patricia Stelle, Ruth Wood. FRESHMEN: Elinor Dodd, Josephine Fitzpatrick, June Gustafson, Marjorie Hennig, Mary Herbert, Mary Craig Hughes, Katherine Lathrop, Susan Ortmeyer, Frances Parquette, Margaret Rich, Sally Sessions, Margaret Shearer, Nancy Upson, Frances Vyn, Marcia Zimmerman. Founded at Syracuse University 1 874 Beta Chapter 1882 1 520 S. University 392 Top Row -Baker, Barlow, Brundett, Coburn, Davis, Dunlap, Finney. Row 2 -Forrestal, Grove, Lynch, Major, McLachlan, Penny, Signaigo, Sprick, Basse, Brian. Row 3 -Bridgen, Campbell, Carpenter, Fariss, A. Haas, Johnson, L Hommedieu, Rybolt, Ryerson, Thorn. Row 4 -Tonkin, Wagner, Ward, Waters, Amsbary, Brown, Buesser, Burns, Carritte, Forsythe. Row 5 Green, M. Haas, Habel, Jones, Morse, Pfender, Robison, Smith, Vicary, Bundt. Row 6 -Clarke, Douglas, Gable, Highley, Leete, Lloyd, Markward, Vial, Weber, Wolfs. KAPPA ALPHA THETA SENIORS: Suzanne Barlow, Betty Brundett, Sally Coburn, Jeanne Davis, Dorothy Dunlap, Mary Louise Finney, Mar- jorie Forrestal, Jane Grove, Edith Lynch, Mary Major, Jean McLachlan, Louisa Penny, Florence Signaigo, Catherine Sprick, Joan Baker. JUNIORS: Lois Basse, Elizabeth Brian, Dorothy Bridgen, Jeanne Campbell, Josephine Car- penter, Betty Fariss, Alice Haas, Betty Johnson, Jean L ' Hommedieu, Dorothy Rybolt, Jean Ryerson. Margot Thorn, Phyllis Tonkin, Mary Lee Wagner, Virginia Ward, Phyllis Waters. SOPHOMORES: Barbara Amsbary, Mary Eleanor Brown, Elizabeth Buesser, Barbara Burns, Barbara Carritte, Betty Green, Jean Forsyth, Margaret Haas, Mary Habel, Catherine Jones, Virginia Morse, Mary Pfender, Phyllis Robison, Marjorie Smith, Harriette Vicary. FRESH- MEN: Betty Bundt, Janet Clarke, Mary Lyle Douglas, Polly Ann Gable, Anne Highley, Marjorie Leete, Josephine Lloyd, Betty Markward, Laura Vial, Morrow Weber, Carolyn Wolfs. ' Founded at DePauw University 1870 Eta Chapter -1 879 1414 Washtenaw 393 Top Row Cowan, French, Powers, Ward, Woodruff, Alt. Row 2 -Cory, Couzens, Gladding, McCoy, Maynard, Meyer, Pabst, Rakestraw. Row 3 -Tretheway, Smith, Wilt, Beebe, Bill, Bowen, Clare, Cox. Row 4 Eagle, Kuhlman, Parsons, Pate, Thomson, Adams, Savage, Weinhart. KAPPA DELTA SENIORS: Dorothy Cowan, Gertrude French, Margaret Powers, Mildred Ward, Margaret Woodruff. JUNIORS: Barbara Alt, Sally Cory, Dorothy Couzens, Kathryn Gladding, Marjorie McCoy, Mary Maynard, Margaret Meyer, Matilda Pabst, Jeanne Rakestraw, Betsy Tretheway, Doris Smith, Martha Wilt. SOPHOMORES: Olive Beebe, Dorothy Bill, Marjorie Bowen, Jeanne Clare, Jean Cox, Donelda Eagle, Lois Kuhlman, Gail Parsons, Mary Pate, Gwendolyn Thomson. FRESHMEN: Phyllis Adams, Marilyn Savage, Sally Weinhart. Founded at Virginia State Normal Collaga 1897 Sigma Zeta Chaptei 1921 1620 Cambridge 394 r ! Top Row Blair, Gilliam, Kepler, Lord, MacCready, Moe, Nahser, Olds, Osgood, Rudy. Row 2 -Sage, Seabright, Sevison, Andresen, Bailie, Bauman, Bullion, Carpenter, Dodge, Henkel. Row 3 - Lowden, Merki, Montross, Patterson, Pearce, Trump, Williams, Winters, Brown, Erdmann. Row 4 Gram, Henry, Henog, Holmes, Jenswold, Smith, Watson, Cannon, Heath, Leavitt. Row 5 -McGrath, McNeil, Puffer, Robb, Robinson, Simms, Thomas, Underbill, Wood, Woodmancy. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA GRADUATES: Sally Blair, Elizabeth Thome. SENIORS: Martha Byrnes, Dorothy Gilliam, Elizabeth Kepler, Alice Ann Lord, Mary Eleanor MacCready, Elizabeth Moe, Patricia Nahser, Barbara Olds, Virginia Osgood, Dorothy Rudy, Betty Sage, Peg Seabright, Elinor Sevison. JUNIORS: Gertrude Andresen, Betty Bailie, Betty Bauman, Jeanne Bullion, Louise Carpenter, Margaret Dodge, Margaret Ann Hadsell, Betty Henkel, Bonnie Lowden, Dorothy Merki, M. Elizabeth Montross, Penelope Patterson, Celia Pearce, Dorothy Trump, Maxine Williamson, Ann Winters. SOPHOMORES: Margaret Brown, Elizabeth Gram, Betty Erdmann, Victoria Henry, Ann Herzog, Virginia Holmes, Barbara Jenswold, Louise Kalb, Ruthmary Smith, Jean Watson. FRESHMEN: Suzanne Brown, Margaret Cannon, Monna Heath, Helen Leavitt, Marian McGrath, Annie McNeil, Roberta Pulfer, Janet Robb, Barbara Robinson, Suzanne Sims, Mildred Thomas, Jane Underhill, Nancy Wood, Betty-Jane Woodmancy. Founded at Monmouth, III.- -1870 Beta Delta Chapter -- 1890 1204 Hill 395 Top Row Mitchell, Newblatt, Prussin, Aleinik, Frumkin, Halpert. Row 2 Sadwith, Greene, Kaplan, Klein, Kohl, Ross. Row 3 Weiner, Blanc, Cook, Rudolph, Weinstein, Wener. PHI SIGMA SIGMA SENIORS: Thelma Mitchell, Anita A. Newblatt, Myrtle Prussin. JUNIORS: Ruth Aleinik, Reva B. Frumkin, Celia Halpert, Beverly C. Sadwith. SOPHOMORES: Syril A. Greene, Shirley Kaplan, Bertha H. Klein, Marcia Kohl, Elaine B. Ross, Margaret Weiner. FRESHMEN: Natalie H. Blanc, Myra Cook, Shirley Rudolph, Ida Wein- stein, Phyllis Wener. Founded at Hunter College 1913 Eta Chapter 1922 1 430 Cambridge 396 JLjj -4 f StoMdMw mif S L. Jr .k jrnL fj- J Tt SA f f 4 ,)4-)M t Top Row Mary Ashley, H. Barnett, Bassett, Beem, Belknap, Chaufty, Dittman. Row 2 Fisher, Homer, Jean, McCrory, Merker, Rogers, Strand, Tittle, Van Winkle. Row 3 Appleton, Ayers, Boardman, Crow, Drew, Fenske, Gabriel, Gardner, Karn. Row 4 -Kincade, Lahey, Mathews, McKinley, Rendinell, Reed-Hill, Schaible, Shipman, Whitely. Row 5 Albers, Marjorie Ashley, B. Barnett, Chapman, Clark, Ewing, Fowler, Mahon, Stock. Row 6 Wendell, Young, Brundage, Curdes, Dickmeyer, Fromm, Griffin, Hassard, Heidbreder. Row 7 Hulbert, Lillie, Maybury, Morton, Osborne, Pritchard, Simrall, Standerline, Tuck. PI BETA PHI SENIORS: Mary Ashley, Helen Barnett, Jeanne Bassett, Joanna Beem, Jean Belknap, Betty Ann Chaufty, Barbara Dittman, Janet Fisher, Janet Homer, Helen Jean, Martha McCrory, Doris Merker, Barbara Rogers, Marjorie Strand, Annabel Van Winkle. JUNIORS: Virginia Appleton, Camilla Ayers, Virginia Boardman, Agnes Crow, Nancy Drew, Julia Fenske, Margaret Gabriel, Margaret Gardner, Marcia Karn, Imogene Kincade, Mercedes Mathews, Janet McKinley, Claire Reed-Hill, Jean Rendinell, Don- elda Schaible, Betty Shipman, Ruth Tittle, Betty Whitely. SOPHOMORES: Katherine Albers, Marjorie Ashley, Betty Barnett, Nancy Chapman, Barbara Clark, Mary Louise Ewing, Phyllis Fowler, Ruth Gram, Helen Lahey, Marjorie Mahon, Nancy Stock, Miriam Wendell, Patri- cia Young. ' FRESHMEN: Betty Brundage, Helen Curdes Doris Dickmeyer, Lois Fromm, Nancy Griffin, Shirley Hassard, Betty Ann Heidbreder, Barbara Hulbert, Mary Ellen Lillie, Margaret Maybury, Sally Morton, Janet Osborne, Jane Pritchard, Kitty Simrall, Mary Standerline, Mary Sue Tuck. Founded at Monmouth College 1867 Beta Chapter -1888 836 Tappan 397 Top Row Cox, Capron, Dalman, George, Pheneger, Shoecraft, Engel. Row 2 Hackett, McFarland, Robertson, Taylor, Scutt, Walcott, Gould. Row 3 Koopman, Mutter, Worden, Dalzen, Kelsey, Osborn, Schlesinger. ZETA ,TAU ALPHA GRADUATE: Dorothy Cox. SENIORS: Ruth Capron, Corrine Dalman, Genevieve George, Jean Pheneger, Harriett Shoecraft. JUNIORS: Ruth Ann Engel, Cora Hackett, Patricia MacFarland, Betty Fry McFall, Catharine Robertson, Barbara Scutt, Elaine Taylor, Virginia Walcott. SOPHOMORES: Shyrl Gould, Ellen Koopman, Edna Mutter, Dorothy Worden. FRESHMEN: Lorraine Dalzen, Jane Kelsey, Catherine Osborn, Margot Schlesinger. 398 Founded at Virginia State Normal 1898 Alpha Gamma Chapter 1920 902 Baldwin : ' - : Standing Luckham, Braunlich, Van Ess. Seated Sikkenga, Risk, Sargeant. MARTHA COOK HOUSE OFFICERS MARJORIE RISK. President BETTY SIKKENGA . Vice-President ALICE BRAUNLICH . Secretary MARGARET VAN ESS . Secretary JANET SARGENT Senior Representative ELIZABETH LUCKH AM, Junior Representative HOUSE STAFF MISS SARA L. ROWE House Director MRS. G. J. DIEKEMA Social Director BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. EDWARD D, MAIRE MRS. JAMES D. BRUCE MRS. CHAUNCEY F. COOK 400 Top Row Collier, Staunton, Baker, van der Meulen, Rons, Priest. Row 2 Gilbertson, Slick, Nishon, Zheutlin, Kirk, Glickman. Row 3 Friedman, Church, Lazarus, Wagner, Sibley, O ' Donnell, Mertz. STOCKWELL HALL ' " ' " j , . ' II ( HI! -II if I iff! MARTHA ANN WAGNER . President NAN CHURCH First Vice-President DORIS KICK Second Vice-President JOANN SLICK Third Vice-President MRS. MARTHA RAY . House Director MISS BETTY LYON Social Director COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Dale Baker Edith Howell Gertrude Inwood Gloria Nishon Jane Pinkerton Betty Pons Miki Silverman Bette Steffin Joan Stevens Susan Ndell 401 Top Row Gardiner, Drew, Bihn, Rosing, Smirl, Press. Row 2 -Cole, Miller, Groft, Etkin, Cornell, Hoffman. Row 3 -Caster, Grace, Sanford, Kern, Hubbard, Frederick, Tenofsky. MOSHER HALL MARJORIE KERN. JANET GRACE BARBARA WOODHOUSE MRS. ALICE B. KLEIN . MISS LOUISE LARRABEE President First Vice-President Second Vice-President House Director Assistant House Director COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN JANE ROSING . . Social EMILIE ROOT Art RUTH KREINSON . Scholarship JANE POLLAK . Library MARGARET JOHNSON Athletic CHARLOTTE TUITE . . Music JEAN SHAFER . . Kitchenette MILDRED WILLIAMS . Publicity 402 Top Row -Rodenbeck, Howe, Weaver, Heath, Lloyd, Gray. Row 2 Mayer, Hamilton, Stapp, Leidig, Gable, Sessions. Row 3 Bemis, Dubuisson, Gathers, Scheffer, Gerry, Hutchins, Hyman. JORDAN HALL MISS ESTHER COLTON House Director MISS HOPE HARTWIG, Resident Counselor SUZANNE SCHEFFER . . President BECKY CROTHERS , . Vice-President JANE ANN GERRY . . Sec.-Treas. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN MARY HUGHES SALLY SESSIONS . RUTH LEIDIG . MARALYN MAYER NANCY WEAVER KAY ANN BEADLE MONNA HEATH TONI HOWE. RITA HYMAN . JEAN HAMILTON . Art . Athletics Current Events . Dramatic Health Library Music . Publicity Scholarship Social 403 Standing -Elizabeth Brougham, Gladys Burdick, Ethel Kimmel. Seated Shirley Bannerman, Gertrude Frey, Dorothy Anderson. BETSY B ARBOUR BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. E. L. ADAMS MRS. JOHN WORLEY MRS. JOHN BRYANT MRS. CHARLES B. VIBBERT MISS ALICE LLOYD HOUSE OFFICERS GERTRUDE FREY President SHIRLEY BANNERMAN . Vice-President GLADYS BURDICK Secretary ETHEL KIMMEL Treasurer ELIZABETH BROUGHAM, Social Chairman DOROTHY ANDERSON, Assembly Rep. HOUSE STAFF MRS. C. STANLEY MITCHELL, Social Dir. CAROLINE SCHOETTKER . Dietitian KATHERINE COX Assistant Dietitian 404 BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. HENRY B. JOY, President DEAN ALICE C. LLOYD MRS. WILFRED B. SHAW MRS. JOHN G. HAYES MRS. ARTHUR BROMAGE MISS JANET MACFARLANE Standing Allen, Mueller. Seated Breed, Culley, DeMong. HELEN NEWBERRY HOUSE OFFICERS HELEN CULLEY . MARY DeMONG . MARJORIE ALLEN BETTY JANE MUELLER HELEN BREED President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman HOUSE STAFF MISS RUTH DANIELSON, House Director MISS KATHERINE COX Dietitian 405 WEST QUADRANGLE WEST QUADRANGLE COUNCIL Standing: Allen Axelrod, Lawrence Krohn. William Halliday, David Mathews, Erwin Coveny, Oscar Feldman. Seated: Howard Howerth, Robert Ehrler, William Van Giesen, Douglas Davis. Paul Schonberg, Robert Petteys, Bruce Forbes. MISSING: Byron Custer, Clinton Russell, Robert Urbanek, Joseph Lahey. Now in its second year, the West Quadrangle helps to realize the broad educational aims of the University, by giving the student experience in communal living and assistance in expanding his education into those areas which must be cultivated if he is to become a citizen of the world. ' In addition to the program of sports, social activities, group discussions, and informal Faculty dinners , life in the West Quad was enriched this year by the opening of the Louis A. Strauss Memorial Library which offers good books and a congenial atmosphere for leisure reading, by the in- auguration of a nightly program of recorded music, known as the Strauss Library Music Hour, by the establishment of French and German tables in the dining rooms to give the residents the opportunity to develop conversational skill in foreign languages under the guidance of competent men, and finally, by the installation of the West Quad- rangle Freshman Study Hall, a branch of the University Library, which offers reference books for all Freshman courses. 406 The Louis A. Strauss Memorial Library Tea Dance in the Main Lounge on Washington ' s Birthday. A Faculty Tea. 407 EAST QUADRANGLE COUNCIL PAUL ROESCH, President ROBERT LAM, Secretary CHARLES MAKER, Treasurer DONALD HARTWELL JOHN FARRAND NATHANIEL FOWLER ROGER BOLLIER H I N S D A L E GREEN Standing Algerd Jerome, Glenn Slade, Paul Roesch, Howard Duerr. Seated D. Niederhauser, C. Maker, Ed Strong. TYLER Standing -Pete Speek, Norman Taylor, Robert Cahow, Kevin Jones. Seated -William Siegel, Donald Hartwell, Merville Willis. PRESCOTT Standing Pete Wege, John Lacy, James McKoewn, Gordon Moore. Seated Robert Lam, John Darrand, Art Mann. Standing Nathaniel Fowler, John Riopelle, Ralph Heid, Norman Schwartz. Seated Roger Bollier, John Gray, Marvin Zeskind. 408 With Malice Toward None ' In the preceding pages, the Editors of the Michiganensian have ably portrayed the more pompous and superficial aspects of life on the Michigan Campus. In the following section, two Michigan Daily editors have attempted to high- light the more trivial and commonplace events, together with an expose of some of the person- alities who made Campus news during the 1940- 41 school year NO SEN( ONLY ONCK RIPE THE WEAKLY NEWSMAGAZINE ELLEN RHEA Traded tulips for pineapple Travel VOLUME: NOT VERY LOtT) NTMBKR PLEASE ' Everything For The Shop Metalworking Machinery Material Handling Equipment Tools Of Many Kinds Power Transmission Equipment Metals Many Kinds and Shapes Welding Equipment and Supplies Home Workshop Equipment Grinding Wheels and Abr Grain Electric Tools and Motors Boston Standardized Gears Steel Shop Furniture and Many Other Items The CHAS. A. STRELINGER Co. 149 E. Lamed St. Detroit LETTERS THE BEST DEFENSE against shoddy workmanship is GOOD MATERIALS. Good paper makes good impressions . . . and we have good papers for every purpose . . .yearbooks, bulletins, publications, stationery, blotters, cards, booklets. BERMINGHAM PROSSER CO. Paper Merchants KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN FOR NATIONAL DEFENSE PRODUCTION- we offer a complete line of industrial equipment and supplies. DEPENDABLE ACCURATE Prompt attention to orders of all sizes BOYER CAMPBELL CO. 6540 ANTOINE ST. DETROIT, MICHIGAN For Man of the Year SLIDE-RULER KING " Reckognishun whare doo. " To the TRIPE editors Youse rats Its about time you woke up to the true facts of life and gave some rekognishon to those who are deservent of reckognishun, which are the enjineers. Why, youd think by the way TRIPE has ignored us that we was illiterate, which everybody noes aint so. If youd only be halfway fare about it, youd reelise that the only posibl man for Man of the Year is Ed King, who has dis- tingwished himself by his exployts under the Enjineers Arch. Our rover boy who we lable king of the soshul butter flys is vice -precedent of the enjine counsel arid precedent of Vulcans which is an enjine sosiety for honerable men. Give Kink as we we affecshunately call him his dew rekog- nishun, and also give us enjineers the rekognishun which we so cleerly desirve. HIRAM EZEKIEL McGiLLicuor An engineer To the Editor of TRIPE Dear Sir: I wish to nominate as Man of the Year an individual who has distinguished himself with his service to the University, his country and his students. An outstanding historian, probably the most proficient of his era, his erudite ukases issued to The Daily from time to time have been breathlessly awaited by the Nation and have brought to him the fame he so richly deserves. But unspoiled by nationwide recognition, this true gentleman has not forgotten his old friends, nor that he started life as a mere school teacher. To show his true appreciation for the friendship and support they have given him, he has written a learned and profound treatise on European history, which he allows his students to purchase for a mere $4.50. Indeed, such generosity, such ability, such service to his country should not go unrewarded. Let us all stand and salute this man, this great man. I wish to nominate as Man of the Year Preston W. Slosson, professor of History at the University of Michigan. PRESTON W. SLOSSON Professor of History University of Michigan To the Editor of TRIPE Dear Sir: We wish to nominate as Man of the Year one whom all readers of TRIPE will know well. His scholastic standing distinguishes as one among a few, and only the exigencies of a national emergency prevented him from graduating. For Man of the Year we propose William Combs. OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF STUDENTS University of Michigan 412 LETTERS To the Editor of TRIPE Dear Sir: For Man of the Year I propose an outstanding University of Michigan student whose dear sweet personality has endeared him to all his fellow workers. Efficient, hard-working, deservant of every honor, let us name Charles Samuel, Ensian editor-in-chief to this coveted position. M. LOUISE GRAHAM P.S. Now will I get my paycheck? OUTSTANDING STUDENT Dear Editor: It is my understanding that you are accepting nominations for Man of the Year, and I feel that a certain man the Robert Taylor of the campus should receive your most serious con- sideration. Yes, you guessed it Blaz Lucas. Luke is noted for his good looks, glamorous hair, and work on the Interfraternity Council. The outstanding man on the Junior staff of the Council last spring he was nearly a unani- mous selection for the President ' s position. This fall Luke had to resign from the prexyship, but still carried on some work that will aid the Interfraternity situation in the next few years. Aside from Miss Elliot, the Ma Perkins of the Economics department, and a certain math prof, Luke got along fairly well in his scholastic endeavors, but Luke cared less for study- ing than for bull sessions in the Sigma Chi house and his daily trips to the Pi Phi house to visit the one and only Ruth Title, but he was very chummy with each and every Pi Phi. Hailing from Harmon, or rather, Gary, Indiana, Blaz played on the same football team that carried Harmon to fame, and it is understood that many a block that set the Ace free on a touch- down run was delivered by Blatzko. By the way, Lucas, along with Tom H., made the All-State football team. Now listen to me, dear editor, Lucas, not Harmon, nor any- one else should get the coveted title of Man of the Year. THE Pi PHIS (Those angels in disguise) THE SOCIALITES? To the Editor: I think you are approaching this thing of Man of the Year in the wrong way. It seems to me that we should select a certain group of Michigan men, about forty strong, as Men of the Year. These men really get around that is they can always be found in the Parrot at any hour of the day and in the P-Bell at any hour of the night. They all think they are smoothies, but we really know they aren ' t. You can always find them buzzing the ear of some luscious coed, and you very seldom find them studying. Guess who? A PARROT HOUND Congratulations and Best Wishes The Bakers of T AYS TEE BREAD Gagnier Paint Company Paints Colors Brushes 164-166-168 Congress East DETROIT, MICHIGAN Once again " MOLLOY-MADE quality and workmanship " scores as the 1941 MICHIGANENSIAN is cased in a " MOLLOY-MADE " cover From The David J. Molloy Plant 2857 NORTH WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO ILLINOIS 413 BSON - R AYMON DETROIT, ANT DIVISION OP ASSOCIATED XPfttN t COftl " . COOK ?t ANT N TWO PLANTS- ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 414 Volume: Not Very Loud TRIPE THE WEAKLY NEWS MAGAZINE Only Once CAMPUS AFFAIRS NATIONAL DEFENSE An Awakened Youth More than 5,000 ivory-tower-cloistered eligible Michigan men, traditionally pas- sive toward national and international affairs beyond the bounds of Angell Hall, the Parrot and the Bell, were rudely awakened from their academic slumber early last year by ominous rumblings from Washington. More effective than any political science course, fire-side chat or banner headlines in bringing World War II and national defense to the student ' s mind was the serious and personal pro- cedure of draft registration. Heinen puffed heavily on his Havana, shrouded the Union Fleet in a blanketing smoke screen, announced that Union pins would be called in and melted down into ammunition. Suspecting saboteurs the night of the Union ' s famed blackout, Messers Gould and Heinen refused com- ment, imposed strict censorship on all Union official communiques. THE LEAGUE Another Pool Drive Not to be outdone by the Union ' s com- bined national defence efforts, die-hard WAA leaders again organized the 999th UNION ' S PUBLICITY-WISE SECRETARY HEINEN " Censorship, thy name is Publicity " . With collegians safe until June, little direct effect was felt on Campus, but Uncle Sam ' s lottery had opened the gates to the rising crescendo of national de- fence. Eager to do their bit for the preservation of democracy, Union Pres- ident Douglas P. Gould and diminutive, cigar-smoking Union Secretary Charles Heinen immediately announced that Union facilities would be turned over to the needs of national defense. While bowling alley pinboys were rehearsing their sharpshoot- ing routine, Messers Gould and Heinen devised flotilla maneuvers in the Union Naval Tank. While strategist Gould barked orders to his none-too-sea-legged crew, ported his helm and crept up on an imaginary enemy, chemical warfarist Final Drive for the Women ' s Swimming Pool Fund. Pulchritudinous pressure- agents of the WAA had little trouble in canvassing dormitories, fraternities. Head- ed by athletic, male-wise WAA president Jane Grove, the entertainment delegation quickly rounded up a contingent of sus- ceptible, brawny males to challenge a touring group of DAR crochetting cham- pions to an athletic contest. At game ' s end a sheckle count in the box office revealed the fund still 50 cents short of its goal: undaunted, Prexy Grove twisted her hair into new shapes, conjured plans for the next drive. Undiscouraged, corduroy-knickered Grove called on famed female clown Elsa Maxwell, sought surcease from the promised lucrative results of the Union ' s newly-christened Michelodeon. Avidly counting the house, multiplying by ad- mission charges, WAAdministrator Grove found her fund still short. Even less re- mained with three per cent for the gov- ernor, and added income taxes faced by the hapless activity. Thus through another year WAA guided its long-cherished swimming-pool project, thus for another year the build- ing of the hoped-for pond was delayed. M-DAY PLANS While apprehensive, eligible campus males nervously thumbed through the morning mail for fat, somber government envelopes, League president Lee Hardy and stooges met in secret session, form- ulated M-day plans for taking over the Union as soon as Gould, Heinen and Co. evacuated their State St. stronghold. Sources close to the President revealed that a White Paper will be issued not later than July 1. Prospects of raiding the Union ' s catacombical icebox was seen by neutral observers as chief anschluss incentive for graham cracker- apple butter gourmand Lee (Phi Bete) Hardy. Xo less saucer-eyed at the lucrative prospects were other members of the inner war council. Voiced Social Com- mittee Chairman Virginia Osgood: " With all those bowling alleys at my disposal, I can really learn to break 98 " . Secondary ambition of JGP dance committee chair- man, ex-Saks employee Osgood: to in- struct Union chefs in the proper technique of preparing French Frieds a la Osgood. To Candy Booth Chairman Beth Castor, anschluss conjured vivid pictures of an increased clientele, a virtual campus sweet-tooth monopoly. To methodical, Merit System Chairman Barb Dittman Union ' s traditionally ' ' masculine disorder was like a new fireside to FDR. Chem major Dittman was ready to apply the acid test, clean excess H2SO4 from Union council chambers. Pressed by avid news- hawks for a statement of intentions, shy, Martha Cook-dormed League Secretary Betty (call me Carol) Lombard denied rumors that she was training on Havana ' s to (simulate Union Sec. Heinen ' s char- acteristic stance. Blurted Miss Lombard: " I hope they don ' t make me sew Union Opera costumes. " To League Publicity Chairman Elinor Sevison, " our Little Nell, " came visions of Goebels-like uniforms, of " Propaganda Ministry " on the doors of the massive Rackham Building. Cheyenne-born Sevi- son, no Shy Anne herself, was in complete mastery of the situation, summoned her horse, rode gleefully through lengthy Angell Hall corridors. No less busy was multi-honor society member Betty Stout, League orienta- tion chairman. Former Play-Production star Stout gathered her recruits for any emergency, oriented new fresh-women to the exigencies of campus life under the new Union-declared emergency. 415 CAMPUS AFFAIRS ART JUDICIARY PRESIDENT MERKER As mechanical minded as Hitler ' s Generals. To marble-like, intelligent Judiciary Council president Doris Merker, rumors of blitzkrieg brought little reaction. Unmoved, Mississippi-bound Merker refused comment, picked up her tennis racket to obtain relaxation in her favorite sport. INTERFRATERNITY Convention Troubles Memphis-born Interfraternity prexy James Reilly Harrison last year made news with a daring escape from the clutching claws of several Broadway chorines. Disturbed from peaceful dreams of the old South, by fellow Phi Gams, woman-hater Harrison was sent to attend a big Interfraternity brawl in little old New York. Mistaken for Wendell Wilkie, candidate at the time for Fireside honors, Black Jim was snowed under by a bevy of beef-trusters. Disappear- ing into the labyrinths of the Street of a Million Lights, Druid- member Harrison was heard shouting adamantly: " No city slicker is going to put anything over on me. " Appearing two days later at Grand Central station, minus bags except the one under his left eye, big-city-weary Harrison boarded an Ann Arbor bound train, resumed his homesick dreams in Phi Gamma Delta ' s massive mansion. Said staccato-voiced Prexy Harrison to Ann Arbor news- hawks on his return: " Them d Yankees but it was fun. " Celulloid and Beer While ivory-towered artists sweated over abstracts, conde- scended to occasional portraits, hoping to eke out a bare existence in the traditional garret, ace cameraman Bob Merriman brought Michigan a stream-lined art that filled many a worn wallet, brought the Campus nearly as much publicity as the Hoosier Hammer. Combining artistic appeal with scientific precision and sound news judgment, flash bulb artist Merriman spread sports stars, professors and screwballs over the nations rotogravure and magazine pages, found that editors seldom were besieged with too many pictures worth printing. With still and action shots mastered, celluloid sleuth Merriman turned to new fields, found lucrative profits and sales values in motion-freezing " Magic Eye " photography. An adaptation of motion picture techniques to news photography the " Magic Eye " process shoots a rapid succession of pictures, that are later printed as a pictoral sequence. With business purring as smoothly as Dr. Goebbell ' s propa- ganda bureau, cameraman Merriman decided to form a syndicate, I. F. C. Boss HARRISON A misogynist at heart? ROBERT MERRIMAN WITH STOCK TRADE With stein and camera: a challenge to all. took in ex-Hearst reporter David Zeitlin as No. 1 idea man, copy writer and business partner, formed Merlin Features. Pumping Ann Arbor dry of photo news, Merlin Features turned during vacation to other fields, found lucrative possibilities in Florida ' s swimming centers, New York and Louisville. Artistic complement to Merlin features was Merriman heart- beat, Art School-trained Sally Mustard. A former Gargoyle cartoonist, Battle Creek ' s Miss Mustard found time between sessions at the easel to combine with Merlin to form the greatest party-sponsoring triumvirate since the pre-prohibition era. Familiar to regular Ensian scanners is the art work turned out by the year-book ' s art editor, winsome, impressionistic-conscious Margaret Whittemore. Assisted by junior Bob Nichol and many a budding artist, artist Whittemore dreamed up the yearly quota of division pages, miscellaneous art work. With a strong inclination toward the abstract, Miss Whittemore Co. caused many an office disagreement over significance, value of modern art. Mumbled one engineer: " It ain ' t practical and it don ' t show nothing, so what have you got? " More aesthetically minded editors nodded critically, decided to suspend jugdment and let campus reaction decide the issue. 416 Specializing in Finest Photographs and Giving Unequaled Service to Michigan Students OFFICIAL MICHIGANENSIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS a RENTSCHLER DEY SPEDDING STUDIOS ALL NEGATIVES KEPT ON FILE SO THAT ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS MAY BE ORDERED AT ANY TIME 417 Jacob O R Distinctive Women ' s Apparel SCIENCE ENGINEER, SOCIALITE DRICKAMER Still perfers a can opener, Efforts, All Out? With national defence established as the password of the hour, Michigan ' s science laboratories, wind tunnel and cyclotron last year turned full power on technological supremacy. Busiest spot on campus was the University ' s famed engineering school, where neophyte engineers and new techniques were being de- veloped side by side. Even social-minded, political big-wig Harry Drickamer, erst- while president of the engineering Senior Class, left The Bell long enough to browse about a few engineering laboratories, found that a hammer and anvil would serve well as a bottle- opener in a pinch. His cursory defence situation check-up completed, prexy Drickamer felt man enough to tackle any engineering problem, soon had his chance to show off when side-kick Heinen ' s car developed a puncture. ' Mid the heckling of well-meaning onlookers and admirers, however, ace Drickamer ' s laboratory training hit a snag. The tire was finally changed: courtesy AAA. No slacker was energetic Engineering Council President and Tau Beta Pi Chief Bob Morrison. Aided by manager Bob Bishop, Morrison and colleagues revived a famed Engineering College tradition : the annual Open House. Last held in the days of robust, Wes " Pus " Warren, the Open House puts the facilities and accomplishments of the Engineering School on exhibit for the general public. Large as life are working models of steel furnaces, railroad trains and other technological paraphenalia. A young boy ' s dream of heaven are the demonstration models on display: more fun than an erector set and three toy trains. To the average Lit school student the Engin School fiasco brings a concrete picture of the significance of scientific development, better than any text or technical journal. Food too for ample Technic copy were the plans and results of the Open House. To editors Fubush, Buritton and Tieman features, advertisement and publicity were easy picking: by far the No. 1 college project of the year. 418 SPORT In Minnesota Mud A tragedy as only Hamlet could have known was Michigan sensational football season. Widely-recognized as the country ' s A-l football squad, wiley coach Herbert O. (Fritz) Crisler ' s Harmonized varsity out-ran, out-played, out-punted all com- petitors, but fell disgracefully into the mud-soaked field at the hands of Minnesota ' s Golden Gophers. Three times within spitting distance of Bierman ' s goal line, the Michigan machine each time bogged down to a humble end. Easily the better ALL-AMERICAN THOMAS DUDLEY HARMON Made mud pies in the Minnesota mud. club, the Wolverines again learned from Minnesota that it ' s the final tally that counts. Welcome salve to many a loyal Michigan rooter ' s heartburn was the national recognition deluged upon ace gridder, lanky, Gary-born Thomas Dudley Harmon. Feted on nation-wide radio broadcasts, honored at the White House, besieged by hordes of publicity-wise advertisers, Michigan ' s over-glorified (the greatest since Red Grange) Harmon easily became the U. S. ' s most publicized college man. Not all milk and honey, however, was this deluge of fame and fortune, even in the Ace ' s stamping ground. Many a sour grape was mouthed in memo of the " Hoosier Hammer ' s " academic lassitude, personal vanity, private life. Many were the lucrative offers turned down by radio-minded Thomas D. Twenty-one and physically eligible, the government may yet get him at $21 per month. Less publicized but equally important in Michigan ' s gridiron battles were Harmon side-kick Capt. Evashevski and jovial end Expert Craftsmanship and exacting care, backed by half a century of service, have helped Brock and Rankin maintain leadership in the bookbinding industry. BROCK and RANKIN 619 South La Salle Street Chicago To You . . . MICHIGAN SENIORS Our Thanks for Your Patronage Our Best Wishes for Your Success Our Service for Your Convenience ANN ARBOR SAVINGS AND COMMERCIAL BANK Southeast Corner of Main and Huron Streets University Branch State St. at Nickel ' s Arcade Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System 419 SPORT Ed Fratig. Shrewd pilot of the Wolverine powerhouse, crop- headed " Evy " proved himself as effective a strategist at cupid ' s game, his trophy: coy, brunette Ruth Brown, daughter of Michigan ' s junior senator. No less a champion on love ' s battle- ground was T.D.H. ' s pass-snaring mate, Ed Frutig. No miso- gynist, slap-happy, boy-ish Edward Fruitig, however, still prefered a bull session of good fellows, could be found most any week-end night at The Bell or ' Buck ' s in the midst of Michigan ' s B.M.O.C. ' s, gingerly sipping phosphates. GRID PILOT FOREST EVASHEVSKI Traded cleats for ball and chain. Of Tanks and Cinders With the Maize and Blue jerseys returned to the locker rooms for another year, and with King football but an alumn ' s memory and Coach Crisler ' s worry, the sport spotlight shifted to more secluded niches of collegiate competition, found much to feature Belt ' s heavy with enough pelts to cover many a professorial bald spot, Coach Matt Mann ' s invincible pool sharks churned through the Intramural Pool for another record-shattering shut-out season. Confident of supremacy over all possible com- petition, fog-horned, wiry Coach Mann found another stalmate, even tougher to meet than a powerful opponent. With Mich- igan ' s pool supremacy firmly pegged safely above the nation ' s best, few tank squads could be found brave enough to face inevitable, stinging defeat at the hands of Matt ' s aquatic crew. Diving proved to be the natator ' s lone weak spot, but in no sprint or distance event did the Wolverines take a back seat. Spurred to many an easy victory by breast-stroker James Skin- ner, senior backstroker William Beebe and freestylers Bill Holmes, Charlie Barker and Gus Sharemet idled through a star- studded final year of competition. Traditionally strong, Michigan ' s Cinder squad ran away with many a coveted trophy, bowed only to Indiana ' s powerhouse. Star of the year was sensational high-jump artist Don Canham, backed,by Wes Allen and Brad Heyland grandstanders Breiden- bach and Barrett. TRACK CAPTAIN DON CANHAM As earth-bound as a toy balloon. Gus SHAREMET Destined to a watery fame. 420 THE PRODUCTS OF MODERN INDUSTRY AVAILABLE TO ALL The village blacksmith of H song and story lingers in our cherished memories of the past. But people want more things today than the individ- ual craftsman ' s hand alone can produce such things as automobiles, radios, moving pictures, electric refrigeration, modern air conditioning, to mention only a few. And the only way to make those things available in sufficient quantities so that all may have them is by patient research, modern engi- neering, adequate production facilities and efficient organization. Today you find the successor of the village blacksmith working in thousands of indus- -rfif ;. 