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ALMA MATER Sing to the colors that float in the light; Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue! Yellow the stars as they ride thro ' the night, And reel in a rollicking crew Yellow the fields where ripens the grain, And yellow the moon on the harvest wain Hail! Hail to the colors that float in the light; Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue!j Blue are the billows that bow to the sun When yellow robed morning is due Blue are the curtains that evening has spun ' The slumber of Phoebus to woo Blue are the blossoms to memory dear. And blue is the sapphire that gleams like a tear - Hail! Hail to the ribbons that nature has spun; Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue! Here ' s to the college whose colors we wear; Here ' s to the hearts that are true! Here ' s to the maid with the golden hair, And eyes that are brimming with blue! Garlands of blue bells and maize intertwine And hearts that are true and voices combine - Hail! Hail to the college whose colors we wear! Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue! LENTON G. SCULTHORP RICHARD T. WATERMAN . Business Manager CARL E. GULDBERG WB Art Editor Copyright 1940 i The character of the legal profession depends on the character of the law schools. The char- acter of the law schools forecasts the future of America. Mr. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes TOWER OF THE LAW CLUB :, -v.v:. ' N 3$ 8 V3ii ;: : OF P % m UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR M I C H I G A N bteww bool presents ,n comme nces S p,in g o. 1940. , M;cWg on yearb ocU and Opening Section Administration L.S. A. En Dentistry Education Forestry Graduate Law Medicine Music Nursing Pharmacy Fraternities Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages Pages 1-8 9-n 18-55 56-85 86-9T 8-107 I Photograp Index Mankind ' s eternal goal, we dedicate this book. Although we realize that any immediate universal peace is more a dream than a reality, yet we believe that when all humanity dedicates itself to brotherly living, the world will experience the promise we have of " PEACE ON EARTH GOOD WILL TOWARDS MEN. " TROT :,- ' : - ' 3 UNIVERSITY HEALTH SERVICE Empowered with independent authority by the State Constitution, the Board of Regents is responsible for the educational policies and administrative functions of the University. Prior to 1852 the Regents were appointed but since that time two members have been elected at each biennial spring election, to serve for an eight-year term. Thus the Regents, through their independent control of the funds of the Uni- versity, are able to plan and to carry out consistent long-term educational policies. BOARD OF REGENTS Standing CBOWLEY, KIPKE, LYNCH, COOK, HEMANS, HERBERT. Seated SHIELDS, RUTHVEN, SMITH, CHAM. REGENTS HON. FRANKLIN M. COOK HON. DAVID H. CROWLEY HON. ESTHER M. CRAM HON. CHARLES F. HEMANS HON. J. JOSEPH HERBERT HON. HARRY G. KIPKE HON. JOHN D. LYNCH HON. EDMUND C. SHIELDS DR. EUGENE B. ELLIOTT, Ex-Officio Member Page 11 I [I [II Page 12 in Dr. Alexander Grant Ruthven has guided the University of Michigan toward the realization of his ideal, " the preparation of youth for World citizenship " . The achievements of his first ten years as President will be followed by even greater ac- complishments in the next decade, for it is his belief that " a University can never be finished. When it ceases to improve it begins to decline. " In his anniversary speech, President Ruthven said, " Not more verbal instruction, not more prescribed courses, not more legislation designed to place teachers and students in straight jackets, but more opportunities for growth and more actual experience in communal living are now the great needs in most institutions of higher learning. May we soon be able to say of Michigan ' s kind of education that it not only supplies expert training and general knowledge but also ' inculcates principles, polishes tastes, regulates temper, cultivates reason, subdues the passions, directs the feelings, habituates to reflection, trains to self-denial . " . . . a scholar, a scientist, a curator, an administrator, a builder, a duck hunter, and a horseman. Any man who can do all of these things is bound to end up as a university president. " Page 13 SHIRLEY W. SMITH Vice-President and Secretary IRA M. SMITH Registrar ADMINISTRATORS L CLARENCE S. YOAKUM Vice-President HERBERT G. WATKINS Assistant Secretary JAMES D. BRUCE Vice-President WILFRED B. SHAW Director of Alumni Relations Page 14 DEANS ALICE C. LLOYD Dean of Women JOSEPH A. BURSLEY Dean of Students As Dean of Students, Joseph A. Bursley is called upon many times throughout the school year to act as mediator, counselor, and judge. In addition he must attend numerousmeetings on campus affairs, conduct interviews, and, in general, oversee all student activities. Con- sequently, his office in Room 2 University Hall is familiar to everyone. His guidance has proved invaluable to many Michigan students. Although the activities and problems of women students are many, each of them is sure of the wise and just consideration of Miss Alice Lloyd, Dean of Women. League projects, maintenance of high standards for women living in dormitories, league and sorority houses, and supervision of Judiciary Council activities all fall under her jurisdiction. Adviser and friend to women students, Dean Lloyd is admired by all who come in contact with her. have a " coke date " with a Dean. Page IS .i VW -w 3 . . and the largest of the schools, the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts is truly the bone and sinew of the University. From its foundation in 1837, the College has undergone a constant period of growth and progress until today it stands in the first rank among liberal arts colleges of the nation and draws its student body from all parts of the world. Encompassing twenty- nine fields of concentration, the school serves two major purposes,- first, it offers a wide variety of subjects in the sciences and human- ities which insure a broad liberal education second, it offers more specialized curricula for those who intend to enter the various professional schools. Thus Dean Kraus puts it aptly when he says, " The College is both liberal and specific . . . the service school of the University. " LIBERAL ARTS I PORTALS OF BEAUTY DEAN KRAUS Dean Edward H. Kraus, known as one of the foremost scholars and educators in the country, is considered by those who know him well as a kind and genial man with an excellent sense of humor. His sincere ad- vice is always an inspiration to the puzzled student, and his friendly manner always puts every student at ease. Quite often seniors in the Literary College come to see him saying that they have been through almost four years of school without having met the Dean. No matter how busy he may be, Dean Kraus always finds time for them, to meet them, and to converse with them. He thoroughly enjoys talking with students and often says that his only regret is that his position does not permit him to come closer to a greater number of them. DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Top Row PARKER, WHITE, McMuRRY, HAYDEN, WATERMAN, CASE, PILLSBUHY. Row e DENSMORE, BREDVOLD, MCKENZIE, NORDMEYER, BARTLETT, BISHOP, BRADSHAW. Row 3 BOAK, SHARFMAN, THIEME, HUNT, BRUHM RANDALL, LARuE, CORTIS. Missing SCHOEPFLE. BONNER, WINTER Page 21 " . . . the Michigan University of the Air " On the watch for the Martians Professors ' competition on a window ledge of Angell Hall Behind the scenes in the Library Sunlight and shadows Page 23 HOG AN JEWITT LEV NEAFIE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FRANCIS HOGAN JANE JEWITT HERBERT LEV MARGARET NEAFIE President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE TED SPANGLER, Chr. BARBARA BENEDICT WILLIAM CANFIELD JACK. COOPER AUGUSTUS DANNEMILLER GWENDOLYN DUNLOP PATRICIA HAFF FRANCES McLoucHLiN BETTIE NICHOLS DANIEL SHAW THOMAS TUSSING FINANCE COMMITTEE DONALD NIXON, Chr. RUTH CHATARD Louis GROSSMAN WALTER HINKLE GORDON LAING HOWARD J. LUXAN DOROTHY NICHOLS ANNA PLATT JULIUS ROCKWELL MIRIAM SZOLD FREDERICK TYLER Recipients of honorary degrees last June three distinguished Engineers, President of a great in- surance company, able worker in medical re- search, General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera Association, Supreme Court Justice, former member of the Faculty, and Professor Emeritus of the Faculty. Page 24 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS MARGARET C. ABENDROTH A.B. in Science and Math. Highland Park, Mich. Martha Cook League Committee (3) J. G. P. HORACE W. ADAMS A.B. in Political Sci. Paw Paw, Mich. CHARLES W. ALDR1DGE JR. B.S. Snyder, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi ROBERT S. ALLEN B.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. Swimming (1) D WIGHT S. ADAMS A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Psi Upsilon Gargoyle (3) Frosh Frolic THOMAS B. ADAMS, JR. A.B. in History Jacksonville, Fla. Phi Delta Theta, Pres. (4) Sphinx Mimes (4) Michigam ua Toastmasters (4) Student Senate (2) (3), Pres. (3) Track Mgr. (I) (2) (3) (4) Interfraternity Council (2) (3) (4), Pres. (4) JAMES C. ALLEN A.B. Birmingham, Mich. Beta Theta Pi Sphinx Druids Perspectives, Co-editor (4) JOHN F. ANDERSON A.B. Belle River, Ont., Canada Sigma Alpha Epsilon EDWARD E. ADAMS A.B. Marshalltown, la. Sigma Nu MARWOOD B. AHLING A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. ROBERT G. ALLEN A.B. in Economics Harbor Springs, Mich. LOUIS C. ANDREWS A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Sigma Nu Daily (1) FIFI L. ANGLESON A.B. in Sociology Royal Oak, Mich. Martha Cook J. G. P. League House Group, Sec ' y (3) ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG A.B. in Sociology Three Rivers, Mich. Alpha Omicron Pi, Sec ' y- (4) J. G. P. JOHN L. ASHBY B.S. Pontiac, Mich. Adams House, Judic. Chr. (4) J. THOMAS AYE A.B. in Zoology Ambridge, Pa. Theta Chi Wrestling (1) BARBARA J. BACKUS A.B in Sociology Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta, V. Pres. (3), Pres. (4) Wyvern Scroll Michiganensian (2) (3) League Judiciary Council (3) (4) League Comm. (1) (2) (3) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. ALEXIS M. ANIKEEFF A.B. in Sociology East Dearborn, Mich. Michiganensian (2) Daily (2) Congress (3) WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, JR. A.B. Detroit, Mich. Zeta Psi Daily (2) Toastmasters (3) (4) Interfraternity Council (2) ELIZABETH M. ASSELIN A.B. Detroit, Mich. Pi Beta Phi J. G. P. RICHARD A. BABCOCK A.B. Syracuse, N. Y. Delta Sigma Pi JEROME ARFA A.B. Detroit, Mich. Play Production (4) Hillel Foundation (3) (4) Broadcasting (3) (4) THOMAS W. ASHBURY A.B. in Journalism Grand Blanc, Mich. ALVIN AUGUST A.B. Detroit, Mich. DIANA BABITCH A.B. in Psychology Flint, Mich. DONALD H. BADEON A.B. in Journalism Grand Haven, Mich. Band (1) (2) (3) (4) ELIZABETH H. BADGER A.B. in Political Sci. Ann Arbor, Mich. Page 25 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS ESTHER V. BAKER A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Chi Omega Soph Cabaret J. G. P. JAMES E. BALLARD A.B. in Economics Niles, Mich. Acacia JAMES H. BARNARD A.B. Winnetka, 111. Zeta Beta Tau Wrestling (1) Senior Ball Comm. Interfraternity Council (1) DORIS W. BARR A.B. Flint, Mich. Alumnae House, Pres. (4) Play Prod. OWEN R. BAKER A.B. Detroit, Mich. Chi Phi Sigma Gamma Epsilon MAXINE M. BARIBEAU A.B. in Political Sci. Grand Ledge, Mich. Senior Society, Pres. Daily (2) (3) ' Orientation Comm. (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comm. (1) (2) (3) (4) Crop and Saddle (2) (3) (4) Assembly Board (2) (3) ROB BARNES A.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Psi STEVEN G. BARSTOW A.B. in Economics Menominee, Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma ELIZABETH R. BALDWIN A.B. Buffalo, N. Y. Delta Gamma Michiganensian (2) Gargoyle (2) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Orientation Advisor (3) CHARLES P. BARKER A.B. in Psychology New York, N. Y. HENRY .W BARNETT A.B. in Political Sci. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Psi Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) Baseball Mgr. (2) FRANKLIN C. BASLER A.B. in Economics Jackson, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) R. O. T. C. (1) (2) (3) (4) BARBARA H. BASSETT A.B. Detroit, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Scroll Panhellenic, Pres. (4) J. G. P. MARGARET R. BEACOM A.B. in Psychology Royal Oak, Mich. Alumnae Scholarship IRIS G. BEHE A.B. in Journalism Lackawanna, N. Y. Kappa Tau Alpha, Sec ' y. Theta Sigma Phi, Treas. Daily (2) Perspectives (2) ALVIN M. BENTLEY A.B. Owosso, Mich. Theta Delta Chi Mimes Daily (1) (2) Play Prod. ROBERT L. BERHALTER A.B. in Economics North Tonawanda, N. Y. Chi Phi Interfraternity Council Baseball Mgr. (1) WILLIAM F. BAVINGER, JR. A.B. Omaha, Neb. Sigma Phi Druids Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) Interfraternity Council, Exec. Comm. (4) Athletic Assoc., Board of Dir. (4) Track Mgr. (3) Golf Mgr. (4) JULES BECKER A.B. in Economics Rochester, N. Y. BARBARA J. BENEDICT A.B. Rochester, Minn. Pi Beta Phi, V. Pres. (4) Scroll Michiganensian (1) (2) League Comms. (2) (3) (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. BABETTE E. BERG A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Mosher Hall Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Assembly Ball (3) Assembly (3) (4) DANIEL BERNSTEIN A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. NORMA C. BEACH A.B. in French Grand Rapids, Mich. Cercle Francais Glee Club Choral Union OTTO R. BECKER A.B. in History La Salle, 111. Alpha Delta Phi Druids Baseball Mgr. HAL T. BENHAM, JR. A.B. Indianapolis, Ind. Alpha Delta Phi Sphinx Michigamua Swimming (1) (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4) BETTY J. BERGSTRESSER A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Zeta Tau Alpha Theta Sigma Phi (2) (3) (4), Pres. (4) Daily (2) WARREN A. BETH A.B. in Economics Fremont, Mich. Kappa Sigma Page 26 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS (3) V. MIRIAM BICK A.B. in Psychology Bridgeport, Conn. League House, Pres. Pres. (4) Assembly Board (3) League Comm. (4) J. G. P. Hillel Foundation (3) (4) Phi Theta Kappa (1) (2) MARTHA A. BILL A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Kappa Delta League Comm. (3) J. G. P. WILLIAM F. BLACK, JR. A.B. in Political Sci. Mansfield, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega Daily (2) Golf (2) (3) (4) FRANKLIN H. BOCK A.B. in Political Sci. Monroe, Mich. Gargoyle (2) (3) DAISY M. BIHARY A.B. in French Dearborn, Mich. Assembly Board (2) (3) (4), Couneil (4) League Comm. (3) J. G. P. La Sociedad Hispanica, V. Pres. (4) Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4) Ann Arbor Independents (2) (3) (4). V. Pres. (3), Sec ' y. (4) BETTE J. BILLINGHAM A.B. in Fine Arts Kalamazoo, Mich. Martha Cook Assembly Ball Assembly Banquet J. G. P. MARY K. BLACKLOCK A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Martha Cook DONNA J. BOLT A.B. in History Muskegon, Mich. Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4) JS ' JkS JAMES N. BILBIE A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Football (1) (2) ISADORE BINDER A.B. in Economics New Rochelle, N. Y. Football (1) Union Staff (2) Basketball Mgr. (2) Congress ALECK BLOCK A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Zeta Beta Tau Union Opera (4) Glee Club FRANCES C. BONISTEEL Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta ELIZABETH K. BOOTHBY A.B. Westbrook, Me. Zeta Tau Alpha JOHN A. BOWNE A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. DON ALD R. BOYER A.B. Highland Park, Mich. Theta Chi HELEN E. BRADY A.B. in Latin Howell, Mich. Delta Delta Delta Phi Tau Alpha Daily (1) (2) (3) (4) Newman Club (2) (3) (4), V. Pres. (2) Fosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Senior Ball Comm. Orientation Comm. (4) ALLEN E. BRAUN A.B. in Economics Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Kappa Delta Congress (2) Student Senate (2) (3), Hous- ing Comm. Chr. (2) Hillel Foundation (1) (2) JULIA M. BORGMAN A.B. in Sociology Grand Rapids, Mich. Mosher Hall Council (4) Assembly Board (4) League Comm. (4) GEORGE H. BOYCE A.B. Iron Mountain, Mich. Tau Kappa Epsilon Hiawatha Club DOROTHY S. BOYER A.B. Highland Park, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma J. G. P. Soph Cabaret League Comm. JANE M. BRADY A.B. in Latin Saugatuck, Mich. Chi Omega Soph Cabaret League Comm. (2) (3) GEORGE J. BRAUN, JR. A.B. in Political Sci. Ann Arbor, Mich. WILLIAM S. BOWDEN B.S. in Zoology Port Huron, Mich. Acacia RICHARD E. BOYE A.B. in Political Sci. Buffalo, N. Y. Delta Upsilon Gargoyle (1) (2) Orientation Advisor (4) ROBERT S. BOYER A.B. in History Saginaw, Mich. Phi Theta Kappa J LEONARD BRANDT A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Phi Sigma Delta Union Staff (1) BARBARA BREHM A.B. Birmingham, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma Page 27 ' - 3 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS MARGARET J. BREMER A.B. in Journalism Grosse He, Mich. Helen Newherry Daily (1) (2) ELIZABETH R. BRINKMAN A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma Daily (1) Panorama (2) Perspectives (2) Soph Cabaret Play Prod. GEORGE W. BROOKS, JR. A.B. Norwich, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Chi Glee Club (1) (2) (3) Wrestling (1) RUTH C. BRYANT A.B. in Sociology Montgomery, Mich. Delta Delta Delta International Cabinet (2) Student Religious Ass ' n. Coun- cil (2) League Comm. (2) Daily (2) D. JANE BRICHAN A.B. in Mathematics Owosso, Mich. Phi Kappa Phi W.A.A., Outdoor Sports Mgr. Girls ' Glee Club WARREN BROCK A.B. in Economics Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Pi. Pres. (3) (4) Daily (1) La Sociedad Hispanica (2) MARY-FRANCESKA BROWN A.B. Bloomington, 111. Crop and Saddle (1) (2) J. G. P. CHARLES C. BUCK B.S. in Mathematics Tecumseh, Mich. Robert Owen Co-op House Student Senate (2) (3) Student Christian Ass ' n. (1) Michigan Anti-War. Coinrn. (2)(3 (4).Chr. (2) (4) BETTY A. BRICKER A.B. in History Birmingham, Mich. Betsy Barhour Daily (1) (2) (3) Girl ' s Intramural Debate, Co- Chr. (3) Assembly Banquet (3) (4) J. G. P. Assembly Ball (3) League Comm. (1) (3) (4) ROBERT C. BROCKWAY A.B. Geneva, N. Y. WILFORD H. BROWN A.B. in Economics Crown Point, Ind. Acacia Football (1) (2) Track (4) LOIS M. BUCKHEIT A.B. in French Detroit, Mich. Le Cercle Francais La Sociedad Hispanica ROYAL A. BUEHLER A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Daily (2) (3) (4) IRVIN A. BUSSE, JR. A.B. in Economics Riverside, III. Sigma Chi GEORGIE E. CAMPBELL A.B. in Library Science Minot, N. D. ELSIE J. BURKETT A.B. So. Pasadena, Calif. Kappa Alpha Theta J. G. P. PETER D. CARRAS A.B. in Zoology Paterson, N. J. Delta Epsilon Pi PETER J. CARTER, JR . A.B. Tuskegee, Ala. Alpha Phi Alpha. Pres. (3) Phi Tau Alpha (3) (4) Track (1) Newman Club RICHARD O. BYERS A.B. in History Rochester, N. Y. Glee Club (3) WILLIAM B. CANFIELD A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Delta Kappa Epsilon Druids, Sec ' y. Hockey (1) (4) Student Senate (4) Men ' s Judiciary Council Football. Mgr. (3), Alternate Mgr. (4) J. G. P. Union Opera (4) CASEY M. CARTER A.B. Hollywood, Calif. Alpha Delta Phi Choral Union (1) (2) (3) Play Prod. (2) (3) J. G. P. (2) (3) Children ' s Theatre (4) Mimes Sociedad Hispanica (2) (3) (4) Union Opera (4) DOROTHY J. CAUGHEY A.B. in Speech Schenectady, N. Y. Alpha Omicron Pi, Treas. (3), Pres. (4) Omega Upsilon, Pres. (4) Frosh Project Women ' s Swimming Team (1) J. G. P. Play Prod. (3) League Comm. (2) MARY V. BUSH A.B. Huntington, W. Va. Martha Cook Alpha Lambda Delta (2) Delta Sigma Rho (3) League Comm. (3) Debate (2) (3) (4) RUTH L. CALKINS A.B. Detroit, Mich. Delta Gamma Alpha Lambda Delta French Play (3) FRANCES R. CARLISLE A.B. in Speech Saginaw, Mich. Kappa Delta, Treas. Zeta Phi Eta J. G. P. HELEN J. CARTER B.S. in Zoology Honolulu, Hawaii Mosher Hall, Council (4) Transfer Adviser (4) MARGARET J. CERMACK B.S. in Zoology St. Petersburg, Fla. Martha Cook Page 28 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS WILLIAM C. CHAMBERLIN B.S. in Geology West Henrietta, N. Y. Geology Journal Club SELMA CHIBNIK A.B. New York, N. Y. Phi Sigma Sigma, Treas. CLYDE W. CLARK A.B. in Economics Dearborn, Mich. Band (1) (2) Orchestra (1) (2) Glee Club (3) Union Opera (4) JEANE CLEMMONS A.B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Delta Class Vice-Pres. (1) Choral Union (1) (2) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Panhellenic (3) (4) RUTH M. CHATARD A.B. in French Wilmette, 111. Kappa Delta Pres. (3) (4) Gargoyle Frosh Project Soph Cabaret Soph Prom Children ' s Theater Panhellenic Ball (4) EDWARD P. CHRISTENSEN A.B. Two Harbors, Minn. Theta Xi JANET M. CLARK A.B. in History Pearl River, N. Y. Martha Cook Senior Society Michiganensian (2) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comms. Assembly, Sec ' y (4) Assembly Ball " (2) (3), Central Comm. (3) ELIZABETH H. CLIFT A.B. in French Flint, Mich Alpha Delta Pi 4 UNA K. CHEMERDA A.B. in Political Sci. Buchanan, Mich. Perspectives (2) (3) Assembly (2) Girl ' s Glee Club (2) (3) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret JOHN S. CHRISTENSEN A.B. Greenville, Mich. Delta Sigma Pi Daily MARGARET M. CLEARY A.B. in Political Sci. Battle Creek, Mich. Collegiate Sorosis Pol. Sci. Round Table (4) Newman Club (3) (4) Cercle Francais (4) League Comm. (4) J. G. P. DAYTON C. CLOSSER A.B. in French Detroit, Mich. Theta Xi Sphinx Sociedad Hispaniea RICHARD I. COHEN A.B. in Economics Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu JOHN F. COLE, JR. A.B. Detroit, Mich. Chi Psi RICHARD A. CONNERS A.B. in Zoology Dayton, Ohio Acacia Toastmasters MARTHA J. COOK A.B. in Sociology Hillsdale, Mich. Pi Beta Phi Gargoyle (1) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comms. Crop and Saddle WILMA M. COPE A.B. in English Montclair, N. J. Martha Cpok Frosh Project J. G. P. Girl ' s Glee Club (2) (3) S. R. A. (2) (3) French Club (3) (4) J. ROBERT COHL A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. RUTH COLER A.B. Indianapolis, Ind. Alpha Phi J. G. P. Judiciary Council STANLEY CONRAD A.B. in History Louisville, Kan. Alpha Tau Omega Scabbard and Blade Class Treasurer (2) Union Staff (2) I. M. Sports Awar d (2) (3) (4) JACK E. COOPER A.B. in Economics Kalamazoo, Mich. Sigma Chi Baseball Mgr. (2) (3) ALLAN B. COPLEY A.B. in Economics Decatur, Mich. MARTHA J. COLCOCK A.B. in Library Sci. Charlottesville, Va. Chi Omega JAMES I. COLLINS A.B. Flint, Mich. Phi Rho Sigma Vaughan House, V. Pres. JOHN M. COOK A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. WINIFRED COOPER A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Phi DOROTHY M. COX A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Zeta Tau Alpha Orientation Advisor La Sociedad Hispaniea Lutheran Student Assn. Page 29 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS KATHERINE A. CRAMER A.B. in Zoology Muskegon, Mich. Martha Cook Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Assembly Ball (3) (4) Assembly Banquet (3) MARY E. CULBERTSON A.B. Clarion, Pa. Martha Cook, Treas. (4) W. A. B. FRED C. CULVER A.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma Track (2) (3) (4) " M " Club MARY M. DAILEY A.B. Saginaw, Mich. Collegiate Sorosis J-Hop n r. Is ? " HARRY B. CRAWFORD A.B. in Political Sci. Grand Rapids, Mich. Chi Psi CARL A. CULVER A.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma Track (3) (4) Orientation Adviser THOMAS CUTHBERTSON A.B. Battle Creek, Mich. Sigma Phi Epsilon ROBERT W. CRAWFORD A.B. in Political Sci. Flint, Mich. DANIEL E. CULVER A.B. in Economics Warwick, N. Y. Phi Kappa Tau KARWYN DAHL A.B. in Speech Flint, Mich. Martha Cook Play Prod. Choral Union AUGUSTUS DANNEMILLER WILBUR S. DAVIDSON A.B. Canton, Ohio Delta Tau Delta Sphinx. Treas. Druids Michlganemlao (1) (2) (3) Newman Club, V. Pres. (4) A.B. in History Port Huron, Mich. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Pres. (4) Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Michigan! ua Admin. Board, Student Member (4) Interfraternity Council, Sec ' y- Treas. (4) " ZELDA L. DAVIS B.S. in Math and Science Tulsa, Okla. Alpha Epsilon Phi, V. Pres. (3) (4) Wyvern Mortarboard Hillel. Sec ' y (2) (3) (4) League Theater Arts Comm. Chr. (4) PETER DEHLINGER B.S. in Mineralogy Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Kappa Phi (4) K. LUCILLE DeLONG A.B. Flint, Mich. J. G. P. Theater Arts (3) (4) LEON DICKER A.B. in Political Sci. Brooklyn, N. Y. Phi Beta Delta HARRIS D. DEAN A.B. Lansing, Mich. Observatory Journal Club (3) (4) Congress (2) (3) (4) Michigras (2) WILLIAM M. DELBRIDGE A.B. Grosse Point, Mich. Delta Kappa Epsilon MILDRED DeRYK A.B. Grand Haven, Mich. JAMES T. DICKEY, JR A.B. in Economics St Louis, Mo. HENRY T. DIGHTON A.B. in History Monticello, 111. Delta Tau Delta THOMAS P. DIGNAN A.B. Owosso, Mich. L l C -1 W. FRITZ DeFRIES A.B. in Political Sci. Ann Arbor, Mich. Acacia Daily (1) (2) Interfraternity Council (2) (3) ELIZABETH L. DELEVIN A.B. New York, N. Y. Daily (1) Play Prod. (3) (4) CATHERINE M. DEVINE A.B. in Spanish Ann Arbor, Mich. Chi Omega Sociedad Hispanica Daily (2) (3) Pitch and Putt Club Soph Cabaret League Comms. (2) (3) (4) BETTY DICKMEYER A.B. in Zoology Fort Wayne, Ind. Pi Beta Phi ROBERT W. DILLEY A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Mich. Debating (3) Intramural Athletics (3) Page 30 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS RUTH L. DILLMAN A.B. in Sociology Chicago, 111. Delta Delta Delta Betsy Barbour House, Treas (2), Soc. Comm. Soph Cabaret J. G. P. IRENE R. DOHERTY A.B. in English Bessemer, Mich. Alpha Omicron Pi E. JEANNETTE DRAKE A.B. in Sociology Toledo, O. Mosher Hall Sigma Eta Chi. Pres. (3) Archery Club (3) Rifle Club (4) GWENDOLYN B. DUNLOP A.B. in Journalism Plymouth, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega, V. Pres. (4) Kappa Tau Alpha (3) (4) , Pres. (4) Theta Sigma Phi (3) (4), V. Pres. (4) Michigan Journalist (3) (4) Daily (2) League Comms. (2) (3) Soph Cabaret Frosh Project J. G. P. EVELYN M. DOCK A.B. Detroit, Mich. Delta Gamma League House, Pres. Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Crop and Saddle BERNARD M. DONAHOE A.B. in Speech Dowagiac, Mich. Alpha Nu (4), Treas. (4) Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) Wrestling (1) Newman Club (2) (3) (4), Treas. (4) ELSIE J. DUNBAR A.B. in English Cleveland, O. Helen Newberry. Board (2) (3) Wyvern Senior Society Assembly Ball, Program Chr. (2) W. A. A., Mgr. (3) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Cercle Francais (3) (4) VIRGINIA A. DURAND A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Martha Cook J.G.P. Soph Cabaret Glee Club (3) (4) German Club (3) (4) Pitch and Putt (2) (3) Assembly (3) (4) EARLA E. DODGE A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Kanpa Kappa Gamma, Treas. (3) Michiganensian (2) Soph Cabaret .1. G. P. League Comm. (2) MABEL A. DOUGLAS A.B. Detroit, Mich. Chi Omega League Comma. (2) (3) (4) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Orientation Advisor (3) JAMES E. DUNLAP A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi Daily (1) (2) Band (2) SAMUEL DURST A.B. New York, N. Y. Tennis (3) (4), Capt. (4) MARTIN B. DWORKIS A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Political Sci. Roundtable (4) Am. Soc. of Internal. Law (3) (4) Student Senate (2) (3) (4), Pres. (4) United Peace Council (2) (3), Pres. (3) Delegate. World Youth Con- gress (2) Hillel Council (2) (3) (4) RHEA J. EASTON A.B. Detroit, Mich. Chi Omega J. G. P. League Comma. JANE ELSPASS A.B. in Speech Lake wood, O. Delta Delta Delta Scroll Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) (4), Women ' s Ed. (4) Orientation Advisor (3) (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. JAMES C. EVERETT A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Alpha Delta Phi, Steward (4) Michigras Comm. (3) OSCAR A. FEFERMAN A.B. South Bend, Ind. Zeta Beta Tau, Steward (3), Pres. (4) Mimes, V. Pres. (4) FLORENCE H. DYER A.B. in Landscape Arch. East Stroudsburg, Pa. LEONARD A. EASTMAN A.B. St. Louis, Mo. Pi Lambda Phi, Pres. (4) EVELYNE EICHELBERGER A.B. in Botany Union Bridge, Md. League Comms. (3) (4), Chr. W Ann Arbor Independents (2) (3) (4) La Sociedad Hispanica (4) Assembly (4) GLADYS L. ENGEL A.B. in Sociology Atlantic City, N. J. Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi Alpha Kappa Delta Senior Society Assembly, Treas. (4) League Comm. (1) (2) Wolverine Co-op (4) Assembly Ball (3) Daily (1) MARGARET P. PAGAN A.B. in English Muskegon, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Phi Theta Kappa .1. G. P. Newman Club (3) League Comm. (4) ROSLYN H. FELLMAN A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Betsy Harbour. Pres. Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Society, V. Pres. Assembly Board (1) Assembly Banquet (2) League Comm. (1) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. SEYMOUR S. ELLMAN A.B. in Political Sci. Detroit, Mich. Phi Beta Delta Basketball (1) Athletic Assoc., Board (4) Union Staff (1) Basketball Mgr. (2) (3) Tennis Mgr. (4) Manager ' s " M " Club CLARENCE M. ERICKSON A.B. in Economics Pontiac, Mich. NORMAN J. FEATHER B.S. in Geology Boston, Mass. Art Cinema League (3) (4) Band (1) (2) MARIAN FERGUSON B.S. in Psychology Portsmouth, O. Alpha Phi Alpha Lambda Delta Scroll Daily (1) (2) (3) Frosh Project J. G. P. Page 31 - A 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS ENORA FERRISS A.B. Detroit, Mich Delta Gamma, Pres. (4) Wyvern Scroll Michiganensian (2) J. G. P. League Comms. MILTON I. FINEBERG A.B. in Economics Flint, Mich. Mk-hisamua Daily Sports Editor (4) SHIRLEY G. FISHMAN A.B. in English Cleveland Heights, O. Alpha Epsilon Phi Daily (II (2) Mich. Journalist (3) Transfer Orientation Comm. Frosh Project Play Production League Comms. MARGARET B. FORD A.B. in Speech Baltimore, Md. Alpha Phi, V. Pres. (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. SYLVIA J. FIDELHOLTZ A.B. Cleveland, O. Alpha Kappa Delta League House Pres. FRANK F. FIRNSCHILD A.B. in Speech Wyandotte, Mich. Congress, Zone Pres. (1) Publicity Comm. (2) (3) FRANCIS C. FLAHERTY A.B. in Zoology Battle Creek. Mich. k J WILLIAM H. FORD A.B. in Mathematics Laurium, Mich. JUDITH L. FRANK A.B. Westport, Conn. Mosher Council, Sec ' y (4) League Comms. (2) (3) (4) Assembly Banquet (2) (3) Frosh Project J. G. P. Swimming Club (2) (3) PAUL J. FRENCH A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Union Staff (1) (2) RAYMOND J. FRASER A.B. Peoria, 111. Chi Psi Phi Eta Sigma SIDNEY FRIEDMAN A.B. Wyandotte, Mich. HALLECK D. FRY, JR. A.B. in Journalism Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Eta Sigma Phi Mu Eta ROBERT W. GATES A.B. in Economics Romeo, Mich. GEORGE H. GANGWERE A.B. in Economics Girard, O. Alpha Sigma Phi Student Senate (2) (3) MARION L. GEISLER A.B. in Library Sci. Cincinnati, O. EDWIN A. GELL A.B. Flint, Mich. Glee Club (3) (4) Cercle Francais (3) (4) Sociedad Hispanica (4) Page 32 BYRON H. GERSON A.B. Detroit, Mich. Pi Lambda Phi Gargoyle (1) (2) Daily (3) Soph Prom. Play Production (4) VIRGINIA D. FIELD A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Perspectives MURIEL FISHMAN A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Phi CLAIRE FORD A.B. in Sociology Springfield, Mass. Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta, Treas (1) Alpha Kappa Delta )3) (4) Daily (1) (2) (3) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comm. (2) (3) Orientation Advisor (3), Central Comm. (4) JEANNE B. FOSTER A.B. Clarkston, Mich. Daily (1) (2) Perspectives (2) (3) RAYMOND FREDERICK, JR. A.B. in Economics Oak Park, 111. Alpha Kappa Lambda HARRISON FRIEND A.B. Muskegon, Mich. Kappa Nu, Pres. (4) HERBERT H. GARDNER, JR. A.B. in Political Sci. Birmingham, Mich. Zeta Psi Daily (1) (2) Hockey (1) Union Opera (4) JOHN T. GELDER, JR. A.B. Marion, Ind. Phi Gamma Delta, Pres. (4) Sphinx Druids Mimes (4) Toastmasters (2) (3) (4), Pres. (4) Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) Play Production (4) Frosh Frolic Interfraternity Council (4) IRVING B. GERSON A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Pi Lambda Phi Daily (1) (2) (3) Class Treasurer (1) ' w,j - ;: i 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS ANDREW H. GIBSON B.S. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Sec ' y Treas. Scalp and Blade, V. Pros. DOROTHY F. GLASS A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Phi Michiganensian (2) (3) J. G. P. Panhellenic (3) (4) ANSHEL GOLDBERG A.B. Middletown, N. Y. Tau Epsilon Phi, Cornell Baseball ROBERT E. GOLDEN A.B. in History New Haven, Conn. Zeta Psi Gargoyle (2) Track (1) (2) Interfraternity Council (2) (3) International Relations Club (3) Toastmasters Club (2) (3) (4), Sec ' y-Treas. (4) COLVIN L. GIBSON A.B. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Theta Chi, Pres. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Men ' s Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4) Pres. Adelphi (1) AGATHA F. GLICK A.B. Jackaon, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Phi J. G. P. League Comm. JOSEPH GOLDBERG A.B. in Economics Middletown, N. Y. Football Baseball ADA GOLDMAN A.B. Cleveland, O. Girls ' Glee Club (2) League Comm. (3) (4) Choral Union (3) (4) SIDNEY GINSBURG B.S. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Phi Sigma Delta Michigan Union (2) ROBERTA F. GNERICH A.B. Holland, Mich. Chi Omega J. G. P. League Comma. ROBERT GOLDEN A.B. in Economics River Rouge, Mich. HAROLD R. GOLDMAN A.B. in History Utica, N. Y. Phi Sigma Delta, Pres. (4) Daily (1) (2) Senior Ball Comm. Hillel Players (3) (4), Publicity Mgr. (3) JOHN P. GOODELL A.B. Lansing, Mich. Chi Phi Student Senate (1) Interfraternity Council (1) Druids S. M. Club JAMES W. GRACE A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Delta Kappa Epsilon Druids Wrestling (1) Interfraternity Council (2) (3) Law Club (1) PAUL B. GREATHOUSE A.B. Dayton, O. SYDNEY J. GRIFFITHS A.B. Muskegon Heights, Mich. LOUIS H. GROSSMAN A.B. in Speech Muskegon, Mich. Pi Lambda Phi PETER GOSSARD A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Alpha Tau Omega Band (1) (2) (3) Interfraternity Council (2) SAMUEL E. GRANT A.B. in Political Sci. Oil City, Pa. Phi Sigma Delta Hillel Foundation, V. Pres. (2) (3) Student Religious Assn. Hillel Players fl) (2) (3) (4) Student Senate (4) HOWARD GREENBERG A.B. Chicago, 111. Phi Sigma Delta, Treas. Baseball (2) (3) (4) ELIZABETH C. GROSS A.B. Glenwood Landing, N. Y. Martha Cook Senior Society Women ' s Athletic Board (3) (4) Student Religious Assn. Council (4) Soph Cabaret Le Cercle Francais (3) (4) League Comms. (3) Assembly Banquet Comm. (3) J. G. P. ' LAWRENCE GUBOW A.B. in Political Sci. Detroit, Mich. Congress Union Staff BEN Z. GOTLIB A.B. Flint, Mich. Avukah, Pres. Hillel Council ALBERT A. GRAU B.S. in Mathematics Grand Rapids, Mich. WALDEMAR R. GRIESBACH A.B. Muskegon, Mich. Phi Theta Kappa RICHARD GROSSENHEIDER B.S. St. Louis, Mo. Anthropology Club RICHARD S. GUNSBERG A.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Beta Delta Page 33 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS MARTIN GURWIN A.B. Detroit, Mich. Congress Co-op House Hillel Student Council (2) (3) Congress (1) (2) (3) (4) ANN G. HALL A.B. in Political Sci. Philadelphia, Pa. HAZEL C. HALPIN A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Alpha Delta Pi Gargoyle (4) Assembly Board Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comms. ARTHUR S. HANN A.B. in Economics Jackson Mich. PATRICIA HAFF A.B. in Fine Arts Pelham Manor, N. Y. Collegiate Sorosis Sigma Alpha Iota Scroll, V. Pres. (4) Frosh Project Soph. Cabaret J. G. P. Transfer Women ' s Orientation, Chr. (3) Choral Union (2) (3) Panhellenic Ball (3) CLETUS M. HALL A.B. in Social Work Blissfield, Mich. Delta Gamma Michiganensian (2) J. G. P. Soph Cabaret Theater Arts (2) BETTY B. HAMBURGER A.B. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Phi J. G. P. League Comm. ROBERT S. HANSEN B.S. in Chemistry Joplin, Mo. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Knppa Phi Phi Heta Kappa PATTIE C. HAISLIP A.B. Detroit, Mich. Collegiate Sorosis, Pres. Wyvern Mortarboard, Pres. Alpha Kappa Delta Michiganensian (1) J. G. P. Frosh Project Soph Cabaret Panhellenic Rep. (2) HARRY L. HALLOCK A.B. Royal Oak, Mich. Sigma Chi MARGUERITE HAMILTON A.B. Flint, Mich. Kappa Phi THOMAS E. HANSEN A.B. in History Highland Park, Mich. G. ROBERT HARRINGTON A.B. in Economics Albany, N. Y. Kappa Sigma, Pres. (4) Student Senate (3) Men ' s Judiciary Comm. (4) I. F. C. Exec. Comm. (4) CAROL J. HARRISON A.B. in Religion and Ethics Detroit, Mich. League House, Pres. Assembly Comm. (1) JEAN D. HASTIE A.B. in Journalism Grand Rapids, Mich. Martha Cook Daily (2) (3) Soph. Cabaret Lantern Night Assembly Ball League Comm. (2) (3) Orientation Comm. (4) DAVID O. HAUGHEY A.B. Battle Creek, Mich. Psi Upsilon I. F. C. Ball (3) MARY E. HEDGES B.S. in Zoology La Grange, 111. Delta Delta Delta EDMOND HARRIS A.B. Utica, N. Y. Phi Sigma Delta I. F. C. (2) (3) EMILIE J. HART A.B. in English Vermilion, O. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres. (4) Michiganensian (2) League Comm. Sopn. Cabaret Frosh Project J. G. P. GERALD B. HATCH A.B. Marshall, Mich. FREDERICK V. HAUSER A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Kappa Phi JOHN S. HEIL A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Sigma Chi JUNE HARRIS A.B. in English New Rochelle, N. Y. Girls Co-op House, V. Pres. Daily (2) (3) DORIS J. HARVEY A.B. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Martha Cook Daily (2) (3) (4) League Comm. Play Production J. G. P. RUTH H. HATFIELD A.B. in Psychology Chicago, 111. Delta Gamma Gargoyle (1) Michiganensian (2) Daily (1) Perspectives (3) ANNE G. HAWLEY A.B. in English Salamanca, N. Y. Gamma Phi Beta Scroll KENNETH A. HEININGER A.B. Saline, Mich. Alpha Kappa Lambda Glee Club. V. Pres. Page 34 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS DORYCE E. HELFRICH A.B. Ypsilanti, Mich. Martha Cook Archery (3) (4) Volley Ball (3) (4) Orientation Adviser (4) FRANCES J. HERRICK A.B. Bolivar, N. Y. ( ' hi Omega Daily (2) League Comm. (3) RICHARD HIGGINS B.S. Washington, D. C. Alpha Tau Omega ROBERT A. HIRSCH A.B. in History Michigan City, Ind. Phi Epsilon Pi Daily (1) Freshman Glee Club Varsity Reserves Club (2) FRANCES M. HENDERSON A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Soph Cabaret J. G. P. BENJAMIN B. HERTZ A.B. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Nu Hillel Debating RUBY HILLIS A.B. Flint, Mich. Martha Cook Alpha Kappa Delta WILLIAM J. HOCKETT, JR. A.B. Fort Wayne, Ind. Delta Tau Delta Sphinx Michiganensian (2) JEAN HENDRIAN A.B. in Sociology Montclair, N. J. Alice Palmer Cooperative MURIEL A. HESS A.B. in Sociology Kalamazoo, Mich. Helen Newberry Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Kappa Phi Assembly Board (3) J. G. P. Assembly Ball (3) Congress-Assembly Tea Dances (2) WALTER J. HINKLE A.B. in Journalism Chicago, 111. Theta Delta Chi Scabbard and Blade, Pres. (4 ) Druids Mich. Journalist (3) (4) Military Ball Comm. (3) Interfraternity Council (3) R.O.T.C. (1) (2) (3) (4) HARRIET W. HOFFMAN B.S. Detroit, Mich. Martha Cook FRANCIS P. HOGAN A.B. in History Hornell, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi Sphinx Michigan! ua Class President (4) Track (1) (2) (3) (4) M " Club (3) (4), Pres. (4) Newman Club (3) (4) Football Program Comm. (4) " Pep " Meetings, Chr. (4) Orientation Comm. (4) MARY E. HONECKER A.B. in Sociology Grand Rapids, Mich. Mortarboard Senior Society League Council, Sec ' y (4) J. G. P. Assembly Banquet, Chr. (3) League Comma. (3) (4) HILTON P. HORNADAY B.S. Hamburg, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi JOHN R. HULBERT A.B. in Economics Birmingham, Mich. Phi Gamma Delta Sphinx Druids Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) Student Senate (3) FRANCES E. HUNTINGTON A.B. in Latin Howell, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega HAROLD J. HOLSHUH A.B. Sturgis, Mich. Theta Chi Lawyer ' s Club Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Phi Beta Kappa J-Hop Freshman Adviser (2) (3) JACK C. HOOVER A.B. in Economics Fair Oaks, Pa. Congress (2) (3) (4) Judiciary Council (4) Student Adviser (3) MARY A. HOUSTON B.S. in Psychology Joliet, 111. J. RICHARD HUMPHREYS A.B. in Speech Grand Rapids, Mich. Lambda Chi Alpha Sphinx Druids Alpha Nu Gargoyle (2) (3) Mimes, Pres.. Treas. Play Prod. (3) (4) Radio (4) Union Opera J. G. P. EDWARD J. HUTCHENS A.B. in Economics Milwaukee, Wis. Sigma Phi Sphinx Druids, Pres. Swimming (2) (3) (4) Union Opera Varsity " M " Club, V. Pres. (3) Sec ' y-Treas. (4) HENRY HOMES, JR. A.B. in History New York, N. Y. Daily (1) (2) Orientation Adviser (4) ALICE M. HOPKINS A.B. in French Buffalo, N. Y. Kappa Delta La Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4) Frosh Project J. G. P. FRANCES V. HUBBS A.B. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Delta Pi Phi Sigma (4) Daily (1) Leag ' ue Comma. (1) (2) (3) (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Orientation Adviser (3) (4) WILLIAM T. HUNTER, JR. A.B. in Geography Ann Arbor, Mich. THOMAS G. HUTTON A.B. Bay City, Mich. Chi Phi Page 35 ' -f- ' ' :.-Af 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS JAMES A. HYNES A.B. Evanston, 111. Sigma Phi Scimitar BETTY R. JACKSON A.B. Croswell, Mich. Mosher Hall Daily (1) Pitch and Putt (1) (2) (3) (4) League Comm. CHARLES E. JAMES A.B. in Economics Birmingham, Mich. Phi Kappa Psi CALISTA W. JAYNE A.B. Detroit, Mich. Gargoyle (3) J. G. P. Mosher Tea Chr. (4) EDWARD R. IRWIN A.B. in History Springfield, 111. Phi Kappa Psi WILSON M. JACKSON A.B. Port Huron, Mich. ELDON E. JAMES B.S. in Chemistry Ottawa, Canada Hockey (1) (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4) JUNE L. JENKINS A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma Zeta Phi Eta MARTIN J. ITTNER B.S. in Chemistry Bay City, Mich. Hermitage, Pres. (4) Phi Theta Kappa ELAINE E. JACOBS A.B. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comm. DAVID JASSY A.B. Detroit, Mich. Zeta Beta Tau BEVERLY J. JENNESS A.B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Kappa ' Delta (3) (4) Modern Dance Club (1) (2) (3) (4) MARILYN J. JENNINGS B.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. Chi Omega FRANK B. JOHNSON B.S. in Chemistry Washington, D. C. Football (1) Track (1) La Sociedad Hispanica. (3) (4) ROBERT T. JOHNSON A.B. Park Ridge, 111. Beta Theta Pi, Pres. (4) Druids I. F. C. (2) (3) MARY P. JORDAN A.B. in Speech Villa Park, 111. Pi Beta Phi Zeta Phi Eta League Summer Sec ' y, (3) J. G. P. Orientation Advisor (4) Play Prod. (3) (4) ROBERT L. KANN A.B. in Economics Pittsburgh, Pa. Zeta Beta Tau Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Page 36 JANE E. JEWITT A.B. in Speech Gates Mills, O. Delta Gamma Scroll Omega Upsilon Michiganensian (2) Lantern Night, Chr. Tag Day, Co-Chr. Soph Cabaret League Comma. J. G. P. FLETCHER H. JOHNSON A.B. in English Middleport, N. Y. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Delta Kappa American Student Union (4) GRACE I. JONES A.B. in Mathematics Grass Lake, Mich. Alpha Xi Delta, Treas. (3) Choral Union (2) (3) (4) League Comm. (3) ELIZABETH W. JUDSON A.B. in Social Work Ann Arbor, Mich. ROSALIE KANNERS A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. BARBARA E. JOHNSON A.B. in English Detroit, Michigan Swimming (1) (2) Assembly Exec. Council (4) Dorm Board (4) Mosher, Pres. (3) J. G. P. Soph Cabaret Orientation (3) Assembly Banquet (3) (4), Chr. (4) Assembly Ball (3) League Comms. (3) (4) KENNETH B. JOHNSON A.B. Jackson, Mich. Theta Xi Golf (3) WILLIAM J. JONES A.B. Wadsworth, Ohio Zeta Psi FRANCES R. KAHRS A.B. in Fine Arts Verona, N. J. Alpha Gamma Delta Wyvcrn Mortarboard, Treas. Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P Panhellenic (2) (3) (4), Scc ' y (4) League Comm. (3) MAX. J. KANTER A.B. Passaic, N. J. 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS LUCILLE E. KAUER A.B. in Psychology Traverse City, Mich. League Coinrn. (1) (2) Soph Prom Soph Cabaret Orientation (3) GALVIN R. KEENE A.B. in Economics Menominee, Mich. RAYMOND KEMPNER, JR. A.B. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres. (4) Scabbard and Blade Hillel Players (1) (2) (3) (4), Bus. Mgr. (4) JERRY E. KENNEY B.S. Galien, Mich. MADELINE R. KAUFMAN A.B. in Zoology Grand Rapids, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Phi Orientation Advisor (3) J. O. P. League Coinms. (4) ROBERT A. KEIM A.B. in Economics Erie, Pa. ALBERT H. KEMPTER B.S. in Science and Math. Grand Rapids, Mich. SUSAN E. KERR A.B. in History River Forest, 111. Kappa Delta Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Glee Club (2) (3) Choral I ' nion (4) League Comm. (2) (3) RUTH C. KECK A.B. in English Alma, Mich. Ann Arbor Independents, Pres. (4) PAUL J. KELLER, JR. A.B. in Economics Grosse Pointe, Mich. Psi Upsilon Intramural Sports, Champ. (1) (3) ROBERT C. KENNEDY A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Sigma Chi JEROME M. KEYWELL A.B. in Political Sci. Detroit, Mich. Phi Beta Delta JOSEPHINE A. KIFT A.B. in Journalism Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta Theta Sigma Phi Panhellenic I-M Debating ELIZABETH J. KIMBALL A.B. Saginaw, Mich. Martha Cook, Pres. (4) Glee Club Assembly Board STODDARD KINNEY A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. La Sociedad Hispanica BABETTE V. KLEIN A.B. in Zoology Teoneck, N. J. CLARENCE KLOPSIC A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. MARY J. KILLEAN A.B. South Haven, Mich. THEODORE A. KING A.B. in Economics Rome, N. Y. AV RUTH KINSEY A.B. Belmar, N. J. Chi Omega ANNE M. KLEINER A.B. in Speech Grand Rapids, Mich. Play Production (2) (3) (4) League Comms. (3) (4) HENRY J. KLOSE A.B. Battle Creek, Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Delta Sigma Pi Daily DAVID A. KILLINS A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Delta Theta ANNE M. KINGSTON A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Chi Omega Alpha Lambda Delta Daily (1) (2) Michiganenpian (1) Panhellenic Rep. (2) (3) (4) League Comms. (1) (2) (3) J. G. P. Phi Tau Alpha Le Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4) ARNOLD J. KIRSHEN A.B. in English Brookline, Mass. Sigma Alpha Mu Gargoyle (2) (3) Hillel Players (2) (3) (4) ARTHUR W. KLEINSCHMIT A.B. in Economics Grosse Pointe, Mich. Psi Upsilon E MANUEL P. KNOBLOCH A.B. in Political Sci. New York, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Pi Wrestling (1) (2) (3) (4) Page 37 A 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS ELAINE C. KOHL A.B. in English Cleveland Heights, O. Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Phi Eta (3) (4), V. Pres. Panhellenie Rep. (2) (3) J. G. P. FLORENCE M. KRENZLER A.B. Cleveland, O. Girls ' Co-op. House (3) Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Beta Kappa League Comm. (1) MARY JANE KRONNER A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega Zeta Phi Eta Athena Frosh Project Glee Club (1) (2) J. G. P. Newman Club (3) (4) League Comms. (2) (3) (4) CLAYTON F. KULLMAN A.B. in Economics Albany, N. Y. 2 L i Wf ' + - i 11 Jr " . Br JEROME KORMAN B.S. in Chemistry Utica, N. Y. KENNETH L. KREUZ B.S. in Chemistry Menominee, Mich. Alpha Kappa Lambda Daily (1) Newman Club Choral Union German Club Hiawatha Club Les Voyageurs BEATRICE A. KROODSMA A.B. in Economics Grand Rapids, Mich. Mosher House Council (4) Assembly Board (4) PAUL T. LAHTI A.B. in Zoology Iron River, Mich. Scabbard and Blade Rifle Team (4) ARTHUR S. KOSTMAN A.B. in Economics Philadelphia, Pa. Congress Comm. (2) (3) I. M. Champion (1) ELLEN E. KRIEGHOFF A.B. in History Grosse Pointe, Mich. Senior Society Michifianensian (1) (2) (3) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Assembly Ball (3) League Comm. (2) (3) WILLIS L. KUEBLER A.B. in Economics Jackson, Mich. GORDON B. LAING A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Daily (2) Gargoyle (2) Play Prod. (4) Union Opera (4) RUTH M. LAING A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Phi Eta FRANK LANGSTROM, JR. A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Alpha Delta Phi Nu Pi Kappa CAROL R. LaVIGNE A.B. in English Manistique, Mich. Frosh Project Soph. Cabaret Michigras MARY JANE LEGROS A.B. in Speece Oak Park, 111. Mosher Hall, Pres. (4) Athena (3) (4), Pres. (4) Michiganensian (1) (2) HELEN L. LEONHARDT A.B. Flint, Mich. League House, Pre8. Alpha Kappa Delta Soph Cabaret Judiciary Council FREDERICK D. LAMB, JR. A.B. in History Highland Park, Mich. Theta Delta Chi Golf (1) (3) (4) JACK M. LARO A.B. in Political Sci. Flint, Mich. Kappa Nu MERIBAH A. LEACH A.B. in Speech Marblehead, Mans. Alpha Xi Delta, V. Pres. (3), Pres. (4) Zeta Phi Eta League Comms. (3) (4) Soph. Cabaret Choral Union (2) (3) (4) Panhellenie Rep. (2) (3) (4) THEODORE LEIBOVITZ A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Hillel Comm. Congress, Dist. Pres. (2) Play Prod. (4) THEODORE H. LESSER A.B. in Economics New York, N. Y. Mimes (3) WALTER P. LANG A.B. in History Bay City, Mich. Hermitage DOUGLAS A. LARSEN A.B. South Haven, Mich. Delta Upsilon Sociedaa Hispanica (2) Orientation Advisor (4) ROBERTA B. LEETE A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board Alpha Kappa Delta League Comm. J-Hop J. G. P. Soph Cabaret Frosh Project MORTON LEITSON A.B. in Economics Flint, Mich. (3) ARTHUR D. LETTS A.B. Flint, Mich. Page 38 m qpr 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS HERBERT S. LEV A.B. in Journalism Cleveland, O. Daily (1) (2) (3) (4), Assis. Sports Ed. (4) Intramural Sports Mgr. (1) (2) (3) (4) Athletic Assoc., Board of Student Dir. ALEX LEWIS A.B. in Economics North Street, Mich. Vaughan House Adelphi (1) (2) Allen-Rumeey, Social Comm. (2) (3) MORTON L. LINDER A.B. Buffalo, N. Y. Daily (2) (3) (4), Assoc. Eel (4) Wrestling (1) Marsh Scholar Soph Prom Congress Publicity (3) EDNA S. LINZEY A.B. Flint, Mich. BERNARD LEVINSON A.B. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Congress (2) Hillel Sports (3) MARJORIE G. LEWISOHN A.B. New York, N. Y. Iota Sigma Pi THEODORE W. LING B.S. in Chemistry St. Johnsbury, Vt. CLIFFORD D. LIVINGSTON A.B. Merrill, Wis. Pi Lambda Phi Miehiganensian (1) Michigan Union (2) (3) HARRIET S. LEVY A.B. South Bend, Ind. Alpha Epsilon Phi Scroll (4) Daily (2) (3) (4), Publication Mgr. (4) Soph. Cabaret J. G. P. Hillel News (3) BETTIE J. LILLIE A.B. in French Grand Rapids, Mich. Mosher Hall League Comms. (3) (4) FRED H. LINSCHEID, JR. A.B. in Economics Royal Oak, Mich. Lambda Chi Alpha RICHARD LIVINGSTON A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Delta Upsilon Daily (2i Interfraternitv Council (2) Capitalist Ball (4) ELWOpD G. LOHELA A.B. in Journalism Laurium, Mich. Kappa Tau Alpha, V. Pres. Suomi Club BETTY A. LOPKER A.B. St. Joseph, Mich. Newman Club, Sec ' y. (2) (3) G. HARRISON LOWREY A.B. Mansfield, O. Beta Theta Pi Druids Miehiganensian (1) (2) (3) ELLEN E. MacDONALD A.B. in Speech Saginaw, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Athena (2) (3) (4) Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) (4), Women ' s Bus. Mgr. (4) J. G. P. Soph. Cabaret Crop and Saddle (2) (3) (4) JAMES F. MAGDANZ A.B. in Political Sci. Traverse City, Mich. MALCOLM E. LONG A.B. in History Pontiac, Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Perspectives (3) Cercle Francais (3) (4) F. O. R. (3) (4) Spring Parley (2) (3) (4) Summer Parley (3) CHARLINE H. LORBER A.B. Cleveland Heights, O. League Comm. Dorm. Board of Assembly (3) MURIEL LUBIN A.B. Newark, N. J. KATHERJNE A. MacIVOR A.B. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Scroll Daily (1) (2) J. G. P. Frosh. Project Soph. Cabaret League Comms. MITCHELL MANDEBERG A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Pi Lambda Phi Mimes (2) Michiganensian (2) (3) Hillel Players (2) (3) (4) MARY L. LONGAN A.B. in History Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Delta Delta Delta, Pres. (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Panhellenic (4) CHARLES H. LOUER B.S. in Sociology Chicago, 111. Zeta Beta Tau I. M. (1) (2) (3) (4) JEAN A. LYNN A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Xi Delta EDWARD E. MACK A.B. in Economics Glencoe, 111. Sigma Phi Druids Swimming (1) (2) (3) (4) RICHARD J. MANN A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Acacia Daily (1) (2) Michigan Union (2) Page 39 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS SARA M. MANTHEI A.B. in Zoology Lake Linden, Mich. Martha Cook. Board Pres. (4) Inter-Dorm Dance (3) League Comms. (2) (3) (4) Soph Cabaret Assembly Ball Comm. (2) (3) Assembly Board (3) Orientation Advisor (3) (4) HELEN MARSH B.S. Ionia, Mich. Delta Delta Delta Gargoyle (2) (3) League Comm. (3) (4) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. CHARLES F. MASON B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Sigma Chi WINIFRED E. MCALLISTER A.B. Youngstown, O. Crop and Saddle LESTER M. MARKEL A.B. in Economics Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Epsilon Pi DOROTHY I. MARGUART A.B. in Psychology Benton Harbor, Mich. Alumni Scholar EDWARD G. MARTIN A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Phi Gamma Delta Student Sculptor MURRAY A. MASSIN A.B. in Political Sci. Mount Vernon, N. Y. Phi Beta Delta Daily (1) Baseball Mgr. (2) Glee Club (1) (4) MARIE F. McCABE A.B. in Sociology Iron Mountain, Mich. Newman Club, V. Pres., Sec ' y- JANET E. MARTIN A.B. Chicago, 111. Collegiate Sorosis League Comm. J. G. P. PATRICIA MATTHEWS A.B. in Zoology Ludington, Mich. Mosher Hall Senior Society Daily (1) (2) (3) Orientation Comm., Chr. Assembly Ball (3) Assembly Board (2) (3) League Comms. NEWELL E. McCABE A.B. in Economics Evanston, 111. Psi Upsilon Daily (1) (2) (3) ELIZABETH A. McCAMANT A.B. in French Iron Mountain, Mich. Phi Kappa Phi League Comm. RICHARD A. McCLURG A.B. in Economics Chicago, 111. Swimming (1) (2) (3) (4) LOIS E. McCULLOCH B.S. in Zoology Pontiac, Mich. FREDERICK J. McKENZIE A.B. in Journalism Monroe, Mich. Kappa Tau Alpha Journalism Club (3) (4) JAMES D. McNICHOLAS A.B. in Political Sci. Marenisco, Mich. Phi Delta Theta ANNE MCCARTHY A.B. in Journalism Dubuque, la. Kappa Delta, V. Pres. (4) Gargoyle (2) (3) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comms. JEAN E. McCORMICK A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Chi Omega Spanish Society J. G. P. Soph Cabaret PHYLLIS M. McGEACHY A.B. Dearborn, Mich. Martha Cook Mortarboard Senior Society League, V. Pres. (4) Assembly, V. Pres. (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Orientation Advisor (3) JOHN G. McKEVITT A.B. Ironwood, Mich. JAMES A. MEADOWS, JR. A.B. Birmingham, Ala. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pres. t - ' I -o - MARY K. McCLURE A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta JAMES McCRACKEN A.B. Cleveland, O. Phi Gamma Delta Union Opera (4) HETTIE J. McKAY A.B. East Tawas, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma Wyvern Mortarboard Daily (1) (2) (3) Michiganensian (2) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. W.A.A., Publicity Mgr. (3) FRANCES P. McLOUGHLIN A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Panhellenic (3) (4) League Comm. (3) J. G. P. HANS E. MEISSNER A.B. in Spanish Detroit, Mich. Delta Sigma Pi Page 40 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS PHYLLIS E. MELNICK A.B. in Sociology Woodmere, N. Y. Peace Council (2) Hillel Council (3) (4), Soc. Chr. (4) MARY E. MEYER A.B. in Psychology Grosse Pointe, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Soph Cabaret J. G. P. GERALD W. MIDDY A.B. in Economics Grand Rapids, Mich. Sociedad Hispanica (3) JEANNE M. MILLER A.B. Bradford, Pa. MARY M. MELOCHE A.B. in Mathematics Ann Arbor, Mich. Delta Delta Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Orientation Comm. (3) (4), Sec ' y. 0) League Comm. (2) ROBERTA L. MEYER B.S. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Delta DONNA K. MILES A.B. in Anthropology Dowagiac, Mich. Alpha Gamma Delta, V. Pres. (4) Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) J. G. P. Anthropology Club (3) (4) Newman Club (2) JOSEPH D. MILLER A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Phi Sigma Kappa CLARISSA A. MELOY A.B. in Philosophy Detroit, Mich. Mosher Hall Acolytes J. G. P. League Comm. JAMES F. MEYERS A.B. Whitehall, Mich. DOUGLAS H. MILLER A.B. in Political Sci. Ann Arbor, Mich. JANET M. MILLS A.B. in General Science Ann Arbor, Mich. MARY E. MINOR A.B. Highland Park, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Wyvern Scroll Panhellenic Ball, Chr. (2) League Comm. _ (2) (3) Chr. (4) J. G. P. SYLVIA K. MOORE A.B. Detroit, Mich. Daily (3) (4), Ex. Ed. (4) Assembly (1) League Comms. (1) (2) Choral Union EARL D. MORRIS B.S. in Chemistry Bay City, Mich. (4). HELEN L. MOSHER B.S. in Zoology Lansdowne, Pa. Kappa Phi (1) (2), Pres. (2) Zone Athletic Mgr. (3) Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4) Archery Club (1) Rifle Club (3) (4) Outdoor Sports Club, (1) (2) (3) (4) HARRY K. MULHOLLAND A.B. in Political Sci. Bay City, Mich. Chi Phi C C i -= CHARLES W. MITCHELL A.B. in Economics Highland Park, Mich. Sigma Chi DOUGLAS N. MORGAN A.B. in Philosophy Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Nu Acolytes JAMES H. MORRISSEY B.S. Flint, Mich. JANE E. MOWERS A.B. in Economics Utica, N. Y. Wyvern Senior Society, Sec ' y. Daily (1) (2) (3) (4), Women ' s Service Mgr. (4) Frosh Frolic J. G. P. Michigras (2) (3) RAYMOND D. MUNDE A.B. in History Providence, R. I. ROBERTA E. MOORE A.B. Detroit, Mich. Jordan Hall (1) (2) Martha Cook (3) (4) Mortarboard Internat. Cabinet (3) (4), Sec ' y. (3) S. R. A. (3) (4), Board of Governors (4) Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4) JEANNE N. MORGAN A.B. Washington, D. C. Delta Delta Delta Gargoyle (2) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Class Finance Comm. (2) PETER K. MORSE A.B. Detroit, Mich. Pi Lambda Phi Daily (1) Cercle Francais ELSIE V. MUELLER A.B. in Sociology Newark, N. J. BEN F. MUNN B.S. in Mathematics Battle Creek, Mich. Sigma Phi Eta Page 41 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS EDWARD L. MURPHY A.B. in Economics Escanoba, Mich. MARGARET A. NEAFIE A.B. in Sociology Pontiac, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Gargoyle (1) (2) (3) Class Treas. (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. ROY S. NEFF A.B. in Economics New York, N. Y. Lambda Chi Alpha MAXINE C. NELSON A.B. in Psychology Muskegon, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Michiganensian (2) (3) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comm. (1) (2) JOHN R. MURRAY A.B. in History Bay City, Mich. Alpha Sigma Phi DOROTHY L. NEBERLE A.B. in Anthropology Bridgeport, Mich. Zeta Tau Alpha Anthropology Club (3) (4) League Comms. (3) (4) WALTER NEILSON, JR. A.B. Winnetka, 111. Theta Delta Chi Druids Daily (1) (2) Gargoyle (4) La Sociedad Hispanica (4) ROBERT M. NELSON A.B. in Speech Royal Oak, Mich. Chi Phi Glee Club (1) (2) (3) LOUIS P. NADEAU A.B. Flint, Mich. GRACE NEELY B.S. Flint, Mich. MRS. SYLVIA S. NEIVERT | B.S. Lawrence, N. Y. GEORGE J. NEWCOMB, ' JR- A.B. Trenton, Mich. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Treas. (3) (4) LEONARD M. NEWMAN A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Eta Sigma Phi Beta Kappa Daily (1) (2) JOHN E. NICHOLSON, JR. A.B. Elkhart, Ind. Sphinx Michigan! ua Football (2) (3) (4) Basketball (2) (3) M flub DON L. NIXON A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Chi Phi Union Council (1) (2) (3) Union Ex. Council (3) J-Hop Michigras (2) Orientation Adv. (2) EDWARD D. NORTH B.S. in Chemistry Charleston, W. Va. Chi Phi, Pres. (4) Scabbard and Blade (4) ROBERT A. NYMAN B.S. Danielson, Conn. Track (1) Glee Club (1) BETTIE B. NICHOLS A.B. in Psychology River Forest, 111. Pi Beta Phi Daily (2) Michiganensian (3) J. G. P. PAUL NIELSEN A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Theta Chi Football (1) (3) (4) ETHEL L. NORBERG A.B. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Beta Pi Daily (1) (2) (3) Perspectives (2) (3) Student Senate (3) PHILLIP NUSHOLTZ A.B. in Psychology Detroit, Mich. Panorama (2) (3) CHARLES E. O BRIEN A.B. Dearborn, Mich. DOROTHY E. NICHOLS A.B. in Social Studies Waukegan, 111. Martha Cook Mortarboard, Sec ' y. Senior Society Gargoyle (1) (2) (3) Acc ' ts. Mgr. (3) (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret f fs P Orientation (3) (4) Omega Upsilon (2) (3) (4) CAROLYN E. NILES A.B. Benton Harbor, Mich. Chi Omega Daily (1) (2) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret JAMES W. NORRIS A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Play Prod. (3) (4) (4), JANE NUSSBAUM A.B. Lakewood, O. Pi Beta Phi Wyvern Scroll Gargoyle (2) (3) (4), Women ' s Ed. (4) J. G. P. EDWARD O ' CONNELL A.B. in Economics Birmingham, Ala. Phi Gamma Delta Union Opera (4) Page 42 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS JOHN F. O ' CONNOR A.B. Owosso, Mich. PHYLLIS M. OLSON B.S. Flint, Mich. Alpha Gamma Delta ROBERT A. PALMER A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Chi Psi Sphinx Druids Basketball (2) Golf (2) (3) (4), Captain (3) (4) HOWARD K. PARKER A.B. in Political Sci. Pittsburgh, Pa. Delta Tau Delta Druids I. F. C. (2) (3) HENRY N. OHRT A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Beta Theta Pi Baseball M K r. (2) German Play (1) (2) PATRICIA A. O ' NEILL A.B. in Sociology Wakefield, Mich. WILLIAM G. PARFET A.B. in Geology Golden, Colo. Alpha Delta Phi Football (2) (3) ROBERT G. PARKER A.B. Marion, Ind. Phi Gamma Delta Union Opera, Musical Dir. (4) Band (1) (2) (4) Choral Union (4) Glider Club (3) JOHN C. OHRT B.S. in Geology Ann Arbor, Mich. Beta Theta Pi Ski Club, Pres. (3) HILDA M. OTIS A.B. in Psychology Lake Placid, N. Y. Alice Palmer Co-op House, Pres. Daily (1) Kappa Phi Interco-op Council PAUL R. PARK A.B. Caro, Mich. Beta Theta Pi Michigamua Sphinx Daily (4) JEANNE E. PARMELEE A.B. Iron Mt., Mich. BEATRICE A. PARSONS A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Contemporary Symphony (2) (3) Anthropology Club (3) (4) BETTY J. PENCE A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Gamma Delta, Sec ' y (2) Zeta Phi Eta, Treas. (3), Pres. (4) Panhellenic Council Rep. (2) Soph Cabaret MILTON S. PETERMAN A.B. in Political Sci. Monroe, Mich. Zeta Beta Tau Mimes (1) (2) (3) (4), Treas. (4) Gargoyle (I) (2) MARY J. PHELPS A.B. Fargo, N. D. Martha Cook CHARLES A. PINK A.B. in Education Detroit, Mich. Sigma Chi Sphinx Michigamua Basketball (2) (3) (4),Capt. (4) JACK L. PATTERSON A.B. in History Kirkwood, Mo. Cercle Francais (3) (4) Football (2) LILIAN M. PERKINS A.B. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta HAROLD J. PETERSON A.B. in Journalism Bessemer, Mich. EDWIN D. PHILBRICK, JR. A.B. in History Freeport, N. Y. Phi Delta Theta ROBERT E. PLASTERS A.B. Milan, Mich. GEORGE W. PEIRCE A.B. Delevan, N. Y. Fletcher Hall Union Staff (2) (3) (4) SAMUEL L. PERRY B.S. in Geology New Canaan, Conn. Psi Upsilon TOM K. PHARES A.B. Pelham, N. Y. Sigma Chi, Pres. Sphinx Kappa Tau Alpha Daily (1) (2) (3) Military Ball Comm. (1) Chicago Tribune, Correspond- ent (4) SHIRLEY R. PHILLIPS A.B. in English Bridgeport, Conn. Phi Theta Kappa (1) (2) Pi Lambda Theta (4) J. G. P. League Comm. (4) Hillel (3) (4) Assembly (3) (4) ANNA E. PLATT A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Delta Delta Delta Frosh Project Soph Cabaret Choral Union (2) J. G. P. League Comm. (2) (3) (4) Page 43 - 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS KATHERINE E. PLOYD A.B. Detroit, Mich. Martha Cook League Comms. (3) J. G. P. Soph. Cabaret Assembly Banquet (3) RUTH G. POLLOCK A.B. Detroit, Mich. Jordan Hall Athena League Comms. (3) Independent Council (1) Assembly Banquet Play Production (3) J. G. P. Hillel Players (2) (3) (4) Sec ' y. (4) Hillel Council (4) MARIAN J. PRICE A.B. in Sociology Toledo, O. Delta Delta Delta Gargoyle (2) League Comms. (2) (3) (4) Soph. Cabaret J. G. P. LLOYD Z. PURVIN B.S. in Sci. and Math. Rochester, N. Y. Kappa Nu Hillel Players (3) (4) Hillel Play (3) Rifle Team (2) SILAS W. POLK A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Omega Psi Phi S. SUZANNE POTTER A.B. in Political Science Ann Arbor, Mich. Wyvern. Treas. Senior Society Daily (1) (2) (3) Frosh Project Soph. Cabaret J. G. P. Assembly Banquet League Comms. (3) (4) League Council (4) HELEN O. PROCKIW A.B. Allen Park, Mich. Betsy Harbour Sigma Eta Chi. Treas. (3) (4) MARYALICE QUICK B.S. in Sci. and Math. Binsshamton, N. Y. Zi-ta Tau Alpha. Treas. (2) (3) Kappa Phi. Historian (2) League Comm. (2) Frosh Project J. G. P. Choral Union (2) (3) (4) WILLIAM T. POLLAK, JR. A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Zeta Beta Tau KATHRYN M. PRICE A.B. in Library Sci. Blue Island, 111. MYRTLE L. PRUSSIN A.B. in English Erie, Pa. Phi Sigma Sigma Panorama (2) Panhellenic (2) (3) Banquet (2) Hillel Players (2) (3) (4) Hillel Choir (4) Play Production (3) (4) League Comms. (2) (3) ELIZABETH A. RAE A.B. in French Ann Arbor, Mich. Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi Soph. Cabaret Choral Union (2) JAMES W. RAE B.S. in Science and Math. Toledo, O. Chi Psi Sphinx Michigamua Basketball (2) (3) (4) Board in Control of Phys. Ed., Student Member JEAN L. RAMSEY A.B. in Speech York, Pa. Athenia, Treas. CAROLYN I. RAYBURN A.B. in French Huron, S. D. Martha Cook, V. Pres. (4) Sigma Alpha Iota Soph. Cabaret J. G. P. Glee Club (3) (4) Choral Union (2) (3) (4) ELLEN O. REDNER A.B. in English Calumet, Mich. Helen Newberry, Pres. (4) Mortarboard, V. Pres. Senior Society Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi (3) (4) Assembly Board (2) (3) (4) Orientation Advisor (3) (4) Soph. Cabaret J. G. P. League Comm. (3) ROBERT M. REID A.B. Detroit, Mich. FRANK P. RAIFORD A.B. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Phi Alpha RAGNA F. RANDOLPH A.B. in Sociology Elkhart, Ind. Zeta Tau Alpha. Pres. (3) Panhellenic (3) ROSEMARIE RAYMOND A.B. in Latin Saginaw, Mich. Phi Tau Alpha Soph. Cabaret Assembly Ball (3) Mosher House Council (3) Dance Comm. (3) JACK D. REDWINE A.B. in German Ann Arbor, Mich. Acacia I. M. Sports (3) ALFRED REIFMAN A.B. in Economics Elizabeth, N. J. Phi Eta Sigma (1) (2) Daily (1) HELEN E. RALSTON A.B. Lexington, Ky. Delta Gamma Omega Upsilon (3) (4), Pres. (4) Play Production (3) (4) J. G. P. Vice- HERBERT A. RASKIN A.B. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Gargoyle (2) Hockey (1) (3) Boxing (1) Hillel Players (4) Hillel Comms. (3) (4) MARY E. READ A.B. Shelby, Mich. Play Production WILBER J. REED A.B. in History Washington, D. C. Theta Delta Chi MAURICE S. REIZEN B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Mich. Football (1) Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4) Choral Union (4) Hillel Foundation (1) (2) (3) (4), Athletic Director (4) Page 44 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS IRVING P. REPKIN B.S. in Chem. Brooklyn, N. Y. ROLAND F. RHEAD A.B. in History Plymouth, Mich. Scabbard Blade Congress (1) (2) (3) (4). Soc. Chr. (3), Sec ' y.-Treas (4) MORRIS J. RIEGER A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Union Opera EDWARD M. RESNICK A.B. Wheeling, W. Va. Pi Lambda Phi Band (2) JEAN L. RICH A.B. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega Frosh Project J. G. P. Panhellenic JOHN L. RIKER B.S. Traverse City, Mich. VIRGINIA H. RIPNER A.B. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Mosher Hall. Pres. (3) League Comm. (4) Soph. Cabaret HELEN E. ROBERTS A.B. in French Alma, Mich. Choral Union (3) (4) Girl ' s Glee Club (3) (4) League Comms. GEORGE E. REYNOLDS B.S. in Cbem. Schenectady, N. Y. UOTC (1) (2) (3) (4) DONALD M. RICHARDSON A.B. Detroit, Mich. Nu Sigma Nu Phi Kappa Phi Choral Union ROBERT W. RINKEL B.S. Detroit, Mich. JOHN R. ROBINSON A.B. Rochester, N. Y. Theta Xi Scabbard Blade Daily (2) I. F. C. (3) JOSEPH ROBINSON B.S. Detroit, Mich. Wrestling (1) JEROME H. ROLLER A.B. in Econ. Newark, N. J. Wrestling (1) BETTY A. ROWE B.S. in Chem. Findlay, O. BETTY R. SACHS A.B. in English Pittsburgh, Pa. ERNEST D. SALWEN A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Phi Beta Delta, Treas. (4) Band (1) (2) (3) Pt A J N. STEWART ROBSON B.S. Rochester, N. Y. Theta Delta Chi Michigamua Sphinx Daily (1) (2) (3) Gargoyle (4), Bus. Mgr. (4) SAMUEL W. ROOT B.S. in Chem. Kansas City, Mo. Phi Delta Theta Boxing, (1) (2) ALBERTA R. ROYAL A.B. in History Shelby, Mich. Betsy Barbour, V. Pres. Senior Society Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Ensian (2) W.A.A., Sec ' y (4) I. M. Mgr., (3) League Comm. (2) (3) (41 Orientation Advisor (3) (4) GRACE SAFER A.B. in Zoolo Milwauke 1 ology e, Wis. ROLAND SAVILLA A.B. in History Gallagher, W. Va. K:ipp:i IV!t:i Him Football, (1) (2) (3) (4) Wrestling (2) (3) RUTH K. ROCHON A.B. Crystal Falls, Mich. Alpha Kappa Delta FRANCES R. ROSEBOOM A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Omicron Pi. Sec ' y. Kappa Phi MARTIN L. RUDMAN A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Phi Beta Delta, Sec ' y (3) (4) Daily (1) CLARENCE A. SAHLIN A.B. Ironwood, Mich. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pres. Student Senate (3) (4) I. F. C. (2) (3) Orientation Comm. (3) JOSEPH E. SAWASKI A.B. in Mathematics Wakefield, Mich. W Page 45 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS LEE E. SCHAFFER A.B. Rochester, N. Y. Daily (1) Football (1) Wrestling (1) CHARLOTTE H. SCHREIBER B.S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Chi Omega MARVIS F. SCHWARTZ B.S. in Zoology Saginaw, Mich. Assembly Board Soph Prom Phi Tau Alpha Assembly Ball WALTER A. SCOVILLE A.B. in Geography Riverside, 111. Sigma Chi Scabbard and Blade HENRY K. SCHOCH, JR. A.B. in Chemistry Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma Plii Kappa Phi BETTIE L. SCHUELE A.B. in Psychology Lakewood, O. Delta Gamma Soph Cabaret }. G. P. RUTH L. SCHWARTZ A.B. in Sociology Oak Park, 111. Alpha Epsilon Phi LENTON G. SCULTHORP A.B. in Economics Dowagiac, Mich. Trigon Alpha Nu, Pres. (2) Daily (1) Student Directory Editor (3) (4) Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) (4) Editor (4) R. O. T. C. (1) (2) (3) (4) NORMAN A. SCHORR A.B. in Political Sci. Brooklyn, N. Y. Daily (2) (3) (4) Assoe. Ed. (4) Student Senate Election Board (2) (3) (4), Co-director (4) Congress Sigma Delta Chi DONALD R. SCHULTZ B.S. in Chemistry Rogers City, Mich. RALPH H. SCHWARZKOPF A.B. in Geology Saginaw, Mich. Alpha Sigma Phi Gamma Sigma Sphinx Michigan! ua Track (1) (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4) M Club Football Program Comm, (2) (3) (4) DORIS F. SEALY A.B. Hurley, Wis. Deutscher Verein ROSALIND SEIDLER A.B. in Social Work Detroit, Mich. Alpha Kappa Delta ARNOLD H. SEROW B.S. in Math, and Sci. West Haven, Conn. ESTHER G. SHAFFER A.B. in Political Sci. Picatinny Arsenal, N. I. .1. G. P. League Comm. (2) (3) DANIEL ). SHAW A.B. Washington, D. C. Alpha Sigma Phi, Pres. (4) Druids Scabbard and Blade Football Mgr. (2) Union (2) R.O.T.C. (1) (2) (3) (4) RICHARD W. SIERK A.B. in Journalism Attica, N. Y. Daily (2) (3) Track (1) RICHARD J. SEITNER A.B. Bay City, Mich. Zeta Beta Tau GEORGE D. SEYMOUR A.B. in Latin Pontiac, Mich. Phi Gamma Delta Phi Tau Alpha (2) (3) (4) Michiganensian (1) Track (1) B.B.B. (4) CHARLOTTE A. SHARFF A.B. Canton, Ohio Mosher Hall JUDDSON E. SHEPHARD A.B. in Psychology Pontiac, Mich. JESTINE SILVERBLATT A.B. in French Fredericktown, Pa. Frosh Project League Comm. Play Production (3) Cercle Francais (3) (4) DEBORAH G. SELIN A.B. in Economics Iron River, Mich. Helen Newberry Phi Kappa Phi SEYMOUR D. SHAFER A.B. in Political Sci. Rochester, N. Y. Adams House LOIS H. SHARKEY A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Wyvern Scroll Michiganensian (2) W. A. A. (3) (4), Pres. (4) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Michigras (2) (3) League Comms. (2) (3) HOWARD T. SIEFEN B.S. in Chemistry Jackson, Mich. MURRAY B. SILVERMAN A.B. in Economics Oceanside, N. Y. Football (1) Congress Zone Pres. (2) Wolverine (1) (2) (3) (4) Hillel (4) Metropolitan Club (3) Senate Election Board (2) (3) Page 46 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS ROSA SILVERMAN A.B. Jamaica, N. Y. Mosher Hall CHARLES P. SIMPSON k A.B. in Economics Eaton Rapid-. Mich. Theta Xi Scabbard and Blade Student Senate (2) ZENOVIA E. SKORATKO A.B. Cleveland, O. Alumnae House Mortarboard Senior Society. Treas. Daily (1) (2) (3) (4), Women ' s Bus. Mgr. (4) Intramural Debating Frosh Project League Connn. BETTY A. SLEE A.B. Toledo, O. Mosher Hall Wyvern Senior Society Michiganensian (1) (2) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Judiciary Council (3) (4). Pres. (4) League Comm. (1) (2) JOHN W. SIMCOCK I A.B. Belleville, Mich. JULIENNE E. SILVERS , A.B. ( Ann Arbor, Mich. FRED K. SLACK B.S. in Chemistry Grand Rapids, Mich. Choral Union KARL A. SMITH B.S. Verona, Mich. BARBARA J. SIMONDS A.B. in Sociology Grosse Pointe, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta FLOYD D. SKINNER A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. LEWIS M. SLATER A.B. in History Port Huron, Mich. Theta Chi Golf (1) (2) WILLIAM S. SMITH A.B. in Chemistry Greenwich, Conn. JOHN R. SMOLENSK! A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Gamma Delta MELVIN F. SOBIE A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. HERBERT SOTT A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Kappa Nu Frosh Frolic I. F. C. THEODORE R. SPANGLER A.B. in Economics Bryan, O. Phi Delta Theta Druids Mimes Head Cheer Leader (4) Union Council (1) (2) (3) (4). _ V. Pres. (4) Union Opera (4) Glider Club (1) Michigras (2) (3) MARVIN H. SPIEGEL A.B. McKeesport, Pa. Phi Sigma Delta Gargoyle (2) Daily " (2) Hillel (2) (3) (4) LEONA L. SNYDER A.B. in Latin Coldwater, Mich. CASIMIR F. SOJKA A.B. in Economics Turners Falls, Mass. Kappa Sigma Newman Club (2) (3) (4) Student Senate (3) (4) VIRGINIA R. SOULE A.B. in Latin Spring Lake, Mich. Alice Palmer Co-op. House Phi Tau Alpha LEONARD SPECTOR B.S. in Chemistry Elizabeth, N. J. HAROLD R. SPURWAY A.B. East Lansing, Mich. Chi Phi. Pres. (4) Chi Gamma Phi (4) I. F. C. (2) Cheerleader (2) (3) ROBERT H. SNYDER B.S. in Chemistry Newark, N. J. Phi Eta Sigma HARRY L. SONNEBORN A.B. Detroit, Mich. Theta Chi Sigma Delta Chi (4) Daily (1) (2) (3) Baseball (1) Student Senate (3) WILLIAM H. SOURS A.B. in Economics Rochester, N. Y. Theta Delta Chi C. A. A. Student Pilot Training DAVID P. SPENGLER A.B. in English Altoona, Pa. Theta Delta Chi Perspectives (3) (4) BETTY K. STAD ELMAN A.B. Monroe, Michigan Chi Omega Daily Michieanensian Glee Club, Pres. J.G. P. Frosh Project Soph Cabaret Orientation Advisor Choral Union League Comma. Page 47 M S i8 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS ALBIN J. STANISH A.B. in Economics Menominee, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi St. Mary ' s Chapel " Chronicle " BETTY M. STEINHART A.B. in Speech Correction Clean, N. Y. Phi Sigma Sigma, Pres. (4) Alpha Lambda Delta Athena Society Hillel Foundation (1) (2) (3) (4) Pres. (4) Intramural Debate (3) Play Prod. (4) WILLIAM R. STEVENS A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Theta Chi Glee Club (1) (2) JEANETTE H. STICKELS A.B. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Martha Cook J. G. P. W. A. A.. Treas. (4) Swimming Club (3) (4) Tennis Club (4) Assembly (4) League Comms. (3) (4) WALTER F. STEBENS A.B. Detroit, Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Congress (2) DOROTHEA STEPHENSON A.B. in Psychology Albany, N. Y. .1. G. P. DOROTHY S. STEVENSON A.B. Detroit, Mich. Pi Beta Phi Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comms. MARTORIE L. STOCK A.B. in Economics Benton Harbor, Mich. Betsy Barbour Choral Union (2) J. G. P. Assembly Banquet (3) (4) Assembly (4) League Comms. (3) (4) ERICH E. STEINER B.S. in Botany Mt. Ranier, Md. Phi Sigma Phi Kappa Phi WILLIAM C. STEVENS A.B. in Economics Flint, Mich. Baseball (1) LURA J. STEWART A.B. in English Jackson, Mich. Martha Cook League Comm. (3) (4) VICTORIA STOIANOWSKI A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. ELIAS STOLLER A.B. in Zoology Bronx, N. Y. Hillel Players Intramural Sports RUTH M. STRELMAN A.B. in Gen. Science Grand Rapids, Mich. Mosher, House Council (4) Assembly Board (4) League Comm. (4) FRANK A. STRUNK A.B. in History Jackson, Mich. STANLEY M. SWINTON A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Gamma Delta Michigamua Sphinx Tqastmasters Mimes Sigma Delta Chi, Pres. (4) Daily (1) (2) (3) (4), City Ed. (4) Gargoyle (2) (3) Panorama (2) RUTH TATLOCK A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Mosher, House Council Deutscher Verein Page 48 RICHARD U. STRASSER A.B. Fort Wayne, Ind. Delta Sigma Pi BARBARA L. STROEBEL A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. HELEN G. SWANSON A.B. in Lib. Sci. Lincoln, Neb. Phi Kappa Phi ANN L. SYLVESTER A.B. Ypsilanti, Mich. Phi Kappa Phi DOROTHY M. TAYLOR A.B. in English Ecorse, Mich. Alpha Kappa Alpha EUGENE M. STRAUSS A.B. in Economics Kansas City, Mo. Pi Lambda Phi, V. Pres. (4) Daily (1) Union Staff (2) MARYBELLE STROTHER A.B. in French Belington, W. Va. Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Lambda Delta Cercle Francais (2) Sociedad Hispanica (1) FRANCIS P. SWEENEY A.B. in Political Sci. Iron Mountain, Mich. Tau K:ippa Epsilon Scabbard and Blade (4) Hiawatha Club (1) (2) (3) (4 Newman Club (3) MIRIAM SZOLD A.B. Pelham, N. Y. Alpha F,psilon Phi.lSec ' y (3), Pres. (4) Scroll Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Hillel Players (3) (4) Avukah (3) W. A. A. Board (4) League Comms. (2) (3) (4) GEORGE D. TAYLOR A.B. Jacksonville, Fla. Phi Delta Theta Student Religious Assn., Council (3) Spring Parley (3) N 1940 LIBERAL ARTS. SENIORS BARBARA A. TELLING A.B. Holland, Mich. Ka| p:i K;ipp:i ( iMinni:i MicniganenBian (1) l ' ' l( l] I ' rojrct Soph Cabaret Orientation (3) (4) J. G. P. League Comma. (2) (3) LACY D. THOMAS A.B. in Political Sci. Kansas City, Mo. Beta Theta Pi Football (1) Union Opera (3) Union Staff (2) JEAN M. TIBBITS A.B. Oneida, N. Y. Gamma Phi Beta Wyvern Scroll Cercle Francais Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Orientation Advisor (4) RACHEL E. TONKIN A.B. in English Iron Mountain, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma MOLLIE F. THAYER A.B. La Grange, 111. Chi Omega League Comms. (3) JEAN I. THOMPSON A.B. Mountain Lakes, N. J. Alpha Xi Delta, V. Pres. (4) Panhellenio, Treas. (4) Ski Club, Sec ' y- (3) (4) Panhellenic Ball (3) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comms. (2) (3) (4) HORTENSE B. TIGER A.B. in Psychology Brooklyn, N. Y. Student Senate, Sec ' y. Play Prod. (3) (4) J. G. P. Hillel Membership Drive League Comm. (4) LYNN A. TOWNSEND A.B. in Economics Royal Oak, Mich. Beta Theta Pi WARREN H. THIEL B.S. in Chemistry Grand Rapids, Mich. JOHN L. THORNHILL, JR. A.B. in History Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Nu (1) (2) Baseball (1) Track (4) Senior Ball Comm. (4) ELIZABETH L. TITUS A.B. Traverse City, Mich. Collegiate Sorosis Panhellenic Council (3) (4) Panhellenio Ball (4) J. G. P. League Comm. (3) (4) DONALD H. TREADWELL A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Delta Upsilon Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma Michigamua Sphinx Mimes Toastmasters J-Hop Chr. Michigan Union, Pres. (4) ROBERT L. TROWBRIDGE A.B. in Economics Royal Oak, Mich. HENRY A. TUTTLE B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Intel-fraternity Council (2) (3) Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4) LAWRENCE VAN DEN BERG A.B. New Platz, N. Y. Chi Psi. Pres. (4) Phi Eta Sigma Sphinx Druids Gargoyle, (1) (2) (3) WALTER R. VANHOEK A.B. in Mathematics Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Delta Rho Alpha Phi Omega KATHRYN B. VAUGHN A.B. in English Albion, Mich. Alpha Phi Crop and Saddle (3) (4) JOHN M. TRYTTEN A.B. in Journalism Ann Arbor, Mich. FREDERICK C. TYLER A.B. Gary, Ind. Kappa Sigma Student Senate (4) ROBERT L. VANDENBERG A.B. in French Holland, Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4) Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4), Pres. (4) Varsity Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4). Bus. Mgr. (4) JEAN M. VAN RAALTE A.B. in Speech Holland, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma Scroll J. G. P. League Comm. Chr. of Orientation for Transfer Women JOSEPH C. VERGHO B.S. in Chemistry Monroe, Mich. THOMAS C. TUSSING A.B. York, Pa. Alpha Delta Phi Druids Golf (2) (3) (4) HERMAN H. ULEVITCH B.S. Cleveland, Ohio Football FREDA J. VANDER VEEN A.B. " Kalamazoo, Mich. Alpha Phi Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comm. HILDA G. VAN TUYL A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Omicron Pi, V. Pres. (4) Scroll Michiganensian (2) Kappa Phi. Program Chr. (2). Pres. (4) J. G. P. Orientation (3) (4) DOROTHY L. VERNER A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega Daily (2) League Comm. (2) Page 49 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS A. BURGESS VIAL A.B. La Grange, 111. Phi Gamma Delta Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Football (2) (3) Wrestling (2) NORMAN W. VOGEL A.B. in Zoology Red Hook, N. Y. DANIEL WAGNER A.B. New York, N. Y. Phi Sigma Delta WIMBURN L. WALLACE A.B. in Psychology Lexington, Mass. Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Eta Sigma Phi Delta Kappa Orientation Adviser (3) (4) F. T. A. (4) ANN M. VICARY A.B. in Social Studies Dearborn, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Lambda Delta Mortarboard Wyvern Daily, Women ' s Editor (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. RICHARD A. WADE A.B. Three Rivers, Mich. Band (1) RICHARD S. WAGNER A.B. in Economics fielding, Mich. Rumsey House Choral Union (1) (2) F. T. A. (4) WILLIAM H. WALTER A.B. Highland Park, Mich. DONALD M. WARD A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Choral L ' nion Play Prod. RICHARD T. WATERMAN A.B. in Political Sci. Albany, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Psi, Sec ' y. (4) Mimes (1) (2) (3) (4), Pres. (2) Druids Scabbard and Blade (3) (4), Treas. (4) Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) (4). Bus. Mgr. (4) Military Ball (2) (3) Drill Team (1) Michigras (1)(2) WILLIAM N. WEBB A.B. in Political Sci. Sturgis, Mich. Student Senate (4) MIRIAM R. WEINBERG A.B. in Spanish Saginaw, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Phi PHILIP F. WESTBROOK, JR. A.B. in Economics Escanaba, Mich. Michigamua Daily (1) (2) Congress, Activities Chr. (3), Pres. (4) Board in Control of Student Publications (4) Hiawatha Club, Pres. (4) Class President ' 2) Alpha Nu (1) (2) ALBERT L. WARREN A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. a,r: DAVID J. WATSON, JR A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Alpha Delta Phi HOWARD F. WEBER A.B. Joliet, 111. Phi Kappa Psi LINDA R. WEISS A.B. Utica, N. Y. Helen Newberry League Comm. Hillel Players MADELAINE WESTENDORF A.B. in German Mount Clemens, Mich. Alpha Delta Pi Choral Union (1) (2) League Comms. (2) (3) Deutscher Verein (1) (2) (3) (4) La Sociedad Hispanica (4) Panhellenic Society.(2) (3) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Page SO NORMA E. VINT A.B. in Speech Birmingham, Mich. League House, Pres. Zeta Phi Eta (3) (4) Play Prod. (2) (3) (4) J. G. P. Orientation (4) League Comm. (4) RUTH L. WAGGONER A.B. in French Ann Arbor, Mich. JOHN D. WALLACE A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Kappa Psi (2) Band (1) (2) (3) AMY L. WALTERS A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Mich. Helen Newberry League (1) (2) (3) (4) Le Cercle Francais (1) ( 2) (3) (4) International Relations Club (1) (2) RUTH E. WARREN A.B. Flint, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Phi KENNETH H. WAX A.B. Chicago, III. Sigma Alpha Mu Play Prod. (3) (4) Hillel Players (3) (4) Hillel Camera Club, Pres. (3) CLARINE M. WECHSLER A.B. New York, N. Y. JOHN M. WELLER A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. J. FARRELL WHITMAN A.B. Steubenville, O. Chi Phi 1940 LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS LAWRENCE B. WICK B.S. in Chemistry Jackson, Mich. GERALDINE F. WILSON A.B. in English Bay City, Mich. Theta Phi Alpha Newman Cluh ROBERT J. WINTER B.S. in Chemistry Evanston, 111. Alpha Delta Phi Track (1) DAVID H. WOOG A.B. in Economics Lynbrook, N. Y. Daily (1) Congress, Sec ' y. (2) GRACE C. WILLIAMS A.B. in English Niagara Falls, Ont. Helen Newberry Michiganensian (2) Orientation Adviser (4) Soph Cabaret J. 0. P. League Comm. (3) MARGARET E. WILSON A.B. in Sociology St. Joseph, Mich. Alpha Xi Delta Anthropology Club (3) (4) League Comm. (3) BERNICE M. WISMER A.B. in Education Grosse Pointe, Mich. ELLIS A. WUNSCH A.B. in Political Sci. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Psi Phi Eta Sigma Druids Mimes Gargoyle (3) (4), Editor (4) KATHRYN E. WILLIAMS A.B. in Political Sci. Niagara Falls, Ont. Helen Newberry Michiganensian (2) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comm. (3) ROBERT WINDSOR A.B. in Geography Pittsburgh, Pa. Chi Phi ALBERTA E. WOOD A.B. Anchorage, Ky. Delta Gamma, V. Pres. Wyvern, Pres. Mortarboard Frosh Project, Gen ' l Chr. League Treas. Frosh Frolic J. G. P. League Comm. (1) (2) (3) Student Senate (3) ELIZABETH C. WURSTER A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor Independents, V. Pres. (3) Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4) Phi Kappa Phi Deutscher Verein (3) (4) Dance Club (1) (2) (3) (4) ROBERT B. YOUNG A.B. in History Chicago, 111. Fletcher Hall Panorama (2) Orchestra (1) (3) Band (2) DAVID I. ZEITLIN A.B. in Political Sci. Bridgeport, Conn. Daily Correspondent for the Detroit Times ARTHUR J. ZAMBITO B.S. in Chemistry Rochester, N. Y. RALPH E. ZIMMERMAN, JR. A.B. in Geography Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Psi Hockey (1) Football (1) (2) BARBARA M. ZAPP A.B. Ashland, Ky. Zeta Phi Eta Michiganenaian (1) (2) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Glee Club (3) League Comm. (1) (2) (3) Assembly Ball GERTRUDE M. ZUIDEMA A.B. Highland Park, Mich. Martha Cook French Club Choral Union Top Row DOBSON, BECKER, WUNSCH, BAVINGER. SMITH, GRACE, LOWRV, JOHNSON. Rom MACK, HULBERT, GOODELL, SHAW, HINKLE, WATERMAN, MILLER. DANNEMILLER. Row 3 ALLEN, SPANOLEB, CANFIELD, FLANNIOAN, HDTCHENS, BALVEAT, NEILSON, HALLIGAN. PARKER. DRUIDS OFFICERS EDWARD HUTCHENS PHIL BALYEAT WILLIAM B. CANFIELD DENNIS FLANAGAN President (Arch Druid) V ice-President (Vice Arch Druid) Secretary (Seneca) Treasurer (Hoarder of the Funds) HONORARY MEMBERS CARL G. BRANDT ARTHUR L. CROSS JOSEPH L. DAVIS WALTER J. FARISS RAY L. FISHER JOSEPH E. KAI.LENBACH SHOREY PETERSON JESSE S. REEVES ALLAN SEAGER MORRIS P. TILLEY L. G. VANDER VELDE WALTER J. WEBER JAMES C. ALLEN PHIL BALYEAT WILLIAM F. BAVINGER OTTO BECKER WILLIAM B. CANFIELD AUGUSTUS DANNEMILLER RUSSELL T. DOBSON DENNIS FLANAGAN JOHN T. GELDER, JR. JOHN GOODELL JAMES W. GRACE ACTIVE MEMBERS JAMES V. HALLIGAN WALTER HINKLE JOHN HULBERT JOHN R. HUMPHREYS EDWARD HUTCHEXS ROBERT T. JOHNSON- GEORGE H. LOWERY EDWARD MACK, JR. MORRIS MILLER WALTER NEILSON, JR. DONALD H. NICHOLS ROBERT A. PALMER HOWARD PARKER LYNN RIESS DANIEL J. SHAW WILLIAM SMITH TED SPANGLER THOMAS C. TUSSING LARRY VANDEN BERG RICHARD T. WATERMAN HARRY K. WISNER ELLIS WUNSCH Page 52 Top Row QUAAL, WAGNER, BARRETT, DWVER, CHANDLER, FRUTIG, CORY. Row 2 Ross, TOBIN, CANHAM, GOULD. HOWARTH, LUCAS. Row 3 MORIN, BREIDENBACH, NEILSON, LOUD, HTNES, MEYER, STODDEN. Row 4 TRIPP, BROWN, HOOK, HARMON, HALL, EVASHEVSKI, STEPPON, COMBS. SPHINX HONORARY SPHINXES WALDO ABBOT ARTHUR S. AITON A. E. R. BOAK WILLIAM M. BRACE CARL G. BRANDT HOWARD B. CALDERWOOD ROBERT CAMPBELL F. C. CAPPON HARRY CARVER FREDERIC O. CRANDALL RICHARD FULLER DONAL HAINES ROBERT B. HALL HARLOW J. HENEMAX J. A. C. HILDNER CLARK HOPKINS WILDER R. HUMPHREYS RUSSELL C. HUSSEY KARL LITZENBERG JOHN H. MUYSKENS ROBERT M. PETRIE LEWIS VANDER VELDE ARTHUR VAN DUREN, JR. CHARLES B. VIBBERT CHARLES P. WAGNER STANLEY WALTZ BENNETT WEAVER MENTOR WILLIAMS ACTIVES EDWARD BARRETT WARREN BREIDENBACH DONALD CANHAM PAUL CHANDLER EARL COMBS JOHN CORY RAY DWYER FOREST EVASHEVSKI RALPH FRITZ EDWARD FRUTIG DOUGLAS GOULD GEOFFREY HALL TOM HARMON J. HERVIE HAUFLER WILLIAM HOLMES ROBERT HOOK FRED HOWARTH WILLIAM HYNES PAUL KROMER WILLIAM LOUD BLAZ LUCAS JACK MEYER JAMES NEILSON L. WARD QUAAL CHARLES Ross WILLIAM STEPPON DICK STODDEN BLAKE THAXTER JAMES TOBIN EDWARD TRIPP ROBERT ULRICH ROBERT WAGNER JAMES WELSH Page 53 Top Row HEALY, MUMFORD, RYDELL, SMITH. Row 2 OSSER, KIFT, DUNLOP, BEHE, KANNERB. THETA SIGMA PHI National Professional and Honorary Fraternity for Women in Journalism Founded, 1909 Alpha Theta Chapter, 1923 JOHN L. BRUMM EMILY GRIMES Faculty Adviser Alumna Adviser BETTY JANE BERGSTRESSER GWENDOLYN B. DUNLOP . IRIS BEHE JOSEPHI NE KIFT ROSALIE KANNERS IRIS BEHE BETTY JANE BERGSTRESSER GWENDOLYN B. DUNLOP OFFICERS Seniors President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Keeper of the Archives ROSALIE KANNERS JOSEPHINE KIFT NORAH KENNEDY MARGARET HEALY MARION MUMFORD ELOISE MUNGER MARY MUSTARD Juniors ESTHER OSSER SONIA POLOWAY ALICE RYDELL MARYANN SMITH KAPPA TAU ALPHA National Fraternity Honoring Scholarship in Journalism JOHN L. BRUMM IRIS BEHE JOHN CLIFFORD JOHN COLWELL GWEN DUNLOP NORAH KENNEDY MEMBERS Faculty Adviser JOSEPHINE KIFT ELWOOD LOHELA FREDERICK. McKENZiE MARY MINOR TOM PHARES Page 54 Top Row WATSON, HUBBARD, COOK, CARTER, GRILLS, MOE, JENKINS. Row 2 KRONNER, FARIBS, GOULD, HARRIS, GARVEY, SCHILLER, ROSE. Row 3 ALTER, EVANS, LAING, SHOBERG, PENCE, McCov, WARD, LEACH. ZETA PHI ETA OFFICERS BETTY JEAN PENCE ELAINE K. SHOBERG ELAINE ALPERT MARY ANN McCov RUTH LAING MRS. F. O. CRANDALL MRS. G. E. DINSMORE President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Faculty Adviser Patroness Adviser MRS. G. E. DINSMORE HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. Louis EICH Miss ETHEL McCoRMicK MEMBERS ELAINE ALPERT EDNA ALTER DOROTHY BRIDGEN FRANCES CARLISLE ADELAIDE CARTER MARION CONDE CLAIRE COOK EDITH EVANS BETTY FARISS RITA GARVEY NANCY GOULD JANE GRILLS NANCY HARRIS LONA HENDERSON JEAN HUBBARD JUNE JENKINS MARY JANE KRONNER RUTH LAING MERIBAH LEACH MARY ANN McCoY ELIZABETH MOE BETTY JEAN PENCE JEANNETTE ROSE MARGARET SCHILLER ELAINE K. SHOBERG NORMA VINT MARY Lou WALTERS MILDRED WARD ARDIS WATSON BARBARA ZAPP Page 55 A tt Page 56 Michigan ' s College of Engineering, one of the finest and oldest technical schools in the country, has long helped to supply the ever increasing demand for thoroughly trained men. Its graduates are scattered throughout the world and have achieved positions of leadership and responsibility. Its curriculum is not limited to technical studies but includes a variety of courses in liberal arts, thus giving the engineer a rounded university experience. The faculty is composed of noted men having practical knowledge in all engineering fields. The physical resources of the College of Engineering, equaled by only a few like institutions, include wind tunnels, one of the world ' s greatest naval tanks, well-equipped laboratories for each department, three comprehensive libraries, and Camp Davis in Wyoming for field surveying. That the College of Engineering supports more undergraduate activities and societies than any other division of the University is ample proof that its students do not confine their search for education to the classroom. tfeiS ENGINEERING ' AN ENGINEER ' S PERSPECTIVE Page S3 DEAN ANDERSON AS I KNEW HIM " A man of winning personality inspiring confidence in all that he said and did, the personification of the gentleman the gentle man. A man who gave to each and all of his undertakings the best that was in him, and who strove for the truth in the problems he was called upon to solve a wise counsellor to the many students who sought his advice on personal as well as scholastic matters a man esteemed for his sound judgment on committees having to do with many of the University ' s extra-curricular affairs,- a man sought by state and large commercial con- cerns to value properties aggregating, in reproduction cost, to many millions of dollars a man who fitted into the mold of the truly American citizen who believes in his country a respected and beloved father, friend, and neighbor. Such a man was Professor and Dean Henry Clay Anderson. " Mortimer E. Cooley, Dean Emeritus of the College of Engineering HENRY CLAY ANDERSON (1872-1939), LATE DEAN OF THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING. DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN Standing GRAM, A. H. WHITE, ERIKSEN, MILLER, BRAGG. Seated HIGBIE. HAWLEY, BOSTON, LOVELL (acting Dean), BRANDT. STALKER. JOHNSTON. Missing BAILEY. KMSWILEK. A. E. WHITE. Page 59 I Shatter-proof Glass The Michigan-LIFE Confer- ence on New Technologies in Transportation, which met November first, had an im- posing name for an even more imposing task. The Univer- sity of Michigan and LIFE magazine, however, took de- served bows for the smooth- ness and effectiveness of the three day meeting. I Boss Kettering of the Gen- eral Motors Research Depart- ment set a keynote of optimism for the conferees. Said Kettering, " ... whatever the social and economic con- ditions demand in the future is what your transportation system will be. " Page 60 Photo by Otto Hagel and Hansel Mieth Life Magazine SMITH ESTES FORBES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT R. SMITH HUGH H. ESTES . CHARLES H. FORBES President Secretary Treasurer FINANCE COMMITTEE Charles Forbes, Chr. Owen Broders Robert Britton Robert Jeffers Douglas Tracy COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE Phillip Newman, Chr. John Haigh Robert King Howard Kirk Lorenz Rinek CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Frederick Shands, Chr. Frank Feely Kenneth Meyer Paul Robertson Richard Steding Smashing the Atom- the cyclotron in East Physics Page 61 1 940 ENGINEERING SENIORS RICHARD M. ADAMS B.S. in Aero. Eng. Maplewood, N. J. Delta Upsilon. House Mgr. (3), Treas. (4) Tau Beta Pi Vulcans Technic, Ed. (4) Engineering Council Engineers Ball Slide Rule Ball Senior Ball, Chr. EINAR R. ALMDALE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Phi Sigma Kappa. Pres. (4) Basketball Mgr. (2) (3) A. S. M. E. JOHN G. ANGLE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Tau Omega Speech Society Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) GORDON H. ARNOLD B.S. in Mech. Eng. Flint, Mich. Alpha Sigma Phi Pi Tau Pi Sigma I. A. S. (2) (3) (4) Sociedad Hispanica (2) Flying Club (3) Military Ball Comm. (2) (3) (4) f w JTI CRUZAN ALEXANDER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Santa Monica, Calif. Theta Xi Sigma Rho Tau Daily (1) Engineering Council A. I. Ch. E. Soph Prom, Chr. Engineering Ball NORMAN K. ANDERSON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Brantford, Ont. NORMAN C. APPOLD B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Mich. Nat ' l. Guard Air Corps J. ANDERSON ASHBURN B.S.E. Winston-Salem, N. C. Kappa Sigma Triangles Vulcans Sigma Rho Tau Technic (1) (2) (3) (4) Ed. (4) Engineering Council (3) (4) V. Pres. (4) Slide Rule Ball (3) (4) Chr. (4) Engineering Ball (4) EUGENE ALLMENDINGER B.S. in Marine Eng. and Naval Arch. Dearborn, Mich. Quarterdeck Track STERLING R. ANDERSON B.S. in Elec. Eng. Toledo, O. A. I. E. E. (3) (4) WILLIAM G. ARMOR B.S. in Mech. Eng. Lisbon, O. A. S. M. E. S. A. E. ROLAND M. ATHAY, JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Trigon HOWARD E. AWIG B.S. in Aero. Eng. Cleveland, O. Trigon LANGDON F. AYRES B.S. in Mech. Eng. Wichita, Kan. Sigma Alpha Epsilon WARREN R. BAUGHMAN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rocky River, O. Delta Upsilon A. S. M. E. DAVID D. BEACH B.S. in Naval Arch, and Marine Eng. Branford, Conn. Adams House Quarterdeck Scimitar Technic Hockey RAY C. BELSLEY B.S. in Naval Arch. Peoria, 111. Quarterdeck (3) Sigma Rho Tau (4) Michigan Sailing Club (2) (3) (4) ROBERT L. BENFORD B.S. in Mech. Eng. Math. Schenectady, N. Y. Phi Sigma Kappa Band (1) (2) (3) and JOHN A. BAUMANN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Rome, N. Y. Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) (3) (4), Corr. Sec ' y. (4) Varsity Debate (1) LeROY C. BECKERT, JR. B.S. in Trans. Eng. Owosso, Mich. Transportation Club (3) (4) V. Pres. (4) Sigma Rho Tau (1) Freshman Glee Club JEROLD BENAVIE B.S. in Eng. Phys. Detroit, Mich. Varsity Band (1) (2) Regimental Band (1) (2) Intramural Sports (1) (2) (3) (4) ARTHUR L. BENNETT B.S. in Mech. Eng. Schenectady, N. Y. Alpha Kaopa Lambda Football (2) (3) (4) RAYMpND H. BARNES B.S. in Marine Eng. Fairhaven, Mass. Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Tau Beta Pi, Cataloguer Michigan Sailing Club JOHN E. BAXTER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Riverside, Ont. Trigon AUSTIN H. BEEBE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Kappa Lambda Interfraternity Council (2) (3) Michigan Union (2) A. I. Ch. E. (3) (4) HARRY B. BENFORD B.S. in Naval Arch, and Marine Eng. Schenectady, N. Y. Kappa Delta Rho. Pres. (5) Quarterdeck, (4) (5), Purser (5) Michiganensian (4) Track (1) MURELL J. BESSEY B.S. in Chem. Eng. Comstock Park, Mich. A. I. Ch. E. Page 62 1940 ENGINEERING SENIORS HENRY C. BILLINGS B.S. in Aero. Eng. Rome, N. Y. Williams House V. Pres. (4) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) (3) (4) Pres. (4), V. Pres. (3) Technic (1) (2) (3) Glider Club (3) Glee Club (1) I. A. S. (4) ALFRED R. BOBROWSKY M.S. in Eng. Yonkers, N. Y. CM Alpha Pi S. A. E. DAVID D. BOWE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Mt. Clemens, Mich. I. A. S. Frosh Frolic JOSEPH G. BLACK B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Zeta Psi GEORGE A. BRETZLAFF B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Phi Sigma Kappa A. S. M. E. (2) (3) (4) S. A. E. (3) (4) CORNELIUS BOOGAARD B.S. in Mech. and Aero. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. A. S. M. E. I. A. S. STEWART P. BOWER B.S. in Aero Eng. Flushing, Mich. Varsity Band (2) (3) I. A. S. (3) (4) LEWIS T. BRIGGS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Erie, Pa. Trigon Technic (1) S. A. E. HERBERT G. BLUMBERG B.S. in Elec. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Ceta Beta Tau Tau Beta Pi (3) (4) Eta Kapoa Nu (3) (4). Pres. (4) A. I. E. E. Sec. (4) I. F. C. (2) Glider Club (1) (2) G. INNES BOUTON B.S.E.inAero.Eng. Detroit, Mich. Triangle Tau Beta Pi (4) S. A. E. (2) I. A. S. (2) (3) (4) ARTHUR J. BRANDT B.S. in Mech. Eng. Birmingham, Mich. Alpha Tau Omega Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) Technic (1) (2) (3) Engineering Council (3) (4) Honor Council (3) (4) Soph Prom Engineering Ball (4) C. A. A. E. ROBERT BRITTON B.S. in Aero. Eng. Seattle, Wash. Phi Kappa Phi Tau Beta Pi I. A. S., Sec. (4) CLAUDE O. BRODERS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma (1) (2) Tau Beta Pi (3) (4) Phi Kappa Phi (4) A. S. M. E. (2) (3) (4) ROBERT L. BROWN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma Scabbard and Blade Engineering Council Varsity Golf JOHN E. CALLOUETTE B.S. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Sigma DON B. CARSON B.S. in Chem. Eng. Port Huron, Mich. Phi Kappa Phi Tau Beta Pi A. I. Ch. E. CHARLES E. CHANDLER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. GEORGE M. BROWN B.S.E. in Chem. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Psi Upsilon Daily (1) Sigma Pi Tau A. I. Ch. E. Varsity Band (1) (2) (3) Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4) MERRILL M. BUSH B.S. in Civil Eng. Detroit, Mich. A. S. C. E. JOHN A. CAMERON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. A. S. M. E. Football (1) Wrestling (1) CARL W. CAUGHEY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. A. S. M. E. (4) JOHN L. CHAPMAN B.S. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Psi Upsilon A. S. M. E. Track, Mgr. (2) (3) JAMES E. BROWN B.S. in Aero. Eng. Peoria, 111. Chi Psi Vulcans (4) Engineering Council (1) (2) (3) (4), Sec. (3), Pres. (4) I. A. S. (4) Glider Club (2) Engineering Ball, Chr. (4) Bureau of Student Cooperation (4) THOMAS S. CALDWELL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Bucyrus, O. Trigon THOMAS D. CARPENTER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Scottdale, Pa. A. S. M. E. (4) ALFRED C. CHADWICK B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Triangles (3) Hockey (4) " M " Club, V. Pres. (4) ALLISON CHILDS B.S. in Elec. Eng. Washington, D. C. Pi Tau Pi Sigma Eta Kappa Nu Page 63 1940 ENGINEERING SENIORS QUEN YOOK CHIN B.S. in Civil Eng. New York, N. Y. Alpha Lambda A. S. C. E. WALTER T. CLEMENT, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. New Hartford, N. Y. Theta Delta Chi Scabbard Blade (3) (4) Union (1) (2) Glee Club (1) CHARLES E. COLLINS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Saline, Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma Band (1) (2) Deans Luncheon Club (1) A. S. M. E. Kingfish Club (2) WEBSTER D. CORLETT B.S. in Mech. Eng. pak Park, 111. Phi Kappa Psi JAMES A. CLARK B.S. in Chem. Eng. Jackson, Mich. A. I. Ch. E. (4) PHILIP W. COBB B.S. in Chem. Eng. Saginaw, Mich. JOHN S. COLLMAN B.S. in Naval Arch. Erie, Pa. Trigon, V. Pres. (4) Quarterdeck (4) Michiganensian (2) CLARK E. COTTRELL, JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. Morenci, Mich. Theta Chi A. I. Ch. E. (2) (3) (4) HENRY R. CLAUSER B.S. in Civil Eng. Allentown, Pa. Fletcher Hall Mimes (2) (3) (4), Sec ' y. (4) Perspectives (3) (4) A. S. C. E. Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) WILTON H. COLBERG B.S. in Naval Arch. Stockton, Calif. Phi Kappa Tau ALMON W. CONRATH B.S.E. Hamilton, Ont. Beta Theta Pi Triangles Vulcans Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) Summer Directory, Editor (3) Orientation (3) (4 ) J-Hop Comm. Interfraternity Council Engineering Council THOMAS COURTNEY, JR. B.S. in Aero. Eng. Lakewood, O. Alpha Tau Omega I. A. S. GEORGE S. COWING B.S. in Chem. Eng. Joliet, 111. Scabbard and Blade A. I. Ch. E. NEIL G. CURRIE B.S. in Elec. Eng. Northville, Mich. MON DARE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Chicago, 111. A. I. Ch. E. (2) Chicago Student Club. Board of Gov. (1) FREDERICK M. DeBOE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. ROBERT E. DeLAND B.S. in Aero. Eng. Flushing, Mich. Tau Beta Pi (4) Phi Eta Sigma I. A. S. (3) (4) JAMES M. CROOK B.S. in Aero. Eng. Huntington, W. Va. I. A. S. DAVID G. GUSHING B.S. in Chem. Eng. Woodbury, N. J. Phi Kappa Sigma, Pres. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Tau Beta Pi Triangles, Pres. Vulcans Class President (2) Engineering Council A. I. Ch. E. (2) (3) (4), V Pres. (4) EDWARD H. DAVERMAN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Alpha Kappa OSCAR G. DECLERCK B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Lambda Chi Alpha A. S. M. E. S. A. E. Sigma Rho Tau GRIDLEY DeMENT B.S. in Chem. Eng. Kenilworth, 111. Fletcher Hal! Michiganensian (2) A. I. Ch. E. (4) DONALD F. CROZAT B.S. in Aero Eng. Rochester, N. Y. Kappa Delta Rho, Steward (4) Rushing Chr. (3) Tennis (1) (2) I. A. S. WILLIAM T. GUSHING, JR. B.S.E. Birmingham, Mich. Alpha Delta Phi JAMES R. DAVIDSON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Angola, N. Y. Technic (3) C4) Band (2) (3) (4) Congregational Fellowship (2) (3) (4), Pres. (4) HANS DEHLINGER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. A. S. M. E. (2) (3) (4), Publicity Chr. (4) DONALD D. DEMING B.S. in Mech. Eng. Battle Creek, Mich. Page 64 1940 ENGINEERING SENIORS i WALTER A. DENNIS B.S. in Civil Eng. Bradford, Pa. Triangle A. S. C. E. Transportation Club Track (1) HARRY B. DEYOE B.S. in Civil Eng. Westkill, N. Y. A. S. C. E. KEITH E. DIXON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Jacknon, Mich. Theta Chi C. A. A. RALPH H. DUBOIS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Birmingham, Mich. Phi Kappa Psi Triangles J-Hop Comm. Student Mgr. German Exchange Student KENNETH J. DEWHIRST B.S. in Mech. Eng. Windsor, Ont. JOSEPH B. DIEPENBROCK B.S. in Mech. Eng. Bay City, Mich. A. S. M. E.. Treas. Student Comm. on Professional Practice ROBERT K.DRAPER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Dearborn, Mich. A. I. Ch. E. (4) ROBERT W. EDDY B.S. in Civil Eng. and Geod. Ann Arbor, Mich. A. S. C. E. HENRY R. DeWOLF B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. ROBERT A. DIEPENBROCK B.S. in Civil Eng. Bay City, Mich. JAMES H. DRISCOLL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. A.S.M.E. ROBERT M. ELSWORTH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Watervliet, N. Y. A. S. M. E. (4) Glider Club (4) ARTHUR A. ERNST B.S. in Elec. Eng. Saginaw, Mich. Zeta Psi A.I.E.E. BENJAMIN FALK B.S. in Met. Eng. Fort Wayne, Ind. LESTER K. FERO B.S. in Aero. Eng. Beaver Dama, N. Y. Glider Club (3) (4) I. Ae. S. (4) JOSEPH W. FLAHERTY B.S. in Chem. Eng. Bradford, Pa. Sigma Rho Tau A. I. Ch. E. Newman Club Student Comm. on Professional Practise LLOYD M. FORSTER B.S. in Eng. Birmingham, Mich. Alpha Delta Phi HUGH H. ESTES B.S. in Mech. Eng. East Falmouth, Mass. Delta Upsilon, Pres. (4) Class Sec ' y (4) Interfraternity Council (2) (3), Ball (3) Exec. Comm. (4) A. S. M. E. (2) (3) (4) Engineering Council (4), Ball (4) FRANK J. FEELY, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Westfield, N. J. Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Eta Sigma Tau Beta Pi, Sec ' y Technic (3) Track (1) (2) (3) (4) NORMAN J. FEY M.S. in Chem. Eng. Fremont, O. Tau Beta Pi Iota Alpha A. I. Ch. E., Treas. JOHN H. FLICKINGER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Schenectady, N. Y. Alpha Tau Omega Track Manager (3) A. S. M. E. (2) WILLIS E. FOX B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. LEROY E. FAKE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ilion, N. Y. Theta Xi Track (1) Michigan Union (2) CHARLES C. FERGUSON Chem. Eng. Fredericksburg, Va. HARRY C. FISCHER B.S. in Chem. and Met. Eng. Plymouth, Mich. Alpha Chi Sigma. Treas. (3) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) (3) (4) Technic (1) (2) Engineering Council (4) A. I. Ch. E. (2) (3) (4), Sec ' y (4) A. I. M. E. (3) (4) Ball (4) CHARLES H. FORBES B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Mich. Tau Beta Pi Phi Eta Sigma Class Treas. (4) Engineering Council (4) Sigma Rho Tau, Sec ' y (3) MILTON FRANKEL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Jeffersonville, N. Y. Panorama, Asst. Ed. (3) A. S. M. E. (4) Page 65 1940 ENGINEERING SENIORS HAROLD E. FRIEDMAN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Philadelphia, Pa. Pi Lambda Phi A. S. M. E. EDWARD A. GAUGLER B.S. in Physics Paterson, N. J. Phi Kappa Phi CHARLES B. GOODRICH B.S. in Me . Eng. Davison, Mich. Scabbard and Blade A. I. M. E., Treas. BERTRAM A. GRAHAM B.S. in Chem. Eng. Royal Oak, Mich. Delta Sigma Phi ALBERT L. FURMAN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. A. S. M. E., V. Pies. RICHARD B. GETHMANN B.S. in Elec. Eng. and Math. Oklahoma City, Okla. ROBERT J. GOODYEAR B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Beta Theta Pi Vulcans Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) Mimes (4) Eng. Council (3) (4) Eng. Honor Council (2) (3) Union Opera, Exec. Comm. (4) Frosh Frolic Inter-fraternity Council DOUGLAS GRAHAM, JR. B.S. in Civil Eng. Chicago, 111. Alpha Tau Omega S. A. E. (3) A. S. C. E. BOB K. GATLEY B.S. in Chem. Eng. Maplewood, N. J. Glee Club (1) (2) Choral Union (1) (2) (4) A. I. Ch. E. (2) (4) LOUIS H. GOLDMAN B.S. in Aero. Eng. New York, N. Y. Pi Lambda Phi Gargoyle (1) Flying Club (3) (4), Sec ' y. (I) Glider Club (2) I. A. S. (3) (4) SYLVAN B. GORDON B.S. in Chem. Eng. Norfolk, Va. Hillel Players (3) (4) A. I. Ch. E. (4) ROBERT W. GRAVER B.S. in Civil Eng. Buffalo, N. Y. Scalp and Blade (2) (3) (4) A. S. C. E. (2) (3) (4),Treas (I) Trans. Club (3) (4) DANIEL GRUDIN B.S. in Aero. Eng. New York, N. Y. Eng. Council (4) I. A. S. (2) (3) (4) Eng. Ball (4) Art Cinema League (4), Mgr. (4) CHARLES N. HAGAR, JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. Westfield, N. J. Alpha Sigma Phi Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) (3) (4), V. Pres. (4) CLARENCE E. HANTHORN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Crystal Falls, Mich. A. S. M. E. CARLING HAVERMANS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Muskegon, Mich. Phi Theta Kappa A. S. M. E. Mich. Christian Fellowship, Sec ' y. LEWIS O. HEINZE B.S. in Elec. Eng. Royal Oak, Mich. Tau Beta Pi (4) Eta Kappa Nu (4) A. I. E. E. EDMUND A. GUZEWICZ B.S. in Aero. Eng. Taunton, Mass. Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) Wrestling (1) Military Ball (3) Eng. Ball (4) Eng. Council (4) Glider Club (2) JOHN H. HAIGH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Chicago, 111. Beta Theta Pi Triangles Vulcans, V. Pres. Swimming (2) (3) (4) KENNETH G. HARDING B.S. in Chem. Eng. Fenton, Mich. Glee Club (2) A. I. Ch. E. ALFRED A. HEALY B.S. in Eng. Detroit, Mich. Tau Kappa Epsilon A. S. M. E. S. A. E. M. ROBERT HERMAN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Woodmere, N. Y. Pi Lambda Phi, Corr. Sec ' y. Phi Eta Sigma Technic (1) (2) (3) (4), Bus. ffs C GEORGE H. HETRICK B.S. in Chem. Eng. Elmira, N. Y. A. I. Ch. E. Mgr. (4) A. I. Ch. E., V. Pres. A. I. M. E. Slide Rule Ball (3) (4) Comm. of Professional Practice (4) BERNARD D. HABER B.S. in Aero. Eng. New York, N. Y. Michigan Co-op. House I. Ae. S. (3) (4) Glider Club (3) (4) Hillel Council (2) (3) Avukah, Pres. (4) MYRON C. HALL B.S. in Chem. Eng. Buffalo, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon Scalp and Blade (2) (3) (4) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) A. I. Ch. E. Technic (2) C. A. A. HARRY R. HATCHER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Royal Oak, Mich. Alpha Chi Sigma A. I. Ch. E. CHARLES A. HEDGES B.S. in Mech. Eng. Washington, D. C. Delta Tau Delta 1940 ENGINEERING SENIORS HENRY B. HEYL B.S. in Elec. Eng. Tyrone, Pa. Beta Theta Pi Triangles Vulcans Track (2) (3) (4) PAUL K. HOGAN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. I. M. Hockey (1) (2) (3) (4) A. S. M. E. DONALD D. HORTON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Plymouth, Mich. ROBERT W. HIRSCH B.S. in Chem. Eng. Aberdeen, S. D. A. I. Ch. E. (4) Newman Club (3) (4) Choral Union (3) (4) WILLIAM D. HOPE B.S. in Eng. Phys. LaGrange, 111. Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres. (4) ELMER A. HORTON B.S. in Aero. Eng. Grand Blanc, Mich. C. A. A. WILLIAM M. HUMENCZUK B.S. in Mech. Eng. Wyandotte, Mich. A. S. M. E. (2) (3) (4) VAN G. HUNGERFORD B.S. in Elec. Eng. Medina, N. Y. A. I. E. E. ROBERT H. HOCKBERGER B.S. in Civil Eng. Oak Park, 111. A. S. C. E. (3) (4) Transportation Club (3) (4) Chicago Club Track (3) (4) Newman Club JAMES R. HORNER B.S. in Civil Eng. Jackson, Mich. A. S. C. E. HARRY M. HOWELL B.S. Schenectady, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Triangles Vulcans Sigma Rho Tau Michigan Union. V. Pres. Union Exec. Council Men ' s Judiciary Council Michigras Mimes JOHN I. HUNT B.S. in Mech. Eng. Scottville, Mich. Acacia A. S. M. E. ROBERT H. JACKSON B.S. in Elec. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Tau THOMAS C. JESTER B.S. in Met. Eng. Schenectady, N. Y. Phi Sigma Kappa Triangles Vulcans Track (1) (2) (3i (4) A. I. M. E. BENJAMIN F. JONES B.S. Cleveland Hts., O. Delta Tau Delta Gargoyle (1) Union (1) (2) Interfraternity Council (2) (3) Interfraternity Ball Cheerleader (2) Soph Prom MARVIN M. KAISER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Chicago, 111. A. I. Ch. E. (3) (4) KENNETH K. KIMBALL B.S. in Naval Arch, and Marine Eng. Elizabeth, N.J. Quarterdeck (4) Cheerleader (3) (4) ROTC-Engineers (1) (2) (3) (4) Drill Team (1) (2) ROBERT L. JACKSON B.S. in Mech. Eng. and Marine Eng. Saginaw, Mich. A. S. M. E. S. A. E. HOWARD R. JOHNSON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Muskegon, Mich. A. S. M. E. GEORGE F. JONES B.S. in Marine Eng. South Bend, Ind. Alpha Tau Omega Eng. Speech Society Soph Prom JOSEPH W. KENNICOTT B.S. in Naval Arch. Highland Park, 111. Chi Psi Triangles Michiganensian (2) ROBERT W. KING B.S. in Aero. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Chi Psi Hockey Glider Club I. A. S. ROBERT H. JEFFERS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Trigon Tau Beta Pi (3) (4) Tennis (3) (4) A. S. M. E. (2) (3) (4), Sec ' y, (4) WILLIAM A. JOHNSTON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Devon, Conn. RAY S. JONES B.S. in Mech. Eng. LaCanada, Calif. Tau Beta Pi A. S. M. E., Pres. (4) Sailing Club, Sec ' y (3) Purser (4) Bureau of Student Cooperation, Director FRANK KERN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. HOWARD F. KIRK, JR. B.S. in Aero. Eng. East Orange, N. J. Delta Kappa Epsilon I. A. S. Page 67 Gg98H$8% 1940 ENGINEERING SENIORS HOGH C. KIRTLAND B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. JOHN G. KNECHT B.S. in Aero. Eng. Evanston, 111. Phi Gamma Delta Track (1) Union (2) (3), Exec. Council (3) Glider Club (1) (2) (3) (4) I. F. C. (3) I. A. S. (4) DON C. LAW B.S. in Aero. Eng. Freeland, Mich. GERHARD A. LIEDHOLZ B.S. in Elec. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Gamma Delta (2) (3), Sec ' y.- Treas. (2), Pres. (3) A. I. E. E. Pi Tau Pi Sigma EUGENE L. KLEIN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Pontiac, Mich. Trigon Triangles (2) (3) Football Manager (2) (3) A. S. M. E. (2) RICHARD J. KOZACKA B.S. in Chem. Eng. Chicago, 111. Roliert Owen Cooperative Chicago Club (4), Sec ' y-Treas. A. I. Ch. E. (3) (4) Polonia Club (4) Polish Engineering Society (3) (4) WAYNE H. LEE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Muskegon, Mich. Alpha Chi Sigma Rifle Team (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4) A. I. Ch. E. (2) (3) (4) Orientation Advisor (4) GEORGE M. LOCKWOOD B.S. in Mech. Eng. Monroe, Micb. Zeta Psi WALLACE H. KNAPP B.S. in Mech. Eng. West Hartford, Conn. Alpha Tau Omega EDWARD A. KURZAWA B.S. in Aero. Eng. Chicago, 111. I. A. S. (2) (3), V. Chr. (3) Sigma Rho Tau (1) Glider Club (2) KENNETH L. LEVIN B.S. in Elec. Eng. Buffalo, N. Y. Eta Kappa Nu A. I. E. E. Glider Club Hillel Photography Club Hillel Players ERIC B. LOMAX B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ferndale, Mich. A. S. M. E. (4) CLAYTON R. LOMNETH B.S. in Met. Eng. Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Triangle A. I. M. E. Hiawatha Club MARK P. MAIER B.S. in Aero. Eng. Baltimore, Md. Alpha Tau Omega Gargoyle (1) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) (3) I. A. S. (4) JAMES A. MASON B.S. in Elec. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Triangle Ring Comm. (3) Radio Club (1) (2) WILLIAM C. McKAY B.S. in Naval Eng. Flint, Mich. Quarterdeck JOHN F. McNAUGHTON B.S. in Elec. Eng. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. ROBERT L. LUERY B.S. Escanaba, Mich. Sigma Delta Psi Wrestling (1) Congress, Sports Comm. (2) Hiawatha Club (3) (4), Exec. Council (4) Board in Control of Physical Education (4) ' M ' Mgrs. Club (4) Football Daily HENRY M. MANNING B.S. in Chem. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Newman Club JOHN E. MAYTHAM B.S. in Mech. Eng. Port Dover, Ont. Phi Sigma Kappa Quarterdeck CLYDE McKINLEY, JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. Ml. Pleasant, Mich. WILLIAM O. MECKLEY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Latham, N. Y. A. S. M. E. (3) (4) HARRY E. LYON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ferndale, Mich. A. S. M. E. (2) (3) (4) Congress (2) (3) (4) HAROLD J. MARTY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. DOUGLAS B. McFARLAND B.S. Tenafly, N. J. Theta Delta Chi Track (1) Swimming (1) ROWLAND H. McLAUGHLIN B.S. in Elec. Eng. Chicago, 111. Theta Xi Scabbard and Blade Pi Tau Pi Sigma KENNETH N. MEYER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Toledo, O. Alpha Tau Omega Class Secretary (2) Page 68 1940 ENGINEERING SENIORS WILLIAM E. MILES B.S. in Aero. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. Orchestra (4) YUK T. MO B.S.E. Canton, China A. S. M. E. JOHN M. MULKEY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Acacia, V. Pres. (2), Treas. (3) (4) A. S. M. E. (3) ERNEST L. NEUMANN B.S. in Civil Eng. Alpena, Mich. Phi Delta Chi A. S. C. E. JOHN K. MILLS B.S. in Elec. Eng. Towaco, N. J. Phi Eta Sigma Triangles Eta Kappa Nu Phi Kappa Phi Technic (1) (2) (3) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) (3) (4), Sec ' y. 12), Treas. (3) (4) A. I. E. E. (4) A. S. M. E (4) ROBERT L. MOORE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Detroit, Mich. I. A. S. (3) (4) C. BARTON MYERS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Dayton, O. Beta Theta Pi Michiganensian (1) Panorama (2) Sigma Rho Tau (1) PHILIP E. NEWMAN B.S. in Chem. Eng. New York City, N. Y. Phi Kappa Psi Vulcans Daily (1) (2) Engineering Council (4) Engineering Honor Comm. (4) Engineering Ball (4) ROBERT G. MITCHELL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Niagara Falls, N. Y. A. S. M. E. (2) Sailing Club (2) ELWIN F. MORSE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Corning, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi JOSEPH E. NAKAMURA B.S. in Chem. Eng. Flint, Mich. JOHN B. NICOLLS, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Pontiac, Mich. Phi Gamma Delta JOHN R. NILL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) A. S. M. E. (4) ARTHUR C. OAKES B.S. in Naval Arch, and Marine Eng. Queens Village, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Lambda Sailing Club Baptist Guild RICHARD OPPENHEIM B.S. in Chem. Eng. New York, N. Y. Congress (2) A. I. Ch. E. HOWARD H. PARKER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Kalamazoo, Mich. A. I. Ch. E. (3) (4) RICHARD C. PARSONS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Chicago, 111. Alpha Tau Omega Scabbard and Blade (2) (3) (4) GEORGE A. NORTHWAY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Saco, Me. Phi Sigma Kappa Technic (1) (2) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) Transfer Orientation Comm. (3) (4) GEORGE R. OLDING B.S. in Civil Eng. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Rho Chi A. S. C. E. Wrestling (1) STANLEY H. OROWSKI B.S. in Physical Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. WILLIAM C. PARKINSON B.S.E. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Delta Rho Kappa Kappa Psi Band (1) (2) (3) (4) Orchestra (1) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) FRANK L. PECOTT B.S. in Chem. Eng. Monroe, Mich. A. I. Ch. E. (3) (4) AMBROSE B. NUTT B.S. in Aero. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Phi Alpha, Pres. (4) Sigma Rho Tau (1) I. A. S. (4) F. G. OLSEN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Dearborn, Mich. Alpha Sigma Phi EDWARD J. PARISH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Corning, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi Tau Beta Phi ALFRED C. PARMENTER B.S. in Aero. Eng. Northville, Mich. GEORGE E. PENHALE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Farmington, Mich. Page 69 1940 ENGINEERING SENIORS ROGER B. PETERSON B.S. in Chem. Eng. Chicago, 111. Phi Sigma Kappa Technic (2) (3) WESLEY R. POWERS B.S. in Elec. Eng. Dowagiac, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma Eta Kappa Nu, Sec ' y. (4) Tau Beta Pi Phi Kappa Phi A. I. E. E., Chr. (4) JOSEPH A. PSENKA B.S. in Mech. Eng. Flint, Mich. JOHN W. RANE, JR. B.S. in Civil Eng. Whitmore Lake, Mich. Theta Delta Chi Hockey Mgr. (4) Class V. Pres. (2) Eng. Council (4) A. S. C. E. (3) (4) " M " Managers Club (4) HARRY B. PICKEN B.S. in Aero. Eng. Winona, Ontario CLIFFORD J. PRENTICE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. BRUCE B. PURDY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Appleton, Wis. Phi Delta Theta Glee Cluh Choral Union DANIEL R. RANNEY B.S. in Aero. Eng. Chicago, 111. Theta Chi Vulcans (3) (4) Daily (2) Wrestling (1) (2) Flying Club, Pres. (3) (4) Mimes A.S.M.E. I. Ae. S. Sigma Rho Tau VERNON G. POEST B.S. in Mech. Eng. Zeeland, Mich. Acacia, V. Pres. (3), Pres. (4) A. I. Ch. E. (2) A. S M. E. (3) (4) Interfraternity Council (4) WILLIAM G. PRICE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. THOMAS E. QUINSEY B.S. in Civil Eng. Flint, Mich. A. S. C. E.. V. Pres. Trans. Club (2) MATTHEW T. REA B.S. in Chem. Eng. London, O. Phi Gamma Delta Track (1) Class Treas. (2) Frosh Frolic A. I. Ch. E. (3) (4) HARRY W. REED, JR. B.S. Detroit, Mich. Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Rho Tau Technic HOWARD E. RILEY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Sigma Rho Tau (1) PHILLIP H. ROBERTS B.S. in Aero. Eng. Youngstown, O. Kappa Delta Rho I. Ae. S. PHILLIP ROSENBLUM B.S. in Mech. Eng. Bradley Beach, N. J. Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) Congress (2) A. S. M. E. (4) ELIAS W. SCHEIBE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. J. ALLAN REID B.S. in Mech. Eng. Birmingham, Mich. Theta Chi A. S. M. E. Glider Club LORENZ W. RINEK B.S. in Chem. and Met. Eng. Washington, Pa. Phi Gamma Delta Triangles Vulcans Scabbard and Blade Basketball Mgr. (3) (4) A. I. M. E.. Pres. (4) Flying Club, Treas. (4) J-Hop Eng. Council (3) PAUL C. ROBERTSON B.S. in Mech. Eng. North Tonawanda, N. Y. Student Senate (3) (4), Pres. (4) A. S. M. E., (4) GLEN E. SANDERSON B.S. in Elec. Eng. Youngstown, O. Glider Club. V. Pres. (4) MARVIN H. SEDON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Congress (2) A. S. M. E. (4) WALTER H. RIEGER B.S. in Civil Eng. Albion, Mich. A. S. C. E., Pres. (3) ARTHUR RISSBERGER, JR. B.S. in Elec. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. Triangle A. I. E. E. (3) (4) Class Publicity Comm. (3) Genesee Club (2) DEXTER I. ROSEN B.S. in Aero. Eng. Buffalo, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu Track (2) (3) Boxing (1) Glider Club (2) (3) (4) I. Ae. S. (3) (4) Amateur Show (1) JOHN B. SAXTON B.S. in Chem. Eng. Blissfield, Mich. A. I. Ch. E. (3) (4) Band (1) (2) (3) NOEL SELMAN M.S. in Mech. Eng. Sydney, N. S. W., Australia A. S. T. C. Page 70 1940 ENGINEERING SENIORS LEON Z. SELTZER B.S. in Aero. Eng. Chicago, 111. Panorama (2) Gemmel Scholar (2) Glider Club (2) Donovan Scholar (3) Sheenan Scholar (4) I. Ae. S. (2) (3) (4), Chr. (4) Golf (1) FREDERICK L. SHANDS B.S. in Chem. Eng. Kirkwood, Mo. Alpha Delta Phi Phi Eta Sigma Tau Beta Pi. Pres. Vulcans Technic (1) (2) A. I. Ch. E.. Pres. (4) Sigma Rho Tau, (1) (2) JOSEPH C. SHENSTONE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Toronto, Canada Sailing Club JACK H. SHULER B.S. in Eng.-Law Pontiac, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma Delta Sigma Rho, V. Pres. Tau Beta Pi Triangles Debate (2) (3) (4) Congress (3) (4) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) Student Senate (3) FRED J. SEYFRIED B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Acacia, V. Pres. (1) Soph Prom GEORGE F. SHARRARD B.S.E. in Chem. Eng. Port Huron, Mich. Acacia Band (3) (4) ARTHUR G. SHERMAN, JR. B.S. Detroit, Mich. Phi Delta Theta ROBERT B. SHULTERS B.S. in Elec. Eng. Kalamazoo, Mich. Sigma Chi Michiganensian (2) A. I. E. E. (4) BERNARD SHACTER B.S. in Eng. Math. Chicago, 111. Phi Eta Sigma ROBERT A. SHAW B.S. in Mech. Eng. Pittsfield, Mass. HENRY S. SHERMAN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Delta Upsilon NATHAN S. SIEGEL B.S. in Aero. Eng. Brooklyn, N. Y. Kappa Nu, Sec ' y., Steward I. M. Manager (2) (3) I. Ae. S. HADLEY J. SMITH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Royal Oak, Mich. Delta Tau Delta Triangles. Sec ' y. Vulcans, Sec ' y. Michigamua Mimes Tau Beta Pi Mich. Union (1) (2) (3) (4), Exec. Council (3) Sec ' y. (4), Board of Directors (4) Engineering Council (3) A. S. M. E. WESTON E. SMITH B.S. in Chem . Eng. Detroit, Mich. A. I. Ch. E. FRED H. STEUBER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Saginaw, Mich. FREDERICK P. STRIETER B.S. in Met. Eng. Chelsea, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma A. I. M. E. (4) GANSON P. TAGGART B.S. in Chem. Eng. Albany, N. Y. Psi Upsilon, Pres. (4) Vulcans Triangles Dailv (1) (2) (3) (4) Phi Eta Sigma Sigma Rho Tau (1) A. I. Ch. E. (4) ROBERT G. SMITH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Howell, Mich. Theta Xi Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) Glee Club (2) (3) A. S. M. E. (3) (4) Eng. Honor Council (1) (2) HAROLD R. STEDING, III B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Eta Sigma Technic (1) (2) (3) (4) Eng. Comm. on Professional Practice (4) Inter-Guild Council (3) (4) A. S. M. E. MELVILLE C. STEWART B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) A. S. M. E. (3) (4) HARRY P. SWARTHOUT B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. Triangles Technic (1) (2) Sigma Rho Tau A. S. M. E. (2) (3) (4) ROBERT E. TATE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Tau ROBERT R. SMITH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Akron, O. Chi Psi Phi Eta Sigma Triangles Vulcans Tau Beta Pi Class Treas. (1) Class Pres. (4) MEYER B. STEIN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Wrestling (2) Sigma Rho Tau (1) A. I. Ch. E. (3) (4) PAUL D. STRICKLAND B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Psi GEORGE B. SWARTZ, JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Sigma Phi Epsilon Michigan Union (2) A. I. Ch. E. (3) (4) SAMUEL TAUBMAN B.S. in Aero. Eng. Pontiac, Mich. I. A. S. (1) (2) (3) (4) C. A. A., Ground School Instructor (4) Page 71 1940 ENGINEERING SENIORS WILLIAM L. TEMPLER, JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. Swampscott. Mass. A. I. Ch. E. ROBERT K. TIEDEMAN B.S. in Aero. Eng. Elsmere, N. Y. Theta Xi Glider Club (1) (2) (3) (4), Pres. (4) Daily (1) (2) I. Ae. S. (3) (4), V. Pres. (3) RICHARD P. TRAINER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Floral Park, N. Y. Alpha Xi Sigma A. I. Ch. E. RUSSEL V. VANDEN BERG B.S. in Met. Eng. Muskegon, Mich. A. I. M. E. (1) RICHARD V. THOMAS B.S. Detroit, Mich. THADEUS T. TORZYNSKI B.S. in Civil Eng. Bay City, Mich. A. S. C. E. (3) (4) RICHARD T. TRELFA B.S. in Chem. Eng. Alpena, Mich. Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma DIRK VAN DER BURCH B.S. in Chem. Eng. Chicago, 111. Phi Kappa Psi ROBERT H. THORNER B.S. Detroit, Mich. Glider Club (1) (2) (4) Instructor (4) A. S. M. E. DOUGLAS P. TRACY B.S. in Met. Eng. Royal Oak, Mich. Congress Co-op. Tau Beta Pi Vulcans Union Exec. Council (3) Sec ' y (4) Student Book Exchange, Mgr. (3) Men ' s Judiciary Council, Sec ' y. (4) A. I. M. E., Sec ' y. (4) RUSSELL VAN CLEVE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Wilkinsburg, Pa. Alpha Chi Sigma S. R. A. (2) (3) (4) Inter Guild Council (2) (3) (4) Rogers Williams Guild (1) (2) (3) (4), Pres. (4) A. I. Ch. E. (4) LOUIS VANDER EYK B.S. in Mech. Eng. Waterbury, Conn. A. S. M. E. (3) (4) RUDOLPH D. VANDYKE, JR. B.S. in Aero. Eng. Dayton, O. Delta Tau Delta I. Ae. S. (4) Glider Club (3) (4) RICHARD S. VARNUM, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Jonesville, Mich. A. S. M. E. ALSTON B. VOORHEES B.S. in Aero. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Gamma Upsilon (2) Student Council, Pres. (2) I. Ae. S. (3) (4) Flying Club (3) WILFRED L. WAS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. A. S. M. E. (4) JOHN A. WELLER B.S. in Elec. Eng. Holland, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma (1) Eta Kappa Nu (3) (4) Tau Beta Pi (3) (4) Phi Kappa Phi (4) Pi Tau Pi Sigma (3) (4) A. I. E. E. HAROLD B. VAN HARTESVELDT B.S. in Chem. Eng. Highland Park, Mich. Alpha Chi Sigma A. I. Ch. E. VAINO J. VEHKO B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Tau Beta Pi Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi A. S. M. E. (1) CLAUDE V. WADSWORTH B.S. in Elec. Eng. Mount Upton, N. Y. Eta Kappa Nu, V. Pres. (4) Tau Beta Pi Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Pres. (4) Scabbard and Blade A. I. E. E. Band (1) (2) Eng. Council (4) ROBERT F. WATT, JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. Birmingham, Mich. Beta Theta Pi, Treas. (4) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) Track (1) Sec ' y Freshman Class A. I. Ch. E. JOHN C. WEYRICH B.S. in Chem. Eng. Washington, D. C. Delta Tau Delta Kappa Kappa Psi Band (1) A. I. Ch. E. GILBERT H. VAN SCHAIK B.i . in Mech. Eng Chicago, 111. Trigon Page 72 BENJAMIN H. VINE B.S. in Eng. Physics Ann Arbor, Mich. Acacia Tau Beta Pi CHEN M. WANG B.S. in Civil Eng. Peiping, China A. L. Fraternity A. S. C. E. Transportation Club EDWARD M. WEIGEL B.S. in Chem. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Pi CARL D. WHEELER B.S. in Eng. Forestry Western Springs, 111. Delta Tau Delta Michigamua Triangles. Pres. Vulcans, Pres. Football Mgr. (4) Men ' s Judiciary Council, Pres. W Bureau of Student Cooperation, Director (4) 1940 ENGINEERING SENIORS ROBERT J. WHEELER B.S. in Naval Arch. Racine, Win. Quarterdeck (3) (4) Glee Cluh (1) JAMES S. WILKIE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Port Washington, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi Band (1) I. Ae. S., Treas. (4) HOWARD J. WILLIAMS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Battle Creek, Mich. Triangle A. S. M. E. THOMAS L. WILSON B.S. in Aero. Eng. Mansfield, O. Delta Upsilon Transportation Club (3) (4) ARTHUR P. WOODS, JR. B.S. in Met. Eng. and Math. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Tau Phi Eta Sigma CLARENCE M. WHITELY B.S. in Civil Eng. Sandusky, Mich. Delta Tpsilon, Soc. Chr. (4) Band (1) (2) A. S. C. E. (2) (3) (4) S. B. Club (4) WALTER P. WILKINS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Saginaw, Mich. Tau Beta Pi A. S. M. E. JOHN K. WILLIAMS B.S. in Aero. Eng. Williamsville, N. Y. Glider Club (4) Flying Club (3) (4) I. Ae. S. (3) (4) C. A. A. (4) ELMER C. WITTENBERG B.S. in Aero. Eng. Point Pleasant, N. Y. REDFIELD F. ZITTEL B.S. in Chem. Eng. Eden, N. Y. Band (1) (2) (3) (4) J-Hop Congress (2) (3) A. I. Ch. E. (4) . " WILLIAM G. WIKLE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Track (2) (4) A. S. M. E. ROBERT B. WILLEMIN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Sigma Rho Tau (1) A. S. M. E. (4) JAMES C. WILLS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Washington, D. C. Theta Delta Chi, Pres. Phi Eta Sigma Triangles Tau Beta Pi Vulcans Honor Council (1) Union Exec. Council VAN J. WOLF B.S. in Chem. Eng. Gloversville, N. Y. Glee Club (1) (2) A. I. Ch. E. Boxing (1) THEODORE M. ZURHORST B.S. in Elec. Eng. Memphis, Tenn. Pi Tau Pi Sigma A. I. E. E. V Page 73 Top Row RANE, EGLE, KELLY, SUMMERHAYS, MORRISON, WILKIE. Row 2 WILLIAMS, WADSWORTH, ALEXANDER, GOODYEAR, BRANDT, ANTON, HEINEN. Row 3 BRITTON, SMITH, ASHBURN, BROWN, KING, FORBES, KISCHER, BEAIRD. ENGINEERING COUNCIL The Engineering Council is the student governing body of the College of Engineering. Its members ore elected class representatives and appointed rep- resentatives from the various Engineering societies. The most important part of the Council is the Honor Com- mittee which is responsible for the success of the Honor System. The Council coordinates various ac- tivities in the College of Engineering. This year it instituted the publication of the Arch, a directory of freshman engineering students, which proved successful enough to warrant its con- tinued publication. The Council col- lects class dues and sponsors three smokers, an All-Engineering banquet, and the Engineering Ball. It gives expression and life to student govern- ment in the College of Engineering. ENGINEERING BALL I! Page 74 ENGINEERING COUNCIL JAMES E. BROWN J. ANDERSON ASHBURN EDWARD A. KING OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Richard M. Adams Cruzan Alexander Joseph Anton J. Anderson Ashburn Charles T. Beaird Arthur J. Brandt, Jr. Harold E. Britton James E. Brown Edward J. Egle Hugh H. Estes MEMBERS P. Harold Fischer Charles Forbes Robert J. Goodyear Daniel Grudin Edmund H. Guzewicz Charles M. Heinen William M. Kelly Edward A. King Robert J. Morrison Philip E. Newman John W. Rane, Jr. George Reinholts, Jr. Robert R. Smith Harold T. Spoden Rober t L. Summerhays Claude V. Wadsworth Hans Weichsel, Jr. Robert J. Wheeler Alexander C. Wilkie Thomas Williams HONOR COMMITTEE OF ENGINEERING COUNCIL Standing WILKIE, REAIRD, KELLY. Seated NEWMAN, BRANDT, BRITTON, SUMMERHAYS. Page 75 1940 FACULTY MEMBERS A. G. RUTHVEN F. A. MICKLE A. MARIN C. F. KESSLER A. F. PARKER R. SCHNEIDEWIND MEMBERS RICHARD ADAMS J. ANDERSON ASHBURN JAMES BROWN ALMON CONRATH DAVID CUSHING HUGH ESTES ROBERT J. GOODYEAR JOHN HAIGH HENRY B. HEYL HARRY HOWELL THOMAS JESTER PHILIP NEWMAN DANIEL R. RANNEY LORENZ RINEK FREDERICK SHANDS HADLEY SMITH ROBERT SMITH GANSON P. TAGGART DOUGLAS TRACY CARL WHEELER JAMES WILLS " Men in the College of Engineering who have been outstanding scholastically and in extra-curricular activities are tapped each spring by Vulcans, Senior Engineering Society. The traditional clanking of hammers on the anvils an- nounces the initiation ceremony which inducts into membership the outstanding men of the senior class. II Page 76 Dunce hats, buckets of water, and roller skates are the standard equipment of men in the College of Engineering who have been tapped for membership in Triangles. Initiation into this Junior Engineering society consists of scrubbing the Dennison Archway ' s sidewalk to the tune of paddles wielded by the black- robed members. Each spring and fall tapping takes place, honoring those who have shown ability in activities and scholarship. LWUhUlUillLlllJuUUillllUllJ MEMBERS EDWARD KING CHARLES HEINEN PETER BROWN RAY ALLEN CHARLES BARKER WILLIAM F. BEEBE WILLIAM BLANCHARD PHILIP CLAPP, JR. ARTHUR CLINE, JR. ELMER FOSTER SEYMOUR FURBUSH JOHN HARWOOD PAUL JOHNSON, JR. HARRY KOHL DAVID LADD EDWARD MARTIN ROBERT MORRISON DAVID SUTHERLAND, JR WILLIAM VOLLMER GEORGE WEESNER THOMAS WILLIAMS Pge 77 Top Row HOSMER, CHAPEL, STEIN, CLARK, DRAPER, HIRSCH. TEMPLEH, WEYRICH, SHELTON, CABANISS, VANHARTESVELDT, BAKER, TAGGART, FUHBUSH. Row " 2 SzYMANSKI, I i KKII K, MOSS, KEBLER, PETERSON, CARSON, L.EE, HATCHES, VANCLEVE. COWING, SMITH, SwAHTZ, OpPENHEIM. Row 3 KLEEMAN, FOWLER, STEWART, YORK, WOLF, POWERS, RYKER, MCCAMEY, BROWN, ROCCA, ISACKSON, TRAINER, COTTRELL, GRAHAM. Row 4 GAHRETSON, JENSEN. BESSEY, HARDING, DARE. KUCHAH, HETBICK, FLAHERTY, KAISER, CLAUSS, WAHL. Row o COKWAY, WEIGEL, FISCHER, HERMAN, ALEXANDER, SHANDS, GUSHING, FEY, COSTON. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS FREDERICK L. SHANDS . DAVID GUSHING . ROBERT HERMAN HARRY FISCHER NORMAN J. FEY CRUZAN ALEXANDER OFFICERS President 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Engineering Council Rep. MEMBERS I! Cruzan Alexander Grant Allen Charles L. Appleton Charles B. Armstrong Harold E. Baker John Baker Joseph W. Barber William F. Beebe Murell J. Bessey Robert K. Bolton Vincent B. Bonder George M. Brown Joseph E. Burrell George A. Cabaniss Don B. Carson Edward J. Center Alfred C. Chadwick Theron T. Chapel James A. Clark Nathan W. Clauss Frank Conway Malcolm M. Coston Clark E. Cottrell Mac A. Currie David G. Gushing Mon Dare Maurice J. Dalby Kerke C. DeFoe Merton M. DeLancey Gridley DeMent Robert K. Draper Page 78 James R. Duthie Bryce M. Emunson Owen D. Eshenroder Charles C. Ferguson Norman J. Fey Harry C. Fischer Frank C. Fowler Seymour Furbush Robert C. Garretson Robert K. Gatley Sylvan B. Gordon Bertram A. Graham Myron Hall George Hanson Kenneth G. Harding Bernard N. Harris Harry R. Hatcher Edward J. Hayter Charles Heinen Hugh W. Hemingway, Jr. Robert Herman George Hetrick Robert Hirsch Ansel F. Hosmer, Jr. Charles N. Isackson Jens A. Jensen William H. Johnson Marvin M. Kaiser Richard W. Kebler John S. Keller Harold S. Kemp Francis S. Kleeman Karl K. Kreitz, Jr. Charles Kuchar Wayne H. Lee Arthur Mapes Kenneth K. Martin James F. Matousek Robert K. McCamey Matthew Mekjean Fredrick Miller Lowell R. Moss, Jr. Joseph F. Nakinura Stanley F. Neidermeier Richard Oppenheim Carlton Palmer Howard Parker Howard C. Passmore Frank Pecott Roger B. Peterson William N. Platte Ray B. Powell Donold U. Powers Matthew Rea Philip Read Charles Reisdorf, Jr. Lorenz Rinek Bruno Rocca Walton A. Rodger Donald W. Ryker John Saxton Robert R. Selfridge Frederick L. Shands James Shaver John Shelton Robert S. Sibley Arnold Soeder Meyer B. Stein Ralph B. Stewart Albert C. Stitt George Swartz, Jr. Thaddeus Szymanski Ganson P. Taggart William Templer Richard Trainer Russell VanCleve Harold Van Hartesveldt Alexander Varlan Edward Vass Joseph W. Wade Bernard Wahl Stanley M. Walas Robert T. Wallace John H. Wardwell Edward Weigel Charles Weinaug John C. Weyrich Robert Williams Chester W. Witters Van J. Wolf Jesse L. York Orrin G. Youngquist Richard Zittel Top Row BEACH, BELL, SATTEHFIELD, JERENCSIK, MARSH, WHIPPLE, LEONARD, GOTSCHALL, STRICKLAND, GOULD. Row 2 JOHNSON, METCALF, HILL, VANDEN HOEK, COCHRANE. GAWURA, LEWIS, TULL, BRITTON, STRAND Row 3 HOWARD, WADSWORTH, S. ANDERSON, DANIELS, WEISS. ERNST, J. ANDERSON, ROTTIER, HILLS, BURITZ. Row 4 LlEDHOLZ, RlSSBEROER, HEINZE, LEVIN, KlRCHER, HOPKINS, GETHMANN, CHILD8. MlLLS. Row 5 RUTH, GAULT. Dow, TIEMAN, POWERS, RENHOLTS, MOORE, ATTWOOD, NEWBUHOH. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS WESLEY R. POWERS . CHARLES R. TIEMAN HERBERT 8LUMBERG . RICHARD K. BROWN STEPHEN S. ATTWOOD Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary Engineering Council Rep. Faculty Advisor FACULTY MEMBERS Stephen S. Attwood Benjamin F. Bailey H. S. Bull Joseph H. Cannon William G. Dow James S. Gault H. H. Higbie A. H. Lovell A. D. Moore Melville Stout GRADUATE MEMBERS John R. Anderson Jack F. Cline Elmer G. Hills J. A. Ruth Henry Newburgh Stewart Peck Richard Rottier JUNIORS SENIORS Harley J. Anderson R. L. Anderson Sterling R. Anderson Richard K. Brown Herbert Blumberg Allison Childs Lewis H. Daniels Arthur Ernst Richard B. Gethmann Nelson Gillis Lewis O. Heinze Varnon Honsinger Louis A. Hopkins, Jr. Carrington Howard, Jr. Van Hungerford Walter R. Ralph D. Kircher, Jr. Kenneth Levin Gerhard A. Liedholz John F. McNaughton Edward G. Menard John K. Mills Laurie T. Niemi Wesley R. Powers George Renholts, Jr. Arthur C. Rissberger, Jr Glen Sanderson Richard D. Van Arnam Claude V. Wadsworth Irving Weiss John A. Weller Wilson Eugene H. Beach Oliver H. Bell Harold E. Britton Robert S. Buritz Wm. E. Cochrane Steve Gawura Norman Gollin Donald R. Hill Alex P. Jerencsik Byron H. Johnson Whitney L. Kalmbaugh Jerome Lewis Robert A. Marsh Fred D. Metca lf Richard Nelson Robert H. Newton Wm. E. Satterfield Nelson Spencer George E. Statezni John Strand Charles R. Tieman William J. Tull John A. Vanden Hoek Richard White SOPHOMORES George D. Gotschall Wellington C. Leonard Charles Gould Walter M. Strickland Grant D. Whipple SPECIAL Henry Mika Page 79 _ Top Row CHIN, ZAHID, CIVELEKOGLU, NEUMANN, DIEPENBROCK, WEESNER, McCLEER, EDDY. Row 2 HOCKBERGER, RANE, STHENGEH, DENNIS, GE88LEB, COGGER, VANSxRIEN, WANG. Row 3 HORNEH, TORZVNSKI, BUSH, DONNELLY, HlGGINS, AuFEROTH, ELHIGER, DEYOE. Row 4 LEE, ADAMS, GRAVER, RIEOER, QUINSEY, MAUGH, YAKOVLJEVITCH, GATES, SAHAYHOOLU. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS OFFICERS WALTER RIEGER . T. E. QUINSEY CHARLES ADAMS . ROBERT GRAVER JOHN RANE LAWRENCE MAUGH President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Engineering Council Rep. Faculty Advisor SENIORS JUNIORS Joseph Anton Merrill M. Bush Herbert G. Carlson O. E. Chin Henry R. Clauser Walter Dennis Harry B. Deyoe Robert Diepenbrock Robert W. Eddy Robert Graver Clifford C Herrick Robert Hockberger James R. Horner Alvin N. Kelso Carl Lepisto Ernest L. Neumann T. E. Quinsey John Rane Walter Rieger Harold Spoden Philip G. Stephenson William Strasser Marshall Strenger Thadeus T. Torzynski William Walther Chen Mei Wang Clarence M. Whitely Charles M. Adams Donald Alway Fern W. Barrett Richard Bennett George E. Cogger Owen L. Fisher Axel Gessler William A. Golz Norman Johnson Marshall Loughin , ' ohn Auferoth ' aul J. Donnelly Fred J. Elmiger Gordon Girod Donald C. Loveys George B. Marshall Philip McCleer Maxwell Miles Allan T. Ricketts, Jr. Jack N. Steketee David Van Strien George W. Weesner Mitchell J. Zolik SOPHOMORES Richard C. Higgins John R. Hildinger Joseph O. Lee GRADUATES Shahan Civelekoglu Lloyd R. Gates Hasan Mataraci Yani Sarayhoglu Nikifor Yakovljevitch Fuad Zahid Page 80 Top ROW TOWNER, TlETJEN, PETERSON, EASTMAN, TEMPLER, BuRNHAM, JOHNSON, CLARK, HALLI88Y, HlESER. Row 2 SCHWAB, HOQAN, TOBIN, PIERNAK, JOHNSTON, STEWART, PURDY, DEBOE, DAVIDSON. Row 3 FRIEDMAN, Mo, ARMOR, THORNER, WILLEMIN, CAUGHEY, MAYO, DEMING, BRODERS. Row 4 SCHEIBE, SEDON, LOMAX, LYON, HUNT, VARNUM, WAS, HUMENCZUK. ROSENBLUM, MILLS. Row 5 REID, VANDEREYK, JEFFERB, FURMAN, JONES, DIEPENBROCK. DEHLINGER, BOOGAARD, WOLFSON. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS OFFICERS RAY S. JONES ALBERT L. FURMAN . ROBERT H. JEFFERS JOSEPH B. DIEPENBROCK HUGH H. ESTES President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Engineering Council Rep. STUDENT MEMBERS William G. Armor Langdon F. Ayres Preston E. Beck Robert L. Benford Arthur L. Bennett Cornelius Boogaard George Bretzlaff C. Owen Broders John S. Burnham John E. Callouette Thomas D. Carpenter Carl W. Caughey Daniel K. Clark Charles Collins Sabin Crocker, Jr. James R. Davidson Frederick M. Deboe Hans Dehlinger Donald Deming Kenneth J. Dewhirst Joseph Diepenbrock Keith E. Dixon James H. Driscoll Jim Eastman Robert M. Elsworth Hugh H. Estes Kenneth Evashevski LeRoy E. Fake Frank J. Feely Sidney E. Fishman Victor Foin Willis E. Fox Wood row G. Frail ing Harold E. Friedman Albert L. Furman Chin Hin Gary Earl G. Goetsch Joseph M. Hallissy Herbert D. Hamilton Robert C. Hamilton Clarence Hanthorn Rafael W. Haskell Carling Havermans Clare E. Hellenberg Gerald Hieser Paul Hogan Robert H. Holyoke William M. Humenczuk John I. Hunt John F. Ingold Robert H. Jeffers Howard R. Johnson Paul A. Johnson William A. Johnston Ray S. Jones Eric B. Lomax Harry E. Lyon Fredric W. Mayo Jerome W. Mecklenburger John K. Mills Robert G. Mitchell Yuk T. Mo Jack E. Murchie Edward Parish Carl L. Peterson John Piernak Bruce B. Purdy Allan Reid Philip Rosenblum William U. Sahi Elias W. Scheibe Ralph A. Schwab Marvin Sedon Harry P. Swarthout John A. Templer Richard V. Thomas Robert H. Thorner John O. Tietjen Roger K. Tobin Richard F. Towner Louis VanderEyk Gilbert Van Schaik Richard S. Varnum Vaino J. Vehko Keith L. Wallis Wilfred L. Was William G. Wikle Robert B. Willemin Howard J. William Miles K. Wolfson Page 81 Standing WALLACE, MANCOURT, SIEGEL, YOUNG, DENNEY, BOTT. Kneeling DOBBINB, TRIGG ; RANNEY, MARTIN, GOLDMAN, RINEK, VANVEEN. FLYING CLUB DAN RANNEY . HANS WEICHSEL LORENZ W. RINEK FRED A. MAXAM OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary Alan Bott Corwyn Denney Ralph Dobbins Lou Goldman Ed Mancourt MEMBERS Ed Martin Fred Maxam Dan Ranney Larry Rinek Don Siegel Leslie Trigg Henry VanVeen Paul Wallace Hans Weichsel Wendell Young The year 1939 ushered in a new era for the Flying Club. The desire of its members to gain possession of the coveted Loening Trophy prompted them to great activity. This trophy was to be donated by Grover Loening, famed aircraft designer, to the intercollegiate flying club which showed the most activity during 1939. The members in the Flying Club participated in intramural flying meets every two weeks, four inter- collegiate meets, and the National Intercollegiate Flying Meet, which was held at Kenyan College, Gambier, Ohio. It is felt that the comparatively recent increase in interest and emphasis on private flying among college students will raise intercollegiate competition for flying honors to a new level for 1940. Page 82 Top Row ADAMS. RODOERS, PRICE, TAUBMAN, DELANO, BILLINGS, CROZAT, ROBERTS, B. STEVENS, BOOGAARD, M. STEVENS. Row 2 RANNEY, BOWER, GOLDMAN, BOSHAR, BILLET, ROBINSON, HEALD, BOWE, PLATT, NUTT. Row 3 CROOK, SIEGEL, THORP, VOORHEES, RUDLAFF, VIVIAN. MISURA, BENGAL, BODTON. Row 4 HABER, ARNOLD, VAN DYKE, WILSON, FELDMAN, WILLIAMS, ROHRBACH, TRIGG. Row S ROSEN, KURZAWA, GRUDIN, PROF. THOMPSON, SELTZER, LESHER, WILKIE, TIEDEMAN, MOORE. INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES OFFICERS LEON Z. SELTZER EDWARD KURZAWA E. ROBERT BRITTON JAMES S. WILKIE . DANIEL GRUDIN . PROF. MILTON J. THOMPSON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Engineering Council Rep. Honorary Chairman MEMBERS Richard Adams Harold F. Allen James W. Anderson Allen Andrews Gordon Arnold Howard Awig Curtiss D. Bassett Vernon C. Bengal Carl Bernstein Arthur Billet Henry C. Billings Victor Boetel Cornelius Boogaard John Boshar Innes Bouton David Bowe Stewart Bower E. Robert Britton James Brown Robert Burke Lewis Cascadden Thomas Coleman James Crook Donald Crozat Herbert Crumrine Robert Deland Donald B. Doolittle Leigh Dunn John Farrell Lewis Feldman Byron Freeman Louis Goldman Daniel Grudin Joseph M. Gwinn Bernard Haber Miles Hamilton Joseph Harris Ervin Heald Glen Hollinshead Franklin Hook Bernard Ignasiak John Jackovich Leonard Jagiello Ben Johnson Marcellus Keck Edward King Robert King Howard Kirk John Knecht Edward Kurzawa Edgar Lesher Mu-Chang Lim Mark Maier Fred Maxam George Miller Emil Misura Robert Moore Ambrose Nutt Edward S. Osier Harry Picken Robert J. Platt William Price Daniel Ranney Phillip Roberts Warren Robinson Theodore Robinson Walton Rodgers Carl Rohrbach Dexter Rosen John RudlaFf Jerome Schwarzbach Villa Schwertfeger Leon Seltzer Nathan Siegel Kenneth Smith Earl Soennichsen Blaine Stevens Melvin Stevens Sam Taubman Frank Thorp Robert Tiedeman Leslie Trigg Robert Van Buren Rudolph Van Dyke John Vivian Alston Voorhees Henry Walters James Wilkie John Williams Thomas Wilson Henry Woolard Leah Zeigler Page 83 HUB Top Row FAHEY, BELSLEY, WHEELER, PALMA, COLBEHO, CATHERWOOD, HOFFMANN, JACKSON, COLLMAN. Row 2 BRAUN, HOBLIT, WALLACE, McKAY, FITZMEIER, MAYTHAM, OSBERG, ALLMENDINGER, LEWIS, BENFORD. Row 3 ASKREN, FASTE, KIMBALL, ADAMS, BRACE, LIMPEHT, BAIER, BARNES, OCCHETTI. QUARTERDECK FREDERICK C. OSBERG RONALD ASKREN . HARRY BENFORD ANDREAS FASTE OFFICERS Commodore Vice-Commodore Purser Steward MEMBERS IN FACULTY Asst. Prof. H. C. Adams Assoc. Prof. L. A. Baier Prof. E. M. Bragg Dean Emeritus H. C. Sadler HONORARY MEMBERS Dean Emeritus M. E. Cooley Mr. C. V. Essery Mr. A. Limpert Gene Allmendinger Ronald Askren Raymond Barnes David Beach Raymond Belsley Harry Benford Rolland Braun Thomas Catherwood Wilton Col berg John Coliman MEMBERS Anthony Di Palma David Dunlap James Fahey Andreas Faste Albert Fitzmier Frederic Hoblit Harry Hoffman Harry Jackson Kenneth Kimball William Kreamer Joseph Lewis John Maytham William McKay Charles Newman Louis Occhetti Frederick Osberg A. Gustaf Strandhagen William Trammell Everett Vail in Gene Wallace Robert Wheeler Page 84 Top Row ANDERSON, MAXWELL, WRIGHT, PERKINS, BROCK, SOEDEH, THOMV, DEASON. Row 2 FLORANCE, JOHNSTON, ALLSHOUSE, MARANDE, CHRISTIAN, HATCHER, ECHTEH, VASS, BURCKALTER, LYTTLE. Row S FISCHER, ZIENTY, LEE, VAN CLEVE, ALBAUGH, ZCEHLKE, VAN HARTESVELDT, TRAINER, PFAFF. ALPHA CHI SIGMA First Semester CARL W. ZUEHLKE J. EDWARD VASS RICHARD TRAINER ROBERT O. BROCK Leigh C. Anderson, Ph.D. Werner E. Bachmann, Ph.D. Edwin M. Baker, B.S. Floyd E. Bartell, Ph.D. John C. Brier, M.S. George C. Brown, Ph.D., Ch.E. Oliver L I. Brown, Ph.D. Robt. J. Carney, Ph.D. Lee O. Case, Ph.D. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY Adam A. Christman, Ph.D. Harold C. Eckstein, Ph.D. Alfred L. Ferguson, Ph.D. Joseph O. Halford, Ph.D. James H. Hodges, Ph.D. Howard B. Lewis, Ph.D. Roy K. McAlpine, Ph.D. Clifford C. Meloche, Ph.D. Chester S. Schoepfle. Sc.D. William G. Smeaton, A.B. Second Semester FREDERICK ALBAUGH . RUSSELL VAN CLEVE HAROLD B. VAN HARTESVELDT ROBERT O. BROCK Byron A. Soule, Sc.D. Malcolm H. Soule, Sc.D., LLD. Lars Thomassen, Ph.D., Ch.E. Clair Upthegrove, B.S., Ch.E. Phillip F. Weatherill, Ph.D. Albert E. White, Sc.D. Albert H. White, B.S., Ch.E. HobartH. Willard. Ph.D. William P. Wood, M.S.E. Frederick Albaugh Robert O. Brock Joseph H. Burckhalter Stanley G. Christian Paul W. Deason MEMBERS Warren A. Florence George M. Fekula Derland Johnston Charles E. Maxwell, Thomas B. Pfaff IN UNIVERSITY Lowell R. Perkins William H. Sullivan Harry C. Stumpf III Lawrence Thorny Raymond J. Warzynski Maynard Wells William B. Wright, Jr. Mitchell F. Zienty Carl W. Zuehlke SENIORS Harry C. Fischer Richard P. Trainer H. Richard Hatcher Russell Van Cleve Wayne H. Lee Harold B. Van Hartesveldt Edward D. Marande JUNIORS Douglas Lyttle Arnold H. Soeder John M. Stone J. Edward Vass MEMBERS IN CITY Walter L. Badger, M.S. William W. DaLee, M.S.E. Raymond Dotts E. D. Scott, Ph.D. Founded at Wisconsin 1902 Alpha Beta Chapter 1916 Page 85 etc informality surrounds the students of the College of Architecture and Design as they work industriously at the type of art most suited to their talents. Courses offered in architecture, landscape architecture, decorative design, drawing, painting and modeling provide wide and varied opportunities, not only to the students of art but also to advocates from every corner of the campus. It is here that the " Venus de Milo " of the past blends with the new school of thought in abstract design. Functionalism is the keynote of the new trend in art. The principle of " Function gives rise to form " is carried out not only in architecture but also in the allied arts. ARCHITECTURE DEAN BENNETT ' The ability to integrate various concep- tions of art into a coordinated program labels Wells I. Bennett a diplomat as well as a dean. Of special interest to Dean Bennett are housing conditions and the prob- lems they present, a subject upon which he has written several articles. His chief hobby is closely connected with his profession it is his beautiful garden, which he has spent much time developing. Dean Bennett serves as a director of the Michigan Housing Association is a member of the American Institute of Architects the International Housing Association and the National Association of Housing Officials. FACULTY Standing O ' DELL, CHAPIN, MARSHALL, ALDRICH, BRIGHAM, MASTRO, VALERIC. Seated WHITTEMORE, HEBHAHD, BENNETT, SLUSSER, McCoNKEY. Page 88 At the lathe At the potter ' s wheel In the Metal Work shop 1940 ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN SENIORS MAURICE L. ABRAMOVITZ B.S. in Arch. Detroit, Mich. Phi Beta Delta, Pres. (3) V. Pres. (4) JUNE E. BOCK B.S. in Dec. Design St. Clair, Mich. Alpha Xi Delta Michiganensian (3) league Comm. (3) Soph Cabaret Panhellenic (3) (4), Banquet Comm. (4) FLORENCE BROTHERTON B.D. Birmingham, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma Wyvern Mortar Board Gargoyle (4) Arch. Council (3) (4) ANNABEL DREDGE B.D. Cleveland, Hts. O. Delta Gamma, Sec ' y. (4) Alpha Alpha Gamma, Treas (2) (3) Mortar Board Arch. Council, Treas. (31 Frosh Project, Comm. Chr. Soph Cabaret J. G. P. A. JAMES ALBERT B.A. Colorado Springs, Colo. Sigma Chi Alpha Rho Chi Tau Sigma Delta Phi Kappa Phi BARBARA J. BOLTON B.D. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Alpha Gamma. Pres. (4) CHARLES E. CAMPBELL B.D. Jackson, Mich. Delta Psi Omega F. T. A. JEAN M. DUNLAP B.D. Jackson, Mich. Chi Omega JOAN E. ANDERSON B.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Collegiate Sorosis C. EDWARD BOSTON B.S. in Arch. Paducah, Ky. Sigma Nu Arch. Council (4) JANET R. COLLINGS B.S. in Dec. Design Midland, Mich. Alpha Phi Daily (2) JOHN H. FARRENS, JR. B.A. Miles City, Mont. Acacia Phi Eta Sigma Tau Sigma Delta, Pres. (4) Track (1) FRANCES E. FISCHER B.D. Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Epsilon Phi J. G. P. MARGARET R. GREINER A.B. in Dec. Design Ann Arbor, Mich. Chi Omega Kappa Phi MARGARET E. HOFFER B.S. in Dec. Design Springfield, O. Alpha Alpha Gamma Tau Sigma Delta LUCY A. KIRKPATRICK B.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. Martha Cook Perapectives, Art Ed. (4) Assembly (2) (3) CECILY FORREST B.D. Kokomo, Ind. Kappa Delta, Treas. (2) Alpha Alpha Gamma, Sec ' y. (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comm. (1) (21 (3) (4) Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4) WILLIAM R. GROVE B.A. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Delta Theta LTf. I ROBERT S. HOLLIS B.S. Shenandoah, la. VERL L. LARMEE B.A. Ann Arbor, Mich. r f : ALICE J. GARNETT B.D. Highland Park, 111. Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Alpha Gamma CARL E. GULDBERG B.D. in Adv. Buttons Bay, Mich. Michiganensian (3) (4), Art Ed. (4) C. A. A. (4) Class V. Pres. (4) Lutheran Student Club, Treas. (4) " Lutheran Student Alumnus " , Ed. Designer (3) WILLIAM L. JACOBS B.S. Lexington, Ky. Phi Kappa Tau JULIA A. LARUE B.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Alpha Gamma Tau Sigma Delta Page 91 1940 ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN SENIORS EUGENE C. LASALLE B.S. in Arch. Adrian, Mich. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres. Designer (3) Band (1) (2) (3) Glee Club (2) (3) (4) MARY V. McKINNON B.D. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Phi SALLIE M. MORRIS B.D. Cleveland, O. Kappa Delta Soph. Cabaret J. G. P. League Comm. (4) BERTIL N. LINDBLAD B.S. in Arch. Jamestown, N. Y. Alpha Rho Chi ALBERT G. METTER B.S. in Arch. Rochester, N. Y. Arch. Council Arch. Society Jr. A. I. A. CARL R. MORTON B.D. Wayne, Mich. Michiganensian DOROTHY C. LUTHI A.B. in Dec. Design Lakewood, O. Daily (1) Assembly Board (2) (3), quet (3) Dorm Council (3) (4) Frosh Project PAUL B. MOFFETT B.S. in Arch. Flint, Mich. Phi Kappa Psi SALLY MUSTARD B.D. Battle Creek, Mich. Gargoyle, Art Editor (4) Ban- CHRISTINE K. NAGEL B.S. in Design Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Alpha Gamma Tau Sigma Delta RICHARD E. PUTT B.D. Battle Creek, Mich. Alpha Delta Phi Class Treas. (4) WILLIAM J. SMALL B.S. in-Arch. Niagara Falla, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARVIN J. NEIVERT B.A. Lawrence, N. Y. Phi Beta Delta VIRGINIA H. VINT B.D. Detroit, Mich. Betsy Barbour J. G. P. Michigras (2) (3) League Comm. (3) (4) JANE L. RESHORE B.D. Dowagiac, Mich. Alpha Gamma Delta Soph Cabaret J. G. P. ELLA A. STOWE B.D. Richmond, Va. Delta Gamma Scroll Class Sec ' y (4) Michiganensian (1) (2) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret, Comm. Chr. League Comms. (2) (3) (4) League, V. Pres. (4) J. G. P., Comm. Chr. DONALD M. WALZER B.S. in Arch. Rochester, N. Y. Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) BETH L. O ' ROKE B.A. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Lambda Delta Wyvern Mortar Board Tau Sigma Delta Phi Kappa Phi League, V. Pres. Panhellenic Rushing Sec ' v. (4) W. A. A. Board (3) RUFUS H. ROYS B.S. in Arch. Moline, 111. Sigma Phi Michiganensian (2) PAULINE E. TACKELS B.S. Detroit, Mich. Chi Omega, Treas. (4) J. G. P, WESLEY F. WARREN B.S. in Arch. Flint, Mich. Arch. Society SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS STANLEY RICHARDSON CARL GULDBERG . ELLA STOWE . , RICHARD PUTT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ARCHITECTURAL COUNCIL WESLEY LANE . WILLIAM HARRISON ANN VEDDER . BRUCE HARTWICK . STANLEY RICHARDSON- FLORENCE BROTHERTON WILLIAM HARRISON ANN VEDDER BRUCE HARTWICK ARTHUR LUCAS ROSEMARY ALDRICH President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Architect Senior D.D. Junior Arch. Junior D.D. Sophomore Arch. Freshman Arch. Freshman D.D. JACK. KELLEY ROBERT STOLL DELEGATES AT LARGE WESLEY LANE EDWARD BOSTON ALFRED METTER Top Row LUCAS, BOSTON, RICHARDSON, KELLY, STOLL. Row 2 METTER, HARTWICK, LANE, VEDDEH, HARRISON. Page 93 Soap Modeling Weaving Page 94 Architectural Design Interior Design Industrial Design Page 95 Malto-Meal CEREAL Advertising Design Page 96 Self Portrait Abstract ' Plastic Christos Composition of the modern industrial system necessitates a type of special- ization that cannot be mastered merely through apprenticeship,- to fulfill this need the School of Business Administration was organized in 1924. Although a Business School graduate can- not hope to step immediately into an executive position, the path has been considerably shortened by his training. The University recognizes the value of a liberal or scientific foundation, and thus places the School at the graduate level. The faculty realizes the importance of practical experience consequently, the class work consists mainly of problems drawn directly from the actual business world. A library of twelve thousand volumes, plus two hundred regularly received periodicals and stockholders ' reports from all the larger corporations, enables the student to become familiar with every phase of modern business and finance. These factors, along with a distinguished faculty, make the School of Business Administration one of the few outstanding schools of its type in the country. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Nightmare of Numbers FACULTY Standing BLACKETT, LAING, RODKEY, WATERMAN, IRWIN, WOLAVER, RATCLIFF, GAULT. Seated PHELPS, SAWYER, RIEGEL, GRIFFIN, JAMISON, TAGGART, ELLIOTT. Page 100 DEAN GRIFFIN Dean Clare E. Griffin impresses the student meeting him, first with his kindliness and sincerity, second with his ability to put the student at ease, and third with his excellent sense of humor. It is because of these admirable qualities that the Dean is so well liked and respected by the students. For the more efficient training of the Business Administration student, he has in- stituted the extra-curricular plan of business instruction, a system of supplementary lec- tures and discussion groups. Dean Griffin is well known throughout the business field as the author of a number of books and pamphlets, the best known being The Prin- ciples of Foreign Trade. He has earned, through his work, a position of respect in the economic world. Who says there ' s a depression? Page 101 SlEWERS MACLEOD BENNETT HAYES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD J. SIEWERS . WILLIAM J. MACLEOD PHYLLIS BENNETT DOUGLAS A. HAYES President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES FINANCE HOWARD TEITELBAUM, Chr. GEORGE BOWDEN DONALD HARTLEY DONALD OGILVIE MAX SCHOETZ COMMENCEMENT WILLIAM RHODES, Chr. CLARENCE BIERMA ARNOLD LEDER PAUL MEESKE CAP AND GOWN STUART READING, Chr. GEORGE BARRETT NED DEMING ROBERT HARTWELL EXECUTIVE ERNEST MONROE, Chr. JOHN HART ROGER HINDERER GERALD PFISTER STANLEY TRUBEY ALUMNI CONFERENCE RALPH ERLEWINE, Chr. DONALD KNIGHT DONALD MAGOON pi or MINI THE ANNUAL CAPITALISTS BALL FRIDAY MARCH 15 E Page 102 1 nil Page 103 1940 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS RALPH ALTMAN M.B.A. Rochester, N. Y. PHYLLIS K. BENNETT M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Lambda Delta ELINORE E. CLARK M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi CHARLES W. BARKDULL M.B.A. Ionia, Mich. Lambda Chi Alpha Kappa Phi Sigma Daily (1) (2) GEORGE R. BOWDEN M.B.A. Ishpeming, Mich. Delta Sigma Pi Hiawatha Club International Center Staff ROBERT H CLAYPOOLE M.B.A. Haddon Heights, N. J. STUART R. BELL M.B.A. Cheboygan, Mich. HOUSTON A BRICE M.B.A. Birmingham, Ala. Delta Kappa Epsilon WILLIAM B. CORLIS M.B.A. Anna, 111. Beta Theta Pi Beta Gamma Sigma CHARLES N. DAVISSON M.B.A. Winchester, Ind. Alpha Kappa Psi STEWART GEELHOED M.B.A. Byron Center, Mich. Phi Alpha Kappa ROBERT W. HARTWELL M.B.A Detroit, Mich. Michigan! ua Vulcans Triangles Tau Beta Pi Swimming (1) (2) Congresj f3) (4), Pres. (4) Eng. Council Honor Council Men ' s Council Class Vice-President (2) WILLARD W. HUBBARD, III M.B.A. Grand Rapids, Mich. Delta Kappa Epsilon NED W. DEMING M.B.A. Jackson, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi JOHN W. HART M.B.A. Albany, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Psi Union, V. Pres. DOUGLAS A. HAYES M.