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V3 : - " -, PRt5E:NTING K)R ' A MICHIGANEN5IAN - " v;: . w ,vi 4i rffe5fK v- ?r;K v : THIS Is VOLUME 42 5 WAN COVtR RIPPING ttUMOR AND IT Is COPYRIGHTED JOHN M c fATL T . IR.VIN6 MATHDY3 MANAGING tDITOR BU5INK5 MANAGtR ILLUSTRATED BY AUGUST- -J. SMITH BE-NTON URM5TON LUDtRS-C.CLIPFORD from the id itor Realizing that a yearbook cannot be a success unless it satisfies those for whom it is published, the 1938 Michiganensian has attempted to fulfill the desires of two groups: the student body of today and the alumni of tomorrow. In order to accomplish this purpose we have presented a book which is not only complete in its portrayal of one year of a student ' s life at Michigan but which is set forth in such a manner that it will not prove monotonous as years lend sobriety to our ideas. March 31, 1938 JOHN E. McFATE CONTENTS PART 1 5CE:NIC5 : - PADT Z UN JV R5I TY PART 3 CO PART PART 6 AT - uae t ll r r y ; . i m sj. 4 i " iB . x. ' ll.i t , f I I I -- - I I irir I I I n Ill aw i I II II l l ul attt r A ' I tckuecl ute eaaue . j Sr . eqc J Literary Engineering flrchitecture (Ilusic Education Lam Business fldministration forestry nursing trie Hlhetsell Jean Drake David Laing ' . ' ; ;J ' ' ' ' .-. ' ... , ' :, " : ' . ' ' -I ' - ' Sr. ' X ' ' H-: ' ;- ' ' ; I ' " ' ' . ' : : ; - ; ;v ; ' , : ' -:- ' 1, ttnet PRESIDENTS HENRY P. TAPPAN . . . 1852-1863 ERASTUS O. HAVEN . . . 1863-1871 JAMES B. ANGELL . . . . 1871-1910 HARRY B. HUTCfflNS . . 1910-1920 MARION L. BURTON . . . 1920-1925 CLARENCE C. LITTLE 1925-1929 . r. _:d service to the- Univelsity ftissideni ;. .re 1929, he has seer, the iJtifversity : progress into one of the out- sianc: - institutions :: :::- :::nd in ih ' e country Hk( z road vision DOS been a so-_: faion tc s:u dents " and faculty alike. His words, uttered in speeches the country .over, have received ' the attention of thinkers everywhere. Truly, the ten years of your a mir;:. . " .sve been years ::: " r:c-:e;s and v. e hcncr President Alexander Grant Ruthven. Page 25 S IIRLEY W. SMITH Vice-I esident and Secretary HERBERT G. WATKINS Assistant Secretary CLARENCE S. YOAKUM Vice-President IRA M. SMITH Registrar Page 26 ALICE C. LLOYD Dean of Women JOSEPH H. BUI (LEY Dean of Stud its WILFRED B. SHAW Director of Alumni Relations JAMES D. BRUCE Vice-President Page 27 Standing Elliott, Smith, Shields Seated Beal, Crowley, Cook, Cram, Rulhven, Lynch, Hemans MEMBERS ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN, President SHIRLEY W. SMITH, Vice-President and Secretary HON. JUNIUS E. BEAL HON. FRANKLIN M. COOK HON. ESTHER M. CRAM HON. DAVID H. CROWLEY HON. CHARLES F. HEMANS HON. JOHN D. LYNCH HON. EDMUND C. SHIELDS HON. RALPH STONE HON. EUGENE B. ELLIOTT, State Superintendent The Constitution of the State of Michigan establishes the Board of Regents as the Corporation of the Univer- sity of Michigan and commits to them the general super- vision and entire control of its funds. Since they are elected by a general vote of the people an independent government is assured. This independence has proven a most important factor in assuring the University free- dom of action in developing consistent educational pol- icies. Page 28 oiieae i cience " Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the hap- piness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged. " IGELLHfllL Page 30 COLLEGE Of LiraiURE. SCIENCE, fll THE ITS The College of Literature. .Se:?:.:? and foe A:-; ;-.wes its existence to a legis- -. - lative act under wh:. steplishad in 1837. Through the pro- cess of evolution and liberalism, which included : the, introduction of many new subjects, the first entrance of women in 1870, and |he. raising of many new build- ings, the college has arrived at its present state of development. The student ' s work covers the broad field of general study " embodying many subjects, rather than the strict concentration of the professional schools. The school tends to give the prospective graduate a broad, liberal education that is so necessary in to- day ' s scheme of life. DEAN EDWARD H. KRAUS Truly a scholar and educator is Dean Ed- ward H. Kraus. He graduated from Syra- cuse University in 1897 with an M. S. de- gree. In 1901 he received his Ph. D. degree at Munich, Germany. He became Director :: :he College of Pharmacy in 1920 and served until 1933 when he resigned to be- come Dean of the Literary College. In the interim between 1920 and 1934, Syracuse niversity honored him by conferring on the degrees of Sc. D. and LL. D. Since 1933 he has served faithfully and ably as Dean of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Page 31 " I asked for the ' Liberty ' not the ' Five Foot Shell. ' " " I ' ll meet you ' under the clock ' at eleven. " " Buy your Daily, Garg, and Ensian today. ' Page 32 9 9 Houston. Pierce, and Cole get that prorerbial " lift " before the next class. The mysteries ol cytology are herein unfolded. " I saw stars, ' er the moon. ' r something. H. F. ADAMS Prof, of Psycholoqy R. G. ADAMS Director of William Clements Library A. S. AITON Prof, of History R. C. ANGELL Prof, of Sociology W. E. BACHMANN Assoc. Prof, of Organic Chemistry E. F. BARKER Prof, of Physics H. H. BARTLETT Prof, of Botany I. W. BRADSHAW Prof, of Mathematics S. L. BIGELOW Prof. Emeritus of General and Physical Chemistry L. I. BREDVOLD Prof, of English W. E. BLAKE Assoc. Prof, of Greek A. W. BROMAGE Assoc. Prof, of Political Science A. E. BOAK Prof, of Ancient Historv E. S. BROWN Prof, of Political Science CAMPBELL BONNER Prof, of Greek I. L. BRUMM Prof, of Journalism W. H. BUTTS Prof. Emeritus of Mathematics L. I. CARR Assoc. Prof, of Sociology H. C. CARVER Prof, of Mathematics Page ?4 E. C. CASE Pi of. of Historical Geology and Paleontology I. M. CORK Prof, of Physics CHOOL PROFESSORS H. W. COWDEN V. W. CRANE Prof, of American History A. L. CROSS Prof, of English History H. D. CURTIS Prcl of Astronomv B. M. DAVIS Prof, of Botanv G. E. DENSMORE Assoc. Prof, of Speech L R. DICE .-= Z. E. DICKINSON .-::: :: I- - S. D. DODGE Assoc. Prof, of Geography B. M. DONALDSON Assoc. Prof, of Fine Arts E. W. DOW Prof, of European History O. S. DUFFENDACK Prof, of Phvsks W. B. FORD -- ' . :: ' ' i-:. D. L. DTJMOND A f = : r : : : : : r_ 5 : C.C. FRIES Prof, of English I. E. DUNLAP Asacc. Prof, of Latin and Greek F. M. GA1GE Assoc. Prof, of Zoolcgy G. M. EHLERS Assoc. Prof, of Geoloa% I. W. GLOVER Rrof. of Mathematics L. M. EICH Assoc. Prof, cf Speech and Sec. of Summer Session M. GOMBERG Prof. Emeritus of Organic Chemi9tr - r = -- S. A. GRAHAM Prof, of Economic Zoology E. L. GRIGGS Assoc. Prof, of English F. G. GUSTAFSON Assoc. Prof, of Botany M. L. HANDMAN Prof, of Economics C. E. GUTHE Director of University Museums J. R. HAYDEN Prof, of Political Science C. H. GRIFFITTS Prof, of Psychology W. HABER Prof, of Economics T. H. HILDEBRANDT Prof, of Mathematics I. A. HILDNER Assoc. Prof, of German W. H. HOBBS Prof. Emeritus of Geology fl R. D. HOLLISTER Assoc. Prof, of Speech W. R. HUMPHREYS Prof, of English W. F. HUNT Prof, of Petrology R. C. HUSSEY Assoc. Prof, of Geology P. E. JAMES Prcf. of Geoaraphv MYRA JORDAN Dean Emeritus of Women L. C. KAHPINSKI Prof, of Mathematics H. A. KENYON Assoc. Prof, of Spanish C. D. LaRUE Assoc. Prof, of Botany G. R. LaRUE Prof, of Zoology Page 36 ; A. O. LEE Modern Languages 01 PflOKSSOflS G. A. LINDSAY Prof, of Physics T. S. LOVERING B. D. McKENZIE - Geology Prcf. of Sociology D. B. MCLAUGHLIN Assoc. Prof, of Astronomy w. A. MCLAUGHLIN Assoc. Prof, of Romance Languages K. McMURRY apfay C. L. MEADER Prof, of General Linguistics 1 C. F. MEYER Assoc. Prof, of Physics H. W. NORDMEYER Prof, of German P. OKKELBERG Prof, of Zoology M. S. PARGMENT ?::: :: ? D. H. PARKER i Philosophy W. A. PATON Prof, of Economics S. PETERSON Assoc. Prof, of Economics W. B. PILLSBUHY Prof, of Psychology J. K. POLLOCK H. T. PRICE H. M. RANDALL Prof, of Physics I. S. REEVES Prof, of American Institutions E. REIGHARD Prof. Emeritus of Zoology Page 37 I. R. REINHARD Prof, of English LITERflfiy SCHOOL W. G. RICE Prof, of English D. L. RICH Assoc. Prof, of Physics H. A. SANDERS Prof, of Latin R. A. SAWYER Prof, of Physics C. S. SCHOEPFLE Prof, of Organic Chemistry I. W. SCHOLL Assoc. Prof, of German I. D. SCOTT Prof, of Physiographical Geology W. W. SLEATOR Assoc. Prof, of Phvsics W. G. SMEATON Prof, of General and Physical Chemistry W. R. TAYLOR Prof, of Botany C. D. THORPE Prof, of English R. W. SELLARS Prof, of Philosophy A. W. SMITH Prof, of Physics M. P. TILLEY Prof, of English I. L. SHARFMAN Prof, of Economics L. A. STRAUSS Prof, of English Language and Literature T. C. TRUEBLOOD Prof. Emeritus of Public Speaking N. SINAI Prof, of Hygiene and Public Health R. TALAMON Assoc. Prof, of French L. G. VANDER VELDE Assoc. Prof, of History Page J8 C. B. VIBBERT Prof, of Philosophy LITtfififiy SCHOOL PROFESSORS C. P. WAGNER Prof, of Spanish F. B. WAHR Prof, of German W. H. WAIT Prof. Emeritus of Modem Languages E. A. WALTER Assoc. Prof, of English L. WATERMAN Prof, of Semitics L. L. WATKINS Prof, of Economics B. WEAVER Assoc. Prof, of English P. S. WELCH Prof, of Zoology L. A. WHITE Assoc. Prof, of Anthropology R. L. WILDER Prof, of Mathematics H. H. WttLARD Prof, of Analytical Chemistry N. H. WILLIAMS Prof, of Physics J. G. WINTER Prof, of Latin Language and Literature A. E. WOOD Prof, of Sociology W. H. WORRELL Prof, of Semitics Page 39 SENIOR CLflSS OFFICERS Farmer Crosman Johnston Centner SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Douglas Farmer PRESIDENT Shirl Crosman VICE-PRESIDENT {Catherine Johnston .... SECRETARY Bill Centner . TREASURER EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Frank Lapick Arnold Friedman Jo Hartley Herb Gibbs Helen Neberley SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE Marney Coe Mary Johnson Wilbur Alderman Margaret Myers Sam Krugliak COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE Wally Ladd Ruth Friedman Betty Loughborough Mary Huntington Paul Kane Page 40 Bow 1 Speicher . Glidden. Griffiths, Gustofson. Campbell. Steinberg, Bradley. Ritchie. Bow 2 Simpson, Frazier, Graham. Fabello. Smith. Pederson, Quick. Cummiskey. Row 3 Gibbs, Wilsher. Coolidge. Cooper. Brewer. Weeks. McCann. Robert Cooper . Donald Wilsher Frank Coolidge OFFICERS PRESIDENT (ARCH-DRUID) VICE-PRESIDENT (VICE ARCH DRUID) SECRETARY (SENECA) TREASURER (HOARDER OF THE FUNDS) HONORARY MEMBERS Arthur L. Cross Ray E. Fisher Morris F. Tilley Carl G. Brandt Joseph L. Davis Walter J. Weber Robert Cooper Donald Wilsher r - Donald Brewer Walker Graham John Speicher r : rVaadM ;.-.-;. ' ' : : : - = - " MEMBERS Robert Simpson MOUBBD - ' - . . ' " ' Hannon . = .-. = - Stark Ritchie Jack Gustafson George Quick _ ,--;--_ iv William Griffiths Burt Smith John Fabello Merle Kramer Bob Weeks Dean Glidden Thomas McCann Manuel Sla vin - : - ; - pdBnon Herbert Gibbs William Spaller Plage 11 ' V ' -- ' 1 " ' rtl- , w i V r ' J t.. . . j. _ ...- ... RAYMOND MICHAEL ABRAMS A.B. Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. JAMES ADAMS A.B. Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Phi Kappa Psi. JOHN I. ADAMS A.B. Marshall Town, Iowa. Sigma Nu. VERA MAY ADAMS A.B. Saqinaw, Michigan. Jordan Hall, Assembly Delegate (3). WILLIAM FRANK AIGLER A.B. Bellevue, Ohio. Sigma Phi, Political Science Club (4), Track Team (3), (4), Play Production (3), (4). MARY ELIZABETH ALBRIGHT A.B. Lakewood, Ohio. Martha Cook, Pi Lambda Theta Assembly. JOHN ALDEN A.B. Maplewood, N. J. Zeta Psi, Scimitar, Scabbard and Blade. WILBUR ALDERMAN A.B. Port Chester, N. Y. Phi Beta Delta, Senior Ball Comm. (4). RUTH BAILEY ALLDERIGE A.B. Ml. Lebanon, Pitts., Pa. Gamma Phi Beta, Choral Union (1) (2), University Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4). JANET DERBY ALLINGTON A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Collegiate Sorosis, Alpha Kappa Delta (4), Wyvern (3), Mortarboard (4), Central Comm. J.G.P., Sec. League (4), Stanley Chorus (2) (3), Choral Union (3) (4). MABEL ELIZABETH ALLISON A.B. Aliguippa, Pa. Jordan Hall, Jordan House Council (2) (3) (4), Pres. (4), W.A.A. Board (2), Orientation Adviser (3). ELLIOTT BRYCE ALPERN B.S. Highland Park, Mich. Sigma Alpha Mu, Junior Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Daily, Math. Club (3). KENNETH WILLIAM ALTMAN A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Theta Xi, Soph Prom (2), Floor Comm., Union (2). MIRIAM ALTMAN A.B. Mt. Clemens, Michigan. ELIZABETH M. ANDERSON A.B. Salt Lake City, Utah. Theta Sigma Phi, Freshman Pageant Comm., Publicity Comm. J.G.P. (3), Daily women ' s staff (2) (3), Sports ' Staff (3) (4), Crop and Saddle (2) (3) (4), Tennis Club (2) (3), Hockey (1), Publicity Mgr., W.A.A. (2) (3), Athena (3) (4), Choral Union (1). WILLIAM FRANK ANDERSEN A.B. Oak Park, Illinois. Sigma Chi. JOSEPH PHILIP ANDRIOLA A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phi Kappa, Contemporary (1), Michigan Daily (2), Comedy Club (1), French Club (2). MARY KATHRYN ANDRUS A.B. Lansing, Michigan. Delta Delta Delta, Freshman Project (1), Soph Cabaret (2), J.G.P. (3), Ensian(l)(2)(3), Women ' s Bus. Mgr. (4), Basketball, Hockey, Crop and Saddle (2) (3) (4), League Soc. Comm. (2) (3). ELEANOR CHRISTINE ANIBAL A.B. Bloomfield, Maryland. Kappa Kappa Gamma. ALVORD NATHAN ANNAS A.B. DeKalb, Illinois. Northern Illinois State Teachers ' Coll. (1)(2). ROBERT LEWIS ANTHONY A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Kappa Kappa Psi (3) (4), Varsity Band (1) (2) (3) (4). WILSON BUTLER ARCHER A.B. Baltimore, Maryland. Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade. HOWARD ARK A.B. Rochester, N. Y. Phi Sigma Delta, Interfraternity Council Staff (2) (3), Comm. Interfrat. Ball (3). HARRY ARLASKY A.B. Binghamton, N. Y. Football (1). Page 42 HELEN LOUISE ARNEH Frosh Project (1). ret (2). J.G.P. (3). House Reception Comm. (1) 2) (3), Vice Pres. League (4), Orientatian Comm. (2) (3) (4). CHARLES M. ARONSOHN A.B. New Yo:k, N. Y. ?ma Delta, Daily (1), Union (2). JAMES BYRON ASHLEY ' u 3iqma rppaPhi. CHARLES BYRON AVEHY A.E. Duge. Michigan. ' ELIZABETH PRIDE AYRES Ann Arbor, Michigan. Society (4), n (2). S.C.A. Cabinet. MARGARET ANN AYEHS A.B. j rr. :: Phi ?? ' :: _-. ' : --30 ; (4), m (3), League Theatre romrn. (2) (3), League Social Comm. (2) (3). - crte Team (3) (4), -ration Comm. (3) (4), Treas. Mich. League (4). GUSTAV FRETJND BAER Zeta Beta Tan Phi Eta Sigma. ROBERT STOLTE BAILEY O. f ' m JARMILA HELEN BAR B.S. Detroit, Michigan. Jordan Hall, Sigma Alpha Iota, Highland Park Junior College (11(2). BARBARA ELLEN BALE A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Martha Cook. ELINOR BALE A.B. in Psychology Shaker Heights, Ohio. Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Kappa Delia (3) (4), Phi Kappa Phi (4), Swimmer ' s Club (2) (3), Hockey (2), Basketball (2), Sec. Mosher House Council (4), J.G.P. Ticket Comm. (3). MARJORIE ELEANOR BALE B.A. in Journalism Detroit, Michigan. Gargoyle (2), Soph Cab. (2). VIRGINIA ELLEN BANNING A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Basketball and Women ' s Swimming Club, Adelia Cheever House, Pres. (4). JOSEPH LAURENCE BARASA A.B. Chicago, Illinois. Phi Delta Theta Football (1) (2) (3). JAMES WILLIAM BARCO A .B. Benton Harbor, Michigan. Delta Upsilon. Phi Eta Sigma, Le Cercle Francois (3) (4), Chun. Music Comm. Interfratemity Ball (3). Union (1) (2), Interfratemity Council (2) (3). MELVIN BAHNETT A.B. Chicago, Illinois. Sigma Alpha Mu. MISCHA DANIEL BAROWSIY A.B. Holyoke, Massachusetts. Tennis (2). HELEN JANE BARB A.B. Cleveland, Ohio. Zeta Phi Eta (2), Pres. (3). Senior Society (4), Play Production (2), House Board, Helen Newberry (2), Soc. Chrm. (1), J.G.P. (3). JOSEPH FRANCIS HARTLEY , IB. A.B. Peoria, Illinois. Chi Psi. PHYLLIS JANE BAUER A.B. Rockiord, Illinois. Alpha Chi Omega, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. Pan-Hellenic Assoc. CHARLOTTE VIRGINIA BAXTER A.B. Charlotte, N. Carolina. Alpha Omicron Pi, Ensian (1)(2)(3), League Merit System Comm. (2) (3), Awards Chrm. W.A.A. (3), Soph Cabaret Comm. (2), J.G.P. Comm. (3). ELIZABETH HULL BAXTER A.B. Detroit. Michigan. Delta Gamma, Mortar Board (4), Daily Bus. S.aff (1)(2)(3), J.G.P. Makeup Chrm. (3), Orientation (3), Transfer Chrm. (4), League Fair Gen ' l. Chrm. (4), Soc. Comm. (1) (2), A.B. in Jiurnalism Jackson, Michigan. CHARLES WILLAHD BARKDULL GEORGE WATSON BAYLIS A.B. Ionia, Michigan. Lambda Chi Alpha. Alpha Nu of Kappa Phi Sigma. Michigan Daily. (1) (2). Page 43 BETH BAZANT A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Michigan. Helen Newberry. MARK BEACH Ferndale, Michigan. Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Daily (1). BETTY BECHERER Westfield, N. J. Mosher Hall. JOHN I. BECK A.B. Ottawa Lake, Michigan. RALPH E. BEEKER A.B. Saginaw, Michigan. Hermitage. ELIZABETH JANE BEHLER A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Choral Union (3) (4). WILLIAM HENRY BEIERWALTES A.B. Saginaw, Michigan. Phi Chi. STUART ROSS BELL A.B. Cheboygan, Michigan. CAROLYN L. BELTRAMINI A.B. Birmingham, Michigan. Gamma Phi Beta, Sec. of Pan-Hellenic (4), Choral Union (2) (3) (4), University Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3) (4), Sec. of League (4), Soc. Comm. (3) (4), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. (3). RAY BENTALL B.S. Grand Rapids, Michigan. MARGARET E. BENTLEY A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Daily (1) (2), J.G.P., League Theatre and Arts Comm. CARL ALFRED BENZ A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. HANS WALTER BERG M.A. Varel, Germany. German Exchange Student. v b F ' MARTHA MILLER BERRY B.S. Oil City, Pennsylvania. Mosher House Council (3) (4), Crop and Saddle (3) (4), Archery Club (3), J.G.P., Soph Cabaret, Assembly Banquet (3). RUTH ADELAIDE BERTSCH A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Chi Omega, Senior Society, Central Comm. J.G.P., Pres. Class (3), Choral Union (2) (3) (4), League Orientation (3) (4), Theatre Arts (4), House Reception Comm. (3). ERNEST A. BICKELL, JR. B.S. in Zoology Nutley, New Jersey. Progressive Club. EDWARD S. BIGGER A.B. Kansas City, Missouri. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Eta Sigma. RICHARD EDWARD BILBIE B.A. Ann Arbor, Michigan. fcl MARJORY ELLEN BISHOP B.S. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Iota Sigma Pi. DAVID ANDREW BLACK A.B. Dearborn, Michigan. Alpha Kappa Lambda. Band (3) (4). EDMUND ROBERT BLASKE A.B. (Law ' 40 comb, course, Niles, Michigan. Phi Eta Sigma. FREDERICK ARTHUR BLASS A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania. Delta Upsilon. MARY ERNESTINE BLODGETT Detroit, Michigan. Collegiate Sorosis. J.G.P. , Soph Cabaret. STELLA MURIEL BLUM A.B. Pelham, N. Y. Betsy Barbour House. Page 44 ROBERT CHARLES BOEBEL Snyder, New York. ' --:-. : ; -- -:- ' - JANE BOGIN MARJORY LOUISE BOLGEB A.B. : : : H...; . .-..:. : ;.-.:::.-. .- Phi Kappa PM. Pan- HeUenic Ball Comm. Theatre Arts Comm. League. JAMES HAYWOHTH BOLIN A.B. : ;:r: :r. : :.:. ;:. LOUISE ELIZABETH BOLITHO .-. : ' . " .: ' --- ' ' " . . : .-. - Ensian Bos. Staff (3) (4). Soph. ---: -- ' i-.,:-. Union (2), Merit System Comm. (3) (4). I.G.P. ROWLAND PARES BOLTON A.B. r.:-:- - : ' :r T . : ' ' _ Wrestling (1). FLOYD ALDEN BOND A :- ' r ' - - : : ' . : : : :.-.;.-; :.: I :.-.:.;: JEAN ELLEN BONISTEEL .-. -- L - .- . . - ' . - - .--.: - .:,- Ensian (1). Badminton (2) (3). Tennis (2) (3), Sec. Comm. (I) (2) (3) (4). Orientation Comm. (2) (4). .-..-. E:::; : r :-: - . - .-:: -:- : . ji : .- Political Science Club (4). I.G.P. (3). A f 1 MADGE ADELIA BOOTH A.B. Flint. Michigan. CHRISTINE C. BRADSHAW A.B. Beaver, Pennsylvania. Gamma Phi Beta. ELIZABETH ANNE BODLT Sault Ste Marie. Michigan. Helen Newberry Res., Glee Club. GEORGE ROBERTS BOWDEN Delta Sigma Pi. MARY HELEN BOWMAN A.B. Richmond, Michigan. Helen Newbeny. Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi tajnk - . --- JOSEPHINE BOYCE Michigan. . " - : : - A - : r - . .-. i - J.G.P.. Theatre Arts Comm.(4X BARBARA HOULT BRADFIELD A.B. 3: md r ;: ..: :. ' _.:.-..: -r.. Delta Gamma. Mortarboard, Sac. Delta Sigma Rho, Spring Parley Executive Comm- (3) (4). Varsity Debate Team (3) (4), I.G.P.. League House-Reception Comm. (3). League Merit System Comm. (3). Chrm. 4), ROBERT S. BRADLEY .- ;..-- - ?:-.: 3 .- = Delta Until Basketball Mar. (2) (3) (4), Michigan Athletic Mar ' s. OabM. RODGERS A. BRADLEY Lockport. New York. N1SSLEY BRANDT A.B. Hamburg, New York. Helen Newberry Res.. Kcppa Tau Alpha. Treas., Vice Pres. Theta Sigma Phi. Chi Omega Sociology Award. Sigma Delta Chi Scholarship Award, Choral Union (2) (3). LESTER BHAUSEH A.B. BuUuid. Pennsylvania. Daily (1) (2). Baseball (1) (2) (3) (4). JULIA ANNETTE BREED A.B. LyndonviUe, New York. BERENICE BRENN A.B Huntington, Indiana. Betsy Baibour House. DONALD C. BREWER Detroit, Michigan. Phi Delta Theta. Sphinx, Druids, teas. Basketball (1). Baseball (1) (2) (3). VIOLET IRENE BRODBECK A.B. South Bend, Indiana. Delta Delta Delta. Panorama (4), Crop aid Saddle (3) (4). League Comm. (4). E. FRED BROMUND B.S. in Zoology Chicago. Illinois. aa4y g-l V fe; . f j L WALTER BRONSTER A.B. Brooklyn, New York. ANNE TENNEY BROWN A.B. Galesburg, Illinois. Pi Beta Phi. HAROLD XING BROWN A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Phi Beta Delta. W. CHAIG BROWNE A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Nu Sigma Nu, Class V. Pres. (1). EDWARD FRANK BRUNA A.B. Chicago, Illinois. Lambda Chi Alpha. KATHER1NE LANE BUCKLEY A.B. Maplewood, New Jersey. Alpha Xi Delta, Pres. (4), Lantern Night (1), Freshman Project (1), W.A.A. Outdoor Sports Chrm. (2). LEWIS E. BULKELEY, JH. A.B. Oak Park, Illinois. Sigma Chi, Mich. Daily (1) (2), Military Ball Comm. (2), R.O.T.C. (1) (2) (3) (4). GEORGE BAY BUHNETTE A.B. Detroit, Michigan. FRANK NATHAN BURNS A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sigma Nu. W. McKINSTLY BURROUGHS A.B. Flint, Michigan. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Alpha Epsilon Mu, Glee Club (2) (3) (4), Choral Union (2). ROBERT LEE CALDWELL A.B. in Econ. Detroit, Michigan. Daily Staff (1), Glee Club (3), Choral Union (3), Cheer Leader (1). DOROTHY LOUISE CALLOWAY A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Omega Upsilon (2) (3). HOWARD MURRAY CAMPBELL A.B. Manistee, Michigan. Delta Tau Delta, Sphinx, Druids, Political Science Club (4), Union Exec. Council (3), Student Comm. (1) (2), Quadrangles (3) (4). MARY LILLIAN CAMPBELL A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Daily (1) (2). PHYLLIS JEAN CAMPBELL B.S. Detroit, Michigan. Alpha Omicron Pi. ROBERT HALSEY CAMPBELL A.B. Toledo, Ohio. Chi Psi, Ensian (1), Gargoyle (2). IRVING CARASHICK A.B. Norwich, Conn. ALBERT B. CARLISLE B.S. Port Huron, Mich. Chi Phi, Siqma Gamma Epsilon. MARGARET MARY CARLSON A.B. in Journalism Trumann, Arkansas. Alpha Gamma Delta, Theta Sigma Phi (3) (4). PHYLLIS OAKLEA F CAHH A.B. Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Chi Omega, La Sociedad Hispanica Sec. (4), J.G.P. JANET ELIZABETH CARVER A.B. Bay City, Michigan. Gamma Phi Beta, League Publicity Comm. (2) (3) (4), J.G.P. ALVIN IRVING CASSEL A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. 1 ALICE LOUISE CATON A.B. Port Huron, Michigan. HELEN C. CAYIA A.B. Manistique, Michigan. Chi Omega, Mich. Daily (3), Ensian (3), League Social Comm. J.G.P., Pan-Hellenic Ball (4), Penny Carnival (2). Page 46 WILLIAM ALBERT CENTNER A r r ? " .-: - " ' --: V- : : - :: Quadrangle (3) (4). (3), : jo Alumni Award in Spring Po: Exec. Crr. i. (2V. HORACE CHAITIN A.B. , Y. CALVIN B. CHAMBERLAIN sylTonia. SAMUEL MARTIN CHARIN I xec. Council (4). ELLEN BLANCHE CLANCY A.B. Hi Use Cook. JOHN CHESTER CLARK ' 3na. Alpha T;ru Omeaa. Mu of Kappa Phi, Sigma, Treas.(2) (3). Freshman Luncheon Club, Daily Bus. Staff (1)(2). MARION AIDA CLARK A.B. in German _-o, THiiKife -a Alpha. WILLIAM ORHIN CL0T I E -silon. Sec. A.S.C.E. DOROTHY ALICE CLOUDMAN A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Zeta Phi Eta, Gargoyle (2), Swimming Club (4), Soph Cabaret. LOIS JOYCE COBURN A.B. in Sociology Detroit. Michigan. Phi Sigma Sigma, Panorama (4). MARJORY JENNESS COE A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan. Delta Delta Delta Athena. Frosh Pageant, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. Merit Comm., Theatre Arts, Soph Prom Comm., Senior Ball Comm.. Stanley Chorus. ARTHUR G. COHEN Brooklyn, N. Y. Phi Beta Delta, Pres. (4), Track (1). Finance Comm. (2). HENRY RICHMOND COHEN A.B. in Chem. Brooklyn, N. Y. Tennis (4). HERBERT GEORGE COHEN A.R Brooklyn. N. Y. CAROL COLLINS A.B. Birmingham, Michigan. Collegiate Sorosis, J.G.P. FREDERICK ALBERT COLLINS A B Scsrsdale.N. Y. Delta Upsilon, Mich. Union (1) (2) (3), Exec. Comm. HIRAM NOHCUTT COLLINS A.R Grand Rapids, Michigan. Delta Kappa Epsilon. JAMES FREDERICK COLOMBO A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Sphinx (3). Michigamua (4), Senior Football Mgr. (4). CLINTON BEACH CONGER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sigma Phi, Sigma Delta Chi Political Science Club Michigan Daily (1) (2) (3) (4) Class Sec. (3), Mimes, Michigras Publicity (4), Centennial Publicity (4). RAYMOND MILLER CONRAD A.B. in Economics Louisville, Kentucky. Delta Sigma PL FHANK W. COOLIDGE. JH. A.B. Grosse Poin;e Park, Michigan. Trigon, Druids, (4). Alpha Nu Sec. (4), Ensian Bus. Staff (2), Organize .ions Mgr. (3) Vc rsity Band (2), Board in Control of Student Publications ROBERT EDWARD COOPER A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Phi Delta Theta, Sphinx, Druids, Football (2) (3). DOROTHY LOUISE COHSON A.B. Wilmington, Delaware. Delta Gamma. JEANNETTE CRAVEN A.B. Manistique, Michigan. Dramatics. PHYLLIS JANE CROSBY A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Gamma Phi Beta. SKIRL ELIZABETH CROSMAN A.B. Franklinville, N. Y. Gamma Phi Beta, J.G.P. (3), Class V. Pres. (4). HERBERT FRANCIS CROSS A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Baseball(l). MARGARET LOUISE CURRY A.B. Saginaw, Michigan. Alpha Chi Omega, Pres. (4), Alpha Lambda Delta, Wyvern, Mortarboard, Freshman Girls ' Glee Club, General Chrm. Freshman Project (1), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., J-Hop Comm., Soc. Comm. (2) (3) (4), Publicity Comm.(3), FREDERICK TISDALE CUSHING A.B. in Economics Birmingham, Michigan. Beta Theta Pi, Gargoyle (2), Football (2) (4). JOHN LOUIS DAHL. JR. A.B. F.oyal Oak, Michigan. Sigma Delta Chi. MARIAN JANE DAILEY A.B. in English Saginaw, Michigan. Collegiate Sorosis, j.G.P. DORIS DAITZ A.B. in Journalism Rochester, N. Y. Girls ' Cooperative House Student Model Senate Exec. Comm., Modern Dance Club, Art Cinema League. THERESA ANNA DANHOF A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Martha Cook, Daily (3), League Theatre Arts Comm. (4). CHARLES ELLET DARLING Detroit, Michigan. Phi Gamma Delta. JOE J. DASCOLA A.B. Caspian, Michigan. Adelphi(l)(2), Treas. MURRAY S. DAVIS. JR. A.B. New York, N. Y. Mimes (3) (4), Contemporary (2) (3). Hillel Players (3 (4). MYRA GERTRUDE DAVIS A.B. in Sociology Worcester, Mass. Betsy Barbour House, Freshman Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. MARY ELIZABETH DAVY A.B. Evart, Michigan. Delta Delta Delta, Pres. Michigan Daily (2) (3), Women ' s Bus. Mgr. (4), Stanley Chorus (2), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Merit System Comm. (2), House Reception Comm. (3). MARGARET ELIZABETH DAY A.B. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Martha Cook, Stanley Chorus (1) (2), Reception Comm. (3), Social Comm. (4), Sociedad Hispanica (4). ELIZABETH F. DEDELL A.B. Utica, N. Y. Martha Cook, Ensian (2), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Michigras (3), Penny Carnival (2), Rifle (2). ALPHONSE JOHN DEGASIS A.B. Nashua, New Hampshire. WILLIAM JOHN DeLANCEY A.B. Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Daily (1) (2). JANE E. DELANO A.B. Flint, Michigan. Assembly. MAXINE DENNIS A.B. Shelby, Ohio. Kappa Alpha Theta. PHYLLIS ESTELLE DIAMOND A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Phi. LOUIS HERMAN DINNEY A.B. S -ranton, Pa. MARGARET LOUISE DODDS A.B. Flint, Michigan. Pi Beta Phi, J.G.P. VIRGINIA ELLEN DONAHUE A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. W.A.A. Page 48 HELEN MERLE DOUGLAS A.B. Detroit, Michigan. -a Phi, V.-Pres.. Wyvem, Senior Society. oily. Women ' s Editor (4). TOM DOWNS A.B. Spokane, Washington. JESS DROGIN A.B. :. Y. : Hall .::amural Sports, -- : oendent Men ' s Group, atq. JACK STOYAN DULGEROFF Ann Arbor, Michigan. VIVIAN C. DUNBAH A 3 Park, N. J. Cercle Francois (3) (4). SYDNEY J. DUN1TZ Michigan. ROBERT BRIDGEMAN DUNN A : io, Ohio. THORA JANE DUUS A.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan. : Gamma Delia, Sigma Phi. VIRGINIA EAGLESFIELD A.B. Niles, Michigan. Delta Gamma, I.G.P., Orientation (2) (3), Reception Comm. (2) (31. Social Comm. (3) (4), Freshman Girls ' Glee Club, Freshman Project, Soph. Cabaret. JOSEPH D. EARL A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. JOHN JOSEPH EARLEY A.B. Turners Falls, Mass. Kappa Sigma, S.C.A. (1). JEANNETTE ALICE EDICK A.B. Boonville, New York. Martha Cook Stanley Chorus (2), Freshman Project, Theatre Arts Comm. (3), Social Comm. (4), Michigras (3). CLARENCE E. ELDHIDGE, JR. A.B. New RocheUe, N. Y. Phi Kappa Sigma. CYHUS K. ELKES A.B. Buffalo, N. Y. Pi Lambda Phi. MARY MARTHA ENGEMAN A.B. Rocky River, Ohio. Alpha Gamma Delta, Landscape Design Club. FREDERICK MERTON EPSTEIN B.S. in Zoology Wilkes-Barre, Penna. Phi Delta Epsilon, Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4). SARAH AGNES ESCHBACH A.R Warsaw, Indiana. Gamma Phi Beta, Ensian (2), J.G.P.. Social Comm. (3 (4). FRANCES LAWTON EVERARD A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Michigan. Delta Delta Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P.. Penny Carnival (2). Pan-Hellenic Banquet (4). HILLARY I. EVERSON A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Phi Kappa Tau. STEFAN STANISLAUS FAJANS B.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan. HERBERT D. FALENDEH A.B. Indianapolis, Indiana. Zeta Beta Tau. Daily Bus. Staff (1) (2) (3). DOUGLAS ALEXANDER FARMER Hinsdale, Illinois. Beta Theta Pi, Pres. (4), Sphinx, Michigamua, Football, Class Pres. (4). SANFOHD WELLEH FARHELL A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sigma Phi, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Track (2) (3) (4). BETTA ANN FAUVEH A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pan-Hellenic Treas. (4) Pan-Hellenic Banquet Chnn. (3). J.G.P., League Fair Comm. (3). Social Comm. (2) (3), Gargoyle Bus. Staff (2). Page 49 KATHRYN FECHEIMEH A.B. Detroit, Michigan. MARGARET JANE FERRIES A.B. Houghton, Michigan. Mosher Hall, Wyvern, Senior Society, Woman ' s Service Manager Daily (4), Central Comm. J.G.P., Orientation Comm. Chrm. (4). MANUEL HARRIS FERTMAN A.B. Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Phi Sigma Delta, Fencing Club (4). RUTH D. FIELD A.B. Fort Wayne, Indiana. Martha Cook, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, Daily Bus. Staff (2), Fencing Club (2) (3) (4), League Merit Comm. (3). PHILIP JAY FIELDS A.B. New York City. Kappa Nu, Baseball (1) (3),Boxing (3), All-Campus Boxing Show (1), SYDNEY NATHANIEL FINKEL A.B. East Orange, N. J. MAX ARTHUR FINTON A.B. Jackson, Michigan. Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Kappa. JAMES EUGENE FISCHER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phi Eta Sigma. RICHARD M. FISCHER A.B. Chicago, Illinois Pi Lambda Phi Gargoyle (1), Asst. Track Mgr. (2) (3). ALFRED PAUL FISHMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. Track, Baskerville Chemical Society. MARION JERNELL FITZGERALD A.B. Monroe, Michigan. Delta Gamma, Gargoyle,(3) (4), League Soc. Comm. (4), J.G.P. SAMUEL JAMES FITZPATRICK A.B. in Economics Detroit, Michigan. Scimitar (2) Pres. (2). GILBERT FLEISCHER B.S. Brooklyn, N. Y. HENRY MICHAEL FOLEY B.S. Birmingham, Michigan. Phi Eta Sigma, Scientia (3) (4), Adelphi (2) (3), Junior Math (4). ARTHUR WILLARD FORBES A.B. Allegany, N. Y. Play Production. IRMA MAXINE FORSHEE A.B. Alanson, Michigan. Beta Kappa Rho. T .. $ " ELMER MELCHETT FRANKEL A.B. Cleveland Hts., Ohio. Track (1), Basketball Mgr. (2) (3). EDWARD BOOTH FRASER A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Alpha Tau Omega, Football (1), Tennis (1) (2), Class Treas. (3), Class Exec. Comm. (2). ROY EARL FRAZIER A.B. Centralia, Illinois. Theta Delta Chi, Druids, Intrafraternity Council (2) (3) (4), Sec ' y-Treas. (4). JOHN FREDERICK A.B. Chicago, Illinois. Theta Chi. FLORENCE FREEMAN A.B. South Bend, Indiana. Alpha Epsilcn Phi. ARNOLD LEO FRIEDMAN B.S. Rockville Center, N. Y. Kappa Nu. HARTFORD WILLIS FRIEDMAN A.B. Bay City, Michigan. Phi Delta Epsilon. RUTH FRIEDMAN A.B. Scranton, Pa. Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pres. (4), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Chrm. Decorations Par- Hellenic (3), Chrm. Theatre Arts Comm. (4). Page 50 MARJORY FRANCES FROMER New York, N. Y. - Pi. CAROLYN L. GALLMEYER A r -on. System Comm. (4). EDWARD MARTIN GATES : Quadrangle. BETTY JEAN GATWARD :logy Phi, Alpha _ : ; aid. Pies. 3), r Ed. (4), 3omm. (11 (2) (3), (4), 3 (41. GEORGE WILLIAM GENS A r Jackf: l m. Independent zl Numeral : ' -3 (1). HERBERT JOHN GIBBS. JR. A.B. :aska (1) (2) (31. (21. KENNETH RICHARD GIBSON, JR. A.E. Del: : . -a Delta.. IRENE GILLESPIE A B. h Club (1). WATSON A. GILPIN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Theta Chi. Union. EDWARD GINSBERG A.B. Shaker Heights, Ohio. Phi Sigma Delta, " M " Club, Intramural Senior Manager (4). DOROTHY C. GITTLEMAll A.B. in Sociology Lakeview. Michigan Mosher Hall, Mosher Hall Lib. Chnn. (2). Theatre Arts Comm. (2), Assembly (2), J.G.P. (3). Orientation Comm. (41. DEAN ELWYN GLIDDEN A.B. Kewanee, Illinois. Alpha Delta Phi, Druids, Student Board ot Directors ot Athletics, Varsity Baseball Mgr. (4), Manager " M " Club. MEYER GOLDBERG B.S. in Psych. West Orange, N. J. MILTON L GOLDMAN A-B. New York, N. Y. KATHERN MARTHA GOLDEN A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. BERNARD H. GOLDFLUSS A.B. New York, N. Y. EVA MINTZ GOLDMAN A.B. Oil City, Penna. Helen Newbeny, League Theatre Arts (3), Play Production (3), W.A.A., Archery Club (1) !2) (3), Hillel Foundation tl) (21 (31 (41. ANITA C. GOLDSTEIN A.B. Brooklyn. N. Y. Helen Newberry Social Comm. ROBERT IRVING GOLDSTDfE A.B. I ort Wayne, Ind. Pi Lambda Phi, Daily (1) (2). MARIAN LOUISE GOMMESEN A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Martha Cook J.G.P., Assembly Board (4). Social Comm. (3) (4), Theatre Arts Comm. (3) (4). HENRY C. GOMOLOWICZ B.S. Dearborn, Mich. VETAUT GONIPROW B.S. in Chem. Dearborn, Mich. Alpha Chi Sigma. SANDERS A. GOODSTEIN A.B. Detroit, Michigan FREDERICK COVELL GOULD A.B. Delta Sigma Pi, R.O.T.C. Page 51 DONALD DAVID GRAHAM A.B. Walkerville, Ontario Acacia, Class Finance Comm. (4). WALKER RYAN A. GRAHAM A.B. Detroit, Mich. Theta Chi, Druids, Gargoyle (2) (3) (4), Art and Assistant Editor, Daily " Wrag " Column (4), Golf (1) (2), Soph Prom (2), I.F.C. Ex. Council (3) (4). HARRIS JAMES GRAM A.B. Menominee, Mich. Lawyers Club (4), Alpha Nu of Kappa Phi Sigma (2) (3), Sec., K.O.T.C. (3). VERA CATHERINE GRAY A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Omega, Daily Bus. Staff (2), Theatre Arts Comm. (2) (3) (4), J.G.P., Soph. Cabaret. LOUIS A. GREEN A.B. uorchester. Mass. LOUIS ABRAHAM GREEN B.S. Chelsea, Mass. WALLACE GREEN A.B. in Zoology New York, N. Y. Sigma Alpha Mu. EUGENE MARTIN GREENBERG A.B. New York, N. Y. Phi Sigma Delta. LOREN GREENBLATT A.B. Winnetka, Illinois. Pi Lambda Phi, Hillel Players (3) (4), Baseball (1). EDWARD IAS. GREENWALD, JR. A.B. Whiting, Indiana. Chi Psi, Football. GUERDON D. GREENWAY A.B. Owosso, Mich. Delta Tau Delta, Nu Sigma Nu. HORACE WALTER GREENWAY A.B. in Journalism Fort Worth, Texas. Theta Xi Daily (1), Choral Union (3), Michigan Union (1) (2) (3). I. KENNETH GREER A.B. Plymouth, Michigan. JAMES JOSEPH A. GRIBBLE A.B. Wakefield, Michigan. Kappa Kappa Psi, Varsity Band (2) (3) (4). HENRI BACHRACH GRIER A.B. Decatur, Illinois. Zeta Beta Tau, Choral Union (2) (3). VIRGINIA BLANCHAHD GRIFFIN A.B. Oyster Bay, N. Y. Gamma Phi Beta, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. ILA JO GRILLER A.B. Dotroit, Mich. WELLINGTON GRIMES A.B. Flint, Michigan. Phi Eta Sigma. JANET KATHLEEN GROFT A.B. York, Pa. Mosher Hall Zeta Phi Beta (2) (3) (4), Treas. (3), Senior Society, Stanley Chorus (2), Play Production (2) (3) (4), Mosher Council (3), J.G.P. Soph Cabaret, Theatre Arts Comm. (3) (4), Orientation (4), Assembly Board (4). HERBERT H. J. GROSCH B.S. Royal Oak, Michigan. Phi Eta Sigma, Lawton Fellow (3), Mandlebaum Scholar (4), Junior Mathematics Club, Observatory Journal Club, Varsity Debate (1). KERMIT HENRY GRUBERG A.B. New York, N. Y. Phi Etc Sigma, Contemporary (3) (4), Dautscher Verein (3) (4), Fencing (3). JOHN THOMAS GUERNSEY A.B. Lima, Ohio. Lawyers Club (4), Phi Kappa Sigma, Daily Bus. Staff (1) (2), Class Treas. (1). BEATRICE GUINESS A.B. Brookline, Mass. Mich. Daily (2) (3), Choral Union (2) (3) (4), Theatre Arts Comm. (3) (4), League Assembly Board (4). ANDROS GULDE Chelsea, Michigan. Beta Theta Pi, Panorama Photographic Editor (4), Hockey (2). ' JACK RAYMOND GUSTAFSON cbord and :nx, i aily mel . (3), Mil. Ball . (2), Chem. (3). WILLIAM H. GUTHHIE ts Ohio. MILDRED H. HAAS BRADFORD C. HAFFORD ALFRED HAFKE :;. Y. GEORGE S. RAINES . 7an. RICHARD HAMBURGER A.B. iHc :,Czry:-: n a .porary (2): DORIS LETA HAMILL . K.r-::y ?:y-:_-: ' - rm_ c - V ELDON RAYMOND HAMM A.B. in Journalism Custer, Mich. S.C.A. (3), Freshman Rendezvous GRACE CHRISTINE HAMMES A.B. Calumet, Mich. ROBERT MARTIN HAMMOND Youngstown, Ohio. Chi Phi. VIRGINIA E. HANDEYSIDE A.B. Wayne, Michigan. Gamma Phi Beta, J.G.P., League Social Comm. MARTHA JANE BANKET A.B. Pittsburgh, Pa. Dslta Gamma, Daily (2) (3), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. JEAN ANN HANSON A.B. in Sociology Negaunee, Michigan. Alpha Chi Omega, Northern State Teacher ' s College (1) (2). J.G.P., J.G.P. League Social Comm. (3) (4). WALTER SCOTT HARKINS III A.B. Prestonburg, Ky. Beta Theta Pi. FRANK LEON HARRIS A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan- Men ' s Union. ROBERT VICTOR HARRISON A.B. Chicago, I1L Kappa Nu, Pres. (4), Chrm. Finance Comm. Senior Class, Union 11) (2), Orientation Adviser (3), Hillel Stud. Council (2) (3), Chrm. Hillel Memb. Comm. (3) VIRGINIA K. HART A.B. in English Flint, Mich. Martha Cook League Social Comm. Club Basketball. Volleyball, Assembly Ball. HOPE FRANCES HARTWIG A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta Wyvern, Pres., Mortarboard, W.A.A. Board (2) 13), Freshman Project (1), Asst. Chr. Sophomore Cabaret (2), Social Comm. (1) (2) (3), Genl. Chr. League, Pres. (4). EMERSON JOHN HAHVET A.B., B.S. Bay City, Mich. W. LeROY HASKELL, JR. A.B. Toledo, Ohio. Alpha Delta Phi. MURIEL JEAN HASSARD AJ. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Phi. CALVIN JAMES HAUGH AJ. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Delta Sigma Pi. FREDERICK I. HAUSMAN JLB. Toledo, Ohio. Pi Lambda Phi Technic (1) (2). Daily (3). Page 53 T RANSOM SMITH HAW1EY, JR. A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Mu (3) (4), Scabbard and Blade (4), Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4), Band (1) (2) (3) (4). HUGH LOGAN HAYWARD A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Delta Upsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. ELIZABETH B. HENDERSON A.B. Detroit, Mich. Kappa Delta, Ensian (2) (3) (4), Chrm. of Cap and Gowns (4), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Theatre Arts Comm. (4), Pan-Hellenic Ball (4). HELEN GRACE HENDERSON A.B. in Journalism Detroit, Mich. Chi Omega, Michigan Daily (3), League Publicity Comm. (4). JOHN MORTON HENDRICK A.B. Trinidad, Colorado. Contemporary Business Staff (3), Varsity Glee Club (3) (4). F. CLAYTON HEPLEH A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Theta Chi, Sigma Delta Chi, Michigan Daily, (2) (3). HELEN NATALIE HICKS A.B. in Sociology Rockville, Maryland. Kappa Kappa Gamma. JOSEPHINE SARAH HILLOCK A.B. Detroit, Mich. JOHN PAUL HINCKLEY A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Sigma Chi, Daily (1) (2), Mich. Journalist (3) (4), Editor (4), Baseball (3) (4), Class Chrm. Invitations Comm. (4). ROGER ERWIN HINDERER A.B. Chelsea, Michigan. STUART O. HIRSHBERG A.B. Bad Axe, Mich. Sigma Alpha Mu, Mimes (3) (4), Hillel Council (2) (3) (4), Varsity Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4), Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4). HELEN JANE HIRSHEY B.S. Marcellus, Mich. MERIDA MAE HOBART A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tennis Champion. MARION LOIS HODSON A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Alpha Omicron Pi. LOUIS GEORGE HOFFMAN A.B. Glencoe, 111. Phi Delta Theta, Frosh Frolic J-Hop Chairman (3), Union Exec. Council (3). HOWARD K. HOLLAND A.B. in Econ. Ann Arbor, Michigan. International Council (4), Council Student Religious Assn ' (4). RHEINHOLD F. HOLLITZ A.B. Caro, Mich. EARL LOUIS HOLLOWAY A.B. Flint, Mich. KEITH B. HOOK A.B. New Haven, Conn. R.O.T.C. WILLIAM EDWARD KORAN A.B. Lafayette, Ind. Phi Gamma Delta, Purdue University. BERNARD JOSEPH HORROW A.B. in Economics Chicago, Illinois. ROBERT N. HOWELL A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Beta Theta Pi, Mimes, Union Opera (2), Union Soph Comm. MATTHEW THOMAS HUBBARD A.B. in History Saginaw, Mich. Bay City Junior College (1) (2). CHARLES EDWARD HUMPHREY A.B. Highland Park, Michigan. Page 54 MARY ADALINE HUNTINGTON i rr.ega, 3 P. ' MARY HELEN HURLEY ; ?. , League -1 Comm. (3). ELOISE FERN HURST HYMAN S. HURWITZ ! ;epts. JOHN M. HUTZEL LAWRENCE ROY HYSLOP MARIE ICHELDINGER MARIOHIE RUTH INGRAM [ Fiesta 3nb- CONSTANCE I. EALY A.B. Youngstown, Ohio. Mosher Hall, Class Exec. Comm. (3), J.G.P. (3), League Theatre Arts Comm. 13) (4), Kappa Phi, Mosher Hall Council (4). MARGARET F. JACK A.B. Roselle Park, N. I. Martha Cook, Michigan Daily (2), Social Comm. (4), Publicity Comm. (2). WILLIAM WILSON JACK A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta Pi. VIRGINIA JACKSON A.B. in Sociology Detroit, Michigan. Alpha Phi, Gargoyle (2), Social Comm. (2) (3). Orientation Advisor (3). ALLAN MELVIN JACOBS A.B. rk, N. J. GILBERT MARTIN JAMES B.S. in Geology Ottawa, Ontario. Sphinx, Michigamua, Hockey (2) (3) (4). MARY ELIZABETH JAMES A.B. Montclair, N. J. Gamma Phi Beta, Theatre Arts Comm. (4). HELEN E. JESPEHSON Pre. of Assembly. (4). Orientation Comm. Omega Upsilon. WILLIAM FRANKLIN JEWELL A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Exec. Comm. Congress (4), Council of Religion (2) (3) (41 ORVAL HARMON JEWETT A.B. Joplin, Missouri. BARBARA DAWN JOHNSON A.B. Hastings, Mich. Chi Omega, Contemporary (2), J.G.P., Penny Carnival (2), Soph Cabaret, Choral Union (2) (3), Social Comm. (2). Orientation Comm.(4). BRUCE A. JOHNSON A.B. in Pol. Sci. Farmington, Mich. Adelphi, Pres. (2) (3). ELSA MARIE JOHNSON A.B. Flint. Mich. JULIUS H. JOHNSON A.B. Youngstown, Ohio Sigma Nu. MARY BIGALKE JOHNSON A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Kappa Alpha Theta, Wyvern, Mortarboard, WJLA. Treas. (3), Pres. (4), League Merit System (2), Orientation (2) (3) (4), Judic. Council (3), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. EVERT EARL JOHNSTON A.B. in EC. Pontiac. Mich. I KATHERINE MOOBE JOHNSTON A.B. Highland Park, 111. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Gargoyle (3) (4), Women ' s Editor (4), Golf (2) (3), Swimming Club (2), Class Sec. (4), Soc. Comm. (1), J.G.P., Publicity Comm. (2) (3). AHLENE J. JOLDEHSMA A.B. in Economics Kappa Delta, Tau Kappa Alpha, Helen Newberry Board, Choral Union (2) (4), Women ' s Glee Club (4). BEULAH RITA JONES A.B. in Zoology New York, New York. Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel Dramatic Club. ERNEST A. JONES A.B. Jamestown, N. Y. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Sphinx. Michigamua, Daily (1) (2) (3) (4), Bus. Mgr. (4), Alpha Epsilon Mu, Kappa Kappa Psi, Varsity Band (1) (2) (3). FREDERICK RANDALL JONES A.B. Washington, D. C. Trigon, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa (3), Contemporary (3), Track (1) (2), Alpha Nu, Hopwood Award (1) (2) (3). KATHERINE B. JONES A.B. Flint, Michigan. J. RUSSELL JORDAN A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Deutscher Verein. WILLIAM FREDERICK KAISER Clinton, Michigan. PAUL NOHBERT KANE A.B. in Sociology Olean, New York. Beta Theta Pi. JANET FLORENCE KARLSON A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Martha Cook, Asst. Chrm. Assembly Ball (2), Gen. Chrm. (3), Senior Society, Merit System (1) (2) (3), V. Pres. Assembly (4), Girls ' Glee Club (1), Omega Upsilon (3) (4), Judiciary Council (4). JACK DAVID KARP B.S. in Biology Brooklyn, N. Y. Sports Comm. Student Congress, University Band, Handball Medal, Intramural Sports. GEORGE RAYMOND KARPUS A.B. Bay City, Mich. La Sociedad Hispanica Pres. (3) (4), Varsity Glee Club (4). L. S. KASLE A.B. Detroit, Michigan. MARVIN KAY A.B. in History Pittsfield, Mass. Phi Epsilon Pi. FLORENCE M. KEAN Otsego, Mich. Collegiate Sorosis, Central Comm. J.G.P., Soph Cabaret, Social Comm. JACK LEO KEEGAN B.S. in Chem. Endicott, N. Y. Kappa Sigma, Band. BETTY SHEILA KEENAN A.B. Saginaw, Michigan. Alpha Xi Delta, Ensian (1), Daily (1)12), Orientation Comm. (3), House ReceD ' ion Comm. (1) (2), Theatre Arts Comm (3), Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Pan-Hellenic Ball (3) FREDERIC LaV. KEMPSTER A.B. in Speech East Chicago, Ind. Dramatics (3). JAMES RICHAR KENDRICK A.B. Saginaw, Michigan. Sigma Phi, Interfraternity Council (3). VIRGINIA H. KENNER A.B. Dearborn, Mich. Theta Sigma Phi (3) (4), Daily (1) (2) (3), Ensian(l). F. ARTHUR KEPKA A.B. Plymouth, Mich. EDWIN S. KESSLER A.B. Cleveland, Ohio. Sigma Alpha Mu, Phi Eta Sigma, Hillel Players (2), Publicity Chrm. (3) (4). MARJORIE ROSE KIEF A.B. Montevideo, Minn. Chi Omega, Frosh Project, Pan-Hellenic Rep. (3), J.G.P., Theatre Arts Comm. (3). CHARLES GLENN KILLINS B.S. in Zoology Ann Arbor, Mich. Sigma Nu. Page 56 NED ARNTZ KILMER, JR. 1 ' : -g Mar. (4), - (4). EDITH ETTA KLAPPER KLEIN JOSEPH I RICHARD IRVING KLEIN I hio. A. ROBERT KLEINER :-. ' - to Pol Sd Production (3), WILLIAM CARL KNECHT A.B. Daily (1) (2), NORMA MARY KNIGHT A.B. N. Y. JOHN MARSHALL KOLLIG ROBERT S. KOPE B.S. Ann Arbor, Midi. ARDEMIS KOUZIAN A.B. Detroit, Mich. J.G.P., Social Comm. (4). Theatre Arts Comm. (4) NANCY JEAN KOVEH A.B. Fort Woryne, Ind. Wyvern, Senior Society, Sophomore Cabaret, J.G.P., Orientation Adviser (3) (4), Social Comm. of League (3). Assembly Ball Comm. (3), Patrons Chrm. (4). Assembly Board Representative (2). RUTH CHLORIS KRAFT A.B. Hackensack. N. J. Martha Cook Bldg. Alpha Kappa Delta, Sec ' y, Freshman Project, Spring Parley, Peace Council. MELVIN GEORGE KRAMER A.B. Toledo, Ohio. Acacia, FootbalL VIRGINIA F. KRIEGHOFF A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Martha Cook Bldg. (3) (4), En si an (2) (3). League Publicity Comm. (2) (3) (4), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P.. Assembly Ball, Central Comm. (3), Orientation Advisor (4). SAMUEL I. KRUGLIAK A.B. Canton, Ohio. Sigma Alpha Mu, Gargoyle, Business Mgr. (4). WALTER B. KULB1CKI A.B. Pinckney, Michigan. NOREEN LENORE LaBARGE A.B. in Speech Ada, Michigan. Kappa Phi, Lc Cercle Francois, Choral Union (2) (3) (4), Theatre Arts Comm. (3) (4), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P.. Henry VIII (2), Yeoman of the Guard (3), The Bartered Bride (3). OSCAR WALLIN LADD A.B. Sebewaing, Michigan. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Mich. Union (1), (2), Commencement Comm. THOMAS JOHN LAFOREST A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Intramural Hockey Mgr. JANE LAMB A.B. Youngstown, Ohio. Martha Cook, Le Cercle Francois, Orientation Comm. (4). RALPH LAMBERSON A.B. Colon, Michigan. LOUIS FREDERICK LANDON A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Delta Sigma Pi. WILLIAM BRADFIELD LANE A.B. in History Detroit, Michigan. BasebaU(l), (2), (3), (4). Basketball (1), (2), (3), (4). ERNST FREDERICK LANG A.B. in Pre-med. Detroit, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma. =1 FRANK PAUL LAPICK B.S. Lakewood, Ohio. Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Nu of Kappa Phi Sigma (2) (3) (4), Chrm. Executive Comm. (4), Union (1), (2). KATHLEEN LARNED A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Alpha Phi. LOUISE LARRABEE B.S. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Mosher Hall, Mosher House Council, Freshman Glee Club, Soph Cabaret. KENNETH LUTHER LAUT B.S. in Chem. Schenectady, New York. Alpha Chi Sigma, Choral Union (3) (4), Freshman Glee Club. HOWARD C. LAWRENCE, JR. A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Phi Rho Sigma. FRANCES EILEEN LAY A.B. in Music Ann Arbor, Michigan. Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Alpha Iota, Varsity Women ' s Rifle Team (1) (2) (3) (4), Crop and Saddle Club (1) (2) (3) (4), Girls ' Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4), V.-Pres., Pres., Business Mgr., Choral Union. ARTHUR WM. LEADBEATER A.B. Belleville, N. J. Sigma Nu. LEBERGOTT STANLEY A.B. Detroit, Michigan. JAMES ALLEN LEE A.B. Carsonville, Michigan. Lawyers Club, Alpha Nu of Kappa Phi Sigma, Choral Union. JEAN GORDON LEE A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Collegiate Sorosis J.G.P. Social Comm. of League (3) (4), Freshman Project. BARBARA HELEN LEIF A.B. English Fort Wayne, Indiana. Betsy Barbour, Michiganensian, League Social Comm., Le Cercle Francois, Sophomore Cabaret. ROBERT MATTHEWS LEITCH A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan. A AUSTIN KELLETT LETSON B.S. Norcross, Georgia. MALCOLM L. LEVENSON A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Kappa Nu, Frosh Frolic Drance Comm., Interfraternity Council (2) (3), Interfraternity Ball Dance Comm. (3). ABRAHAM LEVIN A.B. Atlantic City, N. J. La Sociedad Hispanica (4), Le Cercle Francais (4). ROSE FLORENCE LEVY A.B. in French New York, N. Y. Helen Newberry Res. Hillel Players (2), Le Cercle Francais (1), Daily (3), Panorama (4). JOHN PORTER LEWIS B.S. in Geology Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sigma Gamma Epsilon (3) (4). FLORENCE LIGHTFOOT A.B. Flint, Michigan. Kappa Delta, J.G.P. Theatre Arts League Comm. of League. MARGARET ALICE LIMBERG A.B. Port Huron, Michigan. Martha Cook, Orientation Comm. (4). JAMES H. LINCOLN Harbor Beach, Michigan. Football (2) (3), Wrestling (3). EVELYN E. LINDERGREN A.B. Ypsilanti, Michigan. Gamma Phi Beta, Choral Union (4), University Girls ' Glee Club (3) (4), Social Committee of League (4). JOHN PEARSON LIVINGSTON A.B. Pittsburgh, Pa. Sigma Nu. A KM HERMAN LOHMAN B.S. Newark, New Jersey. Phi Sigma Delta, Wrestling (1), Junior Mgr. Varsity Track Team (3). MARGARET ESTELLE LORENZ A.B. Toledo, Ohio. Pi Beta Phi, J.G.P., Soph Cabaret, League Social Comm. (2) !3) (4). Page 58 SEBASTIAN B. LORENZO -r.e Islands. Mich. Club. ELIZABETH F. LOUGHBOROUGH igan. -u Alpha. Sec. (3) :) (3), i- (2) (3), 3. P., mm. (3) (4). WILLIAM E. LOUGHRAN T A E SOPHIA LOVCHUK 7hem. .7 on. ALFRED HENRY LOVELL. JR. A.B. ' [ : .y (2), -ry (2) (3), nence Club (4). ::pwood Award (1), HopwoDd Minor in Fiction (2). BARBARA LOVELL " boart Sec ' y (4). C:. McCormick MARGARET LOUISE LOWHY A. 5. G.-rsj; ? : . n. Zeta Phi Eta (2) (3) (4). -y Production (3), J.G.P. (3). Theatre Arts Comm. (4). EARLE B. LUBY A.H res. (4) ARTHUR BROWN LUNDAHL A.B. Moline, Illinois. Phi Kappa Psi, V.-Pres. (3), ?res. (4), Sphinx, Michigamua, Toastmasters (4), Ensian (2) (3), Interfr. Council (2) (3) (4), Pres. (4). Board in Control Student Publ. (4), Men ' s Council (4). Dormitory Comm. (4), Student-Faculty Relations (4), CHARLES S. LURIE A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi. ROBEBT CLIFFORD LUSK A.B. Detroit, Michigan. OSCAR F. LUTTEHMOSEH A.B. Plymouth, Michigan. Independent Men ' s Congress SIGURD ROBERT LYNNEH ?3ik, N. Y. Alpha Tau Omega. HERBERT A. MacDONOUGH B.S. in Chem. Port Huron, Michigan. JANET LORING MacIVOR A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Kappa Alpha Theta, Orientation Comm. (3) (4), League Fair (3), J.G.P. DALE GIFFOHD McAFEE A B Grand Rapids, Michigan. Delta Tau Delta. THOMAS EDWARD McCANN A.B. Midland, Michigan. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Druids. Daily, Executive Comm. of Interfraternity Council. BENNETT J. MCCARTHY A.B. in EC. Traverse City, Michigan. MARY ELLEN McCORD A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Delta Delta Delta, Daily, Ensian, Soph Cabaret Central Comm., League Publicity Comm. ALICE McCUTCHEON A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Martha Coot. RUTH ADELE McDONALD A.B. Flint, Michigan. Delta Delia Delta, League Fair (4). League Social Comm. (3) (4), Par. -Hellenic Ball Corr.r JOHN E. McFATE A.B. Greenville, Pa- Phi Gamma Delta, Sphinx, Michigamua, Ensian, (1) (2) (3) (4), Managing Editor (4). WILLIAM K. McHENHY, JH. JL South Bend, Indiana. Theta Delta Chi, Michigan Daily Business (1) (2), Inierfratemity Council (3). BARBARA NORTON McINTYHE A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Martha Cock, Cercie Francois, General Chairman Assembly Banquet. Page 59 LAWRENCE I. McKAY A.B. De:roit, Michigan. Lambda Chi Alpha, Michigan Daily (2). ERNEST L. McKENZIE A.B. Naugatuck, Conn. Daily (1), Mich. Wolverine (1) (2) (3) (4). MARGARET E. McKINNON A.B. Detroit Michigan. Martha Cook Bldg. CHARLES WINSLOW McNEIL B.S. Jackson, Michigan. STEPHEN JOHN MADDEN A.B. Bethpage, N. Y. Alpha Tau Omega. ANGELENE H. MALISZEWSKI A.B. Grossa Pointe, Michigan. Mosher, Senior Society, Pres., Wyvern Judiciary Council (3), Pres. (4), Frosh Project, Gen. Chrm. Soph Cabaret, Social Comm. (1)(2)(3), Theatre Arts Comm. (1) (2), Assembly Board (2), Central Comm. (2) (3), J.G.P. (3), GEORGE MARTIN MALTBY A.B. in History Ogdensburg.N. Y. Alpha Tau Omega, Duke University 1933. ROBERT LLOYD MANSFIELD A.B. in Economics Buffalo.New York. Phi Kappa Sigma. FRANCIS ALOYSIUS MARCERO Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Phi Sigma Kappa, Sphinx, Druids, Union Comm. (1)(2), Executive Comm. Inter- fraternity Council (1). PETER JOHN MARKHAM A.B. in Speech Highland Park, Michigan. Hermitage, Play Production. LOUISE ELEANOR MARS A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kappa Phi, Michigan Daily (1). FREDERICK MARTIN A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Michigamua, Track (1) (2) (3) (4). Rk J v ELEANOR JANE MASSIE A.B. Bessemer, Michigan. Beta Kappa Rho. WM. CARLTON MAST B.S. in Chem. Bay City, Michigan. Hermitage, Agathos. LAURA JEAN M.1STIN A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kappa Phi (3) (4), Stanley Chorus (3), Choral Union (3 (4). IRVING A. MATHEWS A.B. Toledo, Ohio. Pi Limbda Phi, Michigamua, Business Manager Ensian (4). JOSEPH S. MATTES A.B. Storm Lake, Iowa. Sigma Phi, Sigma Delta Chi, Sphinx, Michigamua, Quadrangle, Men ' s Council, Michigan Daily, editor (4), Pres. Sphinx, Senior Men ' s Play. CHARLES KENNETH MAUDSLEY A.B. Bucyrus, Ohio. Varsity Band, (1) (2) (3) (4). DONALD CURTIS MAY, JR. A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phi Eta Sigma (1), Phi Beta Kappa (3). HERBERT KENNETH MAY B.S. in Zoology Detroit, Michigan. CHARLES JOHN MEESKE B.S. in Chem. Muskegon, Michigan. PAUL MEESKE B.S. in Chem. Muskegon, Michigan. ROBERTA JEAN MELIN A.B. Cambridge, Illinois. Delta Gamma, Omega Upsilon (3) (4), Alpha Lambda Dslta, Wyvern, Mortarboard, Daily (1) (2), Publicity Chrm. of League (4), Freshmen Girls Glee Club (1), CHARLOTTE ANN MEREDITH A.B. Peoria, Illinois. Helen Newberry, Gargoyle, (2), French Club, Spanish Club, Swimming Club. Page 60 FLORENCE HELEN MIDWOBTH . :;r.-:.-. !. ' .rh::-;r. a (1). ' l.G.P. ALICE McGEE MILES : Kztr: A.rh; ARTHUR PERRY MILLER ELIZABETH BLISS MILLER A :- MILTON J. MILLER A - Michigan. . Glee Club (3) (4). MIRIAM MILLER A :- Latrobe, Pa. -.:--.-. Theta Sigma Phi (3) (4L ROBERT DENISON MILLER AHLYNE HANATTA MOL1GAN --. ' - Teacher ' s Cert. Seribuer, Nebraska. Martha Cook Bldg. CHARLOTTE EVANS MITCHELL A.E. in Fine Arts Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres. (4). J.G.P., Pan-Hellenic i romm. (41 DRAGON CHARLES MITROVICH AJL Detroit. Michigan. Speaker Adelphi (3 (4). ALAN W. MITTELMAN A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Kappa Nu, Michigan Union (2), Debating (1), School of Bus. Adm, (4). BRYAN STEWART MOATS A.B. Chicago, Illinois. ChlPsi. ALICE E. MOHHMANN A.B. in German Ann Arbor, Michigan. HARRIET FRANCES MONK JOSEPHINE F. MONTEE A-_ .nae House, Goll, Assembly, Choral Union, International Co-- Soph Cabaret, Assembly Ball KATHERINE JEAN MOORE A.a Dearborn, Michigan. Jordan Hall (2) (3) (4). Theta Sigma Phi (3) (4), Officer (4), Michigan Daily (2) (3). J.G.P., Assembly Board (4), League Publicity Comm. LEE FREDERICK MOORE A.B. East Grand Rapids, Michigan. Phi Sigma Kappa, Soph Prom Financial Chun., Football Mar. (3), Wrestling (1). RUTH DURKEE MOORE A.B. Paris, Idaho. Martha Cook. CHARLOTTE M. MOHEHOUSE A-B. Fenton. Michigan. . Alpha Kappa Delta (4), Choral Union (3) (4), J.G.P., Modem Dance Club (3) (4). JULIUS D. MORRIS A.B. Brooklyn, New York. RUTH MORRISON A.B. in Latin and Speech Oberlin, Ohio. Phi Tau Alpha, V. Pr s. JOHN ELIL MOSEH A.B. Wapakoneta, Ohio. Chi Phi. MARTHA JANE MOSIEH A.B. Do-waaiac, Michigan. Page 61 . : : A-C - ' ' ' : .;.: ' V Y -. ' ,%; " ' ' . ' ' ' ' iLii i ' - ' ' ' ' ' ELLA C. MOUNTAIN A.B. in Speech Hamburg, N. Y. Omega Upsilon (4), Play Production (4), Choral Union (3), D ' Youville College (1) (2). ROBERT CHARLES MUELLER B.S. Lagrange, Illinois. Phi Gamma Delta, Track (1) (2). EVLYN LEE MULLIN A.B. Flint, Michigan. Chi Omega. JOHN FREDERICK MUNN A.B. in History Grand Rapids, Michigan. Acacia, Kappa Phi Sigma (3) (4). DONALD RANDALL MURDOCH A.B. Allegan, Michigan. Michigan Wolverine (2), (3), (4), Treas. (4). MARGARET LOLAH MYERS B.S. Detroit, Michigan. Mosher Hall, Alpha Lambda Delta, Senior Society, Treas., Mosher Hall Pres. (4), J.G.P., Orientation Comm. (4), Assembly Board (3), (4), Soph Cabaret, League Social Comm. (3), Assembly Banguet Comm. (3). JEROME MAYOR MYSELL A.B. Newton, Mass. RICHARD ALAN NASH A.B. Saginaw, Michigan. WILLIAM MAXSON NATHO A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. HARRY M. NAYER A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Phi Beta Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Hillel Council (3), (4). MARY ELIZABETH NEBBELINK A.B. Muskegon, Michigan. HELEN MILDRED NEBERLE A.B. Bridgeport, Michigan. Zeta Tau Alpha, Ensian (I), (2), (3), Daily (1), (2), League Social Comm. (2), (3), J.G.P. EDNA MAREA NEIKIRK A.B. Pontiac, Michigan. Kappa Delta, Ensian (2), Kappa Delta Treas. (2), Choral Union (2), House Reception Comm. (2), (3), Theatre Arts Comm. (4), Pan-Hellenic Del. (3). BETTY ANN NEWMAN A.B. South Orange, N. J. Soph Cabaret (2). JAMES ANDREW NICHOLS, JR. A.B. Oswego, N. Y. Phi Kappa Sigma, Pres. (4), Gargoyle (2). ROBERT P. NIRENBERG B.S. New York, N. Y. Phi Beta Delta, Fencing, Speedball, Basketball. JUEL COLETTA NOLAN A.B. Ironwood, Michigan. DOROTHY LOUISE NOVY B.S. in Botany Detroit, Michigan. Martha Cook, Senior Society (4) Daily Bus. Staff (2), University Girls ' Glee Club Treas. (4), Theatre Arts Comm. (3), Orientation Comm. (4), J.G.P., House Reception Comm. (2), Choral Union (2), Soph Cabaret, CAROL JEAN O ' ROURKE A.B. Lapeer, Michigan. Martha Cook, J.G.P., Choral Union, Kappa Phi, Theatre Arts. SUSAN BARBARA ORR B.S. Saginaw, Michigan. Alpha Phi, Daily (3), Gargoyle (4), J.G.P. BEATRICE L. OSTREICH A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Mosher Hall. HARRY RALPH OSWALD B.S. in Chem. lackson, Michigan. FLORENCE L. PALMER A.B. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. GWENDOLYN E. PALMER A.B. in Math. Flint, Michigan. Alpha Delta Pi. Page 62 STUART L. PARSONS .gon. HOY DAVID PAUL A.B. RUTH PAUL A.B. ARNOLD F. PAYNE A.B. SAUL CHARLES PEARL E (4). : s Program -r. (4). HARRIS B. PECK ? -ary (2), :g(3), (4). WILLIAM DAVID PENHALE A I. Michigan. 2), Wrestling (2), n (1). JOHN SPEAR PENNELL Jackson, Michigan. P HAROLD PERKEL A.B. in Zoology Jersey City, N. J. Varsity Band. MARY MITCHELL PERKINS A.B. in Sociology Ann Arbor, Michigan. Gamma Phi Beta, Girls ' Glee Club, J.G.P., Soph Cabaret, Frosh Project. FRANK EDWARD PERSKY A.B. New Haven, Conn. ALSON FORD PIERCE B.S. Coopers Plains, N. Y. ELONIA NELSON PERSONS A.B. Birmingham, Alabama. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Zeta Phi Eta (4), League Social Comm. (3), (4). Orientation Comm. (3), J.G.P. HOPE FLORENCE PETHOULEAS A.B. Highland Park, Michigan. Delta Delta Delta, Panorama, Editorial, Soph Cabaret, League Social Comm. J.G-P. HEED THOMAS PHALAN A.E. in Pol. Sri. Erie, Pennsylvania. Cathedral College ID, (2). MELVIN WILBUR PHILLIPS Elgin, Illinois. Phi Delta Theta. JOHN HAROLD PICKERING A.B. Harrisburg. Illinois. Theta Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa. MABJOHIE ELIZABETH PIERCE B.S. Norwich, Conn. HORACE VICTOR PDiNEY A.B. Cass City, Michigan. Phi Kappa Sigma. SYDNEY POLATIN A.B. Bayonne, N. J. ROBERT A. POMMERENING A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Scabbard and Blade (41. JOSEPH NOEL POPE A.B. Detroit, Michigan. CARL M. POST A.B. N. Tonawanda, N. Y. Theta Chi, Sigma Delta Chi. Class Pres. (3), Interfratemity Council. ELDA JEAN POTTER Breckenndge, Michigan. Kappa Phi. rage Co GORDON W. POTTER A.B. Flint, Michigan. Alpha Tau Omega. ELIZABETH POWERS A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Alpha Phi, Gargoyle, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Social Comm., Orientation Advisor. OSWALD A. POWERS A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Alpha Tau Omega. CATHERINE DICKSON PURDOM A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Collegiate Sorosis, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cercle Francois (3) (4). HELEN MARIE PUHDY A.B. Caro, Michigan. Delta Gamma, Pres. (4), Wyvern, Daily Business (1) (2), Judiciary Council (3) (4), J.G.P., Frosh Project Central Comm. PAULINE ELIZABETH PUTNAM A.B. in Eng. Hillsdale, Illinois. Martha Cook, University Girls ' Glee Club. MARY LOUISE QUAIFE A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Kappa Phi (2). GEORGE S. QUICK A.B. Monroe, Michigan. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Druids, Mich. Daily (1), Gargoyle (2) (3) (4), Editor in Chief of Gargoyle (4), Adelphi. ALICE MARY QUINN A.B. Buffalo, N. Y. Mosher Hall. FERN ANNE QUON A.B. High River, Alberta, Can. Jordon Hall. LEONORA BROOKS RACETTE A.B. Muskegon, Michigan. Helen Newberry, Le Cercle Francois, Theatre Arts Comm. (3) (4). HUGH H. RADER A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Sigma Chi, Pres. (4), Michigamua, Class V. Pres. (4), Men ' s Council Pres. (4), Union (1) (2) (3), Exec. Comm. (3), Michigras (3), Interfrat. Council Exec. Comm. (4). FRITZ LOBA RADFORD A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kappa Delta Rho, Hockey (1)(2), Baseball (1). ALICE MARY RAIFORD A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Alpha Gamma Sigma, Pres. (4). JAMES ANDREWS RANDALL A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Alpha Phi Alpha, Freshman Track, FreshmanX-Country, Freshman Hopwood Award. MARIAN ELOISE RANGER A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Kappa Phi, Freshman Girls ' Glee Club, University Girls ' Glee Club (2) (3), Choral Union (2) (3) (4), S.C.A. (3), Frosh Project, I. G. P. Social Comm. (3), Theatre Arts Comm. (3). RAYMOND HARVEY RAPAPORT A.B. Gr and Rapids, Michigan. ARTHUR JAMES RAPPORT A.B. New York, N. Y. DOROTHY ANN RAY A.B. Birmingham, Michigan. Dalta Delta Delta, Stephens College (1), Daily (2). League Theatre Arts Comm. (3). Soc. Comm. (4), S ' anley Chorus (3), J.G.P. Ticket Comm. (3). MARGARET JEAN READ A.B. Shelby, Michigan. RUSSELL ADAMS HEED A.B. St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Sigma Phi Epsilon. KATHERINE JANE REYNOLDS A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kappa Delta, University Girls ' Glee Club (1) (3) (4), Soph Cabaret (2), Dance Club (2). Choral Union (2) (3) (4). MARION E. REYNOLDS A.B. Howard City, Michigan. Stanley Chorus, Theatre Arts. WILLIAM LAWRENCE RICE A.B. in Speech Iron River, Michigan. Play Production (3) (4). Page 64 ARTHUR JEBOME H1CKEH A.B. ;r r JOE MICHAEL RINALDI . 3, Sphinx, Footbo (2) (3) MX C. STARK RITCHIE A 3 - PEI UpsUon. Sphini, Football (2) (3) (4). JAMES DUNCAN RITCHIE A.B. Grosse Points, Michigan. Delta Upsilon. ANNA AGNES RIZZARDI A.B. " ::r. M: -r.:z:r. !. ' ;rr-;r -r.. Assembly Rep reseniative. DOHICE SYLVIA ROBBINS A.B. Worcester, Mass. Choral Union (3). League Board JAYNE ROBERTS i _ 3i .n:a Phi Beta, Ificfa. Ensian (2). J.G.P., Soph Cabaret, League Fail. Sp-rash Club, French Club. MIRIAM ROBERTSON A.B. Dayton. Ohio. ftfeln M VIRGINIA ROBINSON A.B. Wyoming, Ohio. CAROL ELIZABETH ROCKWELL A.B. Hamilton, N. Y. I elta Delta, Ensian (2) (3), Choral Union (3) (41. Stanley Chorus (2). Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Theatre Arts Comm. (4). ROBERT DELAPHANE ROGERS A.B. Somerset. Indiana. Daily (1) (21, Union (1). BETTY ANNE HONAL A.B. Monroe, Michigan. Kappa Alpha Theta, Gargoyle W. Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret. J.G.P. HERBERT ROSENBAUM B.S. in Chem. Detroit, Michigan. MYRA ROSENBERG Pittsburgh, Pa. ARTHUR JAMES ROSS A.R Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phi Delta Theta. LAWRENCE M. ROTH . Economics Jamaica, N. Y. ?:-.; S:gma Delta, Mid. Daily (2). Cheer Leader (3). ROBERT GORDON BOWE A.B. in Chem. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pres. (4). HAROLD C. RUDOLPH. JR. Economics Pueblo, Colorado. Phi Eta Sigma (1L FLORENCE ELIZABETH RUSS A.B. Bay City, Michigan. Martha Cook Blag. MURRAY M. SACKS A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. LOUISE SAMEK A.B. New Rochelle.N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pres. (4), Hillel Players, (3) (4). Theatre Arts Comm. (2) (3) (4). RICHARD M. SAMUELS A.B. Rochester, N. Y. Pi Lambda Phi, Daily Business Stafl (1). Tennis (1) (2). Peace Council, Pres. (4), Debating Team (2). MIRIAM JUNE SANDERS Highland Park, Michigan. Alumnae House, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortarboard, Senior Society, Cercle Francois (21, Athena (2), Assembly (21. Assembly Sec.-Treas. (41. ROBERT B. SANFORD B.S. in Chem. Brooklyn, N. Y. Phi Eta Sigma, Frosh Glee Club, Choral Union (4), Scientia (3). Cabinet Wesleyan Guild (4L ? = :.-; MILDRED SARTOR B.S. in Chem. Bicknell, Indiana. Martha Cook Bldg., Ward Belmont School (1) (2). MARIE MAGDALENE SAWYER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Zeta Phi Eta, Mortarboard, Senior Society, Central Comm. J.G.P., Play Production, Freshman Project, Soph Cabaret (3), Theater Arts Comm. (3) (4). BEATRICE ELEANORE SCHINK A.B. Detroit, Michigan. MARY LOUISE SCHMIDT A.B. in Ed. Bay City, Michigan. ELIZABETH LAURA SCHNEIDER A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Martha Cook Bldg., Orientation Comm. (4), Social Comm. (4), Finance Comm. J.G.P. (3). VIRGINIA JOAN SCHOENER A.B. Muskegon, Michigan. Delta Gamma. DANIEL RANSOM SCHOLES B.S. in Chem. Ann Arbor, Michigan. WALTER V. SCHOLES A.B. Sheffield, Illinois. Phi Kappa Tau. WILLIAM SCHOLZ A.B. Bergenfield.N. J. Phi Sigma Kappa, Michigan Daily (1) (2), R.O.T.C. (1)(2)(3)(4). WILLIAM B. SCHWAB A.B. Philadelphia, Pa. Freshman Track. FRED. H. SCHWARZE A.B. Phi Kappa Psl, Golf (1) (2). DAVID NEWTON SCOTT A.B. in Economics Snyder, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon. EDWIN JOSEPH SCOTT A.B. in Zoology St. Johns, Michigan. SALLY L. SECREST A.B. in Languages Warren, Ohio. Jordan Hall, League Assembly Council (3), Jordan House Council (3). JOHN HARPER SEELEY A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Chi Phi. CHARLES E. SEIDENSTEIN A.B. New Rochelle, N. Y. Ensian (1) (2), Panorama (4), Track (1), Asst. Track Mgr. (2) (3), Varsity Golf Mgr. (4), Board of Directors of the Athletic Ass., M-Manager ' s Club. FRANCESSE FERNE SELTER A.B. Coloma, Michigan. Martha Cook Bldg., Athene, Speech, Dramatic Comm. of Martha Cook, Play Production. ESTER SEMPLINER A.B. and Teacher ' s Cert. Bay City, Michigan. Merit System of League (3). GRACE JANET SENSENBHENMER A.B. Menauha, Wisconsin. Kappa Alpha Theta, Daily. RUTH CAROLYN SEVENSMA A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. HARRIET M. SHACKLETON A.B. Joliet, Illinois. Kappa Alpha Theta, Wyvern, Pres. Pan-Hellenic (4), Freshman Project Cent. Comm., Soph Cabaret Cent. Comm., J.G.P., League Publicity Comm. (3). LEONARD DAVIS SHAVLAN A.B. Rochester, N. Y. Track (1) (2). WILLIAM ROBERT SHAW A.B. Detroit, Michigan. Alpha Tau Omega. ROWENA M. SHEFFER A.B. Saugatuck, Michigan. Alumnae House, Alpha Gamma Sigma. Page 66 BARBARA JEAN SHERBURNE A.B. A Arbr: Mi " I HARRY LOUIS SHNIDERMAN flu. - Sigma (1). . ; -. -:;: -. Adelph: . _ : Sec ' y (3), Debating (1) (2) (3) (4). JACK B. SHOWLER AB Ann Aitci. Mich. 1SADORE HARRY SHUFT A.B. Concord, N. H. RICHARD FENTON SIDDER A.B. ' il) (2). Tennis (1)(2). AHD BARHY SIEGEL BERNARD MILLER SIEGEL I.E. DANIEL C. SIEGEL Phi Beta Delta, Phi Delta Epsilon. ELEANOR C. SIKKENGA A.B. in Social Studies Muskegon Heights, Mich. Martha Cook, Orientation Advisor (4), I.G.P. (3), League Theatre Arts Comm. (-4). IRVING SttVERMAN A.B. Buffalo, New York. Sigma Delta Chi (3), (4). Michigamua (4). Michigan Daily (1) (2) (3). City Editor (4), Track (2), Pres. of Congress (4). FRANK JAMES SOCES A-B. Brockport, N. Y. Phi Kappa Sigma, ' Ensian (1), Interfrat. Council (1) {2L ROLAND H. SIMMONS A.B. Lockport, N. Y. Lambda Chi Alpha. ROBERT M. SIMPSON A.B. Duluth, Minnesota. Druids, Hockey. ADELINE LURA SINGLETON A J: Detroit, Mich. Kappa Alpha Thela, ' Ensian (1), Soph Class Sec ' y, Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret, I.G.P. MANUEL SLAVIN A.B. in History. Cleveland, Ohio. Phi Sigma Delta. Pres. (4). Druids, Baseball {2), Basketball [2) (3) (4), Freshman Basketball and Baseball- WILL1AM W. SLEATOR. JB. ' :-. ' - ' A.-I: :.:..-. UniT. Orchestra (1) (2) (3). KALMAN SMALL A.B. Brooklyn. N. Y. Phi Sigma Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi. ALICE PRISCILLA SMITH A.B. Detroit, Mich. Pi Beta Phi, Pres. (4), Ensian (2) (3), league Theatre Arts Comm. (2), Soph Cabaret, Pan-Hellenic (2) (3), Comm. Chrm. Pan-Hellenic Ball (3), Social Comm. League (3) (4). J.G.P. EVELYN SEDDON SMITH A.B. Detroit, Mich. Zeta Phi Eta, Children ' s Theatre and Play Production. VIRGINIA NOLL SNELL A.B. Detroit, Mich. Betsy Barbour, Freshman Project, Soph Cabaret. Assembly (3), Daily (2) (3), Freshman Glee dub. COLETTA MARIE SNOHB A.B. Suttons Bay, Mich. Beta Kappa Rho, Sec ' y-Treas., Deutscher Verein. I. NORMAN SOODDC fi. Neinr Brighton, Pa. Kappa Nu, Baseball Mqr. (2) (3), Tennis Mar. (4). Choor Leader (2) (3). MABTIN MATTHEW SOOKNE A.a Far Rockaway. L- L. N. Y. Phi Beta Delta, Swimming. (1) (2), Baseball (U HiUel Players (1) (2). HELEN SOOS A.B. in English Flint, Mich. Alpha Delta Pi. DAVID SOSNOW A.B. in Zool. Newark, N. J. HELEN SOUTHON A.B. Parchment, Mich. Martha Cook Blag., J.G.P., Children ' s Theater (4). W. C. SPALLEH A.B. Trenton, Mich. JOHN STANTON SPEICHER A.B. Reading, Pa. Theta Chi, Druids, Wrestling Co-captain. LAURA JEAN SPENCER A.B. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega, Stanley Chorus (1) (2), J.G.P. JACK GADDIS ST ALTER A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Alpha Tau Omega. HARRIETT JEANNE STEARNS A.B. in Eng. Lit. Ann Arbor, Mich. Chi Omega. ALICE LOUISE STEBBINS A.B. Detroit, Mich. Daily (2), Women ' s Debating (2). MARJORIE DANA STEBBINS A.B. Hastings, Mich. Martha Cook, Assembly Board. PAUL EUGENE STEIGELMAN A.B. Muskegon, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi. DONALD MARVIN STEIN A.B. Canton, Ohio. Sigma Alpha Mu. HARRY EDWARD STEINBERG A.B. Lawrence, Mass. NORMAN B. STEINBERG A.B. Chicago, 111. Sigma Alpha Mu, Druids, Mich. Daily Business (1) (2), Service Mgr. (3), Advertising Mgr. (4), Business Mgr. Summer Daily (4). JANE GERTRUDE STEINER A.B. Cincinnati, Ohio. Delta Delta Delta, Daily Business (3), League Publicity Comm. (2) (3). LEONARD STERN A.B. Irvington, N. J. Sigma Alpha Mu. FLORENCE MASON STEVENS A.B. Port Huron, Mich. Martha Cook, ' Ensian (3). HELEN F. STEVENSON A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. JEAN DARBY STONE A.B. in French Beaver, Pa. Kappa Kappa Gamma, French Club, Gargoyle (1), J. G. P. LOUISE HALL STONE A.B. in Sociology Pasadena, California. Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Kappa Delta. STEPHEN ARTHUR STONE A.B. Brookline, Mass. Kappa Nu, Treas. (4). MAXWELL RAYMOND STOUT A.B. Franklinville, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi. DAVID ALBERT STRAUS B.S. Erie, Pa. Phi Epsilon Pi, ' Ensian (2) (3), Rendezvous Camp, Interfaith Symposium. BETTY ELAINE STRICKHOOT A.B. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega, Theta Sigma Phi, Pres., Wyvern, Daily (1) (2) (3), J.G.P., Central Comm., Frosh Project, Soph Cabaret. ROBERT ALLAN STUART A.B. Sheridan, Wyoming. Sigma Chi, Interfraternity Council (2) (3), Debate (3) (4), Chrm. Ticket Comm. Inter- fraternity Ball (3). Page 68 JANE E. STURTRIDGE A.B. Detroit. Mich. Kappa Delta. League Publicity Committee, J.G.P. ARTHUR U. SUKANIVA A.B. FRANCES MARY SULLIVAN A.B. in Zoo!. Saginaw, Mich. Helen Newberry. JOHN F. SULLIVAN A3. Benton Harbor, Mich. ffiMA MAHJORIE SYKES A.B. New Haven, Conn. Alpha Epsilon PhL IK s 5 Ho MJ LIONEL J. TACHNA A.B. in EC. Far Rockaway, N. Y. Gargoyle, Freshman Wrestling Squad, Ass ' t Hockey Mgr. (2) (3). I MAHY JANE TASCH A.B. Pinckney, Mich. Crop and Saddle, J. G. P. KATHEHINE MAY TAYLOH A.B. Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Chi Omega. International Council. LOUISE L. TAYLOH A.B. in Sociology Lake-wood, Ohio. Pi Beta Phi. ROBERT DAVEY TAYLOB A.B. Detroit, Mich. Columbia University. JAMES M. TEAHEJf, JE. A.B. Detroit, Mich. Theta Chi. HOWARD S. TETTELBAUM A.B. Flint, Mich. BRUCE THOMAS TELFEH A.B. Chicago, HI. Theta Delta Chi, Sphinx, Michigamua, Mimes, Union (1) (2). Executive Council (3), Student Dormitory Comm. (3), Chrm. (4), Michigras (3) (4), Men ' s Council, V. Pres. (4). rUUHE TENANDER A.B. Fitchburg, Mass. Sigma Delta Chi, Pres., Sphinx, Michigamua, Toastmasters, Mich. Daily (1) (2) (3),Editorial Director (4). JOHN CULBERTSON THOM A.B. Buffalo, Wyoming. Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Sphinx, Michigamua, Tosstmaster, Tennis (1) (2), Michigan Union, Pres. (4) Basketball Mgr. (2) (3). ARTHUR THOMAS A.B. Brooklyn. N. Y. EDWARD BAKER THOMPSON AA Hudson, Mich. Theta Delta Chi. MARTHA C. THOMPSON A.B., Teacher ' s Certificate Iron Mountain, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega, Soph Cabaret, Stanley Chorus, League Social Comm. NICHOLAS JAMES THOMPSON A.B. in History Norwalk, Ohio. Phi Beta Pi. ANNA MARGARET THOMSON A.B. Katonah, N. Y. Mosher Hall, Archery Club, Theater Arts Comm. (2) (3) (4), J.G.P. GEORGE DAVID THOMSON A.B. Flint, Mich. VIRGINIA ELLEN THOMSON A.B. Coldwaler, Mich. LILLIAN PRISCILLA TOLHURST A.B. Marshall. Mich. Delta Sigma Rho, Varsity Debate Team (2), Athena (2) (3) (4). Pres. (4). MARION HELENE TOUFT A.B. Detroit, Mich. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Page 69 HUDSON ROBERT TOUHTELLOT A.B. Kansas City, Missouri. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Michigan Union (1) (2) (3). WILLIAM ALB ERT TREBII.COCK A.B. in Pol. Sci. Ishpeming, Mich. Phi Delta Theta. JANICE CHRISTINE TROST A.B. Elmira, N. Y. Theta Sigma Phi. JAY CORWIN TROXEL A.B. Flint, Mich. Alpha Kappa Psi. ELIZABETH TURNER A.B. Detroit, Mich. Collegiate Sorosis, Gargoyle (2), Freshman Girls ' Glee Club (1), Stanley Chorus (2) (3), Freshman Project, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. Orientation Comm. (4), Social Comm. (4). CORNELIA H. VAN DOORN A.B. Flint, Michigan. Alpha Delta Pi, Theatre Arts Comm., Finance Comm. VIRGINIA M. VAN DYKE A.B. Dayton, Ohio. Delta Gamma, Entertainment Comm. League Fair (4), J.Q-.P., Gargoyle (2), Chrm. Decoration Comm. Michigras (3), Ticket Chrm. Pan-Hellenic Banquet (3), Pan-Hellenic (3), Social Comm. (4). KATHERINE M. VAN HEEST B.S. Grand Rapids, Mich. Choral Union, Assembly Board. ROBERT A. VAN NOHDSTRAND B.S. in Chem. Scotia, N. Y. Kappa Delta Rho. CHARLES K. VAN WINKLE A.B. Howell, Mich. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. G. JOSEPHINE VAN WOHMER A.B. Binghamton, N. Y. Mosher Hall, Senior Ball Comm. (4). JOHANNA MARIA VAN ZANEN A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. DOROTHY ARMOR VEAZEY Midland, Mich. Alpha Gamma Delta. HAROLD WILLIAM VEITCH A.B. in History Norwalk, Ohio. JOHN E. VENEKLASEN A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. Boxing (3) (4). JANE VICTORY VEHNER A.B. Ann Arbor, Mich. Varsity Women ' s Swimming Team (1), Glee Club (1), Cercle Francois (3) (4). c r 1 .- - (MRS.) MAUD HINDS VINCENT A.B. Saginaw, Mich. M. B. BARRETT VAREE A.B. Grand Rapids, Mich. ELIZABETH URSULA WAHL A.B. Ishpeming, Mich. Delta Delta Delta, Stanley Chorus (2) (3), Theatre Arts (3) (4), Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., Children ' s Theatre Program. IRENE LOUISE WAKEMAN A.B. Pontiac, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega, J.G.P. (3), Soph Cabaret (3), Social Comm. (3). JACK M. WALKER A.B. McComb, Ohio. Delta Tau Delta, Pres. (4), Phi Eta Sigma (1), Junior Class Sec ' y. MARGARET I. WATERSTON A.B. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Alpha Chi Omega, Daily (2), Tennis Mgr. (4), W.A.A., League Orientation Comm. (3) (4), Soph Cabaret, Penny Carnival (2), J.G.P. ROBERT WEEKS A.B. Highland Park, Mich. Theta Delta Chi, Sphinx, Druids, Michigan Daily (3) (4). A. VIRGINIA WEIDLEIN A.B. in English Cleveland, Ohio. Gamma Phi Beta, Glee Club (1), Soph. Carbaret, J.G.P., League Social Comm. (2) (3). Page 70 LIIEfiiy SCHOOL SENIORS ELMOHE WEINGARDEN LEO GEORGE WEISS E and LESTER BERNARD WEISS A.B. :) (4). SEYMOUH T. WEITZMAN BURTON S. WELLMAN. JR. : Executive Council (2). University (1). WHENCE ERNEST WELLS ' JOAN GLORIA WENTZ :- w York. Soph Prom, rabaret, J.G.P., League : . (3). CHARLES EDWARD WESLEY N. Y. 3nd i4), Cerele THELMA ELAINE WESTERMAN A.B. Hackensack, New Jersey. F. JAKE WILLOUGHBY Detroil, Michigan. Delia Gamma. DOLAS D. WHITE A. B. Ml. Pleasant, Michigan. Phi Delta Theta. DOROTHY MARGARET WHITE A. B. Watertown, Conn. W.A.A. Boani, J.G.P. WILLIAM HOWARD WHITE. II B.S. in Geology Boyne City, Michigan. Phi Delta Theta. JOAN ELIZABETH WHITNEY A. B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Collegiate Sorosis.Wyvern, Mortarboard, Intramural Mgr. W.A.A. (3), Treas. (4). Michigras (3 Penny Carnival Central Comm. (2), Freshman Project, Soph Cabaret, Central Comm., J.G.P. MURRAY. L. A.B. Brooklyn,N. Y. WIENER JOSEPHINE MARIE WILCOX Detroit, Michigan- Collegiate Sorosis, Crop and Saddle, Children ' s Theater, J.G.P. HAROLD WILLEH B.S. Buffalo, N. Y. Scalp and Blade. DONALD JAMES WILSHER A.B. in Economics Detroit, Michigan. Thelta Delta Chi, Sphinx, Druids, Michigan Daily (2) (3) (4). WILLIAM H. WILSON A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Alpha Delta Phi. WILLIAM STANLEY WILSON A.B. in Economics East Orange, N.J. Delta Upsilon. JOHN SMALL WINDER A.B. Eaton Rapids, Michigan. Theta Delta Chi, Daily (2), Wrestling (1). VIRGINIA ALICE WITTERS A. B. St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Assembly. OTTO B. WURZBUHG, JH. B-S. Grand Rapids, Michigan. SIDNEY AARON YELLIN A.B. Brooklyn, N. Y. Page 71 PAUl EDWIN YEHGENS A.B. in Economics Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Glee Club ,Treas. (4), Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4) FREDERICK C. ZIEM A.B. Pontiac, Michigan. Football (1)(2)(3), Basketball (1). FRED L. ZSCHOERNEH A.B. Saginaw, Michigan. . . .