1 . tries. The chief difference now is this his income is higher; his standards of living are vastly improved; he and his family enjoy the fruits of their own and other people ' s labors to an extent undreamed of in the old days. But the world is far from finished. In in- dustrial laboratories and experimental shops the country over, practical men are work- ing out still better ways of doing things finding new avenues to better living. New products and processes will enable us all to make even more things for one another to use and the more we make, the more we can have and enjoy. GENERAL MOTORS CHEVROLET PONTIAC OLDSMOBILE BUICK CADILLAC 421 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK When night Falls, and the golden haze of student days is a cherished memory, let your thoughts turn to the future and the part good health plays in successful living. Congratulations to you who will live in areas we serve. Good luck to you others who will live elsewhere we hope you ' ll get by somehow. From the Bakers of KOEPPLINGER ' S famous HEALTH BREAD RAISIN BREAD and PUMPERNICKEL STATE SAVINGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN RESOURCES OVER $1 0,000,000.00 ORGANIZED 1893 Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE PRESS Rumblings of the Press Long recognized as the U.S. ' s number one college daily, the Michigan Daily last year added another award-bedecked volume to its half-century-old record of Campus affairs. High point of the publication year was the gala Fiftieth Anniversary Celebra- tion, attended by some 200-odd Daily Greats of yesteryear. Drawn from all corners of the world, ex-Daily big-wigs recalled happy memories, admonished and praised the present staff, while pompous festivity organizer, Howard A. Goldman shuttled about, beaming with authority. Thinly veiled by bunting and fanfare were ominous rumblings, long anticipated and feared by thoughtful Daily editors. Jealous of The Daily ' s long record of student-controlled independence, Daily editors Haufler and Sarasohn were feeling the thumb screws of impending censorship. Early in December the first skirmish burst forth. Suspended for a period of a week, Ken- tucky-bred editor Haufler and editorialist Sarasohn discouraged sympathetic protests, hoped to smooth-over hard feelings and save The Daily ' s independence. Undaunted, " Colonel " Haufler pulled down his squirrel rifle, dared the " revenooers " to come. MANAGING EDITOR HERVIE HAUFLER " Bring on them revenooers. " Pressed for a statement, Detroit ' s " Studs " Sarasohn grew pensive announced: " We ain ' t licked yet. " To strutting Goldman, however, the suspension meant one week of promotion, one week as director of much-maligned Daily edit page, followed by an unheralded return to the peaceful vice-president-like obscurity of a Daily associate editorship. Said beaming Goldman at the close of his week tenure: " I shall retire to the quiet peacefulness of my Cleveland hacienda, and spend the rest of my days fishing. " To hard-working Karl Kessler, defenseless foil of the publica- tion ' s sophomore staff, a recording error in the Dean ' s office brought a first-semester all-A record, the doubtful honor of a publications scholarship. Also to " Itchy, " as KK is often styled, came the position of managing editor of the 1941 Summer Daily. Cornered for a statement by TRIPE ' S newshawk, physics major Kessler ' s prepared words were: " Let ' s all go down to the Bell for a short beer. " 422 THE PRESS Gargoyle Skyrockets Surprise of the year was 1940-41 Gargoyle, generally tolerated as the financial black sheep of the publications fold, Michigan ' s Humor magazine two years ago remained as a dying memory of the racoon-clad, ra-ra-ra era of the American college. Brimming with juvenile enthusiasm, Theta Chi ' s Dave Donaldson, protege of ex-Garg editor Hodge, took over the editorship with little en- couragement, low funds and a meager staff. A complete sell-out, the first issue featured serious short stories, photo- features, personalities; carried little in the line of Campus Humor, raw burlesque. Serious -minded editor Donaldson was successfully catering to collegiate readers more sophisticated than those of a decade ago. Highlight of the Gargoyle ' s surprising skyrocket to campus popularity was the nomination of the " prettiest boy on campus. " To Highland Park ' s hazel-locked Jim Tobin the honor came. Murmured beauty-king Tobin, on being notified of his honor: " Aw, gee, fellows! " Lowlight of the photo-literary-humorous publication was the one missed deadline, result of a train-delay in transmission of national advertising inserts. To weeping, eccentrically efficient Editor Donaldson, the missed-deadline brought sobs, despair. To editor Donaldson ' s brow-beaten staff, their editor ' s whip-like wrath. CHILD PROTEGE DAVE DONALDSON Drove Gargoyle to new heights. Slide-Rulers Can Write Styled as American ' s oldest and best college technical publica- tion, the Engineering College ' s Michigan Technic found easy picking last year in fields now thundering with defense orders training and research. Under the direction of methodical, hard- working editor-in-chief George Weesner, each monthly issue carried an ample quota of technical features, articles, backed by a militant, pro-engineering editorial policy. As un-handsome as a new-born babe, editor Weesner was quick to dispense with bureaucratic formalities in the Engineering College ' s editorial office. Cheerful and brimming to the ears with juvenility, head- man Weesner was not seldom mistaken for a copy boy. No mollycoddler of fellow workers, however, Engineer Weesner cheerfully demanded, cheerfully received full cooperation from a none-too-literate staff of slide-rulers, cheerfully piloted Michi- gan ' s Technic to a technically perfect season. Literary Highlights No newcomer to Michigan ' s Carillon-towered campus is Per- spectives, campus literary magazine. Ably directed this year by Perspective Editor Ellen Rhea, the publication ' step-child surprised even Editor Rhea by making with a fair degree of regularity its bi-monthly deadline, surprised even hyper-critical campus literature by producing at rare-intervals deservedly heralded literary gems by embryonic campus scribblers. WHITE-HAINES OPTICAL CO. formerly the WOLVERINE OPTICAL CO. Wholesale Opticians featuring Bausch and Lomb Products 306-7 Wolverine Bldg. Ann Arbor DRUGS KODAKS CALKINS-FLETCHER DRUG CO. " THE DEPENDABLE STORES " We have served Michigan and her students for fifty-six years CANDY Ann Arbor, Michigan SODAS 423 BUSINESS AND FINANCE For Rich Rewards Biggest money grabber on campus, beagle-eyed Irving Gutt- man, business manager of The Daily, covetously eyed the sheckles rolling into the campus fourth estate ' s coffers, zealously checked up on slackers among Daily advertisers. Prexy of the money bags, financier Guttman sat imperiously at his window-side desk, fretted old-maidishly over the antics of Daily editorial staff members, over their editorials which Tarry town ' s tycoon feared would estrange would-be advertising customers. Conductor of surveys dealing with student divertisement and activity, economist Guttman made nationwide front pages with the startling announcement that enough beer was consumed each school year by Ann Arbor students to float a thirteen hundred ton battleship. Said Ann Arbor beer-guzzlers to Surveyor Gutt- mans revelation: " Who wants to float a thirteen hundred ton battleship, anyway? " Used Car Dealers Businessman William Hearne Rockwell III made news in three fields of financial endeavor, as president of Congress, independent men ' s organization, as founder of two cooperative houses, Brandeis and Congress, as connosieur of used cars. Long-faced, coroner-like Rockwell III owns four cars, once owned five. In the Rockwell automobile livery are a used hearse, a 1929 station-wagon, two non-descript replicas of once runnable models. Graduate of Andover Prep, Shawsheen Village, Massachusetts, IRVING GUTTMAN: DAILY BUSINESS TYCOON Plays for keeps. sees in its pride and joy the embryo of a promising businessman. And little chance the peaceful little Massachusetts valley hamlet has of being disappointed. President of the Filth Corporation of America, Rockwell II also acts as part-time cook in Rockwell-founded Brandeis House. Most widely-known incident of long, lean, lanky William Hearne ' s campus career reveals clearly his aptitude for the presidency of that nation-wide institution. Once cooking in Brandeis House ' s kitchen, he knocked over a can of rice on the floor. Sweeping it up meticulouly, to the protestations of house- mates, he put it back in the can. Said chef Rockwell: " When we cook it we boil it anyway, and all the dirt will be sterlized then. " Thus four years of campus life for financier, cooperative tycoon, use-car connosieur William Hearne Rockwell III, long to be remembered as one of Michigan ' s most colorful figures. No less a tycoon is Jean Davis, League treasurer. Poli. Sci. BUSINESS MANAGER JACK CORY " More sales: they ' re not all caught yet. " major, " Daisy " Davis has but two loves in life the perplexities of her League accounts, and the intricacies of the badminton court. Campus Panhandlers Perennial thorn in campus walkers ' much-jostled sides are the diagonal-rooted, candy-snatching solicitors. Annually, thread-bare, thin-walleted students are relieved of pennies, nickles and dimes for enterprise ranging from war relief funds to Technic subscriptions. The take is lucrative, and most campus organizations, legitimate or otherwise, have a finger in the financial pie. First to take to the diagonal stations and the last to leave are the never-tiring Michiganensian solicitors. Psychology-wise, trained by Ensian business manager Jack Cory, Year Book sales artists know all the angles published or unpublished by Nation ' s Business. Chief stock in trade is the weekly rise in price. Like Sybil ' s manuscripts, the Ensian becomes increasingly valuable: the bait has proven its worth. Working from a comfortable desk in the publications building, sales tycoon Cory drives luckless beat men out to brave the wintry blasts of Ann Arbor weather and unsympathetic customers. Not satisfied with Campus trade, Cory sends pleading notes to parents of graduating seniors, imploring them to forever cherish the memory of their son or daughter ' s college life as presented by the Michiganensian. Largest circulation boost since Gutenberg (from three compli- mentaries to 5,000 subscriptions) was the feat recorded last year by Gargoyle business managers Bloom, Mitchell and Schust. With editor Donaldson turning out an ace-high product, manager Bernie Bloom had little trouble boosting circulation, found, un- like past years, that sell-outs were his prime worry. Proud with success on the local markets, circulation managers found a size- able number of subscribers through Detroit news stands. Speculations on reasons for success in Detroit (500 copies monthly) varied. Daily editor Chandler denied that it was a result of reader appeal, suggested: " There must be enough illiterates in Detroit to fall for your dribble. " 424 ON MAINTAINING LfflDfRSHP To win and consistently hold a place as the recognized leader of school annual printing, has been the record of Rogers Printing Company since its beginning in 1908. That we have, during a period of 32 years, success- fully produced hundreds of annuals for schools through- out the country, attests our ability to satisfy completely the most discriminating Year Book Staff. New ideas, coupled with the knowledge and experi- ence gained through a quarter of a century ' s service, insure the school that chooses a Rogers printed book of ideal pages " From Start to Finish. " We are proud that the staff of THE ' ENSIAN entrusted its printing to our organization and we herewith present it as an example of our work. ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY 307-309 First Street DIXON, ILLINOIS 228 N. LaSalle Street CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 425 PLUMBING HEATING AIR CONDITIONING INDUSTRIAL PIPING FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS POWER PIPING DETROIT 171 8-1 720 Brush St. Randolph 2800 TR AVE L HEY P o P i; Are You A MICHIGAN MAN? You Bet Son! and I have ALL FOUR YEARS in ' ENSIAN Kitchen Equipment Bar and Janitor Supplies Michigan ' s Oldest Complete Institutional Supply House Food Service Equipment for Hotels Restaurants China Glass Silverware Cooking Utensils A. J. MARSHALL CO. 3639 Woodward Ave. Tel. 1-9450 Detroit, Michigan Free Parking Compli ments f ANN ARBOR TRUST COMPANY Eastward Bound To Pan-Hellenic Prexy Annabel! Van Winkle goes the 1941 Wanderlust reward for most miles covered. Frequent commuter to New York, where resides a well-known former D.U., domes- tically talented campus beauty Van Winkle knows well the routes from Ann Arbor east. Preferring the more firm aspects of terra firma as a transporta- tion medium, traveller Van Winkle hit the air lanes but once, alighted tipsily to swear off cloud-hopping forever, though her New York-residing amour is an aeronautical engineer. But virtually unknown were Annabelle Van Winkle ' s plans to those outside Pan-Hell circles. Said she, as she once again hit the road for New York, " East is East, and West is West, and maybe Kipling was a liar. " PAN-HEL PRESIDENT ANNABELL VAN WINKLE " East is East and West is West. " Westward Ho! Less frequently abroad, but with more distant aspirations than Prexy Van Winkle is Perspective Editor Ellen Rhea, whose interests lie in romantic Hawaii. Collector of leis and other Hawaiin trinkets, grass-skirted, Holland-bred Ellen looks forward to a romantic life in the Islands with a pineapple magnate husband-to-be. No small pumpkins in the literary field, either, brunette Rhea holds littl e brief for campus love-life, contents herself with dreams of Manaloa, the Islands, Dole Pineapple Juice, with hard work on Perspectives, campus literary magazine, with innocent, if flirta- tions, smiles at Publications Building habitues, with plans for a June wedding. No untravelled campusite, either, is Pontiac-born Marg Whittemore, League dance class chairman. Man-wise, art- aspiring Whittemore commutes between League and Publications Building, between poster-designing for the League and art work on the Ensian. Near-Michigan graduate Bill Combs made news this year by traveling. Oi e of the Wolverines best wrestlers of late years, Black-eyed Bill left Ann Arbor before graduations time, pen- alized for scholastic inactivity by an unsympathetic Dean of Students Office. No small loss to the campus itself, Grunt-and-Groan Artist Combs ' bemoaned departure left a weary, weak wrestling team behind, lost many a meet for valiant Michigan grapplers. 426 CAMPUS AFFAIRS TEST Explanation This test is designed to enable Tripe readers to discover how much time they have wasted by reading this book, and to prove what suckers they were for buying it. For each of the following questions several possible answers are given. Choose any number, divide by three, and deduct 10% for cover charge. Remember the test is given on the honor system, and you have to be honest just like an engineer. Answers will be found on page 432. 1. This well-known campus figure is: 1. A fan-dancer at the P-Bell. 2. Dean of Women. 3. An Ensian officer. 4. The bride of Frankenstein. 2. William Hearne Rockwell III is: 1. Disgusting. 2. Owner of a hearse. 3. The man who constructed the WAA swimming pool. 3. Campus-cutie Maya Gruhzit recently married William B. Elmer, who was: 1. A hardware dealer. 2. Editorial director of a cheap campus humor magazine. 3. Well-known communist. 4. Pretzels are knock-kneed biscuits, bells are long-winded chimes, but the Pretzel-Bell is: 1. The largest chime in the Carillon Tower. 2. A good place to take a Friday night date. 3. A German bakery shop. 5. All know-it-alls on campus know that Martha Cook is: 1. The Goon Castle. 2. An annex to the Law Quad. 3. The little lady who wasn ' t there. 6. Romanticists were poets, but the Romance Languages Building is: 1. A good place to meet a blind date. 2. A fire-trap. 3. The place to learn baby-talk. Courtesy of JOHNSTON OPTI C AL CO. ' Makers of high grade glasses since 1876 ' 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR Phone 22561 or 22562 ORDER ALL YOUR BOOKS FROM FOLLETT ' S MICHIGAN BOOK STORE 322 S. State St., Ann Arbor Bob Graham, Mgr. H. N. NELSON ORDERS FILLED PROMPTLY All fraternity and sorority negatives kept on file 2450 DIXBORO RD. ANN ARBOR Phone 2-1 333 OFFICIAL ' ENSIAN PHOTOGRAPHER 427 CAMPUS AFFAIRS TEST 7. Napoleon was a little man, and so is " The Mite " shown above. She is also known as: 1. Campus labor organizer. 2. A female wrestler. 3. Women ' s editor of The Daily. 4. Termite. 8. Nickel ' s Arcade is on State Street, but Nichol ' s Arboretum is 1. A tract of land donated to the University for biological research. 2. A tract of land utilized by the students for biological research. 3. Prof. Xichol ' s garden house. 9. Have you ever been to Hialeah? What is a Daily Double? 1. Two beers at the Pretzel Bell. 2. A pawn-shop. 3. A column bv Don Wirtchafter. 10. The League is a good club and a nice beanery. Lee Hardy is president. In the picture above she is looking for: 1. A short snort. 2. A quick snack. 3. A couple of League points. 11. Harry Kelsey can be found at Helen Newberry or Flautz ' s most any night. He is also: 1. Columnist for the Detroit News. 2. The County jail ' s oldest resident. 3. One-man publicity syndicate. 4. A bushy-haired hermit. 12. Paul (Paddles) Chandler, Daily city editor, shown in the above is: 1. Trying to prove that he can write. 2. Getting a marriage license. 3. Buying his ' 41 plates on the installment plan. 13. " Fire and Water " is a quotation from Shakespeare. It is also a column in The Daily, written by " Mascott, " whose real name is: 1. Alexander G. Ruthven. 2. Laurence Mascott. 3. Sliver. 14. If you follow campus activities, you will know that Don Canham is: 1. At home sleeping. 2. Winner of the Santa Anita Derby. 3. Picking cinders from between his toes. 15. Jane Pinkerton was a cute little bloomer girl in the 1940 JGP. She is also: 1. The maker of well-known vegetable you-know-what. 2. Nursemaid to The Children ' s Theatre. 3. The blind date you had last night. 16. Angell Hall is a place where you ' ll find no engineers. It is also famous for: 1. Its fifth column. 2. The clock that nobody heeds. 3. A real-estate plot in Seventh Heaven. 17. Although you probably can ' t spell his name, you will cer- tainly know that for the past year Milton (Mickey) Orchefsky has had: 1. Bad breath. 2. Trouble with his studies. 3. A sinecure on The Daily. 18. Business Ad. students are funny people. Doug Miller is a Business Ad. student. Therefore he works in his spare time as: 1. An ice-cream manufacturer. 2. A beer tavern bouncer. 3. A model for hair-tonic ads. 428 The 1941 Michiganensian is one of the many distinctive publications using the quality photoengraved prin ting plates of the Brophy-Salisbury Company of Detroit, Michigan 429 Our Contribution to Your College Life M r. and Mrs. Smith A be Lincoln in Illinois J amaica Inn E scape S anta Fe Trail T obacco Road I Love You Again C itizen Kane I ' M Nobody ' s Sweetheart Now V I irginia S C attergood Baines P H iladelphia Story D I spatch from Reuters A G irl-a-Guy and a Job B A ack Street K N nute Rockne All American Bo O Ma R To P ACH Th E Yo U Co M m Town k of Zorro per Returns ump at Oxford Great Dictator ng Tom Edison e Live With Me The W Gon E Ret U Cha R Wes T Sea H Stra Brig Lill This Unio esterner with the Wind rn of Frank James ter Pilot ern Union awk W berry Blonde H am Young-Frontiersman I an Russell T hing Called Love N Pacific The L E tter Kitt Y Foyle W. S. Butterfield Theatres E. C. Beatty, President CAMPUS AFFAIRS TEST 19. Jim Tobin, prettiest man on campus, is best known for: 1. His delicious homemade pastries. 2. The sweaters he knitted as bundles for Britain. 3. His large feet. 430 20. The Men ' s Judiciary Council is an august body of campus leaders. Ward Quaal is president. In the above picture he is: 1. Dragging a red herring out of the Daily editorial office. 2. Taking home his cat ' s supper. 3. Trying to camouflage halitosis. CAMPUS AFFAIRS TEST 21. George Johnson is a nice old man. He throws little girls out of front doors. His capacity is: 1. Two quarts. 2. Union doorman. 3. Night chaperone at a dormitory. 22. The ASU is a bunch of naughty little boys. The good little Boys on campus now belong to: 1. Boy scouts. 2. Phi Beta Kappa. 3. The Stein Club. 4. The Michigan Party. 5. Women ' s Judiciary Council. 23. Are you kind to your mother? Do you enjoy good, clean fun? If so, you know that Michelodeon is: 1. A high-prized beer. 2. A jute-box. 3. A successor to Michigras. 24. Al Sarasohn is editorial director of The Daily. The Board in Control said he was a bad boy. In the above picture he is shown: 1. Breaking in his brother ' s suspenders. 2. Learning how to read. 3. Being suspended for a week. 4. Looking for his hat. 25. The Dean ' s office annually lifts the auto ban during J-Hop week-end because: 1. Park benches are too cold at that time of year. 2. The Dean ' s son wants to drive to J-Hop. 3. It ' s between semesters. 4. The campus cop is busy taking tickets at J-Hop. 26. Good Friday precedes Easter Sunday. Black Friday is: 1. The opening day of National Haberdashery Week. 2. The night of the annual Frosh blitzkrieg. 3. Robinson Crusoe ' s sidekick. 27. Shakespeare said: " To be or not to be, that is the question. " Michiganensian Editor Chuck Samuel said: 1. Meet that deadline! 2. Meet that deadline!! 3. Meet that deadline!!! 4. Meet that deadline!!!! w AHK S bookstores have served Michigan students and graduates for over half a century. Let us continue to serve you after graduation. Special attention given to mail orders. WAH R ' S BOOK STORES " A Michigan Institution " Ann Arbor, Mich. 431 PEOPLE MISCELLANY CAMPUS LEADERS WE FORGOT To MENTION " They also serve who only stand and wait. " 28. After reading this section, your opinion is: 1. It ' s damn good. 2. (Six words censored here.) 3. Thank God I didn ' t read it. 4. Now I ' ve seen everything. Answers to Campus Affairs Test 1. (3) 15. (2) 2. (2) 16. (1) 3. (2) 17. (3) 4. (2) 18. (2) And how. 5. (1) and (2) 19. (2) 6. (2) Very. 20. We ain ' t talking 7. (3) 21. (2) 8. Pres. Ruthven says (1). Experience suggests (2). 9. (3) If, (1), make mine Schlitz. 10. (2) 11. (3) (2) still contested. 12. (2) He still can ' t write. 13. (2) 14. (3) 432 22. (4) 23. (3) 24. (3) 25. (1) Aren ' t they! 26. (2) 27. We made it. 28. (2) " Pictures don ' t lie " (Courtesy Walt Disney Studios) ENSIAN Boss CHUCK SAMUEL " If It ' s Trite, Tripe Prints It " Each year, the editors of TRIPE, in cooperation with the F.B.I., Gestapo, Ogpu and W.A.A., and in defiance of all laws of libel and defamation of character, present a daring expose of the secret activities of well-known campus leaders. This year TRIPE turns its red spotlight on Chuck Samuel. Well-known in Campus circles as a quiet, pseudo-dignified Ensian editor, Boss Samuel has long kept his past summer ' s activities well hidden from the careful scrutiny of Daily news- hawks, Gargoyle scandal mongers. Through TRIPE ' S alert Hollywood bureau, however, the facts have been brought to light : THE Mr. Samuel is none other than Walt Disney Studio ' s ace model for FANTASIA. Pictures don ' t lie, and in proof of their charge, the editors of TRIPE print a recent photograph of Editor Samuel, and chal- lenge TRIPE readers to discover any difference between the photograph above and Mr. Disney ' s current celulloid carrica- tures. With expose finished, TRIPE ' S elusive photographer and editor take their annual pre-publication run-out powder from Sheriff, Creditors, Boss, et al. Having dug our grave, we now bid farewell to this (censored) city of Ann Arbor, hoping never to return again ' till our memories are interned with their boners. P.S. Assistant Editor Bill Baker left a half hour ago. TRIPE ' S EDITOR AND CAMERAMAN MARION " The pen is mightier than the sword. " The Alumni Association OF THE University of Michigan The official spokesman for the 99,914 graduates and former students of the University DIVISIONS THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CLUBS THE ALUMNAE COUNCIL THE CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL Keep contact with MICHIGAN by reading THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Official Publication of the Alumni Association 26 issues per year An annual subscription starts any time and runs for twelve months. It ' s not the cheapest subscription rate in the alumni world but the Michigan Alumus is the best alumni magazine The Life Subscription! Th e Michigan Alumnus will reach your library table as long as you live, with no further payments. The easy way, if you desire a Life Subscription for six annual payments of Ten Dollars. $ .00 900 pages of interesting reading Thirty-six months three years of your alumni magazine. A new bargain rate just put into effect. Saves the annoyance of writing annual checks. $ 50 .oo For Alumni Families Only. A husband and wife, both alumni, can assure receiving their magazine always. Six annual checks for $12.75 will do the same thing. $ 63 ' 50 For Seniors Only a special ' ' Introductory Price " has been established. By ordering early these New Alumni may have the magazine for one whole year for Two Dollars. $ 2 -oo 433 PATRONS O. D. MORRILL Ann Arbor ALLENEL HOTEL Ann Arbor EDWARDS LETTER SHOP Ann Arbor UNIVERSITY DRUG CO Ann Arbor WAGNER CO. Ann Arbor B. E. MUEHLIG CO Ann Arbor INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Allenel Hotel 434 Alumni Association, The 433 Ann Arbor Trust Company 426 Ann Arbor Savings Commercial Bank 419 Barnes-Gibson-Raymond 414 Bermingham Prosser Co 412 Boyer Campbell Co 412 Brock Rankin 419 Brophy-Salisbury Engraving 429 Butterfield Theatres 430 Calkins-Fletcher 423 Dey Studio 41 7 Edwards Letter Shop 434 Follett ' s Bookstore 427 Gagnier Paint Co 41 3 General Motors 421 Jacobson ' s 41 8 Johnston Optical Co 427 Koepplinger Bakery 422 Marshall, A. J., Co 426 Michiganensian 426 Miller, Donald, Co 426 Morrill, O. D 434 Muehlig, B. E.,Co 434 Nelson, H. N 427 Purity Bakers 41 3 Rentschler Studio 417 Rogers Printing Co. 425 Smith, S. K., Co. (David J. Molloy Plant) 413 Spedding Studio 417 State Savings Bank 422 Strelinger, Chas. A., Co 412 University Drug Co 434 Wagner Co 434 Wahr ' s Bookstores 431 White-Haines Optical Co 423 434 ACTIVITIES OF THE SENIORS LITERATURE, SCIENCE, and THE ARTS FRANCES I. ALLEN Frosh Project; Soph Cab- aret; Girl ' s Glee Club (1), (2) ; Orientation (3) ; Michi- gras(l), (2), (3); Assembly Board (3) ; Cercle Francais (4). MARGARY L. ALLISON ChiOmega;Michiganensian (1); Gargoyle (1), (2); Frosh Project; Soph Cab- aret; W.A.A. Board (3), (4); League Comms.; Athena (3), (4). Pres. (4); Wyvern (3); Scroll (4); Pitch and Putt Club (1), (2), (3), Pres. (4). ELAINE ALPERT Mosher Hall; Soph Cab- aret; J. G. P.; Play Prod. (3), League Comm. (2), (3), (4), Choral Union (3), (4). JEAN R. ANDERSON Martha Cook; League Comm. (3) ; Assembly Ball (3); Michiganensian (3). LAURELLA ANDERSSON Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Sigma Delta Phi; Wyvern; J. G. P.; Daily. MARY A. ANDRESEN Martha Cook; J. G. P.; Transfer Adv. RUTH A. ANNELL Martha Cook; League Comms. (3) ; Assembly Banquet Council (4). THOMAS ARMSTRONG Sigma Phi Epsilon, V. Pres. ; Orientation Adv. (3), (4); Play Prod. (4); Broadcasting (4) ; Mimes (4); Union Opera (4). WILLIAM ARMSTRONG Sigma Alpha Epsilon, V. Pres. (4); Glee Club (1); I. M. (1), (2), (3), (4). WILLIAM J. ASH Sigma Phi Epsilon; I.F.C. (2), (3), (4). MARY E. ASHLEY Pi Beta Phi; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; League Comm. (2) DORIS M. ATKINSON Daily (1), (2). MARY E. BALDWIN Alpha Chi Omega. MARIAN F. BALE Perspectives (3) ; League Comm. (3); W.A.A. (3), (4). SHIRLEY BANNERMAN Betsy Barbour, V. Pres. (4); Daily (1). GEORGE S. BANTA Phi Delta Theta, Treas. (4). SUZANNE J. BARLOW Kappa Alpha Theta; League Comm. (3). ROBERT A. BARNARD Zeta Beta Tau; Track (1), (2), (3), (4); " M " Club Dance Comm. (4). Mimes Comms; (3), (4). HELEN L. BARNKTT Pi Beta Phi; Frosh Project Gen ' l. Ch.; Soph Cabaret; J G.P., Central Comm.; Daily (1), (2), (3), Wyvern; Mortar Board, Pres. Iota Sigma Pi; League Comms. (1), (2), (3). CHARLES F. BARRETT Beta Theta Pi. EDWARD P. BARRETT Beta Theta Pi; Union Opera (3), (4); Sphinx (3); Michigamua (4) ; Track (1), (2), (3), (4). VIRGINIA D. BARROWS Crop and Saddle (1), (2), (4); W. A. A. (3); Ann Arbor Independents (2) ; Sociedad Hispanica (2). RUTH K. BARRY Alpha Xi Delta, Treas. (3), Pres. (4); League Comms. (3), (4); Soph Cabaret; J.G. P.; Pan- hellenic (3), (4). JEANNE M. BASSETT Pi Beta Phi. VIRGINIA M. BAUMGARDNER Deutscher Verein (1) Kappa Phi; Choral Union (3), (4). JOHN C. BAYLESS Band (1), (2), (3); Scab- bard and Blade (3), (4); Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Michiganensian (2). JACK E. BENDER Choral Union (1), (2); Play Prod. (2), (3), (4). NORMA C. BENNETT Mosher Hall; Cercle Fran- cais (3), (4); Sociedad Hispanica (3), V. Pres. (4); Spanish Play (3). MARY E. BENSON Alpha Delta Pi, House Mgr. (4); Soph. Cabaret (2); League Comm. (4). NELSON BENTLEY Perspectives (2) ; Hopwood Award (3). ERWIN E. BENZIER Lloyd House, Soc. Comm. (3); Pre-Med. Soc. (3), (4); International Politics Club (4); Congress. JAMES D. BERGER Phi Sigma Delta, V. Pres. (4); Daily (1), (2); Glee Club (1), (2), (3), Bus. Mgr. (4); Scabbard and Blade. CONSTANCE A. BERRY Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta (3) (4); Frosh. Project; Gargoyle (1), (2); Soph. Cabaret; League Comm. (2), (3), (4). BRUCE M. BEYER Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Box- ing (1), (2); Daily (2). ARTHUR H. BIKOFF Phi Eta Sigma; Congress (1); Hillel (3), (4); Pre- Med. Society (3), (4); International Relations Club (4). OLLIERDE BILBY Alice Palmer Co-op; Sig- ma Eta Chi (3) ; Orchestra (3), (4); Play Prod. (3), (4). LORNE C. BLACK, JR. Beta Theta Pi, Pres. (4). NORMA E. BLAIR Mosher Hall; Council (4); Deutscher Verein (1), (2). BERNERD J. BLOOM Sigma Alpha Mu; Gargoyle (1), (2), (3), (4); Bus. Mgr. (4); Hillel Players (2), (3), (4). DOROTHY Y. BLOXSOM Delta Gamma; J. G. P. ROBERT W. BOGLE Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treas. (4); Swimming (1); Daily (1), (2), (3); Union (3); I. M. (1), (2), (3), (4). HELEN M. BOHNSACK Delta Delta Delta; Daily (1), (2), (3), (4), Women ' s Bus. Mgr. (4); Frosh Pro- ject; Soph. Cabaret; J.G.P. League Comm. (1),(2),(4); Scroll (4). LEONARD BORIN Phi Beta Delta, Treas. (3), (4). MILDRED L. BOS Daily (2); Sec ' y of Alice Palmer Co-op (2); Choral Union (2); Fencing Club (D. IRVING BOTVIN Union Council (1) ; Orienta- tion Comm. (2), (3). STANLEY N. BOTWINIK Pi Lambda Phi; Hockey (1); Cercle Francais (1); Michiganensian (1); Daily (2); I.F.C. (2), (3). CHARLES A. BOWEN, Jr. Phi Sigma Kappa; Glee Club (1), (2), Pres. (1); Mimes (1), (2), (3), (4); Union Opera (3), (4); J.G.P. (3), (4). RUSSELL E. BOWERS, Jr. Delta Sigma Rho (3), (4); Debate (3), (4); S. R. A. (3), (4); Michigan Hand- book, Assoc. Editor (3), Editor (4). BEVERLY J. BRACKEN Collegiate Sorosis; Frosh Project; Soph. Cabaret; J. G. P. ALICE E. BRAUNLICH Martha Cook; Bus. Mgr. Yr. Bk. (3), Sec ' y. (4); W.A.A. Tennis (3), (4). Arpen. W. C. BREIDENBACH Chi Psi., Pres. (4); Track (1), (2), (3), (4); Sphinx; Board in Control of Phys. Ed.; Phi Eta Sigma; Cla s Sec ' y. (4). IRL D ' A. BRENT, II Theta Delta Chi; Union (2), Exec. Council (3); Union Opera (3); Scab- bard and Blade (3), (4). H. VIRGINIA BRERETON ChiOmega, Pres. (4); Mich- iganensian (1); Frosh. Project; Soph. Cabaret; League Comm. (2), (3); J.G.P.; Orientation Adv. (3), (4); Scroll. HELEN L. BRICKER Martha Cook; Kappa Delta. HERBERT A. BROGAN Kappa Sigma; Basketball (1), (2), (3), (4); Capt. (4); Football (1); Michi- gamua; Phys. Ed. Club; Phi Epsilon Kappa. BETTY BROOKS Alpha Phi, Rushing Chr. (4); League Comms. (1), (2), (3); Gargoyle (1), (2); Judiciary Council (3); Mortar Board (4). HELEN R. BROWN Delta Delta Delta; Mich- iganensian (1), (2), (3); Frosh Project; Soph Cab- aret; League Comm. (1), (2), (3), (4); J.G.P.; Debate Team (4). HENRY BROWN Boxing (1); Band (3); Orientation Adv. (3), (4). MARSHALL BROWN, Jr. Delta Upsilon, House Mgr. (4); Rifle Team (1), (2); Union Exec. Council (3); Sphinx (3); Scabbard and Blade (3); Druids (4). RICHARD W. BROWN Phi Delta Theta; Scalp and Blade (2), (3), (4). RUTH E. BRUNDRETT Kappa Alpha Theta; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P. ROBERT O. BUSH Beta Theta Pi; Wrestling (1); Michiganensian (2). GERALDINE F. CADY Theta Phi Alpha; Crop and Saddle (3). WESLEY R. CAIRE Delta Upsilon. KENNETH T. CALDER Golf (1), (2), (3), (4); Phi Eta Sigma. J. BELLE CALKINS Delta Gamma. MARIE H. CAMP Theta Phi Alpha; Newman Club (2), (3), (4). WILLIAM J. CARTMILL Baseball (1); Basketball (1), (3), (4); Druids; " M " Club. I ELIZABETH CASTER Mosher Hall, House Coun- cil; Mortar Board; Senior Society; Athena; League Comm; Assembly; J. G. P. ; Debating; League Council; Deutscher Verein. FRANK L. CAVAN, Jr. Beta Theta Pi. 435 RAYMOND CHAMBERS, Jr. Glee Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Scimitar (2), (3), (4); StudentFencinglnstructor ; Cercle Francais (4); Socie- dad Hispanica. PAUL M. CHANDLER Daily (1), (2), (3), (4), City Editor (4); Sphinx (3); Michigamua (4). WILLIAM M. CHASE Alpha Sigma Phi; Trans- portation Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Scabbard and Blade (4). ERWIN G. CLAHASSEY Brandeis House; Hockey (1). IRWIN S. CLAMAGE Pi Lambda Phi; Football (1). JANET R. CLARK Martha Cook; J. G. P. BETTY M. CLEMENT Mosher Hall, House Coun- cil; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret Ticket Chr.; Jud- iciary Council (3), (4); Wyvern; Senior Society; Student Ass ' t Jordan Hall. MARGARET J. COBB Mosher Hall, Council (3); Daily (2); J. G. P.; Soph Cabaret; Orientation Adv. (3), (4); League Comms. (3), (4). SARA E. COBURN Kappa Alpha Theta; J. G. P.; League Comm. (3). LUCILE COHEN Play Prod. (3), (4); Radio Club (3), (4); Michigan Repertory Players (3). MAYXARD M. COHEN Tennis Team (1), (3), (4). ROBERT L. COHN Football (1); Play Prod. (2), (3), (4); Children ' s Theater (4). MARION L. CONDE Alpha Delta Pi, Sec ' y (2), V.-Pres. (3); Frosh Project; Soph. Cabaret; J. G. P.; Gargoyle (3); Zeta Phi Eta (3), (4); Scroll (4); Play Prod. (3), (4); Pan- hellenic Sec ' y- (4) ; League Comm. (2), (3), (4); League Summer School Sec ' y. (3). RALPH G. CONGER Sigma Phi; Tennis (1); Phi Eta Sigma. PHILIP H. CONLEY Theta Xi. WILLIAM R. CONRAD Alpha Delta Phi; Union Opera (3); Mimes (3), (4); Daily (2). LEROY J. CONTIE Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sec ' y. (4); Gargoyle (2); Orienta- tion Adv. (3); Sociedad Hispanica (1). CLAIRE C. COOK Martha Cook; Zeta Phi Eta. ALMON L. COPLEY Theta Delta Chi; Gym- nastics (1); Phi Eta Sigma; I. F. C. (2), (3); Track Mgr. (3); Wrestling Mgr. (4); Union Opera (4). BETTE CORLETT Alpha Phi. 436 HELEN CORMAN Alice Palmer Co-op.; Ann Arbor Independents (1), (2); Daily (1), (2), (3), (4); Exchange Ed. (4); Sum- mer Parley Chr. (3); Win- ter-Spring Parley (3), (4); Student Senate (3), (4). MARGARET CORNELIUS Alpha Omicron Pi; League Comms. (1), (2), (3); J- Hop Comm. ; Orientation Central Comm. JOHN W. CORY Sigma Chi, Pres. (4); Mich- iganensian (1), (2), (3), (4), Bus. Mgr. (4); Basketball (1); Sphinx; Michigamua. DONALD COUNIHAN Newman Club Exec. Coun- cil (4); Hiawatha Club Pres. (3); Wolverine (1). (2), (3), (4). M. JANE COWING P erspectives (3). JEANETTE CRANMER Alpha Phi ; Crop and Saddle (1); Frosh Project. EDWARD CROSSLEY, Jr. Delta Sigma Pi; R.O.T.C. (1), (2), (3), (4); C.A.A. Flight Training (3). MARSHALL F. CROUCH Radio Club; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Choral Union (3), (4). ANNE E. CROWLEY Frosh Project; Soph Cab- aret; League Comm. (3); Assembly Ball Central Comm. (3); Assembly Board (3), (4); Senior Society; Orientation (4). HELEN CULLEY Helen Newberry Pres. (4); Assembly (2), (3), (4); League Comm. (3); Senior Society. ANN K. CZEKALSKI Crop and Saddle (4); Deutscher Verein (3), (4). CORRINE J. DALMAN Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas. (4) ; Panhellenic (3) ; League Comm. (4). ARNOLD I. DANA Sigma Alpha Mu; Foot- ball (1); Daily (1), (2). RALPH E. DANFORTH Hermitage; Baptist Guild (1), (2), (3); S. R. A. (1). AMY B. DAVIDSON Alpha Omicron Pi; Swim- ming (1); Glee Club (3), (4);J.G.P. JEANNE DAVIS Kappa Alpha Theta; Mich- iganensian (1), (2); Soph Cabaret; League Comm. (1), (2), (3); Treasurer, Michigan League (4) ; Mor- tar Board (4). NELSON J. DAVIS Theta Chi; Swimming (1); Glee Club (3), (4); Union Opera (4). RUTH M. DAVIS Chi Omega; Daily (1), (2); Frosh Project; Soph Cab- aret; Soph Prom; J. G. P.; Pitch and Putt. EDWIN M. DEAL Theta Chi, Sec ' y. (4); Frosh Glee Club. POLLYANNA DEARMOND Crop and Saddle (3), (4). JUNE E. DE CORDOVA Martha Cook; League Comm. (3), (4); Varsity Women ' s Debate (3), (4); Omega Upsilon; J. G. P ; Tag Day Co-Chr. (3); Transfer Orientation Cen. Comm. (4), Assembly Come Across, Pub. Chr. (3). JOHN B. DEVINE Sigma Phi; Sec ' y-Treas. I. F. C. (4); Druids, Pres. (4). JOHN R. DICE Phi Lambda Upsilon. LUCIEN E. DICK Delta Sigma Pi; Band (1), (2); Orchestra (1), (2), JANET F. DICKINSON Betsy Barbour; Choral Union (1), (2), (4); Cercle Francais (4); League Comms. (1), (2), (3), (4). WILLIAM G. DIEMOND Zeta Psi; Track (4), Mich- igan Party (4). BARBARA E. DITTMANN Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board; Michiganensian (1), (2), (3); League Council (4); League Comms.; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret. JOHN S. DOBSON Phi Kappa Psi; Track (1), (2), (3), (4); " M " Club; Druids. FRANK E. DOE Sigma Chi; IM Instructor (3), (4); Staff-Ass ' t-Dorm; Track. DAVID D. DONALDSON Theta Chi; Track Numerals (1); Freshman Glee Club; Michiganensian (1), (2); Rendezvous Camp Counselor (2), (3); Druids; Gargoyle (2), (3), (4), Editor-in-Chief (4). JEAN DONALDSON Collegiate Sorosis, Pres. (4); J. G. P.; League Comms. (2), (3), (4); Pan- hellenic. WILLIAM T. DOWNS Trigon. MARTHA JANE DREW Mosher Hall; League Comms. (3), (4); Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Sociedad Hispanica (4). BEN V. DURFEE Chi Phi ; Track ( 1 ) ; Orienta- tion Adv. (3). PAUL S. DURFEE Psi Upsilon. JOHN F. DURR Acacia; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon; Football Mgr. (3); Golf Mgr. (4). R. RUSSELL EAGAN Phi Kappa Psi. KENNETH V. ECKHART Sigma Nu. HOWARD R. C. EDDY Chi Phi; Pre-Med Soc.; Orientation Adv. (3). ROBERT G. EDDY Delta Sigma Pi, Sec ' y. (4). JEANNE B. EDELMAN Hillel (3) (4). ARTHUR EDELSTEIN Pi Tau Sigma; Tennis; Debating. BASIL D. EDWARDS Theta Delta Chi, Treas. (4); Football Mgr. (2); Baseball Mgr. (2), (3); Basketball Mgr. (2). JOHN G. ELDREDGE Theta Delta Chi. WILLIAM B. ELMER Psi Upsilon; Daily (1), (2), (3); Gargoyle (4); Sigma Delta Chi; German Play (2). JEAN M. P;NGEL Helen Newberry; J. G. P.; Assembly Board (4); Theater Arts (3), (4). ALAN H. ENGLANDER Zeta Beta Tau; I. F. C. (3); Mimes, Patrons Chr. (3), (4). F. GLENN ENGLE Kappa Tau Alpha (4). I. CATHERINE ENNEST Mosher Hall; Kappa Phi; Choral Union (3), (4); League Comms. (3), (4). HORATIO ENTERLINE Sigma Chi. HERMAN T. EPSTEIN Brandeis Co-op. ; Track (1); Phi Eta Sigma; Peace Council (1); Avukah (1), (2); Daily (1), (2), (3); Student Senate (4); Mich- igan Forum, Chr. (4). STANLEY E. EPSTEIN Wolverine (1), (2), (3), (4); I. M. Sports (2), (3); Hillel Players (3), (4), Cercle Francais (2), (3), Congress (1), (2), (3), (4). CHARLES K. ESLER Kappa Sigma; I. M. staff (1), (2), (3), (4); Board in Control of Athletics; Pres. of Board of Directors; Mgr. of I. M. Dept. (4); Fletcher Hall, " M " Man- agers Club. EVA S. ETKIN Mosher Hall, Council (3), (4); Publications (1); League Comm. (4). JACK S. ETTINGER Pi Lambda Phi. EDITH A. EVANS Alice Palmer Co-op. WILLIAM S. EVERARD Alpha Delta Phi, House Mgr.; Wrestling (1). GEORGE R. EVES Debating (3), (4). JEAN E. FAIRFAX Muriel Lester Co-op; S.R. A. Exec. Council (1), (2), (3), (4); Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Kappa Alpha Pres. (4); Phi Kappa Phi. DOROTHY FARNSWORTH Alpha Chi Omega; Sailing Club (3), (4); J. G. P. ELIZABETH J. FARRELL Betsy Barbour; League Comms. (1), (2), (3), (4); Assembly Banquet (3), (4). Cercle Francais (3), (4). MARGARET J. FARRELL Daily (2); Westminister Guild (1), (2), (3), (4); Alpha Delta Chi; League Comms. (1), (2), (3), (4). LEO G. FEDERMAN Sigma Alpha Mu; Scab- bard and Blade (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (3), (4); Union Opera (3); I.F.C. (2), (3). JOAX FERGUSON Katherine Pickerill Co-op. MADELINE S. FERRIS House Pres. (4). RICHARD E. FIELD Alpha Chi Sigma. AUSTIN I. FINK Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Glee Club (2). MIRIAM FINKELDEY Gamma Phi Beta; Frosh Frolic; League Comms. (1), (2); Soph Cabaret Central Comm. MARY L. FINNEY Kappa Alpha Theta; Orientation Adv. (3); J. G. P. BARBARA J. FISHER Alpha Chi Omega; League Comms. (1), (2), (3); Mich iganensian (1); Alpha Lambda Delta; Choral Union (1), (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Orientation Adv. (2), (3), (4); Panhellenic Delegate (3), Treas. (4); Sec ' y- Mortar Board (4); Phi Kappa Phi. RUTH J. FITZPATRICK Gamma Phi Beta, V. Pres. (3); Athena (3), (4); Sec ' y. (3); J. G. P., Central Comm. ; Freshman Adv. (4); Scroll (4); League Comm. (3), (4). RICHARD F. FLETCHER Kappa Sigma; Union (1), (2); Alpha Phi Omega, Pres. (3), (4); Union Opera (4); Chr. Tag Day Comm. (3). ARTHUR D. FOLEY Kappa Sigma; Newman Club Council (3); S. R. A. Council (3); Sociedad His- panica (4). JAMES H. FOLLETTE Pre-Med. Soc. JOSEPH W. FOOTE Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sec ' y. (2), Treas. (3), Pres. (4). CATHERINE FORBERG Delta Gamma, Pres. (4); Daily (1), (2), (3); Soph Cabaret; Frosh Frolic; League Comm. (1), (2); Scroll (4). THOMAS G. FORD Delta Kappa Epsilon, Treas. (4); Football (1), (2), (3); Wrestling (1). KATHRYN I. FOREMAN Katherine Pickerill Co-op; Choral Union (4); Beta Kappa Rho (4). EVALYN L. FORSHAR Stockwell Hall, Treas. (3) ROBERT L. FORSYTHE Golf (1). E. FRANCES FOX Stockwell Hall; League Comm. (3), (4); Capricorn Capers (3). G. ROBERT FOX Victor C. Vaughan House; Glee Club (3), (4); Deutscher Verein (3), (4). JANE C. FOX Martha Cook. ALICE H. FRANCE Soph Cabaret; Capricorn Capers; Assembly Ball, Central Comm (3); Orien- tation Adv. (4). JAMES R. FRANKEL Pi Lambda Phi; Daily (1), (2); Student Senate (2); Phi Eta Sigma; Swimming (D. JUNE FREDERICK Mosher Hall; House Coun- cil (3), (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Assembly Board (3), (4); League Comms. (2), (3), (4). DOROTHY FREEDMAN League Comm. (3), (4); House Pres. (3);J. G. P. EMERY T. FREEMAN Alpha Tau Omega. GERTRUDE M. FRENCH Kappa Delta, Sec ' y. (4); Frosh Frolic; League Comm. (2);CercleFrancais (1). GERTRUDE FREY Betsy Barbour, Repre- sentative (3), Pres. (4); Alpha Lambda Delta; Deutscher Verein Sec ' y. (2) ; Pres. (3), (4); Assembly Banquet (3); Phi Beta Kappa (3); Bronson Thomas Award (3); Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Lambda Theta. EDWARD R. FRIED Brandeis Co-op; Inter Co- op Council, Pres. (4); Quadrangle (4). FRITZ O. FRIEDLANDER Congress (2), (3). ADELE FRIEDMAN House Pres. (3); League Comm. (3). HAROLD M. FRIEDMAN Anthropology Club (2), (3), (4); Boxing (1), (2); Frosh Boxing Instructor (4). CLARA L. FULDE Delta Delta Delta ; Publica- tions (2); Michigras (2); J. G. P.; Soph Cabaret; Orientation Adv. (3), (4). CATHERINE E. GAINEY Martha Cook; J. G. P.; League Comms. (3), (4); Newman Club (3), (4). WILLIAM H. GAMBILL Sigma Chi ; Freshman Foot- ball; Reserve Award Foot- ball. WILLARD W. GARVEY Delta Upsilon; Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); Swim- ming (3), (4); Flying Club (4). VICTORIA GELLATLY Betsy Barbour, Soc. Chr. (3); Assembly Come- Across (3). RALPH G. GENTILE Daily (2); Glee Club (1); International Relations Club. CONRAD GEORG Kappa Delta Rho. GENEVIEVE GEORGE Zeta Tau Alpha; W.A.A. (1), (2); League Comms. (2), (3). JAMES M. GEORGE Kappa Delta Rho, Sec ' y. (2), House Mgr. (4); Hia- watha Club (1), (2), (3), (4) Treas. (2); Glee Club (1), (2), (3), (4), V. Pres. (4); Debate (1); Play Prod. (4); Choral Union (2), (3). DAVID N. GIBSON Mimes (1), (2), (3), (4); Play Prod. (3), (4). THEODORE GIBSON, Jr. Acacia. DOROTHY B. GILLIAM Kappa Kappa Gamma Sec ' y. (4); Michiganensian (1), (2); League Comm. (2), (3); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Cercle Francais; Orienta- tion Adv. (3). ROBERT W. GILMOUR Alpha Kappa Psi; Daily (1), (2), (3), (4), Assoc. Bus. Mgr. (4); Druids ' WILLIAM D. GINGRICH Chi Psi. MYRON GINS Pi Lambda Phi, Pres. (4); Michiganensian (2), Ac- counts Mgr. (3). NORMA GINSBERG Frosh Project; Ann Arbor Independents, Sec ' y. (3), (4); Assembly Board (3); Assembly Banquet (3), (4); J. G. P.; Orientation Adv. (4); Hillel News (2), (3), (4), Bus. Mgr. (4). JOSEPH H. GLASSER Delta Kappa Epsilon; Bas- ketball (2), (3), (4); Druids. HOWARD A. GOLDMAN Zeta Beta Tau, Historian (2), V. Pres. (3), Rushing Chr. (3); Freshman Adv. (4); Daily (1), (2), (3), (4), Night Ed. (3), Assoc. Ed. (4); Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Hillel News (3); Honors Con- vocation (1), (3), (4). HARTLEY J. GOLDSTEIN Phi Sigma Delta. JEANNE M. GOMON Alpha Omicron Pi; Daily (1), (2); Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Crop and Saddle (2), (3). ABRAHAM J. GOODMAN Daily (1), (2); Phi Eta Sigma; Congress (1), (2); Senate (3); Union (1); Congress District Pres. MARGARET J. GOSE Martha Cook; League House Pres. (2), (3); J. G. P.; Rifle Club (4); Frosh Project. NANCY D. GOSSARD Alpha Chi Omega; Fencing (3); League (2), (3); As- sembly (1); Engineers ' Ball (2); Michiganensian (1), (2); Panhellenic (2), (3). H. MASON GOULD Daily (1), (2), (3); Base- ball (1), (4); Religious Forum (3), (4); Good- fellows (4). MARTHA L. GRAHAM Soph Cabaret; Michigan- ensian (2), (3), Women ' s Editor (4). JEANNE GRANT Frosh Project; Daily (2); League Comms. (2), (3); Assembly Board (2); As- sembly Ball (2); Assembly Banquet Central Comm. (3), (4). MARIAN E. GRAY Michigan Christian Fellow- ship (2), (3), (4); Ann Arbor Independents. EUGENE C. GRIBBROEK Daily (2), (3), (4); I. M. Mgr. (3), (4). PAULINE E. GRIFFIN Daily (1), (2); Soph Prom; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P. JANE E. GRILLS Zeta Phi Eta, Treasurer (4); League Bazaar; J G. P.; Play Prod. (3), (4); League Comms. (3), (4). JANE N. GRISWOLD Delta Delta Delta, Pres. (4); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Gargoyle (2), (3); League Comms. (2), (3), (4); Pan- hellenic (3), (4); Judiciary Comm. (4). OR A E. GROFT Mosher Hall, House Coun- cil (3), (4); Frosh Project; Assembly Ball (2); J.G.P.; Athena " (3), (4); Orienta- tion Adv. (3), (4). JEROME B. GROSSMAN Zeta Beta Tau, Pres. (4); Union (1); I. F. C. (2), (3); Hillel Cabinet (4); Hillel Council (4). JANE V. GROVE Kappa Alpha Theta; Wyvern (3); Scroll (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cab- aret; Soph Prom; General Chr. J. G. P.; Cercle Francais (1), (2), (3), (4); W.A.A., Pres. (4). MAYA D. GRUHZIT Alpha Phi; Daily (1), (2), (3); Gargoyle (4); German Play (1); League Comms. (1), (2), (3); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Assembly Ball (2). JAMES W. GUNN Phi Kappa Psi. IRVING GUTTMAN Phi Eta Sigma; Daily (1), (2), (3), Bus. Mgr. (4); Michigamua (4). BARNEY J. HABEL Daily (1). WAYNE N. HADLEY Zeta Psi; Scalp and Blade. RICHARD J. HAINER Band (1). 437 BETTY M. HALL Daily (1), (2); Assembly Exec. Board (2), (3), Sec ' y. (4); J.G.P.; Senior Soc.; Alpha Kappa Delta. JOAN B. HAMILTON Helen Newberry; Gliding Club (3); J.G.P.; Flying Club (4). ELEANOR J. HANAVAN Chi Omega; Girl ' s Glee Club (3); Crop and Saddle (3), (4). LAWRENCE HANDREN Lambda Chi Alpha. RICHARD P. HARMEL Sigma Delta Chi; Daily (1), (2), (3); Perspectives (2) ; French Play (1). WILLIAM A. HARNIST Alpha Tau Omega; Track (1), (2), (3), (4). JULIAN W. HARRIS Zeta Beta Tau, Steward (4); Track (1), (3). MARGARET J. HARRIS Alpha Gamma Delta; New- man Club (1); League Comms. (2). MARAN E. HARRIS Delta Delta Delta; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; League Comms. (1), (2), (3), (4); Pan- hellenic Ball (3), (4). JAMES R. HARRISON Phi Gamma Delta; Druids; Mimes; Union Opera (3), (4);I.F.C. Council (2), (3), Pres. (4); Michiganensian (1), (2). WILLIAM J. HASTIE Phi Gamma Delta. HERVIE HAUFLER Daily (1), (2), (3), Manag- ing Ed. (4); Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Michi- gamua; Sphinx; Mimes; Sigma Delta Chi, Pres. (4); Perspectives (1), (2), (3); Congress (3) ; Union Opera (3). HUGH L. HEAD, JR. Chi Psi. THOMAS A. HEENAHAN Chi Phi; Daily (1), (2). ELIZABETH HEGGE Collegiate Sorosis; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Orientation Adv. (3); League Comms. (2). (3), (4). GEORGE S. HELLER Pi Lambda Phi; Swimming (1); Union Opera (3), (4). FRANCES M. HERDRICH Daily (1), (2), (3); As- sembly (1), (2), (3), (4), Council (3); J. G. P.; Soph Cabaret; League Comms. (1), (2), (3), (4); Ann Arbor Independent (1), (2), (3), (4), Pres. (3). JANE B. HERRICK Stock well Hall; J. G. P.; Children ' s Theater (3), (4); Zeta Phi Eta. PHILIP W. HEUMAN Scabbard and Blade; Rifle (2), (3), (4). ROBERT F. HEXT Phi Gamma Delta. FRANCIS E. HEYDT SigmaAlpha Epsilon ;Swim- ming (2), (3), " M " Club (2), Sec ' y .-Treas.; Druids (3). EDWIN A. HIBBARD Chi Psi. JANE E. HIGBEE Martha Cook. J. ELIZABETH HOAG Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres. (4); Michiganensian (1), (2); Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Panhellenic (3), (4); League Comms. (2), (3), (4). PHYLLIS HOFFMEYER Alpha Delta Pi, Social Chr. (4), Pres. (3); Gar- goyle (1), (2), (3); Michi- ganensian (2); Frosh Pro- ject; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Fencing Club (2), (3), (4); Deutscher Verein (2), (3), (4); League Comm. (4). JOHN S. HOGG Daily (2); Cercle Francais (2), (3), (4); French Play (2). MARY D. HOLCOMB Collegiate Sorosis. VICTOR H. HOLLIGER Track (1). SUSANNA HOLLIS Jordan Hall; Advisor (4); Daily (3), (4); Assembly Ball (3); Senior Society. VERNA L. HOLTMAN J. G. P.; Cercle Francais (4); Deutscher Verein (3); League Comm. (4). CHARLES HOLTON, JR. Delta Upsilon; Gargoyle (1), (2); Golf (1), (2), (3), (4); Mimes (2); Freshman Glee Club; Union Opera (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (3). JOHN H. HOLZAEPFEL Swimming (1). JANET T. HOMER Pi Beta Phi; Frosh Project; Michiganensian (1), (2); Soph Cabaret; League Comms. (2), (3); J.G.P. Choral Union (4); W.A.A., V. Pres. (3). DOROTHY M. HOOD Cercle Francais (4). ROBERT M. HOOK Alpha Delta Phi; Track (1), (2), (3), (4); Sphinx; Druids. FREDERICK HOWARTH Phi Delta Theta; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Sphinx; Druids; Football Mgr. (1), (2), (3), (4): Mgr ' s Club, V. Pres. ; Board of Dir. Ath. Ass. BERNICE G. HOWELL Cercle Francais (4) ; Inter- national Center Cabinet (4). EDITH M. HOWELL Stockwell Hall Council (4), Chr. Dramatics Comm. (4); Radio; Play Produc- tion; Frosh Frolic; Soph Cabaret; Ohoral Union; Glee Club (1), Sec ' y. (2). MARGARET HUBBARD Collegiate Sorosis; League V. Pres.; Scroll. JOHN A. HUSTON Glee Club (1); Varsity Debate (2), (3), (4); Delta Sigma Rho (4); S. R. A. Dir. Campus Relations (4) ; Freshman Rendezvous, Bus. Mgr. (4). BURNS M. HUTTLINGER Theta Delta Chi; Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); New- man Club (1), (2), (3), (4), Sec ' y. (3), Pres. (4); Frosh Frolic. GRACE M. HYDE MacGregor League House; Iota Sigma Phi (4). JANE C. HYDE Gamma Phi Beta. WILLIAM H. HYNES Beta Theta Pi, Rushing Chairman (3); Perspectives (2), (3); Sphinx (3); Base- ball (1); Track (1). RAYMOND W. INGHAM Gargoyle (2), (3), (4); Perspectives (4); Daily (4). LEO A. JACHOWSKI, Jr. Alpha Phi Omega (3), (4), V. Pres. (4). JAMES F. JACKSON Alpha Kappa Kappa; Pre- Med. Society. AVROHM JACOBSON Union (1), (2); Archery (3); Freshman Counselor (2), (3). JOHN R. C. JAMES Scabbard and Blade; V. Pres. of Pre-Med. Society (3). CHARLES JASLOW Cheerleader (2), (3), (4); R.O.T.C. (1), (2). HELEN F. JEAN Pi Beta Phi; Publications; Soph Cabaret; League Comms. HAZEL A. JENSEN Chi Omega; Choral Union (1); Soph Cabaret; League Comms. (2); Cercle Fran- cais (2), (3), (4); Pitch and Putt Club (4). FRANCES P. JOHNSON Adelia Cheever, Pres. (4); Independents (1), (2); S. R. A. Council (3), Exec. Comm. (4); Roger Wil- liams Guild, Vice-Pres. (2) ; Sociedad Hispahica (3). RACHEL K. JOHNSON Delta Gamma. SHIRLEY I. KANTER Alice Palmer House; Daily (4); Gargoyle (4). ARTHUR W. KATZ Union Opera (3), (4). JEANNE L. KAUFMANN Alpha Phi, Pres. (4); Frosh Project; Daily (1), (2); Choral Union (2), (3); J.G.P. EDNA B. KEARNEY Delta Gamma; Frosh Pro- ject; Orientation Comm.; Soph Prom; Soph Cabaret; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. JAMES E. KEENAN Gargoyle (2); Newman Club (3). C. LEE KELLER Soph Cabaret; Athena (3), (4); Kappa Phi; Orienta- tion Adv. (4); J. G. P.; Play Production (3); As- sembly (1), (2), (3), (4). MARY JANE KENNEY Theta Phi Alpha, Treas, (2), (3), (4); Newman Club, Vice-Pres. (4); Soph Cabaret. ELIZABETH KEPLER Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wyvern (3); Scroll ( 3); J.G.P.; Panhellenic (4); League Comm. (2), (3); Soph Cabaret; Frosh Pro- ject. MAXEL D. KERBY Alpha Nu. KARL G. KESSLER Theta Chi; Daily (1), (2), (3), (4); Ass. Ed. (4); Gargoyle (2), (4); Pano- rama (1); Michiganensian (3), (4). VIRGINIA A. KIELHOTZ Delta Gamma; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Swimming Club (1); Mich- iganensian (2) ; League Comms. (2), (3). PERRY E. KIMERER Track (2), (3), (4). DONN G. KIPKA Theta Xi, Corresponding Sec ' y.; Orchestra (1), (2), (3), " (4). BURTON L. KLEIN Kappa Nu, Pres. (4); Swimming (1). CHARLES D. KNAPP Sigma Chi; Baseball Mgr. (2), (3), (4); I.F.C. (2); Band (1). MORTIMER C. KOHN Sigma Alpha Mu; Band (1). WILLIAM M. KRAMER Kappa Nu, Sec ' y (3); Swimming (1); Freshman Exec. Council; Senate (2), (3);J. G. P.; Hillel Players (3). JANE L. KRAUSE Delta Gamma; Daily (1), (2), (3), (4); Women ' s Adv. Mgr. (4); Varsity Debate (2), (3); Frosh Frolic; Frosh Project; Gar- goyle (1); League Comms. (1), (2), (3); Alpha Lambda Delta, Pres.; Wyvern (3); Mortar Board (4); J. G. P.; Lantern Night (2). RUTH L. KREINSON Mosher Hall, Scholarship Chr. (4); Daily (2), (3); J. G. P.; Athena (3), (4), Vice-Pres. (4); Orientation Adv. (4); Play Production (3) ; Assembly Banquet (4). JAMES S. KRIEGER Phi Kappa Psi. JAMES F. KUHNS Scabbard and Blade (3), (4). LEONARD D. KURTZ Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Choral Union (3), (4); Pre-Medical Soc. (3), (4). 438 WALTER W. LAITNER Sigma Phi; Michigunensian (2); Union Opera (3), (4). ERNEST D. LAMPKIN Chi Phi; Track (3), (4). AGNES O. LANDERS Delta Delta Delta; League Comms.(2),(3),(4);Michi- gras (2); J.G.P.; Summer School Judiciary Chr. (3). JEAN S. LANGFORD Martha Cook; J. G. P.; Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4); League Comm. (4). HELEN E. LAPITSKY Polannia Literary Circle (1); Sociedad Hispanica (1), (3), (4); Treas. (4); Newman Club (2), (4). J. TENBY LARSON Mosher Hall; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Al- pha Gamma Sigma; Mich- iganensian (2), (3), (4), Women ' s Bus. Mgr. (4); Cercle Francais (3), (4), Treas. (4); Sociedad His- panica (4); Spanish Play (3), (4); Soph Cabaret; Michigras (1), (2): W.A.A. Award (2). DERWOOD D. LASKEY Phi Kappa Sigma, Pres. (4) BRADFORD LAUGHLIN Delta Tau Delta; Glee Club (1), (2); Scabbard and Blade (4). DOROTHY J. LAVAN Delta Gamma; Soph Cab- aret; J.G.P.; Daily (3); League Comms. (2). GWENDOLEN LAWHEAD Chi Omega; J. G. P. THOMAS S. LAWTON Trigon; Track (1), (2), (3), (4); Football (1); Druids (4); Union Opera (3); Michiganensian (2) ; Orien- tation Adv. (2), (3); " M " Club. SARAFAE LAZARUS Stockwell Hall, Pres.: Orientation Adv., J. G. P. E. CAROLYN LEAHY Stockwell Hall; Cercle Francais (4); Sociedad Hispanica (4) ; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; League Comms. (1), (2). BERTRAM LEFKOWICH Pi Lambda Phi; Daily (1), (2); Golf (1). ROSEMARY E. LEHMAN Martha Cook; Phi Tau Alpha, (1), (2), (4), Pres. (3); Alpha Lambda Delta; S. R. A.; Orientation Adv. (3); International Center Cabinet (4). LOUIS LEOPOLD Pre-Med. Soc. (3), (4); Fencing Team (1); Honor- ary Soc. (1); Independents (3), (4). EDITH LEVEENE Frosh Project; Daily (2); Assembly Board (1); Dance Club. ROBERT J. LEVINE Union (2). HAROLD M. LEVINSON Sigma Alpha Mu; Glee Club (2), (3); Hillel Cab- inet (3), (4). IRVING LEVITT PhiDeltaEpsilon. ELIZABETH LIGHTNER Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; League Comms. (1), (2), (3), (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cab- aret; J.G.P.; Varsity De- bate (3); Delta Sigma Rho. OWEN P. LILLIE Alpha Delta Phi, Sec ' y. (2); Orientation Adv. (3); Union Opera (3). MURRAY H. LILLY Williams House; Inter- national Relations Club (4); Congress (2), (3), (4); Hillel (2), (3), (4); Base- ball (1). LAWRENCE LINDGREN Student Senate (4). FREDERICK LINSELL Sigma Phi, Treas. (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (3), (4); Union Opera (3), (4); Mimes (4); Michigan- ensian (2). PHYLLIS J. LINSEY Chi Omega; J. G. P. ELIZABETH A. LIPTON Alpha Epsilon Phi; Soph Cabaret; League Comms. VIRGINIA LIST Alpha Phi; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; League Comm. ELEANOR M. LOBBAN Delta Delta Delta, Social Chr. (4); J. G. P.; League Comms. (3), (4). BETTY M. LOMBARD Martha Cook; League Comms. (2), (3), (4); Mor- tar Board; Senior Soc.; League Sec ' y- (4) ; Sociedad Hispanica (3) : Choral Union (2), (3), (4);J.G.P.; Orientation Adv. (3). ALICE A. LORD Kappa Kappa Gamma; J. G. P. JAMES F. LOVETT Trigon, Pres., Hockey (1), (2), (3), (4); " M " Club; Druids, Vice-Pres. (4); I; F.C. (4). BLAZ A. LUCAS Sigma Chi, Treas.; Foot- ball (1); Student Senate (2); I.F.C. (2), (3), (4), Pres. (4); Sphinx; Michi- gamua. ISABELLA H. LUGOSKI Alumnae House; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi. JEAN E. LUXAN Alpha Gamma Delta; J. G. P.; League Comm. (3), (4). ELIZABETH M. LYMAN Martha Cook; Cercle Francais (4) ; Assembly (4) ; Pi Lambda Theta (4); W.A.A. (4). EDITH L. LYNCH Kappa Alpha Theta; Gar- goyle (1); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; League Comms. (1), (2), (3), (4). JOHN T. LYNCH Lawyers Club; Newman Club. DOUGLAS A. LYTTLE Alpha Chi Sigma, V. Pres. (4); Band (1), (2); Gym Team (1), (2), (3). MARY E. MacCREADY Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres. (4);J. G. P. JEANNE F. MacDONALD Kappa Alpha Theta; Choral Union (3), (4). MARY E. MacDONALD Betsy Barbour. ROBERT MacGREGOR Theta Xi. FRANK J. MACKEY, Jr. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade. PATTIE MAIN Alpha Delta Pi, Pres. (4); Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Archery Club (1), (2); Michigras (1), (2); League Comm. (3) ; Panhellenic Council (3), (4); Pan- hellenic Banquet (4); Pan- hellenic Ball (4). NEWELL MALTER Pi Lambda Phi; Daily (2); Gargoyle (2); I. M. Ath- letics. CLAYTON H. MANRY Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Med. Soc., Pres. (4); S. R. A. Council (2), (3); Ed. Fresh- man Handbook (2); Robt. Owen Co-op. (3). KENNETH B. MARBLE Phi Kappa Sigma; Deutscher Verein (2); Ger- man Play (2), (3). ROBERT MARKS Michiganensian (1), (2), (3); Orientation Adv. (3), (4); Phi Eta Sigma. RICHARD H. MARTIN Alpha Sigma Phi; Direct- ory (2); I.F.C. (2), (3). LAWRENCE E. MASCOTT Brandeis Co-op., Pres. (4) ; Daily (1), (2), (3), Assoc. Ed. (4); Sigma Delta Xi (3), (4); Michigan Forum Co-Chr. KENNETH P. MATHEWS Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Deutscher Verein (2), (3) GEORGE W. MATTHEWS Acacia, Sec. (3), Pres. (4); Union (1), (2); I.F.C. (4). JEAN C. MAXTED Martha Cook; Mortar Board; Senior Society; Delta Sigma Rho; Varsity Debate (3), (4); League (3), (4); Athena (3), (4). THEODORA B. MAYTAG Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres. (4); J.G.P.; League Comm. (3), (4); Kappa Phi (3) (4). GWENDOLYN M. McCARREN Martha Cook; Golf (1), (2); Athena (3), Sec. (4); Gargoyle (1), (2). MARY A. McCOY Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Assembly Banquet (2); Zeta Phi Eta (2), (3); Pres. (4); League Comm. (3). JOHN J. McCUNE Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pres. (4); Student Senate (3), Pres. (4); I.F.C. (3), (4) Michigan Party (3), (4); Boxing (1). DORIS E. McGLONE Martha Cook; Inter- national Center (4) ; Choral (4); Choral Union (3), (4); League Comm. (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (4). MARY A. McKIE Alpha Omicron Pi, Treas. (4); Golf Team (1), (4); League Comms. (3), (4). JUNE E. McPHERSON Katherine Pickerill House; Newman Club (2), (3), (4); Inter-Co-op Council (4). JAMES E. MEAD, Jr. Beta Theta Pi. FRANCES MENDELSON Daily (3), (4); Publicity Chr., Assembly Ball (3); League Comms. (3). DORIS V. MERKER Pi Beta Phi; Mortarboard; Wyvern; Judic. Council (3), Chr. (4); League Coun- cil (4). ROBERT E. MERRIMAN Michiganensian (2), (3), (4); Sports Ed. (4); Druids. RHODA L. MILLER Mosher Hall, Dormitory Librarian (2), Dormitory House Council (3), (4); J. G. P.; Phi Tau Alpha (1), (2), (3), (4). MARY L. MILLS Alpha Delta Pi; Assembly (1). MARGUERITE F. MINK Daily (2) ; Play Production (2), (3), (4); Childrens ' Theater (3), (4); Radio. JAMES E. MONAHAN Theta Delta Chi; Track (1), (2), (3); Daily (1), (2), (3); C.A.A. (3), (4). STANLEY A. MOORE Alpha Delta Phi; Dean ' s Luncheon Club. WINIFRED O. MOORE Archery Club (1); Dance Club (1). MARY K. MOOTZ Martha Cook; Alpha Lambda Delta; Frosh Pro- ject; Soph Cabaret. STEWART T. MORAN Beta Theta Pi. SUZANNE E. MORGAN Chi Omega; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Michigan- ensian (2); League Comm. (2). VOLNEY F. MORIN Delta Kappa Epsilon. MARIAN MORSE Martha Cook. LLOYD R. MOWERY Phi Delta Theta; Union (2);I.F. C. (2). E WILLIAM MUEHL Pres. S. R. A. (3), (4); Varsity Debate (2), (3), (4); Delta Sigma Rho; Michigamua; Ed. Religious Forum (3); Pres. Anti- War Comm. (3); Winter Parley Comm. (3); Pres. Harris Hall (3). 439 BETTYE J. MUELLER Helen Xewberry, Treas. (4). MARIAN A. MUMFORD Martha Cook; Theta Sig- ma Phi (3), (4); Kappa Tau Alpha (3), (4). DOROTHY I. MUXRO Daily ( 1 ) ; Student Sculptor (2), (3), (4). MARY MUSTARD Alpha Phi; Theta Sigma Phi. GEORGE E. XADLER Phi Sigma Delta, House Mgr.; I. F. C. (4). PATRICIA J. XAHSER Kappa Kappa Gamma; League Comm. (2), (3); Soph Cabaret; J. G. P. XESSIM E. XESSIM International Center; Al- Thaquafa Society. HELEX XEVAS League House Pres. (4); W.A.A. Mgr. (3). FRAXCES B. NEVIN Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Assembly Ban- quet (2); Assembly Rep- (3); Information Booth Chr. (3); Pres. of Dorm Board (4); Senior Society (4); Orientation Adv. (3). ANITA A. NEWBLATT Phi Sigma Sigma; Hillel Players (2), (3), (4); Hillel Council (4); Sec ' y. Hillel Cabinet (4). BARBARA J. XEWTON Gamma Phi Beta; Delta Sigma Rho (3), (4); Debate (1), (2), (3), (4). AUDREY XISSOX Delta Delta Delta. BETTY M. XIXOX Alpha Kappa Delta (3), (4) ; Phi Kappa Phi ; League Comms. (3); J. G. P. MARY J. XOBLE League House Pres. (2), (3). FRAXCES XORFLEET Martha Cook; Daily (3); J. G. P.; Orientation Adv. (4); Theater Arts Comm. (3). JEAXNE M. XORRIS Kappa Phi Sec ' y. (3), Treas. (4). RICHARD J. XORTHWAY Phi Sigma Kappa. JOSEPH O. XOUSE Congress (2). CAMEROX C. OGLESBEE Alpha Xu (3), (4). BARBARA H. OLDS Kappa Kappa Gamma. LOUISE OLLESHEIMER Alpha Epsilon Phi; J.G.P.; Hillel Players; Broadcast- ing (3), (4); Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Play Prod. (3); League Comms. (.2), (3). MILTON ORSHEFSKY Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi (3), (4); Daily (1), (2), (3), (4). DOROTHEA ORTMAYER Gamma Phi Beta, Corr. Sec ' y. (4); Wyvern (3); Scroll, Pres. (4); Chr. Transfer Orientation (4); Michiganensian (2), (3) J. G. P.; Soph Cabaret; League Comm. (1), (2), (3); Frosh Project; W.A.A. (2): Orientation Adv. (2), (3). WILLIAM F. OSBORX Chi Psi; Druids (4), Basket- ball Mgr. (2), (3), (4). ESTHER J. OSSER Mosher Hall; Mortar Board; Senior Society; Kappa Tau Alpha; Theta Sigma Phi; Daily (1), (2), (3), (4); Women ' s Ed. (4). HAROLD OSTERWEIL Brandeis Coop.; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Inter- coop. Personnel Comm. Chr. (3), (4); Inter-coop. Council (4); Senate (2), (3); Michigan Forum Exec. Sec ' y. (4). MARY L. OSWALD Phi Sigma (4). VINCENT E. O ' TOOLE Glee Club (1), (2); Choral Union (4). JOAX OUTHWAITE Delta Gamma. XORMAX OXHAXDLER Play Prod. (2), (3), (4); Congress (2) ; Hillel Players (2), (3); Hillel Key (3). SEYMOUR S. PARDELL Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman Glee Club; Perspectives (1), (2), (3), Publications Mgr. HOWARD E. PARR Phi Delta Kappa. FRAXCES PATTERSON Delta Delta Delta; Daily (3); Perspectives (4); Play Prod (3), (4); J.G.P.; J.G.P. Script (4). JOHX P. PAUP Acacia; Wrestling (1), (2), (3), (4). RICHARD B. PECKIXPAUGH Chi Phi; Freshman Finance Comm.; Soph Prom; Union Opera (3); Druids (3); Scabbard and Blade (3); I.F.C. (2), (3), Exec. Coun- cil (4). GEORGIA L. PEXXY Kappa Alpha Theta; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; League Comm. (1), (2), (3). LESTER PERSKY Phi Sigma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Football (1), (2). MARTHA E. PETERS Stockwell Hall. JEAX K. PETERSON Assembly (3), (4). MARY AXN PETERSOX Martha Cook. ALBERT L. PFALLER Sigma Phi Epsilon; I. M. Hockey, Basketball (2). JAXE PFEIFFER Mosher Hall, Chr. Teas and Open House (4); As- sembly Board (4). ROBERT H. PHELPS Michigan Journalist (3), (4). JEAX PHENEGER Zeta Tau Alpha, Treas. (2); Frosh Frolic; Soph Cabaret. CHESTER PHILLIPSOX Tennis (1), (2). HARRY E. PICKERING Trigon; Daily (2). S. JANE PINKERTON Senior Society; Orientation Adv. (3); J. G. P. Cen. Comm.; Theatre Arts Comm. Chr. (4). JACK M. PITLICK Kappa Xu, Steward (3), (4). EUGEXE C. PLAXKEY Alpha Xu (3), (4); New- Man Club. MARK C. PLEUNE Chi Psi. IRMEXGARD E. POHRT Martha Cook; Assembly (4). JAXE L. POLLAK Mosher Hall, House Coun- cil (2), (3), (4); Daily (1), (2); Assembly Board (1), (2), (3); Sociedad Hispanica (3), (4); As- sembly Banquet (4) ;League Comm. (2), (3), (4). SOXIA S. POLOWAY Delta Delta Delta; Soph Cabaret; Theta Sigma Phi; Kappa Tau Alpha; J.G.P. ; League Comm. RICHARD POSMANTUR Sigma Alpha Mu. MARGARET POWERS Kappa Delta; J. G. P.; League Comm. (3), (4); Pitch and Putt Club (4)- WILLIAM F. POWERS Chi Phi; Football)!); Golf (1), (2); Cercle Francais. WILLIAM H. PRAXGEN Delta Upsilon; Band (3). ROBERT W. PRASIL Lambda Chi Alpha; Daily (1); Mimes (3), (4). L. WARD QUAAL Delta Tau Delta, Pres. (4); Michiganensian (2), (3); Men ' s Glee Club (1), (2); Men ' s Judiciary Coun- cil, Pres. (4); Sphinx; Michigamua Treas.; Stud- ent Affairs (4). MARVIX W. RADOM Alpha Phi Omega; I.M. HAROLD L. RAUSH Robert Owen Co-op; Pre- Med Soc. (4). EDWARD W. REID Delta Tau Delta. PEGGY J. REID Delta Gamma; J. G. P. ROBERT L. REUTTER Sigma Chi; Track (4); Swimming (1); Baseball (1). ELLEX F. RHEA Delta Delta Delta; Gar- goyle (1), (2), (3), Adv. Mgr. (2), (3); Alpha Lamb- da Delta ; Perspectives Ed. (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret. DOXALD D. RICKEY Chi Phi; Daily (1), (2), (3); Union (1), (2). FRAXK A. RIDEOUT Robert Owen Co-op; Alpha Chi Sigma; Glider Club (1);S. R. A. (3); A. C. S.; Interco-op Council Pres. LYNN C. RIESS Phi Gamma Delta; Golf (1), (2), (3), (4); Druids. HELEN G. RIGTERINK Gamma Phi Beta, V. Pres.; (4); Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; League Comm. (2). MARJORIE L. RISK Martha Cook, Pres. (4); J. G. P. DOXALD E. RIVETTE Kappa Sigma; Tennis (1); Wrestling (3); Scabbard and Blade; Sociedad His- panica (4). AUBREY C. ROBERTS Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec ' y. SHIRLEY A. ROBERTS Chi Omega; Gargoyle (1), (2); League Comm. (2); Soph Cabaret; Panhellenic (3); Crop and Saddle (2), (3), (4), V. Pres. (4). CHARLOTTE ROBIXSOX Betsy Barbour; Crop and Saddle (1), (2); Soph Cabaret; Daily (2). ELIZABETH ROBIXSOX Collegiate Sorosis. LEONARD ROBINSON Union (2). WILLIAM H. ROCKWELL Brandeis Co-op; Congress; (1), (2), (3), (4), Pres. (4); Michigamua; Daily (1), (2); Interco-op Coun- cil (2), (3), (4); University Progressive Council, Pres. (4); Senate (4); Delta Omega Gamma. MARY A. RODGER Delta Delta Delta; Scroll (3), (4); Merit System Comm. (2), (3), (4); J.G.P. League Comm. (2), (3); Michigras (2); Frosh Proj- ect; Soph Cabaret; Michi- ganensian (1), (2), (3). BARBARA E. ROGERS Pi Beta Phi; J. G. P. BESSIE J. ROOT Betsy Barbour, Treas. (3); Soph Cabaret; Assembly Rep. (2). NORMAN ROSENFELD Kappa Xu; Football (1), (2); Daily (2); Play Prod. (3); Hillel Cabinet (4); Hillel Players (4). CHARLES R. ROSS Phi Delta Theta; Druids; Sphinx; Hockey, Capt. (4); Football (3); Baseball (3); Senate (1). DOROTHY M. ROTH Mosher Hall ; Frosh Project ; J. G. P.; Assembly Board (4). 440 GILBERTA ROTHSTEIN Betsy Barbour; Frosh Proj- ect; Daily (2); Soph Cab- aret; .1. G. P.; Perspectives (4). JOSEPHINE M. ROUSE Lester Coop.; Wesley Foundation (3), (4). MIRIAM M. RUBIN Hillel Comm. (2), (3), (4); J. G. P.; Assembly Ball; Assembly Banquet (4). RUTH L. RUBINER Alpha Epsilon Phi. E. GEORGE RUDOLPH Kappa Sigma. DOROTHY RUDY Kappa Kappa Gamma; Soph Cabaret; League Comms. (3), (4); Orienta- tion Adv. GEORGE E. RULISON Theta Xi; Union (2) ; Daily (1). HELEN RYDE Stockwell Hall; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Phi Tau Alpha Sec ' y.; Choral Union. ALICE O. RYDELL Martha Cook; Theta Sigma Phi; Daily (3), (4). ROBERT C. W. SADLER Alpha Delta Phi, Pres. (4); Class Sec ' y. (D- DOROTHY J. SAMPSON Alpha Epsilon Phi, V. Pres. (4); Choral Union (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (3), (4). CHARLES B. SAMUEL Pi Lambda Phi, Treas. (3); Michiganensian (1), (2), (3), (4); Managing Ed. (4), Druids. MARY-JEAN SANFORD Kappa Phi. DOROTHY L. SANKIN Katherine Pickerill Co-op; Photography Club, Sec ' y. (2); Pre-Med. Soc. JANE M. SAPP Mosher Hall, V. Pres. (3); Senior Society, Pres. (4); Senate (4); Athena (2), (3), (4), Pres. (3); Debate (3); Delta Sigma Rho (3), (4); Daily (2); Assembly Ban- quet, Ass ' t. Chr. (3); P.A. C.I. (4); Assembly Exec. Council, (4). VIRGINIA SAPPINGTON Delta Delta Delta; Soph Cabaret; Anthropology Club (3). ALVIN N. SARASOHN Daily (1), (2), (3 C4), Editorial Director (4) ; Sig- ma Delta Chi ; Michigamua. FRANK J. SAVAGE Phi Kappa Psi; Daily (1); Gargoyle (2), (3); Swim- ming (1). HOWARD L. SAVILLE Fletcher Hall; Kansas Co- Captain Cross Country (1); Daily Kansan (2), (3): Mich. Journalist. MARIAN C. SCHAEFER Alpha Gamma Delta, V. Pres. (3); League Comms. (2), (3); Deutscher Verein (3); J. G. P.; International Center (3). MARGARET SCHILLER Alpha Phi; Play Prod. (3), (4); J.G.P.; Children ' s Theatre (4). MELVIN SCHLEMENSON Zeta Beta Tau. ROBERT L. SCHNEIDER Delta Upsilon, Pres. (4); Orientation Adv. (3); I. F. C. (2), (3). DANIEL M. SCHNIT Kappa Nu; Gargoyle (1), (2); Phi Eta Sigma, Treas. BETTY C. SCHUMANN Gamma Phi Beta; J. G. P.; Orientation Adv. (4); League Comms. (4). NATHALIE SCHURMAN Play Prod. (2), (3), (4). VIRGINIA SCHWEGLER Gamma Phi Beta; Michi- ganensian (2), (3); J.G.P.; Orientation Adv. (3), (4). GEORGE P. SCOTT Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres. (4). MARY T. SDUNEK Stockwell Hall; la Sociedad Hispanica; Anthropology Club. NEAL SEEGERT Theta Delta Chi; Phi Kappa Phi; Scabbard Blade; Infantry Officers Club (3), (4); Phi Eta Sigma; C.A.A.; Symphony Orchestra; Soph Prom; I. F.C. (2), (3); Varsity Band (1), (2); Concert Band (1), (2). CAROLYN SEMPLINER Sociedad Hispanica. L. WILLIAM SESSIONS Phi Kappa Psi, Pres. (4); Phi Beta Kappa (3), Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Tennis (1), (3), (4); Senate (3), (4); Hopwood Award. ELINOR M. SEVISON Kappa Kappa Gamma; Wvvern; Mortar Board; Daily (1), (2), (3); Soph Prom Chr.; League Comm. (4). ELIZABETH M. SHAW Martha Cook; Delta Sigma Rho; Daily (1), (2), (3); Varsity Debate (1), (2), (3), (4); W. A. A. Board (2); Senate (2); League Comms. (1), (2); Tennis Club. WILLIAM G. SHAW Alpha Sigma Phi; Kappa Phi Alpha. GEORGE F. SHEPARD Fletcher Hall, Pres. (4); Alpha Nu, Pres. (4); Sen- ate (3), (4); Sociedad His- panica (3), Orientation Adv. (3), (4); Play Prod. (3), (4); Broadcasting (3), (4); Union Opera (4); Mimes (4). JOHN C. SHERRILL Sigma Chi; Glee Club; Swimming (1), (2), (3), (4): I. F. C. (1), (2), (3); Band Drum Major. HELEN Y. SHIMOURA Stockwell Hall; Cercle Francais (3), (4); Sociedad Hispanica (4); J.S.C.A. (3), (4). HARRIET SHOECRAFT Zeta Tau Alpha; J.G.P.; Daily (3) ; League Comms. (3) ; Panhellenic Council (3), (4); Pre-med Society (3), (4). JANET D. SIBLEY Stockwell Hall; Council (4); Senior Soc.; Alpha Kappa Delta; Kappa Phi; Zeta Phi Eta; Frosh Proj- ect; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; J-Hop, Comm.; League Comms. (1), (2), (3); Daily (1). (2); Assembly, Ban- quet (1), (2), (3), Ball (2), (3), (4); Board (3), (4); Wesleyan Guild Cabinet (2), (3), (4). CHESTER J. SIKAWITT Adams House; Glee Club (1); Union (2); Daily (1), (2). BETTY M. SIKKENGA Martha Cook, V. Pres. (4); J.G.P .; Orientation Adv. (4). MICHELLE SILVERMAN Stockwell Hall; J.G.P.; Sociedad Hispanica (3), (4)- Pres. League House (3); Choral Union (4); Chr. Stockwell Yearbook (4). JOHN M. SIMMERS Phi Kappa Psi. C. KENNETH SIMPSON Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Freshman Exec. Council. MURRY SIMS Union Opera (3). WILLIAM R. SINCOCK Hiawatha Club (1); R.O. T.C. (1), (2), (3), (4); Infantry Officers Club (3), (4); F.t.A. (3), (4). HAROLD SINGER Robert Owen Coop, Pres. (4); Union (2), (3), (4) Exec. Council (3), Board of Directors (4), Judiciary Council (4). SHIRLEY SINGER Mosher Hall. EVELYN R. SISLIN Frosh Project; J. G. P.; Avukah(2), (3), f4); Hillel (1), (2), (3), (4). BERNARD SISMAN Phi Sigma Delta, Pres. (4); Track (1), (2); Band (1) (2); I.F.C. (2), (3). DeRHUA E. SKINNER Alpha Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Alpha lota; P ' rosh Project; Choral Union (2), (3); J. G. P.; Summer League Council (4). A. PAUL SMITH Alpha Tau Omega: Basket- ball Mgr. (2); I. F. C. (2), (3); I. F. Ball (3). DAN F. SMITH Alpha Kappa Psi. J. PAUL SMITH Sigma Phi; I. F. C. (2), (3), (4), Exec. Council (4); Perspectives (2), (3); Union Opera (4). MARYANN C. SMITH Theta Sigma Phi: Gar- goyle (3); Mich. Journalist MIRIAM E. SMITH Collegiate Sorosis; Cercle. Francais; Sociedad His- panica; Golf Club (4); League Comms. (3). RUTH M. SMITH Delta Delta Delta; League Comm. (1); W.A.A. (1), (2); Michigras (1), (2); Panorama (2) ; Perspectives (3), (4). MILTON D. SOLOMON Debating Soc. (3). JACK M. SPITALNY Phi Sigma Delta; Track Mgr. (2), (3), (4): M_gr. ' s Club; Board of Advisors to Athletic Assn. RUSSELL L. STEERE Glee Club (2), (3), (4). WALTER W. STEFFEN Campus Bowling League, Pres. (4). SIDNEY D. STEINHART Kappa Nu; Hillel Council (2), (3), (4); Hillel Players (1), (2), (3), (4); Radio Broadcasting. JOHN W. STEPHENS Zeta Psi; Scabbard and Blade (3); Military Ball (3). RICHARD A. STEUDEL Sigma Phi Epsilon; Union (1), (2V, Alpha Nu, Treas. (4); Student Senate (3). ALICE A. STEVENSON Betsy Barbour; Sigma Eta Chi. EDYTH C. STEVENSON Martha Cook. MAYNARD STODDARD Baseball (1), (2), (3), (4). RICHARD B. STODDEX Hockey (2), (3), (4); Sphinx, Druids. BETTY J. STOUT Mosher Hall: Soph Cab- aret, Central Comm. Ori- entation Chr.; Mortar- board;SeniorSoc.;Wyvern. JACK C. STRAIT Lambda Chi Alpha; Base- ball (D, Mgr. (2), (3); I.M. Mgr. (2), (3). JOHN P. STROUSS Baseball (I). WILLIAM B. STUCK Allen-Rumsey, Pres. (1), Varsity Band (1), Wi Sociedad Hispanica (1), (2)- Orientation Adv. pej, f3), (4). BETTY JANE SWIFT Chi Omega, Treas. (4), Mirhiganensian (i), W, Soph Cabaret; League Comm. (2); 3. Q. P-! Orientation Adv. (4). JOHN P. SYKES Phi Epsilon Pi; Allen Rum- sey; Sec ' y. (1). MARY M. TAYLOR Martha Cook; Women s Debate (3), (4); I. M. Debate Co-Chr. (3), 4); Delta Sigma Rho (3), (4); Athena (3), (4). PERRY G. TENNEY Beta Theta Pi; Daily (1), (2). 441 JEAN TENOFSKY Mosher Hall; Frosh Pro- ject; Soph Cabaret ; J.G.P.; Gargoyle (1), (2), (3); Assembly Board (3); Cap- ricarn Capers Chr. (3); Independent Fortnight Chr. (3;; Assembly Ball- (1), (2), (3); Assembly Ban quet (4); Varsity Debate (1), (2): Hillel Council (1), (2), (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (4); Senior Soc. ELLIE TERRETTA Martha Cook; Radio (3), (4); Play Prod. (3), (4). JOSEPH B. THAXTER, Jr. Alpha Delta Phi; Swim- ming (1), (2), (3), (4); Sphinx; Druids. BAIRD A. THOMAS Alpha Tau Omega DAVID H. THOMPSON Alpha Tau Omega; Mich- igan Party. JOHN H. THOMPSON Theta Chi, Pres. (4); Track Mgr. (3). CHARLES C. THOMSON Kappa Sigma, Sec ' y (2), (3); Michiganensian (3). GEORGE H. THOMSON Theta Delta Chi. JAMES E. TOBIN Phi Delta Theta, Pres. (4); Daily (1), (2); Student Senate (3); Board in Con- trol of Publications (4); Tennis (1), (2), (3), (4), Capt. (4) ; Hockey (1), (2); Michigamua; J-H o p Comm.; Sphinx. SHIRLEY A. TODT Alpha Chi Omega; Crop and Saddle (1), (2); Soph Cabaret; Daily (2). JUNE K. TOLTOX Martha Cook; Michigan- ensian (1); Soph Cabaret; Orientation Adv. (3); Gar- goyle (4). KENNETH J. TONKIN Orchestra (2); Track (2). EDWARD S. TRIPP Phi Gamma Delta, Treas. (4); Michiganensian (2), (51, Organiations Ed. (3); Sphinx; Druids; Union Opsra (3). WILLMANETTE M. TROUTWINE Delta Gamma. SUZANNE M. TUSSING Alpha Gamma Delta, V. Pres. (4); Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; L?ague Comms. (2), (3), (4). ROBERT J. ULMER Delta Tau Delta; Daily (1), (2). ROBERT D. ULRICH Phi Gamma Delta; Sphinx; Toastmasters. ZELDA S. URDAXG Betsy Barbour; Daily (1); Girl ' s Glee Club (1). MARGARET J. VAN ESS Martha Cook, Treas. (4); Frosh Project; Soph Caba- ret; W.A.A. (ll,(2) 3),(4), Sec ' y. (4); J. G. P.; Mortarboard; Senior Soc.; Alpha Lambda Delta. VIRGINIA VAN WAGONER Mosher Hall, House Coun- cil (2), (3); Assembly Board (3), (4); Orientation Adv. (2), (3), (4). ANNABEL VAN WINKLE Pi Beta Phi; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Panhellenic (2),(3),(4),Pres.