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COPYRIGHT FRANKLIN T.DANNEMILLER Managing Editor W. LLOYD STRICKLAND 1937 n u n tui 41 iBtf 1 Believing that informality is an all-pervading character- istic of college life, we have accordingly attempted to con- vey that feeling in the pages of our book. Through the medium of art, photography and the written word, we have portrayed the living Michigan. Divesting the University of its most apparent but artificial aspects, we have invaded the privacy of the student to reach the college existence that is unposed and authentic. We have taken from the col- lege man his stiff shirt; we have rolled up his sleeves. We present him to you as he really is. Franklin T. Dannemiller. n u n PART ONE COLLEGE LIFE PART TWO UNIVERSITY PART THREE ATHLETICS PART FOUR ACTIVITIES PART FIVE FRATERNITIES PART SIX SATIRE Page 8 Page 37 Page 261 Page 325 Page 377 Page 447 April 10, 1937 n u n - .? -r: Z. M - - f r-- 7 ' " 1 1 X IKX Truck for a year. After buying books: BUSTED! THE ARRIVAL During the first week or two in Ann Arbor the students take their liber- ties as to schoolwork and classes, they find it much more entertaining to fix up the new room, spend Dad ' s money on books and shows. Usually it takes them about two weeks to build up that not-interested attitude for the diagonal dandy who is ever present in front of the library to sell them stuff and yet more stuff. The freshman ' s woe means dough for Moe. A rare form of hypocrisy. Came the thirteenth day and the hash session. Get the gal a banner. " Drinking in any group activity which the university sponsors is inconceivable. We owe these young people " The son. j. Fred and Ear! rewrite " Varsity " . Washin ' for that eight o ' clock! Shavin ' for that smoothie effect. Sleepin ' - Bonth: that snoozy columnist. Readin ' digesting the " Primrose Path. " Eatin ' - Riksen and the Dekes. E R N I T Y LIFE B F TT -H For the aesthetic senses A couple o ' Betsy beauties The " paws " that refreshes! Oh Cach! There ' s that man again! McFate. most worried of the evening, in the mad scramble for coats. J-Hop EXTRA. s. George Olson plays over the Columbia Broadcasting System. " The 1937 J-Hop became an event of the past in the early hours of this morning, and the huge Intramural Gymnasium, transformed into a ball- room for the biggest function of the University ' s social year, is in dark- ness. " ' This man cost Butterly two Soph Prom jobs the Chi Phis, three meals and an old suit. To help eliminate " crooked politics " and double voting, identification cards must be produced and punched. These scenes will appear strange to old timers. They represent modern science ' s answer to the challenge of the stuffed ballot box. Ward heel- ing has almost become a thing of the past. Of COURSE no PROF could walk! Dean Rea: the court of Reserved for experts Er, Jane . . . waitin ' for someone? -, c e Ain ' t nature grand? Mild weather provided little opportunity for sports ' en- thusiasts this winter. How- ever, once the snow did come college classes were bolted, and the students flocked to the popular arboretum. M Lord Chamberlain and the Duke of Norfolk (above left) Anne Bullen gains the old lady ' s advice. (right) Others must work on constructing scenery. A high fly. " In spring a young man ' s fancy " light- ly turns to such as these. Of all the times of the year, concentration is the most dif- ficult in the spring. That is, unless it be concentration on spring fever, bock beer, walk- ing with the date, or some other non-academic activity. Weeks at the helm on the night desk. Editor ' s corner. Certainly few places are as consistently ac- tive during the school year as the publications building. Try-outs . . . rubber cement . . . senior panels . . . confusion .... Something phoney about this the Carg staff seems hard at work. Tender rendition of " Mr. Paganinni Zwick playing for the ' 36 Derby The hand holding racket! More than horse sense in the jockey dance Blunderbuss specialty. Shackleton, Crosman, and Bradfield: all tops. Headless horses practice. Jascha Heifetz Standing Room Only. " Tired of being raconteur . . " Woollcott. In the Ruthven den. Here gather twice a month 250 guests to greet the Ruthvens for two minutes, spend the remaining two hours browsing about under the direction of one of the charming members of the social committee. Dr. and Mrs. Ruthven on the receiving line. Informal chatter . . . The social committee seems quite attentive. " Another Schlitz for the blond, Joe Fletcher Henderson succumbs to Ann Arbor ' s autograph urge. How the other half swings ? A full house at the " P.B. " Anything serves as a provocation! Yeah Man!! " Men! Take advantage of your Union! " Er . . . here ' s Shirl Crosman. And then some twits spend a quiet evening at home studying. The tribe on the warpath, decending in fury. Tenander, D ' Aprix " board " another prospect for the Sphinx hayride. A brick dust massage for Sphinxman Lundahl. Tribe in council ring 34 " Assume the angle, mugs! Triangles are taught " simple harmonics " before swabbing the Engine Arch. Young bucks. Neal and Collatz, catchum heap trouble. Smokum peace pipe Prexy peals the final word ... as usual . . . audience: cheerful, tear- ful, pensive, distracted. Sport shoed big wigs pause for a between-the- acts commentary . . . Friends and family view the change from student to " grad " . . . MENCEM E The diploma . . . four years of special tion . . . mass production. n I -r? S I ALEXANDER GRANT RUTHVEN PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY 41 ADMINISTRATIVE JOSEPH A. BURSLEY Dean of Students SHIRLEY W. SMITH Vice-President and Secretary WILFRED B. SHAW Director of Alumni Relations IRA M. SMITH Registrar 42 OFFICIALS JAMES D. BRUCE Vice-President CLARENCE S. YOAKUM Vice-President ALICE C. LLOYD Dean of Women HERBERT C. WATKINS Assistant Secretary 43 THE BOARD OF REGENTS Row I Yoakum, Bruce, Robbins, Hemans, Stone, Watkins Row II R. R. Smith, Murfin, Beal, Cram, Ruthven, Cook The Constitution of the State of Michigan establishes the Board of Regents as the Corporation of the University of Michigan and commits to them the general supervision of the institution and entire control of expenditures from its funds. A Board of Regents has existed since 1837, when a new organic act was passed and the University located at Ann Arbor. Until 1852 they were appointed, but since that time they have been elected by general vote of the people of the State, two Regents being elected at each biennial spring election, to hold office for a term of eight years. The independence of the gov- erning board of the University, secured by these con- stitutional provisions, has proved to be the most im- portant factor in assuring the University freedom of opportunity to develop consistent educational policies. 44 A Botany Lecture In Progress H F. ADAMS Prof, of Psychology R. C. ADAMS Director of Wm. Clements Library A. S. AITON Prof, of History R. C. ANCELL Prof, of Sociology W.E. BACHMANN Assoc. Prof, of Organic Chemistry E. F. BARKER Prof, of Physics H. H. BARTLETT Prof, of Botany J. R. BATES Assoc. Prof, of Chemistry S. L. BICELOW Prof, of Chemistry COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS This department was originated by an act passed in 1837 by the Legislature commonly termed as the " organ- ic act " . However, certain obstacles prevented the Uni- versity from opening until September, four years later, with two professors and a librarian and six students. The department did not deviate from the conventional and traditional methods until 1852 when Dr. Tappan was made President. At the same time the University found itself the holder of much greater power as the result of a new act passed by the legislature. Up until the year 1 855-56 the student had no elective but was forced to accept the classical curriculum and the only degree that he received was A.B. However, at the beginning of the year the seniors were permitted to elect one-third of their work. At this time three courses were offered: Classical, Scientific and Latin. There was a complete re- vision of the college in 1877 when a course in English was added and a Bachelor of Letters degree was granted. 48 A STUDENT ' S work in the College of Literature, Sci- ' ence and the Arts is divided into two separate parts. The first two years after entrance are spent by the stu- dent in taking general courses to fill the requirements which are prerequisite to concentration. At the start of the third year a field of concentration is chosen from one of the various departments nd the majority of courses selected in the last two years are in that field. The aim of this college is to cover the broad field of general uni- versity study of the ancient and modern languages and literatures, of history, philosophy, mathematics, science, and the liberal arts, as well as providing an opportunity for thorough training in such varied fields as journalism, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, municipal administra- tion, landscape design, library science, and social service. How different is the picture of yesterday and today! Not only has the college grown in the number of students but the student ' s work has taken an entirely different aspect. COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS W. E. BLAKE Assoc. Prof, of Creek A. E. BOAK Prof, of Ancient History CAMPBELL BONNER Prof, of Greek J. W. BRADSHAW Prof, of Mathematics L I. BREDVOLD Prof, of English A. W. BROMAGE Assoc. Prof, of Political Science E. S. BROWN Prof, of Political Science ). L. BRUMM Prof, of Journalism W. H. BUTTS Prof. Emeritus of Mathematics 4 ' J L. J. CARR Assoc. Prof, of So- ciology J. M. CORK Assoc. Prof, of Physics V. W. CRANE Prof, of American History COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS PNLJE to University requirements, the English depart- ment, in one phase or another, is familiar to all un- dergraduates. Every entering freshman is required to elect a course in English composition which has as its principle aims the stimulation of thought, the cultivation of readiness and the teaching of acceptable forms. If the student maintains a B average his first semester, he may eliminate the second semester work and elect an advanced course in composition. More than one writing course a semester is not permitted. The peculiar manner in which the professors of this department mar seemingly perfect essays with numerous criticisms, is a source of consternation to most students. No mistake is spared from the tell-tale pencil marks. However, in spite of these facts many brilliant writers have been discovered through out their work in the curriculum and have gone on to fame in later life. Aside from English Composition, courses are offered in Rhetoric and Criticism and Litera- ture both English and American. H. C. CARVER Prof, of Mathematics and Insurance E. C. CASE Prof, of Historical Geol- ogy and Paleontology R. W. COWDEN Prof, of English H. D. CURTIS Prof, of Astronomy A. L. CROSS Prof, of English History 50 I T is generally agreed among most students in the college ' of Literature Science and Arts that the economics de- partment is the most difficult. It isn ' t until the student takes a blue-book in an economic course that he realizes just how complex this material really is. To prove that this department is popular as well as difficult, one needs only to gaze upon the multitude of students that pour from the doors of the Economics Building after each class. A practice peculiar to this department is that of identi- fying the student by a number rather than by his name when blue-books are taken. This assures an unbiased viewpoint by the instructor while he is correcting the blue-books. Courses are offered in economic theory, money and banking, labor and economic reform, the pub- lic control of industry, international relations, economic history, accounting and statistics, and public finance Courses in the fundamentals of economics are required before a student may concentrate in this field. COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE. AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS B. M. DAVIS Prof, of Botany C. E. DENSMORE Assoc. Prof, of Speech Z. C. DICKINSON Prof, of Economics S. D. DODGE Assoc. Prof, of Geog- raphy E. W. DOW Prof, of European History O. S. DUFFENDACK Assoc. Prof, of Physics L R. DICE Assoc. Prof, of Zoology B. M. DONALD- SON Assoc. Prof, of Fine Arts J. E. DUNLAP Assoc. Prof, of Latin and Greek 51 C. M. EHLERS Assoc. Prof, of Geology F. M. CAICE Assoc. Prof, of Zoology ). H. EHLERS Assoc. Prof, of Botany L. M. EICH Assoc. Prof, of Speech Secretary of the Summer Session W. B. FORD Prof, of Mathematics C. C. FRIES Prof, of English Editor of Early Modern English Dictionary J. W. GLOVER Prof, of Mathematics M. GOMBERG Prof. Emeritus of Organic Chemistry COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS E history department is one of the largest and most popular in the university. The reason for this is easily seen when one considers the broad program offered. Every period in history is covered by one course or an- other. There are the more general courses which survey long periods of time and others which delve more deeply into the political, social, and economical structures of shorter periods. This enables students majoring in his- tory to study intensely in the particular field they choose. Freshmen usually take the general courses and later con- centrate in the more compact surveys. The prevalence of good lecturers in this department also accounts for a good deal of its popularity. The history department has one point in common with the romance language depart- ment. It is located in an old building, Haven Hall, which formerly was the Law School. This building was erected in 1 863, but was rebuilt and enlarged in 1 898. 52 UNTIL just recently sociology was not studied as a science and consequently this department is one of the newest in the University. However, even under this handicap, it has not been prevented from becoming one of the most popular and largest departments in the col- lege. There are two degree programs which are available to those desiring to concentrate in this field: one in gen- eral sociology, and one in social service work. Only after completing the beginning course which concerns the fundamentals and principles of human associations, may the student be free to choose his program of concentra- tion. There are many branches open in this field such as: theory and method, social psychology and culture, ecology and population, community and social problems, and social work. Of these the most popular courses seem to be those which give the student an opportunity for practical contact with agencies and problems. COLLEGE OF LITERATURE. SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS S. A. GRAHAM Prof, of Economic Zool- ogy C. H. GRIFFITHS Prof, of Psychology F. C. GUSTAFSON Assoc. Prof, of Botany C. GUTHE Director of Museum of Anthropology M. S. HANDMAN Prof, of Economics J. R. HAYDEN Prof, of Political Science E. L. GRIGGS Assoc. Prof, of English W. HABER Prof, of Economics T. H. HILDE- BRANT Prof, of Mathe- matics 53 ). A. HILDNER Assoc. Prof, of German W. R. HUMPH- REYS Prof, of English P. E. JAMES Assoc. Prof, of Geography W. H. HOBBS Prof, of Geology Head of Department R. D. HOLLISTER Assoc. Prof, of Speech W. F. HUNT Prof, of Petrology R. C. HUSSEY Assoc. Prof, of Geology Assistant Dean, L. S. A. H. M. JONES Prof, of English MYRA JORDAN Dean Emeritus of Wom- en COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS K ylORE and more students are beginning to realize the VI important part played by the government in our daily lives and are preparing themselves correspondingly by enrolling in the political science department-. A school of political science was first established in June, 1881, and was a result of the new condition of political thought manifested by the organization of such schools at Co- lumbia and Cornell. It was the first established in the West. This department not only teaches the fundamentals of our governmental structure, but also states its attitude concerning the current political situation. Such courses are valuable in that they enable the college students of to- day to think and act intelligently when their turn comes to take part in our democratic system as voters or office- holders. Elementary courses are offered for freshmen and sophomores, and for those concentrating in this par- ticular field an opportunity is provided for research in various phases under the supervision of the individual members of the department. 54 ONE reason many students prefer courses in natural science to others is the fact that an opportunity is given for them to come into actual contact with the sub- jects through the practical applications offered in the laboratories and on field trips. Laboratory work plays a big part in this department and thus the Natural Science Building contains numerous well equipped laboratories. Summer camps are held for some of the courses enabling the students to further their study while at the same time providing for them an interesting summer outing. Students in this department range from the timid co-ed, filling out her science requirements, to the rugged for- esters preparing for their life work taking care of the nation ' s forests. Some of the courses which fall into this category are geology, mineralogy, botany, and zoology. For those who are taking geology and are very much in- terested in it there is a six week ' s field course given at a summer camp in Kentucky and Tennessee. COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS L. C. KARPINSKI Prof, of Mathematics H. A. KENYON Assoc. Prof, of Spanish C. R. LaRUE Prof, of Zoology A. O. LEE Prof, of Modern Lan- guage T. S. LOVER INC Assoc. Prof, of Economic Geology R. D. McKENZIE Prof, of Sociology C. D. LaRUE Assoc. Prof, of Botany C. A. LINDSAY Prof, of Physics D. B. MCLAUGH- LIN Assoc. Prof, of Astronomy 55 w. A. MCLAUGH- LIN Assoc. Prof, of Romance Languages K. McMURRY Prof, of Geography C. L. MEADER Prof, of General Lin- guisticis C. F. MEYER Assoc. Prof, of Physics M. PARGMENT Assoc. Prof, of French H. W. NORDMEYER Prof, of German P. B. OKKLEBERG Prof, of Zoology D. H. PARKER Prof, of Philosophy W. A. PATON Prof, of Economics COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS T HE Romance Language building situated just south of Angell Hall has many pleasing features. It is one of four of the oldest buildings on the campus and a wide variety of language courses are offered in it, but best of all, to some minds at least, are the numbers of the fairer sex who grace its halls and classrooms. This department attracts primarily language majors and freshmen filling their group requirements, but others are attracted either through curiosity or by some of the features mentioned above. Every freshman entering the University is re- quired to have eight hours of a foreign language. Most students who desire to take a foreign language select one from the Romance group. Courses are offered in French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Scandanavian, and literature courses in these various languages for advanced students. Those students who have had two years of high school knguage may elect advanced courses. 56 COURSES are offered in all types of advanced mathe- matics by this department. While it does not pro- fess to make an Einstein out of any student, it goes a long way toward helping those who will be using mathematics in their life work. An outstanding feature of this de- partment is the Mathematics Club which meets once a month to discuss problems in the various phases of the field. These discussions are open to students as well as professors and are usually very well attended. Although many of the problems are far too complicated for most students, the mere fact that they are attending permits the students to become better acquainted with their in- structors. There is also a Mathematical Statistics labora- tory which is equipped with all types of calculating, sort- ing, tabulating machines, and adequate provision is made for accurate graphical work by a fine equipment of draw- ing tables and instruments. COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE. AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS S. PETERSON Assoc. Prof, of Economics W. B. PILLSBURY Prof, of Psychology ]. K. POLLOCK Prof, of Political Science H. T. PRICE Assoc. Prof, of English H. M. RANDALL Prof, of Physics J. S. REEVES Wm. Cook Professor of American Institutions T. H. REED Prof, of Political Science J. REICHARD Prof. Emeritus of Zoology 57 J. R. REINHARD Prof, of English H. A. SANDERS Prof, of Latin J. W. SCHOLL Assoc. Prof, of German W. C. RICE Prof, of English D. D. RICH Assoc. Prof, of Physics R. A. SAWYER Prof, of Physics C. SCHOEPFLE Assoc. Prof, of Organic Chemistry I. D. SCOTT Prof, of Physiographical Geology R. W. SELLARS Prof, of Philosophy COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS PLACED at the disposal of the student in this college are several libraries including the English Library, the Mathematics and Economics Library and the General Library. The first two deal with more specialized subjects, as may be seen from their names, but in the general Li- brary there may be found books on any subject that one wishes to investigate. This library, which holds a central point in the middle of the campus was built in 1914. Because of the efficiency and convenience it offers it is considered to be one of the best in the world and many libraries erected since that time have followed its general plan. Out of the 926,000 volumes found in all of the libraries of the university, about 600,000 are located in this library. Also there are two study halls, a reference room, a periodical room, a medical library and several graduate reading rooms found in this building. 58 THE College of the Literary School and the Arts is mainly concentrated in a given number of buildings. There is the James B. Angel I Hall, on the west side of the campus, which is the headquarters of the college. It contains mostly classes and study halls along with the President ' s office, and the office of the Dean of the Col- lege and of the Graduate School. University Hall and Mason Hall which formerly were used for classrooms, dormitories. Chapel, and Library, are now used to house the business officials and several members of the admin- istration. The old Law Building or Haven Hall has been used by the History and Sociology departments since the completion of the Law Quadrangle. The Natural Science Building houses the laboratories and classrooms of the Departments of Botany, Geology, Mineralogy, Psychology and Zoology, just beyond this building is the Chemistry Building which is fully equipped for laboratory and class- room work in both Chemistry and Pharmacy. COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE. AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS I. l_ SHARFMAN Prof, of Economics F. SCHULL Prof . of Zoology N. SINAI Prof, of Hygiene Public Health W. W. SLEATOR Assoc. Prof, of Physics WM. SMEATON Prof, of Chemistry L. A. STRAUSS Prof, of English R. TALAMON Assoc. Prof, of French A. W. SMITH Prof, of Physics W. R. TAYLOR Prof, of Botany 59 C. D. THORPE Prof, of English L. VANDERVELDE Assoc. Prof, of His- tory F. WAHR Assoc. Prof, of German M. P. TILLEY Prof, of English T. TRUEBLOOD Prof. Emeritus of Public Speaking C. B. VIBBERT Prof, of Philosophy C. P. WAGNER Prof, of Spanish W. H. WAIT Prof. Emeritus of Modern Language E. WALTER Assoc. Prof, of English COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS " T " HE departments which have been discussed in the preceding paragraphs comprise but a small portion of the total number offered by the College. Each one of these courses plays a part in the liberal education that may be obtained at the University of Michigan. This wide se- lection given to the student body is one of the main rea- sons why the College stands so high in the eyes of so many people. Because of the number of students enrolled in the College of L.S.A. the impression might be created that education is being carried on with a mass production basis. The total enrollment numbers 6405 students but this is under the guidance of three hundred and six facul- ty men. The size of classes ranges from twenty to forty students with thirty as a medium. As a result of these small classes the student has an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with his instructor. 60 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS PROFESSORS L. WATERMAN Prof, of Semetics L. L. WATKINS Prof, of Economics P. S. WELCH Prof, of Zoology L. A. WHITE Assoc. Prof, of Anthro- pology H. H. WILLARD Prof, of Analytical Geometry N. H. WILLIAMS Prof, of Physics B. WEAVER Assoc. Prof, of English R. L WILDER Assoc. Prof, of Mathematics J. C. WINTER Prof, of Latin Language and Literature A. E. WOOD Prof, of Sociology W. H. WORRELL Prof, of Semetics 61 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS ALLAN DEWEY President A BETTY WILLS Vice-Pres. VIRGINIA CALLOW .