- I ANGELL HALL Page 72 Wells McCall Owston Thomson CLASS OFFICEHS Bud Wells PRESIDENT Margaret McCall VICE-PRESIDENT Helen Owston SECRETARY Fred Thomson TREASURER COMMITTEES EXECUTIVE Cecile Frankling, Chairman Faith Watkins Carl Viehe Jean Holland Zivia Seltzer FINANCE Myron Wallace Grace Wilson Bill Linsz Maxine Blaess Mary Bell ptTBLicrrr Hugh M. Kople Bertie Howard Henrietta Simpson Philip Woodworth Robert D. Barber Page 73 Westbrook Vicary Conrad CLASS OFFICERS Phil Westbrook PRESIDENT Ann Vicary VICE-PRESIDENT Charles Pink SECRETARY Stan Conrad TREASURER STUDENT GOVERNMENT James MacDonald, Chairman Lorraine Leivrouw Glade Allen Walter Stebens Jean Gomon Murray Silverman Iz Binder Adelaide Mason Bernie Goldman Helena Goldberg Betty Slee PUBLICITY Stan Swinton, Chairman Suzanne Potter Morton Linder Richard Mann John Hulbert Larry Rinek Jean Langford Harold Goldman Ben Marino Jack Gelder Jane Mowrers Claire Ford COOPERATIVE Donald Treadwell, Chairman Ted Liebovitz Louis Grossman Jane Everett John McConachie Doug Tracey Dick Livingstone Julius Rockwell FINANCES Stan Conrad, Chairman Gertrude Hyde Janet Berveridge Richard Dick Zenovia Skoratko Barbara Benedict Betty Thompson Jeanne Morgan William Black Harriet Levy Norm Kewlwy Betty Rouse Roberta Leete Pete Gossard SOPHOMORE PROM Paul Park John Flowers Bud Gerson Lou Kauer Charles Frost Page 74 FROTH CLflSS OfflKRS Carr Canralho Flaningam Gerson FRESHMEN OFFICERS Donald Carr PRESIDENT Anita Carvalho VICE-PRESIDENT Sue Flaningam SECRETARY Irving Gerson TREASURER EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Harvey Acherman James Palmer Kenneth Simpson Bill Kramer James Frederic Ellen Rhea Barbara Newton Phyllis Kennedy Jane Krause Anita Carvalho Page 75 Row 1 Haynie, Lisagor, Benjamin, Mitchell, Gedeon, Gilmore, Fox, Janke, Stanton Row 2 Peckinpaugh, Morgan, Hodge, Brickley, Siegelman, Laing, Clarke, Magdol, Perlman Row 3 Woodworth, Morrii, Newnan, Buchen, Hook, Brennan, Heikkinen, Davidson, Faulkner. HONORARY SPHINXES Waldo Abbot Carl G. Brandt Robert Campbell Harry Carver F. C. Cappon I. H. C. Hildner Wilber R. Humphreys John H. Muyskens Russell C. Hussey Robert M. Petrie Richard Fuller Charles P. Wagner Bennett Weaver Charles B. Vibbert Louis VanderVelde Karl Litzenberg Arthur Van Duren, Jr. Dr. William M. Brace Stanley Waltz Robert B. Hall ACTIVES Fred Janke Wally Hook Tex Stanton Frank Morgan Bill Watson Harold Davidson Tom Haynie John Mitchell Elmer Gedeon Leo Beebe Paul Brickley David Laing Bill Hockett Horace Gilmore Pete Lisagor Edward Magdol Bill Newnan Phil Buchen Arthur Boak Ralph Heikkinen Jack Brennan Phil Woodworth Walt Peckinpaugh Ross Faulkner Harvey Clark Bob Perlman Bud Benjamin Len Siegelman Ham Morris Max Hodge Dick Fox Page 76 Row 1 Steiner, Rose, Schultz. Reek Row 2 DeWeese. Kronner, Michlinski, Campbell, Pollock Row 3 Co, Watkin . Tolhunt, Sandirl, Owen, Seller OFFICERS Lillian Tolhurst PRESIDENT Miriam Sanders VICE-PRESIDENT Mary Evelyn Owen .... TREASURER Faith Watkins SECRETARY MEMBERS Bunty Bain Jans Campbell Selma Chibnik Marney Coe Hariette DeWeese Mary Jane Kronner June Longhurst Florence Michlinski Mary Evelyn Owen Ruth Pollock Mary Frances Reek Helen Rose Miriam Sanders Francesse Seller Katharine Schultz Katherine Steiner Betty Steinhart Lillian Tolhurst Faith Watkins Page 77 Zfffl PHI fffl Row 1 McArlhur, Smith, Shields, Barr, Cloudman How 2 Howard, Persons, Lowry, Graft, McGregor, Pence PATRONESSES Mrs. L. M. Eicke Mrs. G. E. Densmore Miss Ethel McCormick MEMBERS Dorolhy Cloudman Janet Graft Bettie Howard Margaret Lowry Mildred McArthur Margaret McGregor Betty Jean Pence Nelson Persons Mary Jane Shields Evelyn Smith Page 78 Row 1 Conaell. Russell. Tliijh Jl Vonl, Triplet!. Row 2 Jesperscn. Von Dusen, Wood. Kaolson, Nichols Row 3 Boelzle. Swartout. Lehner, Ayers. Roll. Bell. OFFICERS Margaret Ann Ayers . . . PRESIDENT Mary Bell and Nancy Schaefer CO-VICE-PRESIDENTS Mary Rail SECRETARY Margery Lee Lehner . . . TREASURER MEMBERS Margaret Ann Ayers Mary Bell Marjorie Ingram Helen Jesperson Janet Karlson Margery Lehner Mary Rail Nancy Schaefer Ruth Wood Marcia Connell Virginia Hoelzle Betsy Honhart Madeline Krleghoff Ella Mountain Dorothy Nichols Jean Russel Francis Sutherland Margaret Triplet! Betty Van Dusen Jeanne Vant Eleanor Christiansen Sybil Swartout Phqe - - Row 1 Carolyn Ross, Marjorie High, Janice Trost, Margaret Carlson, Frances Everard, Miriam Miller How 2 Virginia Kenner, Barbara Lovell, Helen Douglas, Belly Strickroot, Katherine I. Moore, Elza Doegey OFFICERS Betty Strickroot PRESIDENT Helen Douglas VICE-PRESIDENT Barbara Lovell SECRETARY Katherine Moore . TREASURER MEMBERS Betsy Anderson Margaret Carlson Jean Clauser Elza Doegey Thora Jane Duus Mary Elliott Francis Everard Marjorie High Virginia Kenner Miriam Miller Carolyn Ross Charlotte Schnee Marjorie Slade Janice Trost Page 80 . : Day by day thousands of students pass through the heart of the Engineering College pass through the Dennison arch " so named in the honor of him who suggested it. " Page 82 COIKM of em When the University was founded in 1837 provision was made for instruction in the limited field of engineering. There are few older technical schools in the country. Since that time the world-wide call for progress has stimulated the field of engineering and the progress that has been made is largely due to such institutions as our own Engineering college. People are sometimes prone to picture the typical engineer as a poor soul with hairy ears, wearing corduroy trousers with a slide rule projecting from the hip pocket. However, the typical Michigan engineer combines non-technical subjects with his regular curriculum and takes part in all campus activities, social and otherwise. With the experi- ence he obtains in and cut of the classroom, he leaves the University a thoroughly trained individual, ready and willing to aid in the march of science and engineering. DEAN H. C. ANDERSON The blue grass lands of Kentucky have furnished us with Dean Anderson of the Engineering School. He attended the Uni- versity of Kentucky graduating in 1897 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 900 hs came to the University of Michi- gan as an assistant professor. He was appointed head of the mechanical engi- eering department in 1917 and last year as appointed Dean of the College of gineering. Having grown up with the machine age, " Dean Anderson is cer- y an able head. m Page 83 Naval architecture a iuture ship now on the drawing board. Aero engineering fixing a model ior a test in the wind tunnel. Physics where students learn all about ohms and horsepower. Page 84 Surveying Obtain- ing the elevation ol the hospital above the arch. , V The knack of oxy-acetylene welding is leaned in tiiis ' Tab. " A model ship, finished product ot the naral architect Chemistry " temperature 212 degrees and going higher. " Page : . H. C. ANDERSON Prof, of Mech. Eng. Dean of College of Engineers Sfwlf - i S. S. ATTWOOD Asscc. Prof, of Electrical Engineering W. L. AYRES Assoc. Prof, of Math. B. F. BAILEY Prof, of Electrical Eng. Dept. Head E. M. BAKER Prof. Elec. Eng. O. W. BOSTON Prof. Metal Processing H. BOUCHARD Assoc. Prof, of Surveying and Gsodosy J. H. CANNON Prof. Electrical Eng. E. M. BRAGG Prof, of Naval Arch, and Marine Eng. Dept. Head C. O. CAREY Assoc. Prof, of Su r veying and Geodosy I. C. BRIER Prof. Chemical Eng. J. H. CISSEL Prof. Struct. Eng. G. G. BROWN Prcf. Chemical Eng. C. L. DAHLSTROM Assoc. Prof, of English C. E. BURKLUND Assoc. Prof, of Eng. A. J. DECKER Prof, of Civil Eng. R. A. DODGE Ass ' t. Prof, of Eng. Mechanics W. I. EMMONS Assoc. Prof, of Highway Eng. I. E. ENSWILER Prof, of Mech. Eng. Page 86 E. L. ERIKSEN Prof, of Eng. Mech. Dept. Head P. FIELD Prof, of Math. C. W. GOOD Assoc. Prof. Mech. Eng. COLUK Of H. V. GOULDING Assoc. Prcf. of Mechanism and Eng. L. M. GRAM Prof. Civil Eng. Depl. Head R. S. HAWLEY Prof. Mech. Eng. C. B. GOHDY Prof. Mech. Eng. H. H. HIGBIE Prof. Elec. Eng. W. C. HOAD Asst. Prof, of Math. L. A. HOPKINS Assoc. Prof, of Math. W. S. HOUSEL Assoc. Prof, of Civil Eng. C. T. JOHNSTON Prof, of Geodosy and Surv. and Dept. Head H. E. KEELER Prof, of Mech. Eng. A. MARIN Assoc. Prof, of Mech. Eng. W. E. LAY Prof, of Mech. Eng. H. R. LLOYD Assoc. Prof, of Mech. Eng W. L. McCABE Assoc. Prcf. of Chem. Engineering F. N. MENEFEE Prof, of Engineering Mechanics Page 87 C. E. LOVE Prof, of Math. A. H. LOVELL Prof, of Elec. Eng. and Assl. Dean F. A. MICKLE Assoc. Prof, of Mech. Eng. H. W. MILLER Prof, of Eng. Drawing and Mechanism COLLEGE Of A. D. MOORE Prof, of Elec. Eng. R. L. MORRISON Prof, of Highway Eng. and Transportation I. R. NELSON Prof, of English V. C. POOR Assoc. Prof, of Math. T. R. RUNNING Prof, of Mathematics R. H. SHERLOCK Prof, of Civil Engineering A. F. SHERZER P:of. of Mech. End. E. A. STALKER Prof, of Aeronautical Engi- neering and Dapt. Head M. B. STOUT Assoc. Prof, of Elec. Eng. H. S. SWINTON Assoc. Prof, of Eng. Mechanics I. E. THORNTON Assoc. Prof, of Engineering C. UPTHEGROVE Prof, of Metallurgical Engineering J. VAN den BROEK Prof, of Eng. Mechanics C. N. WENGER Assoc. Prof, of English A. E. WHITE Prof, of Metallurgical Engineering A. H. WHITE Prof, of Chem. Eng. and Dept. Head C. O. WISLER Prof, of Hydraulic Engineering W. P. WOOD Prof, of Metallurgical Engineering J. S. WORLEY Prof, of Transportation Engineering Page 88 SfOIOR CLflSS OFFICERS Smith Waidchen Lansdale Young CLASS OFFICERS Goff Smith PRESIDENT Alfred H. Waidchen .... VICE-PRESIDENT David B. Lansdale .... SECRETARY Robert S. Yo ung TREASURER EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Jere T. Pariah F. Weston Palmer William T. Bourke M. Wren MacLean John F. McLean, Jr. FINANCE COMMITTEE James R. Lee Frederick W. Boynton, Jr. Roger S. Frazier Clifton M. Elliott Robert H. Rowland Joseph I. Robinson SENIOR BALL Fred W. Smith Richard S. Wangelin Joseph J. Birkenstock CAP AND GOWN George M. Zapp Carl H. Clement, Jr. Sydney O. Steinborn L. John May Edward H. Replogle INVITATIONS John G. Young Frank W. Steere, Jr. Edward W. Foote Charles D. Roach Vernor E. Schafer, Jr. COMMENCEMENT lames G. Eckhouse James E. Colovin Richard H. Benyman Don J. Wangelin George A. Marzonie CANE Gilbert K. Phares Robert V. Baxley Irving C. Brown Harry D. Marshall Donald M. Alexander Page 89 f I f I I 1 ! t I..?.? I. f J- t ? t f r - Row 1 Brondyke, Erickson, Kitzmiller, Bicknell, Grote, Reeder, Moore Row 2 Graf, Wallace, Widman, Hoenke , Steinborn, Palmer, J. Young, G. Smith Row 3 Easier. Kempton, R. Young, Tanzsr, Farrah, Elliott, Stuart, Winberg, Schaler Row 4 Scott, Savin, Frazier, Eisendrath, Rowland, F. Smith. Waldchen, Wangelin, VanLoon, Marshall OFFICERS Fred W Smith Jr President David C Eisendrath Vice-President Alfred H. Waldchen Rec. Secretary Robert H Rowland Cor. Secretary . . . .Cataloguer Richard S. Wangelin Eng Council Repr. ACTIVE MEMBERS D. E. Easier F. M. Kempton J. Spitzley A. W. Bicknell M. W. Kitzmiller S. O. Steinborn W. F. Brondyke. H. D. Marshall G. N. Stuart, Jr. I. C. Brown R. S. Moore E. K. Tanzer D. C. Eisendrath W. L. Paine D. F. Van Loon C. M. Elliott F. W. Palmer A. H. Waldchen A. C. Erickson J. P. Reeder H. W. Wallace J. T. Farrah R. H. Rowland F. R. Walter R. S. Frazier B. S. Savin R. S. Wangelin K. L. Graf V. E. Schafer L. E. Widman H. W. Grote R. F. Scott C. A. Winberg T. H. Hoenke F. W. Smith J. G. Young J. D. Hughson G. Smith R. S. Young FACULTY MEMBERS M. E. Cooley A. A. Jakkula D. H. Jones H. C. Anderson H. C. Sadler D. H. Young H. Bouchard S. S. Attwood A. H. Lovell H. D. Campbell G. G. Brown I. A. Bursley J. E. Emswiler J. H. Cannon A. J. Decker L. M. Gram E. L. Eriksen H. J. Goulding W. C. Hoad W. E. Lay I. S. Palmer C. S. Schoepfle R. H. Sherlock R. S. Hawley C. T. Johnston H. W. Miller H. E. Riggs C. Upthegrove H. H. Higbie H. W. King A. D. Moore W. C. Sadler E. A. Stalker J. A. Van den Broek A. E. White E. Lorch J. S. Worley G. L. Alt A. H. White H. S. Bull I. N. Calhoun W. E. Bachmann C. W. Good D. E. Habant W. G. Dow A. Marin M. I. Thompson E. S. Pettijohn M. B. Stout C. T. Olmsted F. L. Everett K. Kammermeyer E. I. Abbott J. H. Walker L. O. Case R. W. Rockefeller C. D. Jones T. S. Peterson Page 30 Fletcher N. Platt Charles D. Roach Robert H. Rowland Frederick W. Smith Goff Smith Sydney O. Steinborn Ernest K. Tanzer Alfred H. Waldchen Richard S. Wangelin John G. Young Robert S. Young Donald M. Alexander Rush A. Bowman Irving C. Brown Carl H. Clement David C. Eisendrath Roger S. Frazier Carl A. Gerstacker Alfred Karpinski David B. Lansdale Neil T. Levenson George A. Marzonie Page 91 ROBERT I.YMAN ADAMS B.S. Met. Eng. Highland Park, Michigan. Theta Delta Chi. GEORGE VERNON AIBEY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. DONALD M. ALEXANDER B.S. Aero Enq. Detroit, Michigan. Theta Xi, Triangles, Vulcans, Scabbard and Blade, Glider Club, I.Ae.S., A.S.M.E. HOY CARSON ALLAN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. A.S.M.E. RALPH GEORGE ATKINSON B.S.E. (Chem. Eng.) St. Johns, Michigan. Alpha Chi Sigma, Varsity Band (1) (2), AI.Ch.E., R.O.T.C. JOSEPH AUGUST B.S.(Ch. E.) Benton Harbor, Michigan. AI.Ch.E.,(4), Donovan Scholar (4). DONNAN EDSON BASLER B.S. in Elec. Eng. Jackson, Michigan. A.I.E.E., Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. THOMAS E. BEAL B.S. Elec. Eng. Adrian, Michigan. Alpha Tau Omega, A.I.E.E., U. of M. Radio Club. RICHARD HENRY BERRYMAN B.S. Mech. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. Triangles, Hockey (1) (2) (3). ROBERT JAMES BEUHLER B.S. Elec. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Theta Xi, Triangles, Vulcans, Scabbard and Blade, Men ' s Council (3)( 4), Engineering Council (4), Pres. Pi Tau Pi Sigma (4), Rifle Team (1) (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4). IOSEPH I. BIRKENSTOCK B.S. Mech. Enq. Brighton, Michigan. OTTO RICHARD BOLL B.S. in Elec. Eng. Channing, Michigan. Hiawatha Club, A.I.E.E. HARRY L. BOULTON B.S. in Chem. Eng. Midland, Michigan. Alpha Chi Sigma, A.I.Ch.E. WILLIAM THOMAS BOURKE B.S. in Met. Eng. Chattanooga, Tennessee. Sigma Phi, Track Mqr. (4). RUSH ALEXANDER BOWMAN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Harrisburg, Pa. Delta Upsilon, Triangles, Vulcans, Scabbard and Blade, Union Exec. Council (3), Mil. Ball Comm. (2). FREDERICK W. BOYNTON, JR. B.S. in Met. Eng. Birmingham, Mich. Beta Theta Pi, Triangles, Football (1), V. Pres. Class (3). HOWARD CHARLES BRAUN B.S. in Mech. Eng. B.S. in Mar. Eng. Buffalo, N. Y. Triangle, Scabbard and Blade (3) (4), Quarterdeck (4), A.S.M.E. (3) (4), Mich. Technicd )(2). THEODORE BOICE BRAUN Chem. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. A.I.Ch.E. HJALMAH E. BHEIT, JR. B.S. in Nav. Arch, and Mar. Eng. Palmerton, Pa. Quarterdeck. CLAYTON EUGENE BRELSFQRD B.S. in M.I. Birmingham, Michigan. Phi Kappa Psi, Vulcana Track (2) (3) (4). WILLIS FRANK BRONDYKE B.S- in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. Tau Beta Pi. DONALD GORDON BRONSON Bus. Ad. Westfield, N. J. Alpha Sigma Phi, Michigan Daily (1)(2). CHARLES L. BROOKS, JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phi Kappa Sigma, Mich. Technic, A.I.Ch.E. WILLIAM ERNST BUFFE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Jackson, Michigan. A.S.M.E. Page 92 COLLH Of EimillG BENJAMIN C. BUGB EE. IB. : FREDERICK ALLAN BURDICK - Xi. JOSEPH OCTAVE CALLOTJETTE Michigan. ' .--- X Sigma MILTON HOLMES CAMPBELL i-. . z - r . _ r -. _ Kappa. Pies. (41 ROSWELL JAMES CAMPBELL Lz-bda, V. Pres. and See. Chrm. (4). A.S.M.E. Student Branch (4). GEORGE HAM CANNON B.S. ..-. Me Scabbard and Blade (2X3) (4). Orchestra (1) (2). Band (2) (3) (4). Varsjty Giee Club (4), :: V- r. : GEORGE WILMOT CARLE. JR. - Marine Engineering. Toledo. Ohio. ' -..-- -: :. _ ' -;- . nartoideck CARL FREDERICK CARLZEN - Bufialo, N. Y. FRANK HENRY CARSTENS B.S. in Aero. Eng. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Port Clinton, Ohio. Phi Kappa Tau, A.S.M.E., Insl. A?ro. Sciences. ROBERT WILLIAM CHADWICK B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. Pi Kappa Alpha, I 7 ALBERT PROSPER CHAMPION B.S. in Aero. Eng. Flint, Michigan. l.Ae. S. YMG CHANG B.S. in Aeio. Enq. Feiping, China S.A.E., I. Ae. S. FREDERICK WAYNE CHAPMAN B.S. in Elec. Enq. Hillsdale, Michigan. BRUCE EDWARD CLARK B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. EDWARD CAREW CHASE. JH. B . in Chern. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. Hockey (2) (3) (4). A S C H. WILLIAM KENT CHASE B.S. in Civil Enq. Detroit. Michigan. Hockey (2) (3) (41 T:-= " as. A5.C.E. (4L TSUNG TI B.S. in Aero Enq. Hongchow, China. CARL HOWARD CLEMENT. JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rossford, Ohio. Theta Delta Chi, Triangle Treas., Vulcan Pres., Scabbard and Blade. Quarterdeck, Wrestling (1). Class Treasurer (1) (2), Key Dance Comm. (3). Union Ex. Council (3). ROBERT O. CLEVELAND B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. AS.M.E. JACK FHIBLEY CLINE B.S. in Elec. Enq. Grand Rapids, Michigan. A.LE.E., Phi Kappn Phi. U. oi M. Radio Club. Eta Kappa Nu. WILLIAM E. COBEY. JR. B.S. in Aero Eng. Foil Montgomery ,N. Y. Delta Sigma Pi. Scabbard and Blade. WILLIAM LEE COGGER B.S. in Chem. Enq. Detroit, Michigan. Acacia. Pi Tau Pi Sigma. GEORGE HENRY COMPTEH B.S. in Aero Eng. New York.N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Rho Tau (2) (3) (4). Technic (2) (3), I. Ae. S. (3) (4). JAMES HAYDEN CONOVER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Page 93 GRANVILLE RUSSELL CONRAD B.S. in Mech. Eng. Melrose, Mass. Triangle, Scabbard and Blade, Pi Tau Pi Siqma, A.S.M.E. GLEN GORDON COOK B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. A.S.M.E. (3) (4). SHERMAN H. COOK B.S. in Aero. Eng. Whitmore Lake, Michigan. Triangle, I.Aes.E., Glider Club. FRED HARGHAVE COVINGTON B.S. in Aero. Eng. Wadesboro, N. C. ALLEN MORSE CHEWSON 3.S. in Chem. Eng. Buffalo, N.Y. Phi Kappa Sigma, A.I.Ch.E. GORDON DIFLEY DAVIS B.S. in Chem. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. WILLIAM HENRY DAVIS B.S. in Chem. Eng. Jackson, Michigan. A.I.Ch.E. KENNETH A. DAY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Fenton, Michigan. A.S.M.E., Stump Speakers Society. JULIAN A. DEHY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. A.S.M.E. (2) (3) (4). JUAN DIAZ SANTINI B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rio Grande, Puerto Rico A.S.M.E., Club Latino Ibero, Sociedad Hispanica. HANS FRITZ DIENEL B.S.E. in Physics East Detroit, Michigan. Deutscher Verein (3) (4), University Symphony (1). ROBERT WM. DIMPFL B.S. in Elec. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. Sigma Rho Tau (2), A.I.E.E. (3) (4). FRANCIS WM. DONOVAN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Binghamton, N. Y. Phi Kappa, Michigan Technic, Sigma Rho Tau Treas. (1) (2), Pres. (3), Scabbard and Blade(3), Pres. (4). MICHAEL DUBLIN B.S. in Civ. Eng. B.S. in Math. Rome, New York. A.S.C.I. (3), Asst. in Eng. Mechanics Dept (3). HUDSON G. DUNKS B.S. in Mech. Eng. Monroe, Michigan. Triangles, Scabbard and Blade, Gargoyle (4), Rifle Team (l)(2)(3)(4),Capt.(4), Class Sec. (3), Glee Club (2) (3) (4), Treas. (3), Mgr. (4). JAMES GEORGE ECKHOUSE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Chicago, Illinois. Zeta Beta Tau, A.I.Ch.E. Mich. Technic (1) (2) (3), Publication Ed. (3), Class Fin. Comm. (3). WILLIAM O. EDELL B.S. in Aero. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. I.Ae.S. DAVID CHARLES EISENDRATH B.S. in Mech. Eng., Elec. Eng. Eng. Math. Winnetka, Illinois. A.I.E.E., (2) (3) (4), Tau Beta Pi (3) (4), V. Pres. (4), Phi Rho Sigma (1), Phi Kappa Phi (4), Vulcans, Sec. (4), Eng. Council Student Senate (3), Council Enq. Open House Comm. (3). NORMAN O. ELDRED B.S. in Chem. Eng. Vicksburg, Michigan. Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.Ch.E., Alumni Undergrad. Scholarship. CLIFTON MANLEY ELLIOTT B.S. in Mech. Eng. Erie, Michigan. Triangle, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma. A.S.M.E., Sigma Rho Tau, Class Pres. (3), Eng. Council (3). ROBERT A. ELLIOTT B.S. in Eng. Law Raton, N. Mex. Phi Gamma Delta, Society of Industrial Lawyers Society of Industrial Lawyers, Daily (2), Union (2). WARREN E. EMLEY, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Fremont, Michigan. Delta Tau Delta, A.S.M.E. (3) (4), Ensian Bus. Staff (1) (2). ALFRED CURTIS EHICKSON B.S. in Chem. Eng. Harbor Springs, Michigan. Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E. (4), Sec. (4). WILLIAM JOHN FANT B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grand Haven, Michigan. A.S.M.E., S.A.E. Page 94 COLLEGE Of JEHE TIFFIN FARRAH B.S. in Aero and Mech. Eng. London, Or.- --ma, ' E. (1)(2)(3)(4). I.Ae.S. (3) (4). V. Pres. (3), Club (1) (2) (4). Instructor in Glider Club (4). RICHARD DRAKE FAULKNER (far.Aicfa. - Michigan. ' . ppa. Quarterdeck, Phi Sigma Kappa, Sec. (3), Pres. (4). DELMAH ALFRED FEIL . Eng. Eggertsville, N. Y. Kappa Epsilon. ' . (2). RICHARD LEE FINCH B.S. in Aero Eng. Michigan. ROBERT STEVE FODOR I Michigan. A.l.Ch.E. (3) (4). : -ha Club (2) (3) (4). EDWARD WATT FOOTE B.S. in Civ. Eng. :, T ew York. Lambda Chi Alpha. ROBERT LEE FRANK ilng. Highland Park, Michigan. Phi Epsilon Pi. ?:.. :z Sigma (1), E::: Kappa Nu(3), 4 1, A.I.E.E. (3) (4), Radio Club (1) (2) (4). ROGER SHELDRON FRAZIER B.S. in Civ. Eng. Bath, New York. Allen-Rumsey House, A.S.C.E., Pres. (4), Tau Beta Pi, Vulcans, Scabbard and Blade. EDWARD M. FHEDERIKSEN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Schenectady, N. Y. A.S.M.E. THOMAS B. FRIEDMAN B.S. in Elec. Eng. Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Phi Epsilon Pi. A.I.E.E., Daily (1), Adelphi (2). LJ. ci M. Radio Club ROBERT W. FURMAN. JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. B.S. in Met. Eng. Toledo, Ohio. FRANK WILLIAM FURRY B.S. in Aero. Eng. Chicago, Illinois. Theta Chi, Phi Sigma (3 (4), I.Ae.S. (3) (4), Glider Club (1) (2) (3). WILLIAM C. GALLMEYEH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. A.S.M.E. METHODI V. GAYEFF B.S. in Dec. Eng. Istanbul, Turkey. RUSSELL W. GERBY B.S. in Met. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. A.S.M. CARL ALLAN GERSTACKER B.S. in Chem. Eng. - nd, Ohio. EARL HARRY GETKIN, IB. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Elmira, New York. Scabbard and Blade, A.S.M.E. FRANK C. GIBBS. JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. Oak Park, Illinois. Alpha Tau Omega. ALBERT OTTO GIEROW E.S. in Chem. Eng. Tulsa, Oklahoma. A.S.C.E. (3 (4). MAURICE MACK GILBERT B.S. in Elec. Eng. Falconer, N. Y. Band (IL HOWARD FREDERICK GOECKEL B.S. in Chem. Eng. Owosso, Michigan. GEORGE MONROE GOLDMAN B.S. in Aero Eng. West Haven, Conn. I.Ae.S. (2) (3) (4), Soccer (2) (3), Student Asst Dept. of Aero. Eng., Glider Club (3) (4). KENNETH LEE GRAF B.S. in Mech. Eng. East Grand Rapids, Mich. A.S.M.E., Tau Beta Pi. , A.I.Ch.E., Triangles, Vulcans, Scabbard and Blade. Eng. Honor Council (3) (4), : ouncil (4), Michigan Daily (1) (2) (3). Eng. Ball (4). MacKELLAH KEITH GRAHAM B.S. in Elec. Eng. Walkerville, Ontario. Acacia, A.I.E.E. (1). U. of M. Radio Club (1). Page 95 SOLOMON MAX GROVEH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. A.S.M.E. SERGEI GEORGE GUINS B.S. in Aero Eng. Harbin, Manchuria. HOMAN F. HALLOCK, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Oswego, N. Y. A.S.M.E. GEORGE WM. HAMMERSMITH B.S. in Mpch. Eng. Buffalo, N. Y. HERMAN HENRY HANINK B.S. in Met. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. A.I.Ch.E. NORMAN KARL HANSELMANN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. A.I.Ch.E. (4). GEORGE A. HANSEN B.S. in Mech. Enq. Detroit, Michigan. A.S.M.E. WILSON R. HAHDLEBEN B.S. in Civ. Eng. Tonawanda, N. Y. Phi Kappa Tau, A.S.C.E. LESLIE MAXWELL HARRIS B.S. in Elec. Eng. Fredonia, New York. Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E. (4). RUSSELL E. HARRISON B.S. in Transportation Eng. Wayne, Michigan. A.S.C.E., Transporta;ion Club, Sec. and Treas. (4). ANWAR HASHID HASANI B.S. and M.S. in Chem. Eng. Bagdad, Iraq. Kappa Sigma, A.S.C.E., S.R.A., International Group. ROBERT HAW B.S. in Met. Eng. Flint, Michigan. MYRON HAWLEY B.S. in Mech.Enq. Detro it, Michigan. Phi Gamma Delta, A.S.M.E. DONALD WAYNE HAYES B.S. in Chem. Eng. Battle Creek, Michigan. Siqma Chi, A.I.Ch.E. PAUL HENRY HENNING. JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Phi Sigma Kappa, Pres. (4), Frosh Frolic, (!) GEORGE WARREN HICKS B.S. in Chem. Eng. Benton Harbor, Michigan. Alpha Chi Sigma (3) (4), A.I.Ch.E. (4). TRUMAN HOMER HOENKE B.S. in Civ. Eng. Flint, Michigan. A.S.C.E. (3) (4), Tau Beta Pi (4). ARNE HOLT B.S. in Elec. Enq. Flint, Michigan. A.I.E.E. WILLIAM JOHN HOUVENER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Ann Aibor, Michigan. A.I.Ch.E. AYOUB SALIM HOWIE B.S in Civ. Eng. Beirut, Syria. RALPH ALBEHTUS HOXIE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. A.S.M.E. MICHIO INOUYE B.S. in Transportion Eng. Dairen, Japan. A.S.C.E., Transportation Club, Nippon Club, South Manchuria Technical College. WILLIAM JANESHEK B.S. in Aero Eng. Port Washington, Wisconsin. FELIX E. JARDINICO B.S. in Nav. Arch. Valladolid, Occ. Neg., P. I. Philippine Michigan Club B.S. in M. E. Purdue. Page 96 COLLEGE Of BIGinG WALTER ARMSTRONG JENSEN - -aon. " Comm. (3), ! " omm. (2), EDWARD Q. JOHNSON : ::an. " .- silon, :tion Club (3) (4), E. (3)14), 4). PAUL ALFORD JOHNSON ELM. Dod, Michigan. raai Balboa PETER NORMAN JOHNSON . " ' -- ' :. Ev (. Heights, Canal Zone, A.I.OI.E. ROBERT HERBERT JUDSON in Physics ! ichigan. z Sigma, Panorama (4), KARPINSKI .. Y. : Vulcans, ; :li (2) (3) (4), Copt. (4). JACK H. KASLEY, JH- B.S. in Aero, Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. .gles (3)Treas., Vulcans, (4) Treas.(4), Michigamua (4), Eng. Council (5), Swimming (1) (2) (3) (4). Copt. (4). Class Treas. (3). EDWARD WALLACE KAZMARK B.S in Chem. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, A.LCh-E., Polish Engineering Society (3) Sec.. Polonia Club, (3). Gemmell Scholar. Mendelbaum Scholar. ROBERT C. KEAL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Highland Park, Michigan. Phi Kappa Tau. FREDERICK M. KEMPTON B.S. in Mech. Eng. Northampton, Mass. A.S.M.E. (4), Tau Beta Pi (3) (4), Michigan Technic (1)(2), R.O.T.C. 1} 2). BRAMLET F. KEMT B.S. in Eng. Law Highland Park, Michigan. HENRY THOMAS KEPPELMAN B.S. in Eng. Astronomy Reading, Pa. Theta Chi, Intramural Sports Mgr. (3). HASSAN FUAD KHATIB B.S. in Civ. Eng. Amman, Transjordan. JAMES ED. C. KINGSLEY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Geneseo, N. Y. Psi Upsilon, Track (1) (3) (4) ROBERT BENTON KINKEAD B.S. in Trans. Eng. Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Sigma Phi Upsilon, A.S.C.E. (3) (4), Transportation Club (3) (4), Track (4), De troit Institute of Technology (1) (2). LEO EDWIN KLAR B.S. in Aero Eng. Dallas, Texas. Sigma Alpha Mu, Scabbard and Blade, Cadet Major, R.O.T.C., Rifle Team. DAVID LOUIS KLEIN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Worcester, Mass. Kappa Nu, A.LCh.E., Baseball (1), Band (1) (2) (3), R.O.T.C. (1) (2). FRANK BURNS KNIGHT B.S. in Met. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. A.S.T.M. WILLIAM C. KNOEPFLE B.S. in Civ. Eng. Saginaw, Michigan. Theta Chi, A.S.C.E. CHO SHUN KWAN B.S. in Aero. Eng. Macao, China. JOHN GERALD LAMBERTSEN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Troy, New York. A.I.Ch.E. ROLAND S. LANDA B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. Alpha Chi Sigma, A.I.Ch.E. DAVID BROOKE LANSDALE B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. Delta Upsilon, Vulcans (4), A.S.M.E. (3) (4), Michigan Technic (1) (2) (3) Bus. Mgr. (4), Class Fin. Comm. (3), Class Sec. (4). Fresh. Glee Club (1), Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4), Slide Rule Dance Comm. (3) (4). JOHN B. LAWARRE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Springfield, Ohio. Page 97 JAMES RUTHERFORD LEE B.S. in Elec. Eng. Niagara Falls, N. Y. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.E.E., V. Pres. (4), Eta Kappa Nu (4) V. Pres. (4). ARTHUR M. LENNIE B.S. in Met. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. A.I.Ch.E. (3) (4), A.S.M.E. (4). NEIL THOMAS LEVENSON B.S. in Chem. Eng. White Plains, N. Y. Theta Xi, Vulcans (4), Triangles (3), Eng. Honor Council (1) (2), Football (1), Tennis (1) (2) (3) (4) Capt. (4), Union (1) (2), A.I.Ch.E. (3) (4), Senior Ball Chairman. HOWARD ROWLAND LILLIE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. A.I.Ch.E. CHARLES KEITH LINDERMAN B.S. in Civ. Eng. (Trans.) Olean, N. Y. Transportation Club (4), A.S.C.E. (21, A.S.M.E. (2). JAMES EDWARD LOAR B.S. in Chem. Eng. King-wood, W. Va. Phi Kappa Sigma. RODGER E. LONGLEY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Lynn, Mass. A.S.M.E. (4), Union Comm. ' (1) (2) (3), Adelphi (1) (2). TSENG LI MA B.S. in Aero Eng. Peiping, China. Chinese Student Club. I.Ae.S., S.A.E. CLARE MILTON MacKICHAN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Applegate, Michigan. A.S.M.E. (4), Rifle Team (1) (2). M. W. MacLEAN B.S. in Eng. (Bus. Ad.) Montclair, N. J. Alpha Tau Omega, Triangles (3). WILLIAM JOHN MacLEOD. JR. B.S. in Mech Eng. Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres. (4), A.S.M.E. (3) (4), Union Exec. Council (3). PAUL P. MA1ER B.S. in Civ. Eng. Kalkaska, Michigan. Gamma Alpha, Iota Alpha. THOMAS G. MANOS B.S. in Civ. Eng. Paterson, N. J. A.S.C.E. JAMES MORSE MASON, B.S. in Mech. Eng. Toledo, Ohio. A.S.M.E., S.A.E. L. JOHN MAY B.S. in Chem. Eng. Cairo, Illinois. Phi Epsilon Pi. JR. ROBERT ARTHUR McCLOUD B.S. in Mech. Eng. Dearborn, Michigan. Alpha Sigma Phi, Colorado Engineer (1). JOHN GRANT McQUAID B.S. in Mech. Enq. Canton, Ohio. Triangle, A.S.M.E. ALLEN H. MEISENHEIMER, JR. B.S. in Met. Eng., B.S. in Chem. Eng. Spokane, Wash. Phi Gamma Delta, Michigan Technic (1) (2), Glee Club (3), Choral Union (3). DAVID LOUIS MITCHELL Millbrook. N. Y. A.S.C.E. WALTER EDWARD MOLINE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kappa Delta Rho, A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT BUTTON MOORE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Lennon, Michigan. Alpha Chi Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Glee Club (2) (3) (4). WILDMAN JAMES MOORE B.S. in Civ. Eng. Flint, Michigan. Delta Upsilon, A.S.C.E., R.O.T.C., Rifle Team. GLENN B. MORSE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Phi Gamma Delta, I.Ae.S. Fin. Comm. (1). FREDERCK S. NEUMANN B.S. in Ele c. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. Page 98 COLLEGE Of 01GIIG MARTIN NEW.COMER, JR. Mech. Eng. note. Phi Delta Theta. REIDAR A. NORBOM B.S. in Mech .riia. . .Jma. HARRY EDWARD O ' CONNELL Glens Falls, N. Y. Track (2) (3) (4). A.LCh.E. HENHY CLAYTON ODBEHT B. Eng. Law o i JL.I JOHN OLIVER Mech. Eng. Michigan. ' . E. (3) (4). LARRY E. O ' NEIL B.S. -r. Mech. Eng. Michigan. 4). A.S.M.E. (3) (4). ROBERT EDWARD PARKIN :. ' .ech. Eng. iter, N. Y. Chi. EDWARD HARDING PARSONS = .S. .r. Mar. Eng. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Quarterdeck (3) (4). V. Commodore (4). ALFRED La CLAIH PERKINS B.S. in Chem. Eng. Ottawa, Illinois. Chi Psi. LOTHROP STRAWN PERKINS B.S. in Aero. Eng. Chi Psi, GhderClub, l.Ae.S. ARTHUR JAMES PERMODA B.S. in Chem. Eng. Bay City, Michigan. A.I.Ch.E. GILBERT KOMLER PHAHES B.S. in Mech. Eng. M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sigma Chi, A.S.M.E., Scabbcrti and Blade, Track. J-Hop Comm. (3), Major R.O.T.C., Band (1) (2) (3), Union (1). GLEN WM. PHELPS B.S. in Chem. Eng. Orillia, Ontario. Michigan Daily. VADGHAN A. PIERCE B.S. in Mech Eng. Detroit, Michigan. Toastmasters. GEORGE I. PIPPER. JR. B.S. in Elec. Eng. Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Theta Xi. FLOYD EDWIN PIXLEY B.S. in Elec. Eng. Morenci, Michigan. Am. Ass ' n. Commons Clubs, Beta Pi Theta, A.I.E.E.. (2) (3) (4). U. of M. Radio Club (3) (4). Transfer Adrian College. FLETCHER NICHOLSON PLATT B.S. in Aero. Eng. Wayne, Pennsylvania. Chi Psi, Pres. (4), Triangles (3), Vulcans (4). l.Ae.S., Class Pres. (2). Men ' s Glee Club (2). Glider Club, instructor (4). JONATHAN PORISS B.S. in Civ. Eng. West Hartford, Conn. A.S.C.E. GEORGE F. RAVEN B.S. in Elec. Eng. Jackson, Michigan. A.I.E.E. and U. of M. Radio Club (3) (4). NORMAN WESLEY REED B.S. in Aero. Eng. Levering, Michigan. l.Ae.S. JOHN PAUL REEDER B.S. in Aero. Eng. Iron River, Michigan. S.A.E., Tau Beta Pi, V. Pres. Hiawatha Club, l.Ae.S. Sec., 1st Lieutenant R.O.T.C., Glider Club. EDWARD HALLER REPLOGLE B.S. in Aero. Eng. Johnstown, Pa. Beta Theta Pi, Triangles (3), LAe.S, (4), Soph Prom. Comm. (2), Class Fin. Comm. (1), Ex. Comm. (2), Eng. Council (3) (4), Glee Club (1) (2), Glider Club Instructor (3) (4). HERBERT PETER HIES B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. SIDNEY LEE RILEY B.S. in Trans. Eng. Flint, Michigan. A.S.C.E. (3) (4). Transportation Club (2) (3) (4), Sec. Treas. (3). Page 99 WILBUR EDISON ROBERTS B.S. in Aero. Eng. Highland Park, Michigan. Chi Phi. BORIS LEONID RODZIANKO B.S. in Chem. Eng. New York, N. Y. A.I.Ch.E. (2) (3) (4), Wrestling (1). FRANKLIN BRUCE ROTE B.S. in Met. Eng. Rochester, Pa. WILLIAM MOSE SALTMAN B.S. in Chem. Eng. and Math. Perth Amboy, N. J. A.I.Ch.E. (3) (4). BENNETT STEELE SAVIN, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Duluth, Minnesota. Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E., S.A.E. VERNON E. SCHAFER, JR. B.S. in Elec. Eng. Lakewood, Ohio. Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E. RICHARD ADOLPH SCHAUS B.S. in Met. Eng. River Forest, Illinois. Alpha Tau Omega. WILLIAM LEAHY SCHNOHBACH B.S. in Chem. Eng. Manistee, Michigan. Delta Upsilon. CHARLES FRED. SCHWADER B.S.E. in Math. B.S. in Chem. Eng . Rochester, N. Y. A.I.Ch.E. (2), Sigma Rho Tau (l)(2)(3)Pres. (3), Wrestling (1) (2), Eng. Council (2), Genesee Club (1) (2), Treas. (2). RONALD FAIRBANKS SCOTT B.S. in Civ. Eng. Omaha, Nebraska. Tau Beta Pi, (3) (4), A.S.C.E. (4), Gymnastics (1) (2) (3) (4). RAJA TA ' Ml SHABSHAB B.S. in Civ. Eng. Beirut, Syria. WILLIAM ELGIN SHACKELTON B.S. in Chem. Eng. B.S. in Met. Eng. Scotch Plains, N. J. Alpha Chi Sigma, Michigan Daily (1) (2) (3). EDWARD HAROLD SHARKEY B.S. in Elec. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. A.I.E.E., Eta Kappa Nu. GEORGE KEITH SHOOK B.S. in Trans. Eng. Wayne, Michigan. A.S.C.E., Transportation Club, Pres. (4). RICHARD PAUL SHULTZ B.S. in Civ. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. A.S.C.E. FUNG TSIANG SIEH B.S. in Aero. Eng. Hangchow, China. MATTHEW CASMIR SIELSKI B.S. in Civ. Eng. Chicago, Illinois. Fletcher Hall, A.S.C.E. (2) (3) (4), Sec. (3), Transportation Club (4), Polish Eng. Society (3) (4), Swimming Team (1) (2) (3), Eng. Council (4), Central Comm. Eng. Ball (4). EDWARD LESLIE SINCLAIR B.S. in Mech. Eng. Port Huron, Michigan. Triangle, R.O.T.C. (1) (2), Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4), Bus. Mgr. (3), Pres. (4), A.S.M.E. (2) (3) (4), Sec. (3), Pres. (4). RICHARD WILLIAM SINN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sigma Nu, Scabbard and Blade (3) (4). FREDERICK W. SMITH, JR. B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. Tau Beta Pi, Pres. (4), Vulcans, Phi Kappa Phi, A.I.Ch.E., Track (1), Michigras (3), Slide-Rule Ball Comm. (4), Senior Ball (4), Mandelbaum Scholarship (3), Phi Lambda Upsilon Award (3), A.I.Ch.E. GOFF SMITH B.S. in Bus. Ad. Jackson, Tennessee. Sigma Chi, Tau Beta Pi, Michigamua, Vulcans, Triangles, Scabbard and Blade, Michigan Technic (1) (2) (3) (4), Honor Comm. (2) (3), Men ' s Council (4), Interfraternity Council (3), Les Voyageurs. HOWARD E. SMITH B.S. in Chem. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. A.I.Ch.E., Engineering Research. SYDNEY MARSHA LL SMITH B.S. in Elec. Eng. South Haven, Michigan. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, A.I.E.E. Michigan Technic, Frosh Frolic (1). ABRAHAM JACK SOLOWAY B.S. in Chem. Eng. Bayonne, N. J. A.I.Ch.E. (3) (4). Page 100 of ROBEHT BURTON SOMEHS -rk. : Sec. (2). - 1 A.J-E.E ; BOBEBT LOUIS SPENCER : : - . JOSEPH HENRY SPITZLEY - Michigan. Phi, Tau fc ' -:.. HY LESTER SPITZLEY iPfai. JOHN DENET STAPLE. JR. - Daily (1) (2 ' WALTER STEEHE. JH. DNEY OSWALD STEINBORN : I -. 4 . ORLANDO W. STEPHENSON. JR. - Ann Arbor, Michigan. A-SJtE., K Tau Pi Sir ftm WILFRED A. STERNER B.S. in Mech. Eng. NorthviUe, Michigan. A.S.M.E. JOHN EWART TAYLEHSON B.S. in Met. Eng. Pittsburgh, Pa. A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT G. STEVENSON B-S. in Mech. Eng. Highland Park, Michigan. RICHARD LEHMAN STONE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Phi Epsilon Pi, Phi Eta Sigma (1), A-lCh-E. (4), Campus Table Tennis Champion (2) (3). JOHN D. STONER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Monroe, Michigan. JOSEPH WILLIAM STHUB B.S. in Chem. Eng. and Met. Eng. Rochester, N. Y. A.LCh.. (2) (3) (4). GEORGE NORMAN STUART, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. A.S.M.E., Tau Beta Pi, Donovan Scholar DONALD J. SULLIVAN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Chicago, Illinois. A.S.M.E., Scabbard and Blade. ERNEST KENNETH TANZER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Perry, New York. A.LCh-E., A.S.M., Tau Beta Pi, Vulcans, Baseball (1) (2) (4). 1 7 PHILLIP E. THEOBALD B.S. in Mech. Eng. B.S. in Aero. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. A.S.M.E., !.Ae. S., S.A.E. DAVID TOWNSEND THEODORE B.S. in Mech. Eng. New York, N. Y. HERBERT CHARLES TOWLE. JR. B.S. in Elec. Eng. Jackson, Michigan. Eta Kappa Nu, Treas. Phi Kappa Phi, Student Member A.I.E.E. JOHN PLATT THEADWAY B.S. in Eng. (Bus. Adm.) Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Pi, Chemistry Essay Tuition Scholarship to University of Vermont. MILES SEYMOUR TRUMBLE B.S. in Chem. Eng. Owosso, Michigan. Scabbard and Blade, A.LCh.E. RALPH EDWIN ULMER B.S. in Aero. Eng. Toledo, Ohio. Scabbard and Blade, I.Ae.S. SUVAN THAYA VADHANA M.S. in Elec. Eng. Bangkok, Siam. Tota Alpha, A.I.E.E., A-RX., A.C.S., A.S.T.M., A.S.M., Am. Math. Soc., Math. Ass ' n., Electro-chem. Soc. Chem. Soc. London, etc. Page 101 ROBERT EARL VALK B.S. in Mech. Eng. Muskegon, Michigan. A.S.M.E. Donovan Scholar. EDWARD JOHN VANDENBEHG B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. A.S.M.E., Kappa Kappa Psi, Band (3) (4), Orch. (3) (4), Operetta (3), Glee Club (3) (4). HENRY C. VEHMAUT B.S. in Chem. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. GUSTAVE I. VOGEL B.S. in Mech. Eng. Ann Arbor, Mich. Phi Kappa Phi. ALFRED HUGO WALDCHEN B.S. in Chem. Eng. Dearborn, Michigan. A.I.Ch.E. (3 (4), Tau Beta Pi (3) (4), Vulcans (4), Eng. Council (3) (4), Michigan Technic (2) (3) (4) Class V. Pres. (4), Choral Union (2). HENRY WM. WALLACE B.S. in Civ. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi. TSUNG KWAN WANG B.S. in Aero. Eng. Kiangtsin.Szechuen, China. A.L. Fraternity. DON J. WANGELIN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Belleville, Illinois. Alpha Tau Omega, Eng. Council (2) (3) (4), Glider Club (1) (2) (3) (4). RICHARD SCHMIDT WANGELIN B.S. in Mech. Eng. Belleville, Illinois. Alpha Tau Omega, Tau Beta Pi, Vulcans (4), Treas., Phi Eta Sigma (1), A.S.M.E. (3) (4), Class Sec ' y (2), Treas. of Eng. Council (4), A.S.M.E. (4), Eng. Council (4), Eng. Ball Comm. (4). KARL EDWARD WEBER B.S. in Elec. Eng. Jamestown, N. Y. HAROLD LEONARD WECKLER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Phi Sigma Kappa, Varsity Band (1) (2). ROBERT CLARENCE WERNER B.S. in Chem. Eng. Royal Oak, Michigan. Alpha Chi Sigma, Phi Lambda Upsilon, A.I.Ch.E. BENJAMIN H. WERRY B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Acacia, A.S.M.E. DEAN FREDERIC WHEELER B.S. in Civ. Eng. Jackson, Michigan. RICHARD CARLTON WHEELER B.S. in Mech. Eng. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Acacia, Choral Union (3), A.S.M.E. (4). BENNETT R. WHEELOCK, JR. B.S. in Mech. Eng. Rome, New York. A.S.M.E., Michigan Technic (1), Bus. Staff (2), Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2). ARTHUR ALVIN WHITING, JR. B.S in Aero. Eng. Red Bank, N. J. Lambda Chi Alpha, I-Ae.S., (3) (4), Chrm. Ex. Comm (1), Glider Club (2). LEE EDWARD WIDMAN B.S. in Civ. Eng. Detroit, Michigan. Acacia, Tau Beta Pi, V. Pres. A.S.C.E. WALLACE FLOYD WILKINSON B.S. in Chem. Eng Grand Rapids, Michigan. A.S.Ch.E. ALFRED N. WOHLWEND B.S.E. in Chem. Eng. Bernardsville, N. J. Theta Xi, A.I.Ch.E., Glee Club. WILLIAM F. WOLFNER, II. B.S.E. in Elec. Eng. Chicago, Illinois. Pi Lambda Phi. FRANCIS M. YAMAN B.S. in Elec. Eng. Binghamton, N. Y. A.I.E.E. (1), Varsity Glee Club (2). JOHN GRAHAM YOUNG B.S. in Mech. and Mar. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Les Voyageurs Pres. (4) Triangles (3), Vulcans (4), Tau Beta Pi (3) (4), Scabbard and Blade (4), Quarterdeck (4), Freshman Treas. (3), Eng. Council (3) (4), ROBERT SPEED YOUNG B.S. in Mech. Eng. B.S. in Mar. Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Les Voyageurs, Sec. (3) Treas. (4), Phi Eta Sigma (1), Triangles (3,), Vulcans (4), Scabbard and Blade (4), Ouarterdeck (4), Swimming (1), Class Treas. (4), V. Pres. (3) (4). Page 102 ' : I FREDERICK FEICK YUNCK B.S. in Elec. Eng. Sandusky, Ohio. Phi Siqma Kappa. A.I.E.E., Boxing (1). GEORGE M. ZAPP B.S. in Mech. Eng. Frankfort, Kentucky. Phi Kappa Psi, A.S.M.E. (3) (4), Michigar.ensian (2), Track Mgr. (2) (3). ELWOOD ZAV:TZ B.S. in Elec. Eng. Detroit. Michigan. Eng. Soc. of Detroit. EARL RUDOLPH ZIEGLEH B.S. in Mech. Eng. Manchester, Michigan. A.S.M.E. EAST ENGINEERING BUILDING Page 103 EVENSON MAY WHITTEMORE LUEBKE CLASS OFFICERS Ken Evenson PRESIDENT Robert May VICE-PRESIDENT Fred Luebke TREASURER Phil Whittemore SECRETARY EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE J. M. Stevens A. A. Petersen R. Tarbell M. Markell W. Warren PUBLICITY COMMITTEE W. R. Blakley R. R. Roemer J. Rinek S. G. Christian G. McCain A. C. Rissberger RING COMMITTEE H. Crusey P. Ipsen L. D. Orr J. A. Mason J. J. Bartlett FINANCE COMMITTEE R. Morgan L. Worthing A. Paste F. Wolcott R. Hartwell W. Buchanan SOCIAL COMMITTEE S. Grossman A. Warner J. Fechnay J. Eisner J. Easterly F. Space I-HOP BOOTH COMMITTEE F. Osburg H. Spoden D. Percival E. Egle Page 1C4 Row 1 Hortwell. Campbell, Percival. Jacobson. Goda, Kettler. Row 2 Reid, Morgan, Spoden, Shoetz. Belden, DuBois, Fechnay. Row 3 Osberg, Parker, Emmetl. Hird, Siegel, Ipsen. OFFICERS First Semester Robert Emmett PRESIDENT Urbane Hird SECRETARY John Parker TREASURER Second Semester Peter Ipsen PRESIDENT Lester Goda SECRETARY Charles Kettler TREASURER MEMBERS Don Belden Bruce Campbell Ralph DuBois Robert Emmett John Fechnay Lester Goda Robert Harrwell Urbane Hird Peter Ipsen Harold Charles Jacobson Charles Kettler Robert Morgan Fred Osberg John Parker Don Percival Robert Reid Max Schoetz Don Siegel Spoden Page 105 , SOPHOflll CLflSS OfflCflfi GUSHING RANE MEYER RAE OFFICERS Dave Gushing . John Rane . Kenneth Meyer Matthew Rae . Robert Goodyear James Brown PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER HON. COUNCIL ENG. COUNCIL EXECUTIVE Robert R. Smith James Wills Jay Johnson Howard Awig Robert Brown PUBLICITY Ganson Taggert Robert Tiedeman Al Conrath FINANCE Chandler Pinney Tom Jester Harry Swarthout Larry Rinek Harry Fischer IACKET Mark Chesver John Flickinger Morris Steer SOPHOMORE PROM Cruzen Alexander Arthur Brandt Fred Seyfried Lucille Kauer Benjamin Jones Robert Paver Paul Park John Flowers Byron Gerson Charles Frost Page 106 FRESH (MS OFFICERS MORRISON SUTHERLAND SADLER HALL CLASS OFFICERS Robert Morrison .... PRESIDENT David Sutherland .... VICE-PRESIDENT Robert Sadler SECRETARY William Hall TREASURER HONOR COUHCn. John Harwcod William Blanchard FINANCE COMMITTEE William Hall Robert Buritz FHOSH FROLIC Donald Ryker Edward King Edward Purman Herman Nordstrom James Duthie Page 107 : Row 1 Wyman, Wangelin, J. Young, Steinborn, Tanzer, Gushing, Warren. Row 2 Brenn, Waldchen, Roach, Royce, Brown, Gerstacker, Replogle. Row 3 Smith, Morrison, Lebeis, Nelson, Dean Anderson, Kasley, R. Wangelin, Sielski. OFFICERS Carlton L. Nelson PRESIDENT Ed Lebeis VICE-PRESIDENT Jack Kasley SECRETARY Richard Wangelin .... TREASURER Dean H. C. Anderson ADVISOR BALL COMMITTEE Carlton Nelson Jack Kasley Richard Wangelin Sydney Steinborn Matthew Sielski Ed Lebeis Alfred Walkchen John Young Charles D. Roach Carl Gerstacker Frederick Osberg Earl Brenn OPEN HOUSE COMMITTEE Wesley Warren Charles D. Roach Matthew Sielski Richard Wangelin Carlton Nelson Irving Brown Lester Goda Page 108 Row 1 Blmyhgrd. Goodyear. Smith. Spoden, ETani, Gerstacker. OFFICERS Harold Spoden CHAIRMAN Charles Evans EBCBETAET SENIOR HUUHElfTATIVES Carl Gerstacker Frederick Kempton JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Harold Spoden Charles Evans SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Robert Smith Robert Goodyear FRESHMEN REPRESENTATIVES William Blanchard John Harwood Page 109 Row 1 Olding. Graver, Linderman. Hoenke, Steinborn, Stall, Poriss. Row 2 Nelson, Scott, Gierow, VanBreda, Trackas. Manos. Row 3 Foote, Prof. Maugh, Widman, Frazier, Sielski, Bastion. OFFICERS Roger S. Frazier President Lee E. Widman Vice-President Wilson R. Hardleben Secretary William K. Chase Treasurer Professor Lawrence C. Maugh Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Joseph Anton James Appleyard Fern Barrett Mary Bastian Robert Boehnke William Buchanan Herbert Carlson Shiu Chan Edward Chase William Chase Ping Chen W. Cliff Harold Davis Joseph Demma George Dorrell Michael Dublin George Dunkirk Edward Foote Roger Frazier Ross Garling Robert Graver John Griffith Wilson Hardleben Russell Harrison Anwar Hasani James Hauser John Healy Glen Heggie Truman Hoenke Lee Widman Marvin Holzer Michio Inouye Carleton Johnson William Knoepfle Charles Linderman Thomas Manos David Mitchell Myron Morehous James Moore Carlton Nelson George Olding W. C. Pan Jonathan Poriss David Potters Donald Reynolds Leighton Rollins Ronald Scott Richard Schultz Matthew Sielski Richard Snell Harold Spoden Sydney Steinborn Philip Stephenson Edward Stoll William Strasser John Trackas Anthony Van Breda Dean Wheeler Clarence Whitely Page 110 Row 1 Evenson, Johnson. Page, Broders, Mills. Briggs Row 2 Blakley, Swarthout. Smith. Innes. Stephenscn, Northway. W. Clement Row 3 Gibbs, Furman, Birkenstock. Ray. Morton, Wurster, Wolle, Burleson Row 4 Phares. Manonie, Landwier. Day. Kempton. Elliott, MacKichan, Grover, Hansen Row 5 Gallmeyer, Sullivan, Buiie, Zapp. Conrad. C. Clement, Landsdale, Hammersmith. Farrah, O ' Neil Row 6 J. Young, Valk. Stuart, H. Young. Prof. Keeler. Sinclair, Wangelin. Stevens, Hawley OFFICERS E. L. Sinclair (first semester) ( President R. S. Young (second semester) J ' " R S. Young (first semester) Vice-President G. N. Stuart (second semester) ) R. S. Wangelin, Jr Secretary J M Stevens Treasurer J. G. Young Engineering Council Representative Professor Hugh E. Keeler Honorary Chairman R. Carson Allan Thomas H. Anderson Hugh Baker Paul Bancel B. Barrows Joseph D. Bennett Richard H. Berryman Joseph Birkenstock Stanley R. Birleson William R. Blakley Frank D. Bond, Jr. Theodore L. Borst Arthur J. Brandt Fitz J. Bridges Lewis T. Briggs Claude O. Broders Benjamin C. Bugbee William E. Buife Charles A. Burleson, Jr. Rexfcrd Burnham William J. Burns, Jr. Joseph O. Callouette Roswell J. Campbell Carl F. Carlzen Walter J. Clement, Jr. Carl H. Clement, Jr. Granville R. Conrad Sabin Crocker, Jr. Edmund A. Cyrol David W. Daniel Kenneth A. Day Frederick M. DeBoe Hans Dehlinger Ralph Dick Raymond C. Downs Donald P. Eckman Franklin W. Edwards Edward J. Egle, Jr. Clifton M. Elliot Harvey L. Ellsworth W. E. Emley. Jr. Hugh H. Estes Kenneth R. Evenson Ben B. Farmer Jere T. Farrah John H. Flickinger Dale P. Fosdick Edward M. Frederiksen Ellswoith Freeman George H. Frost Alber t L. Furman William C. Gallmeyer Laurence H. Gay Earl H. Getkin. Jr. Charles R. Gibbs Alexander A. Goloff R. D. Griffin John Groskopf Solomon M. Grover Homan F. Hallock, Jr. Richard W. Hallock G. William Hammersmith George A. Hansen Myron Hawley Paul H. Henning, Jr. Arthur W. Hollar MEMBERS Dexter Horton Norman E. Hubbard Terry Hudyma Robert L Hughes William M. Humenszuk John L Hunt Robert S. Innes Robert L. Jackson Robert H. Jeffers Walter A. Jensen Jay W. Johnson Anane M. Kelker Frederick M. Kempton Frank Kern, Jr. Eugene L. Klein William G. Landwier David Lansdale Rodger E. Longley Clare MacKichan Donald McCabe George L. McCain, Jr. Harold G. McGregor C. Stuart McKenzie John G. McQuaid Harry D. Marshall George A. Marzonie James M. Mason, Jr. Kenneth N. Meyer John K. Mills Richard Morton Jack Moss James H. Murdock George L. Norris George A. Northway Larry E. O ' Neil John F. Ostergren Edward L. Page Don R. Percival Carl O. Peterson Gilbert K. Phares Glen W. Phelps William A. Rashleigh Warner J. Ray Robert A. Reid William F. Ritcheske, Jr. Joseph I. Robinson T. O. Ruettinger Lester C. Schmiege William Francis Sheehan Edward L. Sinclair David S. Smith Robert R. Smith C. Robert Snider Robert L. Spencer Joseph H. Spitzley Ray L. Spitzley Frank T. Sprogell, Jr. H. Richard Steding Orlando W. Stephenson, Jr. Melvin F. Sterner W. A. Sterner John M. Stevens Marcus W. Stoddard John D. Stoner Henry A, Stringfellow, Jr. George N. Stuart D. J. Sullivan Harry P. Swarthout Richard Tarbell Frank G. Taylor Marvin H. Taylor Maurice Taylor William M. Teeter Phil Theobald D. T. Theodore Robert E. Valk Edward J. Vandenberg Donald F. Van Loon Robert H. Wreeland Hugh S. Wagner Sheikha A. Wahid John M. Waldron Richard S. Wangelin, Jr. Donald E. Wedge Bennett R. Wheelock, Jr. Edward F. Weiss Ben H. Werry Richard C. Wheeler Russell I. William, Jr. James C. Wills Robert W. Wolie John H. Wurster Emerson W. Young John G. Young Robert S. Young George M. Zapp Earl R. Ziegler Paul Zuris Page 111 How 1 R. King, L. S. Burton, A. P. Champion, J. S. Wilkie. J. H. Kasley, O. C. Zahnow. Row 2 D. H. Shiley, G. Goldman, S. R. King, E. L. Gilbert, E. A. Kuizawa, F. C. MacTernan, W. O. Edell. Row 3 N. S. Land, I. A. Jaeger, J. P. Reeder, Stalker, Prof. Pawlowski, J. T. Farrah, I. I. Robinson, R. E. Ulmer. OFFICERS Professor M. J. Thompson Honorary Chairman Jere T. Farrah Chairman Joseph I. Robinson Vice-Chairman John P. Reeder Secretary Julius A. Jaeger Treasurer Jack H. Kasley Engineering Council Representative STUDENT MEMBERS Donald M. Alexander Gordon H. Arnold Edward B. Borek George I. Bouton David D. Bowe Frank K. Bradford Glenn H. Brink Robert E. Burke Frank H. Carstens Antonio E. Castillo Albert P. Champion Ying Chang William R. Charnley George H. Compter Fred H. Covington John W. Draper William O. Edell Robert S. Eikenberry Richard L. Finch Jerald J. Frericks Frank W. Furry Elmer L. Gilbert George M. Goldman Louis H. Goldman David Grant Daniel Grudin Hugo N. Halpert Walter E. Hobert Howard J. Ids Curtis Kelly Edward A. King, Jr. Robert H. King Stephen R. King Edward A. Kurzawa Harold Luskin Tseng L. Ma Woodrow C. Marcus James W. McCauley Philip W. Mclane Frank C. MacTernan L. Courtney Mook Glenn B. Morse Donald E. Nelson Myron L. Ogden, Jr. William F. Parker Lothrop S. Perkins Fletcher N. Platt Daniel R. Ranney Norman W. Reed Edward H. Replogle Ernest M. Robertson Leon Z. Seltzer Donald H. Shiley John W. Shorter Roderick N. Smith Max Sokol Frederick G. Space, Jr. Melvin E. Stevens Sam Taubman Phillip E. Theobald Elwyn L. Treat Joseph R. Trueblood Kenneth F. Tupper Ralph E. Ulmer John F. Vogel Arthur A. Whiting, Jr. Henry N. Wightman James S. Wilkie Howard J. Williams Keh-Jin Yu Kwei Fan Yu Orlen C. Zahnow Page 112 Dim lOSIIIUIf Of HICflL BIERS Row 1 Boulton. Sexton. Baird, Hicks. Leslie. Schnorbach. Bow 2 Fischer. Post Smith. Hayes. Goeckel, Trumble. Kazmark. Christian. Saltman. Row 3 Osburn. Tanzer. Schands. Wohwend. Landa. Eckhouse. Atkinson. Goldman. How 4 Buckwalter. Werner. Stere, Erickson. Rowland. Grote. Brooks. OFFICERS OF THE A. i. CH. E. Robert H. Rowland President Henry W. Grote 1st Vice-President Arthur M. Lennie 2nd Vice-President Alfred C. Erickson Secretary Frank W. Steere. Jr Treasurer Alfred H. Waldchen Er.g. Council Representative J. Reyes H. Lillie V. Gcrguze J. Petrock R. Atkinson N. Bdred H. Stumpf F. Burdick V. Houriqan C. Merritl P. Christen W. Saltman J. Baird W. Houvener J- Collman W. Hagle F. Kempe = - ' R. Werner W. Schnorbach G. Grimme E. Geldes A. Crewson A. Erickson J. Lamberlsen ]. Staple E. Brenn R Fodor M. Johnson R. Reynolds F Goeckel E. Reed R Lindsay ' -._-....-.. B. Coffey M. Campbell J. Loar MEMBERS L. Perkins C. Singleterry C. Horton R Chaddock N. Hanselmann G. Hanson H. Grote R. Rowland M. Trumble A. Waldchen F. Miller L Peterson A. Hodge G. Hall C. Ditz L. Topp J.May F. Smith H. Hanink R Haw O. Osburn - Stone R Landa F. Gibbs A. Wohlwend L. Goda R. Watkin H. Smith P. Newman W. Wilkinson J. Eckhouse W. Brondyke R. Moore R Crooks R White E. Karie F. Magnusson H. Lau W. Lew S. Shen A. Permoda L. Buick M. Sinnott D. Beiden D. Hayes W. Eakins H. Boulton H. Goldman J. Taylerson W. Wilcoi E. Kazmark F. Either R Galley F. Schands J. August S. Christian J. Nil! A. Leslie A. Solway J. Flaherty H. Fischer F. Steere E. Southard F. Low M. Steere C. King F. Walter H. Walker J. Shackelford E. Bolene A. Bicknell G. Bumside P. Kingman F. Hamilton B. Davis Page 113 Row 1 Hall, Stevens. Adams. Bradley, Ashburn, Fischer, Brandt. Mills. How 2 Sherman, Baird, Blakely, Piecewicz, Sklarsky, Tieman. Row 3 Woods, Herman, Peterson, Steding, Dorn. Billings, Shands. Briggs. R OW 4 Tarbell, Eisner. Waldshen, Lansdale, Steinborn. Smith, Schoetz, Rodger. Northway. SYDNEY STEINBORN Editor-in-Chief Goff Smith Managing Editor Dave Lansdale Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF Alfred H. Waldchen John S. Eisner Max C. Schoetz Walton A. Rodger R. M. Adams Anderson Ashburn Justus Baird Henry Billings William Blakley John Bradley Arthur Brant Harry Fischer Myron Hall Robert Herman Prof. Harry W. Miller Prof. John E. Emswiler BUSINESS STAFF Richard G. Tarbell ASSISTANTS John Mills George Northway Roger Peterson Charles Piecewicz Frederick Shands Arthur Sherman H. R. Steding Ben Vine Lewis Briggs Richard Sklarsky ADVISORY BOARD Prof. Robert Bracket! Prof. F. N. Menefee Page 114 Row 1 Blooding. Breit. Evenson. DePolma. Oiberq Strandhaqen Broun. Buerman Christensen, Eisner, Downer. Clement. Row 2 Vallin, Limpvrt Prof. Baier. Prof, H. C. Adams. Proi. Braqq. Roach. Parsons. Dart, Faulkner Hoyi Middleton. MEMBERS IN CITY Asst. Prof. H. C. Adams Assoc. Prof. L. A. Baiei Prof. E M. Braqq Mr. A. Limpert OFFICERS Charles D. Roach Commodore Edward H. Parsons Vice-Commodore Charles E. Dart Purser Hugh Downer Steward MEMBERS John Bianding Howard Braun - ;.:..= - : - . ' Thomas Buennann George Carle Carl dement Knute Christensen Anthony DePalma .:.:. Kenneth Evenson Richard Faulkner Edqai Hoyt Edward Middleton Frederick Osberg Gustave Strandhaqen Everett Vallin Jack Young Robert Young Page 115 GUDOI CLUB Farrah, Platt, Royce Alexander, Wighiman, Michael, Replogle MEMBERS MONDAY Edward Replogle, Instructor. Ed King Frank Rideout Hans Weichsel Dick Adams TUESDAY Jere Farrah, Instructor. Ed Kurzawa John Rinek John Reeder Allan Andrews John Kilner WEDNESDAY Robert Eikenberry, Instructor. James Voorhees Tom Cotton Bob Cotton Charles Newman Tom French Lorenz Rinek Bob Dimler Bob Thorner THURSDAY R. Scott Royce, Instructor. Donald Shiley Alexander McRae Julius Biers Wayne White FRIDAY Fletcher Platt, Instructor. Bill Blanchard Ken Levin Jim Brown George Goldman Bob King Bob McCarty George Compter SATURDAY MORNING Marvin Michael, Instructor Alfred Perkins Mark Maier L. J. Fink Glen Sanderson Carl Seveland SATURDAY AFTERNOON Henry Wightman, Instructor. Rhoder Copithorn Fred Maxam Dave Daniel John Acker Bill Collette Vivian Lerner SUNDAY MORNING Donald Alexander, Instructor Russ Heyl Fren Boynton Bill Mayo Miles Wolfson Bob Tiedeman Harry Boulton Page 116 . This building was erected so that students of the University would be able to obtain a thorough knowledge of the chemical sciences. Page 118 COLLEGE Of The first university in the country to offer courses in pharmacy was the University of Mich- igan. Instruction began in 1868 and the only requirement for admission was " A good knowl- edge of the English language as determined by a written examination. " In 1876 the School of Pharmacy was established as an independent unit. The school continued to improve and de- velop and in 1915 it was recognized by the American Association of Universities and the name was changed to the College of Pharmacy. The fine reputation this college has maintained has made it possible to attract students from many foreign countries as well as the United States. Then, too. because it has modern equipment, a splendid library, and an able faculty, the col- lege has been able to graduate many students who now occupy important positions as pharma- cists, teachers, salesmen, and analysts. DIRECTO R H. B. LEWIS Since he graduated from Yale with a Ph. D. degree in 1913, Director Lewis has lead a stellar teaching career. He taught at Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Illinois. He came to the University of Mich- igan in 1919 and became the head of the de- partment of physical chemistry in 1922. And finally, as a fitting climax, he was appointed Di- rector of the College of Pharmacy in 1933. This College is indeed fortunate in having such a capable man as its Director. Page 119 With the mechanization of industry, with the increased competition in all lines of endeavor, with the advance of medicine and the chemical sciences, it has been necessary to raise the require- ments of the College of Pharmacy even as it has been necessary to raise all educational standards. The length of the first course of Phar- macy to be offered at the University of Michigan was two years, and a degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist was given upon successful completion of this early requirement. In 1896 the degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy was added to the program, and graduate work for a mas- ter ' s degree was begun. In 1913 the degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist was only awarded after three years of col- lege work, and the new degree of Grad- uate in Pharmacy was given for two years. In subsequent years these two and three year courses were dropped from the curriculum. At the present time there are three fields of specialization offered: retail pharmacy or pharmaceutical administra- tion; general, analytical, or manufactur- ing pharmacy or laboratory or clinical technician; and general pharmaceutical training, including academic premedical requirements. " Test tubes, beakers, burettes and bottles. " Page 120 1 labs. After a few years in the College of Pharmacy, the typical student develops a remarkable philosophy. He is convinced that this is the " glass age. " This is the direct result of hours of " labs " in which he is always using his test tubes, beakers, burettes, and bottles. But, underneath it all he likes his incessant dab- bling and experimenting which in the end will get him a job as a competent pharmacist. In the Pharmacy and Chemistry building are nine large laboratories for fundamental courses. Smaller laboratories are available for advanced and special courses, and private laboratories have been constructed for advanced work and research in general, inorganic, physical, organic, and pharmaceutical chemistry. Approximately twenty-five hundred students pursue laboratory work here during the course of a year ' s study. All dispensing is done by the University Chemistry Store which supplies chemicals and chemical apparatus for the entire University. Page 121 COIiliEGE OF PHRRmncy PROFESSORS F. F. BLICKE Prof, of Pharmaceutical Chemistry C. W. EDMUNDS Prof, of Mdlorid Modicd C. C. GLOVER Prof, of Pharrnacognosy C. H. STOCKING Assoc. Prof, of Pharmacy Page 122 MS WICfliS ONWELLER TAFT GUTSCHER ZIENTY 19M SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Robert Eugene Onwellei President Francis Stead Tali Vrce President Laveme George Guischci Secretary Mitchell Frank Zienty Treasurer COMMITTEZMEH : . , ,. r . Waldo Herman Ehnis : : CAPS AND GOWNS Roy Raymond Coles - - : . INVITATIONS Francis Stead ' -:- : - - Loren Robert Sayers Mitchell Frank Zieniy -L- - :- Nathan Brown Laveme George Gu ' . Robert Emmet Church Page 123 COLLEBf Of FAUD S. ABI- AJRAM Baakline, Syria. B.S. in Pharmacy. NATHAN BROWN Utica, New York. B.S. in Phamacy. ROY RAYMOND COLES Swartz Creek, Michigan. Rho Chi, Sec ' y of Rho Chi. EDWARD P. KULHAWIK Ypsilanti, Michigan. B.S. in Pharmacy. ROBERT EUGENE ONWELLER Hudson, Michigan. B.S. in Pharmacy. Band (1) (2). LOREN R. SAYERS Flint, Michigan. B.S. in Pharmacy. WALDO HERMAN EHNIS Ann Arbor, Michigan, B.S. in Pharmacy. FRANCIS STEAD TAFT Lansing, Michigan. B.S. in Pharmacy. Band (1)(2). LaVERN G. GUTSCHER Flint, Michigan. B.S. in Pharmacy. Class Treas. (3). MITCHELL FRANK ZIENTY Chicago, Illinois. B.S. in Pharmacy. Alpha Chi Sigma, Class Treas. One corner of the Pharmacy Library. A section of the Chemical Laboratory. Page 124 tckdect AV, TO iCHITfCIURflL SCHOOL Page 126 COLUGf Of flfiCHITECIOfif The College of Architecture has a curriculum which gives a superior training in three fields. The aim of the school is to satisfy the demands that are now made on modern professional men. Therefore students are given a higher specific training in addition to a broad cultural background. The first of these three fields gives a training in the fundamentals of architecture and prepares the student for work as an architect by giving him a well rounded curricula. This consists of a general education, a technical education and practical experience. The school practices the system of modern apprenticeship, which consists of work in an architect ' s office during vacations. This ex- perience has proved valuable in giving the student a chance to use his technical knowledge and teaches him about the business side of the architectural profes- sion. The second field, decorative design, also requires cultural as well as professional knowledge. To-day, more than ever, there is a need for designers of ability and training. The designer who is successful must not only be good technically, but he must be aware of the chang- ing world about him, in order to relate his work to the time and place in which he lives. Therefore, the student in decorative design must have, in addition to his artis- tic and technical training, a comprehensive program of -eral university courses. I Dean Bennett of the School of Architecture was appointed to that position at the last meet- ing of the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan. He came here in 1912, after having been graduated from the University of Syracuse -911 with the degree of Bachelor of Archi- tecture. In 1916 he was granted the degree of Master of Science by the University of Mich- igan. One of his greatest interests is housing and its present conditions and the problems it creates. He is a member of the International Housing Association, and also of the National Association of Housing Officials. In addition to icipation on national committees he finds -? to serve as a director of the Michigan Housing Association. Perhaps because of his de- sire to make better living conditions, he has developed his hobby. His garden is one of his chief pleasures and he spends many enjoyable hours working in it. Dean Bennett is a member of the American Institute of Architects and was a director of the Detroit chapter from 1936-1937. He is the author of several articles on housing problems, conditions, and plans, and on a va- riety of architectural subjects. The third field develops the student ' s talents in draw- ing, painting and modeling. These are important net only to the student of technical art, but also to the lay- man who here finds a wide field of appreciation. Spe- cial training along these lines is necessary for all art teachers, designers, illustrators, or painters. The present architectural unit of the University dates from 1906, when it was a sub-department of the College of Engineering. Three years after its organization, the first degrees in architecture were awarded by the uni- versity. In 1913 the status of the Architectural unit was raised so that its curriculum was separated from the College of Engineering. In 1931 the Board of Regents made this unit a separate college of the University. The modern, well-equipped building of the college was first occupied in 1927. It has an ideal setting. On the south side is formal architectural garden containing representative architectural fragments, presented to the college by alumni. To the north is the garden of Martha Cook Dormitory. The Architectural College has an excellent library which gives students the opportunity to study rare and valuable books on art and related subjects. The studeni of architecture has many other privileges in permanent and current exhibitions and in special lectures by archi- tects of national fame. Page 127 SCHOOL OF HRCHITECTORE PROFESSORS WELLS I. BENNETT M.S. Professor of Architecture and Director of the College of Architecture. RALPH W. HAMMETT M. Arch. Associate Professor of Architecture. JEAN HEBRARD A.D.G.F. Professor of Architecture WALTER V. MARSHALL B.A.E. Associate Professor of Architecture. GEORGE M. McCONKEY B.A.E. Professor of Architecture. JEAN P. SLUSSER A.M. Associate Professor cl Drawing and Painting. HARLOW O. WHITTEMORE M.L.D. Associate Professor of Land- scape Design, Chairman of the De- partment of Landscape Design, and Director of the Nichols Arboretum. Page 128 (EHITECT ' S BflLL A qood time was had by all- - Panels by coming masters? Paqe 129 Page 130 Charcoal class Oil painting From the fourth floor of the architectural building one has a general view of campus. Here collections of statues furnish subjects for students of drawing. Page 131 LEROY JOHN CALL. JH. Niagara Falls, New York. B.S. in Arch. Eng. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARY MARGARET CAMPBELL Detroit, Michigan. B. of Design. Kappa Alpha Theta, Sec ' y Class, Frosh Project (1), Soph Cabaret (2). WILLIAM MARTIN EGGEBRECHT Grand Rapids, Michigan. B.S. in Arch. Choral Union. FRANCIS AUGUSTUS FAULHABEH Adrian, Michigan. B.S. in Arch. MARY JANE FIELD Detroit, Michigan. B.S. in Arch. Alpha Chi Omega, Ensian(l)(2). DOROTHEA MARIE GERISCH Detroit, Michigan. B.S. in Design. Alpha Alpha Gamma (2) (3) (4), Frosh Frolic, Soph Cabaret, J.G.P., S.R.A. Council, Stanley Chorus (2), Student Religious Ass ' n. (4), S.C.A.(1)(2)(3), Sec ' y. (3). WILLIAM ALFHFD GRIFFITHS Detroit, Michigan. B.S, in Arch. Phi Kappa Psi, Druids, Goli. GORDON HALL HAYES Buffalo, New York. B.S. in Arch. Zeta Psi. HELEN JANE HIGBIE Ann Arbor, Michigan. B.S. in Design. Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Alpha Gamma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Crop and Saddle. First Prize Creative Arts Competition. ELIZABETH ANN HOPKINS Kendallville, Indiana. B.S. in Design. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Stanley Chorus (1), Choral Union (2) (3), Soph Cabaret (2), V. Pres. Class (3), DePauw University. BERTA KNUDSON Springfield, Illinois. B.S. in Design. Tau Siama Delta, Alpha Alpha Gamma. V. Pres (3), Pres. Mortarboard, Senior Society Sec ' y, Soph Cabaret, Comm. Chrm., Assembly Ball, Comm. Chrm., Pres. of Alpha Alpha Gamma. ALEX KOHNEH Detroit, Michigan. B.S. in Arch. Eng RUSSELL WILLIAM KHUMM Buffalo, New York. B.S. in Arch. Alpha Tau Omega, Polytechnic Inst. (1). LAWRENCE B. LACKEY, JR. Santa Fe, New Mexico. B.S. in Arch. Kappa Sigma, University of New Mexico (1) (2). FOO F. LOUIS New York, New York. B.S. in Arch. FLORENCE JEAN McCONKEY Ann Arbor, Michigan. B.S. in Dec. Design. Alpha Alpha Gamma, Tau Sigma Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortarboard, Senior Society, Architectural Society, Swimming Team (2), League, V. Pres. (4), Class V. Pres. (4), Assembly Board (-1), Choral Union (1) (2) (3), Stanley Chorus, (1) (2), Soph Cabaret, Comm. Chrm., Assembly Ball, Comm. Chrm. (2) (3), Arch. Ball Committee (3). Page 132 SCHOOL Of flRCHITPl JOHN s. MCDONALD Dunkirk, Indiana. -i Design. Beta Theta Pi, Class Pres. (4). Architectural Society. Pies.. ima, Art Editor. BETTY ANN MESSENGER B.S. i City, Michigan. JAMES EDDY MITCHELL 5 S. :- Arch. a Kho Chi, Sec ' y (4), ; al Society (3) (4). HARRIET KLEIN PODOUZT . - Sec ' y- 14), -rs (3) (4). League Publicity Committee (3) (4). nation (2) (3) (4). ,3ias(3). RALPH EARL RAPSON Alma, Michigan. B.S. in Arch. Alpha Rho Chi, Tau Sigma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi. CATHERINE MARIA RODERICK Battle Creek, Michigan. B-S. in Design. Chi Omga, Arch. Society (2) (3). Theater Arts Comm., Soph Cabaret, J.G.P. HENRY WILLIAM RUIFROI Saginaw, Michigan. B.S. in Arch. Alpha Rho Chi, Sec ' y (3). V. Pres. (4). Treas. of Class (4). J-Hop Comm. Chrm. IRENE SARTOP Bicknell, Indiana. Ward-Belmont School 33. ' 34, Chairman of League Fair (2), League Social Comm. (3) (4). Leaaue Theater Arts Comm. (3) (4). I.P.G., Comm. Chrm. GRAYCE E. SENKUS Chicago. Illinois. 3. in Arch. Alpha Gamma Delta. ROBERT BANTA STAGG New York, New York. B. in Arch. Sigma Nu. JEAN ELLEN STEERE Fonuac, Michigan. B.S. in Arch. Alpha Chi Omega, Architectural Society (3) (4), Treas., rresh. Glee Club. Soph Cabaret, J.G.P.. League Social Comm. (3) (4), Theater Arts Comm. (3), Art Cinema League (3). NAOMI M. STONE Detroit, Michigan. S. m Design. Alpha Epsilon Phi. JOHN HARPER VANDEB MEULEN Holland, Michigan. B.S. in Arch. Tau Sigma Delta, V. Pres. SYDNEY GEORGE WAKE Hoyal Oak, Michigan. B.S. in Arch. Alpha Hho Chi. Sec ' y (2), Pres. (4). 133 Ill DONALD McCONKEY CAMPBELL RUIFROK John MacDonald . Florence McConkey Mary Campbell Henry Ruifrok . . . . PRESIDENT . . VICE-PRESIDENT . . SECRETARY . . TREASURER SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE George Sprau INVITATION COMMITTEE Sidney Wake Page 134 E Bruce Elliot . . . Jean Smith . . . Florence E ::: .;:::.-. Jim Hammond . . msn Bin : ; -:- :: : : 9 -I ' -.- ' : ntEASOBEE offices of Andy Hinshaw . . BudBently . . . Ann Wills . . . Jim Neilson . . . PBESB - " VICE-PRESIDENT ;: atETAHT IBEUOBEi ' Page 135 RbPHH RHO CHI Row 1 Prof. R. Hammet. Rapson, Mitchell. Wake, Ruiirok, Kerschbaum, Sprau, Proi. McConkey Row 2 Polland, Harper. Miller, Whire, Olding, Lindblad, Bachelder Row 3 Eash, Johnson, Sakellar, Porter. Albert, Gordon FOUNDED AT UNIV. OK MICHIGAN AND ILLINOIS 1914 IKTINOS CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN, 1914 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Weils I. Bennett, M.S. Ernest H. Barnes, A.M. Ralph W. Hammei, A.M. Arch Ernil Loich, A.M. George M. McConkey, B.A. A. Mastro Valerio Thomas S. Tanner, B.S. Henry W. Ruifrok Sidney G. Wake Otto Kerschbaum George Sprau, Jr. SENIORS James E. Mitchell Ralph E. Rapson Richard A. Polland James A. Albert Frank A. White Bertil N. Lindblad G. Ross Olding Orus Orville Eash JUNIORS Charles A Gordon Philip C. Johnson Richard Truesdell John R. Harper David H. Miller Frank K. Bachelder SOPHOMORES Nicholas G. Sakellai Edward C. Boston James G. Porter FRESHMEN Herbert B. Bentley Paqe 136 RRCHITECTURRb SOCIETU Row 1 Hughes. Barrett. Steere. McDonald Row 2 Mitchell. Chcdwick. Denyes. August FACULTY ADVtSOH Koss T. Biltr OFFICERS lohn McDonald President James Mitchell " Vice-President Dorothy A. Barrett Secretary Jean SJeere Treasure: lean Steere Dorothy Barrett lames Mitchell lohn McDonald ARCHITECTURAL COUNCIL C. Kasiir August Richard Chad-wid Harry Denyes George Hughes ABCHlTECT-S BALL CHAIRMEN Henry Ruifrok General Chairman Dorothy Barrett Ralph Rapson Decorations lohn Vander Meulen Music lames Mitchell Tickets Sidney Wake Floor George Sprau Entertainment Florence McConkey Publicity Virginia Carr Favors. Programs, Patrons Jean Steere Treasurer SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEE Sidney Wake Invitations Page 137 Design for a City Hall Richard Polland A N ' I IIS HOUSE Freshman Design W. L. Jacobs flfiCHITfCTUfif Model for a Sanitarium Group Design for an Exposition Building Page 138 Life Drawing Fred lames Still Life flfiT An Oil Painting Page 139 )L Of I IM . l U I I I .1 14 I IM Interior Design Applied Art A COTOINAT1 V_ W 3 Examples of Decorative Design Work Pago HO BURlOn (MOIL JOifi Page 142 The history of the University School of Music has been one of astounding developments. Beginning as a virtual idea in 1879 under the maintenance of the Uni- versity Music Society, it crystallized into a college of the university in the year 1929-1930. and since then its students have had full benefit of the rights and privileges accorded to other students of the university. The faculty has added distinguished musicians to its ranks, until there are now 30 outstanding artist-teachers, .uding talent in every field. This variety of talent affords students instruction in piano, violin, violin-cello, wind instruments, voice, organ, and in musical educa- . Students are recruited from all parts of the country and abroad. Up to the present the activities of the school have taken place in the School of Music Building on May- _i Street, the School of Music Annex next door, Mor- ris Hall on State Street, and in Hill Auditorium. Gradually the activities of the school are being trans- ferred to the new Marian LeRoy Burton Memorial Tower. When entirely completed, the Tower will contain two auditoriums, studios for study and student practi ce, a storage place for books and musical instruments, and of- .inistration. Completion of the plans will find the remainder of the block in which the tower is situated filled in with .he re :raining. units of the School. Thus the Music School ' s activities will be concentrated in one focal place, facilitating and furthering the musical possibili- ties of the University. Many opportunities are afforded the student by the numerous musical organizations on campus. The Uni- versity Choral Union, one of the largest and oldest stu- dent musical organizations in the world, is conducted by Musical Director, Earl V. Moore. It has presented most of the larger and many of the smaller choral works. There is also The University Symphony Orchestra, which in addition to the regular programs, also does some radio broadcasting. Voice students may participate in the Stanley Chorus, and the University Men ' s Glee Club, which presents a series of concerts each year. Various departments unite and give miscellaneous pro- grams -which together with the solo recitals number about fifty recitals a year. The Little Symphony Orchestra, composed of techni- cal assistants on the faculty of the Music School, has won not a little recognition for the worth of its concerts. The faculty also gives a series of Faculty Concerts. In addition there is, every Wednesday afternoon, the Twi- light Organ Recital. Some of the best music of the world is afforded the student by the several series of Choral Union Concerts which bring world-famous musicians and musical or ganizations to Ann Arbor. T shed and renowned in many fields .e uniorue character, Charles A. Sink, presi- dent of the Music School. A long line of honors has followed his name since his graduation e University in 1904. He has been Presi- dent of the School and also of the University Musical Society since 1927. Prior to this he was secretary in 1904 and secretary and business inager in 1907. Not confining his interests to music alone, he served two terms as Represent- ative and three as Senator in the Michigan Leg- islature, besides acting as chairman and mem- ber on numerous other committees of the two houses. Despite his many activities as president, he has developed and become famous for his hobby of collecting books. His library consists of some 350 books, each presented to Dr. Sink by some famed musician at Dr. Sink ' s special recfuest. Since the volumes are the choice of the donors, the books are a good representation of their various personalities. Flagstad, Stokowski, Kieisler, Paderewski in fact every musician of worth today is represented. The first of its kind in the world, the idea of this library has inspired others and many have begun since Dr. Sink ' s initiation of it nine years ago. Page 143 SCHOOL OF mOSIC PROIESSORS WASSILY BESEKIRSKY Professor of Violin. JOSEPH BRINKMAN B.Mus. Associate Professor of Piano. PALMER CHRISTIAN Professor of Organ and University Organist. ARTHUR HACKETT Professor of Voice. JOSEPH E. MADDY D.Mus. Professor of Music in the Institute of Fine Arts, Professor of Public School Music in the School of Music, and in Charge of Radio Music Instruction. DAVID MATTERN B.Mus., M.Ed., A.M. Professor of Music Education, and Conductor of the University Men ' s Glee Club, Co-ordinator of Music Instruction in the University High School. EARL V. MOORE A.M.. D.Mus. Professor of Music, Musical Director of the School of Music, Musical Director of the University, and Conductor of the University Symphony. HANNS PICK A.M. Professor of Violoncello. MABEL ROSS RHEAD Associate Professor of . Piano. OTTO J. STAHL A.M. Associate Professor of the Theory of Music. Page 144 Bob Fox one oi the best Page 145 -, I A May Festival Concert Richard Crooks Roth String Quartet Paqel46 Koussevitzky and President Sink Sergei Rachmaninoff Ruth Slenczynski Page 147 ELIS I. HAKOLA B.M. Fairport, Ohio. Pres. of Suomi Club, Choral Union (3) (4), Glee Club (3) (4), Reserve Band (3). RUTH LOUISE HOLMES B.M. Elkhart, Indiana. Adelia Cheever, Sigma Alpha Iota (3) (4), Transylvania College, Lexington, Ky. (1) (2), U. Symphony Orchestra (3 (4), Choral Union (3) (4), V.Pres. of Cheever House (4). Social Chrm. of Cheever House (4). DORIS HOLT B.M. Detroit, Michigan. Kappa Alpha Theta, .G.P. HELEN CAMILLE HORN B.M. Gainesville, Texas. Mu Phi Epsilon, Choral Union (3) (4). HELEN O. BARRY B.M. St. Paul, Minnesota. Alpha Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota. HELEN ESKA BYRN B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Kappa Phi (1) (2) (3) (4), Sigma Alpha Iota (2) (3) (4), Pres. (4), Alpha Lambda Delta (1), Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4), Girl ' s Glee Club Accompanist (3). ROBERT GRANT CAMPBELL B.M. in Organ Marion, Ohio. Phi Mu Alpha, Choral Union (4). DONN MELVIN CHOWN B.M. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kappa Kappa Psi, Treas. (4), University Band Mgr. WALTER GEORGE CRAMER B.M. Saginaw, Michigan. Hermitage, Pres. (4), Kappa Kappa Psi (4), Varsity Band (2) (3) (4), U. Symphony (2) (3) (4), Choral Union (2). MAX WILLIAM CROSMAN B.M. Franklinville, New York. Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade. VIVIENNE ROMA D ' AHKOS B.M. Dearborn, Michigan. Alpha Chi Omega, Choral Union (3), Social Comm. (3), Theatre Arts Comm. (4), J.G.P. (3), House Athletics Mgr. (3). MAURICE GEROW B.M. Jackson, Michigan. Phi Mu Alpha, Class Pres. (4), Choral Union (2) (3) (4), Play Production (2) (3) (4), Student Council Rep. (3). JOSEPH JOHN HOUDEK B.M. Riverside, Illinois. Alpha Epsilon Mu, Choral Union (1), Band (1) (2) (3) (4). ROBERT LOUIS HUNERJAGEH B.M. Three Oaks, Michigan. Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, U. of M. Band, Orchestra Glee Club, U. of M. Little Symphony EILEEN BESSIE ICHELD1NGER B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sigma Alpha Iota, J.G.P., Cast and Music Comm., Assembly Board (4), League Theatre Arts Comm., Senior Class V. Pres., Choral Union (2) (3), University Symphony Orchestra (1) (2) (3) (4), Play Production. MILDRED AGNES LIVEHNOIS B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Zeta Tau Alpha (3) (4), Sec ' y of Zeta Tau Alpha (4), Stanley Chorus (2), Choral Union (2) (3) (4), Freshman Project, J.G.P., League House Recep. Comm. Paqe 148 LOIS GRETCHEN MAYEH B.M. in P.S.M. Sturgis, Michigan. -.a CookBldg., Sigma Alpha Iota. Class Sec ' y (4). Choral Union. MARY FRANCES McDONODGH Mish- nc. Sigma .