(4)J.G.P., Central Comm.; Pan- hellenic Banquet, Central Comm. League Council (4); Wyvern (3); Mortar- board (4). CHARLOTTE A. VIGNOE Mosher Hall; Frosh Proj- ect; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. JANE ANNE VISSCHER Chi Omega, V. Pres. (4); Frosh Project; J. G. P. CHRISTOPHER J. VIZAS Daily (1), (2), (3); Alpha Kappa Delta. WALTER G. WADEY Jr. Math. Soc., Pres. (1), (2). ROBERT P. WAGNER Delta Tau Delta; Sphinx; Play Prod. (3); Daily (1), (2), (3). CARRIE S. WALLACH Cercle Francais (2), (3), (4), V. Pres. (3), Pres. (4); Frosh Project, Central Comm.; League Comm. (3); Omega Upsilon, Cor- responding Sec ' y (3). PATRICIA M. WALPOLE Helen Newbe rry, V. Pres. (3); Frosh Project; Gar- goyle (1); Soph Cabaret; League Comms. (21, (3); Assembly Ball, Central Comm (3) ; Assembly, Pres. (4); Senior Soc.; League Council (4). MARGARET L. WALSH Gamma Phi Beta; Daily (1), (2), (3); Soph Cabaret; Central Comm.; J. G. P.; Wyvern (3); Scroll. ALICE R. WARD Sociedad Hispanica (1): Cercle Francais (2), (3), (4), Sec ' y (3), (4}; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. MILDRED A. WARD Kappa Delta, Pres. (4); Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Zeta Phi Eta (3), (4); League Comm. (2), (3), (4); Pitch and Putt (4); Orientation Adv. (4); De- bate Team (4). GUY E. WARNER Play Prod. (3). ARDIS L. WATSON Alpha Gamma Delta, Sec ' y (4): Leaeue Comm. (3), (4); Play Prod. (4). HENRY G. WATSON, Jr. Beta Theta Pi, Rushing Chr.; Michiganensian (1), (2); I.F.C. (2), (3). THELMA WEBER Alpha Epsilon Phi ' Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; League Comms. (21, (3), (4); Ath- letics (2), (3). ANN D. WEHNER Alpha Chi Omega; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. ; League Comm. (2); Choral Union (3), (4); Mu Phi Epsilon (3), (4); Lane Hall Council (4). HUBERT F. WEIDMAN Phi Gamma Delta; Michi- ganensian (2); Orientation Adv. (3); Union Opera (3) (4) ; Senior Ball Comm. Chr. PHYLLIS R. WEISMAN Betsy Barbour; Avukah (2), (3), (4); Alpha Kappa Delta. ELIZABETH A. WELCH Alpha Xi Delta; Daily (1); Phi Tau Alpha (2), (3), (4); Newman Club (2), (3), (4). YVONNE M. WESTRATE Chi Omega; Frosh Project Soph Cabaret- J. G. P.; Crop and Saddle, Pres. (3) ; Scroll; W. A. A. Board. JOSEPH N. WETMORE Scalp and Blade. SOL M. WEZELMAN Phi Beta Kappa (3): Phi Kappa Phi; Scabbard and Blade (4). BARBARA C. WHEAT Collegiate Sorosis. ROBERT L. WHEATON Sigma Phi Epsilon; I. M. Numerals (2). PAUL D. WHEELER Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); Play Production (3), (4); Union Opera (4). FREDERICK WHELPLY Hermitage. ARNOLD E. WHITE Delta Upsilon, V. Pres. (4); Glee Club (2); Student Senate, Sec ' y (3); Orienta- tion Adv. (3), (4)1 Gar- goyle (2). JOAN M. WHITING Martha Cook; Michigan- ensian (4). MARION V. WIGHT Alpha Gamma Delta; Michiganensian (2); Soph. Cabaret. MARCIA H. WILK Alpha Epsilon Phi: Hillel Council (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; League CDmm. (2), (3), (4). JAMES WILKINSON Sigma Chi: Swimming (2), (31, (4); C. A. A. Flight Training (4). HARVEY WILLENS Phi Sigma Delta, Treas., Daily (1), (2). MILDRED A. WILLIAMS Mosher Hall, Pub. Chr.; Daily (1), (2), (3); As- sembly Ball (1), (2), (3); Assembly Banquet (1), (2), (3); J.G .: Soph Cabaret; Frosh Project; Choral Union (2), (3); League Comm. (1), (2), (3); Cercle Francais. JOHN F. WINNE Tau Kappa Epsilon, V. Pres. (4); Glee Club (1), (2); Union Opera (2); Choral Union (1), (2), (3); Deutscher Verein (1), (2). DONALD M. WIRTCHAFTER Zeta Beta Tau; Daily, Sports Ed. (4); J-Hop Comm.; Michigamua (4); Phi Eta Sigma. CARRIE I. WISMER Martha Cook; Michigan- ensian (1), (2); Soph Cabaret; Orientation Adv. (3); League Comm. (1). (2), (3). JACK R. WOLIN Phi Sigma Delta; Swim- ming (2), (3), (4); " M " Club (2), (3), (4). ELAINE M. WOOD Alpha Omicron Pi; Kappa Phi (2), (3), V. Pres. (4); Assembly Ball Ass ' t. Chr.; J.G.P.; C.A.A. (4); Flying Club (4). ROBERT K. WOOD Alpha Tau Omega; Union (1); J.G.P. Music; Child- ren ' s Theatre Music (3). WALTER H. WRIGLEY Delta Tau Delta; Union (2). CHARLOTTE E. WYSS Helen Newberry, House Board (4); Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J. G. P.; Assembly Banquet and Ball (2), (3); Gargoyle (1). ROGER B. YEPSEN Alpha Delta Phi ; Michigan- ensian (3); Union Opera (4); Football Mgr. (1), (2), (3). MARY A. YOUNG Stockwell Hall; Newman Club. THOMAS B. YOUNG Alpha Delta Phi; Union Opera (41; I. M. (3). IRVING ZEIGER Asst. Director Hillel (4). EDWARD ZERDEN Phi Beta Delta; Track (4). BERTRAM ZHEUTLIN Phi Beta Delta, Scribe (3), Pres. (4); I. M. (3), (4); Baseball Mgr. (2), (3), (4); Basketball (2); Union Comm. (2). HAROLD J ZIMMON Hillel Membership Drive (31: Hillel Players (3); I.M. (3); Broadcasting; Congress (1), (2), (3 (4); Orientation Adv. (4). CHARLES H. ZOLLA Zeta Beta Tau; Take A Number, Author; Mimes (4); Broadcasting. ENGINEERING RODNEY ALEXANDER Delta Upsilon; Union (1), (2); A. S. M. E. (4). R. RAYMOND ALLEN Theta Xi; Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); Triangles; Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman Orienta- tion Adv. (4); Band (1), (2), (3). LEE L. ANDERSON Tau Beta Pi (4); A.S.M.E. (4). JOSEPH W. BARBER Hermitage; A.I.Ch.E. (3); Varsity Glee Club (3). 442 CHARLES L. BARKER Chi Phi; Triangles; Vul- cans; Scabbard and Blade, Sec ' y. (4); Swimming (1), (2), (3), (4); C.A.A. (4). PIERCE BARKER, JR. Phi Kappa Tau. JESUS J. BATTAD Quarterdeck. WILLIAM P. BAXTER Delta Tau Delta. HARMON S. BAYER Choral Union (2), (3), (4). EUGENE H. BEACH Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu (3) (4), Corr. Sec ' y. (4); A.I.E.E. (3), (4). WILLIAM F. BEEBE Alpha Delta Phi ; Triangles ; Vulcans ; Michigamua; Swimming (1), (2), (3), (4); Eng. Council. OLIVER H. BELL Fletcher Hall, Treas. (4); Band (1), (2); A.I.E.E. (3), (4). RICHARD J. BELL Phi Sigma Kappa, Pres. (4). WILLIAM BIGGERS II Chi Psi. CARL F. BINDER Quarterdeck; Track (1). ROBERT W. BISHOP Triangles; Arch (3); Eng. Council (4); Eng. Open House (4); A.I.M.E. (3), (4). WILLIAM BLANCHARD Theta Xi; Triangles; Scab- bard and Blade (4) ; Sigma Rho Tau (1); Eng. Honor Council (2), (3); Football Mgr. (3). VICTOR F. BOETEL I.Ae.S. (3), (4). VINCENT B. BONDAR A. I. Ch. E. ROBERT H. BRAGG Sigma Nu; Transportation Club; Basketball (1). WYNAND W. BRANDEL A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). HAROLD E. BRITTON Theta Xi, House Mgr. (3); Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Vulcans; Kappa Kap- pa Psi, V. Pres. (4); Technic (2), (3), (4), Bus. Mgr. (4); University Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Eng. Council (2), (3), (4), Treas. (4); Eng. Honor Council (3), (4), Chr. (4); A.I.E.E.; Treas. Class (4). KEITH R. BRONSON Alpha Sigma Phi; Sigma Rho Tau; Novice (2), (3): I.F.C. (2), (3); A.S.M.E. (4). CHARLES M. BROWN Kappa Sigma; Vulcans; Student Cabinet (1); A.I. Ch.E. (2); A.I.M.E. (3), (4); Union Opera (4); Glee Club (1), (2), (3), (4). PETER F. BROWN Sigma Chi, Pres. (4) ; Union (1), (2), (3); Technic (1), (2); J-Hop; A.I.Ch.E. (4); Triangles; Vulcans; Men ' s Judiciary Council, Sec ' y. (4). EDWARD G. BULL I. A. S. (3), (4); Pi Tau Pi Sigma (3), (4); Flying Club (4). ROBERT S. BURTIZ Chi Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Union (2); Tau Beta Pi, V. Pres. (3), (4); Eta Kappa Nu, V. Pres. (3), (4); A. I. E. E., V. Pres. (3), (4); Eng. Council (4); Eng. Ball (4); Senior Ball; Track (1). J. EARL BURRELL A. I. Ch. E. (3), (4); Newman Club. MARKHAM S. CHEEVER Theta Chi; Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); Mimes (3), (4); A. S. M. E. (3), (4); A. S. C. E. (4); Union Opera (3), (4); Band (1), (2), (3), (4). ALPHONSO CHEGWIN Quarterdeck (4 ). PETE CHOMICZ A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). G. THOMAS CHRISTIANSEN Alpha Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade (2), (3), (4); A. S. M. E. (3), (4); Reserve Officers Assoc. (4); Michiganensian (2). DANIEL J. CLARKE I.Ae.S. NATHAN W. CLAUSS A. I. Ch. E. (3), (4); Baseball ( 1 ), (2) ; Dramatics (1), (2); Orchestra (1), (2); German Club (1), (2), Pres. (2); Basketball (1) (2); Union (1), (2). GEORGE E. COGGER Pi Tau Pi Sigma (3), (4), Sec ' y. (4); Scabbard and Blade (4); A. S. C. E. (3), (4) ; Transportation Club (2), (3), (4). SABIN CROCKER, Jr. Sigma Nu, Treas. (3); A.S.M.E., V. Pres. (4). C. LOUIS CUCCIA Kappa Delta Rho, Sec ' y.; Sigma Rho Tau (1); A. I. E. E.; I. R.E.; Baseball (1) Band (1), (2), (4). MAURICE J. DALBY Beta Theta Pi, V. Pres. (4); A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4); New- man Club (3), (4). NELSON E. DAMM Winchell House; Tau Beta Pi;A.S. M.E. (4). FREDERICK J. DANNENFELSER Delta Upsilon; A. S. M.E. (4); " M " Club (4); Golf (2), (3), Capt. (4); Sailing Club (4). IRWIN W. DAVIS A.S.M.E. JAMES E. DAVOLI Tau Beta Pi; A. S. M. E.; Scabbard and Blade. A. DANIEL DEFOE Hermitage, Treas. (4). MERTON M. DELANCEY Sigma Chi; A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). EZIO P. DELORENZI Triangle: I. A. S. (3); Flying Club (3); Tennis (1). HARRY G. DRICKAMER Vulcans; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. Senior Class Pres.; A. I. M. E.; Mimes; Union Opera; Eng. Council; Eng. Ball; Open House. DAVID B. DUNLAP Acacia; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi (4); Quarterdeck (3); Fresh- man Glee Club. JAMES R. DUTHIE, Jr. Beta Theta Pi; Vulcans Frosh Frolic; Daily (1), (2); Union (2); Union Op- era (3), (4); Mimes (3), (4). PRESCOTT S. EARLE Phi Kappa Sigma; S. A. M. E. (3); I. Ae. S. (4). JAMES M. EASTMAN A.S.M.E. (3), (4), Treas. (4); S. A. E. (3), (4), Tau Beta Pi (4). GALE R. ECENBARGER Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I. Ch.E. (4). HOWARD E. EGERT Phi Gamma Delta; Vulcans; A.S.M.E. (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1); " M " Club (3), (4); Track (1), (2), (3), (4); Orientation Comm. (3); I.F.C. (2), (3). WHITNEY A. ERICKSON International Center (2), (3), (4). AVARD F. FAIRBANKS Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi (4). ALBERT FELDMAN Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. Ch.E. (2), (4); Donovan Scholar (3), (4). CHARLES D. FORD Acacia; A. S. M. E. (4). HOWARD P. FOX Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2), (3), (4), (5); Michigan Outdoor Club (1), (2), (3), V. Pres. (2), Pres. (3); Congreg. Student Fellow- ship (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), Sec. -Treas. WOODROW G. FRAILING Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); A. S. M. E. (2), (3), (4); Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); Hiawatha Club (1), (2), (3), (4). SEYMOUR A. FURBUSH Triangles; Vulcans; Technic (2), (3), (4), Man- aging Ed. (4); Slide Rule Ball Comm. (3), (4); A. I. Ch. E. (2), (3), (4). LUIS GARCIA Phi Eta Sigma. STEVE GAWURA Radio Club (1); A. I. E. E. (2), (3), (4); Union Opera (3). AXEL B. GESSLER, Jr. A. S. C. E. (3), (4), Treas. (4). ALLEN F. GILLIARD Tau Beta Pi, Corr. Sec.; Scalp and Blade, Pres.; Eng. Comm. on Profes- sional Ethics (3), (4); Sociedad Hispanica (31. (4); Phi Kappa Phi;Asst, in Eng. Mech. Dept. (3) , (4). NORMAN W. GOLLIN Lutheran Students Club (3), (4); A. I.E. E. (3), (4). WILLIAM A. GOLZ Univ. Symphony Orch.; Little Symphony; A.S.C.E. VINCENT GOTTSCHALK Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres. (4). DOUGLAS T. GRAHAM Phi Eta Sigma (1); A. S. C. E. (3), (4); Eng. Council (4). WILLIAM N. GRAY Delta Tau Delta; Swim- ming (1); Football (2), (3). CHARLES W. GREENE Lambda Chi Alpha; A.I. Ch.E. (4). GEORGE A. GROVER Sigma Phi Epsilon: Trans. Club, Pres. (4); Basketball Mgr. (2), (3). ROBERT L. GUSTAFSON Zeta Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); Technic (1), (2), (3); Law- yers Club (4). HAROLD E. GWILLIM, Jr. Delta Tau Delta; A.I.E.E. (3), (4). ROBERT T. HALL Beta Theta Pi; Frosh Frolic; Glee Club; I. Ae. S.;S. A. E. HERBERT HAMILTON A.S.M.E. (3), (4). ROBERT C. HAMILTON Zeta Psi; A. S. M. E. (3); Sigma Rho Tau ( 1 ) ; Sailing Club (3). CHARLES S. HANN Acacia; A. I. Ch. E. DONALD E. HARTWELL Greene House, Pres. (4); Eng. Council (4); Varsity Band (1), (2), (3). JOHN H. HARWOOD Theta Xi, Pres. (4); Tri- angles, Pres. f3); Vulcans; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma, Pres. (2); Band (1), (2); Eng. Honor Coun. (1), (2); Kappa Kappa Psi; J-Hop, Gen. Chr. CABLING HAVERMANS M.C.F. House, Treas. (5); Tau Beta Pi (4), (5); A.S.M.E. (3), (4), (5); Sigma Xi (4), (5); Phi Kappa Phi (5).; Mich. Christian Fellowship Group (4); Phi Theta Kappa (2). FREDERICK HEDDLE Tau Beta Pi (4); Honors Convocation (3); " M " Club (3), (4); Hockey (1), (2 (3), (4); Trans. Club (4). CHARLES M. HEINEN Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sec ' y. (4); Vulcans; Triangles, Treas.; Michigamua; Mimes (3), (4); Sigma Rho Tau (2), (3), (4); Eng. Council (3); A.I.Ch.E. (3), Pub. Chr. (4); Gargoyle (2); Mich. Union, (2), (3) (4), Sec ' y. (4); Slide Rule Ball (4); Eng. Council. WILLIAM J. HERRMANN Kappa Sigma; Vulcans (4) ; A I E.S. (4): Basketball (1), (2), (3); Football (1). 443 LEWIS R. HETZLER Eta Kappa Nu (4); A.I. E.E. (4); Disciples Guild, Pres. (4). EDWARD M. HINDERT Phi Eta Sigma (1); Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Rho Tau (1); Eng. Council Rep. (4). GEORGE P. HOGG, Jr. Theta Xi; Vulcans; Tau Beta Pi; Honor Council (4); Eng. Council (4). ROBERT H. HOLYOKE Phi Kappa Tau, Pres. (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2); A.S.M.E. (3), (4); S.A.E. (4)-Football(l). GORDON K. HOOD, Jr. Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi; Gymnastic Team (1). ANSEL. F. HOSMER, Jr Track (1), (3); A.I.Ch.E. (4). ABRAHAM HURLICH Tau Beta Pi; A.I.M.E., Pres. (4); Phi Kappa Phi; Iota Alpha; Grad. Outing Club. BERNARD J. IGNASlAK I.A.S. (3), (4). JAMES B. IMRIE Beta Theta Pi. CHARLES N. ISACKSON A.I.Ch.E. HARRY A. JACKSON Quarterdeck (3), (4), (5). NEVIN J. JAMIESON Delta Tau Delta; Michigan ensian (1). DOUGLAS C. JEFFREY Acacia; Tau Beta Pi; A.S. M.E., Scabbard and Blade; Military Ball Comm. (3); V. Pres. Class (4); Wres- tling (1), (2), (3). JENS A. JENSEN A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), (4); A.Ch.S. (4); Scandinavian Club (2), (3), (4). JAY W. JOHNSON Triangle; A.S.M.E. (2), (3), (4); Finance Comm. (2); Track (1). MERRILL N. JOHNSON Delta Tau Delta; I.F.C. (2), (3); Union (1). NORMAN P. JOHNSON Kappa Delta Rho; A.S.C.E. PAUL A. JOHNSON, Jr. Sigma Phi; A.S.M.E. (3), (4), Pres. (4); Daily (1), (2); Gargoyle (2), Per- sonnel Mgr. (3); Triangles; Michigamua; J-Hop. WHITNEY KALMBOUGH Acacia. PHILLIP KAPLAN A.S.M.E. (4). MARCELLUS C. KECK Lambda Chi Alpha, V Pres. (3); I.A.S. (3), (4); Wrestling (1). RALPH J. KELLY Robt. Owen Co-op, Pres. (4); I.A.S. (4); Donov an Scholar (4); I. M. Letter (3); Glee Club (3), (4). CHARLES A. KERNER Delta Upsilon, V. Pres. (4); S.A. Mil. E.; I. A. S.; Scabbard and Blade: Union (2), Ex. Council (3). CHARLES L. KEYES Triangle; A.I.Ch.E. THOMAS KIECKHEFER Phi Kappa Sigma; I.A.S. (4); Football (1). MARLIN H. KIEHLE I. A. S. (4); Congress (3), (4). ROBERT P. KIMBALL Delta Tau Delta; Tau Beta Pi (4); A.S.C.E. (4). EDWARD A. KING Phi Gamma Delta, Pres (4); I.A.S. (3), (4), Sec ' y. (4); Vulcans, Pres. (4); Triangles, Pres. (3); Eng. Council (2), (3), (4), V. Pres. (4), Honor Council (2); C. A. A. (3); Frosh Frolic; Soph Prom; Flying Club (2), (4); Glider Club (1), (2); Michiganensian (2), (3); Eng. Ball Chr. JOSEPH KLEIMAN A.I.Ch.E. (4). FRED A. KLEMACH I.A.S.; Wrestling (2). HARRY E. KOHL Lambda Chi Alpha; Tri- angles (3); Vulcans (4); Football (3), (4); Tennis (3), (4). KARL K. KREITZ, Jr. Theta Xi; A.I .Ch.E. (3), (4). CHARLES KUCHAR A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1); Gym- nastics Team (1), (2), " (3). ELAINE B. KUIST Stalker Co-op; Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); A.I.Ch.E. 3), (4); Rifle Team (2), (3), (4), Campus Title (3). JOHN M. LACY rt.S.M.E. (4). DAVID M. LADD Alpha Delta Phi; A. S. M. E.; Vulcans; Triangles; Basketball, Mgr. (2), (3). CHARLES W. LAPWORTH, Jr. Alpha Tau Omega; I. F. C (2), (3). ROBERT E. LARKIN Delta Upsilon; Union Staff (1), (2); Football (1); I.M. (1), (2), (3), (4). NORMAN LAUTERBACH Quarterdeck (4). WILLIAM E. LEEDER Acacia. JOHN D. LEHNER Trigon; A.I.M.E. (3), (4); Technic (1); Michigan- ensian (2); Basketball (I); Tennis (1). CARL F. LEPISTO A.S.C.E. (2), (3), (4). JEROME A. LEWIS Phi Epsilon Pi; A.I.E.E.; Technic. TOVIO M. LIIMATAINEN I.R.E. (4); Suomi Club (2), (3), (4); Men ' s Glee Club (2), (3), (4). JOHN P. LORD Chi Psi. ARTHUR MACVITTIE Triangle; A. I. M. E. (3) (4); A. S. M. (2), (3), (4); Technic (2); I.F.C. (4). EMERY S. MADARASZ Chi Phi. G. WILLIAM MAHLMAN Tau Kappa Epsilon. EDWARD T. MARTIN Theta Delta Chi; I.Ae.S.; Flying Club, Pres. (2); Nat ' l. Inter-collegiate Fly- ing Club, Pres. (3); C.A.A. Instructor. HARRY C. MATTESON I.Ae.S.; Flying Club. ROBERT K. McCAMEY A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), (4), Sec ' y. (4); Sigma Rho Tau HOWARD K. McCOY A.I.Ch.E. (4). WARREN E. McELROY Quartardeck (3), (4); Mich. Sailing Club (3). CHARLES McWILLIAMS Sigma Rho Tau (1), (3), (4) ; Gym Squad (1). JEROME W. MECKLENBURGER Zeta Beta Tau; Vulcans (4); Hillel Foundation, Pres. (4); Hillel Cabinet, Pres. (3); Ann Arbor Jewish Comm. (3), (4); Comm. on Prof. Practice, Chr. (4); A.S.M.E. (4). VANCE W. MIDDLESWORTH A.I.M.E. (3), (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2), (3), (4), Sec ' y. (4); Technic (1), (2). ROBERT J. MORRISON Kappa Sigma; Tau Beta Pi ( 4); Vulcans (4); Tri- angles (3); Phi Eta Sigma (1); Scabbard and Blade (3); Michigamua; Men ' s Judiciary Council (4); Engineering Council (1), (3), (4), Pres. (4); Pres. Class (1); Soph Prom; Engineering Ball (4); Slide Rule Ball (4); Capitalist Ball (4). RICHARD G. MORTON Triangle; A.S.M.E. (2), (3), (4). LOWELL R. MOSS, Jr. Phi Kappa Sigma; A.I. Ch.E. (2), (3), (4), Pres. (4); Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); I.F.C. (2), (3); Track (1), (2); Army Ord- inance Assoc. (4); Military Ball (3). LOUIS E. MUELLER Delta Tau Delta; A.I.E.E. (4); Football (1); Basket- ball (1). PHILIP R. MUELLER Transportation Club (3), (4), Sec ' y.-Treas. (4). THOMAS C. NETHERTON Baseball (1), (2), (3), (4); Basketball (1). DONALD H. NICHOLS Druids; Sphinx; Wrestline (2), (3), (4). EDWIN A. NIELSEN Lambda Chi Alpha. EDWARD S. OSLEY I.Ae.S. (3), (4); Flying Club (3), (4). ROBERT G. OWENS A.I.Ch.E. CARL J. OXFORD Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. ROBERT U. PALLIAER A.I.Ch.E. (4). ERNEST J. PALMER Hermitage. DAVID PANAR Congress Co-op; Congress, Exec. Sec ' y. (4), Activities Chr. (4). JOHN F. PATRICK Tau Kappa Epsilon RUSSELL H. PEEBLES Delta Tau Delta. ERNEST J. PETERSEN Triangle; S.I.E. (1), (2), (3), (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2); Technic (1); Track (1), (2), (4); Basketball (1). ROBERT R. PETERSON Lambda Chi Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; S.A.E. (4). JOHN S. PIERSON Acacia; S.A.E. (3), (4); A.S.M.E. (4). CHANDLER H. PINNER Beta Theta Pi; Vulcans; Scabbard and Blade; A.S. M.E.; Glee Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Union Opera (4). FRED B. POMERANING A.I.Ch.E. (4). JACK E. PRICE A.I.E.E. (3), (4). WOODROW W. RANKIN Kappa Delta Rho, Pres. (4); Tau Beta Pi (4); Phi Eta Sigma ; Transporta- tion Club (3), (4). W. BERRY RATLIFF Chi Phi; S.A.E. student member (4). FLOYD F. RECHLIN Varsity Glee Club (4); I.Ae.S. (4); Union Opera (4). SPENCER REITZ Chi Psi; Football (1); Track (1). BRUNO ROCCA Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4), Treas.; Sigma Rho Tau (1), (3); Student Committee on Professional Practice (3), (4). W. KEMP ROGERS, Jr. Triangle, Sec.; I.Ae.S. (3), (4). RICHARD R. ROTTIER A.I.E.E. (Grad.). DON W. RYKER Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec ' y. (3), V. Pres. (4); Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. Ch. E. (3), V. Pres. (4); Mich. Union (1), (2); Gargoyle (2); Frosh Frolic Chmn. (1). EDWARD SAARINEN A.S.M.E. (4). GILBERT SAMUELSON, Jr. " M " Club; Hockey (1), (2), (3), (4). E. DUDLEY SCROGIN S.A.E. (3), (4), Chr.; Fly- ing Club (3). ROBERT R. SELFRIDGE A.I.Ch.E. (3), (4). JAMES H. SHAVER Tau Beta Pi (4); A.I.Ch.E. (3). DAVID W. SHEARSTON I.Ae.S. (3), (4). JOHN A. SHELTON Alpha Chi Sigma; Beta Theta Pi. 444 RICHARD S. SHETTER Sigma Alpha Epsilon; A.I. Met. E. (3), (4), Sec ' y- (4); Track (1), (2); Stump- speakers (1); Debate (2). DAVID SHORE Robert Owen Co-op.; I. Ae.S. (4) ; Sigma Rho Tau (3) ; Orientation Advisor (4). CEDOMIR SLIEPCEVICH Sigma Chi. MORLEY L. SLOMAN Phi Tau Alpha; A.S.M.E. (3), (4); Band (1), (2). LEWIS FRANK SMITH Tau Beta Pi (4); Student Assistantship (4). WILLIAM C. SMOTHERS A.S.M.E. (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2); S.A.E. (4). ARNOLD H. SOEDER Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I. Ch.E. (3), (4). HARVEY G. SPENCER Alpha Chi Sigma; Sec ' y. (4); A.I. Ch.E.; Pi Alpha NELSON W. SPENCER Alpha Rho Chi; A.I.E.E. (3), (4); Choral Union (4); Gymnastics (1). J. CLARK SPOONER Phi Gamma Delta. GEORGE E. STATEZNI A.I.E.E. (3), (4);S.A.M.E. (3); R.O.T.C. (1), (2), (3) (4). JACK N. STEKETEE Phi Kappa Sigma; A.S. C. E., Pres.; Footba Squad (2). JOHN STRAND Tau Beta Pi (3), (4), Cataloguer (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu (3), (4); A. I. E. E. (2), (3), (4), Treas. (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2), (3), Pres. (4). GORDON A. STUMPF Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sec ' y. ; Pledge Capt.; Tau Beta Pi (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu (3), (4), Treas.; Scabbard and Blade (3), (4); A. I. E. E. (3), (4); S.A.M.E. (3), (4); Rifle Team (1), (2), (3), (4). ALBERT M. STUTZ Wrestling (1); Art Cinema League (4), Mgr. (4); I.Ae.S. (4). DAVID B. SUTHERLAND Delta Upsilon; Triangles; Honor Council (2), (3); Track (1), (2); Technic (1), (2); Eng. Council (2); V. Pres. Class (1). JOSEPH B. TATE Phi Kappa Tau. PAUL W. THERIAULT Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Hiawatha Club (3); I.Ae.S. (4). WARD W. THIEL A.S.M.E. (4). BENJAMIN F. THOMAS A.S.M.E. (4). JAMES F. THOMPSON Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Transportation Club (3), (4). CHARLES R. TIEMAN Alpha Kappa Lambda; Tau Beta Pi (4); Vulcans; Eta Kappa Nu (3), (4); Pi Tau Pi Sigma (3), (4); Sigma Rho Tau (1); Var- sity Glee Club (1); Technic (1), (2), (3), (4); Editorial Director (4); A.I.E.E. (2), (3), (4). JOHN O. TIETJEN Zeta Psi, Pres. (4); A.S. M.E. (3), (4); Eng. Coun- cil (4). LOUIS W. TOTH AlphaSigma Phi; A.S.M.E. (2), (4); M.E. Student Asst. (4). RICHARD F. TOWNER Sigma Rho Tau (1), (2); A.S.M.E. (3), (4). LESLIE J. TRIGG I.Ae.S. (2), (3), Pres. (4); Flying Club (2), (3), (4), Pres. (4), V. Pres. (3), (4); Football (1); C.A.A. Ad- vanced Ground Instr. (4); Link Trainer Instr. (4) MARGARET E. UDELL Alpha Gamma Delta; A.I. E.E. (4); Daily (1); League Comm. (1), (2); Frosh Project; Swimming (1); Hockey (1). ROBERT D.VAN CAMPEN Sigma Chi. JACQUE E. VAN GIESON Scabbard Blade (4) ; A. I. Ch.E. (3), (4); Army Ordi- nance Assoc. (4). ERNESTO VILLEGAS Glider Club (4). VINCENT A. VIS Beta Theta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. Ch. E. (4); Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4). WILLIAM E. VOLLMER Delta Tau Delta; Vulcans; Triangles; Sec ' y. Class (4); Football (1), (2), (3); Basketball (1); Wrestling (1); Union Opera (4). NORMAN E. WAHL A.I.Ch.E. (2), (3), (4); Scalp and Blade (2), (3) (4). ARLAND R. WALKLEY Tau Beta Pi (4); Phi Eta Sigma. RICHARD N. WEATHERSTON Phi Kappa Tau. GEORGE W. WEESNER Alpha Kappa Lambda; Tau Beta Pi (4); Vulcans; Triangles; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Technic (1), (2), (3), (4); Eng. Council (4). THOMAS A. WEIDIG Hermitage, Pres. (4), Sec ' y. (3); Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; A. I. M. E. (3), (4), Treas. (4); Wrestling (1), (2), (3), (4), M-Club (2), (3), (4). IRVING WEISS Congress Co-op, House Mgr. (3); A.I.E.E. (3), (4) ; Congress, (3). CHARLES WESTBROOK S.A.M.E. (3), (4); I. Ae. S. COLIN C. WEYMOUTH Trigon. ADAM A. WHITE Kappa Delta Rho, Social Chr. (3), V. Pres. (4). RICHARD T. WHITE Eta Kappa Nu (4); A.I. E.E. (3), (4). ROBERT G. WILLARD Greene House S.A.E. (4). DAVID WILLIAMS Physics Club (4); Math Club (3), (4); Radio Club (3), (4). JAMES V. WINKLER Delta Tau Delta; Tau Beta Pi (3), (4); Vulcans (4); S.A.E. (4); Football (1) (2). MILES K. WOLFSON A.S.M.E. (3), (4); I.Ae.S. (4), S.A.M.E. (3), (4); Glider club (2), (3), (4). WILLIAM M. WOOD Theta Xi; Scabbard Blade; A.I.M.E., V. Pres. (4); Army Ordinance Assn. V. Pres. (4). LEON R. WOSIKA FRANCIS W. WROCK A.S.M.E. (3), (4). JOHN YODER Chi Phi. JOHN R. YOUNG Robert Owen Co-op; A.S. M.E. (4). PAO-CHONG YOUNG ORRIN G. YOUNGQUIST Tau Beta Pi, Sec ' y., Treas. (3), (4); A.I.Ch.E. (3), Vice-Pres. (4). WALTER ZIMMERMAN A.S.M.E. (4). ARCHITECTURE and DESIGN JOSEPHINE E. ALEXANDER Chi Omega. GRACE H. BARTON Frosh Project; Soph Cab- aret; J.G.P.; Orientation Advisor (3), (4); Assembly Banquet Comm. Chairman (2); Assembly Ball (2); Assembly Board (4). J BROOKS BUDERUS Chi Psi; Track (1). WILL A. CANNON, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DOROTHY C. COWAN KappaDelta ;FroshProject ; Gargoyle (1); Hockey (1); Soph.Cabaret;J.G.P.;Pub- licity (2), (3). ELIZABETH J. DICE Choral Union (1), (2), (3). RICHARD E. DULEBOHN Hermitage; Band (2), (3), (4)- ANTHONY O. ENDRES Tau Kappa Epsilon. MARION E. ENGEL Mosher; Publicity Chr. (3). ELIZABETH F. GARRY Alpha Omicron Pi; Sec ' y. (4). GEORGE H. GAUNT Pres. Class (4); A.I. A.; Treas. (4); Arch. Council. Treas. (4). WILLIAM P. HARRISON Sigma Nu, V. Pres. (3), Pres. (4); Arch. Council; V. Pres. (3), Pres. (4); Men ' s Judic. Council (4), J-Hop; Arch. Ball (1), (2); Orientation Advisor (3), (4); Mimes (3). CLIFFORD W. JAMES Phi Kappa Psi; Sigma Rho Tau (1); Arch. Council (1), (2). MARY-ANNA JAMISON Kappa Alpha Theta. EVELYN A. KALB Delta Delta Delta; J.G.P. League Comm. (4). DOROTHY V. KEENE Alpha Delta Pi; Frosh Frolic; Soph. Cabaret; Choral Union (2), (3); League Comm. (2), (3). JOHN E. KELLY Alpha Rho Chi; Pres. (5); A. I. A. (4), (5); Arch. Council (4), (5), Mgr. (5); Rome Collaborative (4). GIFFORD G. KIBBE Alpha Rho Chi. C. WESLEY LANE Alpha Rho Chi; V. Pres. (4); J-Hop; Arch. Council; Pres. (4);JAIA; Pres. (5); Track (1). JEANNE A. MADDY Ensian (4). HOWARD McKENNEY Hermitage. DON R. METZ Alpha Tau Omega. MARY LOU MILLS Alpha Chi Omega; Treas (3); Alpha Alpha Gamma, Treas. (4); Frosh Project; Soph. Cabaret; J-G.P.; League Comm. (2), (3); Fencing Club (3). JAMES B. MORISON Alpha Rho Chi. ROLF E. MUENTER Theta Chi; AIA (4). JAMES D. NEILSON Theta Delta Chi, Pres. (4); Mimes (1), (2), (3), (4), Pres. (4) ; Union Opera (3) ; Daily (2), (3); J.G.P.; Sphinx (3); Druids (4). J. WESLEY OLDS Alpha Rho Chi; Secy. (4), (5), Pres. (5); Hiawa- tha Club (2), (3);V. Pres. (3); Jr. A.I.A. (5). VIRGINIA A. OSGOOD Kappa Kappa Gamma; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P. ; Pan- hellenic Ball, Chr. (3); League Pres. Summer (3); League Soc. Chr. (4); Wyvern (3); Scroll (4). STEPHEN S. PAGE Congress (1), (2). KATHRYN B. PALMER League Comm. (3); Frosh Project; Soph. Cabaret; J.G.P. RALPH D. PETERSON, Jr. Fletcher Hall, V. Pres. (4); Glee Club (1), (2), (3); Choral Union (1), (2); Jr. AIA; Orientation Comm. (4). ALVARO POSADA Chi Phi. 445 JAMES C. ROBERTS Phi Kappa Tau, Treas. (4); Jr. AlA; V. Pres. (3). CLAREXCE ROESSLER Alpha Rho Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Sigma Delta, Treas. (4). PA UL D. ROGERS Psi Upsilon; Ensian Art Staff (3); Arch. Council (3), (4); Art Director of Gargoyle (4); Senior Ball Comm. WILLIAM ROSENBERG Phi Beta Delta; Perspec- tives (3). BETTY SAGE Kappa Kappa Gamma. MAZIE SALTMAN Daily (2); Hillel Players (3), (4). CHARLES M. SHAW Tau Beta Pi (4); Track (1); Football (i); Higbee Award (2). ROOT J. STOLL Alpha Rho Chi; Arch. Bal (2), (3); Arch Coun. (3) (4), (5); Jr. A.I.A. (5). ARTHUR A. TREUT, Jr. Phi Kappa Sigma, Pres.; Cheerleader (2), (3), Head (4); Druids (3), (4); Alpha Nu (3); Ensian Art Staff (3), Gamma Sigma (3), (4); Mimes Sec. (4); Union Opera (3), (4). G. HENRY VANVEEN C.A.A. (2); Track (2); Ensian (2); Flying Club (3), (4) Sec. (4);RO.TC (J). (2), (3), (4); Drill T e?m U), (2), (3), (4); Infantry Officer ' s Club (3), ANN E. VEDDER Collegiate Sorosis; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; Soph Prom; League Comm. (3); Wyvern (3); Arch. goan. (2), (3), (4); Scroll (4); Class Sec. (4). MARGERET H WHITTEMORE Delta Gamma; Frosh Pro- ject; Alpha Lambda Delta; League Coun. (4); Mortar- board; Tau Sigma Delta (4); Wyvern; J. G P Ensian (4). ANN D. WILLS DeltaDeltaDelta;Wyvern; Scroll; Tau Sigma Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Frosh Frolic; See ' y. Freshman Class; Orienta- tion (2), (3), (4). PRISCILLA WOODHEAD Ann Arbor Independents. MARY A. YOUNG Chi Omega, Pres. (3). BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION W. JOSEPH ADAMS Newman Club. RICHARD A. BABCOCK Delta Sigma Pi. KENNETH A. BALAY Alpha Kappa Psi. 446 WANZER D. BOSWORTH Alpha Kappa Psi; Class Pres. (6). GENE E. BOWLES Phi Delta Theta. HAROLD T. BRUNER Delta Sigma Pi. MARY V. BUSH University House; League Comms. (2), (3), (4); De- bate (2), (3), (4); Alpha Lambda Delta; Delta Sig- ma Rho. PETER CHUPINSKY Alpha Kappa Psi. JOHN W. CLARKE Phi Gamma Delta, Cor- respond. Sec ' y. (4). HERMAN W. CONTENT R.O.T.C. (1 ), (2), (3), (4). WILLIAM M. CURTIN Alpha Kappa Psi. SIDNEY DAVIDSON Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Kappa Phi; Debate; Class V. Pres. (4). WILLIAM J. DAVIS Hermitage. MILES J. DOAN Alpha Kappa Psi; Union, V. Pres. (4). ROBERT L. ELLIS Chi Phi, Treas.; Phi Kap- pa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Class Treas. (4). W. BRADLEY GOUGH Mich. Christian Fellowship House; Choral Union (2). THOMAS R. HANCOCK Chi Phi; Delta Sigma Pi. ARTHUR S. HANN Fletcher Hall, Treas. (4). ROBERT HARRINGTON Kappa Sigma, Pres. (4); Senate (3); I.F.C. (4); Judiciary Council (4); (4); Capitalist Ball Chr. (5). HARRY F. HARTJEN Phi Kappa Phi. HARRY M. HOWELL Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tri- angles (3); Vulcans (4); Sigma Rho Tau; Union Exec. Council (3), V. Pres. (4); Men ' s Judiciary Coun- cil (4); Michigras, Ticket Chr. (3), Union Opera (4); Mimes (4); A.S.M.E. HENRY J. KLOSE Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Delta Sigma Pi; Daily (1). ROBERT F. MAY Capitalist Ball Comm. (4). HERMAN C. NOWACK Alpha Kappa Psi. EDWIN G. OLSEN Alpha Kappa Psi; Track (1); Rendezvous Camp (3), (4); Choral Union (4), (5). JOHN H. RYCKMAN Alpha Kappa Psi. CHARLES SIMMONS, Jr. Alpha Phi Alpha. LYNN A. TOWNSEND Beta Theta Pi; Beta Gam- ma Sigma. LOUIS J. VANMANEN Alpha Kappa Psi; Band (2), (3), (4); Kappa Kappa Psi. DAVID J. WATSON, Jr. Alpha Delta Phi. DENTISTRY LYLE F. ASELTINE Delta Sigma Delta; Class Pres. (2); Chr. Odonto Ball (3); Class V. Pres. (4). JACKSON W. BATES Delta Sigma Delta; Daily (2); Michiganensian (3), (4). OSCAR A. DI LORETO Xi Psi Phi; Student Council Dental Soc. JUSTIN H. DUNMIRE, Jr. Mich. Christian Fellowship House, Sec ' y. (4). JOHN H. DUXBURY Delta Sigma Delta. ANDREW A. FROSTIC Delta Sigma Delta. KENNETH R. GIBSON, Jr. Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Kappa Phi (4). SOL J. HELLIGMAN Alpha Omega, V. Chan- cellor; Student Council (2); Pres. Class (4), Odonto Ball Comm. MAURICE T. HOGAN Delta Sigma Delta; Class Pres. (3); Pres. Dent. School Student Council (3); Class Sec ' y. (4). LOUIS HURWITZ Alpha Omega, Pres. (4); Student Council (4). BENJAMIN J. KATZ Alpha Omega. IRVING KATZMAN Alpha Omega; Chr. Music Comm. Odonto Ball. (3). BERNARD B. KOTT Alpha Omega, Pres. (2), V. Pres. (3). JOHN G. KUCERA Xi Psi Phi, Treas.; Class Treas. (4). ANTHONY LA FORGIA Xi Psi Phi, V. Pres. (4); Odonto Ball Comm. (3); Chr. Cap and Gown Comm. (4). WILLIAM A. MILLER, Jr. Delta Sigma Delta. DANIEL C. MIXER Class Sec ' y. (3). HERMAN J. PORTENGA Student Council (3). RAFAEL R. SANJURJO Xi Psi Phi, Pres. (4); V. Pres. Union (4); Student Council (3). W. GEORGE SCHALLER Delta Sigma Delta. DAVID H. SCHUMANSKY Alpha Omega. SAM SKULSKY Alpha Omega, Treas. (3), (4). RUSSELL L. SMALLWOOD Xi Psi Phi. BURDETTE A. STONE Delta Sigma Delta. JOHN H. VERWYS Student Council (1), (2); Class Treas. (3); Class Sec ' y. (4); Dental Society, Sec ' y. (4). LEO G. WEISS Alpha Omega. DENTAL HYGIENISTS ENOLA J. CAMPBELL Class Sec ' y and Treas. (4). ANNETTE E. DERRICK Alpha Delta Pi, Treas. (4). MARY E. MAYFIELD Alpha Delta Pi, Sec ' y (4); Class Pres. (4). BETTY M. SHULL Choral Union (4). EDUCATION RUTH E. AUGSPURGER Alpha Gamma Delta; Lutheran Student Club (1), (2), (3), (4); League Comms. (2); Soph. Cab- aret; Deutscher Verein (2); J. G. P. HELEN K. BOUTELL Martha Cook; League Comm. (2); Orientation Adv. (4). RUTH I. CAPRON Zeta Tau Alpha. BETTY J. CARDER Kappa Phi (1), (2), (3), (4). BETTA CARTWRIGHT Frosh Project; Assembly Ball (2); Assembly Ban- quet (3); Ann Arbor Inde- pendents (2), (3). MAIDA E. COHAN Ann Arbor Independents (2), (3), (4). MILLER R. COLLINGS E. Quad, paper (Ed.) GEORGE A. CONREY Band (3), (4); Orchestra (3), (4). SALLY A. CORCORAN Betsy Barbour, Athletic Manager (1), (2), (4); W.A.A. (2), (3); Assembly (2). FLORENCE E. CORKUM Martha Cook; Dance Club (2); W. A. A. (2) (3); Singles Badminton Cham- pionship (1), (2), (3); Women ' s Phys. Ed. Club (1), (2), (3), (4), Pres. (4); I.M. Sports (1), (2), (3), (4). ROBERT J. CRANE Theta Chi; Scabbard Blade (3), (4); I.F.C (2), (3), (4); Soph Prom, Gen. Chr. MARY H. DAVIS Gamma Phi Beta; Orienta- tion Adv. (2), (3); Soph Cabaret, Central Comm; J.G.P., Central Comm.; League Comms. (1), (2), (3); Daily (3). JUNE L. FINKBEINER Assembly (1), (2), (3), (4); J.G.P.; Soph Cabaret; As- sembly Banquet (3. MARGARET M. FISHLEY Helen Newberry; Merrill- Palmer (4) ; Michiganensian (2), Pi Lambda Theta. SUE FLANINGAM Delta Delta Delta; Daily (1), (2), (3); Sec (1); League Comms. (1), (3), (3), (4). LILA L. FOSTER Gamma Phi Beta; Soph Cabaret; J.G.P.; Orienta- tion Adv. (4); League Comm. (2), (3). CHARLOTTE 11. FRAZEE Martha Cook; J.G.P. (3). VIRGINIA E. FULFORD Kappa Phi (1), (2), (3), (4). EDITH D. GOLDEN Soph. Cabaret; Assembly Ball (2). V. LEE HARDY Gamma Phi Beta, Treas. (3), Pres. (4); Pres. League; Mortar Board; Wyvern; Pi Lambda Theta; Frosh Project; Soph Cabaret; League Comm. (1), (2), (3); Daily (1), (2), (3); J. G. P. Central Comm. FRANCES M. HOGG League House Pres. (3). NORMAN HOLZAEPFEL Phys. Ed. Club; Gym- nastics Exhibition Team (3), (4); Swimming (1). IRENE M. JOHNSON Martha Cook; Glee Club (3); Suomi Club (3), (4); Bowling (3), (4); League Comms. (3), (4). MARGARET L. JOHNSON Mosher Hall, Athletic Mgr. (4) ; Women ' s Bowling Mgr. (4); Badminton Club (4); Women ' s Phys. Ed. Club (3), (4); I. M. Sports (3), (4). LAURA KATZENEL Stockwell; Daily (1); Frosh Project; Assembly Banquet (2), (3), (4); J. G. P.; Soc. Chr. of Hillel (4); Hillel Council (4); As- sembly Ball (2), (3). FRANK W. KEITH Debating (1); Play Produc- tion (3); Union Opera (3), (4); Choral Union (4). JANE L. KLEIN Mosher; Daily (1), (2); Frosh Frolic; Frosh Project; Soph. Cabaret; Assembly (2), (3);J. G. P.; League, Comm. (3). V. RUTH MAST Martha Cook; J. G. P.; Play Production (3); League Comm. (4). MARGARET E. MAY Alpha Phi, Sec. (3); League Comm. (2), (3); J.G.P. JEAN F. McLACHLAN KappaAlphaTheta;J.G.P. ; Athena (3) ; League Comm. (3). THELMA L. MITCHELL Phi Sigma Sigma V. Pres. (3); Frosh Project; Hillel Comms. (1), (2), (3). JANE T. O ' BRIEN Martha Cook; League Comms. (3) ; Orientation Adv. (4); Summer League Council (3). MARY J. O ' DONNELL Ann Arbor Independents (1), (2), (3); Orientation Adv. (3), (4); League Comm. (3); Assembly Council (3). SHERMAN R. OLMSTED Track (1), (2), (3); Phys. Ed. Club. VIRGINIA J. PHILIPPS Martha Cook. HELEN A. PIELEMEIER Ann Arbor Independents (2), (3), (4); Pi Tau Alpha (2), (3); Deutscher Verein (3); Archery Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Bethlehem Student Guild (2), (3), Pres. (4). EARL A. RADLEY Congress Co-op, House Mgr. (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); F. T. A. (3), (4); Class Pres. (4). HERCULES G. RENDA Football (1), (2), (3), (4). JUNE ROBERTS Gamma Phi Beta; W.A.A., Treas. (3); Awards Chr. (2); I.M. Sports (1), (2), (3), (4); Daily (2); League Comm. (2). GEORGE I. RUEHLE Kappa Sigma; Basketball (3), (4); Baseball (3), (4); J-Hop; Phi Epsilon Kap- pa; Phys. Ed. Club; Druids. EDITH A. SILVERMAN Avukah; Hillel Players (3); Assembly (3). VIOLA J. SKILES Alpha Phi. DOLORES I. STERZIK Adelia Cheever; Ann Arbor Independents (3); Attend- ance Comm. ; Assembly Rep.; Chr. Education Comm.; Social Comm. ELISE H. STROUD Martha Cook. MILO F. SUKUP Football (2), (3), (4); Basketball (2), (3), (4). GEORGE R. THOMPSON Phys. Ed. Club (1), (2), (3). (4); Phi Epsilon Kap- pa (1), (2), (3), (4), Pres. (4). MARJORIE ULLMAN Mosher; Frosh Project; Frosh Frolic; Soph. Cab- aret; League Comm. (3); Assembly (2), (3); J. G. P. LESTER E. VEIGEL Theta Xi; Phi PJpsilon Kappa, Baseball, Phys. Ed. Club. PAULINE M. VIHTELIC Glee Club (1); Beta Kappa Rho (1), (2), (3); Swim. Club (2). DORIS E. VYN Martha Cook League Comm. (3), (41; J. G. P.; Ushering Art Cinema (3). MARION J. WAGNER Delta Delta Delta; League Comm. (4);J. G.P. (3). CLAUDIA P. WAGSTAFF Phi Tau Alpha (4). MARION E. WEISS Alpha Delta Pi; Bowling Mgr. (3); Phi Kappa Phi (4). MARY E. WHEELER Collegiate Sorosis; Play Production (3), (4); J.G.P. Soph. Cabaret (2); Pan- hellenic (3), (4); Ruth- ven Banquet (3); Zeta Phi Eta; League Comms. (2), (3), (4); Michiganensian (2). BETTY-LOU WITTERS Alumnae House, Board (3); W.A.A. Board (2); J. G. P.; Senior Society. CHARLOTTE WOODY Chi Omega; League Comms. ERNEST P. ZIELINSKI Athletics (1), (2), (3). FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION LYLE M. ARGETSINGER Forestry Club (4). WILLIAM J. BARNATT Forestry Club (3), (4); Cross Country (1); Base- ball (1), (2). ALBERT DESJARDINS Newman Club. BRUCE O. DICK Forestry Club (3), (4). R. FRANKLIN DUGAN Farm House; Choral Union (2), (4); Forestry Club (2), (3), (4). WILLIAM K. FERRELL Alfred E. Noyes Scholar; Les Voyageurs (3), (4); Forestry Club (2), (3), (4); Pres. Class (4). HOWARD W. FIEDLER Alpha Kappa Lambda; Forestry Club ; Lutheran Student Assoc. JAMES H. JONES, Jr. Theta Xi; Forestry Club; U.S.D.C.; I.M. Athletics; Forester ' s Yearbook (4). EUGENE KELLER Kappa Alpha; Forestry Club (3), (4); Mich. For- ester. FREDERIC A. KREMER Congress (1); Forestry Club (1), (2), (3). RUSSELL W. LABELLE Glee Club (1), (2); Union (2); J-Hop Comm.; Les Voyageurs (3), (4); Men ' s Judiciary Council (4) ; For- estry Club ( 1), (2), (3), (4). JAMES E. LAU Forestry Club (4) ; Baseball (1); Band (1), (2); Inter- collegiate Rodeo ( 2 ) ; Senior Ball Comm. JAMES W. MADDOX, Jr. Williams House; Mich. Forester (4); Forestry Club, Sec ' y. (4). PAUL F. McWILLIAMS Robert Owen Co-op.; Forestry Club (3), (4); Lutheran Student Ass. (3), (4). JOSEPH J. MENDEL Forestry Club (3), (4); Mich. Forester (4). DONALD E. MORGAN Forestry Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Les Voyageurs (3); Sec ' y. Class (4). ROBERT G. OHLMAN Forestry Club (1), (2), (3) (4). JOHN F. REAGAN Pres. Class (4); Forestry Club. EDSON A. REEDER Forestry Club (3), (4). THOMAS B. ROLL Golf (1). CHARLES R. SMITH Les Voyageurs (3), (4). LAURENCE E. SMITH, Jr. Lambda Chi Alpha; Glee Club (1), (2); B lack Friars (1), (2); Track (1). BERNARD L. TAUBER Robert Owen Co-op.; Forestry Club (3), (4); Union Opera (3). FREDERICK R. WALKER Forestry Club (3), (4), Treas. (4); C.A.A. Flight Training. GEORGE R. WALTERS Stalker House. GORDON L. WATTS Les Voyageurs; Phi Sigma Phi Kappa Phi; Mich. Forester, Ed.; Forestry Club, V. Pres. and Soc. Chr. SHUMAN B. WORRELL Les Voyageurs (3), (4); Treas. Class (4). LAW SCHOOL JOSEPH F. BARTLEY,Jr. Chi Psi; Phi Delta Phi; Lawyers Club (1), (2), (3); Barristers. H. MURRAY CAMPBELL Delta Tau Delta; Lawyers Club; Case Club. ROBERT H. CLARK Lawyers Club. BERNARD L. COHEN Tau Epsilon Rho; Lawyers Club (2), (3). WILLIAM R. CRAFT, Jr. Phi Alpha Delta. ALFRED G. ELLICK, Jr. Lawyers Club; Law Review. QUENTIN A. EWERT Delta Theta Phi, Treas. DAVID V. FLYNN Lawyers Club. REID J. HATFIELD Law Review (4). WILLIAM H. HILLIER Delta Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Barristers; Law Review, Ed. SPENCER E. IRONS Law Review. BROOKS K. JOHNSON Alpha Sigma Phi; Lawyers Club. JOHN B. KEITH Lawyers Club. F. ARTHUR KEPKA Exec. Comm. Chr. (2), Sec ' y. (1), (3), V. Pres. (3); Case Club (1), (2) ; Lawyers Guild (2). EUGENE T. KINDER Phi Delta Phi; Barristers; Ass. Ed. Law Review (3); Lawyers Club (1), (2), (3); V. Pres. Council (3); Chr. Dance Comm. (3). 