__ Secretary ARNOLD CROSS _ _ Treasurer Finance Committee Chairman ROBERT FRIEDMAN RUTH CLARK MARION HOLDEN ]OHN BARKER RAY GOODMAN JOAN NILES EVELYN BLUESTEIN BETH TURNBULL Permanent Secretary and Treasurer CLINTON CONGER COMMITTEES Senior Ball Co-Chairmen, JOSEPH M. HINSHAW JOHN P. OTTE FREDERICK BUESSER ELLA WADE KATHRYN ANN KEELER WILLIAM ANSPACH ROSWELL CURTIS Executive Committee Chairman . NANCY OLDS VICTOR HEYLIGER JOHN R. PARK SANFORD LADD SHIRREL KASLE Commencement Committee Chairman HUBERT BRISTOL MARION PATERSON WILLIS TOMLINSON CHARLES PENZEL CHRIS EVERHARDUS Cap and Gown Chairman VIRGINIA SMITH BETTY ROURA FRED BUCHANAN ARTHUR ERNST SWIFT CORWIN Invitations Committee Chairman DOROTHY WELSH BETTY ANN BEEBE JACQUELINE KOLLE FRANCIS MARCERO CHESTER THALMAN Publicity Committee Chairman ._ CHARLES H. HAYNES THOMAS AYRES ABE SCHLESINCER JOHN BECKER DONALD COHN 62 DRUIDS GEORGE MOWERSON DUKE WATSON GEORGE COSPER JACK OTTE WALTER CROW PAUL COURSEY HARRISON CHURCH FLINT WATT FRED CODY WALTER STONE TOM AYERS FRANK BISSELL JACK MERRILL WILLIS TOMLINSON LYMAN BITTMAN SAN LADD JOHN COCHRANE T. K. FISHER FRED BUESSER PAUL KEELER GEORGE ANDROS JOHN MANN BUD MARCERO FRED DELANO ALLEN DEWEY SAM STOLLER Row I Buesser, Stone, Marcero, Delano, Dewey, Merrill, Stoller Row II Cochrane, Cody, Bittman, Cosper, Coursey, Keeler, Church Row III Watt, Watson, Crow, Tomlinson, Fisher, Ayers, Mann, Otte rACH Spring, Druids, the Senior Honorary Society of the Literary College initiates its new members in formal and informal traditional style. The organization, established in 1909-10, elects men for their mer- itorious services to the University and has been advised since forma- tion by Prof. Arthur L. Cross. The purpose of the Druids is to serve the University through the combined ef- forts of its members in their respec- tive fields of activity. 63 BENJAMIN AARON A.B. Chicago, Illinois Zeta Beta Tau ; Alpha Kappa Delta; Choral Un- ion (1) (2) (3). MARY F. ADAIR A.B. Buffalo, New York Kappa Alpha Theta ; Var- sity Debating. EDWARD L. ADAMS, JR. HKNRY H. ALEXANDER GEORGE E. ALLEN A.B. A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan A.B. Detroit, Michigan Montpelier, Vermont Mimes (3) (4); Scabbard Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Gar- and Blade; Sec ' y.-Treas., goyle (2). Mimes (4) ; Dance Club (2) ; Union Opera (2) (3). SARAH ALLEN A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan MARY V. ANDREW A.B. Houghton, Michigan Wyvern ; Senior Society (1); Freshman Glee Club; Stanley Chorus (2); Chor- al Union (3) ; Freshman Project Coram. ; Soph Cab- aret Comm.; Orientation Comm. (3) (4); Assembly Ball Comm. (3) ; League Social Comm. (3); Assist- ant Chrmn., Junior Girls Play; League House Recep- tion Comm. (3); Mosher House Council (2) (3) (4); Pres., League Assembly (4); League Council (4). WINNIFRED ARNOLD A.B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Delta Gamma ; Soph Caba- ret; Penny Carnival; Junior Girls Play. MORLYE BAER A.B. Chicago, Illinois Zeta Beta Tau; Contem- porary; Play Production. WILLIAM ALQUIRK A.B. Flint, Michigan JAMES C. ANDREWS A.B. Kewanee, Illinios Beta Theta Pi. ROBERT M. ASHE B.S. Detroit, Michigan Theta Delta Chi ; Band. EDWARD BARATY A.B. Flint, Michigan Sec ' y., Deutscher Verein. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS DONALD K. ANDERSON A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Peace Council; Council of Religion. WILLIAM N. ANSPACH A.B Highland Park, Illinois Zeta Beta Tau, Treas. ; Senior Ball Comm. THOMAS G. AYERS A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Trigon ; Druids; ' Ensian (1) (2) (3), Editor College Section; Union (1) (2). RACHEL J. ANDERSON A.B. Fulton, New York Jordan Hall; Daily (3); Hockey (1); Soph Cabaret; Penny Carnival (1). GEORGE M. ARMITAGE A.B. Flint, Michigan Union Table Tennis Doubles Champion. FRANCIS R. BACON A.B. Grosse Pointe, Michigan Union Council (2). WAYNE A. ANDREAE A.B. Yale, Michigan Chi Phi; Mimes (4). EVELYN L. ARNOLD A.B. Vulcan, Michigan JOHN S. BADGER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Union Executive Council (3). MARJORY E. BARBER A.B. South Byron, New York Phi Tau Alpha. FRANK E. BARNARD A.B. Detroit, Michigan Michigamua ; Sphinx; ' M ' Club; Swimming (2) (3) (4). WILLIAM G. BARNDT A.B. Lima, Ohio Michigamua; Daily (1) (2), Adv. Mgr. (3), Ass ' t. Bus. Mgr. (4); Glee Club (1); Frosh Rendezvous Club (1): S. C. A. Cabinet (2). 64 1! 12 or 17 81 n or , ' 01 01 " U 9 IS 14 rr Amfc 5 df .- 10 n 15 3H1 ni 24-loD jn ziriT to bn yitisiij BENJAMIN AAROX .B. ChicaK " . .Illinois Zeta I!, -in T..II: Alpha Kai | i Delta: Choral I ' n- ion (1) (2) (3). MA 1 i- DAIK Miiffalo, - 2 ' W York Kappa Alpha Thna; Vnr I ' " ' bating. A.B. HDWARD L. D MS. JR. HENRY II. AI.HNANDER GEORGE E. JLLEN A.B Ann Arbiir, Mi. Detroii. Mirhigail .Mimes (:!) (I); Scabbard Sigma Alpha Epsilon; and lilade: Sec ' y.-Tre.i ... L ' O !C (2). Millies (I ! Cliil, ( ' 2) ; Union Opera (2) (y). E. JLLEN Montpelier; Vermont SARAH ALLEN A.B. Grand Rapidsfi Michigan MARY V ANDREW A.B. Houghton, Michigan ' yvfrn: Senior Society (1); Freshman Glee Club; Stanley Chorus (2) ; Clior- al Union (3); Freshman Project Comm. ; Soph (;il. aret Comm.; 1 0rientation Comm. (3) (4J ; ' Assembly Ball Comm. (:i); League Social Comm. (3) ; Assist- ant Chrmn., Junior Girls I ' lay: League House Recep- tion Comm. (3); Mosher House Council (2) (3) (4); Pres., League Assembly (4); League Council (4). WINNIFRED Ij NOLD A.B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Delta Gamma; Soph Calia ret; Penny Carnival; Junior Girls Play. MORLYE BAER A.B. Chicago, Hluiois Zeta Beta Tau? I Contem- porary; Play Production. WILLIAM AI.yriKE A.B. r llll t, AI i c ) i L;;I ll JAMKS C. ANDREWS .li Kewanco. Illinios Beta Theta Pi. 12 ROBERT M. A SHE B.tS. Detroit, Michigan Theta Delta Chi; Band. EDWARD BARATY A.B. Flint. Migiwail Sec ' }-., Deutsrher Vcrein. _ t T ! LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS DONALD K. ANDKRSON " A.B o Ann Arlmr. Mulligan Peace Council; Council of Religion. WILLIAM N. ANSPACH A.B 13 Highland Park, Illinois Zeta Beta Tau, Treas. ; Senior Ball Comm. THOMAS G. AYERS A.B. Highland Park, 4%:higan Trigon ; Druids; I (1) (2) (3). Editor College Section; Union (1) (2). RACHEL J. ANDERSON A.H. 9 Fulton. New York Jordan Hall; Daily (3); Hoc-key (1); Soph Cabaret; Penny Carnival (1). GEORGE M. AltMlTAOE Flint, Michigan ( " nion Table Tennis Doubles ( hampion. FRANCIS R. BACON A.B. Grosse Pointe. f c Union Council (2). WAYNE A. AN1UJEAE A.B Yale, Micmgan Chi Phi; Mimes (4). EVELYN L. AMJJOLD A.B. Vulcan, Micnigan JOHN S BADGER A.B. Ann Arbor. 2Krhigan Kappa Delta Rho; Uni ' m Kxerutive Council (3). This sheet shows the ar- rangement of Seniors in the Literary and Engineering Col- leges. M RJORY E. BARBER A.B. South Byron, N23 York Phi Tau Alpha. FRANK E. BARNARD A.B. Detroit. Michigan MichiuMinua ; S|4iTTl ; ' M ' Club; Swimming (2) (3) (4). BARNDT WILLIAM Lima. Mii-hik ' amua ; Daily (1) (2). Adv. Mgr. (3). Ass ' t. Bus. Mgr. (4) ; Glee Club (1) ; Frosh Rendezvous Club (1): S. C. A. Cabinet (2). 64 _ ' M AH , 2 Finance - g MA Ka| : - a ret. | | - A.B. HKTTV A. B.lJtTH; Mi hijC.i ' i MET . Leagur Art Comm. MM 12 Niagara PalU. ' Alpha E: - 1 7 I ' by Prodn BETTY I. B. Oak Park . : Jmni..- 1 FI ' JA M h 18 Dclton. ' LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS 11 16 18 f - 19 20 , 2t 25 ' KATHRYV BARKKT1 A innafS. i 1 ' Kappa Alpha Thrta. WILLIAM . BATK A.B wood, Missouri M_ Mai Q HE A.B. Michigan . 14 Jun- Pao rnent " .,mm. of Pt nn . Chair. Pan-H and Bali COBUD. 3 ; MARY E. BENNETT A.B. Urand Rapids. Michigan 1 9 - Play Comm. : Orientation Comm. MAKV KIi ' HAKD s BAXTER . 10 KU .1. BE;IX A.B. Mirhicin 15 V T BERDAN A.B. Bar City. Michigan ta : Junior 20 and ER A 2 York A.B - Foundation. 22 RN ' H.VRD 23 Hs- 1 Gamma Phi B.ta 24 I 2 f 3 cw , o 1 ant t ' hrmt -, c ' (-1) : ' 1 1 (O 16 v iii.i ( ret; ] - " - 12 f 17 _ 22 f r or ! ( 5 ar m 12 " . 17 22 r 20 24 LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS 8 jj 9 10 13 IP or g t (i). Id " 10 vr df v,,i i , i , . i, t .. , r f fj ' This sheet shows the ar- rangement of Seniors in the Literary 2 d Engineering Col- leges. C 73 cc z it y 64 liRAXT BARNES A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Theta Xi; Sphinx; Gargoyle. Bus. Mgr. MARION K. BARXl ' M A.B. KvanMon. Illinois Pi Beta Phi; Choral Union (3); Junior Girls Play. Finance Comm., Ushering Comm. JAMES G. BARRETT A.B. Willonghby, Ohio MARY E. BARTH A.B. Yale. Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta ; Stan- ley Chorus (2) : Soph Cab- aret. 1.KSI.IE R. BEALS Flint. Michigan A.B. LOI ' IS H BFLDEX A.B. Santa Monica. California Delta Tan Delta: Michigan- ensian (-) (3); Wrestling BKTTY A. BARTHEL A.B Grosse Pointe. Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma: En- sian. Women ' s Advertisi ' r: Mgr. : League Art Comm. WM. F. BECK A.B. Xiagara Falls. X. Y. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RALPH S. BELL A.B. Hackensack, Xew Jersey Play Production. BETTY L. BASSE A.B. Oak Park. Illinois Kappa Kappa Gamma: Gar- goyle (4: Sonh Cabaret: Junior Girls Play: Theatre Arts Comm. (2) (3); Mer- it Comm. (3). DONALD E. BEEBE A.B. Flushing. Michigan ZILPHA M. BELLIX ;EK A.B. Dplton. Massachusetts LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS KATHRYX F. BARRETT A.B. Cincinnati. Ohio Kappa Alpha Theta. WILLIAM C. BATES A.B. Kirkwood. Missouri Sigma Xu: Michigamua : Sphinx; M " Managers ' Club: Athletic Board of Directors: Varsity Football Mgr. (4). Junior Mgr. (3). BETTY A. BEEBE A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan ( " nlletriate Sorosis: Wyvern. Varsity Hockey; Dance Chair. Soph Cabaret; Jun- ior Girls Piny: Pres. Pan- Hellenic; Entertainment Cumin, of Penny Carnival. Ticket Chair. Pan-Hellenic Banq. and Ball: Mem. So- cial Comm. 3 yrs. MARY E BENNETT A.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan Martha Cook; Senior So- ciety (4); Pres. Martha Cook : Pres. Senior oc. (4); Junior Girls Play Comm. : Orientation Comm. (4). MARY M. BARRIXGTON A.B. Amherstburg. Ontario Jordan Hall: Soph Cabaret: Sociedad Hispanica (4). RICHARD S. BAXTER A.B. Detroit, Michigan HOWARD J. BEGIN A.B. Detroit. Michigan XAXCY T. BERDAX A.B. Bay City. Michigan Delta Delta Delta : Junior (iirls Play; Theatre and Arts Comm. MILTON M. BERGER A.B. Xew York. Xew York Metropolitan Club. Sec ' y. ; Union Opera (2): Aescle- piadae: Hillel Foundation. Hillel Independents. WILMA E BERXHARD A.B. Hast ings -on-Hudson Xew York Gamma Phi Beta. EDWARD D. BEYXOX A.B Girard. Ohio Alpha Sigma Phi: Band: Symphony Orchestra. ELIZABETH G. BIXGHAM A.B. Detroit, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis: Theta Sipma Phi: Daily (3) (4); Stanley Chorus (3) (4). KATHERIXE E. BISHOP A.B. Lansing. Michigan Delta Gamma: Soph Cab- aret. Dance Comm.: Junior Girls Play: Theatre anl Arts Comm. on Exhibits (3). 65 LAILA L. BLACK A.B. St. Joseph, Michigan Symphony Orchestra (1) : Choral Union (1) (2) (3) ; League Representative (2). MILFORD BOERSMA A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan EDWARD H. BOYLE A.B Washington, D.C. Siirnia Chi; Track (1) (2) (3). HARRIETT J. BREAY A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Phi. DOROTHY I. BURG Kalamazoo, BLANKEN A.B. Michigan KDMOND H. BORGIOLI A.B. Buffalo, New York Phi Tail Alpha; Mimes (2) ; Union Opera (2). MARGARET BRACKETT A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Lambda Delta; In- terpretive Arts Soc. (3). THOMAS V. BREEN A.B. Cleveland Heights, Ohio Phi Gamma Delta ; Daily (1); Swimming (1). PHYLLIS E. BLAUMAX A.B. Detroit, Michigan Athena; Interpretive Arts Soc.; Junior Girls Play; I ' lay Production; Jordan House Council; Theatre Arts Comm. GEORGE H. BORXKMAX A.B. Elkhart, Indiana I ' lii Gamma Delta; ' Ensian CHARLES BRANDMAX A.B. Findlay, Ohio Sigma Alpha Mu. WESLEY M. BREW A.B. Bergen, New York Varsity Baseball Mgr. : Rendezvous Club (1); ' IT Managers Club; Genesee Club (1) (2) (.3) (4). LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS LYMAX W. BITTMAN A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Sigma Chi; Druids; Daily (1) (2) (3) ; Bd. in Con trol of Stud. Publications. EDWARD BLOOM B.S. Brooklyn, New York OSCAR A. BOVISE A.M. New Orleans. Louisiana Alpha Phi Alpha; English Journal Club. LEONARD J. BRANDMAN A.B. Newark, New Jersey JAMES E. BLACK A.B. Grosse Pointe, Michigan Sigma Chi. EVELYN M. BLUESTEIN A.B. Brookline, Massachusetts Alpha Epsilon Phi; Gar- goyle (1) (2); Chrmn.. Finance Comm. (3), Finance Comm. (4) ; Soph Cabaret, Ticket Comm.; Junior Girls Play, Ticket Comm.; Fresh- man Lantern Dance, Fi- nance Comm.; League House Comm. (2). CAROLYN M. BOWER A.B. Mitchell, South Dakota RUTH E. BRANSKY A.B. Whiting, Indiana Delta Delta Delta; Zeta Phi Eta. JAMES C. BRIEGEL A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi. FLOY BRIGSTOCK A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan GLADYS G. BRINER, A.B. Grosse Pointe, Michigan HUBERT M. BRISTOL A.B. Oak Park, Illinois Theta Delta Chi: Michiga- mua ; Commencement Chrmn. (4) ; Exec. Comm. (3); Basketball Mgr. (4); M ' Managers Club (4) ; Director, Student Board of Athletics (4). DOROTHY L. BROMLEY A.B. Chicago, Illinois eta Tau Alpha; Beta Knppa Kho ; Rushing Chrmn. (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Rep. (4). 66 MARY .7. BROTHERTON A.It. Detroit. Michigan Soph Cabaret ; Gargoyle (1); Children ' s Theatre (2). ROBERT B. BROWN A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Phi Kappa Psi : Scabbard and Blade; Daily (1) (2) (3); Adelphi; Hopwood Award (1). KITH BROWNSTEIX A B. Hnntingtnn. West Virginia Alpha Epsilon Phi: Daily. Bui. Staff; Junior Girls Play, Make-Up C ' omm. and Cast. PHYLLIS L. BRUMM A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Delta Delta: Con- temporary (3); Sec ' y.. Peace Council : Comedy Club: League Theatre Arts Comm.. Chrmn. : Univ. Or- chestra (3). GRANT H. BUBY A.B. Lapeer, Michigan Phi Sigma Alpha. ROBERT L. BURHANS A.B. Peoria, Illinois Alpha Delta Phi. MABEL J. CAMPBELL A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma. CHARLES B. CARPENTER A.B. Evanston. Illinois Theta Delta Chi: Daily (2) (3) (4). NATHAN E. CHODOSH B.S. Jersey City. New Jersey ISADORE BfRSTEIX A.B. Chelsea. Massachusetts Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4). MARIOX L. CAXXOX A.B. Detroit, Michigan Junior Girls Play, Costume Comm. : League House Recep. and Social Comm. (3); Orientation Com-n (4). JAXE N. CARSOX A.B. River Forest. Illinois Le Cercle Francais: Orien- tation Comm. (4) ; League Assembly Rep. (4). ROBERT CHRISTENSEN B.S. Xorthville. Michigan LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS FREDERICK BUCHANAN A.B. West Chicago, Illinois Delta Tau Delta. EVELYX BVTLER A.B. - ' aw. Michigan Sociedad Hispanica : Beta Kappa Rhu. Sec ' y -Treas. (4): I ' niv. Alumni Scholar. FRANCIS E CAREY A.K. Pulaski. New York FRED G. BUESSER A.B. Detroit. Michigan Delta Tau Delta: Sphinx: Druids: Daily (1) (2) (3) (4): Class Pres. (2). VIRGINIA M. CALLOW A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega: Daily (1); Class Sec ' y. (4) " : Freshman Girls Glee Cluli. Stanley Chorus: Junior (iirls Play: Soph Cabaret Comm.: League Comm. (2) (3). EDITH M. CARMINE A.B. Gaastra. Michigan JOHN E. BURCH B.S. Saginaw. Michigan Hermitage. CHARLES W. CAMPBELL A.B Portland. Indiana FRANCES E. CARXEY A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Alpha Lambda Delta : Sen- ior Society (4) : Phi Kappa Phi; Contemporary (3) (4). Managing Editor (3). Co-Editor (4). JOSEPHINE CAVAXAGH A.B. Midland. Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Theta Sigma Phi : Daily ; Soph Cabaret ; Junior Girls Play. WILBUR A. CHAPMAN A.B. Jenkintown. Pennsylvania Pi Kappa Alpha. . MARYANXA CHOCKLEY A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Gamma, Wy vern : Mortarboard: Alpha Kappa D?lta : Treas Delta Gamma (3), Pres. (4) : Soph Cab- aret. Gen ' l. Chrmn. (2); Judiciary Council (3), Chrmn. (4). 67 RUTH CHRISTOPHERSON A.B. Muskegon, Michigan Martha Cook; Choral Un- ion (3), (4); Cercle Fran- cais (4). JANE E. CHRISTY A.B. Chicago, Illinois Omega Upsilon ; Interp. Arts Soc. ; Soph. Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Theatre Arts Comm. ; Dance Club. Ishpeming, Michigan Ishpeming, Michigan HARRISON A. CHURCH MARY L. CLANCEY A.B. SARA P. CLANCEY A.B. A.B. Elkhart, Indiana Phi Delta Theta ; Druids; Track Mgr. (4) ; Glee Club (3). HARRIETTS L. CLARK B.S. Lander, Wyoming Sigma Et Chi: Alpha Lambda Delta : Class Prs. Nurses (1); Choral Union (2); Stanley Chorus (3): Nurses ' Choral Club (4) (5). ELAINE E. COBO A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Delta ; Athena; Chrmn., Finance Comm., Frosh Proiect : Finance Comm., Soph Cabaret; Fi- nance Comm.. W. A. A. (4): Mosher Hall Scholarship Chrmn. (2) ; Pan-Hellenic Delegate (2); Social Chrmn., Mosher Hall (3), Sponsor. Mosher Hall; League Social Comm. (4). PAULINE G. COHEN A.B. New York, New York Hillel Independents, Treas. : Hillel Council; Le Cercle Francais. PHILIP N. COMINS Flint, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda. A.B. RICHARD S. CLARK A.B. Villa Park. Illinois Daily (2); Freshman Handbook. Editor (2). Assoc. Editor (3) ; S. C. A., Sec ' y. (3). Pres. (4); Freshman Glee Club; Men ' s Council (4). JOHN L. COCHRANE A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Psi; Druids; Gargoyle (2) (3), 4ccounts and Cred- its Mgr. (3). DONALD M. COHN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Nu; Publicity Comm. 4 : Hillel Council (2) ; Hillel News (1) (2). CHARLOTTE E. COOPER A.B. CJrosse Pointe, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS RUTH CLARK A.B. Washington, D. C. Helen Newberry; Senior Society; Daily (2) (3); Vice-Pres., Helen Newberry (3); Choral Union (2) (3): Stanley Chorus (3); Finance Comm., Class (3); League House Recep. Comm. (3); Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play. FREDERICK K. CODY B.S. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi : Druids: Swimming (2) (3) (4). GORDON K. COHN A.B. Indianapolis. Indiana Phi Epsilon Phi. Pres. (4) ; Daily Bus. Staff (1) (2); Contemporary, Bus. Algr. (4). TOM B. CLARKE A.B. Bronxville, New York Alpha Tau Omega; Daily (1) (2). MA URINE COFFEE A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Helen Newberry, Pres. (4). WILLIAM H. COLBURN A.B. Ypsilanti, Michigan WALTER M. CLINE. JR. A.B. Chattanooga. Tennessee Kappa Sigma. FLORENCE COHEN A.B. Bayonne, New ,Trrv,.y Sociedad Hispanica (4); League Assembly (2). JEAN C. COLEK A.B. Indianapolis, Indiana Alpha Phi. BRUCE B. CORK Peck, Michigan B.S. LEO W. CORKIN A.B. St. Johns. Michigan Trigon : ' Ensian (1) (2); Band (1) (2). ELIZABETH COSOLIAS A.B. Utica, New York Martha Cook; Le Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4) ; ' En- sian (3) (4); Vice-Pres., Jordan Hall (3): Soph Cab- aret; Junior Girls Play. 68 GEORGE W. COSPER A.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Cki: Druids: Class Press. 1 ) : Editor. Inter- frat. Directory (3): Chrmiu Interfrat- Ball (4): Pres.. Interfrat. Council (4): Men ' s Council (4): Univ. Administrative Board (4). BARBARA E. CUMMINS A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan La Sociedad Hispanica: Outdoor Club (4); Alpha Gamma Sigma. VIRGINIA C. DAHLEM A.B. Jackson. Michigan Phi Sigma. WALTER COUNTRYMAN B.S. Pontiac. Michigan Cross Country 1 ) . ROSWELL G. CURTIS, JR. A.B. Blcomfield Hills. Michigan Chi Phi: Daily (1). FRANKLIN DANNEMIL- LER A.B. Canton. Ohio Delta Tau Delta. Pres. (4) ; Sphinx: Michigamna. Sach- em (4) ; Michiganensian 1) (2) (3). Managing Kditor (4) : Class Vice-Pres. (4); Frosh Frolic Coma. (1) Finance Committee (3). JOHX P. COURSEY B.S. Mt. Yernon, Georgia Sigma Chi: Scabbard and Blade: Quadrangle: Druids; Pres.. Scabbard and Blade (4) ; ROTC. EDWARD CUSHMAN A.B. Maiden. Massachusetts Phi Eta Sigma. LEON H. DARDAS A.B. Bay City, Michigan DAVID J. DEAN A.B. Newark. New Jersey Alpha Kappa Lambda; In- terfrat. Council (3) (4); J4 Club: Sigma Delta Psi: Deuce of Clubs (2): Varsity Tennis (2) (3) (4): Freshman Glee Club: Le Cercle Franeaic. FRED H. DeLANO A.B. Dowagiac, Michigan Sigma Nu: Sigma Delta Chi, Treas. (4); Druids; Daily lj 2) (3). As. Sports Editor (4) ; Band (1); Class Treas. (3). LOUIS DEUTSCH A.B. Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania All Campus Soccer Team. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS WALTER A. CROW A.B. Highland Park. Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi. Pres. ( 4 ) : Druids ; Junior Exec. Crab: ' Ensian. Photograph- er (2) (3). Feature Editor (3); Gargoyle (2) (3) (4): Daily (3) (4); Band 1 (2) (4); Adelphi House of Rep. (2) (3) (4); Public- ity Chrmn_ Junior Class, Bus. Adm. ARTHUR H. CUTLER B.S. Detroit. Michigan Alpha Tau Omega. FLORENCE H. DAVIES A.B. Grosse Pointe. Michigan Alpha Chi Om n: Then Sigma Phi: Kappa Tan Alpha; Daily Editorial Staff (1) (2) (3); Soph Caba- ret : League Publicity Comm. (1) (2). EDMOND F. DeVINE A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Phi Kappa Psi: Track (1) (2) (3) (4). CHARLOTTE E. CULVER A.B. Coldwater. Michigan Kappa Delta. ANTHONY R. CZERESKO A.B. Dearborn. Michigan Theta Kappa Psi. AVIS L. DAY A.B. Owosso, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; ' Ensian (1); Soph Cabaret Comm.: Junior Girls Play Cooun. and Cast; Theatre Arts ' :.:: ALLAN C. DEWEY A.B. Detroit. Michigan Zeta Psi; Soph Prom Comm. (2) : Eiec. Comm. (3) ; Daily (1) (2): Class Pres. (4): Union Opera (2) ; Mimes (3) (4): Toastmas- ters Club (3) (4). Sec y. Treas. (4). FATE O. DIBBLE A.B. Fenton, Michigan Pi Lambda Theta: Orienta- tion Comm. (3). JEROME J. DICK A.B. Brooklyn. Sew York Sigma Alpha Mn. HELEN H. DIEFENDORF A.B. Angola, New York JANE E. DOLE A.B. Clearfield. Pennsylvania Kappa Kappa Gamma : Theta Sigma Phi, Vice-Pres. (4); Choral Union (3); Junior Girls Play Comm. MARION DONALDSON A.B. Pontiac. Michigan Collegiate Sorosis : Daily (1): Junior Girls Play; Soph Cabaret. 69 DONALD K. DUTCHER B.S. Jackson, Michigan FRANK R. EAGER. JR. A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Choral Union. JOHN R. EARLY A.B. Reading, Pennsylvania Trigon ; Alpha Nu. IRVING M. EDELBEBG A.B. Saranac Lake, New York Sigma Alpha Mu; Intra- mural Sports (1) (2) (3) (4). DONALD B. EFFLER, A.B. Toledo, Ohio ( " hi Phi; Alpha Kappa Kappa. SHELDON M. ELLIS A.B. Hillsdale. Michigan Kappa Nu; Daily (1) (2); Hillel News; Sec ' y. Kappa Nu (3), Treas. (4) ; Hillel Players; Adelphi. JKAN II. ED(iERTON A.B. New York, New York Mosher Hall. Mosher House Council: House R e c e p. Comm., League. Stu- (8); Club; (3) ; Soph. EHRLICHMAN A.B. Ferndale, Michigan Jordan Hall; Martha Cook; Alpha Kappa Delta ; dent Senate Sec ' y. Freshman Girls Glee Stanley Chorus (2) Junior Girls Play; Cabaret; W. A. A. (1) (2) Debating (2) (3); Peace Council: League Comm. (1) (2) (3) (4); Art Cinema League (4) ; Hillel (1) (2) (3); League Assembly (3). CHARLOTTE A. ELY A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis ; Junior Girls Play. ROBERT H. EDMONDS A.B. Detroit, Michigan Tennis (2) (:!) (4) ; Univ. Symphony (1). CATHERINE EICHELBAR- GER A.B. Detroit. Michigan Chi Omega; Kappa Tau Al- pha; Choral Union; Stanley Chorus; Junior Girls Plaj " . ARTHUR A. ERNST A.B. Saginaw, Michigan LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS GEIL II. DUFFENDACK .B.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Pi Lamb- da Theta: Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta: Stan- ley Chorus; Choral Union. ROBERT 0. EBERBACH B.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Chi. JANE E, EDMONSON A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma. PHILLIS M. EISEMAN A.B. Flint, Michigan Le Cercle Francais; Daily Junior Girls Play. DAVID B. DUNLAP A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma ; Union Comm. (2). ROBERT ECKELBERGER A.B. Johnson City, New York Kappa Sigma ; Union Comm (2). ROBERT L. EDWARDS A.B. Cincinnati. Ohio Fletcher Hall. JOE O. ELLIS A.B. Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Sigma Chi; Sphinx; Foot- ball (2) (3). MARY E. EVANS A.B. Lapeer, Michigan Kappa Delta ; Stanley Chorus (3) ; League House Comm. (3) (4); Pan-Hel- lenic Comm. (4). ROBERT L. EVANS A.B. Norristown, Pennsylvania Alpha Kappa Lamb d a, Treas. ; Student Recep. Comm. for Foreign Stud (3). TOM L. EVANS A.B. Detroit. Michigan Acacia; Case Club; Union Comm. (2). DORIS G. EVERETT A.B. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Alpha Phi; Frosh Frolic Cinnm.; Soph Cabaret; Jun- ior Girls Play: Pan-Hellenic Comm.; League Publicity Comm. ROBERT B. EVERETT A.B. Flint. Michigan University Symphony Oroh. (3). 70 ROBERT G. EWEI.L A.B. Cleveland. Ohio Sigma Xu: ' Ensian (1) 2) (3). EL1)A E. FASTER A.B. Fort Wayne, Indiana Helen Newberry: Alpha Lambda Delta; Rifle Team; Pres., Alpha Lambda Theta; Choral Union. AGATHA M. FEGERT A.B. Bay City, Michigan Martha Cook; League So- cial Comm. (4). ROBERT A. FEIXER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan LEE E. FELDKAMP A.B. Ypsilanti, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa; Band (1) (2) (3). JEAX K. FIELD A.B. Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Alpha Xi Delta : Contem- porary. Bus. Staff (2); Class Vice-Pres. (4) ; Frosh Project Comm. ( 1 ) ; Soph Cabaret Comm. (2). ALBERT W. FIXLY, A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi. JR. JESSE E. FLICK A.B. Galveston, Texas Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Tennis. SIDXEY FIXGER. JR. A.B. Newark, New Jersey Pi Lambda Phi; Daily (2). CARL F. FISCHER A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi; ' Ensian (1) (2), Organizations Mgr. (3). DOROTHY J. FOGG A.B. Jonesville, Michigan Helen Newberry. Sv L ? EDITH L. FREDERICK A.B. Grosse Pointe, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma: ' En- sian (2) (3) : Hockey (1) ; W. A. A. (3). ROBERT J. FREEHLIXG A.B. Chicago, Illinois Zeta Beta Tau: Phi Eta Sigma; Daily (1) (2); S. C. A. (3). LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS CATHERINE FERGUSON A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Alpha Gamma Sigma. Pres. (4). ISRAEL H. FIXKELSTEIN A.B. Flint. Michigan Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Adelphi. THOMAS K. FISHER A.B. Anderson, Indiana Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Kappa Phi; Druids; Toastmasters Club; Men ' s Council, Exec. Comm. (4) ; Gargoyle (3), Literary Editor; Track (2) ; Pres., Druids (4). MARGARET FERGUSON A.B. Royal Oak, Michigan Kappa Delta. JEAN FINKELSTEIN A.B Chicago, Illinois Choral Union, Play Produc- tion. CLARICE M. FIEBIG A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook Bldg. JEAN M. FIXLAYSOX A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Delta Pi. MILDRED FISHLER A.B. WILLIAM Flint. Michigan Betsy Barbour; German Club. FLEMING H. A.B. South Bend. Indiana Alpha Tau Omega; Adelphi; Phi Eta Sigma; Daily (1) (2) ; Exec. Comm. Inter- frat. Council (4) ; Union Comm. (1); Capt., ROTC (3). IRVING M. FOLGER A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan PAUL T. FORTH B.S. Rochester, New York Phi Chi : Rendezvous Club (1); Freshman Round Table, Pres. ; Genesee Cluo. GEORGE FRANK A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa Tau; Alpha Kappa Delta. 