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Text from Pages 1 - 440 of the 1939 volume:

, . i ' ' " CAMPUS AND BUILDINGS UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 1 J n b 1939 1 J VOLUME FORTY-THREE T H 1939 C H DAVID 6. LAING, Managing Editor CHARLES L KETTLER, Business Manager J. EDWARD LUDERS, Art Editor _;- i I n ' BY THE I G H S R S I R V I D IGAN N S IAN STAFF 6 fl II ) S . C O N T E 1. SCENIC AND OPENING SECTION 2. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES Administration Literature . Engineering . Pharmacy Architecture . Education Music . -Tj " ' 9 Law Forestry Dentistry . Business . Nursing Medicine . Graduate . 3. FEATURES 4. ORGANIZATIONS m m All-Campus activi Women ' s activities . 5. ATHLETICS Men ' s Athletics Women ' s Athletics - . r 6. HOUSE GROUPS Fraternities Men ' s Dorms . A 7. SATIRE C H G A II f II " April 18, The all-important purpose of a yearbook is to solidify and intensify impressions; it is by nature reflective. And the kind of a chap who can ' t smile or laugh when he re- flects isn ' t the kind of a chap that should be reading the 1939 Michiganensian. Smile, brother, at that achievement; it wasn ' t so great. Smile, brother, at that disappointment; it wasn ' t so bad. And laugh, brother, at some of those idiotic things you ' ve done! I hope we have chosen for permanent record some of YOUR most intense experiences . . . and I hope, too, that they will serve to knock your sense of humor into action. Enjoy the reflections we present! DAVID G. LAING Managing Editor WILBERT B. HINSDALI " Teacher, counselor, and friend " . . . " strong, with a knowledge of humanity " . . . " good human American " . . . " amazing power " . . . " one of the wisest men I know. " These are the words of those who know him best expressions of extreme affection and respect. Dr. Hinsdale is a man who rose to the fore-front of his profession through the courage of his convictions; and he is a man who, when most men retire, turned a hobby into a pro- fession and became a man with two careers distinguished in both. He has met life with life and countered its blows with strength and power. A great share of his life has been devoted to the University, as is attested by the long- est record of service of any member remaining on the active professional staff. During that service he has profoundly influenced the lives of innumerable students. Because of this strength of character and colorful part in the history of the University of Michigan, the Senior Class of 1939 dedicates to Wilbert B. Hinsdale this living record of one of his many years at Michigan. GRflTm mm in fimi " The Board of Regents has insisted from the inception of the plans for the new dormitories that the houses should he more than mere rooming and boarding houses. ' I hev recogni e that, broadly conceived, education should include both formal instruction in the business of living and informal training in the enrichment of per- sonality. A Michigan house plan has, consequently, been developed which will give the student experience in communal living and assistance in expanding his education into those areas which must be cultivated if he is to become a citi cn of (he world. " The l r iiivt ' r il Rrriirtl Under the wise and determined guidance of President Alexan- der G. Ruthven. the University of Michigan is at present engaged in a building program for student housing which symboli es one of the most gratifying physical and cultural changes in the history of the University. It will be only a matter of months before the Michigan House Plan, which has been a club project of the Chi- cago Alumni, will encompass one of the most extensive college residence halls systems in the world. The Board of Regents of the University has approved a con- struction program that will more than double the physical accom- modations for students; and the Board ' s plan for a Residence Halls administration provides that the individual houses shall not be merely places to eat and sleep. The purpose of the Michigan House Plan is to give the student experience in communal living, and at the same time to stimulate and develop his educational and cultural interests. In order that the new houses will become an integrated part of the University, a unitary administrative organization has been created by the Regents. Professor Karl Lityenberg a popular younger member of the Department of English Language and Literature has been appointed Director of Residence Halls. It is the function of the Director to correlate life in all University- owned Residence Halls both those for men and those for women with the other educational facilities and functions of the University. Professor Lit .enberg, who received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees at Michigan, will retain his place on the staff of the English Department. All policies for the physical, social, cultural, and educational operation of the Residence Halls are determined by a nine-man Board of Governors of which the Director is executive officer. Eour of these positions will be ex-officio: the Director of Student- Alumni Relations (Chairman) . the Vice-President and Secretary, the Dean of Women and the Dean of Students. Eive members of the University faculty selected by the Regents for a period of three years complete the Board. With two exceptions. Chicago House and Michigan House, all the newly constructed buildings will be named after individu- als prominent in the history of the university, including: Robert Afark Wenley House, Henry Carter Adams House. Alfred Henry Lloyd House, Alexander Winchcll House, George Palmer Wil- liams House, Victor C. Vaughan House, and the Madelon Louisa Stockwell Hall. DIRECTOR LITZENBtRC set c . . . anatomy . . . bacteriology East Medical Building . . . . . physiology MEDICINE LEGAL RESEARCH . . . torts . . . contracts . . . equity Legal Research Building . . . CARILLON .... in memory of one who lias gone before Burton Memorial Tower . HfdlORIflL . . . ( memor of all who have gone before . . Alumni Memorial Hall . ALUMNI .... visible symbol of the graduate functions of the University . . . Rackham School of Graduate Studies GRADUATES MARCIA . . . four years a symbol of campus beauty, charm, and poise . . . Miss Marcia Council, Queen of the Big Ten . . . H N N N M N ADMINISTRATION A CLAUSE in the Constitution of the State of Michigan provides that the Board of Regents shall be the corporation of the University of Michigan and as such shall determine and guide the policy of the institution, having entire control over all funds of the school. Originally the office of regent was an appointive position, but ever since 1852 members have been elected by popular vote of the people of the state, two regents being selected at each biannual spring election, to hold office for a term of eight years. As a governing body the Board of Regents has kept the university free from direct control of the state legislature, and has made possible the continu- ation of definite and steady policies in education. Regents ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN, President SHIRLEY W. SMITH, Vice-President and Secretary HON. JUNIUS E. BEAL HON. FRANKLIN M. COOK HON. ESTHER M. CRAM HON. DAVID H. CRO VI F.Y HON. CHARLES F. HEMANS HON. JOHN D. LYNCH HON. EDMUND C. SHIELDS HON. RALPH STONE HON. EUGENE B. ELLIOTT, State Superintendent To take office January i, 1940, HARRY G. KIPKE and J. J. HERBERT replacing retiring members JUNIUS E. BEAL and RALPH STONE. BOARD OF REGENTS Standing Elliott, Smith, Shields Seated Seal, Crowley, Cook, Cram, Ruthven, Lynch, Hemans Absent Stone Page 18 N N PRESIDENT WHETHER at his office, in ' the field, or even in a pensive mood at home, the thoughts of Dr. Alexander Ruthven are usually centered upon the university and education. His ten years of administration have brought great growth and advancement physically and spirit- ually to Michigan, as well as to all learning. Page 19 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS HERBERT C. WATKINS Assistant Secretary ALICE C. LLOYD Dean of Women JOSEPH A. BURSLEY Dean of Students SHIRLEY W. SMITH Vice-President and Secretary CLARENCE S. YOAKUM Vice-Presldent WILFRED B. SHAW Director of Alumni Relationt JAMES D. BRUCE Vice-Pretident Page 20 LITEflflTUBf RATHER than the strict concentration of the professional schools, the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts offers a field of study em- bracing many varied subjects. A broad liberal education in place of a narrow technical one is given the prospective graduate. It is the aim of the College to give its students this general course of study because it is so necessary a background for the most productive partici- pation in the modern scheme of life. u tl A LIFE spent in scholarly searching, and a will- ingness to pass on the benefits of learning have been the contributions of Dean Edward K rans. A fr-r jSlJy njrra h H undergraduate work at Sracuse, EdwavcK Kraus went lo 1920 until College of iiil; to the ecognition ity elevated he College of rts, a position ier able to con- thousands. Dean Germany 1933, Fli n in l advance of his him to Literatur from tribute to th Kraus today seeT llisciences and extends his knowledge directly to students as Profes- sor of Crystallography and Mineralogy. ANCELL HALL THE PILLARS OF THE LITERARY SCHOOL SCIENCE AND ARTS SCIENTIFIC STUDY AND RESEARCH IS WITNESSED DAILY IN THE NATURAL SCIENCE BUILDING THE PARADE OF MICHIGAN ' S TEN THOUSAND EVERY NOON HAVEN HALL HEADQUARTERS FOR HIS- TORY. SOCIOLOGY, GOVERNMENT. AND JOURNALISM M H Page 23 1939 u PROFESSORS H. F. ADAMS Prof, of Psychology R. C. ADAMS Director of William Clements Library A. S. AITON Prof, of History R. C. ANCELL Prof, of Sociology W. E. BACHMANN Assoc. Prof, of Organic Chemistry E. F. BARKER Prof, of Physics H. H. BARTLETT S. L. BICELOW W. E. BLAKE A. E. BOAK CAMPBELL BONNER Prof, of Botany Prof. Emeritus of General and Assoc. Prof, of Creek Prof, of Ancient History Prof, of Creek Physical Chemistry J. W. BRADSHAW Prof, of Mathematics L. I. BREDVOLD A. W. BROMACE E. S. BROWN Prof, of English Prof, of Political Science Prof, of Political Science J. L. BRUMM Prof, of Journalism N W. H. BUTTS Prof. Emeritus of Mathematics 1939 L. J. CARR Assoc. Prof, of Sociology Page 24 H. C. CARVER Prof, of Mathematics E. C. CASE Prof, of Historical Geology and Paleontology T Y S C I E N C E AND ARTS PROFESSORS J. M. CORK Prof, of Physks R W. COWDEN Prof, of English V W. CRANE A. L. CROSS Prof, of American History Prof, of English History H D. CURTIS Prof, of Astronomy B. M. DAVIS Prof, of Botany C. E. DENSMORE Assoc. Prof, of Speech L. R. DICE Assoc. Prof, of Zoology Z. C. DICKINSON Prof, of Economics S. D. DODGE Assoc. Prof, of Geography B. M. DONALDSON Assoc. Prof, of Fine Arts E. W. DOW Prof. Emeritus of European History O. S. DUFFENDACK Prof, of Physics D. L. DUMOND Assoc. Prof, of History J. E. DUNLAP Assoc. Prof, of Latin and Creek C. M. EHLERS Assoc. Prof, of Geology L. M. EICH Assoc. Prof, of Speech and Sec. of Summer Session W. B. FORD Prof, of Mathematics C. C. FRIES Prof, of English F. M. CAICE Assoc. Prof, of Zoology M H Pae 25 1939 PROFESSORS U J. W. CLOVER Prof. Emeritus of Mathematics M. COMBERC Prof. Emeritus of Organic Chemistry S. A. GRAHAM Prof, of Economic Zoology C. H. CRIFFITTS Prof, of Psychology E. L. CRICCS Assoc. Prof, of English F. C. CUSTAFSON Assoc. Prof, of Botany C. E. CUTHE W. HABER Director of University Museum Prof, of Economics M. S. HANDMAN Prof, of Economics J. R. HAYDEN Prof, of Political Science T. H. HILDEBRANDT Prof, of Mathematics J. A. HILDNER W. H. HOBBS Assoc. Prof. Emeritus of German Prof. Emeritus of Geology R. D. HOLLISTER Assoc. Prof, of Speech W. R. HUMPHREYS Prof, of English W. F. HUNT Prof, of Petrology R. C. HUSSEY Assoc. Prof, of Geology P. E. JAMES Prof, of Geography MYRA JORDAN Dean Emeritus of Women L. C. KARPINSKI Prof, of Mathematics N 1939 Page 26 N N PROFESSORS H. A. KENYON Assoc. Prof, of Spanish C. D. LaRUE Assoc. Prof, of Botany C. R. LaRUE Prof, of Zoology C. A. LINDSAY Prof, of Physics T. S. LOVERINC Prof, of Economic Geology R. 0. McKENZIE Prof, of Sociology D. B. MCLAUGHLIN Prof, of Astronomy w. A. MCLAUGHLIN Assoc. Prof, of Romance Languages K. McMURRY Prof, of Geography C. L. MEADER Prof. Emeritus of General Linguistics C. F. MEYER Assoc. Prof, of Physics H. W. NORDMEYER Prof, of German P. OKKELBERC Prof, of Zoology M S. PARCMENT Assoc. Prof, of French D. H. PARKER Prof, of Philosophy W. A. PATON Prof, of Economics S. PETERSON Assoc. Prof, of Economics W. B. PILLSBURY Prof, of Psychology J. K. POLLOCK Prof, of Political Science H. T. PRICE Prof, of English M H Page 27 N 1939 u PRO H. M. RANDALL Prof, of Physics J. S. REEVES Prof, of American Institutions E. REIGHARD Prof. Emeritus of Zoology J. R. REINHARD Prof, of English W. C. RICE Prof, of English D. L. RICH Assoc. Prof, of Physics H. A. SANDERS Prof, of Latin R. A. SAWYER Prof, of Physics C. S. SCHOEPFLE Prof, of Organic Chemistry J. W. SCHOLL I. D. SCOTT Assoc. Prof, of German Prof, of Physiographical Geology R. W. SELLARS Prof, of Philosophy I. L. SHARFMAN Prof, of Economics N. SINAI Prof, of Hygiene and Public Health W. W. SLEATOR Assoc. Prof, of Physics W. G. SMEATON Prof, of General and Physical Chemistry N 1939 A. W. SMITH Prof, of Physics R. TALAMON Assoc. Prof, of French W. R. TAYLOR Prof, of Botany C. D. THORPE Prof, of English Page 28 I E N C E N M. P. TILLEY Prof, of English PROFESSORS T. C. TRUEBLOOD Prof. Emeritus of Public Speaking L. C. VANDER VELDE Assoc. Prof, of History C. B. VIBBERT Prof, of Philosophy C. P. WAGNER Prof, of Spanish F. B. WAHR Prof, of Cei E. A. WALTER Assoc. Prof, of English and Asst. Dean L WATERMAN Prof, of Semitic L. L. W ATKINS Prof, of Economics B. WEAVER Assoc. Prof, of English P. S. WELCH Prof, of Zoology L. A. WHITE Assoc. Prof, of Anthropology R. L. WILDER Prof, of Mathematics H. H. WILLARD N. H. WILLIAMS Prof, of Analytical Chemistry Prof, of Physics M J. C. WINTER Prof, of Latin Language and Literature H A. E. WOOD Prof, of Sociology W. H. WORRELL Prof, of Semitics N Page 29 1939 u STEWART CONNELL CANNING KUPECK SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Belty J. Mansfield U. Philip Clark Robert L. Hucy Harold Stewart . Marcia Council . Robert Canning . Leon Kupeck NVITATIONS COMMITTEE George Sargis, Jr., Chairman Charlotte Poock Marjorie High Peter L. LaDnkc President Vice- President Secretary . Treasurer CAP AND COWN COMMITTEE Daniel ! ' . Savannck. Chairman Hairy I.. Swan ' irginia ' oorhees Janet Fullenwidet 1-li ahelh D. Notley David 1$. Blue EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Karl M. Fields, Chaiunan Maijorie L. Talc Harold L. Zimmerman Robert F. Saner Mary Beth Jones William F. Cain FINANCE COMMITTEE Collnirn G. Chernev, Chairman Allan S. Michclson Myron L. Wallace Bailev Brown Margaret A. Thornhil Virginia M. Ostcrman Yitina A. P. Scotti SWING OUT COMMITTEE Carl A. Viehc, Chaii man Marcella F. Maikland Mary C ' .. Bell Claire K. Paulson Marguerite H. Rabc Harriet K. Dean Hugh M. Kopel PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Robert 1). Mitchell, Chairman Doiolhea H. Slaehler Horace V. Gilmore Kli abeth J. Spangler ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Frank R. Wilkinson, Jr.. Chairman Marie McF.lro Marian Baxter Mary Katherine Adanii Jenny I ' cteiscn 1939 Page 30 N N A SUGGESTION OF TIMES SQUARE IN ANGEL HALL LOBBY THE CAMPUS MEETING PLACE J PROFESSOR A. L. CROSS. WORLD AUTHORITY ON ENGLISH CONSTITUTIONAL HISTORY. LECTURES TO A CLASS OF PRE-LAW STUDENTS M H N Page 31 1939 u PRISCILLA EMILY ABBOT A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Phi Gargoyle (1) J.G.P. Ruthvcn Tea Committee League Social Comm. (1) (2) (3) WALDO ABBOT A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chi Psi Gargoyle (1) (2) Publications Mgr. (3) Chrm. Track, Senior Ball Chrm., Senior Ball Track (1) (2) (3) (4) CLAIRE F. ACKERMAN A.B. Pittsfield. Mass. Mosher Hall Play Production (3) La Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (2) CARROLL JOSEPHINE ADAMS A.B. in Fine Arts Toledo, Ohio Kappa Kappa Gamma. Sec. a HENRY HITCH ADAMS A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Scimitar (2) (3) (4), Sec (2) (j) Mimes (3) (4) Kappa Kappa Psi (4) University Band (2) (3) (4) J.G.P. Orientation Adviser (3) (4) MARY KATHERINE ADAMS A.B. in English Columbus. Ohio Alpha Chi Omega, Prcs. (4) Soph Cabaret Social Comm. (2) (3) J.G.P. Pan-Hellenic Ball Comm. WALTER JOSEPH ADAMS A.B. Jackson, Mich. IMK LAURA ADASKO A.B. in Sociology Salem, Mass. Mich. Daily, Business Staff (2) (3) Hillel Players League Soc. and Theatre Arts Comm. BERNARD DORMAN ADLER A.B. New Britain, Conn. r t? ' ,k HAROLD MILTON ADLER A.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Sigma Kappa Union (1) (2) EDITH LOUISE ALCORN A.B. Ravenna, Ohio Gamma Phi Beta CLYDE DELBERT ALLAN B.S. in Mathematics Waterloo, Iowa VIRGINIA RACHEL ALLAN A.B. in English Wyandotte, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega Mortarboard W.A.A., V-Pres. (4) Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Michigras (3) ARTHUR WILLIAM ALLEN, JR. A.B. Peoria. 111. Alpha Delta Phi Phi Eta Sigma Hopwood Award in Essay ELEANOR CLIZBE ALLEN A.B. in Political Science Birmingham. Mich, (jainma Phi Beta FRANCIS CHARLES ANDERSON B.S. Cadillac, Mich. Alpha Sigma Phi, Pros. (4) Druids Interfraternity Council (3) Union Staff (2) CAROUN M. ANDRANICIAN B.S. in Chemistry Kingsburg, Calif. RALPH FRANK ANTHONY A.B. Kalamazoo, Mich. Kappa Kappa Psi Band (1) (2) (3) Symphony (1) (2) (4) Little Symphony (4) CARROLL 1. APPEL A.B. Marlette, Mich. ROBERT E. ARCHER A.B. Milwaukee, Vis. Phi Kappa Sigma. Pres. Track (1) (2) (3) (4) Football (1) (2) Interfraternity Council DOROTHY RUTH ARNOLD A.B. in English Syracuse, N.Y. Alpha Kpsilon Phi, Pres (4) League Soc. Comm. (4) Theatre Arts (3) J.G.P. Soph Cabaret Pan-Hellenic (3) JOHN ATKINSON, JR. B.S. in Chemistry Kenmore, N.Y. Alpha Chi Sigma, Pres. (4) Scalp Blade MARY AUGUST B.S. Niles, Mich. HENRY BACHRACH, II A.B. in Economics Decatur. 111. Zcta Beta Tau EMANUEL M. BAKER A.B. Detroit. Mich. Men ' s Glee Club Choral Union FRANCES E. BAKER A.B. in Journalism Xew Rochelle. N.Y. Kappa Delta, Pres. (3) V. Pres. (4) Theta Sigma Phi Gargoyle (1) Soph Cabaret I.G.P. Theater Arts Comm. (2) Rifle Club (4) ARTHUR J. BALDAUF, JR. A.B. in Economics Highland Park, 111. Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Hockey (1) ROBERT JAMES BANKS A.B. Moline, 111. Zcta Psi ROBERT DuBOIS BARBER B.S. in Mathematics South Byron. N.Y. Theta Chi. Pres. (4) Baseball (1) Publicity Comm. (3) CLEMENT H. BARNES A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Chi Psi 1939 Page 32 N N JEROME LINCOLN BARON A.B. in Economics Far Rockaway. X.Y. kappa Xu Freshman Boxing (1) Junior Hockey Mgr. (3) JOHN LEE BARRETT A.B. Gross? Pointe, Mich. Chi IVi A. P. BARTHOLOMEW, JR. A.B. Rochester. X.Y. Phi Kappa Sigma Treas (4) Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma A- i Track Mgr. (2) (3) Mich. I ' nion (1) (2) ALICE GERTRUDE BASSETT A.B. Ann Arbor Alpha Phi Gargoyle (1) (2) (3) Women ' s Adv. Mgr. (3) Suph Cabaret I.G.P. Social Comm. (1) (2) (3) (4) IRVING LAWRENCE BAUER A.B. Brooklyn. X.Y. Phi Beta Delta Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) Gargoyle (1) (2) Basketball Mgr. (2) ALFRED L. BAUMANN, JR. A-B. in Economics V-tfield. X.J. Kletcher Hall (2) (3) (4) Kappa Kappa Psi (3) (4) Kappa Phi Sigma (2) University Band (1) (2) (3) (4) Mimes (3,4) BURTON RICHARD BENJAMIN A.B. in Business Ad. Cleveland Heights. Ohio Pi Lambda Phi, Treas. Michigamua Sphinx, Sigma Delta Chi Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Sports Editor (4) Student Publications Scholarship (3) PHYLLIS KENNEDY BENNETT A.B. in Psychology Ann Arbor Martha Cook, Treas. (4) Alpha Lambda Delta Orientation Comm. (3) Social Comm. (3) JOSEPH HARRY BERCER A.B. in Psycholog y Jeannette, Penn. JEAN LUCILLE BERTRAM A.B. Detroit. Mich. Kappa Alpha Thela ELDEAN GEORGE BETZ A.B. Bridgewater. Mich. MARION ROBERTA BEYNON A.B. in Oriental Civilizations Ann Arbor DAWN LENORE BOLLINCER A.B. Hazel Park, Mich. Spanish Club (4) ROBERT LINCOLN BOND A.B. Richmond Hill, X.Y. BETTY DAME BONISTEEL A.B. Ann Arbor Kappa Alpha Theta Mich. Daily (1) (2) Xight Editor (3) Michiganensian (2) Golf Team (3) (4) League Social Comm. (2) (3) League Pub. Comm. (3) Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. FRED JOHN BARCHARD, JR. Saginau, Mich. Chi Phi Football (1) WANZER D. BOSWORTH A.B. Rochester. X.Y. Alpha Kappa Psi JEAN LOIS BOURC A.B. Detroit. Mich. Delta Gamma Mich. Daily (3) J.G.P. Theatre Arts Comm. MARIAN ALICE BAXTER A.B. Grosse Pointe. Mich. Delta Gamma Wyvern (2) Mortarboard (3) Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Women ' s Serv. Mgr. (4) League Soc. Comm. (1) (2) (3) J. G. P. Freshman Project Orientation Advisor (3) (4) MARY CAROLINE BELL A.B. in Speech Tecumseh. Mich. Omega I ' psilon. V. Pres. (3) Treas. (4) Campus Magazine (4) Theatre Arts (2) (3) (4) Freshman Project Soph Cabaret Play Production (3) (4) Mich. Repertory Players (4) Dance, J.G.P.. Assembly MELVIN BELLET A.B. in Zoology Passaic. X.J. Wolverine (3) (4) Independents (3) (4) Junior Class Honors JACKSON W. BIRD A.B. in Economics Dearborn, Mich. Michiganensian (4) Transfer from Albion College MAXINE KATHERINE BLAESS A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor Alpha Chi Omega Zeta Phi Eta HARRY BLOCH, JR. A.B. in Political Science New York. .Y. Sigma Alpha Mu Panorama (3) Michigan Union (2) Hillel Players. Bus. Mgr. (4) CHARLES CLARK BOWEN III A.B. Detroit. Mich. Alpha Delia Phi GENE E. BOWLES A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Delta Theta JAMES B. BOYD A.B. in Psychology Johnstown, Pa. MANUEL BEN B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. DAVID BURDETTE BLUE A.B. in Economics Bartlesville, Okla. Phi Kappa Psi ROTC (1) (2) (3) (4) M VERNA GRACE BOYD A.B. in English Mt. Morris, Mich. N Page 33 1939 u MARION L. BRADBURY, JR. A.B. North MuskegQB, Mich. Theta Delta Chi LORENE BRANDT A.B. Ashland. Ohio Jordan Hall Zeta Phi Eta Jordan House Council ROLAND W. BRANDT A.B. Ann Arbor HOUSTON ALLEN BRICE A.B. Birmingham, Ala Delta Kappa Epsilon Perspectives PAUL MICHAEL BRICKLEY A.B. in Economics Two Harbors, Minn. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma, Sphinx, Scabbard Blade Michigamua Mich. Union (1) (2) (3) (4) Pres. (4) Men ' s Council (4) Comm. on Student Affairs (4) JOHN MANCEL BRICCS A.B. in Economics Muskegon, Mich. HARRIET S. BRISK A.B. in Psychology Atlantic City, N.J. BAILEY BROWN A.B. Memphis. Tcnn. Phi Delta Theta, Pres. (4) KATHERINE CAYLEY BROWNE A.B. Newton, N.J. Kappa Alpha Theta HAROLD T. BRUNER .B. in Economics Viikcnsburg, Pa. Delta Sigma Pi GERALD JOSEPH BRUNSKE A.B. Flint, Mich. Sigma Delta Chi, Scholarship Award MARGARET BRYANT in Psychology Laurium. Mich. Alpha Lambda Delta Frosh Project Theatre Arts Committee (2) La Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4) Treas. (4) Spanish Play (4) PHILIP WILLIAM BUCHEN A.B. Sheboygan, Wis. Delta Kappa Epsilon Lawyers Club Phi Eta Sigma Sphinx Michigamua Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) business Mgr. (4) B. J. BUJAK A.B. in .oology Chicago, 111. Phi Sigma ANNA ELAINE BYCHINSKY A.B. Ann Arbor Phi Tail Alpha (1) (2) (3) (4) Deutscher Verein (4) Alpha (iamma Sigma (3) (4) WILLIAM FREDERICK CAIN A.B. in Journalism Hillrnan. Mich. HARRY CALCUTT A.B. Traverse City. Mich. Psi Upsilon Amherst College (1) (2) VIRGINIA S. CALDWELL A.B. Hint, Mich. Martha Cook J. G. P. Girls ' (Jlee Club (3) (4) Basketball (3) (4) Howling (3) (4) DOUGLAS GILBERT CALKINS A.B. Painted Post, N.Y. Delta Phi MARY MONICA CALL B.S. Jackson. Mich. Chi Omega J.G.P. Xc man Club, V. Pres. (3) (4) ELOISE L. CAMPBELL A.B. Traverse City, Mich. 1 1939 HARRIET JOY BRITTON B.S. in Chemistry Hannibal, Mo. Martha Cook Swimming Club STUART PHILIP BROCK A.B. in Economics Ionia, Mich. PHYLLIS A. BROCKMAN A.B. Detroit. Mich. Jordan Hall U N LaVERNE THOMPSON BURNS A.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Sigma Kappa, Pres. Union (2) FRANK M. BURROUGHS, JR. A.B. Grand Kapids. Mich. Phi Beta Pi NEWTON BURROWS A.B. in History Detroit, Mich. Mich. Union (1) (2) Progressive Club (2) (3) (4) Adelphi (2) JANE ESTHER CAMPBELL A.B. in Sociology Wellsville, N.Y. Adelia Cheever (2) (3) (4) Pres. (3) Ath. Mgr. (2) Social Comm. (4) Ballroom Comm. (4) Athena (3) (4) Assembly (3) (4) Newman Club (3) (4) Soph Cabaret JOHN SINCLAIR CAMPBELL A.B. in Zoology Manistee. Mich. Delta Tau Delta Mich. Union (1) (2) Student Advisor (2) JOHN N. CANAVAN A.B. in Economics Highland Park, Mich. Sigma Phi Epsilon Mich. Daily Editorial (3) (4) Transfer from Highland Park Junior College. Page 34 N N VICTOR WILLIAM CANEVER A.B. in Economics Birmingham. Mich. Basketball (1) (2) Baseball (1) (2) Track (1) ROBERT JEROME CANNING A.B. in Economics Tonawanda, N.V. Chi Phi Michigamua Head Cheerleader (4) Intrrfraternity Council (2) (3) I ' reas. (4) rnior Class Intramural Msr. (1) (2) (3) JANE MARIE CARR A.B. in French Royal Oak. Mich. Kappa Phi French Club MARGARET P. CARRICAN A.B. in Economics Port Huron. Mich. Alpha Phi Mich. Daily (2) Comm. (3) (4) 1 ' an-Hellenic Ball (3) J.G.P. CORDON BAXTER CARVER A.B. Kay City. Mich. I ' -i ( " psilon STANLEY MAX CASMER A.B. in Spanish " i abbard and Blade Sixiedad Hispanica LEE M. CATTELL, JR. B.S. in Science-Math. Bronson. Mich. Transfer from Blackburn College I-M Boxing (3) JOHN W. CEDERQUIST A.B. Jamestown, X.V. GWENDOLYN JUANITA CHARLESTON A.B. in Spanish Detroit. Mich. Delta Sigma Theta COLBURN C. CHERNEY A.B. Menominee. Mich. Hiawatha Club Intramural Athletics ELEANOR M. L. CHRISTENSEN A.B. in Speech Winona. Minn. Chi Omega Omega C ' psilon (3) (4) Treas. (4) I rr hman Project Theater Arts Comm. (3) CHARLES DANIEL CLARK A.B. Peoria, 111. Delta Upsilon Track (1) (2) I.a Sociedad Hispanica, V. Pres. (2) D. PHILIP CLARK A.B. in English Stoneboro, Pa. Theta Xi, Pres. (4) Druids Michit-anensian (1) (2) (3) Senior Invitations Comm. Interfraternity Council (2) (3) Interfraternity Ball (3) Choral Union (2) Play Production (2) (3) (4) FREDERICK W. CLARK A.B. in Mathematics Daytona Beach, Fla. Phi Eta Sigma I niv. of Fla (1) (2) HARVEY WOODRUFF CLARKE A.B. Spokane, Wash. Phi Gamma Delta Sphinx Track (1) (2) (3) (4) Band (I) CHARLES HENRY CLIFTON B.S. Bay City, Mich. 1 EDITH COFFMAN A.B. in Sociology South Bend, Ind. Phi Sigma Sigma BERNICE COHEN A.B. I ' assaic, N.J. Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Beta Kappa Assembly Award Phi Kappa Phi Pan-Hellenic Scholarship Athletic Chrm. (2) League Publicity Comm. (1) Intramural Debating Team JAMES ERNEST COLENSO A.B. in Journalism Flint, Mich. Lambda Chi Alpha Kappa Tau Alpha ARTHUR BERNARD COLMAN A.B. in Political Science Detroit, Mich. Siama Alpha Mu Interfrateraity Council (2) (3) Interfraternity Ball, Dec. Chrm. (4) M CHARLES FRANCIS COLMAN A.B. Detroit. Mich. Sigma Alpha Mu Mich. Daily Bus. Staff MARCIA CONNELL A.B. Detroit, Mich. Delta Gamma Wyvern, Mortarboard Omega Upsilon Gargoyle, Asst. Ed. (4) Freshman Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. League Council DOROTHY RANSOM CONTRALL A.B. Ann Arbor PAUL COOK A.B. in History Corning. N.Y. Alpha Sigma Phi Interfraternity Council (3) ELIZABETH MARIAN COONS A.B. in Economics Ironwood, Mich. J.G.P. Choral Union DONALD RUSSELL COOPER A.B. Kalamazoo, Mich. Sigma Chi Phi Eta Sigma V. Pres. Freshman Medical Class (4) Varsity Band (1) (2) JOHN KENNETH COOPER B.S. Muskegon, Mich. ROBERT STIRLING COORS A.B. in Economics Lansing. Mich. Band (3) JOHN EUGENE CORNELIUS A.B. in Economics Asbury Park. X.J. Delta Upsilon Scabbard and Blade Drill Team (2) (3) (4) Military Ball Comm. (3) (4) Cadet Major ROTC (4) JOHN F. COSTELLO. JR. A.B. in Economics Worcester, Mass. Alpha Tau Omega N Page 35 1939 u CHARLES H. COUSINEAU B.S. in Chemistry Muskegon, Mich. Alpha Chi Sigma ROBERT WALLACE COX A.B. in Economics Battle Creek, Mich. Delta Sigma Pi, Treas. OLIVER B. CRACER A.B. I ' ontiac, Mich. Delta Sigma Rho Varsity Debate MARGARET MARION CRAM A.B. I ' ontiac, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma Gargoyle (2) Michiganensian (2) Freshman Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Social Comm. League (1) (2) (3) Pan-Hellenic Assoc. (4) ROBERT D. CULBERTSON B.S. in Geology Clarion, Pa. Theta Chi Intramural Mgr. (3) ROBERT B. CURREN A.B. Warren, Pa. Sigma Chi - DOROTHY CURTIS A.B. Ann Arbor. Mich. Delta Gamma Freshman Project J.G.P. NORMA LUCILLE CURTIS B.S. Chevy Chase, Md. Helen Newberry, Pres. Wyvern, Treas. (3) Mortarboard (4) Senior Society Michiganensian (1) (2) W.A.A., Pres. (4) Chrm. Assembly Ball (3) Class Projects (1) (2) (3) ELLEN NAIRNE CUTHBERT A.B. Ann Arbor Senior Society Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Assembly Ball (3) League Fair Gen ' l Chrm. (4) Publicity Comm. (1) (2) (3) (4) Theater Arts Comm. (4) Freshman Project (1) J.G.P. NANCY JANE DALL A.B. in History Libertyville, 111. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres. (4) Michiganensian (2) (3) Social Comm. (2) (3) (4) Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Foreign Students Comm. U N ALICE CRIFFITTS DANHOF A.B. Ann Arbor Ann Arbor Independ. (2) (4) I ' niv. of Kentucky (3) JOHN D ' ARCY, JR. A.B. Kirkwood, Mo. Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Kappa Delta WINTHROP NEWBURY DAVEY A.B. Jackson, Mich. ROBERT LESTER DAVID A.B. Rochester, N.Y. Pi Lambda Phi Interfraternity Council (2) HAROLD ELTON DAVIDSON A.B. in Economics (irand Rapids, Mich. Sigma Phi Sphinx (3) Track (1) (2) (3) (4) Board of Physical Ed. IDA MAY DAVIS A.B. in History Toms River, N.J. Collegiate Sorosis Mich. Daily (3) (4) Crop and Saddle (3) (4) Tennis (3) (4) Transfer from College of William and Mary Orientation Advisor Social Comm. JAMES WILLIAM DAVIS A.B. Pontiac, Mich. Hermitage HARRIET E. DEAN A.B. Detroit, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Golf Team (3) Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Lantern Night (3) Social Comm. (3) Basketball (2) (3) (4) HELEN JEAN L.iRUE DEAN A.B. in Political Science Grand Rapids, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Wyvern (3) Mortarboard (4) Mich. Daily (2) (3) Woman ' s Bus. Mgr. (4) Treas. of League (4) Grand Rapids Junior College (1) Soph Cabaret JACK M. DEMINC A.B. in Political Science Jackson, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi NED WESLEY DEMINC A.B. in Economics Jackson, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi EDWIN LEWIS DERBY A.B. in Economics Ishpeming, Mich. Beta Theta Pi CHARLES LOUIS DEUTSCH A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. VIRGINIA CATHERINE DILTS A.B. in Economics Lakewood. Ohio Martha Cook Kappa Phi (2) JANE KATHRYN DINEHART A.B. in History Elkhart. Ind. Kappa Phi Univ. Orchestra (3) OLCA EUGENIA DOBOSZ A.B. in Psychology Washington, D.C. Fencing Club (3) (4) Adelia Cheever, Sec.-Treas. (3) Freshman Project Soph. Cabaret Theatre Arts Comm. (2) ELZA DOROTHY DOECEY A.B. in Journalism Chicago, 111. Theta Sigma Phi, (3) (4) Pres. (5) Mich. Journalist Adelia Cheever, Sec.-Treas. (2) V. Pres. (3) Kappa Tau Alpha (4) (5) Alpha Kappa Delta (4) (5) CHARLES LAURIE DOLPH B.S. Ann Arbor Phi Beta Kappa (1) Phi Kappa Phi (4) Student Religious Council (3) RICHARD F. DONALDSON A.B. Columbus, Ohio Sigma Nu BEULAH M. DOWNS A.B. Romeo, Mich. Alpha Omicron Pi Glee Club Y 1939 Page 36 1 N N JEAN ADAMS DRAKE A.B. in Zoology Cleveland, Ohio Gamma Phi Beta. Pres. (4) Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) Women ' s Ed. (4) Freshman Project Soph Cabaret J.G.I ' . League Social Comm. (1) (2) Student Publications Scholarship (3) THOMAS C. DRAPER A.B. in Economics Perry. V V. Alpha Kappa Psi Freshman Baseball (1) Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4) V. Pre . (3) R.O.T.C. (1) (2) (3) (4) RICHARD ABRAHAM DREIFUSS A.K Royal Oak. Mich. Alpha Epsilon Mu (1) (4) Band ( 1 ) JOHN FREDERICK DROECE A.B. in Political Science LaPorle. Ind. Chi Phi ALBERT MYRON DuBOIS H.S. in Chemistry Hrrkimrr. . V. PHILIP STOCKWELL DURFEE A.K. T..ledo, Ohio Chi Phi MARY ELIZABETH EASTERLY H.S. Bay City. Mich. Merit System Comm. (3) (4) Social Comm. (4) J.G.P. MARVIN A. ECER A.B. in Science and Math. Bayonne. X. J. RUDOLPH JOHN EIBLER B.S. in Zoology Ann Arbor ALFRED CEORCE ELLICK, JR. A.B. Omaha. Xebr. Sigma Phi Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) EDWARD W. ELLINCEN A.B. Grand Haven. Mich. Delta Sigma Pi LYLE DEAN ELLIOTT A.B. Ann Arbor SHIRLEY EVELYN ELLIS A.B. in Sociology Hillsdale, Mich. Betsy Barbour League Merit Comm. League Social Comm. Theatre Arts Comm. Soph Carbaret J.G.P. MARY LOUISE ENDERS A.B. in Psychology Jackson. Mich. l- v JULIUS ELLIOTT EPSTEIN A.B. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Play Production OLCA CHRISTINE ERICKSON A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Collegiate Sorosis Soph Cabaret J.G.P. RALPH LeROY ERLEWINE A.B. Ann Arbor Phi Gamma Delta Spring Parley Ex. Comm. (2) (3) (4) Freshman Rendezvous (2) (3) Director (4) IRA L. ERNST A.B. in Economics Minot, N.D. Alpha Kappa Psi BERNARD ESMAN A.B. Pittsburgh, Pa. Band (3) (4) ALFRED SPRING EVANS A.B. in English Buffalo. X.Y Theta Chi Michiganensian (1) Gargoyle (2) Photographic Ed. (3) (4) Interfraternity Council (2) (3) Intramural Mgr. (2) Glider Club (2) BERNICE MARIE FACE B.S. Buffalo. N.Y. Kappa Phi BEATRICE ECKER A.B. in History Kansinir. Mich. LESTER D. EDELSTEIN A.B. anty-Glo. Pa. WILLIAM HENRY EDWARDS A.B. Muskegon. Mich. Theta Delta Chi VIOLETTA FREDA ENCEL A.B. Atlantic City. N.J. Alpha Kappa Delta Sec. (4) Soph Cabaret League Social Comm. (2) Theatre Arts Comm. (3) J.G.P. Michigan Daily (2) Assembly Ball (3) RAYMOND M. ENCELMAN A.B. Detroit. Mich. Phi Sigma Delta Basketball (1) Phi Delta Epsilon BARBARA EDITH EPPSTEIN A.B. in English Traverse City, Mich. Mosher Hall. Sec. (4) Senior Society. Treas. Mich. Daily (3) W.A.A. Board (2) (4) Judiciary Council (4) Michigras. Dec. Chrm. (3) M MORTIMER SIDNEY FALK A.B. Asbury Park. N.J. Michigan Daily (1) Panorama (3) Congress (3) ROSS H. FAULKNER Montclair, X.J. Phi Kappa Psi Sphinx (3) Track (1) (2) (3) (4) ELEANOR MILDRED FELDMAN A.B. Mt. Clemens. Mich. Helen Xewberry Res. Theatre Arts Comm. League Social Comm. J.G.P. Assembly Ball Hillel Players N Page 37 1939 u ROBERT TURNER FERRIES A.B. in History Houghton, Mich. Beta Theta Pi Golf (4) Golf Championship (2) EARL MERIT FIELDS A.B. in Economics Pontiac, Mich. Kappa Delta Phi Pres. (4) STEPHEN JAMES FILIPIAK A.B. East Chicago, Ind. Play Production (2) (3) (4) Asst. Staff Radio Broadcasting H. STEWART FITCH A.B. Berkeley, Calif. Chi Phi, V. Pres. (4) Mich. Daily, (1) (2) (3) Rendezvous Club V. Pres. (1) EDITH A. FLACK A.B. in Mathematics South Bend. Ind. Dancing Class Comm. (2) Merit Comm. (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (4) LUCILLE R. FLAUM A.B. in History New York, N.Y. Mich. Daily (1) (2) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret JUNE VIRGINIA FLEMING B.S. Detroit, Mich. Helen Newberry (3 ) Board Martha Cook Bldg. (4) Mich. Daily Assembly Board (3) Assembly Ball (2) Merit System Comm. (2) Orientation Comm. (4) WARREN ALWIN FLORANCE B.S. in Chemistry Flint, Mich. Alpha Chi Sigma SARAH MARGARET FORSYTHE A.B. in Mathematics Ann Arbor Delta Delta Delta Alpha Lambda Delta (1) Phi Kappa Phi (4) Kappa Phi (1) (2) (3) (4) Pres. (4) University Symphony (1) J.G.P. League Publicity Comm. (2) RHODA ELSIE FOXMAN A.B. Rochester, New York Assembly Board (4) Assembly Banquet (4) Play Production (3) Hillel (4) N ROBERT CHARLES FRAILINC A.B. in Economics Iron River, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi Druids (4) Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) CECILE MAE FRANKING A.B. Ann Arbor Independents (1) (2) (3) (4) Student Senate (3) (4) Assembly (3) (4) Frosh Project ALICE CAROLYN FRAYER A.B. Ann Arbor Delta Delta Delta Alpha Lambda Delta (1) Tau Sigma Delta Phi Kappa Phi Theatre Arts Soph Cabaret J.G.P. CARMENA M. FREEMAN A.B. Goshen. Ind. Theta Sigma Phi Gargoyle (2) Rifle Team (2) J.G.P. BETTY FROMM A.B. New York, N.Y. Phi Sigma Sigma Athena Political Science Club Soph Cabaret JOHN E. FROST A.B. in Economics Port Huron. Mich. Chi Phi MARGARET ISABELLA FRY A.B. in Speech Detroit, Mich. Zeta Phi Eta (4) Play Production (3) (4) University Broadcasting (3) (4) Jordan House Council (4) JANET FULLENWIDER A.B. in Mathematics Detroit, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Wyvern (3) Mortarboard (4) Michiganensian (2) (3) Frosh Project Social Comm. (2) (3) Merit System Comm. (2) (3), Chrm. (4) ROBERT FAIRBANKS FULLER A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Beta Theta Pi ROBERT FREDERICK CACER B.S. in Chemistry Niagara Falls, N.Y. Sigma Delta Psi Track (1) (2) (4) LILA JANE CAIRNS A.B. in Zoology Flint, Mich. Inter-Guild Council Sec ' y (3) MARGUERITE L. CANZHORN A.B. Ann Arbor J.G.P. Soph Cabaret Pitch Putt (1) (2) Crop Saddle (1) (2) HAROLD JOHN CARBE A.B. Wheaton, 111. JOSEPH EDWARD GARDNER A.B. in Economics New Baltimore, Mich. Alpha Nu Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4) HAROLD LEROY CARN A.B. South Bend, Ind. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Delta Chi (3) Sec ' y (4) Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) HAROLD CAST A.B. Far Rockaway, N.Y. Kappa Nu Hillel Players (2) (3) (4) i ' lay Production (3) (4) Radio Broadcasting (3) (4) ROBERT MARSHALL GATES A.B. Howell, Mich. ELMER JOHN CEDEON A.B. in History Cleveland, Ohio Phi Gamma Delta, Pres. Michigamua Sphinx Football (1) (2) (3) (4) Track (3) ( 4) Baseball (1) (2) (3) 4) MARGARET D. CELENIUS A.B. in French Ann Arbor Independents (2) (3) (4) Cercle Francais (1) MORGAN JOHN GIBBS A.B. in Economics Ludington, Mich. Lambda Chi Alpha Pres. (4) 1939 Page 38 N N JOSEPH CIES A.B. Ann Arbor A.S.U. (3) (4) Daily (1) (2) (3) Book Editor (4) Student Senate (3) V. Pres. (4) MARY CIES A.B. in History New York. N.V. Kappa Alpha Theta ROLAND EDDY CIFFORD A.B. Cambridge. N.V. Kappa Tau Alpha (3) (4) Mich. Journalist (3) (4) EDWIN JAMES CILLAM JR. A.B. in Political Science Washington. D.C. Alpha Tau Omega Transfer from University of California (1) Band (1) ROBERT LEE CILLIS A.B. Detroit. Mich. Phi Eta Sigma Glee Club HORACE WELDON CILMORE A.B. Circleville. Ohio Alpha Delta Phi Sphinx Michigamua Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) (4) City Editor (4) Sinma Delta Chi Union Executive Council (3) COODWIN CINSBURC A.B. Traverse. Mich. Tennis Sports Mgr. Hillel Foundation NATHAN CITLIN A.B. in Economics New Rochelle. N.V. Panorama { 1 ) Congress Comm. on Sports Play Production (2) (3) HERBERT HAROLD GOLDSTEIN A.B. in Chemistry Newark, N.J. Phi Eta Sigma (1) Gargoyle (1) Independents (3) Adelphi (2) Senate (3) NATHAN GOLDSTEIN II A.B. in Political Science Greenville, Mi- . Phi Epsilon Pi Pres. (3) Executive Comm. Inter-Fratern:ty Council (4) SYLVIA JOYE GOLDSTEIN A.B. Ambridge. Penna. Assembly Banquet (4) League Social Comm. (4) Hillel MARY ELIZABETH GOODRICH A.B in Psychology Glen Ellyn. Illinois Mosher Hall Beta Kappa Rho Pres. Alpha Gamma Sigma ROBERT COTTSECEN A.B. in Zoology New York, N.V. Daily Art Staff Gargoyle Hillel Publicity Director Hillel Council Congress Social Comm. Play Production EDWARD R. GRACE, JR. A.B. in English Detroit. Mich. Delta Kappa Epsilon Druids. Pres. Men ' s Council Student Senate JOSEPH DAVID CRAHAM A.B. in Speech Elmira. New York Mimes (2) (3) (4) Sec ' y (3) Play Production (3) (4) J.G.P. Children ' s Theatre (2) (3) (4) AULENE ARDIS CRAVELLE A.B. in Sociology Northville. Mich. Mich. Alumni Undergraduate Scholarship s FRED H. CREINER, JR. A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor Delta Sigma Rho (3) Camnus Oratorical Title (3) Northern Oratorical League Title Play Prod. (4) WILLIAM FERDINAND CRIER A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Kappa Sigma Senior Ball. Chrm. Student Senate (4) Wrestling (1) BARBARA T. GRIFFIN A.B. in Sociology Oyster Bay. N.Y. Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Kappa Delta Swimming Club (3) Transfer Skidmore (3) J.G.P. JULIAN GLADDEN CRICCS A.B. in Zoology Washington. D.C. Robert Owen Co-op Wrestling Squad ARNOLD BRAMS CROBMAN B.S. in Zoology Newark, N.J. Phi Sigma Independents (3) Michigan Union (3) Baseball (1) ESTHER LYDIA CROSS A.B. in Psychology Saline. Mich. Independents Phi Kappa Phi BETSY GUILD B.S. in Psychology Baltimore. Md. V. Pres. of Class (1) Frosh Project Michigras (2) Assembly (2) Jordan House Council (2) JUNE GLADYS HAAPOJA A.B. in Sociology Ironwood, Mich. J.G.P. DOROTHY ANN COEBEL A.B. in French Detroit. Mich. Alpha Delta Pi Cercle Francais Sociedad Hispanica JOHN BENNETT GREEN A.B. in Economics Babylon, New York Acacia. Sec ' y (4) Michiganensian (1) (2) Track, Asst. Mgr. (3) Manager (4) Frosh Frolic (1) HUGH JOHN HACEMEYER B.S. in Chemistry Detroit. Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma CAROL M. GOLDEN A.B. in Psychology Saginaw. Mich. MARGARET H. GREENHOUSE A.B. in History Rochester. N.Y. Alpha Epsilon Phi Hillel Social Chrm. (2) J.G.P. Pan-Hellenic (3) (4) Hillel Players (2) League Social Comm. (3) M I H Page 39 MARGARET ELDORA HACCAN A.B. Cleveland Hts.. Ohio Adelia Cheever House Alpha Lambda Delta N 1939 u CAROLD B. HAMILTON A.B. in History Newaygo, Mich. JOHN WYLLYS HAMILTON A.B. Kirkwood. Mo. Alpha Delta Phi Pres. (4) VIRGINIA ANITA HAMMEL A.B. Flint, Mich. Repertory Orchestra (3) (4) HARRIET JANE HAMMETT A.B. Jackson, Mich. Martha Cook Kappa Tau Alpha (3) (4) J.G.P. JEAN KATHERINE HARLEY A.B. Detroit, Mich. Mich. Daily (1) (2) Michiganensian (3) Crop Saddle (1) (2) (3) (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Mosher House Council League Publicity (2) (3) JAMES A. HARPER A.B. in Political Science Moline, 111. Phi Kappa Psi BYRON H. HARRIS A.B. in Economics Toledo, Ohio Delta Sigma Pi MARVIN SYDNEY HARRISON A.B. Bay City, Mich. GERALD MALONE HART B.S. Birch Run, Mich. HARRY LEWIS HART A.B. Flint, Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma Track (1) RUTH IRENE HARTMANN A.B. in Social Work VVauseon, Ohio Senior Society W.A.A. Awards Chrm. (4) Mgr. (3) Athletic Mgr. (2) J.G.P. League Soc. Comm. (3) Merit System Comm. (4) Assembly (3) Sec ' y (4) Senior Society ROBERT BUTLER HARTNETT A.B. Akron, Ohio Phi Sigma Kappa WARREN ELGIN HARTSIC B.S. Detroit, Mich. MURIEL C. HASKINS A.B. Canton, Ohio Mosher Mosher House Council Orientation Advisor (4) J.G.P. Sociedad Hispanica (3) BARBARA HEATH A.B. Ann Arbor Pi Beta Phi Mortarboard Wyvern Social Comm. (1) (2) (3) (4) Chrm. (4) Soph. Cabaret Chrm. Pan-Hellenic Rep. (.5) J.G.P. ROY HEATH Salina, Kansas Phi Delta Theta Sigma Delta Chi Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) (4) Track (1) (2) EMANUEL H. HECHT A.B. Shaker Heights, Ohio Phi Sigma Delta RALPH I. HEIKKINEN A.B. in Economics Ramsay, Mich. Phi Gamma Delta Sphinx Michigauma Football (2) (3) (4) Varsity " M " Club Pres. K. KEVIN HEPP A.B. in Economics Buffalo, N.Y. Delta Upsilon Gargoyle Pub. Mgr. (2) Advert. Mgr. (3) HARRY CARL A.B. Chicago, 111 HERMAN MAY HERTNACEL A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. DAVID GORDON HERTZBERC A.B. River Rouge, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi SEYMOUR H. HERTZBERC A.B. in History Long Beach, N.Y. Mich. Union Comm. (1) (2) Congress Comm. (3) ARNO H. A. HEYN B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Michiganensian Photographer (4) Deutscher Verein (2) (3) (4) Choral Union (2) (3) (4) AUBREY BURTON HICKS, JR. A.B. in Economics Owosso, Mich. Delta Sigma Pi ALICE TIFFT HIMES A.B. in Chemistry Grand Rapids. Mich. Chi Omega MARY CHAPIN HINCHMAN A.B. in Spanish e v Hope, Pa. Martha Cook RUTH CAROLINE HINTZ A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Martha Cook Marygrove College ACNES JOAN HIPPEN A.B. in English Detroit. Mich. Alumnae House Deutscher Verein V. Pres. (2) Sec ' y (3) Social Comm. (3) EDWIN HAROLD HOACLAND A.B. Detroit, Mich. Psi Upsilon Varsity Golf Squad 1939 N Page 40 N AND MAX EUGENE HODGE A.B. in Journalism I ' ontiac, Mich. Theta Chi Gargoyle (1) (2) (3) (4) Editor Mimes, Pres. Sigma Delta Chi kappa Tau Alpha Sphinx Druids VIRGINIA MAE HOELZLE A.B. Grosse Pointe. Mich. Martha Cook Bldg. Wittenberg College Choral t ' nion (3) (4) Clee Club (3) Dance Club (3). Sec ' y (4) Omesa Upsilon (3) (4) J.G.P. Theatre Arts Comm. (4) MAURICE E. HOFFMAN A.B. in Economics Chicago. III. I ' i Lambda Phi I ' ninn (1) (2) Financial Comm. (2) SIDNEY MARTIN HONES B.S. in Chemistry Jackson, Mich. BETSY BREESE HONHART A.B. in Zoology Grosse Pointe. Mich. Pi Beta Phi Omega Upsilon J.G.P. Social Comm. RUSSELL WALLACE HOOK, JR. A.B. E. Grand Rapids. Mich. Alpha Delta Phi Sphinx. Pres. Druids. Michigauma Football (2) (3) (4) Class Pres. (2) Men ' s Council (3) (4) FREDERICK WILLIAM HUNT A.B. Ann Arbor Glee Club (I) Symphony Orchestra (1) IRVING RAPHAEL ISAACS A.B. Detroit. Mich. Kappa ' u, Sec ' y (2) Union (1) (2) ROBERT GRAHAM ISGRIGC A.B. I ' ontiac, Mich. Chi Psi Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) CHARLES GEORGE HOHMAN A.B. in Economics Hammond. Ind. Delia Kappa Epsilon Panorama (3) MARTHA L. HORELICK A.B. in Sociology Pittsburgh. Pa. DIXIE JUNE JACKSON A.B. Ironwood, Mich. Alpha Gamma Delta Choral Union (3) (4) J.G.P. THOMAS GEORGE HOLCOMB A.B. : amnaw. Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon JANE BANCROFT HOLDEN A.B. in Sociology Detroit. Mich. Pi Beta Phi Mich. Daily (2) (3) J.G.P. Social Comm. (2) (3) (4) Ballroom Comm. (4) Soph Cabaret League Fair (4) Sweet Briar College (1) CHARLOTTE JEAN HOLLAND A.B. Laurium. Mich. Alpha Lambda Delta (1) Yyvern (3) Senior Soc. (4) Mortar Board (4) Freshman Project Soph Cabaret Theatre Arts Comm. (2) Assembly Board (3) Orientation (3) JAMES A. HOLLINSHEAD A.B. in Economics Monrnr. Mich. Delta Tau Delia Druids (4) Gargoyle (1) (2) Assoc. Ed. (3) I ' ninn Stud. Comm. (1) (2) I ' ninn Executive Council (3) Track (1) ELMER S. HOLMAN A.B. Lapeer, Mich. ROBERT RAYMOND HOLT A.B. in Economics Buffalo. Vyo. Phi Gamma Delta Golf Mgr. (4) Track Mgr. (I) (2) (3) ELLEN ISABEL HORTON A.B. in Education Saginaw, Mich. Outdoor Club (3) (4) i CHARLOTTE LOUISE HOUK A.B. in English Detroit. Mich. Betsy Barbour House V. Pres. (3) J.G.P. Assembly Ball (4) BETTIE IRENE HOWARD A.B. Uniontown, Pa. Senior Society Zeta Phi Eta (3) Mich. Daily (2) (3) Jordan Hall. Pres. (4) Play Production (3) (4) Assembly (4) League Theatre Arts Comm. (1) (2) (3) ARTHUR J. HOWE A.B. in Political Sci. Port Huron. Mich. . m ALFRED HOWER A.B. Detroit, Mich. Track (1) La Sociedad Hispanica (3) Pres. (4) Simon Mandelbaum Scholar (3) ROBERT L. HUEY A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor Kappa Delta Rho Michiganensian (2) (3) Interfraternity Council (2) (3) Progressive Club (3) (4) Senior Class Invitation Comm. M I FRED CHARLES JANKE A.B. Jackson. Mich. Sphinx. Michigamua Football (2) (3) (4) M Club (4) JAROS JEDEL A.B. in French Xewark, N.J. Alpha Epsilon Phi Freshman Project Soph Cabaret Lantern Night (2) Cerele Francais (3) (4) l.G.P. Theatre Arts Comm. (2) (3) (4) Social Comm. (2) (4) CENEVIEVE B. JOHNSON A.B. in Latin Sand Lake, Mich. JOHN FOWLER JOHNSON B.S. in Mathematics Ann Arbor Alpha Kappa Lambda Scabbard Blade Varsity Band (1) LENORE MARIE JOHNSON B.S. in Zoology Grand Rapids. Mich. Betsy Barbour House Freshman Project J.G.P. Assembly (3) (4) Soph Cabaret Theatre Arts Comm. (4) Merit Comm. (4) MARGARET MARY JOHNSON A.B. Lansing, Mich. Alpha Gamma Delta. Pres. (3) Freshman Project J.G.P. Archery Club (4) N Page 41 1939 u 1939 ROBERT LATHAM JOHNSON A.B. Saginaw, Mich. Hermitage, Treas. (3) (4) Wrestling (1) (2) Roger Williams Guild Treas. (2) Pres. (3) DOROTHY HELEN JONES A.B. in Journalism Union City, Mich. Kappa Tau Alpha. Treas. (3) (4) Theta Sigma Phi Mich. Journalist (3) Sigma Delta Chi Scholarship Award (3) MARY BETH JONES A.B. Niagara Falls, N.Y. Alpha Gamma Delta Cercle Francais Soph Cabaret J.G.P. League Committees NANETTE L. KAHN A.B. in Sociology Bay City, Mich. Mosher-Jordan Alpha Kappa Delta ROBERT LOUIS KAHN Detroit, Mich. Quadrangle Perspectives Bd. in Control of Student Publications Student Senate Glee Club A.S.U. Executive Committee Phi Kappa Phi EDNA M. KAISER A.B. Pittsford, N.Y. _ ' PAULINE ELIZABETH KALB A.B. Springfield, 111. Delta Delta Delta Michiganensian (1) (2) Social Comm. (2) Soph Cabaret Stanley Chorus (2) Merit System (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (4) Freshman Project ARNOLD H. KAMBLY A.B. in Psychology Ann Arbor ROBERT L. KAMM A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Ik EDNA EVELYN KANDELIN A.B. Ishpeming, Mich. Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Kappa Delta Rifleiy (2) (3) Choral Union Suomi Club N HARRY M. KARNEMONT A.B. in Economics Fremont, Mich. THEODORE A. KAUFMAN A.B. Owosso, Mich. LEO KAYSER, JR. A.B. Birmingham, Ala. Zeta Beta Tau Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi FLORENCE MARIE KEAVIN A.B. Elmira, N.Y. Mosher Hall Social Chrm. (4) La Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4) J.G.P. MILDRED BRYANT KEETON A.B. in Journalism Munising. Mich. Theta Sigma Phi MARY JANE E. KEHOE A.B. Lapeer, Mich. Marlha Cook Bldg. J.G.P. CLARE KELDERHOUSE A.B. in Sociology Charlevoix. Mich. EUGENE ELLIS KENACA B.S. Midland, Mich. Les Voyageurs (3) (4) Track (3) Varsity Band (1) (4) Forestry Club (1) Lutheran Student (2) (3) (4) NEWTON H. KETCHAM B.S. in Chemistry Oak Park, 111. Sigma Phi Kappa Kappa Psi Mich. Daily (1) (2) Band (1) (2) (3) (4) JEAN BELLE KING A.B. in History Erie, Pa. Betsy Barbour, Soc. Chrm. Mich. Daily (2) Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Merit Comm., Social Comm. Assembly Ball Assembly Banquet Comm. ARNOLD KLEIMAN A.B. in Economics New York, N.Y. Rochdale House Gargoyle Hillel Players Congress Housing Comm. Inter-Coop. Comm. Hillel Independents S. R. KLEIMAN A.B. in English New York. N.Y. Quadrangle (4) Phi Eta Sigma (1) Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Assoc. Editor (4) Soph Prom Comm. Amer. Student Union (4) Spring Parley Comm. (2) (3) (4) Student Senate (3) EDWARD PAUL KMET A.B. Cleveland, Ohio NICK KOHAN A.B. in Zoology Goodrich, Mich. Track, Football EMIL ARTHUR KRATZMAN A.B. Springfield Gardens, L.I., New York MADELINE KRIEGHOFF A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Jordan Hall (1) (2) Martha Cook (3) (4) Senior Soc., Sec ' y Frosh Project Soph Cabaret Assembly (2) (3) Orientation Comm. (3) Social Comm. (3) (4) LEON ALBERT KUPECK A.B. Rockville. Conn. Mimes, (3) (4) Polonia Circle, V. Pres. (4) Class Treasurer (4) Northwestern Univ. (1) SIDNEY J. KURNITSKY A.B. Springfield. Mass. SAM KUSHNER B.S. in Chemistry Ann Arbor ROWENA ELAINE L.iCOSTE A.B. Detroit, Mich. Helen Newberry (2) (3) (4) Mich. Daily (2) Play Production (2) (3) Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4) Alpha Gamma Sigma (1) (2) (4) Glee Club (2) (3) (4) (3) Page 42 N N PETER LAWRENCE LaDUKE A.B. Lawrence, Mich. DAVID CORDON LAINC A.B. in Economics I i aeiac, Mich. Tricon, Pres. (3) (4) Michigras Comm. (2) Alpha Xu (2) V. Pres. (3) Pres. (4) Sphinx (3) Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) Editor (4) Michieamua (4) DELBRIDCE RUSSELL LAKIN A.B. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Sigma CRACE E. LAMBRECHT A.B. in Fine Arts Dertoit. Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta JAMES V. LAMENDOLA B.S. in Science Rochester. N.V. Phi Beta Pi Newman Club RACENE E. LAMMING A.B. Manchester. Mich. Adelia Cheever (2) (3) (4) V. Pres. (4) Phi Tau Alpha (3) (4) Merit Comm. (2) Social Comm. (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (4) J.G.P. ROSE ANNE LANDSBERC A.B. Detroit. Mich. REX LYNFORD LARDNER A.B. Douglaston. N.Y. Wrestling (2) (3) (4) MADELINE L. LARSEN A.B. in English Flint. Mich. Jordan Hall (3) (4) Assembly (4) Choral Tnion (4) Student Religious Assoc. (4) PHILIP JOHN LAUX, JR. A.B. Detroit. Mich. Phi Delta Theta Phi Chi WILLIAM CORDON LAYHE A.B. in Economics Buffalo, Wyo. Phi Gamma Delta Mich. Daily (1) (2) JOHN C. LEEMAN, JR. A.B. in History Manchester, Mich. MARY E. LEHNDORFF A.B. in English Hancock, Mich. DONALD FRANCIS LEITCH A.B. in History Battle Creek. Mich. CWENYTH LEMON A.B. in English Ann Arbor Delta Gamma Perspectives J.G.P. BENJAMIN LEOPOLD A.B. Pleasantville, N.Y. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Baseball (1) Boxing (1) All Campus Softball (3) BELLE LEVIN B.S. in Zoology Joliet, 111. Mosher- Jordan Mich. Daily (1) NAOMI LEVIN A.B. Ann Arbor IRVING LEVINE A.B. Detroit. Mich. Phi Beta Delta LESTER STANFORD LEVINE A .B. in Political Sci. New Castle. Penna. Phi Sigma Delta Interfraternity Council LOU LEVINE A.B. Muskegon Hgts., Mich. Kappa Nil Football (1) (2) (3) (4) Basketball (1) (2) Baseball (1) " M " Club MARGARET LUCILLA LEWIS A.B. Erie, Pa. Mich. Journalist CHARLES B. LEVINSON B.S. in Chemistry Charlevoix, Mich. MORRIS LICHTENSTEIN A.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma Glee Club (2) RICHARD T. LIDDICOAT, JR. B.S. in Geology Ann Arbor LESTER W. LINSZ A.B. in Geology Cleveland, Ohio Sigma Xu ALLAN RICHARD LIPOW Brookline. Mass. Choral Union (2) (3) Glee Club (4) German Play (4) MURRAY M. LIPSCHITZ A.B. in Chemistry Newark. N ' J. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi IRVIN LISACOR A.B. in Political Sci. Chicago. III. Sphinx (3) Michigamua (4) Sisma Delta Chi Mich. Daily (2) (3) (4) Ba ball (2) (3) (4) " M " Club, V. Pres. (4) JAMES A. LIVINGSTON A.B. Birmingham. Ala. Delta Kappa Epsilon M H Page 43 N 1939 u RICHARD FRANCIS LONG A.B. in History Butler, Ind. Delta Kappa Epsilon Gargoyle Basketball (2) STEPHEN JOHN LONG A.B. in Economics Grand Rapids, Mich. JANE CROWELL LORD A.B. in French Hinsdale, Illinois Gamma Phi Beta Theater Arts Comm. (4) Cercle Francais (3) (4) Swimming Club (4) EILEEN FLORENCE LORENZ A.B. in Social Work Angola, New York MARY ANNE LOUCHBOROUCH A.B. Ann Arbor Kappa Delta Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Social Comm. (1) (2) (3) Candy Booth Comm. (4) CHARLES MORGAN LOVETT A.B. Detroit, Mich. Trigon Druids Interfraternity Council (4) STUART MAYER LOW A.B. in Political Sci. New York, N.Y. Mich. Daily (1) (2) Class Treas. (2) Congress District Prcs. (4) DOROTHY R. LOWENSTEIN A.B. in Social Work Ishpeming. Mich. Assembly (3) Soph Cabaret J.G.P. League House Pres. Assoc. (3) JANE NEVA LYON A.B. in Political Sci. Owosso. Mich. Delta Delta Delta Mich. Daily (2) J.G.P. Soph Cabaret Frosh Project Theatre Arts Comm. (2) (3) Merit System Comm. (4) Pan-Hellen ' c Ball Comm. (3) (4) EDWARD MACAL A.B. in Economics Lansing. Mich. Theta Delta Chi Druids Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Basketball Mgr. (2) (3) Debate (1) EDWARD MACDOL A.B. New York. N.Y. Sierra Delta Chi (2) (3) Pres. (4) Sphinx (3) Mich. Daily (2) (3) Quadrangle (4) Student Senate (4) MILDRED M. MacARTHUR A.B. Speech Flint. Mich. Alpha Delta Pi Zeta Phi Eta Pres. (4) Choral Union (1) Girls Glee Club (1) (2) Theatre Arts Comm. (2) (3) Play Prod. (3) MARY ALICE MacKENZIE A.B. in History Oak Park. Illinois Delta Gamma V. Pres. (4) Mortarboard Wyvern Alpha Lambda Delta Pi Lambda Theta Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Judiciary Council (3) (4) Publicity Comm. (2) ACNES MACKINNON A.B. in Literature Dearborn. Mich. Girls ' Co-op House JULIUS MALINSKY A.B. Brooklyn, N.Y. Intramural Sports Hillel JOSEPH MAMMOCCIO A.B. in English Fairport, N.Y. LORRAINE M. MANTLER A.B. in Sociology Bridgeport. Conn. Gargoyle Staff (3) Assemblv Board (4) Ball (3) J.G.P. Hillel Players (3) (4) League Fair (4) MARCELLA F. MARKLAND A.B. in Journalism Detroit. Mich. Alpha Gamma Delta MARIAN J. MARSH A.B. Leonia, N.J. ANNA CAROLYN MARTIN B.S. in Psychology Bay City. Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta J.G.P. ROBERT WADE MARTIN A.B. in Zoology Freeport. N.Y. Phi Delta Theta Daily (1) JOSEPH R. MASON A.B. Detroit. Mich. Sigma Chi Interfraternity Council CLAYTON F. MATTHEWS A.B. Valley Stream, N.Y. Alpha Kappa Lambda Football (1) Basketball (1) Soph Prom EDWARD MAU A.B. in Economics Forty Fort. Pcnna. SEYMOUR DAVID LUBIN A.B. Brooklyn, N.Y. Kappa Nu Pres. (1) Editor Hillel News (2) ELLEN JOAN LYNCH A.B. in Spanish Grand Rapids, Mich. French Club Spanish Club Theatre Arts Comm. Merit System Comm, N ROBERT BRACC MANLEY A.B. in History Farmington, Mo. Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4) BETTY JANE MANSFIELD A.B in Speech Rockford. 111. Mortarboard Senior Society Jordan Hall (1) Class President (1) Jordan House Council (1) (3) (4) Judiciary Council of Jordan Hall. Pres. (3) (4) Assembly Rep. (2) (3) (4) S I DOROTHY ALICE MAUL A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Kappa Delta Tennis Champion (3) Tennis Mgr.. WAA (4) Girl ' s Glee Club (4) Soph Cabaret JANE MATILDA MAYER A.B. in English Toledo. Ohio Jordan House Council (3) (4) 1939 Page 44 N N ALBERT PETER MAYIO A.B. in Economics Detroit. Mich. Phi Eta Sitma M ' chiramua (4) Mch. Daily (II (. ' ) (5) (4) Kd ' torial Director (4) Vrr lline ( 1 ) (,hjadranfrle Student Religious Assoc. Chairman All-Campus Peace Comm. (4) KENNETH RICHARD MAYNE A.B. in Economics Hrr rn. X.Y. Club (1) (2) VIRGINIA PAULINE McCABE A B. in Literature Toledo. Ohio Chi Omesa JG.P. Le Cercle Francais (3) (4) La Sociedad Hispanica (3) Social Comm. (3) (4) MARGARET ELLEN McCALL A.B. in Literature Ml. Plea-am. Mich. Delia Delta Delta Pr - Mi.h. Daily (2) rolic V. Pres. of Junior Cla Stanley Chorus baret : roiect KENNETH C. McCARREN A B. in Economics Drtroit. Mich. Var-ity Golf (1) ELEANOR McCOY A.B. Mich. C.amma I ' hi Bela Mil hicanenfian (1) (2) Perspectives (.4) J.G.P. Cercle Francais Theatre Arts Comm. (3) FRANCIS w. MCDONALD A.B. Detroit. Mich. Acacia Fraternity Pres. (4) Mandelbaum Scholarship (4) I eCercle Francais (4) Student Christian Assoc. (2) Inlerfralernity Council (4) ANNADA MARIE McELROY A.B. in French Winnetka. 111. Martha Cook Alpha Lambda Delta Treas. of Assembly (4) Orientation Advisor (4) J-Hp Soph Cabaret Assembly Ball (3) League Fair (4) CHARLES HENRY McHUCH A.B. Ne York. X.Y. Chi Phi Baseball (1) (2) (4) NEIL McKAY A.B. in Political Sci. East Tanas. Mich. Chi P-i CARMEN HAZEL McKELL A.B. in Spanish Short Hills. X.J. Mosher Hall Dormitory B-ard (4) Masher House Council (4) Spanish Club (3) (4) Sec ' y (4) MARY ELLEN McNEIL A.B. Buffalo. X.V. Gamma Phi Bela J.G.P. Theatre Arts Comm. (4) MAYER MECHANIC A.B. in Chemistry Patterson. X.J. Wolverine Co-op Assoc. LORNE HENRY MEISEL A.B. Bay City. Mich. Sisma Phi rvs - ' RUTH MENEFEE A.B. Ann Arbor Zeta Phi Eta Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Mkh. Daily (3) Panorama Repertory Players (3) (4) CAMERON W. MEREDITH A.B. in Sociology Flint. Mich. Alpha Kappa Lambda MARJORIE MAY MERKER A.B. in Economics Detroit. Mich. Pi Beta Phi Sec ' y (3) Treas. (4) Golf Team (2) (3) (4) Golf Manager (3) WAA Sec ' y ( 4 I Frash Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. League Social Comm. (2, 3) FRED J. MEYER K.S. in Chem. Saeinav. Mich. Hermitage ' MADALINE BETTY MEYERS A.B. in Social Work Detroit. Mich. Helen Xewberr - Res. Alpha Kappa Delta HiUel PUyers (3). Pres. (4) Frosh Project Assembly Ball Comm. (2) (3) J.G.P. Leasue Social Comm. (2) (3) Hillel Council (4) JOHANNA MANTEL MEIJER A.B. in Literature Greenville. Mich. Pi Lambda Theta Choral Union (2) (3) (4) Symphony Orchestra (2) University Glee Club (2) German Club (2) (3) M ALLAN S. MICHELSON A.B. in Mathematics Chelsea. Mass. Mich. Wolverine (2) (3) (4) Congress (3) (4) Intramural Award (2) (3) (4) LAWRENCE R. MICHENER B.S. in Chemistry Bay City. Mich. HrrmiUEe. Pres. (4) FLORENCE E. MICHLINSKI A.B. Reading:. Pa. Adelia Cbeever Dormitory Pres. I ' hi Sigma I ' i Lambda Theta Athena V. Pres. Mich. Daily (1) Ethel McCormick Scholarship A!ice Martin Scholarship Assembly HOWARD W. MILLARD A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor JOHN H. MITCHELL A.B. in Economics Rochester. X.Y. Pi Lambda Phi Michicamua Sphinx (iarcoyle (1) (2) (3) Bus ' . Mff. (4) Football II) ROBERT D. MITCHELL A.B. Ann Arbor IVi I ' psilon Michicamua (4) Druids (4) Phi Beta Kappa (3) (4) Phi Kappa Phi (4) Phi Eta Sigma Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Editor (4) MARY MOONEY A.B. Olean. X.Y. Chi Omega ESTHER LUCILLE MOORE A.B. in Social Work Traverse City, Mich. LEONE ADA MOORE A.B. Lennon. Mich. Martha Cook BEN MOORSTEIN H. . Traver? Citv. Mich. Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) N Page 45 1939 u FRANK MORGAN A.B. Decorah, Iowa Sphinx Michigamua " M " Club Wrestling (2) (3) (4) REESE R. MORGAN A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. EDWARD LEE MORRIS A.B. Youngstown, Ohio Tennis (3) (4) HAMILTON FRANCIS MORRIS A.B. Chicago, 111. Phi Gamma Delta Sphinx Druids Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) Summer Directory Editor HARRY MADISON MORRIS A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Kappa Tau Golf (1) Track (1) (2) Glee Club (2) (3) (4) RUTH MORRISON A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Mich. Jordan Hall Council (4) LAWRENCE ALLEN MORSE A.B. in Mathematics Lakewood, Ohio Kappa Nu Hillel News Band (1) (2) Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4) Orchestra (1) (2) m c -4 |p { ) i . . WILLIAM N. MUNDY III A.B. Toledo, Ohio Chi Phi Orientation (2) (3) (4) RICHARD WENDEL MUNSON A.B. in Economics River Rouge, Mich. Mich. Wolverine (2) (3) V. Pres. (4) MARGARET B. MURPHY A.B. in French Grand Rapids, Mich. Le Cercle Francais DORRIS NEWMAN A.B. Flint, Mich. Helen Newberry Kappa Phi (3) J.G.P. REBECCA NEWMAN A.B. in Economics New York City, N.Y. Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Kappa Phi (3) Mich. Daily (2) Hillel News Assembly Board Merit Comm. Theatre Arts Comm. J.G.P. WILLIAM LORINC NEWNAN A.B. in History Grosse Pointe, Mich. Sigma Phi Sphinx Druids. Treas. Mich. Daily Advert. Mgr. (4) DOROTHY JANE NICHOL A.B. Ionia. Mich. Helen Newberry Dance Exposition (1) J.G.P. Assembly (4) League Dance Comm. (4) ROGER HAYWARD MUZZALL RAYMOND NOCAR A.B. Monroe, Mich. Gymnastic Team (3) (4) OTTO KARL MUSALL B.S. in Chemistry Detroit, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma A.B. Coopersville. Mich. Theta Delta Chi BETTY ALICE MYERS A.B. in Sociology Caro. Mich. Pres. League House Group (4) Soph Cabaret Junior Girls Play Assembly (2) (3) (4) Assembly Council (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (4) Kappa Phi (2) (3) (4) RUTH KNIGHT MYERS A.B. Highland Park, Mich. Martha Cook Le Cercle Francais J.G.P. HELEN EDITH NOVITSKY A.B. Ft. Wayne, Ind. DONALD BRUCE O ' BRIEN A.B. River Forest, 111. 1939 MARGARET E. MULCAHY A.B. Bay City, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta VIRGINIA B. MULHOLLAND A.B. in Fine Arts Rockford, 111. Chi Omega Treas. (4) Social Comm. (2) (3) (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (4) Candy Booth Comm. (3) (4) League Fair (4) Lantern Night (3) J.G.P. Soph Cabaret ELISABETH C. MULLIN A.B. in Speech Ann Arbor, Mich. Chi Omega Mich. Daily (2) Soph Cabaret Social Comm. (2) (3) (4) Theatre Arts (3) (4) N n i r ROBERT A. NABATOFF A.B. New York, N.Y. Phi Delta Epsilon Phi F.ta Sigma Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Tennis Squad Symphony Orchestra MORTON NATHANSON A.B. Brooklyn, N.Y. Intramural Sports Hillel GREY KENNETH NELSON A.B. in Political Sci. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma JOHN PAUL O ' HARA, JR. A.B. Detroit. Mich. Michiganensian (3) Student Senate (3) (4) Congress, Zone Pres. (4) RECINA VERA OLSEN A.B. in English Iron River, Mich. Kappa Phi (1) (4) Beta Kappa Rho (4) Independents Scandinavian Club (4) JESSE R. O ' MALLEY A.B. in Economics Brown City, Mich. Journalist (3) Summer Daily (4) Page 46 N N CUY HENDERSON ORCUTT BS. in Physics Wyandotte. Mich. Westminster Guild, Pres. (3) Stud. Religious Assoc. (4) CHARLES ALFRED ORMSBY A.B. Xo. Collins. X.Y. Phi Eta Sigma 1) Phi Kappa Phi (4) WILLIAM JAMES ORR A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. FRANCES DAPHNE OSBORN A.B. seph. Mich. Martha Cook BWg. Choral Union (1) Theatre Arts Comm. (2) (3) HAROLD OSSEPOW A.B. in Economics Detroit. Mich. Mich. Daily (2) Perspective Adelphi Mudent Senate (3) (4) American Student Union Univ. of Arizona (I) VIRGINIA M. OSTERMAN A.B. in Latin Bloomfield Hills. Mkh. Collegiate Sorosis Phi Tau Alpha (3) (4), Trea ? Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Theatre and Arts Comm. (3) (4) Social Comm. (3) (4) HELEN STRICKLAND OWSTON A.B. Ann Arbor. Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Class SecY Phi Kappa Phi Le Orcle Francais (3). Pres. (4) Freshman Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. House Reception Comm. (1) (2) LOREN DAVID PACKER A.B. Biltmore. N.C. Delta Upsiloo. Pre- - Phi Tau Alpha. Pres. (4) Intramural Golf BRADLEY JOHNSON PALMER A.B Springfield. HI. Psi Upsilon CARLTON ROGER PALMER B.S. in Chemistrv Palmyra. X.Y. VIRGINIA LEE PALMER A.B. Flint. Mich. Martha Cook STEPHANIE S. PARFET A.B. in Floe Arts Port Huron. Mich. Alpha Phi Wyvern (3). Gargoyle (I) Mich. Daily CM. Golf (2) (J) Chrm. Pan-Hellenic Ball (3 ) Pres. Pan-Hellenic (4) Social Comm. (2) (3) Orientation Advisor (3) Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. DOROTHY MARIE PARK A.B. in Fine Arts Detroit. Mich. Mich. Daily (1) Pitch and Putt Club Freshman Project - nk QriBBd J.G.P. Assembly (4) JANET LAUREL PARK A.B. in Spanish Chicago. 111. Xewberry Res. Choral Union (3) (4) Glee Club (2) (3) (4) Bus. Mgr. (4) Sociedad Hispanka (3) (4) Candy Booth (1) (2) (3) (4) E. PAUL PARKER A.B. in Psychology Trimoontain. Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma LYNN FRANCIS PARKER A.B. in History Flint. Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma BARBARA M. PATTERSON A.B. in French Flint. Mich. Collegjate Sorosis. Mortarboard (4 i Mich. Daily (2) (3) Sec y of League (4) Stanley Chorus (1) Freshman Project, Soph Cabaret Lantern Night (2) Merrit System Comm. (2) (3) Pan-Hellenic Ball (3) CLAIRE EDWIN PAULSON A.B. in Political Sci. Pootiac. Mich. Kappa Delta Rho JOSEPH FRANCIS PAULUS A.B. Detroit. Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma. Pres. (4) Baseball (2) (3) (4) Bowling Champion (2) (3) (4) MABEL MYRTLE PAWLOSKI A.B. Xiles. Mich. Phi Tau Alpha Choral Union (4) M ' I MARGARET NELL PAYNE A.B. in Social Work Colfai. Ion PENELOPE MACKEY PEARL A.B. Baltimore. Md. Perspectives H HELEN MAE PECK A.B. Ridaewood. XJ. Swimming Club (1) (2) (3) (4) Theater and Arts Comm. J.G.P. Club Basketball Volleyball Baseball CHAS. W. PECKINPAUCH JR. A.B. in Economics Toledo. Ohio Chi Phi. Pres. (3) (4) Interfraternity Council WALTER S. PECKINPAUCH A.B. in History East Cleveland. Ohio Phi Gamma Delta Sphinx (3). Druids Michicamua (4) Football ( 1 ) Basketball (1) Baseball (1) (2) (3), Capt. (4) HARRY MARTIN PECKOVER A.B. Sacinaw. Mich. Chi Phi WILLIA M ROSS FERINE A.B. in History Detroit. Mich. Sigma Xu ROBERT PERLMAN A.B. in Economics Brooklyn. X.Y. Phi Eta Sigma (1) Sphinx Sierra Delta Chi (3) Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Assoc. fjA. (4) Amer. Student Union (3) (4) ELEANOR A. PESCHKE A.B. in Geography Detroit. Mkh. Mosher- Jordan Rifle Team (1) SYLVIA YETTA PETERMAN A.B. in Latin Monroe. Mkh. Mother-Jordan Phi Tan Alpha Mkh. Daily (1) Contemporary (1) Page 47 1939 u JOHN DENNIS PETERS A.B. Youngstown, Ohio I ' hi Delta Thcta JENNY AUGUSTA PETERSEN A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Pi Beta Phi Alpha Lambda Delta (1) Wyvern (2) Mortarboard(4), Pres. Mich. Daily (2) (3) BETTIE JANE PETRASH A.B. in Sociology Buffalo, N.Y. Delta Delta Delta Gargoyle (2) (3) Social Comm. (3) Soph Cabaret Merit Comm. (3) (4) DONALD JUDSON PHILLIPS A.B. in Mathematics Scranton, Pcnna. ' - .fc MR 1 EDWARD JOHN PHILLIPS, JR. A.B. Bradford. Pa. Phi Kappa Sigma Football (1) (2) (4) ALYS JANE PIERCE A.B. in Sociology Royal Oak, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma Michiganensian (2) Pan-Hellenic (4) Soph Cabaret Stanley Chorus (1) Publicity Comm. (2) Social Comm. (2) ROBERT A. PLATT A.B. Chicago. III. Sis ma Alpha Mu HAROLD SORRELL PODOLSKY A.B. Detroit, Mich. P 01 - v- HARRIET MIRIAM POMEROY A.B. Standish. Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Wyvern, Pres Daily (1) (2) League Pub. Chrm. (4) Pan-Hellenic. Treas. Freshman Project Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. Pan-Hellenic Ball (3) CHARLOTTE POOCK A.B. Dayton, Ohio Delta Gamma. Pres. (4) Wyvern (3) Soph Cabaret Chrm. J.G.P. Pan-Hellenic (3) N LOUIS LIONEL POPLINCER A.B. in Economics Tulsa, Okla. I ' hi Kla Sigma (1) (2) (3) (4) Alpha Nu (2) (3) (4) Debate (4) ESTELLE K. POPOSKI A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Martha Cook J.G.P. A embly Ball (3) Assembly Banquet (4) League Social Comm. (3) (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (3) (4) Intramural (3) (4) KATHRYN ALICE POWELL A.B. Flint. Mich. Manila Cook DAVID MAKEPEACE POXSON A.B. Lansing. Mich. Alpha Tau Omega CAROLYN A. PRIEHS A.B. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Betsy Barbour JACK W. PRIOR A.B. in Mathematics Maplewood, N.J. Fletcher Hall (3) (4) Kappa Kappa Psi (3) (4) Band (1) (2) (3) (4) Mimes (3) (4) PECCY PULTE A.B. in English Grand Rapids, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega Candy Booth Comm. (3) J.G.P. Michigras (3) Social Comm. (4) Merit Comm. (4) Orientation Adviser (4) CHARLES SAMUEL QUARLES A.B. Milwaukee, Wis. Zeta Psi Toast masters Scilimitar Student Senate Pres. (4) ELIZABETH RABBITT A.B. in English Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Phi Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4) Cercle Francois (3) (4) MARY HELEN RALL A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Delta Gamma Omega Upsilon. Pres. (4) I- ' rosh Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Social Comm. (3) (4) Debate (3) ISRAEL RAND B.S. in Mathematics Brooklyn, N.Y. Congress (3) (4) Hillel (3) Autikah Ex. Sec ' y (4) DAVID BELFORD RANK A.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Psi Gargoyle (1) (2) (3) MARY OWEN RANK A.B. in English Ann Arbor Alhena Sec ' y (3) Gargoyle Assembly Board Orientation Comm. Assembly Ball (3) MORRIS RAPPAPORT A.B. Ellenville, N.Y. ARTHUR JAMES RANOHLE A.B. Royal Oak. Mich. Delta Sigma Pi JEANNE REDMOND A.B. in Psychology Jackson, Mich. MARVIN WILLIAM REIDER A.B. Detroit, Mich. Congress, Treas. (3) (4) Phi Kappa Phi. Phi Eta Sigma Delta Sigma Rho. J-Hop Comm. Men ' s Council (4) Student Senate (3) (4) Debate (2) (3). Hillel Debate (4) Mich, t ' nion Comm. (2) Orientation Comm. (3) (4) AMY LUCILLE REISFELD A.B. Long Island. N.Y. Skidmorc College FERRIS J. RENNIE A.B. in Economics Traverse City. Mich. Beta Theta Pi JEAN KERN RHEINFRANK A.B. in German Oak Park. 111. Pi Beta I ' hi 1939 Page 48 N N CHARLES C. B. RICHARDS A.B. in Zoology Oswego. X.Y. VIRGINIA E. RICHARDSON A B. Birmingham. Mich. Delta Delta Delta Soph Cabaret Social Comm. (3) League Fair 3) ELIZABETH RIDDELL A.B. in Fine Arts Detroit. Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta DON KEITH RIDER A.B. rbor. Mich. A:;.ha Ep m M - KflpBfl luppl i Band : i (4) ELIZABETH ROOSA A.B. in English Albany. X.Y. Alpha Gamma Delta Soph 4 .-. ' -: J.G.P. Way Pniductioo (4) ROBERT VINCENT ROSA A.B. in Ecooomics River Rouge. Mich. Wolverine Board (3) (4) Delta EpsOon Pi Phi Beta Kappa (3) (4) Phi Kappa Phi Student Senate (4) Debate (1) (2) (3) (4) CAROLYN ROSS A.B. Ann Arbor. Mich. Alpha Onucran Pi, Sec ' y (4) Thett Sigma Phi (3) (4) Ensian (1 . Gargoyle (1) (2 Women s Editor (4) Candy Booth (1) (2) Frash Project. Soph Cabaret JG.P. Pan-Hellenic Ball (3) EDITH ROBERTA ROSS A.B. in Journalism Ramsey. X.J. Alpha Onucroa Pi Theta Sigma Phi Uaxue Publicity Comm. (2) (3) i 1 ' ' k s - , JEAN D. RUSSELL A.B. Tampa. Fla. Omega I ' psiloo I-eague House I ' rrs. NANCY E. SAIBERT A.B. ID Zoology Oak Part, IU. Kappa Kappa Gamma Gargoyle (1) Stanley Chorus (1) Frosh Project League House Comm. (I) Merit Cnmm. (3) Kifle Club (3) DONALD P. SALISBURY A.B. in Lib. Arts Elgin, in. Phi Delta Thru MARSHALL D. SAMPSON A.B. Evanston. 111. Sigma Alpha Mo Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) HillH Players (2) (3) (4) BETTY B. RILEY A.B. in English Plan-burg. Mo. ELIOT FINLEY ROBINSON A.B. Detroit. Mich. lpha Mu I ' nion Ex. Council (3) UickiBni MenV Council (4) Student Senate 4t FRANCES MARY ROBINSON A.B. in English Detroit. Mich. Pi Beta Phi Crop and Saddle (?) (3) (4) Fro-h Project JG.P. MARGERY M. ROEBECK A.B. Mich. Pi Beta Phi Gargoyle (1) Glee Club (1) (2) Fresh Project J.G.P. ha]lr ra Comm. 1 ' " mm. FLORENCE ROGERS A.B. in History Detroit. Mich. Kappa Delta Mich. Daily (1) Glee Club (2) (3) (4) HOWARD HERBERT ROGERS B. . in Chemistrv Moline. 111. Zeta Psi ELLEN FLEXNER ROTHBLATT A.B. in Speech Xew York. X.Y. Perspectives Hopwood Award Mich. Repertory Players Radio Broadcasting J.G.P. ALFRED I. ROTHMAN A.B. Xrw Y.rt. X.Y. GEORGE W. ROUSH A.B. Akron. Ohio i BERNARD S. RUBINER A.B. Detroit, Midi. Kappa Xu Mich, rnion (1) (2) Hillel Foundation (2) (3) (4) SEYMOUR W. RUDOLPH A.B. Syracuse. X.Y. Sigma Alpha Mu Ganyle (2) IRVINE HENRY RUSSELL B.s. in Chemistry Grand Rapids. M ' ich. M H ALICE i. SANFORD A.B. Flint. Mich. Manna Cook ELEANOR D. SAPPINCTON A.B. in English Niagara Falls. X.Y. Betsy Harbour Social Comm. (2) (3) Soph Cabaret J.G.P. JAMES W. SARCENT A.B. in Science Milwaukee. Wis. Phi Kappa I ' M CEORCE SARCIS, JR A.B. in German Chicago. 111. NANCY SCHAEFER A.B. in Speech Detroit. Mich. Omega Upsilon (3) (4) Play Production (3) (4) HARRIET L. SCHEPPER A.B. Bay City, Mich. N Page 49 1939 u FREDERICK HENRY SCHMALt A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. JAMES B. SCHOOLEY A.B. in Chemistry Highland Park, Mich. JOHN HENRY SCHORMAN A.B. Iron Mountain, Mich. Hiawatha Club MRS. MABEL SEABURY A.B. Royal Oak, Mich. JANE S. SCHROEDER A.B. in History Spring Lake, Mich. Theatre Arts (4) Social Comm. (4) Assembly Council (4) League House, Pres. (4) Kappa Phi (3) (4) VICTOR PAUL CARWOOD A.B. Ferndale, Mich. Kappa Phi Sigma Speech Fraternity (2) Sociedad Hispanica (2) Play Prod. (1) HELEN IRENE SCHWAB A.B. in French Binghamton, N.Y. French Club (3) (4) J.G.P. League Fair (4) Play Prod. (3) BERNARD RICHARD SCHWEID A.B. Rochester, N.Y. Pi Lambda Phi Michiganensian (1) (2) Adv. Mgr. (3) JAMES MORGAN SCOTT B.S. Ann Arbor Zeta Psi Sigma Gamma Epsilon VITINA SCOTTI A.B. Freeport, N.Y. Martha Cook Soph Cabaret (2) (3) J.G.P. Cercle Francais (4) PHYLLIS LEE SCROCCIE A.B. in Fine Arts Detroit, Mich. Alpha Omicron Pi Frosh Project J.G.P. Pan-Hellenic Ball (3) Sec ' y (4) Theater and Arts Comm. (4) N - SAMUEL RICHARD SEARING A.B. in Political Science Lockport, N.Y. RUTH ANN SEEKAMP A.B. Queens Village, Long Island, N.Y. Choral Union (4) Social Comm., Theatre Art (3) Candy Booth J.G.P. Basketball (3) Assembly Banquet (4) Dorm Dance (4) JEAN RHODA SELTZER A.B. in Social Work Detroit, Mich. Wayne University (1) (2) BETTY LOUISE SHAFFER A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Pres. (4) Michiganensian (2) (3) Central Comm., Soph Cabaret Social Committee (2) (3) J.G.P. Senior Ball Comm. CARVEL THOMAS SHAW B.S. Detroit. Mich. Theta Delta Chi Pres. (4) Druids Mich. Union Exec. Council (3) V. Pres. (4) Men ' s Dormitory Comm. (3) DOROTHY GRACE SHEPHERD A.B. in Oriental Civilizations Fenton, Mich. CATHERINE PARIS SHERMAN A.B. in English Muskegon, Mich. Martha Cook Pres. (4) J.G.P. MYRRA ELOISE SHORT A.B. St. Paul, Minn. Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Society Finance Chrm. Soph Cabaret Assembly Ball (3) RICHARD FRANKLIN SHROTH A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Theta Chi Mich. Daily FRANKLIN BUCKLEY SHULL A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Basketball (2) EUGENE C. SHUTTS A.B. Joliet, 111. Phi Kappa Psi LEONARD PAUL SIEGELMAN A.B. in English Cleveland, Heights, O. Phi Sigma Delta Sphinx Druids Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Credit Mgr. (4) HENRIETTA A. SIMPSON A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Ornicron Pi Pres. Michiganensian (2) Girls ' Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4) Frosh Frolic Soph Cabaret League Social Comm. JANE MARIE SIMPSON A.B. Bay City, Mich. Martha Cook Girls ' Glee Club Newman Club BETTY JANE SIVE A.B in French Elkhart, Ind. Alpha Epsilon Phi Theatre Arts Comm. (3) (4) KARL CUSTAV SJOLANDER A.B. Midland. Mich. Adelphi (1) (2) Phillips Classical Scholarship DOROTHEA HELEN SKAU A.B. in French Ann Arbor, Mich. FRANK SKURSKI A.B. in English Hamtramck, Mich. ELEANOR DORIS SMITH A.B. in Economics Detroit, Mich. Martha Cook Tennis Club (3) Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. Assembly (3) (4) League Social Comm. (2) (3) (4) Assembly Ball Comm. (2) League Orientation Comm. (3) (4) 1939 Page 50 N N MARIAN SMITH A.B. Hicksville, O. Delia Gamma Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Publicity Comm. (1) (2) (3) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret League Fair (3) (4) MARY ALICE SMITH A.B. in Geography Ann Arbor. Mich. Kappa Phi (1) (2) (3) (4) HARLEY ORTON SPENCER A.B. Mishawaka, Ind. Glee Club FRANK WILLIAM B.S. Duluth. Minn. Alpha Delta Phi Track (1) SPICER. JR. RUTH HELBLE STEINKE A.B. Letters and Medicine Highland Park, Mich. German Play (3) Choral Union (3) EDWARD CLARENCE STERN A.B. in Economics New Rocbelle, N.Y. Michiganensian (I) (2) (3) Track (1) Intramural Athletics WILLIAM HARWOOD SMITH A.B. in English Charlotte. Mich. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi INA KARI SMITS A.B. in History Huquiam. Wash. Phi Kappa Phi 4 Phi Beta Kappa (4) PAUL SOBOROFF A.K. Chicago. 111. Pi Lambda Phi IDA ELEANOR A.B. Greenfield. Ma. . Gargoyle (1) SOLOMON ALBERTA K. SORENSON A.B. Manistee. Mich. Glee Club Dorm Dance Comm. ROBERT N. SPAEDER AB. Erie. Pa. BETTY JEAN SPANCLER A.B. Bryan, Ohio Pi Beta Phi Michiganensian (I) (2) (3) League. V. Pres. Social Comm. (1) (2) (3) (4) Ballroom Comm. J.G.P. Soph Cabaret Comm. SEYMOUR JOSEPH SPELMAN A.B. in English Binghamton. X.V. Congress (2) (3) Student Senate (3) (4) Frosh Debate Orientation Advisor (3) J-Hop (3) ELIZABETH ELLEN SPOONER Ann Arbor, Mich. Zeta Phi Eta Children ' s Theatre VALDA A. SPRING A.B. in Journalism Grand Rapids. Mich. Martha Cook (3) (4) Theta Sigma Phi Mich. Daily (3) DOROTHEA STAEBLER A.B. in French Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega Wyvern Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) Women ' s Editor (4) Publicity Chairman Soph Cabaret CHA RLES L. STAEHLE B . . East Rutherford. N.J. VERA STAI A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. EDWARD JR. C. STANTON. B.S. in Geology Charleston. W.Va. Sigma Chi Sphinx Football (1) (2) (3) Track (I) (2) (3) ABRAHAM B. STAVITSKY A.B. Newark. N.J. Hillel Foundation (1) (2) (3) (4) Art Cinema League (3) (4) KATHRYN ELAINE STEINER A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chi Omega Athena (2) (3) (4) J.G.P. M MARION E. STERN A.B. in French Flint, Mich. J.G.P. Cercle Francais (3) (4) JANET L. STEVENS A.B. Elmira. N.Y. HAROLD f. STEWART A.B. in Journalism Pontiac. Mich. Delta Omega Gamma Kappa Tau Alpha Treas. Congress (4) Pres. Zone (9) DeVILLIERS W. STEYTLER, JR. A.B. in Political Science Philadelphia, Pa. Delta Tau Delta EVELYN STILES A.B. in Social Work Rochester. N.Y. ELIZABETH WELLES ST. JOHN B.S. Chicago. III. Chi Omega Michiganensian (2) Theatre Arts Comm. (I) (3) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret DAVID M. STOCKING A.B. Detroit. Mich. Perspectives (4) MARION LOUISE STOMLER A.B. in Histfirv Marine City. Mich. Alpha Chi Omega Mich. Daih Gargoyle (2) (3) Women ' s Bus. Mgr. (4) H N Page 51 1939 u GEORGE EDWIN STONE A.B. in Economics Romeo, Mich. Chi Phi Mich. Daily (1) (2) MILTON WILLIAM STOTZ A.B. Monroe, Mich. Alumni Scholarship (1) (2) (3) (4) RUSSELL STEELE STRICKLAND A.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Psi MARGARET E. STRICKLER A.B. Mansfield, Ohio Pi Beta Phi Ballroom Comrn. League (4) ANNETTE C. STROUP A.B. Niagara Falls, N.Y. Mosher Hall Council (3) Soph Cabaret J.G.P. SEYMOUR SIDNEY SUSSMAN A.B. in Economics Brooklyn. N.Y. Alpha Kappa Delta Mich. Wolverine ELEANORE LOUISE SWAN A.B. in English Detroit, Mich. Delta Gamma HARRY LARROWE SWAN A.B. in Geography Detroit, Mich. Zeta Psi Soph Prom ARTHUR WILLIAM SWANN A.B. Alpena, Mich. Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4) CLENDON FRED SWARTHOUT A.B. Lowell, Mich. Chi Phi Contemporary (2) Vaughn Club (4) SYBIL SWARTOUT A.B. St. Louis, Mo. Kappa Alpha Theta Wyvern. Gargoyle (1) (2) Judiciary Council (3) Chrm. (4) J.G.P.. Soph Cabaret Frosh Project Theater Arts Comtn. (2) (3) Social Comm. (1) (2) EDWARD JOSEPH A.B. in History Indianapolis, Ind. Chi Psi SWEENEY WILLIAM LEE TAFT A.B. in Economics Monroe. Mich. Delia Tan Delta MARJORIE LUCILE TATE A.B. Birmingham, Mich. Pi Lambda Theta Pres. Dormitory Board of Assembly (4) Golf Mgr. (4) Mosher House Council (2) (3) J.G.P.. Soph Cabaret Theatre Arts Arts Comm. (2) (3) (4) IVAN M. TAYLOR A.B. in Economics Pontiac, Mich. BARBARA JEAN TEALL A.B. Buffalo, N.Y. Pi Beta Phi Michiganensian (2) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Choral Union (1) (2) (4) League Social Comm. (I) (2) Ass ' t Chrm. (3) (4) CAROLYN THIERWECHTER A.B. in History Oak Harbor, Ohio Kappa Kappa Gamma Denison University (1) (2) (3) ALEXANDER W. THOMAS A.It, in Economics Pontiac. Mich. EDMUND JAMES THOMAS A.B. in Economics [shpeming, Mich. Druids Basketball (2) (3) (4) Hiawatha Club IVAN D. THOMAS A.B. in History David City, Nebraska JOHN P. THOMPSON A.B. in History Leetsdale, Pa. Theta, Chi JOHN T. THOMPSON A.B. in Economics Highland Park, 111. Delta Upsilon Druids Interfralernity Council (2) (3) MARGARET ALICE THORNHILL A.M. in Social Service Hint-field, W.Va. Helen Newberry Pres. (4) League Social Comm. Assembly Board J.G.P. ' MARGARET J. TICHENOR A.B. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Tau Alpha Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Social Comm. (2) (3) MARTHA E. TILLMAN A.B. in Math. Kirk vood. Mo. Mosher Alpha Lambda Delta Wyvern Senior Society Mortarboard Pi Lambda Theta .Michiganensian Bus. (3) Hockey (1) (2) THEODORE T. TOMITA B.S. Honolulu. Hawaii ROBERT L. TORNELLO A.B. Youngstmvn. Ohio EVERETT R. TREBIKOCK A.B. in Economics Laurium. Mich. Alpha Sigma Phi Glee Club (2) (3) Choral Union (4) GEORGE W. TRENDLE, JR. A.B. in Economics Detroit. Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon WALTER JOSEPH TRUC, JK. A.B. in History Chicago. 111. Lambda Chi Alpha Alpha Nu (2) (3) Sphinx Frosh Frolic Chrm. Union (1) (2) (3) 1939 N Page 52 N N HELEN IRENE TUCKER A.B. in Mathematics Detroit. Mich Chi Onega Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Mkhigras (3) Publicity Comm. (4) Leap Social Comm. (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (4) League Fair (4) BETTY ANNE UMMEL A.B. Grand Rapids. Mich. Kappa Kupp Gamma Inter 1 Relations (3) JULIA ANN UPSON -. Chemistry Ann Arbor. Mich. Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Lambda Delta (I) Phi Kappa Phi (4) Women ' s Fencing Club (4) Phi Lambda Upsilon Junior Award CARL WOODROW UTHOFF - Genoa. Uhiu Alpha Sigma Phi Glee Club THOMAS C. VAN AR5DALL B.S. in Zoology Harrodsburg. liy. 7iti Alpha Epsilon HENDRIKA VAN DOORN A.B. in Krrnch Flint. Mich. Martha Cook Cercle Francais Choir BETTY LOUISE VAN DUSEN -.-rr. Mich. Martha Cook Omega Ups-iloo (3) (4) Vice-Pres. Glee Club (3) J.G.P. Theatre Arts Comm. (4) Kappa Kappa Gamma JEANNE D VANT A B Fulton, NY Alpha Gamma Delta Omega fpsilon Soph Cabaret J.G.P. THOMAS CHARLES VASSALLO A.B. Buffalo. NY. Francais (3) (4) CARL A. VIEHE A.B Hamburg. N.Y. Mcma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Phi Sigma Glee Club (1) (2) (3) Bus. Mgr. (4) Student Senate 3) Chr ' m of Senior Swingout ANNA DORIS VOCEL A.B. in Psychology Jackson. Mich. Chi Omega Michixanensian (4) Social Comm. (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (4) Children ' s Theatre 4 I FREDERICK HULSIZER VOCT A.B. in Economics Ann Arbor, Mich. Mich. Daily (1) Pres. Freshman Class RUTH MARGARET VOICT A.B. in German Detroit, Mich. Delta Gamma VIRGINIA VOORHEES A.B. in English Grand Rapids. Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma U [tarbntnl Vice-Pres. Mich. Daily (2) (3) Social Comm. (3) J.G.P. Mkhigras (3 ILA MARIE WAGGONER A.B. in Political Sci. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann Arbor Independents (3) V. Pres. (4) Assembly Council (4) DOUGLAS LE VERN WAKE Oak Mi.h Phi Beta Pi v MYRON L. WALLACE A.B. Brookline. Ma- . Track (2) (3) Finance Comm. (3) Chnn. Play Production (2) (3) (4) Men ' s Union (1) (2) MARY LOUISE WARNER A.B. Paw Paw. Mich. Martha Cook Glee Club (4) J.G.P. MAX WILLIAM WARSHAW A B Dodge City, Kans. DOROTHEA E. WASSELL A.B. in Sociology Sharon. Pa. BrKy Harbour M H FAITH WATKINS A.B. in Speech St. Louis. Mo. Chi Omega V. Pres. (4) Athena (2) (3) Pres. (4) Soph Cabaret J.G.P. BARBARA JANE WATSON A.B. Grand Rapids. Mich. Collegiate Sorosis Inter ' l Relations (3) LOYALL C. WATSON A.B. Capac, Mich. Hermitage FLINT CLYDE WATT A.B. Ionia. Mich. Siema Alpha Epsilon Sphini Druids Mich. Union (I) (2) (3) FREDERICK ARTHUR WEBER A.B. Chicaeo. III. Alpha Tau Omega KERMIT M. WEBB li.S. in Chem try Oak Park, 111. Alpha Kappa Lambda Pres. 3) Roger Williams Guild BARBARA JANE WEIL A.B. in Sociology Chicago. 111. Alpha Epsilon Phi Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Social Comm. Theatre Arts Comm. (3) (4) HOWARD HAROLD WEINSTEIN A.B. in Economics Boston. Mass. Band 1 1 121 Intramural Award (3) (4) Congress (3) (4) DAVID RALPH WEINSTOCK A.B. Wilmette. 