447 JOSEPH B. KLEIN Tau Epsilon Rho. A. ROBERT KLEINER Crease Ball (3). ROBERT P. KNEELAND Lawyers Club; Phi Alpha Delta (3); Case Club (1), (2), Comm. (3); Barristers (3); Law Review (3). WALTER C. KNUTSON Lawyers Club. EMIL L. KRAUS Lawyers Club; Newman Club. CHARLES M. LOVETT Phi Alpha Delta; Lawyers Club, Pres. (3); Barristers (3). C. EDWARD McDONOUGH Lawyers Club. THOMAS H. MOORE, Jr. Phi Kappa Psi. CARLTOX H. MORRIS Lawyers Club. FRED NIKETH Delta Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Delta; Crease Ball Comm.; Newman Club; Case Club. KENNETH J. NORDSTROM Lawyers Club; Law Review (2), (3); Sec ' y- Class (4); Glee Club (1), (2). JESSE R. O ' M ALLEY Case Club; Newman Club. H. MARTIN PECKOVER Lawyers Club; Law Re- view; Phi Alpha Delta. REED T. PHALAN Lawyers Club; Law- Review (3). ROBERT A. REEDER Lawyers Club. STARK RITCHIE Psi Upsilon; Barristers; Lawyers Club; Law Re- view; Senior Class, Treas. HAROLD W. ROSENN Tau Epsilon Rho; Lawyers Club (1), (2), (3). SIDNEY J. SALZMAN Tau Epsilon Rho; Crease Ball Co-Chr. SHELDON SILVERMAN Lawyers Club; Tau Epsilon Rho. ROBERT O. SMITH Delta Theta Phi, Dean (3); Barristers (3). ROBERT N. SPAEDER Delta Theta Phi; Bar- risters. WILLIAM H. SPITALNY Tau Epsilon Rho; Lawyers Club (1); Law Review. ROBERT A. STUART Sigma Chi. WILLIAM D. SUTTOX Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Beta Koppa; Law Review; Assoc. Ed.; Lawyers Club; Delta Sigma Rho. JAY C. TAYLOR Delta Theta Phi. JAMES M. TEA HEN, Jr. Theta Chi; Case Club; LawyersClubDanceComm. WILLIAM WHITEHEAD Phi Kappa Psi; Law Re- view; Barristers. FREDERICK G. ZIEM Delta Theta Fhi; Bar- risters. MEDICINE GEORGE J. ANDROS Nu Sigma Xu; Chi Phi; Hon r Council, Chr. (4); Daily, Sports Editor (1). MORRIS ARNKOFF Phi Lambda Kappa. EDWARD ARSCOTT Phi Beta Pi. JAMES B. ASHLEY Nu Sigma Nu; Theta Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Omega Alpha. JULIAN I. BARISH Phi Delta Epsilon. WILLIAM H. BEIERWALTES Phi Chi. MARGARET BEXTLEY Alpha Epsilon Iota; Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; V. Pre., lass (2). JAMES F. BOSMA Phi Alpha Kappa. LEOXARD BRAXDMAN Phi Delta Epsilon. GEORGE T. BRITTOX Phi Rho Sigma; Victor Vaughan Soc. ALAX R. BROWX Phi Chi. ROBERT W. BROWN Phi Beta Pi. WILLIAM C. BROWNE Xu Sigma Nu; V. Pres. Class (1); Galens (3), (4), Pres. (4). JOHN E. BURCH Hermitage. ROBERT CHRISTENSEN Phi Beta Pi; Galens (3), (4). EUGENE L. COOK Phi Rho Sigma. ROBERT H. DA VIES Phi Rho Sigma, Pres. (4). PRIMITIVA D. DEMANDANTE Iota Sigma Pi. RICHARD C. DEMING Phi Rho Sigma. HENRY DeVRIES Phi Alpha Kappa. GREGG L. DUNLAP Phi Rho Sigma. JAMES EDSON Phi Alpha Kappa. DONALD B. EFFLER Alpha Kappa Kappa; Pres. Class (1); Galens; Chi Phi. MILTON D. FELDMAN Phi Delta Epsilon. HYPOLIT K. FILIP Alpha Kappa Kappa, Pres. Galens, Treas. MYRON FINK Alpha Omega Alpha, V. Pres. (4). MAX A. FINTON Alpha Kappa Kappa; Alpha Tau Omega. ARTHUR L. FOLEY, II Sigma Chi; Phi Rho Sigma. HARFORD FRIEDMAN Phi Delta Epsilon. H. HARVEY GASS Alpha Omega Alpha. MAX M. GOODMAN Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma. GUERDON GREENWAY Xu Sigma Xu. JOHX X. GREKIX Phi Delta Epsilon. JACK R. GUSTAFSOX Xu Sigma Xu; Sigma Chi; Sphinx; Druids. MEYER GUTTERMAX Phi Delta Epsilon. GORDON R. HARROD Alpha Kappa Kappa. JAMES E. HARRYMAX Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Theta. MARION S. HAY Xu Sigma Xu. WILLIAM W. JACK Phi Beta Pi. ROBERT G. JAEDECKE Phi Chi. HAL B. JEXNINGS, Jr. Phi Beta Phi. JOSEPH F. JULIAR Football (1). WILLARD KLUNZINGER Alpha Kappa Kappa. AUSTIN E. LAMBERTS Phi Alpha Kappa; Honor Council (2), (3). ERNST F. LANG Phi Rho Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Victor Vaughan, Soc. (4). JACK LAPIDES Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Xi; Phi Sigma; A.A.A.S. HOWARD C. LAWRENCE, Jr. Phi Rho Sigma; Galens, (3), (4); V. Pres. (4). WALTER I. LILLIE Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Phi. MARTIX L. LIST Phi Chi. CHARLES R. LOWE Phi Beta Pi ; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi. MASOX S. MAYXARD Phi Rho Sigma; Galens. JAMES H. McCADIE Phi Chi. JOHX R. McXICHOLAS Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Galens. ROBERT E. MEDLAR Phi Chi. JOHN B. MORING Nu Sigma Nu; Kappa Sigma. PERCY J. MURPHY Pres. Class (4); Galens; Honor Council (2), (3). PAUL L. NEISWANDER Alpha Kappa Kappa. STANLEY P. OLEKSY Alpha Kappa Kappa, Treas. (2). WILLIAM G. PAINE Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Xi. HERBERT PEDERSEN Phi Beta Pi; Galens (3), (4). JOHN R. PEP1X Phi Chi; Union, V. Pres. PHILIP S. PEVEN Phi Delta Epsilon; Honor Comm. (2), (3); Alpha Omega Alpha. RICHARD W. POMEROY Phi Chi. WILLIAM P. PURFIELD Galens (3), (4). GEORGE C. REED Phi Beta Pi. STUART W. RUSSELL Phi Chi. ALLEN SAUNDERS Nu Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Theta; Sphinx (3); Mich- igamua (4); Golf (2), (3), (4), Capt. (4). C. WALDO SCOTT Omega Psi Phi. DANIEL C. SIEGEL Phi Delta Epsilon; Phi Beta Delta; Honor Comm. (1), (2), Chr. (1). ORRIE W. STEHOUWER Phi Alpha Kappa, Pres. (3); Phi Beta Pi. MARTIN R. SUTLER Alpha Phi Alpha. H. CLAY TELLMAN Phi Chi; Victor Vaughan Soc. HELEN M. THOMPSON Alpha Epsilon Iota. GILBERT A. TWICHELL Phi Chi. LEO F. TWIGGS Phi Beta Pi, Sec. (2), Pres. (3). MAGGIE L. WALKER Delta Sigma Theta. WILLIAM F. WEEKS Nu Sigma Nu; Theta Delta Chi; Victor Vaughan Soc.; Treas. Class (4). GEORGE E. WEICK Phi Chi. HAROLD E. WEST Phi Sigma Kappa; Victor Vaughan Soc. WALTER WHITEHOUSE Alpha Kappa Kappa; Victor Vaughan Soc. (4). ASA G. YANCEY Alpha Phi Alpha. CHRIS J. ZARAFONETIS Phi Sigma; Chi Gamma Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Omega Alpha (3); Quad- rangle. ROBERT F. ZIEGLER Victor Vaughan Soc. (4); Alpha Omega Alpha (4). MUSIC MADELINE E. ARDNER Choral Union (3) ; Newman Club (2), (3). C. SIDNEY BERG Kappa Kappa Psi, Treas. (4); Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Orch. (1), (2), (3), (4); Choral Union (2), (4). JOAN V. BONDURANT Chi Omega; Mu Phi Epsil- on, Sec. (4) : Choral Union (1), (2), r3), (41; Daily (1), (2); J. G. P.; Class V. Pres. (4). 448 GERALDINE BRAUN Martha Cook Blclg.; Sigma Alpha Iota (2), (3), Treas. (4); Deutscher Verein, Treas.; German Play (1); Frosh Project; League Comma. (1), (2); Choral Union (2), (3), (4). PAUL R. BRYAN Kappa Kappa Psi; Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Orch. (1), (2), (3), (4). BETTY ANN CHAUFTY Pi Beta Phi; Mu Phi Epsilon (2); Sigma Alpha Iota (2), (3), (4); Choral Union (1), (2), (4); Frosh Project; Soph. Cabaret; J. G. P., Music Chr.; Wyvern (3); Scroll (4); League Comm. (2), (5); Orientation Adv. (4). RICH ARD V. CORRELL Band (1), (2), (3), (4). J. R. EDWARDS Kappa Kappa Psi; Phi Mu Alpha; Symphony Orch. (1), (2), (3), (4); Glee Club (4); Choral Union (4); Concert Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Marching Band (1), (2), (3), (4). MARJORIE FORRESTEL Kappa Alpha Theta; Frosh Project, Ass ' t. Gen. Chr.; Soph. Cabaret; J. G. P., Prop. Chr.; Judiciary Coun cil (4); League Comms. (1), (2), (3), (4); Sigma Alpha Iota (3), (4); Mkhi- ganensian Bus. (2). BURTON A. FULLER Alpha Phi Alpha. JEAN A. GOLL Martha Cook; Sigma Alpha Iota (4); Frosh Project; Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4). LESLIE A. GRIMORD Band (1); Symphony Orch. (2), (3), (4); Kappa Kappa Psi, (4). GORDON A. HARDY Theta Chi; Kappa Kappa Psi (3), (4); Mimes (2), (3), (4); J-Hop; Band (2), (3), (4); Symphony Orch. (3), (4); Varsity Glee Club (3), (4). .JOHN E. HOWARD Kappa Kappa Psi (2), (3), (4), Pres. (3). PHILIP MALPAS Symphony Orch. (3), (4); Choral Union (3), (4). HUBERT J. MARTIN Alpha Tau Omega; Kappa Kappa Psi; Band (4). MARGARET V. MARTIN Betsy Barbour; Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4); Girl ' s Glee Club (1), (2); League Comms. (4). MARTHA McCRORY Pi Beta Phi, Treas. (4); Sigma Alpha Iota (2); University Sym. Orch. (2), (3), (4); " Little Sym. (2); Choral Union (2), (3), (4). CATHERINE H. McDERMOTT Theta Phi Alpha, Pres. (4); V. Pres. (3); Senior Class Treas.; Mu Phi Epsilon; Choral Union (2), (3), (4); Daily (2), League Comms.; Newman Club(2),(3),(4). HAROLD MUELLER Class Sec. (4); Kappa Kappa Psi, Treas. (3), Pres. (4); Union Opera (3); Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia, Band (1), (2), (3), (4); Orchestra (1), (2), (3), (4); Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4). HERBERT E. NEUCHTERLEIN Choral Union (4); Varsity Glee Club (4); Symphony Orch. (3); Union Opera (4); Summer Opera (2), (3). BARBARA OSTHEIMER Hillel (1), (2), (3), (4); Play Prod. (3); Soph Cab- aret; Le Cercle Francai s (1), (2); Choral Union (2); Radio (4). WILLIAM E. RHOADS Senior Class Pres.; Kappa Kappa Psi; Band (1), (2). (3), (4); Mich. League Dance Band; Univ. Sym- phony Orch. CAROLINE ROSENTHAL Choral Union (3), (4). KATHERINE SARICH Choral Union (3), (4); Girls ' Glee Club (4); Sigma Alpha Iota (3), (4); II Seraglio (4). THOMAS SHULER Choral Union (3), (4). JOAN E. STEVENS Mu Phi Epsilon (3), (4); Choral Union (3), (4). CHARLOTTE M. TUITE Mosher Choral Union (1), (2), (3), (4). CHARLES WELLINGTON Phi Kappa Phi (4); Kappa Kappa Psi (4); Band (1) ' (2), (3), (4). HELEN C. WESTLIN Martha Cook; Sigma Alpha Iota; Choral Union, Glee Club. JOHN L. WHEELER Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. MARGARET WOODRUFF Kappa Delta, Treas.; Choral Union (3), (4); Girls Glee Club (1), (2), (3), (4); Daily (1), (2); Sigma Eta Chi (1), (2), 13), (4), Pres.; J. G. P.; Mu Phi Eps ilon, Treas. NURSING PATRICIA BIRKHOLD Couzens Hall. ANN BLAKLEY Student Council (2); Class Pres. (3). JANE W. BOWLER Couzens Hall. ANNE S. BREMER Couzens Hall. MURIEL BRENDEMUHL Couzens Hall; Scalpel Staff (4); Student Council (4); Banquet Comm. (3), (4). LORRAINE BRIESKE Couzens Hall. PHYLLIS I. BRUBAKER Couzens Hall. BETTY L. BURGER Couzens Hall. DOROTHY J. CARTER Couzens Hall; Senior Ball Rep. BETTY A. CATTELL Couzens Hall ; J-Hop; Social Chr. Class (4). CORA L. CHAPMAN Couzens Hall; Choral Club (1) ; Newman Club (1), (3). VIVIAN M. DANIELS Couzens Hall. BETTY J. DICKINSON Couzens Hall. LUCILLE E. DOLSEN Couzens Hall. KATHERINE DOUGLAS Couzens Hall. ELIZABETH A. FOOTE Couzens Hall. FAY A. FREDERICK Couzens Hall. CATHERINE A. FREER Couzens Hall. BERN ICE L. FRY Couzens Hall; Student Council (3). JEAN E. GLASGOW Couzens Hall; Choral Union; (1); Girl ' s Glee Club (2), (3); Choral Club (5) ; Class Pres. (1). JANIECE P. GRINDOL Couzens Hall; Choral Club (1), (2); Banquet Comm. (3), (4). HELEN GRUSZCZYNSKI Couzens Hall. RUTH E. HAMILTON Couzens Hall; Choral Club (1), (2), (3); Chapel Direct- or (3). HELEN J. HANSEN Couzens Hall; Choral Club (1); April Fair Comm. (2). HELEN S. HARJU Couzens Hall. MARION E. HEIN Couzens Hall. ELIZABETH HUBER Couzens Hall. HELEN M. JASAITIS Couzens Hll; Scalpel, Ass ' t. Ed. (4); Choral Club (1), (2), (3), (4);T. P. R. Staff (2), (3), (4). MARGARET L. LEHMAN Couzens Hall; Class Pres. (1). GENEVIEVE LUCKMAN Couzens Hall; Choral Club (1). MARY E. MASTELLER Couzens Hall. LUCILLE MIDDLETON Couzens Hall, Soc. Chr. (2), Art Ed. Year Book (3). HELEN C. MILLER Couzens Hall. MARGARET B. MOORE Couzens Hall; Scalpel, Ed- in-Chief (4). KATHERINE M. MORSE Couzens Hall; Class Sec. ' y. (1); Scalpel Staff (1), (2); Student Gov. Pres. (3); T.P.R. Staff (2). JANE E. MUNSON Couzens Hall. PHYLLIS OSGOOD Couzens Hall. LOUISE PARCIERELLI Couzens Hall. RUTH H. PENNANEN Couzens Hall, Student Council (2); Scalpel (3). WILMA A. ROWERDINK Couzens Hall. H. ELAINE SCHEID Couzens Hall ; Choral Club (1), (2), (3); Spring Formal Comm. (2); April Fair (1), (2). NELLA M. SHIRLEY Couzens Hall; Choral Club (1). GLOLA C. SIGG Couzens Hall. GERTRUDE E. TERRO Couzens Hall. EVALYN M. TRIPP Couzens Hall. MARY J. VAN DOREN Couzens Hall; Spring Formal Comm. (2); April Fair (1), (2). MURIEL O. VOZEL Couzens Hall. RUTH WOOD Alpha Omicron Pi; As- sembly (1); Michigan- ensian (2); Omega Upsilon (2), (3); Mich. Women ' s Swimming Club (3). FLORENCE WUBBENA Couzens Hall; Student Council (1); T. P. R. Ed. (2) ; V. Pres. Student Union (3). PHYLLIS R. YACKEY Couzens Hall; Choral Club (1), (2), (3); Class Pres. (2); Spring Formal Chr. (2); April Fair (1). P HARMACY BLANCHE ANDERSON Alpha Omicron Pi; Soph Cabaret; Hiawatha Club; Rifle Team. (1). WILLIAM L. AUSTIN Phi Kappa Phi; Rho Chi Treas. (4) ; Apothecaries ' Club, Pres.; Treas. Senior Class. CHARLES W. BARNES Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JACK BERMAN Apothecaries ' Club (4). JAMES R. DEHLIN Rho Chi (3), (4), Pres. (4). Apothecaries ' Club, (3), (4); ALEX DINER Phi Beta Phi; Sec ' y. Soph. Class; Apothecaries ' Club. NYDIA FERNANDEZ Martha Cook. JOHN D. GREGG Sec ' y. Pharm. Class (4). MARJORIE A. KERN Mosher Hall, Treas. (3), Pres. (4): Alpha Lambda Delta; Rho Chi, Sec ' y. (4); Iota Sigma Pi; Michigrts; Apothecaries ' Club, Sec ' y. (3); Apothecaries Ball (3); League Comm. PAUL E. NORRIS Apothecaries ' Club, Treas. (4). HOWARD J. NUNES Pre-Med. Soc., Pub. Mgr. (4). HENRY A. SCISLOWICZ All-Campus Ice Skating; Hockey, (2), (3). 449 ORGANIZATION INDEX Administration 12 Alpha Chi Omega 381 Alpha Chi Sigma 335 Alpha Delta Phi 336 Alpha Delta Pi 382 Alpha Epsilon Iota 154 Alpha Epsilon Phi 383 Alpha Gamma Delta 384 Alpha Kappa Kappa 148 Alpha Kappa Lambda 237 Alpha Kappa Psi 59 Alpha Nu 284 Alpha Omega 1 00 Alpha Omicron Pi 385 Alpha Phi 386 Alpha Phi Omega 279 Alpha Rho Chi 80 Alpha Sigma Phi 338 Alpha Tau Omega 339 Alpha Xi Delta 387 Alumni Association 244 American Institute Chemical Engineers 61 American Institute Electrical Engineers 62 American Society Civil Engineers 63 American Society Mechanical Engineers 64 Architecture 69 Architecture Council 73 Architecture Faculty 72 Assembly 292 Assembly Ball 293 Assembly Banquet 293 Athena 284 Athletics 186 Athletics Board 189 B Beta Theta Pi 340 Board of Regents 9 Board in Control of Student Publications 224 Bureau of Appointments 242, 243 Business Administration 81 Business Administration Faculty 84 Medical School .... 141 Chi Omega 388 Chi Phi 341 Chi Psi 342 Collegiate Sorosis 389 Concert Band 163 Congress 268 Crop Saddle 298 D Delta Delta Delta 390 Delta Gamma 391 Delta Kappa Epsilon 343 Delta Sigma Delta 101 Delta Sigma Pi 90 Delta Tau Delta 344 Delta Upsilon 345 Dentistry 91 Dentistry Faculty 94 Druids 260 E Education 103 Education Faculty 106 Engineering 43 Engineering Council 58 Eta Kappa Nu 68 F Flying Club 66 Football 190 Forestry 1 1 3 Forestry Faculty 116 Freshman Class Officers Medical School 143 Frosh Frolic 277 G Galens 147 Gamma Phi Beta 392 Gargoyle 236, 237 Glee Club 164 Graduate School 119 H Hermitage 346 I Institute Aeronautical Sciences .. 65 J Junior Class Officers Junior Girls ' Play 294, 295 J-Hop 274, 275 K Kappa Alpha Theta 393 Kappa Delta 394 Kappa Delta Rho 347 Kappa Kappa Gamma 395 Kappa Kappa Psi 165 Kappa Nu 348 Kappa Sigma 349 L Lambda Chi Alpha 350 La Sociedad Hispanica 281 Law 125 Law Faculty 129 League Council 287 Le Cercle Francais 280 Literature, Science and Arts 15 M .278 M-Club Medical School Dept. Chairmen 138 Medicine 135 Men ' s Judiciary Council 250 Men ' s Physical Education Club 279 Michigamua 259 Michigan Daily 230, 231, 232, 233, 234 Michiganensian 225, 226, 227, 228, 229 Michigan Party 282 Michigan Technic 238, 239 Michigan Union 245 Mimes 248, 249 Mortarboard 289 Music 155 Music Faculty 158 N Naval R.O.T.C 256 Newman Club 271 Nursing 167 Nu Sigma Nu 149 P Perspectives 235 Pharmacy 175 Pharmacy Faculty 178 Phi A lpha Kappa 124 Phi Beta Kappa 264 Phi Beta Pi 150 1-hi Chi 151 Phi Delta Epsilon 152 Phi Delta Theta 351 Phi Epsilon Pi 352 Phi fcta Sigma 267 Phi Gamma Delta 353 Phi Kappa Phi 266 Phi Kappa Psi 354 Phi Kappa Sigma 355 Pni Kappa Tau 356 Phi Rho Sigma 153 Phi Sigma Delta 357 Phi Sigma Kappa 358 Phi Sigma S.gma 396 Pi Beta Phi 397 Pi Lambda Phi 359 Pi Tau Pi Sigma 255 Psi Upsilon 360 Quarterdeck 67 Regimental Band 163 R.O.T.C 251, 252, 253 Scabbard Blade 254 Schools : 14 Scroll 291 Senior Ball 272, 273 Senior Class Committees Business Administration 88 Dentistry 98 Education 1 07 Engineering 47 Law 134 Literature, Science Arts 21 Medicine 140 Music 160 Dentistry 98 Nursing 171 Senior Class Officers Architecture 73 Business Administration 88 Dentistry 98 Education School 107 Engineering 47 Law 134 Literature, Science Arts 21 Medicine 140 Music 1 60 Nursing 171 Senior Society 290 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 361 Sigma Alpha Iota 166 Sigma Alpha Mu 362 Sigma Chi 363 Sigma Nu 364 S.gma Phi 365 Sigma Phi Epsilon 366 Sophomore Class Officers Medicine 142 Soph Prom 276 Sphinx 262 Student Religious Association .... 270 Student Senate 258 T Tau Beta Pi 265 Tau Kappa Epsilon 367 Theta Chi 368 Theta Delta Chi 369 Theta Sigma Phi 42 Theta Xi 370 Transportation Club 68 Triangle 371 Triangles 263 Trigon 372 U Union 246, 247 University Music Society .. 240, 241 V Vulcans 261 W Wolverine 269 Women ' s Activities 285 Women ' s Athletic Association 296, 297 Women ' s Judiciary Council 288 Wyvern 291 X Xi Psi Phi 102 Z Zeta Beta Tau 373 Zeta Phi Eta 283 Zeta Psi 374 Zeta Tau Alpha 398 STUDENT INDEX Aapides, Jack 140 Aaronson, Frances 231, 274, 291, 297, 378, 383 Abbot, Waldo 342, 362 Abramson, Dorothy 383 Abrams, James A 106 Ackerman, John 212, 355 Ackerman, R. W 346 Ackerman, Wilbert 278 Adam, William L 370 Adams, Anne 384 Adams, Charles ...63, 68, 353, 256 Adams, Edward 340 Adams, Frederick M 143, 149 Adams, H. C 67 Adams, J. B 354 Adams, John C 365 Adams, Phyllis 394 Adams, R. G 354 Adams, Susan 392 Adams, Thomas R 256, 354 Adams, W. Joseph 86 Adcock, John 149 Adding, Doris J 234 Addison, Robert 88 Ager, Dorothy C 237 Agnew, Seyburn 163 Agree, Arnold ... 163, 277, 368 Ahlheim, Richard F 336 Aigler, Mrs. Ralph 166 Aigler, John A 365 Aigler, Ralph 189, 259, 346, 338 Aiman, Pierre 336 Aiton, Arthur 262, 343 Albaugh, Frederick 335 Albers, Katherine 397 Albrecht, Ted 344 Alcorn, Barbara 293 Aldinoer, Leroy A 369 Aldrich, Charles 151 Aldrich, James L 365 Aldrich, John S 349 Aldrich, Philip 340 Aldrich, Rosemary 389 Aldridge, Charles 338 Aldworth, Edward 351 Aleinick, Ruth 396 Alexander, Anita 298, 381 Alexander, Anne 166 Alexander, Freeman 239, 340 Alexander, Geraldine 391 Alexander, John 149 Alexander, J 344 Alexander, Josephine E. 74, 388 Alexander, Rodney 50, 64, 345 Alger, Mark W 350 Alfvin, Virginia 378, 391 Alig, Frank S 341 Alkon, Leonard 359 Allaben, F. Roland 244 Allen, Betty 392 Allen, Bruce 208, 350 Allen, Doris 297, 380, 381 Allen, David 164 Allen, Frances 1 22, 280 Allen, Grant 61 Allen, Harold 66 Allen, Horace E 336 Allen, James 340 Allen, John E 266, 270, 271 Allen, R. David 350 Allen, R. Raymond 50, 370 Allen, Robert 265, 266, 339 Allen, Shirley 116, 361 Allen, Stanton 369 Allen, Wyeth 244 Allerdice, John G 336 Allison, J 339 Allison, Margary 22, 29, 297, 388 Allmendinger, Edward 67, 345 Almdale, Einar R 358 Almdale, Howard 358 Alpern, Robert 1 264, 368 Alpert, Elain 22 Alpert, Robert 359 Alt, Barbara 394 Alt, Mary Ellen 239, 384 Alter, Edna M 22 Altfeld, Shirley 383 Altman, William M. 237, 349 Altman, Harry E 239, 253, 349 Alway, Donald L 63, 68 Ames, John B 349, 370 Amsbary, Barbara 393 Amstutz, Ralph 351 Anderson, Allan 247 Anderson, Arthur 335 Anderson, Blanche 179, 385 Anderson, Clarence ..355 Anderson, Dorothy. 166, 292. 293 Anderson, Edward 363 Anderson, Fred .. 353 Anderson, Francis 151, 338 Anderson, Harry 353 Anderson, Irving H 106, 353 Anderson, James 65, 343 Anderson, Jean R 22 Anderson, John F 361 Anderson, Kingsley 350 Andersson, Laurella F. 22 Anderson, Laurella F 22 Anderson, Lawrence 335 Anderson, Lee L 50, 64, 265 Anderson, Leigh C 335 Anderson, Marian 240, 241 Anderson, Mauritz 353 Anderson, Roderick 270 Anderson, Virginia 382 Andresen, Gertrude 297, 395 Andrews, Ilroy W., Jr 267 Andrews, Fred W 256 Andrews, G 149 Andrews, George F. 74 Andrew, Gordon 268 Andrews, Jack 364 Andries, Joe 67 Andros. George J 140, 144, 149, 341 Angell, Robert 343 Angst, William 340 Annell, Ruth A 22 Antell, Gunnard 151 Antle, Robert C 341 Anthony, Edward 229 Anthony, Ralph F 86, 165 Anthony, Robert L 86, 165 Antonelli, Peter E. 22 Applegate, Oliver C. 94, 101 Appleton, Virginia.... 232, 294, 397 Arbuckle, Richard 274 Archer, Richard 258, 282, 304, 364 Arcure, Joseph V 50 Andner, Madeline E 161 Arduin, Pauline 171 Argetsinger, Lyle M 117 Ark. Howard 357 Arkins, Richard 352 Armstrong, Burton 61 Armstrong, Charles B. .. . 265 Armstrong, James H. 22, 264, 266 Armstrong, Thomas H 22, 248, 366 Armstrong, William F 22, 361 Armitage, Stewart ... 342 Arner, Doris 229, 392 Arnhold, Ruth 280, 281 Arnkoff, Morris 144 Arnold, Alfred L 374 Arnold, Fred E 374 Arnold, Kent 61, 239 Arnold. Lois 383 Arnold, Robert B 370 Aronson, Sydney 274, 357 Aronstein. Herbert 100 Arscott, Edward F 144, 150 Arthur, Robert T 358 Arthur, M. Wilson, Jr 350 Artuso, Dom. A 229, 280 Aseltine, Lyle F 96, 98, 101 Ash, William J 22, 332, 366 Ashley. James B 144, 140 Ashley, Mary E 22, 397 Asselin. David C 350 Athay, Robert 351 Athens, Nicholas A 74 Atherton. Curtis 366 Atkin, Kenward 345 Atkinson, Doris M 22 Atkinson, Jeanne 388 Atschuler, Charles 152 At twood, Stevens 68 Atwell, H. H 374 Auerbach, Norman E 22 Auferoth, John, Jr 63, 346 Augsburger, Ruth E 108, 384 Austin, William L 179, 266 Auwers, Joseph 124 Averill, John 338 Avery, Margaret 234 Avery, Nancy 389 Avgerinos Byron 351 Axelrod, Allan .... 207, 237, 406 Axelson, Rudolph 239, 253 Ayers, Camilla 397 Ayers, Hugh 339 B Babbitt, Lucille 281 Babington, Neil 64 Babcock, Allen J 271 Babcock, Richard A 86, 88, 90 Babcock, R. W 353 Bach. Dorothy 166 Bachman, Charles 195 Bachman, John R 227, 354 Bachman, Werner E 335 Bachrach, Kayla 383 Bacon, Richard 256, 339 Bacon, Wilbur C 244 Badenoch, David A 365 Bader, Arno L. 235, 368 Badger, Mrs. Walter L 335 Badgley, Carl E 150 Ball, Doris 166 Baechle, Virginia 390 Baer, Betty 235 Baer, Richard 359 Baessler, Jane 163 Bahrych, Max 206 Baier, L. A 67, 346 Bailey, Benjamin F 68, 370 Bailey, Robert 151 Bailie, Elizabeth J. ... 291, 294, 395 Baird, Elaine 388 Baisch, Donna 166 Ba : ts, Jane 282, 288, 291, 391 Baker, Albert G 350 Baker, Arthur 124 Baker, Edwin M 335 Baker, Harriet 383 Baker, Joan 393 Baker, John 235 Baker, William W 207. 234 Balay, Kenneth A 86, 89 Baldwin, Mary E 22, 381 Bale, Marian F 22 Bales, Dorothy 234, 391 Balinger. " Burly " 215 Balint, Katherine 280 Ball, John 163 Ballantyne. Douglas 343 Bancroft. Margaret 388 Bandoli. Marvin C 372 Bannan, Marie 234 Bannerman. Shirley M 22 Bannow. Robert J 153 Banta. George S 22, 351 Barasa, Lawrence 351 Barber, Joseph W 50, 346 Barber, Robert 101 Barbirolli, John 240 Barbour, Fleming 148 Barclay. Charles 367 Bareman, David F 366 Barim, Orphan F 63 Baris, Philip 267 Barker, Charles 47, 50, 208, 254, 261, 278, 341 Barker, Ernest F 369 Barker. Paul B 369 Barker, Paul S 149 Barker, Pierce, Jr. 50, 351, 356 Barkey, Walter J., Jr 22 Barkley. Howard 148 Baris, Philip 348 Barish. Julian 1 144, 152 Barksdale. W. Leigh 363 Barlow. Suzanne J 22, 393 Barnard, Robert A. 21, 22, 212, 278, 373 Barnatt, William J 117 Barnes, Belva 228, 237, 390 Barnes, Charles W 179,361 Barnes, Mrs. Chester D 166 Barnes, Ernest H 80 Barnes, R 354 Barnett. Betty 397 Barnett, Helen L. 22, 289, 290, 397 Barnett, William 204 Barnum. Harold J 349 Barnwell, Lucy 289 Barr, Albert S 361 Barr, Orrie 339 Barrett, Charles 21, 22, 340 Barrett, Edward P. 22, 259, 278, 340, 350 Barrett, Fern W 63 Barringer, Henry 345 Barron, Robert 354 Barrow, Dr. Gerald 102 Barrows, Virginia D 22 Barrows, Winona 154 Barry, Ruth K. 22, 158, 378, 387 Bartell, Floyd E 335, 344 Barrels. Robert C. F 337 Earth, Elaine 234, 383 Barthelme, Battlefinder 259 Bartlett, Forest A 160, 165 Bartlett. H. H 20 Bartley, Joseph, Jr 132, 342 Bartley, Thomas S 342 Bartley, Whitman S 22 450 Barton. Belle 384 Barton, Grace H 74 Basom, Frederick F 338 Basse, Lois 378, 379, 393 Bassett, James 164 Bassett, Jeanne M 22, 397 Basso, Frank 163, 165 Basye, Ruth 282 Batchelder, Tilden 343 Bateman, Dave 61, 332 Bates, Harry M 336 Bates, Mrs. Henry M 166 Bates, Jackson W. 96, 98, 101, 259 Bati, Orhaw 64 Battad, Jesus J 50, 67 Batters, Frank 237 Battey, H. Bruce 68, 265 Baub.e. Sally 389 Baum, William 151 Bamnan, Betty 395 Baumgardner, Virginia M 22 Baumgarter, Howard 234 Bavinger, William F 365 Baxter, Dow V 337 Baxter, William 47, 50, 344 Bayer, Harmon S 50 Bayless, John C 22, 252, 254 Bayley, R. H 341 Baynton, Charles 267 Bayse, Ruth 258 Bazley, James R 372 Beach. Eugene H. 50, 68, 265, 266 Beal. Junius E. 340, 374 Beale. Henry D 22 Seals, Robert P 61 Beamer. William 354 Bean, John 148 Bean, Oscar 100 Beardsall, Joan 381 Beattie, Ralph 1 5 1 Beatty, Mary 390 Beauchamp, Jack 346 Beauvais, Francis N 65 Beck, Preston E 64 Becker, Frederick H 204, 341 Becker, Howard I., Jr 22 Becker, Pauline M 22 Beckering. Earl 124 Beckham, Robert 335 Bedford, Robert E 372 Beebe, Austin H 337 Beebe, Olive 394 Beebe, William 47, 50, 61, 208, 259, 261, 278, 336 Beem, Joanna 397 Beers, Robert E 354 Beesley, James 143, 150 Begelman, Irving 100 Begle, Robert G 256, 351 Behr, Robert 282, 343 Behrman, Dan 234 Beiber, Deena 383 Beierwaltes, William H. 140, 144, 151 Bela. Sam 61 Belknap, Jean 32, 397 Bell, Allan 367 Bell, Jay C 64 Bell. Margaret 154, 296 Bell, Oliver H 50 Bell, Richard J 50, 358 Bellains, Robert 354 Belote, George 148 Belser, Walter 150 Belsley, Ray 67 Belyea, Ross 368 Bender, Frank 163, 270 Bender, Jack E 22 Bender, June 391 Benedict, E. R 256 Benedicto. Paul L 267 Bengal, Vernon C 65 Benham, Jean 391 Benner, George 101 Bennet, Bruce 220 Bennett, H. C 341 Bennett, Marjorie 384 Bennett, Norma C 23, 280, 281 Bennett, Robert 343 Bennett, Ruth 280 Bennett, Wells 1 80 Bennish, Leo 237 Benson, Janice 229, 392 Benson, Mary E 23, 382 Bentley, Alvin M., Ill 369 Bentley, Herbert M 364 Bentley, Margaret E., 140, 144, 154 Bentley, Nelson 23 Bentley, Suzanne 389 Benz. Carl A 141, 149 Benzier, Erwin E 23 Bercaw, Nancy 297, 382 Bere. C. Sidney 161 Berg, Donald P 65, 372 Berg, Roger F 234, 366 Berg, Russell 248, 350 Berg, Sidney 163, 165 Bergelin, J. 345 Berger, Betty L 172 Berger, James D. 23, 164. 252, 254, 357 Berger, J. Philip 150 Berlin. Theodore 266 Berlow Ralph 229, 352 Berlow, Stanley 352 Berman. Jack 179 Bernard. Paul 241 Bernfeld, Pearl C 97 Bernier, Roland C 102 Berns. J. William 234 Bernstein. Phyllis 42 Bernstein, R. A 280 Bernsten, Thelma 383 Berris, Henry 100 Berris, Robert 152, 359 Berry, Clair S 271 Berry, Constance A 23, 266, 390 Berstein, Mildred 237 Besancon, Frances 378, 388 Besewirsky, W 158 Besser, Robert 359 Betzhold, Fred 363 Betzhold, Wilbur R., Jr 267 Beuhler, H. R 370 Beuret, E. C 363 Beyer, B. M 23 Beynon. Helen L 23 Bibb, Arthur, Jr 101 Bieneman, Richard 229, 363 Bierkamp, Fred J 351 Bierman, Bernard 199 Bigelow, Merritt 247 Biggers, William D 50, 342 Biggins. Arthur L 266 Bihn, Phyllis 392 Bikoff, Arthur H 23 Bikoff, Morris 1 279 Bilby, Ollierae 23 Bill, Dorothy 394 Billet, Arthur B 65, 350 Binder, Carl F 50, 67 Bingham, Robert H 266 Bird, Harrie W 142, 149 Bird, John A 342 Bird, Wilbur R 267 Birkhold, Patricia A 172 Birnerf, William S 74 Bisbee, Leland S 234, 342 Bisdee, Jean 229, 237 Bishop, R. Spencer 244 Bishop, Robert W 47, 50, 371 Bishop, W. W 20 Bittinger, Ralph E 149 Bittinger, Ross T 361 Bittman, Lyman 363 Bjork, Marion 392 Black, Franklin R 148 Black, Lome C, Jr 23, 340 Black, William 215 Blackburn, Earl L 108 Blackett, Olin W 84, 345 Blair, Norma E 23 Blair, Sally 395 Blaisdell, Malcolm 345 Blakemore, Fred 237 Blakley, Ann 171, 172 Blakely, Richard H 341 Blanchard, James 351 Blanchard, William C. 50, 254, 370 Blandy, Romaine 247, 256 Blane, Natalie H 396 Blaustein, Albert P 231, 268 Bleekman, G. M 345 Bleiweiss. Mary Anne 277 Blicke. Dorothy 229 Blicke, F. F 178, 341 Bliss, Harry 249 Bliss, Robert L 336 Block, Henry 37? Block Wolfred 262, 373 Block, Woody 231 Blodgell, Robert F 351 Blood, Howard 343 Bloom, Bernerd J 23, 236, 362 Bloom, H. J 94 Bloom, Ruth 383 Bloom, Sam 359 Bloomer. Harlan H 337 Blount, Martha 384 Blower, Paul E 179 Bloxsom, Dorothy Y 23, 391 Bluestein, Muriel 382 Blume, William W 129 Blumenthal, Frances . 280 Boak, A. E. R 20, 189, 262 Boardman, Virginia 397 Boas, Morrie 373 Boddy, L 370 Bodwell, Charles A. ... ... 23 Boehm, P 374 Boehnke, R. D 364 Boes, Donald 124 Boetel, Victor F 50, 65 Bogart, Dorothy 160, 388 Bogert, Robert C 50, 65 Bogen, Robert 234 Bogle. Robert W 23, 361 Bogleff, Anton 280 Bohmn, Alvin 163 Bohnet, Eileen 23 Bohnsack, Helen 21,23,232,291 Bohnsack, Ruth Ann 390 Bolgiano. Jeanne 280 Bollier, Roger 408 Bolthouse, Robert E 350 Bond, Lyle 216, 260, 278 Bondar, Vincent B 50, 61 Bondurant, Joan 160, 161 Bonelli, Richard 240 Bonis, Elliot 361 Bonner, Campbell 20 Book, Vivienne 389 Boone, John D 80 Boone. John P 117 Booth Charles V 354 Borden, Bob 153 Borin, Leonard 23 Borland, Jean ... 390 Borman. Marvin ... 247, 277, 373 Borst. Theodore 255 Bos, Mildred L 23 Bosch, George E 350 Bosma, James F 124, 144 Boston, C. Edward 364 Boston, Orlan W 46 Bostwick, Darwin 238 Bostwick, Kellard 370 Boswell, Robert B 374 Bosworth, Wanzer D 86, 88, 89 Bothman, Constance. 276, 383 Bott, Alan R 66, 396 Bott, George 66 Bottum, Curtiss 350 Botvin, Irving 23 Botwinik, Stanley N 23, 359 Bouchard, Beatrice 389 Bouchard, Harry 371 Bouchard, Joanne 388 Boucher, R. P 256 Boult, J. H 256 Bourquin, Bernard 218 Bourquin, James F. 254, 282, 332, 365 Bourquin. Warren 247 Boutell, Helen K 108 Bowen, Charles A., Jr. 23, 248, 358 Bowen, Marjorie 280, 394 Bower, James S 342 Bower, James W 23 Bower. Stewart P 65 Bowers, Erwin 270 Bowers, Neal M 260 Bowers, Russell E., Jr 23, 266 Bowker, John E 64, 68 Bowler, Jane W 172 Bowles, Gene 88 Bowles. Gene E 86, 88, 351 Bowles, George E 132 Bowman, Brice M 267 Bowman, Harry 356 Bowman Margaret 385 Boycheff, Kooman 220, 279 Boyd, Robert 339 Boyton, Charles 248, 282, 340 Boynton, Richard 164, 347 Bozion, Constantine N 264, 266 Brace, William M 153, 262 Bracken, Beverly J 21, 23, 389 Brackett, John J 247, 370 Brackett, Robert D 239 Bradbury, Marion L., Jr....l34, 369 Bradley, David 280 Bradley, Earl A 107 Bradshaw. J. W 20 Brady, John R., Jr 355 Braga, Russell M 264, 266 Bragg, Edward M 46, 67 Bragg, Robert H 50, 68, 364 Braidford, John 206 Brandel, Wynand W 50 Brandman, Leonard J 144, 152 Brannan, F. M 251 Brandt. Alan E 247, 256, 357 Brandt, Carl G. 46, 260, 262, 332 Brassfield, William H 255 Braun. Geraldine 160, 161, 166 Braun, Randall F 341 Braun, Robert 66 Braunlich, Alice E 23 Braznell, Charles 342 Breckler, Alfred 359 Bredvold. L. 1 20 Breed, Helen A 264 Breer, William 343 Breidenbach, Warren 21, 23, 189, 212, 278, 342 Breitenbach, Carl G 256 Breitenbach. Max J 65 Bremer, Anne S 172 Brendemuhl. Muriel 171, 172 Brennan, Catherine 390 Brennan, Charles 368 Brenner, G. Jerome 50, 332, 336 Brent. Irl D ' a, II 23, 252, 253, 254 Brereton, H. Virginia 23, 291, 378, 388 Brewer, Robert 278 Brewer. William 153 Brian Elizabeth 393 Bricker, Helen L 23 Brier. J. C 254, 335 Brieske, Lorraine K 172 Brigden, Dorothy 393, 234 Briggs, Richard W 350 Brigham, Alice B 144 Brigham. Theodore W 374 Brill. Thomas M 362 Brimmer, Clarence 234, 366 Brines, Robert 361 Brininstool, Gerald 64 Brinkman, Mrs. Joseph 166 Brinnen, John 235 Britton, Earl W 366 Britton, George T 144 Britton, John 344 Britton, Harold E. . 47, 50, 68. 125. 238, 239, 261, 265, 370 Britton, Tom 153 Broadbent, Thomas L 266 Brockway, Robert 88 Brodie, Jean 280 Brodie, Robert J 370 Brogan, Herbert . 21, 23, 202. 259, 278, 279, 341, 349 Bromek, Ken 61 Bromley. Willard S. 116 Bronfenbrenner, Urie 266, 270, 352 Bronson. Keith R 50, 64, 338 Brooks, Betty 23, 386 Brooks, Dorothy 392 Brooks. George 151 Brooks, William 61, 361, 366 Brown, Alan R 140, 144, 151 Brown, Bernard 277, 373 Brown, Bruce 256, 353, 363 Brown, Charles 50, 64, 261, 349 Brown, Douglas 220 Brown, Eugene 363 Brown, George 163. 335, 350 Brown, Harold M 256 Brown, Helen R 23, 390 Brown, Henry 23, 264, 266 Brown, James 367 Brown, John W 256, 346 Brown, Margaret 395 Brown, Marshall C.. Jr. 23, 252, 345 Brown, Mary E 229, 393 Brown, Pearl 294 Brown, Peter F. 47, 50, 61. 250, 261 Brown, Phillip D 374 Brown, Port 260 Brown. Oliver 1 335 Brown, Richard W 24, 351 Brown, Robert 163, 165, 345 Brown, R. G 254, 349 Brown, Robert L 355 Brown, Robert W 140, 144, 150 Brown. Suzanne 395 Brown, William 163, 337 Brown. William C 144 Brown, William E. Ill 336 Brown. William M 254 Brown, Willis 148 Browne, Craig 147 Browning, Martin R 267 Brubaker, Phyllis 1 172 Bruce, James D 12, 153 Brumm, John L 20, 42, 335 Brundage, Betty 397 Brundrett, Ruth E 24, 393 Bruner, Harold T 86, 90 Bruns, Richard V 336 Brunson, Royal 206 Brussel. Eugene 359 Bryan, Paul Robey . 160, 161, 165 Bryant, Dan C 340 Buchanon, W. T 353 Buchen, Philip 343 Buchholz, Al 101 Buckner, Noel A 352 Buckwalter, Tracy V 374 Buderus. J. Brooks 74 Buehler. Royal A Buell, Charles 344 Buell, Robert 340, 361 Buesser, Elizabeth 393 Buffington, W. J 256 Buhler, Jean E 341 Bull, Edward G 50, 66 Bull, Hempstead S 68 Bullard, M 340 Bullard, Warren 370 Bullington, Bert M 153 Bullion, Jeanne 395 Bulmer. Dan J 149, 254, 344 Bulthuis, Jerry 124 Bundt, Betty 393 Bundy. Carol 235 Bunnell, Elizabeth 234, 277, 391 Bunting. Russell 94, 101, 374 Burch, John E 144, 346 Burchard, Jim 65 Burck. Richard 163 Burckhalter, Joseph 335 Burckhalter. Robert 361 Burdick. Raymond 163, 363 Burell, J. Earl 50 Burgess. Warren 234, 369 Burgess, William 344 Buritz, Robert S. 21, 47, 50, 68, 265, 341 Burke. William G 363 Burkheiser. Betsy 234 Burks, Arthur W 350 Burley, Dexter 340 Bursley, Joseph A. 13,245,267, 332 Bursley, P. E 374 Bursley, P. E 374 Burstein, Robert 247, 373 Burnett, Jack 153 Burnham, John S 238, 239 Burnham. Rex 66 Burns, Barbara 393 Burns. Gerald 231,235 Burrell, J. E 61 Burroughs. Frank M 150 Burroughs, P. J. 344 Burrows. Edward 235 Burton, Edison 354 Burton, Irving 152 Busard, Max 1 5 1 Busch, Donald A 237, 362 Busche, Phillip 163, 165 Bush, Charles W 350 Bush, Mary V. 86, 88 Bush, Robert 24, 248, 340 Buszek, Kay 387 Buter, Gordon 124 Butler, Jack W. 68, 190, 204, 263, 343 Fuller. James W 346 Butters, Frank 345 Butts, W. H 336 Byerly, James 343 Byrne, Carolyon 386 Byrnes, Martha 395 Bywaters, T. W 364 Cady, Frederick 353 Cady, Geraldine F 24 Cahalan, Joseph 153 Cahoon, Barbara 166 Cahoon, Floyd 350 Cahow, Robert 408 Cain, William S 355 Cairns, Edward J 50, 61 Calcutt, Harry C 350 Calder, Eugene B., Jr 132 Calder, Kenneth T 24 Calderwood, Howard B. 262, 354 Calkins, Belle 24, 391 Calkins, Jean 264, 266 Call, Norman 189, 190, 262. 282, 353, 379 Callouette, John E 349 Cambridge, Bruce 344 Cameron. George D 64, 365 Camp, Carl D 138, 149 Camp, Marie H. 24 Campbell, Darrell A 153 Campere, Dolphus 150 Campbell, Eleanor 384 Campbell, Elizabeth 385 Campbell, Enola J 97 Campbell, Helen 382 Campbell, Jeanne 393 Campbell. Laurie E 106 Campbell, H. Murray 132, 134, 344 Campbell, R. A 259, 374 Campbell, Robert G 262, 341 Campbell, Virginia 381 Canden, Betty J 108 Candler, William R 354 Candlish, Robert L 50, 64 Canfield, Mrs. R. Bishop .. 154,166 Canfield, Charles R 349 Canfield, William 278, 343 Canham, Donald 212, 259, 278 Canham, Robert G 350 Cannon, Bernard 332, 359 Cannon, Joseph H 68, 339 Cannon, Margaret 395 Cannon, Will A 74, 361 Cantor, Daniel A 65 Capald, Sam 356 Cappon, F. C 262 Cappannari, Stephen C 266 Capron, Ruthe 1 108, 398 Capron, Virginia 293 Carbine, William F. 266 Cardwell. Paul 264 Cares, Paul B 266 Carey. Howard J 336 Carey, Ralph E 24 Carey. R. W 256 Carhart, Forest 367 Carll, Gloria 382 Carlson, Clarence 247 Carlson, Frank A 50 Carlson, Harue J 266 Carlson, Jack 365 Carlson, Leroy 151 Carlson, Robert, L 358 Carmelita, Rosasasco 281 Carney, Robert J 335 Carpenter, Josephine 393 Carpenter, Lou 274, 233. 395 Carriel, J. T 374 Can-others, George E 106, 368 Carrothers, William 221 Carr. E. S 149 Carr. Robert 356 Carrington. Thomas 88, 90 Carritte, Barbara L 276, 393 Carson. Dan 265 Carson, Frank S 349 Carter, Adelaide 283 Carter, Dorothy 21, 171, 172 Carter, Roland W 264 Cartmill, William J. 24, 202, 203, 260, 278 Cartwright, Betta 108 Caruthers. William F 349 Carver, Gordon B 149, 350 Carver, Harry 262 Case, A 158 Case, E. C 220 Case, Lee 335 Case, P. Benham 371 Cash. Travis R 361 Casper, Sylvia 280 Caster, Beth 21, 24, 284, 287, 289, 290, 298 Caston, Saul 241 Cataline, E. L. 178 Cattell, Betty Ann 171, 172 Cattell, Lee M 148 Cattle, Walter 345 Cato, George A 351 Caughey, Andy 247 Caughey, Reed 339 Cauley, Richard 344 Cavan, Frank L., Jr 24, 340 Cavender, Alice C 237 Cawthra, Celeste M 24 Cayia, Jane 388 Ceithaml. George 190 Chady, Otto E 267 Chamberlain. Calvin B 132 Chamberlain. Carter A 354 Chamberlain, Francis 262, 278, 344 Chamberlain, Bud 216 Chamberlain. Dale 248, 353 Chambers, Christine 270 Chambers, Raymond 281 Chambers, Raymond E 24, 280 Champion. Charles H 336 Champion, Hale 234 Champion. William 165 451 Chandler, Paul M. 24, 63, 230, 259 Chapman, Cora L 172 Chapman, Nancy 347 Chapin, Myron B 350 Chapman, Robert L 267 Chard, Frederick W 150 Chase, Charles 339 Chase, E. C 351 Chase, William .... 24, 68, 254, 338 Chaufty, Betty Ann 160, 161, 166, 291, 397 Cheadle, Thomas 345 Cheever, Markham 50, 248, 368 Cheffy, George 282, 364 Cheney, Edward 101 Cheqwin, Alphonso ... 50 Chertoff, Garry 357 Chilcote, Max 335 Chipman, Albert 163, 361 Chockley, Julie 258, 391 Chomicz, Peter 51, 61 Chope, William E., Jr 351 Christa, Mildred 228, 385 Christen, Elizabeth H 86, 266 Christensen, Robert 140, 144, 147, 150 Christian, John 90, 150, 282 Christian, Palmer 240 Christiansen, Edward 88 Christiansen, George T. 51, 64, 254, 336 Christman. Adam A. 335 Christman, L. G. 374 Christopherson, James W 150 Christy, Edward 293 Chupinsky, Peter 86, 88, 89 Church, Brooks D 148 Church, Nan 387 Church, William E 341 Churchill, Ruel V 350 Churchill, Stuart 61 Cilley, Geraldine 387 Cissel 63, 363, 368 Clagett, T. E 256 Claggett, Thomas 341 Clahassey, Erwin G .. 24 Claire, Wesley 24, 345 damage, Irwin 24, 359 damage, Stanford 234, 359 Clapp, Philip 365 Clapper, Walt 348 Clare, Jeanne 276, 394 Clark, Andrew 208 Clark, Barbara 347 Clark, Charles 151 Clark, Colbern ... 215 Clark, Daniel K 64 Clark, Earl 210, 211 Clark, Elise 42, 381 Clark, Elmer J 108 Clark, George .... 88 Clark, Howard J 341 Clark, Janet R 24 Clark, J. Ross 374 Clark, Jarrett R 64, 267 Clark, Robert H 132 Clark, Ross 247 Clark, Walter H. 86 88 Clark, Wm 270 Clarke, Benjamin 338 Clarke, Daniel J ... 51 Clarke, Donald J 65 Clarke, Harvey 353 Clarke, Janet 234, 393 Clarke, John W 86, 353 Clarkson, W. S 340 Clary, Frederick ..367 Clauss, Nathan W 51, 61 Claypool, James H 350 Clayton, Paul 151 Clayton, Thomas 361 Cleary, Charlotte 391 Cleary, June 387 Cleary, Margaret 280, 389 Cleary, Patricia 389 Clement, Betty 24, 290 Clement, Joan .... 