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Sigma Phi Druids Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Track (2) (3) (4) THOMAS A. JENSEN M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Mich. Theta Xi Scabbard and Blade Glee Club (2) (3) (4) (5), V. Pres. (4) Choral Union (3) (4) (5) HERBERT POLL M.B.A. St. Joseph, Mich. DONALD T. HARTLEY M.B.A. Fredonia, N. Y. Alpha Kappu Psi ROBERT E. HINDERER M.B.A. Chelsea, Mich. OSCAR W. LADD M.B.A. Sebewaing, Mich. Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Kappa Phi Finance Comm. (2) Commencement Comm. Chr. (4) SwiiiRout Chr. (4) Union (1) (2) (4) Page 104 1940 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS DELBRIDGE R. LAKIN M.B.A. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Sigma Capitalist Ball Coinm. (1) GEORGE F. LIECHTY M.B.A. Ann Arbor. Mich. Wesleyan Guild Cabinet Marketing MARGARET E. McKINNON M.B.A. _ Detroit, Mich. JANET E. LAMBERT M.B.A. Grosse Pointe, Mich. CHARLES W. LOVEJOY M.B.A. Milford, Mich. WILLIAM J. MacLEOD, JR. M.B.A. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres. (4) Executive Council of Union (3) Capitalist Ball. Co-chr. (5) Class Vice-President (6) A. S. M. E. (3) (4) ARNOLD E. LEDER M.B.A. Mount Pleasant, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi ALTON J. LOYSEN M.B.A. Rochester, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Psi DONALD W. MAGOON M.B.A. Findlay, O. Kappa Delta Rho Bureau of Business Research, Research Assistant PAUL MEESKE M.B.A. Mu-skegon, Mich. DON M. OGILVIE M.B.A. East Liverpool, O. ARTHUR W. RHODES M.B.A. Edgewood, Pa. Chi Phi Tau Beta Pi Mk ' higanensian Capitalist Ball JACK B. SLUITER M.B.A. Grand Haven, Mich. JULIUS MELLEMA ERNEST G. MONROE M.B.A. M.B.A. Chicago, 111. Mount Pleasant, Mich. Phi Alpha Kappa Alpha Kappa Psi Teaching Fellow in Economics GERALD W. PFISTER M.B.A. Kenton, O. STUART A. READING M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi DONALD H. RUNCK M.B.A. Cincinnati, O. RICHARD J. SIEWERS M.B.A. " Rochester, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Psi Class President (6) HOWARD S. TEITELBAUM STANLEY R. RUBEY M.B.A. M.B.A. Flint, Mich. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi Page 105 Tup Run- STANISH, YANMANEN, TUPPER, NOWACK, BALAY, DOAN, TREFFRV. Row S! CHUPINSKV, DOWNS, BRADLEY, OLSEN, SMITH, MORRIS, CURTIN. Row 3 CRIBBLE, DUNLAP, LEDER, RYCKMAN, WATERMAN, BASI.EK, HART, RUMNEY. Row 4 READING, DEMINO, LOYSEN, MONROE, BOBWORTH, TRUBEY, DAVISSON, HARTLEY, SIEWERS. ALPHA KAPPA PSI MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROBERT P. BRIGGS, M.B.A., C.P.A. EDGAR H. GAUI.T, PH.D. CLARE E. GRIFFIN, PH.D. CHARLES L. JAMISON, PH.D. WILLIAM A. PATON, PH.D., C.P.A. I. L. SHARFMAN, A.B., LL.D. SHIRLEY W. SMITH, A.M. HERBERT F. TAGGART, PH.D., C.P.A. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS CHARLES N. DAVISSON NED W. DEMING JAMES J. GRIBBLE JOHN W. HART DONALD T. HARTLEY ARNOLD E. LEDER ALTON J. LOYSEN ERK.EST G. MONROE STUART A. READING JOHN H. RYCKMAN RICHARD J. SIEWERS STANLEY R. TRUBEY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JUNIORS KENNETH A. BALAY FRANKLIN C. BASLER WANZER L. BOSWORTH WAYNE E. BRADLEY PETER CHUPINSKY WILLIAM M. CURTIN MILES J. DOAN BENJAMIN S. DOWNS JAMES E. DUNLAP IRA L. ERNST HAROLD J. GARBE HARRY M. MORRIS HERMAN C. NOWACK EDWIN G. OLSEN ALBIN J. STANISH HAROLD F. TREFFEY GERALD E. TUPPER Louis J. VANMANEN LITERARY SENIORS GEORGE R. RUMNEY RICHARD T. WATERMAN LITERARY JUNIOR DAN F. SMITH Founded at New York University 1904 Phi Chapter 1920 Page 106 Top Row HANCOCK, MEISSNER, CROSSLEY, CROSMAN, HICKS, CHARTERS. Row 3 TRAVIS, CARRINGTON, CHHISTENSEN, KLOSE, WOODFORD, BRUNER. Row 3 BABCOCK, WILSON, WICKMANN, STRASSER, FOSTER. DELTA SIGMA PI MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. G. GARDINER L. L. LAING D. M. PHELPS W. K. PIERPONT R. G. RODKEY M. H. WATERMAN L. L. WATKINS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JUNIORS GEORGE M. SHARPE LINCOLN WICKMANN LITERARY SENIORS MAX CROSMAN EDWARD CROSSLEY JAMES FOSTER HANS METSSNER RICHARD STRASSER ROBERT TRAVIS RICHARD BABCOCK. HAROLD BRUNER THOMAS CARRINGTON ROBERT CHARTERS JOHN CHRISTENSEN THOMAS HANCOCK A. B. HICKS HENRY KLOSE VANCE WILSON GEORGE WOODFORD Founded at New York University 1907 Xi Chapter 1921 Page 107 ?%mm ecc-ttd u cue is the School of Dentistry which is now serving its sixty-fifth year as an integral part of the University. Under the leadership and guidance of Dean Russell W. Bunting, the school keeps pace with all the developments of modern science, and has long been recognized as a pioneer in the field of oral medicine. The school takes pride in its great general operative clinic, its dental library of over seven thousand volumes, and its remarkable Museum of Odontological Specimens. Typical of the School ' s progressive spirit is the opening of the new Post-Graduate Dental Building this year. This institution, the only one of its kind in the United States, will emphasize research in the field of pedodontics. The school serves the public welfare in other ways besides research and education. Its large, well-equipped clinic affords dental service to the citizens of neighboring cities and towns as well as to the students of the University. The School of Dentistry might well be proud of its services to science and to the people of the State. DENTISTRY s. r Mass Production FACULTY Standing FADST, BLOOM, KEER, NORTHROP, WRIGHT, HELD, MOVER, WHITMAN, PEYTON, WALDO, EASLICK, NISSLE, KEMPER, OSTHANDEH, JAY. sealed MOORE, WARD, VEDDER, BUNTING, JESERICH, KINGERY, MACKOY, HARD. Absent SOMMER, SCHULTZ, HALL, APPLEGATE. Page 110 DEAN BUNTING Russell Welford Bunting scientist, edu- cator, and leader, has guided the School of Dentistry into fields of research for many years, in an endeavor to advance and im- prove dental education. A native of Ann Arbor, he graduated from the Dental School in 1902, became an instructor in oral pathology in the Uni- versity, and was made a professor in 1914. In recognition of his scholarly attainments, he received the Callahar Memorial Award in 1929. Extremely active in the field of dentistry, he is director of research on dental caries under grant from the Children s Fund of Michigan, and is president of the International Association for Dental Re- search. Art and Science go modern the stairway in the new Dent Building Page 111 1940 DENTISTRY SENIORS Individualized Instruction GERALD V. BARROW D.D.S. Machias, Wash. Xi Psi Phi GERALD H. BONNETTE D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. Student Council (1) (2) (3) V. Pres. (3) MILTON J. ESKIE D.D.S. Yonkers, N. Y. Alpha Omega. V. Pres. (4) Tennis (2) Play Prod. (2) " M " Club Class Secretary (3) RAYMOND E. FRUTIGER D.D.S. Flint, Mich. Xi Psi Phi Union V. Pres. (4) HUGH G. GODFREY D.D.S. Calon, Mich. Delta Signui Delta W F - K ' EMIL A. BOLLINE D.D.S. Bessemer, Mich. Hiawatha Club (1) (2) (3) RICHARD L. CALDWELL D.D.S. Highland Park, Mich. Delta Sigma Delta, Treas. (4) JULES FLAX D.D.S. Woodside, N. Y. Alpha Omega. Pres. (4) Class Treas. (2) Odonto Ball (3) Hillel (1) (2) (3) (4) Student Council (4) ROBERT D. GLAESNER D.D.S. Detroit, Mich. JOSEPH GRANT D.D.S. Detroit, Mich. ORREN A. BOLT D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Alpha Kappa Student Council (3) (4) STANLEY W. CREGO D.D.S. Saginaw, Mich. Delta Sigma Delta Class Secretary (2) Class Vice-Pres. (4) STANFORD FRIED D.D.S. Catskill, N. Y. Alpha Omega SIMON GLERUM, JR. D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. Delta Sigma Delta THOMAS L. HESS D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. Delta Sigma Delta Page 112 1 940 DENTISTRY SENIORS ROBERT M. JONES D.D.S. East Lansing, Mich. Delta Sigma Delta r:iiis Treasurer (4) Oclonto Bull Chr . (3) GEORGE E. KELLY D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. WILLIAM R. MANN D.D.S. Port Huron, Mich. Delta Sigma Delta Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Daily (1) (2) Class President (1) Odonto Ball Chr. (3) Union (1) (2) CALVIN J. KIFFER D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. Student Council, Sec ' y. (4) GILBERT J. PLASMAN D.D.S. Zeeland, Mich. Delta Sigma Delta Class Pres. (4) Student Council (1) EDSON K. POOL D.D.S. Highland Park, Mich Delta Sigma Delta Alpha Delta Phi Class Sec ' y. (4) NATHAN N. SEROW D.D.S. New Haven, Conn. Alpha Omega Hillel (1) (2) (3) (4) JAMES B. SMITH D.D.S. Detroit, Mich. WALTER F. STUMP D.D.S. Detroit, Mich. Xi I ' si Phi ROLAND S. SYKES D.D.S. Ann Arbor. Mich. BERTRAM KETCHEL D.D.S. Lake Orion, Mich. LEROY W. PETERSON D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. GUNNAR G. RAMSTRUM D.D.S. Ardmore, Pa. Delta Sigma Delta GEORGE O. STEAD D.D.S. New London, Conn. Delta Sigma Delta LAWRENCE A. ZOERNER D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Kappa Phi Oh my tooth! Page 113 PL ASM AN CREGO POOL JONES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS GILBERT J. PLASMAN F.DSON K. POOL STANLEY W. CREGO ROBERT M. JONES . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE RICHARD L. CALDWELL Chairman CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE CALVIN J. KIFFER . Chairman A clinic just for children in the new Dent Building Page 114 Top Row HIRSHON, EDER, APTEKAR. LEW, SIMON, ARONSTEIN, GERENDASY. Row 2 BEAN. KOTT. KATZMAN, SCHUMANSKY. HURWITZ, SKULSKY, HEILIOMAN, WEISS. Row 3 STULBERG, SORSCHER, FRIED, FLAX, ESKIE, SEROW, SHULMAN. ALPHA OMEGA OFFICERS Louis HURWITZ . SOL J. HEILIOMAN SAM SKULSKY OSCAR BEAN . BENJAMIN J. KATZ Chancellor Vice-Chancellor Quaestor Scribe Steward MEMBERS IN FACULTY ALBERT B. SHULMAN SAMUEL STULBERG MILTON J. ESKIE SOL J. HEILIGMAN Louis HURWITZ BENJAMIN J. KATZ OSCAR BEAN Seniors JULES FLAX Juniors IRVING KATZMAN BERNARD B. KOTT Sophomores HENRY BERRIS SELVIN HIRSHON STANFORD FRIED DAVID H. SCHUMANSKY SAM SKULSKY LEO WEISS DONALD A. SIMON GERALD R. APTEKAR HERBERT ARONSTEIN Freshmen HERBERT J. EDER ROBERT B. GERENDASY BERNARD L. LEVY Founded at Maryland 1907 Chi Chapter 1926 Page 115 HHBH Hi H M j All M MM 1 1 1 1 Top HOK PRAY, HANSON, LUTON, SLOAN, BncHHOLz, GIES, WHITE, GILSON, COLLINS, BARBER. Row 2 GLERUM, PLASMAN, ASELTINE, MAURER. WILLMENO, HUBBARD, MURPHY, ROOT, RUDD, CHENEY, HARRISON. Row 3 BATES, OATLEY, FHOSTIC, DUXBURY, SCHALLER, HOQAN, MILLER, DUNMIRE, STONE, GIBSON. Row 4 JONES, KERR, RAHSTRUM, STEAD, CALDWELL, GODFREY, POOL, MANN, CREGO, Kocsis, HESS. DELTA SIGMA DELTA OLIVER C. APPLEGATE, D.D.S., D.D.Sc. RUSSELL W. BUNTING, D.D.S., D.D.Sc. RICHARD CHRISTL, D.D.S. KENNETH A. EASLICK, D.D.S. DONALD ENCEL, D.D.S. PAUL JESERICH, D.D.S. JOHN KEMPER, D.D.S., M.D. DONALD KERR, D.D.S. RICHARD L. CALDWELL STANLEY W. CREGO SIMON GLERUM HUGH G. GODFREY LYLE F. ASELTINE JACKSON W. BATES JOHN H. DUXBURY ROBERT J. BARBER ARTHUR BIBB EDWARD A. CHENEY JAMES R. FREEBORN AL BUCHHOLZ CY COLLINS JUSTIN DUNMIRE RAYMOND GIES MEMBERS IN FACVI.TY Seniors THOMAS L. HESS ROBERT M. JONES WILLIAM R. MANN HERBERT L. OATLEY Juniors ANDREW A. FROSTIC KENNETH R. GIBSON MAURICE T. HOCAN Sophomores JAMES W. HARRISON DURWARD JADWIN DON E. HUBBARD GEORGE J. MAURER Freshmen MARK. GILSON TOM HANSON HARRY LUTON RICHARD KINGERY, D.D.S. ROLAND NISSLE, D.D.S. PHILLIP NORTHRUP, D.D.S. RALPH SOMMER, D.D.S. FRANCIS VEDDER, D.D.S. MARCUS WARD, D.D.S., D.D.Sc. ELMER WHITMAN, D.D.S. GILBERT J. PLASMAN EDSON K. POOL GUNNAR G. RAMSTRUM GEORGE O. STEAD WILLIAM A. MILLER WILLIAM H. SCHALLER BURDETTE A. STONE GERALD J. MURPHY ROBERT W. ROOT EDWARD RUDD LfMON E. WlLLMENG PAUL MEAGHER DAVID PRAY PHIL SLOAN ROBERT WHITE Founded at Michigan 1882 Alpha Chapter Page 116 Top Ron SHORT, MATIGAN, RYLE, LUMBERT, STEVENS, DUMON, GOLDEN, KNOX, Ross. R OU . g WHITE, STANCO. HARTSOOK, SFERRA, DI!.ORETO, KUCERA, LAFOHGIA, SMALLWOOD, SANJURJO. KRUSKA. Row 3 ZAKRAJSEK, GOLDBECK, MILLER, MOORE, PASTRANA, WALDO, MC. LPINE, BARROW, SHEMIOT, FRCTIGER, STUMP. XI PSI PHI OFFICERS MIGUEL A. PASTRANA . JOHN G. McAtpjNE . GERALD V. BARROW RAYMOND E. FRVTIGER WALTER F. STUMP GEORGE R. MOORE, D.D.S. HEINZ O. GOLDBECK, D.D.S. President Pice-President Secretary Treasurer Editor Faculty Adviser Assistant MIGUEL A. PASTRANA JOHN G. McAi.PiNE ANTHONY LAFORGIA RAFAEL R. SANJURJO JOSEPH T. HARTSOOK HENRY J. KRUSKA JOHN E. GOLDEN WILLIAM C. RYLE JOHN E. DUMON Seniors GERALD V. BARROW RAYMOND E. FRUTIGER ' Juniors RUSSELL I,. SMALLWOOD Sophomores HENRY F. STANCO J. ROBERT SHORT Freshmen KENNETH R. STEVENS HOWARD E. STAFFORD WALTER F. STUMP ARMEN MATIGAN JOHN G. KUCERA OSCAR A. DILORETO GEORGE W. SFERRA DALE H. WHITE JAMES E. KNOX CLIFFORD W. LUMBERT ROBERT E. Ross Founded at Michigan 1889 Alpha Chapter Page 117 ' ? ' ? , v dtttaj dk are not taught to the tun e of a hickory stick by the students of the University School of Education, for modern educational methods have completely revised the old regime. Students have every opportunity to become proficient in various teaching fields through hours spent doing practice teaching at the University High School and the University Elementary School. In these schools complete psychological records of the students are made and studied in an effort to improve on teaching methods. Seven departments History and Principles of Education, Educational Administration and Supervision, Educational Psychology, Teaching of Special Subjects, Vocational Education, Physical Education, and Public Health Nursing show the wide scope of the work being covered. Students in the School of Education, besides receiving academic training and the opportunity to do actual teaching, are also able to receive professional training in various fields. As teachers of the future these graduates are well equipped to cope with all demands of modern progressive education. ' , " . .,-.,.- ip ' - ' ; . ' ' - Hr. ' ' ' . ' . ' : . - , ' .--,-! ' ' . ' , ' . , ' ' V - . ' . 1 S. . ' , 1 ., ,- ' ! ' . EDUCATION Dean EDMONSON One of the most genial members of the University staff is Dean Edmonson. His friendly informal manner and his wise counciling have won him a place in the hearts of all his students. Perhaps it is because he obtained his A.B. and A.M. degrees here and thus is thoroughly acquainted with the Michigan traditions from the view- point of a student as well as a teacher. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Chi- cago where he was also an in- structor for two summer sessions. Dean Edmonson has been very active in educational fields having served in many national educa- tional organizations, often holding important offices. Dean Edmonson ' s favorite hobby is travel. He has travelled to Europe as well as very extensively in the United States. In his travels he greatly enjoys meeting other people. FACULTY Top ROW GOOD, McCLusKY. TROW. EOGERTSEN. KOCH, MITCHELL, CARROTHERS. JAMES, SPAIN. Row 2 WOODS, JOHNSTONS, COURTIS, WEBSTER. SCHORLING, ANDERSON, STEPHENSON, TRYTTEN, CURTIS, WALCOTT, MOEHLMAN. Row S EDMONSON. DILLY, FIRESTONE, DRENKHAHN, BELL, DAVIS. Page 121 1940 EDUCATION SENIORS MARY E. ALLEN A.B. Harvey, 111. Alpha Gamma Delta Soo. Chr. (4) Undergrad. Tea (3) League Comms. (3) (4) JANE ANDERSON A.B. Detroit, Mich. Chi Omega League Comm. (1) (2) (3) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. LOIS H. BAXTER A.B. Tonawanda, N. Y. Alpha Omicron Pi PHYLLIS E. CANNON A.B. Battle Creek, Mich. Delta Delta Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comm. (1) (2) (3) MARY M. ALLINSON A.B. West Chester, Pa. Martha Cook Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4) Cercle Francais (3) (4). Pres. (4) Daily (3) Assembly Rep. (3) PHIL E. BALYEAT B.S. Sparta, Mich. Phi Epsilon Kappa Druids, V. Arch. Druid Track (1) (2) Football (1) Men ' s Phys. Ed. Club M. LEIGH BURLESON A.B. Mansfield, O. Alpha Omicron Pi Omega Upsilon Gargoyle (3) Soph Cabaret .T. G. P. Pan-Hellenic (2) (3) (4) League Comm. (3) MABEL M. CLAY A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Stockwell Hall FRANCES M. ANDERSON B.S. Kewanee, 111. Alpha Gamma Delta W. A. A. Board Basketball Club (1) (2) (3) (4) Hockey Club (1) (2) (3) (4) Riflery (1) (2) (3) J. G. P. BATSCHELET CATHERINE B.S. Renovo, Pa. Betsy Barbour Hockey Club (4) Badminton Club (4) Dance Club (4) Basketball (4) JEANNE P. BURT A.B. Jamestown, N.Y. Alpha Omicron Pi Dance Club Children ' s Theater RUTH L. CLEMENT A.B. Greenville, Mich. Alice Palmer House, Treas. (4) Daily (1) (2) SALLY S. CONNERY B.S. Saginaw, Mich. Martha Cook, Sec ' y. (4) W. A. A. (4) Hockey (1) (2) (3) (4) Basketball (1) (2) (3) (4) Baseball (1) (2) (3) (4) Senior Ball Chr. RUSSELL T. DOBSON A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Kappa Psi Druids Baseball (1) (2) (3) (4) Basketball (1) (2) (3) " M " Club Men ' s Phys. Ed. Club DOROTHY E. FOLTZ B.S. Detroit, Mich. MARION L. COX A.B. Lapeer, Mich. LEONA R. GALLOW A.B. Detroit, Mich. Assembly Banquet Chr. (4) Outdoor Sports Club League Comms. (4) DOROTHY G. GUSTIN A.B. Bay City, Mich. Martha Cook League Comm. (4) POLLY DONNELLY A.B. Bay City, Mich. Alpha Phi ELIZABETH G. FRENCH B.S. Caro, Mich. Alumnae House Pres. (2) Class V. Pres. (4) Assembly Ball (2) Choral Union (4) Girls ' Phys. Ed. Club Treas. (3) ELAINE S. GOLDSTEIN A.B. Flint, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Phi VIRGINIA C. HAIRE A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Beta Kappa Rho F. T. A. RUTH E. CRSOS B.S. Detroit, Mich. Martha Cook MARION F. FLEMING A.B. Lakewood, O. Delta Delta Delta Omega Upsilon Ensian (1) (2) Soph Cabaret .1. G. P. League Comm. (2) (3) ARTHUR J. GAIO B.S. Rockville Center, N. Y. BARBARA J. GUEST A.B. Detroit, Mich. Chi Omega V. Pres. Pi Lambda Theta Soph Cabaret J. G. P. HELEN L. HAY B.S. Cheyenne, Wyo. Kappa Kappa Gamma 1 940 EDUCATION SENIORS MARIAN HAZELTINE B.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. Martha Cook LILLIAN A. KAZMARK B.S. Rochester, N. Y. Martha Cook Alpha Gamma Sigma (1) (2), Pres. (2) ALICE J. KORNAT A.B. Dearborn, Mich. Martha Cook Newman Club (3) (4) WILLIAM L. G. MacINTOSH A.B. Dearborn, Mich. Phi Delta Kappa Kappa Phi Sigma Class Pres. (4) Varsity Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4) Play Prod. (2) (3) Repetoire Players (3) JUNE E. HOLMQUIST A.B. Saginaw, Mich. Mosher Hall Assembly Rail (3) NAN A. KIRBY A.B. Washington, D. C. Zeta Tau Alpha. Pres. (3) Choral Union C2) (3) (4) German Club (3) (4) League Comm. (3) Soph. Cabaret Frosh Project MARGARET MacDERMOTT A.B. Calumet, Mich. Zeta Tau Alpha Panhellenie Intramural Debating JUNE A. MADISON B.S. Muskes;on, Mich. Martha Cook Zeta Phi Eta Pi Lambda Theta Play Production (3) (4) HARRIET L. JOHNSON A.B. Wahpeton, N. D. Alpha Chi Omega KATHRYN M. KNOBLAUCH A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega PAUL O. MacDONALD A.B. Bay City, Mich. Alpha Nu CLINTON D. MAHLKE B.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Pres. (4) Basketball (2) (3) Men ' s Phys. Ed. Club, V. Pres (3) Gym Exhibit Team (4) RUTH E. MATHENY A.B. Clarksburg, W. Va. Martha Cook, V. Pres. ALFRED MELOV B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. Phi Kappa Phi Phi Epsilon Kappa Men ' s Phys. Ed. Club, Sec ' y ROBERT E. MORROW A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Delta Kappa SARAH E. ORR B.S. Saginaw, Mich. Alpha Phi Women ' s Phys. Ed. Club, Pres W. A. A. Board (3) J. G. P. League Comm. Swimming Club (1) Class Treas. (4) Badminton Club (2) (3) (4) MARY F. REEK A.B. Ludington, Mich. Martha Cook Mortarboard Senior Society Ethel McCofmick Scholarship Anne C. Stevens Award Delta Sigma Pi, Pres. (4) Assembly Pres. (4) League Comms. (1) (2) (3) Froth Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. MARGARET L. McBETH A.B. Saginaw, Mich. Delta Delta Delta Ensian J. G. P. League Comms. ETHEL F. MIKULICH A.B. Traunik, Mich. Alpha Omicron Pi Soph Cabaret League Comm. French Club (3) (4) THOMAS E. NEWTH A.B. Grand Ledge, Mich. JEANNE J. PRENTICE A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Lambda Delta Class Sec ' y. (4) Assembly (1) (2) (3) League Comm. (3) Michigan Dames (4) GEORGE F. ROACH A.B. Battle Creek, Mich. Kappa Kappa Psi Band (1) (2) (3) (4) Symphony Orchestra (3) THOMAS O. McKINLEY A.B. Howell, Mich. Theta Xi Football (1) Varsity Glee Club (3) Choral Union (3) Symphony Orchestra (3) ROSALYN L. MILLER A.B. Iron River, Mich. Choral Union (2) (4) LYNDA A. NICKL A.B. North Bergen, N. J. Alpha Omicron Pi J. G. P. SYLVIA PRITZKER A.B. North Bergen, N. J. J. G. P. Assembly Ball (4) Hillel VIOLA A. RUGIS B.S. New York, N. Y. Dance Club Archery Club J. G. P. Page 123 1940 EDUCATION SENIORS WILLIAM F. SAULSON B.S. Detroit, Mich. Phi Epsilon Kappa Men ' s Phys. Ed. Club, Pres. MARY M. SCOVILLE B.S. Riverside, 111. Delta Gamma W. A. A. Frosh Project J. G. P. Women ' s Phys. Ed. Club, V. Pres. (4) Dance Club. Pres. (4) Lantern Night (2) MARY E. SPURGEON B.S. Detroit, Mich. Theta Phi Alpha Daily (3) Choral Union (1) J-Hop (3) Michigras Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Newman Club (1) (2) (3) (4) League Comm. (3) ELIZABETH L. SUTTON A.B. Flint, Mich. Delta Delta Delta Soph Cabaret League Comms. (3) (4) J. G. P. GENEVIEVE H. THOM A.B. New York, N. Y. Kappa Alpha Theta Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comms. (2) (3) (4) Panhellenic (3) MARY A. VANWELDE B.S. Saginaw, Mich. Adelia Cheever House Lutheran Student Assn. (1) (2) (3) Inter-Guild Council (2) LILLIAN L. ZIMMERMAN B.S. Youngstown, O. Pi Beta Phi Alpha Alpha Gamma Gargoyle (4) Michiganensian (2) (3) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. League Comm. (3) Page 124 DOROTHY I. SHIPMAN A.B. Oak Park, 111. Pi Beta Phi Wyvern Mortarboard Michiganensian (1) (2) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J. G. P. General Chr. League Pres. (4) League Comms. (2) (3) DAVID A. STRONG B.S. Helena, Mont. Sigma Nu Sigma Delta Psi Football (3) (4) " M " Club Men ' s Phys. Ed. Club JOYCE E. TATUM A.B. Gary, Ind. Alpha Kappa Alpha PAULINE E. TOLHURST A.B. Marshall, Mich. HELEN V. WESTIE A.B. Dearborn, Mich. Daily (2) League House, Pres. (3) Swimming Club, Mgr. (3) Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Modern Dance (3) (4) RUTH A. ZOOK B.S. Denver, Ind. MACINTOSH FRENCH PRENTICE ORR SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WILLIAM MaclNTOSH ELIZABETH FRENCH . JEANNE PRENTICE SALLY ORR Elizabeth French SallyOrr . William Saulson . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Invitations Jeanne Prentice . Class Dues Margaret MacDermott Caps and Gowns Mary Ellen Spurgeon Alumni Relations Senior Tea Class Publicity Practice Teaching Page 125 Sometimes a little help is required Independence Pge 12b A conference between the teacher and student helper A fascinating problem Hard at play Page 127 the School of Forestry and Conservation had a small beginning. Forestry was first taught in 1881 in the Department of Political Science. Responding to the demand for more courses, it was later set up as a separate department in the Literary College. This growth culminated in the establishment of the School of Forestry and Conservation in 1927, with its main headquarters in the Natural Science Building. Because teaching the prin- ciples of forestry resolves itself into a year-long job, the School maintains a summer camp in the picturesque Saginaw Forest of northern Michigan the ten-week session is a basic part of the curriculum. The increased public interest in our tragedy of waste and the need to conserve our limited resources have made the School ' s importance obvious. It teaches the management and conservation of forests, the commercial uses of wood products, and the scientific, social, and economic problems related to America ' s forests in general. Thus the School of Forestry is contributing to the general welfare of not only the present, but the future, America. : . , " :- v f :- JH- FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION Night Falls at Camp Filibert Roth Stumped! Page 130 Dean DANA As Dean of the School of Forestry and Conservation, Samuel T. Dana is in charge of one of the most important divisions of the Univer- sity. Born in Portland Maine, he remained true to his native state by attending and being graduated from Bowdoin College with an A.B. degree. He later received his A.M. degree at Yale Univer- sity. At both institutions Dean Dana attained the distinction of summa cum laude. While in the United States Forestry Service he held the posi- tion of assistant chief of silvics and forest investigations. In 1919 he became a captain in the United States Army and was attached to the traffic and storage division of the General Staff. Before assum- ing his present responsibilities in 1927, Dean Dana worked as forest commissioner of Maine and as director of the Northwest Forest Experimental Station. FACULTY Standing BROULEV. ALLEN, MURRAY, MATTHEWS, YOCNG, GRAHAM. Seated RAMSDELL. CRAIG, DANA. KVNOCH, WIGHT. Page 131 1 940 FORESTRY SENIORS RICHARD W. ABBOTT B.S.F. Kirkwood, Mo. Phi Eta Sigma Michigan Forester (3) (4) Les Voyageurs (2) (3) (4) Forestry Club (3) (4) ALBERT C. DOLEZEL B.S.F. Taconite, Minn. Newman Club (3) (4) Forestry Club (3) (4) JAMES P. GILLIGAN B.S.F. Topeka, Kan. Forestry Club JAMES V. HALLIGAN B.S.F. East Tawas, Mich. Phi Gamma Delta Sphinx Druids Mimes (3) (4) J-Hop Union Exec. Council (2) (3) Mens ' Judiciary Council (4) Forestry Club (1) (4) Les Voyageurs (2) (3) (4) ROBERT H. HOUSER B.S.F. Edge wood Arsenal, Md. Phi Gamma Delta ERIC W. KYRO B.S.F. Detroit, Mich. Forestry Club STERLING BRINKLEY, JR. M.S.F. Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi Class President (4) Les Voyageurs JOHN H. EBY B.S.F. South Haven, Mich. Tau Kappa Epsilon Forestry Club LAWRENCE E. HAACK B.S.F. Wauwatosa, Wis. Forestry Club (3) (4) GORDON D. HARTRICK B.S.F. East Detroit, Mich. EDWARD A. JOHNSON B.S.F. Washington, Conn. F. BRUCE LAMB B.S.F. Cotopaxi, Colo. Choral Union (3) (4) HAROLD A. DICKSON B.S.F. Iron River, Mich. FRANK C. EDDY, JR. B.S.F. De Witt, Ark. Forestry Annual Forestry Club (3) (4) FRANK L. HAGGERTY, JR. B.S.F. Elkins, W. Va. WALTER H. HOFFMAN B.S.F. Wauwatosa, Wis. Les Voyageurs (3) (4) Forestry Club (3) (4) JAMES E. KNOX B.S.F. Greenbay, Wis. Scabbard and Blade Forestry Club WENDELL E. LENZ B.S.F. Sheboygan, Wis. Tau Kappa Epsilon Scabbard and Blade Only three more miles to go Page 132 Off on a day ' s visit to a logging project ARNOLD L. MIGNERY B.S.F. Bryan, O. Phi Kappa Phi Michigan Forester (3) (4) Choral Union (3) (4) Forestry Club (2) (3) (4) DAVID G. REID B.S.F. South Charleston, O. Sigma Chi Choral Union (2) (3) Les Voyageurs (3) (4) Forestry Club (3) (4), Treas. (4), V. Pres. (4) FRANCIS X. SHMIDLEY B.S.F. Fond du Lac, Wis. Newman Club, Pres. (4) Michigan F ' orester, Bus. Mgr. (3) FREDERICK F. SNELL B.S.F. Greenville, O. Kappa Sigma Upsilon Lutheran Student Assoc., Regional Pres. (4) JOHN E. TOPERCER B.S.F. Berwyn, 111. Forestry Club (3) I. M. Sports WILLIAM H. WOODWARD B.S.F. Topeka, Kan. Forestry Club TALMUS M. MARKHAM, JR. B.S.F. Tiptonville, Tenn. Sigma Chi Forestry Club Interfraternity Council ROBERT L. PATTERSON B.S.F. Cadiz, O. Forestry Club DONALD C. ROCK B.S.F. New Paris, Ind. Forestry Club (3) (4). Treas. (4) Varsity Club at N. Central College (1) (2) WALLACE SCHWEINSBERG B.S.F. Boonville, N. Y. Forestry Club EDWARD E. STURGEON B.S.F. Hillsboro, 111. Les Voyageurs Forestry Club (4) OSCAR G. TRACZEWITZ B.S.F. Wauwatosa, Wis. Les Voyageurs (2) Band (1), Mgr. (1) Forestry Club (2) GRANT H. WYKHUIS B.S.F. Oostburg, Wis. Class Secretary (4) Forestry Club O O f RICHARD A. McGRATH B.S.F. Berkley, Mich. Trigon, Pres. (4) Forestry Club (4) Hockey (1) (2) Interfraternity Council (2) ROBERT B. POPE B.S.F. Riverside, 111. Les Voyageurs (3) (4) Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) Michigan Forester Forestry Club (1) (2) (3) (4) I. M. Hockey (4) WILLIAM RUTHERFORD M.S.F. New Franklin, Mo. Phi Kappa Phi Theta Chi Delta Phi Sigma Forestry Club Choral Union JOSEPH J. SHOMON B.S.F. Brooklyn, N. Y. Michigan Forester Forestry Club (3) (4) Newman Club (4) CLAYTON C. SWEARS B.S.F. Broadalbin, N. Y. Forestry Club (2) (3) (4) STEPHEN A. WOOD B.S.F. Fountain City, Tenn. Delta Tau Delta Les Voyageurs Michigan Forester, Ed. (4) Forestry Club ORVILLE L. ZEEH B.S.F. Wauzeka, Wis. Phi Eta Sigma I. M. Riding (2) Forestry Club (2) Page 133 W - g 35 i I I dk vlan of the universe and humanity expanding and growing more and more complex, the graduate school is becoming increasingly im- portant in the training of specialists to cope with that complexity. The stately Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies is the present culmination of this higher type of education begun at the University over ninety years ago. In 1849 the degree of Master of Arts was conferred upon those graduating from this school thirty years later the Graduate School awarded the degree of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. Time has de- veloped the School until today it offers ninety-two fields of con- centration, and awards thirty-two degrees. Dr. Clarence S. Yoakum, Dean of the Graduate School and Vice-President in charge of Educational Investigation, has stated the value of graduate studies in these apt words: " The Graduate School trains leaders and investigators. It enlarges the bounds of human knowledge. Without search for, and discovery of new truths, service to human happiness would cease to grow. The Graduate School of the University is the modern symbol of man ' s striving for a saner life. " GRADUATE Entrance to the Graduate Building A moment of leisure for the check boy Page 136 Dean YOAKUM Dean Clarence S. Yoakum is a man whose size be lies a I most every- thing about him. Small though he is, he combines a quick wit, an amazing capacity for work, and a most gratifying memory for names and people. In addition to being Dean of the Graduate School, he is also Vice-President in Charge of Educational Investigations. He was born in Kansas and re- ceived an A.B. degree from Camp- bell College in 1901. As a specialist in psychology he has held a fellowship at the University of Chicago, a professorship at the University of Texas, and a com- mission in the Psychological Ser- vice during the World War. He has also done work in personnel management at Carnegie Institute of Technology as well as here at the University. In 1927 he was appointed director of the Bureau of University Research. Dean Yoakum ' s office is in the Rackham Building a building with which his name has become closely sociated. as- Please zip notebooks in the hall Top 2otr BULTHIUS, HAFSTBA. DAVERMAN, SCHAUBEL, DOEZEMA, DEYOUNG, ROMAN. Roio 2 VAN LONKHUYZEN, MEEUWSEN, WEBTRA, BECKERING, W. VAN LONKHUYZEN, POSTHUMA, BOSMA, BOES, SCHEIBE. Row 3 VANDEN HOEK, SEVENSMA, VOLLINK, DE T RiE8, DE.JONG, AUWERS, VROON, VANDER MOLEN. Row 4 BUIST, SLUYTER, MELLEMA, BLOCKSMA, DR. BATTS. POSTMA, BOLT, LAMBERTS, STEHOUWER. PHI ALPHA KAPPA ORRIE STEHOUWER, A.B., D.D.S. HENRY DE VRIES, A.B. CORNELIUS DOEZEMA J. FRANKLIN MELI.EMA, A.B. PETER WESTRA, A.B. . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Business Manager Assistant Business Manager J. T. AUWERS EARL BECKERINC RALPH BLOCKSMA DONALD BOES ORREN BOLT JAMES BOSMA SAMUEL BUIST GERALD E. BULTHUIS EDWARD DAVERMAN CLARENCE DE BOER GEORGE DE JONG WESLEY DE YOUNG MEMBER IN FACULTY MARTIN BATTS, A.B., M.D. MEMBER IN CITY CLARENCE KOISTRA, A.B. MEMBERS HENRY DE VRIES CORNELIUS DOEZEMA JAMES EDSON STEWART GEELHOED PETER HAFSTRA HENRY HOMAN AUSTIN LAMBERTS BERNARD MEEUWSEN J. FRANKLIN MELLEMA ROBERT MICHMERHVIZEN EDWARD POSTMA MILLARD POSTHUMA HOWARD SCHAUBEL JOHN SCHEIBE EUGENE SEVENSMA JOHN STANLEY SLUYTER ORRIE STEHOUWER JOHN VANDEN HOEK HERMAN VANDER MOLEN JOHN VAN LONKHUYZEN WILLIAM VAN LONKHUYZEN ANDREW VOLLINK JOHN VROON PETER WESTRA Founded at Michigan 1929 Alpha Chapter Page 138 I men 1 TW ?7 ' f T?v?7 . . . the University of Michigan Law School is an institution which blends the traditions of the past with the conveniences of the present. Its quadrangle of college Gothic architecture, surround- ing a rich green campus, brings a bit of historic Oxford to Ann Arbor. Since 1859, when the Law School was first opened, the School ' s requirements and standards have sought increasingly higher levels. While at first no previous education was required, at least three years of college training and a good scholastic record are now necessary for admission. During the School ' s first years a faculty of three men inspired the one-hundred students enrolled however, in 1940, a considerably larger group of pro- fessors is instrumental in the education of seven hundred student lawyers. Today the University of Michigan Law School is ac- knowledged as a leader in legal education. The three years each student spends in studying law are quite unlike the carefree undergraduate days, for they entail much work. The goal to which this work leads, however, makes the hours spent worth- while. " LL.B., University of Michigan " is a recommendation in any Law office in the country. FACULTY Not a chapel, but the entrance to Hutchens Hall set off by a window of the Law Library Standing SMITH, SIMES, JAMES, SKARTEL, NIEHDSS, STASON, I ' .I.UME, YNTEMA, DAWSON, COFFEY, WOODBRIDQE. Seated KAUPER, TRACY, DRAKE. GODDARD, WAITE GRISMORE, SDNDERLAND, LEIDY. Page 142 Dean STASON A yearling among Michigan ' s deans is E. Blythe Stason who assumed his duties as Dean of the Law School last fall. He is no stranger to the campus, however, having received his J.D. degree in 1922 from the school he now directs. Previous to this, he grad- uated from the University of Wis- consin and obtained a B.S. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the intervening years the Dean practiced law at Sioux City, Iowa, served on several state and federal commissions, and acted as secretary of the Michigan State Fire Association. Dean Stason is extremely conscientious in his work and more than obliging to all who approach him. He has already carved a sizable niche for himself in the University. Case Club the students ' practice court Page 143 f H - K , - H V 1? I WITHIN THE LAW QUAD 1940 LAW SENIORS JOHN J. ADAMS J.D. Marshalltown, la. Sigma Nu Barristers Law Club (1) (2) (3) Law Review (2) (3) Case Club (1) (2) (3) LOUIS C. BAKER LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Alpha Delta EDMUND R. BLASKE J.D. Niles, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Phi Beta Kappa Mich. Law Review, Editor ROMAN G. BURNOR, JR. LL.B. Toledo, O. Law Club WILLIAM F. ANDERSEN LL.B. Oak Park, 111. Sigma Chi Barristers Law Review Case Club DELOS P. BASSINGER LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Law Club (1) (2) (3) EDWARD H. BOYLE LL.B. Omaha, Neb. Law Club Sigma Chi Barristers Dance Comm. (2) CLAYTON J. BURRELL LL.B. Manistique, Mich. Delta Tau Delta ROBERT G. AULENBACHER LL.B. Rochester, N. Y. Law Club EDWARD S. BIGGAR LL.B. Kansas City, Mo. Phi Delta Phi Phi Delta Theta Phi Beta Kappa Phi Eta Sigma Mich. Law Review, Editor Barristers JAMES J. BROWN LL.B. River Forest, II!. Phi Delta Phi Barristers WILLIAM M. BURROUGHS LL.B. Flint, Mich. Alpha Kappa Lambda FRANKLIN BUTLER LL.B. Bronxville, N. Y. HARRISON A. CHURCH LL.B. Elkhart, 1ml. Phi Delta Phi Barristers DONALD M. COHN LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Nu Law Club DANIEL J. CREMIN LL.B. Bridgeport, Conn. Crease Ball RICHARD W. DEUTSCH J.D. Detroit, Mich. Law Club IRA W. BUTTERFIELD LL.B. Bay City, Mich. Law Club Adelphi (3) Case Club (2) (3) Congregational Fellowship Pres. (4) TOM B. CLARKE LL.B. Bronxville, N. Y. Alpha Tau Omega f r if m . - HASKELL L. COHODES LL.B. Iron Mountain, Mich. Phi Beta Delta Varsity Band (1) (2) (3) (4) LEON R. DARDAS LL.B. Bay City, Mich. Class Secretary EDMOND E. DeVINE LL.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Delta Phi Barristers Law Review (2) (3) f = r X DWIGHT M. CHEEVER LL.B., M.B.A. Cedarvilie, Mich. Sigma Phi Delta Theta Phi Law Club Scabbard and Blade ALONZO W. CLAY LL.B. Galesburg, 111. Sigma Nu LEO W. CORKIN LL.B. St. Johns, Mich. Law Club WILLIAM J. DeLANCEY LL.B. Elgin, 111. Phi Delta Phi Alpha Delta Phi Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Barristers Law Review JEROME J. DICK Brooklyn, N.Y. Law Club Mich. Law Review, Editor Page 146 1940 LAW SENIORS TOM DOWNS LL.B. Spokane, Wash. SHELDON M. ELLIS LL.B. Hillsdale, Mich. Kappa Nu Daily Law Club Adelphi BENJAMIN W. FRANKLIN J.D. Remus, Mich. H. JAMES GRAM LL.B. Menominee, Mich. Class President (3) Phi Alpha Delta, Treas. (3) Law Club (1) (2) (3) IRVING M. EDELBERG LL.B. Saranac Lake, N. Y. Law Club Sigma Alpha Mu Case Club (1) Crease Ball, Exec. Comm. Alumni Comm. THOMAS J. FAGAN LL.B. Marquette, Mich. Delta Theta Phi Barristers ROY E. FRAZIER LL.B. Centralia, 111. Theta Delta Chi EDWARD J. GREENWALD LL.B. Whiting, Ind. Chi Phi ROBERT A. ELLIOTT LL.B. Raton, N. M. Phi Gamma Delta Phi Delta Phi Barristers Union Staff. V. Pres. Society of Industrial Lawyers GERALD D. FINNEY LL.B. Baltimore, Md. Delta Theta Phi Barristers Law Club Crease Ball, Comm. GEORGE H. GOLDSTONE LL.B. Detroit, Mich, eta Beta Tau C. EUGENE GRESSMAN J.D. Martins Ferry, O. Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma Law Club Case Club (1) (2) Mich. Law Review (2) (3 Exec. Comm. (3) National Lawyers Guild (2) (3) WILLIAM H. HARR LL.B. Hamilton, O. Law Club CHARLES E. HUMPHREY LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Delta Theta Phi Law Club Barristers Crease Ball, Co-Chr (3) C. BRUCE KELLEY J.D. Lansing, Mich. Phi Alpha Delta. Pres. (2) (3) Law Club. Exec. Council (2) (3) V. Pres. (3) (4) JOHN F. KOTTNAUER LL.B. Saginaw, Mich. Delta Theta Phi Law Club Class Vice-President (3) DONALD E. MAXON LL.B. Jackson Hts., N. Y. - f GEORGE M. HARTON, III LL.B. Pittsburgh, Pa. JOEL G. JACOB LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Tau Epsilon Rho Law Club W. WALLACE KENT J.D. Kalamazoo, Mich. Law Club Law Review (2) (3) ROLAND R. KRUSE LL.B. New Bremen, O. Law Club DON W. MAYFIELD LL.B. Flint, Mich. Delta Sigma Rho WILLIAM L. HOWLAND LL.B. Portsmouth, O. Law Club Law Review REDICK B. JENKINS LL.B. Evanston, 111. Law Club JOSEPH W. KINDIG LL.B. Syracuse, Ind. Delta Theta Phi, Pres. Barristers JOHN R. MANN LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Trigon Law Club Druids Interfraternity Council. Sec ' y- ' Treas. (4) ROBERT J. MILLER LL.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Law Club Law Review, Exec. Comm. Page 147 1940 LAW SENIORS GEORGE O. NICHOLS LL.B. Clinton, Ind. Delta Tau Delta ROGER J. PRYOR LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Sigma Kappa Chicago House ROY L. ROGERS J.D. Wichita, Kansas Law Club, Sec ' y-Treas. (3) Case Club (1) (2) Law Review, Editorial Board (3) PAUL E. SIEGEL LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Law Club GEORGE E. SPERLING, JR. LL.B. Pittsburgh, Pa. Phi Sigma Kappa Blue Key Picture Comm. GEORGE D. THOMSON LL.B. Flint, Mich. Law Club LEONARD J. WINGERT LL.B. McKeesport, Pa. Law Club Phi Epsilon Pi Law Review, Ed. f " wF-, s r V JOHN S. PENNELL J.D. Tackson, Mich. Law Club Law Review (2) (3) Crease Ball Comm. JOSEPH RINDERKNECHT LL.B. Toledo, O. JOHN L. RUBSAM J.D. Jackson, Mich. Alpha Delta Phi Tau Nu Epsilon Kappa Beta Phi Law Review Case Club Winner Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) C. ROSCOE SMITH LL.B. Columbia City, Ind. ROBERT P. STEWART LL.B. Charlotte, N. C. Kappa Sigma Class Treas. (3) EDWARD M. WATSON J.D. Alton, 111. Barristers Law Review BORIS S. WOOLLEY LL.B. Athens, O. Beta Theta Pi JOHN H. PICKERING J.D. Harrisburg, 111. Theta Chi Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Law Club Council (3) Mich. Law Review (2) (3) Case Club Comm. (3) JAMES D. RITCHIE LL.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Delta Upsilon Phi Kappa Phi Phi Beta Kappa Law Review JAMES E. SAGER LL.B. Detroit, Mich. LEOPOLD J. SNYDER, I LL.B. Detroit, Mich. HAROLD M. STREET J.D. Walnut, 111. Delta Theta Phi Barristers VICTOR H. WEIPERT LL.B. Monroe, Mich. Law Club (4) Adelphi (1) (2) (3) (4), Treas. (1) (2),Pres. (3) (4) Case Club (4) (5) Deutscher Verein (2) (3) (4) STANLEY ZIMMERMAN LL.B. Toledo, O. Lawyers Club JTM Page 148 GRAM KOTTNAUER DARDAS STEWART SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS H. JAMES GRAM . J. FRANK KOTTNAUER LEON R. DARDAS ROBERT P. STEWART President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CREASE BALL CHARLES HUMPHREY JOHN OWENS DECORATIONS AND FLOOR GERALD FINNEY CHARLES VAX WINKLE COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN MUSIC PATRONS WILLIAM BURROUGHS AUSTIN PECK CLARENCE ELDRIDGE BORIS WOOLLEY JOHN PENNELL CAP AND GOWN WILLIAM HOWLAND WILLIAM MANDELARIS FINANCE ROBERT STEWART TICKETS AND PUBLICITY FRANCIS ROBINSON JOHN SOMERVILLE MARCUS SHIVERS SENIOR-FACULTY SMOKER JOHN CLARKE C. D. YONKMAN REUNION DELOS BASSINGER EUGENE GRESSMAN PICTURE THOMAS VINSON LAWRENCE WELLS INVITATIONS OSCAR FREEDENBURG NATHAN GARVIN PERMANENT ALUMNI COMMITTEE IRVING EDELBERG ROBERT SOLOMON GEORGE THOMSON LAW CLUB COUNCIL Standing KELLEY, FRENCH, LOVETT, STEINHEIMER, ROGERS. Seated SANDERS, ADAMS, PICKERING. JOHN ADAMS C. BRUCE KELLEY ROY L. ROGERS . JOHN ADAMS JAMES FRENCH C. BRUCE KELLEY MEMBERS CHARLES LOVETT JOHN H. PICKERING President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer ROY L. ROGERS FRANK SANDERS ROY L. STEINHEIMER Page 149 cr r IJ- iitlAina . . . a staff of six professors, and an enrollment of ninety students in 1849, the Medical School has enjoyed an almost uninterrupted period of growth until today it occupies seven buildings its 800 prospective doctors are taught by a faculty of 49 professors. Included in the physical plant is the University Hospital with 1 300 beds, the largest hospital in the country associated with a university medical school. Outstanding also is the excellent Medical Library housing some 63,000 volumes and subscribing to 520 of the world ' s leading medical journals. Equally well- grounded in medical theory and practice, Michigan graduates have attained positions of prominence in practically every phase of their profession a prime reason for Michigan ' s reputation as one of the most outstanding medical schools in the nation. MEDICINE Medical students see how it ' s done FACULTY Top Ron- WAGGONER. WELLER, PATTEN, POLLARD, STUROIS, SUNDWALL. Row 2 FRALICK, COLLER, GESELL, PEET, LEWIS. Row 3 NEWBURGH, McCoxTER, CAMP, FURSTENBEHG, EDMUNDS, WILE. Page 152 _ DEAN FURSTENBURG Dean Albert C. Furstenberg first became an instructor in the Med- ical School a few years after his graduation in 191 5. He received his full professorship in 1932 and was appointed Dean of the School in 1935. Along with being Dean he has the reputation of being one of the few really outstanding doctors in the field of otolaryn- gology in the country. In his work as Dean he has striven steadily to improve the Medical School; he has kept the School abrest in the latest scientific devel opments; he has reduced the number of pre- scribed hours in the curriculum so as to give the student more chance for independent thinking,- he has increased the number of scholar- ships given to deserving students,- and most important of all, he has done a great deal to correlate the theory and practice of medicine. The new Victor C. Vaughan House for Freshmen " medics " Page 153 HODGSON HERRMANN Fl8HER AUSTIN SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JACK R. HODGSON . ROSE HERRMANN JOSEPH V. FISHER . WARREN P. AUSTIN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer EXECUTIVE G. KENNETH MUEHLIG, CHR. ROBERT W. BRYN EMIL J. GENETTI HAROLD M. JESURUN TOM D. JOHNSON FRANCIS L. LAM FREDERICK W. RAU SAMUEL C. SHEIMAN FREDERICK I. VAN WACNEN, JR. SENIOR BALL W. DOUGLAS DAWSON JOHN L. KITZMILLER ANNOUNCEMENTS MILDRED L. HERKNER, CHR. SAMUEL J. BUIST DONALD S. PATTERSON JOHN W. STRAYER ELLIS H. STEFFENSEN STUDENT AFFAIRS CHARLES J. THILL, CHR. ANTHONY R. CZERESKO IVAN J. ROGGEN CAP AND GOWN PHILLIP R. TURNER, CHR. JAMES A. ORBISON, JR. DONALD G. TRAPP WILLIAM J. YETZER PICTURES HAROLD W. WENDELKEN, CHR. WILLIAM L. DEUTSCH ROBERT H. TRIMBY EDGAR A. WEBB FINANCE WARREN R. AUSTIN, CHR. PAUL J. CONNOLLY IVAN F. DUFF LEE E. FELDKAMP VIRGINIA LANE HONOR JOHN S. SLUYTER MORTON J. WIENER CANE EDWARD P. CAWLEY WARD RJJJoHNSON East Medical Building TWIGGS CUNNINGHAM COLLINS SANDERS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEO F. TWIGGS PAUL M. CUNNINGHAM MYRTLE V. COLLINS . JOHN H. SANDERS . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer The right atmosphere for Concentration HONOR MEN GEORGE J. AVDROS GORDON R. HARROD EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ROBERT F. ZIEGLER, CHR. JAMES F. BOSMA P. J. MURPHY WILLIAM F. WEEKS GEORGE E. WEICK RAGUE CORREA DEVAY SCHAUBEL SOPHOMORE CLUB OFFICERS KARL M. RAGUE DALE H. CORREA . WINTHROP N. DAVEY . HOWARD J. SCHAUBEL President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CHARLES B. TOI.LE SYLVESTER J. O ' CONNOR . HONOR MEN Two year honor man One year honor man EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE EDWARD P. MACKENZIE, CHR. WILLIAM P. PENHAI.E ALVA D. RUSH Medical group from the air Page 156 MAHON NELSON McMAHON FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS RALPH MAHON, JR. OSCAR A. NELSON MARGARET McMAHON PHILIP D. GORDV . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer H. WALDO BIRD WILLIAM T. COUTER HONOR COMMITTEEMEN Two year honor man One year honor man Anatomy session in Vaughan House study hall Page 1ST 1940 MEDICINE SENIORS GERALD ADAMIAN M.D. Detroit, Mich. WARREN R. AUSTIN M.D. Seattle, Wash. Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Rho Sigma Victor Vaughan Soeiety Class Treas. (4) RALPH BLOCKSMA M.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Alpha Kappa, Exec. Comni Chr. (3) Honor ' s Cornm. (1) EDWARD P. CAWLEY M.D. Jackson, Mich. Theta Kappa Psi Victor Vaughan SAMUEL G. ALBERT M.D. Ironwood, Mich. ARBY L. BAILEY M.D. St. Louis, Mich. Phi Rho Sigma Galens JOHN W. BRICKER M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Chi Sigma Xi V. GEORGE CHABUT M.D. Jackson, Mich. Phi Rho Sigma Zeta Psi HORACE E. ALLEN M.D. Toledo, O. Nu Sigma Nu Galens GUILA F. BEATTIE M.D. Lockport, N. Y. RICHARD C. BROWN M.D. Greenville, Mich. Phi Beta Pi Galens JACOB L. CHASON M.D. Monroe, Mich. Phi Delta Epsilon Tau Delta Phi Phi Kappa Phi Phi Beta Kappa Honor Council (1) (2) ELIZABETH A. CLARK M.D. Columbia City, Ind. Delta Zeta Alpha Lambda Delta Thcta Sigma Phi Iota Sigma Pi Alpha Omega Alpha W. DOUGLAS DAWSON M.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. Theta Kappa Psi Class Treas. (2) CLYDE K. DRYER M.D. Muskegon, Mich. KENNETH J. FEENEY M.D. Muskegon, Mich. Victor Vaughan Exec. Comm. (3) Honor Council (4) DAVID B. FRIEDMAN M.D. New York, N. Y. Phi Delta Epsilon PAUL J. CONNOLLY M.D. Newberry, Mich. Phi Beta Pi WILLIAM L. DEUTSCH M.D. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Nu Phi Delta Epsilon IVAN F. DUFF M.D. Adams, Ore. Phi Chi LEE E. FELDKAMP M.D. Ypsilanti, Mich. Alpha Kappa Kappa Band EMIL J. GENETTI M.D. Bessemer, Mich. Jr J W ANTHONY R. CZERESKO M.D. Dearborn, Mich. Theta Kappa Psi JAMES B. DOUGLAS M.D. Detroit, Mich. Nu Sigma Nu Victor Vaughan PAUL R. ENGLE M.D. Petoskey, Mich. Phi Chi JEAN K. FIELD M.D. Aliquippa, Pa. Alpha Xi Delta Class V-Pres. (1) MARK A. HAYES M.D. Bay City, Mich. Alpha Kappa Kappa Phi Theta Kappa (2) Honor Council (3) 1 940 MEDICINE SENIORS MILDRED L. HERKNER M.D. Traverse Cjty, Mich. Iota Sigma Pi WILFRID L. HUFTON M.D. Flint, Mich. WARD R. JOHNSON M.D. Channing, Mich. RAYMOND J. KAYE M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Beta Pi ROSE HERRMANN M.D. South Bend, Ind. Kappa Kappa Gamma DOROTHY M. IMRIE M.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma JOHN H. JUHL M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Rho Sigma Victor Vaughan Soc. JOHN L. KITZMILLER M.D. Detroit, Mich. Theta Kappa Psi Victor Vaughan Soc. JACK R. HODGSON M.D. Muskegon His., Mich. Theta Kappa Psi Galens HAROLD M. JESURUN M.D. Curacas, N. W. I. Phi Rho Sigma. V. Pres. Sociedad Hispanica ALBERT W. KANDELIN M.D. Ishpeming, Mich. BERNICE KLEINMAN M.D. Detroit, Mich. Iota Sigma Pi FRANCIS L. LAM M.D. Battle Creek, Mich. FLOYD B. LEVAGOOD M.D. Dearborn, Mich. Phi Chi GEORGE K. MUEHLIG M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Galens Exec. Council, (1) (2) (3) (4), Chr. (4) CHARLES W. NEWTON, JR. M.D. Wallace, Idaho Nu Sigma Nu Galens ROBERT T. PLUMB M.D. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Phi Chi Galens, Pres. (4) C J|-bW!, ffc. 4 VIRGINIA LANE M.D. Lakewood, O. Delta Delta Delta Alpha Epsilon Iota HARRY A. LUSK M.D. Douglas, Ariz. Galens Glee Club (2) (3) (4) NATHAN D. MUNRO M.D. Jackson, Mich. Psi Upsilon Nu Sigma Nu Victor Vaughan Soc. JAMES A. ORBISON M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Chi Freshmen Medical, Sec ' y- EDWARD Y. POST MA M.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Alpha Kappa, V. Pre; Pres. (3) (2) HENRY J. LANGE M.D. Wyandotte, Mich. Phi Rho Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Phi Beta Kappa WILLARD B. MORELL M.D. Midland, Mich. Alpha Kappa Kappa DARWIN M. NELSON M.D. Detroit, Mich. Theta Kappa Psi Victor Vaughan Dorm. DONALD S. PATTERSON M.D. Detroit, Mich. Phi Rho Sigma Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Omega Alpha Victor Vaughan Soc. FREDERICK W. RAU M.D. Saginaw, Mich. Phi Chi Page 159 1 940 MEDICINE SENIORS IVAN J. ROGGEN M.D. Hamilton, Mich. Phi Chi Victor Vaughan Soc. EVA M. SCHLECTE M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Iota Choral Union (1) JOHN R. SCHWARTZMANN M.D. Lansing, Mich. Alpha Kappa Kappa WALWORTH R. SLENGER M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. ELLIS H. STEFFENSEN M.D. Greenville, Mich. Phi Beta Pi Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Phi Beta Kappa DC 4% ,A te % . J CHARLES F. ROLAND M.D. Detroit, Mich. I. CARL SCHLECTE M.D. -i Ann Arbor, Mich. Nu Sigma Nu JOHN H. SEABURY M.D. Detroit, Mich. Beta Pi Beta Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Phi Ph Eta Sigma Alpha Kappa Delta LEOPOLD J. SNYDER M.D. Highland Park, Mich. Phi Lambda Kappa, Pres. JOHN W. STRAYER M.D. Buchanan, Mich. Nu Sigma Nu JOSEPHF. SAHLMARK M.D. Ludington, Mich. Alpha Kappa Kappa Victor Vaughan Soc. Class President (2) Honor Comm. (1) HERBERT T. SCHMALE M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Kappa Kappa JOHN C. SHOEMAKER M.D. New Lothrop, Mich. Sigma Xi Alpha Omega Alpha ROSARIO J. STAGNITTO M.D. Rochester, N. Y. Intramural Baseball Award (3) Medical Smoker (3) RALPH H. SULLIVAN M.D. Lansing, Mich. The Crucial Moment Cadavers are forgotten on such occasions ; LELAND L. SWENSON M.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. Victor Vaughan Soc. Delta Kappa Psi DANIEL C. THOMSON M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Theta Kappa Psi PHILLIP R. TURNER M.D. Takoma Park, Md. Phi Chi Sigma Nu Galens JOHN H. WALKER M.D. Tacoma, Wash. Nu Sigma Nu Psi Upsilon AVERY D. WEISMAN M.D. Detroit, Mich. Phi Delta Epsilon Class Secretary (3) WILLIAM J. THALER M.D. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Kappa Kappa JOHN W. THOMSON M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Theta Kappa Psi FREDERICK VanWAGNEN M.D. Jackson, Mich. Theta Kappa Psi Victor Vaughan Soc. Class Secretary (2) LOREN E. WANLESS M.D. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Kappa Kappa Galens HAROLD WENDELKEN, JR. M.D. Kent, O. Alpha Kappa Kappa Victor Vaughan Soc. CHARLES J. THILL M.D. Dayton, O. ROBERT H. TRIMBY M.D. Highland Park, Mich. Chi Phi Alpha Kappa Kappa Sigma Xi Phi Sigma Galens JOHN VROON M.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Alpha Kappa EDGAR A. WEBB M.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Rho Sigma Victor Vaughan Soc. WILLIAM J. YETZER M.D. Buffalo, N. Y. Phi Chi Delta Upsilon Victor Vaughan Soc. (4) Scalp and Blade (3) (4) Union, V. Pres. (4) Page 161 Top Ron -MAYNARD, CHRISTENSEN, STEWART, McNicHOLAS. LAWRENCE, PEDEHSEN, MEDLAR, MURPHY. Rair ! -MuEIILIG, I.KUOLVAN, ALLEN, BAILEY, BENSON, PuRFIELD, KoRSYTHE, MEHRITT. KlLIP. Row 3 LUSK, HODGSON, TURNER, WANLESS, PLUMB, TOWSLEY, NEWTON, TRIMBY, EFFLEH, BROWNE. G ALENS OFFICERS ROBERT T. PLUMB ALLEN MACDONALD LOREN E. WANLESS CHARLES W. NEWTON, JR. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer PRAEFECT DR. HARRY A. TOWSLEY HONORARY MEMBERS DR. RAYMOND W. WAGGONER DR. H. MARVIN POLLARD HORACE ALLEN ARBY BAILEY JOHN BENSON FRANK FORSYTHE JACK HODGSON W. CRAIG BROWNE ROBERT CHRISTENSEN DONALD EFFLER H. K. FILIP, JR. Seniors THOMAS JOHNSON PAUL LEGOLVAN HARRY LUSK ALLEN MACDONALD HARRY MERRITT G. KENNETH MUEHLIG Juniors HOWARD LAWRENCE MASON MAYNARD JOHN McNicHOLAS CHARLES NEWTON ROBERT PLUMB ROBERT TRIMBY PHILLIP TURNER LOREN WANLESS ROBERT MEDLAR PERCY MURPHY HERBERT PEDERSEN WILLIAM PURFIELD Page 162 Top ROW SCHLECTE, LANE, SULLIVAN, COLLINS, SMITH, DOWN. McMAHON. Row -BENTLEY, STEINKE, HAGGAN, SIKKEMA, THOMPSON, GAIRNB. ALPHA EPSILON IOTA MRS. R. BISHOP CANFIELD MRS. A. C. Ft RSTENBURG PATRONESSES MRS. ROBERT GESELL MRS. HOWARD B. LEWIS MRS. FREDERICK C. Now MRS. CYRUS C. STURGIS MRS. CARL V. WELLER MARGARET BELL, M.D. EUZABETH C. CROSBY, PH.D. MELDON EVERETT, M.D. ANNA COOK COWIE, M.D. VICTORIA FITZGERALD, M.D. ANNE LUFKIN HIGH, M.D. GLADYS K. KLEINSCHMIDT, M.D. VIRGINIA LANE MARGARET BENTI.EY MYRTLE COLLINS MARGARET HAGGAN FRANCES COSTELLO MARTHA JANE DOWN- MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. DELL HENRY, M.D. MARIANNA SMALLEY, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY LAVINIA MACKAYE, M.D. EI.OISE EVANS MclvoR, M.D. MARTHA VAUGHN PARKER, M.D. Seniors Juniors RUTH MOYER STELLA HAZEN SIKKEMA ELEANOR SMITH Sophomores FRANCES SULLIVAN Freshmen LILA JANE GAIRNS ELIZABETH THOMPSON, Pn.D. RUTH C. WANSTROM, M.D. HARRIET WINDER, M.D. DOROTHY SMITH RATNER, M.D. JEANNE SOLIS, M.D. VAHIBE REMZI STRONG, M.D. MELISSA WORTH, M.D. EVA LAHTI SCHLECTE ALICE STRYKER HELEN THOMPSON RUTH STEINKE BETSY HONHART MARGARET McMAHON Founded at Michigan 1890 Alpha Chapter Page 163 Top RJU) DAVEY, HIGGINS. BURDEN, NIEDZWIECKI, WHITE, TRIMBY, AHBURY, CATTELL, NEISWANDER. Row H BLACK, GUTELIUS, CROOK, LYONS, VERHEY, DAVIDSON, MCGHATH, MORROW. Row 3 KLUNZINOER, FILIP. EFFLER, OLEKSY. SWAHTZ. CUNNINGHAM. KINTON, HARROD, WHITEHOUSE. Row 4 WENDELKEN, SCHMALE, FELDKAMP, SAHLMARK. HAYES, MOHELL, WANLESS, BOOUE, SCHWARTZMANN, THALER. ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA ALLEN HAYES WlLLARD MORELL MAX FINTON HAROLD WENDELKEN OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer FLEMING HARBOUR HOWARD BARKLEY JOHN BEAN GF.ORGE BELOTE WILLIS BROWN PETER CRABTREE ARTHUR CURTIS MARION DEW ' EESE ROBERT BOGUF. LEE FELDKAMP ALLEN HAYES HARRY MERRITT FRANKLIN BLACK PAUL CUNNINGHAM DONALD EFFLER HYPOLIT K. FILIP CHARLES CROOK DONALD DAVIDSON WINTHROP DAVEY NED ARBURY JOHN MEMBERS IN FACULTY HENRY FIELD ROBERT GESELL ALBERT HEUSTIS FREDERICK HOUSE CHARLES KNERLER JOHN LAW JAMES MILLER Seniors WILLARD MORELL JOSEPH SAHLMARK. HERBERT SCHMALE JOHN SCHWARTZMANN Juniors MAX FINTON STANLEY GUTELIUS GORDON HARROD WILLARD KLUNZINGER Sophomore! LAURIE HIGGINS JAMES LYONS NEIL MCGRATH Freshmen LEE CATTELL WILLIAM LAUER RALPH MAHON NORMAN MILLER Louis NEWBURGH MAX PEET H. MARVIN POLLARD NELSON SMITH NOUGLE THOMAS HARRY TOWSLEY JOHN WOLGAMOT WILLIAM THALER ROBERT TRIMBY LOREN WANLESS HAROLD WENDELKEN PAUL NEISWANDER STANLEY OLEKSY FRED SWARTZ WALTER WHITEHOUSE Wn LIAM MORROW HAROLD REID WILLIAM EDWARD NIEDZWIECKI WILLIAM WHITE Founded at Dartmouth, 1888 Alpha Iota Chapter -1906 Page 164 Top Roil ' POMMERENING, MERCER, BlRD, MoORE, COUTEH, HALL, SAUNDEHS, CARVER. Row 2 COOPER, DARMSTAETTER, IDE, BITTINOER, JOHNSON, WATSON, WALTERS. ANDREWS, JONES. Row 3 GnsTAFSON, SMITH, MORTON, McCoRD, BENZ, CARH, CRAIG, WEIR, STEWART. Row 4 BROWNE, LILLIE, KIRK. MORING, HAY, WEEKS, ANDROS, ASHLEY, HARRYMAN, SANDERS. Row 5 JACKSON, GREENWAY, ALLEN, MUNRO, WALKER, STRAYER (pres.), LEWIS, DOUGLAS, NEWTON, SCHLECTE, KIEHN. NU SIGMA NU JOHN ALEXANDER, A.M., M.D. RUSSELL R. DEALVARE, M.D. PAUL S. BARKER, A.B., M.D. DAN J. BULMER, A.B., M.D. CARL D. CAMP, M.D. KYRIL B. CONGER, M.D. CHARLES COURVILLE, A.B., M.D. DAVID MURRAY COWIE, M.D. CHARLES B. DARNER, A.B., M.D. C. W. EDMUNDS, A.B., M.D. H. W. EMERSON, Pn.C., B.S. PHARM. RICHARD ARMSTRONG, B.S.E., M.D. W. KAYE LOCKLIN, M.D., A.B. n. D. DEWEESE, A.B., M.D. EDWIN WRIGHT, A.B. HORACE ETHAN ALLEN JAMES B. DOUGLAS GEORGE ANDROS JAMES ASHLEY W. CRAIG BROWNE CARL BENZ EDWARD CARR GOULD ANDREWS H. WALDO BIRD, JR. RALPH BITTINGER JOSEPH V. FISHER CLIFFORD L. KIEHN MEMBERS IN FACULTY RICHARD H. FREYBF.RG, A.B., M.D. CAMERON HAIGHT, A.B., M.D. GEORGE HAMMOND, A.B., M.D. F. D. JOHNSTON, B.S.E., M.D. EDGAR A. KAHN, B.S., M.D. EARL B. KAY, A.B., M.D. FRANK. A. LAMBERSON, M.D. JAMES W. LOGIE, A.B., M.D. RICHARD LYONS, A.B., M.D. DUGALD S. MclNTYRE, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY W. T. SMITH, A.B., M.D. PAUL RUNGE, M.D., A.B. ROBERT S. CUMMINGS, A.B., M.D. PETER EASTMAN, A.B., M.D. ROBERT MAC!NTYRE, B.S., M.D. Seniors MARQUIS KIRK D. KING LEWIS NATHAN D. MUNRO JAMES H. MAXWELL, A.B., M.D. FREDERICK NOVY, M.D., Sc.D., LL.D. ROBERT J. PARSONS, A.B., M.D. GRISWOLD RUTH, M.D. H. SIMRALL, M.D. CHARLES J. SMYTH, M.D. M. H. SOULE, Ms. CHEM, Sc.D., LL.D. CARL V. WELI.ER, M.S., M.D. UDO J. WILE, A.B., M.D. FRANK N. WILSON, B.S., M.D. W. P. WORK, A.B., M.D. JAMES CAMERON, A.B., M.D. ROBERT DENHAM, A.B., M.D. A. JACKSON DAY, A.B., M.D. PETER ROWE, A.B., M.D. CHARLES NEWTON I. CARL SCHLECTE GUERDON D. GREENWAY JACK R. GUSTAFSON JAMES E. HARRYMAN GORDON CARVER DONALD R. COOPER WILLIAM COUTER Louis CRAIG ARMIN DARMSTAETTER Juniors MARION S. HAV SYDNEY JACKSON WALTER I. LILLIE Sophomores WINSTON HALL JAMES McCoRD Freshmen ARTHUR IDE, JR. JAMES JOHNSON J. BRADLEY MORING WILLIAM PAYNE JOHN SANDERS JAMES MORTON ROBERT POMMERENING A. CURTIS JONES ROBERT MERCER EARL V. MOORE, JR. JOHN W. STRAYER JOHN H. WALKER ALLEN SAUNDERS WAYNE STEWART WM. F. WEEKS WILLIAM SMITH WILLIAM WEIR JOHN W ' ALTERS EDWARD W AYSON KEITH WELLER Founded at Northwestern 1890 Zeta Chapter 1897 Page 165 H Top ftou ROBINSON, DOLBE, J. CHRISTENSEN, LYONS, GORDY, REED, BETZ, STRITTMATTER, GOMLEY. Row 2 SNOW, CHRISTOPHERSEN, WAKE, BURROUGHS, FISCHER, KALDER, BALLARD, R. BROWN, SCHUGMANN. ROW 3 -HlNERMAN, TREUMNER, MOTLEY, WEES, JACK, HOVIS, SCHAIBERGER, PfiDERSEN, NELSON, HARVEY. Row 4 TWIQGS, JENNINGS, KAYE, STEFFENSEN, LOWE, HOLSTEIN, R. CHRISTENSEN, SEABURY, ARSCOTT, FORSYTH, R. C. BROWN. PHI BETA PI ROBERT C. CHRISTENSEN WILLIAM W. JACK . C. RODNEY LOWE H. FRANCIS FORSYTH OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CARL E. BADGLEY, M.D. JAMES B. CRAIG, M.D. VERNON S. DICK, M.D. JOHN H. FERGUSON, M.D. WALTER E. BELSER, M.D. JOHN P. BERGER, M.D. A. W. COXON, M.D. JOHN HOEBLER, M.D. RICHARD C. BROWN H. FRANCIS FORSYTH EDWARD F. ARSCOTT ROBERT W. BROWN ROBERT C. CHRISTENSEN FRANK M. BURROUGHS JAMES CHRISTOPHERSEN JAMES E. FISCHER THOMAS D. JOHNSON BERNARD FITZGERALD DORIN L. HlNERMAN HENRY C. GOMLEY LOGAN W. HOVIS JAMES BALLARD ELDEN BETZ FRANK BUSSARD JOHN CHRISTENSEN KENNETH CRISPEI.I. MEMBERS IN FACULTY ALBERT C. FURSTENBERG, M.D. WILLIAM G. GORDON, M.D. FRED J. HODGES, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY SCOTT HARRIS, M.D. THEOPHIL KLINGMAN, M.D. DORMAN E. LlCHTY, M.D. Seniors ARTHUR P. HOLSTEIN Juniors WILLIAM W. JACK HAL B. JENNINGS C. RODNEY LOWE Sophomores NED B. KALDER GEORGE L. SCHAIBERGER FREDERICK J. SCHWIND Freshmen MAX DOLBE PHILLIP GORDY RAYMOND J. KAYE EDWARD G. SEYBOI.D, M.D. RALPH G. SMITH, M.D. JOHN SUNDWALL, M.D. HOBART H. WRIGHT, M.D. GEORGE F. MUEHLIO, M.D. H. W. RIGGS, M.D. KENNETH M. SMITH, M.D. ARTHUR SIWINSKI, M.D. JOHN H. SEAB URY ELLIS H. STEFFENSEN HERBERT E. PEDERSON GEORGE C. REED ROBERT H. SNOW KEITH M. TREUMNER EMERSON HARVEY ROBERT LYONS ROBERT F. SCHUGMANN LEO F. TWIGGS RICHARD C. WIXSON DOUGLAS L. WAKE HERBERT D. WELSH EDWARD T. WILLIAMS OSCAR NELSON EUGENE STRITTMATTER MARSHALL WEES Founded at Philadelphia 1891 Beta Chapter 1891 Page 166 Top Row McCALLISTER, SARGENT. ULMER, MECHLING, WEICK, PRITCHARD, ANDERSON, CLAYTON, SuNDEEN, BAILEY, VlAL. Row 3 BUSARD, LAUX, JOHNSON, RIESEN, BAUM, GERALACH, CLARK, MASON, DAWSON, REED, BROOKS. Row 3 TELLMAN, FURNISS, HENDERSON, LEITCH, WRIGHT, KUTSCHE, TODD, GREEN, MELDRUM, LIST, O ' DELL, ROTTSCHAFEH. Row 4 MEDLAR, McCADiE, PEPIN, McNicnOLAS, RUSSELL, DE VEERD, ROTTSCHAFER, TWICHELL, BROWN, BEIERWALTES, JAEDECKE, POMERO. Row o TURNER, HOYT, ROGGEN, BRYN, ENGLE, YETZER, DUFF, LEVAGOOD, RAU, BRICKER, PLUMB, ORBISON, CLIFFORD. PHI CHI H. W. CUMMINGS, M.D. F. E. DAVIS, A.B., M.D. R. N. DEJONG, A.B., M.D. C. E. FOLSOME, A.B., A.M., M.D. W. E. FORSYTHE, B.S., Ph.D., M.D. F. B. FRALICK, M.D., M.S. H. W. HARRIS, A.B., M.D. L. S. BAIER, A.B., M.D. A. J. CARLSON, A.B., M.D. E. M. EICHORN, A.B., M.D. L. EVERS, A.B., M.D. T. D. FITZGERALD, A.B., M.D. JOHN BRICKER ROBERT BRYN ROBERT CLIFFORD WILLIAM BEIERWALTES ALAN BROWN CHARLES FURNISS ROBERT BAILEY WILLIAM BAUM RALPH DAWSON FRANCES ANDERSON BUD BROOKS MAX BUSARD JAMES DEWEERD IVAN DUFF PAUL ENGLE ROBERT JAEDECKE MARTIN LIST JAMES McCADiE PAUL CLAYTON NELSON GREEN CHARLES HENDERSON CHARLES CLARK LORENZ GERALACH WALTER JOHNSON MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. E. HIMLER, A.B., M.D. V. C. JOHNSON, M.D. R. KlMBROUGH, M.D. A. C. KlRKLIKOWSKE, M.D. W. G. MADDOCK, A.B., M.D. R. MAJOR, A.B., M.D. R. E. McCoTTER, M.D. R. S. NESBIT, A.B.,M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY A. INGRAM, B.S., M.D. P. A. LINDQUIST, A.B., M.D. C. S. MAGEE, B.S., M.A. F. W. PALMER, B.A., M.S., M.D. Seniors ARTHUR HOYT FLOYD LEVAGOOD ARCHER ORBISON Juniors JOHN McNicHOLAS ROBERT MEDLAR Sophomores JACK LAUX ROBERT LEITCH Freshmen JOHN KUTSCHE ROBERT MECHLING JACK O ' DELL WILLIAM PRITCHARD ROBERT PLUMB FRED RAU IVAN ROGGEN JOHN PEPIN RICHARD POMEROY STUART RUSSELL STEVEN MASON JAMES MELDRUM OSKAR SCHREIBER H. K. RANSOM, A.B., M.S., M.D. L. E. RECK, A.B., M.D. H. H. RIECKER, A.B., M.D. E. W. SINK, A.B., M.S., M.D. C. C. STURGIS, B.S., M.D. R. W. WAGGONER, M.D. R. WILSON, A.B., M.D. J. PlERPONT, M.D. J. A. RYAN, A.B., M.D. W. SLASOR, A.B., M.D. C. WILSON, M.D. WILKINSON, A.B., M.D. JERRY ROTTSCHAFER PHILIP TURNER WILLIAM YETZER H. CLAY TELLMAN GILBERT TWICHELL GEORGE WEICK RHEINHOLD SUNDEEN MARK TODD WILLIAM WRIGHT TOM REED JOHN RIESEN WILLIAM ROTTSCHAFER JAMES SARGENT ARTHUR ULMER BURGES VIAL Founded at Vermont 1889 Psi Chapter 1906 Page 167 ' V ' - HH Top Row LAZEBNIE, ROSENMAN, ALTSHULER, BEHRIS, ROSENBAUM, BURTON, A. FRIEDMAN, ZACKHEIM. Row g GUTTEKMAN, GOODMAN, FELDMAN. PEVEN, SlEGEL, LlEBERMAN, FAJAN8. Row 3 BARISII, BRANDMAN, CHASON, D. FRIEDMAN, WEISMAN, DEUTSCH, ROLAND, H. FRIEDMAN. PHI DELTA EPSILON MOSES COOPERSTOCK, M.D. SAMUEL GINGOLD, M.D. MEMBERS ON FACULTY S. MILTON GOLDHAMER, M.D. MERVIN GREEN, M.D. HERBERT HOLMAN, M.D. REUBEN KAHN, Sc.D. I. JOSEPH KERZMAN, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY ANDREW SHERWIN, M.D. JACOB CHASON Seniors WILIIAM L. DEUTSCH DAVID B. FRIEDMAN AVERV D. WEISMAN JULIAN BARISH LEONARD BRANDMAN MILTON FELDMAN Juniors HARFORD WILLIS FRIEDMAN- MAX GOODMAN JACK GREKIN MEYER GUTTERMAN PHILIP PEVEN DANIEL SIEGEL STEFAN FAJANS ARNOLD FRIEDMAN CHARLES ALTSHULER ROBERT BERRIS Sophomores ARTHUR LIEBERMAN Freshmen IRVING BURTON RAYMOND ENGI.EMAN WILLIAM LA ZEBNIK LEONARD D. ROSENMAN HERSCHEL XACKHEIM LEONARD LINKNER BENJAMIN MOORSTEIN Founded at Cornell 1904 Omega Chapter 1922 Page 168 Top Row MURRAY, KEISER, MACKENZIE, RUSH, SEARS, HOUSE, CLIMIE. Row KEELER, VINING, JEND, SLATMYER, TORREY, COLLINS, VAN AUKEN, MCCLINTOCK. Row 3 JOHNSON, ARMOUR, CONNER, SCHEUERMAN. MURPHY, CORREA, TOLLE. SACKETT, RANDALL. Row 4 -CooK, BRITTON. LANG, FOLEY, MAYNARD, LAWRENCE, DUNLAP, HAFTKOWSKI, BASSETT, BAILEY. Rote 5 S. .1. LANGE, ANDERSON, CROSBY, H. J. LANGE, WEBB, BENSON, JESURUN, BAUER, CHABUT, AUSTIN, PATTERSON. PHI RHO SIGMA JOHN C. BENSON HAROLD M. JESURUN . WILLIAM H. ANDERSON ROBERT DAVIES ROBERT T. MURPHY ROBERT J. BANNOW, M.D. WILLIAM M. BRACE, M.D. HERSCHEL L. BROWNS, M.D. JAMES D. BRUDE, M.D. WALTER L. BRYANT, M.D. BERT M. BULLINGTON, M.D. ALBERT S. BARR, M.D. SAMUEL W. DONALDSON, M.D. OFFICERS President { ice-President Treasurer-House Manager Secretary Recorder WILLIAM H. ANDERSON WARREN R. AUSTIN ARBAY LEE BAILEV GEORGE T. BRITTON EUGENE COOK ROBERT DAVIES EDWARD D. CONNOR DALE CORREA ROBERT BASSETT EDWARD BAUER JOHN C. BENSON RICHARD DEMING GREGORY DUNLAP DAVID JOHNSON EDWARD MAC KENZIE MEMBERS IN UMVERSITV FREDERICK H. COLLER, M.D. ROBERT R. DIETERLE, M.D. JOHN M. FERRIS, M.D. HOMER A. HOWES, M.D. JOHN W. KEMPER, M.D. NORMAN R. KRETZSCHMAR, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY STACY C. HOWARD, M.D. THERON S. LANGFORD, M.D. Seniors GEORGE V " CHABUT F. DALE CROSBY ALBERT F. MILFORD, M.D. FRANK H. POWER, M.D. WILLIAM D. ROBINSON, M.D. HAROLD E. RAY, M.D. JOHN M. SHELDON, M.D. RALPH S. STEFFE, M.D. THOMAS H. MCEACHREN, M.D. WILLIAM W. NEWCOMB CHARLES F. CLIMIE, JR. GLENN W. HOUSE, JR. JAMES I. COLLINS WILLIAM JEND, JR. Juniors ARTHUR L. FOLEY FRED LANG Sophomores ROBERT T. MURPHY DAVID S. RANDALL Freshmen KEITH C. KEELED HOWARD A. KEISER CHARLES H. SEARS HAROLD M. JESURUN JOHN JUHL HENRY J. LANGE HOWARD LAWRENCE MASON MAYNARD ALVL DALE RUSH WALTER G. SCHEUERMAN SLATMYER, JR. ROBERT H. STOBBELAAR STEPHEN J. LANGE DONALD S. PATTERSON EDGAR WEBB JOHN PAYTON ANDREW SACKETT JOHN SPRIGGS NORMAN R. SHIPPEY CHARLES B. TOLLE JULIAN A. TORREY KEATS K. VINING PLEDGE EDWARD VAN AUKEN Founded at Northwestern 1890 Zeta Chapter 1897 Page 169 to sooth the most burdened students. For some it represents a life ' s work, for others it offers an enticing way to pass the leisure hours. Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, the University School of Music can boast a record of noteworthy achievement Today young musicians come from every state to study under the instructors available here, and emerge finished artists in their chosen fields. However, the production of young Kreislers and Flagstads is not the school ' s sole function for it boasts a great variety of activities. Included as a part of its extensive program are the Choral Union Series, the May Festival, the University Bands, the Glee Clubs and the University and the Little Symphony Orchestras. Every student in the University has a tangible con- tact with the School of Music through the Carillon Recitals they are played afternoons during the spring and fall and are strongly linked with memories of college life. ftsw . Page 172 PRESIDENT SINK Heading the School of Music is President Charles A. Sink. Grad- uated from this University in 1904, Dr. Sink ' s career or rather careers have been many and successful, ranging from service in both houses of the state legislature to his pres- ent position as president of both the Music School and the Univer- sity Musical Society. Upon visiting the office of Dr. Sink, one is immediately surprised and awed by the uniqueness of the walls which are almost com- pletely lined with autographed pictures of the outstanding musical artists of the past and present. The collecting of these pictures has not only been an interesting hobby for Dr. Sink but has brought him national fame because of the completeness of the collection. Dr. Sink is also interested in rare musical books and has many which have been presented to him by famous musicians. FACULTY WASSILY BESEKIRSKY PALMER CHRISTIAN . ARTHUR HACKETT DAVID MATTERN HANNS PICK FRANK PERCIVAL PRICE JOSEPH BRINKMAN MABEL ROSS RHEAD OTTO J. STAHL . LOUISE CUYLER JUVA N. HIGBEE THELMA LEWIS GLENN D. McGEOCH . MAUD Z. OKKELBERG WILLIAM D. REVELLI ANTHONY J. WHITMIRE Professor of Violin Professor of Organ and University Organist Professor of Voice Professor of Music Education and Coordinator of Music Instruction in the University High School Professor of Violoncello Professor of Composition and the University Carillonneur . Associate Professor of Piano Associate Professor of Piano Associate Professor of the Theory of Piano Assistant Professor of the Theory of Music Assistant Professor of Public School Music Assistant Professor of Voice Assistant Professor of the History of Music Assistant Professor of Piano Assistant Professor of Wind Instruments Assistant Professor of Violin Page 173 CHRISMAN HOELSCHEH SCHAEFFER STOCKBBIDGE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEE CHRISMAN . VlEVIA HoELSCHER. ANN SCHAEFFER HF.I.EN STOCKBRIDCE President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEES COMMENCEMENT VIEVIA HOELSCHER chairman MARY ANN MCANDREW KENNETH SUMMERFELT MIRIAM LEAFLANG EARI. LOESSEL G. RECTOR PUBLICITY MILDRED E. HAVES chairman GEORGE Cox JACK OSSEWAARDE FINANCE HELEN STOCKBRIDCE chairman FRANCIS MENICHETTI ANGIE ROK.NICH CATHERINE MC-DERMOTT CHARLES YATES VICTOR CHERVEN CAP AND GOWN ANN SCHAEFFER chairman VIRGINIA CLENDENINC MARY MUNRO JANE KRAFT SENIOR BALL REPRESENTATIVE LEE CHRISMAN A Lab. Session in Music Appreciation Page 174 1 940 MUSIC SENIORS WILLIAM N. BARNARD B.M. Shawboro, N. C. Choral Union (2) (3) (4) VICTOR E. CHERVEN B.M. Holland, Mich. Kappa Kappa Psi I ' uiv. Band, Pres. GEORGE F. COX B.M. Jackson, Mich. Sigma Nu J. G. P. Choral Union (2) (4) Broadcasting (3) (4) GWENDOLYN L. POSSUM B.M. Havre, Mont. Mu Phi Epsilon, Pres. (4) BARBARA M. CAHOON B.M. Danville, Vt. Sigma Alpha Iota Choral Union (2) (3) (4) M. LEE CHRISMAN B.M. Crown Point, Ind. Alpha Kappa Lambda Kappa Kappa Psi. Pres. (4) Student Conductor Univ. Band (2) (3) (4) Assistant Conductor of Bands University Symphony Orch. (1) (2) (3) (4) Interfraternity Council (4) Class Pres. (4) JEAN R. EBERSOLE B.M. Elkhart, Ind. Adelia Cheever House, Sec ' y- treas. (3) Sigma Alpha Iota, Chaplin (3) (4) ELIZABETH B. HARWOOD B.M. Saline, Mich. Martha Cook Soph Cabaret J. G. P. Glee Club (1) (2) Choral Union (3) (4) League Comm. (3) LESTER A. CHAMPION B.M. Houghton, Mich. EVELYN M. COURVILLE B.M. Flint, Mich. HUBERT V. FITCH B.M. St. Joseph, Mo. MILDRED E. HAYES B.M. Sidell, 111. Ch 9 ral Union (1) (2) (3) University Girls ' Glee Club (2) RICHARD A. HICKMAN A.B. Ft. Wayne, Ind. University Band Symphony Orchestra MIRIAM LEAFLANG B.M. Rochdale, Mass. Sigma Alpha Iota MARY A. McANDREW B.M. Ypsilanti, Mich. Pi Beta Phi, Pres. (4) Mu Phi Epsilon, Sec ' y (3) (4) League Comms. (3) JACK H. OSSEWAARDE B.M. Kalamazoo, Mich. Hermitage Varsity Glee Club Choral Union VIEVIA A. HOELSCHER B.M. Evansville, Ind. Alpha Chi Omega Frosh Frolic Soph Cabaret Assembly Ball (2) League Comm. (3) Choral Union (2) Mich. Concert Band (2) (3) f4) J-Hop, Comm. Chr. Class V. Pres. (4) EARL O. LOESSEL B.S. Bay City, Mich. Hermitage Choral Union (2) (3) Varsity Glee Club (3) (4) Band (4) CATHERINE McDERMOTT B.M. Benson, Minn. Theta Phi Alpha, V. Pres. (4) Mu Phi Epsilon League House Pres. (4) Choral Union (3) (4) Newman Club (3) (4) ELDOR R. PFLUGHOEFT B.M. Hobart, Ind. Varsity Band (4) JANE H. KRAFT B.M. Caledonia, Mich. Sigma Alpha Iota, Treas. (4) PHYLLIS MARTIN B.M. Yuma, Colo. Martha Cook Sigma Alpha Iota J. G. P. League Comm. (3) (4) FRANCIS J. MENICHETTI B.M. Petersburg, 111. Kappa Kappa Psi Phi Mu Alpha University Band (2) (3) (4) Choral Union (2) Orchestra (4) KATHLEEN B. RINCK B.M. Ann Arbor, Mich. Sigma Alpha Iota Phi Kappa Phi University Symphony Orch- estra (2) Chamber of Music Society (2) School of Music Scholarship Page 175 1940 MUSIC SENIORS ANGIE ROKNICH B.M. Gary, Ind. Martha Cook Michiganensian (2) (3) (4) League Comm. (2) (3) (4) Orientation Adviser (4) J. 0. P. KENNETH SUMMERFELT B.M. Benton Harbor, Mich. Kappa Kappa P?i Phi Kapppa Phi Band Choral Union MELROSE E. WHITE B.M. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Kappa Alpha Choral Union Stanley Chorus ANNE H. SHAEFFER A.B. and B.M. Flint, Mich. Alumnae House, Pres. (3) Choral Union (2) (3) (4) J. G. P. Assembly (2) (3) (4) Class Sec ' y- (4) BETTIE M. SUMMERS B.M. Chi Omega. CHARLES M. YATES B.M. Fostoria, O. Kappa Kappa Psi HELEN L. STOCKBRIDGE B.M. Gary, Ind. Alpha Chi Omega Michiganensian (2) Soph Cabaret University Band (2) (3) (4) Choral Union (2) Class Treas. (4) CHESTER A. TUCKER, JR. B.S. Richmond, Va. Adams House KATHERINE E. ZIFF B.M. Johnstown, Pa. Phi Sigma Sigma Choral Union (2) Modern Dance Club (4) American Student Union (4) Hillel (3) (4) Soph Cabaret Palmer Christian N The Band at practice Percival Price and the Carillon Bells Page 17T Top Ko w MARTIN, KOBEINS, SDMMERFELT, GOTSCHALL, WILKIE, HARWOOD, ANDERSON, CHHISMAN. Row 2 VANMANEN, GAJEC. OSTROSKI. KHUTH, SYLVESTER, CORRELL. WORTHINGTON, SHERRY, BADCON. ft ow 3 ROACH, BERG, GRIMORD, CHERVEN, MENICHETTI, BAHTLETT, STEWART, COOPER, BRYAN, HARDY. Row 4 CHAMPION, RHOADS, ROHRER, BAKER, HOWARD, REVELLI, BUSCHE, EDWARDS, MUELLER, YATES. KAPPA KAPPA PSI OFFICERS JOHN E. HOWARD PHILIP C. BUSCHE J. R. EDWARDS HAROLD MUELLER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Founded at Oklahoma A. and M. 1919 Nu Chapter -1925 WILLIAM D. REVELLI MEMBERS IN FACULTY HERBERT G. W ATKINS WILLIAM H. STUBBINS DONN CHOWS ' JAMES GRIBBLE ALEX MILLER MEMBERS IN CITY WILLIAM PARKINSON RALPH ANTHONY ROBERT ANTHONY WILSON SAWYER CLYDE VROMAN WILLIAM CHAMPION DONNALD BADCON VICTOR CHERVEN LEE CHRISMAN EDWIN COOPER Seniors RICHARD CORRELL JEROME MARTIN FRANK MENICHETTI GEORGE ROACH KENNETH SUMMERFELT WALTER SYLVESTER CHARLES YATES SIDNEY BERG FORREST BARTLETT HAROLD BRITTON PAUL BRYAN PHILIP BUSCHE J. R. EDWARDS Juniors JOHN GAJEC LESLIE GRIMORD GORDON HARDY JOHN HARWOOD JOHN HOWARD MICHAEL MASSA HAROLD MUELLER WILLIAM RHOADS FRED ROBINSON JOHN ROHRER GEORGE GOTSCHALL EDWARD OSTROSKI EDWIN KRUTH Sophomores JOHN ROBBINS GENE SHERRY JOHN WILKIE RICHARD WORTHINGTON REID ANDERSON Graduates RICHARD BAKER ERLE STEWART Louis VANMANEN Page 178 WATKINS GIBSON VANDENBERG MATTEHN MEN ' S GLEE CLUB COLVIN GIBSON KENNETH HEININGER CHARLES BROWN JAMES FROMM . CECIL GIBBS PROFESSOR DAVID MATTERN ROBERT VANDENBERG JACK OSSEWAARDE CLYDE STITT JOHN SECRIST . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Librarian Conductor Manager Accompanist Accompanist Student Conductor R. DAVID ALLEN WILLIAM EWING JOSEPH BARBER AMES CROWE THOMAS DRAPER JAMES BERGER P. BENHAM CASE JAMES CONNOR NELSON DAVIS KEITH FENNIMORF. CHARLES BROWN GEORGE BROWN KENNETH HEININGER HERMAN ERK.E CECIL GIBBS GORDON HARDY GEORGE Fox BERTRAM GABLE EDWIN GELL C. PHELPS HINES GARY LANDIS PAUL BRICKLEY JAMES FROMM First Tenors JOHN HOLT RALPH KELLY Second Tenors HAROLD LEVINSON DAVID PARKS Baritones WILLIAM LANGFORD EARL LOESSEL ROBERT LOVELL HOWARD J. LUXAN Second Basses JAMES GEORGE COLVIN GIBSON WILLIAM MACINTOSH RALPH PETERSON CHANDLER PINNEY MAURICE REIZEN PHILIP MALPAS DONALD MASON MURRAY MASSIN GEORGE MULLER JAMES PENN WALTER HABERAECKER TOIVO LlIMATAINEN JOHN SECRIST ANTHONY WELLER RUSSEL STEERE HENRY TUTTLE ROBERT VANDENBERG BRUCE PURDY ROY RECTOR WILFRED SHALE WALTER STRICKLAND ROGER TOBIN ROBERT SORENSEN DONALD WHITNEY Page 179 THE MICHIGAN BANDS The University of Michigan Bands are composed of three units: The University Marching Band The University Concert Band, and the First Regimental Band. The combined bands constitute one of the largest and most active voluntary student organizations on the campus. Membership is open to men and women from all colleges of the University, with the exception of the Marching Band, which is open only to men. In the past year, the one hundred and twenty-eight men comprising the Marching Band performed at the five football games held in Ann Arbor, and appeared at games in Chicago and Philadelphia, winning widespread attention for playing and marching ability. The Concert Band, formed with the First Regimental Band at the opening of the concert season, though smaller than the Marching Band, includes symphonic instruments not adaptable to marching purposes. Its fine reputation as an outstanding musical organization was earned through its Concert, Clinic, Radio, and Touring appearances, and important in its work is the study and performance of new band literature, classical transcriptions, unpublished manu- scripts, and promotion of the cause of Band Music. The First Regimental Band engages in separate activities and appearances, including performance at athletic events, and sharing with or augmenting the Concert Band in additional marching and concert engagements. CHOWN CHRISMAN REVF.LLI WATKINS FARISS UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN BANDS PERSONNEL WILLIAM D. REVELLI HERBERT G. WATKINS MAJOR WALTER B. FARISS LEE CHRISMAN FLUTES AMSTUTZ, KENNETH CHRISMAN, LEE DECOL ' RCY, WILLIAM FOSTER, HELEN FOWLE, CAROLINE GELE, EMILE HARDY, GORDON JEFFREY, JEAN MACFARLAND, PATRICIA MUELLER, HAROLD PFLUGHOEFT, ELDOR Voss, ROBERT OBOES CONREY, GEORGE GAJEC, JOHN MATSON, KENNETH VAN SCHERPE, PETER ENGLISH HORN PAUL LIDDICOAT CLARINETS ANDERSON, RIED BASSO, FRANK BROWN, ROBERT BUSCHE, PHILIP CABLE, GRAY CAPALDI, SAM CHURCHILL, STUART COE, RICHARD DAVIS, LEWIS F.GGERT, FRED ENGLEHART, EDWIN FINDLING, BYRON FITTON, JOHN GOTTSCHALL, GEORGE GRAY, JUSTIN GRINDLE, ROBERT HILLS, ARTHUR HOELSCHER, VlEVIA IRWIN, GEORGE LICHT, CARL MATSON, LESLIE MISKERICK, ANNE RHOADS, WILLIAM BAND STAFF Conductor DONN M. CHOWN Faculty Manager JOHN W. CUMMISKEY Drillmaster SIDNEY BERG Assistant Conductor DONALD MARRS STOCKBRIDGE, HELEN TINKER, FRANKLIN WILKIE, JOHN YATES, CHARLES YATES, ROBERT ZITTLE, REDFIELD ZORNOW, DALE ALTO CLARINETS MARTIN, HUBERT WORTHINGTON, RlCHARD BASS CLARINETS KUITE, ROBERT ROACH, GEORGE BASSOONS COOPER HUGH OSTROWSKI, EDWARD WILDER, REX SAXOPHONES HOWARD, JOHN KRAUT, CHARLES KRUTH, EDWARD KURLANSKY, SAM RUBY, LEONARD SHARRARD, GEORGE FRENCH HORNS BADCON, DONALD BENDER, FRANK BRITTON, HAROLD GIBSON, WILLIAM GILBERTSON, CONSTANCE GRAHAM, CI.ELAN HEALY, LOWELL NORD, CHARLES SHERRY, GENE WALCOTT, JOHN WALKER, JULIUS WARG, CLIFFORD YANCICH, MILAN CORNETS ALLEN, RAY BAKER, RICHARD CHERVIN, VICTOR COLLINS, ROBERT CROCKER, JOHN DEUTSCH, RALPH DICK.ENSON, DONALD DULEBOHN, RICHARD ELLING, OSCAR FELDMAN, OSCAR GOODSMAN, JOHN GRIMORD, LESLIE HABERAECKER, WALTER HARTWELL, DONALD HOI.ZHAVER, RALPH HOWE, FRANK JOHNSON, ALBIN JONES, EDWIN KOPCKE, WILLIAM KUTSCHINSKY, ALFRED OLSEN, LLOYD ROBERTS, BOB SEWELL, GUY STEELE, EDWARD TROLLEY, WILLIAM SWIFT, ROY FLUGELHORNS BARTLETT, FORREST EDWARDS, J. R. BARITONES COOPER, EDWIN DAVIDSON, JAMES HEIMBACH, CLINTON LOESSEL, EARL MACLEOD, DONALD MARRS, DONALD MENICHETTI, FRANK SUMMERFELT, KENNETH VANSANT, JAMES TROMBONES BRYAN, PAUL COHRS, FRED EHRLICH, ROBERT FALVAY, DAVID GRIBBLE, ROBERT HANSEN, HARRY HENLINE, WILLIAM JONES, CHARLES MACK, GOLDIE Student Manager Assistant Drillmaster Librarian Quartermaster MATTERN, ROY PARK, STUART PENN, MARSHALL RIDER, MORRETTE ROBBINS, JOHN SEIDEL, ROBERT THATCHER, CHARLES ULLRICH, OSMAR BASSES CORRELL, RICHARD DANCE, CLIFTON ERSKINE, ALBERT FlREHAMMER, WAI.DEMAR KOLIN, LEROY STEINER, RICHARD STEINER, WENDELL SYLVESTER, WALTER TRAVIS, ELBERT STRING BASS SAVORY, ROBERT PERCUSSION BERG, SIDNEY CHOWN, DONN COBB, WILLIAM DRAEGER, MARVIN GINTHER, JOHN LUDY, BERT OPLAND, RAYMOND ROHRER, JOHN SCHULTZ, CLARENCE FLINK, ROBERT MACLEOD, DOUGLAS HARPS KARCH, MARIAN SMITH, CHRISTINE DRUM MAJORS STEVENSON, GILBERT Drum Major SHERRILL, JACK Ass ' t. Drum Major TWIRLERS FERN, WART KENNEDY, JAMES l SW ; SERGEI RACHMANINOFF JUSSI BjOERLING. KRITZ KREISLER fUS CRISLER MEETS KREISLER. Page 182 KIRSTEN FLAGSTAD MAY FESTIVAL CONCERTS SERGE KOCSSEVITZKV Six Concerts May 8, 9, 10, 111940 Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor SOLOISTS LILY PONS DOROTHY MAYNOR ROSA TENTONI ENID SZANTHO GIOVANNI MARTINELLI LAWRENCE TIBBET ROBERT WEEDE NORMAN CORDON JOSEF SZIGETI EMANUEL FEUERMANN ARTUR SCHNABEI. ORGANIZATIONS The Philadelphia Orchestra The University Choral Union The Young Peoples ' Chorus CONDUCTORS EUGENE ORMANDY, Orchestra Conductor SAUL CASTON, Associate Conductor HARL McDoNAi.D, Guest Conductor THOR JOHNSON, Choral Conductor JfvA HIGBEE, Young Peoples ' Conductor EUGENE ORMANDY LILY PONS Page 183 twice humanity as an inspiration, and the need for skilled nurses in the medical field as a practical objective, the University of Mich- igan Hospital School of Nursing yearly graduates women com- petently trained to meet the world ' s requirements and demands. Each class in the School has its own organization, and each year the various classes sponsor such projects as the April Fair or Candle-light Dinners. Students publish their own monthly newspaper as well as a year book. Various clubs dramatic, choral, and outing provide recreation throughout the year for the undergraduate nurse. Traditions have their place in the life of the student nurse. Among them is the burning of black shoes, which seniors discard for the more professional white ones at the beginning of their senior year. Another is the acceptance of freshman women at the end of their period of probation in February. At this time they receive their caps and are also presented with small Florence Nightingale lamps which are lighted from a big lamp signifying faithful service. Privileges of a Uni- versity student are accorded all student nurses and they are thus able to participate in college life at the same time that they are acquiring their professional training. ' - : ,,l ;? . j}iit j!;i;,5..; .t!in iBNistKS! _ ' - -. iisu . ;5?;. " ii!