111. Phi Epsilon Pi FLORENCE RITA WEISMANN A.B. in Social Work New York. X.Y. N Page 53 1939 u JULIA ANN WELCH A.B. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Pi Beta Phi CLIFFORD P. WELLS. JR. A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Delta Omega Gamma Pres. Junior Class WALTER H. WENDELL A.B. Detroit, Mich. Chi Phi EDNA ADELLE WIESNER B.S. in Zoology Dearborn, Mich. Kappa Phi RUSSELL EVERETT WILSON A.B. Cheraw, S.C. 4 h i EDWARD WETTER A.B. in Zoology New York, N.Y. Congress Social Chrm. (4) Pres. of Zone 4 (3) German Play (3) (4) MARY AMBROSE WHEAT A.B. in History Bay City, Mich. Collegiate Sorosis Mich. Daily (1) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Social Comm. (2) (4) Orientation Comm. (4) CHARLES EVERETT WHITCOMB A.B. Highland Park, Mich. Deutscher Verein ELIZABETH LAVERACK WHITE A.B. in Sociology Birmingham, Mich. Martha Cook VVyyern Senior Society Alpha Kappa Delta W.A.A. Board (1) (2) (3) (4) Glee Club (1) (2) (3) Soph Cabaret. J.G.P. Orientation Comm. (4) BARRY F. WHITEHEAD A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Theta Chi WILLIAM C. WHITEHEAD A.B. Anderson, Ind. Phi Kappa Psi Mich. Daily (1) Basketball (1) Transfer: Univ. of Munich, Germany (4) MARY ROMAIN WICKES A.B. in Geography Des Moines, Iowa Kappa Alpha Theta MILTON WICOD A.B. in Zoology Long Island City, N.Y. Glee Club HARRY H. WILCOX, JR. B.S. in iHilugy Ann Arbor. Mich. JOHNSTON HILL WILCOX A.B. in Sociology Plymouth, -Mil h. Theta Chi Mimes Pres. (3), V. Pn-s. (4) Panorama (3) Frosh Frolic J. Hop Senior Ball Union (2) FRANK R. WILKINSON, JR. A.B. in Economic Park Ridge, 111. Sigma Chi Track GRACE LUCILLE WILLIAMS A.B. in Mathematics Wellsville, N.Y. Mother Hall MARGARET I. WILLIAMSON A.B. Tecumseh, Mirh. WARRINCTON R. WILLIS A.B. in French Auburn. N.Y. Student Chr. Ass ' n (2) Student Religions Student Council (3) (4) Cercle Francais (3) (4) W.-tminMer Guild (1) (2) (3) ELLA ROBERTA WILSON A.B. Rochester. X.Y. Mcisher House Council (3) Assembly (4) Inter-Dorm. Dance (4) RHODA MARGARET WILSON A.B. Detroit, Miih. Jordan Hall Activity Chrm. (4) Dorm. Bd. of Assembly (4) Jordan Sponsor (4) HARRY DAYTON WISE, JR. A.B. in Economics Birmingham. Mich. Delta Kappa Kpsilon Panorama PAULETTE WOLF A.B. in English New York. N.Y. Perspectives (3) Assembly Board I 3 ) Hillel Players (3) (4) JOHN EDWARD WOODISON A.B. Detroit. Mich. Sigma u OWEN EDWARD WOODRUFF B.S. in Psychology Buffalo, N.Y. JAMES ROBERT WOODS B.S. in Science Fredonla, N.Y. PHILIP WOODWORTH A.B. Bad Axe. Mich. Phi Delta Thela Sphinx Michigamua Football Mgr. M) WAITE WARREN WORDEN A.B. in Economics Maplewood. N.J. Scabbard and Blade Wrestling (2) TERESE ANN WOZNIAK A.B. in Spanish Detroit. Mich. Mar tha Cook La Sociedad Hispanica 13) (4) Newman Club (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (3) J.G.P. (3) JOHN WYNSTRA A.B. Grand Rapids. Mich. 1939 N Page 54 N N DORIS HENRIETTA YOOER AH. in Sociology ; en. Ind. League House Pres. (4) Choral Union (3) Assembly (3) J.G.P. uncil (4) WILLIAM HENRY YEARND. JR. A.B. Cadillac. Mich. I ' hi Delia TheU Drukfc Golf (t) (2) (3) (4) HAROLD L. ZIMMERMAN A.B. in Journalism Detroit. Mich. ELIZABETH RIDCWAY YOUNC A.B. in Sociology Marion, Ohio Delta Gamma J.G.P. DOROTHY JEAN ZINDLER A.B. Detroit. Mich. Masher Hall Council (3) Sponsor (4) Assembly Board (4} rmu Club Council (4) - liv MAKING rats crazy, Norman R. F. Maier. assistant professor of Psychology, finds interest- ing data concerning neurosis and wins several honors and awards all of which is part of the experimental work in the psychology department. AM c.AMprs paths lead to the Dean ' s office, and Miss Scan- Ian ' s desk is the first stop where a multitude of student affairs, social and curricula! are taken up. Page 5b 1939 u ' ATHENA Row 1 Kronner, Ramsey, Steiner. Chibnik. Bain Row 2 Sreinharr, Sevison, Bibber, Firzpatrick, Le Cros, Schultz Row 3 Campbell, DeWeese, Watkins, Michlinski, MacDonald, Cold- berg, Sapp OFFICERS f ' ;iith Walkins I loicmc Michlinski M;iry Fiances Reek Harielle UcWcesc President Vice-President Secret a r Treasurer MEMBERS Bnnly Kluabeth Bibber Jane Campbell Selma Chibnik Harrielte DeWeese Ruth Fit .patrick Helen Goldberg Mary Jane LeGros Kllcn MacDonald Florence Michlinski Mary F.velyn Oucn Rank Rnlh Pollack Jean Ramsey Mary Frances Reek Jane Sapp Kalherine Schull F.linor Sevison Kalherine Steiner Belly Steinhart Failh Vatkins ATHENA, honorary speech society, gives recognition and encouragement to activity in all branches or speech work. Its program includes representative efforts from members interested in the various fields. Outstanding events in each year ' s program are the Athena-Alpha Nu mock debates, when co-eds meet the men in a battle of wits to decide the supremacy of the sexes. N 1939 Page 56 N N Row 1 Kodros. Adams, van den Berg. Petersen Park. Hulbert Schwartzkopf. Wisner Row 2 Pink. Nicholson. Humphreys. Treadwell. Rae. Phares, Danne- miller Row S Halligan. Hogan. Allen. Swinton. Flanagan. Hutchens. Celder Benham SPHINX HONORARY SPHINXES Waldo Abbot Carl G. Brandt Robert Campbell Harry Carver F. C. Cappon J. H. C. Hildner Y ilber R. Humpli John H. Mil skei is Russell C. Husso Robert M. I ' etrie Richard Fuller Charles P. Wagner Bennett Weaver Charles B. Yihbert Louis ' ander " elde Karl Liuenberg Arthur Van Duren, Jr. Dr. William M. Brace Stanley Walu RolK-n B. Hall Donal Haines A. E. R. Boak Howard B. Calderivood Harlow J. Heneman ACTIVES Thomas Adams James Allen Hal Benham Augustus Dannemillci Dennis Flannagan John Gelder James Halligan l e Hogan Donald Treadwell John Hulbert Edward Hutchens Richard Humphreys Eldon E. James Archie Kodros Elliott Maraniss John Nicholson Charles Pink Lawrence van den Berg Robert Palmer Paul Park Carl Petersen Tom Phares James Rae Stuart Robesoii Ralph Schwar kopf Stan Swinton Carl Wisner M H Page 57 N 1939 u Row 1 Clark, Hodge, Holmes, Yearnd, Bill Mitchell, August, Smick Row 2 Frailing, Hayes, Bob Mitchell, Shaw, Thompson, Whetsell Row 3 Anderson, Hollinshead, Newnan, Grace, Madden, Lovett, Morris UIDS OFFICERS Ted Grace President (Arch-Druid) Charles Lovett Yicc-1 ' rcsident (Vice Arch-Druid) Jim Hollinshead Secretary (Seneca) Bill Newnan Treasurer (Hoarder of the Funds) HONORARY MEMBERS Arthur L. Cross Ray E. Fisher Morris F. Tilley Carl B. Brandt Joseph L. Davis Walter 1 ' . Weber Maj. W. B. Fariss I ' rof. L. G. Vandervelde Prof. J. S. Reeves Allan Seager MEMBERS Ted Grace Charles Lovett Jim Hollinshead Hill Newnan Wm. H. Yearnd K. C. August Max Hodge F. C. Anderson Bob Mitchell Bill Mitchell Carvel Shaw Danny Smick Erie Whelsell Doug Hayes Ted Madden Hamilton Morris Robert Frailing Philip Clark Russ Faulkner John Thompson David Holmes Wally Hook Ed Macal Leonard Sicgelmaii Jack Brennan Walt Peck inpa ugh Harold Nichols Bill Watson Marland Danncr N 1939 Page 58 N N Row 1 Rather. Laing, Kohl. Conde. Fenske. Carr Vint Row 2 Spooner. Fry, Menefee. Blaess. Jordan, Sibley Row 3 Pence. Howard. MacArthur. MacCregor " r3p ZETA PHI ETA OFFI CERS Mildred MacArthur President Bettie Howard Vicc-1 ' resideiil Peg MacGregor Secretary Betty Jean Pence Treasurer Mrs,G. E. Dcnsnioic Patroness Advisei Mrs. F. O. Craudall Faculty Adviser HONORARY MEM BERS Mrs. G. E. Densmore Miss Etliel McConnick Mrs. Louis Eicke MEMBERS Elaine Bergers Loreen Brandt Bettie Howard Peg MacGregor Mildred MacArthur Ruth Menefee Betty Jean Pence Janet Siblev Mrs. F. O. Crandall Elaine Kohl Margaret Fry Frances Carr Meribah Leach Beulah Fenske Frances Carlisle Marion Conde Jane Ann Rather Norma Vint Maxinc Blaess Elizabeth Spooner June Madison Ruth Laing Rosemarv MacArthur Mary Jordan Nancy Ellen Harris Mary McCoy Elaine Alpert Dorcas Elizabeth Corrin M Page 59 H N 1939 DEAN BURSLEY MUCH help, information and guidance is needed by the many women ' s activities, dor- mitories, and sororities, and it is the re- sponsibility of Dean Alice Lloyd to guide and integrate them into a whole and definite pro- gram. Whether it is attending a preview of J. G. P., a League Board of Governor ' s meet- ing, or many of the other women ' s activities, Miss Lloyd is continually in demand by the women of Michigan. MANY are the functions and responsibilities of the Dean o Students, and a day in the life of Dean Bursley is tilled with in portant executive and administrative work for the Universit to which is added a continual round of interviews, conference! dinners, and meetings with the campusall of which create a closer relationship between the Dean ' s Office and the studcn body. Every student ' s problems and difficulties are the concc-n of Dean Bursley; his office is continually open for interview and discussions through which advice and aid is given to ind viduals and organizations. Besides his many functions as dean, Joseph Bursle is professor of Mechanical Engineering and instructs classes dull; DEAN LLOYD EnGfl6 ONE of the oldest technical schools in the coumn. the College of Engineering was established in 1895 as a separate department of the University of Michigan. Engineering courses, however, were offered in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts soon after the founding of the University in 1 37. Each vcar the demand for technically qualified men increases in the field of engineering. The Michigan College of Engineering has long been a conspicuous source of supply for these men. In addition to the technical subjects, many non-technical courses are taken by the Michigan engineer. When he leaves the Uni- versity, he is a thoroughly trained individual. competent to further progress in the fields of science and engineering. No SECLUD son is a r spired, ern meci followin of Kent, Ann Ar in the of his ser he was was appoint gineering, a posif present t Dean Ander- actually in- l for mod- few years University .idersom came to ly worked ecognition to science, in 1937 he College of En- he ablv holds at LNCINEERINC ANNEX THE SENTINEL OF THE DIAGONAL Page 62 INFORMAL S , ATOM SMASHER OF SPECIAL INTEREST TO ENGINEERS STUDYING PHYSICS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING METER READING MOTORS POURING MOLTEN METAL IN THE FOUNDRY PROFESSORS H. C. ANDERSON Prof, of Mech. Eng. and Dean of College of Engineering S. S. ATTWOOD Prof, of Elee. Eng. W. L. AYRES Assoc. Prof, of Math. B. F. BAILEY Prof. Elee. Eng. and Dept. Chairman E. M. BAKER Prof, of Chem. Eng. O. W. BOSTON Prof, of Metal Processing H. BOUCHARD Assoc. Prof, of Geodesy and Surveying E. M. BRACC Prof, of Naval Arch, and Marine Eng., and Dept. Chairman J. C. BRIER Prof, of Chem. Eng. C. C. BROWN Prof, of Chem. Eng. C. E. BURKLUND Assoc. Prof, of English J. H. CANNON Prof, of Elee. Eng. C. 0. CAREY Assoc. Prof, of Geodesy and Surveying J. H. CISSEL Prof, of Struct. Eng. C. L. DAHLSTROM Assoc. Prof, of English A. J. DECKER Prof, of Civil Eng. R. A. DODGE Assoc. Prof, of Engineering Mechanics W. L. EMMONS Assoc. Prof, of Highway Engineering J. E. EMSWILER E. L. ERIKSEN Prof, of Mech. Eng. and Dept. Prof, of Eng. Meeh. and Dept. Chairman Chairman Page 64 N C N N PROFESSORS P. FIELD Prof, of MaHi. C. W. GOOD Assoc. Prof, of Mech. Eng. C. B. CORDY Prof, of Mech. Eng. H. J. COULDINC Assoc. Prof, of Mechanism and Eng. Drawing L. M. CRAM Prof, of Civil Eng. and Dept. Chairman R. S. HAWLEY Prof, of Mech. Eng. H. H. HICBIE Prof, of Elec. Eng. W. C. HOAD Prof, of Civil Eng. L. A. HOPKINS Assoc. Prof, of Math. W. S. HOUSEL Assoc. Prof, of Civil Eng. C. F. JOHNSTON Prof, of Ceodesy and Surveying and Dept. Chairman H. E. KEELER Prof, of Mech. Eng. H. W. KING Prof, of Hydraulic Eng. W. E. LAY Prof, of Mech. Eng. H. R. LLOYD Assoc. Prof, of Mech. Eng. C. E. LOVE Prof, of Math. A. H. LOVELL Prof, of Elec. Eng. and Ass ' t Dean A. MARIN Assoc. Prof, of Mech. Eng. F. N MEN " FF Prof, of Eng. Mechanics F. A. MICKLE Assoc. Prof, of Mech. Eng. Page 65 PROFESSORS H. W. MILLER Prof, of Mcch. and Eng. Draw, and Dept. Chairman A. D. MOORE Prof, of Elee. Eng. R. L. MORRISON Prof, of Highway Eng. and Transportation J. R. NELSON Prof, of English V. C. POOR Assoc. Prof, of English T. R. RUNNING Prof. Emeritus of Math. R. H. SHERLOCK Prof, of Civil Eng. A. F. SHERZER Prof, of Mcch. Eng. E. A. STALKER Prof, of Aeronautical Eng. and Dept. Chairman M. B. STOUT Assoe. Prof, of Elec. Eng. R. S. SWINTON Assoc. Prof of Eng. Mechanics J. E. THORNTON Assoc. Prof, of English C. UPTHECROVE Prof, of Metallurgical Eng. J. VAN DEN BROCK Prof, of Eng. Mechanics C. N. WENCER Assoc. Prof, of English A. E. WHITE A. H. WHITE Prof, of Metallurgical Eng. Prof, of Chcm. Eng. and Dept. Chairman C. O. WISLER Prof, of Hydraulic Eng. W. P. WOOD J. S. WORLEY Professor of Metallurgical Eng. Prof, of Transportation Eng. Page 66 S U RVEYI NG AMID the towering Teutons at Jackson Hole. W oming. the university engineer can learn advanced surveying in the summertime at Camp Da is as well as dwell close to nature. For here in the unlimited open country and clear exhilarating climate, one finds terrain for surveying at its best. Whether it is slopes of the massive Rockies, the valleys along a swiftly running stream, or wooded areas, the sur- veyor continually finds a challenge to his skill and the experience gained is of great significance. Then. too. one must not forget the campfires at the end of a day ' s work, or the associations with the cowboys in the little town of Jackson Hole, nor the trip north to Yellowstone a summer at Camp Davis cannot help but le the crowning point in a surveyor ' s training. Page 67 1939 HIRD ROEMER OSBERC CODA SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Urbane Hird . . President Dick Roenier ... . Vice-President Fred Oshei g .... Secretary Les Goda . . Treasurer FINANCE COMMITTEE Lester Goda, Chairman Charles . Boykin Joseph J. Dem ma Charles W. Crowe Frederick J. Van Slooien Ralph Freeman Jcrald J. Frericks Robert F. May CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE George Hanson. Chairman Charles F. Weinaiig F ' .dward G. Opdyke SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE Peter G. Ipsen Frederic C. Olds Charles N. Jacobson SOCIAL AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Donald Van Loon, Chairman Richard R. Roenier Frederick G. Low- Allen Andrews Slewart D. I ' eck Joseph Anton Herbert Illmiiherg John Stevens Max Sokol Page 68 N N N ALFRED ERNEST ADiS B.S. in Aero. Eng. Edmonton. Alberta. Canada rniverjy of Afcerta ( 1 I CLAIR HESS AIKEN U.S. in Mech. En . Grass Lake, Mich. LINDEN EDWARD ALBRECHT B S. in Mech. Eng. Ko.val Oak, Mich. ix-ita Tau Delta ARTHUR VOORHEES ALLISON B.S. in Civ. ER. ' ' ,ich. .iia Kappa A.S.C.E. EMMETT EUGENE ANDERSON B.s. in Mech. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Glee Club JOHN WESLEY ANDERSON B . in Elec. Ens. in Mech. Eng. - rior. Wis. Tau Beta P. - Phi Kappa P- Eta Kappa u ' 5 i Sec ' y 4 A I.E.E. ALLEN ANDREWS U . - j. Delta I ' psikn Yulcans Scabbard and Blade Military Ball (3) (4) Eng. Ball (4) Wrestlir. Glider Club (2) (3) (4) ROBERT EVAN ANCLEY B.S. in Mech. Eng. .Tail. Mich. Phi Gamma Delta JOSEPH ANTON B s. in (. ' : Concord. N.H. Menu Rho Tau Vice Pres. (3) Pie . (4) JAMES ORRIN APPLEYARD B.vK. Trans. Glenview. 111. Scabbard and Blade Transportation Club Pres. (4) JAMES WILLIAM ATTWOOD B S in Civ. Enc and Math. Wayne. Mich. HENRY LOUIS BAHLMAN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Battle Creek. Mich. vM.E. (I) (2) (3) (4) HUGH BAKER B.S. in- Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. Tau Beta Pi (4) A.S.M.E. (3) S.A.E. (3) (4) BURTON D. BARNS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. ' " JAMES JUNIOR BARTLETT B.S. in Elec. Eng. Syracuse. X.Y. Triangle R.O.T.C. (1) (2) A.I.E.E. (3) (4) DONALD HOLDEN BELDEN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Royal Oak. Mich. Delta Tau Delta Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi Triangles. Vulvans Michigamua Mich. Union Sec ' y (4) Men ' s Council Sec ' y-Treas. (4) J. Hop t3). Track (I) A I Ch.E. JOSEPH DOUGLAS BENNETT B.S. in Mech. Eng. Neptune. X.J. Sigma Alpha Epsikn Scabbard and Blade Technk Executive Council A.S.M.E. JOHN GRIFFIN BLACKBURN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Grand Rapids. Mich. Sigma Phi Track (1) A.I.Ch E. WILLIAM RUSSELL BLAKLEY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Dearborn, Mich. Triangle Pres. (4) Mich. Technic (2) (3) A.S.M.E. vA E. ARTHUR FRANCIS BOETTJER B.s. in Mech. Eng. Babylon. X.Y. Scabbard and Bade (4) vM.E. EDWARD B. BOREK H in Aero. Eng. Grand Rapids. Mich. A I AS. THEODORE LAMB BORST I! S. in Mech. Eng. Meadville. Pa. I ' nion Comm. Executive Comm. Glider Club A.S.M.E. EARL BRENN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Muntington. Ind. Pi Lambda Phi Phi Eta Sigma Eng. Council (3) Engine Ball (3) Sigma Rho Tin A.I.Ch.E. FITZ JAMES BRIDGES B.S. in Mech. Eng. Dearborn, Mich. Trieon s.A.E. (4) A.S.M.E. (3) (4) Glee Club (I) GLENN H. BRINK B.S. in Aero Ens. Grosse Pointe. Mich. Alpha Tau Omega I " , of M. Flying Club Pres. Glider Club (1) (2) A.I A.S PAUL BROCK B.S. in Elec. Ens. Whitehall. X.Y. A.I E.E. WILLIAM H. BUCHANAN B.S. in Mech Ena. . e York. X.Y. Siema Xu Tau Beta Pi Vulcans Track (1) (2) (3) (4) Transportation Club A.S.C.E. M.E. THOMAS M. BUERMANN B.S. in Mar. Eng. Xew York. X.Y. Alpha Kappa Lambda Quarterdeck Swimming (1) Sailing Dub WILLIAM JAMES BURNS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor. Mich. Siema Rho Tau (1) (2) (3) (4) A.S M.E. SICMUND E. BYCHINSKY B.S. in Elec. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Sigma Rho Tan M H Page 69 N 1939 WILLIAM RAYMOND CADY B.S. in Chem. Eng. Oswego, N.Y. Technic (1) (2) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) BRUCE LE ROY CAMPBELL B.S. in Eng. River Forest, 111. Sigma Chi Treas. (4) Triangles Michiganensian (3) ALDEN BIVINS CARDER B.S. in Aero. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. JOSEPH SAMUEL CARDILLO B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rochester, N.Y. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi C. HOWARD CARROTHERS B.S. in Elec. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Pi Tau Pi Sigma Technic (2) Glee Club (2) (3) (4) Sec ' y (3) LEWIS EARLE CASCADDEN B.S. in Aero. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Mich. Outdoor Club (2) (3) (4) Sec ' y-Treas. (4) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) (3) (4) A.I.A.S. ANTONIO E. CASTILLO B.S. in Aero. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. X THOMAS L. CATHERWOOD B.S. in Naval Arch. and Mar. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich, Quarterdeck ELROY JOHN CENTER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Hibbing, Minn. C. ROBERT CHRISTENSEN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Saginaw, Mich. Mich. Union GENE ALBERT CHRISTIAN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Theta Xi STANLEY CEORCE CHRISTIAN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Amsterdam, N.Y. Alpha Chi Sigma A.I.Ch.E. (2) (3) (4) Cross Country (1) Publicity Comm. (3) Finance Comm. (2) Newman Club R.O.T.C. (1) (2) (3) (4) Freshman Adviser (4) MAURICE EDWARD CLUFF B.S. in Chem. Eng. Maple City, Mich. A.I.Ch.E. (4) JOHN WESLEY COLLINS. JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Sigma Chi Varsity Glee Club (1) (2) (3) Pres. (4) Interfraternity Council (2) (3) (4) J. Hop (3) S. T. COMFORT B.S. in Mech. Eng. Webster Groves, Mo. Beta Theta Pi Westminster College (1) (2) AUSTIN CONSOR B.S. in Mech. Eng. Monroe, Mich. Delta Tau Delta Gargoyle ( 1 ) Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) A.I.Ch.E. A.S.M.E. RICHARD ARNOLD COTTLE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Oak Park, 111. Beta Theta Pi ROBERT BEVERIDCE COTTON B.S. in Aero. Eng. Drexel Hill, Pa. Robert Owen Coop. House Glider Club THOMAS JOSEPH COTTON, JR. B.S. in Aero. Eng. Drexel Hill. Pa. Robert Owen Coop. House Glider Club CHARLES WILLETT CROWE B.W. in Chem. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Gamma Delta Tau Beta Pi (3) (4) Vulcans (4) Baseball. Manager (2) (3) (4) A.I.Ch.E. (3) (4) Interfraternity Council (2) (3) HOWARD W. CRUSEY B.S. in Mech. Enu. Baltimore, Maryland Theta Chi Scabbard and Blade R.O.T.C. A.S.M.E. EDMUND ALEXANDER CYROL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich A.S.M.E. (4) MALCOLM CEORCE DANIELS B.S. in Mech. Ens. Jackson, Mich. Delta Kappa Epsilon STANLEY RICHARD DANIELS B.S. in Chem. Eng. Kalaraazoo, Mich. RAYMOND ALLENBY DAVID B.S. in Chem. Eng. Jacksonville, Fla. Tau Beta Pi A.I.Ch.E. CLEN R. DAVIS B.S. in Cht-ni. Ens;. Flint. Mich. A.I.Ch.E. CLARK ARTHUR DEPUE III B.S. in Eng. Clinton, Iowa A.S.M.E. ARTHUR B.S. in Flint, Mich. V. DICAIRE Aero. Eng. RALPH ALBERT DICK B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. A.S.M.E. (3) (4) CHARLES H. DITZ B.S. in Chem. EIIK. Saginaw, Mich. Chi Rho Sigma Tau Beta Pi N 1939 Page 70 N N N HUGH CAMERON DOWNER B . in Naval Arch. Cranford. N.J Quarterdeck (3) (4) Vulcans (4) JOHN WELLINGTON DRAPER B.S. in Aero. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Kappa MICHAEL DUBLIN B S. in Aero Eng. B.S in Mech. En g. Rome. N.V. Phi Sigma Psi (4) GEORGE L. DUNKIRK B.S. in Civ. Eng. Benton Harbor. Mich. Transportation Club A.S.C.E. FRANKLIN WESLEY EDWARDS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Alpha Tau Omega Swimming (2) A.S.M.E. S.A.E. EDWARD JOSEPH ECLE. JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Monroe. Mich. Congress (3) (4) JOHN STUART ELSNER B.S. in Naval Arch. Racine. Wis. Alpha Kappa Lambda Quarterdeck (2) (3) (4) Stump Speakers Soc. (1) Mich. Technic (I) (2) (3) (4) ROBERT ARTHUR EMMETT B.S. in Chem. E | Detroit. Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsikra Triangles (3) Vulcans m Swimming (1) (2) (3) Freshman Class Pres. O) Eng. Council (1) (4) Men ' s Counca (3) (4) JOHN KRYDER ERWIN B.S. in Mcch. Eng. Akron, Ohio Choral Union CHARLES T. EVANS. JR. B.S. in Met. Eng. Tilusville. Pa. P i Upsilon Golf (1) Honor Council (3) (4) KENNETH ROBERT EVENSON B.S. in Mar. Eng. and Mech. Ene. Avon. Ohio Triangle Quarterdeck (3) V. Commodore (4) Class Pres. (3) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) A.S.M.E. (3) (4) JOHN C. FECHNAY B.S. in Chem. Eng. V. Hartford. Conn. Theta Xi Triangles Eng. Council Football Mgr. (2) (3) Soc. Comm. (3) A.I.Ch.E. (2) (4) HENRY A. FEDZIUK B.S. in Aero. Eng. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Buffalo. N.Y. Scalp Blade Scabbard ft Blade DONALD M. FERGUSON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Northampton. Mass. Phi Kappa Psi Scabbard and Blade Gargoyle (3) A.S.M.E. Glider Club R.O.T.C. CLARENCE W. FISHER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Aberdeen, S. Dak. Transfer: Iowa State (4) A.I.ChE. JOHN J. FLIS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Springdale, Pa. R.O.T.C. Newman Club (3) (4) Polish Eng. Society (3) Carnegie Institute of Technology (1) ANCELO SANCHEZ FLORES B S. in Chem. Eng. Youngstown, Ohio Cornelius Donovan Scholarship (4) GILBERT FOX B.S. in Chem. Eng. New York, N.Y. A.I.Ch.E. FRANK H. FREEMAN B.S. in Met. Eng. Ypsilanti. Mich. A.S.M.E. A.F.A. RALPH L. FREEMAN B.S. in Met. Eag. Chicago, III. Tau Beta Pi Scabbard Blade Track (I) Eng. Council A.S.M. A.I.M.E. Vice Pres JERALD JOSEPH FRERICKS B . in Aero. Eng. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Lyndhurst, Ohio A.I.A.S. GEORGE HENRY FROST B.S. in Mech. Eng. Muskegon. Mich. A.S.M.E. GABRIEL FUENTES, JR. B.S. Rio Piedras, P.R. NED FULLER, JR. B.S. in Aero. Eng. Detroit. Mich. A.I.A.S. Congress LAURENCE HOLMAN CAY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Scabbard Blade A.S.M.E. FOSTER RAMACE CAYLORD B.S. in Trans. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Tau Beta Pi (4) Transportation Club (3) (4) Highway Transport Chrm. S.A.E. (3) (4) EVERETT WALD CELDER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Millburg. Mich. HUGH T. GEORGE B.S. in Elec. Eng. Detroit, Mich. A.I.E.E. CHARLES RICHARD GIBBS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Parchment. Mich. A.S.M.E. HENRY W. CILFILLAN B.S. in Elec. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Delta Upsflon Pres. (4) Pi Tau Pi Sigma (3) (4) Mil. Ball (1) Executive Comm. (1) Mich. Union (1) (2) Jacket Comm. (2) M H Page 71 N 1939 JOHN B. GMEINER B.S. in Elec. Eng. Adrian. Mich. LESTER EDWIN CODA, JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. Rochester, N.Y. Theta Xi Triangles JOHN COLD B.S. on Chem. Eng. Flint, Mich. A.l.Ch.E. (4) CHARLES COLDSCHMIDT B.S. in Chem. Eng. Larchmont, N.Y. A.l.Ch.E. ASM HUBERT TYSON CRAF B.S. in Mech. Eng. E. Grand Rapids, Mich. Tau Beta Pi Men ' s Union (3) (4) A.S.M.E. CHARLES CRAY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Lombard, 111. Phi Kappa Psi Triangles Football Eng. Council RICHARD F. CROCAN B.S. in Mech. Knif. Pontiac, Mich. Transfer: General Motors Inst. JOHN M. CROSKOPF B.S. in Mech. Eng. (irand Rapids, Mich. A.S.M.E. CHARLES W. CUILLERMETY B.S. in Aero. Eng. Santurce, Puerto Rico Scabbard and Blade R.O.T.C. (4) Ibero Americano Club (3) Pres. (4) A.I.A.S. (3) (4) Transportation Club (4) Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4) JOSEPH DAVIS HAAS B.S. in Elec. Eng. Memphis, Tenn. Phi Epsilon Pi Daily Business (1) (2) A.I.E.E. ROBERT C. HAHL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Buffalo. N.Y. la u Kappa Epsilon Prn.. (4) Kng. Open House (2) Scalp and Blade (1) (2) (3) (4) Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2) A.S.M.E. ELBERT EDGAR HAICHT B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. EDWIN OTTO HENNIK B.S. in Chem. Eng. Rochester, N.Y. RICHARD W. HALLOCK Oswego. N.Y. Track (1) A.S.M.E. (3) (4) DOUGLAS WILLIAM HAMM B.S. in Cheni. Eng. Muskegon, Mich. A.l.Ch.E. GEORGE HENRY HANSON B.S. in Chem. Eng. Alpena, Mich. Scabbard and Blade (3) 1 ' hi Eta Sigma Tau Beta Pi Cataloguer (4) Phi Kappa Phi A.l.Ch.E. Treas. (4) ROBERT W. HARTWELL B.S. in Eng. Detroit. Mich. Tau Beta Pi, Michigamua Vulcans, Triangles Swimming (1) (2) Sophomore Class, Vice Pres. Independent Men ' s Congress Pres. (4) Men ' s Council (4) JAMES JULIUS HAUSER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. A.S.C.E. JOHN HAMILTON HEALY B.S. in Civ. Eng. Iroinvood. Mich. Beta Theta Pi A.S.C.E. Vice Pres. Eng. Council Transportation Club GLEN DELANO HECCIE H.S. in Trans. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Transportation Club (2) (3) (4) Vice Pres. (4) Executive Comm. (2) A.S.C.E. (2) (3) (4) MERLE WILLIAM HEIDMAN B.S. in Elec. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Triangle Eta Kappa Nu A.I.E.E. URBANE WILLIAM HIRD B.S. in Naval Arch and Mar. Eng. I.akewood, Ohio Delia Upsilon Triangles (3), Sec ' y Vulcans (4), Pres. Quarterdeck (3) Football (1) (2) Wrestling (1) (2) (3) (4) Class Vice Pres. (1) WALTER EDWIN HOBERT, JK. B.S. in Aero. F.HK. Naperyille, 111. Alpha Sigma Phi A.I.A.S. (4) Sec ' y. Transfer: North Central College Band (3) ABRAM LEWIS HODGE B.S. in Chem. Kng. Morenci, Mich. Transfer: Mich. St. Normal MARVIN LAWRENCE HOLZER B.S. in Civ. Eng. Brooklyn. N.Y. A.S.C.E. (3) (4) Treas. (4) Sigma Rho Tau (3) NORMAN MAKIEVUS HUFF B.S. in Mech. EIIK. Canandaigua, N.Y, Theta Xi A.S.M.E. (4) WAYNE EDWARD HULETT U.S. in Chem. Eng.. Flint, Mich. Choir A.l.Ch.E. WENDELL B. HULL B.S. in Eler. Kim. Detroit. Mich. HOWARD JUSTIN IDE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Grand Rapids. Mich. A.I.A.S. (3) (4) BORIS POLICARPOVICH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Harbin. Manchouquo ILYIN N 1939 Page 72 N N N PETER CROVER IPSEN H in Merh Enc. Schencrtady. X.Y. Triangles. Pres. ' t Vukans I ' hi Kla Sigma Tan Beta Pi Phi Kapta I ' hi Oas Srcrrtary I . " I Congress (4) JAMES RAY IRELAND K v in Met. Eng. .-iern Springs. III. Sigma Chi. Tau Beta Pi - Treasurer N aboard and Blade VIM 1 I ' res. Fencing Scimitar, Pas. CHARLES NELSO JACOESON B..v in Mrch. Ens. (Irinrf HaMr Mich. icma Phi Triangles (3) Michiganensian (2) 3) (ilider Club (1) (2) I (3) (4) Board in Control of Student cations (4) J. ROBERT JAMESON in Mrih. 1 Linden Mich. FRANK C. JANKOWSKI K - in Mrth. Kni: .1 Kapids. Mich. RALPH O. JANSON K S. m M- in. Eng. LS.U.E. EDWARD A. JOHNSON K . in Mech. Eng. oneida. X.Y. Track (1) RICHARD WRIGHT JOHNSON K in Elcc Eng. ing, X.Y. Triangle C. (1) (2) CEORCE ROBERT KEENAN Elec. Eng. Berlin. X.H. Xew Hampshire CD ub H) (2) Ski Club (1) KunniriE Crft, Country (1) (2) Orchestra (2) Ma k Dagger Dramatic Club (2) ANAND MAHADEO KELKAR B.S. in Mech. Eng. Bombay, India Tau Beta Pi Student Religious - ssn. International Council A.S.M.E. .2) (3) (4) .v A E. (1) (2) CURTIS KELLY B.S. in Aero. Eng. Ann Arbor. Mich. K.O.T.C. (II 2) (3) 1 - FRANK KERN. JR. B.S. in Mech. En Detroit. Mich. I ' hi Sigma Kappa ASM E M) S.A.E. (4) CHARLES LLOYD KETTLER B.S. Washington, D.C. I - .. Triangles Vulcans Michigamua Michiganenvian (2) (3) Bus. Mgr. (4) J. Hop (3) FRANK J. KIDOER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Mu keson. Mich. Delta Sigma Phi A.I.Ch.E. (4) DON PAUL KINCERY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Toledo. Ohio Kappa Sigma Kootball (2) (3) Student Religious Assn. V-M.E. Glee Club MENDEL W. KITZMILLER B.S. in Elec. Eng. Grand Rapids. Mich. Beta Theta Pi Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Xu Phi Kappa Phi STEPHEN W. KLONOSKI B.S. in Mech- Eng. Torrington, Conn. m DONALD R. KNAPP K s in Aero. Eng. Kisaran. Sumatra, X.E.I. Alpha Tau Omega RICHARD HAROLD KNOWE B.S. in Mech. Eng. South Orange. X.I. Lambda Chi Alpha Scabbard and Blade Mich. Daily (1) (2 Tennis U) Sigma Rho Tau (1J 2 I.E. REYNER KOLLGAARD B.S. in Chf m. F . Onconta. X.Y. A.I.Ch.E. A- S PETER KOR8ELA B . in Mech. Eng. Detroit. Mkh. EUGENE KRAFT B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mkh. A.S.M.E. RICHARD SEDDON KURTZ B.S. in Mech. Eng. Buffalo. N.Y. Psi Vpsilon Scalp and Blade Swimming (1) JAMES L. LAING B.S. in Met. Eng. Bavham. Ontario Wrestling (3) WILLIAM C. LANDWIER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Mu kegon. Mich. ASM.E. VERN KENNETH LEONARD B.S. in Mech. Eng. Troy. Mich. A.S.M.E. (2) (3) DJWOH CHINC LINC B.S. in Civ. Eng. Shanghai, China A.S.C.E. JOHN DAVID LOBB JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Kansa.- City. Mo. Phi Delta Tbeta Technic (3) Track (2) Glee Club (2) R.O.T.C. A.S.M.E. FRED GARDNER LOW B.S. in Chem. Ens- Hamburg. N.Y. Delta Upsilon A.I.Ch.E. Yice Pres. FREDERICK WILLIAM LUEBKE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Acacia Mich. Union Vice Pres. (4) Men ' s Council, Pres. (4) Executive Council (3) Military Ball (1) (2) M N Page 73 1939 ROBERT BOYCE LUEKINC B.S. in Elec. Eng. Normandy, Mo. Phi Gamma Delta A.I.E.E. (1) (2) (3) (4) JOHN E. MacARTHUR, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Glee Club (2) (3) (4) FRANK C. MacTERNAN B.S. in Aero. Eng. Brooklyn, N.Y. Lambda Chi Alpha Track (1) A.I.A.S. (1) (2) (3) (4) S.A.E. (1) MORRIS MARKEL B.S. in Elec. Eng. Buffalo, N.Y. Phi Epsilon Pi Technic (1) Executive Comm. (3) A.I.E.E. (3) (4) HARRY DWICHT MARSHALL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids, Mich. Tau Beta Pi Phi Kappa Phi (4) A.S.M.E. (3) (4) WILLIAM HENRY MASON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Auburn, N.Y. Theta Xi Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) A.S.M.E. (4) FRED A. MAXAM B.S. in Aero. Eng. Detroit, Mich. GREGORY WILLIAM MAXWELL B.S. in Trans. Eng. Toledo, Ohio Phi Delta Theta Transportation Club ROBERT F. MAY B.S. in Elec. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Eta Sigma (1) Tau Beta Pi (3) (4) Eta Kappa Nu, Pres. (4) ' Phi Kappa Phi (4) Vulcans (4) Congress (3) (4) Exec. Sec ' y (4) Class V. Pres. (3) GEORGE L. McCAIN, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Chi Psi Tennis Manager (4) A.S.M.E. Eng. Honor Council (1) (2) " M " Manager ' s Club (4) 4tfc4 l ROBERT WILLIAM McCARTY B.S. in Elec. Eng. Jackson, Mich. Sigma Phi Epsilon HUGH ORME McCORMICK B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Mich. A.I.Ch.E. HAROLD GARLAND McGREGOR B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grosse Pointc, Mich. Phi Sigma Kappa Pres. PHILIP WILLIAM McLANE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Ypsilanti, Mich. A.I.A.S. (2) (3) (4) Transfer: Mich. State Normal ALEXANDER JOHN McRAE, JR. B.S. in Aero. Eng. Hempstead, N.Y. Glider Club Sec ' y-Treas. (4) DONALD SHERMAN MEECH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rochester, N.Y. Congress Sec ' y (3) FRANK X. MEIER, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Sigma RALPH RICHARD MENDELSON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Cleveland Heights, Ohio A.S.M.E. (2) (4) Choral Union (1) Band (2) W. JAMES MERICKA B.S. in Met. Eng. Port Huron, Mich. Alpha Chi Sigma Wrestling (3) (4) FREDERICK C. MILLER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Owosso, Mich. A.I.Ch.E. (3) (4) DONALD MARK MONROE B.S. in Civil Eng. Iron Mountain, Mich. Newman Club A.S.C.E. Transportation Club CHARLES EDWIN MOORE B.S. in Elec. Eng. Petpskey, Mich. Kta Kappa Nu (4) A.I.E.E. (3) (4) Councilman (4) Disciples Guild (1) (2) (3) (4) Treas. (4) Kng. Council (4) W. JAMES MOORE B.S. in Civil Eng. Flint. Mich. Delta tpsilon Eng. Council Vice Pres. (1) A.S.C.E. R.O.T.C. Rifle Team MYRON O. MOREHOUS B.S. in Civil Eng. Lysander. N.Y. Band (1) (2) A.S.C.E. JACK B.S. in Peek ki A.S.M.K. MOSS Mech. Eng. ROBERT DOUGLAS MOYER B.S. in Mech. Eng Warsaw, N.Y. KENNETH JAMES MUDIE B.S. in Elec. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Kia Kappa Nu (3) (4) Sec ' y. A.I.E.E. (4) JOSEPH E. MULHEIM B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rochester. Pa. HENRY NEWBURCH B.S. in Elec. Eng. Ann Arbor. Mich. Radio Club Sec ' y. A.I.E.E. ANDREW JOHN NICHOLS B.S. in Elec. Eng. Arcade. N.Y. Phi Eta Sigma Kta Kappa Nu A.I.E.E. (3) Treas. (4) Mimes (3) (4) Choral Union (2) Congress (4) N 1939 Page 74 N N N ROBERT PALMER NORMAN B.S. in Cbem. Eng. Baltic Creek, Mich. fREDERICK CONKLIN OLDS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Lansing. Mich. [ ' -! Upsilon. Tau Beta Pi Vulcans. A.S.M.E. Football (2) (3) (4) B (1) Eng. Council (1) Senior Ball (4) M Club BRONIS ONUF B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rutherford. X.J. Rochdale House Phi Eta Sigma Tau Beta Pi Executive Comm. EDWARD CROVER OPDYKE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Gladstone. X.J. Tau Beta Pi A.I Ch.E. LEONARD DALTON ORR B.S. in Met. Eng. Port Huron, Mich. Triangle Rinc Comm. (3) A.I.M.E. (4) FREDERICK CARL OSBERC. JR. in Naval Arch and Mech. Eng. Rutherford. X.J. Triangles Vulcans Tau Beta Pi Quarterdeck Track Pres. (2) JOHN FREDERICK OSTERCREN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. JAMES ANDREW OSWALD K. . in Physics Ann Arbor WILBUR LOUIS OTT B.S. in Chem. Eng. Monroe, Mich. A.I.Ch.E. (4) Alumni Scholarship (I) (2) RICHARD F. OVERHOFF B.S. in Aero. Eng. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Davenport. Iowa A.S.M.E. A.I.A.S. VIRGIL RICHARDSON OWENS B.S. in Elec. Eng. Farmington, Mich. A.I.E.E. Phi Tan Phi Sigma EDWARD LUPTON PAGE K..V in Mech. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Sigma Rho Tau (1) A.S.M.E. (3) Congress (2) (3) (4) F. WESTON PALMER B.S. in Aero. Eng. B.S. in Mech. Eng. .Ann Arbor. Mich. Triangle Tau Beta Pi A.I A . JOHN RICHARD PARKER B.S. in Xlech. Eng. Birmingham. Mich. I ' M Kappa Psi Triangles Executive Council Mich. Union (3) WILLIAM FREDERICK PARKER B.S. in Aero. Eng. Owosso, Mich. A.I.A.S. CHARLES HARRISON PARSON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Great Xeck. X.V. Delta Tau Delta Sailing Club AS.M.E. WILLIAM ROWAND PARSONS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Lakewood. Ohio Ph Kappa Sigma Phi Eta Sigma Gym Team (2) (3) (4) CHARLES C. PATTON B.S. in Elec. Eng. Springfield. 111. Phi Kappa Psi DON RAY PERCIVAL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Saginaw, Mich. Triangle (3) Vulcans (4) Tennis (2) (3) (4) Class Treas. (2) ALFRED ARNOLD PETERSEN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Greenwich. Conn. Triangle Quarterdeck Track (1) A.S.M.E. THOMAS BARTLETT PFAFF B.S. in Met. Eng. Minden City. Mich. Alpha Chi Sigma CHAS. TEOFIL PIECEWITZ B.S. in Physics Haverhi]!. Mass. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Technic (2) (3) (4) A.I.E.E. (3) (4) Polonia (3) (4) Deutscher Verein (4) EARL WILLIAM PIERCE B.S in Mech. Eng. Flint, Mich. J. RUSSELL PRATT B.S. in Elec. Eng. Crown Point. Ind. Sigma Phi Epsilon ROBERT LEO PRINDLE B S. in Chem. Eng. Cambridge Springs. Pa. CHARLES OLIVER PROBST B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Alpha Kappa Lambda Sigma Rho Tau (I) (2) (3) (4) Corr. Sec. Pres. (4) JACK PAUL PROBST B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Alpha Kappa Lambda S.A.E. GERALD EDWIN OTTOSON B.S. in C:v. Enc. Jamestown. X.V. A.SC.E. D. STEWART PECK B.S. in Elec. Eng. Grand Rapids. Mich. Tau Beta Pi A.I.EE Pres. Scimitar Sec ' y. M Page 75 ROBERT W. PROCTER, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Student Union (1) Debate (1) (2) Bowling (4) A .S.M.E. Sec ' y. N 1939 WOLFGANG FELIX RAHLES B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Mich. A.I.Ch.E. - WILLIAM A. RASHLEIGH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ahmeek. Mich. A.S.M.E. (2) (3) (4) Frosh Frolic (1) Sigma Rho Tau (1) WILLIAM REA B.S. in Elec. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich A.I.E.E. Eta Kapp a Nu BERT D. REEDY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Battle Creek, Mich. Alpha Delta Phi ROBERT ALLEN REID B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit. Mich. .Sigma Phi Vulcans Michigamua Triangles Interfraternity Council Pres. RANDALL SEARS REYNOLDS B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Phi Sigma Kappa Michiganensian (1) (2) Phi Sigma Kappa V. Pres. (3) (4) A.I.Ch.E. ARMOND J. W. RHODEHAMEL B.S. in Elec. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Phi ARTHUR WILLIAM RHODES B.S. Wilkinsburg, Pa. Chi Phi Tau Beta Pi (3) (4) Michiganensian (2) JOHN AYERS RINEK B.S. in Met. Eng. Washington, Pa. Phi Gamma Delta Scabbard and Blade Glider Club (1) (2) (3) (4) Interfraternity Council (2) (3) Interfraternity Ball Comm. (3) A.I.Ch.E., A.I.M.E., Treas Glee Club (I) WILLIAM F. RITCHESKE, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Muskegon. Mich. A.S.M.E. Sailing Club JOSEPH IRWIN ROBINSON B.S. in Aero. Eng. Franklin, Tenn. Flying Club (4) Treas. (3) S.A.E. (3) A.S.M.E. (1) (2) (3) (4) l.Ae.S. (1) (2) (3) Treas. WALTON ALEXANDER RODOl i; B.S. in Chem. Eng. B.S. in Met. Eng. Detroit, Mich. Trigon. Vulcans. Phi Kla Sigma Tau Beta Pi. Phi Kappa Phi Technic (I) (2) (3) (4) Editor (4) A.I.Ch.E., Pres. F,ng. Council RICHARD ROBERT ROEMER B.S. in Naval Arch. Lynbrook. L.I., N.Y. Alpha Kappa Lambda Track (1) (2) (3) Football (1) Finance Comm. (2) Publicity Comm. (3) FRWIN CARL ROHDE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Saginaw. Mich. Tau Beta Pi LEIGHTON BOND ROLLINS B.S. in Civ. Eng. Scarsdale, N.Y. A.S.C.E. Treas. Transportation Club BENNETT W. ROOT B.S. in Chem. Fng. Birmingham, Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon I ' ln Eta Sigma Pres. (2) Soph Prom (2) Band (1) (2) CHARLES B. ROSENBERG B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Alpha Tau Omega R. SCOTT ROYCE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Ann Arbor Glider Club (Pres.) THURMAN O. RUETTINCER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Hat Rock, Mich. Tau Beta Pi (3) (4) Phi Kappa Phi (4) A.S.M.E. (2) (3) (4) Sec ' y. (4) S.A.E. (3) (4) JAMES ALLISTEN RUTH B.S. in Elec. Eng. Buenos Aires. Argentina Triangles Pi Tau Pi Sigma (3) (4) Sec ' y (4) Scabbard and Blade (4) A.I.E.E. LAWRENCE JAMES SCHAFER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Sioux City, Iowa A.I.Ch.E. JULIUS DAVID SCHETZER B.S. in Physics Detroit. Mich. Kappa Nu EUGENE EDWARD SCHIFT B.S. in Aero. Eng. Montreal, Canada Royal Aero. Society DONALD J. SCHINDEHETTE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Bay City, Mich. A.I.Ch.E. ELMER CUIDO SCHLOOT B.S. in Civ. Eng. Indianapolis. Ind. Lambda Chi Alpha A.SC.E. (4) LESTE R CHARLES SCHMIECE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Parchment. Mich. MAX CHARLES SCHOETZ B.S. in Eng. Milwaukee, Wise. Sigma Chi Triangles Technic (O (2) (3) Basketball Mgr. (3) Wrestling Mgr. (4) Managet ' s Club (4) Slide Rule Dance Comm. (2) KENNETH NEAL SCHOLES B.S. in Aero. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. BURTON W. SCHROEDER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Spring Lake, Mich. THOMAS W. SCHROTH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids. Mich. Tau Beta Pi A.S.M.E. _ 1939 u N Page 76 N N N WILLARD FRANK SHELDON B.S. in Cbem. Eng. Detroit. Mich. Phi EU Sigma RO.T.C. Kiflc Team (I) (2) (3) (4) DONALD HENRY SHILEY H . . in Aero. Eng. Elmhurst, 111. DONALD JOSEPH SIECEL K.s. in Trans. Eng. Royal Oak. Mich. Sigma Chi. Triangles (3) Football (I) (2) (3) (4) Track - 1 ) (3) (4) Newman Club (3) I ' rrs. [3); A.i.iMT (4) Wayne I ' niversily (I) RICHARD ALAN SKLARSKY K . :n Mech. Eng. larneslown. N.V Tau Beta Pi (51 (4) Technic (2) (3) (4) Glee Club (3) (4) Choral Union (2) (3) DAYTON ORLANDO SLATER H s. in F.lec. Eag. Itetroit. Mich. 1 - - l.i a Kappa Nu A.I.E.E. JOHN L. SLOOP H 5. Monti - N ' .C. 1 IK. DAVID S. SMITH K. . in Mech - ; ird. X.Y. Kappa Delta Rho V. Pre . (3) s M.K. S.A.E. Sec ' v - LELAND KEMP SMULL B.S. in Aero. Frm. B-S. in Mrch. Ens- Ada. Ohio Sigma Phi F,jisiln A.S.M.K. (4) l.Ae.S. (41 (ilider Oub (3) MAX SOKOL B.S. in Aero. Eni:. B.S. in Mech. Eni:. Mamtramck. Mich. A.I.A.S. (2) (3) (4): Pres. Polth Eng. Society (.i) (4) Pres. Polonia Lit. Circle (2 (3) (4) Vice Pres. Polish Eng. Scholarship (4) FREDERICK GRANT SPACE. JR. B.S. in Aero Eng. Sevmour. Conn. A.I.A.S. 1 i (2 (3) (4) Flying Club (4) Transportation Club (4) HAROLD THIES SPODEN B.S. in Civ. Eng. Fredonia. X.Y. Triangles (3) Vulcans (4) Tau BeU Pi (3); Pres. (4) Michigan! ua (4) Eng. Honor Comm. (3) Glider Club (1) (2) A.S.C.E. (2) (3); Pies. (4) FRANK T. SPROCELL. JR. B.S. in Mech. En::. Grand Rapids. Mich. HENRY A. STAFFORD B.S. in Aero. 1 Detroit. Mich. Thela Kapia Nu MELVIN F. STERNER US. in Mech. Eng. Northville, Mkh. M.E. CHARLES E. STILSON. JR. B.S. in Eng. Physics Detroit. Mich. Sailing Club MARCUS WALLACE STODDARD H.S in Mech. Eng. Wilmette. III. I ' hi Gamma Delta Eng. Council (4) Knot College (I) WILLIAM CONRAD STRASSER B.S. in Trans. Eng. Rochester. X.Y. Transportation Club (4) Sec ' y.-Treas. sierra Rbo Tau (1); Social Comm. Congress (3) (4) Choral Union (2) (4) A.S.C.E. (3) (4) Transportation Club (3) (4) HAROLD MAYNARD STRAUBE B.S. in Elec. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. A.I.E.E. HARRY C. STUMPF B.S. in Met. Eng. Buffalo. X.Y. Alpha Chi Sigma A.I.Ch.E. A.I ME. JAMES BARBER TALMAN li.S. jn Arrn. Kng, Birmingham, Mkh. ii;ma Phi Tennis (3) J.G.P. ( .; SIK LING TANC B.S. in Mech. En. BJ . in Elec. F.nir. Canton. China F.F. Fraternity Chinese Student Club FRANK NORMAN SMITH B.S. in Ch Klniira. N ( Yurk - C.E. ROBERT WILLIAM SMITH H in Met!). } . While Plain-. X.Y. Kappa Sigma RODERICK NORMAN SMITH B.S. in Aero. Eng. .lackson. Mich. Band (1) Rifle team (1) A.I A . (3) 4) JOHN MENISH STEVENS H s. in Meci. Eng . Port Huron, Mich. Triangles Scabbard and Blade (3): Sec ' y. (4) Vulcans (4): Mich. Technic (2) Military Ball Comm. (3) Executive Comm. (3) ASM.E. (2); Treas. (3) Pres. (4) MELVIN E. STEVENS B.S. in Aero. Eng. Clare. Mich. AI.A.S. RICHARD M. STEWART B.S. in Elec. Eng. Amarillo. Texas Ela Kappa Xu Tau Beta Pi CEORCE TANN H.S. in Mei-h. Kni:. Detroit, Mich. A.S.M.E. RICHARD CORDON TARBELL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ken more. X.Y. Sisma Alpha Epsikm Vulcans (4) Mich. Technic (1) (2) (3) Bus. Mgr. (4) F.xecutive Comm. Sigma Rho Tau (1) A.SM.E. Slide Rule Dance Comm. (3) RICHARD EMERSON TASCH B.S. In Merh. Eng. Ann Arbor. Mirh. resiling M Page 77 H N 1939 FRANK G. TAYLOR B.S. in M.E. Ashland, Pa. Triangle Scabbard and Blade A.S.M.E. WILLIAM DALLAS TIBBETTS B.S. in E.E. Wheaton, Illinois Eta Kappa Nu (4) A.I.E.E. A.B. Oberlin College (2) Varsity Glee Club (3) (4) Choral Union (3) JOHN CONSTANTINE TRAKAS B.S. in Civil Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. A.S.C.E. ELWYN LESTER TREAT B.S. in Aero. Eng. Flint, Mich. A.I.A.S. JOSEPH RANSOM TRUEBLOOD B.S. in Aero. Eng. Sarasota. Florida A.I.A.S. Sigma Rho Tau HAROLD FRANCIS TWYMAN B.S. in M.E. Birmingham, Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon (3) (4) Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (1) (2) Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4) Choral Union (2) (3) ARDAVAST ARAM UNCIYAN M.S. in Mech. Eng. Istanbul, Turkey Cercle Francois Sailing Club EVERETT CARLTON VALLIN B.S. in Nav. Arch. Detroit, Mich. Lambda Chi Alpha Quarterdeck Track (1) (2) (3) ANTHONY JEAN VAN BREDA B.S. Civil Eng Grand Haven, Mich. A.S.Ch.E. (1) (2) (3) (4) DONALD FENN VanLOON B.S. in Mech. Eng. B.S. in Eng. Math. Highland Park, Mich. Tau Beta Pi (3) Recording Sec. (4) Vulcans; Sec ' y (4) A.S.M.E.; V.-Pres. (4) Soph Union Comm. (2) Union Council u N FREDERICK JOHN VanSLOOTEN B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids. Mich. 1 ' hi Alpha Kappa A.S.M.E. VINCENT JOSEPH VCRWYS B.S. in Mech. Grand Rapids. Mich. A.S.M.E. (3) (4) DONALD J. VINK B.S. in Chem. Kan. Spring Lake, Mich. Tau Beta Pi A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT HYDON VREELAND B.S. in Mech. Eng. Lincoln Park. Mi h. University Band (2) (3) (4) A.S.M.E. Intramural Sports Mgr. Staff R.O.T.C. JOHN MILLER WALDRON U.S. in M.E. Schenectady, N.Y. A.S.M.E. (3) (4) WILLIAM E. B.s. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Mich. A.S.C.E. WALTHtR ERWIN DeNISE WARD B.S. in Chem. KM;;. Rochester. N.Y. Phi Sigma Kappa A.I.Ch.E. ARTHUR ELLIS WARNER. JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Vt stern Springs. 111. Delta Upsilon WESLEY SMITH WARREN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Kalamazoo. Mich. Theta Chi (3) (4); Vulcans (4) Kng. Council; Rep. (3) Chrm. Eng. Ball (4) Eng. Council Pres. (4) Open House Chrm. (3) Men ' s Council (4) RICHARD J. WATKINS B.S. in Ch.E. Royal Oak, Mich. A.I.Ch.E. DONALD E. WEDCE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Flint. Mich. S.A.E. A.S.M.K. KARL J. WEIN B.S. in Aero. Eng. Milwaukee. Vis. Kappa Sigma A.I.A.S. CHARLES FISHER WEINAUC B.S. in Ch. Eng. Aurora, 111. A.I.Ch.E. Engineering Council (4) LEE A. WEISS B.S. in Aero. Brooklyn, N.Y. A.I.A.S. Royal Aeronautical Soc. WALLACE GRAHAM WHEELER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Brooklyn, N.Y. Alpha Kappa Lambda A.S.M.E. (4) Band (1) (2) Orientation Advisor (3) (4) CLARENCE MOORE WHITELY U.S. in Civil Kng. Sandusky. Mich. Delta Upsilon A.S.C.E. Varsity Band (1) (2) CHARLES P. WHITTEMORE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Evanston, 111. Psi Upsilon: Track (1) Wrestling Squad (2) (3) Sec ' y of Jr. Class (3) Pres. of Psi Upsilon (4) Student Senate (4) Interfraternity Council Staff and Ball Comm. (3) JOHN REUBEN WIENEKE B.S. in Elect, and Phys. Detroit, Mich. RUSSELL IRVING WILLIAMS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Poultney. Vermont A.S.M.E. ' STERLING FRANK WINCHELL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Jackson, Mich. 1939 Page 78 N N N JOHN FOSTER WISLER B.S. in Mcch. Eng. and Mf. Ann Arbor. Mich. Sigma Kbo Tau FRED W. WOLCOTT B.S. in Aero. Eng. Westfield. X.T. i- - - Finance Cooun. Junior Class (3) A-S.M.E. (1) VI A.S. (2) (3) (4) CHARLES COULSON WOLF B.S. in Elec. Eag. Hagerstown. Md. Lambda Chi Alpha A.I.E.E. (4) ROBERT WILLIAM WOLFE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Mich. ' . - - - Phi Eta Sigma Tau Beta Phi Phi Kappa Phi WILLIAM STOVER WOOLSEY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Evansfjoa. 111. Phi Eta Sigma Vuicans 7 - - - M Club L WILLSON WORTHING B.S. in Ch.E Bay City. Mich. Tbela Xi Phi Eta Sfcma Financial Comm. (i) Intoiratrrnity Council (2) (j) A.I.Ch.E. (2) (3) (4) JOHN HENBY WURSTER E.E. and M.E. Ann Artwr. Mich. Eta Kappa N ' u V. Pres. (4) Tan Ba Pi A.SM.E. .A.I.E.E., Sec ' y (3), Chnn. (4) Eng. Council (4) Eng. Ball (4) M JOHN M. YANTIS B.S. in M.E Fort Smith. Act. Phi Delta Thru Football (1) A.S.M.E. S.A.E. DONALD McKELVIE YENNI B.S. in Met. Eng. New York. X.Y. A-S.M.E. (3) (4) A.I.M.E. (4) EMERSON WOODROW YOUNG B.? in Mech. Eng. Lawton. Mich. JOHN GRAHAM YOUNG B . in Mcch. Eng. Ann Arixir. Mich. Tau Brta Pi. Phi Eta S : i:nia Volcans. Triangles Scabbard and Blade Quarterdeck Class Treasurer 3| Military Ball Comm (II il Eng. Ball Comm. (3) (4i ROBERT SPEED YOUNG B . in Mech. Eox. B. . in Marine Eng. Ann Arbor. Mich. Quarterdeck (3) (4) A.S.M.E.. Pres. (4) Tau Beta Pi (3) (4) Phi Eta Sigma (1) Scabbard and Blade Vnleans (4): Triangles (3) ZYCMUNT STEPHEN ZIMNY B.S. in Chem. Eng. Woodland Beach. N.Y. Phi Eta Sigma PAUL ZURIS B in Mech. Eng. Herkimer. X.Y. Phi Eta Sigma Tau Beta Pi Phi Kappa Phi A.S.M.E. Treas. Mandelbaum Scholar (3 V UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CAMPUS ufe , 2?fe Row 1 Strandhagen, Andrews, Brown, Conrath, Hirtl. Coda Row 2 Freeman, Healy, Wurster, Crusey, King, Alexander, Brandt Row 3 Weinaug, Rodger, Ashburn, Moore, Warren, Hartwell, Fechnay, Emmett OFFICERS Wesley Warren fames Moore (allies Drown Lester Goda . President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer MEMBERS Cruzan Alexander Allen Andrews Anderson Ashburn William Blanchard Arthur Brandt Robert Brown [ames Brown Alman Conralh Howard Crusey Robert F.nnnctt Charles Evans John Fechnay Ralph Freeman Lester Goda Robeit Goodyear Robert Hartwell John Harwood Jack Healy I ' thane II in I )ulius Jaeger F.dward Kinjj Charles Moore James Moore Walton Rodj ei Gus Strandhagen Dave Sutherland Robeit Thomas Wesley Warren Charles Weinaug ) !m Wuistei N 1939 Page 80 N N N ENGINEE COUNCIL - - f- ' THE ENGINEERING COUNCIL is the student governing body of the Engineer- ing College. Its membership is composed of class representatives chosen by the student body, and of society representatives selected by each society. Because of its progressive attitude in campus affairs the Council has earned the full support of the students. This year the Engineering Council proposed a plan for the elimination of officers in all classes except the Senior class. This action was largely re- sponsible for the abolition of class officers in all undergraduate colleges and schools of the University. In the Engineering College, class officers were replaced by the class representatives in the Engineering Council. Also abol- ished this year was the Honor Council; its duties, those of enforcing the honor system, were taken over by the honor committee of the Engineering Council. Of the many functions of the Council, the most important are the spon soring of an all engineering smoker, the engineering ball, the engineering open house, and an inter-class soft ball tournament. All matters of concern lo the Engineering student are a part of the responsibility of the Council- men. HONOR COMMITTEE OF ENGINEERING COUNCIL Row 1 King. Harwood, Thomas. Brown Row 2 Blanchard, Brandt: Goodyear. Chairman; Evans M H N Page 81 1939 Row 1 Tiedeman, T. Cotton, Sanderson, R. Cotton, L. Rinek Row 2 1. Rinek, Royce, McRae, Andrews $S 1 fVfe ' .. " v fe ? SsN$3$s$ . " . .-... : . ,, : ,.- ' " : ' ' .;- ( " -. ' ' " r ' iwvM-. ' .-l 5 " ? ' ' - ,;-. ' ; ., ' ' ,. - J v-v. ;,:.r,,.i; ; .,v;: ; v v ' -.-;.v, .-,? ' -r..: ' ? V-.V; : v?; -UV ' OFFICERS R. Scott Royce . . Alexander J. McRae Allen Andrews . President Scc ' y-Treasurer Engineering Council Rep. MEMBERS Allen Andrews Robert B. Cotton Thomas J. Cotton Alexander J. McRae John A. Rinek INSTRUCTORS Loren W. Rinek R. Scott Royce Glen Sanderson Robert K. Tiedeman D. G. Anderson H. C. Billings H. Blumberg A. R. Bott C. R. Brandt H. C. Brummel I. Bon ton R. W. Byrne Bill Collette Richard Coe H. Cominole R. H. Copithorn D. W. Daniel A. A. Darmstretter Bob Dimler W. Delbridge L. K. Fero Jerry Fink H. T. Fielding A. French R. F.. Forman Uick Gerkensmeyer Hugh Gosnell Bob Hancox Ted Humphreys B. Haber L. T. Jagiello Arthur Judge Ed King Robert King H. F. Kirk M. Kamrass K. L. Levin Bob McCarty F. A. Maxam Walter Meyu C. I.. Neudling L. Newman H. K. Owens Ralph Poplinger G. Parker W. R. Robinson Dexter Rosen Don Shiley J. Shandley Ross Stevens E. D. Scrogin S. C. Tang Ed. Voorhees R. Van Dyke V. Van Vooihees H. Weichsel Miles Wolf son H. C. Wilmarth Page 82 N N N Row 1 Appleyard. Monroe. Van Breda. Marshall. Loveys. Trakas. Healy Row 2 Wecsner. Herrick Heggie Schloot. Graver. Olding. Rieger. Pan Row 3 Rollins. Lepisto. Torzvnski. VanVeen. Fisher. Dunkirk, Deyoe. Dennis. Boehnke Row Ottoson. Whitely. Carling. Anton. Moore. Hogle. Demma. Allison. Bennett. Maugh AMERICA CIVIL ENGINEERS A.S.C.E. OFFICERS Gerald Ottoson President Leigfaton Rollins Vice-President Marvin Holzer Treasurer Joseph Demma Secretary Prof. Lawrence C. Maugfa Faculty Adviser SOPHOMORES SENIORS Fern Barrett Richard Bennett William Golz Nicholas Athens Donald Loveys George Marshall James Homer John Rane Charles Adams Merrill Bush Owen Fisher Alfonso Gomez Robert Diepenbrock Robert Graver Neil Johnson Norman Johnson George Weesner Broughton Van Veen Edward Hindert JUNIORS Clifford Herrick Alvin Kelso Gordon Kirkwood Carl Lepisto Thomas Quinsey Allan Ricketts Walter Rieger Thadeus Torzvnski John Trakas Gerald Ottoson Leighton Rollins Marvin Holzer Joseph Demma James Hauser Robert Boehnke George Dunkirk Robert Eddy Ross Gar] ing Walter Dennis Harry De oe Myron Morehous George Olding Elmer Schloot Philip Stephenson William Walther Joseph Anton Herbert Carlson Clarence Whitely William Strasser Glenn Heggie James Appleyard Anthony Van Breda Djwoh-ching Ling Robert Hockberger Aithur Allison Donald Monroe Harold Spoden Howard Barnes James Healy GRADUATE MEMBERS Tinman Hoenke P. F. Chen James Hogle James Moore Jewett Yee Affan Tashpinar M Page 83 N 1939 Row 1 Lientz, Flaherty, Stein, Herman, Cold, Fox, Ott, Zimny, Fechnay, Cowing, Opdyke, Furbush Row 2 Fischer, Trainer, Crone, Walker, Rahles, Wolf, Moclk. Todaro, Kidder, Isely Row 3 Ward, Norman, Attwood, Fisher, Moss, Watkins, Cooper, Lee, Saxtin, Flores Row 4 Clutf, Hutchenreuther, Colder, David, Prindle, Christian, Hulett, Hamm, Davis. Vink Row 5 Cushing, Shands, Hanson, Low, Rodger, Belden, Weinaug, Coda, Reynolds CHEMICAL Wall on A. Rodger Fred G. Low . Donald H. Belden Lester E. Goda, Jr. George H. Hanson Charles F. Weinaug President ist Vice-President and Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Student Council MEMBERS Nicholas Fatica R. J. Kozacka Murell Bessey f. A. Shelton John Fechnay C. Lynn Peterson M. M. Kaiser Howard C. Passmorc Donald M. Currie Frederick J. Shands M. Robert Herman M. B. Stein Donald Schindehette Arthur Woods Norman C. Appold .ygmiint S. Zimny Edward G. Opdyke Erwin Ward Randall S. Reynolds Robert Lynch Donald J. Vink Albert Feldman Charles Goldschmidt Mon Dare Charles W. Cro ve Casper A. Todaro I). J. Walker R. E. 1 ' abst George Cowing S. G. Christian Gilbert Fox M. T. Rea L. W. Rinek L. J. Schafer Raymond A. David Charles F. Weinaug Fred P. Lour Wilbur L. Ott Frank L. Caven I . V. McCracken Harry Stmnpf Richard J. Watkins Edward D. Marande John Gold W. F. Rahles John Reys Fred Miller George Counover Ralph Isely ). Wade Flaherty Angelo S. Flores John Saxton Frank J. Kidder Reyner Kollgaard Wayne H. Lee M. A. MacDonald Randall Sheeline John W. Thompson Willard F. Sheldon R. W. Bishop Robert P. Seals C. W. Fisher Fred H. Either, Jr. Brenton E. Freeman Hugh McCormick T . E. Hulett Harry C. Fischer Glen R. Davis Douglas Hamm Cieorge H. Hanson John Holmes R. L. Prindle Kenneth G. Harding fames Octavius Osbnrn G. Fekula James Attwood V. R. Cooper A. Beebc Lester Goda John A. Rinek A hi am Hodge Archie Porter Robert Norman R. Oppenlic ' im Shannon Lienl Fred G. Low Everett Gcldcr Arnold M. Ames Robert Emmett Maurice dull Charles Hutcheiireiilhcr Roland I.anda S. Lakatos A. O. Moelk John V. Sobesky C. M. Broun Richard Trainer Charles Hit . G. Swartz Valton A. Rodger Charles King Van J. Wolf Earl Brenn l.oren W. McOmber Richard T. Trelfa J. B. Saxton Sevmour Furbush 1939 u N Page 84 N N N j Row 1 Williamson. Palmer. Luskin, Treat. Shiley. Dvorak, Berg Row 2 Parker. Space. Wilkie. Wolcott. Maxam. Smith, Rosen, Stevens Row 3 Marcus. Haber. Bowe. Meschino. Arnold. Czajkowski. Robinson, Steyer Row A Hobert. MacTernan Conlon. Thomoson. Sokol, Pawlowski, Stalker. Robinson. Tiedeman AMERICAN INSTITUTl OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCE " 1 OFFICERS Professor M. J. Thompson Hoiioraiv Chairman Max Sokol ChaJnuan Rolit-it k. Tiedeman Vice-Chairman Waller .. Hobert. Jr Secrelarv Joseph I. Robinson Treasurer Julius A. Jaeger ( F. Yesion Palmer ( Engineering Council Representatives MEMBERS Alfred E. Ades F. Daniel Applegale Gordon H. Arnold Donald Paul Berg Arthur Billet Edward B. Borek George I. Bouton David D. Bowe William Bradley- Robert Britton Rol en E. Burke Alden B. Carder Frank Carslens Lewis E. Cascadden Ying Chang James E. Crawford John W. Draper Jerome J. Czajkowski John W. Draper Harry W. Dvorak Henry Fedzuik Jerald J. Fiericks O Jerry Friedenherg Ned Fuller. Jr. Elmer I . Gilbert Daniel Grudin Sergei G. Guins Bernard D. Haber Ervin R. Heald Walter E. Hobert, Jr. Shu K. Hu Julius A. Jaeger Stephen R. King Thomas B. king Leo E. Mar Donald R. Knapp Donald E. Krush Ying Liu Harold Luskin M. T. Ma Tseng Li Ma Frank C. MacTernan James Martin James W. McQiulev M Phillip W. McLane Woodrow C Marcus Frederic A. Maxam Ronald G. Meschino George Miller Jr. Robert L. Moore F. Weston Palmer William F. Parker William G. Price Daniel R. Ranney Krnest Rulx iiMiii Joseph I. Robinson Warren R. Robinson Dexter Rosen Stewart P. Sheurman Kenneth N. Scholes David Shearston Leon 7.. Seltzer Donald H. Shiley John W. Shorter Max Sokol Roderick . Smith Leland K. Smull Frederick G. Space Blaine Stevens Melvin E. Stevens Wesley A. Steyer Arthur V. St. Germain Samuel Taubman Robert K. Tiedeman Elwyn W. Treat Joseph R. Truehlood Alston B. Voorhees Karl J. Wein Leo A. Weiss James S. Wilkie J. Kenneth Williams Lowell H. Williamson Frederick W. Wolcott Henry W. Woolard Pei L. Yung Orland C. Zahnow N Page 85 1939 Row 1 Stewart, Caylord, Ditz, Eckhouse, Olds, Rhodes Row 2 Sklarsky, Cros, Kelkar, Zuris, F. Smith, Baker, Kitzmiller Row 3 Crowe, Wallace, Opdyke, Ruettinger, Young, Rohde, Onuf, H. Craf, Freeman ROW 4 Wolfe, Anderson, K. Craf, Wurster, Peck, Osberg, Middleton, Rodger, Schroth, C. Smith Row 5 David, Vink, Habson, Ipsen, Marin, Young, VanLoon, May, Hartwell, Belden, Brondyke OFFICERS Robert S. Young President Foster R. Gaylord Vice-President Donald F. Van Loon Recording Secretary Peter Ipsen Corresponding Secretary George H. Hanseu Cataloguer Ralph Freeman Eng. Council Rep. Walter C. Sadler Axi ' l Marin ADVISORY BOAR D Mclvin B. SIOIH Donald I., kal . MEMBERS IN FACULTY G. L. All H. C. Anderson S. S. Attwood W. E. Bachman W. L. Badger B. F. Bailey K, M. Baker H. Bouchard E. F. Brater G. G. Brown H. S. Bull J. A. Bursley F. N. Calhoon J. H. Cannon I.. O. Case L. V. Co) well M. E. Cooley A. (. Decker W. G. Dow J. E. Emswiler E. L. Eriksen F. L. Everett C. W. Good H. |. Colliding I.. M. Gram R. S. Hawley H. H. Higbie V. C. Hoad D. E. Hobart C. T. Johnston D. L. Katz H. W. King W. E. Lay E. Lorch A. Marin H. W. Miller A. D. C. T. M. J. E. S. J. C. R. C. H. E. H. C. W. C C. S. R. H M. B. Moore Olmstead Orbeck Pettyjohn Palmer Porter Riggs Sadler . Sadler Schoeplle . Sherlock Stout NT. J. Thompson E. A. Stalker C. Upthegtove J. H. Van den Brock E. T. Vincent A. E. White A. H. White C. O. Wisler J. S. Worley E. Young John W. Anderson Hugh Baker Donald H. Belden Willis F. Brondyke William H. Buchanan, |r. Charles W. Crowe Raymond A. David Charles H. Dil James G. Eckhouse Alfred C. Erickson Hubert T. Graf Kenneth L. Graf James R. Gros Robert W. Hartwell Truman H. Hoenke Frederic M. Hoblit James R. Ireland Julius A. Jaeger Anand M. Kelkar Mendel W. Kit miller ACTIVE MEMBERS Harry D. Marshall Robert F. May Edwin C. Middleton Frederic C. Olds Bronis Onuf Edward G. Opdyke Carl F. Osberg Ward L. Paine F. Wcston Palmer 1). Stewart Peck Arthur W. Rhodes Walton A. Rodger Erwin C. Rohde Thurman O. Ruettingt-r Thomas W. Schroth Richard A. Sklarsky Edwin F. Smellic Fred W. Smith Golf Smith Richard M. Stewart Donald |. ink Henry W. Wallace Robert W. Wolfe John H. Wurster John G. Young Paul mis N 1939 Page 86 N N N Row 1 Broders Wills. Tobin. Smith Row 2 Fake. Havermans Dehlinger. Ctaf . Van Slooten. Young, Schrolii Row 3 Huff. Diepenbrock. Clandwier. Croskopf. K. Craf . Pefersen. Daniel. Rifcheske Row 4 Frost. Ipsen. Zuris Ruettinger. Stevens. VanLoon. Crusey. Bennett, J. Young THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Kninieli K. Anderson John V. Anderson Robert E. Angley Joseph V. Arcure William C. Armor Henn, L. Bahlman Robert V. Baxley Jerome Belskv Anhur f. Boettjer Theodore L. Borst George Bretzlaff Claude O. Broders Edward E. Brough Ford Jay Brown Fred D. Buckley Re k rd C. Burnham John A. Cameron Robert L. Camlli-h Donald A. Carlson Donald E. Carson John L. Chapman Robert O. Cleveland Austin Consor Richard A. Cottle James E. Cox Sabin Crocker, Jr. Howard . Crusey Edmund A. Cvrol OFFICERS Prof. E. T. Vincent Honorary- Chairman John M. Stevens President Donald F. Van Loon ice-President Thurman O. Ruettinger Secretary Paul Zuris Treasure! Howard Crusey Engineering Council Rep. David V. Daniel Malcolm G. Daniels Hans Dehlinger Donald D. Detning Clark A. Depue, III Ralph Dick Joseph B. Diepenbrock Robert J. Dorn James H. Driscoll Hugh H. Estes Leroy E. Fake Frank J. Feely, Jr. Donald McHardy Ferguson Thomas Finlayson Sidney E. Fishmau John A. Florek Floyd E. Frey George H. Frost Ned Fuller, Jr. Albert L. Funnan Lawrence H. Gay Charles R. Gibbs Hubert T. Graf Kenneth L. Graf John Groskopf Robert G. Hahl Richard W. Hallock Clarence E. Hanthoni M MEMBERS IN CITY Carling Havermans Alfred A. Healy Fred Hoblit Harold J. Holmes Norman M. Huff Robert S. Innes Peter G. Ipsen Robert L. Jackson Charles N. Jacobson Stuart Japinga, Jr. Robert H. Jeffers Ray S. Jones Anatid M. Kelkai Frank Kern, Jr. Stephen V. Klonoski Richard H. Knowe Eugene Kraft William G. Landwier John D. Lobb, Jr. Howard E. Lovejoy William H. Mason William Meckley Ralph Mendelson Ronald Meschino R. G. Mitchell J. H. Mongle Jack Moss Dairwood A. Mote Page 87 John M. Mulkey JohnB. Nicolls,Jr. George L. Norris John T. Olsen John Ostergren Charles H. Parsons William R. Parsons Alfred A. Petersen Earl W. Pierce Chandler H. Pinney Venion G. Poest William A. Rashleigh Robert A. Reid Herbert P. Ries William F. Ritcheske, Jr. Joseph I. Robinson Thurman O. Ruet linger Elias W. Scheibe Thomas W. Schroth Bruce M. Sheffer Wilbur J. Sherrin Marion W. Sims Robert G. Smith Leland K. Smull Harold R. Steding Melvin Sterner John M. Stevens Melville C. Stewart Marcus W. Stoddard Harry P. Swarthout Edwin H. Tarnoff William M. Teeter Chooi S. Teoh Roger K. Tobin Louis W. Toth Louis Vander Eyk Donald F. Van Loon Frederick J. Van Slooten Vincent J. Verwys John M. Waldron William B. Walter Arthur E. Warner, Jr. Wesley S. Warren Donald E. Wedge Benjamin H. Werry Wallace G. Wheeler Howard J. Williams Russell Williams James C. Wills Sterling F. Winchell John F. Wisler William Stover Woolsev John M. Yantis John G. Young Robert S. Young Paul Zuris A N 1939 1939 FAC U LTY MEMBERS PROF. FRANK A. MICKLE PROF. AXEL MARIN PROF. CLARENCE F. KESSLER MEMBERS HAROLD SPODEN CHARLES KETTLER ROBERT HARTWELL ROBERT REID URBANE HIRO HUGH DOWNER JOHN STEVENS RICHARD TARBELL ROBERT EMMETT FREDERICK OSBERC WESLEY WARREN FREDERIC OLDS DONALD BELDEN JAMES IRELAND DONALD VAN LOON STEVE WOOLSEY DON R. PERCIVAL PETER IPSEN WALTER RODGER ALLEN ANDREWS WILLIAM BUCHANAN CHARLES CROWE ROBERT MAY EACH spring to the clanking of hammers on the traditional anvil, fourteen soot- hesmeared members of the Junior class who have been outstanding in class activi- ties and high in scholarship, are led by scarlet robed figures through the initiatory ceremony of Vulcans Senior Engineering Society. This honorary society serves to bring in close association the outstanding members of the Senior class as a whole. For almost twenty years, Vulcans, the highest honorary society in the Engineering school, has made itself evident as a guiding force in campus activities. U N 1939 Page 88 N N N C.i n in dunce hats and carrying buckets of water, the initiate of Triangles, the Junior Engineering Honorary Society, roller skate down the Diagonal to begin their annual scrubbing of the Dennison Archway ' s sidewalk. To the amusement of the onlookers the poor sophomores begin their work on this traditional spot while the black gowned members urge them on with huge paddles. Triangles elect to membership each spring the several members from the Sophomore class who have proven their ability in activities and scholarship. Triangles have long served the campus as a powerful force in unifying student activities and preserv- ing school spirit and traditions. 1 ' ' J. ANDERSON ASHBURN ALFRED CHADWICK ALMON W. CONRATH DAVID C. CUSHINC JOHN H. HAICH HENRY HEYL HARRY HOWELL THOMAS JESTER JOSEPH KENNICOTT NORMAN KEWLEY EUGENE KLEIN JOHN MILLS LORENZ RINEK JACK SHULER HADLEY SMITH ROBERT SMITH CANSON TACCART ROBERT THALNER CARL WHEELER JAMES WILLS M H N Page 89 1939 N N N Row 1 Hoblit, Dart, Osberg. Hird Row 2 Morrell, Catherwood, Occhetti, Bayard, Barnes, Evenson, Askren, Breit, Boykin, Faste, DiPalma, Limofi, Middleton Row 3 J. Young, Downer, Petersen, Baier, Limpert, Adams, Bragg, Parsons, Strandhagen, Hodges, R. Young QUARTERDECK MEMBERS Asst. Prof. H. C. Adams Assuc. Prof. L. A. Baier IN CITY Prof. K. M. Bragg Mr. A. Limpert OFFICERS Hugh C. Downer Commodore Kenneth R. Evenson Vice-Commodore Everell C. Vallin Purser Urbane W. Hird Steward Ronald Askren Raymond Barnes Neal Bayard Charles Bo kin Hjalmar Breit Thomas Buermumi Thomas Catherwood Charles Dart MEMBERS Anthony Di Pulma John Eisner Andreas Faste Frederick Hoblit Wiliam Hodges William Hoyt William Kreamer Jnles Limoli Edward Middleton Robert Morrell Lewis Occhetti Frederick Osberg Edward Parsons Alfred Petersen A. Gustaf Strandhagen [ack Young Robert Young M ' 1939 H Page 90 N pHjummcy THE continual advance of the medi- cal and chemical sciences has made necessary unceasing modernization in the College of Pharmacy. Constantly increasing competition in the field of pharmacy has necessitated the break- ing down of a general pharmaceutical course into one of specialized train- ing. At present, three fields of special- ization are offei ' ed: retail pharmacy, analytical pharmacy, and general pharmaceutical training. In this way thoroughly trained graduates are pro- vided to occupy positions of responsi- bility in everv division of pharmacy. DIRECTOR H. B. LEWIS with a Ph.D. degr then become one, his field. After h sity, the Universi University of Illin ment to the where in reco head of the de in 1922. In 193 was made fortuna directorship. A tr has done much t students, and by his and dignity to the nan aduated from Vale and has since forem st leaders in ale Univer- lia, and the an appoint- an in 1918 he became 1 chemistry f Pharmacy ,ment to the ctor Lewis leals to his en new value Pharmacist. BY CONTINUALLY experi- menting in the laborato- ries, students of pharmacy learn the science and then seek to create new and better things for the present and future. Page 92 H M INFORMALS IN THE LIBRARY THE PHARMACIST FINDS AN EXTENSIVE SUPPLY OF MATERIAL FOR RESEARCH AND REFERENCE DISTILLING AN IMPORTANT PHASE OF PHARMACY CJA. A CHANCE TO ACTUALLY PRACTICE PHARMACY IS OFFERED IN THE PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY Page 93 1939 - H M SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS GEORGE PHILLIPS President RAYMOND HALE Vice-President HELEN MeRAE Secretary EDWARD KULHAWIK Treasurer SENIORS DONALD H. BORNOR B.S. in Pharmacy Albion, Mich. VIRGINIA BLANCHE BUSZEK B.S. in Pharmacy Detroit. Mich. Lambda Kappa Sigma Xfwinan Club DONALD RICHARD CREAGAN Grand Rapids. Mich. Pres. Jr. Pharmacy Class RAYMOND WILSON HALE B.S. in Pharmacy South Dayton, N.Y. Rho Chi President (4) JOHN ROBERT KIDWELL B.S. in Pharmacy Wayne, Mich. Tennis HELEN COLLIER McRAE B.S. in Pharmacy Detroit. Mich. Chi Omega Michiganensian (2) Pitch Putt Club (3) (4) Badminton Club (4) Frosh Project (1) Soph Cabaret (2) J.G.P. (3) Theatre Arts (1) (2) (3) (4) GEORGE L. PHILLIPS B.S. in Pharmacy Sinclairville, N.Y. Xewman Club WILBUR EMMETT POWERS B.S. in Pharmacy Denver, Colorado Phi Lambda Upsilon (3) (4) Alpha Chi Sigma (3) (4) Phi Kappa Phi (4) Rho Chi (4) MAURICE VANDERLINDEN B.S. in Pharmacy Detroit, Mich. PROFESSORS F. F. BLICKE Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry C. C. GLOVER Professor of Pharmacognosy C. W. EDMUNDS Professor of Materia Mediea C. H. STOCKING Assoc. Professor of Pharmacy M 1939 Page 94 - flfiCHIKCTUfif IT is ONLY within the last decade that the University of Michigan School of Architec- ture has existed as a separate unit. In 1906 it was organized as a subdivision of the College of Engineering and continued under this supervision until 1913. when it was given diitrol of its program of study and was charged with the administration of its affaire. T action of the Board of Regents in 1931, the School of Architecture became an inde- pendent organization. The main aim of the School is to provide .i foundation in general education and in technical theory for the purpose of preparing the students to analyze the varied problems which will confront them during their careers. With this purpose in mind, the School of Architecture offers professional in- struction in three fields; namely, architecture, decorative design, and drawing, painting, and modeling. Annual art exhibits conducted by the Ann Arbor Art Association, the Art Conference of the Schoolmaster ' s Club, and the Institute of Fine Arts are added interests to this school of artists. At any time one may enjoy the per- manent collection of work in the halls of the Architectural Building. II " ! !] " II nl HI Ml ' i jir BEAUTY IN BLACK AND WHITE A SILHOUETTE OF CASTS J_ U N 1 V E R S T Y j 1939 page96 H U l)i ..I tin S li x)l of Architecture is Weils I. Bennett. Me tame here in 1912. one year alter has ing been graduated from the L ' ni- versitv ol Sviacuse with the degree of Bach- elor of Architecture. The University of Mich- igan granted him the degree of Master of Science in 1918. During the winter of 1937- i r ' , ' s [lie Board of Rrilflfaloiiued ' lnn to . . nis present position Housing condit pit-sent are fiel Bennett. He work through organizations; ciation and lousing Officials of i lie Michigan problems they erest to Dean utlet for this the following onal Housing Association of as a director iation. Dean Bennett has spent many hours work- ing in and developing his beautiful garden. a hobbv which is intimately connected with his chief interest. Despite his numerous out- side activities, he has also found time to write several articles on housing problems and on a variety of other architectural subjects. PROFESSORS WELLS I. BENNETT RALPH W. HAMMETT M.Areh. Associate Professor of Architecture WALTER V. MARSHALL B.A.E. Associate Professor of Architecture JEAN HEBRARD A.D.C.F. Professor of Architecture CEORCE M. B.A.E. Professor of Architecture McCONKEY M Page 97 KARLOW O. WHITTEMORE Associate Professor of Landscape Design. Chairman of the Depart- ment of Landscape Design and Director of the Nichols Arboretum N 1939 H STRANGE columns lurking behind tall evergreen hedges; relics and sugges- tions of old world splendor: intriguing paths leading from one curiosity to an- otherall these, and more, compose the restful and hidden spot known to the campus as the Architectural Garden a garden shelter- ing everything from Pom- peian arches to Corinthian pillars; a garden meant for a spring rendezvous. INFORMALS DESIGN FOR LIVING 1939 H U r fc ? % V CLARK BENSLEY LAVAN IRONSIDE SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS James I. Clark .... President Virginia Bensley Vice-President Ian C. Ironside Treasurer Marx Lavan Secretary EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Benlon K. I ' linMini Marietta Killian William W. Lyman FINANCE COMMITTEE Doris Boltmi Richard T. Black COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE Robert Buchner Dorothv Barrett SENIOR BALL Roberta Chissus ARCHITECT ' S BALL |. Kdtvard Luders M N Page 99 1939 H DOROTHY M. ADAMS B.S. Detroit, Mich. Alpha UmicTon 1 ' i Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) J.G.P. League Merit System Comm. (2) Theatre Arts Comm. (4) WERNER B. ANDERSON B.S. Gary, Ind. Tau Sigma Delta Treasurer KASTIC CONRAD AUGUST B.D. Benton Harbor, Mich. Druids Gargoyle (2) (3) (4) Michiganensian (3) (4) Mich. Daily (4) Ed. Designer (3) Architectural Society (3) (4) DOROTHY ASHTON BARRETT B.S. in Design Columbus, Ohio Delta Gamma Alpha Alpha Gamma Pres. (4) Michiganensian (2) Sec ' y Arch. Council (3) VIRGINIA MARIE BENSLEY B.S. Pittsburgh, Pa. Pi Beta Phi V. Pres. Junior Class (3) Alpha Alpha Gamma Sec ' y Sec. Golf Club RICHARD THOMAS BLACK B.S. Beta Theta Pi V. Pres. (4) Sec ' y Junior Class (3) Chrm. Architectural Ball (4) DORIS BOLTON B.D. Lakewood, Ohio Pi Beta Phi Tau Sigma Delta (3) (4), V. Pres. Michiganensian (2) (3) League Social Comm. (1) (2) (3) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret Jane Higbee Award (2) DONALD LLOYD BOSTWICK B.S. Miles, Ohio ISABEL BUCHANAN BRUYERE B.S. Toledo, Ohio Chi Omega ROBERT EARLE BUCHNER B.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chi Phi ral Union (3) FRANCES RUTH BURGESS B. S. in Design Battle Creek. Mich. Mosher Hall Alpha Alpha Gamma (2) (3) (4) Sec. (3), V. Pres (4) Assembly Board (4) Ass ' t Gen. Chrm. Inter-Dorm. Dance (4) Mosher House Council (4) J.G.P. PHYLLIS ANNE CAREY A.B. Ann Arbor. Mich. Alpha Xi Delta Pres. (4) Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. EDWARD J. L. CARNEGIE B.S. Dowaglac, Mich. Hermitage VIRGINIA ALINE CARR B.S. Batavia. New York Martha Cook Sigma Alpha Iota Alpha Alpha Gamma Choral Union Freshman Girls ' Glee Club Arch. Ball, Comm. Chrm. J.G.P. Assembly Ball Comm. C hrm. RICHARD VAUX CHADWICK A.B. Montreal, P.Q., Canada Alpha Delta Phi Architectural Society Chrm. Student Council ROBERTA IRENE CHISSUS A.B. Birmingham. Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Alpha Gamma (3) (4) Wyvern (3) Chrm. of League Theatre Arts Comm. (4) Chrm. of J.G.P. Soph Cabaret League Social Comm. (2) (3) JAMES I. CLARK B.S. Kansas City, Mo. Phi Delta Theta V. Pres. Class (2) Arch. Society (2) Track (1) (2) (3) (4) Men ' s Council (4) Treas. (4) Pres. (4) CATHLEEN RUTH CLIFFORD A.B. in Design Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Omicron Pi Michijianensian (2) (3) (4) J.G.P. Choral Union (2) (3) League Theatre and Arts Comm. (4) LORAIN DALE CORNELL B.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. PAUL STANLEY DOD Maywood, X.J. Sigma Nu ORUS ORVILLE EASH A.B. Middlebury. Ind. Tau Sigma Delta MARI EMILY EICHELBERCER B.D. Ann Arbor. Mich. N ' at. Architectural Honorary Society HELEN MAY CASSER B.S. in Design Ann Arbor. Mich. Kappa Delta (3) (4) Kappa Phi ( 1) (2) (3) (4) League Theatre Arts Comm. (4) WINIFRED ELIZABETH CASSER B.S. in Design Ann Arbor. Mich. Kappa Delta (3) (4) Kappa Phi (1) (2) (3) (4) JEANNE CEYER B.S. Grand Rapids. Mich. Kappa Kappa Gamma Mich. Daily (2) (3) League Social Comm. (2) J.G.P. FRANCES JANE CIESECKE B.D. Evanston, 111. Delta Delta Delta Michiganensian (2) Soph Cabaret J.G.P. League Orientation Comm. (4) Social Comm. 1939 N Page 100 H U JANE HARDY B.D. Manistee. Mich. Pi Beta Phi Alpha Alpha Gamma Tau Sigma Delta League Socal Comm. (2) (5) SANTIAGO ERNESTO RICAURTE B.S. Bogota, Colombia, S.A. CEORCE K. HARRIS, JR. B.S. Detroit, Mich. Chi Phi DOROTHY ANNE HEMINGWAY B.D. Ann Arbor. Mich. Alpha Alpha Gamma. Treas. Tau Sigma Delta Sigma Eta Xi --rmblv Board CRETE HOLST B.D. Portland. Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Alpha Gamma ROGER JOSEPH HOUZE II B.D. Point Marion. Pa. Alfred l " niver-ity IAN CHARLES IRONSIDE B.S. Hastings. Mich. Alpha Tau Omega Treas. of Clas (31 (4 ) Architectural Society JANE KIDDER B.D. Ionia. Mich. Betsy Barbour Frosh Project Pitch and Putt Club J.G.P. League Theatre Arts Comm. MARIETTA KILLIAN Allegan. Mich. Collegiate Sorosis. Treas. J-Hop Comm. Chrm. J.G.P. Senior Rep. nn Arch. Council DOROTHY FRANCES KNIGHT B.D. Rochester. N.V. Girls Cooperative House. Treas. Newman Club MARY K. LAVAN B.D. Grand Rapids. Mich. Delta Gamma Sec y Senior Class (4) Alpha Alpha Gamma Tau Sigma Delta Gargoyle (3) Soph Cabaret League Social Comm. (2) (3) Publicity Comm. (3) J. EDWARD LUDERS A.B. in Design Essex Falls. N.J. Alpha Delta Phi Architectural Society MIchiganensian (3) (4) Art Editor (4) Track (1) (4) Chrm. Arch. Ball WILLIAM WELLES LYMAN. JR. B.S. Norwich. Conn. Delta Upsilon Pres. Soph Class (2) Phi Eta Sigma Tau Sigma Delta. Pres. (4) Architectural Society (2) (4) MARGUERITE E. MacCRECOR B.D. Wheeling. V. Va. Pi Beta Phi Zeta Phi Eta. Sec ' y J.G.P. Soph Cabaret MARGUERITE A. McQUILLAN B.D. Ann Arbor. Mich. Alpha Xi Delta Soph Cabaret J.G.P. League Publicity Ccmm. (2) (3) (4) Orientation Adviser (4) HARRY A. MORRIS A.B. Snyder. N.Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Kappa Phi Tau Sigma Delta MARIAN ISABEL MORTON B.D. Rochester. N.V. Martha Cook Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. Council of Mosher Jordan (3) League Theatre Arts Comm. ROSEMARY LOUISE MOWREY B.D. Ann Arbor, Mich. WALTER L. MYERS B.D. Akron. Ohio Alpha Delta Phi MAXINE K. PETERSON B.D. Gary. Ind. Alpha Chi Omega Michiganensian (3) League Social Comm. (2) (3) Soph Cabaret J.G.P. M MANUEL FRANCISCO SAMPER B.S. Bogota, Colombia. S.A. JAMES F. STADLER B.S. Milwaukee. Wise. Delta Zeta Chi BARBARA JANE TALCOTT B.D. Detroit. Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Soph Cabaret. Comm. Chrm. J.G.P. League Fair. Comm. Chrm. ROBERT WILLIAM TROWELL B.S. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Rho Chi Boxing All Campus Middleweight MUNC-YOK TSOI B.S. in Arch. Eng. Swatow, China Alpha Lambda Tau Sigma Delta BENTON ENYEART URMSTON B.S. Bay City. Mich. Chi Psi Michiganensian (1) (2) (3) FRANK A. WHITE A.B. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Rho Chi. Pres. (4) Arch. Soceity (4) DOROTHY M. WILLIAMS B.S. in Design Battle Creek, Mich. MARJORY JEAN WILLIAMS B.S. Grand Rapids. Mich. Delta Gamma Soph Cabaret J.G.P. N Page 101 1939 " T Pr JF- TOIL FACE U N 1 V E R S T Y 1939 Page 102 H U CAN AND BOX DESIGNS MODELS CAMPUS COMMERCIAL CENTER FORMAN CO. DESIGN N 1939 H u L J_ 1 .LL J . I ' COLOR CO-OP MARKET DESIGN FOUNTAIN M 1939 H Page 104 N AFTER undergoing many years of organiza- tion and revision, the School of Education took its present form in 1921, and since then, has developed until it is now recognized as one of the finest of its kind in the country. Its work is twofold: firstly, it provides aca- demic training; and secondly, it furnishes an opportunity for professional instruction in varied fields. The work of the school is di- vided into seven departments which illustrate its scope: History and Principles of Educa- tion, Educational Administration and Super- vision. Educational Psychology, Teaching of Special Subjects, Vocational Education, Phys- ical Education, and Public Health Nursing. The University High School and the Uni- ersitv Elementary School provide mediums for carrying out the goals of the school. Through them, the faculty is able to keep a close check on modem methods of education and is able to experiment and constantly improve them. Also, students have an oppor- tunity for actual teaching experience, invalu- able to them in their work after graduation. H IN 1929, James B. Edmonson became Dean of the School of Education. Prior to this position, Dean Edmonson was active in Michigan school work, including a period as teacher of social studies and another as prin- cipal of the University High School. His work in schools position as seci of the North and Secondary His job pr of his most Edmonson enjoyable h interesting countered o furthered by his , as president 11 of Colleges 11 for one ple. Dr. f his most awing out engers en- journeys. From this Venej Tfobby ias developed Dean Edmonson 4i b ina i p T field of interest social problems and good citi .enship. He is both partially and wholly responsible for many books closely linked with this subject: among them are " Citizenship Through Prob- lems " and " Secondary School Administra- tion. " JAMES B. EDMONSON THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HEADQUARTERS FOR EDUCATION SCHOOL STUDENTS - ' - ' CVw Page 106 u c. N ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LOBBY SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS NURNBERCER PICKUP FENSKE OFFICERS S. Nurnlx-ruei. Jr President ' ia I. Pickup Yice-PresideiU Beulah A. Fenskc . - Secretary Rolicit R. Olds I iiMMirer CEN ERAL COMMITTEE Thomas S. Nurnberger. Chinn. June E. Richter Beth Anderson B-ttv J. Bohn John s. Olds M H Page 107 N 1939 THE WORLD BROUGHT TO THE CLASSROOM LEARNING HOW, FELLOW? PROFESSORS BARBARA H. BARLETT A.M. Professor of Public Health Nursing MARGARET BELL A.B. Professor of Hygiene and Physical Education, Director of Physical Educa- tion for Women, and Phy- sician in the Health Service GEORGE E. CARROTHERS Ph.D. Professor of Education, Director of the Bureau of Cooperation with Educational Institutions STUART A. COURTIS Ph.D. Professor of Education FRANCIS D. CURTIS Ph.D. Professor of Secondary CALVIN O. DAVIS Ph.D. Professor of Secondary Education and of the Teach- Education, Secretary of the ing of Science, Head of the Department of Science in University High School School of Education THOMAS DIAMOND A.M. Associate Professor of Vocational Education WARREN E. FORSYTHE M.D., Dr.Ph., Sc.D. Professor of Hygiene and Public Health. Director of the Health Service EDGAR C. JOHNSTON Ph.D. Associate Professor of Secondary Education and LOUIS W. KEELER Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Educational Psychology, Asst. Director Principal of the University of the Bureau of Educational High School Reference and Research Director of Instruction, U. of M. Hospital School GEORGE A. MAY M.D. Associate Professor of Physical Education. Director of Waterman Gymnasium HOWARD Y. McCLUSKY Ph.D. Associate Professor of Educational Psychology. Mental Measurements, and Statistics TV. N 1939 Page 108 u N ELMER D. MITCHELL A.M. Associate Professor of Physical Education, Director of Intramural Sports ARTHUR MOEHLMAN Ph.D. Professor of School Administration and Supervision CLEO MURTLAND A.M. Associate Professor of Vocational Education GEORGE E. MYERS Ph.D. Professor of Vocational Education and Guidance WILLARD C. OLSON T. LUTHER PURDOM Ph.D. Ph.D. Professor of Education, Director of the University Director of Research in Child Bureau of Appointments and Development in Hie Uni- Occupational Information versify Elementary School PROFESSORS RALEIGH SCHORLINC Ph.D. Professor of Education. Supervisor of Directed Teaching and Instruction in University High School. Dept. Head of Mathematics in University High School ORLANDO W. STEPHENSON Ph.D. Associate Professor of the Teaching of History, Head of the Department of Social Studies in the University High School WILLIAM C. TROW Ph.D. Professor of Educational Psychology ALLEN S. WHITNEY A.B.. LL.D. Professor Emeritus of Educational Administration and Supervision. Dean Emeritus of the School of Education CLIFFORD WOODY Ph.D. Professor of Education, Director of the Bureau of Educational Research and Reference FIELDING H. YOST LL.B.. LL.D. Professor of the Theory and Practice of Athletics, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics LUNCHTIME IN THE NURSERY SCHOOL SECOND HELPINGS IN DEMAND H LEO ALPEROVITZ A.B. F.scanaba, Mich. BETH ANDERSON A.B. Detroit. Mich. .eta Tau Alpha Albion College (1) (2) 13) BUNTY BAIN Gary, Ind. Delta Delta Delta Rush ' ng Chrm. (4) A.B. I.tayue Theatre Arts Coinni. (2) (3) (4) Children ' s Theatre (3) (4) Soph Prom J.G.P. Alhena (2) (3) (4) EETTIE E. BAKER A.B. Detroit, Mich. SHIRLEY BRAWERMAN B.S. Detroit, Mich. Hillel Players Ltague Social Com in. Assembly Banquet Connn. JOHN CARTER BRENNAN A.B. Port Huron. M i h. Phi Gamma 1 telta Sphinx Michigamua Druids Gargoyle (4) Football (2) (3) (4) " M " Club. V.