235, 282, 390 Clement, Paul H 369 Clement, Walter J 254, 369 Cleveland, E. A 335 Clifford, Arthur 67, 265 Clifford, John 66, 363 Clover, Mrs. James W 1 66 Clubb, Gertrude 381 Coale, William 351 Coan, Stephen B 24 Cobb, Margaret J 24 Coburn, Sally E 24, 393 Cochran, Preston 163 Cochran, Roy 212 Cockroft, Robert S 252, 337 Coe, Richard 268 Coffelt, Jean 384 Coffey, HobartR 129 Coffield, T. D 256 Cofnuk, Walter 266 Coggan, Yale D 362 Cogger, George E. 51, 63, 68, 255 Cohan, Maida E 107, 108 Cohen, Arnold 144 Cohen, Bernard L 132 Cohen, Bernice 266 Cohen, Jack 373 Cohen, Joanne 235 Cohen, Joe 218 Cohen, Louis A 362 Cohen, Lucile 24 Cohen, Maynard M. 24 Cohen, Morton H 357 Cohen, Rabbi 1 373 Cohn, Jerome 279 Cohn, Robert L 24 Cohrs, Fred 163 Colbridge, Thomas 339 Colby, Howard R 256, 338 Colby, Walter F 264 Cole, Richard 237, 373 Coleman, Thelma 292 Coleman, Thomas Fred 65 Coleman, Tom W 356 Colgan, John W 341 Colgin, Harvey L 64 Collamore, William G. 61, 239, 374 Coller, Frederick A 138, 153 Colley, M. E 374 Collette, William E 263 Collings, Miller R 107, 108 Collins, James B 153, 232, 342 Collins, John 343 Collins, Myrtle 140, 154 Collins, Robert 163, 263, 274, 278, 363 Collins, Williams 206 Colosky, Dolph 61 Coltri.V. L 256 Colwell, L. V 347 Comb, A. Maidand 256, 351 Combs, George 344 Combs, William 204, 259, 278 Comin, Melvin 202,279 Comstock, William 282, 358, 374 Conant, James R 234, 256 Conde, Marion 24, 283, 291, 378, 382 Condit, Harry 65 Cone, Suzanne 381 Conger, Kyril B 149 Conger, Lucille B., Mrs 244 Conger, Ralph G. 24, 264, 266, 365 Conkum. Florence E 108 Conley, Philip H 24, 370 Conlon, Emerson W 66, 361 Conn, Betty 391 Conn, Jerome 352 Connell, Jane 391 Connell, Richard V 161 Conner, James W 68 Connors. Ed 153 Conney, George A 108 Conover, Robert 344 Conrad, William R. 24, 248, 249, 336 Conrath, Fred 340 Conrey, Geor-e 163 Consaul, Parker 351 Consiglio, J. A 61 Content, Herman W 86 Conti, James 164 Contie, Leroy J 24, 366 Converse, William 163 Cook, Barton B 364 Cook, Claire 24, 283 Cook, Eugene L 144 Cook. Franklin M 9, 245 Cook, Gene 153 Cook, Hugh 153 Cook, James 351 Cook, Myra 396 Cook. Vernon H 350 Cook, W. F ... 345 Cook, Webster 236, 342 Cook, Withred T 371 Cooney, John D 337 Cooley, Friendly Chief 259 Cooley, Mortimer E 67, 365 Cooper, Belton 351 Cooper, Donald R. 141, 147, 149, 363 Cooper H. 256 Cooper, Harold 357 Cooper, Hugh 163 Cooper, Richard 373 Cooper, Robert 134,351 Cooperstqck, Moses 152 Coors, Stirling R 86 Coper, Robert E 358 Copeland. Paula 378, 383 Copley, Almon L 24, 204, 3 9 Copp. Robert C 106 Coquillette, Leon 368 Cordell, Jeanne 234 Cordon, Norman 241 Corl, Sue 391 Corlett, Bette 24, 282, 386 Gorman, Helen 24, 230, 258 Cornelius. Margaret I. 24, 66, 385 Cornell. Betty 283 Cornwell. Harvey F., Jr 369 Correll, Richard 165 Corres, Dale 153 Corson, Bruce ..353 Corson, John 278, 368 Cory, John W. 25,222,259,363 Cory, Sally 394 Cosper, Paul L 332, 363 Costello, Frances 154 Coston. Malcolm 335 Cottrell, Janet 388 Coulson, Milton 340 Coulter, Kenneth E. .. ... 51 Counihan, Donald 25, 269, 271 Coupe, Tane L 25 Courtis, Stuart A 106 Courtney, Thomas 65, 339 Courtwright, R. 215, 363 Courtright. William 204 Couter, Wm 149 Coutts, Rav C 244 Couzens, Dorothy 394 Coveny, Erwin L 342, 406 Covert, H. E 354 Cowan, Charles V 80 Cowan, Dorothy 74, 394 Coward, Wheaton 368 Cowart, Elizabeth 378, 385 Cowden, R. W 346 Cowie, Anna Cook 154 Cowing, Beth 392 Cowing, M. Jane 25 Cowles, Walter 368 Cox, Dorothy 398 Cox, J. E 252 Cox, Jean 394 Cox, John 254 Cox, Winston H 282, 339 Coxon, A. William 150, 336 Crabb, John 344 Crabtree, Peter 148 Craft, William R. L., Jr 132, 134 Craig, James B 150 Craig, L. A 149 Craig, Robert, Jr 116 Cram, Ester M 9 Crandall, Frederick 262 Crandall, Mrs. F. 283 Crane, Robert 107, 108, 254, 260, 332, 363 Cranmer, Jeannette 25, 386 Cranmer, L. Reed, Jr 332, 350 Cranston, William 61 Crary, D 351 Crawford, Burnett H. 247, 256, 351 Crawford, Ivan C 338, 374 Crawford, Kay 298 Crawford. Mary 384 Creal, C. 358 Cregan, E. J 256 Cregan, J. C 256, 366 Crisler, Herbert O. .190, 191, 196 Crispell, Kenneth 151 Crispin, John 337 Critchell, Gordon 343 Crocker, John 163 Crocker, Sabin, Jr 51, 64, 364 Crohn, David 281 Crombie, John N 350 Crook, Charles L 148 Crosby, Catherine 392 Crosby, Elizabeth C 154 Crosman, Max 90 Crossley, Edward, Jr 25, 90 Crossley, William C 341 Crouch, Marshall 25, 255 Crow, Agnes 42, 237, 291, 298, 378, 397 Crowe, James 164 Crowley, Anne E 25, 290, 292 Crowley. David H 9 Crumbaker, Donald 61, 368 Crump, Jeanne 231, 282, 386 Cuccia, C. Louis . 51, 163, 347 Culley, Helen 21, 25, 290 293 Culver Carl A 86, 88, 212, 355 Culver, Frank 212 Culver, Fred 86, 88. 355 Cummings, Dorothy 378, 390 Cummings, H. W 151 Cunningham, Mary Jean 388 Cunningham, Paul M 140, 148 Cunningham, P. Francis 370 Cunningham, Robert 64, 361 Curdes. Helen 397 Curran, Mary Lou 234, 390 Currie, Mac . 61 Curtin. William 86, 88, 80 Curtis, Arthur 148 Curtis, Barbara 381 Curtis, Francis D 106, 344, 374 Curtis. H. D. 20 Curto, Frank T 354 Gushing. E. L 361 Custer, Byron ...406 Cuthbert, Doris 231, 293 Cutting, Frances 233 Cutting, R. D 344 Czaika. Benjamin 264 Czak, Edward 190, 260. 278 Czekalsky, Ann 25.198 Czerkawski, Stella 281 Czudak, Joseph 5 1 D Dahlstrom, Pat 229 Dalby, John M. 51. 61, 252, 254, 340 DaLee, Mildred 388 Daling, John T 264 Dalman, Corrine J 25, 398 Dalrymple. Thomas L 267, 361 Dalton. John 351 Dalzell, Hush P 363 Dalzen, Lorraine 398 Dama, Frank 67 Damm, Nelson E. 51, 64, 265, 266 Damon. George 337 Dana, Arnold 25, 362 Dana, Mrs. S. T 166 Dana. Samuel T 116 Dance, Clifton L., Jr 355 Dance, William 206, 342 Danforth. Ralnh E 25 Daniels, Charles 338 Daniels, David 356 Daniels, Tames 234, 267 Daniels. Vivian M 172 Dann. Al 231, 234 Dannenfelser, Fred 21. 51, 47. 215, 261, 278, 345 Darden, Arthur D 350 Darden, Robert 353 Darling, Milton A 353 Darmstaeter, Armin A. 142, 149, 343 Darner, Charles B 149 Darnton, Paul 361 Dates, Murray 350 Davey, Winthrop N 148 David, Alan W 227, 359 Davidson, Amy B 25, 385 Davidson, Donald L 141, 148 Davidson, Dorothy 229, 383 Davidson, George L 245, 366 Davidson, James E 365 Davidson, James K 151, 352 Davidson, Joan 386 Davidson, Lyal 67, 256 Davidson, Margaret 228, 385 Davidson, Sidney ., 87, 88 Davidson, William 373 Davies, Robert H 140, 144, 153 Davis, Arthur H 74 Davis, C. M 254, 344 Davis, Calvin 106 Davis, Donald 361 Davis, Douglas 65, 406 Davis, F. E 151 Davis, Irwin W 51, 64 Davis, James C. H 342 Davis, Jeanne 25, 287, 289, 290, 393 Deal, Edwin M 25, 368 de Aluarez, Russell R 149 Dean, Lindley M 254 Deane, Raymond 204 De Armond, Pollyanna 25, 298 Deason, Paul W 335 Deasy, Ruth 166 Decker, Charles 212, 278 Decker, Robert 339 de Cordova, June 25, 293 DeCourcy, William P 276, 349 DeFow, A. Daniel 51, 346 De Fries, Barbara 235. 234, 283, 390 DeFries, F 374 Dehlin. James R 179 Dejong, George 124 Dejong, R. N 151 DeLamarter, J. Alger 101 DeLancey, Merton M....51, 61, 363 De Lancey, Sam 163, 363 De Land. Warren P 369 De Land, Frank E 337 Delano, Frederick 364 de Laurier, Jacques 556 DeLine. Robert 339 De Long P. C 256 De Long Robert 338 De Lorenzi, Ezio P. 51, 65, 371 Demandante, Primitiua D. 140, 144 De Martin. Roland 101 Dembowski, Mary J 266 Deming, Richard C 144, 153 Denfield. Carolyn 274, 390 Denise, Theodore C 337 Dennee, Harley 65 Densmore, Fred 354 Densmore, G. E 20 Denton, Dean 385 Denton, Jean 229 De Roven, Marvin 100 De Puy, James 353 Derby, Walter 358 Deresz. Alphonse C 144 Derrick Annette E 97, 382 Desel, R. F. P 256 Desjardins, Albert 117 Detwifer. Philip 353 Deutsch. Charles 88 Deutsch, Ralph 163 Devine, John 25, 260, 332, 365 De Vries, Henry 124, 144 DeVries. Ralph P 370 DeWeese, D. D 363 DeWeese. Marion 148 Dewitt, William S 365 Deyoung. Howard F 367 de Young, Philip E 364 De YOUP- Wesley 124 D : amond, Donald 281 Dice, Elizabeth J 94 Dice, John R 25 Dick. Bruce 117 Dick, Lucien E 25, 90 Dick, Vernon S 150 Dickerson, Harold S 244 Dickinson, Betty 171, 172 Dickinson, Janet F 25, 280 Dickmeyer. Doris 397 Diemond. Will ' am G. 25,282,374 Dilley, Neva 297 Dillman, Charles .. .. 368 Di Loreto, Ocar A. 96, 98, 102 Dimichele, Guy A . 61 Diner, Alex 179 Dinsmore, Bob 237 Dinsmore, Mrs. G. E 283 Dinsmore. H " gh S 365 D ; nsmore. Robert C 51 Dittman, Barbara E. 25, 289, 290, 397 Dixon, Ann 234, 387 Dixon, Mary K 25, 392 Dixon, Ravmond .353 Doan, Mills J. 87. 88, 89, 245 Dober, Bernard 218, 231, 278 Dobson, Arthur W 68, 239 Dobson, Jack 212, 278 Dobson, Tohn S 25, 260, 354 Dobson, R. T 354, 364 Dobson, Willard 2 1 2 Dobson, William 278, 354 Dodd, Elinor 392 Dodge, Dorothy 382 Dodge, Margaret 282, 294, 395 Dodge, Russel A 367 Dodge, S. D 370 Dodge, W. Smith 101 Doe, Frank E 25, 363 Doeringsfeld, Walter 163 Dolby, Malcolm K 150 Dolsen, Lucille E 172 Donahue, Eleanor 384 Donaldson, Dav.d 25, 236, 260, 368 Donaldson, Jean . 25, 378, 389 Donan, Glidden S 66, 350 Donen, Gloria 234, 383 Donnelly, Paul J 63 Doolittle, William 343 Dorance, William 368 Doris, Joan 235 Dorr, John 339 Doty. Albert J 371 Douglas, Benjamin 229, 353 Douglas, Katherine 171, 172 Douglas, Mary Lyle 393 Dow, E. W 340 Dow, Lafayette 342 Dow, William G 68 Down, Martha 154 Downey, Russel 237, 353 Downer, William H 61, 363 Downing. John P 6 Downs, Benjamin S 89 Downs, William T 25, 372 Doyle, Leo 202 Doyle, Patricia 388 Draeger, Marvin 165 Drake, Earl 343 Drake, Hubert .. 65 Drake, Joseph H., Sr 129 Drew, Nancy 298, 397 Drew, Martha Jane 21,25 Drewniany, Edward F 65 Dreyer, William N 65 Drickamer, Harry 51, 61, 248, 261, 265, 266 Droman, Charles 163, 368 Droste, Thomas P 365 Drury, Virginia 294, 391 Drury, W. R 370 Drygas, Henry F 148 Dudgeon, Dottie 234, 381 Duerr, Howard 408 Duesenberry, James S 266 Duff, Robert T. 267 Duffendack, Stanley C 25, 293 Dugan, J. R 61 Dugan, R. Franklin 117 Dulebohn, Richard E. 74, 163, 346 Dull, Robert 247, 369 Dumon, John E 102 Duncan, Horace 67, 356 Dunfee, Gordon 368 Dunham, Fred S 106 Dunlap, David B 51, 67, 374 Dunlap, Dorothy 393 Dunlap, Gregg L 144,153 Dunlao, James E 89 Dunmire, Justin H., Jr 96, 98 Dunn, Leigh Ernest 65 Dunshee, Bryant 246 Dunten, George L 364 Dunton, John 364 Durfee, Ben B 25, 341 Durfee, Elizabeth 134 Durfee, Paul S 25, 350 Durfee, Philip S 134, 341 Durocher. Betty 388 Durpux, Dorothy 384 Duroux, June 384 Durr, John F 26, 374 Durst. Samual 218 Dusenberry, James S 367 Duthie, James R. 51, 248, 261, 340 Duxbury. John 96, 98, 101, 342 Dwyer, Raymond 343 Dworkis, Martin B 258 Bade, Robert J Eady, Eugenia Eagan, R. Russell Eagle, Donelda Eagleson, Stuart Eakins, Philip N. ... Earhart. R Earle, George Earle, Prescott S. Earle. Sawyer Easlick, David K. . Easlick, Kenneth A. Easman, Sam Eastman, James M. . Eastman, R. C. Eastman. Samuel E. Ebbets, Richard, Jr. Eberbach, Oscar A. Eberbach. R. O Eblen, Walter Ecenbarger. Gale R. Eckerman, Helen Eckert, Barbara Fckert, Donna Eckhart. Kenneth V. Eckstein, Harold C. Edelhertz, Herbert F.delman, Jeanne B. Edelman, Joseph Edelson, Lillian 342 297, 389 24, 354 394 353 337 340 355 .... 51, 65, 355 340 277, 354 94, 101 163 .... 51. 64, 265 374 ... 247, 272 . 282 244 363 134 335 229, 384 388 391 , Jr. ... 26, 364 335 234 26 237, 362 234 452 Edelstein, Arthur Eder, Gerald J Eder. Herbert Eddy, George Eddy, Howard R. C 26, Eddy, Robert C Edgerton, Robert Edison, Robert Edmonson, James B Edmonson, John 282, Edmunds, Charles W. 138, 149, Edmunds, James 247, Edson, James 124, Edwards, Basil D., Jr. 26, 254, Edwards, James Edwards, J. R. 160, 161, 164, Edwards, Thomas Effler, Donald B. 140, 144, 147, 148, Egan, William J Egert, Howard E. 51, 212, 261, 278, Egger, George S Eggersten, Claude E Eggert, Fred 163, Eggert, Jay P Egloff, Harold J Ehrler, Robert Ehlers, John Ehrlich, Robert 247, 253, 267, Ehrmann, Howard M Eibel, Louis ... Eich, Mrs. Louise Eich, L. M Eichelberger, M. B 254, Eichorn, Howard W Eiffert, Jane Eilola, Helen H Elbinger, Rosalie Eldersveld, Samuel J Eldred. Ney Eldredge, David E Eldredge, John G 26, Ellet, William Ellick, Alfred G 132, Elliot, Eugene B Filing, Oscar Elliot, Margaret Ellis, David Ellis, F. R Ellis, Helen Ellis, Robert L 87, 88, Ellman, Jack P 218, Ellman. William M Elmer, Maya 236, Elmer, Russell E Elmer, William 21, 26, 236, Elmiger, Fred J 63, 68, Elsifor, F. S Epstein, Herman T Epstein, Mildred 264, Epstein. Stanley E Emde, L Emerich, Charles A Emerson, Herbert W. 149, 339, Emery, John C., Jr. 215, 234, Emery, Kenneth 265, Emery, R. C Emmett, John Emmons, Samuel Emmons. Walter J Emory, Richard Endres, Anthony O Enerson, L. A Engel, David Engel, Jean 26, Engel, Marion E Engel. Ruth Ann Engell, Louise Englander. Alan H 26, 248, Engle, F. Glenn Engleman, Raymond Engstrom, Duane Engstrom, Martin V Ennest, L. Catherine Enterline, Horatio T Erdman, Betty 378, Erhman, Howard Erickson, Robert Erickson, Whitney A Eriksen, Edward L 46, Erikson, Harry E Erikson. Paul N Erke, Herman Erlewine, John A Ernst, Ira Erpelding. John Erskine, Albert Erwin, John Eshelworder, Owen Esler, Charles K. 26, Essery, C. V Etkin, Eva S Ettinger. Jack S 26, Evans, Betty Evans, Dewey Evans, Edith A. Evarts, Anne Evashevski. Forest 21. 190, 198. 199, 200, 259, 278, Everard, William S 26, Everett, F. L Everett, Marcus Everett. Meldon Eves, George R Ewert, Quentin A 26 348 100 368 341 26 350 351 106 344 351 344 144 369 281 165 364 341 355 353 355 106 165 . 51 132 406 354 361 266 188 283 347 350 65 381 266 234 266 344 369 369 163 365 . 9 163 84 352 254 249 341 357 258 237 358 350 255 254 26 383 26 374 . 26 374 350 266 256 351 353 . 68 368 . 74 374 280 292 74 398 234 373 26 152 253 268 . 26 26 395 343 344 . 51 371 107 . 68 164 234 89 338 165 345 346 349 .. 67 . 26 359 ,.387 . 74 26 229 191, 353 336 347 355 154 26 132 Ewing, Mary Lou Eyre, David Eyster, Richard D. 379, 397 349 ..234, 370 Faber, Russell 351 Fahs, James 6 Fairbairn, Barbara 384 Fairbanks, Avard F 51, 265, 266 Fairbanks, Eugene 164 Fairfax, Jean E. .26, 264, 266, 270 Fairlamb, Roy 332, 355 Fajans, Stefan 152 Falconeri, John 281 Fales, William C 63, 68 Falvey, Dave 281, 368 Fariss, Betty 282, 291, 297, 378 Fariss, Walter J 260 Farnsworth, Dorothy 26, 381 Farrand, John 408 Farrell, Elizabeth J 26, 280 Farrell, Margaret J 26 Farrell, William F 80 Fashbaugh, H. D 256 Fasquelle, R 344 Faust, Donald R 117 Faust, H. E 94 Fauver, John W 354 Fead, Emelie 386 Fead, Nell 234 Federman, Leo G 26. 254, 362 Feenbarger, Gale 61 Feferman, Martin 247, 229, 373 Feferman, Oscar 373 Fehr, Robert A 264, 266 Fekula, George M 335 Felber, Thomas 352 Feldman, Albert 51,61 Feldman, Milton D 144, 152 Feldman, Oscar 165, 406 Feldman, William 280 Feldrappe, Eleanor 385 Fell. Norber T 349 Fellman, Paul 89 Fellman, Rosalind 154 Felski, D. J 256, 281 Fenske, Julia 397 Fenstermaker, Howard 234 Fenton, Edgar 359 Fenwick, M. G 256 Ferguson, Alfred L 335 Ferguson, Allyn 89 Ferguson, Charles W 365 Ferguson, Irene 385, 283 Ferguson, Frances 386 Ferguson, Joan 26, 107 Ferguson, John S 150 Ferguson, Robert 134 Fernandez. Nydia 179 Ferrand, Mark 342 Ferrell, William K 117 Ferretti, Antonietta 281 Ferris, John M 153 Ferris, Madeline 26 Fiedler, Howard W. 117, 266, 337 Field, Henry 350 Field, Richard E 26, 264, 266 Field, Sedgwick S 358 Field, Wells L 256 Fielder, Charles R. 374 Fielding, Henry 65, 248, 263, 353 Fife, Robert 206, 215, 354 Filip, Hypolit K. ..144, 147, 148 Filkins, G 158 Fink, Austin 1 26, 362 Fink, L. Jerome 337, 379 Fink, Myron 140, 144, 266 Finkbeinen, June L 107, 108 Finkelday, Miriam 26, 392 Finkelstein, Sheldon 248 Finlayson, Donald D 140, 144 Finlayson, Robert 340 Finley, R. B 367 Finney, Mary L ... 21, 26 Finton, Max A 140, 144, 148 Firman, William 163, 345 Fisch, Robert 151 Fischer. Barbara 289 Fischer, James E 150 Fischer, Owen L 63 Fischer, Vivian ... 383 Fischer, W. W 64, 251, 255 Fish. Robin G 143 Fishburn, Breard E 350 Fishburne, M. 158 Fisher, Barbara I. 26, 264. 266, 282, 289, 290, 378, 381 Fisher, Campbell 63 Fisher, Edith S ... 27 Fisher, Elaine 294, 378, 383 Fisher, Janet 397 Fisher, Kirkland E 361 Fisher, Philip H 247, 370 Fisher, Ravmond 260, 342 Fisher, Robert E 337 Fishley. Margaret M 108 Fiske, Charles D. 342 Fitzgerald, Robert 202, 262, 278 Fitzgerald, Joseph . . 338 F : tzmeir, Albert .... 67 Fitzpatrick, Josephine ... 234, 392 Fitzpatrick, Ruth 27, 284, 291, 39? Fitton, John A., Jr 65 Flager, John M., Jr 364 Flanagan, Dennis D. 341 Flanagan. Peggy 390 Flanineam, Sue 390,108 Fleischaher, Stanley B 266 Fleming, Robert 368 Fletcher, D. B. ... 353 Fletcher, John 351 Fletcher. Richard F 27, 349 Flora, Robert 190, 278 Florer, W. W 344 Flott, Robert F 234, 369 Flynn, David V 132 Fogel, Louis 268 Fogg, Richard G 355 Foley, Arthur D 27, 144, 349 Foley, Lee 153 Follette, James H 27, 264 Folsome, C. E 1 5 1 Foltias, Chris 281 Foote, Elizabeth A 172 Foote, Joseph 27, 361 Forberg, Catherine 27, 291, 378, 391 Forbes, Bruce... 235, 248, 280, 41,6 r- ' orbts, Charles 88, 26j Ford, Charles D 51, 374 Ford, Marion 385. Ford, Ricnard 34. Ford, Thomas 343 Ford, W. B 345 Foreman, Lois 42 Foreman, Kathryn 1 27 Forero, Carlos A 5 1 Forresiel, Marjone 160, 161, 241, 288, 343 Fors, Robert 353 t ' orsnar, Evalyn L 27 Forster, Lloyd M 336 Forsytn, Carol 3o j Forsythe, H. Francis 150 Forsythe, L. L 33 3 Forsythe, Robert L 27 Forsythe, W. E 151 Foster, Charles L ...341 Foster, Elmer P 252, 255 Foster, George P 363 Foster, Helen L 264, 266 Foster, James 90 Foster, Lila L. 108, 392 Fouracre, Maurice 266 Foust, Alan 343 Fowle, Lee C 361 Fowle, Douglass M 3 " 4 Fowler, F. 61 Fowler, Nathaniel 408 Fowler, Phyllis 397 Fowler, Robert B 330 Fox, Charles 352 Fox, E. Frances 27 Fox, George 164 Fox, Jane C 27, 266 Fox, Howard Prentice 51 Fox, G. Robert 27 Foxman, Erwin 348 Trailing, Woodrow G. 51, 251, 254, 266 Fralick, F. B 138, 151 France, Alice H 27 Frank, George 356 Frank, Harold 373 Frank, Rosalie 234, 383 Frankel, Irving 163 Frankel, James 27, 359 Frankel, Richard W 357 Franklin, Myer 359 Franks, Edwin H 350 Fraser, Raymond . ; 342 Fraumann, Harlan 190, 248, 262, 368 Prayer, W. A 341 Frazee, Charlotte R 107, 108 Frederick, Fay A 172 Frederick, James 27 Frederick, June 21, 27 Frederick, Richard 89 Freedman, Dorothy V 27, 266 Freeman, Carole .283 Freeman, Elmer L 244 Freeman, Emery 27, 339 Freeman, James W 3 7 Freeman, Tracy 247, 359 Freer, Catherine A 172 Freer, Romeo H 63 Friehofer. -Walter B 336 Freitag, Robert 51, 65 French, Burr J 239 French, Edward 351 French, Gertrude M. 27, 280, 394 French, James 134, 245 Fretz, Alice 234 Frey, Gertrude 27, 264, 266 Frey, Virginia 294, 388 Freyberg, Richard H 149 Friad, Ruby 348 Fried. Edward R 27 Friedberc Barbara Ann 292 Friedlaender, Fritz 2 Friedman, Adele 27 Friedman. Arn9ld 152, 348 Friedman, David 27 Friedman, Harford W. 140, 144, 152, 266 Friedman, Harold M 27 Friedman, Julius 362 Fries, Carolyn 166 Fries. Charles C 106 Friesinger, C. E 364 Frick, Louis J 341 Frick. Ravmond 198 Frissell. Donald M 263 Fritz, Ruth 16 Fritz, Ralph 190, 278 Fromm, James E. 24, 358 Fromm, Lois 397 Frost, Rubin 368 Frostic, Andrew A 96, 98, 101 Frumkin. Reva B. ... 396 Frurie Edward 190, 194, 195, 197, 198, 200, 259. 278, 355 rutiger, Fry, Bernice 171 Frye, Stanley 281 Fulde, Clara Louise 27, 390 Fulford, Virginia E 108 Fuller, Burton A ...161 Fuller, Richard 262, 367 Fuller, Sally 381 Funk, James B 354 Funk, William K. 336 Funkhouser, Jean 283 Furbush, Seymour A. 47, 51, 61, 238, 239, 261 Furniss, Charles 151 Furniss, William 343 Furstenberg, Albert C. 138, 150 Furstenberg, Mrs. A. C. .154, 166 Fuson, Norma 384 Gable, Polly Ann 393 Gabriel, Margaret 397, 252 Gabriel, Teefe 281 Gage, Mary 226, 291, 392 Gaige, F. M 344 Gail, William H 365 Gainey, Catherine E 27 Galrns, Lila V 142, 154 Gajec, John 163, 165 Gaiansky, Bernice 237 Galles, James 204, 262, 278 Galles, William 204 Gambill, William H ,27, 363 Gambs, Gilman 344 Gamon, Thomas H 263, 374 Gangwere, George 338 Cans, William C 6, 336 Garbe, Harold 88, 89 Garcia, Luis 51, 281 Gardiner, Alfred 153 Gardiner, Jeanne 280 Gardiner, Sprague 350 Gardner, Johnson 366 Gardner, Joseph 88, 269 Gardner, Margaret Ida 291, 294, 397 Gardner, Phyllis 388 Garland, Earl E 370 Garner, J. Nims 281 Garner, Myron E 255 Garrels, Helen 389 Garretr, Eric T 65, 371 Garry, Elizabeth 74, 385 Garth, Parker 65 Carver, Reed 229 Garvey, Rita 283 Garvey, Willard 27, 208, 254, 345 Garvin, James 252, 368 Gass, Harvey H 144, 266, 362 Gates, David 163 Gates, Serrence 381 Gault, Edgar H Gault, James S 68 Gaunt, George 74 Gauthier, Raymond 212, 370 Gauthier, Richard 339 Gavitt, Burton 281 Gawura, Steve 52 Gay, Dillard F 358 Gearhart, Orval Lee 354 Gedeon, Elmer .... 353 Gee, John W. 363 Gehrke. Robert B 342 Gelber, Philip A 61 Geiger, Harry 163 Geiger. T. G 256 Gele, Emile 235, 231 Gellatly, Victoria 27 Gelston, Robert 353 Geney, R. D 256 Geniesse, Jean 335 Gentile, Ralph G 27 Gentile, Sylvester P 267 Genung. Joan 381 Georg, Conrad 27, 347 George, Genevieve 27, 398 George, James M. 27, 164, 252, 347 George, Linda-Gail 381 Gerendasy, Robert 100 Gerlach, Lorenz 151 Germirli, Ahmet A. 52, 63 Gerry, Jane Ann 389 Gerson, Ramon ... ...359 Gesell, Robert 138, 148 Gesell, Mrs. Robert 154 Gessler. Axel B., Jr. 52, 63 Getts, Robert L 263, 332, 360 Geyer, Hans P 337 Giacoletto, Lawrence J. . 265, 266 Gibbs, Lloyd 269 Gibbs, Morgan 88, 350 Gibson, Charles J. 256, 263, 336 Gibson, Colvin L 164, 368 Gibson, David 28, 280 Gibson, Edgar B 164,364 Gibson, Kenneth R., Jr. 96, 101, 26 Gibson, Robert W 267 Gibson, Theodore T 28 Gibson, Walter M 361 Gibson, William 163 Gies, Raymond 101 Giesen, Charles P 332, 363 Gilbert, Charles B 342 Gilbert, Monroe 338 Gilbert, W. W 344 Gilbreth, Jane 389 Gildart. Stuart 228 Gile, Richard M 337 Gillard, Richard ' . 339 Gillete, Roger H 335 Gillette, Edward ...351 Gilliam, Dorothy 28,280,395 Gilliard, Allen F. 52, 265, 266, 281 Gillilan, Lois 154 G.lliom, Richard L 364 Gillis, James 206 Gillis, John C 262, 278, 351 Gillis, Robert 134 Gilmer, Jean 386 Gilmore, Jean 234 Gilmore, Horace W 336 Gilmore, Robert . 260 Gilmour, Robert W. 28, 88, 89 Gilmour, Robert R 232 Gilpin, Alec R 28 Gilson, Mark 101 Gingrich, William 28, 342 G.ngold, Samuel ... 152 Gins, Myron 28, 266, 359 Ginsberg, Frederick 234 Ginsberg, Norma 28, 292 Ginsburg, Sidney 357 Ginther, John 165 Giombolini, Edwin P 282, 346 Gipson, Frederick 344 Girod, Gordon H. 370 Gish, Lois E. ... 378, 379, 382 Gjelsness, Rudolph H. 361 Gladding, Kathryn 283, 394 Glair, Jacquelyn 386 Glanz, Edward F 332, 347 Glasgow, Jean E 172 Glass, Beatrice 237 Glass, Robert S 134 Glasser, Joseph H. 202, 260, 278, 343 Glassman, Stanley 237, 359 Glassner, Joseph H 28 Click, James 359 Glidden, Carol 275 Glover, C. C 178 Godbout, Roland 280 Goddard, Edwin C 129 Godfrey, Hugh 101 Goebel, Paul G 189 Goetz, Catherine 388 Goetz, Nydia 66 Goldbeck, Heinz 102 Goldberg, Frances 234 Golden, Edith D 108 Golden, John E 102 Golden, Robert 348 Goldhamer, S. Milton 152, 357 Goldman, Harold 362 Goldman, Howard A. 28, 230, 264, 373 Goldman, Horace A 266 Goldring, David M 362 Goldsmith, Frances 280 Goldsmith, Paul 207, 262, 278 Goldsmith, Richard E. 247, 267, 352 Goldstein, Dorothy 234 Goldstein, Hartley J 28, 357 Goldstein, Jeanne L. 28 Goldstein, Rita T 2: Goldstein, Robert D 357 Goll, Jean A. 160, 161, 166 Gollin, Norman W 52 Gob William A 52, 63 Goman, William R 80 Gomersall. Richard 80 Gomley, Henry L 150 Gomon, Jeanne M. ... 28, 378, 385 Good, Warren C 106 Goodkind, Thomas 237, 248, 373 Goodman, Abraham J 28 Goodman, Harry E 266 Goodman, Max M 144 , 152 Goodrich, C 340 Goodrich. Elizabeth 389 Goodwin, Esther F 28 Gordenker, Leon 234 Gordon, C. D 374 Gordon, Elaine 234, 383 Gordon, Jack D 352 Gordon, Marie 383 Gordon, William G. 150, 367 Gordy, Philip D. 142, 150, 355 Gormsen, James H. 248, 351 Gorsline. Samuel G ..- , 350 Gose. Margaret J Gossard. Nancy D 28, 381 Gotfredsen. George W. 52 Gotschall, Georee D. 68, 163, 165. 238. 239, 254. 263, 265, 370 Gottfried, George J 28 Gottschalk. Vincent J 52, 350 Goudsmit, Samuel 348 Goudy, Jeanne 226. 274, 291, 294, 390 Gough, W. Bradley Gould, Charles 282, 374 Gould, Douglas 245, 248, 249, 259, 282, 366 Gould, Mason H Gould, Nancy 283, 380 Gould, Shyrl 398 Goult, James S 244 Gracey, Frances 386 Gradv, Jack 246, 368 Graeff. Carol 385 Graf, Walter A., Jr Graham, Charles W 332, 350 Graham, Clelan 165.237 Graham, Douglas T 52. 63 Graham, Jane 378, 391 Graham, Martha L 28. 225 Graham, Samuel A. 116 453 Graham, Tom 101 Hackett, A 158 Gram, Elizabeth 273, 395, 397 Hackett, Cora Gram, Lewis M. Hackett Robert V 46, 189, 346, 369 Haddock, Gad 134 . ' ...363 Hadley, John B i " 234 364 Hadley, Patricia 3 8, 386 271 " " -- J 270 .... 28 374 382 163 408 28 163, 465 ... 28 392 142, 154 390 30, 280 52, 65, 265 Giam, William P. Grandy, W. John .. Granfield, Geraldine Grant, Betty Grant, Jeanne Granville, R. E Gray, Frances A Gray, Gordon Gray, John Gray, Joseph G Gray, Justin Gray, Marian E Gray, Nancy - -. ,- 229, 280, 281, 378, 380, 384 Hagemeyer, Muriel Gray, Ruth A 108 Hagen, Grant R. Gray, William N 52, 344 Hager, C. N Green, Albert B 356, 354 Hager, Carolyn Green, A. E 345 Haggerty James Green, Betty 393 Haglm, John I. Green, Charles Green, Dexter Green, Henry G Green, " " 382 Hartman, Floyd 265 Hartman, Harold S. IZ:... 61 Hartnett, Robert 385 Hartsook, Joseph ...153 Hartwell, Donald E. 350 Hartwick, Bruce 61 Halue, ' Robert E 1 74 Hartwig, William .. :336 Hahnenstein 200 Harvey, Betty 28 Haigh, John 278 Harvey, Walter L. 364 Heydt, Francis 278, 29, 260, 208 Horowitz, Harriet 358 Heyliger, Victor 206 Horowitz, Vladimir 102 Heyns, Roger 124 Horst, Eric ............... 52,4.8 Heyser. Harriet Lou 389 Hosmer, Ansel IF., Jr " 274 364 Hewitt, Alfred W 132 Hotchkiss, Robert b. 61 364 Hewitt, Gerald 268,226 Hough. R. H 234 383 Hiatt. Janet 231,381 Houghton, Everett 350 Hibbkrd, Edwin A 29, 342 Houle, William 344 House, Celia , , 350,379 Hillhouse. Theodore R Haugh ey, Louis W. 340 Hauke, Sara-Jane Greeson Gregory, i LJ J , - - Gregory, Mrs. L. D 166 Hall. Richard . - ...361 Gregory, Vance P 28 Hall, Robert B. 262, Gregory Yvonne 28 Hall, Robert K. Gregg, JohnD 179 Hall, Robert Greg! Robert A. 264 Hall, Robert T 52 65 Hauser, Oscar t Grekin, John 140, 145, 152, 266 Hall, W. C 149 Hausman, WOUam Gresham, Thelma V 266 Hall, William 338, J6J Mavermans, waning Gribble, James 165 Hall, Winston 141, 1 ' Yv ;ii;, m ' gr!hu? ne ..::,43, " iftjii B Yn " mlK " Lur ...345 Hall,ssey, Joseph M. r. Hawley, Anhu ......... 256, 350 Hillier, William H 132 Howell Harry M. $ " i;jr Jfc. 292 Hillman. Douglas W 351 Howerth, Herbert J. . 256, 350, 406 340 270 ... 264 262, 336 68 386 150 208 348 .237, 277 240 349 6, 52 351 256 350 35 3 382 148 142, 153 368 1 350 339 256 150, 353 147 388 163, 165 160, 161, 266 , 264,266, 351 229 30, 280 , 372 ...30, 283 87 292 Hillman, Douglas W. 364 Hills, Arthur 359 Himes, Harold E 65, 266 Himmler, L. E. 163, 349 Hindert, Edward M. 2c ... 364 Hii 163,165 Howes, Homer D. 80 Howland, Lyons , ... .__1 j 234,3. Grier, Allen Grierson, Elmer P. 84 Halm, Robert W. F 268 Hay Marion , " . ' .7l45, 149 Hinshaw. T. W. Griffin, Nancy Griffin, Pauline Griffiths, Millard Grill, Barbara Grills, Jane E. .. Ha!Srr Anen Grindol, Janiece P 172 Hamilton, Marvin Gripman, Ray 351 Hamilton, Miles H. Grismore, Grover C 129 Grissen, James 278 Griswold, Betty 390 Griswold, Jane 28, 378, 390 Groft, Ora E 28 Grombecker, Elaine 229 368 345 383 ..234, 373 381 28, 373 281 Hance, Mark nay iviaiiun -. nn . -n Havden J R 20, 264, 266, 353 Hinterman, Margaret R. 263, 337 Hayden! Mary. 291, 294, 297, 386 Hipwood, Stanley 280 Hayes J T 256 Hird, James I ' D Haymens. Euphaymia 388 Hirons, R8 er 52,64,265,266 Haynes, H. A 353 H! G " ' " 363 Head " Hugh !.. 7 21, 29, 342 Hirshon, Selvin 52 Heakin, Harold L 244 Hut, Elmer G. , 389 172 ...166 367 ...171 .. 358 ... 65 392 , Grosberg, Herbert L Gross, A. L Gross, Joanne Grossberg, Edmund Grossenbacher, Jeanne Grossman, Jerome B Grossman, Leanor Grossman, Leonard Grove, Jane 374 Huber, Elizabeth J. 29 Huber, Mrs. G. Carl 164 Huesmann, Fielding L. 345 Huestis. Lucille 339 Huff, Kenneth C 352 Hughes, Charles 359 Hughes, Mary Craig 145 Hughes, Mary Leigh 389 100 Hughes, Patricia V 268 Hulbert, Barbara ... 268 Hulbert. Lawrence ...345,370 Hulbert, Margaret , 384, 398 Hulet, Claude L 350 Hull, Harper 359 Hull, James G 150 Hull, Rose ... 335 Humphreys, Edwin 357 , . Thom.R. 87, 90, |f jg - A. Z 29, 34l Hoffma Robert R 28 287 291 297 393 Hanke Gilbert 61 Hehemann, Robert F. . 64, 267, 361 Hofman. Jeanette .... Grover, G. ?_ ' ! | Bgfc - . ,?J mf _ S Sogan C 163 Hansen, Harry 344 Heifetz, Jascha - S; 163 Ho ; Malice T::: 96, 98, .0, Hurley, WMUiam Groves, H. E. Grubbs, Frank . Gruhzit, Maya D. ...28, 237, 386 Hansen, Helen Gruhzit, Olga 386 Hansen, Ralph Grunder, Robert 345 Hanslip, Richard E. Grunewald, Albert L 267, 358 Hansma, Jock E Grunewald. Carson C 229, 358 Hanson, George 172 Hanson, P. F. 392 281,349 239, 265 ... 371 384 344 256 Humphreys! Wilbur R. 262, 339 336 Hunt, Alma f , 282, 339 Hunt, Elizabeth 354 Hunt, Jane 30 Hunt John .Jl u 1 1WI1 , 1-BU ' t. - iri-t ! 158 29 Hoffman, Molly 392 Hunt, N .- 338 Hunt, Robert T. 30, 382 Hunt, W. F 391 Hunter, John 124, 150 Hunter, Morton 234 Huntington, E. J. 64 .. 20 247, 370 234, 256, 361 345 241 Hogan Dye .:i72 Heiiigman, Sol J I S. ' " . " 100 Hogan! JphrTDZ::.... , 280, 281 Heimbach, Clinton 212, 338 Huntington, Walter 16? 337 Huntoon, Richard J 366 Gruszcynski, Helen W. Gruszczynski, Wanda Gryting, Loyal Gubow, Lawrence Guenther, Robert W. Gugino, Phyllis Gumaer, Harry W 279 Heineman, Werner 280, 373 Hogg. Frances M. 265 Heinen, Charles M. 47, 52, 245, Hogg, George P.., Jr. 256 281 248, 249, 259, 261, 361 .... 268 Heininger, Erwin C 35,229 Hogg, John S. ..101 Heirsh. Emma 101 Held, Harold W 68 Harber ' i, Ralph W.,Jr 237,350 Helfman. Harold M. 163 Hard Dorothy G 94 Helgren, Norman R 371 Hardy; Gordon 160 161 163 Heliker, George B . , . 171 Hanson, Robert 280 Hanson, Tom 248 Happle, Jim Gustafson, Gustafson, Gustafson, Rae , 229,378,392 Hardy, Will Gustafson, Robert L. Hare, Weldon P 52, 265, 266, 374 Harm, Helen S Mariorie L 8, 287, 289, 290, 392 234 Helper, Morton ... 350 Hemans, Charles F. 172 Hemphill. Fay M. . . 249 Hoglund, John 101, 94 Hokans. Carl 266 Holaday. Mary Anne 365,61 Holcomb. Mary D. 266, 29 Holcomb, Thomas G. 64 Holemo, Wallace P. 356 Holland, lames 29,359 Holland, Lewis N 67 Holland, Robert 152 Hollands. W. C 9, 341 Hollar. Arthur 266 Holliger Victor H. Gustine, Richard . Gutekunst, Erath Gutelius, Stanley K.... Guthe, Alfred K Gutterman, Meyer 29, 280 Henderson, Charles 65 Henderson, Clayton 386 Henderson, James 190, 191, Henderson, John E. Guttman, jrvm - - 232,259 194, ' 195, 196. 197. 198. 199, Henderson Leona 350 Harlow, Richard 235, 390 Harmel, Richard P. 148 Harmer, Harold J. 29 Harmon, Margaret 145, 152 Harmon, Thomas D. 29 232,259 194,195,196,1,.. rwillim Harold E If 200,248,259,278,351 Hendrich, Frances ... 52, ' 234, 344 Harms, George 262. 278, 366 Hendrjck, Elwin Gwinn, Marion 220 Harness, Don Harness, .Tere Harnist, William 256 Harper, James A. 231, 393 Harrell, Mack 196 Hendel, Bernard . 373, 276, 234 Hollis, Susanna 52, 266 96, 98. 100 52 261, 265, 3 HusingZTed ]? .. 30, 280 Hussey. Russell C 344 Husted, Jean 353 Huston, John A. 378, 381 30, 264, 266, 2 O 30, 389 Huston, K. R. R . ... 361 Huston, Norris 361 Hutcherson, William 340 2.)s-i " " I 68 Hutchins, Mrs. M. Ries 164 Hutchinson. Richard 374 Huttlinger, Burn M. 30 Huttlinger. John B 30, 233. 289 Huyett, Daniel H. Ill 163 166 344 H Haag, R. B. Haas, Alice Haas. Margaret Haas, Theron Haas. William N. Habel, Barney .... Habel, Mary Haber, Will-am Hack, Donald 344 Hendricks. Curtis J. 344 Heneman. Harlow J 29, 212, 339 Henkel, Betty 134,354 Henle. Professor Paul 241 Hennig, Marjorie " 393 Harreison, R. William 354 Henry, Elizabeth 339 Harrington, G. Robert 87, 88, 349 Henry. John R 349 Harris, Alan H 341 Henry, L. Dell ..29 Harris, H. W 151 Henry, Victoria 393 Harris, Julian W 29, 373 Herbert, J. Joseph 359 Harris June 383 Herbert, Marv I! 65 Harris, Margaret 29,384 Herbert, William P. 151 Holman, Don .163 Holmbere. Edward 353 Holmes, Dave 353 Holmes, Virsima ... 384 Holmes. Walter T. 290 Holmes. w-ll : a " i . 338 Holshun. Harold J. 355 Holt, Caroline .... 245 Holt, F. O 395 Holt, John 267 Holtman, Verna ... 302 Holton, Charles R., J 390 102, 370 Holtzman. Suzanne 154 Holyoke. Robert 395, 229 Holzaepfel, John H. 9, 341 Holzhauer, Ralph N. ,. .. 392 Homan, Henry 365 Homer. Janet T : :.369 232, 350 ... 262 276 .. 244 30 216, 278 Huyett. Donald 247, 366 Hybrader, Betty Ann . 340 Hyde. Emory T 375 Hvde, Grace M , ' , a -, 63 Hyde. Jane C 30, 282, 278 Hyman, M-ry E. ' 368 Hyman, Rita 234, 38. 392 Hymanson. William 241 158 Hymen, Mary J-g 150 Hynes, James A. 30, 280 Hynes, William 365 ..30, 340 383 Icerman, Paul 52, 356 Icheldinger, Evelyn 30, 344 Iddiogs, Marian 163. 338 Ide, A. W. . 124 Idema. David G. . 30, 397 Ignasiak, Bernard J. 363 30 154 149 ... 351 52, 65 454 Ihling, Margaret 392 Ihnken, Charlin G 30 Imber, Shryle 28, 383 Imboden, Robert 238, 239, 254, 263, 344 Imrie, James b 52, 340 Ingalls, Robert 100, 196, 249, 262, 278 Ingham, Raymond W. ..30, 235, 236 Inglis, James 270 Inglis, Mrs. James 166 Ingold, John F 266 Inwood, Gertrude 297 Ireland, Glenn 353 Irisn, Robert R 30 Irons, Spencer E 1 32 Irvin, Charles 350 Irwin, George 163, 165, 353 Irwin, H. H. 84 Irwin, H. William 363 Irwin, William 282 Ittner, Martin J 150, 346 Iturbi, Jose 241 Isackson, Charles N 52, 61 Iselman, Charlotte .... 381 Israel, Alfred ... 30 Israel, Paul S 30 Ivanoff, Betty 166 Jachowski, Leo A., Jr 30 Jack, William 140, 145, 150, 336 Jackovitch, John 65, 248 Jackson, Harry 52, 67 Jackson, Howard C 149 Jackson, James F 30 Jackson, James T. 30, 148, 264, 266 Jackson, R. S 149 Jackson, Sydney R 349 Jackson, William 101, 250, 260 Jacob, Ted 345 Jacobs, Durand 357 Jacobsen, Sascha 241 Jacobson, Alvin E 365 Jacobson, Aurohm 30 Jacobson, Milton L 357 Jacoby, Richard A 361 Jaconson, A. E 256 Jadwin, Durward 101 Jaedecke, Robert 151 Jaffe, Irving S 267 Jakad, William E 161 James, A. A 220 James, Clifford W 74, 354 James, John R. C 30, 148, 254 James, Laylin K 129 James, Preston H 368 James, Richard S 354 Jameson, Nevin J 53, 344 Jamison, Charles L 84 Jamison, Mary Anna 74 Jamison, Robert E 132 Janes, Robert 338 Janeway, Cornell 373 Jarvis, Garth 143, 151 Jasaitis, Helen 171, 172 Jaslow, Albert C 30 Jaslow, Charles 30 Jaroff, Serg 240 Jay, Phillip 94, 359 Jean, Helen F ... 31 Jeffers, Del 344 Jeffers, Jerry 218 Jeffrey, Douglas C. 53, 64, 253, 254, 265, 374 Jeffrey, Jean 392 Jelsch, Geraldine L 271 Jend, William 153 Jenesel, Nickolas 335 Jenkin, Thomas P 266, 366 Tenkin, Wendall R ... 64 Jenkins, Phillip 361 Jennens, P. P. 256 Jennings, Hal B 145, 150 lennison, F. William 341 Jenser, Elsie 280, 388 Jensen, Hazel A 31, 280, 388 Jensen, Jens A 53 Jenswold, Barbara 234, 395 Terencsik, Alex P 68 Jerome, Algerd F 61, 408 Jeserich, P. H..., 94, 358 Toffe, Edward 352 John, J. Bradford 267 lohnson, Albin 163 165 Johnson, Alden 281, 351 Johnson, Arden M 64 Johnson, Arne 1 65 Johnson, Barbara 387 Johnson, Betty 298, 393 lohnson, Blaine B 370 Johnson, Brooks K 132 Johnson, C. T 374 Johnson, Dave 153 Johnson , Dorothy A 229 Johnson, Frances 31, 270 ' ohnson, Henry 143, 151, 366 Johnson, Harold I. 65, 266 lohnson, Mrs. Irene B. 244 Tihnson, Irene M 107, 108 Johnson, James 149, 350 Tohnson, Jay W 53, 371 Johnson, Jean 381 Johnson, Josephine E. 31 Tohnson, Margaret ... 109,297 Johnson, Merrill N 53, 344 Tohnson, Norman P. . 53, 63, 347 Johnson, Paul A. 47, 53,64, 259, 282, 365 Johnson, Paul C 358 Johnson, Rachel K 31, 391 .240, Johnson, Raymond L ; . .. Johnson, Robert Johnson, Ruth ..... Johnson, Stewart Johnson, Thor Johnson, Vincent C Johnson, Walter Johnston, Clara N Johnston, Clarence Johnston, Derland Johnston, Franklin D Johnston, Richard Johnston Robert W Johnston, Mrs. Waldo .. Johnston, W. S Jonnstone, John Joldersma, Alfred Jolley, Clifford C Jones, George Joly, Frank J Jones, A. C Jones, Catherine Jones, James H. ... Jones, Kay Jones, Kenneth jnes, Kevin R. 340, 241 147 117 Jones, K. Paul Jones, Raymond .... 64, Jones, Richard O Jones, Robert Jorgenson, Frank W. jorns, Edwin H. Joselyn, Louis f Joyce, Roy E Jubb, Robert Jucson, Robert 234 265 Judson, Dorothy Judson, Lorraine juiian, Joseph Junker. Sara A .264 346 .386 365 266 151 151 .. 31 .. 46 335 149 .363 .350 166 256 .220 124 -349 339 256 149 393 370 ..234 ..163 408 234 344 .253 .. 61 370 266 244 361 .. 89 .352 .385 .292 .145 .277 Kagey, John 550 Kann, Aron 248, 332, 373 Kahn, Edgar 149 Kahn, Reuben 152, 359 Kahn, Richard 373 Kaine, Bud 229 Kaine, Henry D. 362 Kaiser, Howard 153 Kalb, Evelyn A 74, 390 Kalb, Louise 395 Kalder, Ned B 1;0 Kallenbach, Joseph E 260 Kalmbaugh, Whitney L 53, 374 Kane, Campbell 212 Kane, Eugene 232, 359 Kane, Michael 359 Kanter, Max 281 Kanter, Shirley 1 31 Kantz, John W 279 Kaplan, Philip ... 53, 64 Kaplan, Shirley 396 Kardon, Kenneth L 237, 373 Karn, Marcia 21, 397 Karpinski, Charles 358 Karshner, Elizabeth J. . 264, 266 Karwales, John 363 Kaser, Guy S 346 Kasurin, R. J 256 Kator, Irving 31 Katz, Arthur 21, 31, 248 Katz, Benjamin J. 96, 98, 100 Katz, Donald L 61 Katz, Ira R 227, 373 Katz, Malcolm 352 Katzenel, Laura 107, 109 Katzman, Irving .... 96, 98, 100 Kaufman, Harold M. ....357 Kaufmann, Jeanne L. 31, 378, 386 Kaufmann, Marjorie 386 Kauper, Paul C 129, 270 Kautz, John .. 212, 278 Kay, E. B 149,345 Keahey, Muriel 234, 388 Kearney, Edna ....31, 264, 266, 391 Keas, Martha L 234 Keatley, Louise C 291, 294, 392 Kebler, Richard 248 Keck, M. C 53, 65, 350 Keeler, Keith 153 Keen, Clifford 204 Keenan, James E 31 Keene, Dorothy 74, 382 Keetch, Robert 360 Keetsche, John 1 5 1 Kehoe, Bill 237 Kehoe, James 345 Keig. Jack .254,255 Keilholtz, Virginia 21, 291, 391 Keith, Frank W 109 Keith, John B 132, 363 Kellar, Louise 42 Keller, Arthur 359 Keller, Clara Lee 21, 31 Keller. Eugene 117 Keller, Frank B 134 Keller, Joe .... 212 Keller, John S 370 Keller. Paul 350 Kelley, Lawrence E 349 Kelley, Roger 262, 332, 342 Kellner. H. J .256 Kelto, Reuben 190, 263, 278 Kelly, John E. 74, 80 Kelly, Ralph J 53, 65 Kelly, Stan 278 Kelly. William M 354 Kelsey, Edward W., II 350 Kelsey. Jane 398 Kelte. Dick 151 Kemp. Harold 206, 266 Kemp, Robert A 372 Kemper, John 94, 101, 153 Kempf, P. K 354, 386 Kenaga, Duane 61 Kendall, H. M 370 Kendall, Marjorie 390 Kendrichs, Milton A 339 Keneman, Harlow r 262 Kennedy, Charles 340, 350 Kennedy, Mrs. Elizabeth Earhart 244 Kennedy, J. A 351 Kennedy, James J 354 Kennedy, Robert C 363 Kennedy, Ted .190, 263, 282, 354 Kennedy, Verne C. 61, 253, 254, 263, 363 Kennen, Frank W 63 Kennon, fiank W 260 Kent, Bernard 337 Kent, Ricnard 87, 88 Kenyon, Herbert A. 249, 264, 355 Kepka, Arthur 132, 134, .ioV Kepler, Elizabeth 31, 291, 378, 395 Keppel, Mary 229 Kerby, Maxel 21,31,284 Kern, Marjorie A 266 Kerner, Charles A. 53,65, 254, 345 Kerr, Donald 94, 101 Kerr, Jtanne 38) Kerr, Robert 353 Kerzman, Joseph 152 Kessel, Jack 373 Kessler, C. F 261 rvcssier, Charles J., Jr. 369 ivessler, Karl G. .31. 