-. Chnn. s (4), Theatre (4), Choral Urjon mm. Fan-K . (4). JANET MARY McLOUD ;is. 3) ;4), Sec y m. Comm. (4), 3.C.A. (3J. RUTH LOWGSWOBTH MILLER B.M. Ann Arbor. Michigan. Mu Phi Epsilon (3) (4). Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4). Alpha Gamma Sigma (2) (3) (4). MARY C. MORRISON B.M. Mu Phi Epsilon, Girls Glee Club Vice- Pres. (3), Pres. (4), Asst. Director (4), Freshman Girls ' Glee Club. Director (1). J.G.P.. Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4). MARJORIE PARSONS B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sigma Alpha Iota, Sec ' y Sigma Alpha Iota (2), Chora l Union (1) (2) (3) (4). Varsity Glee Club (1). MARY I. PURCELL B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Pi Beta Phi, Choral Union, University Orchestra. JANE VAUGHAN SCHWAB B.M. Holland, New York. Choral Union (4). ( i-j O HELEN LOUISE ZBINDEN B.M. in Organ Toledo, Ohio. Mu Phi Epsilon, Sec ' y (31, Pres.(4). Christian at the Organ. Palmer Christian, University Organist, provides a comprehensive schedule of programs in the Twi- light Organ Recital Series which are generally given once a week. Likewise Wilmot Pratt gives weekly recitals on the Carillon Bells. Each year the School of Music and its parent organization, the University Musical Society, pro- vide several concert series in which distinguished out-of-town artists and organizations participate, as well as members of the faculty and student body. Members of the faculty participate freely in the activities of the University Extension Division by giving concerts and lectures. Also faculty- men contribute to the activities of the more important state and national educational associations of music. Page 149 GEROW ICHELDINGER MAYER CHOWN Maurice Gerow . Eileen Icheldinger Donn Chown . Lois Mayer . PRESIDENT . VICE-PRESIDENT . SECRETARY . TREASURER INVITATIONS Joseph White, Chairman Walter Cramer Ruth Holmes Mary Alice Power Vera Ede FINANCE Janet McLoud, Chairman Mary Morrison Marjorie Parsons John Houdek Robert Hunerjager Abraham Silver PROGRAMS Mary Frances McDonough, Chairman Stanley Rontal Vivienne D ' Arkos Mary Purcell James Schwab PHOTOGRAPHS Robert Campbell, Chairman Mildred Livernois Helen Zbinden Sara Strong CAP AND GOWN Rollin Silfies, Chairman Elis Hakola Helen Barry Helen Byrn Charles Keen SOCIAL Ruth Miller, Chairman Max Crosman Helen Horn Virginia Hunt Walter Eggert Page 150 OF mem urs GIK CLUB Bow 1 Pierce. Otis. Macintosh. Tiddetts. Brown, McLaughlin. Brooks, Nelson. Reizen. Stevens. Tutlle, H?iniger Bow 2 Swann. Pinney, Fennel], Trebilcock, Manley, Spencer, Kanun, Roberts. Gardner. Smith. Gibson. Vandenberg Row 3 Harding, Fromm, Yaman Roach. Moore, Epstein. Hirschberg. Hendrick, Miller, Sklarsky. Anderson, Berris Row 4 Cox, Tieman. Caldwell, Hakola. Jensen. Vandenberg. MacArthar, Ciajkowski, Karpus, Purdy, M-Kinley. Galley Row 5 Holt. Cashin. Lusk. Tyrrell, Secrist. Clark. lacobson Garner, Meek. Silfies. Cannon. Row 6 Collins, Viehe. Stitt, Dunks, Sinclair. Professor Matlern. Draper, Yrgens, Kent, Gillis OFF1CEBS Prof. David E. Mattem Director Edward L. Sinclair President (Semester D Paul E. Yergens President (Semester H) Thomas G. Draper Vice-President Carl A. Viehe Secretary lohn W. Collins. Jr. Treasurer Herbert Watkins .... Faculty Business Manager Hudson G. Dunks .. .Student Business Manager Paul J. Kent Student Director Robert L Gillis . Librarian FIRST TENOR W. Macintosh B. Fennel! M. Miller Ossewarde J. Secrist E. Silfies W. Tyrell E. Vandenbeig SECOND TENOR R. Beriis G. Brocks J. Collins I. Czajkowski T. Draper F. Epstein J. .- K. Heininger J. Holt ' .-:. r T. McKinley R. McLaughlin R. Meek R. Moore R. Nelson C. Pinney H. Roberts H. Spencer A. Swann H. Tuttl ? R. Vandenbeig FIRST BASS E. Anderson D. Cashin R. Clark R. Cox R. Gillis E. Hakola K. Harding J. Hendrick S. Hirshberg G. Karpus P. Kent !. MacArthur McCauley E. Otis B. Purdy M. Reizen R. Smith A. Still R. Sklarsky F. Yaman SECOND BASS G. Brown G. Cannon Curtis H. Dunks J. Fromm H. Garner C. Gibson E. lacobson T. Jensen R. Kamm H. Lusk R. Manley B. Pierce C. Roach W. Tibbetts C. Tieman C. Viehe P. Yergens Mr. H. Watkins Hudson Dunks Edward Sinclair Paul Yergens Page 151 Herbert Business Vatkins Manager THf COnCffiT BIND FLUTE Marie Brams Gordon Byers Markham Cheever Lee Chrisman Jerome Lewis Michael Massa Harold Mueller Eldor Pflughoeft OBOE Don Cassel John Wallace John Vanderheuvel CLARINET Willard Anthony Arthur Berg Phillip Busche Robert Coors Murray Deutsch Bernard Esman Richard Hainer John Harwood Ransom Hawley Vivia Hoeschler Logan Hovis John Howard Robert Hunerjager Hubert Martin Arthur Moe Forrest Pearson William Rhoads Stanley Richards George Roach Clare Saltz Ernest Salwin John Saxton Edward Sheckman Thomas Snyder Bernard Sisman Erie Stewart Helen Stockbridge Carl Tolbert James Voorhees Clyde Vroman Fred Wilson Redfield Zittle ALTO CLARINET Wilson Sawyer Charles Keen BASS CLARINET Walter Cramer Joseph Deike BASSOONS Marion Helm Gail Rector SAXOPHONE Richard Anderson Louis Cuccia Donald Hill Charles Keyes Gilbert Phares Donald Russell George Thompson George Wheeler FRENCH HORN Ralph Anthony Donald Badcon Harold Britton Clyde Clark Ward Fearn Walter Hobert Martimer Kohn Eugene LaSalle William Parkinson Donald Rider Neal Seegert Joseph White CORNET Henry Adams Robert Allen Forrest Bartlett Stewart Bower Lewis Briggs Lawrence Calvert Victor Cherven Mac Currie Ralph Deutsch Lucien Dick Lester Fero Everett Field Arthur Gorman Clelan Graham Donald Graves James Gribble Leslie Grimard Donald Hartwell Newton Ketcham Rex Latham Elmer LaVetter Donald Lipp William Martinek James McCulloch Leonard Meretta Robert Morehead Elmer Nerenhausen Jack Prior Harold Reid Frederick Schmoyer Nello Torri Louis Vanmanen Claude Wadsworth Loyal Watson BARITONE Edwin Cooper James Davidson Lewis Dedo Benjamin Kuchar Donald Marrs Frank Menichetti Kenneth Summerfelt TROMBONE Robert Anthony Alfred Baumann Oliver Bell David Black Paul Bryan Robert Fisher Richard Gherken Wm. Hapinstall Philip North Robert Pantera Edward Vandenberg Charles Wellington Gerald Wentworth BASS Gordon Avery Martin Brown Charles Collins John Houdek Kenneth Maudsley Wilson Miller Robert Vreeland PERCUSSION Sidney Berg Glen Bulemore Donn Chown Frank Davis J. R. Edwards Thomas Laughlin Mary McCrory David Peet Edward Resnick Fred Robinson Abraham Silver Earl Watch Fred Wiest Orlen Zahnow HARP Mary Karch Betty Walker DRUM MAJORS Robert Fox Ward Fearn Gilbert Stevenson Major W. Fariss Drillmaster Page 152 Donn Chown Manager The University of Michigan marching band developed for itself an enviable reputation. Some of the foremost radio sports announcers stated that it was the outstanding marching organization of the country. It was picked by representatives of the Associated Press as the All-Amen- can football band. At the close of the marching season the large marching band, composed of 127 members, was divided into smaller groups: A concert band of ninety players, and the regimen- tal bands. The activities of the concert band include numerous radio broadcasts, indoor and outdoor concerts, campus sings, and stage shows. So it may be seen that the life of a Michigan bandsman is busy as well as being varied and enjoyable. William Revelli Conductor BAND STAFF William D. Revelli Conductor Herbert G. Watkins Business Manager Major Walter B. Faiiss Drillmaster Donn Chown Manager Don Parry Ass ' t Drillmaster Lee Chrisman Student Conductor Richard Correll Librarian Donald Mans Equipment Manager The Marching Band Page 153 Row 1 Horn, Cocci, Small, Andrews. Morrison, Fossum Row 2 Miller, Seeley, Lease, Zbinden, Ritter, Power, Schultz FOUNDED AT METROPOLITAN COLLEGE OF MUSIC CINCINNATI, OHIO NOVEMBER 13, 1903 GAMMA CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN, MAY 20, 1904 Ava C. Case Juva N. Higbee MEMBERS IN FACULTY Edith B. Koon Thelma Lewis Helen Titus Mrs. Robert Brown Miss Clara Coci Mrs. William Doty Mrs. Arthur Hackett MEMBERS IN CITY Miss Helen Haupt Mrs. Grace Konald Mrs. Guy Maier Miss Dorothy Paton Mrs. Marland Small Miss Mildred Webber Mrs. Arch Wilson Mrs. John Worley Mildred M. Andrews Harriet Cochran MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gwendolyn Fossum Rachei Lease Virginia F. Ritter Jean Seeley Gladys Schultz Helen C. Horn Virginia Hunt SENIORS Ruth L. Miller Mary C. Morrison Mary A. Power Helen Zbinden SIGH HLPHfl lOTfl Row 1 Mayer, Parsons. Barry, Wilson. Byrn. McLoud. Half. Adams. Porter Bow 2 Wray. Bailey. McDonough. Holmes. Munro. Bak. Traber. Lay Row 3 Lewis. Baxter. MeCrory. Ebersole. Harrison, Icheldinqer, Barton FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER OFFICERS Helen Byrn President Grace Wilson Vice-President Mary Porter Treasurer Janet McLoud Recording Secretary Marjory Parsons Corresponding Secretary Eileen Lay Chaplain Lois Mayer Sergeant-at-arms Miss Nora Crane Hunt Advisor Mrs. Ralph Aigler Mrs. Chester Barnes Mrs. Henry Bates Mis. Joseph Bursley B. Canheld Mrs. Samuel T. Dana RESIDENT PATRONESSES Mrs. Jas. W. Glovei Mrs. A. C. Furstenberg Mrs. G. Carl Huber Mrs. John Kollen Mrs. George Langlord Mrs. Kmi] Lorch Mrs. Alfred Lloyd Mrs. McLaughlin Mrs. Earl V. Moore Mrs. George Patterson Mrs. Morris Tilley Mrs. E S. Wolaver Jeanice Byrne Helen Bak Helen Barry Elizabeth Baxter MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Mary Porter SENIORS Helen Byrn Virginia Carr Eileen Icheldinger Isabel Wray Eileen Lay Mary Fran McDonough Janet McLoud Lois Mayer Mary Jean Adams Martha Bailey Ella Mae Burton JUNIORS Patty Half Mary K. Hamlin Beryl Harrison Twik Traber Jean Ebersole SOPHOMORES Charlotte Lewis Marjorie Parsons Ruth Holmes Mary MeCrory Roberta Munro Grace Wilson Kathleen Rinck Page 155 SCHOOL Of IflUSIC Page 156 Paqe 1 58 Professional training for prospective teachers in pub- lic schools was begun in the University of Michigan in the fall of 1879. Previous to this undertaking had been many years of agitation for the inclusion of such train- ing within the University. The first step was taken in 1858 when a teacher ' s course in Ancient Languages was provided. Shortly thereafter, similar courses in other departments were authorized. These courses, however, did not satisfy the demands of the more progressive elements of the state; they did not deal with the more practical aspects of organizing, administering, and managing schools. When Dr. James B. Angell assumed the duties of president of the University in 1871, he straightway threw his influence in favor of the establishment of a pedagogical department within the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Nevertheless, it was more than five years before the Board of Regents saw fit to follow his advice. Professional courses in the " Theory and Art of Teach- ing " were first offered by this new department in 1879. Dr. William H. Payne was the first occupant of a chair devoted to the work. In 1888 Dr. Payne resigned to accept the chancellorships of the University of Nash- ville and the Presidency of Peabody Normal School. Dr. Burke A. Hinsdale was chosen as his successor and continued in that capacity until his death in 1900. At this time Dr. Payne was recalled and occupied the chair until his death in 1907. The same year the department was changed from that of the " Theory and the Art of Teaching " to the Department of Education and Dr. Allen S. Whitney was placed in charge. Although Dean Edmundson has received his A.B. from Michigan and has done graduate work here, and al- though he has been conferred with a degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the University of Chicago, his hobby if we may call it such, is, and always has been, people. From this has developed his main field of interest, social problems and good citizenship. His favorite method of studying people is while traveling by railroad. One of his greatest pleasures lies in eliciting interesting life stories from members of the railroad staff or from a fellow passenger. Dr. Edmundson has been active in Michigan school work for many years. He has been a teacher of social studies, principal of University High School, and is now dean of the School of Education. For six years he was secretary of the North Central Association of Col- leges and Secondary Schools, and served as its presi- dent in 1931-32. His work in the schools has carried over to the writing of books on allied subjects. He is the author of " Legal and Constitutional Basis of State School System, " and the co-author of " Secondary School Administration " and also of " Citizenship through Problems. " Perhaps because of his social interests he likes very much to attend conferences and to take part in various committee functions. In 1921 the department was again reorganized, this time as a separate unit, and became known as the School of Education. The first dean was Dr. Allen S. Whitney who held the position until his retirement from active service in 1928. For one semester, the duties of office were vested in an executive committee of three mem- bers of the faculty: Professors James B. Edmundson, George E. Meyers, and Raleigh Schorling. In February 1929 Dr. James B. Edmundson, a leading educator in the middle west, became Dean of the school and has con- tinued in the position since that date. The School of Education has two buildings, one of which is known as the University High School, the other, as the University Elementary School. These buildings occupy a block of the University campus and are con- veniently located with respect to other buildings on the campus. The offices, classrooms, and laboratories of the school are located in these buildings. The University High School was created for the pur- pose of improving instruction in the junior and senior high schools of Michigan. To accomplish this, two main things are attempted: first, to help those who are pre- paring to teach by demonstrating good practice as used in the best schools throughout the country, and second, seeking to discover how the best methods of instruc- tion may be improved. In connection with these meth- ods, it should be remembered that all teachers have in view the problem of making a good school of fixing such skills as are suggested by the best thinking in modern education. Page 159 SCHOOL OF EDUCHTIOn PROFESSORS BARBARA H. BARLETT A.M. Professor of Public Health Nursing. MARGARET BELL A.B. Professor of Hygiene and Physical Education, Director of Physical Education for Women, and Physician in the Health Service. GEORGE E. CARROTHERS Ph.D. Professor of Education, Director of the Bureau of Cooperation with Educational Institutions. FRANCIS D. CURTIS Ph.D. Professor of Secondary Education and of the Teaching of Science, Head of the Department of Science, in University High School. STUART A. COURTIS Ph.D. Professor of Education. CALVIN O. DAVIS Ph.D. Professor of Secondary Education, Secretary of the School of Education THOMAS DIAMOND A.M. Assoc. Prof, of Vocational Education. WARREN E. FORSYTHE M.D., DrPh., ScD. Professor of Hygiene and Public Health, Director of the Health Service. EDGAR G. JOHNSTON Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Secondary Education and Principal of the University High School. LOUIS W. KEELEH Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Educational Psychology, Assistant Director of the Bureau of Educational Reference and Research, Director of Instruction, University of Michigan Hospital School. GEORGE A. MAY M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Physical Education, Director of Waterman Gymnasium. HOWARD Y. McCLUSKY Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Educational Psychology, Mental Measurements, and Statistics. Page 160 SCHOOL OF EDOCRTIOn PROFESSORS ELMER D. MITCHELL A.M. Assoc. Prof, of Physical Education. Director of Intramural Spoils. ARTHUR MOEHLMAN Ph.D. Professor of School Administration and Supervision. CLEO MURTLAND A.M. Assoc. Prof, of Vocational Education. WILLARD C. OLSON Ph.D. Professor of Education, Director of Research in Child Development in the University Elementary School. GEORGE E. MYERS Ph.D. Professor of Vocational Education and Guidance. T. LUTHER PURDOM PhJ . Director of the University Bureau cf Appointments and Occupational Information. RALEIGH SCHORLING PhJ). Professor cf Education, Supervisor of Directad Teaching and Instruction in University High School. Department Head cf Mathematics in University High School. WILLIAM C. TROW PhJ . Professor of Educational ' Psychology. CLIFFORD WOODY PhJX Professor of Education. Director of the Bureau of Educational Research and Reference. ORLANDO W. STEPHENSON Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of the Teaching of History. Head cf the Department of Social Studies in the University High School. ALLEN S. WHITNEY A.B.. LL.D. Professor Emeritus of Educational Administration and Supervision, Dean Emeritus of the School cf Education. FIELDING H. YOST LLB.. LL.D. Professor of the Theory and Practise of Athletics, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics. Page 161 Future school mar ' m? Lemon or cream? Swing it! And the big bad wolf said- Page 162 SLEZAK CARR FROST MURDICK Prof. C. C. Davis SENIOR CLASS ADVISOR OFFICERS Edward J. Slezak Ruth V. Carr . Eloise L. Frost . Olin J. Murdick SOCIAL COMMITTEE William Druker, Chrm. Mary Jeanette Lindsay Leonore V. Corn Dorothy F. Garniner Betty Wilson James B. Smith EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE John Fabello, Chrm. Robert Campbell Arthur Valpey Ferris Jennings Ernest C. Johnson Edmund L. Adronik INVITATION COMMITTEE Merle W. Kremer, Chrm. Joanne Kimmell Hattibel Grow Mary Davidson Ronal E. Isbell Evelyn Hart PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER SECRETARY FINANCE COMMITTEE Clarence W. Metzger, Chrm. Dorothy Glenn Rupper Margaret M. Morrow Ann S. Gordon Arthur Weiner Edwin Knudson PROGRAM COMMITTEE Hanley Staley, Chrm. Mary L. Redden Chester Sampson William Morse Frances Dell Buelah Alter CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Charles P. Coogan, Chrm Hazel Groat Kathyrn G. Stuernol Elizabeth Oberdier Clifford Hoffman Bobby Lou Goman Page 163 LUCY DORN ALMAND A.B. in Ed. Buffalo, N. Y. Jordan Hall Dance Comm. (3), J.G.P. (3), Penny Carnival (1), Lantern Night (2). BEULAH IRENE ALTER A.B. in Ed. Jackson, Michigan. EDMUND L. ANDRON1K B.S. in Ed. Norwalk, Conn. Lambda Chi Alpha, Baseball (2) (4), Executive Comm. (4). IONE THELMA BAKER A.B. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Alpha Kappa Alpha. EARL W. BAXTRESSER A.B. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan. Debate (1) (2). DOROTHY MARGARET BREMER A.B. in Ed. Royal Oak, Michigan. Kappa Phi (3) (4), Beta Kappa Rho (1) (2) (3) (4), Secretary (2), Pres. (3), University Alumni Scholarship. KATHERINE BURGESS B.S. in Ed. Alpha Chi Omega, J.G.P. RUTH VIRGINIA CAHH B.S. in Ed. Lansing, Michigan. Mosher Hall Junior Pres. (3), Mosher House Council (4), Pi Lambda Theta (4), Class V. Pres. (3) (4), Assembly, Soph Cabaret Comm. (2), J.G.P. Part and Comm. (3), W.A.A. Archery Mgr. I Paqe 164 CHARLES PATRICK COOGAN B.S. in Ed. Jersey City, N. J. Phi Epsilon Kappa. LENORE VIVIAN CORN B.S. in Ed. Ridgefield Park, N. J. Physical Education Club, V. Pres. Phys. Ed. Club, Social Committee School of Ed. (4). Dance Club. MARY ELIZABETH DAVIDSON A.B. in Ed. Mancelona, Michigan. HAZEL CAMILLE DeGROOT A.B. in Ed. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Delta Delta Delta, Panorama, Activities Manager Delta Delta Delta, I.G.P. Cast, J.G.P. Costume Comm., Michigras (3), Booth Comm., Merit System Comm. (3) (4), Social Comm. (4), Pan-Hellenic Ball Reception Comm. (4), League Fair (4), Chairman of Finance. PHYLLIS CAROLYN DEVAY B.S. in Ed. Shaker Hsiqhts, Ohio. Alpha Epsilon Phi. JOHN TILDEN FABELLO B.S. in Ed. Scituate, Mass. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Sphinx, Druids, Phys. Education Club, Ice Hockey (2) (3) (4). Chrm. Executive Comm. Ed. School. M. ARMELLA FENLON A.B. in Ed. Tully, New York. Alpha Omicron Pi, Pan-Hellenic Ball Comm. (1), Social Comm. and Theater Arts Comm. League (1) WILBUR ROBERT FHAZER B.S. in Ed. Bayonne, New Jersey. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Physical Education Club. ELOISE LAURA FROST A.B. in Ed. Michigan. Chi Omega. Class Treas. (3) (4). Michigan Girls ' Glee Club (3). DOROTHY FLORENCE GARDINER Ed. i Rapids, Michigan. lordan Hall, Pres. Woman ' s Phys. Ed dub (4), Jordan House Council (4), ub (3) (4). Badminton Champion Women 5 r.urals (3) (4), Volleyball (4). ::i (3) (4), Badminton (3). BOBBY LOU GOMON ' Comm. on Caps and Gowns. ANN SYLVIA GORDON Ed. -urbour, Music Chrm. ce Comm. Senior Clas? League Theater Arts Comm. (3) !4). Program Comm. (3). HATTIBEL GROW a Ed. Pi Be:r mm. (3) (4). WALTER ALVIN HAHN A.B. in Ed. - . Pa. Phi Eta Sigma. E. JEAN HART - n. -. Cook , Phi Tau Alpha. University Girls ' Glee Club. CLIFFORD JOHN HOFFMAN B.S. in Ed. Brooklyn, New York. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Alpha Nu, Sigma Delta Psi, Phys. Ed. Club. Intramural Award. Page 165 BARBARA PINNEY HORTON B.S. in Ed. Birmingham, Michigan. Gamma Phi Beta. FERRIS JENNINGS B.S. in Education Ann Arbor, Michigan. Football (2). Board of Phys. Ed. (2) 13). SALLY MARIE KENNY B.S. in Ed. Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Martha Cook. Mortarboard (4J. Senior Society (4), Pi Lambda Theta (4) Pres. Martha Cook (4), V. Pres. Mortarboard (4), V. Pres. Women ' s Athletic Assn. (3). J.G.P. (3). JOANNE ISABEL EDCMELL A.B. in Ed. Lakewood, Ohio. Mosher Hall, Wyvern (3), Senior Society (4), Freshman Mardi Gras Fin. Chnn. (1), Assembly Representative (1) (2) (3). House Reception Comm. (1) (2) (3). Orientation Advisor (2) (3), J.G.P. Properties Chnn. (3). EDWIN WILLIAM KNUDSON A.B. in Ed. Muskegon, Michigan. MERLE WILLIAM KREMER B.S. in Ed. E. Conneaut, Ohio. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Druids, Baseball (1) (2) (3). Captain elect 1938. MARY JEANETTE LINDSAY A.B. in Ed. Erie, Pa. JUNE HANNAH LONGHURST A.B. in Ed. Muskegon, Michigan. Athena. LYLE F. LOUKES B.S. in Ed. (Industrial Arts) Vicksburg, Michigan. JEANNE ANN MacVICAR B.S. in Ed. Port Huron, Michigan. ALICE LOUISE MALCOMSON B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan. CLARENCE WILLIAM METZGER B.S. in Ed. Silver Creek N. Y. Chrm. Class Finance Comm. (4). SELORA GIFFORD MESSING A.B. in Ed. North Tor.awanda, N. Y. Kappa Phi (2) (3) 4), Social Chrm. (3), Secretary (4), Chore) Union (2), Outdoor Club (3). MARGARET MOORE A.B. Hillsdale, Michigan. MARGARET MAE MORROW A.B. in Ed. Saginaw. Michigan. Class Finance Comm. (4). MARY JANE MUELLER B.S. in Ed. Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Pi Beta Phi, Mortarboard, treas. (4), V. Pres. Women ' s League (4,, Golf Mgr. (3), Women ' s Golf Team (3) (4), W.A.A. Sec ' y (4), Dance Club (2) (3) (4). . i - 1 Page 166 ELINOR RUTH PORATH B.S. in Ed. Detroit, Michigan. Mosher Hall, Sophomore Cabaret. JAMES A. RAWLEY A.B. in Ed. Terre Haute, Indiana. MARY LOYETTE REDDEN B.S. in Ed. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Senior Society, Pi Lambda Theta, W.A.A. Intramural Staff, Mich. League Orientation and Social Committees (2) (3) (4). RENA RUBENSTE1N B.S. in Ed. Buffalo, N. Y. Mosher-Jordan(l) (2), Girls ' Cooperative House (4), Alpha Kappa Delta (3) (4), Choral Union (2) (4). LUCRECIA JULIA RUISANCHEZ A.B. in Ed. Caguas, Puerto Rico. B ta Kappa Rho (3), Women Educational Club (2), Progressive Club (1), Sociedad Hispanica (3), Club Puerto Rico, International Council. CHESTER JAMES SAMPSON A.B. in Ed. Hubbell, Michigan. Transfer from Mich. College of Mining and Technology at Houghton, Mich. ESTELLE ANNE SCHAPIRA A.B. in Ed. Lawrence, L. I., N. Y. N.Y.U. Transfer, Tennant House President. CIVILI SINHANETRA B.S. in Ed. Chiengmai, Siam. EDWARD JOHN SIEZAK A.B- in Ed. Amsterdam. N. Y. Phi Epsilan Kappa. V. Pres. Polonia Literary Circle (3). Phys. Education Club. ; ----- :- l ::--::--.-: ' _ ' J. BOHT SMITH B.S. inEd. :-::. ' :.:-. " .-.-: .- ' -.: -- 5 .:r Eappa : :-.;: ?- ' .. : : : - t . . ' Ice Hockey (2) (3) (4). Baseball (2) (3 (4). Social Comm. Ed- School. ELINOR BRAY SOMEHVILLE A-B-inEd. I " ' . ' " Delia Delta Delta. J.G.P. (3). Varsity Debating Team (3). Play Production (3) (4). Merit System (Comm. (4). Theatre Arts Comm. (3) (4). Ass ' t General Chrm. League Fair (4), Pan-Hellenic Reception Comm. (4). Michigras Boom Comm. (3). -.3.?. : Comm. (3). HANLEY WILSON STALEY B.S. in Phys. Ed. ' .-.- -.:: ' . BealBl . :- .-.:.--; Raw Tort r ' : " : : : : ; . ' : . ' : cation Club, Swimming (3) (4), Sr. President of Phys. Ed. Club (4). KATHRYN GRANT STEUEHNOL A.B. in Ed. - --:--:- --:.- X ----- - ChnQ. ot Prog HH lift ood floor Comrn. Pan-Hellenic Ball. (4). Cap and Gown Comm. (4). MARY ELIZABETH SUDHOFF A.B. inEd. Newcastle, Indiana. Delta Delta Delta, Choral Union. (3). J.G.P. (3). FRANCES VAH TASSEL A.B. in Ed. Flint. Michigan. ARTHUR WILLIAM WIENER B.S. in Ed. Woodside L. I.. N. Y. Finance Comm. Senior Class (4). BETTY WILSON A.B.inEd. Detroit, Michigan. MADELON H. YINGEH A.B. in Ed. Three Rivers. Michigan. Choral Union. Albion College. In the Education Gymnasium stu- dents are afforded the opportunity to persue a great number of athletic events. Basketball seems to afford the most fun and is, as a conse- quence, the most popular. Student instruction is given and emphasis is placed on body-building. On the right is pictured a Student-Advisor confer- ence. At these various conferences questions of policy, discipline, and teaching are discussed. The Student teacher brings questions, and the Advisor aids in the solving of the many teaching problems. The youthful artists shown below are likewise given student instruction. Page 168 ' ,-; y T I r i mm On a ten-acre tract of land immediately south of the University campus is situated the Law Quadrangle, the gift of the late Mr. William W. Cook, a graduate oi the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts with the class of 1880 and of the Law School with the class of 1882. All of the buildings of the Quadrangle are of a laie Jacobean type of Gothic architecture. The first group of buildings, completed in 1923, included a dormitory about 550 feet in length, a beautiful and dignified din- ing hall, a large assembly or living room, modernly and conveniently equipped bedrooms for visiting law- yers and guests, a reading room and a recreation room, all of which contain the usual appurtenances. The John P. Cook Building, named in honor of the father of the donor, was added to the original group of buildings in the year 1930. This addition has accommo- dations for 140 students. One year later, the William W. Cook Legal Research Library was completed. In the fall of 1933 the Law Quadrangle was finished by the completion and occupancy of Hutchins Hall. This Hall contains lecture and seminar rooms, the administrative and professional offices, a beautiful courtroom, a large study hall for students, and a working library for the faculty. Hutchins Hall is also the office of the Michigan Law Review and the American Judicature Society. The work which goes on within the Law Quadrangle is designed to coordinate the principles of substantive and procedural law in a professional way, as well as to give the students a working knowledge of remedial forms and methods both in and out of court. By living in such a manner as is made possible by the Quad- rangle, the student is given an opportunity to live and work in a legal atmosphere. The student also can profit by the frequent visits of lawyers, judges, and instructors from other law schools. Page 170 In 1859 the Law School of the University of Michigan was opened with a faculty composed of three prominent men: James V. Campbell, Dean, Charles I. Walker, and Thomas M. Cooley. Because of the ability of these men as leaders and founders, the Law School soon became one of ' the leaders in legal education, and to-day it offers advanced instruction in all of the important divi- sions of the law. When the Law School opened in 1859, there were only two requirements for admission; namely, that the candidate be eighteen years, of age and that he possess a good moral character. At this time ninety-two men were enrolled. By 1906 the enrollment increased to 956, but a rapid decrease took place during the next few years due to a change in entrance requirements and more stringent examinations. However, this change brought about a more orderly growth and by 1933 the enrollment had reached 580. During the first twenty years of the Law School, the course of instruction was given in the form of lectures. Students were allowed to enter at the beginning of either of the two terms as there were six series of lectures, three each term. The seniors only were quizzed during the lecture period, the other students taking oral examinations at the end of the two six- month periods, which, coupled with a thesis led to the degree of Bachelor of Laws. An entrance examination was next made necessary in order to test the applicant ' s ability to use proper English. Raising the entrance requirements to include high school training, and adopting a complete three-year course in law raised the School to a higher plane. Greater advancement in requirements and faculty took place under the administration of the present dean Henry M. Bates. One of his most notable steps in the progress of the University of Michigan Law School has been the change from a faculty composed of retired practitioners to one made up of men who have made law-teaching a profession. Dean Bates expressed his desire to have the students study material showing the effect of political science, sociology, and economics in the law. This he believed, in connection with the case book system, would afford an excellent opportunity for a most effective study of the law. Several more changes took place between the years 1877 and 1900; a more rigid entrance examination was initiated; the former plan of two six-months terms gave way to one of two nine-months terms; new courses were added; a system of lectures and text-books replaced the old lecture system; and the examinations grew more far reaching, soon including all of the students. In the year 1910, Harry B. Hutchins resigned as Dean of the Law School to become President of the University. His position was taken over by Henry M. Bates, a young lawyer from Chicago and an alumnus of the University who had served as a professor in this school since 1903. His attitude toward the study of law differed from that of his predecessors. His students studied collections of cases together with the use of lectures and textbooks. The case-book system is now in exclusive use because of the increase of interest on the part of the students. A man who has done much to place the Uni- versity of Michigan Law School high in the estimation of educators is Henry Moore Bates. After receiving his PH.B. and L.L.B., he prac- ticed law with the Harlan and Bates firm in Chi- cago. In the year 1910, he accepted the position of dean of the University of Michigan Law School, and since that time has capably fulfilled this undertaking. During the years 1912-1913 he was president of the Association of American Law Schools and during 1911-1914, he was a member of the executive committee of the American Institute of Criminal Law. Many other activities filled the life of this prominent man. He was president of the Order of the Coif from 1913-1916. He has also served as commissioner on uniform state laws. Today he is a member of the American Bar Association, the American Political Science Assoc iation, the Chicago Law Institution, the American Judicature Society, the Social Science Research Council, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Delta Phi, and Phi Delta Phi. Dr. Bates is a charter member of the American Law Institution. Page 171 SCHOOL 01 liHW PROFESSORS RALPH W. AIGLER LL.B. Professor of Law. EDWIN C. GODDAHD Fh.B., LL.B. Professor Emeritus of Law. LAYLIN K. JAMES A.B., I.D. Professor of Law. HOBART R. COFFEY A.B., LL.B., J.D. Professor of Law and Law Librarian. JOSEPH H. DRAKE I.L.B., Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Law. GROVER C. GRISMORE A.B., J.D., S.J.D. Professor of Law. PAUL A. LEIDY A.M.. J.D. Professor of Law arid Secretary of the Law School. WILLIAM W. BLUME A.B., LL.B., S.J.D. Professor of Law and of Legal Research. JOHN P. DAWSON A.B., J.D.. D.Phil. Professor of Law. EDGAR N. DURFEE A.B., J.D. Professor of Lav . MARVIN L. NIEHUSS A.B.. LL.B. Associate Professor of Law. BURKE SHARTEL A.B.. J.D.. S.J.D. Professor of Law and Editor of the Michigan Law Review. 172 SCHOOL OF LflUJ PROFESSORS LEWIS M. SIMES A.B.. Ph.B.. J.D.. S.J.D.. LL.D. --ssoi oi Law. E. BLYTHE STASON A.B.. J.D.. B.S. ' EDSON R. SUNDERLAND A.M.. LL.B.. U..D. ?- : - JOHN E. TRACY A.B.. LL.D. _ - -- Prcressor of Lav . JOHN BARKER WAITE A.B.. LL.B. oi Law. HESSEL E. YNTEMA Pi-D., S.J.D. Professor of Law. View ol the Law Library Page 173 Professor Burke Shartel From Hutchins Hall genial Editor Burke Shartel, Professor of Law, directs the activity of honor students in the publication of the Michigan Law Review. The purpose of the periodical is to provide an outlet for legal discussions in the University, and to submit them to the profession and the public. Copy conference, Law Review. Scenic entrance to Law Library at night. Page 174 An aerial view of the rugged Gothic spires of the Cook Quadrangle reveals the Architectural Build- ing, the University High School System, and the Martha Cook dormitory tor girls in the background. t Ste . jr ' i . EWARE OF PICKPOCKETS a Among the eye-catching decorations of the Law Quad are the caricatures and cartoons that appear on the various window panels. These figures are drawn to represent per- sonages of the profession and also to present pictorially man ' s different punishable sins. These cartoons are character- istic of the legal profession. Although these illustrations are quite amusing, they, in no way, detract from the dignity of their surroundings. As dignified and inspiring as the profession itself, is the home of the University of Michigan Law School. The Law Quadrangle, gift of the late Mr. William W. Cook, is made up of several buildings designed in the late Jacobean type of architecture. These buildings include: the Lawyers Club Building, in which is a beautiful dining hall, a spacious as- sembly or living room, guest rooms, reading and recreation rooms; the John P. Cook Building which has sleeping accom- modations for 140 students; the William W. Cook Legal Re- search Library, one of the finest in the world; and Hutchins Hall, containing seminar and lecture rooms, offices, and an impressive courtroom. Page 176 SOIIOR ciflss offices OF LHIII HENDRICKSON BABLER SEIDENFELD COFFMAN J. Waldo Hendrickson .... PRESIDENT Wayne E. Babler VICE-PRESIDENT A. }. Coffman SECRETARY Glenn Seidenfeld TREASURER CHAIRMAN OF HAW REVIEW Lester H. Rose CO CHAIRMEN OF CREASE BALL Robert E. Bratton David W. Knight CO-CHAIRMEN FOR REUNION Robert O. Curran Willard C. Hetzel Page 177 IRVING ACHTENBERG Kansas City, Missouri. LL.B. Lawyers Club, Lawyers Club Council (3), Society of Indus. Lawyers, V. Pres. (3), Class Reunions Committee, (4). WAYNE E. BABLEH Barberton, Ohio. J.D. V. Pres. Class (4), Law Review (2) ;3). KEITH P. BONDUHANT Great Bend, Kansas. J.D. Lawyers Club (1) (2) (3), Pres. (3), Danes Comm. (2), Toastmasters (2) (3), Sec ' y (3), Law Review (2) (3). ROBERT EDWARD BRATTON Detroit, Michigan. LL.B. Lawyers Club, Co-chairman Crease Dance (3), Case Club (1) (2), Law Club Dance Comm. (3). ARTHUR JAMES BUSWELL Elyria, Ohio. LL.B. Beta Theta Pi, A.B. Ohio Wesleyan University. FRANK CHAMBERS, JR. Richmond, Indiana. LL.B. Lawyers Club, A.B. Earlham College. ROBERT NELSON CHAMBLISS Lookout Mtn., Tennessee. LL.B. Lawyers Club, Theta Delta Chi, A.B. Vanderbilt. AMOS JAMES COFFMAN Lincoln, Nebraska. LL.B. Law Review, Sec ' y- Class (4). Page 178 DAN K. COOK Lorcin, Ohio. LL.B. Phi Bata Kappa, Theta Kappa Theta, Michigan Law Review. RICHARD WHITNEY CRANDELL Fremont, Michigan. LL.B. Sigma Nu. RICHARD EUGENE CROSS Detroit, Michigan. LL.B. Lawyers Club, Phi Kappa Phi, Barristers, Quadrangle, Freshman Case Club Finals, Junior Case Club Finals, Social Comm. Lawyers Club (2), Chief Justice Case Club Courts (3). CHARLES SHELBY DALE Portsmouth, Ohio. LL.B. Phi Kappa Psi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Barristers, Creese Dance Comm. BEATRICE ADELE DeVINE Ann Arbor, Michigan. LL.B. Michigan Lav Review (2) (3). BENJAMIN HARRISON DEWEY Clyde, Ohio. Lawyers Club, Barristors (2) (3), Michigan Law Review (2) (3). FREDERICK GRAY DEWEY Detroit, Michigan. LL.B. ROBERT WHITTIER DUDLEY Hanover, N. H. LL.B. Phi Kappa Psi, Lawyers Club. DOUGLAS LeHOY EDWARDS : - ' .:-: :-- LL.B. A.;. : S. : : ?:.. Lrv.-y. : ; :._ ' - I ?.-- 7--- : .--_ 3 - - ;-; -: 7 - r -:. " --:: ROBERT SAMUEL FELDMAN FORD M. GRAHAM A i LI ; WALTER A. GUTHHIE LJ_B. c. z r . : : J. WALDO HENDHJCKSON T ' l ' i - " . " -j . r. i n r. z r :z. - TT rs r r 9 5 WILLARD CHARLES HETZEI WILLIAM JAY HOVER 1LB. F.e.-.c- ::--. : EDWARD HUTCHINSON ?:---.-.::= ? .:.-.. 7:-.. 11 3 Lawyers Club, Acacia. Page 179 FREDERICK FHAZIER IOICES Erie, Pennsylvania. 11 : HUOB St. Louis. Missouri. LLB. FBAHX KENTTEDT Okmulgee, Oklahoma. 11 3 A 3 V-.v DAVID W. KNIGHT Bdtle Creek, Ifidugan. 11 3 Thela Chi. Chun. Crease BaU. EDIO S. KOJVUWEK Soatfa Range. Michigan. Law Renew, B . Northern State Dndha s .:...:. WTLLARD KOPLOI . Ulinojs. MILTON AARON Erie, Ppim.yllfiiiiif -. - : _ .- . . ' - . j - . ' .. Law Review Board, -.-..:: ;i-: _ .-.; . r .r.:_; ' HUGH B. ItJDEH, JR. I -v.-r ; .-.: II : Delta Upnlon, Lawyer Oub, HARVEY NELSON XUHR Blair, Nebraska. LL.B. Chairman, Executive Committee Senior Class. BERTRAM HENRY LEBEIS J.D. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Delta Upsilon, Lawyers Club, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Michigan Law Review, Student Editor (6), Union Executive Council (4), Union Opera (2). WILLIAM WALLACE LESSLEY LL.B. Bozeman, Montana. ROBERT CLINTON LILLIE IX.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan. ALFRED WILLIAM LIPPHART LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Pi Kappa Phi, B.S. in Engineering. CHARLES EDWARD MARSH LL.B. Detroit, Michigan. Delta Upsilon, Delta Theta Phi. HOWARD ARTHUR McCOAN LL.B. Mason, Michigan. Delta Theta Phi, Barristers. JAMES WILLIAM MEHAFFY J.D. Little Rock, Arkansas. Lawyers Club, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Theta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Barristers, Case Club Judge (3), Junior Case Club Finals. Page 180 ALBERT CLIFFORD MITTENDORF, JR. LL.B. Toledo, Ohio. Lambda Chi Alpha, Lawyers Club. CHARLES LYCURGUS MOORE LL.B. Cambridge, Ohio. JOHN HOWARD MORGAN LL.B. Toledo, Ohio. Chi Phi, Sigma Rho Tau (1) (2), Honor Council of Engineering School (1) (2), Freshman Glee Club, A.B. in Pol. Sci. CHARLES EDWARD NADEAU LL.B. Stephenson, Michigan. Law Club. CECIL FRANCIS POOLE LL.B. Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi, Case Club, Freshman Finals, Social Comm. Chrm. JOHN LEE RAGLAND LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan. EDWARD DUANE RANSOM LL.B. Minot, N. Dakota. Lawyers Club, Barristers, Michigan Law Review, Lawyers Club Council. JOHN WILLIAM RICHARDSON LL.B. Saginaw, Michigan. Lawyers Club, Chrm. Senior Law .Class Financial Comm., Lawyers Club Comm. on Gen. Affairs, Varsity Glee Club (2) (3). CHARLES ALEXANDER ROGERS U : Detroit Michigan. Lawyers Club (1) (2) (3). Case Club (1) (2), -e Court Cleric (2) (3), Court (2) (3). Oratorical Assn. (1J. Mich. Union (3). re Comm. Lawyers Club (3). Class Reunion Comxn., Univ. Rhodes Scholarship Representative (2). DAVID ISRAEL ROSIN LL.R r ::::: ' . ' -:: Tau Epsilon Rho, I 9 Ball Comm. (3). EDWARD JOSEPH BUFF LL.B. rkley, Pennsylvania. Law Club, Phi Kappa Phi. - GERALD DAVIS SHIVEtY LL.B. : Missouri. Law Review (4). GEORGE X. SD4ONETTA LL.B. ! 5-=dville, Pennsylvania. : Phi Delta, Chairman of Cap and Gown Comm. MICHAEL RAOUL SPANIOLO LL.B. Lansing, Michigan. Lawyers Club, Delta Theta Phi, Cap and Gown Comm, JOHN G. STARR - 3:rr.d Rapids, Michigan. Lawyers Club, Reunion f inm GERALD LOUIS STOETZEH - Lawyers Club, V. Pros. Delta Thela Phi. Barristers (3), Michigan Law Review (2) (3), A.B. Valparaiso University, Council of Lawyers Club, Commencement Comm. (3), Page 181 ROBERT LOCHHEAD TAYLOR LI-B. Lapeer, Michigan. OLIVER JESSE TODD, JR. LL.B. Beaumont, Texas. ROBERT EVANS WALKER LLB. Ann Arbor Michigan. A.B. Muskingum College. CARL BERNARD WEYMOUTH LUD. Yale, Michigan. Delta Theta Phi. CHARLES BROOKE WHITE LLB. Ann Arbor Michigan. Chi Phi. ROMAN WILLIAM W1ATROSKI LL.B. Dunkirk, New York. Lawyers Club. Alpha Nu. HARRY MYERS WIHT. JR. LL.B. Hockessin, Delaware. LLOYD D. YENNER LL.B. Lawrence, Kansas. BHRRISTERS Row 1 Fitzharris, Fredericks, Stone, Henoch, Brouse, Carlisle, Borgmann. How 2 Ransom, Kelly, Wright, McCowan, Ruff, Mehaffy, Stoetzer, Dale. Row 3 Schramm, Schaberg, Dividio, Dewey, Kilbourne, Edwards, Gregory, Shaw. McCray. OFFICERS Douglas L. Edwards Chancellor Branchley Shaw Vice-Chancellor James Kilbourne Master of Rules Ben Dewey Chancellor of the Exchequer Julian Gregory Baliff liHUI CLUB COUnCIL How 1 Feldman, Downs, Stephens, Dudley, Achtenberg, Hoyt, Ransom, Morrison. Kuder, Newman, Allensworth. Row 2 Thomson, Stason, Welch, Bondurant, Keck, Stoetzer, Grismore, Burhans. OFFICERS Keith P. Bondurant President Gerald L. Stoetzer Vice-President William C. Stephens Secretary John H. Thomson Treasurer CHAIRMEN OF PERMANENT COMMITTEES Hugh B. Kuder, Jr Dance Committee J. Waldo Hendrickson Social Committee John H. Thomson and James Miner Finance Committee Daniel S. Morrison . . General Affairs Page 182 aal I t, , % is WVJ l - -A. ? . ' fflSI IDICflL The Medical School of the University of Michigan occupies and manages one of the most complete units for the study of medicine existing in the United States. The preclinical departments are housed in three build- ings, the East Medical, the West Medical, and the Phar- macology Buildings, all of which are part of the main campus of the University. Ample quarters are provided in the East Medical Building for anatomy, bacteriology, and physiology, while pathology, biological chemistry, hygeine, and public health are taught in the West Medi- cal Building. Not for from the campus is located the University Hospital, an institution founded chiefly for the teaching of clinical technique and under the control of the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan. Every effort is made to facilitate the instruction of medical students, and in order to provide material for studying every type of disease, patients a ' re brought from every county of the State under various statutes allowing for the commit- ment of indigent patients at public expense. It is also the aim of the Hospital to render to the physicians and citizens of the State diagnostic service which would otherwise be beyond the scope of most practitioners, who cannot afford the costly equipment necessary in the treatment of many cases. The Medical student receives ample opportunity for intimate supervised contact with the care of all diseases under the heads of the several departments, who all have the rank of professor in the Medical School. Obstet- rical instruction is supplemented by the affiliation with the Women ' s Hospital in Detroit. The large volume of patients makes it possible for the departments to offer specialized services, and with their adequate equip- ment and highly trained personnel, the functions of the institution are well rounded and balanced. To the west of the main building are the wards of the convalescent Hospital and the Contagious Pavilion. The former, a two-story structure with sun parlors on the southern e xposures, is bright and cheerful. The Con- tagious Pavilion was a gift of the City of Ann Arbor to provide for the care of the city ' s contagious patients at regular hospital rates. Behind this group there stands a four-story, modern building equipped for maternity cases. Another hospital, the Neuropsychiatric Institute, provides abundant material for clinical teaching of mild mental disorders in their early manifestations. This well-equipped plant, along with the Medical Library, the most complete collection of its kind con- nected with any medical school, comprise an institution unequaled in opportunity for clinical, laboratory, and technical instruction in the various phases of medicine. Page 184 The Medical School, whose organization was provided for by the same legisltive act of 1837 which was in- strumental in creating the University of Michigan, is today one of the most distinguished departments of the University and has deservedly earned its reputation for having one of the best staffs and most excellently equipped institutions for medical research and teaching in the country. During the first two year? of the School ' s existence, the annual course of lectures was begun on the first Wednesday of October and concluded on the third Wednesday in April. The candidate for a degree at this time was required to have attended two full courses of lectures and to have spent one year with a practitioner. From 1878 to 1880 the course requirements were ex- tended to two and then to three years of nine months each, until in 1890, when four years of study were necessary before the candidate could present himself for the final examination. With the advent of the three year schedule a graded curriculum was made possible, and the addition of the fourth year gave opportunity for the extension cf laboratory instruction. Since then the main features of the curriculum have been the se- quence in which the subjects were presented, and a general survey of each branch of medicine studied by means of lectures, recitations, and demonstrations. In 1890 graduate courses were offered, and a combined curriculum in medicine and letters provided. For many years the requirements for admission were simply a foundation in English, natural science, mathe- matics, Latin, and Greek, but in 1859 the Greek was dropped from the list, and in 1890 the requirements were Albert C. Furstenberg, M.D., B.S., is a true Michigan man. He was bom at Saginaw, Michi- gan, and received both his degrees at this Uni- versity. After instructing in several schools in the east, he became professor of Otolaryngolcgy at Michigan in 1932, and was made Dean of the Medical School three years later. Dr. Fursten- berg was particularly interested in anatomical studies of intracanial sinuses and was an in- structor of pharmacology before he was made a professor. He has written and published nu- merous works on the medical sciences. Dean Furstenberg is striving to better an already ex- cellent school, and four of the improvements that he stresses are: more scholarships for stud- ents who are financially unable to attend medi- cal school, keeping both graduate and under- graduate schools up to date, giving the medical student more time for independent thinking and " self-conceived " work by reducing the number of prescribed hours in the curriculum, and cor- relating the theory and practice of medicine. For outside interests Dean Furstenberg rides and raises horses, spending most of this spars time in his own stable of thoroughbreds. advanced to a diploma from the classical or Latin course of an approved high school. This certificate testified to a thorough knowledge of English, history, mathematics, biology, and Latin, to which, in 1901, were added trig- onometry and a reading ability in either German or French. The equivalent of two years of college work was later required, which has since been increased to four years of specified subjects with electives in diver- sified fields or a combined curriculum. With the increased requirements for admission, the school itself has expanded, both in equipment and faculty. From a school with a staff of six men and no hospital or facilities for clinical instruction it has grown to its present nationally famous status. Many of its graduates have written medical history in the United States, and connected with it are men who stand out as leaders in all phases of the profession. Of the nearly eight hundred students in the Medical School almost all are residents of Michigan, although nearly every state of the union and several foreign countries are represented. In such a group many more personal contacts can be made among the students and the members of the faculty than would be possible in a larger institution. The financial returns from both of these functions are used to support a workshop and recreation room for the crippled children at the hospital. Therefore, both the academic and social aspects of the school are un- usually well balanced, making possible for the students a broader and more beneficial life than can be offered in any other school of its type in the United States. Page 185 SCHOOL OF mEDIClOE PROFESSORS JOHN ALEXANDER A.M., M.D. Professor of Surgery. CARL E. BADGLEY B.S., M.D. Professor of Surgery. PAUL S. BARKER A.B., M.D. Assoc. Professor of Internal Medicine. JOHN B. BARNWELL A.B., M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Internal Medicine. GEORGE H. BELOTE M.S., M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Dermatology and Syphilology. CARL D. CAMP M.D. Prof, of Neurology and Head of the Dept. of Neurology. FREDERICK A. COLLER M.S.. M.D. Prof, of Surgery and Dir. of the Dept. of Surgery. JAMES D. BRUCE M.D. Vice-Pres. in Charge of University Relations, Dir. of Dept. of Postgraduate Medi- cine, Medical Adviser to the Health Service, Chairman of the Div. of the Health Sciences, and Chairman of the Div. of Extramural Services. ADAM A. CHHISTMAN Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Biological Chemistry. MURRAY D. COWIE M.D. Prof, of Pediatrics and In- fectious Diseases, and Head of the Dapt. of Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases. Page 186 SCHOOL OF mEDICIflE PROFESSORS ELIZABETH C. CROSBY PhJ . Professor of Anatomy. JOHN MORRIS DORSET Its.. MJ . Ass:? ?::: :: PmfAtattJ .-. = _ . - : ..:--- : : ' . " -_:: CHARLES W. EDMUNDS A.B., MJ). :: --. rr. rr ::.: .. - Lot ;ri::::=s ABTHUB C. CURTIS B.S.. MJ . Assoc. Prof, of Internal Medicine. HENRY C. ECKSTEIN PhJ . Assoc. Prof, of Biological Chemistry. HENRY FIELD. JB. B ., MJ . Assoc. Prof, of Internal Medicine. F. BRUCE FRALICK M.S., M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Ophtal- mology. Acting Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology. ROBERT GESELL A.B., MJ). .ogy. ALBERT C. FURSTENBERG B.S.. M.D. Prcfessor of Otolaryngology, Head of me Department of Otolaryngology. Dean of the Medical School HARLEY A. HAYNES HA. Director of University Hospital. FRED J. HODGES B.S.. MJ . r::: ;f:: :: ? i-r. ' r Head of the Department of Roentgenology. RAPHAEL ISAACS AJC.. HD. Assoc. Prof, of Internal Medicine. Assistant Director of Simpson Memorial Institute. Chairman of the Board of Governors. Student Religious Ass ' n. Page 187 SCHOOL OF mEDICinE PROFESSORS REUBEN L. KAHN M.S.. Sc.D. Assistant Professor of Bacteriology and Sero- logy, Director of Clinical Laboratories in the Uni- versity Hospital. HOWARD B. LEWIS Ph.D. Professor of Biological Chemistry, Head of the Department of Biological Chemistry, Director of the College of Pharmacy. WARREN P. LOMBARD M.D.. Sc.D. Professor Emeritus of Physiology. HOLLO E. McCOTTEH M.D. Professor of Anatomy. WALTER HADDOCK M.S., M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Surgery, Dept of Surgery and Dept. of Postgraduate Medicine. NORMAN F. MILLER B.S.. M.D. Professor of Obstetrics and Gynec- ology, Bates Professor of Diseases of Women and Children, Head of the Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology. REED M. NESBIT A.B., M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Surgery. FREDERICK G. NOVY M.D.. Sc.D., LL.D. Dean Emeritus of the Medical School, Professor Emeritus of Bacteriology. WALTER R. PARKER M.D.. Sc.D. Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology. LOUIS H. NEWBURGH A.B., M.D. Professor of Clinical Investigation in the Dept. of Internal Medicine. WALTER I. NUNGESTER M.D., Sc.D. Assoc. Prof, of Bacteriology. BRADLEY M. PATTEN Ph.D. Professor of Anatomy, Director of the Anatomical Laboratories. Page 188 SCHOOL OF mEDICinE PROFESSORS MAX M. PEET AM.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Resent- genology. CARLETON B. PEIRCE M.S.. M.D. ASSDC. Prof, oi Roenl- genology. HENRY K. RANSOM M.S.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Surgery. RALPH G. SMITH M.D., PhJ . .-. =5: : Pharmacology. HERMAN H. RIECKEH M.S.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Internal Medicine. MALCOLM H. SOULE Sc.D.. LL.D. Prof, of Bacteriology and Director of the Hygienic Laboratory. JOHN SUNDWALL M.D.. Ph-D. Prof, of Hygiene and Public Health and Dir. of the Div. of Hygiene and Public Health. RUTH C. WANSTHOM A.M.. M.D. Assoc. Prof, of Pathology. RAYMOND W. WAGGONER MJX. D. Sc. Prof, of Psychiatry, Dir. of the Neuropsychiatric Institute, and Dir. of the Dept. of Psychiatry. CARL V. WELLEH M.S., M.D. Prof, of Pathology and DirT of Pathological Laboratories UDO I. WILE AJ.. MJ . Prof, of Dermatology and Syphilology and Head of the Dept of Dermatology and Syphilology. FRANK N. WILSON B.S.. MJ . Professor of Internal Medicine. Page 189 In the Hospital Ward. What ' s up Chum? The University Hospital, which has a capacity of 1300 beds, is pri- marily a place of instruction and research in the treatment of patients. The aim of the hospital management, which includes a director and an executive staff composed of professors in the Medical School, is to turn out well-grounded students in medicine. On the left is illustrated therapy treatment and chemical analysis in the Kahn laboratory- Medical students are given an exceptional opportunity to treat and observe, under supervision, the care of all disease. Since the volume of patients is so large (nearly 30,000 being registered in the year 1 935-6) many departments have been able to develop and offer specialized services. Each of these more specialized departments are furnished with adequate equipment and directed by a highly trained personnel. A full time photographer is maintained by the hospital for the pur- pose of making invaluable records of the clinical cases treated. Thus photographs are available for the study of medicine, and slides are made in order to facilitate in lecture illustrations. Supervision and instruction takes place on the roof. Page 190 V- v .T ' ' - The aerial view pictured below shows the University Hcspital and other medical facilities that adjoin it To the far right can be seen the Thomas Henry Simpson Memorial Institute for Medical Research. Established in November of 1924 by Mrs. Thomas Simpson in remembrance of her late husband, the building is devoted to the study of per- nicious anemia. The university observatory stands across from the Institute and in the lower left hand comer is pictured Couzens Hall. This building serves as living quarters for nursing students and was erected in 1924. The University Hospital is shown in the rear. West Medics relax from the grind. The grind! Medical reading room in Main Library. ,1111 HI - _ZS , ,, - I Illl 1 lit " B 1 1 1 1 : : : i nut 1 1 in i ,,11, HIM Page 191 Student hospitalization showing Health Service on the right. Realizing that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the University of Michigan Health Service main- tains a plant fully equipped to carry out that doctrine as well as provide for those actually in need of medical attention. A pharmacy within the same walls makes it possible for students to have their drug prescriptions filled at a minimum of expense. Heat Treatment Staffed by an already efficient group of doctors and nurses, cooperation with the University Hospital and the specialists of the Medical School provides the stu- dent body constantly with the best of care. Under a pre- arranged system, it is possible for every person in the University to receive thirty days of free hospitaliza ' tion each year. Page 192 IKDL S0IIOR CLflSS OfflCflfi ASHLEY JAY SMITH KAHN CLASS OFFICERS Richard Ashley Baird D. Jay . Glen Smith . . David Kahn . PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER FINANCE COMMITTEE David Kahn Arnold Balk Ernest Breed Donald Moore Meldin Everett Richard Shoupe David De Weefe Edward Demuth INVITATION COMMITTEE George Rieth, Chairman George Badger Robert Kuhn Emil Isberg Russel Padlman Robert Maclntyre Roy Herschelman EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Louis Doerr, Chairman Martin Biery Roger Howell Howard High William Northrup John Ryan Alice Totter Warren Simmons George Wynn Bernard Foster STUDENT AFFAIRS Phil Eichhorn Dorothy Reeves Charles Hoyt Kenneth Hooper Kenneth Berkow Edward Kelly Parifilow Di Loreto CANE COMMITTEE Jack Day Robert McKeever Helen Hagey Robert Denham Lyle Waggoner CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE Spencer Northup, Chairman William Van Dyke Jack Jacoby Fred Abbiss Rod Howell ALUMNI COMMITTEE Ann Kowal Arthur Benedict PICTURE COMMITTEE Myron Shilling Leo Walker Leonora Nash William Thai Edmund Bott Page 193 Of HARVEY MARVIN ANDRE M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Phi Alpha Kappa, Chrm. Honor Council. RICHARD W. ASHLEY M.D. Kenosha, Wisconsin. Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Rho Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa. GEORGE FRANKLIN BADGER M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Delta Omega. ARNOLD CORNELIUS BALK M.D. Monroe, Michigan. ROBERT LINHART BARTON M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Omega Alpha, Edward Swift Dunster Scholarship, Misses Armstrong Scholarship. ARTHUR L. BENEDICT, JR. A.B., M.A., M.D. Muskegon, Michigan. Phi Chi, Galens, Victor Vaughn Society. KENNETH ALBERT BERKAW M.D. Detroit, Michigan. Nu Sigma Nu. MARTIN LUTHER BIERY M.D. East Lansing, Michigan. Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Kappa Kappa. ff Page 194 MAURICE BORIN M.D. Detroit, Michigan. EDMUND THOMAS BOTT M.D. Coldwater, Michigan. ERNEST SPENCER BREED M.D. Lyndonville, New York. Alpha Kappa Kappa. JAMES E. CAMERON M.D. Defiance, Ohio. Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Omega Alpha, Victor Vaughn Society. ANDREW JACKSON DAY M.D. Millersburg, Pa. Delta Upsilon, Nu Sigma Nu, Galens. Victor Vaughn Society. EDWIN LEOPOLD DEMUTH M.D. New York, N.Y. Phi Delta Epsilon, Class Executive Comm. (2). ROBERT MILLIARD DENHAM M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu, Galens. DAVID DOWNS DeWEESE M.D. Wayne, Michigan. Sigma Chi, Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Omega Alpha, Druids, Football (2), Judiciary Comm., Interfraternity Council (4). IL Of IDICIOf SflllOHS NORMAN LESLIE DeWITT M.D. rmm Michigan. No 5.; .3 Nu. Vaughn Society. PANFILO CAMILLO DiLORETO M.D. Detroit. Michigan. Executive Comm. (3). Treasurer ' s Comm. (3). LOUIS ELMER DOERH, R. M.D. Detroit, Michigan. Kappa Psi. V. Pres. Freshman Class. JOHN PHILLIP E1CHHOHN M.D. Cleveland. Ohio. : Kappa Kappa, Galena. MELDON ADA EVERETT - :-.f, Missouri. Alpha Epsilon lota, Pres. (4). JOSEPH MILTON FAUST :.! : Michigan. Alpha Omega Alpha. DAVID BERNARD FOSTER M.D. V.2.-:.-.i City, Michigan. The K jp= Psi, Galens, Executive Comm. (2) (4). WILLIAM JAMES FULLER M.D. Yale. Michigan. Alpha Omega Alpha. Page ROBERT Z. CAREER MA Stoten Islond.N. Y. Phi Lambda Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi. HAROLD LEO GORDON MJ3. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phi Kappa. ARTHUR ELROY GULICX M.D. Goodland, Kansas. Galens, Pres. (3). REYNOLD L. HAAS M.D. Vicksburg, Michigan. Theta Kappa Psi, Victor Vaughn Society. HELEN HAGEY MJX South Bend, Indiana. Chi Omega. SCOTT T. HARRIS M.D. Ypsilanti, Michigan. Phi Beta Pi. WILLIAM WALKER HENDERSON M.D. Kennedy, New York. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Phi Chi. ROY FRED HERSCHELMANN MX). Detroit, Michigan. Theta Kappa Psi, Sophomore Class Treas. HOWARD C. HIGH, JR. M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Victor Vaughn Society. KENDALL HOOPER M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Phi Beta Pi, Victor Vaughn Society. 1RVIN M. HOWE M.D. Midland, Michigan. Phi Beta Pi, Galens, Junior Class Sec ' y. ROGER WM. HOWELL M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Theta Chi, Druids (4), Galens, Victor Vaughn Society, Track and Cross Country (1) (2) (3) (4). CHARLES NOYE HOYT M.D. Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. Sigma Phi, Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Sigma. EMIL MARK ISBERG M.D. Detroit, Michigan. Phi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Freshman Class Treas. JACK M. IACOBY M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Sigma Chi, Phi Rho Sigma, Galens, Sophomore Sec ' y Class. BAIRD DAVID JAY M.D. Detroit, Michigan. A.B. Wayne University. Page 196 CHARLES BERNARD KABAKER M.D. Worcester, Mass. DAVID KAHN M.D. Bay City, Michigan. Phi Delta Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Chrm. Exec. Comm. (2), Senior Class Treas. EDWARD FINCH KELLY M.D. St. Johns, Michigan. Phi Chi. HARRY KLEIN M.D. Carbondale, Pa. ANNE HELENE KOWAL M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Alpha Epsilon Iota, Iota Sigma Pi. ROBERT KUHN M.D. Highland Park, Michigan. Phi Delta Epsilon, Executive Council. JAMES OAKLEY LAWRENCE M.D. Northfield, Minn. Alpha Kappa Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Lambda Upsilion. Sigma Xi. HARRY CLARK LAWTHER M.D. Dearborn, Michigan. IL Of 1DHM SENIORS HAROLD D. LeBLOND M.D. Detroit. Michigan. 3ge. JOSEPH E. LIFLAND A.B. in Che:: Newark, N. J. Freshman tennis (1). Intramural Athletics. New Jersey Club, Wolverine Club. PAUL CHARLES LIPSCHUTZ M.D. own, N. Y. ?elta Phi. IRVING RICHARD LYMAN M.D. Providence, R. I. ROBERT S. MacINTYRE M.D. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Nu Sigma Nu. HARRY G. McGAVRAN M.D. Birmingham, Michigan. Phi Delta Theta. Phi Chi. ROBERT JOSEPH McKEEVEH M.D. Detroit. Michigan. Phi Chi. JACK MANDIBERG M.D. Paterson, New Jersey. Psge 197 EDWARD ROSS MARSHALL. JR. M.D. New York, N. Y. Phi Chi. DONALD FLOYD MOORE M.D. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Theta Kappa Psi. Victor Vaughn. LEONORA ELIZABETH NASH M.D. South Hadley, Mass. Alpha Epsilon Iota. HARRY A. NEVEL M.D. Piladelphia, Pa. WILLIAM FREDERICK NORTHRUP. IB. M.D. Detroit, Michigan. Nu Sigma Nu, Victor Vaughn Society. SPENCER WIL LIAM NOHTHOT M.D. Toledo, Ohio. Phi Chi. ROBERT OHCUTT NORTHWAY M.D. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Delta Tau Delta, Nu Sigma Nu. MILTON H. OKUN M.D. Kalamazoo, Michigan. MARVIN OHANSKY M.D. Newark, New Jersey. RUSSELL JOHN PAALMAN M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Phi Alpha Kappa (2) (3) (4), Victor Vaughn Society (4). BERNARD E. PALETZ M.D. Morgantown, W. Va. IOHN PIERPONT M.D. Ironwood, Michigan. Phi Chi, Galens. WALTER DARWIN POOL M.D. Detroit, Michigan. Phi Chi. HEED CLAYTON PRUGH M.D. Dayton, Ohio. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Rho Sigma. ALBERT EDWARD QUAHTON M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Phi Chi. DOROTHY MAE REEVES M.D. Worcester, Mass. Theta Phi Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Iota, Treas. (4). a r Page 198 GEOR GE F. RIETH M.D. Flat Rock, Michigan. Delta Alpha Epsilon, Phi Rho Sigma, Rho Chi, Galens, Victor Vaughn Society. HARVARD LOUIS ROMENCE M.D. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Phi Beta Pi, Kappa Rho Sigma. PAUL W. RUNGE M.D. Richmond, Indiana. Alpha Tau Omega.Nu Sigma Nu, A.B. Wittenberg. JOHN AUSTIN RYAN M.D. Milan, Michigan. Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Chi. EMIL HERMAN SCHNAP M.D. Sea Cliff, New York. Tau Delta Phi, Phi Sigma, Alpha Kappa Delta, Executive Comm. (3). SOL SELEVAN M.D. Miami, Florida. Tau Delta Phi, Swimming Team (1) (2) (3). MYRON ATLEE SHILLING M.D. Navarre, Ohio. Theta Kappa Psi, Galens. Victor Vaughn. THOMAS RICHARD SHOUPE M.D. Findlay, Ohio. Delta Tau Delta, Nu Sigma Nu, Exec. Council Michigan Union (3). IRVING E. SILVEHMAN M.D. Lansing. Michigan. ?.-.: Del::: !;;..;- WARREN KOUSCH SIMMONS M.D. Arr. A:::: IficUgaB Victor Vaughn Society. Executive Comm. (2). Honor Comm. (3). MILTON ELMEH SLAGH MX). H . :r- " ..:: --- nt ' -.- ' -- ; K-r: ; GLEN LaVERNE SMITH MX). .-.r.r. ..rC ' ir .-.irr.i - ir. WILLIAM THAYER SMITH ;.: r The ' - ?: ::. -:-r : " . AHTHUB L. STANLEY .-. .--- ;:;:; : Y. -- ' . ' .---.: ' : .- ' . H: :. = -. EDWARD STEW - : - ?? r: s -. PAUL F. STOLLEH M : Ann Arbor. Michigan. Na Sigma Nu. I-Hop Comm. = 7 199 WILLIAM S. THAI M.D. Toledo, Ohio. Zeta Beta Tan. Alpha Omega Alpha, Junior Class Treasurer. TONY J. TRAPASSO M.D. Sault Ste Marie, Michiga WILHELMINA MARIE VAN DYKE HA. Ne ' vr Haven, Michigan. Alpha Epsilon Iota. Recording Sec ' v. LYLE GEORGE WAGGONER M.D. Ann Arbor. Michigan. Phi Chi. Victor Vaughn Society. LEO WHITNEY WALKER M.D. Battle Creek. Michigan. Phi Chi. CARL WIESEL M.D. Stolen Island, N. T. LOUIS ALDEN WILLIAMS MX). j:-r.; r -- .-; ' ISADORE ZTJCKEH MX). t N. J juniofi ciess mm BATES HENSLEY == GEISSINGER PUTRA CLASS OFFICERS William H. Bates PRESIDENT Charles B. Hensley .... VICE-PRESIDENT Ruth F. Geissinger .... SECRETARY Anthony M. Putra .... TREASURER HONOR SYSTEM COMMITTEE Robert A. Sobel Maurice C. Wynes Edward J. Shumaker Harry A. Lusk J-HOP COMMITTEE Martin Alexander Page 200 IDOL SOPHOmOfif CLflSS OfflCflfi SAHLMARK HAZEN VAN WAGNEN DAWSON CLASS OFFICERS Joseph F. Sahlmark .... PRESIDENT Stella M. Hazen VICE-PRESIDENT Frederick I. Van Wagnen, Jr. . SECRETARY W. Douglas Dawson .... TREASURER EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Tom D. Johnson, Chairman Allen M. MacDonald Rose Herrman William H. Anderson Raymond J. Koykka Ralph Blocksma Kenneth G. Muehlig John B. Graham HONOR COMMITTEE Ralph Blocksma Jacob L. Chason Page 201 IDOL CLBSS mm OfflCEfiS EFFLER BROWN CHRJSTINSEN KLUNYINGER Donald Effler PRESIDENT Craig Brown VICE-PRESIDENT Robert Christinsen .... SECRETARY Willard Klunyinger .... TREASURER HONOR MEN Two year honor man Percy Murphy One year honor man Carlyle LaChance HONOR COMMITTEE Daniel C. Siegel, Chairman Leonard Brandman Francis Bird Fred Swartz Robert MacGregor Herbert Peterson Page 202 Row 1 Gulick, Chickeriag. Miller. Wclgemot Nigg. Smith. Hensley, Sharp Row 2 Lilly. Jaeoby, Howe. Eichorn, Shilling, Gehringer, Carney. Lusk How 3 Pierpont. Hasty, Denham. Riecker. Howell. Benedict. Foster. Brown. Black OFFICERS Roger William Howell . . . PRESIDENT Arthur L. Benedict Jr. ... VICE-PRESIDENT Robert H. Denham, Jr. ... SECRETARY Robert H. Trimby TREASURER HONORARY MEMBERS OF 1938: Dr. Norman R. Kretschmar Dr. Frank N. Wilson SENIOR MEMBERS: Kyle E. Black A. Jackson Day Robert H. Denham. Jr. John Phillip Eichhorn D. Bernard Foster Arthur E. Gulick Irvin M. Howe Roger William Howell Jack M. Jaeoby John Pierpont George F. Rieth M. Atlee Shilling Robert H. Trimby JUNIOR MEMBERS: J. Phillip Berger Richard C. Brown Robert G. Carney Orville M. Checkering Norman F. Gehringer Willis A. Hasty C. B. Hensley John C. Lillie Harry A. Lusk James W. Miller Herbert Lee Nigg Mahlan S. Sharp George Smith John Wolgamot Page 203 Row 1 Kowal, Bubis. Lufkin, Whitney. Yu Row 2 Sing, Reeves, Everett, VanDyke, Moul (v IOTB PATRONESSES Mrs. R. Bishop Canfield Mrs. A. C. Furstenberg Mrs. Robert Gesell Mrs. Howard B. Lewis Mrs. Frederick G. Novy Mrs. Cyrus C. Sturgis Mrs. Carl V. Weller FOUNDED AT UNIV. OF MICHIGAN 1890 ALPHA CHAPTER KST. AT MICHIGAN 1890 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Margaret Bell, M.D. Tryphena Humphrey, M.D. Elizabeth C. Crosby, Ph.D. Lavina MacKaye, M.D . Vida H. Gordon, M.D. Elizabeth Thompson, Ph.D. Ruth C. Wanstrom, M.D. Winona Barrows Mrs. D. M. Cowie Mrs. W. I. Mclvor Mrs. L. W. Oliphant MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. Dewitt Parker Marianna Smalley, M.D. Jeanne C. Solis, M.D. Mrs. Stephen Winder Melissa Worth, M.D. Meldon Everett Anne H. Kowal Leonora E. Nash SENIORS Alice B. Potter Dorothy M. Reeves Wilhelmina VanDyke Sylvia R. Bubis Elizabeth J. Kitchen Anne V. Lufkin JUNIORS Vung-Yuin Ting Doris Whitney Poe-Eng Yu SOPHOMORES Beverly A. Moul Page 204 flbPHfl KRPPfl KflPPR , 1 Sohlmark. Scholtz. Boque. Schmole. Feldkomp. Merril. Eichorn How 2 Bastings, Stanley. Trimby. Breed. Biery. Lawrence. Wanless. DeWeese F.O- 3 KJunsinger, Gutelius. Sullivan. Wendelken, R. Finton. Wolgamot. Miller. House. Sboman -Whitehous . Wld, Swam. Hrrod. Neiswander. Effler. Olesky. Filip M. .Finlon. Black MEMBERS IN FACULTY John W. Bean. MS.. PhD. George H. Beiote, MX).. MS. Arthur C. Curtis, B.S., MD. Robert Gesell. A.. MD. John L. Law, MB., ChB., MD. Nonnan F. Miller, B.S.. MD. Reed M Nesbit. A.B.. MD. Louis H. Newburgh. A.B., MD. Hayden C. Nicholson, MS., MD. Max M Peet, AM.. MD. H. Marvin Pollard, MD. Harold G. Waller, M.D. Martin L Biery 3. Breed I. Philli Ejcfahom Marion S. DeWeese Robert E. Finton Warren C. Hastings lames W. Miller Robert E. Bogue Lee E. Feldkamp M. Allan Hayes Frederick B. House Harry E. Merritt Willard B. Morell Joseph F. Sahlmark A. Kearney Atkinson Donald B Effler Hypolit K Filip Max A. Finton Stanley K Gutelius Gordon R Harrod Willard R IQunzinger SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES James O. Lawrence Arthur L. Stanley MEMBERS IN CITY FRESHMEN Elmer C. Schultz John C. Wolgamot Maurice C. Wynes John R Schwartzman Herbert T. Schmale Ralph H. Sullivan William J. Thaler Loren E. Wanless Harold W. Wendelken Paul L. Neiswander Stanley P. Oleksy -=:--. ;:.:-=:. Fred G. Swartz Hugh A. Weld Walter M. Whitehouse Fleming A. Barbour. B ., MD. Peter Crabtree Albert E. Heustis, A.B., M.D. Charles W. Knerler, A3., MD. David Van der Slice. MD. FOUNDED AT DARTMOUTH COLLEGE 1888 ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1907 Pag 205 Row 1 Jackson, Hay, Brown, W. Lillie, Sanders, MacGregor, Saunders, Ashley, Moring . Row 2 Stewart, Newton, Douglas, Kirk, Lewis, Munro, Strayer, Allen, Kiehn, Greenway Row 3 Schlecte, J. Lillie, Peabody, Nicolls, Warner, Thompson, Warren, Wright, Armsti Walker, Weeks Row 4 Ferguson, Wessels, Stroller, Denham, Hoyt, Maclntyre, DeWeese, Knapp, Nigg, Row 5 Northup, Shoupe, Cameron, Northway, Day, Runge, Berkaw, Smith, Cummings MEMBERS IN FACULTY Russel R. de Alvarez, M.D. Harry L. Arnold, M.D. James F. Blackman, M.D. Robert S. Ballmer, B.S., M.D. Paul S. Barker, A.B., M.D. Allen M. Boyden, A.B., M.D. Dan J. Bulraer, A.B., M.D. Carl D. Camp, M.D. Luther C. Carpenter, A.B,, M.D. J. K. Coleman, M.D. David M. Cowie, M.D. John M. Dorsey, M.S, M.D. Charles W. Edmunds, A.B., M.D. Herbert W. Emerson, Ph.C., B.S.Pharm. L. Gordon Fiske, A.B., M.D. Richard H. Freyberg, A.B., M.D. H. Sprague Gardiner, A.B., M.D. Arthur P. Grigg, A.B., M.D. Cameron Haight, A.B., M.D. George Hammond, A.B., M.D. Harley Haynes, M.D. Kendall B. Holmes, A.B., M.D. Franklin D. Johnston, B.S.E., M.D. Edgar A. Kahn, B.S., M.D. Edward M. Kline, B.S., M.D. Frank A. Lamberson, M.D James W. Logie, A.B., M.D. James H. Maxwell, A.B., M.D. Frederick G. Novy, M.D. Christopher Parnall, M.D. Robert J. Patton, M.D. Willis S. Peck, B.S., M.D. Malcolm H. Scule, M.S.Chem., Sc.D., LL.D. Elliott T. Thieme, A.B., M.D. Arthur Twiss, B.S., M.D. Edwin Vary, M.S., M.D. William F. Weeks, A.B. Carl V. Weller, M.S., M.D Udo J. Wile, A.B., M.D. Frank N. Wilson, B.S., M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY R. B. Bigelow, M.D. S. L. Bigelow, M.D. J. F. Breakey, M.D. K. D. Malcolm, M.D. Mark Marshall, M.D. George A. May, M.D. Frederick G. Novy, M.D. C. C. Worden, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Donald J. Bourg, A.B., M.D. Kyril B. Conger, M.D. Markham B. Coventry, A.B., M.D. Charles J. Courville, A.B., M.D. Charles B. Darner, A.B., M.D. Charles D. Hershey, A.B., M.D. Earle B. Kay, A.B., M.D. Emerson J. Kempf, M.D. Dugald S. Maclntyre, M.D. Raymond Paine, M.D. Grosvenor T. Root, A.B., M.D. John G. Ruth, M.D. Philip E. M. Bourland, M.D. Charles M. Smyth M.D. H. Simrall, M.D. W. P. Work, A.B., M.D. SENIORS Kenneth A. Berkaw, A.B. James E. Cameron, A.B. A. Jackson Day, A.B. Robert H. Denham, A.B. Norman L. DeWitt David D. DeWeese, A.B. Charles N. Hoyt, A.B. FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN 1882 ALPHA CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1882 Richard C. Armstrong L. Bruce Donaldson, B.S. James A. Ferguson William D. Knapp W. Kaye Locklin, A.B. John C. Lillie, A.B. William G. Nicolls Robert S. Maclntyre, B.S. Robert O. Northway, A.B. William F. Northrup, A.B. Paul W. Runge, A.B. T. Richard Shoupe, A.B. William T. Smith, A.B. Paul F. Stoller, A.B. JUNIORS Herbert L. Nigg Gary S. Peabody, A.B. James B. Thompson, A.B. William J.Warner, Jr., A.B. John W. Warren, A.B. Robert Wessels, A.B. Edwin Wright, A.B. SOPHOMORES Horace E. Allen, Jr. James B. Douglas Joseph V. Fisher Clifford L. Kiehn, A.B., DOS. Marquis A. Kirk, A.B. John H. Walker, B.S. D. King Lewis, B.S. Nathan D. Munro, A.B. Charles W. Newton, Jr., B.S. John W. Strayer, A.B. Allen Saunders, A.B. FRESHMEN James Ashley N. Craig Browne Guerdon D. Greenway, A.B. James Harryman, A.B. Marion Hay, B.S. Sidney Jackson, A.B. Walter Lillie Robert MacGregor, A.B., DDS. Bradley Moring, A.B. John H. Saunders, A.B. Allen Saunders, A.B. Waune Stewart, A.B. Page 206 I : -: - PHI BETH PI Bow 1 Thompson, Wixson. Zcrafonelis, Williams, Welsh. Reed, Hinerman Row 2 Powell, Connolly. Lowe, Motley, Burch, Christensen. R. Brown, Twiggs Row 3 laclc. Graham, Arscott, Holstein, Dubault, Jennings, Pedersen, Schagmann, Steffenien -Row 4 Romance. Bates. Griffith. Poulos, Stobbe, Berger, Black. Foriyth, Seabury, R. Brown Carl E. Badgley, MX . John G. Brazer, MX). Max L Durfee, MX). Albert C. Furstenberg, MD. MEMBERS IN FACULTY William G. Gordon, M.D. Fred J. Hodges. M.D. Frank D. Lafhrop, MX . Carlton C. Peirce, M.D. Ralph G. Smith, M.D. John Sundwall, MX). SENIORS MEMBERS IN CITY Frederick J. Abbiss Kyle E. Blade -:.- : :-: - :.. Kendall Hooper William H. Bates John P. Berger Richard C. Brown H. Francis Forsyth JUNIORS Irvin H. Howe Harvard Romence Godfrey D. Stobbe Robert M. Griffith Albert N. Sarwold John H. Seabury SOPHOMORES Edward F. Arecott Paul J. Connolly Harvey H. Dubault Bernard A. Fitzgerald Mm ' - Sraham Arthur P. Holstein Tcm D. Johnson Raymond J. Koyka Peter G. Poulos Ellis H. Steffensen Walter E. Belser, M.D. Vemon S. Dick, MX). Donald B. Douglas. M.D. Theophil Klingman, M.D. Dorman E. Lichty, M.D. FOUNDED AT PHILADELPHIA 1891 BETA CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1891 George F. Muehlig, M.D. H. W. Riggs, MX). Edward Seybold, M.D. Frederick W. Wilson. M.D. FRESHMEN Robert W. Brown " : r..-. I ' - -:rr. Robert C. Christensen Dorin L. Hinerman William W. Jack Hal B. Jennings, Jr. C. Rodney Lowe Harry E. Motley Herbert E. Pedersen Robert H. Powell George C. Reed Robert F. Schugmann Nicholas J. Thompson Herbert D. Welsh Edward T. Williams Richard C. Wixson Chris J. D. Zarafoneus Page 207 Row 1 Clayton, Breen, Turner, Roggen, Twichell, Bierwaltes, Hoyl. Duff, Bricker Row 2 Furniss, McNicholas, Medler, Weick, List. Levagood. Rau, Yetzer How 3 Russell, Corbin, Mason, Tollman, Albers, Beck, McCaddie, Brown, Stewart Row 4 Jaedecke, Orbison, DeWeerd. Plumb, Cook, Clifford, Schmaltz, Staudt, Smith, Slenge Row 5 Hickert, Sharp, Walker, Henderson, Northup, Pierpont, Benedict, Waggoner, McGavrjcjn McKeever, Wynn f-. ; .- , s MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. C. Clark, B.S., M.D. H. H. Cummings, M.D. L. E. Himler, A.B., M.D. R. W. Davis, A.B., M.D. V. C. Johnson, M.D. R. N. Dejong, A.B. M.D. A. C. Kerlikowske, M.D. F. B. Fralick, M.D., M.S. R. E. McCotter, M.D. C. F. Folsome, A.B., A.M., M.D. R. M. Nesbit, A.B., M.D. M. E. Gump, B.S., M.D., M.S. H. H. Riecker, A.B., M.D. E. W. Sink, A.B., M.S., M.D. C. C. Sturgis, B.S., MD S. H. Wagar, A.B., M.D. R. W. Waggoner, M.D. W. E. Forsythe, B.S., Ph.D., M.D., H. K. Ransom, A.B., M.D., M.S. G. K. Wassell, B.S., M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY P. H. Bassow, B.S., M.D. L. A. Knoll, M.D. C. Georg, M.D. S. L. LaFever, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C. W. Cory, A.B., M.D. E. M. Eichorn, A.B., M.D. L. Evers, M.D. R. Kimbrough, M.D. M. D. Klopenstein, A.B., M.D. D. A. Moosman, A.B., M.D. F. W. Palmer, A.B., M.S., M.D. J. R. Willson, M.D. C. Wilkinson, M.D. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT 1889 PSI CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1906 Arthur L. Benedict, Jr. William W. Henderson Edward F. Kelly Robert J. McKeever Harry G. McGavran Edward R. Marshall Spencer W. Northup George D. Albers Kenneth H. Beach Karl H. Beck James C. Cook Leonard A. Poznak Robert G. Rickert SENIORS JUNIORS John W. Bricker Robert W. Byrn Robert P. Clifford James H. DeWeerd Ivan F. Duff Arthur W. Hoyt Floyd B. Levagood James A. Orbison, Jr. William H. Beierwaltes lohn F. Breen Alan R. Brown Paul A. Clayton Martin F. Cook Billy L. Corbin Charles O. Furniss Robert G. Jaedecke Martin L. List [ames H. McCadie SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN John Pierpont Walter D. Pool Albert E. Quarton John A. Ryan Lyle G. Waggoner Leo W. Walker George H. Wynn John D. Schmaltz Mahlon S. Sharp Edward J. Shumaker George E. Smith Louis W. Staudt Robert T. Plumb Frederick W. Rau Ivan J. Roggen Gerald Rottschafer Laverne Spalding Philip R. Turner William J. Yetzer Paul R. Engle John R. McNicholas Stephen C. Mason Robert E. Medlar John R. Pepin Stuart W. Russell Maitland N. Stewart, H. Clay Tellman Gilbert A. Twichel! George E. Weick Page 208 - PHI DELTfl EPSILOn How 1 Feldmon, Barish, Gutterman, Harrison, Grekin. Row 2 Engelman. Brandman. Peven. Weisman, Miller, Goodman. Row 3 Chason, Shargel. Kositchek, Kerzman, Deutsch, W. Friedman, Siegel. How 4 Sherwin, Isberg, Dr. Helper, Kahn. Kuhn. Demuth, SUverman, D. Friedman. Reuben L. Kahn, SaD.L Moses Cooperstock, M.D. L Jerome Hauser. M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY S. Milton Goldhammei, M.D. Haskell L. Maier. M.D. Abraham Becker. M.D. Herbert Holman, M.D. Morton Helper, M.D. Mervin E. Green, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Joseph Klein, M.D. David Kahn Robert Kuhn SENIORS Edwin Demuth Emil Isberg Irving Silverman Robert Kositchek Joseph Kerzman David Friedman William Deutsch Leonard Brandman Daniel Siegel Julian Barish Jack Grekin Meyer Gutterman . Feldman Max Goodman JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Andrew Sherwin George Shargel Jay Chason Averv Weisman Philip Peven Willis Friedman Frederick Epstein Marvin Harrison Milton Miller Raymond Engelman Robert Nabatofi FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY 1904 OMEGA CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1922 Page 209 H ow i Payton, GuslaJson, Maynard, Ottoman, Jesurun. Lawrence, Miliord, Davies, S. Lan Dunlap Row 2 Smith, Foley, Benson, Anderson, Bauer, Patterson, Sackett, Cook. How 3 Bailey, Crosby, H. Lange, Browns, Chabut, Carney, Steife, Lang, Rasmussen. How 4 Newcomer, Bryant, Gehringer, Hielh, Jacoby , Prugh, Ashley, Bassett, Carlisle, Thorn] ||IPP$ FOUNDED AT NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY 1890 ZETA CHAPTER 1897 MEMBERS IN Wm. M. Brace, M.D. James D. Bruce, M.D. John C. Bugher, M.S., M.D. Frederick A. Coller, M.S., M.D. Robert R. Dieterle, M.D. Norman R. Kretzschmar, M.S., M.D. Walter P. Lombard, A.B., M.D., Sc.D. MEMBERS Gordon W. Balyeat, M.D. Robert J. Bannow, A.B., M.D. Albert S. Barr, M.D. John S. Betz, A.B., M.D. Bert M. Bullington, M.D. Samuel W. Donaldson, A.B., M.D. Jack M. Ferris, M.D. Stacy C. Howard, M.D. Homer D. Howes, A.B., M.D. John W. Kemper, M.D., D.D.S. FACULTY John T. McGreer, Jr., A.B., B.S., M.D. Frederick C. McLellan, B.Sc., M.D. Grover C. Pemberthy, M.D. Frank H. Power, M.D. John M. Sheldon, B.S., M.D. James S. Snow, M.S., M.D. Jack F. Tolan, B.S., M.D. IN CITY Theron S. Langford, M.D. Leo Lauteibach, M.D. Frank McCue, M.D. Thomas H. McEachern, M.D. William Newcomb, M.D. Harry J. Richter, M.D. William D. Robinson, M.D. John T. Shonts, M.D. Edward B. Weinman, M.D. Sherwood B. Winslow, M.D. Richard W. Ashley, A.B. Jack M. Jocoby, A.B. Gerhard H. Bauer, B.S. Hershel L. Browns. W. LeRoy Bryant Thomas B. Carlile, A.B. Robert G. Carney, A.B. V. George Chabut, A.B. SENIORS JUNIORS Reed C. Prugh, A.B. George F. Rieth, B.S. Norman F. Gehringer. Albert F. Milford, A.B. Sheldon R. Newcomer, A.B. Leo B. Rasmussen, A.B. Ralph S. Steffe, A.B. Edward C. Thompson. SOPHOMORES Wm. H. Anderson, A.B. A. Lee Foley, A.B. Arby L. Bailey, A.B. Harold M. Jesurun, A.B. Robert C. Bassett. Henry J. Lange John C. Benson. Stephan J. Lange. F. Dale Crosby, A.B. Richard E. Ottoman Donald S. Patterson, A.B. FRESHMEN Eugene L. Cook. Robert H. Davies. Gregg L. Dunlap. Jack R. Gustafson. Ernst F. Lang. Howard C. Lawrence. Mason S. Maynard. Charles F. Payton, A.B. Andrew P. Sackett. William L. Smith. Grant L. Trigger. Page 210 THETfl KRPPfl PSI Bow 1 Brewer, Kitimiller, Hodgson. Cawley, Czeresko. Swensen, I. Thomson. Nelson. Row 2 LeGolvan, Braaslad, Bird, May, VanWagnen, Dawson, D. Thomson. Row 3 Hasty, Moore, Herschelmann. Doerr, Foster, Haas, Stone, Chickering. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Theodore Bernthal, M.S., M.D. D. T. Langslon, MD. John Gardner, M.D. Herbert C. Sweet, A.B.. MX . Harley Haynes, M . Jean K. Weston. Ph.D. Luis Yglesias. A.B.. B.S., M.D. H. M. Beebe. M.D. T. Blair, MJX E. C. Ganzhorn, M.D. W. B. Hinsdale, M.D. Louis E. Doerr, Jr.. A3. D. Bernard Foster, A.B. Reynold Haas, A3. Orville M. Chickering. MEMBERS IN CITY SENIORS W. O. Martin, MX). D. W. Meyers. M.D., F.A., C.S. C. Howard Ross, M.D. T. L Thomson. M.D. Roy F. Herschelmann, A.B. Donald F. Moore. M. Altee Shilling, A.B. JUNIORS Willis A. Hasty. Ethon L. Sione SOPHOMORES Fred W. Braastad. Edward Cawley, A.B. Anthony Czeresto, A.B. Douglas Dawson, A.B. Jack R. Hodgson, A.B. John Kitzmiller, A.B. Paul LeGolvan. James T. Moy, A3. Darwin Nelson, A.B. Leland Swenson. Daniel Thomson, A.B. John Thomson, A.B. FOUNDED AT NEW HAVEN, CONN 1879 MU SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER 1879 Frederick VanWagen, Jr., A.B. FRESHMEN Francis Bird, B.S. Albert Brewer. Alphonse Durez. Joseph McCann. Carlisle LaChance. Sigmund Szabunia. Page 211 Simpson Memorial Institute. Conference in the Psychiatry Laboratory. Student manipulations of Physical Chemistry. Histology Lab work. Page 212 Tappan Hall is the headquarters of the School of Busi- ness Administration. In it are located the Bureau of Business Research, the Bureau of Industrial Relations, and the Library as well as class rooms and offices. It is the function of the Bureau of Business Research to keep in touch with industrial conditions and business trends and to see that instructors are kept supplied with the most up to date material and information. This Bureau also furnishes the cases used as problems in class work, and arranges for lectures given by business men and professors of other schools, as well as con- ducting the round, table discussions held under the auspices of the School of Business Administration. The research projects carried out by this Bureau are under the direction of members of the faculty either individu- ally or in groups. The Bureau of Industrial Relations is designed to serve the whole school but for administrative purposes it is a part of the School of Business Administration. This Bureau was established in 1935 under the direction of John W. Riegel. Its general purpose is to study and disseminate information about problems arising from employee-employee relations. In this connection it studies constructive work going on in the field, holds meetings of industrial leaders and other groups inter- ested in such work. Reports of such conferences are prepared for distribution. The Bureau possesses a large number of original documents on industrial relations presented to it by companies, labor organizations, and government agencies. The library, center of much of the student activity, houses over 1 1 ,000 volumes on business and economics. IfiPPi HflLL Page 214 SCHOOL Of BUSINESS ifllSTfifllfl In 1924 the School of Business Administration was founded as a separate educational unit under the guid- ance of Clare E. Griffin, present dean. Since it was rec- ognized that a thorough business training must be based on a broad general knowledge, in 1932 the requirement of a bachelor ' s degree was made the basis of admission except in the case of those students who enter under a combined curriculum of letters and business adminis- tration. The general purpose of the School is to train qualified students for positions of responsibility in industry. To this end courses in production, industrial relations, dis- tribution and finance as well as specialized studies in certain phases of industry are offered. This training is not meant to take the place of actual apprenticeship in business, since it is only through such apprenticeship that the problems of a particular industry can be learned in detail. In line with this, instruction is based on the case sys- tem by means of which problems arising in business may be discussed and analyzed from all applicable angles. These cases are drawn from actual business experiences and cover a wide variety of fields. They include such subjects as business policies, employee training, marketing, preparation of charts and reports and many others, and give the student a knowledge of what sort of situations an industrial leader will be called upon to meet. But work of the School is not confined to class room courses. The student also receives the benefit of lec- tures by business men and members of the faculty of other schools. Through these lectures the student has the opportunity of hearing about the problems and prog- ress of various industries from the leaders in those industries. In addition to this, conferences of industrial leaders are arranged from time to time in which the student, if interested, may participate. In this way the student is given the opportunity to learn the views of a number of interested and informed people, not only on some specific industry but on policies and practices effecting business as a whole. Annual conferences of alumni are also held. In these round table discussions of developments in certain branches of business, faculty, alumni and students par- ticipate. The students benefit from these conferences in learning the experiences of alumni and the alumni have the opportunity of becoming acquainted with the recent research work done by the School. All this serves to relate the courses offered in the school to current business conditions and to familiarize the student with advances being made in business practices. The School of Business Administration has come to be considered in its fourteen years of existence as one of the best schools of business training in the country. To train men and women capable of grasping and co- ordinating the multitude of factors present in business of today and to inculcate into its students a sense oi responsibility, not cnly to business but to the com- munity on which modern industry bears so great an influence, has been its purpose. That it is fulfilling its purpose is agreed by all those who have come in con- tact with the School. Clare Elmer Griffin, possessor of a B.A., a M.A., and a Ph.D. degree, started his career as an instructor of Economics at Dartmouth College in 1916. After serving there for two years, he accepted the position of instructor of transporta- tion at Johns Hopkins University. He was the expert on the United States Shipping Board and on the Central Bureau of Planning and Statistics in Washington in 1919. From the years 1919- 1925, he was associate professor of commerce and industry at the University of Michigan. He has served as professor of marketing since 1925 and as dean of the School of Business Adminis- tration since 1927. From the years 1923-25, he was educational director of the Detroit Chapter of the American Institute of Banking. He is a member of the American Economics Associa- tion. The National Association of Teachers of Marketing, the Research Club, Delta Sigma Rho, and Zetalethian. Dr. Griffin is author of " The Principles of Foreign Trade, " " Life History of Automobiles, " and is a contributor to the " Am- erican Economic Review " and the " Journal of Political Economy. " Page 21 5 SCHOOL OF BOSIOESS RDmmiSTRHTIOn PROFESSORS OLIN W. BLACKETT Ph.D. Professor of Business Statistics. MARGARET ELLIOTT Ph.D. Professor of Personnel Management, Professor of Economics. DUDLEY M. PHELPS M.B.A., Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Marketing. ROBERT G. RODKEY Ph.D. Professor of Banking and Investments. MERWIN H. WATERMAN M.B.A., Ph.D. Assoc. Professor of Finance, Secretary of the School of Business Administration. EDGAR H. GAULT Ph.D., M.B.A. Professor of Marketing. CHARLES L. JAMISON Ph.D. Professor of Business Policy. JOHN W. RIEGEL Ph.D. Assoc. Prof, of Industrial Relations, Director of the Bureau of Industrial Relations. HERBERT F. TAGGART Ph.D., C.P.A. Assoc. Prof, of Accounting. EARL S. WOLAVER A.B., J.D. Assoc. Prof, of Business Law. Page 2 If, CLARE E. GRIFFIN Ph.D. Professor of Marketing, Dean of the School of Business Administration, Director of the Bureau of Business Research. WILLIAM A. PATON Ph.D., C.P.A. New York Alumni Professor of Accounting, Professor of Economics. OfflCifiS Of MM flDOliniSTfifllll LAITNER BAILEY BENNETT HOFFMAN Robert Laitner . Irwin T. Bailey Mary Bennett . Charles Hoffman EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Kenneth K. Kilgrore, Chairman Everett ]. Mann Edward H. Yenner Donald J. Parry Frank H. Mason INVITATION COMMITTEE Paul W. Pinketon, Chairman Ernest A. Pederson, Jr. Wilbur K. Pierpont Alex MacRae CAPITALISTS ' BALL COMMITTEE s R. McCollum, Chairman Robert E. Halsted John A. Doelle Julian M. Goodman Donald F. Dunnabeck PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER FINANCE COMMITTEE Wilbur E. Weller, Chairman Howard C. Parsons Robert L. Kimball Norman B. Davey Robert P. Thome Peter M. Westra CA1 AND GOWN COMMITTEE Carl V. Wurster, Chairman Gordon W. Roeglin Hugh A. Mallick Frank Wrenick Page 217 IRWIN THOMAS BAILEY Muskegon, Michigan. Master in Bus. Admin. Delta Sigma Pi. MARY EMMA BENNETT Grand Rapids, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Senior Society, Pres. (4), Pres. Martha Cook (4). DAVID BENJAMIN BROWN Three Oaks, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. B.S. Wheaton College (2), Research Assistant Bureau of Business Research. JOHN PETER CAMPBELL Jackson, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Delta Sigma Pi. NORMAN BENROSE DAVEY Jackson, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Alpha Kappa Psi. CARL THOMAS DEVINE Hundred, W. Va. Master in Bus. Ad. JOHN ALBERT DOELLE Lansing, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Daily, Pres. of Class (3). SAMUEL JAMES FITZPATHICK Detroit, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Scimitar, Pres. RICHARD HAWLEY FREIERMUTH Jackson, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. MILTON FRANKLIN GARRISON Clayton, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Delta Sigma Pi, Executive Committee of Class, (3). ROBERT EDWIN HALSTED Lakewood, Ohio. Master in Bus. Ad. Delta Sigma Pi. CHARLES ALBERT HOFFMAN Walled Lake, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Delta Sigma Pi, Treas. of Class (4). JANET LOUISE JACKSON Ann Arbor, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Michigan Daily (2), Sec ' y of Class (3). KENNETH K. KILGORE Kalamazoo, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Delta Sigma Pi (4). ROBERT LEWIS KIMBALL Saginaw, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Alpha Epsilon Mu, Intramural Football, (2) (3), Varsity Glee Club, (1), (2), (3), (4), Mimes ' Production, (1), R.O.T.C. ROBERT FREDERICK LAITNER Detroit, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Sigma Phi, President of Class, (4), Student Council. Page 218 ALEX MACRAE Flint, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Alpha Kappa Psi, Treas. Beta Gamma Sigma. HUGH MALLICK Jamestown. North Dakota. Master in Bus. Ad. FRANK HALLGREN MASON ; - :-.: :r !. ' .:: - : Muntui in Bus. Ad. Delta Sigma Pi. JAMES ROBERT McCOLLOM Detroit. Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Phi Gamma Delta. Capitalist ' s Ball Chairman (5). JOHN ALPHONSE McINTOSH Manistique, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Phi Kappa, Alumni Scholarship (1) (2) (3) (4). FREDERICK CARL MIELKE Muskegon, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. VINCENT MUCZENSKI Grand Rapids, Michigan. BJL in Bus. Ad. DONALD JOHN PARRY Ann Arbor, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Alpha Kappa Psi. Alpha Epsilon Mu, Phi Eta Sigma. Scabbard and Blade, Band (1) (2) (4) (5). HOWARD C. PARSONS Muskegon, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Delta Sigma Pi, Treas. of Class, (3), Finance Committee of Class, (4). ERNEST A. PEDEHSON. JR. Grand Blanc, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Alpha Sigma Phi, Druids, M Club. J-Hop Committee, Football (1) (2) (3) (4). BasebaU(I). WILBUR K. PIERPONT Mt. Pleasant. Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Delta Sigma Pi. GORDON WILLIAM ROEGLDf Detroit, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Alpha Sigma Phi, Sec. (4). FRED ALFRED SOUTER Detroit, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. ROBERT PETER THOME Owosso, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Delta Sigma Pi. LOUIS VAN ESS Grand Rapids, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Phi Alpha Kappa. WILBUR EVERETT WELLEH Blissfield, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Phi Kappa Psi. Page 219 WILLIAM S. WITTAN Portage, Pennsylvania. Master in Bus. Ad. EDWARD NORMAN YENNER Ann Arbor, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. Delta Epsilon Pi. CARL VICTOR WURSTER Ann Arbor, Michigan. Master in Bus. Ad. ... Dean Giiffin speaks before a group of pro- spective Business Ad students at the Union. A chortle and a smoke between classes at Tappan Hall. Study conferences in the Alumni Room. Business Administration Library. Paqp 220 HLPHH KBPPfl PSI Row 1 Loysen, Waterman. Gardner, Trefiey. Deming, Rumney How 2 Maynard, Bosworth, Parry, Steigleman, Ernst. Avery How 3 Troxel. Hart Trubey. Kelly. MacRae, Davey, Muczenski ' ' Robert P. Briqgs. MB.A.. Edgar H. Gault, Ph.D. Clare E. Griffin, Ph.D. Charles L. Jamison. Ph.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY William A. Palon, Ph.D.. C.P.A. Shirley W. Smith, A.M. Herbert F. Taggart, Ph.D., C.P.A. L L. Sharfman, A.B., L.L.B. SENIORS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION an B. Davey Vincent J. Muczenskj Donald J. Barry JUNIORS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Kings]?;, Corwin Troxel Gilbert P. Maynard SENIORS IN LITERARY COLLEGE Byron Avey lack M. Deming John W. Hart tad E. Steigelman Stanley R. Trubey JUNIORS IN LITEHARY COLLEGE : D. Bosv. ira L Ernst Fred W. Deming George R. Rumney Harold F. Tretfry SOPHOMORES IN LITERARY COLLEGE Richard T. Waterman FOUNDED AT NEW YORK U. 1904 PHI CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1920 Page 221 Row 1 Harris, Prenprich, Doud. Parsons, Thome, Rohn, Crosman, Hicks, Cox, Pierpont Row 2 Bowden, Mason, Brattin, Gould, Rauchle, Potenge, Zimmer, Roberts, Kilgore Row 3 Bonavito, Yenner, Halsted, Hoffman, Doelle, Garrison, Conrad, London, Archer Row 4 Jackman, Welfare, Bixby, Cramer, Campbell, Bailey, Treadway L. L. Laing, M.B.A. J. H. McBurney, A.M. D. M. Phelps, Ph.D. R. G. Rodkey, Ph.D. .; ' ' .. " ' l i ' i ' ' ' ..--- ' ' ft ' ' ' ' , " .ji l , ' - ' -. ' " . ! ' .-; ' . ' : " , ' . ' ; ; - : ,. ' , ' v ' ; . ; ; -i ; ' MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. N. Staubach, A.M. M. H. Waterman, Ph.D. L. L. Watkins, Ph.D C S. Yoakum, Ph.D. J. W. Riegel, Ph.D. M. Crosman, M.A. H. H. Gardner, Ph.D. J. Campbell, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY M. Frisinger, M.B.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Calvin Haugh FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY OCT. 7, 1907 Xi CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN, 1921 Irwin T. Bailey Harry A. Brattin John P. Campbell John A. Doelle Howard Parsons SENIORS (In Bus. Ad. School) Milton F. Garrison Robert E. Halsted Charles A. Hoffman Kenneth K. Kilgore Frank H. Mason Wilbur K. Pierpont Robert P. Thome Edward N. Yenner Joseph N. Bonavito George R. Bowden Raymond M. Conrad Robert W. Cox Edgar A. Bixby Walter R. Doud Wilson B. Archer Byron Harris SENIORS (In Lit. and Eng. School) Wm. E. Cobey, Jr. Frederick C. Gould Louis Landon Robert W. Pressprich JUNIORS (In Bus. Ad. School) Homer W. House Donald E. Rohn John P. Treadwag Douglas C. Welfare JUNIORS (In Lit. School) A. B. Hicks Harry J. Jackman Mike A. Zimmer Arthur J. Rauchle Hugh O. Roberts Page 222 u m ss T I m j 5fl fe Occupying a three-story, fireproof building, the School of dentistry provides facilities for teaching all of the strictly dental sciences, while instruction in medical sciences is given in other buildings specially adapted for that purpose. In the Dental building itself there are two large amphi- theaters, two lecture rooms, two technical laboratories, a general operative clinic, a surgical clinic, a radio- graphic room, a library, general administrative offices, and private offices, research laboratories, and locker rooms. Contained in the technical laboratories are individual benches for four hundred and eighty students, each of which is supplied with gas, compressed air, electricity, and storage room for instruments and equipment Plaster bins, motor lathes, casting machines, and vul- canizers are always available for immediate use. The operative clinic, in which one hundred and eighty three complete dental Outfits are already installed, will have a capacity cf two hundred and thirteen students. Every junior and senior in the Dental School is assigned a unit for his use during the year, and in working out individual treatment for the many patients who come from all parts of southern Michigan, they receive op- portunity to put into practice an ideal plan of operative procedure. Although the clinical material is quite dif- ferent from that offered in metropolitan areas, there is less emergency dental service and emphasis upon the more permanent types of operative technique. Also always available to dental students is the well- equipped library of about six thousand and eight hun- dred volumes, which embraces almost every known work pertaining to the profession. A large reading room, where a full-time librarian is in attendance, furnishes access to dental and allied texts as well as the more im- portant current periodicals. Based upon the collection of Professor Jonathon Taft, who left his private library to the University, it has since been enriched by many other valuable collections, m any containing works of historical importance, which makes the library valu- able for research. Upon the receipt, in 1929-1930, of a gift from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advance- ment of Teaching, a second librarian was employed to devote her time to a more comprehensive and useful purchase of volumes and periodicals. SCHOOL Of DfJTISTfly In 1875 a College oi Dental Surgery was organized as an integral part of the University of Michigan, and later, in 1927, was renamed the School of Dentistry in accordance with the University policy which requires at least two years of college work for admission. The first dental school to become part of a state university, with the recognition of the importance of dentistry in public health, it has always been a leader in the prep- aration for a rapidly developing profession. The School of Dentistry was first located on the north side of the campus in a house which had form- erly been the home of a professor, but later, when the number of dental students increased, it was moved several times to successively larger buildings. In 1908 specially designed Quarters were built on the north side which since then have expanded rapidly to pro- vide adequate teaching and clinical facilities. The original dental curriculum consisted of two ses- sions of six months each, including lectures and techni- cal and clinical instruction. However, as the import- ance of dental diagnosis in relation to systemic diseases became increasingly apparent, and the need for a broader education in general physiology became more and more vital to the dental profession, the course was gradually lengthened. In 1901 a four-year curriculum was offered, but was discontinued two years later be- cause of the lack of support from other dental schools, and not until 1916-1917 was it again adopted. A two year pre-dental requirement was introduced in 1927, which included, besides general academic work, courses in physics, general and organic chemistry, and A native of Ann Arbor, and a graduate of the University of Michigan Dental School in 1902, is Russell Welford Bunting, professor of oral pathology. He began his practice of dentistry at Ann Arbor in 1903. His following years were spent as an instructor in oral pathology at the University of Michigan ' s College of Dental Sur- gery. In 1908, he received his D.D.Sc. degree and since 1914 he has been a professor at Michi- gan and has served as secretary of the dental faculty from 1912 to 1923. Dr. Bunting was the recipient of the Callahar Memorial Award in 1929. He is also holder of such responsible positions as director of research on dental caries under grant from the Children ' s Fund of Michi- gan, and president of the International Associa- tion for Dental Research. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the American In- stitute for Dental Teachers, the AJLA.S., the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine, the Michigan State Dental Society, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Delta Sigma Delta an d Acacia. biology, and the dental curriculum was shortened to two years. Later, in 1934, the American Association of Dental Schools, with the aid of the Carnegie Founda- tion for the Advancement of Teaching, conducted a survey of the professional curricula offered in the dental schools of the country, and upon their recommenda- tion the University in 1935 adopted a four year require- ment, preceded by two years of general academic training as compulsory. This plan has been in opera- tion ever since, and all other courses were discontinued. As the practice of dentistry and its allied fields are based on the same fundamental subjects as medicine, the School of Dentistry makes use of the facilities pro- vided for such subjects as gross and microsopical an- atomy, bacteriology, physiology, biological chemistry, pathology, and pharmacology in the Medical School. Some of the required clinical subjects are taught in the University Hospital, and the proximity of these various units have made their use by the Dental School both economical and efficient. While during the early devel- opment of dental and medical schools they were often moved away from educational centers to insure clinical facilities, in recent years they have become more and more closely associated with universities. Thus students in the Dental School of the University of Michigan are offered a far broader background through contact with interns, technicians, and experts in fields of related research than those in institutions which can- not take advantage of the opportunities of such an organ- ization as the University. Page 225 SCHOOL 01 DERTISTRy FRCUIiTy LOUIS PHILLIPS HALL D.D.S. Professor Emeritus of Operative Dentistry. PAUL HAROLD JESERICH A.B., D.D.S. Professor of Operative Dentistry, and Director of the Operative Clinic, and Director of Post- Graduate Education. JOHN WILLIAM KEMPER D.D.S., M.D. Professor of Oral Surgery, and Consulting Dental Surgeon to the University Hospital. RICHARD HENRY KINGREY B.S., D.D.S. Professor of Complete Denture Prosthesis. URA GARFIELD RICKERT A.M.. D.D.S. Professor of Diagnosis, Dental Therapeutics, and Radiology. FRANCIS BULKLEY VEDDER A.B., D.D.S. Professor of Crown and Bridge Prosthesis, and Secretary of the Faculty of the School of Dentistry ELMER LeROY WHITMAN D.D.S. Professor of Technics. Business Administration. GEORGE RAYMOND MOORE M.S., D.D.S. Professor of Orthodontics, School of Dentistry, and Research Associate in the University Elementary School. RALPH FREDERICK SOMMER M.S.. D.D.S. Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry and Radiology. MARCUS LLEWELLYN WARD D.D.S., D.D.Sc. Jonathan Taft Professor of Dentistry. Page 226 mm mm OF DEnnsra GOLDBECK STEIN MARCEAU RIDINGER SENIOR OFFICERS Heinz Goldbeck PRESIDENT Joseph Slein VICE-PRESIDENT Edward Marceau SECRETARY Paul Ridinger TREASURER FINANCE COMMITTEE Edward Marceau, Chairman Robert Clements Charles Saunders SOCIAL COMMITTEE Paul Ridinger Joseph Stein Walter Gager Bernard Black PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Donald Engel Herman Hudinger Allen Rutile Page 227 School of Dentistry Building X Ray treatment of student Student Health Examination. Page 228 With two technical laboratories, a surgical clinic, a radiographic room, and research laboratories for the teach- ers, the dental student is presented with ample opportunity for the mastery of technical data in the laboratory. Classroom lecture In one of the technical laboratories. Classroom instruction and supervised practice supplement the laboratory work. Thus the student gains a thoroughly well- rounded course of study. Lecture with a patient demonstration. Supervised practise and instruction. Page 229 BERNARD O. BLACK Toledo, Ohio. D.D.S. Degree. Xi Psi Phi, (2), Pres. Odonto Ball (3). ROBERT WILLIAM CLEMENTS Kalamazoo, Michigan. D.D.S. Degree. Sigma Rho Sigma, Xi Psi Phi, Vice-President of Xi Psi Phi. DON FRED ENGEL Ann Arbor, Michigan. D.D.S. Degree. Delta Sigma Delta. WALTER OSCAR GAGER Niagara Falls, New York. D.D.S. Degree. Zeta Psi. HEINZ OTTO GOLDBECK East Rutherford, New Jersey. D.D.S. Degree. Xi Psi Phi, President Senior Class (4), Xi Psi Phi, Treas. (3) (4), Student Council (4). HERMAN L. HUBINGER Birch Run, Michigan. D.D.S. Degree. Xi Psi Phi. HARRY GARDNER KITTELL JR. Troy, New York. D.D.S. Degree. Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Sigma Delta, President (3). DANIEL I. KLEINMAN Newark, New Jersey. D.D.S. Degree. Student Council (2) (3) (4). HERBERT M. LEBOVITZ Tarry town, New York. D.D.S. Degree. Alpha Omega, Student Council (2). I. EDWARD MAHCEAU, IB. Rutland, Vermont. D.D.S. Degree. Alpha Tau Omega, Treas. of Senior Class, Student Council (2) (3) (4), A.B. Dartmouth, President of Graduate Outing Club (2) (3). PAUL E. RIDINGER Youngstown, Ohio. D.D.S. Degree. Delta Sigma Delta, Vice-Pres. (3), Sec. (4). ALLAN G. RUTTLE Carsonville, Michigan. Delta Sigma Delta, Vice-Pres. of Dental Union (4), Odonto Ball Chairman (3), Student Council (3) (4). SIDNEY AARON SACKETT Bridgeport, Connecticut. D.D.S. Degree. Alpha Omega, Class Treasurer (2). CHARLES HANSON SAUNDERS Denton, Texas. DJD.S. Degree. Delta Sigma Delta. JOSEPH B. STEIN Brooklyn, New York. D.D.S. Degree. Alpha Omega, Vice-Pres. Senior Class, Student Council (2) (4), Pres. Avukahl, Hillel Council (4) SAMUEL STULBERG Highland Park, Michigan. D.D.S. Degree. Alpha Omega, Pres. (4), Treas. of Junior Class (3), Student Council (3). GERALD R. WALKER Detroit, Michigan. D.D.S. Degree. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Omega. " Page 230 Row 1 Glcmcz, Gorehck, Weiss, Katzman. Katz, Schumansky, Skolsky, Kott. Hurwitz, Roth, Goldberg. Row 2 Levy, Eskie, Rismann, Sternfeld, Willis, Chertoff, Kochansky, Flax, Kost, Fried. How 3 Rood. Walker, Sacked, Stulberg, Stein, Lebowitz, Dr. Lappin. Milton M. Lappin, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Martin Naimark Julius L. Ribyat Samuel Stulberg Joseph B. Stein SENIORS Gerald Walker Sidney A. Sackett Herbert M. Lebovitz Alex Chertoff Harold Kochansky Arthur M. Levy Raymond M. Kost Milton J. Eskie Miltcn Doodle Emery Glancz Ralph Gorelick Edward Goldberg Sol. I. Heiligman Louis Hurwitz Benj. J. Katz David Katz JUNIORS Samuel S. Willis SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Raymond Rismann Samuel M. Rood Alfred I. Sternfeld Julius Flax Stanford Fried living Katzman Bernard B. Kott Morris Miller Milton E. Roth Sam Skulsky David H. Shumansky Henry H. Sultan Leo G. Weiss FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY MARYLAND 1907 CHI CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN, 1926 OF Page 231 Oliver Applegate, D.D.S., D.D.Sc. Russell W. Bunting, D.D.Sc. Kenneth Easlick, D.D.S. Thos. Gilson, D.D.S. George Harris, D.D.S. Paul Jeserich, D.D.S. John Kemper, D.D.S., M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Donald Kerr, D.D.S. Delos Kervin, D.D.S. Richard Kingery, D.D.S., B.S. Llewellyn Leigh, D.D.S. Roland Nissle, D.D.S. Philip Northrop, D.D.S., M.S. Wayne Oglestone, D.D.S. Louis Pinney, D.D.S. Garfield Rickert, D.D.S. Ralph Somers, D.D.S. Francis Vedder, D.D.S. Marcus Ward, D.D.S. Elmer Whitman, D.D.S. Richard Curtis Lawrence Bowler, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Leonard Graham, D.D.S. Stanley Miller Young O. Morris, D.D.S. John Schwartzbeck, D.D.S. Don Engle Harry Kittel SENIORS Charles Saunders JUNIORS Paul Ridinger Allan Ruttle FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1882 ALPHA CHAPTER Richard Christl Thomas Clark Mark Coggan Harry Hornberger Jack Jones Emil Bolline Richard Caldwell Stanley Crego Henry Czysz Simon Gierum Hugh Godfrey Thomas Hess Robert Jones Lyle Aseltine Jackson Bates John Duxbury Andrew Frostic Kenneth Gibson SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Donald Shorno Byron Skellenger Paul Smits Rocco Valluzzo William Mann Herbert Oatley Edson Pool Gunnar Ramstrum Raymond Sherwin Wellan Stanton George Stead Maurice Hogan William Miller William Schaller Burdette Stone Page 232 XI PSI PHI Row 1 Frutiger, McAlpine, Stump. Smollwood. Borrow, Kucera. Pastrana. Row 2 LaForgia. DiLoreto. Shemiot, Zakraisek. Matigan, Cramer, Sibilcky. Bow 3 Sanjurjo, Lodcesen. Grevinck. Olson, Goldbeck. Clements, Moore, Hubinger, Black. MEMBERS IN FACULTY George R. Moore. KLS.. D.D.S. John V. Olson. M.S.. D.D.S. J. W. Seeburger. D.DS. R. H. Dimock, D.DS. MEMBERS IN CITY L P. Fisher, D.D.S. H. G. WiniJer, D.D.S. SENIORS Bernard O. BJack Robert W. Clements Herman L. Hubinger Heinz O. Goldbeck JUNIORS Walter H. Cramer Anthony R Shemiot William Zafaajsek Rudolph Lodeesen-Grevinck Robert J. Sibiisky SOPHOMORES Gerald V. Barrow Jade G. Kucera John G. McAlpine Rafael R. Sanjurjo Raymond E. Frutiger Annen Matigan Miguel A. Pastrana Walter F. Stump Oscar A. Di Loreto FRESHMEN Anthony La Forgia Russell L. Smallwood FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1889 ALPHA CHAPTER 1889 Page 233 Grinding in the Dental Library 1 ' ijmimm " ' : - -$ ' -- - ' " ' ; ' : ' ' S:1P ;; ; Entrance to the Dental School. Page 234 The Natural Science Building provides the main quarters for the School of Forestry and Conservation, extending in a solid block from basement to roof and including about thirteen thousand square feet of usable floor space. This includes, besides classrooms and of- fices, excellent laboratory facilities for instruction and research in dendrology, silvics, silviculture, forest en- tymology, forest zoology, and forest pathology. A large and rapidly growing forest library, in charge of a spe- cial librarian, is located on the first floor, and in addi- tion to over a hundred periodicals concerning forestry and the allied sciences and industries, many books are constantly being added. Likewise unusually complete collections of pictures-and lantern slides, together with a motion picture outfit, augmented by contributions from graduates and other sources, keep the School in close contact with the latest developments in the pro- fession. In addition to the quarters in the Natural Science Building, the School of Forestry occupies another build- ing, equipped with a dry kiln, an experimental wood- preservation plant, and three timber-testing machines, which is used for instruction and research in all fields of wood technology. The School also maintains a summer camp at Golden Lake in the Upper Peninsula, where field instruction is given during a ten-week session each summer. For field work near the campus various properties owned by the University are especially con- venient. All types of land, including hardwood and swamp forests and woodlots of all conditions are found within a moderate radius, while a forest tree nursery, over two acres in area, has been developed in connec- tion with the Botanical Gardens. The School of Forestry is therefore unusually well-equipped to offer the stu- dent the broadest sort of background in all fields re- lating to the profession and its allied industries. OfllURflL SCIfflCE BUILDIHG Page 236 SCHOOL Of fORESJRy A far cry from the days of Paul Bunyan when a crash of the axe was the symbol of a woodman ' s job and " lumberjack " his only title, the professional forester of today must be trained to handle the entire range of problems connected with forest lands and waters, and the utilization of their products. The School of Forestry and Conservation, which had its modest beginning as a part of the curriculum of the School of Political Science, offers a course of instruction intended to give adequate preparation for students of this profession. Professor Volney M. Spalding is mainly responsible for the introduction of forestry in the University in 1881, and Professor Filbert Roth is credited with organiz- ing the improved department in the Literary College in 1903. In 1927 the school came into being as a separate division, thus increasing the scope of the work and recognizing more fully its professional character. In addition to offering instruction in a very broad field that includes emphasis on conservation as a philos- ophy, not only in relation to forestry and natural re- sources, but in relation to human resources and to com merce and industry in general, the School conducts research through the regular members of the faculty, special investigators, and graduate students, and co- operates with other institutions and organizations in the development of sound forest policies and effective forest practice. Extension activities to acquaint school children and the general public with the importance and underlying principles of forestry and conservation is a supplementary function of the school. In regard to co- operation with timberland owners and federal and state agencies, the George Willis Pack Forestry Founda- tion was established by Charles Lathrop Pack cf Lake- wood, New Jersey, for " the promotion of forest land management in the broadest sense of the term. " The first course in forestry was offered for five years within the School of Literature, Science, and the Arts. The present course requires two years of collegiate preparation plus two years and one summer session in the School cf Forestry and Conservation leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Forestry, or plus a three-year curriculum leading to the degree of Master of Forestry. The evolution of forestry at the University of Michi- gan is a record of accomplishment that has consistently strengthened and expanded its forestry activities to meet the changing needs of the times. While continu- ing this policy of progress and active participation in the new movement of forestry and conservation that the growing needs of modem demands, the chief aim of the School is, nevertheless, " to develop strong, mature men with a broad outlook, a sound training in the basic sciences, a general knowledge of the various branches of forestry, and a more intimate knowledg e of one or more of these branches. " fOfiESTffi Scholarly Samuel Task Dana was born in Portland, Maine and graduated from Bowdoin College with an A.B. degree summa cum laude in 1904. Repeating his high scholastic attainment at Yale he received the Masters of Forestry degree and again was ranked curn laude. He was a forest assistant and later assistant chief of offices of silvics and forest investigations in the United Forest Service from 1908-18. During the following year he was a captain in the United States Army and was attached to the storage and traffic division of the General Staff. In 1919 he became forest economist in the United States Forest Service and was made assistant chief of the research branch in 1920. One year later he became forest r::r.:r.:ssioner of Maine and subsequently was ic:: ::r_:9i; z.: --.-.: ;: the Northwestern Farad Experi- mental Station. In 1927 he came to Ann Arbor and since that time has been a professor of forestry and Dean of the School of Forestry and Conservation. Page 237 SCHOOL OF FORESTRy PROFESSORS W. SHIRLEY ALLEN B.S.A., M.F. Professor of Forestry. DOW V. BAXTER M.S.F.. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Silvics and Forest Pathology. ROBERT CRAIG, JR. B.S., M.S.F. Associate Professor of Forest Utilization, Director of the Forestry Camp, Secretary of the School of Forestry and Conservation. SAMUEL T. DANA A.B., M.F., Sc.D. Professor of Forestry, Dean of the School of Forestry and Conservation, Director of the Bureaus of Forest Research and Forest Extension. SAMUEL A. GRAHAM B.S., M.F., Ph.D. Professor of Economic Zoology, Research Associate in the Museum of Zoology. DONALD M. MATTHEWS A.B., M.S.F. Professor of Forest Management. HOWARD M. WIGHT M.S. Associate Professor of Forest Zoology WILLIAM KYNOCH B.Sc.F.. F.E. Professor of Wood Technology. WILLETT F. RAMSDELL B.S.. M.S.F. George Willis Pack Professor of Forest Land Management. LEIGH J. YOUNG M.S.F., A.B. Professor of Silviculture. Page 238 S0II OfflttflS Of HOOVER MITCHELL SCHMIDT MILLER OFFICERS Marvin Hoover PRESIDENT Robert B. Mitchell, Jr. . . . VICE-PRESIDENT Orvel A. Schmidt .... SECRETARY Charles Miller TREASURER ANNOUNCEMENTS COMMITTEE Robert C. Barienbrock, Chairman BANQUET COMMITTEE William E. Towell, General Chairman William W. Spain, Tickets and Publicity Willet Y. Wandell, Entertainment. Thurman E. Bercaw, Arrangements Paul F. Henzler, Toastmaster Page 239 Taking readings at the Dry Kiln With over ten thousand square feet of floor space, the Utilization Laboratory is especially adapted for instruction and research in all phases of wood technology. Equipment includes an experimental wood preservation plant, a dry kiln, and three timber testing machines. By arrangement with the Campus Broadcasting Service a series of in- formative radio talks were given throughout the year. Speeches were given from Morris Hall and various members of the Forestry staff parti- cipated. To the left can be seen Shirley Allen, who appeared in this series. Up and on the hay rack. Broadcasting. On October 29, The Forestry Club held a " Paul Bunyan Dance " at the Saline Valley Farms. The affair in- cluded a hayride and regular old : fashioned barn dance. Page 240 IP, General view of the Geological Camp. GEOLOG CflL 9 Ever summer for an eight week period, the Univer- sity of Michigan Geology Department sponsors field work in physical and historical geology at Station Bridge, Colorado. Station Bridge is located eighty-five s west Denver and is 7,000 feet above sea level. ;d trip is undertaken by those who are profes- sionally interested in geology. work, however, is not done in Colorado. Much survey work of the Bad Lands of South Dakota and the Southern Rocky Mountains is done on the journey tc the field station. A- Station Bridge, instructions are given in the use of :.- oompass. mapping, and methods of recording ob- servations. Comprehensive studies in strata formation, volcanalogy, rock disintegration, allumial deposits, and the development :: valleys and ridges are made. Dur- ing the last week of stay, lectures are given on Rocky Moun:a:r. geology. Mapping Field course studies are carried on in the mountain snow and sand. Page 241 CUP HIM ROIH Camp Filibert Roth, summer camp maintained by the School of Forestry and Conservation, is located at Golden Lake in the Ottawa National Forest, in the west- ern part of the Upper Peninsula. Since the work presented at this camp is prerequisite to various courses offered in the professional school all students enrolled in this college must attend one ten- week period. Saturday clean-up and shave. Filing and sharpening saws is most essential in teamwork competition During the ten-week period instruction is offered in mapping and measurement of forest stands and forest products, in fire prevention and control, and in the construction and main- tenance of forest improvements. Further training is secured through visits conducted to various logging operations and wood-using industries. Page 242 The camp is at present located in Wilderness Park on the Straits of Mackinaw in Emmet County. From 1921 until 1935 the Geography and Geology Departments maintained a camp ai Mill Springs, Kentucky. Work at the camp consists of training in methods of land inventory and working out studies of the land problems in Emmet and Cheboygan counties. The camp is not a permanent location. After the work is completed in the area, the camp is moved. Due to the pleasant relations enjoyed with Michigan ' s Conservation Department, the Department is enabled to use state facilities. At present the camp is housed in former C.C.C. quarters. Professors McMurry and Davis make up the teaching staff for the student body which is limited to about twenty-five. They are aided by mem- bers of the Department of Conservation of Michigan State Col- lege and other persons interested in land studies. The enroll- ment is largely made up of graduate students. Outdoor Classes. Administration Building. The Biological Station is located in Cheboy- gan County, Michigan, where it has consider- able frontage on Douglas Lake and on Burt Lake. This camp has excellent facilities for those doing special work in botany and zo- ology. The tract is particularly adapted foi ecological studies of all kinds. The camp with the men ' s quarters and the women ' s quarters at opposite extremes also has facilities for en- tire families. Douglas Lake is not used only for its recrea- tional and absolutional qualities but for the classroom of the group studying fresh-water animal and plant life. Here is the place in which work and play are conveniently combined. Page 243 SCHOOL Of fORfSlfiy SOIORS GRAHAM AUGUSTUS BENEDICT Brecksville, Ohio. B.S. in Forestry. Les Voyageurs, Men ' s Council (4), Union Vice- Pres. (4), Forestry Class Treas.(3), Mimes (3) (4), Forestry Club (2) (3) (4), Intramural Sports Manager (4). KENNETH HUME BERGESON Chicago, Illinois. B.S. in Forestry. Forestry Club. J. M. BYRD Cincinnati, Ohio. B.S. in Forestry. CHARLES PICKERING BOWDITCH Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. B.S. in Forestry. Forestry Club (4), Forestry Club Hockey Team (3). PAUL MARION BHIGHAM Clayton, Michigan. B.S. in Forestry. DANIEL JOSEPH CASHIN Yonkers, New York. B.S. in Forestry. Michigan Forester (3) (4), Editor (4), Varsity Glee Club (3) (4), Forestry Club (3) (4). JAMES E. DILLON Tawas City Michigan. B.S. in Forestry. Forestry Club, Rifle Club. ROBERT GEORGE DIMLER LaCrosse, Wisconsin. B.S. in Forestry. Choral Union (4), Cheer Leader (3) (4), Glider Club (4), Forestry Club (4). WALDO ERNST ENGLEBRECHT Bay, Missouri. B.S. in Forestry. Theta Xi, Forestry Club. FREDERICK V. GEIB Grand Rapids, Michigan. B.S. in Forestry. Les Voyageurs, Michigamua, J-Hop Comm. (3), Track (1), Sec. Union, Sec. Men ' s Council, V. Pres. Forestry Club. JOHN BLAIR HAMLIN Joliet, Illinois. B.S. in Forestry. Forestry Club (3) (4). FRANKLIN CHARLES HARRINGTON Coldwater, New York. B.S. in Forestry. Sigma Chi. PAUL FREDERICK HENZLER Owosso, Michigan. B.S. in Forestry. Les Voyageurs, Forestry Club, Pres. Junior Class. BENN LEE HORNBECK Columbus, Ohio. B.S. in Forestry. Forestry Club. JOHN PAUL JOHNSTON Groveport, Ohio. M. in Forestry. Phi Sigma, Forestry Club, Treas. HARRY FREEMAN LATHROP Normal, Illinois. B.S. in Forestry. Delta Tau Delta, Forestry Club, Band (3). I . 1, - Page 244 )L Of HUM TIMOTHY WILSON LAUGHEHY Wilsonburg. West Virginia. B.S. in Forestry. EDGAR JOHN LOTT Trenton. New Jersey. B.S. in Forestry. Forestry Club. TNEV McMASTER Ybungstown, Ohio. B.S. in Forestry. Les Voyageurs (3), Forestry Club. RICHARD ALDRICH MEEK Lake wood, Ohio. B.S. in Forestry. ' -- ' .-.: I: . . - Alpha Epsilon Mu, The Michigan Forester (3) (4), Bus. Ugr. (4), Varsity Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4). Forestry Club (1) (2) (3) (4). CHARLES IRWIN MILLER Petoskey, Michigan. B.S. in Forestry. Les Voyageurs, Michigamua, Forestry Club, Track 2| (3) (4). JOHN SAEMANN Adell, Wisconsin. B.S. in Forestry. WILLIAM WADDINGTON SPAIN Memphis, Tennessee. B.S. in Forestry. Phi Gamma Delta, Forestry Club. ALEXANDER PAUL STEIGERWALD Detroit, Michigan. B.S. in Forestry. Michigan Forester Stafl (3) (4), Associate Editor (4), Forestry Club. RICHARD S. STOKER V " :: - - i ' ' .- 2 ; i -- - - S3. in Forestry. Forestry Club, Forestry Annual. Vice-Pres. Junior Class. WALTER DWIGHT STONE Lynbrook, New York- B.S. in Forestry. Druids, Track (1)(2) (4). MERREL ARTHUR TAYLOR Indianapolis. Indiana. B.S. in Forestry. ,-:!-: -. , : : A.B. Indiana University. DAVID BONAR WHITTIEH Cleveland, Ohio. B.S. in Forestry. JOSEPH ARTHUR WHSON Grand Rapids, Michigan. B . in Forestry. Forestry Club. CECIL MING YOUNG Honolulu, Hawaii. B.S. in Forestry. Les Voyageurs, Tennis (1). Class Sec. (3). Page 245 FORESTRy CLUB Row i McGinley, Engelbrecht, Miller, Goarhart, Mackie. Flaten, Pierce, Mauger, Wondell, Coleman, H enzler, M. Matthews, Benedict. Row 2 Staebler. Snellenberger, Ellertsen, Morgan, Andrews, Hornbeck, Holtby, Lathrop, Spain, Mathiak, Bercaw, Gustafson, Eschmeyer. Barien brock, Mosby. Row 3 Gilbert, Ball, Markham, Andrulot, Ohman, Lott, B. Allen, Bergeson, Penny, Rothaker, Meyers, Roessler, Dimler, Campbell. Row 4 MacGregor, Crawmer, Whittier. Tonti, Ellerby, Lannan, Stoker, Kelsey, W. Allen, Metz, Spooner, Hovey, Stewart. Row 5 Bowditch, Hermelink, R. Mitchell, Carow, Meek, Starrett, Johnston, Cashin, Fleischer, Olney, Burwell, Geib, McMillan, Bennett, Force. Row 6 Lamb, Ramsdell. D. Matthews, Young, S. Allen, Murray, Dana, Craig, O ' Hoke, Baxter, Kynoch. Wight, Schowalter, Bickiord. How 7 Grogan, Petry, Bradbury, Rieger. T. Mitchell, Carey, C. Miller, Winchell, Hamlin, Laughery, Buchman, Ledvina, Robb. Row 8 Kuhnmuench, Becker, Johnson, Weller, Leonhardt, Hoover, Schmidt, Lenz, McMaster, Eddy, Towell. One of the most outstanding organizations of the School of Forestry and Conservation is the Forestry- Club. Its activities are varied ranging all the way from indoor meetings to occasional carnpfires and other field events. Meetings of the former type are often charact- erized by addresses by speakers of national importance. For instance, on one occasion Mr. Robert S. Ford of the Bureau of Government talked to the club on " Tax Delinquency in Michigan. " The Campfire, an annual event since 1906 " , is always attended with much interest. It was originally started to acquaint those in the forestry school with information on what was then an entirely new profession. The exceptionally close relations be- tween the student body and the faculty are perhaps emphasized by the fact that Prof. Leigh Young of the school has missed only one campfire since its inception. In addition to these serious interests and aims the club meets for social and recreational purposes too. A novelty function was a Paul Bunyan Dance, which was preceded by a hayride to the Saline Valley Farms where a barn dance hall was used for dancing. For those athletically inclined the Forestry Club sponsors teams appropriate for the season. In short, it strives to help the student of the Forestry School to develop ment- ally, socially and physically while preparing for his profession. Page 246 Having been horn in Kansas, Clarence S. Yoakum, who was later to become an outstand- ing psychologist, attended Campbell College there and in 1901 was graduated with an A.B. degree. Further training was afforded by the University of Chicago, and seven years later he was a graduate PhD. As an undergraduate at Campbell College he was made instructor of psychology and after leaving with his degree became a fellow in psychology at Chicago. From 1908 until Ameri- ca ' s advent int o the World War he held a pro- fessorship at the University of Texas, where he was made head of the department of philosophy and psychology. From 1917 to 1919 he served at Camp Lee, and later held the office of Surgeon General. He was commissioned a First Lieutenant and was steadily advanced to Captain and Major in the Psychological Service of the U.S.A. At the close of the War he was appointed director of the Bureau of Personal Management at Carnegie Institute of Technology, and five years later accepted a similar professorship at the University of Michigan. In 1927 he was made director of the Bureau of University Re- search and left Michigan for one year in 1929 to become Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Northwestern. Since 1930, with his return to Michigan, he has been Vice President in charge of Educational Investigations and is at present Dean of Graduate Studies. Of The Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate studies of the University of Michigan is a physical symbol of a development in higher education which has been little recognized by the public at large. It is an outgrowth of the graduate department which was organized in the spring of 1892 in connection with the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Graduate degrees were first granted by the Univer- sity of Michigan in 1849 with the conferring of a Master of Arts and in 1859, a Master of Science. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy was granted for the first time in 1876. The graduate department organized in 1892 was formed into a separate unit in the fall of 1912, and its scope was enlarged so as to include graduate work in all fields of study. During the past generation the increase in knowl- edge in almost every field of scholarship and science has been so great that four years is not enough for a student to become really expert in any one division of learning. For carrying out this purpose the Horace H. Rackham and Mary A. Rackham Fund, in 1935, pro- vided for gifts of a building and a generous endowment for the support of the graduate school. The income from this endowment will be used to improve and expand re- search and educational facilities. The thought of the donors in presenting this truly splendid building to the University presents itself in- several ways; it is a memorial to the interest Mr. Rack- ham had had for many years in the University of Michigan; it is a visible symbol of the graduate func- tions of the University; and it is a reminder that re- search and the training of new investigation within the university community are indispensable services to society. The building which will be ready for use this fall, contains two lecture halls, a large one with a capacity of twelve hundred and a smaller one capable of seat- ing two hundred-fifty persons. In addition there are numerous less formal rooms holding twenty-five to two hundred persons for conferences and discussions. The large lecture hall is on the main floor with all seats on the floor and so spaced that there is ample room be- tween seats and rows. Both this and the smaller audi- torium are equipped for all types of projection work and are accoustically treated and scientifically lighted. The second floor of the building contains two large, comfortably furnished rooms for social and conversa- tional relationships as well as a large study hall, read- ing rooms, and other special rooms that may be equip- ped for the indulgence of hobbies. The third floor has the small auditorium with two smaller rooms for informal conference and a fourth room which may be expanded or contracted in accord- ance with the need for lectures or semi-social gather- ings. In addition, the building will house the ad- ministrative units of the school. Page 248 Row 1 D. Blocksmc, Michmarhuizen. Lamberts, VanLonkhuizen, Edson Row 2 Hoist. H. DeVries. Van Slooten. Bolt. Berkhcif. Sluyter R3W 3 Seidel, Buist. Vroon. Postma. Westra. VanEss. Bulthuis Raw 4 R. Blocksma. Slaqh. Andre. Mulder. Paalman, DeBoer, Marlink. G. DeVries MEMBERS IN FACULTY Paul Dirkse. B.A.. M.D. Martin Batts, B.A., M.D. G. W. Mulder. B.A. MEMBERS IN CITY Gelmer Van Noord. M.D. Clarence Kooistra, B.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Harvey Andre. B.A. John Beroff. B.A. Douglas Blocksma, B.A. Orren Bolt. B.A. Samue! Buist. B.A. Alfred Bulthuis, B.A. Clarence DeBoer. B.A, George DeVries, B.A. Henry DeVries. B.A. James Edson. B.A. Austin Lamberts, B.A. Richard Marlink Robert Michmerhuizen, B.A. Russell Paalman, B.A. Edward Postma, B.A. Karl Seidel, B.A. Milton Slagh, B.A. Stanley Sluyter, B.A. Louis VanEss, B.A. John VanLunkhuizen, B.A. John Vroon. B.A. Peter Westra. B.A. FOUNDED AT U. OF MICHIGAN 1929 ALPHA CHAPTER EST. AT MICHIGAN 1929 JUNIORS Bthrai ; I --.--:-.-- Merlin Hoist Frederick VanSlotten Page 249 The William L. Clements Library of American pository for a remarkable collection of books, manuscript , " aria- maps concerning the history of the western continent.- This c r- lection, which contains many rare books and pamphlets .dealing ' . with the early colonial and Revolutionary history, is the gift, as is the building, of Hon. William L. Clements, B.S. 1882. In order that the students of the Graduate school, most of whom are working for their Master ' s degrees, may have better peace and quiet, the University has thought- fully provided several reading rooms on the upper floors of the General Library to accomplish this end. President Ruthven lays the corner stone. Construction in the earlier stages. Page 250 Through the generosity of Mary A. and Horace H. Rackham, the University of Michi- gan now possesses a magnificent new struc- ture to house its fast growing School of Grad- uate Studies. The curricula offerings of the school have been expanded so much in the last few years that Michigan has one of the most complete institutions in the country. The building at present is nearing completion. Framework of the school in construction. The building lakes .shape when stonework and masonry begin. Page 251 Marian Durell received a di- ploma from the City Hospital School of Nursing in New York City in 1921. In 1908 she at- tended Wellesley College and graduated with an A.B. degree. Until 1921 she was at the Henry Street Settlement in New York City and during the subsequent year was made Supervisor and Instructor of Nursing Proceed- ures at the New York City Hos- pital. From 1922-25 she was as- sistant Superintendent of Nurses at the City Hospital and in 1925 was made Superintendent. In 1930, she came to the Univer- sity of Michigan and since that time has been Director of Nurs- ing. The University of Michigan Hospital of Nursing, one of the largest schools of its kind in the country has graduated over fifteen hundred nurses since its establish- ment in 1891 in response to the community ' s growing need for graduate nurses. The main objective of the School has always been to prepare nurses to meet society ' s varying health needs. Since these have changed and enlarged with the years, the graduate nurse now is a health educator as well as a curative agent. To meet these increased demands on the regis- tered nurse of today, the University has from time to time modified and enriched its curriculum, as evidenced by its opening of the Out-patient Department which in- cludes all types of cli nics, and its expanding of the re- quired science courses. The student nurse is fortunate in being enrolled in a school which is able to draw not only upon the edu- cational facilities of a well-established university but has also been in a position to enjoy the clinical facili- ties of one of the largest hospitals in the country. She receives experience in surgery, medicine, and child- ren ' s diseases, and also in such specialities as mental nursing tuberculosis, and communicable diseases. How- ever busy as she may be in learning her future work, she is given enough leisure time to be able to partici- pate in some of the activities open to the women of the University. She can take part in all intramural sports which are sponsored by the Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation, and also in such traditional affairs as Freshman Pageant, Sophomore Cabaret and Senior Supper. But extra-curricular interest are also given a place within the school. The Student Cooperative Government Associa- tion sponsors picnics, and dances for purely social mo- tives, and recreational organizations such as the Outing Club which provides for hiking, canoeing, and tennis, the Bridge Club, the Dramatic Club, which provides op- portunity for the reading and discussing of plays, all help to make the life of the student nurse a well rounded one. Page 252 ,1 Couzens Hall, the residence of the student nurses, is one of the most modern dormitories of its kind in the country today. A gift of the late Senator James Couzens of Detroit, it is complete with its spacious lobby, main reception room and smaller reception rooms adjoining, sun parlors, lounge and library, 285 separate sleeping rooms, a kitchenette, and an auto- matic elevator. In addition to its many other advan- tages, it is conveniently located across from the Uni- versity Hospital, and is only a ten-minute walk from the Main Library. Five year students are privileged to live here only during their fourth and five years. The previous years they must furnish their own housing. Three-year stu- dents, however, may five here for their full three years. Prospective nurses get joining buildings. Even nurses MUST sign out! Couzens Hall, Hone of the Nurses. tactical training in the ad- Page Caught by the roving camera, the Nursing class of 1937 partici- pates in traditional " swing-out. " Nurses, off duty, gather together around the piano for momentary re- laxation before " hitting the books. " Couzens Hall entrance. Page 254 cti vi tie D. PHILIP CUM eery jam SPHIM .1 V I T I EL ' s :-. .. eton. Lundohl, Coolidge. McLoughlin. Perry. Bursley. Sunderhmd. While. Strauss in eoniROi OF sinm Piucoins FACULTY William A. McLaughlin, chairman ;-;:. A E -::--y Edson R. Sunderland " _ - .-. : " :. STUDENT MEMBERS Frank W. Coolidge. Jr. Arthur B. Lundahl William E. Shackleton NOH RESIDEKT MEMBEBS Stuart Perry Lee White Student Publication Building Page 25S JOHN E. McFATE, Managing Editor BETTY GATWARD, Women ' s Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Erie L. Whetsell Colleges Jean Drake, David Laing Schools Augustus Dannemiller, John T. Gelder Features D. Philip Clark, Bstty Spangler Activities Edward C. Stern Fraternities Nancy Dall Sororities Hamilton F. Morris, Betty Spangler Athletics Aus tin Consor, Emil- Hirsch Photography Henry Barnett Bernard Donahoe James Harrison John T. Lamb MEN ' S LOWER EDITORIAL STAFF Robert Marks Charles Samuel Lenton Sculthorp Stan Wells Jack Moehlman Thomas Lawton Nevin Jamieson Harrison Lowrey LAING WHETSELL DALL SPANGLER STERN CLARK DRAKE MORRIS GELDER and DANNEMILLER IRVING A. MATHEWS. Business Manager MARY KATHRYN ANDROS. Women ' s Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF Bruce L. Campbell Sales Robert G. Isgrigg Organizations Charles N. Jacobson Accounts Charles L. Kettler Publicity Bernard R. Schweici Advertising MEN ' S LOWER BUSINESS STAFF Irvin Busse John Collman Almon Conrath Gridley Dement John Hulbert Walter Baume:;-e: H. G. Carlson Joseph Kennicott Mitchell Mandeberg Richard Waterman Robert Worms Robert Marks John O ' Hara Robert Shulters JACOBSON CAMPBELL KETTLER ISGRIGG SCHWEID Page 261 iSi, l V1IVI 1 1 ' ART STAFF K. Conrad August Doris R. Bolton Cathleen R. Clifford J. Edward Luders Jean Smith Lillian Zimmerman PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Emil Hirsch Stanley Botwinik David Donaldson Austin Consor Nancy Gossard Robert Judson BENTON E. URMSTON, Art Editor " Nice work ... if you can get it " Ev ' rybody ' s posin ' . . . " Page 262 WOMEN ' S LOWER BUSINESS STAFF Barbara Backus Helen Brown Louise Bolitho V-- : : :::-.-; " ar. -. FuUenwidbi Dorothy Glass Jean Barley Betty Henderson Ellen Krieghoff Ellen McDonald Jean McKay Marine Nelson Dorothy Park Maxine Peterson Angle Roknich Alberta Royal Elizabeth S haffer Betty Slee Ella Stowe lean Tenofsky Martha Tillman Betty Thompson Charlene Vallet Ruth Washburn ERIE L. WHETSELL Ed " c: of Student Directory Dorothy Adams Margery Allison Betty Baldwin Barbara Benedict Jane Bisbee Virginia Brereton Mary Carey Janet Clark Jeanne Davis Barbara Dittmann Zir ' .i : ; Eeul-r. 1 amaa Dorothy Dunlap Jane Elspass WOMEN ' S LOWER EDITORIAL STAFF Barbara Fisher Marion Fleming Dorothy Gilliam Barbara Grill Cletus Hall lane Hart Betty Hoag Janet Homer lane lewifl Roberta Leete Virginia List Joan Matheson Swoon McCamn Phyllis McGeachy Louann Perry Dorothy Rogers Betty Rouse Dorothy Shipman Betty Stadelman Marjorie Strand Jean Tibbits Hilda Van Tuyl Marion Wight Caroline Williams Kathryn Williams Carrie Wismer Barbara Zapp Row 1 Donohoe. Lamb, Lawton. Sculthorp. Baumeister. Mandeberg. Dement. Samuel. Botwinik, Hirsch Row 2 Marks, Watson. Wells. O ' Hara. Jamieson. Worms. Waterjnan, Hulbert, Harrison. Conrath. Kennicott Row 3 Zapp. Rodger. Brown. Vallet Shafer. McGeachy. Stadelman. Bart Slee. Washburn. Benedict. Krieghott. Van Tuyl Row 4 Hoag. Dunlap. Bisbee. Allison. McCarren. Wismer. Hmtt. Peas . Dodge. LM . Roknich, Tibbits. Gilliam Bow 5 Wight. Perry. C. William . Fisher. Roger . K. William . Grill, Elspass, McKay. MacDonald, Nelson, Glass. Backu . List GflRGOyLE GEORGE S. QUICK, Editor-in-Chief KATHERINE M. JOHNSTON. Women ' s Editor EDITORIAL STAFF K. Conrad August, James Hollinshead, Max Hodge Associates Marcia Connell Jokes Marion Fitzgerald Exchange Betty Ronal Correspondence Carolyn Ross Copy Stan Swinton Features Ellis Wunsch Men ' s Styles Al Evans, Emil Hirsch, Robert Judson Photography SAM KKUGLIAK. Business Manager Glade Allen Betty Baldwin Marjorie Barowsky George Fink LOWER EDITORIAL STAFF Janice Jackson Duncan Mackintosh Lorraine Mantler Milton Peterman Richard Humphreys Jean Smith Row. I Evans, Mclntosh, Humphreys, Williams, Wunsch Row 2 Swinton, Hirsch, August, Quick, Hodge, Hollinshead Row 3 Smith, Connell, Fitzgerald, Mantler, Ross, Nussbaum, Barowsky Page 264 BUSINESS STAFF Sam Krugliak , Business Manager Waldo Abbot Publication Alice Bassett Women ' s Advertising Kevin Hepp Advertising Marion Stomler Credit and Accounts Martin Wiener Circulation John Mitchell Service you ' re not going to work, please haunt the ' Daily ' ! " Dwight Adams Charles Bell Franklin Bock Ruth Chatard ; - : LOWER BUSINESS STAFF Arnold Kirshen Helen Marsh William Miller Jean Morgan Jane Mougey Dorothy Nichols Jane Peterson Jack Reed Ida Solomon Lawrence Vandenberg Row 1 Kirshen. Bell, Vandenberg, Adams. Bock Row 2 Mougey. Morgan, Chatard, Neafie Row 3 Nichols. Mitchell. Krugliak, Abbot. Hepp Page 265 JOSEPH B4ATTES Managiifc Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Joseph S. Mattes Managing Editor Tuure Tenander Associate Editor Irving Silverman Associate Editor Robert Weeks Associate Editor William Spaller Associate Editor Helen Douglas Women ' s Editor Irving Lisagor Sports Editor SILVERMAN NIGHT EDITORS John Davis William Elvin Robert I. Fitzhenry Joseph N. Freedman Harold L. Garn Joseph Gies Earl R. Gilman SPALLER BOARD OF EDITORS Horace W. Gilmore Saul R. Kleiman Edward Magdol Albert Mayio Robert D. Mitchell Robert Perlman William R. Sizemore WEEKS LISAGOR SPORTS DEPARTMENT Arthur Baldauf Burton Benjamin Stewart Fitch Roy Heath Ben Moorstein Betsey Anderson TRYOUTS Louis Andrews Alexis Anikeeff John Canavan Wilbur S. Davidson William J. Elvin Mel Fineberg Dennis Flanagan John G. Flowers Irving Gerson Edward R. Grace Galvin Keene Richard Kellogg Kenneth Kreuz Herbert Lev Morton Linder Malcolm Long Newell McCabe Tom McCann Richard Mann Elliott Maraniss Ben Marino Milton Peterman Carl Petersen Tom Phares Monroe Schwartz Richard Sierk Stanley Swinton Harry Tenebaum Perry Tenney David Zeitlin Row 1 Elvin, Swinton, Flanagan Maraniss, Linder, Sonneborn, Freedman Row 2 Gies, Norberg, Harris, Petersen, Jampel, Schorr, Canavan, Long Row 3 Kleiman, Perlman, Lev, Fineberg, Gerson, Sierk, McCabe, Mitchell Mayio Row 4 Phares, Anderson, Newman, Gilman, Zeitlin, Heath Fitch, Benjamin, Gilmore, Kiell Page 265 Betty Bonisteel Ellen Cuthbert Mary Alice MacKenzie Joanna Beem Thelma Grace Brown Mary {Catherine Burns Gwendolyn Dunlop Mariam Ferguson Claire Ford Jeanne Foster Ann Gay Betty Ann Bricker Constance Bryant WOMEN ' S NIGHT EDITORS Barbara Paterson Jenny Petersen Marian Smith WOMEN ' S EDITORIAL STAFF THYOUTS Jeanne Gomon June Harris Jean Hastie Anne Hawley Bettie Howard Norah Kennedy Anne Kingston Lorraine Lievrouw Katherine Mclvor WOMEN ' S BUSINESS STAFF Helen Jean Dean Florence Michlinski Zenovia Skoratko WOMEN ' S BUSINESS STAFF THYOUTS Margaret Bremer Harriet Levy Phyllis Elder SERVICE ASSISTANTS Dorothea Staebler Virginia Voorhees Jean McKay Suzanne Potter Helene Rumizen Kay Schultz Valda Spring Mary Ellen Spurgeon Lois Verner Ann Vicary HELEN DOUGLAS. Women ' a Editor BETTY Women ' s Bus .VY, Manager Jane Mowers Jean Reinfrank SERVICE TRYOUTS Laura Adasko Jean Bourg Marion Baxter Ida May Davis Barbara Eppstein MARGARET FERRIES. Women ' s Service Manager Row 1 Spring, Skoratko, Rumizen, Hawley, Hadie, Palter, Lord, Lievrouw, Spurgeon Row 2 Maclvor, Ferguson, Bricker, Dunlap, Verner, Kingston, Burns, Brown, Bremer Row 3 Vicary, Foster, McKay, Mowers, Bonisteel, Cuthbert, Voorhees, Paterson, Dean, Bryant Page 267 JONES WILSHER STEINBERG ..- BUSINESS STAFF Ernest A. Jones Business Manager Don Wilsher Credit Manager Norman B. Steinberg Advertising Manager DEPARTMENT MANAGERS Edward Macal Accounts Manager Leonard P. Siegelman Local Advertising Manager Philip Buchen Contracts Manager William Newnan Service Manager Marshall Sampson .... Publications and Classified Advertising Manager Richard H. Knowe National Advertising and Circulation Manager William Armstrong Constance Bryant Jack Carrol Bud Everett Roy Fredrick BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Harold Goldman Louis Grossman Robert Hirsch Frank Mabley Walter Neilson, Jr. Paul Park Steward Robson Thomas Slattery Ganson Taggart Robert Tiedeman Row 1 Grossman, Westbrook, Frederick, Neilson Row 2 Goldman, Tiedeman, Taggart, Everett, Park Row 3 Siegelman, Sampson, Buchen, Knowe, Newman, Stebens k. Jl Page 268 EMORY J. HYDE T. HAWLEY TAPPING Alumni Memorial Hall Of 1H UIMRSIJy Of UNI BOARD OF DIRECTORS Emory J. Hyde, ' 04, Ann Arbor, Michigan President Mrs. Marie Winsor Stebbins, ' 06, Marshall, Michigan Vice-President Harold S. Browne, ' IDE, Detroit, Michigan Vice-President Louis P. Joselyn, ' 87, Ann Arbor, Michigan Secretary Oscar A. Eberbach, ' 06, Ann Arbor, Michigan Treasurer Mason P. Rumney, ' 07E, Vice-President, Detroit Steel Products Co., Detroit, Michigan Don T. Hastings, ' 07E, . Consulting Engineer, Detroit, Michigan Edward S. Rogers, ' 95L, LL.M. (Hon.) ' 10, LL.D. (Hon.) ' 30, Attorney, Chicago, Illinois H. Beach Carpenter, ' 14, 1 ' 14- ' 15, General Counsel, American Sugar Refining Co., New York City, New York R. Spencer Bishop, ' 08, Banker, Flint, Michigan Mrs. Ruth Manville Sinclair, ' 04- ' 06, Detroit, Michigan H. Bruce Palmer, ' 31, Insurance, Ann Arbor, Michigan George L. Towne, ' 11, Realtor, Des Moines, Iowa Ernst L. Schaible, ' 08M, Physician, Gary, Indiana Mrs. Elizabeth Maloy Furstenberg, ' 21- ' 23, Ann Arbor, Michigan Armen S. Kurkjian, ' 08E, Sales Manager, Oliver Machine ry Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan Donald A. Thomas, ' 16E, Larkin Co. In., Buffalo, New York James W. Follin, ' 13E, M. S. E. ' 16, Research Department, Home Owners ' Loan Corp Washington, D. C. Ralph M. Snyder, ' 12, ' 14L, Attorney, Chicago, Illinois Frederic C. Matthaei, ' 14, Manufacturer, Detroit, Michigan Morris J. Robinson, ' 04L, Investments, Seattle, Washington Christian F. Matthews, ' 21L, Attorney, Mt. Clemens, Michigan Charles M. Humphrey, Jr., ' 28, Attorney, Ironwood, Michigan Lester E. F. Wahrenburg, ' 24E, Consulting Engineer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Allen B. Nicholas, ' 97L, Realtor, New Orleans, Louisiana EXECUTIVE OFFICERS T. Hawley Tapping, ' 07- ' 09, ' 16L, General Secretary and Editor of the Michigan Alumnus Robert O. Morgan, ' 31 Ed, Council Secretary and Assistant General Secretary Mrs. Lucile Bailey Conger, ' 04, Executive Secretary of the Alumnae Council MRS. LUCILE B. CONGER Page 269 ROBERT O. MORGAN II Union Tower FINANCE COMMITTEE Regent Franklin C. Cook Dean Joseph A. Bursley Professor Chester O. Wisler Professor Elmer D. Mitchell John Thom STANLEY G. WALTZ CHESTER O. WISLER BOARD OF DIRECTORS John C. Thom President Frederick V. Geib Recording Secretary Hugh H. Rader Literary Vice-President Carl H. Clement Engineering Vice-President Charles A. Rogers Law Vice-President Kenneth H. Beach Medical Vice-President Allan G. Ruttle Dental Vice-President Graham A. Benedict Combined Vice-President T. Hawley Tapping Alumni Secretary Professor Chester O. Wisler Financial Secretary William A. McLaughlin Faculty Member Elmer D. Mitchell Faculty Member Robert G. Rodkey Faculty Member Dr. Dean W. Myers Alumni Member Donald C. May Alumni Member Franklin C. Cook Regent Member Joseph A. Bursley ' . Dean of Students Stanley G. Waltz ' Manager Row 1 Rogers, Clement. Ruttle Row 2 Benedict, Mitchell, Waltz, May, Rader. Beach Row 3 Dr. Myers, Regent Cook. Thom, Geib, D?nn Bursley, Rodkey, Wisler Page 270 John C. Thorn Frederick V. Geib President .Recording Secretary COOPERATIVE COMMITTEE Donald H. Belden Raymond C. Downs ORIENTATION COMMITTEE Paul M. Brickley Carvel T. Shaw SOCIAL COMMITTEE Richard E. Fox James A. Hollinshead PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Frederick W. Luebke Donald F. Van Loon HODSE COMMITTEE John R. Parker Eliot F. Robinson Samuel M. Charin Senior House Chairman Horace W. Gilmore Daily Representative JOHN C. THOM FREDERICK V. GEIB BELDEN DOWNS BRICKLEY SHAW FOX HOUJNSHEAD LUEBKE VAN LOON PARKER ROBINSON CHARIN GILMORE Page 271 Row 1 Binder, Strauss. Wills, Knecht, Tracy, Howell, Fake, Thomas Row 2 Nelson, Eastman, Robinson, Spongier, Livingston, Halligan, Leibovitz, Clement, Smith Row 3 Swartz, Pollack, Lossing, Eliott, Jones, Bussard, Nixon, McCallister If UNION SOPHOMORE COMMITTEEMEN Robert Biebeorstein I. Z. Binder Charles Bowditch Frank Bussard Walter Clement Stanley Conrad Robert Cork J. Cound Leonard Eastman Bill Elliott Leroy Fake Harold Friedman Lewis Garrison Lloyd Gibbs Larry Gubow Jim Halligan Harry Howell Ben Jones Robert Kann Jack Knecht Ted Leibovitz Richard Livingston Clifford Livingston Bert Lossing Jack Luxan Dick Mann John McAllister Robert Nelson Don Nixon Fred Psarce George Pierce William Pollack Arnold Raether Jack Robinson Dan Shaw Hadley Smith Gene Strauss George Swartz Sol Taffet Lacy Thomas Doug Tracy Don Treadwell Phil Westbrook Jim Wills Union Desk: " People come people go Page 272 HUGH H. RADER One of the most important of Uni- versity extra-curricular groups is the Men ' s Council. All cases of general discipline referred to the Council by schools or colleges are investigated by its Judiciary Committee and find- ings are reported. In addition, the Council supervises and administrates class elections, pep - rallys, class games, and functions of this sort. OFFICERS Hugh H. Rader President Bruce T. Telfer Vice-President Frederick V. Geib Secretary FREDERICK V. GEIB MEMBERS Goif Smith Arthur B. Lundahl Earle R. Luby Graham A. Benedict Wallace Hook Joseph S. Mattes Carlton L. Nelson Tuure Tenander John C. Thorn Robert A. Emmett Row 1 Hook, Lundahl, Emmett, Thorn. Benedict Row 2 Smith, Nelson, Rader, Geib, Tenander, Mattes Page 273 CLARENCE KRESIN. President The Student Religious Association is responsible for the developme nt of reli- gious activities at the University of Michi gan. Its program is planned by the Stu- dent Council, made up of representatives of the Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, and Oriental religious groups. It is the purpose of the Association to develop interest, ap- preciation, and knowledge of the different faiths, and to encourage activities which religion requires. KENNETH W. MORGAN, Director BOARD OF GOVERNORS Raphael Isaacs, Chairman Emory J. Hyde James Inglis Clarence Kresin Howard Y. McClusky William A. McLaughlin Ferdinand N. Menefee Erich A. Walter Warrington Willis Richard Blanchard Constance Bryant Charles Buck Frances Burgess Wilma Cope Charles Dolph Ralph Erlewine Douglas Farmer Nelson Fuson STUDENT COUNCIL Dorothea Gerisch Howard Holland William Jewell Leonard Kasle Charles McLean Albert Mayio Josephine Montee Emily Morgan Frances Orr Ralph Segleman Clara Stanton Daniel Suits Vung Ting Utah Tsao Russell VanCleve Ann Vicary Robert Walker Bernard Weissman Warrington Willis Row 1 VanCleve, McLean, Fuson, Holland, Segalman, Kasle Row 2 Montee, Willis, Jewell, Tsao, Buck, Cope How 3 Burgess, Dolph, Kiesin, K. Morgan, Sutes, Blanchard, E. Morgan Page 274 The society of Phi Eta Sigma was founded for the purpose of giving recog- nition to the work of outstanding fresh- men, and to serve as encouragement to incoming students to put forth their best efforts toward successful years in college. Eligibility for membership is based on scholarship. orncEHs Donald T. Diem President John M. Stone Vice-President Emery A. Cook. Jr Secretary A. Burgess Vial Treasurer Richard Abbott Robert F. Berris Claud O. Broders Frank Conway Emery A. Cook, Jr. David G. Gushing Wilbur Davidson Robert E. DeLand Donald T. Diem John Farrens Frank J. Feely, Jr. Charles Forbes Raymond J. Fraser Halleck D. Fry, Jr. Colvin L. Gibson Philip D. Gordy Rovert S. Hansen Henry Harrison Robert Herman MEMBERS Harold J. Holshuh Harland N. Jarvis Robert L. Kann James Laird Leonard Miller Morris F. Miller JohnK. Mills Leonard M. Newman Howard Parker Louis L. Poplinger Wesley Powers Alfred Reifman William Rosow Henry K. Schock Jack J. Schuler Bernard Schacter Frederick L Shands Robert Smith Robert H. Snyder Harold R. Steding John M. Stone Frederick P. Strieter Daniel B. Suits Ganson P. Taggart Daniel J. Tenenberg Donald H. Treadwell Richard T. Trelfa Lawrence H. Vanden Berg Vaino Vekko A. Burgess Vial Benjamin Vine Orland Walkley Wimburn Wallace John F. Walters John A. Weller James C. Wills Arthur P. Woods, Jr. Ellis A. Wunsch Bow 1 WUUs, Harrison. Vekko. Woods, DeLand. Shcmds. Schocb Row 2 Fraxer. Walkley, Powers, Heiiman. Feely, Wallace, Holshuh. Broders Bow 3 Reider, Weller. Mills. Gushing, Gibson. Laird. Poplinger Row 4 Steding. Aldrieh. Walters, Diem, Stone, Newman, Herman. Treadw ell Page 275 Row 1 Mantion?, Dunn, Ward, Rosin, Blackstock, Sdunek, Wibel, Lasso Row 2 Scoville, Barrows, Reek, Beveridge, Bothwell, Hower, Lynch, Silva, McKay Row 3 Fuentes, Haskins, Keavin, Killin, Ruisanchez, Butler, Ackerman, McCabe Row 4 Staubach, Meredith, Hawley, Carr, Karpus, Gillespie, Diaz, Anderson, Mercado OFFICERS George Karpus Irene Gillespie Phyllis Carr Ransom Hawley Mr. E. A. Mercado, Mr. C. Staubach President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer . .Advisors Claire Ackerman Betsy Anderson Gabriel Arisen Gordon Arnold Virginia Barrows Constance Berry Jessie Beveridge Elizabeth Bibber Paul Brauer Warren Brock Margaret Bryant Evelyn Butler Belle Calkins Ruth Calkins Margaret Carr Phyllis Carr William Cartier Anita Carvalho Stanley Casmer John D. Cound Harlan Danner Charles Darling Margaret E. Day Juan Diaz Norman Drogseth Charles Dunn Helen Dunn John Ferdran Margaret B. Ford Stanley Frye MEMBERS Gabriel Fuentes Emil Gallas Irene Gillespie Henry B. Grier Carlos Guillermety Virginia Lee Hardy Tom Harmon Muriel Haskins Ransom S. Hawley Jack Hegeman Alfred Hower Marjorie Ingram Julia Kaplan George Karpus Florence Keavin Betty Keenan Frank Kearns Lucie Killin Ellen Krieghoff Douglass Lanson Ruben Lasso Herbert Leach Herbert Lev Abraham Levin John R. Liotto Joan Lynch Ellen Mack Samuel Mantione Virginia McCabe Jean McKay Carmen McKell Charlotte Ann Meredith Doris Merker Roberta Moore Jean Morall Burton Mork Claire Mosher Miguel Pastrana Gwendolyn Reed Mary Frances Reek Lyon Reiss Joe Rinaldi Margery Roebuck Florence Rogers Eliseo Rosa Jean Rosin Lucrecia Ruisanchez Juan Diaz Santini Victor Schulz Walter Scoville Mary Sdunek Felipe Silva Minette Singal Emerson Smith Betty Sommers Howard Teitelbaum Virginia E. Thomson Alice Ward Frank Weaver Betty Wibel Lfl The aims of La Sociedad Hispanica are to provide a means for students to he ar and speak Spanish and to acquaint them with Spanish-American culture. Its functions are meetings with Spanish programs, a series of six lectures, and Spanish movies. Page 27G Lf CffiCLf ffiflOCfllS OFFICERS Martha Dynes . . Jenny Peterson . Barbara Mclntyre Robert Mitchell . President . Vice-President Secretary . .Treasurer Bernard Adler Daisy Binary Frances Blumenthal Julia Breed Franklin Butler Marcia Connell Norman Drogseth Vivian Dunbar Richard Fischer Halleck Fry Bibianne Herbert Elizabeth Huntington Marjorie Ingrain Jaros Jedel Marybeth Jones MEMBERS Lucie KiUin Ruth Koch Rowena Lacoste Rose Florence Levy Jane Lord Joan Lynch Eleanor McCoy Virginia McCage Marie McElroy Charlotte Ann Meredith Roberta Moore Peter Morse Margaret Murphy Douglas Morgan Frances Orr Adelita Ortiz Helen Owston Leonora Rasette Nicholas Riccardo Jayne Roberts Helen Schwab Zenovia Skoratko John Stiles Jean Stone Marion Stern Harriet Shackleton Nicholas Turitzen Thomas Vassallo Warrington Willis Elizabeth Wurster Helene Zimmerman The principal purpose of Le Cercle Francais is to acquaint the student with the more familiar aspects of the French tongue and culture through a series of lectures and semi-monthly meetings. Its membership is composed of those excelling in French conversation. How 1 Bihory. Jones. McElroy, Wurster, Skoratko. Stem. Moore. Lynch. Jedd. Bow 2 Lord, Morgan. Stiles. Vassallo, Butler. Ricardo, Willis. Shackleton. How 3 McCoy. Owston. Roberts. Murphy. Ovinz, Racette, LaCoste. Connell, Lery. Row 4 Meridith, Killin. Prof. Talamon. Mclntyre. Synes. Petersen. Mitchell. Mr. Koella. Huntington. Harbor. Page 277 ROTE OfflCERS TWIG CORPS REGIMENTAL STAFF Colonel Goff Smith Lieutenant Colonel John W. Cummiskey Captain and Adjutant Kingsley Kelly Captain Intelligence Ralph G. Atkinson Captain Plans and Training Erie L. Whetsell Captain Supply Ransom S. Hawley, Jr . Row 1 Kelly, Whetsell. Atkinson, Hawley. Row 2 Cummiskey, Smith. Row 1 Barrett, Wisler, Gerstacker, Scholtz, Frazier, Moshier, Hall. Row 2 Goeckel, Klar, Basler, Phares, Cogger. The Ghost of Yankee Doodle BATTALION STAFFS FIRST BATTALION Major G. K. Phares Lt. Adj. R. S. Frazier Lt. C. A. Mosher Capt. J. J. Grible SECOND BATTALION Major D. E. Basler Lt. Adj. W. L. Cogger Lt. D. T. Rudgers Lt. J. F. Wisler Lt. P. T. Hall THIRD BATTALION Major L. E. Klar Lt. Adj. R. E. Barrett Lt. H. F. Goekel Lt. C. A. Gerstacker Lt. W. Scholtz COMPANY COMMANDERS D. M. Alexander W. B. Archer L. E. Bulkeley, Jr. E. J. Carpenter C. H. Clement W. E. Cobey, Jr. COMPANY OFFICERS R. A. Bowman B. A. Campbell C. T. Christiansen J. E. Colovin G. R. Conrad H. W. Crusey J. J. Czajkowski C. A. Depue J. S. Dulgeroff J. J. Earley D. C. Eisendrath Page 278 mm mm TUG cofips COMPANY COMMANDERS Row 1 Nelson. Cribble, Monos. Sinn, Clement, Dunks, Pommerening. Bow 2 Weber, H. Young, Ulmer. Snyder, Alexander, Archer, Cobey. Row 3 Bulkeley, I. Young, Cornelius, Carpenter, Markham, Ellick. COMPANY OFT1CERS Row 1 Kidder, Christiansen, Rudolph, Hicks, Eisendrath, Lindquist, Lurie, Czajkowski. Row 2 Reeder, Taylor. Soloway. Trumble, Lambertsen, Campbell, Conrad, MacKichan, Depue Row 3 Dulgerorl. House. Bowman. Crusey, Fuentes, Schram. Hook. J. E. Cornelius H. G. Dunks A. G. Ellick T. G. Manas COMPANY COMMANDERS P. J. Markham C. L. Nelson R. A. Pommerening R. W. Sinn E. F. Snyder, Jr. R. E. Ulmer F. A. Weber J. G. Young R. S. Young R. E. Fryer G. Fuentes, Jr. G. W. Hammersmith G. W. Hicks K. B. Hook R. C. House F. J. Kidder COMPANY OFFICERS J. G. Lambertsen V. B. Lindquist C. S. Lurie C. M. McKichan C. W. McNeil G. S. Quick W. J. Ray J. P. Reeder H. C. Rudolph C. H. Schramm J. J. Skiriski A. J. Soloway J. G. Taylor M. S. Trumble Page 279 f ft ft IV 1 1 - V if Row 1 Phares, Taylor, Stephens, Lindquist, Ulmer, Snyder, Ellick, Smith, Pommerening, Archer. How 2 Cannon, Mason, Kelly, R. Young, Conrad, Trumble, J. Young, Cornelius. Colovin, Gerstacker, Frazier. Beuhler. Row 3 Nelson, Alexander, Bowman, Jensen, Buckminister, Dunks, Donovan, Crusey, Parry, Cobey, Braun, Hawley. Row 4 Sullivan, Lieut. Waltz, Maj. Farris, Lieut. Col. Simkins, Lieut. Col. Edwards, Maj. Kelly, Mai. Hardy, Capt. Wellington, Maj. Mickle, Prof. Eichelberger. OFFICERS F. W. Donovan Captain G. Smith 1st Lieutenant R. J. Beuhler 2nd Lieutenant H. C. Braun 1st Sergeant HONORARY MEMBERS President A. G. Ruthven Dean E. M. Cooley Prof. W. H. Hobbs Col. H. W. Miller T. Hawley Tapping Prof. Fielding H. Yost Major Philip C. Pack Major J. C. Brier Dean Walter B. Rea Col. A. H. White ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Lieut. Col. B. D. Edwards Lieut. Col. T. D. Simkins Major. R. E. Hardy Major P. K. Kelly Major. W. B. Fariss Major K. L. Hallenback Major F. Mickle Major J. S. Worley Major. E. C. Lay Major W. C. Sadler Captain M. G. Wallington Captain C. B. Pierce Lieut. B. R. Wimer Lieut. S. W. Waltz Lieut. C. M. Davis Lieut. F. S. Randall Prof. M. B. Eichelberger SCflBBflfiD flO BLflDE Scabbard and Blade is a national honorary military organization foun- ded on three qualities: scholarship in military science courses, efficiency in drill, personal qualifications and cam- pus activities. It is the purpose of the national organization to unite in closer relationship the military de- partments of the American Universi- ties and Colleges. ACTIVE MEMBERS D. M. Alexander W. B. Archer R. J. Beuhler R. A. Bowman H. C. Braun P. N. Buckminister G. W. Cannon C. H. Clement W. R. Cobey J. E. Colovin G. R. Conrad V J- E. Cornelius H. W. Crusey F. W. Donovan H. G. Dunks A. G. Ellick D. M. Ferguson R. S. Frazier C. A. Gerstacker R. S. Hawley T. A. Jensen K. Kelly L. E. Klar G. Q. Lee V. B. Lindquist W. H. Mason C. L. Nelson D. J. Parry G. K. Phares R. A. Pommerening R. W. Sinn G. Smith E. F. Snyder J. M. Stevens D. J. Sullivan F. G. Taylor M. S. Trumble R. E. Ulmer J. G. Young R. S. Young Of Mice and Men. Page 280 Row 1 Correthers, Conrad. Owens. Zurhorst, Yee. Row 2 Ruth, Cogger. Hall, Stephenson. Row 3 Easier, Beuhler, Col. Edwards. Copt. Wallingion, Czajkowski. PI TflO P! SIGdlfl Members of Pi Tau Pi Sigma, na- tional honorary signal corps frater- nity, are selected from the junior and senior class of the signal corps unit of the Reserve Officers Training Corps. Aiming to promote a better coordination between the students and officers of the unit. Pi Tau Pi Sigma is an important campus mili- tary society. OFFICERS Robert J. Beuhler President Donnan E. Easier Vice-president Jerome J. Czajkowski Secretary Phillip T. Hall Treasurer MEMBERS DJ FACULTY Lieut. Col. Basil D. Edwards Capt. Merlon G. Wallingion Prof. John C. Brier Prof. Lewis N. Holland ACTIVE MEMBERS Donnan E. Easier Robert J. Beuhler G. H. Can-others Jerome J. Czajkowski William L Cogger Granville R. Conrad Phillip T. Hall Ralph A. Hall Virgil R. Owens James A. Ruth Orlando W. Stephenson Robert F. Yee Theodore M. Zurhorst Of dots and flashes . . . ! Page 281 REIDER EXECUTIVE COUNCIL EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Irving Silverman President Phil Westbrook Executive Secretary David Woog Recording Secretary Marvin Reider Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Edward L. Page Activities William H. Rockwell, Julius Rockwell Administration A. Robert Kleiner Publicity Robert F. May Social Jack Davis, Edmund A. Rawson, Thomas H. Rycroft Student V elfare Seymour J. Spelman Sports Donald F. Van Loon Union Representative DISTRICT OFFICERS District 1 Roland Rhead, ' 40 President Albin Stanish, ' 39 Secretary District 2 Frank Firnschild, ' 39 President Sidney Friedman, ' 40 Secretary District 3 George Gens, ' 38 President Donald Meech, ' 39 Secretary District 4 Edward Wetter, ' 39 President Aaron Shnirman, ' 39 Secretary District 5 Robert Copeland, ' 39 President John MacConachie, ' 40 Secretary District 6 Ted Leibovitz, ' 40 President Murray Silverman, ' 40 Secretary District 7 Robert Hartwell, ' 38E President Isadore Binder, ' 40 Secretary District 8 Walter Stebens, ' 40 President Martin Dworkis, ' 40 Secretary District 9 Jack Hoover, ' 40 President Harold Veitch, ' 38 Secretary District 10 John Weinecke, ' 39E President Allen Braun, ' 39 Secretary Row 1 Rockwell, Page, Van Loon, Woog, Rycroit. Row 2 May, Reider, Spelman, Kleinert, Rawson. Page 282 . - - Neil Levenson Chairman Margaret Myers Music Richard Wangelin Music George Sprau Decorations Edward Slezak Decorations Marney Coe Patrons Mary Johnson Patrons Frederick W. Smith Tickets Wilbur Alderman Tickets Joseph Birkenstock Floor Sam Krugliak Publicity BETTY SPANGLER SJ NEIL LEVENSON Row 1 Sprau, Krugliak, Johnson, Birkenstock, Slezak. How 2 Alderman, Coe, Levenson, Wangelin, Meyers, Smith. Page 283 J-HOP for a nominal fee r . ROBERT REID CLflSS Of Robert A. Reic John W. Collins, Jr Secretary Marietta Killian Patrons Charles Kettler Music Charles Zwick Music Joe Osburn Floor Lawrence Lackey, Jr Decorations Jean Bleecker .... . . Decorations MARIETTA KILLIAN 1939 J-HOP , Chairman John Burwell Booths Ralph DuBois Booths Marvin Reider Publicity Jack Wilcox Tickets Marie McElroy Programs Don Belden Building Martin Alexander Building REIDER WILCOX V McELROY BELDEN ALEXANDER PHYLLIS CAVANAGH Cruzan Alexander General Chairman Arthur J. Brandt, Jr Tickets Lucille E. Kauer Decorations Benjamin F. Jones Decorations Robert L. Paver Programs Paul R. Park Patrons Fred J. Seyfried, Jr Floor John G. Flowers Publicity Byron H. Gerson Publicity Charles Frost . .Music Row 1 Charles Frost, Elaine Baird, Mary Connine, Robert Paver, Alberta Wood, Paul Park. Row 2 Fred Seyfried, Art Brandt, Cruzan Alexander, Metier Worthington, John Flowers. Row 3 Edith Butler Lorraine Haskins, Phyllis Cavanagh, Lucille Kauer, Helen Douglas. Page 286 HKfl WC Don Ryker Chairman James Duthie Music Burns Huttlinger Music Herman Nordstrom Tickets Edward Purman Tickets Edward King Programs William Rockwell Patrons Catherine Wedemyer Decorations Robert Hague Decorations Jane Krause Publicity Row 1 William Rockwell, Mary Piersol, Edward Martin, lane Krause, Catherine Wedemyer, James Frederick. Row 2 Donna Miles. Herman Nordstrom, Margaret Cobb, Jamej Duthie. Ellen Douglas, Ed King. Row 3 Maysa Jean Gracy, Edward Purman, Ida May Stilt, Don Ryker, Betsey Lighiner, Burni Huttlinger. Page 287 - V - - ; v.;iyR: 1938 TRIBE Of fl)ICHI6fl(l)Ufl All Campus Senior Honorary Society HONORARY SACHEMS Big Ten Aigler Wise Council Anderson Battle Finder Barthelme Great Builder Bates Friendly World Campbell Friendly Chief Cooley Warrior Builder Hoyt Bell Cow Murfin Peace Maker Ruthven Canoe Builder Sadler Readum Birchbark Strauss Council Pleader Sunderland Many Councils Tapping Great Scalper Yost FIGHTING BRAVES Totem Blanket Colombo Damn Poor Farmer Second Growth Geib Chief Skate James Warm Wind Jones Eagle Seeker Karpinski Big Beaver Kirar Smoking Bear Luby Moose Ears Lundahl Thimble-Bally McFate Long Spear Martin Timber Hopper Mason Little Papoose Mathews Matted Matt Mattes Wild Flower Miller Squaw Belly Rader Elk Heart Rinaldi Tall Tale Silverman Turtle Talk Smith Owl Eyes Telfer Flying Finn Tenander Peeping Thorn Toe Twister Thomas Many Whoops Townsend Little Big Whoop Williams sgZ5 Jf ' . :!fS . s et;3 SK " .. -- XV ' yr-;. - ' :- .:- : ji-5-;-.