-Pr,-. DOUGLAS STEWART BROWN A.B. Milwaukee. Wis. I ' hi Eta Sigma K.O.T.C. (4) Captain University of Wisconsin (3) Union Board Staff (2) (3) Swimming ( 1 ) HELFN JEAN BUCKLEY A.B. Marlinton. W. Va. V. Va. Ve-ieyan Cullim- (1) (2) HARRIET E. DE WEESE A.B. Kent, Ohio (iamma Phi Beta Athena Literary Society Treas. (4) League Theatre Arts Connn. (3) (4) MARY K. DIERBERCER A.B. Great Falls. Mont. Martha Cook ELEANOR MARION FALK U.S. Port Huron, Mich. ELSA HELEN FEINCOLD B.S. Worcester. Ma. . Jordan Hall Hillel Players MARILYN FRANCES BARTON A.B. in English Sturgis. Mich. Omega Upsilon Choral Union JEANETTE E. BECK A.B. Monroe. Mich. Chi Omega Sec ' y (3) Pres. (4) Frosh Frolic Comm. Frosh Project Soph Cabaret J.G.P. League Social Comm. (3) LESLIE SUTHERLAND BIRLESON A.B Muskegon Heights. Mich. Track (4) BETTY JANE BOHN A.B. in English Battle Creek. Mich. Battle Creek College (1) (2) (3) EILEEN A. BOORSMA B.S. Grand Rapids. Mich. Helen ewberry. Treas (4) League Publicity Comm. (4) Candy Booth Comm. .Wembly Board MARIE JANE BRAMS B.S. Bay Cily. Mich. Swimming Club (. ) Assembly Board (2) Concert Band (2) Choral Union (3) (4) N MARY KATHARINE BURNS A.H. Ann Arbor. Mich. Alpha Xi Delta Mich. Daily J.G.P. League Public ity t omm. EDITH LOUISE BUTLER B.S. Middlesex. N.Y. Alpha Gamma Delta Hockey (2) (3) ELIZABETH TODT CARRICAN A.B. Lapeer. Mich. Alpha Chi Omega Soph Cabaret J.G.P. League Social Comm. (3) (4) Marv Grove College, Detroit, Mich. (1) (2) ELAINE LOUISE CLARKE A.B. Grand Rapids. Midi. Betsy Barbour Delta Pi Alpha League Theatre Arts Comm. (4) Publicity Comm. (4) Dance Class Comm. (4) JOSEPH WILLIAM COLE B.S. Rochester. N ' .Y. Phi Epsilon Kappa. Pres. (4) Exhibition Team (1) (2) (3) JUNE E. DEAL B.S. Elkharl. Ind. BEULAH ANN FENSKE A.B. Bay City. Mich. Martha Cook Archery (4) J.G.I ' . League Social ( omni. 14) Theatre Arts Comm. (.4) Gli-eClub (3) ISABEL WILHELMINA FRECH B.S. Xil. ' s. Ohio Kappa Phi (3) MARGARET ANNE GOODRICH A.B. Goodrich. Mich. ELAINE HAMILTON U.S. Plymouth. Mich. Freshman Pageant Merrill Palmer (4) Dance Club (2) (3) (4) MARY LOUISE HART A.B. Ann Arbor. Mich. Phi Beta Phi Pi Lambda Theta Merrill-Palmer MARJORIE HIGH A.B. Flint. Mich. Chi Omega Theta Sigma Phi (3 (4) Kappa Tau Alpha ( 3 ) ( 4 ) Choral Union (3) (4) League Theatre Arts Comm. (4) Badminton Club (4) 1939 Page 110 u N DAVE HOLMES B.S. Detroit, Mich. Druids Sierra Delia Psi Phi Epsikm Kappa Treas. (4) Swimming (1) (2) (3) 4) Men ' s Physical Education Club Treas. (3), Sec. (4) MYRTLE FLORENCE HOLTBY A.B. Ann Arbor. Mich. Pi Lambda Theta (4) Omega Upsilon (4) Play Production (1) (2) (3) (4) Stale Teachers College. Minot. X. Dak. (I) (2) BEATRICE HOPKINS B.S. Northport. Mich. Alumnae House. Pres. (4) League Social Comm. (4) Dance Club Comm. (4) DOROTHY LOUISE JENKINS B s. Menominee. Mich. SYLVIA BELLE JENSEN A.B. Chicago. 111. Kappa Phi Valparaiso University (1) (2) (3) JOHANNA U. JOHNSON A.B. Ann Arbor. Mich. MARGERY LEE LEHNER A.B. Mt. Clemens, Mich. Delta Gamma Omega Cpsiloo (2) (3) Treas. (3) Michiganensian Frosh Project. Soph Cabaret J.G.P., Debate (4) League Orientation Comm. (3) (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (1) (2) (3) BEATRICE B. LOVEJOY B.S. Ann Arbor, Mich. Dance Club (3) Pres. W.A.A. Board Ann .Arbor Independent-. HELEN A. MARSH A.B. Grand Rapids. Mich. Jordan Hall Girls ' Glee Club MARY BETH MIHLETHALER B.S. Harbor Beach. Mich. Martha Cook VERA MARIAN A.B. Bay City, Mich. Pi Lambda Theta MILLER JANE BRENTON MOUCEY A.B. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega Gargoyle (2) (3) J.G.P. League Social Comm. JUNE E RICHTER B.S. St. Joseph, Mkh. Dormitory Board Jordan House Council Jordan Athletic Chrm. CEORCE FRANKLIN ROACH A.B. Battle Creek, Mich. Kappa Kappa Psi (2) 3) (41 Band (1) (2) (3) (4) ( )rchestra (3) IRENE SABO B.S. Garfield. X.J. Martha Cook. Athletic Mgr. (4) Dance Club Archery W.A.A. Board J.G.P. RUTH MARY SCHORLINC A.B. Ann Arbor. Mich. Pi Lambda Theta (4) ZIVIA S. SELTZER A.B. Detroit. Mich. Jordan Hall Council (3) (4) Soph Cabaret Harp Ensemble (2) (3) (4) CEORCE Z. SHAKARIAN B.S. Dearborn, Mich. Phi Epsilon Kappa Football (2) (3) Physical Ed. Club Basketball (1) L LUCIAN THEODORE KEPPEL A.B. Detroit. Mich. Rochdale Cooperative House Orchestra Elmhurst College. Elmhurst. III. CALA MILDRED LABORITZ A B. Springfield. Mass. Hille! (3) Swimmine i V Badminton (4) J.G.P. Dance Club (3) (4) League Social Comm. (3) (4) Theatre Arts Comm. (3) (4) Ball Room Comm. (3) (4) EUCENE H. LAWLER Ellicottville, X.Y. MURIEL M. LE FEVRE A.B. Baitle Creek. Mich. Kt-Ky Barbour HARVEY ARTHUR B.s. Ann Arbor. Mich. Phi Epsilon Kappa MULLER NURNBERCER THOMAS A.B. St. Louis. Mich. Kappa Sigma Scabbard and Blade Rifle Team. Mgr. CEORCIA I. PICKUP B.S. Randolph. X.Y. Jordan Hall Mortarboard (31 Alpha Lambda Delta (1) IRMA AILEEN POOLE A.B. Dearborn. Mich. Martha Cook Phi Kappa Phi Pi Lambda Tbeta Giris ' Glee Club (3) Dormitory Board (4) DAN SMICK A.B. Hazel Park. Mich. Druids Basketball (3) Football (3) Baseball (3) Physical Ed. Club U. of M. Club " M " Club LUCILE MARIE SWIFT B.S. Hillsdale. Mich. Intramural Athletics (4) Physical Ed. Class Pres. (1) Ci Battle Creek College (1) (2) (3) Inier ' l Relations Club (3) Discabolis Club (1) (2) (3) MARY VILMA TILK A.B. Buffalo. X.Y. Ann Arbor Independents (3) Treas. Ex. Council of Assembly ( 4 I Debate (3) Be?aKappaRho(l (2) 5 V.-Pres.. Social Chrm. TWILA TRABER A.K. (.rt-at Falls. Mont. Sigma Alpha Iota Martha Cook Sec ' y J.G.P. League Theatre Arts Comm. Dormitory Board of Assembly M H Page 111 N 1939 u N MARGARET MABEL TRIPLETT A.B. Bluffton. Ohio Alpha Omicron Pi Omega Upsilon (3) (4) Sec ' y (4) J.G.P. Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4) JOHN H. WICKS A.B. Ha el Park, Mich. BENJAMIN TILCHMAN WILCOX A.B. Rockvillc Center, N.Y. LYLE K. WILLIAMS B.S. Katonan, N.Y. Phi Epsilon Kappa Druids Baseball Capt. (2) VIRGINIA MAE ZAISER B.S. Klyria, Ohio Jordan Hall Social Chrm. (4) Council (4) Dormitory Board W.A.A. (1) (2) (3) (4) Women ' s Physical Ed. Club (4) Pres. AN OBSERVATION BOOTH - " Read in ' } writin ' and ' rilliindic Taught to the tune of a hickory stick. " - GRANDMA and Grandpa nod approvingly, Father laughs, Mother smiles well they re- call the days when the dreaded cloakroom was characterized by the wickedly swung rod! However, the teacher of today frowns when such discipline is discussed, for according to her training, this discipline is definitely out- moded. Now, lads and lassies in the Educa- tion School are taught to substitute their power of suggestion for the rod; they are taught to encourage individualism, to guide rather than to command classroom activity. Here we see two prospective teachers who are taking advantage of the excellent teaching methods which have been developed in the Laboratory Schools of the University (A Michigan School of Education. INFORMALS M H EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER " C A 1939 Page 112 A MOVEMENT started fifty years ago by the University Music Society took definite form in 1929-193005 the School of Music. With it has also grown its reputation, until now, stu- dents from all parts of the world come to this University to begin or further their musical education. Of interest to the campus as a whole, as well as to the School ' s special members, are the facilities available for music appreciation. The annual Choral Union Series this year brought such renowned artists as Lawrence Tibbet. Josef Hofman, and Vehudi Menuhin. The colorful and eagerly awaited May Festi- val adds many more names from Music ' s Hall ot Fame. Faculty Concerts, the Little Sym- phony Orchestra, and the Twilight Organ Recitals are also forms of music appreciation ;it the University of Michigan. Furnished with an excellent faculty under the direction of President Charles A. Sink. (i editable equipment and working space, the aspiring music student has all the facilities necessar to full y develop his individual talent. TOWER V- f I , I -- i V M U H A i. IKK of hard work, versatility, and achieve mem characterizes Charles A. Sink, President of the School of Music. Graduation from this university in 1904 was only the beginning of his brilliant pp " m- f-- ir ' " ; " such positions as in the Mi Musical organiza His ve ii e lift .! Mimc the HRJ :retary artfl business manager School and in they University ime president of both These po ' s ' itoAns are till his. :y brought him rtjto thl legisla- State of XMtti an, where he en;fte and in se o President lection of pictures, his and his constant sum presentatives s noted ls superb col- hard tJSget " autographed coM ction of rare books, sojourns to Europe. His eagerness to satisfy and his cheery " How are ou " - make all contacts with him a def- inite pleasure. PROFESSORS WASSILY BESEKIRSKY Professor of Violin JOSEPH BRINKMAN B.Mus. Associate Professor of Piano CHARLES A. SINK PALMER CHRISTIAN Professor of Organ and University Organist ARTHUR HACKETT Professor of Voice JOSEPH E. MADDY D.Mus. Professor in Music in the Institute of Fine Arts, Professor of Public School Music in the School of Music. and in Charge of Radio Music Instruction DAVID MATTERN B.Mus.. M.Ed.. A.M. Professor of Music Education. and Conductor of the University Men ' s Clee Club. Co-ordinator of Music Instruction in the University High School EARL V. MOORE A. M.. D.Mus. Professor of Music. Musical Director of the School of Music. Musical Director of the University, and Conductor of the University Symphony M HANNS PICK A.M. Professor of Violoncello MABEL ROSS RHEAD Associate Professor of Piano OTTO J. STAHL A.M. Associate Professor of the Theory of Music H N 115 1939 M U H THE BARITONE OF BARITONES LAWRENCE TIBBETT ARTUR RODZINSKI CONDUCTOR OF THE CLEVELAND SYMPHONY BARTLETT AND ROBERTSON DUO-PIANISTS N CONDUCTOR OF THE BOSTON SYMPHONY SERGE KOUSSEVITZKY CONCERTS PIANIST AND CONDUCTOR JOSE ITURBI S I T 1939 Page 116 M U H WILLIAM S BAGWELL. JR. II. M. Durham. X. C. Kappa Kappa 1 ' si Little Symphony Mirh. I.eanue Dance Orrh. MARTHA A. BAILEY I: M Boise. Idaho Sigma Alpha Iota Choral Union Girls ' Glee Club ELIZACETH C BAXTER 11 M ' 3) (4) U Choral Union (3) (4) ARTHUR DAVID BERC B.M. Mu kt-i: " n. Mich. Kap|ti Psi Swiininin (4) Band i ' -I Ml AMIE ELIZABETH BILBY i; M. tiKiml Kapuis. Mich. Choral Union (3) (4) Orchestra li (2) (3) (4) Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4) . Tau (1) (2) ELLA MAE BURTON I! M. Chillicothe. Mo. 3) (4) 1 ' heatre Arts (4) Comm. (4) !v Comm. (4) JANET M. DAVIS 1; M. ll.i, MARIAN ARMEN CETOOR B.M. Detroit. Mich. Alumnae House Choral Cnion (I) (2 (3) (4) Caliaret JEAN HARTLEY DAVIS 11 M. Pittsburgh. Pa. A.B. Mount Holyokc i Choral I ' nion (3) Girls ' (;],,. I ' luli (3) JOSEPH JOHN DEIKE BJf. aw . Mich. Kj| i a Kappa Psi. V. 1 ' ri- Alpha Kpsilon Mu Band and Orchestra ARTHUR REID GORMAN 11. M. New Castle, Pa. Kappa Kappa Psi (4) Choral Cnion (3) Band (3) (4) Symphony (3) (4) GRATIA A. HARRINGTON B.M. Wulilum. Mass. SANFORD MARION HELM B.M. Klkhari. Ind. Kappa Kappa Psi (.?) (4) Little Svmpbony Bus. Mijr. (4) Choral Union (3) (4) Band (3) Transylvania College MARIAN E. KARCH B.M. Monroe. Mich. M h .r Hall Concert Band (3) (4) Symphony Band (2) (3) (4) CHARLES FLOYD KEEN B.M. Xrwton, X.J. Hermitage Ka| pa Kappa Psi Band RUTH HOLDEN LAHEE i:M. Dallas. Texas Alpha Phi Mu Phi Epsilon (3) (4) Cortes. Sec ' y (4) J.G.P. Ass ' t Comm. Chrm. MARY McCRORY B.M. Quincy. III. Pi Beta Phi V. Pres. of Class Sigma Alpha Iota Pitch Putt Club Soph. Cabaret Ass ' t Chrm. J.G.P. Choral Union (1) (2) (3) ELEANOR V. NELSON B.M. Ann Arbor Chi Onx-sia JANE ANN RATHER B.M. Ionia. Mich. Alpha Delta Pi Pan-Hellenic Ass ' n (3) (4) J.G.P. Choral Union (I) (2) (3) (4) STANLEY C. RICHARDS B.M. Great Falls, Mont. Hermitage Band (1) (2) (3) (4) Symphony (1) (2) Glee Club (4) WILSON HENRY SAWYER BJf. Traverse City. Mich. Kj|.]a Kappa Psi Band (1) (2) (3) MARIANNE KATHRYN SMART B M. Poiiiiac. Mich. CARL CRAEBER TOLBERT B.M. Salisbury, N.C. Kappa Kappa Psi (2) (j) (4) Orchestra (2) (3) (4) Little Symphony (3) (4) Band (2) (3) BETTY ). WALKER B.M. Grand Rapids. Mich. Gamma Phi Beta Crop Saddle (1) (2) (3) (4) Concert Band (3) (4) J.G.P. Symphony (2) (3) (4) League Theatre Arts Comm. (4) Choral Union (1) (2) FRED N. WIEST B.M. Detroit. Mich. Pres. of Cla-ss (SI I ' hi Sigma Epsilon Kappa Kappa Psi Band Drum Major J-Hop Comm. Hirector Foreign Students Music Club GRACE ELIZABETH WILSON B.M. Detroit, Mich. Martha Cook Alpha Lambda Delta I ' hi Kappa Phi Mortarboard Senior Society V. Pres. of Women ' s Leasue Sigma Alpha Iota (3) (4) CHARLES L. ZWICK B.M. Cleveland Heights. Ohio J-Hop Comm. Chrm. M H Page 117 N 1939 H CONCERT BAND GILBERT K. PHARES Manager WILLIAM REVELLI Conductor Bb Clarinets William Rhoads Arthur Hills Arthur Berg Reid Anderson Sam Capaldi Harold Sefton B ron Findliug Sianley Richards Philip Busche George Gotlschall Robert Grindlc Roger DcNncci Robert dine Helen Stockbridge John Wylkie j. Justin Grey William Stuck Oscar Trac ewil Robert Brown Hu bert Martin Frederick Kggert ' ivia Hoelschcr Harvey Mocn Rcdfield X.iltle Flutes, Piccolo Lee Chrisman Harold Mueller Thelnia Shook Roger Stevens F.mile Gele Patricia MacFarland (iordon Hardy Douglas I . l lie Kenneth Amstiit F.ldor Pflnghoel ' t Harps Marion Karch Hetty Walker Bass Clarinets Joseph Deike Gcorsje Roach Bassoons Gail Rector Kdward OslrousUi Hugh Cooper RCA Wilder MAJOR W. FARISS Drillmasrer HERBERT WATKINS Business Manager Oboes, English Horn John Gajec Kenneth Yanderheuvcl F.velyn Courville Alto Clarinets Charles Keen Richard Worlhinglon Fred Casncr Baritones, Euphonium Donald Mans Frank Mcnichetli Kenneth Sunimcrlelt Edwin Cooper Saxophones John Howard ilh. mi Simon Claire Salu Edwin Kruth Leonard Ruby French Horns Gene Sherry I l.i i nil I Hi 1 11. ii i Robert Hamilton illl.ini I ' aikinson Neal Seegert Don Rider Cornets llrcd Burl Leslie Grimord Robert Parker Louis N ' anmanen Richard Haker Forrest Barllctt ' ictor C.herxen Trumpets Arthur Gorman Lncicn Dick Percussion Frank Davis Sidney Berg John Rohrer I led Robinson Donn :. ' ,.: J. R. Edwards P ' recl icsi Trombones Richard Mi(kin:ni Paid Bryan Owen Mays John Robbins Robert Sorenson (.eorge Seidel Robert Coins Stuart Park Basses Richard Steincr ViKon Miller Ric hard Corrcll Don Wind ' nllc ' i S l cslci Robert Yiec-laiid Michael l:iss;i String Bass Sianlev Ronlal u 1939 Page 1 1 8 M U ONWARD to victory and fame, the I ' niversitv t Michigan Band marched with the team this year. At Columbus, at New Haven, as well as in Ann Arbor, her martial music served as inspiration and enjoyment. ' The Covered 5011, " " The Liberty Bell, " " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " " The Snake Charmer " these formations and many more paid tribute to our oppo- nents at home and awa . BAND Mr. William D. Revelli . . Mr. Herbert G. Watkins . . Major Walter B. Fariss . . Gilbert R. I ' hares .... Lee Chrisman John W. Cummiskcy . Donald Man Sidney Berg Robert Fox Gilbert Stephenson ... Clair Heatley Jack Sherrill STAFF . Conductor Business Manager Drillmaster Manager . Student Conductor . Ass ' l Drillmaster Equipment Manager . Librarian . Drum Major . Ass ' t Drum Major Drum Major Drum Major MARCHING BAND H Page 119 1939 M U H Row 1 Roach, Ketcham, Howard, Silver, Cherven, Chrisman, Stewart, Tolbert, Helm, Bryan Row 2 Busche, Martin, Bartlett, Summerfelt, Harwood, Chown. Menichetti, Gorman, Cooper, S. Berg Row 3 Saltz, Rental, Sawyer, Prior, Baumann, Adams, Mueller, Rider, Keen Row 4 Rohrer, Britton, Wiest, Vanmanen, Watkins, Revelli, Davis, Deike, Edwards, A. Berg V. ' v.- : ; xV- : ' -S ;jfSi ,-.,.!. ic-VS ' , 7 ' . : ' . . FOUNDED AT OKLAHOMA A. AND M. COLLEGE 1919 NU CHAPTER 1925 MEMBERS IN FACULTY William I). Revelli, M.M. Herbert C;. Walkins, A.1V William H. Siubbiiis. A. IV OFFICERS Louis J. Vanmanen President Joseph J. Dcikc . . Vice President Frank M. Davis . . Secretary Fred N. Wcist . Treasurer MEMBERS Donn M. Chown Murray I.. Dent sch IN UNIVERSITY James J. Grihhle Cl de V ' roman C. Sidney Berg Harold ! ' .. Britton Philip C. Busche ]. R. Edwards Forrest A. Bartlett I ' aul R. Bryan Victor E. Cherven M. Lee Chrisman F.dwin L. Cooper SOPHOMORES John H. Marwood John 1 ' ,. Howaixl Harold fneller John D. Rohrer JUNIORS Richard A. Corrcll Hubert J. Martin Francis J. Menichetti Clare F. Saltz Kenneth V. Summerl ' dl SENIORS Henry A. Adams Allied L. Baumann Arllnir 1). Berg Frank M. Davis Joseph J. Deike Arthur R. Gorman S. Marion Helm Charles F. Keen Newton H. Kclcham William C. I ' aikinsoii Jack V. Prior Don K. Rider George F. Roach .Stanley Ronlal ' ilson H. Sawxei Abraham Sil er Erie Stewart Carl G. Tolberl Loilis .111111, MICH FK-.| N. Viesi ' - U N Page 120 M U H Row 1 Cuyler. Manderbach, Endcrs. Hollinger Row 2 Small. Lewis. Op ' t Holt. Eckert. Dunlap Row 3 Hunt. Lahee. Seeky. McAndrew, Small, Lacy MU PHI EPSILON ' FOUNDED AT METROPOLITAN COLLEGE OF MUSIC. CINCINNATI. OHIO 1903 GAMMA CHAPTER AT MICHIGAN 1904 RESIDENT PATRONESSES Mi-, (mini- | Sea I Mi-. W.issilx Hosckii-kv Mi-. James Bruce Mrs. Everett Brown Mr-. Palmer Christian M - liedcrick Coller Mis. Alex Dow Mrs. Harry Mrs. Richard Earhart Mrs. Clement Gill Mi-. Arnold Go- Mi- | .imes Kennedy Mrs. David Matteni Mi-s Ethel McCormick Miss Jcanette Perrv Mi-. Alexander Ruthveii Mrs. Charles Sink Mrs. Hugo Thieme Mrs. Clark Trow Mis. Albert H. White Mrs. J. J. Valscr Mrs. Clarence Voaktini Mi-. Fielding Yost OFFICERS Jean Scclcy President Gwendolyn Fossum " icc President Mary Alice McAndrew Recording Secret art Ruth Lahee Corresponding Secrelai Mildred Small Treasure! Frieda Op ' t Holt Warden Tliclina Lewis Chaplain Florence Small Historian MEMBERS IN FACULTY A a Comin Case Louise Cuyler Juva Higbee Edith Koon Thelina Lewis Sarah Lacy Helen Titus Louise Cuyler Helen Dunlap Dorothy Eckert Elizabeth Enders Gwendolyn Fossum Fonda Hollinger ACTIVE MEMBERS Virginia Hunt Dorothy James Ruth Lahee Sarah Lacy Thelma Lewis Alice Manderbach Mary Alice McAndrew Clara McAndrew Frieda Op ' t Holt Mary Power Jean Seeley Mildred Small Florence Small M H Page U) N 1939 M U S C SCHOOL Row 1 Marschak, Levinson, Kelly, Luxan, O ' Toole, Bowen, George Row 2 R. Smith, Gibson, Heininger, Otis, Hardy, C. Brown, Tinker, Pctcrscn, Berger Row 3 Vandenberg, Cell, Lusk, Pinney, C. Brown, Loessel, Brooks, Macintosh, Holt Row 4 Fromm, Secrist, LaSalle, Jensen, Fennel), Carrothers, Swann, Anderson, Clark Row 5 Jaccbson, Manley. Dunks, Morris, Tuttle, Mattcrn, Sklarsky. Kahn. MacArthur Row 6 Stitt, Spencer, Roberts, Viehe, Mattern, Collins, Nelson, Osscwaardc, Kent John W. Collins, Jr. Hugh O. Roberts . Carl A. Viehc . Eric G. Jacobson . Harley O. Spencer . Robert M. Nelson . . Charles M. Brown . MEN ' S GLEE CLUB OFFICERS 1 ' rcsidcnl, 1st scmcstci William I,. Macintosh I ' resiilcnt, and semester Business Manager Vice President Secretary . Treasurer Librarian Paul J. Kent .... John H. Secrist .... )ack H. Ossewaardc . A. Clyde Stitt .... Professor David K. Mallern Herbert G. Walkins Assistant Managci Student ( ' .ondticlor SliidciK Conductor Accompanist Accompanist Director Facull . d iscr BASS Charles Boweu G. Martin Brown Richard Byers George Carrothers Hudson Dunks James Fromm James George Colvin Gibson Eric Jacobson Thomas Jensen Eugene LaSalle Toivo Liimatainen Earl Loessel Harry Lusk Robert Mauley Alfred Nelson Robert Sorenscn William Tibbetts Carl Viehe Arnold White- Donald Whitney 2nd TENOR George Brooks Austin Fink Gordon Hardy Merrill Hcndcrshol C. Phelps Hines Robert Kahn Harold Levinson Kenneth Marshall Robert Nelson Vincent O ' Toole Ralph Petcrscn Chan Pinney Hugh Roberts Richard Sklarskx Harley Spencer Russell Steere. Arthur Swann Frank Tinker Henry Tutlle Robert Vandcnbcr " BARITONE Enimell Anderson James Merger Robert Bcrris C. Benhain Case Ralph Clark John Collins Edwin Gcll Paul Kent Don Paul Kingerx Russell LaBcllc William I.anglord Robert Lovell Howard Luxan John MacArthur Harry Morris I ' .ruin Otis Kenneth Rhoads John Schuar waldei Robert Smith Clxdc Stitt 1st TENOR Charles Hreiiuan Bruce Fcnnell Kenneth Heininger John Holt Ralph Kelly William Macintosh Howard Marschak Stanley Richards Jack Secrist Anthony Wcllcr MR. H. WATKINS CARL A. VIEHE JOHN W. COLLINS. JR. HUGH O. ROBERTS 1939 N Page 122 M U H WIEST McCRORY WILSON BAXTER SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS Fix-del i k V KM President Man MU.ioiv . . . Vice President (.late I . Wilson Secretary 1 li al eili (.. Baxter Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE s.intoid M. Helm (Chairman) Aiilini D. Berg Ruth H. Lahce Joseph J. Deike COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE Marianne k. Smart (Chairman) Wilson H. Sa v ei PALMER CHRISTIAN AT THE ORGAN MUSIC CHIMING THE HOURS PERCIVAL PRICE. GUEST CARILLONNEUR N 1939 M U H 1 M 1939 H Page 124 N LflUJ I in 1 s SCHOOL of the University of Midi igan was opened in i8r,(| vith a faculty com posed of three men who were retired prac- titioncrs. At that time the only requirements lor admission were that the candidate be eighteen years of age and that he possess a -ood moral character. During the first twenty ears of the I iw School, the course of in- struction was given in the form of six series of lectures, three each of which were given each term. BY the year 1900 several important changes had taken place: an entrance exam- ination had been initiated and a high school training was required of all candidates: a complete three-year course in law had been adopted and a system of lectures and text- hooks had replaced the old lecture system. Today the I ' liiversitv of Michigan I aw School is one of the leaders in legal educa- tion. It offers advanced instiuction in all of the important divisions of the law under a faculty composed of men who have made law- teaching a profession. L w H DEAN HENRY M. BATES CREDO TIIK all-pervading fcmiLMit of the period in which we live- will inevitably affect the tendencies, the spirit, possibly the scope, of legal education. In the apparently unordered and agitated movements of perhaps the most .fluid century which civilization has known, it is possible even now to discern the general direction in which irresistible social forces are trending. It requires no demonstration that these great social changes, which as yet we only partially under- stand, will inevitably produce corresponding changes in our law. Indeed, the process is already under way. . . . In this state of affairs law teachers of today occupy a strategic position, and are fortunate, perhaps beyond any who have preceded them, in the possession of opportunity for conspicuous service in the cause of social justice. . . . But responsibility and obligation follow opportunity with equal pace, and law schools and law teachers should set themselves zealously and thoughtfully to the accomplish- ment of the difficult tasks in the improvement of our law which circumstances and conditions seem to call upon them especially to perform. . . . The gospel of a living, growing and ever refining law must still be taught, and if possible more effectively taught, if the Bar would retain its traditional hold upon legal institutions. Granted that present improved methods of legal instruction have not yet had time to accomplish their complete potential effects, it is still worth while to inquire if we may not increase their effectiveness in teaching a law which shall be supple as well as tough. . . . That the prime function of all education is to educate-, of the law schools to give sound legal instruction, are tru- isms which I would be the last to gainsav. This is. and always must be the principal means by which law schools may contribute to the perpetuation and the amelioration of a legal system. But there may be some question as to what is the complete potential scope of a sound legal education. It is possible that efficient as is the best of our present law school work, nevertheless slight changes in emphasis here and there, alterations in and additions to our curricula, a spirit, if not less retrospective, at least a little- more prophetic, may contribute to the growth of a legal fiber, which, though preserving the strength of toughness, will better adapt itself to, will aid and not hinder or repress a constantly advancing civilization. Dean Henry M. Hales, from an address as President of the Association of American Law Schools. September, i )i;;. U N 1939 TO THE RETIRING DEAN OF LAW, HENRY M. BATES, OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTOR TO THE MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF LAW, THIS SECTION IS DEDICATED. ED. Page 126 COMMITTEE INSTRUMENTAL IN FOUNDING OF THE MICHIGAN UNION D. B. Blain. Henry M. Bates. E. F. Parker N Page 127 1939 w H SPRING VISITS THE LAW QUADRANGLE PROFESSORS RALPH W. AIGLER LL.B. Professor of Law HOBART R. COFFEY A.B., LL.B., J.D. Professor of Law and Law Librarian WILLIAM W. BLUML A.B., LL.B., S.J.O. Professor of Law and of Legal Research JOHN P. DAWSON A.B., J.D.. D.Phil. Professor of Law JOSEPH H. DRAKE LL.B.. Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Law EDGAR N. DURFEE A.B., J.D. Professor of Law 1939 N Page 128 PROFESSORS EDWIN C. CODDARD Ph.B., LL.B. Professor Emeritus of Law LAYLIN K. JAMES A.B., J.D. Professor of L.iw CROVER C. CRISMORE A.B., J.D., S.J.D. Professor of Law PAUL A. LEIDY A.M., J.D. Professor of Law and Secretary of the Law School MARVIN L. NIEHUSS BURKE SHARTEL A.B., LL.B. B., J.D., S.J.D. Associate Professor of Law. Professor of Law and Editor of the Michigan Law Review M H Page 129 N 1939 w H LEWIS M. SIMES A.B., Ph.B., J.D., S.J.D., LL.D. Professor of Law EDSON R. SUNDERLAND A.M., LL.B., LL.D. Professor of Law and of Legal Research JOHN BARKER WAITE A.B., LL.B. Professor of Law E. BLYTHE STASON A.B., J.D., B.S. Professor of Law JOHN E. TRACY A.B., LL.D. Professor of Law HESSEL E. YNTEMA Ph.D., S.J.D. Professor of Law PROFESSORS " EVIDENCE . . . EQUITY . TORTS " N 1939 Page 130 w H THOMAS WISTERT NEWMAN STOUDT SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presidem Vice President Secretary Charles Thomas Francis Wistert Fred Newman James Stoudt Treasurer Allen A. Rubin Corresponding Secy. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Executive Council Jack k. I ' edigo Judiciary Committee Bernard Veissman Program Committee Donald M. Swope General Affairs Committee L. D. Verdier Finance Committee Walter Nfartin John R. Porter Crease Dance Committee Donald M. Swope |.i H. Sikkcnga Social Committee Jack F. Smith Ward P. Allen Picture and Cap and Gown Committee William R. Studley Reunion Committee |aik K. Pedi Raw Review Committee Louis V. Rit , Editor Marie I. McHenry, Assoc. Ed. kennard J. Bessc. 15ns. M;;i. M H Page 131 ELECTING THE REPRESENTATIVE COALITION N 1939 w H KAZUHISA ABE L.L.B. 1 ' cpcckeo, Ha aii THOMAS DAVIO BALDWIN LL.B. Sauli SIP. Marie. Mich. Sigma Chi CARFICLD c. BARNETT LL.B. Hint. Mich. hi-. 1. 1 l ' lii-l:i I ' ll! barristers KENNARD JAY BESSE LL.B. Sterling. III. Bus. M;;r. Raw Review (3) JOHN W. BICELOW LL.B. Monroo, Mich. Kappa Phi Sigma Lawyers ' Club JAMES EDWARD BLACK LL.B. Gro-se Poinlc Park. Mich. Si:;IMU Chi v J HOWARD WILSON BOCCS LL.Ii. Toledo. Ohio Law Club Council (3) F. EMERSON BOYO LL.B. Kranklin, Indiana Law Club Council ROBERT LYMAN BOYNTON LL.B. Pnntiac, Mich. Kappa Delta Rlxi n of Industrial I.nwyn ( " aM- Club CLAY THOMAS BROCKMAN LL.B. Ann Arbor Lawyers ' Liberal Club N COLLINS EDDY BROOKS J.I). Grand Rapids. Midi. Chi I ' si Delia Sigma Kh Mich. Law Review (2) (3) CHARLES RUSSELL BRONN Toledo, Ohio Phi Kappa Psi Phi Delta Phi CLIFFORD C. CHRISTENSON I.1..H Grand Rapids, Mich. Lawyers ' Club Member Executive Comm. Sr. Class Winner of Henry M. Campbell Award Case Club Judge WERNER EDWARD CLABUESCH LL.B. rim-on, Mich. Lawyers ' Club JOHN PAICE COFRIN J.I). Green Bay, Wis. Lawyers ' Club Phi Delta Phi Law Review BENJAMIN CUILLE COX J.D. Terre Haute, Ind. Phi Kappa Psi Lawyers ' Club Midi. Law Review (3) JOHN D. CURRIE LL.B. Midland. Mi, h Delta Thela Phi Barristers EDWARD T. DOWNS LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Trigon, (3) (4), Pres. (4) Delta Sigma Rho (3) (4) Alpha u (3) (4) Inlerfraternity Council (4) Senior Ball Comm. (4) Law Club Council (6) Dance Comm. (6) ROBERT M. ECKELBERCER, JR. LL.Ii. Johnson City. X.V. Kappa Sigma. Pres. (3) Mich. Union (2) E. EUGENE EVES I.L.B. Millville. I ' l-nna. THOMAS KAUFMAN FISHER J.D. Anderson. 1ml. I ' hi Kappa I ' si 1 ' hi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi Kditor, Mich. Law Review Law Club Council CURTIS WILCOX FLOWERS LL.Ii. Muskcgon, Mich. ROBERT LeROY FRENCH 1.1. .11. Ann ilmr. Mil h. MOSES HOUSTON CAMBELL I, I, .11. Muryvillc. Trim. Lawyers ' Club EDWARD LAYTON CRAMPP LL.B. Princeton. III. Sii; ma Chi LYNN HAROLD CRESSLEY LL.B. Tolt do. Ohio Phi Delta Phi JOHN C. GRIFFIN LL.B. Pittsburgh. Pa. Delta Thela Phi llan isters Law Review LADDY H. CROSS LL.B. Portland. Or.-vnii Lawyers ' Chili DOUGLAS HALL LL.B. Grand Rapids. Mich. J. CAMERON HALL LL.B. Adrian. Mich. 1939 Page 132 w H BERNARD HART LL.B. Medina. N.Y. Lawyers ' Club JOHN CULLEN KENNEDY LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Kappa Tau ff JOHN McCREER PATTERSON LL.B. Bay City, Mich. Alpha Nu HAROLD VOS HARTCER LL.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Phi Alpha Kappa (1) (2) Lawyers ' Club (1) (2) Case Club Finalist (1) Case Club Advisor (2) REECE HATCHITT LL.B. New York. X.V. WALTER HEAVENRICH LL.B. Detroit, Mich. RALPH E. HELPER LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Lawyers ' Club Mich. Law Review Editorial Board Social Comm. Memorial Scholarship Award Henry M. Campbell Case Club Award RICHARD ELBRIDCE HINKS LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Zeta Psi Phi Delta Phi Barristers Tnastmasters PHILIP LINCOLN HOAC LL.B. Toledo. Ohio WILLIAM R. HUNTER LL.B. Winchester. Ind. BENJAMIN WAITE JAYNE LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Phi Delta Phi WILLIAM ENCEL JETTER LL.B. Sewickley. Pa. Lawyers ' Club Delta Upsilon Barristers Crease Ball Comm. (3) ROBERT BRUCE KNICHT LL.B. Detroit. Mich. Phi Delta Phi Toastmasters CAY C. LIVINGSTON. JR. LL.B. Pittsburgh, Pa. Sigma Nu fife MARIAN M. MANARY LL.B. Bay City, Mich. Kappa Beta Pi Registrar (2) RICHARD MARLINK LL.B. Burnips. Mich. Phi Alpha Kappa JOHN CROSBY MCCARTHY LL.B. Chicago, 111. Theta Delta Chi Law Club Council (3) Chrm. Dance Comm. CLARENCE W. NEUHAUS LL.B. Saginaw, Mich. Lawyers ' Club FRED CHARLES NEWMAN J.D. Delta. Colorado Kappa Sigma Law Review (2) (3) Secretary (3) Case Club (1) ROGER HERMAN NIELSEN LL.B. Muskegon Hts.. Mich. Case Club (1) Judiciary Comm. (3) JOHN C. OBERHAUSEN LL.B. Chicago. 111. Lawyers ' Club Case Clubs JACK KAY PEDIGO LL.B. Chicago, 111. Phi Gamma Delta Lawyers ' Club V. Pres. of Mich. Union Case Club Chrm. Class Executive Council PAUL W. PHILIPS LL.B. Kenilworth, III. Sigma Chi Lawyers ' Club HENRY LaRUE PITTS J.D. McLean, 111. Lawyers ' Club Kappa Delta Pi Phi Delta Kappa Student Editor of Mich. Law Review Co-Chrm. Crease Ball JOHN WIECAND RAE LL.B. Northeast, Pa. Sigma Chi Sigma Delta Psi Crease Ball Comm. DOUGLAS K. READING LL.B. Ann Arbor. Mich. LOUIS W. RITZ LL.B. Evansville. Ind. Lawyers ' Club Editor of Law Review (3) General Affairs Comm. (3) ALLEN AVROM RUBIN J.D. Chicago, HI. Coif Law Review Wrestling Finance Comm. of Law Club Perm. Sec ' y of Senior Law Class RICHARD WINFIELD RYAN LL.B. Milan, Mich. Alpha Tau Omega CLARK CORDON SCHELL LL.B. Highland Park, Mich. Barristers Dance Comm. Bl 01 F M 1 C H 1 iLwm 1 C A N Page 133 1939 w H EDWARD CHARLES SCHOEDE LL.B. Rock Island, III. MARY POTTER SHARP LL.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Gamma Phi Beta JAY H. SIKKENCA LL.B. Muskegon Hgts., Mich. Pi Kappa Alpha Lawyers ' Club Crease Dance Chrm. BRUCE M. SMITH LL.B. Sycamore, 111. Law Club Council Chief Justice, Case Clubs Pres., Lawyers ' Club JACK FRANCIS SMITH LL.B. I.apeer, Mich. ft a WILLIAM LEE SOBOROFF LL.B. Chicago, III. Pi Lambda Phi GEORGE DIVER STEVENS LL.B. Flint, Mich. Theta Delta Chi V. Pres., Lawyers ' Liberal Club Law Club Council. Treas. Law Review Comm. JAMES WILLIAM STOUDT LL.B. Reading, Pa. Delta Theta Phi Barristers Class Treas. SEWARD RITCHEY STROUD J.D. -Madison, Wis Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Phi WHEATON LEWIS STROM J.D. Escanaba. Mich. Sigma Chi Kappa Phi Sigma Hiawatha Club Pres. Law Club Council WILLIAM RUSSELL STUDLEY LL.B. Pasadena, Calif. Law Club Council (3) Case Club (1) (2) Chrm. of Pictures, Senior Law Class (3) DONALD McCURDY SWOPE LL.B. Gettysburg. Pa. Lawyers ' Club Phi Gamma Delta Chrm. Program Comm. (3) Law Review (2) (3) CHARLES EDWARD THOMAS LL.B. Stoneboro, Pa. Lawyers ' Club Pres. Senior Law (3) Law Club Social Comm. (2) (3) ROBERT OWEN THOMAS LL.B. South Bend. Ind. Sigma Chi Lawyers ' Club EARL C. TOWNSEND. JR. LL.B. Indianapolis, Ind. Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Kappa Phi Basketball (2) (3) M Club Law Club Council (3) EDWARD P. TROXELL LL.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Theta Kappa Nu Karhart Scholar 1935 Karhart Fellow in Economics ' 34- ' 35 JOHN MERRILL ULMAN J.D. Akron. Ohio Phi Kappa Tau THOMAS C. VanSLUYTERS LL.B. Alto. Mich. Lawyers ' Club LEONARD D ' OOCE VERDIER, JR. J.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. Sigma Phi Mich. Law Review (2) (3) ROBERT MARTIN VERDIER LL.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Senior Executive Comm. Lawyers ' Club MILTON WASSER WALLACE LL.B. Passaic. .J. Lawyers ' Club Tau Epsilon Rho. Charu-rllnr JOHN J. WALSH, JR. I.1..K. Grosse Pointe Park. Mirh. Phi Delta Phi RAYMOND N. WEBER LL.D. Ann Arbor, Midi. BERNARD WEISSMAN LL.B. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Nu. Sigma Delta Chi Mich. Daily, Frosh Frolic Judiciary Comm., Senior Law Student Religious Ass ' n Hillel Foundation Council Quadrangle, Spring Parley Rendezvous JAMES H. WILES LL.B. Battle Creek. Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon FRANCIS MICHAEL WISTERT LL.D. Chicago, 111. Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Chi Barristers V. Pres. Senior I.a v ( ' I;!-.-. HOWARD L. WOLTON LL.B. Detroit, Mich. PAUL ANDREW WRIGHT LL.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Delta Theta Phi Barristers WILLIAM K. ZEWADSKI, JR. LL.B. Tampa, Florida Phi Delta Phi Sigma Nu Senior Law Comm. ROBERT E. ZIMMERMAN LL.B. Mishawaka, Ind. Sigma Chi Pres., Lawyers ' Liberal Club (4) 1939 N Page 134 w H LAW CLUB COUNCIL Row 1 McCarthy. Townsend. Fisher. Boyd. Todd Row 2 Schell. Studley. Strom. Carson. Ward. Haines. Somerville Row 3 Stevens. H. Brelsford. B. Smith. Allen John C. McCarthy Hiram P. Todd T. Emerson Bovd Ward Allen Thomas K. Fisher MEMBERS John Somerville Earl Townsend Howard Boggs Robert Ward George D. Stevens Clark G. Schell Wheaton Strom Charles Haines William R. Studley David W. Carson Page 135 H N 1939 X f $s T r i in 111 iiLL FROM WITHIN THE LAW QUAD SCENES WINTER . . . THE LEGAL RESEARCH LIBRARY M 1939 Page 136 N BEGINNING in 1881 as a part of the curriculum of the School of Political Science, the School of Forestry and Conservation has a record of .K complishment that has consistently strength- ened and expanded its forestry activities to meet the changing needs of the times. Since ] |2 . when it became a separate school, it has aimed " to develop strong mature men with a broad outlook, a sound training in the basic sciences, a general knowledge of the various branches of forestry, and a more intimate knowledge of one or more of these branches. " lU-cause. todav. the professional forester must be trained to handle the entire range of prob- lems connected with forest lands and waters, and the utilization of their products, instruc- tion is offered that covers a very broad field. including emphasis on conservation as a phi- losophy, not only in relation to forestry and natural resources, but in relation to human resources and to commerce and industry in general. The School conducts research through the regular members of the faculty. special investigators and graduate students and cooperates with other institutions and -.mi ations in the development of sound forest policies and effective forest practice. O Q O O N THE SCHOOL OF FORKSTRY has conic a long way since its modest begin- ning in 1881. Today, the school oc- cupies about thirteen thousand feet of space in the Natural Science Building alone, besides having its own structure and a Summer Camp. In the Natural Science Building are housed the various classrooms and offices, as well as numerous laboratories in which are taught such subjects as dendrology, silvics, silviculture, forest pathology, for- est zoology, and forest entymology. There is also an excellent library on the first floor which contains over six thousand volumes and over one hundred periodicals on forestry and its allied subjects. In addition, there is a large number of pictures and lantern slides as well as a com- plete motion picture outfit. Its own building is equipped with an experimental wood preservation plant. three timber-testing ma- dry kiln, used for research in wood chines, and a teaching and technology. At the camp at G olden Lake, a ten-week Summer Session is held and field instruction is given. There, the School of Forestry has de- veloped, in connection with the Botanical Gardens, a forest tree nursery which covers an area ol over two acres. All in all. the School of Forestry, has an unusual number of facilities to otter to those students desirous of training in forestry and its allied fields. NATURAL SCIENCE BUILDING FORESTRY CABIN WITHIN SACINAW FOREST N ' ' 1939 Page 138 N DEAN of the School of Forestry and Conservation is scholarly Samuel Task Dana. Dean Dana was born in Portland, Maine, and was educated at Bowdoin College and Yale University. At the former school he received his A.B. degree in 1904 and at the latter, his Master of Forestry; he was rated summa cum laude at both institutions. From 1908-1918 he served in the United States Forestry Sen ice, first as a forest assistant and then as assistant chief of offices of silvics and forest in- vestigations. In the next year he became a Captain in the United States Army attached to the traffic and storage division of the General Staff. He was made a forest economist in the United States Forestry Service in 1919 and in the following year became assistant chief of the research branch. Later, he went back to Maine to serve as its for- est commissioner and a short while later became the director of the Northwestern Forest Experi- mental Station. Dean Dana came to the University of Michigan in 1927 and has served both as a Professor and Dean of the School of Forestry. M Page 139 1939 FOREST RY AND W. SHIRLEY ALLEN B.S.A., M.F. Professor of Forestry DOW V. BAXTER M.S.F., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Silvics and Forest Pathology ROBERT CRAIG, JR. B.S., M.S.F. Associate Professor of Forest Utilization, Director of the Forestry Camp, Secretary of the School of Forestry and Conservation SAMUEL A. GRAHAM B.S., M.F., Ph.D. Professor of Economic Zoology, Research Associate in the Museum of Zoology WILLIAM KYNOCH DONALD M. MATTHEWS B.Sc.F., F.E. A.B., M.S.F. Professor of Wood Technology Professor of Forest Management PROFESSORS BEFORE THE OPEN FIREPLACE IN THE FORESTRY CABIN Page 140 N N CAMP FIUBERT ROTH, summer camp maintained by the School of Forestry and Conservation, is located at Golden I ake in the Ottawa National Forest in the western part of the Upper Peninsula. Due to the fact that the work pre- sented at this camp is prerequisite to various courses offered in the profes- sional school, all students enrolled in this college must attend one ten-week period. FRANK MURRAY Forest Manager BY A WATERFALL PROFESSORS EARL C. 0-ROKE Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Forest Zoology WILLETT F. RAMSDEL B.S.. M.S.F. George Willis Pack Professor of Forest Land Management r Sk j - T f 4 ' M HOWARD M. WIGHT M.S. Assoc. Prof, of Forest Zoology H Page 141 LEIGH J. YOUNG M.S.F., A.B. Professor of Silviculture N 1939 N BASIL E. ALLEN B.S.F. Central. S.C. Forestry Club EDWARD R. ANDRULOT B.S.F. Manchester, Conn. Forestry Club FRANK C. BECKER, JR. B.S.F. Columbus. Ohio I ' hi F,ta Sigma Editorial Staff Michigan Forester Forestry Club V. Pres. Social Chrm. (4) STUART H B.S.F. Chicago. III. Forestry Club (2) BUEHLINC JOHN C. BURWELL B.S.F. Tulsa, Okla. Sigma Alpha Kpsilon J. Hop (3) Forestry Club (3) Les Voyageurs (3) (4) ROBERT M. CAMPBELL B.S.F. Clinton. S.C. Forestry Club EMMETT A. CONWAY M.S.F. Struthers, Ohio Les Voyageurs ERRETT M. CONWAY B.S.F. Struthers, Ohio Les Voyageurs THOMAS E. FUNK B.S.F. Wooster. Ohio Forestry Club (3) (4) RICHARD C. CEARHART B.S.F. Ann Arbor. Mich. Swimming ( 1 ) Alumni Club Scholarship (1) (2) (3) (4) CARL F. CULBRANDSEN B.S.F. Chicago, III. L. RAYMOND HARSHMAN K.S.F. Flint, Mich. BERT E. HOLTBY B.S. Ann Arbor, Mull. Scabbard Blade (3) (4) Phi Kappa Phi (4) Forestry Annual (4) Forestry Club (1) (2) (3) (4) ERIC C. JACOBSON B.S.F. Warwick. Rhode Island Varsity Glee Club (2) Varsity Quartet (2) Forestry Club (2) Choral Union (1) ABRAHAM KRISSOFF B.S.F. Brooklyn, X.Y. Robert Owen Co-op. House Michigan Forester Forestry Club Summer Camp ' 37 Intramural Numerals ' 37 CALL OF THE WILD N 1939 N N KARL T. LEONHARDT B.S.F. Detroit. Mich. Forestry Club, Prcs. VICTOR B. LINDQUIST B.S.F. Columbus. Ohio ERWIN A. LOEW B.S.F. Columbus, Ohio FRAY A. MCMILLAN B.S.F. Charlevoix. Mich. Editorial Staff of Forester Forestry Club HERMAN J B.S.F. Ve-terville. Ohio Club MILLER THOMAS J. MITCHELL B.S.F. Albuquerque. X.M. kappa Sigma Phi Sigma Forestry Club FULTON MOOREHEAD B.S.F. Melrose. Mass. Phi Sigma Kappa Forestry Club. Student Mer. OSCAR OHMAN B.S.F. Quincy. Mass. Forestry Club DAVID E. PENNY B.S.F. Detroit. Mich. Les Voyageurs JACK S. ROTHACHER B.S.F. Chicago. III. Les Voyageur I ' nion Board (4) HAROLD I. SNELLENBERCER B.S.F. Walkerville. Mich. Forestry Club (3) (4) Country Life Club CEORCE R. STAEBLER B.S.F. Ann Arbor. Mich. Les Voyageurs V. Pres. jr. Class Forestry Club LILLIAN K. STARRETT B.S.F. Ann Arbor. Mich. Freshman Honorary Forester. Editor (4) Forestry Club, Sec ' y (3) RAYMOND STEVENSON B.S.F. Baltimore. Md. Michigan Forester, Editorial Staff Reserve Glee Club Forestry Club Newman Club ROBERT D. WASHBURN B.S.F. Menominee, Mich. Forestry Club ROBERT W. WINCHELL B.S.F. Cleveland. Ohio NORBERT J. WINN B.S.F. Ironwood, Mich. Forestry Club (3) (4) Hiawa;ha Club (4) DONALD L. ZIMMERMAN B.S.F. Mishauaka. Ind. Theta Delta Chi Golf (1) Men ' s Council. V. Pres. Forestry Club WHEN NIGHT FALLS 1 M H N Page 143 1939 ' c o NSERVATION STAEBLER STEWART ALLEN BURWELL SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FORESTRY OFFICERS George Staeblcr President Calvin Stewart Vice President Krnest Allen Secretary John Bunvell Treasurer SENIOR BANQUET COMMITTEE Herman Hermelink, Chairman Robert Washburn Robert Campbell Joe Wilev Krnest Allen, Trcasincr SENIOR COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT Jack Kotbacher SENIOR BALL REPRESENTATIVE Jerome Mitchell THE ROAD TO CAMP Page 144 DOTISTfly C)K(.A i7i i) as the College of Dental Surgery in 1875. the School of Dentistry was renamed and became an integral part of the University of Michigan in 1927. Requiring at least two ears of college work for admission, the school offers a curriculum consisting of four years work. This curriculum includes a broad edu- cation in physiology as well as in dental sur- gery, as the importance of dental diagnosis in relation to systematic diseases has become in- creasingly apparent: in this field, the School of Dentistry makes use of the facilities pro- vided by the Medical School. While during the earlv development of the dental schools, thev were often moved away from educational centers to insure clinical facilities, in recent vears thev have become more and more closely associated with universities. Today, students in the School of Dentistry of the University of Michigan are offered a far broader back- ground through contact with interns, tech- nicians and experts in fields of related re- search than those in institutions which cannot take advantage of the opportunities of such an organization as the University. E D IV A p.c. efe 3 33 . SCHOOL OF RUSSELL WEI igan ' s Dental yfiQgfl is " ! responsible portions as d] on dental carles under gr dren ' s Fund, the Interna search. He is Dental Associ for Dental Te of Experiment Michigan Stat Dean of Mich- e holder of such ector of research t from the Chil- sident of foi Dental Re- American thV lAmerican Institute iers,tJe].4.A.A.S., the Society liiQlogvJ and Medicine, the iety, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa PhiAOmic n Kappa Upsilon, Delta Sigma Del t;N in Acacia. THE SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY N 1939 Page 146 N LOUIS PHILLIPS HALL D.D.S. Professor Emeritus of Operative Den!istry. PAUL HAROLD JESERICH A.B.. D.D.S. Professor of Operative Den- tistry, and Director of the Operative Clinic, and Director of Post-Graduate Education. JOHN WILLIAM KEMPER D.D.S., M.D. Professor of Oral Surgery, and Consulting Dental Surgeon to the University Hospital. RICHARD HENRY KINCREY B.S.. D.D.S. Professor of Complete Denture Prosthesis. CEORCE RAYMOND MOORE M.S., D.D.S. Professor of Orthodontics, School of Dentistry, and Re- search Associate in Hie Uni- versity Elementary School. URA CAR;::LD RICK:RT A.M.. D.D.S. Professor of Diagnosis. Dental Therapeutics, and Radiology. RALPH FREDERICK SOMMER M.S.. D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Opera- tive Dentistry and Radiology. FRANCIS BULKLEY VEDDER A.B.. D.D.S. Professor of Crown and Bridge Prosthesis, and Secre- tary of the Faculty of the School of Dentistry. MARCUS L. WARD D.D.S.. DD.Sc. Jonathan Taft Professor of Dentistry. ELMER LeROY WHITMAN D.D.S. Professor of Technics Business Administration. PROFESSORS A CLASS IN DENTAL SURGERY H CAP AND COWN COMMITTEE Alex Cheilotl. Chairman SOCIAL COMMITTEE Mark K. Coggan, Chairman INVITATIONS COMMITTEE KM on H. Skellenger SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SHORNO STERNFELD VAN LEEWEN LODESSEN CREVINCK CLASS OFFICERS Donald Shorno President Alfred Stern t ' eld Vice President Myron Van Leewen Secretary Rudolph Ixxleesen-Grevinck Treasurer 1939 N Page 148 N WILLIAM M. ARTHUR. JR. D.D.S. Rome. X.Y. ALEX CHERTUFF D.D.S. Bayonne. X.J. : .:. Phi Eta Sigma V. Pits. (3) Student Council (2) (3) Chancellor of Alpha Omega HilVl 1) 2 S) (41 THOMAS CARLYLE CLARKE n : Yale. Mich. Delta Sisma Delta 1 ' iev ti -4 MARK EDWARD COCCAN 1, , , , Hick. I Class (2) i M, .:-.:.. KjH D I WALTER HENRY CRAMER D.D.S. Grand Rapids. Mich. ' Psi Phi (4) - , . ROBERT B D.I DAVIES ELIAS FRIEDMAN D.I ' - Bethpajre. X.Y. Student Council (2) (3) (4) LESTER ROLLO INGRAM Ii 1 :llf. X.Y. JACK B. JONES D.l a Mich. Delta Siema Delta HAROLD H. KOCHANSKY D.D.S. Bayonne. X.J. UnteO -- HillH (1) (2) (3) (4) ARTHUR M. LEVY D.D.S. Pitt eld. Ma-r. Alpha Omega RUDOLPH LODESSEN-CREVINCK D.D.S. Ann Arfr. Mich. Xi Psi Phi V. Pies. ELIOT ARNOLD MACIDSOHN D.I Detroit. Mich. PAUL VERNON PONITZ D.D. Bay City, ilich. Class Tiro. (1) (3) RAYMOND S. RISMANN D.D.S. Detroit. Mich. -,.: ., Treas. (2) Vice Chancellor (4) of Alpha Omega Hillel l) 2) 3) (4) SAMUEL MARTIN ROOD D.D.S. Bridgeport, Conn. . .. ... (31 ANTHONY R. SHEMIOT U. i IKjwaeiai . Mich. Xi Psi Phi Hou MCT. I " of M. Professional Srholarship Grant I.. S hool of DentKtrr DONALD VINCENT SHORNO D.D.S. Woodland Mich. Delta Sigma Delta ROBERT J. SIBILSKY D.D.S. Laurium. Mich. Xi ivj phi BYRON HUGH SKELLENCER D.D.S Glad-tone. Mich. Delta Sigma Delta MARTIN MURRAY SMITH D.D.S. Detroit. Mich. Alpha Omeea PAUL ARIE SMITS D.D.S. Hoquiam. Wash Delta Sigma Delta Class Pres. (1) ALFRED JAY STERNFELD D.D.S. Albany. X.Y. Alpha Omega CHARLES UALLUZZB D.D.S. Danburv. Conn. Delta Sigma Delta Chr. Odonto Ball (3) MYRON J. VAN LEEUWEN D.D.S. Holland. Mich. Phi Kappa Phi Student Council (I) (2) (3) SAMUEL SIDNEY WILLIS D.D.S. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Omega Odonto Ball Comm. ( 3 I WILLIAM ZAKRAJSEK D.D.S. Buffalo. X.Y. Xi Psi Phi M 1 C H 1 CAN Page 1 49 1 Q Q Q H Row 1 Bean, Simons, Strauss, Kass, Berris, Poster, Hirshon Row 2 Goldberg, Katzman, Kott, Skulsky, Schumansky, Hurwitz, Hciligman, Katz, Weiss Row 3 Dr. Husserl, Eskie, Fried, Flax, Dr. Stulberg, Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Shulman, Dr. Keats Row 4 Smith, Willis, Rood, Rismann, Cherroft, Levy, Sternfeld, Kochansky MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Dr. Marvin C. Goldstein Dr. Keats l)i. .Shulman Dr. Sanuicl Slulbri " FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND 1907 CHI CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN- -1926 Alex Chertoff Arthur M. Levy Harold Kochansky K.iMiiiinil Risuiann Milton J. Kskic Stanlord Fi ie l SENIORS Samuel M. Rood Martin NT. Smith Allied J. Sternlcld Samuel S. U ' illis JUNIORS Jules Flax U N Sol J. Heilij-man Louis Huruit Benjamin J. Kat? Kat man Oscar Rcan Henry Berris Selvin Hirshon SOPHOMORES Bernard B. Kott David H. Schumansky Sam Skulsky Leo (. Viss FRESHMEN Herman R. Kass Marx in M. Poster I .a xv mire Slrauss Page 150 N Row 1 Gumming. Harrison. Schroeder. Maurer. Soulr. Barber. Jadwin Row 2 Carlisle. Godwin. Bibb. Hubbard. Willmeng. Root. Murphy. Dr. Ridinger Row 3 Bates. Duxburrv Gibson. Schaller. Hogan, Aseltine, Miller. Cxysz. Classner Row 4 Pinney. Stead. Caldwell. Crego. Ramstrum Bolline. Clerum. Godfrey. Oatley. Hess Row 5 Christl. Hornberger. Valluzzo. Clarke. Dr. Ritterschofer. Coggan. Dr. Kerr, Smits Shorno. Stcellenger, J. Jones DELTA SIGMA D MEMBERS IN FACULTY Oliver Appiegate, D.D.S.. D.D.Sc. Russell V. Bunting. D.D.Sc. Kenneth Easlick. D.D.S. I tins. Cilson, D.D.S. George Harris, D.D.S. Paul Jeserich, D.D.S. John Kemper, D.D.S.. M.D. Donald Kerr. D.D.S. Delos Kervin, D.D.S. Richard Kingerv. D.D.S., B.S. Llewellyn Leigh, D.D.S. Roland Xissle. D.D.S. Philip Northrop, D.D.S., M_S. Va ne Oglestone, D.D.S. Louis Pinnev, D.D.S. Garfield Rickert. D.D.S. Ralph Somers. D.D.S. Francis Vedder. D.D.S. Marcus Ward, D.D.S. Elmer Whitman, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Richard Curtis Leonard Graham. D.D.S. Young O. Morris, D.D.S. Lawrence Bowler. D.D.V Stanley Miller John Schwartzbeck. D.D.S SENIORS Richard M. Christ! Donald Shorno Thomas C. Clarke Byron H. Skellengcr Mark E. Coggan Paul A. Smils Harry J. Hornberger John E. Tudor Jack B. Jones Rocoo C. Valluz o JUNIORS _jlEsij Richard L. Caldwell William R. Mann ' JP ALPHA CHAPTER Stanley W. Crego Herterl L. Oatlc Simon Glerum C.illK-rt J. Pl.ism:in Huyh Godfrey Kdson K. Pool I liomas L. He-- (, unn. u G. R.nn-I i inn Roliert M. Jones George O. Stead SOPHOMORES Lvle F. W-lline Mm ice T. Hogun Jaikson W. Bates William A. Miller John H. Duxbiiry William H. Schaller Andrew A. Frostic Burdelle A. Stone Kenneth R. Gilsoii FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN FRESHMEN Rol ert J. Barber Arthur Bibb William D. Carlisle Edward A. Cheney Ro M. dimming James R. Freeboni James W. Harrison Don E. Hubbard George J. Maurer Gerald J. Murphv Robert W. Root Edward Rudd Robert R. Schroeder Robert L. Soule Lunion E. Willmeng M I H N Page 151 1939 N f fl f t n. f. t. Row 1 Stanco, La Forgia, Sfcrr.i, Kruska, Hartsook, White, Short Row 2 Frutiger, Di Loretto, Stump, McAlpine, Postmann, Matigan, Barrow, Smallwood Row 3 Waldo, Miller, Moore, Goldberg, Shemiot, Sibilsky, Lodeesen, Zakrajsek, Cramer ' T tfVH ' - ' - S Kj. ' l.- ' ? ' .V--. ' -V ' -V,- ' Y.-.U- ' J.-V . - -,.:,- ' MEMBERS IN FACULTY George R. Moore, M.S., D.D.S. John V. Olson, M.S., D.D.S. J. V. .SeeliurRer, H.D.S. R. H. Dimock, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN CITY L. P. Fisher, D.D.S. H. G. Winkler, D.D.S. SENIORS FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1889 ALPHA CHAPTER 1889 Walter Cramer Rudolph Lodeesen Anthony Shemiot Gerald V. Barrow Raymond Frutiger John McAlpinc Robert Siliilsky William X.akrajsck JUNIORS Malij an Mii|iicl A. I ' aslrana ' aller Slump Oscar DiLorelto Jack Kucera Joseph Harts(x k Henry Kruska (ieorge St ' erra SOPHOMORES Anthony LaForgia Russel Smallwood FRESHMEN Robert Short Henrx Stanco Dale White M 1939 H Page 152 Business THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION was established as a separate educational unit in 1924. As it is recognized that a thorough busi- ness training must be based on a broad gen- eral knowledge, a bachelor ' s degree is re- quired for admittance, except for students who enter under the combined curriculum in letters and business administration. In order to acquaint students with typical situations that arise in business relationships, instruction is based upon the case or problem method, with cases drawn from actual ex- periences in a wide variety of fields. Students are further trained for positions of respon- sibility outside of the classroom. Lectures are given by business men and meml)ers of the faculty of other schools. Conferences of in- dustrial leaders are arranged from time to time in which the student, if interested may participate. Annual conferences of alumni are held, in which round table discussions of developments in certain branches of business are attended by faculty, alumni and students. All of these factors have added to the reputa- tion of this school and after fifteen years of existence, it is considered one of the best schools of business training in the country. N l)i CLARK in ess Adminis American F tional Associ the Research etalethian. ] " The Principle History of Auto to the " America " Journal of hool of lius- ncniber of the the Na- arketing, Rlio, and author of , " and " Life contributor w " and tlie OLIN W. BLACKETT Ph.D. Professor of Business Statistics MARGARET ELLIOTT Ph.D. Professor of Personnel Management Professor of Economics EDGAR H. CAULT Ph.D., M.B.A. Professor of Marketing CLARE E. GRIFFIN Ph.D. Professor of Marketing Director of the Bureau of Business Research CHARLES L. JAMISON Ph.D. Professor of Business Policy WILLIAM A. PATON Ph.D., C.P.A. New York Alumni Professor of Accounting, Professor of Economics DUDLEY M. PHELPS M.B.A., Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Marketing JOHN W. RIEGEL Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Industrial Relations Director of the B-rcaj of Industrial Relations ROBERT C. RODKEY Ph.D. Professor of Banking and Investments HERBERT f. TACCART Ph.D., C.P.A. Assoc. Prof, of Accounting MERWIN H. WATERMAN M.B.A.. Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Finance, Secretary of the School of Business Administration EARL S. WOLAVER A.B., J.D. Assoc. Prof, of Business Law N f 1939 Page 154 M N FINANCE COMMITTEE Richard H. Gerkensmeyer, Chairman William A. Centner Sanders A. Goodstein William M. Morgenrolh Donald E. Rohn Frederick R. Jones INVITATIONS COMMITTEE X. Bonavito, Chainnan John I ' . Treadway Funk M. Bristow Robert S. Bradley Dean E. Glidden CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE (.nil Smith. Chairman B. Brenn Kingsley Kelly Paul A. Simpson EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Richard F. Sidder, Chairman Richard W. Max IT I ' ete A. Duerkson Bernard M. Sicael SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS H.IIIV J. Jjckman President H.nn C.ilinan Vice-President Rol ci t B. Jackman Secrelary Chester P. Shelly Treasurer SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS M N Page 155 1939 B U - N JAMES LEONARD BAUCHAT DONALD CORDON BRONSON M.B.A. Pontiac, Mich. Thela Chi A.E.M. Daily (1) (2) Glee Club (1) (2) (3) JOSEPH NICHOLAS BONAVITO M.B.A NYw York, N.Y. Delta Sigma Pi Track Team (1) Pres. of Jr. Cla?s in Bus. A d. School Men ' s Council Judiciary Comrn. Homecoming Conim. Alpha Nu Society (1) ROBERT S. BRADLEY M.B.A. Voungstown, Ohio Phi Gamma Delta Druids Varsity Basketball M s r. (2) (3) (4) Mich. Athletic Managers ' Club BERENICE BREEN M.B.A. Huntington. Ind. M.B.A. Vstfield, N.J. Alpha Sigma Phi Mich. Daily (1) (2) CEORCE DeVRIES M.B.A. Grand Rapids Phi Alpha Kappa SANDERS A. COODSTEIN M.B.A. Detroit, Mich. RICHARD H. CERKENSMEYER M.B.A. Joliet. 111. Thela Xi HARRY OILMAN M.B.A. New York. N.Y. V. Pres. of Senior Class FRANK M. BRISTOW, JR. M.B.A. Oklahoma City, Okla. Delta Tau Delta Phi Kta Sigma Pi Mu Epsilon RICHARD CEORCE BROENE M.B.A. Grand Rapids, Mich. DEAN E. CLIDDEN M.B.A. Kewanee. 111. Alpha Delta Phi Druids Varsity Baseball Mgr. (4) Student Board of Directors of Athletics Mgr ' s M. Club ANITA C. GOLDSTEIN M.B.A. Brooklyn, N.Y. HARRY J. JACKMAN M.B.A. Erie. Mich. Delta Sigma Pi Delta Tau Delta Pres. of Senior Class in Bus. Ad. School ROBERT B. JACKMAN M.B.A. Bradford. Pa. Delta Sigma 1 ' i Sec ' y of Senior Class in Bus. Ad. School RICHARD DEAN JAY M.B.A. Gary. Ind. Phi Kappa Tau FREDERICK RANDALL JONES M.B.A. Vii hingt m. D.C. Trigon Phi Beta Kappa (3) (4) Phi Kappa Phi Phi Eta Sigma " Perspectives " Editor (4) (5) Track (1) (2) Alpha Xu Hopwood Award (1) (_ ' ) (.i) (4) KINCSLEY KELLY M.B.A. Albany. .Y. Alpha Kappa Psi (3) (4) (5) Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) (5) ROTC (1) (2) (3) (4) Military Ball (4) Dear Dad: $ 3.59 Laundry $ 7.50 Books $93.75 Mise. N 1939 Page 156 A D M N N MARKETING . . . CORPORATIONS . . . FINANCE MATTHEW NREN MacLEAN M B.A. MJ. V.; i r,i I ... . ' . - - nin. (3) (4) RICHARD WINTER MAYER M B.A. w York. X.Y. : hi KJ pa ; i GILBERT P. MAYNARD M.B.A 1 ndianofeu Iowa Ifehl Ki;.;. ' i PS WILLIAM M. MORCENROTH M B.A. A.B. in Math. Milwaukee Alpha Kappa Psi. Pres. Francais : Club. Pres. - _ (1) ing Team (3) Comm. (2) JOHN C. MORRIS M.B.A. Bloomington. 111. Gamma IMla BBinois Wesleyan Univ. LLOYD FINCH MORRISON M.BA. Delaware. Ohio DONALD R. MURDOCK M.B.A. Aliejan. Mich. Treas. of Mich. Wolverine Student Co-op Inc. (3) (4) MITCHELL RASKIN M.BJL Detroit. Mich Mich. Daily (1) (2) Tennis (I) An Cinema League Gen. Chra. (3) (4) (S) Play Prod. Publicity Dir. (4) (5) Executive Comm. ' (4) DONALD EARL ROHN M.B.A. Pootiac, Mich. Delta Sigma Pi V. Pres. of Junior Class in Bus. Ad. School WILLIAM R. SHAW M.B.A. Detroit. Mich. Alpha Tau Omega Capitalist Ball (4) Chnn. (5) CHESTER PRICE SHELLY M.B.A. Jackson. Mich. Lambda Chi Alpha Treas. of Senior Class in Bus. Ad. School Capitalist Ball Chnn. (4) RICHARD FENTON SIDDER M.B.A. Detroit. Mich. Sigma Alpha Mu Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3) roods (1) : M B. MILLER SIECEL M.B.A. Grand Rapids, Mich. PAUL A. SIMPSON M.B.A. Eaton Rapid-. Mich. TheU Xi Scabbard and Blade ROTC LIONEL 1. TACHNA M.B.A. Far Rockavav. X.Y. Gargoyle (1) (2) Wre tlmiB (II Ass ' t Hockey MCT. 2I 3) JOHN PLATT TREADWAY M.B.A. Ann Arbor Phi Delta Theta Delta Sigma Pi Univ. of Vermont (1) Track, Tennis Public Speaking Contest Award (1) Chemistry Scholarship to Univ. of Vermont (1) JAY CORWIN TROXEL M.B.A. Flint. Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi Capitalist Ball Comm. (4) DOUGLAS C. WELFARE M.BJV. Walled Lake. Mich. Delta Sigma Pi Class Treas. (3) Delta Sigma Pi Pres. (4) Treas. (3) Capitalist Ball Comm. (4) H N Page 157 1939 u N Row 1 Phares, Raskin, Lakin, Welfare, Rhodes Row 2 Morris, Jordan, Shaw, MacLeod, Troxel CAPITALIST BALL WILLIAM R. SHAW JEAN COMON JACK MAC LEOD PATRICIA MATTHEWS COMMITTEES CO-CHAIRMEN Jack MacLeod William R. Shaw MUSIC Jay C. ' 1 Voxel Delhi id " c I. akin PUBLICITY Douglas Welfare Gilbert 1 ' harcs TICKETS )olin Morris Villiain Rhodes DECORATIONS Mitdiell Raskin Clunk ' s Jordan N 1939 Page 158 M N N Row 1 Leder. Siewers. Byers. Foil. Brokaw. Sojka. J. Deming. Olson. Easier Row 2 Dunlap. Cribble. Davisson, Monroe, Bibik. Waterman. Trubey. Hartley. Rumncy. N. Denting Row 3 Tretfry, Maynard. Troxel. Hart. Kelly. Bosworth. Morgenroth Mayer, Loysen AlPHA KAPPA PSI MEMBERS Robert P. Briggs, M.B.A., C.P.A. Edgar H. Gault, Ph.D. Clare E. Griffin, Ph.D. Charles L. Jamison, Ph.D. N FACULTY William A. Palon, Ph.D., C.P.A. Shirley V. Smilli, A.M. Herbert f. Taggart, Ph.D.. C.P.A. I. L. Sharfiiiaii, A.B., LL.B. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS LITERARY SENIORS kclh. kingsley 1 loNcl. |. Corwin M.iMiaul. Gilliert P. Morgenrolh, William M. Mayer, Richard W. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JUNIORS Leder, Arnold E. Sieuers, Richard J. Foil. Herbert C. Brokaw. William E. Gribble, James A. n.i isson, Charles N. Monroe. Ernest G. Bibik, Joseph Trubey, Stanley R. Hartley, Donald T. Deming, Xed W. Hart, John W. Rxckman, John Loysen, Alton J. FOUNDED AT NEW YORK U. 1904 PHI CHAPTER 1920 M Byers, Richaul O. Sojka, Cas F. Deming, Jack M. Olscn, Edward G. Rumnev. George R. TreBry, Harold F. Bosivorlh. Wan cr D. Slanish, Albin J. LITERARY JUNIORS Basler, Franklin C. Waterman, Richard T. Dunlap, James E. H N Page 159 1939 M N N Row 1 Sharpe, Rauchle, Pressprich, Babcock, Casey, Welfare, Roberts, Archer Row 2 Bonavito, H. Jackman, R. Jackman, Zimmcr, Harris, Foster, Cox, Bruner Row 3 Woodford, Wilson, Hicks, Rohn, Jordan, Wickm an, Ellingen MEMBERS Rodkey, R. G. I ' helps, I). M. Waterman, M. H. Walkins, L. L. N FACULTY Gardiner, H. G. Laing, L. L. I ' ierponl, W. K. Campbell, R. A. Landon, L. F. MEMBERS IN CITY Frisinger, M. R. Holfman, Ch. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS LITERARY SENIORS Rohn, 1). F.. Welfare, 1). C. 1 ' ressprich, R. W. (ackiiiuii, H. J. Jackman, R. 15. Bonavito, J. N. .immei, M. K. Cox, R. W. Archer, W. 14. Roberts, H. O. Brunei, H. T. Woodford, G. M. Hicks, A. B. Harris, B. H. Casey, R. K. F.llingen, K. W. Rauchlc, A. J. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JUNIORS Jordan, C. R. Wickman, L. A. Sharpe, G. M. LITERARY Babcock, R. A. Foster, J. B. (Eng.) JUNIORS Wilson, V. N. FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 1907 XI CHAPTER 1921 M Page 160 BIIBSI1S IN RFSPONSE to the growing need for graduate nurses, the University of Michigan Hospital School of Nursing, one of the largest schools of its kind in the country, was established in 1891. Since the graduate nurse of today is a health educator as well as a curative agent, and as society ' s varying health needs have changed and enlarged with the years, the I ' niversitv has from time to time modified and enriched its curriculum. The student nurse enrolled in this school lias the opportunity to enjoy not only the edu- (utional facilities of a well-established univer vltv but also, the clinical facilitations of one of the largest hospitals in the country. She re- ceives experience in surgery, medicine, chil- dren ' s diseases and such specialties as mental nursing, tuberculosis and communicable dis- eases. Aside from her educational opportuni- ties, she can also participate in the activities open to all women of the University as well as in the activities of the School itself. All these, along with her training which prepares her to go out and meet the varying health needs of society, make the life of the student nurse a well-rounded one. .--- H HOME TO THREE-HUNDRED NURSES COUZENS HALL COUZENS HALL, where the student nurse lives during her three years of academic training, is one of the largest dormitories on the Uni- versity of Michigan campus. With two hun- dred eighty-five comfortable separate sleeping rooms, sun parlors, kitchenette and adequate number of showers and baths, it is one of the most modern and complete nurses ' residences in the country today. The large lobby, the main reception room and the several smaller reception rooms provide an attractive setting for the frequent teas which are vital in the so- cial life of the Hall. A library is an essential part of every residence and Couzens Hall is very proud of its well-equipped fiction and up-to-date periodical library. Of great con- venience, especially for early morning classes. are the recitation rooms which are located in the west wing of the building. While the student nurse is living in Couz- ens Hall, she is expected to comply with the dormitory rules and regulations which arc made for the welfare of all by the Student Co- operative Government Association. The day of the student begins at six-thirty in the morn- ing, and she is busy every minute until ten- thirty when the call comes for lights out. N 1939 Page 162 N U I KIAN Di ' RELL this year concludes nine years of outstanding service as Director of Nursing at the U received her A.B. lege in 1908 an Henry Street where she re she received Citv Hospi C ' .iiv. where in N ui-sing P Nt-;trs. she advai Superintendent made Super intei Hospital. She r 1930 when she can? Michigan. She Vellesley Col- entered the York City, t this time, ng from the i New York instructor suing three of assistant in 1925 was York ' s City position until University of Michigan as Director of Nursing. META E. LEMKE Supervisor of Instruction MARIE WANZECK Ass ' t Director of Nursing M H N Page 163 1939 H ELSIE ANNETTE ANDRESEN Diploma in Xursing Lansing, Mich. CLELA C. BAKER Diploma in Xursing Hillsdale. Mich. Student Council (2) Choral Club (1) (2) Bridge Club (2) RUTH ANN BAKER Diploma in Xursing Maple City. Mich. Outing Club (1) (2) (3) Hnbhv Club (2) RACHEL HARRIETTS BARTLETT Diploma in Xursing Ann Arbor, Mich. Scalpel Staff (3) T.I ' .R. Staff (3) Pres. (1) Student Council (I) (3) Choral Club (1) (2) (3) EULA MAYE BASSETT Diploma in Xursing Monroe. Mich. Dramatic Club (1) (2) Bridge Club (2) Outdoor Club (2) ' CLARA THERESA BELLHORN R.N. Ml. Clemens. Mich. Choral Club (2) (3) Sec ' y and Treas. (3) IRENE MePHEE CRABLE Diploma in Xursing Alpena, Mich. Choral Club (1) (2) (3) Outdoor Club (1) (2) ROBERTA HILDINCER deVRIES R.N. Grand Rapids. Mich. Chrm. Jr and Sr. Banquet Choral Club (1) Bridge Club (2) (3) Outdoor Club (1) (2) (3) Dramatic Club (2) Fall Fair (1) Minstrel Show (2) ( )rchestra KATHRYN C. DIEPENBROCK Diploma in Xursing Hay City. Mich. F.ditor of T.I ' .R. and Scalpel (3) School Orchestra (2) (3) Hobby Club (2) Outing Club (2) (3) CATHRYN RAE DOUGLAS Diploma in Xursing Paw Paw. Mich. Cou-ens Hall Albion College (2 yrs.) Outing Club (1) (2) (3) Miibby Club (2) MAE EDNA DAYLE Diploma in Xursing Alpena, Mich. Tcast Mistress at Jr. and Sr. Banquet Dramatic Club fO Bridge Club (1) (2) JANE ANCHORS DRURY Diploma in Xursing Vyandotte. Mich. LUCILE ECCERS Diploma in Nursing Mason. Mich. HELEN ANNASFESIA DUNN Diploma in X ' ursing Milan. Mich. RUTH EDISON Diploma in Nursing Grand Rapids. Mich. Alpha Gamma Delta Bridge Club (1) (2) (3) Student Council (3) FRANCES COROLINE ELYEA Diploma in Nursing Marshall. Mich. Cnuzens Hall (Jilting Club (1) (2) C3) ELIZABETH WEAVER EVANS R.N. Waynesboro. Ya. Alpha Omicron Pi MADELENE FELCH Diploma in Xursing Dearborn. Mich. Scalpel (3) T.P.R. (3) Choral Clul) m MARJORIE ELENOR FULMER Diploma in Xursing Tonica. Illinois Arts and Crafts Club (2) Outing Club (2) Choral Club (3) MARGARET B. COLSON Diploma in Xursing Saginaw, Mich. Couzens Hall CORA LEE COODSON Diploma in Nursing Shawnee. Okla. Class Pres. (1) Student Government (1) (2) Outing Club (I) (2) (3) Dramatic Club (1) (2) Arts and Crafts Club (2) Beethoven, Shaw, Lombnrdo, Gershwin u N 1939 N U N FRESHMEN nurses wear the traditional blue dresses, black shoes and stockings; as sophomores, caps and white bibs are added to their uniforms, Juniors wear a one-fourth inch black band on their caps, and when the senior year is reached, white shoes and stockings replace the black ones and the black bands on the caps are widened to one-half inch. A NON ACADEMIC COURSE JANE MARCELLA HASS K V iramik. Mich. Couzens Hall MILDRED RUTH HICKS -ma in Xursing Benlon Halter. Mi, h N. VIOLET HINC inia in Xursins Flinl. Mich. Flint Jr. College ? O) CAROLYN E ISELER Diploma in . Port Hope. .Mich. Outine Club : Central Stale Teachers Colle TPk RUTH ESTHER KANZ Bigsar. Saskatchewan Canada ' i am 1 . CRACE HELEN KEENER K - - i : ' - ERLENE NELLA LADD Diploma in Xnrsing I ' tica Scalp T.P.K - ran! College (I Club (I) (2) (3) LORETTA LENORE LAWRENCE Diploma in Vui- I ' ooliac. Mich. Couzens Hall Choral Club (I) (2) J) VELMA EVELYN LONG Diploma in Xursing Fliol, Mich Hobby Club (I) (2) Outing dub (1} (2) Bridge Club (2) CHARLENE MATHIS Diploma in Xursing Elkhart, Ind. Pres- Student Council (3) Chrm. Jr. Informal Dance (2) Class President (2) Comm. Jr. ST. Banquet (2) Comm. April Fair (2) Bridge Club (2) (3) BETTY NIELSEN Diploma in Xursins Detroit. Mich. Coiuens Hall Hobby Club (1} (2) Outdoor Club 111 MARTHA ELEANOR NIVA Diploma in Xursing Calumet. Mich. T.P.R. Scalpel Sludent Council (1) (2) Outing Club (1) Comm. Jr. ST. Banquet (2) Comm. Spring Formal (2) Comm. April Fair (2) DOROTHY R. PRAVDA Diploma in ur ina Velva. N II Scalpel Staff (2) V. PITS. Senior Class Slate Teachers College Minot, X. Dakota (I) (2) ALICE MARGERY PRESSLER Diploma in Xursine Grand Rapids. Mich Scalpel (3) T.P.R. Staff (3) Class Sec ' }-- (2) Student Council (3) Bridge Club (2) (3) Outing Club (2) (3) RUTH EDNA PRESSLER R.X. Grand Rapids. Mich. V. Pres. Student Council (3) Choral Club (2) FRANCES ELAINE RAMSTEIN Diploma in Xursing Kalamazoo. Mich. Western State Teachers College 1 yr.) Dramatic Club (I) (2) Bridge dub (1) (2) (3) Outing Club (I) HARRIET E REID R.N. Harbor Beach. Mich. Sea d T.PJI. Pres. Senior Class Comm. Senior Ball Outing Club (1) (2) (3) Choral Club (I) Minstrel Show (1) (2) ELIZABETH 1. SCHRAMM Diploma in Xursing Farmington. Missouri Bridge Club (1) (2) (3) Choral Club (1) (2) H hb] CM : Outing Club (1) (2) RUTH JULIA SCHWAN Diploma in Xui Grand Rapids, Mich. Scab ] [3) T.P.R. (3) Choral dub (1) (2) (3) Outing dub (1) (2) (3) DOROTHY E. STEVENS Diploma in Nursing Saull Sie. Marie, Mich. HARRIETT V. WILSON Iliploma in Xur inL! I ' omiac. Mich. Pres. of Oass (1) Sec. and Treas. Student Government (3) Member of Student Government (2) v f v i %j V r T v M Page 165 N 1939 H SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Harriet Reid President Dorothy Pravda . . . . . Vice- President Clara Bellhorn Sec ' y-Treasnrei HARRIET E. REID DOROTHY R. PRAVDA CLARA T. BELLHORN SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FROM A WINDOW IN COUZENS HALL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Rulli Pressl cr. Chairman Rachel Bartlett, Senior Ida Bonetti, Junior Marie Soucie. Junior Phyllis Olson, Sophomore STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Charlcnc Maihis President Rnlli Pressler Vice-Pi esidenl Cicraldine Skinner Sec ' y-Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL SF.NIORS Rachel Bartlett Sigrid Vayrynien Alice Pressler Ruth K:in Barbara Bosucll Helen Dunn R u ih Fdison Ida Bonetti Harriet Crigir Fay Frederick Phvllis Olson JUNIORS Dorothy Robinson Marie Soucie SOPHOMORES Florence Wuhhena N U N TRADITIONAL EVENTS THE SOCIAL calendar of the School of Nurs- ing is filled with many traditional events. These begin in the fall of the year. when, the night before the Seniors get their new white shoes, they assign the freshmen to clean and shine their old black ones. Then. on the following day, at a special ceremony. the old shoes are burned in the fireplace on the Island. Probably the most serious and impi t-ssixr event of the year is the accepting into the school, the freshmen, who until this time have been on probation. This ccHinoiiv takes place in February, and at tliis time the freshmen receive their caps, which are the symbol of their profession. Fach freshman is given a small Florence Nightingale lamp, which she lights from a big Lamp, which is a symbol of faithful v i ice. Christinas is a time of traditions, and ever Christmas morning, the student nurses rise at four o ' clock in the morning and earning candles, wind through the cor- ridors and wards of the University Hospital sinking carols. In the Spring, the Senior Breakfast is held, at which scholastic awards are given to the Seniors having the highest averages. ANo. at this meeting, the yearbook, The S(alJ el is presented. Another traditional i-u-nt of a lighter vein is the " April Fair " in which the whole school participates. A show is ni cn hv the students, games of chance are played and an atmosphere of _;.mtv prevails. MALE?? SOCIAL EVENTS OF GREAT popularity are the Sunday morn- ing breakfasts and picnics held by the stu- dent nurses around the fireplace on " the Island. " These and other informal gather- ings, such as fireside spreads, big-little sis- ter parties, teas and dances, enable the nurses to become better acquainted with their classmates. Outstanding in the social events of the School are the two formal dances held at the League. The first of these is given in the fall by the Seniors and the second in the spring by the Juniors. A RECIPROCAL TRADE AGREEMENT M I C H Page 167 N N U N PUBLICATIONS T.P.R., an expression commonly used in the Hospital and standing for " temperature, pulse and respiration " is the name of the monthly newspaper printed by the nurses. It contains interesting experiences of the student nurses, bits of poetry and reviews of articles and books. The same staff that publishes the T.P.R. also publishes the School of Nursing Annual, The Scalpel. FOOD FOR THOUGHT NURSES ' PRIVATE PRACTICE WARD M 1939 H Page 168 HIEDICflL. THE PRESENT University of Michigan Medical School, set up by the legislative act of 1837 that created the University, presents one of the most complete units in the country for the teaching of medicine. From a staff of six men, no hospital, no facilities for clinical in- struction the school has grown to its present professorial staff of forty-four men and two women, a physical layout that includes three huge buildings housing the preclinical de- partments, the state owned University Hos- pital, the largest state hospital in the country, and the very complete Medical library- Clin- ical instruction is received in the University hospital and also through affiliation with De- troit hospitals. Most of the nearly eight hundred students are residents of Michigan, but nearly every state in the union is represented as are several foreign countries. Because of this set up, the contacts made by the students are very broad- ening and make possible a close-knit academic and sound scheme which is typical of the medical profession. rnn i i i i i i i i i i i i i i innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnrmn rhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnrin r r tpnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn r r hn nnnnnnmnnnnnnnnnnnnn r r innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ' nnnn r r innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn r r in - r r r JL r r r r H DF.AN ALBF.RT C. FURSTKNBFRG, M.D., B.S., first became associated with tlie University in 1935 when he was appointed professor of Otolaryngology. He assumed his duties as Dean of the Medical School three years later, and has served in that capacity since that time. EAST MEDICAL BUILDING . I M SURGERY M H Page 171 1939 H JOHN ALEXANDER A.M., M.D. Professor of Surgery CARL E. BADCLEY B.S.. M.D. Professor of Surgery PAUL S. BARKER A.B., M.D. Assoc. Professor of Internal Medicine JOHN B BARNWELL A.B.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Internal Medicine CEORCE H. BELOTE M.S., M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Dermatology JAMES D. BRUCE M.D. Vice-Pres. in Charge of University Relations Dir. of Dept. of Postgraduate Medicine CARL D. CAMP M.D. Prof, of Neurology and Head of the Dept. of Neurology ADAM A. CHRISTMAN Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Biological Chemistry FREDERICK A. COLLER M.S., M.D. Prof, of Surgery and Dir. of the Dept. of Surgery MURRAY D. COWIE M.D. Prof, of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases, and Head of the Dept. of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases PROFESSORS ELIZABETH C. CROSBY Ph.D. Professor of Anatomy ARTHUR C. CURTIS B.S.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Internal Medicine JOHN MORRIS DORSEY M.S.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Psychiatry, Assistant Director of Neuropsychiatric Institute HENRY C. ECKSTEIN Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Biological Chemistry CHARLES W. EDMUNDS A.B., M.D. Professor of Materia Mcdica and Therapeutics, Director of the Pharmacological Laboratories HENRY FIELD, JR. B.S., M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Internal Medicine F. BRUCE FRALICK M.S., M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Ophthalmology Acting Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology ROBERT CESELL A.B., M.D. Professor of Physiology, Head of the Department of Physiology CAMERON HAICHT A.B., M.D. Associate Professor of Surgery HARLEY A. HAYNES M.D. Director of University Hospital Page 172 M N r FRED J B.S., HODCES M.D. Professor of Roentgenology Head of the Department of Roentgenology RAPHAEL ISAACS A.M.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Internal Medicine. Assistant Director of Simpson Memorial Institute. Chairman of the Board of Governors. Student Religious Association REUBEN L. KAHN M.S., Sc.D. Assistant Professor of Bacteriology and Serology. Director of Clinical Laboratories in the University Hospital NORMAN R. KRETZSCHMAR M.S.. M.D. Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Cynccology HOWARD B. LEWIS Ph.D. Professor of Biological Chemistry. Head of the Department of Biological Chemistry. Director of the College of Pharmacy WARREN P. LOMBARD M.D.. Sc.D. Professor Emeritus of Physiology WALTER MADDOCK M.S.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Surgery. Dept. of Surgery and Dept. of Postgraduate Medicine ROLLO E. McCOTTER M.D. Professor of Anatomy NORMAN F. MILLER B.S., M.D. Professor of Obstetrics and Cynccology. Bates Professor of Diseases of Women and Children. Head of the Dept. of Obstetrics and Cynccology REED M. NESBIT A.B.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Surgery PROFESSORS LOUIS H. NEWBURCH A.B.. M D. Professor of Clinical Investigation in the Dept. of Internal Medicine FREDERICK C. NOVY M.D.. Sc.D., LL.D. Dean Emeritus of the Medical School Professor Emeritus of Bacteriology WALTER J. NUNCESTER M.D.. Sc.D. Assoc. Prof, of Bacteriology WALTER R. PARKER M.D.. Sc.D Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology BRADLEY M. PATTEN Ph.D. Professor of Anatomy. Director of the Anatomical Laboratories MAX M. PEET A.M.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Rcentgenology CARLETON B. PEIRCE M.S., M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Roentgenology REUBEN PETERSON A.B.. M.D.. Sc.D. Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics and Cynecology HENRY K. RANSOM M.S., M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Surgery HERMAN H. RIECKER M.S.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Internal Medicine Page 173 s c H O O L F RALPH C. SMITH M.D., Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Pharmacology. MALCOLM H. SOULE Sc.D., LL.D. Prof, of Bacteriology and Director of the Hygienic Laboratory CYRUS C. STURCIS B.S., M.D. Prof, of Internal Medicine JOHN SUNDWALL M.D., Ph.D. Prof, of Hygiene and Public Health and Dir. of the Div. of Hygiene and Public Health RAYMOND W. WAGGONER M.D., D.Sc. Prof, of Psychiatry, Djr. of the Neuropsvchiatric Institute, and Dir. of the Dept. of Psychiatry THE UNIVERSITY HEALTH SERV- ICE provides for practically all medical attention which the student needs during the school year. A student may re- ceive medical advice and care by consulting a Health Service physician and, if, during the course of his treatment it is considered advisable to bring his case to the attention of a specialist, the physicians in the Medical Sellout will cooperate. PROFESSORS RUTH C. WANSTROM A.M. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Pathology CARL V. WELLER M.S., M.D. Prof, of Pathology and Dir. of Pathological Laboratories UDO J WILE A.B., M.D. Prof, of Dermatology and Syphilology and Head of the Dept. of Dermatology and Syphilology U N FRANK N. WILSON B.S., M.D. Professor of Internal Medicine MICHIGAN ' S HEALTH SERVICE S I 1939 Page 174 M N FERGUSON SMITH DE WEESE PUTRA SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS James A. Ferguson . George E. Smith Minion S. DeWeese . . Anthony M. Putra . President Vice- President Secretary . Treasurer COMMITTEES EXECUTIVE Thomas B. Carlisle, Chnin. William 1). Knapp Walter L. Brvaiit 1 - " liner C. Schultz |ohii C. Lillie William 0. Wu Willis A. Hasty Ch.nk-s 15. Heiis|f I N VITATIONS William G. Nicolls. C.hinn. I. Gchiinger Warmi C. Hastings l eonard A. Posnak CAP AND COWN [oh n C. Wol ganiot. Chmn. Robert R. Wessc-K lack V. Turnbiill Main ice C. nes PICT U R E V. K.a c Lotklin. Chmn. Alexander H. Hirschfeld Robert E. Finton John P. Berger SENIOR BALL Herlicrt L. Nig Roliert G. Caine HONOR Edward J. Shnmaker lis-. Doi i S. Vhitnc- CANE Robert M. Griffith Lincoln B. Donaldson Paul O. Rague STUDENT AFFAIRS Miss Ruth F. Geissinger, Chmn. Samuel I). Lipsk Sim P. Uimitroff FINANCE Anthonv M. Puna. Chmn. James B. Thompson Alexander " ida Sheldon R. Newcomer M N Page 175 1939 H BROASTAD FISHER WEISMAN DEWEERD JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ralph lllocksma, chairman Robert Bogue Gerald Rollstliafer Kennel h Fcency Kenneth Mueliliir COMMITTEE ON BOOKS AND SUPPLIES I). iium Nelson HONOR ME N Gerald Rottschafer, two-year man. Allan Hayes, one-year man. CLASS OFFICERS Fred Broastad President Joseph Fisher ... Vice-Pro. Avery Weisman Secretary James Deweerd Treasurer 1939 N Page 176 M N HONORS COMMITTEE John Drekin Cordon R. Harcod Hal B. Jennings, Jr. Percy J. Murphy Phillip S. Peven Daniel C. Siegel MANY MEDS THROUGH THESE PORTALS PASS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Guerdon Greemvay .... President Margaret Bent ley .... .... Vice-Pres. Leo Twiggs ... Secretary Stanley Oleksy Treasurer CREENWAY BENTLEY TWICCS OLEKSY M N Page 177 1939 H DARLING COOPER LYONS M.icKENZIE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Charles E. Darling . . . . President Donald Cooper Vice-Pres. James Lyons Secretary Edward Mackenzie Treasurer HONORS COMMITTEE Rhcinold Simdccn. Chairman Sylvester O ' Connor Milton |. Miller WHILINC AWAY THE TIME IN THE CHILDREN ' S WARD M N CEORCE DONALD ALBERS M.D. Holland. Mich. Phi Chi MARTIN MAX AL EXANDER M.I). Detroit, Mich. Sigma Alpha Mu Track (2) (3) J-Hop Comm. (6) RICHARD CARL ARMSTRONG M.I). Ann Arbor - - na Nu Alpha Omega Alpha WILLIAM HENRY BATES M.D. , Montana Vaushn Societv GERHARD HERMAN BAUER M.D. Ann Arbor KENNETH HAROLD BEACH M.D. Tackson. Mich. Phi Chi V. Pres. Union (3) KARL HENRY BECK M.D. Detroit. Mich. Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Chi JOHN PHILIP BERCER M D. Jackson. Mich. Phi Beta Pi Delta Pi Galen? V. Pres. Soph Class Secretary Galens MALCOLM BLOCK M.D. Dayton. Ohio Phi Eta Sigma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha WALTER LeROY BRYANT M.D. Flint, Mich. Phi Rbo Sigma Sec. of Medical Class 1935 SYLVIA RUTH BUBIS M.D. Cleveland Heights. Ohio Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Iota THOMAS B. CARLILE. JR. M.D. San Diego. Calif. Phi Rho Si gma ROBERT GIBSON CARNEY M.D. Ann Arbor Phi Rho Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Phi Beta Kappa Galens Class Treas. (1) YUNC-YUIN TING CHANG M.D. Shanghai. China Alpha Epsilon Iota Alpha Omega Alpha Phi Kappa Phi JAMES CAIRNS COOK M.D. Dearborn. Mich. Vloha Kappa Lambda Phi Chi Soph Class Pres. Executive Council Mich. Union (2) Victor Vaughn Sac. (6) MARION S. DE WEESE M.D. Kent. Ohio Alpha Kappa Kappa Pres. (6) Alpha Oimra Alpha Victor Vaughn Soc. Secretary " 39M SIM POPE DIMITROFF M.D. Flint. Mich. LINCOLN BRUCE DONALDSON M.D. Evanston. III. Xu Sigma Nu JAMES A. FERGUSON M.D. Grand Rapids. Mich. Xu Sigma Xu Pres. Pres. Senior Medical Class ROBERT E. FINTON M.D. Jackson. Mich. Alpha Kappa Kappa BERNARD HIRSH FRIED M.D. Detroit, Mich. NORMAN FRANCIS CEHRINCER M.D. Richmond. Mich. Phi Rbo Sigma Galens RUTH F. CEISSINCER M.D. Xew York City, X.Y. Alpha Omega Alpha Sec. (3) ROBERT MOLITOR GRIFFITH M.D. Musfcegon. Mich. Phi Beta Pi WARREN CAMPBELL HASTINGS M.D. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha WILLIS ARTHUR HASTY M.D. Hartland, Mich. Theta Kappa Psi Galens Varsity Glee Club CHARLES BARTON HENSLEY M.D. Walerville. Ohio Galens Victor Vaughn Soc. V. Pres. Jr. Class ROBERT M. BOCDASARIAN M.D. Binehamtnn. X. Y. DAVID FELD M.D. Detroit, Mich. M H Page 179 ALEXANDER H. HIRSCHFELD M.D. Detroit, Mich. Phi Epsilon Pi N 1939 H DAVID MAURICE KATCHKA M.D. I ' ontiac. Mich. JOSEPH H. KERZMAN M.D. Detroit, Mich. Phi Delta Epsilon Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Council (1) (2) ELIZABETH J. KITCHEN M.D. Kalamazoo. Mich. Alpha Kpsilnn Iota ROY CEORCE KLEPSER M.D. Hay City, Mich. SAMUEL DAVID LIPSKY M.D. Detroit, Mich. I ' hi Sigma Delta I ' hi Eta Sigma Pres. Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha W. KAYE LOCKLIN M.D. Paw Paw. Mich. Nu Sigma Nu ANNE VIRGINIA LUFKIN M.D. Northfield. Minn. Alpha F.psilon Iota JAMES W. MILLER M.D. Berrien Springs. Mich. Alpha Kappa Kappa (ialens Victor Vaughn Society Class Pres. (1) ROBERT CARL M.D. Toledo, Ohio REHNER ALBERT N. SARWOLD M.I). Dearborn. Mich. Victor Vaughn Soc. JOHN DORMER SCHMALTZ M.I). Klk Rapids I ' hi Chi E. CHARLES SCHULTZ M.I). River Rouge. Mich. Alpha Kappa Kappa WILLIAM DAVIS KNAPP M.D. Flint. Mich. u Sigma Nu Victor Vaughn Soc. ROBERT JACOB KOSITCHEK M.D. Lansing. Mich. Pi Lambda Phi Phi Delta Epsilon Football (2) Basketball (2) (3) Track (2) (3) (4) BRONKO LELICH M.D. Highland Park, Mich. Alpha Omega Alpha NICHOLAS LENTINI M.D. Levering, Mich. Misses Armstrong Scholarship VICTOR ELIAS LEPISTO M.D. W:ikffield. Mich. JOHN CANFIELD LILLIE M.D. Rochester, Mich. Chi Psi Nu Sigma Nu Galens Victor Vaughn Society WILLIAM CEORCE NICOLLS M.D. Pontiac. Mich. Delta Tan Delta Nu Sigma Nu HERBERT LEE NICC M.D. Birmingham, Mich. Nu Sigma Nu Galens (3) (4) Victor Vauphn (3) (4) Pres. Galens (4) CARY S. PEABODY M.D. Lake Odessa. Mich. Nu Sigma Nu KARL EDWARD SEIDEL M.D. Grand U.T.ids. Mich. LEONARD ANTHONY POZNAK M.n. Grand Rapids. Mich. Phi Chi ANTHONY MARION PUTRA M.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. Victor Vaughn Society Jr. Class Treas. Sr. Class Treas. Newman Club JOHN RASKIN An " ' Arbor MAHLON SAMUEL SHARP M.D. Flint. Mich. Beta Theta Pi Phi Chi Galena EDWARD JOHN SHUMAKER M.D. Detroit, Mich. Phi Delta Theta Phi Chi Victor Vaughn Soc. C ' hrm. Kxrc. Cumin. CEORCE EDWIN SMITH M.D. Lake ()dca. Mich. Sigma Nu Phi Chi Galens Victor Vaughn Society ROBERT ALMAN SOBEL M.I). Ivtruil. Mich. Phi Lambda Kappa. I ' rc-. (4) Alpha Omega Alpha Chrm. Honor Cumin. (4) LOUIS WELLS STAUDT M.D. Chicago, 111. i ' hi Gamma I)cll:i Phi Chi Phi Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Phi I ' hi F.ta Sigma Mi higanensian (2) (3) V. Pie- of I ' mon from Med. School 1939 N Pdge 180 M N SIMPSON RESEARCH INSTITUTE SAMUEL STEARNS M.D. Dorchester. Mass. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha. V. Pres. (6) Treas. Class of 1939 Curry Scholar in Medicine Freshman Hopwood Award 1933 DORIS SHIRLEY WHITNEY M.D. Alma. Mich. Alpha EpsiUm Iota GODFREY DORR STOBBE M.D. Detroit. Mich. Phi Beta Pi ETHON L. STONE M.D. Detroit. Mich. Theta Kappa Psi HENRY WILLIAM TENPAS M.D. Eymer. X.Y. Victor Yaughan Soc. f - JAMES BARRETT THOMPSON M.D. Paw Paw. Mich. Xu Sigma Xu Victor Vaughn Soc. V. Pres Xu Sigma Xu ELMER ROLLAND TOWNSLEY M.D. Ann Arbor JACK VIRCIL TURNBULL M.D. Dearborn. Mich. M ALEXANDER VIDA M.D Detroit. Mich. VERNE CHARLES WAITE M.D. Grand Rapids. Mich. WILLIAM JAMES WARNER M.D. Ann Arbor Xu Sigma Xu JOHN W. WARREN, JR. Detroit, Mich. Chi Psi Xu Sigma Xu ROBERT R. WESSELS M.D. Detroit. Mich. Phi Kappa Psi Xu Sigma Xu WILLIAM V. WHITEHORN M.D. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Omega Alpha CORNELIA BURWELL WILBUR MJX Plainwell. Mich. Alpha Delta Pi ESTHER RITA WILKS M.D. Dayton, Ohio Iota Sigma Pi Treas. (3) (4) JOHN C. WOLCAMOT M.D. Algcr. Ohio Alpha Kappa Kappa Galen? Victor Vaughn Society EDWIN M. WRIGHT M.D. Dexter. Mich. Xu Sigma Xu Victor Vaughn Soc. Pres. Soph. Md. School MAURICE CHARLES WYNES M.D. Saginaw. Mich. Alpha Kappa Kappa Class Honor Man (3) POE-ENC YU M.D. Amoy. China Alpha Epsilon Iota Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Tau Delta Alpha Epsilon Iota Eastern Society N Page 181 1939 H Row 1 Schlecte, Lane, Stryker, Kitchen Row 2 Y-.i, Lufkin, Thompson, Bentley, Ting Chang Row 3 Buhl ' ,, Moul, Whitney, Barrows, Smith, Collins PATRONESSES Mrs. R. Bishop CanfieUI Mrs. Howaul B. Lewis Mrs. A. C. Fnrstenberg Mrs. Frederick G. Novy Mrs. Robert Gesell Mrs. Cyrus C. Sturgis Mrs. Carl V. Weller MEMBERS IN FACULTY Margaret Bell, M.I). Tryphena Humphrey. M.I). I li abeth C. Crosby, Ph.D. Lavina MacKaye, M.D. Vida H. Gordon, M.D. aheth Thompson, Ph.D. Rulli C. U ' anstiom, M. 1). MEMBERS Vinona Barrows Mrs. D. M. Cowie Mrs. V. I. Mrlvor Mrs. L. V. Oliphant IN CITY Mrs. Dewitt Parker l.n i.iiin.i Sinalley, M.D. (canne C. Solis, M.D. Mrs. Stephen Vinder Melissa Worth, M.D. FOUNDED AT UNIV. OF MICHIGAN 1890 ALPHA CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1890 SENIORS Sylvia Bubis Anne Lul ' kin Vimg-Yuin Ting Chang Doris Vhitncy Kli abelh Kitchen Poe-Fng Yu u 1939 N ? - ' . JUNIORS Viiioiii 1 Barrows Virginia Lane Lull l i Schlecle Margaret Benlley Myrtle Collins Barbara Knsign Beverly Moul Page 182 SOPHOMORES Knlli Moyer F.leanor Stnilh Alice Stryker Helen Thompson M N ? i f t f " ? i " i ? 3 -7 J ! . I Row t Cutelius Davidson. McCrath. Higgins. Morrow. Crook. Reid, VerHey Row 2 Weld. Klunzinger. Whitehouse. F. Swarti. Nekwander. Eftler Black. Finton. Lawrence. FiHp Row 3 Oleksy. Wendelken. Morell. Lyons. Feldkamp. Schmale. Schwartzmann. Thaler, Hatred Row 4 Wanless. Wolgarnot. Wynes, Finton. DeWeese. Hastings. Schulti. Merritt Hayes. Sahlmark - ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA " -5ft -m MEMBERS IN FACULTY John V. Bean. M.S.. Ph.D. Reed M. Nesbit. A.B.. M.D. George H. Belote. M.D.. M.S. Louis H. Newburgh, A.B., M.D. Anhur C. Curtis. B.S.. M.D. Hayden C. Nicholson, MS.. M.I) Roben Crfsell. A.B.. M.D. Max M. Peel, A.M., M.D. John L. Law, M.B.. Ch.B.. M.D. H. Martin Pollard, M.D. Vornnn F. Miller. B.S.. M.D. Harold G. Waller, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY Fleming A. Barbour, B .. M.D. Charles V. Knerler, A.B., M.D. Peter Crabtree David Van der Slice, M.D. Albert E. Hemtis. A.B.. M.D. timer Schuli Robert Finlon Jamev Miller John ' olgamot SENIORS Marion DeW Warren Hastings William Thaler Maurice Wvnes Herbert Schmale Harold endelken Lee Feldkamp | " vf])h Sahlmark XVillard Morrell Donald KBlei Fred Suanz M.i Finton Walter Whitehon e Paul Neisu-ander Willard Klunzinger Hugh Weld Neill McGralh Laurie Higgins Donald Da idson William VerHev JUNIORS Robert Bogue John Schwartznunn Harr - Merritt Allen Ha Loren Wanless SOPHOMORES Stanley Oleksy H. K. Filjp Stanley Gutelius Frank Black Gordon Harrod Paul Cunningham FRESHMEN Harold Reid James Lyons Charles Crook William Morrou FOUNDED AT DARTMOUTH COLLEGE 1888 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1907 M H N Page 183 1Q3Q H Row 1 Carver, Carr, Berg, Cooper, Pommerening, McCord, Soderholm, Smith, Richardson, Morton, Hall R OW 2 Weir, Andros, Custafson, Jackson, Saunders, Sanders, Ashley, Browne, Hag, Stewart Row 3 Harryman, Lillie, Kiehn, Schlecte, Allen, Walker, Douglas, Creenway, Weeks Row 4 Strayer, Kirk, Lewis, Thompson, Nicolls, Peabody, Lillie, Nigg, Newton, Munro Row 5 Wright, Donaldson, Locklin, Warren, Ferguson, Armstrong, Warner, Knapp, Wessels MEMBERS IN FACU LTY Russel R. de Alvarez, M.D. Harry L. Arnold, M.D. James F. Blackmail, M.D. Robert S. Ballmer, B.S. M.D. Paul S. Barker, A.B., M.D. Allen M. Boyden, A.B., M.D. Dan J. Bulmer, A.B., M.D. Carl D. Camp, M.D. L. C. Carpenter, A.B., M.D. J. K. Coleman, M.D. David M. Cowie, M.D. John M. Dorsey, M.S., M.D. C. W. Edmunds, A.B., M.D. H. VV. Emerson, 1 ' h.C., B.S.Pharm. L. Gordon Fiske, A.B., M.D. Richard H. Freyherg, A.B., M.D. H. S. Gardiner, A.B. M.D. Arthur P. Grigg, A.B., M.D. Cameron Haight, A.B., M.D. George Hammond, A.B., M.D. FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN 1882 ALPHA CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1882 Harley Haynes, M.D. Kendall B. Holmes, A.B., M.D. F. D. Johnston, B.S.E., M.D. Edgar A. Kahn, B.S., M.D. Edward M. Kline, B.S., M.D. Frank A. Lamberson, M.D. James W. Logic, A.B. , M.D. fames H. Maxwell, A.B. , M.D. Frederick G. Novy, M.D. Christopher Parnall, M.D. Robert J. Patton, M.D. Willis S. Peck, B.S. , M.D. M. H. Soule, M.S.Chem., Sc.D., LI..D. Elliott T. Thieme, A.B.. M.D. Arthur Twiss, B.S., M.D. Ed xvin Vary, M.S., M.D. William F. Weeks, A.B. Carl V. Weller, M.S., M.D. Udo J. Wile, A.B., M.D. Frank N. Wilson, B.S., M.D. N 1939 MEMBERS IN CITY R. S. J. k. B. Bigelow, M.D. L. Bigelow, M.D. F. Breakey, M.D. D. Malcolm, M.D. Mark Marshall. M.D. George A. Ma .M.D. Frederick C,. Novy, M.I). C. C. Vorden. M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Donald J. Bourg. A.B., M.D. Kyril B. Conger, M.D. M. B. Coventry. A.B., M.D. C. J. Courville, A.B., M.D. Charles B. Darner, A.B.. M.I). Charles D. Hershey, A.B... M.D. Earle B. Kay, A.B., M.D. Emerson J. Kempt ' , M.D. Dugald S. Maclntyrc, M.D. KaMiiond Paine, M.D. Grosvenor T. Root, A.B., M.D. John G. Ruth, M.D. Philip E. M. Bom-land, M.I). Charles M. Smyth. M.D. H. Simrall, M.D. W. P. Work, A. IV. M.D. Richard Armstrong James Ferguson William Knapp John Lillie Kaye Locklin James B. Douglas John W. Strayer Nathan D. Munro I). King Lewis William F. Weeks James Ashley Jack Gustatson Craig Browne Allen Saunders Carl Berry Donald Cooper William Wier Robert Soderholm SENIORS Herbert Nigg Gary Peabody James Thompson William Warner Jack Warren Robert Wesscls L. Bruce Donaldson U illi. im Nicolls Edwin Wright JUNIORS Charles Newton Clifford Kiehn Joseph V. Fisher Carl Schlecte Horace Ethan Allen John H. Walker SOPHOMORES Walter Lillie Sidney Jackson John Sanders John Moiing Geurdon Grecnway James Harrvman Mnrion Hay Wayne Stewart Geoige Andros FRESHMEN Robert Pommerening Ned Carver James McCord Jim Morion Donald Richardson Winston Hall Ned Can- Page 184 M N Row 1 Comolowicz. Lyon. Fischer. Snow. Christophersen, Welsh. Williams, Burroughs, Hovis. Schaiberger Row 2 Wake, Motley, Schugmann, Kuhn. Schwind. Reed. Harvey. Truemner Row 3 Fitzgerald. Christensen, Sarracino. Hennings, Pedersen, Lowe. Jack. Hinerman, Twiggs Row 4 Forsyth. Berger. Griffith. Stobbe. Johnson. Stcffensen. Connolly. Holstein, Arscott, Brown Carl E. Badgley, M.D. John C. Brazer, M.D. Max L, Durfee, MJX MEMBERS IN FACULTY Albert C. Furstenberg, M.D. William G. Gordon, M.D. Fred J. Hodges, MJ). Frank D. Lathrop, M.D. Godfrev D. siobbe John H. Sealmrv Rol ert M. Griffith H. Francis FOI M!I Devitt L. Gordon Arthur P. Holstein Thomas D. Johnson Ellis H. Stellemen Edward F. Arvcott Bernard A. Fitzgerald SENIORS Richard C. Brown J. Philip Berger William H. Bates Albert N. Sarwold JUNIORS Paul J. Connolly Raymond J. Koykka Albeit W. Kandelin Clyde K. Dryer SOPHOMORES Leo F. Twiggs George C. Reed William . Jack Richard C. Wixson Herbert E. Pedersen Dorin L. Hinerman Robert F. Schugmann Chris J. D. Zarafonetis Hal Bruce Jennings Robert W. Brown ( Rodnev Lowe Harry E. Motlev Ruben C. Christensen John E. Burch James E. Fischer Logan W. Ho i - Edward T. Williams Herljeil D. Welsh Henry C. Gomolowicz Emerson J. Har ey Frederick J. Schwind FRESHMEN Robert F. Lyon George L. Schaiberger Keith M. Truemner Douglas I_ Wake Roliert X. Snow James W. Chrhtophersen Walter H. Kuhn Carlton C. Peirce. M.D. Ralph G. Smith. M.D. John Sundwall, MJ). MEMBERS IN CITY Walter E. Belser. MJ). Vernon S. Dick. M.D. Donald B. Douglas, M.D. Theophil Klingtnan, M.D. Dornian E. Lichty, M.D. George F. Muehlig, M.D. H. W. Riggs, M.D. Edward Seybold. M.D. Frederick W. Wilson, M.D. FOUNDED AT PHILADELPHIA 1891 BETA CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1891 Frank M. Burroughs, Jr. John B. Sarracino M H N Page 185 1939 H M J t M M.t. .f I I.- ' 1939 Row 1 Rottschafer, Darling, Todd, Henderson, McC.-.dic, Creen, Mcldiom, Schrcibcr, Clerum, Dawson Row 2 Beierwaltes, Furniss, Baum, Wright, Laux, Jackson, Bailey, Sundeen, Brown, Leitch Row 3 Tellman, Weick, McNicholas, Medlar, Pepin, Twichcll. Jaedecke, Engle, List Row 4 Magee, Yetzer, Turner, Roggen, Levagood, Orbison, Clifford, Duff, Rau, Hoyt Row 5 DeWeerd, Plimb. Albcrs, Beach, Rickert, Staudt, Beck, Schmaltz, Smith, Cook, Shumaker p - ' .4mS fflm . - s. . - iH MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. C. Clark, B.S., M.I). R. E. H. H. Cunimings, M.I). V. G F. E. Davis, A.B.. M.D. R. M R. W. Davis, A.B., M.D. R. M. R. N. De Jong, A.B., M.I). V. S. F. B. Fralick, M.D., M.S. O. M. C. F. Folsome, A.B., A.M., M.D. H. K. W. E. Forsythe, B.S., Ph.D., M.D. H. H. M. E. Gump, B.S., M.D., M.S. E. W. H. V. Harris, A.B., M.I). C. C. L E. Himler, A.B., M.D. S. H. V. C. Johnson, M.D. R. W A. C. Kerlikowske, M.D. G. K. McCotter, M.D. Maddock, A. 15. .M.D. ajor, A.B., M.D. Nesbit, A.B., M.D. Perliam, B.S..M.D. I ' liillips. A.B., M.D. Ransom, A.B., M.D., M.S. Riecker, A.B., M.D. Sink, A.B., M.S., M.D. Sturgis, B.S..M.D. Wagar, A.B., M.D. Waggoner, M.I). Wassell, B.S., M.D. SENIORS George D. Alhers Kenneth H. Beach Karl H. Beck James C. Cook Leonard A. I ' o .nak Robert G. Richert )ohi) 1). Si Inn. ill Mahlon S. Sharp Edward J. Shumaker George E. Smith Louis W. Staudt FOUNDED AT UNIV. OF VERMONT 1889 P5I CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1906 N $$ a5SS8a6s rR MEMBERS IN CITY P. H. Bassou. B.S..M.D. C. Georg, M.I). L. . Knoll. M.D. S. L. LaEever, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY L. S. Baer V. 15. Chesley !:. M. Eichorn, A.B., M.D. L. Evers, M.D. H. H. Hunt, M.D. R. Kimbrough, M.D. M.I). Klopcnstein, A.B., M.D. D. A. Moosman, A.B., M.I). F. V. Palmer. A. 15.. M.S.. M.D. ). Pierponl. M.I). k. R. Rabalais | A. Ryan Win. Slasoi |. R. Willson, M.I). C. Wilkinson. M.I). John V. Bricker Robert V. B rn Robert l . Clilloid James H. DcWeerd Ivan F. Duff Arthur W. Hoyt Floyd B. Levagood Conway Magee James A. Orbison, Jr. William H. Beieruulles Alan R. Brown Charles O. Furniss Robert G. Jaedecke Martin L. List James H. McCadie John R. McNicholas Robert Bailey Win. Baum Ronald Crissey Paul Clayton Billy L. Corbin Charles Darling Ralph Dawson Nelson Green Charles Henderson Wm. F. Jackson Jack Laux JUNIORS Robert I. I ' lmiih Frederick . Ran Ixan |. Roggen Gerald Rottschalei La Verne Spalding Philip R. Turner William J. ' etzer Paul R. ' Engle SOPHOMORES Robert E. Medlar John R. Pepin Stuart W. Russell H. Clay Tellman Gilbert A. I witchel! George E. Weick FRESHMEN Robert I.eitdi Stephen C. Mason (allies Mcldrum Stewart Russel Oskai Schreiber Mayton N. Stewart, Rheinhold Sundeen Mark Todd Robert Trescolt Wm. Wright (i. Page 186 M N iw 1 Zackheim A. Friedman. Lieberman. Engelman, Harrison, Fajans. Miller, Rosenman, Peven w 2 Feldman, Brandman, Barish. Siegel. Grekin Curterman, H. Friedman. Goodman iw 3 Wcisman D. Friedman. Sih erman. Hel per. Sherwin, Kerxman, Olenick. Dcutsch, Chascn PHI DELTA EPSILO MEMBERS Reuben L. Kalin. Sc.D.I. Moses Gooperstck, M.D. I. Jerome Hauser, M.D. S. Milton GoUlhainmei-. M.I). Haskell L. Maier, M.D. IN FACULTY Abraham Becker. M.I Herbert Holman, M.D. Morton Helper, M.D. Mervin E. Green, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Joseph Klein, M.D. Kerzman David Friedman William Deutsch SENIORS Andiew Sherwin JUNIORS Jay Chason Avery Weismau FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY 1904 OMEGA CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1922 SOPHOMORES Leonard Brandman Daniel Siegel Julian Barish Jack Grekin Mever Gutleriuaii Milton Feldman Max Goodman Stephen Fajans Arnold Friedman Arthur Lieberman Philip Peven Willis Friedman Frederick Epstein Marvin Harrison Milton Miller Raymond Engelman FRESHMEN Leonard Rosenman Hershel Zackheim M H N Page 187 1939 H Row 1 Johnson, Prince, Correa, J. Murphy, O ' Connor, Mackie, Slatmyer, Cabrera, Randall Row 2 Crosby, Bailey, F. Smith, Shippey, W. Smith, Drake. R. Murphy, Conner, Dunlap, Kavanaugh Row 3 Maynard, Rush, F. Lang, Benson, Britton, Davies, Deming, Payton, Houic, Webb, Sackctt Row 4 Foley, Juhl, Spriggs, Jesurun, Patterson, Ottoman, Bauer, S. Lange, Lawrence, Cook Row 5 H. Lange, Anderson, Carney, Steffe, Thompson, Newcomer, Rasmussen, Browns, Carlile, Milford, Bassetr $ . ' ' MEMBERS I Wm. M. Brace, M.D. James D. Bruce, M.D. John C. Bugher, M.S., M.I). Frederick A. Coller, M.S., M.D. Robert R. Dietetic, M.D. N. R. Kretzschmar, M.S., M.I). W. 1 ' . Lombard, A.B., M.D.,Sc.D. N tMM ; FACULTY ni i Wj liv.-iil ' rfeS ' ' ' J. T. McGreer, Jr.. A.B.. B.S., M.D. F. C. McLellan, B.Sc., M.I). Grover C. 1 ' eniberlhy, M.D. Frank H. Power, M.D. John M. Sheldon, B.S., M.I). James S. Snow, M.S., M.D. Jack F. Tolan, B.S., M.D. Gerald H. Bauer Hershel L. Browns W. LeRoy Bryant Thomas B. Carlile Robert G. Carney V. George Chabut Norman F. Gehringer SENIORS Albert F. Milford Sheldon R. Newcomer Leo B. Rasmussen Karel R. Slatmyer Ralph S. Steffe F.dward C. Thompson MEMBERS Gordon W. Balyeat. M.D. Robert J. Bannow. A.B.. M.D. Albert S. Barr, M.D. John S. Betz, A.B., M.D. Bert M. Bullington, M.D. S. V. Donaldson, A.B., M.D. Jack M. Ferris, M.D. Stacy C. Howard, M.I). Homer I). Howes, A.B.. M.I). John W. Kemper, M.D., D.D.S. IN CITY Theron S. Langford. M.D. Leo I.auterbach. M.I). Frank McCue. ' M.I). Thomas H. Mcl-.achern, M.D. William Xewcomb, M.D. Harry J. Richter, M.D. William 1). Robinson, M.D. John T. Shouts, M.I). F.dward B. Weinman, M.D. Sherwood B. Winslow, M.D. FOUNDED AT NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY 1890 ZETA CHAPTER 1897 Wm. H. Anderson Arby L. Bailey Robert C. Basse tt John C. Benson F. Dale Crosby Lee Foley Glenn W. House Harold M. Jesurun F.ugcne L. Cook Robert H. Davies Richard C. Deming Gregg L. Dunlap |ack R. Gustatson F.rnst F. Lang Webster K. Britton Juan R. Cabrera F.dward I). Conner Dale H. Correa Robert G. Drake Thomas B. Mackie John J. Murphy JUNIORS Tom 1). Johnson John H. Juhl Henry J. Lange Stephen J. Lange Richard F. Ottoman Donald S. Patteison John B. Spriggs Kdgar A. Webb SOPHOMORES Howard C. Lawrence Mason S. Maynard Charles F. Payton Andrew I ' . Sackelt William L. Smith Grant L. Triggci FRESHMEN Robert T. Murphy Sylvester O ' Comioi David S. Randall Alva 1). Rush Norman R. Shippey Franklin W. Smith , . N 1939 Page 188 M N Row 1 LeCcluan. Braastad. Cawley. Czeresko, Bird Row 2 Checkering. D. Thomson. Swenson. J. Thomson. Van Wagnen, Dawson Row 3 Sigler. Hodgson. Stone. Hasty. Katimiller. Nelson, Szabunia THETA KAPPA PS - G. G. Alway, M.D. H. McD. Beebe. M.D. T. G. Bemthal, M.D. T. H. Blair, M.D. D. A. Boyd, Jr., M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY I). B. Foster. M.D. E. C Ganzhorn, MJ . R. L. Haas, M.D. H. A. Haynes. M.D. V. B. HiiiMlalc. M.D. H. T. Langslon. M.D. D. M. LeDuc, M.D. H. P. McNeil, M.D. 1). . Meyers. M.D. C. H. Ross, M.D. M. A. Schilling. M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY T. G. Bernthal. M.D. IV . Boyd. Jr.. M.D. H. A. Haxnes, M.D. Elhon L. Stone ' . B. Hinsdale, M.D., emeritus H. T. Langston, M.D.,Beta Mil D. M. LeDuc, M.D. SENIORS Willis A. Hasty FOUNDED AT NEW HAVEN, CONN. 1879 MU SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER 1879 JUNIORS Fredrick Braastad Edward Cawley Anthonv Oeresko Dcugla Dawson Jack R. Hodgson Paul LeGoluan John L. Kiizmiller Darwin NC. Nelson Leland Swenson Daniel Thomson John Thomson Frederick Van Vagnen SOPHOMORES Francis Bird Albert Brewer Orville Chickering Alphonse Duresz Sigmund Szabunia M Page 189 1939 M N Row 1 LcColuan, Turner, Newton, Allen, Plumb, Johnson, Merritt, Hodgson, Forsyth Row 2 Lusk, Bailey, Benson, Chickering, Hasty, Wolgamot, Muchljg, MacDonald, Wanlcss. Brown Row 3 Sharp, Cehringcr, Carney, Bergcr, Kretzschmar, Nigg, Hensley, Miller, Smith, Lillic. Trimby John P. Bergcr Richard C. Broun Richard G. Carney Norman F. Gehringei Willis A. Hasty SENIORS Charles B. Hensley N. B. Kreuschmar John C. Lillie Harry A. Lusk James W. Miller Herbert L. Nigg Mahlon S. Sharp George E. Sniilli R. H. Triinhy John C. Wolgamot Horace I ' .. Allen Arby L. Bailey John C. Benson Orvillc M. Chickering H. Francis Forsyth JUNIORS Jack R. Hodgson Ward R. Johnson Paul C. LeGoluan Marshall A. MacDonald Harry E. Merrill George K. Muehlig Charles W. Newton Robert T. Pluml) Phillip R. " I ' unici Loren K. Wanless 1939 H Page 190 GRflDUflTf THE continual rapid increase of knowledge in almost even, field of scholarship and sci- ence has made it impossible for a student to become really expert, in the period of four cars. in any one division of learning. The Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies was established to meet this need of further study. For further carrying out this purpose, the Rackham Fund was endowed in 1935 to the University. This fund provided for the beautiful Rackham building which now graces the campus, and to improve and expand research and educational facilities. u CI.ARKNCE S. YOAKUM has led an interest in;.; and diversified life. Horn in Kansas, he at- tended Campbell College and received an A.B. degree in jdl aftmr which he became a fellow in n Tjfflrjgy at he University of Chicago. He later h versity of the depar ogy. Dur and advai Psychologi director of th merit at the C Five years late sorship at the 1927 he was appoii professorship at the Uni- icre he ps made head of and psychol- rved his country f Major in the ' was appointed sonnel Manage- of Technology, similar profes- Michigan. In irector of the Bureau of University Research. In addition to his position today as Dean of the Graduate School, Clarence Yoakum has charge of Edu- cational Investigation. THE HORACE RACKHAM BUILDING, COMPLETED IN THE SPRING OF 1938, IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EDIFICE ON CAMPUS, AS WELL AS THE FOCAL SPOT FOR GRADUATE ACTIVITIES 1939 - u TO HISTORIANS. THE WILLIAM L. CLEMENTS LIBRARY OFFERS ONE OF THE FINEST AND RAREST COLLECTIONS OF AMERICAN AND WESTERN HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS mm mi m is A TRIBUTE TO ONE WHO SOUGHT TO INSURE PROGRESS INFORMALS THE ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY AT LAKE ANCELUS. MICHIGAN. IS SYMBOLIC OF GRADUATE WORK IN EVERY FIELD OF STUDY N 19.1!) u I. w 1 J. VanLonkhuyzen, Simmons, Basma, Schaubcl, Posthuma, Sluyter, Cellhoed, Seidcl Row 2 VanderMolen, H. DeVries, Hartger, DeJong, W. VanLonkhuyzen, Mellema, Sevensma Row 3 DeBoer, Vroon, Pylman, Michmerhuizen, Lamberts, Edson, VanDussen, Bolt ROW 4 Westra, VanSiooten, Berkhof, Blocksma, Batts, Postmn, C. DeVries, M.irlink, Buist OFFICERS Edward Postma President Austin Lamberts Vice-President Orren Bolt Secretary MEMBERS Martin Batts, B.A., M.D. N FACULTY (;. V. Mulder, B.A. MEMBERS IN CITY Clarence Kooistra, B.A. FOUNDED AT U. OF MICHIGAN 1929 ALPHA CHAPTER 1929 M MEMBERS John Berk hot Ralph Blocksma Orrin Bolt James Bosnia San Buist Alfred Bulthuis Clarence DeBoer George Dejong George DeVries Henry DeVries James Edson Stewart Geelhoed Harold Hartger Austin Lamberts Richard Marlink (iilius Mellema Kolier I Mithmerhui en 1939 UNIVERSITY Mil laid Posihuma Edward Poslma Jay Pylman Howard Schaubel Karl Seidel Gene Scvensmu William Simmons Stanley Sluyter Herman VanderMolen (,arrel VanderRiel William VanDiissen John VanLonkhuyzen William ' a n I.on k h u y en Ered ' anSlooien John Vroon Peter West i a N Page 194 ISSUED HERE - PLEASE ANNOUNCE rOWf HMf ASS,scHDOL, tr you REGISTERED ROOM 4, UNIVERSITY HALL RfGISTfiATIO the beginning! een blanks lor then off to the a prayer he ' ll y. Equipped to Vatn - crowded. ush to CURSES, FOILED AGAIN! Page 196 CONGRESSIONAL FLING ' COMMITTEE MEMBERS TAKE TIME OUT FOR GINGER-ALE WE PAUSE WHILE WE POSE AT INTERFRATERNITY BALL EAGER FRESHMEN IN REN- DEZVOUS CAMP LEARN COLLEGIATE TIPS FROM PROFESSOR CARROTHERS CflUlPUS PROFESSOR BRUMM KWIZZES BAND ' S WAY TO YALE Page 197 RUTHVENS WELCOME STUDENTS TO TEA m: IE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN a pot , and color, drawn from the four From Australian plains; from teeming Africa; from the frigid tundras of the Arctic draws its student population. er eartli CircT Here they find good fellowship and conviviality; here they_ frnd the best the educational vorld has to offer in their pursj of knowledge; here they are accepted as fellow studen which crosses border and color lines. tried r ing pages contain a pictorial record N a little of their intangible spirit. I 1 n o SOUTH AFRICA i: Africa i: Maska Austria 4: Belgium 2; Bermt Canada idg; Canal Zone 3; Ckina 4; Denrairk 3; Egypt 2; Engl (ireece j: Hawaii 17; Haiti i: H . Irelanw 3; Italy 9; Jamaica i; Ja i: N exico 2: Netherlands 10; Palestine -2; Panama 6; Philipp RuiiKinia i: Russia 30; Scotia Tand 5: Syria 2: Turkey 20: I nit Yugoslavia 2. 2: Argentina 4; Bolivia i ; Brazil 32; (Colombia 9; inland 3: iry 5: India 9; r n 12; Korea 2: it Indies 2; Xev le Islands 20; 14; Siam 5 States i rmenia 2: . listralia 2; 2i Bulgaria a Bumia i: Cuba i ; Czechoslovakia France jf, Germany 45; Iran (Hersia) i; Iraq 4: Lithuania i: Macedonia ea ' .and i; Norway 4: land 12; Puerto Rico in 4: Sweden 4; Switzer- irgin Islands i: Wales 2; UPSY DAISY! A SALUTE TO THE CAPTAIN Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday A NOVEL HOMECOMING STUNT ANN ARBOR HAILS RETURN OF GRIDIRON WARRIORS AFTER 7-6 DEFEAT BY MINNESOTA AND IN HEARTS OF MICHIGAN STUDENTS THEY ARE CHAMPIONS SATURDAY DOWN THEY COME AT OHIO STATE Tl to the CLASS of ' 41 re the predominating, preeminently par-excellent proclaimers of 1942 hereby promulgate this proposition to ye presumptious, primordial, punctilious, polluted, pusillanimous, parthenogenetic paretics concerning your pending perdition, THEREFORE, be it proclaimed to ye soulless sucklings of sophomores that enough has been had of your ghoulish antics and scornful insolence, and on BLACK FRIDAY, October 28, ye shall pay for all sins, past and present, committed in thy name. DELUDE us not, doltish dupes, ye are the debilitated drones of a dying be despised and derided. We are your true superiors and as such put [ verr.ated jgres_ttt follow: 2. 3. 4. 5. not caress campus Thou shalt cower come sundown. allow thy benches. carcasses to in thy cozy cradles Thou shalt not adorn thy gawky limbs with pants. Thou shalt not fondle fascinating fresh- man femininity. Thou shalt bow down and kiss dirt when a freshman approacheth. the VIOLATION of the above shall result in immediate and excruc jeration of cringing cravens and contumelious coots. Con- I catastrophes which confront ye. Choose, slimy squids, ere ss and thy gore run in the streets, for the chasm of survive shall forever grovel in the dust of oblivion, filth as thy doom approacheth. kWAITS THEE and ot Tarry Long!!! Class of ' 42 Page 202 FIRST TO BE SELECTED UNDER MEN ' S COUNCIL RULING DON TREADWELL. J-HOP CHAIRMAN " NOW THIS CANDIDATE " MICHIGAN ELECTS ITS STUDENT SENATORS RHODES SCHOLAR ROSA SPEAKER OF SENATE Page 203 w ' CHAMPION KOLLANOWSKI TEACHES FACULTY CLUB A THING OR TWO ABOUT CHESS GIVEN AND TAKEN WITH A SMILE SOPHOMORES GET THEIR " MASTERS " A LA FRANKIE " FOR HE ' S A JOLLY COODFELLOW " FIRED WITH ENTHUSIASM BEFORE STATE CAME " MARRIAGE IS OUT OF THE FRYING PAN. INTO THE FIRE. " QUOTH ATHENA TO ALPHA NU OODLES OF NOODLES PRODUCED " DEEP SEA DOODLES " " QUEEN " BRENNAN RIDES AGAIN SPOOFUNCUP WINNER AXEL MARIN TELLS ENGINEERS A GOOD ONE " THE THINKER " TOWN CRIER " WOOLLCOTT REFLECTS io plays a ci y ural de elop- Isoring lectures t PTiie ontempo- i (adventure; modern 1 in ORATORICAL Asso important part in ment of the students by the foremost obser; rary scene. These world political philosophy 11 AmoiTg ej season 1 1 is taller Prime Minjit land, yMo posed Road speakers im Captain . Knight, and Harrison Forman. Mdic, with land lormer in, Ka ' l Van ee- ed e( )fcoin|t in ' Pro- orld DiscoveiV. " Other !aptain Cl. K. LfCTURfS COL. W. STEWART-RODDIE DR. PAUL VAN ZEELAND Page 206 VALENTINE: " I KNOW HIM AS MYSELF. " ( " The Two Gentlemen of Verona " ) pie y s THE PLAY PRODUCTION group at Michigan is well known for its presentations of both classic and mod- ern dramatic works. This year under Director Windt, die group presented " Counsellor at Law, " " Pride and Prejudice, " " The Petrified Forest, " and William Shakespeare ' s " The Two Gentlemen of Verona. " During the Dramatic Season many professional stars from Broadway present a number of outstand- ing plays. This year a special celebration was staged Ma fourth, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Lydia Mendelssohn Theater. THURIO: ONE FEAST. ONE HOUSE. ONE MUTUAL HAPPINESS, i " The Two Gentlemen of Verona " ' CHILDREN ' S THEATER PRESENTS. " THE UGLY DUCKLING " MICHIGAN ' S QUICK CHANCE ARTISTRY Page 207 OPEN HOUSE- CERTAINLY NOT BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL union HON. FRANK MURPHY CAMPAIGNS AT THE UNION TAPROOM MAN ' S REFUGE AND MORE WOMEN- UNION COFFEE HOUR FAIR MAIDENS AND A LEAGUE FAIR LfflBUf THE LEAGUE is to the women what tl the meix " !! airortls an organiT n ou activities: it houses all women stud Tu tion tea c III is intlresKiiiiSZb iJOT ha tpgfjgj HTi has) cle- nnnm-fl nfl tittf|fT-nTriTi " nr ' " T ' Tlrtn fhr _sUf for altlifcuyli it is ii ujXfi n s p c . tW niaTe has nt iioNt free THE ALL-IMPORTANT BULLETIN BOARD MORTARBOARD CONCENTRATES ON VEGETABLE CORSAGES ._ . CAMPUS NEWS CENTER Dimy Tin DAILY feeds social and informa- tion seeking minds, Gargoyle supplies the humor, and the ' Ensian presents a year in review, putting into lasting form scenes which are transitory. EDITORS ' HASH SESSION BUSINESS STAFF LEARNS HIGH PRESSURE METHODS FROM MANAGER BUCHEN ASSEMBLING THE YEAR IN REVIEW I PURVEYORS OF MORE THAN ONE KIND OF HUMOR Page 213 DRUIDS ' BLIND MAN ' S BLUFF MORTARBOARD CRACKS DOWN ON DOROTHY SHIPMAN WYVERN ' S " DAMM. DAMM " CIRLS AN ANCLE ON THE TRIANGLES HONOR NOWADAYS when one sees a beautiful co-ed wearing a cow halter or a most innocent looking chap on roller skates carrying a bucket of paint he does not have to be told that it is an honorary society initia- tion. The societies tap outstanding juniors and seniors lor their work in extra-curricular activities. These activities usually include publications, ath- letics and organizations. Page 214 MICHICAMUA APPLIES THE BRICK DUST TO YOUNC BUCKS SOCIETIES FOR junior women there is Wyvern. and for senior women. Mortarboard. Juniors are tapped by Triangles, and Yulcans receives seniors in the En- gineering School. The " Lits " have Sphinx for juniors and Druids for the senior men. The most picturesque campus society is the Tribe of Michi- gamua. which is the all-campus senior men ' s honorary societ%. SPHINX TAKES ' EM FOR A RIDE VULCAN ' MUDDERS Page 215 GRADUATE DENTAL SCHOOL FILLS A PART OF $6,000,000 BUILDING PROGRAM COUIPUS Lift LEAGUE PREXY HOLLAND TAKES OVER THE UNION WITH BOOK EXCHANGE BEGINNINGS OF J.C.P. ' S " PIG IN A POKE " SOUGHT AFTER BY ALL CAMPUS BEAUTIES $@ ! TSK! TSK! Pag 216 HICHGRflS ' 38 SINCE THIS ERA THE CALS HAVE SOUGHT THEIR OWN SWIMMING POOL STUDENTS ' FAVORITE PASTIME BLOWING PART OF THE " BIG TOP " RIGHT THIS WAY TEN CENTS ONE TENTH OF A D-0-L-L-A-H Page 217 nnninmonfli. cum will. JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY AT THE INTERNATIONAL CENTER ' S THANKSGIVING DAY DINNER COUNSELOR TO FOREIGN STUDENTS RALEIGH NELSON PRESIDENT DODGE OF AMERICAN UNIVERSITY AT BEIRUT, ARABIA, CONVERSES WITH ARABIAN STUDENTS SINC A SONG OF COLLEGE DAYS Page 218 RELIGION MORALITY AND KNOWLEDGE BEING NECESSA.RV TC COD GOVERNMENT AND THE HAPPINESS OF MANKIND = = SCHOOLS AND THE MEANS OF EDUCATION SHALL FOREVER BE ENCOURAGEt MDCCCXXXVI) MDCCCCXXIV THE University i f Michigan offers a curriculum in Religion from seven being the Office of counselor ligious an as the int the variotfe EtiS as adviser r It is the aim of the into daily affairs. forty-four courses selected the distinction of to establish the Education. The students on re- )lems. He serves e University and ' us, and also matters. EsilyTcr bring religion ST. MARY ' S CATHOLIC STUDENT CHAPEL HILLEL FOUNDATION PRAYER ROOM FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF ANN ARBOR RELIGIOUS COUNSELOR- EDWARD BLAKEMAN m COHItS SPRinG END OF JUNIOR GIRLS ' PLAY, " PIC IN A POKE BROADCASTING TO THE WORLD ON THE " MICHIGAN DAY " FROSH FROLICERS GET " SHOT AND A YOUNG MAN ' S FANCY TURNS TO UNION BRIDGE TOURNAMENT NEARS CUP FINALS GfiflDUflllOll FROM ANCELL HALL FOUR YEARS AND 54.200 TO EARTHLY QUARTERS " -.Tex 2500 DIPLOMAS 2500 SENIOR PICTURES NUFF SAID ' 1 - u M N THE Alumni .Association plays an important role in the University by uniting the efforts of alumni throughout the country, and by awarding scholarships to high school gradu- ates. It keeps the alumni acquainted with the whereabouts and welfare of fellow alumni, through the monthly maga- zine, The Michigan Alumnus. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS T. Hawley Tapping, ' o7- ' og, ' i6L, General Secretary and Editor of The Michigan Alumnus Robert O. Morgan, ' 3iEd, Council Secretary and Assistant General Secretary Mrs. Lucile Bailey Conger, ' o.j, Executive Secretary of the Alumnae Council BOARD OF DIRECTORS R. Spencer Bishop, ' 08, Banker, Flint, Michigan, President Mrs. Marie Winsor Stebbins, ' 06, Marshall, Michigan, t ' irc-l ' irsitlriit Christian F. Matthews, ' 19, ' ziL, Attorney, Mt. Clemens, Mich, Vice-President Louis P. Jocelyn, ' 87, Retired Educator, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Sec- retary Oscar A. Kberbach, ' 06, Manufacturing Pharmacist, Ann Arbor, Mich., Treasurer Mason 1 ' . Ruinncy, ' oyE, Vice-I ' rcsideiil, Detroit Steel I ' roducls Co., Detroit, Michigan Don T. Hastings, ' oyE, Consulting Engineer, Detroit, Michigan Emory J. Hyde, " ojL, Retired, Ann Arbor, Michigan H. Beach Carpenter, ' 14, I ' 14- ' 15, General Counsel, American Sugar Refining Co., New York City, New York Wyeth Allen, ' ijjE, Engineer, Milwaukee. Wisconsin H. Bruce I ' almer, ' 31, Insurance, Ann Arbor, Michigan Harry D. Nutt, ' 96, District Manager, American Book Company, Ann Arbor, Michigan Clarence R. Burgess, ' 34 E. Manufacturer ' s Representative, Detroit, Michigan Donald A. Thomas, " i6E, Larkin Co., Inc., Buffalo, New York Richard M. Woodward, ' aoE, Realtor and Insurance, Riverton, New- Jersey Lester E. F. Wahrenburg, ' 24E, Consulting Engineer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Charles P. Wattles, ' 14, ' lyL, Attorney, South Bend, Indiana Wilbur C. Bacon, ' o8L, Attorney, Chicago, Illinois George L. Towne, ' n, Realtor, Des Moines, Iowa Allen B. Nicholas, ' 9 L, Realtor, New Orleans, Louisiana Clarence W. Whitney, ' ggE, Exporter and Engineer, San Francisco, California George Meader, ' 27, J.D. ' gi, Attorney, Ann Arbor, Michigan Mrs. Elizabeth Maloy Furstenberg, ' 38, Ann Arbor, Michigan Armen S. Kurkjian, ' o8E, Sales Manager, Oliver Machinery Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan Charles M. Humphrey, Jr., ' 28, Attorney, Ironwood, Michigan ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ROBERT O. MORGAN R. SPENCER BISHOP MRS. LUCILE B. CONGER T. HAWLEY TAPPING Page 224 u B N BOARD MEMBERS Prof. William A. McLaughlin Prof. Edson R. Sunderland . Chairman Business Manager Dean Joseph A. Bursley Mr. Stuart H. Perry Prof. Howard B. Caldcrwood George S. Quick Mr. Lee A. White Robert Kahn Charles Jacohson EACH year the Board in Control of Student Publications selects the acting heads of the Daily, Michiganensiaii and Gargoyle, and supervises their editorial policies. The faculty members of the board direct the financial policy, and its three student members make suggestions to the editorial staffs in the capacity of journalistic advisors. BOARD IN CONTROL Row 1 Quick. Kahn. Bursley. Jacobson White Row 2 Perry. Sunderland McLaughlin. Calderwood Page 225 u N EDITORIAL STAFF David G. Laitig Managing Kdiim (can Drake Women ' s Kdi lot- Jack Gelder, Jane Klspass, Leniuii Sctil thorp . Schools and Collega Gits Dannemiller, Belly Rouse Orgatii ations Henry Barnett Athletics Bernard Donahoe Features Jean Tibbils Sororities Harrison Lowrey Fraternities DAVE LAINC JEAN DRAKE MIC HIGANENSIAN CELDER ELSPASS LOWREY DONAHOE Page 22$ u N PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Juhn Baxlcss Aino Hc it lloli Mcniiiian Dave Donaldson MERRIMAN. DONALDSON. HEYN EDITORIAL STAFF MEN TRYOUTS Marks. Robert Tripp, Edward Quaal. L. Ward Samuel. Charles H.ttnMHi. (aino cidinan, Hubert Gilbert, James Heller, Milton Hewitt, Gerald Samuels, Robert Skull. ( oni dins Thus, Robert W. WOMEN TRYOUTS Claik. Eli aliclh D.ixis. Jeanne Dcnlield. Caiohn Diuniann. Barbara Dunlap. Dorothy Fisher, Elaine Gish. Lois Gould. Elizabeth Giuliani. Martha Grill. Barbara Hoag. Elizabeth Hoffmeyer, Phyllis Homer, Janet kanncr. Grace Miles, Donna k. Morgan, Suzanne Noves. Jean Ortmayer. Pedo I ' aiMJiis, Ruth I ' ollumbauin, Marjoric I ' ower, Phoebe Sharbach, Lois Waters. Phyllis Watkins, Gloria Wheeler. Mary Ellen Wight, Marion u N CHARLES KETTLER JEAN McKAY Ml C H I 6 A N E N S I A N BUSI N ESS STAFF Charles Kettler Business Managei Hcltie Jean McKay Women ' s Business Manager Mitchell Mandcbcrg Sales Almon Conrath Advertising John Hulbert Organizations Richard Waterman Accounts MEN ' S LOWER John Bachman Jack Cory Alan David Myron Gins Bill Hurley Kduard King BUSINESS Art Kirkpatrick Bill Laitner Leon Landsberg John P. Lord Donald Naulin John Necrken Alfred Owens WOM EN ' S Helen Brown Margaret Fishley Dorothy Glass Helen Jean Kllen Kriegholf June Larson LOWER BUSINESS Ellen MacDonald Margaret McBeth Mary Virginia Mitchell Mary Rodger Virginia Sch cgliT Jean Sollitt Betty Swift HULBERT WATERMAN MANDEBERC CONRATH Page 228 DIRECTORY STUDENT Lenton G. Sculthorp David C. Laing Jean Drake ............ Women ' s Editoi Charles Keltler .......... Business Manager Mmon W. Conraih . . . Advertising Manager STAFF Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor LENTON SCULTHORP BUSINESS Roliert Bush Jeanne Davis Barbara Dittman Dorothy Dunlap Martha Graham Betty Hoag DIRECTORY Phyllis Hoffmeyer Janet Homer Dick Howard Virginia Keilholu Betty Mandel . Richard Martin Man E. McCready STAFF Pedo Ortmayer Elaine Reed Charles Samuels Jean Tibbits Marion Wight Carrie Wismer Row 1 Marks Skutt. Samuels. Gilbert. Weidman. Harrison. Titus Row 2 Shipman. Denfield. Hewitt. Quaal Cins. Tripp. Clark Row 3 Fisher, Cish Polumbaum. Jean. Homer. Ortmayer. Power, Miles Row . Fishley Larson. Hoag. Graham. Could Noyes. MacDonald. Dittman. MacBetti Page 229 B ED LUDERS ART STAFF Kathleen Clifford Al Williams Margaret Whittemore Roger Yepson (leorge Hoar John Clifford Carl Guldherg Harry Benfort Henry Van ' een Lillian iiiiiiii-i iii. MICHIGANENSIAN THAT MAN AGAIN ART Row 1 Yepson, Williams, Culdberg, Hoar Row 2 Whittemore, Zimmerman, K. Clifford, J. Clifford, Van Veen Page 230 BOARD OF EDITORS Robert Mitchell Managing Editor Albert Mayio Editorial Director Horace Gilmore City Editor Burton Benjamin .... Sports Editor Itoicuhea Slaeblcr . Women ' s Minn BOB MITCHELL DOROTHEA STAEBLER SENIOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS CIES William Eh in RoU-i I Fit heim FREEDMAN Joseph X. Freednian Joseph Gies (Books) Earl Oilman Saul R. Kleiman R i. IK- 1 1 Perl man PERLMAN KLEIMAN ELVIN MIC HIGAN DAILY CILMORE BENJAMIN MAYIO Page 231 u N WOMEN ' S BUSINESS STAFF M:iri;m A. Baxter . . Women ' s Advertising Manager Helen Jean Dean Women ' s Office Manager WOMEN ' S EDITORIAL STAFF Marian Ferguson Claire Ford June Harris Anne Huwley Ann Vicary Jean McKay Ethel Norberg Suzanne Potter Mary Kllen Spnrgeon HELEN JEAN DEAN MARIAN BAXTER WOMEN ' S EDITORIAL STAFF TRYOUTS Doris M. Atkinson Helen Brady Doris V. Brown Margaret J. Cohh Helen Connan Mary H. Davis Ruth M. Davis Frances Griffin Maya Grnhzit Betty Hall Doris J. Harvey Norma Kaphan Clara F.. Lenfestey Jean C. Maxted Mary McConkcy Catherine McDcrmoit Sylvia Moore Mary Mustard F.sther J. Osser Adriennc Ranch werger Charlotte N. Robinson F.mily Sanderson Jane Sapp Betty Shaw F.linor Sevison Margaret L. Walsh Mildred A. Williams Margaret Woodruff BEHIND THE SCENES MICHIGAN DAILY i guson, Vicary, McKay Page 232 N W PHIL BUCHEN BILL NEWNAN LEONARD SIECELMAN Philip V. Buchen . Leonard Siegelman . William L. Newnan Business Manager . Credit Manager Advertising Manager Stewart Robson . Paul R. Park . . . Walter Stehens, Jr. . RaMiiond Frederick. Jr. DEPARTMENT MANAGERS Walter Neilson. Jr. Ganson Taggart . Contracts Manager Local Advertising Manager . Service Manager . Accounts Manager Publications and Classified Advertising Mgr. National Advertising ami Circulation Mgr. BUS Julius Aisner living (.11 it mail James I). Neilson NESS ASSISTANTS Harvey Willens Robert Wagner Donald Richev Volney Morin Rolx-it Gilmotir Thomas Heenahan Maxine Baribeau Helen L. Barnelt Marv E. Benson Helen Bohnsach Betty A. Bricker Ruth C. Bryant Ida M. I)a i- WOMEN ' S BUSINESS Margaret J. Farnell Mary Ferguson Susanne Flanagan Kay Forberg Clara Louise Fulde I ' hvllis Gallagher Virginia Hardy (ran Hast ir STAFF TRYOU Frances Herdrich Jane L. Krause Ruth Kreinson Madeline Marcus Patricia Matthews Jane Mowers Helen New T S Rosalyn Passman Jane Pfeiffer Dorothy Rath Gilberta Rothstein Mazie Saltrnan Janet Sibley eno via F,. Skoralko MICHIGAN DAILY Row 1 Morin. Collerte, Cilmour. Kirby. Freirag. Wagner Row 2 Wilkinson. Richey, Neilson, Cuttman. Willens. Cooney Page 233 N W Row 1 Elmer, Spencer, Mascott, Chandler, Frankel Row 2 Dann, Goldman, Sarasohn, Schleider Row 3 Hanfler, Kelsey, Bogle, Harmel, Orshepky COLUMNISTS Ro Heath William Lichtenwanger (Music) Not man I ' . Kiell (Drama) In in Lisa or Jack Canavan Dennis Flanagan Morion Jampe! EDITORIAL STAFF Morion I.indcr Makolni Long Kllioll Maraniss (;n I IVieisrn Norman Sdiorr Slan Swinlon Millon Fineberg I mn ' Gerson SPORTS STAFF Herbert Lev Newell McCahe Thomas 1 ' hares Kuhaid Sicrk Lawrence Allen Robert Bogle Royal Buehler Paul Chandler Kenneth Chernin Arnold Dana MEN William Klmer Glenn Kngcl Herman T. Epstein James Frankel Howard Goldman Mason Gonld T R Y O U T S Richard Harmel Hervie Harrier Harry kelsey Karl Kessler Lawrence Nfascoil XTorris Ma ei 1 Norman Miller Milton Orshefsky Alxin Sarasohn Leonard Schleider Christopher Vi as Donald ' hls hallcr MICHIGAN DAILY Row 1 Sonneborn, Swinton, Maraniss, Peterson, Flanagan, Lindcr Row 2 Schorr, Stebens, Frederick, Sullivan, Robson, Taggart, Neilson Row 3 Canavan, Long, Lev, Fineberg, Phares, Sierk Page 234 THIS year Perspectives completed its second season as a campus publication. It was organ i ed last year to ive expression to student writing efforts in fiction, f I essay, poetry, and book reviews, and bears the title, rniversity of Michigan Literary Magazine. " It is under the direction of an editor ' s board composed of students and faculty members. EDITORIAL STAFF F. Randall Joiics . Ediior Hcnie Haufler . . Fiction Ediior James Allen Essay Ediior Robert Wayne Poetry Editor Harvey Swados Review Ediior |(.lm R. Stiles Publication Man:ii; i RANDALL JONES ADVISORY BOARD Anio L. Rader Wallace A. Bacon H. Rulierlson Herbert Weisinger Giovjimi Giovaiiiiini Nelson Bentlev Houston Brice Henry R. Clauser Virginia Finkleslon Jeanne Foster Joseph Gornbein Seymour S. Horowitz fna Relley LOWER STAFF Malcolm Long William Loud Stanley Lebergptt Gwen Lemon Eleanor McCoy Elliott Maraniv Ethel Xorberg Seymour Pardell Penelope Pearl Harry Purdy Frances Pyle Hanvood Smith Paul Smith Dave Spengler David Stocking PERSPECTIVES Stiles. Allen. Robertson. Jones. Swados. Weisinger, Ciovannini Page 235 u N Tins year ' s editors of Michigan ' s liu- inoi magazine have doubled its si .e and introduced the extensive use of photography in the publication. Fea- tures of this year ' s " Garg " were the extensive use of color in each issue, and the unearthing of the " preposter- ous persons " idea employed in the Gargoyles of yesteryear, and the " Bronx Cheer " issue, a satire on the other campus publications. MAX HODCE CAROLYN ROSS GARGOYLE EDITORIAL EDITORIAL STAFF Max Hodge Editor-in-chief Carolyn Ross Women ' s Ediloi K. August Associate Editor Vfarcia Council Associate Editor I.eigh Burleson Assistant Editor Richard Humphreys Assistant Editor Jane Nussbaum Assistant Ediloi Al Williams Assistant Editor Dave Donaldson ( ' holographic Editor Marge Allison Joseph Edelman Jean C. Goldstick Thomas Goodkind Jane Griswold Charles Holon T R Y O U T S Louise B. Keatley Ralph M. Loef Bill Loud Samuel B. Russell Jack Sullivan Stan Swinlon A CARC SALES SCHEME IN THE MAKING Page 236 M N BUSI NESS STAFF John H. Milclicll Business Manager Marion Slomler Women ' s Business Manager Muisht Adams Publication Klleii Rhea Advertising Arnold Kirshen Circulation and Credits Dorothy Nichols Accounts Lawrence Van den Berg ... ... Service JOHN MITCHELL MARION STOMLER GARGOYLE BUSINESS Constance Berry Bernard Bloom Elise Clark Leroy J. Contie Lois Gish Phylis Hoffmeyer Calista W. Jayne Leonard Kassman TR Y O U TS James E. Kccnau Elizabeth Kepler Phyllis A. Lovejoy Roger Madden Frederick McOmber Ralph Mitchell Marjorie Polumbaum Shirley Roberts Harry Schagriii Daniel Schnit Jean Tenofcky John R. Van Leinvcii Sidney E. Weinberg Bertram Weiss Arnold White Carl Wolfston Row 1 Wood, Mitchell, Long, Van den Berg. Kassman. Weiss, Donaldson. Kirshen Schagrin, Bloom, McOmber, Contie, Hoar now i wooo. Mircnen, Long, van a en Berg. Kassman. weiss, uonaioson. I Row 2 Keyes Weinberg, Edelman. Schagrin, Bloom, McOmber, Contie, Ho Row 3 Rhea, Lovejoy, Hoffmeyer, Polumbaum, Cish. Burleson, Jayne, Teno Row 4 Adams. Berry, Clark, Nussbaum, Mitchell, Connell, Hodge, Ross, Mi fsky, Nichols ustard. August Page 237 N N N Tin. TKCIIMC, the oldest student pub licalion on campus, was voted the country ' s best collegiate engineering maga ine last year. In addition to printing ' engineering activities, tins maga ine presents monthly interviews with professors. It also carries illus- trated and written accounts of im- portant developments in the engineer- ing fields. RODGER TARBELL ELSNER TEC HNIC STAFF Walton A. Rodger .... Richard G. Tarbell . . . John S. Eisner EDITORIAL Richard Adams Anderson Ashhurn Frank Feel Kdiloi -iu-C ' .hiel Business Manager Managing Editor DEPARTMENT John Mills Richard Slcdin " BUSINESS DEPARTMENT llt ' iin 15illim;s illmi I ' .i.niili Rolicrl Merman Roger Peterson ASSISTANTS Harold llritlon James l)a idson Sc moin l- ' ii rhnsh Robert Cinslalson Vance Middle-sum ih Harry Smith David Sutherland Charles Ticinan CJeorgc Veesnei Ilarn Reed ADVISORY BOARD 1 ' iof. Henry V. Miller I ' rol. Ferdinand N. Menelee 1 ' tof. Robert 1). Bracket I ' rol ' . Melville 1$. Stout Row 1 Reed,, Britfon, Weesner, Davidson, Custafson, Piecewic Row 2 Billings, Middlcsworth, Panagos, Brandt, Adams, Smith Row 3 Herman, Mills, Tarbell, Rodger, Eisner, Steding, Ashburn Page 238 N N STANLEY C. WALTZ CHESTER WISLER BOARD OF DIRECTORS Paul M. Biickley . Donald H. Beldeii . Can el T. Shaw . Frederick . Luebke Jack k. I ' edigo . 1 mi IN V. Staudt Thomas C. Clarke . |ack S. Rolhacher . T. Hawley Tapping S|ank- (,. .ilU ( lioter (). isler I ' liner D. Mitchell Robert G. Rodkey President V ice- Presiden t " ice-Fresidenl Vice-Presidenl Vice-President Vice-President X ' ice-Presidenl Vice-President William A. McLaughlin Dr. l)eaii V. Myers Don May Franklin M. Cook Dean Joseph A. Bursley UNION MICHIGAN UNION Row 1 Pedigo. Shaw. Staudt. Brommage. Luebke. Clarke Row 2 Tapping. May. Waltz. Brickley. Belden. Wisler. Worley Page 239 u N MICHIGAN BRICKLEY BELDIN EXECUTIVE COUNCIL I ' a u I Brickley President Donald Bclden Recording Secretary James Malligan Social Marry Mowell Orientation C ' .lill Livingston Cooperative Don Nixon Publicilv Haclley Smith House Ted Spangler Publicity Doug Tracy Ctiopci alive Don Treadwcll Oriental iun Jim Wills Publicity Dennis r ' laiia " an . . . l)ail TREADWELL SMITH HOWELL TRACY WILLS HALLICAN LIVINGSTON SPANCLER FLANAGAN Page 240 M N U UNION THE TNION, with its swimming pool, library, game and ball rooms, has become the social center for Michigan men. Under the direction of student officers and committees, it furnishes a guide service, travel bureau, football ticket exchange, and sponsors the Ice Carnival and Michigras each year. N Rod Alexander John Ban- Irving Botvin I rl Brent Marshall Brown Peter Brown Robert Buritz Berbard Abrams Philip Aldrich John Allen Rudolph Axelsou Austin Beebe Alfred Breckler Paul Brown Robert Biirsleiu I osier Campbell Francis Chamljerlin George Cheffy SOPHOMORES Richard Fletcher Elmer Foster Douglas Gould Carleton Haefele Robert Hall Charles Heinen Avrohm Jacobson Charles Kerner F R ESH M tN Frank Collins Ray DieU Richard Ebbets David Frederick Philip Gelber Robert Imboden Thomas Kohler William Lundiu Leslie Matson Philemon Margold Robert Pasch Russell LaBellc Robert Lark in Fred Unsell Lloyd Mowery James Palmer Leonard Robinson Don Ryker Chester Sikawitt l ;ni Pelcgrina Edward Rankin Kenneth Rankin Carl Rohrbach Ray Rosenman Gerald Rosenzwcig Robert Samuels Arthur Schoenberg Ix ' onard Shelley Robert Sibley George Sleeman Harold Singer Richard Steudel Robert Ulrich Allan Wetter Robert Wood Walter Wrigley Donald Van Hoek William Slocum Warren Solovich Robert Speckhard John Thayer Richard Ungar Harold Voeglin Robert Wallace kc-ilh Wallace Anthony Weller Douglas Witschicbcn Row 1 Cheffy. Scherer. Matson Hurley. Burstein. Rosenman. Witschieben. Aldrich. Wellman. Collins Row 2 Shedd. Peterson. Gtlber Campbell. Margold. Pelegrina. Speckhard. Rankin. Kluess. Beebe Row 3 Weller. Abrams. Solovich, Wetter. Heinen. Steudel. Rosenzweig. Schoenberg. Shelley. Samuels Row 4 Alexander. LaBellc Botvin. M. Brown. Barr, Brent. Kerner, Foster. Singer Page 241 u N MEN ' S CONGRESS EXECUTIVE Robert Hartwcll Robert May Marvin Reider Kdward 1 ' afjc Douglas 1 racy COUNCIL 1 ' hilip Weslbrook William Rockwell Julius Rockwell Jack Hoover MAY REIDER PACE DISTRICT iiiston Cox ]ulian Grills Peter Ipsen Stuart Low Robert May COUNCIL Jl ' ii O ' Hara Julius Rock well Harold Stewart Rcdliekl Siewart Row 1 Low, Zittel, J. Rockwell, Rcinsch Row 2 Griggs, Ipsen, W. Rockwell, Rhead, Tracy ROW 3 O ' Hara, Page, Reider. Hartwell, May, Westbrook Page 242 N M N MEN ' S COUNCIL LUIBKI Row 1 Emmett, Robinson, Kresin, Hartwell. Hird. Reider. Reid. Grace, Mitchell, Warren Row 2 Clark. Brickley. Luebke. Belden, Zimmerman BELDEN THE MEN ' S COUNCIL is the administrative body of campus politics. Its members are selected by a student election. The Council ' s duties consist of approving candidates lor such positions as class officers and dance committees and conducting the elections. OFFICERS Fred I.ucbkc . I Inn. lid .illllllcrinail IVIiU M President Vice- President Secretary-Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Ted Grace Fred Lnebke Donald iiiinierinaii Donald Belden JUDICIARY COMMITTEE Fred I.uebke Marvin Reider i-s Warren Joe lion. mici allv Hook PERSONNEL Fred Lnel kc Donald inimerinan Donald Belden Paul Brickies- Bob Reid Wes Warren Clarence Kresin Bob Mitchell Walls Hook Bob May Bob F.minctt Elliot Robinson Marvin Reider Ted Grace Joe Bonavito Bob Hartuell Page 243 H PHI BETA KAPPA OFFICERS 1938-39 Piof. (olin F. Shephard President Pi of. Ha el Marie Losh Secretary-Treasurer EXECUTIVE BOARD ' rof. Ralph A. Sawyer, 1936-39 ' rof. Carlton F. Wells, 1938-39 ' rof. Joseph R. Hayclen, 1937-1 ' rof. Chester B. Slawson, 1938-10 ' rof. Herbert A. Kenyon, 1938-41 rot. Benjamin V. Wheeler, 1938-11 CLASS OF 1938 I:U ' ( li ' d 1 939 Helen Jane Barr Nancy Jean Rover CLASS OF 1939 Elected .s juniors Bernice Colien Benjamin Leopold Charles Laurie Dolph Robert Dillinghain Mitchell Ronald Freedman Roberl A. Nabatolf David Gordon Hertzberger Robert ' incenl Rosa Arthur Peck Bartholomew Jeremiah Belknap Joseph Bernstein Margaret Jane Bryant Philip William Buehcn Mareia Council Meyer Davis Sarah Margaret Forsylhc Alice Carolyn Frayer Herbert Harold Goldstein l- ' .sther Lydia Gross Margaret F.klora Haggan Robert Suttle Hansen CLASS OF 1939 COLLEGE OF L. S. A. Elected as seniors Jr. Douglas Anderson Hayes Charlotte Jean Holland Alfred Hower Robert Lnscombe Kainin Leo Kayser, Jr. Saul Robert Kleiman Murray Malcolm Lipschiu Wilson Shannon Miller Hubert S. Moran William Nelson Muiuly, 111 Rebecca Newman Charles Alfred Ormsl Helen Strickland Owslon, II Herbert Leonard Pariscr Marvin William Rciclcr Leonard Daniel Rosenbaum Valter Singer William Harwood Smiih David Mackenzie Stocking Robert Joseph Taylor Helen Irene Tucker Julian Irene Upson Marie O. Vielmetti Paillette Wolf John Wynstra CLASS OF 1939 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Ruth Marv Schorling CLASS OF 1939 GRADUATE SCHOOL William Ira Cargo . Joseph F.. Kallenbach . L nne Lionel Merrill, Jr. . Political Science Depl. Political Science Depl. . Chemist i CLASS OF 1940 ' .Icrli ' d us juniors Robert Frederick Berris Leonard Melvin Newman Tracy V. Buckwalter, Jr. Florence Mae Krenzler Fiances Grace Orr Donald Hugh Treadwcll Page 244 N H N PHI KAPPA PHI OFFICERS 1938-39 Preston f.. James President l)i. V;trren K. Foisyllie . . Vice- President R. S. Swimon ... Secretary-Treasurer C ' .. C. Glover Journal Correspondent EXECUTIVE C. E. Guthe E. L. Eriksen E. V. Moore COMMITTEE E. M. Baker Peter Okkelherg J. E. Dnnlap FALL ELECTIONS, 1938 Arthur P. Bartholomew Jeremiah Belknap Joseph Bernstein Malcolm Block Joseph S. Cardillo Yung-Yuin Ting Chan " Charles S. Dolph Rol ert R. Edgar Irving K. Fox Alice E. Frayer Esther L. Gni George H. Hanson Douglas A. Ha es I Min D. Abbott, Jr. Henry H. Adams A. James Albert John R. Alden Virginia R. Allan Charles H. Altshuler C:la J. Anderson Gilbert Anderson Hugh Baker Howard T. Batchelder Iel in Bellet Clifford O. Berg Frank R. Blood Dean O. Bowman Charlotte S. Brown Margaret J. Bryant Philip U. Biichen Tihin V. Burks living J. Cantrall Marvin Car mack Paul D. Carter Richard E. Chaddotk Celia Chao Sonia Cheifetz Alex Chertoff Ernest B. Christiansen Gene A. Christian Helen N. Church Charles W. Clapp Elinore E. Clark Marcia Connell Donald R. Coo| cr Char les E. Dart fe er I)a is William H. Davis Marv C. Dell Marion S. DeWeesc- John K. Doherty Carl R. Dutton Varren C. Eveland C. Eugene Farnsworth Samuel J. Fauman Clarence Fielstra Ruth F. Geissinger Herbert H. Goldstein Sanders A. Goodstein Philip D. Gordv John A. Groesbeck Mary k. Hamlin Robert S. Hansen Katherine G. Harris David G. Hert berg Hurt E. Holtbv Peter G. Ipsen Leo Kayser, Jr. Mendel W. Kit miller Benjamin Leopold John R. Liotto Murray M. Lipschitz Robert F. Mav Robert D. Mitchell Hubert S. Moran Harrv A. Morris Robert A. Nabatoff Reljecca Newman Charles A. Ormsby James O. Osburn Helen S. Owscon Herbert L. Pariser Irma Poole Wilbur E. Powers Marvin V. Reider Armond J. V. Rhodehamel Walton A. Rodger Robert V. Rosa SPRING ELECTIONS, 1939 Dale T. Harroun Mary L. Hart Warren C. Hastings Ola B. Killer Emma M. Hirsch Dysart E. Holcomb Charlotte J. Holland Howard K. Holland Myrtle F. Holtbv Nathanial M. Holt man Alfred Hower Virginia Hunt Christian T. Jensen Robert L. Kahn Robert L. Kamm Charles O. King Leo E. Klar Saul R. Kleiman James S. Koehler Kamela Kosambi James M. Lafferty James L. Lawson Nelson A. Lindenfeld Ang-Tsung Liu Yen-Hoong Loo Chapin M. Lowell Lee H. Macdonald Charles H. Mann Albert P. Mayio Edgar L. McCormick Francis W. McDonald Lynne L. Merritt, Jr. James Merry Wilson S. .Vfiller William J. Morrow William N. Miindy HI Earle H. Munn George G. Mutnick Gerhard B. Naeseth Henry M. Offenbach Vincent L. Peterson Marjorie E. Pierce Lewis C. Pinney John R. Platt Paul V. Ponitz James Prins Ellen O. Redner Hugo M. Reichard F.ugene B. Reid Donald M. Richardson James H. Rol erLson Jack S. Rothacher Carl H. Schachtsiek Ruth M. Schorling Henry C. Schwartz Zivia ' S. Seltzer John C. Sheehan Hsi-yin Sheng Franklin B. Shull Anna C. Smith Lloyd L. Smith, Jr. Paul A. Smits William Spoelhof John H. Stibbs George R. Staeblcr Seymour S. Sussman Lester Stroh Lionel J. Tachna Reino M. Takala Robert F. Thomson Leonard D. Rosenman Thnrman O. Ruettinger Walter Singer William Harwood Smith Robert A. Sobel David M. Stocking Robert J. Taylor Julia A. Upson Myron J. Van Leeuwen Donald F. Van Loon Grace E. Wilson Robert W. Wolfe Paul in is Myron B. Towns Mung-Yok Tsoi Helen I. Tucker Mary E. Vanden-Bossche Frederick J. Van Slooteu Reed W. Varner Marie O. Vielmetti Donald J. Vink Clyde Ionian Betty Warwick Jerome B. Wiesner Frederick E. Wigen Julia Wold Paulette Wolf Joseph J. Worzniak John H. Wurster John Wynstra John G. Young Robert S. Young Page 245 H H ROW 1 Mafhews, Newburgh, Marks, Epstein, Breidenbach, Frankel, Zack R OW 2 Theriault, Singer, Haufler, Stumpf, Riner, Solem, Seegert, Fechtner R OW 3 Wirtchafter, Manry, Frailing, Rocca, Sobesky, Hindert, Emunson, Alien, Pardell ROW 4 Paxhia, Conger, Buritz, Braga, Custafson, Shoen, Cuttman, Bozion R OW 5 Ryker, Sykes, Diem, Weesner, Harwood, Howarth, Beals, Dunn, Woidig PHI ETA SIGMA OFFICERS John H. Harwood (red W. Howarth Robert P. Beals . George W. Weesner Almon L. Copley Donald T. Diem . President . Vice-Presidem Secretary . Treasurer Historian Upper Class Adviser R. Raymond Allen Raymond H. Barnes Eugene M. Reach Rohcrl I ' . Reals Constantine N. Bo ion Russell M. Braga Warren C. nreidenl :n h Robert S. Rin il ki-mielh ' I ' . Calder Ralph G. Conger Almon L. Copley Leigh E. Dunn Bryce M. F.mnnson Herman T. Epstein Avard F. Fairbanks (erome L. Fechtner Albeit Feldman Woodrow G. Frailing James R. Frankel Howard A. Goldman Abraham J. Goodman MEMBERS Douglas Graham Robert L. Gustafson Irving Gnttman John H. Harwood James H. Haufler E. Michael Hindcit Fred V. Howarlh ClaMon II. Manry Koberl Marks Kenneth P. Mathcws Robert J. Morrison John 1). Newburgh Milton Orshefsky Harold 1). Oslerweil Seymour S. Pardell Vincent B. Paxhia l.c-.ter Persky Woodrow V. Rankin William A. Riner Bruno Rocca Don W. Ryker Daniel M. Schnit Victor H. Schoen Neal Scegcrt I. on is W. Sessions Harold Singer Anson D. Solem John V. Sobeskv Charles J. Sicin John Strand (.(iiilini A. Slinnpl John P. Sykcs Paul V. Theriault Donald E. VanHoek X ' incent A. Vis Robert Walsh George W. Weesner Thomas A. Wcidig Donald M. Wii tchal ' iei William W. Wittlill ' William Zack Page 246 H H N " Co i ivi i in frivolity, nurtured in good fellowship; dedicated to the cultivation l and the graces of a gentleman. ' THE TOAST OFFICERS George Fink . Charles Quarles President Secretary-Treasurer TO ASTMASTE RS William Armstrong Fred Buesser Guy Conkle, Jr. Richard Conners Charles Debridge George Fink Thomas K. Fisher Jack Gelder Horace Gilmore Robert E. Golden Arthur Greene Prof. Donald Haines Richard Hinks R. T. D. Hollister Robert Knight Hugh Kuder Dave Lain " Bud Lundahl John Pickering Charles Quarles Stan Swinton T. Hawley Tapping John Thompson Don Treadwell Prof. Charles Yihhert William Zetvadski Row 1 Laing. Swinton. Celder. Kuder. Thompson Row 2 Tapping. Armstrong. Golden. Hinks. Fink. Quarles. Zewadski. Treadwell Page 247 u N BETTY MANDEL AND WILLIAM CRIER SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE William ] ' . Gricr Jack Wilcox Finance ami Publicity Charles N. (acobson Secretary Waldo M. Abbot, Jr.- Tickets Hetty Spangler Publicity Hclly Shaller Patrons and Favors Roberta Chissus Decorations Frederick N. Wiest Decorations Freclric C. Olds Hoolhs Jean Bleeker Project Jerome F. Mitchell Music I ' clcr G. Ipseu Music SEN IOR CRIER CHISSUS OLDS JACOBSON BLEEKER MITCHELL fi - JHHDB N $ $ ff E ' c SJP A 11 - I r,. " A P - V 1938 SENIOR BALL COMING at the end of the school year, the Senior Ball marks the end of the social life of the under- graduate. As it invariably follows the grind of exam time, the let-down is terrific, and the out- going Graduates fling madly in one last scramble of society. BALL SHAFFER IPSEN SFANCLER WILCOX WIEST ABBOT N THIS annual post-exam dance lived up to its tradition of being " the " event of the year with the orchestras of Henry Busse and Count Basic. The dignitaries of the University and the State of Michigan were present. The committee, which promoted a record ticket sale, was headed by Don Treadwell. COUNT BASIE ' S SWINCIN ' SINGER Page 250 J-HOP Almon W. Conralh Marv M. Dailev . James " . Halligan ie ia Hoelscher Harold J. Holshuh Charles ' . Lane COMMITTEE Donald H. Treadwell Chairman Building . Patrons Publicity . . Patrons . . Tickets Decorations Roberta B. Leele Don L. Nixon Lorenz W. Rinek Dorothy P. Robinson Mary Ellen Spurgeon Redneld F. Zittel . . Booths Decorations . . Booths . . Music Programs Building HOP ZITTEL HALLICAN HOELSCHER LANE SPURCEON DAILEY Page 251 u N SOPH PROM COMMITTEE Robert Crane General Chairman John Sohesky Decorations Bob Morrison Finance Klinor Sevison Programs Jane Grove Patrons Bill Hriggs IM..OI Committee BOB CRANE and CHARLOTTE BAUCHAT Row 1 Morrison, Sadler, Sevison, Clark Row 2 Sobesky, Seegert, Crane, Briggs Row 3 Mooti, Caulkins, Bauchat, Hegge RECCIE CHILDS Page 252 N FROSH FROLIC COMMITTEE Jatk Gratis General Chairman Margot Thorn Decorations Agnes Crow Publicity Bettv Fariss ....%.. Patrom Robert Hotchkiss Tickets Harold Wood . . Program Norman Tavlor . . .... - Co-chairman Ih nus Goodkin:! . Floor Committee JACK CRADY AND CATHERINE DYE A TABLE FOR SIX. PLEASE Row 1 Causs. Wood. Fariss. Rinek. Fishman Ccodkind Row 2 Taylor. Hoffman. Crady. Balfour. Hofchkiss Row 3 Comstock Crow. Dye. Thorn. McFate N LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Row 1 Lomonossoff, Cell, Jones, Moore, Willis, Ward Row 2 Unciyan, , Schwab, Tibbits, Murphy, , Coebel, Long Row 3 Lacoste, Vandenburg, Hogg, Bixby, Patterson, Vassallo, Fagan, Bihary Row 4 Allinson, Stern, Chatard, Skonatko, Wurster, Lievrouw, Jedel, Schwartz, Strother Row 5 Wallach, Lord, Kingston, Connell, Koella, Owston, O ' Neill, Ortiz, Grove, Zuidema THE CERCLE FRANCAIS is the honorary French speaking society at the Uni- versity. Its purpose is to encourage the use of the French language and to stimulate interest in French culture. French is spoken at its meetings. It sponsors frequent lectures in French, given by both University men and noted Frenchmen. Once a year Le Cercle produces a French play with student actors. OFFICERS Helen S. Owston President Marcia Connell Vice-President Adelita Ortiz Secretary John R. Stiles Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Allinson Augusta Anketell Oscar Bixby Frances Blumenilial Anton Bogleff Jane Carr Ruth Chatard Kenneth Chernin Marcia Connell Wilma Cope Elsie Dunbar Frederick Fagan Enora Ferris Gertrude French Halleck Fry Edwin Cell Dorothy Goebel Elizabeth Gross Jane Grove Loyal Gryting Richard Harmel Henry Harrey John Hogg Elizabeth Huntington Jaros Jedel Hazel Jensen Marybeth Jones Anne Kingston Rowena Lacoste Lorraine Lievrouw Vladimir Lomonossoff Malcolm Long Jane Lord Ellen Lynch Virginia McCabe Eleanor McCoy Marie McEIroy Frank McDonald Ethel Mikulich Robert Mitchell Roberta Moore Douglas Morgan Raleigh Morgan, Jr. Margaret Murphy Ruth Myers Adelita Ortiz Helen Owston Anne Paschal Jack Patterson Jenny Petersen Ellen Redner Helen Schwab Ruth Schwartz Vitina Scotti Robert Sethian Gaston Seydoux Jestine Silverblatt .cnovia Skonalko Marion Slcrn John Stiles Mar belle Strother Jean Tibbits Mikolay Tinitzen Anlavast Unciyan Robert Vandenberg Hcndrika Van Doom Thomas Vassallo Carrie Wallach Amy Walters Alice Ward diaries Wesley Mildred Williams Warringtou Willis Klizabcth Wurster Gertrude .uidema Page 254 N LA SOCIEDAD HISPANICA LA SOCIEDAD HISPAXICA aims to provide students with the means of hearing and speaking living Spanish, and further their acquaintance with the culture of Spain and Latin-America. The yearly program of I-a Sociedad Hispanica consists of semi-monthly meetings, a lecture series, a play, movies, and a musicale. Professor and Mrs. ]of M. Albaladejo Professor and Mrs. William W. Bliime Professor and M rs. Julio Del Toro Doctor and Mrs. Nelson V. Eddv Mr. J. Chalmers Herman Doctor Buenaventura Jimenez Doctor Judith M. Jimenez PA T R O N S Professor and Mrs Herbert Kenyoii Professor and Mrs. Joseph Lincoln Mr. and Mrs. Ermelindo A. Mercado Mrs. G. M. Riviere Professor and M rs. Malcom Soule Doctor and Mrs. Charles Staubach Mr. Earl W. Thomas Professor and Mrs. Charles Wagner OFFICERS Alfred Hower Margaret Carr Carmen McKell . Margaret Bryant President Vice-President Secretarv . Treasurer Claire Ackerinan Drisv Biliary Henry Brumnicl Margaret Bryant Margaret Can- Casey Carter Stanley Ca-mei Dayton Closser Marcia Council Fred Fagan Angelo Floras Robert Friers Dorothv Gocbel MEMBERS Jack Grady Alice Hopkins Alfred Hower Harold Jesurun Frank Johnson Florence Keavin Helen Lapitsky Jack Laro Joan Lynch Carmen McKell Michael Massa Maria Mendez Gerald Middv Victoria Morrell Janet Park Ivan Pelegrina Mary Sdunek J. Wilmer Stockard William Stuck Margaret Thorn Shirley Toubus Alice Ward Hugh Welt man Walter Wendell Terese Wozniak Florence Young Row 1 Comez. Jesurun. Wendell, Johnson. Brummel. Stockard. Pelegrina. Casmer Row 2 Morrell. Keavin. Binary. Coebel. Williams. Hopkins. Park. Lynch. Wozniak. Mendez Row 3 Mercado. Carr. Bryant. Hower. McKell. Ackerman. Staubach Page 255 u N DEUTSCHER VEREIN Row 1 Hart, Hildebrandt, Kirby, Russell, Gilbert, Ryder, Caster, MacMullen Row 2 Bychinsky, Durand, Thompson, Nevin, Hoffmeyer, Westendorf, Augspurger, Wiseman, Mathews Row 3 Brown, Hutzcl, Moelk, Frey, Bixby, Braun, Striedieck, Ihnken, Heyn, Osburn THE Deutscher Verein meets for the purpose of giving students anrl faculty an opportunity to make informal use of German. The meetings are con- ducted largely in German and include songs, folk-dances, and games. As in years past, the organization sponsored a lecture series given in German by various members of the faculty, and a play, " Die Gegenkandidaten. " OFFICERS Oscar Bixby Frances Blumeiithal James E. Gilbert .... Jerry Braun Professor Werner F. Slrictlicck President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Advise) Henry Adams Dascha Auerbach Ruth Augspurger William Bigler Oscar Bixby Frances Bin men Jerry Braun Warren Brown Elaine Bychinsky Elizabeth Caster Frances Costello Prof. Carl Dahlstrom Virginia Durand Dr. Eaton Bill F.liner MEMBERS Gert Frey John Fry Genevieve George James Gilbert Gerald Hart Arno Heyn Fred Hildcbraiult Phyllis Hoffmexcr John Hutzel Charlcne Ihnken Helen Jones Mrs. Ingeborg Kayko Nan Kirby Charlotte Lewis Austin MacMullan Kenneth Marble Kenneth Mathews Paul Mathias George Merritt A. O. Moelk Frances Nevin Octavius Osbourn Frank Ryder Marian Schaefer Hans Schlichting Anson Solem Vanda Thompson Margaret Van Ess Ruth Wellington Madeline Westendorf Peg Wiseman Page 256 N N SCABBARD AND BLADE HONORARY AND ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Major J. C. Brier Major V. B. Fai i- Major P. C. Pack Ll. Col.T. D. Siinkins Major I. A. Crump Ll. Col. L. A. Fox Capt. C. B. Pierce Major T. H. Tapping Captain C. M. Davis Li. Col. P. K. Kelh Capt. F. S. Randall Capt. S.G. Waltz I.l. Col. B. I). FdwariK MajorW. E. Lay Dean W. B. Rea Colonel A. H. While Prof. M. B. Eichelberger Major F. A. .Mickle Major W. C. Sadler Major J. S. Vorley Colonel H. W. Miller Andrews, Allen Appleyard, James O. Archer. William J. Easier, Franklin C. Bauer. Irving L. Bavinger. William F. Boettjer. Arthur F. Bond. Frank D. Brickley. Paul M. Brown. Robert L. Casmer, Stanley M. Christiansen, George T. Clement. Walter J. Cobev, William E. (Capt.) Cornelius John E. Cow ing, George S. Cummiskey, John W. Fedziuk, Henry A. ACTIVE MEMBERS Ferguson, Donald M. Frailing, Robert C. Freeman, Ralph L. Gauthier. R. Kenneth Gay, Laurence H. Guillermetiy, Charles W. Hanson. George H. Hinkle, Walter J. Holtby, Bert E. Ireland, James R. Johnson, John F. Kelly. Kingsley (and Lieut.) Knowe, Richard H. Knox, James E. Mason, William H. Madden, Ted J. Miller, Morris F. Niirnberger, Thos. S. Parsons, Richard C. Pope, Robert B. Phares, Gilbert K. Rhead. Roland F. Rinek, John A. Rinek, Lorenz W. Ruth, James A. Royce, Scott Simpson, Charles P. Simpson, Paul A. Smith, Goff Stevens. John M. Taylor, Frank G. Teeter, William M. Waterman. Richard T. Worden. Waite V. Young, John G. Young. Robert S. 7 HE CADET elected to Scabbard and Blade must l e " an officer and a gentle- man. " He must possess the qualities of leadership, patriotism, efficiency, loyalty, obedience, courage, good-fellowship and honor all of which lead to success in any field of endeavor, military, or civil. Merit is the sole basis of membership in Scabbard and Blade. Row 1 Pope. Cuillermetry. Appleyard. Knox. Crusey. Bond. Easier. L. Rinek. C. Simpson. Rhead Row 2 Lindquist. Bavinger. Freeman. Worden. Ireland. Cowing. Brickley. Cauthier. Tseter. Hanson Row 3 Nurnberger. Bauer. Fedziuk. P. Simpson. Frailing. Cornelius. Knowe. Andrews. Parsons. Johnson Row 4 Clement. Hinkle, Ferguson. R. Young. Madden. Taylor. J. Rinek. Royce. Casmer Row 5 Holtby. J. Young. Archer. Kelly. Phares. Randall. Cobey. Stevens. Ruth Row 6 Capt. Wallington. Mai. Fariss. Lt. Col. Kelly. Lt. Col. Fox. Lt. Col. Edwards. Lt. Col. Simkins Major Crump. Prof. Mickle. Prof. Eichelberger Page 257 u N THE VARSITY " M " CLUB was organized lor the purpose of giving Michigan ' s athletes a representative body on campus. The club endeavors to aid the Athletic Board and University officials in handling athletic contests, and recently started " between-halves entertainment " at basketball games. M -CLUB OFFICERS Ralph Hcikkinen President Robert Palmer Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Waldo Abbot, Jr. G. Wesley Allen William B. Barclay John Barry Leo Beebe Hal Benham William Black John Brennan William Buchanan C. Paul Cameron Alfred C. Chadwick Harvey Clarke George J. Cooke Harold Davidson Russel Dobson Forest Evashevski Ross Faulkner Adolph Ferstenfeld Harold Floersh Ralph Fritz Edward Frutig Elmer Gedeon John Haigh Tom Harmon Doug Hayes Thomas Haynie Leslie Hillberg Urbane Hird Francis Hogan David Holmes R. Wallace Hook Edward Hutchins Elclon James Fred Janke Tom Jester Stanley Kelley John Kidwell Archie Kodros Paul Kromer John Kutche Lou Levine Irvin Lisagor Earle Luby Edward Mack Howard Mehaffey James Mericka Jack Meyer Frank Morgan Edward Morris Donald Nichols Harold Nichols John E. Nicholson Frederic Olds Sherman Olmstead Walter Peckinpaugh Don Percival Edward Phillips Charles Pink Norman Puruckcr James Rae Hercules Renda Lynn Riess Robert Sauer Roland Savilla Ralph Schwarzkopf Don Siegel Tom Slattery Dan Smick Dan Smith William Smith Salomon Sobsey Michael Sofiak Cramon Stanton David Strong Milo Sukup Richard Tasch Edmund Thomas Horace Tinker Waldermai Tomski Fred Trosko Tom Tussing William Watson Jack Wolin Lyle Williams William Woolsey William Vearnd Row 1 Kidwell, Percival, Olds, Levine, Schwarzkopf, Morris, Kutsche, Tomski, Janke, Kromer, Fritz, D. Holmes, Smith, Cameron Row 2 Peckinpaugh, Kodros, Evashevski, Renda, Benham, Slattery, Davidson, Mack,, Strong, Hogan, Watson, Haigh Row 3 Ferstenfeld, Brennan, Palmer, Rae, Hutchens, Heikkinen, Lisagor, Hird, Cedeon, Abbot, Morgan Page N N Row 1 Brogan. Thompson. Ruehle, Shakarian. Becbe Muller, Mahlke Row 2 Megregian, Haver, Munn, Caswell. Slezak. Ballenger. Boycheff Row 3 Johnstone. May, Holmes. Lvoto, Cole. Ochs. Webster, Mitchell PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB THIS ORGANIZATION was first conceived in 1926 in an effort to pro- mote the interests of Michigan undergraduates in Physical Educa- tion. At that time the enrollment in the Physical Education course was very small and it was difficult to develop unity. Last year, when the Club was reorganized, the interest and success of the group was spasmodic. The Club has an active membership of about 75 Physical Education students and promotes a wide variety of activities and projects. PHI EPSILON KAPPA KAPPA CHAPTER of this national honorary professional fraternity was established at the University of Michigan in 1925, and at the present time is the largest collegiate chapter in the country, with a roster of thirty active members. Its purpose has been to promote and enhance the happines of its members and to elevate the Mandards, ideals, and ethics for professionals engaged in teaching Physical Education. The highlight of this year ' s events was the Mid-west District Convention, with Kappa chapter acting as host for seven collegiate and four alumni chapters. Row 1 Crissen. Thompson, Luther, Ruehle, Pannucci. Olmsted. Luoto, McMoster, Bly stone Row 2 Rot berg, Brogan. Megregian, Pierro, Womack. Munn. Boycheff. Ballenger, Tomaselli Row 3 Slezak, Luttinen Ochs, Shokarian, Muller. Strong. Cole. Fuller Row 4 Caswelf, May. Mitchell, Mahlke. Beebe, Holmes, Webster, Johnstone, Haber Page 259 u N NEWMAN CLUB Row 1 Carulla, Zindler, Simons, Egle, Burns, Aulenbacher Row 2 Sojka, Call. Blanchard, Father Berry, Sweeney, McCabe, O ' Hora John O ' Hara . Mary CM . . Kchvard Sweeney Norbert Winn Marie McCabe Robert Aulenbacher Edward Egle . OFF Richard J. Blanchard . . . Vice-President Vice-President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secretary Lecture League Membership CERS Prfsidcnl Mary Kay Burns Mary Miknlich . Cas. Sojka Jorge Carulla Dorothy .indler . Mary Ellen Spurgcon Frank Schmiclley Publicity Initiation Religion and Education . Foreign Students Meetings Editor of Chapel Paper Speakers THE NEWMAN CI.UB of St. Mary ' s Chapel, part of the inter- national Catholic organization of the same name, was estab- lished at the University two years ago. Its purpose is three-fold, religious, educational, and social. Membership is restricted to active Catholic students in secular universities only. Among the club ' s activities this year was a lecture by the Glacier Priest, Father Bernard Hubbard, and the formal dance held at the Union in April. Page 260 N N THF SrrDFNT RFLIGIOUS ASSOCIATION pro- vides all members of the University with resources for the study of religion and its relevance in contemporary society. Those resources are found in its program of social service, seminars, forums, book reviews, mu- sk, and in lectures which bring outstanding religious thinkers o the campus. CAL KRESIN KENNETH MORGAN. MILDRED SMALL STUDENT RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Clarence K resin President Daniel Suits Vice-Presidem Frances Orr ... Secretarv Kenneth Morgan Director Mildred Small . MM.IIII Director A BALL CAME AT THZ RENDEZVOUS CAMP Row 1 Scott. Kelkar. Buck. Bessey Huttlinger. Van Cleve Row 2 Grant. Bryant. Volkman. Moore. Orcutt. Sherzer. Willis Row 3 Vkary, Weissman. Clark. Small. Morgan. Kresin Suits. Fairfax Page 261 H N 1939 TRIBE OF MICH IGAMU A ALL CAMPUS SENIOR HONORARY SOCIETY 1939 Tribe of Michigamua HONORARY SACHEMS Big Ten Aigler Wise Council Anderson Battle Finder Barthelme Great Builder Bates Friendly World Campbell Friendly Chief Cooley Warrior Builder Hoyt Bell Cow Murfin Peace Maker Ruthven Canoe Builder Sadler Readum Birchbark Strauss Council Pleader Sunderland Many Councils Tapping Great Scalper Yost FIGHTING BRAVES Jay P. Morgan Kwitcher Buchen Bird Legs Brickley Soft Tongue Belden Takem Beebe Bird Brain Benjamin Straw Scalp Brennan Hollow Echo Canning Three Scalps Gedeon Quivering Tail Gilmore Head Weak Hartwell Squat Low Heikkinen Winter Moccasin Hillberg Tomma Hook Silent Thunder Janke No Fillum Kettler Squaw Face Laing Limber Lip Lisagor Much Mutton Mayio Belly Whiskers Mitchell Mighty Mouse Mitchell Battem Peckinpaugh Never Will Reid He Has Spoden How Much Woodworth i JO WSS.- ?%-. ' - " 1. " ' .-- i " , " -. " ' - ' " I ' i ' " } ' - - " - ' ' " " - -i ' - , ' - . V " " " . " i ' ' . " : " ' " " " ' - " " " ' ,;. " . ' , ' " - . - . . - - - -, ' - ' . - -, " ..,- ' o " .X- ' ' f f - ' ' " - " ' ' -- : ? ' - ' " " . " . - " -- - ' ---.r- - ' - ' - ' " ' C ' -- .- r ' . ' ' ' " - - ' , ' ' ' - " - " ' -,- ' V. ' - V. " . ' ' - - . ' : f -. ' ; . ' - ' - ' ' ' Page 262 women THE NUCLEUS of women ' s activities is centered in the Michigan League. Through a recording system of merit-participation points for each and every activity . . . the system becomes a knit-whole. Here the co-ed spends her leisure time . . . running the gamut of " cokes " in the Grill to producing theatrical masterpieces. Here also she mav dance her week-ends . . . and. in the need of serious concentration . . . use her own library. - . f . r-i- - _ _. r 9ft : , ' _- w M N MICHIGAh THIS year marks the tenth anniversary of the Michigan League building . . . ten years of ever increasing progress toward the full reali- zation of perfect cooperation among univer- sity women. To its future . . . this section is dedicated. Page 264 EAGUE LEAGUE COUNCIL Jean Holland President Grace Wilson Vice-President Betty Spangler . Vice-President Madeline Krieghoft Vice-President Barbara Patterson Secretary- Helen Jean Dean Treasurer Marcia Connell Orientation Committee Chairman Barbara Heath . Janet Fullemvider Harriet Pomeroy S bil Swarthout . Roberta Chissus . Betty Jane Mansfield Stephanie Parfet . Norma Curtis Dorothea Staebler . Social Committee Chairman . Merit System Com. Chairman Publicity Committee Chairman Judiciary Committee Chairman . Theater Arts Com. Chairman President of Assembly . President of Pan-Hellenic . . . President of W.A.A. Women ' s Editor of Michigan Daily THE LEAGUE COUNCIL is a centralization of all women ' s activities and acts as the func- tioning body of the League. R w 1 Stbler. Mansfield. Wilson. Krieghoff. Dean. Spangler Row i Heath. Curtis. Connell. Patterson. Holland. Swarthout. Chissus. Fullenwider. Parfet. Pomeroy N M N Row 1 Slee, Backus Row 2 Eppstein, Swarthout, MacKenzie JUDICIARY JUDICIARY COUNCIL is the disciplinary body for the women of the university, working in conjunction with the Dean of Women ' s office. The Council inter- views for class projects and League positions . . . and has jurisdiction over women ' s rules. OFFICERS Sybil Swarthout . . Barbara Eppstein Mary Alice MacKenzie Barbara Backus . Betty Slee .... President Senior Member Senior Member Junior Member Junior Member Page 266 H N Row 1 Davis, Minor, Kahrs. Brotherton, Ferris . Slee. Shipman, Sharkey Row 2 Haislip. Dunbar. Mowers, Nussbaum. Backus Row 3 Vicary Tibbits Potter. Wood, Hawley O ' Roke, McKay WYVERN WYVERN is an honor society composed of junior women who are outstand- ing in leadership, scholarship, and service. In connection with their objec- tive to promote cooperation between junior and freshmen women, they hold consultation hours for freshmen women. OFFICERS Alberta Wood President Suzanne Potter Treasurer Anne Hawley Secretary MEMBERS Barbara Backus Florence Brotherton Zelda Davis Jane Dunbar Enora Ferriss Pattie Haislip Anne Hawley Frances Kahrs Jean McKay Mary Minor Jane Mowers Jane Nussbaum Beth O ' Roke Suzanne Potter Harriet Sharkev Dorothy Shipman Betty Slee Jean Tibbits Ann Vicary Alberta Wood Page 267 N .SENIOR SOCIETY. SENIOR SOCIETY is an honor society for independent senior women who are prominent in service, schol- arship, and leadership. Its yearly project is Inde- pendent Week with the purpose of promoting good-fellowship and activities among the indepen- dent women of the University. OFFICERS Mary Frances Browne President Elizabeth White Vice-President Madeline Krieghoff Secretary Barbara Eppstein Treasurer MEMBERS Mary Frances Browne Nornia Curtis Ellen Cuthbert Barbara Eppstein Ruth Hartmann Jean Holland Bettie Howard Madeline KrieghofT Betty Jane Mansfield Myra Short Martha Tillman Elizabeth White Grace Wilson Row 1 Curtis, Wilson, Tillman, Short Row 2 Holland, Howard, Manstield, Cuthbert Row 3 Hartmann, Krieghoff, Browne, White, Eppstein Page 268 H N .MORTARBOARD MORTARBOARD is a national honor society for senior women. The selection to membership is based on both scholarship and activities. During the year it sponsors a Pay-Off Dance and a Smarty Party for outstanding sophomore women. OFFICERS Jenny I ' etcrscn President Virginia Voorhees Vice-President Marian Baxter Secretary Man- Alice Mackenzie Treasurer Grace Wilson Historian Virginia Allan Marian Baxter Marcia Council Norma Curtis Helen Jean Dean )anet Fullenwidcr Barbara Heath MEMBERS Jean Holland Mary Alice Mackenzie Betty Jane Mansfield Barbara Patterson Jenny Pelersen Martha Tillman Virginia Voorhees Row 1 Fullenwider. Heath. Curtis. Allan. Tillman Row 2 Voorhees. Baxter. Petersen. McKenzie, Wilscn Row 3 Connell. Mansfield. Holland. Dean. Patterson Page 269 Row 1 M.icDcrmott, Cay, Loughborough, Rich, Rouse, Shipman Row 2 Kingston, Thompson, McQuillan, Bain, Bracken, Haislip, V.inWinkle Row 3 Kahrs, Rather, Westendorf, Cram, O ' Roke, Minor, Mclaughlin, Clemmons Row 4 Downs, Burleson, Scroggie, Partet, Pometoy, Pierce, Brooks, List, Rhea PAN-HELLENIC Bunty Bain Barbara Bassett Betty Brooks Leigh Burleson Selma Chibnick Jeanne Clemmons Elizabeth Conn Margaret Cram Beulah Downs Dorothy Glass Margaret Greenhouse 1 ' atricia Haislip MEMBERS Mary Henderson Jane Jewett Frances Kahrs Anne Kingston Elaine Kohl Virginia List Mary Loughborough Margaret MacDermott Virginia McCabe Harriet Frances McLaughlin Marguerite McQuillan Mary Minor Beth O ' Roke Myrtle Prussin Ragna Randolph Jane Ann Rather Ellen Rhea Jean Rich Mary Elizabeth Rouse Dorothy Shipman Jean Thompson Elizabeth Titus Annabel VanWinklc Madelaine WestendoiT OFFICERS Stephanie I ' arfet President Phyllis Lee Scroggie Secretary Harriet Pomeroy Treasurer Alys Pierce Rushing Secretary Alice Lloyd Dean of Women Mrs. G. E. Mills Senior Alumnae Advisor Mrs. Caleb Smith Junior Alumnae Advisor STEPHANIE PARFET Page 270 N M N MARY MINOR PAN-HELLENIC BALL CENTRAL COMMITTEE Mai Minor General Chairman Bunn Bain Decoration- Barbara Bassett Finance Beit Brook - - Program and Floor Margaret Cram Reception Margaret Greenhouse Publicity Frances Kahrs Patrons Jean Thompson Music HIGHLIGHT of the sorority woman ' s year is Pan-Hellenic Ball . . . held the Friday after Thanksgiving. " White ties and tails " . . . formal dinners . . . orchids . . . and post-ball breakfasts make this important evening one of Michigan ' s favorite traditions. " . . . AND DINNER BEFORE WE DANCE. Row 1 Conway. Kahrs, Underwood. Thompson, Wingert. Greenhouse Row 2 Kasley. Payton. Meisil. Schiesskr Row 3 Bain, Cram. Minor. Bassett Page 271 N N N " ASSEMBLY THK independent women on campus are coordinated into Assembly . . . the most outstanding independent women ' s organization in the country. BETTY JANE MANSFIELD OFFICERS Betty Jane Mansfield President Martha Tillinan Vice President Ruth Hartmann Secretary Marie McElroy Treasurer ANN ARBOR INDEPENDENTS Mary Frances Reek President Ida Wagganer Vice President N ' ornia Ginsberg Srcrctary-Treasurei decile Flanking Program Chairman DORMITORY REPRESENTATIVES Marjorie Tate President Bette Howard Vice President Ann Besemer Secretary Lorraine Lievrouw Treasurer Phyllis McGeachy Program Chairman LEAGUE HOUSE PRESIDENTS Betty Meyer Presidem Doris Yoder .... Secretary-Treasure ' Frances Nevin Program Chairman Row 1 Hall, Lievrouw, Wood, Wagganer, Yoder Row 2 Reek, Tate, Meyer, King Row 3 Engel, Hartmann, Tillman, Mansfield, McElroy, McCeachy Page 272 N M N ASSEMBLY BANQUET. SMALL. McCEACHY BARTON MOTLEY, HOENECKER, REDNER ASSEMBLY Marx Hoencckcr abcth Notley Kllcn Rcclner Grace Helen Barton I ' ll) His McGeathy . Fiances Small . Barbara Grill BANQUET COMMITTEE General Chairman Assistant Chairman Tickets Decorations . 1 ' rograms Patrons Publicity BALL ASSEMBLY BALL COMMITTEE Charlotte Houk General Chairman Patricia Matthews Assistant Chairman Ellen Krieghoff Tickets Betty Hall Publicity Florence Michlinski Patrons Maya Gruhzit Programs Frances Burgess Decorations Grace Helen Barton Decorations Gladys Engel Finance Janet Clark Music Row 1 Motley. Kostman, Pipik, Douglas. Atlick. Buermann Row 2 Hall. Barton. Engel, Michlinski, Krieghoff, Clark, Cruhzit Row 3 McKee, Houk, Matthews, McLeod Page 273 N Row 1 Mclvor, Minor, Stadelman, Fcrriss, Van Raalte. Nussbaum Row 2 Sharkey, Nelson, Haislip, Shipman, Davis, Tibbits JUNIOR GIRLS ' PLAY JUNIOR GIRLS ' PLAY CENTRAL COMMITTEE Dorothy Shipman Chairman Patricia Haislip . Assistant Chairman Jean Van Raalte Make-up Katherine Mclvor Publicity- Harriet Sharkey Properties Mary Minor Programs Jean Tibbits Finance Maxine Nelson . . Dance .elda Davis Tickets Betty Stadelman Music Jane Xussbaiini Costumes Knora Ferriss .... , Ushers 1-OK tour nights in March the junior girls entertained the campus with their traditional play. This year ' s offering was Richard McKelvey ' s " Pig in a Poke " ... a musical comedy of the Old South . . . concerning a " certain " Colonel Culpepper and his whimsical family. DOROTHY SHIPMAN Page 274 N N OFFICERS Bet tv si .ulcl in.iM Jean Glasgow Edith Howell Janet Park . Francis Allen Betty Bilby . . President Vice President . Treasurer Business Manager . Librarian . Student Director BETTY STADELMAN GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB MEMBERS Francis I. Allen Molly Allinson N ' ornia Beach Elizabeth Bilb Donna Bolt Jane D. Brichan Virginia Durand Cecily Forrest Claire Gaston Jean Glasgow Edith Howell Esther Jewell Una Kelley Susan Kerr Elizabeth Kimball Eleanor McCoy Margaret Martin Dorothy Maul Johanna Meijer Helen Louise Mosher Janet Park Sally Park Carolyn Rayburn Jean Ritchie Betty Roberts Helen Ryde Henrietta Simpson Jane Simpson Alberta Sorenson Betty Stadelman Margaret Van Ess Hilda Van Tuyl Mary Lou Warner Sally Lou Weidlein Grace Wilson Margaret Woodruff Mildred Yoxall Barbara Zapp Row 1 LaCoste. Mosher, Rydc. Yoxall. Martin. Kelley. Weidlein Row 2 Forrest, Kerr, Durand. Bolt, Brichan, Woodruff Row 3 VanTuyl. Allinson, Rayburn, Kimball, Caston. Simpson. Warner, Sorenson, Mcijcr Row 4 VanEss, Roberts, Wilson, Park, Glasgow, Stadelman, Howell, Bilby, Allen, Davis Page 275 THE EVOLUTION OF A LEAGUE PROJECT WHEN the curtain rises on a League project . . . the audience sees only a small part of the drama. Behind the scenes lies another production: petitioning for central committee posi- tions . . . interviewing by Judiciary Council . . . and the ten- sion before their choice is made known. Then . . . the com- mittees go into action . . . tickets, finance, decorations, costumes, dancing, ushers, publicity, make-up and properties ... a committee for every girl ' s interest. The curtain on the final production falls on the concerted action of the cast and hundreds of " hidden " actors. SOPHOMORE CABARET . . . 1938 J. C. P. OF 1939 PIC IN A POKE " Page 276 u ETHEL McCORMICK " !F the chief end of women were to be bookworms, the League would be without reason for being. . . . So it came to pass that the need of some unifying influence became apparent. How could the women students of the university be united in one sister- hood? How could they acquire while in college a greater degree of heart culture and of fitness to be social leaders? " . . . The Founders of the Michigan League f THE Women ' s League Building answered these questions. Within its doors are found a completely :oordinated organization which includes in its lembership every woman student on campus, mong the facilities offered to members and their icsts are a beauty parlor, chapel, theatre, ball- room, dining rooms, lounges, bedrooms, library, and a suite of rooms for the Undergraduate Coun- cil. It is an institution within itself . . . and for ten years has more than carried out the aims of its founders. ' MICHIGAN LEAGUE STAFF Miss Ethel McCormick . . . Miss Margaret Curry . Miss Ruth Goodlander . . . . Social Director Assistant Social Director Business Manager MICHIGAN LEAGUE CHAPEL ETHEL FOUNTAIN HUSSEY ROOM Page 277 f ' iiinmilUJII H DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS. 4 FOOTBALL COACH PROFESSOR of the Theory and Practice of Athletics, Herbert O. Crisler, Michigan ' s latest addition to its athletics ' staff. Fritz, as he is more commonly called, came to the Wolverines last fall from Princeton to be assistant director of athletics and head football coach. H N Page 280 B ALL-AMERICAN %py% ' s MicniGA Js tontribution asSHKvS ? thejSB CJ ll-Ainerican ' ;. athletes fckinen. Heik ' s hobby ii- his nose in other people ' s .,,.. e Mot t tball uniforms whos 11. ii ion as aw i TiiuMCi line mai ae WolverinesV Tin fhas honorea him as it is our with i$ re- mi ' ftj sjuu that H |k is a reguly .fellow whose 4itelligence and good nature have von he cfl?PSrfWetl rp pect of his teammates aVd fellow college students. A- CAPTAIN FRED JANKE and Captain-Elect Archie Kodros are typical examples of the caliber of lead- ers which the members of the football team select as their pilots. Fred has been prominent in the Michigan line for three years while Archie has al- ready made himself famous in the short space of two years in the position at center. CAPTAINS FRED JANKE ARCHIE KODROS W E R Page 281 N H COACHES WEBER, MUNN CRISLER, OOSTERBAAN, DICKSON, MARTINEAU VARSITY. 