- . ; i-. ' ,2M;;,. -- - t f ., Mil) ' ... .;-: . l !f v ,,..ii--- Asi ' i ' tfittit .: r t ii-jtii HfilMSi ivj,.,.i ?..; ' . r -V ' " si: ' 1 ' " w ; i ' ; ' ' ; S.y-A.m -.- Atv v -g - ' NURSING Learning the facts of Anatomy Page 186 Fixing Uniforms for Tomorrow ' s Work MISS REDDIG Introducing Miss Rhoda Reddig, Director of Nursing and Principal of the School of Nursing in the University Hospital. Miss Reddig succeeded Miss Marion Durell in this position on February Fifteenth. Miss Reddig came to Michigan from New York City, where she was Instructor of Nursing in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University and in the Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing. She received her train- ing from the latter School, from which she was graduated in 1928. She later received her B.S. and M.A. degrees from Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University. In ad- dition, Miss Reddig has worked with several visiting and school nurse services. With her excellent training and experience in both the clinical and administrative phases of nursing, Miss Reddig is especially well suited for her work at Michigan. Miss Margaret Oesterblom Assistant Director of Nursing Page 187 i MONTGOMERY PFAL.LER LANGDON SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MARTHA MONTGOMERY HELEN PFALLER MARGARET LANGDON President . Vice-Presidcnt Secretary- Treasurer In the Library of Couzens Hall Page 188 1940 NURSING SENIORS ELLEN E. ANDERSON Diploma in Nursing Ironwood, Mich. IDA B. BONETTI Diploma in Nursing Iron Mountain, Michigan April Fair Comm. (2) T. P. R. Personel Editor (4) Student Council Rep. ((3) (4) Class Sec ' y and Treas. (1) Outing Club (1) (2) Choral Club (1) HARRIETT J. CRIGER Diploma in Nursing Findlay, O. Student Council Rep. (2) DORAINE Y. DENSLOW Diploma in Nursing Plainwell, Mich. ALICE V. BAIRD Diploma in Nursing Coshocton, O. JANE B. BORODYEZ Diploma in Nursing Hamtramck, Mich. Newman Club (2) KARIN L. DAHLBERG Diploma in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Class Pres. (1) Student Gov ' t., Pres. (3) Choral Club (1) (2) (3) H. ELAINE DICK Diploma in Nursing Dearborn, Mich. Class V. Pres. (2) Student Council Rep. (1) Outing Club (1) Choral Club (1) (2) April Fair (2) Senior Dance Comm. BLANCHE FRAYSSIGNES Diploma in Nursing Battle Creek, Mich. Scalpel (4) T. P. R. (4) LILLIAN B. KATZ Diploma in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Student Council Rep. (1) (2) MARTHA MONTGOMERY Diploma in Nursing Alexandria, Ind. T. P. R., Guest Editor (2) Class Pres. (4) Choral Club (1) (3) Jr.-Sr. Banquet, (2) Outing Club (2) (3) HELEN G. PFALLER Diploma in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Choral Club (1) (2) (3) Class V. Pres. (3) HELEN M. RAITANEN Diploma in Nursing L ' Anse, Mich. ELEANOR HOBSON Diploma in Nursing Balboa Heights, Canal Zone FRANCES J. KRAUSE Diploma in Nursing Findlay, O. Class Pres. (1) Scalpel, Editor (4) JOYCE P. MUXLOW Diploma in Nursing Windsor, Ont. MYRLEEN L. POLLARD Diploma in Nursing Detroit, Mich. Class V. Pres. (1) CECELIA E. REAMER Fort Wayne, Ind. Student Gov ' t, V. Pres. Mich. State Assoc. of Student Nurses, V. Pres. PAULA S. BATES Diploma in Nursing Bowling Green, O. EVELYN BYERLY Diploma in Nursing North Manchester, Ind. JEANNE E. DAVIS Diploma in Nursing Ash tabu la, O. Choral Club (1) Student Council Rep. (1) Class Pres. (2) IDA DYER Diploma in Nursing McBrides, Mich. Scalpel (3) HELEN L. HOYT Diploma in Nursing Battle Creek, Mich. Scalpel, Bus. Mgr. MARGARET A. LANGDON Diploma in Nursing Hubbardston, Mich. Student Council Rep. (1) (2) Sec ' y and Treas. (3) ESTHER J. OSGERBY Diploma in Nursing East Tawas, Mich. Scalpel (2) Outing Club (1) (2) Student Gov ' t. (2) Choral Club (1) (2) MIRIAM J. POMEROY Diploma in Nursing Sterling, Mich. Social Ch. (3) Mich. State Assoc. of Student Nurses, ConstitutionalComm. (3) DOROTHY P. RpBINSON Diploma in Nursing Milan, Mich. Student Council Rep. (1) (2) J-Hop T. P. R. (3) Glee Club (2) Page 189 1940 ANNIE ROSENTHAL Diploma in Nursing Hastings, Mich. Scalpel, Ass ' t. Editor GERALDINE SKINNER Diploma in Nursing Britton, Mich. Student Gov ' t. (2) Sec ' y and Treas. (3) Outing Club (1) ELLEN M. SOUCIE Diploma in Nursing Oscoda, Michigan Student Council Rep. (2) MILDRED WASSENAR Diploma in Nursing Zeeland, Mich. Glee Club (2) (3) Scalpel (3) HELEN C. WHITMORE Diploma in Nursing Wayne, Mich. N G SENIORS MURIEL E. SCHMITZ Diploma in Nursing Sterling, Mich. T. P. R. Scalpel (3) Student Council Rep. (2) (3) Bridge Club (2) (3) Choral Club (1) (2) (3) Outing Club (1) (2) (3) EDITH L. SLEEMAN Diploma in Nursing Dearborn, Mich. JOY SPRINGER Diploma in Nursing Reading, Mich. Student Council Rep. (2) Scalpel. Ass ' t. Editor T. P. R. Ass ' t. Editor (3) LAURA H. WEAVERS Diploma in Nursing Saginaw, Mich. ELEANOR C. WYCKOFF Diploma in Nursing Fenton, Mich. Page 190 A NURSE ' S LIFE IS NOT ALL WORK Within the portals of Couzens Hall dormitory for all members of the school future nurses are self- sufficient. For here the student eats, sleeps, studies attends classes and plays during leisure time. The facilities of the nurses ' beautiful home include a main re- ception room and several smaller ones kitchenettes and sun parlors, a well equipped library and a recreation room with a ping-pong table and a shuffleboard court. Page 191 7 ' = in,jl in an American University is the distinction enjoyed by the School of Pharmacy. Its graduates hold responsible positions in commercial firms, federal and state health services, and hos- pitals positions which embrace the entire Field of pharmacy. A large factor contributing to the high caliber of the School ' s instruction is the fine physical plant consisting, in part, of lab- oratories, a museum, a library, and a medicinal garden. The School is endowed with numerous fellowships and prizes which lend added incentive to the high standards of scholarship. Al- though the course was originally two years in length, it is now four years. The degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy is awarded upon completion of the work. PHARMACY ' Stop-watch precision " is observed in pharmaceutical work FACULTY Standing JUSTIN L. POWERS, FREDERICK K. BLICKE. Seated -CHARLES H. STOCKING, HOWARD B. LEWIS, CLIFFORD C. GLOVEB. Page 194 DR. LEWIS " A genial fellow, easy to know " aptly de- scribes Director Howard B. Lewis of the School of Pharmacy. Before 1933, when he was appointed to the position he nowholds, his background of experience included work atYale University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Illinois. He also had spent several years as head of the department of physical chemistry here. In addition to his duties as Director of the Pharmacy School, Dr. Lewis is today the Chairman of the Department of Biological Chem- istry in the School of Medicine. Since his promotion to head of the School of Pharmacy, he has done much to help make it outstanding. Three departments of specializa- tion retail pharmacy, analytical pharmacy, and general pharmacy -- have been instituted to break the general field into one of specialized training. Under Director Lewis ' leadership, the School is recognized as one of the fore- most of its kind in the country. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WILLIAM B. BARR MERTON ROSEN. PAULA MACHNIK CLARENCE WEISS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer BARR ROSEN MACHNIK WEISS 1940 PHARMACY SENIORS NORENE JADWIN B.S. in Pharmacy Ann Arbor, Mich. WILLIAM B. BARR B.S. in Pharmacy Hollidays Cove, W. Va. Phi Kappa Tau, Pres. (3) Rho Chi PAULA MACHNIK B.S. in Pharmacy Old LymCj Conn. HOWARD E. PARKER B.S. in Pharmacy Alomosa, Colo Alpha Chi Sigma Kho Chi MERTON ROSEN B.S. in Pharmacy Schenectady, N. Y. ROBERT O. BAUER B.S. in Pharmacy Toledo, O. ENRIQUE I. MOSCOSO B.S. in Pharmacy Ponce, Puerto Rico Boxing (1) Flying Club JULIUS T. SCHMITT B.S. in Pharmacy Rochester, N. Y. Lambda Chi Alpha Page 195 % v .. i i - . , . ' . - Mg r I r r nt PIES Tl Tf ' V EN mil ' i IJ- ke i ic Champions of the West, champions of the nation. Perennially Michigan stands among the nation ' s sport leaders whether it be in football, swimming, track, wrestling, or any of the other fields. From the early years of the century when Michigan ran rough-shod over the nation ' s football best, Maize and Blue teams have been respected and feared by opponents every- where, and it is a very unusual year when the Wolverines are not national champions in some phase of athletics. But even more important than the ability to win is the enjoyment of ath- letics and the moulding of super athletes from ordinary individ- uals all of which is Michigan ' s claim to fame. A large athletic plant, rated the most complete in the country, offers facilities to everyone, and under the guidance of fine coaches, men hi ' therto lacking athletic prowess have become champion performers. Stressed foremost in Michigan Athletics is the desire for com- petition and success, however, always realizing that success is not recorded wholly by the score of the game, but in the way it is played. A T H L E T I C D I R E C T O R Old timers called him the " Peerless Leader " . Today we call him " Michigan ' s Grand Old Man " . Actually Fielding H. Yost personifies the " SPIRIT OF MIC HIGAN " . The broad smile, the moving stogie, the flat footed walk, the Southern drawl with accompanying gestures, the deadly earnestness of making a point in conversation all these things are woven into the Ann Arbor pattern as indelibly as is State Street. Who can escape the thrill when he shifts the stogie and drawls, " Who are they that they should beat a MEESHEGAN team? " The loyalty of Yost to Michigan defies description. One may as well try to describe the loyalty of a son to his mother. Yost eats Michigan, drinks Michigan and dreams Michigan! And what dreams he has had, and how wonderfully he has fulfilled them! The Stadium, the Field House, the Intramural Building, the Women ' s Athletic Plant, the Golf Course all these were his dreams that came true! Monuments to Yost may decay. Memories of his point-a-minute team will fade. But the " Spirit of Michigan " which is Yost will live forever. J. FRED LAWTON, " 11 Page 204 Top Row CZAK, INOALLS. ROGERS, KELTO, FLORA. Row S MOB. WHEELER, SUKUP, ZIMMERMAN, WESTFALL, MELZOW, FRITZ, TRAINER ROBERTS. Row 3 HARMON, NIELSEN, JORDAN, TINKER, FRUTIG, EVASHEVSKI. Row 4 SMITH, NICHOLSON, COACH CRISLER, CAPTAIN KODROS, DIRECTOR YOST, TROSKO, SA VILLA. Row 6 RENDA, STRONG. MEN OF MICHIGAN Football Coach Captai am Archie Kodros, stalwart center of the Wolverines, and mentioned on many All-American teams. Herbert " Fritz " Crisler, surrounded by admirers, during an exciting play. ALL-AMERICAN Tom Harmon Unanimous choice on every official All-American team. Coaching Staff . . . WEBEH Page 206 MUNN CRISLER OOSTERBAAN DlCKSON MARTINEAO Michigan Touchdown! With octogenarian Governor Luren D. Dickinson watching his first college football game and putting his stamp of approval on the sport, Michigan ' s football sons unleashed a whirlwind first half drive that netted four touchdowns to make it two straight over the spunky Spartans of Michigan State. 68,617 other spectators shared thrills with the chief executive, as Coach Crisler ' s charges rang up a touchdown in the first eight minutes of play and added three more before the gun barked at the halfway mark. After Paul Kromer had hustled around end for the first score, Tom Harmon made the second four minutes later on a plunge off tackle. Two Harmon passes aimed at Forest Evashevski clicked and con- cluded the Michigan manufacture of touchdowns for the day. Like the Spartans of old, Charley Bachman ' s warriors didn ' t quit, but came back to score twice in the second half to put the final touches on a final score that read Michigan 26; Michigan State, 13. Wolverines fill the air with passes. " Bullet Bob Westfall knifes through on one of his many long gains through the State line. Page 207 l Michigan Touchdown! Dr. Eddie Anderson ' s miraculous Hawkeyes would have boasted an undefeated season and won the conference championship had they not encountered Michigan ' s fierce Wolverines in their lair on the afternoon of October 14th. Harmon scored all of Michigan ' s points against the lowans as his teammates pushed the Hawkeye line all over the Michigan Stadium. Iowa scored first to set the stage for Harmon ' s individual display of prowess. He was " Terrible Tommy " as he sliced through the line on a cutback for the first touch- down; " Tornado Tom " as he duplicated the cutback for the second score. He was the " Hoosier Hammer " as he slammed across for the third, and " Tearin ' Tommy " as he raced ninety yards with an intercepted pass for the fourth touchdown. Ihree times out of four the Harmon toe produced the " point after " from pl acement. After the game, Michigan ' s Coach Crisler commented, " I ' ve never seen a greater individual performance. " Eight Wolverines close in on Ail-American Nile Kinnick. Beautiful downfield blocking makes a long Michigan gain possible. us With no more than 4,800 persons looking on, Michigan brought the Midas touch to the Midway gridiron as it turned everything it encountered into points in the process of blasting Chi- cago ' s oblivion-bound Maroons 85 to 0. While Coach Fritz Crisler did every- thing a coach can do to keep the score down, the Wolverines scored eleven touchdowns, 10 " points after, " and one field goal. It was more like a track meet than a football game as everyone of the thirty-six men who made the trip got into the affair. Harmon led the scoring parade with 18 points and also threw two touchdown passes. Dave Strong had two touchdowns and Bob Zimmerman, David Nelson, Hercules Renda, Ed Czak, Bob Westfall and Forest Evashevski had one each. The loss was the worst in Chicago history. Michigan Touchdown! Evashevski leading Harmon down the field. The Chicago team follows in the background. VILE I Michigan Touchdown! The all-time football score between Michigan and Yale now stands at two victories apiece, an evenness that was in no way evident in the fourth meeting at Ann Arbor last fall. Winning 27 to 7 and piling up 339 to 39 yards from scrimmage in process, the Wolverines had no trouble at all with the blue-jerseyed boys from New Haven. With " Bullet Bob " Westfall exploding the Yale line and rumbling on like an army tank for considerable yardage, Tom Harmon and Paul Kromer contributed all the points Michigan got that afternoon. Harmon, who had runs of 58, 44, 33, 31, 17, 13, 11 and a varied assortment of other advances, scored three touchdowns and place kicked as many " points after. " Kromer, back in the game, after suffering inactivity because of a knee injury, tallied a touchdown. The Elis, as gallant as ever, had only a punt and a pass as weapons. The former bit of equipment aided materially in keeping Michigan ' s total down and the latter offensive instrument brought the Elis a touchdown late in the final period as Fred Burr completed eight out of fifteen passes. Zimmerman breaks up a Yale pass in end zone. Harmon racing the Yale team to the goal line. Napoleon ' s Waterloo, Wall Street ' s 1929 and Sudden Death all came to Michigan ' s gridiron forces ' !at once this historic afternoon in November, 1939. Sports teams had recorded upset after upset for decades, but Wily Robert C. Zuppke, master mentor and super strategist of Illinois ' team without a victory engineered the greatest upset of all time this day as he sent his fighting forces onto the field to beat an unbeatable Michigan machine 16 to 7. Never able to function like the smooth working aggregation that had swept to four great triumphs, the Wolverines fumbled six times. Five times Illinois, alert and better than expected, recovered, and using all the tricks in the bag, both ancient and modern, including the " sleeper " , humbled mighty Mich- igan with unbelievable decisiveness. Forest Evashevski, with his ankle wrenched on the third play of the game, hobbled about, incapable of rendering opposing defensemen horizontal with his characteristic back-breaking blocks. Tom Harmon, called the greatest back since Red Grange, who 15 years ago had run wild against Michigan on the very same field, could not romp against the Illini, and Michigan ' s doom was delivered, signed and dismally sealed. ' ' . ' ; ; " v J, Vi . ' .:;; VksV ' -r:- ' -i. ' V AX 5 1 ' xn W ' ' % vVv . 8 V Ci- ' ' Sr m. No gain here! Fighting Illini gang up on Westfall. Page 211 MINNESOTA GAME Shocked and broken in spirit by the loss to Illinois, Michigan ' s footballers did not recover in time for the Minnesota game. The Gophers, playing their best game of the year, outpowered the Wolverines and won 20 to 7. Minnesota drove 39, 60 and 65 yards for its scores. With Evashevski on the sidelines, Michigan ' s attack was more an expression than an actuality, and Coach Fritz Crisler ' s bent boys suffered a beating that it was as cruel for the crowd to watch as it was for the gridders to absorb. And as the Gophers mauled the Michigans, they pushed them out of the running for the Conference championship. It was a Minnesota day and for the sixth straight year, the men from the Hinterland maintained possession of the historic " Little Brown Jug " . Physical ills were inflicted on the Wolverines as well as mental humiliation. Paul Kromer ' s knee was hurt again, and Tackle Bill Smith and End Ed Frutig went out of the game with injuries. Harmon passed to Kromer for Michigan ' s only touchdown, and then kicked the point after touchdown to keep his record of having scored in every game intact. Not much consolation. Hiti Westfall runs back a Minnesota kick. Smith sails across last chalk strip for third Gopher score. 1 Michigan Touchdown! With the pressure off and nothing more at stake than the outcome of a ball game, Michigan returned to normal at Philadelphia and whipped a brilliant Penn team 19 to 17 in what Coach Fritz Crisler described as " the wildest game I ever saw. " Forest Evashevski was back in the game blocking with his great gusto, and Harmon scored two touchdowns, passed for the third and converted once. Yet all this fine showing by the Michigan men could never put the Maize and Blue far out in front, for the Quakers matched them closely point for point. Harmon ' s second touchdown run was officially marked as 63 yards actually it was more than twice that distance. Harmon took the ball from Westfall on a reverse and ran 15 yards to his left, where he was hit and missed by Penn tacklers. He began to give ground, back-tracking toward his own goal and evading more would-be Quaker tacklers; then he reversed his field and sped some 40-yards to the right. A hefty block by brilliant Captain Archie Kodros created an opening and " Terrible Tommy " tore up through it, eluded two more Quakers and then outran the rest as he sprinted for a touchdown. Above: Although apparently stopped, Harmon eludes the Quakers. Below: Quakers nearly tear Freddy Trosko apart as they nail him down. niiii n in I SlfllE H Michigan Touchdown almost! In the movies, the climax usually comes at the end of the reel. This year, without any tips from Hollywood, Michigan ' s football sons wound up their 1939 football season with a bang that even the flicker wizards of the West couldn ' t match. Behind 14 to at the first quarter, the Wolverines came back to score three times, twice on plays that defy duplication, to upset Ohio State ' s Conference champs 21 to 14. 80,000 persons, chilled to the marrow by a bit of autumnal frigidity, were whipped to a frenzy as Michigan magic baffled the favored Buckeyes, who came upon the Big Ten title in spite of the loss. A fake buck followed by a bluff end-round culminating in a lateral, Evashevski to Harmon, sent the latter into pay dirt while Buckeyes rubbed their eyes. Again, late in the last quarter, Mich- igan again played the role of an amazingly talented prestidigitator. It was fourth down, the score was tied, and Michigan had the ball over on the left side of the field on the Ohio 26-yard line after being thrown back in three successive plays from their original position on the 6-yard line. The determined pack of Wolver- ines broke from their huddle and lined up in position to kick a field goal. Little Freddy Trosko, for three years the hard-luck man of Michigan football, squatted down to hold the ball for Tom Harmon. Ingalls, in at quarter- back for Evashevski, called signals, and Captain Kodros passed the ball to Trosko. Instead of putting the ball down, Fre ' ddy got up. The entire side of the Michigan line pulled out, and with a wall of blue jerseys smashing all opposition, Trosko scooted all the way to complete the " play of the year. " M ch ;g an eye. ' fe- Top Tow TRAINER ROBERTS, CARTMILL, GLASSER, GRISS EN, MOR. RINEK. Row 2 RUEHLE, PINK, COACH OOSTERBAAN, CAPTAIN RAE, ASS ' T. COACH TOWNSEND, WOOD, FITZGERALD. Row 3 SOFIAK, BHOGAN. The Lilliputian Wolverines opened the season with a surprise win over the Spartans of Michigan State. The highly touted Irish of Notre Dame fell before the Michigan court machine in the next contest. Then came Christmas vacation, which to the Michigan cagers means the annual circle tour of the East. Victories over Connecticut State, Tulane, Cornell, Pittsburgh and Ohio State, seemed to serve as a criterion of a bigger and better Michigan basketball season. But midwav in the conference season the Wolverines faltered, and from that time to the end of the beason Mich- igan played only mediocre basketball. The loss by graduation of Captain James Rae, center, and the fiery, diminutive Charlie Pink, forward, will give Coach Bennie Oosterbaan plenty to worry about before next winter ' s campaign gets under way. The returning veterans around whom next year ' s squad will be built are Mike Sofiak, Herb Brogan, George Ruehle, ' Bob Fitzgerald, Jim Grissen, and Bill Cartmill. The recent election of Herb Brogan to the captaincy of next year ' s team speaks for itself as evaluating his fine play during the postseason. His cool but aggressive style of play should enable him to keep the squad going at a steady pace throughout the coming season. Page 216 Fitzgerald takes the ball from two Michigan State Captain Rae takes a shot against Chicago. Page 217 gMMaaaaBBgagaaaaawfgBSBHMBK Michigan 33 Michigan 41 Michigan 62 Michigan 63 Michigan 23 Michigan 29 Michigan 44 Michigan 40 Michigan 44 Michigan 47 Michigan 43 Michigan 32 Michigan 34 Michigan 30 Michigan 29 Michigan 17 Michigan 28 Michigan 39 Michigan 32 Michigan 43 Michigan Stat e . . . .27 Notre Dame 39 Connecticut State ..45 Tulane Rochester 31 Cornell 25 Pittsburgh 35 Ohio State 35 Wisconsin 39 Iowa 38 Illinois 48 Michigan State . . . . 27 Northwestern 47 Indiana 57 Chicago 18 Purdue 25 Illinois 51 Northwestern 34 Ohio State 51 Minnesota . .32 A Purdue attempt goes wide. Sofiak tricking the Boilermakers. Page 218 Top Row FROSH COACH ROBERTSON, FRENCH, KNOBLOCH, BUTLER, PAUP, MOSSER, RASCHBACHER, ROBINSON, MOB. SANDERSON. Row 2 SERGEANT, GALLES, NICHOLS, CAPT. JORDAN, COACH KEEN, DANNEH, COMBS. Row 3 KLEMACH, WEIDIO. MESH Although Coach Cliff Keen ' s grapplers didn ' t compile an unblemished record this year as they did last, Michigan, nevertheless, made a good showing in wrestling. Losses to Illinois and Indiana and a tie with Ohio State interspersed with easy victories over the Dearborn Athletic Club, North- western, Michigan State, Pennsylvania State and Navy, made up the dual meet season. One lone point, gained in the final match of the Big Ten Meet at Bloomington, enabled Indiana to nose out Michigan 24 to 23. Far behind the leaders came Ohio State with 11 points, while Illinois and Minnesota tied for fourth with 10 points each. Captain Forrest Jordan, heavyweight, Don Nichols, 175 pounds, and Harlan Danner, 155 pounds, took their division titles to pile up most of the Wolverines ' second place score. In the National Intercollegiates held at Champaign, the Michigan team came in third with 10 points. Indiana with 14 points won second place and Oklahoma A. and M. amassing 24 points led the field in winning the national crown. Don Nichols, won the National championship in the 175 pound division and was awarded the trophy for being the most outstanding wrestler in the meet from 127 of the country ' s best. DON NICHOLS Page 219 H! Goldsmith Calvert Copt. J ames A Eleven National Championships in the Last Fourteen Years Coach Matt Mann Michigan 47 Michigan 46 Michigan 48 Michigan 54 Michigan 63 Michigan 70 Michigan 61 Michigan 62 Michigan 54 Ohio 37 Yale 29 New York A. C..27 Pittsburgh 21 Iowa 21 Michigan State. .14 Minnesota 23 Northwestern. . . .21 Wayne 30 Big Ten Conference Meet Michigan 71 Chicago 5 Ohio 47 Illinois 5 Indiana Northwestern 17 Indiana . Iowa 13 Purdue . . Minnesota 10 Wisconsin National Intercollegiate Meet Michigan 45 Yale 42 Ohio 39 Wayne 25 Princeton 20 National A. A. U. Meet Michigan Champion Page Top Row Carulla, Thaxter, Gillis, Williams, Riedl, Burton. Row 2 Newton, Beebe, J. Sharemet, G. Sharemet, Heydt, Welsh. Row 3 Holmes, Hutchens, Asst. Coach Muller, Capt. Benham, Coach Mann, Haigh, Barker. With " No more worlds left to conquer, " Matt Mann ' s natators closed the 1940 swimming season with the Big Ten, the National Collegiate, and the National A. A. U. titles all stored away with their imposing list of crowns being the first team in swimming history to win both the National and A. A. U. meets in the same year. In winning their seventh consecutive National championship, the Wolverines had to come up from behind. Trailing Ohio by four points and leading the Yale bulldogs by only one, they needed victory in the grand finale to capture the crown. And that they did in 3:31 to smash six-tenth of a second off the New York Athletic Club ' s existing World and American record set in 1939. But the individual honors of the meet held in New Haven went to the phenomenal Wolverine sophomore, Gus Sharemet, who anchored the freestyle relay quartet with an amazing 51 seconds flat perform- ance to give Michigan its hard-earned triumph. The dual meet season was rather uneventful in as much as Matt Mann ' s mermen received little competition from their opponents. Not to be slighted in the least is the fact that Michigan still rules supreme over Western Conference swimming. The invincible Wolverines rolled up 71 points at Columbus to capture their eleventh Big Ten title in the past fifteen years. Ohio State finished a poor second, and the rest of the field followed far behind. Future supremacy in swimming circles is assured as Coach Mann loses only three men Captain Hal Benham, Ed Hutchens and Johnny Haigh by graduation. And in 1940 Page 223 Michigan s crack relay team of Tom Williams, Bill Holmes and Charles Barker congratulating their fourth member, Gus Sharemet. This kind of practice builds champions. Captain Hal Benham in ch aracteristic diving form. The magic eye camera records perfect form in the butterfly breast stroke. ? x w: v.e scarcely dried out the golf links before Coach nad his team chipping out of traps and driving ball the tees in preparation for the 1939 campaign to Big Ten Conference championship. The annual tour of outh brought Michigan four decisive victories before the Conference season got under way. During the regular season, Michigan annexed ten victories from fourteen starts, the sweetest victory coming when the Wolves vanquished their perennial golf Northwestern. The last week in May found the Big Ten ichools meeting at Evanston for the Co nference meet. Minnesota was dethroned by Northwestern, the former finishing second, while Ray Courtright ' s athletes won third place recognition. To date in ) season, Michigan has won ten straight meets from powerful link combinations, including many conference schools. Top Row Mgr. Holt, Hoagland, Coach Courtright, Coach Emeritus Trueblood, McCarren, Riess. Row 2 Loar, Tussing, Captain Palmer, Black, Emery. Top Row Barnard, Olmstead, Lawton, Hall, Fabyan, Feely. Row 2 Bennet, Kimerer, King, Leutritz, Hook, J. Dobson, Pyszynski. Row 3 Hogan, Kutsche, Wisner, Canham, C. Culver, F. Culver, Barrett, Breidenbach. Row 4 Ass ' t. Coach Doherty, Kelley, Allen, Cushing, Balyeat, Jester, Heyl, Smith, Mgr. Green. Row 5 Clarke, Hayes, Gedeon, Captain Watson, Coach Hoyt, Schwarzkopf, Faulkner, Davidson. mi To Michigan, the winning of the Big Ten Conference championships, whether indoor or outdoor, has become a common occurrence. Out of a possible eighteen championships within the last nine years, the great Michigan track teams have won twelve. During the 1939 outdoor season, Michigan won all three dual meets by overwhelming scores. Coach Charlie Hoyt ' s last Michigan track team presented him with another Big Ten outdoor title as a fitting farewell to a man who has made Michigan one of the leading track luminaries in America. And for 1940 indoor track, the orchids again go to Michigan. After having little difficulty with dual meet opposition, Coach Kenneth Doherty ' s first Michigan track team picked up where Charlie Hoyt ' s last one left off and rolled on to win its seventh consecutive indoor Big Ten title. Captain Ralph Schwarzkopf broke the existing two-year-old mile mark of 9:18.3 by lapping five of the starters to win in the record time of 9:10.7. In the high jump, the junior sensation, Don Canham, tied for first with Smith of Northwestern, both leaping 6 ' 4 " . Canham holds the Field House record of 6 6 JH made during the past season. Michigan ' s one-mile relay team of Kelley, Barnard, Balyeat and Breidenbach also copped top honors in the Conference meet held at Chicago. At Indianapolis, on March 16, Warren Breidenbach, Michigan ' s great quarter miler, stole the show with a brilliant anchor-leg run in the University Mile Relay to give theWolverines their seventh straight Butler Indoor Relays championship. 1940 Captain Ralph Schwarzkopf winning the two-mile race in the 1939 Big Ten Outdoor Meet AROUND THE CINDE I tn mm ATM OF FERRY FIELD Michigan s perennial Big Ten Track Champions gave notice in the Indiara Relays en April 20th that they intend to cling to the Outdoor Title fcr another year. In this meet the Wolverines defeated Indiana, Notre Darr.e, and Illinois. As Indiana and Illinois are rated among the top contenders in the Conference and Notre Dame is always strong, one can easily see the power that the Maize and Blue possess. aw - " - Ml , X Sa flBta I ' ,. Wto !n p Top Row Bond, Trosko, Steppon, Evashevski, Dobson, Barry, Sofiak, Pink. Row 2 Beebe, Gedeon, Crowe, Peckinpaugh, Coach Fisher, Lisagor, Smith. When spring vacation came around last year, coach Ray Fisher and the Maize and Blue baseball squad were off for warmer climes. On the tour of the " grapefruit league " , the Michigan squad won four games, lost three, and tied one. The Wolverines opened the first series of the Big Ten season by splitting a two game affair with Ohio State. During the season ' s play the Wolverines played fairly good ball beating many of the top teams, but were unable to win consistently enough to take the championship. To bring a successful season to a close Michigan swept a double heade r with Purdue and took the Season ' s final from Michigan State. Michigan . . . 4 XA nL ' p Fnrp t 4 Michigan . ..16 Elan 6 Michigan . . .10 Washington and Lee. . 4 Michigan . .. 2 V. M. I I Michigan . . 1 Virginia 2 Michigan , . .11 Georgetown . 1V Michigan . . . 2 Maryland 4 Michigan . . . 6 Maryland f) Michigan , . . 1 Ohio State 3 Michigan . . . 4 Ohio State 2 Michigan . . . 5 Hillsdale 1 Michigan . .. 3 Michigan State 6 Michigan . .. 9 Notre Dame 1 Michigan . ..12 Michigan Normal , . . b Michigan . .. 7 Western State Normal . Michigan . .. 3 Illinois I Michigan . . . 4 Illinois 1 Michigan . . . 5 Western State Normal . 2 Michigan . .. 5 Indiana 9 Michigan . ..11 Indiana 1 Michigan . .. 5 Michigan Normal . . . . b Michigan . . . 4 Minnesota s Michigan . . . 5 Minnesota 1 Michigan . .. 3 Notre Dame s Michigan . . . 4 Wisconsin 3 Michigan . .. 2 Wisconsin 6 Michigan . . . 5 Purdue 3 Michigan . . . 3 Purdue . 2 Michigan . . .13 Michigan State S Fast action during 1940 Spring game with Navy at Annapolis. 1940 PROSPECTS Prospects for bringing the Big Ten baseball title back to Ann Arbor seem rather dim this year. So far the Wolverines have won five and lost three conference games, splitting a two game series each with Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois, and sweeping two contests from Ohio State. Michi- gan ' s success seems to depend wholly upon the ability of the pitching staff as the rest of the team is fairly well balanced. Jk : pv V f r POhJER, WDwl, TOpl SUFFERS MRRIS, DURSH Coach WBgfCaptain P tVAL, Leroy Weir ' s third year as the Wolverine ' s tennis coach brought Michigan a highly creditable record; the squad winning sixteen meets out of twenty. The second annual five-game spring tour netted Michigan four victories the only loss being .to the University of Virginia. Coach Weir ' s athletes made a good showing in the Big Ten meet at Chicago despite the fact that they finished third behind Chicago and Northwestern. In their 1940 starts, the Wolverines have so far beaten Purdue and dropped a close decision to Illinois 5-4. Michigan ' s road to the conference championship seems to be blocked by the powerful teams of Northwestern and Wisconsin. Page 232 Prof. Ralph W. Aigler James Rae and Warren Breidenbach ATHLETIC BOARD FACULTY MEMBERS Ralph W. Aigler Fielding H. Yost Ira M. Smith Lewis M. Gram Elmer D. Mitchell Clifford C. Woody Arthur E. R. Book Carl E. Badgley ALUMNI MEMBERS George C. Paterson, Flint Charles B. Du Charme, Detroit Paul G. Goebel, Grand Rapids STUDENT MEMBERS James W. Rae Warren E. Breidenbach Athletic Administration Building Page 233 I I [1 Athletics for everyone desiring participation is the program at Michigan, and extensive Intramura facilities give all men students a chance to identify themselves with some phase of sports. Students who do not engage in varsity competition find ample chance to gain both exercise and enjoyment in the Intramural program. Throughout the entire school year, matches and games are scheduled and run off in practically every known sport. Included in the schedule are competitions between individuals and between teams, depending upon the particular sport. Every group on campus is represented as as there are groupings of undergraduates, graduates, and faculty into different divisions. Within these divisions, the teams play in various leagues. In the undergraduate division, there are separate leagues for fraternities, independents, clubs, etc., and competition is very strong for the league championships. The full Intramural program offers the facilities in the Intramural Building which includes gymnasiums squash, tennis, basketball, handball, and badminton courts; boxing and wrestling rooms; equipment for practising sports as golf and tennis; and the huge swimming pool. Outside the building itself are tennis courts, baseball diamonds, horseshoe pits, a large track, soccer fields, an ice rink in the Coliseum, bowling alleys, and the best collegiate golf course in the country. INTRAMURAL BUILDING c Foremost in the memory of college days is the part that the in- dividual played in outside activities. Being tapped by Michi- gamua, selected as editor of a publication, president of the M " Club, these are the reasons why the graduate will ne ' er forget his college days. Significant to the under graduate is partic- ipation in the many activities offered to him. Eager to become a part of the student body he or she may enroll in any or several of many activities ranging from military societies, physical societies, and sporting clubs, to religious organizations, scholastic societies, and publications. Years following participa- tion in college activities, the alumnus or alumna can reminisce and recall the many friendships made through working side by side with fellow students. It is at this time that one realizes that activities were as much a part of college education as were the scholastic studies, for activities taught the spirit of cooper- ation and association with other people which are so necessary for a successful life. ' . " , V - - " rciiL 7 " -a , CAMPUS ACTIVITIES ; Standing MAYIO, BUCHEN, WESTBROOK. Heated SUNDERLAND, REA, McCALL, MCLAUGHLIN, WHITE, CALDERWOOD: BOARD IN CONTROL BOARD MEMBERS PROF. WILLIAM A. McLAUGHLIN .... Chairman PROF. EDSON R. SUNDERLAND . . Supervising Business Manager DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY (DEAN WALTER B. REA, Acting Dean) PROF. HOWARD B. CALDERWOOD PHILIP WESTBROOK STUDENT MEMBERS ALBERT MAYIO PHILIP BUCHEN ALUMNI MEMBERS MR. LEE A. WHITE MR. W. WEBB McCALL The Board in Control of Student Publications, which consists of four faculty members two alumni members and three student members selects the acting heads of the Daily Ensian, Gargoyle and Perspectives each year and super- vises their editorial policies. The faculty mem- bers direct the publications ' finances and the student members act in the capacity of journalistic advisors to the editorial staffs. One of the Board ' s most appreciated services is the sponsor- ing of annual banquets for the staffs of each publication. Page 238 ' ENSIAN SENIOR STAFFS EDITORIAL LENTON SCULTHORP JANE ELSPASS BUSINESS RICHARD WATERMAN ELLEN MacDONALD ART CARL GULDBERG Editor-in-Chief Women ' s Edit or Business Manager Women ' s Business Manager Art Editor SCULTHORP WATERMAN ELSPASS GULDBERG MacDONALD Page 239 ' ENSIAN JUNIOR EDITORIAL STAFF BARBARA DITTMAN Features ROBERT MARKS Athletics EDWARD S. TRIPP Organizations PEDO ORTMAYER Women ' s Organizations MARTHA GRAHAM Fraternities and Sororities CHARLES B. SAMUEL Colleges L WARD QUAAL Publicity ELIZABETH CLARK Schools Page 240 ENSIAN JUNIOR BUSINESS STAFF EDWARD KING Organizations JOHN CORY Sales and Advertising MYRON GINS Accounts BUSINESS TRYOUTS EDITORIAL TRYOUTS JEAN ANDERSON DORIS ARNER JOHN BACHMAN BETTY BAILIE HELEN BROWN JEANNE BULLION ALAN DAVID BEN DOUGLAS MARIAN RAE GUSTAFSON ERWIN HEININGER BRUCE KIRCHENBAUM JUNE LARSON TOM MATTHEWS PHILIP NORTH ALFRED OWENS DON PEARCE MARY RODGER ROBERTA SCHRECK VIRGINIA SCHWEGLER ROSALIE SMITH MARJORIE STRONG BETTY SWIFT CHARLES THOMSON SUZANNE BENTLEY MARY ELEANOR BROWN CAROLYN DENFIELD ELAINE FISHER MARY GAGE BOB GALLUP MARGARET IDA GARDNER LOIS GISH JEANNE GOUDY NANCY GOULD NANCY GRAY MARY HASKELL HARRIET HEAMES MILTON HELLER GERRY HEWITT DOROTHY ANN JOHNSON ARON KAHN LOUISE KEATLEY BESSIE LAWTON HARRIET LEVINE JEANNE NOYES JACK OGLE MARIE PILCHER VEITCH PURDOM MARY SELLON BETTY SHIPMAN BOB SUNDQUIST JAMES TERREL BEN THORWARD BOB TITUS JANE WRIGHT Top Row KEATLEY, BROWN, GAGE, JOHNSON, BENTLEY, WRIGHT, LUEDEHS, LEVINE, GRAY, ARNER. Row H GUSTAFSON, NORTH, DOUGLAS, TERRELL. HEININGER, CUSTER, SUNDQUIST. THOMSON, POWELL. Row 3 BULLION, SCHRECK, GOUDY, THORWARD, HEWITT. MATTHEWS. KIRCHENBAUM. SELLON. EADY, HEAMES. Row 4 LAWTON, STRONG, PILCHEH. TITUS, OWENS, DAVID, KATZ, LARSON, GARDNER, GOULD, GISH. Page 241 MICHIGANENSIAN ART STAFF CARL GULDBERG Art Editor WILLIAM CONRAD CLELAN GRAHAM CARL MORTON ART TREUT MARGARET WHITTEMORE Standing GRAHAM. NICKLE, CONRAD, TREUT, SHAW. Heated MORTON, GULDBERG, WHITTEMORE. ROGERS, CLIFFORD. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF SHELDON NEMEYER ROBERT MERRIMAN J. STUART GILDART JACKSON BATES BATES GILDART NEMEYER MERRIMAN Page 242 CARL PETERSEN Managing Editor ANN VICARY Women ' s Editor MICHIGAN DAILY BOARD OF EDITORS STANLEY SWINTON . ELLIOTT MARANISS MILTON FINEBERG City Editor Editorial Director Sports Editor SENIOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS JOHN CANAVAN NORMAN SCHORR DENNIS FLANAGAN MORTON UNDER Standing CANAVAN, FLANAGAN Seated SCHORR, LINDBR MARANISS FINEBERG SWINTON Page 243 HARRIET LEVY Publications Manager ZENOVIA SKORATKO Women ' s Business Manager JANE MOWERS Advertising Manager MICHIGAN DAILY WOMEN NIGHT EDITORS MAYA GRUHZIT ELINOR SEVISON ESTHER OSSER NORMA KAPHAN MARGARET WALSH MARY HELEN DAVIS HELEN BRADY DEBS HARVEY WOMEN ' S BUSINESS ASSISTANTS HELEN BARNETT FRANCES HERDRICH ROSABETH LEBSTER JANET SLOTTOW JEAN BENHAM SUE HOLI.IS HELEN BOHNSACK RUTH KREINSON PHYLLIS LOVEJOY KAY FORBERG HELEN BITTKER PEG SAN FORD SUE FLANINGAM PRUDENCE COULTER RUTH PARSONS JANE KRAUSE CAROLYN FOWLE JANE EMORY LEE HARDY KAY CROSBY VIRGINIA SEUBERT ALICE RYDELI. PAT HADLEY SOPHOMORE EDITORIAL TRYOUTS FRANCES AARONSON DOROTHY BRIDGEN JEANNE CRUMP DORIS CUTHBERT ALICE HAAS JANET HIATT CAROLINE HOLT CLARE KNIGHT GRACE MILLER RHODA LESHINE FRANCES NORFLEET PENELOPE PATTERSON Lois SHAPIRO SHIRLEY SILVER t rt Top Row -LEBSTER, CROSBY, BITTKER, VEDDER, HIATT, SEUBERT, LESHINE, HARDY, AARONSON, KREINSON. Row % HAYDEN, HADLEY, CRUMP, HOLT, BOHNSACK, LAVAN, HEKDRICH, HOLLIS, SANFORD. Row 3 SHAPIRO, SILVER, LOVEJOY, SCHWAB, HOLTZMAN, MILLER, BENHAU, HAAS, BAHR, ADAMB. Row 4 SLOTTOW, WALSH, LENFESTEY, HARVEY, GRUHZIT, DAVIS, SEVISON, KAPHAN, OSSER, BRADY, FLANINGAM. Page 244 PAUL R. PARK Business Manager GANSON P. TAGGART Credit Manager JAMES COLLINS JAMES GARVIN CHARLES GIBSON BILL HAUSMAN BETTY JANE BARNETT GERALDINE McKiNLEY CHARLES FISKE RICHARD SONDEEN HOWARD WALLACH ELAINE BARTH I MICHIGAN DAILY JUNIOR DEPARTMENT MANAGERS ROBERT GILMOUR IRVING GUTTMAN VOLNEY MORIN JAMES NEILSON DONALD RICHEY ROBERT WAGNER BUSINESS ASSISTANTS DAN HUYETT EUGENE KANE JACK KESSEL JOHN ROOKUS SAM RUSSELL BRAD WILLIAMS DICK. MOLTHOP FRESHMEN TRYOUTS JANET LEWIN LAURIANNA NEEDLES ROBERT FLOTT TOM POYSER KARL SCHARFF KENNETH WARREN FREDERICK. WOLF MARGARET COLLINS RUTH BENNETT JAMES LANDERS EDWARD PERLBERG THEODORE TARBELL JOHN WASON CHARLES ROTHSCHILD MARY Lou CURRAN BERTRAM ELGOT DAVID McCAi.MONT LOREN ROBINSON MARK TITELMAN Top Row WARREN, PERLBERQ. WALLACH, WOLF. Row 2 DANIELS, TITELMAN, FLOTT, TARBELL, SCHARFF, WASSEN, POYSER. Row 3 CORRAN, CAPRON, TISHKOFF. McKiNLEy, BENNETT, LEWIN, BARTH, WALSH. Row 4 MULLIN, KANE, MOLTHOP, GORVIN, COLLINS, RUSSELL, ROOKOS, HEWITT, COCLTEN. Page 245 MICHIGAN DAILY Top Row NEILSON, MORIN, GUTTMAN. Row WAGNER, GILMOUR, RICKEY. ROBERT BOGLE PAUL CHANDLER HELEN GORMAN WILLIAM ELMER HOWARD A. GOLDMAN- LAWRENCE ALLEN WOI.FRED BLOCK STANLEY DAVIS JUNIOR EDITORIAL STAFF RICHARD HARMEL HERVIE HAUFLER HARRY M. KELSEY KARL KESSLER SPORTS STAFF HERMAN EPSTEIN EUGENE GRIBBROEK HERB LEV NORMAN MILLER JAMES MONAHAN LAURENCE MASCOTT WILLIAM NEWTON MILTON ORSHEFSKY ALVIN SARASOHN ELIZAB ETH A. SHAW CHRISTOPHER VIZAS HAROLD WILSON DONALD WIRTCHAFTER SOPHOMORE EDITORIAL TRYOUTS BETTY ALTMAN ALBERT BLAUSTEIN CHESTER BRADLEY GERALD BURNS JOANNE COHEN- WINSTON H. Cox ALVIN DANS- BERNARD DOBER AUDREY FI.ESHAM YALE FORMAN EMII.E GELE JEAN GOLDSTICK MALCOLM HUNGER DAVID LACHENBRUCH MARVIN LERNER JAY McCoRMicK. JUNE McKEE ROSEBUD SCOTT JEAN SHAPERO ROBERT SPECKHARD SHIRLEY WALLACE Top Ro-tt ELMER, WIRTCHAFTER, HAUFLER, CHANDLER, SCHLEIDER, KELSEY. Row 2 HARMEL. VIZAS, GOULD, SARASOHN, MILLER, MONAHAN, NEWTON. Rou- 3 MASCOTT, EPSTEIN, BOGLE, GORMAN, SHAW, ORSHEFSKY, KESSLER, GOLDMAN. Page 246 PERSPECTIVES Perspectives gives the student interested in creative writing a real chance to show his ability. Featuring fiction, essays, poetry, and book reviews, Perspectives is a welcome addition each month. The editorial board, assisted by the faculty advisory board selects the material to be used, and sub- mits the best works to various national writing contests held throughout the year. JAMES ALLEN HARVEY SWADOS HERVIE HAUFLER DAVID SPENGLER JAMES GREEN JOHN M. BRINNIN EDWIN BURROWS SEYMOUR S. PARDELL WALLACE A. BACON J. L. DAVIS MARIAN F. BALE HENRY R. CLAUSER MARIAN J. COWING WESLEY FIRST JANET HIATT SEYMOUR HOROWITZ WILLIAM HYNES K. MARY KNOBLAUCH JAMES ALLEN EDITORIAL STAFF HARVEY SWADOS Co-Editor . Co-Editor Fiction Editor Essay Editor Poetry Editor Review Editor Review Editor Publication! Editor ADVISORY BOARD ARNO L. BADER LOWER STAFF JEAX J. LIVINGSTON RICHARD M. LUDWIG MARY McCoNKEY JAY W. McCoRMiCR JUDITH S. MIK.LOSH HOWARD Moss DORIS NASHOLD MARIAN PHILLIPS HERBERT WEISINGER HOWARD WHALEN FRANCES L. PYLE WILLIAM J. ROSENBERG ROBERT R. SPECKHARD MARGARET SOUTHERLAND SHIRLEY WALLACE BETTY WHITEHEAD HACFLER, BURROWS. SWADOS, ALLEN, SPENGLER Page 247 The Technic is not only the oldest student publication on the campus but the oldest En- gineering College Magazine in America. It has maintained a consistently high record of achievement and has received twenty awards presented in nationwide contests during the past ten years. ANDY ASHBURN MICHIGAN TECHNIC FEATURES H. RICHARD STEDINO . JAMES R. DAVIDSON HARRY W. REED ROBERT L. GUSTAFSON SEYMOUR A. FURBUSH GEORGE W. WEESNER HAROLD E. BRITTON CHARLES R. TIEMAN Articles Articles Articles Features Publication Publication Circulation Illustrations EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS WALTER C. COWLES ARTHUR DOBSON BURR FRENCH ALEX WILKIE JAMES E. LARSON WILLIAM COLLAMORE JOHN S. BURNHAM WILLIAM ROBBINS FURBUSH STEDING BHITTON GEORGE O. GOTSCHALL BUSINESS ASSISTANTS ROBERT IMBODEN PHILIP VANNORDSTRAND ROBERT BROWN MORRIS MILLER MALCOLM BULMER JACK MARROW PHILIP MANDEL FACULTY BOARD PROF. HENRY W. MILLER, Chr. PROF. FERDINAND N. MENEFEE PROF. ROBERT D. BRACK.ETT PROF. MELVILLE B. STOUT Page 248 WEESNER GUSTAFSON TIEMAN J. ANDERSON ASHBURN Editor-in-Chief RICHARD ADAMS Managing Editor M. ROBERT HERMAN Business Manager DICK ADAMS BOB HERMAN MICHIGAN TECHNIC LIFE photographers Otto Hagel and Han- sel Mieth catch the Technic Staff in an unguarded moment at the Michigan-Life Conference. Top Row COLLAMORE, . I MiKI.. MARROW, IMBODEN, GOTSCHALL, BOBBINS, MlLLER, BtJRNHAM. Row g BULMAR, LARSON, WEESNER, FURBUSH, BRITTON, FRENCH, DOBSON, COWLES, WILKIE. RowS REED, TIEMAN. SMITH, HERMAN, A.HBCRN ADAMS STEDING, DAVIDSON, GUSTAFSON, BROWN. Page 249 GARGOYLE EDITORIAL Every month Michigan students look forward eagerly to the new issue of " Gargoyle, " the campus humor magazine. This year each issue has featured some campus activity such as the Union Opera, J-Hop, or Soph Prom. Through the use of pictures, print and cartoons, ' Gar- goyle has successfully portrayed the less serious side of campus life. EDITORIAL STAFF ELLIS A. WUNSCH Editor-in-Chief JANE NUSSBAUM DAVE DONALDSON BILL LOUD FRANK SAVAGE TED WINTER SALLY MUSTARD 1 GEORGE HOAR Women ' s Editor Associates Art Editors TRYOUTS MARYANN SMITH WILLIAM ALTMAN JANE GRISWOLD DAVE HUNTER HELEN RHODES VINCE MONZEL BETTY FARISS JOSEPH EDELMAN RAY INGHAM BARBARA RICHARDS BUD COX JANE NUSSBAUM Women ' s Editor ELLIS A. WUNSCH Editor-in-Chief Page 250 GARGOYLE BUSINESS BUSINESS STAFF N. STEWART ROBSON WALT NEILSON PAUL JOHNSON . BERNERD BLOOM ELLEN RHEA DOROTHY NICHOLS Business Manager Circulation Manager Personnel Manager Publications Manager Advertising Manager Accounts Manager N. STEWART ROBSON, Business Manager MARION CONDE WEB COOK NORMAN HELGREN PHYLLIS HOFFMEYER EDITH LONGYEAR RALPH MITCHELL PEGGY POLUMBAUM TRYOUTS MARGARET SOUTHERLAND JEAN TENOFSKY WILLIAM SCHUST DOROTHY ACER ART KIRKPATRO WILLET O ' DELL PETER VORGELIN DICK SONDEEN AARON MOYER DOROTHY SCHLOSS ALICE CA VENDER BEATRICE GLASS MARGARET McVAY BETTY ERDMAN BONNIE LOWDEN Top Row Cox, WINTER. LOUD, HUNTER, MONZEL, COOK, NEILSON. Row 2 SOCTHERLAND, DONALDSON, SCHUST, HELGREN, MlTCHELL. AoER. Row 3 RHODES. FARISS. SMITH, POLUMBAUM. LONGYEAH. TENOFSKY. HOFFMEYEH. Row 4 BLOOM. RHEA. MUSTARD, ROBSON, NCSSBAUM, WUNSCH, NICHOLS. JOHNSON. Page 251 Top Row VEDDER, LESSER, PRASIL, BENTLEV, STRAIN. ADAMS, RANNEY, HEINEN. R OW g HARDY, HALUQAN, NEILSON, WATERMAN, BOWEN, SMITH, SPANGLER, HARMON. Row 3 GOODKIND, BLOCK, WINTERS, PETERMAN, HUMPHREYS, CLAUSER, CHEEVER. CARTER, HOLTON. PRESENTS FOUR OUT OF FIVE " THE 1940 MICHIGAN MEN ' S UNION OPERA GENERAL STAFF ROBERT MIX . HERBERT A. KENYON 1 DANIEL QUIRK, SR. [ . STANLEY G. WALTZ J. RICHARD HUMPHREYS } DONALD TREADWELL ROBERT MIX HADLEY J. SMITH ROY HOYER MISS BETTY HEWITT 1 . WILLIAM COLLINS ROBERT E. MELLENCAMP General Chairman Advisory Committee Executive Committee Director Assistants Director of Scenery COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN TED R. SPANGLER . HARRY M. HOWELL . , ALFRED B. POTTS . HERVIE HAUFLER . CHARLES HEINEN J. LEONARD BRANDT JAMES McCRACKEN . ROBERT G. PARKER . MARKHAM S. CHEEVER DAVID GIBSON . LAWRENCE GUBOW . HENRY CLAUSER . C. EDWARD BOSTON Tickets Finance Program . Publicity Publicity House Personnel Music Lights Costumes and Makeup Rehearsal Properties Settings Page 252 CHESTER }. WISLER STANLEY G. WALTZ MICHIGAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS DONALD TREADWELL . HADLEY SMITH . Vice- THEODORE SPANGLER . . Vice- RAYMOND FRUITIGER Vice- ROBERT ELLIOTT . . Vice- HARRY HOWELL Vice- WILLIAM YETZER . Vice- JOHN HART . Vice- President President President President President President President President DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY FRANKLIN M. COOK DR. DEAN W. MYERS CHESTER O. WISLER DONALD C. MAY T. HAWLEY TAPPING JOHN S. WORLEY ROBERT G. RODKEY ARTHUR W. BROMAGE STANLEY G. WALTZ Top Row SPANGLER, YETZER, ELLIOTT, HOWELL. TAPPING, MAY, BROMAGE. Row 2 BUHSLEY, WISLER, TREADWELL, SMITH, WALTZ, MYERS, WORLEY. Page 254 SMITH TREADWELL N i UNION 1 M. BROWN EXECUTIVE COUNCIL DONALD H. TREADWELL President HADLEY J. SMITH Secretary CHARLES HEINEN Activities CHARLES KERNER . . Co-operative ELMER P. FOSTER House JAMES PALMER Social DOUGLAS GOULD . . Orientation ROBERT ULRICH . . Activities PETER BROWN . Co-operative MARSHALL BROWN . . Orientation HAROLD SINGER . . Social ROBERT BOGLE Daily HEINEN P. BROWN ULRICH PALMER KERNER MICHIGAN UNION The Union, with its game and ballrooms, library, swimming pool and lounges is the refuge of the wandering freshman, and the headquarters of the dignified senior. It is under student direc- tion and representative of the scope of its activities are coffee hours, a travel bureau, and football ticket exchange. The Ice Carnival, and this season ' s Men ' s Opera, " Four Out of Five, " were under the direction of the Michigan Union. FRANK COLLINS JACK GRADY BERT LUDY CARL ROHRBACH LAWRENCE ANDERSON RICHARD ARCHER RICHARD BAER PHILLIP BARIS MORTON BEARMAN BENJAMIN DOUGLAS JAMES EDMUNDS RICHARD EYSTER PHILLIP FISHER REUBEN FRIED OILMAN GAMES ROBERT GIBSON JEROME GOLDFARB RAY GRIPM AN JAMES HALL CHARLES HANNAN DONALD HARNESS ROBERT HOFFMAN Sophomores JAMES ROSSMAN ROBERT SAMUELS RICHARD SCHERI.ING ROBERT SHEDD Freshmen JAMES HOLLAND ED HOLMBURG ROBERT JOHNSON JAMES KENSEY BJORN LARSSON WILLIAM LEHMAN CHARLES LESSINGER JOHN LEWIS LEON MACLANSKY MURRAY MARKLAND DAVID MATTHEWS ROBERT MATTHEWS DAVID MCCALMONT JAMES MCCALMONT PAUL McKEE DAVID McKiNNEY ROBERT McWiLLiAMS GORDON MESSNER ROBERT SIBLEY WILLIAM SLOCUM WARREN SOLOVICH RICHARD STRAIN FRANK MORELAND THADDEUS PARTERA ARLIE REAGAN TOM RICE HARVEY ROTENSTREICH RUDY SALVETTA TED SHARP ROBERT STEINBERG BRUCE SUTHERGREEN ED TANN ROBERT TEMPLIN CHARLES TRICK KIMON VASILIOU STANLEY WINKELMAN JAMES WOLF MILTON ZERMAN MARVIN ZESKIN JOHN ZIMMERMAN Top Ron BAER. GAMBS, HOFFMAN, MATTHEWS. VASILOU. GRIPMAN. Row 2 MATTHEWS. SHARP. GIBBON. LARSSON, TEMPLIN, HANNAN, HARNESS. ANDERSON. Row 3 REAGAN, STEINBERG. FRIED. EYSTER, FISHER, HOLMBEHG, EDMUNDS. Row 4 ROSSMAN, STRAIN, SLOCUM. HARRIS, SCHEHLING, SAMUELS, SOLOVICH. Page 256 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS R. SPENCER BISHOP, ' 08, e ' 05 " 06, Banker, Flint, Michigan, President. CHRISTIAN F. MATTHEWS, ' 19, ' 211, Attorney, Mt. Clemens, Michi- gan, Vice-President. MRS. IRENE BIGALKE JOHNSON, ' 14, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Vice- President. Louis P. JOSELYN, ' 87, Retired Educator, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Secretary OSCAR A. EBERBACH, ' 06, Manufacturing Pharmacist, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Treasurer. MASON P. RUMNEY, ' 07e, Vice-President, Detroit Steel Products Company, Detroit, Michigan. DON T. HASTINGS, ' 07e, Consulting Engineer, Detroit, Michigan, EMORY J. HYDE, ' 041, Retired, Ann Arbor, Michigan. EARLE W. WEBB, ' 02, President, Ethyl Gasoline Corporation, New York City, New York. WYETH ALLEN, ' 15e, Engineer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. CHARLES R. BURGESS, ' 34e, Manufacturer ' s Representative, Detroit, Michigan. HERBERT J. GOULDING, ' 93e, Professor, Ann Arbor, Michigan. HARRY D. NUTT, ' 96, District Manager, American Book Company Ann Arbor, Michigan. DONALD A. THOMAS, " 16e, Larkin Co., Inc., Buffalo, New York. RICHARD M. WOODWARD, ' 20e, Realtor and Insurance, Riverton, New Jersey. LESTER E. F. WAHRENBURG, ' 24e, Consulting Engineer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. CHARLES P. WATTLES, ' 171, " 14, Attorney, South Bend, Indiana. WILBUR C. BACON, ' 081, Attorney, Chicago, Illinois. GEORGE L. TOWNE, ' 11, Realtor, Des Moines, Iowa. ALLEN B. NICHOLAS, ' 071, Realtor, New Orleans, Louisiana. CLARENCE W. WHITNEY, ' 99e, Exporter and Engineer, San Francisco, California. GEORGE MEADER, ' 27, J. D. ' 31, Attorney, Ann Arbor, Michigan. ELMER P. GRIERSON, ' 12, 1 " 11 ' 13, Publisher, The American Boy Magazine, Detroit, Michigan. ARMER S. KURKJIAN, ' 08e, Sales Manager, Oliver Machinery Com pany, Grand Rapids, Michigan. GEORGE A. OSBORN, ' 08, Editor of THE EVENING NEWS, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. MRS. ELIZABETH MALOY FURSTENBERG, ' 38, Ann Arbor, Michigan. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS T. HAWLEY TAPPING, ' 161, ' 07 ' 09, General Secretary and Editor of The Michigan Alumnus. ROBERT O. MORGAN, ' 31ed, Council Secretary and Assistant General Secretary. MRS. LUCILLE BAILEY CONGER, ' 04, Executive Secretary of the Alumnae Council. BISHOP TAPPING CONGER MORGAN Page 257 THE WEST Develop the Mind . . . The Stomach The opening of West Quadrangle this year fulfilled President Ruthven ' s ambitions for a complete dormitory housing group for freshmen men. Last September 900 men moved into their new quarters, and as a body have developed an excellent system of student life and government. By combining a program of recreation and study, the residents of West Quad- rangle have made their days as students at the University of Michigan much pleasanter. As it ends its first year of operation, West Quadrangle becomes another Michigan tradition. Page 258 WEST QUADRANGLE STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council PAUL OBERST . ROBERT PETTYS . PROF. KARL LITZENBERG ADAMS HOUSE HUDSON WHITE JOHN ASHBY ALLEN-RUMSEY ARTHUR ROBINSON ROBERT PETTYS CHICAGO HOUSE JAMES KENNEDY BRUCE FORBES LLOYD HOUSE JAMES ROGERS C. ROBERT COPP President Secretary Director of Resident Halls MICHIGAN HOUSE GEORGE IRWIN MERRILL BUSH WENLEY HOUSE THOMAS GOODWIN RAYMOND DAVIS WILLIAMS HOUSE ROBERT HOLLMAN PAUL OBERST WINCHELL HOUSE ROBERT MORRISON THOMAS DEIBEL QUADRANGLE The Character . . . and the Muscles. Page 259 WOLVERINE Entirely managed by students as a co-operative organ- ization, the Michigan Wolverine Student Co-operative Incorporated has advanced very successfully since the first meetings held in Lane Hall. The Wolverine besides serving meals to approximately six hundred students daily sponsors dances and social functions which are open to members and their guests. Becoming more popular on campus each year, present facilities of the co-operative are scarcely sufficient to handle the students who desire membership. BOARD OF DIRECTORS CALVIN CHAMBERLAIN, Vice-President and Sec ' y JAMES J. CRIBBLE, Treasurer DRAGON C. MITROVICH, Personnel Mgr. ALFRED HAFKE, Purchasing JACK HOOVER, Director ARTHUR KEPKA, Director PROFESSOR MUESCHKE, Director ROBERT R. HORNER, Director Page 260 Top Row GRIBBLE, KEPKA, MITROVICH, HOOVER. Bottom Row HAFKE, MCESCHKE, SCHEIBE, HORNER, CHAMBERLAIN. MEN ' S JUDICIARY COUNCIL This year the Men ' s Judiciary Council has displaced the Men ' s Council which was abol- ished last spring. The committee is composed of not more than seven nor less than Five members appointed by Dean Bursley and the heads of various student activities. The present Judiciary Council, made up of six men, was appointed last Spring for the term of one year. The duties of this council include approving of candidates for student activities and the conducting of elections. This body also exercises disciplinary power over men students. PERSONNEL CARL D. WHEELER DOUGLAS TRACY President Secretary JAMES HALLIGAN JACK HOOVER ROBERT HARRINGTON HARRY M. HOWELL Standing HOOVER. HOWELL, HALLIOAN. Seated TRACY, WHEELER, HARRINGTON. Page 261 PHI BETA KAPPA PROF. ARTHUR E. WOOD . PROF. HAZEL MARIE LOSH OFFICERS President Secretary-Treasurer PROF. JOSEPH R. HAYDEK, 1937-40 PROF. CHESTER B. SLAWSON, 1938-40 PROF. HERBERT A. KENYON, 1938-41 EXECUTIVE BOARD PROF. BENJAMIN A. WHEELER, 1938-41 PROF. CARLTON F. WELLS, 1939-42 PROF. ALVALYN E. WOODWARD, 1939-42 VIRGINIA RACHEL ALLAN MELVIN BELLET CLASS OF 1939 Elected 1940 ROBERT L. KAHN NELSON A. LINDENFELD SEYMOUR S. SUSSMAN CLASS OF 1940 Elected as juniors ROBERT FREDERICK. BERRIS TRACY BUCKWALTER, JR. DONALD H. TREADWELL FLORENCE M. KRENZLER FRANCES GRACE ORR LEONARD M. NEWMAN CLASS OF 1940 COLLEGE OF L. S. A. TONY AALBERSBERC DIANA BABITCH DOROTHEA J. BRICHAN Lois MARY BUCKHEIT CELIA CHAO MARGARET MARY CLEARY SIDNEY DAVIDSON WILBUR S. DAVIDSON PETER DEHLINGER ROBERT LEE ELLIS GLADYS L. ENGEL ROSLYN H. FELLMAN COLVIN LEE GIBSON PHILIP DURAND GORDY ALBERT A. GRAU FREDERICK V. HAUSER MURIEL A. HESS HAROLD J. HOLSHUH HARLAND N. JARVIS ROBERT L. KANN MARY M. MELOCHE NOBORU NAKAGAWA ROBERT A. NYMAN SHIRLEY R. PHILLIPS ELIZABETH COLE RAE ELLEN O. REDNER HENRY K. SCHOCH, JR. DEBORAH G. SELIN PHILIP M. STEHLE ERICH E. STEINER ANN L. SYLVESTER A. BURGESS VIAL SOL MEYER WEZELMAN LAWRENCE B. WICK MARITTA M. WOLFF ALBERTA E. WOOD ELIZABETH C. WURSTER CLASS OF 1940 GRADUATE SCHOOL HENRY N. BERSHAS . . French Dept. ELIZABETH L. FARRIER . Zoology Dept. WILLIAM SPOELHOF CLARENCE POTT FAMEE SHISLER German Dept. Greek and Latin Dept. History Dept. ROBERT A. FEHR GERTRUDE FREY JAMES HERVIE HAUFLER FREDERICK HOWARTH EDNA B. KEARNEY CLASS OF 1941 Elected as Juniors LEONARD D. KURTZ JUNE T. LARSON KENNETH P. MATHEWS JOHN DAVID NEWBURGH HAROLD D. OSTERWEIL LESTER PERSKY Louis W. SESSIONS ALICE R. WARD Page 262 PHI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS DR. WARREN E. FORSYTHE ALICE C. LLOYD R. S. SWINTON . C. C. GLOVER President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer ' Journal Correspondent E. M. BRAGG JAMES DUNLAP EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE E. L. ERIKSEN P. E. JAMES E. V. MOORE PETER OKKELBERG SPRING ELECTIONS 1940 RICHARD ABBOTT KAMER AcA-OcLU R. T. ALEXANDER JAMES W. ANDERSON DAVID C. APPELT DIANA BABITCH HAROLD E. BAKER GERALD V. BARROW FRANKLIN C. BASLER NORMAN BAUER CHESTER BEAMAN JEROME S. BEIGLER ROBERT M. BIGGS E. WILLIAM BILTO DEOGRACIAS BORLONGAN FRANK X. BRAUN WARREN H. BROTHERS DOUGLAS BROWN RICHARD K. BROWN Lois M. BUCKHEIT EDWIN G. BURROWS RUTH CALKINS PHYLLIS E. CANNON JACK E. CHRISTENSEN HELEN M. CHURCHILL ELINORE E. CLARK MARGARET M. CLEARY JOHN F. CLIFFORD ALONZO COHEN, JR. JOHN COI.WELL WILLIAM B. CORLIS LEWIS D. CRAWFORD ELIZABETH CROZER WILLIAM CRUICKSHANK MORRIS DANSKY ROBERT E. DELAND DANIEL DuToiT KENNETH EVASHEVSKI JOHN H. FARRENS HARRY C. FISCHER HUBERT V. FITCH CHARLES H. FORVES WILLIAM S. GALLAWAY RICHARD B. GETHMAN ROBERT L. GIBSON KARL E. GOEI.LNER ALBERT A. GRAU GUSTAV R. GREGORY LOYAL GRYTING PATTIE HAISLIP HARRY F. HARTJEN STEPHEN P. HATCHETT LEWIS O. HEINZE MARY ELLEN HEITSCH JOSEPHINE HINDS ERNEST HOI.LINCSWORTH DAVID W. HOLMES; VIVIAN C. HOPKINS YUNG SAN Hsu EDMUND INGALLS ROBERT H. JEFFERS THOMAS P. JENK.IN ALBERT L. JUERGENS LILLIAN A. KAZMARK GLADYS H. KEI.SEY CHARLES KISTLER WILIIAM D. KNIGHT WERNER LANDECKER FRED LAVIOLETTE EUGENE H. LAWLER PAUL C. LEGOLVAN KENNETH L. LEVIN MARJORIE G. LEWISOHN G. N. LOOFBOURROW JUNE A. MADISON DOROTHY I. MARQUART PHYLLIS McGEACHY HETTIE McKAY FREDERICK McKENZiE MRS. LESLA R. McKiNLEY JULIUS MELLEMA MORRIS MILLER ROBERTA E. MOORE RICHARD MORIN JAMES MORRISSEY PETER K. MORSE CHRISTINE K. NAGEL SYLVIA NEIVERT RICHARDA NEUBERG JOHN D. NEWBURGH LEONARD M. NEWMAN ROBERT A. NYMAN HARRY W. PAINE HOWARD PARKER DONALD S. PATTERSON JOHN A. PERKINS SHIRLEY PHILLIPS HAROLD R. PRYOR FRANK P. RAIFORD EMILY W. REED ALFRED REIFMAN BENNETT M. RICH BETTY ROBERTSON MARY E. ROBINSON ROSA M. RoHRMASER FRANK G. RYDER WILLIAM W. SCHOTTSTAEDT DORIS A. SCOTT FRANK L. SCOTT JACK H. SHULER NATHAN S. SIEGEL HADLEY SMITH MORTON STAHL BETTY M. STEINHART DOROTHY STEPHENSON ROLLAND C. STEWART ELIAS STOLLER JOHN STONE SIDNEY STRAIGHT DONALD B. SUITS EARL W. THOMAS GUY C. THRONER JOHN E. TILFORD LEOPOLDO V. TORALBALLA JOHN R. VAN ANDEL ANN M. VICARY BENJAMIN H. VINE B. VINOGRADE ADOLF VOIGT CLAUDE WADSWORTH JOHN F. WALTERS MARION E. WEISS ROBER T R. WHITE ALBERT WOOD ELLIS A. WUNSCH JOSEPH A. YAGER CHIA-REN YANG ARTHUR J. ZAMBITO ROSALIND M. ZAPH ORVILI.E ZEEH ALEXANDER ZERBON LILLIAN ZIMMERMAN FALL ELECTIONS 19391940 TONY AALBERSBERG ROBERT F. BERRIS DOROTHEA J. BRICHAN ELMER R. BRITTON CLAUDE O. BRODERS TRACY V. BUCKWALTER DONALD B. CARSON ELIZABETH A. CLARK DAVID G. GUSHING SIDNEY DAVIDSON WILBUR S. DAVIDSON PETER DEHLINCER JAMES H. DEWEERD ROBERT L. ELLIS GLADYS L. ENCEL ROSLYN H. FELLMAN FRANK H. FEELY, JR. EDWARD A. GAUGLER CALVIN L. GIBSON FREDERICK V. HAUSER MURIEL A. HESS HAROLD J. HOLSHUH HARLAND N. JARVIS ROBERT L. KANN ARTHUR KLEIN ELIZABETH A. McCAMANT MARY M. MELOCHE ALFRED MELOV ARNOLD L. MIGNERY LEONARD E. MILLER JOHN K. MILLS FRANCES G. ORR BETH L. O ' RoKE ROBERT F. PATTON WESLEY R. POWERS ELIZABETH RAE STANLEY E. RICHARDSON KATHLEEN B. RINCK WILLIAM RUTHERFORD HENRY K. SCHOCH, JR. DEBORAH G. SELIN DE RHUA E. SKINNER WESTON E. SMITH ERICH E. STEINER KENNETH W. SUMMERFELT ANNE L. SYLVESTER DONALD H. TREADWELL VAINO J. VEHKO A. BURGESS VIAL JOHN A. WELLER MARITTA M. WOLFF ELIZABETH C. WURSTER LAWRENCE A. ZOERNER ' l jpW-T? 1 ' ' _ J M Page 263 PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS ROBERT L. THOMAS ROBERT T. WALLACE . RICHARD M. LUDWIG ALBERT K. LUDY CHRISTIAN HERRMANN JOHN H. HARWOOD President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Upper Class Advisor MEMBERS JOHN E. ALLEN CHARLES B. ARMSTRONG FRED E. ARNOLD HENRY C. BARRINGER ARTHUR L. BIGGINS ARTHUR W. CARTER WILLIAM G. COLLAMORE KLAUS DEHLINCER JOSEPH EDELMAN GERALD J. EDER JOHN W. EDWARDS ALBERT N. ELDRED HERMAN E. ERKE MORDECAI FlNKLESTEIN YALE FORMAN HOWARD E. GOELLER JACK A. GRADY JAMES R. HAYWARD MILTON D. HELLER CHRISTIAN HERRMANN THEODORE W. HILDEBRANDT DONALD A. HOLMAN GORDON K. HOOD HARPER H. HULL DANIEL H. HUYETT DAVID C. IPSEN W. A. JACOBS ROBERT W. JONES RICHARD W. KEBLER THOMAS R. KOHLER RUSSELL LApRANCE DANIEL LEVINE HENRY LEVINSTEIN JOSEPH S. LICOVSKY RICHARD M. LUDWIG ALBERT K. LUDY WILLIAM P. MALLICK PHILIP MANDEL P. D. MARGOLD EDWARD S. MAXIMOVICH SIDNEY MII.GROM HARRY MOORSTEIN WILLIAM H. NEWTON JOHN F. PFENDER ROBERT F. PHILLIPS SEYMOUR E. PODOLSKY G. H. PORATH GEORGE W. PUSACK. SAMUEL B. RUSSELL ROBERT N. SAMUELS RAYMOND L. SCHNEYER WILLIAM H. SCHOMBURG ROBERT G. SHEDD PENN G. SK.ILLERN R. N. SMITH ROBERT F. SPEAKER NORMAN C. TAYLOR ROBERT L. THOMAS RAY A. TRITTEN ROBERT E. WALDRON ROBERT T. WALLACE GERALD M. WATERS CHESTER W. WEGER ROBERT L. WEISMAN THOMAS J. WHEATLEY DONALD R. WHITNEY ALEXANDER C. WILKIE JOHN A. WOLAVER Page 264 Top Row HUYETT, HULL, SKILLERN, MALLICK, KOHLER, HAYWARD, KEBLER, JONES, GOELLER, SAMUELS. Row 2 HILDEBRANDT, MANDEL, TAYLOR, TRITTEN, COLLAMORE, ERKE, WEGER, DEHLINGER. Row 3 MOORSTEIN, BARRINGER, CARTER, PUSACK, LIKOVSKY, HELLER, PHILLIPS, ELDRED. Row 4 EDWARDS, SHEDD, HERMAN, WALLACE, THOMAS, LUDY, LUDWIG, WHEATLEY, WOLAVER. Top Row DAVID, CARSON, FEY, HANSON, VINK, RHODES, SCHROTH, BRODERS. Kow 2 RODGER, KEMP, TRACY, COLLMAN, R. SMITH, WILLS, FORBES, H. SMITH, RENHOLT. Row 3 WADBWORTH, PECK. CONWAY, HEINZE, DELANO. STEDING, ASHBURN, WURSTER. Row 4 JONES, POWERS, BARNES, STONE, SHANDS, CCSHING, MAY, JEFFERS OFFICERS FREDERICK L. SHANDS JOHN STONE HERBERT BLUMBERG RAY BARNES FRANK FEELEY RICHARD ADAMS President . Vice-President Corresponding Secretary Cataloguer Secretary- Treasurer Engineering Council MEMBERS RICHARD M. ADAMS J. ANDERSON ASHBURN RAYMOND H. BARNES DONALD BELDEN HERBERT G. BLUMBERG GEORGE I. BOUTON ELMER R. BRITTON CLAUDE O. BRODERS DON B. CARSON JOHN S. COLLMAN FRANK M. CONWAY DAVID G. GUSHING RAYMOND DAVID ROBERT E. DELAND KEN EMERY FRANK J. FEELY, JR. NORMAN J. FEY CHARLES H. FORBES JAMES R. GROS GEORGE HANSON ROBERT HARTWELL CARLING HAVERMANS LEWIS O. HEINZE ROBERT H. JEFFERS RAY S. JONES EDWARD H. LEBEIS, JR. ROBERT MAY EDWARD J. PARISH STEWART PECK WESLEY R. POWERS GEORGE RENHOLT, JR. WILLIAM RHODES WALTON RODGER FREDERICK. L. SHANDS JACK H. SHULER HADLEY J. SMITH ROBERT R. SMITH HAROLD SPODEN H. RICHARD STEDING JOHN M. STONE DOUGLAS R. TRACY VAINO J. VEHKO BENJAMIN H. VINE DONALD VINK CLAUDE V. WADSWORTH HENRY WALLACE JOHN A. WELLER JAMES C. WILLS JOHN WURSTER TAU BETA PI Page 265 ANNABEL VAN WINKLE AND RICHARD ADAMS v . CONNEBY BARNARD Page 266 HAWLEY CHRISMAN DREDGE THOHNHILL SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE RICHARD M. ADAMS General Chairman JAMES WILLS, Decorations HELEN BRADY, Publicity JOHN THORNHILL, Publicity HAROLD GOLDMAN, Secretary and Finance SALLY CONNERY, Patrons RICHARD ABBOTT, Favors and Programs EUGENE KLEIN, Tickets JAMES BARNARD, Building ANN HAWLEY, Patrons MURIEL SCHMITZ, Project LEE CHRISMAN, Music ANNABEL DREDGE, Decorations ABBOTT SCHMITZ WILLS Glenn Miller and his orchestra have been signed to furnish music for the 1940 Senior Ball on the evening of June 14, giving Michigan Seniors a chance to dance to the most popular band in America the night preceding graduation._ KLEIN BRADY GOLDMAN Page 267 J-HOP COMMITTEE JOHN H. HARWOOD, Chairman Booths Patrons Decorations Tickets . Secretary Building Patrons Music Building Booths Programs Publicity PETE BROWN PEGGY CORNELIUS . WILLIAM P. HARRISON WILLIAM M. KRAMER GEORGE L. RUEHLE JAMES E. TOBIN BETTY ANN CATTELL GORDON A. HARDY PAUL JOHNSON, JR. RUSSELL LABELLE . JAN SIBLEY DONALD WIRTCHAFTER HARWOOD, T. DORSEY AND MARY ABENDROTH SIBLEY LABELLE TOBIN The 1941 J-HOP left the University of Michigan students no opportunity to feel that " after exam letdown. " When not swinging to Tommy Dorsey, everyone was swaying to the music of Ted FioRito. John Harwood and his committee caused every- one to become " Jayhopmanians. " KRAMER WIRTCHAFTER Page 269 RUEHLE CORNELIUS SOPH PROM The class of ' 42 sponsored the most unique dance of the year. Soph Prom with Red Norvo, the " Esquire " ballroom and the Court of Honor will be remembered for a long time by everyone who attended. JAMES KEHOE AND RUTH WILLITS SOPH PROM COMMITTEE JAMES KEHOE General Chairman ROBERT G. W. BROWN PHELPS HINES . WILLIAM SCHUST . WILLIAM FURNISS RICHARD SHERLING JACK KESSEL GRACE MILLER HELEN RHODES Control Decorations Publicity Music Finance Program Floor Patrons Top ROW -COQUILETTE, FtTRNISS. SCHUST, SCHERLINO, KEHOE. KESSEL, BACHMAN, HlNES, BROWN. Rom 2 MILLER, HOOD, WENDALL, BAILIE, WILLITS, NUSSBAUM, RHODES, POWER, WIEDMAN. , Page 270 Top Ron- WALLACH, KDNZMAN, FINEBERG, MEYER, ARNOLD, KLEIN. Row 2 BRUNENKANT, BROWN. WOODLEY, SCHOEL. Row 3 MOORE, PIERCE. LOWENSTEIN, MORRISON. Frosh Frolic is traditionally the closing class dance of the year. James Pierce and his com- mittee were able to obtain Red Nichols and his Pennies to close the formal season of 1939 and 1940 in a fine fashion. There never seems to be a campus dance that can rival Frosh Frolic for a really swell time. FROSH FROLIC COMMITTEE JAMES PIERCE General Chairman RICHARD SCHOEL EDWARD BRUNENKANT. JEROME KLEIN HOWARD WALLACH ROBERT MORRISON OLGA GRUHZIT ROSAMOND MEYER Decorations Music Ticket Publicity Programs Patrons Publicity VIRGINIA MOORE and JAMES PIERCE FROSH FROLIC Page 271 SLIDE RULE BALL SLIDE RULE BALL COMMITTEE J. ANDERSON ASHBURN, General Chairman. RICHARD M. ADAMS ........ Music M. ROBERT HERMAN . . Finance H. RICHARD STEDING . . . . . Floor GANSON P. TAGGART . ... . Publicity SEYMOUR A. FURBUSH . . Publicity GEORGE WEESNER . . Patrons FREDERICK. L. SHANDS . . Decorations LARRY W. RINEK. . . Decorations JAMES E. BROWN Program HAROLD E. BRITTON Tickets ELEANOR RAKESTRAW and ANDY ASHBURN The Engineers did their best this year to revive the only feud that remains on the Michigan campus. The Lawyers and the Engineers have always had trouble on the night of their re- spective dances. This year, however, the ' feuding ' was limited to a few nasty remarks printed in the Daily. Slide Rule was given by the staff of the Michigan Technic, and featured Woody Herman and his band. Top Row BROWN. McKAY, RINEK, BASSE, JONES, BKITTON, BARNETT, TAGGART. Row 2 FURBUSH, FRENCH, MARTIN, STEDING, HAMILTON, WEESNER, ADAMS. Row 3 FORD, SHANDS, RAKESTRAW. ASHBURN, BIEBER, HERMAN, PURGETT. page 272 Top Row KRAILING, SWEENEY, LENZ, STUMPH, LAHTI, GOODYEAR, PINNEY. GOODRICH. Row 2 CLEMENT, MARRS, WOOD, ROBINSON, MCLAUGHLIN, BROWN, KERNER, BRENT. Row 3 SCOVILLE, CONRAD, RHEAD, RUTH, BOND, CHEEVER, KEMPNER, BASLER, KNOX. Row 4 BRANDT, HUTTLINGER, ELLIS, GAUTHIER, SMITH, CHANDLER, GUZEWICZ, WADSWORTH. Row o CHRISTIANSEN, MAJ. FARISS, MAJ. CRUMP, LT. COL. EDWARDS, CAPT. HINKLE, LT. COL. WORLEY, MAJ. KUNZ, WATERMAN, SHAW. OFFICERS WALTER J. HINKLE GEORGE T. CHRISTIANSEN RICHARD T. WATERMAN . DANIEL J. SHAW Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant First Sergeant HONORARY AND ASSOCIATE MEMBERS MAJOR J. C. BKIER MAJOR L. A. CRUMP CAPTAIN C. M. DAVIS LT. COL. B. D. EDWARDS FLOYD S. ELSIFOR PROF. M. B. EICHELBERGER MAJOR W. B. FARISS LT. COL. L. A. Fox LT. COL. P. K. KELLY MAJOR R. N. KUNZ MAJOR W. E. LAY MAJOR F. A. MICKLE COLONEL H. W. MILLER MAJOR P. C. PACK. CAPTAIN C. B. PIERCE CAPTAIN F. S. RANDALL DEAN W. B. REA MAJOR H. D. W. RILEY MAJOR W. C. SADLER LT. COL. T. D. SIMKINS MAJOR T. H. TAPPING CAPTAIN S. G. WALTZ COLONEL A. H. WHITE MAJOR J. S. WORLEY ACTIVE MEMBERS JAMES APPLEYARD FRANKLIN BASLER FRANK BOND ARTHUR BRANDT IRL BRENT MARSHALL BROWN CHARLES CHANDLER MARKHAM CHEEVER GEORGE CHRISTIANSEN WALTER CLEMENT STANLEY CONRAD GEORGE COWING FRANK ELLIS WOODROW FRAILING KEN GAUTHIER CHARLES GOODRICH ROBERT GOODYEAR EDMUND GUZEWICZ WALTER HINKLE BURNS HUTTLINGER RAYMOND KEMPNER CHARLES KERNER JAMES KNOX PAUL LAHTY WENDALL LENZ GARLAND MARRS ROWLAND MCLAUCHUN EDWARD NORTH CHANDLER PINNEY JOHN POE ROLAND RHEAD LARRY RINEK DONALD RIVETTE JOHN ROBINSON JAMES RUTH DON RYKER WALTER SCOVILLE DANIEL SHAW C. PHILIP SIMPSON ROBERT SMITH GORDON STRUM PF FRANCIS SWEENEY WILLIAM TEETER CLAUDE WADSWORTH RICHARD WATERMAN WILLIAM WOOD SCABBARD AND BLADE Page 273 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS The purpose of the honorary French speaking society, Le Cercle Francois, is to stimulate an interest in the University for French culture and to encourage the use of the French language. At its meetings, at its lectures, and in its plays, the students are given an opportunity to speak, act and think in French. OFFICERS MARY M. ALLINSON CARRIE WALLACH SALVATORE LONGO . ALICE WARD President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary MEMBERS ELEANOR ANDEM AUGUSTA ANKETEI.I. NORMA BEACH NORMA BENNET DAISY BIXBY FRANCES BLUMENTHAL TONI BOGLEFF Lois BUCKHF.IT FRANKLIN BUTLER RUTH CALKINS RUTH CHATARD GEORGIA CHRISTLIEB MARGARET CLEARY WILMA COPE HELEN CRAWFORD JANE DETTINGER JANE DUNBAR FRED FAGAN ELIZABETH FARRELL ENORA FERRIS GERTRUDE FRENCH BRUCE FORBES HALLECK FRY JEAN GARDINER EDWIN GELL DAVID GIBSON DOROTHY GII.LAM ELIZABETH GROSS JANE GROVE LOYAL GRYTING RICHARD HARMEL JOHN HOGG FAY HOOTKINS ELIZABETH HUNTINGTON SHYRLE IMBER ELSIE JENSEN HAZEL JENSEN GLEN KALB FRIEDA KAUFMAN ANNE KINGSTON GEORGE Kiss JUNE LARSON MORRIS LICHTENSTEIN ELIZABETH LIGHTNER VLADIMAR LOMONOSS MALCOLM LONG JANE LORD MARIE MCLROY ETHEL MIKULICH PHYLIIS McGEACHY MARIAN MAYER ROBERTA MOORE DOUGLAS MORGAN ADELITA ORTIZ ANNE PASCHAL JACK PATTERSON BETTY RAMSEY ELLEN REDNER G. EDWARD REYNOLDS ELIZABETH ROBERTS KATHERINE RUMISEK GEORGES SABAGH RUTH SCHWARTZ ROBERT SETHIAN GASTON SEYDOUX HELEN SHIMOURS JESTINE SILVERBLATT MIRIAM SMITH MARYBELLE STROTHER BARBARA SUFFRIN JEAN TIBBITS NlKOLAY TURITZEN ROBERT VANDENBERG LOUISE WALTERS MILDRED WILLIAMS ELIZABETH WURSTER Page 274 Top Row KARRELL, WALTERS. SMITH, CI.EARV, SABAGH, SETHIAN. HOOTKTNS. BCCKHEIT. Row 2 MCGEACHY. KINGSTON, WALLACH. ALLINSON, WARD, Kiss, WUHSTER. _ Top Ron GELL, JESURUN, PELEGRINA, GILLIARD, SHEPHARD, CALL, REID, TITUS, GALTJBHA. CRUHN. Row 2 GOEBEL, CORBOY, JOHNSON, DIAMOND, GOODMAN, SAMUELS, VlLLAVERDE, SHARP, PlFEH, L.APITSKY. Row S WESTENDORF, EICHELBERGEH, LOMBARD, LUDY, SCHWAB. WOHL. POLLACK. Bon, COMIENSKI, GREEN, ANDALORO. Row 4 FERHETTI, GOUDY, MAHXUACH. DAHLSTROM, MERCADO, BIHARY, VANDENBERG, YOUNG. MASSA, McCoRMiCK, CARTER, ALLEN. OFFICERS ROBERT VANDENBERG MIKE MASSA FLORENCE YOUNG . President Treasurer Secretary MEMBERS WILLIAM S. ANDAI.ORO DORIS ALLEN DAGMAR AUERBACH RUTH BARRY NORMA BENNETT RUSSELL BERG FRANCES BESANCON DAISY M. BIHARY GABRIEL S. Bou Lois BUCKHEIT NORMAN D. CALL CASEY CARTER RUTH CHATARD ALFONSO CHEGWIN JULIE C. COMIENSKI JEANNE CORBOY DOROTHY Cox DAVID CROHN MARGERY DAHLSTROM CATHERINE DsViNE DONALD A. DIAMOND EVELYN EICHELBERGER ANTONIETTA FERRETTI MARGARET FORD STANLEY FRYE WILLIAM GALUSHA EDWIN GELL ALLEN GILLIARD DOROTHY ANN GOEBEI. HARRY F. GOODMAN MARGARET GOSE JEANNE GOUDY MARJORIE B. GREEN WILLIAM HARNIST DAVID HUNTER HAROLD M. JESURUN FRANK B. JOHNSON RICHARD KELLEY ROBERT KENNEDY HELEN E. LAPITSKY ORVILLE I.EFKO BETTY LOMBARD BERT K. LUDY GILBERTO MARXUACH MICHAEL MASSA JEAN McCoRMiCK ERMELINDO A. MERCADO CHARLES PEROU ROBERT A. PIFER JANE L. POLLACK MARGARET POWERS JOSEPH A. REID AUBREY T. SAMUELS LORRAINE SAMUELS THEODORE F. SHARP DANIEL SHAW GEORGE F. SHEPARD MICHELLE SILVERMAN ROSEMARY SMITH MARGARET STRANG MAYBELLE STROTHER ROBERT W. TITUS JUNE TOLTON ROBERT VANDENBERG F.MILIO VlLLAVERDE ROBERT WELSH MADELAINE WESTENDORF HERMAN WILLIAMS ROBERT WINDSOR ALBERT B. WOHL FLORENCE YOUNG La Sociedad Hispanica meets for the purpose of bringing together students who are interested in Spain South America, and Mexico. A series of lectures designed to acquaint students with the language, meetings conducted entirely in Spanish, a play presented by the students, all of these compose this society of students and faculty who meet to further their knowledge of the people and customs of this foreign land. LA SOCIEDAD HISPANICA Page 275 DEUTSCHER VEREIN Top Row BENGAL, R. PIELEMEIER, GISH, M. HAFERKAMP, H. PIELEMEIER, WARD, FRANK, HAGEMEYER. Row 2 MATHEWS, HERRMANN, CZEKALSKI. SEALV, TATLOCK, HOFFMEYER, MACRITCHIE, PRICE, TAYLOR. Row 3 HEYN, Fox, LUEDERS, WESTENDORF, HILDEBRANDT, EDWARDS, FREY, IHNKEN, RAMSEY, MILLER. ALPHA NU Page 276 Top Row HlHSCHMAN, MEINKE. HEININGER, MAcDONALD. Row 2 SHEPARD, BRUNI, ZWINCK, MACINTOSH. KEHBY. Row 3 WEBB, DONAHOE, ALTMAN, WILLIAMS, BRECKLER, SOLOMON. SCALP AND BLADE Top Row ROHHBACH, GlLE, BROWN, KEETCH, GlBSON, WETTER, GlLLIARD. Row 2 RE INSCH, OBERST. BATEMAN, HALL, SAGER, MEYER, KURTZ. Row 3 MEIER, KIEBER, YETZER, WETMORE, MACK. TRANSPORTATION CLUB Top Row LOUOHLIN, TlETZEL, THOMPSON, VANSTRIEN, DUTOIT, SAMPSON, COGOER, MlLES, CARSON, WoODBERRY, GRAVER, IfKXHAM. HocKBERGER, DENNIS, NETHERTON. Row 2 SMITH, EMMONS, CHASE, HEWITT, MUELLER, BECKERT, WOHLEY. SADLER. Row 3 WANG, WILLIAMS, WOLF, BELL, DIEPENBROCK, RANKIN, ALWAY, DAY, ELMIGER. Page 277 STUDENT RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION LANE HALL A CENTER FOR RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES ON THE CAMPUS The Student Religious Association seeks to help students to a better under- standing of Religion in theory and in practice. It sponsors lectures, discussion groups, extra-curricular seminars, a library of religious books, various publications and numerous service activities,- it co-operates with all student religious groups on the campus. OFFICERS WILLIAM MUEHL JEAN FAIRFAX THELMA G. BROWN FRANCES BLUMENTHAL RALPH MENDELSON KENNETH MORGAN MRS. ALVIN ZANDER President Study Publications and Library Service Campus Relations Director Assistant Director Page 278 Top Row DIRECTOR MORGAN. MANRY, HIDEOUT, SUITS. TAYLOR. Raw 2 FOLEY, GROSS. CHIBNIK. JOHNSON. VANCLEVE, HUSTON. Row 3 FAIRFAX, GRANT. BROWN, MUEHL, MOORE, VTCARY. MRS. ZANDER. Top Row CARULLA, KEENAN, SCHINDERLEE. Row 2 FOLEY, SPUHGEON, FITZHARRIS. KINNEY, DANNEMILLER, Row 3 DONAHOE, McCABE, SCHMIDLEY, FATHER BERRY, LOPKER. HuTTLINGER. OFFICERS REV. THOMAS R. CAREY REV. CLAIR J. BERRY . PROF. WILLIAM A. MCLAUGHLIN EXECUTIVE BOARD FRANCIS X. SCHMIDLEY AUGUSTUS DANNEMILLER MARIE F. McCABE . BERNARD M. DONAHOE BETTY M. LOPKER . BURNS M. HUTTLINGER ALBIN J. SCHINDERLEE MARY K. McSnERRY RUTH M. DAVIS JAMES KEENAN . ARTHUR D. FOLEY . JOSEPH L. CAHALAN MARY ELLEN SPURGEON JORGE M. CARULLA BURI.ESON M. FITZHARRIS Pastor Chaplain Faculty Adviser President Vice-President Vice-President Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Membership Chairman Social Chairman Publicity Chairman Educational Chairman Religious Chairman Editoi Chronicle . Member-at-Large Member-at-Large Member-at-Large The program of this year ' s Newman Club has been the most active since its formation. Six hundred members participated in Religious, Educational, and Social functions of the club. Several innovations introduced this year were a four and three course lecture series in Marriage Relations and Labor Relations from the Catholic point of view. During April the Michigan chapter was host to five hundred delegates of midwestern colleges at the Ohio Valley Province of Newman Clubs ' convention in Ann Arbor. NEWMAN CLUB Page 279 MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Tup ROW TOMABELLI, MATTHEWS, DECKER, RUEHLE, KARWALE8, THOMPSON, BROGAN. Row 2 RENDA, BOYCHEFF. GAY, BALYEAT, MAHLKE, STRONG, WOMACK. Row 3 JOHNSTON, MITCHELL, MELOV, RIORDAN, RODNICK, MAY, WEBSTER. PHI EPSILON KAPPA Page 280 Top Row TOMASELLI, GAY, RIORDAN, RODNICK, BOYCHEFF. Row % JOHNSTON, BHOOAN, MELOV, BALYEAT, MITCHELL. Row 3 MAY, RUEHLE, MAHLKE, THOMPSON, WEBSTER. M CLUB OFFICERS FRANCIS ' DYE ' HOGAN ED HUTCHENS . President Secretary- Treasurer MEMBERS G. WESLEY ALLEN PHIL BALYEAT CHARLES BARKER EDWARD BARRETT JOHN G. BARRY WILLIAM BEEBE HAL BENHAM, JR. RICHARD C. BENNETT WILLIAM F. BLACK WARREN C. BRIEDENBACH LAWRENCE A. CALVERT DON CANHAM ALFRED C. CHADWICK CARL CULVER FRED CULVER DAVID G. GUSHING JOHN S. DOBSON RUSSELL DOBSON JOHN R. EMERY FOREST EVASHEVSKI AUGUST FABYAN ADOI.PH FERSTENFEI.D RALPH FRITZ EDWARD FRUTIG JOHN HAIGH GEOFFREY B. HAI.L TOM HARMON THOMAS G. HAYNIE HENRY B. HEYL FRANCIS P. HOGAN WILLIAM F. HOLMES ROBERT HOOK EDWARD J. HUTCHENS ELDON JAMES TOM C. JESTER FORREST JORDAN STANLEY G. KELLEY BOB KING .ARCHIE KODROS PAUL S. KROMER JOHN D. KUTSCHE JAMES F. LOVETT EDWARD E. MACK, JR. HOWARD MEHAFFEY JACK O. MEYER DONALD H. NICHOLS HAROLD NICHOLS, JR. JOHN E. NICHOLSON FREDERIC OLDS SHERMAN OLMSTEAD ROBERT PALMER DON PERCIVAL EDWARD PHILLIPS CHARLES A. PINK RALPH PYSZYNSKI JAMES RAE HERCULES RENDA HARRY A. RIEKE LYNN RIESS CHARLES Ross GILBERT SAMUELSON, JR. ROLAND SAVILLA RALPH SCHWARZKOPF JOHN C. SHERRILL THOMAS SLATTERY WILLIAM A. SMITH SOLOMON SOBSEY MICHAEL W. SOFIAK RICHARD B. STOOD EN DAVID A. STRONG MILO F. SUKUP J. BLAKE THAXTER III HORACE C. TINKER JAMES E. TOBIN WALDEMAR TOMSKI FRED TROSKO TOM C. TUSSING THOMAS A. WEIDIG JAMES E. WELSH JACK Wo LIN Top Row HARMON. BARRETT, FRUTIG, TOBIN, HALL, MACK, TUSSING, THAXTER. Row 2 LEURY, F. CULVER, C. CULVER. GUSHING, WELSH, BENHAM. RENDA, WEIDIG. Row 3 SHERRILL. BALYEAT, CHADWICK. HUTCHENS. HOGAN. EVASHEVSKI. PINK, BEEBE, STRONG. COMBS. Page 281 1940 TRIBE OF MICHIGAMUA ALL CAMPUS SENIOR HONARARY SOCIETY HONORARY SACHEMS Big Ten Aigler Wise Council Anderson Battle Finder Barthelme Great Builder Bates Friendly World Campbell Friendly Chief Cooley Long Trail Duffy Warrior Builder Hoyt Bell Cow Murfin Peace Maker Ruthven Canoe Builder Sadler Readum Birchbark Strauss Council Pleader - Sunder land Many Councils Tapping Great Scalper Yost FIGHTING BRAVES Sleepy Rumble Adams Little Splash Benham Arrow Back Davidson Beetle Brain Fineberg Half Wind Hogan Great Falls Jordan Boulder Butt Kodros Running Buffalo Nicholson Yellow Stone Park Stringy Sinews Petersen Strike ' urn Pink Sinking Sun Rae Mink Face Robson Hungry Winter Smith Feather Foot Schwarzkopf Babbling Trap Swinton Stone Face Treadwell Squaw Gait Westbrook Tot ' um Bucket Wheeler CARILLON TOWER G W. Frosh Project! Soph Cabaret! J. G. P.! Coke Dates! Tea Dances! All mingle in the delightful confusion throughout the undergraduate life of the average Michigan coed. Behind the women ' s activities stands the Michigan League. Besides such committees as the Theater Arts, Social, and Merit System, there are projects sponsored by each class for the purpose of affording an opportunity for the women of each class to become better acquainted. Under the direction of Miss Ethel McCormick, social director of the League, extra-curricular activities have become a necessary part of campus life. If one ' s interests turn to active sports, a woman has the facilities of the Women ' s Ath- letic Building and Barbour Gymnasium at her disposal. Dr. Margaret Bell heads the athletic department, and her under- graduate council works to promote interest in sports. Through these mediums, sports and extra-curricular activities in the League, Michigan women are given every opportunity to obtain a full college life outside of the classroom. WOMEN ' S ACTIVITIES During the eleven years of its existence the Michigan League has become an integral part of the Michigan coed ' s undergraduate life. Whether it be for a committee meeting or just a " coke ' the familiar cry " I ' ll meet you at the League " is heard resounding on the diagonal from September to June. Page 286 MICHIGAN LEAGUE The League Council is composed of heads of committees and organizations whose members represent the majority of women ' s activities on campus. It is from this central body that all the women ' s activities originate and the League as a whole functions. COUNCIL MEMBERS DOROTHY SHIPMAN PHYLLIS McGEACHY BETH O ' ROKE . ELLA STOWE . MARY HONECKER ALBERTA WOOD BETTY SLEE . ANN VICARY . HARRIET SHARKEY . BARBARA BASSETT MARY FRANCES REEK ROBERTA LEETE MARY MINOR PATRICIA MATTHEWS ZELDA DAVIS SUZANNE POTTER DOROTHY SHIPMAN President . Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Judiciary Council Daily Women ' s Editor . W.A.A. President Panhellenic President Assembly President Merit System Social Orientation Theater Arts Publicity Top Row DAVIS, MATTHEWS, LEETE. SHABKEY. BASSETT, VICARY, MINOR, RFEK, POTTER. Row 2 STOWE, McGEACHY, HONECKER, SHIPMAN, O ' RoKE, SI.EE. WOOD. Page 287 CLEMENT, BACKUS. SLEE. COI.ER, MERKEK. JUDICIARY COUNCIL Judiciary Council, working in conjunction with the Dean of Women s Office is the disciplinary body for the women of the University. In addition, the Council interviews and appoints women for Orientation advisers, League positions, and class project committee chairmanships. BETTY SLEE OFFICERS BETTY SLEE BARBARA BACKUS RUTH COLER DORIS MERKER BETTY CLEMENT President Senior Member Senior Member Junior Member Junior Member Page 288 MICHIGAN PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION Panhellenic Association is composed of representatives from each sorority and is organized to regulate rules for rushing and to further cooperation between sororities and independent women. A rushing booklet is published every fall to aid the new students. BARBARA BASSETT FRANCES KAHRS JEAN THOMPSON BETH O ' ROKE OFFICERS BARBARA BASSETT President Secretary Treasurer Rushing Secretary Frances Aaronson Ruth Aleinik Virginia Alfvin Annabel Avery Barbara Backus June Bock Leigh Burleson Dorothy Caughey Ruth Chatard Selma Chibnik Jeane Clemmons Ruth Coler Marion Conde Agnes Crow Dorothy Keene Betty Kepler Josephine Kift Anne Kingston Bessie Lawton Meribah Leach Lois Longan Margaret MacDermott MEMBERS Mary Alice McAndrew Frances McLoughlin Donna Miles Mary Minor Jeanne Noyes Corrine Dalman Gwendolyn Dunn Enora Ferriss Barbara Fisher Kathryn Gladding Dorothy Glass Nancy Gossard Patricia Hadley Pattie Haislip Jane Hart Mar y Henderson Phyllis Hoffmeyer Frances Kahrs Virginia Osgood Martha Poe Bette Reutter Shirley Ann Roberts Florence Signaigo Rosalie Smith Betty Steinhart Miriam Szold Barbara Taft Elizabeth Titus Annabel Van Winkle Mary Ellen Wheeler Jane Wilson Mary Anne Young Top Row VAN WINKLE, HART. CIIATARD, TITUS, ALFVIN. AVERY, FERRISS. SMITH. REUTTEH, WHEELER, HOFFMEYER. Row S CLEMMONS, FISHER, M. HENDERSON, MINOR, BACKUS. CROW. SIGNAIGO, McLouGHLiN. LONGAN, ALEINIK, SCUTT, OSGOOD, BURLESON. Row 3 LEACH, HAISLIP, HARRIS. DUNN, VANDERVEEN, NOYES, KAHRS, BASSETT, THOMPSON, O ' RoKE. CFIBNIK, VAN TCYL, POE, CAUOHEY Row 4 BOCK, STEINHART, DALMAN, SEVISON, CONDE, KINGSTON, ROBERTS, HADLEY, KEENE, AAHONSON, PZOLD, GLASS, TAFT. Page 289 PANHELLENIC BALL Panhellenic Ball, a highlight in the sorority calendar, occurred December first. Sophisticated couples danced amid silver and white decorations of a " Winter Wonder- land " to the smooth rhythms of Dick Stabile and his or- chestra. VIRGINIA OSGOOD VIRGINIA OSGOOD . MARY HENDERSON . ANNABEL AVERY BETTE REUTTER . FLORENCE SIGNAIGO PATRICIA HADLEY RUTH CHATARD BARBARA TAFT ELIZABETH TITUS CENTRAL COMMITTEE . General Chairman Tickets Chairman Patrons Chairman Decorations Chairman Assistant Decorations Chairman Publicity Chairman Ballroom Chairman Music Chairman Favors Chairman TOJI Row -CLARK, HADLEY, SIGNAIQO, TENNIE. Row 2 J. BARRETT, TAPF, PADGETT, REUTTEK. Row; 3 R. SINN, M HENDERSON, RATLIFF, OSGOOD, NELSON, CHATARD Page 290 PANHELLENIC SCHOLARSHIP BANQUET Panhellenic Scholarship Banquet is held annually for the purpose of furthering cooperation among sororities, and also in order to present to the sorority maintaining the highest scholastic average throughout the preceding year, the Panhellenic Scholarship Cup. Scholarships are presented also at this time to women who rate high in academic standing, activities, and merit. ANNABEL VAN WINKLE COMMITTEE ANNABEL VAN WINKLE FRANCES AARONSON KATHRYN GLADDING AGNES CROW FLORENCE SIGNAIGO GWENDOLYN DUNN JANE WILSON JUNE BOCK General Chairman Tickets Chairman Menu Chairman Program Chairman Ass ' t. Program Chairman Music Chairman Seating Chairman Decorations Chairman KATHRYN GLADDING Ass ' t. Decorations Chairman Top Row WILSON, GLADDING, CROW, AABONBON. Row S DUNN, VAN WINKLE. SIQNAIQO FORMER WINNERS 1925-1926 Alpha Chi Omega 1926-1927 Collegiate Sorosis 1927-1928 Delta Gamma 1928-1 929 Pi Beta Phi 1929-1 930 Pi Beta Phi 1930-1931 Pi Beta Phi 1931-1932 Pi Beta Phi 1 932-1 933_Kappa Delta 1933-1934 Chi Omega 1934-1935 Delta Zeta 1935-1936 Alpha Delta Pi 1936-1937 Alpha Delta Pi 1937-1938 Alpha Delta Pi 1938-1939 Phi Sigma Sigma Page 291 Top Row HERDRICH, JOHNSON, HALL. REDNEH. Row 2 BIHARY, MANTHEI, O ' DONNELL. FRANCE, WINNAI, I i i i M - Row S -CHOWLEY. ENOEL, MCGEACHY, REEK, CLARK, WAINQEU . ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY OFFICERS MARY FRANCES REEK PHYLLIS McGEACHY JANET CLARK GLADYS ENGEL President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer DORMITORY GROUP ANN ARBOR INDEPENDENTS FRANCES HERDRICH President BETTY HALL . . Vice-president DAISY BIHARY . . Secretary-Treasurer MARY-JEAN O ' DONNELL, Program Chairman LEAGUE HOUSE GROUPS SALLY MANTHEI . ELLEN REDNER . ROSLYN FELLMAN . BARBARA JOHNSON President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Program Chairman LAYA WAINGER ALICE FRANCE ANNE CROWLEY ETHEL WINNAI President Vice-president Secretary-Treasurer Program Chairman Assembly founded for the purpose of organizing the independent women of the University, is one of the finest groups of its kind in the country. Better relations are furthered among Ann Arbor independents and unaffiliated women of League houses and dormitories through the medium of Assembly. MARY FRANCES REEK Page 292 Leap Year, originally proclaimed by a Scottish Queen, was the theme of Assembly Ball, held March eighth. The programs consisted of silver silhouettes on plaid, to indicate the origin of Leap Year. Freddie Martin ' s orchestra afforded music for the dancing. Top Row COLEMAN, ROOT, ADAMS, KIMBALL, CHRISTENSEN, ROKNICH. Row % SCHLEMENSON, SANFOHD, RADFORD, IRONSIDE. HOLLIS, HELLER. Row 3 BUCKLAND, CROWLEY, RANKIN, WALPOLE, WOOD, CLARE. ASSEMBLY BALL PATRICIA WALPOLE ELAINE WOOD JEAN MAXTED . MARGARET SANFORD SUSANNA HOLLIS EMILIE ROOT . ANGIE ROKNICH . ELIZABETH KIMBALL MILDRED RADFORD ANNE CROWLEY . General Chairman Assistant General Chairman Publicity Chairman Finance Chairman .Tickets Chairman Decorations Chairman Music Chairman Patrons Chairman Programs Chairman Merits Chairman BARBARA E. JOHNSON . . . General Chairman JANE SAPP, ELIZABETH LUCKHAM . Assistant Chairmen ELIZABETH CASTOR, HELEN CULLEY, SYLVIA FORMAN, ADELAIDE CARTER . . . Tickets LEONA CALLOW, JEAN GRANT . . . Decorations ALBERTA ROYAL, JANE POLLACK . . . Patrons ANN SCHAEFFER, ANGIE ROKNICH, BETTY LOMBARD Program BETTY ZUNK, NORMA GINSBERG . Merit System Chairmen ESTHER OSSER, DORIS CUTHBERT . Publicity Chairmen ASSEMBLY SCHOLARSHIP BANQUET Assembly Scholarship Banquet has a two-fold purpose; firstly, to honor those independent women who have attained academic recogni- tion, and secondly, to strengthen the good-will within the group. Top Row OSSER. GINSBERG, SCHAEFFER, CARTER, LOMBARD, ROYAL, FORMAN, GALLOW Row 2 CULLEY, CUTHBERT, SAPP, JOHNSON, CASTOR. GRANT. Page 293 Top Row KEPLER. WHITTEMORE, ORUHZIT, ALLISON, STOUT, OSOOOD. Row % KAPHAN, VAN WINKLE. BARNETT, CLEMENT. ORTMAYER. Row 3 WALSH, SEVISON, CHAUFTV, MERKER, GROVE, VEDDER, WILLS, HARDY. W Y V E R N Bright yellow bows, worn the day after " tapping ' signify membership in Wyvern, honorary society for junior women. Wyvern, whose members are chosen for their leadership, scholarship, and service, was founded to better the relations between junior and freshman women. MORTAR BOARD Mortarboard, national honorary society for senior women, chooses its members for scholarship and activities. Among the functions of the group is a " Pay-Off " dance to which the co-eds invite escorts. Mortarboard is also known for its " Smarty Party, " which is given in the spring for sophomore women with high scholarship. Top Row WOOD, LEETE, MOORE, VICARY. Row 2 O ' ROKE, McKAY, DREDGE, DAVIB, SKORATKO, SHIPMAN, REEK, MCGEACHY, HONECKER. Seated KAHRS, BROTHERTON, HAISLIP, REDNER, NICHOLS. Page 294 Top Row VAN RAALTE, VAN TUYL, BASSETT, FERRISS, BACKUS. Row % LEVY, NUSSBAUM, FORD, FERGUSON. SHARKEY, STOWE, SZOLD, ELSPASS. Row 3 MINOR. TIBBITS, HAFF. HAWLEY. JEWITT, MclvoR. SCROLL Scroll, newly organized honorary society for affiliated senior women, was founded in May 1939 for the purpose of furthering the relations between Alumnae and Undergraduate women. SENIOR SOCIETY Activities, leadership, and service characterize members of Senior Society, an organization composed of senior independent women. Its purpose is to strengthen friendship and promote social activity among the independent women on this campus. Top Row MOORE, REDNER, GROSS, KRIEOHOFF, SLEE. Row 2 HONECKER. POTTER, ROYAL, DuNBAR, REEK. CLARK. McGEACHY. ENGEL. Seated MATTHEWS, SKORATKO, FELLMAN, BARIBEAU, MOWERS. NICHOLS. Page 295 JUNIOR GIRLS ' PLAY Song, .dance and drama were woven together this year in the presentation of " Hi Falutin ' ' the traditional J. G. P. given by the junior women on this campus. The production was written and directed by Richard McKelvey. JANE GROVE CENTRAL COMMITTEE JANE GROVE . ANNABEL VAN WINKLE . JANE PINKERTON . ANN VEDDER . MARJORIE FORRESTEL . VIRGINIA LEE HARDY . BETTY LOMBARD . VIRGINIA OSGOOD . JANE KRAUSE . BETTY ANN CHAUFTY . BARBARA FISHER RUTH FITZPATRICK . BETTY HOAG . HELEN BARNETT, JEAN ENGLE VIRGINIA BRERETON General Chairman Patrons Chairman Costume Chairman Tickets Chairman Properties Chairman Publicity Chairman . Usher Chairman Dance Chairman Programs Chairman . Music Chairman Finance Chairman Make-up Chairman Assistant Dance Chairman . Bookholders Recorder Page 296 Top Row GRUHZIT, HARDY, FITZPATRICK, BRERETON. Seated VAN WINKLE, OSGOOD, FISHER, GROVE, PINKERTON, CHAUFTY, VEDDER. Seated on Floor BARNETT, HOAG, LOMBARD, BARTON. GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB Through participation in the program of Girls ' Glee Club University women who enjoy singing and fine music have the opportunity of pursuing such activities throughout the year. Alfburg, Betty Altfeld, Shirley Awrey, Betty Jane Banting, Mary Bell, Dorothy Bolt, Donna Brichan, Jane Cooper, Virginia Cuhlman, Lois Davidson, Amy Davidson, Margaret Drummond, Lou Durand, Virginia Erdmann, Betty Forrest, Cecily Fowle, Carolyn George, Linda Gail Hamilton, Martha Ann Hammond, Mary MEMBERS Hanavan, Eleanor Hathaway, Mary Jackson, Margaret Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Dorothy E. Johnson, Irene Judson, Lorraine Kaplan, Shirley Kilburn, Faye BETTY STADELMAN, President Kimball, Elizabeth MacDonald, Mildred Mosher, Helen Lois Olch, Joan Rayburn, Carolyn Ritchie, Joan Roberts, Elizabeth Rolleston, Mariett Roszel, Grace Stadelman, Betty Storkan, Marjorie Szrkawski, Stella Van Ess, Margaret Walton, Ruth Was, Ellen Woodruff, Margaret Wright, Joy Top Rote WALTON, WRIGHT, STOBKAN. AWREY. Row 2 D. E. JOHNSON, HAMILTON, HANAVAN, BELL, ROSZEL, ERDMANN, FOWLE, ROLLESTON, BOLT, JUDSON, OLCH, DURAND. Row 3 WAS, FORREST, WOODRUFF, BRICHAN, MOSHER, STADELMAN, ENSS, ROBERTS, ALTFELD, BANTING. Page 297 B ' -: Headquarters for women ' s outdoor athletics is the Women ' s Athletic Building, located at the south corner of Palmer Field. It offers to all University women a large variety of equip- ment for golf, tennis skiing, tobogganing, and other popular sports. In addition to its golf and rifle ranges, the building has bowling alleys which are open to everyone. Each spring, tournaments are held among the women students on the campus. Page 298 nimm To promote an interest in athletics and to encourage good will among University women is the two-fold purpose of the Women ' s Athletic Association. At present, the organization is striving to obtain sufficient funds with which to build a swimming pool for Michigan women. W . A HARRIET SHARKEY JANET HOMER . ALBERTA ROYAL JEANETTE STICKELS BETTY GROSS . NORMA KAPHAN JANE GROVE . SALLY CONNERY . RUTH ALLEN . LOUISE KELLER . JUNE ROBERTS LOIS CLINGMAN MARY CULBERTSON . MARIAN WEISS MARY MAY SCOVILLE DORCEN VOILES . MARGARY ALLISON . FRANCES ANDERSON JANE BRICHAN . YVONNE WESTRATE HELEN NUTTING MIRIAM SZOLD SALLY CORCORAN BETTY SHIPMAN BOARD HARRIET SHARKEY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . A. F. C. W. Publicity Intramural . Dormitories . Sororities League Houses Awards Badminton Basketball Bowling Dancing Fencing . Golf Hockey Outdoor Sports Riding Rifle Softball Swimming Tennis Top Row WESTRATE, SCOVILLE, CORCORAN, ALLISON. Row 2 ALLEN, B. SHIPMAN, CULBERTSON, VOILES, BRICHAN, VAN Ess, CONNERY, CLINGMAN, GROSS. Row 3 KAPHAN, SZOLD, HOMER, SHARKEY. STICKELS, ROYAL, ANDERSON. Page 299 Top Row WEBTRATE, DEARIES, BARIBEAU, VAUGHN, CADV. Row 2 SOUTHERLAND. ROBERTS, WmTELY, SwiFT. DEARMOND, MAcDONALD. CROP AND SADDLE Barbara Bancroft Maxine Baribeau Geraldine Cady Nancy Chapman Agnes Crow Pollyanna DeArmond Harrolyn Dilley Nancy Drew Ann Farmer Joan Geiger Eleanor Hanavan Mary Hayden Janet Hiatt Ellen MacDonald Vi rginia Potts Shirley Ann Roberts Margaret Southerland Grace Swift Charlotte Thompson Katie Vaughn Yvonne Westrate Betty Whitely Carolyn Wiesender Ethel Winnai PHYSICAL EDUCATION STAFF Dr. Margaret Bell, Chairman of the Department of Physical Education for Women, Professor of Hygiene and Physical Education, and Physician in the Health Service. DR. MABEL RUGEN, Associate Professor MISS LAURIE CAMPBELL, Assistant Professor MISS DOROTHY BEISE, Instructor MISS RUTH BLOOMER, Instructor MISS MARIE HARTWIG, Instructor MRS. STEWART HANLEY, Assistant MISS CATHERINE GOOD, Assistant MISS MARGERY TAYLOR, Assistant MISS RUTH KREMERS, Assistant Page 300 INDOOR SPORTS iWhen winter days descend upon Ann Arbor, Barbour Gym becomes a wel- icome refuge where backgrounds for (poise, grace and agility are laid. [Fencing, dancing both folk and | modern, badminton and indoor baseball ( are some of the daily activities for those : seeking recreation and education. I Riflery and bowling also come in for i their share of attention. For those I desiring still greater variety, there is imming in the Union Pool and ice- i skating at the Coliseum. Page 301 Page 302 OUTDOOR SPORTS Spring ... or Fall ... in Ann Arbor . . . warmer weather brings girls to dot the golf courses and the tennis courts behind Mosher- Jordan. Teams of girls in blue or yellow uni- forms play a riotous game of field hockey, and near them, similarly clad, archery enthusiasts handle bows and arrows. Canoeing on the Huron, horseback riding in the early morning or late afternoon, hikes and bicycle jaunts ... all these become popular as Ann Arbor makes playful use of its good weather. Page 303 s s Do WM, lite =J-) saddle shoes, cordovans rubbers, boots, and moccasins . . . ten thousand every day . . . from eight to midnight . . . from there . . . climbing weary stairs to lab . . . dashing to lecture high heels and low heels clattering townward to movies . . . marching to drill . . . plodding to eight o ' clocks . . . golden slippersand patent leather to the swish and slide of formal dancing . . . kicking dampish leaves in fall . . . crunching, sliding on ice and snow . . . ploughing muddily through Ann Arbor spring . . . strolling under a bright May sky . . . hiking off to picnics . . . sprinting up the Union steps . . . rushing into League meet- ings . . . loitering to one o ' cjocks, jumping puddles home todinner . . . tramping back to the library at night . . . dodging the mobs at football games ... all of the trails, all of the tracks these are Ann Arbor these are CAMPUS LIFE. CAMPUS Intentions diabolical. SERIOUS SIDE Intentions excellent. Intentions still good. Registration blues . . . where ' s that pipe? . . . professor ' s introduction . . . bluebooks . . . textbook terrors . . . eight o ' clocks on dusky winter mornings . . . shivering across the diagonal . . . snoozing in lecture . . . tired backs, feet, and heads three hours of chem lab . . . the futility of library dates . . . thesis due Saturday . . . midsemesters. and it all leads to finals! More and more cooperatives . . . more and more of us working through college . . . cooking, dusting, mopping at the dorms . . . waiting on table, washing dishes, serving at the Union, League, Wolverine . . . self-sufficiency, inde- pendence, along with political science and chemistry. Alumnae House-keeping. The Union: feeding Michigan men. Page 307 fill Football takes over those early weekends . . . laughs at identification cards . . . streaming stadiumward with the mob the jamming crush at the gate . . . then the band and the team . . . cheerleaders ' sideshow . . . watching the weekenders . . . the hush for the kickoff . . . the cheers, the yells, the advice from the sidelines . . . exhaustion at the half with the band filling in . . . salute to the visitors . . . that chilly hotdog . . . the photo finish to the Ohio State game . . . hoarseness and the tired walk home . . . doughnuts and coffee at the house . . . smiles, hashing, grumbling . . . the Yellow and Blue. imi Louis Elbe! directs his " Victors . Cheerleaders present . . . Miss America. Two governors, two Ms, and a jug. Out to Lunch . . . H. V. Kaltenborn. More autographs Roosevelt. From world affairs to citizenship and youth . . . from France to the South Sea Islands . . . from monologues to the life of a great scientist . . . Kaltenborn, Roosevelt . . . Curie, Skinner . . . variety, color, the world, and the arts . the 1939-40 Lecture Series. Monologue, seen double . . . Cornelia Otis Skinner. Page 310 Him Play Pr oduction with series of five plays . . . from Shakespeare to comic opera . . . modern to the masters . . . radio plays weekly . . . Glee Club rehearsals and the annual serenade . . . debate teams . . . oratory . . . round tables . . . speech contests . . . students learning to express themselves . . . dramatically, clearly, concisely . . . through speech. Play Production ' s " Family Portrait " . Intermission . . . Glee Club serenade. Page 311 VANITY ' S FARE Daily s aid to aspiring coeds . . . what to wear, why, and when . . . meta- morphosis of goon to glamour-girl . . . gowns for evening, sweaters and skirts . . . fabrics and furbelows . . . chic for the campus. Ohio ' nul Varsil , -I H.S.I . r ;::; ; t ; ml |-i . liinilii--: I ' " ' 1 - I- ' " linll:il C.lii .1 ! I ; , Yv.. . ' ' z ' a v sasaa . ...i % ill I HMrHI4V P4 V M B V n H F K VHlR Pounding out the story. From ink to lead. Interviewing . . . Mile. Eve Curie. DAILY Journalistic jargon to the tune of typewriters, tryouts dashing out for stories . . . business staff with heads in the books . . . copy paper snow . . . clattering linotypes . . . laying out the pages . . . ads coming in ... stories set in lead ... at five a.m. the presses roll out campus, world, national news . . . the Daily. The results ... in black and white. Page 314 Setting it up and rolling it out. ! ' ENSI AN Working for permanent records ... in pictures, in copy . . . what the campus is and does . . . photographers and editors with heads together . . . signing up those seniors . . . choosing laying out photography . . . deadlines and section worries . . . reading copy and rushing through the index . . . evolution from Septem- ber to May. Bigwig conference . the editors ' O.K. Laying it out. More . . and more . . copy. Sorting those seniors. Page 315 TECHNIC Oldest and outstanding college engineering publication . . . covering the latest in invention per- sonality, construction . . .watch- ing the " engine " world . . . reporting faithfully . . . same headaches on deadlines . . . same groping for inspiration . . . as the rest of us. Engineering editorials. GARGOYLE Once a month . . . funniest most provocative magazine on campus . . . featuring beauty and the best in cartoons . . . colors . . . covers . . . essays, comments, argument . . . on-the- job, up-to-the-minute Michigan. Cartoons coming up. Left: Editorial rehash. Page 316 FLAGS and STEEL Sabers and khaki . . . drill and manual . . . tactics on deserts, tactics in mountains . . . the pageantry of the army . . . studying of wars . . . knowledge of war ' s brutality and futility . . . learning to know men . . . learning discipline . . . prep- aration for National Defense. Scabbard and Blade: above, tapping, below, Initiation. Page 317 Theater Arts mob scene. B. W. O. C. meeting. LADIES AND LEAGUE . . . Into the rush as a freshman . . . committee meetings, Frosh Project . . . high- lights as sophomores: Sophomore cabaret, those judicial interviews . . . into the swing with J.G.P. . . . Ruthven teas . . . sewing costumes madly for a class project . . . painting scenery . . . women ' s activities with buzz and bustle . . . (with frequent interludes for cokes!). Vi Committee work . . .for every girl a record. Page 318 GENTLEMEN UNION . . . Escape from bore- dom . . . from annoyances and peeves . . . (from women) . . . into a man ' s world . . . plunge in the pool, quiet game of billiards . . . knocking down the tenpins . . . student offices humming with publicity executives and effic- iency . . . where campus men can pull out their pipes, put their feet on the table and relax. Cue ball Relaxation . . . plus conversation Page 319 Above: Dorsey s Swing and Below: Fio Rita s Sweet. BY NEON Ruffles and flounces . . . white tie and toppers . . . whisking away in a taxi . . . dipping sliding, whirling, gliding . . . glamour by spot- light . . . home at dawn. Dancing . Page 320 . from ten to four. Shall we sit this one out? ? ? Request number. Lantern s eye view . . . Panhellenic. u, , Punchbowl population. Home again, home again. Page 321 Back lot gang . . sorority vs. fraternity Snows and skiis. Page 322 Questions plus answers equals Varsity Show. I For relaxation ... for golf, tennis, or a swim . . . canoeing on the Huron . . . crunching through the Arboretum on wintry afternoons . . . sleigh rides and hay rides . . . movies, dances, plays and concerts . . . time out to get away from it all. (MARGARET SUUAv ' i V-JAM1-S STEWART 5 Two hours away from reality. And the heroine . . . J. G. P. Who ... me? Page 323 Luther Purdom, Director, Bureau of Appointments. FROM NOW ON College over struggling with rules, practice t what practica the Bureau of questions . . . answers to the what then? Four short years of logarithm tables, condensers, slide- eaching, and research papers . . . use will they be from now on? To Appointments come all of these . and the questioners ... to find big problem for all of us, the future. Parental interview. Page 324 Post graduate advice. Every year since the Bureau ' s be- ginning in 1927 the demands up- on it have increased, until now there are thousands of students past, present and future who are registered in the Bureau for voca- tional guidance. Bewildered high school graduates seniors worried over coming years graduates who need jobs or replacements ... all of these are given careful considera- tion from personality analysis to vocational aptitude tests accord- ing to their backgrounds and their training. To all of us the University offers this service ... a helping hand to the future to guide us over the First few years when we begin to build on the foundations we have acquired here . . . and a per- manent reminder that, having gone out from their alma mater, the graduates of Michigan can always turn back to it for constructive criticism and real aid from their placesin " thewide wide, world. " MANUFACTURES MARKETS BY COUNTIES An engineering position secured through the Bureau. One of many teachers placed by the Bureau. Saleschart analysis for June graduate after accepting position with insurance company. Page 325 In the__Jto er8ity s.ld j s igj " ta. swr- ' fS a ,. .., I8e . the - WHEREFORE ' SflW A libel suit was filed by the Michigan Coeds against the Michigan Union Opera. The trial was conducted the night of May 1, 1940 in the University Court under the strictest of secrecy, and none of the proceedings or decisions were dis- closed to the campus. Michigan Coeds charged the Union Opera to prove their statement that " Four out of five girls are beautiful and the fifth one comes to Michigan " or else to com- pensate the injured pride of Michigan womanhood with damages of one million dollars. The verdict of the court was in favor of the Michigan Coeds. The Union Opera immediately agreed to settle for the damages and then bribed the Coeds with an additional million in an effort to keep the whole affair hushed. However, in their efforts to kill the story, the Opera failed to take cognizance of the Michigan- ensian, who proved to be the star witness in the case. Actually, it was through the Michiganensian that the Coeds were able to obtain evidence to prove their case. For in the ' Ensian files were pictures galore of beautiful Michigan women taken by Bob Merriman, the ace yearbook photographer. The ' Ensian, upon taking the stand, produced hundreds of photographs and then, upon the request of the judge, selected twelve at random. It was this evidence that proved without a doubt that the statements of the Union Opera were false and slanderous to the reputation of Michigan womanhood. Here, in this edition, the ' Ensian presents the complete facts, evidence and proceedings of the case. One can see the summons to the court, the declaration of the charges, and of great importance, the photographic evidence which proved conclusively that the Opera had made false and libelous statements. Barbara Wisher Frances Patterson m Ml CHIC AM .1 V _J icAii ((ii cti . ! LYOIA MFISD1 E550HN THEATRE four Out Of Five ' To Be Title Of 1940 Michigan Union Opei By HFRVii: niibly. the Union Opera was ' .-I to contribute to Uie Soph Cab- i t an exhibit consisting of a magic r m and pictures of the stars of I Operas. a the Opera set up its display , r. there in the center of it was J jfflagnmtly Urge and brilliant copy fH picture that had been rubbing i women ' s egoa the wrong way for t post week. . ._ J picture showed four shapely j I beautiful girls. They were not ' .jrever. the centerpiece. They mere- ' t formed the background for the i - ianc entrance of a fifth girl, a I ie-shoed coed whose wnlle at- i d a number of buck teeth to j yw " through, whose legs looked like ' pops and whose figure would have lopped Big Ben. fly 1 wore a blue sweater and on ft latretoned an enormous " M. " Her mt ktrt might have been borrowed to a roommate here. fce words accompanying the pic- tt. which had hereto or ' turJ on campus without planation. were " Mimes Promt ( Michigan Union Opera. Tour , Five. ' Feb. 28 to March 2. Lyffi dels ohn Theatre. " Authoritative cirdeB latf i terprewd the Opera ' s )ut title ac a direct diplomatic i the women, who have bac ! for part in the Opera, an all-male production. For " Four Out of Five " t ex-footballer Jack that made Michigan wr oiro ally notorious " Four out of ftn are beautiful and the fifth one to Michigan, " Irate women. re !bdng cations of the picture, wu feated tbe Opera ' s publicity paign this w ek what they i down numerous copies pac throughout the city Opera pu cUrt Charles Helnen. HIK, who ( mated the campaign. Mt that v ne WM complete, however. the hoaxing of the oaltv xrfMM He added that copto of I At this point, the Plaintiffs (Coeds) intro- duce the defendant ' s (Union Opera) written accusations. So far the Coeds have presented evidence in the form of photographic exhibits A, B, C, etc., which they contend prove unquestionably that the statement, " Pour out of five girls are beau- tiful and the fifth one comes to Michigan, " is false and libelous. And now for further proof, the plaintiffs call back the Michiganensian to present still more evidence to prove conclusively the printed matter to be unjust, slanderous and detrimental. 3?eggy Sabriel T ( r Ui (Jeanne Somon in - or COEDS 1940 3ho DQ -, , hsn nt to .k that J ' J - Founded upon the principles of brotherhood, fraternities at Michigan have continued the emphasis on fraternal association, at the same time keeping pace with rapidly changing trends in education, in order to present students at Michigan with a pro- gram and mode of living unique to most Greek societies. Paced by the rise of dormitories and cooperative houses, fraternities have met the challenge with a program of activities and oppor- tunities which have consistently maintained these societies as a strong guiding influence, both academically and socially, upon the careers of pledges and active members alike. Active life in the fraternity house on occasions ,has its lighter aspects pie races for the frosh, bridgefests, cramming sessions and lengthy discussions on anything and everything. However, it is the combination of leisure hours with serious activity that molds men in brotherhood and develops more fully rounded individuals. PRATER N mnm i All-American meets Miss America, Pat Donnelly Purely non-academic The Rover Boys at Michigan The girl back home it ' s a hard life and then the dance Fraternity marquee which recalls the week end of crew haircuts vs. Kodros Co. I EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY PROF. JESSE ORMONDROYD MR. CHARLES W. GRAHAM MR. HERBERT WATKINS THOMAS B. ADAMS, JR. (Pres.) WILBUR DAVIDSON (Secretary) WILLIAM BARINGER HUGH ESTES JOHN GELDER ROBERT HARRINGTON THOMAS ADAMS AND WILBUR DAVIDSON. Inter fraternity Council WILLIAM ASH KEITH BRONSON ALMON COPLEY ROBERT CRANE JOHN DEVINE PAUL S. DURFEE RAYMOND DWYER LEO FEDERMAN JEROME GROSSMAN- JAMES HARRISON- LOWER STAFF MERRILL JOHNSON JAMES KREIGER CHARLES LAPWORTH BLAZ LUCAS RICHARD MARSH RICHARD MARTIN GEORGE MILLER LLOYD MOWERY LOWELL Moss RICHARD PECKINPAUGH ROBERT REUTTER ROBERT SCHNEIDER NEAL SEEGERT BERNARD SISMAN A. PAUL SMITH J. PAUL SMITH SAMUEL SOLOMON CHARLES WADE HENRY WATSON standing SEEGERT, ASH. DEVINE, WATSON. WADE, M. JOHNSON, PECKINPAUGH. LAPWORTH, FEDERMAN, SISMAN. LUCAS, COPLEY. HARRISON. BRONSON. Sea to GROSSMAN, Moss, J. PAUL SMITH, DAVIDSON, ADAMS. CRANE, ENGLANDER. A. PAUL SMITH. Page 346 Top Row CLABK, DRAPE, COSSAR. ROBERTS, CHURCHILL. HILLS. GREENE, J. VINE, RIDER, KIRMAIER. Row 2 PIERSON. JEFFREY, FORD, MOEHLMAN, HANN, DUNLAP, DURR, PAUP, DENNY, BOSWELL. LEEDEK. Kow S VALPEY. DEFHIEB, WILLIAMS, DOCTOR. LIENTZ, HUNT. CONKERS, B. VINE, SHARRARD, BOWDEN. g ou , 4 SEYFRIED, MATTHEWS, MULKEY, PRYCE, POEST, BROWN, MANN, REDWINE. BALLARD VERNON G. POEST . WILFORD H. BROWN GEORGE W. MATTHEWS JOHN M. MULKEY Acacia CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. W. BUNTING, D.D.S. B. D. EDWARDS, COL. C. T. JOHNSON, C. E. R. G. RODSKY, PH.D. E. A. STALKER, M.S. M. E. COOLEY, LL.D. H. W. EMERSON, M.D. M. L. NIEHUSS, C.E. C. A. SINK, M.E. T. H. TAPPING, LL.B. F. D. CURTIS, Pn.D. R. W. HAMMETT, M.Arch. F. G. Now, M.D. M. B. SMALL, A.B. TRACY V. BULKWALTER HARRY JONES-BURDICK, A.B. JOHN H. FARRENS, JR. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY SHANNON D. LIENTZ, JR., BS..M.S. RICHARD W. POMEROY, A.B. H. H. ATWELL E. BEAL BOEHM JAMES E. BALLARD WILLIAM S. BOWDEN WILFORD H. BROWN RICHARD A. CONNERS JOHN F. DURR CHARLES D. FORD R. A. CAMPBELL L. G. CHRISTMAN R. C. EASTMAN W. FRITZ DEFRIES LYNN A. DOCTOR DAVID B. DUNLAP C. STEPHEN HANN DOUGLAS C. JEFFREY, ROBERT B. BOSWELL M. RAY DENNY J. Ross CLARK GRIFFITH S. COSSAR MEMBERS IN CITY L. EMDE R. E. GRANVILI.E W. C. HOLLANDS Seniors THEODORE T. GIBSON JOHN I. HUNT RICHARD J. MANN Juniors WILLIAM E. LEEDER JR. GEORGE W. MATTHEWS Sophomores ARTHUR C. HILLS LEONARD E. RUBY, JR. MORRETTE L. RIDER Freshmen GARDNER DRAPE ROBERT Q. GREEN O. D. LEFFERTS R. NORRIS C. R. PRYCE JOHN M. ' MULKEY VERNON G. POEST JACK D. REDWINE THOMAS G. REED, A.B. ALVA D. RISH, A.B. PAUL L. WILLIAMS, A.B. F. A. SARGEANT FRED J. SEYFRIED, JR. GEORGE A. SHARRARD GRANT R. VALPEY JOHN H. MOEHLMAN JOHN P. PAUP JOHN S. PIERSON WALTER J. ROBERTS BENJAMIN H. VINE STUART W. CHURCHILL RAYMOND A. KIRMAIER JAMES VINE VERNON G. POEST Founded at the University of Michigan 1904 Page 347 1 1! ! El ft f f f I f v t A Top Rou FUNK, VANLEUWEN. MEAD, SOUKUP, COPITHORN, HOOK, LYONS, BEEBE. Row 2 WASON, SHEEHY, WILLIAMS, ROBERTSON, CASTERLINE. HOELSHER, WBIOHT, SPAULDING. McKiNNEY. HADLEY. Row 3 CLINE, CHRISTIANSON, CONRAD. GIBSON, LEIDY, BRENNER, CLARK. UNDERDOWN. SKINNER. Row 4 EVEHARD, MANCOURT, LADD, MOORE. LILLIE, THAXTER, SADLER, YOUNO, YEPSEN, WINTER. Row S GUSHING, SHANDB, EVERETT, LANGSTROM, TUSSINQ, PARFET. WATSON. BECKER, BENHAM, PUTT, CARTER. Alpha Delta Phi WILLIAM G. PARFET DAVID J. WATSON, JR. CHARLES J. GIBSON, JR. WILLIAM S. EVERARD . CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY DEAN HARRY M. BATES, PH.D., LL.D., LL.B. CLARK HOPKINS W. H. BUTTS, PH.D. DON MARSHALL, M.S., M.D. E. A. HAND, M.D. WILLIAM J. DELANCEY JOHN L. RUBSAM ROBERT C. W. SADLER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HORACE W. GILMORE LLOYD M. FORSTER MEMBERS IN CITY JESSE S. REEVES, PH.D., LL.D. PHILIP F. WEATHERILL, PH.D. BENJAMIN W. WHEELER, A.M. EARL VINCENT MOORE JULIAN KILMAN CLARENCE O. SKINNER OTTO R. BECKER HAL T. BENHAM, JR. CASEY McGRAw CARTER WILLIAM F. BEEBE GEORGE T. CHRISTIANSON WILLIAM S. EVERARD G. JEROME BRENNER, JP GOODWIN CLARK, JR. WILLIAM Ross CONRAD PAUL CASTERLINE Russ HADLEY BRADFORD HOELSCHER DAVID McKiNNEY RICHARD V. CHADWICK WILLIAM T. GUSHING, JR. Seniors JAMES C. EVERETT FRANK LANGSTROM RICHARD PUTT WILLIAM G. PARFET FREDERICK L. SHANDS THOMAS C. TUSSING DAVID J. WATSON, JR. ROBERT J. WINTER ROBERT M. HOOK A. L. JETT DAVID M. LADD WILLIAM MEAD Russ RICHARDS JAMES ROBERTSON Juniors OWEN PATRICK LILLIE STANLEY A. MOORE JOSEPH BLAKE THAXTER, III Sophomores WILLIAM K. FUNK CHARLES J. GIBSON, JR. JOHN BREYMANN LEIDY Freshmen EDWARD SHEEHY JAMES SKINNER ERWIN SOUKUP ROGER BENNET YEPSON THOMAS B. YOUNG J. RODERIC VAN LEUWEN ROBERT BRUCE LYONS DUNCAN McKiNNON WIERENGO S. BRADFORD WILLIAMS JAMES SPAULDING BILLY UNDERDOWN JOHN WASON ARTHUR WRIGHT WILLIAM G. PARFET Founded at Hamilton College 1832 Peninsular Chapter 1846 Page 348 Top Row HUMPHREYS, E. RANKIN, HILLAKER, BLOOMER, WALKER, HAMILTON, BROWN, K. RANKIN, FINK. Row t COCKROFT, WEESNER, GILE, COONEV, FISHER, BARTELS, LADD. BURROUGHS. Row 3 KREUZ, WALLACE, OAKES, STEDING, CHRISMAN, HEININGER, BEEBE, FREDERICK, SCOTT. Alpha Kappa Lambda LEE CHRISMAN H. RICHARD STEDING . JOHN D. COONEY RAYMOND L. FREDERICK CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Dow V. BAXTER, PH.D. ROBERT C. F. BARTELS, Pn.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY HARLAN H. BLOOMER, PH.D. RICHARD T. LIDDICOAT, B.S. LAWRENCE C. MAUGH, M.S. HOWARD Y. McCLusKY, PH.D. WILLIAM M. BURROUGHS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY O. WALLIN LADD JACK D. HOGAN AUSTIN H. BEEBE ARTHUR L. BENNETT LEE CHRISMAN RAYMOND L. FREDERICK ROBERT S. COCKROFT JOHN D. COONEY MEMBERS IN CITY Seniors KENNETH A. HEININGER KENNETH L. KREUZ ARTHUR C. OAKES Juniors JEROME FINK ROBERT E. FISHER LEWIS C. REIMANN RICHARD R. ROEMER JAMES E. SCOTT H. RICHARD STEDING WIMBURN L. WALLACE DONALD W. LIPP GEORGE W. WEESNER WILLIAM BROWN DAVID S. FREDERICK RICHARD M. GILE Sophomores ALLEN B. HAMILTON HARRY J. HILLAKER EDMOND D. HUMPHREYS EDWARD H. RANKIN KENNETH S. RANKIN ROGER STEVENS Freshman GILBERT T. WALKER LEE CHRISMAN ZETA CHAPTER Founded at the University of California 1914 Zeta Chapter 1924 Page 349 Top Row DELONG, O ' DELL, ERPELDING, HOFFMAN, HOLZHAUER. BOSTWICK. JANES, O ' CONNOR. Row 2 E. TAYLOR, G. TAYLOR, HENDRICK, J. B. WILKIE, AVERILL, MORLEY, NELSON, A. ' ILKIE, CRANDALL Row 3 GILBERT, HAGAR, MARTIN, BRONSON, DEHM, MURRAY, CHASE, SHERMAN. HALL. BARRY. Row 4 SCHWARZKOPF, MORSE, FEELY, PARISH. ALDRIDGE. SHAW, ARNOLD, J. S. WILKIE, GANGWERE, OLSEN, PEARCE Alpha Sigma Phi. DANIEL J. SHAW C. NEWTON HAGAR JOHN B. WILKIE HILTON P. HORNADAY RALPH W. AIOLER, LL.B. WILLIAM M. BRACE, A.B., M.D. FRED F. BASOM FRANCIS C. ANDERSON BROOKS K. JOHNSON CHARLES W. ALDRIDGE GORDON H. ARNOLD HERBERT F. BROWN KEITH R. BRONSON WILLIAM M. CHASE HENRY T. CONLIN CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY JOHN M. NEELY, M.D. AARON F. SHULL, PH.D. FRED B. WAHR, PH D. BENNIE G. OOSTERBAAN, A.B. FREDERICK K. SPARROW, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY JOHN W. CONLIN DOUGLAS P. HAMMIAL HARRY G. RASCHBACHER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN H. O ' DELL GUY H. PITTS FINN F. G. OLSEN WILLIAM G. SHAW EVERETT R. TREBILCOCK DAVID R. DEHM FRANK J. FEELY GEORGE H. GANGWERE WILLIAM B. HALL RICHARD H. MARTIN JOHN C. AVERILL RAYMOND C. BARRY MONROE A. GILBERT DARWIN C. BOSTWICK CHARLES N. CRANDALL ROBERT E. DELONG JOHN W. ERPELDING Seniors FRANCIS P. HOGAN HILTON P. HORNADAY ELWIN F. MORSE Juniors GEORGE H. SHERMAN- LOUIS W. TOTH Sophomores ELWIN HENDRICK. JOHN MORLEY ORVILLE F. F. ROEGLIN Freshmen ROBERT R. HOFFMAN RALPH N. HOLZHAUER ROBERT J. JANES JOHN H. MURRAY FREDERICK C. PEARCE EDWARD J. PARISH RALPH H. SCHWARZKOPF DANIEL J. SHAW LEONARD R. WEST KENNETH M. NELSON ALEXANDER C. WILKIE JOHN B. WILKIE THOMAS W. O ' CONNOR CHARLES W. O ' DELL EDWARD G. TAYLOR GLENN L. TAYLOR DANIEL J. SHAW Founded at Yale University 1845 Theta Chapter 1908 Page 350 Top Rou COURTNEY. CANNAN, HAAS, MCENZER. Roir 2 MARTIN, FLICKINGER, MEYER, PARSONS, GRAHAM, KNAPP. METZ, BURCHILL ANGLE. COLBRIDGE, GUERTLER. Row 2 THOMAS, PASCH, HOEPER, JONES, GABRIEL. LAPWORTH, MARSH, HARNIST. HARRINQTON, SMITH. Row 4 LANG. WATSON. RUSSELL, KENDALL, CLARK. CONRAD. HIGGINS, MAIER, BLACK. KINSELL. GOSSAHD. Row 5 HOLLAR. BRANDT, BOYD, TEASDALE, MUNN, CAUGHEY, HAWLEY, AYERS, TODD, MORSE. KENNETH MEYER . THOMAS COLBRIDGE THERON HAAS BERNARD CANNAN Alpha TQLL Omega CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JOSEPH H. CANNON, B.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY HERBERT W. EMMERSON, M.D. WILBUR R. HUMPHREYS, A.M. LEWIS B. SIMES, A.B. J. ALLISON, A.B. H. H. RIECHER, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY MILTON A. KENDRICHS, A.B. STEVEN REMIAS, A.B. DORR R. MARTIN, A.B. HUGH WELLMAN, A.B. TOM B. CLARK, A.B. DONALD PATTERSON, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN CLARK, A.B. JOHN ANGLE WILLIAM BLACK ARTHUR BRANDT HARRY CLARK THOMAS COLBRIDGE ROBERT GABRIEL FRED GUERTLER ROBERT BOYD BERNARD CANNAN MALCOLM CURTIS STANLEY ' CONRAD THOMAS COURTNEY DAVID FLEMING JOHN FLICKINGER WILLIAM HARNIST GLEN KENDALL WILLIAM KINSELL THERON HAAS EDWIN HARRINGTON RICHARD C. HIGGINS HUGH AYERS CHARLES BEAIRD REED CAUGHEY Seniors PETER GOSSARD DOUGLAS GRAHAM RICHARD HIGGINS ARTHUR HOLLAR Juniors WILLIAM LAPWORTH RICHARD MARSH Sophomores PHILLIP BURCHILL ARTHUR HAWLEY PAUL HOEPER ROBERT KLEIN Freshmen PAUL FRANKLIN RICHARD GAUTHIER LEWIS JOHNSON JACK MUNN ROBERT HANDLEY, A.B. EDWIN GILLAM, A.B. GEORGE JONES W T ALLACE KNAPP MALCOLM LANG MARK MAIER DON METZ PAUL SMITH JOE MORSE ROBERT MUENZER ROBERT PASCH H. JEROME MARTIN KENNETH MEYER RICHARD PARSONS DAVID THOMPSON BAIRD THOMAS ROBERT DECKER ALFRED RUSSELL WILLIAM TODD KEITH WATSON THOMAS ROBINSON- WILLIAM SCUPHAM RUFUS TEASDALE KENNETH MEYER Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1865 Beta Lambda Chapter 1888 Page 351 Top Row SLOCCM, RENNIE, ANGST, MCCALMONT, STEWART, WHIPPLE, HYNES, ALDRICH, EARL. Row 2 SAP, BlGELOW, SuNDQUIST, IMRIE, C. BARRETT, F. CONRATH, BUSH, BLACK. Row 3 COULSON, WEST. KENT, WILLIAMS, BOYNTON, KNISHERN, DALBY, TENNY, FERRIES. Rom 4 STEVENSON, OLSEN. PARK. Vis, E. BARRETT, WATSON. LOWREY, DUTHIE, .1. OHRT, MEYERS. Row a ALLEN, HEYL, HAIGH, H. OHRT, BEERS, JOHNSON, WATT, GOODYEAR, THOMAS, STRANK, A. CONRATH. ROBERT JOHNSON HARRISON LOWRY JAMES ALLEN ROBERT WATT . E. W. Dow, A.B. WALTER S. HARKINS, III DAVID W. HOLMES, A .B. JUNIUS E. BEAL E. BEAL JAMES ALLEN JULIUS BEERS ALMON CONRATH CHARLES BARRETT EDWARD BARRETT LORNE BLACK PHILLIP ALDRICH WILLIAM ANGST CHARLES BOYNTON CHARLES F. ALEXANDER HOMER BIGELOW MILTON COULSON WILLIAM DEVLIN ' Beta Tketa PL CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. GOODRICH, PH.D. R. ROBBINS, PH.D. K. MCMURRAY, PH.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT F. JEFFRIES, A.B. PHIL McCALLUM JAMES MORGAN JAMES A. SCHWARTZ ROBERT W. KLEEMEIER, A.B. HAMILTON MITCHELL WILLIAM B. NEWTON, JR. BORIS S. WOOLEY DAN C. BRYANT M. BULLARD ROBERT FERRIES ROBERT GOODYEAR JOHN HAIGH ROBERT BUSH FRANK CAVAN JOHN DALBY FRED CONRATH SAWYER EARLE JAMES IMERIE HARRY GUSTAFSON ROBERT HEATH CHARLES KENNEDY DAVID MCCALMONT MEMBERS IN CITY W. S. CLARKSON R. EARHART Seniors BRADSHAW HEYL ROBERT JOHNSON HARRISON LOWRY Juniors JAMES DUTHIE ROBERT HALL WILLIAM HYNES R. A. HEAPS C. McCALLUM BARTON MYERS HENRY OHRT PAUL PARK JAMES MEAD STUART MORAN HARLAN OLSON M. W. WHEELER A. S. WHITNEY ROBERT STRAUS PERRY TENNEY ROBERT WATT DONALD STEVENSON VINCENT Vis HENRY WATSON Sophomores HERBERT KENT CULVER KNISKERN Freshmen DON PEARCE JOHN PEQUEGNAT WILL SAPP PAUL SCHICK RAYMOND STEWART WILLIAM SLOCUM DAVID WILLIAMS FORD WHIPPLE ROBERT SUNDQUIST WILLIAM TROWBRIDGE RICHARD WIRTH DONALD WEST ROBERT JOHNSON Founded at Miami University 1839 Lambda Chapter 1865 Page 352 Top Row P. NORTH, ROBINSON, ALIG, SCHANCK, BEAR, MONTGOMERY. Row STOVER, RHOADS, ROOKUS. MAGAELSKI, NAULIN, ANTLE, YORK. Row 3 COLGAN, C. POSADA, WALLACE, CLARK, WADE, YODER, MORSE, LAMPKIN, EDDY. HARRIS. Row 4 A. POSADA, BURITZ, RATLIFF, HOPKINS. PEPPER, BUHLEH. WITTLIFF, POWERS, HEENAHAN. Row a MULHOLLAND, GOODELL, FLANAGAN. HnTTON, BRAUN, RHODES, NlXON, BLAKELEY. Row 6 MAClNTYHE, WHITMAN, PECKINPAUGH, ELLIS, E. NORTH, RlCHEY, ScHUST, BERHALTER, LORENZEN. EDWARD D. NORTH . RICHARD B. PECKINPAUGH OWEN R. BAKER ROBERT L. ELLIS Chi Pht CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer F. F. BLICKE, PH.D. R. B. HALL, PH.D. GEORGE J. ANDROS, A.B. PHILIP S. DURFEE, A.B. DR. R. H. BAYLEY H. C. BENNETT MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. F. HEMANS, A.B. J. J. HERBERT, LL.B. J. L. LAU, M.D. J. E. MOSER, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DONALD B. EFFLER, A.B. H. L. NIGG, A.B. R. M. HAMMOND, A.B. MARTIN PECKOVER, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY A. A. HEALD D. SHEPHERD B. W. MANWARING DR. C. W. STRICKLER J. K. POLK, A.B. C. B. WHITE, A.B. CHARLES PECKINPAUGH, A.B. R. H. TRIMBY OWEN R. BAKER, JR. ROBERT L. BERHALTER RANDALL F. BRAUN ROBERT L. ELLIS RICHARD H. BLAKELEY JEAN E. BUHLER ROBERT S. BURITZ BEN B. DURFEE ROBERT C. ANTLE WILLIAM E. CHURCH HOWARD J. CLARK FRANK S. ALIG ROBERT C. GRANSE ARTHUR Y. HILLAMAN DENNIS D. FLANAGAN- JOHN B. GOODELL THOMAS HANCOCK THOMAS HUTTON Seniors HARLAND JARVIS JOHN M. LORENZEN ARTHUR L. MAC!NTYRE ROBERT D. MORSE HARRY K. MULHOLLAND ROBERT M. NELSON DON L. NIXON EDWARD D. NORTH HOWARD R. EDDY THOMAS A. HEENAHAN FRANK P. HOPKINS FRANK W. JENNISON, JR. JOHN W. COLGAN ALAN H. HARRIS DONALD B. NAULIN WILLIAM H. LEHMAN JOHN E. MAGIELSKI WILLIS R. MONTGOMERY Juniors ERNEST D. LAMPKIN WILLIAM R. POWERS FRANK M. MORTON W. BERRY RATLIFF RICHARD B. PECKINPAUGH DONALD D. RICHEY ALVARO POSADA Sophomores Freshmen CAMILO POSADA KENNETH W. RHOADS JOHN A. ROOKUS PHILIP O. NORTH DAVID A. OVIATT ROBERT H. PEPPER HAROLD R. SPURWAY J. FARRELL WHITMAN ROBERT WINDSOR CHARLES F. WADE PAUL L. WALLACE WILLIAM W. WITTUFF JOHN YODER WILLIAM G. SCHUST JOHN P. STOVER LESTER R. YORK LOREN T. ROBINSON DONALD L. SHANCK HOMER D. SWANDER EDWARD D. NORTH Founded at College of New Jersey 1824 Alpha Tau Chapter 1921 Page 353 Top Roil ' SUMMERHAYS, PARSHALL, ScHOMBURO, 6REHM, OA8. Row 2 COLLINS, COOK, TAYLOR, RANNEY, HARTLEY, KELLEY. R ow 3 OSBORN, BlGGERS, SANDERSON, HlBBARD. BREIDENBACH, MARTIN, HEAD. R OW 4 CRAWFORD, KENNICOTT, RAE, VAN DEN BERG, PALMER, BROWN, KING, COLE. Chi Ps CHAPTER OFFICERS ROBERT A. PALMER . . WARREN C. BREIDENBACH JOHN K. MARTIN . EDWIN A. HIBBARD WALDO M. ABBOT, A.B. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer H. SEGER SLIFER, A.B., M.A., J.J.D. ALBERT M. BARNES, A.B. JOSEPH F. BARTLEY, A.B. JAMES E. BROWN BROOKS BUDERUS JOHN F. COLE HARRY B. CRAWFORD WILLIAM D. BIGGERS WARREN C. BREIDENBACH HUGH L. HEAD EDWIN A. HIBBARD THOMAS S. BARTLEY JAMES B. COLLINS WEBSTER COOK. JAMES C. H. DAVIS MEMBERS IN FACULTY STEWART G. ARMITAGE LAFAYETTE F. Dow, A.B., M.A. MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT B. DI NN, A.B. JOHN H. DUXBURY Seniors JOSEPH W. KENNICOTT ROBERT W. KING ROBERT A. PALMER Juniors HERBERT D. KILNER JOHN P. LORD JOHN K. MARTIN Sophomores JACK M. DEWOLF ALFRED HICKS II JOSEPH W. JEWELL ROGER F. KELLEY DALE B. PARSHALL JOHN A. BIRD ROBERT L. BIRD JAMES S. BOWER Freshmen EDWARD W. BREHM, JR. CHARLES D. FISKE, JR. FRANK C. MCCARTHY CHARLES A. OOSTDYK THOMAS O. POYSER RAYMOND FISHER, A.B. LEE RICHARDSON, A.B. EDWARD J. GREENWAI.D, A.B. RAYMOND J. FRASER JAMES W. RAE ROBERT R. SMITH THOMAS STARR LAWRENCE H. VAN DEN BERG WILLIAM F. OSBORNE MARK C. PLEUNE SPENCER REITZ CHASE O. SANDERSON W. RANNEY WILLIAM H. SCHOMBURG ROBERT L. STMMERHAYS RICHARD L. TAYLOR DAVID VON SCHI.EGELI. STEVEN S. WYGANT JOHN F. ZIMMERMAN ROBERT A. PALMER Founded at Union College 1841 Alpha Epsilon Chapter 184S Page 354 Top R 5ip HARRIS, CAMPAU, ZEDER, PEARCE, SWAN, WISE, WHITE. MACBETH -PROCTOR MAC ANDREWS. GUSTAFSON, MANDLER, COLLINS, BEHR, DRAKE Kow 3 W ALSH. BUTLER. DOOLITTLE. NELSON. THOMPSON. FURNISS, BALLANTINE ' BATCHELDER. ZIMMERMAN. PORTER. HURLEY, MORRIS. STARR, HALLER, McMuRRv Row o TOWER. FORD, MORIN. KIRK, DAVIDSON, DELBRIDGE, GLASSER MACKEY Delta Kappa Epsiion WILBUR DAVIDSON HOWARD KIRK . FRANCIS MACKEY ROBERT PORTER CHAPTER OFFICERS A. S. AITON, PH.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. C. ANGELL, PH.D. H. M. EHRMANN, PH.D. President House Manager Social Chairman Secretary ALAN S. FOUST A. B. CONNABLE J. FREDERICK COLOMBO OHN F. TOWNSEND WILLIAM B. CANFIELD RAY D. DWYER TOM G. FORD JOHN McMuRRY PETER HALLER WILLIAM HURLEY TILDEN BATCHELDER DOUGLAS BALLENTINE ROBERT BEHR JACK BUTLER ARTHUR BYERLY MEMBERS IN CITY H. S. JOHNSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM E. MILLER ARMIN A. DARMSTAETTER JAMES W. GRACE Seniors WILBUR S. DAVIDSON WILLIAM M. DELBRIDGE " Juniors FRANK MACKEY PENDELTON MORRIS VOLNEY MORIN Sophomores GORDON CRITCHELL WILLIAM DOOLITTLE DONALD NELSON ROBERT CAMPAU JOHN COLLINS EARLE DRAKE WILLIAM FURNISS Freshmen EDWARD GUSTAFSON JAMES HARRIS ATWOOD MACANDREWS JOHN MACBETH F. H. YOST, JR. HOUSTON BRICE JAMES LIVINGSTON HOWARD F. KIRK JOSEPH GLASSER OLIVER STARR ROBERT PORTER WILLIAM THOMPSON RAY TOWER ROBERT ZIMMERMAN JAMES MANDLER FRED PEARCE DAVID PROCTOR JOHN SWAN JACK WALSH JOHN WHITE ROBERT WISE FRED ZEDER WILBUR DAVIDSON Founded at Yale University. 1844 Omicron Chapter, 1855 Page 355 Top Row -HARNESS, MATTHEWS, ALLAN, WRIGLEY, SIBLEY, PERLBERG, WHITE, SNOW, McCoRD, CONOVER. Row 2 HANNAN, EDMUNDS, THOMAS, PEZDIRTZ, FLOWERS, GRAY, ALBRECHT, SCHOEL, BUELL, SPOONER, PEEBLES. Row 3 MUELLER, KIMBALL, RAGSDALE, ELDRED, HOGLUND, CHAMBERLAIN, WHITEHEAD, BURGESS, O ' LEARY, CAULEY. Row 4 SAWYER, YAGER, WAGNER, JAMIESON, CORNELL, ULMER, JOHNSON, REID, WINKLER, LAUGHLIN, IMBODEN. Row 5 GlPSON, GWILLIM, QUAAL, PARKER, JONES, HEDGES, WHEELER, H. DlGHTON, DANNEMILLER, SMITH, VAN DYCKE, HENDERSON. Deita TCLLL Delta CARL D. WHEELER AUGUSTUS DANNEMILLER EDWARD REID HENRY T. DIGHTON CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer J. ALEXANDER F. E. BARTELL D. BULMER F. D. CURTIS C. M. DAVIS F. M. GAIGE MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. W. GILBERT C. E. GUTHE J. L. POWERS H. H. WlLLARD L. J. YOUNG P. J. BURROUGHS R. D. CUTTING R. FASQUELLE W. W. FLORER MEMBERS IN CITY A. M. HlGHLEY G. P. McCALLUM F. L. OAKES S. PLATT H. H. SMITH FREDERICK. G. BUESSER C. J. BURRELL AUGUSTUS DANNEMILLER HENRY T. DIGHTON WILLIAM BAXTER WILLIAM BEATTY GEORGE CORNELL WILLIAM GRAY CHARLES BUELL WILLIAM BURGESS RICHARD CAULEY FRANCIS CHAMBERLAIN TED ALBRECHT KENNETH ALLEN ROBERT CONOVER JAMES EDMUNDS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. MURRAY CAMPBELL DEL JEFFERS GEORGE NICHOLS GUERDON D. GREENWAY JOHN MCALLISTER WILLIAM NICHOLS CHARLES A. HEDGES BENJAMIN F. JONES HAROLD GWILLIM NEVIN JAMIESON MERRILL JOHNSON ROBERT KIMBALL GEORGE COMBS JOHN DIGHTON NEY ELDRED OILMAN GAMES FREDERICK GIPSON CHARLES HANNAN Seniors JOHN W. McCALLISTER GUSTAVUS H. MILLER Juniors L. BRADFORD LAUGHLIN Louis MUELLER RUSSELL H. PEEBLES Sophomores JACK. FLOWERS JOHN HOGLUND ROBERT IMBODEN Freshmen DONALD HARNESS WILLIAM LAMBERT CARL LIGHT HOWARD K. PARKER HADLEY J. SMITH L. WARD QUAAL EDWARD W. REID GORDON SPOONER ROBERT ULMER JOSEPH PEZDIRTZ JOHN RAGSDALE TREVOR SAWYER ROBERT MATTHEWS HERBERT McCoRD EDWARD PERLBERG WILLIAM TAFT JOSEPH A. YAGER RUDOLPH D. VAN DYKE CARL D. WHEELER ROBERT WAGNER JAMES WINKLER WALTER WRIGLEY WILLIAM VOLLMER ROBERT SIBLEY DEAN THOMAS EMMET WHITEHEAD JOHN YAGER RICHARD SCHOEL ROBERT SNOW PHILIP WHITE CARL D. WHEELER Founded at Bethany College- Delta Chapter 1874 -1858 Page 356 Top Row TOWNSEND, J. SHERMAN, KRAMER, KNUDSEN, MCVEIGH, PATTEN, ATKIN, MORELAND. Row g SCHNEIDER, WOLFSTON, RUSSELL, PRANGEN, KALER, HIHD, WEBB, MARION. Row 3 ALEXANDER, WHITE, SMITH, RASCHBACHER, R. BROWN, BARRINGER, GRIER, ERWIN, KEHOE. Row 4 M. BROWN, LARKIN, DANNENFELSER, MADDEN, SCHNIER, HOLTON, SUTHERLAND, BLAISDELL, CAIRE, KERNER. Row S ADAMS, TREADWELL, BAUGHUAN, LIVINGSTON, WHITELY, ESTES, LARSON, BOYE, WARNER, H. SHERMAN. ANTON. CLARENCE M. WHITELY DOUGLAS A. LARSEN . ROBERT E. LARKIN. RICHARD M. ADAMS Delta Upsiton CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer O. W. BLACKETT, PH.D. G. M. BLEEKMAN, M.S.C. A. L. CROSS, PH.D. W. F. COOK J. O. BERGELIN A. E. GREEN MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. B. FORD, PH.D. S. B. HADLEY, PH.D. K. LITZENBURG, PH.D. w W TAYLOR M R. H. FRYBERG, PH.D. W. C. HOAD, A.B. H. M. RANDALL, Pn.D. p. B. VEDDER, D.D.S. E. B. GREENE, Pn.D. C. A. KNUDSON, JR., PH.D. W. B. SHAW, A.B. R. T. WOODBURNE, PH.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAMES D. RITCHIE, A.B. RICHARD M. ADAMS JOSEPH ANTON WARREN R. BAUGHMAN RICHARD E. BOYE MEMBERS IN CITY E. J. HUNTINGTON E. B. KAY H. W. N IC HOLS Seniors HUGH H. ESTES DOUGLAS A. LARSEN H. G. PETTYMAN C. A. ROGERS D. W. TITUS ' Juniors RODNEY W. ALEXANDER FREDERICK J. DANNENFELSER CHARLES A. KERNER MALCOLM H. BLAISDELL CHARLES R. HOLTON MARSHALL C. BROWN WALTER E. KALER WESLEY R. CLAIRE KENWARD I. ATK.IN HENRY C. BARRINCER ROBERT R. BROWN ROBERT J. CASWELL JOHN H. ERWIN F. ALLEN GRIER RAYMOND S. DAVIS RICHARD F. DUNN ROBERT E. LARKIN ROGER C. MADDEN Sophomores JAMES T. HIRD JAMES W. KEHOE ROBERT J. KIEBER EDWARD KNUDSEN JOHN F. KRAMER ARTHUR J. MARION Freshmen FRANCIS O. MORELAND JOHN R. PATTEN RICHARD LIVINGSTON HENRY S. SHERMAN HUGH J. MCVEIGH WILLIAM H. PRANCEN ROBERT L. SCHNIEDER DONALD H. TREADWELL CLARENCE M. WHITELY GEORGE A. SCHNIER DAVID B. SUTHERLAND NEIL D. VEDDER ARNOLD E. WHITE JOHN L. RASCHBACHER SAMUEL I. RUSSELL JAMES L. SHERMAN H. GEORGE SMITH CHARLES L. TOWNSEND GEORGE WEBB CARL E. WOLFSTON A. BARTLETT REYNOLDS, JR. JAMES STEVENS CLARENCE M. WHITELY Founded at Williams College 1834 Michigan Chapter 1876 Page 357 Top Row SwiDERSKI, ESHENRODER, DEFOE, HAN8LIP, McKlE, MoSHER, BRACK8TONE, WHELPLY. Row McKiNNEV, WEIDIG, BUTLER, PALMER, WATSON, SNYDER, BARBER. Row 3 BEEKER, DEFOE, DULEBOHN, ITTNER, OSSEWAARDE, LOESBEL, LANG, DAVIS. MARTIN J. ITTNER THOMAS A. WEIDIG KIRKE C. DEFOE . RICHARD E. DULEBOHN Hermitage CHAPTER OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer House Manager R. W. ACKERMAN, A.M. R. W. AIGLER, LL.B. L. A. BAIER, B. MAR. E. MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. W. COWDEN, M.A. L. M. GRAM, B.S. L. PREUSS, PH D. A. G. RUTHVEN, PH D. H. C. SADLER, Sc.D. JOHN E. BURCH, B.S. RALPH BEEKER, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM J. DAVIS, A.B. ROBERT L. JOHNSON, A.B. LOYALL G. WATSON, A.B. JAMES H. HENDLEY GUY S. KASER STUART GROSSMAN KIRKE C. DEFOE JOSEPH S. KOSICZM JOSEPH W. BARBER AMES W. BUTLER DANIEL DEFOE RICHARD E. DULEBOHN JOHN W. BROWN OWEN D. ESHENRODER MEMBERS IN CITY WALTER H. POWERS Seniors MARTIN J. ITTNER WALTER P. LANG Juniors RICHARD E. HANSLIP HOWARD G. McKlE HOWARD McKENNEY Sophomores JACK H. MOSHER ROBERT W. BRACKSTONE HERBERT M. SHAW LAVERN H. TAYLOR EARL O. LOESSEL JACK H. OSSEWAARDE JOHN B. SAXTON ERNEST J. PALMER EDWARD J. SWIDERSKI THOMAS A. WEIDIG FREDERICK G. WHELPLY JOHN L. WILSON TOM SNYDER MARTIN J. ITTNER Founded at University of Michigan 1907 Page 358 Top Row D. VAN HOEK, CUCCIA, R. VAN NORDSTRAND. GLANZ, W. VAN HOEK, JOHNSON, RANKIN. Row 2 P. VAN NORDSTRAND, YOKOM. STATTS, SAVILLA, WALKER, BOYNTON, PUGH, GEORGE. Row 3 EDWARDS, COLWELL, WHITZ, PAVINICH, BENFORD, ROBERTS, CROZAT, BADGER. HARRY B. BENFORD ROLAND SAVILLA . Louis CUCCIA ANDREW C. PAVINICH Kappa Delta CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer L. V. COLWELL, B.M.E. L. M. EICH, PH.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. L. EVERETT, PH.D. W. E. LAV, B.M.E T. C. SMITH, M.A. N. H. WILLIAMS, Pn.D. ROBERT VAN NORDSTRAND MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DONALD MAGOON CLAIRE E. PAULSON G. B. AHN HARRY B. BENFORD DONALD F. CROZAT C. Louis CUCCIA JAMES M. GEORGE EDWARD F. GLANZ NORMAN JOHNSON RODNEY D. EDWARDS MEMBERS IN CITY D. G. MICKLE KENNETH BENTON Seniors WM. C. PARKINSON WM. H. PARRY Juniors ANDREW C. PAVINICH WOODROW W. RANKIN DONALD E. VAN HOEK Sophomores ARTHUR PUGH Freshmen ALDIN RATTI S. F. ZUCK PHILLIP H. ROBERTS ROLAND SAVILLA WALTER R. VAN HOEK. DONALD WALKER ADAM A. WHITZ, JR. ROBERT W. YOKOM PHILIP C. VAN NORDSTRAND HARRY B. BENFORD Founded at Middlebury College- Mu Chapter 1923 -1905 Page 359 Top Row ZEBMAN, A. FRIEDMAN, ROSENMAN, STEINHART, D. FRIEDMAN, ISAACS, KOHLENBERG. Row 2 BLAUSTEIN, RASHKIND, SCHOENBEHG, MILLER, LESSINOER, WELLMAN, SLATKIN. Row 3 PCRVIN, PRAGER, KLEIN, WAGNER, EDER, OSTROW, ROSENFELD, PITLICK. Row 4 SOTT, HERTZ, KRAMER, GOUDSMIT, FRIEND, SCHNIT, WEINER, SEIGEL, LARO. Kappa Nu CHAPTER OFFICERS HARRISON FRIEND JACK WEINER . WILLIAM KRAMER DANIEL SCHNIT President ice-President Secretary Treasurer DONALD M. COHN SHELDON M. ELLIS ARNOLD L. FRIEDMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DAVID B. FRIEDMAN SAMUEL A. GOUDSMIT MORTON JACOBS HANS PRAGER LEONARD D. ROSENMAN HARRISON H. FRIEND BENJAMIN HERTZ JACK LARO Seniors PHILLIP B. OSTROW LLOYD Z. PURVIN NATHANIEL S. SIEGEL MILTON SLATKIN HERBERT SOTT JACK WEINER BURTON L. KLEIN WILLIAM M. KRAMER Juniors JACK. PITLICK NORMAN H. ROSENFELD DANIEL M. SCHNIT SIDNEY D. STEINHART SIDNEY WAGNER ALBERT P. BLAUSTEIN GERALD J. EDER PHILLIP BARIS IRWIN FOXMAN Sophomores MORTIMER B. LEVIN Freshmen BERNARD KOZEL CHARLES LESSINGER WILLIAM MILLER PAUL SCHOENBERG NELSON WELLMAN WILLIAM RASHKIND MILTON ZERMAN HARRISON FRIEND Founded at University of Rochester 1911 Mu Chapter 1921 Page 360 Top Row WALDRON, H. ALTMAN, FULTZ, PETERSON, CANFIELD, HOCH, W. ALTMAN. ft om g PiOTROWSKI, WOODARD, ALDHICH, CARUTHERS. R. BROWN. MACINTOSH, RUDOLPH. MORRISON. Row 3 BETH. DECotmcv, REED, STEVENSON. SMITH, PACE, EDWARDS, RUEHLE, THOMPSON. Row 4 POWELL, TRUTNA. CALLOUETTE, LAKIN, HARRINGTON, C. BROWN, TYLER, SOJKA. KINOERY, ASHBURN. Kappa Sigma CHAPTER OFFICERS G. ROBERT HARRINGTON NEVIN J. STEVENSON . CHARLES C. THOMPSON DELBRIDGE R. LAKIN . FERDINAND N. MENEFEE, M.C.E. REX E. BURTON, M.D. SYDNEY R. JACKSON ROBERT R. THOMSON JOHN B. AMES HAROLD J. BARNUM FRANK S. CARSON J. ANDERSON ASHBURN WARREN SNEDICOR BETH JOHN J. CALLOUETTE CHARLES M. BROWN JACK EDWARDS RICHARD F. FLETCHER WILLIAM J. HERRMANN WILLIAM A. ALTMAN BURT ASH BY ROBERT G. W. BROWN CHARLES C. CANFIELD WILLIAM F. CARUTHERS JOHN J. ALDRICH HARRY E. ALTMAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY JOHN M. SHELDON, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM C. TRUTNA MEMBERS IN CITY NORBERT J. FELL WILLIAM N. HAAS WILLIAM C. MANCHESTER Seniors G. ROBERT HARRINGTON PAUL D. KINGERY DELBRIDGE R. LAKIN Juniors ROBERT J. MORRISON CLARK S. RICHMOND J. JEFFRIES PACE GEORGE E. RUDOLPH GEORGE I. RUEHLE Sophomores ROBERT D. FOLTZ JAMES J. HOCH JOE MclNTOSH EDWARD MOTHERSBAUGH CARL L. PETERSON ALWARD J. PINNOCK Freshmen WILLIAM D. DECOURCY President Pice-President Secretary Treasurer LEON H. STRONG, M.D. ARTHUR E. WOOD, PH.D. MUNGO F. MILLER PHILIP SHIRLEY MAYNARD A. NEWTON FRANK H. STEVENS WILLIAM E. UMBACH DONALD E. RIVETTE CASIMER F. SOJKA FREDERICK C. TYLER HARRY E. SMITH NEVIN J. STEVENSON CHARLES C. THOMSON DONALD E. WILSON EDWIN T. PIOTROWSKI RAY B. POWELL ROBERT S. REED ROBERT E. WALDRON AUSTIN R. WOODARD MURRAY F. MARKLAND VINCENT MERRILL G. ROBERT HARRINGTON Founded at University of Virginia 1869 Alpha Zeta Chapter 1892 Page 331 Top Row -KoHL, BARKDULL, RUPERT, HOWERTH, HARDY, MATTESON, ROBINSON, WHISTLER, FIELD. Row 2 -ZocRAPH. BTJRT, MONROE, BOSCH, GWINN, MACMILLAN, RICHMAN, SMITH, BRADLEY. Row 3 STRAIT, ROBERTS, CARR, ZEERIP, GOTTSCHALK, DOMAN, WOODS, BUSH, PRASIL, WILLISON. Row 4 HUMPHREYS, NEFF, LINSCHEID, DECLERCK, HANDREN, KECK, HOPE, RYKER. VALLIN, GREEN, MACLEOD. Lambda Chi Alpha CHAPTER OFFICERS WILLIAM D. HOPE . M. CHARLES KECK DON W. RYKER LAWRENCE E. HANDREN ARTHUR W. BURKS FLOYD N. CAHOON MYRON B. CHAPIN RUEL V. CHURCHILL MARK W. ALCER KINGSLEY ANDERSSON ALBERT G. BAKER KENT BOUSHER CHARLES A. BARKDULL RODGERS A. BRADLEY HERBERT G. CARLSON CURTISS BOTTUM VERNON H. COOK DR. HENRY FIELD OSCAR G. DECLERCK WILLIAM D. HOPE JOHN R. A. HUMPHREYS DONALD T. CARR VINCENT J. GOTTSCHALK CHARLES W. GREENE LAWRENCE E. HANDREN M. CHARLES KECK FRANKLIN D. BURT CHARLES W. BUSH GLIDEN S. DOMON MORGAN L. J. GIBBS GEORGE E. BOSCH ALFRED CHARTIERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY MAURICE EICHELBERGER FLOYD HARTMANN WILLIAM S. HOUSEL MEMBERS IN CITY RICHARD GUSTINE WELDON P. HARE JOHN KAGEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM S. STRUBE Seniors FREDERICK H. LINSCHEID WILLIAM J. MACLEOD ROY S. NEFF Juniors HARRY E. KOHL HARRY C. MATTESON JAY W. MCCORMICK ROBERT W. PRASIL Sophomores JOHN W. MACMILLAN Ross E. MONROE ROY H. NELSON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer FREDERICK R. MATSON JESSE ORMONDROYD WILLIAM G. SMEATON CLIFFORD WOODY Ross E. MACNAUGHTON WIRT M. MASTEN LAWRENCE PRAKKEN PAUL L. PROUD JOSEPH SAHLMARK EDWIN VANCLEAF MERRIL TAYLOR CHARLES W. NEWMAN EDWARD O. OHLMANN JULIUS T. SCHMITT WILLIAM S. STRUVE EVERETT C. VALLIN AUBREY C. ROBERTS DON W. RYKER JACK C. STRAIT CHARLES J. WILLISON DAMON C. WOODS ROBERT D. RICHMOND WARREN R. ROBINSON HOWARD E. WHISTLER THOMAS E. ZEERIP Freshmen KENNETH B. FIELD JOSEPH M. GWINN DOUGLAS R. HARDY HERBERT J. HOWERTH SAMUEL J. RUPERT LEO T. ZOGRAPH WILLIAM D. HOPE Founded at Boston University 1909 Sigma Chapter 1913 Page 362 Top Ron SEIGEL, ELLMAN, L. F. OBERMAN, DICKER, RUDMAN, ABRAMOVITZ, NEIVERT, MASSIN. Row 2 SCHWARZBACH, BARI8H, SALWEN, KEYWELL, ZHEUTLIN, BoRIN. LEWIN, GuNSBERG, COHODES. Ron- 3 ROSENBERG, MESSINGER, RABINOVITZ, ZERDEN, KASSMAN, L. OBERMAN, LEHMAN, WOHL, GOODMAN. BERTRAM ZHEUTLIN JEROME KEYWELL ROBERT LEWIN ERNEST SALWEN . Phi Beta De ta CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JULIAN I. BARISH, A.B. HASK.ELL L. COHODES, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HAROLD GINSBURG, A.B. HARRY M. NAYER, A.B. LEONARD F. OBERMAN, A.B. DANIEL C. SEIGEL, A.B. MAURICE L. ABRAMOVITZ LEON P. DICKER SEYMOUR S. ELLMAN Seniors RICHARD S. GUNSBERG JEROME M. KEYWELL MURRAY M. MASSIN MARVIN J. NEIVERT MARTIN L. RUDMAN ERNEST D. SALWEN LEONARD J. BORIN ABRAHAM J. GOODMAN Juniors ROBERT R. LEWIN WILLIAM J. ROSENBERG EDWARD ZERDEN BERTRAM ZHEUTLIN MELVIN COLVIN SYLVAN HERSHKOWITZ LEONARD E. KASSMAN NORMAN ELSON NATHANIEL MESSINGER Sophomores GERALD LERMAN LESTER OBERMAN Freshmen JULIUS MIKLOWITZ SOLOMON RABINOWITZ JEROME M. SCHWARZBACH ARTHUR WEISS MERVIN SHERLINE ALBERT WOHL BERTRAM ZHEUTLIN Founded at Columbia University 1912 Omicron Chapter 1921 Page 363 Top Row -SMITH, WALKER, PRITCHARD, GRIPMAN, REED, EDISON, SWAIN, BAKER, BLANCHARD, STEWART. Row ,8 SHIELDS, CONSUL, REICHERT, EMMETT, FLETCHER, ALDWORTH, COALE, McCABE, JOHNSON. Row 33. BROWN, SHERLING, BIERKAMP, YOUNG, CUMMINGS, TREAT, WHITE, PERRY, WALLACE, SAGER. Row 4 PETTERSEN, J. TOBIN, CHARLTON, D. BROWN, Ross, HOWARTH, REED, D. TOBIN, MEYER, MORROW, GORMSON. Row 5 MOWERY, SPANGLER, PHILBRICK, ROOT, PURDY, McNiCHOLAS, ADAMS, BENSLEY, SHERMAN, TAYLOR, KILLINS, MEHAFFEY. Phi Delta Theta THOMAS B. ADAMS, JR. JOHN T. BENSLEY JAMES D. MCNICHOLAS CHAPTER OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer P. S. BARKER E. C. CHASE D. CRARY EDWARD FRENCH LAWRENCE BARASA EDWARD BIGGER GENE BOWLES THOMAS B. ADAMS, JR. JOHN T. BENSLEY GEORGE S. BANTA RICHARD W. BROWN THOMAS D. HARMON FREDERICK J. BIERKAMP JAMES BLANCHARD GERALD CUMMINGS JOHN C. GILLIS EDWARD ALDWORTH JAMES ANDREWS DOUGLAS BAKER ROBERT BEGLE JOHN BROWN MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. W. EDMUNDS H. G. KIPKE E. S. PETTYJOHN H. A. MEMBERS IN CITY J. A. KENNEDY C. J. PRICE W. H. SHAFROTH A. E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HARRISON CHURCH ROBERT COOPER ROBERT A. FRYE BELTON Y. COOPER DAVID A. KILLINS FREDERICK W. HOWARTH EMIL LOCKWOOD HOWARD MEHAFFEY JAMES H. GORMSEN ROBERT B. HOTCHKISS FRANK. McCABE NED MORROW WILLIAM COALE PARKER CONSAUL ROBERT EDISON JOHN EMMETT JOHN FLETCHER STEVE JONES P. J. LAUX JOHN McNiCHOLAS Seniors JAMES D. MCNICHOLAS EDWIN D. PHILBRICK Juniors JOHN O. MEYER LLOYD R. MOWERY CHARLES R. Ross Sophomores LEROY B. PERRY GEORGE A. PETTERSEN K. ARTHUR PRITCHARD JOSEPH O. REED Freshmen RAY GRIPMAN GEORGE GUFFIN GEORGE HILDEBRANDT ALDEN JOHNSON CARL LEHMAN C. ROBERT Mix JOHN D. PETERS HARTSEL RAGEN SAMUEL W. ROOT ARTHUR G. SHERMAN M. C. STRENGER JAMES E. TOBIN J. RICHARD TOBIN ROBERT C. SAGER RICHARD SCHERLING JOHN W. SHIELDS CHARLES SOLAR WALTER REED EDWARD REICHERT PETE SMITH JOHN SWAIN RICHARD WALKER SANDERS A. H. WHITE WHITE C. G. WATKINS THOMAS B. ROOT ALLEN SAUNDERS PHILLIP WOODWORTH THEODORE R. SPANGLER G. DEKLE TAYLOR LAWRENCE WICHTER JOHN STEWART WEBSTER TREAT WILBUR S. WALLACE ALBERT A. WISTERT DONALD A. YOUNG V. HUDSON WHITE, JR. WILLIAM WINDLE Founded at Miami Univers ity 1848 Alpha Chapter 1864 Page 364 Top Row S. BERLOW, KLEIN, KOPMAN, GOLDSMITH. R. BEHLOW, GORDON, NEUMAN. FELBER. Row 2 JOFFE, UNGAR, BCCKNER, ARKINS, HITTER, ROSENBERG, FRIES, LEWIS, SYKES. Row 3 GAIS, MICHAEL, MARKEL, KNOBLOCH, BROCK, NEWMAN, HIRSCH, DAVIS. WARREN BROCK LESTER M. MARKEL . JOHN P. SYKES EMANUEL M. KNOBLOCH Phi Epslion PL CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Steward JEROME CONN, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY JULIAN TOBIAS, M.D. ALEXANDER H. HIRSCHFELD, M.D. JAMES K. DAVIS, M.S. CHEM. WILLIAM H. KLEIN WARREN BROCK ROBERT A. HIRSCH STANLEY BERLOW RICHARD ARKINS NOEL A. BUCKNER EDWARD JOFFE RALPH BERLOW THOMAS FELBER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LEONARD WINGERT CHARLES Fox Seniors EMANUEL M. KNOBLOCH LESTER M. MARKEL Juniors ROBERT G. FRIES, JR. JEROME A. LEWIS Sophomores RICHARD F. LEHMAN NATHANIEL S. RITTER Freshmen RICHARD E. GOLDSMITH JACK GORDON JEROME KLEIN URIE BRANFENBRENNER BERT MICHAEL LEONARD M. NEWMAN JOHN P. SYKES Louis M. ROSENBERG RICHARD GIDDING UNGAR HAROLD B. WEINSTOCK JOSEPH KOPMAN CYRUS A. NEUMAN WARREN BROCK Founded at City College of New York 1904 Alpha Gamma Chapter 1921 Page 365 Trip Row HEXT, S. MILLER, PETERS, L. HCLBERT, J. MILLER, IRWIN, DOUGLAS, NORWICH, DAWSON, CALL, SCHOEDINGEH, HOULE. Row 2 WASHBURN, STEELE, SNODGRASS, HOWLAND, SAXE, STUCK, WEIDMAN, PHILLIPS, ANDERSON, HARRISON. Row 3 SMITH, CLARKE, VAUGHN, GRANT, DARLING, HALL, MAYS, TITUS, FIELDING, EVASHEVSKI, MARTIN. Row 4 HALLIGAN, DAHDEN, PALMER, KING, SPOONER, HARRISON, YODEH, TRIPP, ANDERSON, JORDAN, KNECHT. Ron ' o PARKER, HAUSER, MCCRACKEN. RINEK, NICOLLS, GELDER, J. HULBERT, REA, O ' CONNELL, SMOLENSKI, EGERT. J. R. HAYDEN THOMAS KINKEAD J. N. LINCOLN, PH.D. HARVEY CLARK. WILLIAM CROWE R. W. BABCOCK W. T. BUCHANON F. G. CALDWELL HOWARD EGERT JOHN GELDER JAMES HALLIGAN ROBERT HOUSER MAURITZ ANDERSON JOHN CLARKE ROBERT DARDEN NORMAN CALL DALE CHAMBERLAIN FRED ANDERSON WILLIAM F. DAWSON BENJAMIN DOUGLAS WILLIAM HOULE Phi Gamma De ta JOHN GELDER JOHN HULBERT MATTHEW REA LORENZ RINEK. . C. F. MEYERS, PH.D. H. W. MILLER, M.E. RALPH ERLEWINE JOHN McFATE C. A. CAVE L. L. FORSYTHE JOHN HULBERT FORREST JORDON JOHN G. KNECHT EDWARD MARTIN FORREST EVASHEVSKI JAMES J. HARRISON JAMES R. HARRISON MILTON ALFRED DARLING PHILIP DETWILER LYONS HOWLAND LAWRENCE HULBERT GEORGE IRWIN Louis KASAMIS CHAPTER OFFICERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. B. REA, A.B. H. C. SADLER, C.Sc. H. F. RIGGS, C.E. C. W. SPOONER S. W. SMITH, A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C. C. E. WILLIAM SCHULZKE GEORGE SEYMOUR MEMBERS IN CITY HARLY HAIN ES, M.D. H. H. MAGOON Seniors JAMES MCCRACKEN JOHN NICOLLS EDWARD O ' CONNELL Juniors ROBERT HEXT EDWARD KING JOHN MEDILL Sophomores HENRY FIELDING PETER GRANT Freshmen JEROME MILLER STUART MILLER ROBERT NORWICK WALTER PETERS CLARKE SPOONER Louis STAUDT F. P. McCLELLAN W. D. PETERSON C. RAYBURN ROBERT PARKER MATTHEW REA LYNN REISS President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary STURGIS, M.D. S. YOAKUM, PH.D. R. SUNDERLAND, LL.D. DONALD SWOPE A. BURGESS VIAL C. A. SMITH H. H. UPTON J. A. WOODBURN LORENZ RINEK ROBERT SMOLENSKI STANLEY SWINTON DAVID OTT JAMES PALMER EDWARD TRIPP CHARLES HALL WILLIAM OWEN MAYS WILLIAM PHILIPS JEROME SAXE WILLIAM SCHOEDINGER JAMES SNODGRASS ROBERT ULRICH HUBERT WEIDMAN KEITH YODER RICHARD SMITH ROBERT TITUS EDWARD STEELE LA FAYETTE STUCK JACK VAUGHN FRANK WASHBURN JOHN GELDER Founded at Jefferson College 1848 Alpha Phi Chapter 1885 Page 366 tflft m f f ' t " t ' t I ' IXt ' t f fc 4 i Top Rou MATTHEWS, FATJVER, CHRTO, OLMSTEAD, PATTON, KELLY, CHASE, DARON, CANDLER, JIM KENNEDY, FCNK. Row 2 BACHMAN, HARRELSON, MC!.OGAN, REXFORD, EASLICK, HADLEY, TED KENNEDY, WENDT, SAVAGE. Row 3 WUNSCH, LOUD, KRIEGER, SESSIONS, SIMMERS, BENNET, GUNN, ROBINSON, CLIFF JAMES, EAGAN Row 4 NEWMAN, STRICKLAND, IRWIN, Russ DOBSON, BARNES, BARNETT, CORLETT. ZIMMERMAN, CHARLES JAMES, WEBER, VAN DER BURCH. DAVID CORLETT . ELLIS WUNSCH . HENRY BARNETT WILLIAM SESSIONS Phi Kappa Psi CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President House Manager Secretary R. G. ADAMS, PH.D. J. ADAMS, A.B. E. DEVINE, A.B. H. E. COVERT P. R. KEMPF MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. B. CALDERWOOD, PH.D. E. H. KRAUS, PH.D., Sc.D. W. C. TROW, PH.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. A. HARPER, A.B. C. PAYTON, B.S. J. SARGENT, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY D. H. McGiLL M. OLIPHANT N. P. ROGERS E. C. SHUTTS, A.B. W. C. WHITEHEAD, A.B. ROB BARNES HENRY W. BARNETT W. DAVID CORLETT RICHARD C. BENNETT JOHN DOBSON RUSSELL R. EAGAN JOHN R. BACHMAN ROBERT BATTON CARTER CHAMBERLAIN WILLIAM R. CANDLER FRANK T. CURTO EDWARD G. CHASE RUSSELL T. DOBSON RALPH H. DuBois E. RICHARDS IRWIN JAMES W. GUNN CLIFFORD W. JAMES JAMES S. KRIEGER WILLIAM T. DOBSON DAVID EASLICK ROBERT HADLEY DONALD W. DARON JOHN W. FAUVER ROBERT E. FIFE Seniors CHARLES E. JAMES PAUL B. MOFFETT PHILIP E. NEWMAN Juniors WILLIAM C. LOUD A. JOHN NEERKEN GLENN L. ROBINSON PAUL D. STRICKLAND DIRK VAN DER BURCH HOWARD F. WEBER J. B. SMALI.EY H. E. WILSON ELLIS A. WUNSCH RALPH E. ZIMMERMAN FRANK J. SAVAGE L. WILLIAM SESSIONS JOHN M. SIMMERS JOHN C. WILKIE Sophomores ROBERT W. HARRELSON JAMES HOFF TED KENNEDY Freshmen JAMES B. FUNK RICHARD S. JAMES WILLIAM M. KEI LEY EDWARD A. McLooAN RAY PITTMAN JOHN REXFORD JAMES J. KENNEDY THOMAS K. MATTHEWS PETER B. OLMSTED THOMAS RYAN SCOTT S. ULREY JOHN A. WENDT JOHN A. PATTON DAVID CORLETT Founded at Jefferson College- Alpha Chapter 1876 -1852 Page 367 Top Row HEN D RICK s. COLLINS, ASH, PENVENNE, BALVEA, BRENNEN. ROW 2 PlNCKNEY, EOAN, BAR8TOW, NULTY, STEKETTE, APPLE, SCHICK, McMASTER, REYNOLDS, EARLE Row 3 MUNSON, FOGG, DANCE, HAGEMEYER, Moss, BROWN, MARBLE, ACKERMAN, FAIKLAMB. Row 4 F. CULVER, C. CULVER, BARNES, GILLETTE, BARTHOLOMEW, GUSHING, TREUT, OTIS, ENGEMAN. Phi Kappa Sigma _ DAVID G. GUSHING WILLIAM R. GILLETTE GEORGE S. EGCER . ARTHUR P. BARTHOLOMEW, JR. CLARENCE ELDRIDGE, JR. PHILIP D. GORDY HUGH J. HAGEMEYER RAYMOND H. BARNES STEVEN G. BARSTOW ROBERT L. BROWN CHARLES E. COLLINS JOHN N. APPLE PRESCOTT S. EARLE GEORGE S. EGGER WILLIAM R. GILLETTE JOHN F. ACKERMAN E. STANLEY ASH Ross BELYEA CHARLES BRENNEN CHARLES ANDERSON JAMES H. S. CARLISLE GEORGE EARLE CHAPTER OFFICERS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ERNEST B. Hurr CHARLES B. KELLY Seniors CARL CULVER FRED CULVER DAVID G. GUSHING Juniors KENNETH B. MARBLE LOWELL R. Moss, JR. IRVING N. MUNSON PAUL F. PENVENNE Sophomores CLIFTON L. DANCE, JR. ROY D. FAIRLAMB RICHARD G. FOGG CURTIS J. HENDRICKS Freshmen WILLIAM J. EGAN MARCUS EVERETT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer GREY K. NELSON JOSEPH F. PAULUS FRANKLIN B. SHULL CHARLES T. ENGEMAN THOMAS F. KIECKHEFER DERWOOD D. LASKEY BERRY J. OTIS HOWARD E. SCHICK JACK STEKETTE HOLLIS TARA ARTHUR A. TREUT, JR. RICHARD MANSFIELD JOHN D. McMASTER JOHN NULTY II ROBERT B. PINCKNEY EDWARD JAMES RASH G. EDWARD REYNOLDS ROY WETTERHALL DAVID G. GUSHING Founded at University of Pennsylvania 1850 Alpha Omicron Chapter 1905 Page 368 : Top Row MAPES, SULLIVAN, DANIELS, PORTZ, SCOVILLE, SMITH, WARK. Row 2 PARLIAMENT, TATE, WOODS, COLBERG, ROBERTS, COLEMAN, HOLYOKE, SCHOLES, CAPALD. Row 3 WEATHEHSTON, CULVER. BARR, MORRIS, MICKLE, BARKER, HELLER, MORGAN, STEPHENSON, JACKSON. WILLIAM B. BARR, III THOMAS COLEMAN ARTHUR MAPES JAMES C. ROBERTS Phi Kappa Tan CHAPTER OFFICERS President Pice-President Secretary Treasurer AXEL MARIN MEMBERS IN AMOS MORRIS FRANK MICKLE FACULTY MATT MANN, Coach FRED HELLER JACK. MCALLISTER MEMBERS IN CITY SAMUEL LUKENS CHARLES LYLE ROBERT WIKLE DR. OLIVER TODD HARRY BOWMAN GEORGE FRANK WILLIAM BARR WILTON COLBERG D. EMERY CULVER PIERCE BARKER RICHARD WEATHERSTON WILLIAM JACOBS SAMUEL CAPALD ARTHUR MAPES DAVID DANIELS WILLIAM PORTZ MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY BEN MARINO Seniors ROBERT JACKSON DOUGLAS MORGAN Juniors ROBERT HOLYOKE LOREN PARLIAMENT Sophomores JAMES PETERSON Freshmen JACK SCOVILLE CHARLES MURRAY WALTER SCHOLES HARRY MORRIS PHILIP STEPHENSON ARTHUR WOODS JAMES ROBERTS JOSEPH TATE ROBERT TATE ROY SMITH THOMAS COLEMAN JOHN SULLIVAN BRUCE WARK WILLIAM B. BARR, III President Founded at Miami University 1906 Tau Chapter 1923 Page 369 Top Row WATERS-TONE, ROTHSCHILD, T. SOLOMON, ARONSON, SAMUELS, R. GOLDSTEIN, S. SOLOMON. Row 2 WOLIN, MAHLER, ROSENBAUM, ASHEH, LEFKO, ROSENSWEIG, LEWIS, SISMAN. Row 3 NADLER, SHAPIRO, MAHANS, H. GOLDSTEIN, PERSKV, SPITALN V, WILLENS, COTTON, BEROER. Row 4 STAHL, ROSENBERG, WAGNER, BRANDT, GRANT, GOLDMAN, GHEENBERG, HARRIS, GINSBURG, SPIEGEL. Phi Sigma De ta HAROLD R. GOLDMAN SAMUEL E. GRANT JAMES D. BERGER . HOWARD GREENBERG OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY MILTON S. GOLDHAMMER, M.D. HOWARD ARK, A.B. J. LEONARD BRANDT SIDNEY GINSBURG HAROLD R. GOLDMAN SAMUEL E. GRANT JAMES D. BERGER SUMNER COTTON HARTLEY GOLDSTEIN GORDON MARANS SYDNEY ARONSON ROBERT LEWIS HARVEY ASHER ROBERT GOLDSTEIN JERRY KLEIN DAVE LAZOVIK MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EMANUEL HECHT, A.B. Seniors HOWARD GREENBERG EDMOND HARRIS RALPH READ NORMAN V. ROSENBERG " Juniors GEORGE NADLER LESTER PERSKY BERNARD SISMAN Sophomores DONALD MAHLER Freshmen ORVILLE B. LEFKO WALLACE ROSENBAUM TED SAMUELS SAMUEL LIPSKY, B.S. MARVIN SPIEGEL MORTON C. STAHL DANIEL WAGNER MARTIN WIENER SAMUEL SOLOMON JACK SPITALNY HARVEY WILLENS JACK R. WOLIN HOWARD ROTHSCHILD IRWIN RUBIN SAMUEL SANDOCK W. WAYNE SHAPIRO TED SOLOMON AL WATERSTONE HAROLD R. GOLDMAN Founded at Columbia University 1909 Eta Chapter 1916 Page 370 . Top Row HUFF, JOHNSON, MURPHY, LARSON, ELMER, GHUNEWALD, KARPINSKI. Row X SOEBESKY. FROMM, ARTHUR, WHITNEY, WILLIAMSON, WEBBER, MACPHERSON. Row 3 NORTHWAY, ALMDALE, SPERLING, JESTOH, COPE, CARLSON, MONZEL. Row 4 BELL, PAVER, FROMM, MAYTHAM, ALMDALE, PETERSEN, NORTHWAY, BENFORD. Phi Sigma Kappa EINAR ALMDALE ROBERT PAVER . ROGER PETERSON THOMAS JESTER. OFFICERS P. H. JESERICH, D.D.S. ERNEST McCoy. M.A. RICHARD J. MOREN W. P. COMSTOCK ROBERT L. BENFORD GEORGE A. BRETZLOFF HALLICK D. FRY EINAR R. ALMDALE RICHARD J. BELL HOWARD ALMDALE ROBERT T. ARTHUR ROBERT L. CARLSON ROBERT E. COPE RUSSELL E. ELMER DILLARD F. GAY MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. D. THOMSON, B.S.E. H. G. WALLER, M.D. A. H. WHITE, D.S.