-K-. t - :-- . ' .--- VKi - Page 288 emeu miCHIGfln liEHGUE Page 290 Hope Hartwig President Helen Louise Amer Vice-President Florence McConkey Vice-president Mary Jane Mueller Vice-President Janet Allington Secretary Margaret Ann Ayres Treasurer Margaret Ferries Orientation Committee Chairman Betty Gatward Social Committee Chairman Barbara Bradfield Merit System Committee Chairman Roberta Melia Publicity Committee Chairman Angelene Maliszewski Judiciary Committee Chairman Ruth Friedman Theatre Arts Committee Chairman Helen Jesperson President of Assembly Harriet Shackleton President of Pan-Hellenic Mary Johnson President of W. A. A. Helen Douglas Women ' s Editor of Michigan Daily HOPE HARTWIG OBJECTIVE: promotion of good feeling among all campus women PURPOSE: a centralization of all women ' s activities ; r.i; Jesperson. Ayrei Friedman, Hartwig, Arner, Maliszewski, Allington. Johnson, McConkey. Mueller, Shackleton, Melin, Brad- field, Gatward, Douglas Page 291 MacKenzie, Karlson, Maliszewski, Purdy, Swartout FUNCTION: a disciplinary body working in conjunction with the Dean of Women ' s office DUTIES: jurisdiction over women ' s rules interviewing for class projects interviewing for League positions MEMBERSHIP: by campus vote after Judiciary Council ' s selection Angelene Maliszewski President Helen Purdy Senior Member Janet Karlson Senior Member Mary Alice MacKenzie Junior Member Sybil Swartout Junior Member Page 292 Bow 1 TUlmon. Lyon. Poock, Boxter. Ptniet. Petersen. Holland. Slaebler, White, Fullenwidc Bow 2 Connell, Dean. Chissus. Corns, Pomeroy, Heath. Swartout, MacK FtmcnON: honor society for junior women OBJECTIVES: to promote cooperation between junior and freshman women MEMBERSHIP: scholarship, leadership, service PROJECT.- consultation hours for freshman women OFFICERS Harriet Pomeroy President Barbara Heath Secreiary Norma Curtis Treasurer ' . ' . - .; Sybil Swartout Mary Alice MacKenzie L- : . ' - - H : . . - n Robe rta Chissus Jenny Petersen Marion Baxter Charlotte Poock Stephanie Parfet Helen Jean Dean Betty Lyon Dorothea Slaebler Martha Tillman Elizabeth White HARRIET P OMER O Y Page 293 Row 1 Groit, Douglas, Ferries, Redden, Sounders, Karlson. Row 2 Novy, Ayres, Sawyer, Kenny, Barr, Sover. Row 3 Myers, Knudson, Maliszewski, McConkey, Lovell. FUNCTION: honor society for independent senior women OBJECTIVES: to promote good fellowship and interest in activities among the women of the university MEMBERSHIP: service, scholarship, leadership PROJECT: Independent Week OFFICERS Angelene Maliszewski President Florence McConkey Vice-President Berta Knudson Secretary Margaret Myers Treasurer MEMBERS Barbara Lovell Helen Jane Barr Sally Kenny Marie Sawyer Betty Ayres Dorothy Novy Mary Redden Miriam Saunders Janet Groft Helen Douglas Margaret Ferries Janet Karlson Nancy Kover ANGELENE MALISZEWSKI Page 294 How 1 Johnson, Sawyer. Hartwig, Knudson, Curry. McConkey. Sounders. Lorell, Baxter. Bow 2 Ailington. MueUer, Brndfield, Oatward, Kenny. Melin, Whitney. FUNCTION: honor society for senior women OBJECTIVES: service, scholarship, leadership MEMBERSHIP: women outstanding in scholarship and activities PROJECTS: Pay-Off Dance Smarty Party OFFICERS Betty Gatward President Sally Kenny Vice-President Barbara Bradfield Secretary Mary Jane Mueller Treasurer Roberta Melin Historian MEMBERS Janet Allington Betsy Baxter Margaret Curry Hope Hartwig Mary Johnson Berta Knudson Barbara Lovell Florence McConkey Miriam Saunders Marie Sawyer Betty Whitney BETTY GATWARD Page 295 Row 1 Burleso Row 2 Arnold, Row 3 Sykes, , Gomon, Rodrick, Kingston, Basset!, Dean, Adams, Bauer, Steuernol, Parfel, Coler, Bursley. Prussin, Coburn, Shipman, Petersen, Loughborough, Pierce, Chatard, Lightfoot, McDonald, Haff. Vestendorf, Rather, Fauver, Shackleton, Beltramini, Everhard, Kahrs, Tarbell. Harriet Shackleton Carolyn Beltramini Betty Fauver ... ' .. Katherine Loomis . Recording Secretary Treasurer Rushing Secretary Carroll Adams Mary K. Adams Dorothy Arnold Barbara Bassett Phyllis Bauer Betty Brooks Rebecca Bursley Ruth Chatard Lois Coburn Helen Jean Dean Frances Everard Jeanne Gomon Patricia Haff Jane Jewett Frances Kahrs Anne Kingston Ruth Koch Elaine Kohl Meribah Leach Florence Lightfoot Betty Loughborough Adele McDonald Mary Minor Stephanie Parfet Jenny Petersen Alys Pierce Harriet Pomeroy Charlotte Poock Myrtle Prussin Jane Ann Rather Katherine Roderick Phyllis Lee Scroggie Dorothy Shipman Kathryn Steuernol Irma Sykes Madelaine Westendorf Page 296 penmen BOLL PAN-HELLENIC BALt COMMlT ' im Phyllis Bauer Finance Committee Phyllis Lee Scroqgie Patrons Committee Adele MacDonaid Reception Committee Kathryn Steuernol Floor Committee Harriet Pomeroy Decorations Committee Patricia Haff : Music Committee Jenny Petersen Publicity Committee STEPHANIE PARFET Row 1 M. Schoetx. P. Haff. J. Petersen, R. Weeks. Row 2 E. Height, S. Ladd, F. Wolcott, J. Bulkeley. J. Mulheim. Row 3 A. McDonald, S. Parfet. P. Scroggie. P. Bauer, K. Steuernol. Page 297 Helen . Jesperson President Janet Karlson Vice-President Miriam Saunders Secretary-Treasurer HELEN IESPERSON Mabel Allison Virginia Allmendinger Maxine Baribeau Marie Brams Ruth Carr Barbara Eppstein June Fleming Betty French Marian Gommesen Jeanne Grant Beatrice Guiness Ruth Hartmann Jean Holland Eileen Icheldinger Una Kelley Jean Belle King Berta Knudson Madeline Krieghoff Lorraine Lievrouw Barbara Lovell Dorothy Lowenstein Betty Mansfield Jean McConkey Marie McElroy Phyllis McGeachy Frances McKinney Betty Myers Margaret Myers Kay Moore Rebecca Newman Mary Evelyn Owen Ann Rizzardi Zenovia Skoratko Julianna Strausbaugh Katherina VanHeest Florence Weismann Paulette Wolf Doris Yoder How 1 Yoder, Myers, McConkey, Sander, Jesperson, Karlson, Gommesen, Rizzardi, Lovell. How 2 Notley, Lievrouw, Skoratto, King, Owen, Krieghoff, Hartmann, McElroy, McGeachy. Row 3 Kelley, Grant, Baribeau, Myers, Eppstein, French, Van Heest, Spergeon, Holland, Knudson. Page 298 Breakfast after the dance NORMA URTIS Row 1 Icheldinger, Schmoyer, Cuthbert, Wingrove, French, J. Young, McElroy, Steytler. Row 2 Holsteod, Dunbor, Owens, Nash, Spurgeon, Collins, Short, R. Young. Row 3 Orcutt, Curtis, Eppstein, Fox. Page 299 ROBERTA CHISSUS SALLY PIERCE Roberta Chissus General Chairman Jean Holland Assistant Chairman Elizabeth White Properties Madeline Krieghoff Tickets Harriet Pomeroy Publicity Charlotte Poock Dance Grace Wilson Music Jane Holden Martha Tillman . Rebecca Bursley Mary Lavan Marian Baxter . . .Program . .Finance . . . Ushers .Costumes . .Makeup Directed by Sally Pierce Row 1 Pomeroy, Baxter, Krieghoff, Wilson, Tillman, Lavan, White. How 2 Poock, Bursley, Chissus, Holland, Holden. Page 300 THE MULBERRY BUSH " I. G. P. OF 1938 Page 301 Row 1 Van Dusen, McCoy, Davis, Hart, Cope, Stadelman, La Coste. Row 2 Triplett, Poole, Goldman, Harwood, Schaeifer, Kerr, Mosher, Henderson. Row 3 Fenske, Beltramini, Novy, Park, Morrison, Wilson, McKell, Caldwell, Hoozle. lira GIRLS ' GtEE CLUB OBJECTIVE: social-cultural organization for women interested in singing good music MEMBERSHIP: scholarship and a knowledge of music CONCERTS: radio programs and Little Symphony programs OFFICERS Mary Morrison President Grace Wilson Vice-President Carolyn Beltramini Secretary Dorothy Novy Treasurer MEMBERS Ruth Allderige Betty Armstrong Betty Boult Thelma Brown Virginia Caldwell Wilma Cope Jean Davis Buehla Fenske Enid Fenske Ada Goldman Jean Hart Elizabeth Harwood Pearl Henderson Virginia Hoozle Susan Kerr Una Kelley Betty Ketcham Rowena LaCoste Eileen Lay Margaret Martin Margaret Matthews Eleanor McCoy Carmen McKell Harriet Monahan Helen Lou Mosher Janet Park Penelope Pearl Louann Perry Irma Poole Pauline Putnam Katharine Reynolds Florence Rogers Jean Rosin Tina Scotti Anne Schaeffer Jane Simpson Henrietta Simpson Betty Stadalman Sarah Strong Margaret Triplett Zelda Urdang Betty VanDusen Pauline Vihteli Melrose White Elizabeth White Margaret Woodruff Page 302 ae Ji u c :Zt ? ' ' ; --tyl WflNT TO GO BACK TO ' ) ' ' :. ;VV ;.-M. ' ' : ' ; ' " - ' ' : .-. . V - ' " ,vy : ;-, . ; ;, v; " : ' VV.; y,.Av-- " v ' ' " ' ;: ;; : ' i ' ' :( ' ' ,;V- : ' ; .V., ' , ' : ; ' ' " ; ' F ; ' i; " ' ' ffi .- ..- ' ' ' ;r ' ' ' .V. 1 ' ' :. ' ,: " . . ' ' ' ' " ' f " ' ' ' . , ' ' ! ' ,!. " , ; ' . ,- ,; .. " ' " :vfS) ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' . ' ' ' ' ' . , ; ; .-. ' " - $ ( f : ' ; :;?. ; : i ' ' ,,. ; ' : , : - , - ' ., ' . : - m i - - ; ' ; " ' ' ' ' ' A A , , Page 304 MICHIGAN, TO DEAR ANN ARBOR 1 I A ' ? IP ' .{ " lisfc fe: it M : i m mJmm . .wmi I From now on you ' re a number. W - What a madhouse! That ' s where our money goes. Why Mr. Hemmingway, what beautiful molars you have! Physically fatigued, financially " fleeced, " mentally morbid and scholas- tically matriculated the Michigan stu- dent following registration, classification and " book-store-visitation " is prepared to face different surroundings, new in- structors and the semester ahead. The student experiences this procedure each year, except as a newcomer when he has in store an added " treat " a com- plete three hour physical examination. Page 306 " If at first you don ' t succeed .... One may obtain a moving kaleidoscopic cross-section of the Michigan cainc-us standing in the center diagonal during the m: : . ,e dodge and dash in- een classes ' Featured will be the Students, burdened with books and thoughts of - the next hour ' s session, and on the periphery, countless dogs ' in pur- suit: of anything but higher learn- ing. Campus salesmen, straw vote addicts and tag distributors find the center of the diagonal and the Engineers ' Arch strategic positions for student approach. So it has been for years; so it will be :for time immemorial. CHP1S IK Page 307 VARSITY WE ' RE FOR YOU HERE School spirit . . . 35c apiece Lawton tells students how " Varsity " ought to be sung. Page 308 ' OR YOU TO CHEER FOR ' ' YOU ... - Part oi the game that the spectators never see All loyal to the maize and blue. Page 309 Half the size, but twice the strut The President gives one of the boys a few ' pointers ' on the art of water-throwing. Pantless freshmen, water- soaked sophomores and dis- turbed university potentates were all active participants in the pre-Frosh-Soph brawl the night preceding Black Friday. Although greatly outnumbered, the seasoned boys of one year took the initiative in the annual . affair and " en masse " con- ducted a siege upon Allen Rum- sey Dormitory. Armed with fire hoses, a freshman counter attack surprised the sopho- mores; their general annihila- tion was saved only by Presi- dent Ruthven ' s prompt inter- vention. This fellow prefers to take his the hard way. fflOWPH GfliS Page 310 Pugilists, wrestlers, swimmers. The day of the games was a day of sweet revenge for six- hundred freshmen. Unlike Black Friday and the night before, ambush and faked class affil- iation were of no advantage to the greatly outnumbered sophomores and they were forced to taste defeat in addi- tion to numerous badly closed eyes and countless bruises. Next year the freshmen of to- day will be sophomores and they, in turn, will be in the mi- nority, and in all probability, the losers. " United we stand; d rided we fall. ' Page 311 The age-old friendly rivalry between the freshmen and sophomore classes is not confined to lively demonstration such as Black Friday. On the contrary, it tends to continue throughout the year, being manifested through the medium of sports, university and social activities. The competition along social lines is best shown by Frosh Frolic and Soph Prom. Each class does its best to outdo the other in the matters of decoration, orchestra, and floor show. The Union Ballroom is always filled to capacity on these two nights, for each class is well represented. The large crowds this year were due, in part, to the splendid orchestras, Reggie Childs playing for Soph Prom and Frankie Masters for Frosh Frolic. It is hard to say which class was the " victor vali- ant, " but whatever the answer to that may be, both were outstanding dances of the year. " No Sir Walter, he. " Page 31 2 " Whispers in the Dark. ' Although Joe and Josephine really came to college to get an education, they don ' t spend every minute of their free hours on either dates or getting ready for Professor ' s science class. There are many deviations from study which help them to pass their time. Joe and Josie have both indoor and outdoor diversions; some of them are extra- curricular activities provided for by the Uni- versity, but the majority are under student supervision. Among the favorite pastimes are sports ol all descriptions, and whether they are group or individual, the competition is keen and the interest remarkable. Indoor activities pro- vide jam, sing, and swing sessions for the rhyi: :ed: " bull and gripe " sessions for would-be orators. " Parlor athletes " " Don ' t send my boy to Harvard .... Off THE Page 31 3 WITH THE COIN WE BLEW Fann - - icy dancing ; The " Sandman " puts ' em to sleep. What the well- dressed I-Hopper will wear. Page 31 4 Felicitaciously yours, Kay Kyser and Virginia Simms AT DEAR OLD MICHIGAN " I ' m In a Dancing Mood To attempt a comparison between . the Michi- gan J-Hop and any other class function is ap- proaching the impossible. None other but the- Junior Class can boast of two " top " dance ' orchestras, fifteen-hundred couples, wee1c-end parties in store and five-fifty tickets at its an- nual " fling. " Thousands of dollars are spent for publicity, decorations and favors; hours of incomparable enjoyment are realized as a re- sult. antics. Only the beginning. Page 315 Mere formality. Pull the Washtenaw lever please . . . Amid protests,, recounts and what- nots, Michigan holds its election of class officers four times a year. Plat- forms, such as a student bookstore, more efficient administration and the top bands of the country for class dances, make their perennial ap- pearance and gather supporters for the Washtenaw party one year and State Street the next. Free taxi cabs on election days are a sure-fire method of getting the voters out. The prize political boner of the year was pulled by State Street ' s Sophomore contingent when they failed to file the necessary list of candidates at the Dean ' s office and were auto- matically eliminated. Michigan ' s famed " political machine " Page 316 L CO-EDS Shoe shine boy! One ol Michigan ' s " queens " Jones mortgages the Daily ' s future. Gee Whiz, are we baring fun! Displaying a spirit typical of Michigan, honorary societies, soror- ities, fraternities, and independents, with enthusiastic cooperation, trans- formed Yost Field House into a " big top " and instituted, for the first time in history, the " Michigras. " Promoted for the purpose of the Women ' s Ath- letic Association and the Dormitory Fund, students and faculty members alike gave their whole-hearted sup- port and in turn were provided with amusement and thrills. Due to the success of the venture, it has now be- come an annual event, and Michi- gan ' s " Michigras " will go down through the years as another memor- able tradition. Page 317 Twenty-four hours in a newspaperman ' s day! One of the most accurate reflections of Michi- gan college life is the publications organiza- tion. There is continuous activity in the publica- tions building, whether caused by approaching deadlines or the actual going to press. The friendly rivalry between the three publications is typified by the plagarism by the " Ensian " of the " Daily " copy, the incessant wrangling among all three for the best photographs and the recent confiscation of all the copies of one " Gargoyle " issue, causing the distribution to be delayed several days, much to the embarrassment of the staff. This competition makes for more conscien- tious work and, consequently, better publica- tions. They have a vital function; they mirror university life. X-tra . . . Daily X-lra! Salesmanship has its angles. Page 318 " We go to press at ten! " ' Ensian editors, artists, tryouts. PUBLICflTIOnS Not a geography seminar. The answer to a maiden ' s prayer. Page 319 Diver Craig relates his fish stories. A iull house. Two of the outstanding annual features which contribute to the entertainment of Michigan students are the lecture series and the dramatic season. The lecture series is sponsored by the Michigan Oratorical Association. Its primary purpose, is to keep the University in touch with what is going on outside of campus activities. This includes not only current news events but also recent happenings in the fields of literature, science, and the arts. Among the notable men who have contri- buted to this year ' s series are Julien Bryan, Captain John Craig and Wendell Chapman in the field of photography; Thomas Mann and Dr. Victor Heiser, noted authors, and Salvador de Madariaga, an authority on inter- national topics. The lectures are held ap- proximately once a month, and the notable lecturers attract a crowd which fills Hill Audi- torium to capacity. LECTURES Mar. 9 10 11 12 Guidance and Occupational Information Conference The " mann " of the hour. Page 320 Pete: " Well walk. . .not ran! " THIS PROUD PILGRIMAGE. Norman Rosten. Grad. Captain Obadiah Rich: " Once in your Hie you should do this. . .if only once! " Whit- lord Kane. Broadway star and director ol EXCURSION. Sailors: " O Lord be with us when we saiL . .upon the lonely deep. . . " EXCURSION. Victor Wolison. Director Windt and his players spent many hours prior to curtain time, rehearsing productions for which the campus has ac- claimed them, this year. The plays that have been offered include, " Excursion, " " This Proud Pilgrimage. " which was written by Norman Rosten, a student playwright, " Stage Door, " and Maxwell Anderson ' s " High Toi " . A laurel wreath should be awarded for the work on the Centennial Program presented last June, with their production of " The Bartered Bride " . Peasants: " Join my swaying. . . turning, swaying. . .while the happy polka ' s playing! " THE BARTERED BRIDE. Bedrich Saiet Page 321 ZwsffSS ' J )Jfi ' j C ' ' ). ' s " i 1 ' ' 3iii ' J ' -7 3;. ' . j S?x i vKv ' TWAS THERE FOND FRIENDSHIPS -boast ,of hyo ' iinstitutioris ii ' by- aliy .aptbefr ' : Men ' s tjnion and : ' th0 ' Le.aque.. Each is ,a- .laillioii " ' dollar ;e ' diiice ' : and. each offers .the, ..student and faculty member a: : ; plac:: for activity, entertainment and relaxation. Innumerable well-planned extra-curricular activ- ities are proffered the Michigan men and women, prompting them to regular participa- tion. Instituted to serve the student, the Union and League have proved to be outstanding additions and enviable assets to our campus. " The pause that refreshes. " Room-mates settle a feud. Another League project? Page 322 FIRST BEGAN AT MICHIGAN .----.. -.-.-- " . ' . - ' -. ' . ' - --. ' ' ' --... . - " -. ' Teetotalers? . . Teas, which had a phenomenal growth on the Michi- gan campus during the prohibition era, have been little affected since repeal. One of the most interesting and graciously conducted of these is that held bi-monthly at the home of the President. There, and at like affairs given by Union and League, Michigan students have a better chance of knowing their faculty and their class- mates. Coftee ior the men. Page 323 ,.-1( H I j I Many in number wait the bidding Of the loud rejoicing redskins; For before they take the long Imil, Many trials and many tortures First must prove their strength and courage . . . In t ie early moon of greenleaves Come they forth I lie stoic valiant; Forth they romp to paleface wigwam . . , Then to the mighty oak of Tappan Dash the screaming yelling redmen; To the tree of Indian legend When the whitemen pale and trembling Stand around the mighty oak; Warriors choice of paleface nation Choice of tribe to run the gauntlet. Down the warriors, painted demons. Swoop and catch their prey like eagles, Loud the warcry stirs the stillness, As they seize their hapless captives, Forth they bear them to their wigwam There to torture at their pleasure. Definitely " up a tree. " Page 326 " Listen to this tale of romance Tale oi Indian warrior bold. " Keep those feet together! Round the oak tree called the Tappac ' Some oi nature ' s own cosmetics I ' LL NE ' ER FORGET MY COLLEGE DAYS - ..- " - mm sen DOLL PRATE ITIE5 _ Arthur B. Lufdahl President EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ..,, ;, Francis C. Anderson. - - Bsspt . ' Joseph A, Bursley Walker Graham - ; Prof..; Karl; ' Litzehberg Hugh H. Rader ' . : .- ' - ' A! Thomas E, ..MGanh ' ;. . r C;i; Ch ' arles Arthur B. Lundahl Hoy Fraxie Sec ' y.-Treasu: LOWER STAFF Roland Athay Robert Canning D. Philip Clark Jack Collins Arthur Colman Charles Crowe Alfred Evans Lester Goda Robert Huey Julian Kilman Charles- M, Lovett Alex McCormell Robert Reid, Frederick Reinheitner John Rtnek John Thompson.;. John P. Thompson ; .. ' Walter ' Wendell Phillips Whittemore L. D. Worthing: V v-v: : F. N. Worthing How 1 J. P. Thompson, Lovett, Worthing, Athay, Collins, Huey, Reid, Canning. Row 2 Wendell, Lundahl, Frazier, Colman, Whittemore, Lilman, J. T. Thompson, Row 3 -Rinek, Evans, McConnell, Clark, Goda, Reinheimer. inmm BOLL Funny man? Molls, Mugs, and Milkshakes Row 1 Mary Ervin, Julian Kilman. Margaret McCall. John T. Thompson, Betty Fariss, John Rinek. Row 2 Dorothy Buelcw, Robert Canning, Faith Watkins. Roland Athory, Margaret Whittemore. D. Philip Clark. Row 3 Muriel Fishman, Arthur Colntan, Dorothy Shipman, co-chairman Arthur B. Lundahl, Lucy Lee Mallory, chairman Roy Frazier. Page 333 After 8:30 the hash sesson Herding the sheep And checking them over Page 334 Rise and Shine! Fraternity life . . . the constant hubbub of the din- ner table . . . the clamor at the telephone . . . all-night sessions . . . pledges . . . working and being worked . . . brothers bridging it ... dances, parties, flings . . . gals, girls, dates . . . beer . . . and more beer . . . classes and bluebooks . . . but we love it and we ' ll give our all for dear old Rho Fella Rho . What would EmUy say? Page 335 Row 1 Leeder, Seyfried, Gibson, Brown, Redwine, Hunt, Durt, Mann, Jeffrey, Valpey. Row 2 DeFries, Cound, Luebke, Good, Highland, Reed, Green, Cook, Farrens. Row 3 McGaughan, Buckwalter, M. Graham, Cogger, Lientz, Werry, Widman, Christman. Row 4 McKee, Munn, McDonald, Mulkey, D. Graham, Pryce, Poest, Bolene, Wheeler. R. W. Bunting, D.D.S. M. E. Cooley, LL.D. F. D. Curtis, Ph. D B. D. Edwards, Col. H. W. Emerson, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. W. Hammett, M. Arch. C. T. Johnston, C. E. M. L. Niehuss, LL. B. F. G. Novy, M.D. R. G. Rodkey, Ph. D. C. A. Sink, M. ED. M. B. Small, A.B. E. A. Stalker, M.S. T. Hawley Tapping, LL.B. H. H. Atwell J. E. Beal P. Boehm R. A. Campbell L. G. Christman Emanuel G. Bolene, B.S. (Chem. E.) Tom L. Evans, A. B. MEMBERS IN CITY R. C. Eastman L. Emde R. E. Granville W. C. Hollands O. D. Lefferts MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. Edward Hutchinson, A. B. Duncan B. McKee, B.S. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1904 H. C. Morton R. Norris C. R. Pryce F. A. Sargeant F, H. Stegath Richard W. Pomeroy, A. B. John D. Reed, A. B. SENIORS Weimar L. Christman William L. Cogger David B. Dunlap Donald D. Graham MacKellar K. Graham Melvin G. Kramer Shannon D. Lientz, Jr. John F. Munn Arthur L. Valpey Ben H. Werry Lee E. Widman Richard C. Wheeler JUNIORS Tracy V. Buckwalter, Jr. John M. Mulkey John B. Green Vernon G. Poest John N. Highland, Jr. Thomas G. Reed Frederick W. Luebke A. Dale Rush Frank W. McDonald Carlton S. Shier H. Stockwell McGaughan Dan Smick SOPHOMORES Wilford H. Brown Richard A. Conners E. Allen Cook, Jr. John D. Cound W. Fritz DeFries John H. Farrens, Jr. Edward C. Frutig M. Ray Denny John F. Durr Thomas Finlayson Douglas Jeffrey, Jr. Theodore T. Gibson, Jr. John I. Hunt Richard J. Mann Tack D. Redwine Fred Seyfried Dean W. Snow Grant R. Valpey FRESHMEN William E. Leeder Douglas A, Lyttle John P. Paup Robert M. Shier Page 336 RbPHfl CHI Row 1 Bowers, Niles. Stone, Roundy, Cousineau, de Guehery, Christian, Macdonald, Grimme Row 2 Stumpf, Lee, F. Zienty, Maxwell. Sullivan, Parke. Centolella. Florance, Fischer Row 3 Reed, Powers, M. Zienty. Shackelton, Hicks, Moore. Badley, Albaugh, Murray Row 4 Lout, Boulton, J. Atkinson, Goniprow, R. Atkinson, Kazmark, Werner, Landa. Goldman 1 ; A: - : = :- .-;-._ v Bakn -.1. Ph.D. George G. r::v.T. ?;-. I : rt | amey Ph.D. Lee O. Case, Ph.D. A dim A, Chris tman. Ph.D. MEMBERS IN FACU1TT Harold C. Eckstein, PhD. Alfred L. Fergeson. Ph.D. Joseph O. Halford. PhD. James H. Hodges, PhJD. Howard B. Lewis, Ph.D. Roy K. McAlpine, PhD. Clifford C. Meloche, Ph.D. Chester S. Schoepfle, ScD. William G. Smealon, A.B. Byron A. Soule, Sc.D. Malcolm H. Soule, Sc.D., LL.D. Lars Thomassen, Ph.D., Ch-E. Clair Upthegrove, B.S., Ch.E. Phillip F. WeaiheriU, Ph.D. Albert E. White, ScJX Alfred H. White, B.S., Ch-E. Hobart H. Willard, Ph.D. William P. Wood, M.S.E. Walter L. Badger, MS. William W. Dalee, M.S.E. : =-. :-.:: 1 :; MEMBERS IN CITY LeRoy B. High. M . Ray A. Patelski. Ph.D. E O. Scott, PhD. SENIORS h G. Atkinson Efacty L Boubon Hubert M. Goldman Vetaut Goniprow George W. Hicks Edward W. Kazmark - . ' .ir.i: : L; John Atkinson, Jr. y G. Christian Walter A. de Guehery Wayne H. Lee JUNIORS Willard R. Bowers Harry C. Fisher SOPHOMORES John M. Stone :h L. Laut Robert S. Moore Edward I_ Reed William E. Shackelton Robert C. Werner Mitchell F. Zienty Lee H. MacDonald Edward D. Marande Fred R Niles Harry C. Stumpf Willard H. Roundy George E. Grimme FOUNDED AT WISCONSIN 1902 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER 1916 Page 337 Row 1 Yepson, Ware, Mancourt, Drury, Ahlheim, S. Moore, Copithorn, B. Hook, Ladd, Row 2 Gushing, Morbaugh, Christiansen, Kleene, V. Moore, Watson, Belker, Forrster, Liff Sadler Row 3 Shands, Mabley Langs trom. Winter, Parfet, Everett, Tussing, Leonard, Carter, Under- ' -. down, Everhard ROW 4 Stannard, Spicer, Hamilton, Chadwick, Kilm-an, Gilmore, McKenzie, W. Hook, Boweri. ' S: , _ ! ,. i7v. v ?-. vi. l , ' D Arcy How 5 Haskell, White, Wilson, Allen, Warner, D ' Aprix, Glidden, Kollig, Rubsam MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. M. Bates, Ph.D., LL.D., LL.B. W. H. Bulls, Ph.D. J. S. Reeves, Ph.D., LL.B., LL.D. P. F. Weatherill, Ph.D. I. A. Inglis Sanford M. Ladd William J. DeLancy Edward C. D ' Aprix, Jr. Dean E. Glidden Walter L. Haskell, Jr. John M. Kollig MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Bruce L. Donaldson William Jack Horace A. Allen B. W. Wheeler, A.M. Don Marshall, M.S., M.D. E. A. Hand, M.D. Clarence O. Skinner SENIORS Edward C. Stannard William B. Warner Wayne E. White William H. Wilson FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE 1832 PENINSULA CHAPTER 1846 JUNIORS Charles C. Bowen Horace W. Gilmore Russel W. Hook, Jr. Julian Kilman Edward P. MacKenzie John M. Hamilton SOPHOMORES Otto R. Becker Hal T. Benham, Jr. A. C. McGraw Carter James C. Everett, Jr Lloyd M. Forster John K. Kleene Frank K. Mabley Richard F. Allheim William F. Beebe Rhodes H. Copithorn George T. Christiansen Arthur R. Cline, Jr. Holden Drury William S. Everhard Robert M. Hook Adam Kreuter II FRESHMEN John Uhl Robert Burhans Bert D. Reedy Frank W. Spicer, Jr. William W. Widdicombe John D ' Arcy, Jr. Arthur W. Allen Mike Chadwick Earl V. Moore, Jr. William G. Parfet Thomas C. Tussing David J. Watson, Jr. William T. Gushing, Jr. Frederick L. Shands Robert Winter Owen P. Lillie Edward M. Mancourt Stanley A. Moore William J. Murbach Robert C. W. Sadler Joseph B. Thaxter George M. Vial Gordon K. Ware Roger B. Yepson Page 338 flbPHR KRPPR bfl Bow 1 Matthews. Scott. Krenz. Fink. Webber. Hodgins. Lipp Bow 2 Wilson. Bennett. Lentl, Steding. Chresman, Frederick. Wallace. Beebe 3 Goldsbeny. Buennann. Eisner. Oakes. I. Probst. Meredith. Galbraith, Johnson. Baxter iw 4 W. Wheeler. G. Wheeler. Black. Campbell, Jones, Ladd. Burroughs, C. Probst, Heininger, Hoemer Dow V. Baxter. PhJX IN FACULTY Richard T. Liddicoat. B.S. Lawrence C. Maugh. KLS. Howard T. Ifcdusky. P.H.D. George G. AcDer Louis C. Reimann MEMBERS IN CITY Jack D. Hogan 3a - IB [ Cad B Bi :: William W. Henderson lames C. Cook IN UNIVERSITY Robert S. Reinhart Willard L Wilcox David A . Black " . ' . " ;..: = : - : ' . ' - .:: .-.:.= N:O?.S Austin H. Beebe . .-. -; = : : 3 .-:-- ;.-.:. ' ::.: ' . ;:.- : : . -.-- ... .-. :-: -. ' :..; Ra n Clayton E. Matthews Cameron W. Meredith Arthur C. Oakes Charles O. Probst Richard R. Roemer SENIORS Roswell J. Campbell Ernest A. Jones O. WailinLadd Kennit W. Webb George B. Wheeler FOUNDED AT U. OF CALIFORNIA 1914 ZETA CHAPTER 1924 SOFKCMCHE: Caaaattl Heininger :.f :. -: T. _ . ' .: _i Howard G. Lentz H r . :.-.:.: :. - :.. :r. 1 " ; ; :- Arthur L. Bennett ). ' LM :.:.: .--r. RvjrnK . 1 fa 1m :-. Edward D. Galbraith John W. Goldsberry - : . FRESHMEN L Jerome Fink Donald W. Lipp Jack K. Webber Page 339 How 1 Hall, Dvorak, Flora, Chase, Whitman, Feely, Hornaday, Shaw, West, Wilke Row 2 Sherman, Brown, Schwarzkopf, Dehm, Hager, Pearce, O ' Dell, Wisner, Morse Row 3 Parish, Hobert, Cooper, Uthofi, Hauser, Olsen, F. Anderson, Trebilcock Row 4 Madden, leager, Zahnow, McCloud, Pederson, Miller, Branson, Cook, S. Anderson William Brace, A.B., M.D C. P. Huber, A.M., A.B. J. F. Huber, A.M., A.B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY B. G. Oosterbaan, A.B. A. B. Shull, Ph.D. F. J. Sparrow, Ph.D. F. B. Wahr, Ph.D. R. W. Aigler, L.L.B. W. E. Bandemer J. N. Conlin D. P. Hammeal MEMBERS IN CITY R. H. Howard H. G. Raschbacher T. Wuerfel F. F. Basom H. T. Conlin D. K. Cook, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G. W. Roeglin SENIORS R. R. Goldcamp R. H. Judson Donald G. Bronson Julius A. Jaeger Robert A. McClou d Theodore F. Miller Robert C. Morrell Ernest A. Pederson, Jr. Maxwell R. Stout Orlen C. Zahnow JUNIORS FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY 1845 THETA CHAPTER 1908 Francis C. Anderson Stanley P. Anderson Howard R. Colby M. Paul Cook John K. Cooper Leslie H. Eames Carl W. Uthoff James J. Hauser Walter E. Hobart, Jr. Ted J. Madden Finn G. F. Olsen Guy H. Pitts Everett R. Trebilcock SOPHOMORES Charles W. Aldridge, Jr. Herbert F. Brown Brooks D. Church David R. Dehm Frank J. Feely, Jr. George H. Gangwere, Jr. C. Newton Hagar, Jr. Francis P. Hogan Hilton P. Hornaday, Jr. FRESHMEN Willard E. Anthony Keith R. Bronson William Chase Harry W. Dvorak Elwyn F. Morse John H. O ' Dell, Jr. Edward J. Parish Frederick C. Pearce Daniel J. Shaw Ralph H. Schwarzkopf Vincent D. Valek James S. Wilkie H. Karl Wisner Robert L. Flora, Jr. William B. Hall George H. Sherman Leonard R. West George S. Whitman Page 340 flLPHfl TRU OITlEGfl : h H. Cannon, B.S. .son. A.B. : : A.B. arke. AJJ. 5e Carle .n Edwards Edward Fraser ,: Gibbs 1 Spoiler. Slottery. Schuh, R. Wongelin. Show, Potter, Sprogell, W. Knapp. Costello. Poxson, Rosenberg, Carle. . Bow 2 I. Clark. Krum, Ironside, D. Wangelin, Fraser. Soucaze. W. Gabriel. GUlam, Powers, Parsons, Angle jtow 3 Morze. Marsh, Martin, Graham, MacLean, Edwards, Weber. D. Knapp, Lynner, Harris, Higgins, Colbridge W 4 Lang. Courtney, Wade, Fleming. Garrison, Gossard. Conrad. Maier, Brandt, H. Clark, Meyer. Baw 5 Greene. Thomas. Wheeler, R. Gabriel, Kirby. Simpson, Petrouleas, Purman. P. Smith. Guertler, Hollar, Metz MEMBERS IN FACULTY Wilbur R. Humphreys, A.M. Lewis B. Simes, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY Mihon A. Kendricks, A.B. Hugh Wellman. A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Donald Patterson, A.B. Richard Ryan. AJB. SENIORS Donald Knapp Russel Kn.imTn Ian Ironside Edward Gillam Sigurd Lynner M. Wren MacLean Stephen Madden Gordon Porter Oswald A. Powers Richard Schaus W. Morris Morgan, B.S.F. Steven Remias, A.B. Wilmarth S. Slootmaker, A.B. Edward Soucaze, A.B. William Shaw William Spaller Don J. Wangelin Richard Wangelin Crosby Wyman ;-JN:CRS is Graham Wallace Knapp David Poxson Angle im Black Hirry Clark Stanley Conrad Thomas Courtney David Fleming Lewis Garrison Hallock Richard Higgins lames Briney 7: -: . = - ::.:. :. Robert Gabriel - = - - ' . ' -:-. - - r : - :- . :-.. : George H. Hill Harry Kirby z . - : : :. Charles Schuh William Slanery Frank Sprogel Charles Rosenberg Frederick Weber SCPKCMC.-.ES . Malcolm Leng Kenneth ]. ' - Mark Maier Bui; 5an Richard Parsons as Richard Wade FRESKMFN Edward Purman Kenneth Simpson A. Paul Smith Bradford Smith Baird Thomas :-. 7 - : Robert Wood : .-. : : : FOUi-IDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE 1865 BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER 1883 Pac: Ililil Row 1 Rennie, Cottle, Wampler, Conrath, Johnson, Lowrey, Tenney, Comfort Row 2 Haigh, Heyl, Healy, Myers, Straub, Devereaux, Heyl Row 3 Derby, J. Ohrt, Watt, Fuller, Kitzmiller, Goodyear, Caves, Cushing How 4 Guide Loose, Harkins, Farmer, Boynton, Replogle, McDonald, Kane, Tyrrell Row 5 Thomas, H. Ohrt, Vis, Whitlock, E. Barrett, Watson, Bush, Greeson, C. Barrett, Allen E. W. Dow, A.B. C. Goodrich, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY K. McMurry, Ph.D. F. Robbins, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY SENIORS Junius E. Beal E. Beal M. Bullard W. S. Clarkson R. Earhart R. H. Cummings William Corlis James Crawford Wilson Green David Holmes Robert Howell R. A. Heaps C. McCallum W. H. Wait M. H. Wheeler A. S. Whitney MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Melvin Jacquer Phil McCallum James Morgan Norman Priest Mike Sharpe Austen A. Webb George Wilson FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1839 LAMBDA CHAPTER 1845 Frederick W. Boynton Frederick T. Cushing Douglas A. Farmer Andros Guide Walter S. Harkins, III Russel G. Heyl, Jr. Richard T. Black Harry P. Caves, Jr. Samuel T. Comfort Richard A. Cottle Edwin L. Derby James C. Allen Almon W. Conrath William A. Deveraux Robert J. Goodyear John H. Haigh Henry B. Heyl Robert T. Johnson G. Harrison Lowry Charles F. Barrett Edward P. Barrett Charles M. Boynton Robert O. Bush Paul N. Kane Mendel W. Kitzmiller William D. Loose John S. McDonald Edward H. Replogle W. Bradley Tyrrell Ben Wampler JUNIORS Robert F. Fuller John H. Healy Robert E. Lodge John C. Ohrt Ferris J. Rennie SOPHOMORES C. Barton Myers Henry N. Orht Paul R. Park Robert A. Straub Perry G. Tenney Lacy D. Thomas Lynn A. Townsend Robert F. Watt FRESHMEN Gorden S. Gresson Frank L. Cavan Vincent A. Vis Henry G. Watson Robert J. Whitlock Page 342 CHI PHI Bow 1 B. Duriee. Borksdole. Nelson. Campbell. C. Wade. Morse. Wright Row 2 Wagner. Richey, Nixon, Klein, Baker. Button, Hancock, Pepper Row 3 Jarris. Mulholland. Berhalter, Flannagan, North, Maclntyre. Vaughan, Spurway, Loren- zen, Braun Bow 4 Taylor, Peckover. Swarthout. Peckinpaugh. Droege. Fox. Mundy, Stone, Goodell Row 5 Frost, P. Duriee, Canning, Fitch, Wadsworth, Wendell. Rhodes, Buchner Row Combs, Hammond, Saemann, Moser, S. Wade, Staple. Harris, Johnson, Roberts F. F. filicide. PhJX R. B. Hall. Ph.D. Dr. R. s, A.B. ' . Combs A.B. Forcey MEMBERS IN FACULTY MEMBERS IN CITY B. W. Manwaring D. Shepherd MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Herbert K. Leach, A.B. C. MacDonald John Mumford J. H. Morgan, A.B. H. L. Nigg. A.B. C. F. Hemans, A.B. J. L. Law. M.D. SENIORS FRESHMEN : ge K. Harris r-ner banning . Droege S. Duriee John 7 ; ;_. Fox Klein -:. McHugh Owen R. Baker Berhalter Randall F. Braun :: L. Ellis JUNIORS John H. Seely John H. Saemann John D. Slaple James S. Van Keuren Stuart G. Wade William N. Mundy Charles W. Peckinpaugh H. Martin Peckover Harold Reeves A. William Rhodes George E. Stone Glendon F. Swarthout Harvey Wadsworth Warren Wagner ' -::. .- James B. Barksdale Robert G. Campbell Benjamin B. Durfee Robert D. Morse William W. Wittliff FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY 1824 ALPHA TAU CHAPTER 1921 Dr. C. W. Stickler R. H. Trimby J. K. Polk, A.B. H. Rigterink. A.B. J. T. Spence, A.B. C. B. White, A.B. Richard B. Peckinpaugh Donald D. Richey Charles F. Wade Robert L. Wagner SOPHOMORES .:. ' ..-. 1 ' - Arthur L. Maclntyre Harry K. Mulholland Robert Nelson Don L. Nixon Edward D. North Robert H. Pepper Barry Ratliff Harold R. Spurway Darby Taylor Perry A. Vaughan Robert Windsor W. Keith Wright Page 343 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Waldo M. Abbot, A.B. Robert E. Carson, A.B. Lafayette F. Dow, A.B., M.A. Raymond Fisher, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY Arthur P. Grigg, A.B., M.D. C. H. McDonnell, A.B., M.D. Frederick S. Randall Lee K. Richardson, A.B. Grosvenor T. Root, A.B., M.D. H. Seger Slifer, A.B., M.A., J.D. Edwin P. Vary David G. Welton, A.B., M.D. John H. Bailey, A.B., M.D., Ph.D. Richmond S. Blake, A.B. Robert C. Bourland, Jr., A.B. Kenneth Brill, Jr., A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Collins E. Brooks, A.B. John A. Cawley, A.B. Norman L. DeWitt, A.B. John C. Lillie, A.B. Lloyd G. McKay, Jr. Ralph H. Cottis, A.B. Alfred H. Lovell, Jr. John W. Wairen A.B. SENIORS FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE 1841 ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER 1845 Joseph F. Bartlcy, Jr. Robert H. Campbell, Jr. Robert B. Dunn, III Edward J. Greenwald, Jr. Bryan S. Moats Waldo M. Abbot, III Clement H. Barnes John L. Barrett Harry B. Crawford John H. Duxbury JUNIORS John F. McLean, Jr. Alfred L. Perkins Lothrop S. Peikins, Jr. Fletcher N. Plait Benton E. Urmston Robert G. Isgiigg John S. Kilner, Jr. George L. McCain, Neil McKay SOPHOMORES James E. Brown Brooks Buderus Donald W. Dressel Raymond J. Fraser William D. Gingrich Joseph W. Kennicott Robert W. King Robert A. Palmer James W. Rae Harry Rees, Jr. Spencer Reitz Robert R. Smith Lawrence Vandenberg Hugh S. Wagner FRESHMEN William D. Biggers Warren C. Breidenbach, Jr. Robert K. Green Richard J. Haag Joseph C. Hart Hugh L. Head, Jr. Edwin A. Hibbard Herbert D. Kilner Peny F. Nelson Page 344 -. DEIiTR KHPPfl EPSIIiON " - ' iSte . - " flow 1 Hinshcw, Brice, Ford, Glasser, Morris, Starr, Bagwsll, Livingston, White, DeFoe Row 2 Miller, Canfield, I. Grace, Long, Davidson, Howard, Delbridge, Osborn, Meyn, Kirk Bow 3 Darmslaeter, Stiles. Weaver. Mitchell, Buchen, Lindgren, Wilmarth Wise, Townsend, Colombo, Harwood, McCann. Collins, T. Grace. Hohman A. S. Alton, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. C. AngeJl, Ph.D. H. M. Ehrmann, Ph.D. A. B. Ccnriable MEMBERS IN CITY H. S. Johnson F. H. Yost, Jr. SENIORS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. Frederick Colombo Arthur F. Harwood, Jr. Thomas E. McCann John F. Townsend Joseph V. Fisher Charles C. Menefee Earl Townsend, Jr. Phillip T. VanZile JUNIORS Phillip W. Buchen Hiram N. Collins Malcolm G. Daniels Edward R. Gracs, Jr. Charles G. Hohman Harry D. Wise, Jr. Robert D. Lindgren William W. Mitchell John R. Stiles Benjamin J. Weaver Harold C. Wilniaith. Jr. FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY 1855 OMICRON CHAPTER 1855 SOPHOMORES William B. Canfield Armid A. Darmstaeter Wilbur S. Davidson William M. Delbridge James W. Grace Guy Howard Cline Bagwell Houston Brice Tom D. DeFoe Ray D. Dwyer Tom G. Ford Andrew B. Hinshaw Howard Kirk Richard F. Long Walter K. Meyn William E. Miller Chase 5. Osborn Donald E. Savage FRESHMEN James Livingston Frank Mackey Pendleton Morris Oliver Starr Kirk White Joseph Glasser Page 345 Row 1 McCallister, Beatty, Hill, Hedges, Erickson, Row 2 Dighton, Dannemiller, Miller, Parker, Whe. Row 3 Cockram, J. Campbell, Parsons, K. Belden Christie, Hollinshead Row 4 Van Dyke, Lathrop, McAfee, M. Campbell, Van Duson, Walker, Wellman, Beach Emley i Taft, Dubs A i ' Mty ' | 3n: v Vt J Will WPI TB I HU UcLiTH J. Alexander F. E. Bartell D. Bulmer MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. D. Curtis C. M. Davis F. M. Gaige C. E. Guthe J. L. Powers H. H. Willard L. J. Young MEMBERS IN CITY P. J. Bourroughs R. D. Cutting R. Fasguelle MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY W. W. Florer A. J. Gillingham A. M. Highley G. P. McCallum William F. Borgmann Guerdon D. Greenway Robert J. Henoch Robert B. Knight Lewis G. Kearns William Nichols Joseph A. Yager Frederick G. Buesser George Nichols Frank Durham Del Geffre C. J. Burrell Ansel B. Smith, Ir. FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE 1858 DELTA CHAPTER 1874 Mark Beach Murray Campbell Ned Emley Freeman Lathrop Linden Albrecht Dan Belden Don Belden Vincent Butterly John Campbell Stephen Filipiak Gordon Conn Robert Christie Austin Censor William Gunderson F. L. Oakes S. Platt H. H. Smith SENIORS JUNIORS Dale McAfee Jack Walker Burton Wellman James Hollinshead Robert Homer Robert Lynch Charles Parsons William Steytler, Jr. William Tail Robert Tornello Jack Van Deusen Erie Whetsell Arthur Zuehlke SOPHOMORES Gus Dannemiller Henry Dighton Alford Dubs Jack Erickson Charles Hedges Ben Jones John McCallister William Baxter William Beatty Eugene Bordinat Harold Cockram George Cornell Gus Miller Arthur Moss Howard Parker Robert Schellhase Rudy Van Dyke Carl Wheeler Boyd Walker FRESHMEN L. Clayton Hill Nevin Jamieson Merrill Johnson Bradford Laughlin Edward Reid Page 346 DEbTR UPSIUOn flow 1 Boye. Pearson. Holton, Proctor, Johnson, Larkin, Madden, Brown, Sutherland Row 2 Moore, Schneider, Barnett, Livingston, Smith, Blaisdell, Kerner Row 3 M. Steere. Estes. Thierwechter, Sherman. Adams. Vedder, Harder. Treadwell w 4 Low, Baughman, Andrews, Packer, Clark, Lyman, Warner, Hird, Larsen w S Barco. Bugbee, Hayward. Lansdale. Collins, F. Steere. Blass, Schnorbach. Bowman. Thompson Blackett. Ph.D. I : . E ' .ee-k-an. MSC. .-. L Cross, Ph.D. J. H. Drake, Ph.D., LL.D. " . ' , " . B. Ford, Ph.D. E. R Greene. Ph.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY 3. B. Hadley, Ph.D. W. C. Hoad, A.B. C. A. Knudson, Jr., Ph.D. K. Litzenburg, Ph.D. C. L. Meader, Ph.D. H. M. Randall, Ph.D. W. B. Shaw, A.B. W. W. Taylor, M.A. F. B. Vedder, D.D.S. R. T. Woodbume, Ph.D. W. F. Cook J. O. Berqelin A. E. Green E. J. Huntinqton MEMBERS IN CITY H. W. Nichols H. G. Prettyman D. W. Titus Hugh B. Kuder, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Bertram H. Lebeis, A.B. SENIORS James W. Barco nek A. Collins John F. Cornelius Hugh L. Hayward Allen Andrews Charles D. Ciark Urbane W. Hird William W. Lyman K. Kevin Hepp ird M. Adams Hugh H. Estes Douglas A. Larsen Richard Livingston Homer W. Smith Henry S. Sherman Rodney W. Alexander Robert A. Bamett Marshall C. Brown Charles Holton Edward J. Horder Neil Johnson Charles A. Kerner JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN David B. Lansdale ]ames D. Ritchie Frank W. Steeie James Moore Fred Lowe John T. Thompson Arthur E. Warner Morris R. Steere Douglas W. Thierwechter Richard E. Boye Warren R. Baughman Malcolm Blaisdeil Robert Larkin Robert Madden Forest S. Pearson Robert L Schneider David B. Sutherland Neil D. Vedder FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE 1834 MICHIGAN CHAPTER 1875 Page 347 Row 1 Carnegie. Saxton, Beeker, Heitsch, J. Cramer, North, Richards Row 2 Mast, Davis, Loessel, Ittner, Mitchner, Arata Row 3 Markham, Johnson, Grossman, W. Cramer, Keen, Ingram ffte PSEsl MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. W. Ackerman, A.M. R. W. Aigler, LL.B. F. C. Aldrich, B.A. L. A. Baier, B. Mar. E. James H. Hendley Guy S. Kaser Ralph B. Baldwin Walter D. Pool H. C. Sadler, Sc.D. MEMBERS IN CITY Laverne H. Taylor MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY R. W. Cowden, M.A. L. M. Gram, B.S. L. Preuss, Ph.D. A. G. Ruthven, Ph.D. Waller H. Powers Herbert M. Shaw Leo W. Walker John E. Burch SENIORS FOUNDED AT ANN ARBOR 1907 Ralph E. Beeker Walter G. Cramer Lester Ingram Charles F. Keen Edward J. Carnegie R. Stuart Grossman Robert L. Johnson JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Robert Arata Glen A. Boissonneault Charles L. Bowers James H. Heitsch .William J. Herrmann FRESHMEN Peter J. Markham W. Carlton Mast Jose G. Moscoso Stanley C. Richards John B. Saxton Martin J. Ittner Earl O. Loessel Phillip North George I. Ruehle Page 348 KflPPfl DEtiTfl W. E. Lay, B.M.E. F. Everett, Ph.D. B. A. DeGraif, A.M. Row 1 Linabury, W. Van Hoek, Van Ncrdstrand, Beniord. Row 2 Yokoxn, Edwards, Huey, Moline. B. Boynton, Parry. Row 3 R. Boynton, Rcdford. Everett, Innes, Lay. Smith. D. Van Hoek. MEMBERS IN FACULTY N. H. Williams, Ph.D. L, M. Eich. Ph.D. E. A. Kleinschmidt I. Truman Steinko, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY Earl Sawyer, A.B. Waller Moline Robert Boynton, B.S., M.E. SENIORS Robert Innes Fritz L. Radford MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Robert Van Nordstrand, B.S. FRESHMAN Richard Boynton Theodore Linabury Robert Marsh William Parry Donald Van Hoek Robert Yokom David Smith Walter Van Hoek Earl Fields IUNIORS Robert Huey William Parkinson Harry Beniord FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE 1905 MU CHAPTER 1923 SOPHOMORES Robert Edwards Louis Cuccia Page 349 Row 1 Ginsburg, Litt, Coan, Steinhart, Klein, Kramer, Cohen, Schnitl. How 2 Smith, Siegel, Ostrow, Rubiner, Purvin, Rosenfeld. Row 3 Wallace, Baron, Cast, Levine, Sott, Morse, Schetzer. Row 4 Lubin, Stone, Goudsmit, Harrison, Roseman, Isaacs, Friedman, Soodik. [K ' vT ' m$ MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Donald M. Cohn, A.B. Sheldon M. Ellis, A.B. David B. Friedman, A.B. Samuel A. Goudsmit Milton Keiner, A.B. David Klein Milton A. Kramer, A.B. Bernard Weissman, A.B. SENIORS JUNIORS Philip I. Fields Arnold L. Friedman Robert V. Harrison Morton Jacobs Alan W. Mittelman J. Norman Soodik Stephen A. Stone Seymour T. Weitzman FOUNDED AT ROCHESTER UNIVERSITY 1911 MU CHAPTER 1921 Jerome L. Baion Joseph Fauman Harold Cast Nathaniel M. Holtzman Irving R. Isaacs Louis Levine Seymour D. Lubiri Harrison Friend E. Herman Heimann, Jr. Herbert Sott Philip B. Ostrow Abraham Berkovitz Stephen Coan Maynard M. Cohen Norman Ginsburg Avrohm Jacobson Arthur Katz Burton L. Klein SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Lawrence A. Morse Leonard D. Rosenman Seymour G. Rosenthal Bernard S. Rubiner Julius Shetzer Myron L. Wallace Lloyd Z. Purvin Nathaniel S. Siegel Marvin E. Smith Jack Weiner William M. Kramer Maxwell Lerner Marvin D. Litt Norman H. Rosenfeld Daniel M. Schnit Sidney D. Steinhart Sidney Wagner Page 3bO KRPPR sonn 3? it Row 1 Morrison, Barley, Stevenson, Harrington, Hasani, Long. Row 2 W. Smith, Mitchell, Pace, Ashburn, Wein, Miller, Stevens. How 3 Kingery, Lakin, Roach, R. Smith, Marti, Keegan, Griffith, Piotrowski. John J. Early Mack J. Griffith Anwar R. Hasani Jack L. Keegan Frederick W. Peterson, A.M. Ferdinand N. Menefee, C.E. Allen Boyden, A.B. John B. Ames Howard J. Barnum Frank S. Carson Norbert K. Fell William C. Manchester Joseph O. Callouette Robert M. Eckelberger SENIORS Don V. Marti John M. Miller Charles D. Roach William L. Smith MEMBERS IN FACULTY Arthur E. Wood, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY David E. Richardson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Rex E. Buxton, M.D. John M. Sheldon, B.S., M.D. Leon H. Strong, Ph. D. Archie L. McNaughton Cecil H. Martell Maynard A. Newton Ralph J. O ' Hara Fred J. Morns Raymond S. Jackson James A. Meese FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA 1869 ALPHA ZETA CHAPTER 1892 Don P. Kingery Lawrence B. Lackey Delbridge R. Lakin Jesse A. Ashburn John R. Callouette Robert J. Harrington Charles R. Thomson JUNIORS Karl J. Wein SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Jerome T. Mitchell Robert P. Piotrowski Robert W. Smith William B. Merrifield Jeffries J. Pace Howard R. Stevens Gale L. Long Don P. Creagon Page 351 Row 1 Handren, Carr, Adams, Ryker, McCormick. Presil. Row 2 Keck, Crum, Newman, Edwards, Bussard, Hatcher, Hassberger, Neif. Row 3 Warner, Barrett, Gerardi, Carlson, Linscheid, Humphreys, Hope, Hyslop, Elliott. Row 4 Hayes, Whiting, Gaio, Baumeister, Colenzo, Wolfe, Knowe, Gibbs, Greene, Bomm ' u, Row 5 Andronik, Staley, Bruna, Bradley, Foote, MacLeod, Barkdull, Simmons, McKay, VulUn. ' jjV Shelley. Floyd N. Calhoun, M.S. Myron B. Chapin, Ph.B. Ruel Churchill, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Jesse Ormondroyd, A.B. William G. Smeaton, A.B. Clifford Woody, Ph.D. Rudolph I. Clary, M.D. Howard L. Fettes Paul Gibson, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY Robert H. Townsend Richard Gustine, A.B. John Kagey Lawrence W. Prakken, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Theodore J. Bommer, B.S. Frederick R. Matson, M.S. Jack S. Mitchell Joseph F. Sahlmark, B.S. Chester P. Shelly, A.B. Wilfred J. Smith, B.S. Merrel Taylor, A.B. Arthur W. Tyler, B.S. SENIORS FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY 1909 SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER 1913 Edmund L. Andronik Charles W. Barkdull Rodgers A. Bradley Edward F. Bruna Edward W. Foote Ronald E. Hayes Lawrence R. Hyslop Walter E. Baumeister Herbert G. Carlson James E. Colenso Arthur J. Gaio Morgan Gibbs Fern W. Barrett Frank W. Bussard Harry R. Hatcher Richard C. Hassberger William D. Hope Walter C. Adams Donald T. Carr David C. Crum James R. Edwards Alexander H. Elliott Lawrence E. Handren JUNIORS Jack Macleod Frank C. MacTernan Lawrence I. McKay Ronald Simmons Hanley V, ' . Staley Everett C. Vallin Arthur A. Whiting Roy G. Gerardi Charles W. Greene, Jr. Richard H. Knowe Elmer Schloot Charles C. Wolf SOPHOMORES FRESHMAN J. Richard Humphreys Fred H. Linscheid, Jr. Roy S. Neff Charles W. Newman Marcellus C. Keck Jay W. McCormick Robert W. Prasil Don W. Ryker Guy E. Warner Pago 352 PHI BETH DEitTfl Bow 1 Mossin, Ettinger, Afaromovitz, Nievert, Dicker, Gunsberg. Levine. Row 2 Siegel, Grant. Barish. Brown, Obermar., Cohodes. How 3 Salwen. Rudman, Alderman. Cohen, Nayer. Ellman, Bauer. MEMBERS IN CITY Bernard Hirsh MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Daniel Siegel Julian Barish Haskel L. Cohodes Robert Nirenberg David Grant Herman Fishman JUNIORS Irving Levine Irving Bauer Marvin Neivert Maurice Abramovitz Irving Gooze SOPHOMORES Seymore Ellman Martin L. Rudman Ernest D. Salwen Herbert Lev Murray Massin FRESHMAN Bernard Moroff Richard Gunsberg Leon P. Dicker SENIORS Wilbur Alderman Leonard F. Oberman I. P. Newman Leonard Koplin Hairy Naycr Harold K. Brown Arthur G. Cohen FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 1912 OM1CRON CHAPTER- -1921 Page 3S3 Row 1 Mix, France, Charlton, Tobin, Killens, Brandt, H. Cooper, Harmon. How 2 Geisert, Elliot. Mowry, Root, Stringer, Adams, Brown, Wassel. How 3 Peters, Howarth, Spangler, Sherman, Taylor, Bensley, Newton. Martin, Yantis. Row 4 Woodworth, White, Clark. Bowles, Heath, Purdy, Rhed, Stewart, Laux, Hildebrandt. ' ' Row 5 Ross, White, Barasa, Trebilcock, R. Cooper, Brewer, Hoffman, Jones, Newcoroer, Maxwell, Petersen. MEMBERS IN FACULTY P. S. Barker, A.B., M.D. D. Crary, A.B. H. G. Kipke, A.B. E. V. Moore, A.B., D.Mus. H. A. Sanders, Ph.D. THETR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Boyd Bolitho Harrison Church Edward Bigger Charles Klein Lawrence Barasa Donald Brewer Robert Cooper John Hildebrandt Louis Hoffman David Hunn Dan Jones Allen Saunders SENIORS Frank Masters Harry McGavran Edward Shumaker Francis Wistert Gregory Maxwell Martin Newcomer Tom Peterson Arthur Ross William Trebilcock Dolas White Bill White John Smithers Gene Bowles Bailey Brown James Clark Robert Frye Roy Heath John Laux Jack Lobb Robert Martin MEMBERS IN CITY Edward French JUNIORS Hugh Beebe Larry Newton Jack Peters Bruce Purdy Leland Rhed John Stewart Phillip Woodworth John Yaniis Bill Yearnd SOPHOMORES FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER -1864 Tom Adams, Jr. lack Bensley Arnold Brand William Elliot James McNicholas Robert Mix Edward Philbrick C. Fred Charlton Henry Cooper Richard France William Geisert Tom Harmon Robert Henderson FRESHMEN Arthur Sherman Ted Spangler Marshal Stringei Sam Root Tom Root Dekle Taylor Frank Wassell Dave Killens Lloyd Mowery John Petrie Fred Howarth Oliver Simard James Tobin Pago 354 PHI EPSILOn PI i m MHl Row 1 LaVetter, Fries Sykes. Lewis. Hirsch. Newman, L. Markel. Row 2 Knobloch. Brock. M. Markel, Weinstock. Goldstein. Michael. Freiberg. Row 3 Stone, Friedman. Straus. May, Kay, Frank, Ehrlicb. Haas. SOPHOMORES MEMBERS IN FACULTY Jerome Ccnn. M.D. Julian Tobias, A.B., MX . MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY James K. Davis Sidney B. Erlkrh Robert L. Frank Thomas B. Friedman Marvin Kay Joseph D. Haas Morris Markel Alexander H. Hirshfeld William H. Klein Lecnard Wingert SENIORS JUNIORS L. John May Richard L Stone David A. Straus David R. Weinslock Nathan Goldstein, II Warren Brock Robert Hirsch Emanuel Knoblock Lester M. Markel Bert Michael Leonard M- Newman Robert G. Freis FRESHMEN John P. Sykes Jerome A. Lewis FOUNDED AT C. C.. N. Y. 1S04 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER 1921 Page 355 Row 1 Tripp, Harrison, King, Pickering, Evashevski, Martin, Hoke, Dardcn, Palmer, Rothvty Row 2 Roberts, Hea, O ' Connell, J. Knecht, Egert, Kewley, Gelder, Hulbert, Swinton, VlallMd Row 3 Crowe, J. Rinek, H. Morris, Erlewine, Gedeon, Goodrich, Seymour, Holt, L. Row 4 Parker, Angley, Peckinpaugh, Horan, Spain, Meisenheimer, Layhe, Clarke. Row 5 Stoddard, W. Knecht, McFate, Darling, Thorn, Mueller, Southard, Morse, I. fjm m : ' - MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. R. Hayden J. N. Lincoln, Ph.D. C. F. Meyers, Ph.D. H. W. Miller, M.E. W. B. Rea, A.B. H. E. Riggs, C.E. R. W. Babcock W. T. Buchanon F. G. Cadwell C. A. Cave L. L. Forsythe H. H. Magoon MEMBERS IN CITY H. C. Sadler, C.Sc. C. W. Spooner S. W. Smith, A.M. C. Sturgis, M.D. C. S. Yoakum, P.H.D. E. R. Sunderland, L.L.D. F. P. McClellan W. D. Peterson C. Rayburn C. A. Smith H. H. Upton I. A. Woodburn FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE 1848 ALPHA PHI CHAPTER 1885 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Burton L. Coffey Guy C. Conkle, A.B. Richard Erlewine, B.S. George S. Harris, A.B. William Hunter John C. Morris James M. Lambie, A.B. William McFate, A.B. James R. McCollum, A.B. Phillip Mitchell, A. B. Ladimar J. Moudry, A.B. Myron Hawley Thomas Hill Jack K. Pedigo, A.B. Alfred H. Plummer, A.B. Louis Staudt, A.B. John Stokeley, B.S., M.S. Allen H. Meisenheimer Thomas Kinkead SENIORS Robert Stillman Bradley Charles E. Darling Robert A. Elliott Edward P. Goodrich Jack B. Henderson William E. Horan William C. Knecht John A. Rinek Ralph L. Erlewine Robert R. Holt Elmer J. Gedeon Harvey W. Clarke Forrest R. Jordan John C. Brennan JUNIORS John E. McFate Glenn B. Morse Robert C. Mueller Edward A. Southard William W. Spain Marcus W. Stoddard John Culbertson Thorn Walter S. Peckinpaugh Samuel S. Bickford William G. Layhe Robert E. Angley George D. Seymour Charles W. Crowe Hamilton F. Morris SOPHOMORES Norman E. Kewley Matthew T. Rea James McCracken Alexander B. Vial Stanley M. Swinton John L. Gelder Edward A. King James M. Palmer John G. Roberts Robert H. Darden Edward S. Tripp Robert Parker FRESHMEN Jack G. Knecht Howard E. Egert Lorenz W. Rinek Edward O ' Connell John R. Hubert Edward G. Martin Mauritz G. Anderson Wallace S. Hoke James J. Harrison Paul A. Rothwell Harry E. Pickering Forest Evashevski Payo 3SG PHI KRPPR PSI Row 1 Wilke, Robinson. Quinn, Dobson, Foulder, Simmers, Eagcm, Kreiger, Adlet. Row 2 Vonderbrich. Hoppin, Loud, Sessions, Detwiler, Strickland, Wunch, Bennett, James. Row 3 Shutts, George, Barnett, Corlett, Zimmerman, Irwin, Gunn, Franke. Campbell. Weber. i low 4 Farnsworth. Spray, Parker, Morgan, Dubois, Patton, Blue. Harper. Newman. Holden, Sorge. ' SBow 5 Sargent. Jensen. Zapp. Schwarxe. Lundahl, Adams, Gray Berg, Strickland, Faulkner. MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. G. Adams, Ph.D. H. B. Calderwood, Ph.D. E. Cover! . Kempt M. Oliphant MEMBERS IN CITY E. H. Kraus, Ph.D.. Sc.D. W. C. Trow, PhD. N. Rogers R. I. Patton H. E. Wilson FRESHMEN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY David G. Barnett, A.B. Clayton Brelsford. A.B. Harry Brelsford, B.S. James Briegel, A.B. Benjamin Cox, B.S. Jame; Hans Berg Charles Grey Walter A. Jensen David B. Blue Ralph H. DuBois Wm. H. Farnsworth Ross H. Faukner James A. Harper Robert E. Harris Birum G. Campbell Henry W. Barnett W. Jack Detwiler Russel T. Dobson W. David Corlett Carl D. Franke John M. Holden SENIORS JUNIORS Eugene C Shutts SOPHOMORES Richard E Erwin Edmond DeVine, A.B. T. K. Fisher. A.B. William Griffiths. B.S. James H. Walker Charles Payton, B.S. A. B. Lundahl David B. Rank Fred H. Schwarze George M. Zapp Robert P. Morgan John R. Parker Charles C. Patton Judd Spray, Jr. James W. Sargent Jay W. Sorgo Charles E. James, Jr. Robert L. George Howard F. Weber Ellis A. Wunsch Paul D. Strictland Ralph E. Zimmerman, Jr. Dirk VanderBurch Richard L. Adler George B. Faulder Richard C. Bennett William C. Loud A. John Neerkin William M. Quinn William L Sessions James S. Kreiger R. Russell Eagan John H. Hoppin, Jr. Glenn L. Robinson John H. Wke James W. Gunn John M. Simmers John Dobson FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE 1852 ALPHA CHAPTER 1676 Page 357 SIGIDR i ]. L. Brumm, M.A. H. A. Kenyon, M.A. W. F. Angell R. O. Bonisteel H. R. Breniser W. E. Brown W. M. Couper E. H. Cress MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. A. Mclaughlin, B.A. E. D. Mitchell, B.A. P. C. Samson, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Bruce A. Campbell C. Bruce Kelley J. Thomas Guernsey D. O. Dow R. F. Hutzel C. W. Lepard H. T. Meyers M. Osgood, Jr. P. J. Van Boven James V. Graham John A. Gee Ernest Wakefield William R. Mann FOUNDED AT U. OF PENN. 1850 ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER 1905 SENIORS Charles L. Brooks William O. Cliff Allen M. Crewson Clarence E. Eldridge Ernest B Huff Robert T. Krieghoff Robert E. Archer Arthur P. Bartholomew James A. Boozer Harry L. Hart Francis X. Meir Grey K. Nelson Robert Baldwin Raymond Barnes Roger Clapp David Gushing George Egger Mowitt Drew Prescott Earle Charles McKenny Lowell Moss living Munson JUNIORS Frank P. Lapick Robert C. Mansfield James A. Nichols, Jr. Reidar Ncrbom Horace V. Pinney Frank J. Simes Lynn F. Parker William R. Parsons Edward J. Phillips Frederick S. Reinheimer Stanton G. Roesch Joseph F. Paulus Franklin B. Schull SOPHOMORES Phillip Gordy Derwood Laskey Paul Penvenne John Schulte Robert Thalner J. Shartel Williams FRESHMEN Scott Osier Harold Owens Roy Scott Woodrow Skaff Robert Stewart Arthur Troit Page 358 PHI KRPPR TRU How 1 Culrer, Marino. Wilkins. Barker. Parliament, Jackson, Lyle. Stevenson. Bow 2 Jacobs. Keal. Jay. Content, Dix. Barrie. Weathenton. Bow 3 Osqood. Spiller. McAlister. Barr. Mickle. Hardleben. Mann. Scholes. SOPHOMORES MEMBERS IN FACULTY I ' .--- linn Pent Axel Marin, BJS.E. Prof. Frank A. Mickle, M.E Pro: ' . : rse William B. Ban Stanley G. Kelley Douglas Morgan Loren R. Parliament Wynne Steuernole Richard Weatherston Arthur Wcods D. Emery Culver Fred A. Heller MEMBERS Of CITY Harry Morris Oliver Todd Robert F. Wikle Pierce Barker Robert J. Filkins Robert H. Jackson FRESHMEN Ben M. Marino William H. Mogle Philip G. Stephenson ' MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Martin Johnson. B.S. Charles Murray. B.S. Paul W. Pinkerton, B.A. FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY am TAU CHAPTER 1922 SENIORS -:y J. Everson Wilson R. Hardleben Richard D. Jay Robert C. Keal Robert D. Osgood Walter V. Scholes :VN:CF.S " ' . .= " =:: = Herbert % iller Page 359 Row 1 Goldstein, Epstein, Solomon, H. Greenberg, Wolin, Persky, Harris, Brandt, Sissmfl Wiener. Row 2 Cotton, M. Stahl, Landecker, J. Stahl, Nadler, Klaus, Berger, Rosenberg, Levine. Row 3 Marans, Raskin, Grant, Wagner, S. Ginsburg, Siegelman, Fertman, Read, Busch, Koji , How 4 Ark, Roth, Aronsohn, E. Greenberg, Klein, Slavin, E. Ginsberg, Lohman. Small, Go.1 ; MEMBERS IN FACULTY Milton S. Goldhamer, M.D. I. J. Hauser, B.A., M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY M. I. Hauser, B.A., M.D. Howard Ark Charles M. Aronsohn Samuel M. Charin Manuel Fertman Edward Ginsberg SENIORS Eugene Greenberg Richard I. Klein H. Herman Lohman Manuel Slavin Kalman Small MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Samuel Lipsky, B.S. JUNIORS FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 1909 ETA CHAPTER 1916 Stanley I. Busch Emanuel Hecht Hugh M. Kopel J. Leonard Brandt Sidney Ginsburg Harold R. Goldman Samuel Grant Howard Greenberg Lester S. Levine Harvey Ackerman Sumner Cotton James Berger Harold Epstein Hartley Goldstein Richard Klaus SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Leonard P. Siegelman Martin Z. Wiener Ralph C. Read Herbert Raskin Norman Rosenberg Daniel Wagner Jack R. Wolin Morton Stahl Edmund Harris Gordon Marans George Nadler Lester Persky Bernard T. Sisman Samuel Soloman Jackson Stahl Page 360 Row 1 Fry, Mohar, Jester, Maytham, Bedford, Almdale, Bretzlcfi, Smith, Sobesky. Row 2 Fromm, Dempsey, Clark, Reynolds, Adler, Hartnett, MacDonald, Stringfellow. How 3 Scholz, Ricker, Kilmer. Kenning. Faulkner. Burns, Moore, Yunck. Marcero. PH ' SIGml1 Richard D. Faulkner Paul H. Henning, Jr. Ned A. Kilmer, Jr. SENIORS Dixon M. Lathrop Lee F. Moore Frederick F. Yunck MEMBERS IN FACULTY P. H. Jeserich, D.D.S. H. G. Waller. M.D. R. D. Thompson, B.S.E. A. H. White, B.S.E. MEMBERS IN CITY W. P. Comslack C. O. Creal E. C. Finqerle G. O. White JUNIORS Harold M. Adler La Verne T. Burns Newton S. Dempsey Robert B. Hartnett Einar R. Almdale George A. Bretzlaff Albert C. Chadwick James E. Fromm Thomas C. Jester John E. Matham Robert Hamilton Richard Mahar SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Harold McGregor Randall S. Reynolds Erwin D. Ward Harold L. Weckler James C. MacDonald Richard D. Morin Robert L. Paver Hadley J. Smith Lawrence V. Smith Henry A. Stringfellow Richard Northway John Sobesky MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY William Scholz, Jr. Francis A. Marcero Milton H. Campbell Arthur J. Ricker Joseph L. Karpinski Russell T. Walker, A B. Frederick S. Magnusson B.S. (Chem) FOUNDED AT MASS. STATE 1873 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER 1915 Page 361 How 1 Winkelman, Ef.inger, Lefkowich. damage, I. Gerson, Samuel, Botwinik, Cohl, Harmel. Row 2 Resnick, Berris, B. Gerson. Strauss, Herman, Eastman, Mandeberg, Grossman, How 3 Friedman. Schweid, Hoffman. Brenn, Benjamin, Mitchell, P. Soboroff, David, man, Livingston. How 4 Harris, W. Soboroff, Greenblatt, Mathews, Hausman, Goldstine, Fischer. Sai Elkes. ; ; . .-v, ,-.:-. -, -v. .- " . ; . jfi :, V -,V ' ' . ' " TJ; ' ' ' - ' ' iJ i V ' r " ' .N?J-, ' v X ' - MEMBERS IN FACULTY Edward Bigg, M.D. Phillip Jay, D.D.S. Reuben L. Kahn, Sc.D. MEMBERS IN CITY Benjamin K. Harris, A.B. Robert J. Kositchek, B.S. William L. Soboroff, A.B. JUNIORS SENIORS Cyrus K. Elkes Richard M. Fischer Robert I. Goldstine Loren Greenblatt Irving A. Mathews Richard M. Samuels William F. Wolfner FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY 1895 EPSILON CHAPTER 1913 Burton R. Benjamin Earl Brenn Robert L. David Louis H. Goldman Robert F. Berris Leonard A. Eastman Harold Friedman Byron H. Gerson Louis H. Grossman M. Robert Herman, Jr. SOPHOMORES Maurice E. Hoffman John H. Mitchell Bernard R. Schweid Paul Soboroff Clifford Livingston Mitchell R. Mandeberg Peter K. Morse Edward Resnick Eugene Strauss Robert Weinberger FRESHMEN Irwin damage Robert Cohl Sheldon Ettinger James Frankel Irving Gerson Richard Harmel George Heller Bertram Lefkowich Charles Samuel Sheridan Winkleman Page 362 PSI upsiban ;Tiow 1 G. Miller. Crosley. Collonder, Von Winkle. Clayton. Spencer. Brings, Kumler. McEUresh. Arthur. JRow 2 Newton. Duriee, Conway, A. Deincchmit Hanqbey. McCabe. Keller. Chapman. Taa- gart, Latham. Brown. 6w 3 MacPherson. Perry. Barnes. Mitchell. Hoaaland. Wood. Carrer. Hammond. C. Dein- schmit. ftw 4 Adams, Whittemore. Erans. Calculi. Coe. Palmer. Kurtz. Rogers, Osburn. w 5 Olds. Harshbarger, Walsh. Lord. Guthrie. R. Miller. Bosschieter. Kingsley. Watkins. SOPHOMORES MMBTRS IN FACULTY George G. Blown, PhJX . F. Dana, MP.. ScJX Prague Gardiner. MD. in, M.D. George Meyer, MA. William Newcomb, MD. ..- - : -- - - : Allan Seager, MA. MEMBERS IN CITY Edward B. Barrett ' :..:. -L I ' .::. r. Victor H. 1 -rick R Waldron Christian N. Made Nathan S. Potter Finley B. Briggs Douglas D. Loree MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY lid Barnes Nathan Munro Newton William Guthrie : . ' .: - :-=-;: - :- ' " _ - : . T : . " ' - Harry Cakutt Gordon Carver Charles Coe Charles Evans, Jr. Edwin Hoaghmd, Jr. " . ' . " . ..: John Sanders ; Stanley Smoyer John Walker SENIORS ' ' .. .;- Stark Ritchie Joaej Walsh - - ' ' . ' . -: : .- ;; =:-:. ; Robert MitcheU Joseph Osbum, Jr. Bradley Palmer Marshall Rogers. Jr. - . ..= ' . ' , .--- - - William Wood Dwighi Adams Donald Barnes Martin Brown John Chapman Frank Conway James Hammond David Haughey Wilson Arthur William Briggs Glen Callander Hugh Clayton John Crosley Paul Durfee John Haglin FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE 1833 PHI CHAPTER 1B55 FRESHMEN Paul Keller. Jr. Arthur KleinschmiJ, Jr. Rex Latham, Jr. Roger Long Carl MacPherson, Jr. Newell McCabe Ganson Taggart Clarence Kleinschmil John Kumler John McEliresh George Miller William Newton Donald Spencer John Van Winkle Row 1 Porter, Burckhalter, Cannon, Bcgle, Schlegle, Howell, M3adows, Ingham, Simonds. Row 2 Davidson, Roy, Tuttle, Thomas, Anderson, Moifatt, Emmstt, Foote, Shelter, Vandenber Row 3 Brooks, Laitsch, Schooley, Root, Viehe, Trendle, D. Gill3r, Msbane, McConnell. Hind R ow 4 Call, VanWinkle, MacArthur, Green, Tourtellot, Yergens, Garn, Brickley, Twyman. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Kirkland E. Fisher Chailes T. Olmsted, B.S. Arthur D. Moore, M.Sc., E.E. David M. Reed, A.B., M.A. Jack F. Tolan, M.D. i 8 -? ' ? Gordon Balyeat Albert S. Barr, M.D William Bellamy Wellington Burt E. L. Gushing, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY Nelson O. Gushing Arthur J. Decker Otto H. Hans ]. S. Meyers, A.B. Eugene B. Poller, M.D. James S. Van Pelt MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Vance E. Booher, A.B. Ludwell C. Pierce, B.S. A. Hyatt Hagan, D.D.S. Wayne H. Stewart, A.B. Edward Lucius, A.B. Flint C. Watt, A.B. James H. Wiles, A.B. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA 1856 IOTA -BETA CHAPTER 1889 i SENIORS William F. Beck L. John Call Robert D. Campbell Stanley G. Cox J. Frazier Giller Paul E. Yergens JUNIORS Paul M. Brickley Knox Brookfield Robert A. Emmet Harold L. Garn David L. Giller Nelson W. Green Spencer Hinds Alexander D. McConnell Fred W. McCracken Thomas Holcomb John E. MacArthur Hudson R. Tourtellot Harold F. Twyman Charles K. Van Winkle William McDowell James G. Mebane Robert E. Moffatt Bennet Root James Schooley William J. Small Richard G. Tarbell George W. Trendle, Jr Carl A. Veihe William B. Wreford, Jr. SOPHOMORES John F. Anderson George W. Brooks, Jr. Will Cannon Nickerson Hinckley Henry Klose John H. Kinsey Harry M. Howell J. Ouentin Baker Robert Bogle Robert Burckhalter Arthur Davidson Joseph Foote Robert Hague Raymond Ingham FRESHMEN Charles E. Laitsch James Meadows Robert Roy Richard Shelter Laurence H. Thomas Henry Tuttle Robert L. Vandenburg Glen Kendall William Kloeppel Robert Moorheart Joseph Oehman Miles F. Porter, III Carl Schlegel Chandler Simonds Page 364 SIGfTlRHtiPHflinU Row 1 Goldring. Levy. Livinson, Simon, Ungermon, Handel. Row 2 Bieberslein, Cohn, Aisner, Posmawtur, Kohn, Bloom, Weisberg. Row 3 Rudolph, Kempner, Dana, Cohen, Wax, Worms Kirshen, Plaster. Row 4 Alexander, Kessler, Rosen, Caiman, Kasle, Sampson, Bloch, Robinson, Edelberg. Row 5 Sidder, Krugliak, Hirshberg, Alpem. Green. Plart, Stern. Bccrneti, Steinberg, Stein. MEMBERS IN CITY Menrtn Green. M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY M. M. Alexander, B.A. .6s Brandman. B.A. Jerome J. Dick, B.A. ? M. Edelberg, B.A. Arthur Friedman, B.A. H. Harvey Gass, B.A. Myer Rosenberg, B.A. Richard F. Sidder. B.A. FRESHMEN Julius Aisner, Jr. Bernard J. Bloom Robert L. Cohn Arnold I. Dana Leo G. Federman Charles Handel Mortimer Kohn Harold M. Levinson Richard A. Posmanteur William L. Simon Milford S. Ungerman Howard Weisberg SENIORS E. Bryce Alpern in Barnett Wallaoe Green Hirshberg S. Leonard Kasle Marry Bloch. Jr. Aithur B. Colman Charles F. Colman Robert A. Platt Robe r t Bieberslein rd 1. Cohen Herbert Piaster Leonard Stem JUNIORS SOPHOMORES J. Robert Worms Edwin S. Kessler LeoKlar Samuel L Krugliak Donald M. Stein Norman B. Steinberg Eliot F. Robinson Dexter I. Rosen Seymour W. Rudolph Marshal D. Sampson David M. Goldring Arnold Kirshen Kenneth Wax FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF N. Y. 1909 SIGMA IOTA CHAPTER 1923 Page 365 1 Stcmton, Shulters, Reutter, Lucas, Collette, Kelso, Sheppard, Hook, Nordstrom, CtorgB P- ' t ' ' ' - ' - - , ' " .% I. Mason, Knight, Knapp. S3$A-- ?i, : ' ' ( v 2 Bigler, Markman, Lorig, I. Wilkinson, Hughes, Rinkel, Heil, J. Cooper, Busse, PressE ' ' - ' : ' ' ' ' . l - ' .i - ' y ' ' v- ' V Cannon, Gambill. How 3 Hallock, Markham, Cochrane, Scoville, T. " Phares, Bell, Hall, Dale, Curren, Brow4t--vV M ' - ' ' V ' ik: Delancey. S ajSxS K SsS S ancey Row 4 Ogle, Sheilds, D. Cooper, Campbell, F. Wilkinson, Bash, J. Bulkeley, Sherrill, Sie C. Mason, Pink. Row S Schoetz, L. Bulkeley, Rader, Stuart, Gibbs, G. Phares, Hinckley, Smith, Collins, Den MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. M. Dorsey C. A. Powell. E.E., M.S. H. C. Anderson, B.M.E. J. S. Worley, M.S., C.E. R. O. Courtright, A.B. F. H. Yost, LL.D. L. M. Gram, B.S. M. E. Shanks, Ph.D. SENIORS MEMBERS IN CITY R. O. Eberbach R. D. Reekie P. F. Icerman W. D. Robinson Cameron Haight A. C. Wilkinson T. R. Peirsol S. B. Winslow MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY William F. Anderson Thomas D. Baldwin James E. Black Edward H. Boyle David D. DeWeese Joseph O. Ellis Jack R. Gustafson Franklin C. Harrington Robert E. Parkin Paul W. Philips Wheaton L. Strom Robert O. Thomas FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1885 THETA THETA CHAPTER--1887 James M. Brown Lewis E. Bulkeley George H. Cannon Herbert J. Gibbs John P. Hinckley Wallace E. Bash John H. Bulkeley Bruce L. Campbell John W. Collins Donald R. Cooper Robert B. Curren David E. Dale Harry M. Denyes Charles E. Bell William P. Bigler Irvin A. Busse Jack E. Cooper Harry L. Hallock John S. Heil Charles F. Mason Joseph C. McCreary Peter F. Brown William E. Cochrane William E. Collette John E. Cory Merton M. DeLancey William H. Gambill Randall Hughes Steven I. Johnson Alvin N. Kelso Charles D. Knapp JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Gilbert K. Phares Hugh H. Rader Bernard C. Shields Goff Smith Robert A. Stuart William R. Hall Franklin L. Hook James R. Ireland Joseph R. Mason Max C. Shoetz Donald J. Siegel Edward C. Stanton Frank R. Wilkinson Thomas K. Phaies Charles A. Pink Donald O. Press Robert W. Rinkel Walter A. Scovillo Jack Sherrill Robert B. Shulters Douglas G. Knight Edwin T. Lorig, Jr. Blaz A. Lucas, Jr. Allan M. Markman Herman J. Nordstrom James E. Ogle Robert L. Reutter John K. Shepard James Wilkinson Page 366 sicmfl nu ' . ' ' ' Sow 1 Hill. Zindler. Belles. Leadbeoter, Archer. Merewether. Anderson. Grant. Gibson. Fox. = DW 2 Norton. Buchanan. Kircher. Dod. Stagg, Brownson. Andrews, Crocker. - Bow 3 Alnek. Cain. Bragg, J. Livingston, Strong, Plumb. Smith, Engle, Stewart. 