1938- Row 1 Sukup, Kromer, Mehaffey, Trosko, Meyer, Fritz Row 2 Mgr. Woodworth, Olds, Tinker, Nicholson, Valek, Frutig, Trainer Roberts Row 3 Pumcker, Harmon, Smith, Smick, Cedeon, Levine, Phillips, Savilla Row 4 Hook, Kodros, Renda, Coach Crisler, Capt. Janke, Coach Yost, Strong, Heikkinen, Brennan H N Page 282 B YOST FIELD was running over with a crowd of eighty-two thousand people as the Michigan State Spartans met the Wolverines in the open- ing game of the 1938 football season. Four con- secutive Green and White victories made the game of vital importance to fans of both colleges, and as Michigan was to introduce her new coach Herbert O. Crisler, many of the crowd were there to see what tricks " Fritz " had up his sleeve in order to stem this Spartan flood of touch- downs. As the 14-0 score indicates, the Crisler regime got off on the right foot when it gave the spectators a fighting, inspired team which thoroughly avenged the defeats of past years. Throughout the game, Michigan outplayed State and at no time was the Wolverine goal threatened. After a vicious barrage of punts in the first quarter, Trosko intercepted a Pingel-to- N ' elson pass on the visitors ' 47 yard line just as the period ended. A pass from Purucker to Yalek and another from Kromer to Yalek placed tlu j ball on the 10 yard stripe to open the second quarter. Phillips carried the ball to the State three from which spot Paul Kromer romped over tackle for the first score. Yince Yalek con- verted for the extra point. In the final eight minutes of the fourth quar- ter, a mighty Michigan march against the des- perate Spartans put the ball on the State 15 yard line. Wallie Hook netted twelve yards on a fake, and then Kromer again shot through right tackle to score. MICHIGAN 14 yftfll Jr Kct y. W8 With the pigskin tucked under his arm, Wallie Hook left Bennett behind as he made a long gain. MICHIGAN STATE Paul Kramer returned a State punt with Heikkinen 1 36 1 and Olds (56) blocking out Kovacich 132) as Kinek ' 26 1 , Ketzo i17i, and Bremer 25) watched the runner pass out of their reach. w E R Page 283 N H I Lou Levine (46) and Ed Czak were up in the air for this pass of Strong ' s. Ed snared the ball and chalked up a touchdown for the Wolverines. STII.I. licking their chops after the previous week ' s victory over Michigan State, the Wolverines entertained the University of Chi- cago Maroons. All rules of etiquette were tossed aside by Fritz Crisler ' s team and before the afternoon was over the outclassed but valiant Chicago team was convinced that the Maize and Blue were not the perfect hosts. Although the backfield lacked the smoothness of the preceding week, the efficiency of Messrs. Heikkinen, Seigel, and Janke in the line paved the way for a total of 476 yards gained by rushing. So decisive did the score become, that thirty-three men saw service on the field for the Michigan squad before the game ended. No time was lost before the Wolverines began the seven touch- down assault on the Maroon goal. In the second play after the kick- off, Norm Purucker galloped through the entire Chicago team for forty-four yards to start the scoring. No monopoly was obtained by any one player for in addition to Purucker; Paul Kramer, Tom Har- mon, Fred Trosko, Howard Mehaffey, Dave Strong, and Ed C ak each crossed the coveted goal-line, the last named receiving one of Ken Strong ' s passes for his touchdown. The Maroons could get nowhere on the ground but gained 118 yards through passes, one of which accounted for their only touch- down. For an amazingly courageous performance, all honors must go to the Captain of the Chicago eleven Lewis Hamity. Although his team was the underdog from the start and he himself was worn and exhausted from his own playing, he carried on as the brunt of the Maroon offense and the keystone of the defense. From the standpoint of the spectator, the game showed that Michi- gan ' s football cycle was definitely on the up-swing and that much could be expected from a team that showed knowledge of funda- mentals and a good balance in all departments. MICHIGAN 45 CHICAGO 7 Davenport 14i was more or less by his lonesome as Savilla 29i, Kodros i53i, and Harmon ' 98 ' prepared to sweep him off his feet. Phillips (21) and Meyer (77) wanted to be in on the kill too, while Valorz (33), Rendleman 145), and Littleford (11) watched the play as did Czak i40). N Page 284 B I. Any I.rcK is one person on whom the Mich- igan football team could always count until Salurda) afternoon. October ir t . That was the afternoon oi the all-important Minnesota- Michigan gridiron classic which, by all that is written, should have gone to the Wolverines, but that is where Fate stepped in and smiled upon the Gophers. Now for the fifth consecu- ii e year the famous Little Brown Jug re- mains in Minneapolis. Minnesota is to be congratulated as being the first team to beat Michigan five years in a row. Jordan and Harmon successfully stopped this Minnesota runner who had evaded Savilla (291, Kodros 53 . and Nicholson 67 . The first half saw some great football as both teams tried to score. Smashing Michigan attacks repeatedly drove the Gophers to the wall but the dogged Northerners managed to punt out of danger each time. In the second period, a Michigan penalty gave Minnesota a chance to score from the 27 yard line. However, the brilliant Wol- verine line dug in and held for three downs so that Bell was forced to try for a field goal, which was unsuccessful. In the third quarter, Harmon, Kromer, and Purucker led a battering Maize and Blue drive from deep in home territory eighty-nine yards to cross the opponent ' s goal for a well-deserved touchdown. Danny Smick ' s attempt at conversion was frustrated by Johnny Mariucci and this point later turned out to be the deciding factor in the game. After the Michigan score, the Minnesota team put on a concerted drive which was greatly aided by an untimely Wolverine fumble, but the gains made from that particular play were cancelled by a penalty. However, at this point, the Gophers abandoned their power tactics and took to the air with the afore-sworn crippled Harold Van Every Hinging pass after pass over the heads of the Wolverines until the goal-line had been crossed and the needed point scored on a perfect kick by Faust. MICHIGAN 6 MINNESOTA 7 Minnesota ' s Moore made a first down before he was stopped by Kodros 53 . Heikkinen 36 Nicholson 1 67 1, and Janke ' 661 of Michigan and Twedell 63 of the Gophers also figured in the play. W N Page 285 NF.VV HAVEN was the center of interest this fall for Michigan Sport fans as the popular Yale eleven was scheduled to renew with Michigan the Wolverine-Eli relationship which had been idle for some fifty-one years. In fact, the crucial test was to avenge two KM victories in the last century. The Wolverine horde swept down on Con- necticut ' s principal city and saw defeat turned into victory only by the narrowest of margins. An automatic safety, tallied when Siegel blocked a punt into Yale ' s end zone decided the game which otherwise might ha c gone to the Bulldogs. During the first half, the Wolverines failed to click as the defense loosened and the attack faltered. Enemy quarterback Humphrey utilized this Michigan weakness to riHe pass after pass to his team-mates for slubstantial gains in two separate attacks with the result that the Blue led 13-2 at the close of the lirst half. Moore scored both times. Harmon 198) started down the field as Heikkinen (36) guarded Purucker 158) as the latter looked about for a receiver. Dyess 140) has been blocked out and Moody (27) is out of the play. Michigan ' s falling spirits took a sudden upturn in the third period, however, when Purucker carried Harmon ' s pass from the Michigan 36 to the Bull Dog 12 yard stripe. On the third down, he hurled over tackle to score. In the last quarter, passes again provided the impetus for a seventy-three yard drive which featured a beautiful smash by Harmon to the Eli 10. On the last down, Long John Nicholson snagged a Tom Harmon pass and made the winning touchdown. Jack Brennan ' s conversion was good for the extra point. MICHIGAN 15 YALE 13 Purucker started on a 23 yard run, having evaded Dyess (40) with the aid of Phillips 121, ' . Nicholson 167) missed John (20) who fell before Heikkinen (36). Evashevski (69) blocked Miller (19) as Janke 166) blocked another Miller 136). H N Page 286 B HOMECOMING was celebrated in fine fashion as forty-one thousand fans saw a Michigan team ' s tight defense foil the Illinois passing attack, and whose battering drives deep into the enemy territory netted 14 points. The im- provement over the Yale game of the I ncceding week was very gratifying although the statistics of the game do not credit Michigan ' s superiority in full. In addition to excellent pass de- fense, Michigan ' s punts, averaging 42 yards, were outstanding. Paul Kromer ' s 55 yard punt and run-back of the return kick paved the wav in the middle of the first per iod for Tom Harmon ' s touchdown trek through tackle. The other Wolverine score was set up early in the third period when Danny Smick blocked Rettinger ' s punt and recovered the loose pigskin on the Illinois 29 yard line. This set in motion a chain of plays which resulted in Forrest Evashevski ' s crossing the goal-line after receiving a pass from Harmon. Illinois ' scoring hopes ran high when halfback Burris ran around Michigan ' s end to the Wolverine 23 from which point the 14 yard line was reached. Switching over to an aerial attack, however, proved to be umvise as Evashevski snared a crucial pass and returned the ball well toward midfield, the Illini never again penetrating as far into the Maize and Blue territory. Thistlewood 47 did his best to keep Heikkinen (36) from reaching the ball carrier, Peterson (20). MICHIGAN 14 ILLINOIS Rettinger 47 leaned over Heikkinen to try and stop Kromer 83 who was running interference for his " touchdown twin " Harmon (93). Evashevski 69 had taken Phillips 31 out of the play. w N Page 287 H Nicholson took on quite a task when he tackled this three-legged monster, part of which is Bradway. Becker (32) and Lorber (34) were on their way over to help. THIRTY-SIX THOUSAND people were on hand to watch Michigan continue her remarkable season, this time at the expense of the University of Penn- sylvania. Wolverine strategy was clear at all times and she rolled up her nineteen points with visible ease. For most of the game the team worked like a well-oiled machine and it was only with the re- serves in during the third period that the Quakers were able to score. Early in the second quarter, Don Siegel cracked the Penn line to block Reagan ' s attempted punt from the 3 yard line. The ball bounced behind the goal line and Milo Sukup out-raced a host of Quakers to fall on the ball for the first Maize and Blue touchdown. In the same quarter, Paul Kro mer received a Penn punt and raced with it r,o yards to cross the goal for the second score. For the third period reward, the Wolverines branched into a concerted aerial attack which eventually landed them on the Pennsylvania 13 yard line. From there, Fred Trosko heaved a pass to Kramer who went deep into the end zone to chalk up his second touchdown of the afternoon. As the game neared its end, the weary Pennsyl- vania boys took new leases on life and opened up on the Michigan third stringers. Quarterback Dutcher made two runs of 18 and 62 yards to make the first Quaker score. Only a few minutes later, they launched an aerial attack which carried them over the Michigan goal for their final touchdown. MICHIGAN 19 PENNSYLVANIA 13 Koepsell (21) was stopped by Meyer (77) with Janke ready to help him. Nicholson (67) found the going too tough. Tinker and Sukup circled the mass of sprawling players but arrived too late to be of assistance. H T Page 288 N B THIS was one of those games which meant everything to both teams and a loss to either would have been heart- breaking. Michigan was striving des- perately to secure a position at the top of the Big 10 while Northwestern was fighting to overcome her Wisconsin defeat and remain in the battle for con- ference honors. However, try as they might, neither team was able to score, but their efforts provided thrill after thrill for the sixty-seven thousand fans .it the game. The Wildcats continually threatened the Michigan goal line and the Wol- verines were forced to play very careful lootball. However, in the third quarter. Northwestern started a drive from kick- off and in two plays advanced to the Michigan -57 yard line. Bernie Jefferson then took a pass from Oliver Hahnen- stein and would surely have scored had not Tom Harmon cut him down only- el e en yards from the pay dirt territory. Three line bucks made it first down and one yard to go for a touchdown. The mighty Wolverines dug in like they have never dug before and put up their most spectacular defense stand of the year. Led by Captain janke, Don Seigel. and Ralph Heikkinen, who were playing like they have never played before, the Wildcats were kept from crossing the line in four attempts, after which they lost the ball. Wallie Hook 179) looked on while Fred Trosko found himself hitting a stone wall in the forms of Voigts and Diehl. M ICHIGAN NORTHWESTERN In the fourth quarter, Michigan crashed down to the Northwestern 1 1, but a five yard penalty laid the founda- tions for an attempted Held goal by Trosko which Fred missed by a matter of inches. H opes were revived how- ever, when Purucker, about to punt from his own 34 yard line, ran instead down the field for a 44 yard gain. itli oiilv seconds to go, Michigan filled the air with passes, none of which connected for any substantial gain. This was the play of the season in which all the Wolverines and all of the Wildcats piled up on the Michigan goal line. Evashevski (69! closed the hole which McCurn 37 thought he could get through. w N Page 289 H I Paul Kromer showed perfect form as he passed successfully in spite of the hard tackle made by Sarkkinen. IF THERE is any one team which the Wolverines like to beat, it is the Ohio State squad from Columbus. This game was another of those games which Michigan went into with a four year record of defeats knifing her in the side and quite properly another of those games which called a halt to the string of opponent ' s victories. Ohio State has always been known for its razzle-dazzle brand of football so Frit Crisler sent his team into the game with the express purpose of keeping the Buckeyes from attaining any position from which their tricks could begin to function. Like a battalion of soldiers trained to obey, Fred Janke and his boys carried out the boss ' s orders to a tee and the Buckeye bag of tricks was never opened. Except for an unsuc- cessful Ohio drive in the early part of the game, tiie Buckeyes continually had to fight in their own back yard. Wallie Hook ' s alert recovery of a wide State lateral cleared the way for the first Michigan touchdown. From the Ohio 20 yard line, Tom Harmon, Paul Kromer, and Hook bull-dozed the ball over in a series of power plays, ably assisted by the brilliant Michigan line, most of whom were playing their last game for the Maize and Blue. Late in the third period, Harmon intercepted one of Sexton ' s passes so that Michigan had the ball on the State 40 as the fourth period opened. The second score was finally made, after several set-backs, when Harmon tossed a beautiful pass right into the arms of Ed Frutig who had stationed himself in the end-zone. Fred Trosko ran forty- seven yards to chalk up the third and final touchdown. MICHIGAN 18 OHIO STATE Needless to say, the game was a bitter disappointment for the Ohio State home-coming crowd, but for Michigan fans it marked the climax to a new football regime led by Fritz Crisler and his cohorts. Strasbaugh (4) began a race against Phillips (21), Seigel (62), and Smick (38) which netted him several yards. H T Page 290 N Row 1 F. Culver, C. Culver. KuHche. Olmsted. Cushing Row 2 Schwartzkopf. Purucker Hogan. Heyl. Jester. Allen. Kelley, Mgr. Bourke Row i Coach Doherty. Clark. Hayes. Davidson. Abbot. Cedeon. Buchanan, Kingsley. Faulkner Row 4 Farrelt. Miller. Stone. Martin. Coach Hoyt. Captain Watson. Townsend. Aigler 1938-39 TRACK U INNING Big Ten Conference championships, whether indoor or outdoor, has become a force of habit with the Michigan track team. Out of a possible seventeen championships within the last eight years, Michigan has won twelve. The sixth consecutive win in the indoor field was chalked up this year. As usual, Charlie Hoyt had assem- bled a superior group of thin-clads sprinkled generously with stars, and without exception, Captain Bill W 7 atson is the number one man on the team. The season started with the quadrangular Michigan. Notre Dame. Indiana, Ohio State meet. Watson began the year by breaking stadium records in both the shot-put and the broad jump. Kelley and Martin won the high hur- dle and javelin throw respectively while Wes Allen was tying the famous Ohio State high jumping team of Walker and Albritton. The Penn relavs were not quite so successful for the Maize and Blue as a whole, but the 3000 metre run between Ralph Schwartzkopf and the incomparable Don Lash served as a fine tonic as the Michi- gan sophomore broke the tape before the Hurrying Hoosier. In the only home meet of the season. Michigan spotted Illinois 44 points while Fred Martin was setting a new- dual meet record in the javelin, and Bill Watson was doing the same in the discus. Kelley, Gedeon, Schwartzkopf, id Kingsley turned in firsts in the low hurdles, high hurdles, mile run, and the pole vault respectively. The ond dual meet was with Ohio State and was considerably hampered by a chilling downpour. In spite of the footing. Watson set a field record in the discus as the rest of the team got its usual share of firsts in order to beat out the Buckeyes. Much the same sort of thing happened in the indoor track season. Showing remarkable balance in most of the track and field events, the Wolverines went through the period without a loss in any dual meet. Michigan State was the first to be swamped, followed by Notre Dame, while the meet with Ohio State was cancelled. In none of these meets did the other team come anywhere near defeating Mulligan. The Illinois Relays mav l e mentioned as the one time that Bill Watson came in second in the shot-put, however the big fellow was back in there pitching at the Conference meet and led his team to its decisive victory over the entire field. W o L V P D Page 291 H OUTDOOR TRACK MEET SCORES Michigan 87 Illinois 43 3 Michigan 78 Ohio State 53 BIG TEN CONFERENCE MEET Mic higan Wisconsin Ohio Stale Indiana Iowa Illinois Chicago Purdue Minnesota Northwestern In i 2 37 3 ' V- - ' 7 91 18 l l i l 6 OUTDOOR f Jester, Hogan, and Buchanan starting the half-mile run in Illinois meet. the Bill Watson just starting back to earth after having cleared the bar in the high jump. HAVING given Michigan winning track teams for the nine years that he has been head coach, it is with regret that we recognize Charles Hoyt ' s departure for Yale in the fall. The Eli gain is the Wolverine loss. SI-.VKRAI. years of cxiel- lent work with younger men whom he has de- veloped into stars for the Varsity team give- clear title to Ken Do- herty ' s advancement to the position of head coach. None need have any doubts as lo the future of the thin-clads. CHARLIE HOYT KEN DOHERTY H T Page 292 N We Allen drives his reel info the sand on comple- tion ot a broad jump. Waldo Abbot and his Illinois opponent break from the blocks as the race starts. Three Illini and Cedeon Kelley. and Kutsche clear the high hurdles in unison. W E R Page 293 N H CAPTAIN BILL WATSON 1939 INDOOR TRACK Michigan 77 Michigan State College 18 Michigan 65 Notre Dame 30 Ohio State, cancelled CONFERENCE MEET Michigan 411 2 Northwestern i) z Wisconsin 241 2 Chicago 91 2 Indiana 20 Ohio State 18 Purdue 1 1 Iowa 7 Minnesota 3 Illinois o BALYEAT PASSES THE BATON TO HAYES IN THE RELAY BILL AICLER BREAKING THE TAPE H T Page 294 N SEPARATED BY TWO MICHIGAN STATE HURDLERS, OLMSTED, KUTSCHE AND KELLY LEAVE THE BLOCKS INDOOR DAVE CUSHINC CLEARING THE BAR IN THE POLE VAULT WES ALLEN DOES LIKEWISE IN THE HIGH-JUMP W E R Page 295 N H Mulligan 4 University of Virginia 5 in Washington and Lee i 5 Virginia Military Institute 7 Georgetown 9 i(i University of Mainland 6 1 United Slates Naval Academy o i! Wisconsin 1 11 Illinois HI 7 Illinois ' 1 Michigan Stale 3 i! I ' urdiic 3 (i I ' M i due 1 5 Western State Teachers 1 .s Toledo i) 5 Michigan State Normal (i i Indiana ( Western Stale Teachers .{ (i Ohio Slate o | Michigan Stale Normal 5 (i Notre Dame o 2 Notre Dame 3 5 Wisconsin i 6 Minnesota 4 4 Minnesota 5 3 Michigan Slate o N California 5 BASEBAL L LANKY ELMER CEDEON COMPLETES A PAIR OF OUTS AT FIRST BASE Row 1 Mgr. Ctiddcn, Beebe, Smick, Andronik, Cedeon, Evashevski, Barry, Pink Row 2 Brewer, Smith, Coach Fisher, Captain Kramer, Campbell, Fishman, Trosko Row 3 Peckinpaugh, Lisagor H N Page 296 BASE B WHKN Spring vacation came around last year, the baseball team was shoving off for its annual trip through the land of warm sunshine and gentle bree .es. The tour turned out pretty well for Mel Krenier and his comrades, the sta- tistics for the period showing lour victories and two defeats with two games having been erased by Jupiter Pluvius. In the Big Ten opener with Wisconsin, the Badgers ran up an early lead which the home team was never able to overtake. The following two games with Illinois told the same story and the Wolverines were unable to over- come tidy bunches of hits in the early frames. A victory over Michigan State followed but there was decided evidence of a weak defense and not much strong pitching. Against Purdue ' s Boilermakers, however, Coach Fisher ' s gang showed considerable improvement. After losing a gruelling fifteen inning battle the hard way, the Maize and Blue turned around the following day and gained a (i-4 score. Ups and downs followed as the Michigan team tripped up Western State Teachers College, dropped a tough one to Toledo and one to Michigan Normal and then was snowed under by the Indiana Hoosiers. Western State came back for another engagement and allowed us to get back into the winning column once again although ragged hitting handicapped the Wolves. Ohio State ' s Buckeyes came over to Ann Arbor expecting to drink deeply from the victory cup, only to receive a staggering white-wash from the home team. Michigan Normal came back to defeat Michigan for the second time but the Wolverines bounced back to take the first of two games from Notre Dame. Vastly improved hitting and pitching accounted for victories over Wisconsin and Minnesota and even California, Pacific Coast champion, fell before the Wolverines, as did Michigan State in the season ' s final. COACH RAY FISHER 1938 111] CATCHER LEO BEEBE WAITING FOR THE THROW AS A WISCONSIN RUN CROSSES THE PLATE W E R Page 297 N H COACH BENNIE OOSTERBAAN NEW faces in the 1938-39 basketball line-up were few and far between and the old fainilar face of John Townsend appeared on the sidelines in the new role of assistant coach along with Bennie Oosterbaan who cut the ribbon on his career of head basketball coach. Michigan State ' s favored five opened the season for the Wolverines and met with defeat at the hands of the Michigan " Midgets. " A rough game with Notre Dame followed in which the more publicized South Benders went the way of the Spartans. Christmas vacation came along with its annual circle tour which ended very successfully for the Maize and Blue with victories over Rochester, Syracuse, and Cornell in the East, and Butler at Indianapolis, with one defeat administered by the Toledo Rockets. The conference season was marked by tips and downs which left Leo Beebe ' s boys with eight defeats and but four victories. Pick Dehner proved to be the thorn in the flesh of Michigan in both Illinois games in spite of fine playing on the part of Beebe, Danny Smick, Charley Pink, Harmon, Jim Rae, and Ed Thomas with no small aid from Sukup, Sofiak, Brogan, and Dobson. Many of the games were heart-breakers and some of Michigan ' s losses can be attributed to numerous injuries which plagued several mem- bers of the starting team off and on throughout the season. The recent election of Jim Rae to the captaincy for next year ' s team speaks for itself in evaluating his playing through the whole season as center par excellence and much of the spirit of the team. BASKETBALL PINK 120). THOMAS 122), HARMON 98), AND SMICK (4) ARE ALL EYEING ILLINOIS ' ATTEMPT TO SCORE A BASKET. H T Page 298 N B HARMON ON THE VERGE OF SINKING A FOUL SHOT WHILE THE ILLINI AND LEO BEEBE Is LOOK ON TOP: CHARLIE PINK SCORES A NEAT BASKET AGAINST OHIO STATE BOTTOM: JIM RAE FIGHTS FOR THE TIP-OFF AS THE OHIO STATE CAME BEGINS H CAPTAIN LEO BEEBE A FRENZIED MOMENT IN THE CAME WITH OHIO STATE Michigan I 1 Michigan Slate 31 39 Wisconsin 1 ' 1 " None Dame s 47 Iowa 3- 17 Rochestei 45 3 ' Ohio State 15 39 Syracuse 37 3 Michigan State 25 12 Cornell 27 2S Illinois 35 40 Butler 3i 2 ) Chicago 31 36 Toledo 44 2S Purdue 2() 20 Illinois 3 " 2S Ohio Stale 12 .17 Northwestern 28 53 Indiana 13 M innesota 34 32 N ' orlhweslern 26 ' I ' Row 1 Manager Lindgren. Nicholson, Smick, Oobson. Trainer Robert! Row 2 Pink, Harmon, Assitant Coach Townsend, Captain Beebe, Coach Oosterbaan, Rae, Thomas Row 3 Sukup Sotiak H N Page 300 w M M N M i i MANN ' S natators concluded the 1939 swimming season by winning the National Intercollegiate Swimming title for the sixth consecutive lime. The meet was a nip-and-tuck affair mainly between the Buckeyes and the Wolverines concluding with a record breaking performance by Michigan ' s 440 yard free style relay team. The season was inaugurated with the Michigan A.A.U. meet held in Ann Arbor. After sweeping practically every event in this meet, the Wol- erines met Ohio State in one of the most thrilling dual meets ever held in the Western Conference. When the meet ended, neither team had been able to gain an advantage, and the result was the first tie meet in the career of Matt Mann as Michigan ' s swimming coach. With the exception of the second Ohio State meet, which was an exact duplicate of the first, the dual meet season was rather uneventful. The Wolverines met and vanquished, very easily, Michigan State, Yale, Minne- sota, Iowa State, Iowa, and Northwestern. Michigan ' s relay teams pro- ided much of the excitement of these meets, as they proceeded to break practically every relay record for the longer distances. COACH MATT MANN SWIMMING With tin-, record behind them, the Michigan natators swept to an impressive victory in the Big Ten meet at Chicago, the week before the Nationals. Ohio State, the defending cham- pion, finished a poor second to Michigan, and the rest of the field followed far behind. CAPTAIN TOM HAYNIE A birds-eye view of Ralph Pyszynski executing a dive. W Page 30) H Row 1 Ebling, Gabriel, Thaxter, Haigh, Sherrill, Tomski, Beebe, Mack, Welsh Row 2 Benham, Holmes, Mueller, Capt. Haynie, Coach Mann, Hutchens, Barker Row 3 Ferstenfeld, Pyszynski, Wilkinson, O ' Neil INTERCOLLEGIATE Michigan 42 Ohio State University 42 62 Buffalo All Stars 67 Michigan State College i ' 53 Yale 25 j2 Ohio State University : 57 Minnesota 2 1 ; (io Iowa State College lii University of Iowa 2? 53 Northwestern 31 EXHIBIT " A " : THEY DON ' T SWIM ALL OF THE TIME. H T Page 302 N w M M N LEANING OUT OVER SPACE AS A RACE GETS UNDER WAY IN THE MICHIGAN STATE MEET CHAMPIONS 1939 BIG 10 CONFERENCE MEET Michigan 73 Northwestern 9 Ohio State 49 Wisconsin 6 Minnesota 1 1 Chicago 3 Illinois 9 Indiana 2 Iowa 9 Purdue 1 NATIONAL INTERCOLLECIATES Michigan Ohio State Princeton Yale Harvard Texas So. California Northwestern 65 58 22 H 8 8 Iowa Iowa State Columbia Illinois Florida Kenyon 3 3 3 2 2 2 Franklin and Marshall 2 EXHIBIT " B " : THEY DON ' T WEAR SUITS ALL OF THE TIME EITHER W N Page 303 VARS Y Doran, Captain Hillberg, James, Chadwick, Stodden, Tobin, Cooke, Calvert, Lovett ( Ross and Samuelson not in the picture i HOCKEY WITH less than a full team of Varsity lettermen back, Michigan ' s hockey team faced a tough schedule in which the majority of the opponents hailed from Canadian schools and athletic clubs. Captain Les Hillberg, George Cooke, Everett Doran, Al Chadwick, and goalie " Spike " James composed the old guard which was bril- liantly supported by a group of able sophomores. A hard fought tie game with McMaster University opening the season was symbolic of the weeks that were to follow. Games with Western Reserve and the power- ful Port Dover team revealed unexpected flashes of polish which carried the Maize and Blue to victories in both of these games. Defeat at the hands of the London A. C. preceded the opening of the Big 10 Conference season which is composed of only two other schools- Illinois and Minnesota. The victory over Illinois was no indication of what was to come at the hands of the mighty Minnesota Gophers whose Mariucci and St. Vincent led last year ' s co-champions to four complete routs of the Michigan team whose ranks were depleted through varied injuries and ineligibilities. Considerable spirit was sapped from the sextet as the winter approached its end and only lour victories resulted in ten starts, three of these four victories coming in the last three games of the season. Les Hillberg meets a little trouble at the hands of the McMaster goalie and a defenseman. I C H T Page 304 COACH EDDIE LOWREY N H Michigan - ( Master 2 7 Western Ontario ;, ; Western Resei e 1 ti I Nut Dover 2 ;t I ii Illinois o Minnesota 6 Minnesota I Ontario Agriculture .... 4 Western Ontario 3 6 V(xxlst ick 2 3 Waterloo 5 o Minnesota 7 3 Minnesota 8 2 Toronto 4 3 Illinois i 2 Point Edward i 4 Paris 3 Mkhigan School of Teilmolo;.; . cancelled The Waterloo goalie leaps out of the net to meet Doran ' s shot. 1939 Spike James stops a hard Toronto shot. Once again the Waterloo goalie feels the rush of a Wolverine attack. w V E R Page 305 N Row 1 Mgr. Scidcnstcin, Palmer, Black, Coaches Trueblood and Courtright, Tussing, Rciss ROW 2 Schwarze, Lohr, Capt. Karpinski, Barclay, Yearnd GOLF THE Golf course was scarcely put in shape for the season, when Ray Courtright had his team chipping out of traps and driving ball after hall off the tees in preparation for the 1938 endeavor to regain the Big Ten conference championship. Starting the year in a most enjoyable manner, the squad, with Al Karpinski as captain, made a tour of the South on which the boys garnered three victories, one tie and lost but one match. When the regular season got under way, the Varsity was composed of Hob Palmer, Bill Barclay, Lynn Reiss, Bill Yearnd, Tom Tussing, Bill Black, Fred Schwarze, and Ken Johnson, in addition to Captain Kar- pinski. The first three matches with Indiana, Purdue, and Illinois ended in victories for the Maize and Blue, so the spirit of the team was high as it prepared to meet last year ' s Conference champions North- western. Nothing could have been sweeter to the Wolverines than to avenge the defeat of the previous year at the hands of the Wildcats but, unfortunately, the boys from the shore of Lake Michigan were in top form as they won again. The last week in May found the schools of the Conference gathered in Minneapolis, all seeking the Big Ten Championship. Contrary to all predictions, Northwestern was dethroned at the feet of the Minnesota Gophers, Michigan coming in third. Captain-elect Bob Palmer led the Michigan men with a score of 313, which gave him fourth place in the individual standings. Michigan so Tennessee 7 9 Clemson 9 221 2 Georgia 131 6. 81 4 Vanderbilt 91 2 12 Cincinnati 6 121 4 Ohio State 111 2 ( i 4 Mich. State 111 2 2 1 Wayne o I i( Indiana S 1 Purdue 5 ' 7 ' 2 Wayne 3 4 i .t Illinois 121 4 714 Northwestern ioi 4 31 4 Mich. State i.ji i. 171 4 Notre Dame ()i i i | Maiqnettc 7 COACH RAr COURTRICHT H N Page 306 N N LAST spring, functioning lor the first time under their new coach, Leroy Weir, Michigan ' s young and largely inexperienced tennis team turned in a highly creditable record, winning ten out of the seventeen meets in which it played. For the first time in Michigan ' s tennis history, the netters were per- mitted to enjoy an extensive spring tour, during which they met schools in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. In spite of the fact that up until the trip, inclement weather had kept them practicing exclusively indoors, they defeated three out of the five schools met. When the regular season started, the team, led by Capain Levenson, and Hank Cohen, a senior who had never played varsity tennis before, enjoyed eight successive wins, including victories over such strong opponents as Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan State. But, with the harder half of the schedule in the immediate offing, Michigan soon found herself severely crippled by the loss of Levenson due to a foot injury, and the team dropped five meets, three of which weir very close. In the final Big Ten Championship meet held in Chi- cago. Michigan was fighting for third place, having conceded first and second places to the very strong Chicago and Northwestern teams, but the draw forced four of Michigan ' s six men against Chicago in the first round, and Michigan was able to finish only a scant ei ghth in the standings. Chicago won the tournament without losing a single match to another school. COACH LEROY WEIR TENNIS Michigan S Richmond i 3 V. M. 1 6 o Virginia 9 S Western Maryland i s Duquesne i | Indiana 3 Michigan 5 Illinois Michigan State Teachers 4 Kalamazoo 2 Michigan State 4 State Normal o Notre Dame . 6 Minnesota 8 Chicago 9 Michigan State 6 Northwestern 8 Purdue 4 Ohio State . i Row 1 Mgr. Sodick. Morris, Kidwcll Tallman, Cisco, Coach Weir Row 2 Woolsey, Percival, Levenson, Cohen, Slatery w N Page 307 w N COACH CLIFF KEEN Michigan 17 1 6 Indiana 11 Pennsylvania State College 1 2 20 New York Athletic Club. 8 29 Michigan State College. . 3 19 Ohio State University... 13 22 Chicago ( 2 1 Northwestern . .11 FOR the first time in the history of wrestling at Michigan, the Mai .e and Blue team went through a dual meet season without suffering a single- defeat. The record ran the victories at home to a three year un- blemished mark during which time only two matches of any kind were dropped. With Harold Nichols as captain and only six lettermen of last year ' s battles on hand, the musclemen opened the dual meet season against the Hoosiers, arch enemies and number one challengers for Wolverine supremacy on the mats. The unfortunate injury of Chris Traicoff of the Indiana team postponed the grudge match between himself and Captain Nichols and accounted in no small degree for the Hoosiers ' first dual meet defeat in two years. A victory tour of the East followed in which the Michiganders met and topped the best wrestlers that sec- tion of the country had to offer; Penn State and the New York Athletic Club being the teams defeated. The return of Bill Combs and Roland Savilla after the turn of the semester was celebrated by victories over Michigan State, a tough group of Ohio State Buckeyes, a rather easy Chicago team and a grand finale with Purdue. A curtain call in the form of the Big Ten meet proved to be a sad one for the Wolverines for they were forced to relinquish their Conference title to the revengeful Indiana Hoosiers who were at full strength for the final meet. Chris Traicoff was fit as a fiddle this time and came out on the long end of the Traicoff -Nichols grudge match. Heavyweight Forrest Jordan was selected to pilot the team and iry to recapture the Big Ten title during the 1939-1940 season. WRESTLING Row 1 Ass ' t Coach Robertson, Morgan, D. Nichols, Turner, Savilla, Jordan, Tasch, Mosscr, Mgr. Schoetz Row 2 Weidig, Lardner, Coach Keen, Capt. H. Nichols, Combs, Mericka, Whittemore H N Page 308 : H E E R L E A SPECTATOR spirit at sporting events is almost as essential to victory as the spirit of the participants themselves. There was a decided change in pep at Michigan this year, due largely to the unceasing efforts of leather-lunged Bob Canning and his sextuplets of Cheerdom. Natur- ally, a lot of the cheering was fostered spontaneously by wonderful Wolverine teams but always behind the scenes was Bob and his group figuring new ways to make people yell longer and louder. Leading organized yelling is of course the primary task of the cheer- leaders, but of late, amusing the crowd has become one of the necessary requisites for success. Therefore, the boys this year branched out into this new art by introducing everything from lawnmowers and coffins to rifles and toy cats at the football games. This year, too, the idea of an organized cheering section with appropriate card displays was revived with considerable success. Another revival from past Michigan tradition was engineered by the group when the football team was met at the station after the Minne- sota game and escorted up to the campus on a hay rack drawn by the licsliinan class. Through the generosity of the Michigan Union, the cheerleaders were able to cover twenty-Jive hun- dred miles in following Wolverine athletic events. This was particularly pleasing to the fellows in that the financial guarantee of such trips has never been specifically provided, heretofore. Ably assisting Bob at every tumble and turn were Chuck Jaslow, George Johnson, Ken Kimball, Ted Spangler, Harold Spin way, and Art Trent. At the last basketball game of the season, the silver megaphone was presented to Ted Spangler who thus becomes head cheerleader for next year. BOB CANNING CHEERLEADERS ' Jaslow, Kimball, Treut, Canning, Johnson, Spangler, Spur way t, w E R Page 309 N ATHLE TICS MICHIGAN has its own quintuplets who, unfortunately, remain unsung tor most of the student body. Elmer Mitchell is the head of a group of men composed of Earl Riskey, A. A. James, R. W. Webster, and John John- stone whose task it is to run the huge Intramural department of the University. This is no Lilliputian endeavor to smoothly co-ordinate the activities of the Intramural Building itself which houses under one roof gymnasiums; courts for handball, squash, tennis, and badminton; practice nets for golf; boxing and wrestling rooms; and of course the famous home of Champions the swimming pool. This is not all by any means, for beyond the actual walls of the building are baseball diamonds, horseshoe pits, tennis courts, soccer fields, an excellent track, the finest collegiate golf course in the United States, bowling alleys in the Union, and one of the few existing college- run ice rinks the Coliseum. With this wealth of equipment primarily for the use of the average student who does not wish to connect himself with varsity athletics, Director Mitchell and his staff add a touch of the sporting by sponsoring seasonal individual and team events which appeal to the hundreds of male students and faculty who make use of the In- tramural plant. For the uninitiated, adequate instruction is offered in any of the sports offered through the de- partment, and dividends are paid daily in terms of healthy bodies. By means of points scored for participation in various events, the champion campus athlete is selected an- nually, Tom Harmon nosing out former champ Paul Keller for this year ' s title. A few of the latest winners air: Sam Rotberg, Badminton; Alpha Omega, Graduate Basketball; Sigma Chi, Fraternity Basketball; and the Inde- pendent Senators in the same sport. Paulus captured the bowling singles while he and Parker took the doubles. In fencing, John Dreher and Ray Chambers came out on top while the Senators did likewise in touch football. Art Davidson won both spring and fall golfing honors. Psi Upsilon took the handball for the Greek-letter men with the Senators in there again for the Independents. Phi Kapp a Psi is fraternity hockey champion for the fifth consecutive time and all-Campus champ for the first time in that sport. The relays were won by Phi Kappa Sigma and the Wolverines. Russ Strickland took the Squash title. In swimming, Sigma Chi and the Phys Eds are the tops while Trigon grabbed the water polo title. Outdoor track was won by Phi Gamma Delta, indoor by Phi Delta Theta. Volleyball honors went to the Phys Eds. Wrestling ended in a tie between Phi Delta Theta and Psi Upsilon. INTRAMURAL iiiiiiiiiiilil i III Iff , ' lill ' i I! II ' I I! I! ' in I i ii |H1 IE 11 u ii i ii i N M U WHKN Old Man Winter rolls around, the Intramural building goes into high gear. Handball and punching the bag are ex- cellent ways to keep weight down and develop agility. Golfers and tennis players have no excuse for becoming rusty with practice nets and indoor courts open all of the time. W E R Page 3 1 1 N H PROF. RALPH W. AICLER ATHLETIC BOARD FACULTY MEMBERS Ralph W. Aigler Henry C. Anderson Fielding H. Yost Ira M. Smith Dr. Carl E. Badgley Lewis M. Gram A. E. R. Boak Elmer D. Mitchell Clifford Woody HAROLD DAVISON AND JAMES RAE STUDENT MEMBERS Harold Davidson James Rae ALUMNI MEMBERS (allies E. Dully George C. I ' aloison Charles li. DuCharme THIS is the " unollicial Board in Control of Athletics. " I.oren o Thomas is the head grounds-keeper who sees to it that the grid- iron, the track, and the diamond are in the best of condition. It is Ray Roberts ' task to dish out the iodine and iron out the charley-horses. Henry " Hank " Hatch controls the mountains of miscellaneous equipment for the various sports and is an es- sential cog in the whole athletic set-up. THOMAS HATCH AND ROBERTS W E R Page 312 N HITS mm FROM the cold, crisp days of late September until the last days before June finals . . . co-eds can be found doing anything from horseback riding down country roads . . . bowling a few frames . . . shooting for that " perfect " score . . . playing a set of badminton or learning a new dive ... to skiing in the Arboretum . . . a fast game of tennis . . . fencing ... or break- ing par on the golf course. All this and more furnished through the courtesy of a well- rounded athletic system. . . . ' . ' - " , - " . , ' . - WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC BUILDING MICHIGAN women no longer take their athletics as dull routine exercise. The one year of compulsory athletic work for entering freshmen is only part of the program. Every year the enrollment of upperclass women in regular sport classes increases . . . more teams are being drawn into intramural play . . . and ... as a consequence . . . Michigan ' s sports facilities see heavy duty. The Women ' s Athletic Association concentrates most of its attention on the intramural program. Through an organized system of tournament play . . . dormitories, zones, and sororities are found competing in all fields . . . in a genuine spirit of enthusiastic participation. When the new proposed swimming pool is added to the Palmer Field House . . . Michigan women may boast one of the most complete athletic plants of any university in the country. w M N Page 314 W. A. A. omia Curtis President ii-inia Allan Vice I ' n-sidenl Miiijniic lcikei- Secretary M:mli;i Tillman Treasurer Elizabeth White A.F.C.W. Correspondent Jean McKay Publicity Jane Dunbar Intramural Manager Sally Corcoran Assistant Intramural Manager Alberta Royal Assistant Intramural Manager Harriet Sharkey Assistant Intramural Manager Ruth Hartman wardsChairman Irene Salio . . . v Archery Chairman Florence Coikum . Badminton Chairman Dorothea On mayer Basketball Chairman Barbara Eppstein Baseball Chairman Beth O ' Roke Dancing Chairman Julia Ann Upson Fencing Chairman Marjorie Tate Golf Chairman Mary Richardson Hockey Chairman Betty Lou Witters Outdoor Sports Chairman Dorothy Maul Tennis Chairman (.lara Lenfesty .Swimming Chairman Bi-nv Gross Rille Chairman Beiu Vood Riding Chairman NORMA CURTIS c o u N c I L B o A R D Row 1 McKay, White, Hartmann Row 2 Eppstein, Hartwig, Allan, Curtis, Merker, Tillman, Dunbar Row 1 Miss Ellis, Sharkey, Eppstein, Witters, Royal, McKay, Hood, Upson, Miss Hartwig Row 2 Sabo, Maul, Tate, Richardson, Cross, Hartmann, Lenfesty, Corcoran, Stickles, Ortmayer, Dunbar, O ' Roke Row 3 White, Tillman, Curtis, Dr. Bell, Allan. Merker, Corkum H E Page 315 SPORTS IN THE SPRING and fall a young woman ' s fancy turns to thoughts of Palmer Field and the Wom- an ' s Athletic Building. Here . . . on sunny afternoons . . . one can find all sixteen tennis courts filled with blue or yellow clad figures improving their game. A group of noisy enthusiasts rush past towards the hockey fields. Over the way . . . we see a line of girls . . . hows and arrows poised for flight. CCLF: Leaving the " sixteenth " . . . and two to go. OUTDOOR CANOEING: Paddles on the Huron HORSEBACK RIDING: Preparation to a canter. w M N Page 316 SKILL THE STABLES just outside town are filled with shouts of " I want Checkerbury " ... or " Give me Grey Dawn. " A group are just ready to leave the canoe livery for an hour ' s paddle up the Huron. The University Golf Course has just seen the arrival of a class under Mrs. Hanley ' s supervision. Back at the Wom- en ' s Athletic Building, we find an outdoor sports class debating whether hiking or bicycling shall be the order of the day. SKIING: Still standing . . . ! S P O R S TENNIS: A study in action. H ARCHERY: Aiming straight ahead. E Page 317 ' SPORTING THE winter indoor-sports sea- son is colored by many activi- ties . . . ranging from ice skat- ing in the Coliseum to riHery matches in the Women ' s Ath- letic Building. Going over to the Union, we find girls splash- ing into the Union pool. Bar- hour Gym is the scene of a last lunging fencing duel. Here also a group of girls are play- ing a " round-robin " of bad- minton. Above their heads is the dancing studio where we are apt to find anything from a modern dance to a tap (lass. N D O O R MODERN DANCING: Background to poise ICE SKATING: And never a spill! BADMINTON: From a bird ' s-eye view. E N Page 318 SKILL THE locker room is in a state of hubbub ... as a oup get dressed for a ame of basketball or a -lass in body mechanics. And because bowling and )iii ' 4-pong have proved so apular . . . the allevs and tables are open for use ery afternoon and eve- ling. Trul v . . . there is .i sjjort for everyone! SWIMMING: Instruction on the side. BODY MECHANICS: Setting-up ' action. H Page 319 N Baribeau, Roberts, Hiatt, MacDonald, Westrate, Crow, Creve, Barrows, Phelps, Hood, Winnai, St. John CROP AND SADDLE OFFICERS Betty Hood President Virginia Barrows Vice-President Yvonne Westrate Treasurer Betty Badger Margaret Bancroft Maxine Baribeau Virginia Barrows Nancy Chapman Agnes Crow Ann Fanner MEMBERS Joan Geiger Jeanne Gomon Barbara Greve Janet Hiatt Betty Hood Rowena Lacoste Kllen MacDonald Mary Jane Phelps Shirley Roberts Fiances Robinson Kllen St. John Sally Lou Weidlcin Yvonne West rale F.lhel Winnai Marion Hyde INTRAMURAL SPORTS WINNERS ARCHERY: Helen Pielmeier, Margaret Van Ess BASEBALL: Jordan Hall BASKETBALL: Jordan Hall BOWLING: Marion Weiss, Doris Cranmore FENCING: Jane Scott, Elizabeth White GOLF: Katherine Devine, Betty Jackson RIFLE: Helen Nutting RIDING: Virginia Barrows, Janet Hiatt SWIMMING: Martha Cook Dormitory TENNIS: Merida Hobart VOLLEYBALL: Helen Newberry Dormitory w M N Page 320 DR. MARGARET BELL PHYSICAL EDUCATION STAFF Dr. Margaret Bell, Chairman of Department of Physical Education for Women, Professor of Hygiene and Physical Education, and Physician in the Health Service Dr. Mabel E. Rugen, Associate Professor Miss Laurie E. Campbell, Assistant Professor Miss Dorothy Beise, Instructor Miss Ruth Bloomer, Instructor Miss Helen Ellis, Instructor Miss Marie Hartwig, Instructor Miss Barbara Crowe, Part-time Instructor Mrs. Stewart Hanley, Assistant Miss Frances Skinner, Assistant Miss Rosalia Westcott, Assistant THE women of the University have dreamed for a long time of a swimming pool of their own. Through the cooperation of the Physical Education Staff, the management of the Women ' s Athletic .Association, and the interest of the campus at large . . . this dream is gradually becoming a reality. H THE NEW PROPOSED WOMEN S SWIMMING POOL LET Page 321 A BULL SESSION getting up steam. Current form of stag recreation and studying for an EC bluebook. POKER, a card game frowned upon by the University and played by a few he-men who think bridge is a sissy game. PRATER RUSHING, the bane of first semester. For two weeks it ' s a good excuse for not studying and cutting classes. FRATERNITIES ' PARTY FOR KIDS THE Interfraternitv Sing lias rapidly taken its place among Ann Arbor ' s traditions . . . The Christmas partv for kids, given in Hill Auditorium, was more than just a success and deserves three cheers for the sponsoring frater- nities . . . Relief from the strain of class rooms, the Beta ' s start a p-e-e-rade . . . Michigras, backed by fraternities, raises money for university projects. A I BETA BURLESQUE Page 325 M H N ROBERT REID President ROBERT CANNING Secretary EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Robert. Reid Charles l.ovell Charles l ' cc. ' kiiipangh Phillip WhiUcmore Dean Joseph A. Burslcy I ' rol. Karl Litzenberg Mi. Al Connablc Mr. Charles W. Giaham Villiain Famsworth INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL LOWER STAFF Dick Adams Tom Adams William Armstrong William Havnnger AIIMHII llcebe Robert Herhaller Frank Bussard Kduard Chruftteiisen Wilber Davidson W. Fritz DeFiies Hugh Esles Oscar Felerman Llovd Forstcr (allies Froinm Robert Golden fohn Goodcll |i:i Grate l-.diiuind Han MS l);i id Haughey John Hoppin Robert [ohnson Benjamin Jones Richard I.iungM loin Markham |ose| h R. Mason Richard McGralh Howard 1 ' arker Larry Rinck I ' etc- Gossarcl Clarence Sahlin Jack Sherrill Charles Smilli Harold S|)inuay Jack Robinson 1 ' hil Simpson Robert Good car Dick ' andcr lUnch H Row! Beebe, DeFries, Rinek, Adams, Haughy, Golden, Egert, Markam, Bussard, Bavinger, Davidson, Feferman, Mason, Reed Row 2 Grace, Estes, Parker, Jones, Livingston, Reid, Canning, Blum berg, Goodyear, Johnson, Sherrill Row 3 Hinkle, Hoppin, Goodell, Sahlin, Smith N Page 326 N FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 19O4 CHAPTER OFFICERS President Frank W. McDonald Vioe-President Vernon G. Poest Secretary John B. Green Treasurer John M. Mulkey MEMBERS R. W. Bunting. D.D.S. M K. Coolev. LL.D. F.D.Curtis. Ph.D. B. D. Edwards, Col. H. W. Emerson. M.D. R. " . Hainmeu, M.Arch. C. T. Johnson. C.E. SEN Weimar L. Chrislman L nn Doctor Mackellar K. Graham John B. Green Shannon D. Lieut . Jr. Frederick W. Luebke N FACULTY M.L. iehuss.C-E. F. G. Now. M.D. R.G. Rodks .Ph.D. C. A. Sink. M.E. M.R. Small, A.B. E. A. Stalker, M.S. T. H. Tapping, LL.B. IORS Frank W. McDonald John M. Mulkcv Venion G. Poest Thomas G. Reed Ben H. Verrv H. H.Atn-ell J. E. Beal P. Boehm R. A. Campbell I.. G. Ch list ma 1 1 R. C. Lawman LEmde MEMBERS IN CITY R. E. Granville W. C. Hollands O. D. L efferts R. Norris C. R. Pryce F. A. Sargeant ACACIA JUNIORS Theodore T. Gibson John I. Hunt Richard J. Mann Jack D. Reduine Fred J. Seyfried, Jr. Grand R. Val|e George A. Shairard William S. Bowden ilford H. Blown 1 iac ' . Buck waiter Ricliard A. Conner-. Emerv A. Cook, Jr. V. Fritz DeFries David B. Dunlap John H. Farrens, Jr. SOPHOMORES M. R:iv Dc-nin William E. Lccder John F. Durr Clayton H. Manry C . David Ford George V. Mallht-u - Douglas C. Jeffrey, Jr. John P. Paup MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Emanuel G. Bolene, B.S.. Ch.E. Harry Jones-Burdick. A.B. William L. Cogger. B.S., Ch.E. Tom L. Evans, A.B. Richard W. Pomeioy, A.B. Alva D. Rush, A.B. Richard C. W ' heeler. B.S.. M.E. Arthur C. Hills FRESHMEN Roy E. Himbrell Row ' Jeffrey. Paup. Manry. Durr. Ford. Leeder. Kimbrell. Hills Row 2 Valpey. DeFries. Gibson. Seyfried. Hunt. Redwine. Brown. Sharrard. Bowden. Farrens Row 3 Buckwalter Batlard. Williams. Luebke. Christman. Graham, Doctor. Dunlap. Mann Row 4 Lienrx, Wetry, Mulkey. Pryee. McDonald. Poest, Matthews. Green, Wheeler Page 327 M H N Row 1 Marande, Laut, Cousineau, Brock, Maxwell, Albaugh, Zuehlke. Row 2 Lee, Powers, Vass, Emens, Soeder, Echter, VanCleve, Stone. Row 3 Mericka, Fisher, Echenbarger, Atkinson, Zienty, Hatcher, Christian, Stumpf, Florence. Leigh C. Anderson, 1 ' li.D. Werner E. Bachmun, Ph.D. Edwin M. Baker, B.S. Floyd E. Bartell, Ph.D. John C. Brier, M.S. ' George G. Broun, Ph.D., Ch.E. Oliver L. I. Brown. Ph.D. Robert J. Carney, Ph.D. Lee O. Case, Ph.D. Adam A. Christman, Ph.D. Walter L. Badger, M.S. William W. Dalee, M.S.E. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Harold C. Eckstein, Ph.D. Alfred L. Fergeson, Ph.D. Joseph O. Halford, Ph.D. James H. Hodges, Ph.D. Howard B. Lewis, Ph.D. Roy K. McAlpine, Ph.D. Clifford C. Meloche, Ph.D. Chester S. Schoepfle, Sc.D. William G. Smeaton, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY KaMiiond Dotts B ion A. Soule, Sc.D. Malcolm H. Soule, Sc.D., LL.I). Lars Thomassen, Ph.D., Ch.E. Clair Upthegrove, B.S., Ch.E. Phillip F. Weatherill, Ph.D. Albert E. White, Sc.D. Alfred H. White, B.S., Ch.E. Hobart H. Willard, Ph.D. William P. Wood, M.S.E. 1.. O. Scott, Ph.D. ALPHA CHI SIGMA FOUNDED AT WISCONSIN 1902 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER 1916 CHAPTER OFFICERS President J ' ln Atkinson, Jr. Vice-President H. Richard Hatcher Secretary Edward Yass Treasurer Harry C. Fischer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Robert Brock Charles E. Maxwell, III Milchell E. .ienty Carl W. uehlke SENIORS John Atkinson, Jr. Stanley G. Christian Charles H. Cousineau Warren Flora nee Lee H. Macdonald James Mericka Thomas I ' faff Wilbur E. Powers Harry C. Stumpf Gale R. Ecenbarger Harry C. Fischer H. Richard Hatcher Wavnc H. Lee Arnold Soeder John M. Stone JUNIORS Edwaid D. Marande Houard Parker Richard 1 " . Trainer Russell VanClcve SOPHOMORES John E. Vass N Page 328 N FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE 1832 PENINSULAR CHAPTER 1846 CHAPTER OFFICERS President Arthur Allen ice- President Frank William Spicer Secretary ... Owen Pallid Lillie Treasurer John D ' Arcy, Jr. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dean Harr M. Bates. Ph.D.. LL.D.. LL.B. W. H. Butts. Ph.D. E. V Hand. M.D. Don Marshall, M.S., MJ). Jesse S. Reeves. Ph.D.. LL.D.. LL.B. Philip F. Weatherill, Ph.D. Benjamin V. Wheeler. A.M. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Robert Burhans William J. DeLancy Dean E. Glidden Walter L. Haskell Sanford M. Ladd John L. Rubsam John Uhl MEMBERS David M. Ladd Earl Vincent Moore Stanlev A. Moore IN CITY Robert C. W. Sadler William M. Widdecomlie JUNIORS Otto R. Becker Hal Thrall Benham, Jr. A. C. McGraw Carter William T. Gushing, Jr. James C. Everett Llovd M. Forrsler John K. Kleene Frank K. Mabley Richard Putt William G. Parfet Frederick L. Shands Thomas C. Tussing David J. Watson, Jr. Robert J. W ' inter Arthur Allen Charles C. Bowen III John D ' Arcy. Jr. Horace W. Gilmore John W. Hamilton Russell W. Hook, Jr. SENIORS SOPHOMORES Julian Kilman Frank Langstrom J. Edward Luders Bert D. Reedy Frank W. Spicer, Jr. William W. Widdecombe William F. Beebe George T. Christiansen Arthur R. Cline William S. Everard Robert M. Hook David M. Ladd Owen Patrick Ullie Stanley A. Moore Robert C. W. Sadler Joseph Blake Thaxter III Roger Bennet Vepson J. Rodney Van Leuwen Hans Weichsel ALPHA DELTA PHI FRESHMEN John Armour Jerome Brenner Goodwin Clark William Coxon William Funk Charles Gibson John Leidv Duncan Wiereno Row 1 Brenner. Mancount. Putt, Gibson. Armour. Coxon. Claik. VanLeinen. Stagg. Funk. Wetchsel. Lillie R?w 2 Carter. Mahley. Winter. Tussing. Everhard. Kleene. Ladd. Leidy. Sadler. Christiansen. Yepsen Row 3 S. Moore. Everett. Langstrom. Watsun. Becker. Pertet. Gushing V. Moore. Shands. Foster Row 4 Luders. Borneo. Cilmore. Spicer. Hamilton. Allen. D ' Arcy. Hook. Reedy. Meyers. Warner H H Page 329 M H N Row 1 Austin, Lipp, Wecsncr. Cilc. Scott, Cooney, Baxter, Brown, Hamilton, Fink Row 2 Webber, Kreuz, Wallace, Oakes, Rocmcr, Frederick, Chrisman, Steding, Beebe Row 3 Mathcws, Probst, Ladd, Eisner, Webb, Campbell, Buermann, Wheeler, J. Probst, Meredith MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dow V. Baxter, Ph.D. Harlan H. Bloomer, Ph.D. Richard T. Liddicoat, B.S. Lawrence C. Maugh, M.S. Howard Y. McClusky, Ph.D. Willard I. Wilcox, A.B., B.S., M.S. Karl H. Beck (allies C. Cook MEMBERS George G. Alder Louis C. Reimann William f. Burroughs Willard H. Hildebrand IN CITY Jack D. Hogan ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1914 ZETA CHAPTER 1924 CHAPTER OFFICERS ( ' resident Roswcll J. Campbell ice-I ' rcsidcnt Thomas M. Bucrinann Secretary Austin H. Bechc Treasurer O. Wallin Ladcl Thomas M. Buermann Roswell |. Campbell John S. Eisner John F. Johnson O. Wallin Ladd Clavlon K. Mallhews Cameron W. Meredith Austin H. Beebe Arthur L. Bennett M. Lee Chrisman KaMiiond L. Frederick Kenneth Hcininger SENIORS Arthur C ' ,. Oakes Charles O. Probst Jean P. Probst Kichaul K. Roemei Kcrmit W. Vei)b Vallaee (.. Wheeler JUNIORS Kldon K. James Kenneth L. Krue H. Richard Slediug Vimhurii L. Wallace John I), (.ooiicx L. Jerome Fink Karl K. Kreit Donald V. Lipp William Bioun Richard M. Gile SOPHOMORES Kobeit A. Marsh Jack K. Webber George ' . Weesi nei FRESHMEN Morris C. Wheeler N Page 330 N FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY 1845 THETA CHAPTER 1908 CHAPTER OFFICERS Pioidem Ted J. Madden Vice President Waller E. Hol ert soictary Keith R. Brouson IIHMIM.T Miluni Paul Cook C niioponding Secrelaiy . . . Daniel J. Shau MEMBERS IN FACULTY Ralph W. iler. LL.B. William M. Brace. A.B.. M.D. John M. Neelv. M.I). Bennie G. Ooslerl aaii. A.B. Aaron F. Shull. Ph.D. Frederick K. Sparrow. Ph.D. Fred. B. Vahr. Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY Fred F. Basom Henry T. Conlin |ohn V. Conlin Charles E. DeBaker MEMBERS N Brooks K. Johnson Robert H. Judson Douglas P. Hammial Kenneth W. Morgan Harrv G. Raschbacher UNIVERSITY Robert W. Ward Francis C. Anderson Stanlev P. Anderson Donald G. Branson Milton P. Cook I cslie H. Fames Walter E. Hobert Charles W. Aldridge Gordon H. Arnold David R. Dehni Frank J. Feely George H. Gangwere Charles N. Hagar Francis P. Hogan Hilton P. Hornadav SENIORS Julius A. Jaeger Ted. J. Madden Guy H. Pitts Everett R. " I reliilcotk Carl W. rthofl Orlcii C. Zahnow JUNIORS Elwin F. Morse John H. O ' Dell Finn G. F. Olsen Edward J. Parish Frederick C. Pearce Ralph H. Schwarzkopf Daniel J. Shaw Vincent D. Valek ALPHA SIGMA PHI Hi -w. i ul R- Colby Keit h R. Bionson William B. Hall Ricliard H. Martin SOPHOMORES Geonje H. Slierman Leonard R. Wc l George S. Whitman John C. Aveiill Romeo H. Freer Monroe A. Gilbert Elwin Hendrick FRESHMEN Oi ille F. Roej;lin kennelh M. NelMin Alexander C. Wilkic John B. Wilkie ? S f If t f ? S $ A f $ % Row 1 Harnaday A. Wilkie. John Wilkie. Roeglin. Pearce. Bronson. Martin. Sherman. West Row 2 Hall. Hagar. Dvorak. Whitman. James. Wilkie. Aldrich. O ' Dell. Olsen Row 3 Valek. Pederson. Cangwere. Shaw. Arnold. Schwarxkoph. Fedy Morse. Dehm Row 4 Pitts. UthoH. Anderson. Cook. Madden. Bronson. Zahnow. Trebilcock. Hobert H H Page 331 M H N Row 1 Colbridge, Flickinger, Greene, Courtney, Wiber, Brandt, Parson Row 2 Gabriel, Edwards, Ironside, Gillam, Fleming, Graham, Mann, Porson, Costello Row 3 Maier, Sporgell, Martin, Meyer, Black, Higgins, Augh, Jones Row 4 Clark, Conrad, Wood, Metz, Kirby, Smith, Purman, Kendayl, Guertler Row 5 King, Harnist, Watson, Haas, Cannon, Kinsell, Harrington, Marsh, Lapworth, Pasch MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY Joseph H. Cannon, B.S. Herbert W. Emmerson, M.D. Wilbur R. Humphreys, A.M. Lewis B. Simes, A.B. W. Morris Morgan, B.S.F. J. Allison, A.B. H. H. Riecher, M.D. Milton A. Kendrichs, A.B. Steven Reniias, A.B. Dorr R. Martin, A.B. Hugh Wellman, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Tom B. Clark, A.B. Clark Schell, A.B. Donald 1 ' atterson, A.B. Richard Ryan, A.B. Oswald Powers, A.B. William Shaw, A.B. Wren MacLean, A.B. John Clark, A.B. Robert Hundley, A.B. ALPHA TAU OMEGA FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE 1865 BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER 1888 CHAPTER OFFICERS President Harry Clark Vice-President . John Flickenger Secretary . . . Arthur Brandt Treasurer Kenneth Meyer Franklin VV. F.dwards Donald R. Knapp Ian C. Ironside Edwin J. Gillam Don J. Wangelin Crosby Wyman John F. Costello Douglas Graham John G. Angle William F. Black Arthur J. Brandt Harry W. Clark Stanley Conrad Thomas Courtney David M. Fleming John H. Flickenger Peter Gossard SENIORS Wallace H. Knapp Neil W. Mann David M. Poxson Frank T. Sprogell Charles B. Rosenberg Fred A. Weber Glenn H. Brink John Harris JUNIORS Richard Higgins George F. Jones Malcolm |. Lang H. Jerome Martin Mark P. Maier Kenneth N. Meyer Burdette Milligen Richard C. Parsons Thomas C.olbi id;j Robert Gabriel Hamlin Greene Fred Guertler Glenn Kendall Don Mel Harrv Kirbv Bernard Caiman Theron Haas Robert Pasch SOPHOMORES Kclward Purmaii Paul Smith Robert Wood William Harnist William Kinsell William Lapworth Richard Marsh FRESHMEN Keith Watson Ed Harrington N Page 332 N FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1839 LAMBDA CHAPTER 1845 CHAPTER OFFICERS President Ferris J. Rennie Vice-President Richard T. Black Secretary Mendel V. Kit miller Treasurer Richard A. Cottle MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS H. U . Dow. A.B. ( (.oodrich, Ph.D. K. McMurray, Ph.D. F. Robbins. Ph.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Walter S. Harkins III R u -ell G. Heyl, Jr. Da id W. Holme?. A.B. Robert F. Jeffries. A.B. Robert V. KJeemeier. A.B. Phil McCallum Hamilton Mitchell James Morgan William B. Newton. Jr. Harlan Olson Dorman E. Priest James A. Schwartz Boris S. Wooley SENIORS Richard T. Black Harrv P. Caves Samuel T. Comfort Richard A. Cottle Edwin L. Derby Robert T. Ferries Robert F. Fuller Robert G. Griffin John H. Healy Mendel W. Kimniller John C. Ohrt Ferris J. Rennie Ben Wampler Junius E. Beal E. Beal Dan C. Bryant M. Billiard W. S. Clarkson R. Earhart James C. Allen Julius H. Beers Almon W. Conrath William Devereaux Robert J. Goodyear John H. Haigh Henry B. Heyl Robert T. Johnson J U N IN CITY R. A. Heaps C. McCallum W. H. Wait M. W. Wheeler A. S. Whitney ORS Harrison Lowrey C. Barton Myers Henry- N. Ohrt Paul R. Park Robert A. Straub Lacy D. Thomas Lynn A. Townsend Robert F. Watt, Jr. SOPHOMORES Charles F. Barrett Edward P. Barrett Charles M Boynion Robert O. Bush Frank Cavan Maurice J. Dalby James R. Duthie Robert F. Freitag James A. Gever Robert T. Hali William H. Hynes Donald C. Stevenson, Jr. Vincent A. Vis Robert J. Whitlock Henry Watson, Jr. BETA THETA PI FRESHMEN William D. Angst Lome C. Black, Jr. Fred E. Conrath H. Sawver Earle Culver L. Kniskern William G. Slocum. Jr. Herbert F. Whipple Row I Caven, Hall, Hynes, E. Barrett, Bush, Watson. Whitlock, Duthie Row 2 Vis. C. Barrett. Watt. Lowrey. Johnson. Myers, H. Ohrt. Tenny Row 3 Thomas. Haigh. Straub. Beers, Heyl. Conrath. Allen. Goodyear. Comfort Row 4 Fuller. J. Ohrt. Healy. Wampler. Cottle. Rennie. Ferries. Criffen, Derby. Caves Row 5 Ceyer. Devereaux. Angst, Stevenson. Boynton. Freitag. F. Conrath, Black. Kniskern Slocum, Dalby H H Page 333 M H N R OW i Schust, Smith, Stover, Rookus, Buritz, Mills, Naulin, Schmcling, Rhoads, A. Harris, Heenahan Row 2 Hopkins, Jennison, Blakeley, Campbell, Frick, Morton, Yoder, Richey, B. D-jrfee, Powers R OW 3 Morse, Wagner, Wittliff, Wade, Alig, Baker, Nelson, Ellis, Nixon, Borchard ROW 4 Coodell, Lorenzen, Whitman, North, Spurway, Mutton, Mulholland, Braun, Windsor ROW 5 Buchner, Stone, Peekover, McHugh, P. Durfee, Berhalter, Droegc, C. Harris, Staple, Klein Row 6 Fox, Swarthout, Canning, Rhodes, Fitch, Wendell, Frost, C. Peckinpaugh, Mundy MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY F. F. BHckle, Ph.D. R. B. Hall. I ' h. I). C. V. Hcmans, A.B. MEMBERS Dr. R. II. Ba ley II. C. Bennett A. A. Heald R. W. Manwaiing ]. I.. Law, M.n. |. 1.. Moser, A.B. ]. K. 1 ' olk, A. II. IN CITY 1). Shepherd Dr. C. V. Sliicklcr R. H. Trimby George ). Andros, A.B. I ' hilip S. Durfee Donald B. Effier, A.B. R. M. Hammond, A.B. George K. Harris Herbert K. Leach H. L. Xigg, A. 15. Martin Pcckovcr [olin Seelev, A. 15. John D. Staple, B,S. ' C. B. While, A.B. CHI PHI SENIORS FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY 1824 ALPHA TAD CHAPTER 1921 CHAPTER OFFICERS President H. Stewart Fitch Vice-President Walter Wendell Secretary Robert Berhalter Treasurer - William Rhodes Robert K. Buchner Frederick Borchard Robert J. Canning John F. Froege H. Stewart Fitch John E. Frost Richard E. Fox Walter C. Klein Owen R. Baker Robert Berhalter Randall F. Braun Charles J. Cross Robert L. Ellis Dennis Flanagan John G. (ioodell Thomas R. Hancock Harry K. Mulholland Thomas Hutton Charles H. McHugh William X. Mundy, III Charles V. Peckinpaugh, Jr. A. William Rhodes George E. Stone Gleiulon F. Swarthout Walter Wendell JUNIORS Harland . Jams John I.oren en Arthur L. Mclntyre Robert Nelson Donald Nixon Edward 1). North Harold R. Spurway Robert Windsor J. Farrcll Whitman SOPHOMORES Richard Blakeley Robert Buritz Robert (.. Campbell Benjamin B. Durfee Lewis Frick Thomas Heenahau Frank 1 ' . Hopkins Frank W. Jennison Robert D. Morse Richard B. Peckinpaugh Donald D. Richey Charles F. Wade ' Robert L. Wagner William W. Wittliff FRESHMEN George M. Baiimgarten Alan Harris James D. Mills, Jr. Donald 15. Natdin Kennelli W. Rhoads John A. Rookus R. Charles Schmcling, Jr. William G. Schust Robert N. Smith John 1 ' . Stover H N Page 334 N President Vice-President Secretary FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE 1841 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER 1845 CHAPTER OFFICERS . . . Neil McKay Lawrence van den Berg Robert Smith I icasurer Joseph Kcnnicou MEMBERS Waldo Nf. Ablx. A.B. Lafavette F. Dow. A.B.. M.A. N FACULTY Raymond Fisher, A.B. Stanlev E. Fuller, B.S. Waldo M. Abbot. Ill Clement H. Barnes John I.. Barrett Robert G. Isgrigg SENIORS George L. McCain Neil McKay Edward J. Sweeney MEMBERS Curtis McDonnell. A.B., M.D. Frederick Randall Lee Richardson, A.B. Grosienor T. Root, A.B.. M.D. IN CITY H. Seger Slifer. A.B.. M.A., JJ.D. Edwin P. Vary David G. Wclion. A.B., M.O. JUNIORS James E. Brown Brooks Buderns Raymond J. Fraser Joseph W. Kennicolt Rol ert W. King Robert A. Palmer James W. Rae Harry Rees Robert R. Smith Lawrence van den Berg Hugh Wagner MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Albert M. Barnes, A.B. Joseph Baitlcx. A.B. Richmond S. Blake. A.R. Collins E. Brooks. A.B. Ralph O t is. A.B. Rohril B. Dunn. A.B. John H. Duxbury Edward J. Greenwald. A.B. John C. Lillie, A.B. Ben i on E. I ' rmslon John Warren. A.B. (.ordon Walls SOPHOMORES William D. Biggers Warren C. Breidenbach Hugh L. Head F.dwin A. Hibbard llt-i IH-II D. Kilnci Joseph W. Jewell John P. Ijord jnlin K. Martin Pen-) F. Nelson William F. Osliorn CHI P S I FRESHMEN Thomas S. Bartlev Jamcs B. Collins Webster Cook Roger F. Kelley Dale B. Parshall I.eRov V. Ranney William H. Schomburg Robert L. Summerhavs Richard L. Ta lor Row 1 Kelley. Schomburg. Taylor. Ranney. Bartley. Cook. Parshall. Summerhays. Collins Row 2 Lord. Martin. Kilner. Jewell. Biggers. Hibbard. Breidenbach. Nelson. Osborne Row 3 King. Kennicort. Fraser. Starr, van den Berg. Smith. Wagner. Brown. Buderus. Head Row 4 Rae. Abbot. Barrett, Isgrigg. McKay. Barnes. McCain. Sweeney. Palmer N H Page 335 M H N Row i Batchelder, Doolittlc, Anderson, Spear, Tower, Crirchcll. Loomis, McMurry, Livingston Row 2 Haller, Nelson, Warfield, Thompson, Porter, Hurley, Paul Row 3 Dwyer, Morin, Ford, Brice, Troy, Starr, Mackey, Classer Row 4 Miller, Canfield, Long, Delbridge, Darmstaetter, Davidson, J. Grace, Kirk, Meyn Row 5 E. Grace, Wilmarth, Wise, Weaver, Mitchell, Lindgren, Daniels, Hohman, Stiles MEMBERS IN FACU LTY A.S. Alton, Ph.D. R.C. Angell, Ph.D. MEMBERS A. B. Connable H. S. Johnson H. M. Fhrniann, Ph.D. Alan S. Foust IN CITY F.H.Yost, Jr. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Phillip W. Ruchen J. Frederick Columho Joseph ' . Fisher Robert V. Smith John F. Townsend Karl C. Tounsend, Jr. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON SENIORS FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY 1844 OMICRON CHAPTER 1855 CHAPTER OFFICERS President W. W. Mitchell Secretary Frank Mackey Treasurer Richard Long Malcolm G. Daniels Edward R. Grace, Jr. Charles G. Hohman Robert D. Lindgren William W. Mitchell John R. Stiles Benjamin J. Wea% ' er Harold C ' .. Wilmarth, Jr. Harry D. Wise, Jr. JUNIORS William B. Canfield Armin A. Darmstaetter Wilbur S. Davidson William M. Delbridge James W. Grace Guy Howard Howard F. Kirk, Jr. Richard F. Long Waller K. Mcyn William F. Miller SOPHOMORES Houston Bi ice Raymond D. Dwyer Thomas G. Ford Joseph Glasser James Livingston Flank Mackey Volney Morin Oliver Starr Kenneth Troy Kirk White FRESHMEN James C. Anderson Tilden M. Batchelder Gordon M. Critchell George W. Doolittle William M. Thompson Ray J. Tower Robert H. Warfield Peter H. Haller William L. Hurley George V. Loomis John H. McMurry Donald H. Nelson George F. Paul Robert H. Porter Phillip H. Spear N Page 336 N FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE 1858 DELTA CHAPTER 1874 CHAPTER OFFICERS lent Dan M. Beldcn He-President Carl D. Tieeler Secretary Howard K. Parker .xirer John VanDeusen MEMBERS IN FACULTY | Alexander Gilbert 1 K.Bancll ( K. Guthe 1). Bulmer J. L. Powers F. D.C.uni- H.H. Willard ( . M. Davis I- J. Young r M Gaige 1 ' . |. Botirroughs R. D. Cutting K Faxpielle W. Florer A. J. Gillingharn MEMBERS IN CITY A. M. Highlcy G. P. McCallimi F. I- Oakes S. Platt H. H. Smith MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. Murray Campbell Guerdon D. Greenway Robert B. knight Freeman Lathrop William Nichols A. Yager Frederick G. Buesser George Nichols Frank Durham Del Jeffers (.. J. Burrell I i IK Ion K. Albrechl Dan M. BeUlen Donald G. Belden John S. Christie H. Austin Consor William Gunderson Aiigusiiis Dannemiller Henrv T. Dighton Alfortl V. Dubs Harold F. Guillim Charles A. Hedges Benjamin F. Jones SENIORS I.IIMC-V A. Hollinsliead ( haile H. Parsons William Steytler. Jr. William L. Tail John YanDeusen F.rle Whetsell Arthur J. Zuehlke JUNIORS John W. McCallister Gusta -us H. Miller Howard K. Parker Rudolph D. YanDyke Carl D. Wheeler SOPHOMORES William Beam George Cornell Nevin Jamieson Merrill Johnson L. Bradford Laughlin Fdward McCauley Ruvsell H. Peebles Fdward W. Reid L. Ward Quaal Robert I ' lmer Robert Wagner James Winkler Walter Wrigley William Yallmer DELTA TAU DELTA FRESHMEN L ' lrich Allen Francis Chamherlin James Gillierl Eugene Bell George Combs John Hogland Charles Buell Allan Dietrich Robert Imboden William Burgess John Dighton Robert O ' Learv Richard Caulev All ert Eldred Joseph Pezdirtz John Ragsdale Trevor Saw er Robert Siblev Fmmet Whitehead |nhn Yager R OW 1 Bjrgess. Gilbert. J. Dighton. Hoglund. Yager. Eldred. Cauley. Buell Row 2 Wagner. Quaal. Cwillim. Ulmer. Reid. Laughlin, Peebles. Cornell Row 3 Ragsdale. Beatry. Van Dyke. Imboden. Dibley. Johnson. Jamieson. Consor Row -1 Miller. Dannemiller. H. Dighton. Wheeler. McCallister. Hedges. Hsllinshead. Whetsell. Anderson Row S Zuehlke Dubs. Parsons. Steytler. Taft. Belden. Van Deusen. Albrecht. Christie. Belden Page 337 M H N fit rt V .it f t-t t 1 + i fl 1 ' I A Row 1 Vedder, Murray, Russell, Dannenfelser, Rominc. Ratcliffe, Raschbacher Row 2 Schneider, J. Sherman, Caswell, Erwin, Marion, R. Brown, Krner, Crier Row 3 Alexander, Larkin, White, Sotherland, Holton, Madden, M. Brown, Schnier, Cline Row 4 Estcs, Thierwechter, Adams, Treadwell, Boye, Larsen, H. Sherman, Livingston, Cilfillan, Horder Row 5 Low, Moore, Andrews, Warner, Packer, Lyman, Clark, Thompson, Hird, Hepp, Whitely MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY W. F. Cook H. W. Nichols O. V. Blackett, Ph.D. G. M. Bleekraan, M.S.C. A. L. Cross, Ph.D. C. A. Kmulson, Jr., Ph.D. K. Litzenburg, Ph.D. C. L. Meader, Ph.D. ). O. Bergelin A. K. Green F. |. Huntington H. ( ' ,. Picttvinan 1). W. Tilns [. H. Drake, Ph.D. W. B. Ford, Ph.D. H. M. Randall, Ph.D. W.B.Shaw, A.B. F.. B. Greene, Ph.D. S. B. Hadlev. Ph.D. V. C. Hoad, A.B. W. W. Taylor, M.A. F. B. Vedder, D.D.S. R.T. Woodburne, Ph.D. MEMBERS Hugh B. Kuder, A.B. W. [allies Moore, B.S. IN UNIVERSITY Jiiincs D. Ritchie, A R. DELTA UPSILON SENIORS FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE 1834 MICHIGAN CHAPTER 1876 CHAPTER OFFICERS President John T. Thompson Vice-President Charles D. Clark Secretary Richard Livingston Treasurer ... William W. Lyman Allen Andrews Charles D. Clark I i bane W. Hird William W. I.vman K. Ke in Hep]) Richard M. Adams Warren R. Bauglinian Richard F. Boye Hugh H. Fstes Frederick G. Low Loren D. Packer John T. Thompson Arthur F. Warner Clarence M. Whitclv JUNIORS Douglas A. Larson Richard Livingston Henry S. .Sherman Donald H. Treadwell SOPHOMORES Rodney W. Alexander Marshall C. Brown Wesley R. Cane Frederick J. Dannenfelser Charles R. Holton l-.dward |. Horder Charles A. Kernel Robert F.. Larkin Roger C. Madden Robert L. Schneider George A. Schnier David R. Sutherland Neil 1). Vedder Arnold F. While FRESHMEN Hcnrv C. Barringer Robert R. Brown Robert }. Caswell John H. F.nvin F. Allen Crier |aines V. Kehoe Arthur J. Mai ion John L. Raschbackei Samuel I. Russel [aines L. Sherman Carl F. Wolfston Page 338 N FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1907 CHAPTER OFFICERS President Lawrence R. Michener Secretary Glen A. Boissonneauh Treasurer . Robert L. Johnson Hou e Manager Martin J. Ittner MEMBERS IN FACULTY R U. . rkerman. A.M. R. . Aigler. LL.B. L. A. Baier. B.Mar.E. R U Cowden. M . L. M. Gram. B.S. L. Preuss, Ph.D. A. G. Ruthven. Ph.D. H. C. Sadler, Sc.D. MEMBERS IN CITY James H. Hendley Guv S. Kaser Walter H. Powers Herbert M. Shaw Laverne H. Tavlor MEMBERS John F. Binch William J. Davis Lester Q. Ingram Robert L. Johnson Charles F. Keen Ijwrence L. Michener IN UNIVERSITY I o O. Walker SENIORS Fred B. Meyer Stanley Z. Richards Loyall B. Watson Edward J. Carnegie Stuart L. Crossman JUNIORS Rol ert A. Arata Ij eriie L. Bowers Kirke C. DeFie Rirhard F. Diilelmhn Martin J. Ittner Walter P. Lang F.arl O. Ijoessel Kamest J. Palmer John B. Saxton SOPHOMORES Glen A. Boissonneanlt James F. Butler HERMITAGE FRESHMEN Thomas C. Snvder Row ' Dulebohn, Lang. Defoe. Stone. Beeker. Butler. Meyer Row i Keen. Loessel. Mast. Boissonneault Saxton. Arata. Snyder. Palmer Row 3 Davis. Carnegie. Johnson. Michener Ittner. Richards. Watson H H Page 339 M H N ROW 1 P. Van Nordstrand, Cuceia, W. Van Hoek, R. Van Nordstrand, Savilla, Roberts, Smith. George, Renda Row 2 Edwards, Yokom, Cox, Linabury, Hood, Boynton, D. Van Hcek, Rankin, Pavinich Row 3 Benford. Parry, Paulson, Huey, Prof. Lay, Fields, Crozat, Whiti MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN S. Robert Rartnik Robert I.. RoMitnn UNIVERSITY Robert A. Van Nordstrand L. M. Kith, Ph.D. F. L. Everett, Ph.D. E. F.. Kleinschmidt, t.l . V. E. Lay, B.M.E. T. C. Smith. M.A. N. H. Williams, 1 ' h.D. MEMBERS IN CITY G. B. Aim Rev. I.. I ' . Sawyi I) G. Mickle S. F. .iuk KAPPA DELTA RHO FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE 1905 MU CHAPTER 1923 SENIORS Harry 15. Benford Earl M. Fields Robert L. Huey William C. Parkinson Claire F.. Paulson David S. Smith Walter R. Van Hoek CHAPTER OFFICERS President Earl M. Fields Vice-President William Parry Secretary .... David S. Smith Treasurer Robert Boynton Donald F. Crozat C. Louis Cuccia Robert G. Edwards William H. Parrv JUNIORS Andrew C. Pavinich Hercules G. Rcnda Phillip H. Roberts Adam A. Whitz SOPHOMORES James M. George Gordon K. Hood, Jr. Theodore V. I.inaburv Woodrow W. Rankin Donald K. Van Hoek Robert W. Yokom FRESHMEN Rodney D. Edwards Philip ( ' .. Nordsirand H N Page 340 N FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER 1911 MU CHAPTER 1921 CHAPTER OFFICERS President Harrison Friend Vice-President Jack Weiner Secretary Abraham Berkovitz Treasurer . .... Daniel Schnit SENIORS Harold Cast Irving Isaacs Seymour D. Lubin I-awrence A. Morse Bernard S. Rubiner Julius Scheuer MEMBERS IN FACU LTY Prof. Samuel A. Goudsmit JUNIORS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Donald M. Cohn. A.B. Sheldon M. Ellis, A.B. Arnold -L. Friedman. A.B. David B. Friedman, A.B. Morton Jacobs, A.B. David Klein. B.S. Leonard D. Roseninan. A.B. Bernard Weisman. A.B. Alfred Seigel. Grad.A.B. Alex Orden, Grad-A.B. Harrison H. Friend Lloyd L. Purvin Nathan S. Siegel Abraham Berkovitz William Kramer Norman Rosenfeld Herbert Sou Jack Weiner Jack Laro SOPHOMORES Sidnev Steinhart Sidney Wagner KAPPA N U FRESHMEN Albert P. Blauttein C erald Eder Mortimer Levin Nelson Wellman Row 1 Rosenman. Eder. Seigel. Wellman. Kohlenberg. Purvin Row 2 A. Friedman. Laro. Levin. Bfaustein. Weiner. Soft Row 3 Ellis, D. Friedman. Kramer. Schnit. Rubiner. Steinhart. Isaacs Row 4 Cohen. Goudsmit, N. Siegel. Schetzer, Lubin, Cast, Friend. Morse H H Page 341 M H N Row 1 E. Piotrowski, Peterson, Stevenson. Wilson, Woodard, Foltz, Hoeh Row 2 Fletcher, Caruthers, Powell, Altman, C. Brown, R. Brown, Waldron, Richmond, Harrison Row 3 E. Beth, Rivette, W. Beth, Tyler, Callouetre, Ashburn. Harrington. Morrison, Sojka, Thomson Row 4 Nurnberger, Miller, Wein, Lakin, Mitchell, Keegan, Smith, R. Piotrowski, Crier, Tomski, Kingcry MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MEMBERS IN FACULTY Koheil M. Ktkclberger, Jr. I ' rescott C. Fuller Sydney R. fackson Robert F. Thomson William C. Trutna Frederick C. Tvler Rex K. Bnxton, M.D. Ferdinand X. Menelee. M.C.F.. Frederick W. Peterson. Ph.D. John M. Sheldon. M.D. Leon H. Strong. M.D. Arthur F. Wood. Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY John B. Ames Harold }. Rarnuni Frank S. Carson Norbcrt J. Fell William ' . . Haas William C. Manchester Mavnard A. X ' ewton Fiaiik H. Sle ens William E. Umbach KAPPA SIGMA SENIORS FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA 1869 ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER 1892 CHAPTER OFFICERS ( ' resident Jerome T. Mitchell Vice- President .... Karl J. Vein Secretary ... nderson J. Ashburn Treasurer Jack L. Keegan William F. Crier Jack L. Keegan Paul I). Kingcry Del R. I.akin Muno F. Miller Jerome T. Mitchell Anderson |. Ashb I lin. in |. Belli Warren A. Beth David I). Bowc Thomas S. Xiirnbeiger Robert I ' . I ' iotrnuski Robert W. Smith Valdemar A. Tomski Karl J. Wein JUNIORS John F. Caliouellc Robert C. Harrington Donald F. Rivettc Casimei F. Sojka SOPHOMORES Charles M. Brown Richard F. Fletcher Robert I. Monison C:lark S. Richmond William M. Altman Robert G. W. Brown William F. Caruthers Robert D. Foltz F.dward B. Harrison James J. Hoch evin J. Stevenson Charles C. Thomson Donald (i. ' ilson FRESHMEN Carl I.. I ' eleison Fduin T. I ' iotrouski Ray B. Powell Robert F.. Waldron Austin R. Woodard N Page 342 N FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY 1909 SIGMA CHAPTER 1913 CHAPTER OFFICERS 1 ' ie.ident - Morgan Gibbs Vice President - Charles C. Wolf Secretary .... - Richard H. Knowe Treasurer . - Elmer Schloot MEMBERS IN FACULTY Flosd X. Calhoun. M.S. I ion B. Chapin. Ph.B. Rucl Churchill, Ph.D. Jesse Ormondroyd. A.B. William C. Smeaton. A.B. Clifford Woody, Ph.D. Herbert G. Carlson James E. Colenso Morgan Gihbs Richard H. Knoive SENIORS Elmer Schloot Everett C. Vallin Charles C. Wolf MEMBERS IN CITY Rudolph I. Clary. B.S. Houard L. Fettes Paul Gibson, Ph.D. Richard Gustine. A.B. Rolierl J. Heusel John Kagev Laurence W. Prakken, B.S. Fern W. Baircft Frank W. Bussard Oscar G. Declerck William D. Hope JUNIORS |. Richard Humphries Fred H. I.inscheid Julius I . Sch mitt Charles W. Newman SOPHOMORES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Albert G. Baker. A.B. .-..-rs A. Bradley, A.B. Benjamin W. Brion, B.S. JIK. f. Livers. B.S. Jack MacLeod, B.S. Joseph F. Sahlmark. B.S. Chester P. Shellv. A.B. William S. Struve. M.S. Merrel Taylor. A.B. Arthur W. Tyler, B.S. Donald T. Carr Vincent J. Gottschalk Lawrence E. Handren Marcellus C. Keck Harrv C. Matteson Harrv Kohl Jay Vv. McCormick David R. Peet Robert W. Prasil Aubrey C. Roberts Don W. Rvker Jack C. Strait Charles J. Willison LAMBDA CHI ALPHA FRESHMEN Franklin D. Bin t Charles W. Bush Glidden S. Domaii Thomas F. Graham Ro v R. Monroe Roy H. .Nelson Richard Richmond Damon C. Woods Row 1 Strait Willison. Peet. Carlson Monroe, f. Burt, Cottschalk. Matteson. MacLeod. Shelly. Bush Row 2 Humphreys. Graham. Woods. A. Burt. Nelson. Roberts. Hope. Doman. Newman Row 3 Keck. Prasil. Handren. McCormick Declerck Carr. Neff Ryker. Greene. Linscheid Rcw4 Bussard. True. Bradley. Knowe. Wolf. Gibbs. Schloot. Hyslop. Vallin. Schmitt. Colenso H H Page 343 M H N R OW ] Cohodes, Cunsberg, Massin, Kcywcll, Dicker, Barish, Siegel, Bauer. Row 2 Bibbero, Saliven, Rudman, Oberman, Abramovitz, Lcvtr.c, Ellman. U ow 3 Goodman, Schwarzbach, ZhcuHin. Breslauer. Kassman, Fishman, Friedman, Weiss. CHAPTER OFFICERS President Leonard F. Oberman Vice-President Maurice L. Abramovitz Secretary Martin L. Rudman Treasurer . Irving Lcvine MEMBERS IN Robert ). Bibbero, B.S. )ulian Barish, A.B. Daniel C. Siegel, A.B. UNIVERSITY Haskell L. Cohodes, A.B. Leonard F. Oberman, A.B. Harold Ginsburg, A.B. PHI BETA DELTA FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 1912 OMICRON CHAPTER- 1921 Maurice L. Abramovili Irving L. Bauer Leon I ' . Dicker Seymour S. Ellman Richard S. Gunsberg Jerome M. Key well SENIORS Irving Levinc JUNIORS Murray A. Massiu Martin L. Rudman F.rnest I). Saluen SOPHOMORES Mil. lh, nil ( .cMithii.m I i-Ni.ini lii ' iillui FRESHMEN C ' .harlcs Bn lancr Milton Fishman Eugene Friedman LeniKiril Kassman Jerome Sell war bach Aitbur B. eiss N Page 344 N FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER 1864 CHAPTER OFFICERS 1 ' ioident Thoinas Adams. Jr. Secretary ... John T. Bensle Tieasiircr James McNicholas MEMBERS P. S. Barker. A.B.. M.D. I). C lary. A.B. ( W. Edmunds, A.B.. M.D. H (.. K-i ke. A.B. MEMBERS Lawrence Barasa Boyd Bolitho Edward Bigger Harrison Church Robert Cooper Charles Klein John Langford John Laux Robert Leslie Gene E. Brown Bailey Brown James I. Clark Robert A. Frye Ro Heath Stoe Jones John D. Lolili. Jr. N FACULTY E. " . Moore. A.B.. D.Mus. F. Oakes. A.B. H. A. Sanders. Ph.D. N UNIVERSITY Frank Masters Harry- McGravran Jack McNicholas Tom Petersen Edward Schumaker Allen Saunders Dolas White Francis Vistert SENIORS Robert W. Martin Gregory Maxwell John D. Peters Don Salisbury- Philip Woodworth John M. Yantis William H. Yean id. Jr. MEMBERS IN CITY Edward French C. J. Price Hugh Beel e Will H. Shafroth E. C. Case C. G. Watkiiis I. A. Kennedy A. E. White JUNIORS Thomas B. Adams, Jr. John T. Bensley Be! ton Y. Cooper Seymour Foster David A. Kiilins James D. McXicholas William R. Hurst William E. Miles Edwin D. Philbrick Arthur G. Sherman Lelan Sillin Theodore R. Spangler Marshall Strenger Samuel W. Root Thoinas B. Root G. Dekle Taylor SOPHOMORES George S. Banta Richard Brown Bruce W. Elliot Arthur Fan- Thomas D. Harmon Howard Mchaffev John O. Meyer Lloyd R. Mown Frederick W. Howarth Charles R. Ross fames E. Tobin j. Richard Tobin PHI DELTA THETA FRESHMEN John Berkey Frederick J. Bierkamp John Collin Gillis James H. Gormsen Robert Hotchkiss Roliert MacKenzie Ijt-TOy B. Pern George A. Pelterseii Joseph O. Reed Robert C Sager Richard John W. Shields Thomas Shiilci Charles Solar ' ebster Treat Wilbur S. Albert A. i-ini James ' MM|WOII|| Donald A. Young Row 1 Miles. Lcrcy. Perry. Cillis Shields. Young. Berkey Shuler. Pettersen Bierkamp Sager. Treat Cormsen Row 2- Ross, Solar. Wisterf, Reed. Woodworth, Wallace. Henry, Simpson. Scherling. MacKenzie. Mowery, Banta. Frye. Row 3 Philbnck. J. Tobin. R. Tobin. Brand. R. Brown. Ceisert. Meyer. Marshall. Stringer. Howarth Row 4 Killins. Taylor. Spangler. Bensley, Martin. Peters. Sherman. McNicholas. Adams. Cooper. Hurst Row 5 Yantis. Woodworth. Maxwell. Yearnd. B. Brown. Salisbury. Bowles. Clark. Lobb. Heath H H Page 345 M H N Row 1 Rosenberg, Arkins, Rittcr, Berlow, Buckner, Ungar, Weinstock, Lehman Row 2 Brock, L. Market, Lewis, Sykes, Fries, Hirsch, Knobloch Row 3 Hirschfeld, Stone, M. Market, Goldstein, Haas, Michael, Newman, Davis MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MEMBERS Jerome Conn, M.D. N FACULTY Julian Tobias. A.B., M.D. James K. Davis Alexander H. Hirschfeld William H. Klein Richard L. Stone Allied Swiren Leonard Win ert PHI EPSILON PI SENIORS FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK 1904 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER 1921 CHAPTER OFFICERS Piesident Nathan Goldstein. II Vicc-1 ' iesident Joseph I). Haas Secretary Leonard M. Newman Treasurer Warren Brock Nathan Goldstein. II Joseph 1). Haas Morris Markel David R. Weinstock JUNIORS Warren Brock Robert A. Hirsch Lmanuel M. Knoblc Robert G. Fries, Jr. Jerome A. Lewis Lester M. Markel licit Michael Leonard M. Newman SOPHOMORES John ! . Sykes FRESHMEN Richard Arkins Stanley Berlow Noel A. Buckner l-.duard Joffe Richard !. Lehman Nathaniel S. Rilter Louis M. Rosenberg Richard C.. 1 ' ngar Harold B. Weinstock James Wilkus H N Page 346 N FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY 1848 ALPHA PHI CHAPTER 1885 CHAPTER OFFICERS i 1 1 icicle-lit Elmer J. Gedeoii Viie-Presidem . William C. Layhc Secretary ... Hamilton Morris Treasurer William G. Layhe MEMBERS IN FACULTY SENIORS |. R. Havden Thomas kinkead |. X. Lincoln. Ph.D. C T. Meiers, Ph.D. H Miller. M.E. W. B Rca. A.B. H. C. Sadler. C.Sc. C. V. Spooner S. W. Smich. A.M. C. Sturgis. M.D. C. S. Voakum. Ph.D. E. R. Sunderiand. LL.D. Robert Angley John Brennan Harvey Clarke Charles Crowe Elmer Cedeon Ralph Heikkinen Roliert Holt Robert Luckin William I a hc Hamilton Morris RolK-rt Parker Walter Peckinpaiigh John Rinek George Seymour Marcus Stoddard JUNIORS MEMBERS IN CITY R. W. Balxrock I Buchanon I . (,. Caduell ( . Cave L. L. Forsuhe H H M.!20on F. IV McClellan W. D. Peterson C. Ravburn C. A. Smith H. H. Upton J. A. Woodburn Howard Egert John Gelder James Halligan Robert Houxrr John Hulbert Forrest Jordan Norman Kewlev Edward Martin James McCracken John Nichols Kdward O ' Conncll Matthew Rea Lorenz Rinek Sianlev Swinton John G. knerht A. Bui-jess " ial MEMBERS IN Robert Bradlev UNIVERSITY John Morris SOPHOMORES Guv Conkle Jack Pedigo Mauriu Anderson David Ott Charles E. Darling Robert Reed Robert Darden James Palmer Robert Elliot Clarke Spooner Forrest Evashevski |ohn Roberts Ralph Erlewine Louis Slandt James [. Harrison Edward Tripp RolK-rt Kech Donald Suopc James R. Harrison Roliert Tlrich John McFate Edward King kcilh Voder PHI GAMMA DELTA Norman Call Dale Chamberlin William CoHtnan FRESHMEN Milton Alfred Darling Charles Hall Henry Fielding Win. Owen Ma s Paul Douglas Fitting William Starn Robert Titus Donn Van l)i-i oii Rcw 1 Fining. Stam. Titus. Chamberlin. Call. Darling. Ott. Yoder. Row 2 Fielding. Hall. J. J. Harrison. Nichols Darden. Palmer. Tripp. Halligan. Row 3 Spooner. Houser. Roberts. J. R. Harrison. King. Anderson. O ' Connell. Rea. Mays. Row 4 L. Rinek. Parker. Egert. Kewley. Swinton. Hulbert. Knecht. Vial. Gelder. Evashevski. Row 5 Heikkinen. Clarke. Stoddard. Lueking. Layhe. Cedeon. Morris. Angley. Holt. J. Rinek. Seyii _ H H Page 347 M H N Row 1 Harrselson, Tillotson, Rexford, Easlick, Bachman, Chamberlain, Wendt, Ulrey, James Row 2 Robinson, Neerken, Krieger, Sessions, Loud, Simmers, Adler, Wilkie, McLogan. Row 3 Weber, VanderBurch, Zimmerman, Detwiler, Corlcrt, Barnes, Irwin, Hoppin, Newman, Eagan. Row 4 Harper, Ferguson, Shutts, Patron, Parker, Blue, Sargent, Faulkner, Strickland, Bennett, Wunsch. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Randolph (,. Adams, 1 ' h.I). Howard B. Calderwood, I ' li.l). Dean John R. Eflinger Dean Edward H. Krans, 1 ' h.l)., Sc.I). V ' m. Clark Trow, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY Harold E. Covert John R. Eliinger, Jr. Paul R. Kempf Milo Oliphant Nal Rogers David G. Barnett Benjamin G. Cox Robert V. Lamson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C.harlcs Gray Vallace A. Batten Harry W. Brelsford James C. Briegel Aiihtir B. I nml.ilil Charles F. Pavton Russell S. Strickland PHI KAPPA PSI SENIORS FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE 1852 ALPHA CHAPTER 1876 CHAPTER OFFICERS President J ' 111 R- Parker ice-Presidenl Charles C. 1 ' allon Sctrelaiy James A. Harper Treasurer . Hetirv V. Barnell David B. Blue Ross H. Faulkner James A. Harper Robert P. Morgan Henry V. Barnett Rob Barnes David W. Corlett Russell T. Dobson John II. Hoppin, |i. ! ' .. Richards Irwin Charles E. James Richard L. Adler Richard C. Bennett John S. Dobson William T. Dobson R. Russell Eagan James V. C.nnn James S. Krieger John R. Parker Charles C. Pallon James V. Sargent Eugene C. Shutls JUNIORS Paul B. Moffett Philip F. Newman Paul D. Strickland Howard F. Weber Ellis A. Wunsth Dirk VanderBurch Ralph E. imiiici nun 1 1 . SOPHOMORES William C. I.ond Adrian J. Neerkin Glenn L. Robinson Louis W. Sessions John M. Simmers John C. Wiikic FRESHMEN Clifford W. James John R. Bachraan David K. Easlick Cailei A. Chamberlain Robert W. Hadlev. Jr. William D. Harrselson led Kenncdv. Jr. Edward A. McLogan John E. RexTord Filch C. Tillotson Sharon S. l " lrc John A. F. Wenrlt ' " Page 348 I N FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA 1850 ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER 1905 CHAPTER OFFICERS President Joseph F. Paulus Vice-President David Gushing siiretary Phillip Gordv I rt-asurer rlhur P. Bartholomew J. L. Rrtiinm. M.A. H. A. Kemon. M.A. A. Mclaughlin, B.A. MEMBERS IN FACULTY F.. D. Mitchell, B.A. 1 ' . C. Sampson. M.I). SEN MEMBERS William O. Clifi Clan-nee V. Eldridgc |. I homas Guernsey ( I5i uce Kellev C. I,. Munn. B.A. N UNIVERSITY Koliert T. Krieghoff illi.un R. Mann Frederick S. Reinheimer F.rnesl Wakedeld Rol ert Archer Arthur Bartholomew Hugh Hagemeyer Harry Hart Francis Meier Grey Nelson I .vim Parker RaMimiu! Barnes Roliert Brown Carl Culver Fred Culver David Gushing Robert DeWitt ORS Paul Parker William Parsons Joseph Paulus Edward Phillips Stanton Roescli Frank Shnll JUNIORS Philip Gordy Thomas Kieckhefcr Dcrwood Laskey Paul Penvenne Robert Thalner Arthur Trent MEMBERS IN CITY Charles Flngemann W. F. Angell R. O. Bonisteel D. O. Dow R. F. Hut el SOPHOMORES H. R. Breniser C. W. Lepard Prescott Earle Rol ert Meade W. E. Brown H. T. Mevers CJeorge F.gger I.owell Moss W. M. Couper M. Osgood, Jr. William Gillette Irving Munson 1 . H. Cress P. |. Van Boven Kenneth Marble PHI KAPPA SIGMA John Ackerinan (.lil ton Dance William Egan RD Fairlamh FRESHMEN Richard Fogg Kdward Cell Kirk Donald Meier William Murphy John Nulty Kelley Riedel Walter Schmitt James Weckler Row 1 Barstcwe, D. Meier, Schmitt. Fogg. Kirk. Ackerman. Nulty. Egan. Fairlamb Row 2 Cushing. Moss. Thalner. Penvenne. Marble. Kieckhefer. Brown. Cardy Row 3 Barnes. Clapp. Gillette. Munson. Treut. Collins. C. Culver. F. Culver. Earle Row 4 Shull, F. Meier, L. Parker. Archer. Paulus. Bartholomew. Hart, Parsons. Hagemeyer, Nelson H H Page 349 M H N Row 1 Parliament, Colberg, Coleman, Poole, Jackson Row 2 Woods, Morris, Culver, Frank, Morgan, Benner, Kennedy Row 3 We.itherston, Carstens, Barker, Jacobs, Barr, Mickle, Jay, Stephenson MEMBERS IN FACU LTY A cl M:irin Frank Mickle Amos Morris Mall Mann MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Kciuielli Rarrie C.ii Men Kennedy Fiank Charles Mnrra MEMBERS IN CITY Fred Heller Charles Lyle Jack McAllister Robert Wikle Samuel l.ukens Dr. Oliver Todd Frank Carstens Richard Jay SENIORS Phillip Slephenson PHI KAPPA TAU FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1906 TAU CHAPTER 1923 CHAPTER OFFICERS President I ' icrcc Barkei Vice- President Arthur I " . Wood Secretary ... William Ban Treasurer . . D. F.nierv Culver Pierre Barker William Ban illon C.olberg D. Emery Culver Ben Marino William Jacobs I.oren Parliament George Benner Inlm I ' lin lili.illi JUNIORS Douglas Morgan Harry Morris Richard Weatherslon Arthur Woods SOPHOMORES Leonard Poole FRESHMEN Thomas Coleman Richard Houghion N Page 350 N FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 1909 ETA CHAPTER 1916 CHAPTER OFFICERS Pioidcnt Leonard P. Siegelman ice-President Harold R. Goldman Secretary Samuel E. Grant Treasurer . Morton Stahl . MEMBERS IN FACULTY Milton S. Goldhammer, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Howard Ark. A.B. Emanuel Hecht Samuel Lipsky, B.S. Manuel Slavin, A.B. Everett E. Olenick, M.D. Leonard P. Siegelman, A.B. SENIORS Charles Deutsch in Egei Ravmond Engelman Hugh M. Kopel Lester S. Levine Martin Z. Wiener J. Leonard Brandt Sidnev Ginsburg Harold R. Goldman Samuel E. Grant. Howard Greenl erg Edmond Harris JUNIORS (. ii in J. Marans Norman V. Rosenljer " Marvin H. Spiegel Morton Stahl Daniel Wagner PHI SIGMA DELTA SOPHOMORES James D. Berger Su inner Cotton Harold A. Epstein Richard M. Klaus George E. Nadler Lester Persky Bernard Sisman Samuel Solomon Harvey Widens Jack R. Wolin FRESHMEN Bernard A brains Sydnev M. Aronson Robert L. Goldberg IVi I HMTUM liuin Rubin Robert Stahl Jack M. Spitalny Row 1 Landecker. Epstein. R. Stahl. Goldberg. Abrams. Hyman. Spitalny. Rubin Row 2 Aronson. Novasel. Nadler. Spiegel. Widens. Rosenberg. Solomon. Kollin Row 3 Marans. Harris. Wagner. Creenberg. Brandt. Persky. Cotton. Sisman. Klaus Row A Levine. Kopel. Grant. M. Stahl. Siegelman. Wiener. Goldman. Berger, Cinsburg, Sla H Page 351 H M H N I t I i t r . i ROW 1 Maytham, Northway, Bowcn. Carlson, Cope, Sobesky, Fromm, McPherson, Peterson Row 2 Ricker, Paver, Bcnford, Jester, MacDonald, Almdale, C. Northway, J. Fromm, Bretzlaff Row 3 Sperling, Hartnett, Kern, Henning, Dempsey, McGregor, Burns, Adler, Reynolds, Allison MEMBERS IN FACULTY P. H. Jeserich, D.D.S. H. G. Waller, M.D. A. H. White, B.S.E. R C. Porter R. D. Slack, M.A. R. G. Gerhard H. J. Henenian MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Arthur J. Ricker Joseph I.. Karpinski, A.B. Russell T. Walker, A.B. Jerome H. Watts, A.B. Paul H. Henning, 15.S.E. George E. Sperling. M.A. MEMBERS IN CITY C. O. Creal V. 1 ' . Comstork K. C. Fingcrle G. O. White PHI SIGMA KAPPA FOUNDED AT MASSACHUSETTS STATE COLLEGE 1873 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER 1915 CHAPTER President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS Harold G. McGregor ..... James E. Fromm . Harold M. Adler SENIORS Harold M. Adler I.aVerne T. Burns Harold G. McGregor Randall S. Reynolds Arthur V. Allison Frank Kern, Jr. Erwin D. ' ard Robert B. Hartnett Newton S. Dempsey, Jr. JUNIORS F.inar R. Almdale Robert L. Ben ford George A. BretzlafF Hal leek D. Fry Thomas C. Jester James C. MacDonald John E. Maytham George A. Northwav Roger B. Peterson Richard C. Morin SOPHOMORES James E. Fromm Richard J. N ' orthway Robert L. Paver John V. Sobesky Charles A. Bowen Villiain R. Daxid FRESHMEN Robert E. Cope James McPherson Robert L. Carlson Charles E. Karpinski Edward J. Sicrlrja Harold M. Fromm Howard Almdale Albeit Webber N Page 352 N FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY 1895 EPSILON CHAPTER 1913 CHAPTER OFFICERS 1 ' ioideiit Leonard A. Eastman iie-ricMdent Eugene Strauss Secretary .- . . Bertram H. Lefkowich Mirer . ... Charles Samuel MEMBERS Edward Bigg. M.D. Phillip Jay. D.D.S. N F ACU LTY Reuben L. Kahn. Sc.U. JUNIORS Roben F. Berris Leonard A. Eastman Harold Friedman B ron H. Gerson Louis H. Grossman M. Robert Herman Clifford Livingston Nfitchell R. Mandeberg Peter K. Morse Edward Resnick Eugene Strauss Irving Gerson MEMBERS Robert J. Kositchek. B.S. William L. Soboroff. A.B. IN CITY A. P. Keller. M.D. SENIORS Bui ton R. Benjamin Earl Brenn Robert L. David Louiv H. Goldman Maurice E. Hoffman John H. Mitchell Bernard R. Schweid Paul Soboroff SOPHOMORES Stanley N. Botwinik Irwin damage Sheldon Ettingei James Frankel George Heller Bertram H. Lefkowich Charles Samuel Sheridan S. Winkelman PI LAMBDA PHI Robert Besser Alfred Breckler Alan David Mvron Gins FRESHMEN William Hausman I eo Klauber Burton Hoddeson Ralph Mitchell Eugene A. Kane Newel Maker Ray Rosemnan Howard Solomon Bertram Weiss Row 1 Weiss. Kiauber. Breckler. Hoddeson. Rosenman. Mitchell. Besser. Solomon Row 2 Hausman. Kane. David. Winkelman, Heller. Gins Frankel. Matter Row 3 Ettinger. damage. Samuel. Mandeberg. Herman. Gerson. Berris, Botwinik. Lefkowich Row 4 Grossman. Morse. Strauss. Friedman, W. Soboroff. Cerson. Eastman. Livingston Row 5 1. Mitchell. P. Soboroff. Hoffman. Creenblatt. Brenn. David. Goldman. Benjamin Schweid H H Page 353 M H N Row 1 R. Evans, H. Wood, Brummel, McDonnell, Marshall, Johnston, Langford, Pfender Row 2 Fowler, Lord, Spencer, Briggs, Durfee, McElfrcsh, Arthur, Haglin, Pfeiller, Allen Row 3 Elmer, Newton, Miller, Haughey, Perry, Barnes, Kumler, Cranmer, Fishburn Row 4 Chapman, Latham, Conway, Keller, McCabe, Kleinschmit, Williams, Hammond, Brown, Adams Row 5 Palmer, Hoagland, Rogers, W. Wood, Olds, Whittemore, Kurtz, Mitchell, C. Evans, Osburn, Calcutt MEMBERS George G. Brown, Ph.D. Samuel F. Dana, M.F., Sc.D. Sprague Gardiner, M.D. Frank Lyman. M.D. N FACULTY George Meyer, M.A. William Newcomb, M.D. George M. Stanley, Ph.D. Allan Seager, M.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Reginald Barnes Kent Bradford James Brown Nathan Munio Charles Newton William Oare (iilui Sanders John Schahcrg Stanle) Smo er John Walker Edward B. Barrett Charles W. Graham Charles E. Irvin MEMBERS IN CITY G. Robert Langford Victor H. Lane Frederick R. Waldron Christian N. Mack Nathan S. Holler Finley B. Bviggs Douglas D. Loree Richard Loich PSI UPSILON SENIORS FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE 1833 PHI CHAPTER 1865 CHAPTER OFFICERS President . Charles Tydale Evans Vice-President Edwin Harold Hoagland Secretary George Hall Miller Harry Cecil Calcutt Charles Tydale Evans Richard Seddon Kurtz Robert Dilingham Mitchell Frederic Conklin Olds Joseph C. Osborn Bradley Johnson Palmer Charles Marshall Rogers C. Phillips Whittemore William Wayne Wood Edwin Harold Hoagland JUNIORS Dwight Sager Adams Donald Evans Barnes George Martin Brown John Leland Chapman Frank Mclvor Conway James Wright Hammond David O ' Connel Haughey Paul John Keller Arthur William Kleinschmit Rex Knight Latham Newell Edd) McCabe Samuel Loyd Perry Ganson Powers Taggart Allied Owen Williams SOPHOMORES Marcus Willson Arthur Paul Savage Durfee John Junrll Haglin John Langdon Kumler Kenneth Telford Marshall George Hall Miller John Edward McKllresh Donald Roherl Spencer William B. Elmer FRESHMEN Henry Cromwell Brummel Daniel Henry Hnyctt Linus Reed Cranmer Robert J. Evans Breard Evans Fishburn Robert Beals Fowlc-r Robert Vallace Johnston William Chandler Langford Richard Bennett Lord Harry Egglesso McDonnell John Frederic Pfender Harold Francis Wood Richard C. Arbuckle Christian Herrmann Richard Milton Lndu ' ig . ' - H N Page 354 N FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA 1856 IOTA-BETA CHAPTER 1889 CHAPTER OFFICERS President Robert E. Moffalt Vice- President . Fred W. McCracken Secretarx Paul M. Brickies Treasurer John E. MacAnhui MEMBERS IN FACULTY Gordon W. Balyeat. M.D. R ' T. Bittinger Emeron W. Con Ion kirkland E. Eisher Rudolph H. Gjelsness Arthur D. Moore, M.Sc.. E.E. James A. Nvswander Charles T. Ol instead, B.S. David M. Reed, A.B.. M. A. MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY George Childs. B.S. A. H alt Hagan. D.D.S. Edward Lusiiis. A.B. C. K. Van Winkle. A.B Flint C. Watt. A.B. James H. Wiles. A.B. Albert S. Barr, M.D. Travis R. Cash E. L. Cushing, A.B. Nelson O. Cushing Lee C. Fowle Walter M. Gibson Wallace P. Holcomlie Richard A. Jacoby Roy E. Joyce Harry A. Mott Charles T. Piecewior C. F. Ramsay C. H. Stiihrberg George D. Westerman Robert K. Whilelv Wax ne H. Stewart. A.B. William B. Wreford. A.B. SE N IORS Paul M. Bricklev Stanley C. Cox Rol ert E. MolFait Bennett Root JUNIORS Robert B. Emmett Harold Garn Dax id L. Giller Thomas Holcombe James Schooler- Richard G. Tarbell George W. Trendle Harold Twvman Jolin F. Anderson Langdon Ayres George W. Brooks Charles Erxin Howard J. Luxan James Meadows Carl Schlegel Richard S. Shelter John K. Mac rthur Alexander D. McConnell Thomas C. Van Arsdall Carl A. Viehe Nickerson Hincklev Harrv How ell Laurence Thomas Henry A. Tuttle James G. Mebane John F. Kinsey Robert L. Yandenberg SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SOPHOMORES William F. Armstrong Robert Bogle Roval A. Buehler Will A. Cannon Joseph Foote William kloeppel Robert Roy Robert L him aim Rov I hlinanii James A. Grund Phelps Hines J. Quentin Baker Frank P. Max FRESHMEN Leonard Petitti Penn Skilern Paul B. Zimmerman Row 1 Petitti. R. Uhlman. Rax. Cannon. McDowell. Skillirn. Shelter. VanArsdale. Zimmerman Row 2 Ervin. Turtle. Burckhalter. May. Howell. Schlegel. Hinckley. B. Uhlman. Emmett. Hines. Meadows Row 3 Childs. Vandenberg. Foote. Luxan. Buehler. Armstrong. Bogle. Twyman, Anderson. Viehe Row 4 MacArrhur. Root, Holcomb Trendle. Brickley. Moffat. Brooks. McConnell. Cam. Mebane. Cillei H H Page 355 M H N Row 1 Alpern, Krause, Sehagrin, Edelberg, Myers, Rubens, Kruger, Edelman, Hirschman Row 2 Simon, Cohn, Basseft, Aisner, Dana, Posmantur, Bloom, Fink Row 3 Levinson, Weisberg, Kirshen, Kempner, Wax, Cohen, Federman, Kohn, Levy Row 4 Alexander, Platt, Coldring, Rosen, Robinson, A. Colman, Rudolph, Sampson, C. Colman, Bloch MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY M. M. Alexander, B.A. Melvin Barnett, B.A. Jerome J. Dick, B.A. Irving M. Edelberg, B.A. Arthur Friedman, B.A. H. Harvey Gass, B.A. Samuel I. Krugliak, B.A. Myer Rosenberg, B.A. Richard F. Sidder, B.A. Leo Klar, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY Harold Goldman Mervin Green. M.I). SIGMA ALPHA MU SENIORS President Secretary Treasurer FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK 1909 SIGMA IOTA CHAPTER 1923 CHAPTER OFFICERS . Raymond W. Kempner, Jr. Arnold J. Kirshen . Leo G. Federman Harry Bloch, Jr. Arthur B. Colman Charles F. Colman Robert A. Platt Eliot F. Robinson Dexter I. Rosen Seymour W. Rudolph Marshal D. Sampson JUNIORS Richard I. Cohen David M. Goldring Raymond V. Kempner, Jr. Arnold f. Kirshen Richard E. Levy Kenneth H. Wax SOPHOMORES Julius Aisner, Jr. Bernard J. Bloom Robert L. Cohn Arnold I. Dana Austin I. Fink Leo G. Federman Mortimer Kohn Harold M. Levinson Richard A. Posmantur William L. Simon Howard Weisberg FRESHMEN Robert I. Alpern Bertram G. Bassett Thomas M. Brill Joseph Edelman Frederick L. Hirschiniin Robert A. Krause Richard J. Druger Harold N. Polis Burton J. Rubens Harry Sehagrin David Spiro Sidney F.. Weinbcrg N Page 356 N FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1855 THETA THETA CHAPTER 1 877 CHAPTER OFFICERS I ' lt-sident David Dale President Jim Ireland sttu-taiv Cramon Stanton Treasurer . Jack Heil MEMBERS IN CITY K (i Eberbach I . F. Icerman Cameron Haighi. M.D. IK. Peirsol R. IX Reekie W. D. Robinson A. C. Wilkinson S. B. Window Dr. David O. De Weese MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY William F. Anderson rdward H. Bovle James E. Black Donald Cooper Jack R. Gustafson Gilbert K. Phares Paul W. Philips Wheat on L. Strom Robert O. Thomas Robert A. Stuart Goff Smith MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dean H. C Anderson, B.M.r. R. O. Counwright, A.B. L f. Gram. B.S. ( Powell, E.F.. M . ]. S. Worley, M.S.. C.F.. F. H. Yost. LLD. f. E. Shanks. Ph.D. David E. Dale Bruce L. Campbell John W. Collins Robert B. Curren Franklin L. Hook James R. Ireland Irvin Busse Jack E. Cooper Ham, L. Hallork John S. Heil Charles F. Mason Peter F. Brown William E. Colleue John E. Con Merton M. DeLancev William H. Gambill Randall Hughes Steven I. Johnson Alvin N. Kelso SENIORS Joseph R. Mason Max C. Scboeu Donald J. Siegel Edward C. Stanton Frank R. Wilkinson JUNIORS Thomas K. Phares Charles A. Pink Walter A. Sooville |ack Sherrill Robert B. Shulters SOPHOMORES William Gram Charles D. Knapp Blaz A. Lucas Allan M. Markman Herman J. Nordstrom James E. Ogle Robert L. Reutter James Wilkinson SIGMA CHI FRESHMEN Robert L. Collins Paul L. Cosper William H- Downer Edwin B. Earlv Charles Giesen Richard C. Gray Arthur N. Hill Marvin Hamilton Lucius O. Hamilton Verne C. Kennedv Rov F. Mattem Charles W. Mitchell Francis W. Morley, III Jerry H. Michael Alfred W. Owens Alfred H. Piel James S. Reed Donald H. Stewart Benjamin F. H. TTiorward Row 1 Michael. M. Hamilton. Piel. Irwin. L. Hamilton. Thorward. Cray. Downer. Cram. Owens. Mattern Row 2 Lyons. Collins. Mitchel. Cosper. Hill. Morley. Kennedy. Foster. Early. Ideson Row } Wilkinson. Collette. Hook. Markham. DeLancey. Cory. Knapp. Brown. Lucas. Ogle. Cook Row 4 Hallock. Scoville. Phares. Siegel. Sherrill. Ciesen. Nordstrom. Hughes. Johnson. Kelso Row 5 C. Mason. J. Mason. Schoetz. Hall. Ireland. Dale. Stanton. Wilkinson. Collins, Busse, Cooper H Page 357 M H N Row 1 McKitrick, Cheffy, Mammon. Adams, Cox, Mclchcr Row 2 Cowen, Harrison, Bruce, Bragg, Archer, Anderson, Cabral Row 3 Kmet, Christy, Altick, Brownson, Boston, Crocker, Jones, Dod Row 4 Woodison, Ferine, Cain, Linsz, Norton, Donaldson, Andrews, Allen, Kircher MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY John Ada ins, A.B. 1 ' aul Fugle, A.B. F. I). Gouclie, M.A. Win. Zewodski, A.B. Forest Allen, B.S. Charles G. Killing, A.B. Gay Livingston, A.B. John Livingston, A.B. John Dunten, A.B. Robert Plumb, A.B. Phil Turner, A.B. George Smith, A.B. Arthur Greip, A.B. William Davis, A.B. R. O. Boehnke I. W. Bywaters R. T. Dobson R. H. Upson Richard Sinn R. M. West C. E. Riisinger R. L. Hawkins MEMBERS IN CITY 1). J. McClean W. ' C. Wai F. R. Mnrbach H. C. Rufus W. G. Swarf, G. S. Watkins John Sinn SIGMA N U MEMBERS IN FACULTY FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE 1869 GAMMA NU CHAPTER 1902 CHAPTER OFFICERS President E. H. Norton, Jr. Vice-President W, L. Lins Secretary John L. Andrews Treasurer John Woodison L. J. Can, Ph.D. C. C. Craig, Ph.D. K. R. Isbell, Ph.D. B. Meinccke, Ph.D. W. J. Archer T. W. Cain R. F. Donaldson L. W. Linsz Norman Puruckcr Kdward Adams Louis C. Andrews Curtis K. Boston George Cox Sabin Crocker 1). M. Altick Robert Bragg Dallas 1). Brownson Donald Brnce George Chelty l.awton Hammett Whitney Jones Richard McKitrick R. H. Noyes, M.S. S. Peterson, Ph.D. H. M. Pollard, M.I). W. C. Rufus, Ph.D. SENIORS Ross W. Ferine John Woodison William H. Buchanan Kdward Kmet Paul Dod JUNIORS Stan Kelly Ralph Kircher K. H. Norton. Jr. Richard Anderson l)a id Si ion " SOPHOMORES Kdivard Christy Jerry Cowcn William Harrison FRESHMEN Richard Melcher Donald Cabral William Fendrick lid Morrison HONOR S E R V 1 1 C E Page 358 N FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE 1827 ALPHA CHAPTER 1858 CHAPTER OFFICERS Lome- H. Meiscl President Kduard K. Mack Secretary Harold E. Davidson Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dean Emeritus Mortimer E. Cooley Rudolph A. Wiiinacker MEMBERS IN CITY Clinton B. Donger. A.B. George Hammond, M.D. Egmont C. Hildner Dewitt C. Millen MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Richard E. Babcock Olaf P. Bergelin Dwight M. Cheever John G. Blackburn Harold E. Davidson Douglas A. Hayes Alfred G. Ellick J. Richard k end rick Walter I. Lillie SENIORS Charles N. Jacobson Newtan H. ketcham Lonie H. Meisel William L. Newnan James H. Murdock Leonard D. Verdier Edward M. Watson Robert A. Reid Rufus H. Roys James B. Talmaii JU N IORS William F. Bavinger Edward E. Mack Herman H. Cole Morris M. Miller James A. Hynes Myron W. Neal Edward J. Hutchens SIGMA PHI SOPHOMORES k, Aigler (. D.illas Cameron Philip H. Clapp R. Gilbert Conger |ohn B. DeViiie William H. Gail Paul A. Johnson Robert D. King W. Win. Laitner Frederick Linsell Paul Smith James Welch David A. Badenoch James F. Bourquin Jack B. Coleman FRESHMEN Richard D. Emory Dick B. Gardner Norman R. Helgrer Arthur L. Kirkpatrick E. Stanton Miller Howard P. Porter Row 1 Coleman. Smith. Bourquin. Gardner. Emory. S. Miller Row 2 Kirkpatrick. Helgren. Cameron. Linsell. De Vine. Johnson. King. Badenoch Row 3 Conger. M. Miller. Mack. Bavinger. Cole, Hynes. Hutchens. Clapp. Laitner Row 4 Ellick. Roys. Newnan. Jacobson. Meisel. Davidson. Blackburn. Reid. Hayes. Ketcha H Page 359 M H N Row 1 Billet, Contie, Steudel, Langschwager, Keetch, King, Brown, Peterson, Pfaller Row 2 Cuthbertson, Kiel, Bateman, Hewlitt, Crover, Schiek, Rhodes, Davidson, Herman, McCunc Row 3 MacKercher, Stegath, Armstrong, Brandel, Wheaton, Harrison, Smith, Clittord Row 4 Trelfa, Sahlin, Shwartz, Smull, Pratt, Neweomb, Canavan, Kaye, Reed, McCarty CHAPTER OFFICERS J. Russell Pratt President Leland K. Smull Vice- President George B. Swartz, Jr Secretary George J. Neweomb, Jr Treasurer MEMBERS W. Earl Britton J. Chalmers Herman N FACULTY R. K. Brown MEMBERS Dr. F. C. Naylor Dr. Edward Weinman IN CITY Leslie J. Wessinger S I G MA PHI E PS I LO N SENIORS Robert W. McCarty George J. Neweomb, Jr. J. Russell Pratt Leland K. Smull Norman F. Springell JUNIORS FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER 1912 Wynand W. Brandel John Canavan Thomas W. Cuthbertson, Jr. Edward Harrison Rexford MacKercher Benjamin F. Mnnn Harry W. Reed Clarence A. Sahlin George B. Swartz, Jr. Richard T. Trelfa Robert I.. Whealnn SOPHOMORES Thomas H. Armstrong William J. Ash F. King Clifford Leroy J. Contie, Jr. Robert W. Cranston, Jr. George Davidson Douglas P. Gould George A. Grover O. Wellsley Ka c, Jr. Frederick P. Langschwager, Jr. John J. McCune Ralph D. Peterson, Jr. Albert L. I ' fallei ( ' .. Bruce Smith Walter W. Steffan Richard A. Steudel Milton S. Bangs David F. Bateman Allan R. Bott Douglas B. Brown George Harms D. Robert Ingalls Robert C. Keetch FRESHMEN Warren R. King Frederick McOmber Carl S. Rhodes Ferdinand Scott William B. Stegath Elmer M. Steger Henry O. Zeller ft Page 360 I N FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY 1856 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER- 1919 CHAPTER OFFICERS Robert D. Barber President Robert D. Culbertson Vice-President Colvin L. Gibson Secretary John f. Walters Treasurer Robert D. Barber Max Hodge Richard f. Shroth SENIORS Jack C. Sullivan John P. Thompson Wesley S. Warren Howard W. Crusey Barry F. Whitehead Alfred S. Evans MEMBERS IN FACULTY Arno L. Bader Harold J. McFarlan JUNIORS (.eorge F.. Carmiheis William B. Palmer Thomas J. Aye ( xih in L. Gibson Allan Reid (ames H. Cissel Malville B. Stout Donald R. Boyer Gordon A. Hardy Lewis M. Slater Preston E. James Charles B. Vibberl Markham S. Cheever Harold J. Holshuh Charles R. Smith, Jr. Keith E. Dixon James I. Laird Harry L. Soniieboni MEMBERS IN CITY Vincent M. Dunn Paul Nielsen William R. Stevens Roue A. Balmer Bruce Palmer Ruben E. Frost John H. Overton John F. Walters Gilbert D. Chavenelle Eugene B. Power Daniel R. Ranney John S. Dickhoff Frank H. Power Roderick B. Howell Neil O. Staeblei SOPHOMORES William Howell Harry A. Tiltotson Robert J. Crane David D. Donaldson Rolf E. Muenter Frank A. Latnbersoii Herbert W. Twining Nelson J. Davis Donald O. Frisbee John H. Thompson Kenneth C. Marentette Edwin M. Deal Karl G. Kessler Eric J. Wright TH ETA CHI MEMBERS James B. Ashley. A.B. James L. Bauchat, A.B. Robert C. Boyer, A.B. Robert D. Culbertson, A.B. H. Thomas Keppelman, B.S. IN UNIVERSITY Charles O. King, B.v James M. Teahan, A.B. Alton P. Wraith, A.B. John H. Pickering, A.B. James D. Bartlett Wbeaton M . Coward Walter C. Cowles Donald C. Crumbaker FRESHMEN Charles J. Dillman William O. Keas James H. Garvin Leonard E. Perry John H. Gracey Richard H. Strain Jack A. Grady Herbert M. Troost Lou R. Hague Row 1 Muenter. Henderson. Beyer. Wright, Keas. Sascey. Donaldson. Ranney. Hodge. Sonneborn. Crumbaker Row 2 Strain. Laird. Hclshuh. Dunn. Crady. Pabst. Overton. Stevens. Walters. Nielsen. Cowles Row 3 Smith. Frisbee. Reid. Slater. Crane. Cheever. Hardy. Deal, Thompson, Whitehead, Dillman Row 4 Causey. Keppelman. Kins. Evans. Culbertson. Barber. Gibson, Wikox. Warren. Bauchat. Shroth T H E R H O Page 361 M H N Row 1 Rcbbins, McNamee, Cctts. Moore, Wallace, Kuhn, Thomas, Jones Row 2 B. Edwards, Peterson, Copley, Rhame, J. Neilson, Parks, Monahan, McFarland, Dick, Allen Row 3 Park, Reed, Rane, Hall, Sherzer, Sccgert, Brent, Canham, Barr, Thomson, Huttlinger Row 4 Mackintosh, Wills, Bentley, W. Neilson, Hinkle, Clement, Eldredge, Lamb, Spengler, Sours Row 5 Macal, Muzzall, Ashc, Bradbury, Kessler, Shaw, Zimmerman, Novak, W. Edwards, Johnson, Robson CHAPTER Carvel T. Shaw : . . . William H. Edwards . . . James C. Wills Donald L. X.imnierman OFFICERS President Vice-1 ' rcsideiH Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Robert L. Adams, B.S. Robert M. Ashe, B.S. Frederick H. Bither, Jr., B.S. Roy E. Frazier, B.A. John C. McCarthy, Jr. B.A. John W. Strayer, B.S. Robert W. Ward, B.A. William F. Weeks, B.S. Bruce T. Telfei , B.A. David Todd, B.A. John S. Winder, B.A. MEMBERS Ernest F. Barker N FACULTY Harley Haynes, M.I). MEMBERS IN CITY J. P. Belsley, M.D. B. E. Groves Harry O. Potter Joseph H. Smith Frank F. Van Tuyl SENIORS Marion L. Bradbury, Jr. William H. Edwards Howard F. Johnson Edward Macal Roger H. Mu all Carvel T. Shaw Donald L. .immeiman THETA DELTA CHI JUNIORS FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE 1847 GAMMA DEUTERON CHARGE 1889 A. Morell Bentley, III Walter J. Clement, Jr. Richard H. Dick John G. Eldredge Walter J. Hinkle Charles J. Kessler, Jr. Frederick D. Lamb, Jr. Duncan Mackintosh Douulas B. McFarland Waller Neilson, Jr. Charles T. Novak John W T . Rane, Jr. Wilbur J. Rcecl N. Stewart Robson William H. Sours lhi icl P. Spenglc-i James C. Wills SOPHOMORES N John B. Barr Irl D ' Arcy Brent, II Donald B. Canham Almon T. Copley Basil D. F.dwards, Jr. Geoifrey G. Hall Burns M. Huttlinger Edward T. Martin Stallion Allen Robert L. Getts Donald K. Jones Arthur H. Kuhn James McNamee John Moore E R James E. Monahan James D. Neilson, II Paul H. Park Carleton G. Peterson David P. Rhame Neal Seegcrt William |. Sheiver George H. Thomson FRESHMEN Stuart A. Park Omer Robbins Wayne Stille Robert L. Thomas Robert T. Wallace Page 362 N FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 1907 MICHIGAN CHAPTER 1925 - OFFICERS President Vice-President H;ur 1 . Swarthout Secretary Kenneth R. Evenson Treasurer CHAPTER William R. Blakley . . . James J. Bartlett MEMBERS Harry Bouchard, B.C.E. Edward L. Eriksen, B.C.E. N FACULTY Waller C. Sadler, M-S..C.E..LL.B. Edward A. Stalker, M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY Harold N. Caiev Gramille R. Conrad Albert J. Doly Chase R. Teaboldt MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harold H. Hayes Frederick V. Palmer James J. Bartlett William R. Blaklev Kenneth R. Evenson Merle V. Heidman Richard V. Johnson SENIORS Leonard D. Orr Alfred A. Petersen James A. Ruth John M. Stevens C. Janies Wicks JUNIORS G. Innes Bouton Walter A. Dennis Jay W. Johnson C. Robert Lomnelh Arthur R. MacViltie James A. Mason Richard G. Morton Arthur C. Rissberger Harry P. Swarthout Howard J. W T ilIiams TRIANGLE SOPHOMORES Harley J. Anderson Robert W. Bishop Ernest J. Petersen Russell S. Thatcher Phipil B. Case John M. Kirk FRESHMEN John A. Shandley Row 1 Carlscn. M. Petersen, Bishop. Case. E. Petersen. Stevens. Shandley Row 2 Williams. Mason. Lomneth. A. Petersen. Dennis. Taylor. Rissberger. Morton Row 3 R. Johnson. Orr. Swarthout. Evenson. Blakley. Bartlett. J. Johnson. MacVittie. Ruth T H E R H O S ' Page 363 M H N ._ W Y T V Row 1 Anderson, Weymouth, Lehner, Bacon, B.indoli. Bedford, Doran, Caldwell ROW 2 First, Downs, Marty, Berg, Pickering, Zawacki, Howard Row 3 Collman, Awig, Jefters, McCrath, Klein, Baxter, Lawton, Briggs R OW 4 Rodger, Wolcott, Wolfe, Slater, Laing, Jones, Bridges. Kettler, Sculthorp CHAPTER OFFICERS David G. Laing President F. Randall Jones Vice- President Robert Wolfe Secretary Dayton O. Slater Treasurer T R I GO N MEMBERS S. L. Bigelow, Ph.D. V. O. Hood, B.S. MEMBERS John R. Mann, A.B. N FACULTY A. C. Kerlikowske. M.D. O. Parker, A.B. N UNIVERSITY Leo Cork in, A.B. Roland M. Athay Kitz J. Bridges F. Randall Jones Charles I.. Kettler David G. Laing SENIORS Charles M. Lovett Walton Rodger Robert Wolfe Dayton O. Slater Frederick Wolcolt FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1905 Thomas Anderson Howard Awig Lewis Briggs Rodger M. Dolose Jack Collman Wesley First Richard Howaid Thomas Lawton Howard Bacon Marvin Bandoli Donald Berg Thomas Caldwell Everett Doran William Downs JUNIORS Richard McGralh I.enton G. Sculthorp David Dolese SOPHOMORES John Lehner James Lovett Colin Weymouth Eugene Klein FRESHMEN Clem- Hall Robert Jeffers Harold Marty Harry Pichering Chester Xawacki N Page 364 N . FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE 1864 SIGMA CHAPTER 1914 CHAPTER OFFICERS 1 . Philip Clark President C. Philip Simpson Vice-Presideiit LcRov E. Fake Treasurer Thomas O. McKinlev . Secretary MEMBERS B I B ile . PhJ). S. D. Dodge. Hh. D. H. H. Higbie. E.E. C. Hoad. B.S. MEMBERS Frederick A. Burdick Gene A. Christian, B.S.E. Jame s W. Freeman. B.S.E. R. Gerkensmevei. B.S. IN FACULTY H. M. Kendall. Ph.D. C. A. Siebert. Ph.D. K Wood. MJS.E. IN UNIVERSITY Thomas A. Jensen, A.B. R. E. Reed-Hill, B.S.F. Paul A. Simpson. A.B. Hugh A. Weld. B.S. D. Philip Clark John C. Fechnay R. Kenneth Gaulhier Ijesier E. Goda, Jr. Cruzaii Alexander Duane L. Bennett Edward P. Christeiisen Dayton C. Closser Harvey I . Ellsworth LeRoy E. Fake Kenneth B. Johnson SENIORS Norman M. Huff Thomas O. McKinley William H. Mason 1 . Willson Worthing JUNIORS Rowland H. McLaughlin F. William Mayo John R. Robinson C. Philip Simpson Robert G. Smith Robert K. Tiedeman TH ETA XI MEMBERS IN CITY SOP HOMORES J. B. Ames I.. Build) R. Raymond Allen James H. Jones. Jr. H R. Beuli lei U R. |)i in Yemeni C. Applegalc Karl K. kreii . Jr. R. |. Betihler Hollis M. Blacksione John T. Lamb FRESH MEN William C. Blanchard Thomas W. Xesbil Robert E. Coapman David R. Meier Harold E. Britton George E. Rulison Ravmond H. Gaulhier Ralph Pemmerl William E. Carter William J. Sleppon emerge D. Gotschall Francis J. Slavin Philip H. Conlcy John P. Suouss Arthur L. Judge, Jr. Rendei W. Smith John H. Harwood Lester E. 7 eigel Donald M. Lewis Albert L. Weller John R. Henry William M. Wood James S. Martin R w 1 Slavin. R. W. Smith. Judge. Meier. Veigel. Cotschall. Weller. Pemmerl Row 2 Cavanagh. Harwood. Wood. Britton. Henry. Rulison. Blackstone. Strouss Row 3 Alexander. Nesbit. Blanchard. Conley. Martin. Allen. Lamb. Johnson. Coapman Row( McLaughlin. Christensen. C. P. Simpson. R. C. Smith. Robinson. Fake. Tiedeman. Carter, Closser. S eppon Row 5 Jensen. Cerkensmeyer. P. A. Simpson. Cauthier. Coda. Clark, McKiniey, HuH, Fechnay, Christian, Worthing H H Page 365 M H N Row 1 Jacobs, Schoenberg, Srackier, Samuels, Burstein, Wile, Slottow. Kahn, Cookind, W. Block Row 2 Loeff, Barnard, Harris, Wirtschafter, Schlemenson, Winter, Friedman, Landsberg, Conn Row 3 A. Block, Seitner, Peterman, Zolla, Pollak, Brown, Grossman, Goldman, Englander Row 4 Louer, Slumbers, Jassy, Feferman, Kann, Barnard, Kayser, Bachrach, Oberndorf ZETA BETA TAU CHAPTER OFFICERS Robert Kami President Paul Oberndorf Vice-President Charles H. Louer Secretary Herbert G. Blumberg Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. L. Sharfinan MEMBERS IN CITY Henry Meyer JUNIORS James Barnard Alec Block Herbert Blumberg Oscar A. Feferman David Jassy Robot L. Kami Charles H. Loner Paul M. Oberndorf Milton Peterman Richard Seitner SENIORS I. co Kaysei FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK 1898 PHI CHAPTER 1912 Robert Barnard Alan Englander Warren Friedman Jerome Grossman Julian Harris Woody Block Robert Burstein Jack Cohen Tom Goodkind Walter Jacobs Aaron Kahn Ira Katz Jack Kessel Leon I.a nslnn " SOPHOMORES Melvin Schlemenson Ted Winler Donald Wirtschafler Jerome Mechlenberger Howard A. Goldman FRESHMEN Ralph I.oell Harold Schulof Arthur Schocnbcij Ralph Sloltou Harold Slack lei Robert Weisman Richard Wile Robert Samuels N Page 366 N FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 1847 XI CHAPTER 1847 CHAPTER OFFICERS Rol en Banks President Vm. F. Armstrong Vice-President Willard Parker Secrelan illi.ini J. |one .-x Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Jonathan T. Carrie!, M.S. Colin D. Gordon. M.A. Richard F.. Minks. A.B. Edward M. Holpuch Frank B. Sanders. A.B. James M. Scott ' : .A- -, MEMBERS P. E. Bursley, M.A. L y " N FACULTY Thomas D. Hinshaw Dr. Harry L. Arnold, Jr., M.D. MEMBERS C. G. Bunting IN CITY W. A. Comstock Z E TA P S I Robert J. Banks, Jr. illiain J. Jones Karl Klauser. Jr. George M. Lock wood SENIORS Charles S. Quarles Howard H. Rogers, Jr. Harry L. Swan Bruce G. Ellison Robert L. Gustafson Wayne E. Hadley Nelson J. Kreider Robert C. Xewkirk SOPHOMORES Charles B. Pckor John W. Stephens John O. Tietjen Robert A. Van Sile JUNIORS William F. Armstrong. Jr. Joseph C.. Black William M. Bomhl Arthur A. Kinsi Hcrlxn-t H. Gardner. Jr. Roltert E. Golden Willard Parker Frederic E. Arnold, Jr. Malcolm W. Bulmer William Comstock III Douglas M. Fowle FRESHMEN Thomas H. Gamon Charles H. Gould John S. Koch Ro 1 F ' nk. Ernst. Holpuch. Black. Carricl. Pekor. Gardner. Armstrong Row 2 Cordon. Quarles. Jones. Rogers. Swan. Kreider. Lockwood Row 3 Klauser. Boothby. Parker. Newkirfc. Cclden. Tietjen. Stephens. Banks Row 4 Van Sile. Custafson. Koch. Bulmer. Fow!e. Could. Hadley. Gamon. Arnold T H E R H Page 367 M Row 1 ALLEN Row 1 C. Posada, Colgan, Ulmcr, Gibson, Stebens, Whipple, McKenna, Carvin Row 2 Whitney, Egeler, Russell, Quinn, Johnson, Mead, Elmer, Lewis, Wood Row 3 Jones, Kelley. Hancox, Meschino, McPherson, Slepian Row 4 Ideson, A. Posada, Huff, Bolte, Willard, Momel, Copley, Bell Row 5 Samuels, Cirod, King, Arbuckle, Ceniesse, Hammelef, Molthro irop DORMITORIES RUMSEY Row 1 Pfender, Mills, Muenzr,, Hadly, Pusack, Schomberg, Boyd, McKitrick Row 2 Naulin, Osborn, Pemmere, Lahti, Burt, Trautman, Wolfe, Klein, Troost, Smellee Row 3 Forbes, Barber, Shanaberry, Ludwig, Huytt, Smith, Hayward, Rookus, Rhoads Row 4 Woods, Kennedy, Campbell, Cobb, Clary, Bulmer, O ' Hara, MacDermid N Page 368 N M DINING ROOM Stanley G. Waltz Lindley M. Dean Irving Edelberg Manager Head Waiter Captain UNION WA I T E R S Byron Harris Russell Fischer John Wallace H. Bahlman R. V. Baxley Don Bostwick Stuart Brock Paul Bryan R. K. Cassell Vra. Combs Ben Durfee Bryce Emunson James Harrison WAITERS Roger Humphrey J. R. Jensen Don Mac Harg Don Nichols Harold Nichols Maurice Rieger Lynn Riess Kenneth Marble Ned Morrow K. M. Nelson John Waldron Don Bahlman Geo. Johnson Wm. Pelley m. Small Robert Fox Ivan Taylor Horace Tinker m. Tracy J. H. Trueblood I. M. Edelberg Manuel Ben Paul Chandler Hugh Cooper Fred Dannenfelser Richard Dreifus E. Gillette Page 369 1 UNION CAFETERIA Phil Aldrich David Allen E. E. Allmendin gcr Ralph Anthony Ford Bachman George Banta F. Black Lyle Bond Win. Bowden R. I ' . Breaden R. C. Buinhain Kenneth Butler Ira Buttei field T. D. Carpenter Jerry Cell Eel. Christy John J. Clark Chas. H. Clifton George Cowing Ed. Daverman Kenneth Dewhirst R. M. DeWitt Everett Doran Art Farr Ward Fearn A. P. Fishman E. Frutig R. H. Gere Herbert Graf Paul Goldsmith Richard Gorecki W. F. Griminelsman R. E. Hague James Halligan Gordon Hartrick Ed. Hill Les Hillberg UNION BUS BOYS A. Hodge J. E. Holt Wm. Hood Harper Hull Eldon James Walter Kaler Arthur Katz Richard Kebler J. E. Kelly S. G. Kelley I). G. Kipka M. W. Kitzmillcr Francis Kruidenier Gordon La ing Sidney Little Wm. Luther H. E. Lyon Duncan Mackintosh Ed. McDonald John Nicholson Charles O ' Brien T. O ' Neill H. Oppenhuizen W. L. Ott R. Pyszynski Ray Ramey Robert Reid David Rice R. W. Rinkel Joe Robinson Leonard Robinson Charles Ross Geo. P. Scott R. Self ridge Gordon Semerad John Shuler Don Smith Emerson Smith Bob Smolensk! Michael Sofiak Ivan D. Thomas Lester Viegel Claude Ware Bill Watson M. Weber Al. Wistert J. V ' asaitis Mike i miner Robert Train Francis Hevot Henry Pendoi I Floyd Garland Fred Slade Chester Fairbanks Paul Cramton James Dickey Ralph Bartolocci D. J. Robey Lawrence Tutak Anthony LaBrosse W. A. Chapman Tony Freyz Lavell Morris A. R. Heikkila Wm. LaBrosse Rudolph Gutekunst Rush Cattell Joseph Koziol Ben Alber Dick Nowland John Groskopf Gerald Hamilton Page 370 SOROfllWS REMEMBER sitting on the stairs waiting for the mail . . . tearing off to class at two minutes " of " because that last hand was too good to throw in ... Sunday night tea . . . lingering i er breakfast to read the funnies . . . Can you forget talking until three A. M. about love ... or a career ... or something . . . dancing on the terrace in the spring . . . sitting in front of the fire on snowy evenings ... all those things that make life in a sorority one of those things that later you look back on and can ' t quite believe ever happened. . A, HASH! AND MORE HASH? NO DICE? " MUSIC. MAESTRO, PLEASE " sonofiiiy To PLEIX;E or not to pledge, that is the question, a question most girls find hard to answer those first be- wildering days on campus. Soror- ities aren ' t entirely superficial, in spite of the fact that we usually think of them as gay, fun-loving and living a care-free, happy-go- lucky existence. There ' s more to it, masked beneath a rather frivolous exterior is a strong bond of under- standing and friendship. Page 372 BLISS THE " VIC " AND A NEW RECORD PKKHAI-S the keynote of sorority life is the happy camaraderie which characterizes it. Mutual in- terest expressed b shouts of excitement which greet the proud possessor of a new pin, rushing to the door to meet die lucky person who has just won a big appointment and the fun of talking it all over afterwards everything from a super date to the possibility of an E. ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON CHECKING UP ON THE NEW SPRING CLOTHES FORMAL DINNER BRINGS A CLIMAX TO RUSHING Lift PLNCTIATED by frequent calls of " Who ' ll make a fourth? " and " Has anyone ever had Fine Arts 102? " life in a sorority house whizzes along from dawn ' til dark, or per- haps more accurately from noon ' til midnight. It ' s exciting, it ' s fun, but it has its serious moments, too, and it ' s something no girl ever forgets. N Page 373 M H N Row 1 Mougey, Allan, Adams, Perry Row 2 Blaess, Stomler, Pulte, Rogers, Carrigan, D ' Arkos, Peterson, Verner, Huntington, Knoblauch Row 3 Baldwin, Stockbridge. Rich, Bolton, Hoelscher, Hood, Dunlop, B. Rouse, Kronner, Ford Row 4 Wilson, Parker, Inks, Todt, Wehner, Neal, Fisher, Cossard, Barney, Johnson Row 5 Heald, Knight, Mills, Clark, George, Holaday, D. Rouse, Smith, Higgins, Allen ALPHA CHI OMEGA FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY 1885 THETA CHAPTER 1898 Mary K. Adams Virginia Allan Maxine Blaess Barbara Bolton Gwendolyn Dunlop Claire Ford Vievia Hoelscher SENIORS Jane Mougey Maxine Peterson Dorothea Staebler JUNIORS Frances Hiinlinglon Harriet Johnson Mary Knoblauch Mary J. Kronner Marian Stomler Peggy Pulte Dorothy Rogers Jean Rich Betty Rouse- Helen Stockbridge Lois Verner Mary Baldwin Beulah Hums Marjorie (.beadle Barbara Fisher Doris Allen Bel l Barney Elise Clark Florence Gates SOPHOMORES Nancy Gossard Marx Lou Mills I.ouiia Parker I mi. inn Perrv FRESHMEN I.inda G. George- Mary K. Heald Marjorie A. Hig;iii , Marianne Holaday Shirley Todt Ann Wehner Jane Wilson Louise Inks Jean Johnson Clare Knight Rosemary Smith Page 374 Row 1 Upson. Hall. Conde. Rather, MacArrhur. Kandelin Row 2 Coebel. Hubbs. Skinner. Westendorf. Hatpin. Main Row 3 Weiss. Perkins. Hoffmeyer, Keene. Ihnken. Benson Row 4 Cish. Crosby. Cornell. Ciift. Taylor. Phelps ALPHA DELTA PI SENIORS Dorothy Goebel Janet Hall Edna Kandelin Mildred MacArthur Jane Ann Rather Julie Ann I ' psoti JUNIORS Elizabeth (lilt Ha el Halpin Frances Hubbs De Rhua Skinner Mariou Weiss Madelaine Veslendorf FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN FEMALE COLLEGE, MACON, CA. 1851 BETA ETA CHAPTER 1929 SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Benson Dorothy Keene Marion Conde Panic Main I ' hvllN HoHincyer Mildred Ann Perkins Charlene Ihnken . FRESHMEN Elizabeth Cornell Alice Croshv Lois Cish Elizabeth Phelps Joanne Taylor Page 375 M N a a Row 1 Sanger, Jedel, Greenhouse Row 2 Arnold, Wilk, Kaphan, R. Jacobson, J. Jacobson, Davis, Sive, Weil Row 3 M. Fishman, Levy, Hamburger, Class, Fischer, Fishman, Schwartz, Warren, Cooper, Lipton Row 4 Sampson, Rubiner, Wechsler, Weber, J. Harris, E. Harris, Wilk, Weissman, Ollesheimer, Goldstein Row 5 Magidsohn, Copeland, Hootkins, Schlow, Schwab, Rabinovitch, Toubus, Click, Sharfman, Rattner Row 6 Robeson, Silver, Aaronson, Sharfman, E. Fisher, Rudner, Abramson, Fuldauer, Bladen, Ferguson ALPHA E PS I LO N PHI SENIORS Dorothy Arnold Jams Jedel Barbara Weil Margaret Greenhouse Betty Jane Sive FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE 1909 PI CHAPTER 1921 Winifred Cooper elda Davis Mildred Epstein Fiances Fischer Muriel Fishman Shirley Fishman Eleanor Harris Joan Harris Eli aheth Lipton Frances Aaronson Dorothy Abramson Harriet Baker Doris Bladen Paula Copeland Joan Ferguson JUNIORS Dorothy Glass Agatha Click Elaine Goldstein Betty Hamburger Ruth Jacobson orma Kapban Harriet Levy SOPHOMORES Rose L. Ollesheimer Beatrice Rattner Ruth Rubiner Dorothy Sampson FRESHMEN Elaine Fisher Eunice Fuldauer Fay Hootkins Janet Jacobson Irene Magidsohn Ina May Rabinovitch Jane Sanger Ruth Schwaiu Miriam S .old Ruth Warren Thclma Weber Helen Weissman Mania Doris Wechsler Marcia Wilk Hope Robeson I.uisc Rudner Lorraine Schwab 1 1 ma Schlow Shirley Silver Shirley Toubus Page 376 ' endolyn Dunn, Audrey ALPHA GAMMA D E LTA SENIORS Mar Jane AtUit Edith Butler Dixie Jackson Margaret M. Johnson JUNIORS Man Allen Frances Mai Aiulcrsun Elaine Bergers Frances Kahrs Elaine Kohl Ruth Laing Marylieth Jones Marcella Eli al eth R K -.a Jciinne Vant Diiini.i Miles Ueilv Jean I ' entc Jane ReShore Marian Schaefer Margaret Udell SOPHOMORES Ruth Augspurger Margaret J. Harris Jean Elizalielh Hoa;- Francille Martin Eleanor Donahue Gwendolyn Dunn Barbara Fail bairn A N Sii amie M. Sii aiine ' ogt Marian Vighl FRESHMEN Elinor Kirkpatrick Audrev Sorenson FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY 1904 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER 1922 Page 377 M H N Row 1 Carolyn Ross, Bobby Ross, Phyllis Scroggie, Henrietta Simpson, Dot Caughey, Margt. Triplett Row 2 Virginia Freret, Dorothy Adams, Beulah Downs, Babs Carle, Lynda Nickl, Cathleen Clifford Row 3 Blanche Anderson, Frances Roseboom, Jeanne Comon, Betty Carry, Betty Armstrong, Leigh Burleson Row 4 Jean Prentice, Alice Hoff, Margaret Bidlack, Lois Baxter, Mary Ann McKie, Bessie Lawton ALPHA O M I C R O N PI SENIORS FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE 1897 OMICRON PI CHAPTER 1921 1 Dorolhy Adams Cathleen Clifford Beulah Downs Carolyn Ross Roberta Ross 1 ' hyllis Scroggie Henrietta Simpson Margaret Triplett JUNIORS Betty Ami Armstrong I.ois Baxter I.eigh Burleson Klla B. Carle Dorothy Jane Caughey Irene Doherty Klziahcth Garry feannc Gonion Kthcl Mikuliih Lynda Nickl Frances Roseboom Marybelle Strolher Hilda VanTuyl SOPHOMORES Blanche Anderson Margaret Bidlatk Amv Davidson Mary Ann McKie Mary Mikulidi )eanne Prentice FRESHMEN Bessie Lawton Page 378 Row 1 Abbot. Carrigan. Meier. Basseff, Ludfke. Parfet. Orr, Lahcc. Lyon. Stonrngton Row 2 Starr, Ford. Coler M. McKinnon. Vanderveen. Vaughn. Ferguson, Donnelly, Brooks, Kaufman Row 3 P. McKinnon. List. Grill. May. Hopkins, Everett, H. Smith, Skiles. Schiller, Burns Row 4 Ulrich. Cranmer. Hadley. Bird. Bedford. Davidson. Crump, Noyes, Turpin, Hayden AL PHA PH I 1 ' rNcilla Ablxu Alice Bassclt Margaret Carrigan Kli abelh Brooks C wciidol ii Canon Ruth Coler I ' olh Donnellv SENIORS Elizabeth Huntington Ruth Lahee Phvllis Ludtke JUNIORS Marian Ferguson Maigaret Ford Mar McKinnon Klizalteth Meier Sallv Orr I li aln-ih Lyon Stephanie Parfet Alice St. John Adclita Ortiz Man Ann Starr Freida Yaiulenccn Kathixn X ' aughn FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY 1872 THETA CHAPTER 1 892 Janet Burns Jeanette Crainnei Marjorie Kxerclt Barbara Grill Martha Bedford Margaret Bird Jeanne Crump SOPHOMORES Mi ann Hopkins Jeanne Kaufman Vh inia List Maii-aret Ma Dorolbv McKinnon FRESHMEN Joan Davidson Patricia Hadlev Margaret Schiller Jane Skiles Hortense Smith Elizabeth I Irich Marx Hayden Jeanne Noyes Sally Turpin N Page 379 M H N Row 1 Jones, Carey, McQuillan Row 2 Thompson. Haskins, Holland, Badger Row 3 Erlewine. Bock. Burns, Welch Row 4 Shull, Hvistendahl, Barry, Porter ALPHA XI DELTA FOUNDED AT KNOX-LOMBARD COLLEGE 1893 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER 1920 l ' li His Carey Hells Badger Ku 111 Bany (line Bock Krina Erlewine Frances Haskins SENIORS Marguerite McQuillan JUNIORS Grace (ones Mciihali Leach (can Thompson Kli ahcth Welch SOPHOMORES Bernice Hvistendahl Barbara Shull FRESHMEN Jo Ann Holland Page 380 Row 1 Beck. Mooney. High. Hcrrick. McRae Row 2 Bruyere. Call. McRae. Mulholland. Himes Scott. Tucker. MeCormack. Mullen. Steiner. Guest Row 3 Stadelman. Creiner. Jennings. Bibber. Easton DeVine. Baker. Baird. Cortrell. McCormick Row A Davis. Kingston. Cnerkh. Summers. Schreiber. Vogel. Douglas. Tackles. Thayer. Christensen. Brady Row 5 Young. MacCregor. Tone. Kinsey. St. John. Bondurant. Morgan. Minckler. Roberts. Westrate. Anderson Row 6 Crereton. Linsey. Basancon Ackles. Jensen. Finlayson. Vcsscher. Swift. Bogart. Dunlap. VanVleck Row 7 Coetz. Jensen. DaLee. Lillie. Bancroft. Bouchard. Frey. Hoogesteger. Durocher. Williams. Wiedman Jeanuette Beck Isabel Bruyere Eleanor Christensen Marjorie High Alice Himes Jane Anderson Esther Baker Dorothv Bogart Jane Brady Catherine DeVine NIabel Douglas Jean Dunlap Rhea Jane Easton Helen Ackles Elaine Baird Elizabeth Bibber Joan Bondurant Virginia Brereton Margaret Bancroft Frances Besancon Joanne Bouchard Janet Cottrell Mildred DaLee A N SENIORS Virginia McCabe Helen McRae Mary Mooney Virginia Mulholland Elisabeth Mullin JUNIORS Roberta Gnerich Ruth Greiner Barbara Guest Jane Herrick Marihn Jennings Anne Kingston Ruth Kinsey Jean Unse SOPHOMORES Ruth Davis Hazel Jensen Ann Minckler Suzanne Morgan Shirley Ann Roberts FRESHMEN Bett Durochei Barbara Eckeit Virginia Frey Catherine Goet Helen Hoogesteger D Elizabeth St. John Katharine Steiner Helen Tucker Doris Vogel Faith Watkins Marion MacGregor Jean MeCormack Charlotte Schreiber Doris Scott Betty Stadelman Bettie Summers Pauline Tackels Mary Anne Young Ellen St. John Betty Jane Swift Jane Ann Visscher Doris VanVleck Yvonne Vesinile KKie Jensen Jessie Tone I oroth Wiedman Anna Jean Williams CHI OMEGA FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS 1895 ETA CHAPTER 1905 Page 381 N Row 1 Haff, Lillie Row 2 Roe, Kilkey, Vedder, Killian, Turner, Blodgett, M. Wheat, Bursley, Osterman, Allington Row 3 Erickson, Watson, B. Patterson. Haislip, Titus, Purdom, McLellan, Martin, Moricy, Cleary Row 4 Donaldson, Collcr, Stevenson, M. Dailey, Robinson, B. Wheat, Bracken, E. Hegge, Lchr, Wheeler Row 5 Hubbard, Davis, F. Masked, J. Dailey, M. Haskell, Whitker, O ' Ferrall, Miller, Vennell, Crockett Row 6 Heames, Blodgett, J. Anderson, V. Patterson, A. Hegge, Could, Davis, Sanderson, M. Anderson, Smith COLLEGIATE SOROSIS FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1886 Mary E. Blodgett Rebecca A. Bursley Ida May Davis Olga C. Erickson Elizabeth Allington Joan E. Anderson Margaret M. Cleary M. Martha Dailey Beverly J. Bracken Carolyn Coller Jean Donaldson Louise F. Haskell Kli abeth Hegge Mary I. Anderson Belly M. Crockett Joanna M. Dailey Dorothy J. Davis GRADUATE Suzanne Sibley SENIORS George Ann Gilkey Marietta Killian Jean A. Lillie Virginia M. Osterman JUNIORS Patricia Hatf Pattie C. Haislip Sarah J. Lehr Janet E. Martin SOPHOMORES Margaret L. Hubbard Frances A. Morley Elizabeth I. Robinson Emily O. Sanderson Miriam E. Smith FRESHMEN Nancy Gould Mary Haskell Harriet E. Heames Astrid B. Hegge Lucille R. Miller Barbara M. 1 ' alerson Elizabelh Turner Barbara J. Watson Mary Wheat Nina P. McLellan Sally A. Roe Alice Stevenson Elizabeth L. Titus E. Ann Vedder E. Jane Vennell Barbara C. Wheat Murv Ellen Wheeler S. Patricia OTerrall a L. Palerson Virgini . Veilch f. Purdom Margaret F. hilker Page 382 Row 1 Petrash Elspass. Ciesecke. Bain. McCall. Lyon. Price, P. Kalb. Prayer, Richardson Row 2 Longan. Cannon. Morgan. Brady. Fleming. Marsh. Sutton. Meloche. McBerh. Platt Row 3 Rhea. Bryant. D. Brown. Wills. Rodger. Bohnsack. Flaningan. Clark. Fulde, Dillman Row 4 Landers. Reutter. H. Brown. Criswold. Haigh. Harris. Berry. Sappington Lighrner. E. Kalb RowS Hedges. Denfield. Creve. Kellogg, Shugert. Lee. Beafty. Smith. Poloway. Sollit t D E LTA D E LTA D E LTA SENIORS FRESHMEN Runty Bain Alice Fra ei Jane Giesecke Pauline Kalb Helen Brady Constance Bryant Ph llis Cannon Ruth Dillman Jane Elspass Marion Fleming Man Edna Lois Longan Constance Berry Helen Bohnsack Doris Brown Helen Brown Bern Clark Sue Flaningan Clara Louise Fulde Jane Griswold Frances Haigh Jane Lyon Margaret McCall Bern Pecrash JUNIORS Helen Marsh Margaret McBeth Mary Margaret Meloche Jeanne Morgan Anne Platt Marian Price Betty Reutter Betty Sutton SOPHOMORES Marian Harris Evelyn Kalb Betsy Lightner Eleanor Lobban Sonja Poloway Ellen Rhea Mary Rodger Virginia Sappington Ann Vills Caroline Denfield Jean Sollitt Mary Bealty Barbara Greve Kristin Lee Phyllis Lovejoy Grace Miller Gertrude Mohlin Jean Shugert Rosalie Smith FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY 1888 IOTA CHAPTER 1893 N Page 383 Row 1 M. Conncll, Ward, Barrett, Lemon. Young, Wood, MacKenzie, Poock Row 2 Swan, Hall, Ferriss, Williams, Krause, Lavan, Dredge, Voigt, Forberg, M. Smith Row 3 Avery, Dach, Schuele, Hatfield, Jewitt, Scovillc, Conne, Baldwin, MacArthur, Stowe Row 4 D. Lavan, Johnson, Gallagher, Outhwaite, Bourg, Calkins, Raiston. Baxter, Calkins, Cezan Row 5 Crawford, Scott, Benham, Lehner, Kimball, McConkey, Keilholtz, Whittemore, Pritchard, Kearney Row 6 Terry, Alfvin, Van Schoick, Baits, Tydeman, Thomas, J. Conncll, Meyn, Van Dyke, Margaret Wright DELTA GAMMA Dot tie Barret Marian Baxter Jean Bourg Marcia Council Dorothy Curtis Mary Lavan Mary Alice MacKenzie SENIORS Charlotte Poock Mary Rail Marian Smith F.leanore Swan Marjory Williams Belly Young FOUNDED AT OXFORD INSTITUTE 1874 XI CHAPTER 1885 Anabel Avery Betty Baldwin Ruth Calkins Evelyn Dock Annabel Dredge Knora Ferriss JUNIORS Peg Gezon Clems Hall Ruth Hatfield Jane Jewitt Rosemarv MacArthur Peggy Pritchard Helen Ralston Betty Schuele Mary May Scoville F.lla Stowe Alberta Wood Allison Curtis Kay Forberg Phyllis Gallagher Virginia Alfvin Jane Baits Jean Benham Jane Council Betty Jane Crawford SOPHOMORES Rachel Johnson Virginia Keilholtz Jane Krause Dorothy Lavan FRESHMEN Caroline Guernsey Maigene Meyn Martha Scott Jane ' Ferry Mary McConkey Joan Outhwaite Margaret Whittemore Alice Thomas Dorothy Tydeman Helen Van Dyke Cloe Ann Van Schoick Margaret Wright T H Page 384 A o f A e .Mdu - Row 1 Lord. H. Dean. Drake. Chissus. McCoy. H. J. Dean Row 2 Talcott. McNeil. Allen. DeWeese. Alcom. Walker. Backus. Griffin. Perkins. Owston Row 3 Neafie. Tibbits. Finkeldey. Meyer. MacDonald. Nelson. Hawley. Fagan. Henderson R OW 4 Bassett. Foster, Turnbull. Fitipatrick, von der Heidr. Rigterink. Cage. Davis. Hardy. Ortmayer R OW 5 Roberts Newton. Weidlein. Henderson. Adams. Hulbert. Neafie. Baltour Holt. Walsh Row 6 Poe. Rhodes. Schwegler. Beck. Keatley. Power. Custafson. Manwaring. Could, Crosby GAMMA PHI BETA F.ilith Alconi Kleanor Allen Roberta Chiu Harriet Dean Helen Jean Dean Man. Helen l)aii Ruth Fii |iatiiik Li la Fostei ' in;inia Lee Hanh N!ai Henderson Barbara Newton Dorothea Oitniaver SENIORS Harrietle De Jean Drake Barbara Griffin Jane Lord Eleanor McCoy Man McNeil Helen Owston Barbara Talcolt Beitv Walker Barbara Backus Barbara Bassett Polly Fagan Miriam Finkeldey JUNIORS Anne Hawley Frances Henderson Katherine King Ellen MacDonald Mary Elizabeth Meyer Margaret Neafie Maxine Nelson Lillian Perkins Jean Tibbils SOPHOMORES Helen Rigterink June Roberts Virginia Sthwe lei Emily Tiiinbnll l.u VonderHeidt Margate! VaNh Sallv Lou Weidlein FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY 1874 BETA CHAPTER 1882 Susan Adams Isabel Balfour Gladys Mary Bock Catherine Gr l Mary Gage Bettv Gould Mai inn Rae GuM.iKon Holt N FRESHMEN Margaret Hulliert Louise Keatly Jean Manwaring Mary Nealie Maitli.i Poe Phoel e Power Helen Rbmlt-s Eleanor Williams Page 385 N fcf Row 1 Fullenwider, Swartout, Pomeroy, B. Bonisteel, Carnett, Riddell, Martin, Cies Row 2 Lambrecht, McClure, Reeder, Sharkey, Brundrett, Hoist, Holt, Mulcahy, Wiekes, Davidson Row 3 Minor, Vicary, Penny, Jacobs, Burkett, Leete, Simonds, Macjvor, Thorn, McLoughlin Row 4 Signaigo, Douglas, Bourke, Patterson, Bertram, Dunlap, Bonisteel, Forrestel, Finney Row 5 Ward, Campbell, Waters, Pike, Bridgen, Basse, Fariss, Thorn, Clarke, Haas Row 6 Davis, Newcomb, Lynch, Callings, Grove, Jamison, Kennedy, Shick, Sprick, Connine KAPPA ALPHA THETA Jea n Bertram Betty Bonisteel Janet Fullenwider Mary Gies Crete Hoist SENIORS Doris Holt Betty Riddell C irate Lambrecht Betty Shaffer Anna Carolvn Martin Svbil Swartout Margaret Mulcahy Mary Wiekes Harriet Pomeroy Frances Bonisteel Flsie Jane Burkett Klaine Jacobs Maryanna Jamison Roberta Leete JUNIORS Marv Minor Mary McClure Katharine Mclvor Frances McLanghiin Louisa Pemiv F.lise Reeder Harriet Sharkev Barbara Simonds Harriet Thorn Ann Vicary FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY 1870 ETA CHAPTER 1879 SOPHOMORES Fiances Bourke Betty Brundrett Doris Cullings Cornelia Davidson Jean Davis Kllcn Douglas Dorothy Dunlap Mary Louise Finney Marjorie Forrestel Jane Grove I ' hvllis Kennedy Edith Lynch Mary Newcomb Marjorie Peterson Belly Shick Florence Signaigo Catharine Sprick FRESHMEN Lois Basse Dorothy Bridgen Jean Campbell Barbara Clarke Mary Gretchen Conine Betty Fariss Alice Louise Haas Charlene Pike Margot Thorn Virginia Ward Phvllis Waters Page 386 I r. 01 C v r ' j f % f i N 4 r B p O ;) - 4k-k.. a R 3W 1 Kerr. Woodruff, Loug ' ibcr vgh. Chitard. H. M.Casser. W. Casser, Baker Row 2 Carpenter, Carlisle, Maul, Carr, Aalbersberg, Bill, Young Rcw 3 M. Meyer, Huntley, Henry, Clemmcns, Morris, R. Meyer, Forrest ROW 4 Nutting, French, Rodgers, Cladding, Bricker McCoy, Rakestraw, McCarthy, Hopkins KAPPA DELTA Frances E. Baker Helen Mav Gasser JUNIORS Tony Aall ersl erg Martha Bill Helen Bricker Frances Carlisle Maigaret Carr Ruth Chatard Jeane Clem mans Cecily Forrest Alice Hopkins Susan Kerr Roberta Meyer Sallie Morris Anne McCarthy SOPHOMORES Go mule French Helen Nutting Margaret Woodruff FRESHMEN Patricia Carpentei Sally Cory Kalhryn Gladding Jean Henry F.vehn Huntley Marjorie McCoy- Margaret Meyer Jeanne Rakestnuv Florence Young SENIORS Winifred Gasser Mary Loughborough Dorothy Maul Florence Rogers FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE TEACHERS SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER 1921 Pace 3S7 M H N Row KOW i Campbell, Hart, Dall, Pierce, Thierwechter, Cram Row 2 Adams, Carpenter, Hay, Winters, McKay, Saibert, Ceyer, Iddings, Frye, E. Dodge Row 3 Tichner, Garden, Moon, Voorhees, Jenkins, Boyer, O ' Roke, Brotherton, Telling, Van Raalte R OW 4 Stevens, Moe, MacCrady, Osgood, Gillian, McCrae, Nahser, Mandel, Kepler, Sevison ROW 5 Hine, Aikens, Williamson, Sage, Ummel, Carpenter, Munn, M. Dodge, Smith, J. Bullion KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Carroll Adams Margaret Campbell Margaret Cram SENIORS Nancy Dall Mary fane Frye Jean Geyer Marian Iddings Alys Pierce Nancy Saibert Margaret Tichenor Betty Ann Ummel Virginia Voorhees FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH, ILLINOIS 1870 BETA DELTA CHAPTER 1890 JUNIORS Dorothy Boyer Barbara Brehm Florence Brotherton F.arla Dodge Jane Hart Helen Hay Jean McKay Flizabcth Moe Marie Moon Beth O ' Roke Betty Sage Barbara Telling Caroline Theiruechtcr [can Van Raalte SOPHOMORES I.ouisc Garden Dorothy Gilliam Betty Kepler Betty Mandel Marjorie McCrae Dorothy Aikens Mary Ann Berg (can Bullion Louise Carpenter Margaret Dodge Betty Hine Mary Kleanor McCready Patricia Nahser Marilyn Norris Virginia Osgood Klinor Sevison FRESHMEN Catherine Jackson |o.iii Mttnn Rachel Stevens Rnthmaiy Smith Maxine Williamson Ann Winters U T Page 388 f A Row 1 Prussin. Stcinhart Row 2 Halpert. Chibnik. Mitchell. Fromm Row 3 Aleinik, Baumann. Coffman Ziff ROW 4 Schulman. Frumkin. Schlager, Marcus PHI SIGMA SIGMA Selma Chibnik Frieda Halpert Ruth Aleinik Jane Baumann Reva Frumkin Harriet Marcus SENIORS Edith Coffman Betty Fioiiuu JUNIORS M rtle Prussin Betty Stcinhart kathciine Ziff SOPHOMORES Thelma Mitchell FRESHMEN Gloria Schlager Bettie Schulman Elsie Smith FOUNDED AT HUNTER COLLEGE 1913 ETA CHAPTER 1922 N Page 389 k J i ) Row 1 Miner. Strickler, Bolton,, Teall, Heath, Hardy, Welch Row 2 Robinson, Petersen, Belknap, Spangler, Rocbcck, M. Merkcr, Holden, McCrory, Honharr, Strand, MacCregor Row 3 Benedick, Nussbaum, Nichols, Cook, Stevenson, C. Foote, Dickmeycr, Marschner, McAndrew, Pusch, Zimmerman Row 4 D. Shipman, Fisher, Chaufty, Smith, Barnett, Jordan, Critfin, K. Liebold, Ashley, Allen Row 5 D. Merker, Dittman, Rogers, Martha McCrory, Asselin, Homer, Strand, A. Van Winkle, Chapman, Gabriel, B. Foote Row 6 R. Liebold, Meagher, Courtney, Gardner, Bushman, B. Shipman, Crow, Reed-Hill, Ketcham, H. Van Winkle, Appleton PI BETA PHI SEN 1 ORS Doris Bolton Betsy Honhart (enny Petersen Margaret Strickler Virginia Bcnsley Margurite MacGregor Jean Rheinfrank Barbaia Tcall Jane Hardy Mary McCrory Frances Robinson Julia Ann Welch Barbara Heath Marjorie Merker Margery Roebeck Jane Holden Phyllis Miner Bettv Spangler FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE 1867 BETA CHAPTER 1867 Betty Asselin Jean Belknap I l.i 1 1 1.1 1.1 Benedict Martha Jane Cook Betty Dickmeyer Ruth Allen Mary Ashley Helen Barnett Phyllis Cavanaugh Betty Ann Chaufty Virginia Appleton Janice Bushman Nancy Chapman Elsie Courtney Agnes Crow JUNIORS Grace Foote Mary Jordan Doris Marschner Mary Alice McAndrew Bette Nichols SOPHOMORES Barbara Dittman Janet Fisher Fiances Griffin Janet Homer Helen Jean FRESHMEN Barbara Foote l ' egg Gabriel Margaret Ida Gardner Nancy Ketcham Ruth Liebold Jane NussbauM Dorothy Shipman Su anne Manila McCrory Doris Merker Bet iv I ' usch Barbara Rogers Annabel Van iii Pegg Measlier Claii Reed-Hill Betty Shipman Betty Smith Helen Van ' inkl Page 390 Row 1 Quick. Kirby. Randolph, Rae. Leahy R-.w 2 Kcch. Anderson, MacDermott, Westic Cay Row 3 Kift. Boothbv. Neber e. Cox, Pheneger Row A Zimmerman. Taylor. Dobson, Ulrey, Scutt ZETA TAU ALPHA SENIORS Beth Anderson Ruth Koch JUNIORS Bettv Booihby Dorothv O)X Ann Gav Josephine Kift Nan Alice Kirh Margaret MacDerniott Dorothy Neberle Maryalice Quick Ragna Randolph Betty Ann Rae Helen Vestie SOPHOMORES Beatrice Dobson Barbara Sctitt Carohn Leahy Mary Jane I ' lrey Jean Pheneger FRESHMEN Patricia MacRarland Louise Zimmerman Elaine Taylor FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL 1898 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER 1920 N Page 391 M H N Row 1 King, Lightner Row 2 Houk, Priehs, Fellman B ETSY BAR BO U R BOARD OF GOVERNORS Mrs. E. L. Adams Mrs. John Morley Mrs. H. B. Karhai t Miss Alice Lloyd Mrs. John A. Bryant HOUSE STAFF Mrs. Stanley Mitchell Social Director Jean Camithers Dietitian Beth Shoiney Assistant Dietitian HOUSE OFFICERS Carolyn Priehs . Charlotte Honk . Betsy Lightner . Roslyn Fellman . Jean Belle King President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Social Chairman N Page 392 M Row 1 Hess, Meyer Row 2 Boursma. Thornhilt. Spencer HELEN NEWBERRY BOARD OF COV ER NORS HOUSE OFFICERS Margaret Thornhill XYilma Cope Louise Spencer . Eileen Boorsma . Muriel Hess . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Social Chairman Mis. H. B. Joy Mrs. J. G. Hays Mrs. Donald Blcaklcv HOUSE Ruth Uanielson . Jean Carrutlicrs Mrs. Arthur Bromage Mrs. Wilfred B. Shaw STAF F Social Director Dietitian N Page 393 M H N Row 1 Harley, Burgess, Dur.ind, Raymond, Van Waggoner, Tate Row 2 Baribeau, H. Johnson, Haskins, Schweikhard, Tatlock Row 3 Keavin, Zindler, Epstein, Browne, Besemer, Stee OFFICERS Mary Frances Brown President Barbara Johnson Junior Vice-President Virginia Van Wagoner Sophomore Vice-President Nancy Surgeonor Freshman Vice-President Barbara Epstein Secretary Ann Besamer Treasurer SPONSORS Frances Burgess Barbara Epstein Dorothy Zindler Marjorie Tale Betty Slee Ann Bcsamci ' MOSHER HALL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Florence Kedvin Social Mary LeGros Dance Margery Allison Teas Doreen Voiles Birthday Eva Etkin Scrapbook Victoria Morrell Music Rosalyn Miller Library Ora Groft Kitchenette Mary Mootz Scholarship Martha Drew Athletic Carrie Wismer Sunday Night Supper Doris Harvey Publicity CORRIDOR Myrra Short Carmen McKcll Mar) LeGros Virginia Dnrand CAPTAI NS Muriel Haskins Jean Harley hixine Baribeau Ruth Tallock Page 394 M R-w 1 L- ' H ' i. Fry. M-rrisen. Pease. Small. Mayer Pow 2 Sibley. Bok. Pollak. Richter. Wilson. Zuber. Cowalho. Brandt Row 3 Davis, Osser. Matthews, Howard. Clement. Brooks. Manseid. Seltzer. K ' .nel OFFICERS Bettie Howard President Janet Davis Secretary Esther Osser Treasurer Patricia Matthews Junior Vice- President Bettv Clement Sophomore Vice-President Dorothv Brooks Freshman Vice-President SPONSORS Betty Jane Mansfield Rhoda Wilson ivia Seltzer irginia Zaiser Lorene Brandt Janet Siblev JORDAN HALL COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN CORRIDOR C APTAI NS Helen Bak Dorothy Luthi Janet Datis Bettv Clement Margaret Fi Anita Carvalho Jane Mayer Lucille Kauer Anna Katharine Pease Ruth Morrison Esther Osser Virginia Zaisirr Rhoda Uilson Lorene Brandt Frances Small Jane Pollak . Ann Kinel Janet Davis . June Richter Dorothy Small I. ther Oser . . Social Chairman Activities Chairman Scholar-hip Chairman Tea Chairman Birthday Chairman Decorations Chairman . Music Chairman Athletics Chairman Library Chairman . Publicity Chairman N Page 395 M Row 1 Allison, Connery, Traber Row 2 Bennett, Matheny, Sherman, Pearl MARTHA COOK BOARD OF COV ERNORS Mrs. Kclxvard D. Mairc Mrs. Chauncey F. Cook Mrs. James D. Bruce HOUSE STAFF Miss Mary K. Gleason Miss Sara L. Rowc Social Director House Director HOUSE OFFICERS Catherine Sherman President Elaine Matheny .... Vice-President and Social Chairman Twila Traber Secretary Phyllis Bennett Treasurer N Page 396 - KUT5 M 1 C M I ALL C A M TYPICAL STUDENT BUD BENJAMIN , All In a Day . . . Typical Day of Michigan ' s typical student: Up at 5:30 a.m. and to the open window and exercises. Jumped into an ice cold shower, which makes you tingle and glow, more exercises, and then prepared my own breakfast of goat ' s milk, caviar, and zwie- bach . . . Got into a crap game. in the center of the diagonal but quit because one of the sharp- ies insisted that the dice must be bounced off the library steps. Decided to take a swim at the Union. With a rare gusto, prepared for the dip, showered, and with one impetuous leap, dove into the cool, green waters of the pool. Someone screamed. Why don ' t they tell me it ' s wo- men ' s hour? . . . Read " Tom Swift and his Big Bass Drum, " cracked my knuckles, and went to bed. By BUD BENJAMIN POPULAR PROFESSOR MENTOR L. WILLIAMS MENTOR L. WILLIAMS, elected by the student body as the most popular professor, likes good puns and surprises his students with a knowledge of nature. He doesn ' t like to give marks until after the final exam. . . . says a good mark would make the student elaud and stop work . . . says a poor mark would make the student discouraged and stop work. He teaches literature and thinks thai pic- tures of poets should be sans beard to show that they were really virile young men. lie is a liberal and interested in humanity, lie is quiet, sincere, unassuming. He leaches American literature with a view to under- standing the American mind. He ' ll console a girl who has had a fight with a boy friend. He ' s popular. I ' ,i i) didn ' t want to be " typical. " He fought against it. He organi ed a campaign lor Heikkinen, football guard. He lost - and won! Is sports editor of the Michigan Daily. wears a perpetual worried expression on his face . . . doesn ' t like warm beer . . . nods gracefully when writing his column . . . Wrote his " typical day " for the Daily. p u s POLL CAMPUS CLOWN MAX HODCE MAX HODGE is so funny it ' s pitiful. He is the editor of Gargoyle, campus humor maga- zine. He reaches clowning achievement in the fervor of deadlines. Slinging cliches and tripe logedier with die delightful abandon of an eggbeater. he has turned out the best publication in years. He laughs at die growing deficit he is creating ... he laughs at incompletes . . . people laugh at him. too. Hodge is mostest funny (looking) in die morning at awakening time . . . note first actual photo (unretouched-he actually looks like dial) of a clown in die morning. Smaxie ' s office is a panic, likewise. He is hard to photograph in his office. He is hard to photograph. It really is darn white of him ... he knows what the publication of his face would do to Burns, Allen, and Cantor . . . Smax really isn ' t sleeping at his desk, but dodging die dean. Smax told a rushee die truth once, and die poor fellow thought he was kidding and pledged ... it was die only time his brodiers didn ' t diink he was funny ... he has painted his desk white and painted voluptuous women, funny looking women on it ... everyone diinks this is very funny ... he is a panic ... he is a clown. Ha! CAMPUS BEAUTY MARCIA CONNELL MARGARET CRAM ELI, BETA ' S DOC MARGARET CRAM MARCIA COXNELL graceful, human, and intelligent as well as beautiful was elected to die position of cam- pus beauty. Marcia ' s personality is as pleasing as her face (see page 15). A member of Delta Gamma. Mortarboard, Phi Beta Kappa, and Gargoyle, she is easily die best known, as well as die most beau- tiful, undergraduate co-ed. In short, a peach of a swell person. MARGARET CRAM, Kappa Kappa Gamma, ranks ace-high as a date with pep . . . reads Mansions of Philosophy . . . took her election as a joke ... is beautiful. ELI. house dog of die Beta Club. polled substantial backing in die beauty contest and rose daily in die list from 42nd to grd. Teeth are die most beautiful part of diis en- trant . . . was bashful when photo- graphed. ..FOOLS NAMES ED. NOTE All faces, facts, and figures used in tlir sketches be- low are fictitious. Any reference whatsoever to tniy known personality, living or dead, is highly coinci- dental. All pictures and caricatures are specifically intended to resemble no-one! JR. En. FRED JANKE Is QUIET as an oyster, " cool and calm " type. Captain of (lu- bes t football team at Michigan in too long a lime. Created quite a row when decreed physically unfit to take up (he flying course . . . strapping and powerful, some officer found a toe-nail or eyelash out of order. Enjoyed Sphinx member- ship chiefly because he was able to lay in a stock of lurid pajamas . . . made fellow " self- worshipers " go easy on anyone who wore " p.j. ' s " his si e. " Silent Thunder " upon hearing that Gargoyle planned to run a feature page of campus fig- ures took advantage of his size and weight in " persuading " the editor to use Janke as a subject. Claims to be able to take- care of himself, yet overturned his canoe seven times in one and a half hours on last year ' s Tribe peace paddle . . . Wastes (waists?) his time with a blond . . . Sphinx . . . Michigamua. F. RANDALL JONES FOR VARIOUS rather obvious reasons (see cut) is known to friends as Hop-Haid. Is one of the campus literati (was the only one in a recent contest to spell the tiling correctly) and an educated, nay brilliant, member of the Phi Bete Club. Obtained chief fame when drafted to obscurity as editor of the semi-readable Prospectives. Best coiurib to the spice of the campus was his discovery of Marian Phillips and her " Fifty Reasons Why I Hate Men. " Truth is she wrote it as inspired copy after first being introduced to Randy. Is a repeater-repeater-repeater on the winning of Hopwood awards. Knows how to drink gracefully, play baseball, and doodle his hair. Appointed himself SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR on a mythical Consumer ' s Civil Rights Bureau so that he could boondoggle creditors into extensions. Said one of Jonsie ' s profs not long ago when speaking of a classmate who had not been in these parts in quite a number of years, " At any rale, his face is as familiar as that of a certain student in this class. " All of the glances were directed at ... Prexy Ruthven, Dean Bursley, Robert Mitchell, Randall Jones. (Fill incorrect name.) ROBERT WELLINGTON HARTWELL Is A REFORMED engineer who is trying to swing through the Business Administration school on his slip-stick. Swung to Tau Bete in the Engineering College. Was out for swimming a coupla years and wound up in a bit of politics for the high post of VICE-PRESIDENT-OF-HIS-SOPHOMORK-Cl.ASS. Pulled the independent men into the most complicated organ- ization on campus . . . rassled together a lot of zones (Hob " likes " the word ZONE) and made representatives come from zones . . . organization is called Congress . . . Bob is prexy . . . has done some good in the way of co-operative rooming quar- ters for men . . . rates as a good speaker, and because he is a B.M.O.C. rated a position on the Men ' s Council . . . has hit the honor brigade: Vulcans and Michigamua. His " baby " is known publicly (after startling expose of Assembly-head Mansfield) as " baby brother Congress " and is supposed (again Mansfield) to be " coming along nicely, " thank you! Bob is the kind of a guy you ' d want for a friend. FOOLS FACES.. II Wednesday Night Swing Session Most select group of cats who hold regular sessions is the " fdtiesday Night Swing Session " breaking the still of the uiiiht on South University. Virtuoso Morgan on the uke, Qucenic Brennan at the drums with classicist Heikkinen join- ing in with an unnamed instrument which gives the effect of n washboard and spoons. It is a rare and infrequent privi- lege to be present at a communing of the musical souls of these gentlemen so well known in less aesthetic fields of en- deavor. Swing parlance has no correct terms to describe what is there brought forth it must be heard and seen to be ap- preciated. If they ever hire a bigger hall do not miss " The Wednesday Night Swing Session. " FRANK MORGAN MM KIN ' ginerally, wrasslers ain ' t got no culture, but t ' ain ' t so about Morg. He may treat ' em rough out thar on the mat and way out in loway, but effen ya sit down and chat you jist cain ' t help noticin ' how Morg knows all them authors and poets and about music and buildings and sech like. And despite him bein ' known as a muskle man he ' s sure got a heart of gold and ain ' t nary a bit stuck up. He ' s got chivalry too and sence he don ' t ever say much about his self we air a more people should know him and appreciate him. Hurled the name " Jay Pee " he does a bit of hurling in a wrestling sort of a way ... is big among the B.M.O.C. ' s . . . capital BIG. Is a good natured sort of a lug who has been known to feel at ease with a woman; wrestling, perhaps, giv- ing him the inspirational technique. Likes to plan and build a dream castle or two, and embellishes his dream bubbles with a healthy sense of respect. Sphinx and Michigamua. JACK BRENNAN " WAKE me early, Mother, for I am to be Queen of the May! " Was Queen of the Ice Carnival, most publicized event of the year, and turned in average performance . . . only pulled out of it by announcing engagement to " Sissy, " women ' s editor of the Daily . . . Gave the newspapers another holiday with his Horatio-Alger-cap-the-climax-campus-romance. Noted for his famous statements: " I ' m yours, every muscle! " " 4 out of 5 women are beautiful . . . 5th comes to Michigan . . . " Foxed all his friends by being married to the gal when she an- nounced the engagement. Is good hearted and can pitch a song . . . did die honors for the football team on trips . . . vocals especially good on Sphinx hayrides ... is too d n happy for his own good. Signed to play pro football ... Is one of several M-club Vice-Presidents. Michigamua. RALPH HEIKKINEN HAS THE soul of a misunderstood poet. " Squat Low, " chiefly known to co-eds as that " all-american-my-look-at-his-shoulders, " was named on every All- American team in the country ... is a guard ... is cagy. Has tried to stick his foot in the State Political Pie but has an uncanny ability to back the " wrong man. " Champion of the downtrodden, Heik organized the M men of the campus . . . elected himself president . . . de- manded publicity . . . and GOT it! Likes to enjoy the com- pany of the fairer sex . . . tried (a bit unsuccessfully) to con- vince Marian Phillips that he wasn ' t the " Fifty Reasons Why I Hate Men " . . . seen a mighty lot these days down Chi-o- way. Enjoys a good hay-ride. Yowsah. ENJOYS! Dislikes to be known as a dumb athlete ... is exam-conscious enough to be a " repeater " on a scholarship . . . Michigamua. DONALD HOLDEN BELDEN CLIMBS around the alphabet in the Engineering College . . . member of the A.I.Ch.E. and vice prexy of the thing. Really rates as Big Fellow on Campus . . . finds time to Secretary the Michigan Union (respectable) and to Secretary-Treasurer the Men ' s Council (questionable) ... is also a Phi Etc and a Tau Bete meaning STUDENT, although he doesn ' t haunt the library. Likes to be seen with " lit " students, and, like all engineers, tried at least once to look nonchalant at a major social function: was on the J-Hop committee . . . took tha gal that wears the pin . . . Has hit the hi-lights in the way of honor societies including Triangles, Vulcans, and Michi- gamua. Latest trial has been riding high as the HIGH- MUCKYMOOT of the Michigras of ' 39. .. The Binding Gives the First Impression " BPOCK " ' M EDITION BOOK MANUFACTURERS BINDERS OF THE 1939 ENSIAN 619 South La Salle St., Chicago ESTABLISHED 1892 H. N. NELSON PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER All fraternity and sorority negatives kept on file 2450 DIXBORO RD. R.R. NO. 5 MACHINERY-TOOLS METALS - SUPPLIES 30,000 Kinds and Sizes In Our Stock THE CHAS. A. STRELINGER CO. 149 E. Larned St. Detroit A Winning Combination Good ideas, dramatically expressed on GOOD PAPER. We will help you select the right paper for each purpose. Bermingham Prosser Co. Paper Merchants KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN GAGNIER PAINT COMPANY PAINTS COLORS BRUSHES 164-166-168 Congress East DETROIT, MICH. Compliments of ANN ARBOR TRUST COMPANY Page 402 STYLES MODELS and COLORS Today people demand graceful, modern, streamline styling in their motor cars fine fitting. and luxurious appointments and the choice of a variety of models and colors. All these they get in the new 1939 General Motors cars. It will pay you to call on your neighborhood dealer. He will be glad to have you see. examine and drive the model of vour choice. you ' d like to read the story of automobile design, it is interestingly told in a handsome, illustrated General Motors booklet, " Modes and Motors, " trhifh you may have for the asking. Merely write Department of Public Relations, General Motors, Detroit, Michigan. GENERAL MOTORS CHEVROLET PONTIAC OLDSMOBILE BUICK L A SALLE CADILLAC Page 403 We have served Michigan Students and Alumni for over half a century. Let us continue to serve YOU SPECIAL ATTENTION TO MAIL ORDERS univmny BOOKSTORES A Michigan Institution " WOLVERINE OPTICAL CO. MICHIGAN DIVISION WHITE-HAINES OPTICAL CO. Wholesale Opticians featuring Bausch and Lonib Products 306-7 Wolverine Bldg. Ann Arbor SIS STAEBLER (Mrs. Brennan) HAS TAKEN three pins on campus . . . but they all came from the same chap. Her marriage announcement came as a sur- prise to the campus, but at least some of the seniors weren ' t too startled when she blew out a candle at Senior Supper the traditional way of announcing marriage. Her story-book romance was with Muscle Man Brennan of football. As wom- en ' s editor of the Michigan Daily she has rated as one of the TOP B.W.O.C. ' s. Has succeeded in looking most happy in a swivel chair with a copy pencil behind the ear. Rules the roost in her home and has the psychology of the male down pat. Page 404 " ONE PICTURE IS BETTER THAN A THOUSAND WORDS " . . . AND THE ADDED CRAFTSMAN- SHIP OF EXPERT PHOTOGRAPHY HAS GIVEN UNEQUALED SERVICE TO MICHIGAN STUDENTS. Official Michiganensian Photographers SPfDDIIlG Dfy flfflTSCHLffi STUDIOS ALL NEGATIVES KEPT ON FILE SO THAT ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS MAY BE ORDERED AT ANY TIME Page 405 PHIL BUCHEN " KWITCHER " is a DKE and in spite of it is Business Manager of the Michigan Daily. Thinks that he can go to Law School, stay in school, and still find time to be a B.M.O.C. He was a Phi Eta Sigma in his freshman year which means that he was a grind and which means he studied and which means he can go to Law School, stay in school, and still find time to be a B.M.O.C. Believes that an efficient manager isn ' t supposed to work ... as a consequence spends less time in the Publica- tions Building than any senior since the Chicago fire . . . work doesn ' t seem to suffer either. Main happy moment came this year when a few publicity pictures about the Daily were accepted by the Collegiate Digest for publication. Was glad that the college groups of the country could see HIS organ- ization in rotogravure. Crux of the story is that he charged the Digest for the privilege of patting his back . . . Sphinx and Michigamua. FRED LUEBKE Is A POLITICIAN who is BIG STUFF on the Men ' s Council which is supposed to cut down on campus politics ... Is a POLITICIAN that uses the Men ' s Council (erstwhile anti- politic organization) to foster a new type of political buf- foonery on campus . . . in an age of undeclared wars comes to the realization that world lessons should be campus lessons CANDID CAMERAS ARGUS has made candid and miniature photog- raphy a national hobby by producing not only the world ' s lowest priced true miniature camera - but, by applying the same ingenuity and en- gineering skill is able to offer a complete line of cameras and accessories covering a very impor- tant phase of the art of miniature photography at prices which constitute the greatest values on the market. Whatever your particular interests . . . candid shots, night stage shots, table-top photography, portraits, natural-color photographs, print- making, enlarging, slide-making, projection, micro or macro photography, ask your dealer for a demonstration of the four modern ARGUS Cameras and fascinating accessories, or write International Research Corporation Ann Arbor, Michigan MANY THANKS TO YOU SENIORS FOR YOUR PATRONAGE DURING THE COLLEGE YEARS. MAY WE WISH YOU CON- TINUED SUCCESS IN YOUR CHOSEN FIELD OF LIFE. ANN ARBOR SAVINGS COMMERCIAL BANK Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System Page 406 BARNES -GIBSON -RAYMOND DETROIT f ANT D " SIO - Of ASSOCIA-EO SPRING COOP COOK PLANT DETROIT, MICHIGAN 4 " TWO PLANTS - ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Paze 407 ... as a consequence he " naughty-naughty ' s " politicians and their politics and undeclares his own. Is a politician. Has succeeded in abolishing the open, democratic, politics-for-all attitude on campus and has concentrated the whole caboodle in THE COUNCIL. Is a politician. Pulled into a vice pres- idency at the Union in the last rush. Is a politician. Is an engineer. Is a politician. Is an engineer. Is a politician. Is an engineer. On top of that he is a politician, and on top of that he ' s an engineer. WALTON RODGER(S) A GRIND if there ever was one. Invited to join every honor (scholastic) society in the Engineering College. Typical en- gineerwears baggy corduroy pants and goes with a gal from PAUL MICHAEL BRICKLEY Is THE sumpin-sumpin in the Union. Likes to drive all his understudies like sheep . . . puts up charts . . . keeps records . . . thinks this sort of thing is important. Is a real public speaker . . . got four very good dinners one week end for four speeches about the Un- ion . . . will discuss at length and at any time the functions, equip- ment, and honor of the Union. Called Bird Legs, Twin Creek, Mrs. Moskovitz, and Won- der Boy ... he was a frosh-honor stude . . . Phi Eta Sigma . . . still spends too much time in the library ... is conscientious . . . real heart lies with the Un- ion . . . can ' t find time for women. Likes his fraternity. Pulled in on several other grafts such as Men ' s Council and Committee on Student Affairs simply because he was a shot, and they fill those things with shots. Is a soldier boy, and in the Ordnance department means ya gotta have good marks ... is likewise a Sphinx and Miclii- gamua. Thought Scabbard and Blade was an Indian organ- ization and almost told ' em so! Joined, though. State. Wanted like all the deuce to feel at home in a dress suit when he led the Engineers Slide Rule dance, succeeded in looking much like a P. T. Barnum exhibit. Is erstwhile editor of the Michigan Technic and crys continuously " It ' s the oldest publication of its kind in the . . etc. etc. " Probably only wants to cover up the fact that it is the least read, and least purchased thing among student publications. Made con- siderable improvement in the publication this year by ex- tensive use of old cuts from the Alumni Service. Wrote for the mag himself, finding he was the only one to live up to his own high standards . . . Still in all sort of a chortlish gent who wanted so much to pick a good fight with the Gargoyle. TAPES AND RULES For over a half century, Luf- kin measuring devices, made in Michigan, have been re- garded throughout the world as the finest available. Write for catalog THE UFK N ffl LE fid. AG ' fl %f New SAGINAW, MICH. York Citv Courtesy of JOHNSTON OPTICAL CO. 