71 RICHARD FREIERMUTH A.B. Jackson, Michigan Choral Union (4). JEAN L. FRIEDERICI A.B. Steubenville, Ohio Alpha Xi Delta; Soph Cab- aret; Junior Girls Play; Pres. Alpha Xi Delta (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (2) (3), Pan-Hellenic Banquet Coinm. (2) ; Le Cercle Fran- cais (4). DAVID B. FRIEDMAN A.B. New York, New York Kappa Nu; Phi Delta Ep i- lon; Phi Eta Sigma; Hillel Players (3) ; Union Comm. (2). ROBERT J. FRIEDMAN A.B. New York, New York Kappa Nu; Daily (3) Football (1); Track (1) Pres., Kappa Nu (4) Chrmn., Class Finance Comm. (4) ; Exec. Comm. Publicity Chrmn., Futer- Prith Symposium (4). MAR.TORIE L. FULLER A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Martha Cook; Alpha Kappa Delta; ' Ensian Bus. Staff (3) (4) ; Choral Union (1) (2) (3); League House Recep. Comm. (2) (3) (4); Internat ' l Relations Club (4). PAUL G. FUREE A.B. Brooklyn, New York GORDON J. GARY A.B. Brooklyn, Michigan ROBERT S. GEYMAN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Theta Delta Chi. MILDRED K. GOLDBERG A.B. Gladwin, Michigan Phi Sigma Sigma; Athena; Phi Sigma Sigma Treas. (2) Sec ' y. (3); Interp. Arts Soc. ; Soph Cabaret. Finance Comm.; Junior Girls Play; Hillel Players. JESSE G. GARBER A.B. Brookline, Massachusetts Sigma Alpha Mu ; Football (1) (2) (3) (4); Wrest- ling (1) (2) (4). HDGH P. GASTON A.B. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Mu ; Band (2) (3) (4). HENRY B. GILLESPIE B.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Kappn Plii ; Swimming (1). SEYMOUR Z. GOLDEN A.B. Chicago, Illinois Phi Sigma Delta; Band (1) (2). LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS ADELE M. GARDNER A.B. Clarkston, Michigan Delta Zeta; Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Kappa Phi; Basketball (1) (2) (3) (4); Bowling (2) (3); Stanley Chorus (2); Choral Union (4) ; Finance Comm., Soph Cabaret; Chrmn., Fi- nance Comm., Penny Carni- val (2) (3) ; W. A. A. Point Recorder (3). ALICE M. GATY A.B. Brooklyn, Michigan Phi Tau Alpha. AARON M. GILLMAN A.B. New York, New York ROBERT M. GARRELS A.B. Grosse He, Michigan Theta Delta Chi. NATHAN GARVIN A.B. Detroit, Michigan DOROTHY R. GELDART A.B. Floral Park, New York Delta Delta Delta ; Stan- ley Chorus (2) (3) ; Deco- rations Comm., Soph Caba- ret; Junior Girls Play. BENJAMIN A. GOLDBERG A.B. Fitchburg, Massachusetts Phi Eta Sigma; Band (1) (2) (3) (4). ELEANOR E. GESNER A.B. Marshall, Michigan Martha Cook; Theta Sigma Phi; Kappa Tau Alpha; Trcas., Theta Sigma Phi (4). LOUIS S. GOLDBERG A.B. Chicago. Illinois Adelphi; I-M Mgr. (1) (2) (3) (4); Class Senate Comm. (3) ; Art Cinema League (3) (4); Bd. in Control of Athletics (4) ; Mgr. ' M ' Club (4) ; D. D. ' s (1) (2) ; Mimes (3) (4) ; Choral Union (2) ; Bus. Mgr. (4) ; Hillel Players (3) (4); Hillel Student. Council (1) (2) (3) (4). MADELINE GOLDENSON A.B. Scottdale, Pennsylvania ABE A. GOLDMAN A.B. Arverne, New York MILTON L. GOLDRING B.S. Newark, New Jersey 72 LOUIS GOLDSMITH Cincinnati, Ohio Phi Epsilon Pi; Daily Class Exec. Comm. -;oph Prom Comm. BKRNARD S. GORDON A.B. Boston, Massachusetts Cross Country (1); Track 2i (3). A.B. BETTY GOLDSTEIN A.B. Long Beach, New York d): Alpha Lambda Delta; Al- (2): pha Kappa Delta; Phi Knppa Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Daily (1) (2); Soph Cabaret: Jordan Coun- cil (1); League House Comm. (2); Publicity Chrmn., Jordan Hall (2); Penny Carnival. ISABELLE C. GORDON A.B. Detroit, Michigan N. Y. A. State Board Ren. MARY M. GRABLE A.B. Indianapolis, Indiana Kappa Kappa Gamma ; Ath- ena. C.KORGIA A. GRIBBIX A.B. Xushville. Michigan MELVIN H. GOODMAN A.B. Bayonne, New Jerey SAMUEL GORDON A.B. Worcester, Massachusetts GRACE K. GRAY A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Zeta; Athena: Delia Sigma Rho; Rushing Chrmn., Delta Zeta: Fenc- ing Mgr., W. A. A. (3) (4) ; Bec ' y. (3), Pres. (4). Ath- ena; Choral Union (3); Stanley Chorus CJ): Fi- nance Chrmn., Sonh Caba- ret; Junior Girls Play; Play Production (3) ; Interpre- tive Arts Soc. (2). OLIVE E. GRIFFITH A.B. Wyandotte. Michigan Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Daily Edi- torial Staff (1) (2); Fresh- man Girls Glee Club; Orien- tation Advisor (3) ; Junior ; i r 1 s Play. Properties Comm.; Soph Cabaret; Lan- tern Night (2) ; House Re- ception Comm. Merit S - tern Comm., Mich. League. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS VIVIEN R. GREENBERG A.B. Bradford, Pennsylvania Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi. JOSEPH F. GROMKO A.B. New Britain, Connecticut Polonia Literary Circle. RAYMOND A. GOODMAN A.B. Indianapolis. Indiana Sigma Alpha Mu: Daily (1) (2) (3) (4): Class Finance Comm. (1) (4). BERNARD GOTTFRIED A.B. Brooklyn, New York JEAN M. GREENWALD A.B. New Kensington; Pennsylvania Delta Delta Delta; Athena. Treas. (3): J-Hop Comm. (3) ; Vice-Pres.. Freshman Girls Glee Club; Pres., Delta Delta Delta (4) : Treas., Athena (3) ; Stanley Chor- us (2) (3); Play Produc- tion (3) (4) : Junior Girls Play; Finance Comm. Soph Cabaret ; Lantern Night ; Theatre and Arts Comm. (2) (3) (4). ARNOLD GROSS A.B. Utica. New York Sigma Alpha Mu: Wrestling (1) (3) (4). MARGOT GOODRICH A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Senior Society: Phi Kappa Phi. RUTH E. GOUTREMOUT A.B. Rochester, New York Chi Omega; Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play: Le Cercle Francais. GUERDON D. GREENWAY A.B. Owosso, Michigan Delta Tau Delta. JEROME B. GROSSMAN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Zeta Beta Tau. MARGARET J. GUEST A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Omega ; Mortarboard ; Pres., Chi Omega ; Chrmn., Theatre Arts Comm. CI.OYD D. GULL A.B. Elyria, Ohio Alpha Chi Rho; Phi Beta Kappa. VIRGINIA E. GWINNER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta. ALTA E. HAAB A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan GERALDINE R. HAAS A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan 73 LeROY L. HAMMIAL A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan WAYNE M. HARTWELL Flint, Michigan RICHARD G. HARDEN- BROOK A.B. Rochester, New York Phi Sigma Kappa; Daily (1) ; Glider Club (2) ; Gen- esee Club (1) (2) (3). HELEN M. HARWOOD A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan CHARLOTTE HAMILTON A.B. Port Huron, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wyvern ; Mortarboard; ' Ensian (1) (2) (3), Women ' s Editor (4) ; Junior Girls Play. Central Comm. (3) ; Judi- ciary Council Member (4) ; Pan-Hellenic (2) (3). JEROME W. HARRIS A.B. Buffalo, New York Sigma Alpha Mu. HARRIET H. HATHAWAY A.B. Blissfield, Michigan Delta Gamma: Daily (1) (2) ; Chrmn. , House Recept. Comm.; Soph Cabaret; Jun- ior Girls Play. ALICE S. HENDRICK A.B. Nashville, Tennessee Betsy Barbour; Anthropol- ogy Club. HARRIET HEATH A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Mortarboard; Social Committee (1) (2) (3); Chrmn., League Social Comm. (4); Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play. LOUISE E. HERALD A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Kappa Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Stanley Chorus (3); Junior Girls Play, Pub. Comm. (3) ; League Publ. Comm. (4). MARY E. HEITSCH A.B. Pontiac, Michigan MILDRED L. HERKNEK A.B. Traverse City, Michigan JEAN HARREL.SON A.B. Owosso, Michigan Delta Delta Delta. JEAN C. HATFIELD A.B. Chicago, Illinois Delta Gamma, Sec ' y. (4) Gargoyle (2); League So- cial Comm. (2) (3), League Chrmn. (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Ass ' n. (3), Treas. (4; ; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play. ERAINE R. HEMMETER A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Martha Cook; Deutscher Verein, Pres. (4) ; Junior Girls Play. RICHARD (;. HERSHEY A.B. Tnylorville, Illinois Alpha Delta Phi; Sigma Delta Chi ; Sphinx (3) Daily (2) (3) (4); Band (1) (2); Union Comm. (3) (4) ; Men ' s Council (4). LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS MARGARET HAMILTON A.B. White Plains, New York Collegiate Sorosis ; Daily (3) ; League Social Comm. (4) ; Publicity Comm., Jun- ior Girls Play (3). JEAN G. HARRISON A.B. Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania Delta Delta Delta; Athena; Junior Girls Play; Play Production. CHARLES H. HAYNES A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi ; Exec. Comm., Interfrat. Council ; Pub. Chrmn., Interfrat. Council. MARJORIE HEPPENSTALL A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Sociedad Hispanica. RICHARD E. HINKS A.B. Detroit, Michigan Zeta Psi; Exec. Council (3); Toastmasters Club; Phi Delta Phi. VOLTAIRINE E. HIRSCH A.B. New York, New York- Alpha Gamma Sigma; Al- pha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi ; ' Ensian Deutscher Verein. JEAN C. HOFFMAN, Lakewood, Ohio Gamma Phi Beta. (1); A.B. MARION T. HOLDEN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Pi Beta Phi. Corres. Sec ' y. Theta Sigma Phi, Pres. (4) ; J-Hop Central C o m m. ; Daily (1) (2) (3) ; Contem- porary, Circulation Mgr. (4) ; Soph Cabaret, Publi- city Comm. ; Hostess, Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play. Cast and Publicity Comm. A. JEAN HOLLENBECK A.B. Flint. Michigan K.-ippa Kappa Gamma; Mar- tha Cook; .Junior Girls- Play; Orii ' ntntion Advisor. 74 LARRY L. HOREXSTEIX A.B. Detroit, Michigan KIHTH B. HrBBARD A.B Detroit. Michigan Choral Union (3) (4). RALPH W. HURD A.B. Detroit. Michigan Trigon: Daily Editorial (4). ELIZABETH A. HURLEY A.B. Coldwater, Michigan LOUIS HURWITZ Flint. Michigan B.8. ROBERT B. JACKMAX A.B. Bradford, Pennsylvania JOEL G. JACOB A.B. Detroit, Michigan ROY W. JIAXXOTT A.B. Thornwood. New York Hermitage. JEAXXE K. JOHXSOX A.B. Detroit. Michigan Alpha Chi Omega: Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play; Stanley Chorus. MICHAEL C. JOSEPH B.S. Flint. Michigan STAXLEY A. JOFFE A.B. Woodmere, Xew York Phi Epsilon Pi: Daily (2) (3). MARY C. JOHXSOX A.B. Orchard Park, Xew York Kappa Delta; Theta Sigma Phi (3); Daily (3): Stan- ley Chorus (3) (4) ; Glider Clnb (4) : Crop and Sad- dle (3) (4); League Thea- tre and Arts Conun. (4). LOREX J. KADET A.B. Chicago. Illinois Phi Sigma Delta: Mimes (3) (4): Union Exec. Council (3). LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS PHYLLIS L. HUSTON A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Pi Lambda Theta: Alpha Lambda Theta ; Wesleyan Guild. Yice-Pres.: Kappa Phi. M. THERESA JAYCOX A.B. He mm ond sport, Xew York Alpha Xi Delta. Social Chrmn. (3) (4) : Swimming Club (1) (2): Pan-Hellenic Rep. (3) (4); Junior Girls Play Comm. MARY L. JOHXS A.B. Detroit. Michigan Gamma Phi Beta : Freshman Girl Glee Club; Stanley Chorus (2) (3) (4) ; Jun- ior Girls Plav : Dance Club (2) (3) (4); League Theatre and Arts Comm. (4). EUXICE F. IXGALLS A.B. Xorwich, Connecticut JEAX K. JEXSEX A.B. Ironwood. Michigan ESTHER J. JOHXSOX A.B. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Kappa Kappa Gamma; Theta Sigma Phi. PRICE S. IXXES A.B. Detroit, Michigan Tr!gon. THOMAS A. JEXSEX A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Theta Xi : Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4), Vice-Pres. (4); Freshman Glee Club; Choral Union (2). G. STEWART JOHXSON A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Beta Theta Pi: Mimes (2) (3) (4). Pres. (4) : Gar- goyle (1) (2); Union Opera (2). BETTY K. JONES Cleveland, Ohio Alpha Chi Omega. A.B. HELEN M. JOXES Athens, Ohio Pi Beta Phi: Athena; Production (3) (4)j A.B. Play Jun- ior Girls Play: Theatre Arts Comm., League (4). JEAXXETTE JOXKMAN A B. Grand Rapids, Michigan 75 CHARLOTTE F. KAHN A.B. Washington, D. C. Alpha Epsilon Phi. GEORGE KALOUSTIAN B.S. Highland Park, Michigan GRETCHEN H. RANTER A.B. Detroit, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis ; Zeta Phi Eta; Interp. Arts Soc. (3); Theatre and Arts Comm. (4) ; Junior Girls Play; Orientation Comm. (4); Play Production (3). BERT A. KANWIT A.B. Lynbrook, Long Island, New York Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman Rendezvous; Wrestling; Tennis (1). SAMUEL KAPLAN B.S. Detroit, Michigan JOSEPH L. KARPINSKI A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa; Daily (2). C. BRUCE KELLEY A.B. Lansing, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma. LOIS M. KING A.B. Lakewood, Ohio Pi Beta Phi; Wyvern ; Mortarboard ; Theta Sigma Phi; Phi Kappa Phi; Daily (2) (3); Sec ' y.-Treas.. League (4) ; League Thea- tre Arts Comm. (2), Chrmn. (3) ; League Soe. Comm. (2) ; Soph Cabaret, Cen- tral Comm.; Junior Girls Play. EMANUEL H. KLEIN A.B. Quakertown, Pennsylvania Phi Sigma Delta. SH1RREL KASLE A.B. Toledo, Ohio Phi Ensilon Pi: Mimes (2) (3) (4), Pres. (4); Frosh Rendezvous, Counselor (4) ; Orientation Advisor (4) ; Class Finance Comm. (3), Class Exec. Comm. (4) ; Freshman Glee Club, Pres. (1), Director (3) (4); Var- sity Glee Club, (2) (3) (4), Vice-Pres. (3). Pres. (4) ; Glee Club Student Di- rector (3) (4) ; All-Cam- pus Sing Cond. (3) (4); Choral Union (3); Mich. Singers (1) (2) (3) (4); Union Opera (2); Music Chrmn. (2); Daily Good- fellows (3) (4); Hillel Stu- dent Council (1) (2) (3) (4), Pres. (3) ; Council of Religion (3) (4); Peace Council (3) (4); Spring Parley Comm. (3) (4) : Hillel Players (3) (4). EDWARD E. KELLMAN B.S. Highland Park, Michigan Wrestling (1) (2) (3) (4). MARY E. KING A.B. Ha stings-on- Hudson, New York Delta Delta Delta ; Wy- vern ; ' Ensian (1) (2) (3); Freshman Girls Gle e Club, Pres.; Stanley Chorus (2) (3J ; Orientation Comm. (2) (3); House Reception (2) ; Social Comm. (3) ; Pan-Hellenic Assoc. (3) (4). Chrmn., Pan-Hellenic Ball (4); Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play. L. BEN KNAPP Elyria, Ohio Phi Rho Sigma. A.B. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS KATHRYN KEELER A.B. El Paso, Texas Kappa Alpha Theta. THOMAS J. KENNEDY A.B. Laurium, Michigan KATHERIXE M. KIRWAX A.B. Ludingtoii, Michigan PAUL J. KEELER A.B. Buffalo, New York Phi Delta Theta; Sphinx: Druids; Swimming (1) (2) (3) (4). LEONARD KESSLER A.B. Bay City, Michigan K. BERNICE KLEIMAN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Martha Cook : Art Cinema League (3) (4). JEAN C. KEINATH A.B. Ottawa. Ohio Alpha Phi ; Phi Tau Alpha ; Daily (2) (3) (4). Wo- men ' s Bus. Mgr. ; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play, Costume Comm.; Publicity Comm., E n t e r t a i nment Comm., League. ANGIE P. KING A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Ice Hockey, Mgr. ; W. A. A. Board. CYRUS P. KLEIN A.B. Montclair. Xew Jersey Zeta Beta Tau. ROBERT B. KNIGHT A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Tau Delta; ' Ensian (1) (2) (3). RICHARD KNOBLAUCH A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega. MARTHA F. KNOX A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Delta Delta Delta; ' Ensian (1) (2), Junior Editor (3); Soph Cabaret; Merit Comm. (3) (4). 76 J 4CQrELIXE H. A.B. Detroit. Michigan Collegiate Sorosis: League Heuse Reeep. Comm.: Or- ientation Advisor: Member Judiciary Council (4): Soph Cabaret. Entertain- ment Comm. ; Junior Girls Play. Cast and Makeup Comm. WALTER R KRUEGER A.B. Ann Arbor. M iehigan Daily (H (2). EDWARD C. LAKE B.S. Jackson. Michigan Choral Union (4). HOMER C. LATHROP A.B. Indianapolis. Indiana Alpha Delta Phi. KOLLE MARTHA A. KOSTELAK A.B. Xew York, Xew York Jordan Hall. BISHOP H. KfHX A.B. Hastings. Michigan Theta Kappa Psi. JAXET E. LAMBERT A.B. Grosse Pointe. Michigan Contemporary: Circulation Mgr. (2) (3): W. A. A. MJ.T. of Dorms. (4): Assem- bly Rep. (2); Pabl. Chrmn. Art Cinema League (4) : Social Comm. (?) (4). RUTH B. LAVENDER A.B. Xewberry. Michigan Martha Cook; Pi Lambda Tbeta: Senior Society (3): Spanish Club: Entertain- ment Comm.. Freshman Project; Finance Conun , Project- MARY A. KRIEGER A.B. Michigan City. Indiana Kappa Alpha Theta: ' En nan (1): League Social Comm.; Soph Cabaret: Jun- ior GirU Play. DONALD P. LaBOSKEY A.B. Flint. Michigan KATE T. LAXDRUM A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Delta Gamma: Pres.. W. A. A. (4): Intramural Mgr. (3): League Cauncil (4); Entertainment Com m.. Fiosh Project (1); Soph Cabaret ; Dance Comm.. Junior Girts Play: House Athletic Mgr. (2): Chrma.. Dance Comm.. Pennv Carni- val 2). RUTH H. LAZARUS A.B. Cleveland. Ohio Alpha Epsilon Phi: Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play Comm. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS V XORMAX KRIEGER B.S. Bat a via. New York Geneaee Club. ROBERT T. KRIEGHOFK B.S. Detroit. Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma. SAXFORD M. LADD A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Alpha Delta Phi; Sphinx: Druids: ' Ensian: Board in Control of Student Publi- cations. ROBERT F. LAITXER A.B. Detroit. Michigan Sigma Phi. ROSAMOXD B. LAXG A.B. Saginav. Michigan See ' y. Hillel Council (4): Hillel Foundation (4) ; Le Cercle Francais. HERBERT K. LEACH A.B. Toledo. Ohio Chi Phi: Rifle Team (2). JOHX M LaRUE B.S. Ann Arbor. Michigan SALLY LEAYTTT A.B. Flint. Michigan Phi Sigma Sigmi : Dramatic Club: Interp. Arts Society: Hillel Players (2) (3) (4), Sec ' y. (3) : Theatre Arts Cornm. (4) : Junior Girls Play: Ruddigore (3): Alice in Wonderland (3) ; Dance Recital (3). GERALD1XE L. LEH- MAXX A.B. Detroit. Michigan Helen Xewberry; Daily (3) 4): Helen XewL-erry Activ- ities Chrmn. (3); Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play. GRETCHEX C. LEHMAN FORREST LEITER A.B. Detroit. Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. Record- ing Sec ' y. (4); Alpha, Lambda Delta. Treas. (1) : Phi Kappa Phi; Wyvern : Mortarboard. Vice-Pres. (4); ' Ensian (2); Orienta- tion Comm.. Sec ' y. (4) ; Orientation Advisor (2) ; Ticket Chrmn., Junior Girls Play : League Assembly. Sec ' y. Rochester, Indiana A.B. ABIE S. LEXZNER A.B. Buffalo. New York JANE E. LESSELYOXG A.B. Ironwood, Michigan Junior Girls Play. 77 FRANCES LEVISON A.B. PETER LEWIS B.S. WILLIAM J. LIGHTEN- Toledo, Ohio Rochester, New York WANGER B.M. Alpha Epsilon Phi. Knoxville, Tennessee Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Ep- silon Mu; Daily (4); Band; Univ. Orchestra. JANE K. LOMBARD A.B. MILTON H. LONDON A.B. MARION B. LOTZ A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Detroit, Michigan Akron, New York- Martha Cook. Phi Beta Delta. Mosher Hall, Kitchenette Chrmn., Sponsor, House Council (3) ; Basketball EDMUND LUFF A.B. EDWARD LULENSKI A.B. T. JANE MacDONALD A.B. Oak Park, Illinois Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan Betsy Harbour; Senior So- ciety; League Activities. JOHN H. McCABE A.B. WILLIAM H MCCARTHY O PAL O. McCREDIE Jackson, Michigan A.B. A.B. Le Cercle Francais (4). Battle Creek, Michigan Flint Michigan Phi Eta Sigma. I)( ., tl , Gamlna . Soph ,,,.,. ret; Junior Girls Play. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS ARABELLE LEVENSON A.B. Detroit, Michigan RUTH H. LIPIS A.B. Maplewood, New Jersey Alpha Epsilon Phi; Soph Cabaret Comm. ; Junior Girls Play Comm. EARL P. LOVENHEIM Rochester, New York Phi Eta Sigma; Simon Mandlebaum Scholarship (4). JEAN E. MacGREGOR A.B Wheeling, West Virginia Pi Beta Phi; Orientation Comm. ; League Social Comm. ROSS LEVIN A.B. Cedarhurst, New York Adelphi; Daily (1) (2); Play Production. LAURENCE C. LIPSETT A.B. East Aurora, New York Socialist House; Alpha Ep- silon Mu ; Scalp and Blade; Band (1) (2) (3). E. REED LOW A.B. Buffalo, New York Phi Delta Theta; Scalp and Blade; Hockey (1) ) (3). MARY E. MacIVOR A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta; Chrmn. Decorations Comm.. Pan- Hellenic Banquet (3) ; Sec ' y. Pan-Hellenic (4) ; Orientation Comm. (3). ELIZABETH R. McGILL A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan JOHN A. McINTOSH A.B. MARY E. McINTYRE A.B. ROSE M. McKAY A.B. Manistique, Michigan Grand Rapids, Michigan East Tawas. Michigan Martha Cook; Junior Girls Helen Newberry Junior P1 y- Girls Play. 78 JOHX McKEK, JR. A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi ; Track (I). JEAX McKIXXOX A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Martha Cook. RILLIE V. McMACHAX A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan MARY A. McQflLLAX A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Theta Phi Alpha; Ass ' t. Advisor, Fresh Project. JEAXE McWORKMAX B.S. Indianapolis. Indiana Kappa Kappa Gamma ; ' Mother Bou Council (3) (4). THERESA L. MACKEY A.B. Sonth Lyon. Michigan Zeta Tan Alpha. Treas. (2). JOHX R. MANX A.B. Detroit. Michigan Trigon. Pres. (4): Druids. Interfrat. Council (2) (3). Sec ' y.-Treas. (4): Chnnn_ Soph Prom: Wrestling (1). E. LUCY MARSHALL A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Zeta Tan Alpha: Freshman Project : Soph Cabaret ; Junior Girls Play: League Social Comm. : Freshman Girls Glee Club: Choral Cnion (2) (4); Stanley Chorus (3). SAM B. MAXWELL Canton. Ohio Alpha Tan Omega. A.B. MARIE E. METTE A.B. Detroit. Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Kappa Phi : Daily ( 1 ) : Penny Carnival Comm. (1) ; League Theatre Arts Comm. (2) (3) : Soph Cabaret, Decorations Comm. : Leaeue Publicity Comm. (3): Jun- ior Girls Play Publ. Comm. MARY L. MAXX A.B. Flint. Michigan Alpha Omicron Pi; Stanley Chorus (3); Kappa Phi: Oiientation Comm. (3): Merit System Comm. (3) (4). HAROLD MARSHALL B.S. Bayonne. Xew Jersey JOHX X. MERCHAXT A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Xi. BETTY J. MEYER Akron. Ohio Jordan House Council. A.B. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS MARJORIE MACKIXTOSH A.B. Crawfordsville. Indiana Gamma Phi Beta: Theta Sigma Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta: Iota Chi: Soph Cab- Publ. Comm., Finance Comm.. Junior Girls Play : Daily (2) (3): Assembly Ball. Publ. Comm. (2) . Choral Union (2) (3); Stanley Chorus (3): League House Recep. Comm. (2) (3). PuM. Committee League (3): League Coun- cil (4) : League Lantern. MORTOX R. MAXX A.B. Xew York. Xew York Pi Lambda Phi: Daily (I) (2): Gargoyle 1); Cheer Leader (I) (2) (3): Track Mgr. (2) (3). JEAX E. MATHEXY A.B. Highland Park. Michigan Theatre Arts Comm.: League House Reception , - - FREDERICK 1IAGXT - - B.S. Washington. D. C. Phi Sigma Kappa. ALEX MARIOX A.B. Lansing. Michigan Phi Sigma Delta. DAVID W. MATHER A B. Plymouth, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Mu. EVELYX J. MALOY A.B. Kansas City. Missouri Vice-Pres.. S. C. A. (3); Pres.. League Dorm. (3) ; Comedy Club (3): Journal- ism Play, lead, " Why Min- nie Boggs! " " ARTHUR C. MAHLOW A.B. Fort Dodge. Iowa Kappa Phi Sigma: Political Science Club: Varsity De- bate (3) (4) ; Alpha Xu. Treas. {2), Pres. (3). RICHARD C. MAVIS Chicago, Illinois Phi Delta Theta. A.B. MARGUERITE MERKEL A.B. Plattsburg, Xew York Alpha Epsilon Phi: Hillel Players (3), See ' y. (4); Junior Girls Play; Chil- dren ' s Theatre. THELMA MERMELSTEIX A.B. McKeesport, Pennsylvania French Club: House Coun- cil of League Dorm. Comro. JACK R. MERRILL A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Sigma: Hockey (2) (3) (4); -M " Club (4). 79 HOWARD MEYERS A.B. New York, New York Adelphi; Track (2); De- bating (2) (3). FREDERICK C. MIELKE A.B. Muskegon, Michigan ANNA S. MILLER A.B. Washington. D. C. BETTY B. MILLER A.B. Detroit, Michigan MAKY L. MILLER A.B. Detroit, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Chil- dren ' s Theatre (3). ROBERT B. MILLER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan MARY E. MOORE A.B. St. Clair, Michigan Pi Beta Phi ; League Comm. (2) (3); Pan-Hellenic Assoc. (2) (3). REVILO H. MOSIER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Soph Cabaret. BENJAMIN MYEROW A.B. Maiden, Massachusetts Tau Delta Phi. THEODORE F. MILLER A.B. Dunkirk, Indiana Alpha Sigma Phi; Alpha Epsilon Mu, Vicc-Pres. (4); Band (1) (2) (3). MELBA MORRISON A.B. Buffalo, New York Alpha Epsilon Phi; Lantern Night. Freshman Leader; Daily (1) (2) ; Junior Girls Play. JOHN A. MUMFORD A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Chi Phi; Football (2) (3). LOUISE NACK A.B. Galena, Illinois Collegiate Sorosis ; Golf. I LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS PAULINE S. MITCHELL A.B. Monroe, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma. EARL E. MORROW A.B Birmingham, Michigan Sigma Chi ; Scabbard and Blade (3) (4); Band (1) (2) (3); Interfrat. Coun- cil (2) (3); Chrmn., Floor Comm. Interfrat. Ball (3). NATHAN D. MUNRO A.B. Jackson, Michigan Psi Upsilon; Mu Sigma Nu; Friars Club. HELEN MOGFORD A.B. Cassopolis. Michigan Delta Delta Delta. SALLY E. MORROW A.B. Muskegon, Michigan Martha Cook. WALTER N. MUNSTER B.S. Port Huron, Michigan Acacia ; Alpha Chi Sigma. AUREL MONET A.B. Montreal. Canada Phi Kappa; Le Cercle Fran LOUISE M. MORTIMER A.B. Yale, Michigan Deutsclier Verein: Theatre Arts Comm.; Art Cinema League. FRANCES J. MUTSCHLER A.B. Coshcn. Indiana Alpha Chi Omega; Soph Cabaret; Stanley Chorus (. ' !) ; League Athletic Comm. (3). JEAN NASH A.B. Saginaw, Michigan FRED W. NEAL A.B. Nortiiville, Michigan Sigma Delta Chi; Michi- gan) ua ; Sphinx; Kappa Tau Alpha; Kappa Phi Sigma; Daily (1) (2) (3), Assoc. Editor (4) ; Quadrangle. MARY A. NEAL A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Phi. 80 KARL R. NELSON A.B. East Lansing, Michigan Kappa Phi Sigma; Class Sec ' y. (1), Class Pres. (2); Senior Critic; Varsity De- bating (2). CHRISTINE W. NICHOL A.B. Plymouth, Michigan Martha Cook. JAMES H. O ' BRIEN B.S. Marblehead. Massachusetts NAM Y E. OLDS A.B. Cleveland. Ohio Delta Gamma: Ctirmn. Cos- tome Comm.. Children ' s Theatre (3): Junior Girls Play Costume Comm. (3); Soph Cat ' aret ; Orientation Comm. (4) ; League Cos- tume Coinm. (1). KOSK XKLSciN A.B. St. Louis. Missouri Kappa Alpha Theta. JOAN ' F. NILE A.B. Lndington. Michigan Kappa Kappa Ga JANE E. O ' CONNOR A.