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT B. HARTNETT JOSEPH L. KARPINSKI MEMBERS IN CITY C. O. CREAL E. C. FlNGERLE Seniors THOMAS C. JESTER JOHN E. MAYTHOM " Juniors JAMES E. FROMM JAMES C. MACDONALD DOUGLAS H. MILLER Sophomores KENNETH C. HUFF CHARLES E. KARPINSKI EUGENE D. LARSON JAMES P. McPnERSON Freshmen ALBERT L. GRUNEWALD WARREN W. JOHNSON President Vice-President Secretary Inductor R. L SLACK, M.S.A. R. C. PORTER, M.S.M.E. GEORGE E. SPERLING C. O. WHITE GEORGE NORTHWAY ROBERT L. PAVER ROGER B. PETERSON RICHARD NORTHWAY JOHN V. SOEBESKY L. VINCENT MONZEL HAROLD M. FROMM ALBERT G. WEBBER DONALD C. WHITNEY JOSEPH E. MURPHY RUSSELL B. WILLIAMSON EINAR ALMDALE Founded at Massachusetts State 1873 Delta Deuteron Chapter 1915 Page 371 Lambda Phi CHAPTER OFFICERS LEONARD A. EASTMAN EUGENE STRAUSS BERTRAM LEFKOWICH CHARLES B. SAMUEL . WILLIAM HABER ROBERT BERRIS HAROLD FRIEDMAN Louis GOLDMAN LEONARD EASTMAN BYRON GERSON IRVING GERSON STANLEY BOTWINIK IRWIN CLAMAGE S. JACK ETTINGER ROBERT BESSER ALFRED BRECKLER ALAN DAVID MYER FRANKLIN RICHARD BAER STANFORD CLAMAGE EDGAR FENTON JAMES CLICK EDWARD GOLDSTEIN GEORGE HIRSHKORN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY PHILLIP JAY REUBEN KAHN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY M. ROBERT HERMAN MAURICE HOFFMAN Seniors Louis GROSSMAN MITCHELL MANDEBERG ' Juniors JAMES FRANKEL MYRON GINS GEORGE HELLER Sophomores WILLIAM HAUSMAN BURTON HODDESON EUGENE KANE LEO D. KLAUBER JEROME LEBOWITZ Freshmen MICHAEL KANE JAMES LAZERWITZ EUGENE MANDEBERG CONRAD MAXMIN LIONEL PARNES JACQUES SCHOOLER ARTHUR KELLER CLIFFORD LIVINGSTON PAUL SOBOROFF ROBERT WEINBERGER PETER MORSE EDWARD RESNICK EUGENE STRAUSS BERTRAM LEFKOWICH NEWELL MALTER CHARLES B. SAMUEL RALPH MITCHELL RAY ROSENMAN HOWARD SOLOMON BERT WEISS IRVING SCHWAYDER RICHARD STERN MARK TITELMAN ROBERT UNGER ALVIN URELES HOWARD WALLACH LEONARD A. EASTMAN Founded at Yale University 1895 Epsilon Chapter 1913 Page 372 Top Row BRIGGS, HARVEY, DARDEN, ASSELIN, WILLIAMS, SPAULDING, GORSLINE, PRIDGEON, MACINTYRE, C. HAUGHEY. Row 2 ALLEN, HEATH, HAHBERT, STAPLES, ROGERS, BARRETT, FISHBUHN, CRANMER. Row S HERRMANN, LUDWIG, WOOD, ARBUCKLE, MCDONNELL, HUYETT, JOHNSTON, PFEILEH, PFENDER. Row 4 LORD, FOWLER. BRUMMEL, HAGLIN, MARSHALL, MILLER, ARTHUR, SPENCER, MACMAHON, DUHFEE. Row 5 D. HAUGHEY, CHAPMAN, McCABE, KELLER, PERRY, TAGGART, KLEINSCHMIT, CONWAY, BROWN, LATHAM. DIEBEL. GANSON TAGGART JOHN L. CHAPMAN RICHARD LORD DAVID HAUGHEY Psi Upsiion CHAPTER OFFICERS GEORGE G. BROWN, PH.D. SAMUEL F. DANA, Pn.D. SPRAGUE GARDINER, M.D. EDWARD B. BARRETT CHARLES W. GRAHAM MEMBERS IN FACULTY FRANK LYMANN, M.D. GEORGE MEYER, M.A. WILLIAM NEWCOMB, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY President . ( ice-President Secretary Treasurer GEORGE A. RICHARDSON, M.D. ALLAN SEAGER, M.A. GEORGE M. STANLEY, PH.D. CHARLES IRVIN VICTOR H. LANE RICHARD LORCH DOUGLAS D. LOREE CHRISTIAN MACK. NATHAN S. POTTER, FlNLEY B. RlCGS III JAMES BROWN LESTER McMiLLiN GORDON B. CARVER ROBERT G. MILLER HARRY C. CALCUTT NATHAN MUNRO RICHARD O. EDGERTON ROBERT D. MITCHELL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DWIGHT ADAMS GEORGE BROWN WILSON ARTHUR HENRY BRUMMEL THOMAS DEIBEL DAVID ALLEN RICHARD ARBUCKLE JAMES BARRETT DAVID ASSELIN RICHARD BRIGGS ARTHUR DARDEN JOHN CHAPMAN FRANK CONWAY PAUL DURFEE WILLIAM ELMER L. REED CRANMER BREARD FISHBURN ROBERT FOWLER SAMUEL GORSLINE JAMES GRILL RALPH HARBERT CHARLES NEWTON GEORGE POTTER STARK RITCHIE JOHN H. SANDERS Seniors DAVID HAUGHEY PAUL KELLER Juniors JOHN HAGLIN JOHN KUMLER CHARLES MACMAHON Sophomores CHRISTIAN HERRMANN DANIEL HUYETT ROBERT JOHNSTON WILLIAM LANGFORD Freshmen WALTER HARVEY CHARLES HAUGHEY FREDERICK HEATH JAMES O. SHETTERLY RICHARD B. STEVENS LEONARD SWETT JOHN WALKER ARTHUR KLEINSCHMIT NEWELL McCABE KENNETH MARSHALL GEORGE MILLER RICHARD LORD RICHARD LUDWIG HENRY MCDONNELL NEIL MAC!NTYRE NOELL PRIDGEON FREDERICK SPAULDING ALEXANDER M. WALDRON FREDERICK R. WALDRON NED WALWORTH SAMUEL PERRY GANSON TAGGART WILLIAM NEWTON PAUL ROGERS DONALD SPENCER WILLIAM PFEILER JOHN PFENDER HAL WOOD ELMORE STAPLES WOODSON WILLIAMS EDWARD ZAHN GANSON TAGGART Founded at Union College 1833 Phi Chapter 1865 Page 373 Top Row HAMAKER, BARNES, W. CANNON, TAYLOR, DEAN, ROPER, HEHEMAN, AUSTIN, S. CANNON. Boms, MCDOWELL, HEINEN, J. SMITH. Row 2 MAY, BARTON, ROCKWELL, DALRYMPLE. GRUND, LECKNER, OTTO, DUNCAN, BOOLE. Row S BRICKLEV, R. SMITH, KINOSBURY, BURCKHALTER, LCXAN, THOMPSON, HINES. SUMNER, UHLMANN. BEYER. Row 4 EHVIN, TUTTLE, HOWELL, VANDENBERG. MEADOWS, FOOTE, AYRES, ANDERSON, BUEHLER, SHETTER. Sigma Alpha Epsiion JAMES A. MEADOWS ROBERT L. VANDENBERG HARRY M. HOWELL JOSEPH W. FOOTE CHAPTER OFFICERS ROSS T. BlTTINGER EMERSON W. CONLON KIRKLAND E. FISHER GEORGE W. BROOKS PAUL M. BRICKLEY THOMAS G. HOLCOMB ARNOTT K. DUNCAN, JR. CHARLES W. BARNES, JR. ALBERT S. BARR, M.D. LEE C. FOWLE TRAVIS R. CASH WALTER M. GIBSON E. L. GUSHING WALLACE P. HOLCOMB President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY RUDOLPH H. GJELSNESS ARTHUR D. MOORE JAMES A. NYSWANDER CHARLES T. OLMSTED MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HENRY J. KLOSE GEORGE W. TRENDLE, JR. CARL A. VIEHE WAYNE H. STEWART CHARLES K. VAN WINKLE FLINT C. WATT GOODWIN R. TAYLOR WILLIAM B. WREFORD, MEMBERS IN CITY RICHARD A. JACOBY ROY E. JOYCE FRANCIS H. ALLEN JOHN F. ANDERSON LANGDON F. AYRES ROYAL A. BUEHLER ROBERT A. EMMETT CHARLES E. ERVIN WILLIAM F. ARMSTRONGROBERT L. BURCKHALTER BRUCE M. BEYER WILL A. CANNON, JR. ROBERT W. BOGLE Seniors HARRY M. HOWELL HOWARD J. LUXAN Juniors JOSEPH W. FOOTE CHARLES M. HEINEN ELLIOT C. Bouis SHERMAN F. CANNON J. RAY AUSTIN, JR. TOM K. BARTON JAMES A. GRUND JOHN L. HAMAKER TOM L. DALRYMPLE RAYMOND J. DEAN HARRY A. MOTT DAVID M. REED C. F. RAMSEY FRED W. MCCRACKEN JAMES A. MEADOWS WILLIAM J. SMALL GEORGE O. KINGSBURY RICHARD S. SHETTER Sophomores C. PHELPS HINES FRANK P. MAY ARTHUR E. LECKNER, JR. CHANDLER D. SIMONDS Freshmen ROBERT F. HEHEMAN BURR F. ROCKWELL J. WALTER McDowELL ROBERT L. ROPER CHARLES S. OTTO, JR. C. H. STUHRBURG GEORGE D. WESTERMAN ROBERT K. WHITELY LAURENCE H. THOMAS HENRY A. TUTTLE ROBERT L. VANDENBERG JAMES F. THOMPSON ROBERT W. UHLMANN ROY C. UHLMANN PENN G. SKILLERN ROGER C. SMITH JOHN H. SMITH JAMES P. SUMNER JAMES A. MEADOWS Founded at University of Alabama 1856 Iota Beta Chapter 1889 Page 374 WMSfiH Top Ron EDELMAN, KIRCHENBAUM, COGGAN, SHULMAN, KRAUSE, MOVER, DITCHIK. Row i- -ScHAGRiN, ALPERN, RUBENS, BRILL, PREGULMAN, SPIRO. Row 3 -AISNER, LEVINSON, BLOOM, DANA, KOHN, POSMANTUR, FINK. Row 4 FLEISHMAN, KRUGLIAK, COHEN, KIRSHEN, KEMPNER, FEDERMAN, WAX, LEVY. Sigma Alpha Mu RAYMOND V. KEMPNER, JR. ARNOLD J. KIRSHEN LEO G. FEDERMAN . OFFICERS MELVIN BARNETT. B.A. JEROME J. DICK, B.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IRVING M. EDELBERG, B.A. ALAN H. FLEISHMAN, B.A. President Secretary Treasurer H. HARVEY GASS, B.A. SAMUEL I. KRUGLIAK, B.A. HAROLD GOLDMAN RICHARD I. COHEN DAVID M. GOLDRING JULIUS AISNER, JR. BERNARD J. BLOOM ARNOLD I. DANA ROBERT I. ALPERN THOMAS M. BRILL YALE D. COGGAN ALBERT FISHMAN MEMBERS IN CITY Seniors RAYMOND W. KEMPNER, JR. Juniors AUSTIN I. FINK LEO G. FEDERMAN MORTIMER C. KOHN HAROLD M. LEVINSON Sophomores RALPH DITCHIK JOSEPH EDELMAN MARTIN A. GREEN ROBERT A. KRAUSE Freshmen BRUCE J. KIRCHENBAUM AARON S. MOVER MERVIN GREEN,M.D. ARNOLD J. KIRSHEN KENNETH H. WAX RICHARD A. POSTMANTUR JULIAN L. PREGULMAN WILLIAM L. SIMON BURTON J. RUBENS HARRY SCHAGRIN, III DAVID SPIRO HARVEY L. SHULMAN RAYMOND W. KEMPNER, JR. Founded at City College of New York 1909 Sigma Iota Chapter 1923 Page 375 Top Row LYONS, STOTZER, JACK OGLE, KLINE, DOE, SHARPE, BENDER, CLIFFORD, KOPCKE, B. MOHLEV, BRADNSCHWEIOER, FRISSELL, HILL, BROWN, THORWARD. Row 2 KF.IG, COLLINS, TRACV. METZGER, HAVDEN, DALZELL. BURKE, LAHBEN, B. MITCHELL. RIGGS, MARROW, FOSTER. Row 3 SLIEPECEVICH, EARLY, KENNEDY, PIEL, MICHAEL, B. HAMILTON, L. HAMILTON. STEWART. OWENS, COSPER, GRAM, VAN CAM PEN, WILKINSON. How 4 JOHNSON, HOOK. DYE, HALLOCK, CORY, JAMES OGLE, DELANCEY. LUCAS, KNAPP, NORDSTROM, GIESEN, REUTTER, GAMBILL. RowS SHERRILL, SIEGEL, SCOVILLE..SHULTEHS, PINK, MASON, HEIL. PHARES, KELSO. MARKHAM, BUSSE, COOPER. Sigma Chi CHARLES F. MASON JACK. E. COOPER HARRY L. HALLOCK BLAZ A. LUCAS, JR R. O. COURTWRIGHT, A.B. L. M. GRAM, B.S. WILLIAM F. ANDERSON GEORGE BISBEE EDWARD H. BOYLE JIM CISSEL IRVIN BUSSE JACK E. COOPER HARRY L. HALLOCK OFFICERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY EARL T. MARTINEAU, B.S. F. H. YOST, LL.D. C. A. POWELL, E.E., M.S. M. E. SHANKS, PH.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer DONALD COOPER LEE FOLLEY JOHN W. GEE JOHN S. HEIL FRANKLIN L. HOOK ALVIN W. KELSO PETER F. BROWN JOHN W. CORY MERTON M. DELANCEY ROBERT ACKER ROBERT L. COLLINS PAUL L. COSPER FRANK DOE WILLIAM H. DOWNER HAVILAH BENDER PAUL BRAUNSCHWEIGER WILLIAM BURKE WARREN CARPENTER JOHN CLIFFORD WILLIAM H. GAMBILL WILLIAM GRAM EDWIN B. EARLY GEORGE P. FOSTER CHARLES P. GIESEN Lucius O. HAMILTON HUGH DALZELL WILLIAM DYE LAWRENCE FADLER DON FRISSELL CHARLES HAYDEN JACK R. GUSTAFSON WILLIAM HOWLAND JOHN B. KEITH Seniors TALMUS MARKHAM CHARLES F. MASON CHARLES W. MITCHELL Juniors CHARLES D. KNAPP BLAZ A. LUCAS Sophomores MARVIN HAMILTON ARTHUR HILL BILL IRWIN VERNE C. KENNEDY JACK. KIEG Freshmen JIM KLINE BILL KOPCKE JACK MARROW FRED METZGER ROBERT POTTER CRAMON STANTON ROBERT A. STUART J. S. WORLEY, M.S., C.E. FRED M. STUBBS FRANK WHITNEY MAX C. SCHOETZ THOMAS K. PHARES CHARLES A. PINK WALTER A. SC OVILLE HERMAN J. NORDSTROM JAMES E. OGLE BEN JOHNSON J. RICHARD LYONS ROY E. MATTERN FRANCIS W. MORLEY III ROBERT MITCHELL BUEL MORLEY JACK OGLE JOHN PETRITZ JACK SHERRILL ROBERT B. SHULTERS DON SIEGEL ROBERT L. REUTTER CEDOMIR M. SLIEPCEVICH JAMES WILKINSON JERRY H. MICHAEL ALFRED W. OWENS ALFRED H. PIEL DONALD H. STEWART BEN THORWARD CARL RIGGS PHIL SHARPE BOB STOTZER JAMES TRACY BOB VAN CAMPEN CHARLES F. MASON Founded at Miami University 1855 Theta Theta Chapter 1877 Page 376 Top Row CHEFFY, McKiTRicK, LEWIS, BRAGG, COBB, DAVIDSON. Row 2 i In i KIM. MELCHER, PARKER, HAHTMAN, GIBSON, HAMMETT, BRUCE. ROM ' 3 WuNDERLICH, HELZER, EcKHART, W. NORTON, JONES, DROHEU, KlLLINS, ARCHER. Rote 4 CROCKER, BOSTON, ANDERSON, COWEN, KIRCHER, HARRISON. GRIEP, E. NORTON, MEIN Sigma Nu CHAPTER OFFICERS RALPH D. KIRCHER, JR. WILLIAM P. HARRISON ROBERT H. BRAGG . C. EDWARD BOSTON L. J. CARR, PH.D. C. C. CRAIG, PH.D. F. D. GOUDIE, PH.D. JOHN J. ADAMS, A.B. JACK. ANDREW R. D. BOEHNKE T. W. BYWATERS R. T. DOBSON R. L. HAWKINS D. J. McLEAN EDWARD W. ADAMS RICHARD L. ANDERSON DAVID H. ALTICK ROBERT H. BRAGG DONALD R. BRUCE GEORGE W. CHEFFY RICHARD J. ARCHER WILLIAM E. COBB ROBERT B. DAVIDSON MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. R. ISBELL, PH.D BRUNO MEINECKE, PH.D. R. H. NOYES, M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ARTHUR H. GRIEP, A.B. GLADE D. HELZER, A.B. CHARLES G. KILLINS, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY E. R. MURBACH C. E. RUSINGER H. C. RUFUS JACK SINN RICHARD SINN Seniors C. EDWARD BOSTON JEROME J. COWEN GEORGE F. Cox Juniors SABIN CROCKER, JR. JOHN R. DROHEN Sophomores A. LAWTON HAMMETT R. WHITNEY JONES RICHARD C. McKiTRicK Freshmen EDGAR B. GIBSON RICHARD L. GILLIOM HAROLD S. HARTMAN ROBERT L. KILLINS President ice-President Secretary Treasurer SHOREY PETERSON, Pn.D. H. M. POLLARD, M.D. W. C. RUFUS, PH.D. JOYN P. LIVINGSTON, A.B. WILLIAM A. WUNDERLICH, A.B. W. G. SWARTS R. H. UPSON W. C. WALZ G. S. WATKINS R. M. WEST RALPH D. KIRCHER, JR. ELIJAH H. NORTON, JR. KENNETH V. ECKHART WILLIAM P. HARRISON RICHARD R. MELCHER WILLIAM H. NORTON JOHN R. LEWIS RICHARD K. MEINKE JOSEPH E. PARKER RALPH D. KIRCHER, JR. Founded at Virginia Military Institute 1869 Gamma Nu Chapter 1902 Page 377 Top Ron BALL, HAVNES. WARREN, FERGUSON, OATIS, DEWITT, WESTRATE, R. WELSH. Rote 2 H. SMITH, SAVILLE, GARDNER, PORTER, EMORY. BADENOCH, RUE. Row 3 S. MILLER, KIRCKPATRICK, LAITNER, P. SMITH, KING, LINSELL, GAIL, HELGREN. Row 4 CLAPP, J. WELSH. MACK, HUTCHENS, M. MILLER, BAVINGER, HYNES, DEV ' INE. JOHNSON MORRIS F. MILLER. EDWARD E. MACK FREDERICK LINSELL Sigma Pki CHAPTER OFFICERS President Secretary Treasurer DEAN EMERITUS MORTIMER E. COOLEY CLINTON B. CONGER, A.B. OI.AF P. BERGELIN DWIGHT M. CHEEVER WILLIAM F. BAVINGER JAMES A. HYNES PHILIP H. CLAPP RALPH G. CONGER JOHN B. DsViNE DAVID A. BADENOCH JAMES F. BOURO.UIN JACK B. COLEMAN SAMUEL M. BALL DAVID H. CONGER WILLIAM S. DEWITT CHARLES W. FERGUSON MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY GEORGE HAMMOND, M.D. EGMONT C. HILDNER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ALFRED G. ELLICK DOUGLAS A. HAYES J. RICHARD KENDRICK Seniors EDWARD J. HUTCHENS Juniors WILLIAM H. GAIL PAUL A. JOHNSON ROBERT D. KING W. WM. LAITNER Sophomores RICHARD D. EMORY DICK B. GARDNER NORMAN R. HELGREN Freshmen LAURANCE S. HAYNES VINCENT P. OATIS JOHN P. RUE RICHARD M. SAVII.LE RUDOLPH A. WINNACKER DEWITT C. MILLEN WALTER I. LILLIE RUFUS H. ROYS EDWARD E. MACK MORRIS F. MILLER FREDERICK LINSELL J. PAUL SMITH JAMES E. WELCH ARTHUR L. KIRKPATRICK E. STANTON MILLER HOWARD P. PORTER HENRY B. SMITH KENNETH A. WARREN ROBERT WELCH WARREN K. WESTRATE MORRIS F. MILLER Founded at Union College 1827 Alpha Chapter 1858 Page 378 Top Row HIRNYCK, CANNASTRA, MIKULICH, GRIMSHAW, HUNTOON, WEBB, SMITH. Row 2 ATHERTON, RHODES, POWERS, GREIDER. TEMPLIN, PURDUE. OSTERSTROM, HOLMBERG. Row 3 STEGATH, ALDRICH, ASH, BATEMAN, KEETCH, GOULD, NELSON, MACNUTT. OGDEN. R ow 4 McCuNE, CONTIE, STEUDEL. DAVIDSON, PFALLER, GROVER, McOMBER, BOTT, LANGSCHWAGER, WHEATON. Row 5 CUTHBERTSON, HARMS, NfiWCOMB, MUNN, SAHLIN, SCHWARTZ, " SiGGY " , ARMSTRONG, SlLCOTT, REED, KlNG, ZELLER. Sigma Phi Epsiion CLARENCE A. SAHLIN GEORGE SWARTZ BEN F. MUNN HARRY W. REED CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer W. EARL BRITTON DR. F. C. NAYLOR JOHN CANAVAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY DR. EDWARD WEINMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN RIESEN R. K. BROWN LESLIE J. WESSINGER STAN MINOR Seniors T. CUTHBERTSON, JR. GEORGE J. NEWCOMB, JR. HARRY W. REED BEN F. MUNN CLARENCE A. SAHLIN- Juniors GEORGE A. GROVER F. P. LANGSCHWAGER THOS. ARMSTRONG, JR. GEORGE L. DAVIDSON WILLIAM J. ASH DOUGLAS P. GOULD LEROY J. CONTIE, JR. GEORGE B. SWARTZ JOHN J. McCuNE ALBERT L. PFALLER JAMES ALDRICH DAVID BATEMAN ALAN R. BOTT CURTIS ATHERTON WILLIAM CANNASTRA CORWIN DENNY EDWIN C. GREIDER GEORGE W. HARMS ROBERT C. KEETCH WARREN R. KING ROBERT S. GRIMSHAW WILLIAM T. HIRNYCK. EDW. R. HOLMBERG, JR. Sophomores DONALD MASON- FREDERICK. N. McOMBER Freshmen RICHARD HUNTOON WILLIAM MACNUTT JOHN R. MIKULICH O. GRANT NELSON ROBERT OGDEN CARL S. RHODES HAROLD NEW GORDON E. OSTERSTROM JOHN POWERS JACK R. SILCOTT RICHARD T. TRELFA C. BRUCE SMITH RICHARD A. STEUDEL ROBERT L. WHEATON FERDINAND W. SCOTT, II WILLIAM B. STEGATH HENRY O. ZELLER JOHN C. PURDUE ROBERT D. SHIRRELL ROBERT TEMPLIN NEWTON WEBB CLARENCE A. SAHLIN Founded at L ' niversity of Richmond 1901 Michigan Alpha Chapter 1912 Top Row McGARL, SLOAN, WETTER, J. HALL, RADDATZ, P. STOCKING, SFORZINI. Row 2 HEALV, BOYCE, M. HALL, MAHLMAN, WINNE, EBY, LENZ, PATRICK. Row 3 STOMPF, SWEENEY, FLINT, LASALLE, C. STOCKING, SCOTT, O ' BRIEN. Taa Kappa Epsiion EUGENE CARL LASALLE FRANCIS P. SWEENEY . G. WILLIAM MAHLMAN GEORGE P. SCOTT CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer RUSSELL A. DODGE RICHARD C. FULLER MEMBERS IN FACULTY WILLARD C. OLSON I. D. SCOTT NATHAN SINAI CHARLES H. STOCKING CHARLES J. BARCLAY R. B. FlNLEY JAMES S. DUESENBERRY GEORGE H. BOYCE JOHN H. EBY MYRON C. HALL G. WILLIAM MAHLMAN ROBERT J. O ' BRIEN ROBERT J. CARTER JOHN T. HALL MEMBERS IN CITY WILLIAM G. GORDON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN F. McGARL Seniors ALFRED A. HEALY EUGENE C. LA$ALLE Juniors GEORGE P. SCOTT ROGER P. SLOAN GORDON A. STUMPF Sophomores JACK. H. PARDEE ROBERT W. RADDATZ FIELDING L. HUESMANN J. ROBERT WILSON FOREST CARHART WENDELL E. LENZ JOHN F. PATRICK FRANCIS P. SWEENEY JOHN F. WINNE ALLAN E. WETTER PRESCOTT N. STOCKING ROBERT A. SFORZINI EUGENE CARL LASALLE Founded at Illinois Wesleyan 1899 Upsilon Chapter 1925 Page 330 Top Row LAGROU, PEACHEY, COWARD, CRANE, SHANER, COWLES, EDDY, THOMPSON, KING, MACKEY. Row 2 DlXON, COQUILLETTE, DlLLMAN, DuNFEE, WlENS, GRADY, DEAL, CRUMBAKER, GRACEY, DONALDSON, BARTLETT. Row S FRAUMANN, WRIGHT, GARVIN, DAVIS, YOUNG, KROEGER, STRAIN, TROOST, KESSLER, HARDY. Row 4 MPENTER, SLATER, HOLSHUH, BOYER, REID, STEVENS, GIBSON, OVERTON, RANNEY, FROST, CHEEVER. COLVIN L. GIBSON . HARRY L. SONNEBORN W. ROBERT STEVENS JOHN H. OVERTON Tketa Chi CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ARNO L. BADER GEORGE E. CARROTHERS JAMES H. CISSEL ROWE A. BALMER GILBERT D. CHAVENELLE JOHN S. DICKHOFF RODERICK B. HOWELL WILLIAM HOWELL JAMES B. ASHLEY, A.B. ROBERT C. BOYER, A.B. HAROLD J. HOLSHUH, A.B. THOMAS J. AYE KEITH E. DIXON DONALD R. BOYER RUBEN E. FROST MARKHAM S. CHEEVER COLVIN L. GIBSON CLARK. E. COTTRELL ROBERT J. CRANE NELSON J. DAVIS EDWIN M. DEAL DAVID D. DONALDSON JAMES D. BARTLETT WEATON M. COWARD LEON W. COQUILLETTE WALTER C. COWLES JOHN R. CORSON DONALD C. CRUMBAKER MEMBERS IN FACULTY PRESTON E. JAMES HAROLD J. McpARLAN MEMBERS IN CITY FRANK LAMBERSON KENNETH C. MARENTETTE BRUCE PALMER EUGENE B. POWER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLES O. KING, B.S. JAMES I. LAIRD, A.B. JOHN H. PICKERING, A.B. Seniors GORDON A. HARDY DALE A. KROEGER PAUL NIELSEN JOHN H. OVERTON DANIEL R. RANNEY ALLAN REID GORDON M. DUNFEE GEORGE G. EDDY, JR. JACK F. GRAINGER Juniors HARLIN E. FRAUMANN DONALD O. FRISBEE Sophomores CHARLES J. DILLMAN JAMES H. GARVIN JOHN H. GRACEY JACK A. GRADY Freshmen JOHN A. LAGROU, JR. KARL G. KESSLER ROLF E. MUENTER WILLIAM B. PALMER MELVILLE B. STOUT CHARLES B. VIBBERT FRANK H. POWER NEIL O. STAEBLER HARRY A. TILLOTSON HERBERT W. TWINING JAMES M. TEAHAN, A.B. JOHN F. WALTERS, A.B. ALTON P. WRAITH, A.B. LEWIS M. SLATER CHARLES R. SMITH, JR. HARRY L. SONNEBORN WILLIAM R. STEVENS JOHN H. THOMPSON ERIC J. WRIGHT WILLIAM O. KEAS WILLIAM H. MACKEY RICHARD H. STRAIN IRVING W. PEACHEY HERBERT M. TROOST ROBERT B. WESTFALL DAVID W. WIENS RALPH W. SHANER, JR. PAUL A. YOUNG COLVIN L. GIBSON Founded at Norwich University 1856 Alpha Gamma Chapter 1919 Page 331 Top Ron NIXON, ALDINGER, WOLFE, PIERCE, KUGEL, SCHMID, D. KLDKEDGE, FLOTT, STRAYER, SHEETS, BOGART. Row 2 EGELER, STILLE, VOEGELIN, SHEDD, WALLACE, MCNAMEE, GETTS, ALLEN. ROBBINS. MOLTHOI-. Row 3 HUTTLINGER, CANHAM, HALL, BARR. MARTIN, J. NEIL8ON. COPLEY, RHAME. ,)ONE8. g m , 4 WHITE. BRENT, REED, SOURS. SPENGLER, J. ELDHEDGE, W. NEILSON. EDWARDS. MONOHAN. SEEGERT. Row 3 CLEMENT, RANE, LAMB, MCKAHLAND, WILLS, ROBSON. BENTLEY, NOVAK. HINKLE. Tketa Deita Chi JAMES C. WILLS DAVID P. SPENGLER JAMES D. NEILSON N. STEWART ROBSON CHAPTER OFFICERS MARION L. BRADBURY, JR. ROY E. FRAZIER B. E. GROVES A. M. BENTLEY, III WALTER J. CLEMENT JOHN G. ELDREDGE WALTER J. HINKLE FREDERICK D. LAMB JOHN B. BARR ALMOND L. COPLEY IRL D ' AacY BRENT, II BASIL D. EDWARDS DONALD B. CANHAM STANTON ALLEN CLARKE R. EGELER ROBERT L. GETTS LEROY A. ALDINGER JOHN N " . BOGART WARREN P. DEL,AND DON K. JONES, JR. ARTHUR H. KUHN, JR. RICHARD W. MOLTHOP DAVID E. ELDREDGE ROBERT F. FLOTT President Vicf-Presidcnt Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY ERNEST F. BAKER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROGER H. MUZZALL JOHN W. STRAYER BRUCE T. TELFER MEMBERS IN CITY HARRY O. POTTER DAVID TODD WILLIAM F. WEEKS FRANK F. VAN TUYL Seniors DOUGLAS B. McpARLAND WILBUR J. REED WALTER NEILSON, JR. N. STEWART ROBSON CHARLES T. NOVAK Juniors GEOFFREY G. HALL BURNES M. HUTTLINGER Sophomores JAMES O. McNAME STEWART A. PARK OMER ROBBINS Freshmen KENNETH K. KUGEL DONALD H. NIXON EDWARD T. MARTIN JAMES E. MONAHAN ROBERT G. SHEDD WAYNE W. STILLE ROBERT L. THOMAS JAMES B. PIERCE WALTER A. SCHMID, JR. WILLIAM H. SOURS DAVID P. SPENGLER JAMES C. WILLS JAMES D. NEILSON NEAL SEEGERT GEORGE H. THOMSON ROBERT WALLACE EUGENE H. W ' HITE HAROLD S. VOEGELIN THEODORE F. SHARP JEROME B. SHEETS WAYNE G. WOLFE JAMES C. WILLS Founded at Union College 1 847 Gamma Deuteron, 1889 Page 382 Top Rote FISHER, HANS, EVSTER, SMITH, HALLISSY, LINDEN, MIES, WILLIAMS. Row 2 LUNDIN, CUNNINGHAM, MUNN. WADSWORTH, ARNOLD, RICHARDSON, BRODIE, TAYLOR. Row 3 R. GAUTHIER, ROGERS, GOTSCHALL, MEIER, KHIETZ, MARTIN, RULISON. R. W. SMITH, KELLER. Ro- 4 HOGG, CONLEY, CLASPILL. KIPKA. CARTER, HENRY " , MACGREGOR, HARWOOD, SOFIAK. Rote a VEIGEL, STEPPON, K. GAUTHIER, GODA, JENSEN, MCLAUGHLIN, BLANCHARD, NESBIT. WOOD, ALLEN. Rotr 6 McKiNLEY, ALEXANDER, JOHNSON, SIMPSON, CHRISTENSEN, ROBINSON. TIEDEMAN, BRITTON. FAKE. EDWARD P. CHRISTENSEN JOHN R. ROBINSON PHILIP SIMPSON KENNETH B. JOHNSON Tketa XL CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary B. F. BAILEY, P H .D. S. D. DODGE, PH.D. LESTER E. GODA, B.S.E. MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. H. HIGBIE, E.E. W. C. HOAD, B.S. H. M. KENDALL, Pn.D. C. A. SEIBERT, PH.D. W. P. WOOD, M.S.E. CRUZAN ALEXANDER DUANE L. BENNETT EDWARD CHRISTENSEN R. RAYMOND ALLEN WILLIAM BLANCHARD HAROLD E. BRITTON CHARLES B. CLASPILL RAYMOND H. GAUTHIER JOHN S. KELLER ROBERT B. ARNOLD ROBERT J. BRODIE P. F. CUNNINGHAM DAYTON C. CLOSSER LEROY E. FAKE PHILIP H. CONLEY WILLIAM E. CARTER GEORGE D. GOTSCHALL JOHN H. HARWOOD JAMES S. MARTIN DAVID R. MEIER RICHARD D. EYSTER PHILIP H. FISHER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY THOMAS A. JENSEN, A.B. JAMES W. FREEMAN, B.S.E. Seniors R. KENNETH GAUTHIER THOMAS O. McKiNLEY KENNETH B. JOHNSON JOHN R. ROBINSON ROWLAND MCLAUGHLIN Juniors JOHN R. HENRY GEORGE P. HOGG DONN G. KIPKA HUGH A. WELD, B.S. PHILIP SIMPSON ROBERT G. SMITH ROBERT K. TIEDEMAN Sophomores THOMAS W. NESBIT RENDALL W. SMITH JOSEPH M. HALLISSY Freshmen RICHARD S. HANS CHARLES N. MUNN KARL K. KRIETZ J. THOMAS LAMB, II ROBERT MACGREGOR GEORGE E. RULISON JACK E. LINDEN JOHN D. NIES ROBERT C. RICHARDSON OGDEN C. SMITH MICHAEL J. SOFIAK WILLIAM J. STEPPON LESTER E. VIEGEL WILLIAM M. WOOD JAMES S. ROGERS WILLIAM M. LUNDIN F. CARTER TAYLOR WILLIAM A. WADSWORTH ROBERT W. WILLIAMS EDWARD P. CHRISTENSEN Founded at Renneslaer Polytechnic Institute 1864 Sigma Chapter 1914 Page 383 Top Row EMUNSON, JACKSON, THATCHER, GROSSWENDT, ROGERS, JOHNSON, PLATT. Row 2 SHANDLEY, ROTH, DENNIS, LOMNETH, ANDERSON, BOUTON. Row 3 MASON, WILLIAMS, CASE. SWARTHOTTT, BISHOP, MACVITTIE, RISSBERGER. HARRY P. SWARTHOUT ARTHUR R. MACVITTIE HOWARD J. WILLIAMS ROBERT W. BISHOP Triangle CHAPTER OFFICERS HARRY BOUCHARD, B.C.E. EDWARD L. ERIKSEN, B.C.E. WITHRED T. COOK. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY WALTER C. SADLER, M.S., C.E., LL.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAMES A. RUTH, B.S.E. MEMBERS IN CITY ALBERT J. DOTY THOMAS J. MITCHELL RICHARD SCHNEIDEWIND, PH.D. EDWARD A. STALKER, M.S. CHASE R. TEABOLDT HARLEY J. ANDERSON GEORGE I. BOUTON Seniors WALTER A. DENNIS C. ROBERT LOMNETH JAMES A. MASON ARTHUR C. RISSBERGER HARRY P. SWARTHOUT _ HERBERT L. GROSSWENDT JAY W. JOHNSON ROBERT W. BISHOP P. BENHAM CASE HARRY P. SWARTHOUT Founded at University of Illinois 1907 Michigan Chapter 1925 Page 384 " Juniors ARTHUR R. MACVITTIE RICHARD G. MORTON ERNEST J. PETERSEN Sophomores E. PETER DELORENZI ROBERT J. PLATT RUSSEL S. THATCHER HOWARD J. WILLIAMS W. KEMP ROGERS JOHN A. SHANDLEY Top Row PETERS, LEHNF.R, ELLIS, LAWTON, C. LOVETT. WILLIS, WEYMOUTH, BERG. Row 2 MEAD COLLMAN, VAN SCHAIK, DOWNS, J. LOVETT, PICKERING, JEFFERS. Row 3 AWIG, KLEIN, CALDWELL. ATHAV, MCGRATH, SCULTHORP, BAXTER, BRIGGS. RICHARD A. McGRATH, JR. JOHN S. COLLMAN LEWIS T. BRIGGS . ROLAND M. ATHAY Trigon CHAPTER OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer S. L. BIGELOW, PH.D. W. O. HOOD, B.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. C. KERLIKOWSKE, M.D. O. PACKER, A.B. J. K. POLLOCK, Pn.D. H. G. WATKINS LEO CORKIN, A.B. DAVID G. LAING, A.B. ROLAND M. ATHAY HOWARD AWIG LEWIS T. BRIGGS DAVID B. DOLESE WILLIAM DOWNS FRANK R. ELLIS J. EDGAR BAXTER DONALD P. BERG THOMAS CALDWELL ROBERT L. EVERLY JOE HARRIS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLES M. LOVETT, A.B. Seniors JOHN S. COLLMAN ROBERT H. JEFFERS Juniors WESLEY FIRST THOMAS LAWTON JOHN LEHNER Sophomores EVERETT M. DORAN HAROLD MARTY Freshmen JAMES B. OLDEN ROBERT J. REGENHARDT JOHN R. MANN, A.B. WALTON ROGER, B.S.E. EUGENE L. KLEIN RICHARD A. McGRATH, JR. LENTON G. SCULTHORP JAMES LOVETT GILBERT VAN SCHAIK COLIN WEYMOUTH RICHARD P. MEAD HARRY PICKERING CHESTER ZAWACKI ALVIN H. PETERS JOHN J. WEBER JOHN R. WILLIS RICHARD A. McGRATH, JR. Founded at University of Michigan 1905 Page 335 Top Row MORRISON, HENDEL, BOAS, SOLOMON, WINKELMAN, GROSSBERG, SCHIFF, J. WOLF, STACKLER. Row 2 F. WOLF, SIMON. KATZ, ROMANOFF, STEINBERG, ROSEN, KAUFMANN, MILLER, COHEN. Row S GOODKIND, GIVEN, SCHOENBERG, W. BLOCK, ROTHSCHILD, SLOTTOW, KAHN, WISEMAN, WEINGARTEN. Row 4 SCHULHOF, LOEFF, LiANDSBCRG, KES8EL, ENGLANDER, WlRTCHAFTER, HARRIS, WINTER, R. BARNHARD. SAMUELS. Row 6 LOCEH, PETEHMAN, A. BLOCK, SEITNER, JASSV, FEFERMAN, J. BARNHARD, GROSSMAN, GOLDMAN, KANN, WITSCHNER. Zeta Beta Tan OSCAR A. FEFERMAN HOWARD A. GOLDMAN- DAVID JASSY JAMES BARNARD OFFICERS President Vice-President Treasurer Steward MEMBERS IN FACULTY LEO SHARFMAN GEORGE GOLDSTONE JAMES BARNARD HERBERT BLUMBERG ROBERT A. BARNARD ALAN ENGLANDER WOI.FRED W. BLOCK JACK COHEN THOMAS GOODKIND MORRIE BOAS EDMUND GROSSBERG BERNARD HENDEL KARL KAUFMAN, JR. ALEC BLOCK OSCAR A. FEFERMAN HWARD A. GOLDMAN JOEROME B. GROSSMAN ARON KAHN IRA R. KATZ JACK E. KESSEL ELLIOT MILLER ROBERT MORRISON MILFORD ROMANOFF MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IRA K. WITSCHNER ALFRED LEVINGSTON JULIUS RUBLE Seniors DAVID JASSY ROBERT L. KANN Juniors JULIAN HARRIS HERBERT HOCHBAUM JEROME MECKLENBERGER Sophomores LEON LANDSBERG RALPH M. LOEFF Freshmen DOUGLAS ROSEN PAUL OBERNDORF WILLIAM T. POLLAK, JR. MELVIN SCHLEMENSON TED WINTER ROBERT N. SAMUELS ARTHUR K. SCHOENBERG RALPH SLOTTOW RICHARD SIMAN CHARLES ROTHSCHILD, JR. JULIUS F. SOLOMAN, JR. ARNOLD SCHIFF ROBERT STEINBERG MILTON S. PETERMAN RICHARD J. SEITNER DONALD WIRTCHAFTER CHARLES ZOLLA HAROLD STACKLER ROBERT WEISMAN HOWARD GIVEN PAUL WEINGARTEN STANLEY WINHELMAN FREDERICK WOLF JAMES WOLF OSCAR A. FEFERMAN Founded at City College of New York 1898 Phi Chapter 1912 Page 386 . Top Row ERNST, LOCKWOOD, BLACK, JONES, GARDNER, ARMSTRONG. Row 2 PARKER, BOOTHBY, FIELDER, BULMER, ELLISON, FROST, TIETJEN, FOWLE. Row 3 PEKOR, SPITZ, QUARLES, KOCH, HADLEY, GAMON, STEPHENS, ARNOLD, GUSTAFSON. Row 4 GOULD, DIEMOND. COLLAMORE, SALVETTE, MILLER, VENROSE. KEEPER, BRIGHAM, HAMILTON, COMSTOCK GEORGE LOCKWOOD WILLIAM ARMSTRONO WILLIAM JONES WAYNE HADLEY Zeta Psi CHAPTER OFFICERS President ice-President Treasurer Secretary L. D. BLACK, A.B., M.A. H. L. ARNOLD, A.B., M.D. J. G. BLACK, A.B. R. B. BIOELOW A. W. DIACK WILLIAM F. ARMSTRONG, JR. WILLIAM BOOTHBY WILLIAM G. DIEMOND ROBERT L. GUSTAFSON FRED E. ARNOLD MALCOLM W. BULMER WILLIAM COMSTOCK, III WILLIAM COLLAMORE THEODORE W. BRIGHAM, JR. MEMBERS ON FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. T. CARRIEL, A.B., M.S. W. O. GAGER, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY S. B. CONGER T. W. HEFFERNAN Seniors HERBERT H. GARDNER, JR. ROBERT E. GOLDEN WILLIAM J. JONES Juniors WAYNE N. HADLEY ROBERT C. HAMILTON CHARLES B. PEKOR Sophomores BRUCE G. ELLISON CHARLES R. FIELDER DOUGLAS M. FOWLE THOMAS H. GAMON CHARLES H. GOULD Freshmen RUDY A. SALVETTE P. E. BURSLEY, A.B., M.A. C. D. GORDON, A.B., M.A. A. A. ERNST, A.B. T. W. HINSHAW J. T. L. RICE GEORGE M. LOCKWOOD WILLARD PARKER JOHN W. STEPHENS JOHN O. TIETJEN DEAN L. REEFER DEAN J. MILLER MARTIN M. SPITZ ROBERT VENROSE ALBERT VAN ACKER GEORGE LOCKWOOD Founded at New York University 1847 Xi Chapter 1847 Page 387 owe It Rushee, Pledge, Active . . . These three words sum up the three phases of a sorority girl ' s life. First, the rushee with teas and dinners to keep her busy, then pledging, and after five months as a pledge, finally initiation with its thrills and pride on the part of those who have " made the grade " . Aiming at high standards of development for college women, sororities have come to form an integral part of university life. Loyalty to her University is a part of every sorority girl ' s pledge, and she attempts to live up to this through maintaining a high scholastic average. " Ginny took a pin! " " Helen is chairman of Frosh Project! " " Somebody please answer the phone! " " Faculty dinner to- night! " All of these have a familiar ring to sorority girls, for in spite of the more serious sides of college life exams, bluebooks, theses, and labs which take up many hours each day, there is still time for a midnight snack or informal discussion in almost everyone ' s schedule. Long years afterthe square root of ten, the formula for hydrogen sulfide and the date of the French and Indian War have been forgotten, friendships made through association in a sorority will still be recalled to bring back happy memories of college days. S O R O R I " Four out of rive are beautiful " we really do study and so to bed hours later I Four spades doubled I I There ' s nothing like a fireside Getting a philosophical outlook Phone duty made interesting Top Row BOLTON, DUNLOP, FORD, HEALD, HOELSCHER, HUNTINGTON, JOHNSON. Row KNOBLAUCH, KRONNER, RICH, ROUSE, STOCKBRIDQE, VERNER, WILSON. BALDWIN, FAHNSWOHTH. Row 3 FISHER, GOSSAHD, MILLS, PARKER. TODT. WEHNEH. ALLEN. BARNEY, CLARK. Row 4 GATES. GECROE, HEAL, HIOGINS, HOLADAY, JOHNSON, KNIGHT, OHLMACHER, R. SMITH. Row 5 CONE, CDRTIS, HIOBEE, MCLAUGHLIN, MILLER, PETERSON. RESTIN, SMITH, TAYLOR. Alpha Chi Omega Founded at DePauw University 1885 Theta Chapter 1898 BARBARA BOLTON GWENDOLYN DUNLOP CLAIRE FORD VIEVIA HOELSCHER MARY BALDWIN BEULAH BURNS DOROTHY FARNSWORTH Seniors FRANCES HUNTINGTON HARRIET JOHNSON MARY KNOBLAUCH MARY JANE KRONNER JEAN RICH Juniors BARBARA FISHER NANCY GOSSARD MARY Lou MILLS BETTY ROUSE HELEN STOCKBRIDGE Lois VERNER JANE WILSON LONNA PARKER SHIRLEY TODT ANN WEHNER DORIS ALLEN BETTY BARNEY ELISE CLARK FLORENCE GATES SUZANNE CONE BARBARA CURTIS JOAN GENUNG LOUISE HIGBEE Sophomores LINDA GAIL GEORGE RHOMA HEAL MARJORY-ANNE HIGGINS MARIANNE HOLADAY JEAN JOHNSON Freshmen BARBARA MCLAUGHLIN PATRICIA MILLER ELLA PETERSON JANE RESTIN Junior Law Students MARY KATHERINE HEALD CLARE KNIGHT FRANCES OHLMACHER ELINOR SEARLS ROSEMARY SMITH MADELINE SMITH VIRGINIA STOVER KATHERINE TAYLOR LUCILLE WOODWARD Page 392 Top Row CLIFT, HALPIN. Ro w 2 HUBBS, SKINNER, WESTENDORF, BENSON, CONDE, HAGEMEYER. Row .5 HOFFMEYER, KEENE, KlLBUHN, MAIN. WEI88, CROSBY. Row 4 ENGBTROM, GISH, PHELPS, TAYLOR, CARLL, FRANKLIN. Row 5 HALPIN, MAYFIELD, MEHRKENS, PFRETZCHNER, ROMMEL, STEARNS. ELIZABETH CLIFT HAZEL HALPIN ELIZABETH BENSON MARIAN CONDE MURIEL HAGEMEYER ALICE CROSBY JOYCE ENGSTROM GLORIA CARLL ANNETTE DERRICK ALICE FRANKLIN Seniors FRANCES HUBBS Juniors PHYLLIS HOFFMEYER DOROTHY KEENE FAYE KILBURN Sophomores Lois GISH Alpha Delta Pi DERHUA SKINNER MADELAINE WESTENDORF PATTIE MAIN MARY Lou MILLS MARIAN WEISS BETTY PHELPS JOANNE TAYLOR Freshmen BETTY HALPIN MARY ELIZABETH MAYFIELD DORIS MEHRKENS LOUISA PFRETZSCHNER LOUISE ROMMEL PATRICIA STEARNS Founded at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia 1851 Beta Eta Chapter 1929 Page 3S3 Top Row WEISSMAN, WEINBERQ, WARREN, SZOLD, SCHWARTZ, LEVY, KAUFMAN, HAMBURGER. Row 2 GOLDSTEIN, CLICK, M. FISHMAN, GLASS, FISHER. S. FIBHMAN, DAVIS, COOPER, WILLS, WECHSLER. Row S WEBER, SAMPSON, SACK. RUBINER, OLLESHIMER. LIPTON, KAPHAN, EPSTEIN, TOUBUS, SNYDEH. Row 4 SILVER, SHAPIRO, SCHLOW, RUDNER, ROBESON, RABINOVITCH, MAGIDSON, KASLE, JACOBSON, IMBER. Row 5 HOOTKINS, FISHER, COPELAND, BLUESTEIN, BAKER, ABRAMSON, AAHONSON, TAYLOR, POCKER, NUSSBAUM. Row 6 NEIMAN, MEYER, LEWIN, KUNZMAN, GORDON, DAVIDSON, BLOOM, BIEBEH, BARTH, ARNOLD. Alpha Epsiion Phi WINIFRED COOPER ZELDA DAVIS FRANCES FISHER MURIEL FISHMAN SHIRLEY FISHMAN MILDRED EPSTEIN NORMA KAPHAN ELIZABETH LIPTON FRANCES AARONSON DOROTHY ABRAMSON HARRIET BAKER MURIEL BLUESTEIN PAULA COPELAND ELAINE FISHER Lois ARNOLD ELAINE BARTH DEENA BIEBER RUTH BLOOM Seniors DOROTHY GLASS AGATHA GLICK ELAINE GOLDSTEIN BETTY HAMBURGER MADELINE KAUFMAN HARRIET LEVY Juniors ROSE LOUISE OLLESHEIMER RUTH RUBINER JOAN SACK DOROTHY SAMPSON Sophomores FAY HOOTKINS SHYRLE IMBER JANET JACOBSON LOUISE KASLE IRENE MAGIDSOHN INA MAE RABINOVITCH HOPE ROBESON Freshmen DOROTHY DAVIDSON ELAINE GORDON PATRICIA KUNZMAN JANET LEWIN ROSAMOND MEYER RUTH SCHWARTZ MIRIAM SZOLD RUTH WARREN MIRIAM WEINBERG HELEN WEISSMAN THELMA WEBER DORIS WECHSLER MARCIA WILK LOUISE RUDNER IRMA SCHLOW Lois SHAPIRO SHIRLEY SILVER HILDA SNYDER SHIRLEY TOUBUS ADELLE NEIMAN VIVIAN NUSSBAUM LENORE PACKER HAZEL TAYLOR Page 334 Top Row ALLEN, ANDERSON, KAHRS, KOHL, LAING, MILES, OLSON, PENCE, RESHORE. Row 2 SCHAEFEH, AuGSPUHOER, HARRIS, L.UXAN. TUBBING, WATSON, WlGHT. BURTON, DONAHUE. Row 3 DUNN, FAIHBUHN, HENDERSON, MARTIN, ORBESEN, SAXTON, SORENSON, THOMSSEN, WOLTEH, ALT. Row 4 COFFELT, CRAWFORD, GRAY, HUNT, MACRITCHIE, MARK, MCLLER. OUTLAND, SHEAR, WOODWARD. Alpha Gamma Delta MARY ALLEN FRAKCES ANDERSON FRANCES KAHRS Seniors ELAINE KOHL RUTH LAING DONNA MILES PHYLLIS OLSEN BETTY JEAN PENCE JANE RESHORE MARIAN SCHAEFER Founded at Syracuse University 1904 Alpha Beta Chapter 1922 RUTH AUGSPURGER MARGARET HARRIS PATRICIA BURTON ELEANOR DONAHUE GWENDOLYN DUNN BARBARA FAIRBURN MARY ELLEN ALT JEAN COFFELT MARY CRAWFORD NANCY GRAY Juniors BETTY HOAG JEAN LUXAN SUZANNE TUSSING Sophomores KATHERINE L. HENDERSON FRANCILLE MARTIN EVELYN ORBESEN Freshmen JANE HUNT MARALLYN MACRITCHIE JANE MARK. HAZEL MULLER ARDIS WATSON MARIAN WIGHT MARGARET SAXTON AUDREY SORENSON JANE THOMSSEN MARY Lou WOLTER VIRGINIA OUTLAND PAULINE SHEAR JOANNE WOODWARD Page 395 Top Ron ARMSTRONG, BAXTER, BURLESON, CAUGHEV, CLIFFORD. DOHERTV, GARRY. Row 2 MlKULICH, NlCKL. RoSEBOOM, STROTHER, VAN TuYL. ANDERSON, COMITON. Row 3 A. DAYIDSON. GOMAN, MAYTAG, PRENTICE, COWART, LAWTON, MATHIS. Row 4 McKiE, BLACK, CAMPBELL, CHRISTA, M. DAVID8ON, WAGNER, WINELAND Aipka O micron Pi Founded at Barnard College 1897 Omicron Pi Chapter 1921 Seniors ELIZABETH ANN ARMSTRONG CATHERINE CLIFFORD Lois BAXTER IRENE DOHERTY LEIGH BURLESON ELIZABETH GARRY DOROTHY JANE CAUGHEY ETHYL MIKULICH LYNDA NICKL FRANCES ROSEBOOM MARYBELLE STROTHER HILDA VAN TUYL BLANCHE ANDERSON FLORIS COMPTON ELIZABETH COWART MARY BLACK ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Juniors AMY DAVIDSON JEANNE GOMAN Sophomores BESSIE LAWTON ETHYL MARY MATHIS Freshmen MILDRED CHRISTA MARGARET DAVIDSON MARY MORRIS THEODORA MAYTAG JEANNE PRENTICE MARY ANN McKiE MARY Lou WAGNER DOROTHY WINELAND Page 396 _ Top Row B. BROOKS, CANON, COLER, DONNELLY, FERGUSON, FORD, M. McKiNNON. Row 2 MEIER, S. ORH, ORTIZ, STARR, VANDERVEEN, BURNS, CRANMER, GRILL, M GRUHZIT, HOPKINS. Row 3 KAUFMAN, LIST, MAY, D. McKiNNON, SCHILLER, SKILES, H. SMITH, UNRUH, BEDFORD, CHUMP. Raw 4 COHLETT. DAVIDSON, GLAIR, HADLEY. HAYDEN, McCi.uRE, NOYES, SPAETH, TURPIN, WOOD. Row 5 FADEN. O. GRUHZIT, NOBLE, B. ORR, PITCHER, PROCTOR, K. SMITH, TROSPER, WARD, WILLIAMS. BETTY BROOKS GWEN CANON RUTH COLER JANET COLLINGS JANET BURNS JEANNETTE CRANMER BARBARA GRILL MAYA GRUHZIT MARTHA BEDFORD JEANNE CRUMP BETTE COR LETT JOAN DAVIDSON ANN FADEN OLGA GRUHZIT CHARLOTTE NOBLE Seniors POLLY DONNELLY MARIAN FERGUSON MARGARET FORD MARY McKiNNON ELIZABETH MEIER Juniors SUZANNE HOPKINS JEANNE KAUFMAN VIRGINIA LIST MARGARET MAY DOROTHY McKiNNON Sophomores JACQUELYN GLAIR PATRICIA HADLEY MARY HAYDEN SUZANNE MC.CLURE Freshmen BETSY ORR CAROL PITCHER GRACE PROCTOR KATHLEEN SMITH Alpha Phi SALLY ORR ADELITA ORTIZ MARY ANN STARR FREIDA VANDERVEEN MARGARET SCHILLER JANE SKILES HORTENSE SMITH JANET UNRUH JEANNE NOYES MARY SPAETH SALLY TURPIN BARBARA WOOD ROBERTA TROSPER ANN WARD , JOAN WILLIAMS Founded at Syracuse University 1872 Theta Chapter 1892 Page 397 Top Row ALLIASON, BADGER, BOCK. Row 2 JONES, LEACH, J. THOMPSON, WELCH. Row 3 WILSON, BARRY, RAMSAY, TAFT. Row 4 CLEARY, EVANS, MODLIN, URMSTON. Row o BATCHELOR, BUSZEK, JOHNSON, C .THOMPSON. Alpha XL Deita ELIZABETH ALLIASON ELIZABETH BADGER JUNE BOCK Seniors GRACE JONES MERIBAH LEACH JEAN THOMPSON- ELIZABETH WELCH MARGARET WILSON Page 398 RUTH BARRY R. JUNE CLEARY ADA BATCHELOR Juniors MARGARET RAMSAY Sophomores BETTY EVANS VIOLA MODLIN Freshmen CASMIRA BUSZEK BARBARA JOHNSON BARBARA TAFT NANCY URMSTON CHARLOTTE THOMPSO Top Row BAKER, BOGART. DsViNE, DOUGLAS, DUNLAP, EASTON, GNERICH, GHEINER, GUEST. Row a HERRICK, JENNINGS, KINSEY, KINGSTON, McCoRMACK, SCHREIBER, SCOTT, STADELMAN, SUMMERS, TACKELS. Row 3 THAYER, YOUNG, ALEXANDER, BRERETON. DAVIS, JENSEN, LAWHEAD, LINSEY, MINCKLER, MORGAN. Row 4 ROBERTS, STONE, SWIFT, VISSCHER, WESTRATE, BAIRD, BANCROFT. BOUCHARD, COTTRELL. DAL.EE. Row O DUROCHER, EcKERT, FREY, GOETZ, JENSEN, TAYLOR. VAN VLECK, WEIDMAN, WILLIAMS, BLOOM. Row 6 HAYMANS. HEYL, McARDELL, McKiNLEY, MULLIN, STORKAN, STRONG, WALSH, WOODLEY, WOODWARD. Chi Omega ESTHER BAKER DOROTHY BOGART CATHERINE DEVIN MABEL DOUGLAS JEAN DUNLAP RHEA EASTON ROBERTA GNERICH JOSEPHINE ALEXANDER VIRGINIA BRERETON RUTH DAVIS HAZEL JENSEN ELAINE BAIRD MARGARET BANCROFT JOANNE BOUCHARD JANET COTTRELL MILDRED DAL.EE MARY BLOOM EUPHEMIA HAYMANS MARY HEYL BERNIECE McARDELL Seniors RUTH GREINER BARBARA GUEST JANE HERRICK. MARILYN JENNINGS RUTH KINSEY ANN KINGSTON JEAN McCoRMACK Juniors GWEN LAWHEAD JEAN LINSEY ANN MINCKLER SUZANNE MORGAN SHIRLEY ANN ROBERTS Sophomores BETTY DUROCHER BARBARA ECKERT VIRGINIA FREY CATHERINE GOETZ Freshmen JERRY McKiNLEY MARJORIE MULLIN MARJORIE STORKAN CHARLOTTE SCHREIBER DORIS SCOTT BETTY STADELMAN BETTY SUMMERS PAULINE TACKELS MOLLIE THAYER MARY ANN YOUNG JANE STONE BETTY SWIFT JANE ANN VISSCHER YVONNE WESTRATE ELSIE JENSEN MARJORIE TAYLOR DORIS VAN ' LECK DOROTHY WEIDMAN ANNA JEAN WILLIAMS MARJORY STRONG SALLY WALSH MARY JANE WOODLEY BARBARA WOODWARD Founded at the University of Arkansas 1895 Eta Chapter 1905 Page 339 Top Row ALLINGTON, CLEARY. DAILEY, EDWARDS. GILKEY, HAFF, HAISLIP, KENNEDY, KILLIAN. Row 2 MARTIN, MCLELLAN, TITUS, ANDERSON, BRACKEN, COLLER, DONALDSON, L. HASKELL, HEGGE. ROW 3 HOLCOMB, HUBBABD, ROBINSON, M. SMITH, VEDDER, WHEAT, WHEELER, BENTLEY, CROCKETT. Row 4 GOULD, M. HASKELL, HEAMES, LOUGHEAD, MILLER, O ' FERRALL, PATERSON, PURDOM, VENNELL. Row 5 ALDRICH, BAUBIE, EADY, JOHNSON KNAPPEN, REUTTER, STUBER, VERDON, WORRELL. Collegiate Sorosis Graduate MARGARET EDWARDS Founded at University of Michigan 1886 ELIZABETH ALLINGTON JOAN E. ANDERSON MARGARET M. CLEARY MARTHA DAILEY Seniors GEORGE ANN GILKEY PATRICIA P. HAFF PATTIE C. HAISLIP NORAH KENNEDY MARIETTA KILLIAN JANET E. MARTIN NINA P. MCLELLAN ELIZABETH L. TITUS BEVERLY BRACKEN CAROLYN COLLER JEAN DONALDSON LOUISE HASKELL ELIZABETH HEGGE SUZANNE BENTLEY BETTY M. CROCKETT NANCY GOULD ROSEMARY ALDRICH SALLY BAUBIE EUGENIA EADY Juniors MARY DICK HOLCOMB MARGARET L. HUBBARD ELIZABETH ROBINSON MIRIAM SMITH Sophomores MARY HASKELL HARRIET HEAMES PATRICIA LOUGHEAD LUCILLE MILLER Freshmen BARBARA JOHNSON JEAN KNAPPEN JOAN REUTTER ANN VEDDER JANE VENNELL CAROLYN VROOMAN BARBARA WHEAT MARY E. WHEELER PATRICIA O ' FERRALL VIRGINIA PATERSON VEITCH PURDOM BARBARA STUBER ELEANOR VERDON NANCY WORRELL Page 400 Top Roir BRADY, BRYANT, ELSPASS, M. E. HEDGES, LCNQAN, MARSH, MELOCHE, MORGAN. Row 2 NISSON, PLATT, PRICE, REUTTEH, SUTTON, BERRY, H. BOHNSACK, D. BROWN, H. BROWN, CLARK. Row 3 DILLMAN, S. FLANINGAM, FULDE, J. GRISWOLD, HARRIS, KALB, LANDERS, LIOHTNER, LOBBAN, PATTERSON. Row 4 POLOWAY, RHEA, RODGER, SAPPINGTON, WAGNER, WILLIS. R. BOHNSACK, BORLAND, CURRAN, CUMMINGS. Row 5 FLANAGAN. B. GRISWOLD, HOOD, MORRIS, REYNOLDS, SCHRECK, SELLON, WILLITS, BEATTY, CLEMENT. Row 6 DEP ' RIER, DENFIELD, GOUDY, LEE, LONGYEAR, LOVEJOY, MILLER, MOHLIN, SMITH. SOLLITT. Delta Deita Delta HELEN BRADY CONSTANCE BRYANT RUTH DILLMAN JANE ELSPASS MARY EDNA HEDGES CONSTANCE BERRY HELEN BOHNSACK DORIS BROWN HELEN BROWN BETTY CLARK SUE FLANINGAM CLARA LOUISE FULDE MARY BEATTY BARBARA DEFRIES CAROLYN DENFIELD JEANNE GOUDY RUTH BOHNSACK JEAN BORLAND JOAN CLEMENT DOROTHY CUMMINGS Seniors Lois LONGAN HELEN MARSH MARY M. MELOCHE JEANNE MORGAN Juniors JANE GRISWOLD MARION HARRIS EVELYN KALB AGNES LANDERS BETSY LIGHTNER ELEANOR LOBBAN Sophomores KRISTAN LEE EDITH LONGYEAR PHYLLIS LOVEJOY Freshmen MARY Lou CURRAN PEGGY FLANAGAN BETTY GRISWOLD CATHERINE HOOD Jo ANNE MORRIS AUDREY NISSON ANNA PLATT MARIAN PRICE BETTE REUTTER ELIZABETH SUTTON FRANCES PATTERSON SONIA POLOWAY ELLEN RHEA MARY RODGER VIRGINIA SAPPINGTON JEAN WAGNER ANN WILLS GRACE MILLER] GERTRUDE MOHLIN ROSALIE SMITH JEAN SOLLITT PHYLLIS REYNOLDS ROBERTA SCHRECK MARY SELLON RUTH WILLITS Founded at Boston University 1888 Iota Chapter 1893 Page 40 1 Top Row AVERY, BALDWIN, RUTH CALKINS, CONN, FERRISS, DOCK. DREDGE, GEZON, HALL. Row 2 HATFIELD. JEWITT, RALSTON, SCHUELE, SCOVILLE, VOIGT, A. WOOD, BLOXSOM, BELLE CALKINS. Row 3 CURTIS, FORBERG, KEARNEY, KEILHOLTZ, KINNEY, KRAUSE, LAVAN, R. JOHNSON, MCCONKEY. Row 4 OUTHWAITE, WHITTEMORE, ALFIN, BAITS, BENHAM. CRAWFORD, DRURY, HOFMAN, TYDEMAN. Row o WRIGHT, BARTHOLOMEW, BAXTER, CHOCKLEY, ECKERT, GRAHAM, MANN, RAKESTRAW, STOWE. Delta Gamma Founded at Oxford Institute 1874 Xi ChapterI 885 ANNABEL AVERY BETTY BALDWIN RUTH CALKINS Br.TTY CONN ENORA FERRISS DOROTHY BLOXSOM BELLE CALKINS ALLISON CURTIS KAY FORBERG VIRGINIA AI.FIN JANE BAITS JEAN BENHAM ADELE BARTHOLOMEW JANICE BAXTER Seniors EVELYN DOCK. ANABEL DREDGE MARGARET GEZON CLETUS HALL RUTH HATFIELD JANE JEWITT Juniors EDNA KEARNEY VIRGINIA KEILHOLTZ CHARLOTTE KINNEY JANE KRAUSE DOROTHY LAVAN Sophomores BETTY CRAWFORD VIRGINIA DRURY Freshmen JULIE CHOCKLEY DONNA ECKERT JANE GRAHAM HELEN RALSTON BETTY SCHUELE MARY MAY SCOVILLE CAR n VOICT ALBERTA WOOD RACHEL JOHNSON MARY McCoNKEY JOAN OUTHWAITE MARGARET WHITTEMORE JEANETTE HOFMAN JEAN TYDEMAN MARGARET WRIGHT MARIAN MANN ELEANOR RAKESTRAW Pate 402 warn TH;) ROM BACKUS, BASSETT, FAGAN, FINKELDEY, FITZPATRICK, HARDY, HAWLEY, HENDERSON, LORD. Row % MACDONALD, MEYER, MARGARET NEAFIE, NELSON, PERKINS, TlBBITTS, DAVIS, DlXON, FOSTER. Row 3 M. HENDERSON, HYDE, NEWTON, OHTMAYER, RIGTERINK, ROBERTS, SCHWEGLER, VON DER HEIDT, WALSH. Row 4 ZIMMERMAN, ADAMS, BALFOUR, CROSBY, GAGE, GUSTAFSON, HOLT, HULBERT, MILLICENT HULBERT. Row 5 KEATLEY, MANWARINQ, MARY NEAFIE, POE, POWER, RHODES, SCHUMANN, WILLIAMS, ARNER. Row 6 HONEY " , IHLING, JEFFREY, KILMER, REED, REICHLE. ROCHE, STEELE, STELLHORN. Gamma Phi Beta BARBARA BACKUS BARBARA BASSETT POLLY FAGAN MIRIAM FINKELDEY RUTH FITZPATRICK MARY HELEN DAVIS MARY DIXON LILA FOSTER MARY HENDERSON SUZAN ADAMS ISABEL BALFOUR CATHERINE CROSBY MARY GAGE RAE GUSTAFSON DORIS ARNER JANE HONEY MARGARET IHLING Seniors VIRGINIA LEE HARDY ANNE HAWLEY FRANCES HENDERSON JANE LORD ELLEN MACDONALD Juniors JANE HYDE BARBARA NEWTON PEDO ORTMAYER HELEN RIGTERINK JUNE ROBERTS Sophomores CAROLINE HOLT MARGARET HULBERT MILLICENT HULBERT LOUISE KEATLEY JEAN MANWARING MARY NEAFIE Freshmen JEAN JEFFREY JEAN KILMER MARY LOUISE REED MARY REICHLE MARY E. MEYER MARGARET NEAFIE MAXINE NELSON LILLIAN PERKINS JEAN TIBBITTS VIRGINIA SCHWEGLER MARY VON DER HEIDT MARGARET WALSH JANE ZIMMERMAN MARTHA POE PHOEBE POWER HELEN RHODES BETTY SCHUMANN ELEANOR WILLIAMS SYDNEY ROCHE PATTY STEELE BARBARA STELLHORN Founded at Syracuse University 1874 Beta Chapter 1882 Page 403 Top Row BONISTEEL, BUKKETT, JACOBS, LEETE, MAClvOR. RoUI McCLURE, McLOUQHLIN, MlNOR, SHARKEY. SlMONDS, H. THOM, A. VlCARV, BARLOW, BRUNDRETT, COBURN. Row 3 DAVIS, DUKLAP, FINNEV, FORRESTEL, GROVE, JAMISON. LYNCH, MAJOR. McKisaON, McLAcm-m. Row 4 PATEHSON, PENNY, SIGNAIGO, SPHICK, BAKER, BASSE, BHIDGEN, CAMPBELL, CLARKE, FARHIS. Row a HAAS, JOHNSON, PIKE, RYERSON, SMITH, M. THOM, TONKIN, VEHMEYER, WARD, WATERS. Row 8 WHITE, AMSBARY, BROWN, BUESSER, CAHHITT, GEERDS. MORSE, PFENDER, VERCOE, H. VICARY. Kappa Alpha Theta Founded at De Pauw University Est. 1879, Re-est. 1893 Eta Chapter FRANCES BONISTEEL ELSIE BURKETT ELAINE JACOBS ROBERTA LEETE SUZANNE BARLOW BETTY BRUNDRETT SALLY COBURK JEANNE DAVIS DOROTHY DUNLAP MARY LOUISE FINNEY JOAN BAKER Lois BASSE DOROTHY BRIDGEN JEANNE CAMPBELL BARBARA CLARKE BETTY FARRIS BARBARA AMSBARY MARY ELEANOR BROWN ELIZABETH BUESSER Seniors KATHERINE MAC!VOR MARY McCLURE FRANCES McLouoHLiN MARY MINOR Juniors MARJORIE FORRESTEL JANE GROVE MARY-ANNA JAMISON EDITH LYNCH MARY MAJOR Sophomores ALICE HAAS BETTY JOHNSON CHARLENE PIKE JEAN RYERSON VIRGINIA SMITH Freshmen BARBARA LEE CARRITT MARIAN GEERDS VIRGINIA MORSE HARRIET SHARKEY BARBARA SIMONDS HARRIET THOM ANN VICARY MARY Lou McKissoN JEAN McLACHLiN MARJORIE PATERSON LOUISA PENNY FLORENCE SIGNAIGO KATHERINE SPRICK MARGOT THOM PHYLLIS TONKIN DORIS VEHMEYER VIRGINIA WARD PHYLLIS WATERS ANN WHITE MARY PFENDER BEVERLY VERCOE HARRIETTS VICARY 8 ' !, Fu GE, I- i.i Doi v Page 404 Top Rote BARBER, M. BILL, CARR, CARLISLE, CHATARD, CLEMMONS, FORREST. Row HOPKINS, KEHR, MORRIS, MCCARTHY, R. MEYER, FRENCH, NUTTING, PABST, WARD. Row 3 WOODRUFF, CARPENTER. CORY, COUZENS, GLADDING, MARSHALL, MAYNARD, M. MEYER, McCoy. Row 4 THETHEWAY, RAKESTRAW, D. BILL. BOWEN, CLARE, Cox. EAGLE, McVAY, PATE. Kappa Delta TONY AALBERSBERG RUTH BARBER MARTHA BILL FRANCES CARLISLE MARGARET CARR GERTRUDE FRENCH HELEN NUTTING PATRICIA CARPENTER SALLY CORY DOROTHY COUZENS KATHRYN GLADDING DOROTHY BILL MARJORIE BOWEN JEANNE CLARE Seniors RUTH CHATARD JEANNE CLEMMONS CECILY FORREST WINIFRED GASSER Juniors MATILDA PABST Sophomores PEGGY MARSHALL MARY MAYNARD MARGARET MEYER Freshmen JEAN Cox DOROTHY COWAN HARRIET DOUGLAS ALICE HOPKINS SUSAN KERR SALLIE MORRIS ANNE MCCARTHY ROBERTA MEYER MILDRED WARD MARGARET WOODRUFF MARJORIE McCoY BETSY TRETHEWAY JEANNE RAKESTRAW FLORENCE YOUNG DONELDA EAGLE MARGARET McVAY MARY PATE Founded at Virginia State Teachers 1897 Sigma Zeta Chapter 1921 Page 405 Top Row BOYER, BKEHU, BROTHERTON, DODGE, HAY, HART, JENKINS. McKAY. Row 2 O ' ROKE, TELLING, TONKIN, RAALTE, GILLIAM, KEPLER, LORD, MACCREADY, MCE Row 3 NASHEH, OLDS, OSGOOD, SAGE, SEABRIGHT. SEVISON, ANDRESIN, BERG, BULLION. Row 4 CARPENTER, DODGE, HENKEL, HINE, LOWDEN. MCKARAHAN, MERKI, MUNN, PATTERSON. Row S RUDY, SMITH, SNOKE, SURGENOR, TRUMP, WILLIAMSON, WINTERS, CROMWELL, ERDMANN. Row 6 GRAHAM, GUEST, HERZOG, KINSEY, KIMBALL. MANN, RICHERT, TORREY, WATSON. Kappa Kappa Gamma DOROTHY BOYER BARBARA BREHM FLORENCE BROTHERTON EARLA DODGE DOROTHY GILLIAM BETTY KEPLER ALICE ANN LORD MARY E. MACCREADY GERTRUDE ANDRESIN MARY ANN BERG JEANNE BULLION LOUISE CARPENTER MARGARET DODGE ELIZABETH HENKEL JEAN CROMWELL BETTY ERDMANN ELIZABETH GRAHAM JANET GUEST Seniors HELEN HAY JANE HART JUNE JENKINS JEAN McKAY Juniors ELIZABETH MOE PATRICIA NASHER BARBARA OLDS Sophomores BETTY HINE BONNIE LOWDEN JEAN MCKARAHAN DOROTHY MERK.I JOAN MUNN PENNY PATTERSON DOROTHY RUDY Freshmen ANN HERZOG BETTY KINSEY DORIS KIMBALL BETH O ' RoKE BARBARA TELLING RACHEL TONKIN JEAN VAN RAALTE VIRGINIA OSGOOD BETTY SAGE PEGGY SEABRIGHT ELINOR SEVINSON RUTHMARY SMITH BEATRICE SNOKE NANCY SURGENOR DOROTHY TRUMP MAXINE WILLIAMSON ANN WINTERS ROSE MARY MANN ELAINE RICHERT ELLEN TORRY JEAN WATSON Page 406 . Top Row CHIBNIK, PRUSSIN, STEINHART, ZIFF. Row g MITCHELL, NEWBLATT, ALEINIK. FHUMKIN. Row 3 HALPERT, SAPEHSTEIN, SCHULMAN, GREENE. Row 4 HATOWSKI, Ross, SADWITH, WEINER. Phi Sigma Sigma Founded at Hunter College 1913 Eta Chapter 1922 SELMA CHIBNIK Seniors MYRTLE PRUSSIN BETTY STEINHART KATHERINE ZIFF THELMA MITCHELL RUTH ALEINIK REVA FRUMKIN SYRIL GREENE JUDITH HATOWSKI Juniors Sophomores CELIA HALPERT Freshmen ELAINE Ross ANITA NEWBLATT SHIRLEY SAPERSTEIN BETTIE SCHULMAN BEVERLY SADWITH MARGARET WEINER Page 407 ELIZABETH ASSELIN JEAN BELKNAP BARBARA BENEDICT MARTHA COOK RUTH ALLEN MARY ASHLEY HELEN BARNETT JOANNA BEEM BETTY ANN CHAUFTY BARBARA DITTMANN VIRGINIA APPLETON JANICE BUSHMAN NANCY CHAPMAN AGNES CROW ELSIE COURTNEY NANCY DREW BARBARA FOOTE MARJORIE ASHLEY BARBARA CLARK MARY Lou EWING PHYLLIS FOWLER Page 408 Top ROM ASSELIN. BELKNAP, BENEDICT, COOK, DICKMEVER. JORDAN, MC. NDREW. Row 2 NICHOLS, NUSSBAUM, D. SHIPMAN, STEVENSON, ZIMMERMAN, ALLEN, ASHLEY, BARNETT, BEEM. Row 3 CAUFTY, DITTMANN, FISHER, GRIFFIN, HOMER, KARN, MCCRORY, MERKER, PUSCH. Row 4 ROGERS. SMITH, STRAND, THOMPSON. VANWINKLE, APPLETON, BUSHMAN, CHAPMAN, CROW. Row 5 COURTNEY, DREW, FOOTE, GABRIEL, GARDNER, HOBROCK. JEAN, McKiNLEY, MEAGHER. Row ft OSTERGREN, REED-HILL. RENDINELL, SCHAIBLE, B. SHIPMAN. TITTLE, WHITELY, ASHLEY, CLARK. Row 7 EWING, FOWLER, GRAM, LATER, MAHON, PORTER, STOCK, WENDELL, YOUNG. Pi Beta Phi Seniors BETTY DICKMEYER MARY JORDAN MARY ALICE McAuDREw BETTY NICHOLS Juniors JANET FISHER FRANCES GRIFFIN JANET HOMER MARCIA KARN MARTHA McCRORY DORIS MERKER Sophomores PEGGY GABRIEL MARGARET IDA GARDNER MARY M. HOBROCK HELEN JEAN JANET McKiNLEY PEGGY MEAGHER Freshmen RUTH GRAM MARY LATER MARJORIE MAHON JANE NUSSBAUM DOROTHY SHIPMAN SUE STEVENSON LILLIAN ZIMMERMAN BETTY PUSCH BARBARA ROGERS BETTE SMITH MARJORY STRAND WANDA THOMPSON ANNABEL VAN VINKLE NANCY OSTERGREN CLAIRE REED-HILL JEAN RENDINELL DONELDA SCHAIBLE BETTY SHIPMAN RUTH TITTLE BETTY WHITELY MARY L. PORTER NANCY STOCK MARIAN WENDELL PATRICIA YOUNG Founded at Monmouth College Beta Chapter 1867 -1867 Tup Ron BOOTHBV, BERGSTRESSER, Cox, KIFT, KIRBV, MCDERMOTT. MORRISON. Row 2 NEBERLE, QUICK, RANDOLPH, RAE, DULMAN. GEORGE, PHENEGER. Row 3 SCUTT, MACFARLAND, ROBERTSON, TAYLOR. WALCOTT, ZIMMERMAN, KOOPMAN. Zeta Tau. Alpha BETTY BOOTH BY BETTY JANE BERGSTRESSER DOROTHY Cox JOSEPHINE KIFT CORRINE DULMAN PATRICIA MACFARLAND CATHERINE ROBERTSON Seniors NAN ALICE KIRBY MARGARET MACDERMOTT MARTHA MORRISON Juniors GENEVIEVE GEORGE JEAN PHENEGER Sophomores ELAINE TAYLOR Freshmen EVELYN FRY ELLEN KOOPMAN DOROTHY NEBERLE MARYALICE QUICK. RAGNA RANDOLPH BETTY ANN RAE BARBARA SCUTT VIRGINIA WALCOTT LOUISE ZIMMERMAN Founded at Virginia State Normal 1898 Alpha Gamma Chapter 1920 Page 409 in in m in m in in m Wholesale Glamour . . . Hundreds of girls live in a world ruled by quiet hours, buzzers, sign-out books and the mailman. Girls who stay out till the last minute, then cram all night for a chemistry bluebook at eight. After dinner, they dress for the B. M. O. C. ' s " Hey, do I look all right? " " Does anybody have a pair of stockings I can borrow? " " Did my buzzer ring? " Others, in for the evening, get together with cokes and food from home to hold an old-fashioned " hen session " , talking about anything from dates to religion. All this and plenty more make up the life of a Michigan dorm girl. Page 412 HOUSE OFFICERS ELIZABETH KIMBALL CAROLYN RAYBURN SALLY CONNERY MARY CULBERTSON MARY JANE PHELPS FRANCES NEVIN President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Senior Representative Junior Representative HOUSE STAFF Miss SARA L. ROWE MRS. G. J. DIEKEMA . House Director Social Director Top Row SALLY CONNERY, MARY JANE PHELPS, MARY CTJLBERTSON. Row i CAROLYN RAYBURN, ELIZABETH KIMBALL. FRANCES NEVIN. Martha Cook BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. EDWARD D. MAIRE MRS. JAMES D. BRUCE MRS. CHAUNCEY F. COOK. Page 413 Masher Mali Miss ROSEMARY NEUHAUS NORMA VINT House Mother- President SPONSERS PATRICIA MATTHEWS JUDITH FRANK BETTY CLEMENT ELIZABETH CASTER MARJORIE KERN VIRGINIA VANWAGONER JANE POLLAK. DOROTHY MERKI EMILIE ROOT . ESTHER OSSER NORMA FORD . MARGARET COTTON HELEN HOOGSTEEN MARJORIE ULLMAN Social Chairman Art Chairman Scholarship Chairman Library Chairman Athletic Chairman . Music Chairman Kitchenette Chairman Tap Row GBOFT, VAN WAGONER. MILLER, TATE, CARTER Row 2 BROOKS, BORGMAN, CASTER, STREELMAN, KROODSMA. Row 3 MATTHEWS, CLEMENT, SAPP, LEGROS, P RANK, LUTHI. Page 414 Jordan Hail MARIAN GEERDS. HELEN CLARKE MARGARET GROEFSEMA JOAN OLCH RUTH WILLITTS . DOROTHY TYRRELL . BEVERLEY VERCOE CHARLOTTE THOMPSON PAT STEELE KATHLEEN KRIDLER Miss ESTHER COLPON Miss HOPE HARTWIG JEAN JEFFREY . PAT MILLER JOSEPHINE COLE MARY Lou EWING Social Athletics Kitchenette Library Health Dramatics Art . Music Scholarship Publicity Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman Chairman House Director Resident Counselor President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary HELEN BARNES MARJORIE STRONG JEAN MISNER VIRGINIA CAPRON PHEMIA HAYMANS HOUSE COUNCIL SHIRLEY ALTFELD BARBARA BETHELL ANN BELSHAW RUTH B. SCHWAB MARY JANE UTLEY Top Row CAPRON, BETHELL. ALTFELD, BARNES. Row UTLEY, SCHWAB, MISNER. BELSHAW. Row 3 EWING, COLE, JEFFREY, MILLER. HAYMANS. Page 415 Top Row J. SKURLA, R. FELLMAN. Rou 2 GELLATLY, ROYAL, ROOT. Betsy Harbour BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. E. L. ADAMS MRS. JOHN WORLEY MRS. H. B. EARHART MRS. JOHN A. BRYANT Miss ALICE LLOYD HOUSE STAFF MRS. STANLEY MITCHELL Soda! Chairman CATHERINE SCHOETTK.ER . . Dietitian ALICE BULL Assistant Dietitian HOUSE OFFICERS ROSLYN FELLMAN ALBERTA ROYAL . MARJORIE LEE STOCK JOHANNA SK.URLA BESSIE ROOT VICTORIA GELLATLY President . ice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Page 416 Top Rou HESS, CURTIS. Row 2 WALPOLE, REDNER, ASHDOWNE Helen Newberry BOARD OF GOVERNORS DEAN ALICE C. LLOYD MRS. HENRY B. JOY MRS. JOHN G. HAYES MRS. WILFRED B. SHAW MRS. ARTHUR BROMAGE MRS. DONALD BLEAK.LEY HOUSE STAFF Miss RUTH DANIELSON Miss CAROLINE SCHOETTKER House Director Dietitian HOUSE OFFICERS ELLEN REDNER PATRICIA WALPOLE MILDRED CURTIS MERIBAH ASHDOWNE MURIEL HESS . President V ice-President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Top Row DELANO, KIRK, JANIS, ANNELL, WAGNER, NEGUS, RENNICK, KIRKBRIDE, HBALY. Row 2 CLAY, MARTY, MERTZ, LAZARUS, PRIEST, FORSHAR. Stockwell Hall HOUSE COUNCIL HOUSE OFFICERS JUDITH ANN MERTZ SARA FA E LAZARUS JEANNE PRIEST . DORIS MARTY MABEL CLAY EVALYN FORSHAR President Junior President Sophomore President Freshman President Secretary Treasurer CORRIDOR CAPTAINS RUTH ANNELL BETTY DELANO MARY HEALY BETTY JANIS DORIS KIRK DOROTHY KIRKBRIDE KATHERINE NEGUS VERLE RENNICK CHAIRMEN SUSAN UDELL . . . Librarian VIRGINIA FREY . . Scholarship Chairman MILDRED MACDONALD . Music Chairman Page 418 A DORMITORY GARDEN IN THE SPRING lee 1 l l ct . . . that would look well in the upper left hand corner of the page, were the instructions of the Editor for introducing this section. That off our mind, we can proceed with the business at hand. This section is dedicated to two things. First, to putting the " B " on the BW and BMOC s, and second, to finding out if the B " really B -longs there. Persons who occupy high positions in our society are forever being exposed to attack, some good humored and some malicious. The malicious attack is unfortunate and needs be dealt with in a positive manner. The other, known as satirizing or poking fun at the individual, is really a test of the person ' s genuineness. If BWOC ' s and BMOC ' s deserve the " B " of their titles in the full sense of its meaning, they must pass this test, and it ' s one test that is not graded on class average. That is the phi- losophy of this section. : " ' ' :. ' -;-. ' GRAPHIC BANTER Making Things for One Another We ' ve all heard the old one about the shoemaker who was so busy making and mending shoes for the neighbors that he didn ' t have time to mend his own family ' s shoes. His output was limited not only by time, but also by old-fashioned methods and tools. Contrast his day with ours. Today the shoemaker ' s children are not only well- shod, but they ride in the family auto- mobile with mother and dad; they go to the movies ; they listen to the radio . . . in fact, they have the benefits that children everywhere deserve. That ' s because we have called in new forces to help us make things for one an- other to use . . . things that make life richer, fuller, more worth living. If we are to continue to enjoy these things, we must have research to assure maintenance of quality and continued im- provements; engineering to make practic- able and workable the results of research ; ample production to meet public demand ; and organization to coordinate all these factors to the interests of the customer. Only in that way can we all continue to earn more and to have more. GENERAL MOTORS CHEVROLET PONTIAC OLDSMOBILE BUICK LaSALLE CADILLAC Page 422 ALL WE HAVE TO SAY IS- The art is tart, The verse is worse. By Harry M. Kelsey and Bob Merriman DEANS ALICE LLOYD AND JOSEPH BURSLEY Such a pretty pair they make, This picture wasn ' t hard to take. But let us make just one point plain: This picture ' s harder to explain. For here ' s Dean Joe And Alice Lloyd Who really should Be our ideals Just goes to show You can ' t avoid (E ' en though you would) The way it feels When all of a sudden you come to your senses And watch your ideals, like sheep jumping fences, Disappear into the blackness behind Once honored, once sung, now wept for. Remind The students who once worshiped their Uncle Joe That all men have faults, and that he ' s no exception. And Alice she could have done something, we know Deserves compliments,- she did not try deception. Not badly enough, though, could we Dean Joe treat For making a lady walk next to the street! Page 423 FIELDING H. YOST What ' s this? By gosh, It ' s what We thought; It ' s real- Ly got Us quite Distraught. ANN M. VICARY " Over Here " , " Over Here " , Pull your hair, curse a bit, shed a tear, For the deadline ' s coming, The deadline ' s coming, And Vicki ' s without an idear! " Over Here " , that ' s the name Of the column that won Vicki fame. " Over Here " by Vicki Is a gem, by crickey, But she ought to get it started, just the same! Such a litter of paper surrounds her desk She never will dig her way through. There ought to be something to write aboul But nothing she thinks of will do. " Over Here " , " Over Here " , Hurry Vicki, the deadline is near. You don ' t want your copy To be written sloppy; Think of something, then stand up and cheer. No less A per- Sonage Than Yost Making goo- Gly eyes At Amer- ica ' s toast. Patricia Donnelly, Our lovely Miss America, (Detroiter at home) Causes Fielding ' s hysteria. There ' s some- Thing about A pret- Ty girl That ' ll make An ath- lete ' s whis- Kers curl. Pat wins by a mile! (Just look at his smile.) Page 424 BARNES-GIBSON-RAYMOND DETROIT PLANT DIVISION OF ASSOCIATED SPRING COUP. COOK PLANT DETROIT, MICHIGAN TWO PLANTS ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Page 425 SHOP EQUIPMENT Of Every Description Metalworking Machinery Woodworking Machinery Tools of Many Kinds Aluminum Brass Bronze Copper and Other Metals Electric Tools and Motors Boston Standardized Gears Keystone Specialized Lubricants Power Transmission Appliances Material Handling Equipment Welding Equipment, etc. THE Charles A. Strelinger Co. 149 East Larned St., DETROIT PAPERS for every Purpose . . . ' Yearbooks Bulletins Publications Stationery Blotters Cards Booklets BERMINGHAM PROSSER CO. Paper Merchants KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN THE BOYER CAMPBELL CO. DETROIT MICH. EVERYTHING IN TOOLS INDUSTRIAL AND SAFETY EQUIPMENT TOM HARMON We never thought That we ' d find Harmon In the doghouse. He sure looks charmin . He ' s right at home And smiles his best ' Though not for long Will his pants stay pressed. It seems to us There must be a reason Why Tom should be So much at ease in This little hut Of meaning symbolic. We know the cause Is not alcoholic. Perhaps its a memory, Spoiling his joys, Of a football game At Champaign, Illinois Page 426 JANE E. MOWERS There was a girl in our U. And she was wondrous wised. She wrote a theme on ivory: " The Elephant ' s Most Prized Possession " she did name it And thought she with much glee That if it didn ' t bring an A ' Twould surely grab a B. Yes, that ' s the way she did things. Her mind was in a whirl, But when you came to think of it, Oh! Gee! Gosh! What a girl! She radiated ' IT ' ! Not just a little bit But so darn much it registered in photos. She had those come-on looks You read about in books And did she have the ways to wow the bozoes! When she worked with a laugh On The Daily business staff You ' d think that all you ' d heard was just a lie, But when she turned on her powers You knew well ' twas Janie Mowers. Could be no one else, you knew, and you knew why! Again we bind THE MICHIGANENSIAN BROCK RANKIN Incorporated EDITION BOOK MANUFACTURERS 619 South LaSalle Street CHICAGO, ILLINOIS lUFKIN Tapes Rules Send for your free copy of Catalog 12-A for com- plete listing and description of Lufkin Standard of Accuracy measuring equip- ment. SAGINAW MICHIGAN tftULEfiO. NewYork City Gagnier Paint Company PAINTS COLORS BRUSHES 164-166-168 Congress East DETROIT, MICHIGAN Page 427 JANE ELSPASS Here we have Jane with all her equipment Now she is ready for any predic ' ment. The T-square helps her draw lines straight, The wrist watch tells when it ' s getting late. Those pearly teeth help her to chew, The name plate ' s there for people like you. The waste basket ' s there in case she falls in, The desk is where it has always been. She uses that laughing mouth to talk with, And uses those shapely legs to walk with. We can think of no reason Why Jane should laugh so ; Why she ' s so happy We really don ' t know. The ' Ensian staff Isn ' t usually gay Until to the printer ' s The book ' s on its way. But Jane is so mirthful That we shouldn ' t curb her; Let ' s all turn the page So as not to disturb her. RALPH H. SCHWARZKOPF There comes a time in the lives Of all great men When for their childhood days They get a yen. So Ralph, if you please, Who wants to climb trees. But when the urge came on He was inside Had he not found a clothes tree He would have died. Now Schwarzkopf is happy Although he looks sappy. The man ' s a good runner; He wins as crowds cheer. However, he looks like A runner-up here. Hats off to the man Who out-ran the great Maki. You can see the strain told The poor guy ' s gone wacky. Page 42S Specializing in Finest Photographs and Giving Unequaled Service to Michigan Students " OFFICIAL MICHIGANENSIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS RENTSCHLER : DEY : SPEDDING STUDIOS ALL NEGATIVES KEPT ON FILE SO THAT ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS MAY BE ORDERED AT ANY TIME Page 429 A NATIONAL INSTITUTION Wherever " Michigan " women gather from Maine to California, from Michigan to Florida, students, alumni or faculty Jacobson ' s is represented and recommended. Graduates return and send new students to us. Students also return to us year after year throughout their stay at " Michigan. " They all know that at Jacobson ' s they find the clothes that best fill their requirements, and consistently maintain the high standards of style, quality and workmanship, which have made Jacobson ' s a National Institution. COATS SUITS DRESSES ACCESSORIES SHOES SPORTSWEAR MILLINERY I L v j a COD on BARBARA H. BASSETT Pan-Hellenic, Panhellenic, Panhei How shall we write it? Oh, well, Barb Bassett we ' ll phone (She sits on that throne) And just how to put it she ' ll tell. Confucius, Joe Miller, et al. Having nothing on Barbara at all. You can just see the quips Floating down from her lips As her audience rolls in the hall. There once was a freshman deter- Mined that one Barb hadn ' t heard she ' d secure, So she made up a joke But ere ' t could be spoke Barb Bassett had told it to her. Now Barb is tres sweet at a dance, And Barbara can thrill with a glance, But we wish we knew How the idea grew That her nick-name should be " Fancy Pants " . Page 430 445 LENTON G. SCULTHORP One o ' clock, two fifty, four forty-five Train times out of Detroit. Sculthorp sitting in hotel room And doesn ' t quite seem to enjoy it. Confucius hanging on the wall Doesn ' t say a thing! Just watches Scud wherever he moves A curse on him to bring. As Sculthorp sits and ponders there. Three thoughts trouble his brain: The first one is the major one, That of missing his train. The second ' s the girls on the ' Ensian staff He ' s constantly having to phone. The third is that sweet, lovely creature, The girl he left back home. Poor Scud. He ' s really in a bad way. Thank God it lasted for only one day! K R O M H A R Canton- Degener Serves You Cleaning Pressing Tailor-Made (Delivery) Suits 609 E. Williams Phone 4341 M O N Page 431 STANLEY M. SWINTON " Mama, what ' s that sitting there behind that typewriter? " " Hush, dear, that ' s Stan M. Swinton, and he ' s city editor. " " But, Mama, see how strange he looks. Please tell me why tis so. " Quiet, darling, snuggle close, I ' ll tell you what I know. It seems that, long, long years ago, when Stan was in his youth He stumbled on a newspaper and thought that he ' d found Truth. That was when our Stanley M. was very young indeed; The words of elder newsmen he wasn ' t wont to heed. So Stan began to live with news, he drank it and he ate it, He walked with it and talked with it and soon began to date it, He sang it songs and told it jokes and couldn ' t be without it And if you happened in on him, he ' d tell you all about it. But then he stumbled onto it in one of its worst forms. He went out for The Daily, and after all the storms Abated there was Stanley M. as city editor The junior staff to boss around, and then began the war. Poor Stanley couldn ' t understand why juniors couldn ' t be As dashing and as daring newspapermen as he, As accurate, as logical, as on the ball and prompt, As scooping and as fiery as had always been his wont. " " Please, Mama, is that why he looks so tired, sad and vexed? " " No, dear, he ' s only worrying for fear within the next Few months the guns will hush, the soldiers homeward will be bent, Before our Stanley ' s sent abroad as foreign correspondent. " BETTY A. SLEE There ' s something wrong with this picture. The clock says five of five (It ' s A.M., too, we ' re pretty sure) A bad time to arrive. But here ' s a girl just checking in, A practice quite pernic- ious. Look who ' tis, it ' s Betty Slee, The president of Judic. Now, girls, we wouldn ' t want to say Follow the leader here For rules are made and must be kept In any case, we fear. But still we think, when Sletty Bee Pulls in at dawn, there ' s something wrong. Who knows, it may be legal, and You could have done it all along. Mayhap our Betty knows a trick Or two that she ' s kept up her sleeve. Some subtle wording of the rules Gives girls their freedom, we believe. Page 432 The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan The official spokesman for the 94,446 graduates and former students of the University DIVISIONS THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS ASSOCIATION OF UNIVER SITY OF MICHIGAN CLUBS THE ALUMNAE COUNCIL THE CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL Keep contact with MICHIGAN by reading THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Official publication of the Alumni Association 26 issues per year 900 pages of interesting reading An annual subscription starts any time and runs for twelve months. It ' s not the cheapest subscription rate in the alumni world but the Michigan Alumnus is the best alumni magazine. Thirty-six months -three years -of your alumni magazine. A new bargain rate just put into effect. Saves the annoyance of writing annual checks. The Life Subscription! The Michigan Alumnus will reach your library table as long as you live, with no further payments. The easy way, if you desire a Life Subscription for six annual payments of Ten Dollars. $ 50. ' 00 For Alumni Families Only. A husband and wife, both alumni, can assure receiving their magazine always. Six annual checks for $12.75 will do the same thing. $ 63? 50 For Seniors Only a special Introductory Price " has been established. By ordering early these New Alumni may have the mag- azine for one whole year for Two Dollars. Page 433 IOILHI cc HPAGW PLUMBING HEATING AIR-CONDITIONING WELDING INDUSTRIAL PIPING FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS POWER PIPING DETROIT 1 71 8-1 720 BRUSH ST. RANDOLPH 2800 MANY THANKS TO THE SENIORS FOR THEIR PATRONAGE DURING THEIR COLLEGE YEARS. MAY WE WISH YOU CONTINUED SUC- CESS IN YOUR CHOSEN FIELD OF LIFE. ANN ARBOR SAVINGS COMMERCIAL BANK Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System ZENOVIA E. SKORATKO The day ' s been long And you are weary, There comes a chortling Loud and cheery That ' ll be Zeke! At one past midnight If you should hear A girlish voice Request a beer That ' ll be Zeke! A shout comes clear As the moon in October: " I ' m always a lady, Drunk or sober! " - That ' ll be Zeke! Alumnae House Goes up in a blaze: One resident It doesn ' t faze That ' ll be Zeke! Page 434 DONALD H. TREADWELL Donald Treadwell, Swimmer supreme, Needs a preserver In the middle of the stream. He shouldn ' t though. By his own confession He was swimming champ Of the Summer Session. Don s our foremost Union man, Is the Union ' s Greatest fan. Bowling, coke bar, Bridge tournament, All bright stars In his firmament. One thing, now, We ' re sure, you bet, Donald Treadwell Is all wet! WOLVERINE OPTICAL CO. MICHIGAN DIVISION WHITE-HAINES OPTICAL CO. Wholesale Opticians featuring- Bausch and Lomb Products 306-7 Wolverine Bldg. Ann Arbor DEAR STUDENTS: Most of you are usually in such a rush to see party pic- tures that you may have over- looked our other services. We carry a complete line of photographic equipment and do the finest printing and de- veloping and printing. Sincerely yours 14 Nickels Arcade Page 43S ELLIOTT MARANISS GEOFFREY G. HALL Handsome athlete, Movie hero type, Big broad shoulders And all that tripe, Iron muscles, Neat line, too, Where ' d you get what ' s in your arms And whatcha gonna do? Fast on the pick-up On track and on couch; When it comes to taking strides You ' re no slouch. Know the right direction As we well can see All the gals wish in your arms They, too, could be. Who ' s the lucky girl here? Aw, please tell! You shouldn ' t worry, You ' ve got her well. Don ' t be so jealous (Or is it that you ' re shy?) If you won ' t confess now We ' ll find out by and by. Yes, girls, don ' t you think He ' s got lots on the ball? If you want to try this Just telephone Jeff Hall. For the title of " Most Misunderstood Man " We nominate Elliott M. The Ace has been roast- Ed and put on the pan For more things than we can remem- Ber. Some say that he gets His pay check direct From Moscow, all signed in red ink, And some would lay bets That the rumour ' s correct That the Ace is the true missing link. But worst of all was the time the Garg Printed things about Ace that it shouldn ' t. (Twos peacefully handled, and all ended well, But tell that fact here, we just couldn ' t.) The picture above tells the tale Of what would have happened without fail If Ace had been the kind of a guy He ' s made out to be in the public s eye: The bomber type whose arm is trained From holding hammer and sickle. For the Garg ' s chances from here on in We wouldn ' t give a nickel. Page 436 ON MAINTAINING 3... To win and consistently hold a place as the recognized leader of school annual printing, has been the record of Rogers Printing Company since its beginning in 1908. That we have, during a period of 32 years, success- fully produced hundreds of annuals for schools through- out the country, attests our ability to satisfy completely the most discriminating Year Book Staff. New ideas, coupled with the knowledge and experi- ence gained through a quarter of a century ' s service, insure the school that chooses a Rogers printed book of ideal pages " From Start to Finish. " We are proud that the staff of THE ' ENSIAN entrusted its printing to our organization and we herewith present it as an example of our work. ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY 307-309 First Street DIXON, ILLINOIS 228 N. LaSalle Street CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Page 437 The RADIO RECORD SHOP is the place to go! Our record service is the best in town and we carry a com- plete line of radios. The RADIO RECORD SHOP 715 N. University Phone 3542 Kitchen Equipment Bar and Janitor Supplies Free Parking Michigan ' s Oldest Complete Institutional Supply House China Glass Silverware Cooking Utensils Food Service Equipment for Hotels, Restaurants A. J. MARSHALL CO. TE. 1-9450 3639 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mich. Compliments ANN ARBOR TRUST CO. BETTY HARWOOD Eizabeth B. Harwood, hair standing on end, Has beautiful, wonderful, georgeous append- Ages and a voice like with which few are blessed. She carols each morning as she ' s getting dressed Much to the pleasure (?) of all Martha Cook But look at her reading a mystery book! She ' s one of the people who help to maintain The hullabaloo that soon drives one insane If one ' s in the habit of passing the School Of Music too often,- on the ears it ' s most cruel. Now, Betty comes here from the town of Saline (In Michigan somewhere) so she ' s often seen Craning her neck at the skyscrapers fine (Baird Carillon, Hill Aud and the Pretzel Bell ' s sign). She likes her beer cold, her ice cream vanilla, Her favorite expression ' s a sweet " La-de-da! Page 433 CARL W. PETERSEN Pete We never Would have Thought it Of you If We didn ' t See it Right Above you. But there it is! Tsk, tsk, for shame! On Sigmund Freud we ' ll place the blame. Pete ; You know The Daily Needs you Badly. Why Do you sit There dreaming On so Sadly? Or is that a look of satisfaction? We think this calls for immediate action. Erase her from your brain! Eradicate the thought! Use all your might and main, You know you really ought. All right, dream on, but just remember, you Are not the only one. We do it, too. Courtesy of JOHNSON OPTICAL CO. 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR Makers of high grade glasses since 1876 ORDER ALL YOUR BOOKS from FO L L ETT ' S MICHIGAN BOOK STORE 322 S. State St., Ann Arbor Bob Graham, Mgr. H. N. NELSON PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER ORDERS FILLED PROMPTLY All fraternity and sorority negatives kept on file 2450 DIXBORO RD. ANN ARBOR R.R. No. 5 Page 439 MARY F. REEK At Mary Frances Reek Let ' s stop and take a peek. Don ' t let her know we ' re watching her A blush her features may obscure. We really don ' t think that she needs The magazine we find she reads, It ' s rumoured that she ' s found her man. (That s unofficial, understan , Unless the ' nouncement, by some fate, Precedes our publication date). Incidentally, we hear She hopes to play, for her career, The game of politics, no less, A big time politician, yes! In preparation, she will teach The fine and subtle art of speech. Glory has been heaped upon her,- A pig ' s been christened in her honor (So we ' re told). And, pearl of pearls, She heads Assembly ' s swarm of girls. DOROTHY I. SHIPMAN And has it come to this? We ' ve often sat and vainly wondered If gavel wielders ever blundered. Now we know. How sweet the gavel ' s kiss! There ' s power in that hunk of wood (The one on top) It does no good To use it so. The gavel falls, and conk! An idea ' s born? Ah, no, The gavel falls, and bonk! The girl ' s forlorn. Tis so. They say the girl is dotty (No, linotyper, change that ' d ' . A capital letter it should be, For ' tis her name). The problem ' s not so knotty For she ' s in league to make the League A bigger and a better League And heads the same. Quiet! Genius is present: Westbrook ' s at the table. He ' s a man to reckon with, Powerful and able. But why The worried loo k in his eye? It might be those empty chairs Which ought to be by now Filled with loyal Congress men Gathered in pow-wow. Yet some PHILIP F. WESTBROOK, JR. Evidently have not come. Phil is bothered hardly any Great faith has he in his men. If they don ' t come in tonight He ' ll ask them up again. Great gun! How ' s the work of Congress done? There you ve hit upon a point; To answer would be pleasant. Philip knows, but he won ' t tell. Quiet! Genius is present. Page 440 A devotion to an ideal, by master craftsmen, in the production of high quality engravings merits the Service Engraving Company an enviable position in the school annual field. Truly this name symbolizes all that is fine in the creation of superior yearbooks. Srervice 0narawtujf yotn ump fiefocit, Page 441 Just in Case you Forget! During Your Senior Year W. S. Butterfield Theatres E. C. Beatty, President Presented These Shows (among others) Gone With The Wind Grapes of Wrath Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Goodbye Mr. Chips Stanley and Livingston Wizard of Oz Babes in Arms Gulliver ' s Travels Rains Came Drums Along Mohawk Destry Rides Again Elizabeth Essex Andy Hardy Rebecca Stage Shows Included Vincent Lopez Mai Hallett Ina Ray Hutton Snickle Fritz Clyde Lucas Ted Fio Rito Buddy Rogers Duke Ellington Bob Zurke Clyde McCoy Pinky Tomlin Xavier Cugat Henry Busse MICHIGAN MAJESTIC WUERTH ORPHEUM WHITNEY THE GARGOYLE There ' s just one place That we can think of Where the Gargoyle Can do its duty: As a blanket For a pony That rag really Is a beauty. Somehow we can ' t Appreciate A magazine That ' s out of date. We can recall a day When people read the thing. Pray tell us, Gargoyle, please, For thee has death no sting? Ah, well, we ' d better quit, Not write another letter; When speaking of the Garg The less said, the better. Page 442 k FORREST EVASHEVSKI Peaches Reaches A new high In manhood Taking up Making up To look like A dame. If the tips Of his lips Seem to be Kissable Football foes, Evie knows, Won ' t watch Their game. That is how we ' ll take the title In 1940 A.D. And Peaches Evashevski will Be All-American lady. THE CAMPUS HAD A FENCE AROUND IT! STUDENTS WEARING BOWLERS STRODE THE DIRT DIAGONALS WHEN WAHR ' S BOOK STORE FIRST SERVED MICHIGAN STUDENTS. THAT WAS 60 YEARS AGO. CLASSES HAVE COME AND GONE AND WAHR ' S HAVE ALWAYS SERVED THEM NEW AND USED BOOKS STUDENT SUPPLIES SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO MAIL ORDERS ANN ARBOR, MICH. Page 443 THOMAS B. ADAMS, JR. Now, Tommy, don ' t tell us, We know what you ' re thinkin g, You ought never had Left the sunny old south. Up here in the northlands Young spring comes in blinking At snow, slush and ice And a curse in his mouth. Snow, snow, beautiful snow, Step on a hunk and away you go. Pick up your books and brush off your coat, Don ' t let these little things get your goat. Remember that always, On sidewalks or snowbanks, You have to maintain All the dignified poise Of top man in Inter- Fraternity ' s great ranks. Smile now, Tom, This is one of life ' s joys. PAUL R. PARK Don ' t tell us, let us guess. Manipulation of Daily funds? Interference with freedom of the press? O.K. We give up. Tell us. A park-ing violation, did you say? Ah, well, it happens to the best. How ever did Paul come to get that way? Well, we ' ll not raise a fuss. But it would seem That for what he had done He could get a lower number. Three-oh-two- Nine-five-one Is like something you ' d chant to slumber. He really looks So pitiful That it ' s a shame. We ' re sorry, Paul. When you get out (You can, with pull) We ' ll welcome you back And forget it all. Page 444 PATRONS PAGE EDSON, MOORE AND COMPANY DETROIT, MICHIGAN O. D. MORRILL ANN ARBOR B. E. MUEHLIG ANN ARBOR THE EDWARDS LETTER SHOP ANN ARBOR THE PARROT ANN ARBOR GREENE ' S CLEANERS AND DYERS ANN ARBOR ALLENEL HOTEL ANN ARBOR METZGER RESTAURANT ANN ARBOR Pge445 Au Revoir! Wherever destiny leads may the years spent here at Michigan be a guiding star in the pursuance of your chosen career. Milk Dealers of Ann Arbor UNIVERSITY DRUG CO. DRUGS COSMETICS LUNCHES WE DELIVER PHONE 3743 1225 S. UNIVERSITY The Manufacturer of your badge. . . The symbol of Fraternity is The L. G. Balfour Co. Let us help you in your Requirements of The Following: RINGS, GIFTS, FAVORS, LEATHER- GOODS, CRESTED STATIONERY, etc. Kenneth M. Arnold, Mgr. Telephone 5639 P. O. Box 282 ANN ARBOR RICHARD T. WATERMAN Forget the girls are here, Forget you see the beer, Think only of the man you see before yer. Ignore the fag in hand The photograph ' s not cand- id, but was posed, the props were placed to torture The man He ' s ne He ' s ne you see ver drunk And wou Id ver smoked n ' t do that ' s sit a glass a cig it on ting here of beer arette a bet. As a matter of fact It took plenty of tact And a lot of high pressure diplomacide To get him to pose I n back of all those Devilish, sinful, bad objects sans homicide. The man you see Etc. The poor frustrated guy ' s none other than Our business manager, Dick Waterman. Page 444 FOR A NIGHTCAP It ' s very plain to us And should be so to you Why we couldn ' t print this photo. Well, we guess we ' re through . OF ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Resources over $10,000,000.00 ORGANIZED 1893 Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Once again " MOLLOY-MADE quality and workmanship ' scores as the 1940 MICHIGAN ENSIAN is cased in a " MOLLOY-MADE " cover from The David J. Molloy Plant 2857 NORTH WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO ILLINOIS TYPEWRITERS SALES RENTALS SERVICE BALL THRASHER " Everything for the Office " 229 S. State St. Ann Arbor, Mich. STUDENT SUPPLIES PARKER PENS DRUGS CANDY CALKINS-FLETCHER DRUG CO, " THE DEPENDABLE STORES " ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN KODAKS SODAS Page 447 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Allenel Hotel 443 Alumni Association, The 431 Ann Arbor Savings and Commercial Bank 432 Ann Arbor Trust Company 436 Arnold, Ken (L. G. Balfour Co.) 444 Ball and Thrasher ' . 445 Barnes-Gibson-Raymond 423 Bermingham Prosser Co 424 Boyer Campbell Co., The 424 Brock and Rankin 425 Butterfield Theaters, W. S 440 Calkins-Fletcher Drug Co 445 Canton-Degener Co 429 Dey Studio 427 Edson, Moore Co 443 Edwards Letter Shop 443 Follett ' s Book Store 437 Gach Camera Shop 433 Gagnier Paint Co 425 General Motors 420 Greene ' s Cleaners and Dyers 443 Jacobson ' s 428 Johnson Optical Co 437 Lufkin Rule Co 425 Marshall, A. J. Co 436 Metzger ' s 443 Milk Dealers of Ann Arbor 444 Miller, Donald, Co 432 Merrill, O. D 443 Muehlig, B. E 443 Nelson, H. N 437 Parrot, The 443 Radio and Record Shop, The 436 Rentschler Studio 427 Rogers Printing Co 435 Service Engraving Co 439 Smith, S. K. Co. (David J. Mollov Plant) 445 Spedding Studio 427 State Savings Bank 445 Strelinger, Chas. A., Co 424 University Drug Co 444 Wahr ' s Book Stores 441 Wolverine Optical Co 433 Page 448 " " ORGANIZATIONS INDEX Acacia 347 Administration 10 Administrators 14 Advertising 420 Alpha Chi Omega 392 Alpha Chi Sigma ... 