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR MAKERS OF HIGH GRADE GLASSES SINCE 1876 Page 408 TT E, L L LlU-Mj. This comment upon a skillful and successful effort carries a significance os deep as its simple sincerity; it voices an appreciation for excellence; we have grown accustomed to it with increasing appreciation; it is the terse compliment for which we, as individuals, work; a phrase which we, as an organization, must hear. Service Engraving Company Detroit Page 409 CAROLYN ROSS Is WOMEN ' S EDITOR of the Gargoyle and the most unpredicta- ble person in the whole publication building. Is one of the best campus writers just next to the line of censorship. Loves to cook and always is talking about a mythical " feast for the fellows " of spaggetti and stuff. Has a deep rooted passion of HERO WORSHIP for editor Hodge that dates back to a mimeographing machine and the Parrot Squawks brainchild. Pines for some chum in Philadelphia. Considers the friend- ship of a woman most transitory and that of a man much the more to be cultivated. Likes a bag of peanuts and when happy and contented will discuss any subject under the sun. Has quite a knowledge of the stage and knows how to drama- tize herself into a marvelous four act comedy. Says she hates women because " I belong to a sorority and have sorority sisters. " RUSSELL WALLACE HOOK, Jr. KNOWN as Wally, Tomma, Money-Changer, and Pep. Got into politics early in the game and pulled down class presidency in his sophomore year . . . that and toting a football was largely responsible for his election to Sphinx . . . was prexy of that self-adoration society and enjoyed beating initiates . . . liked to be called " Pharoah. " Varsity football for three years, and like others pulled a string for a Men ' s Council position . . . is one of the very few men who could stand to be in the thing for two years straight. Can, and does, get blood from a turnip, for is the chief money lender on State street. Charges exorbitant rates for his mazooma and outfoxes everyone but the women. Is a member of the defunct Druids . . . Michi- gamua. LES HILLBERG Is THE Michigan hockey captain, who along with the rest of his teammates, cooled his posterior on ice this winter as die Mariucci tore by. Said Hillberg when questioned about this matter: " I hate Uiis guy Mariucci and I do not care to have any- thing to do with him. " Mariucci, a very friendly chap, tried time and again to strike up an association with Hillberg but not Les. He let Mariucci go his way and he went his so there. Seriously, if this is possible in speaking of Hillberg, the good-looking, fair-haired ice leader shifted from defense to center so many times this year that even Eddie Lowrey got confused. One night Hillberg scored five goals against a Canadian club and was so elated that he visited the May- flower room to celebrate. He scored no goals that night. Hillberg comes from the Upper Peninsula and in all fairness did not kow-tow to Mariucci last winter. In fact he took good care of Mr. Mariucci ' s upper peninsula on one occasion by- slapping the husky Gopher iceward where he landed on the tip of his proboscis. JOHN H. MITCHELL Is THE SLAVE drivin ' , serious visaged, business-like chief of the Gargoyle ' s shekels who has looked like a senior for the last four years and has acted like one for the last 14. Started his freshman year auspiciously by try- ing out for the freshman football team Mitchell and Patanclli met regularly on the practice field, more regularly than Mitchell liked . . . turned to the Gargoyle. During his sophomore year Mitchell blasted to fame in the wake of three hoaxes perpetrated by a fraternity brother, (i) After being ribbed con- siderably for spending half the night studying EC. 51, John awoke the nextj morning to discover a Daily story cred-| iting him with holding 13 hearts, a perfect bridge hand, the night before; (2) With a lovely creature on his arm, Mitchell was jolted out of his smooth- ness at the Bell one night by the fol- lowing announcement over the public address system: " There is a telephone call for Buck Mitchell, Buck Mitchell; (3) The same fraternity brother in- serted an ad the following day in the Daily: " The J. H. Mitchell dating bureau is now open for business. " The big guy never forgets!!?? ! ! In his junior year, Mitchell sold a lot of Gargoyle ads, was tapped Sphinx, junior honorary, and broke the hearts of 15 girls 15. In May he became Garg business manager of a grow- ing deficit and broke six more hearts. HORACE GILMORE CITY EDITOR of the Daily ... is most proud, for little or no reason, of the fact that he comes from Circleville, Ohio . . . claims to have been all state end from the place . . . records show little basis for the claim. Tall, lean, and nervous he is known to Tribe members as Quivering Tail Cilmore. Is quite sure he can sing . . . others are equally sure that he can ' t. Always ready to join a com- mittee, he rode the regents election to death. Is a member of the obscure Sigma Delta Chi, and because of his Daily connections strikes claim to have been on the union EX ECU- TIVE council . . . truth is, Gilly would like to be known as an EX- ECUTIVE . . . likes to virtuously re- fuse a beer . . . actually can ' t take the stuff . . . smokes life a furnace . . . not a bad sort of an egg . . . Sphinx and Michigamua. CUSTOM DESIGNED CJotnes ol .Distinction v antoii-Ueeener, J_nc. Phone 4341 609 E. William St HOTEL AND RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT Free Parking Michigan ' s Oldest Complete Institutional Supply House China Glass Silverware Cooking Utensils EVERY THING YOU NEED A. j. M ARSH ALL co. TE. 1-9450 3639 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mich. Page 410 DRUGS CANDY FOUNTAIN SERVICE COMPLETE STOCKS LOWEST PRICES INTERESTED AND INTELLIGENT SERVICE WE HAVE SERVED MICHIGAN AND HER STUDENTS FOR FIFTY- FIVE YEARS KODAKS CINE KODAKS FILMS AND SUPPLIES 324 South State 4287 CfUKinS-fLtTCHffi DRUG CONlPflfiy ANN ARBOR Packard at State 4615 Page 411 PHIL WOODWORTH Is A COLORFUL figure . . . amber color . . . sticks close to a bottle of brew and will go into a cocked hat at either the mention of the fluid or the Theta Chis . . . Thinks he had to work too darn hard under Crisler. Was football manager who thought the fourth year was to loaf. Thinks fraternities and women peculiar institutions . . . typical statement: " Fraterni- ties give ya bum food; tha fellas are a buncha heels; and ya gota mortgage sky-high. Why shouldncha drop yer pin? " Center of every Sphinx beer party . . . scared when he was tapped Sphinx . . . thought he was about to face a raging group of Theta Chis . . . retired to the house mother ' s room. Called " How-Much, " Bad Ax, and Philip. Michigamua. 9MBBBBHB SYBIL SWARTOUT SYB VALIANTLY upholds the Merit System against the School of Proportional Representation, arguing long and nobly for " the Gal for the Job, and not the Job for the Gal. " Though she doesn ' t have much trouble getting those Theta Pals in here and there. There was an old woman. Judiciary head, Who saw all her children were timely in bed; But her trouble was more than a matter of morals, She had to untangle their factional quarrels. For the jobs were too few, and the children too many, And the Fates were equipped with a weighted penny. From OLE KING COLE To ROMEO Comedy to Tragedy and Back Again . . . There is always a picture to suit your fancy at one of the W. S. Butterfield Theaters. MICHIGAN WUERTH E. C. BEATTY, Pres. WHITNEY MAJESTIC OKPHEUM Page 412 PATRON ' S PAGE L. SCHIAPPACASSE CO. Detroit H. D. EDWARDS CO. Detroit B. E. MUEHLIG Ann Arbor O. D. MORRILL Ann Arbor THE EDWARDS LETTER SHOP Ann Arbor FOX TENT AND AWNING CO. Ann Arbor Page 413 ALBERT PETER MAYIO PHI ETA SIGMA, Phi Kappa Phi and would have been Phi Beta Kappa if it hadn ' t been for that Railroad mark ... is a student that takes the theory a little too seriously ... a liberal . . . chairman of the ALL- CAMPUS PEACE COMMITTEE . . . and a member of the American Student Union . . . Editorial direc- tor of the Daily and finds no time for the weaker sex . . . Likes to read " heavy " literature of the finer things of life . . . enjoyed English until he pulled down a B plus in the English Honors Course. Known as " Much Mutton " and was out for wrestling til time at the Daily made it necessary to drop. As a liberal and a leader he has tried to scare the campus into believing the Michigan Daily is under censorship, conservatism, and other rash bugaboos. Takes life too seriously and has to enjoy it in a philosophical-intellectual sort of a way. Jovial, likeable, ro- tund . . . Michigamua. WALT PECKINPAUGH To A PHILOSOPHY professor who once asked him for a defini- tion of futility, Walter Peckinpaugh replied: " Trying to prove they play good baseball in the National League. " That ' s Peck he dreams, hopes, believes, feels, eats and smokes base- ball. Some day he hopes to play pro ball which shouldn ' t be difficult since his dad ex-manager of the Cleveland Indians- heads the New Orleans Pelicans. This would be the ideal club for Peck as, just like the legendary bird, his beak can hold almost as much as his bellican. He ' s a Sphinx, Michigamua, and proud of the fact that he hasn ' t taken a course he didn ' t get something out of. " How about astronomy? " we asked him. " Why that ' s a swell example of something that really proved useful, " Peck declared. " Without it I would have flunked the last Scribner ' s quizz! " ELMER GEDEON ELMER JOHN GEDEON, known variously as " LLL " or, more completely, " Love ' s Labor Lost " has won a string of honors longer than his own legs in his four years at Michigan. He has been, at various times and for even more various reasons, a splinter-gatherer on the football team with rare moments upon the greensward; an outstanding first-baseman; a terrific hurdler who upsets those gentlemen who compile the " Track and Field Annuals " by constantly breaking records, and pres- ident of Phi Gamma Delta. Also he is Michigamua and a Sphinx. Academically, Ged is interested in the problems of the South, according to friends at least he has studied the Lynch problem at length and has stumbled upon a solution although it has never gone past the stage of wishful thinking. All in all. the Gedeon to quote the words of a girl who claims he is the reason for the big attendance at track meets " is a wonderful athlete, awful smart and kinda pretty, too. " MAX HODGE RIGHTLY belongs with the " Fool ' s Names and Fool ' s Faces " page, but due to the popular mandate of the campus is carried under Campus Clown in the All Student Poll. See page 399. BUD BENJAMIN RIGHTLY belongs with the " Fool ' s Names and Fool ' s Faces " page, but due to the popular mandate of the campus is carried under Typical Student in the All Student Poll. See page 398. A NATIONAL INSTITUTION Wherever " Michigan " women gather from Maine lo California, from Michigan to Florida students, alumni or faculty Jacobson ' s is represented and recommended. Graduates return and send new students to us. Students also return to us year after year throughout their stay at " Michigan. " They all know that at Jacobson ' s they find the clothes that best fill. their requirements, and consistently maintain the high standards of style, quality and work- manship, which have made Jacobson ' s a National Institution. COATS SUITS DRESSES SPORTSWEAR ACCESSORIES SHOES MILLINERY 4 on Page 414 The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan The official spokesman for the 93,000 graduates and former students of the university DIVISIONS THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CLUBS THE ALUMNAE COUNCIL THE CLASS OFFICERS COUNCIL Keep contact with MICHIGAN by reading THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Official Publication of the Alumni Association 26 issues per year 900 pages of interesting reading An annual subscription starts any time and runs for twelve months. It ' s not the cheapest subscription rate in the alumni world but The Michigan Alumnus is the lie-t alumni magazine. S 100 4 The Life Subscription! The Michigan Alumnus will reach your library- table as long as you live, with no further payments. The easy way. if you desire a Life Subscription for six annual payments of Ten Dollars. scnoo 50 Thirty-six months three years of your alumni magazine. A new bargain rate just put into effect. Saves the an- noyance of writing annual checks. For Alumni Families Only. A husband and wife, both alumni, can assure re- ceiving their magazine always. Six an- nual checks for $12.75 will do the same thing. 00 S 10 55350 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICES ALUMNI MEMORIAL HALL Page 415 BOB CANNING " YEA MICHIGAN " and the student body rises in response to the most active efforts of Bob Canning. Despite the hair on his chest and good expansion, he hasn ' t room enough for all the keys and pins showing what a B.M.O.C. he is. He is a firm believer in all things Michigan BUT importation was a glaring exception until senior days made everything unani- mous, also solved his pin, charm problem. Has developed quite a correspondence during the year because he has all that I.F. stationery with his name on it to use up. Will prob- ably continue later using that of the Class of ' 39 for the same reason. Flashing smile and glad hand are happily received on campus, both being attributed to Beech-nut. Has special large pockets in his coat and a satchel full of the stuff but still quite often has to bum gum from the assistant. He is deeply attracted to microphones, secrets and a Chi Omega. Holder of the unbroken record for being late to Michigamua meetings and the postman delivers his mail across the street. He likes bringing home the bacon for Chi Phi (besides it helps to balance the food budget) . Cherished secret ambition is to have a " Hollower Echo " at Michigan to wear those same sissy pants. Favorite expression is " Mm. " His overseer Lizzy Gluts wrote this. BOB MITCHELL A BOUQUET to a super sort of a chap! Editor of the Michigan Daily is no small potatoe. Being editor of such a publication is no snap . . . but to have to stand between two factions . . . to fight against odds for a conviction and a creed ... to fight without fear ... to be willing to " take it on the chin " from the severest critics ... to do all this, and still be a good editor, is a tremendous task . . . he ' s done it. Titled: " Mighty Mouse. " Is quiet, unassuming, and likeable. Is hard to wise-crack about: has the virtues without the vices ... is a student . . . Phi Bete and Phi Kappa Phi, which means his time isn ' t spent at the P-Bell. Stole a march on his asso- ciates by grabbing off the top-notch position on the Summer Daily. Never been known to raise his voice above a rasping whisper and has more back- ing in the Board in Control than any man since Adam. ORGANIZATIONS CAMPUS GROUPS THE 1940 MICHIGANENSIAN OFFERS YOU THE OPPORTUNITY TO PORTRAY YOUR AC- TIVITIES TO MICHIGAN MEN EVERYWHERE. PLAN TO BE REPRESENTED Page 416 BOB REID DUBBED " Never Will " by cohorts he not only has but is. Has succeeded in blowing up the fears of fraternity presidents into beautiful blue balloons . . . knobby targets to shoot at during periodic luncheons. . . liked the idea of luncheons and pulls the campus coup once a week by asking a select few- fraternity big-wigs to come to his lunch on them. Spends hours at his desk trying to get a bit of favorable publicity for " his houses. " Is. by the way. president of die Interfraternity Council. Never conducts a meeting widiout throwing it in the Aldiough they ' re black, diey never talk back. They just sit tight and win. THE PRIDE of Alpha Phi " An Independant Society for Sorority Women " (coined for die occasion) and does she set " All Greeks " a pace! Skirts seventeen inches, and that ain ' t all! Staged coup d ' etat of die year, when as President of Pan-Hell she started Miss Lloyd in oils to die tune of $150 (Ed. Note: We hope other societies will contribute to The Portrait . . .) . Not dial you ' re Machiavellian, Steph but, it was good. MARCIA CONNELL Where are you going, my pretty maid? To French and Fine Arts, Sir. she said. My face is a help toward Phi Bete, too, I know what it takes to get ahead. My far-famed charm Won ' t come to harm I ' m Venus de Milo with no lack of arm. My face is my fortune and how- it ' s paid! You ' ve done quite well. My pretty maid. AND so it is. ... ' Tis said dial she ' s Associate Editor of The Gargoyle, and though not often about in the flesh, name and face grace every issue. Handles broader fields well too- all die way from Detroit ' s Yellow sheets to crashing dirough in full color on page one of Herald-Examiner ' s rotrogravure. Considering her activity Marcia has to know how to pick ' em- courses we mean. Through Natural Selection she ' s garnered just enough A ' s to coast into Phi Bete courtesy of Phrench and Phine Arts. Accomplished gal, diough no question of thai! lap of ex-prtx Lundahl. Was die best looking chum at a political caucus meeting one night in his junior vear . . . drafted to " look good " as NUMBER ONE MAN in the grand march of the class of ' 39 ' $ J-Hop . . . General chairman of die thing . . . grabbed the nearest committee woman and went. Manages to always look sleepy and brewed at any major dance. Readied the height of classic statements in Detroit speaking on fraternity problems: " The President can stick out his neck, but I don ' t want to! " Triangles, Vulcans, and Michigamua. STEPHANIE PARFET Here ' s to litde Bo-peep With her herd of black sheep. Which she always knows where to find: In die depdis of The Parrot She just has to ferret Widiout loo much task to her mind. Upon each lamp is a pretzel bell. Afixed with a jewelled pin. THE BQy ER CflmPBELL DETROIT - MICH. EVERYTHING IN THE WAY OF TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT FOR THE FABRICATION OF METAL AND WOOD ORDER ALL YOUR BOOKS FROM FOLLETT ' S MICHIGAN BOOK STORE 322 S. State St., Ann Arbor Bob Graham, Mgr. RADIO a n d E= RECORD SWOP WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE 719 N. University Phone 3542 Page 417 BETTY JANE MANSFIELD Mary, Mary, quite contrary How does Assembly grow? With propaganda You lend a hand to Build a new dorm row. The Zones have burst into full bloom To decorate the council room. Betty, Betty, here ' s some confetti To throw at Assembly Ball. The A.A.I, have rallied round To answer your clarion call. Now don ' t be contrary and pout, my dear, Flowers are fast-growing, never fear. DEBATER Mansfield crashed through in the rebuttal to new and unprecedented heights storming off with Senior Society and Mortarboard and all the little flowers of Assembly bloom- ing in her wake. This versatile gal combines the presidency of Assembly with membership in Alpha Gamma Sigma, " A Sorority for Independent Women " (see The Michigan Daily, 2-29-39) LEO BEEBE His wife makes him shave the peach fuzz off his face at least once a week . . . looks like a mild-mannered milquetoast who might be embarrassed if exposed to vulgarity of any sort. BUT underneath rages an inferno which, when touched off, would shock the sensibilities of a stevedore. Once Leo, great baseball catcher, was bobbing up and down with usual ex- uberance during the game, and the umpire was having a rough time calling balls and strikes. Each time he erred, Leo FUMED. Finally the exasperated arbiter complained: " How do you expect me to see the plate if you keep jumping up and down like that? " That unloosed the fury. Pounding the ball into his big mitt, Leo ran the slang gamut and concluded (edited for the purposes of print): " You can ' t tell me how to catch! If I want to stand on my head and catch this ball game, I ' ll do it! " Relieve Leo (Takum) of his worries and you have a lost soul. His ability to magnify molehills is well known among his friends, who suspect that he took unto himself a wife because the number of imagined responsibili- ties and woes had begun to run out. Michigamua. PETE LISAGOR THE BALL sailed far into left field as the bat met it solidly and the runner raced around the bases. The ball was still rolling when the runner rounded third, but, to the amaze- ment of all, when about 15 feet from the plate, he flung him- self forward, winding up six feet short. He manuevered the last lap on his hands and knees and plopped on the plate with a deep sigh. The next day ' s box-score credited second- baseman Lisagor with a home-run; some people say he has never gotten over it. It has always been a mystery how many Lisagors there were floating around the campus. At the Daily, there was an Irvin Lisagor, who four years ago made a rather unobtrusive appearance as a sports staff try-out. At the Field House and local socializin ' spots there was a Pete Lisagor, who soon became known as a one-man dating bureau. It wasn ' t until the sports editor sent Irvin down to interview the sloppiest ball player on the team, that it was disclosed that Irvin and Pete (affectionately called Black Peter) were one and the same. Irvin came back after an interesting con- versation with himself and wrote such a glowing account of his prowess that they decided to make him sports editor, the only junior ever to get the job. Sphinx and Michigamua. JEAN HOLLAND Our little Jean Horner, she sat in a corner As sweet as she could be, She just stuck out her thumb, From thin air picked a plum, And who more astonished than she or we. THIS SELF styled overseer wandered in where all but Angels fear to tread. Rumor hath it a Freshman reporter thought the president ' s office was across the hall from the Under- graduate Office, but finding it wasn ' t she blundered into the council room on Monday at five to find President Holland whipping her council into line. Participation is the thing her battle cry. And under her administration women ' s activi- ties reached a new high with this and that and that and this and reform the order of the day. It seems that the innocent Jean caused some slight disturbance in the Chi- Omega driveway, when on a summer night, she and Another were mistaken for A Burglar. One heck of a nice gal. GACH CAMERA SHOP EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC 14 NICKELS ARCADE Page 418 This Fight ' s On The House Following custom the Ensian Seniors take the following space to give vent to a year of pent-up steam. No holds are barred, no copy is revised, and the sky ' s the limit, amei and facts are fictitious. Jr. Ed. JEAN DRAKE Is PRESIDENT of Gamma Phi Beta and Women ' s Editor of the Ensian. Claims to have picked the prexy position on strength: " I could lick any of ' em in the House! " She care- fully keeps it a secret by an expression of wide-eyed naivete but comparative anatomy and proto-zoology are old stuff to her. Admires intelligence in men. Thinks profs are inter- esting and goes in for extended conversations. Instructors are interesting enough to date. Result has been two scholarships. knows a German word for everything; and steadfastly re- fuses to pull her shades at night . . . third floor rear. Goes to Boston for an extra year of school next September . . . mere coincidence, of course, that the One and Only has located a job in Boston. Scored high as a Junior when she took a date with Jim and convinced him that he ' d have fun helping her put out her Ensian section . . . played on his weak spot murmuring. " My. what a straight line you can draw. " Won ' t smoke but ' ll drink and tell you what she thinkv Charles Kcltler and David G. Laing. DAVID G. LAING Is EDITOR of the Ensian and typical ol American youth at its best. Is obvious that at one time he was a member of the Boy Scout Movement. Aside from cutting classes he has no vices: he does not smoke, chew, drink, or swear. As far as anyone knows he is the personification of innocence and is he perhaps too innocent? The pure minded, high-souled David, unaware of any evil implications, greets everyone with " Hi, Chum! " Obviously he and the dictionary are at odds as to the meaning of the word. His Heart and Soul dwell in the ' Ensian office he is happiest when surrounded by pastepots, clicking typewriters, and his Junior Assistant (s) . After sponsoring his campus contest he decided to run a medium size picture of winners, but later when charming Miss Connell came in the office and smiled sweetly the Editor was heard to say. " Think I ' ll run a full page on Marcia. " Laing can be oiled. He insists the " i " in Laing is important, two years president of Trigon. Sphinx, and Michigamua. Jean Drake and Charles Kettler. CHARLES L. KETTLER SET THE campus record for indifference on election day by playing golf in the rain all day . . . found out he was Business Manager of the Michiganensian long after everyone else had contemplated champagne or suicide. Learned the advantage of a poker face as caucus chairman of a political machine in his early years. Attempted to keep " in shape " as a member of the gymnastic team, but scraped the training for a chance to play monkey at the Michigras. Kepple loves philosophy and can see himself in a group with the " Old Greeks " discussing life. Actually the best he can do is act the main figure in a bull session. Happy-go-lucky sort of a gent who enjoys a good dorm fight . . . when tapped Michigamua he thought it was just another dorm fight he ' d caused in his sleep . . . likes to sleep and can be flipped out of bed without waking. Main topic of discussion is a certain lovely lady named Helen a thousand miles away. Enjoys cracking an old chestnut, and carries a stock of jokes of a most early vintage. Typical shot of humor: " I knew a man that kissed a horse! " Known to Triangles as " couple little legs and a big hat. " Known to a misspelling Daily reporter as " Kepple. " Know to the Tribe as " No-Fillum. " Known to the public as " the price goes up diis week, buy now! " Known to the editorial end of the Ensian as " SCROOGE!!!!! Page 419 T is not difficult to build an ordinary mouse trap or print an ordinary book if one is content to abandon considerations which bind ambitious and upright men. The task of doing a thing well is largely governed by the extent to which enthusiasm is brought to bear upon it. Every job undertaken by the Ann Arbor Press is regarded as another stepping stone leading up into that light which shines for him who strives to do his work well regardless of the material reward. It is a genuine pleasure to turn over to the graduating class of this great university of the western world the product of our press this 1939 edition of the Michigan yearbook. THE ANN ARBOR PRESS Arthur J. Wiltse, Mgr. Page 420 GENERAL INDEX Aolbersberg. Tony 387 Aoronson. Frances 376 Abbot, Lynn D 245 Abbot, Priscilla Emily ..32, 379 Abbot, Waldo M., Jr 32 57, 248. 258. 291. 293, 335 Abbot. Waldo M. 220, 335 Abe, Kazuhisa 132 Abrams, TMM lii nil ......... 331 Abrams, Borbard ......... Z41 Abramson. Dorothy 376 Abramovitz, Maurice L. . . 344 Acacia 327 Ackerman, Claire F. ...32. 255 Ackerman, John 349 Ackerman, R. W 339 Ackles, Helen 381 Adams, Carroll. Josephine 32, 368 Adams. Charles 83 Adams, Dorothy M. ..100, 373 Adams. Dwight 237, 354 Adams, Mrs. E. L 392 Adams Ed-ward 358 Adams, H. C 90 Adams, Henry A 120, 256 Adams, H. F 24 Adams, Henry Hitch ...32. 245 Adams, John 358 Adams, Mary Katherine 32, 374 Adams, R. G 24, 348 Adams, Richard 238, 338 Adams, Robert L. 362 Adams, Susan 385 Adams Thomas 57, 545 Adams, Walter Joseph ... 32 Adasko, Laura 32 Ades, Alired E. 69, 85 Adler, Bernard Dorman 32 Adler, H=: . ..32, 352 Adier, Richard L 348 Adsit, Mary J 377 Ahn. George 340 Aigler, Ralph W. 128, 262, 312, 331, 33S Aigler, Thomas K 359 Aigler, William 291. 294 Aiken, Clair H 69 Aikens, Dorothy 38 Aisner, Julius 233.356 Alton. A. S 24, 336 AkA 218 Albaladejo, Jose M 255 Albaladejo, Mrs. Jose M... 255 Alber, Ben 370 Albers, George D 179. 186 Alt 245 Alb: a E 69, 337 Aicorn, Edith Louise 32.385 Alden, John E 245 Alder, George G 330 Aid:. 241, 370 Aldridge, Charles W 331 Aleinick, Ruth 389 Alexander. Cruzan 80, 365 Alexander, John 172, 337 Alexander, Martin M. .179, 356 Alexander, Rodney W 338 Alfvin. Virginia 384 Allan, Clyde Delbert 32 rginia Rachel 32. 269, 315. 374 Allen, Arthur William, Jr. 32. 323 - Basil 142 Allen, David 370 Allen, Doris 374 Allen, Eleanor Clizbe ..32, 35 Allen. Ernest 144 D Forest 358 Allen, Francis 275 Allen. Horace 184. 190 Allen, James C. ...57, 235, 333 Allen, John 241 Allen, Lawrence 234 Allen. Mary 377 Allen, R. Raymond 246, 365 Allen, Ruth 390 Allen, W. Shirley 140 Allen, Stanton 362 Allen, Ulrich 337 Allen. Virginia R 245 Allen, Ward P 131, 135 Allen, G. Wesley 258, 291, 293, 235 Allen, Wyeth 224 Allington, Elizabeth 382 :Dn, Arthur V. ..6S. 83, 352 Allison, J 332 Allison, Mabel 396 Allison, Margery 236, 394 Allinson. Mary 254 Allinson, Molly 275 Almdale, Howmd 352 Allmendinger, E. E. . . . 370 Alpern. Robert I ......... 356 Alperovitz, Leo ........... 1 10 Alpert, Elaine ........... 59 Alpha Chi Omega ........ 374 Alpha Chi Sigma ........ 323 Alpha Delta Phi ......... 325 Alpha Delta Pi .......... 375 Alpha Epsilon Iota ....... 182 Alpha Epsilon Phi ....... 376 Alpha Gamma Delta ..... 377 Alpha Kappa Lambda .... 330 Alpha Kappa Kappa ---- 183 Alpha Kappa Psi ........ 159 Alpha Omega ........ 150.310 Alpha Omicron Pi ........ 378 Alpha Phi ............... 379 Alpha Sigma Phi ........ 331 Alpha Tau Omega ........ 332 Alpha Xi -Delta ........... 360 Alt. G. L. ................ 86 Altick, D. H ............. 353 Airman, William M ....... 342 Altshuler, Charles H 245 , Alumni Association ...... 224 Alway, G. G ............. 189 Amdale, Einor R ......... 352 American Institute of Aeronautical Sciences . . 85 American Institute of Chemical Engineer ...... 84 American Society of Civil Engineers ........ 83 American Society of Mechanical Engineers . . 87 Ames, Arnold M. 34 Ames. John B 342. 365 Amstutz, Kenneth 118 Anderson, A. C 64 Anderson, Beth ...107. 110, 391 Anderson, Blanche 378 Anderson, Clay J 245 Anderson, D. G 82, 337 Anderson, Emmett E. 69, 87, 122 Anderson, Francis Charles 32, 58, 331 Anderson, Frances M. 377 Anderson, Gilbert 245 Anderson, Harley J 363 Anderson, H. C. 86. 262, 312, 357 Anderson, James C 336 Anderson, Jane 381 Anderson, Joan E 382 Anderson, John F 355 Anderson, John W. .69, 86, 87 Anderson, Leigh C 328 Anderson, Mary J 382 Anderson, Mauritz 347 Anderson, Reid 113 Anderson, Richard 358 Anderson, Stanley P 331 Anderson, Thomas 364 Anderson, Werner B 100 Anderson, William 188. 357 Andranigian, Garoun M. . . 32 Andresen, E. A 164 Andrews, Allen 68, 69. 80. 82. 88, 338 Andrews, Louis C 356 Andrews, Ed 2S6 Andros, George 184, 334 Andrulot, Edward 142 Angell, R. C 24.336 Angell, W. F 349 Angle, John G 332 Angley, Robert E. -.69, 87, 347 Angst, William D 333 Anketell, Augusta 254 Anthony, Ralph Frank .32, 370 Anton, Joseph 68. 69, 83 Appel, Carroll J 32 Applegate, F. Daniel 85 Applegate, Oliver 151 Applegate, Vernon C 365 Appleton, Virginia 390 Appleyard, James 69, 83 Appold. Norman C 84 Arata, Robert A 339 Arbuckle, Ric hard C. ..354, 368 Archer, Robert E 32, 349 Archer. W. B 160 Archer, W. J 358 Architect School Officers.. 99 Arcure, Joseph V 87 Ark, Howard 351 Arkins, Richard 346 Armor, William G 87 Armour, John 329 Armstrong, Betty A. 373 Armstrong, Richard C. 179. 184 Armstrong. Thomas H. ... 360 Armstrong, William 247, 257. 355. 367 Arnold. Dorothy 32, 3 6 Arnold, Frederic E., Jr 367 Arnold, Gordon H 85. 331 Arnold, Harry L 184, 367 Aronson, Sidney M 351 Arscott, Edward F 185 Arthur, Marcus W 354 Arthur. William M., Jr 149 Asberg, Frederick 88 Aseltine, Lyle F. 151 Ash. William J 360 Ashburn, Anderson 80. 89, 238, 342 Ashe. Robert M 362 Ashley, James 184, 361 Ashley, Mary 390 Askren, Ronald 90 Asselin, Betty 390 Assembly 273 Athay, Roland M 364 Athena 56 Athens, Nicholas 83 Athletics, Women ' s 313 Atkinson, Doris M 232 Atkinson. John, Jr 32, 328 Attwood, James 69, 34 Artwood, S. S 64, 86 Arwell, H. H 327 Auerbach, Dascha 256 Augspurger, Ruth 256, 377 August, K. C. 58, 100, 236 August, Mary 32 Aulenbacher, Robert 260 Averill, John C 331 A very, Anabel 384 Awig. Howard 364 Axelson, Rudolph 241 Aye, Thomas J 36i Ayres, W. L. 64 Ayres, Langdon 355 Babcock, R. A 160 Babcock, Richard E. 359 Babcock, R. W 347 Bachman, Ford 370 Bachman, John R 228, 343 Bachman, Werner E. 24, 86, 328 Bachrach, Henry II 32 Backus, Barbara 204, 266, 267, 385 Bacon, Howard 364 Bacon, Wallace A 235 Bacon, Wilbur C 224 Badenoch, David A 359 Bader, Arno L 235, 361 Badger, Betty 320,380 Badger, Walter L. 86, 528 Badgley, Carl E. ..172, 185, 312 Baer, L. S 186 Bagwell, William S.. Jr. ... 117 Bahlman, Don 369 Bahlman. Henry L. .69, 87, 369 Bctier, I_ A 90, 339 Bailey, Arby 188, ISO Bailey, B. F 64, 86, 365 Bailey, Martha A. 117 Bailey, Robert 186 Bain, Bunty 56. 110, 270. 271, 383 Baird, Elaine 381 Baits, Jane 384 Bak, Helen 395 Baker, Albert G 343 Baker. Bertie E 110 Baker, Cleia 16-5 Baker, Emanuel M 32 Baker, E. M. ...64, 86, 245, 328 Baker, Esther 331 Baker, Frances E. 32, 387 Baker, Harriet 376 Baker, Hugh 69, 86, 245 Baker, J. Quentin 355 Baker, Owen R 334 Baker, Richard 118 Baker, Ruth 164 Baldauf , Arthur J., Jr 32 Baldwin, Betty 384 Baldwin, Mary 374 Baldwin, Thomas D 132 Baliour, Isabel 385 Ballmer, Robert S 184 Balmer, Rowe A 361 Balyeat, Gordon 188, 355 Baiyeat, Phil E 2S4 Bancroft, Margaret 320, 331 Bandoli, Marvin 364 Band Staff 119 Bangs, Milton S 360 Banks, Robert James ..32, 367 Bannow, Robert 168 Banta, George S 345, 370 Barasa, Lawrence 345 Barbar, Lewin 368 Barber, Robert D 32, 361 Barber, Robert J 151 Barbour, Fleming A 183 Barchard, Fred John, Jr. . . 33 Barclay, William B. ...258, 30 Banbeau, Marine 208, 320, 394 Barish, Julian 187 Barker, Charles P 302 Barker, E. F 24, 362 Barker. P. S 172. 184. 345 Barnard, James 366 Barnard, Robert 366 Barnes, Albert M 335 Barnes, Clement H 32. 335 Barnes, Donald E. 354 Barnes, Howard 83 Barnes, Raymond ..90, 246, 349 Barnes, Reginald 354 Barnes, Rob 346 Barnett, David G 348 Barnett, Garfield C 132 Barnett, Helen 390 Barnett, Henry W 226. 348 Bamert, Melvin 356 Barney, Betty 374 Barns, Burton D 69 Barnum, Harold J 342 Barnwell, John B 172 Baron , Jerome Lincol n .... 33 Bard, Albert 183 Barr, Albert S.M.D 355 Barr, Helen J 244 Barr, John B 362 Barr, William 350 Barret, Dottie 384 Barrett, Charles F 333 Barrett, Dorothy A 99, IOC Barrett, Edward P 333, 354 Barrett, Fern 83, 343 Barrett, John Lee 33,335 Barrie, Kenneth 35U Barringer, Henry C 338 Barroughs. D. J 337 Barrows, Gerald V 152 Barrows, Virginia 320 Barrows, Winone 162 Barry, John 258, 296 Barry. Ruth 380 BarteU, Floyd E 328, 337 Bartholomew, Arthur P., Jr. 33, 244, 245, 349 Bartolocci, Ralph 370 Barletl, Barbara H 108 Bartlett, Forrest A 118, 120 Bartlett, H. H 24 Bartlett, James J 69, 363 Bartlett, James D 361 Bartlett, Rachel 164, 166 Barlley, Joseph 335 Bartley, Thomas S 335 Bartnik, Robert 340 Barton, Grace Helen 273 Barton, Marilyn F 110 Baseball 296. 297 Basketball 298, 299, 300 Easier, Frank C 159 Basom, Fred F 331 Basse, Lois S86 Bassett, Alice Gertrude .33, 379 Bassett, Barbara ..270, 271, 385 Bassett, Bertram G 356 Bassett. Eula 164 Bassett, Robert C 1S3 Bassow, P. H 186 Batchelder, Howard T 245 Batchelder, Tilden M 336 Bateman. David F 360 Bates, Dean Henry M. 126, 262, 325 Bates, Jackson W 151 Bates, William H 179, 185 Batten, Wallace A 348 Baits, Martin 93, 194 Bauchat, James L 156, 361 Bauer, Gerhard H 179, 188 Bauer, Irving Lawrence. 33, 344 Baughman, Warren R 338 Baum, Wm 1B6 Baumann, Alfred L. 33, 120 Baumann, Jane 389 Baumgarten, George M. . . 334 Bavinger, William F 359 Bailey, R. V 87, 369 Baxter, Dow V 140, 330 Baxter, Dizabeth G. ..117, 123 Baxter, Lois 378 Baxter, Marian 33, 232, 269, 384 Bayard, Neal 90 Baykin, Charles V. 66 Bay ley, R. H 334 Beach, Kenneth H 179, 186 Beach, Norma 275 Beal, E. 333 Seal, J. E 18. 327, 333 Beal, Mrs. Julius 121 Beals, Robert P 84, 246 Bean, John W 183 Bean, Oscar 150 Beatty, Mary 383 Beatty, William 337 Beck, Jeannette E. 110, 381 Beck, Karl H 179, 186, 330 Becker, Abraham 187 Becker, Frank 142 Becker, Otto H. 329 Bedford, Martha 379 Beebe, A 84, 241, 330 Beebe, H. M. D 189. 345 Beebe, Leo 258, 262. 296 297, 298, 299, 300, 418 Beebe, William F 302, 329 Beers, Julius H 333 Beierwaltes, W. H 186 Beise, Dorothy 321 Belden, Dan M 337 Belden, Donald H 69. 86 88, 239, 262, 337, 402 Belknap, Jean 390 Belknap, Jeremiah 244. 245 Bell, Eugene 337 Bell, Ian 368 Bell, Margaret ...108, 315, 321 _ Bell, Mary Caroline ...33, 220 Belief, Melvin 33, 245 Bellhorn, Clara 164, 166 Belote, George H 172, 183 Belser, Walter E 185 Belsky, Jerome 37 Belsley, J. P 362 Ben, Manuel 33, 369 Benedict, Barbara 390 Benford, Harry 230, 340 Benford, Robert L 352 Benham, Hal . 57, 258, 302, 329 Benham, Jean 384 Benjamin, Burton Richard 33, 231, 262, 353, 398. 414 Benner, George 350 Bennett, Arthur L. 330 Bennett, Duane L 365 Bennett, H. C 334 Bennett, Joseph D 69 Bennett, Phyllis Kennedy 33, 396 Bennett, Richard 83. 348 Bennett. Wells L S7 Bensley, John T 345 Bensley, Virginia . .99, 100, 330 Benson, Elizabeth 375 Benson, John C 188, 190 Bentley, Margaret 177, 182 Bentley, A. Morell HI 362 Bentley, Nelson 23i Benton, Kenneth 340 Berg, Arthur D. 117. 118. 120, 123 Berg, Clifford 245 Berg, Donald Paul 85, 364 Berg, Mary Ann 388 Berg, Sidney 118, 119, 120 Bergelin, J. 338 Bergelin, Olaf P 359 Berger, James 122, 351 Berger, John P 175, 179, 190 Berger, Joseph Harry 33 Berger, Phillip J 185 Bergers, Elaine 59, 377 Berhalter, Robert 334 Berkey, John 345 Berkof, John 194 Berkhof, John 93 Berkovitz, Abraham 341 Berlow, Stanley 346 Bemthal, T. G 189 Bernstein, Joseph 245 Berris, Henry ISO Berris, Robert 122, 244, 353 Berry, Carl 184 Berry, Constance 237, 383 Bertram, Jean Lucille . . .33, 386 Besamer, Ann 272, 394 ! Besancon, Frances 381 i Besekirsky, Wassily 115 ; Besekirsky, Mrs. Wassily . 121 i Besse, Kennard J 131, 132 Besser, Robert 353 Bessey, Murell 8-4 Beta Theta Pi 333 Beth, Elman J 342 Beth, Warren A 342 Betsy Barbour 392 Betz, Eldean George 33 Betz, John S 188 Beuhler, R. J 365 Beuhler, H. R 365 Beynon, Marion Roberta ... 33 Bibb, Arthur 151 Bibber, Elizabeth 56, 381 Bibik, Joseph 159 Bidlack, Margaret 378 Bierkamp, Frederick J 345 Bigelow. John W 132 Bigelow, R. B 184 Bigelow, S. L. 24, 184, 364 Bigg , Edward 353 Bigger, Edward 345 Biggers, Wm. D 335 Biqler, William 256 Bihary, Drisy 255 Bilby, Amie E 117 Bilby, Betry 275 Bill, Martha 387 Billet, Arthur 85 Page 421 Billings, H. C 82 Billings, Henry 238 Bird, Francis 189 Bird, Jackson W 33 Bird, Margaret 379 Birleson, Leslie S 110 Bisharah, Mohamed 218 Bishop, R. Spencer 224 Bishop, R. W 84, 363 Either, Frederick H., Jr 362 Bittinger, Ross T 355 Bixby, Oscar 254, 256 Black, F 370 Black, Frank 183 Black, James E 132, 357 Black, Joseph G 367 Black, Lome C., Jr 333 Black, Richard T. ..99, 100, 333 Black, William F. .258, 306, 332 Blackburn, John G 69, 359 Blackett, Olin W 154, 338 Blackman, James F 184 Blackstone, Hollis M 365 Bladen, Doris 376 Blaess, Maxine 33, 59, 374 Blair, T. H 189 Blake, Richmond S 335 Blake, W. E 24 Blakeley, Richard 334 Blakley, William R 69, 363 Blakeman, Dr. E.W 219 Blanchard, Richard 260 Blanchard, William .80, 81, 365 Blaustein, Albert P 341 Bleakley, Mrs. Donald 393 Bleeker, Jean 248 Bleekman, G. M 338 Blickle, F. F 334 Bloch, Harry, Jr 33, 356 Block, Alec 366 Block, Malcolm 179, 245 Block, Woody 366 Blocksma, Ralph ...93, 176, 194 Blodgett, Mary E 382 Blood, Frank R 245 Bloom, Bernard 237, 356 Bloomer, Harlan H 330 Bloomer, Ruth 321 Blue, David B 33, 348 Blumberg, Herbert ..68, 82, 366 Blume, Mrs. William Vf. ... 255 Blume, Wm. W 128, 255 Blumenthal, Frances ...254, 256 Boak, A.E 24, 57, 312 Board in Control 225 Boch, Gladys M 385 Bock, June 380 Boddy, L 365 Boehm, P 327 Boehnke, Robert 83, 358 Boettjer, Arthur F 69, 87 Bogart, Dorothy 381 Bogdasarian, Robert M 179 Boggs, Howard W 132, 135 Bogle, Robert 234, 355 Bogleff, Anton 254 Bogue, Robert 176, 183 Bonn, Betty J 107, 110 Bohnsack, Helen 383 Boissonneault, Glen 339 Bolene, Emanuel ' 327 Bolitho, Boyd 345 Bollinger, Dawn L. ...... ' . Bolt, Donna 275 Bolt, Orren 93 ' , 194 ooite, George 368 Bolton, Barbara 374 Bolton, Doris 99, " lbo, 390 Bonavito, Joseph N. 155, 156, 160, 203 Bond, Lyle 370 Bond, Robert L ' . ' .] 33 Bondurant, Joan ... ' 381 Bonetti, Ida 166 Bonisteel, Betty D 33 386 Bonisteel, Frances 386 Bonisteel, R. 349 Banner, Campbell ..... 24 Boorsma, Eileen A 110, 393 Boothby, Betty .... 391 Boothby, William M. ... ' 367 Borchard, Frederick 334 Borek, Edward B 69, 85 Borst, Theodore L " 59! 87 Bosma, James .... 93 1 94 Boston, Curtis E. Boston, o. w ; ; ; " ' Bostwick, Donald L lob ' , 369 Boswell, Barbara 1 Bosworth, Wanzer D.. " 33 " i Bott, Allan R 82 360 Botwimk, Stanley N. 35 Bouchard, Harry ....64, 86, 363 Bouchard, Joanne . Bourg, Donald J ' . ' . ' . ' . 184 Bourg, Jean 1 33 384 Bourland, Philip E Bourke, Frances . ' 38f Bourke, Wm 291 Bourquin, James F ' 359 Bouton, G. Innes 82, 85, 363 Bowden, Wm. S 327 370 Bowe, David D. . 85 342 Bowen, Charles A. . . . ' , ' 22, ' 352 Bowen, Charles Clark III . . 33 Bowers, Laverne L 33; Bowler, Lawrence ' . ' . ' . 15] Bowles, Gene E. . . . .3 ' Bowman, Dean O Boyd, D. A., Jr 3oyd, F. Emerson 132, Boyd, James B Boyd, Robert Boyd, Verna G hoyden, Allen M Boye, Richard E Boyer, Donald R Boyer, Dorothy Boyer, Robert C Boykin, Charles Boyle, Edward H Boynton, Charles M Boynton, Robert L 132, Bozion, Constantine N Braastad, Frederick Brace, William M...57, 188, Bracken, Beverly J 205, Bracket, Robert D Bradbury, Marion L., Jr. 34, Bradford, Kent Bradley, Robert 155, 156, Bradley, Rodgers A Bradley, William Bradshaw, J. W. Brady, Helen 216, 232, Brady, Jane Braga, Russel W Bragg, E. M 64 Bragg, Robert Brams, Marie J Bfandel, Wynand W. . Srandman, Leonard Brandt, Arthur 80 238, Brandt, Carl B Brandt, Carl G Brandt, C. R Brandt, J. Leonard Brandt, Lorun Brandt, Lorene 34, Brandt, Roland W Brater, E. F Braun, Jerry Braun, Randall, F Brawerman, Shirley Brazer, John G Breaden, R. P Breakey, J. F Breckler, Alfred 241 , Breen, Bernice Brehm, Barbara Breidenbach, Warren C. 246, Breit, Hyalmar Brelsford, Harry W Breniser, H. R Brenn, Cecelia B Brenn, Earl 69, 84, Brennan, Charles Brennan, Jack 58, 110, 258, 262, 282, 286, 347, Brenner, Jerome Brent, Irl D ' Arcy II Brereton, Virginia Breslauer, Charles Bretzlaff, George 87, Brevold, L. I Brewer, Albert Brewer, Donald Brice, Houston 34, 235, Brichan, Jane Bricker, Helen Bricker, John W Brickley, Paul 34, 262, 355, Bridgen, Dorothy Bridges, Fritz J 69, Briegel, James C Brier, John C 64, Briggs, Bill Briggs, Finley B Briggs, John Mancel Briggs, Lewis Brio as, Robert P Brill, Thomas M Brink, Glenn H 69, Brinkman, Joseph Brion, Benjamin W Brisk, Harriet S Bristow, Frank, Jr 155, Britton, Harold 118, 238, Britton, Harriet Joy Britton, W. Earl Britton, Robert Britton, Webster Breasted, Fred Brock, Paul Brock, Robert Brock, Stuart 34, Brock, Warren Brockman, Clay J Brockman, Phyllis A Broders, Claude O Broene, Richard G Brogan, Herbert Brokaw, William E Bromage, A. W Bromage, Mrs. Arthur Bronson, Donald G 156, Bronson, Keith R Bronsyke, Willis F Brooks, Betty 270, Brooks, Collins E 132, Brooks, Dorothy 245 189 135 33 368 33 184 338 361 388 361 90 357 333 340 246 189 331 382 238 362 354 347 343 85 24 383 381 246 , 90 358 110 360 187 , 81 332 58 57 87. 35] 59 395 34 86 256 334 110 is: 370 184 353 156 388 335 90 348 349 15) 35T 122 20 : 401 329 362 381 344 352 24 189 296 336 275 387 186 239 408 386 364 348 328 252 354 34 364 159 356 332 115 343 34 155 120 36 34 360 8 188 176 69 328 369 346 132 34 8 156 298 159 2 ' 393 331 331 86 271 335 395 Brooks, Elizabeth 379 Brooks, George 122, 355 Brotherton, Florence 269, 388 Brough, Edward E 87 Brown, Alan R 186 Brown, Bailey 34, 345 Brown, Charles 122 Brown, Charles M 84, 342 Brown, Charles R 132 Brown, Charlotte S 245 Brown, Doris 232, 383 Brown, Douglas B 360 Brown, Douglas S 110 Brown, E. S 24 Brown, Mrs. Everett 121 Brown, Ford Jay 87 Brown, Gene E 345 Brown, George G 64, 86 328, 354 Brown, George M 354 Brown, Helen 228, 383 Brown, James 80, 81, 354 Brown, James E 335 Brown, Marshall C 338 Brown, Martin 122 Brown, Mary F 268, 394 Brown, Oliver L. 1 328 Brown, Paul 241 Brown, Peter F 357 Brown, Richard ...185, 190, 345 Brown, Robert 80, 118, 349 Brown, Robert A. W 342 Brown, R. K 360 Brown, Robert R 338 Brown, Robert W 185 Brown, Warren 256 Brown, William 330 Brown, W. E 349 Brown, Wilford H 327 Browne, Craig 184 Browne, Katherine Gayley.. 34 Browns, Hershel L 188 Brownson, Dallas D 358 Bruce, Donald 358 Bruce, James 20, 172, 188 Bruce, Mrs. James 121, 396 Brumm, J. L 24, 199, 349 Brummel, Henry ...82, 255, 354 Brundrett, Betty 386 Bruner, Harold T 34, 160 Brunske, Gerald Joseph .... 34 Bruyere, Isabel 100, 381 Bryan, Paul 118, 120, 369 Bryant, Connie 212, 383 Bryant, Dan C 333 Bryant, Mrs. John A 392 Bryant, Margaret 34, 255 Bryant, Margaret J 244, 245 Bryant, W. LeRoy 188 Bryant, Walter L 175, 179 Bubis, Sylvia 179, 182 Buchanan, William 88, 258, 291, 292 Buchanan, William H., Jr. 69, 86, 353 Buchanan. W. T 347 Buchen, Phil 34, 212, 233 244, 245, 262, 336, 406 Buchner, Robert E...99, 100, 334 Buckley, Fred D 87 Buckley, Helen J 110 Buckner, Noel A 346 Buck waiter, Tracy V., Jr. 244, 327 Buderus, Brooks 335 Buehler, Royal 234, 355 Buehling, Stuart 142 Buell, Charles 337 Buermann, Thomas M. 69, 90, 330 Buesser, Fred 247, 257, 337 Buher, John C 188 Buist, San 93, 194 Bujak, B. J 34 Bull, H. S 86 Bullard, M 333 Bullington, Bent 188 Bullion, Jean 388 Bulmer, Dan J 184, 337 Bulmer, Malcom 367, 368 Bulthuis, Alfred 93, 194 Bunting, C. G 367 Bunting, Russell W. 146, 151, 327 Buritz, Robert 33 ' Burch, John E 185, 339 Burdick, Frederick A 365 Burdick, Harry J 31 Burgess, Clarence R 22 ' Burgess, Frances .100, 273, 394 Burgess, William 33 ' Bur hans, Robert 329 Burke, Betty S 211 Burke, Robert E Burkett, Elsie J 386 Burkland, C. E 64 Burks, Arthur 245 Burleson, Leigh ...236, 270, 378 Burnham, John 35C Burnham, R. C 87, 370 Burns, Beulah 37- Burns, Janet 37 Burns, LaVerne T 34. 35: Burns, Mary K 110, 260 Burns, William J 69 Burrell, C. J 337 Burroughs, Frank M. Jr. 34, 185 Surroughs, William M. ... 330 Burrows, Newton 34 Burnstein, Alfred 241 Burnstein, Robert 366 Bursley, Joseph A 20, 60 86, 225, 239 Bursley, P. E 367 Bursley, Rebecca A 382 Butt, Alfred 118, 368 Burt, Franklin D 343 Burton, Ella M 117 Burwell, John 142, 144 Busche, Philip 118, 120 Bush, Charles W 343 Bush, Merrill 83 Bush, Robert 229, 333 Bushman, Janice 390 Business Administration Pro- fessors 154 Bussard, Frank W 343 Busse, Henry 210 Jusse, Irvin 357 Butts, W. H 24, 329 Butler, Edith 110, 218, 377 Butler, James F 339 3utler, Kenneth 370 Sutterfield, Ira 370 Buxton, Rex E 342 Bychinsky, Anna Elaine 34, 256 Bychinsky, Sigmund E. . . . 69 Byers, Richard 122, 159 Byrn, Robert W 186 Byrne, R. W 82 Bywaters, T. W ' . 358 Cabral, Donald 358 Cabera, Webster 188 Cadwell, F. G 347 ' ady, William R 70 Cain, T. W 353 Cain, William Frederick ... 34 Caire, Wesley R 338 Calcutt, Harry C 34, 354 Colder, Kennneth T 246 Calderwood, Howard B. 57, 225, 348 Caldwell, Richard L 15! Caldwell, Thomas 364 Caldwell, Virginia S 34 Calhpun, F. N 86, 343 Calkins, Douglas Gilbert . . 34 Calkins, Ruth 384 Call, Mary Monica 34, 260 Call, Norman 347 Called, Frederick 188 Collins, James B 33 j Callouette, John E 342 Calvert, Lawrence 304 Cameron, C. Paul 258 Cameron, G. Dallas 359 Cameron, John A 87 Camp, Carl D 172, 184 Campbell, Bruce L 70, 353 Campbell, Douglas 36S Campbell, Eloise L 34 Campbell, Foster 241 Campbell, H. Murray 337 Campbell, Jane E 34, 56 Campbell, Jean 386 Campbell, John Sinclair ... 34 Campbell, Laurie E 321 Campbell, Margaret 38 Campbell, Robert . .57, 142, 14 Campbell, Robert A. ...160, 327 Campbell, Robert D 296 Campbell, Robert G 334 Campbell, Rosawell J 330 Campus Activities 204, 205 Campus Life 199, 216 Canavan, John N. 34, 212, 234, 360 Candlish, Robert L 87 Canever, Victor W 35 Canfield, William B 336 Canham, Donald B 362 Canning, Robert J 35, 262 309, 334, 416 Cannon, J. H 64, 86, 332 Cannon, Phyllis 383 Cannon, Will A 335 Canon, Gwendolyn 379 Cantrall, Irving J 245 Capaldi, Sam 118 Capitalist Ball 158 Cappon, F. C 57 Carder, Alden B 70, 85 Cardillo, Joseph S 70 245 Carey, C. 64 Carey, Harold N 363 Carey, Phyllis A 100, 380 Cargo, William 1 244 Carle, Ella B 378 Carlile, Thomas B., Jr. .179, 18 Carlisle, Frances 59, 387 Carlisle, Thomas B 175 Carlisle, William D 15 Carlson, Donald A 8 ' Carlson, Herbert 83, 34L Carlson, Robert L 352 Carmack, Marvin M 245 Carnegie, Edward J. ...100, 33: Carney, Richard 19C Carney, Robert G 175, 179 188, 328 Carpenter, H. Beach 224 Carpenter, Louise 388 Carpenter, Luther C 184 arpenter, Patricia 387 :arpenter, F. D 370 :arr, Donald T 343 tarr, Frances 59 )arr, Jane Marie 35, 254 )arr, L. J 24, 358 Carr, Margaret 255, 387 Carr, Ned 184 Carr, Virginia 100 Carriel, Jonathan T 367 Carrigan, Elizabeth 110 .arrigan, Margaret P. ..35, 379 !arrothers, George 122 Carrothers, George E. 108, 199, 361 Carrothers, G. Howard ; Carruthers, Jean 3! larson, David W 135 Carson, Donald E 87 Jarson, Frank S 342 Carstens, Frank 85,350 Jarter, A. C. McGraw 329 Carter, Casey 255 Carter, Paul D 245 irter, William E 365 Carulla, Jorge 260 Caruthers, William F 3 ' Carvalho, Anita 395 Carver, Gordon Baxter .... ; Carver, Harry ! Carver, H. C 24 Carver, Ned 184 lascadden, Lewis E 70, 85 Case, Ava C 121 Case, C. Berham 122 Case, E. C 24, 345 Case, L. 86, 328 Case, Philio B 363 Casey, R. E 160 Cash, Trnvis R 3! Casmer, Stanley M 35, 255 Casner, Fred 118 Cassell, R. K 369 Caster, Elizabeth 256 Castillo, Antonio E 70 Caswell, Robert J 338 Catheiwood, Thomas L...70, 90 Cattell, Lee M., Jr : Cattell, Rush 370 Caughey, Dorothy J 378 Cauley, Richard 3: Cavan, Frank 3; Cavanaugh, Phyllis 390 Cave, C. A 347 Caven, Frank L 84 Caves, Harry P 333 Cawley, Edward 189 Cederguist, John W 35 Cell, Jerry 370 Center, Elroy John 70 Centner, William A 155 Chabut, V. George 188 Chaddock, Richard E 245 Chadwick, Al 89, 258, 304 Chadwick, Richard V 100 Chamberlain, Carter A. ... 348 Chamberlain, Francis ..241, 337 Chamberlin, Dale 347 Chambers, Ray 310 Chandler, Paul 234, 369 Chang, Vunc-Yuin Ting 179, 182, 245 Chang, Ymg 85 Chao, Celia 24.S Chapin, Myron B 9 Chapman, John L 87, 35 Chapman, Nancy 320, 3E Chapman, W. A 370 Charleston, Gwendolyn J. . . ' Chartard, Ruth 254 Chason, Jay H Chatard, Ruth 3i Chaufty, Betty Ann 205, 39 Chavenelle, Gilbert D 361 Cheadle, Marjorie 31 Cheever, Dwight M 3: Cheever, Markham S 3f Cheffey, George 241, 35 Cheifetz, Sonia 2 ' Chen, P. F f Cheney, Edv ard A U Chernin, Kenneth 234, 2E Cherney, Colburn G Chertoff, Alex 148, 149 150, 245 Cherven, Victor 118, I ' t Chesley, W. B H Chibnick, Selma ...56, 270, 3 Chick ring, Orville M. 189, 1- Children ' s Theater 21 Childs, George 3 Chi Omega 3! Chi Phi 3; Chi Psi 335 Chissus, Roberta 99, 1C 248, 265, 385 Chown, Donn 118, 120, 25 Chrisman, Lee 118, 119 120, 330 Christensen, C. Robert ' Christensen, Edward P 3f Christensen, Eleanor ...351, 381 Page 422 Christensen, R. C 185 Christenson, Clifford C 132 Christian, Gene A. 70, 245, 365 Christian, Palmer 115, 123 Christian, Mrs. Palmer 121 Christian, Stanley G. 70, 84, 328 Christiansen, Ernest B 245 Christiansen, George T. ... 329 Christophersen, James W. . . 185 Christie, Robert S 337 Christl, Richard M 151 Christman, Adam A. ..172, 328 Christman, L. G 327 Christman, Weimar L 327 Christy, Edward 358, 370 Church 219 Church, Harrison 345 Church, Helen N 245 Churchill, Rue! 343 Cisco, Herbert 307 Cissel, James H 64, 361 Clamage, Irwln 353 Clapp, Charles W 245 Ckrp ' p, Philip H 359 Charbuesch, Werner E. ... 132 Clark, Betty 204, 383 Clark, Charles D 35, 338 Clark, D. Philip 35, 365 Clarke, Elaine L. 110 Clark, Elinore E 245 Clark, Elise 237, 374 Clark, Elizabeth 227 Clark, Frederick W 35 Clark, Goodwin 329 Clark, Harry W 332 Clark, James 1 99, 100, 345 Clark, Janet 293 Clark. John 332 Clark, John J 370 Clark, Philip 58 Clark, Ralph 122 Clark, Tom B 332 Clark, W. C 186 Clarke, Barbara 386 Clarke, Harvey W. 35, 258, 347 Clarke, Thomas C 149, 151 Clarkson, W. S 333 Clary, Frederick 368 Clary, Rudolph 1 343 Clauser, Henry R 235 Clayton, Paul 186 Cleary, Margaret M 382 Clement, Betty 395 Clement, Walter J., Jr 362 Clemmons. Jeane 270, 387 Cleveland, Robert 87 Clifford, Cathleen..lOO, 230, 378 Clifford, F. King 360 Clifford, John 230 Clifford, Robert P 186 Clift, Elizabeth 375 Clift, William 34S Clifton, Charles H 35, 370 Cline, Arthur R 329 Cline, Robert 118 Closser, Dayton 255. 365 Cluff, Maurice E 70, 84 Coapman, Robert E 365 Cobb, James 368 Cobb, Margaret J 232 Coe, R 82 Coffey, Hobart R 123 Coffman, Edith 35, 389 Coffman, William 347 Cofrin, John P 132 Coggan, Mark E. ..148, 149, 151 Cogger, William L 327 Cohen, Bernice 35, 244 Cohen, Henry 307 i Cohen, Jack 366 ' Cohen, Richard 1 356 Cohn, Donald M 34 Conn, Robert L 356 Cohrs, Robert 118 Colby, Howard R 331 Cole, Herman H 359 I Cole, Joseph W 110 Coleberg, Wilton 350 Coleman, Jack B 359 Coleman, J. K 184 Coleman, Thomas 350 Colenso, James E 35, 343 Coler, Ruth 379 Colgan, John 368 Collegiate Sorosis 382 Coller, Carolyn 382 Coller, Frederick A 172 Coller, Mrs. Frederick 121 Collette, B 82 Collette, William E 357 Collins, Frank 241 Collins, John W., Jr. 70, 122, 357 Collins, Myrtle 182 Collins, Robert L 357 Collman, Jack 364 Colman, Arthur Bernard 35, 356 Colman, Charles Francis 35, 356 Columbo, J. Frederick 336 Colwell. L. V 86 Combs, George 337 Combs. William 308, 369 Comes Spring 220 Comfort, S. T 70, 333 I Cominole, H 82 Comstock, William III 367 Comstock, W. P 352 Concert Band 118 Conde, Marion 59, 375 Conger, Kyril B 184 Conger, Mrs. Lucile B 224 Conger, Ralph G 246 Congressional Fling 199 Conine, Mary G 386 Conkle, Guy, Jr. ..247, 257, 347 Conley, Philip H 365 Conlin. Henry T 331 Cbnlon, Emerson W. 355 Conn, Elizabeth 270 Conn, Jerome 346 Connable, A. B 336 Conner, Edward 188 Connell, Jane 384 Connell, Marcia .... 15, 35, 209 236, 244, 245, 254, 255, 265 269, 384, 399, 417 Conners, Richard 244, 247 257, 327 Cannery, Sally 396 Connolly, Paul G 185 Connover, George 84 Conrad, Granville R 363 Conrad, Stanley 332 Conrath, Alman 80, 89, 228 229, 251, 333 Conrath, Fred E 333 Consor, Austin 70, 87, 337 Contie, Leroy J 237, 360 Contrail, Dorothy R 35 Conway, Errett 142 Conway, Frank M 354 Cook, Mrs. Chauncey F 396 Cook, Emery A., Jr 327 Cook, Eugene 188 Cook, Franklin M 18, 239 Cook, James C 179, 186, 330 Cook, Martha Jane 390 Cook, Milton P 331 Cook, Paul 35 Cook, Webster 335 Cook, W. F 338 Cooke, George J 258, 304 Cooley, M. E 86, 327, 359 Cooney, John D 330 Coons, Elizabeth M 35 Cooper, Belton Y 345 Cooper, Donald Russell 35, 178, 184, 245, 357 Cooper, Edwin 118, 120 Cooper, Hugh 118, 369 Cooper, Jack E 357 Cooper, John K 35 Cooper, Robert 345 Cooper, V. R 84 Cooper, Winifred 376 Cooperstock, Mases 187 Coors, Robert S 35 Cope, Robert E 352 Cope, Wilma 254, 393 Copeland, Paula 376 Copithorn, R. H 82 Copley, Almon L...246, 362, 368 Corbin, Billy L 186 Corcoran, Sally 315 Cork, J. M 25 Corkin, Leo 364 Corkum, Florence 315 Corlert, David W 348 Gorman, Helen 232 Cornelius, John E 35 Cornell, Elizabeth 375 Cornell, George 337 Cornell, Lorain D 100 Correa, Dale 188 Correll, Richard 118, 120 Corrin, Dorcas E 59 Cory, Jack 228, 357 Cory, Sally 387 Cosper, Paul L 357 Costello, Fr ances 256 Costello, John F., Jr 35, 332 Coswell. Robert J 338 Cottis, Ralph 335 Cottle, Richard A. ...70, 87, 333 Cotton, Robert B 70, 82 Cotton, Sumner 351 Cotton, Thomas J., Jr 70, 32 Cottrell, Janet 381 Couper, W. M 349 Courtis, Stuart A 108 Courtney, Elsie 390 Courtney, Thomas 332 Courtright, Ray 306, 357 Courville, Charles J 184 Courville, Evelyn 118 Cousineau. Charles H. . .36, 328 Coventry, Markham B 184 Covert, Harold E 348 Coward, Wheaton M 361 Cowden. R. W 25, 339 Cowie, David M 184 Cowie, Murray D 172 Cowing, George 370 Cowles, Walter C 361 Cox Benjamin G 132, 348 Cox Charles C 340 Cox Dorothy 391 Cox Cox Cox Cox George 358 James E 87 Robert Wallace 36, 160 Stanley C 355 Cox, Winston 242 Coxon, William 329 Crable, Irene 164 Crabtree, Peter 183 Crager, Oliver B 36 Craig, C. C 358 Craig. Robert, Jr 140 Cram, Esther M 18 Cram, Maroaret Marion 36, 270, 271, 388, 399 Cramer, Walter H 149, 152 Cramton, Paul 370 Crandall. Mrs. F. 59 Crane, Robert 252, 361 Crane, V. W 25 Cranmer, Jeanette 379 Cranmer, Linus R 354 Cranmore, Doris 320 Cranston, Robert W., Jr. ... 360 Crary, D 345 Crawford, Betty Jane 384 Crawford, James E. 85 Creal, C. 352 Crego, Stanley W 151 Cress, E. H 349 Crigir, Harriet 166 Crisler, Herbert 280, 282 283, 284, 290 Crissey, Ronald 186 Critehell, Gordon M 336 Crocker, Sabin, Jr 87, 358 Crockett, Betty M 382 Crook, Charles 183 Crop and Saddle 320 Crosby, Alice 375 Crosby, Catherine 385 Crosby, Elizabeth C 172 Crosby, F. Dale 188 Cross, A. L 25, 31, 38, 338 Cross. Charles J 334 Grossman, Stuart L 339 Crow, Agnes 253, 320, 390 Crowe, Barbara 321 Crowe, Charles W. . .68, 70, 84 86, 88, 347 Crowley. David H 18 Crozat, Donald F 3 ' 0 Crumbaker, Donald C 361 Crump, Jeanne 379 Crusey, Howard W 70, 80 87, 211, 361 Cuccia, C. Louis 340 Culbertson, Robert D. ...36, 361 Cullings, Doris 386 Culver, Carl 291, 349 Culver, D. Emery 350 Culver, Fred 291, 349 Cummings, H. H 186 Cummings, Roy M 151 Cummiskey, John W 119 Cunningham, Paul 183 Curren, Robert B 36, 357 Currie, Donald M 84 Currie, John D 132 Curry, Margaret 277 Curtis, Allison 384 Curtis, Arthur C 172, 183 Curtis, Dorothy 36, 384 Curtis, Francis D. 108, 327, 337 Curtis, H. D 25 Curtis, Norma Lucille ...36, 265 268, 269, 315 Curtis, Richard 151 Cushing, David 89. 291 295, 349 Cushing, E. L 355 Cushing, Nelson 355 Cushing, William T., Jr. .. 329 Cuthbert, Ellen Nairne ..36, 268 Cuthbertson, Thomas W., Jr. 360 Cutting, R. D 337 Cuyler, Louise 121 Cyrol, Edmund A 70, 87 Czajkowski, Jerome J 85 Czak, Edward 284 Czeresto, Anthony 189 Dchlstrom. Carl L 64, 256 Dailey, Joanna M 382 Dailey, Mary M 251, 382 Dalby, Maurice 333 Dale, David E 357 Dalee, Mildred 381 Dalee, William W 328 Dall, Nancy J 36,388 Dana, Arnold 234, 356 Dana, Samuel F 354 Dana, Samuel T 139 Dance, Clifton 349 Danhof, Alice G 36 Daniel, David W 82, 87 Daniels, Malcolm . . .70, 87, 336 Daniels, Stanley R 70 Danielson, Ruth 393 Dannemiller, Augustus 57, 215, 337 Dannenfelser, Frederick 338, 369 Danner, Harland 58 D ' Arcy, John, Jr 36,329 Darden, Robert 347 Dare, Mon 84 Darling, Charles E. 178.186, 347 Darling, Milton A 347 Darmstretter, Arrrin A. .82, 336 Darner, Charles B 184 Dart, Charles E 90, 245 Daverman, Ed 370 Davey, Winthrop N 36 David, Alan 228,353 David, Raymond A. .70, 84, 86 David, Robert L 36, 353 David, William R 352 Davidson, Amy 378 Davidson, Art 310 Davidson, Cornelia 386 Davidson, Donald 183 Davidson, George 360 Davidson, Harold E. 36,258,291.312,359 Davidson, James 238 Davidson, Joan 379 Davidson, Wilbur S 336 Davies, Robert B 149, 188 Davis, Calvin 108 Davis, C. M 337 Davis, Dorothy J 382 Davis, F. E 186 Davis, Frances M 120 Davis, Frank 118,120 Davis, Glen R 70, 84 Davis, Ida M 36,382 Davis, James W 36 Davis, James K 346 Davis, Janet M 1 17, 395 Davis, Jean H 117,229,386 Davis, Jeanne E 227 Davis, Joseph 58 Davis, Mary H 232,385 Davis, Meyer 244, 245 Davis, Nelson J 361 Davis, R. W 186 Davis, Ruth M 232, 381 Davis, William H 245 Davis, William J 339,358 Davis, Zelda 267, 274, 378 Davisson, Charles N 159 Dawson, Douglas 189 Dawson, John P 128 Dawson, Ralph 186 Deal, Edwin M 361 Deal, June E. HO deAlvarez, Russel R 184 Daan, Harriet E 36,385 Dean, Helen J. L. 36, 209. 232, 265, 269, 385 Dean, Lindley M 369 DeBaker, Charles E 331 DeBoer, Clarence 93,194 Debridge, Charles 247, 257 Decker, A. J 64, 86 Declerck. Oscar G 343 DeFoe, Kirke C 339 DeFries, W. Fritz 327 Dehlinger, Hans 87 Dehm, David R 331 Deike, Joseph J. 117, 118. 120, 123 Dejonge, George 93,194 Dejong, R. N 186 DeLancey, Merton M 357 DsLancy, William J 329 Delbridge, William M. . .82, 336 Dell, Mary C 245 Delta Delta Delta 383 Delta Gamma 384 Delta Kappa Eosilon 336 Delta Sigma Pi 160 Delta Tau Delta 337 Dalta Upsilon 338 del Toro, Julio 255 del Toro, Mrs. Julio 255 Deming, Donald D 87 Deming, Jack M 36,159 Deming, Ned W 36,159 Deming, Richard 188 D3mma, Joseph J 68, 83 Demosey, Newton S., Jr. . . 352 Denfield, Caroline .. 220, 227, 383 Dennis, Walter A 83, 363 Denny, M. Ray 327 Densmore, Mrs. G. E 59 Dentistry Professors 147 D3Nucci, Roger 118 Dapue, Clark A., Ill 70, 87 Derby, Edwin L 36, 333 Deutsch, Charles L 36,351 Deutsch, Murray L 120 Deutsch, William 187 Deu ' scher Verein 256 Devereaux, William 333 DeVine, Catherine 320, 381 DaVine, John B 359 DeVries, George ...93,156,194 DeVries, Henry 194 deVries, Roberta 164 DeWeerd, James 176, 186 DeWeese, David 357 DeWeese, Harriette 56, 110, 385 DeWeese, Marion S. 175, 179, 183, 245 Dewhirst, Kenneth 370 DeWitt, Robert 349,370 Deyoe, Harry 83 Diamond, Thomas 108 Dicaire, Arthur V 70 Dice, L. R 25 Dick, Jerome J 356 Dick, Lucien 118 Dick, Ralph A 70, 87 Dick, Richard H 362 Dick, Vernon S 185 Dicker, Leon P 344 Dickey, James 370 Dickhoff, John S 361 Dickinson, Z. C 25 Dickmeyer, Betty 390 Dickson, Campbell 282 Diem, Donald T 246 Diepenbrock, Joseph B. . . . 87 Diepenbrock, Robert I Dierberger, Mary L 1 Dieterle, Robert 188 Dietrich, Allan 337 Dietz, Rav 241 Dighton, Henry T 337 Dighton, John 31 Dillman, Charles J 31 Dillman, Ruth 383 DiLoretto. Oscar 152 Dilts, Virginia Catherine . . 36 Dimitroff, Sim P 175,179 Dimler, B 82 Dimock, R. H. 152 Dinehart, Jane Kathryn ... I DiPalma, Anthony 90 Dipenbrock, K. C 164 Dittmonn, Barbara 227, 229, 390 Ditz, Charles H 70,84, 86 Dixon, Keith E 361 Dobosz, Olga Eugenia 36 Dobson, Beatrice 3! Dobson, John S 348 Dobson, Ru s=ll 258, 298, 300, 348, 358 Dobson, William 348 Dock, Evelyn 384 Doctor, Lvnn 327 Dod, Paul 100, 358 Dodge, Dr 218 Dodge, Earla 388 Dodge, Margaret 388 Dodge, R. A 64 Dodge, S. D 25,365 Dodge, President 218 Doegey, Elza Dorothy 36 Doherty, Irene 378 Doherty , Kenneth 291 , 292 Doherty, John K 245 Dolese, David 364 Dolese, Rodger M 364 Dolph, Charles Laurie 36, 244, 245 Doman, Glidden S 343 Donahoe, Bernard 213, 226 Donahue, Eleanor 377 Donaldson, B. M 25 Donaldson, David D. 195, 236, 268, 361 Donaldson, Jean 382 Donaldson, L. B. ..175,179,184 Donaldson, Richard F. . . 36, 358 Donaldson, Samuel 188 Danger, Clinton B 359 Danger, R. Gilbert 359 Donnelly, Polly 379 Doolittle, George W 3: Doran, Everett 304, 364, 370 Dom, Robert J 87 Dorsey, John M 172, 184 Dotts, Raymond 328 Doty, Albert J 363 Douglas, Cathryn II Douglas, Donald B 185 Douglas, Ellen 386 Douglas, James B 184 Douglas, Mabel 381 Dow Mrs. Alex 121 D. 349 E W 25,333 Dow Dow Dow Dow Lafayette F 335 W. G. H Downer, Hugh C 71,88, 90 Downer, William H 357 Downs, Beulah M. . .36, 270, 378 Downs, Edward 132 Downs, William 364 Doyle, Mae 164 Drake, Jean 37, 213, 226, 229, 385, 419 Drake, Joseph H 128, 338 Drake, Robert 188 Draper, John W 71, 85 Draper, Thomas G 37 Dredge, Annabel 384 Dreher, John 310 Dreifuss, Richard 37, 369 Drekin, John 177 Drew, Martha 394 Driscoll, James H 87 Droege, John Frederick ... 37 Druger, Richard J 356 Druids 58, 214 Drury, Jane 164 Drury, W. R 365 Dublin, Michael 71 DuBois, Albert M 37 Dubs, Alford W 337 DuCharme, Chas. B 3 Duerkson, Pete A 155 Duff, Ivan F 186 Duffendack, O. S 25 Dulebohn, Richard E 339 Dumond, D. L 25 Dunbar, Elsie 254 Dunbar. Jane 209,267,315 Dunkirk, George L 71, 83 Dunks, Hudson 122 Dunlap, David B 327 Dunlap, Dorothy 213, 227, 229, 386 Dunlap, Gregg 188 Page 423 Dunlap, Helen 121 Dunlap, J. E 25, 159, 245 Dunlap, Jean 381 Dunlop, Gwendolyn 374 Dunn, Gwendolyn 377 Dunn, Helen 164, 166 Dunn, Robert B 335 Dunn, Leigh E 246 Dunn, Vincent M 361 Dunten, John 358 Durand, Virginia . .256, 275, 394 Durell, Marian 163 Duresz, Alphonse 189 Durfee, Benjamin B. ...334,369 Durfee, Edgar N 128 Durtee, Paul S 354 Durfee, Philip S 37, 334 Durham, Frank 337 Durocher, Betty 381 Durr, John F 327 Duthie, James R 333 Dutton, Carl R 245 Duxbury, John H. .....151,335 Dvorak, Harry W 85 Dwyer, Raymond D 336 Eagan, Russell R 343 tames, Leslie H 331 Earhart, Mrs. Harry . . 121 392 Earhart, Mrs. Richard 121 Earhart, R 333 Earle, H. Sawyer 333 Earle, Prescott 349 Early, Edwin B 357 Hash, Orus 100 Easlick, David K " 343 Easlick, Kenneth 151 Easterly, Mary Elizabeth . . 37 Eastman, Leonard A 353 Eastman, R. C 327 Easton, Rhea Jane . 381 Eaton, Dr 256 Ebbets, Richard 241 Ebeling, Arthur 302 Eberbach, Oscar A. . 224 Eberbach, R. 357 Ecenbarger, Gale R 328 Echardt, Dorothy 121 Eckelberger, Robert M., Jr. 132, 342 Ecker, Beatrice 37 Eckert, Barbara 381 Eckhouse, James G. 86 Eckstein, Harold C 328 Eckstein, Henry C 172 Eddy, Dr. and Mrs. Nelson W 255 E dv, Robert ....... ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . 83 Edelberg, Irving M 356 369 Edelman, Joseph 236,356 Edelstein, Lester D 37 Eder, Gerald . . . | 341 Edgar, Robert H 245 Edison, Ruth 164 166 Edmunds, Charles W 172, 184, 345 Edmundson, James B 106 Edson, James 93,194 Edwards, B. D 327, 362 Edwards, Franklin W. ..71,332 Edwards, J. R 118,120 Edwards, Rodney D 340 Edwards, William Henry 37, 362 3finger, Dean John R 348 Effler, Donald 183,334 Egan, William 349 Egeler, Clark 368 Eger, Marvin A 37,351 Egert, Howard 347 Egger, George 349 Eggers, Lucile 164 Eggert, Frederick 118 Egle, Edward J., Jr. 71, 199, 260 Ehlers, G. M 25 Ehrmann, H. M. . . ' 335 Eibler, Rudolph John .... 37 Eich, L. M 25, 340 Eichelberger, Marie E 100 Eichorn, E. M 186 Eicke, Mrs. Louis 59 Eldred, Albert 337 Eldridge, Clarence E 349 Eldridge, John G 362 Eliner, Bill 256 Ellick, Alfred George, Jr. 37, 359 Ellingen, Edw ard W. ...37,160 Elliot, Bruce W 345 Elliot, Robert . 347 Elliott, Eugene B 18 Elliott, Lyle Dean 37 Elliott, Margaret 154 Ellis, Helen 315,321 Ellis, Robert L 334 Ellis, Sheldon M 341 Ellis, Shirley Evelyn 37 Ellison, Bruce G 367 Ellman, Seymour S 344 Ellsworth, Harvey L 365 Elmer, Russel 368 Elmer, William 234,354 Eisner, John S. . .71, 90, 238, 330 Elspass, Jane 213,226,383 Elvin, William 231 Elyea, Frances 164 Emde, L 327 Emerson, Herbert W. 184, 327, 332 Emmett, Robert A. 71, 80, 84, 88, 355 Emmons, W. L 64 Emory, Richard D 359 Emswiler, J. E 64, 86 Emunson, Bryce M 246,369 Ender, Elizabeth 121 Enders, Mary Louise 37 Engel, Gladys 273 Engel, Glenn 234 Engel, Violetta Freda 37 Engelman, Raymond M. 37, 187, 351 Engemann, Charles 349 Engineering Council 80 Engineering Professors 64, 65, 66 Englander, Alan 366 Engle, Paul R 186,358 Ensian Editorial ...226,227,229 Ensian Jr. Staff 226 Ensian Business 228 Ensian Jr. Business Staff.. 228 Eppstein, Barbara Edith 37, 266, 268, 315, 394 Eppstein, Frederick 187 Epstein, Harold A 351 Epstein, Herman T 234,246 Epstein, Julius Elliott 37 Epstein, Mildred 376 Ericksen, E. L. ..64,86,245,363 Erickson, Alfred C 86 Erickson, Olga Christine 37, 382 Erlewine, Erma 380 Erlewine, Ralph LeRoy .37,347 Ernst, Arthur A 367 Ernst, Ira L 37 Ervin, Charles 355 Erwin, John H 338 Erwin, John K 71 Eskie, Milton J 150 Esman, Bernard 37 Estes, Hugh H 87,338 Etkin, Eva 394 Ettinger, Sheldon 353 Evans, Alfred Soring ...37,361 Evans, Charles T., Jr. 71, 80,81, 354 Evans, Elizabeth 164 Evans, Robert J. 354 Evans, Tom L 327 Evashevski, Forest 258, 286,287, 289, 296, 347 Evelond, Warren C 245 Evenson, Kenneth R. 71, 90, 363 Everard, William S 329 Everett, F. L 86, 340 Everett, James C 329 Everett, Marjorie 379 Evers, L 186 Eves, E. Eugene 132 Fagan, Frederick 254, 255 Fagan, Polly 385 Page, Bernice M 37 Fairbairn, Barbara 377 Fairbanks, Avard P 246 Fairbanks, Chester 370 Fairlamb, Roy 349 Fajans, Stephen 187 Fake, Leroy E 87,365 Faley, L 188 Falk, Eleanor M 110 Folk, Mortimer S 37 Fariss, Betty 253,386 Fariss, W. B 58, 119 Farmer, Ann 320 Farnsworth, Clinton E 245 Farr, Arthur 345, 370 Fafrell, Sanford 291 Farrens, John H., Jr 327 Fasguelle, R 337 Faste, Andreas 90 Fatica, Nicholas 84 Faulkner, Ross H. 37, 58, 258, 291, 348 F ' auman, Samuel J 245 Fearn, Ward 370 Features Section 195 Fechnay, John C. 71, 80, 84, 365 Federman, Leo G 356 Fedziuk, Henry A 71, 35 Feely, Frank J., Jr. 87, 238, 331 Feeney, Kenneth 176 Feferman, Oscar A 366 Feingold, Elsa H 110 Fekula, G 84 Felch, Madelene 164 Feld, David 179 Feldkamp, Lee 183 Feldman, Albert 84,246 Feldman, Eleanor M 37 Feldman, Milton 187 Fell, Norbert J 342 Fellman, Roslyn 392 Fendrick, William 358 Fenske, Beulah A. ..59, 107, 110 Fergeson, Alfred L 328 Ferguson, Claire 232 Ferguson, Donald M. ...71, 87 Ferguson, James A. 175, 179, 184 Ferguson, Joan 376 Ferguson, Marian 379 Fero, L. K 82 Ferrell, Bruce 122 Ferries, Robert T 38,333 Ferris, Jack 188 Ferriss, Enora 254, 267, 274, 384 Ferstenfeld, Adolph . . . 258, 302 Fettes, Howard L 343 Field, Henry, Jr 172 Field, P 65 Fields, Earl M 38, 340 Fielding, Henry 82,347 Fielstra, Clarence 245 Filip, H. K 183 Filipiak, Stephen J 38,220 Findling, Byron, 118 Fineberg, Milton 234 Fingerle, E. C 352 Fink, Austin 1 122,356 Fink, George 247, 257 Fink, L. Jerome 82, 330 Finkeldey, Miriam 385 Finkleston, Virginia 235 Finlayson, Thomas 87 Finney, Mary L 386 Finton, Max 183 Finton, Robert E. ..175, 179, 183 First Presbyterian Church.. 219 First, Wesley 364 Fischer, Frances 376 Fischer, Harry C 84,328 Fischer, James E 185 Fischer, Russell 369 Fishburn, Breard E 354 Fisher, Barbara 374 Fisher, Clarence W 71, 84 Fisher, Elaine 227, 376 Fisher, Janet 390 Fisher, Joseph 176, 184, 336 Fisher, Kirkland E 355 Fisher, L. P 152 Fisher, Owen 83 Fisher, Raymond 335 Fisher, Ray E 58 Fisher, Ray L 296,297 Fisher, Thomas K. 132, 135, 247, 257 Fishley, Margaret 228 Fishman, A. P 370 Fishman, Herman 296 Fishman, Milton 344 Fishman, Muriel 376 Fishman, Shirley 376 Fishman, Sidney E 87 Fiske, L. Gordon 184 F ' itch, H. Stewart 38,334 Fitting, Paul D 347 Fitzgerald, Bernard A 185 Fitzhenry, Robert 231 Fitzpatrick, Ruth 58,385 Flack, Edith A 38 Flaherty, J. Wade 84 Flanagan, Dennis 57, 212, 234, 240, 334 Flannigam, Sue 383 Flaum, Lucille R 38 Flax, Jules 150 Fleming, David M 332 Fleming, June V 38 Fleming, Marion 383 Fletcher, Richard F 342 Flickenger, John H 332 Flis, John J 71 Floersch, Harold 258 Florence, Warren A. ...38,328 Florek, John A 87 Florer, W. W 337 Flores, Angela S. ...71,84,255 Flowers, Cutis W 132 Fogg, Richard 349 Foil, Herbert C 159 Folsome, C. F 186 Foltz, Robert D 342 Football 200, 201, 285 286, 287, 288,289, 290 Foote, Barbara 390 Foote, Grace 390 Foote, Joseph 355 Forberg, Kay 384 Forbes, Bruce 368 Ford, C. David 327 Ford, Claire 374 Ford, Margaret 379 Ford, Thomas G 336 Ford, W. B 25,338 Forestry School Professors 140, 142 Forman, R. E 82 Forrest, Cecily 275,387 F ' orrestel, Marjorie 386 Forster, Lloyd M 329 Forsyth, H. Francis 190 Forsythe, Francis H 185 Forsythe, L. L 347 Forsythe, Sarah M 38, 244 Forsythe, Warren E. 108, 186, 245 Fossum, Gwendolyn 121 Foster, D. B 189 Foster, J. B 160 Foster, Jeanne 235 Foster, Lila 385 Foster, Seymour 345 Foust, Alan S 336 Fowle, Douglas M 367 Fowle, Lee C 355 Fowler, Robert B 354 Fox, Gilbert 71, 84 F ' ox, Irving K 245 Fox, Richard E 334 Fox, Robert 119,369 Foxman, Rhoda E 38 Frailing, Robert C 38, 58 Trailing, Woodrow G 246 Fralick, F. Bruce 172,186 F ' rank, George 350 Frankel, James R. 234, 246, 353 Franking, Cecile M 38, 272 F ' raser, Raymond J 335 Frayer, Alice 383 Frayer, Alice C 38,244 Frayer, Alice E 245 FYazier, Roy E 362 Freck, Isabel W 110 Frederick, David 241 Frederick, Fay 166 Frederick, Raymond, Jr. 233, 330 Freeborn, James R 151 F ' reedman, Joseph N 231 F " reedman, Ronald 244 Freeman, Brenton E 84 Freeman, Carmena M 38 Freeman, Frank H 71 Freeman, James W 365 Freeman, Ralph ..68,71,80, 86 Freer, Romeo H 331 Freitag, Robert F 333 French, A 82 French, Edward 345 French, Gertrude 254,387 French, Robert L 132 Frericks, Jerald J. ...68,71, 85 Frey, Floyd E 87 Frey, Gert 256 Frey, Virginia 381 Freyberg, Richard H 184 Freyz, Tony 370 Frick, Lewis 334 Fried, Bernard H 179 Fried, Stanford 150 Friedenberg, Jerry 85 Friedman, Arnold 187, 341 Friedman, Arthur 356 Friedman, David 187, 341 FYiedman, Elias 149 Friedman, Eugene 344 Friedman, Harold X 353 F ' riedman, Warren 366 Friedman, Willis 187 Friend, Harrison H 341 Friers, Robert 255 Fries, C. C 25 Fries, Robert G., Jr 346 Frisbee, Donald 361 Frisinger, M. R 160 Fritz, Ralph 258,282 Froege, John F 334 Fromm, Betty 38,389 Fromm, Harold M 352 Fromm, James 122, 352 Frosh Frolic 220, 253 Frosh Frolic Committee . . . 253 Frosh-Soph Fracas 202 Frost, George H 71, 87 Frost, John E 38,334 Frost, Ruben E 361 Frostic, Andrew A 151 Frumkin, Reva 389 Frutig, Edward 258, 282, 290, 370 Fruttiger, Raymond 152 Fry, Halleck 254, 352 Fry, John 256 Fry, Margaret 1 38, 59, 395 Frye, Mary J 388 Frye, Robert A 345 Fuentes, Gabriel, Jr 71 Fuldauer, Eunice 376 Fulde, Clara L 383 Fullenwider, Janet 38, 209, 265, 269, 386 Fuller, Ned, Jr 71,85, 87 Fuller, Prescott C 342 Fuller, Richard 57 Fuller, Robert F 38, 333 Fuller, Stanley E 335 Fulmer, Marjorie 164 Funk, Thomas 142 Funk, William 329 Furbush, Seymour 84,238 Furman, Albert L 87 Furniss, Charles 186 Furstenberg, Albert . . . 170, 185 Furstenberg, Mrs. Elizabeth 224 Gabriel, Peggy 390 Gabriel, Robert B 302 Gabryziak, Clarence 340 Gage, Mary 385 Gager, Robert Frederick . . 38 Gorge, F. M 25, 337 Gail, William H 359 Gajec, John 118 Gallagher, Phyllis 384 Gamble, Moses H., II 132 Gambill, William H 357 Gamma Phi Beta 385 Gamon, Thomas H 367 Gangwere, George H 331 Ganzhorn, E. C 189 Ganzhorn, Marguerite L. . . 38 Garbe, Harold J 38 Garden, Louise 388 Gardiner, H. G 160 Gardiner, H. S 184, 354 Gardner, Dick B 359 Gardner, Herbert H., Jr.... 367 Gardner, Joseph E 38 Gardner, Margaret 1 390 Gardy, C. B 6b Gargoyle 213 Gargoyle Business Staff . . 237 Gargoyle Editorial Staff ... 236 Garland, Floyd 370 Garling, Ross 83 Garn, Harold L 38,355 Garry, Elizabeth 378 Garvin, James 361,368 Garwood, Victor P 50 Gass, Harvey H 356 Gasser, Helen M 100, 387 Gasser, Winefred E. ...100,387 Gast, Harold 38, 341 Gaston, Claire 275 Gates, Florence 374 Gates, Robert Marshall ... 38 Gaulding, N. J 65 Gault, Edgar H 154,159 Gauyer, Earl 340 Gauthier, Raymond H 365 Gauthier, R. Kenneth 365 Gairns, Lila Jane 38 Gay, Ann 391 Gay, Lawrence H 71, 87 Gaylord, Foster R 71, 86 Gedeon, Elmer J 38, 253, 262, 282, 291, 293, 296 347, 414 Geelhoed, Stewart 93,194 Gehringer, Norman F. 175, 179, 188, 190 Geiger, Joan 320 Geissinger, Ruth F. 175, 179, 245 Gelber, Philip 241 Gelder, Everett W 71, 84 Gelder, Jack 57, 226, 247, 257, 347 Gele, Emile 118 Gelenius, Margaret D 38 Cell, Edwin 122,254,349 Geniesse, Eugene 368 Georg, C 184 George, Genevieve 256 George, Hugh T 71 George, James 122, 340 George, Linda G 374 Gere, R. H 370 Gerhard, R. G 352 Gerkensmeyer, D 82 Gerkensmeyer, R. H. 155, 156, 365 Gerson, Byron 353 Gerson, Irving 234, 353 Gesell, Robert 172,183 Getoor, Marian A 117 Getts, Robert L 362 Geyer, James A 333 Geyer, Jeanne 100, 388 Gezon, Peg 384 Gibbs, Charles R 71, 87 Gibbs, Morgan John ....38,34 Gibson, Charles 329,368 Gibson, Colvin L 122, 361 Gibson, Kenneth R 1! Gibson, Paul 343 Gibson, Theodore T 327 Gibson, Thomas II Gibson, Walter M 355 Gies, Joseph 39,231 Gies, Mary 39,38 Giesecke, Frances Jane 100, 38 Giesen, Charles 3! Gifford, Roland E : Gilbert, Elmer L I filbert, James E 256, 3c Gilbert, James 2 ' . Gilbert, Monroe A 331 Gilbert, W. W 337 Gile, Richard M 330 Gilfillan, Henry W ' Gilkey, George Ann 382 Gill, Mrs. Clement 121 Gillam, Edwin J., Jr. ...39,33 Giller, David L 3! Gillette, E 369 Gillette, William 3 ' Gilliam, Dorothy 31 Gillingham, A. J 3; Gillis, John C 345 Gillis, Robert L ; Gilman, Earl 2: Gilman, Harry 155,156 Gilmore, Horace W. ...39, 212, 231, 247, 257, 262, 329, 410 Gilmore, Robert 21 Gilmour, Robert 2: Gins, Myron 228, 3K Ginsberg, Goodwin ' Ginsberg, Norma 2 ' Ginsberg, Sidney 3! Giovannini, Giovanni % Girls ' Glee Club 2 Girod, Gordan 3f Gish, Lois 227,237,37 Gitlin, Nathan Gjelsness, Rudolph H 31 Gladding, Kathryn 31 Glasser, Joseph 336 Glasgow, Jean ' Glass, Dorothy . . 228, 270, 37 Gleason, Mary E 3! Glerum, Simon 1 ' Click, Agatha 376 Glidden, Dean E. 155, 156, 296, 329 Glover, C. C 245 Glover, J. W 26 Gmeiner, John B ' Gnerich, Roberta 31 Page 424 Goda. Lester E., Jr. 68, 72, 80, 84, 365 Goddard, Edwin C 129 Godfrey, Hugh 151 Goebel, Dorothy A. 39, 254, 255, 375 Goetz, Catherine 381 Gold, John 72, 84 Goldberg, Carl 230 Goldberg, Helen 56 Goldberg, Robert L 351 Golden, Carol M 39 Golden, Robert E. 247, 257, 367 Goldhammer, S. Milton 187, 351 Goldman, Howard A. 246, 351, 356, 366 Goldman, Louis H 353 Goldman, Mason 234 Goldring, David M 356 Goldschmidt, Charles 72, 84 Goldsmith, Paul 370 Goldstein, Anita C 156 Goldstein. Elcine 376 Goldstein, Herbert H. 39, 244, 245 Goldstein. Nathan, II ...39,346 Golstein, Nathan, II ...39,346 Goldstein, Sylvia 1 39 Goldstick, Jean C 236 Golson, Margaret 164 Golz, William 83 Gomberg, M 26 Gomez, Alfonso 83 Gomolowicz, Henry C 185 Gomon, Jeanne 320, 373 Good, C. W 65, 86 Goodell, John G 334 Goodkind, Thomas 213, 236, 253, 366 Goodlander, Ruth 277 Goodman, Abraham J. 246, 344 Goodman, Max 187 Goodrich, C 333 Goodrich, Margaret A 110 Goodrich, Mary E 39 Goodson, Cora 164 Goodstein, Sanders A. 155, 156, 245 Goodyear, Robert ..80, 81, 333 Gordon, Colin D 367 Gordon, Devitt L 185 Gordon, William G 185 Gordy. Phillip 349 Gorecki, Richard 370 Gorman, Arthur R. 117, 118, 120 Gormsen, James H 345 Gornbein, Joseph 235 Gorrschalk, Vincent J 343 Gory, Philip D 245 Gosnell, Hugh 82 Goss, Mrs. Arnold 1! Gossard, Nancy 374 Gossard, Peter 332 Gottsegen, Robert 39 Gotschali, George 118, 365 Goudie, F. D 358 Goudsmit, Samuel A 341 Gold, Elizabeth 227, 385 Gould, Charles H 367 Gould, Douglas P 360 Gould, Nancy 382 Goulding, H. J 8b Grace, Edward R., Jr. ..39, 336 Grace, James W 336 Grace, Ted 58, 220 Gracey, John H 361 Graduation 221 Grady, Jack 253. 255, 361 Graf, Herbert 370 Graf, Hubert T 72, 86, 87 Graf, Kenneth L 86, 87 Graham, Charles W 354 Graham, Douglas 246, 332 Graham, Joseph D 39 Graham, Leonard 151 Graham, MacKellar K. ... 327 Graham, Martha .205, 227, 229 Graham, S. A 26,140 Graham, Thomas F 343 Gram, L. M. ..65, 86, 339, 357 Gram, William 357 Gramp, Edward L 132 Grant, Samuel E 351 Granville, R. E 327 Gravelle, Aulene A 39 Graver, Robert 83 Gray, Charles 72, 348 Gray, Richard C 357 Green, A. E 338 Green, John B 39, 327 Green, Mervin E 187, 356 Green, Nelson 186 Greenburg, Howard 351 Greene, Arthur 247, 257 Greene, A. E 338 Greene, E. B 338 Greenhouse, Margaret H. 39, 270, 271, 376 Greenway, Guerdon 177, 184, 337 Green wald, Edward J 335 Greiner, Fred H., Jr 39 Greiner, Ruth 381 Greip, Arthur 358 Grekin, Jack 187 Gressley, Lynn H 132 Greve, Barbara 320, 383 Grey, J. Justin 118 Gribble, James A 159 Gribble, James J 120 Grier, F. Allen 338 Grier, William F. ..39, 203, 342 Griffin, Barbara T 39, 385 Griffin, Clare E 154, 159 Griffin, Frances 232, 390 Griffin, John C 132 Griffin, Martin 218 Griffin, Robert G 333 iriffith, Robert M. 175, 179. 185 Griffitts, C. H 26 Grigg, Arthur P 184 Griggs, E. L 26 Griggs, Julian Gladden 39, 242 Grill, Barbara ...227, 273, 379 Grimmelsman, W. F 370 Grimord, Leslie 118 Grindle, .Robert 118 Grismore, Grover C 129 Griswold, Jane 236,383 Grobman, Arnold B 39 Graft, Ora 394 Grogan, Richard F 72 Gros, James R 86 Groskopf, John M. ..72, 87, 370 Gross, Elizabeth 254.315 Gross, Esther L. ...39, 244. 245 Gross, Laddy H 132 Grossbeck, Joseph 245 Grossman, Jerome 366 Grossman, Louis H 353 Grove, Jane 252, 254, 385 Grover, George A 360 Groves, B. E 362 Grudin, Daniel 85 Gruhzit, Maya 232, 273 Grund, James A 355 Gryting, Loyal 254 Guernsey, Caroline 384 Guernsey, J. Thomas 349 Guest, Barbara 381 Guild, Betsy 39 Guillermety, Charles W. . . 72 Guins, Sergei G 85 Gulbrandsen, Carl 142 Gump, M. E 186 Gunderson, William 337 Gunn, James W 348 Gunsberg, Richard S 344 Gustafson, F. G 25 Gustafson, Jack ..184, 188, 357 Gustafson, Marion R. Gustafson, Robert 238, 246, 367 Gustine, Richard 343 Gutekunst, Rudolph 370 Gutelius, Stanley 183 Guthe, C. E 26, 245, 337 Gutterman, Meyer 187 Guttman, Irvinq 233, 246 Gwillim, Harold E 337 H Haapoja, June Gladys 39 Haas, Alice L. 386 Haas, Joseph D 72, 346 Haas, R. L 189 Haas, William N 342 Haber, Bernard 82, 85 Haber, W 26 Hackett, Arthur 115 Hadley, Robert 348, 368 Hadley, Patricia 379 Hadley, S. B 338 Hadley, Wayne 367 Haff, Patricia 382 Hagan, Hyatt A 355 Hagar, Charles N 331 Hagemeyer, Hugh J. ...39, 34 Haggan, Margaret E. . . 39, 244 Haglin, John J 354 Hague, Lou R 361 Hague, R. E 370 Hahl, Robert G 72, 87 Haigh, Frances 383 Haigh, John .89, 258, 302, 333 Haight, Cameron 172, 184, Haight, Elbert E 72 Homes, Charles 135 Haines, Donald ... .57, 247, 257 Haislip, Pattie C. 216, 267, 270, 274, 382 Halford, Joseph 328 Hall, Betty 232, 273 Hall, Charles 347 Hall, Cletus 364, 384 Hall, Douglas Hall, Goeffrey G Hall, Janet Hall, J. Cameron Hall, Louis P Hall, Robert B 57, Hall, Robart T Hall, William B 331 Hall, Winston 134 Holler, Peter H 336 Halligan, James 57, 240, 251, 347, 370 Hallock, Harry 357 Hallock, Richard W. ..72, 87 Halpert, Frieda 389 Halpin, Hazel 375 Halstead, William P 193 Hamburger, Betty 376 Hamilton, Elaine 110 Hamilton, Garold B 40, 370 Hamilton, John W 40,329 Hamilton, Lucius O. 357 Hamilton, Marvin 357 Hamilton, Robert 118 Hamlin, Mary K 24S Hamm, Douglas W 72, 84 Hammel, Virginia A 40 Hammelef, John 368 Hammett, Harriet J 40 Hammett, Lawton 358 Hammett, Ralph W 97, 327 Hammial. Douglas P. 331 Hammond, George 184, 359 Hammond, James W 354 Hammond, R. M 334 Hancock, Thomas R 334 Hancox, B 82 Hancox, Frederick 368 Hand, E. A 329 Handley, Robert 332 Handman, M. S 26 Handren, Lawrence E 343 Hanley, Mrs. Stewart 321 Hansen, George 36 Hansen, Robert S 244, 245 Hanson, George H. 68, 72, 84, 245 Hanthorn, Clarence E 87 Happin, John H., Jr 348 Harding, Kenneth G 64 Hardy, Gordon ...118, 122, 361 Hardy, Jane 100, 390 Hardy, Jim 211 Hardy, Virginia L 385 Harkins, Walter S., Ill 3o3 Harley, Jean 40, 394 Harmel, Richard 234, 254 Harmon, Tom 256 282, 284, 285, 286, 287, 28b 290, 298, 299, 300, 310, 345 Harms, George 360 Harper, James A 40, 348 Harrelson, Wm. D 348 Harrey, Henry 254 Harrington, Gratia A 117 Harrington, Robert G. 342 Harris, Alan 334 Harris, Byron H. ..40, 160, 369 Harris, Edmond 351 385 | Harris, Eleanor 376 Harris, George K. 100, 151, 334 Harris, H. W 186 Harris, John 332 Harris, Joan 376 Harris, Julian 366 Harris, June 212, 232 Harris, Katharine G 245 Harris, Margaret J 377 Harris, Marian 383 Harris, Nancy Ellen 59 Harrison, Edward B. ..342, 360 Harrison, Forman 206 Harrison, James J 347 Harrison, James R. 227, 347, 369 Harrison, James W 151 Harrison, Marvin Sydney 40, 187 Harrison, William 358 Harrod, Gordon R 177, 183 Harryman, James 184 Harshman, L. R 142 Hart, Bernard 133 Hart, Gerald Malone ... 40, 256 Hart, Harry 349 Hart, Harry L 40 Hart, Jane 388 Hart, John W 159 Hart, Mary L 110, 245 Hartger, Harold ...93, 133, 194 Hartley, Donald T 159 Hartman, Ruth 40, 268, 272, 315 Hartnett, Robert B 40, 352 Hartrick, Gordon 370 Hartsig, Warren E 40 Hartsook, Joseph 152 Hartwell, Robert W. 72, 80, 86, 88, 242, 262, 400 Hartwig, Marie 315, 321 Hartwood, John 80 Harvey, Doris J 232, 391 Harvey, Emerson J 185 Harwood, John 81, 120, 246, 365 Haskell, Louise F. 382 132 i Haskell, Mary 382 362 Haskell, Walter 329 375 Haskins, Frances 380 132 Haskins, Muriel C 40, 394 147 i Hass, Jane 165 334 Hassan, Ibrahim 218 333 | Hastings, Dont 224 Hastings, Warren C. 175, 179, 183, 245 Hasty, Willis A. 175, 179, 189, 190 Hatch, Henry 312 Hatcher, H. Richard 328 Hatchitt, Reece 133 Hatfield, Ruth 384 Haufler, Hervie ..234, 235, 246 Haughey, David 354 Hausman, William 353 Hausel, W. S 65 Hauser, I. Jerome 187 Hauser, James J 72, 83 Hauser, Robert 347 Havermans, Carling 87 Hawkins, R. L 358 Hawley, Ann 214, 232, 267, 385 Hawley, R. S 65. 36 Hay, Helen 388 Hay, Marion 194 Hayden, Joseph R. 26, 208, 244, 347 Hayden, Mary 379 Hayes, Allan 176 Hayes, Doug 58, 244, 245, 258, 294, 359 Hayes, Harold H 363 Haynes, Harley A. 172, 184, 189, 362 Haynie, Thomas ..258, 301, 302 Hays, Allen 133 Hays, Mrs. J. G 393 Hayward, Eileen 210 Hay " ward, James 368 Head, Hugh L 335 Heald, A. A 334 Heald, Ervin R 85 Heald, Mary K 374 Healy, Alfred A 87 Healy, James 83 Healy, John H 72, 80, 3i3 Heames, Harriet E 382 Heaps, R. A 333 Heath, Barbara 40, 199, 265, 269, 390 Heath, Roy 40, 234, 345 Heatley, Glair 119 Heavenrich, Walter 133 Hebrard, Jean 97 Hecht, Emanuel H 40, 351 Hedges, Charles A 337 Hedges, Mary Edna 383 Heenahan, Thomas 368, 233, 234 Hegge, Astrid B 382 Hegge, Elizabeth 205, 382 Heggie, Glenn 72, 83 Heidman, Merle W 72, 363 Heikkila, A. R 370 Heikkinen, Ralph I. 40, 262, 281, 282, 283, 284 285, 286, 287, 289, 347, 401 Hail, John S 357 Heiligman, Sol J 150 Heininger, Kenneth ...330, 122 Helen Newberry 393 Helger, Norman R 359 Haller, Fred 350 Heller, George 353 Heller, Milton 227 Helm, Sanford M 117, 123 Helm, S. Marion 120 Helper, Morton 187 Helper, Ralph E 133 Helper!, Frieda 218 Hemans, Charles F. ..18, 334 Hemingway, Dorothy A. . . 100 Hendershot, Merrill 122 Henderson, Charles 166 Henderson, Frances 385 Henderson, Mary 270, 385 Hendley, James H 339 Hendrick, Elwin 331 Heneman, Harlow J. ...57, 352 Hennik, Edwin 72 Henning, Paul H 352 Hensley, Charles B. 175, 179, 190 Henry, Jean 387 Henry, John R 365 Hepp, K. Kevin 40, 338 Herman, Harry Carl 40 Herman, J. Chalmers ..255, 360 Herman, M. Robert 353 Herman, Robert M 84, 238 Hermitage 339 Hermelink, Herman 144 Herrick, Clifford 83 Harrick, Jane 381 Harrmann, Christian 354 Harshey, Charles D 184 Hertnagel, May 40 Hartzberg, David G. 40, 244, 245 Hartzberg, Seymour H. ... 40 Hass, Muriel 393 Hess, Thomas L 151 Heusel, Robert J 343 Heustis, Albert E 183 Hewitt, Gerald 227 Heydt, Francis 370 Heyl, Brad 89 Heyl, Henry B 291, 333 Heyl, Russell G., Jr 333 Heyn, Arno 40, 256 Hiatt, Janet 320 Hibbard, Edwin A 335 Hickman, Richard 118 Hicks, Aubrey Burton, Jr. 40, 160 Hicks, Mildred 165 Higbe, H. H 6i Higbee, Juva 121 Higbie, H. H 86, 365 Higgins, Laurie 183 Higgins, Marjorie A 374 Higgins, Richard 332 High, Marjorie 110, 381 Highley, A. M 337 Hildebrand, Willard H. ..330 Hildebrandt, Fred 256 Hildebrandt, T. H 26 Hildner, Egmont C 359 Hildner, J. A 2S Hildner, J. H. C 57 Hill, Arthur N 357 Hill, Ed 370 Hill, R. Reed 365 Hillberg, Les 258, 262, 304, 370, 410 Hillel Foundation 219 Miller, Ola B 245 Hills, Arthur 118, 327 Himes, Alice 40, 331 Himler, L. E 136 Hinchman, Mary Chapin . . 