230, 264, 368 Ktuay, William 359 rvt-vii, Charles G 361 Kevil, Gerard 247 Kew, George 339 Keycs, Charles L 53, 371 ivibbe. Gifford 74, 80 Kidd, Kathleen 384 rs..cckhefer, Thomas F. 53, 65, 355 -v.ehle, Marlin H 53, 65 Kiehn, C. 149 Kielholtz, Virginia A 3i Kilburn, Faye 382 Killien, Robert F 63 Killins, Charles G 364 Killins, David A 351 Killins, Marjorie 386 Killins, Robert L 364 Killner, Haskell 373 Kilner, Herbert D 281, 342 Kimball, F. Bruce 140, 145 Kimball, Robert P. 53, 63, 265, 266, 344 Kimbrought, R 151 Kimbrough, Victoria E. 154 Kimmel, Charles 61 Kimerer, Perry E 31 Kimerer, Richard R 267 Kincade, Imogene 397 Kinder, Eugene T 132, 134 King, Edward A. 47, 53, 65, 261, 353 King, Harold S 34 King, Myrel 346 King, Robert D 365 King, Warren P 248, 366 King, William F 53 Kingery, Richard H 94, 101 Kmkead, T. H 158, 353 Kinkead, Mrs. Tom .. ..166 Kinney, Charlotte 109, 297, 391 Kinney, Thomas G 64 Kinsell, William 339 Kinsey, Martha 229 Kinsey, W. F 361 Kipka, Donn G 31, 370 Kipke, Harry G 9,351 Kirchenbaum, Bruce J. 229, 267, 363 Kirchgessner, Mary Jane 391 Kirk, Lewis A., 355 Kirkbride. Helen 378, 385 Kirkby, John T. .. 31, 281 Kirklikowske, A. C 151 Kirkpatrick, Arthur L. 263, 365 Kirkpatrick, Robert S. 336 Kiss, George .... 280 Kittay, Bill 237 Kitzmiller, Arthur 101 Klappich, Walter S .... 65 Klauber. Leo 359 Klaver, Gertrude A 109 Kleiman, Joseph .. 53 Klein. Bertha H 235, 396 Klein, Burton L 31, 348 Klein, Jane L 109 Klein. Jerome A 357 Klein, Jerome W 352 Klein, Joseph B. 132 Klein, Robert 339 Kleiner, Carolyn 234 Kleiner, A. Robert 132, 134 Klemach, Fred A 53,65 Kline. James D 363 Klingbeil. William 247, 340 Klopsic. Clarence 88, 164 Klose. Henry J. .... 87 Klunzimser. Williard 145, 148 Klute, Daniel J 64, 267, 371 Knapp, Charles D 31, 363 Knapp, Mary Louise 276 Knapp, William 247, 344 Knappen. Jean 389 Knecht, John 353 Kneeiand, Robert P 132, 134 ivnepper, Noan 163 Knerler, Chanes 148 Knight, Clare 381 ivn, s nt, Douglas G 64 Km-.kcin. Culver 254, 340 KM. in, Mary 384 Knox, James 102 Knudsen, (-. A. ... 345 tvnuison, vaiterC 132, 134 Koc.i, Harian C 106 Kodros, Archie 88, 191 Koffel, William K 64, 345 Kohl, Harry E., 33, 218, 261, 278, 350 Kohl, Marcia 396, 378 Kohl, Milton 190, 350 Kohlenberg, Norman 348 Kohler, Thomas R 265 rwohn, Caroiyn K 31 r .ohn, Moitimer L 31, 362 Kolb, R. L 254 ivolesar, Robert C 190, 351 rvollen, Mrs. John 166 Kollin, Arthur 268 rvonydyk, Lambert 124 Koon, B 158 ivoopman, Ellen 378, 398 Kopel, Richard 339 ivopman, Joseph W 352 Kornblume, Rose Ann 233 Kortan, John M. 87 Korton, C 237 Kott, Bernard B 96, 98, 1UO Koussevitzky, Serge 240 Kozel, Bernard 34S Kozloff, George 363 Kramer, J. F 149 Kiamcr, William M 31, 348 Kraus, Edward H 20, 354 Kraus, Emil L 132, 258 Kiause, Jane 21, 31, 232, 264, 266, 289, 290, 391 Krause, Robert 220, 282, 362 Kreidler, William P 355 Kreinbsrg, Sydney 357 Krtmson, Ruth L 31, 284 Kreitz, Karl K., Jr 53, 370 Kremtr, Frederick A 117 rvicnzer, Jacqueline 31 xres.a, Robert 190 Kretzsuhmar, Norman R 153 Kreuz, Kenneth 331 Krieger, James S 31, 354 Krise, Jean 292 Krohn, Lawrence 406 Kromer, Paul 190, 196, 200, 278 Kronquist, Laura 154 Kroot, Bernard 61 Kroyt, Boris 240 Krugliak, Samuel 1 134, 362 Krusha, Henry J 102 Kruth, Edwin 165 Kucera, John G. 96, 98, 102 Kuchar, Benjamin E. 150 Kuchar, Charles 53, 61 Kucharski, Thaddeus W..253, 371 Kudner, John H 336 Kugell, Kenneth K 267, 369 Kuhlman, Lois 394 Kuhn, Arthur H 369 Kuhns, James F. 31,251,253,254 Kuist, Blaine B. 53, 61, 265, 266 Kuite, Robert 163, 165 Kuivenin, John 163, 341 Kuivinen, Evelyn 228, 293 Kullman, Charles 241 Kullman, Clayton 88 Kulsavage. Isabel 391 Kumler, John L 350 Kunz, R. N 163, 254 Kunzman, Patricia 383 Kurtz, Leonard D 31, 264, 266 Kutchinski, Alfred 163, 267 Kuvper. William E 256, 277 Kuzmiak, John J 327 Kwasiborski, Chester 134 Kynoch, William 116 LaBelle, Russell W 117, 250 Lacy, John M 53, 64, 408 Lacey. S 158 Lachenbruch, Dave 231, 268 Ladd, David 47, 53, 261, 336 Ladd, O. Wallin 337 La Forge, Jeanne M 264 La Forgia, Anthony ... 96, 98, 102 Laginess, Wayne G 346 Lagrov, Jack .... 368 Lahey, Helen 232, 298, 397 Lahey. Joseph 406 Lahr, Frank 368 Lahti, P. T 149 Laing, David G 372 Laing, L. L 84 Laird, James 1 368 Laitala, Walter M 80 Laitner, Walter W 31 Laitner. William 248, 365 Lalonde, Annette 282, 386 Lam. Robert 408 Lamb. John T., II 370 Lamberson, Frank A 149 Lambert, Clarence G. 350 Lamberts, Austin 124, 145 Lampkin, Ernest D 31,341 Landers, Agnes 21, 31, 390 Landers, James J 271 I .nulls. Cary 164 Landsberg, Leon 373 Lane. C. Wesley 74, 80 Lane, Victor H 350 Lang, Ernest 145 Lang, Fred 153 Langeland, Edwaru M 31 Langford, Francis 361 Langford, Mrs. George 166 Langford, Jtan S 32 Langford, William C 282, 350 i-angscnwager, Frederick P. .. 366 Langstaff, Harold 204, 351 Lano, Rose 109 Lapides, Jack 145 Lapitsky, Helen E 32 Lapp, brooks 80 Lat wortn, Charles W 53 Lapworth, William 339 Laraway, Robert 339 Largo, Donald J 63 Larkin, Robert E 53, 345 Laro, Jacic 348 Laro, Rose 107 Larson, Dorothy 384 Larson, John Larson, June T. 344 32, 225, 264. 266, 280, 281 280 20 La Rue, Anne V. La Rue, G. R. Laskey, Derwood D 32, 355 Latchem, Wallace J 65 Lathrop, Katherine 229, 392 Latourette, H. B 149 Lau, James F 21, 117 Lauer, Paul 151 Laufe, Warren 373 Laurer, Anson E 365 Laughlin, L. Bradford 32, 254, 344 Lauterbach, Norman H 53, 67 Laux, John 141, 151 Laux, P. J 351 Lauson, Charles 358 Lavan, Dorothy 32, 391 Law, John 148 Lawhead, Gwendolyn 3 2, 388 Lawrence. Howard C. 140, 145, 147, 153 Lawton, Bessie 226, 385 Lawton, Louis 212 Lawton, Thomas S. 32, 260, 278, 372 Lawyer, George F 346 Lay, Shirley 392 Lay, W. E 254, 247 Lazarus Sarafae 32 LaZebnik, William 152 Lazerwitz, James 359 Leahy, E. Carolyn 32, 280, 281 Leavay, Charles A 32 Leavitt, Helen 395 Lebster, Rosabeth 233 Leckner, Arthur 332 Le Claire, Charles 88 Lederle, John W 266 Lee, David 363 Lee, Joseph O. 63 Leeder, Willaim E 53, 374 Leete, Marjorie 393 Lefferts, O. D 374 Lefko, Orville 281, 284, 357 Lefkowich Bertram 32, 359 Lehman, Carl 351 Lehman. Margaret L 173 Lehman, Rosemary E 32 Lehmann, Fritz 234 Lehmann, William H. 61, 261, 341 Lehner, John D. 53, 276, 372 Leibson, Betty 383 Leidy, John B 215, 336 Leidy, Paul A 129 Leiman, Al ... 247 Le itch, Robert M 141, 147 Lemke, John H 355 Lent-koop, Bendamin 267 Lenz, L. R 256 Lenz, Wendell E 254, 367 Leopold, Louis 32 Lepisto, Carl E 53, 63 Lepofsky, George 229 Leshine, Rhoda 231 Lesser, Theodore 248 Lessig, Donald 162, 366 Lessinger, Charles A 65 Leutritz, Jack 212, 278 Levenne, Edith 32 Levin. Herbert 152 Levin, Louis R 65 Levin, Mortimer 348 Levine, Daniel 266 Levine, Ethel 234 Levine Joseph 53 Levine ' , Phyllis 234 Levine. Robert J -. 32 Levingston. Alan 373 Levinson, Harold M 32, 266, 362 Levinstein, Henry 264 Levitt, Irving 32 Levitt, Jeanne 280 Levy, Bernard 1 00 Levy, Richard E. 362 Lewin, Janet 234, 297 Lewing, Janet 383 Lewis. Clayton 365 Lewis, Elizabeth 166 Lewis, Mrs. Howard B 154 Lewis, Howard B., Ph.D. 66, 138, 178, 335 Lewis, Jerome 53, 352 Lewis, John R 364 Lewis, Patricia - Lewis, Robert 248, 357 Lewis, T - 1 58 455 Licht, Carl 282, 344 Lichtenstein, Morris 280 Lichty, D. E 150 Liddicoat, Richard T 337 Liddicoat, Paul 163 Lieberman, Arthur N. 152 Lievense, Stanley J 256 Lightner, Elizabeth M. 32, 264, 266, 280, 390 Light, Florence A 234 Liimatainen, Toivo N 53, 164 Likely, Betty 166 Lillibridge, Robert M 266 Lillie, Mary Ellen 397 Lillie, Owen P 32, 282, 336 Lillie, Walter 140, 145, 149, 365 Lilienthal, Natalie 234, 383 Lilly, Murray R. 32 Li nabury, Theodore 347 Lincoln, J. N 353 Lindberg, Jane 234, 391 Lindeborg, Robert G 266 Linden, John E 370 Lindgren, Lawrence 32, 258, 282 Lindquest, Ernest 343 Lindquist, Dorothy 298, 391 Linker, Leonard 152 Linsell, Fredrick 32, 248, 365 Linsey, Jean 388 Linsey, Phyllis J 32 Lipnik, Gerald 247 Lipp, Donald 337 Lipper, M. M 235, 237 Lipski, Robert 89 Lipton, Elizabeth A 32, 383 List, Martin 145, 151 List, Virginia 32, 386 Little, Albert 345 Littleton, Harvey 340 Litzenberg, Karl 262, 345 Lively, Gerald M 134 Livingston, James 339 Livingston, John P 364 Livosky, Joseph S. 264 Lloyd, Alice C 13, 266 Lloyd, Mrs. Alfred H 166 Lloyd, Josephine 393 Lobban. Eleanor 390 Lockhart, Frank J 190, 200 Lockwood, Emil 351 Loeb, David L 134 Logan, Wesley G 140, 145 Logie, James W. 149 Lok, Walter 293 Lombard, Betty M. 21, 32, 266, 287, 289, 290 Longo, Salvatore 280 London. Ernest V 267 Londy, Lovis 32 Long, Charles 355 Long, John R 64 Long, Robert G 32 Long, Stephen J 88 Longy ar, Edith E 237, 390 Lockwood, G. M 374 Lorch, Emil 80 Lorch, Mrs. Emil 166 Lorch, Richard 350 Lord, Alice A 32, 395 Lord, John P. ... 53, 342 Lord, Richard B 350 Loree, Douglas D 350 Lorenzen, John M 341 losh. Hazel Marie 264 Loud, Henry ... 200 Loud, William 260, 354 Loughead. Patricia 389 Loughead, Sally 389 Loughin, Marshall I. 63, 68 Lourim, John F. .256 Levering, Thomas S 266, 267 Loveioy, Marjorie 234 Lovejoy, Phyllis 233, 390 Lovell, Alfred H 46, 68, 254 Lovell, Robert 164 Lovell, James M 336 Loveland. Hugh F 32 Lovett, Charles M. 132, 134, 206, 372 Lovett, James F. 32, 206, 260, 278, 372 Lovett, Jeanne ... 386 Loveys, Donald C. 63 Low, Albert E 369 Low, Arthur 67 Low. Rollins D 368 Lowden. Bonnie ... 378, 380, 395 Lowe, Charles 145, 150, 266 Lowe, Margaret 381 Lowe, Patricia 381 Lowenstein, Jacqueline 383 Lowrey, G. H 149 Lowrey, Edward 206 Lowry, Robert 54 Lubbers. Julius 101 Lucas, Blaz A 32, 259, 363 Lucas, A. C. 256 Luckman, Genevieve L 173 Luckham. Elizabeth 293 Lucht. Charles-Marion 32 Ludolph, W. T. 256, 344 Ludwig, Richard M. 235, 267, 350 Ludy, Burt 246, 281 Lugoski, Isabella H 32, 264, 266 Lukens, Samuel 356 Leckner, Arthur 361 Lumbert, Clifford 102 Lund : n, William M 370 Lustagarten, Harry 350 Luton, Harry 101 Luton, Mable 234, 391 Luxon, Howard J 361 456 " " Luxan, Jean E 33, 378, 384 Lyle, Charles 356 Lyman, Elizabeth M. 21, 33, 264, 266, 280, 290, 292, 297 Lymann, Frank 350 Lyman, Jean 289 Lyman, William 353 Lynch, Dave 234 Lynch, Edith L 33, 393 Lynch, John D 9, 342 Lynch, John T 33 Lynk, Stanley l45 Lyon, Robert F 150 Lyons, R. H 353 Lyons, Robert M 336 Lyons, Richard A 362 Lyons, James W 148 Lyttle, Douglas A 33, 264, 335 M Mac Anaulty, John 367 Maccoun, W. E 256 MacCready, Mary E 33, 395 Mac Donald, Jeanne F 33 Mac Donald, Mary E 33 Mac Farland, Patricia 163, 378, 379, 398 MacGregor, Robert 33, 370 Mac Intyre, Dugald S 149 Mac Intyre, M. Neil 350 Mack, Christian 350 Mac Kaye, Lavinia 154 MacKenzie, Edward 141, 153, 336 MacKenzie, Gordon -.229, 363 Mackey, Frank J. Jr. 32, 254, 343 Mac Laughlin, Barbara 378, 379 381, MacLean, D. J 364 MacLean, John 356 MacLeod, Donald 165 MacLeod, William 234 MacLogan, Ted 332 MacMahon. Charles H., Jr. 350 MacMillan, Ann 234, 386 MacMillan, John W 350 Mac Arthur, Edward S 361 MacRitchie, Marrallyn 229, 280, 384 Mactier, G. Allen 365 Mactier, James A 256 MacVittie, Arthur R 54, 371 Madarasz, Emery S 54, 341 Maddock, Walter G 147, 151 Maddy, Jeanne A 74 Madory, George 345 Maddox, James W., Jr 117 Magidson, Irene 383 Magielski, John E 341 Maroon, H. H 353 Mehaffey. Howard 278 Mahlman, G. William 54, 367 Mahon, H. T 256 Mahon, Henry . 353 Mahon, Marjorie 229, 397 Mahon, Ralph 151 Main, Pattie 33, 382, 378 Major, Mary E 33, 393 Major, R 151 Maker, Charles 408 Maliche, Eleanor 384 Mallick, William D 264 Malmros, Norma 292 Malpas, Philip 161 Maker, Newell 33, 359 Maluf, Fakhri 270 Manchester, William C 349 Mandeberg. Eugene 234 Mandel, Mischa 87 Mandel, Phil 67, 238, 239, 265 Mandler, James 202, 343 Manikoff, Vitola 284 Mann, Arthur 373, 408 Mann, Ellen 277 Mann, Mathew 208, 211, 356 Mann, Neil 339 Mann, R. 374 Mann, William R 101 Manning, D. G 256, 340 Manning, H. M .... 61 Manning. John 151, 143 Manry, Clayton H 33, 266 Mansfield, Richard M 355 Mantele, K. A 149 Mantho, Robert 234 Manwaring, B. W. ...341 Manwaring, Jean 378, 379, 392 Marble, Fred 340 Marble, Kenneth B 33, 355 Margold, P. David 256, 268 Margolis, Louise 383 Marion, Art 228, 345 Marin, A. 261, 356 Marine, James 234 Marino, Ben 356 Markland. Murray 247 Marks, Alan 163 Marks, David T 54 Marks, Robert 33 Markward. Betty 393 Marquart, Dorothy I. 264 Marrow. Jack ... 66, 263, 363 Marrs, Donald 163 Marrs, Garland 253, 254 Marshall, Don 336 Marshall, Kenneth B 234 Marshall, S. L. A 351 Marshall. Thomas 351 Marshall, Virl 66 Marsch, Andrew H 351 Marsh, James G 69 Marsom, Louise 384 Martelli, R. V 256 m Martin, Edward T. .54, 65, 66, Martin, Fred Martin, Hubert J 160, 161, Martin, James 164, Martin, Jerome 165, Martin, J. K 21, Martin, Margaret V Martin, Richard H Martin, R. L 256, Martin, Strother 210, 211, 262, Martin, Thomas Martineau, Earl 191, Mascott, Laurence E 33, Mason, Donald Mason, Steven Mason, Violet Massa, Mike 281, Masselink, George Mast. V. Ruth Masteller, Mary E Masten, Wirt M Matchner, Ruth Mathews, Christian F Mathews, David Mathews, Donald Mathews, George W 33, Mathews, John H Mathews, Kenneth P.. 33, 264, Mathews, Mercedes Mathews, Robert 341, 344, Mathews, Tom 229, Maugh, Lawrence C Maurer, George Maxmin, Conrad 63, 239, Maxon, John M Maxted, Jean C 33, Maxwell, Charles E Maxwell, James H. Maxwell, Stirling May, Don May, Frank May, Margaret E 107, 109, May, Robert F 87, 88, Maybury, Margaret Maybury, William F 64, Mayer, Marion M 266, Mayer, Marilyn Mayfield, Mary E 97, Mayio, Albert Maynard, Mary 378, Maynard, Mason S. 140, 145, 147, Mayne, Kenneth R Maynor, Dorothy Mayo, Nestor S Mays, Owen Mays. William 248, Maytag, Theodara B 33, Maze, Vibian McConkey. William McCord, Herbert McCord, Herbert McCord, J. M McCormick, Miss Ethel McCormick, Harry McCormick, Jay McCormick, Jay W 235, McCormick. Jay McCotter, Rollo E McCotter. R. E McCoy, Ernest 202, McCoy, Howard McClusky. Howard Y McCoy, Howard K McCoy, Leslie F McCoy, Mary Ann 33, McCoy, Marjorie McCoy, Ernest McCracken, Florence McCracken. Fred W McCrory, Martha 160, 161, 166, McCrus, Ernest McCune. John F. Ill McCune, John J. 33, 258, 282, McCurdy, T. L McDavid, Ruth McDermott, Catherine H. 21, 160, McDonald. William C. .. McDonnell. Henry E McAdam, I. K McAllister, John 151, McAlpine, John G. . McAlpine, Ph.D., Roy K McAndrew. Atwood McArtor, M. McCabe, Frank 64, McCadie. James 145, McCall, W. Webb McCallum, C McCall ister, lohn McCallum, G. P McCalmont, David McCalmont, David McCamant. Elizabeth A McCamey, Robert K McCamey, R. K. McCarren, Gwendolyn M McCarren, Gwendolyn McCarthy, Frank McCarthy, Frank C McClain, Howard McCleer, Philip McClusky, Howard Y McConkey, George M McConkey, Mary F McConkey. Mary McDonnell. Tim McDonough, C. Edward 369 McElroy, Warren E 54, 67 356 McFarlan, Harold J 368 163 McFarland, Ada 388 370 McFall, Betty Fry 398 339 McFate, John 134, 353 342 McGeach, G 158 161 McGehee, Frank E 336 . 33 McGill, D. H 354 338 McGill, Mary 234 McGlone, Doris E 33, 264, 266 278 McGrath, Joan 388 .344 McGrath, Marian 395 363 McGrath, Neill B., Jr 148 230 Mclmyre, G. W 256 .164 Mclvor, Eloise Evans 154 .151 McKay, Neil 342 390 McKay, William 342 165 McKee, June 283 374 McKenna, Thomas J 370 109 McKenney, Howard 346 173 McKenney, Howard L 74 350 McKenzie, C. N 20 266 McKenzie, Elizabeth 234 244 McKenzie, Fred A 33 406 McKie, Howard G.,Jr 74 116 McKie, Mary Ann 33, 385 374 McKinney, David 234,336 361 McKinley, Geraldine 234, 388 266 McKinley, Janet 397 397 McKinley, Royce 342 247 McKoewn, James 408 354 McLachlan, Jean 109, 393 337 McLane, Jane 388 101 McLaughlin, Mrs. Angus B. 166 359 McLaughlin, Audrey 390 266 McLaughlin, Wm. A. 290 224, 270, 271, 355 335 McLean, Alex 358 149 McLean, Jane 229 345 McLearn, Ruth 395 245 McLeod, Douglas 163 361 McLoggan. Edward A 254, 354 386 McLogan, Ted 282 265 McMahon, Margaret F 142,154 397 McMaster, John D. 278, 279, 355 339 McMillan, Martha 390 28 ' ) McMurray. John 343 234 McMurray, K 20, 340 382 McNamee, James 369 224 McNaughton, Halford 361 394 McNaughton, John F 271 McNaughton, Ross E 350 153 McNeil, Annie 395 . 87 McNeil, Bob 237 241 McNicholas, Carlteon F 351 370 McNicholas, James D. 351 165 McNicholas, John 140, 147, 151 353 McOmber, Frederick 366 385 McOmber, Ted 282 . 42 McPherson, James P 358 343 McPherson, June C 33 239 McPherson. Robert C 358 344 McPike, Harold C 361 149 McVay, Margaret L 237 283 McVeigh, Hugh 345 163 McWilliams, Charles W 54 262 McWilliams, Paul F 117 350 McWilliams, J. Robert 342 248 McWilliams, Robert 267 138 Meach, Charles 101 151 Mead, James E.. Jr 33, 340 358 Mead, Richard P 372 61 Meader, George 244 337 Macklenburger, Jerome . 54 54, 261, 373 150 Medlar, Robert 147, 151 283 Meehling, Robert 151 394 Meeks, Dorothy J 2.34 191 Meeuwsen, Bernard 124 387 Megregian, Michael 279 361 Mehaffey, Howard H. 190. 279, 351 397 Meier, David R 370 281 Meier, Jeanne 382 349 Meier, W. A. 149 Meinecke. Tristan 235 366 Meinke, Richard K 364 61 Meissner, Hans 90 387 Melcher, Richard 364 Mellencamo, Robert E 249 161 Mellott, Margery 166 355 Meloche. Clifford C 335 350 Melov, Alfred 264 353 Melzow, William 190,278,355 356 Mendel. Joseph John 117 102 Mendelson, Frances 33, 23 ' 335 Mendelson. Leonard M 234 343 Menefee. Ferdinand N 239, 349 158 Menges. Roger G 33 351 Menz, Edwin R 374 151 Merker, Doris 33,287.288 224 289, 290, 397 340 Merki, Dorothv ... . 379, 395 344 Mernick. Josenh 199 344 Merriman, Robert E. 340 M, 226, 228, 250 234 Meritt, George F 34 33 Messener. Gordon 340 54 Metier, Patricia 381 61 Metraux, Guy 280 .33 Metz, Donald R. .. 74, 330 284 Meyer, C. F 353 212 Meyer, George 262,350 342 Meyer, John 356 190, 248, 260, 278, 351 63 Meyer, Kenneth 339 270 Meyer, Margaret 394 80 Meyer. Paul 344 33 Michael, Jerry G 363 391 M ichmerhuizen. Robert 124, 140 237 Mickle. Frank 254, 261, 356 132 Middleton, E. V 68 Middleton, Lucille 171, 173 Middleton, John 268 Middlesworth, Vance W 47,54 Mieras, Jeanne 283 Migotsky, Eugene 65 Mikulick, John 366 Mikulich, Ludvick J 68 Miklosh, Judith Miles, Maxwell . Millard, Bert T. Miller, Alex Miller, Barbara . Miller, Benita .. Miller, Charles . Mille Mille Mille Mille Mille Dan E. Dean J.... Douglas Edwin S.. George 234 63, 68 361 165 389 237 61 350 374 358 252, 254 100 350 .231,379, 390 256 Mille , George H. Mille , Grace Mille , H. E Mille , Henry W. 46, 239, 254, 353 Mille, Helen C 173 Mille , James 148 Mille , Jerome 353 Mille , Joe 247 Mille , Morris 96, 238, 239 Mille , Norman 148, 231 Mille Robert E 265 Mille , Robert G 350 Mille , Russell 364 Mille , Russell E 256 Mille , Stanton 365 Mille , Stuart 353 Mille , Thomas L 342 Mille , William A. C, Jr. 96, 98, 101 Milliken, Betty Jo 381 Millman, William 163 Mills, Mary Lou ... 34, 74, 381, 382 Milstein, Nathan 240 Minckler, Anne 388 Mink, Marguerite F 34 Mintz, Lewis 229 Mintz, Morton 234 Misch, Herbert L 266 Miskerik, Anne 163 Misura. Emil M. 65, 268 Mitchell. Chester 343 Mitchell, Elmer D. 106, 189, 220, 279 Mitchell, John T 54 Mitchell, Mary 293 Mitchell, Ralph, Jr. Mitchell, Robert 351 Mitchell, Robert D 350, 363 Mitchell, Thelma 109, 396 Mitchell, Thomas J 371 Mitchell, William 67 Mitropoulos, Dimitri 240 Mix, C. Robert 351 Mixer, Daniel C. 96, 98 Mleczko, Stanley S 47, 54 Modlin, Viola 42, 378, 387 Moe, Elizabeth 395 Moe, Ogden R 351 Moed, Matthew L 64 Moehlman. Arthur B 266, 106 Moehlman, Jean 371 Mohlin. Gertrude 390 Molthop, Peter 256, 369 Molthrop Richard W 369 Molton, Moldy T 221 Monahan. James E 34, 369 Monroe, Ross R. 350 Montean, John 153 Montgomery, Jack 143, 151 Montross. ' M. Elizabeth 395 Monzell. L. Vincent 358 Moon, Robert 349 Moon, Sam 234 Moore. Arnold 282, 350 Moore. Arthur D. 68, 267, 361 Moore, Ir., Earl V. 149, 158, 336 Moore, Mrs. Earl V 166 Moore, Dr. George R 94, 102 Moore, Gordon 408 Moore, Harley 234 Moore, Margaret B 171, 173 Moore, Roberta 280 Moore, Stanley A 34, 336 Moore, Thomas H. Jr 13? Moore, Vir-inia 20S Moore. Winifred 34 Mootz, Mary K 34 Moran, Stewart T 34, 340 Morch, D. P 61 Morea, G. A. 61 Moreland. Frances 345 Morgan, Donald E 117 Morgan, Kenneth W. ...270,338 Morgan, Mrs. Richard H. 166 Morgan, Robert 244, 26O Morgan. Suzanne E 34, 388 Morin, Volney F 34, 343 Morigi, Paul L 34 Moring, John B. 140, 149, 349 Morison, lames B. 74, 80 Morley, Buel 247, 363 Morley, Francis W 363 Morley, John 338 Morris, Amos 356 Morris, Carlton H 132 Morris, Harry M 87, 164 Morris, Jo Anne 390 Morris, Joseph 10 Morris, Mary 385 Morris, Marv Jane 387 Morris, Pendleton 343 Morrison, Alger 247, 344 M Morrison, Frank G. 370 Morrison, G. A 61 Morrison, Robert J. ... 54, 265, 349 Morrison, Quivering Scalp 259 Morrison, Kobert 47, 88, 250, 261, 373 Morrisen, Roger i 68 Morrow, Robert E. 264 Morrow, William J 148 Morse, Clare 366 Morse, Glenn 353 Morse, Katherine M 171, 173 Morse, Marian 34 Morse, Virginia 393 Morse, William 208 Mortenson, Carl 65 Morton, J. A 149 Morton, Richard G 54, 64, 371 Morton, Sally 397 Moser, J. E 341 Mosher, Jack H 63, 346 Moss, Lowell R., Jr. 54, 61, 254, 355 Mothersbaugh, Edward 349 Mott, Harry A 361 Mott, Robert G 64, 339 Mount, Bernard 373 Mount, Frank M 267 Movish, William 234 Mowery, Lloyd R 34, 351 Moyer, Aaron S 237, 362 Moyer, R. S 94 Moyer, Ruth M 140, 154 Moynes, Frank 356 Mudge, William F ..355 Muehl, E. William 34, 259, 270 Mueller, Bettye Jane 34 Meuller, Harold 160, 161, 163, 165 Mueller, Louis E 54, 344 Mueller, Philip R 54, 68 Mueller, Robert E 68 Muenter, Rolf E 74, 368 Muenzer, Robert 339 Mueschke, Paul 269 Muller, George 164 Muller, Harvey 208 Muller, Hazel 384 Muller, Keith 339 Mullins, Jean 233, 235, 389 Mumford, Marien A 34, 42 Mundt, Allen V 365 Munger, Eloise 42, 282, 388 Munger, George 198 Munger, Phyllis 166 Munn, Clarence L 191, 355 Munnell, Edward 163 Munro, Dorothy 1 34, 264, 266 Munsey, William 363 Munsey, William 363 Munson, Irving N. 355 Munson, Jane E 173 Munson, John F 267 Murbach, E. R 364 Murfin, Bell Cow 259 Murlin, Esther 388 Murphy, Gerald 101 Murphy, Joseph 368 Murphy, Percy 147 Murphy, Robert 147, 153 Murray, Charles 356 Murray, Frank 116 Murray, Morris 153 Mussolini, Ben 226 Mustard, Mary 34, 42, 386 Mutter, Edna 398 Muyskens, John H 262 Muzzall, Roger H 369 Myers, Dean W 245 Myers, Richard R 262 N Nadler, George 21, 34, 357 Nagel, John T 68 Nagle, Norman C 80 Nahser, Patricia J 34, 395 Natoniewski, A. A 256 Naulin, Donald B 341 Neafie, Mary 392 Neagus, Katherine 292 Neal, Betty Ann 391 Needles, Lauranna 2 80, 282 Neerken, J. A 149, 354 Neff, Roy S 350 Negus, Katherine 293 Neilson, James D. 74, 249, 260, 369 Neilson, Charles W. 341 Neiman, Adele 383 Neiswander, Paul L 148 Neithercut, Donald C 64 Neivert, Sylvia 264 Nelson, David 190, 195, 262, 278 Nelson, Donald 343 Nelson. Grey K. 355 Nelson, Kenneth M. 265, 338, 352 Nelson, Lee R 370 Nelson, Oscar H 150 Nelson, Perry 342 Nelson, Willard 80 Nelthorp. Gloria 234 Nesbit, R. S 151 Nessim, Nessim E. 34 Netherton. Thomas C 54, 68 Neuberg, Richarda 264 Neuchterlein, Herbert 164 Neuman, Cyrus A 267, 352 Neumeyer, F. E. 256 Nevas, Helen 34 Nevin, Frances B 34, 290, 292 New. Helen 34 Newbill, Robert W 34 Newblatt, Anita A 34, 396 Newburgh, John David 264 Newburgh, Louis 138, 148 Newcomb, William 350 Newcomer, Lewis W 132 Newell, T 158 Newman, Betty 293 Newman, Charles 67, 550 Newman, Leonard M 66, 352 Newman, Margaret 387 Newmann. Ernest L .. 63 Newton. Barbara 34, 378, 392 Newton, Elizabeth L 161 Newton, Maynard A 349 Newton, William H 262, 350 Nichols, Donald H 54, 278 Nichols, H., Ill 369 Nichols, H. W 345 Nichols, William 344 Nicolls, Keith K 256, 350 Nickerson, John 345 Nickle, Robert 222, 226 Niederhauser, D 408 Niehuss, Marvin L 129, 374 Nielson, Edwin A 54, 66, 350 Nies, John D 370 Nigg. Herbert L 341 Niketh, Fred 132, 134 Nimke, Frederick W 34 Nims, Richard H 34 Nisberg, Jack 359 Nishon. Gloria 234 Nissle, Roland 94, 101 Nisson. Audrey 34 Nixon, Betty 34, 264, 266 Nixon, Donald L 341, 369 Nixon, Patricia 389 Noble, Charlotte 386 Noble, Mary J 34 Noble, Margaret 237 Nogirt, F. 372 Nord. Charles L 150 Nordmeyer, H. W 20 Nordstrom, Harry C 150 Nordstrom, Kenneth 134, 152, 269 Norfleet, Frances H 34 Norris, Jean M 34, 266 Norrs, Paul E 179 Norris, R. 374 North, Edward D 341 North, Philip 341 Northrop, P. M 94, 101 Northrop, Richard 358 Northway, Edwin 344 Northway, Richard 34, 358 Norton, Catherine 234, 271 Norton, Marita 385 Norwalk, Keith F 64 Norwick, Robert 353 Nouse, Joseph 35 Novak, Charles T 369 Novotna, Jarmila 241 Novy, Mrs. Frederick G. . 1 54 Novy, Frederick 149, 374 Novy, Robert V 35 Nowack, Herman C 87, 89 Nuechterlein, Herbert E 161 Nuechterlein, Wilmer F 80 Nuemann, Paul 344 Nunes, Howard S 179 Nunn. James 151 Nurmi, Sulho A 266 Nutley, Donald 337 Nyswander, James A 361 O Oakes, F. L 344 Oatis, Vincent P 365 Obendorf, Paul 373 O ' Brien, Eugene 256, 343 O ' Brien, Frank 344 O ' Brien. Jane 109 O ' Brien, John R 256 Ochs, N. Himmels 220 O ' Connor, C. Donald 341 O ' Connor. Sylvester 141, 147 O ' Conner. Thomas 338 Odbert, Henry C 132 O ' Dell, Charles W 267 O ' Dell, John 338 O ' Dell, Wilier H 237, 338 O ' Donnell, Mary- Jean 107, 109 Oetien, Phyllis 387 Ogden. Robert J 366 Ogle, James E 363 Ogle. John L 229, 363 Oglesbee, Cameron 35, 284 O ' Hara, John 343 O ' Hara, Richard F 35 O ' Hara, Robert 366 Ohley, Robert - 343 Ohlman, Robert G 117 Ohrt, Henry 340 Okamura. Donald 141 Okkelberg. M 158 Olcott, Dudley 343 Older, Mark E 341 Olds, Barbara 35, 395 Olds, J. Wesley 74, 80 Oleksy. Stanley P 148 Oline, James 350 Oliohant. M 354 Oliver, W. P., Jr 254 Ollesheimer. Louise R 35 Ollesheimer, Rose 383 Olmsred. Charles T 361 Olmsted, Peter B 354 Olmsted. Sherman R. ... 109 Olsen. Edwin G 87, 88, 89 Olsen. Finn 338 Olson, Harlan 340 Olson, Phyllis ................................. 384 Olson, Willard .................... 106, 367 O ' Malley, James A., Jr ................. 267 O ' Malley, Jesse R ............................... 133 O ' Neil, Mervin B...... ....................... 35 Oosterbann, Benjamin 191, 202, 338 Opland, Raymond .............. . .............. 165 Opsion, Martha ................................... 391 Orberg, Carl .............................. 247 Orlikotf, R. M .................................. 256 Ormandy, Eugene ............................. 241 Ormondroyd, Jesse ........................... 350 Orndorfl, John ................................... 340 Orr, Edgar K. ...................................... 365 Orshefsky, Milton ........ 35, 230, 266 Ortiz, Adelita ..................... 280 Ortmayer, Dorothea.... 35, 291, 392 Ortmeyer, Susan ................................. 392 Osborn, A. M ........................... 256, 353 Osborn, Catherine ................ 281, 398 Osborn, George A ............................ 244 Osborn, J. E .......................................... 61 Osborn, William 35, 202, 260, 342 Osborne, Koyne D ............ 332, 364 Osborne, William ............................. 249 Osbourne, Janet ................................ 397 Osgood, Phyllis .................................. 173 Osgood, Virginia 74, 287, 291, 395 Osier, David .............. 215, 228, 278 Osier, Edward S .............. 54, 65, 66 Osmond, Bernard ........................... 345 Osmun, Virginia W .......... 109 Osser, Esther ....................... 35, 42, 230, 287, 290 Ossewaarde, John ................... 16, 346 Ostafin, Peter A ................................ 266 Osterman, Herbert .................. 234 Osterstrom. Gordon ....... 239, 366 Osterweil, Harold D. 35, 266, 269 Ostheimen, Barbara L. ....... 161 Ostrander, F. D ...................... 94, 101 Ostroot, George ..................... 263 Ostrowski, Edward ..... 163, 165 Ostrow, Phillip B. ... 264, 266, 348 Oswald, Mary L ................................. 35 Ott, David .............................. 353 Otto, Charles ........................... 282, 361 Otto, Mildred ................................... 237 Ottoman, Richard ............................ 153 O ' Toole, Vincent E ..................... 55 Outhwaite, Joan ....................... 35, 391 Ovaitt, David A ................. 341 Owens, Alfred ....... 227,262,363 Owens, Robert G. ........... 54, 61 Oxford, Carl J., Jr ....... 54, 265, 266 Oxhandler, Norman ....................... 35 Pabst, Matilda Pabst, Robert Pace, Jeffries Packer, Lenore Paddy, Arthur Padnos, Stuart B Pagel, Duane A. Page, Stephen S Palley, Marshall Palliaer, Robert U Palmer, Ernest J 54, Palmer, Kathryn B Palmer, Robert 215, 256, Palmer, William B Palter. Burton Pammel, Joyce Panar, David 54, 64, Pannucci. Vincent J Pappas. William Parciavelli, Louise Pardell, Seymour S 35, 264, Parfet, Meredith Parish. Marta Park, Joe Park Stuart 163, 165, Parker, A. F .... Parker, D. H Parker, Garth Parker, Joseph E 239, Parker, Lonna 270, Parker, Martha Parkinson, William Parliament. Loren R Parmelee, Harry Parnes, Lionel Parquette. Frances Parr, Howard Parris, Warren Parry, William H Parshall, Dale Parsons. Gail 283, Parsons, Robert Parsons, Ruth Parthum, Charles Pasch, Robert Pate, Mary 379, Paterson. Virginia Patrick, John 54, Patten, Bradley _ _ Patten, John 267, Patterson, Frances . 35, 235, Patterson, George C Patterson, Mrs. George W Patterson, J. R Patterson, Myrtle Patterson, Penelope Patterson. Virginia Patteys, Roger Patton, Ralph Paup, John P. 35, 204, 278, 297, 394 61 349 383 204 357 267 74 280 54 346 . 75 342 368 352 171 268 279 163 173 266 386 384 266 369 261 . 20 . 65 364 381 154 165 179 164 359 392 . 35 267 347 342 394 344 233 .164 339 394 389 367 138 345 390 189 166 256 385 395 297 267 .208 374 Pause, Lorna 297 Paxhia, Vincent 65 Payton, C 354 Payne, Richard 280 Payne, W 149 Pearce, Cilia 395 Pearce, Don 340 Pearce, Fred 343 Pearsaul, Edward 256 Peat, Betty 384 Pechinpaugh, Charles 341 Pechinpaugh, David 341 Pechinpaugh, Richard 35, 254, 260, 332, 341 Peckover, H. Martin 133,341 Pedersen, Herbert 140, 147, 150 Peebles, Joan 240, 241 Peebles, Russell 54, 344 Peet, Max 138, 148, 166 Peet, Stewart 66, 342 Peirsol, Martha 386 Peirsol, T. R 363 Peltier, Richard 372 Pelton, Jack 163 Penberthy, Grover 153 Penhole, William 141 Penn, C. B 256 Penn, Marshall 163 Pennanen, Ruth 171, 173 Penny, Georgia 35 Penny, Louisa 393 Penvenne, Paul 355 Pepin, John 151, 245 Perkins, Judy 340 Perkins, Lowell 335 Perla, Eleanor 383 Perlberg, Edward 234, 344 Perry, Leroy B 274, 275, 282 Persby, Lester . 35, 264, 266, 357 Peterman, Milton 373 Peters, Alvin 372 Peters, John 351 Peters, Wesley 370 Petersen, Ernest 54, 371 Peterson, Carl A.. Jr 35, 64, 151 Peterson, Ella 381 Peterson, Fred 339 Peterson, James 356 Peterson, Jean 35 Peterson, L. W 253, 254 Peterson. Mary Ann 35 Peterson, Max 61 Peterson, N. C 256 Peterson, Ralph 75, 266 Peterson, Robert 54, 265, 266 Peterson, Roger 358 Peterson, Ruben 149 Peterson, Shorey 260 Peterson, W. D 353 Petrie, Robert 262 Petroskey, Jack 279 Pettersen, George 351 Petteys, Robert 406 Pettyjohn, E. S 351 Pettyman, H. G. 345 Peven. Philip 140, 152, 266 Pexton, Elizabeth 388 Peyton, F. A 94 Pezdirtz, Joseph 344 Pfaller, Albert L 35, 366 Pfender, John F 350 Pfender, Mary 393 Phares, Thomas K 363 Phelps, Dudley M 84 Phelps, Robert H 35 Pheneger, Jean 35, 398 Phillippi, William 363 Phillipson, Chester 35 Philipson, Ernest E 35 Phillips, James D 266 Phillips, Linn 343 Phillips, Robert 348 Phillips, Virginia J 107, 109 Phillips, Wendell G 35 Phillips, William 3 6 Piatigorsky, Gregor 241 Picard. Frank A., Jr 237, 34 ' Pick, H 1 58 Pickard, W. E 256 Pickering. Harry E 35, 293, 372 Pickert, Eugene A 54 Piel, Alfred 212, 262, 278, 343 Pielemeier, Helen A 107, 1 Pierce, James B 369 Pierson, John S., 54, 265, 266, 374 Piersons, Donald W 349 Pighton, John 344 Pilcher, Marie 229 Pilcher, Clayton J 353 Pillow, Mary 292 Pillsbury, W. B 20 Pincknev, Robert B 355 Pines, Bertha 229 Pingerle, E. C 358 Pinkerton. Jane 35, 290, 287 Pinney. Chandler 54, 164,248,261, 340, 379 Pinnock, Alward 254, 349 Pitcher, Carol 378, 386 Pitlick, Jack 36, 348 Pittman, Raymond A 354 Pittman, Richard L 229, 354 Plaisted, Harriet 392 Plankev, Eugene 36, 284 Platt, Robert J., Jr 65, 371 Platt, S 344 Plans, Ralph 339 Plenge, James E 371 Pleune. Mark C 36, 342 Plott, Donald 349 Plumer. James M 338 Poe. John 254 Poe, Martha Poh rt, Irmengard E Polmgly, Elizabeth Pollak, Jane L 36, Pollack, Melvine R Pollack, William Pollard, H. Marvin Pollock, James K Polliser, Robert Poloway, Sonia 36, 42, Polumbaum, Marjorie 236, Pomeraning, Fred Pomeroy, Richard 140, Pommerening, R. A. Ponds, Betty Pons, Margaret Poor, Gerald L Portenga, Herman J Porter, Howard P Porter, James G Porter, R. C Porter, Robert H 332, Portz, William Posada, Alvaro 75, Posmantur, Richard 36, Post, L. Norris Posthuma, Millard Pothoff, Edward Pott, Clarence Potter, George Potter, Harry O. Potter, Nathan S. HI Potter, Robert H Potter, W. Taylor Potts, Alfred Prangen, William.. Prasil, Robert Pratt, Harriet Pray, Dave Pregulaman, Julian Pregulman, Mervin Preiskel, Robert Prentice, Clifford .... Prentice, Jeanne .... Present, Phyllis Preston, Martha .... Preuss, L Prew, William Price, C. J Price, Jack Price, James Price, P Pridgeon, Noell Priebe, Vincent Prindeville. betty Pritchard, Jane Proctor, David Proctor, Grace Prosser, Everett Powell, Ray B 226, 265 Power, Phoebe 228, 294 Powers, Don Powers, Edward B Powers, Franklin Powers, John O Powers, Margaret J 36, Powers, William F. 36, 36, 36, 248, 297, ..234, ..277 Powrie, Gwendolyn S... Poyser, Thomas O. . ..239 3 I2 390 281 . 97 .373 .138 372 . 61 390 293 . 55 151 149 281 280 266 96 365 .. 80 358 343 356 341 362 350 124 368 266 350 369 350 363 342 248 345 350 386 101 362 362 267 65 385 383 384 346 208 .351 . 55 . 63 .158 350 271 385 397 343 386 134 349 392 . 51 .364 ..164 366 394 341 .109 342 Quaal, L. Ward 21, 36, 250, 259, 344 Quarles, C. S 374 Quillen, Charles 335 Quinnane, Jane 108 Raddatz, Robert Radford, Mildred 294, Radke, Elmer Radkey, Robert 68, 253, Radley, Earl 109, Radom, Marvin W Rae, James 143, 149, 212, Rafleson, Max E Ragsdale, John Rakestraw, Eleanor Rakestraw, Jeanne 378, Ramirez, Al Ramsdell, Donald W 21 Ramsdell, Frances Ramsdell. Willett Ramsey, C. F Ranahan, Jean Rand, F. F Randall, Dave Randall, H. M 20, Rankin, Woodrow, W. 55, 68, 265, Ransey, Daniel R 65, Ransom, H. K Ranson, Charles W 65, Ratdiff. Richard U Ratcliffe, Thomas F .. Ratliff, Berry W 55, Ratner, Dorothy Ratti, Aldin Raush, Harold L Ravich, Edward Rawdon. Richard 366, Rawleigh. William Rawson. Delbert - Rayburn. Cacuin, Jr Raymond, Marjorie Rea, John .... Rea, W. B 254, Reading. Ned A Reading, Stuart Reagan, Arlie Reagan, Francis Reagan, John 367 381 284 255 266 36 342 366 344 391 394 247 , 36 388 116 361 385 256 153 345 347 368 151 366 84 364 341 .154 .347 . 36 359 247 .343 .101 353 391 .363 353 351 . 89 368 .198 .117 457 Reame, Nate Rearick, Glenn ... Rechlin, Floyd F. Reck, L. E Reddig, Barbara... Reddig, Rhoda Redner, David Redwine, Jack Reed, David M Reed, George C. 67 244 .55, 65, 164 151 298, 384 170 247 374 361 146, 150 Reed, Harry W 366 Reed, Joseph 351 Reed, Karl F 372 Reed, R. B 256, 258 Reed, Robert S 349 Reed, Thomas G 142, 151, 374 Reed, William H 366 Reeder, Edson A 117 Reeder, Robert A 133 Reed-Hill, Claire 397 Rees, Harry 342 Rees, Robert 339 Rees, Vincent 150 Reeves, Jesse S., Ph.D.,L.L.D. 260, 336 Regenhardt, Robert J 372 Reichert, Edward 351 Reichle, Mary 392 Reid, Edward W 36, 344 Reid, Peggy J 36 Reiman, Lewis C 337 Reinhart, Robert 340 Reinsch, Charles L 55, 61 Reinschreiber, Robert 373 Reisdorf, Robert 247 151 55, 342 339 Renaud, Bruce V 61. 267, 336 Renda, Hercules E. 107, 109, 191, 279 Rendinal, Don 237, 247, 339 Rendinall, Jean 597 Renner, W. E 254 Repola, Kenneth 164 Reutter, Joan 389 Reutter, Robert L 36, 363 Revelli, William D...158, 163, 165 Revelli, Mrs. W. D 166 Rexford, John E 354 Reyman, Edward K 1 34 Reynolds, G. Edward 355 Reynolds, Phyllis 390 Reynolds, Robert D 256 Reynolds, Thaine 61 Rhea, Ellen F 36, 235, 390 158 Reisen, John Reitz, Spencer Remias, Steven Robertson, David 364, 267 Robertson, George M., Jr 369 Robertson, Port 204 Robinovitch, Ina Mae 383 Robinson, Arthur D 342 Robinson, Barbara ... 229, 395 Rob.nson, Charlotte N 36 Robinson. Donald W 342 Robinson, Elizabeth 36, 389 Robinson, Ernest W 64 Robinson, Fred W 150, 165 Robinson, Glenn L 354 Robinson, Leonard G 36, 179 Robinson, Mary E 109 Robinson, Thomas 339 Robinson, Warren R 66, 350 Robinson, William G 341 Robison, Hope 383 Robison, Phyllis 393 Roby, Douglas 189 Rocca, Bruno 55 Rockwell, William H. 36, 258, 259, 268 Rodger, Mary A 36, 291, 390 Rodger, John 229, 247 Rodkey, Robert G 84 Rodsky, R. G 374 Roeglin, Orville 338 Roelofs, Alice 229, 389 Roemaet-Rosanoff, Marie 241 Roesch, Paul 40S Roesch, Stanton G 355 Roessler, Clarence A 75, 80 Rogers, Barbara E 36, 377 Rogers, C. A 345 Rogers, Fran 234 Rogers, James S., Jr 370 Rogers, Joe 190, 278 Roger, John M., Jr 336 Rogers, N. P 354 Rogers, Paul D 21. 350, 236 Rogers, W. Kemp J 55, 371 Roginsky, Sidney 36 Roh, Mary Jane W 37 Rohrbach, Carl 246, 263 Rohrer, John 160, 165 Roisman, Josef 240 Roll, Thomas B 117 Romanoff, Milford 373 Romig, Mary 166 Roney, George 366 Rookus, John 232, 262, 341 Root, Bessie J 37 Root, Robert .101 Root, Samuel W 351. 149, 143 381 380, 392 . 341 163, 165 280 Rhead, M. Rhoads, Ann Rhodes, Helen 237, 291 Rhodes, Kenneth W Rhodes. William E. ..161 Rich, David Rich, Margaret 392 Richards, Barbara 235 Richard, Robert D 350 Richardson, George A 350 Richardson, Lee 342 Richardson, Robert C 370 Richmond, Robert D 65 Richart, Frank .... 66 Riches, Wesley W 264 Richey, Donald D 36, 88, 341 Richter, Annabelle 96, 98 Richter, Edward L., Jr 355 Richter, Paul F., Jr 148 Rickett, Allan 63 Rideout, Frank A 36, 335 Riecher, H. H 151, 339 Riedl, Richard 263, 278 Riegel, J. W 84 Rieger, John 237, 339 Riemer, Arthur M 36 Riess, Lynn 36,215,353 Riff, Charlotte 237, 383 Riggin, Charlotte 386 Riggs, Carl D. 363 Riggs, Finley B 350 Riggs, H. E 353 Rigterink, Helen G 36 Riker, John L 148 Riley, Demmy 237 Riley, De Mot 239, 253 Riley, H. D 254 Rinck, Kathleen 166 Riner, William A 264, 266 Ringchrist. Virginia J 36 Riopelle. John 408 Rioden, William Ripp 220, 279 Risen, John 366 Risk, Marjorie 36 Ritchie, James D 345 Ritchie, Stark 133, 134, 350 Ritter, James 344 Ritter, Nathaniel S 352 Rivette, Donald 36, 254, 281, 349 Roach, George 163, 165 Robb, Janet 395 Robbins, Harvey A 362 Robbins, John 165 Robbins, Omer 369 Robbins, R 340 Roberts, Aubrey C 36, 350 Roberts, Grimshaw 256, 366 Roberts, James 175, 356 Roberts, June 134, 392 Roberts, Raymond 120, 202 Roberts, Richard S 134 Roberts, Shirley 36, 38S Roberts, Walter J 374 Roberts, Wilfred, Jr 165 Robertson, Catherine 398 361 ...385 267 ... 373 .... 37 .152 Roper, Robert Roseboom, Frances ... Rosen, Arthur A Rosen, Douglass Rosen. Harold Rosenbaum, Herbert Rosenbaum, Wallace C 357 Rosenberg, Louis M 352 Rosenberg, Sally . 37 Rosenberg, William J 75 Rosencranz, R 61 Rosenfeld, Norman J 37, 348 Rosenman. Leonard 152, 348 Rosenman, Ray 359 Rosenman. Richard L. 234 Rosenn, Harold W 133 Rosenthal. Caroline M 161 Roshirt, Clayton 89 Rosing. Jane 381 Ross, Bette 390 Ross, Charles 37, 206, 207, 278, 351 Ross, Elaine B 396 Ross, Gerald 248 Ross, Peegy 237, 390 Ross, Robert 102 Rossman, James 263, 246, 274, 361 Roth, Dorothy 37 Rothman. Alfred 1 34 373 37, 235 55 Rothschild, Charles Rothstein. Gilberta Rottier, Richard Rottmeyer, Earl 6 S Rottschafer, William 15 ' Rouse, Josephine 37 Rowe, Kenneth 249 Rowe, Peter 353 Rowerdink, Wilma 173 Rowlee. Asa 366 Roy. Robert 61, 361 Royce, Olive Jean 276 Royle, Ann 386 Rubels. Jules 373 Rubens. Burton 362 Rubenstein, Audrey 234 Rubin, Beatrice 163 Rubin, Gertrude 163 Rubin, Vames 267 Rubin, Miriam ... 