85 Alpha Delta Phi 348 Alpha Delta Pi 393 Alpha Epsilon Iota 163 Alpha Epsilon Phi 394 Alpha Gamma Delta 395 Alpha Kappa Kappa 164 Alpha Kappa Lambda 349 Alpha Kappa Psi 106 Alpha Nu 276 Alpha Omega 115 Alpha Omicron Pi 396 Alpha Phi 397 Alpha Sigma Phi 350 Alpha Tau Omega 351 Alpha Xi Delta 398 American Institute of Chemical Engineering 78 American Institute of Electrical Engineers 79 American Society of Civil Engineers 80 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 81 Architectural Council 93 Architecture 86 Architecture Faculty 88 Assembly 292 Assembly Ball 293 Assembly Scholarship Banquet .... 293 Athletics 202 Baseball 230 Basketball 216 Beta Theta Pi 352 Betsy Barbour 416 Board in Control of Physical Education 233 Board in Control of Student Publications 238 Board of Regents 1 1 Business Administration 98 Business Administration Faculty 1 00 Campus Activities 236 Campus Life Chi Omega Chi Phi Chi Psi Collegiate Sorosis Crop and Saddle Deans Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Pi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Dentistry Dentistry Faculty Deutscher Verein Dormitories Druids Education Education Faculty Engineering Engineering Council 74 : Engineering Department Chairmen Flying Club Football Football Coaching Staff Forestry and Conservation Forestry and Conservation Faculty Fraternities Freshman Class Officers, Medical School Frosh Frolic Galens Gamma Phi Beta Gargoyle 250, 251, Girls ' Glee Club Golf Graduate School Helen Newberry Hermitage Hockey Honor Committee of Engineering Council Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences Interfraternity Council 304 Intramural Sports 234 399 Kappa Aloha Theta 404 353 Kappa Delta 405 354 Kappa Delta Rho 359 400 Kappa Kappa Gamma 406 300 Kappa Kappa Psi 178 1 5 Kappa Nu 360 401 Kappa Sigma 361 402 Kappa Tau Alpha 54 355 J-Hop Committee 268 116 Jordan 415 107 Judiciary Council 288 356 Junior Class Officers, 357 Medical School 155 108 Junior Girls ' Play 296 110 Lambda Chi Alpha 362 276 La Sociedad Hispanica 275 412 Law 140 52 Law Club Council 149 118 Law Faculty 142 121 League 286 56 League Council 287 75 Le Cercle Francais 274 LIFE Magazine 60 59 Literature. Science and the Arts . 18 82 Literary Department Chairmen.. 21 205 Martha Cook 413 206 " M " Club 281 128 Medical School Faculty 152 Medicine 150 131 Men ' s Judiciary Council 261 342 MICHIGAN DAILY 243, 244, 245, 246 157 MICHIGANENSIAN 271 239, 240, 241, 242 162 MICHIGAN TECHNIC .. 248, 249 403 Michigan Union 255, 256 440 Michigan Wolverine 260 297 Mimes 252 226 Mortarboard 294 .134 Mosher Hall 414 417 Music 170 358 Music Faculty 173 .220 Newman Club 279 Nursing 184 . 75 Nu Sigma Nu 165 Organizations 236 . 83 Panhellenic Association 289 .346 Panhellenic Ball 290 Panhellenic Scholarship Banquet ....291 PERSPECTIVES 247 Pharmacy 1 92 Pharmacy Faculty 194 Phi Alpha Kappa 138 Phi Beta Delta 363 Phi Beta Kappa 262 Phi Beta Pi 166 Phi Chi 167 Phi Delta Epsilon 168 Phi Delta Theta 364 Phi Epsilon Kappa 280 Phi Epsilon Pi 365 Phi Eta Sigma 264 Phi Gamma Delta 366 Phi Kappa Phi 263 Phi Kappa Psi 367 Phi Kappa Sigma 368 Phi Kappa Tau 369 Philadelphia Orchestra 183 Phi Rho Sigma 169 Phi Sigma Delta 370 Phi Sigma Kappa 371 Phi Sigma Sigma 407 Physical Education Club 280 Pi Beta Phi 408 Pi Lambda Phi 372 Psi Upsilon 373 Quarterdeck Society 84 Satire 418 Scabbard and Blade 273 Scalp and Blade 277 Scroll 295 Senior Ball Committee 266 Senior Class Officers, Architecture 93 Senior Class Officers, Business Administration 102 Senior Class Officers, Dentistry 114 Senior Class Officers, Education 125 Senior Class Officers, Engineering 61 Senior Class Officers, Law 149 Senior Class Officers, Literature, Science and the Arts 24 Senior Class Officers, Medicine 154 Senior Class Officers, Music 174 Senior Class Officers, Nursing ..188 Senior Class Officers, Pharmacy 195 Senior Society 295 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 374 Sigma Alpha Mu 375 Sigma Chi 376 S.gma Nu 377 Sigma Phi 378 Sigma Phi Epsilon 379 Slide Rule Ball 272 Soph Prom 270 Sophomore Class Officers, Medicine 156 Sororities 388 Sphinx _ ._...... 53 Student Religious Association.... 278 Swimming 222 Tau Beta Pi 265 Tau Kappa Epsilon 380 Tennis 232 Theta Chi 381 Theta Delta Chi 382 Theta Sigma Phi 54 Theta Xi 383 Track 227 Transportation Club 277 Triangle 384 Triangles 77 Trigon 385 Union Opera 253 University Choral Union 183 University of Michigan Band ..181 Vulcans 76 West Quadrangle 258, 259 Women ' s Activities 285 Women ' s Athletic Association . 299 Women ' s Physical Education Staff ... 300 Wrestling 2 1 9 Wyvern 294 Xi Psi Phi 117 Young People ' s Chorus 183 Zeta Beta Tau 386 Zeta Phi Eta 55 Zeta Psi 387 Zeta Tau Alpha 409 STUDENT INDEX Aalbersberg, Tony.... 262, 263, 405 Aaronson, Frances .... 289, 291, 394 Abbott, Richard 132, 263, 267 Abbot, Waldo 53, 354 Abendroth, Margaret 25 Abendroth, Mary 268 Abramovitz, Maurice L 91, 363 Abramson, Dorothy 394 Acker, Robert 376 Ackerman, John F 368 Ackerman, R. W 358 Adamian, Gerald 1 58 Adams, Charles M 80 Adams, Dwight 25, 293, 373 Adams, Mrs. E. L 416 Adams, Edward 25, 377 Adams, H. C 84 Adams, Horace 25 Adams, John .... 146, 149, 367, 377 Adams, R. G 367 Adams. Richard 62, 75, 76, 83, 249, 265, 266, 267, 272, 357 Adams, Suzan 403 Adams, Thomas 25, 252, 282, 346, 364, 442 Aga-Oglu, Kramer 263 Ager, Dorothy 251 Ahling, Marwood ... . 25 Ahn, C. B ..359 Aigler, Ralph ... 233, 282, 350, 358 Aisner, Julius, Jr 375 Aiton, Arthur S 53, 355 Albaugh, Frederick 85 Albert, A. James 91 Albert, Samuel G 158 Albrechtited 356 Aldinger, Leroy A 382 Aldrich, Frederic H., Jr 88 Aldrich, James .. 379 Aldrich, John Jr 361 Aldrich, Phillip 352 Aldrich, Rosemary 93, 400 Aldridge, Charles 25 350 Aldworth. E 364 Aleinik, Ruth 289, 407 Alexander, Charles F 352 Alexander, Cruzan 62, 74, 75, 78, 383 Alexander, John 165, 356 Alexander, Josephine 399 Alexander, Rodney W 357 Alexander, R. T 263 Alfburg, Betty 297 Alfvin, Virginia 289, 402 Alger, Mark W 362 Alig, Frank S 353 Allan, Virginia R 262 Allen, David 373 Allen, Doris 275, 392 Allen, Francis H 374 Allen, Harold 83, 263 Allen, Horace 158, 162, 165 Allen, James 25,52, 247, 352 Allen, John E 264 Allen, Kenneth 356 Allen, Lawrence 246 Allen, Mary 122, 395 Allen, Ray 77, 181 Allen, R. David 179 Allen. Robert G 25 Allen, RobertS 25 Allen, R. Raymond 383 Allen, Ruth 299, 408 Allen, Shirley W 131 Allen, Stanton 382 Allen, Wesley 227, 281 Allen, Wyeth 257 Alliason, Elizabeth 398 Allington, Elizabeth 400 Allinson, Mary M 122, 274 Allison, J 351 Allison, Margery L 294, 299 Allmendinger, E. Eugene 62, 84 Almdale, Einar R 62, 371 Almdale, Howard 371 Alpern, Robert 1 375 Alpert, Elaine 55 Alt, Mary Ellen 395 Altar, Edna 55 Altfeld, Shirley E 297, 415 Altlick, David H 377 Altman, Betty 246 Altman, Harry E. 361 Altman, Ralph 104 Altman, William 241, 250, 361 Altshuler, Charles 168 Alway, Donald 80 Ames, John B 361 Amsbary, Barbara 404 Amstutz, Kenneth 181 Andaloro. William S 275 Andem, Eleanor . 274 Andersen, William F 146, 376 Anderson. Blanche 396 Anderson, Charles 368 Anderson, Ellen E 189 Anderson, Frances M. 122, 299, 395 Anderson, Francis 167, 350 Anderson, Fred 366 Anderson, Harley 79, 384 Anderson, Henry C 59 Anderson, H. C 233, 282 Anderson, Irving H. 121 Anderson, James W 83, 263 Anderson, Jane 122 Anderson, Jean 241 Anderson, Joan E 91, 400 Anderson, John F 25, 374 Anderson, John R 79 Anderson, Lawrence 256 Anderson, Leigh C 85 Anderson, Mauritz 366 Anderson, Norman K 62 Anderson, Reid 178, 181 Anderson, Richard L 79, 377 Anderson, Sterling R 62, 79 Anderson. William H 169 Andersson, Kingsley 362 Andresin, Gertrude 406 Andrews, Allen 83 Andrews, Gould 165 Andrews, Jack 377 Andrews, James 364 Andrews, Louis 25 Andros, George J 155, 165, 353 Angell, R. C 355 Angle, John G 62, 351 Angleson, Fifi 25 Angst, William 352 Anikeeff, Alexis 25 Anketell, Augusta 274 Anthony, Robert 178 Antle, Robert C 353 Anton, Joseph ..74, 75, 80, 357 Appelt, David C 263 Apple, John N 368 Applegate, Oliver C 110, 116 Appleton. Charles L 78 Appleton. Virginia 408 Appleyard, James 273 Appold, Norman C 62 Aptekar, Gerald R 115 Arbuckle. Richard 373 Arbury, Ned 164 Archer. Richard 256, 377 Arfa. Jerome 25 Ark. Howard 370 Arkins, Richard 365 Armitage, Stewart G 354 Armor, William G 62, 81 Armstrong, Charles B. 78, 264 Armstrong, Elizabeth 25, 396 Armstrong, Richard 165 Armstrong, Thomas H., Jr 379 Armstrong, William F. . 374 Armstrong. William F., Jr. 25, 387 Arner, Doris 241, 403 Arnold, Fred E 264, 387 Arnold, Gordon 62, 83, 350 Arnold, H. L 387 Arnold, Lois 271, 394 Arnold. Robert B 383 Aronson, Sydney 370 Aronstein, Herbert 115 Arscott, Edward F 166 Arthur, Robert T 371 Arthur, Wilson 373 Aseltine, Lyle F 116 Ash, E. Stanley 368 Ash, William J. 346, 379 Ashburn. J. Anderson 62, 74 75, 76, 249, 265, 272, 361 Ashbury, Thomas 25 Ashby, Burt 361 Ashby, John 25, 259 Ashdowne, Meribah 417 Asher, Harvey 370 Ashley, James 165, 381 Ashley, Marjorie 408 Ashley, Mary 408 Askren, Ronald 84 Asselin, David 373 Asselin, Elizabeth 25, 408 Athay, Roland M., Jr 62, 385 Atherton, Curtis 379 Atkin, Kenward 1 357 Attwood, Stephen S. 79 Atwell. H. H 347 Auferoth, John 80 Augspurger, Ruth 395 August, Alvin 25 Auken, Edward Van 169 Aulenbacher, Robert G 146 Aurbach,, Dagmar 275 Austin, J. Ray, Jr. 374 Austin, Warren R. . 154, 158, 169 Auwers, J. T 138 Averili, John C 350 Avery. Annabel 289, 290, 402 Awig, Howard 62, 83, 385 Awrey, Betty Jane 297 Aye, J. Thomas 25, 381 Ayers, Hugh 351 Ayers, Langdon F 62, 81, 374 B Babcock, Richard 25 Babcock, R. W 366 Babitch, Diana 25, 262, 263 Bachman, John 241, 367 Bachmann, Werner E. 85 Backus, Barbara 25, 288, 289. 295. 403 Bacon, Howard 232 Bacon, Wallace A 247 Bacon, Wilbur C 257 Badenoch. David A 378 Badeon, Donald 25, 178, 181 Bader, Arnol 247, 381 Badger, Elizabeth 25, 398 Badger, Walter L Badgley, Carl E 166, 233 Baer, L. S 167 Baer, Richard 256, 372 Baercock, Richard 1 07 Baier, L. A 84, 358 Bailey, ArbyL 158, 162, 169 Bailey, Benjamin F 59, 79, 383 Bailey, Robert 167 Bailie, Betty 241 Baird, Alice V 189 Baird, Elaine 399 Baits, Jane 402 Baker. Albert G 362 Baker. Andrew S 233 Baker, Doug 364 Baker. Earnest F. 382 Baker. Edwin M 85 Baker, Esther V 26, 399 Baker, Harold E 78, 263 Baker, Harriet 394 Baker, Joan 404 Baker. John 78 Baker, Louis C 146 Baker, Owen R 26, 353 Baker, Richard 178, 181 Balay, Kenneth A 106 Baldwin, Elizabeth R 26, 402 Baldwin. Mary 392 Bale, Marian F 247 Balfour, Isabel 403 Ball, Samuel M 378 Ballard, James E 26, 166, 347 Ballentine. Douglas 355 Balmer, Rowe A 381 Balyeat. Phil 52, 122, 227, 281 Bancroft, Barbara 300 Bancroft, Margaret 399 Bannow. Robert J 169 Banta, G. S 364 Banting, Mary R 297 Barasa, Lawrence 364 Barber, Joseph W 78, 179, 358 Barber, Robert J 116 Barber, Ruth 405 Barbour, Fleming 164 Barclay, Charles J 380 Paribeau, Maxine 26, 295, 300 Baringer, Wilbur 346 Baris, Phillip 256, 360 Barish, Julian 168, 363 Barkdull, Charles W. 104, 362 Barker, Charles 26, 77, 222, 281 Barker, P. S 165, 364 Barker. Pierce 369 Earkley, Howard 164 Barlow, Suzanne 404 Barnard, James H 26, 267. 386 Barnard, Robert 227, 386 Barnard. William N 175 Barnes, Albert M. . 354 Barnes, Charles W., Jr 374 Barnes, Helen 415 Barnes, Raymond 62, 84, 265, 367 Barnes, Rob 26, 367 Barney, Betty 392 Barnett, Helen 244, 294, 296, 408 Barnett Henry W 26, 367 Barnett, Melvin 375 Barney, Betty 392 Barnum, Harold J. . .. 361 Barr, Albert S... . 169 374 Barr, Doris W 26 Barr, John B 382 Barr, William B 195, 369 Barren, Charles 352 Barrett, Edward .... 53 227 281, 352, 373 Barrett, Fern W 80 Barrett, George 1 02 Barrett, James F 290, 373 Barringer, Henry C. 264 357 Barrow, Gerald V....112, 117, 263 Barry, Jack 230, 281 Barry, Raymond C 350 Barry, Ruth 275, 398 Barstow, Steven G 26, 368 Bartell, Floyd E 85, 356 Barrels, Robert C. F 349 Earth, Elaine 245, 394 Bartholomew, Adele 402 Bartlett, Forrest 178181 Bartlett, H. H 21 Bartlett, James D 381 Bartley, Joseph F 354 Bartley, Thomas S 354 Barton, Grace H 296 Barton, Tom K. . .. 374 Easier, Franklin C. 26, 106, 263, 273 Basom, Fred F 350 Basse, Lois 272 404 Bassett, Barbara H 26, 287, 289, 295, 403, 428 Bassett, Curtiss D 83 Bassett, Robert 169 Bassinger, DeLos P 146, 149 Basso, Frank 181 Bassow, P. H 167 Batchelder, Tilden 355 Batchelor, Ada 398 Bateman, David 379 Bates, Henry 282 Bates, Harry M. 348 Bates, Jackson W 116, 242 Bates, Paula S 189 Batschelet, Catherine L 122 Batten, Robert 367 Batts, Martin 138 Baubie, Sally 400 Bauer, Edward 1 69 Bauer, Norman 263 Bauer, Robert O 195 Baughman, Warren R. 62, 357 Baum, William 167 Baumann, John A 62 Bavinger, William F., Jr 26, 52, 378 Baxley, Robert 290 Baxter, Dow V 349 Baxter, Janice 402 Baxter, John E 62, 385 Baxter, Lois H 122, 396 Baxter, William . 356 Bayley, R. H 353 Beach, David 62, 84 Beach, Eugene H. ... 79 Beach, Norma 26, 274 Beacom, Margaret R 26 Beaird, Charles T 74, 75, Beal, E .. ' ....352 Beal, Junius E 347, 352 Beaman, Chester 263 Bean, John 164 Bean, Oscar 1 1 5 Bearman, Morton 256 Beattie, Guila F 158 Beatty, Mary 401 Beatty, William 356 Beck, Preston E 81 Becker, Jules 26 Becker, Otto 26, 52, 348 Beckering, Earl 138 Beckert, LeRoy C., Jr 62 Bedford. Martha 397 Beebe, Austin H 62, 349 Beebe, Leo C 230 Beebe, William F 77, 78, 222, 281, 348 Beeker, Ralph 358 Beem, Joanna 408 Beers, Julius 352 Begle, Robt 364 Behe, Iris 26, 54 Behr. Robert 355 Beierwaltes, William 1 67 Beigler, Jerome S 263 Beise, Dorothy 300 Belden, Donald 265 Belknap, Jean 408 Bell, Dorothy A 297 Bell. Margaret 121, 163, 300 Bell, Oliver H ... 79 Bell, Richard J 371 Bell, Stuart 104 Bellet, Melvin ... Belote, George Belser, Walter E Belshaw, Ann Belsley, Ray C 62 Belyea, Ross Benavie, Jerold Bender, Frank Bender, Havilah Benedict, Barbara 24, 295, Benford, Harry B 62, 84, Benford, Robert L 62, 81, Bengal, Vernon C Benham, Hal T., Jr 26, 281, 282, Benham, Jean 244, Bennett, Arthur L 62, 81, Bennett, Duane L Bennett, H. C Bennett, Norma 274, Bennett, Phyllis 1 02, Bennett, Richard C 80, 281, Bennett, Ruth Bennett, Wells I Bensley, John T Benson, Elizabeth Benson, John 162, Bentley, Alvin 26, 252, Bently, Margaret Bentley, Suzanne 241 , Benton, Kenneth Benz, Carl Berg, Babette E , Berg, Donald P Berg, Mary Ann Berg, Roger Berg, Russell Berg, Sidney 178, Bergelin, J. O Bergelin, Olaf P Berger, James D 179, Berger, John P ' . Bergstresser, Betty Jane 26, Berhalter, Robert L 26, Berlow, Ralph 241, Berlow, Stanley Bernstein, Carl , Bernstein, Daniel , Berris, Henry , Berris, Robert 168, 262, Berry, Clair J Berry, Constance Bershas, Henry N Besaneon, Frances Besekirsky, Wassily Besser, Robert Bessey, Murell J 62 Beth, Warren S 26, Bethell, Barbara Betz, Elden , Beyer, Bruce M Bibb, Arthur Bick, Miriam Bieber, Deena 272, Bierkamp, F. J Bierma, Clarence Bigelow, Homer Bigelow, R. B 165, Bigelow, S. L 165, Biggar, Edward S 146, Biggers, William D Biggins, Arthur L Biggs, Robert M Bihary, Daisy M 27, 275, Bilbie, James N Bill, Dorothy Bill, Martha A 27, Billet, Arthur Billingham, Bette J Billings, Henry C 63 Bilto, E. William Binder, Isador , Bird, John A Bird, H. Waldo 157, Bird, Robert L Bisbee, George Bishop, R. Spencer Bishop, Robert W. .. Bishop, W. W Bittinger, Ralph Bittinger, Ross T Bittker, Helen , Bittman. Lyman Bixby, Daisy Bjoerling, Jussi Black, Franklin Black, John D Black, Joseph G. 63, Black, Lome ... . Black, L. D Black, Mary Black, William F., Jr 27, 281, Blackett, O. W 100, Blacklock, Mary K. .. Blaisdell, Malcolm H Blakeley, Richard H Blanchard, James .. Blanchard, William . . 77, Blaske, Edmund R Blaustein, Albert 246, Bleakley, Mrs. Donald Bleekman, G. M 262 .164 .166 ,415 , 84 .368 ..,62 ,181 .376 26, 408 359 371 , 83 222, 348 402 349 ,383 ,353 275 104 227, 367 ,245 , 88 ,364 ,393 169 382 ,163 400 359 ,165 . 26 ,385 .406 .245 .275 181 357 ,378 370 166 54, 409 353 365 365 .,83 26 115 263, 372 .279 ,401 262 .275 ,173 372 78 361 ,415 ,166 .374 .116 .. 27 394 ,364 ,102 .352 387 385 364 .354 .264 .263 292 .. 27 ,405 405 . 83 27 83 263 ... 27 .254 165 .354 -376 .257 ,384 21 .165 .374 .244 .376 .274 .182 .164 263 387 .352 .387 396 226, 351 357 .. 27 .357 .353 .364 383 .146 360 .417 .357 78 273 230 Blicke, Fredrick F 194 Blickle, F. F 353 Block Aleck 27, 252, 386 Block, Wolfred 246, 386 Blocksma, Ralph 138, 158 Bloom, Bernard 251, 375 Bloom, Herbert J 1 1 Bloom, Mary 399 Bloom, Ruth 394 Bloomer, Harlan H 349 Bloomer, Ruth 300 Bloxsom, Dorothy 402 Bluestein, Muriel 394 Blumberg, Herbert G 63, 79, 265, 386 Blume, William W 142 Blumenthal, Frances 274, 278 Boak, A. E. R 21, 53, 233 Boas, Morrie 386 Bobrowsky, Alfred R 63 Bock, Franklin H 27 Bock, June E 91, 289,291, 398 Boehm, P 347 Boehnke. R. D 377 Boes, Donald 138 Boetel, Victor 83 Bogart, Dorothy 399 Bogart, John N 382 Bogle, Robert 246, 255, 374 Bogleff, Toni 274 Bogue, Robert 1 64 Bohnsack, Helen 244, 401 Bohnsack. Ruth 401 Bolline, Emil A 112 Bolt, Donna J 27, 297 Bolt, Orren 112, 138 Bolton, Barbara J 91, 392 Bolton, Robert K Bond, Frank Bond, Lyle Bondar, Vincent B. 78 Bonetti, Ida B 189 Bonisteel, Frances C 27, 404 Bonner, Campbell 21 Bonnette, Gerald H 112 Boogaard, Cornelius 63, 81, 83 Boothby, Elizabeth K 27, 409 Boothby, William M 387 Borgman, Julia M 27 Borin, Leonard 363 Borland, Jean T 401 Borlongan. Deogracias 263 Borodyez, Jane B 189 Bosch, George E 362 Boshar, John 83 Bosma, James 138, 155 Boston, C. Edward 91, 93, 252, 377 Boston, Orlan W 59 Bostwick, Darwin C 350 Boswell, Robert B 347 Bosworth, Wanzer D 106 Bott, Alan 82, 379 Bottum, Curtiss 362 Botwinik, Stanley 372 Bou, Gabriel S 275 Bouchard, Harry 384 Bouchard, Joanne 399 Boucher, Donald 263 Bourquin, James F 378 Bousher, Kent 362 Bouton, G. Innes 63, 83, 263, 265, 384 Bovis, Elliot C 374 Bowden, George 102, 104 Bowden, George R 104 Bowden, William S 27, 347 Bowe, David D 63, 83 Bowen, Charles A 252 Bowen, Marjorie 405 Bower, James S 354 Bower, Stewart 63, 83 Bowles, Gene 364 Bowman, Harry 369 Bowne, John A 27 Boyce, George H 27, 380 Boyd, Robert 351 Boye, Richard E 27, 357 Boyer, Donald R 27, 381 Boyer, Dorothy 27, 406 Boyer, Robert C 381 Boyer, Robert S 27 Boyle, Edward H 146, 376 Boynton, Charles 352 Brace, William M 53, 169, 350 Bracken, Beverly 400 Brackstone, Robert W 358 Bradbury, Marion L., Jr 382 Bradford, J. W 21 Braunschweiger, Paul .................... Breakey, J. F ....................................... Breckler, Alfred ................................ Bredvold, L. I .................................... Brehm, Barbara ......................... 27, Brehm, Edward W., Jr ................ Breidenbach, Warren C ...... 53, 233, 281, Bremer, Margaret J ..... ..................... Brennen, Charles ............................. Brenner, G. Jerome ....................... , Brent, Irl ................................ 273, Brereton, Virginia ................ 296, Bretzlaff, George .......... 63, 81, Brice, Houston A .................. 104, Brichan, D. Jane ................... 28, 263, 297, Bricker, Betty A. Bricker, John W ............................... Brickley, Paul M ................... 179, Bridgen, Dorothy .................... 55, Brier, J. C ................................... 85, Briggs, Lewis T ....................... 63, Briggs, Richard ....................... 245, Briggs, Robert P ............................... Brigham, George B., Jr ................ Brigham, Theodore W., Jr Brill, Thomas M , ......................... Brinkley, Sterling G., Jr ............ Brinkman, Elizabeth R ............... Brinkman, Joseph ............................. Brinnin. John M ............................. Britton, E. Robert .......... 61, 63 263, Britton. George T ......................... Britton. Harold ........... 74, 75 178, 181, 272, 383, Britton, W. Earl ............................... Brock, Robert O ............................. Brock. Warren ...................... 28, Brockway, Robert C ................... Broders, Claude ................ 61, 63 263, Brodie, Robert J .............................. Brogan, Herbert .......................... Bromage, Arthur W .................. Bromage, Mrs. Arthur W .......... Bromley, Willard S ....................... Bronson, Keith ................. 346, Brooks, Betty ............. 288, 294, Brooks, Bud ................................ Brooks, George W ......................... Brooks, George W., Jr .................. Brothers, Warren H ....................... Brotherton, Florence ,, 91, 93, Brotherton, Frances ........................ Brown, Alan ................................... Brown, Charles ....................... 1 79, Brown, Doris Bradley, Chester 246 Bradley, Rodgers A 362 Bradley, Wayne E 106 Brady, Helen E 27, 244, 267, 401 Brady, Jane M 27 Bragg, E. M. 84, 263 Bragg, Robt. H 377 Brandman, Leonard 168 Brandt, A. 63, 74, 75, 273, 351 Brandt, Carl G 52, 53, 59 Brandt, J. Leonard 27, 252, 370 Branfenbrenner, Urie 365 Brann, Frank X 263 Braun, Allen E 27 Braun, George J., Jr 27 Braun, Randall F 353 Braun, Roland 84 Brown, Douglas Brown, George G 85, Brown, George M 63, 78, Brown, Helen 241, Brown, Herbert F Brown. James E. ... 63, 74 76, 83, 272, Brown, James J 146, Brown, John L Brown. John W Brown, Marshall .... 255, 273, Brown, Mary Eleanor 241, Brown, Mary-Franceska Brown, Oliver L. I Brown, Peter 77, 255, 268, Brown, Richard C 158, Brown, R. K. . , 79, 263, Brown, Robert C. W 248, Brown, Robert J Brown, Robert R. Brown, R. W Brown, Robert L Brown, Thelma G Browne, W. Craig Brown, Wilford H Brown, William Brown, Willis Browns, Herschel L Bruce, Donald R Bruce, James D Bruce, Mrs. James D, Brumm, J. L Brummell, Henry Brundrett, Betty Brunenkant, Edward Bruner, Harold Bryan, Paul 178, Bryant Constance Bryant Dan C, 166, ,..63, .28, 1 147 Z21 ,376 .165 ,372 ... 21 406 .354 227, 354 ,. 28 .,368 ,348 382 399 371 355 262, 299 ... 28 ,158 374 404 273 385 373 ,106 , 88 ,387 .375 ,132 , 28 .173 .247 , 83, 265 169 , 79, 248 .379 ... 85 365 ... 28 , 81, 265 .383 .216 .254 ,417 ,131 350 397 .167 ,374 ,. 28 .263 294 406 .167 361 .401 ,263 373 179 401 .350 , 75, 354 373 .,364 ,358 357 404 , 28 , 85 376 166 379 270, 361 .181 357 364 368 .278 165 347 .349 .164 .169 377 169 .413 , 54 .373 .404 .271 .107 Buhler, Jean E 353 Buist, Samuel 138, 154 Bull, Alice 416 Bull, H. S 79 Bullard, M 352 Bullington, Bert M 169 Bullion, Jeanne 241, 406 Bulmer, Dan J 165 Bulmer, Malcolm 248, 387 Bulthius, Jerry 138 Bunting, R. W 110, 111, 116, 347 Burch, John E. 358 Burchhill, Phillip 351 Burckhaiter, Joseph H 85 Burckhalter, Robert L 374 Burden, John 164 Burgess, Charles R 257 Burgess, William 356 Buritz, Robert 79, 353 Burke, Robert 83 Burke, William 376 Burkett, Elsie 28, 404 Burks, Arthur W 362 Burleson, Leigh 122, 289, 396 Burnham, John S 81, 248 Burner, Roman G., Jr. .. 146 Burns, Beulah . . . 392 Burns, Gerald 246 Burns. Janet. ' . 397 Burrell, C. J. 146, 356 Burrell, Joseph E 78 Burroughs. Frank M 166 Burroughs, P. J 356 Burroughs, William 146, 149, 349 Burrows, Edwin 247, 263 Bursley, Joseph A 15, 238, 254, 346, 421 Bursley, P. E ... 387 Burt, Franklin D 362 Burt, Jeanne P 122 Burton, Dobson 222 Burton, Irving 1 68 Burton, Patricia 395 Burton, Rex E 361 Busard, Max 167 Busche, Philip 178, 181 Bush, Charles W 362 Bush, Mary V. ... 28 Bush, Merrill 63, 80, 259 Bush, Robert 352 Bushman, Janice 408 Bussard, Frank 166 Busse, Irvin A., Jr 28, 376 Buszek, Casmira 398 Butler, Franklin 146, 274 Butler, Jack 219, 355 Butler, James W ..358 Butterfield, Ira W 146 Butts, W. H 348 Byerly, Arthur 355 Byerly .Evelyn 189 Byers, Richard 28 Byrn, Robert 154, 167 Bywaters, T. W 377 Cable, Gray ........................................ Cabouiss, George A .......................... Cady, Geraldine F ...... Cahalan, Joseph L. ... Cahoon, Barbara M. Cahoon, Floyd N ......... Calderwood H ............ 53, 238, Caldwell, F. G ....................... Caldwell, Richard L ............. 112, Caldwell, Thomas ........... 63, Calkins, Belle Calkins, Ruth ............... 28, 263, Call, Norman D ............ 275, Callouette, John E ....... 63, 81, Calvert, Lawrence A. ............ 220, Cameron, James ............................... Cameron, John A Mrs. John A. Ruth C Bryant Bryant Bryant Walter L , Buchanon, W. T Buchen, Philip Bucholz, Al Buck, Charles C Buckheit, Lois 28, 262, 274, Buckner. Noel A Buckland, James A Buckwalter, Tracy V 263, 28, Buderns, Brooks Buehler, Royal A Buell, Charles .............................. Buesser, Elizabeth ...................... Buesser, Frederick G .......... . ........... 181 401 352 416 , 28 .169 366 .238 .116 . 28 263. 275 365 293 262, 347 354 374 .356 404 356 , ............................. Camp, Carl D. ....................... 152, Campau, Robert ......................... Campbell, Charles E ....................... Campbell, Elizabeth ...................... Campbell, Georgie E .................... Campbell, Jeanne ............................ Campbell, Laurie Canfield, William Canham, Donald B. Campbell, H. Murray Campbell, Robert 53, Canavan, John , 243, Candler, William R Canfield, Charles C Canfield, Mrs. R. Bishop 24, 28 220, 53, 281, Cannastra, William Cannon, Bernard Cannon, Joseph H 78, Cannon, Phyllis E 122, Cannon, Sherman F , Cannon, Will A., Jr Canon, Gwen G Capaldi, Sam 181, Cappon, F. C. , Capron, Virginia Carbine, William F .181 . 78 300 ,279 ,175 362 364 . 366 114, 116 385 402 274, 402 366 361 281 .,165 ... 63 165 ,.355 , 91 ,396 ... 28 .404 .300 ,356 347 379 .367 .361 .163 , 52, 355 227, 382 .379 ,351 351 263 ,374 ,374 .397 369 ... 53 .415 263 Carey, Thomas R 279 Carhart, Forest 380 Carlisle, Frances 28, 55, 405 Carlisle, James H. S 368 Carll, Gloria 393 Carlson, A. J 167 Carlson, Herbert G 80, 362 Carlson, Robert L 371 Carney, Robert J 85 Carpenter, Louise 406 Carpenter, Patricia 405 Carpenter, Thomas D 63, 81 Carpenter, Warren 376 Carr, Donald T 362 Carr, Edward 165 Carr, L. G 377 Carr, Margaret 405 Carras, Peter D 28 Camel, J. T 387 Carrington, Thomas 107 Carritt, Barbara Lee 404 Carrothers, George E 121, 381 Carson, Don B 63, 78, 263, 265 Carson, Frank S 361 Carter. Adelaide 55, 293 Carter, Arthur W 264 Carter, Casey M... 28, 252, 275, 348 Carter, Helen J 28 Carter, Peter J. Jr 28 Carter, Robert J 380 Carter, William E 383 Cartmill, William 216 Carulla, Jorge M 222, 279 Caruthers, William F 361 Carver. Gordon B 165, 373 Carver, Harry 53 Cascadden, Lewis 83 Case, E. C 21 Case, Lee 85 Case, P. Benham 179, 384 Casl, Travis R 374 Castan, Saul 183 Caster, Elizabeth 414 Casterline, Paul 348 Castor. Beth 293 Caswell, Robert J 357 Catherwood, Thomas 84 Cattell, Betty Ann 268 Cattell, Lee 164 Caughey, Carl W 63, 81 Caughey, Dorothy Jane 28, 289, 396 Caughey, Reed 351 Cauley, Richard 356 Cavan, Frank 352 Cave, C. A 366 Cavender, Alice 251 Cawley, Edward P 154, 158 Center, Edward J 78 Cermack, Margaret J 28 Chabut, George V 158, 169 Chadwick, Alfred C. 63, 78, 281, 348 Chamberlain, Calvin 260 Chamberlain, Carter 367 Chamberlain, Dale 366 Chamberlain, Francis 356 Chamberlin. William 29 Champion, Lester A 175 Champion, William 178 Chandler, Charles E 63, 273 Chandler, Paul 53, 246 Chao, Celia 262 Chapel, Theron T 78 Chapin, Myron B 88, 362 Chapinsky, Peter 106 Chapman, John L 63, 373 Chapman, Nancy 300, 408 Charters, Robert 107 Chartiers, Alfred 362 Chase, Edward G 364, 367 Chase, William M 350 Chason. Jacob 158, 168 Chatard, Ruth 24, 29, 274, 275, 280, 290, 405 Chaufty, Betty Ann ... 294, 296, 408 Chavenelle, Gilbert D 381 Cheever, Dwight M. 146, 378 Cheever. Markham S. 252, 273, 381 Chegwin, Alfonso 275 Chemerda, Una K 29 Cheney, Edward A 116 Cherven, Victor 174, 175, 178, 181 Chibnik, Selma 29, 289, 407 Childs, Allison 63, 79 Chin, Quen Yook 64, 80 Chockley. Julie 402 Chown. Donn 178, 181 Chrisman, Lee 174, 175, 178, 181, 267, 349 Christa, Mildred 396 Christensen, Edward P. 29, 293, 383 Christensen, Jack E 263 Christensen, John S 29, 107, 166 Christensen. Robert 162, 166 Christian, Palmer 173 Christian, Stanley G 85 Christiansen, George 273, 348 Christl, Richard 116 Christlieb, Georgia 274 Christman. Adam A 85 Christman, L. G 347 Christophersen, James W 166 Church, Harrison A 146, 364 Church, William E Churchill, Helen M Churchill, Ruel V Churchill, Stuart 181, Cissel, James 376, Civelekoglu, Sahan Claire, Wesley R damage, Irwin damage, Stanford Clapp, Philip 77, Clare, Jeanne Clark, Barbara Clarke, Charles Clark, Clyde W 29. Clark, Daniel K Clark, Elinore E 104, Clark, Elise Clark, Elizabeth A 158, Clark, Elizabeth R 240, Clark, Goodwin, Jr Clark, Harry Clark, Howard J Clark, James A 64 Clark, Janet 29, 292, Clark, J. Ross Clark, John Clarke, Barbara Clarke, Charles H Clark, Howard J Clarke, Harvey 227, Clarke, Helen Clarke, John 149, Clarke, Tom B Clarkson, W. S. Claspill, Charles B Clauser, Henry R 64, 247, Clauss, Nathan W Clay, Alonzo W. ... Clay, Mabel M Claypoole, Robert H Clayton, Paul Cleary, Margaret M 29, 263, 274, Cleary. R. June Clement, Betty M. ..288, 294, Clement, Joan Clement, Ruth L Clement, Walter J. .. 64, 273, Clemmons, Jeane 29, 289, Clendening, Virginia Clifford, Catherine .... Clifford, John 54, 242, 263, Clifford, Robert Clift, Elizabeth 29, Climie, Charles F., Jr Cline, Arthur , Cline, Jack F Clingman, Lois R , Closser, Dayton C 29, Coale, William Cobb, Philip W Cobb, William 181, Coburn, Sally Cochrane, William E Cockroft, Robert S Coffelt, Jean Coffey, Hobart R Coe, Richard Coggan, Yale D Cogger, George E Cohl, J. Robert Cohn, Donald M Cohodes. Haskell 1 146, Cohrs, Fred Cohen, Alonzo, Jr Cohen, Jack , Cohen, Joanne , Cohen, Richard 1 29, Colberg, Wilton 64, 84, Colcock, Martha J Cole, John F. 29, Cole, Josephine Coleman, Jack B Coleman, Max Coleman, Thomas 83, Coler, Ruth 29, 288, 289, Colgan, John W Collamore, William 248, Colter, Carolyn Coller, Frederick H 152, Collings, Janet 91, Collins, Charles E 64, 81, Collins, Cy Collins, Frank Collins, James B 245, Collins, James 1 29, Collins, John Collins, Margaret , Collins, Myrtle 155, Collins, Robert 181, 220 Collins, William Collman, John S 64, 84, Collridge, Thomas Colombo. J. Frederick Colpon, Esther Colvin, Melvin Colwell, John 54, Colwell, L. V Combs, Earl , Combs, George 219, Comienski, Julie C Compton, Floris .... Comstock. W. P 371, Conde, Marion 55, 251, 289, 353 Cone, Suzanne 392 263 Conger, Clinton B 378 .362 Conger, David H 378 347 Conger, Kyril B 165 381 Conger, Mrs. Lucille Bailey 257 . 80 Conger, Ralph G 378 357 Conger, S. B 387 372 Conley, Philip H. ... 383 372 Conlin, Henry T 350 378 Conlin, John W 350 405 Conlon, Emerson 374 408 Conn, Betty 402 167 Conn, Jerome 365 293 Connable, A. B 355 81 Conners, Richard A 29, 347 263 Connery, Sally 122, 267, 299, 413 392 Connolly, Paul J 154, 158 263 Connor, Edward D 169 401 Connor, James 179 348 Conover, Robert 356 351 Conrad, Stanley 29, 273, 351 353 Conrad, William R 242, 245, , 78 348 295 Conrath, Almon 64, 76, 352 347 Conrath, Fred 352 351 Conrey, George 181 404 Consaul, Parker 364 290 Contie, Leroy J., Jr 379 353 Conway, Frank 78, 373 366 Conway, John M 265 415 Cook, Mrs. Chancey F 413 366 Cook, Claire 55 351 Cook, Eugene 169 352 Cook. W. F 357 383 Cook, Franklin M 11, 254 80 Cook, John M 29 252 Cook, Martha J 29, 408 .. 78 Cook, Vernon H 362 146 Cook. Webster 251, 354 .122 Cook, Withred T 384 104 Cooley, Mortimer E .. 84, 347, 378 ,167 Cooney, John D 349 262, Cooper, B. Y 367 400 Cooper, Donald R 165, 376 .398 Cooper, Edwin 178, 181 414 Cooper, Hugh 181 .401 Cooper Jack 24, 29, 376 122 Cooper, Robert 364 382 Cooper, Virginia 297 405 Cooper, Winifred 29, 394 174 Cope, Robert E 371 .396 Cope, Wilma 29, 274 376 Copeland, Paula 394 ..167 Copley, Allan B 29 393 Copley, Almond L 346, 382 ,169 Copp, C. Robert 259 .. 77 Coquilette, Leon W 381 79 Corboy, Jeanne 275 .299 Corcoran. Sally A 299 383 Cordon, Norman 183 ,364 Corkin, Leo W 146, 385 ... 64 Corlett, Bette 397 377 Corlett, W. David 64, 367 ,404 Corlis, William B 104, 263 ... 79 Cornelius, Peggy 268 ,349 Cornell, George 356 .395 Correa, Dale 156, 169 142 Corell, Richard 178, 181 .181 Corry, Sally 405 ,375 Corson, John R 220, 381 ... 80 Cory, John 53, 241, 376 ... 29 Cosper, Paul L 376 360 Cossar, Griffith S 347 363 Costello, Frances 163 ,181 Coston, Malcolm M 78 ,263 Cotton, Margaret 414 , 386 Cotton, Sumner 370 ,246 Cottrell, Clark E 64, 381 375 Cottrell, Janet 399 369 Coulson, Milton 352 ... 29 Coulter, Prudence 244 354 Couperstock, Moses 168 .415 Courtis, Stuart A 121 ,378 Courtney, Elsie 408 ,293 Courtney, Thomas, Jr., 64, 351 369 Courville, Charles 397 Courville, Evelyn M 353 Courtwright, Ray 226, 264, Couter, William 157, 165 387 Couzens, Dorothy 405 .400 Covert, H. E 367 169 Cowan, Dorothy 405 397 Coward, Weaton M 381 368 Cowart, Elizabeth 396 .116 Cowden, R. W 358 .256 Cowen, Jerome J 377 354 Cowie, Anna Cook 163 169 Cowie, David M 165 355 Cowing, George S 64, 273 . 245 Cowing, Marian J 247 163 Cowles, Walter C 248, 381 , 376 Cox, Bud 250 252 Cox, Dorothy 29, 275, 409 265. Cox, George F 174, 175, 377 385 Cox, Jean 405 ,351 Cox, Marion L 122 355 Cox, Winston H 246 .415 Coxon, A. W 166 363 Crabtree, Peter 164 263 Craig, C. C 377 .359 Craig, James B 166 , 53 Craig, Louis 165 356 Craig, Robert, Jr 131 .275 Cram, Esther M 11 . 396 Cramer. Katherine A 30 387 Crandall, Charles N 350 393 Crandall, Frederic 53 ,165 ..175 376 Crandall, Mrs. F. 55 Crane, Robert 346, 381 Cranmer, Jeannette 397 Cranmer, L. Reed 373 Crary, D 364 Crawford, Betty 402 Crawford, Harry B 30, 354 Crawford, Helen 274 Crawford, Lewis D 263 Crawford, Mary 395 Crawford, Robert W 30 Creal, C. 371 Crego, Stanley W 114, 116 Cremin, Daniel J 146 Cnger, Harriett J 189 Crisler, Herbert 182, 205, 206, 233 Crispell, Kenneth 166 Critchell, Jordon 355 Crocker, John 187 Crocker, Sabin, Jr 81, 377 Crohn, David 275 Cromwell, Jean 406 Crook, Charles 164 Crook, James 64, 83 Crosby, Alice 393 Crosby, Catherine 403 Crosby, Elizabeth C 163 Crosby, F. Dale 169 Crosby, Kay 244 Crosman, Max 107 Cross, Arthur L 52, 357 Cross, Ruth E 122 Crossley, Edward 107 Crossman, Stuart 358 Crow, Agnes 289, 296, 300, 408 Crowe, James 179 Crowe, William 230, 366 Crowley, Ann 292, 293 Crowley, D. H 11 Crozat, Donald 64, 83, 359 Crozer, Elizabeth 263 Cruickshank, William 263 Crumbaker, Donald C 381 Crump, Jeanne 397 Crump, L. A 273 Crumrine, Herbert 83 Cuccia, C. Louis 359 Cuhlman, Lois 295 Culbertson, Mary E. . 30, 299, 413 Culley, Helen 293 Culver, Carl . 30, 227, 281, 368 Culver, D. Emery 369 Culver, Daniel E 30 Culver, Fred 30, 227, 281, 368 Cummings, Dorothy 401 Cummings, Gerald 364 Cummings, H. W 167 Cummings, Robert S 165 Cummiskey, John W 181 Cunningham, Paul M 155, 164 Cunningham. P. Francis 383 Curran, Mary Lou 245, 401 Currie, Mac A 78 Currie, Neil G 64 Curtin, William M 106 Curtis, Allison 402 Curtjs, Arthur 164 Curtis, Barbara , 392 Curtis, Francis D 121, 347, 356 Curtis, H. D 21 Curtis, Malcolm 351 Curtis, Mildred 417 Curto, Frank T 367 Custer, Byron 241 Cushing, David G. 64, 76, 78, 227, 263, 265, 281, 368 Cushing, E. L 374 Cushing, William T., Jr. 64, 348 Cuthbert, Doris 293 Cuthbertson, Thomas W.,30, 379 Cutting, R. D 356 Cuyler, Louise 173 Czak, Edward 205 Czeresko, Anthony R 154, 158 Dahl, Karwyn 30 Dahlberg, Karin L 189 Dahlstrom, Margery 275 Dailey, Martha 400 Dailey, Mary M 30 Dalby, Maurice J 78 DaLee, Mildred 399 DaLee, William W 85 Dalman, Corrine J 289 Dalrymple. Tom L 374 Dalzell, Hugh 376 Dana, Arnold 1 375 Dana, Samuel T 131 Dana, Samuel F 373 Dance, Clifton L. Jr 181, 368 Daniels, David 369 Daniels, Jim 245 Daniels, Lewis H 79 Danielson, Ruth 417 Dann, Alvin 246 Dannemiller, Augustus 24. 30, 52, 279, 356 Dannenfelser, Frederick J. 357 Danner. Harland 219 Dansky, Morris 263 Dardas, Leon R 46, 149 Darden, Arthur 373 Darden, Robert 366 Dare, Mon 64, 78 Darling, Milton Alfred 366 Darmstaetter, Armin 165, 355 Darner, Charles C 165 Daron, Donald W 367 Daverman, Edward H 64 Davey, Winthrop N 156, 164 David, Alan 241, 372 David, Raymond 265 Davidson, Amy 297, 396 Davidson, Donald 164 Davidson, Dorothy 394 Davidson, George L 379 Davidson, Harold 227 Davidson, James .64, 81, 181,248 Davidson, Joan 397 Davidson, Margaret 297, 396 Davidson, Robert B 377 Davidson, Sidney 262, 263 Davidson, Wilbur 30,262,263,282, 346, 355 Davis, C. M 273, 356 Davis, C. 121 Davis F. E 167 Davis H. L 247 Davis, James C. H 354 Davis, James K 365 Davis. J. L 247 Davis, Jeanne E 189, 404 Davis, Joseph L 52 Davis, Lewis 181 Davis, Mary Helen 244, 403 Davis, Nelson 179, 381 Davis, Raymond 259, 357 Davis, Robert 169 Davis, Ruth 279, 399 Davis, Stanley 246 Davis, William J 358 Davis, Zelda 30, 287, 294, 394 Davisson, Charles N. 104, 106 Dawson, John P 142 Dawson, Ralph 167 Dawson, W. Douglas 154, 158 Dawson, William F 366 Day, A. Jackson 165 Deal. Edwin M 381 De Alvarez, Russell R 165 Dean, Harris D 30 Dean, Raymond J 374 DeArmond, Pollyanna 300 Deason, Paul W 85 DeBoe, Frederick M 64, 81 DeBoer, Clarence 138 Decker, Robert 351 Declerk, Oscar G 64, 362 DeCourcy, William 181, 361 DeFoe, Daniel 358 DeFoe, Kirke C 78, 358 DeFries, Barbara 401 DeFries, W. Fritz 30, 347 Dehlinger, Hans 64, 81 Dehlinger, Klaus 264 Dehlinger, Peter 30, 262, 263 Dehm, David R 350 Deibel, Thomas 373 De Jong, George 138 Dejong. R. N 167 De Lancey. Merton M 78, 376 DeLancey, William J 146, 348 DeLand, Robert E. 64, 83, 263, 265 De Land, Warren P 382 Delbridge, William M 30, 355 Delevin, Elizabeth L 30 De Long, Robert E 350 DeLorenzi, E. Peter 384 Dement, Gridley 64, 78 Deming, Donald 64, 81 Deming, Ned W 102, 104, 106 Deming, Richard 169 Denfield, Carolyn 241, 401 Denham. Robert 165 Denney, Corwyn 82, 379 Dennis, Walter A 65, 80, 384 Denny, M. Ray 347 Denslow. Doraine Y 189 Densmore, G. E. 21 Densmore. Mrs. G. E 55 Derrick, Annette 393 Dettinger, Jane 274 Detwiler, Philip 366 Deutsch, Ralph 181 Deutsch, Richard W 146 Deutsch, William L. 154, 158, 168 DeVine, Catherine .,30, 275, 399 DeVine, Edmond E 146, 367 DeVine. John B 346, 378 Devlin, William 352 De Vries, Henry 138 DeWeerd, James 167, 263 DeWeese, David D 165, 376 DeWeese, Marion 164 Dewhirst, Kenneth J 65, 81 Dewitt. William S 378 DeWolf, Henry R 65 DeWolf. Jack M 354 Deyoe, Harry B 65, 80 DeYoung, Wesley 138 Diack, A. W 387 Dick, H. Elaine 189 Dick, Jerome J 146, 375 Dick, Vernon S 166 Dickenson, Donald 181 Dicker, Leon P 30, 363 Dickey. James T., Jr 30 DickhofI, John S 381 Dickmeyer, Betty 408 Dickmeyer, Robert W 30 Dickson, Campbell 206 Dickson, Harold A 132 Diebel, Thomas 259 Diekama, Mrs. G. J 413 Diemond, William G 387 Diepenbrock, Joseph B 65, 81 Diepenbrock, Robert A 65, 80 Dieterle, Robert R 169 Dighton, Henry T 30, 356 Dighton, John 356 Dignan, Thomas P 30 Dillman, Charles J 381 Dillman, Ruth L 31, 401 Dilley, Harrolyn L 300 Dilley, M. Evelyn 121 Dilley, Robert W 30 DiLoreto, Oscar A 117 DiPalma, Anthony 84 Ditchik, Ralph 375 Dittman, Barbara 240, 408 Dixon, Keith E 65, 81, 381 Dixon, Mary 403 Doan, Miles L 106 Dobbins, Ralph 82 Dober, Bernard 232, 246 Dobson, Arthur 248 Dobson, John S 227, 281, 367 Dobson, Russell 52, 122, 230, 281, 367, 377 Dobson, William T 367 Dock, Evelyn M 31, 402 Doctor, Lynn A 347 Dodge, Earla 406 Dodge, Margaret 406 Dodge, Russell A 380 Dodge, S. D 383 Doe, Frank ,. 376 Doezerna, Cornelius 138 Doherty, Irene 31, 396 Doherty, Kenneth 227 Dolbe, Max 166 Dolese, David B 385 Dolezel, Albert C 132 Domon, Gliden S 362 Donahoe, Bernard M 31, 279 Donahue, Eleanor 395 Donaldson, David D 250, 381 Donaldson, Jean 400 Donaldson, Samuel W 169 Donnelly, Patricia 422 Donnelly, Paul J 80 Donnelly, Polly 122, 397 Doolittle, Donald B 83 Doolittle, William 355 Doran, Everett M 385 Dorsey, Thomas 268 Dotts, Raymond 85 Doty, Albert J 384 Douglas, Benjamin ..241, 256, 366 Douglas, Harriet 405 Douglas, James B 158, 165 Douglas, Mabel A 31, 399 Dow, E. W 352 Dow, Lafayette F 354 Dow, William G 79 Down, Martha Jane 163 Downer, William H 376 Downs, Benjamin S 106 Downs, Tom 149 Downs, William 385 Draeger, Marion ... 181 Drake, Earle 355 Drake, E. Jeannette 31 Drake, Joseph H., Sr 142 Drape, Gardner 347 Draper, Robert K 65, 78 Draper, Thomas 179 Dredge, Annabel 91, 267, 294, 402 Drenkhahn, Vivian 121 Drew, Nancy 300, 408 Driscoll, James H 65, 81, 293 Drohen, John R 377 Drummond, Lois V 297 Drury, Virginia 402 Dryer, Clyde K 158 Dubois, Ralph H 65, 367 DuCharme, Charles B 233 Duesenberry, James S 380 Duff, Ivan F 154, 158, 167 Dulebohn, Richard E 181, 358 Dulman, Corrine 409 Dumon, John E 117 Dunbar, Elsie J 31 Dunbar, Jande 274 Dunbar, Jane E 295 Duncan, Arnott K., Jr 374 Dunfee, Gordon M 381 Dunlap, David 84, 347 Dunlap, Gregory 169 Dunlap, James E 31, 106, 263 Dunlap, Jean M 91, 399 Dunlop, Dorothy 404 Dunlop, Gwendolyn 24, 31, 54, 392 Dunmire, Justin 116 Dunn, Gwendolyn A. 289, 291, 395 Dunn, Leigh 83 Dunn, Richard F 357 Dunn. Robert B 354 Durand, Virginia A, 31, 297 Durfee, Ben B 353 Durfee, Paul S 346, 373 Durfee, Philip S 353 381 353 80 ..121 364 Durocher, Betty 394 Durr, John F 347 Durst, S amuel 31, 232 Duthie, James 78, 352 du Toit, Daniel 263 Duxbury, John H 354, 116 Dworkis, Martin B 31 Dwyer, Raymond 53, 346, 355 Dye, William 376 Dyer, Florence H 31 Dyer, Ida 189 Eady, Eugenia 241, 400 Eagan, Russell R 367 Eagle, Donelda 405 Earhart, Mrs. H. B 416 Earhart, R 352 Earle, George 368 Earle, Prescott S 368 Earle, Sawyer 352 Early, Edwin B 376 Easlick, David 367 Easlick, Kenneth A 110, 116 Eastman, Jim 81 Rastman, Leonard 31, 372 Eastman. Peter 165 Eastman, R. C 347 Easton, Rhea J 31, 399 Eberbach, Oscar A 257 Eberbach, R. 376 Ebersole, Jean R 175 Eby, John H 132, 380 Eckert, Barbara 399 Eckert, Donna 402 Eckhart, Kenneth V 377 Eckstein, Harold C. 85 Eddy, Frank C, Jr 132 Eddy, George G., Jr Eddy, Howard R. Eddy, Robert W 65 Edelberg, Irving M. 147, 149, 375 Edelman, Joseph ..250, 264, 375 Eder, Gerald J 264, 360 Eder, Herbert J 115 Edgerton, Richard 373 Edison, Robert 364 Edmonson, James B Edmunds, Charles W. 152, 165, _. Edmunds, James 256, 356 Edson, James 138 Edwards, Basil D. ...273, 347, 382 Edwards, J. R 178, 361 Edwards, John W 264 Edwards, Margaret 400 Edwards, Rodney D 359 Effler, Donald 162, 164, 353 Egan, William J 368 Egeler, Clarke R 382 Egert, Howard 366 Egger, George S 368 Eggert, Fred 181 Eggertsen. Claude A 121 Egle, Edward J 74, 75 Ehrlich, Robert 181 Ehrmann, H. M 355 Eich, Louis M 359 Eich, Mrs. Louis M 55 Eichelberger, Evelyn J 31, 275 Eichelberger, Maurice B. ..273, 362 Eichorn. E. M 167 Eiffert, Jane 241 Eldred, Albert N 264 Eldredge, David E 382 Eldredge, John G 382 Eldrer, Ney 355 Eldridge, Clarence 149, 368 Elgot, Bertram . 245 Ellick, Alfred G ' 378 Elling, Oscar 181 Elliott, E. B 11 Elliott, Margaret 100 Elliott. Robert A 147 254 Ellis, Frank R 273, 385 Ellis, Robert Lee 262 263 353 Ellis, Sheldon M 147, 360 Ellison, Bruce G 387 Ellman, Seymour S. . .. 31 363 Elmer, Russell E 371 Elmer, William 246, 373 Elmiger, Frederick L 80 Elsifor, Floyd S 273 Elson, Norman 246, 363 Elspass, Jane 31, 239. 295, 401, 426 Elsworth, Robert M 65, 81 Emde, L 347 Emerson. H. W 165 347 Emery, John R 226, 281 Emery, Kenneth 265 Emmet, John 364 Emmett, Robert A 374 Emmerson, Herbert W 351 Emory, Jane 244 Emory, Richard D 378 Emswiler, John E 59 Emunson, Bryee M 78 Engel, Gladys L. 31, 262, 263, 292, 295 Engel, Jean M 296 Engelman, Raymond 168 Engeman, Charles T 368 Englander, Alan 386 Engle, Donald 116 Engle, Paul R Englehart, Edwin Engstrom. Joyce Epstein, Herman Epstein, Mildred Erdmann, Betty J. 251, Erickson, Clarence M Eriksen, Edward L 59, Erke, Herman 158, Erlewine, Ralph Ernst, Arthur A 65 Ernst, Ira L Erpelding. John W Erskine, Albert Ervin, Charles E Erwin, John H Eshenvoder, Owen D Eskie, Milton J. ... Essery, C. V Estes, Hugh H. 61, 65, 75, 76, 81, Ettinger, S. Jack Evans, Betty Evans, Edith Evashevski, Forest 53, 205, 230, 281, Evashevski, Kenneth Everard, William S 297, 263 179, 102, 79, 167 Fink, Austin 1 375 .181 Fink, Jerome 349 393 Finklestein, Mordecai 264 246 Finton, Max 164 394 Firehammer, Waldemar 181 406 Firestone, Myrtle 121 . 31 Firnschild, Frank F 32 384 First, Wesley 247, 385 264 Fischer, Frances E. 91 366 Fischer, Harry C. ..65, 78, 85, 263 387 Fischer, James E 166 106 Fischer, P. Harold 74, 75 350 Fishber, Philip H 383 ,181 Fishburn, Breard 373 ...78, 112, 346, 366, ..81, Everett, F. L. Everett, James C. Everett. Marcus . 31, Everett, Meldon .... Everly, Robert L. . Evers, L Ewing, Mary Lou Ewing, William .... Eyster, Richard ..408, Fabyan, August .... Faden, Ann Fadler. Lawrence ... Fagan. Fred Fagan, Margaret P. Fagan, Thomas J. Fahey, James Fairburn, Barbara Fairfax, Jean Fairlamb, Roy D. Fajans, Stefan Fake, Leroy E 65 Falk, Benjamin Falvay, David Farris. Betty 55, Farris, Walter B 52, Farmer, Ann M Farnsworth, Dorothy Farrell, Elizabeth Farrell, John Farrens, John H., Jr. 91, Farrier, E. Lucille , Fasquelle, R Faste, Andreas Faulkner. Ross Faust, Homer E, 227, ...31, , 81, 250, 181, 263, 262, Fauver, John W Feather, Norman J Federman, Leo Feely, Frank 61, 65, 81, 227, 262, Feeney, Kenneth J Feferman, Oscar A Fehr, Robert A. 346, 265, Fekula, George M Felber, Thomas Feldkamp. Lee E 154, Feldman, Lewis 158, Feldman, Milton Feldman, Oscar Fell, Norbert J Fellman, Roslyn 31, 262, 263, 292, Fennimore, Keith Fenton, Edgar Ferguson, Alfred L Ferguson, Charles C Ferguson, Charles W Ferguson, John H Ferguson, Marion 31, Fern, Ward Fero, Lester K Ferretti, Antonietta Ferries, Robert Ferris, John M Ferriss, Enora 32, 274, 289, Ferstenfeld, Adolf Feuermann, Emanuel Fey, Norman J 65 Fidelholtz, Sylvia J. Field, Henry Field, Jean K. Field, Kenneth B Field, Virginia D Fielder, Charles R Fielding, Henry Fife, Robert E. Filip, Hypolit K Findling, Byron Fineberg, Milton L 32, 243, Fingerle. E. C. Finley, R. B Finney, Gerald D Finney, Mary Louise 295, 65 295 ' , " 295, , 78, 164, ' 162, 271, J477 374 357 358 115 . 84 357 372 398 . 55 441 263 .348 359 348 .368 163 .385 167 415 179 383 281 397 376 274 403 .147 . 84 J95 278 368 168 383 . 65 .181 404 273 300 392 .274 . 83 347 263 356 . 84 227 110 .367 . 31 375 350 .158 386 262 . 85 365 164 . 83 .168 .181 361 416 .179 -372 . 85 , 78 .378 .166 397 .181 . 65 .275 .352 .169 402 281 183 265 . 32 362 158 .362 . 32 .387 366 .367 164 .181 282 .371 .380 149 404 Fisher, Barbara J 289, 296, Fisher, Elaine 241, Fisher, Frances Fisher, Janet ... Fisher, Joseph V 154, Fisher, Kirkland E Fisher, Owen L Fisher, Phillip Fisher, Ray L 52, 230, Fisher, Robert E Fiske, Charles Fishman, Albert Fishman, Muriel 32, Fishman, Shirley G 32, Fishman, Sidney E Fitch, Hubert V 175, Fitton, John Fitzgerald, Bernard E Fitzgerald, Robert , Fitzgerald, T. D. Fitzgerald, Victoria Fitzharris, Burleson M Fitzmier, Albert Fitzpatrick. Ruth 296, Flagstad, Kirsten Flaherty, Francis C Flaherty. Joseph W Flanagan. Dennis 52, 243, Flanagan, Peggy Flaningam, Sue 244, Flax, Jules Fleishman, Alan H Fleming. David Fleming. Marion F Flesham, Audrey Fletcher, John Fletcher. Richard F Flickinger, John H Flink, Robert Flora, Robert Florance, Warren A Florer, Will Flott. Robert F 245, Flowers, Jack Fogg, Richard G Foin, Victor Foley, Arthur D Foley, Arthur L Foil, Herbert Folley, Lee Folsome, C. E Foltz. Dorothy E Foltz, Robert D Foote, Barbara Foote, Joseph W Forberg. Kay 244, Forbes. Bruce 259, Forbes, Charles H. 61, 65, 74, 263, Ford, Charles D Ford, Claire 32, 295, Ford, Margaret B 32, 275, Ford, Norma Ford, Tom G Ford, W. B Ford, William H Forman, Sylvia G Forman, Yale 246, Forrest, Cecily 91, 297, Forrestel, Marjorie 296, Forster, Lloyd M 65, Forsyth, Frank Forsyth, H. Francis Forsythe, L. L Forsythe, Warren E 167, Fossum, Gwendolyn L Foster, Elmer 77, Foster, George P Foster, Helen Foster, James Foster, Jeanne B Foster, Lila Foust, Alan S Fowle. Caroline ...181, 244, Fowle, Douglas M Fowle, Lee C Fowler, Frank C Fowler, Phyllis Fowler. Robert Fox, Charles Fox, George Fox, L. A Fox, Willis E Foxman, Irwin Frailing, Woodrow G. . Fralick, F. Bruce Frank, George Frank. Judith L Frankel, James Frankel, Milton Franklin, Alice Franklin, Benjamin W. Franklin. Myer 65 I ' sY; ..152, ._..., 392 394 .394 408 165 .374 . 80 256 354 .349 354 .375 394 394 . 81 263 .181 166 216 .167 163 279 ,. 84 403 ,.183 . 32 . 65 353 401 401 112 .375 351 122 246 364 361 65 181 205 . 85 356 382 356 .368 .. 81 279 169 104 .376 167 .122 361 408 374 402 274 265 347 392 397 414 355 .357 . 32 293 264 405 404 348 .162 166 366 263 175 255 376 181 .107 . 32 403 355 297 387 374 . 78 408 373 365 .179 273 , 81 360 273 167 369 414 .372 . 65 393 147 .372 Franklin, Paul 351 Fraser, Raymond J 32, 354 Fraumann. Harlin E 381 Frayssignes, Blanche 189 Frazier. Roy E 147, 382 Frederick, David S 349 Frederick, Raymond L 32, 349 Freeborn, James R 116 Freeman, Byron 83 Freeman, James W 383 Freidenburg, Oscar 149 French, Alice 292 French, Burr 248 French, Dick 219 French, Edward 364 French, Elizabeth G 122, 125 French, Gertrude 274, 405 French, James 149 French, Paul J 32 Frey, Gertrude 262 Frey, Virginia 399 Freyberg, Richard H 165 Fried, Reuben 256 Fried, Stanford 112, 115 Friedman. Arnold L. ..168, 360 Friedman, David 158, 168, 360 Friedman, Harford Willis 168 Friedman, Harold E. ...66, 81, 372 Friedman, Sidney Friend, Harrison 32, Fries, Robert Q maid O 32 360 365 Frisbee, Donald 381 Frissell. Don 376 Fritz, Ralph 53, 205, 281 Fromm, Harold M 371 Fromm, James 179, 371 Frost, Ruben E 381 Frostic, Andrew A 116 Frumkin. Reva 407 Frutig. Edward 53, 205, 281 Frutiger, Raymond ..1 12, 117, 254 Fry, Evelyn 409 Fry, Halleck D., Jr. ..32, 274, 371 Fryberg, R. H 357 Frye, Robert A 364 Frye, Stanley 275 Fulde, Clara Louise 401 Fuller, Richard 53, 380 Funk, James B 367 Funk, William K 348 Furbush, Seymour A. 77, 78, 248, 272 Furman, Albert L 66, 81 Furniss. Charles 167 Furniss, William 270, 355 Furstenberg, Albert C. 152, 153, 166 Furstenberg, Mrs. A. C 163 Furstenberg, Mrs. Elizabeth Maloy 256, I. 32, Gable, Bertram Gabriel. Peggy Gage, Mary 241, Gager, W. O Gaige. F. M Gail, William H Gaio, Arthur J Gairns, Lila Jane Gajec, John 178, Gallawav, William S Galles, James Gallow, Leona R 122, Gallup, Bob Galusha, William Gambill, William H. Gambs, Gilman Gamon, Thomas H. Gangwere, George H. Garbe. Harold J Gardiner, H. G Gardiner, Jean Gardiner, Sprag ' ie Gardner, Dick B Gardner, Herbert H., Jr. 32, Gardner, Mare-ret 1 241, Garnett, Alice I Garretson, Robert C Garry. Elizabeth Garvey, Rita Garvin. James H 245, Garvin. Nathan Gary, Chin H Gass, H. Harvey Gasser. Winifred Gates, Florence Gates, Lloyd R Gates, Robert W Gatley, Robert K 66 Gaugler. Edward A 66, Gault, Edear H 100, Gauthier, R. Kenneth 273, Gauthier, Raymond H Gauthier, Richard Gawura. Steve Gay, Dillard F Gedeon, Elmer 227, Gee. John W Geelhoed. Stewart 104, Geerds. Marian 404, Gehl, Raymond H Geiger, Joan Geisler. Marion L Gelder John T.. Jr. 32. 52, 346, 179 408 403 .387 356 378 122 163 181 263 219 293 241 275 376 356 387 350 106 107 274 373 378 387 408 . 91 78 396 55 381 149 81 375 405 392 . 80 . 32 . 78 263 106 383 383 351 79 371 230 376 138 415 263 300 32 366 181, 246 ............. 154, ........... 241, ........... 297, .245, Gele, Emile Gell, Edwin A. 32, 179, 274, Gellatly, Victoria .. Genetti, Emil J Genung, Joan George, Genevieve George, James H. George, Linda Gail Geralach, Lorenz Gerendasy, Robert B Gerson, Byron H 32, Gerson, Irving B 32, Gesell, Robert 152, Gesell, Mrs. Robert Gessler, Axel Gethmann, Richard B. 66, 79, Getts, Robert L Gezon, Margaret Gibbs, Cecil Gibbs, Morgan L. J Gibson, Andrew H. Gibson, Charles J. Gibson, Colvin L. 33, 179, 262, 263, Gibson, David 252, Gibson, Edgar B Gibson, Kenneth R Gibson, Robert L Gibson, Robert M Gibson, Theodore T Gibson, Walter M Gibson, William , Gies, Raymond Giesen, Charles P Gilbert, Monroe A Gilbert, William J Gilbert, W. W Gilbertson, Constance Gildart, J. Stuart .. Gile, Richard M Gilkey, George Ann .... Gillette, William R Gilliam, Dorothy 274, Gilliard, Allen Gilligan, James P Gilliom, Richard L Gillis, John C 222, Gillis, Nelson Gillman, Edwin Gilmore, Horace W Gilmour, Robert 245, Gilson, Mark Gind, Gordon Gingold, Samuel Gins, Myron 241, Ginsburg, Harold Ginsberg, Norma Ginsburg, Sidney 33, Ginther, John Gipson, Frederick Gish, Lois 241, Given, Howard Gjelsness, Rudolph H Gladding, Kathryn T. 289, 291, Glaesner, Robert D , Glair, Jacquelyn Glanz, Edward F Glass, Beatrice Glass, Dorothy F 33, 289, Glasser, Joseph 216, Glerum, Simon 112, Glick, Agatha 33, 372, Glover, Clifford C. 194, Gnerich, Roberta F 33, Goda, Lester E Goddard, Edwin C Godfrey, Hugh G 112, Goebel, Dorothy Ann Goebel, Paul G Goeller, Howard E Goellner, Karl E Goetsch, Earl G Goetz, Catherine Goldbeck, Heinz O Goldberg, Anshel Goldberg, Joseph Golden, John E Golden, Robert E 33, Goldfarb, Jerome Goldhamer, Milton Goldman, Ada Goldman, Harold R. 33, 267, 370, Goldman. Howard A 246, Goldman, Louis H. 66, 82, 83, Goldring, David M Goldsmith. Paul Goldsmith, Richard E Goldstein, Edward 241, Goldstein, Elaine 122, Goldstein, Hertley 247, Goldstein, Robert , Goldstick, Jean , Goldstone. George 147, Gollin. Norman Golz, William N Goman, Jeanne Gomley. Henry C Good, Catherine Good. Warren R Goodell, John 33, 52, Goodkind, Thomas 252, Goodman, Abraham F 275 416 158 392 409 359 392 167 .115 372 372 164 .163 . 80 263 382 402 .179 362 . 33 348 381 274 377 116 263 256 347 374 181 116 376 350 263 356 181 242 349 400 368 406 275 132 377 364 79 351 348 246 116 80 168 372 363 293 370 181 356 393 386 374 405 112 397 359 251 394 355 116 394 263 394 383 142 116 275 233 264 263 . 81 399 .117 . 33 168. 33 117 387 256 370 .. 33 375 386 372 375 .220 .365 372 394 370 .370 .246 386 .. 79 .. 80 .396 .166 .300 .121 353 386 363 Goodman, Harry E 275 Goodman, Max 168 Goodrich, C 352 Goodrich, Charles B 66, 273 Goodsman, John 181 Goodwin, Thomas 259 Goodyear, Robert J. 66, 74. 75, 273, 352 Gordon, C. D 387 Gordon, Elaine 394 Gordon, Jack 365 Gordon, Sylvan B 66, 78 Gordon, Villiam 166, 380 Gordy, Philip D. 157, 166, 262, 368 Gormsen, J. H 364 Gorsline, Samuel 373 Gose, Margaret 275 Gossard, Nancy 289, 392 Gossard, Peter 33, 351 Gotlib, Ben Z 33 Gotschall, George Dunn 79, 178, 181, 248, 383 Gottschalk, Vincent J 362 Goudie, F. D 377 Goudsmit, Samuel A. ... . 360 Goudy, Jeanne 241, 275, 401 Gould, Charles H 79, 387 Gould, Douglas 53, 255, 379 Gould, Mase 246 Gould, Nancy 55, 241,400 Goulding, Herbert J 257 Goult, James S 79 Grace, James W 33, 52, 355 Gracey, John H. ... . 381 Grady, Jack 256, 264, 381 Graham, Bertram A 66, 78 Graham, Charles W 346, 373 Graham, Clelan 181 Graham, Clifford 242 Graham, Douglas, Jr 66, 351 Graham, Jane 402 Graham, Martha 240 Graham, Samuel A 131 Grainger, Jack F 381 Gram, Elizabeth 406 Gram, H. James 147, 149 Gram, Lewis M. 59, 233, 358, 376 Gram, Ruth 408 Gram, William 376 Granse, Robert C 353 Grant, Jeanne 293 Grant, Joseph 112 Grant, Peter 366 Grant, Samuel E 33, 370 Granville, R. E 347 Grau, Albert A 33, 262, 363 Graver, Robert W 66, 80 Gray, Justin 181 Gray, Nancy 241, 395 Gray, William 356 Greathouse, Paul B 33 Green, A. E 357 Green, E. B. ... 357 Green, Jack 227 Green, James 247 Green, Marjorie B 275 Green, Martin A 375 Green, Mervin 168, 375 Green, Nelson 167 Green, Robert Q 347 Greenberg, Howard 33, 370 Greene, Charles W 362 Greene, Syril 407 Greenwald, Edward J 147, 354 Greenway, Guerdon D 165, 356 Gregory, Gustav R 263 Greider, Edwin C 379 Greiner, Margaret R 91 Greiner, Ruth 399 Grekin, Jack 168 Gressman, C. Eugene 147, 149 Gribble, James J. A. 106, 178, 260 Gribble, Robert 181 Gribbroek, Eugene 246 Griep, Arthur H ... 377 Grier, F. Allen 357 Grierson, Elmer P 257 Griesbach, Waldemar R 33 Griffin, C. E. 100, 101, 106 Griffin, Frances 408 Griffiths, Sydney J 33 Grill, Barbara 397 Grill, James 373 Grills, Jane 55 Grimes, Emily 54 Grimord, Leslie 178, 181 Grindle, Robert 181 Grimshaw, Roberts 379 Gripman, Ray 256, 364 Grismore, Grover C 142 Grissen, James 216 Griswold, Betty 401 Griswold, Jane 250, 401 Groefsema, Margaret 415 Gros, James R 265 Gross, Betty C 33, 274, 299 Grossberg, Edmund 386 Grossenheider, Richard P 33 Grossman, Jerome B. 346, 386 Grossman, Louis Homer. I 24, 33, 372 Grosswendt, Herbert L 384 Grove, Jane 274, 294, 296, 299. 404 91 379 382 83 397 397 374 371 274 252 351 399 406 364 242 367 363 34 355 352 376 403 387 122 362 356 164 246 168 273 356 362 Grove, William R ............................ Grover, George A ........................... Groves, B. E. ............................. Grudin, Daniel ............ 66, 75, Gruhzit, Maya D. 244, 294, 296, Gruhzit, Olga ................. 271, Grund, James A .............. . ............... Grunewald, Albert L ................. Gryting, Loyal ............... 263, Gubow, Lawrence ................. 33, Guertler, Fred ............................. Guest, Barbara ....................... 122, Guest, Janet ......................................... Guffin, George ............................ Guldberg, Carl E. 91, 93, 239, Gunn, James W .................. Gunsberg, Richard S ............. 33, Gurwin, Martin Gustafson, Edward ......................... Gustafson. Harry ....................... Gustafson, Jack R ........... 165, Gustafson, Rae ........... 241, Gustafson, Robert L ......... 248, Gust.n, Dorothy G Gustine, Richard ............................. Guthe, C. E ............................. Gutelius, Stanley ....................... Guttman, Irving ................. 245, Gutterman, Meyer ..................... Guzewicz, Edmund A. 66, 75, Gwillim. Harold .................... Gwinn. Joseph M .................. 83, H Haack. Lawrence E ............................ 132 Haas, Alice ......................................... 404 Haas, Theron ................................ 351 Haas, William N ............................ 361 Haber, Bernard D ................... 66, 83 Haber, William .......................... 372 Haberaecker, Walter ........ 179, 181 Hackett, Arthur .............................. 173 Hadley, Patricia C. 244, 289, 290, 397 Hadley, Robert ................................... 367 Hadley, Russ ............................... 348 Hadley, Sib ................................ 357 Hadley, Wayne N ....................... 387 Haff, Patricia ..... 24, 34, 295, 400 Hafke, Alfred ......... 260 Hagar, Charles N., Jr ..................... 66 Hagel, Otto .......................... 249 Hagemeyer, Hugh J .................... 368 Hagemeyer, Muriel ....................... 393 Haggan, Margaret .......................... 163 Haggerty, Frank L., Jr ................... 132 Haglin, John ...................................... 373 Haigh, John 61, 66, 75, 222, 281, 352 Haight, Cameron ................. 165, 376 Haines, Donal .................................... 53 Haines. Harly ............................... 366 Haire, Virginia C ........................... 122 Haislip, Pattie C. 34, 263, 289, 294, 400 Hall. Ann G ........................................ 34 Hall. Betty M ................................... 292 Hall, Charles ... ... 366 Hall, Cletus M ..................................... 34 Hall, Cletus ...................................... 402 Hall, Goeffrey 53, 227, 281, 382, Hall, James ..................................... Hall, John T .................................. Hall, Louis P Hansen, Harry ............................... 181 Hansen, Robert S ............................... 34 Hansen, Thomas E ............................ 34 Hanslip. Richard E ............... 358 Hanson, George ........................ 78, 265 Hanson, Tom . ............. 116 Hanthorn, Clarence E ............... 66, 81 Harbet, Ralph ............................. 373 Hard, Dorothy G ........................ 110 Harding, Kenneth G .............. 66, 78 Hardy, Douglas R .......................... 362 Hardy, Gordon A. 178, 179, 181, 252, 268, 381 Hardy, Virginia L. 244, 294, 296, 403 Hare, Weldon P ........................ 362 Harkins, Walter S., Ill ....... 352 Harmel, Richard ................ 246, 274 Harmon, Tom 53, 205, 206, 252, 281, 363, 424 Harms, George W ............... 379 Harness, Donald ................. 256, 356 Harnist, William .................. 275, 351 Harper, J. A ................................. 367 Harr, William H ...................... 147 Harrelson, Robert W ............... 367 Harrington. Edwin .......................... 351 Harrington, G. Robert 34, 261, 346, 361 Harris, Alan H ....................... 353 Harris, Bernard N ........................ 78 Harris, Edmond ....................... 34, 320 Harris, H. W ................................. 167 Harris, James ........................... 355 Harris, Joseph R .................... 83, 385 Harris, Julian ...................................... 386 Harris, June ......................................... 34 Harris, Margaret ............................... 395 Harris, Marion ................................... 401 Harris, Nancy .................................... 55 Harris, Scott ..................................... 166 434 256 380 110 Hall, Myron C ........ 66, 78, 380 Hall, Robert B ........... 53, 353 Hall, Robert T. .................. 352 Hall, William B ....................... 350 Hall, Winston ...................... 165 Halford, Joseph O. .... ' . ..................... 85 Haller, Peter .................................. 355 Halligan. Tames V. 52. 132, 252, 261, 366 Hallissy, Joseph M ............. 81, 383 Hallock, Harry L ................ 34, 376 Halpert, Celia .................................... 407 Halpin, Betty ............... 393 Halpin, Hazel C ................ 34, 393 Hamaker, John L .................. 374 Hamburger, Betty B ............. 34, 394 Hamilton. Allen B ................. 349 Hamilton, Herbert D ................. 81 Hamilton, Lucius ............... 376 Hamilton, Marguerite M ........ 34 207 376 83 387 377 347 350 378 297 353 300 353 348 351 300 Hamilton, Martha Ann Hamilton, Marvin Hamilton, Miles Hanvlton. Robert C Hammett, A. Lawton Hammet, R. W Hammial, Douglas P Hammond, George Hammond. Mary L Hammond. R. M Hanavan, Eleanor J Hancock, Thomas Hand, E. A. Handley, Robert Hanley, Mrs. Stewart 81, 165, 297, 107, 34 366 346, 366 116 , Hartwig, Marie Harvey, Doris J Harvey, Emerson Harvey. Walter , . ................... Hann, Arthur S ................................ 34 Hann, C. Stephen .............. 347 Hannan. Charles .............. 256, 356 Hans, Richard S ...... 383 , Harrison, Carol J Harrison, James J Harrison, James R Harrison, James W Harrison, William P. 93, 268, 377 Harrod, Gordon R ......... 155, 164 Harryman, James E ........ 165 Hart, E. Jane .................. 34, 289, 406 Hart, John W. 102, 104, 106, 254 Hartjen, Harry F .................. 263 Hartley, Donald T... 102, 104, 106 Hartman, Floyd ........................... 362 Hartman, Harold S .......................... 377 Hartnett, Robert B .................... 371 Harton, George M., HI ................ 147 Hartrick, Gordon D ..................... 132 Hartsook, Joseph T ........................ 117 Hartwell, Donald ............. 181 Hartwell, Robert ..... 102, 104, 265 Hartwick. Bruce ................................. 93 Hartwig, Hope ................................... 415 300 34, 244 166 . 373 Harwood, Elizabeth B. .. 175, 436 Harwood, John H. 77, 178, 268 Haskell, Louise ..................... 400 Haskell, Mary ............. 241, 400 Haskell, Rafael W ........................ 81 Hastie, Jean D. ............................... 34 Hastings, Don T ............................. 257 Hatch, Gerald B ..................... 34 Hatcher, Harry R ....... 66, 78, 85 Hatchett, Stephen P ............... 263 Hatfield, Ruth H ................. 34, 402 Hathaway, Mary V .......................... 297 Hatowski, Judith .............................. 407 Haufler, J. Hervie 53. 246. 247, 252, 262 Haughey, Charles ................... 373 Haughey. David .............. 34, 373 Hauser, Frederick V. 34, 262, 263 Hausman, Bill ..... 245, 372 Havermans. Carling .... 66, 81, 265 Hawkins, R. L ............................. Hawley, Anne G. 34, 267, 295, Hawley, Arthur ............................ Hawley, Ransom S .............. .. Hay, Helen L .................... 122, Hay. Marion E Hayden, Charles ................ Hayden, Joseph R. 21, 262, Hayden. Mary R Hayes, Allen Hayes, Douglas A. 102, 104, 227. 378 Hayes, Mrs. John G .................... 417 Hayes, Mark A .................... 158 Hayes, Mildred E .......... 174, 175 Haymans, Euphemia ....... 399, 415 Haynes, Douglas ........................... 104 Haynes, Laurance S ........................ 378 Haynie, Thomas G ....................... 281 Hayter, Edward J .............................. 78 Hayward, James R .................... ........ 264 Hazeltine, Marian ............................. 123 Head, Hugh L .................................... 354 Heal. Rhoma ....................................... 392 Heald, A. A ........................................ 353 Heald, Ervin ......................... 83 Heald, Mary Katherine ................. 392 377 403 351 . 59 406 165 376 366 300, 397 164 Healy, Alfred A 66, 380 Healy, Lowell 181 Healy, Margaret 54 Heames, Harriet 241, 400 Heaps. R. A 352 Heath, Frederick 373 Heath, Robert 352 Hebrard, Jean 88 Hecht, Emanuel 370 Heddle, Fred 220 Hedges, Charles A 66, 356 Hedges, Mary E 34, 401 Heenahan, Thomas A 353 Heffernan, T. W 387 Hegge, Elizabeth 400 Heheman, Robert 374 Heil, John S 34, 376 Heiligman, Sol J 115 Heimbach, Clinton 181 Heinen, Charles M. 74, 75, 77, 78,252,255, 374 Heininger, Irwin 241 Heininger, Kenneth 179, 349 Heinze, Lewis O. 66, 79, 263, 265 Heitsch. Mary Ellen 263 Held, Harold W 110 Helfrich, Dorycee 35 Helgren, Norman R 251,378 Hellenberg, Clare E 81 Heller, Fred 369 Heller, George 372 Heller, Milton 241, 264 Heller, Samuel R 293 Helper, Morton 168 Helzer, Glade D 377 Hemans, C. F. .11, 80, 353 Hemingway, Hugh W. Jr 78 Hendel, Bernard 386 Henderson. Charles 167 Henderson, Frances 35, 403 Henderson, Leona 55, 395 Henderson, Mary 289, 290 Hendley, James H 358 Hendrian, Jean 35 Hendericks, Curtis J. 368 Hendrick, Elwin 350 Heneman. Harlow J 53 Henkel, Elizabeth 406 Henline, William 181 Henry. John R 383 Henry. L. Dell 163 Herbert, J. J 11, 353 Herdrich, Frances 244, 292 Herkner, Mildred L 154, 159 Herman, Robert 66, 78, 249, 272, 372 Herrick, Frances J 35 Herrick, Jean 399 Herrmann, Christian 264, 373 Herrmann, Rose 154, 159 Herrmann, Willaim J 361 Hershkowitz, Sylvan 363 Hertz, Benjamin 35, 360 Herzog, Ann 406 Hess, Muriel A. 35, 262, 263, 417 Hess. Thomas L 1 12. 1 16 Hetrick. George H 66, 78 Heustis, Albert 164 Hewitt, Betty 252 Hewitt. Gerry 241 Hext. Robert 366 Heydt, Francis 222 Heyl, Bradshaw 352 Heyl, Henry 67, 76, 227, 281 Heyl, Mary 399 Hiatt. Janet 247, 300 Hibbard, Edwin A 354 Hickman, Richard A 175 Hicks, Alfred II 354 Hicks, A. B 107 Heiser. Gerald 81 Higbee. June N 173, 183 Higbee, Louise 392 Higbie, Henry 59, 79, 383 Higgins, Laurie Higgins, Marjorie-Anne 392 Higgins, Richard 35, 80, 351 High. Anne Lufkin 163 Highley, A. M 356 Hildebrandt, George 364 Hildebrandt, Theodore W 264 Hildinger, John R 80 Hildner, Egmont C 378 Hildner, J. H. C 53 Hill, Arthur 376 Hill, Donald R 79 Hillaker, Harry J 349 Hillaman. Arthur Y 353 Hillis, Ruby 35 Hillis, Arthur 181, 347 Hills, Elmer G 79 Himler, L. E 167 Hinderer, Roger 102, 104 Hinds, Josephine 263 Hine, Betty 406 Hinerman, Dorin L 166 Hines, C. Phelps 179, 270, 374 Hinkle, Walter 24, 35, 52, 273, 382 Hinshaw. T. W 387 Hird, James T 357 Hirhyck, William T 379 Hirsch, Robert A 35. 365 Hirsch. Robert W 67, 78 Hirschfield, Alexander H 365 Hirschkorn, George 372 Hirshon. Selvin 115 Hoad, W. C 357 383 Hoyt, Charles 227, 782 Jenkin, Thomas P 263 Karpinski, Charles E .371 Hoag, Betty 296, 395 Hoyt, Helen L 189 Jenkins, June 36 , 55, 406 Karpinski, Joseph L 3 1 Hoaglund, Edward 776 Hsu, Yung San 763 Jenkins, Redick B 14 Kasamis, Louis 366 Hoar, George 74? 250 Hubbard, Don E 116 Jenness, Beverly J 36 Kaser, Guy S 358 Hoblit, Frederick 84 rlubbard, Jean 55 Jennings, Hal B 166 Kasle, Louise 394 Hobrock, Mary Martha 408 Hubbard, Margaret L. .. 400 Jennings, Marilyn J ... 36, 399 Kassman, Leonard E 463 Hobson, Eleanor 189 Hubbard, William W., 1 I 104 Jennison, Frank W., Jr. 353 Katz. Benjamin S .115 Hoch, James J 361 Hubbs, Frances V 35, 393 Jensen. Elsie 274, 399 Katz. Ira R 241, 386 Hochbaum. Herbert 486 Huesmann, Fielding 380 Jensen, Hazel 274, 399 Katz, Lillian B 184 Hockberger, Robert H 80 67 Huff, Ernest B 368 Jensen, Jens A 78 Katzman, Irving 1 15 Hockett, William J 35 Huff, Kenneth C 371 Jensen, Thos 104, 383 Kauer, Lucille E . 37 Hoddeson, Burton 372 Hufton, Wilifrid L 159 Jerencsik, Alex P 79 Kaufman, Frieda 274 Hodges, Fred J 166 Hull, Harper H 764 Jeserich, Paul H. ..110, 116, 371 Kaufman, Jeanne 397 Hodges, James H 85 Hulbert, John R 35 57 366 Jester, Thomas C. Kaufman, Karl, Jr 486 Hodgson, Jack 154, 159, 162 Hulbert, Lawrence 366 67, 76, 227, 281, 371 Kaufman, Madeline ..37, 394 Hoebler, John 166 Hulbert, Margaret 403 Jesurun, Harold M. .159, 169, 275 Kauper, Paul G 14? Hoelscher, Bradford 348 Hulbert, Millicent 403 Jett, A. L. 348 Kay, E. B 165, 357 Hoelscher, Vievia Humenczuk, William M. 67 81 Jewell, Joseph W 354 Kaye, Raymond J 159, 166 174, 175, 181, 392 Humpheys, J. Richard A Jewitt, Jane E. 24, 36, 295, 402 Kazmark, Lillian A 123, 263 Hoeper, Paul 351 35, 52, 252, 362 Jocelyn, Louis P 257 Kearney, Edna . .. 262, 402 HofT, James W Humphrey, Charles E 147, 149 Joffe, Edward 165 Keas, William O 381 Hoffer, Margaret E 91 Humphreys, Edmond D. 349 Johnson, Albin 181 Keatley, Louise 241, 403 Hoffman, Harriet W 35 Humphreys, Wilber R. . 53 351 Johnson, Alden 464 Kebler, Richard W 8 264 Hoffman, Maurice 377 Hunger, Malcolm 246 Johnson, Barbara 398, 400 Keck, Charles M 362 Hoffman, Robert 756 350 Hungerford, Van G 67 79 Johnson, Barbara E. Keck, Marcellus 83 Hoffman, Harry 84 Hunt, Jane 395 36, 292, 293, 297 Keck, Ruth C. 37 Hoffman, Walter H. 132 Hunt, John 1 67 81 347 Johnson, Ben .83, 376 Keefer, Dean L 387 Hoffmeyer, Phyllis ... 251, 789 393 Hunt, W. F 71 Johnson, Betty 404 Keeler, Keith C 16 ' ) Hofman, Jeanette 407 Hunter, Dave 750 775 Johnson, Brooks K 350 Keen, Clifford 219 Hofstra, Peter 138 Hunter, William T., Jr. . 35 Johnson, Byron H 79 Keene, Dorothy 289, 393 Hogan, Francis P. Huntington, E. J 357 Johnson, C. T 347 Keene, Galvm R . 37 24, 35, 227, 281, 78? 350 Huntington, Elizabeth .. 274 Johnson, David 169 Keenen, James 2 9 Hogan, Jack D 349 Huntington, Frances E. ...35, 392 Johnson, Dorothy A 241 Keetch, Robert C 379 Hogan, Maurice T 116 Huntoon, Richard 379 Johnson, Dorothy E 29 Kehoe, James 270, 357 Hogan, Paul K 67 , 81 Hurley, William 355 Johnson, Edward A 137, Keilholtz, Virginia 402 Hogg, George P 383 Hurwitz, Louis 115 Johnson, Fletcher H 36 Keim, Robert A . 37 Hogg, John 274 Hussey, Russell C 53 Johnson, Frank B ...36, 275 Keiser. Howard A 169 Hoglund, John 356 Hutchens, Edward J. Johnson. H. S 355 Keith, John B .376 Holaday, Marianne 397 35, 52, 222, 281 378 Johnson, Harriet 123 392 Keller, Arthur 377 Holcomb, Mary Dick 400 Hyde, Emory .257 Johnson, Howard R 67 , 81 Keller, John S 78 383 Holcomb, Thomas G 374 Hyde, Jane 403 Johnson, Irene M 297 Keller, Louise 299 Holcomb, Wallace P. ... 374 Hynes, James A 36, 378 Johnson, Irene, Mrs 257 Keller, Paul .... 37 373 Holland, James 256 Hynes, William 53, 247, 352 Johnson, James 165 Kelley, C. B 147, 149, 368 Hollands, W. C 347 Huttlinger, Burns 273, 279, 382 Johnson, Jay W 384 Kelley, Jack . 93 Hollar, Arthur 351 Hutton, Thomas G. 35, 353 Johnson, Jean 392 Kelley, Richard 275 Hollingsworth. Ernest 263 Huyett, Dan 245, 264, 373 Johnson, Kenneth B. ... ... 36. 383 Kelley. Roger F 354 Hollinshead, Glen 83 Johnson, Lewis 351 Kelley, Stanley 227, 281 Hollis, Robert S 91 Johnson, Merrill 346 356 Kelly, George E 113 Hollis, Sue 244, 293 1 Johnson, Norman . 80, 359 Kelly, P. K 774 Hollman, Robert 259 cerman, P. F 376 Johnson, Paul A.. Jr. Kelly, Ralph 179 Holman, Donald A 264 de, Arthur, Jr 165 77. 81, 251, 268, 378 Kelly, William M 74 75, 467 Holman, Herbert 168 gnasiask, Bernard 83 Johnson, Rachel 402 Kelsey, Gladys H 263 Holmburg, Ed. 256, 379 hling, Margaret 403 Johnson, Robert G 256 Kelsey, Harry M 246 Holmes, David W 263, 352 mber, Shyrle 274, 394 Johnson, Robert L 358 Kelso, Alvin 80 376 Holmes, William 53, 222, 781 mboden, Robert 748 356 Johnson, Robert T. 36 52 352 Kelto, Reuben 705 Holmquist, June E 123 mrie, Dorothy M 159 Johnson, Thomas ..154, 162, 166 Kemp. Harold S . 78 Holshuh, Harold J. mrie, James 352 Johnson, Thor 183 Kemper, John 110, 116, 169 35, 262, 263, 381 ngalls, Edmund 763 Johnson, V. C 167 Kempf, P. R 467 Holstein, Arthur D 166 ngalls, Robert 205 Johnson, Walter 167 Kempner. Raymond 37, 273, 475 Holt, Caroline 403 ngham, Ray 250 Johnson, Ward R 154, 159 Kempter, Albert H 37 Holt, John 179, 226 ngold, John F 81 Johnson, Warren W 371 Kendall, Glen 351 Holton, Charles R. Jr. ... 352 357 ngram, A 167 Johnson, William H 78 Kendall, H. M 383 Holyoke. Robert ...81, 369 psen, David C 264 Johnston. Clarence T. .. 59 Kendrick, J. Richard 378 Holzhauer, Ralph .181, 350 ronside, Ian 293 Johnston, Derland 85 Kendricks, Milton A 351 Homan, Henry 138 rvin, Charles 373 Johnston, F. D 165 Kennedy, Charles 352 Homer, Janet 299, 408 rwin, Bill 376 Johnston, Robert 373 Kennedy, F. A 364 Homes, Henry, Jr 35 rwin, Edward R 36, 367 Johnston, William A ,.., 67 81 Kennedy, James 181, 759 367 Honecker, Mary rwin, George 181, 259, 366 Johnstone, John 121 Kennedy, Norah . 54, 400 35, 287, 294, 295 rwin, H. H. 100 Jones, A. Curtis 165 Kennedy, Robert 37, 275 Honhart, Betsy 163 sackson, Charles N 78 Jones, Benjamin F 67, 356 Kennedy, Ted 367 Hood, Catherine 401 shell, E. R 377 Jones, Charles 181 Kennedy, Verne C 376 Hood, Gordon K 264 ttner, Martin 36 358 Jones, Don K., Jr 382 Kenney, Jerry E 37 Hood, W. O 385 Jones, Edwin 181 Kennicott. Joseph W 67, 354 Hoogsteen, Helen 414 J Jones, George F .. 67, 351 Kensey. James 756 Hook, Franklin L 83 376 lack, William W 166 Jones, Grace I 36, 398 Kent, Herbert 45? Hook, Robert ' ackovich, John 83 Jones, Ray S 67 81 765 Kent, W. Wallace 147 53, 83, 227, 281, 348 ' ackson, Betty R 36 Jones, Robert M 113, 114, 116 Kenvon. Herbert A. 75? 767 Hootkins, Fay 274, 394 ackson, Harry 84 Jones, Robert W 264, 377 Kepler, Elizabeth 289, 794 406 Hoover, Jack C 35, 260, 261 ' ackson, Robert H 67, 369 Jones, Steve 364 Kepka. Arthur 760 Hopkins, Alice .,35, 405 ' ackson, Robert L 67 Jones, William J 36 387 Kerlikowske. A. C 167 485 Hopkins, Clark ..53, 348 ' ackson, Sydney 165, 361 Jones-Burdick. Harry 347 Kern, Frank 67 Hopkins, Frank P 353 [ackson, Wilson M 36 Jordan, Forrest Kern, Marjorie 414 Hopkins, Louis A., Jr. 74 ' acob, Joel G 147 205, 219, 281, 78? 366 Kerner Charles 255, 773 357 Hopkins, Suzanne 397 ' acobs, Elaine E 46 404 Jordon. Mary 36 408 Kerr, Donald 1 10 116 Hopkins, Vivian C 263 ' acobs, Morton 360 Joy, Mrs. Henry B 417 Kerr. Susan 37 405 Hope, William D ..67, 362 ' acobs, W. A. 764 Joyce, Roy E 374 Kerzman. Joseph 168 Hornaday, Hilton P ..35, 350 ' acobs, William L 91, 396 Judson, Elizabeth W 36 Kessel, Jack 245, 770 386 Homer, Robert R 260 ' acobson, Janet 394 Tudson, Lorraine M 797 Kessler, C. F. ... 76 Horner, James R S7 80 ' acoby, Richard A 374 Juergens. Albert L 763 Kessler. Karl 746 381 Horowitz. Seymour 247 ' adwin, Durward 116 Juhl, John H 159 169 Ketchell, Bertram 1 13 Horton, Donald D. 67 ' adwin, Norene 195 Kettering. Charles F 60 Horton, Elmer A 67 ' aedecke, Robert 167 K Kevwell, Jerome M 17 363 Hosmer, Ansel F. , Jr. ... 78 ' agiello, Leonard 83 Kidwell. John 73? Hotchkiss, R. B 364 ' akon, Margaret 297 Ka ey, John 36? Kieber, Robert J. 357 House, Frederick 164 ' ames, Abram A 121 Kahn, Aaron 741 386 Kieckhefer. Thomas F. 368 House, Glenn W., Jr. ... 169 ' ames, Charles E 36 367 Kahn, Edgar A 165 Kie, Jack 376 Housel, William S 362 lames, Clifford W 367 Kahn, Reuben 168, 372 Kiehn, Clifford L 165 Houser, Robert 132, 366 James, Eldon E 36, 220, 281 Kahn, Robert L. 76? K ' ffer. Calvin J in 114 Housinger, Vasnon 79 ' ames, Laylin K 142 Kahrs, Franc ' s 36, 289, 294. 395 Kift. Josephine 37, 54, 789 404 Houle, William 366 ' ames, P. E. 263, 381 Kaiser, Marvin 67 68 797 404 Houston, Mary A 35 ' ames, Richar d S 367 Kalb, Evelyn 401 37 Hovis, Logan W 166 ' amieson, Nevin 356 Kalb, Glen 774 Killian, Marietta 400 Howard, Carrington, Jr. . 79, 263 ' amison, C. L 100, 106 Kalder, Ned B. 166 Killins, Charles G. 377 Howard, John 1 8, 181 ' amison, Mary-Anna 404 Kaler. Walter E. 357 Killins, D. A. =17 464 Howard, Stacy C 169 ' anes, Robert J. 350 Kallenbach, Joseph E. ... 5? Killins Robert L. 377 Howarth, Fred 53, 262, 364 ' arvis, Harland N. 262, 263, 353 Kalmbaugh, Whitney L. 79 K ' lman. Julian 348 Howe, Frank 181 ' assy. David 36, 386 Kandel ' n, Albert W 159 404 Howes, Homer D 169 ' av. Philip 110, 372 Kane, E-ieene 245, 372 Kilner. Herbert D 354 Howell, Harry ' ayne, Calista W 36 Kane, Michael 37? 406 67, 76, 252. 254, 261, 374 ' ean, Helen 408 Kann, Robert 36, 262, 263. 486 Kimball Elizabeth Howell, Roderick B 381 ' effers, Del 356 Kanners. Rosalie 36 54 37, 293, 707 414 Howell. William 381 leffers, Robert Kanter, Max J 36 Kimball. Kenneth 67 84 Howerth, Herbert J 362 SI. 67, 81, 232, 263, 265, 385 Kaphan, Norrra Kimball Robert 456 Howland, Lyons 366 leffrey, Douglas C., Jr. 347 244, 294, 799 394 Kimbrough. R 167 Howland, William 147, 149, 3 6 leffrey, Jean 181, 403, 415 Kaplan, Shirley A 797 Kimerer. John 777 Hoyer, Roy 252 352 181 Hoyt, Arthur 167 Jend, William, Jr 169 Karn, Man u 408 King, Charles O 381 274, 289, 37, ' 1 1 " , 37, 107, 168, I ' 68, " " 83 " ! King, Edward 74, 75, 77, 83, 241, King, Robert D 281, King, Robert W. 61, 67, 83, 227, King, Theodore A , King, Warren R Kingery, Paul D , Kingery, Richard H 110, Kingsbury, George O Kingston, Anne 37 Kinkead, Thomas Kinney, Charlotte Kinney, Stoddard Kinsell, William Kinsey, Betty Kinsey, Ruth Kipka, Donn G. Kipke, H. G Kirby, Nan Alice 123, Kirchenbaum, Bruce 241, Kircher, Ralph D., Jr 79, Kirk, Howard 61, 67, 83, Kirk, Marquis Kirkpatrick, Art 251, Kirkpatrick, Lucy A 91, Kirmaier, Raymond A Kirshen, Arnold 37, Kirtland, Hugh C Kiss. George Kistler. Charles Kitzmiiler, John L 154, Klauber, Leo D. Kleeman, Francis S. Kleemeier, Robert W Klein, Arthur Klein, Babette V Klein, Burton L Klein, Eugene L. 68, 267, Klein, Jerome 271, 365, Klein, Robert Klein, William H Kleiner, Anne M Kleinman, Bernice Kleinschmidt, Gladys K Kleinschmit, Arthur W 37, Klemach, Fred Kline, Jim Klingman. Theophil Klopsie, Clarence Klose, Henry Klunzinger, Willard Knapp. Charles D. Knapp. Wallace Knappen. Jean Knecht. John Knerler, Charles ... Knight. Clare Knight, Donald Knight, William D Kniskern, Culver Knobloch, Emanuel M. 37, 219, Knoblauch, K. Mary 123, 247, Knoll, L. A Knox, James E 117, 132, Knudsen, C. A Knudsen, Edward Koch, Harlan C Kodros, Archie 205, 206, 281, Kohl. Edward Kohl, Elaine 38, Kohl, Harry E Kohler, Thomas R Kohn, Mortimer C Koistra, Clarence Kolin. LeRoy Koopman, Ellen Kopcke, William Korman, Jerome Kopman, Joseph Kornat, Alice J Korten, Chauncey Kosiczki, Joseph S. .. Kostman, Arthur S. Kott. Bernard B. Kottnauer, Frank J. Koussevitzsky, Serge Kozacka. Richard J. Kozel, Bernard Kraft, Jane Kramer, John F. Kramer. William M 268, Kraus, E. H 21, Krause, Frances J. Krause, Jane 244, 294, 296, Kravise, Robert A Kraut, Charles Kreamer, William Kre- ' ger, James Kreinson. Ruth Kreisler. Fritz Kreitz. Karl K Kremers, Ruth Krenzler, Florence M 38, Kretzschmar, Norman R Krenz, Kenneth L 38, Kridler, Kathleen Krieger, James S Krieghoff. Ellen E 38, Kroeger, Dale A Kromer. Paul S 53, Kronner. Mary Jane.... 38, 55, Kroodsma, Beatrice 366 378 354 . 37 379 361 116 .374 399 366 402 . 37 351 406 399 383 364 409 375 377 355 165 378 247 347 375 68 274 263 159 .372 . 78 352 263 . 37 360 385 370 .351 365 . 37 .159 163 373 219 .376 .166 . 37 374 164 .376 351 400 366 164 392 102 263 352 365 392 167 273 357 357 .121 .181, 147, ..174, 282 . 77 395 .362 264 375 138 181 409 376 . 38 365 .123 242 .358 . 