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan RICHARD M. OLIVER A.B. Winnetka. Illinois Alpha Delta Phi; Frosh Frolic Comm. (1): Glee Club (4). ROY H. NELSON A.B. Caspian. Michigan Hiawatha Club (2). VIRGINIA R. XIMMO A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Orienta- tion Comm. (4) ; League Social Comm. (3) (4); League Costume Comm. (2). JANE R. O FERRALL A.B. Detroit, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis ; Class Sec ' y. (3); Junior Girls Play Comm.; Soph Cabaret Comm. ; League Viee-Pres. WILLIAM P. OLIVER, JR. A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Psi; Scabbard and Blade, Assoc. ; Frosh Frolic ' : LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS ROSEMARY NEUHAUS A.B. Sagiuaw, Michigan Jordan Hall. STEERE Y. NODA A.B. Honolulu, Ham-zii HARRY M. OFFENBACH A.B. Bradford, Pennsylvania Adelphi House of Rep. (1) CJ): Exec. Council. Hillel Foundation; Hillel Players; Freshman Glee Club, Ac- companist: Varsitv Glee Club (1): Choral Union (1) 2) (3) (4). JOSEPH C. OLK A.B. Jackson. Michigan Michigan Journalist (3) (4). MIRIAM NEWMAN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Earhart Scholarship; Hillel Independents. BEATRICE OBERGFELL A.B. River Forest, Illinois Zeta Tan Alpha Sec ' y. (3). Vice-Pres. (4); ' En- sian (2) (3); Soph Caba- ret : Junior Girls Play ; Theatre Arts Comm. (2) ; League Social Comm. (4). LOUISE M. OGENS A.B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Alpha Ensilon Phi.. Vice- Pres. : Hillel Players. LUCY M. OLSON A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Delta Gamma; Phi Tan Alpha: Women ' s Editor. Freshman Handbook (2); Publicity Comm., Freshman Round Table. WILLIAM New B. OLSON, JR. A.B. York, New York DOROTHY L. OOSTDYK A.B. Grosse Pointe, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega, Pres. (4) : Le Cercle Francais (2) (3), Pres. (4); ' Frisian (2) : League House Recep. Comm. (2) (3): Penny Carnival (1) (2): Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Comm. ACNES J. ORR A.B Wyandotte. Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. JULIAN H. ORR A.B. Buffalo, New York Cnion Comm. (2) (3); Un- ion Council (4) ; Pres.. Peace Council (4); Spring Parley Exec. Comm. (3) (4) ; Council of Religion (4); Scalp and Blade; Le Cercle Francais. STEWART ORTON A.B. Cincinnati, Ohio Phi Epsilon Pi; Daily (2). 81 BARBARA L. OTTE A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta, Pres. (4); Stanley Chorus (3) ; House Recep. Comm. (3) (4); Art Cinema League (4) ; Soph Cabaret (2). JOHN P. OTTE A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Chi Psi, Pres. (4) ; Druids, Vice-Pres. (4); Daily (1) (2) ; Baseball Mgr. (2) (3); Golf Mgr. (4); Chrmn., Senior Ball; Soph Prom Comm. K K.NNKTH R. OUTWATER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan MAXINE PAINTER A.B. Ann Arbor, ' Michigan DONALD J. PARRY A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Epsilon Mn; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Scabbard and Blade; Gargoyle (2); Band (1) (2) (4). MAURINE PALMER A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook. MARY T. PARSONS A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook; ' Ensian (3) (4) ; Fencing (2) (3) (4) ; Stanley Chorus (3); Soph Cabaret : League House Recep. Comm. ( ' J) (3) (4); League Assembly (4) ; irit ' iitation Comm. (4). JOHN R. PARK A.B. Caro, Michigan Beta Theta Pi ; Sphinx ; MicliigHiniia ; Daily (1) (2) (3). Bus. Mgr. (4) ; Class Officer (2) ; Mimes. MATTHEW PATANELLI A.B. Elkhart, Indiana Sphinx (3); Michigamita (4) ; Fo otball (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4): Basketball (2) (3) (4) ; Baseball (3) (4). DONALD S. PATTERSON A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Rho Sigma. ROY PATTERSON A.B. Pentwater, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi. CHARLES F. PAYTON B.S. Birmingham, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS MANLEY OSGOOD B.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma; Swim- ming (2) (3) (4). LEON OVSIEW A.B. Elizabeth, New Jersey CHARLES F. PARKER A.B. Middleville, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha. MARION L. PATERSON A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi; Gargoyle (3), Women ' s Bus. Mgr. (4); Senior Comm. ; Soph Cab- aret; League House Recep- tion Comm. (2) (3) (4); Junior Girls Play. ALICE H. OSTERMAN A.B. Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Soph Cab- aret; Junior Girls Play; League Theatre Arts Comm. ROBERT B. OWEN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Phi; Daily (1) ; Exec. Comm. ( 1 ) . ELIZABETH S. PARRISH A.B. Pearl River, New York ANGELA J. PATTERSON A.B. Niles, Michigan .Martha Cook. BENJAMIN PECHERER B.S. Detroit, Michigan CATHERINE L. PECK A.B. Kalamazoo, Michigan Martha Cook, Sec ' y. (4) ; Choral Union (2) (3) (4). MORDANT E. PECK B.S. Kalamazoo, Michigan Track (1) ; Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4); Varsity Glee Club (1) (2) ; Under- grad. Research Club (3) ERNEST A. PEDERSON A.B. Grand Blanc, Michigan Alpha Sigma Phi; ' M ' Club; Football (1) (2) (3) (4); Baseball (1); J-Hop Comm. ROBERT R. PENNELL A.B. Pontiac, Michigan 82 THEODORE PERL A.B Endicott. Xem- York Tau Delta Phi. JEAX PERRY A.B. Algoma. Wisconsin Kappa Alpha Tbeta. CHARLES F. PETERSOX DARRELL A. PHILLIPPI A.B. LaPorte, Indiana. Theta Chi. A.B. Delevan. Xew York DOROTHY A. PHILLIPS A.B. Clinton, Sew York Sigma Phi Kpsilon; Band Mosher Hall; Phi Tan Al (1) (2). pha. c t - w W J PAUL W. PIXKERTOX A.B. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Phi Kappa Tan: Scabbard and Blade; ' M ' anb: Track (2) (3) (4): Band (1) (2) (3): R.O.T.C. (1) (2) (3), Capt. (4). RICHARD W. POMEROY B.S. Detroit. Michigan Acacia; S. C. A. (3) (4). MURRAY H. PROTTER A.B. Brooklyn, New York JAXE PITCHER A.B. Detroit. Michigan Alpha Phi; Soph Cabaret: Jnnior Girls Play; Social Comm. JACK W. PORTER A.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan Theta Chi: Kappa Phi Sigma (4); Play Produc- tion (2) (3) (4). CHARLES B. PROCDFOOT B.S. Niagara Falls. Xew York o c. ;- MILTON RADLO A.B. Boston. Massachusetts RUSSELL X. RAPAPORT A.B. Pontiac. Michigan LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS PHILO A.B. Brooklyn, Xew York WALTER H. PLEISS. JR. A.B. Lndington, Michigan Theta Xi. BABETTF POTTER A.B. Ahmeek, Michigan ELSIE A. PIERCE A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Gamma ; Wyrern, Pres. (3); Mortarboard: Daily (1) (2) (3). Manag- ing Editor (4). ARTHUR J. PODLEWSKI A.B. Detroit, Michigan Football (1) (2); Basket- ball (1). JEAXXE A. PRAY A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Class Sec ' y. (4): Omeza Upsilon; Choral Union (3) (4). GEXEVIEVE A. PIFER A.B. Detroit, Michigan EDXA M. POE A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan F. PAUL PROBERT A.B. Flint, Michigan WESLEY W. PURKISS A.B. Port Huron, Michigan WILLIAM E. QUIXLAX A XX A M. QUIXE A.B. Hibbing. Minnesota Pontiac, Michigan 83 VIRGINIA R. RAPP A.B. Glenview, Illinois Kappa Kappa Gamma. MITCHELL RASKIN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Exec. Comm., Spring Par- ley (3) (4); Daily (1): Tennis (1); Bus. Mgr., Art Cinema League (3) (4); Peace Council (3). WILMA RATTENBURY A.B. Northville, Michigan Zeta Plii Eta; Zone Chrmn. (2); Play Production; Poet- ry Reading Contest (2). ROBERT S. REINHART A.B. Monroe, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda; Adel- phi (2); Interpretive Arts Xoc. : Play Production ; Choral Union (1) (2) (3). GORDON E. REYNOLDS A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Hermitage. ALFRED I. RIBNICK A.B. Aberdeen, South Dakota Pi Lambda Phi; Michigan Union Opera; Mimes; Michi- ganensian. Bus. ; Inter-Fra- ternity Council. JANE E. ROLLMAN A.B. Topeka, Kansas Zeta Tau Alpha; Orchestra (4). LEROY F. ROUSH A.B. Columbus, Ohio FRANCES M. RICE A.B. Charleston, West Virginia Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jun- ior Girls Play. DAVID ROSENBAUM A.B. Detroit, Michigan HELEN G. HOWE A.B. Detroit. Michigan Omega Upsilon : Anthropol- ogy .Club; Gargoyle (2) ; Pres., Omega Upsilon (4). MURIEL RUMSEY A.M Romeo, Michigan SIDNEY R. SAFIR B.S. Morrisville, Pennsylvania LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS JOHN P. RICHARDSON A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Phi. ABBOT ROSENBERG A.B. Brookline, Massachusetts Daily (1); Football (1) (2); Hockey (1); Tennis (1) ; Glee Club (1); Class Council (1). HEDDA ROWINSKI A.B. New Britain, Connecticut MARIAN M. SANDERS A.B. Detroit. Michigan Mosher Hall ; Contemporary (2) (3); Music Comm., Junior Girls Play; Hillel Players (2) (3) ; Play Pro- duction (3) (4); Vice- Pres., Hillel Independents (3). VIRGINIA E. RIGGS A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Le Cercle Francais. GERALDINE ROSSMAN A.B. Greenville, Michigan ELSIE P. ROXBOROUGH A.B. Detroit, Michigan Daily (4) ; Play Production. RUTH SANDUSKY A.B. Dearborn, Michigan Mosher Hall; Senior Society (4); Assembly (1) (2) (4); Junior Girls Play; League Fair (4); Exec. Comm. (3) ; Pres., Mosher Hall (4), Class-Pres. Mosher (3). BARBARA F. ROBERTS A.B. Houghton, Michigan Chi Omega. Sec ' y (4), Jun- ior Girls Play Comm. ELIZABETH ROURA A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Senior Society (4) ; Pres. Betsy Barbour (4). CHARLOTTE D. RUEGER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Collegiate Sorosis; Pi Lamb- da Theta; Wyvern ; Mortar- board; Theta Sigma Phi; Central Comm., Junior Girls Play; Soph Cabaret; Freshman Project; Society Editor, Summer Daily (2), Women ' s Night Editor (3), Editorial Staff (1) (2) (3) ; Hockey (1). Basket- ball (1) (4); Pres. Mich. League (4), Chrmn. Bd. of Governors (4) ; Senate Comm. on Stud. Affairs: Central Comm.. Pan-Hellen- ic Ball (3). SHIRLEY S. SANFORD A.B. Flint, Michigan Martha Cook; Art Cinema League (3) (4). 84 ROBERT C. SANKEY A.B. Springfield, Illinois Phi Kappa Psi. JOHN R. SCHEIBE A.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan A. L. 8CHL88INOEB. JR. A.B. Memphis, Tennessee Zrta Beta Tau. AI.V1N SCHOTTENFELD A.B. Newark. New Jersey 1 ' lii Eta Sigma; Debating (1). MIRIAM 8. SAULS A.B. Detroit, Michigan Hillel News (2) (3): Cho- ral Union (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Junior Girls Play: Soph Cabaret; Hillel Players; Play Production; Assem- bly Board (2) (3), Ticket Comm., Assembly Ball (3): Dance Club; Stanley Cho- rus (2). FLORENCE M. 8CHENCK A.B. Cass City, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. EDWARD W. SCHMIDT A.B. Buffalo, New York Alpha Kappa Psi; Scalp and Blade; Alpha Nu ; Spe- cial Adv. Mgr., ' M ' Riding Club (1) (2) ; Fencing (1) (2). CATHLEEN L. SCHURR A.B. Brooklyn, New York Jordan Hall: Spring Par- ley. ALLEN SAUNDERS B.S. Coldwater, Michigan Phi Delta Theta; Sphinx: Michigamua; Varsity Golf (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4). MARTIN J. SCHIESSLER A.B. Grosse Pointe, Michigan HELEN E. SCHMIDT A.B. New York, New York Gamma Phi Beta: Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; ' Ensian (2); Stanley Cho- rus (2). JULIUS SCHWARTZ Flint. Michigan B.S. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS - ; MARION G. SAUNDERS A.B. Eloise, Michigan Kappa Alpha Theta ; Soph Cabaret; Chrmn., Program Comm., Pan-Hellenic Ball (3); League Comm. (3). DAVID A. SCHIFFER A.B. Shaker Heights, Ohio Phi Epsilon Pi; Daily (1) ; Exec. Comm., Interfrat. Council (3). BARBARA C. SCHACHT A.B. Painesdale, Michigan Mosher Hall : Senior So- ciety. JOHN M. SCHINDEHETTE A.B. Saginaw, Michigan Le Cercle Francais ; Art Cinema League (3) (4). CHARLES E. SCHMOEKKL B.S. Allen Park, Michigan MELV1N S. SCHWEITZER A.B. Flushing, New York V DONALD W. SCHNEIDER A.B. Detroit, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha. MARY L. SCHWENDT A.B. Cleveland, Ohio Delta Delta Delta : Theatre Arts Comm. (2) (3); Pro- gram Comm., Children ' s Theatre (4). CHARLES E. SCOVERN A.B. Bridgman. Michigan Band (1). STANLEY R. SEE A.B. Bay City. Michigan Sigma Phi; Sigma Gamma Epsilon. DELOS A. SEELEY M.L.D. Pontiac. Michigan Alpha Rho Chi; Landscape Club; Fencing (1); Sec ' y, Alpha Rho Chi (3). Treas. (4) (5) : Pres., Landscape Club (4). JOHN D. SEELEY A.B. Detroit, Michigan Beta Theta Phi. FRANCES R. SEITNER A.B. Flint. Michigan Phi Sigma Sigma; Athena: Junior Girls Play; Soph Cabaret; Pres., Phi Sigma Sigma; Hillel Players; In- terp. Arts Soc. ; Theatre Arts Comm., League. 85 RICHARD F. SHAPPELL A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Scabbard and Blade; Play Production. NORMAN L. SHARFMAN A.B. Worcester, Massachusetts Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Quadrangle; Pres., Hillel Players (3); Student Chrmn., Spring Parley (3). GEORGE M. SHARPE A.B. Eau Claire, Michigan CHESTER P. SHELLY A.B. Jackson, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha. MARSHALL D. SHULMAN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Delta Chi; Michi- gamua ; Quadrangle; Edi- torial Director, Daily (4) ; Contemporary, Board of Di- rectors; Men ' s Council, Ju- diciary Comm. ; Student Rep., Administrative Board; Student-Faculty Relations Comm. PAUL A. SIMPSON A.B. Eaton Rapids, Michigan Theta Xi. ELIZABETH H. SHERK A.B. Midland, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Contem- porary; Junior Girls Play; League Publ. Comm. (1). DOROTHY E. SHUTT A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega. JOSEPH T. SINCLAIR, JR. A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Phi. ROBERT R. SHIRLEY A.B. Pontiac, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda. HOWARD J. SILBAR A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan MARVIN R. SITTS Flint, Michigan A.B. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS H. E. SETHNEY A.B. IRVIN E. SHALEK A.B. Menominee, Michigan Everett, Massachusetts Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres. Phi Eta Sigma; Hockey. (4) ; Soph Cabaret, Finance Comm. ; Costume Comm., Children ' s Theatre (3). LEON M. SHARPE B.S. STUART E. SHEILL A.B. Worcester, Massachusetts Chicago, Illinois Public Health Club. EVA SHNIDERMAN A.B. ALEX L. SHULMAN A.B. Erie, Pennsylvania Detroit, Michigan ALFRED I. SIMON A.B. CLARENCE D. SIMONDS, Detroit, Michigan J K - A - B - Burlington, Vermont Alpha Sigma Plfi. GERALDINE SKINNER B.S. Britton, Michigan MARJORIE SLADE A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Phi; Pres., League House (4) ; League Social Comm. (4) ; Le Cercle Fran- cais; League Assembly (4). HAROLD SLOMOVITZ B.S. Bayonne, New Jersey WILMARTH S. SLOOT- MAKER A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Tau Omega. EDITH E. SMALLMAN A.B. Barberton, Ohio Martha Cook ; Le Cercle Francais; Contemporary (3); Stanley Chorus (3). 86 iK()K(il. XA M. SMITH A.B. Detroit. Michigan .Martha Cook 111. It. GILBERT S. SMITH A.B. Jamestown, New York Hermitage; Interfrat. Council (2) (3) Interfrat. Ball Comm. (3). VIRGINIA M. SMITH A.B. Ponca City, Oklahoma Kappa Kappa Gamma; Gar- goyle (3), Women ' s Editor (4) ; Golf (3) ; Class Exec. Comm. (3) ; Chrmn., Cap and Gown Comm. (4) ; Pan- Hellenic Assoc. (4) ; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play. WINTOX R. SMITH B.S. Cincinnatus, New York Phi Kappa Sigma. HELEN F. SMITHSON A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Le Cer- cle Francais; League Social Comm. _? % 9 LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS MINNIE SOLOMON A.B. Greenfield, Massachusetts Helen Newberry. BARBARA B. SPENCER A.B. St. Louis, Missouri Chi Omega; Daily (2); Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play (3) ; Theatre Arts Comm. (2) (3) (4); Orien- tation Comm. (3). VIRGINIA J. SPRAY A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma : Gar- goyle (2); Soph Cabaret; Rushing Sec ' y, Pan-Hellenic Assoc. SIDNEY J. STIEGEL A.B. Chicago, Illinois Phi Sigma Delta; Track Mgr. (3). Wrestling Mer. (4) ; Board of Directors of Athletics (4) ; Managers ' Club. EDWARD L. SOUCAZE A.B. New York, New York Alpha Tau Omega. EVA M. SPENCER B.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Basket- ball; Baseball (2) (3) (4) ; Freshman Glee Club ; Stan- ley Chorus (2) (3) ; Libra- rian (3) ; League House- Recep. Comm. (2); Penny Carnival (1) (2): Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play. LOIS E. SPREEN A.B. Highland Park, Michigan Helen Newberry; Senior So- ciety. Sec ' y; Hockev; Bas- ketball; B ' aseball; ' W.A.A. Board (3), Sec ' y (4); Junior Girls Play; League Assembly. SAM S. STOLLER A.B. Cincinnati, Ohio Sphinx; Druids; Distrib. Comm.. Football Programs (2) (3) (4); Track (1) (2) (3) (4); ' M 1 Club; Dance Comm.. League; Union (2) (3). BEATRICE SNETHKAMP A.B. Grosse Pointe. Michigan Alpha Gamma Sigma; Hock- ey (2) : Badminton (3) ; Baaeball (2) ; Publ. Chrmn.. Alpha (iamma Sigma (3) ; Pres., League House (4) ; Choral Union (3); Play Production. MARGARET M. SOfTER A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Gamma; Adv. and Ushering Comm., Junior Girls Play; League House- Recep. Comm. (4), Social Comm. (4), Orientation Comm. (4). GRACE O. SNYDER A.B. Lakewood. Ohio Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Wyvern ; Mortar- board, Pres.; Daily Bus. Staff (1) (2); Treas.. Wyvern ; League Social Comm. (1) (2) (3). Orien- tation Comm. (3) (4); Soph Cabaret. Finance and Host- ess Comm.; Chrmn., Fi- nance Comm., Junior Girls Play. BARBARA G. SPALDIXG A.B. Birmingham, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta ; Stanley Chorus. WILLIAM L. SOBOROFF A.B. Chicago, Illinois Pi Lambda Phi. GEORGE R. SPAULD1NG A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan ROGER D. SPENCER B.S. Jackson, Michigan Band (3). ROSARIO I. STAGNITTO A.B. Rochester. New York WILBUR J. SPITZER B.S. Yonkers, New York HOWARD M. STEIN A.B. Brooklyn, New York Sigma Alpha Mu. LOUISE S. SPRAGUE A.B. Troy, New York Gamma Phi Beta; Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play; House and Social Comm., League. HERBERT H. STEINER A.B. Mt. Rainier, Maryland Daily (1). 87 THOMAS R. STOLLER A.B. Goshen, Indiana LEONA B. STRAND A.B. Dearborn, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Zeta Phi Eta: Play Production; Children ' s Theatre; Choral Union. WILLIAM S. STRUVE B.S. Utica, New York Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Union Sec ' y (4). MARTHA E. STUCKEY A.B. Wauseon, Ohio Theta Sigma Chi. HELEN R. STULTZ A.B. Saginaw. Michigan KING C. STUTZMAN A.B. Sturgis, Michigan DAVID H. SWANN B.S. Alpena, Michigan Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Glee Club (1) (2) (3) ; Outdoor Club. LEO TANN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Union Opera, Song Conim. (2) ( ). SALLY B. THOMPSON A.B Detroit, Michigan THOMAS C. SULLIVAN A.B. Aspinwall, Pennsylvania Chi Psi; Sphinx; Michi- gamua ; Gargoyle (1) (2) (3); Head Cheerleader (4); Vice-Pres., Men ' s Council (4) ; Bd. in Control of Stud. Publications (4). PEGGY SWANTZ A.B. Lawton, Michigan Martha Cook; Daily (2) (3) ; Choral Union (2). MARY E. TARBELL A.B. Kenmore, New York Delta Delta Delta; League Publ. Comm. (1) (2) (:1) (4); ' Ensian (1) (2); Soph Cabr.ret ; Junior Girls Play. IONA J. THORNTON A.H. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Gamma Delta ; Alpha I ambda Delta ; Phi Kappa Phi; ' Ensian (1) (2) (3) (4); W.A.A. (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Le Cercle Francais (1) (2) (3), Sec ' y (4); League Theatre, Arts Comm. (2) ; Orientation Comm. (3) (4) ; Merit System (4) ; Penny Carnival, Ass ' t Fi- nance Chrmn. (2) (3); League Summer Council, Sec ' y (4). C - LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS WILLIAM F. SULLIVAN B.S. Orange, New Jersey Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma. DAVID M. SUTTA A.B. New York. New York Tau Delta Phi. DWIGHT V. SWAIN A.B. Jackson, Michigan Kappa Tau Alpha, Treas. (4) ; Michigan Journalist (3) (4). FRED G. SWARTZ A.B. Traverse City, Michigan CHESTER. M. THALMAX A.B. Wheaton, Illinois Delta Kappa Epsilon ; Com- mencement Inv. Comm.; Daily; Contemporary, Publ. Mgr.; Comedy Club. THEODORE T. THOR- WARD A.B. East Cleveland, Ohio Theta Xi ; Tennis (2) (3). MICHAEL R. SWITZER A.B. Alpena, Michigan LEON H. THAMER A.B. Jackson, Michigan Kappa Tau Alpha, Pres. ; Michigan Journalist: Mc- Naught Medal in Journal- ism. GILBERT TILLES A.B. Jamaica. New York Phi Sigma Delta ; Michi- t ' amua ; Sphinx; Gargoyle, Editor-in-chief (4) ; As- sistant Editor (3) ; Chair- man, Committee on Men ' s Dormitories. FREDERICK L. TALCOTT A.B. Des Plaines, Illinois Beta Theta Pi. BETHANY F. THOMAS A.B. Flint, Michigan Jordan Hall; Assembly (4); Merit System Comm.; League Fair; Soph Cab- aret; Jordan House Coun- cil. WILLIS H. TOMLIN ' SON A.B. Oak Park, Illinois Sigma Phi: Sphinx; Druids, Treas. (4) ; Daily (1) (2), Service Mgr. (3) ; Contem- porary (4); Dorm. Comm. 88 MARY L. TRAYWICK A.B. Detroit, Michigan Betsy Barbour: Alpha Lambda Delta: L Cercle Kranoais: Soph CabarM : Junior Girls Play. EDYTHE I TPRTELTAl ' B A.B. Bayonne. Xew Jersey Jordan Hall: Alpha Lamb- da Delta: Phi Kappa Phi; Hillel Xews (1) (2); Jor dan Hall Corres. Sec ' y (3): Jordan Connril (4): League Assemble and Comm. (3): Soph Cabaret Comm. : House-Rerep. Comm.. League (3): Junior Girls Play Comm. 3); Merit System Comm. (3); Hillel Social Comm. (4). I VERDIER. A.B. LEONARD JR. Grand Rapids. Michigan - . a Phi: Tennis (3). PHILIP A. WAC.XER A.B. Kewanee Illinois Phi Kappx Tan. EVALYX M. TRIPP A.B. Highland Park. Michigan Kappa Delta: Daily BBS. Staff (3) (4); Rifle Club (4): Junior Girls Play: Stanley Chorus (3); Penny Carnival. Chrmn.. Kappa Delta Booth. KEITH H. TCSTISOX A.B. Defiance. Ohio Delta Tan Delti: Aloha Ep- silon Mu: Daily (2): Glee Cluti (3) (4): Choral Pnion (_ ). HELEX K. VIDOK A.B. Hibbing. Minnesota Alpha Gamma Sirau. See ' y (4): German Club (3): Choral Union (3); League Soc. Comm. (4). THOMAS H. WAGXER A.B. Muskegon. Michigan Delta Upsilon: Phi Eta Sis-ma: Phi Beta Kapp : Phi Kappa Phi: ' Ensian (1) (2). Jl ' DY K. TROSPER A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Alpha Phi: Daily Bus. Staff (2): Freshman Project: Soph Cabaret : Junior Girls Play: League Social Comm. (2) (3) (4). JOHX H. CHL A.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan Alpha Delta Phi. FRANCES J. VOLOW A.B Newark. Xew Jersey ERXEST H. WAKEFIELD A.B. Vermilion. Ohio Phi Kappa Sigma. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS BETH I. TCRXBULL A.B. Dearborn. Michigan Jordan Hall; Hockey (1) (2): House Pres. (4); Class Yice-Pres. (1) (3): Dance Club (1 ) (2) ; League Assembly (2) (4): Orien- tation Comm. (3); Soph Cabaret. HEXRY J. VAXDEXBERG A.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan PAUL K. VOX BERG EX A.B. Wyandotte. Michigan Alpha Xu. Pres. (3) (4). JOHX j. WALSH. JR. A.B. Grosse Pointe. Michigan MARJORIE D. TCRXER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Kappa Delta : Mortarboard : Frosh Frolic Comm.: Daily (1) (2) : Fr?shman Orientation (2): Ethyl P. McCormick Scholarship (4). MARGARET B. VEKXBOER A.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan Kappa Delta. Chapt. Editor (4): Daily (3) (4); Ten ub (3) (4); League Social Comm. (4). GERTRCDE E. VAEHXER A.B. Bay City, Michigan Msrtha Cook; Class Sec ' r (4). JAMES T. WARXS A.B Ann Arbor, Michigan Basketball (4). ELEAXOR WASEY A.B. Birmingham. Michigan Collegiate Sorosis : Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play. JOHX A. WASHBfRX A.B. Ironwood. Michigan HARRY D. WAY A.B. Asbury Park. Xew Jersey Alpha Sigma Phi. DOROTHY M. WEBB A.B. Detroit, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta; Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play Comm. ; League Social Comm. ; League House Co CLAIRE R. WEIL A.B. Grand Rapids. Michigan Theatre Arts Comm.; Junior Gills Play. Prop. Comm.: Jordan House Council (4): Women ' s Debating (4). 89 VICTOR H. WEIPERT A.B. Monroe, Michigan Adelphi House of Rep., Treas. (1) (2) ; Pres. (2) (3); Deutscher Verein (3) (4). GAIL J. WELLWOOD A.B. Flint, Michigan Assembly (3). FANNIE F. WILDER A.B. Akron, New York Alpha Gamma Delta, Pres. HOWARD R. WILLIAMS A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi. RUTH M. WEISS A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Women ' s Debating (2). DOROTHY J. WELSH A.B. Hart, Michigan Alpha Chi Omega; Chrmn., Invitations Comm. (4) ; Fi- nance Comm., Junior Girls Piny; Sociedad Hispanica. ROBERT H. WILDER A.B. West Haven, Connecticut ROBERT C. WILLIAMS A.B. Flint, Michigan Varsity Glee Club (3) (4) Pres. (4). BERNARD WEISSMAN A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Nu; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily (1) (2), Edi- torial Board (3); Hillel Players (2) ; Frosh Frolic Comm. DOROTHY F. WEPMAN A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Hillel News (2); House Pres.. League House (4) ; Hillel Players (2) (3) ; Soph Cabaret (2) ; Debating (4). EUGENE B. WILHELJI B.S. Franklin, Michigan Adelphi (2). MARY L. WILLOUGHBY A.