4 Ferine, G. Livingston, Adams, Donaldson. I,inn. Goudie. Killins, Sinn, Johnson, Ballon. JUNIORS MEMBEBS IN FACULTY L. I. Can. Ph.D. . Craig. PhJX E. R Isbell. PhJ). B. Meinecke. Ph.D. R. O. Boehnke T. W. Bywaters R. T. Dobson . I R. L Hawkins D. J. McLean MEMBERS IN CITY R R Noyes. kLS. S. Peterson. PH.D. tt M. Pollard. M.D. W. C. Rufus. Ph.D. E. R. Murbach H. C. Rufus W. G. Swarts R R Upson W. C Walz G. S. Watkins William J. Ardber R Wayne Belles William R Buchanan Thomas W. Cain Richard F. Donaldson David R Altick Jack L. Andrews Robert S. Bragg Kenneth Eckhardt SOPHOMORES David Strong FRESHMEN Jack Grant Julius H. Johnson Bud Norton Ross W. Perine James C. Steurt Clarence Roessler Sabin Crocker Ralph Kircher Arthur Fox Harry Gibson R. M. West MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY John Adams C. C. Beard. A.B. C. Blair. A3. Paul Engle. A-B. F. D. Goudie. A-B.. M.A. Fred Hifl Roland P. Boltoa Frank N. Bums Charles G. KiBens SENIORS G. M. Holmes. A.B. Henry McOuade. A.B Robt Plumb. A. M. Stewart Phil Turner. A3. Wm. Zewodski. A.B. Jack P. Livingston Richard W. Sinn Robert B. Stagg FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE 1869 GAMMA NU CHAPTER 1902 Arthur W. Leadbeater :=--: .: " MEMBERS IN FACULTY Luther C. Carpenter, M.D. E. Cooley Dean Emeritus Mortimer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gilbert M. Bursley Clinton B. Conger MEMBERS IN CITY Brdckloy C. Shaw Egmont C. Hildner Dewill Clinton Millcn Olaf P. Bergelin Dwight M. Cheever Andrew Howell Charles N. Hoyt I. Richard Kendrick Walter I. Lillie William F. Aigler Richard E. Babcock William T. Bourke SENIORS Robert F. Laitner James H. Murdock Brackley C. Shaw Ray L. Spitzley Leonard D. Verdier Edward M. Watson Sanford W. Farrell Joseph S. Mattes Joseph H. Spitzley JUNIORS FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE 1827 ALPHA CHAPTER 1858 John G. Blackburn Harold E. Davidson Alfred G. Ellick, Jr. Douglas A. Hayes Charles N. Jacobson Newton H. Ketcham William L. Bavingcr Herman H. Cole James A. Hynes Thomas K. Aigler G. Dallas Cameron Philip H. Clapp R. Gilbert Conger John B. Devine SOPHOMORES Myron E. Neal FRESHMEN Vernon C. Markley Lome H. Meisel William L. Newnan Robert A. Reid Rufus H. Roys James B. Talman Edward J. Hutchens Edward E. Mack Morris M. Miller Paul A. Johnson Steven O. Johnson Robert D. King W. William Laitner Frederick Linsell Page 368 sterna PHI on 1 Wheaton. Armstrong. Harrison. Howard. B. Smith. Clifford. Cranston Bow 2 Mason. Stack. Newcomb. Smull. Swartz, Weiss, Canavcn. How 3 Johnson, M. Smith. Lee. Compter, Reed. Howe, Ouimet. Ashley. SENIORS Noble Ashley, Jr. Lawrence E. Ouimet George H. Compter Russell H. Reed - ' ' = - ' - Robert G. Rowe S. Marshall Smith JUNIORS Jack Canavan George Newcomb : M _:..-. Thomas Smull Edward Weiss SOPHOMORES Edward Harrison Robert Sruck Sam Hutett George Swartz Robert Whealon MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. Earl Brittou. M.A. Franklin C. Cappon. A.B. Ralph K. Hile. PhJ3. Harvey Deinzer MEMBERS Of CITY Leslie Wessinger MEMBERS Of UHIVEHSrnf Edward B. Weiman, MX). FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER 1012 Frank C. Naylor FRESHMEN A : : .-; Robert Cranston King CUfiord George Howard Bruce Smith ROW i G. Scott, Gilbert, O ' Brien, Stumpf, Morris, Lenz. Row 2 Winne, Wyss, Patrick, Meek, Hahl, King, Boyce. R OW 3 LaSalle, D. Scott, Osborn, Sweeney, Fell, Gates, Boebel, Duesenberry. m M j TflU M0PII EPSILOn iasss Pf asfflSv?, ft MEMBERS IN FACULTY Russell A. Dodge, M.S. Richard C. Fuller, A.M. Clare Gates, Ph.D. Willard C. Olson, Ph.D. Carlton B. Peirce, M.S., Ph.D. Irving D. Scott, Ph.D. Nathan Sinai, M.S., Ph.D. Charles H. Stocking, M.S., Ph.C. MEMBERS IN CITY R. B. Findlay MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY William H. Sullivan Kennard J. Besse Don K. Onley FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1899 UPSILON CHAPTER 1925 Robert C. Boebel Delmar A. Feil George M. Cash, Jr. James S. Duesenberry E. Lee Gilbert George H. Boyce Myron C. Hall Wendell E. Lenz George W. Mahiman Robert J. O ' Brien SENIORS David N. Scott IUNIORS SOPHOMORES Howard J. Osborn John F. Patrick Francis P. Sweeney FRESHMEN Stephen R. King Richard A. Meek Robert G. Hahl Eugene C. LaSalle Harry A. Morris John F. Winne Leo W. Wyss George P. Scott Gordon A. Stumpf Page 370 TRSRnGLE 1 I. Johnson. E. Petersen, Bishop, Lomnelh. Swartout. Morion. Row 2 MacVittie, Erenson, Bartlett. A. Petersen. R. Johnson. Taylor, Rissberqer. Blakley. Row 3 Elliott. Ruth, Palmer. On. Conrad. Stevens, McQuaid, Brana. Sinclair. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Edward L. Eriksen. B.C.E. Walter C. Sadler. KLS.. C.E., LUB. Edward A. Stalker, MS. MEMBERS III CITY d T. Cook Thomas J. Mitchell Robert Harrison Lawrence H. Treutiner Waller A. Dennis lay W. Johnson SOPHOMORES Arthur R. MacVittie Richard G. Morton Harry P. Swarthout Robert W. Bishop Ernest J. Peterson Steve Poteschuk Wfflaid L Treuttner aid C. Braun GrarrriBe R. Conrad MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Lloyd G. Benyman. RS. SENIORS Shennan H. Cook Clifton M. Elliott Edward L. Sinclair JUNIORS ?- William R. Blakley Kenneth R, Evenson John G. McOuaid Frederick W. Palmer . ' . ' ' : Leonard D. On Alfred A. Petersen Arthur C. Rissberger Chase R. Teaboldt James A. Ruth Edwin F. Snyder : : ;-4-.-- .- Frank G. Taylor :- : v : i: :-.-. : r ::: : : : 1907 MICHIGAN CHAPTER 1925 Page 371 Row 1 Lehner, Lawton, D. Dolese, Weymouth. Howard, First. Row 2 Ellis, J. Lovett, Collman, McGrath. KtlUy, Briggs, Dalby, McGaw. Row 3 Brown, Awig, Klein, Sculthorp, Athay, Slater, Van Schaik, R. Dolese, Wolfe. Row 4 Miller, Thomson, Wolcott, Coolidge, Laing, Jones. Bridges, C. Lovett, Kottler, RodgS 8 MEMBERS IN FACULTY fs A r . " " i ' N r " -? -, 7 " ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' i S. L. Bigelow, Ph.D. W. O. Hood, B.S. A. C. Kerlikowske, M.D. O. Packer, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY John R. Mann, A.B. Leo Corkin, A.B. JUNIORS Frank Coolidge SENIORS F. Randall Jones Lowell E. Krieg Roland M. Athay Fitz J. Bridges Rodger M. Dolese Charles L. Kettler David G. Laing Charles M. Lovett Alfred H. Miller Walton Rodger Robert Wolfe Dayton O. Slater Frederick A. Thomson Gilbert H. Van Schaik Frederick Wolcott FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1905 Thomas Anderson Howard Awig Lewis Briggs SOPHOMORES C. Douglas G. Brown Lenton G. Schulthorp Russell Ellis David Dolese Richard McGrath FRESHMEN Jack Collman Jack Dalby Wesley First Richard Howard Ken Kelly Thomas Lawton John Lehner James Lovett Donald McGaw Colin Weymouth Eugene Klein Page 372 THETH CHI .Rsw 1 Whitehead, Henderson, Gibson, Frost, Taylor, Reid, Crawford, Sonneborn. Ju r How 2 Stevens, Walters, Laird, Overton, Pabst, Dixon. Hodge, Ranney, Deal. How 3 Slater, Culbertson. Wilcox, Garrison, Thompson Cbeever, Barber, Aye, Shroth, Davis. ow 4 Evans, Bauchat. Teahen. Graham. Gilpin, Keppelman, Post. Kroeger, Pickering, Frederick, Crusey. A. L Bader G. E. Can-others J. H. Cissel P. E. James MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. J. McFarlan W. B. Palmer M. B. Stout C. B. Vibbert ert Chavanelle K. C. Marantette MEMBERS IN CITY Bruce Palmer Eugene B. Powers Neil Stabler Herbert Twining Jack Wheeler Harold McFarlan lames L. Bauchat, A.B. Robert Boyer, A.B. Roderick Howell, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY William Howell, A.B. David Knight, A.B. Frank Lamberson, M.D. Kimball Noithrup, A.B. A. Parker Wraith, A.B. Charles King, B.S. Howard Ordway, A.B. SENIORS James B. Ashley son A. Gilpin H. Thomas Keppelman John H. Pickering Carl M. Post John S. Speicher Robert D. Barber Robert D. Culbertson J. Thomas Aye Jack P. Thompson Jack C. Sullivan Albert S. Evans Howard W. Crusey Robert L. Garrison Vincent M. Dunn Nelson J. Davis Daniel R. Ranney Lewis M. Slater Gardner Thompson John F. Walters Markham S. Cheever Charles H. Frost Ruben Frost John Overton Sam Henderson Robert Taylor Edwin Deale Carl Kessler JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN James M. Teahan John J. Frederick Walker R. A. Graham William Sheehan Frank W. Furry Dale A. Kroeger Max Hodge Richard F. Shroth Ralph R. Shelton Barry Whitehead Johnston H. Wilcox Wesley Warren Colvin L. Gibson Charles Smith Allan Reid W. Robert Stevens Hany L Sonneborn Robert E. Pabst James 1. Laird Keith Dixon Laurie Crawford Edward Clark, Jr. Lowell Williamson Francis Collins FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY 1856 ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER 1919 Page 373 Row 1 W. Neilson, J. Neilson, Muzzall, B. Edwards, Thomson, Huttlinger, Sours, Heed. Row 2 Monahan, Seegert, Sherzer, Barr, Wills, Schairer, Parks, Martin. Row 3 Rane, Bentley, McFarland, Robson, Eldredge, Borland, Lamb, Dick. Row 4 Spengler, Hinkle, W. Clement, Shaw Zimmerman, Downs, Macal, Edwards, W. Mac- intosh. Row 5 Case, McHenry, Teller, Thompson, Wilsher, Winder, Frazier, Adams, C. Clement, Weeks. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Ernest F. Barker Harley Haynes W. Hackley BuUer B. E. Graves MEMBERS IN CITY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY F. F. Van Tuyl H. C. Potter Robert Chambliss, B.A. William Weeks, B.S John McCarthy, B.A. Robert Ward, B.A. John Strayer, B.S. T. E. Wilson, B.A. David Todd, B.A. Robert Adams Carl Clement Roy E. Frazier William McHenry Bruce Telfer Raymond Downs William Edwards Howard Johnson John Jordan Edward Macal SENIORS JUNIORS Edward Thompson Robert Weeks Donald J. Wilsher fohn S. Winder Roger Muzzall Carvel Shaw Donald Zimmerman Marshal Case FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE 1847 GAMMA DEUTERON CHAPTER 1889 SOPHOMORES A. Morell Bentley Walter Clement Richard Dick John Eldredge Walter Hinkle Fred Lamb Douglas MacFarland Duncan Macintosh Walter Neilson N. Stewart Robson J. Wilbur Reed Gene White James Wills John Rane FRESHMEN John Barr Basil Edwards Burns Huttlinger Edward Martin James Monahan James Neilson Paul Parks Karl Schairer Neal Seegart William Sherzer George Thomson Page 374 . Chrislensen, Ger- THEIR XI kensmeyer. tfew 4 Jensen. Smith, Ganmier. McKinley, dark. Fechnay. God a, Hufi, C. Simpson. BW 5 Worthing. Nelson, Burdick, Pipper. Williams. Gerstacker, Wohlwend. Altm son. Lerenson. an. John- SENIORS Donald !. ' Kenneth W. Altman Philip N. Buckminister Frederick A. Burdick Carl A. Gerstacker Horace W. Greenway Neil T. Levensoa William H. Mason Carltori L. Nelson George I. Pippei Edward H. Protz John S. Williams Alfred N. Wohlwend ;US:ORS r .-.-...::: William J. Eakins lohn C. Fechnay R. Kenneth Gauthier in Alexander Ml Roderick Andeuon r i . BBODBII Edward P. Christenaan Dayton C. dosser Harvey L. Ellsworth LeRoy E. Fake ' ' .- :.-;.? " :::. r Brooks R Lapp Vernon C. Applegate Thomas J. Black William E Carter Philip Cavanauqh Philip H. Conley John H. Harwood : H-: . E. Goda, Jr. Norman M. Huff Thomas O. McKinley 1. V.-...5-: -.-.- : ' : . :: SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Rowland H. McLaughlin William Mayo Arnold Mignery Victor W. Olson. Jr. John R. Robinson Robert G. Smith Clyde L Sussex . ,_..;.; _. _-. ; . Williamson Hepinstall John T. Lamb Har-y M. Lynn. Jr. T homas W. Nesbit George E. Rulison John L. Sinclair. Jr. William M. Wood MEMBERS IN FACULTY B. F. Bailey. Ph.D. S. D. Dodge. Ph.D. H. H. Higbie. E.E. W. C. Hoad. B.S. H. M. Kendall. PhJX MEMBERS Of CITY J. B. Ames H. R. Beuhler MEMBERS IN UNFVERSITY C. Grant Barnes Robert J. Beuhler Douglas W. Bryant, A.G. W. Engelbrecht. A3. J. W. Freeman, B.S.E. L Boddy W. R. Drury Thomas A. Jensen, A.B. John E. Nafe R. E. Reed-Hill, B.S.E. Paul A. Simpson, A.B. H. Lawrence Thackwell, Jr. R. Gerkensmeyer, Hugh A. Weld FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC DJsnruTE 1964 SIGMA CHAPTER 1914 Pag375 Row 1 Wirtchafter, Englcmder, Mecklanburg.- r, Friedman, Winter, Brown, Harris, Goldmg Ro v 2 Grossman, Levison, Peterman, Feferman, Jassy, Kraus, Becker, Schlemenson. Row 3 Hirsch, Louer, Blumberg, Kirchheimer, Kayser, Berlau, Zolla, Pollak, Barnard. Row 4 Lyon, Goldstone, Eckhouse, Bachrach, Miller, Baer, Schlesinger, Grier, Falen Oberndorf. MEMBERS IN FACULTY SENIORS Prof. I. Leo Sharfman, Ph.D. Henry Meyer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY A. L. Schlesinger George Goldstone Robert Freehling, A.B. Julian M. Goodman, A.B. William K. Jackson, A.B Solomon Lewis, B.S.E. Arthur P. Miller G. F. Baer Herbert Fallender James G. Eckhouse Lee Lyon Henri Grier Irving Berlau Henry Bachrach JUNIORS Leo Kayser, Jr. Richard Kirchheimer SOPHOMORES FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CITY OF NEW YORK 1898 PHI CHAPTER 1912 William Pollak Robert Kann Robert Levison Charles Louer David Jassy Herbert Blumberg Charles Zolla Lawrence Kraus Paul Oberndorf Emil Hirsch Oscar Fefferman Milton Peterman Jules Becker FRESHMEN Julian Harris Ted Winter Robert Barnard Jerome Mecklenberger Jerome Grossma n Melvin Schlemenson Donald Wirtchafter Allen Englander Warren. Friedman Howard Goldman Henry Brown Page 376 ZETR PSI Row 1 Bonks Gordon, Mclntyre, Cornel. Black, Beebe. Ernst. Lockwood. Row 2 W. Jones, Klauser, Quarles, Swan. Gardner. Golden, Fink. Row 3 McGuire, Armstrong. Rogers, Frost, I. lanes. Tietjen, Alden. Quimby. R. B. Bigelow W. A. Comslock S. B. Conger, Jr. H. L. Arnold, A.B., MX). J. G. Black, A.B. ]. T. Carriel, A.B., MS. W. O. Gager. A3. MEMBERS IN FACULTY P. E. Bursley, MJV. MEMBERS IN CITY J. T. L. Rice MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY A. W. Diack T. W. Hinshaw T. W. Heifeman C. D. Gordon, A.B. R. E. Hints, A.B. R. H. Johnson, A3. G. L Quimby, A.B., M.A. John Alden Claude E Beebe Robert J. Banks John L. Frost William J. Jones Karl Klauser, Jr. SENIORS James S. Scon JUNIORS Harry L. Swan SOPHOMORES -m M. Boolhby George Fink Herbert H. Gardner Robert E. Golden William F. Armstrong, Jr. Lawrence Jenkins Samuel F. Fitzpatrick Gordon Hayes George M. Lockwood Thomas D. McGuire Charles S. Ouarles Howard H. Rogers, Jr. William Kraetz Harlan D. Maclntyre Willard Parker John O. Tietjen FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 1847 Xi CHAPTER 1858 FRESHMEN John D. Jones Robert Newkirk K. Jerome Wilkinson Page 377 RULER RimsEy HOUSE Row 1 Dalby, McGaw. Yepsen, Peckinpaugh, Frick, Harnist, Kendall, Reutter, Stuck, Ettinger. Row 2 Roberts, Copley, Skowronek, Reed, Hague, Lewis, Barber, Runden. Weitzel, Laro, Christensen, Simpson, Frankel. Row 3 Steudel. W. Reed, Samuels, Nusholtz, Ellis, Smith, Morin, B. VanVeen, Dean. Row 4 Fink, Brent, Mancourt, McCarron, Peltier, Lehner, Marx, Purman. Cory, H. VanVeen, Hendrick, Willard. HOU Row 1 Kreuter, Cohn, O ' Hara, Richards, Harrison, Heenahan, Lamb, Crane, D. O ' Hara. Row 2 Barrett, Britton, Foster, Willison, Shipps, Buritz, Munroe, Ginsel, Bradley. Row 3 Englander, Carter, Blackstone, Kohlenberg, Seegert, Vetter, Mueller, Walbridge, Samuel. Row 4 Lief, Kellogg, Wolfe, Hynes, Youngquist, McEHresh, Blakely, Alheim. Page 378 CWtl Won ' t you come into my parlor . . . Page 380 The eternal question: " Does the new coed, upon pledging the house of which she will become a mem- ber, realize just what she is going into? " Certainly the rushing " smiles " and little attentions of her future sisters could never tell her about the bull sessions after dates, the real friends and comrades, the Sunday morning bridge games, the occasional studying, the fun and understanding, and the hundred big and little things that will never let her forget the all too brief but enlightening and beautiful interlude during which she is a member of the sisterhood. " Comes a pause in the day ' s occupation . . Page 381 How 1 Waterston, Wakeraan, Spencer, Hulwick. Curry, Thompson, M. Huntington, Bauer, Steere. Row 2 Stomler, Adams, Hanson, D ' Arkes, Midworth, Burqess, Field, Strickroot, Robinson, Chappell. How 3 Schroeder, Mougey, Carrigan, Peterson, Rogers, Staebler, Allen, Pulte, Verner Huntington. Row 4 Kronner, Hood, Kinsey, Rouse, Ladd, Rich, Dunlop. Wakeman, Bolton, Burns. Row 5 Acomb, Wehner Baldwin, Smith, Fisher, Perry, Mills, Todt, Wilson, Parker. CHI DftlEGR SENIORS Phyllis Bauer Catherine Burgess Margaret Curry Vivienne D ' Arkos Mary Jane Field Jean Hanson Mary Huntington Florence Midworth Virginia Robinson Laura Spencer Jean Steere Betty Strickroot Martha Thompson Irene Wakeman Margaret Waterston THETA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT DePAUW UNIVERSITY 1885 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1898 Mary K. Adams Virginia Allan Maxine Blaess Elizabeth Carrigan Barbara Bolton Margaret Calkins Marjorie Hood Frances Huntington Beverly Acomb Mary Baldwin Bulah Burns Barbara Fisher Mary Lou Mills JUNIORS Nancy Hulwick Jane Mougey Maxine Peterson Dorothea Staebler SOPHOMORES Gwendolyn Dunlop Mary Jane Kronner Janet Ladd Betty Kinsey FRESHMEN Lanna Parker Louann Perry Dorothy Rogers Wilhelmina Schroeder Marion Stomler Rita Chappell Peggy Pulte Jean Rich Mary E. Rouse Lois Verner Laudra Wakeman Ethel Smith Shirley Todt Ann Wehner lane Wilson Page 382 J vtf P v ' f? (?: . ' -.. Row 1 Hubbs. Upson, Kandelin, MacArthur, VanDoorn. Row 2 Westendori, Rather, Soot. Palmer, Goebel. Row 3 VanDyke, Keene, Conde, Perkins, Skinner. n L P H n D E L T n p i Gwendolyn Palmer JUNIORS Dorothy Goebel Edna Kandelin Mildred MacArthur Frances Hubbs DeRhua Skinner Marian Conde ' Dorothy Keene SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN SENIORS Helen Soos Jane Ann Rather Julia Ann Upson Madelaine Westendorf Mildred Perkins Helen VanDyke Page 383 Cornelia VanDoom BETA ETA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN FEMALE COL- LEGE 1851 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1929 How 1 Beamond, Sykes, Jones, Freeman, Friedman, Haas, Samek, Louii. Row 2 Greenhouse, Simon, Weil, Arnold, H. Frank, Meyer, Devay, Stone, Goldman, Sive, Bach. Row 3 lacobson, Davis, Glass, Fischer, Chikovsky. Jedel, Kaufmanii, Rumizen, Levy, Sanger, Szold. Row 4 Warren, S. Fishman, Cooper, M. Fishman, A. Frank, Siff, Reinach, Schiller, Hamburger, Weinberg. Schwartz. Row 5 Rubiner, Raitner. Scharfman, Wechsler, Ollecheimer, Wilke, E. Harris, Lipton, J. Harris, Herzenberg, Sampson. BLPHB EPSIliOn PHI PI CHAPTER FOUNDED: BARNARD COLLEGE 1909 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1921 Phyllis C. Devay Phylis E. Diamond Florence Freeman Ruth Friedman Dorothy R. Arnold Edith Bach Ruth Goldman Winifred Cooper Zelda Davis Frances Fisher Muriel Fishman Shirley Fishman Ruth Schwartz Leona Siff SENIORS Ruth A. Frank Mildred H. Haas Beula R. Jones Jane Meyer JUNIORS Margaret H. Greenhouse Jaros Jedel Alma Simon SOPHOMORES Arlene Frank Dorothy Glass Betty Barbara Hamburger Ruth Jacobson Madeline Kaufman Miriam Szold Ruth Warren Louise Samek Naomi M. Stone Irma M. Sykes Marion Touff Betty Jane Sive Barbara J. Weil Harriet Levy Jane Reinach Helene Rumizen Jane E. Sanger Miriam Weinberg If Helen A. Weissman Florence Chikovsk Page 384 A Row 1 Kohl, Anderson, Laing, Johnson, Veozey, Ingeman, Carlson, Senkus. Row 2 Butler, Markland, Olsen, Jackson, Allen, Jones, Vant, Duus. Row 3 Miles, Bergers, Tarbell. Pence, Roosa. Kahrs, Udell, Schaetier. Row 4 Kilroy. Wight, Vogt. Cadagan, ReShore, Eorle, Hoag, Augspurger. R b P H R 6 H m m n D E L T R Margaret Carlson Thora J. Duus Mary Engeman Grayce E. Senkus SENIORS Dorothy Veazey JUNIORS Mary Allen Edith Butler Dixie Jackson Margaret M. Johnson Marybeth Jones Frances M. Anderson Elaine Bergers Madalyn Cadagan Frances Kahrs Elaine Kohl Ruth Laing Ruth Augspurger Betty Earle Betty Hoag Marcella Markland Phyliss Olsen Betty J. Pence Elizabeth Roosa Jeanne Vant SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Donna Miles Jane ReShore Marian Schaefer Jean Wills Margaret Udell Olga Tarbell Dorothy Ann Kilroy Sue Vogt Marian Wight ALPHA BETA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY 1904 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1922 Page 385 R L P H H m I c R R P I How 1 Simpson, Hodson, Mudd, Fenlon, Stranger. Row 2 Baxter, Mitchell, B. Ross, Campbell, C. Ross, Armstrong, Caughey Sethney. Row 3 Bidlack, McKie, Clifford, Scroggie, Wood, Adams, Bolger, McLean. Row 4 Gomon, Phelps, Burleson, Van Tuyl, Fenske, Garry Downs, Turner. Charlotte V. Baxter Marjory L. Bolger Phyllis J. Campbell SENIORS M. Armella Fenlon Marion Hodson Charlotte E. Mitchell Gerda Stranger JUNIORS OMICRON PI CHAPTER FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE 1897 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1921 Dorothy Adams Cathleen Clifford Beulah Downs Lois MacLean Bobee Ross Betty Ann Armstrong M. Leigh Burleson Dorothy Jane Caughey Enid Fenske Blanche Anderson Margaret Bidlack Mary Ann McKie SOPHOMORES Hilda Van Tuyl FRESHMEN Caroline Ross Henrietta Simpson Phyllis Lee Scroggie Margaret Tripplet Ruth Wood Elizabeth Garry Jeanne Goman Doris Jean Phelps Frances Roseboom Mary Jane Lange Barbara Turner Charlotte Walworth Page 386 Bow 1 Shierson, Pike, Susan Orr, Barry, Jennings. Row 2 Loomis, Callender. Bassetl, Carrigan, Hassard, V. Jackson, Powers. Lamed, Patten. Hew 3 Arner, Downer, Robertson, Stonington, Lyon. Closterhouse, Abbot. Brede, Pariet. How 4 Ford, M. McKinnon Starr, Gittens, Brooks, SaL Orr, Coler, Leethe, Jackson. Row 5 Burns, Cranmer, Everett, Hopkins, Hubbard. List, Peterson, Schiller, King. n L p H n p H I Helen L. Arner Helen O. Barry Marjorie A. Downey Muriel J. Hassard SENIORS Virginia Jackson Kathleen Lamed Susan B. Orr Elizabeth Patten Janet W. Pike Elizabeth Powers Miriam G. Robertson Elizabeth Shierson JUNIORS Priscilla E. Abbot 3. Bassett Jane D. Brede Sylvia E. Callender Margaret P. Carrigan Joan Cbsteihouse Elizabeth Huntinglon Margaret Jackson Kathryn M. Loomis Phyllis N. Ludike Elizabeth H. Lyon Stephanie S. Parfet Alice E St John Nancy V. Stonington Jean B. Taylor THETA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY 1872 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1892 SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Brooks Ruth Coler Margaret B. Ford Marilyn E. Gittens Josephine V. King Janet M. Burns Jeannetle E. Cranmer Marjorie Everett Suzann M. Hopkins Marion J. Hubbard FRESHMEN Mary V. McKinnon Elizabeth M. Meier Sara E Orr Mary A. Starr Jeanne Kaufmann Virginia List Dorothy P. McKinnon Jane Peterson Margaret M. Schiller Page 387 H li P H n X I D E li I n Row 1 Byron, Unti, Buckley, Keenan. Steuernol. Row 2 McQuillan, Haner, Burns, Carey, Friederici, Leach. Row 3 Peterson, Sommers, Lynn, Jones, Thompson, Lehman. Katherine L. Buckley SENIORS Betty S. Keenan Kathryn G. Steuernol JUNIORS ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER FOUNDED AT KNOX-LOMBARD 1893 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1920 M. Katharine Burns Elinor K. Byron Phyllis A. Carey Marquerite McQuillan Elizabeth Unti SOPHOMORES Betty Badger Grace I. Jones Meribah A. Leach Genevieve Haner FRESHMEN Jean A. Lynn Mary E. Sommers Jean I. Thompson Rosemary Lehman Page 388 m How 1 Roderick, Mullin, Taylor, Wontz. Row 2 Vogel, Watkins, Benlley, Berteh, KieJ. Cayia, Frost Gray. Henderson, Carr. Row 3 High, Hoezel, McRea. McCabe. Mulholland, Elis. Mullin. Mooney, Elis. St. John, Steiner. Tucker. R OW 4 Pullen, Riekse. Stearns Scott. Tackles. Beck, Bruyere, Call, Christenson, Derine. Row S Anderson, Baker, Bibber, Brady. Douglas. Boston, Guest, Herrick, Kingsicn, McCormick. Row 6 Davis, Hicks, Linsey. Morgan. Scheifler. El. St. John. Swift Visscher. Westrate, Young. Margaret Bentley Ruth Bertsch Phyllis Can Helen Cayia JUNIORS Jeanette Beck Isabel Bruyere Mary Call Eleanor Christenson Catherine Devine Marjorie High Virginia Hoezel Helen McRae Virginia McCabe Jane Anderson Esther Baker Betty Bibber Jane Brady Mabel Douglas Rhea Jane Easton Barbara Guest Jane Herrick Ruth Davis Shirley Hicks Jean Linsey Susanne Morgan Frieda Scheffler SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN CHI DVnEBR SENIORS Doise Frost Vera Gray Helen Henderson Marjorie Kief Evelyn Mullin Katherine Roderick Jeanne Stearnes Katherine Taylor Joan Wentz Virginia Mulholland Elisabeth Mullin Mary Mooney Elizabeth St. John Katherine Steiner Helen Tucker Doris Vogel Faith Watkins Anne Kingston Jean McCormick Louisa Pullen Alice Riekse Charlotte Schrieber Doris Scott Pauline Tackles Ellen St. John Betty Jane Swift Jane Ann Visscher Yvonne Westrate Mary Ann Young ETA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS 1895 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1905 Page 389 How 1 Nock, Whitney, ]. Allington, Crandall, Paterson, Lillie, Stevenson. Row 2 Titus, Collins, Blodgett, Quirk, Wilcox, Turner, Purdom, Sibley, Keen, Dailey, Lee. Row 3 Kennedy, Bursley, Killian. Dailey, Hunter, Bell, Wheat, Erickson, Half, Sutherland, Thompson. Row 4 Vedder. Bracken, Robinson, Crawford, Gage, Haislip, Gilkey, E. Allington, Hanson, Brennan, Johnston. How 5 McClellan, Wheeler, Hayward, Sanderson, Haskell, Osterman, Hegge, Hubbard, Wheat, Caller, Donaldson. COIibEGIHTE SOROSIS SENIORS FOUNDED AT MICHIGAN 1886 Janet D. Allington Mary E. Blodgett Carol Collins Betty Crandall Marian J. Dailey Florence M. Kean Jean G. Lee Jean Bell Rebecca A. Bursley Olga A. Erickson Patricia Haff Elizabeth G. Hunter Edith E. Johnson Norah O. Kennedy Elizabeth Allington Ann Brennan Janet H. Crawford Martha M. Dailey Mary C. Gage George Ann Gilkey Beverly J. Bracken Carolyn Coller Jean Donaldson Louise F. Haskell Eileen L. Hayward Elizabeth Hegge JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Louise Nack Katherine Purdom Jane W. Quirk Elizabeth Turner Joan E. Whitney Josephine M. Wilcox Marietta Killian Jean A. Lillie Virginia M. Osterman Barbara M. Paterson Frances W. Sutherland Mary Wheat Pattie C. Haislip Joan V. Hanson Nina P. McClelbn Alice Stevenson Elizabeth A. Thompson Elizabeth L. Titus Margaret L. Hubbard Elizabeth I. Robinson Emily O. Sanderson E. Ann Vedder Barbara C. Wheat Mary Ellen Wheeler Page 390 Row I Coe, Brodbeck, Everctrd, Richardson, McDonald. Sudhoti, Wahl. Davy. DcGroot. Row 2 Price, McCall, Marsh, Steiner Sommerrille, McCord, Ray. Cannon, Andrus, Petrouleas. Row 3 Longan, Smith, Everest, Lyon, Frayer, Kalb, Petrach, Vallet, Gieseche, Bain. Row 4 Meloche, Dellmar, Elspass. Hatch, M. Robinson. McBeth Harrington, Morgan. Fleming. Bryant. Row 5 E. Kalb. Clark, Wills, Brown, Flannegan, Griswald, Hyde. Brady, Platt. Sutton. Row E Rodger, Rhea, Harris, Sandt, Haigh Barry, Hasken, Sappington, Fulde, Bohnsack. D E li T R D E L T n D E b T R SENIORS Mary Kathryn Andrus Violet Brodbeck Marjory Coe Mary Elizabeth Davy Bunty Bain Janet Everest Alice Frayer Jane Gieseche ne Kalb Jane Lyon Helen Brady Constance Bryant Ruth Dillman Marion Fleming Jane Elspass Carmelita Hatch Betty Harrington Gertrude Hyde Constance Berry Helen Bohnsack Helen Brown Elizabeth Clark Susanna Flaningham Clara Louise Fulde Jane Griswald Frances Haigh JUNIORS Hazel DeGroot Frances Everard Adele McDonald Mary Ellen McCord Helen Marsh Margaret McCall Bettie Petrash Marian Price Charlene Vallet SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Lois Longan Margaret McBeth Mary M. Meloche Jeanne Morgan Anna Platt Margaret Robinson Ruth Smith Betty Sutton Marian Harris Lorraine Haskin Evelyn Kalb Ellen Rhea Mary Rodger Elaine Sandt Virginia Sappinglon Ann Wills Hope Petrouleas Dorothy Ray Virginia Richardson Elinor Sommerrille IOTA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY iau ESTABLISHED IN 1 894; RE-ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1915 Jane Steiner Mary Sudhoff Betty Wahl Page 391 Row 1 Melin, Bradiield, Kimball, Fitzgerald, Hankey, Carson I. Willoughby, Purdy, DeWitt, Schoener. Row 2 Smith, Mackenzie, Barrett, Elder, Williams, Curtis. Eagleslield, Ward, B. Baxter, Van Dyke. Row 3 Rail, Voigt, Poock, M. Baxter, Lehner Connell, Johnson, Young, Bourg. Swan. Row 4 Stowe, Jewitt, Hatiield, Schuele, Dredge, Ferris, Lemon, Baldwin, MacArthur, Westerman. Row 5 Braden, Whittemore, Gallagher, Ralston, Conn. Hall Scoville, R. Calkins Wood. Row 6 A. Curtis, Kielholtz, McConkey, Krause, Forberg, R. Johnson, Kearney, D. Lavan, Morrall, Outhwaite. DEbTfl GRmmn SENIORS Betsy Baxter Barbara Bradfield Dorothy Corson Dorothy Curtis Esther Ann DeWitt Virginia Eaglesfield Marion Fitzgerald Martha Hankey XI CHAPTER FOUNDED AT OXFORD INSTITUTE 1874 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1885 Jo-Clarke Kimball Roberta Melin Helen Purdy Joan S choener Dorothy Barrett Marian Baxter Jean Bourg Marcia Connell Phyllis Elder Helen Johnson Mary Lavan Margery Lehner Anabel Avery Betty Baldwin Ruth Calkins Betty Conn Annabelle Dredge Enora Ferriss Cletus Hall Ruth Hatfield Jane Jewitt Margaret Braden Belle Calkins Allison Curtis Catherine Forberg Phyllis Gallagher Rachel Johnson Edna Kearney JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Virginia Van Dyke Betty Ward Jane Willoughby Mary A. Mackenzie Charlotte Poock Mary Rail Marion Smith Eleanore Swan Ruth Margaret Voigt Marjorie Williams Betty Young Gwenith Lemon Rosemary McArthur Helen Ralston Betty Schuele Mary Mae Scoville Ella Stowe Joanne Westerman Alberta Wood Jane Krause Virginia Kielholtz Dorothy Lavan Mary McConkey Jean Morrall Joan Outhwaite Margaret Whittemore Page 392 Row 1 V. Griffin, Roberts. Carver. Neafie. Allderige. Chissus Eschbach. Horton. Rupper, Crosman. Row 2 Bradshaw, Ayers. Handeyside, James V. Weidlein. Beltrami. M. Perkins. Spaulding, Lindeqren. Lay . Row 3 Walker, Drake. Alcorn. Lord. Allen DeWeese. McCoy. H. Dean. B. Griffin. Owston. Row 4 MacDonald. McNeil. Tibbilts. L. Perkins, Finkeldey. Basset!. Hawley. Longford, Backus. Meyers. Row 5 Rigterink. Fitzpartrick. S. Weidlein. Hardy. Newton Ortmayer. Walsh. Roberts. Davis. Turnbull. Row E Crosby. Nelson. F. Henderson. M. Henderson, Hennigar. King. Talcotl. H. I. Dean. G R m m n p H i B E I R SENIORS Ruth Alldridge iret Ann Ayers Carolyn Beltrarr.ini = " me Bradshaw Carver Deanor Allen Roberta Chissus Harriet Dean Helen lean Dean ' --:. ' : _ - Jane Lord Edith Alccrn Barbara Backus Barbara Bassett Carolyn Donavin Miriam Finkeldey Ann Hav. Katherine King Francis Henderson Mary Helen Davis Ruth Fitzpatrick Mary Henderson T : :-.i HH : .:;: V irqinia Lee Hardy Barbara Newton JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Phyllis Crosby Shirl Crosman Sally Eschbach Virginia Griffin Virginia Handeyside Deanor McCoy Mary McNeil Helen Owston Barbara Talcott : .:-.,:: Harriet DeWeese Barbara Griffin Jean Langford Ellen MacDonald Mary Dizabeth Meyers Margaret Neafie Maxine Nelson Lillian Perkins Jean Tibbetts Dorothea Ortmayer Helen Rigterink June Roberts Emilie Turnbull Margaret Walsh Sally Lou Weidlein Mary Dizabeth James Barbara Horton Eileen Lay Betty Lindegren Mary Perkins EETA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY 1874 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1BS2 Jayne Roberts Dorothy Rupper Barbara Spalding Virginia V eidlein Page 393 K R P P R R li P H H T H E T H Row 1 Maclvor, Campbell, Krieger, Ronal, Shackleton, Singleton, Stone, K. Maclvor, Burkette. Row 2 Riddell, Shaffer, Swartout, Wickes, Bolitho, I. Bonisteel, Holt, Hartwig, Johnson. Row 3 Gies, Haas, Hoist, Lambrecht McClure, Martin, Mulcahy, Pomeroy, Heeder. Row 4 Mclaughlin, Mason, Penney, Rutherford, Sharkey, Thorn, Bertram, B. Bonisteel, Fullenwider. Row 5 Mead, Newcomb, Williams, Forsyth, F. Bonisteel, Clise, Jacobs Leete, Minor. Row 6 Bourke, Connine, Davidson, Davis, Douglas, Grove, Jamison, Vicary, Lynch. SENIORS Louise Bolitho Jean Bonisteel Doris Holt Hope Hartwig Mary Johnson Janet Mac Ivor Mary Margaret Campbell Mary Alice Krieger Betty Ronal Harriet Shackleton Adeline Singleton Louise Stone JUNIORS ETA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY 1870 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1879 RE-ESTABLISHED 1 893 Jean Bertram Betty Bonisteel Janet Fullenwider Mary Gies Elizabeth Haas Grete Hoist Grace Lambrecht Mary McClure Frances Bonisteel Martha Clise Elaine Jacobs Roberta Leete Mary Minor Frances McLaughlin Frances Bourke Mary Gretchen Connine Cornelia Davidson Jeanne Davis Ellen Douglas Jean Forsythe Jane Grove SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Anna Caroline Martin Margaret Mulcahy Harriet Pomeroy Elise Reeder Elizabeth Riddell Betty Shaffer Sybil Swartout Mary Wickes Adelaide Mason Louisa Penney Jean Rutherford Harriet Sharkey Harriet Thorn Mary Margaret Thomas Maryanna Jamison Phyllis Kennedy Edith Lynch Kathleen Mead Mary Newcomb Betty Shick Patricia Williams Page 394 Bow 1 Henderson, Baker. Forrest. Kerr, Rogers. Row 2 Ferguson, Lightioot, Neikirk, Maul Loughborough, Oberdier, Sturtridge, Reynolds. Row 3 Hopkins. Meyer. Barber. W. Gasser. H. Gasser. Bill. Carr. Harber. Row 4 Woodruff, Hepler, Carlisle, Morris. Chatard. Clemmens. Stevens, Nutting. K H P P n D E L T H Margaret Ferguson Handanm JUNIORS Frances Baker Ruth Barber an May Gasser SENIORS Florence Lightfoot Edna Neikirk Eli2abeth Oberdier Winifred Gasser Mary Loughborough Florence Rogers Katherine Reynolds Jane Sturtridge SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL OCT. 23. 1897 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1921 SOPHOMORES Martha Bill Margaret Carr Frances Carlisle ChaJard Jeane Qemmons Elizabeth Einswiler Cecily Forrest (earn Haoty Shirley Hepler :-: - -- ' . FRESHMEN June Harber Alice Hopkins Susan Kerr : ::::-.;. : = .. Roberta Meyer Sallie Morris Wilma Stevens Margaret Wocdrufi Page 395 K R P P n K n p p n G R m m H Row 1 Campbell, Fauver, Stone, Elliott, Hurley, Johnson, Saibert, Geyer, Hicks, Persons. Row 2 Reed, Tichenor, Crittenden, Pierce, Frye, Annibal Skinner, Adams, Iddings. Cram. Row 3 Dull, Hart, Dodge, Brotherton, Hill, Bisbee, Van Raalte, Boyer, Short, Telling. Row 4 McCready, Garden, Manual, Nahser, Sevison, Voorhees, O ' Hoke, Gillian, McCrea, Osgood. {Catherine Johnson Natalie Hicks Ma ' -y Helen Hurley Betty Fauver SENIORS Nelson Persons Eleanor Annibal Mary Elliott Jean Geyer Virginia Hunt Margaret Campbell BETA DELTA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE 1870 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN--1890 JUNIORS Nancy Saibert Margaret Tichenor Virginia Voorhees Carol Adams Nancy Dall Earla Dodge Betty Hill Barbara Telling Florence Brotherton Beth O ' Roke Jane Bisbee Betty Kepler Betty Mandel Dorothy Gilliam Virginia Osgood Marian Iddings SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Alys Pierce Mary Skinner Margaret Cram Olive Reed Mary Jane Frye Shirley Crittenden Dorothy Boyer Jean Van Raalte Jane Hart Mary Carey Donna Short Mary Eleanor McCready Louise Garden Patricia Nahser Elinor Sevison Page 396 1 Podolsky. Rose, Fromm, Steinhart. 2 ChibniV, Coburn. Halpert. Cofhnan, Prutcin. p H I I G m H s i G m n Mis. H. Freedman, B.A. MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. H. Hootkins, B.A. Lois I. Coburn i " ' . ' : ' - ' :- ' SENIORS ;UN:OF.S Harriet K. Podolsky Betty Fromm ETA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT HUNTER COLLEGE NOV. 26, 1900 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1922 Frieda Halpsrt Myrtle L. Prussin Selma Chibnick SCPHOMCP.IS rRESHMEM Helen G. Rose Betty M. Steinhart Page 397 Row 1 Gatward. Grow, Lorenz, Muller, Randolph, P. Smith, Snyder Stilson, Taylor. Row 2 Rhincfrank, Robinson, Robeck, Spongier, Strickler, Teall, Tobin, Welsh, Bourcherle, Brown, Dodds. Row 3 Ervin, Hardy, Heath, Holden, Honhart, Mac Andrew MacGregor, McCrory, M. Merker, Miner, Peterson. Row 4 Foot, Hulden. Nichols, Nussbaum, Shipman, J. Smith, Stevenson, Washburn, Bolton, Bensley, Dickmeyer. How 5 Liebold, Marscher, D. Merker, Murray, Rogers, Strand, VanWinkle, G. Allen, Beem, Benedict, Cook. How 6 H. Allen, Ashley, Ayers, Babcock, Cavanaugh, Chaulty, Fisher, Griffin, Holbrock, Homer, Jean. PI BETH PHI Alice Boucherle Anne Brown Margaret Dodds SENIORS Betty Gatward Hattibel Grow Margaret Lorenz MICHIGAN BETA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE 1857 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1867 Mary Jane Mueller Mary Randolph Priscilla Smith Doris Bolton Jane Hardy Barbara Heath Jane Holden Betsy Hobhart Margaret MacGregor JUNIORS Mary McCrory Marjorie Merker Phyllis Miner Jenny Petersen Jean Rheinfrank Frances Robinson Grace Snyder Irene Stilson Louise Taylor Margery Roebeck Betty Spangler Margaret Strickler Barbara Teall Blanche Tobin Julia Ann Welch Glade Allen Joanna Beem Barbara Benedict Virginia Bensley Martha Jane Cook Ruth Allen Mary Ashley Camilla Ayers Harriette Babcock Phyllis Cavanagh Betty Ann Chaufty Betty Dickmeyer SOPHOMORES Grace Foote Kathleen Liebold Mary Alice McAndrew Bette Nichols FRESHMEN Janet Fisher Frances Griffin Mary Martha Hobrock Janet Homer Elizabeth Huldin Helen Jean Jane Nussbaum Dorothy Shipman Jean Smith Sue Stevenson Ruth Washburn Doris Marschner Doris Merker Nancy Murray Barbara Rogers Marjorie Strand Annabel Van Winkle Page 398 Rovr 1 Campbell, Neberle. Loughborough, Quick. Bow 2 Ivey Hardy. Livernois, Harsila. Randolph. Row 3 Cox, ' Hughes, Kirby. Gay, Koch. Row 4 Sapp, Pheneger, Boothby, Kilt. Cole. z E T H T H U n b P H H Helen Neberle SENIORS Betty Loughborough Mildred Livernois Marion Hughes Betty Ann Cole Ann Gay Nan Kirby Betty Boothby Jane Sapp Jean Pheneger JUNIORS Ruth Koch SOPHOMORES ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL OCT. 15, 1898 ESTABLISHED AT MICHIGAN 1920 FRESHMEN Ragna Faith Randolph Dorothy Cox Josephine Kill Mary Alice Quick Beatrice Dobson Maybelle Haisila Page 399 BETSy BHRBOUR Mrs. Chester D. I irnes Mrs. H. B. Earhart Director Dietician Row 1 McKinney, Dillman. Row 2 Snell, Houk, Brady. AHD OF GOVERNORS Mrs. Edward L. Adams Mrs. John A. Bryant HOUSE STAFF ..Mrs. C. S. Mitchell .Miss Vera F. Howard HOUSE OFFICERS President Frances McKinney Vice-President Virginia Snel] Secretary Helen Brady Treasurer Ruth Dillman Social Chaiman . . .Charlotte Houk Page 400 HELEn REUIBERRy Cope. Brandt, loldersma, Curtis, Ban. HOUSE OFFICEBS Norms Curtis Pi : . Nissley Brandt Treasurer Wilrna Cope Secretary Helen Jane Ban ...... . . . ... Social Chairman BOARD OF GOVERNORS Mrs. Donald E. Bleakley Mrs. Arthur Bromsge Mrs. J. G. Hays Mrs. H. B. Joy Miss, Alace Lloyd HOUSE STAFF Rulh Danielson Vera Howard Ellen Mann . .Assi an . . Director . Dietician it Dietician Page 401 Margaret Myers Elinor Bale Anna Thomson Vice-Presidents: Marjorie Ta Betty Slee Eleanor Se Barbara Epstein Annette Stroup Martha Berry Constance Isaly Alice Quinn Row 1 VanWormer, Tate, Besemer, Isaly, Berry, Stroup. Row 2 Slee, Zindler, Jawitz, Brown, Epstein, Quinn. Row 3 Carr, Groft, Bale, Myers, Thomson, Kover, Larrabee. OFFICERS .President . Secretary . Treasurer Junior Sophomore son Freshman CORRIDOR CAPTAINS Dorothy Zindler Marian Ferguson Harriet Jawitz Ann Besemer Mary Frances Brown SPONSORS Anna Thomson Janet Groft Nancy Kover Elinor Bale Ruth Can- Louise Larrabee COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Josephine Van Wormer Social Chairman Betty Becherer Dance Chairman Myrra Short, Florence Keavin Chairmen of Teas Sylvia Gittlin Birthday Chairman Bernice Wismer Art Chairman Mary Schweickard Scrapbook Chairman Camilla Ayres Music Chairman Mabel Douglas Library Chairman Jane Munsen Kitchenette Chairman Jean Holland Scholarship Chairman Sally Connery Athletic Chairman Eleanor Smith Sunday Night Supper Chairman Ruth Carr Activities Chairman Jean Foster Publicity Chairman mOSHER HULL Page 402 Row 1 Fulde, Choppell. Bonner, Carey, Nichols. Row 2 Carr, Seltzer, Bale, Mayer, Gardiner. Row 3 Howard, Messenger. Shuptrine, Allison. Moore. Miller. OFFICERS Mabel Allison President m Miller Secretary Katherine Moore Treasurer Vice-Presidents: Zivia Seltzer Junior Dorothy Nichols Sophomore Clara Louise Fulde Freshman COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN :ine Social Chairman Roberta Moore Music Chairman Mary Richardson Athletic Chairman Roemhild Decorations Chairman Martha Bill Library Chairman Howard. Betty Ployd Chairmen of Teas Mary Jane Frye Birthday Chairman Jane Mansfield Activities Chairman Betty Ann Messenger Scholarship Chairman JORDfln HRbb Miriam Bonner Dorothy Gardiner Jane Mayer Mary Knight Margaret Carr SPONSORS Betty Ann Messenger Betty Jane Mansfield Dorothy Gardiner Mary Jane Frye Miriam Miller Margaret Shuptrine CORRIDOR CAPTAINS Mary Carey Rita Chappell Helen Bak Dorothy Nichols Roberta Moore Katherine Moore Page 403 Mildred Small, Sally Kenny Ruth Moore, Pauline Putnam, Barbara Mclntyre, Twila Traber BOARD OF GOVERNORS Mrs. Delos P. Heath Mrs. James D. Bruce Mrs. Edward W. Maire HOUSE STAFF Miss Mary E. Gleason Social Director Miss Sarah L. Rowe House Director HOUSE OFFICERS Sally Kenny President Pauline Putnam Vice-President Polly Stevens Secretary Barbara Mclntyre Treasurer Ruth Moore Senior Representative Twila Traber Junior Representative Mildred Small Night Chaperon IP m ItlRRTHR COOK Pago 404 TfiflCH OTHER SPORIS S HlC 1 1 A f. a y- D I R E C T R F R f H b E T I C H. yosi Gedeon, Nicholson, and Farmer preparing for practice. Anderson and Columbo stand by as Kipke gives Kodros last minute instructions. PagAlO Captain Joe Rinaldi Fred Janke Captain-elect Row 1 Columbo-Mgr., Kodros, Heikkenen. Smick. Gedeon. Nicholson, Roberts-trcdner. How 2 Stonton, Vctndcwater, Savilla, VoJpey, Siegel. Luby. Row 3 Marzonie, Campbell. Purucker, Levine, Smith. Barclay. Ritchie. Olds. Row 4 Pedersen, Farmer. Trosko. Yost. Rinaldi-capt., Kipke-coach. Renda. Ja-ke, Brennan. 3 micmGnn 14 micHiGnn STRTE is Pinqle, ace State back, gains four yc ds before beinq tackled by Hs ikkenen and Nicholson. Benda. e vinq -Ttosko ' s P 8 ' ; acW ets - ted - Seventy-two thousand people witnessed the opening game of the season between these two rivals. The Spartans continued their recent dominence over the Wolver- ines with a deadly aerial attack. The game was full of thrills as the lead changed hands five times. During the first half, Michigan repulsed four State threats, and at the half the teams were deadlocked with no score. However, in the third quarter, Ciolek ran through a host of Michigan tacklers and galloped 89 yards for a touchdown. The Wolverines opened up with a series of passes which resulted in a touchdown, Trosko to Renda. Trosko added the extra point giving Mich- igan a 7 to 6 lead. However, Johnny Pingle started passing to Nelson and a few plays carried the ball over and State again led, this time 13 to 7. Michigan soon grabbed a 14 to 13 lead on Trosko ' s plunge and extra point. However, State would not be denied and once again Pingle threw to Nelson for a touchdown which gave the Spartans a 19 to 14 lead which they main- tained to the end. Page 4 12 miCHIGflfl nORTHUJESTERn 7 In the first conference game of the sea- son, Michigan bowed to Northwestern, de- fending champions, but fortunate indeed were the Wildcats to eke out a seven point victory- A pass, Heap to Diehl, late in the third quarter was good for the seven points which spelled doom for the Wolver- ine ' s hopes. The outcome can be laid di- rectly to pass defense which was Mich- igan ' s one glaring weakness all during the game. The Michigan line completely out- played the Wildcat forward wall, with Siegel and Brennan breaking through reg- ularly to halt the Northwestern attack. Michigan gained more yardage and made more first downs, but couldn ' t capitalize on the breaks when they did come. Right after the opening kick-off, Trosko ' s punt was partially blocked and the Wild- cats took possession on the Michigan 45 yard line. However, the line stopped Northwestern ' s attack cold. After Jefferson ' s punt, Michigan picked off three consecu- tive first downs with comparative ease, but = r_ intercepted pass thwarted this threat. Later, Farmer intercepted a pass and ran down the sidelines 53 yards to the North- western 43 yard line where Heap, the last man in his path, hauled him down. On a cut-back, Trosko found a big hole in the Wildcat ' s line and galloped for a first down. Northwestern ' s touchdown came on a freak play. After the line pushed the Wild- cats from the 9 yard line back to the 16 yard line in three plays, Heap dropped back on fourth down and threw a pass into the end-zone. Farmer, in trying to block the ball, deflected it into the waiting arms of Diehl who fell down for six points. Ryan added the extra point. Until the end of the game the Wolverines continually threat- ened, but could not gain when it counted. Kovatch, Northwestern end, downed by Trosko and Renda after completing a pass thrown by Jefferson. Fred Trosko is shown being tackled by Vanio, Wild- cat quarterback after gaining four yards. Page 413 miCHIG Trosko being icks Iowa line for five yards before opped by Kinnick and McLain. M!)) After being denied for three weeks, the Wolverines finally tasted the sweets of victory by battling out a 7-6 decision over Iowa ' s victory-starved eleven. One point made the difference between victory and a tie, and it was Bill Smith, Michigan tackle, who cracked through the Iowa line to break up Jack Eicherly ' s place kick and to assure Michigan of its first Big Ten vic- tory of the season. Late in the first quarter Michigan started its touchdown drive when Trosko grabbed a punt and carried it to his 45 yard line. He circled right end for nine more yards as the quarter ended. Smashes by Stan- ton and Trosko carried the ball to the Iowa 28. At this point, Trosko faded behind the line and shot a pass to Bill Barclay who was pushed out of bounds on the eight yard line. Trcsko then plunged over the Iowa line for five yards, and on the next play Stanton drove through for a touch- down. Trosko converted from placement the point which proved so vital to Michi- gan ' s victory. In the third quarter the Hawkeyes thrilled the anxious crowd when sopho- more Kinnick returned a punt through the entire Michigan eleven for six points. Michigan dominated in all stages of the game outgaining the Hawks on the ground and in the air. Trosko about to throw a pass protection from Stantot against Minnesota gets (24) and Ritchie. Gedeon punts out of danger against Minnesota as Stanton and Farmer block charging Gophers. Page 41 4 miCHIGRN 6 - - mmRESDTR 33 Buehler being tack- led behind the line by Farmer. Uram ' s lateral to VanAvery tailed when VanAvery rumbled. Minnesota ' s Gophers, inspired by Brown Jug tradition, and burning because of lack of scoring punch, completely routed a fighting Michigan eleven 39-6. The Wolverines were the first to score. Smick blocked King ' s attempted punt and Siegel recovered for Michigan on Minnesota ' s four yard line. After two unsuccessful line thrusts. Trosko tossed a short pass to Gedeon in the end zone for the score; however, the attempt at conversion failed. At this point, the Gophers began playing football and didn ' t stop until six touchdowns had been registered. Everything Minnesota tried, both in the air and on the ground, suc- ceeded. Misfortune frowned on the Northerners when Andy Uram, all-American back, broke his wrist; however his place in the lineup was ably filled by the substitute backs. Superior playing upon the part of the Gophers is evidenced by the figure 389 appearing in their yards gained column. Andy Uram, Minnesota back, is stopped by Renda and SiegeL Later in the game he broke his wrist. Wolverine hopes mounted after this play as Gedeon, snaring Trosko ' s short pass, speeds past Uram (32) to give Michigan a 6-0 lead. Page 41 5 micHicnn 7 iiiiiinois 6 lay Waidley runs into a stone wall in the form of Savilla (29), Smith (43), and Smick (42). The Wolverines spoiled coach Bob Zuppke ' 25th Anniversary party by virtue of Fred Tros- ko ' s place kick for the point after touchdown. The first half was exceedingly dull with num- erous fumbles by the Wolverines keeping the Illini in scoring territory most of the time. HOWH ever, they could not keep up a sustained drive and Michigan took the ball on downs several times. Starting from their own 21 yard line in the third quarter, the Illini moved straight down thej field to the 5 yard stripe. Zimmerman cut aroundj his right end and was tackled on the 3 yard line where he fumbled; the ball bounced over] the goal where Carter fell on it for a touchdown.J The attempted conversion was wide. It looked as though all odds were against Michigan when the Illinois kickoff hit Heik- kenen ' s shoulder and bounded into the arms ' of Wehrli, Illini halfback, but Zimmerman ' s pass was intercepted by Barclay. Trosko shot a pass I to Smick on the 47 yard line, and, after a line j thrust, threw another to Nicholson, who was j standing alone on the 15 yard line and he jogged over for the touchdown. Trosko coolly booted the extra point. Page 416 - miCHicnn is CHICRGO 12 for fifty-six minutes the Chicago Ma- roons pushed a listless Michigan team all over the field. Not only did they dominate the play, but, to the amazement of some 25,000 spectators, were actually winning 12 to 0. With four minutes to play Chicago had the ball, but Fitzgerald, Maroon cap- tain, got off a bad punt which rolled out of bounds on the 41 yard line. On the first play, Ritchie swept wide around left end behind beautiful interference, straight- armed two Chicago men, and crossed the goal line standing up. Smick place-kicked the extra point. Still the Maroons thought the battle was safely won. They were tired and out- manned, but they had the ball on their own 21 yard line and were confident Michigan could not score again in those last three minutes. However, on the nexl play Michigan got the best break of the game when Davenport fumbled and Smick recovered for Michigan. Chicago was penalized 5 yards to the 16 yard line for an extra time-out, and there Michigan started a final drive with but a minute left to play. In three plays Ritchie and Renda had a first down on the 6 yard line; from there Ritchie plunged over right guard for the winning touchdown. Chicago scored earlier in the game on two very neat pass plays. The first came in the second quarter when Sherman threw to Fitzgerald who caught the ball on the 20 yard marker and ran the remain- ing distance out of reach of would-be Michigan tacklers. The second Maroon touchdown came in the third quarter after the Michigan defense had been drawn in close by Hamity ' s plunging. Sherman dropped back and passed to Wasem, who eluded Ritchie and Rinaldi and went over for the touchdown. Ritchie starting around end on a 41 yard jaunt for Michigan ' s first touchdown. Berner attempted a field goal for Illinois with Wehu holding, but Siegel of Michigan broke through to block it. Page 41 7 ' Trosko driving around Chicago end tor a sizeable gain. Janke (66). Brennan (45), and Rinaldi (61) can be seen in the picture. micHicnn 7 Ritchie tries to elude Fitzgerald, Chicago end, but is stopped after a short gain. Franklin Field, Philadelphia, held the water and mud in which the University of Michigan football squad played an inter- sectional game with the University of Pennsylvania. Because of the extreme weather conditions, the game became pro- gressively more defensive, ending finally in a kicking duel and a 7-0 score favoring the Wolverines. In the first period, the twenty-five thou- sand souls who braved the elements saw Stark Ritchie gallop fifty-four yards, then wade ten more for a touchdown which was declared null and void, the Michigan men having held a little on the play. The second period was not as discourag- ing; Pennsylvania caught the Michigan kicker on his own 26, but four successive plays found the ball only six yards nearer the goal. Late in the period, Quaker Walter Shinn became so belligerent that his team was penalized half the distance to the goal line, giving Michigan the ball on Penn ' s 31 yard line. Two running plays gained 5 yards, then Ritchie threw another pass to Purucker who made a sensational catch for the touchdown. George Marzonie kicked the water soaked pigskin between the up- rights for the additional point. Most of the second half was devoted to punting, with Purucker performing ad- mirably. Any offensive play by either squad bogged down. So backward did the Wolverines, become that their yards gained by rushing in the second half was minus 13. This debit item gave Penn an edge over the Wolverines on total game figures. Stanton gets the pass from center as the Wolverines start a play. Purucker gets off a punt against Ohio from his own 37 yard line. Page 41 8 Nardi. Ohio back, is stopped on the one loot line as the Michigan defense tightens. miCHIGDIlO OHIO STOTE 21 Ohio State ' s Buckeyes sounded the curfew for the Michi- gan football season with a convincing win over the Wol- verines. Featuring a highly polished offense and taking ad- vantage of all their breaks the Ohioans scored three touch- downs and a safety. Michigan opened with a spirited attack, but inopportune rumbles foiled their threats. Purucker ' s punting and Heikke- nen ' s and Brennan ' s line play stood out for the Wolverines, but Ohio ' s passing proved to be the deciding factor. The Buckeyes lead at the half 2 to by virtue of a safety. In the second half, two passes were good for touchdowns and an intercepted pass put them in position to score a third. The Michigan line played especially well in the clutches and kept Ohio from piling up a larger score than they did. How- ever, the Bucks dominated most of the play and they were never seriously threatened. This game ended the college football careers of nine members of the University of Michi- gan scruad. Ritchie smashes through Ohio line for eleven yards and a first down on the Ohio 42 yard line. Ohio tries to buck Michigan line for a touchdown, but is stopped on the 2 yard line. Page 419 BORRD in CODTROli OF RTHbETICS DAVIDSON TOWNSEND FACULTY MEMBERS Ralph W. Aigler Henry C. Anderson Fielding H. Yost Ira M. Smith John Alexander Lewis M. Gram A. E. R. Boak Elmer D. Mitchell Clifford Woody STUDENT MEMBERS John Townsend Harold Davidson ALUMNI MEMBERS James E. Duffy Thomas S. Hammond Charles B. DuCharme Page 420 Townsend tosses one from the free throw line against Ohio State. Beebe drives in close for a dog-shot against Minnesota. MICHIGAN MICHIGAN 43 MICHIGAN STATE 40 32 AKRON 27 29 42 MARYLAND 26 29 42 DARTMOUTH 17 50 ROCHESTER 29 30 50 TOLEDO 38 26 35 BUTLER 38 58 45 ILLINOIS 37 30 38 OHIO STATE 28 32 31 MINNESOTA 16 30 WISCONSIN NORTHWESTERN . OHIO STATE MICHIGAN STATE IOWA MINNESOTA WISCONSIN IOWA ILLINOIS NORTHWESTERN 39 30 26 41 38 29 29 38 36 Rea outjumps Dehnet tip-off of th of Illinois in the opening Big Ten season. Townsend pivots around his guard for a hook-shot. Page 42?, BRSKETBRbli A mid-season reversal of form turned one of the most promising of recent Michigan cage seasons into a fifty- fifty affair as far as the Big Ten was concerned. In the opening game with Michigan State and on the tour of the east during the Christmas holidays the Wolverines had one of the smoothest combinations in the country. The climax was reached when they drubbed a highly tauted Dartmouth team and held them to a single point during the entire first half. As the Big Ten season opened Michigan was rated along with Purdue and Minnesota as one of the teams to beat. Led by Jake Townsend, all-conference forward for three years and one of the greatest basketball play- ers in Michigan history, the Wolverines boasted a powerful offense and a tight defense. The first three Big Ten games with Illinois, Ohio State, and Minnesota respectively were won with comparative ease. At Wis- consin they received their first set-back and then lost a heart-breaker to Northwestern 30 to 29. However, they snapped out of this slump to whip Ohio State for the second time and stay in the running. The first game of the second semester was dropped to Iowa and was very sloppily played by the Wolv- erines. From this point to the end of the season they showed only flashes of the sparkling play which marked the first half of the season. Minnesota followed Iowa to Ann Arbor and they too went home on the long end of the score. Michigan came to life against Wis- consin and easily doubled the score on the Badgers, but successive games were lost to Iowa and Illinois defi- nitely nullifying all title hopes. Michigan won the final game with Northwestern and it gave them six wins and six losses in Big Ten competition for the season. A typical scene when Townsend gets the ball near the pivot line. These Illini seem determined in their attempt to bottle him up. Smick and Dehner jumping under the basket, while lake enjoys a brief respite at Dehner ' s expense. Take Townsend, one of the best play- makers the Big Ten has ever seen, a shown executing one of his famous blind passes. Page 423 lake Townsend keeps his guard at bay while he looks for someone to break into the clear B.eebe and Voigts fight for the ball even on the floor. Smick outjumps Rolek of Minnesota as Townsend prepares to get the ball. Page 424 Fishman drives in against Northwestern for one of his left-handed push shots. BBSKETBflLL Fishman waits under the basket for an Iowa shot to come down. Rea snares a rebound off the backboard against Illinois. BOB W ILLIAMS Head Cheer-Leader Thomas breaks through for a shot against Minnesota. Page 425 Capt. John Townsend Capt.-elecl Leo Beebe Row 1 Bradley Mgr., Pink, Barclay. Smick, Slavin, Roberts trainer. Row 2 Fishman, Red, Cappon coach, Townsend capt., Oosterbaan coach, Beebe, Thomas. Page 426 m . tac k ' M iV ' ' ; t -f m. f . ; ' .; STEVE MASON " We dedicate this section to Stevens Mason, Michigan ' s track captain-elect for the present season, whose death last summer saddened us all. The fighting spirit of Steve, his happy comradeship, his ready laugh, and his instinctive personal dedication to the spirit of Michigan leave behind memories which will be long cherished and remembered by all of his fellow students and particularly the teammates and coaches with whom he was in daily contact. " Steve Mason receives medal for win- ning the low hurdles in the Big Ten Outdoor Meet. Page 428 COACH KEN DOUGHERTY Row 1 Martens, Harold Davidson, Clarke, Stanton, Mitchell, Abbot, Smith, Friedenberg. Row 2 Osberg, Kingsley, Miller, Townsend, Stable, Aigler, Faulkner, Watson. Row 3 Church Mgr., Martin, Devine, Fink, Howard Davidson, Stiles, Morgan, Pinkerton, Dougherty Coach. Row 4 Brelsford, Birleson, Alix, Mason, Coach Hoyt, Osgood Capt., O ' Connell, Stoller Hunn, Starr. Page 429 Don Lash splashes to victory in the mile with team-mate Deckard close behind. Ferry Field was the scene of the 1937 ' Big Ten Outdoor. :Track .Meet, .Considering flie driving rain, which soon turned the track into a minia- ture lake, the winning times in several events were little short of phenomenal. The Wolverine thinclads, lead by Capt. Bob Osgood, ran and splashed their way through the mud to victory over an excellent field. The outstanding performance of the day was turned in by Osgood, who skimmed over the 120 yard high hurdles in 14 seconds to establish a new world record. Bill Watson garnered three firsts in the broadjump, discus, and shot-put, the latter effort breaking the existing Big 10 record. Other firsts for Michigan came in the 100 yard dash in which Sam Stoller lead the field, and in the 220 yard low hurdles which Steve Mason won. Indiana ' s iron man, Don Lash, treated the spectators to a remarkable exhibition of stamina by running in the half, one, and two mile events, winning the last two. Mel Walker and Charlie Beetham of Ohio State set new Big 10 marks in the high jump and half mile run, respectively. At no time was Michigan ' s leadership threat- ened and when the final event had been run off, the Hoytmen led the second place Indiana Hoosiers by sixteen points. Mel W; ker of Ohio State who wop the High-jump. Captain Osgood crosses the finish line in the 120 yard high hurdles in 14 seconds to es- tablish a new world record lor this event. Over the first hurdle at the Big Ten meet. Mason, who won, can be seen on the extreme left Page 430 BIG TEN OUTDOOR MEET MICHIGAN 60 INDIANA 44 ID STATE 42 ILLINOIS 24V4 WISCONSIN 23 IOWA 9Vi MINNESOTA 8 :AGO 8 NORTHWESTERN 3 PURDUE 3 OUTDOOR DUEL MEETS MICHIGAN ... MICHIGAN . . . HIGAN ... ' 81V4 CALIFORNIA .. 49 Vi 81 INDIANA 50 76 OHIO STATE .. 50 92 ILLINOIS . 39 v M C -t -, r P Measuring the wind velocity at the Big Ten Off to a flying start. Stoller. center, stepped ahead to win the dash against Indiana. Page 431 Sam Stollerfromps home in 100 yard dash against Indiana. Collier oi Indiana was second and Smith oi Michigan third. Bill Watson, a track team all by himself, scored three firsts for Michi- gan in the Big Ten Meet. He won the shot-put, the discus, and the broad-jump. His mark in the shot-put was a new conference record. In keeping with Michigan track tradition, Coach Charles Hoyt ' s squad of thinclads went systematically about the task oi winning the Big 10 Indoor track title. Also, quite like its prede- cessors, the team won the University team title in the Sixth an- nual Butler Relays, making it five in a row for the Maize and Blue. The season got under way with a meet against the Spartans from Michigan State in which the Wolverines were marked for their balance more than for their power. Spectators at that meet- ing witnessed the breaking of three records and the tying of three others. Further evidence of this balance came out in the encounter with Ohio State which the Michigan men won mainly by consistant placing in all of the events, in addition to taking six firsts. The Wolverines were invited to participate in the! revival of the Illinois Relays at Champaign where they gathered | more firsts than any other university, though no score was kept. Traveling to Chicago the following week, the Hoytmen pro- ceeded to win their fifth straight Big 10 title. First places were conspicuous by their almost complete absence, the majority of the winning points coming by way of place awards. Bill Wat-j son, in the shot-put, and Elmer Gedeon, in the high-hurdles, earned the only blue ribbons. The Wisconsin Badgers threw a scare into the Wolverines by capturing four firsts and ending] up only six and one-third points behind Michigan for second place honors. Page 432 Sara Stoller caught in mid-air as he exhibits his broad-jumping form. He was also named No. 1 sprint man in the Country. Fred Martin shown throwing the javelin Spangler, Spurway, Eames, Jones. Canning. Jake Townsend is Iways a sure point winner in both the shot and discus. Indiana ' s triumverate Smith, Lash, and Deckard talk over the muddy situation. Ohio State ' s relay team passes the baton. Charlie Hoyt ponders and Matt Mann looks on as the trainer tapes Watson ' s leg. Page 434 Paris deienseman bleaks up a Michigan play. Allen shoots hard at Toronto goal. HOCKEY SCORES MICHIGAN 3 WESTERN ONTARIO 2 LONDON 3 2 BRANTFORD 1 5 McMASTER U 5 MICHIGAN TECH 2 7 MICHIGAN TECH 1 1 MINNESOTA 2 2 MINNESOTA 1 6 SARNIA 3 5 ONTARIO AG. COL 3 MICHIGAN 3 PARIS 1 WESTERN ONTARIO 3 MINNESOTA 5 MINNESOTA 2 MICHIGAN TECH . . . 2 MICHIGAN TECH . . . 2 TORONTO 6 PARIS 8 ILLINOIS . Allen skates in iront oi Toronto goal and waits for a pass. Page 436 Ice hockey has definitely become part of the winter life of the student body. Every bit of the credit for this achievement must go to Coach Eddie Lowrey and his squad of spunky Wolverines. The team of this past winter caused the climax to be reached so that the Coliseum can no longer handle those who wish to witness the games. As in past seasons, the greater number of Michigan ' s opponents has hailed from across the Canadian border. Squads from the University of Toronto, McMaster ' s Uni- versity, University of Western Ontario, and the Ontario Agriculture College offered the only college competition, representatives of Sarnia, London, Paris, and Brantford coming from a commercial or athletic club source. The only three teams playing under the stars and stripes were the University of Minnesota and Illinois squads and the boys from Michigan Tech. The season got under way with the Wolverines offering two new faces in the starting line-up, those of goalie " Spike " James and center " Smack " Allen, both of whom proved invaluable as the year progressed. Gib James, Johnny Fabello, Bob Simpson, and Bert Smith were the first string veterans. Some few of the Wolverine games were devoted to the pursuance of actual and mythical hockey titles. Michigan met Minnesota in four home and home games for the su- premacy of the Big Ten, and as in past years, neither squad was able to prove its superiority to the other, so joint titleship resulted. All four of the games were thrillers with each team winning one and losing one on their home ice. The mythical Michigan state collegiate title formed the background for the series of four games with Michigan Tech, which the Wolverines won with victories in three Sarnia wing bears down in Michigan defense zone. of the four games. This year saw the beginning of ice rivalry between the Wolverines and the University of Illinois, however, the inexperienced boys in Champaign were easy victims for the well balanced Michigan team. In piling up thirteen victories out of nineteen starts the team completed one of the most successful seasons since the sport was first introduced at Michigan. Gib James set a new high scoring record for the Michigan team with 46 points for an average of 2.55 per game. HDCKEy " Spike " lames, Sarnia wring, and puck all go into the Michigan net Page 437 Fabello tries a. shot from a bad angle. Goalie " Spike " lames prepares to make a save on a hard shot from ten feet out Page 438 Cooke, Chadwick, E. Chase. W. Chase, Hilblerg, Simpson Capt., Allen. E. lames. Johnny Fabello veteran wing. Gib lames Wolves high scoring wing. Bert Smith, star defenseman. Page 439 SWIMMING SCORES MICHIGAN 68 INDIANA 16 MICHIGAN 67 MICHIGAN STATE 17 MICHIGAN 41 YALE 34 MICHIGAN 37 OHIO STATE 47 MICHIGAN 49 MINNESOTA 35 MICHIGAN 43 IOWA 37 MICHIGAN.. 38 OHIO STATE . 46 Captain Ed Kirar, National Intercollegiate Champion in 50 yard and 100 yard sprints. Johnny Haigh. Michigan ' s sophomore breaststroker. " Tireless " Tom Haynie holds numerous records in 220 and 440 yard sprints. He was named the best college swimmer in the country in 1937. Ed Reike shoves off from the edge of the pool for start of back-stroke. Page 440 swimminc fa After losing two dual meets and the Big Ten title to Ohio State, few people gave the Wolverine swimming team a chance to win the National Intercollegiate Championship, a title which they had won in eight of the last fifteen years. Coming down to the final event, the Ohioans held a slim lead which Michigan could overcome only by winning the 400 yard relay and providing that Ohio received no better than a third. It seemed an almost impossible task as in three previous meetings the Ohio relay team had beaten the Wolverines every time. However, blistering legs by Capt. Kirar and Tom Haynie gave Michigan a victory in this event and Ohio by taking third was beaten by the slim margin of one point Thus once again the National title rests with Matt Mann and his great team. The squad began the season with a pair of easy victories over Indiana and Michigan State. The next meet was a grudge battle with the Yale Bulldogs, a team Michigan had never beaten in a dual meet. It was a close contest until the final relay which Michigan won by virtue of Tom Hay- nie ' s fast anchor lap giving the Wolves a seven point victory- That same week, the Maize and Blue met a vastly improved Ohio State squad which handed Michigan its first defeat in eight years. The following meets with Min- nesota and Iowa were closer than expected, possibly as a result of the Ohio defeat, but Michigan emerged victori- ous. Returning home after their extensive trip, the Wolver- ines met the same Ohio team and once again they were unable to match the Buckeye balance. This was the first time in nine years that any team had defeated Michigan in its own pool. With this record of five wins and two losses the Michi- gan men went into the Big Ten Conference meet at Chi- cago only to lose to Ohio for the third time during the season and relinquish their Big Ten title. The following week a remarkable comeback at the Rutgers pool saw the Wolves successfully defend their National Title. Matt Mann, Michigan ' s great coach, just can ' t seem to get swimming oti hj Jack Wolin shows his diving form as he hangs in mid-air. Page 44: Holmes and Hutchins, Michigan sprinters. Page 442 Bill Farnsworth, sprinter Johnny Haiqh Captain-elect Tom Haynie whose greal leg in the relay helped Michigan win in the Nationals. How 1 Mann coach. Wreiord, Reike. Creighton. Sauer. Wolin. Holmes. Mullsr, Mgr. Row 2 Haigh. Hutchins. Haynie, Kirar, Tomski, Farntworth, Emmett. Row 3 Frtenild, Benham. Staley. Page 443 The referee gives his last minute instructions before the bout starts. ., Almost anything can happen he the complexion -a split second may change : any bout. Co-Capt. Thomas appling for a vital hold. UlRESTIilRG Coach Cliff Keen ' s grunt and groan gang provided one of the major surprises of the sporting year within the realm of Michigan athletic endeavors. Before hos- tilities commenced, few people thought very much of the team as a threatening contender for wrestling supremacy, Indiana ' s Hoosiers looking about as pol- ished and inspired as ever. As predicted, the Wolverines dropped their first match, that with Indiana, in which they showed a drastic shortage of heavyweight material. Neverthe- less, the matmen easily won the match with Michi- gan State. With that fifty-fifty record behind them, the team with co-captains John Speicher and Earl Thomas left Ann Arbor for an abbreviated tour of the East. Penn State, last year ' s Eastern Collegiate cham- pions, was the first opponent to taste defeat. After trouncing Northwestern, the team went back to the East to complete its tour and also to round out its string of victories over eastern competition, the teams of Temple and Lehigh Universities falling easy vic- tims to the Wolverines. Returning to the homeland vicinity, Michigan made short work of Ohio State and even shorter work of Ohio University, the dual meet season ending with a definite majority of victories. With this fact in mind, the squad left for Evanston to participate in the Con- ference title meet which the Wolverines had not won since 1929. Here Indiana, the favorite and the only team to beat the Wolverines, was unable to repeat as Michigan came through with a smashing victory to annex the Big Ten Championship and climax a great season. Page 444 Row 1 Kilmer, Donner, Savilla, Bard, D. Nichols. Row 2 Tasch, Mericka, Speicher co-captain. Keene coach. Thomas, co-captain. H. Nichols, Cameron. WRESTLING SCORES MICHIGAN ...... 13 INDIANA ................ 19 MICHIGAN ...... 22 MICHIGAN.... MICHIGAN. ... 19 OHIO STATE ............. 10 MICHIGAN 23 OHIO UNIVERSITY . Above: D. Nichols seems to have the upper hand at this point Below: Speicher. National champion and co-c aptain, really believes in tying his opponent up. Page 445 Peckinpaugh aiter fielding a ground ball, dives in time to catch an Illinois runner trying to go irom second to third. Captain Kim Williams The Wolverines opened the season with a southern tour and won five of the six games played. This same victory spirit carried the Wolverines to a 2 to triumph over Ohio State behind Herm ' ishman ' s threes-lit-, pitching in the Conference opener. A few ys later, Iowa City was ' ,th,e scene of Michigan ' s first Big Ten feat and Fishman ' s first loss ;a " ; a- -W.olverine, with Iowa winning to 2. The next day, ' Bert Smith tume the same lowans ' . . ' . ' ' :: ' rft ' i ' i J 1 T ' Vs- . ; ,- .. . -,; ..: ' .?, ' : y,,_ j " Ohio State opened the home seasdriv- . Midtiglirriifi.! .gain Fishman turned them back this time ' l vTJie first j Indiana team triumphed over t he Wolves twice in -tv ,fday,5,.by | scores of 6 to 5 and 10 to 3. Illinois added further to their ' fort by gpipg honi Qn the long end oi a 9 to 3. .score. However, Johnny Smithers ' ' set-B$6jt-jp.urrdue and, though they lost successive games to Illinois and Minh ' es ta,; .ifoey. ' ended .the conference sea- sc%:With a victory over Minnesota arixJ ' elimbed to ' fifth: place with i il 1 ' - ' 1 . .- ; ' .mr - _ , - " _ . . less $ Page 446 Row 1 Brew Mgr., Fishman, Brewer, Floersch, Smick, Beebe, Lisagor. Peckinpaugh. How 2 Kremer, Gee, Fisher coach. Williams, Pattinelli, Heylinger, Smithers. Row 3 Campbell, Smith, Uricek. BIG TEN BASEBALL MICHIGAN 2 OHIO STATE : MICHIGAN 2 IOWA 3 IOWA 3 OHIO STATE 3 --. , - .iDIANA 6 ifc ; 5 Si, -j. . -r K --.. ACPv ?? ' --7rM :; ' .v- ' ' - ' . ' . -sf- " 55S3SWllfti AN.. : %,. ILCINDJS ....... 8 ANVV i ;??,.:; SJ , . M Mft , TT f i nSic ' " ' oVftSJ S MICHIGAN : , _ MOHICAN... D ' MlJmBSCT -. . .W . PUn :. b MINNESOTA ' - v-v. ;Jfti - -.-Vi Kremer out at first on a throw from Minnesota ' s third baseman. ' Kremer. Michigan captain-elect, crossing the plate with another score for Michigan. Page 447 GOLF Al Saunders. Captain and ace of the squad, finished second in the conference. Al Karpinski. Captain-elect, blasts out of a sand trap. Bill Barclay, consistant scorer, lines up a putt. MICHIGAN... MICHIGAN... MICHIGAN . . . MICHIGAN:.. MICHIGAN... MICHIGAN... MICHIGAN . . GOLF SCORES . 12 M. S. C 7 ' 2 . 12 PURDUE .6 . IP 2 OHIO STATE 6 ' 2 . 18 ILLINOIS 6 . 8! 2 NORTHWESTERN 9 ' 2 . 22 INDIANA 2 10 ' 2 M.S.C. 7 ' 2 Page 448 GOLF Michigan ' s golf team began the 1937 season defending its title to the championship of the Big 10. Al Saunders, possessor of keen golfing ability, was captain of the team which worked under the tutelage of coach Ray Courtright. The squad was composed of Saunders, Jack Emery. Captain-elect Al Karpinski, Bill Griffiths. Art Harwood, Ed Hoagland, and Bill Barclay. Conference matches with Ohio State, Illinois, Purdue, and Indiana ended in victory for the Wolverines. However, the linksmen from North- western turned the tables on the Michigan men, eking out a one point victory. Chicago was the scene of the conference title matches late in May. The same Northwestern team jolted the Wolverines out of the title seat for the first time in six years by a margin of eleven points. Captain Saunders paced the Wol- verine delegation with 308 for the seventy-two holes, running second, however, to Sid Richard- son, Northwestern sharp-shooter, whose score was 301. In spite of the loss of the 1937 title, the Mich- igan golf scfuad has had a very enviable record for the past sixteen years. Out of seventy-three matches played, the team was victorious in sixty-two, tied two, and was defeated in only nine. This phenomenal record gives the Wol- verines a winning percentage of .849, tops in any league. m i % Row 1 Griffiths. Ofle Mar., Yeornd. Courtright coach. Trueblood coach. Row 2 Emery. Barclay, Sounders capt.. Karpinski. Warren. ' ' ; Capt.. elect Levenson Capt. Sherwood On the clay courts with nets and racquets, the Wolverines ran into a little difficulty this year. Coached by John Johnstone and captained by Miller Sherwood, the squad appeared to be a fine one, however, something was lacking in the pinches, resulting in a mediocre season. Michigan got off to a bad start by dropping its first match to Wisconsin, 4-2. Purdue, Iowa, and Illinois were easy victims but Northwestern triumphed 8 to 1. The team came back to defeat Minnesota 5-4 but the strain of traveling and consecutive matches caused the racquet men to fall to Ohio State and Chicago by scores of 5-4 and 9-0, thus completing the regular sched- ule with a 50-50 percentage. Annual Big 10 Conference matches were held here at Palmer Field on May 22. Chicago easily won the title while the weakened Wolverines could but tie Iowa for fourth place. Jarvis Dean was the last of the Michigan racquet men to be eliminated in the play. Row 1 Smith, Kidwell, Johnstone coach, Percival, Woolsey. Row 2 Levenson, Sherwood, Dean. Mills. Page 450 Anxious eyes scan this board for results and schedules. lust one of the many handball games played every day in the I. M. courts. For the largest athletic plant in the world Mich- igan may be justly proud. Facilities for any sport are found in either the huge Intramural Building or adjacent to it. Remarkable is the fact that the entire building, with the single exception of the swimming pool, is used solely for intramural sports. Besides gymnasiums, the pool, wrestling, and boxing rooms, and basketball, tennis, volley- ball, squash, handball, and badminton courts under the one roof, Ferry Field with its tennis courts, baseball diamonds, archery ranges, horseshoe pits, soccer and baseball fields, the beautiful Uni- versity Golf Course, the Coliseum, and the Union bowling alleys are all separate portions of the whole plant. As important as the equipment itself, is the able body of men on hand to manage the department and offer instruction to anyone who might desire it. The head man of the whole depart- ment is Elmer Mitchell who is aided by Earl Riskey, A. A. James, R. W. Webster, John John- stone, and Ernest Smith. The benefits to the male student body and fac- ulty members can be measured only in the terms of better physical and mental health. About five thousand fellows take part in the many events offered on the I. M. calendar. The facilities of the department are closed to none and leagues have been formed in all sports for Independents, Fra- ternity men, and faculty. Contests are held be- tween leagues, teams, and individuals with ap- propriate awards for all winners in the multiplicity of events offered. Badminton is a rapidly rising favorite at the I. M. Page 452 SPORTS : --Elmer D. .MitafaeH Assistant Z.L r =c:-r Earl N. Ris Supervisc:. r;s A. A. James, ]o johns ' .c :.-:- ? " . ' , " Webster Basketball on one oi the four I. M. courts. " Put this hand here " Coach Courtright gives instructions. Punching the bag. Page 453 The home of Michigan Intramural Athletics Besides providing facilities for unsponsored recreation, it is the policy of the Intramural department to conduct contests in all of the sports for which it has equipment. Awards are made to the winners of each contest based on that person ' s position on the campus, that is independent, fra- ternity man, or member of the faculty. Through a system of point accumu- lation, entrants in the various sports may compete for the all-around cham- pionship. Last year, this title was won by Paul Keller, a member of Psi Upsilon fraternity. In order that all sporting interests may be represented, the year is divided into seasons fall, winter and spring. Early in the year, there are contests in softball, foul shooting, golf, horseshoes, track, tennis, and competition in Sigma Delta Psi, which is the honorary fraternity for IM sports. In the fall, football, golf, handball, swimming, tennis, track, twenty- one, volley ball, water polo, and wrestling provide the centers of attention. Of the fraternities involved in competition, Phi Delta Theta led the way with victories in speedball, track, and wrestling. Alpha Tau Omega ran second with two victories swimming and water polo. In the all-campus division, the Independent Wolverines were the only organized group to capture two victories. As usual, the volleyball players on the team of the Chinese Students Club walked away with the honors in that particular sport. In that greatest of ail-American back yard sports, horseshoes, the independents could not decide the all-y ear winner, the event ending in a tie between the Wolverines and the D.D. ' s Theta Xi won the honors in Sigma Delta Psi. FRATERNITY STANDINGS 1. CHI PSI 1272 2. PSI UPSILON 1260 3. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA f 1227 4. THETA XI 1 192 5. THETA CHI 1081 6. PHI KAPPA PSI 1007 7. PHI GAMMA DELTA 993 8. SIGMA ALPHA MU 982 9. SIGMA CHI 972 10. PHI DELTA THETA 889 INDEPENDENT TEAMS STANDING 1. WOLVERINES AND D.D. ' S 737 3. FORESTERS 706 4. PENT HOUSE 645 5. JAY HAWKS 600 6. WHIRLWINDS 590 7. COWBOYS 472 8. FLETCHER HALL 444 9. UPPER PENINSULAR 290 10. LAW CLUB .255 Page 454 BOHR mm Academic Michigan plus its women ' s athletic facilities is the best combination for the necessary well-rounded education. In- numerable outdoor games take place on the courts and fields pro- vided for them in the spring and fall. The indoor seasons, allowing a further selection of individual and team sports, complete a dual function a profitable leisure and a trim figure. The Women ' s Athletic Association, in its own right, provides an organization for the athletically inclined who come to college with a desire for more than knowledge. Challenging teams, desiring championships, emit an organized competitive spirit in all fields, among the dormitories, zones, and sororities. Faithful enthusiasts are rewarded with the traditional W.A.A. scarf. Embued with the spirit of progress and advancement, the girls have cooperated and worked industriously on many projects for the purpose of gaining a swimming pool of their own. Look at these next few pages, see Michigan and W.A.A. com- bined at its best, and then change to your snappiest sport outfit. Athletics, here we come! I Page 456 Ill f). f). BOARD Mary Johnson President Betty Lyon Vice-President Mary Jane Mueller. Secretary Betty Whitney Treasurer Sally Kenny A.F.C.W. Mary Alice MacKenzie Publicity Ruth Hartman Intramural Norma Curtis Awards Ruth Carr : Archery Sally Orr Badminton Alberta Royal Basketball Martha Tillman Baseball Beatrice Lovejoy Dancing Elizabeth White Fencing Mar jorie Merker Golf Mary Richardson Hockey Margaret Waterston Tennis Helen Wolf Swimming Olive Reed Rifle Dorothy White Riding Betty Patten Outdoor Sports MARY JOHNSON MEANING: 77 e s A PURPOSE: Leadership ' AIM: To further compeiiSve ' sports GOAL: A women ' s swimming pool PROJECTS: Tommy Dorsey Swing Session Swimming Exhibition Lantern Night Michigras Row 1 Hortwig, Royal, Hartmann. MacKenzie, Merker, Curtis, Waterston, Tillman, Well, Richardson, E. White, Can, Reed. Row 2 Lyon, Mueller, Johnson, Patton, Whitney, D. White, Orr. Page 457 PREPARATION FOR TENNIS: And oH to play CLIMAX: Finalists of 1937-38 Dorothy Maul and Frances Bonisteel PRACTICE: Fine competition Page 458 CLASS WORK: - Via Mrs. Hanley " Fore?! " ;-.ot for love, but all essentially in the spirit of fun and sportsman- ship, Michigan women don shorts and threaten man ' s supremacy in the world of clubs and rackets. The University paves the way for those true lovers of the king and o ieen of sports, by offering to all the opportunities of ex- cellent training, thus establishing the proper foundation. Thereafter the W.A.A. and its effi- cient staff take the girls in hand and continue furthering their game through competitive play. The result of this year ' s tournaments proves Dorothy Maul the queen of the court with Mar- jorie Merker and Carolyn De Vine wearing the laurels of the fairway. THE WAYS OF A CH MP: Marqe Merker. GOLF: Fun lor leisure Page 459 EXERCISE FOR CREDIT AND LEISURE: Fencing, Badminton, and Bowling WINTER SPORTS: to the Arboretum. Every one to his own taste some swim while others tap; some take class work while others enjoy playing in friendly competition. A favorite spot for leisure play is the W.A.B. where the boys and girls take turns at the pins. Those inter- ested in modern dance find expression in the weekly Dance Club meetings with their annual recitals, while body mechan- ics is something all the girls practice, though some in the privacy of their rooms. The outdoor sports group offers numer- ous activities, with the Arboretum as its favorite field for play hiking in the fall and spring, skiing, sledding, and tobog- ganing in the winter. Classes in skating are held twice a week at the coliseum dur- ing the winter quarter. These pictures portray only a minority of the sports offered by the staff. There is also rifling and archery in which competi- tive matches with other schools are car- ried on by wireless. The ecfuestriennes have facilities to enjoy their riding the year around, and who among them does not take advantage of these opportunities? The inter-zone, house, dorm, and soror- ity rivalry is strong in the field of sport. Competition is especially keen in basket- ball, baseball, field hockey and badminton. All join in the fun not to win, but for the love of the games. Page 461 GIRLS: let ' s hare a pool of our own. BODY MECHANICS: for better posture. Sfflff Dr. Margaret Bell. .Director of Physical Educa- tion for Women and Medical Adviser for Women Miss Ruth Bloomer ................ Instructor Miss Hilda V. Burr ............... Instructor Miss Laurie E. Campbell . .Assistant Professor Mrs. Violet K. Hanley .............. Assistant Miss Marie Hartwig ............... Instructor Miss Ruth Helsel .................. Instructor Miss Virginia Peaseley ............ Instructor Dr. Mabel E. Rugen ...... Associate Professor Miss Rosalia A. Westcott .......... Assistant The cycle of life ' s happiness can never be fulfilled by the cultivation of the mind alone. The ability to appreciate and enjoy every facet of life depends on health. The genius to play as well as the power to work is essential. Leisure hours wisely used add to self fulfillment. It is to this end that a college program of physical education is directed. The sports loved and played now may be a satisfaction to you for the rest of your life. Build now for those hours. t. Page 462 IHE HRIili 01 100 Editor ' s Note: For the last time as undergraduates, certain unfortunates have been chosen to be subjected to the panning usual to that section of dubious value always found in a college yearbook the Satire section. We have been as unbiased as possible in our selection, but because it was necessarily limited, some lucky individuals have had to be omitted. For some reason or other, however hazy, we feel that each of these whom we present is worthy of special recognition. TUURE TENANDER ... Joe Michigan Student peeks his head into the inner sanctum of the Daily editorial director expecting one Tuure Tenander, the old Colonel from Fitch- burg, Mass., to be a long-haired radical waving a red flag and shouting: " Why the hell don ' they hurry up with that revolu- tion? " Instead, they find a Fly- ing Finn who has not lost Hope, is addicted to Raleigh cigarettes because he gets them free, can give you the straight dope on tailoring and has a speaking ac- quaintance with every subject you might mention except those in which he ' s taking courses. The Tuure fits into the " He needs a hair-cut " division 93.7 per cent of the time. An ex- musician in hot bands, Tenan- der gained some modicum of fame and no little caustic criti- cism when he pointed out be- fore J. Hop that " Kay Kyser will also play. It is rumored some people like his music, " or words to that effect. The com boys rallied to the College of Musical Knowledge ' s support but Tuure remained unconvinced, sure of his authoritative position as far as swing music, Fitchburg, Mass., and the Finnish nation are concerned. HOPE HARTWIG ... is a veritable Midas, for everything she lays her hands on turns to gold. She led the League this year to unprecedented achievements and as general chairman of J.G.P. put on a pro- duction that had the next junior class in anguish over the pros- pect of trying to live up to it She is a true reformer at heart, for the League has probably never been so up-to-date in all its records. Also set a new high for getting first page stories for the League out of the Daily, through we need not add a certain pull. Can get work oul of even the laziest, and what is more surprising, they like it and are willing to toe the mark or else. We set our most compe- tent sleuths on the trail to dig up some slander in order to give this the touch expected of satire, but were most unsuccess- ful sorry. HUGH RADER . . . chubby ex-rushing chairman of the Sigma Chi Club, was made head of the moribund Men ' s Council after being beaten out for the Prexyship of the Union by Jack Thorn. This, under his quasi-capable hand, regained enough prestige so the campus didn ' t laugh every time it was mentioned only every other time. Through Horace Gilmore, the Hugh Rader correspondent of the Daily, literate students saw the words " Hugh Rader, ' 38, announced yesterday " sev- eral thousand times during the year. After authentic cases of nervous breakdown were re- ported to the Health Service be- cause that phrase was driving them insane a change in Daily policy was made, and there- after instead appeared " it was announced yesterday by Hugh Rader, ' 38. Typical Sigma Chi, he likes an occasional cigar, stein and or blond, and will be remembered by posterity as " that guy who always an- nounced stuff that nobody was interested in. " ffiV MATHEWS . . . When G-Men killed " Pretty Boy " Floyd, Irving Mathews was really relieved. He ' d been afraid some- one might notice his child-like beauty, mistake the identity and bump him off. It wasn ' t he minded dying so much, but this killing business would have messed up his flannel pants and just ruined those pretty saddle- shoes. Widely reputed as the fellow who did more work as a junior and less as a senior than any other ' Ensian business man- ager in history, Mathews is 6 naive lad whose home address is the Commodore Perry Bar, Toledo, O. At that home of liq- uid refreshment he is generally known as " The College Kid. " That Mathews is a real business manager cannot be gainsayed, however. For instance, to save a small amount in the printing 1 bill of the Student Directory, he let the contract to a local firm. No end of embarrassment was caused when Irving discovered the company was unable to print margin advertising, thus losing the Directory boys just twice what their good five cent czar had saved. Page 465 ANGEL MALISZEWSKI . . . from a meek little freshman blossomed into a very imposing judiciary chairman, in which capacity she has met more people in interviewing for League positions than does President Ruthven at the student teas. Very much alive by nature and possessed of a definitely and engagingly youthful streak, she likes picnics, hair ribbons, and ice cream socials. Her dual personality crops forth, how- ever, when, behind the closed doors of the judiciary office, she assumes the commanding role of chief disciplinarian in a manner that would cow the most belligerent of wayward coeds into submission. Under her as president, Senior So- ciety became unusually efficient, finishing the year decidedly in the black. With her judiciary experience behind her, she intends to use it in personnel work, but personally, with such a pretty face, we think some man will hook her first. Authentic Equipment for Every Sport VAN DERVOORT Sport Equipment LANSING BATTLE CREEK ti Everything For The Shop ' Fine Instruments Fine Tools Let Us Serve You CHAS. A. STRELIN6ER co. Machinery Tools Metal-Supplies 1 49 E. Lamed St. Detroit JAKE TOWNSEND . . . The counter-part of Campfire Girl Ideal Gatward is Jake Townsend, the All-Amehcan Boy. Known as the " Houdini of the Hardwood " and widely pub- licized as a basketball player without equal, Jake is also a very smart person. Take the time he went to the track meet in Chicago. For some inexplic- able reason he didn ' t qualify al- though he was better than almost anyone in the shot-put. The coach couldn ' t understand the thing until he learned that Jake has a girl in Indianapolis and, after permitting the Uni- versity to pay his fare to Chi- cago, had hopped directly onto a train bound for that Indi- ana metropolis. Silent John is, of course, a Michiguamua. In fact on the canoe paddle he had to do all the work because Matt Patanelli was winded or some- thing. One of the most widely applauded gentlemen to hit the campus in recent years, Jake is modest as can be. That ' s why we chose him as All-American boy that and the fact he ' s pitch champion at DKE, whatever that may be. DOUG FARMER . . . Known by his fraternity brothers as " Wife Beater, " by his friends as the " Blooming Tory, " and by practically every woman on the campus as " The Cutest Thing, " Doug Farmer is the man who called those forward passes on his own two-yard line last fall. Possessing probably the two most important positions in this or any other country, the presidency of the local chapter of Beta Theta Pi, a fraternity, as well as the presidency of the senior class (won through merit, of course), Farmer is a very versatile guy. Intelligent, too. From something known as Hins- dale, 111. " Pretty Muscles " is still a cosmopolite. He walks up and down State Street just as if he were used to a big town. A member of Michigamua, he achieved some little publicity this year by two ac tions. Once the girl he dated was not a publicized campus beauty. The other time a phrenologist prognosticated dire things because there was no bump on the back of his head. Doug, you can see, really lives. QUAKER STATE OIL REFINING CORPORATION OIL CITY, PENNA Page 466 TASTES DIFFER, prices vary. . . but you 7 always get your money ' s worth in a General Motors Car. . . GENERAL MOTORS CHEVROLET PONTIAC OLDSMOBILE BUICK CADILLAC LASALLE ACOUSTICAL AND SPECIALTIES CONTRACTING CO., DETROIT Suppliers of Celotex Acoustical Products to the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN FOR CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES DEVELOPING AND PRINTING AND THE FINEST COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY SEE " BOB " GACH THE ARCADE CAMERA SHOP 14 Nickels Arcade 9028 MANY THANKS TO THE SENIORS FOR THEIR PATRONAGE DURING THEIR COLLEGE YEARS. MAY WE WISH YOU CON- TINUED SUCCESS IN YOUR CHOSEN FIELD OF LIFE. THE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS COMMERCIAL BANK Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System JOE MATTES . . . Believed by most freshmen to be the pro- prietor of the Pretzel Bell, Joseph Shelley Mattes is not that at all, although rumors have long been prevalent that the Nee- lands Bros, do feel he should 1 chip in with a bit of rent money to square things up. One of the most misunderstood souls on campus, " Daily " Editor Mattes is, as his middle name hints, a sensitive fellow up to a certain point. Suffice to say that the bumming of cigarettes and bor- rowing of money for indefinite periods are beyond that point. If you want to scare Joe, just pronounce, with clear enuncia- tion, the words " Board in Con- trol of Student Publications, " and watch the fireworks. That august body, firmly convinced that Joe is an agent of Moscow, turns a nice shade of green when his name is mentioned, a favor which is reciprocated. Possessed of what is probably the most capable junior staff in recent " Daily " history, Mattes has managed to get the paper to your doorstep on time with a regularity broken only when he night-edited the sheet him- self one evening and missed the deadline by two and a half hours. He is a Sphinx, Michigamua and habitue of any beer garden you might mention. For further information call 4075. GAGNIER PAINT COMPANY PAINTS COLORS BRUSHES 164-166-168 Congress East DETROIT, MICH. 113 E. WASHINGTON MEATS, GROCERIES FRESH FRUITS, VEGETABLES LOWEST PRICES for FRATERNITIES SORORITIES Phone 411 1 Page 468 You II Hno both together . . . ' Miss MickijtLn rr ss Mods " On the University of .Michigan campus, " Miss Michigan " ana .Miss .Mode are often constant companions. " Aliss AlJch igan ' -was introduced to " Miss .Mode " , ( her stunning coat ) at .Michigan s favorite fashion shop, Jacoosoii ' s. In Ann Arhor you 11 find other " M.iss M.odes " only at Jacobson ' s. Page 469 W. E. WOOD CO. Building Construction IN MICHIGAN THIRTY YEARS il. ' imlitiiifd from fateAhUi BUD LUNDAHL . . . One of the nicest things about being president of the Interfraternity Council is the pretty office. Now, no Council president of recent years was able to find anything to do in the office until Phi Psi Bud Lundahl came along. Bud found there was a swivel chair there and went to work. At first he could only swing three whole turns without put- ting his feet on the ground for another push, but so efficient has he become in his work that now he can complete four swings! Laid up with appendicitis a while back, Bud found consolation in the daily visits and blond beauty of Dorothy Shipman. In fact he found so much consolation that the average citizen believes he is part of the furniture at the Pi Phi annex until they flick cigarette ashes on him. Buddy- boy is a very versatile chap, however. He is the fellow who walks into your boudoir, throws down a pack of gum, mumbles " Courtesy Beech-nut Corporation, " and blandly walks out again. This, plus the fact that a well-known brand of children ' s toys were named after him, make up his claim for fame, which, according to Michigan B.M.O.C. standards, is plenty. GEORGE QUICK ... " A Vote for Quick Means Every Good- looking Baby Gets Free Beer and a ' Gargoyle ' Job " . . . George Stern Quick, the Monroe flash, is a wonder boy. Coming to Michigan from that hot-bed of Fascism, he wrote a column in the school paper on why he should be president in 1952 until, to hush such flagrant campaigning, they made him editor. Liberal Quick arrived in Ann Arbor prepared to work his way through school. Net result: " Gargoyle " editorship, member- ship in Druids, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa. Just an all-American Laddie whose name need be mentioned but once to your EC prof and a better mark is as- sured. Convinced that the " Gargoyle " editorship is pretty unimportant stuff, Quick laments the day he quit the " Daily. " That his " Gargoyle " is the best in recent years offers no con- solation. Quick has three weaknesses: first, the green plate special of twelve beans, half a slice of bread and one-fourth of a glass of milk which he serves at his apartment for six cents, cash in advance; second, the fact that the only require- ment to work on his staff is a pretty face; third, a tendency to call everything and everyone " wonderful. " GOFF SMITH . . . Author of the famous line, " women don ' t wear shoes in Tennessee, " Goff Smith is an engineer. Over- coming this handicap, however, he has managed to achieve enough publicity to slip into the B.M.O.C. class. Goff is a fashion expert. He wears his suit in a daring manner and fUuiliniirif (iii I 47J ' Page 470 DRUGS CANDY FOUNTAIN SERVICE 1 53 YEARS AGO B t V BUT THEN AND NOW . . . 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" Technic " big-wig and member of practically anything you could name in the engineering school, he had to over- come the handicap of a home town named Jackson, Term. Friends managed to forgive this, but still admit to being a bit bored when Goff starts refighting the Civil War for the 1,756,889th time. If, by chance, you find out who this guy is, watch out he doesn ' t bum your last cigarette for a lovely Kappa named Nancy. HELEN DOUGLAS . . . Battered by an unlucky fate that left her stranded upon " Daily " shoals, Helen Douglas decided that if she was going to be woman ' s editor, she was going to be woman ' s editor. Taking her job seriously, every after- noon she criticises the work of the previous day ' s night editor with harsh words. This criticism is inevitably one of two things: " Good page, dear, " or " Excel- lent page, dear. " Much of the assignment sheet is given over to gossiping she can ' t get in at her Parrot office hours. Not con- tent with merely putting out a daily assignment sheet, Helen writes. This year, for instance, she wrote five whole stories herself and is pretty proud of it. The society correspondent here for " The Detroit News, " she en- thusiastically refuses dates for dances to spend her time hang- f. ' iniliminl on Cage 474) Courtesy of JOHNSTON OPTICAL CO. 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR Makers of high grade glasses since 1876 Page 472 SERVICE ENGRAVING COMPANY ciiia i s ajjiliatca organisations in 2 ciroii is stajjea and equipped to assist in tlic preparation and production oj -2Jcan ooKs designed to accent originality imagination and expert handling, more tnan is customary in cAuaenl C uolications Page 473 THE BOYER CAMPBELL CO, DETROIT - MICH. Everything in the way of tools and equipment for the fabrication of metal and wood. from I ' fifie 47 ' 2 1 ing around the publications to re-write her own reporters ' work and mail it in. To make her happy, reminisce about the picture showing her unevenly rolled stockings which ran in " Gargoyle. " Don ' t mention she ' s the best " Daily " wom- en ' s editor of recent years. JACK THOM . . . After a year in which the Union just couldn ' t keep the Wolfe from the door, " Peeping " Thorn took over. After six months of diligent thought he finally effected the important change of serving two kinds of cookies instead of one at the Coffee Hours. Scion of a fine old navy family, Thorn came to Michigan unprepared for love. But in the middle of his junior year, he met freshman Mary Margaret Thomas on a blind date. They are now engaged. President of Phi Gamma Delta for two years, Thorn also gained considerable fame as the " Den- tyne " man until his employer put him to work passing out an inferior brand. Then his follow- ing switched over, accepting free samples only from " Beech- Nut " man Lundahl. ERNEST A. JONES ... If you see anyone searching for a penny in State Street Gutters, it is undoubtedly Ernest A. HOTEL AND RESTAURANT EQUIP- MENT Free Parking One Hour Michigan ' s Oldest Complete Institutional Supply House in Detroit China Glass EVERY THING YOU NEED Silverware Cooking Utensils A. J.MARSHALL co. 740 RANDOLPH ST. RAndolph 0256-0257 Opp. Water Board Bldg. CUSTOM DESIGNED C,lotne6 ol .Distinction tier, -Inc. 609 E. Williams St. Pkone 4341 Jones. It ' s not the penny, of course, which Ernie is after it ' s the principle of the thing. Guard- ian of the " Daily ' s " exchequer, Ernie has run that publication to its greatest profits in years more than enough to pay off " Panorama ' s " deficit. This was done by forbidding expenditures which might get the paper a scoop plus the diligent tracing of all long-distance phone calls. When the editorial staff boys discovered the phone girl was listening in on their conversa- tions and reporting who made the calls, " Daily " profits dropped once again. The explanation: each editorial man calling, told the operator his name was Ernest Jones, so Ernie now spends most of his time trying to concoct a new sleuthing device. Famed as the " Voice of the Band, " Ernie sounds like static to everyone but his mother, a girl in his home town, and an ex-Miss Michigan. Aside from the voice, he is generally scorned for his true-blue Republican- ism and for his extraordinary business ability. JOE RINALDI . . . was captain of what must, by definition, be called a football team. A bad case of Kodros kept him from playing as many sixty minute ball games as is expected of a man in his position. After gaining international fame in winning a $50 second prize in a Real Silk contest by selling the stuff in great quantities to catch up with the salesmen who (Continued on Page 4771 Hams Bacon Sausage Lard Beef Veal Lamb DETROIT PACKING COMPANY A MICHIGAN COOPERATIVE CORP. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Paqe 474 1930 WAHR ' S BOOKS 1931 WAHR ' S BOOKS -A MICHIGAN 1933 WAHR ' S BOOKS TRADITION I O3 4- WAHR ' S BOOKS THROUGH THE YEARS j Q35 WAHR ' S BOOKS Engineering Supplies ' Drawing Instruments 1936 1937 WAHR ' S BOOKS 1938 WAHR ' S BOOKS Medical Books WAHR ' S BOOKS Law Books Stationery Engraving Stamping COME- FROM THE LAND OF BLUEBOOKS- TO THE LAND OF ADVENTURE AND ROMANCE ICHIG A A JEST 1C WUERTH ORPHEUM AND WHITNEY W. S. Buttcriield Theatres ... E. C. Bealty, President Page 475 Specializing in Finest Photographs and Giving Unequaled Service to Michigan Students " Official Michiganensian Photographers Rentschler : Dey : Spedding Studios ALL NEGATIVES KEPT ON FILE SO THAT ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS MAY BE ORDERED AT ANY TIME Page 476 tnm ft 474 in the football season had a nine weeks head start on him, Rinaldi lapsed into comparative obscurity. Probably he was devoting the time to his studies our Joe being a Spanish Major. Disregarding the above, however, Rinaldi is the latest and one of the nicest, Elkhart, Ind., boys to make good at the University. And we ' re not just saying this on account of his brawn. BRUCE TELFER . . . The Young Buck Without ' Urn Squaw cut) is bemoaning his fate and the excessive number of beer steins he ' s emptied. This Bruce Telfer has gone around with a certain Sorosis so long that life without her is unbear- able, especially Michigamua pic- nics. May we venture the guess that the amount of beer con- sumed on said picnic was due to two reasons: first, to drown his sorrows at being alone, and second, because it was the only time he had been out from un- fa a female ' s ruling thumb for a time. Among the assort- ment of B.M.O.C. ' s, he ' s known as vice-president of the Men ' s Council. Incidently, the nose on this fairly acceptable speci- men is not a composite of the Schnozzle Durante and W. C. Field beaks, but is the original Telfer model which won from his Theta Delt cohorts the lovely nick-name of " Honk. " MARY JOHNSON . . . Typical of the energy of the ' 38 women, Mary as head of the Women ' s Athletic Association pushed the drive for a swimming pool until it began to show concrete results. The most surprising ca- pacity of this rosy complexioned picture of health, however, is her incapacity at athletics. She does dabble around in a swim- ming suit in the summer as most attractive girls do, and admits playing golf once. But that was three years ago and it took us fifteen minutes and much wasted film to get her to hold the golf tick right for this picture. A girl with ideas, she adds pep to every meeting and is never too busy to offer her services and I hard for anything she be- lieves is worthwhile. One might be apt to think that what she en- joys most about meetings is adjournment, for she has prob- ably adjourned every League Council and Mortar Board meeting this year. IRVING SH.VERMAN . . . After serving under that scarer- of-babies Fred Warner Neal, Congress President Irving Silver- man decided to be the first " Daily " city editor in history with a Kind Nature. This plan would have worked excel- lently, it is generally conceded, if Irv could have kept eligible the first semester. The off-again, on-again member of the " Daily " editorial board has a journalistic back-ground which ( Par 480 ORDER ALL YOUR BOOKS From FOLLETT ' S Books of ALL P II B L I S H E R S Your Order Will Be Filled Promptly, Efficiently, and at the Lowest Prices. Send Us Your Next Order. You ' ll be pleased we guarantee it. Complete One House Service from One Reliable Source Textbooks Library Books Fiction Non-Fiction Reference Books . Out of Print Books FOLLETT ' S MICHIGAN BOOK STORE Bob Graham, Mgr., 322 S. State. Ann Arbor, Mich. The Evans- Sherratt Co. DISTRIBUTORS FOR KELLEY-KOETT X-RAY APPARATUS 532 Maccabee Building DETROIT SIGNSJ Changeable Letter BULLETIN BOARDS Changeable Letter and Cork Back DIRECTORIES Changeable Letter and Strip Type LETTERS - GUMMED PAPER WE CUT LETTERS FROM ANY MATERIAL ffbe TABLET TICKET CO. 1019 W. Adams St. CHICAGO, ILL. Page 477 I T HA5 BEEN FINELY SAID mat any work done wholly lor me lee involved 15 never as well done as mat work which is done mainly lor trie joy ol doing it well. In producing this 1938 Jl nsian we have considered our greatest compensation, the opportunity ol taking a difficult piece ol work and putting conscientious effort into it. THE ANN ARBOR PRESS BARNES. GIBSON-RAYMOND DETROU L ANT DETROIT, MICHIGAN TWO PLANTS COOK PLANT ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Page 479 ' l. ' iintiniinf from Cage 477) includes slinging hash over summer vacations, helping in his father ' s butcher shop and explaining to his friends how sur- prised he was when Professor Cowden let him into a gradu- ate writing course. Silverman authors a daily assignment sheet which the general public believes to be in code. It refers to President Ruthven as " Butch " and also goes on at some length to tell the night editor just why he is second in stupidity only to Republicans. Silverman inevitably finds stories which should have been printed, mistakes which should have been corrected and the names of girls on other staffs. All in all, Michigamua Silverman is a nice boy who found himself a city editor yet still remained, surprisingly, a nice boy. JOHN McFATE . . . last of a large family of " Ensian " editors, is a smart fellow. Witness the following table conversation at the Phi Gamma Delta dinner-table. McFate: Say, - , this Heywood Broun fellow who writes that column on the " Daily " is pretty good. He ought to come out for the " Ensian. " With a scholastic average which hovers around the C mark, John spends most of his time at the publications building. Fraternity brothers say this explains why under his stewardship they were fed microscopic portions and complain bitterly of hasty trips to the Hill-Billy for additional re- freshment. This McFate ignores, answering their jibes with: " Well, wait until you see my book. " When they saw it they were pleased. Other houses complained il was little more than a Phi Gam rushing manual. Typical shot of McFate in his West of Division Street mo- ments: reading over the forewords of half-a-dozen old " En- sians " and then starting to pound out one of questionable originality. BETTY GATWARD ... The 1938 " Ensian " proudly selects as its Campfire Girl Ideal, women ' s editor Betty Gatward. Betty is the Heart of Gold in the " Ensian " office. She is sweet. She is intelligent (a member of Phi Beta Kappa). She is faith- ful. She is, in the words of Gargoyleditor George Steam Quick, " wonderful. " You can see that Pi Foo (we just couldn ' t resist that) Gatward, brings light to the hearts of true Ameri- cans. She buys birthday cakes for her editor. She is presi- dent of an unfortunate institution known as Mortarboard. This is pretty big stuff. She is the kind of thing you wish your sister was. She is the kind of thing you want your wife to be. She brings joy to the millions. If you are a tramp (or even if you don ' t hang out at the Parrot) Betty will feed you. She will smile at you. You will marvel at her beauty. You will marvel at her intelligence. You will marvel that we would bother to write anything like this. That is because you don ' t realize that the women ' s editor makes a recommendation which may get us a senior job next year. NOTE: Who says that the candle can ' t be burned at both ends? Satire accepted a bribe from McFoo to pan Betty, and then started the fire at the other end by taking a soda from Betty ior a secret article on Mac. Not wishing to play favorites or refuse a good offer, thus Satire ends in a stalemate a friendly feud of a year ' s standing. The Michiganensian is bound by BROCK RANKIN Edition Book Binders " The Binding Gives the First Impression " 619 South La Salle St., Chicago ESTABLISHED 1892 Here are two necessities that you cannot afford to overlook . . . THE SUMMER DAILY THE SUMMER STUDENT DIRECTORY Ofcfet A our! Page 480 PATRON ' S PAGE L. SCHIAPPACASSE CO. Detroit H. D. EDWARDS CO. Detroit B. E. MUEHLIG Ann Arbor O. D. MORRILL Ann Arbor THE EDWARDS LETTER SHOP Ann Arbor EDSON, MOORE, COMPANY Detroit THE S. K. SMITH CO. Chicago. Illinois GENERAL INDEX Abbott. E. J. .............. 90 ADbott, M ................ 387 Abbott P. ................ 387 Abbott. Richard .......... 275 Abbott. W .............. 76,429 Abbot. W. M. ......... 265,344 Abbot W. Mrs. ........... 393 Abroms. Raymond M. ..... 42 Abramoritz, M. ........... 353 Achtenberg, bring ____ 178.182 Ackerman. Claire ......... 276 Ackerman. Harrey ....... 360 Ackerman, R. W .......... 346 Acomb, B. ................ 382 Adams, C. ............... 396 Adams, D ............. 3B6, 263 Adams, Dwight ........ 363.265 Adams, E. Mrs. .......... 393 Adams, E. L. Mis ......... 400 -s, H. C. Prof. ....... 115 Adams, H. ............... 152 ms. H. C. Mrs ........ ,-r4 - s, H. F .............. 34 Adams, J .............. 367, 357 Adams, James ............ 42 Adams, John J ............ 42 s, M. J ............. 155 Adams, Mary K. ...... 296,382 Adams. Carroll ........... 296 :.s, R. G ........... 34,357 rs, Richard M. ....... 347 s, Robert ........... 374 Adams. T. J .............. 354 r.s. Vera Mae ........ 42 .s, W. C. ............ 352 ; r.o, l_ ............... 267 Bernard ........... 277 Adler. G. G .............. 339 Id .......... 361 : R. L. .............. 357 Adronik. E. L. ............ 163 Ahlheim, R. .............. 378 A. I. Ch. E. ............... 113 Aigler. R. ................ 392 Aigler, Ralph Mrs. ...... .. 155 Aigler. R. W. 172. 288, 340. 348. 420. 429 K. .............. 368 r, William F. ..... 42. 368 -r. Julius, Jr .......... 365 S ............. 34.345 A ............... 136 Alhrecht. L. .............. 346 Albright. Mary E. ......... 42 Aloora. E. ................ 393 Alden, John ............ 377.42 Alderman. Wilbur ..40.283.353 rh. F. C ............. 348 Aldridge, C. W ..... M -nder, C ..... 106, 286. 375 Alexander. D. M. 279.280.375,89.112 -nder, J. .......... 186,346 Alexander. John .......... 186 -nder. M. M. ..... 285.365 Alexander. Rodney W. . .347 N ................... 429 Alkm. R. C. .............. Ill V .......... 189 Allderige, Ram Bailey 42. 302, 393 Allen. A. W. ............. 338 B. ................. 246 E .................. 393 -..Ed ____ ..439 Allen, G .................. 74 Allen. Glade .......... 398, 264 H .................. 246 H. A. .............. 338 Allen House ........... 378 ABen J. a ............... 342 Allen. M. ................. 385 Allen, R. .............. 398. 152 Alien. S. ................. 246 W. S ............... 238 AUensworth .............. 182 Allheun. R. F ............. 338 Alfingtan. E. .............. 390 AUinakm. Janet ...291,295,390 Allison. J ................. 341 Allison, M. ............ 403.263 Allison. Mabel ........... 298 Allmendinger. Virginia ... 298 Almond. Lucy Dam ....... 164 Mndah Btaar .. ..961 Alpera. Bryce E. .......... 365 Mpha Data Fbi :;f Alpha Kappa Lambda ---- 339 Alpha Rho Chi ........... 136 Alpha Sigma Phi ......... 340 Alpha Tau Ome ga ........ 341 Alt, G. L. ................. 90 Alter, R L .......... . 164 Altman. f. W. ........... 375 Alumni Association ....... 269 " . .. Aeronautical Science ---- 112 Ames. I. B. ........... 375,351 Anderson, E. ............. 151 Anderson, B. ...... 276. 266, 80 Anderson. F. C. .......... 340 Anderson. F. M. ., ........ 385 Anderson, Grace ......... 393 Anderson, Dean H. C. 83. 86, 90. 108, 288. 366 Anderson. John F 364 A rvior Bon J. ............. 389 Anderson, L. C 337 Anderson, Ba. G. .......... 356 Anderson, M. R. 375 Anderson. R. 152 Anderson, Hose 393 Anderson, S. P 340 Anderson, Thomas 111. 372 Anderson, William F 366 Andre. H. 194.249 Andrews. C. 246 Andrews. Allen 347 Andrews. J. L. 367 Andrews. I_ 266 Andrews. M. M. 154 Andronik EdmnTv? L. 352, 164 Andros. G. I. 343 Anarulot, E. 246 Andras. M. K. 391,261 AnaeU. R. C. 390.345. 34 AngeH W. F. 358 Angle. John 341 Angley, R. E. 356 Anikeefi . A. 266 Annibal, E. 396 Anthony, Ralph 152 Anthony, Robert 152 Anthony. W 340, 152 Anton, J 110 Appleg ate , O. 232 Applegate, V. C 375 Appleyard, J. 110 Archer. Robert 358 Archer, W. B. 280, 279. 222 Archer. W. J 367 Architectural Society 137 Arisen, Gabriel 276 Ark, Howard 360 Armstrong, Betty 302 Armstrong, B. A. 386 Armstrong, Thomas 369 Armstrong, W 268 Armstrong, W. F. Jr 377 Arner, Helen Louise 387,291 Arnold, B 387 Arnold. Dorothy R. 296, 384 Arnold. G. H. 276,112 Arnold. H. L. 377 Aronsohn, Charles 360 Arota, Robert 348 Aseltine, L. 232 Ashbum, J. A. 351 Ashley. Mary 378 Ashley. Richard W. 194 A. S. M. E. Ill Assembly 298 Amor. R- 372, 333 Atkinson, R. 113 Atkinson, R. G 337.278 Atlick, D. H. 367 Attwood. S. S. 86. 90 Attwood, S. Mrs. 391 Aiwell. H. H 336 : : ' r : : : August, C. K. 137 August. J 113 August, K. a 264,262 Austin, M. 389 A very, A 392 Avery, B. 221 Avery. G 152 Awig. H 372.106 Ayres. Betty 294 Ayers, Camilla 402. 398 Ayres. M. A. 79,291,393 Ayer, W. L. 86 Babcock, Honiette 398 Bobcock, R. E. 368 Babcock, R. W. . Babler, W. E. 177.178 Bach. E. 384 Bachelder, F. C. 131 Badunann. W. E. 90 Bachrach. H. 376 Backmann, H. E 34 Backus, B 263,393 Badcon. D 152 Badger, B 388 Badger, George Franklin . . 194 Badger, W. L. 337.385 Badgley. C. E. 186 Baer, G. F. 376 Bagwell. C. 345 Baler, L. A. 115,348 Bailey, a F. 86.375 Beriley, J. H. 344 Bailey, L T. 217. 222 Bailer, Martha 155 Bailey, Mrs. R. 393 Bailey, W 390 Bam, a 77,391 Bninij, R. 385 E " - - - ;;- Boird. L ' .. 113 Bak. Helen 155.403 Baker, E 329 Baker. E. M. 86.337 Baker. Frances 395 Baker, H Ill Baker, I. T 164 Baker, J. Quentin 364 Baker. O. R. 343 Baldauf, A. 266 Baldwin, B 264,263,392 Baldwin. M. 382 Baldwin. Dolph B 348 Baldwin. Robert 358 Baldwin, Thomas D 366 Bale, E. 402 Balk, Arnold Cornelius 194 Boll. C. 246 Bolyeot, Gordon 364 Boncel. P Ill Bondemer, W. E. 340 Bonks, R. J 377 Borosa, L. 354 Barber, L. 378 Barber, Ruth 395 Barber, R. D 73 Barclay, W. 411 Barco, James W 347 Boribeou, Moxine 298 Borienbrook, Robert C. 239, 246 Borkdull, C. W 352 Barker, E. F 34,374 Barker, Pierce 186, 354, 359 Barksdale, J. B 343 Barlett, B. H 160 Barnard , Miss 392 Barnard, R 376 Barnes, Mrs. Chester ..155,400 Barnes, C. D 382 Barnes, Grant C 375 Barnes, C. H 344 Barnes, Donald E. 363 Barnes. H. E 136 Barnes, Raymond H. 358 Barnes. Reginald D 363 Barnert, D. G 357 Bamett, H 260 Barnetl, H. W. 357 Bametl, Melvin 365 Barnert, Fobt. A 347 Bamum, H. G 351 Barn-well, J. B 186 Barny, A 396 Baron, Jerome L. , 350 Barr, Albert 364 Borr, Helen Jean . .294, 393, 401 Barr, John 374 Borr, William 359 Barrett, R 378 Barrett, Charles 342,378 Barrett, Dorothy A. 137,392 Barrett, Edward 342,363 Barrett. F. 110,352 Barrett, J. L. 344 Barrett, R. E. 278 Barrett, Varee 70 Barrie, Kenneth 359 Banisters 182 Barron, G. V 233 Barrows, J. a Ill Borrows, Virginia D 276 Barry, Helen ..148, 150, 155, 387 Barlell, F. E. ......337,346,389 Barthelme 288 Bartholomew. Arthur 358 Bartlett, F 152 Bartlett, H. H. 34 Bartlett, J. A. 104 Bartlett, James J. 371 Bartley, J. F., Jr 40, 344 Barton. Robert linhart 194 Bash, Wallace E. 366 Easier, D. E. 90,278,281 Bosom, F. F 340 Bassett. Alice 265, 387 Bassett, Barbara 296,393 Bastion, M 110 Bates. Henry M. ..171.288,338 Bates, H 390 Bates, Mrs. Heorr 155 Bates, J 232 Batts, M. 249 Bauer. L 353 Boner. Phyllis 296, 297, 382 TiiiiMjIiMOTiij Wrarren R. .... 347 Baomann. A. 1 52 Baumeister, W. E. 261,35 Btivuwj i, Wr. L. .......... 36B Baxley, R. V 89 Baxter. C. V. 386 Barter, D. V. 238,339 rn ' r-r n . . r r T- ' . _; . . . Baxter, Elizabeth H. . . .295, 392 Barter, Marian 267. 392, 293, 300 Barter, Richard 246 Barter, W 346 Bartresser. E. W 164 Bayley, Dr. R. H. 343 Beach, K. 270 Beach, M 346 Seal, E 342 Seal, J. E. 28,336,342 Beard, a C. 367 Beatty, W 346 - e, L. 447 T. F 246 x. a 402 J 389 Beck, K. H 339 Beck. William 364 Becker. John 359 Becker, J. (Wes) 376 Becker, O. R. 338 Beebe, A. H. 339 Beebe, a A. 390 Beebe, C. E. 377 Beebe, H 211. 354 Beebe, L. 76 Beebe. P 390 Beebe, W. F 338 Seeker, Ralph E. 348 Beem, J 398,267 Beiseigel, Mrs. H. 395 Beldon, D 105 Belden, D. M. 113,285,346 Belden, D. H 271 Bell. Charles E. 265,366 Bell, J 390 Bell, M 79, 160 Bell, Dr. Margaret 462 Bell, Martha 390 Bell, Mary 73 Bell, 152 Bell, Miss V 398 Bell, W 389 Bellamy, William 364 Belles, H. W 367 Belote, G. H 186 Beltramini, Carolyn 296, 302, 393 Bender, W 389 Benedict, G 246 Benedict, Arthur L. Jr 194 Benedict, B 74, 263 Benedict, Barbara 398 Benedict, Graham Augustus 244,270,273 Beniord, Harry 349 Benham, H. T., Jr 338,443 Benjamin, Burton ...76,266,362 Bennett 246 Bennett, A. L. 339 Bennett, D 375 Bennett, Dean 127 Bennett, J. D Ill Bennett, Mary 217 Bennett, R. C 357 Bennett, W. 1 128 Bennett, W. J 136 Bensley, Virginia 398 Bentley, A. Morell 374 Bently, Bud 135 Bentley, H. B 136 Bentley, M. 389 Benz, C 44 Bequith, F 393 Beroif, J 249 Bercaw. T. E. 239, 246 Berg, A 152 Bergelin, J. 347 Bergelin, O. P. 368 Bergers, E 385 Berger, James 360 Bergeson 246 Bergeson, Kenneth Hume. . . 244 Bergman, G. ............. 389 Berhaller, R. 343 Berkaw, Kenneth Albert ... 194 Berkenstock, J Ill Berkovitz, Abraham 350 Berlow, L 376 Berleson. Stan 429 Bernthal, T 211 Ben-is, Robert 151,275,362 Berry, C 276.391 Berry, M. 402 Berryman, Lloyd G 371 ferryman, R. H 89,111 Bertram, Jean 394 Bertsch, R. 3B9 Besekirsky, Wossily 144 Besse, Kennord 370 Beta Theta Pi 342 Betsy Barbour 400 Beuhler, H. R. 375 Beuhler, R. J 375,280,281 Beveridge, Jessie 74,276 Bibber, B 276,389 Bickford, S. S 246,356 Bicknell, A 90,113 Biddle, L. 383 Bidlack, M 386 Bieberstein, Robert 272, 365 Biery, Martin Luther 194 Bigelow, R. B 377 Bigelow, S. L. 34, 372 Bigg, Edward 362 Bigger, E 354 Biggers, W. D 344 Bigler, William P 366 Bihary, D 277 Bill, M. 395,403 Binder, L 74,282 Binder. L Z. 272 Bird, F 211 Bird, M 389 Birk, Mrs. J. M 398 Birkenstock, J 89,283 Birlison, S. R. Ill Bisbee. J. 263,396 Bishop. R. S 269 Bishop, R. W. 371 Either, F 113 Bittinger, R. T 137 Bixby, E. A. 222 Black, B. 230, 233 Black, D 152,339 Black, J. E 366 Black, I. G 377 Black, Richard 342 Black, R. T 342 Black, T. J 375 Black, Wm 74, 341 Blackburn, J. G 368 Blackett, O. W 216,347 Blacksma, D 249 Blackstone, H 378 Blaess, M 73, 382 Blair, C 367 Blair, T 211 Blaisdell, M 347 Blake, H. E 34 Blake, M. C 387 Blake, R. S 344 Blakely, R 378 Blakley, W. R 104,111,371 Blanchard, R 274 Blanchard, W 107, 109 Blanchard, Mrs. W. G 394 Blanding, J 115 Bleakley, Mrs. D. E 401 Bleecker G 284,285 Bleekman, G. M 347 Blickle, F. F 343 Block, H., Jr 365 Blodgett, M. E 390 Bloom, B. J 365 Bloomer, H. H 339 Bloomer, Ruth 462 Blue, D. B 357 Blumberg, H 376 Blume, W. W 172,389 Blumenthal, F 277 Bradley, R. S 356 Book, A. E 34, 76 Board in Control of Student Publications 259 Board of Directors 270 Board of Regents 28 Bock, F 265 Boddy, L 375 Boebel, Robert 370 Boehm, P 336 Boehnke, R 110,367 Bogle, R 364 Bohnsack, H 391 Boissouveault, G. A 348 Bolene, E 113,336 Bolger, M. L 386 Bolitho, B 354 Bolitho, L 263, 394 Bolline, E 232 Bolt, 249 Bolton, B 382 Bolton, D. R 262,398 Bolton, R. P 367 Bommer, F. J 352 Bonairto, J. N 222 Bond, T. D., Jr Ill Bondurant, K. P 178, 182 Bonisteel, B 267, 394 Bonisteel, F 374, 458 Bonisteel, 1 394 Bonisteel, R. 358 Bonner, C 34 Banner, M 403 Booher, Vance 364 Boothby, B 399 Boothby, W. M 377 Boozer, J 358 Bordinat, E 346 Borchard, F 343 Borek, E. B 112 Borgman 182 Borgmann, W. F 346 Borin, M 194 Borisle, J 353 Borst, T. L Ill Boston, Ed. C 136 Boston, O. W 86 Boston, Mrs. O. W 394 Bosworth, W. D 221 Bott, Edmund Thomas 194 Botwinik, Stanley 262 Bouchard, H 86,90,371 Boucherle, Alice 398 Boult, Betty 30 Boulton, H. L 113,337 Bourg, J 267, 392 Bourke, Frances 394 Bourke, W. T 89, 368 Bourland, R. C., Jr 344 Bourquin, A 393 Bourquin, J 387, 393 Bourroughs, P. J 346 Bouton, G. 1 112 Bowden, G. R 222 Bowditch, C. P 244,246,272 Bowe, D. D 112 Bowen, C. C 338 Bower, S 152 Bowers, Chas. L .-. . . 348 Bowers, W. R 337 Bowler, L 232 Bowles, G 354 Bowman, R. A 279,280 Boyce, George H 370 Boyden, A 351 Boye, Richard E 347 Boyer, D 396 Boyle, Edward H 366 Boynton, Chas 342 Boynton, F. W., Jr 89,342 Boynton, Robert 349 Boynton, Richard 349 Boys, Mrs. J 395 Bozarth, T 391 Braastad, F. W 211 Brace, Dr. W. M 76, 340 Bracken, B. J 390 Bradbury 246 Braden, M 392 Bradfield, Barbara 291,295,392 Bradford, Kent 363 Bradford, F. K 112 Bradley 378 Bradley, C 378 Bradley, R 41 Bradley, R. A 352 Bradshaw, C 393 Bradshaw, J. W 34 Brady, H 391,400 Brady, J 389 Bragg, E. H 86 Bragg, E. M., Prof 115 Bragg, R. S 367 Brams, M 152,298 Branch, Margaret G 399 Brandman, Charles 365 Brandt, A 106,286,341 Brandt, C. G 41, 76 Brandt, J. Leonard 360 Brandt, N 401 Brattin, H. A 222 Bratton, R. E 177, 178 Braud, A 354 Brauer, Paul 276 Braun, A 282 Braun, Howard 115,280,371 Braun, R. F 343 Breakey, Mrs. J 393 Brede, J. D 387 Bredvold, L. 1 34 Bredvold, Mrs. L 394 Breed, Ernest Spencer .... 194 Breed, J 277 Breed, Mrs. J 393 Breidenbach, W. C., Jr 344 Breit, Hjalmav 115 Brelsford, C 357,429 Brelsford, F 357 Bremer, D. M 164 Bremer, M 267 Breniser, H. R 358 Brenn, E 108, 113, 362 Brennan, A 390 Brennan, G. C 356 Brennan, J 76,411 Brent, 1 378 Brereton, V 263 Bretzlaff, George 361 Brewer, A 211 Brewer, D 41, 354, 447 Brice, H 345 Bricker, B. A 267 Brickley, Paul M. ...76,271,364 Bridges, Fitz J 111,372 Briegel, J 357 Brier, J. C 86,280,281,337 Briggs, Finley 363 Briggs, Lewis T. ...Ill, 152,372 Briggs, R. P 221 Briggs, William 363 Brigham, Paul Marion .... 244 Brill, Kenneth, Jr 344 Brinly, J 341 Brink, G. H 112 Brinkman, J 144 Britton, H 152, 378 Britton, W. Earl 369 Brock, W 276,355 Brodbeck, V 391 Broders, C. 1 1 1 , 275 Bromage, A. W 34 Bromage, Mrs. A 401 Bronster, Walter 46 Brondyke, W 90, 113 Bronson, D. G 340 Bronson, R. R 340 Brookfield, Knox 364 Brooks, M 151 Brooks, Betty 296 Brooks, C. E 344 Brooks, Chas. L 358 Brooks, E 387 Brooks, George 364 Brotherton, Florence . . . 135, 396 Brouse, R 182 Brown, J 151 Brown, Anne 46, 398 Brown, B 354 Brown, C. Douglas G 372 Brown, E. S 34 Brown, Mrs. E 393 Brown, George 363 Brown, G. G 86,90,337 Brown, Helen 263, 391 Brown, Henry 376 Brown, H. F 340 Brown, H. K 46,353 Browne, Harold S 269 Brown, I. C 89,90,108 Brown, J 106 Brown, James 363 Brown, J. E 344 Brown, James M 366 Brown, Mary E 152 Brown, Martin 363 Brown, Marshall C 347 Brown, Mary Fran 402 Brown, Nathan 124 Brown, O. L. 1 337 Brown, Peter F 366 Brown, R 106 Brown, Mrs. R 154 Brown, Thelma 302 Brown, T. G 267 Brown, W. E 358,392 Brown, W. H 366 Bruce, J. D 27, 186 Bruce, Mrs. J. D 404 Brumm, L. L 34 Brumm, J. L 358 Brumm, Mrs. J 391 Bruna, E. F 352 Bruyere, I 389 Bryan, P 152 Bryant, Constance 267, 268, 274, 391 Bryant, D. W 375 Bryant, Mrs. J. A 400 Bryant, Margaret 276 Bryne, J 390 Bubis, S 384 Buchanan, 110 Buchanan, W. H 104, 367 Buchanan, W. T 356 Buchen, P 76, 268 Buchen, P. W 345 Buchman 346 Buchman, W. E 337 Buchner, R. E 343 Buck, Charles 274 Buckley, K. L 388 Buckminster, P. N 200,375 Buckwalter, T. V., Jr 336 Buderus, B 344 Buell, Mrs. M 391 Buelow, D 333 Buermann, T. M 115,339 Buesser, F. G 346 Buffe, W. E Ill Bugbee, B. C 93, 111 Buick, L 113 Buist, S 249 Bukmore, 152 Bull, H. S 90 Bullard, M 342 Bulkely, John H 366 Bulkeley, L. E 46,279, 366 Bulmer, D 346 Bulthuis, A 249 Bunting, R. W 232,336 Burch, John E 348 Burdick, F. A 93,113,375 Burg, V 398 Burgess, E 392 Burgess, Frances 274 Burgess, K 164, 382 Burhans, R 182, 338 Buritz, R 107, 378 Burkbund, C. E 86 Burke, R. E 112 Burkett, Elsie Jane 394 Burkhalter, Robert 364 Burleson, C. A Ill Burleson, M. L 386 Burnette, George Bay 46 Burnham, R Ill Burns, B 382 Burns, Frank N 46,367 Burns, J. M 387 Burns, LaVerne 361 Burns, M. K 267, 388 Burns, W. J Ill Burnside, G 113 Burr, Hilda 462 Burrell, C. J 346 Burroughs, W. M 46,339 Bursley, G. M 368 Bursley, 1 354 Bursley., J. A 90, 259 27, 90, 259, 270, 390 Bursley, Mrs. Joseph 155 Bursley, M 390 Bursley, P. E 377 Bursley, Rebecca 296, 300 Bursley, R. A 390 Burt, Wellington 364 Burtner, R. M 396 Burton, E. M 155 Burwell, J 246,284, 285 Busch, Stanley 360 Buschke, P 152 Bush, Robert 342 Bushing, June 399 Business Administration . . 217 Bussard, F. W 272,352 Busse, Irvin A 261,366 Buswell, A. J 178 Butler, E 385 Butler, Edith 286 Butler, Evelyn 276 Butler, Franklin 277 Butler, W. Hackley 374 Butterly, V 346 Butts, W. H 34, 338 Buxton, R. E 351 Byers, G 152 Byrd, J. M 244 Byrn, Helen 148, 150, 155 Byrne, Jeanne 155 Byron, E. K 388 Bywaters, T. W 367 Cadagan, M 385 Cadwell, F. G 356 Cain, T. W 367 Calcutt, Harry 363 Calderwood, H. B 357 Calderwood, H 392 Caldwell, Robert L 46 Caldwell, Richard 232 Caldwell, Virginia 302 Calhoun, F. N 352 Calhoun, I. N 90 Calkins, Belle 276, 392 Calkins, M 382 Calkins, Ruth 276, 392 Call, L. J 91, 132, 364 Call, M 389 Callander, Glen 363 Callender, S. E 387 Callouette, J. O Ill Callouette, J. R 351 Galloway, Dorothy L 46 Calvert, L 152 Cambell, R 411 Cameron, G. D 368 Cameron, James E 194 Cameron, John 445 Camp, Carl D 186 Campbell 246, 288 Campbell, B. A 279,358 Campbell, B. G 357,447 Campbell, Bruce L. .105,261,366 Campbell, H. D 90 Campbell, Howard Murray. 46 Campbell, J 77, 346 Campbell, J. P 222 Campbell Jeanette 399 Campbell, K 390 Campbell, Laurie 462 Campbell, Mabel 41 Campbell, M. . .113, 134, 346, 396 Campbell, Mary Lillian ... 46 Campbell, Milton Holmes 93, 361 Campbell, Mary Margaret 132, 394, 91 Campbell, Phyllis Jean ... 46 Campbell, P. J 386 Campbell, R 76 Campbell, R. A 336 Campbell, Robert G. 148, 150, 343 Campbell, Robert 163, 364 Campbell, Robert Halsey 46, 344 Campbell, Roswell James 93, 111,339 Canavan, John 369, 266 Canfield, Mrs. A. G 394 Canfield, Mrs. R. B 155 Canfield, W. B 345 Canning, R. J 333,343 Cannon, George H. .93,151,366 Cannon, G. W 200 Cannon, J. H 86, 90 Cannon, Joseph 341 Cannon, Phyllis 391 Cannon, Will 364 Cappon, F. C 76 Cappon, Franklin 369 Carashick, Irving 46 Carey 246 Carey, C. 86 Carey, M 263, 396, 403 Carey, Miriam 399 Carey, P. A 388 Carle, George 115,341,93 Carlisle, A. B 343 . Carlisle, Albert B 46 Carlisle, Frances 395 Carlisle, L 182 Carlson, H. G 110,261 Carlson, H. 352 Carlson, Margaret Mary 80, 385, 46 Carlzen, Carl Frederick 93, 111 Carnegie, Edw. J 348 Carney, R. 1 337 Carney, Mrs. R. 1 394 Carow 246 Carpenter, E. J 279 Carpenter, H. B 269 Carpenter, L. C 368 Carr, D. T 352 Carr, L 382 Carr, L. J 367 Carr, M 395,403, 276 Carr, Phyllis Oakleaf 46, 276, 389 Carr, R. V. 298, 257, 163, 164, 402 Carr, Virginia 137, 155 Carriel, J. T 377 Carrigan, E 382 Carrigan, M. P 387 Carrol, J 268 Can-others, G. E 160 Can-others, G. H 281 Carson, F. S 351 Carson, R. E 344 Carstens, Frank Henry 93, 112,359 Carter, A. C. M 338 Carter, W. E 375,378 Cartier, William 276 Carvalho, Anita 276 Carver, Gordon 363 Carver, H. C 34, 76 Carver, Janet Elizabeth .46,393 Case, A. C 154 Case, E. C 34 Case, L. 90, 337 Case, Marshall 374 Page 484 Cash. George, Jr 370 ,. Conner, Stanley .......... 276 Cassel, Ahrtn Irving ...... 46 Cassel. D ................. }52 Castillo, A. E. ............ 112 Colon, AUoe Louise ....... ; Catt L. I ................. J Caughey. D. 1 ............. 386 Cavan. Frank ............ g Cavanagh. Philip ...... iii S Cavanagh. Phylhs ---- 286. 39 Cave. C A. .............. 356 Ccves. Harry ............. Cawley. E. . .............. fll Cawley. J. A. ............ Caylia, Helen C .......... ' Cleveland, Robert O. . .... 93 Clifford. C. R- ........ 262 ' |l| Clifford. King .. ......... - 39 Cooper. Jack E. 366 ( ' 3WJ Centner. William " ' Albert .40.47 Chaddock. R. ............. ? Chadwick. Albert ......... 361 Chadwick. Alfred ......... 439 Chadwick. M. ............. 338 Chadwick, Richard ........ 137 Chadwiek, Robert William 93 n. Horace ........... 4 Chamberlcin. Calvin B. ... ' Chamberlain. K. .......... 390 Chambers. Frank ......... 178 Chambers. Nathen ..... ... 359 ChambUss. R. N ....... 178,374 Champion, Albert Proiper Chan. S-. A.S.C.E. ....... -. ' Chang. Ying ........... 93.112 Chopin. H. ................ 385 : ' .. B ............. 352 Chapman. Frederick Wayne 93 n, John ........ --- 36J . Choae, Edward Core . Jr- o Chase. WUliam Ken, j(jm439 rd, Ruth ..... 265.296.395 -ity, B. A ............. Cheever, D. M. ........... Cheever, H. ........... - -- Cheever, M. ........... 106 }?5 Chen. P.. A.S.CX. ........ 1W :.-..?: : ; - - - : - Chertofi. A. .............. 231 OMOTD V Chibnick. S ..... ........ 77.397 Chown. Doon - , 52 Chrismon. L . ............ 152 =mon, N. L. .......... 339 Chrislensen ............... 378 Christensen. E. P ......... 37= Christensen, I ............. J Chrislensen. E. ........... 389 Christenson. Knute ........ Jl Christian, Palmer ..... --- Christian, S. G ......... 104, 113 jaansen, C. T ......... 279 Christiansen, E ........... 79 Christiansen, G. T ......... 3. ?- ...... -: ' ; diristl R. ...... - 232 Christman, Adam A. ... 186. 337 Christman. L. G ........... anMmaa W. I Christon. P ............... ] Church. B. D ............. 340 Sandi H .... Church. Wm. ............. 429 Churchill, R .............. 352 Ossel. G. H. ............. W Ciaaue, Mrs. R. .......... 395 Samoa bwin . wj Clancy. Ellen B ........... 47 Clauser, J ................ JO P, P. H .............. 368 :op. Roger ............ Qark. Mrs. A. L. ......... 398 ;rk. Bruce Edward ..... 1 Clark. C .................. 152 Clark. Charles D .......... 347 S - D - PhUIP m 332. 333. 375 Clark. E. ................. 391 -ik. Efiaabeth .......... 3J Clark. I. ................. 354 Clark, Janet .............. 263 Clark, H. ................ 76 dark. Harry ............. 341 Marion A. ......... Clark, R. .............. -- - 151 Oark. T. B ............ 232.341 Clarke, Harvey ........ 356.429 Clarke. Tom B ............ 341 Clarksoo. W. a .......... 342 Clary. R. L .............. 352 Clayton. Hugh ........... 363 Clement. Carl H. 89. 93. 111. 115. 270. 279, 374 dement, W. 1 ...... 111.272.374 Clements, Robert William 230,233 7 SB ' :: : " DM W Cline, ]ack Tribley Clise, Martha dosser. D. C. Closterhouse. J Cloudman, D ............ 47 Coon. Stephen ............ Cobb. Margaret .......... Cobey. William E.. 27g Coburn. Lois ....... 47,296. Cochran. H. .............. Cochrane. William E. ..... Coa. Miss Clara .......... Co It. . . -40. " 4777283. Coifey. B. L. ... ....... 113. 394 375 387 287 397 366 154 346 391 356 Coffmon, E. ............... fj Coggon. M. .............. 232 Cc ger. William Lee Cogshall, Mrs. C ........ -- 398 Cohen, Arthur G ........ 47, 353 Cohen, Herbert George ... 47 Cohen. Henry R. .......... ' Cohen. Maynard M ....... 350 Cohen, Richard I. ........ 365 Cohl, Robert ............. 362 Cohn, Donald M .......... 350 Conn. 1 ................... 384 Cohn, Robert L. .......... 3J Cohn, S .................. 378 Cohodes. H. L. ........... 353 Colbiidge. Thomas ........ 341 Colby. H. R. ............. 340 Cole, R. .................. Cole, Betty Ann .......... 399 Cote, H. H. .............. 368 Colenso. I. E. ............ 31 Coler, R. ................. 387 Coleman. C ............... 246 Coleman, Roy Raymond 1. Collette, William E. ....... Coller. C .................. 390 CoUer. Frederick A. --- Collins, C .......... 47.152,390 Coffins. Frederick A. ...47,347 Collins, Hiram Norcutt - .47, 345 Collins. J. W. 151. 284. 285. 366 Collins, Wm. ............. 299 Collman. 1 ......... 113.261,372 Collonerte, Joseph Octave . 93 Colman. Arthur B ...... 333. 365 Cohnan. Charles F ....... 365 Colombo. Frederick 4u Colovin. J. E. ...... 89.279,280 Combs, G. W ............. 343 Comfort. S. T ............. 342 Compter, George Henry n2 Comstock. W. P ....... ' - . - - ' 361 Comstock. W. A. ......... 377 Conde, M. ................ 383 Condon, L ............. 382,390 Conger, Clinton B. ...... 47. 368 Conger. Mrs. L. B. ........ 269 Conger. R. G. ............. 31 Conger, S. B .............. 377 Conley. P. H. ............. 375 Conlin. I- N .............. 340 ConUn. H. T. ............. 340 Conn, B .................. Conn, G .................. 346 Conn. Jerome ............ Connable, A. ............. 392 ConneU. Marcia 79, 264. 277, 293. 392 Conners, R. A ............ 336 Cannery, S ............... 402 Connine, Mary G ...... 286. 394 Conover. James Hoyden ... 93 Conrad. Granville Russell 94,111,279,280.281,371 Conrcd. Raymond M. . .47. 222 :::.:- Stanley M - - W Conrath, Almon ...106,261.342 C3nsor7Aitin ..... 260.262.346 Conway. Frank ........ 275.363 Conkle, G. C ............. 356 Coogan, Charles Patrick 163, 164 Cook, D. K. ........... 178,340 Cook. Emery A.. Jr. . . .275, 336 Cook, F. C. .............. 270 Cook. F. M. ............. 28 Cook, Glen Gordon ....... 94 Cook, J. C. ............... 339 Cook, Martha Jane ....... 398 Cook. M. P ............... 340 Cook, Wherman H. ---- 94.371 Cook, W. F. .............. 347 Cook. Withred T. ......... 371 Cook, Mrs. W .............. 398 Cooke, Geo ............... 439 Cooley. E. ................ 368 Cooley. M. E. .. .90. 280. 288. 336 Coolidge, Frank W., Jr. 41, 47, 259. 372 Cooper, E. ................ 152 Cooper, Donald R. ........ 366 Cooper, R ................ 354 Cooper. W ................ 384 Q e 5 ' Wtaa ' ::::. " .274. ' 30i 401 Copeland. R. ... ........... 28J Copithorn, R. H ........... 338 Copley, A. ............... 378 Cork, J. M- .............. 34 Cork, Mrs. J .............. f 9 , Cork, Robert .............. 272 Corkin. Leo .............. 372 Corlis, Wm. .............. 342 . s, John F Corrable, A. B. Correfl. R- ............... Corlett. W. D. - ........ --- Corson, Dorothy L. ..... -47. Cory, John E. ......... 366, CosteUo, John ............ Cattle, R. A. ............. Cotns, R H- ............. Cotton, Sumner ........ -- Cound, J. D ....... 272,276, Couper. W M ........... Courtis, S. A. ............. Courtney, Thomas ........ Courtright, R. O. . . . ....... Courtright, Mrs. R. O ...... Covert, Mrs. A ........... Covert, H. E ............. Covington, Fred Hargrove Cowden. R. W. ... ..... 35 ! Cowden, Mrs. R- W ....... CoweU, W ..... - .......... Cowie, Murray D ......... Coi, B .................... Cox, Dorothy ............. Cox. G ................... Cox. R. W ................ Cox, Stanley C ........... Cracker, S ................ 345 392 376 ' 344 " 336 358 160 3 ' |6b i4 391 357 348 388 382 Cram, E. M- ............ " ooc Cram, M. ... ............. | Cranmer, J. E. ......... --- ?? Cramer. W. . .......... 150,152 Cramer, W. H. ........... 233 Cramer, Walter George - - . 148 CrandalL B ............... 390 Crandell. R. W ........... 178 Crane, R- ................ Crane, V. W ............. Crane. V. . -- ............. | Cranston, Robert ......... Craven. Jeannette Crawford, H. B Crawford, James Crawford, J. N Cr awmer. J. R- Creagon, D. P Creal, C. O. Creal. Mrs. C. O Crego, S. Creighton. J Cress, E. H. Cress, J Crewson, Allen Morse .... Crewson, Allen M 11 J, Crittendon, S Crocker, S.. Jr Crooks, R. Crovier, Walter G Crosby, Mrs. C -- Crosby, Phyllis Jane 48, Crosby, Elizabeth C Crosley, John --- Crosman, Max William 148, Crosman, Shirl 40, 4P, Cross, A. L. 35,41. Cross, Herbert F Cross, Mrs. F. H. Cross. R. E. Grossman, M Grossman, R. Stuart Grossman, S. Grouse, Mrs. G Crowe, C. W Crowley, D. H. 344 f 361 388 |58 94 358 113 348 395 187 393 347 48 398 34B 356 28 Cuccia, Louis Culver, D. Emery 359 Cunningham, M. ......... 3=J Curran. R. ............. 1 Curren, Robert B ...... ... Currie. M ............. 152. 382 Curry, Margaret ....... 48, 29 Curtis, A ................. 392 Curtis. Arthur C ........... H Curtis, D ................. 392 Curtis! F. D ....... 160,336,392 Curtis, H. D .............. 35 Curtis. Norma .293,299,401.457 Curtis. R. ................ 232 Curtis. T ................. 151 Curtis, F. D .............. 346 Gushing, D ............... 106 Gushing. D. A. 275 Gushing. David || aShing! Frederick " T. " . " . " . 34 Gushing, Nelson 364 Gushing, W. T., Jr 338 Cuthbert, Ellen ' 34 Czeresko S A. " . . ' ' - - - - 211 Cyrol. E. A " 1 Czysz. H 232 Dahl, John L.. Jr. ........ Dahlberg. Mrs. M. ........ Dahlstrom. C. L. .......... ' Daley. Marian I ......... Dailey. M. M. ............ 390 Daitz. Doris ........... -- Dalby, Jack ........... 378, 372 Dale, C. S. ............... 1JJ Dale, David E ............. Dalee, W. W .......... --- 337 Dall, Nancy ........... 260. 396 Dallman. H. .............. Dalton, J .................. 393 Dana .................... 246 Dana. Arnold 1 ........... 365 Dcna, Dean .............. ' Dana, Mrs. S. T ........... 1|| Dana, S. T ................ rr Dana, Samuel ............ Dana, S. ..... ......... |o| Dannemiller, A ........ 26U, Danhof. Theresa A ........ Daniel. D. W ............. 1 Daniels, M. G ............ 345 Danielson, R. .......... - jj Danner, Marlon ...... 276, 445 D ' Aprix, E. C., Jr ......... 338 D ' Arcy. J-, Jr ............. | Darden, R. H ..... i ' iio, 382 DArkos, V. R.. . . - - i , Darling, Charles E. 48. 276, 3Sb Darmstaeter, A. A ......... Dart, Charles, E .......... J j Dasoola, Joe J. - - - " 337 Darts, R- - - ........... 249 Davennan, E. .......... - __, Davey, N B ........... 217,22 David, Robert ............. ,,.. Davidson, Arthur ......... ?J Davidson, Cornelia . - - - - - J Davidson, Harold ..368,420,4 - Davidson, H. ............. . Davidson. Howard ..... Davidson, J. ............. , 163 Daon; Mary " EUzabeih.. 164 Davidson, W. S. ..266,275,345 Davis, B. M. ............. . . . c- o. ---;;;;;;;;;; [ Davis ' , Gorden Difley ..... 94 Dcvis, H Davis, I. M Davis, Jean Davis, Jeanne Davis, J. K. Davis, J. L. Davis, Jack Davis, John ..... - Davis. Murray S., Jr Davis, Myra G Davis, M. H Davis, R. Davis, Z ....... - Dtrvis. William Henry Dawson, D. ' Dawson, J. P. - - - ......... fit Day, Andrew Jackson ..... 194 Day, Kenneth A ........ 94, 111 Day, Margaret E. ...... -48, 276 DeBoe, F. M Dedell. Elizabeth F 48 Dedo, L. 1=J De Foe, T. D 5 De Fries, W F. 336 Degasis. Alphonse J DeGraff, B. A. ......-- 349 De Goot, Hazel Camille i 4, jyi Dehlinger, H JJ Dehm, D. R. %% Deible, N ? Deike, J igg Deinzer, Hcrvey - - - fr- De Lancey, Merton M. .... Delancey, William J 48, 338 De Land, R. E. ' Delano, Jane E Delbridge, W. M 343 Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Fraternity Dement , G. 261 L- IIJ Jli, - - onl Deming, J. M. 221 Deming, N. W Page 485 Demma, 1 110 Dempsey, Newton 361 Demuth, Edwin Leopold .. 194 Denham, Robert Billiard . 194 Dennis, Maxine 48, 394 Dennis, Walter A 371 Denny, M. R 336 Densmore, Mrs. G. E. ..35, 78 Denyes, Harry M 137,366 De Palma, Anthony 115 Depue, C. A 279 Derby, Edwin 342 Dery, Julian A 94 Detwiller, W. 1 357 Deutsch, M 152 Deutsch, R 152 Devay, P. C 164, 384 Deveraux, W. A 342 De Vine, B. A 178 Devine, B 389 Devine, C 389 De Vine, Ed 357,429 Devine, I. B 368 De Vries, G 249 De Vries, H 249 De Weese, David Downs 194, 366 De Weese, H 77, 393 Dewey, B. H 178, 182 Dewey, F. G 178 De Witt, E. A 392 De Witt, N. L 344 Diack, A. W 377 Diack, Mrs. S 391 Diamond, Phyllis, E 48 Diamond, T 160 Diaz-Santini, Juan 94, 276 Dice, L. R 35 Dick, Mrs. B. Bacon 386 Dick, Jerome J 365 Dick, L 152 Dick, Richard 74, 1 1 1 , 374 Dicker, L. P 353 Dickinson, Z. E 35 Dickmeyer, B 398 Dickons, Billie 395 Dickson, G 383 Diem, Donald T 275 Dienel, Hans Fritz 94 Dighton, H 346 Dillman, R 391,400 Dillon, I. E 244 Di Loreia, O. A 233 Dimler, Robert George 244, 246 Dimock, R. H 233 Dimpfl, Robert Wm 94 Dinney, Louis H 48 Diamond, P. E 384 Dirkse, P 249 Dittmann, B 263 Ditz, C 113 Dividio, A 182 Dix, Arthur 359 Dobson, Beatrice 399 Dobson, J 357 Dobson, R. T 357, 367 Dodds, Margaret L 48, 398 Dodge, Earla 263, 396 Dodge, R. A 86 Dodge, Russell 370 Dodge, S. D 35, 375 Doegery, E 80 Doelle, J. A 217, 222 Doerr, L. E 211 Dolese, David 372 Dolese, Rodger M 372 Dolph, Charles 274 Donahoe, B 260 Donahue, Virginia E 48 Donaldson, B. L 338 Donaldson, B. M 35 Donaldson, David 262 Donaldson, J 390 Donaldson, R. F 367 Donavin, C 393 Dond, W. R 222 Donovan, Francis William 94, 280 Doodle, M 231 Dorrell, G 110 Dorsey, John Morris ...187,366 Doty, Mrs. E 393 Doty, Mrs. Wm 154 Dougherty, Coach 429 Douglas, Ellen 287, 394 Douglas, Helen 80, 266, 267, 286, 291, 294 Douglas, Mrs. H 393 Douglas, M 389, 402 Dow, D. 358 Dow, E. W 35,342 Dow, E 390 Dow, L. F 344 Dow, W. G 90 Downer, Hugh 115 Downey, M. A 387 Downs, B .-263, 386 Downs, E 182 Downs, Raymond .111, 271,374 Drake, J. H 172, 347 Drake, J. A 393 260 Draper, J. W 112 Draper, T 151 Dredge, A 393 Dressel, D. W 344 Drew, Mawitt 358 Droege, J. F 343 Drogsith, Norman 276 Drogseth, N 277 Druker, W 163 Drury, H 338 Drury, W. R 375 Dublin, M 94, 110 Du Bois, R. H. 105, 284, 285, 357 Dubs, A 346 Dudley, R. W 178 Dudley, R 182 Duesenberry, James 370 Duffendack, O. S 35 Dulgeroff, J. S 279 Dumond, D. L ' Dunbar, Jane 2! Dunbar, V 277 Dunkirk, G HO Dunks, Hudson G. 94, 151, 279, 280 Dunlap, D 263 Dunlap, D. B 336 Dunlap. J. E 35 Dunlop, G 267, 38 Dunn, Charles 276 Dunn, Helen 276 Dunn, R. B., Ill 344 Dunnabeck, D. F 217 Durell, M 252 Durez, A 211 Durfee, B. B 343 Durfee, E. M 172 Durfee, E 390 Durfee, P. S 343 Durfee, Paul 363 Durham, F 346 Durr, J. F 336 Duthie, J 107,287 Duus, T. J 80, 385 Duxbury, J. H 232, 344 Dvorak, H. W 340 Dworkis, M 282 Dwyer, R. D 345 Dynes, Martha 277 Eagan, R. R 357 Eaglesfield, V 392 Eakins, W. 1 113, 375 Eames, L. H 340 Earhart, Mrs. H. B 400 Earheart, R 342 Earle, B 385 Earle, Prescott 358 Earley, J. J 279, 351 Eash, O. 136 Easlick, K 232 Easterly, J 104 Eastman, Leonard 272, 362 Eastman, R. C 336 Easton, R. J 389 Eberbach, L 393 Eberbach, O. A 269 Eberbach, R. 366,393 Eberly, Mrs. G 391 Ebersole, Jean 155 Eckelberger, R. M 351 Eckhardt, K 367 Eckhouse, J. G. 89, 94, 113, 376 Eckman, D. P Ill Eckstein, H. C 187, 337 Eddy, F 246 Ede, Vera 150 Edelberg, Irving, M 365 Edell, William 94,112 Edison, R 385 Edmunds, A 390 Edmunds, Charles W 187 Edmundson, J. B 159 Edson, J 249 Education Senior Class Officers 163 Edwards, B. D. 280, 281, 356, 374 Edwards, D. L 179,182 Edwards, Franklin 111,341 Edwards,). R 152,352 Edwards, Robert 349 Edwards, William 374 Effler, D. B 343 Eggebrecht, W. M 91,132 Egger, George 358 Eggert, W 150 Egle, E. J., Jr 104, 111 Ehlers, G. M 35 Ehnis, Waldo Herman 124 Eich, L. M 35,349,385 Eicke, Mrs. L. M 78 Eichelberger, M. B 280 Eikenberry, R. S 112 Eisendrath, D. C. ...90,94,279 Ekstrom, C 382 Elder, P 267,392 Eldred, Norman 94, 113 Eldridge, Clarence 358 Eldredge, John 374 Elkes, Cyrus 362 Ellerby, R. A 246 Ellertsen, B. W 246 Ellick, A. G., Jr. ...360,279,280 Elliot, A. H 352 Elliott, Bill 272 Elliot, Bruce 135 Elliott, Mrs. C 398 Elliott, C. M 89,90,94, 111 Elliott, E. B 28 Elliott, Clifton M 371 Elliott, Margaret ...80,216,396 Elliott, Robert A 94,356 Elliott, W 354 Ellis, J. A 388 Ellis, Joseph 366 Ellis, R. L 343 Ellis, R 378 Ellis, Russell 372 Ellis, Sheldon M 350 Ellman, S 353 Ellsworth, H. L 111,375 Eisner, J 104, 115,339 Elspass, J 263,39! Elvin, W. J 266 Enide, L 336 Emerson, H. W 336, 389 Emley, N 346 Emley, Warren Edwards, Jr 94 Emmerson, Herbert 341 Emmett, R. A. .105,273,364,443 Emmons, W. J 86 Emswiler, Elizabeth 395 Emswiler, J. E 86, 90 Engel, D. F 230 Engelbrecht, W. ..244,246,375 Engeman, M 385 Englander, A 376,378 Engle, D 232 Engle, P 367 Enley, W. E., Jr Ill Eppstein, B 267 Epstein, Barbara ..298,299,402 Epstein, Harold 151,360 Erenson, K. R Ill Erhmann, H. M 345 Eriksen, E. L 86,90,371 Erickson, A. C 90, 94, 113 Erickson, J 346 Erickson, O. A 390 Erlewine, W. L 355 Erlewine, Ralph 274, 356 Erlick, S. B 355 Ernst, F. L 221 Ervin, M 333 Erwin, R. E 357 Eschmeyer, Paul 246 Eschbach, S 393 Eskie, M. J 231 Esman, B 152 Estes, H. H Ill, 347 Ettinger, Sheldon 362 Ettinger, J 378 Evans, Al 264 Evans, C 109 Evans, T. L 336 Evashevski, F 356 Evenson, Kenneth 104, 115, 371 Everard, F 80, 296, 391 Everard, W. S 338 Everest, J 391 Everett, B 268 Everett, F 90, 349 Everett, J. C., Jr 74, 338 Everett, M 387 Everett, Mrs. T 398 Everson, Hillary 359 Fabello, John T. 41, 163, 164, 439 Fairbanks, Mrs. A 395 Fcke, Leroy E 272,375 Fallender, H 376 Fant, William John 94 Fariss, W. B 280 Farmer, B. B Ill Farmer, Douglas A. 40,274, 288, 342,411 Farnsworth, U. J 383 Farnsworth, W. H. ...357,443 Farrah, J. T. 89,90,95,111,112 Farrell, S. W 368 Farrens, J. H., Jr 336 Farris, Mrs. J 394 Fasquelle, R 346 Faste, A 104 Faulder, G. B 357 Faulhabsr, F. A 91, 132 Faulkner, B 389 Faulkner, R 76 Faulkner, Richard Drake 95, 115, 361 Faulkner, Ross H 357,429 Fauman, S. Joseph 350 Fauver, B 396 Fauver, Betty 296 Fearn, W 152 Fechnay, John C. ..104, 105,375 Federman, Leo G 365 Feely, F. J 340 Feil, Delmar Alfred 95,370 Feldman, M 182 Feldman, Robert Samuel . . 179 Fell, N. H 351 Fenlon, M. A 164,386 Fennell, Bruce F 151 Fenske, B 302 Fenske, Enid 302, 386 Ferdicn, John 276 Fergeson, A. L 337 Ferguson, D. M 280 Ferguson, M 267, 402 Ferguson, Margaret 395 Fero, L 152 Ferries, Margaret .267, 291, 294 Ferriss, E 392 Ferstenfeld, A 443 Fertman, Manuel 360 Fetles, H. L 352 Field, E 152 Field, Henry, Jr 187 Field, J. K 388 Field, M. J 91, 132, 382 Field, R 86 Fields, Earl 349 Fields, Philip J 350 Filipiak, S 346 Filkins, Robert 359 Finch, L. C 385 Finch, Richard Lee 95,112 Findlay, R. B 370 Fineberg, M 266 Fingerle, E. C 361 Fingerle, Mrs. Earl C 399 Fink, George 264, 377 Fink, L. J 378,339 Fink, R 429 Finkledey, M 393 Finlayson, T 336 Firnschild, F 282 First, Wesley 372 Fischer, H 106, 113 Fischer, Richard 277, 362 Fisher, B 263,382 Fisher, Mrs. C 393 Fisher, F 384 Fisher, Janet S 398 Fisher, J. V 345 Fisher, Kirkland 364 Fisher, L. P 233 Fisher, R. E 41 Fisher, R. L 447 Fisher, R 152, 344 Fisher, Mrs. R 398 Fisher, T. K 357 Fishman, H 41, 353, 447 Fishman, M 333, 384 Fishman, S 384 Fitch, H. S 343 Fitch, S 266 Fitzgerald, Marion 264,392 Fitzharris, J. R 182 Fitzhenry, R. 1 266 Fitzpatrick, R 393 Fitzpatrick, S 377 Flaherty, J 113 Flanagan, D 266, 343 Piaster, Herbert 365 Flaten, C. M 246 Flax, J 231 Fleischer, H. 246 Fleming David 341 Fleming, June 298 Fleming, M 263, 391 Fletcher, J 394 Fleckinger, J 106, 111 Flinch, F. R 382 Floersch, H 447 Flora, R. L 340 Florer, W. W 346 Flowers, J. G. ..74,106,266,286 Flynn, H 386 Fodor, Robert Steve 95,113 Follin, J 269 Foote, E. W 84,95,110,352 Foote, G 398 Foote, Joseph 364 Foray, W. C 343 Forberg, C 392 Forbes, Charles 275 Force, N. F 246 Ford, Claire 74, 267 Ford, Jane 277 Ford, M. B 276, 387 . Ford, T. G 345 Ford, W. B 35,347,385 Forrestel, M 263 Senior Class Officers of Forestry 239 Forrest, Cecily 395 Forster, L. M 338 Forsythe, Edith 386 Forsythe, Jean 394 Forsythe, L. L 356 Forsythe, W. E 160 Fosdick, D. P Ill Fossum, Gwendolyn 154 Foster, D. B 211 Foster, E 378 Foster, Jeanne 267 Foster, J 402 Fowler, M. J 387 Fox, A 367 Fox, D 76 Fox, E 389 Fox, Henry 299 Fox, R 152 Fox, R. E 271, 343 Fralick, Mrs. Bruce 386 Fralock, F. B 182, 187 France, R 354 Frank, A 384 Frank, R. A 384 Frank, Robert Lee 95,355 Franke, C. D 357 Frankel, James 378,362 Frankling, Cecile 73 Fraser, E 342 Fraser, R. J 275,344 Frayer, A 391 Frazer, W. R 164 Frazier, R. S. 89, 90, 95, 110, 278, 280 Frczier, Roy E 41,333,374 Frederick, James 287 Page 486 Frederick. R. L. 268, 339 Fredericks. N. J 182 Frederiksen, E. M 95.111 Freedmon. Mrs. H, 397 Freedmon, J. N 266 Freehling. R 376 Freeman, E. Ill Freeman. F 384 Freeman. J. W 375 French, E. 298, 299. 354 Frcricks. J. 1 112 Frick. L. 343. 378 Fried, S 231 Friedenberg. J 429 Frederici, J. L 388 Friedman, Arthur 365 Friedman. Arnold 40. 350 Friedman. David B. 350 Friedman. Harold 272,362 Friedman. Ruth ... .40, 291. 384 Friedman, Thomas B. ..95,355 Friedman, S 282 Friedman, W 376 i, Harrison 350 Fries, C. C 35 Fries, Mrs. C 391 Fnsinger, C. E. 367 M 222 Mrs. 395 atrick, S. E. 377 m, B 397 Fromm, James 151, 361 Frosh Frolic 287 Frost, C 74. 106. 286 Frost, E. L. ... .153, 164. 165. 309 Frost, G. H Ill Frost, J 343 Frost, I. L. 377 Frosiic, A 232 :. E. C 336 :er, R. E. 233 :-:. H. D., Jr 277.275 Fry, M. 1 403 Frye, M. J 396 Frye, R 354 Frye, Stanley 276 Fryer, R. E. 279 Faud. S. Abi-Ajram 124 Fuentes, Gabriel 276,279 Fulde. C. L. 391.403 FuUenwider. Janet 263,293,394 Fuller, R. 76 Fuller, Richard 370 Fuller, Robert 342 me, Mrs. L. 395 Furman, A. L Ill Furman, Robert Walter, Jr., 95 Furry, Frank William ..95,112 Furstenburg, A. C. 185. 187, 390 =nberg, Mrs. A. C. ... 155 Furstenberg, Mrs. E. M. ... 259 Fuson, Nelson 274 Gabriel. Robert 341 Gabriel, W 341 Gage, M. C 390 Gage. D 392 Gager, W. 230, 377 Gaige, F. M 35,346 A. 1 352 .-her, P 392 Gallas, Emil 276 ,3yer, William C. ..95.111 G r::i William H 366 Gangwere. G. H. 340 Ganzhom, E. C 211 Garden, L 396 Gardiner, Dorothy Florence 165.403 Gardiner, Sprague 363 Gardner, H. H 222,377 Gardner, J 211 Gargoyle Editorial 264 Gargoyle Business 265 Garling, R 110 Corn. H. I_ 266, 364, H 151 Gameit, Jane 394 Garmner, D. F 163 Garrison, Lewis 272,341 Garrison, M. F 222 Garry, E. 386 Gass. Harvey H 365 Gasser, Helen May 395 Gasser, Winifred 395 Cast, Harold 350 Gates, Clare 370 Gates, R. W 343 Galley, R 113 Gcrward, Betty 260, 291, 295, 398 Gauipraw, V 337 Gaulding, H. G 87 Gault, Edgar H. 216,221 Gauthier, R. K 375 Gay, Ann 267.399 Gay, L. H Ill Gayeff, Methodi VangheloH 95 Gearhart, R. C 246 Gedeon, E. G 76,356 Gee, John A 358,447 Geifre, D 346 Gehring, C 390 Gehring, H. 389 Geib, Frederick V. 244, 271, 273 Geib, F 246, 270. 288 Geisert. W 354 Gelder, J. T 74,260,356 Geldes, E. 113 Gens, G 282 GenseL W. L. 378 George, R. L. 357 Gerardi, R. G. 352 Gerby, Russell W 95 Gerisch, D. M. 91,132,274 Gerkensmeyer, R 375 Gerkins, Muriel 398 Gerow. Maurice 148, 150 Gerson, B 106, 255. 286 Gerson, Byron 74, 362 Gerson. 1 266 Gerson. Irving 362 Gerstacker, C. A. 95, 108, 109, 278, 280, 375 Gesell, Robert 187 Getkin, E. H., Jr 95,111 Geyer, J 396 Gherken, R. 152 Gibbs. C. R Ill Gibbs. Frank C., Jr. 95, 113. 341 Gibbs. Herbert 40. 366 Gibbs, R 41 Gibbs, Lloyd 151. 272 Gibbs, M 352 Gibson, C. L. 151,275 Gibson, H 367 Gibson. K. 232 Gibson. P 352 Gibson, T. T.. Jr 336 Gieger, Mrs. P 395 Gierow, Albert Otto 95 Gies, Joseph 266 Gies, Mary 394 Gieseche, J 391 Gilbert, E. L. 112.370 Gilbert, F. 382 Gilbert, J 246 Gilbert, Maurice Mack 95 Gilkey, G. A. 390 Gillam, Edward 341 Ciller. David 364 Ciller, J. Frazier 364 Gillespie, Irene 276 Gilliam, D 263, 396 Gillingham, A. J 346 Giffis, R. L. 151 Gilman, E. R. 266 Gilmore, H. W. .76. 266, 271, 338 Gilson, T 232 Gingrick, W. D 344 Ginsberg, Edward 360 Ginsburg, Norman 350 Ginsburg, Sidney 360 Ginsel. W 378 Ginner, W 382 Giltens, M. E. 387 Gittlin, S 402 Glancz. E. 231 Glass, D 263. 384 Glasser, J 345 Gleason, M. E. 404 Gledden, D 41 Glerum, S 232 Glee Club Men ' s 151 Glidden, D. E. 338 Glover, C. C 382 Glover. J. H 35 Glover, Mrs. J. A 155 Goda, Lester ..105, 108, 113, 375 Goddard, E. C 172, 389 Godfrey, H 232 Goebel, D 383 Goeckel, H. F 95,113,278 Goldbeck, H. 230,233 Goldberg. E. 231 Goldberg, H 74 Goldcamp, R. R 340 Golden, R. E 377 Goldhamer, Milton 360 Goldman. Ada 302 Goldman. B 74 Goldman, George Monroe 95, 112 Goldman, L. H 112 Goldman, H. . . .74, 113, 268, 376 Goldman, H. M 337 Goldman, Harold 360. 365 Goldman. Louis 362 Goldman, R. 384 Goldring, David M 365 Goldsberry, J. W 339 Goldstein, Hartley 360 Goldstein, N 355 Goldshne, Robert 362 Goldstone, G 376 Goloff, A. A Ill Gomberg. M 35 Gommesen, Marian 298 Goman, Bobby Lou 163. 165 Gomon, J 74, 257. 296, 386 Good. C. W 87. 90 Good, Marion 399 Goodell. J. G 343 Goodman, J. M 217.376 Goodrich, C 342 Goodrich. E. T 356 Goodyear. R. J. ...106,109,342 Googe, 1 353 Gorden, A. S 163. 165 Gordon, C. A 136 Gordon, C. D 377 Gordon, Mrs. W 393 Gordy, C. B 87 Gordy, P. D 275,358 Gore, Mrs 392 Gorelick, R. 231 Gorguze, V 113 Gorman, A. 152 Gossard, Nancy 262 Gossard, Peter 74, 341 Goudsmit, Samuel A 350 Gould, F. C 222 Goulding, R J 90 Gowtremout, B 389 Grace, J. W 345 Grace, E. R 266,345 Gracy, Maysa Jean 287 Graf, K. L 90, 95 Graft, J 78,294,402 Graham, A 391 Graham, C 152 Graham, Charles 363 Graham, D. D 336 Graham, Douglas 341 Graham, Ford M 179 Graham, James V 358,390 Graham, L. 232 Graham, McK. K 336 Graham, S. A. 36,238 Graham, W 41 Gram, L. M. 87,90,348,366 Grant, D 112,353 Grant, Jeanne 298 Grant, J 367 Grant, Samuel 360 Granville. R. E 336 Graver, R. 110 Graves, B. C. 374 Graves, D 152 Gray, V 329 Green, A. E 347 Green, J. B 336 Green, Nelson 364 Green, R. K. 344 Green, W 342 Green, Wallace 365 Green, Wilson 342 Greenberg, Eugene 360 Greenberg, Howard 360 Greenblatt, Loren 362 Greene, C. H. 352 Greene, E. B 347 Greene, Hamlin 341 Greenhouse, M. H 384 Greenman. Mrs. E. 395 Greenwald, E. J., Jr. 344 Greenway, G. D 346 Greenway, H. W. 375 Gregory, Julian 182 Grenime, G 113 Gresson. G. S. 342 Grey, C 357 Gibble, J 152,276 Grier, H 276,376 Griifin, C. E. 216, 221 Bn. Dean 215 Griffin, F 398 Griffin. R. D Ill Griffin, V 393 Griffith, B 393 Griffith, J 110 Griffith, M. J 351 Griffiths, W 41,91,132,357 Griffits, C. H. 36 Griggs, E. L. 36 Grill, B 263 Grimard. L. 152 Grinime. G. E 337 Grismore. G 172, 3S5 Grismore, R. 182 Griswald, J 391 Grogan, G. R. 246 Groskopf, J Ill Grossman, J 376 Grossman, L. 74, 268, 362 Grote, Henry W 90, 113 Grove, Jane 394 Grover, Solomon Max ..96, 111 Grow, Hatubel ....163,165,398 Grudlin, D 112 Gubow, Larry 272 Guernsey, J. Thomas 358 Guertler. Fred 341 Guest, B 389 Gullermety, Carlos 276 Guineso, Beatrice 298 Guins, Sergei George 96 Guide, Andros 342 Gunderson, W 346 Gunn, J W 357 Gustafson, F. G 36 Gusiafson, J. R. 41,366 Gustafson, R. 346 Gustine, R 352 Guthe, C. E 36. 345, 390 Guthrie, W. A 179 Guthrie, William H 363 Gutscher. LaVem 124 Guusberg, R. 353 Gwinner. V 385 H Haas, Elizabeth 394 Haas, T. L. 355 H s. M. A 384 Haas. R. 211 Habant, D. E 90 Haber, W 36 Hackert, Arthur 144 Hackett, Mrs. Arthur 154 Hadley. S. B 347 Haff, Patricia 155,296,390 Hoffman. L. 354 Hagan. A. Hyatt 364 Hagar, C. N 340 Hagey, J 352 Hagle, E. 389 Hagle, W 113 Haglin, John 363 Hague, Robert ....376,287,364 Hahl, Robert G 370 Hahn, Walter Alvin 155 Haigh. F 391 Hmgh, J. H 342 Haight, Cameron 390,356 Hainer, R. 152 Harshbarger, Dwight 363 Haiship, P. C 390 Haisley, Mrs. 398 Hakola, E. J 151.150,148 Halford, J. 337 Hall, C 263,392 Hall, G 113 Hall, Myron C 370 Hall, M. E. 385 Hall, P. T 278,281 Hall, R. A. 281 Hall, R. B 76, 343 Hall. Mrs. R. 388 Hall, William 107 Hall, W 386 Hall, W. B 340 Hall, William R. 365 Hallenbeck, K. T 280 Halligan, Jim 272 Hallock, Harry 341 Hallock. Homan F., Jr., .111,96 Hallock, Harry L. 366 Hallock, R. W Ill Halpert, H. N 112 Halpert, F 397 Hoisted, Robert E. 217. 222, 299 Ham. Mrs. E. 386 Hamburger, B. B 384 Hamilton, F 113 Hamilton, J. M 338 Hamilton, Robert 361 Hamlin, J. B 246 Hamlin, John Blair 244 Hamlin, M. K 155 Hammeal, D. P 340 Hammersmith, George W. 96, 111, 279 Hammett, R. W. ...128,135,336 Hammond, G 392 Hammond, James 135,363 Hammond, R. M 343 Hancock, T. R 343 Hand, E. A 338 Handel, Charles 365 Handeyside, V 393 Handman, M. L. 36 Handren, L. E 352 Haner, G. 388 Hanink, Herman Henry .96, 113 Hanley, Violet 462,459 Hanlsey, M. 392 Hans. Otto 354 Hanselmann, Norman Karl 96. 113 Hansen, George A. 95.111 Hansen, R. S 275 Hanson, F 389 Hanson, G 113 Hanson, J 382 Hanson, J. V 390 Harber, June 277, 395 Hard, Dr. D 391 Harding 151 Hardleben, Wilson R. 96. 110,359 Hardin, Mrs. B 395 Hardy, Jane 398 Hardy, Kathryn 399 Hardy, R. E. 280 Hardy, Virginia L. 276,393 Harley, J 263 Harkins, Walter S. Ill 342 Harmel, Richard 362 Harmon, Tom 354, 276 Hamett, Robert 361 Harnist, W 378 Harper, J. A 357 Harper, J. R 136 Harrington, R. J 351 Harrington, B 391 Harrington, Franklin C. 244, 366 Harris, B 222 Harris, Benjamin 362 Harris, Edmund 360 Harris, G. K 343 Harris, G 232 Harris, G. L 356 Harris, Julian 376 Harris, June 267 Harris, Leslie M. 96 Hams, M 391 Harris, N. E. 385 Harris, R. E 357 Harrison, Beryl 155 Harrison, Edward 369 Harrison, Henry 275 Harrison, J 260, 378 Harrison, T. T 356 Harrison, R 110 Harrison, Robert V 371,350 Harrison, Russell E. 96 Harsila, Maybelle 399 Hart, D 389 Hart, E 163 Hart, E. Jean 165 Hart, Harry L 358 Hart, Jane 263, 396 Hart, Jean 302 Hart, J. C 344 Hart, J. W 221 Page 487 Hart, Mary L 398 Hartman, Ruth 298, 457 Hartwell, D 152 Hartwell, R 104, 105, 282 Hartkig, Hope 291, 295, 394 Hartwig, Marie ...457,458,462 Hartwig, Mrs. N. E 394 Harwood, A. F., Jr 345 Harwood, Elizabeth 302 Harwood, Miss E 398 Harwood, John H. 107, 109, 152, 375 Hasani, Anwar Rashid .... 