40 Hinckley, Nickerson 355 Hinder!, E. Michael ....83, 246 Hine, Betty 338 Hinermann, Dorin L 1 85 Hines, C. Phelps 122, 355 Hing, N. Violet 165 Hinkle, Walter J 362 Hinks, Richard 133, 247, 257, 367 Hinsdale, W. B 7, 189 Hinshaw, Thomas D 367 Hintz, Ruth Caroline 40 Hippen, Agnes Joan 40 Hird, Urbane W 68, 72 80, 88, 90, 203, 258, 338 Hirsch, Emma M 245 Hirsch, Robert A 346 Hirschfeld, Alexander 175, 179, 346 Hirschman, Frederick L. . . 356 Hirshon, Selvin 150 Head, W. C 86, 338, 365 Hoag, Betty .205, 227, 229, 377 Hoag, Philip L 133 Hoagland, Edwin Harold 40, 354 Hoar, George 230 Hobart, D. E 86 Hobart, Merida 320 Hobbs, W. H 26 Hobert, Walter E., Jr. 72, 85, 331 Hoblit, Frederic M. 86, 87, 90 Hoch, James J 342 Hockberger, Robert 83 Hoddeson, Burton 353 Hodge, Abram L. ..72, 84, 370 Hodge, Max E 41, 58 210, 236, 361, 399, 414 Hodges, Fred J 173, 165 Hodges, James H J28 Hodges, William 90 Hodgson, Jack 189, 190 Hoelscher, Vivia ..118, 251, 3 4 Hoelzle, Virginia Mae 41 Hoenecher, Mary 273 Hoenke, Truman 83, I Hoffman, C - 160 Hoffman, Maurice E. ...41, 353 Hoffmeyer, Phyllis 277, 229, 237, 256, 375 Hogan, Francis 57, 258, 291, 292, 331 Hogan, Jack D 330 Hogan, Murice T 151 Hogg, John 254 Hoglund, John 337 Hogle, James 83 Hohman, Charles Georae 41, 336 Hohnson, Brooks K 31 Hoiaday, Mcrianne 374 Holcomb, Dysart E 245 Holcomb, Thomas George 41, 355 Holcombe, Wallace P. .... 355 Holden, Jane Bancroft. .41, 3! Holland, C. Jean .41, 216, 244 245, 265, 268, 269, 418 Holland, Howard 245 Holland, Jo Ann 31 Hollands, W. C 327 Hollinger, Fonda 121 Hollinshead, Jcmes A 41, 58, 337 Hollister, R. D 26, 747, 257 Holman, Elmer S Holman, Herbert 187 Holmes, David 58, 111,258,333 Holmes, Harold J 87 Holmes, John 84 Holmes, Kendall B 184 Holmes, William 302 Holon, Charles 236 Holpuch, Edward M 367 Page 425 Holshuh, Harold ..210, 251, 361 Hoist, Crete 101, 386 Holstein, Arthur P 185 Holt, Carolyn 385 Holt, Doris 386 Holt, John 122, 370 Holt, Robert Raymond ..41, 347 Holtby, Bert 142, 245 Holtby, Myrtle F Ill, 245 Holton, Charles R 333 Holtzman, Nathaniel M. . . 245 Holzer, Marvin L 72, 83 Homer, Janet 227, 229, 390 Hones, Sidney M 41 Honhart, Betsy Breese . .41, 390 Honor Societies 214, 215 Hood, Betty 315, 320 Hood, Gordon K., Jr 340 Hood, William 370 Hood, W. C 65 Hood, W. 364 Hoogesteger, Helen 381 Hook, Franklin L 357 Hook, Robert M 329 Hook, R. Wallace, Jr. 41, 58, 258, 262, 282 283, 289, 290, 329, 410 Hootkins, Fay 376 Hoover, Jack 242 Hope, William D 343 Hopkins, Alice 255,387 Hopkins, Beatrice HI Hopkins, Frank P 334 Hopkins, L. A 65 Hopkins, Suzann 379 Horder, Edward J 338 Horelick, Martha L 41 Horncday, Hilton P 331 Hornberger, Harry J 151 Horner, James 83 Horowitz, Seymour S 235 Horton, Ellen Isabel 41 Hotchkiss, Robert 253, 345 Houghton, Richard 350 Houk, Charlotte Louise 41, 273, 392 House, Glenn 188 Houze, Rodger J 101 Hovis, Logan W 185 Howard, Bettie Irene 41, 59, 268, 272, 335 Howard, Dick 213, 229, 364 Howard, Guy 336 Howard, John 118, 120 Howard, Stacy 188 Howarth, Frederick W. 246, 345 Howe, Arthur J 41 Howell, Edith 275 Howell, Harry ...89, 240, 355 Howell, Roderick B 361 Howell, William 361 Hower, Alfred 41, 244, 245, 255 Howes, Hamer 138 Hoyt, Arthur 13b Hoyt, Charles ...262, 291, 292 Hoyt, William ... 90 Hu, Shu K 85 Hubbard, Don E 151 Hubbard, Margaret L. ... 382 Hubbs, Frances 375 Huey, Robert L 41, 340 Huff, Kenneth 368 Huff, Norman M. ...72, 87, 385 Hughes, Randall 357 Hulbert, John 57, 228, 347 Hulbert, Margaret 385 Hulett, Wayne E 72, 84 Hull, Harper 370 Hull, Wendell B 72 Humphrey, Charles M., Jr. 224 Humphrey, Roger 369 Humphreys, Richard ...57, 236 Humphreys, T 82 Humphreys, Wilbur 26, 57, 332 Humphries, Richard ..213, 34? Hunt, Frederick, W. 41 Hunt, H. H ! 186 Hunt, John 1 327 Hunt, Virginia 121 245 Hunt, W. F . ' 26 Hunter, William R. ... ' . ' . ' . 133 Huntington, Elizabeth 254, 338, 379 Huntington, Frances . ' J74 Huntley, Evelyn 387 Hurley, William 228, 336 Hurst, William R 345 Hurwitz, Louis 150 Hussey, R. C 26, 57 Hutchenreuther, Charles . . 84 Hutchens, Edward 57, 258, 302, 359 Huttlinger, Burns M 362 Hutton, Thomas 334 Hutzel, John 256 Hutzel, R. F 349 Huyett, Daniel H 354, 368 Hvistendahl, Bernice 380 Hyde, Emory J 224 Hyde, Marion 320 Hyman, Bert 351 Hynes, James A 359 Hynes, William H 333 Icerrnan, P. F 357 Iddings, Marian 388 Ids, Howard J 72 Ideson, Howard 368 Ihnken, Charlene 256, 375 Ilyin, Boris P 72 Imboden, Robert 241,337 Independent Senators 310 Ingalls, D. Robert 360 Ingram, Lester R 149, 339 Inks, Louise 374 Innes, Robert S 87, 340 Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences 85 Interfraternity Ball 199 International Center 218 Intramural Sports Winners . 320 Ipson, Peter G 68, 73, 86, 87 88, 245, 248 Ireland, James R.. .73, 86, 88, 357 Ironside, Ian C 99, 101, 332 Irvin, Charles E 354 Irwin, E. Richards 348 Isaacs, Irving R. ...41,173,341 Isbell, E. R 358 Iseler, Carolyn 165 Isely, Ralph 84 Isgrigg, Robert G 41, 335 Ittner, Martin J 339 Jacobs, Elaine 386 Jacobs, Morton 341 Jacobs, Walter 366 Jacobs, William 350 Jacobson, Charles N 68, 73 87, 225, 248, 359 Jacobson, Eric 122, 142 Jacobson, Janet 376 Jacobson, Ruth 376 Jacoby, Richard A 355 Jack, William W 185 Jackman, Harry J.. . 155, 156, 160 Jackman, Robert B. 155, 156, 160 Jackson, Betty 320 Jackson, Catherine 388 Jackson, Dixie June 41,377 Jackson, Robert L 87 Jackson, Sidney 184, 342 Jackson, William F 185 Jaedecke, Robert G 186 Jaeger, Julius A. 80, 85, 86, 331 Jagiello, L. T 82 James, A. A 310 James, Charles E 348 James, Clifford 348 James, Dorothy 121 James, Eldon E 57,258 304, 305, 330, 370 Jameson, J. Robert 73 James, Laylin K 129 James, P. E 26,245, 361 Jamieson, Nevin 337 Jamison, Charles L 154, 159 Jamison, Maryanna 386 Jampel, Morton 212, 234 Janke, Fred Charles ...41, 258 262, 281, 282, 284, 285, 286, 283 289, 290, 400 Jankowski, Frank C 73 Janson, Ralph 73 Japinga, Stuart 87 Jarvis, Harland N 334 Jaslow, Charles 309 Jassy, David 366 Jay, Mrs. H. B 393 Jay, Phillip 353 Jay, Richard D 156,350 Jayne, Benjamin 133 Jayne, Calista W 237 Jean, Helen 228, 390 Jedel, Jaros 41,254,376 Jeffers, Del 337 leffers, Robert 87, 364 Jeffery, Douglas C., Jr. ... 327 Jeffries, Robert 333 Jenkins, Dorothy Ill Jennings, Hal B 177, 185 Jennings, Marilyn 381 Jennison, Frank W 334 Jensen, Christian T 245 Jensen, Elsie 381 Jensen, Hazel 254,381 Jensen, J. K 369 Jensen, Sylvia B Ill Jensen, Thomas 122, 365 Jeserich, Pau! H. ...147, 151,352 Jester, Tom 89, 258 291,292, 352 Jesurun, Harold 188, 255 ! Jetter, William 133 Jewell, Esther 275 Jewell, Joseph 333 Jewett, Jane 270 J.G.P 216, 220 J.G.P. Central Committee . . 274 J-Hop 210,211,250 J-Hop Committee 251 Jiminez, Dr. Buenaventura. . 255 Jiminez, Dr. Judith M 255 Jocelyn, Louis P 224 Joffe, Edward 346 Johnson, Barbara 394 Johnson, C. T 327 Johnson, Edward A 73 Johnson, Frank 255 Johnson, Genevieve 41 Johnson, George 309, 369 Johnson, Harriet 374 Johnson, Howard F 362 Johnson, H. S 336 Johnson, Jay W 363 Johnson, Jean 374 Johnson, Johanna U Ill Johnson, John Fowler. . . .41, 366 Johnson, Kenneth 306, 365 Johnson, Lenore Marie .... 41 Johnson, Mary Margaret. 41, 377 Johnson, Merrill 337 Johnson, Neil 83 Johnson, Norman 83 Johnson, Paul A 354 Johnson, Rachel 384 Johnson, Richard W 73, 363 Johnson, Robert Latham. .42, 339 Johnson, Robert T 333 Johnson, Steven 1 357 Johnson, Thomas D 185, 188 Johnson, V. C 186 Johnson, Ward 190 Johnson, Warren 368 Johnston, C. F 65 Johnston, C. T 86 Johnston, Edgar G 108 Johnston, Franklin D 184 Johnston, Robert W 354 johnstone, John 310 Jones, Benjamin F 337 Jones, Don 368 Jones, Donald K 362 Jones, F. Randall 155, 156, 235, 364 Jones, George 332 Jones, Grace 380 Jones, Helen 256 Jones, Jack B 149, 151 Jones, James 365 Jones, Marybeth 42,254,377 Jones, Ray S 87 Jones, Robert M 151 Jones, Steve 345 Jones, Whitney 358 Jones, William J 367 Jordan, Charles 158 Jordan, C. R 160 Jordan, Forrest 308, 347 Jordan Hall 395 Jordan, Mary 59, 390 Jordan, Myra 26 Joyce, Roy E 355 Judge, A 82, 365 Judiciary Council 266 Judson, Robert H 331 Juhl, John H 188 Kagey, John 343 Kahn, Aaron 366 Kahn, Edgar A 184 Kahn, Nanette 42 Kahn, Reuben L. . . .173, 187, 353 Kahn, Robert L..42, 122, 225, 245 Kahrs, Frances. 267, 270, 271, 377 Kaiser, Edna M 42 Kaiser, M. M 84 Kalb, Evelyn 383 Kalb, Pauline 42, 383 Kaler, Walter 370 Kallenbach, Joseph E 244 Kambly, Arnold H 42 Kamm, Robert 42, 244 Kampus Kwiz 199 Kamrass, M 82 Kandelin, Albert W 185 Kandelin, Edna E 42, 375 Kane, Eugene A 353 Kann, Robert L 366 Kanner, Grace 227 Kanz, Ruth 165, 166 Kaphan, Norma 232, 376 Kappa Alpha Theta 386 Kappa Delta 387 Kappa Delta Rho 340 " aopa Kappa Gamma 383 Kappa Kappa Psi 120 Kappa Nu 341 Kappa Sigma 342 Karch, Marion 117, 118 Karnemont, Harry M 42 Karpinski, Al 306 Karpinski, Charles E 352 Karpinski, Joseph L 352 Karpinski, L. C 26 Karrs, Frances 209 Kaser, Guy S 339 Kass, Herman R 150 Kassman, Leonard 237,344 Katchka, David M ISO Kato, Mrs. Sada 218 Katz, Arthur 370 Katz, Benjamin J 150 Katz, Donald L 86 Katz, Ira 366 Katzman, Irving 150 Kauer, Lucile 211,395 Kaufman, Theodore A 42 Kaufmann, Jeanne 379 Kay, Earle B 184 Kaye, O. Wellsley, Jr 360 Kayko, Mrs. Ingeborg 256 Kayser, Leo, Jr 42,245,366 Keas, William 361 Keatley, Louise B 236, 385 Keats, Dr 150 Keavin, Florence M. ...42, 255 Kebler, Richard 370 Keck, Robert 347 Keck, Marcellus C 343 Kedvin, Florence 394 Keegan, Jack L 342 Keeler, H. E 65 Keeler, Louise W 103 Keen, Charles F. 117, 118, 120, 339 Keen, Clifford 308 Keenan, George R 73 Keenan, James E 237 Keene, Dorothy 375 Keener, Grace 165 Keetch, Robert C 360 Keeton, Mildred B 42 Kehoe, James W 338 Kohoe, Mary J. E 42 Keilholtz, Virginia 205, 229, 384 Kelderhouse, Clare 42 Kelkar, Anand M. ..73, 86, 87 Keller, A. P 353 Keller, Paul J 310, 354 Kelley, Bruce C 349 Kelley, Roger 335,368 Kelley, Stanley 258, 291, 293, 295, 358 Kelley, S. G 370 Kelley, Una 235, 245 Kelly, Curtis 73 Kelly, J. E 37U Kelly, Kingsley ..155, 156, 159 Kelly, Ralph 122 Kelsey, Harry M 212,234 Kelso, Alvin 83, 357 Kemper, John ...147, 151, 188 Kempf, Emerson J 184 Kempf, Paul R 348 Kempner, Raymond W., Jr. 350 Kenaga, Eugene E 42 Kendall, H. M 365 Kendrick, J. Richard 359 Kendricks, Milton A 332 Kennicott, Joe 89,335 Kennedy, Cullen 350 Kennedy, Mrs. James 121 Kennedy, J. A 345 Kennedy, John C 133 Kennedy, Phyllis 386 Kennedy, Ted 348, 368 Kennedy, Verne C 357 Kent, Paul J 122 Kenyan, Herbert 27, 244, 255, 349 Kenyan, Mrs. Harry 255 Kepler, Elizabeth 237, 388 Keppel, Lucian T Ill Keppelman, H. Thomas . . 361 Kerlikowske, A. C 186, 364 Kern, Frank, Jr 73, 87, 352 Kerner, Charles A 338 Kerr, Donald 151 Kerr, Susan 275, 337 Kervin, Delos 151 Kerzman, Joseph 180, 187 Kessel, Jack 366 Kessler, Charles J., Jr. ... 362 Kessler, Clarence F 38 Kessler, Karl 234, 361 Ketcham, Nancy 390 Ketcham, Newton H. 42, 120, 359 Kettler, Charles ..73, 88, 205 213, 228, 229, 262, 364, 419 Kewley, Norman 89, 347 Keywell, Jerome M 244 Khatib, Ibrahim 218 Kidder, Frank J 73, 84 Kidder, Jane 101 Kidwell, John 258,307 Kieckefer, Thomas 349 Kiehn, Clifford 134 Kiell, Norman T 234 Kift, Josephine 391 Killian, Marietta ..99, 101, 382 Killins, Charles G 358 Killins, David A 345 Kilman, Julian 329 Kilner, Herbert D 335 Kimball, Elizabeth 275 Kimball, Kenneth 309 Kimbrell, Roy E 327 Kimbrough, R 186 Kinel, Ann 395 King, Charles ....84, 245,361 King, Edward 80, 81, 82, 213, 228, 347 King, H. W 65 King, Jean B 42, 392 King, Katherine 385 King, R 82 King, Robert D 359 King, Robert W 335 King, Stephen R 85 King, Thomas B 85 King, Warren R 360, 368 Kingery, Don P 73, 122 Kingery, Paul D 342 Kingery, Richard H. ..147, 151 Kingsley, James 291 Kingston, Anne ..254, 270, 381 Kinkead, Thomas 347 Kinsey, John F 355 Kinsey, Ruth 381 Kipka, D. G 370 Kipke, H. G 345 Kirby, Nan 256, 391 Kircher, Ralph 358 Kirk, H. F 82, 336 Kirk, John M 363 Kirk, Lewis 349 Kirkpatrick, Art 228, 359 Kirkpatrick, Elinor 377 Kirkwood, Gordon 83 Kirshen, Arnold 237,356 Kitchen, Elizabeth J. ..180, 132 Kitzmiller, John 189 Kitzmiller, Mendel W. 73, 86, 245, 333, 370 Klar, Leo E 85, 245, 356 Klauber, Leo 353 Klaus, Richard M 351 Klauser, Karl, Jr 367 Kleemeier, Robert W 333 Kleene, John K 329 Kleiman, Arnold 42 Kleiman, S. R. 42, 231, 244, 245 Klein, Charles 345 Klein, David 341 Klein, Eugene 89, 364 Klein, Joseph 187 Klein, Walter C 334 Klein, William H 346 Kleinschmit, Arthur 354 Kleinschmidt, Earl E 340 Klepser, Roy G 18C Klien, Robert 368 Kline, Edward M 184 Kline, Eugene 214 Klinger, Robert 213 Klingman, Theophil 185 Kloeppel, William 355 Klonoski, Stephen W. ..73, 87 Klopenstein, M. D 186 Klunzinger, Willard 183 Kmet, Edward P 42, 358 Knapp, Charles D 357 Knapp, Donald R. ..73, 85, 332 Knapp, Wallace H 332 Knapp, William D. 175, 180, 184 Knerler, Charles W 183 Knecht, John G 347 Knight, Capt. C. K. W 206 Knight, Clare 374 Knight, Dorothy F 101 Knight, Robert B. 133, 247, 257, 337 Kniskern, Culver L 333 Knobloch, Emanuel M 346 Knoblauch, Mary 374 Knoll, L. A 186 Knowe, Richard H. 73, 87, 208, 343 Knudson, C. A 333 Koch, John S 367 Koch, Ruth 391 Kochansky, Harold H. 149, 150 Kodros, Archie 57, 258, 281, 282, 284, 285 Koehler, James S 2 ' Kohan, Nick Kohl, Elaine 59, 270, 377 Kohl, Harry 343 Kohler, Thomas 2 ' Kohn, Mortimer 3 ' Kollanowski 204 Kollgaard, Reyner ' Kooistra, Clarence 93, 1? Koon, Edith 121 Kopel, Hugh M 351 Korbala, Peter ' i Kosambi, Kamela D 2 ' Kositchek, Robert J. ..180,353 Kott, Bernard B 1! Kover, Nancy J. 244 Kozacka, R. J f Koziol, Joseph 3; Kraft, Eugene 73, Kramer, William 3 ' Kratzman, Emil A 42 Kraus, Dean Edward H. . . 348 Krause, Edward Krause, Jane 3i Krause, Robert A 3! Kreamer, William Kreider, Nelson J 367 Kreighoff, Robert T 349 Kreitz, Karl K 330, 365 Kremer, Mel 296, 2 Krenzler, Florence M 2 ' Kresin, Clarence 261 Kretzschmar, Norman 173, 188, 190 Krieger, James S 3 ' Krieghoff, Ellen 228, 273 Krieghoff, Madeline 42, 265, 268 Page 426 Kiissoff, Abraham 142 Kromer, Paul 258, 282, 283 284, 285, 287, 288, 290 Kronner, Mary 1 374 Kruez, Kenneth L 330 Krugliak, Samuel 1 356 Kruidenier, Francis 370 Krush, Donald E 85 Kruska, Henry 152 Kruth, Edwin 118 Kucera, Jack 152 Kuder, Huqh 247, 257, 338 Kuhn, Arthur H 362 Kuhn, Walter H 185 Kumler, John L 354 Kupeck, Leon A 42 Kurkjian, Armen S 224 Kurnitsky, Sidney J 42 Kurtz, Richard S 73, 354 Kushner, Sam 42 Kutsche, John 258, 291, 293, 295 Kynoch, William 140 LaBelle, Russell 122 Laboritz, Cala M Ill LaBrosse, Anthony 370 LaBrosse, William 370 LaCoste, Rowena Elaine 42, 254, 320 Lacy, Sarah 121 Ladd, David M 329 Ladd, Erlene 165 Ladd, O. Wallin 330 Ladd, Sunford M 329 LaDuke, Peter Lawrence . . 43 LaFever. S. L )S6 Lafierty, James M 245 LaForgia, Anthony 152 Lahee, Ruth H. 117, 121, 123, 379 Lahti, Paul 368 Laing, David Gordon .... 43 205. 213, 226, 229, 247 257, 262, 364, 370, 419 Laing, James L 73 Laing, L. L 160 Laing, Ruth 59, 377 Laird, James 1 361 Laitner, Art 228 Loitner, W. William 359 Lakatos, S 84 Lakin, Delbridge Russell 43, 342 Lamb, Frederick D., Jr. ... 362 Lamb, John T 365 Lambda Chi Alpha 343 Lamberson, Frank A. 184, 3ol Lamberts, Austin 93, 194 Lambrecht, Grace E. ...43, 386 Lamendola, James V 43 Lamming, Ragene E 43 Lamson, Robert W 348 Landa, Roland 84 Landon, L. F 160 Landsberg, Rose Anne . . 43 Landsberg, Leon 228 Landwier, Willicm G. ..73, 87 Lane. Charles W 251 Lane, Victor H 354 Lane, Virginia 182 Lang, Ernest 183 Lang, Malcolm J 332 Lang, Walter P 339 Lange, Henry J 188 Lange, Stephen 188 Longford, G. Robert 354 Langford, John 345 Longford, Theron 188 Langford, William 122, 354 Langschwager, Frederick P. J. 360 Langston, H. T 189 Langstrom, Frank 329 Lansburg, Leon 366 Lapitsky, Helen 255 Lard, Jack 341 Lardner, Rex Lynford ..43, 308 Larkin, Robert E 333 Laro, Jack 255 Larsen, Douglas A 338 Larsen, Madeline 43 Larson, June F 213, 22S LaRue, A. R 27 LaRue, C. D 27 LaSalle, Eugene 122 Laskey, Derwood 349 La Sociedad Hispanica . . 255 Latham. Rex K 354 Lathrop, Frank D 185 Lathrop, Freeman 337 Laughlin, Bradford L 337 Lautenbach, Leo 188 Laux, Philip John, Jr. 43, 186, 345 Lavan, Mary 99, 101, 384 Law, John L 183 Law Club Council 135 Law Professors ..128, 129, 130 Lawrence, Loretta 165 Lawrence, Howard 188 Lawler, Eugene H Ill Lawson, James L 245 Lawton, Bessie 378 Lawton, Thomas 364 Lay, W. E 65, 86, 340 Layhe, William Gordon 43, 347 Leach, Herbert K 334 Leach, Meribah 59, 380 League 209 League Council 265 Leahy, Carolyn 3! Lebergott, Stanley 235 Le Cercle Francois 254 Lectures 206 LeDuc, D. M 189 Lee, Kristin 383 Lee, Wayne H 84, 328 Leder, Arnold E 159 Leeder, William E 327 Leete, Roberta B 251, 386 Leeman, John C., Jr 43 LeFevre, Muriel M Ill Lefferts. O. D 327 Lefkowich, Bertram H. ... 353 LeGolven, Paul 189, 190 LeGros, Mary Jane 56, 394 Lehman, Richard F 346 Lehndorff, Mary E 43 Lehner, John 364 Lehner, Margery L Ill Lehr, Sarah J 382 Leidy, John 329 Leidy, Paul A 129 Leigh, Llewellyn 151 Leitch, Donald Francis .... 43 Leitch, Robert 186 Lelich, Bronko 180 Lemke, Meta E 163 Lemon, Gwenyth 43, 235 Lenfestey, Clara 232, 315 Lentini, Nicholas 180 Leonard, Nern K 73 Leonard, Walter 210 Leonard!, Karl 143 Leopold, Benjamin 43, 244, 245 Lepard, C. W 349 Lepisto, Carl 83 Lepisto, Victor E 180 Leslie, Robert 345 Lev, Herbert 234 Levagood, Floyd B 186 Levenson, Neil 307 Levin, Belle 43 Levin, K. L. 82 Levin, Mortimer 341 Levin, Naomi 43 Levine, Irving 43, 344 -Levme, Lester Stanford 43, 351 Levine, Lou ..43, 258, 282, 284 Levinson, Charles B 43 Levinson, Harold 122, 356 Levy, Arthur M 149, 150 Levy, Harriet 376 Levy, Richard E 356 Lewis, A. B _92 Lewis, Ale J68 Lewis, Charlotte 256 Lewis, D. King 184 Lewis, Donald M 365 Lewis, Howard B 173, 328 Lewis, Jerome A. . . ; 346 Lewis, Margaret Lucilla . . 43 Lewis, Thelma 121 Lichtenstein, Morris 43 Lichtenwcnger, William . . 234 Liddicoat, Richard T., Jr. 43, 330 Lieberman, Arthur 187 Liebold, Ruth 390 I Liebronw, Lorraine 254 ' Lientz, Shannon 84,327 Lievrouw, Lorraine 272 Lightner, Betsy 383,392 Lillie, Jean A 332 Lillie, John C. 175, 180, 184, 335 Lillie, Owen Patrick 329 Lillie, Walter 184, 359 Limoli, Jules 90 Limpert, A 90 Linabury, Theodore V 340 Lincoln, Joseph 255, 347 Lincoln, Mrs. Joseph 255 Lindenfield, Nelson A 245 Linder, Morton 234 Lindgren, Robert 300, 336 Lindguist, Victor 143 Lindsay, G. A 27 Ling, Djwoh C 73, 83 Ling, H. W 36 Linscheid, Fred H 343 Linsell, Frederick 359 Linsey, Jean 381 Linsz, Lester W 43,358 Liotto, John R 245 Lipow, Allan Richard 43 Lapp, Donald W 330 Lipschi ' iZ, Murray M. 43, 244, 245 Lipsky. Samuel D. 175, 180, 351 Upton, Elizabeth 376 Lisagor, Irvin 43. 212, 234 258, 262, 296, 4io List, Martin L 186 List, Virginia 270,379 Lit. Professors 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Lit. Senior Officers 30 Little, Sidney 370 Litzenberg, Karl 8, 57, 338 Liu, Ang-Tsung 245 Liu, Ying 85 Livers, Joe J 343 Livingston, Clifford D. .240, 353 Livingston, Gay C., Jr. 133, 3! Livingston, James A. ..43, 336 Livingston, John 358 Livingston, Richard 338 Lloyd, Alice C. 20. 60, 214, 270, 392 Lloyd, N. R 165 Lobb, John D., Jr. ..73, 87. 345 Lobban, Eleanor 383 Locklin, W. Kaye 175, 180, 184 Lockwood, George M 367 Lodeesen-Grevinck, Rudolph 148, 149, 152 Loeff, Ralph M 236,366 Loessel, Earl 122, 339 Loew, Erwin 143 Logie, James W 184 Lohr, Fred P 84 Lombard, Walter P 188 Lombard, Warren P 173 Lomneth, C. Robert 363 Lomonosoff, Vladimir 254 Long, Malcolm 212, 234, 235, 254 Long, Richard F 44, 336 Long, Stephen J 44 Long, Velma 165 Longan, Lois 383 Loo, Yen-Hoong 245 Lorch, E 86 Lorch, Richard 354 Lord, Jane C 44, 254, 385 Lord, John P 228, 335 Lord, Richard E 354 Loree, Douglas D 354 Lorenz, Eileen F 44 Lorenzen, John 334 Lorry, Malcolm 212 Loud, William ....235, 236, 348 Loughborough, Mary 44, 270, 387 Love, C. E 165 Lovejoy, Beatrice B Ill Lovejoy, Howard E P7 Lovejoy, Phyllis A 237, 383 Lovell, A. H 65 Lovell, Robert 122 Lover, Charles H 366 Levering, T. S 27 Lovett, Charles M. ..44, 58, 364 Lovett, James 304, 364 Loveys, Donald 83 Low, Frederic G. 68, 73, 84, 333 Low, J. L 334 Low, Stuart M 44, 242 Lowe, Rodney C 185 Lowell, Chopin M 245 Lowenstein, D. R 44 Lowrey, Edward 304 Lowry, Harrison 226, 333 Loysen, Alton J 159 Lubin, Seymour D 44, 341 Luby, Earle 258 Lucas, Blaz A 357 Lucius, Edward A. B 355 Luders, J. Edward 99, 101, 329 Ludtke, Phyllis 379 Ludwig, Richard M. ...354, 368 Luebke, Frederick W. 73, 203, 239, 327, 406 Lueking, Robert B 74, 347 Lufkin, Anne V 180, 182 Lukens, Samuel 350 Lumataenen, Toird 122 Lundahl, Arthur B. 247, 257, 348 Lundin, William 241 Lusk, Harry 122, 190 Luskin, Harold 35 Luther, William 370 Luthi, Dorothy 395 Luxan, Howard 122, 355 Lyle, Charles 350 Lyman, Frank 354 Lyman, William W. 99, 101, 338 Lynch, Edith 386 Lynch, Ellen J 44, 254 Lynch, Joan 255 Lynch, John D 18 Lynch, Robert 84 Lyon, Betty 379 Lyon, H. E 370 Lyon. Jane N 44, 383 Lyons, James 178. 183 Lyttle, Douglcs 118 M M Club 258 Ma. M. T 85 Ma, Tseng Li 85 , Mabley, Frank K 32S Macal, Edward 44, 58, 362 MacArthur, John ..74, 122, 355 MacArthur, Mildred 44, 59, 375 MacArthur, Rosemary . . 59, 384 MacCrae, Marjorie 388 MacDermid, Blair 368 MacDermott, Margaret 270, 391 MacDonald, Ellen 56, 228, 320, 385 MacDonald, James C 352 MacDonald, Lee H 245, 328 MacDonald, Marshall ..84, 190 MacFarland, Patricia .118, 391 MacGregor, Marguerite 101, 390 MacGregor, Marion 331 MacGregor, Peg 59 MacHarg, Don 369 Macintosh, William 122 Maclntyre, Dugald S 184 Mack, Christian 354 Mack, Edward . . . 258, 302, 359 MacKenzie, Edward 178 MacKenzie, Mary 44, 209, 266, 269 MacKercher, Rexford 360 Mackey, Frank 336 Mackie, Thomas 188 MacKinnon, Agnes 44 Mackintosh, Duncan ..362, 370 MacLean, Matthew 157 MacLecn, Wren 332 MacLeod, Jack 158, 343 MacMullan, Austin 256 MacPherson, James 352 MacTernan, Frank C. ..74, 85 MacVittie, Arthur R 363 Madden, Roger 237, 338 Madden, Ted 58, 331 Maddock, Walter 173, 186 Maddy, Joseph E 115 Madison, June 59 Mcgdol, Edward 44 Magee, Conway 186 Magidsohn, Eliot A 149 Magison, Irene 376 Magoon, Donald 340 Magoon, H. H 347 Maier, Haskell 187 Maier, Mark P 332 Maier, Norman R. F 55 Mcdn, Pattie 375 Maire, Mrs. Edward D. . . . 396 Major, R 186 Malcolm, K. D 184 Malinsky, Julius 44 Malter, Newel 353 Mammoccio, Joseph 44 Manary, Marian M 133 Manchester, William C. . . . 342 Mandeberg, Mitchell 213, 228. 353 Mandel, Betty 229, 388 Manderbcch, Alice 121 Manley, Robert 44, 122 Mann, Charles H 245 Mann, John R 364 Mann, Mart 301, 302, 350 Mann, Neil W 332 Mann, Richard J 327 Mann, William R 151,349 Manry, Clayton H 327 Mansfield, Betty 44, 265, 268, 269, 272, 395 Manlier, Lorraine 44 Manwaring, B. W 334 Manwaring, Jean 385 Map 196,197 Marande, Edward D. ...84,328 Maraniss, Elliott . . .57, 234, 235 Morons, Gordon J 351 Marble, Kenneth ..256,349,369 Marching Bond 1 19 Marcus, Harriet 389 Marcus, Woodrow C 8! Marentette, Kenneth C. ... 361 Margold, Philemon : 241 Marin, Axel 65, 86, 88, 205 Marino, Ben . . ' . 35C Marion, Arthur J 338 Markel, Lester M 346 Markel, Morris 74, 346 Markland, Marcella 44, 377 Markman, Allan M 357 Marks, Bob ...213,216,227,246 Mcrlink, Austin 93 Marlink, Richard 133, 194 Marrs, Donald 118,119 Marschner, Doris 390 Marsh, Helen 1 1 1 , 383 Marsh, Marian 44 Marsh, Robert A 330 Marshak, Howard 122 Marshall, Don 329 Marshall, George 83 Marshall, Harry D 74, 86 Marshall, Kenneth 122, 354 Marshall, Mark 134 Marshall, Walter 97 Martha Cook 396 Martin, Anna 44, 386 Martin, Axel 350 Martin, Dorr R 332 Martin, Edward 347, 362 Martin, Francille 377 Martin, Fred 291 Martin, H. Jerome 3: Martin, Hubert 118,120 Martin, James 85,365 Martin, Janet 3! Martin, John K 335 Martin, Margaret 295 Mcrtin, Richard 229, 331 Martin, Robert 44 Martin, Robert W 345 Martin, Walter 131 Martineau, Earl 282 Marty, Harold 364 ascott, Lawrence 234 Mason, Charles F 357 Mason, James A 363 Mason, Joseph R 44,357 Mason, Stephen C 186 Mason, William H. . .74, 87, 365 Massa, Michael 1 18, 255 Massin, Murray A 344 Masters, Frankie 204, 345 Matheny, Elaine 396 Mcthews, Kenneth 246,256 Mathias, Paul 256 Mathis, Charlene 165,166 Matson, Leslie 241 Mattern, David 115, 122 Mattern, Mrs David 121 Mattern, Roy E 3b7 Matteson, Harry C 343 Matthews, Christian F. ... 224 Matthews, Clcyton 44, 330 Matthews, Donald M 140 Matthews, George W 327 Matthews, Patricia 273, 395 Matngian, Armen 152 Mau, Edward 44 Maugh, Prof. Lawrence C. 83, 330 Maul, Dorothy A. 44, 275, 315, 337 Maurer, George J 151 Maury, Clcyton H 246 May, Don 239 May, Frank P 355 May, George A 108, 184 May, Margaret 379 May, Robert F. 68, 74, 86, 88, 242, 245 Mayer, Jane M 44, 395 Mayer, Richard W. 155, 157, 159 Mayio, Albert Peter 45, 231, 245, 262 Mcynard, Gilbert P. ...157, 159 Maynard, Mason 138 Mayne, Kenneth Richard . . 45 Mayo, F. William 365 Mays, Owen 118,347 Maytham, John E 352 Maxam, Fred A 74, 82, 85 Maxted, Jean C 232 Maxwell, Charles E.. III... 328 Maxwell, Gregory W. . .74, 345 Maxwell, James H 184 Mazer, Morris 234 McAllister, Jack 3SO McAlpine, John 152 McAlpine, Roy K 328 McAndrew, Clara 121 McAndrew, Mary A. ..121,390 McBeth, Margaret 228, 333 McCabe, Marie 260 McCabe, Newell 234, 354 McCabe, Virginia 45, 254, 270, 381 McCadie, James H 186 McCain, George L 74, 335 McCall, Margaret 45,333 McCallister, John W 337 McCallum, C 333 McCallum, G. P 337 McCallum, Phil 333 McCarren, Kenneth J 45 McCarthy, Anne 387 McCarthy, John C 135, 362 McCarty, Robert 74,82,360 McCauley, Edward 337 McCauley, James W 85 McClean, D. J 358 McClellan, F. P 347 McClure, Mary 33b McClusky, Howard Y. . 108, 330 McConkey, George M 97 McConkey, Mary 232,384 McConnell, Alexander D. . . 355 McCord, James 184 McCormick, Edgar L 245 McCormick, Ethel . . .59, 121, 277 McCormick, Hugh O. ...74, 84 McCormick, Jay 343 McCormick, Jean 381 McCotter, R. E 173, 186 McCoy, Eleanor 45, 235, 254, 275, 385 McCoy, Marjorie 387 McCoy, Mary 59 McCracken, F. W 84 McCracken, Jcmes 347 McCready, Mary E 229,338 McCrory, Martha 390 McCrory. Mary 117,123,390 Page 427 McCue, Frank 188 McCune, John J 360 McDermott, Catherine 232 McDonald, Ed 370 McDonald, Francis W. ..45,245 McDonald, Frank 245, 327 McDonnell, Curtis 335 McDonnell, Harry E 354 McEachern, Thomas 188 McElfresh, John E 354 McElroy, Annada Marie 45, 254, 272 McFarlan, Harold J 361 McFarland, Douglas B. ... 362 McFate, John 347 McGeachy, Phyllis 272,273 McGrath, Neill 183 McGrath, Richard 364 McGravran, Harry 345 McGreer, John T 188 McGregor, Harold G. ...74, 352 McHenry, Marie 131 McHugh, Charles H. ...45,334 Mclntyre, Arthur L 334 Mclvor, Katharine 274, 386 McKay, Jean 213, 214, 228, 232, 267, 315, 388 McKay, Neil 45, 335 McKell, Carmen ...45,255,394 McKenna, Thomas 368 McKenzie, R. D 27, 345 McKi e, Mary Ann 378 McKinley, Thomas 365 McKinnon, Dorothy 379 McKinnon, Mary 379 McKitrick, Richard 368 McLane, Philip W 74, 85 McLaughlin, D. B 27 McLaughlin, Harriet Frances 270 McLaughlin, Francis 386 McLaughlin, Rowland 365 McLaughlin, W. A. .27, 239, 343 McLaughlin, William A. . . 225 McLellan, Frederick 158 McLellan, Nina P 382 McLogan, Edward A 348 McMillan, Fray 143 McMurry, John H 336 McMurry, K 27, 333 McNamee, James 362 McNeil, H. P 189 McNeil, Mary 45, 385 McNicholas, James D 345 McNicholas, John R. ...186,345 McOmber, Frederick . . 237, 350 McOmber, Loren W 84 McPherson, James 363 McQuillan, Marguerite 101, 270, 380 McRae, A. J 74, 82 McRae, Helen 381 Mead, Richard 368 Meade, Robert 349 Meader, C. L 27,338 Meader, George 224 Meadows, James 355 Meagher, Peggy 390 Mebane, James G 355 Mechanic, Mayer 45 Mechlenberger, Jerome .... 366 Meckley, William 87 Medical Professors. 172, 173, 174 Medlar, Robert E 186 Meech, Donald S 74 Mehaffey, Howard 258, 282, 284, 345 Meijer, Johanna M 45,275 Meier, David R 365 Meier, Donald 349 Meier, Elizabeth 379 Meier, Francis 349 Meier, Frank X., Jr 74 Meinecke, B 358 Meisel, Lome H 45,359 Melcher, Richard 358 Meldrum, James 186 Mellema, Julius 93,194 Meloche, Clifford C 328 Meloche, Mary M 383 Mendelson, Ralph R. ...74, 87 Mendez, Maria 255 Menefee, Ferdinand N. 65, 238, 342 Menefee, Ruth 45, 59 Menichetti, Francis 118, 120 Men ' s Congress 242 Men ' s Council 243 Men ' s Physical Education Club 259 Mercado, Ermelindo 255 Mercado, Mrs. Ermeiindo . . 255 Meredith, Cameron W. ..45,330 Mericka, James .74, 258, 308, 328 Merker, Doris 390 Merker, Marjorie M. 45, 315, 390 Merritt, George 256 Merritt, Harry 183, 190 Merritt, Lynne L., Jr. ..244,245 Merry, James 245 Meschino, Ronald G. .85, 87, 368 Metzgar, Robert 218 Meyer, Betty 272 Meyer, C. F 27 Meyer, Fred B 339 Meyer, Fred J 45 Meyer, George 354 Meyer, Henry 366 Meyer, Jack O. 258, 282, 284, 288, 345 Meyer, Kenneth N 332 Meyer, Margaret o37 Meyer, Mary E 335 Meyer, Roberta 387 Meyers, C. F 347 Meyers, D. W 189 Meyers, H. T 349 Meyers, Madeline B 45 Meyn, Margene 384 Meyn, Walter 82, 336 Michael, Bert 346 Michael, Jerry H 357 Michelson, Allan S 45 Michener, Lawrence R. ..45, 339 Michigamua 215, 262 Michigan Daily 212, 231 Michiganensian 213 Michigan Union 239 Michigras 217 Michlinski, Florence E. 45, 56, 209, 273 Mickle, Frank A 65,88,350 Michmerhuizen, Robert. .93, 194 Middlesworth, Vance 238 Middleton, Edwin 86, 90 Middy, Gerald 255 Mihlethaler, Mary B Ill Mikulich, Ethel 254, 378 Mikulich, Mary 260,378 Miles, Donna 219,227,377 Miles, William E 345 Milford, Albert F 188 Millard, Howard W 45 Millen, D. C 359 Miller, Charles 291 Miller, E. Stanton 359 Miller, Frederick C 74, 84 Miller, George F., Jr 85 Miller, George Hall 354 Miller, Grace 383 Miller, Gustavus 337 Miller, Herman 142 Miller, H. W. ...66,86,238,347 Miller, James W. ..180, 183, 190 Miller, Lucille R 382 Miller, Milton J 178, 137 Miller, Morris M 359 Miller, Mungo F 342 Miller, Norman F. . 173, 183, 234 Miller, Rosalyn 194 Miller, Stanley 151 Miller, Vera M ill Miller, William A 151 Miller, William E 336 Miller, Wilson 118,244,245 Milligen, Burdette 332 Mills, Mrs. G. E 270 Mills, James D., Jr 334,368 Mills, John 89, 238 Mills, Mary L 374 Minckler, Ann 381 Miner, Phyllis 390 Minor, Mary 267, 270, 271, 274, 336 Mitchell, Charles W 357 Mitchell, Elmer D. 109, 239, 310, 312, 349 Mitchell, Hamilton 333 Mitchell, Jerome . . . 144, 248, 342 Mitchell, John H. 45, 237, 262, 353 Mitchell, Mary V 228 Mitchell, Robert D. . .45, 58, 212 231, 244, 245, 254, 262, 354 Mitchell, Robert G 87 Mitchell, Ralph 237, 353 Mitchell, Mrs. Stanley 392 Mitchell, Thelma 389 Mitchell, Thomas 143 Mitchell, William 58 Mitchell, William W 336 Moe, Elizabeth 388 Moehlman, Arthur 109 Moelk, A. 84,256 Moen, Harvey 118 Moffatt, Robert E 355 Moffett, Paul B 343 Mohammed, AH 213 Mohlin, Gertrude 383 Molthrop, Richard 368 Monahan, James E 362 Mongle, J. H 87 Monroe, Donald M 74, 83 Monroe, Ernest G 159 Monroe, Ross R 343 Monzel, Lionel 368 Moon, Marie 388 Mooney, Mary 45,381 Moore, A. D 66, 86, 355 Moore, Charles E 74, 80 Moore, Esther Lucille 45 Moore, Earl V. 115,245,329,345 Moore, George R 147, 152 Moore, James 80, 33 Moore, John 362 Moore, Leone Ada 45 Moore, Robert L 35 Moore, Roberta 254 Moore, Stanley A 329 Moore, Sylvia 232 Moore, W. James 74,333 Moorehead, Fulton 143 Moorstein, Ben 45 Moosman, D. A 186 Mootz, Mary 394 Moran, Hubert S 244,245 Morehous, Myron O. ...74, 83 Morfery, Ethel 212 Morgan, Douglas 254,350 Morgan, Frank .46, 258, 262, 308 Morgan, James 333 Morgan, Jeanne 333 Morgan, Kenneth W. ...261,331 Morgan, Raleigh, Jr 254 Morgan, Reese R 46 Morgan, Robert 224 Morgan, Robert P 348 Morgan, Suzanne 227,381 Morgan, W. Morris 332 Morgenroth, William M. 155, 157, 159 Morin, Richard C 352 Morin, Volney 233, 336 Moring, John 184 Morley, Frances A 382 Morley, Francis W., Ill . . 357 Morley, Mrs. John 392 Morrell, Robert SU Morell, Victoria 255,394 Morrell, Willard 183 Morris, Amos 350 Morris, Edward Lee 46 Morris, Edward 258, 307 Morris, Hamilton Francis 46, 58, 347 Morris, Harry Madison ... 46 Morris, Harry A. 101, 122, 245, 350 Morris, John C 157, 158, 347 Morris, Loveli 370 Morris, Sallie 387 Morris, Young 151 Morrison, Ed 358 Morrison, Lloyd F 157 Morrison, Robert J. 246, 252, 342 Morrison, Ruth 46, 395 Morrison, R. L 66 Morrow, Ned 369 Morrow, William 183,245 Morse, Elwin F 331 Morse, Lawrence Allen. .46, 341 Morse, Peter K 353 Morse, Robert D 334 Mortarboard 214 Morton, Jim 184 Morton, Marian 1 101 Morton, Richard G 363 Moser, J. E 334 Mosher Hall 394 Mosher, Helen Louise 275 Moss, Jack 74, 87 Moss, Lowell 349 Mosser, Carl H 308 Mote, Dairwood A 87 Motley, Harry E 185 Mott, Harry A 355 Mougey, Jane B 111,374 Moul, Beverly 182 Mowers, Jane 267 Mowrey, Rosemary L 101 Mowry, Lloyd R 345 Moyer, Robert D 74 Mudie, Kenneth J 74 Muehlig, George F. ...185,190 Muehlig, Kenneth 176 Mueller, Harold ... 118, 120, 302 Muenter, Rolf E 361 Muenzer, Robert 368 Mulcahy, Margaret E. . .46. 386 Mulder, G. W 93,194 Mulheim, Joseph E 74 Mulholland, Harry K 334 Mulholland, Virginia B. ..46, 381 Mulkey, John M 87,327 Muller, Harvey A Ill Mullin, Elisabeth C 46,381 Mundy, William N., Ill 46, 244, 245, 334 Munn, Benjamin F 360 Munn, Clarence 282, 349 Munn, Earl H 245 Munn, Joan 388 Munro, Nathan D 184, 354 Munson, Irving 349 Munson, Richard Wendel.. 46 Mu Phi Epsilon 121 Murbach, E. R 358 Murdock, Donald R 157 Murdock, James H 359 Murphy, Frank 208 Murphy, Gerald J 151 Murphy, Margaret B. ...46,254 Murphy, Percy J 177 Murphy, Robert T 188 Murphy, William 349 Murphy, Charles 350 Murray, Frank 141 Murtland, Cleo 109 Musall, Otto Karl 46 Music Professors 115 Mustard, Mary 232 Mutnick, George G 245 Muyskens, J. H 57 Muzzall, Roger Hay ward. 46, 362 Myers, Betty Alice 46 Myers, C. Barton 333 Myers, Dr. Dean W 239 Myers, George E 109 Myers, Ruth Knight 46,254 Myers, Walter L 101 N Nabatoff, Robert A. .46, 244, 245 Nadler, George E 351 Naeseth, Gerhard B 245 Nagashima, Toyoko 218 Nahser, Patricia 388 Nathanson, Morton 46 Naulin, Donald ...228,334,368 Naylor, Dr. F. C 360 Neafie, Margaret 385 Neafie, Mary 385 Neal, Myron W 359 Neb3rle, Dorothy 391 Neely, John M 331 Neerken, John 228 Neerkin, Adrian J 348 Neilson, James D 233,362 Neilson, Walter, Jr 233,362 Meiswander, Paul 183 Nelson, Alfred 122 Nelson, Darwin 189,176 Nelson, Donald H 336 Nelson, Eleanor V 117 Nelson, Grey Kenneth . .46, 349 Nelson, J. R 66 Nelson, Kenneth M. ...331,369 Nelson, Maxine 274,385 Nelson, Perry F 335 Nelson, Dr. R 218 Nelson, Raleigh 218 Nelson, Robert M 122,334 Nelson, Roy H 343 Nesbit, Reed M. ...173, 183, 186 Nesbit, Thomas W 365 Nessim, Nessim E 218 Neuhaus, Clarence W 133 Nevin, Frances 256,272 Newburgh, Henry 74 Newburg, John D 246 Newburgh, Louis H. ...173,183 Newcomb, George J., Jr. . . 360 Newcomb, Mary 386 Newcomb, William 188, 354 Newcomer, Sheldon R...175, 138 Newkirk, Robert C 367 Newman, Bill 58 Newman, Charles W 343 Newman Club 260 Newman, Dorris 46 Newman, Fred 131,133 Newman, Leonard M. . .244, 346 Newman, Philip E 348 Newman, Rebecca . .46, 244, 245 Newnan, William Loring 46, 233, 359 Newton, Barbara 385 Newton, Charles . . 184, 190, 354 Newton, Mayhard A 342 Newton, William D., Jr. . . 333 Nichol, Dorothy Jane 46 Nicholas, Allen B 224 Nichols, Andrew J 74 Nichols, Bette 390 Nichols, Donald ...258, 308, 369 Nichols, Dorothy 237 Nichols, George 337 Nichols, Harold 58, 258, 308 Nichols, H. W 33B Nichols, John 347 Nicholson, Hcyden C 133 Nicholson, John 57, 258 282, 285, 286, 288, 300, 370 Nickl, Lynda 378 Nicolls, John B., Jr 87 Nicolls, William G. 175, 180, 184, 337 Niehuss, Marion L 129, 327 Nielesen, Betty 165 Nielsen, Paul 361 Nielsen, Roger H 133 Nigg, Herbert T. 175, 180, 184, 190, 334 Nissle, Roland 151 Niva, Martha 165 Nixon, Donald L. ..240,251,334 Mogar, Raymond 46 Norberg, Ethel 232, 235 Nordmeyer, H. W 27 Nordstrom, Herman J 357 Norman, Robert Palmer .75, 84 Norris, George L 87 Norris, Marilyn 388 Norris, R 327 North, Edward D 334 Northrop, Philip 151 Northwcy, George A 352 Northway, Richard J 352 Norton, E. H., Jr 358 Motley, Elizabeth 273 Novak, Charles Ted 362 Novitsky, Helen Edith 46 Novy, Frederick G. 173, 184, 327 Nowicki 208 Nowland, Dick 379 Noyes, Jeanne 227, 379 Noyes, R. H 358 Nulty, John 349 Nungester, Walter J 173 Nurnberger, Thomas S. 107, 111,342 Nu Sigma Nu 164 Nussbaum, Jane 236, 267, 27-1, 390 Nutt, HaTy D 224 Nutting, Helen 320,387 Nyswander, James A 355 Oakes, Arthur C 330 Oakes, F. L 337, 345 Oare, William 354 Oatley, Herbert L 151 Oberhausen, John C 133 Oberndorf, Paul M 366 O ' Brien, Charles 370 O ' Brien, Donald Bruce .... 46 Occhetti, Lewis 90 O ' Connell, Edward 347 O ' Connor, Sylvester 178, 188 O ' Dell, John H 33! Offenbach, Harry M 245 O ' Ferrall, S. Patricia 382 Ogle, James E 357 Oglestone, Wayne 151 O ' Harc, John Paul, Jr. 46, 242, 260, 368 Ohman, Oscar 1 ' Ohrt, John C 333 Ohrt, Henry N 333 Okkelberg, P 27,24 Olding, George I Olds, Frederic C 68, 75, EC 88, 248, 258, 282, 283, 354 Olds, John S 107 Olds, Robert R H O ' Leary, Robert 31 Oleksy, Stanley 177,183 Olenick, Everett E 3! Oliphont, Milo ' Ollesheimer, Rose L 3 ' Olmstead, C. T 86, 3: Olmstead, Sherman 258, 291, 295 Olsen, Edward G 1! Olsen, Finn G. F 3; Oisen, John T i Olsen, Regina Vera ' Olson, Harlan 3 Olson, John V 1! Olson, Phyllis 166 Olson, Willard C 109 O ' Malley, Jesse R O ' Neil, Thomas P 302,37 Onuf, Bronis 75, 86 Oosterbaan, Bennie 282, 298, 300, 331 Opdyke, Edward G. Oppenheim, R Oppenhuizen, H Op ' t Holt, Frieda A. ... Orbeck, M. J Orbison, James A Orcutt, Guy Henderson Orden, Alex 341 Ormondroyd, J esse J ' Ormsby, Charles Alfred 47, 244, 245 O ' Roke, Beth ..267,270,315,38 O ' Roke, Earl C ' Orr, Frances G Orr, Leonard Dalton 75, 3o Orr, Sally 3; Orr, William James Orshefsky, Milton 234, 24 Ortiz, Adelita 254,37 Ortmayer, Pedo 227, 22S, 315, 31 Osberg, Carl F Osberg, Fred 68, 75, 9C Osborn, Frances Daphne . . ' Osborn, Joseph C 3! Osborn, Thomas 3( Osborn, William F Osburn, James 84, 245, 25 Osgood, M., Jr 3 ' Osgood, Virginia 3 Ossepow, Harold Osser, Esther j 232,39 Ossewarde, Jack H Ostergren, John Frederick. 71 Osterman, Virginia M 47,38 Osterweil, Harold D 2; Ostrowski, Edward 118 Oswald, James Andrew.... ' Otis, Erwin ' O ' Toole, Vincent 1! Ott, David 3 ' Ott, Wilbur Louis 75,84,37 Ottoman, Richard 188 Ottoson, Gerald Edwin . . . 75, 8: Outhwaite, Joan 384 Overhoff, Richard F 5 84 3 70 121 86 136 47 Page 428 Overton, John H 361 Owens, Allred 228,357 Owens. Virgil Richardson. . 75 Owston. Hslsn S. 47, 244, 245. 254. 385 Pabst. R. E. 84 Packer, Loren D 47, 338 Packer, 354 Page, Edward L. 75.242 Paine, Raymond 184 Paine, Ward L 86 Palmer, Bradley 1 17. 354 Palmer, Bruce 224. 361 Palmer. Cartton R 47 Palmer, Earnest 1 339 Palmer, F. Western 75, 85. 86. 186. 363 Palmer, J. C. 86 Palmer, James 347 iterl 57,306.335 .rginia 47 Palmer, William B 361 PardeU. Seymour D. ...235,246 Stephanie S. 47. 265. 270, 379 .lliam G 323 M. S 27 Libert L. 244.245 -. J 331 Dorothy M 47 Park 47.255,275 Park Paul R 57, 233,333 295 rt 118,362 j Parkf: 27 47, 349 82 ward K. 328.337 Parker, John R 75,348 -.r.2 374 47,310,349 Parker. Pierce 350 Park-; 118.347 | -her R 173 : 367 F 75, 85 Park :am C. .118. 120 Parks Pool H 362 350 oher 184 -liam H 340 3 335 .son 75. 87, 337 r._- dward 90 Pars : : i C 332 Parsons, Ruth 227 Parsons, William Rowand 75. 87, 349 - Robert 241 -.rrne 254 Passmoie, Howard C 84 Miquel A 152 ?:::=:;:- Barbara M 382 Palerson. Geo. C 312 ne 386 Peterson. Virginia L 382 A 27, 154. 159 Patten, Bradley M 173 ?n. Barbara M. 47. 265, 269 r erson, Donald 188.332 Jack 1_ 254 :son. John M 133 C 75, 348 Dert J 184 . George E 336 Tlaire Edwin. ..47, 340 Paulus, Joseph F: 47, 310, 349 Paup, John P 327 r-ert L 352 Andrew 340 Mabel Myrtle ... 47 Paxh;- Vincent B 246 Payne, Margaret Neli 47 too. Charles 188,343 Peabody, Cory S 180,184 Pearce. Frederick C 331 Pearl, Penelope 47,235.396 Pease, Anna K. 395 Pechering, Harry 364 Peck, D. Stewart 68, 75, 86 Peck, Helen Mae 47 Peck, Willis S 1S4 .r.paugh, Charles W. Jr. 334 r.paugh. Richard B. .. 334 Peckinpaugh, Wa .:-: 47, 58. 258. 262, 296, 347. 414 Peckover, Harry 47 . r_ 334 Pedersen, Herbert E 185 Pedigo, Jack K. 131.133,239,347 Peebles, Russel H 337 Peel, David R 343 Peet. Max M 173. 183 Peirce, Carleton B 173 Peirsol, T. R 357 Pekor, Charles B 367 Pelegrina, Ivan 241, 255 Pelley. Wm. 369 Pemberthy. Graner 188 Pemmerl, Henry 36b Pemmerl, Ralph 365 Pence, Betty Jean 59,377 Pendorf, Henry 370 Penny, David 143 | Penny. Louisa 386 j Penrose, Dr. Stephen 218 Penvenne, Paul 349 Pepin, John R 186 Peraval. Don Ray 75, 88. 258. 307 Perham, W. S. 166 Perine, Ross W 358 Perine, William 47 Perkins, Lillian 385 Perkins, Mildred Ann 375 Perlman, Robert 47,231 Perry, Miss Jeannette 1! Perry, Leonard E. 361 Perry, Leroy B 345 Perry, Louann 374 Perry, Samuel L. 354 Perry, Mr. Stuart 225 Persky, Lester 246,351 Perspectives 238 Perspectives Staff 235 Peschke, Eleanor 47 Peter, Ibsen 242 Petennan, Milton 366 Peterman, Sylvia 47 Peters, John Dennis 48. 345 Petersen, Alfred Arnold 75, 87, 90, 363 Petersen, Ccrl 212,234 Petersen, Ernest J 363 Petersen, Jenny Augusta 48, 209, 254, 259, 390 Petersen, Ralph 122 Petersen, Torn 345 Peterson, Carl 57, 342 Peterson, Carleton G 352 Peterson, C. Lynn 84 Peterson, Frederick W. ... 342 Peterson, Majrine K. ...101,374 Peterson, Ralph D.. Jr 360 Peterson, Reuben 173 Peterson, Roger 238, 352 Peterson, S 27, 358 Peterson. Vincent L. 245 Peterson, W. D 347 Petrash, Bertie Jane 48,353 Peutti, Leonard 355 Petne. Robert M 57 Pettersen, George A 345 Pettyjohn, E. S 86 Peven, Phillip S 177.187 Pezdirtz, Joseph 337 Pfaff, Thomas Harriett. . .75, 328 Pialler, Albert L 360 Pfender, John F 354, 366 Pflughoeft, Eldor 118 Phares, Gilbert K. .119, 158, 357 Phares, Thomas 57, 234, 357 Phelps, Dudley M. ....154,160 Phelps, Elizabeth 375 Phelps, Mary Jana 320 Pheneger, Jean 391 Phi Beta Delta 344 Phi Beta Kappa 244 Phi Beta Pi 185 Phi Chi 186 Phi Delta Theta 345 Phi Epsilon Pi 346 Phi Eta Sigma 246 Phi Gamma Delta 347 Phi Kappa Phi 245 Phi Kappa Psi 348 Phi Kappa Sigma 349 Phi Kappa Tau 350 Phi Sigma Delta 351 Phi Sigma Kappa 352 Phi Sigmc Sigma 389 Philbrick, Edwin D 345 Philips, Paul W 133,357 Phillips, Donald Judson 48 Phillips, Edward 48. 258 283. 234. 286, 287. 290, 349 Phillips. O. M. 186 Physical Education 310 Pi Beta Phi 390 Pi Lambda Phi 353 Pick. Harms Pickering, John 247,257,361 Pickering, Harry 364 Pickup, Georgia L 107. Ill Piecewitz, Charles Teofil 75, 355 Alfred H 357 Pielmeier, Helen 320 Pierce, Alys 48.270,388 Pierce. Carlton C !85 Pierce, Earl W 75, 87 Pierce, Marjorie E. 245 Pierpont, J 186 Pierpont, W. K 160 Pike, Charlene 386 Pillsbury, W. B 27 Pink, Charles 57, 258, 296, 298, 299 Pinney, Chandler H. ...87,122 Pinney, Louis 151. 245 Piotrowski, Edwin T 342 Piotrowski, Robert P 342 Pitts, Guy H. 331 Pitts, Henry L. 133 Plasman, Gilbert J 151 Platt, Anne 383 nan, Joan R 245 Platt, Robert A 48. 356 Platt, S 337 Plays 207 Plumb, Robert T. . .185, ISO, 358 Podolsky, Harold Sorrell... 48 Poe, Martha 385 Poest, Vemon G 87, 327 Polis, Harold N 356 Politics 203 Polk, J. K. 334 Pollack, Ruth 56 Pollack. Jane 395 Pollard, H. Marvin 183, 358 Pollock, J. K 27 Poloway, Sonja 383 Polumbaum, Marjorie. . .227, 237 Pomeroy, Harriet Miriam 48, 265. 270, 366 Pomeroy, Richard W 327 Pommerening, Robert 184 Ponitz, Paul V 149, 245 Poock, Charlotte 48,384 Pool, Edson K. 151 Poole, Inna A 111,245 Poole, Leonard 350 Poor, V. C 66 Poplinger, Louis Lionel .... 48 Poplingsr, R 82 Poposki, Estelle K. 48 Porter, Archie 84 Porter, E. C 86 Porter, Howard P 359 Porter, John R 131 Porter, R. C 352 Porter, Robert H 335 Posada. Alvaro 368 Posada, Camilo 3LS Posmantur, Richard A. ... 356 Posnok, Leonard A. 175 Poster, Marvin M 150 Posthuma, Millard 93,194 Postma, Edward 93. 194 Potter, Harry 362 Potter, Nathan S 354 Potter, Suzanne 232, 257 Powell, C. A 357 Powell, Kcthryn Alice 48 Powell, Ray B 342 Power, Eugene B. 361 Power, Frank 1B3, 351 Power, Mary 121 Power, Phoebe 227.385 Power, Wilbur E. 328 Powers, J. L 337 Powers, Oswald 332 Powers, Walter H 339 Powers, Wilbur E. 245 Poxson, David Makepeace 48,332 Poznak, Leonard A. 180, 186 Prakken, Lawrence W 343 Prasil, Robert W 343 Pratt, J. Russell 75, 360 Pravda, Dorothy 165,166 Prentice, Jetmne 378 Pressler, Alice 165, 166 Pressler, Ruh 155,166 Pressprich. R. W 160 Prettyman, H. G 338 Preuss, L. 339 Price, C. J 345 Price, H. T 27 Price, Marion 216, 383 Priehs, Carolyn A 48, 3?2 Priest, Dorman E 333 Prindle, Robert ' Leo 75, 84 Prins, James 245 Prior, Jack W 48,120 Pritchard, Peggy 384 Probst, Charles Oliver ..75,330 Probst, Jack Paul 75 Probst, Jean P 330 Procter, Robert W.. Jr 75 Prussin, Myrtle 270, 389 Pryce, C. R 327 Psi Upsilon 354 Pulte, Peggy 48,374 Purdom, J. Veilch 382 Purdom, T. Luther 103 Purdy, Harry 235 Purucker, Norman 256, 282 283. 284, 285, 286, 291, 358 Purvin, Lloyd L. 341 Pusack, George 363 Pusch, Betty 390 Putra, Anthony M 175, 180 Putt, Richard 329 Pyle, Frances 235 Pylman, Jay 93,194 Pysynski, Ralph ..301,302,370 Quaal, L. Ward . . .216, 227, 337 Quarles, Charles Samuel 48, 247, 257. 367 Ouick, George S 225 Quick, Maryalice 391 Quin, Thomas 368 Quinsey, Thomas 83 Rabalais, R. R. 186 Rabbitt, Elizabeth 48 Rabinovitch, Ina May 376 Rae, Betty Ann 391 Rae, James . 57, 258 298, 299, 300, 312, 335 Rae, John W 133 Ragsdale, John 337 Hague, Paul 175 Rahles, Wolfgang Felix . . .76, 84 Rakestraw, Jeanne 387 Rail, Mary Helen 46, 384 Ralston, Helen 384 Rarney, Ray 370 Ramsay, C. F 355 Ramsdell, Willett F. 141 Ramsey, Jean 56 Ramstein, Frances 165 Ramstrum, Gunnar G 151 Ramussen, Leo B 188 Rand, Israel 48 Randall, David 188 Randall, Frederick .. : 335 Randall, H. M 24,338 Randolph, Ragna 270,391 Rone, John 83,362 Rank, David Belford 48 Rank, Mrs. David 205 Rank, Mary Owen 48, 56 Rankin, Edward 241 j Rankin, Kenneth 241 Rankin, Woodrow W. ..246,340 Ranney, Daniel R 85,361 Ranney, Le Roy W 335 Ranohle, Arthur James 48 Ransom, H. K. 173,186 Rappaport, Morris 48 Raschbacher, Harry G. . . . 331 Raschbacker, John L 338 Rashleigh, William A. ..76, 87 Raskin, John 180 Raskin, Mitchell 157,158 Rather, Jane Ann 59, 117,270,375 Rartaer, Beatrice 376 Rau, Frederick W 186 Rauchle, A. 1 160 Rauchwerger, Adrienne . . . 232 Rayburn, Carolyn 295,347 Rea, M. T 84,347 Rea, Dean Walter 211.214 Rea, William 76, 347 Reading, Douglas K. 133 Rector, Gaie 118 Redmond, Jeanne 48 Redner, Ellen O. ..245,254,273 Redwine, Jack D 327 Reed, David M 355 Reed, Elaine 229 Reed, George C 185 Reed, Harry 238, 350 Reed, James S 357 Reed, Joseph 345 Reed, Robert 347 Reed, Thomas G 327 Reed, Wilbur J 362 Reeder, Elise 386 Reed-Hill, Clair 3 0 Reedy, Bert D 76.329 Reek. Mary F 56,272 Reekie, R. D 357 Rees, Harry 335 Reeves, J. S 28,58,329 Registration 1 98 Rehner, Robert C ISO Reichard, Hugo M 245 ' Reid, Allan 351 i Reid. Bob 262,417 Reid, Edward W 337 Reid, Eugene B 245 Reid, Harold 163 Reid, Harriet 165,166 Reid, Robert Alien 76, 87, 88, 359, 370 Reider, Marvin William 48, 205, 242, 244, 245 Reighard, E 28 ' Reimann, Louis C 330 ' Reinhard, J. R 28 Reinheimer, Frederick S. . . 349 Reisfeld, Amy Lucille 48 Hernias, Steven 332 Renda, Hercules G. 25S, 282, 340 Rennie, Ferris J 48. 333 He Shore, Jane 377 Resnick, Edward 353 Reulter, Betty 383 Reutter, Robert L 357 Revelli, William D 119, 120 Rezford, John E. 348 Reynolds, Randall Sea s 76. 84, 352 Reys, John 84 Rhame, David P 352 Rhea, Ellen 237,270,383 Rheinfrank, Jean Kern . .48, 390 Rhead, Mabel R. 115 Rhead, Roland 199 Rhoads, Kenneth ..122.334,368 Rhoads, William 116 Rhodehamel, Armond J. W. 76, 245 Rhodes, Arthur William 76,86, 158, 334 Rhodes, Carl C 360 Rhodes, Helen 385 Ricaurte, Santiago E. 101 Rice, David 370 Rice, W. G 28 Rich, D. L. 28 Rich, Jean 270, 374 Richards, Charles C. B. . . . 49 Richards. Stanley 117. 118, 122, 339 Richardson, Donald M. 184, 245 Richardson, Lee 335 Richardson, Mary 315 Richardson, Virginia E. . . . 49 Richer!, Robert 186 Richey, Doncld 233,334 Richmond, Clark S 342 Richmond, Richard 343 Reichten, Harry J 188 Richter, June 107,111,395 Rickert, Garfield 151 Rickert, Ura G 147 Ricketts, Allan 83 Riddell, Elizabeth 49. 386 Rider, Don Keith. . .49, 118, 120 Reicker, H. H 173,186,332 Riedel, John 349 Riegel, John W 154 Rieger, Maurice 369 Rieger, Walter 83 Risker, Arthur J 352 Hies, Herbert P 87 Riess, Lynn 258,305,359 Riggs, H. E. 86,237 Riggs, H. W 165 Rigterink, Helen 365 Riisinger, C. E. 358 Riley, Betty B 49 Rinek, John Ayers 76. 82. 84, 347 Rinek, L. W. 82, 84, 89, 347, 251 Riner, William A 246 Rinkel, R. W 370 Riskey, Earl 310 Rismann, Raymond S. 149, 150 Rissberger, Arthur C 353 Ritcheske, William F., Jr. 76, 67 Ritchie, James D 338 Ritchie, Jean 275 Ritter, Nathaniel S 346 Ritz. Louis W 131,133 Rivette, Donald E 342 Riviere, Mrs. G. M 255 Roach, George ...111, 118, 120 Robbins, F 333 Robbins, John 118 Robbins, Omer 362 Roberts, Aubrey C 343 Roberts, Betty 275 Roberts, Hugh 122, 160 Roberts, John 347 Roberts, June 385 Roberts, Phillipp N 340 Roberts, Ray 282, 300, 312 Roberts, Shirley ..237, 320,381 Robertson, Ernest 85 Robertson, James H. ...235, 245 Robertson, Port 303 Robeson, Hope 376 Robeson, Stuart 57 Robey, D. J 370 Robinson, Charlotte N. ... 232 Robinson, Dorothy 166, 251 Robinson, Eliot F 49,356 Robinson, Elizabeth 1 382 Robinson, Frances .49, 320, 3; u Robinson, Fred 118 Robinson, Glenn I_ 348 Robinson, John R 355 ?obinson, Joe ..76, 85, 87,370 Hobinson, Lenard 370 Robinson, W. D 357 Robinson, W. R 82, 65 Robinson, William IBS Robson, Stewart 233, 3b2 Rocco, Bruno 246 Rockwell, Julius 242 Rockwell, William 242 Rodger, Mary 228, 383 Rodger, Walter 68 Rodger, Walion A. . .75, 80, 84 86, 236, 245, 364, 408 Rodkey, R. G. ...154, 160,239 Rodsky, R. G 327 Roe, Sally A 382 Roebeck, Margery 49, 390 Roeglin, Orville F 331 Hoemer, Dick 68, 76,330 Roesch, Stanton 349 Rogers, Barbara 390 Rogers, Charles M. 354 Rogers, Dorothy 374 Rogers, Florence 49,387 Rogers, Howard, H., Jr. 49, 367 Rogers, Nat 34b Roggen, Ivan J 186 Page 429 Rohde, Erwin C 76, 86 Rohn, D. E 155, 157, 160 Rohrer, John 118, 120 Rollins, Leighton 76, 63 Rontae, Stanley 118, 120 Rood, Samuel M 149, 150 Rookns, John 344,368, Roosa, Elizabeth 49, 377 Root, Bennett 76, 355 Root, Grosvenor T 184, 335 Root, Robert W 151 Root, Samuel W 345 Root, Thomas B 345 Rosa, Robert ..49, 203, 244,245 Rosenboom, Frances 378 Rosen, D 82, 85,356 Rosenbaum, Lenard D 244 Rosenberg, Charles B. .76,332 Rosenbsrg, Louis M 346 Rosenberg, Meyer 356 Rosenberg, Norman V 31 Rosenfeld, Norman 341 Rosenman, Leonard D. 187, 245, 341 Rosenman, Ray 241, 353 Ross, Carolyn .49, 236, 378, 410 Ross, C. H 189 Ross, Charles ....304, 345, 370 Ross, Edith Roberta 49,378 Rosenweig, Gerald 241 Rotberg, Sam 310 Rothacher, Jack 143, 144, 239, 245 Rothblatt, Ellen Flexner .. 49 Rothman, Alfred I 49 Rottschafer, Gerald ...176, 186 Rouse, Mary Elizabeth 270, 374 Roush, George W 49 Rowe, Sara L 396 Royal, Alberta 315 Royce, R. S 76, 82 Roy, Robert 355 Roys, Rufus H 359 Rubens, Burton J 356 Rubin, Allen A 131,133 Rubin, Irwin 351 Rubiner, Bernard S 49 Rubiner, Ruth 376 Rubsam, John L 329 Ruby, Leonard 118 Rudd, Edward 151 Rudner, Luise 376 Rudman, Martin L 344 Rudolph, Seymour W. ..49,356 Ruettinger, Thurman O. 76, 86, 87, 245 Rufus, H. C 353 Rufus, W. C 358 Rugen, Dr. Mabel E 321 Rulison, George E 365 Rumney, George R 159 Rumney, Mason P 224 Running, T. R 66 Rush, Alva 188, 327 Russel, Samuel 1 338 Russel, Stewart 186 Russell, Irvine Henry 49 Russell, Jean D 49 Russell, Samuel B 236,368 Russell, Stuart W 186 Ruth, James A 76,363 Ruth, John G 184 Ruthven, Mrs. Alexander 121, 199 Ruthven, Alexander G. ..8, 18 19, 199, 204, 221, 262, 339 Ryan, J. A 186 Ryan, Richard 133, 332 Ryckman, John 159 Ryde, Helen 275 Ryder, Frank 256 Ryker, Don W 242, 343 Sabo, Irene Ill, 315 Sackett, Andrew 188 Sadler, H. C 86, 339, 347 Sadler, Robert C. W 329 Sadler, Walter C. ..86, 262,363 Sage, Betty 338 Eager, Robert C 345 Sahlin, Clarence A 360 Sahlmark, Joseph 183, 343 Saibert, Nancy E 49,388 Sairlla, Roland 340 Salisbury, Doncld P 49, 345 Saltz, Clare F 1 18, 120 Salwen, Ernest D 344 Samper, Manuel F 101 Sampson, Dorothy A 376 Sampson, Marshall D. . .49, 356 Sampson, P. C 349 Samuel, Charles ..277, 229,353 Samuels, Aubrey 368 Samuels, Robert ..227, 241,366 Samuelson, Gilbert 304 Sanders, Frank B 367 Sanders, H. A 28,345 Sanders, John 184, 354 Sanderson, Emily 232,382 Sanderson, G 32 Sanford, Alice J 49 Sanger, Jane 376 Sapp, Jane 56, 232 Sappington, Eleanor D. . . . 49 Sappington, Virginia 383 Sarasohn, Alvin 234 Sargeant, F. A 327 Sargent, James W 49, 348 Sargis, George, Jr 49 Sarracino, John B 185 Sarwold, Albert N 180, 185 Sauer, Robert 258 Saunders, Allen 184, 345 Savilla, Roland 258, 282, 284, 308 Sawyer, Ralph A 28,244 Sawyer, Trevor 337 Sawyer, Wilson H. 117, 120, 123 Saxton, John B 84,339 Scabbard and Blade 257 Scanlan, Eleanor H 55 Schaberg, John 354 Schachtsiek, Carl H 245 Schaefer, Marian 256, 377 Schaefer, Nancy 49 Schafer, Lawrence J 76 Schagrin, Harry 237, 356 Schaiberger, George L. ... 185 Schaller, William H 151 Schauble, Howard 93,194 Scheibe, Elias W 87 Schell, Clark G. ...133, 135,332 Schepper, Harriet 49 Scherling, Richard 345 Schetzer, Julius D 76,341 Schift, Eugene E 76 Schiller, Margaret 379 Schindehette, Donald J. 76, 84 Schlager, Gloria 389 Schlecte, Carl 184 Schlecte, Eva L 182 Schlegel, Carl 355 Schleider, Leonard 234 Schlemenson, Melvin 366 Schlichting, Hans 256 Schloot, Elmer G. ..76, 83,343 Schlow, Irma 376 Schmale, Frederick H 50 Schmale, Herbert 183 Schmaltz, John D 180, 186 Schmeling, R. Charles, Jr.. 334 Schmidley, Frank 260 Schmiege, Lester C 76 Schmitt, Julius T 343 Schmitt, Walter 343 Schneider, Robert L 338 Schnier, George A 338 Schnit, Daniel 237, 246 Schoede, Edward C 134 Schoen, Victor H 246 Schoenberg, Arthur ....241,366 Schoepfle, C. S 28, 86, 328 Schoetz, Max C 76, 308 Scholes, Kenneth N 76, 85 Scholl, J. W 28 Schomburg, Wm. H. ...335,368 Schooley, James B 50,355 Schorling, Raleigh 109 Schorling, Ruth M. .11, 244,245 Schorman, John H 50 Schorr, Norman 212,234 Schramm, Elizabeth 165 Schreiber, Charlotte 381 Schreiber, Oskai 136 Schroeder, Burton W 76 Schroeder, Jane S 50 Schroeder, Robert R 151 Schroen, Clarabel 370 Schroth, Thomas W. 76, 86, 87 Schuele, Betty 384 Schugmann, Robert F 185 Schuldf, Harold 366 Schulman, Bettie 389 Schultz, Elmer C. ..175, 180,133 Schultz, {Catherine 56 Schultz, Paul S 340 Schumaker, Edward 345 Schumansky, David 150 Schust, William G 334 Schwab, Helen Irene ...50,254 Schwab, Lorraine 376 Schwan, Ruth 165 Schwarzewalder, John .... 122 Schwartz, Henry C 245 Schwartz, James A 333 Schwartz, Ruth 254, 376 Schwartzbeck, John 151 Schwartzkopf, Ralph 57, 258, 291,331 Schwartzmann, John 183 Schwarzback, Jerome 344 Schwarze, Fred 306 Schwegler, Virginia ...228,385 Schweid, Bernard Richard 50, 353 Schwind, Frederick 1 185 Scott, Doris 381 Scott, E. 328 Scott, Ferdinand 360 Scott, George P 370 Scott, I. D 28 Scott, James Morgan ... 50, 367 Scott, Jane 320 Scott, Martha 384 Scotti, Vitina 50, 254 Scoville, Mary May 384 Scoville, Walter A 357 Scroggie, Phyllis Lee 50, 270, 378 Scrogen, E. D 82 Sculthorp, Lenton 213, 226, 229, 364 Scutt, Barbara 391 Sdunek, Mary 255 Seabury, John H 185 Seabury, Mrs. Mabel 50 Seager, Allan 58,354 Searing, Samuel Richard . . 50 Secrist, John H 122 Seeburger, J. W 152 Seegert, Neal 118, 246,362 Seekamp, Ruth Ann 50 Seeley, Jean 121,334 Sefton, Harold 118 Seidel, George 113 Seidel, Karl 93, 180,194 Seidenstein, Chas 306 Seigel, Alfred 341 Sei ' .ner, Richard 366 Selfridge, R 370 Sellars, R. W 28 Seltzer, Jean Rhoda 50 Seltzer, Leon Z 85 Seltzer, Zivia S. ..Ill, 245,395 Semerad, Gordon 370 Senior Ball Committee .... 248 Senior Society , 268 Sessions, Louis W 246,348 Sethian, Robert 218,254 Sevensma, Gene 93,194 Sevison, Elinor 50, 232, 252, 388 Seybold, Edward 135 Seydoux, Gaston 254 Seyfried, Fred J., Jr 327 Seymour, George 347 Seward, Ritchey Stroud . . 134 Sferra, George 152 Shafer, L. J 84 Shaffer, Betty Louise 50, 248, 386 Shafroth, Will H 345 Shakarian, George Z Ill Shanabery, Robert 368 Shandley, John A 82, 363 Shands, Frederick J 84,329 Shants, William 188 Sharbach, Lois 227 Sharfman, I. L 28, 159,366 Sharfmcn, Marcia 205,378 Sharkey, Harriet 267, 274, 315, 336 Sharp, Mahlon S. .180, 186,190 Sharp, Mary Patter 134 Sharpe, G. M 160 Sharrard, George A 327 Shaw, Betty 232 Shaw, Carvel Thomas 50, 58, 239,362 Shaw, Daniel J " 331 Shaw, Herbert M 339 Shaw, Wilfred B 20,338 Shaw, William R. 157, 158, 332 Shanks, M. E 357 Shearston, David 85 Sheehan, John C 245 Sheffer, Bruce M 87 Sheldon, John 188, 342 Sheldon, Willard Frank 77, 84 Shelley, Chester P. 155, 157, 343 Shelley, Leonard 241 Shelton, J. A 84 Shemiot, Anthony R. ..149,152 Sheng, Hsi-Yin 245 Shepherd, Dorothy Grace . 50 Shepherd, D 334 Sherlock, R. N 66, 86 Sherman, Arthur G 345 Sherman, Catherine Parie 50, 396 Sherman, George H 331 Sherman, Henry S 338 Sherman, James L 338 Sherrill, John C. 119, 220, 302, 357 Sherrin, Wilbur J 87 Sherry, Gene 118 Sherwin, Andrew 187 Sherzer, A. F 66 Sherzer, William J 362 Shelter, Richard S 355 Sheurman, Stewart P 85 Snick, Betty 386 Shields, Edmund C 18 Shields, John W 345 Shiley, Donald Henry 77, 82, 85 Shilling, M. A. .; 189 Shipman, Betty 390 Shipman, Dorothy 214, 216, 267, 270, 274, 390 Slippey, Norman 188 Shisler, F. Lorene 245 Shoetz, Max C 357 Shook, Thelma 118 Shorney, Beth 392 Shorno, Donald ..148, 149,151 Short, Myrra Eloise 50, 268, 394 Short, Robert 152 Shortel, Burke 12y Shorter, John W 85 Shroth, Richard Franklin 50, 3u! Shugert, Jean 383 Shukri, Mohammed 218 Shulman, Dr 150 Shuler, John 89, 370 Shuler, Thomas 345 Shull, Aaron F 331 Shull, Barbara 380 Shull, Franklin Buckley 50, 245, 349 Shulters, Robert B 357 Shutts, Eugene C 50,348 Shumaker, Edward J. 175, 180, 186 Sibilsky, Robert J 149,152 Sibley, Janet 59,395 Sibley, Robert 241, 337 Sichty, Dorman E 165 Sidder, Richard F. .155, 157, 356 Siebert, C. A 365 Siegel, Bernard M 155,157 Siegel, Daniel C 177, 187 Siegel, Donald Joseph ..77,258 284, 286, 288, 289, 260, 357 Siegel, Nathan S 341 Siegelman, Leonard Paul 50, 58, 233, 351 Sierleja, Edward J 352 Sierk, Richard 234 Siewers, Richard 159 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 355 Sigma Alpha Mu J56 Sigma Chi 357 Sigma Nu 358 Sigma Phi 359 Sigma Phi Epsilon 360 Signaigo, Florence 386 Sikkenga, Jay H 131, 134 Sillin, Lelan 345 Silver, Abraham 120 Silver, Shirley 376 Silverblatt, Jestine 254 Simes, Lewis M 130 Simes, Lewis B 332 Simmers, John M 348 Simmons, William 93,194 Simon, William 118, 3515 Simonds, Barbara 386 Simpson, C. Philip 365 Simpson, Henrietta A. 50, 275, 378 Simpson, Jane Marie ..50,275 Simpson, P. A. ...155, 157,365 Simrall, H 184 Sims, Marion W 87 Sinai, N 28 Singer, Harold 246 Singer, Walter 244, 24b Sink, Charles A 115,327 Sink, Mrs. Charles 121 Sink, E. W 186 Sinn, John 358 Sinn, Richard 358 Sisman, Bernard 351 Sive, Betty Jane 50, 376 Sjolander, Karl Gustav .... 50 Skau, Dorothea Helen .... 50 Skellenger, Byron H. 148, 149, 151 Skiles, Jane 379 Skinner, De Rhua 375 Skinner, Frances 321 Skinner, Geraldine 166 Sklarsky, Richard Alan 77, 86, 122 Skilern, Penn 355 Skoratdo, Zenovia 254 Skulsky , Sam 1 50 Skutt, Cornelius 227 Skurski, Frank 50 Slack, R. D 352 Slade, Fred 370 Slasor, Wm 186 Slater, Dayton Orlando .77, 364 Slater, Lewis M 361 Slatmyer, Kanel B 188 Slattery, Tom 258, 3U7 Slaven, Manuel 351 Slavin, Francis J 365 Slawson, Prof. Chester B. . 244 Elector, W. W 28 Slee, Betty ..214, 266, 267,394 Sleeman, George 241 Slepian, Robert 368 Slifer, Seger H 335 Slocum, William 241 Slocum, William G., Jr. ... 333 Sloop, John L 77 Slottow, Ralph 366 Sluiter, Stanley 93, 194 Small, Dorothy 395 Small, Florence 121 Small, Frances 273, 395 Small, M. B 327 Small, Mildred 121, 261 Small, Wm 369 Smallwood, Russel 152 Smart, Marianne K. ...117,123 Smeaton, W. G. ...28, 328,343 Smellie, Edwin F 86 Smellie, Robert 353 Smick, Dan 58, 111,258,282, 285 287, 290, 296, 298, 300 Smith, Anna Clinger 245 Smith, A. W 28 Smith, Bert 296 Smith, Betty 390 Smith, Bruce M 134 Smith, C. A 347 Smith, Mrs. Caleb 270 Smith, C. Bruce 360 Smith, Charles R 361 Smith, Dan 25o Smith, David S 77,340 Smith, Don 370 Smith, Eleanor 182 Smith, Eleanor Doris 50 Smith, Elsie 38y Smith, Emerson 370 Smith, Frank Norman .... 77 Smith, Franklin 188 Smith, Fred W 86 Smith, George 190 Smith, George E. . 175, 186, 358 Smith, Goff 86, 155,357 Smith, Hadley 89, 240 Smith, Harwood 235 Smith, H. H 337 Smith, Hcrry 238 Smith, Hortense 379 Smith, Ira M 20,312 Smith, Jack F 131, 134 Smith, Joseph 362 Smith, Lloyd L., Jr 245 Smith, Marian 51, 384 Smith, Martin M 149,150 Smith, Mary Alice 51 Smith, Miriam E 382 Smith, Paul 235,359 Smith, Ralph G 174 Smith, Rendel W 365 Smith, Robert 89, 122,366 Smith, Robert G 87, 365 Smith, Robert N 334 Smith, Robert R 335 Smith, Robert V 336 Smith, Robert W 342 Smith, Roderick Norman 77, 85 Smith, Rosalie 383 Smith, Rosemary 374 Smith, Ruthmary 388 Smith, Shirley W. 18, 20, 159,347 Smith, Truman C 340 Smith, William ...188, 258,282 Smith, William Harwood 51, 244, 245 Smits, Ina Kari 51 Smits, Paul Arie ..149, 151,245 Smolensk!, Bob 370 Smoyer, Stanley 354 Smull, Leland Kemp 77, 85, 87, 360 Smyth, Charles M 184 Snellenberger, H 143 Snow, James 186 Snow, Robert X 185 Snyder, Thomas C 339 Sobel, Robert A 180,245 Sobesky, John V. 84, 246, 252, 352 Soboroff, Paul 51,353 Soboroff, William Lee ..134,353 Sobsey, Solomon 258 La Sociedad Hispanica . . . 255 Soderholm, Robert 184 Sofiak, Michael 258, 298, 300, 370 Sojka, Cos F 159, 260,342 Sokol, Max 68, 77, 85 Solar, Charles 345 Solder, Arnold 326 Solera, Anson D 246,256 Sollitt, Jean 288,38 Solomon, Howard 353 Solomon, Ida Eleanor ' Solomon, Samuel 3 Solovich, Warren 241 Somers, Ralph 1? Somerville, John 135 Sommer, Frederick S 147 Sonnenborn, Harry 212,36 Sophomore Cabaret 205 Soph Prom 204, 252 Sorenson, Alberta K. ...51,24 Sorenson, Audrey 377 Sorenson, Robert 118,122 Sott, Herbert 341 Soucie, Marie 166 Soule, Byron A 328 Soule, Malcolm H. 174, 184, 255, 328 Soule, Robert L 151 Sours, William H 362 Space, Frederick Grant, Jr. 77, 35 Spaeder, Robert N 51 Spangler, Betty Jean 51, 248, 267, 390 Spangler, Ted R. ..240, 309,34 Sparrow, Frederick K 331 Page 430 Spaulding, La Verne 1 86 Spear, Phillip H 336 Speckhard, Robert 241 Spelman, Seymour Joseph . 51 Spencer, Donald R 354 Spencer, Hailey Orion ..51,122 Spencer, Louise 393 Spengler, David 235,362 Sperling, George E 352 Sphinx 57 Spicer, Frank William, Jr. 51, 329 Spiegel, Marvin H 351 Spiro, David 356 Spitalry, lack M 351 Spoden, Harold Thies 73, 63, 86, 88, 262 Spoelhof, William A 245 Spoofuncup Banquet 205 Spooner, Clarke 347 Spooner, C. W 347 Spooner, Elizabeth Ellen 51, 59 Sprick, Catharine 386 Spriggs, John 186 Spring, Valda A 51 Springett, Norman F 360 Sprogell, Frank T., Jr. . .77, 332 Spurgeon, Mary Ellen 199, 232, 251, 260 Spurway, Harold 305,334 Stockier, Harold 366 Stadelman, Betty 274, 275 Stadier, James F 101 Staeble, George 144 Staebler, Dorothea 51, 231, 265, 374,404 Staebler, George R. . .245, 143 Staebler, Neil 361 Stashle, Charles L 51 Stafford, Henry A 77 Stahl, Morton 351 Stahl, Otto J 115 Stahl, Robert 351 Stai, Vera 51 Stalker, E. A. ..66. 86, 327,363 Stamler, Marion 237 Stance, Henry 152 Stanish, Albin J 159 Stanley, George M 354 Stanton, Cramon ..51, 258, 357 Staple, John D 334 Starn, William 347 Starr, Mary Ann 379 Starr, Oliver 336 Starrett, Lillian 143 Stason, E. Blythe 130 Staubach, Charles 255 Staubach, Mrs. Charles . . 255 Stadt, Louis 180, 347 Stavitsky, Abraham B 51 Stead, George 151 Stearns, Samuel 18i Stebbins, Mrs. Marie W. . . 224 Stebens, Walter, Jr 233,368 Steding, Harold R. .87, 238, 330 Steere, Russell 122 Steffan, Walter W 360 Steffe, Ralph S 188 Steffensen, Ellis H 185 Stegath, William B 360 Steger, Elmer M 360 Stein, M. B 84 Steiner, Kathryn E. .51, 56, 381 Steiner, Richard 118 Steinhart, Betty 56, 389 Steinhart, Sidney 341 Steinke, Ruth H 51 Stephens, John W 367 Stephenson, Gilbert 119 Stephenson, Orlando 109 Stephenson, Philip 83,350 Steppon, William J 365 Stern, Charles J 246 Stern, Edward C 51 Stern, Marion E 51,254 Sterner, Melvin F 77, 87 Sternfeld, Alfred ..148, 149,150 Stendal, Richard A 360 Stevens, Elaine 85 Stevens, Dorothy 165 Stevens, Frank S 342 Stevens, George D. ...134,135 Stevens, Janet L 51 Stevens, John 68, 88 Stevens, John M 77, 87, 363 Stevens, Melvin E 77, 85 Stevens, R 82 Stevens, Rachel 368 Stevens, Roger 118 Stevens, William R 361 Stevenson, Alice 362 Stevenson, Donald C., Jr. . 333 Stevenson, Nevin J 342 Stevenson, Raymond 143 Stevenson, Suzanne 390 Stewart, Calvin 144 Stewart, Donald H 357 Stewart, Erie 120 Stewart, Harold F 51 Stewart, Melville C 87 Stewart, Redfield 242 Stewart, Richard M 77, 86 Stewart, Wayne 184, 355 Stewart, Wayton N., Jr. . . 186 Stewart-Roddie, Col. W. .. 206 Steyer, Wesley A 85 Steytler, Devilliers W., Jr. . 51 Steytler, William, Jr 337 St. Germain, Arthur V 85 Stibbs, John H 245 Stickels, Jeanette 315 Stiles, Evelyn 5i Stiles, John R 235, 254,336 Stille, Wayne 362 Stilson, Charles E., Jr 77 S.itt, A. Clyde 122 St. John, Alice 379 St. John, Elizabeth W. ..51,381 St. John, Ellen 320,381 St. Mary ' s Catholic Chapel 2i9 Stobbe, G. D 181,165 Stockard, J. Wilmer 255 Stockbridge, Helen .... 188, 374 Stocking, David M. 51, 235, 244, 245 Stoddard, Marcus W. 77, 87, 347 Stodden, Bert 304 Stomler, Marion L 51,374 Stone, Burdette A 151 Stone, Ethon L 181, 189 Stone, George E 32,334 Stone, John M 328 Stone, Ralph 13 Stone, Richard L 346 Stone, Walter 291 Stotz, Milton W 52 Stoudt, James 131,134 Stoudt, Louis W 186 Stout, M. B. ...66, 86, 238,361 Stover, John P 334 Stowe, Ella 384 Strain, Richard 361 Strcit, Jack C 343 Strand, John 246 Strandhagen, Gus 80, 90 Straut, Robert A 333 Strasser, William C 77, 83 Straube, Harold M 77 Strauss, Eugene 353 Strauss, John P 365 Strauss, Lawrence 1 50 Strayer, John W 184, 362 Strenger, Marshall 345 Strickland, Paul D 343 Strickland, Russ ...52, 310,348 Strickler, C. W 334 Strickler, Margaret E. . . 52, 390 Striedieck, Prof. Werner F.. 256 Stroh, Lester 245 Strather, Mary belle 254, 378 Strom, Wheaton L. 134, 135, 357 Strong, David 258, 282,358 Strong, Leon H 342 Stroup, Annette C 52 Struve, William S 343 Stryker, Alice 182 Stuart, Robert A 357 Stubbins, William H 120 Stuck, William 118,255 Student Directory 229 Student Religious Ass. . . . 261 Studley, William R. 131, 134, 135 Stuhrberg, C. H 355 Stulberg, Dr. Samuel 150 Stump, Walter 152 Stumpf, Gordon A 246 Stumpf, Kerry C. ..77, 84,328 Sturgis, Cyrus C. .174, 186,347 Suits, Daniel 261 Sukup, Milo 258, 282, 288, 298, 300 Sullivan, Jack 212, 236,361 Summerfelt, Kenneth ..118,120 Summerhays, Robert L. ... 335 Summers, Bettie 381 Sundeen, Rheinold ....178,186 Sunderland, Edson R. 130, 262, 225, 347 Sundwall, John 174, 185 Surgenor, Nancy 394 Surnton, Stan 212 Sussman, Seymour S. ..52,245 Sutherland, Dave . .80, 238, 338 Sutton, Betty 383 Swados, Harvey 235 Swan, Eleanore L 52, 334 Swan, Kerry L 52, 367 Swann, Arthur W 52, 122 Swarthout, Glendon F. ..52,334 Swarthout, Harry P. ...87,363 Swartout, Sybil 52, 265, 266, 336 Swarts, W. A 358 Swartz, Fred 183 Swartz, G 84, 360 Sweeney, Edward J. 52, 260, 335 Swenson, Leland 189 Swift, Betty Jane 381 Swift, Jean 223 Swift, Lucile M Ill Swinton, R. S 66, 245 Swinton, Stan 234, 236, 347, 247, 257 Swiren, Alfred 346 Swope, Donald M. 131, 134, 347 Sykes, John P 246,346 Sylvester, Walter 113 Szabunia, Sigmund 189 Szold, Miriam 376 Tachna, Lionel J 157,245 Tackels, Pauline 31 Taft, William Lee 52, 337 Taggart, Ganson ..8. 233,354 Taggart, Herbert F. ...154,159 Takala, Reino M 245 Talamon, Rene 28 Talan, Jack 183 Talcott, Barbara J 101,385 Tollman, James 307 Talman, James Berber . . 77, 359 Tang, S. C 82 Tang, Sik Ling 77 Tann, George 77 Tapping, T. Hawley 224, 239, 247, 257, 262, 327 Tarbell, Richard Gordon 77, 88, 238, 355 Tarnoif, Edwin H 87 Tasch, Richard Emerson 77, 258, 308 Tashpinar, Affan 83 Tcte, Marjorie Lucille 52, 272, 315, 394 Tatlock, Ruth 394 Taubman, Samuel 85 Taylor, Elaine 391 Taylor, Frank G 78 Taylor, G. Dekle 345 Taylor, Ivan 52, 369 Taylor, Joanne 375 Taylor, Laverne H 339 Taylor, Merrel 343 Taylor, Norman 253 Taylor, Richard L 335 Taylor, Robert J 244,245 Taylor, W. R 23 Taylor, W. W 338 Teaboldt, Chase R 363 Teahan, James M 361 Teall, Barbara Jean 52,390 Technic Staff 238 Teeter, William M 87 Telling, Barbara 388 Tellman, H. Clay 186 Tenofsky, Jean 237 Tenpas, Henry W 181 Teoh, Chooi S 87 Terry, Jane 384 Thaler, William 183 Thalner, Robert 349 Thatcher, Russell S 363 Thaxter, Joseph Blake . 302, 329 Thayer, John 241 Theriault, Paul W 246 Theta Chi 361 Theta Delta Chi 362 Theta Xi 365 Thieme, Elliott T 184 Thieme, Mrs. Hugo 121 Thlerwechter, Carolyn ..52,388 Thorn, Harriet 386 Thorn, Margot ....253, 255,386 Thomas, Alexander W. . . 52 Thomas, Alice 384 Thomas, Charles E 131,134 Thomas, Donald A 224 Thomas, Earl W 255 Thomas, Ed. 52, 258, 298, 300 Thomas, Ivan D 52,370 Thomas, Lacy D 333 Thomas, Laurence 355 Thomas, Lorenzo 312 Thomas, Robert 80, 81,362 Thomas, Robert 134,357 Thomassen, Lars 328 Thompson, Edward 188 Thompson, Fred 205 Thompson, Helen 182 Thompson, James B. 175, 181, 184 Thompson, Jean 270, 330 Thompson, John H. 58, 247, 257,361 Thompson, John P 52,361 Thompson, John T 52,338 Thompson, John W 84 Thompson, Prof. M. J. ...85, 86 Thompson, Wanda 256 Thompson, William M 336 Thomson, Charles C 342 Thomson, Daniel 189 Thomson, George H 362 Thomson, John 189 Thomson, Robert F 245,342 Thoreward, Benjamin F. H. 357 Thornhlll, Margaret Alice 52, 393 Thornton, J. E 66 Thrope, C. D 28 Tibbets, Jean 216, 226, 254, 267, 274, 385 Tibbetts, William Dallas 78, 122 Tichenor, Margaret J. . . 52, 383 Tiedeman, Robert K. 82, 85, 365 Tieman, Charles 233 Tietjen, John 367 Tilk, Mary V Ill Tilley, Morris F 58 Tilley, M. P 29 Tillman, Martha E. 52, 268, 269, 272, 315 Tillotson, Fitch E 348 Tillotson, Harry A 361 Tinker, Frank 122 Tinker, Horace 258, 282, 288, 369 Titus, D. W 338 Titus, Elizabeth 270. 382 Titus, Helen 121 Titus, Robert W 227, 347 Toastmasters 247 Tobias, Julian 346 Tobin, James E 304,345 Tobin, J. Richard 345 Tobin, Roger K 87 Todaro, Casper A 84 Todd, Hiram P 135 Todd, Mark 186 Todd, Dr. Oliver 350 Todt, Shirley 374 Tolbert, Carl G 117, 120 Tollgaard, Reyner 84 Tomita, Theodore T 52 Tomkins, Capt. Warwick . . 208 Tomski, Waldermar 258, 302, 342 Tone, Jessie 381 Tornello, Robert L 52 Torzynski, Thadeus 83 Toth, Louis W 87 Toubus, Shirley 255,376 Tower, Ray J 336 Towne, George L 224 Towns, Myron B 245 Townsend, Earl C., Jr. 134, 135, 336 Townsend, John 291, 298, 300, 336 Townsend, Lynn A 333 Townsley, Elmer R 181 Toykka, Raymond 185 Traber, Livila Ill, 396 Tracy, Douglas P 240, 242 Tracy, John E 130 Tracy, William 369 Traczeivitz, Oscar 118 Train, Robert 370 Trainer, Richard P 84, 328 Trakas, John Constantine 78, 83 Trautman, Lauren 368 Treadway, John P 155,157 Treadwell, Don ..57, 203,240 244, 247, 251, 257, 338 Treat, Elwyn Lester 78 Treat, Elwyn W 85 Treat, Webster 345 Trebilcock, Everett R 52,331 Treffry, Harold F 159 Trelfa, Richard T 84,360 Trendle, George W., Jr...52, 355 Trent, Arthur 309,349 Trescott, Robert 186 Triangle 363 Triangles 89 Trigon 364 Trigger, Grant 188 Trimby, R. H 190,334 Triplet!, Margaret M. ..112,378 Tripp, Edward ...213, 227,347 Troost, Herbert M 361,368 Trosko, Fred 258, 282 283, 284, 288, 289, 296 Trow, Mrs. Clara 121 Trow, William Clark ..109,348 Trowell, Robert W 101 Troxell, Edward P 134 Troxel, Jay C 157, 158,159 Troy, Kenneth 336 True, Walter Joseph, Jr. .. 52 Trueblood, Joseph Ransom 78, 85, 369 Trueblood, T. C 29,306 Truemner, Keith M 185 Trutna, William C 342 Tsoi, Mung-Yok 101 , 245 Tucker, Helen Irene 53, 244, 245, 381 Tudor, John E 151 Turitzen, Mikolay 254 Turnbull, Emily 385 Turnbull, Jack V 175,181 Turner, Elizabeth 382 Turner, Philip R. . . 190, 186, 358 Turpin, Sally 379 Tussing, Suzanne M 377 Tussing, Thomas C. 258, 306, 329 Tutak, Lawrence 370 Tuttle, Henry 122, 355 Twichell, Gilbert A 186 Twiggs, Leo 177,185 Twining, Herbert H 361 Twiss, Arthur 184 Twyman, Harold Francis 78, 355 Tydeman, Dorothy 384 Tyler, Arthur W 343 Tyler, Frederick C 342 u Ualluzzb, Charles 14S Udell, Margaret 377 Uhe, John 329 Uhlmann, Robert 355 Uhlmann, Roy 355 Ulman, John M 134 Ulmer, Martin 368 Ulmer, Robert 337 Ulrey, Mary J 391 Ulrey, Sharon S 348 Ulrich, Elizabeth 379 Ulrich, Robert 347 Unbach, William E 342 Ummel, Betty Anne 53,383 Uncivan, Ardavast A. ..78, 254 Ungar, Richard G 241,346 Union 208 Union Waiters 369 Union Cafeteria 370 Union Executive Council . . 240 Union Ice Carnival 205 Union Soph. Committee ... 241 Upson, Julia A. 53, 245, 315,375 Upson, Julian 1 244 Upson, R. H 358 Upthegrove, C 66, 86,328 Upton, H. H 347 Urmston, Benton E. 99, 101, 335 Uthoff, Carl W 53,331 Valek, Vincent ...282, 283,331 Vallin, Everett Carlton 70, 90, 343 Valluzzo, Rocco C 151 Valpey, Grant R 327 Van Arsdall, Thomas C. 53, 355 Van Boven, P. J 349 Van Breda, Anthony 78, 83 Van Cleve, Russell 328 van den Berg, Lawrence 57, 237 Vandenberg, Robert ..254, 355 Vanden-Bossche, Mary E. . 245 Van den Broek, J 66, 86 van der Burch, Dirk 348 Vander Eyk, Louis 87 Vanderheuvel, Kenneth ... 118 Vander Molen, Herman 93, 194 Vander Riet, Garret 93,194 Vander Slice, David 183 Vander Veen, Frieda 379 Vander Velde, Louis .29, 57, 53 Van der Vort, Donn 347 Van Deusen, John 337 Van Doom, Hendrika ..53,254 Van Duren, Arthur, Jr. 57 Van Dusen, Betty Louise.. 53 Van Dusen, William 93, 194 Van Dyke, Helen 384 Van Dyke, Rudolph 82,337 Van Ess, Margaret 256, 295, 320 Van Hoek, Donald E. ..246,340 Van Hoek, Walter R 340 Van Leeuwen, Myron J. 148, 149, 245 Van Leuwen, J. Rodney 237, 329 Van Lonkhuyzen, John .... 93 Van Lonkhuyzen, William. 194 Van Loon, Donald 68, 78, 86, 87, 88,245 Van Manen, Louis 118,120 Van Nordstrand, Phillip C. 340 Van Nordstrand, Robert . . 340 Van Raalte, Jean 274, 388 Van Schoick, Cloe Ann . . 384 Van Sile, Robert A 367 Van Slooten, Frederick 68, 78, 87, 93, 194, 245 Van Sluyters, Thomas C. . . 134 Vant, Jeanne D 53, 377 Van Tuyl, Frank F 362 Van Tuyl, Hilda 275, 378 Van Veen, Broughton 83 Van Veen, Henry 230 Van Vleck, Doris 381 Van Voorhees, W 82 Van Wagnen, Frederick .. 189 Van Wagoner, Virginia . . 394 Van Winkle, Annabel 205, 270, 390 Van Winkle, C. K 355 Van Winkle, Helen 390 Van Zeeland, Dr. Paul . . . 206 Varner, Reed W 245 Vary, Edwin 184,335 Vass, John E 328 Vassallo, Thomas 53,254 Vaughn, Kathryn 379 Vedder, E. Ann 382 Vedder, F. B 147, 151, 338 Vedder, Neil D 338 Veigel, Lester E 365,370 Vennell, E. Jane 382 Page 431 Verdier, Leonard .131, 134,359 Verdier, Robert M 134 Verner, Lois 374 Verttey William 183 Verwys, Vincent Joseph 78, 87 Vial, A. Burgess 347 Vibbert, Charles B. 29, 57, 247, 257, 361 Vicary, Ann 212, 232, 267, 386 Vida, Alexander 175,181 Viehe, Carl A 53, 122,355 Vielmetti, Marie O. ...244,245 Vincent, E. T 86. 87 Vink, Donald J. ..78, 84, 86,245 Vis, Vincent A 246,333 Visscher, Jean Ann 381 Vizas, Christopher 234 Voeglin, Harold 241 Vogel, Anna Doris 53,381 Vogt, Frederick Hulsizer . 53 Vogt, Suzanne 377 Voigt, Ruth Margaret 53 Voiles, Doreen 394 Vollmer William 337 von der Heidt, Mary 385 Voorhees, Alston B 85 Voorhees, E 82 Voorhees, Virginia .53, 269, 388 Vreeland, Robert Hydon 78, 118 Vroman, Clyde 120,245 Vroon, John 93, 1S4 Vulcans 215 W Wade, Charles F 334 Wagar, S. H 186 Waggoner, Ila 53, 272 Waggoner, R. W 174,186 Wagner, Prof, and Mrs. Chas 255 Wagner, C. P 29, 57 Wagner, Daniel 351 Wagner, Hugh 335 Wagner, Robert L 334 Wagner, Robert P 233,337 Wagner, Sidney 341 Wahr, F. B 29, 331 Wahrenburg, Lester E 224 Wait, W. H 333 Waite, John Barker 130 Waite, Verne C 181 Wake, Douglas L 53,185 Wakefield, Ernest 349 Waldron, Frederick R 354 Waldron, John Miller 78, 87, 369 Waldron, Robert E 342 Walker, Betty J. ..117, 118,385 Walker, D. J 84 Walker, John 354 Walker, John H 184 Walker, Leo 339 Walker, Russell T 352 Wallach, Carrie 254 Wallace, Henry W 86 Wallacs, John 369 Wallace, Keith 241 Wallace, Milton W 134 Wallace, Myron L 53 Wallace, Robert 241,362 Wallace, Wilbur S 345 Wallace, Wimburn L 330 Waller, Harold G 183,352 Walser, Mrs. J. J 121 Walsh, John J., Jr 134 Walsh, Margaret L. ...232,385 Walsh, Robert 246 Walter, E. A 29 Walter, William B 87 Walters, Amy 254 Walters, John F 361 Walther, William E 78, 83 Waltz, Stanley G. ..57, 239,369 Walz, W. C 358 Wampler, Ben 333 Wangelin, Don J 332 Wanless, Loren 183,190 Wanstrom, Ruth C 174 Wanzeck, Marie 163 Ward, Alice 254, 255 Ward, Don 118 Ward, Erwin D 78, 84,352 Ward, Marcus L 147,151 Ward, Robert 135,331 Ward, Virginia 386 Ware, Claude 370 Warfield, Robert H 336 Worley, J. S 66 Warner, Arthur E., Jr. 78, 87, 333 Warner, Mary Louise .... 53 Warner, Mary Lou 275 Warner, William J 181, 184 Warren, John 181, 184,335 Warren, Ruth 376 Warren, Wesley S. 78, 80, 87, 88, 361 Warshaw, Max W 53 Warwick, Betty 245 Washburn, Robert 143, 144 Wassell, Dorothea 53 Wassell, G. K 186 Waterman, Dick ..159, 213,228 Waterman, L 29 Waterman, M. H 160 Waterman, Merwin H 154 Waters, Phylis ...213, 227,386 Watkins, C. G 345 Watkins, Faith 53, 56, 205, 221, 381 Watkins, Gloria 227 Watkins, G. S 358 Watkins, Herbert G. 20, 119, 120, 122 Watkins, L. L 29, 160 Watkins, Richard J 78, 84 Watson, Barbara Jane ..53,332 Watson, Bill 58, 258, 291, 292, 294, 370 Watson, David J., Jr 329 Watson, Edward M 359 Watson, Henry, Jr 333 Watson, Loyall G 53,339 Watt, Flint Clyde 53,355 Watt, Robert F 333 Wattles, Charles P 224 Watts, Gordon 335 Watts, Jerome H 352 Wax, Kenneth H 356 Wayne, Robert 235 Wayrymen, S 166 Wea ' herill, Phillip F. ..328,329 Weatherston, Richard 350 Weaver, B 29 Weaver, Benjamin J 336 Weaver, Bennett 57 Webb, Edgar 188 Webb, Kermit M 53,330 Webber, Albert 352 Webber, Jack K 330 Weber, Frederick Arthur 53 332 Weber, Howard F ' 348 Weber, M 370 Weber, Raymond N 134 Weber, Walter J 58,282 Webster, R. W 310 Wechsler, Doris 376 Weckler, James 34S Wedge, Donald E 78, 87 Weeks, William F 184 Weesner, George 83, 238, 246, 330 Wehner, Ann 374 Weichsel, Hans 82, 329 Weidig, Thomas A 246,308 Weidlein, Sally Lou ...320,385 Weidman, Hubert 227 Weil, Barbara Jane 53,376 Wein, Karl J 78, 85,342 Weinaug, Charles F. 68, 78, 80, 84 Weinberg, Sidney E 356 Weiner, Jack 341 Weingerg, Sidney E 237 Weinman, Edward ....188,360 Weinstock, David Ralph 53, 345 Weinstock, Harold B 346 Weinstein, Howard Harold 53 Weir, Leroy 307 Weisberg, Howard 356 Weisinger, Herbert 235 Weisman, Avery 176, 187 Weisman, Bernard 341 Weisman, Robert 366 Weismann, Florence Rita . . 53 Weisner, George W 246 Weiss, Arthur B 344 Weiss, Bertram 237, 353 Weiss, Leo A 78, 85 Weiss, Leo G 150 Weiss, Marion 320, 375 Weissman, Bernard ...131,134 Weissman, Helen 376 Welch, Elizabeth 380 Welch, James 359 Welch, Julea Ann 54 Welch, P. S 29 Weld, Hugh 183, 365 Welfare, D. C 157, 158, 160 Weller, Albert L 365 Weller, Anthony 122, 241 Weller, Carl V 174, 184 Wellington, Ruth 256 Wellmcn, Hugh 332 Wellman, Nelson 341 Wells, Prof. Carlton F. 244 Wells, Clifford P., Jr 54 Welsh, Herbert D 185 Welsh, James 302 Welsh, Julia Ann 390 Weltman, Hugh 255 Welton, David G 335 Wendeiken, Harold 183 Wendell, Walter H. 54, 255, 334 Wendt, John A. F 348 Wenger, C. N 66 Werry, Benjamin H. ...87, 327 Wesley, Charles 254 Wessels, Robert R. 175, 181, 184 Wessinger, Leslie J 360 West, Leonard R 331 West, R. M 358 Westbrook, Philip 242 Westcott, Rosalia 321 Westendorf, Madeline 256, 270, 375 Westerman, George D 355 Weslie, Helen 391 Westra, Peter 93, 194 Westrcte, Yvonne 320, 331 Wetter, Edward 54,199 Welters, Betty Lou 315 Weymouth, Colin 364 Wheat, Barbara C 382 Wheat, Mary 54, 382 Wheaton, Robert L 360 Wheeler, Benjamin W. 244, 329 Wheeler, C. D 89,337 Wheeler, Mary Ellen ..227,382 Wheeler, Morris C 330 Wheeler, M. W 333 Wheeler, Richard C 327 Wheeler, Wallace G. 78, 87, 330 Whetsell, Erie 58, 337 Whipple, Ford 368 Whipple, Herbert F 333 Whitcomb, Charles Everett 54 White, A. E 66, 86, 328, 345 White, Mrs. Albert 121 White, A. H 86, 328, 352 White, A. N 66 White, Arnold ....122, 237,338 White, C. B 334 White, Dale 152 White, Dolas 345 White, Elizabeth Laverack 54, 268, 315, 320 White, Frank A 101 White, G. 352 White, Kirk 336 White, L. A 29, 225 Whitehead, Barry F. ...54,361 Whitehead, Emmet 337 Whitehead, William C. . . . 54 Whitehorn, William 181 Whitehouse, Walter 183 Whitely, Clarence Moore 78, 83, 333 Whitely, Robert K 3 " 55 Whitker, Margaret F 382 Whitlock, Robert J 333 Whitman, Elmer L 147,151 Whitman, George S 331 Whitman, J. Farrell 334 Whitney, Allen S 109, 333 Whitney, Clarence W 224 Whitney, Donald 122, 368 Whitney, Doris S. 175, 181, 182 Whittemore, Charles P. .78,354 Whittemore, Hale 308 Whittemore, Harlow O. . . 97 Whittemore, Margaret .230,384 Whitz, Adam A 340 Wickes, Mary R 54,386 Wickman, L. A 160 Wicks, C. James 363 Wicks, John H 112 Widdecombe, William 329 Wiedman, Dorothy 381 Wieneke, John R 78 Wiener, Martin Z 351 Wier, William 184 Wierengo, Duncan 329 Wiesner, Edna A 54 Wiesner, Jerome B 245 Wiest, Fred N. 117, 118, 120, 123,248 Wigen, Frederick E 245 Wight, Howard M 141 Wight, Marian 377 Wigod, Milton 54 Wikle, Robert 350 Wilber, Cornelia B 181 Wilcox, Benjamin T 112 Wilcox, Harry H., Jr 54 Wilcox, Jack 243 Wilcox, Johnston H 54,361 Wilcox, Willard 1 330 Wilder, Rex C 29, 118 Wile, Richard 366 Wile, Udo J 174, 184 Wileo, James H 134, 355 Wiley, Joe 144 Wilk, Marcia 376 Wilkie, Alexander C 331 Wilkie, James S 85 Wilkie, John B 331 Wilkie, John C 348 Wilkinson, A. C 357 Wilkinson, C 186 Wilkinson, Frank R., Jr. ... 54 Wilkinson, James 302, 357 Wilks, Esther R 181 Wilkus, James 346 Willard, H. H 29, 328, 337 Willard, Robert 368 Willens, Harvey 233, 351 Williams, Alfred 236,354 Williams, Anna J 381 Williams, Dorothy M 101 Williams, Edward T 185 Williams, Eleanor 385 Williams, Grace L 54 Williams, Howard J 87,363 Williams, J. Kenneth 85 Williams, Lyle K 112,258 Williams, Marjory J. ...101,384 Williams, Mentor L 398 Williams, Mildred A. ..232,254 Williams, N. H 29,340 Williams, Russell 1 78, 87 Williamson, Lowell H 85 Williamson, Margaret L. . . 54 Williamson, Maxine 388 Willis, Samuel S 149, 150 Willis, Warrington R. ...54,254 Willison, Charles J 343 Willmeng, Lumon E 151 Wills, Ann 383 Wills, James C. .87,89,240,362 Willson, J. R 186 Wilmarth, Harold C., Jr. 82, 338 Wilson, Donald G 342 Wilson, Ella R 54 Wilson, Frank N 174, 184 Wilson, Frederick W 185 Wilson, Grace E. 117, 123, 245, 265, 268, 269, 275 Wilson, Harriett 165 Wilson, Helen 370 Wilson, Jane 374 Wilson, Rhoda M 54,395 Wilson, Russell E 54 Wilson, V. N 160 Winchell, Robert 143 Winchell, Sterling F. ...78, 87 Windsor, Robert 334 Windt, Valentine 207 Wingert, Leonard 346 Winkelman, Sheridan S. . . . 353 Winkler, H. G 152 Winkler, James 337 Winn, Norbert 143, 250 Winnacker, Rudolph A. ... 359 Winnai, Ethel 320 Winslow, Sherwood B. .188,357 Winter, J. G 29 Winter, Robert J 329 Winter, Ted 366 Winters, Ann 333 Wirtchafter, Donald 234, 246, 365 Wise, Harry D., jr 54,336 Wiseman, Peg 256 Wisler, C. 66, 86, 236 Wisler, John F 79, 37 Wismer, Carrie 229,394 Wisner, Karl 57 Wistert, Albert A 345,370 Wistert, Francis ...131,134,345 Witschieben, Douglas 241 Wittliff, William W. ...246, 334 Wixson, Richard C 185 Wolaver, Earl S 154 Wolcott, Frederick 79,85,364 Wold, Julia 245 Wolf, Charles C 79,343 Wolf, Paul F 54,244,245 Wolf, Van J 84 Wolfe, James 368 Wolfe, Robert 79, 86, 205, 245, 364 Wolfson, M ' .. 82 Wolfston, Carl 237,338 Wolgcmot, John C. 175, 181, 183, 190 Wolin, Jack 258,351 Wolton, Howard L 134 Wolverines 310 Women ' s Athletic Assn. ... 315 Wood, Alberta 214, 384 Wood, A. E 29 Wood, Arthur E 342 Wood, Harold 253, 354, 363 Wood, Prof. William 204 Wood, William M 365 Wood, W. P 66,328,365 Wood, William W 354 Woodward, Austin R 342 Woodburn, J. A 347 Woodburne, R. T 338 Woodford, G. M 160 Woodison, John 54,353 Woodruff, Margaret 232, 275, 387 Woodruff, Owen E 54 Woods, Arthur 84, 350 Woods, Damon C 343 Woods, James F, 54 Woods, John 368 Woodward, Richard M. ... 224 Woodworth, James 345 Woodworth, Philip 54, 262, 282, 345 Woody, Clifford 103, 343 Woolcrd, Henry W 85 Woolcott, Alexander 206 Wooley, Boris S 333 Woolsey, Steve 88 Woolsey, William S. 79, 87, 258, Warden, C. C Worden, Waite W Work, W. P Worley, J. S 86, Worrell, W. H Worthing, L. Wilson 79, Worthington, Richard Worzniak, Joseph Wozniak, Terese 54, Wraith, Alton P Wreford, William B Wright, Edwin M 181, Wright, Erie J Wright, Marion 227, Wright, Paul A Wright, William Wrigley, Walter Wu, William O Wubbena, Florence Wunsch, Ellis A Wurster, Elizabeth Wurster, John H. 79, 80, 86, Wylkie, John Wyman, Crosby Wynes, Maurice C. 175, 181, Wynstra, John 54,244, Wyvern 214, 307 184 ' 54 V 184 357 29 365 118 245 255 361 355 134 361 229 134 186 337 175 166 348 254 245 118 332 183 245 267 ' Yager, John 337 Yager, Joseph A 337 Yamagiwa, Mrs. Hanalso.. 218 Yantis, John M 79,87,345 Yasaitis, J 370 Yearnd, William H., Jr. 55, 58, 258, 306, 345 Yee, Jewett 83 Yenni, Donald M 79 Yepson, Roger 230, 329 Yetzer, William J 186 Yntema, Hessel E 130 Yockum, Clarence S. 20, 192, 347 Yoakum, Mrs. Clarence . . . 121 Yoder, Doris H 55, 272 Yoder, Keith 347 Yokom, Robert W 340 Yost, Fielding H. 109, 262, 282, 312, 357 Yost, Mrs. Fielding 121 Yost, Fielding H., Jr 336 Young, Betty 384 Young, Donald A 345 Young, Elizabeth Ridgway 55, 86 Young, Emerson W 79 Young, Florence 255,387 Young, Jack 90 Young, John G. ..79,86,87,245 Young, Leigh J 141 Young, L. J 3: Young, Mary Anne 381 Young, Robert 87, 90 Young, Robert S 79,86,245 Yoxall, Mildred 275 Yu, Poe-Eng 181,182 Yung, Pei L 85 Zack, William 246 Zackheim, Heaskel 187 Zahnow, Orland C 85,331 Zaiser, Virginia M 112,395 Zckrajsek, William 149,152 Zapp, Barbara 245 Zarafonetis, Chris J. D 185 Zawocki, Chester 364 Zeller, Henry 360 Zeta Beta Tau 366 Zeta Psi 367 Zeta Tau Alpha 391 Zewadski, Wm. K., Jr. 134, 247, 257, 353 Zheutlin, Bertram 344 Zienty, Mitchell E 328 Ziff, Kctherine 389 Zimmer, M. E 160,370 Zimmerman, Donald ...143,362 Zimmerman, Harold L. ... 55 Zimmerman, Lillian 230 Zimmerman, Louise 391 Zimmerman, Paul B 355 Zimmerman, Ralph E., Jr. . 348 Zimmerman, Robert E 134 Zimmerman, Ruth 213 Zimny, Zygmunt S 79, 84 Zindler, Dorothy J. ..55,260,394 Zittel, Redfiald 118,251 Zuehlke, Carl W 328 Zuehlke, Arthur J 337 Zuidema, Gertrude 254 Zuris, Paul 79,86,87,245 Zwick, Charles L 117 Page 432 CAMPUS AND BUILDINGS UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN v - '

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