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Gamma, Corr. Sec ' y (3), Vice-Pres. (4); Fresh- man Girls Glee Club; ' En- sian (1) (2), Junior Wo- men ' s Sales Mgr. (3) ; Women ' s Bus. Mgr. (4) ; League Social Comm. (2) (3) (4) ; League Orienta- tion Comm. (2) (3) (4) ; Freshman Project Comm.; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS CARLA V. WEIMAR A.B. Highland Park, Michigan League Social Comm.; Merit System Comm., League ; German Club. WILBUR E. WELLER A.B. Blissfield, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi. MARGARET L. WHITE A.B. Sharon, Pennsylvania Daily (3) ; ' Ensian (2). ANTHONY J. WILKOWSKI A.B. Detroit, Michigan Kappa Phi Sigma; Polonia Literary Circle. Treas. (2) (3) (4). BETTY A. WILLS A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook; Theta Sigma Phi; Contemporary (3); Class Vice-Pres. (4). LEON J. WEINER A.B. Cleveland Heights, Ohio RITA M. WELLMAN A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Delta Pi; ' Ensian (2) ; Chrmn., League Merit System Comm. (4) ; Stanley Chorus (2) (3); Choral Union (2); Freshman Proj- ect, Finance Comm. ; Soph Cabaret, Hostess Comm. ; Junior Girls Play, Ticket Comm. ; W.A.A. Social Comm. (3) ; Pres., Alpha Delta Pi (4) ; Penny Carni- val Comm. (2) (3). ELIZABETH WHITNEY A.B. Shaker Heights, Ohio Gamma Phi Beta; ' Ensian (3); Junior Girls Play; League Pub]. Comm. (3) (4) ; League House Recep. Comm. (4) ; Martha Cook (3). SUSAN J. WILLARD A.B. Utica, New York Pi Beta Phi ; Contemporary Sales Mgr.; Stanley Chorus; Choral Union; Junior Girls Play; League Social Comm.; Orientation Comm. JOHN A. WILSON A.B. Lawrence, Massachusetts Sigma Gamma Epsilon ; Band (1). WILLIAM B. WILSON A.B. Monroe, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. WINIFRED M. WILSON A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Le Cercle Francais. DORIS N. WISNER A.B. Chicago, Illinois Alpha Chi Omega, Treas. (3), House Mgr. (4) ; Gar- goyle Bus. Staff (1) (2); Stanley Chorus (2) (3) ; Freshman Project, Program Comm. ; Soph Cabaret ; Chrmn., Program Comm. Junior Girls Play; House Recep. Comm. (1) (2) (3) ; Athena (1) (2), Orieuta- tion Advisor (3). 90 r wi s : VIRGINIA M. WOODHEAD A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan Alpha Gamma Sigma : Fresh- man Girls Glee Clnb; Cho- ral Union. FRED H. ZAJOXC B.S Xew York. Xew York Polonia Literary Circle: Track. THELMA C. ZWERDLIXG A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta, Sec ' y. LITERARY SCHOOL SENIORS EDMfXD YISNIK VSKI A.B. Brooklyn. Xew York .Polonia Lilerary Circle; Mpr.. Intramural Athletics. WILLIAM S. WITTAX A.B. Portage, Pennsylvania VIOLA A. OELMER A.B. Detroit. Michigan German Club. EDWARD WOHLGEMCTH A.B. Indianapolis. Indiana Phi Delta Theta ; Daily (1) (2) (3). HERBERT B. WOLF A.B. Memphis, Tennessee Zeta Beta Tau : Michigamna; Sphinx; Mimes; Pres., Union (4). JEWELL WfERFEL A.B. Ann Arbor. Michigan MIXA WYDLER A.B. Rochester Xew York Mosher Hall. JOSEPH A. YAGER A.B. Toledo, Ohio Delta Tan Delta; Phi Eta Sigma. HELEX YAXOSKY B.S. Dearborn, Michigan Adelia Cheever. See y-Treas. (2), Vice-Pres. (3). EDWARD X. YEXXER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi : Alpha Xu. GERTRUDE I). ZEMOX A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi. Pres. (4): Finance Comm. (1): Pan-Hellenic Representative (3). EDITH A. ZERBE A.B. Toledo. Ohio Pi Beta Phi : Wyvern ; Mor- tarboard; Gen ' l Chrmn., Junior Girls Play; Sec ' y. Freshman Girls Glee Club; Freshman Dramatic Club : League Soc. Comm. (1) (2) (3) (4); Orientation Comm. (3) (4); Soph Cabaret. En- tertainment Comm.; Ticket Comm.. F r o s h Project ; Chrmn., Senior Banquet ; Lantern Xight (1) (2). KATHRYX ZIMMF.R A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook. ALICE M. ZIXGG A.B. Bay City. Michigan Theta Sigma Phi. ADA ZOLLA A.B. Detroit. Michigan Alpha Epsilon Phi. 91 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS CARL POST President A RUTH BERLSCH _. Vice-President BETTY CATWARD Secretary TED FRASER . . .Treasurer Finance Committee WILLIAM CENTNER, Chairman BETTY ANN UMMEL CHARLOTTE BAXTER PAUL YERCENS MARGARET MYERS Executive Committee JAYNE ROBERTS, Chairman JOHN LUECHT SAMUEL KRUGLIAK JOHN MUNN CONSTANCE ISALEY Publicity Committee JOSEPHINE VAN WORMER, Chairman ROBERT HARRISON BETTY LOUCHBOROUCH 92 SPHINX MEMBERS TED ALLEN DON BREWER MURRAY CAMPBELL JAMES COLOMBO BOB COOPER ED D ' APRIX JOHN FABELLO DOUGLAS FARMER HERM FISHMAN JACK CUSTAFSON GIB JAMES ERNEST JONES PHILANDER LOOMIS EARLE LUBY BUD LUNDAHL JOE MATTES JOHN McFATE JOE RINALDI STARK RITCHIE BILL STAEHLE BRUCE TELFER TUURE TENANDER JACK THOM EARL THOMAS JOHN TOWNSEND WALTER TRUC ROBERT WEEKS DON WILSHER Row I James, Brewer, Weeks, Tenander, Farmer Row II True, Gustafson, Fabello, McFate, Ritchie, Lundahl Row III Jones, Loomis, Luby, Mattes, Campbell, Telfer, Wilsher SPHINX is the literary college hon- or society for Junior men. Its members are chosen twice yearly, once late in spring when Sphinx se- lects Sophomores outstanding in campus activities and again in late fall when it taps outstanding Juniors. Its initiation ride, during which neophytes, hideously painted with all the colors of the rainbow and chant- ing the Sphinx song, are bound to a hay-rack and drawn through Ann Arbor streets, is a Michigan tradi- tion antedating this century. 93 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS R. WALLACE HOOK, JR., President A BETTY LYON Vice-President REBECCA BURSLEY .__ Secretary STUART M. LOW _ . Treasurer Publicity FDWARD MacKENZIE, Chairman EUGENE SNYDER JUNE LAING COMMITTEES Sophomore Prom DAVID DRYSDALE, Chairman RICHARD FOX ROBERTA BAIN NELSON LINDENFELD HARRY SWAN FREDERICK REINHEIMER ROBERT VANDER PYLE ROBERT MORGAN SAUL KLEIMAN BENJAMIN ROSS Executive VINCENT BUTTERLY, Chairman JOHN COSTELLO LA VERNE BURNS CHARLES COLEMAN DOUGLAS HAYES Finance WALDO ABBOT, Chairman IOHN THOMPSON DOROTHY ARNOLD MAURICE HOFFMAN JOHN BUCKLEY 94 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS DONALD BARNES President A JEANE CLEMMONS, Vice-President GERTRUDE HYDE Secretary JOEL WILLIAMS - . Treasurer Frosh Frolic ROBERT MIX, Chairman HERBERT SOOT ALBERTA WOOD JANET LADD DWICHT ADAMS 95 ATHENA LITERARY SOCIETY f A OFFICERS GRACE CRAY President LILLIAN TOLHURST.. __Vice-Pres. KATH1RINE SCH ' JLTZ Secretary JEAN HARRISON. . .-Treasurer Row I Lonchurct, Anderson, Bernard, Watkins, Bain, Michlinski, Steiner Row II Sanders, Rose, Goldberg, Owen, Madison, Selter, Blauman, Grable Row III Woodley, Coe, Harrison, Tolhurst, Cray, Schultz, Greenwald, Seitner, [ones MEMBERS MARTHA ALLEN BETSEY ANDERSON BUNTY BAIN DOROTHY JANE BERNARD PHYLLIS BLAUMAN MARJORY COE LOUISE EBERT BETTY FROMM MILDRED GOLDBERG MARY MARGARET CRABLE GRACE GRAY JEAN GREENWALD JEAN HARRISON HELEN JONES JUNE LONGHURST FLORENCE MICHLINSKI MARY EVALYN OWEN HELEN ROSE MIRIAM SANDERS FRANCES SEITNER FRANCESSE SELTER KATHERINE SCHULTZ KATHRYN S TEINER LILLIAN TOLHURST MARION TOUFF FAITH WATKINS GRACE WOODLEY 96 ALPHA NU OF KAPPA PHI SIGMA J UN I US E. BEAL CARL G. BRANDT GAIL E. DENSMORE EARLE W. DOW WILLIAM H. EGLY FACULTY MEMBERS LOUIS M. EICH GROVER C. GRISMORE RICHARD D. T. HOLLISTER THEODORE HORNBERGER CLARENCE T. JOHNSTON HENRY M. MOSER MARVIN L. NIEHUSS JAMES K. POLLOCK SHIRLEY W. SMITH CARLTON F. WELLS OFFICERS PAUL Von BERGEN President JAMES CRAM Secretary JOHN CLARK Treasurer Row I Walsh, Westbrook, Marlowe, Barkdull, May, Poplinger Row II Yenner, Porter, Greve, Thompson, Laing Row III Wilkowski, Nelson, Clark, Von Bergen, True, Gram FRANK ALDRICH LEWIS W. BERRY JOHN BIGELOW JOHN CLARK CHARLES A. COX RALPH DANHOF RICHARD EISERMAN JAMES K. EYRE JAMES V. FINKBEINER JOSEPH E. GA.RDENER KENNETH I. GOODRICH H. JAMES GRAM CLIFFORD H. GREVE PAUL HARVEY RICHARD G. HERSHEY ACTIVE MEMBERS F. RANDALL JONES CLARENCE KRESIN LOWELL KRIEG DAVE LAING RAYMOND W. LA MARCA FRANK P. LAPICK ALBERT LOWERY KENNETH K. LUCE ROBERT WARNER MAY FRED WARNER NEAL KARL R. NELSON JOHN PATTERSON LOUIS POPLINGER JACK PORTER EDWARD SCHADE EDWARD SCHMIDT GEORGE SIPPRELL HARRIS C. STEVENS WHEATON STROM SHELDON TAYLOR FRED THOMSON WALTER H. TRUC, JR. PAUL VON BERGEN LEO W. WALKER JOSEPH G. WALKER ROMAN WIATROSKI ANTHONY J. WILKOWSKI EDWARD YENNER ALVIN ZANDER 97 ZETA PHI ETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Founded Northwestern University Established 1893, 18 Active Chapters PATRONESSES MRS. GAIL E. DENSMORE MRS. LOUIS M. EICH OFFICERS HELEN JANE BARR President MARGARET LOWRY __. Vice-Pres. NELSON PERSONS Secretary JANET GROFT__ ..Treasurer Row I Laing, Sawyer, Maple, Strand, Kanter, Bransky Row II Schilling, Steele, Groft, Lowry, Barr, Persons ACTIVE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HELEN JANE BARR ' 38 RUTH BRANSKY ' 37 DOROTHY CORSON ' 38 LAURABELLE GODLOVE ' 39 JANET GROFT ' 38 GRETCHEN KANTER ' 37 JUNE LAING ' 39 MARGARET LOWRY ' 38 HELEN MORTON ' 38 MILDRED OLSON ' 38 NELSON PERSONS ' 38 MARIE SAWYER ' 38 IDA MAE SCHILLING ' 38 EVELYN SMITH ' 37 EDITH STEELE ' 37 BARBARA STRAND ' 37 MECA MAPLE ' 37 98 n u n u STUDENTS WELDING 100 Something a bit un usual, a girl survey ing. Students in Labor atory Student at Lathe The Naval Tank HERBERT C. SADLER Dean of the College of Engineering H. C. ANDERSON Prof, of Mechani- cal Engineering W. L. BADGER Prof, of Chemical Engineering O. W. BOSTON Prof, of Metal Processing S. S. ATTWOOD Assoc. Prof, of Electrical Engineering W. L. AYRES Assoc. Prof, of Mathe- matics B. F. BAILEY Prof, of Electrical Engin- eering E. M. BAKER Prof, of Chemical neering H. BOUCHARD Astoc. Prof, of Surveying and Ceodosy E. M. BRAGG Prof, of Naval Archi- tecture and Marine En- gineering COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING PROFESSORS " " T-SQUARES, triangles, slide rules these are the de- ' vices that form the background of an engineer; these form the basis for building; these are the spark of a structural nation. Day by day hundreds of students pass through the heart of the engineering college, pass through the Denison archway, " so named in the honor of him who suggested it " . What ones of them know the tradi- tion and beginning of the Michigan engineer? In 1895 by order of the Board of Regents, the Col- lege of Engineering was established as a separate part of the university, but records show the existence of en- gineering on the campus years before this. According to the legislative act of 1837, which re-organized the university in its present form, provision was first made for the instruction of engineering. The first appointment of a professor occurred in 1853, and a short time later the first degrees were conferred. Few technical schools in the United States can boast so early a beginning. 102 From the early scattered classes given in the College of Literature. Science, and the Arts, the instruction of the profession, has so developed that today a separate col- lege embraces four-year programs in twelve different de- partments. These departments offer numerous outlets for individual expression and specialization. Undoubtedly a full stride ahead of the other col- leges on campus in instructive technique, the students in 1916 adopted the honor system for the College of Engineering. All written examinations are done " on honor " and the student, at the end of each quiz, pledges that he " has neither given nor received aid " during the time of the written work. Because the college is, and has been, exceptionally well equipped with laboratory facilities which are exceed- ingly adaptable to research work, the urge of industry and the public in general to gain access to this equip- ment reached a peak in 1920. At that time, under the leadership of Professor A. E. White, the Department of Engineering Research was established. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING PROFESSORS J. C. BRIER Prof, of Chemical Engi- neering C. C. BROWN Prof, of Chemical En- gineering H. L. CAMPBELL of Assoc. Prof, Processing J. H. CISSEL Prof, of Structural En- gineering J. H. CANNON Prof, of Electrical Engi neering C. L. DAHLSTROM Assoc. Prof, of English C. E. BURKLUND Assoc. Prof, of English C. O. CAREY Assoc. Prof, of Surveying and Ceodosy A. J. DECKER Prof, of Sanitary Engineering 103 R. A. DODGE Ass ' t. Prof, of En- gineering Mechan- ics E. L. ERIKSEN Prof, of Engineer- ing Mechanics B. CORDY Assoc. Prof, of Me- chanical Engineer- ing W. EMMONS Assoc. Prof, of Highway Engineering J. E. ENSWILER Prof, of Mechanical En- gineering P. FIELD Prof, of Mathematics C. W. GOOD Assoc. Prof, of Mechan- ical Enginieering H. ). GOULDING Assoc. Prof, of Engineer- ing Drawing and Mech- anism L. M. GRAM Prof, of Civil Engineer- ing COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING PROFESSORS The result of this action has been two-fold. Not only has industry been able to avail itself of the best in laboratory equipment and consequently been able to car- ry on advanced experimentation, but the college itself has benefited. Direct contacts between the professors, teachers, and instructors and the industries have lent a practical knowledge to classroom theory. The teachers have been able to follow industrial developments with facility, and the knowledge is, in turn, imparted to the engineering student. Along with the remarkable physical apparatus that the college offers for research are the libraries. Books in the various departments total over 926,000 volumes that are of importance to engineers. Of particular note is the Transportation Library which is one of the unusually complete facilities of the college. It is composed of over 100,000 items which include rare pamphlets concerning the origin and history of every phase of transportation. 104 But the facilities of the college are by no means limited to their laboratories and libraries. Michigan organized Camp Davis as a place for field work in survey- ing as early as 1874. thereby becoming a pioneer in this type of training. Land was purchased in the beautiful Jackson ' s Cold Country, Wyoming, in 1929 for the pur- pose of establishing a new camp. It was located in the West, as few places east of the Missouri River are avail- able for proper and adequate surveying grounds. The following year. 1930. saw the camp used for the first time. There were numerous definite advantages for locat- ing this camp in Wyoming, among which were: an almost unlimited area of open country, a sufficient supply of water under gravity pressure, a nearby United States highway, an ideal climate, the beautiful valley of the Hobach River, mountains which offer excellent opportun- ity for exploration and proximity to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING PROFESSORS R. S. HAWLEY Prof, of Mechanical En- gineering H. H. HIGBIE Prof, of Electrical Engi neering L. A. HOPKINS Assoc. Prof, of Mathe- matics W. S. HOUSEL Ass ' t. Prof, of Civil En- gineering H. E. KEELER Prof, of Mechanical En- gineering H. W. KING Prof, of Hydraulic En- gineering WM. C. HOAD Prof, of Sanitary and Municipal En- gineering C. T. JOHNSTON Prof, of Surveying and Ceodosy W. E. LAY Prof, of Mechani- cal Engineering 105 H. R. LLOYD Ass ' t. Prof, of Me- chanical Engineer- ing C. E. LOVE Prof, of Mathematics A. H. LOVELL Prof, of Electrical En- gineering. A. MAR IN Assoc. Prof, of Me- chanical Engineer- ing F. A. MICKLE Assoc. Prof, of Me- chanical Engineer- ing. RflE W. L. McCABE Assoc. Prof, of Chemical Engineering F. N. MENEFEE Prof, of Engineering Me- chanics H. W. MILLER Prof, of Engineering Drawing and Mechanism A. D. MOORE Prof, of Electrical En- gineering COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING PROFESSORS Students in Aeronautical and Marine Engineering have access to special laboratories. Consisting of a large wind tunnel the aeronautical laboratory is in the form of an octagon with its minor diameter from five to eight feet. Models with a span of fifty inches are usually used for experimentation and by using the largest diameter the wind velocity can be raised to one hundred miles per hour. The Naval Tank, located in the West Engineering build- ing, is used for the testing of boat models which are from eight to twelve feet in length. The tank is three hundred feet long and is spanned by a traveling trusk which measures the resistance of the models at various speeds. To promote a better understanding between the student and the faculty the Engineering Council was formed in 1927. It embraces as members the presiding student officers and representatives of all departments. It seeks also to lend a common background to all activities 106 and to co-ordinate their aims and actions inasmuch as this is possible and desirable. But how has all this affected the engineer himself? What constitutes the average man in this field? What is he like? Who is this individual who strides so self- confidently through the Denison Arch? Perhaps he might be pictured thus: Striding along with his hairy shanks covered by dingy, dirty, corduroy breeches, he is whistling as he swings transit, drawing board or contraption from side to side. He likes to think that his burly red sweater hides a " virile " masculine man, but too he thinks it harbors the social graces. He revels in the feeling that his is the romantic occupation, that he is the one for whom the women clamor. He feels the lack of an esthetic nature and so cast aside his traditional apparel long enough to appear ridiculous at an " Engineers Ball " . COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING PROFESSORS R. L. MORRISON Prof, of Highway Engi- neering and Highway Transport J. R. NELSON Prof, of English V. C. POOR Assoc. Prof, of Mathematics T. R. RUNNING Prof, of Mathematics R. H. SHERLOCK Prof, of Civil Engineer- ing A. F. SHERZER Prof, of Mechani- cal Engineering E. A. STALKER Prof, of Aeronautical En- gineering M. B. STOUT Assoc. Prof, of Electrical Engineering R. S. SWINTON Assoc. Prof, of En- gineering Mechan- ics 107 I. E. THORNTON Assoc. Prof, of En- gineerinig C. UPTHECROVE Prof, of Metallurgical Engineering JOHN VAN den BROEK Prof, of Engineering Me- chanics C. N. WENCER Assoc. Prof, of English C. O. WISLER Prof, of Hydraulic Engineering A. E. WHITE Prof. of Metallurgical Engineering A. H. WHITE Prof, of Chemical En- gineering WM. P. WOOD Prof. of Metallurgical Engineering S. WORLEY Prof, of Transportation Engineering COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING PROFESSORS Perhaps no university student has a more complete lack of culture than he. His reading is confined to the humor magazines and his music to jazz. All else is of no use to him. He can see no definite gains in culture. As a mathematician he looks for definite results in everything. Any emotion, rny feeling, any action that can not be re- duced to the slide rule he constitutes as of little or no vrlue. Ke is quite definitely a materialist of the first water. 108 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS GUSTAV T. COLLATZ President A DONALD E. HILLIER Vice-President WILLIAM E. OLSEN Secretary KENNETH C. EMERY . .-Treasurer EXECUTIVE John Engstrom, Chairman Arthur Kuechenmeister )ack Kasley Paul Nims John Duffendack INVITATION Robert Dailey, Chairman Elmer Nealon Lowell West Edward Morrison Robert F. Mitchell FINANCE Ardo Friend, Chairman Andrew Bela Russell Hubbard Charles Nagler Carleton Sherburne SENIOR BALL George Malone Cedric Marsh Alexander Neill CAP AND GOWN Norman Dickinson, Chairman George Allen Hillard Sutin Elmer Cousineau Carlton Nelson CANE Joseph Kempton, Robert Beuhler lames McAnulty Francis Donovan James Goodrich COMMENCEMENT F. Allen Upson, Chairman Thomas Mackey |ohn S. Williams Frederick Hull John Ingold Chairman 109 CARL S. ABBOTT B.S. in M.E. Orchard Park, New York Theta Xi ; Scabbard and Blade; Vulcans; Baseball (1); Soph Prom Coram. ; J-Hop Comm. RENE 0. ADLONG B.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan A.S.C.E. NEREE D. ALIX B.S. in C.E. Lockport, New York Triangles; Vulcans; Track (D (2) (4). BARD E. ALLEN B.S. Milwaukee, Wisconsin GEORGE V. ALLEN B.S. in C.E. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Les Voyageurs; A.S.C.E. Tau Beta Pi. BIAGIO F. AMBROSIO B.S. in E.E. New York, New York Phi Sigma Chi; A. I. E.E. BAHOUTH S. BAHOUTH B.S. in C.E. Shefa-Amer, Palestine JERRY C. BARKER B.S. in M.E. Spokane, Washington Phi Gamma Delta; Tau Beta Pi. RALPH H. BECKWITH B.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pi Kappa Phi; A.S.C.E. ERWIN E. ANTILLA B.S. in C.E. Republic. Michigan A.S.C.E.; Mich. Alumni Un- dergrad. Scholar. JOSEPH R. BMLEY B.S. in Met.E. Baxter Springs, Kansas A.S.M.; A.I.Ch.E.; Track (1). JACK W. BARNETT B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan LOREN W. BEEBE B.S. in M.E. Toledo, Ohio A.S.M.E.; Exec. Comm (3). ENGINEERING COLLEGE SENIORS CHESTER R. ANDERSON B.S. in M.E. Erie, Pennsylvania A.S.M.E. ; Stump Speakers ' Soc. (4) ; Wrestling (1) (2); Outdoor Club, Pres (4) ; Glider Club (3). ROBERT H. BALDWIN B.S. in Ch.E. Syracuse, New York Phi Eta Sigma; Triangles; Vulcans; Michigamua; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E.; Vice- Pres., Phi Eta Sigma (1); Mich. Technic Editor-in- Chief (4) ; Eng. Council (2) (3) (4) ; Engr. Ball Comm. (3) ; Slide Rule Dance (3) (4). S. ROBERT BARTNIK B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; A.S.M.E. ANDREW BELA B.S. in Ch.E. Flint, Michigan Engr. Finance Comm. (4) ; A.I.Ch.E. POLYDOROS E. ANDREOU B.S. in Ch.E. Aegion, Greece Delta Epsilon Pi. JAY J. BALL B.S. in Transp. Eng. Springbrook, New York ALBERT H. BAYLIS B.S, in E.E. Ypsilanti, Michigan ROLAND A. BERGER B.S. in E.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan A.I.E.E. (2) (3) (4). JAMES BADALUCO B.S. in Ch.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan A.I.Ch.E. HEN ' RY S. BARECKI B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan A.S.M.E. REX L. BEACH B.S. in Marine Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan Quarterdeck (3) (4). JACK I. BERYMAN B.S. in M.E. Ferndale, Michigan A.S.M.E.; Wrestling (1). 110 LLOYD G. BERRYMAX B.S. in M.E. Ferndale. Michigan Triangle: A.S.M.E.: Wres tling (1) (2). RAYMOND H. BEYER B.S. in Ch.E. Monroe. Michigan Phi Eta Sigma; Tan Beta Pi. CHARLES F. BIRD B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan A.S.C.E.; Track. PHILIP M. BOALS B.S. in Transp. E. Corning, New York Transportation Clnb (2) (3) (4). J. WILLIAM BURKE B.S. in Ch.E. Ypsilanti. Michigan Kappa Sigma; A.E.Ch.E. RICHARD E. CHADDOCK K.s. in Ch.E. Benton Harbor. Michigan A.I.Ch.E.; Daily. Bos. Staff (1). RALPH O. BOEHXKE B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Xu: Soph Prom Comm. STUART W. BUSH B.S. in M.E. Mt. Morris. Xew York Phi Kappa Sigma; A.S.M.E. GRAXT V. CHEXEY B.S. in M.E. Grand Blanc, Michigan A.S.M.E. ; Basketball (1) 2) ; Baseball (1) (2). ROBERT L. BOYXTON B.S. in Eng.Law Pontiac, Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; Soc. In- dustrial Lawyers: Finance Comm. (3); Glee Club (1); Adelphi (1) (2). HOWARD S. CARROLL B.S. in M.E. Bath. Xew York Phi Kappa Tan; A.S.ME. Tau Beta Pi. JOHX CHOMICZ B.S. in Ch.E. Ann Arbor. Michigan ENGINEERING COLLEGE SENIORS JACK P. BLAIXE B.S. in Ch.E. Grand Rapids. Michigan Kappa Delta Rho; A.I.Ch.E. HARRY W. BRELSFORD B.S. in Eng.Law Birmingham, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi; Tan Beta Pi; Soc. Industrial Lawyers. ARDEE CAUSE Y M.S. in Ch.E. Baton Rouge. Louisiana Alpha Chi Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma : Phi Kappa Phi ; Tan Beta Pi. CHU TA CHOW B.S. in Aero.F. Hangchow, China CHARLES L. BLOCK B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa; A.S.M.E. JOHX G. B.S. ii BRIXER M.E. Grosse Point Park, Michigan Theta Chi; A.S.M.E.; Scab- bard and Blade; Sigma Rho Tan; Football (1); Track (1); Fencing (3) (4); Board of Directors. Alh- lelic Ass ' n; Glee Club (1) (2); Intramural Mgr. (1) (2) (3) (4); Union (1); Mgr -M ' Club (4); Soph Prom (2). HEXRY J. CAWTHRA B.S. in M.E. Walloon Lake, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Eta Sigma (1); Wrestling (1) Jacket Comm., Chrmn. (3). FREDERICK B. CLIXE B.S. in Aero.E. Plymouth, Michigan Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A.S.M.E.: I.Ae.S.: Glider Club. LYXX M COBB B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan A.I.E.E. GORDOX W. COLBERG B.S. in X.A. and Mar.E. Stockton, California Phi Kappa Tan; Quarter- deck. GUSTAY T. COLLATZ B.S. in Ch.E. Chicago, Illinois Tan Beta Pi, Pres. (4) ; A.I.Ch.E.. Pres. (4) ; Engr. Council (4); E ec. Comm. (3); Yulcans: Michi- gamna: Class Pres. (4) ; Les Yoyageurs, Chief (4). Ill ALBERT F. COLLIER B.S. in E.E. Kenmore, Xew York Sigma Phi Epsilon ; A.I.E.E. WALTER J. COXLOX B.S. in M.E. Oak Park, Illinois Choral Union (3); A.S.M.E. (3) (4). ELMER J. COUSINEAU B.S. in Ch.E. Detroit, Michigan A.E.Ch.E.; Sigma Rho Tau; Cross Country (2) ; Boxing, Welterweight Champ (3), Middleweight Champ (4), Lightweight Champ (2). ROBERT G. DAILEY B.S. in M.E. Ypsilanti, Michigan Psi Upsilon ; Triangles ; Freshman Luncheon Club ; Union Exec. Council (3); Class Sec ' y (1); Union Vice-Pres. (4); Mimes; Union Opera (2). NORMAN L. DICKINSON B.S. in Ch.E. Fennville, Michigan Tail Beta Pi; Phi Lamb- da Upsilon; Mandelbaum Scholarship; Donovan Schol- arship. GORDON B. ELDER B.S. in Aero.E. Flint, Michigan BENJAMIN G. COX B.S. in Engr. Law Terre Haute, Indiana Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Triangles; Vul- cans; Engr. Honor Comm .(1) (2); J-Hop Chrmn. ; Pres., Phi Eta Sigma; Pres., Phi Kappa Psi. ROBERT A. DANSE B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan ARTHUR J. DUBORD, JR. B.S. in M.E. Fenton, Michigan A.S.M.E.; Freshman Glee Club; Sigma Rho Tau. KENNETH G. EMERY B.S. in M.E. Dearborn, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; Class Treas. (4) ; Engr. Council (4); Boxing (1); Engr. Ball Comm. (4). STANLEY F. CROOK B.S. in C.E. Rome, New York Tau; Sigma Rho Pres. A.S.C.E., DONALD G. DAVIS B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan Hermitage. JOHN C. DUFFENDACK, JR. B.S. in M.E. Bartlesville, Oklahoma Pi Kappa Alpha; Vulcans; A.S.M.E.; Institute of Aero- nautical Sciences; Engr. Council; Senior Engr. Exec. Comm. JOHN E. ENG STROM B.S.E. in Aero and M.E. Detroit, Michigan T.