96 Hasani, A 110 Haskell, L. F 390 Haskell, W. L., Jr 338 Haskin, Lorraine 286,391 Haskins, Muriel 276 Hassard, M 387 Hassberger, R. C 352 Hastie, Jean 267 Hastings, D. T 269 Hasty, W. A 211 Hatch, C 391 Hatfield, R 392 Haugh, C 222 Haughey, David 363 Haupt, Miss Helen 154 Hauser, I. J 360 Hauser, J. J 110, 340 Haussr, M. J 360 Haw, Robert 96, 113 Hawkins, R. L 367 Hawley, Anne 267, 393 Hawley, E 390 Hawley, M 96,111,356 Hawley, R. S., Jr. 87, 90, 276, 278 Hayden, B 387 Hayden, J. R 36 Hayden, T. R 356 Hayes, D. A 113, 368 Hayes, Donald Wayne .... 96 Hayes, G. H 91, 377 Hayes, R. E 352 Haynes, Harley A. 187,211,374 Haynie, T 76,443 Hays, G 390 Hays, Mrs. J. G 401 Hayward, C. L 390 Hayward, Hugh L 347 Head, H. L., Jr 344 Heald, A. A 343 Healy, John H 110,342 Heaps, R. A 342 Heath, Barbara 293,378 Heath, Mrs. D. P 404 Heath, Mrs. H 398 Heath, R 266, 354 Hebrard, Jean 128 Hecht, Emanuel 360 Hedges, C 346 Heenahan, T 378 Hefferman, T. W 377 Hegeman, Jack 276 Hegge, E 390 Heggie, G 110 Heikkenen, R 76,411 Heil, John S 366 Heiligman, S. J 231 Heimann, E. Herman, Jr. . . 350 Heininger, K 151,339 Heinz, Otto Goldbeck 230 Heisel, H 387 Heitsch, James H 348 Heller, Fred A 359 Heller, Mrs. F 395 Heller, George 382 Helm, M 152 Heisel, Ruth 462 Helton, Mrs. R 398 Hemans, C. F 28, 343 Henderson, B 263, 395 Henderson, F 393 Henderson, H 389 Henderson, G. B 356 Henderson, M 373 Henderson, Pearl 302 Henderson, Robert 320, 354 Henderson, W. W 339 Hendley, James H 348 Hendrickson, J. W. 177, 179, 182 Hendrick, J 378 Hendrick, John 151 Hennigar, D 393 Henning, P. H., Jr., Ill Henning, Paul 361 Henoch, R. J 182, 346 Henry, J. R 375 Henry, Jean 395 Henzler, Paul F. ..239,244,246 Hepinstall, W 152,375 Hepler, Shirley 395 Heplop, L 352 Hepp, K. Kevin 265,347 Herbert, B 277 Herdon, M 391 Herman, M. Robert ....:.. 362 Herman, R 275, 396 Hermelink, Herman 246 Hermitage 348 Herrick, J 339 Herrmann, Wm. Jr 348 Herschelmann, R. F 211 Hershberg, D 151 Hiss, T 232 Hetzel, W. C 179, 177 Heyl, H. B 342 Heyl, R. G 342 Heylinger, V 447 Hibbard, E. A 344 Hisks, A. B 222 Hicks, George W. ..96,279,337 Hicks, N 396 Hicks, Shirley 389 Higbee, J. N 154 Higbie, H. H 87,90,375 Higbie, Halen J 132 Higgins, R 341 High, L. B 337 High, M 80, 389 Highland, J. N. Jr 336 Highley, A. M 346 Highley, Mrs. A. M 394 Hildebrandt, J 354 Hildebrandt, T. H 36 Hildner, E. C 368 Hildner, J. A 36 Hildner, J. H. C 76 Hile, Ralph K 369 Hill, B 396 Hill, D 152 Hill, F 367 Hill, George H 341 Hill, L. C 346 Hill, V 356 Hillberg, Les 439 Hinckley, Nickerson 364 Hinckley, John P 366 Hinds, Spencer 364 Hinkle, Walter 374 Hinks, R. E 377 Hinsdale, W. B 211 Hinshaw, A. B 135, 345 Hinshaw, T. W 377 Hird, A 105 Hird, Urbane W 347,445 Hirsch, Emil . .260, 262, 264, 376 Hirsch, R 268, 355 Hirsh, B 353 Hirshberg, Stuart 365 Hirshfeld, N. H 355 Hiscock, F 385 Hoad, W. C 90,347,375 Hoag, B 263,385 Hoag, R. J 344 Hoaglund, Edwin, Jr 363 Hobart, W. E 340 Hobbs, W. H 36, 280 Hobert, W. E 112, 152 Hobrock, M. M 398 Hockett, B 76 Hodge, A 113 Hodge, Max 264 Hodge, M 76 Hodges, Fred J 187 Hodges, J. H 337 Hodgins, D. A 339 Hodgson, J. R 211 Hodson, M 386 Hoelzle, V 79 Hoenke, Truman H. .90, 96, 110 Hoeschler, V 152 Hoezel, V 389 Hoff, Patricia 297 Hoffman, C. A 217,222 Hoffman, Clifford J 163,165 Hoffman, Maurice 362 Hogan, J. D 339 Hogan, M 232 Hohman, C. G 345 Hoke, W. S 356 Holcomb, Thomas 364 Holden, Jane 300, 398 Holden, J. M 357 Holland, Howard 274 Holland, Jean ..73,293,298,300 Holland, J 402 Holland, L. N 281 Hollar, A. W Ill Holler, Arthur 341 Hollinshead, J. A 264,271 Hollister, Mrs. Richard 399 Hollister, R. D 36 Holmes, D 342 Holmes, G. M 367 Holmes, H 443 Holmes, Mrs. Howard .... 394 Holmes, R 150, 155 Holmes, R. L 148 Holmes, Ruth Louise 148 Holshuh, H. J 275 Hoist, Crete 394 Hoist, M 249 Holt, Arne 96 Holt, Doris 148, 394 Holt, Eleanor 398 Holt, R. R 151,356 Holtby, B 246 Holton, Charles 347 Holtzman, Nathaniel M. . . 350 Holzer, M 110 Homer, J 263, 398 Honhart, B 79, 398 Hood, M 382 Hood, W. C 87 Hood, W. 372 Hook, Franklin L 366 Hook, K. B 279 Hook, R. M 338 Hook, R. W. Jr 338 Hook, W 76, 273 Hoover, J 282 Hoover, Marion 239 Hoover, Marvin 246 Hoozley, Virginia 302 Hope, W. V 352 Hoppin, I. H 357 Hopkins, Alice 395 Hopkins, Elizabeth Ann . . 132 Hopkins, L. A 87 Hopkins, S. M 387 Horan, W. E 356 Harder, Edw. J 347 Horn, H. C 148, 150, 154 Hornday, H. P 340 Hornbeck, Benn L 244,246 Hornberger, H 232 Horner, R 346 Horton, Barbara Pinney 165, 393 Horton, C 113 Horton, D Ill Hotcher, H. R 352 Houdek, J 148, 150, 152 Hougel, W. S 87 Houghton, Everett 363 Houk, C 400 Hourigan, V 113 House, H. W 222 House, R. C 279 Houston 33 Houvener, W 113 Hover, W. J 179 Hovey 246 Houis, L 152 Howard, B 73, 78, 267, 403 Howard, George 359 Howard, Guy 345 Howard, J 152 Howard, R. H 340 Howard, Richard 372 Howard, V 401 Howard, Mrs. V. F 400 Howe, Mrs. 1 393 Howell, Harry M 272,364 Howell, R 342 Hower, Alfred 276 Howie, Ayoub Salim 96 Howley, R. S 280 Hoxie, Ralph Albertus .... 96 Hoyt, C. N 368 Hoyle, M 389 Hoyt, C. B 182, 288,429 Hoyt, Edgar 115 Hubbard, M. J 387 Hubbard, M. L 390 Hubbard, N. E Ill Hubbs, F 383 Huber, C. P 340 Huber, Mrs. G. C 155,398 Huber, J. F 340 Hubert, J. R 356 Hubinger, Herman L. ..230,233 Hudyma, T Ill Huey, Robert 349 Huff, Ernest 358 Huff, N. M 375 Hughes, Geo 137 Hughes, Marion 399 Hughes, R. L Ill Hughes, Randall 366 Hughson, J. D 90 Hulbert, J 74, 261 Hulett, Sam 369 Huldin, E 398 Hulwick, N 382 Humencznk, W. H Ill Humphrey, C. M., Jr 269 Humphreys, J. R 264,352 Humphreys, W. R. . .36, 76, 341 Hunerjager, Robert Louis 148, 150, 152 Hunn, Dave 354, 429 Hunt, J. I Ill, 336 Hunt, Nora Cran 155 Hunt, V 150, 154, 396 Hunt, W. F 36 Hunter, E. G 390 Hunter, W 356 Huntington, E 277, 387 Huntington, E. J 347 Huntington, F 382 Huntington, M 40, 382 Hurley, M. H 396 Hurwitz, L 231 Hussey, R. C 36, 76 Hutchens, E. J 368,443 Hu ' .chins, Mrs. M. R 394 Hutchinson, E 179 Hutchinson, J. E 336 Huttlinger, Burns 287,374 Hutton, T 343 Hutzel, R. F 358 Hyda, E. J 269, 274 Hyde, G 74, 391 Hyer, J 387 Hymans, Miss E 395 Hynes, J. A 368 Hynes, W 378 I Icerman, P. F 366 Icheldinger, E 150 Icheldinger, Eileen 148, 155, 298, 299 Iddings, M 396 Ide, H. J 112 Independent Men ' s Congress 282 Iller, Mrs. H 395 Imery, D 396 Ingham, Raymond 364 Inglis, A 395 Inglis, C 387 Inglis, J. A 338 Inglis, James 274 Inglis, Mrs. James 394 Ingram, Lester 348 Ingram, Marjorie ..79,276,277 Innes, Robert 111,349 Inouye, Michio 96,110 Ipsen, P 104, 105 Ireland, James R 366 Ironside, Ian 341 Irvin, Charles 363 Isaacs, Irving R 350 Isaacs, Raphael 187, 274 Isaly, C 402 Isbell, E. R 367 Isbell, R. E 163 Isgrigg, R. G 261, 344 Ittner, Martin J 348 Ivey, Elaine 399 J J-Hop 284, 285 Jack, W 338 Jackman, H. J 222 Jackson, D 385 Jackson, Mrs. H 391 Jackson, Janice 264 Jackson, M 387 Jackson, R. L 111,351 Jackson, Robert 359 Jackson, V 387 Jackson, W. K 376 Jacobs, Elaine 394 Jacobs, Morton 350 Jacobs, William 138, 359 Jacobson, Avrohm 350 Jacobson, C 105 Jacobson, C. N 261,368 Jacobson, M 151 Jacobson, R 384 Jocoby, Jack 389 Jacquer, Melvin 342 Jaeger, J. A 112, 340 Jakkula, A. A 90 James, C. E 357 James, Eldon 439 James, F 139 James, G. M 288,439 James, L. K 172 James, M. E 393 James, P. E 36 jamieson, N 260, 346 Jamison, Charles L. ...216,221 Jamison, Maryanna 394 Jamison, Mrs. C 398 Janeshek, William 96 Janke, F 76,411 Jardinico, Felix E 96 Jarrold, E 391 Jarvis, H. N 275, 343 Jassy, D 376 Jawitz, H 402 Jay, P 384 Jay, Phillip 362 Jay, Richard 359 Jean, H 398 Jedel, Jaros 277 Jedel, J 384 Jeffers, R. H Ill Jeffrey, D., Jr 336 Jeffries, E 391 Jenkins, Lawrence 377 Jennings, Mrs H 391 Jensen, T. A 151, 280, 375. Jensen, W. A 97, 111, 357 Jeserich, P 232 Jeserich, P. H 361 Jesperson, Helen ...79,291,298 Jester, Thomas 106, 361 Jewell, William 274 Jewell, Janet 296 Jewitt, J 263, 392 Jocelyn, L. P 269 Johnson, B 389 Johnson, C 110 Johnson, C. B 343 Johnson, Edward 369 Johnson, E. C 163, 390 Johnson, Edward Q 97 Johnson, Howard 374 Johnson, H 392 Johnson, H. S 345 Johnson, J 106 Johnson, J. F 339 Johnson, J. H 367 Johnson, Jay W 111,371 Johnson, K 396 Johnson, K. B 375 Johnson, Martin 359 Johnson, M. M 385 Johnson, Mary 40, 283, 291, 295, 394,457 Johnson, M 113, 346 Johnson, Neil 347 Johnson, Paul Alford ...97,368 Johnson, Peter Norman ... 97 Johnson, Philip C 136 Johnson, R 392 Johnson, R. H 377 Johnson, Richard W 371 Johnson, Robt. L 348 Johnson, R. T 342 Johnson, Steven 1 366 Johnson, W 246 Johnson, S. 368 Johnston, C. T 87,90,336 Johnston, E. G 160 Johnston, John Paul 244 Johnston, Katherine ... .40, 264 Jones, B 106 Jones, Ben F 272, 286, 346 Jones, C. D 90 Jones, D 354 Page 488 Jones, D. H 90 Jones, Ernest ..268,288,317,339 Jones, Frederick Frazier . . 179 Jones, F. Randall 372 Jones, G 341 Jones, G. 1 388 Jones, J 232 Jones, John D 377 Jones, M 385 Jones, Marjorie 277 Jones, R 232 Jones, William J 377 Jordan, F. R 356 Jordan, John 374 Jordan, Myra 36 Joy, Mrs. H. B 401 Judiciary Council 292 Judson, Robert Herbert 97, 262, 340 Judson, R 264 Junior Girls ' Play 300 Kahn. D 151 Kahn, R. L 188 Kahn, Reuben 362 Kahrs, Frances 296, 385 Kalb, E 391 Kalb, P 391 Kamm, R 151 Kamman, F 383 Kammermeyer, K 90 Kandeiin, E 383 Kane, Paul 40,342 Kann, R. L 272, 275, 376 Kaplan, Julia 276 Kappa Delta Rho 349 Kappa Nu 350 Kappa Sigma 351 Karch, M 152 Karle, E 113 Karlson, Janet . .79, 292, 294, 298 Karper, L., Jr 376 Karpinski, Alfred 97, 288 Karpinski, Joseph 361 Karpinski, L. C 36, 389 Karpus, George 151,276 Kaser, Guy S 348 Kasle, Leonard 274, 365 Kasley, Jack H., Jr. 97,108,112 Katz, Arthur 350 Katz, B. J 231 Katzman, 1 231 Kauer, L ...75, 106. 286 Kaufman, C 389 Kaufman, M 384 Kaufman, J 387 Kay, M 355 Kazmark, E. W 97,113,337 Keal, Robert C 97, 359 Kean, F 390 Kearney, E 592 Kearns, L. G 346 Keck, M. E 352 Keck, R 182 Keegan, J. L 351 Keeler, H. E. 87, 111 Keeler, L. W 160,385 Keen, Chas. F 150, 152, 348 Keenan, Betty 276 Keene, C 266, 389, 445 Keene, Mrs. Clifford 399 Keene, D 383 Keiner, Milton 179, 350 Kelkor, A. M Ill Keller, J 392 Keller, Paul, Jr 363 Kelley, C. Bruce 358 Kelley, Stanley 359 Kelley, Una 298, 302 Kellogg, R 266, 378 Kelly, C 112 Kelly, K 221, 278. 280 Kelly, Ken 372 Kelly, M. J 182 Kelly, P. K 280 Kelsey, C. R 246 Kelso, Alvin N 366 Kelso, J 389 Kempe, F 113 Kemper, J 232 Kempher, Katherine 399 Kempt, P. R 357 Kempton, F. M. 90,97,109,111 Kendall, G 378 Kendall, H. M 375 Kendall, G 364, 378 Kendricks, M. A 341 Kenedy, Phyllis 394 Kennedy, Frank 179 Kennedy, N. 267,390 Kenner, V 80 Kennicott, J. W 261,344 Kenny, Sally Marie 165, 294, 295, 404, 457 Kent, Bramlet F 97 Kent, P. J 151 Kenyan, H. A 36, 358 Keppelman, Henry Thomas 97 Kerlikowske, A. C 372 Kerlikowski, Mrs. A 395 Kerr, D 232, 383 Kerr, Susan 302. 395 Kern, F., Jr Ill Kerns, Frank 276 Kerner, Chas. A 347 Kerschbaum, 136 Kervin. D 232 Kessler, Edwin S 365 Ketcham, Betty 302 Ketcham, N. H 152,368 Kettler, C. 105, 261, 284, 285, 372 Kewley, N. E 74, 356 Keyes, C 152 Kharib, Hassan Fuad 97 Kidder, F. J 279 Kief, M 389 Kielholtz, V 392 Kift, Josephine 399 Kilbourne, J. H 182 Kilgore, K. K 217, 222 Killens, C. G 367 Killens, D 354 Killicn, Marietta ..284,285,390 Killin, Lucie 276, 277 Kilman, J 333,338 Kilmer, Ned A 361,445 Kilner, H. D 344 Kilner, J. S., Jr 344 Kilroy, D. A 385 Kimball, Jo-C 392 Kimball, R. L. 217 Kimmell, J. 1 163,165 Kindred, L 382 Kindrick, J. R 368 Kineitz, Mrs. V 395 King, C 113 King, E 107,287 King, E. A., Jr 112,356 King, J 387 King, H. W 87, 90 King, Mrs. H 391 King, Jean Bell 298 King, K 393 King, Lois 398 King, R. D 368 King, R. H 112 King, R. W 344 King, Stephen 1 12, 370 Kingery, D. P 351 Kangery. R 232 Kingman, P 113 Kingsley, James 97,363 Kinston, Anne 267, 296, 389 Kinkead, Robert Benton ... 97 Kinkead, T 356 Kinsey, B 382 Kinsey, John H 364 Kingsley, James 429 Kipke, H 354,411 Kirar, E 288,443 Kirby, Harry 341 Kirby, Nan 399 Kircher, R 367 Kirchheimer, R 376 Kirk, Howard 345 Kirshen, Arnold 265, 365 Kisor, Mrs. L 398 Kittell, H. G., Jr 230 Kittel, H 232 Kitzmiller, J 211 Kitzmiller, M. W 90, 342 Klar, L. E 97,278,280,365 Klaus, Richard 360 Klauser, K., Jr 377 Klavin, Florence 276 Klcvin, F 402 Kleene, J. K 338 Kleiman, S. R 266 Klein, Burton L 350 Klein, C 354 Klein, David Louis 97,350 Klein, E. L Ill Klein, Eugene 372 Klein, Richard 360 Klein, W. C 343 Klein, W. H 355 Kleiner, A. R 282 Kleinman, D. J 230 Kleinschmit, Arthur, Jr 363 Kleinschmit, Clarence 363 Kleinschmidt, E. A 349 Kloepel, William 364 Klose, Henry 364 Klug, R 383 Knapp, Charles D 366 Knapp, Donald 341 Knapp, Wallace 341 Knecht, Jack 272 Knecht, W. C 356 Knight, Douglas G 366 Knight, D. W 177, 179 Knight, Frank Burns 97 Knight, R. B 346 Knoblock, E 355 Knoepfle, W 97,110 Knowe, R. H 268,352 Knowlson, 392 Knudson, Bertc 132, 294, 295, 298 Knudson, C. A 347 Knudson, E 163 Knudson, Edwin William . . 165 Knudson, Merle William . . 165 Koaistra, C 249 JCoon, E. B 154 Koch, Ruth 277, 296, 399 Kochansky, H 231 Kodros, A 411 Kohl, Elaine 296 Kohl, E 385 Kohlenberg, N 378 Kohn, M 152 Kohn, Mortimer 365 Kohner, Alex 132 Koivunen, R. S 179 Kollen, Mrs. John 155 Kollig, J. M 338 Konald, Mrs. Grace 1 54 Kopel, Hugh 360 Kopel, H. M 73 Koplin, L. W 179 Koplin, L 353 Krieger, Mary Alice 394 Kositchek, Robert 362 Kost, R. M 231 Kott, B 231 Kover, N 294,402 Kraetz, W 377 Kramer, M 41 Kramer, Milton A 179, 350 Kramer, M. G 336 Kramer, William M 350 Kraus, E. H 31,357 Krause, J 287,392 Krcus, L 376 Krieg, Lowell E 372 Krieghoff, Dlen 263. 276 Krieghoff, Madeline 79, 298, 300 Krieghoff, Robert 358 Kreisler, F 147 Kremer, M. W 163, 165,447 Kresin, Clarence 274 Kretschmer, J 386 Kreuter, A 338,378 Kreuz, K 266 Kronner, M. J 77,382 Krugliak, Samuel I. 40, 265, 283, 365 Krumm, Russell William 132, 341 Kucera, J. G 233 Kuchar, B 152 Kuder, H. B 179,182,347 Kuebler, F 393 Kuhnmuench 246 Kuhr, Harvey N 179 Kulhawik, Edward P 124 Kumler, John 363 Kunan, B. S 388 Kurkjian, A. S 269 Kur, S 395 Kurtz, Richard 363 Kurzawa, E. A 112 Kwan, Cho Shun 97 Kynoch, R. W 238, 246 La Chance, C 211 La Coste, R 302 La Forgia, A 233 La Rue, C. D 36 La Rue, J. R 36 La Salle, E 152 La Salle, Eugene C 370 La Sociedad, Hispanica . . 276 La Vetter, E 152 Labb, J 354 Lackey, Laurence B., Jr. 132, 284, 285, 351 Lacoste, R 277 Ladd, E 390 Ladd, J 382 Ladd, O. W 339 Ladd, S. M 338 Ladd, Wally 40 Lahnow, 152 Lcring, David G 76,260,372 Laing, L. L 222 Laird, J 275 Laltner, Robert 217 Laitaer, R. F 360 Lairner, W. W 368 Laitsch, Charles 364 Lake, Mrs 392 Lakin, D. R 351 Lamb, F 246, 374, 378 Lamb, J. T 260, 375 Lamb. Mrs. F 391 Lamberts, A 249 Lambertsen, John Gerald 97, 113,279 Lambrecht, Grace 394 Lambie, J. M 356 Lambda Chi Alpha 352 Landa, Ro land S 97, 113 London, L 222 Lane, Victor 363 Lane, V 391 Landwier, W. G Ill Lang, Miss J 398 Lang, Malcolm 341 Langderfer, M 393 Longford, J 74, 393 Longford, Mrs. G 155 Longford, G. Robert 363 Langston, D. T 211 Lannan, Peter T 246 Lansdale, D. B. .89,97,111,347 Lanson, Douglass 276 Lapick, Frank 40, 358 Lapp, B. R 375 Kochansky, H 231 Larkin, Robert 347 Lamed, K 387 Laro, J 378 Larrabee, L 402 Larsen, Douglas, A 347 Laskey, Derwood 358 Lasso, Ruben 276 Latham, R 152 Latham, Rex, Jr 363 Lathrop, Dixon 361 Lathrop, Harry F. .244,246,346 Lou, H 113 Lauda, R. S 337 Laughery, T. W 245, 246 Laughlin, B 346 Laughlin, T 152 Lout, K. L 337 Laux, J 354 Lavan, D 392 Lavan, Mary 300,392 Law, J. L 343 Law School 177 Lawarre, John B 97 Lawrence, Mrs. J. F 394 Lawton, J. Fred 308 Lawton, Thomas 260,372 Lawyers Club Council ... 182 Lay, Eileen 155, 302, 393 Lay, E. C 280 Lay, W. E 87,90,349 Layke, W. G 356 La Cercle Francois 277 Le Golvan, P 211 Leach, M. A 388 Leach, Nieribah 296 Leach, Herbert 276 Leach, H. K 343 Leadbeater, A. W 367 League Council 291 Lease, Rachel 154 Lebeis, E 108 Lebeis, B. H 180, 347 Le Bovitz, H. M 230,231 Ledvina 246 Lee, A. 37 Lee, G. Q 280 Lee, J. G 390 Lee, J. R 89,98 Lee, H 353 Leete, Roberta 74, 263, 394 Lefferts, O. D 336 Lefkowich, Bertram 362 Lehman, R 388 Lehner, M 79, 392 Lehner, John 372, 378 Leibovitz, Ted 272, 282 Leidy , Paul A 172, 389 Leigh, L 232 Leivrovw, L 74 Lemon, G 392 Lennie, Arthur M 98,113 Linscheid, F. H 352 Leonhardt 246 Lenz, Wendell E 246,370 Lepard, C. W 358 Lerner, Maxwell 350 Lessley, W. W 180 Lester, W 389 Leut, H. G 339 Lev, Herbert 266, 276 Levenson, Neil Thomas 98, 283, 375, 450 Levin, Abraham 276 Levine, 1 353 Levine, Louis 350 Levine, Lester S 360 Levine, L 411 Levinson, Harold M 365 Levison, R 376 Levy, A. M 231 Levy, H 74, 267, 384 Levy, H. F 277 Lew, W 113 Lewis, C 155 Lewis, A 378 Lewis, Mrs. G 398 Lewis, H. B 188,337 Lewis, J 152 Lewis, J. A 355 Lewis, S 376 Lewis. T 154 liddicoat, R. T 339 Liebold, K 398 Liebovitz, Ted 74 Lief, H 378 Lieuty, S. D., Jr 336 Lievrow, L 267 Lievrouw, Lorraine 298 Lightfoot.Florence 296, 395 Lighmer, Betsey 287 Lillie, Howard Rowland 98, 113 Lillie, J. A 390 Lillie, J. C 344 Lillie, O. P 338 Lillie, R. C 180 Lillie, W. 1 368 Limpert, A 115 Linabury, Theodore 349 Lincoln, J. N 356 Lincoln, Mrs. J. N 394 Lindblad, B. W 136 Under, M 74, 266 Linderman, Charles Keith . 98 Linderman, C 110 Undegren, B 393 Lindgren, R. D 345 Lindquist, V. B 279,280 Lindsay, Allen 113 Lindsay, G. A 37 Lindsay, M. J 163, 165 Linsell, F 368 Linsey, J 389 Linsz, Bill 73 Liotto, J. R 276 Lipp, D. W 152,339 Lipphart, A. W 180 Lipsky, Samuel 360 Lisagor, 1 266 Lisagor, P 76, 447 List, V 263,387 Junior Literary Class Officers 73 Page 489 Class Committees, Sophomore Lit 74 Lilt, Marvin D 350 Litzenberg, K 76 Litzenburg, M 387 Littleton, M 388 Livermore, F 389 Livernois, Mildred Agnes 148, 399 Livernois, M 150 Livingston, Clifford 272,362 Livingston, 1 345 Livingston, J. P 367 Livingston, Richard 272 Livingston, D 74 Lloyd, A 27, 390, 401 Lloyd, Mrs. A 155 Lloyd, H. R 87 Loar, James Edward 98 Loar, J 113 Locas, Blaz A., Jr., 366 Lock-wood, G. M 377 Lodeesen, Grevinck 233 Lodge, Robert 342 Loessel, Earl 348 Lohman, H. Herman 360 Lombard, Warren 188 Long, G. L 351 Long, M 266 Long, Roger 363 Long, R. F 345 Longan, L 391 Longhurst, June Hannah 77, 165 Longley, Rodger E 98,111 Loomis, Catherine 296 Loomis, K 387 Loose, William 342 Lorch, E 90, 136 Lorch, Mrs. E 155 Lorch, Richard 363 Lord, J 393 Lord, William 363 Loree, Douglas 363 Lorenz, Margaret 398 Lorengen, J 343 Lorig, Edwin T., Jr 366 Lossing, Bert 272 Lotberg, E 382 Lott, Edgar John 245,246 Loud, W. C 357 Louer, C 376 Loughborough, Betty 40,296, 399 Loughborough, M 395 Louis, Foo F 132 Loukes, Lyle T 166 Love, C. E 87 Lovejoy, Beatrice 457 Lovelcnd, R 392 Lovell, A. H 87, 90, 344 Lovell, Barbara 80, 284, 295, 298 Lovering, T. S 37 Lovett, Charles M 372 Lovett, James 372 Lowe, Fred 347 Lowenstein, Dorothy 298 Lowry, G. Harrison 260,342 Lowry , M 78 Lowry, Mrs. T 391 Lubin, Seymour D 350 Luby, E. R 273,288,411 Lucius, Edward 364 Luder, W. E 336 Luders, J. E 262 Ludke, P 387 Luebke, Fred W. ..104,271,336 Lundahl, A. B. 259, 273, 288, 333, 354 Lurie, C. S 279 Lusk, R. C 151 Luskin, H 112 Lutes, S 391 Luxan, Jack 272 Lyman, Frank 363 Lyman, Wm. W 347 Lynch, Edith 394 Lynch, J. D 28 Lynch, Joan 276, 277 Lynch, R 346 Lynn, J. A 388 Lynn, H. M., Jr 375 Lynner, Sigurd 341 Lyon, Betty 293, 457 Lyon, E. H 387 Lyon, J 391 Lyon, Lee 376 Lyttle, D. A 336 M MacArthur, John E 364 MacArthur, M 151,383 MacConachie, J 282 MacDonald, Adele .... 297 MacDonald, C 343 MacDonald, E 393 Macdonald, James 74,361 MacDonald, L 134 MacGregor, Charles E 246 MacGregor, Margaret 398 Macintosh, W. L 151 Macintosh, M 393 Maclntyre, A. L 343 Maclntyre, H. D 377 Maclvor, Janet 394 MacKellar, Keith Graham . . 95 MacKenzie, E. P 338 MacKenzie, M. A. 267, 292, 293, 457 MacKichan, C. M 98,279 MacKichan, C Ill MacLeod, J 352 MacLean, L 386 MacLean, M. W 89, 341 MacLeod, Wm. John, Jr. . . 98 MacPherson, Carl, Jr 363 MacRae, Alex 217 MacRae, A 219, 221 MacTerman, F. C 112, 352 MacVicar, J. A 166 MacVittie, Arthur R 371 MacQuillan, M 388 McAfee, D 346 McAlister, Jack 272,359 McAlpine, J. G 233 McAlpine, R. K 338 McAmbley, Marion 398 McAndrew, M. A 398 McArthur, M 78 McArthur, R 392 McBeth, M 391 McBurney, J. H 222 McCabe, D Ill McCabe, Newell 266, 363 McCabe, Virginia 276, 389 McCabe, W. L 87 McCage, V 277 McCain, G 104 McCain, G. L., Jr 111,344 McCall, M 73,333,391 McCallister, J 346 McCallum, C 342 McCcllum, G. P 346 McCallum, H 391 McCallum, P 342 McCann, J 211 McCann, T. E 41, 266, 345 McCarren, G 263 McCarren, J 378 McCarthy, John 374 McCaffree 382 McCauley 151 McCauley, J. W 112 McClellan, F. P 356 McClennan, N. P 390 McCloud, Robert Arthur 88, 340 McClure, Mary 394 McClusky, H. Y. ..160,274,339 McCollum, J. R 217,219,356 McComber, B 393 McConachie, J 74 McConkey, F 134, 137 McConkey, Florence 132, 291, 294, 295 McConkey, George M. ..128, 135 McConkey, Jean 298 McConkey, M 392 McConnell, Alexander 364 McCord, M. E 391 McCormick, E 78 McCormick, J. W 352 McCormick, J 389 McCotter, R. E 188 McCowan, Howard A. ..183, 182 McCoy, Eleanor 277, 393 McCoy, Gene 398 McCoy, Margaret 302 McCracken, Fred 356, 364 McCray, S. A 182 McCready, M. E 396 McCreary, Joseph C 366 McCrory, M 152, 155 McCrory, Mary 398 McCulloch, J 152 McDermott, E 386 McDonald, Adele 296 McDonald, A 391 McDonald, E 263 McDonald, F. W 336 McDonald, J. S. 93, 133, 137, 342 McDonough, Mary Frances 149 McDonough, M. F 150 McDowell, William 364 McElfresh, John 363,378 McElroy, Marie 277, 285, 298, 299 McFall, W 383 McFarland, Douglas 374 McFate, J. E 260,288,356 McGaughan, H. S 336 McGavrau, H 354 McGaw, Donald 372,378 McGeachy, Phyllis 263, 298 McGinley, Howard D 246 McGath, Richard 372 McGregor, H. G 111,361 McGregor, M 78 McGuire, T. D 377 McHenry, William 374 McHugh, C. H 343 Mclntosh, J. A 219 Mclntosh, M 395 Mclntyre, Barbara 277,404 Mclvor, K 267 McKay, Jean 263,267,276 McKay, L. G., Jr 344 McKay, L. 1 352 McKay, N 344 McKell, Carmen 276,302 McKinney, F 400 McHenry, Chas 358 MeKenuzie, C. S Ill McKenzie, R. D 37 McKie, M. A 386 McKinney, Frances 298 McKinley, T. 151, 375 McKinnon, D. P 387 McKinnon, F 387 McKinnon, M. V 387 McLane, P. W 112 McLaughlin, C. D 151 McLaughlin, D. B 37 McLaughlin, Frances 394 McLaughlin, Mrs 155 McLaughlin, R. H 375 McLaughlin, W. A. 37, 259, 274, 358 McLaughlin, W 270 McLean, Charles 274 McLean, D. J 367 McLean, J. F., Jr 89,344 McLoud, Janet Mary 149, 150, 155 McMaster, William Courtney 245, 246 McMillan, Fray A 246 McMurry, K 37, 342 McNaughton, A. L 351 McNeil, C. W 279 McNeil, M 393 McNicholas, 1 354 McQuade, H 367 McQuaid, J. Q 98, 111,371 McRae, H 389 McTate, W 356 Ma, Tseng Li 98,112 Mabley, F. K 268,338 Macal, Edward 268,374 Mack, Christian 363 Mack, Ellen 276 Mack, E. E 368 Mackenzie, M. A 392 Mackey, F 345 Mackie, D 246 Mackintosh, D 264,374 Madden. R 347 Madden, S 341 Maddock, W 183 Madden, T. J 340 Maddy, J. E 144 Magdol, E 76, 266 Magnusson, Frederick .113,361 Magoon, W. H 356 Mahar, Richard 361 Mchlman, George 370 Maier, M 341 Maier, Mrs. Guy 154 Maier, Paul P 98 Maire, Mrs. E. W 404 Makielski, Mrs. L 395 Malcolm, C 382 Malcolm, R 382 Malcomson, A. L 166 Maliszewski, Angelene 291, 292, 294 Mallick, H. A 217,219 Mallory, L. L 333 Manchester, W. C 351 Mancourt, E. M 338,378 Mandeberg, Mitchell ...261,362 Mandel, B 395 Manger, 246 Manley, R. B 151 Mcnn, Dick 272 Mann, E. J ' 217 Mann, Ellen 401 Mann, John R 372 Mann, Matt 359, 443 Mann, N 341 Mann, R 74, 266 Mann, Wm. R 232,358 Manos, Thomas C. . .98, 110, 279 Mansfield, Betty J 298,403 Mansfield, Robert 358 Manlier, Lorraine 264 Mantione, Samuel 276 Manworing, B. W 343,385 Maraniss, E 266 Marans, Gordon 360 Marceau, J. E., Jr 230 Marcero, Francis 361 Marcus, W. C 112 Marin, Axel 87, 90, 359 Marino, Ben 74, 266, 359 Markel, L. M 355 Markel, M 104,355 Markham, P. J. . . . : 279 Mark ham, T. M 246 Markland, M 385 Markley, V. C 368 Markman, Allan M 366 Marks, R 260, 261 Marlink, R 249 Marrs, D 152 Marsh, B 341 Marsh, C. E 180 Marsh, H 265,391 Marsh, Robert 349 Marshall, D 333 Marshall, H. D 89,90,111 Marshall, Mrs. W 398 Marshall, W. V 128 Martell, C. H 351 Martha Cook Dormitory . . . 404 Marti, D. V 351 Martin, Anna Caroline .... 394 Martin, Edward 287, 374 Martin, E. G 356 Martin, Fred 288, 429 Martin, H. J 152, 341 Martin, Margaret 302 Martin, R 354 Martin, W. 211 Martinek, W 152 Martens, H 429 Marx, R 378 Morze, Eugene 341 Mcrzonie, G. A 89,111,411 Mason, J 288 Mason, A 74 Mason, Adelaide 394 Mason, Charles F 366 Mason, F. H 217,219,222 Mason, J. A 104, 371 Mason, J. M., Jr 98, 111 Mason, Joseph R 366 Mason, Steve 429 Mason, W. H 280, 375 Massa, M 152 Massin, M 353 Matham, John E 361 Matheson, J 263 Mathews, Irving A. 261, 288, 362 Mathiak, H. A 246 Matigan, A 233 Matson, F. R 352 Mattern, D 144 Mattern, Prof. D. E 151 Mattes, J. S. ..266,273,288,368 Matthaei, F 269 Matthews, C. E 339 Matthews, C. F 269 Matthews, D. M 238 Matthews, M. A 246 Matthews, Margaret 302 Maudsley, K 152 Maugh, L. C 110, 339 Maul, Dorothy 395,458 Maun, R. J 336 Maxwell, G 354 May, D. C 270 May, G. A 160 May, L. J. ..89,98,113,211,355 May, Robert 104, 282 Mayer, J 403 Mayer, Lois 149, 150, 155 Mayio, A 266, 274 Mayncrd, G. P 221 Mayo, W 375 Mead, Kathleen 394 Meader, C. L 37, 347 Meadows, James 364 Mebane, James 364 Mecklenberger, J 376 Meech, D 282 Meek, Richard A. 151, 245, 246, 370 Meese, J. A 351 Mehaffy, 182 Mehaffy, J. W 180 Meier, E. M 387 Meinecke, B 367 Meir, Francis 358 Meisel, L. H 368 Meisenheimer, A. H 98,356 Melin, Roberta 291,295,392 Meloche, Mrs. C 395 Meloche, C. C 337 Meloche, M. M 391 Menefee, C. C 345 Menefee, F. N 87,274.35! Menefee, F 388 Menichetti, F 152 Men ' s Council 273 Mercado, E. A 276 Meredith, C. A 276,277 Meredith, C. W 339 Meretta, L 152 Merewether, J 109 Merecka, J 445 Merritt, C 113 Merker, Doris 276 Merlser, D 398 Merker, Marjorie . .398, 457, 459 Merrick, A. 391 Merrick, R 391 Merrifield, W. B 351 Messenger, B. A. ...93,133,403 Messing, S. G 166 Metz, R. R 246 Metz, D 341 Metzger, C. W 163,166 Meyer, C. F 37 Meyer, George 363 Meyer, Harry 376 Meyer, J 384 Meyer, K. N 106,111,341 Meyer, Roberta 395 Meyers, C. F 356 Meyers, F 246 Meyers, Mrs. D 393 Meyers, D. W 211 Meyers, H. T 358 Meyers, J. S 364 Meyers, M. E 393 Meyn, W. K 345 Michael, B 355 Michigamua 288 Michigan Union Board of Directors 270 Michigan Union Executive Council 271 Michigan Union Sophomore Committeemen 272 Michiganensian 260, 261, 262, 263 Michigan Daily 266, 267, 268 Michlinski, F 77,267 Michmerhuizen, R 249 Mickle, F. A 87,280,359 Middleton, Edward 115 Midworth, F 382 Page 490 Mielke. F. C 219 Mignerv, A 375 Miles, D 287,385 Miller 151,288 Miller. Alfred H 372 Miller, A. P 376 Miller, C 246, 429 Miller, C. 1 239,245 Miller, D. C 368 Miller, David H 136 Miller, F 113 Miller, G 346 Miller, George 363 Miller, H. 246 Miller. H. W. ...87,90,280.356 Miller, J. M 351 Miller, Leonard 275 Miller, M 80, 231, 382. 403 Miller, M. F 275 Miller, M. M 368 Miller. N 392 Miller, N. F 188 Miller, R. L. 149, 154 Miller, Robert 363 Miller, Ruth L. 149, 150 Miller, S Miller, T. F 340 Miller, W 152, 232 Miller, W. E 345 Miller, William 265 Milligan. B 341 Mills, G. E 385 Mills, H .382 Mills, J. K. 111.275 Mills. M. L. 382 Miner, James 182 Miner. Phyllis 398 Minor, Mary 296. 394 Mitchell, A 394 Mitchell, C. E. 386 Mitchell, Mrs. C. S 400 Mitchell, David Louis ..98,110 Mitchell, J. T 351,352 Mitchell. E. D 161. 270, 358 Mitchell, J 76 Mitchell, James E. 93, 133, 136, 137 Mitchell, John 265,326 Mitchell. P 356 Mitchell, R 246 277 Mitchell, R. B 239 Mitchell, R. D 266 Mitchell, Robert 363 Mitchell, T 246 Mitchell, Thomas J 371 Mitchell, W. W. -... 345 Mitchell, Wm 429 Mittelman, Alan W. ... 350 Mittendorf, A. C 180 Mix, R 354 Moats. B. S 344 Moe, A 152 Moehlman. A 161 Moehlman, A. B 392 Moehlman, J 260 Moffatt, Robert 364 Mogle, William 359 Moline, Walter 98,349 Monahan, Harriet 3C2 Monahan, James 374 Mondry, L. T ! 355 Monroe, G 379 Montee, Josephine 274 Montgomery, A 391 Montgomery, M 391 Montgomery, Mrs. O. . . 391 Mook, L. C 112 Mooney, M 383 Moore, A. D 15, 88, 90, 364 Moore. C. L 180 Moore. D. F 211 Moore. E 390 Moore, Mrs. E. V 155 Moore, Earl V 144,354 Moore. E- V., Jr 333 Moore, G 396 Moore, G. R. 233 Moore, James 110,347 Moore, K 80,403 Moore, Kay 293 Moore, Lee 351 Moore, Margaret 166 Mre, R 113, 277 Moore, Roberta 276, 403 Moore, R. S 90,98,337 Moore, Ruth 404 Moore. S. A ' . ' . ' . " . 338 Moore, Wildman Janes ... 98 Moorstein, B 266 Morall, Jean 276 Moorhead, Robert 152, 364 Morehous, M no Morgan, J. T 246,429 Morgan, D 277 Morgan, Douglas .. ' .. ' . 359 Morgan, Emily 274 Morgan, F 76 Morgan, Jeanne 74 Morgan, Jean 265 Morgan, J 342 Morgan, James 342 Morgan, J. H 180, 343 Morgan, K. W 274 Morgan, R 104,105 Morgan, R. P 357 Morgan, R. 269 Morgan, S 399 Morgan, J 391 Morgan, W. M. 341 Morin, Richard 361 Morin, V 373 Mork, Burton 276 Morkhom, Peter J 348 Morns, F. J 351 Moroff, B. 353 Morrall, J 392 Morrell, E 391 Morrell, R. C 340 Morris, G 390 Morris, H 76 Morris, Harry A 359, 370 Morris, H. F 76,260,356 Morris. John C 356 Morris, P 345 Morris, Sallie 395 Morris. Y. 232 Morrison, D. S 182 Morrison, M 150 Morrison, M. C. ...302,149,154 Morrison, R. L. 83 Morrison, Robert 107 Morrow, M. M. 163, 166 Morse. Amos (Prof.) 359 Morse. E. F 340 Morse, Glenn B 98, 112, 356 Morse, Lawrence A 350 Morse, Peter 277, 362 Morse. R. D 343 Mortenson. V. 383 Morton, H. C 336 Morton, Richard G 111,371 Morze, E. 341 Moscoss, Jose G 348 Moser, J. E. 343 Mosher, Claire 276 Mosher, C. A. 278 Mosher, Helen Lou 302 Mosley 246 Moss. A 346 Moss, J Ill Moss, Lowell 358 Most, W. Carlton 348 Mortar Board 295 Mougey, Jane 382,265 Mountain, E. 79 Mowrers, J 74, 267 Mowery, L. 354 Muczenski, V. J 219,221 Mudd, C 386 Mueller, H. 152,378,443 Mueller, M. J. 166, 291 , 295, 398, 457 Mueller, R. C. 356 Mulcahy, Margaret 394 Mulder, G. W .249 Mulholland. H. K. 343 Mulholland, V. . . 389 Mulkey, J. M 336 Mullin, E. 381 Mumford, J 343 Munn, Ben 359 Munn, J. F 335 Munro, Nathan 363 Munro, R. 155 Munroe, N 379 Munroe, Sarah 393 Munsen, J 402 Munson, Irving 358 Mu Phi Epsilon 154 Murbach, E. R. 367 Murbach, W. J 333 Murdick, O. J 163 Murdock, J. H 111,368 Murdy, W. N 343 Murfin 288 Murphy, Margaret 277 Murray 2 46 Murray, Chas 359 Murray, N 339 Murtland, C 161 Music Senior Class Officers 150 Muyskens, J. H. 76 Muzzal, Roger 374 Myers. C. B 342 Myers, Dr. D. W 270 Myers, G. E. 161 Myers, Margaret 40, 283, 294, 298, 402 N Hack, I_ . 390 Nadeau, C. E. 180 Nadler, George 360 Nafe, John E. 375 Nahser, P 395 Naimark, M. 231 Holder, E. 391 Nash, Richard 299 Navy, Dorothy 294 Nayer, H 353 Naylor, Franklin 369 Neafie, M Neal, Mrs. C. S 394 Neal. M. E. 368 Neberle, Helen 40, 399 Neerkin, A. J 357 Neff, R. L. 352 Neikirk, Edna 395 Neilson, James 135, 374 Neilson, W 268,374 Neivert, M. 353 Nelson, B Nelson, a I_ 108, 110, 273, 279, 280, 375 Nelson, D. E. 112 Nelson, D 211 Nelson, Grey ............. Nelson, J. R. .............. Nelson, Louise ............ Nelson, M ............. 263. Nelson. Mrs. N ........... Nelson, P. F .............. Nelson, R. ............. 151, Nelson, Robert ........... Nerenhausen, E. .......... Nesbit, R. M. ............. Nesbit, Fred M. ........... Nesbit. T. W .............. Neumann, Frederick S ..... Newberry, Helen ......... Newburg, L. H ............ Newcomb, George ........ Newcomb, Mary .......... Newcomb, William ........ Newcomer, Martin, Jr ---- 99, Newkirk, R. .............. Newman, C. T ............ Newman, B ............... Newman, C. W. ........... Newman, J. P ............ Newman, L. M. ........ 275, Newman, P ............... Newman, Rebecca ........ Newnan, W. L. ____ 76,268, Newton, B ................ Newton, Charles .......... Newton, L. ............... Newton, M. A. ............ Newton, M ................ Newton, William ... Nicholas, A. B ............ Nichols, B ................ Nichols, D ......... 79, 403, Nichols, Dorothy . Nichols, G ........... Nichols, H ............. 382, Nichols, R W ............ Nichols, James, Jr ........ Nichols, W ................ Nicholson, J ....... Niehuss, M. L. ........ 172, Nietjen, J. .............. Nigg, H. L. ............... Mill, J ..................... Nirenberg, R ............. Niss ' e. R. ............. 232, Nizon, D. I_ .......... 272 Norbom, Reidar ........ 99. Nordstrom, R ---- 107, 287, Norris, R ................. North, E. D ........... North, P ............... North, Philip ............. Northrop, P ........ ....... Northway, G. A. ... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . Northway, Richard ........ Norton, B .............. Novy, Dorothy ........ " ' Novy. F G ............ 188, . - Noyes, Mrs. R Noyes, R. R Nungester, W. J Nusholtz, P Nussbaum, J. Nutting, Helen Nutting, N 358 88 391 393 386 344 343 272 152 138 188 375 98 401 188 369 394 363 354 377 182 76 352 353 355 113 298 368 393 363 354 351 382 363 269 398 445 265 346 445 347 353 346 411 336 377 343 113 353 382 343 358 366 335 343 152 343 232 in 361 367 302 336 395 393 357 133 37 8 393 395 Oakes, A. C. . 339 Oakes, F. L. ' 345 Oare, William . . . 363 Oattey, R " 232 Oberdier, Elizabeth 395 Oberndorf, P 375 Obennan, L. F 353 O ' Brien, Robert " 370 O ' Brien, Mrs. W. K. 394 Ockleburg, P. B 37 O ' Connell. Harry E. 99 O ' Connell, E. 356, 429 Odbert, Henry Clayton 99 O ' Dell. J. H ! 340 Oehmann, Joseph . 364 Ogden. M. I_, Jr Ogle, James E Ml Oglestone, W O ' Hara, R. J 0-Hara, D 373 O ' Hara, J 261, 378 Ohman. Oscar 246 Ohrt, John 349 Okkleberg. P 332 Olding, G. Ross 110 136 Olds, F 4H Oliphant, L. 339 Oliphant, M 357 Oliver, John 09 Olmsted, C. T go Olmsted, Charles 364 Olney, Don K 246 Olsen, F. G. E 340 Olsen, P 335 Olson, A 394 Olson, J. V Olson, 394 Olson, V. W., Jr Olson, W. C 161 Olson, Willard 370 O ' Neil, Larry E. 99.11! Onley, Don K 370 Onweller, Robert E 124 Osterbaan, B. G. 340,382 Orcutt, Guy 299 Orht, Henry N 342 Ormonroyd, J 352 O ' Roke, B 24o,396 Orr, Frances 277, 274 Orr, Leonard D 104,371 Orr, S. E. 387 Orr, Sally 457 Ort, K. 391 Ortiz, Adelita 277 Ortmayer, D 393 Osberg, F. 104, 105, 108, 115,429 Osborn, C. S. 345 Osbom, Howard 370 Osburn, 113 Osbum, Joe 284, 285, 363 Osgood, M., Jr 353 Osgood, Robert 359, 429 Osgood, V 396 Osier, Scott 353 Ossewarde, J. R 151 Ostergren, J. F HI Osterman, V. M 390 Ostrow, Philip B 350 Otis, H. M. Otte. B 395 Owen, Mary E. 77. 298, 299 Dwens, Harold 353 Owens, V. R ] 281 Owston, H 73, 277, 393 Ouimet, Lawrence 369 Ourandnick, Mrs. F 395 Outhwaite, J 392 Paalman, R. ............ ac ?. J- J ................ Pack, P. C .............. Pecker, ................. Page, Edward I_ ....... Ill Paine, W. L ........... Palmer, Bradley ....... Palmer, Mrs. B ........ Palmer, Ferderick W. 89, 90, Palmer, G ........ Palmer, G. M ........ ' Palmer, H. B ........... Palmer, J. S .......... Palmer. R. A. . . Pan, N. c ........... ;:::;; Pan-Hellenic Association . . . Pan-Hellenic Ball ......... Pantera, R. ..... ' Parfet, Stephanie ..287 293, Parfet, W. G .............. Parament, M. S. .. Parish, E. J ..... ' Park, D. . ..... i Park, Janet .......... Park, Paul R. -.74,106.268, Parker, A. J. . . Parker, D. H. Parker, D ......... ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' Parker. Howard . Parker. R ____ Parker J. R. ..... AK. ' zii. Parker, Lynn .......... Parker, L. ..... Parker, W. F. Parker! W. R. .. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . Parkin, Robert E ..... gg Parkinson, William ____ 152, Parks, Paul .............. Parliament, Loren . Parry, Donald J. 152, 217,219, 221, Parry, William Parsons, C ........ " ' Parsons, Ed ward ' Harding " QQ Parsons, R C. . 217 ' Parsons, R O. . ..T.. Parsons, R .......... . " . " " Parsons, Marjorie . 149, 150. Parsons, Richard Parsons, William Partengill, C. .....I... ' . ' . " Pascoe, Ehra .............. Pastma, E. ...... Pastrana, Miguel .. ' . ' . ' . " . " 233, Patelski, R. A. . . . ' 249 351 280 372 282 353 393 371 303 355 269 go 344 no 296 297 152 2g6 333 340 342 305 389 357 353 337 Me 349 374 280 343 11C 219 M 222 1! 341 390 399 249 276 337 Patten, B. M. . Patten, Betty . Pattinelli. Donald Patten, E. Patterson, Mrs. G. Patton, R. G Paulus, Joseph . . ........ Paver, Robert ..... 106,286, Payton. C ................. ' Poison, David ...... Pearl, Penelope .. Pearce, Fred . Pearce, F. C. ....... " Pearson, Forest S ....... 152 Peasely, V ............... Peasely, Virginia ......... Peckinpaugh, C. T ......... Peckinpaugh, R. B ..... 343, Peckinpaugh, W. S. 76, 356, Peckover, H. M. ......... Pederson, E. ............ ' Pederson, E. A., Jr. 217, 219, Pedersen, H ............. 337 351 357 341 340 347 396 462 343 378 447 343 41 340 411 Page 491 Pedigo, G. K .............. 356 Peet, D ................... 152 Peel, M. M ................ 189 Peirce, C. B ........... 189,240 Peirce, Carlton ............ 370 Peirsol, T. R ............... 356 Peltrson, T ................ 3! Penney, C ................ Penney, Louisa ........... Penny, D. E .............. Penvenne, Paul .......... Pepper, R. H .............. Percival, D. R ..... 104, 105, Perive, R. W ............ Perkins, A. L ........... 99, Perkins, Lothrop S ....... 99, Perkins, L. S., Jr Perkins, L ............. 113, Perkins, M ............ 383, Perlman, B ............... Perlman, R Permoda, Arthur James .99, Perry, L ............... 263, Perry, Lomann Perry, Stuart Persky, Lester Persons N .............. 78, Petermdn, Milton ..264, 266, Peters J ........... Petersen, ' Alfred A ..... 104, Petersen, C ............... Petersen, C. O ............ Petersen, Ernest I ......... 3 24b 3, 343 111. 367 ,344 , 112 344 , 39 ,393 JO , 11 , 382 ,39 37fi 354 , 371 266 ' " l 382 367 |U 3. 391 354 76 I ' 3 341 os)l 37b ,, Petersen, F. W ............ 351 Peterson, Jane ............ 5 Peterson, L ........... Peterson, M ............ 263, Petersen, S ......... .... 37, Peterson, F. S ............. Peterson, W. L ............ Petrash, B ................. Petrie, I .................. Petrie, R. M ............... Petrock, I ................. Petrouleas, George ........ Petrouleas, H ............ Petry, I. R ................. Pettijohn, E. S ............. Pfefferman, ............. Pflughoeft, E .............. - Phares, Gilbert K. 89,99,111,152,278,280,366 Phares, Thomas K ..... 266,36 Phelps, D. M ........... 216 ' 222 Phelps, D. J ............... 386 Phelps, Glen Wm ....... 99, 111 Pheneger, Jean ........... 3! Phi Beta Delta ............ 353 Phi Delta Theta ........... 354 Phi Epsilon Pi ............ 355 Phi Eta Sigma ............ 27b Phi Gamma Delta ........ 356 Phi Kappa Psi ........... 357 Phi Kappa Sigma ........ 358 Phi Kappa Tau ........... 359 Phi Sigma Delta .......... 360 Philbrick, Edwin D., Jr. ... 354 Philips, Paul W ........... 366 Phillips, Edward .......... 358 Pick H .......... I 44 Pickering, ' H. E ............ 356 Piecker, Herman H ........ 189 Pierce .................. 33,151 Pierce, Alys ........... 296,396 Pierce, C .............. 280, 392 Pierce, George ............ 272 Pierce, Ludwell ........... 364 Pierce, S .................. 392 Pierce, Vcughan A ........ ! Pierpont, W. K ..... 217,219,222 Piersol, Mary ............. 21 Pike, Janet ................ 387 Pi Lambda Phi ............ 362 Pillsbury, W. B ......... 37, 390 Pink, Charles A ......... 74, 366 Pinkerton, Paul W. .217, 359, 429 Pinney P .................. 151 Pinney, Horace ........... 358 Pinney, L ................. 232 Piotrowski, R. P ........... 351 Pipper, George J., Jr ..... 99, 375 Pi Tau Pi Sigma .......... 281 Pitts, G. H ................ 340 Pixley, Floyd E ............ 99 Platt, A ................... 391 Platt, F. N .......... 99, 112,344 Platt, H. B ................ 392 Platt, Robert A ............ 365 Platt, S ................... 346 Ployd, B .................. 403 Plumb, R. T ............... 367 Plummer, A. H ........... 356 Poar, V. C ............. .-. . 88 Podolsky, Harriet K. 93, 133, 397 Poest, V. G ................ 336 Poleschuk, Steve .......... 371 Polk, J. K ...... ' ........... 343 Pollack, C ................. 391 Pollak ................. 272,376 Pollock, J. K ............... 37 Pollock, R ................ 77 Polland, R. E .............. 136 Polland, R ................ 138 Pollard, H. M ............. 367 Pomeroy, Harriet 293, 296, 297, 300, 336, Pomeroy, R. W ............ Pommerening, R. A. ...279, Poock, Charlotte 293, 296, 300, Pool, E .................... Pool, Walter D ............ Poole, C. F ............... Poole, Irma A ............. Poplinger, L. L ............ Porath, Elinor Ruth ........ Poiiss, Jonathan ........ 99, Porter, J. G ............... Porter, Mary .............. Porter, Miles F ............ Porter, R ..... I " -! ' ! ..... Posmanteur, Richard A. ... Potter, Eugene ........... Potter, Gordon ........... 394 336 280 392 21 180 IBB 110 36 ' ; 364 364 3 . s 5 :.::::::-: Potters, D ................. 110 Powell, C. A .............. 366 Power, Mrs ............ 39b Power, M. A ........... 150, Ib4 Powers, E ................. 387 Powers, J. L .............. 346 Powers, Oswald .......... 341 Powers, Walter H ......... 348 D owers, Wesley ........... 275 Prakken, L. W ............. 352 Prasil, R. W .............. 352 Press, Donald ........... 366 Pressprich, R. W .......... 222 Prettyman, H. G ........... 347 Preuss, L ................. 348 Price, H. T ................ 37 Price, M .................. 391 Priest, Norman ............ 3 ' Prior, J ................... 152 Probeck, H ................ 391 Probst, C. ............... 339 Proctor, Mrs. S ............ 398 Protz, E. H ................ 375 Prussin, M. L ........... 296,397 Pryce, C. R ................ 336 Pryer, Mrs. T .............. 391 Psi Upsilon ............... 363 Pullen, L .................. 389 Pulte, P ................... 382 Purcell, Mary ..... 149, 150, 398 Purdom, T ............. 161, 390 Purdom, K ................ 390 Purdy, B .................. 354 Purdy, Helen ............. 292 Purdy, H .............. 151,392 Purman, A. Edward 107, 287, 278, 341 Purvin, Lloyd Z ............ 350 Purucker, N ............... 411 Put, Max M ............... 189 Putnam, P ............. 302,404 Quarles, C. S 377 Quarterdeck Society 1 Quick, G. S 41,264,279 Quick, Mary Alice 399 Quimby, G. 1 377 Quinn, A 402 Quinn, W. M 357 Quirk, J. W 390 Racette, L. B 277 Rachmaninoff, S 147 Rader, H 270,273,288,366 Radford, Fritz L 349 Rae, J. W 344 Rae, M 106 Roeglin, G. W 340 Raemer, R. R 339 Raether, Arnold 272 Ragland, J. L 180 Rail, M 79,392 Ralston, H. E 382 Ramsdell, D 245 Ramsdell, W. F 238 Ramstrum, G 232 Randall, F. E 280 Randall, H. M 37,347 Randall, H 390 Randall, M 393 Randolph, Mary 3! Randolph, Ragna Faith . . . 399 Rane, J 106 Rane, John 3, Rank, D. B 357 Ranney, D. R 112 Ransom, E. D 1 80 Ransom, Henry K 189 Ranson 182 Rapheal, T 392 Rapson, R. E 93, 133, 136 Rapson, R 137 Reschbacher, H. G 340,392 Rash, C. J 392 Rashleigh, W. A 11 Raskin, Herbert 360 Rather, Jane Ann . . 296,383 Ratliff , W. B 343 Rauchle, A. J 222 Raven, George F 99 Rawson, E. A 282 Rawley, James A 166 Ray, D 391 Ray, W. J 111,279 Rayburn, C 356 Rays, R. H 368 Rea, M. T 356 Rea, W. B 280,356 Read, Ralph C 360 Rector, G 152 Redden, M. L 163, 166 Redden, Mary 294 Redwine, J. D 336 Reed, David M 364 Reed 378 Reed, E 113 Reed, E. L 337 Reed, Gwendolyn 276 Reed, Jack 265 Reed, J. D 336 Reed, J. Wilbur 374 Reed, Mary Ellen 394 Reed, Norman W 99, 1 12 Reed, 396 Reed, Olive 457 Reed, Russell 369 Reed, T. G 336 Reed, W 378 Reeder, Elise 324 Reeder, J. P 90,99,112,279 Reed-Hill, R. E 375 Reedy, B. D 338 Reek, M. F 77,276 Reekie, R. D 366 Rees, H., Jr 344 Reeves, H 343 Reeves, J. S 37, 338 Reeves, J 390 Reid, E 346 Reid, H 152 Reid.R 105 Reid, Robert A. Ill, 284, 285, 368 Reider, M 282, 285 Reifman, Alfred 275 Reighard, J 37 Reiman, L. C 339 Reinach, J 384 Reinfrank, J 267 Reinhard, J. R 38 Reinhart, R. S 339 Reinheimer, Frederick 3! Reiss, Lyon 276 Reitz, S 344 Reizen, M. S , 151 Remias, Steven 341 Renda, H 411 Rennie, F. J 342 Replogle, E. H. . .89, 99, 112, 342 Rertdyke, K 396 Reserve Officers T. Corps 278, 279 ReShore, Jane L 385 Resnick, E 152 Resnick, Edward 362 Reutter, Robert L 366, 378 Reynolds, D 110 Reynolds, Katharine ...395,302 Reynolds, R 113 Reynolds, Randall 361 Reys, J 113 Rhea, E 391 Rhead, Mabel Ross 144 Rhead, R 282 Rheal, G 382 Rhed, L 354 Rheinfrank, Jean 398 Rhoads, W 152 Rhodes, A. W 343 Ribyat, J. L 231 Riccardo, N 277 Rice, H. G 33 Rice, J. T. L 377 Rich, D. L 38 Rich, H 391 Rich, J 382 Richards 378 Richards, Stanley C. ...152,348 Richardson, J. W 180 Richardson, M 403, 457 Richardson, V. E 351,391 Richey, D. D 343 flicker, Arthur J 65 Ricker, Arthur 361 Rickert, G 232 Riddell, Elizabeth 394 Rider, D 152 Ridinger, Pau l E 230,232 Riecker, H. H 189,341 Riegal, J. W 216 Riegel, M. J 246 Riegel, John W 216, 222 Riekse, A 389 Ries, Herbert Peter 99 Riggs, H. E 90, 356 Riggs, Mrs. H 398 Rigterink, H 343, 373 Riley, Sidney Lee 99 Rinaldi, Joe M. 65,276,288,411 Rinek, J. A 104, 333, 356 Rinck, K 155 Rinek, Lorenz W. ...74,106,356 Rinkel, Robert W 366 Rismann, R 231 Rissberger, A. C 104,371 Ritcheske, W. F., Jr Ill Richie, James D 65, 347 Ritchie, C. Stark 41,65,363,411 Ritter, Virg 154 Rittershoffer, L 383 Rizzardi, Anna Agnes ..65,298 Roach, G. F 151 Roach, C. D 99, 108,351 Roach, G 152 Robb, Dunbar 246 Robbins, Dorice Sylvia .... 65 Robbins, F. E 342 Roberts 151, 378 Roberts, A 378 Roberts, H. 222 Roberts, Jayne 65, 277 Roberts, J 393 Roberts, G. G 356 Roberts, R 411 Roberts, Wilbur Edison 100, 343 Robertson, E. M 112 Robertson, M 65, 387 Robinson, E. F 271,365 Robinson, E. 1 390 Robinson, F 152 Robinson, Frances 398 Robinson, G. L 357 Robinson, Jack 272 Robinson, J. 1 89, 111, 112 Robinson, J. R 375 Robinson, M 391 Robinson, M. J 269 Robinson, V 65, 382 Robinson, W. D 366 Robson, N. Stewart 374 Robson, S 268 Rockefeller, R. W 90 Rockwell, Carol E 65 Rockwell, J 74 Rockwell, W 282, 287 Roderick, K 93, 133, 296, 389 Rodger, M 391 Rodger, Walton 372 Rodkey, R. G. .216, 222, 270, 336 Rodzianko, Boris L 100 Roebuck, Margery 276,398 Roeglin, G. W 217, 219 Roemer, R. R 104 Roemhild, J 403 Roesch, S. G 358 Roessler 246 Hoessler, C 367 Rogers, B 398 Rogers, C. A 181,270 Rogers, D 263,382 Rogers, E. S 269 Rogers, Florence ...276,302,385 Rogers, Howard H 377 Rogers, Marshall, Jr 363 Rogers, N 357 Rogers, Robert Delaplane . . 65 Rohn, D. E 222 Roknich, A 263 Rollins, L 110 Ronal, Betty Anne ..65,264,394 Rental S 150 Rood, S. M 231 Roosa, E 385 Root, Bennet 364 Root, G. T 344 Root, Mrs. G. T 396 Root, S 354 Root, T 354 Rosa, Elises 276 Rose, H 77,397 Rose, L. H 177 Rosen, Dexter 1 365 Rosenbaum, Herbert 65 Rosenberg, C 341 Rosenberg, Myer 365 Rosenberg, Myra 65 Rosenberg, Norman 360 Rosenfeld, Norman H 350 Rosenman, Leonard D 350 Rosenthal, Seymour G 350 Rosin, D. L 181 Rosin, Jean 276, 302 Rosow, William 275 Ross, A 65, 354 Ross, B 386 Ross, C 80, 386 Ross, Carolyn 264 Ross, C. H 211 Rosten, Norman 321 Rote 278, 279 Rote, Franklin Bruce 100 Roch, Milton 231 Rothaker 246 Rothwell, P. A 356 Roundy, W. H 337 Rouse, Betty 74,263,382 Rowe, G 391 Rowe, Robert 65, 369 Rowe, S. L 404 Rowland, R 89, 90, 1 13 Roy, Robert 364 Royal, Alberta 263, 457 Rubenstein " R 166 Rubiner, Bernard S 350 Rudgers, D. T 278 Rudman, M. L 353 Rudolph, Harold C 65, 279 Rudolph, Seymour W 365 Rueger, C 390 Ruehbe, George 1 348 Ruettinger, T. O Ill Ruff, E. J 181, 182 Rufus, Mrs. C 395 Rufus, H. C 367 Rufus, W. C 367 Rugen, Dr. Mabel 462 Ruifrok, H. W. 93, 133, 134, 136, 137 Ruisanchez, L. A 166,276 Rulison, G. E 375 Rumizen, H 267,324 Page 492 Rumney, G. R 221 Rumney, M. P 269 Rumsey, House 378 Runden, D 378 Running, T. R 88 Rupper. D 163,393 Rush, A. D 336 Russ. Florence E 65 Russel. J 79 Russell, D 152 Ruth, J. A 281, 371 Rutherford, Jean 394 Ruthven, A. G. 10,25, 28, 250. 280, 288 Ruthven. Mrs. A. G 394 Ruttle, A. G 230 Ruttle, A 232,270 Ryan, R 341 Rycroft, T. H 282 Ryker, D 107, 287. 352 Sackeh, Sidney Aaron. .230, 231 Sacks, Murray M 65 Sacton, J 113 Sadler, H. C. 90, 288, 348, 356, 390 Sadler, Robert 107 Sadler, R. C. W 338 Sadler, W. C 90, 280, 371 Saemann, J. H 245, 343 Sahlmark. J. F 352 Saibert, N 396 Sakellar, N. G 136 Saltmcn, William Mose 100, 113 Saltz, C 152 Salwin. E 152 Salweer, E. D 353 Samek, L 384 Samek, Louise 65 Sampson, C 163 Sampson, C. D 339 Sampson, C. 1 166 Sampson, Marsha! D. ..268,365 Sams, Mrs. W 391 Samson, P. C 358 Samuel, C 260, 362, 378 Samuels, Richard M 65, 362 Sanders, H. A 38 Sanders, John 363 Sanders, Miriam June ...65,77 Sanderson, E. 390 Sandt, E 391 Sanford, Robert B 65 Sanger, J. E 384 Sanjurgo, R. R 233 Santini, J. D 276 Sapp, Jane 399 Sappington, V 391 Sargeant, F. A 336 Sargent, J. W 357 Sartor, Irene 93, 133 Sartor, Mildred 66 Sauer, R 443 Saule, B. A 337 Saule, M. H 189,337 Saunders, A 354 Sounders, Charles Hanson 230, 232 Sauders, H. A 354 Saunders, Mariam 294, 295, 298 Savage, D. E 345 Scrvilla, R 411,445 Savin, B. S 90 Savin, Bennett S., Jr 100 Sawyer, Earl 343 Sawyer, G 393 Sawyer, Marie 66, 294, 295 Sawyer, R. A 38 Sawyer, W 152 Saxton, J 152 Saxton, John B 348 Sayers, Loren R 124 Scabbard and Blade 280 Schaben, M 389 Schaberg, John 182, 363 Schaeier, N 79 Schaffer, Anne 302 Schafer, V. E., Jr 89, 90, 100 Schaible, E. L 269 Schairer, Karl 374 Schaller, W 232 Schands, F 113 Schapira, E. A 166 Schaus, Richard Adolph 34, 100 Schaupner, R 389 Schell, Clark 341 Schellhose, R 346 Schefiler, F 389 Schiller, M. M 387 Schilling, M 383 Schilling, Mrs. F 391 Schink, Beatrice E. 66 Schlegel, Carl 364 Schlemenson, M 376 Schlesinger, A. L. 376 Schlott, E 352 Shmid, Mrs. R. 388 Schmidt 239, 246 Schmidt, Emma 393 Schmidt, Mary Louise 66 Schmiege, L. C Ill Schmoyer, Fred 152, 299 Schnee, C 80 Schneider, Elizabeth L 66 Schneider, Robert L 347 Schnit, Daniel M 350 Schnosbach, W. ..: 113 Schnorbach, William Leahy 100 Schock, H. K 275 Schoener, J 392 Schoener, Virginia G 66 Schoepfle, C. S 38,90,337 Schoetz, M. C 105 Scroggie, Phyllis Lee 296, 297, 386 Scholes, Daniel R 66 Scholes, Walter V 66, 359 Scholl, J. H 38 Scholz, William 66 Scholtz, W 378 Scholz, William, Jr 361 Schcoley, James 364 Schowalter, W. E 246 Schramm, E. M 182 Schramm, C. H 279 Schrieber, C 389 Schroeder, W 382 Schuele, B 392 Schuh, Charles 341 Schuler, J. J 275 Schull, Franklin 358 Schulte, John 35S Sculthorp, Lenton G 372 Schultz, Gladys 154 Schultz, K 77,267 Schulz, Victor 276 Schwab, H 277 Schwab, J. V 149, 150 Schwab, William B 66 Schwader, Charles Frederick 100 Schwartz, M 266 Schwartz, R 384 Schwartzbek, J 232 Schwarze, F. H 66,357 Schwartzkoph, R. H 340 Schweickard, M 402 Schweid, B. R 261 Schweid, Bernard 362 Scott, B 388 Scott, David N 66, 370 Scott, E. 337 Scott, D 389 Scott, Edwin G 66 Scott, George 370 Scott, 1 38.370,392 Scott, J. S 377 Scott, R 110 Scott, Fairbanks R 90,100 Scott, Roy 358 Scotti, Tina 302 Scoville, M. M 392 Scoville, Walter A 276,366 Sculthorp, L 260 Sdunek, Mary 276 Seagar, Allan 363 Secrest, Sally L 66 Secrist, M. J 151 Seebarger, J. W 233 Seegert, Neal 152,374,278 Seeley, John H 66,394 Seeley, Jean 154 Seely J. H 343 Segleman, Ralph 274 Seidel, K 249 Seidenfeld, G 177 Seidenstein, Charles E 66 Seifer, H. S 344 Seiferlein, Dorothy 399 Sellers, R. W 38 3ellew, W 390 Selter, Francesse F 66, 77 Seltzer, L. Z 112 Seltzer, Z 403 Sempliner, Ester 66 Seneyn, F 383 Senior Ball 283 Senior Officers of Law 17 Senior Society 294 Senkus, G. E 94,133,385 Sensenbrenner, Grace G. . . 66 Sergeant, Mrs. F 393 Sessions, W. L 357 Sevensink, Ruth C 66 Sevison, E 396,402 Seyfried, F. J., Jr. ..1 06, 286, 336 Seymour, G. L 356 Shabshab, Raja Ta ' mi ICO Shackleton, Harriet 66,277,291.296,394 Shackleton, W. E 100.337 Shacter, Bernard 275 Shaefer, M 385 Shaffer, E 263,394 Shakelford, J 113 Shands, F. L 275, 338 Shanks, M. E 366 Sharfman, I. L 28,221,376 Sharfman, M. L 384 Sharkey, Edward H 100 Sharkey, Harriet 394 Shannon, J. R 161 Sharpe, Mike 342 Shartel, Burke 172, 174 Shavian, Leonard 66 Shaw, B 182, 390 Shaw, B. C 368 Sharw, Brackley 182 Shaw, Carvel T 271, 374 Shaw, D. J 272, 340 Shaw, Herbert M 348 Shaw, Mrs. H. M 398 Shaw, W. B 27,347 Shaw, W. Mrs 393 Shaw, William 341 Shaw, William R 66 Shearer, M 393 Sheckman, E 152 Sheehan, W. F 11 Sheffer, Rowena M 66 Sheldon, J. M 351 Shelly, C. P 352 Shemiot, A. R 233 Shen, S 113 Shepard, John K 366 Shepard, D 343 Sherlock, R. H 88, 90 Sherbume, Barbara G 67 Sherman, A 354 Sherman, G. H 340 Sherman, Henry S 347 Sherrill, Jack 365 Sherwin, R 232 Sherzer, A. F 88 Sherzer, William 374 Shelter, M. A 386 Shelter, Richard 364 Shetzer, Julius 350 Shick, Betty 394 Shick, R. M 392 Shick, Robert 369 ShieL F 383 Shields, Bernard C 366 Shields, E. C 28 Shields, M. J 78 Shier, C. S 336 Shierson. E 387 Shiley, D. H 112 Shilling, M. A 211 Shipman, Dorothy 263, 296, 333, 398 Shipps, R 378 Shively, G. D 181 Shnidermcn, Harry L. 67 Shnirman, A 282 Shoetz, Max C 366 Shook, George Keith 100 Shorno, D 232 Short, D 396 Short, Myria 299, 402 Shorter, J. W 112 Showier, Jack B 67 Shroyer, E 382 Shuif, Isadore H 67 Shull, A. B 340 Shulters, Robert B 261,366 Shultz, Richard 100, 1 in Shumaker, E 354 Shumansley, D 231 Shuptrine, M 403 Shutts, E. C 357 Sibilsky, R. J 233 Sibley. S 390 Sidder, Richard F 67, 365 Siegel, Barnard B 67 Siegel, D 105.353.411 Siegel, Daniel C 67 Siegel, Donald J 341,366 Siegel, Nathaniel S 350 Siegelman, Leonard 76, 268, 360 Sieh, Tung Tsiang 100 Sielski, Matthew Casmir 108, 110, 111 Sierk, R 266 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 364 Sigma Alpha Iota 1 ' Sigma Nu 367 Sigma Phi 368 Sigma Phi Epsilon 369 Sikkenga, Eleanor C 67 Silfies, R 150,151 Silva, Telipe 276 Silver, A 150,152 Silverman 283 Silverman, Irving 67 Silverman, 1 266, 282 Silverman, M 74,282 Simard, 354 Simes, Frank J 67. 358 Simes, Lewis B 341 Simes, Lewis M 173 Simkins, T. D 280 Simmons, R 3! Simmon, A 384 Simon, William L 365 Simonds, Chandler 364 Simonetta, G. X 181 Simpson, Kenneth 378 Simpson, C. P 375 Simpson, Henrietta -.73,302,386 Simpson, Jane 302 Simpson, K 378, 341 Simpson, P. A 375 Simpson, Robert M. ..41,67,439 Sinai, N 38 Sinai, Nalhan 370 Sinclair, Edward L. 100, 111, 151,371 Sinclair, J. L.. Jr 375 Sinclair, Mrs. R. M 269 Singal, Minette 276 Singleterry, C 113 Singleton, Adeline L. 67 Singleton, Adeline 394 Sinhanetra. C 166 Sink, President 143 Sinns, Roland H 67 Sinn, R. W. . . 100. 279, 280, 367 Sinnott. M 113 Sisman, Bernard 152, 360 Sittil 384 Sive, B. J 384 Sizemore, W. R 266 Skaff, Woodrow 358 Skellenger, B 232 Skinner, C 390 Skinner, C. 338 Skinner, D 383 Skinner, M 396 Skiriski, J. J. ..:-. 279 Sklarsky, R. A 151 Skoratko, Z 74,267,277,298 Skrowronek, M 378 Skull, Mrs. A. F 388 Skulsky, S 231 Slade, M 80 Slagh, M 249 Slater, Dayton 372 Slattery, T 268 Slattery, William 341 Slavin, Manuel 41, 67. 360 Sleator, William W 38, 67 Slee, Betty 74, 263, 402 Slenzynski, R 147 Slezak, Edward John . . 167, 283 Slifer, Mrs. W. S 396 Slosson, Mrs. P 391 Slootmaker, Wilmarth 341 Slusser, J. P 128 Sluytea, S 249 Small, Kalman 67, 360 Small, Mrs. M 154 Small, M. B 336 Small, Mildred 404 Small, William 364 Smallwood, R. L 233 Smeaton, W. G 38, 337, 352 Smeaton, W 393 Smick, D 336,411.447 Smith 151,288,37 Smith, A 385 Smith, A. B., Jr 346 Smith, A. H 38 Smith, A. P 341 Smith, Alice Pristilla 67 Smith, Allan 429 Smith, B 41, 241 Smith, Bradford 341 Smith, B 439, 447 Smith, Bruce 369 Smith, C 383 Smith, C. H 356 Smith, David 111,349 Smith, E 78.382 Smith, Eleanor 402 Smith, Emerson 276 Smith, Evelyn S 67 Smith, F 113 Smith, F. W., Jr. 89, 90, 100, 283 Smith, G 89, 90 Smith, Coff 100, 273, 366 Smith, G 278,280 Smith, H 113 Smith, H. D 383 Smith, H. H. 346 Smith, Hadley 272, 361 Smith, Homer W 347 Smith, Howard E 100 Smith, I. M 26 Smith, J 398 Smith, Jean 135, 262, 264 Smith, J. Burt 163, 167 Smith, Lawrence 361 Smith, M 387, 392 Smith, Marian 267 Smith, Marain E 350 Smith, P 373 Smith, P. W 392 Smith, Priscilla 398 Smith, R 109,391 Smith, R. G 375 Smith, R. N 112 Smith, R. R 106,111,344 Smith, R. W 351 Smith, Ralph G 189 Smith, Robert 275 Smith, Sydney Marshall 100, 369 Smith, S. W 26,28,221 Smith, T 389 Smith, W. Mrs 373 Smith, W. J 352 Smith, W. L 351 Smith, W 411 Smithers, 1 354 Smithers, J 447 Smits, P 232 Smoyer, Stanley 363 Smull, Thomas 369 Snell, R 110 Snell, Virginia N 67 SneU, V 400 Snellenberger 245 Snider, C. R Ill Snow, D. W 336 Snyder, Edwin F. ..279,280,371 Snyder, Grace 398 Snyder, R 269, 275 Snyder, T 152 Sobesky, John 361 Soboroff, William 362 Soboroff , Paul 362 Sokal, M 112 Solomon, Ida 265 Solomon, Samuel 360 Solhurst, Lillian P 69 Soloway, Abraham J. . . 100, 279 Somers, Robert Burton ..101,232 Sommers, Betty 276 Sommers, M. E 388 Somerville, E. B 167 Sommerville, E 391 Sonerhill. Carol 399 Scodik, J. Norman 67, 350 Sookne, Martin M 67 Page 493 Soos, H 67, 383 Soph, Prom 286 Sorge, J. W 357 Sosnon, David 68 Son, Herbert 350 Soucaze, E 341 Souff, Marion Helene 69 Soughborough, Mary 395 Soule, Malcolm H 189 Soule, Mrs. M. H 391 Souter, F. A 219 Southard, E 113 Southard, E. H 356 Southon, Helen 68 Space, F 104 Space, T. G., Jr 112 Spain, W. W. .239,245,246,356 Spalding, . .B 393 Spaller, W. C. ..41,68,266,341 Spongier, Betty 260, 283, 398 Spongier, T 354 Spaniola, M. R 181 Sparrow, J. 1 3 ' Bpedding, H 380 Speicher, John S 41,68,445 Spelman, S. J 282 Spence, J. T 343 Spencer, Robert Louis 101 Spencer 151 Spencer, Donald 31 Spencer, L 382 Spencer, Laura J 68 Spencer, R. L 1 ' Spicer, F. W., Jr 338 Spiller, Herbert 359 Spitzley, Joseph Henry 90, 101, 111,368 Spitzley, Ray L. ...101,111,368 Spoden, H 104, 105, 109, 110 Spooner, C. S 246 Spooner, C. W 356 Sprau, George Jr. 134, 136, 137, 283 Spray, 1 357 Spring, V 267 Sprogel, F 341 Sprogell, F. T., Jr Ill Spurgeon, Mary Ellen ..267,299 Spurway, H. R 343 Stadalman, Betty 263,302 Staebler 246 Staebler, Dorothea 267, 293, 382 Staebler, W 382 Stagg, R. B 94, 133, 367 Stahl, Jackson 360 Stahl, Morton 360 Stahl, Otto J 144 Staehle, William 429 Staley, Hanley Wilson 163, 167, 352 Staley, H 443 Stalker, E. A 88, 90, 336, 371 Stanbach, C. N 222 Stanbach, C 276 Standt, L 356 Stanish, A 282 Stanley, George 363 Stanley, Mrs. George 395 Stannard, E. C 333 Stanton, Clara 274 Stanton, Edward . .366, 411, 429 Stanton, T 76 Stanton, W 232 Staple, John D., Jr 101 Staple, J 113 Staple, J. D 343 Starr, Ben 429 Starr, J. G 181 Starr, M. A 387 Starr, 345 Starrett 246 Stason, E. Blythe 173 Stason 182 Statler, Jack G 68 Stead, G 232 Stearnes, J 389 Seams, Harriet J 68 Stebbins, Alice L 68 Stebbins, Marjorie D 68 Stebbins, Mrs. M. W 269 Stebens, Walter 74, 282 Sledding, H. R 339 Steding, H. R 111,275 Steer, M 106 Steere, Frank W., Jr. 89, 101, 113 Steere, Jean E 94,133 Steere, jean 137 Steere, J 382 Steere, M 113 Steere, Morris R 347 Steere, W 382 Steere, Mrs. W. C 388 Stegath, F. H 336 Steigelman, Paul E 68 Steigerwald, Alexander P. 245 Stein, Donald M .68, 365 Stein, Joseph B 230,231 Steinberg, Harry E 68 Steinberg, N 41 Steinberg, Norman B. 68, 268, 965 Steiner, Jane 68 Steiner, J 391 Steiner, K 77, 389 Steinhart, B 77, 397 Steinhart, Sidney D 350 Steinko, J. Truman 349 Stendal, D 378 Stephens, W. C 182 Stephenson, Orlando W., Jr. 101, 111, 161, Stephenson, P ............. Stephenson, Philip ........ Sterling, Mary ............ Stern, E. C ............... Stern, Leonard ......... 68, Sterner, M. F ............. Stern, M .................. Sterner, Wilfred A ........ Sterner, W. A ............. Sternfeld, A. J ........... Steudel, D ................ 281 110 3. 3. 260 Jbb Ill 277 J01 Ill 231 378 367 Steurt, J. C. . Stevens, C. Mrs ........... J9J Stevens, H. R. . . . . ........ 3M Stevens, Florence M ....... 08 Stevens! J. M. 104,111,280,371 Stevens, M. E ............. ' Stevens, P ................ 4 4 Stevens, W. . .............. Stevenson, A ............. Ju Stevenson, B .............. ] Stevenson, Helen F. .. ---- b8 Stevenson, Robert Gordon 101 Stevenson, S .............. 3( Stewart, Calvin G ......... 24b Stewart, E ................. 152 Stewart, 1 ................ 354 Stewart, M ............... 367 Stewart, Robert . ........... 35! Stewart, Wayne .......... 3 Stewart, Mrs. W ........... 394 Steytler, W., Jr ......... 299,346 Stiles, Fred ............... 429 Stiles, J. R ............. 277,345 Stilson, Irene ............. St. John, A ............... 31 St. John, Elizabeth ........ 31 St. John, Ellen ........... 389 Stitt, A. C ................ 151 Stitt, Ida May ............ Z87 Stockard, A ............... 389 Stockbridge, H ........... 152 Stocking, Chas. H ........ . 3, Stoddard, M. W ....... 111,355 Stoetzer, G. L ......... 181, Io2 Stoker, Richard S ......... 245 Stoker, Richard J ......... 248 Stoll, E ................... 1 Stoller, Sam .............. 429 Stomler, M. L .......... 265, 382 Stone, B ............... 182,232 Stone, E. L ............... 211 Stone, G. E ............... 343 Stone, J ................... 277 Stone, Jean D ............. ' Stone, J. M ............ 275, 337 Stone, Louise H ......... 68, 394 Stone, Naomi M ..... 94, 133, 384 Stone, R .......... ..... 28,113 Stone, Richard L ....... 101,355 Stone, Stephen A ........ 68, 350 Stone, W. D ............... 245 Stoner, John D ......... 101, 111 Stonington, N ............. 387 Stately, F ................. 356 Stout, Maxwell R. 68, 88, 90, 340 Stowe, E ............... 263,392 Stowe, J. E ................ 385 Stowe, M ................. 391 Strand, M ............. 263, 39 Stranger, G ............... 386 Strandhagen, Gustave ---- 1. Strasser, W ............... 110 Straub, Robert ........... 342 Straus, David A ........... I Strausbaugh, Juliana ...... 298 Strauss, L. A. ..38,259,288,355 Strauss, Eugene ...... 272, 362 Strayer, John ............. 374 Strickler, Dr. C. W ......... 343 Strickler, Margaret ....... 398 Strickroot, B. E ....... 68, 80, 382 Strictland, P. D ............ 357 Strieter, T. P .............. 275 Stringer, M ................ 354 Stringfellow, Henry A. 111,361 Strom, Wheaton L ......... 366 Strong, L. H ............... 351 Strong, Sara .......... 150, 302 Strough, D ............... 367 Stroup, A ................. 402 Strub, Joseph William ---- 101 Stuart, G. N ............. 90, 111 Stuart, George Norman, Jr. 101 Stuart, Mrs. L. C .......... 394 Stuart, Robert A ........ 68, 366 Stuck, W ................. 378 Student Religious Assoc. . . 274 Stuernal, R. G ............ 163 Stulberg, Samuel ...... 230,231 Stump, W. F ............... 233 Stumpf, H ................ 113 Stumpf, Gordon ........... 370 Sturtridge, Jane E ....... 69,395 Sudhoif, Mary Elisabeth 167, 391 Suik, C. A ................ 336 Suits, Daniel .............. 274 Suits, D. B ............... 275 Sukaniva, Arthur A ....... 69 Sullivan, Donald Joseph, 101, 111,280 Sullivan, John F ........... 69 Sullivan, Frances Mary ... 69 Sullivan, William H 370 Sultan, Henry 231 Summerlelt, K 152 Sunderland, Mrs. E 395 Sunderland, E. R. ..173,259,288 Sundevall, J 189 Sunmers, J. M 357 Snohr, Colelta Marie 67 Sussex, C. L 375 Sutherland, David B. ..107,347 Sutherland, F. W 79, 390 Sutton, S 391 Swain, Mrs. R. C 394 Swan, E 392 Swan, H. L 377 Swann, A 151 Swarthout, G. F 343 Swarthout, Harry P. 106, 111,371 Swarthout, Sybil 79, 292, 293, 394 Swarts, W. G 367 Swartz, George 272, 369 Sweet, H. C 211 Sweeney, Francis 370 Swenson, L 211 Swift, B. J 389 Swinton, R. S 88 Swinton, Stan . .74, 264, 266, 356 Sykes, Irma Marjorie 69, 296 ,384 Syttes, T. P 355 Szabunia, S 211 Szold, M 384 Tachna, Limel J 69 Tackels, P 389 Taffet, Sol 272 Taft, Francis Stead 124 Taft, W 346 Taggart, G. . . .106, 268, 275, 363 Taggart, Herbert F. ...216,221 Taggart, S. W 392 Talaman, R 38, 390 Talman, J. B 368 Tanner, T. S 136 Tanti 246 Tanzer, Ernest K 90, 101 Tapping, T. H. 269, 270, 280, 288, 336 Tarbell, 385 Tarbell, Richard . . . 104, 111, 361 Tarrens, John 275 Tasch, Mary Jane 69 Tasch, R 445 Tate, M 402 Taubman, S 1 Tau Kappa Epsilon 370 Taylerson, John Ewart 101, 113 Taylor, D 343,354 Taylor, F. G 111,280, 371 Taylor, J. B 387 Taylor, J. J 279 Taylor, [Catherine May .... 69 Taylor, K 389 Toylor, Laurene H 348 Taylor, Louise L 69,378 Taylor, M Ill, 352 Taylor, Merrell Arthur 245 Torylor, Robert Davey 69 Taylor, R. L 181 Taylor, W. R 38 Taylor, W. W 347 Teaboldt, Chase R 371 Teahrn, James M., Jr 69 Teall, Barbara 398 Teely, I. J., Jr 275 Teeter, W. M Ill Teitelbaum, Howard S. 69, 276 Telfer, Bruce T. 69, 273, 288, 374 Telling, B 396 Tenander, Tuure 69, 266, 273, 288 Tenebaum, H 266 Tenenberg, D. J 275 Tenney, Perry G 266,342 Tenofsky, J 263 Thackwell, H. L 375 Thalner, Robert 358 Thaxter, J. B 338 Theobald, Phillip E. 101, 111, 112 Theodre, D. T 101, 111 Theta Kappa Psi 211 Theta Xi Fraternity 375 Thierwechter, D. W 347 Thorn, Harriet 394 Thorn, John C. 69, 270, 271, 273, 288, 356 Thomas, Arthur 69 Thomas, David 341 Thomas, D. A 269 Thomas, Earl 445 Thomas, Lacy 342, 272 Thomas, Lawrence 364 Thomas, Mary Margaret . . 394 Thomas, Robert 366 Thomassen, L 337 Thome, Robert P. ..217,219,222 Thompson, E. A 74,263,390 Thompson, Edward Baker . 69 Thompson., Edward 374 Thompson, G 152 Thompson, J. T 333, 247, 388 Thompson, Martha Caroline 69, 382 Thompson, M. J 90,112 Thompson, Nickolas J 69 Thompson, R. D 361 Thomson, Anna Margaret 69, 182, 402 Thomson, C. R ........... 351 Thomson, D ............... 211 Thomson, Frederick A. ..73,372 Thomson, George ......... 374 Thomson, George David . . 69 Thomson, J ............... 211 Thomson, J. H ............. 192 Thomson, T. L ............. 211 Thomson, Virginia Ellen 69, 276 Thorpe, C. D .............. 38 Thorpe, Mrs. C. D ....... 383 Thornton, J. E ............. 88 Thuma, Mrs. B. D ......... 388 Tibbets, J ......... 151,263,393 Tichenor, M ............... 396 Tiedeman, R. K ..... 106, 268, 375 Tieman, W. C ............. 151 Tietjen, I. ............... 377 Tilley, Mrs. M ............. 155 Tilley, M. F ............... 41 Tilley, M. P ................ 38 Tillman, Martha 263, 293, 300, 457 Ting, Vung ............... 274 Tinkham, L ................ 389 Titus, D. W ............... 347 Titus, E. L ................ 390 Titus, H .................. 154 Tobias, F ...... . .......... 355 Tobin, Blanche ............ 398 Tobin, J ................... 354 Todd, Daniel .............. 374 Todd, Oliver .......... 181,359 Todt, S .................... 382 Tolan, Jack F ............. 364 Tolbert, C ................. 152 Tolhurst, L ................ 77 Tomski, W ................ 443 Topp, L ................... 113 Tornello, H ................ 346 Torri, N ................... 152 Touff, M .................. 384 Tourtellot, Hudson Robert 69, 364 Towell, W. E .......... 239, 246 Towle, Herbert C., Jr ..... 101 Town, G. L ............... 269 Townsend, E., Jr ......... 345 Townsend, J. F. 288, 345, 420, 429 Townsend, L. A ........... 342 Townsend, R. H ........... 352 Towski, N ................. 443 Traber, Twila ......... 155,404 Tracey, D ................. 74 Trackas, J ................ 110 Tracy, Doug .............. 272 Tracy, John E ............. 173 Treadway, John P ...... 101, 222 Treadwell, Don ... .74, 272, 257 Treat, E. L ................ 112 Trebilcock, E. R ........... 340 Trebilcock, William A. ..70,354 Treffry, H. F .............. 221 Treis, R. G ................ 355 Trelfa, R. T ............... 275 Trembly, 1 ................ 374 Trendle, George .......... 364 Treuttner, Lawrence H ..... 371 Trimby, R. H ........... 343, 382 Triplet!, Margaret ...... 79,302 Tripp, E. S ................ 356 Tripp, Evalyn ............. 395 Troit, Arthur .............. 358 Trosko, F ................. 411 Trosper, H ................ 382 Trost, Janice C .......... 70, 80 Travel, C ................. 221 Trow, W. C ........ 161 , 357, 382 Troxel, Gay C ............. 70 ' Trubey, S. R ............... 221 Truckemiller, W ........... 113 Trueblood, J. R ............ 112 Trueblood, T .............. 38 Trumble, Miles S. 101, 113, 279, 280 Tsao, Utah ............... 274 Tucker, H ................. 389 Tupper, K. F .............. 112 Turner, B ................. 386 Turner, Elizabeth ....... 70, 390 Turner, P ................. 367 Turnbull, E ............... 393 Turitzen, N ............... 277 Tuttle, Henry ............. 364 Tussing, T. C ............. 338 Tuttle ..................... 151 Tuyle, E. F ................ 374 Twining, Mrs. H .......... 395 Twiss, Mrs. A ............. 398 Twyman, Harold .......... 364 Tyler, A. W ............... 352 Tyrrell, W. Bradley ____ 151,342 u Udell, M ................. 388 Uhl, J .................... 338 Ulmer Ralph E. 101,112, 279, 280 Underwood, M ........... 386 Underwood, Mrs. M ....... 386 Ungerman, Milford S University Girls ' Glee C. . . 365 302 . Unti, E ................... 388 Upson, J. A ............... 383 Upson, R. H .............. 367 Upton, H. H .............. 356 Upton, Mrs. H ............. 398 Urdang, Zelda ............ 302 Uricek, S ................. 447 Page 494 Urmston. B. E. 344 Uptheqrove. C 88. 90. 337 Uthofl. a W. 340 Vadhana. Swan Tbaya 101 Valek. V. D 340 Valeria, A. M 136 Valk. Robert Earl 102. Ill Vallet. C 263.391 Vallin. E . C 115.352 Valluzzo. R 232 Valpey. A. I_ 163.336.411 Valpey. G. R- 336 Van Boven. P. 1 358.390 Van Breda, A 110 Van Cleve, Russell 274 Vandenberg. E. 102. 111. 151. 152 Vandal Ba .- 1 tm renca 265, 275. 344 Vondenberq. R. 151 VondenBroek. I. A 88. 90 Vondenburg. Robert 364 VanderBurch. D 357 Von der Heuvel. C V 152 Von der Meulen. I. H. 94. 133. 137 Vender Velde. L. 38. 75 Von Deusen. 1 346 Von Doom. Cornelia 70.383,399.411 Van Duren. A. Ir 76 Van Dusen, Betty 79.302 Van Dyke. H. 383 Van Dyke. R. 346 Van Dyke. Virginia ... .70. 392 Van Ess, Louis 219. 249 Van Heist, tomerine M. 70. 298 Van Hoek. Donald 349 Van Hoek. Walter 349 Van Keuren. J. S 343 Van Loon, D. F. 90. 111. 271, 282 Van Lunkhuizen. J 249 Van Tyne. 1 390 Vanmanen. L. 152 Van Noard, G 249 Van Nor dstrand, Robert A. 71 ' :-.- Van Peet, lames 364 Van Raalte. J 396 Van Schaik. Gilbert H. 372 Van Skxiten, F 249 Vant. 1 79.385 Van Tassel. Frances 167 Van Tuyl. H. 263.386 Van Veen. B. 378 Van Veen. H. 378 Van Wagen. F 211 Van Winkle, A 398 Van Winkle. Charles C 70. 364 Van Winkle. John 363 Van Warmer. G. Josephine 70 Van Warmer, J 402 Van Zanen, Johanna 70 Van Zile. P. T. . ..345 Varden. A 391 Vary. E. P 344 Vassallo, Thomas 277 Vaughan. P. A. 343 Veazey. Dorothy A 70.385 Vedder. E. A. 390 Vedder. F. B. 232. 347 Vedder. Mrs. F. B 394 Vedder. Neil D 347 Veitch. Harold W 70. 282 Vaino. Vekko 275 Veneklasen, John E. 70 Verdier. 1_ D 368 Ye-.-.- H Vemer, Jane V 70 Vemer. L 267. 382 Vetter. N 378 Vial. A. B 275.356 Vial. G. M 338 Vibbert. C. B 39. 76 Vicary. A 74.267.274 Viehe. C. A 73. 151. 364 Vincent. Maud H. 70 Vihteli. Pauline 302 Vine. Benjamin 275 Vis, Vincent 342 Visscher, J. A 389 Vogel. D 339 Vogel. Gustare J 102 Voqel r. F. IU Vogt. S 385 Voigt. R. M. 392 Voorhees, J 152 Voorhees, V 267.396 Vreeland. R. H 111.152 Vroman. C 152 Vroon. J 249 W Wade. C. F. 343 Wade, Richard 341 Wade. S. G. 343 Wadsworth, C 152 Wadsworth, R 343 Waggoner, H. W 189 Wagner. Mrs. A 391 ' .-: -: : ' :; :-.: :: ' : Wagner. C. P 39, 76 Wagner. Daniel 360 Wagner. H. S. 111,344 Wagner. R. 1_ 343 Wagner. Sidney 350 Wagner. W 343 Wahid. S. A Ill Wahl. B 391 Wahl. Elizabeth U 70 Wahr. F 39 Wahr. F. B 340 Wahrenburg. L. 269 Wait. W. H 39.342 Waile. Joh n Barker 193 Wake. S. G. 94. 133. 134. 136. 137 Waketteld. Ernest 358 : ' :-:. Wakeman. L. 382 Walbridge. M. 378 Waldehen, Alfred Hugo 89, 90. 102. 113 Waldron. Frederick 363 Waldron. F 390 Waldron. J. M. Ill Walkchen. A 108 Walker. B 152,346 Walker, E 393 Walker. G. R. 230 Walker. G 231 Walker. H 113 Walker, Jack M. 70 Walker, J 346 Walker. J. H. 90.357 Walker. John 363 Walker. Leo W. 348 Walker. Robert 274 Walker. R. E. 181 Walker. Russell 361 Walklns. G. S 367 Walkley. Arland 275 Wallace. Henry W 90,102 Wallace, J 152 Wallace. M. 73 Wallace. Mrs. M 393 Wallace. Myron L 350 Wallace, Wimburo L. . .275. 339 Waller, R G 361 Wellington. M. G 280.281 Walls. Mrs. L. 386 Walser. Mrs. J. J 391 Walsh. Joseph 363 Walsh. M. 393 Walter, E 39 Walter. E. A. 274 Walter. F. R. 90 Walter. F. 113 Walters. J. F. 275 Waltz, S 76 Waltz. S. G 270 Waltz. S. W 280 War . W. C 367 Walz. Mrs. W. 396 Wampler, Ben 342 Wandell. W. Y 239.246 Wang, Tsuna Kwan 102 Wangelin. Don J. ..89.102,341 Wangelin. Richard S. 89. 90. 102. 108. 111. 283. 341 THT QQStroin, R. ............. 1 03 Ward 382 Ward, Alice 276 Ward. B 392 Ward. Erwin D 361 Ward. M 232 Ward. Robert 374 Ware. G. t 338 Warner. Arthur E. 104.347 Warner. G. E. 352 Warner. M 389 Warner. W. B 338 Warren. J. W 344 Warren, R. 384 Warren. W 104. 108 Warthin. Miss V 398 Washburn. R. 263.398 Washburn. C. 389 Wassell. F 354 Wassel. Mrs. G 398 Wassily, B 144 Watch. E. 152 Waterman, L. 39 Waterman. Mrs. L. 398 Waterman, M. R . .216. 222. 392 Waterman. R- T. 221. 261 Watentan !. ' ;: jc.-- : Waterston, M. 382,457 Watkins. F 73. 77. 333. 389 Watkins, H. G. 26 Watkins. R 151 Watkins. L. L. 39.222 Watkin. R 113 Watkins. Thomas 363 Watson, B 76 Watson. D. J. Jr 338 Watson. E. M. 368 Watson. R G 342 Watson, L. 152 Watson. Wm. 429 Watt, Flint 364 Watt, Robert 342 Wax, Kenneth 365 WeatherilL P. F 337.338 Weatherston, Richard 359 Weaver, B 39 Weaver. B. J 76.345.385 Weaver, Frank 276 Webb. Austen 342 Webb, K. W. 339 Webber. J. K. 339 Webber. Miss M. 154 Weber. Frederick 279. 341 Weber. H. F 357 Weber. Karl Edward 102 Weber. W. J 41 Weckler. Harold Leonard 102.361 Wedemyer. C 287 Wedge. D. E. Ill Weeks. R Weeks. William 374 Wehner. A 382 Weidlien. S. L. 393 Weidlein. Virginia 70. 393 Weil. B. J 384 Weiman. Edward 369 Wein. C. J 351 Weinberg. M. 384 Weinberger. Robert 362 Weinecke. J 282 Weiner. A 163 Werner. Jack 350 Weingarden. FJmore 71 Weinstock. D. R. 355 Weisbarg. Howard 365 Weise, J 383 Weisman. Florence 298 Weiss. E. F Ill Weiss, Edward 369 Weiss, Leo G 71 Weiss. George 231 Weiss, Lester B 71 Weissman. Bernard 274, 35O Weissman. R A 384 Weitzel. R 378 Weitzman. Seymour T. ..71. 350 Welch, D. R. 182 Welch. Julia Ann 398 Welch. P. S 39 Weld. R A 375 Welfare. D. C 222 Weller. Carl V. 189 Wetter. J. A 275 Weller, N. W 246 Weller. W. E. 217,219 Wellington. C. 152 Wellman, Burton S.. Jr. 71,346 Wellman. H 341 Wellman. H. G 383 Wellman. R 383 Wells. Bud 73 Wells, Lawrence E. 71 Wells. Stan 260. 372 Welton. D. G. 344 Wendell, W 343 Wenger. C. N 88 Wentworth. G 152 Wentz, Joan G. 71 Wentz, J 389 Werley, J. S 90 Werner. Robert Clarence... 102 Werner. R 113 Werner. R. C. 337 Werry, Benjamin H. 102. 111. 336 Werzburg. Otto Bernard Jr. 71 Wesley. Charles E. 71 Wessinger. Leslie 369 West, L. R 340 West. R. M 367 Westate. Y 389 Westbrook, Phil 74. 272. 282 Westcott. Rasali 462 Westendori. Madekrine 296.383 Westerman. J 392 Westerman. Thelma E. 71 Weston. J. C 211 Westra. P. M. 217 Westra. P 249 Wetter, E. 282 Weymouth. C. B 181 Weymouth. Colin 372 Wheat. B. C 390 Wheat. Mrs. Ida C 394 Wheat, M. 390 Wheaton. Robert 369 Wheeler, B. W. 338 Wheeler. C. 346 Wheeler. D 110 Wheeler. Dean Frederick . . 102 Wheeler, G 152 Wheeler. G. B 339 Wheeler, M. E. 390 Wheeler, M. R 342 Wheeler. P. D 341 Wheeler. Richard Carlton 102, 111.336 Wheeler. W. G 339 Wheelock. B. R.. Jr 102.111 WhetseU. E. L. 260. 278. 346 White. A. E. 88.90.337 White, Mrs. A. E. 395 White, A. R . .88. 280, 337, 361 White. Mrs. A. 398 White. B 354 White. C. B 181, 343 White. Dolas D 71,354 White. Dorothy M 71,457 White, Elizabeth 293. 300. 302, 457 White. F. A 136 While, G. 361 White, Gene 374 White, Joe 150 White. J 152 White. K. 345 White. L. A. 39 White. Lee 259 White. Melrose 302 White, R. 113 White. W. E. 338 White. William H 71 Whiting. A. A. Jr. 102.112.352 Whitley. C 110 Whitlock, Robert 342 Whitman. E. 232 Whitman, G. S 340 Whitney. A. S 161, 342 Whitney. Betty 295.457 Whitney. Joan E. 71,390 Whirtemore. R 128 Whittemore. M 333,392 Whittemore. Phillips 104, 332. 363 Whittier. David Bonar ..245,246 Wiatroski, R. W 181 Wibel. Betty 276 Wickes, Mary 394 Widdicombe, W. W 338 Widman. L. E. 90.102,110,336 Wiener, Arthur Wm 167 Wiener. M 265 Wiener, Martin 360 Wiener. Murray L. . .71 Wiest, F 152 Wight. M. V 246 Wight, R M 238 Wight. M. 263, 385 Wightman. R N 112 Wikle. Robert 3S9 Wilcox. Josephine M. . .71 Wilcox. J 285 Wilcox. J. M. 390 Wilcox. W 113 Wilcox. W. L 339 Wilder. R. L. 39 Wiles. James 364 Wilgus, Mrs. H. L. 394 Wilke, J. R 357 Wilkie, I. S 112. 340 Wilkinson. A. C 366 Wilkinson. Frank R 366 Wilkinson. James 366 Wilkinson, r. J. . .377 Wilkinson. Wallace Floyd 102. 113 Wile. J. Udo 189 Willard .378 Willard. H. H 39. 337. 346 Willard. R. 378 Wilier. Harold . . 71 Williams 288 Williams. Caroline 263 Williams. R J 112 Williams, J. Shartel . . . .358. 375 Williams. Eathryn 263 Williams. K. 447 Williams, M 383, 392 Williams, N. R 39.349 Williams. Patricia 394 Williams, Mrs. R. 391 Williams. R. L. Jr. . Willis. S. S . 231 Willis. Warrington ... .274 Willis. W 277 Willison. C. J 378.382 Willoughby. F. Jane ....71,392 Wills. Ann 135 Wells, A. . Wills. J 106 Wills, J. C. . .111. 272. 275. 374 Wills. J 385 Wilmarth. R C., Jr 345 Wilsher. D 41. 71, 268, 374 Wilson. Mrs. Arch 154 Wilson. Betty 163.167 Wilson. F 152 Wilson. Frank N 189 Wilson. George 342 Wilson. Grace 73. 300,302 Wilson. G. 155,342 Wilson, RE. 357 Wilson. J. A 339 Wilson. J 382 Wilson. T. E 374 Wilson. William R 71.338 Wilson. William S. . 71 Wimer. B. R. 280 Winberg. C. A. . 90 Winchell. R. W .246 Winder. John Small 71. 374 Windsor. R. 343 Windt. Valentine . 321 Wingert. L. 355 Wingrove. Ken 299 Winkleman, Sheridan 362 Winkler. H. G. . Winne, John F 370 .Vir.s:- - M. .392 Winslow. S. B 366 Winter, F 376 Winter. J. G 39 Winter. R. .338 Wirt. R M. 181 Wirtchafter. D 376 Wise. R D.. Jr. . .345 Wisler, Prof. C. O. . -- Z Wisler. J. F 278 Wismer, B. . . . OS Wismer, C .263 Wisner. R K. 340 Wistert. B 382 Wistert. F . 354 Wittan. William S 220 Witters. Virginia Alice ... 71 Wittlifl. W. W 343 Wixson. Joseph Arthur 245 Wohlwend. Alfred N 102 Wohlwend. A. N 113,375 Wolaver. Earl S 216 Wolaver. Mrs. E. S 155. 393 Wolcott, Frederick 104. 372 Page 495 Wolf, C. C 352 Wolf, Helen 457 Wolf Paulette 298 Wolfe, R. W Ill, 372 Wolfe, J 378 Wolfner, Wm. Fremont 102, 362 Wolin, Jack P 360 Wood, A 39, 286, 351, 392 Wood, Mrs. John 399 Wood, R 79, 341, 386 Wood, W. P 88, 337 Wood, William 363 Wood, W. M 375 Woodbridge, Mrs. Alice . . 394 Woodburn, J. A 356 Woodburne, R. T 347 Woodruff, Margaret 302,395 Woods, A. P., Jr 275 Woods, Arthur 359 Wood-worth, P 73,76,354 Woody, C 161,352 Woody, Mrs. C 391 Woog, D 282 Working, Mrs. H 394 Work, R 391 Worley, Mrs. John 154 Worley, Mrs. J. S 394 Worley, I. S 88,90,280,366 Worms, R 261 Worms, J. Robert 365 Worrell, W. H 39 Worthing, L 104 Worthing, L. W 375 Worthington, N 286 Wray, Isabel 155 Wray, J 393 Wreford, W 364,443 Wrenick, F 217 Wright, Paul A 182 Wright, W. K 343 Wuerful, T 340 Wuerful, Mrs. Robert 399 Wuerth, M 388 Wunsch, E. A 264,275,357 Wurster, E 277 Wurster, I. H Ill Wurster, C. V 217, 220 Wyman, Crosby 341 Wyss, Leo W 370 Wy vern 293 Yager, J. A 346 Yaman, Francis M 102,151 Yautis, J 354 Yaw, K 389 Yearnd, B 354 Yee, R. F 281 Yellin, Sidney Aaron 71 Yenner, E. H 217 Yenner, E. N 220, 222 Yenner, L. D 181 Yepson, R. B 338,378 Yergens, Paul E 72, 151, 364 Yglesias, L 211 Yinger, Madelon H 167 Yntema, Hessel E 173 Yoakum, C. S 26,222,248 Yoakum, Mrs. C. S 394 Yoder, Doris 298 Yokom, Robert 349 Yost, F. H. 161, 280, 288, 366,409,411, Yost, F. H., Jr 345 Yost, Mrs. F 396 Yost, Mrs. J. H 394 Young, B 392 Young, Cecil Ming 245,246 Young, D. H 90 Young, E. W Ill Young, J 108 Young, J. G. 89, 90, 102, 111, 115,279,280, 299 Young, Mrs. L 391 Young, L. J 238, 346 Young, M. A 389 Young, R. S. 89, 90, 102, 111, 115,279, 280, 299 Youngquist, 378 Yu, K. T 112 Yunck, Frederick Feick .103, 361 Yutzy, E 382 Zahnow, O. C 112,340 Zakrajsek, W 233 Zapp, B 263 Zapp, G. M. ...89,103,111,357 Zavitz, Elwood 103 Zbinden, Helen Louise 149, 150, 154 Zeigler, Miss L 398 Zeitlin, D 266 Zeta Beta Tau 376 Zeta Psi 377 Zewodski, W 367 Zeigler, E. R 103, 111 Zien, Frederick C 72 Zienty, Mitchell F 124,337 Zimmer, M. A 222 Zimmerman, Donald 374 Zimmerman, H 277 Zimmerman, Lillian . . . .262, 398 Zimmerman, R. E 357 Zindler, D 402 Zittle, R 152 Zolla, C 376 Zschoerner, Fred L 72 Zuehlke, A 346 Zurick, C 284, 285 Zurhorst, T. S 281 Zuris, P Ill Page 496 M.

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