38 115 149 .183 68 360 175 357 360 367 189 402 375 181 84 346 244 182 78 300 262 169 349 415 367 295 381 281 392 . 38 Krugliak, Samuel 1 375 Leeder, William E 347 Kruse, Roland R 147 i-eete, Roberta B. Kruska, Henry J. . 117 38, 287, 294, 404 Kruth, Edward .... 181 Lefferts, O. D 347 Kruth, Edwin 178 Lefko, Orville 275, 370 Kucera, John G 117 Lefkowich, Bertram 372 Kuchar, Charles 78 LeGolvan, Paul C 162, 263 Kuebler, Willis L 38 LeGros, Mary Jane 38, 295 Kugel, Kenneth K 382 Lehman, Carl 364 Kuhn, Arthur H., Jr 382 Lehman, Richard F 365 Kuite, Robert 181 Lehman, William H 353 Kullman, Clayton F 38 Lehner, John 385 Kumler, John 373 Leibovitz, Theodore 38 Kunz, R. N 273 Leidy, John B 348 Kunzman, Patricia 271, 394 Leidy, Paul A 142 Kurkjian, Armee S 257 Lei tch, Robert 167 Kurlandsky, Sam 181 Leitson, Morton 38 Kurtz Leonardo 262 Lenz, Wendell E 132, 273, 380 Kurzawa, Edward 68, 83 Leonard, Wellington C 79 Kutsche, John 167, 227 Leonhardt, Helen L 38 Kutschinsky, Alfred 181 Lepisto, Carl 80 Kutshe John D 281 Lerner, Marvin 246 Kynoch, William 131 Lesher, Edgar 83 Kyro Eric W 132 Lesser, Theodore H 38, 252 Lessinger, Charles 256, 360 Lesurun, Harold M 154 L Letts, Arthur D 38 Leutritz, John 227 LaBelle, Russell 268 Lev. Herbert 24, 39, 246 Lacenbruch, David 246 Levagood, Floyd B 159, 167 Ladd, David 77, 348 Levin, Kenneth 68, 79, 263 Ladd, Oscar W 104 Levin, Mortimer B 360 Ladd, O. Wallin 349 Levine, Daniel 264 LaFever, S. L 167 Levine, Harriet 241 LaForgia, Anthony 1 17 Levingston, Alfred 386 LaFronce, Russell 264 Levingston, Henry 264 Lagrou, John A., Jr 381 Levinson, Bernard 39 Lahti, Paul T 38, 273 Levinson, Harold 179, 375 Laing, David G 385 Levinstein, Henry 264 Laing, Gordon 24, 38 Levman, Gerald 363 i,ing, L. L 100, 107 Levy, Bernard L 115 Lung, Ruth M 38, 55, 395 Levy, Harriet ..39, 244, 295, 394 Liird, James 1 381 Lewin, Janet 394 Lfitner, W. Wm 378 Lewin, Robert R 363 Likin, Delbridge R 105, 361 Lewis, Alex 39 Li ' m, Francis L 154, 159 Lewis, D. King 165 L-imb, F. Bruce 132 Lewis, Howard B. 85, 152, 194 L-imb, Frederick D., Jr 38, 382 Lewis, Mrs. Howard B 163 Limb, J. Thomas, II 383 Lewis, Jerome A 79. 365 Lamberson. Frank A 165, 381 Lewis, John R 256, 377 Lambert, Janet E 105 Lewis, Joseph 84 Lambert, William 356 Lewis, Robert 370 Lamberts, Austin 138 Lewis, Thelma 173 Lampkin, Ernest D 353 Lewisohn, Marjorie G 39, 263 Landecker, Werner 263 Licht, Carl 181, 356 Landers, Agnes 401 Lichtenstein, Morris 274 Landers, James 245 Lichty, Dorman E 166 Landis, Gary 179 Licovsky, Joseph 264 Landsburg, Leon 386 Liddicoat, Paul 181 Lane, Victor H 373 Liddicoat, Richard T 349 Lane, Virginia 154, 159, 163 Lieberman, Arthur 168 Lane, Wesley 93 Liechry, George F 105 Lang, Fred 169 Liedholz, Gerhard A 68, 79 Lang, Malcom 351 Lientz, Shannon D., Jr. . ..347 Lang, Walter P 38, 358 Lightner, Betsy 274, 401 Langdon, Margaret 188, 189 Liimata ' nen, Toivo 179 Lange, Henry J 159, 169 Lillie, Bettie J 39 Lange, Stephen J 169 Lillie, Owen P 348 Langford, Theron S 169 Lillie, Walter 1 165, 378 Landford, William 373, 179 Lim, Mu Chang 83 Langschwager, Frederick 379 Limpert, A 84 Langstrom, Frank, Jr 38, 348 Lincoln, J. N 366 Lapitsky, Helen E 275 Lindblad, Bertil N 92 Lapworth, Charles 346 Linden, Jack E 383 Larkin, Robert E 357 Lindenfeld, Nelson 262 Larmee, Verl L 91 Lindner, Morton L 39, 243 Laro, Jack M 38, 360 Lindquist, P. A 167 Larsen, Douglas A 38, 357 Lin ? , Theodore W 39 Larson, Bjorn 256 Linkner, Leonard 168 Larson, Eugene D 371 Linscheid, Frederick A 39, 362 Larson, James E 248 Linsell, Frederick 378 Larson, June 241, 262, 274 Linsey. Jean 399 LaRue, G. R 21 Lipp, Donald W 349 LaRue, Julia A 91 Lipsky, Samuel 370 LaSalle, Eugene C 92, 380 L ' pton, Elizabeth 394 Laskey, Derwood D 368 Lisagor, Irving 230 Later, Mary 408 List, Martin 167 Lau, J. L 353 List, Virginia 397 Lauer, William 164 Litzenberg, Karl 53, 259, 357 Laughlin, L. Bradford 356 Livingston. Clifford D 39, 372 laux. Jack 167 Livingston, James 355 Laux, P. J 364 Livingston, Jean J 247 Lavan, Dorothy 402 Livingston, John P 377 LaVigne, Carol R 38 Livingston, Richard 39, 357 LaViolette, Fred 263 Lloyd, Alice Law, Don C 68 15, 263, 416, 417, 421 Law, John 164 Loar, James 226 Lawhead. Gwen 399 Lobban, Eleanor 401 Lawler, Eugene H 263 Locklin, W. Kaye 165 Lawrence, Howard 162, 169 Lockwood, Emil 364 lawton, Bessie 241, 289, 396 Lockwood, George M 68, 387 Lawton, Thomas 227, 385 Loeff, Ralph M 386 Lay, W. E 273, 359 Loessel, Earl LaZebnik, William 168 174, 175, 179, 181, 358 Lazerwitz. James 372 Logic, James W 165 Lazovik, Dave 370 Lohela, Elwood G 39, 54 Leach, Meribah A. Lomax, Eric B 68, 81 38, 55, 289, 398 Lombard, Betty 275, 293, 296 Leafiang. Miriam 174, 175 Lomneth, Clayton R 68, 384 Lebeis, Edw. H., Jr 265 Lomonoss, Vladimar 274 Lebowitz, Jerome 372 Long, Malcolm 39. 274 Lebster, Rosabeth 244 Longan, M. Lois 40, 289, 401 Leckner, Arthur E., Tr 374 I ongo, Salvatore 274 Leder. Arnold 102, 105, 106 Loneyear, Edith 251, 401 Lee, Joseph 80 Loofbourrow, G. N 263 Lee, Kristan 401 Lopker, Betty A 39, 279 Lee, Wayne H 68, 78, 85 Lorber, Charline H 39 Lorch, Richard 373 Lord, Alice Ann 406 Lord. Jane C. 274, 403 Lord, John P 354 Lord, Richard 373 Loree, Douglas D 373 Lorenzen, John M 353 Losh, Hazel M 262 Loud, William C 250, 367 Loud, W 53 Loughead, Patricia 400 Loughin, Marshall 80 Lovejoy, Charles W 105 Lovejoy, Phyllis 244, 401 Lovell, Alfred H 59 Lovell, Robert 179 Lover, Charles H 39 Lovett, Charles 149, 385 Lovett. James F. .220, 281, 385 Loveys, Donald C 80 Lowden, Bonnie 251, 406 Lowe, C. Rodney 166 Lowrey, George H 39, 52 Lowry, Harrison 352 Lubin, Muriel 39 Lucas, Arthur 93 Lucas, Blaz 53, 346, 376 Luckham. Elizabeth 293 Ludwig, Richard M. 247, 264, 373 Ludy, Albert K. 181, 256, 264, 275 Lueders, Mary 241 Luery, Robert L 68 Lukens, Samuel 369 Lumbert. Clifford W 117 Lundin, William M 383 Lusk, Harry A 159, 162 Luthi, Dorothy C 92 Luton, Harry 116 Luxan, Howard J 24, 179. 374 Luxan, Jean 395 Lyle, Charles 369 Lyman, Frank 373 Lynch, Edith 404 Lynch, J. D 11 Lynn, Jean A 39 Lyon, Harry E 68, 81 Lyons, James 164 Lyons, Richard 165, 376 Lyons, Robert B 166, 348 Lyttle, Douglas 85 M MacAndrews, Atwood Mac Beth. John MacCready. Mary E MacDermott, Margaret 123, 125, Mac Donald, Ellen E. 39, 239, MacDonald, James C MacDonald, Mildred MacDonald, Paul O MacFarland, Patricia MacGregor, Robert Machnik, Paula Macintosh, William L., Jr. 123, 125, Maclntyre, Arthur L Maclnryre, Neil Maclntyre. Robert Macivor, Katherine A 39, Mack, Christian Mack, Edward E.. Jr. 39, 52, 281, Mack, Goldie MacKaye, Lavinia MacKenzie, Edward P 156, Mackey, Frank Mackey. William H Mackey, Morris D. ...., Maclansky, Leon MacLeod, Donald MacLeod, Douglas MacLeod. William J. 102 MacMahon, Charles MacMillan. John W MacNaughton. Ross E MacNutt. William MacRitchie, Marallyn MacVittie. Arthur R Madden. Roger C Maddock, W. G Madison. June A 123, Magdanz. James F Magee. C. S Magidson, Irene Magielski, John E Magoon, Donald W. 102, 105, Magoon. H. H Marian, Ralph Mahler, Donald Mahlke, Clinton D Mahlman, G. William Mahon, Marjorie Mahon, Ralph, Jr Maier, Mark P 68, 83, Main, Pattie Maire, Mrs. Edward D Major, Mary Maior. Robert C Malcolm. K. D Mallick. William P 105, 355 355 406 409 300 371 297 123 181 383 .195 179 353 373 165 404 373 378 181 163 169 355 381 110 256 181 181 362 373 362 362 .379 .395 384 .357 .167 263 .. 39 .167 394 .353 359 366 .164 .370 .123 .380 408 .157 351 393 413 404 167 .165 .264 Malpas, Philip 179 Malter, Newel 372 Manchester, William C 361 Mancourt, Ed 82 Mandeberg. Eugene 372 Mandeberg, Mitchell 39, 372 Mandel, Phillip 248, 264 Mandelaris. William 149 Mandler, James 355 Mann. John R 147, 385 Mann, Marian 402 Mann, Matt 222, 369 Mann. Richard J 39, 347 Mann, Rosemary ..406 Mann, William R 113, 116 Manning, Henry 68 Mansfield, Richard 368 Manthei, Sara M 40, 292 Manwaring, Jean 403 Manwearing, B. W 353 Mapes, Arthur 78, 369 Marande, Edward D 85 Maraniss, Elliot 243, 434 Marans, Gordon 370 Marble, Kenneth B 368 Marentette, Kenneth C 381 Margold, P. D 264 Mann, Axel 76, 369 Marino, Ben 369 Marion, Arthur J 357 Mark, Jane 395 Markel, Lester M 40, 365 Markham, Talmus M., Jr. 133, 376 Markland, Murray F 256, 361 Marks, Robert 240 Marquart, Dorothy 1 40, 263 Marrow, Jack 248, 376 Marrs, Donald 181 Marrs, Garland 273 Marsh, Helen 40, 401 Marsh. Richard 348, 351 Marsh, Robert A 79 Marshall, Don 348 Marshall, George B 80 Marshall, Kenneth 373 Marshall, Mark 165 Marshall, Peggy 405 Marshall, Walter V 88 Martin, Do rr R 351 Martin, Edward ...77,82, 366, 382 Martin, Francille 395 Martin, James S 383 Martin, Janet E 40, 400 Martin, Jerome 178, 181, 351 Martin, John K 354 Martin, Kenneth K 78 Martin, Phyllis 175 Martin, Richard H 346, 350 Martineau, Earl T..... 206, 376 Martinelli, Giovanni 183 Marty, Harold 68, 385 Marxuach, Gilberto 275 Mascott, Laurence 246 Mason, Charles F 40, 376 Mason, Donald 179, 379 Mason, James A 68, 384 Mason, Steven 167 Massa, Michael 178, 275 Massin, Murray 40, 179, 363 Masten, Wirt M 362 Mastro-Valerio, Alexander 88 Mataraci, Hasan 80 Matheny, Ruth E 123 Mathews, Kenneth P 262 Mathis, Ethyl Mary 396 Matigan, Armen 117 Matousek, James F 78 Matson, Frederick R 362 Matson, Kenneth 181 Matson, Leslie 181 Mattern, David 173, 179 Mattern, Roy 181, 376 Matteson, Harry C 362 Matthews, Christian F 257 Matthews, David 256 Matthews, Donald M 131 Matthews, George W 347 Matthews, Patricia 40, 287, 295, 414 Matthews, Robert 256, 356 Matthews, Thomas K 241, 367 Maugh, Lawrence C 349 Maurer, George J 116 Maxam, Fred 82, 83 Maximovich, Edward S. 264 Maxmin, Conrad 372 Maxon. Donald E 147 Maxted, Jean 293 Maxwell, Charles E. Ill 85 Maxwell, James H 165 May. Donald C 254 May. Frank 241,374 May, George A 165 May, Margaret 397 May, Robert 265 Mayer. Marian 274 Mayfield. Don W 147 Mayfield. Mary E 393 Mayio, Albert 238 Maynard, Mary 405 Maynard. Mason 162. 169 Maynor. Dorothy 183 Mayo. Frederick W 81 Mays, William 366 Maytag. Theodora 396 Maytham. John E 68, 84, 371 McAllister, Jack 369 McAllister, Winifred E 40 McAlpine, John G 117 McAlpine, Roy K 85 McAndrew, Mary Alice 174, 175, 289, 408 McArdell, Be rniece 399 McBeth, Margaret L 123 McCabe, Frank 364 McCabe, Marie F 40, 279 McCabe, Newell 40, 373 McCaddie, James 167 McCall, W. Webb 238 McCallister, John W 356 McCallum, C 352 McCallum, G. P 356 McCallum, Philip 352 McCalmont, Daivd .245, 256, 352 McCalmont, James 256 McCamant, Elizabeth A 40, 263 McCamey, Robert K. 78 McCarren, Kenneth 226 McCarthy, Anne 40, 405 McCarthy, Frank C 354 McCleer, Philip 80 McClellan, F. P 366 McClure, Mary K 40, 404 McClure, Suzanne 397 McClurg, Richard A 40 McClusky, Howard Y 121, 349 McConkey, George M 88 McConkey, Mary 247, 402 McCord, Herbert _356 McCord, James 165 McCormick, Ethel 55 McCormick, Jay W. .. 246, 247, 362 McCormick, Jean 275, 399 McCotter, R. E 152, 167 McCoy, Ernest 371 McCoy, Marjorie 405 McCoy, Mary Ann 55 McCracken, Frederick W 374 McCracken, James 40, 252, 366 McCrory, Martha 408 McCuIloch, Lois E 40 McCune, John J 379 McDermott, Catherine H. ...174, 175 McDermott, Margaret 289 McDonald, Allen 162 McDonald, Karl 183 McDonnell, Henry 373 McDowell, J. Walter 374 McEachran, Thomas H 169 McElroy, Marie 274 McFarlan, Harold J 381 McFarland, Douglas B 68, 382 McFarland, Patricia 409 McFate, John 366 McGarl, John F 380 McGeachy, Phyllis ..40, 263, 274, 287, 292, 294, 295 McGeoch, Glenn D 173 McGill, D. H 367 McGrath, Neil 164 McGrath, Richard A. Jr.. .133, 385 Mclntosh, Joe 361 Mclntyre, Dugald S 165 Mclvor, Eloise Evans 163 Mclvor, Katherine 295 McKarahan, Jean 406 McKay, Jean 294, 406 McKay, Hettie 40, 263 McKay, William 68, 84 McKee, June 246 McKee. Paul 256 McKenney, Howard 358 McKenzie. Frederick ..40, 54, 263 McKenzie, R. D 21 McKevitt, John G 40 McKie, Howard G 358 McKie, Mary An n 396 McKinley, Clyde 68 McKinley, Geraldine 245 McKinley, Janet 408 McKinley. Jerry 399 McKinley. Leola R 263 McKinley. Thomas 123, 383 McKinney. David 256, 348 McKinnon, Dorothy 397 McKinnon, Margaret E 105 McKinnon, Mary 92, 397 McKissorr, Mary Lou 404 McKitrick, Richard C 377 McLachlin, Jean 404 McLaughlin, Barbara 392 McLaughlin, Rowland H. 68, 273. 383 McLaughlin, William A.. 238, 279 McLean. D. J 377 McLogan, Edward A. 367 McLoughlin, Frances P. 24, 40, 289, 404 McMahon, Margaret 157, 163 McMaster, John P 368 McMillin, Lester 373 McMurry, John 355 McMurry, K. G 21, 352 McNamee, James 382 McNaughton, John F 68, 79 McNicholas, John 40. 162, 167, 364 McOmber, Frederick N 241, 379 McPherson. James P 371 McSherry. Mary K 279 McVay. Margaret 251, 405 McVeieh, Hugh J 357 McWilliams. Robert 256 Mead, James 352 Mead, Richard P 385 Mead, William 348 Meader, George 257 Meadows, James A., Jr 40, 374 Meagher, Paul 116 Meagher, Peggy 408 Mechling, Robert 167 Mecklenberger, Jerome B. 81, 386 Meckley, William 68 Medill, John 366 Medlar, Robert 162, 167 Meeske, Paul 102, 105 Meeuwson, Bernard 138 Mehaffey, Howard 281, 304 Mehrkens, Doris 393 Mei, Wang Chen 80 Meier, David R 383 Meier, Elizabeth 397 Meinecke, Bruno 377 Meinke, Richard K 245, 377 Meissner, Hans 40, 107 Mekjean, Matthew 78 Melcher, Richard R 377 Meldrum, James 167 Mellema. Franklin 138 Mellema, Julius 105, 263 Mellema, Julius 105 Mellencamp, Robert E 252 Meloche, Clifford C 85 Meloche, Mary M. 41, 262, 263, 401 Melnick, Phyllis E .... 41 Melov, Alfred 123 Meloy, Clarissa A ... 41 Melzow, William 205 Menard, Edward G 79 Mendelson, Ralph 278 Menefee, Ferdinand N 361 Menichetti, Frank 174, 175, 178, 181 Mercado, Ermelindo 275 Mercer, Robert 165 Merker, Doris 288, 294, 408 Merki, Dorothy 406, 414 Merrill, Vincent 361 Merriman, Robert 242 Merritt, Harry 162, 164 Messinger, Nathaniel 363 Messner, Gordon 256 Metcalf, Frederick D 79 Metier, Alfred 92, 93 Metz, Don 351 Metzger, Frederick 376 Meyer, George 373 Meyer, Jack 281, 364 Meyer, Kenneth 61, 68, 351 Meyer, Margaret 41, 403, 405 Meyer, Roberta 41, 405 Meyer, Rosamond 271, 394 Meyers, J. F 366 Meyers, James F 41, 53 Meyers, Richard 263 Michael, Bert 365 Michael, Jerry G 376 Michmerhuizen, Robert 138 Mickle, D. G. 359 Mickle, Frank A 76, 273, 369 Mickulich, Ethel F 123 Middy, Gerald W. ... 41 Mieth, Hansel 249 Mignery, Arnold L 133, 263 Mika, Henry 79 Miklosh, Judith S 247 Miklowitz, Julius 363 Mikulich, Ethel 274, 396 Mikulich, John R 379 Miles, Donna K. 41 289 395 Miles, Maxwell 80 Miles, William E ... 69 Milford, Albert F 169 Milgrom, Sidney 264 Millen, Dewitt C 378 Miller, Alex 178 Miller, Dean J 387 Miller, Douglas H 41, 371 Miller, Elliot 386 Miller, E. Stanton 378 Miller, Frederick 78 Miller, George 83, 346, 373 Miller, Grace 270, 401 Miller, Gustavus 356 Miller, Henry W. 59, 273, 366 Miller, James 164 Miller, Jeanne M 41 Miller, Jerome 366 Miller, Joseph D 41 Miller, Leonard E 263 Miller, Lucille ... 400 Miller, Morris 248 Miller, Morris F 52, 263, 378 Miller, Mungo F 361 Miller, Norman 164 246 Miller, Pat 415 Miller, Robert G 373 Miller, Robert J 147 Miller, Rosalyn L 123 Miller, Stuart .. 366 Miller, William A. 116 Miller, William E. 355 Miller, William 1 360 Mills, Janet M 41 Mills, JohnK 69, 78. 81, 263 Mills, Mary Lou 392, 393 Minckler, Ann 399 Minor, Mary E. 41, 54, 287, 289, 295, 404 Minor, Stan 379 Miskerick, Anne 181 Misner, Jean 415 Misura, Emil 83 Mitchell, Charles W 41, 376 Mitchell, Elmer D 121, 233 Mitchell, Hamilton 352 Mitchell, Ralph 251, 372 Mitchell, Robert G 69 Mitchell, Robert D 373 Mitcnell, Mrs. Stanley 416 Mitchell, Thelma 407 Mitchell, Thomas J 384 Mitrovich, Dragon C 260 Mix, Robert 252, 364 Mo, Yuk T 69, 81 Modlin, Viola 398 Moe, Elizabeth 55, 406 Moehlman, Arthur 121 Moehlman, John H 347 Moffet, Paul B 92, 367 Mohlin, Gertrude 401 Molthop, Richard W 245, 382 Monahan, James E 246, 382 Monroe, Ernest G 102, 105, 106 Monroe, Ross E 362 Montgomery, Martha M. ..188, 189 Montgomery, Willis R .. 353 Monzel, L. Vincent 250, 371 Moore, Arthur D 374 Moore, Earl V., Jr 165, 265, 348 Moore, George R 110, 117 Moore, Robert L 69, 83 Moore, Roberta E. 41, 263, 274, 294, 295 Moore, Stanley A 384 Moore, Sylvia K 41 Moore, Virginia 271 Moorstein, Harry 264 Moran, Stuart 352 Moreland. Francis O. 256, 357 Morell, Williard 159, 164 Moren, Richard J 371 Morgan, Douglas N .41, 274, 369 Morgan, James 352 Morgan, Jeanne N. 41, 401 Morgan, Kenneth 278 Morgan, Robert 257 Morgan, Suzanne 399 Morin, Richard 263 Morin, Volney ..245, 246, 355 Moring, J. Bradley 165 Morley, Buel 376 Morley, Francis W. HI 376 Morley, John 350 Morris, Amos 369 Morris, Earl D 41 Morris, Edward 232 Morris, Harry M 106, 369 Morris, Jo Anne 401 Morris, Mary 396 Morris, Pendelton 355 Morris, Sallie M 92, 405 Morrison, Robert J 74, 75, 77, 259, 271, 361, 386 Morrissey, James H 41, 263 Morrow, Ned 364 Morrow, Robert E 123 Morrow. William 164 Morse, Elwin F 69, 350 Morse, Joe 351 Morse, Peter K 41, 263, 372 Morse, Robert D 353 Morse, Virginia 404 Morton, Carl R 92, 242 Morton, Frank M. 353 Morton, James 165 Morton, Richard B 384 Moscoso, Enrique 1 195 Moser, J. E 353 Mosher, Helen L 41, 297 Mosher. Jack H 358 Moss, Howard 247 Moss, Lowell ... 78, 346, 368 Mothersbaugh, Edward 361 Mott, Harry A 374 Mowers, Jane E. 41, 244, 295, 425 Mowery, Lloyd 346, 364 Moyer, Aaron 251, 375 Mover, Ralph S 110 Moyer, Ruth 163 Muehl. William 278 Muehlig, G. Kenneth 154, 159, 162, 166 Mueller, Elsie V 41 Mueller, Harold 178, 181 Mueller, Louis 356 Muenter, Rolf E 381 Muenzer, Robert 351 Mueschke, Paul 260 Mulholland, Harry K 41, 353 Mulkey, John M 69, 347 Muller, George 179 Muller, Harvey 222 Muller, Hazel 395 Mullin, Marjorie 245, 399 Mumford, Marien 54 Munde, Raymond D 41 M unger. Eloise ... 54 Munn, Ben F 41, 379 Munn, Charles N 383 Munn, Clarence 206 Munn, Jack 351 Munn, Joan 406 Munro, Mary 174 Munro, Nathan D. 159, 165, 373 Munson, Irving N 368 Murbach, E. R 377 Murchie, Jack E 81 Murphy, Edward L 42 Murphy, Gerald J 116 Murphy, Joseph E 371 Murphy, Percy J 155, 162 Murphy, Robert T 169 Murray, Charles 369 Murray, Frank 131 Murray, John H 350 Murray, John R 42 Mustard, Mary 54 Mustard, Sally 92, 250 Muxlow, Joyce P 189 Muyskens, John H. 53 Muzzall, Roger H 382 Myers, C. Barton 69, 352 Myers, Dr. Dean W 254 N Nadeau, Louis P 42 Nadler, George 370 Nagel, Christine K 92, 263 Nakagawa, Noboru 262 Nakamura, Joseph E 69, 78 Nasher, Patricia 406 Nashold, Doris 247 Naulin, Donald B 353 Nayer, Harry M 363 Naylor, F. C 379 Neafie, Margaret 24, 42, 403 Neberle, Dorothy L 42, 409 Needles, Laurianna 245 Neely, Grace 42 Neely, John M 350 Neerken, A. John 367 Neff, RoyS 42, 362 Neidermeier, Stanley F 78 Neilson, James 53, 245, 246, 252, 382 Neilson, Walter Jr. 42, 52, 251, 382 Neiman, Adelle 394 Neiswander, Paul 164 Neivert, Marvin J 92, 363 Neivert, Sylvia S 42, 263 Nelson, Darwin M 159 Nelson, Donald 355 Nelson, Grey K 368 Nelson, Kenneth M 350 Nelson, Maxine C 42, 403 Nelson, O. Grant 379 Nelson, Oscar A 157, 166, 290 Nelson, Richard :.. . 79 Nelson, Robert M 42, 353 Nelson, Roy H 362 Nemeyer, Sheldon 242 Nesbit, R. M 167 Nesbit, Thomas W 383 Ness, Arthur B 263 Neuberg, Richarda 263 Neuhaus, Rosemary 414 Neuman, Cyrus A 365 Neuman, Ernest L 69, 80 Nevin, Francis 413 New, Harold 379 Newblah, Anita 407 Newburgh, Henry 79 Newburgh, John David 262, 263 Newburgh, L. H 152 Newburgh, Louis N 164 Newcomb, George J., Jr. ... 42, 379 Newcomb, William W 169, 373 Newman, Charles 84, 362 Newman, Leonard M. 42, 262, 263, 303 Newman, Phillip 61, 69, 75, 76, 367 Newth, Thomas E 123 Newton, Barbara 403 Newton, Charles W., Jr. 159, 162, 165, 373 Newton, Maynard A 361 Newton, Robert H 79, 222 Newton, William H. 246, 264, 352, 373 Nicholas, Allen B 257 Nichols, Bettie 24, 42, 408 Nichols, Donald H 52, 219, 281 Nichols, Dorothy 24, 42, 251, 294, 295 Nichols, George 148,356 Nichols, Harold, Jr 281, 357 Nichols, William 356 Nicholson, John E., Jr. 42, 205, 281, 282 Nickl, Lynda A 123, 396 Nickle, Robert 242 Nicolls, John B., Jr 69, 366 Niedzwiecki, Edward 164 Niehuss, Marvin L 142, 347 Nielsen, Paul 42, 205, 381 Niemi, Laurie T 79 Nies, John D 383 Nigg, H. L 353 Niles, Carolyn E 42 Nill, John R 69 Nissle, Roland 110, 116 Nisson, Audrey 401 Nixon, Donald H 382 Nixon, Don L 24, 42, 353 Noble, Charlotte 397 Norberg, Ethel L 42 Nord, Charles 181 Nordmeyer, H. W 21 Nordstrom, Herman J. 376 Norris, James W 42 Norris, Robert 347 North, Edward D 42, 273, 353 North, Philip 241, 353 Northrop, Philip M 1 1 0, 1 1 6 Northway, George A 69, 371 Northway, Richard 371 Norton, Elijah H., Jr 377 Norton, William H 377 Norwick, Robert 366 Novak, Charles T 382 Novy, Frederick G. 165, 347 Novy, Mrs. Frederick 163 Nowack, Herman ' . 106 Noyes, Jeanne 241, 289, 397 Noyes, R. H 377 Nulty, John II 368 Nusholtz, Phillip 42 Nussbaum, Jane 42, 250, 295, 408 Nussbaum, Vivian 270, 394 Nutt, Ambrose B 69, 83 Nutt, Harry D 257 Nutting, Helen 299, 405 Nyman, Robert A 42, 262, 263 Nyswander, James A 374 Outland, Virginia 395 Overran, John H 381 Oviatt, David A 353 Owens, Alfred 241, 376 Owens, John 149 Pabst, Matilda 405 Pace, J. Jeffries 361 Pack, Charles Lathrop 131 Pack, George Willis 131 Pack, P. C 233, 273 Packer, Lenore 394 Packer, 385 Padgett, Robert 290 Paine, Harry W 263 Palmer, Bruce 381 Palmer, Carlton 78 Palmer, Earnest J 358 Palmer, F. W 167 Palmer, James 226, 255, 366 Palmer, Robert 43,281,354 Palmer, Robert H. .. ... 52 Palmer, William B 381 O Oakes, Arthur C 69, 349 Oakes, F. L 356 Oatis, Vincent P 378 Oatley, Herbert L 116 Oberman, Leonard F 363 Oberman, Lester 363 Oberndorf, Paul 386 Oberst, Paul 259 O ' Brien, Charles E 42 O ' Bri en, Robert J 380 Occhetti, Louis 84 O ' Connell,, Edward 42, 366 O ' Connor, John F 43 O ' Connor, Sylvester J 156 O ' Connor, Thomas W 350 O ' Dell, Charles W 350 O ' Dell, Frederick C 88 O ' Dell, John H 167, 350 O ' Dell, Willet 251 O ' Donnell, Mary Jean 292 Oesterblom, Margaret 1 87 O ' Ferrall, Patricia 400 Ogden, Robert 379 Ogilvie, Donald 102, 105 Ogle, Jack 241, 376 Ogle, James E 376 Ohlmacher. Frances 392 Ohlmann, Edward 362 Ohrt, Henry N 43, 352 Ohrt, JohnC 43 Okkelberg, Maud Z 173 Okkelberg, Peter 263 Olch, Joan L 297, 415 Olden, James B 385 Olding, George R 69 Olds, Barbara 406 Olds, Frederic 281 Olesky, Stanley 164 Oliphant, M 367 Ollesheimer, Rose Louise 394 Olmstead, Charles T 374 Olmstead, Peter B. 367 Olmstead, Sherman 227, 281 Olsen, Edwin G 106 Olsen, Finn F. G 69, 350 Olsen, Lloyd 181 Olson, Harlan 352 Olson, Phyllis M 43, 395 Olson, Willard C 380 O ' Neill, Patricia A 93 Oostdyk, Charles A 354 Oosterbaan, Bennie 206, 216, 350 Opland, Raymond 181 Oppenheim, Richard 69, 78 Orbesen, Evelyn 395 Orbison, Archer 167 Orbison, James A., Jr 154, 159 Ormandy, Eugene 183 Ormondroyd, Jesse 346, 362 O ' Roke, Beth 92, 263, 287, 289, 294, 406 Orowski, Stanley H 69 Orr, Betsy 397 Orr, Frances 262, 263 Orr, Sarah E 123, 125, 397 Orshevsky, Milton 246 Ortiz, Adelita 274 Ortmayer, Pedo .... 240, 294, 403 Osberg, Frederick 84 Osborn, George A 257 Osborne, William F 354 Osgerby, Esther J :...189 Osgood, Virginia 289, 290, 294, 296, 406 Osier, Edward S 83 Osser, Esther ... 54, 244, 293, 414 Ossewaarde, Jack 174, 175, 179, 358 Ostergren, Nancy 408 Osterstrom, Gordon E 379 Osterweil, Harold D 262 Ostrander, Floyd D 110 Ostroski, Edward 178, 181 Ostrow. Phillip B 360 Otis, Berry J 368 Otis, Hilda M 43 Ott, David 366 Otto, Charles S., Jr 374 Outhwaite, Joan 402 Pardee, Jack H 380 Pardell, Seymour S 247 Parfet, William G 43, 348 Parish, Edward 69, 81, 265, 350 Park, Paul 43, 245, 282, 352, 442 Park, Stuart 181, 382 Parker, A. F 76 Parker, D. H 21 Parker, Howard E 195, 263 Parker, Howard H 69, 78 Parker, Howard K 43, 52, 356 Parker, Joseph E 377 Parker, Lomna 392 Parker, Martha Vaughn 163 Parker, Robert 43, 252, 366 Parker, Willatd 387 Parkinson, William .... 69, 178, 359 Parks, David 179 Parliament, Loren 369 Parmelee, Jeanne E 43 Parmenter, Alfred C 69 Parnes, Lionel 372 Perry, William H 359 Parshall, Dale B 354 Parsons, Beatrice A 43 Parsons, Richard 69, 351 Parsons, Robert J 165 Parsons, Ruth 244 Partera, Thaddeaus 256 Pasch, Robert 351 Paschal, Anne 274 Passmore, Howard C 78 Pastrana, Miguel A 117 Paterson, George C 233 Paterson, Marjorie 404 Paterson, Virginia 400 Paton, William A 106 Patrick, John F 380 Patten, Bradley M 152 Patten, John R 357 Patterson, Donald 154, 159, 169, 263, 351 Patterson, Frances 401 Patterson, Jack 43, 274 Patterson, Penny 406 Patterson, Robert L 133 Patton, John A 367 Patton, Robert F 263 Paulson, Claire E 359 Paulus, Joseph F 368 Paup, John P 219, 347 Paver, Robert L 371 Pavinich, Andrew C 359 Payne, William 165 Payton, C 367 Payton, John 169 Peachey, Irving W 381 Pearce, Don 241, 352 Pearce, Frederick C 350 Pearce, Frederick W 355 Peck, Austin 149 Peck, Donald S 263 Peck, Stewart 79, 265 Peckinpaugh, Charles 353 Peckinpaugh, Richard 346, 353 Peckinpaugh, Walter 230 Peckover, Martin 353 Pecott, Frank 69, 78 Pedersen, Herbert 162, 166 Peebles, Russell H 356 Peet, Max 152, 164 Peirce, George W 43 Peirsol, T. R 376 Pekor, Charles B 387 Pence, Betty J 43, 55, 395 Penhale, George E 69 Penhale, William P 156 Penn, James 179 Penn, Marshall 181 Pennell, John 148, 149 Penny, Louisa 404 Penvenne, Paul F 368 Pepin, John 167 Pepper, Robert H 353 Pequegnat. John 352 Percival, Don 252, 281 Perkins, John A 263 Perkins, Lillian 43, 403 Perkins, Lowell R 85 Perlberg, Edward 245, 356 Perov, Charles 275 Perry, Leroy 364 Perry. Samuel 45,375 Potter, Nathan S. Ill 373 Ray, Harold E 169 Ritchie, M. Joan 297 Ruble, Julius 386 Persky. Lester 262, 370 Potter, Robert 376 Rayburn, Carolyn Ritchie, Stark 373 Rubsam, John L 148, 348 Peterman, Milton 43,252,386 Potter, Suzanne 44,287,295 44, 297, 366, 413 Ritter, Nathaniel S 365 Ruby, Leonard 181,347 Peters, Alvin H 385 Potts, Alfred B 252 Raymond, Rosemarie 44 Rivette, Donald E 273, 361 Rudd, Edward 116 Peters, John D 364 Potts, Virginia W 300 Rea, Matthew T 70, 78, 366 Roach, George 123, 178, 181 Rudlaff, John .... 83 Peters, Walter 366 Powell, C A 376 Rea, Walter B 238, 273, 366 Robbins, John 178, 181 Rudman, Martin L 45, 363 Petersen, Carl 243,282,437 Powell, Ray B 78,241, 361 Read, Mary E 44 Robbins, Omer 382 Rudner, Louise .... 394 Petersen, Ernest J 384 Power, Eugene B 381 Read, Philip 78 Robbins, R 352 Rudolph, George E. 361 Peterson, Carl L 81, 361 Power, Frank H 169, 381 Read, Ralph 370 Robbins, William 248 Rudy, Dorothy 406 Peterson, Ella 392 Power, Phoebe 403 Reading, Stuart A....102, 105, 106 Roberts, Aubrey C 362 Rue, John P 378 Peterson, Harold J 43 Powers, Donald V . ' . 78 Reagan, Arlie 256 Roberts, Bob 181 Ruehle, George 1 216,268, 361 Peterson, James 369 Powers, J. L 356 Reamer, Cecelia E 189 Roberts, H. Elizabeth 274, 297 Rufus, H. C. 377 Peterson, Leroy W 113 Powers, John 379 Reck, L. E 167 Roberts, Helen E 45 Rufus, W. C 377 Peterson, Ralph 179 Powers, Justin L 194 Rector, G 174 Roberts, James 369 Rugen, Mabel 300 Peterson, Roger B 70,78,371 Powers, Margaret 275 Rector, Roy 179 Roberts, June 299, 403 Rugis, Viola A 123 Peterson, Shorey 52,377 Powers, Walter H 358 Reddig, Rhoda 187 Roberts, Phillip H 70, 83, 359 Rulison, George E ...383 Peterson, W. D 366 Powers, Wesley R. Redner, Ellen Roberts, Raymond 205, 216 Rumisek, Katherine . 274 Petrie, Robert M 53 70, 79, 263, 265 44, 262, 274, 292, 294, 295, 417 Roberts, Shirley Ann Rumney, George R. . 106 Petritz, John 376 Powers, William F 353 Redwine, Jack P 44, 347 289, 300, 399 Rumney, Mason P 257 Pettersen, George 364 Poyser, Tom 245, 354 Reed, David M 374 Roberts, Walter J 347 Runck, Donald H. ..105 Pettyjohn, E. S 364 Prager, Hans 360 Reed, Emily W 263 Robertson, Betty 263 Runge, Paul 165 Pettyman, H. G 357 Prakken, Lawrence 362 Reed, George C 166 Robertson, Catherine 409 Rupert, Samuel J. ..362 Pettys, Robert 259 Prangen, William H 357 Reed, Harry W., Jr. .70, 248, 379 Robertson, James 348 Rush, Alva Dale ..156, 169 Peven, Philip 168 Prasil, Robert W 252, 362 Reed, J. 364 Robertson, Paul C 61, 70 Rusinger, C. E. .. ....377 Peyton. Floyd A 110 Pray, David 116 Reed, Mary Louise 403 Robertson, Port 219 Russell, Alfred 351 Pezdirtz. Joseph 356 Pregulman, Julian L 375 Reed, Robert S 361 Robeson, Irene 394 Russel, Samuel I. 245, 357 Pfaff. Thomas B 85 Prentice, Clifford J 70 Reed, Thomas G 167, 347 Robinson, Arthur 259 Russel, Stuart 167 Pfaller, Albert L 379 Prentice, Jeanne J...123, 125, 396 Reed, Walter A 364 Robinson, Dorothy P 189 Russell, Samuel B. .. ... 264 Pfaller, Helen G 188,189 Preuss, L 358 Reed, Wilbur J 44, 382 Robinson, Elizabeth 400 Ruth, Griswold 165 Pfeiler, William 373 Price, C. J 364 Reed-Hill, Claire 408 Robinson, Francis 149 Ruth, James A. .. 79, 273, 384 Pfender, John F 264, 373 Price, Frank P. 173 Reek, Mary Frances Robinson, Fred 178 Rutherford, William ... 133, 263 Pfender, Mary 404 Price, Kathryn M 44 123, 287, 292, 294, 295, 438 Robinson, Glenn L 367 Ruthven, A. G. Pfister, Gerald W 102, 105 Price, Marian J 44 Rees, Vincent 376 Robinson. John R 45, 273, 383 11, 12, 13, 76, 282, 358 Pflughoeft, Elder 175, 181 Price, Percival 177 Reeves, Jesse S 52, 348 Robinson, Joseph 45, 219 Ryan, J. A 167 Pfretzschner, Louisa 393 Price, William 70, 83 Reichert, Ed 364 Robinson, Loren T 245, 353 Ryan, Thomas 367 Phares, Thomas K 43,54,376 Pridgeon, Noell 373 Reichle, Mary 403 Robinson, Mary E 263 Ryckman, John H 106 Phelps, Betty 393 Pritchard, K. A 364 Reid, Allan 70, 81, 381 Robinson, Theodore 83 Rydell, Alice 54, 244 Phelps, D. M 100,107 Pritchard, William 167 Reid, David G 133 Robinson, Thomas 351 Ryder, Frank G 263 Phelps. Mary Jane 43,413 Pritzker, Sylvia 123 Reid, Edward W 356 Robinson, Warren 83, 362 Ryerson, Jean 404 Pheneger, Jean 409 Prockiw, Helen 44 Reid, Harold 164 Robinson, William D 169, 376 Ryker, Don W 78,273, 362 Philbrick. Edwin D. Jr 43, 364 Proctor, David 355 Reid. Joseph A 275 Robson. N. Stewart Ryle, William C. . 1 17 Philips, William 366 Proctor, Grace 397 Reid, Robert M 44 45, 251, 282, 382 Phillips, Edward 281 Proud, Paul L 362 Reifman, Alfred 44, 263 Rocca, Bruno 78 Phillips. Marian 247 Prussin, Myrtle 44, 407 Reiger, Walter 80 Roche, Sydney 403 S Phillips, Robert F 264 Pryce, C. R 347 Reimann, Lewis C 349 Rochon, Ruth K 45 Phillips, Shirley R 43, 262, 263 Pryor, Harold R 263 Reinholts, George, Jr 75 Rock, Donald C 133 Sabagh, Georges 274 Pick. Hanns 173 Pryor, Roger J 148 Reisdorf, Charles 78 Rockwell, Burr F 374 Sachs, Betty R 45 Picken, Harry B 70, 83 Psenka, Joseph A 70 Reitz, Spencer 354 Rockwell. Julius 24 Sack. Joan 394 Pickering, Harry 385 Pugh, Arthur 359 Reizen, Maurice 44, 179 Rodger, Mary 241, 401 Sackett. Andrew 169 Pickering. John H 148,149,381 Purdom, Veitch 241, 247, 400 Remias, Steven 351 Rodger, Walton A.. 78, 265, 385 Sadler, H. C 84, 358, 366 Pi el, Alfred H 376 Purdue, John C 379 Renda, Hercules 205, 281 Rodkey, Robert G 100,107,254 Sadler. Robert C. W 348 Pierce. C B 273 Purdy, Bruce B 70, 81,179 Rendinell, Jean 408 Rodsky, R. G 347 Sadler, Walter C 273, 282, 384 Pierce, James 271, 382 Purfield, William 162 Renholt, George, Jr 79. 265 Roeglin, Orville F. F 350 Sadwith, Beverly 407 Piernak, John 81 Purvin, Lloyd Z 44, 360 Repkin, Irving P 45 Roemer, Richard R 349 Safer, Grace 45 Pierpont, J 167 Pusack, George W 264 Reshore. Jane 92, 395 Rogers, Barbara 408 Sage. Betty 406 Pierpont, W. K 107 Pusch, Betty 408 Resnick, Edward 45, 372 Rogers, C. A 357 Sager, James E 148 Pierson, John S 347 Putt, Richard E 91, 92, 348 Restin. Jane 392 Rogers. James S 259, 383 Sahi, William U 81 Pifer, Robert A 275 Pyle, Francis L 247 Reutter, Bette 289, 290, 401 Rogers, Joseph 205 Sahlin, Clarence A 45, 379 Piker, Charlene 404 Pyszynski, Ralph 227, 281 Reutter, Joan 400 Rogers, N. P 367 Sahlmark, Joseph F. Pilcher. Marie 241 Reutter, Robert L 346, 376 Rogers, Paul 242, 373 160, 164, 362 Pillsbury, W. B 21 Revelli, William D. Rogers, Roy L 148, 149 Salvette, Rudy A 256, 387 Pinckney, Robert B 368 Q 173, 178, 181 Rogers, W. Kemp 384 Salwen, Ernest D 45, 363 Pink, Charles Rexford, John 367 Rogers. Walter ...83 Sampson, Dorothy 394 43, 216, 230, 281, 376, 382 Quaal, L. Ward 53, 240, 356 Reynolds, A. Bartlett 357 Roggen, Ivan 154, 160, 167 Samuel, Charles 240, 372 Pinkerton, Jane 296 Quick, Maryalice 44, 409 Reynolds, George E...45, 274, 368 Rohrbach, Carl 83, 256 Samuels, Aubrey T 275 Pinney. Chandler 179,273 Quinsey, Thomas E 70, 80 Reynolds, Phyllis 401 Rohrer, John 178, 181 Samuels, Lorraine 275 Pinnock, Alward J 361 Quirk, Daniel 252 Rhea. Ellen 251,401 Rohrmaser, Rosa N. 263 Samuels, Robert .... 256, 264, 385 Piotrowski, Edwin T 361 Rhead, Mabel R 173 Roknich, Angie ...174, 176, 293 Samuels, Ted 370 Pitcher, Carol 397 Rhead. Roland F 45, 273 Roland, Charles F. 160 Samuelson, Gilbert 220, 281 Pitlick, Jack 360 R Rhoads. Kenneth W 353 Roller, Jerome H 45 Sanders, Frank 149 Pittman, Ray 367 Rhoads, William 178, 181 Roller, Julius A. 263 Sanders, H. A 364 Pitts, Guy H 350 Rabinovitch, Ina Mae 394 Rhodes, A. William Rolleston, Mariett ... 297 Sanders, John H. .155, 165, 373 Plasman, Gilbert J....1 12, 114, 116 Rabinowitz, Solomon 363 102, 105, 265 Romanoff, Milford 386 Sanderson, Chase 219, 354 Plasters. Robert E 43 Rachmaninoff, Sergei 182 Rhodes. Carl S 379 Rommel, Louise . 393 Sanderson, Glen E 70, 79 Platt, Anna 24, 43, 401 Raddatz, Robert W 380 Rhodes, Helen 250, 270, 403 Rookus, John 245, 353 Sandock, Samuel 370 Plan, Robert J 83, 384 Radford, Mildred 293 Rice, J. T. L 387 Root, Bessie . ....416 Sanford, Margaret L 244, 293 Platt, S 356 Rae, Elizabeth Cole 44, 262 Rice, Tom 256 Root. Emilie 293, 414 Sanjurjo, Rafael R 117 Plane, William M 78 Rae, James W. Rich. Bennett M 263 Root. Robert W 116 Saperstein, Shirley 407 Pleune, Mark C 354 44, 216, 233, 281, 282, 354 Rich, Jean L 45, 392 Root, S. D. ...364 Sapp, Jane M 293 Ployd, Katherine E 44 Rae, John W 376 Richards, Barbara 250 Root, Samuel W 45 Sapp. Will 352 Plumb. Robert T 159,162,167 Ragon, Hortsel 364 Richards, Russ 348 Roper. Robert L 374 Sappington, Virginia 401 Podolsky, Seymour 264 Ragsdale, John 247, 356 Richardson, Donald M 45 Rose, Jeanette 55 Sarasohn, Alvin 246 Poe, John 273 Rague, Karl M 156 Richardson, George A 373 Roseboom, Frances 45, 396 Saraylioglu, Yani 80 Poe, Martha 289, 403 Raiford, Frank P 44, 263 Richardson, Lee 354 Rosen, Dexter I. . 70, 83 Sargeant, F. A .347 Poest, Vernon G 70,347 Raitanen, Helen M 189 Richardson, Robert C 383 Rosen, Douglas 386 Sargent, James 167, 367 Polk, J. K 353 Rakestraw, Eleanor 402 Richardson, Stanley 93,263 Rosen, Merton ....195 Saulson, William 124, 125 Polk. Silas W 44 Rakestraw, Jeanne 405 Richey, Donald 245, 246, 353 Rosenbaum, Herbert 168 Saunders. Allen 165, 364 Pollak. Jane 275,293,414 Ralston, Helen E 44, 402 Richmond, Clark S 361 Rosenbaum, Wallace 370 Savage, Frank 250, 367 Pollak, William T. Jr 44,386 Ramsay, Margaret 398 Richmond, Robert B 362 Rosenberg, Louis M 365 Savery, Robert 181 Pollard. H. Marvin Ramsey, Betty 274 Ricketts, Allant, Jr 80 Rosenberg, Norman V 370 Savilla, Roland 152, 162, 164, 377 Ramsey, C. F 374 Rider, Morrette L 181, 347 Rosenberg, William J 247, 363 45, 205, 281, 359 Pollard, Myrleen L 189 Ramsey, Jean L 44 Riecker, H. H 167 Rosenblum, Philip 70, 81 Saville. Richard M 378 Pollock, J. K 385 Ramsdell, Willett S 131 Riedl, Richard 222 Rosenfeld. Norman H. 360 Sawaski, Joseph E 45 Pollock, Ruth G 44 Ramstrum, Gunnar G. ..113, 116 Riegel, J. W 100 Rosenman, Leonard 168, 360 Sawyer, M. G 100 Poloway, Sonia 54,401 Randall, David S 169 Rieger, Morris J 45 Rosenman, Ray 372 Sawyer, Trevor 356 Polumbaum. Peggy 251 Randall, F. S 273 Rieger, Walter H 70 Rosenthal, Annie 190 Sawyer, Wilson 178 Pomeroy, Miriam J 189 Randall, H. M 21, 357 Richert, Elaine 406 Ross, Charles .. 53, 220, 281, 364 Saxe, Jerome 366 Pomeroy, Richard 167,347 Randolph, Ragna 44, 409 Rieke, Harry A 281 Ross, Elaine 407 Saxton, John 70, 78, 358 Pommerening, Robert 165 Rane. John W., Jr. Riesen, John 167,379 Ross, Robert E 117 Saxton. Margaret 395 Pons, Lily 183 70, 74, 75, 80 Riess, Lynn 52, 281, 226 Rossman, James .... 256 Schaefer, Marian 395 Pool, EdsonK 113,114,116 Rankin, Edward H 349 Riggs, Carl 376 Roszel, Grace W 297 Schaeffer, Ann 174 Pope, Robert B 133 Rankin, Kenneth S 349 Riggs, Finley B 373 Rotenstreich, Harvey 256 Schaeffer, Anne E 293 Porath, G. H 264 Rankin, Woodrow W 293, 359 Riggs. H. F 366 Rothschild, Charles. Jr. .245, 386 Schaeffer, Anne H 176 Porter, Howard P 378 Ranney, Daniel R. Riggs, H. W 166 Rothschild. Howard 370 Schaffer, Lee E 46 Porter, James 232 70, 76, 82, 83, 252, 381 Rigterink, Helen 403 Rottier, Richard ... 79 Schaflander, Gerald 246 Porter. Mary Louise 408 Ranney, LeRoy W 354 Riker, John L 45 Rottschafer, Jerry 167 Schagrin, Harry, III 375 Porter. Robert 355 Ransom, H. K 167 Riley. H. P. W 273 Rottschafer, William 167 Schaiberger. George L 166 Porter. R. C 371 Raschbacher, John L 219,357 Riley, Howard E 70 Rouse, Berry .... 392 Schaible, Donelda 408 Ports. William 369 Raschbacher, Harry G 350 Rinck, Kathleen B 175, 263 Rowe, Betty A. ... 45 Schaller, William H 116 Posada, Alvaro 353 Rash, Edward J 368 Rinderknecht, Joseph H. 148 Rowe, Peter 165 Scharff, Karl 245 Posada. Camilo 353 Rashkind, William 360 Rinek, Lorenzo, 61, 70, 76, 78, Rowe, Sara L. 413 Schauble, Howard 138. 156 Posthuma, Millard 138 Raskin. Herbert A 44 82, 216, 272, 273, 366 Royal, Alberta Scheibe, Elias W 70, 81 Postma. Edward 138,159 Ratcliff, R. U 100 Rinkel, Robert 45 45, 293, 295, 299, 416 Scheibe, John 138, 260 Posmanrur, Richard A 375 Ratliff, Wallace B 290, 353 Ripner, Virginia H 45 Roys. Rufus H. ....92, 378 Scherling, Richard 256, 270, 364 Pott, Clarence 262 Ratner, Dorothy Smith 163 Rish, Alva D 347 Rubens, Burton J .375 Scheuerman, Walter G 169 Potter, George 373 Ratti, Alden 359 Rissberger. Arthur C. 70, 79, 384 Rubin, Irwin 370 Schick, Paul 352 Potter, Harry O. 382 Rau, Frederick W 154,159,167 Ritchie, James D 148,357 Rubiner. Ruth 394 Schiff Arnold 386 Schiller, Margaret ........................... 397 Schinderlee, Albin J ..................... 279 Schlecte, Eva Lahti ........... 160, 163 Schlecte, I. Carl ................ 160, 165 Schleider, Leonard .......................... 246 Schlemenson, Melvin S. 293, 386 Schloss, Dorothy ................................ 251 Schlow, Irma ........................... 394 Schmale, Herbert T ...... 160, 164 Schmid, Walter A., Jr ............ 382 Schmidley, Francis X ........ 133, 279 Schmitt, Julius T ............... 195, 362 Schmitz, Muriel E ............. 190, 267 Schnabel, Artur ........................... 183 Schneider, Robert ................. 346, 357 Schneidewind, Richard ...... 76, 384 Schneyer, Ray L ............................. 264 Schnier, George A ........................... 357 Schnit, Daniel M .............................. 360 Schoch, Henry K., Jr. 46, 262, 263 Schoedinger, William .................... 366 Schoehker, Catherine ........ 416, 417 Schoel, Richard ............ 271, 356 Schoenberg, Arthur K .................. 386 Schoenberg, Paul .......................... 360 Schoepfle, C. S .......................... 21, 85 Schoetz, Max ......................... 102, 376 Scholes, Walter .................. 369 Schomburg, William H. 264, 354 Schooler, Jacques ............................. 372 Schorling, Raleigh .......................... 121 Schorr, Norman A .......... 46, 243 Schottstaedt, William W ........... 263 Schreck, Roberta ........ 241, 401 Schreiber, Charlotte H ........ 46, 399 Schreiber, Oskar ........................... 167 Schuele, Bettie L ................... 46, 402 Schugmann, Robert F ..................... 166 Schulman, Bettie ................................ 407 Schultz, Clarence .............................. 181 Schultz, Donald R ............................ 46 Schultz, Louis C .............................. 110 Schulzke, William .............................. 366 Schumann, Betty ......................... 403 Schumansky, David H .................. 115 Schust, William ..... 251, 270, 353 Schwab, Ralph A .......................... 81 Schwab, Ruth Burlingame ....... 415 Schwartmann, John ...................... 164 Schwartz, James A ........................... 352 Schwartz, Marvis F .................... 46 Schwartz, Ruth L. .. 46, 274, 394 Schwarrzbach, Jerome ........ 83, 363 Schwartzmann, John R ............... 160 Schwarzkopf, Ralph H. 46, 227, 281, 282, 350, 426 Schwayder, Irving ............................ 372 Schwegler, Virginia ......... 241, 403 Schweinsberg, Wallace R ......... 133 Schwertfecer, Villa ........................... 83 Schwind, Frederick J ........ ..166 Scott, Doris A ........................ 263, 399 Scott, E. D ................................ 85 Scott, Ferdinand W., II ................. 379 Scott, Frank L .................................... 263 Scott, George P ................................. 380 Scott, I. D ........................................... 380 Scott, James E .................................... 349 Scott, Rosebud ................................... 246 Scoville, Jack ................................ 369 Scoville, Mary May 124, 299, 402 Scoville, Walter A. 46, 273, 376 Sculthorp, Lenton G. 46, 239, 385, 429 Scupham, William .......................... 351 Scutt, Barbara ...................................... 409 Seabright, Peggy ................... 406 Seabury, John H ....... 160, 166, 263 Seager, Allan ............................. 52, 373 Sealy, Doris F ..................................... 46 Searls, Elinor ...................................... 392 Sears, Charles ...................................... 169 Secrist, John ............................... 179 Sedon, Marvin H ................... 70, 81 Seegert, Neal .......................... 346, 382 Seibert, C. A ....................................... 383 Seidel, Robert ...................................... 181 Seidlet, Rosalind Seitner, Richard J ert S 46 46, 386 78 46, 262, 263 , Selfridge, Rober Selin, Deborah ........... Sellon, Mary .......................... 241, 401 Selman, Noel ..................................... 70 Seltzer, Leon ................................. 71, 83 Sergeant, Jack ................................... 219 Serow, Arnold H ............................... 46 Serow, Nathan N ................... 113 Sessions, Louis W ........... 262, 367 Serbian, Robert ............................... 274 Setterfield, William E ..................... 79 Seubert, Virginia ............................... 244 Sevensma, Eugene .............................. 138 Sevison, Elinor ........ 244, 294, 406 Sewell, Guy ....................................... 181 Seybold, Edward G ........................ 166 Seydoux, Gaston ...... . 274 Seyfried, Fred J., Jr .............. 71, 347 Seymour, George D ............ 46, 366 Sferra, George W ............................ 117 Sforzini, Robert A ........................... 380 Shacter, Bernard ............................. 71 Shafer, Seymour D ............................ 46 Shaffer, Esther G .................... 46 Shafroth, W. H ..... .. 364 Shale, Wilfred ... 179 Shanck, Donald L ................... . ..... 353 Shandley, John A Shands, Frederick L. 61, 71, 76, 78, 265, 272, Shaner, Ralph W., Jr Shanks, M. E Shapero, Jean Shapiro, Lois Shapiro, Wayne W Sharff, Charlotte A Shartman, I. L 21, 106, Sharkey, Harriett 287, 295, 299, Sharkey, Lois H Sharemet, John Sharemet, Gus Sharp, Ted 256, 275. Sharpe, George Sharpe, Phil Sharrard, George A 71, 181, Shartel, Burke Shaver, James Shaw, Charles Shaw, Daniel J. 24, 46, 52, 273, 275, Shaw, Elizabeth A Shaw, Herbert M Shaw, Robert A Shaw, Wilfred B 14, Shaw, Mrs. Wilfred B Shaw, William G Shear, Pauline Shedd, Robert G 256, 264, Sheehy, Edward Sheiman, Samuel C Sheldon, John M 169, Shelton, John Shenstone, Joseph C Shepard, George F Shephard, Juddson E Shepherd D Sherline, Mervin Sherman, Arthur G., Jr 71, Sherman, George H Sherman, Henry S. 71, Sherman, James L Sherrill, John C 181, 281, Sherry, Gene 178, Sherwm, Andrew Shelter, Richard S : Shetterly, James O Shick, Howard E Shields, E. C Shields, J. W Shimours, Helen Shipman, Betty 241, 299, Shipman, Dorothy I. 124. 287, 294, 408, Shippey, Norman R Shirley, Philip Shirrell, Robert D Shisler, Famee Lorene Shivers, Marcus Shoberg, Elaine K Shoemaker, John C Shoman, Joseph J Short, J. Robert Shuler, Jack H 71, 263, Shull, Aaron F Shull, Franklin B Shullman, Albert B Shulman, Harvey I Shulters, Robert B 71, Shuts, Jerome B Shutts, E. C Sibley, Jan Sibley, Robert 78, 256, Siefen, Howard T Siegel, Daniel C Siegel, Don 82, Siegel, Nathans 71, 83, 263, Siegel, Paul E Sierk, Richard W Siewers, Richard J. 102, 105, Signiago, Florence 289, 290, 291. Sikkema, Stella H Silcott, Jack R Silver, Shirley Silvers, Julienne E Silverblatt, Jestine 46, Silverman, Irving Silverman, Michelle Silverman, Murray B Silverman, Rosa Siman, Richard Simcock, John W Simes, Lewis M 142, Simkins, T. D Simmers, John M Simon, Donald A Simon, William L Simonds, Barbara J 47, Simonds, Chandler D Simpson, Philip 47, 273, Simrall, H Sinai, Nathan Singer, Harold Sink, C. A Sink, E. W Sinn, Jack Sinn, Richard 290, SIMM, in. Bernard 346, Siwinski, Arthur Skiles, Jane Skillern, Penn G 264, Skinner, Clarence O 384 348 381 376 246 394 .370 . 46 386 404 . 46 222 222 382 107 376 347 142 . 78 242 350 246 358 . 71 357 417 350 395 382 348 154 361 . 78 71 275 . 46 353 363 364 350 357 357 376 181 168 374 373 368 . 11 364 274 408 438 169 361 379 262 149 . 55 160 133 117 265 350 368 115 375 376 382 367 268 356 46 363 376 360 .148 . 46 106 404 163 379 394 . 47 274 168 275 . 46 . 47 386 . 47 351 273 367 115 375 404 374 383 165 380 255 347 167 377 377 370 .166 .397 374 . 348 Skinner, De Rhua .............. 263, 393 Skinner, Floyd .................................... 47 Skinner, Geraldine .......................... 190 Skinner, James ................................... 348 Skoratko, Zenovia E. 47, 244, 294, 295, 432 Skulsky, Sam ................................... :..115 Skurla, Johanna ................................. 416 Slack, Fred K ..................................... 47 Slack, R. L ........................................... 371 Slasor, W ............................................ 167 Slater, Lewis M .................................. 47 Slatkin, Milton ................................... 360 Slatmyer, Karel R., Jr ................... 169 Slattery, Thomas ............................ 281 Slawson, Chester B ........................ 262 Site, Betty A. 47, 287, 288, 295, 430 Sleeman, Edith L .......................... 190 Slenger, Walworth R ...................... 160 Sliepcevich, Cedomir M ............ 376 Slifer, H. Seger ................................... 354 Sloan, Phil ............................................ 116 Sloan, Roger P ............................... 380 Slocum. William ................. 256, 352 Slottow, Janet ..................................... 244 Slottow, Ralph ................................... 386 Sluiter, Jack B .................................. 105 Slusser, Jean P ..................................... 88 Sluyter, John ........................... 138, 154 Small, M. B ........................................ 347 Small, William J .................. 92, 374 Smalley, J. B .................................... 367 Smalley, Marianna ........................... 163 Smallwood, Russell L ..................... 117 Smeaton, William G ............. 85, 362 Smith, A. Paul ........................ 346, 351 Smith, Alan ......................................... 227 Smith, Bette .......................................... 408 Smith, C. A .......................................... 366, C. Bruce ................................ 379 Smith, C. Roscoe, Jr ......................... 148 Smith, Charles R., Jr .................. 381 Smith, Christine ................................ 181 Smith, Dan F .................................... 106 Smith. Earl ............................................ 230 Smith, Eleanor ................................... 163 Smith, H. H .............................. 356 Smith, Hadley J. 71, 76, 252, 254, 255, 263, 265, 282, 356 Smith, Harry E .................................. 361 Smith, Henry B ................................. 378 Smith, Hortense ................................ 397 Ira M ........................ 14, 233 Smith, J. Paul ........... 247, 346, 378 Smith, James B ........................... . ..... 113 Smith, John H ................................. 374 Smith, Karl A ..................................... 47 Smith, Kathleen .............................. 397 Smith. Kenneth ........................ 83, 166 Smith, Madeline ................................. 392 Smith, Maryann ..................... 54, 250 Smith, Miriam ....................... 274, 400 Smith, Nelson ................................... 164 Smith, Ogden C ................................. 383 Smith, Pete ......................................... 364 Smith, R. N ....................................... 264 Smith, Ralph G ................................. 166 Smith, Rendall W ........................... 383 Smith, Richard ................................. 366 Smith, Robert G ................... 71, 383 Smith, Robert R., 61, 71, 74, 75, 76, 263, 265, 273, 354 Smith, Roger C ................................ 374 Smith, Rosalie ............ 241, 289, 401 Smith, Rosemary ................. 275, 392 Smith, Roy ....................................... 369 Smith, Russell A .............................. 142 Smith, Ruth Mary .......... 247, 406 Smith, Shirley W ....... 14, 106, 366 Smith, T. C ....................................... 359 Smith, Virginia .............................. 404 Smith, Weston E ................ 71, 263 Smith, William A ...... 52, 205, 281 Smith, William L ............................ 165 Smith, William S ............................ 47 Smith, W. T ..................................... 165 Smolenski, John R ............ 47, 366 Smythe, Charles M ......................... 165 Snell, Frederick F ........................... 133 Snodgrass, James ............................... 366 Snoke, Beatrice .................................... 406 Snow, Robert H ..................... 166, 356 Snyder, Hilda ...................................... 394 Snyder, Leona L ................................ 47 Snyder, Leopold J .................. 160, 148 Snyder, Robert H .............................. 47 Snyder, Tom ..................................... 358 Sobie, Melvin F ................................. 47 Soboroff, Paul ........................................ 372 Sobsey, Solomon .............................. 281 Soebesky, John V .......................... 371 Soeder, Arnold ................................ 78, 85 Soennichsen, Earl ................................ 83 Sofiak, Michael 216,230,281,383 Sager, Robert C .............................. 364 Sojka, Casimir F ....................... 47, 361 Solar, Charles ....................................... 364 Solis, Jeanne ......................................... 163 Sollitt, Jean .............................. 401 Soloman, Julius F., Jr ..................... 386 Solomon, Howard ............................... 372 Solomon, Robert ............................ 149 Solomon, Samuel .................. 346, 370 Solomon, Ted ........................................ 370 Solovich. Warren ........................ . ...... 256 Somerville, John ............... _ .................. 1 49 Sommer. Ralph F ................ 110, 116 Sommerfelt. Kenneth ....................... 181 Sondeen, Richard ................ 245, 251 Sonneborn, Harry L ................. 47, 381 Sorenson, Audrey ............................... 395 Sorenson, Robert ................................ 179 Sutherland, David B ........................ 357 Sort, Herbert ............................. 47, 360 Soucie, Ellen M .................................... 190 Soukup, Erwin ..................................... 348 Soule, Byron A .................................... 85 Soule, Matolm H ..................... 85, 165 Soule, Virginia R ............................... 47 Sours, William H 47, 382 251, 300 397 , Southerland, Margaret Spaeth, Mary Spangler, Theodore 24, 47, 52, 252, 254, 364 Sparrow, Frederick K ....................... 350 Spaulding, Frederick .......................... 373 Spaulding, James ................................ 348 Speaker, Robert F ............................. 264 Speckhard, Robert ................ 246, 247 Spector, Leonard ................................... 47 Spencer. Donald .................................. 373 Spencer, Nelson .................................. 79 Spengler, David P ........ 47, 247, 382 Sperling, George E ................ 148, 371 Spiegel, Marvin ......................... 47, 370 Spiro, David ......................................... 375 Spitalny, Jack ......................................... 370 Spitz, Martin M ............................... 387 Spoden, Harold T .......... 75, 80, 265 Spoelhof, William ............................. 262 Spooner, Charles W ........................ 366 Spooner, Clarke ................................... 366 Spooner, Gordon ............................... 356 Sprick, Katherine ............................... 404 Spriggs, John ......................................... 1 69 Springer, Joy ...................................... 190 Spurgeon, Mary Ell en 124, 125,279 Spurway, Harold R .................. 47, 353 Stackler, Harold .................................. 386 Stadelman, Betty K .................. 47, 297 Staebler, Neil ............................. 381 Stafford, Howard E ............................ 117 Stagnitto, Rosario J ........................... 160 Stahl, Morton ........................................ 263 Stahl, Otto J ......................................... 173 Stalker, Edward A ........ 59, 347, 384 Stan, Thomas ........................................ 354 Stanco, Henry F ................................ 117 Stanish, Albin J ..................... 48, 106 Stanley, George M ............................. 373 Stanton, Cramon .................................. 376 Staples, Elmore ................................... 373 Starr, Mary Ann .................................. 397 Starr, Oliver ........................................... 355 Stason, E. Blythe ................. 142, 143 Stacezni, George E .............................. 79 Staudt, Louis .................................. 366 Stead. George .................... 113, 116 Stearns, Patricia .............................. 393 Stebens. Walter F ............................. 48 Steding, H. Richard 61, 71, 248,265, 272, 349 Steele, Edward .......................... 181, 366 Steere, Russel ....................................... 179 Steffe, Ralph S ...................... 169 Steffensen. Ellis H. 154, 160, 166 Stegarth, William B ....................... 379 Stehle, Philip M ................................ 262 Stehouwer, Orrie .......................... 1 38 Stein. Meyer B ........................... 71, 78 Steinberg, Robert .................. 256, 386 Steiner, Erich E .............. 48, 262, 263 Steiner, Richard .................................. 1 8 1 Steiner, Wendell ..................... 181 Steinhart, Betty 48, 263, 289, 407 Steinhart, Sidney D ........................... 360 Steinheimer, Roy L .......................... 149 Steinke, Ruth ...................................... 163 Steketee, Jack Y ....................... 80 Stelle, Pat ............................... 403, 415 Stellhorn, Barbara ............................. 403 Stephens, John W ......................... 387 Stephenson, Dorothea M .............. 48 Stephenson, Dorothy ......................... 263 Stephenson, Orlando ...................... 121 Stephenson, Philip ...... 80, 369 Steppon, William F ..... 53, 230, 383 Stern, Richard .................................. 372 Steudel, Richard A ............................. 379 Stevens, Blaine ................................ 83 Stevens, Frank H ................................ 361 Stevens, James ............................. 357 Stevens, Kenneth R. .......................... 117 Stevens, Melvin .......................... 83 Stevens, Richard B ......................... .373 Stevens, Roger ............................ 349 Stevens, William C ..................... 48 Stevens, William R ................. 48, 381 Stevenson, Donald ........................ 352 Stevenson, Dorothy S ........................ 48 Stevenson, Gilbert ......................... 181 Stevenson, Nevin J .......................... 361 Stevenson. Sue .............................. 408 Stewart, Donald H ........................... 376 Stewart, Erie ........................................ 178 Stewart, John .................................... 364 Stewart, Lura J ............................... 48 Stewart, Wayne H .................. 165, Stickels. Jeanette H ................... 48, Stiles, John R ...................................... Stitt, Clyde ........................................... Stille, Wayne W ................................ Stitt, Albert C ...................................... Stobbelaar, Robert H ........................ Stock, Marjorie Lee ................. 48, Stock, Nancy ................................... Stockbridge, Helen L. 174, 176, 181, Stocking, Charles H ................ 194, Stocking, Fred .................................. Stocking, Prescott N. ....................... Stodden, Burt .................................... Stodden, Richard B ................. 53, Stoianowski, Victoria ...................... Stoll, Robert .......................................... Stoller, Elias ................................. 48, Stone, Burdette A .............................. Stone, Jane ......................................... Stone, John M .............. 85, 263, Storkan, Marjorie .................... 287, Stotzer, Bob ........................................... Stout, Betty .................................... Stout, Melville B ........................ 79, Stover, John P .................................. Stover, Virginia .......................... Stowe, Ella .......... 92, 93, 287, Straight, Sidney .............................. Strain, Richard H ..... 252, 256, Strait, Jack C ........................................ Strand, John ........................................ Strand, Marjory ................................ Strandhagen, Gustaf A .................... Strang, Margaret ................................ Strasser, Richard ...................... 48, Strasser, William .......................... Strauss, Eugene ............................ 48, Straub, Robert ..................................... Strayer, John W. 154, 160, 165, Streelman, Ruth M .......................... Strenger, Marshall ................... 80, Street. Harold M ........................... Strickland, Paul D .................... 71, Strickland, Walter ..................... 79, Strickler. C. W ................................ Strien, David Van .......................... Stricter, Frederick P ....................... Strittmatter, Eugene ........................ Stroebel, Barbara L ............ Strong, David A .......... 124, 205 Strong, Leon H ............................. Strong. Marjorie ...241,399, Strong, Vahibe Remzi ...................... Strother, Marybelle 48, 247, 275, Strube. William S ............................. Strumpf, Gordon ............................... Strunk, Frank A ........................ ........ Struve, William ...................... 263, Stryker, Aljce ..................................... Stuart, Robert A ........................... Stubbins, William H. ..................... Stubbs, Fred M .................................. Stuber. Barbara .................................. Stuch. Lafayette ................................. Stuhrburg. C. H ................................ Stulberg, Samuel ........................ . Stump. Walter F ................... 113, Stumpf, Gordon A ............................ Srumpf, Harry C .......................... Sturgeon, Edward E ................. .. ... Sturgis, C. C ..................... 152, Sturgis, Mrs. Cyrus C .................. Sturgis, L ............................................... Suffrin, Barbara .................................. Suits, Doanld B ......................... Sukup, Milo F ........................ 205, Sulliran, Frances ............................... Sullivan. John ..................................... Sullivan, Ralph H ......................... Sullivan, William H ............... .-.. Summers, Bettie M ............. 176, Summerfelt. Kenneth 374 299 290 179 382 78 169 416 408 392 380 263 380 220 281 . 48 93 263 116 399 265 399 376 294 381 .353 .392 295 263 381 .362 . 79 .408 . 84 275 107 . 80 372 .352 , Stewart, Melville C Stewart. Ralph B Stewart. Raymond Stewarr, Robert Stewart, Roland C 71, 81 78 352 148, 149 263 Summerhays, Robert L. 74, 75, Sumner, James P ........................... Sundean, Rheinhold ....................... Sunderland, Edso R. Sundquist, Robert ................... 241, Sundwall, John ...................... 152, Surgenor, Nancy ............................ Sussman, Seymour S ..................... Suthergreen, Bruce ......................... Sutherland, David - ......................... Sutherland. Margaret Sutton. Elizabeth .................. Swados. Harvey Swan. John ....................... Swander, Homer D Swanson, Helen G. Swarthout, Harry P ....... 71 Swartz, Fred Swartz, George B., Jr....71 Swears. Clayton C ........ Sweeney, Francis P ...... 48, Swenson, Leland L Swett, Leonard Swaderski, Edward J. Swift. Betty ............................... Swift. Grace Swift, Roy Swinton, R. S 124, 355, , 81, , 78, 273, . 241, 382 .. 48 264 ..148 367 179 ..353 .. 80 .. 71 .166 .. 48 281 .361 415 ..163 396 .362 .273 . 48 362 163 376 178 376 400 366 374 115 117 380 . 85 .133 167 163 366 274 263 281 163 369 .160 . 85 399 263 354 374 .167 366 352 166 406 262 256 . 77 247 401 247 364 353 . 48 384 164 379 133 380 .161 373 358 399 300 181 263 Sw inton, Stanley M. 48, 243, 282, 366, 430 Swope, Donald 366 Sykcs, Roland S 1 1 3 Sykes, John P 365 Sylvester, Ann L 48, 262 Sylvester, Walter 178, 181 Szantho, Enid 183 Szigeti, Josef 183 Szold, Miriam 24, 48, 289, 295, 299, 394 Szymansky, Thaddeus 78 Szrkawski, Stella 297 Tackels, Pauline E 92, 399 Taft, Barbara 289, 290, 398 Taft, William 356 Taggart, Ganson P. 71. 76, 78, 245, 272, 373 Taggart, Herbert F 100, 106 Tann, Ed 256 Tapping, T. H. 254, 257, 282, 347 Tapworth, William 351 Tara, Hollis 368 Tarbeli, Theodore 245 Tate, Joseph 369 Tate. Robert 71, 369 Tatlock, Ruth 48 Tatum, Joyce E 124 Taubman, Samuel 71, 83 Taylor, Dorothy M 48 Taylor, Edward G 350 Taylor, Elaine 409 Taylor, F. Carter 383 Taylor, George D. 48, 364 Taylor, Glenn L 350 Taylor, Goodwin R 374 Taylor, Hazel 394 Taylor, Joanne 393 Taylor, Katherine 392 Taylor, Lavern H 358 Taylor, Magery 300 Taylor, Marjprie 399 Taylor, Merril 362 Taylor, Norman C 264 Taylor, Richard T 354 Taylor, W. W. 357 Teaboldt, Chase R 384 Teahan, James M 381 Teasdale, Rufus 351 Teeter, William 273 Teideman, Robert K 72 Teitelbaum, Howard S 102, 105 Telfer, Bruce T 382 Telling, Barbara A 49, 406 Tellman. H. Clay 167 Templer, John A 81 Templer, William Jr 72, 78 Templin, Robert 256, 379 Tenney, Perry 290, 352 Tenofsky, Jean 251 Tentoni, Rosa 183 Terrel, James 241 Thaler, William 161, 164 Thatcher, Charles 181 Thatcher, Russell S 384 Thaxter, B 53, 281, 348 Thayer. Mollie 49, 399 Thiel, Warren H 49 Thieme, Elliot T 165 Thieme, H. P 21 Thill, Charles J 154, 161 Thorn, Harriet 124, 404 Thorn, Margot 404 Thomas, Baird 351 Thomas, Dean 356 Thomas, Donald A 257 Thomas. Earl W 263 Thomas, Lacy D 49 Thomas, Laurence H 374 Thomas, Nougle 164 Thomas, Richard V 72 Thomas, Robert L 264, 382 Thomassen, Lars 85 Thompson, Charlotte P. 300, 398, 415 Thompson, David 351 Thompson, Elizabeth 163 Thompson. Helen 163 Thompson, James F. . . 374 Thompson, Jean 49, 289, 308 Thompson, John H 381 Thompson, Wanda 408 Thompson, William 355 Thomson. Charles C 361 Thomson, Daniel C 161 Thomson, George H. 148, 149, 382 Thomson, John W 161 Thomson, R. D 371 Thomson, Robert F 361 Thomssen, Jane 395 Thorny, Lawrence 85 Thorner, Robert B 72 Thorner. Robert H. 81 Thornhill, John L. Jr 49, 267 Thorp, Frank 83 Thorward. Ben 241, 376 Throner, Guy C. ... 263 Tibbits, Jean 49, 274, 295, 403 Tibbet, Lawrence 183 Tiedeman. Robert K 83, 383 Tieman, Charles R 79, 248 Tietjen. John 81, 387 Tiger, Hortense B 49 Tilford, John E 263 Tilley. Morris P 52 Tillotson, Harry A 233, 381 Tinker, Franklin 181 Tinker, Horace C 205, 281 Tishkoff, Beatrice 245 Titelman, Mark 245, 372 Tittle, Ruth 408 Titus, Elizabeth 49, 289, 290, 400 Titus, Robert... 241, 275, 357, 366 Tobin, James E. 53, 232, 268, 281, 364 Tobin, J. Rich 364 Tobin, Roger 81, 179 Tobias, Julian 365 Todd, David 382 Todd, Mark 167 Todd, Oliver 369 Todd, William 351 Todt, Shirley 392 Tolhurst, Pauline E 124 Tolle, Charles B 156, 169 Tolton, June 275 Tomski, Waldemar 281 Tonkin, Phyllis 404 Tonkin, Rachel 49, 406 Topercer, John E 133 Toralballa, Leopoldo V 263 Torry, Ellen 406 Torzynski, Thadeus T 72 Toth, Louis W 350 Toubus, Shirley 394 Tower, Ray 355 Towne, George L 257 Towner, Richard F 81 Townsend, Charles L 357 Townsend, John F 216, 355 Townsend, Lynn A 49 Towsley, Harry 162, 164 Tracy, Douglas 61, 72, 261, 265 Tracy, James 376 Tracy, John E 142 Traczewitz, Oscar G 133 Trainer, Richard 72, 78, 85 Trammel!, William 84 Trapp. Donald G 154 Travis, Elbert 181 Travis, Robert 107 Treadwell, Donald ...49, 252, 254, 255, 282, 357, 433 Treat. Webster 364 Trebilcock, Everett R 350 Treffry, Harold F 106 Trelfa. Richard T 72,379 Trendle, George W., Jr 374 Tretheway, Betsy 405 Treumner, Keith M. ... . 166 Treut, Arthur A. Jr 242, 368 Trick, Charles 256 Trigg, Leslie 82, 83 Trimby, Robert H. 154, 161, 162, 164, 353 Tripp, Edward S 53, 240, 366 Tritten, Ray A 264 Trolley, William 181 Troost, Herbert M 381 Trosko, Fred 205, 230, 281 Trosper. Roberta . 397 Trow, W. C 121, 367 Trowbridge, Robert L 49 Trowbridge, William 352 Trubey, Stanley R 102, 105, 106 Trueblood, T. C 226 Trump, Dorothy 406 Trutna, William C 361 Trytten, John M. ...-. 49, 121 Tucker, Chester A., Jr 176 Tull. William J 79 Tupper, Gerald E 106 Turitzen, Nikolav 274 Turner, Phillip R. 154, 161, 162, 167 Turpin, Sally 397 Tussing, Suzanne 395 Tussing, Thomas C. 24, 49, 52, 226, 281, 348 Turtle, Henry 49, 179, 374 Twitchell, Gilbert 167 Twiggs, LeoF 155,166 Twining, Herbert W 381 Tydeman, Jean 402 Tyler, Frederick C 24, 49, 361 Tyrrell, Dorothy 415 U Uhlmann. Robert W 374 Uhlmann, Roy C 374 Ulevitch, Herman H 49 Ullman, Marjorie 414 Ullrich, Osmar 181 Ulmer, Arthur 167 Ulmer, Robert 356 Ulrey, Scott S 367 Ulrich, Robert 53, 255, 366 Umbach. William E 361 Underdow, James 348 Ungar, Richard G 365 Linger, Robert 372 Unruh, Tanet 397 Upsom R. H 377 Upthegrove. Phillip F 85 Upton, H. H 366 Ureles, Alvin 372 Urmston. Nancy 398 Utley, Mary Jane 415 Vallin, Everett 84, 362 Valpey, Grant R 347 Van Acker, Albert 387 Van Andel. John R 263 Van Arnam, Richard D 79 Van Buren, Robert 83 Van Campen, Bob 376 Vancleaf, Edwin 362 Van Cleve. Russel 72, 78, 85 Van den Berg, Larry ...49, 52, 354 Vandenberg, Robert L. 49, 179, 274, 275, 374 Vanden Berg, Russel V 72 Vanden Hoek, John 79, 138 Van Der Burch, Dirk 72. 367 Vander Eyk, Louis 72, 81 Vander Molen, Herman 138 Van der Veen, Freda J 49, 397 Vander Velde, L. G 52, 53 Van Duren, Arthur J 53 Van Dyke, Rudolph 72, 83, 356 Van Ess, Margaret J 297 Van Hartesveldt, Harold. 72, 78, 85 Van Hoek, Donald E 359 Van Hoek, Walter R 49 Van Hoik, Robert R 359 Van Leuwen, J. Roderic 348 Van Lonkhuyzen, John 138 Van Lonkhuyzen, William .138 Van Manen, Louis J 106, 178 Van Nordstrand, Robert .. .. 359 Van Norstrand, Philip 248, 359 Van Raalte, Jean 49, 295, 406 Vansant, James 181 Van Schaik, Gilbert 81, 385 Van Scherpe, Peter 181 Van Tuyl, Frank F 382 Van Tuyl, Hilda 49, 295, 396 Van Veen, Henry 82 Van Vleck, Doris 399 Van Wagner, Frederick .... 154, 161 Van Wagoner, Virginia 414 Van Welde, Mary A 124 Van Winkle, Annabel 266, 289. 291, 294, 296, 408 Van Winkle, Charles K 149, 374 Varlan, Alexander .. ... 78 Varnum, Richard S., Jr 72, 81 Vasilibu, Kimon 256 Vass, Edward 78 85 Vaughn, Jack 366 Vaughn, Kathryn B. 49 300 Vedder, Ann 93, 294, 296, 400 Vedder, Francis B. ..110, 116 357 Vedder, Neil D. 252 357 Vehko, Vaino J. ... 72, 81, 263, 265 Vehmeyer, Doris 404 Vennell, Jane 400 Venrose, Robert 387 Vercoe, Beverly 404, 415 Verdon, Eleanor 400 Versho, Joseph C 49 Verhey, William 164 Verner, Dorothy L , 49, 392 Vial, A. Burgess 50, 167, 262, 263, 366 Vibbert, Charles B 53, 381 Vicary, Ann M. 50. 243, 263, 287, 294, 404, 422 Vicary, Harriette 404 Viehe, Carl A 374 Villaverde. Emilio 275 Vine, Benjamin H. 72, 263, 265, 347 Vine, James 347 Vining. Keats K 169 Vink, Don 265 Vinson, Thomas 149 Vinograde, B. 263 Vint, Norma E 50, 55, 414 Vint, Virginia H 92 Vis, Vincent 352 Visscher, Jane Ann 399 Vivian, John 83 Vizas, Christopher 246 Voegelin, Harold S 382 Vogel, Norman W 50 Voigt, Adolf 263 Voigt, Carli 402 Voiles. Doreen 299 Vollink, Andrew 138 Vollmer, William 77, 356 Von Der Heidt. Mary 403 Von Schlegell, David 354 Voorhees, Alston B 72. 83 Vorgelin. Peter 251 Voss, Robert 181 Vroman, Clyde 178 Vrooman, Carolyn 400 Vroon, John 138. 161 W Wade. Charles 346,353 Wade, Joseph W 78 Wade. Richard A 50 Wadsworth, Claude 72, 74, 75. 79, 263, 265, 273 Wadsworth, William A 383 Waggoner, Ruth L. ... 50 Waggoner, R. W 152, 162, 167 Wagner, Charles 53 Wagner, Daniel 50, 370 Wagner, Jean 401 Wagner, Mary Lou 396 Wagner, Richard S 50 Wagner, Robert 53, 245, 246, 356 Wagner, Sidney 360 Wahl, Bernard 78 Wahr, Fred B 350 Wahrenburg, Lester E. F 257 Wainger, Laya 292 Waite, John B 142 Wake, Douglas L 166 Walas, Stanley 78 Walcott, Fred G 121 Walcott, John 181 Walcott, Virginia 409 Waldo, Charles M 110 Waldron, Alexander M 373 Waldron, Frederick R 373 Waldron. Robert E 264, 361 Walker, Donald 359 Walker, Gilbert T 349 Walker, John 161, 165, 373 Walker, Julius 181 Walker, Rich 364 Wallace, Gene 84 Wallace, Henry ... 265 Wallace, John D 50 Wallace, Paul 82, 353 Wallace, Robert T 78, 264, 382 Wallace, Shirley 246, 247 Wallace, Wimburn L 50, 349 Wallace, W. S 364 Wallach, Carrie 274 Wallach, Howard 245, 271, 372 Waller, H. G. .. 371 Wallis. Keith L 81 Walpole. Patricia 293, 417 Walsh, Jack 355 Walsh, Margaret 244, 294, 403 Walsh, Sally 245,399 Walter, William H 50 Walters, Amy L 50 Walters, Henry .... 83 Walters, John 165, 263, 381 Walters, Louise 274 Walters, Mary Lou 55 Walther, William .... 80 Walton, Ruth M 297 Waltz, Stanley 53, 252, 254, 273 Walworth, Ned 373 Walz, W. C 377 Walzer, Donald M 92 Wang. Chen M 72 Wang, Ruyu F 263 Wanless. Loren 161, 162, 164 Ward, Alice 262, 274 Ward, Ann 397 Ward, Donald M 50 Ward, Marcus 110, 116 Ward, Mildred 55, 405 Ward, Virginia 404 Wardwell. John H 78 Warg, Clifford 181 Wark, Bruce 369 Warren, Albert L 50 Warren, Kenneth 245, 378 Warren, Ruth 50, 394 Warren, Wesley F 92 Wanstrom, Ruth C 163 Warzynski, Raymond J 85 Was, Ellen H. ... 297 Was, Wilfred L 72, 81 Washburn. Frank 366 Wason. John 245, 348 Wassenaar, Mildred 190 Waterman, Leroy 21 Waterman, M. H 100, 107 Waterman, Richard 50, 52. 166, 239, 252, 273,444 Waters, Gerald M 264 Waters, Phyllis 404 Waterstone, Al 370 Watkins, C. G .... 364 Watkins, G. S 377 Watkins. Herbert 14, 178, 181, 346, 385 Watkins, L. L ....107 Watson. Ardis 55, 395 Watson, David J 50, 384 Watson, Edward M 148 Watson, Henry 346, 352 Watson, Keith 351 Watson, Loyall G 358 Watson, William 227 Watt, Flint C 374 Watt, Robert ..72, 352 Wattles, Charles P 257 Wax, Kenneth H 50, 375 Wayson. Edward 1 65 Weatherill, Philip F 348 Weatherston, Richard 369 Weaver. Bennett 53 Weavers, Laura H 190 Webb, Earle W 257 Webb, Edgar 154, 161, 169 Webb, George 357 Webb, Newton 379 Webb, William N 50 Webber. Albert G 371 Weber, Howard F 50, 367 Weber, Thelma 394 Weber, Walter J 52, 206 Webster, Randolph 121 Wechsler, Clarine M 50 Wechsler, Doris 394 Weede, Robert 183 Weeks, William F. . 155, 165, 382 Wees, Marshal 166 Weesner, George 77, 80, 248, 272, 349 Weger, Chester W 264 Wehner, Ann 392 Weichsel, Hans 75, 82 Weick, George 155, 167 Weidig, Thomas A 219, 358 Weidman, Dorothy 399 Weidman, Hubert 366 Weigel, Edward 72, 78 Weinaug, Charles 78 Weinberg, Miriam 50, 394 Weinberger, Robert 372 Weiner, Jack 360 Weiner, Margaret 407 Weingarten, Paul 386 Weinman, Dr. Edward 379 Weinstock, Harold B 365 Weipert, Victor H. ... 148 Weir, Leroy ... 232 Weir, William 1 65 Weisinger, Herbert 247 Weiss, Arthur 363 Weiss, Bert 372 Weiss, Clarence 195 Weiss, Irving 79 Weiss, Leo G 115 Weiss, Linda R 50 Weiss, Marion E 393 Weiss, Marion F 263 Weiss, Marion H 299 Weisman, Avery 160, 168 Weisman, Robert 264, 386 Weissman, Helen 394 Welch, Elizabeth 398 Welch, James E 378 Weld, Hugh A 383 Weller, Anthony 179 Weller, Carl V 152, 165 Weller, Mrs. Carl V 163 Weller, John A 72, 79, 263, 265 Weller, John M 50 Weller Keith 165 Wellman, Hugh 351 Wellman, Nelson ... ... 360 Wells, Carlton 262 Wells, Lawrence 149 Wells, Maynard .... 85 Welsh, Herbert D 166 Welsh, James 53, 222, 281 Welsh, Robert 275 Wendelken, Harold 154, 161, 164 Wendell, Marian 408 Wendt, John A 367 Wesinger, Leslie J 379 West, Donald 352 West, Leonard R 350 West. R. M. 377 Westbrook, Philip 50, 238, 282, 438 Westendorf, Madelaine 50, 275, 393 Westerman, George D 374 Westfall. Robert 205, 381 Westie, Helen 124 Westra, Peter 1 38 Westrate, Warren K 378 Westrate, Yvonne.... 299, 300, 399 Wetter, Allan E 380 Wetterhall, Roy 368 Weymouth, Colin 385 Weyrich, John C 72,78 Wezelman. Sol Meyer 262 Whalen, Howard 247 Wheat, Barbara 400 Wheatly, Thomas J 264 Whtaton, Robert L 379 Wheeler, Benjamin 262, 348 Wheeler. Carl D. 72, 76, 205, 261, 282, 356 Wheeler, Mary Ellen 289, 400 Wheeler, M. W 352 Wheeler, Robert J 73, 75, 84 Whelp ' y Frederick G 358 Whipple, Ford 352 Whipple, Grant D 79 Whistler. Howard E 362 White, Albert E 59, 85, 364 White, Alfred H. 59, 85, 273, 364, 371 White, Ann 404 White. A rnold E 357 White, C. B 353 White, C 371 White, Dale H 117 White, E-igene H 382 White, Hudson 259 White, L. A 21 White. Lee A 238 White, John 355 White, Melrose E 176 White, Ph : lip 356 White, Richard 79 White, ob-rt R , 116, 263 White, V. H., Jr 364 White, William 164 Whitehead, Betty 247 Wh ' tehead, Emmet 356 Whitehead. W. C 367 Whitehouse, Walter 1 64 ,:,! " . B-try 300, 408 Whitely, Clarence M. ..73, 80, 357 Whitely, Robert K 374 Whitman, Elmer L 110. 116 Whitman, J. Farrell 50, 353 Whitmire. Anthonv J 173 Whitmore, Helen C 190 Whitney, A. S 352 Whitney, Clarence W 257 Whitney, Donald R. 179, 264, 371 Whitney, Frank 376 Whittemore, Harlow 88 Whittemore, Margaret 242, 294, 402 Whitz, Adam A. Jr 359 Wichter, Lawrence 364 Wick, Lawrence B 51, 262. 263 Wickmann, Lincoln 107 Wiener, Marton J 154, 370 Wiens, David W 381 Wierengo. Duncan McKinnon 348 Wiesender, Carolyn 300 Wight, Howard M 131 Wight, Marian ... 395 Wikle, William G 73, 81 Wikle, Robert 369 Wilder. Rex .... 181 Wile, UdoJ 152, 165 Wilk, Marcia 394 Wilkie, Alexander C. 74, 75, 248, 264. 350 Wilkie, James S 73 83 Wilkie, John B 178, 181, 350 Wilkie, John C. ... 367 Wilkins, Walter P 73, 263 Wilkinson, A. C 376 Wilkinson, C 167 Wilkinson. James . 376 Willard, H. H 85, 356 Willens, Harvey 370 Willemin, Robert B 73. 81 Williams. Anna Jean 399 Williams, S. Bradford 245, 348 Williams, David .. 352 Williams, Edward T 166 Williams, Eleanor 403 Williams, Grace C 51 Williams, Herman . 275 Williams, Howard J. ... 73, 81, 384 Williams, Joan 397 Williams, John K 73 83 Williams, Kathryn E 51 Williams, Me ntor . 53 Williams, Mildred 274 Williams, N. H 359 Williams, Paul L. .. . 347 Williams, Robert W 78, 383 Williams, Thomas 74, 75, 77, 222 Williams, Woodson 373 Williamson, Maxine 406 Williamson, Russell B 371 Willis, John R 385 Willison, Charles J. ... 362 Willits, Ruth ... 270, 401, 415 Willmeng, Lumon E 116 Wills, Ann 294, 401 Wills, James C. 73, 76, 265, 267, 382 Wilson, C 167 Wilson, Donald E 361 Wilson, Frank N 165 Wilson, Geraldine F 51 Wilson, Harold 246 Wilson, H. E 367 Wilson, Jane 289, 291, 392 Wilson, John L 358 Wilson, J. Robert 380 Wilson, Margaret 398 Wilson, R 167 Wilson, Thomas L 73, 83 Wilson, Vance 107 W.lson, Walter R 79 Winder, Harriet .... 163 Windsor, Robert 51, 275, 353 Wineland, Dorothy 396 Winert, Leonard 365 Winkelman, Stanley 256, 386 Winkler, James 356 Winnacker, Rudolph A 378 Winnai, Ethel 292, 300 Winne, John F 380 Wmslow, S. B 376 Winter, J. G 21 Winter, Robert J 51, 348 Winter, Ted 250, 252, 386 Winters, Ann 406 Wirtchafter, Donald 246, 268, 386 Wirth, Richard 245, 352 Wise, Harold 263, Robert 355 Wisler, Chester 254 Wismer, Bernice M 51 Wisner, Harry K 52 Wisner, Karl 227 Wistert, Albert A 364 Witschner, Ira K 386 Wittenberg, Elmer C 73 Witters, Chester W 78 Wittliff, William W 353 Wixson, Richard C 166 Wohl, Albert B 275, 363 Wolaver, E. S 100 Wolaver, John A 264 Wolf, Frederick 245, 386 Wolf, James 245, 256, 386 Wolf, Van J 73, 78 Wolfe, Wayne G 382 Wolff, Maritta M 262, 263 Wolfson, Miles K 81 Wolfston, Carle 357 Wolgamot, John 164 Wolm, Jack 281, 370 Wolter, Mary Lou 395 Wood, Alberta 51, 262, 263, 287, 294, 402 Wood, Arthur E 262, 361 Wood, Barbara 397 Wood, David 216 Wood, Harold 373 Wood, Stephen A 133 Wood, William M 273, 383 Wood, William P 85, 383 Woodbridge, Frederick 142 Woodburn, J. A 366 Woodburne, R. T 357 Woodford, George 107 Woodley, Mary Jane 399 Woodruff, Margaret 297, 405 Woods, Arthur P. Jr 73, 369 Woods, Damon C 362 Woodward, Alvalyn E 282 Woodard. Austin R 361 Woodward, Barbara 399 Woodward, Joanne 395 Woodward, Lucille 392 Woodward, Richard M 257 Woodward, William H 133 Woodworth, Phil 364 Woody, Clifford 233, 362 Woog, David H 51 Woolard, Henry 83 Wooley, Boris S 148, 149, 352 Woolsey, William 232 Worden, C. C 165 Work, W. P 165 Worley, Mrs. John 416 Worley, John S 254, 273, 376 Worrell, Nancy 400 Worth, Melissa 163 Worthington, Richard 178, 181 Wraith, Alton P 381 Young, Paul 381 Wreford, William B. Jr. 374 Young, Robert B 51 Wright, Arthur 348 Young, Thomas B. 348 Wright, Corwin R 110 Young, Wendell S? Wright, Edwin .165 Youngquist, Orrtn 78 Wright, Eric J. 381 Yntema, Hessel 14 " Wright, Hobart H 166 Wright, Jane 741 Z Wright, Joy L 297 Wright. Margaret 40? Zackheim, Herschel 168 Wright. William B. Jr 85 Zahid, Fuad 80 Wright, William 167 ..iliii. Edward 373 Wrigley, Walter 356 Zambito, Arthur 51 763 Wunderlich, William .... 377 Zander, Mrs. Alvin 778 Wunsch, Ellis A. Zaph, Rosalind 763 51, 52, 250, 263, 367 Zapp, Barbara 51 55 Wurster, Elizabeth C Zawacki, Chester 385 51, 262, 263 274 Zeder, Fred 355 Wurster, John 265 Zeeh, Orville L 133 763 Wyckoff, Eleanor C 190 eerip, Thomas 36? Wygant, Steven S 354 Zeigler, Leah 83 Wykhuis, Grant H 133 Zeitlin, David 51 Zeller, Henry 379 Zerbon, Alex 763 Y Zerden, Edward 363 Zerman, Milton 756 360 Yager, John 356 Zheutlin, Bertram 363 Yager, Joseph 263, 356 Ziegler, Robert 155 Yakoulievitch, Nikifor ... 80 Zienty. Mitchell 85 Yancich. Milan 181 Zeff, Katherine 176 407 Yang, Chia-ren 763 Zimmerman, Jane 403 Yates, Charles. 174, 176, 17H, 181 Zimme man, John.... 245, 756 354 Yates, Robert 181 Zimme man, Lillian Yepson, Roger 348 124, 263, 408 Yetzer, William Zimme man, Louise 409 154, 161, 167, 254 Zimme man, Ralph Jr ..51, 367 Yoakum, Clarence S. ..14, 137 366 Zimme man, Robert 705 355 Yoder, Keith 366 Zimme man, Stanley 148 Yoder, John 353 Zittle, Redfield 73 181 Yokum, Robert 359 Zittle. Richard 78 Yonkman, C. D 140 Zoerner. Lawrence A 113, 263 York, Jesse 78 Zograph, Leo J 362 York, Lester 353 Zolik, Mitchel J 8(1 Yost. Fielding H. Zolla, Charles 386 204, 205, 233, 282, 376, 422 Zook, Ruth A 124 Yost, F. H. Jr 355 Zornow, Dale 181 Young, D. A 364 Zuck. S. F 359 Young, Florence 275, 405 Zuehlke, Carl W . 85 Young, Leigh 131, 356 Zuidema, Gertrude M . 51 Young. Mary Ann .289 399 Zunk. Betty 293 Young. Patricia 408 Zurhorst, Theodore M. . 73 I ' ll ne ' er forget my college days, Those dear sincere old college days I ' ll ne ' er forget my Michigan, Twos there long friendships first began At Michigan all hearts are true, All loyal to the Maize and Blue! There e ' er will be a golden haze Around those dear old college days.

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