-.u Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; A.S.M.E. ENGINEERING COLLEGE SENIORS JACK E. COOPER B.S. in M.E. East Cleveland, Ohio Trigon; A.S.M.E.; Basket- ball (2) (3). WILLIS M. CRUMRINE B.S. Rochester, New York ALBIN G. DEMBOWSKI B.S.E. in Physips Bay City, Michigan A. I. E.E. ADIL G. DURRAYK B.S. in C.E. Enfe Lebenon, Syria A.S.C.E. ROBERT T. COUSINS B.S. in C.E. Northville, Michigan Sigma Rho Tau. Vice-Pres. ; Military Ball Comm. (4). LESTER F. CUSHMAN B.S. in M.E. Flint, Michigan HAROLD L. DIBBLE B.S. in M.E. Buffalo, New York DAVID C. EISENDRATH B.S. in E.E. B.S. in M.E. Winnetka, Illinois A.I.E.E.; Jr. Math. Club (3) (4) ; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi ; Engr. Council Rep. (4) ; Sec ' y-Treas., Phi Eta Sigma; Sec ' y-Treas., Math Club; Sec ' y. A. I. E.E. Sec ' y, Tau Beta Pi. RODNEY L. ESHELMAN B.S. in M.E. Dayton, Ohio Triangles ; Scabbard and Blade. WILLIAM B.S. W. FARR M.E. Detroit, Michigan Chi Phi. STUART B.S. ir FORBES M.E. Flint, Michigan ROBERT S. FOX B.S. in N.A. and Mar.E. Sandusky, Ohio Phi Eta Sigma; Class Vice- Pres. (1); Military Ball Comm. (1); Class Pres. (2) Engr. Council (2) ; Chrmn., Engr. Smoker (2) ; Tri- angles. Quarterdeck; Slide Rule Ball Comm. (4) ; Senior Ball Comm. (4) ; Scabbard and Blade. ARDO M. FRIEND B.S. in C.E. Muskegon, Michigan Kappa Nu; A.S.C.E.; Union Opera (2); Union Commit- tees (2) Chrmn., Finance Comm. (4). 112 ORVILLE M. GAUNT B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Rho Tau. DKXTKR K. GILLETT B.S. in C.E. Hadley, Michigan A.S.C.E. CLIFTON S. GODDIN. JR. B.S. in Ch.E. B.S. in Math. Grosse Pte. Park, Michigan Phi Lambda Upsilon ; A.I. Ch.E. HUBERT M. GOLDMAN EDGAR GOLDSCHMIDT B.S. in Ch.E. B.S. in E.E. M.S. in E.E. West Haven, Connecticut Scheveningen, Netherlands Alpha Chi Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. ENGINEERING COLLEGE SENIORS ROBERT E. GRAPER B.S. in M.E. Toledo, Ohio Sifiiia Chi; Football (1) (2). FRANCIS R. HAMILTON B.S. in Ch.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Eta .Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. L. R. HENDERSON B.S. in Tran p. Eng. Asbury Park. New Jersey A.S.C.E.; Transportation Club. CLARENCE R. GREEN B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan A.S.M.E., Treas (3) (4). ROBERT C. HARNDEN B.S. in Ch.E. Saginaw, Michigan Baseball. EDWARD H. HIGGINS B.S.E. in Aero.E. London, Ontario. Canada Theta Delta Chi, Pres. (4). RUSSELL O. H. HUBBARD B.S. in Ch.E. Traverse City, Michigan MAX N. HUBER B.S. in M.E. Ada. Ohio Sigma Phi Epsilon; A.S. M.E. JAMES F. GOODRICH B.S. in N.A. Jackson, Michigan V u 1 c a n s ; Quarterdeck; Scabbard and Blade; Engr. Council; Commodore, Quar- terdeck (4). DOUGLAS L. GRILL B.S. in M.E. Manistee, Michigan A S.M.E.; A.S.M.; Wres- tling (2). MUZAFFER HARUNOGLU B.S. in E.E. Trabizon, Turkey FRANCIS A. GORSKI B.S. in Ch.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma. FLOYD C. GUSTAFSON B.S. in M.E. Chicago, Illinois Sigma Chi: A.S.M.E.; Skull and Crescent. WILLIS M. HAWKINS, JR. B.S. in Aero.E. Three Rivers. Michigan Tau Beta Pi ; Vulcans ; Corr. Sec ' y, Tau Beta Pi; Institute of Aero. Sciences, Pres. JAMES V. GRAHAM B.S. in Ch.E. Saginaw, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma; Engr. Finance Comm. (3); Mimes; R.O.T.C.; Union Opera (1) (2). ROBERT J. HAMMAN B.S. in M.E. Rochester, New York Honor Comm. (2) (3), Chrmn. (3); Pres., Genesee Club (3). JOHN A. HELLABY B.S. in E.E. Rochester, New York TOM C. HILL B.S. in M.E. Birmingham, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta; A.S.M.E.; Tau Beta Pi. DON E. HILLIER B.S. in M.E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Delta Kappa Epsilon ; A.S. M.E.; Triangles: Vulcans; Toastmasters Club; Engr. Council (2); Football (1) (2); Class Sec ' y. (1), Class Pres. (2) ; Ticket Chrmn., J-Hop; Class Vice-Pres. (4) ; Soph Games Capt. CHARLES E. HOLKINS B.S. in Ch.E. Howell, Michigan Theta Xi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Engr. Hon- or Council (2) (3) ; Vul- cans; L ' nion (1) (2). 113 J. DONALD HUGHSON B.S. in E.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Tau Beta Phi; A.I.E.E. JAMKS H. HUOUET M.S. in Ch.K. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Chi Sigma. RICHARD B. HULETT B.S. in Aero.E. Farmington, Michigan A.S.M.E. FREDERICK C. HULL B.S. in Met.Eng. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi, Cataloguer, Tau Beta Pi; Vice-Pres. A.I.Ch.E. SHAO C. HWANG B.S. in Aero.E. Changsha, China Institute of Aero. Sciences. MELVILLE G. HYATT B.S. in M.E. Buffalo, New York Triangle; Scabbard and Blade (3) (4): A.S.M.E. (4) ; Band (1) (2) (3). JOSEPH C. JENKINS B.S. in C.E. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi Alpha; Sigma Rho Tau. WILLIAM A. KEETCH B.S. in M.E. Buffalo, New York Sigma Phi Epsilon; A.S. M.E. ; Sca ' p and Blade. EDWIN V. KING, JR. B.S. in Ch.E. Charleston, West Virginia Sigma Chi ; Scabbard and Blade; A.I.Ch.E.: Pi Tau Pi Sigma, Vice-Pres. (4), Pres. (4). JOHN F. INGOLD B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Vulcans (4); A.S.M.E.; Pres. (t) ; Sigma Rho Tau, Engr. Council (3) (4); Class Sec ' y. (2) ; Choral Union (2) (3). FREDERICK A. JENNINGS B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan A.S.M.E.; Mich. Technic (1) (2) (3) ; Glider Club (1) (2) (3). I:ENN D. KELLER, JR. B.S. in M.E. Charleston, West Virginia FREDERICK E. KING B.S. in M.E. Jackson, Michigan Triangle; Scabbard and Blade (3) (4) ; Chrmn., Fi- nance Comm. (3) ; A.S. M.E. (2); S.A.E. ENGINEERING COLLEGE SENIORS ALFRED JAMES, JR. B.S. in Trans.E. Pensacola, Florida Sigma Phi Epsilon; Trans- portation Club; Engr. Coun- cil. HAROLD C. JANURA RICHARD D. JAY B.S. in M.E. B.S. in Ind.E. Berwyn. Illinois Gary, Indiana A.S.M.E.; Scabbard and Phi Kappa Tau. Blade. -t - WILLIAM H. JEWELL B.S. in M.E. Dowagiac, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma ; Sigma Rho Tau. JOSEPH V. T. KEMPTOX B.S. in M.E. Northampton, Massachusetts Scabbard and Blade; Exec. Comm. (3) ; Mich. Technic (1) (2) : Union Opera (1) (2); A.S.M.E. JOSEPH T. KAMIONKA B.S. in Trans.E. Detroit, Michigan Transportation Club; A.S. M.E. ; I.A.E.; Westminster Guild. EDWARD F. KETTERER B.S. in Ch.E. Grosse Pointe, Michigan JOHN H. KAUFFMAN B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan BAKU KHl ' RI-MAKDlSl B.S. in C.E. Beirut, Syria JAMES W. KIRKMAN B.S. in Mar.E. Catonsville, Maryland Quarterdeck. CLOYD A. KLINE, JR. B.S. in E.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan A.I.E.E. PAUL F. KRANS B.S. in M.E. Buffalo, New York Theta Chi; A.S.M.E.; Scalp and Blade, Pres. (4) ; Class Pres. (1). 114 ALFRED L. KRESSE in Ch.E. Ann Arbor. Michigan A I Ch.E. JOHN J. KUBOW B.S. in Ch.E. Little Falls. New York A.I.Ch.E. ARTHUR KUECHENMEIS TEK B.8. in Ch.E. OfUlf Pointe. Michigan A.I.Ch.E. : Invitations Comm. (4). EMILE D. LAVERGXE B.S. in C.E. Shawinigan Falls. Quebec A.S.C.E. SOL C. LEWIS B.S. in M.E. Memphis, Tennessee Zeta Beta Tan: A.S.M.E. HEXRT P. LUTHE B.S. in M.E. Des Moines. Iowa : E. BOW Y. LEE .B.S. in C.E. Saginaw.. Michigan A.S.C.E. : Chinese Student Clob. HENRY V. LINABURY B.S. in M.E. Pontiac. Michigan Kappa Delta Rho: Boxing ( 1 : Sigma Rho Tan ; A.S. M.E. C. McANULTY B.S. in M.E. Highland -Park. Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa: Taa Beta Phi : A.S.M.E. HOEN Z. LEE B.S. in E.E. Shanghai, China ROBERT S. LITTLE B.S. in N.A. Hudson. Ohio Quarterdeck Society. WILLIAM T. MCCAFFREY B.S. in C.E. Pond Eddy, New York A.S.C.E. ENGINEERING COLLEGE SENIORS " T - Sfc . c c REYNOLD W. KYNAST B.S. in M.E. Sagicaw, Michigan LEONTINE D LEWIS B.S. in M.E. Birmingham, Michigan ADOLPH LOVOFF M.S. in E.E. Detroit. Michigan Delta Alpha Epsilon: A.I. E.E. : Lambda Iota Taa; Iota Alpta. LARSON E.E. ALLAN W. B.S. in Mancelona. Michigan Alpha Taa Omega; A.I. E.E. RALPH E. LEWIS B.S. in M.E. Jackson, Michigan Delta Chi. WILLIAM O. LOWELL B.S. in M.E. Buffalo, New York Tau Kappa Epsilon : Phi Eta Sigma : Triangles ; Scalp rnd Blade: Engineering Council (3) (4); Wrestling (1) (21 (3) (4); Class Treas. (1). WILLIAM M. McCAXCE GERALD S. McCARTHY M.S. in Aero.E. B.S. in M.E. Windsor. Ontario Brooklyn. Xew York Institute of Aero. Sciences A.S.M.E. DUNCAN B. McKEE B.S. in Ch.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Acacia: Glee Club (3); AJ-CUt. ROBERT McKINTEN, JR. B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Lambda Chi Alpha: Scab- bard and Blade. LEWIS F. McNITT B.S. in Aero.E. Jackson, Michigan THOMAS F. MACKEY B.S. in E.E. Cedarhnrst. Xew York Beta Theta Pi; Tennis Mgr.; Class Comm.; ' M ' Club. DONALD F. MADIGAX B.S. in Ch.E. Mnnising. Michigan A.I.Ch.E.; Phi Eta Sigma; R.O.T.C. 115 ROBERT C. MAGEE B.S. in Aero.E. Flint, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda. JOHN MAIR B.S. in Flint, Michigan O.E. JOHN A. MARGWARTH B.S. in Aero.E. Jackson, Michigan Institute of Aero. Sciences; Tau Beta Pi; Glider Club (4); R.O.T.C.; Aero Club: Sec ' y. Inst. Aero. Sci. (4) ; Donovan Scholarship (4). CERDRIC E. MARSH B.S. in Ch.E. Oak Park, Illinois Sigma Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Vul- cans ; Engr. Council ; Sigma Rho Tau; Engr. Ball (4); A.I.Ch.E.; Union Comm. (1) (2). LOUIS MASCURUSKUS B.S. in M.E. Akron, Ohio Hermitage; Wrestling (2) (3) (4). CLIFFORD C. MASSIE B.S. in E.E. Summersville, Missouri A. I. E.E. ; Phi Kappa Phi. ARTHUR R. MEACHAM B.S. in E.E. Pontiac, Michigan Hermitage, Pres. (4). AUSTIN J. MILLER B.S. in E.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan JIM K. MOORE B.S. in Chem. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma. ELMER J. NEALON B.S. in Ch.E. Detroit, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. GREGORY NEMIROVSKY B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan CHARLES A. NAGLER B.S. in Met.E. Detroit, Michigan 8 " 3 PAUL T. NIMS " Detroit, Class Treas. (2) Math Soc. (3) ; Pre f. A.I. E.E., Treas. (4). ENGINEERING COLLEGE SENIORS CARLTON C. MEADER B.S. Detroit, Michigan EDWARD L. MORRISON. JR. B.S. in C E. McComb, Mississippi Cross Country (1); Track (1) (2); Transportation Club, Treas. (3), Vice- Pres. (4). A. NEILL E.E. JAMES B.S. Orange, New Jersey Theta Xi ; Senior Ball. RALPH P. MEANS, B.S. in M.E. Saginaw, Michigan JERRY G. MUDIE B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan A.I.E.E. CARLTON L. NELSON, JR. B.S. in C.E. Muskegon, Michigan Theta Xi ; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.C.E.; Engr. Council (4) ; Treas., A.S. C.E. (4) ; Engr. Ball Comm. (4). SIGISMUND MICHALOW- SKI B.S. in Ch.E. Amsterdam, New York A.I.Ch.E.; Polonia (1) (2) (3). GEORGE S. MYERS B.S. in Trans.E. Hastings, Michigan A.S.C.E.; Transportation Club. FRANKLIN A. NELSON " B.S. in E.E. Caspian, Michigan A.I.E.E.; Hiawatha Club. Pres. (4) ; Vice Chrmn., A.I.E.E. WILLIAM E. OLSEN B.S. in C.E. Manistee, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Triangles; Mgr., Hockey Team (4) ; Class Sec ' y. (4) ; Band (1) (2) (3); A.S.C.E. ROBERT D. OSGOOD B.S. in M.E. Lakewood, Ohio Phi Kappa Tau; Triangles: Vulcans ; Michigamua ; Track (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4); A.S.M.E.; ' M ' Club. YIN H. PONG B.S. in C.E. Hongkong, China A.S.C.E.; Chinese Stu- dents Club. 116 SAMUEL C. FEET B.S. in M.E. Webster. New York RICHARD J. PENNONI B.S. in Aero.E. Iron Mountain, Michigan Band (1) (2); R.O.T.C. FRANK W. PERSON B.S. in M.E. Buffalo, New York Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SAMUEL J. PIPITOXE B.S. in Aero.E. Baltimore, Maryland Institute of Aero. Sciences. ROBERT S. ROOT B.S. in E.E. Detroit, Michigan Theta Chi. FREDERICK SOHAIRER B.S. in M.E. Ferndale, Michigan Theta Delta Chi: Slide Rule Dance Comm. (3). ADI POCHKHANAWALLA B.S. in E.E. Bombay, India THEODORE ROSENLUND B.S. in Aero.E. Worcester. Massachusetts Alpha Tau Omega; S.A.E. CHARLES G. SCOTT B.S. in Nav. Arch. Baltimore, Maryland Quarterdeck ; Purser. GLENN M. PROOS B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan A.S.M.E. THEODORE ROUGHLEY B.S. in E.E. Highland Park. Michigan Sigma Rho Tan. RALPH K. SEELEY B.S. in C.E. Caro. Michigan Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E. ENGINEERING COLLEGE SENIORS ROBERT J. PETERSON B.S. in M.E. Muskegon. Michigan A.S.M.E. THELMA J. PETERSON B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan W.A.A., Hockey, Bowling. WILLIAM B.S. Flint, A.S.C.E. E. QUINSEY in C.E. Michigan RUDOLPH C. RIEDER B.S. in M.E. Saginaw. Michigan Sigma Phi. ARNOLD E. RUBIN ,B.S. in Aero.E. New Haven, Connecticut ROYDEN K. SAWYER B.S. in Ch.E. Hilton. New York AJ.Ch.E NICHOLAS SKSTOK B.S. in E.E. Youngstown. Ohio ELMER E. SHAFER A.B. in Arch.E. Detroit, Michigan CARLTON D. SHERBURNE B.S. in Ch.E. Mystic, Connecticut Phi Kappa Tsu; A.I.ChJE.-, Finance Comm. (1) (4), Chrmn. (2) R.O.T.C.: Ra- dio Club (1). MILLER G. SHERWOOD B.S. in M.E. Grand Haven, Michigan Sigma Phi: Triangles: Vul- cans; Michigamua : Tennis (1); Basketball (1); Var- sity Tennis (2) (3) (4). Capt. (4); Pres.. Men ' s Council (4) : Class Pres. (3); Pres.. Sigma Phi (4); Senate Comm. on Student Affairs; Engr. Council; A.S.M.E. MAURICE A. SIMPSON B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan A.S.M.E. JACK H. SINN B.S. in M.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Nn: Scabbard and Blade; Military Ball Comm. (3). LOUIS L. SLABKOWICZ B.S. in Ch.E. Detroit, Michigan A.I.Ch.E. ; Sigma Rho Tan. 117 RALPH E. SMITH B.S. in C.E. Washington, D.C. Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice- Pres. (3); Exec. Comm. (1), Vice-Pres. Class (2). RICHARD D. SNELL B.S. in C.E. Bath, New York A.S.C.E. JOHN R. STEEGSTRA B.S. in E.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan A.I.E.E. ANTON J. STREIFF M.S. in Chem. Jackson, Michigan W. LLOYD STRICKLAND B.S. in Bus. Eng. Pontiac, Michigan Sigma Chi; Michigamna ; Tau Beta Pi; Triangles; Michiganensian, Bus. Mgr. (4) ; Class Vice-Pres. (1). HILLARD A. StITIN B.S. in M.E. Albany, New York Triangles; Vulcans; Tau Beta Pi; Mich. Technic, Managing Editor (4) ; Class Finance (3). ROBERT J. TARTE B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E. VINCENT C. TRIMARCHI B.S. in Aero.E. Albany, New York CARL G. VAN LOO B.S. in M.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa ; A.S.M.E. CEDRTC C. SWEET B.S. in Geod. Surv. Fremont, Michigan Vulcans, Triangles; Foot- ball (2) (3) (4); Class Vice-Pres. (3). HARTLEY E. TAYLOR B.S. in M.E. Kalamazoo, Michigan A.S.M.E. EUGENE TROJANOW1CZ B.S. in Ch.E. Bay City, Michigan JOSEPH C. WAGNER B.S. in M.E. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa; Tau Beta Pi: Scabbard and Blade; A.S. M.E.; Michigan Technic. ENGINEERING COLLEGE SENIORS FLOYD J. SWEET B.S. in Aero.E. Elmira, New York Theta Xi ; Triangles; Scab- bard and Blade; I.Ae.S. ; Band (1) (2) (3) (4); Glider Club, Pres. (5). WILLIAM F. TAYLOR B.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan A.S.C.E. FRANK A. UPSON B.S. in Eng. Math. Ann Arbor, Michigan Zeta Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi: Daily (1) (2); Track (1); Exec. Comm. (2) ; Chrmn. Com- mencement Comm. (4) ; Choral Union (4) ; Glee Club (3); Junior Math. Club (4) ; Glider Club (1) ; Ruddigore (3). ASHLEY R. SYDNOR, JR. B.S. in Ch.E. Virignia Beach. Virginia A.I.Ch.E. HERBERT O. TEEPLE B.S. in Ch.E. Jackson, Michigan ANTONIO VALLES B.S. in C.E. San Juan, Puerto Rico Hermitage; A.S.C.E.; Socie- dad Latino Americana. HAROLD SYVERSEN B.S. in C.E. Staten Island, New York Track (3). ROBERT F. THOMSON B.S. in Mefr.E. Ecorse, Michigan Kappa Sigma; A.I.Ch.K.; A.S.M.E. HENRY VAXDKR PTTTEN B.S. in Aero.E. Holland. Michigan A.S.M.E. JAMES H. WALKER, JR. B.S. in M.E. B.S. in E.E. Birmingham. Michigan Phi Kappa Psi; A.S.M.E.; A.I.E.E.; Vulcans Trian- gles; Mich. Technic (1) (2) (3), Bus. Mgr. (4); Pres., Engr. Council (4) ; Men ' s Council (4). FRED R. WALTER B.S. in Ch.E. Fort Lee, New Jersey Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Glee Club (3) (4); Alpha Epsilon Mn. YU-CH1H WAXG B.S. in Aero.E. Shanghai, China Alpha Lambda. 118 RALPH P. WARNER U.S. in C.E. Ann Arbor, Michigan CHESTER G. WEDELL B.S. in C.E. Rochester. New York A.S.C.E.; Engr. Council. W. DON WEIDNER B.S. in Bus. Engr. West Allis. Wisconsin Phi Kta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade: Union Opera (3). RUSSELL K. WELCH B.S. in M.E. Saginaw, Michigan THOMAS B.S. D. WELCH M.E. Royal Oak. Michigan Alpha Tau Omega; A.S. M.E. .TKROMK B. WIESKKR B.S. in E.E. Dearborn. Michigan A.I.E.E.. Chrmn.: Radio Club. JOHN " S. WILLIAMS B.S. in Ch.E. Ann Arbor. Michigan Theta Xi ; A.I.Ch.E., Vice Pres. (4) ; Treas. Theta Xi (4). K. HARRISON ' WILLIAMS B.S. in C.E. Buffalo. New York Phi Delta Theta; Golf (3) (4); Glee Club (3) (4); Rifle Team (2) (3) (4). JAMES H. WIEGAXD B.S. in Ch.E. Traverse City, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma ; Gargoyle (1); Mich. Technie (3); Union Opera (2); A.I.Ch.E. BENJAMIN V. WIN- CHELL B.S. in Xav. Arch, in Mar. Eng. Jackson, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Quarter- deck. ALFRED WRIGHT, JR. B.S. in C.E. Rochester. New York ikimi Phi Kpsilon. WILLIAM R. YOUNG B.S. in E.E. Lawton, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; A.I.K.K.. Rep. to Engr. Council; Engr. Council. SHU LUX Yf B.S. in M.E. Canton, China A.S. M.E. GUSTAVE H. ZASTROW B.S. in M.E. Jacksonville, Illinois FRANK P. ZENDZIAN, JR. B.S. in Trans. E. Providence, Rhode Island Alpha Tau Omega; Engr. Council (4) ; Transportation Club; Football (1) (2). ENGINEERING COLLEGE SENIORS LOWELL G. WEST B.S. in E.E. Flint. Michigan A. I. E.E. ; Invitation Coram. (4). KOOX X. WONG B.S. in M.E. Canton, China Lambda. Alpha CHARLES W. HASKIN B.S. Cnnton, Ohio GEORGE B. WHEELER B.S. in M.E. Brooklyn. New York Alpha Kappa Lambda. MERLIN W. WOODRUFF B.S. in Ch.E. Howell. Michigan Theta Xi: Union Comm. (1) (2); A.I.Ch.E. ROBERT MONTGOMERY B.S. Grand Rapids, Michigan 119 TAU BETA PI OFFICERS C. T. COLLATZ President R. H. BALDWIN Vice-Pres. W. M. HAWKINS, JR Corr. Sec. D. C. EISENDRATH Rec. Sec. K. C. EMERY Eng. Coun. Rep. F. C. HULL__ .-Cataloguer MEMBERS C. W. ALLEN H. W. BRELSFORD R. H. BEYER J. C. BARKER H. S. CARROLL B. G. COX N. L. DICKINSON J. E. ENCSTROM J. T. FARRAT T. C. HILL J. D. HICHSON C. E. HOLKINS C. KLAASEN |. A. MARCWARTH J. McANULTY W. C. NELSON WM. E. OLSEN W. L. PAINE R. E. PEKELSMA R. K. SEELEY ). H. SHEETS R. W. STEERE, JR. R. M. STEVENS W. L. STRICKLAND H. A. SUTIN R. J. TARTE ). C. WAGNER F. R. WALTER C. E. MARSH Row I Cox, Brelsford, McAnulty, Carroll, Steere, Walter Row II Holkins, Margwarth, Farrat, Tarte, Olsen, Klaasen, Engstrom Row III Barker, Hill, Marsh, Allen, Seeley, Wagner Row IV Eisendrath, Hull, Hawkins, Collatz, Emery, Sutin, Strickland M. E. COOLEY H. C. ANDERSON H. BOUCHARD H. D. CAMPBELL J. E. EMSWILER L. M. GRAM W. C. HOAD W. E. LAY J. S. PALMER C. S. SCHOEPFLE R. H. SHERLOCK A. E. WHITE G. L. ALT I. N. CALHOUN D. E. HABANT MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. T. OLMSTED A. H. WHITE E. J. ABBOTT W. E. BACKMAN R. W. ROCKEFELLER W. G. DOW A. A. JAKKULA W. L. McCABE H. C. SADLER E. S. PETTI)OHN S. S. ATTWOOD F. L. EVERETT G. G. BROWN ]. H. WALKER J. H. CANNON C. D. JONES E. L. ERIKSEN D. H. JONES R. S. HAWLEY D. H. YOUNG C. T. JOHNSTON A. H. LOVELL H. W. MILLER W. L. BADGER H. E. RIGGS J. A. BURSLEY C. UPTHEGROVE A. J. DECKER E. LORCH H. J. GOULDING H. H. HIGBIE H. W. KING A. D. MOORE W. C. SADLER E. A. STALKER J. A. VAN den BROEK J. S. WORLEY H. S. BULL C. W. GOOD A. MARIN M. B. STOUT K. KAMMERMEYER L. O. CASE T. S. PETERSON 120 I DON E. HILLIER BENJAMIN COX GEORGE MALONE JACK KASLEY MILLER SHERWOOD BOB D. OSGOOD JAMES H. WALKER CHARLES E. HOLKINS CEDRIC C. SWEET CLAYTON E. BRELSFORD JOHN F. INGOLD ROBERT H. BALDWIN WILLIS M. HAWKINS, JR GUSTAV COLLATZ KENNETH EMERY CERDRIC MARSH JACK DUFFENDACK HILLARD SUTIN CARL S. ABBOTT JAMES F. GOODRICH ROBERT BEUHLER EACH spring to the clanking of hammers on the traditional anvil fourteen soot-be- smeared members of the Junior class who have been outstanding in class activities and high in scholarship, are led by scarlet robed figures through the initiatory ceremony of Vulcans Senior Engineering Society. This honorary society serves to bring in close as- sociation the outstanding members of the Senior class as a whole. For almost twenty years. Vulcans, the highest honorary society in Engine school, has made itself evident as a guiding force in campus activities. 121 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS CLASS OF 1938 ENGINEERING OFFICERS CLIFTON M. ELLIOTT ___President A FREDERICK W. BOYNTON Vice- President HUDSON C. DUNKS Secretary JOHN C. YOUNG Treasurer CARL A. CERSTACKER__ COMMITTEES Honor Council EDWARD H. REPLOCLE Engineering Council Finance Committee COFF SMITH CARL H. CLEMENT DAVID B. LANSDALE JOHN F. HARRIS JAMES C. ECKHOUSE ROBERT V. BAXLEY Executive Committee FREDERICK M. KEMPTON JOSEPH J. BIRKENSTOCK WREN MacLEAN WILLIAM JOHN HOUYENER GEORGE M. ZAPP ROBERT S. FODOR J-Hop Committee HUBERT C. FONES WALTER A. JENSEN GILBERT K. PHARES 122 CLAD in dunce hats and carrying buckets of water, the initiates of Triangles, the Junior Honorary society, roller skate down the diagonal to begin their annual scrubbing of the Dennison Archway ' s sidewalk. To the amusement of the onlookers the poor sopho- mores begin their work on this traditional spot while the black gowned members urge them on with huge paddles. Triangles elect to merrbership each spring the several mem- bers of the sophomore class who have been outstanding in scholarship and class activ- ities. Triangles have long served the campus as a powerful force in unifying student ac- tivities and preserving school spirit and traditions. CARL CLEMENT COFF SMITH HUBERT FONES DON ALEXANDER BILL BARCLAY FRED BOYNTON CARL CERSTACKER CHARLES CRAY Al_ KARPINSKI ED. KIRAR NEIL LEVENSON GEORGE MARZONIE MARK McCARTY WREN MacLEAN FLETCHER PLATT ED. REPLOGLE HARRY RIEKE JOHN STAPLE ROBERT YOUNG JACK YOUNG HUDSON DUNKS ROBERT BAXLEY - r- -V V-lA 123 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS FREDERICK C. OSBERG.President A ROBERT W. HARTWELL Vice-Pres. PETER C. IPSEN Secretary DON R. PERCIVAI Treasurer Finance FRED M. EMENS, Chairman RAYMOND S. GROSSMAN BRUCE L. CAMPBELL JOSEPH ANTON DONALD H. BELDEN COMMITTEES Engineering Council EDWARD H. LEBEIS Engineering Honor Council HAROLD T. SPODEN Publicity ROBERT T. BALDWIN, Chairman CHARLES N. SCHUH FREDERICK C. SPACE Executive BRONIS ONUF, Chairman ROBERT F. MAY GLEN D. HECCIE GUY H. PITTS HERBERT A. MARTENS Jacket JAMES H. EAST ' Y, Chairman GEORGE MAQUREAN ROBERT D. MOYER 124 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS 9-FRED STERLING President A FRED SEYFRIED Vice-Pres. ROBERT WATT Secretary ROBERT SMITH Treasurer FINANCE ROBERT SMITH JOSEPH BUHR CRUZAN ALEXANDER MARK CHEEVER AL CONRATH FROSH FROLIC MATTHEW REA KENNETH MEYERS ROBERT GOODYEAR 125 ENGINEERING COUNCIL Row I Nelson, Underwood, Sherwood, J. Young, Eisendrath, R. Young Row II Goodrich, Smith, Zendzian, Osberg, Wangelin, Duffendack, Elliot Row III Collatz, Emery, Walker, Lowell, Ingold, Marsh MEMBERS CUSTAV COLLATZ KENNETH EMERY JAMES WALKER WILLIAM LOWELL JOHN INCOLD CERDRIC MARSH JAMES GOODRICH FREDERICK SMITH FRANK ZENDZIAN WILLIAM YOUNG FREREDICK OSBERG DONALD WANGELIN JACK DUFFENDACK CLIFTON ELLIOT CARLETON NELSIN HOWARD NELSON MILLER SHERWOOD JACK YOUNG DAVID EISENDRATH 126 ENGINEERING HONOR COMMITTEE OFFICERS GOFF SMITH Chairman CARL A. CERST ACKER Secretary Row I McCain. Wills, Spoden. R. Smith Row II Baldwin. Gsrstacker, C. Smith, Coffey MEMBERS Seniors ROBERT BALDWIN BURTON COFFEY Juniors CARL A. CERSTACKER GOFF SMITH Sophomores HAROLD T. SPODEN GEORGE L McCAIN Freshmen )AMES C. WILLS ROBERT G. SMITH 127 A. S. C. E. OFFICERS STANLEY F. CROOK President EMILE D. LAVERCNE Vice- President ROBERT C. MONTGOMERY Secretary CARLTON L. NELSON Treasurer PROFESSOR LAWRENCE C. MAUCH Faculty Advisor Row I E. Chase, R. Smith, W. Chase, Dublin, Spoden, Seeley, Quinsey, Bahouth, Williams, Griffith, Valles Row II Beckwith, Gillett, Meader, Healy, Dodds, Henderson, Hasani, Widman, Frazier, Foote Row III Anton, Olding, Graver, McCa ffrey, Bird, Allen, Reynolds, Manos, Johnson, Snell Row IV Friend, Olsen, Nelson, Lavergne. Crook, Wedell, Bastian, Steinborn, Sielski Rene C. Adlong George W. Allen Erwin E. Antilla Joseph Anton James O. Appleyard Bahouth S. Bahouth Miss Mary C. Bastian Ralph H. Bechwith Charles F. Bird Benjamin R. Blackwell William H. Buchanan, Jr. J. Cal Callahan Lieh Chang Edward C. Chase, Jr. William K. Chase Arvon L. Davies Joseph John Demma Grant C. Dodds George E. Dorrell, Jr. Michael Dublin Adil G. Durrayk Robert W. Eddy Edward W. Foote Roger S. Frazier Ardo M. Friend MEMBERS Dexter K. Gillett Robert W. Graver John M. Griffith Donald C. Hamot Wilson R. Hardelben Anwar R. Hasani John H. Healy Glen D. Heggie L. Reid Henderson John M. Hilpert Truman H. Hoenke Pai-Chuan Hsu Edward Q. Johnson Robert B. Kinkhead Bow Y. Lee Clayton H. Y. Lem Hsuan Tien Liu William T. McCaffrey M. Irwin McCarty, Jr. John Mair Thomas G. Manos Carlton C. Meader W. J. Moore George Myers George Ross Olding William E. Olsen Chao Wen Pan Yin Hong Pang Jonathan Poriss William E. Quinsey William C. Reilley Don P. Reynolds Sidney L. Riley Ralph K. Seeley George K. Shook Matthew C. Sielski Ralph E. Smith Richard D. Snell Harold T. Spoden Sydney O. Steinborn Edward J. Stoll H. Warren Underwood, Jr. Antonia Valles Chester G. Wedell Lee E. Widman Clyde E. Williams E. Harrison Williams Paul Woodward Alfred Wright, Jr. 12S A. S. M. E. OFFICERS JOHN