37 Ri ' biner, Ruth 37, 383 R-by, Leonard 165 Ruby, Philip 364 Rudd, Edward 101 Ruddv, Kay 234 Rudolf, E. George 37, 349 Rudolph. Shirley 396 Rudy, Dorothy 37, 395 Rudy. Merle E., Jr 351 Rue. John 365 Ruehle, George 107. 109, 202. 203, 216, 260, 278, 279, 340 Rufus. H. C 364 Rulison. George 37, 370 Rumisek, Katherine 280 Rumney. Mason 244 Runde, Harolk 146 Rundles, Walter 354 Rupert, Samuel 350 Rush, Alva 374 Rush, Dale 153 Russell, Clinton 406 Russell, Sam 345 Russell, Stuart 146, 151 Rust, John 276, 361 Rutan, Edward A 267 Ruthven, A. G. 11, 254, 259, 261, 346 Ryan, Joseph M 143, 153 Ryan, Rosemary 234 Ryan, Thomas P. 354 Rybalt, Dorothy 393 Ryckman, John H 87, 89 Ryde, Helen 37 Rydell, Alice 37, 42 Ryerson, Jean 393 Ryker, Don W 55, 61, 252, 254, 266, 350 Ryle, William 102 Ryther, Gordon G 255 Rzasa, M. J 61 Saarinen, Edward 55, 64 Sachs, Bette 387 Sack, Joan 383 Sackett, Andrew 153 Sacks, Jacob 270 Sadler, H. C 67, 346, 353 Sadler, Robert C. W 37, 336 Sadler, Walter C. 68, 254, 259, 371 Sadwith, Beverly C 396 Saeger, Harold 163 Sage, Betty J 75, 395 Sager, Robert C 65, 351 Sahlin, Clarence A. 366 Sahlmark, Joseph 350 Sakellar, Nicholas 80 Saks, Lewis 234 Sallade, George 280, 234, 365 Sails, David M 64, 55 Saltman, Mazie 75 Salvette. Rudy A 374 Salzman, Sidney J 133, 134 Samper, Gonzalo 354 Samper, Hernando 354 Samper. Pablo 354 Sampson, Anita R 37 Sampson, Dorothy J 37, 383 Sampson, Paul D 274, 364 Samuel. Charles B. 37, 225, 260, 359 Samuels, Robert N. .246, 264, 373 Samuelson, Gilbert, Jr. 55, 206, 278 Sanchez. H. E 256 Sandercock, Phyllis K 37 Sanders, H. A 351 Sanders, John H 140, 146, 149, 350 Sandwick. Luther. Jr. .. 336 Sanford, Margaret . 233, 291, 294 Sanford, Mary-Jean 37 Sanford, Ruth 280 Saniurjo, Rafael R 96, 102, 245 Sankin, Dorothy L 37 Sanzi, George 102 Sapp, Jane M. 21, 37, 258, 282, 290, 292 Sapp, Will ... ..234, 248, 340 Sappington, Virginia A. 37, 390 Sarasohn, Alvin N 37, 230, 259 Saraydar, Herant M I Sargeant, F. A 374 Sargent, James 151, 354 Sarich, Katherine M 161, 16fi Sata, Alvira 283 Sauer, Frances 161 Saulson, D. M. 256 Saunders. Allen 146, 149, 351 Savage, Frank J 37, 260, 354 Savage, Marilyn 394 Saville, Howard L 37 Saville, Richard M 365 Sawn, James 366 Sawyer, Martha G 84 Sawyer, Naomi 389 Sawyer. Wilson 165 Sayre. Robert 64 Sayre. Stan 88, 36 Schaefer, Earl 55, 265, 266 Schaefer, Marian C 37, 384 Schaeffer, Charles 164 Schaffer, David 65 Schaffer, Robert K 364 Schaiberger, George 141, 147, 150 Schaible, C. Donelda 291,297, 397 Schagrin. Harry II 368 Schaller, W. H. George 96, 101 Scharff, Alexander K 361 Scharff, Karl 234 Schaubel. Howard 124, 147 Scheer, Helen 390 Scheibe, John R 124, 253, 269 Scheid, H. Elaine 173 Scheidewind. Richard 37 Schell, Frank J 374 Schell, Mary E 37 Schell, Richard H 369 Schellens, E. P 256 Scheney, William 153 Sc erdt, Erwin 164 Scherling, Richard E. 246, 262, 351 Scheurman. Walter 153 Schick, Howard E 65 Schick, Paul 340 Schlaudt, Edward 353 Schlegel, Carl 361 Schlemenson, Melvin S 37 Schlesmger, Margot 398 Schloss, Dorothy 237 Schlow, Irma 383 Schneider, Alexander 240 Schneider, Mischa 240 Schneider, Robert L. .. 37, 88, 345 Schneidewind, Richard 261, 336 Schneyer, Raymond 1 65 Schnit, Daniel M 37, 348 Schmidt, Donald F 350 Schmidt, Henry L 365 Schoedinger, William 353 Schoel, Richard 344 Schoen, Victor H 37, 264, 266 Schoenberg, Arthur 373 Schoenfield, B 237 Schoepfle, Chester S 20, 335 Scholes, Walter 356 Schomburg, William 263, 342 Schonberv, Paul 406 Schooler, Jacques H 65, 68, 359 Schooler, Kermit 369 Schorling, Raleigh 106 Schottin, Norman 163 Schottstaedt, William W 264 Schreck, Roberta 390 Schreider, Oskar 151 Schroeder. Joseph E 369 Schugman, Robert F 150 Schulhof, Harold 373 Schulof, Dorothy 383 Schultz, Clarence 165 Schultz, L. C 94 Schulze, Robert 349 Schulze, William 353 Schumacher, George A. Jr 364 Schumann, Betty C 38, 392 Schumansky, David H. 96,98, 100 Schurman, Nathalie 38 Schust, William G. 236, 262, 341 Schutt, Alice Louise 234, 391 Schwab, Lorraine Schwab, Ralph A Schwartz, Agnita Schwartz, Herbert L. Schwartz, Norman 247, 270, 373. 408 Schwarzbach, Jerome H. 65, 68, 212 Schwarzkopf, Ralph 212, 338 Schwegler, Virginia L 38, 392 Schwind, Frederick J 150 Schwyn, Robert Scislowicz, Henry A. Scott, C. Waldo .. Scott, Doris A Scott, George P Scott, I. D. Scott, Lawrence B 266 Scott, Martha 391 Scott, Rosebud 231, 266, 280, 291 Scotville, Vic 153 Scoville 356 Scrogin, Dudley E 47, 55 Scutt, Barbara 398 Sdunek, Mary T 38 Sferra, George 102 Sforzini, Robert A. 367 Seabright, Peg 395 Seabury, John H 150 Seager, Allan 235, 260, 350 Searls, Elinor ... Sears, Charles Sears, James M. Seaver, James P 351 Sech, Charles 61 Seeburger, John W. 102 Seegert, Neal 38, 251, 254, 264, 266, 369 Seeley, Dana P 336 Seele- John E 341 Seibel, Mason E 350 Seidel, Robert 163 Seiden, Dan 373 Seiferth, Victor G 65 Seivens, Ora 373 Selchow, Richard 361 Seldenwright. Doyle W 38. 270 Selfridge. Robert R 55. 61 Sellon, Mary 229, 390 Seltzer, Holbrooke S. 231. 264, 266, 280 Sempliner, Carolyn J 38 Sengel, Rudy J 355 Seniska, Stanley 67 Seoug, Andrew 368 Serkin, Rudolph 240 Serrester, Bernard F 374 Seski, Arthur G 140, 146 Sessions, L. William 38, 218, 258, 264, 282, 354 Sessions, Sally 392 Sethian, Robert 280 Sevensma. Eugene 124 Sevison, Elinor M 38, 264. 266. 287, 289, 290, 315, 378 Sexauer, Loren 345 Seybold, Edward G 150 Seydoux, Gaston 280 Seyfried, F 374 Shafroth. W. H. 351 Shale, Wilfred A 87, 164 Shamura. Helen 281 Shanck. Donald L 341 Shandleg, John A 371 Shannon. William R 107, 109 Shantel, Burke 129 ..383 . 64 .382 .. 64 247, 344 179 146 264 38, 367 367 381 .153 366 Shapero, Jean ........... ......................... Shapero, Lois ............. 234, Sharemet, Gus ............ 208, 262, Sharemet, John ....... 208, 262, Sharfman, I. L ................................... Sharp, Robert ........... Sharp, Theo F ....... 247, 276, Sharpe, Philip E .............................. Sharpe, Richard .............................. Sharpies, Jeanne ......................... Sharrard, George ................. 61, Shartel, Marlou .......................... Shaughnesy, John C .................. Shaver, James H .............. 55, Shaw, Charles M ............................... Shaw, Elizabeth ............................. Shaw, Herbert M ...................... Shaw, Wilfred B .................... 13, Shaw, William G ................... 38, Shearer, Alfred M ........................ Shearer, Margaret ..................... Shearston, David W ........................ Shelby. Richard ............................ Shedd, Robert 246, 248, 264, 282, Sheehy. Edward ............................. Sheehy, Phyllis ..................... Sheehy. Richard S .............. 256, Sheehy, William ................ 143, Sheets, Jerome ........................... Sheffer, Suzanne ............................ Shelby, Dick ...................... Sheldon, John M .............. 153, Shell, Sidney ............................ Shelley, Leonard P ........................ Shelley. Robert .................. 163. Shelton, John .................. 55, Shemiot, Dr. Anthony ........... Shepard, Duane A ....... 61, 344, Shepard, George F ................... 38, Sheps. Jack ....................... ......... Sherman, Alvin G ................. Sherman, George .............. 64, Sherman. James ................. 345, Sherman, Mariorie .................. Sherrill. John C ........................ 38, Sherry, Gene Sherwig, J. M ................... ......... Shelter. Richard ............... Shetterly, James C .............. 134, Shick, Howard E ................................. Shick. Paul ......................... Shields, Edmund C .................... Shields. John W ................ 248, Shisekawa. Toy ........................ Shiller, Margaret ................... 37, Shimoura, Helen Y ............... 38, Shinderle. Albin J ......................... Shinkman, Mary ............................... Shinnick, Jean ............................... Shipman, Betty ................... .......... Shipman, Lawrence ........................ Shippey, Norman .................. Shipps, Robert D .............. Shirley. Nella M ................. 171, Shirrel, Robert ....................... Shoecraft, Harriet L ..... 38, 378, Shoel, Richard .................................. Shore, David ................................ Short, J. Robert ......................... Shott, Robert .......... 247, Shroth, Richard F .................. 88, Shuey, Richard L .................. Shuler, Thomas G ............. 161, Shull. A. Franklin ......................... Shull, Betty M .............................. Shull, Franklin B. Shulman. Harvey L. 267, 280, Shulman. Helen ............................... Shumak-r. Benny .......................... Shutts, F. C .................................... SkauK, Andy ............................... Skeets, Arthur ............................... Skillern Penn G .............................. Skiles, Jane ......................... Skiles, Vin ' a J. Skinner, Clarence O ........... Skinner, D Rhua .... 38, 166, Skinner, James ......................... Skinner, Tames W. ... ....... Skulsky, Sam ... 96, 98, Skutt, Cornelius ........... Slade, Glenn ....................................... Slaff. R. P ................................ Slaff, Robert ........................ Slater, Lewis M ........... Slater, Richard .................. - Slatmyer. Karel .................... 142, Slavette, Rudy ............................. Slayter, Richard ........................ Sliepcerich, C. M ....................... Slifer. H. Seger ................................. S ' ocum, George ................................... 231 283 278 278 20 163 369 363 358 229 374 391 372 265 . 75 38 346 345 338 350 392 55 343 369 336 390 336 153 369 234 66 349 61 64 344 340 102 361 248 362 234 338 35 7 381 363 165 256 36 ' 350 355 248 9 351 61 386 280 271 166 234 337 61 153 370 173 366 398 239 65 102 368 268 351 97 355 362 234 38 354 247 3-47 361 386 109 336 382 208 336 100 61 408 256 359 368 353 153 282 124 61 342 366 Sloman, Morley L Slusser, Robert T Small, M. B Small, Robert Smalley, J. B Smalley, Marianna ... Smallwood. Russell L. Smeaton, William G Smith. A. Paul Smith, Ben Smith, Bertram Smith, Boyd Smith, Bruce Smith. Charles R Smith, Daniel Smith, Don F Smith, Doris 88, 340 64 89 374 100 354 154 102 350 38 215 280 344 366 252 89 38, 364, 366 394 97.98, 335, 199. 117, 458 Smith, Douglas 338 Smith, Earla B 109 Smith, Eleanor 140, 154 Smith, Frank 368 Smith, Harriet E 266 Smith, Harry E 349 Smith, Henry B 365 Smith, H. H 344 Smith, IraM 13, 189 Smith, J. Paul 38, 332, 339, 365 Smith, Kathleen 386 Smith, Kenneth 150 Smith, Kieth 239 Smith, Laurence E., Jr 1 17 Smith, Lewis F 265 Smith, Madeline 381 Smith, Marjorie 393 Smith, Maryann C 38, 42 Smith, Miriam 28, 280, 281, 389 Smith, Neil E 110 Smith, Nelson 148 Smith, Ogden C 370 Smith, Oliver 339 Smith, Pete 267, 351 Smith, Ralph G 150 Smith, Rendel W 370 Smith, Rodney 361 Smith, Robert 133 Smith, Rosalie 294, 378, 380, 390 Smith, Rosemary 381 Smith, Russell A 129 Smith, Ruth M 38, 390, 395 Smith, Shirley M 12, 353 Smith, William 149, 345 Smith, William D 102 Smith, William S 148 Smolensk!, Robert 248, 353 Smothers. William C 64 Smyth, Charles J 149 Sneath, Samuel B 336 Snodgrass, James 353 Snook, Rufus 61 Snow, George 340 Snow, Robert H 150, 344 Snyder, C. G 61 Snyder, Edward G 371 Snyder, Hilda 383 Snyder, Howard W 351 Snyder, Thomas 346 Sobin, Sidney S 266 Soboroff , Paul 359 Soeder. Arnold H 61, 355 Soennichsen, Matthew E. ... 65 Sofiak, Michael 202, 278, 370 Solar, Charles 351 Sollitt, Jean 390 Solomon, Howard 359 Solomon, Julius 373 Solomon, Milton D 39 Solomon, Samuel 357 Sommer, R. F 94, 101 Sonke, Taylor 336 Sorensen, Audrey 384 Sorge, Jay W 134 Sott, Herbert 348 Soule, Byron A 335 Soule, Malcolm H 335 Southerland, Margaret 42, 298 Spaeder, Robert N 133 Spaeth, Mary 386 Spam, Betty 384 Spamer, Evelyn 392 Sparrow, Frederick K 338 Sparrow, William T., Jr 267 Spaulding, Frederick P. 356 Spaulding. James C .336 Speckhard, Robert 231 Speck, Pete 408 Speirn, Russell 163, 363 Spencer, Donald R 350 Spencer, Harvey 335 Spencer, John 269 Spencer, Louise B 39 Spencer, Nelson W 80 Spiro, David 362 Spitalny, Jack M 39, 357 Spitalny, William H 133 Spitz, Martin M 374 Spooner, C. W., Jr 353 Spooner. Clarke 353 Spooner, Gordon 344 Sprick, Catherine 393 Springarn, Lawrence 235 Springer, Debby 277 Springer, Richard M 65 Spriggs, John 153 Stackhouse, Chester 212 Stackler, Harold 373 Stacy, Robert H 267 Stadelman. Geraldine 234, 388 Stafford, Howard 102 Stahl, Robert N 234, 357 Stalker, Edward A. 46, 371, 374 Stalyenbach, Don 61 Stamm, John 270 Stanco, Henry F 102 Standerline, Mary 397 Standish, Sherwood H., Jr 234, 350 Stanley, George M. 350 Stanton, Frederick W. Jr 267 Stanton, Mrs. Samuel 166 Stapp, Mary Anne 234, 391 Stason, E. Blythe 129 Stearns, Patricia 237, 380 Steding, John 337 Steele, Edward 353 Steen, William . 345 Steere, Russell L 39, 164 Steffen, Betty 229 Steffen, Walter W. ... 39 Stegath, William B 366 Stehouwer, Orrie 124 Stein, Louis 281 Steinberg, Robert 247, 373 Steinnager, William 247 Steinhart, Jay 237, 348 Steinhart, Sidney 39, 348 Steketee, Jack N 63, 355 Stelle, Pat 297, 392 Sten, Suzanne 241 Stenberg, Robert P 363 Stenbuck, Fred R 368 Stenouwey, Orrie 146 Stephens, James 345 Stephens, John W. 39, 252, 254, 374 Stephenson, James 164 Stephenson, Orlando W 106 Steppon, William 216, 259, 278, 370 Sterling, James A 355 Stern, Bill 198 Stern, Charles J. Jr 265 Stern, Harold 164 Stern, Marcia 234 Stern, Mildred 280 Sternfelds, Barbara 237,277, 383 Sterzik, Dolores 1 107, 110 Steudel, Richard A 39, 284, 366 Stevens, Esther 388 Stevens, Frank H 349 Stevens, Henry 335 Stevens, Joan E 160, 161 Stevens, Ray 101 Stevens, Ross : 66 Stevens, William R 368 Stevenson, Alice A 39 Stevenson, Donald 248, 262, 332, 340 Stevenson, Edyth C 39 Stewart, Donald H 61, 363 Stewart, Erie 165 Stewart, G. D 256 Stewart, John 351 Stewart, Walter 349 Stewart, Wayne 140, 147, 149 Stewart, William 163 Stibbs, John H 343 Stille, Here 218 Stille, Wayne 262, 278, 369 Stitt, Ida M 110 St. John, Ellen 388 Stock, Nancy 378, 397 Stocker, Robert A 366 Stocking, C. H 178, 367 Stocking, Prescott N 367 Stoddar, Maynard G 39, 278 Stoddard, Mickey 216 Stodden, Bet 206, 268, 278 Stodden, Richard B 39 Stolberg, Carl 153 Stolk, William 124 Stoll. Robert J 75, 80 Stomberg, Andrew W 64 Stone, Burdette A 97, 98, 101 Stone, Jane 166 Stone, John 265 Stone, Sanford H 68 Storkan, Marjorie 388 Story, George W. Ill 350 Stottzer, Robert H. 363 Stout, Betty J. 39, 287, 289, 290 Stout, Melville B 68, 239 Stover, John 332, 341 Stover, Virginia 381 Straayer, Joseph W 65, 347 Straehley, Clifford J 277, 341 Strain, Richard 246, 248, 282, 368 Strain, William 268 Strait, Jack C 39, 350 Stram, Roy, Jr 68 Strand, John 68, 265 Strand, Marjorie 378,397 Strasburg, Philip F 98, 266 Strauss, R 259 Strayer, William C 350 Strenger, Marchall C 63, 351 Stresau, Ann 392 Strickland, Walter 164, 255 Strickler, C. W 344 Striffler, David 247 Stroh, Selinah 282 Strong, E. W 65, 408 Strong, Leon H 349 Strong, Marjorie 388 Strong, Sam 247 Strong, Stanley 267 Stroud, Elsie N 110 Strouss, John P 39 Struck, William 124 Stryker, Alice ..154 Stuart, Robert 132, 134, 363 Stubbins. William H 158, 165 Stuber, Barbara 389 Stuch, LaFayette 353 Stuck, William B 39 Stuhburg, C. H 361 Stultz, Fred M 363 Stump, Eula 382 Stump, William 354 Stumpf. Gordon A. 68, 251, 253, 254, 265, 367 Stumpf, Harry C 335 Sturges, B. Richard 356 Sturgis, Cryus .... 138, 151, 353 Sturgis, Mrs. Cyrus C 154 Stutz, Albert M 52, 65 Suffrin, Barbara 280 Sukup, Milo 110, 190, 197, 278 Sullivan, Bernard Sullivan, Edward Sullivan, Frances Sullivan, John 271, Sullivan, William H Summerfield, Roy Summerfelt, Kenneth 165, Summerhays, Robert 342, Summers, Kathleen Sundeen, Reinhold 141, Sunderland, Edson R. 129, 224, 259, Sundquist, Robert 61, 229, 248, 267, Sundwall, John 138, Sutherland, David 56, Sutherland. Jack Sutler, Martin R Sutton, Palmer E , Su9n, William D 133, Swain, John Swander, Homer 234, 276, Swander, J. Philip Swanson, Irene M. 61 248 154 356 335 164 249 263 270 151 353 340 156 345 .134 .146 372 134 351 341 341 . 39 Swarts, W. G 304 Swartz, Dorman .... 61 Swartz, Fred G 140, 148 Swartz, Robert T 264, 266 Sweeney, Francis P 254, 367 Swenson, William W. 63, 164, 364 Swiderski, Edward J 346 Swift, Betty Jane 39, 388 Swift, Robert G 65 Swift, Roy 165 Swinton, R. S 266 Swinton, S. M 353 Swiren, Alfred 134 Sykes, John B 352, 39 Sykes, Robert 343 Symons, Norman L. 371 Syverson, Alfred N 244 Szabunia, Sigmund C 146 Szantho, Enid 241 Szeto. Chew C. 63 Taber, Constance ................ 229,385 Taft, William ............................ 344 Taggart, Ganson P ............... 61, 350 Taggart, Herbert F ............................ 84 Tang, S. Che ....................................... 274 Tann, Edward ................................ 282 Tann, Robert ................................. 357 Tanner, Thomas S ........................... 80 Tapping, T. Hawley 244,245,254,259,374 Tara, Hollis ............ 39 Tarbell, Theodore H ........... 234, 361 Tarnoff, Edwin ................................. 64 Tate, Joseph B ............................... 56 Tauber, Bernard L .............. 117 Taylor, F. Carter, Jr. ........ 239, 370 Taylor, Elaine .......... 280, 398 Taylor, Frank C, Jr ................ 267 Taylor, Glenn ................. 338 Taylor, G. Dekle ................ 149,351 Taylor. Hazel ................................. 383 Taylor, Jay C. ......................... 133 Taylor, Joanne .................. 297,382 Taylor, Katherine ............................ 381 Taylor, Lavern H ............................. 346 Taylor. Marianne ........................... 388 Taylor, Marjorie ............................ 388 Taylor, Mary M ...................... 39 Taylor, Norman C .......... 265, 408 Taylor, Richard L ............. 153, 342 Taylor, Robert F ............................... 39 Taylor. W. W ............................... 345 Teaboldt, Chase R ........................ 371 Teahan, James M ................. 133,134 Teesdale, Rufus .................... 64, 339 Teetzel, Margaret E. ........................... 97 Telfer, Bruce T ................. 369 Teller, Marjorie ...... 229,281, 383 Tellman, H. Clay ...140, 146, 151 Temp ler, John A .................. 64 Templeton, Frank H., Jr. 336 Templin, Robert L ............ 247, 366 Tenney, Perry G ................. 39, 340 Tenofsky, Jean ........... 39, 290, 293 Tenzer, Rena .......................... 39 Terrell, James ..................... 229,267 Terretta, Ellie ...................... 39, 266 Terro, Gertrude E ........................ 173 Test, Julie ..................................... 298 Thalen, Harry ................................... 343 Thalner, Robert R ........................... 355 Thar, Bernard R .................... 63 Thatcher, Charles M ........ 234, 267 Thatcher, Russell S ........... 371 Thaxter, Blake .............. 260, 278 Thaxter, Joseph B., Ill 39, 208, 336 Theodoroff, Boris ........... 163 Theriault. Paul W ..... 56, 65, 265 Thiel, Ward W .................. 56, 64 Thieme, E. T .................................... 353 Thieme, H. P ..................................... 20 Thorn, John C ................. 353 Thorn, Margot ..... 291,378,393 Thomas, Albert .................. .......... 212 Thomas, Alex W ............................... 87 Thomas, Alfred S ............................ 279 Thomas, Baird A ......... ................... 39 Thomas, Benjamine ....................... 56 Thomas, Dean ............................... 344 Thomas, Donald G ......... 335 Thomas, John J .................... 75, 370 Thomas, Mary ................................. 359 Thomas, Mildred ............................. 395 Thomas, John J ................................. 370 Thomas, Nougle 148, 366 Thomas, Robert L 369 Thomassen, Lars 335 Thompson, Charlotte 378, 380, 387 Thompson, David H., 39, 282, 339 Thompson, Donald 340 Thompson, Elizabeth 154 Thompson, Frederick W 65 Thompson, George R. 107, 110, 279 Thompson, Helen M. 140, 146, 154 Thompson, Jack 368 Thompson, James F. 56, 68, 361 Thompson, John H 39 Thompson, Milton J. 65 Thompson, Robert R 349 Thompson, William 343, 372 Thomson, A. R 256 Thomson, Charles C 39, 349 Thomson, George H 39, 369 Thomson, Gwendolyn 394 Thomson, R. D 359 Thomssen, Ellen Jane 384 Thorne. Elizabeth 395 Thorpe, Clarence D 1 06 Thorsby, Walker G 163, 256 Thorward, Benjamin 226, 262, 363 Tibbett, Lawrence 24 1 Tichenor, Blanche 389 Tiedeman. Walter 353 Tieman, Charles 47, 56, 68, 238, 239, 255, 261, 265, 337 Tietjen, John O. 47, 56, 64, 374 Tietzel, Frederick A 65 Tilley, Mrs. Morris P 166 Tilley, Morris P 260, 353 Tinker, Franklin 163, 165 Titelman, Mark 359 Titiev, Mischa 266 Tittle, Ruth 397 Titus, H. 158 Titus, Robert W. 248, 258, 282, 353 Titus, D. W 345 Tobias, Julian 352 Tobin, James E. 39, 218, 224,259,278, 351 Todd, Mark 151 Todd, Oliver 356 Todd, William M. 248, 258, 282, 339 Todt, Shirley A 39, 381 Togna, Albert 163 Tolle, Charles 147, 153 Tolton, June K 39 Tomaselli. Eugene A 279 Tomashoff, Phyllis 39 Tompsett, Arthur 153 Tonkin, Kenneth J 4T Tonkin, Phyllis 393 Toribara, Taft Y 266 Torrey, Julian 153 Toth, Louis W 56, 64, 338 Tower. Ray J 343 Towner, Richard F 56, 252 Townsend, Charles 345 Townsend, H. S 256 Townsend. John 202, 343 Townsend, Lynn 87, 88, 266, 340 Townsend, Paul S. 56 Townsley. Elmer R 279 Towsley, Harry 148 Tracy, James 247 Tracy, John E 129, 245 Iracy, Robert J 363 Travis, Robert 90 Traynor, M. Jean 234 Treadwell, Dorothy 234, 388 Tree, Russel M 374 Trendle George W 361 Trerice, Marjorie 382 Trethewey, Betsy 394 Treumner. Keith N 150 Treut, Arthur A., Jr. 75, 248, 260, 355 Trezise, Ruth 42 Trick, Charles 339 Trigg, Leslie J 56, 65, 66 Trimby, R. H _ 341 Tripp, Edward S. 21, 40, 260, 353 Tripp, Evalyn M. 173 Triop, John 61 Tritten, Ray 265 Troost, Herbert 368 Trost, Edward J. 264, 266, 284 Trottan, Ray 61 Troutwine. Willmanette M. ... 40 Trow, William C 106, 354 Trowbridge. William 340 Trowell. Albert H 80 Troy, Kenneth 343 Troy, Leonard 65 Trump. Dorothy 395 Trytton, Perry 368 Tseng. Cheng K 266 Tsu. Jack Chang Nee 65 Tuck, Mary Sue 397 Tuite, Charlotte M 161 Tupper, Gerald 88, 89 Turitzen. Nikolay 280 Turner, Dorothy 381 Turner, Elwyn E 179 Turner, lames 247, 340 Turner, Ralph 67, 281 Tusing, Ty 215 Tussing, Suzanne M 40, 384 Twiggs, Leo F 146, 150 Twichell, Gilbert 146, 151 Tydeman, Dorothy 391 Tyler, Frederick C 349 U Udell, Margaret E. 56 Ufer, Robert 212, 351 Ulbrich, Herman 67 I II in. HI. Marjorie 110 Ulmer, Arthur . 151 Ulmer, Robert J 40, 344 Ulrey, Scott S 354 Ulrich, Robert D 40, 353 Umbach, William E. 349 Underbill, Jane 395 Ungar, Richard G 352 Unger, Robert 359 Unruh, Janet M 40, 386 Upson, Katherine 388 Upson, Nancy 392 Upson, R. H 364 Upthegrove, Clair 335 Upthegrove, Nelson H. 256 Upton, H. H 353 Urbanek, Robert 406 Urdang, Zelda S .... 40 Ureles, Alvin 237, 359 Urmston, Nancy 387 Valerio, A. Mastro ............................. 80 Van Aken, J. T ................................ 256 Van Aken, M. J ............................ 256 Van Auken, Ed ............................ 153 van Benschoten, Duane S ............. 40 van Benschoten, Harvey E ............. 40 Van Campen, Robert D ....... 56, 363 VanCleaf, Edwin .............................. 350 Van Cleve, Russell 61, 266, 270, 335 Vanden Belt, Betty Jane ................ 280 Vandenberg, Al .................... 151 vandenBerg, Lawrence .................. 342 Vanden Hoek, John ....................... 124 VanderHeide. Anthony ................ 124 Vander Velde, Lewis G. 260,262 Van Deursen, H .................... 158 Van Domelen. Harold .................. 134 Van Doren, Mary J ...................... 173 Van Duren, Arthur, Jr ................... 262 Van Ess, Margaret J. 40,264,266,290,297 Van Gieson, Jacques ... 56, 61, 254 Van Giesen, William .................... 406 Van Hoek, Donald E. 264,266,347 Van Hoek, Walter R .................. 347 Van Kensen, Lionel W ............. 106 Van Leuwen, J. Roderic .............. 336 Van Manen, Louis 87,88,89, 165 Vanni, Edward W ...................... 107 Van Nordstrand, Philip C 239,347 Van O ' Linda, Edward H ............. 63 Van Strien, David .................... 63, 68 Vantine, Robert ........................ 339 Van Tuyl, David H ........................ 369 Van Tuyl, Frank F ....................... 369 Van Tuyl, Mary C ............................. 266 VanVeen, G. Henry ..... 66, 75, 252 Van Vleck, Doris ................. 388 Van Waggoner, Murray ............... 197 Van Wagner, Bernard R ............... 64 Van Wagoner, Virginia ............... 40 Van Winkle, Annabel 40,287,289,290,378,397 Varnell, Betty C ............................ 110 Vary, Calvin P ............................ 342 Vasiliou, Kimon F ............................ 68 Vaughn, Jack .............................. 353 Vean, Helen .................... 232, 397 Vedder, Ann E ........... 75, 389 Vedder, Frances B. 94, 101, 345 Vedder, Neil D. 248, 291, 345 Veenendall, Laurens, Jr ............... 40 Veigel, Lester E ............................... 110 Venrose, Robert ............................... 374 Verdon, Eleanor ............. 289 Ver Hey, William B ........ 147,148 Verwys, John H ................. 97, 98 Vial, A. Burgess ... 142, 151, 353 Vial, George M ............................... 40 Vial, Laura .......................... 393 Vibbert, Charles B ........... 262, 368 Vicary, Harriette .................. 393 Victor, Judith R .................. 160, 161 Victor, Meyer ............................... 163 Viegel, Lester E ................................... 370 Viehe, Carl A .............................. 361 Vignoe, Charlotte A ........................ 40 Vihtelic, Pauline M ...................... 110 Villegas, Ernesto ............................. 56 Vining, Keats K .............. 142, 153 Vincent, E. T ................................ 64 Vine, Benjamin ....................... 265 Visscher, Jane A ....... 40, 388 Vis, Vincent A ......... 56,61,340 Vizas, Christopher J .......... ............. 40 Voegelin. Harold S ..................... 369 Vogel, George N ............................. 355 Vogel, Maxine ......................... 387 Vogel, Muriel ........................... 173 Vogt, Edward .......................... 61 Vogt, Frederick H ................. 87,88 Voi les, Doreen ................................. 297 Vollmer, William 21,47,56,344 von Eisenhauer, Thelma 240, 241 459 von Schlegell, David 342 Voss, Robert 165 Vroman, Clyde 158, 165 Vroman, Lloyd 265 Vrooman, Carolyn 389 Vyn, Doris E 107, 11J Vyn, Frances 392 W Wade, Charles F 341 Wadey, Walter G 40, 264, 266 Wahl, Albert 281 Wahl, Norman E 56, 61 Wahr, Frederick B 338 Waggoner, Charles 358 Waggoner, Raymond W 138 Waggoner. Robert Walker, Elizabeth Wagner, Charles P Wagner, Enid R Wagner, Eugene M Wagner, Hugh Wagner, Jean Wagner, Marion J Wagner, Mary Lee Wagner, Robert Wagstaff, Claudia P Waite, John B. Wake, Douglas L Walcott, Fred G Walcott, John Walcott, Virginia Wald, Richard ... 256, Waldo, C M Waldo, Dr. Charles M Waldorf, Lyn Waldner, Jack H Walker, Anthony , Walker, Frederick R Walker, James M Walker, Maggie L. Walker, Richard Walkley, Arland R. 56, 64, Wallace, Gene Wallace, John Wallace, Paul L Waldron, Alexander M. Waldron, Robert E Walters, John F Walton, Ruth Walton-Black, James A. Wallace, Robert Wallace, Robert T. 256, 263, Wallace, Shirley .... Wallace, Wilbur Wallace, Wimburn L. Wallach, Carrie Wallach, Howard ..234, Waller, John Waller, H. G Walpole, Patricia 40, 287, Walsh, Jack Walsh, Margaret Walsh, Margaret L. Walsh, Sally Walter, Erich A Walters, George R. Waltz. Stanley 249, Walz, W. C Wandel, Robert Wang, Ming-Chen Wanstrom. Ruth Ward, Alice R. 40, 264, Ward, Chester D Ward, Donald Ward, Mildred A. 40, 283, Ward, Marcus L Ward, Virginia Wardwell, John Ware, Stanton J Wark, Bruce Warner, Caleb Warner, Guy E Warner, Robert M... Warns, James T Warren, Donald Warren, Kenneth A Warren, Russell Warrick, Woodward A. , 147, 151 345 292 262 .... 40, 266 368 342 390 110 393 40, 344 110 129 150 106 345 .280, 398 277, 359 94 102 200 64 164 117 355 146 35, 267 265, 266 67 335 341 350 349 ..149, 368 381 342 61, 263 , 267, 369 42 351 337 40, 280 267, 359 237, 350 358 Watson, Andrew .................. 281 Watson, Ardis L .................... 40, 384 Watson, David J., Jr .......... 87, 336 Watson, Henry .............. 40, 340 Watson, James ................................ 88 Watson, Jean 395 Watson, Keith ............ 282, 399 Watson, Loyall G ............ 346 Watkins, C. G ........... 351, 364 Watkins. Herbert G. 12, 163, 165, 332, 372 Watt, Flint C. 361 Watts, Gordon L .................... 117, 266 Way, Dorothy .............................. 270 Wayson, E. E ............................... 149 Wayne, Richard ................ 338 Weatherill, Phillip F. 335, 336 Weatherston, Richard N. 56, 356 Weatherwax, William F. ... 371 Weaver, Bennett ..... 262, 282, 353 Webb, Earle W. ... 244 Webb, George H ............. 64, 345 Webber, Albert G ............ 358 Weber, John ........................ 61, 372 Weber, Morrow Weber, Thelma 393 40, 383 Warriner, Dave Warzynski, Raymond Wason, John E Wasson, Harry Waterman, Leroy Waterman. Merwin A. Waters. Chester W Waters, Phyllis 166, 274, 291, 294, 393 290, 296 282 40, 392 291 282, 388 270 117 254, 262 364 363 264, 266 ... 154 266, 280 266 101 378, 394 ., 94, 101 393 . 61 266, 354 .356 256, 336 40 267 133 343 234, 365 164 Jr. 256, 351 281 335 336 354 ... 20 84 56 .. Weber, Walter J ............... 191, 260 Weddige, Emil .................. 235 Weeks, W. LeRoy ...................... 163 Weeks, William F. 140, 146, 149, 369 Wees, Marshal P ................. 150 Weesner, George W. 56, 63, 238, 239, 261, 265. 266, 337 Wege. Peter M ....... 342, 408 Wehmeyer, David B. ... 370 Wehner, Ann D ........ 40, 270, 381 Wehner, Ruth ........................ 163 Weichsel, Hans Jr ...... 66 Weick, George .............. 146, 151 Weidig, Thomas A. 56, 204, 265, 278, 346 Weidman, Hubert 21, 40, 248, 272, 273, 353 Weigel, Jack ........................... 56 Weil, Edwin ...... 247, 373 Weinberger, Robert A ........ 65, 359 Weiner, Margaret ................ 396 Weiner, Sherman .......... 234 Weingarten, Paul D ...... 267, 373 Weinhart, Sally .............................. 394 Weinstein, Ida ................................. 396 Weinstein, James 237, 247, 277, 359 Weinstock, Harold B ................ 352 Weintraub, Ethel ............................. 110 Weir, LeRoy ................................. 218 Weir, W. C. ......... 149 Weir, William T .................... 350 Weisberg, David ......................... 253 Weisinger, Herbert ..................... 235 Weisman, Phyllis R ..................... 40 Weisman, Robert .............................. 61 Weiss, Bertram ......... . 359 Weiss, Irving J .......... 56, 235 Weiss, Leo G ................. 97, 98, 100 Weiss, Marion E .................. 110, 382 Weissman, Helen A .......... 160 Welber, Margery ......... 234, 383 Welch, Elizabeth A ........... 40, 387 Weld, Hugh A ........................ 148 Weller, Carl V ............... 138, 149 Weller, Mrs. Carl V ............ 154 Weller, K. .................. 149 Wellington, Charles K. 160, 161, 165, 266 Wellman, Hugh ... ..339 Wells. Carlton F ..................... 264 Wells, John ... 163 Wells. Maynard .......................... 335 Welsh, Herbert D ......................... 150 Welsh, James E. 208, 209, 210, 260, 278, 365 Wendell, Miriam ............. 397 Wendt, Arthur ........................... 61 Wendt, John A. F. Jr ............ 354 Wener, Phyllis ...... , .................. 396 Wengrynuik. George ..................... 61 Werner, Robert ................................ 335 Wertheimer, Victor ... . 163 West, Clark ........................... 151 West, Donald C. Jr. 61, 208, 247. 267, 340 West, Harold E ..... 146 West. R. M ........... 364 Westbrook, Charles B. 56, 65 Westbrook, Philip ...... 224, 269 Westerman, George D. . 361 Westerman, Harold ................ 202 Westerman, Miriam .................. 229 Westerman, Kenneth N ............. 361 Westfall, Robert 190, 194, 195, 197, 198, 200, 262, 278, 368 Westlin, Helen C 161, Westra, Peter Westrate, Warren K Westrate, Yvonne 21, 40, 291, 297, 298, Wetherald, Margaret Wetmore, Joseph N Wetter, Allan A 254, Weymouth, Collin C 56, Wexler, Max Wezelman, Sol M 41, 254, Wheat, Barbara 41, Wheaton, Robert 41, Wheeler, Benjamin W 264, Wheeler, Carl D Wheeler, John L Wheeler, Marion E Wheeler, Mary Ellen 89, Wheeler, M. W Wheeler, Paul 41, 248, Wheeler, Robert Whelply, Frederick G Whelply, Grant Whipple, Ford Whipple, Grant D. Whisler, Howard E White. Adam A White, A. E.... 41, 335, 345, White, A. H 46, 254, 351, White, C. O White, Dale White, Ginny White, John R. 133, White, L. A 20, White, Lloyd C White, Philip White, Robert White, Richard T White, V. Hudson Jr White, William M Whitehead, Betty Whitehead, W. C 133, Whitehorn, Aaron E Whitehouse, Herbert Whitehouse, Keith 143, Whitehouse, Walter M. 140, 146, Whitely, Betty 298, Whiting, Joan M Whitman, Elmer 94, Whitman, Mrs. E. L Whitman, Evelyn Whitman, George Whitmire, A Whitney, A. S Whitney. Donald ..164, 265, Whitney, Frank Whitney, William Whittemore, Jean 229, Whittemore, Hal Whittemore, Margaret 75, 222, 228, 287, 290, Whitz, Adam A Whomes, D. E Wicks, Earl S Wickter, Lawrence Wiedman, Elaine Wiedzwiecki. Edward G Wieneke. John Wiens. David Wierengo, Duncan M Wiese, John L Wiessler, J. C. Wight, Howard M. Wight, Marion V Wikel, Dorothy Wikel, Robert Wile, Udo 138, Wilbur, Henry M Wilk, Marcia H 41, Wilkie, Alex C. 68, 238, 239, 254, 263, 265, Wilkie, John Wilkie, Wallace H. .. Wilkinson, James .. Wilkinson, Jerome ., Willard, H. H Willard, Robert G Willens, Harvey Williams. Anna Jean 284, 297, 378, 380, Williams, David Williams, Edward T Williams, Eleanor Williams, Ermont L Williams, Mentor Williams, Mildred A 41, Williams, Miriam Williams, N. H Williams, Russdl Williams, S. Bradford Williams, Sterrybrad Williams, Thomas 166 124 365 ....65, 41, ' . " 335, 1 41, 388 386 40 367 372 357 266 389 366 336 344 161 110 378 340 254 67 41 346 340 371 350 56 351 358 358 102 234 343 224 .. 64 344 101 . 68 351 ..148 235 354 .267 163 153 148 380 41 101 166 154 338 158 340 358 363 342 390 353 391 347 256 41 351 387 148 89 368 336 365 256 116 41 587 356 149 266 383 338 338 253 363 208 344 56 357 388 56 150 392 65 262 280 386 347 165 336 232 261 Williams, Tom . 278 Williams, Walter M 68 Williams, William H 65 Williams, Woodson J 350 Williamson, Maxine 395 Williamson, Russell B 358 Willis, Merville 408 Willis, John R 372 Willison, Charles 350 Willits, Ruth 276, 390 Willmeng, Lumon 101 Wills, Ann D. 75, 266, 291, 390 Wills, Richard 134 Wilson, Frank N 149 Wilson, H. E 354 Wilson, Hal 231 Wilson, Ira 344 Wilson, J. Robert 367 Wilson, James A 366 Wilson, John L 346 Wilson, Martha 154 Wilson, R.- 151 Wilson Rex W 142, 150 Wilson, Thomas 204 Wilson, Vance 90 Wilson, Walter R 266 Wilt, Martha 394 Wilton, James B 234 Wineland, Dorothy 385 Winkleman. Stanley 373 Winkler, James 47, 56, 261. 265, 266, 344 Winnacker, Rudolph . ... 365 Winne, John F 41, 367 Winter, J. G 20 Winters, Ann 395 Winters, John M 336 Winters. Richard M 336 Winters, Stanley J 97, 98 Winton, Mary 389 Wirtchafter. Donald M. 41, 230, 259, 373 Wirth, Richard 340 Wise, Clifford 190, 194, 351 Wise, Harry 343 Wise, R. 354 Wise, Raymond T 41 Wiseman, Robert . .... 373 Wisler. Chester 245 Wismer, Carrie 1 41 Wisner, Karl 278 Wistert, Albert 190, 195, 198, 262, 351 Witchner, Ira 373 Witherspoon. Ralph L 266 Witters, Betty Lou 110, 290 Wixson. Richard C 150 Woestenburg, Ann 280 Wohlgamot, John .... 148 Wolaver, Earl S 84 Wolaver, Mrs. E. L 166 Wolf, Frederick 373 Wolf, Henry 234 Wolf, Howard F. ... . 68 Wolf, J. M 256,267,373 Wolfe, Howard M 362 Wolfe, Wayne G 363 Wolff, Ernst .... 240 Wolfs, Carolyn 393 Wolfson, Miles K 56, 65 Wolfston. Carl 345 Wolin, Jack R 41, 357 Wolter, Mary Lou 384 Womer, Claude R 267 Wood, Arthur E 349 Worrell, Nancy 378, 389 Worrell, Shuman B 117 Worthington, Richard.. 163, 165 Work, Walter P 149 Wosika, Leon R 57,65 266 Wright, Arthur J 33C Wright, C. R 94 Wright, Eric . 368 Wright, Evelyn 390 Wright, Hobart H 150 Wright, Jack E 64 Wright, J. William 1 4 1 Wright, Joy 388 Wright, Lucy C 234, 390 Wright, Margaret 391 Wright, Marian 384 Wright. Wayne 353 Wright, William B 151, 335 Wrigley, Walter H. . ..41, 344 Wringt, C. Guinn III 364 Wreford, William B. . 361 Wrock, Francis W. . 57 Wubbena, Florence L. 171, 173 Wunluck, Fern 385 Wunsch, E. A 354 Wyss, Charlott E 41 Wyatt, Robert 361 Yackey, Phyllis R Yager, John Yager, Joseph Yancey, Asa G Yancich, Milan Yanowitz, Bennett Yared, Jerome A Yepsen, Roger B Yntema, Hessel E Yntema, Otto Yoakum, Clarence S. Yoder, John E Yoh, Stanislaus L York, Louis Yorks, William T Yost, Fielding H. ... 194, Youn-, Barbara Young, Donald Young, John R. Young, Leigh J Young, Leslie D. Young, Mary Anne.. Young, Mildred Young, Pao-chong Young, Patricia .. Young, Richard W. Young, Thomas B. Young, Virginia Young, Wendell Youngdahl, Paul F. Youngquist, Orrin G Youngquist, Richard 173 344 344 146 165 247 146 41, 336 129, 341 266 12, 353 57, 341 .... 65 61 133 ....188, 189, 254, 259, 363 390 351 57, 64 116, 344 ..244 41, 75, 388 388 57 397 61 41, 336 234, 391 66 ... 64 57, 61, 265 163, 340 Wood, Barbara Wood, Elaine M. Wood. Harold R., Wood, Nancy . ... Wood, Robert K. 386 41, 66, 385 Jr 350 298, 395 41, 361 Wood, R- ' th 173, 229, 280, 392 Wood, William M. 56, 254, 370 Wood. William P 335, 370 Woodard. Austin R 349 Woodbridge. Dana M 129 Woodburn, J. A 353 Woodburne, R. T 345 Woodhead, Priscilla L 75 Woodhouse, Barbara 384 Woodmancy. Betty Jane 395 Woodruff, Margaret E. 160, 161, 394 Woods, Arthur 356 Woods, Damon C 350 Woodward, Joanne 384 Woodward, Lucille 381 Woodward, Richard M 244 Woodworth. Phillip 351 Woody, Clifford 106, 189, 350 Woody, Charlotte 110, 38 Wooster, Betty 283, 382 Worden, Dorothy 398 Worley, John S. 68, 245, 254, 363 Zackheim, Herschel 152 Zahn, Edward J 350 Zander, Mrs. Alvin 270 Zapotock, Stella 234 Zarafonetis, Chris J 146 Zeder, Fred 66, 244, 343 Zeerip, Thomas E 350 Zeiger, Irving 41 Zeller, Henry 366 Zemke, Kenneth M 350 Zerden, Edward 41 Zerman. Milton 348 Zeskind, Marvin 267, 408 Zheutlin, Bertram 41, 266 Ziegler, Robert F. . 140, 146, 266 Zielinski, Ernest P 1 1 0, 279 Ziem, Frederick C 133 Zienty, Mitchell F 335 Zimmerman, Jane 392 Zimmerman, John F 237, 342 Zimmerman, Marcia Zimmerman, Robert 278, 343 Zimmerman. Walter H 57, 64 Zimmon, Harold J 41 Zipp, Bill 368 Zograph, Leo J 63 Zolik. Mitchell J. ... 63 Zolla, Charles H 41, 248, 373 Zollner, Dona 390 Zornow, Dale 163, 165 Zrmach. Genevieve 281 Zuber. Virginia M 41 Zucherman, Robert Zucker, Newton .... ' 357 Zuckerman, Burton 348 Zuckerman, Lenard 247, 348 Zuehlke, Carl W 335 Zulauf, Ray 282 460

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