F. INGOLD President ROBERT S. YOUNG Vice- President EDWARD L. SINCLAIR Secretary CLARENCE R. GREEN Treasurer JOHN G. YOUNG- -Engin. Council Representative PROFESSOR HUGH E. KEELER, Honorary Chairman Row I Zuris, McCarthy. Jewell, Welch, Cheney, Proos, Janson, Conlon ROW || McAnulty, Block, Haskins, Wagner, Carlzen, Farrah, Stevens, Cole, Engstrom, Reid Row III O ' Neil, Jennings. Dery, Janura, Humenczuk, Jacobson, White, Hammersmith, Bluford Row IV Taylor, Ruettinger, Simpson, Oliver, Zapp, Emley, Eshelman, Tarte, Kempton, Blakley Row V Barnes, Cook. Sinclair, Green, Prof. Keeler, Ingold, R. S. Young, J. G. Young, Berry- man, Peterson, Hyatt MEMBERS Chester Anderson Henry Barecki Howard Barnes S. Robert Bartnik Loren Beebe Lloyd Berryman William Blakley Charles Block Guion Bluford Elmer Boer George Bradford Stuart Bush Carl Carlson Donald Carson Grant Cheney Yit Pong Chew Robert Cleveland Walter Conlon Glenn Cook Thomas Cowdrey Howard Crusey Loren Curriston Robert Danse Julian Dery Juan Diaz Harold Dibble A. J. Dubord Clifton Elliott Warren Emley John Engstrom Rodney Eshelman )ere Farrah Laurence Gay Alex Goloff Clarence Green Randall Griffin K. L Graf George Hammersmith Charles Haskins William Humenczuk M. G. Hyatt Boris llyin John Ingold Peter Ipsen Charles Jackson Charl es Jacobson Ralph Janson Harold Janura Frederick Jennings William Jewell Stephen Klonoski Paul Krans David Lansdale Vem Leonard Ralph Lewis S. C. Lewis Henry Luthe G. S. McCarthy James McAnulty Robert McCloud Newton McFadyen William MacLeod James Mason William Mitchell James Murdock George Northway John Oliver Larry O ' Neil Robert Peterson Glen Phelps Donald Pomeroy G. M. Proos William Rashleigh Robert Reid Joseph Robinson Erwin Rohde Thurman Ruettinger Maurice Simpson Edward Sinclair Robert Spencer Joseph Spitzley R. Lester Spitzley Philip Stehle Melvin Stern ' r Wilfred Sterner John Stevens George Stuart Hillard Sutin Sik Ling Tang R. J. Tarte Hartley Taylor William Teeter Phillip Th-obald William Tracy Robert Valk Carl Van Loo James Walker Richard Wangelin Thomas Welch Robert White P. W. Wilson John Young Robert Youpg George Zapp Paul Zuris 129 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCE OFFICERS WILLIS M. HAWKINS, JR President JERE T. FARRAH Vice-Pres. JOHN A. MARGWARTH Secretary ROBERT L. CAMPING Treasurer JOHNC. DUFFENDACK, JR.._Eng ' g Council Repr. B. L SPRINGER Faculty Advisor ti ' y tf f-t - f f " Vt Row I McNitt, Sweet, Alexander, Rubin, Engstrom, Wightman, Shorter, Knott, Vogel, Ma, Carstens Row II Marcus, Kamionka, Pennoni, Lawarre, Cook, Space, R. B. Cotton, T. j. Cotton, Pipitone Row III Charnley, Reed, Kaiser, Reeder, Trengrove, Steere, Field, King ' , Champion, Robinson Row IV Margwarth, McCance, Nelson, Springer, Thompson, Thoren, Hawkins, Duffendack, Farrah, Camping Donald M. Alexander David Bowe Frank K. Bradford Glenn H. Brink Robert E. Burke Robert L. Camping Frank H. Carstens Carl W. Caughey Albert P. Champion William R. Charnley Tseng-Liang Chiang Chu-Ta Chow William W. S. Claytor Lawrence V. Clements George H. Compter Sherman H. Cook Robert B. Cotton Thomas J. Cotton Loren E. Curriston James W. Dickey John W. Draper John C. Duffendack, Jr. MEMBERS Robert S. Eikenberry John E. Engstrom Jere T. Farrah Osmond F. Field, Jr. Byron Freeman Ned Fuller, Jr. Frank W. Furry George A. Graves William R. Harvey Willis M. Hawkins, Jr. Joe C. Hong Julius A. Jaeger William Janeshek Harold L. Jarchow Donald W. Kaiser Joseph T. Kamionka Jack H. Kasley, Jr. Curtis Kelly Stephen R. King Edward B. Kinnaman James E. Knott John Lawarre Tseng-Li Ma Frank C. MacTernan Carl M. W. Marcus John A. Margwarth William M. McCance Lewis F. McNitt Leonard C. Mook, Jr. Wilbur C. Nelson R. B. C. Newcomb A. E. Palmer Hsueh-Chang Pang Richard J. Pennoni Edwin S. Perrin Samuel J. Pipitone Fletcher N. Platt Norman W. Reed John P. Reeder Joseph I. Robinson Ralph S. Royce Arnold E. Rubin Norbert F. Ruszaj Leon Z. Seltzer Jack H. Sheets John W. Shorter Warren M. Slater Max Sokal Frederick G. Space, Jr. Robert W. Steere, Jr. Robert M. Stevens Floyd J. Sweet Samuel Taubman Robert A. Thorpe Russell R. Trengove, Jr. Vincent C. Trimarchi Joseph R. Trueblood John F. Vogel Wesley W. Vyvyan Henrik S. S. Warberg Edwin C. Weber, jr. Karl J. Wein Arthur A. Whiting, Jr. Henry N. Wightman Robert F. Yee Keh-Jin Yu 130 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING OFFICERS CUSTAV COLLATZ President FREDERICK HULI First V.-Pres. JOHN WILLIAMS Sec. V.-Pres. BURTON L. COFFEY Secretary RICHARD D. BURT Treasurer FRED SMITH_. Eng. Council Rep. Row I Coda, Halkins, Beyer, Atkinson, Woodruff, Eakins, Fechnay, Crote, Coeckel, Blaine, Trojanowkz, Bela, Crooks, Cerstacker Row II Badaluco, Brooks. Hayes. Madigan, Sawyer, Cousineau, Michalowski, Chomicz, Kubow, McAfee, Rodzianko, Bailey Row III Osburn, Kingman. B. Smith, Dickinson, Hubbard. Nagler. Werner, Marsh, Nealon, Christian, Fodor, Tanzer, Jensen Row IV Kuechenmeister. Goddin. Burt, F. Smith. Hull, Collatz, Willi ams. Levy. Sydnor, Walter, Andreou MEMBERS J. J. KUBOW A. W. HERBENAR A. J. SOLOWAY V. P. SCHULTZ A. LEVY A. M. LESLIE S. TIENTZ E. TSAO A. R. SYDNOR P. JOHNSON C. A. NACLER U. TSAO A. LENNIE J. WATSON R. FREEMAN J. IRELAND P. KINGMAN S. G. CHRISTIAN E. A. SOUTHARD U. HAZERTON N. L DICKINSON J. D. STAPLE A. H. WALDCHEN W. SALTMAN L LUSKIN B. L. COFFEY E. K. TANZER L. L SLABKOWICZ N. ELDRED R. H. ROWLAND W. SHELDON C. SHERBURNE E. NEALON G. T. COLLATZ S. MICHALOWSKI J. G. LAMBERTSEN G. MORRISON A. PORTER E. LEBEIS E. DOLAN F. HULL H. ROBERTSON W. A. JENSEN R. E. CHADDOCK B. WILLIAMS T. BROECK M. J. SINNOTT M. K. KAIHANI E. J. COUSINEAU J. O. OSBURN E. J. KARLE D. W. HAYES A. CAUSEY A. C. ERICKSON J. S. WILLIAMS N. LEVENSON L. CODA C. GERSTACKER J. FECHNAY B. EAKINS L WORTHING K. GAUTHIER H. F. GOECKEL R. G. ATKINSON R. W. STEERE. JR. R. S. FODOR C. HOLKINS D. B. McKEE G. A. KUECHENMEISTER R. O. HUBBARD R. C. WERNER R. W. WHITELEY W. C. TRUCKENMILLER E. HAMILTON B. RODZIANKO H. O ' CONNELL R. G. SMITH H. M. GOLDMAN M. W. WOODRUFF D. MADIGAN R. CROOKS T. BRAUN R. SAWYER F. WALTER P. E. ANDREAU C. MARSH E. SELIKSON H. W. GROTE R. BEYER R. D. BURT 131 QUARTERDECK OFFICERS JAMES F. GOODRICH Commodore CORDON W. COLBERG Vice-Commodore CHARLES G. SCOTT, WALTER C. McNEIL, Purser Row I Strandhagen, Kelly, Breit Row II Fox, Dart, Faulkner, Limpert, Johnson, Carle Row III Scott, Blanding, Co lberg, H. C. Adams, H. C. Sadler, E. M. Bragg, L. A. Baier,- Goodrich, McNeil Row IV Winchell, Eisner, Roach, Marriner, Little, Kirkman, Cowdrey, B. Allen, Parsons B. E. ALLEN R. L. BEACH J. E. BLANDINC C. E. DART R. D. FAULKNER R. S. FOX J. S. ELSNER W. W. KELLY MEMBERS R. S. LITTLE J. W. KIRKMAN E. H. PARSONS C. D. ROACH B. W. WINCHELL E. A. JOHNSON A. G. STRANDHAGEN J. E. MARRINER T. O. COWDREY 132 GLIDER CLUB OFFICERS FLOYD ). SWEET President DONALD M. ALEXANDER Sec.-Treas. H. WARREN UNDERWOOD. .Engr. Counc. Rep. ERNEST BRATER, EDWARD H. REPLOGLE_._ Custodians of Equipment Row I Eikenberry, Thoren, Wangelin, Royce, Nelson, Montgomery, Replogle Row II Wightman, Sweet, Alexander, Underwood INSTRUCTORS Rudolph Thoren Henry N. Wightman Wilbur Nelson Donald Wangelin Scott Royce ASST INSTRUCTORS Robert B. C. Newcomb L. D. Montgomery Thomas Starr Robert S. Eikenberry MEMBERS John Margwarth John A. Rinek Babette Klein Vivian Lerner Mary C. Johnson Allen Andrews Monroe P. Schwartz Jack B. Reiber Lewis F. McNitt Frank Stephan Robert K. Tiedeman Fletcher Platt Alfred S Evans Leon Z. Seltzer William L. Tracy Carl H. Clement, Jr. Karl Lowenberg Thomas Cotton Bob Cotton Fredrick Shroyer William Landwier William R. Harvey Donald Knapp Ted R. Spangler Alexander Miller Harold Spoden George H. Compter George M. Goldman Tom Cain Jack Knecht Osmond Field Dexter Rosen Russel Heyl Lorenz W. Rinek J. W. Dickey, Jr. Robert Thorner 133 SIGMA RHO TAU MEMBERS IN FACULTY HENRY C. ANDERSON WALTER L. BADGER ORLAN W. BOSTON ROBERT D. BRACKETT GEORGE B. BRIGHAM, JR MORTIMER E. COOLEY WILLIAM H. EGLY HENRY H. HIGBIE CLARENCE F. KESSLER ALFRED H. LOVELL AXEL MARIN HENRY W. MILLER ARTHUR D. MOORE ROGER L. MORRISON J. RALEIGH NELSON ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN HERBERT C. SADLER WALTER C. SADLER JESSE E. THORNTON JOHN S. WORLEY ftf t f f f fit t; f f ' OFFICERS F. Wm. DONOVAN Pres. R. OWEN LAIDLAW Treas. ROBERT T. COUSINS Vice-Pres. WILLIAM I. BURNS-- --Sec ' t. Row I M. C. Stewart, C. N. Dunham, B. Shacter, O. G. DeClerck, C. Saltz, A. B. Copley, R. M. Adams, M. P. Maier, N. Hagar, L. E. Cascadden, J. F. Wisler, A. J. Dubord Row II R. Cousins, A. D. Hulbert, C. Marsh, S. Richardson, M. Brown, H. Dehlinger, N. Hinckley, R. Watt, H. M. Howell, D. Galbraith, J. A. Ashburn, W. ). Burns, E. Brenn, J. Anton Row III F. W. Donovan, R. L. Morrison, J. S. Worely, Dean Cooley, Dean Sadler, H. C. An- derson, R. D. Brackett, R. O. Laidlaw, C. Probst Row IV W. R. Casselman, P. C. Williams, J. G. Angel, G. A. Liedholz, J. W. Flaherty, R. Barnes, R. R. Askren. NEOPHYTES RICHARD ADAMS CHESTER ANDERSON JOHN ANGLE )ESSE ASHBURN JOHN BAUMANN ROBERT BENFORD ROBERT COPELAND ROBERT CASSELMAN ALLEN COOLEY CARMEN CUCCIA OSCAR DECLERCK HANS DEHLINGER DALE GALBRAITH EDMON GUZEWICZ WILLIAM HADDAD MYRON HALL NICKERSON HINCKLEY )OHN HOFFER HARRY HOWELL G. A. LIEDHOLZ MARK MAIER JOHN MILLS JOHN NILL RICHARD OPPENHEIM )OHN PATRICK JACK PRENTICE DANIEL RANNEY STANLEY RICHARDSON CHARLES ROSENBERG PHILIP ROSENBLUM CLARE SALTZ BERNARD SCHACTER FREDERICK SHANDS JACK SHULER JACK SPICER H. A. STEDING M. R. STEERE MEYER STEIN MELVILLE STEWART JOHN STONE RICHARD VARNUM BENJAMIN VINE ROBERT WATT ELI WEINER PARDON WILLIAMS NEWTON HACER HENRY CLAUSER RAYMOND BARNES H. C. BILLINGS CHARLES FORBES PHILIP STEHLE HOWARD OSBORN ROGER PETERSON ARMAND HEWETT NOVICES ALLEN ANDREWS JOSEPH ANTON RONALD R. ASKREN DONALD D. BEACH EARL BRENN SIGMUND EUGENE BYCHINSKY WILLIAM R. CADY GEORGE H. COMPTER KENNETH A. DAY ROBERT DIMPFF JOHN S. ELSNER KENNETH R.EVENSON ANDREAS FASTE THOMAS P. GALANOR HAROLD LUSKIN ROBERT FRANKLIN MAY VIRGIL R. OWENS EDWARD L. PAGE WILLIAM C. PARKINSON CHARLES PROBST CHARLES F. SCHWADER RICHARD SKLANSKY RICHARD TARBELL JOSEPH R. TRUEBLOOD EARL WALTER VAN J. WOLF MEMBERS ON CAMPUS ROBERT T. COUSINS F. WILLIAM DONOVAN ROBERT A. LOWE GEORGE W. MALONE EDWARD R. NELL LYLE M. READING THEODORE H. ROUCHLEY MAURICE TAYLOR ROBERT E. WOODHAMS ASSOCIATES MAXWELL N. ANNING WILLIAM J. BURNS CLIFTON M. ELLIOTT RALPH O. LAIDLAW JOSEPH C. JENKINS JOHN M. McKENZIE ANTHONY B. O ' DONNELL WILLIAM F. SHACKELTON LOUIS L. SLABKOWICZ JOHN F. WISLER 134 n u IN 1897 the first degree in B.S. in Pharmacy was conferred. The requirements for entrance and the number of hours required for graduation have always been the same as for other similar collegiate degrees given by this University. Beginning with the fall of 1913, the College of Pharmacy offered three degrees, requiring a two years ' course for the degree of Ph.C., a three years ' course for the Ph.C. degree and a four years ' course for the B.S. degree. In the fall of 1917, the course leading to the degree of Ph.C. was dropped and now only the degrees of Ph.C. and B.S. are given. The entrance require- ments for these degrees are graduation from an approved high school or its equivalent as found by an examination by the university examining committee. 136 STUDENTS IN LABORATORY 137 DIRECTOR H. B. LEWIS " THE University of Michigan was among the first in the ' United States to introduce courses in pharmacy. Instruc- tion began in 1865 and was met with such favor that the School of Pharmacy became an independent unit in 1876. The en- trance requirements were meager at first, but due to the grow- ing need for well trained men in the profession, they were gradually increased and at present are practically on a par with those for the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. The methods of instruction improved, and in 1915 upon the recommendation of various associations of American Uni- versities relative to the names of university units, the name was changed from School, to College of Pharmacy. Dr. Albert B. Prescott was the first dean of the College of Pharmacy, and he might be called the father of pharmacy in the University of Michigan. 138 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY PROFESSORS F. F. BLICKE Prof, of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Dr. Prescott was recognized as one of the foremost leaders in this field and under his capable direction the College of Pharmacy assumed leadership in this country. Since Dr. Pres- cott ' s death in 1905. five men have directed the College of Pharmacy. Professor Julius O. Schlotterbeck held the position of dean from 1905 to 1917. and his excellent administrative abilities enabled the College to maintain its former high level. C. W. EDMUNDS Prof, of Materia Medica Professor Alviss B. Stevens was dean from 1917 to 1919. when he was admitted as Professor Emeritus to the benefits of the Carnegie Retirement Fund. Dr. Henry Kraemer served as dean for the year 1919-1920 and upon his resignation Professor E. H. Kraus became dean, holding the position until 1933. when he was appointed dean of the College of Litera- ture. Science and the Arts. He was succeeded by Dr. Howard B. Lewis, the present dean of the College of Pharmacy. C. C. CLOVER Prof, of Pharmacognos y The laboratories and offices of instructors are situated in the Chemistry Building, and in the West Medical Building where they have ample and commodious quarters. There are Manufacturing, Prescription, and Food and Drug laboratories for the use of the pharmacy students. Many of the prescrip- tions and Pharmaceuticals used by the University Health Serv- ice and Hospital come from these laboratories. This type of work enables the students to gain practical experience. C. H. STOCKING Assoc. Prof, of Pharmacy The fine reputation this College has maintained has aided it in attracting students from all over the United States, as well as many foreign countries. Because this college has com- plete and modern working equipment, a splendid library, and an able faculty, it has been able to graduate thoroughly trained students who now occupy important positions as reg- istered pharmacists, salesmen, analysts, and teachers. 139 WINTHROP IX HALL B.S. Riiynham, Massachusetts Phi Eta Sigma; Rho Chi. EMMETT M. ALTSHUL B.S. Jersey City, New Jersey PHARMACY COLLEGE SENIORS ROBERT G. HILF.R B.S. Bay City. Michigan OWEN B. BICF.LOW B.S. East Tr.was. Michigan Assistant in Pharmacy (4). C. A. JENNINCS B.S. Lawrence, Mic ' iiran Treas. Senior Pharmacy Class. ELIZABETH CliOI.M- FIELD B.S Petioit, ItticMftan Sec ' y of Senior Class. (;EORC,E N. JOHNSON B.S. Dearborn, Michigan MERRILL F. DOLE B.S. Peterborough, New Hamp- shire Kappi Psi (4). JEAN HAMMERLUND B.S. Towaco, New Jersey Chi Omega. LAURIE N. C.ROSS B.S. Stamford, Connecticut 140 FREDERIC J. KOMKXDA B.S. Milton. Massachusetts Kappa Psi. HERMAX PARKLES B.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha ZeU Omega (Xu Chapter) : Summer Men ' s Glee Clnb (4) : Independ- ent Tennis Team (3). PHARMACY COLLEGE SENIORS JEAX E. McFARLAXD B.S. Grand Rapids, Michigan C ' hi Omega, Treasurer (4). JEAX G. SfHMITT B.S. Rochester. Xew York Zeta Tau Alpha. DOXALD E. MARSHALL B.S. Gregory, Michigan Alpha Chi Sigma: Rho Chi; Class President (4) ; Fresh- man Glee Club; Young Democrat ' s Club. JOSE G. MOSCOSO B.S. Ponce, Puerto Rico Hermitage. BERXARD SILVER B.S. Uniontown, Pennsylvania HERMAX A. TIMPF B.S. Mt. Clemens, Michigan Beta Sigma Psi : Freshman Basketball; Pres. (1); A ' ice- Pres. (4). ROBERT S. MOSER B.S. Altoona. Pennsylvania Intramural Sports (3) (4). PHILIP C. VARNUM B.S. Jonesville, Michigan Rho Chi; Sec ' y Rho Chi (4). 141 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS DONALD MARSHALL Pres. A HERMAN TIMPF Vice-Pres. ELIZABETH BROOMFIELD __Sec. ARTHUR JENNINGS _ __Treas. Pharmacy Banquet JEAN McFARLAND GEORGE JOHNSON LAURIE GROSS PHILIP VARNUM Invitations PHILLIP VARNUM (Chmn.) GEORGE JOHNSON LAURIE GROSS Cap - Gown HERMAN TIMPF ARTHUR JENNINGS WINTHROP HALL 142 n u n u WELLS I. BENNETT Director The College of Architecture trains its stu- dents in three fields, in general education, in professional education, and in actual experi- ence in architectural work, thus making it possible for them to have practical as well as artistic training since these are the two nec- essary requirements of a good architect. The curriculum is well-rounded, for the school is one of the most advanced in the country, tending toward the modern movement in teaching methods. Originally a part of the Engineering school, there was such marked progress in both the faculty and the student body that it became independent in 1931. With its formal columns and gardens it is one of the most interesting buildings on campus, and is complete within itself. It has its own fraternities, some of them na- tional and honorary, as Tau Sigma Delta, and others local, as the Architectural Society. The school has an individual social activity of which the outstanding event is the Archi- tect ' s Ball, held in May each year. There are annual art exhibits, held by the Ann Arbor Art Associations, the Art Con- ference of the Schoolmaster ' s Club, and the College itself. There is also a permanent col- lection of work in the halls of the building itself. FREEHAND DRAWING The courses given in the School of Architecture are such that they are popular with many students other than just those enrolled in the school. The Decorative De- s ' gn courses, for instance, have drawn many Lit. school students and Metal Work, Clay modeling and Freehand Drawing are peren- nial favorites. The busy artist in the left hand corner is one of those who line the streets around the Art School in the sunny days of the spring and fall. 146 MODELING ARCHITECTURAL SCHOOL GARDEN R.W. HAMMET Assoc. Prof, of Arch. C. M. McCONKEY Prof, of Architecture H. O. WHITTEMORE Assoc. Prof, of Landscape Design 147 ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY ROW I Clark, Harper, Lyman, Bachelder, Sprau. ROW II Roderick, Space, Steere, McConkey, May, Allmendinger. FACULTY ADVISOR Ross T. Bittinger ROBERT CARROLL MAY ROBERT L. SPACE FLORENCE JEAN McCONKEY JEAN STEERE _ OFFICERS President -Vice-President Secretary .-Treasurer CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Edward Duffield Virginia Allmendinger James Mitchell Katherine Roderick William Lyman, Jr. James Clark Frank Bachelder John Harper George Sprau ARCHITECT ' S BALL CHAIRMEN RICHARD DENNIS General Chairman WALTER T. ANICKA, ALFRED C. ROTH Decorations ROBERT L. SPACE Music ROBERT CARROLL MAY Tickets PHILLIP HAUCHEY Floor RICHARD A. POLLAND Entertainment WILLIAM A. GRIFFITHS Publicity FLORENCE McCONKEY Favors, Programs, Patrons 148 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS PHILLIP HAUCHEY President A JOHN VAN DIS Vice-President MARY MARGARET BARNES- -Secretary ROBERT MAY - _ Treasurer COMMITTEES LEE BUTLER Invitations WILLIAM LYON _ .-Senior Ball 149 COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE SENIORS A fr VIRGINIA A. ALLMENDINGER B.S. Design Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Alpha Gamma, Pres. ; Sr. Kept, in Arch. Society. RICHARD DENNIS B.S. Arch. Detroit, Michigan J-Hop Committee; Chrm. Arch. Ball. CHARLES G. ANDERSON B.S. Arch. South Bend, Indiana Alpha Tan Omega. MARY M. B A.B. Dei Detroit, Pi Beta Phi, Pres. Delta; Phi Kappa P: Class; Choral Union ' ' Committee (2); Orientation ' iComni;? (3) (4); Social Comm. LINDA M. BAUER B.S. Design Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Alpha Gamma; Architectural Society; Studio Club (3). MARIAN D. EVANS B.S. Design Detroit, Michigan y; Alpha Alpha 4) ; Treas. Helen (4). HAUGHEY Arch, reek, Michigan ionj Tau Sigma Delta (3) d and Blade (4); tall Comm. (3) ; Swim- 4); Pres. Sr. Class: Delta; Vice-Pres. MAE HERNDON B.S. Design Springfield, Illinois Delta Delta Delta ; Alpha Alpha Gamma; Jr. Women ' s Ed. on ' En- sian (3); Merit Systm Comm. (2) (3); Lantern Parade (1). HOPE E. BEST B.S. Design Washington, D. C. BRUNO KOEPPEL A.B. Arch. Brooklyn, New York Military Ball Decoration Designer (3) (4). WILLIAM T. BOWERS B.S. Arch. Eng. Sturgis, Michigan MARY H. LAMBIE B.S. Design Birmingham, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta ; Tau Sigma Delta; Wyvern : Soph. Cabaret; J.G.P. Central Committee; Vice- Pres. Mich. League; Pan-Hellenic. 150 COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE SENIORS ROBERT F. MAH B.S. Arch. Canton, China MARY E. SIMCOCK B.S. Design Belleville, Michigan Alpha Alpha Gamma; Tau Sigma Delta. ROBERT C. MAT A.B. Arch Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Kappa Sigma ; U. of M. Archi- tect Society (4), Pres. ; Treas. Sr. Class Office; University Symphony Orchestra (2). MART B. MONTGOME A.B. Design Detroit, Michigan Delta Delta Delta, Vice- Ensian (2) : Swim. Club (2) (3); W.A.A. Board (3): Cabaret Comm. : Jr. G. P. Co League Merit System Comm. Theatre Arts Comm. (4). CHESTER C. MOY B.S. Arch. Hongkong. China Alpha Lambda. GEORGE SPRAU, JR. B.S. Arch. Kalamazoo, Michigan Alpha Rho Chi; Tau Sigma Delta; Architectual Society; Men ' s Coun- EA M. TAYLOR B.S. Design Hibbing, Minnesota Gamma. RK L. TEEGARDEN B.S. Arch. Shelby, Montana Phi Sigma Kappa; Jr. Class Pres. ; Univ. of Montana (1) (2). BETH L. RANNEY A.B. Design Birmingham, Michigan Pi Beta Phi, Treas.; Junior Girls Play (3) ; Theatre and Arts Comm. (3) (4); Poster Comm. (2) (3). JOHN A. VAN DIS, JB. B.S. Arch. Akron, Ohio Alpha Rho Chi; Tau Sigma Delta; House Pres. A.R.X. (4) ; Class Vice-Pres. (4). HKLEK C. SHAPLAND B.S. Design Detroit, Michigan Kappa Delta ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Alpha Alpha Gamma; Wyvern (3); Daily Bus. Staff (1) (2); Soph Class Basketball (2) ; Choral Un- ion (1) (2) (3); Fresh. Girls ' Glee Club (1); Stanley Chorus (2) (3); League Publicity Comm. (2); League Theatre Arts Comm. (4) ; Soph. Cabaret (2); Junior Girlr, Play (3). ELEANOR V. WRIGHT B.S. Design Adrian, Michigan Martha Cook Residence; Alpha Alpha Gamma (3). 151 ALPHA ALPHA GAMMA ROW I Cerisch, Hemingway, Haughey, Messenger, Shapland, | right, R. McConkey, Herndon ROW II F. McConkey, Evans, Knudson, Allmendinger, Hollistd}, Bauer, Simcock OFFICERS VIRGINIA ALLMENDINCER ...President MARIAN HOLLISTEI BERTA KNUDSON _ __Vice-President MARIAN EVANS - ACTIVES VIRGINIA ALLMENDINCER LINDA BAUER FRANCES BURGESS MARIAN EVANS DOROTHEA GERISCH ESTHER HAUGHEY MAE HERNDON |ANE HIGBIE BERTA KNUDJ DN FLORENCE Me RUTH McCON Secretary -Treasurer lONKEY CEY BETTY ANN MESSENGER HELEN SHAPLAND ELEANOR WRIGHT DOROTHY ANN HEMINGWAY MARY SIMCOCK MARY HOLLISTER 152 ALPHA RHO CHI ROW 1 HelU ROW II VA. ROW III Vin IKTINOS CHAPTER Founded, Michigan and Illinois, 1914 Established. 1914. 10 active chapters , Mitchell, Rapson, Harper, Albert, Miller, White, Seetey !, Warrick, Hollis, Olding, Polland, Rigg, Lindbald ent. Space, Milton, Sprau, Van Dis, Kerschbaum, Ruifrok, Prof Hammett SENIORS OTTO J. KERSCHBAUM LEE B. MILTON ROBERT L. SPACE GEORGE SPRAU, JR. JOHN A. VAN DIS, JR. NICHOLAS K. VINCENT JUNIORS ROBERT S. HOLLIS BERTIL N. LINDBLAD JAMES E. MITCHELL RICHARD A. POLLAND RALPH E. RAPSON HENRY W. RUIFROK SIDNEY G. WAKE FRANK A. WHITE SOPHOMORES JAMES A. ALBERT JULIUS G. HELLER G. ROSS OLDING JAMES F. RIGG FRESHMEN JOHN R. HARPER DAVID H. MILLER MEMBERS IN FACULTY WELLS I. BENNETT, M.S. ERNEST H. BARNES, A.M. RALPH W. HAMMET, A.M. Arch. EMIL LORCH, A.M. GEORGE M. McCONKEY. B.A.E. A. MASTRO VALERIC THOMAS S. TANNER. B.S. 153 DECORATIVE DESIGN THEORY OF COLOR Berta Knudson ADVERTISING DESIGN Alfred Roth THEORY OF COLOR Dorothy Adams , ? ' ' w J|V2 , W 38 t - W ap DRAWING v Doris Bolton CHARCOAL DRAWINGS Louise Kessberger 155 r 1 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS JUNIOR DESIGN George Sprau ' _ FRESHMAN DESIGN Lawrence Lackey r t o T r 9 :-n L 7 !! WINNING DESIGN Frederick Graham SOPHOMORE DESIGN W c ;fe t n o n u Which is it Beethoven ' s Fifth or Irving Berlin ' s Latest? 158 THE University School of Music has had a gradual growth from meager beginnings to a position of stellar importance on the campus and in campus activities. The music school student has a very wide field opened to him; degrees are possible in piam, voice, violin, organ, violincello, composition, musi- cologny, and music education. The school provides opportunity for its students to hear a great deal of the best mus- ic available in the country by bringing to Ann Arbor the foremost musicians and artists in an annual series of concerts. In this series are the Choral Union perf ormances, the Fac- ulty concerts, the Twlight Organ Recitals, and the very popular and colorful May Festival which sends the better proportion of the faculty, the student body, and many out of town visitors flocking to Hill Auditorium each spring. Equipped with an excellent faculty, under President Sink, and with a very creditable and complete set of instruments, working space, and materials, the music student has every chance to make of himself or herself second Heifetzes or Flagstads! Not only do we have music coming in from outside, but there is on campus the Univer- sity Symphony orchestra and the Little Sym- phony, the former made up largely of stu- dents from the school of music, and the lat- ter includes the technical assistants on the school ' s faculty. The Choral Union, the Glee Clubs, and the Stanley Chorus provide op- portunity for those who can sing, and the University Bands prove themselves indis- pensable on such occasions as football days and amateur nights. All in all, the Music school holds no small place in that part of our college life which is apart from the routine of classes and bluebooks. CHARLES A. SINK PRESIDENT 159 One Of The Concerts At Hill Auditorium SB8 A82fi PREDICATED this year in L December, the " Marion Leroy Burton Memorial " , which houses the Charles Baird Carillon, stands, now al- most completed, at the north- east corner of Hill Auditorium. It is the figurative corner- stone of a group of buildings which will comprise the new School of Music. One of the largest bell towers in the country, it will serve not only as part of the equipment of the school, but will also pro- vide entertainment for the en- tire campus through recitals and concerts. MUSIC SCHOOL PROFESSORS WASSILY BESEKIRSKY Prof, of Violin PALMER CHRISTIAN Prof, of Organ J. E. MADDY Prcf. of Public School Music D. E. MATTERN Prof, of Public School Music HANNS PICK Prof, of Violoncello M. R. RHEAD Assoc. Prof, of Piano The Carillon Tower and Player Pratt Palmer Christian at the Organ ARTHUR HACKETT Prof, of Voice E. V. MOORE Prof, of Music OTTO STAHL Assoc. Prof, of Music Theory SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jrjs-jf i _ .xV v OFFICERS HENRY A. BRUINSMA ...President AJOHN KRELL Vice-President RUTH PARDEE Secretary RACHEL LEASE . ..Treasurer INVITATIONS LUELLA PERKINS, Chmn. PHYLLIS DYE EDWARD HAAPA ARNE KOLJONEN JANE ROGERS FINANCE EVERETT KISINCER, Chmn. ROBERT CAMPBELL GWENDOLYN POSSUM MARY KOHLHAAS FREDERICK SUNDSTROM PROGRAM COMMITTEE WILLIAM LICHTENWANGER, Chmn MARGUERITE CREIGHTON CLYDE VROMAN MARY WALKER ALBERT ZBINDEN PHOTOGRAPHS MANUEL S SOLDOFSKY, Chmn. AARRE KAUPPI 162 CAP AND GOWN OWEN REED, Chmn. LOU WHITE WILLIAM FLETCHER CHARLES McNEILL ISABEL WRAY SOCIAL COMMITTEE MARY POTTER, Chmn. RICHARD IOHNSON HELEN MORTON ROLLIN SILFIES HENRY A. BRU1XSMA B.M. Grand Rapids, Michigan Class Pres. (4): Band (1) (2) (3) (4) : Univ. Symphony Orch. ELAIXE BUBIS B.M. Oeveland Hts., Ohio WILLIAM C. FLETCHER Ann Art.or. Michigan GWENDOLYN L- POSSUM B.M. Havre. Montana Ma Phi Epsilon; Stanley Chorus (3): Choral Union (4). MUSIC SCHOOL SENIORS BARBARA J. BYRNE B.M. Dn Quain. Illinois Collegiate Sorosis; Sigma Alpha Iota; Choral Union (2) (3) (4). EHWARD J. HAAPA B.M. Franklin Mine. Michr. ' KENNETH E. COLE B.M. Peck. Michigan MARY J. DOCTOR B.M. Detroit, Michigan PHYL.LIS L. DYE BM. Macedonia, Iowa Ma Phi Epsilon; Choral Union; Junior Girls Play. HUR J. HILL B.M. Baraga, Michigan r ty Glee Clnb (3); Regimental (3) (4). AARRE R. KAUPPI B.M. Ironwood. Michigan BaVd; Orchestra; Choral Union; Pictures Comm, TOM H. KIXKEAD B.M. Cheyenne, Wyoming Phi Gamma Delta; Glee Club. 163 EVERETT D. KISINGER B.M. Muskegon, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Mu; Band (1) (2) (3) (4); Orchestra (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Choral Union (4). HELEN D. MORTON B.M. Gary, Indiana Alpha Omicron Pi ; Mu Phi Epsi- lon ; Zeta Phi Eta; Class Social Comm. (4); Junior Girls Play; League Art Comm. (4) ; Choral Union (3) (4). MARY A. KOHLHAAS B.M. Laurium, Michigan Martha Cool; Mu Phi Epsilon. JACQUELINE 0. MYERS B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan MUSIC SCHOOL SENIORS ARNE W. KOLJONEN B.M. Mohawk. Michigan Varsity Glee Club (3) (4); Band (3) (4); Choral Union (3) (4). CHARLES F. NORDMAN B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Mu ; First Regimental Band (4) ; Play Production (4). JOHN C. KRELL B.M. Saginaw, Michigan Phi Kappa Phi; Me ' Class Vice-pres. ; BanVl. ) RACHEL D B.M. ' Great Falls, MoJ Mu Phi Epsilon, Sec ' y (4) ; Class Treas. (4); Choral Union (1) (2) (3); Soph Cabaret (2); Penny Carnival (2); Junior Girls Play. RUTH A. PARDEE Clinton, Michigan C ' lif.jj ' fflmega ; Sigma Alpha Iota, Vic $jes. ; Class Sec ' y (4); Cho- t hion ( 1 ) ; Stanley Chorus LUELLA E. PERKINS B.M. Durango, Colorado Delta Omicron; Choral Union (2) (3) ; Stanley Chorus (4). CHARLES L. McNEILL B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan U. of M. Little Symphony. OWEN N. REED B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Mu, Pres. ; Band Symphony Orch. 164 JANE E. ROGERS B.M. Belleville, Illinois Alpha Delta Pi, Vice-pres. (4) ; Mu Phi Epsilon, Treas. (4) ; Phi Kappa Phi; Choral Union (2) (3) (4); Play Production. JASKA A. TOWNE B.M. Poultney, Vermont MARY W. SHt ' FORD B.M. Conover, North Carolina CLYDE VROMAN B.M. Ann Arbor, Michigan Band; Director, Inst. Mnsic, Univ. High School. MUSIC SCHOOL SENIORS MANUEL J. SOLDOFSKY B.M. St. Louis. Missouri Phi Sigma Delta; Phi Mu Alpha ' Varsity Band: Student Director, Glee Club; Band; Glee Club; OJ; chestra. SjfJf st NORMAN R. SPI B.M. Quincy, Illinois Phi Mn Alpha. I fABEL R. WRAY r B.M. Evanston, Illinois Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Choral Union (3); Orchestra ALBERT T. ZBINDEN B.M. Toledo, Ohio Phi Mu Alpha: Alpha Epsilon Mo. 165 MU PHI EPSILON ROW I Dye, Hunt, Miller, Prescott, Morrison, Morton ROW II Bastian, Rogers, Sisson, Zbinden, Lease, Possum MEMBERS IN FACULTY AVA COM IN CASE JUVA HICBEE THELMA LEWIS EDITH KOON HELEN TITUS RUBY PEINERT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MRS. ARTHUR HACKETT MRS. MARLAND SMALL MRS. JOHN S. WORLEY MILDRED WEBBER DOROTHY PATON MRS. E. W. DOTY MRS. GRACE J. KONOLD MRS. GUY MAIER MRS. PAUL KEMPF MRS. HOWARD McCLUSKY MRS. ROBERT BROWN ELIZABETH A. LESLIE MRS. A. J. HALL MRS. ARCH WILSON GRADUATES CLARAWANDA SISSON, B.Mus. JUNIORS VIRGINIA HUNT RUTH MILLER MARY MORRISON LAURA PRESCOTT 166 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA ROW I Aupperle, Mayer. ROW II Lay, Byrn, Creig ROW III Wray, Porter, P; Carr, Wilson, McCrory, Haff, Lewis ton, Schotta, Dickson, White, Icheldinger, Harrison sons, Malve, Pardee, McCloud, Byrne OFFICERS UZANNE MALVE President UTH PARDEE Vice-President IARJORIE PARSONS Secretary 1ARY PORTER Treasurer ANET McCLOUD Chaplain SABEL WRAY . -- Editor MARGUERITE CREICHTON CHARLOTTE WHITMAN HELEN AUPPERLE IEANICE BYRNE HELEN BYRN VIRGINIA CARR MARION DICKSON LOUISE WHITE BERYL HARRISON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EILEEN LAY MARY FRANCES McDONOUGH ELIZABETH PARRISH EILEEN ICHELDINGER GRACE WILSON LOIS MAYER CHARLOTTE LEWIS MARY McCRORY PATRICIA HAFF 167 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN BAND WILLIAM D. REVELLI CONDUCTOR CAPTAIN WALTER B. FARISS DRILLMASTER FLUTES: J. KRELL E. PFLUCHOEFT L. CHRISMAN W. BAGWELL C. CANNON OBOES: J. WALLACE S. RICHARDS D. CASSEL ALTO CLARINETS: F. SUNDSTROM H. COHODES BASS CLARINETS: ]. DEIKIE E. RACZ ALTO SAXOPHONES: R. SILFIES H. J. MARTIN TENOR SAXOPHONES: C. ROACH L. CUCCIA THE CONCERT BAND CLARINETS: A. BERG A. GOLDBERG C. KEEN M. DEUTSCH E. SHECKMAN C. TOLBERT C. VROMAN J. BAIRD A. KAUPPI G. PHARES H. LATHROP W. CRAMER W. LICHTENWANGER E. STEWART M. MOREHOUS K. GOTHIER R. HAWLEY W. SAWYER A. KOLJONEN R. HUNERJAGER H. FARBER R. OWEN J. MOSAJGO BAR SAXO G. B. Wh BAS G. MILLEF H. HARRI COF E. KISINCER M. MITCI L. VANM O. REED T. KRUP H. D. Mfi R. ASHE V. SHERV D. COOPE |. GRIBBL N. KETCH D. KLEIN TONE: ' HONES: EELER OONS: JON NETS: ELL N A TROMBONES: A. ERICKSON E. VANDENBERC R. L. ANTHONY W. FINDLEY G. RYNO W. ANDERSON D. BLACK BARITONES: D. MARRS K. SUMMERFELT E. COOPER FRENCH HORNS: J. WHITE C. CLARKE R. ANTHONY W. PARKINSON D. RIDER E. STANKE D. BADCON SOUSAPHONES: |. HOUDEK R. CORRELL G. HEIBEIN C. COLLINS L. MORSE G. AVERY STRING BASSES: S. RONTEL TIMPANI A. SMITH BASS DRUM: F. DAVIS SNARE DRUMS: W. G. WHEELER O. ZAHNOW D. CHOWN F. WEIST 168 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN BAND HERBERT C. WATKINS BUSINESS MANAGER TH ! MARCHING BAND THE University of Michig during the past two ye Regimental Band, was orgar ready for more advanced w Band plays a prominent rolt the University Concert Bane n Bands have experienced considerable growth rs. In September, 1936, a new group, the First ized for the benefit of those students not yet rk. During the football season, the Marching and during the Winter months is replaced by THE REGIMENTAL BAND ADAMS. H. r APA, E ROOT. B. ANDERSON, R. h KALA, E. SALWEN E. AVERY, C. h LL, A. SHIPMAN. W. BENFORD, R. h DLMES, R. SILVER A. BEERS, M. h DRN, H. THOMPSON, G. BENAVIE. J. I HEE. R. TOWELL. W. BARVER, S. ft ENDELSON. R. VREELAND, R. WADE, R. r r : .. ' - ' NILL. J. CHEEVER, M. NORDMAN, C. WILKIE, J. CLARK. R. PORSCHE, E. ZITTEL. R. CRAMER. W. PRIOR, J. LA SALLE, E. CROW. W. RATHER. J. GETOOR. M. CURTIS. G. RHODEHAMEL. A. GOSSARD. P. ROBERTS, T. ERNEST A. JONES MANAGER BAND STAFF FREDERICK N. WIEST Drum Major GILBERT K. PHARES Assistant Manager LEE CHRISMAN Student Conductor MANUEL SOLDOFSKY Equipment Manager DONALD MARRS Asst. Equipment Manager GEORGE ROACH . _ -Librarian 169 ALPHA EPSILON MU ROW I Jones, Meek, Jensen, Anthony, Lodge, Walter ROW II Kisinger, Deike, Nordman, Sundstrom, Lipsett ROW III Rider, Hawley, Miller, Reed, Tustison, Burroughs, Clement OFFICERS OWEN N. REED Director TED MILLER Asst. Director RANSON ' HAWLEY Librarian KEITH TUSTISON .-Usher R. L ANTHONY R. W. STEERE JOHN HONDEK DONALD RIDER WALTER JENSEN W. G. KOSTER JOSEPH DEIKE RICHARD DREIFUSS RANSON HAWLEY WILLIAM BURROUGHS R. A. MEEK CHARLES NORDMAN PAUL ROBINSON KEITH TUSTISON MEMBERS ROBERT LODGE WILLIAM LICHTENWANGER F. WALTER ERNEST JONES WILLIAM CLEMENT LAWRENCE LIPSETT DAVID MATHER DONALD PARRY FREDERICK SUNDSTROM ALBERT ZBINDEN EVERETT KISINGER W. MOYLAN JONES THEODORE MILLER OWEN N. REED DANIEL COOK 170 n u PUPILS LEARNING THE USE OF THE LIBRARY 172 THE School of Education provides academic training and gives professional instruc- tion in many fields, among them Physical Edu- cation, Commercial Subjects, Art and De- sign, Industrial Education, and Public Health Nursing. The work of the school falls into seven departments: History and Principles of Education, Educational Administration and Supervision, Educational Psychology. Teach- ing of Special Subjects, Vocational Education, Physical Education, and Public Health Nurs- ing. Each department has a clearly defined program and works cooperatively in connec- tion with the University High School to pro- vide complete and adequate training for those students working toward teaching certifi- cates. The goal of the school is to prepare students for teaching, for leadership, and for administrative offices. Since the University High School was instituted for the express purpose of improving the training given in the high schools of Michigan, its work in connection with the Education School ac- complishes a double purpose. The training which the students receive in their senior years through practice teaching is invaluable to them in their work after they graduate. and at the same time the regular faculty is able to discover means of improving the methods of instruction now in use, through close objective observation. The school has its own fraternities and organizations, such as the Men ' s Education Club, the Women ' s Education Club, Phi Del- ta Kappa and Pi Lambda Theta. The educa- tion school students enter whole-heartedly into the various campus activities. Thus it can be seen that the many complicated parts of the Education School ' s system work to- gether as a unit, and in this way have brought upon it recognition of the fact that it is one of the finest departments of its kind in the country. r: JAMES B. EDMUNSON DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Young Artists B. BARTLETT Prof. of Public Health Nursing G. E. CARROTHERS Prof, of Education MARdERET BELL Prof, of Hygiene and Physical Edu- cation S. A. COURTIS Prof, of Education C. O. Davis Prof of Secondary Education F. D. CURTIS Prof, of Secondary Education THOMAS DIAMOND Assoc. Prof. of Vocational Educa- tion E. G. JOHNSON Assoc. Prof. of Secondary Educa- tion W. E. FORSYTHE Prof, of Hygiene and Public Health EDUCATION SCHOOL PROFESSORS L. W. KEELER Assoc. Prof. of Educational Ps y- chology GEORGE MAY Assoc. Prof. of Physical Educa- tion H. McCLUSKY ASSOI-. Prof. of Educational Psy- chology Elementary School Children I E. D. MITCHELL Assoc. Prof. of Physical Education CLEO MURTLAND Assoc. Prof. of Vocational Educa- tion A. B. MOEHLMAX Prof, of School Ad- ministration and Supervision GEORCE K. MYERS Prof, of Vocational Education T. L. PIRDOM Director of the Bu- reau of Appoint- ments V. C. OLSON Assoc. Prof. Education of R. SCHORI.IM; Prof, of Education O. V. STEPHEXSOX Assoc. Prof. of Teaching of His- tory J. R. SHARMAX Assoc. Prof. Education of EDUCATION SCHOOL PROFESSORS v. r. TROW Prof, of Education- al Psychology A. S. WHITXEY Prof. Emeritus of Educational Ad- ministration C. WOODY Prof, of Education F. H. YOST Prof, of Theory and Practice of Athletics Instructor Controlled Recreation SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS ROBERT ). HILI President A GRACE WOODLEY Vice-President GERTRUDE WAEHNER Secretary ROBERT MURRAY _ ..Treasurer FINANCE COMMITTEE ALBERT AMMERMAN, Chmn. JOHN GEE MILDRED OLSON DORIS HOYT INVITATIONS COMMITTEE MARGARET BEHRINGER, Chmn. VIRGINIA WYATT DOROTHY BRISCOE CAP AND GOWN CHESTER STABOVITZ, Chmn. VICTOR HEYLICER RUTH ANN JERNEGAN 176 FRANCES J. ALPERT B.S. Miami Beach. Florida Swimming: Tennis Champion - ihip; Interpretive Arts Society: Dance Club. ALBERT M. AMMERMAX A.B. Stnrgis. Michigan Delta Phi. MADELYN G. APPEL A.B. Mnskegon. Michigan Delta Gamma: Omega Cpsilon; French Clob. DOROTHY A. BRI8CO E A.B. Trenton. Michigan Helen Newberry. Sec ' y (2). So- cial Chnnn. (3) (4) : Pi Lamb- da Theta; Daily (1) (2) (3): Athena Literary Society (1) (2) ; W.A.A. Publicity Chnnn. (3). ROBERT F. BRfECK A.B. Saginaw, Michigan CARL CARR A.B. Saline. Michigan CASPAR J. BALDO A.B. Chicago. Illinois Daily. EDUCATION SCHOOL SENIORS ELIZABETH CHAMBERLIN A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook. CAROL J. BARTON A.B. White Clond. Michigan Kappa Delta; Basketball: Base- ball; Kappa Delta Sec ' y (3); Stanley Chorus (3) ; Junior Girls Play. VELDO.V E. CLARK A.B. Charleston, Illinois Le Cercle Francais. MARGARET C. BEHRIXGER A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pi Lambda Theta, Scholarship (3); Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Sec ' y. Pi Lambda Theta (4) ; Honors Convocation (1) (2) (3); Senior Profes sional Scholarship in Ed. ALFRED H. DREWES B.S. Yonkers, New York DOROTHY J. BERNARD A.B. Benton Harbor. Michigan Athena. ARTHUR L. EVANS B.S. Flint. Michigan Chi Psi; Sphinx; Basketball (1) (2) (3) (4). 177 L. JANE FITZGERALD A.B. Phoenix, Arizona Kappa Delta, Social Chrmn. (2) (4); Freshman Advisory Comm. (4) ; League House Comm. (3) (4) ; Freshman Pro- ject; Junior Girls Play, Cast and Make-up Comm. VICTOR HEYLIGER A.B. Concord, Massachusetts Mirhigamua: Sphinx; Baseball C_ ) (3) (4); Hockey (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4). JAMES E. GARDNER A.B. Jeannette, Pennsylvania ROBERT J. HILL A.B. Detroit, Michigan Trigon, Class Pres. (4) ; Var- sity Debating (2). JOHN A. GEE A.B. Syracuse, New York Michigamua; Sphinx; Phi Kap- pa Sigma, Treas. (4) ; Basket- ball (2) (3) (4); Baseball (2) (3) (4). MABEL L. HOWARD A.B. Nitrate Plant 1, Alabama Betsy Barbour; Swimming Club; Dance Club; Soph Cab- aret ; Junior Girls Play. EDUCATION SCHOOL SENIORS JEAN GOURLAY B.S. Winnetka, Illinois Senior Society, Vice-pres., W.A.A. (3) ; Pres., Physical Ed. Club (4) ; Penny Carnival, Chrmn. (4). RUBY H. HOY B.S. Charlotte, Michigan Choral Union (4). BEN F. GRADY B.S. Yonkers, New York Druids; Swimming (2) (3) (4). JEAN C. GROH B.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Pi Lambda Theta ; Education Club; Phys. Ed. Club. MARJOKIK V. HARRELL A.B. Millen, Georgia Alpha Xi Delta. DORIS E. HOYT A.B. Easton, Pennsylvania Jordan Hall; French Club; Junior Girls Play. JUNE I. HORA A.B. Buffalo, New York Jordan Hall, Social Chrmn. (4); Penny Carnival; Soph Cabaret; Jordan Field Hockey (2) ; Volley Ball (3). KUTH A. JERNEGAN B.S. Mishawaka, Ind. Pi Beta Phi; Stanley Churn (2) (3); Freshmen Girls Glee Club, Treas; Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play; Theatre and Arts Comm. (2); League Social Comm. (2) (3). 178 MARGARET V. JOHNSTON A.B. Ypsilanti, Michigan JANET LILL1BR1DGK A.B. Snifthport, Pennsylvania LUC1E C. KILLIN A.B. Peoria, Illinois Jordan Hall: Le Cercle Fran- cais; Sociedad Hispanica. HELENE B. KIPF B.S. Elyria, Ohio Mosher Hall; Physical Educa- tion Club: Intramural Hockey. Basketball. Volley Ball (1) (2) (3) (4): Dance Club (4); Jor- dan House Council (2) (3), Athletic Director (2) (3). LOUISE A. LOCKEMAN B.S. Detroit, Michigan Women ' s Physical Ed. Club, Sec ' y (3), Treas. (4) ; Mosher Athletic Mgr. (4); W.A.A. Hockey Ugr. (3): Mosher House Council (3) (4). GERTRUDE P. LORBER B.S. Fon du Lac, Wisconsin MARGUERITE M. KNAB B.S. LaSalle, Michigan Alpha Lambda Delta : Pi Lainb- H Theta: Phi Kappa Phi; Zone PreR.. Assembly of Un- affiliated Women (2). DOROTHY M. LOVE B.S. Detroit, Michigan Betsy Barbour. EDUCATION SCHOOL SENIORS AMELIA L. KOZMA A.B. Rome, New York MARCELLA L. MADISON A.B. Mnskegon, Michigan ROBF.KT K. KUNITZ A.B. Hackensack, New Jersey Phi Epsilon Kappa: Basketball (1), Baseball (1); Varsity Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4); Play Production. GENE P. IfcLANE Ypsilanti, Michigan RAYMOND F. LaMARCA B.S. Dearborn, Michigan Alpha No. HELEN F. MALONE B.S. Ypsilanti, Michigan Pi Lambda Theta; Physical Ed- ucation Club. 179 BARBARA L. K. MERCHANT A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Kappa Kappa Gamma. STEVE REMIAS B.S. Chicago, Illinois Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Druids; Football (3) (4) ; ' M ' Club. , GEORGE R. MOWERSON B.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Druids; Swimming (2) (3) (4). HELEN L. RUPETER B.S. Saginaw, Michigan Stanley Chorus (3) (4) ; Jun- ior Girls Play, Make-up Comm. SAM M. MUMMERY B.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Epsilon Kappa. EDUCATION SCHOOL SENIORS MARY J. SHIELDS A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Gamma Sigma; Women ' s Debate Team. ROBERT W. MURRAY A.B. St. Johns, Michigan Michiganensian (2) (3), Editor (3) ; Class Treas. (4). DOROTHY SLATCHER Detroit, Michigan Alphi Xi Delta. B.S. MILDRED A. OLSON A.B. Bay City, Michigan Martha Cook. JAMES E. ORVIS A.B. Battle Creek, Michigan Delta Tau Delta. FRANCES C. QUIGLEY A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan ANN Y. SMYTH A.B. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Phi; Soph Cabaret; Jun- ior Girls Play; League Social Comm. (3) (4). CHESTER C. STABOVITZ B.S. Chicago, Illinois Football (2) (3) (4); ' M 1 Club. DORIS J. STAEBLER B.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Hockey; Badminton. 180 FRANCES C. SYMMES A.B. LaGrange, Illinois CLARK V. WHITED B.8. Rochester, New York MARY L. TATE B.S. Birmingham, Michigan Jordan Hall; Choral Union. CHARLOTTE. VANDERBILT B.S. Detroit, Michigan Mich. Public Health Club. ELLA J. WADE A.B. Howe, Indiana Alpha Phi; Senior Ball Comm. GRACE F. WOODLEY A.B. Detroit, Michigan Chi Omega; Athena; Vice-preg., Mich. League; Class Vice-pres. ; Junior Girls Play, Program Comm. BARBARA R. WORTH A.B. Middletown, Connecticut VIRGINIA E. WYATT B.S. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook; Vice-pres. (4); Ticket Comm.. Junior Girls Play: Orientation Comm. (4). EDUCATION SCHOOL SENIORS T f f - MARY J. WALLACE A.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Gamma Phi Beta. BETTY WARWICK A.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Mu. Martha Cook; Con- temporary (1); League Pub- licity Comm. (3) (4). BARBARA A. WYKES A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan VIRGINIA B. YORK A.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Martha Cook; Senior Society (3) (4); Vice-pres., Mich. League (4); Athena; League Council (4) ; Orientation Comm. (4); Assembly Ball, Ticket Chrmn. (3); Assembly Ball Program Comm. (4). n ft JOHN L. ZELKER B.S. Richmond Hill, New York Phi Epsilon Kappa. 181 PHI DELTA KAPPA ROW I Muller, Trytten, Bush, Vroman ROW II Kleefuss, Miles, Thomas, Koch ROW III Barden, Staples, Carson, Williams, Wolter OFFICERS E. A. WOLTERS President MALCOLM J. WILLIAMS Vice-President ROBERT E. CARSON Secretary JOSEPH A. KLEEFUSS Treasurer DR. HARLAN C. KOCH . __ Faculty Sponser MEMBERS LAWRENCE C. BARDEN GERALD BUSH ROBERT E. CARSON HAROLD W. COPP LESLIE W. KINDRED JOSEPH A. KLEEFUSS VADEN W. MILES RALPH MULLER HARRY R. MEYERINC i. F. MCDONALD WILLIAM SHULTZ, JR. ERNEST B. SMITH FRED STAPLES WILLIAM F. THOMAS JOHN M. TRYTTEN CLYDE VROMAN FRED C. WALCOTT LEON STEPHEN WASHKIEWICZ RANDOLPH W. WEBSTER MALCOLM J. WILLIAMS ELMER A. WOLTERS 182 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS EDWARD J. SLEZAK L President ARUTH V. CARR Vice-President OLIN ). MURDICK Secretary ELOISE L. FROST Treasurer ANN S. CORDON .. ) Hop Committee- Women EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE JOHN T. FABELLO, Chairman MERLE W. KREMER JAMES B. SMITH GEORGE SHAKARIAN SOCIAL COMMITTEE WILLIAM H. DRUKER, Chairman MARY |ANE MUELLER LEONORE V. CORN DOROTHY F. GARDINER 183 n u STUDENTS WATCHING DR. RANSOM AND AIDES OPERATE MANY people fail to realize the import- ance of the University of Michigan Hospital. Numerous strange cases come here for diagnosis and treatment. It has been said that there is more space and equip- ment devoted here to brain surgery than at any other one place in the world. Such re- nowned scientists as Dr. Max Peet, in brain surgery; Dr. F. A. Coller, in general surgery; Dr. Carl Badgley, in bone and joint surgery, and many others just as well known, are pro- fessors at the University Hospital. These men are the teachers of the medical students at the University of Michigan. SIMPSON MEMORIAL INSTITUTE I AFTER an intensive pre-medical training the freshmen are plunged into such courses as Cross Anatomy, where with the aid of cadavers they gain a thorough knowledge of the various body tissues. In the sophomore year the func- tions of organs and diseases of tissues are studied and they begin on diagnosis and medicine. Juniors are presented with the task of learning the special diseases, how to recognize them and their general methods of cure. In the last year the seniors continue more intensively their junior subjects and begin to specialize before their interneship. ENTRANCE TO UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL FROM TOP OF NEW CARILLON TOWER MEDICAL BUILDING PILLARS WEST MEDICAL ENTRANCE r EAST MEDICAL ENTRANCE ALBERT C. FURSTENBERC Dean of Medical School JUST a century ago, provision was made in the legislative act of 1837 for the Medical School, the first professional unit established in the University. Since 1850, when the first session of the School was held, there has been a distinct transition from its original form. From a school with a staff of six men, and no hospital or facilities for clinical in- struction it has evolved to its present status, with its de- servedly earned reputation of being one of the best staffed and excellently equipped institutions for medical research and teaching in the country. The policy of pre-medical re- quirements has also recently been changed to provide for greater diversification and a thus broader cultural back- ground for the student. The University Hospital, standing impregnable on Ob- servatory Hill, has a capacity of 1,312 beds. It is essentially a teaching hospital and is under the control of the Board of Regents, the administrative affairs of the School being handled by a faculty executive committee under the chair- manship of Dean Albert C. Furstenberg. The medical af- fairs of the Hospital are so managed as to insure the most thorough utilization for instruction and research of the treatment of patients. Students have access to one of the most outstandingly complete Medical Libraries in the coun- try consisting of some 57,000 volumes. Yet it must not be inferred that these students spend all their time working, for they too, have their social activities, outstanding among which are the annual Caduceus dance and their Spring Smoker. At the latter function faculty members and stu- dents assemble in the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre of the League to watch surprisingly talented take-offs on the august professors of the Medical School. Thus it may be seen that the school fills a most prominent and integral part in the University. ' 189 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE PROFESSORS JOHN ALEXANDER Prof, of Surgery 0. E. BADGLEY Prof, of Surgery P. S. BARKER Associate Prof, of Internal Medicine .1. B. BARNWELL Associate Prof, of Internal Medicine G. H. BELOTE Associate Prof, of Dermatology and Syphilology F. L. BLUMEN- THAL Research Prof, of Dermatology and Syphilology C. D. CAMP Prof, of Neurology A. A. CHRISTMAN Associate Prof, of Biological Chem- istry P. A. COLLER Prof, of Surgery D. M. COWIE Prof, of Pediatrics and Infectious Dis- eases DR. WALLER AND STUDENT IN CLINICAL MICROSCOPY LABORATORY AT UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL 190 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE PROFESSORS -BY Prof. of Anatomy A C CURTIS Ancate Prof, of Internal Medicine J. M. DORSEY Aociate Prof, of Psychiatry HE.VRY FIELD. JR. Associate Prof, of Internal Medicine F. B. FRALICK Associate Prof, of Ophthalmology H. A. HAYXF.S Director of Uni- versity F. J. HODGES Prof, of Roentgen- ology RAPHAEL ISAACS Associate Prof, of Internal Medicine E. A KAHN --ociate Prof, of Surgery H. B. LEWIS Prof, of Biological Chemistry NIGHT DUTY AT UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL 191 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE PROFESSORS W. P. LOMBARD Prof. Emeritus Physiology of R. E. McCOTTER Prof, of Anatomy N. P. MILLER Prof, of Obstetrics and Gynecology K. M. XESBIT Associate Prof, of Surgery L. H. NEWBURGH Prof, of Clinical Investigation in In- ternal Medicine F. G. NOVY Dean Emeritus of the Medical School W. J. MUNGESTER Associate Prof, of Bacteriology W. R. PARKER Prof. Emeritus Ophthalmology of STUDENTS IN HISTOLOGY LABORATORY 192 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE PROFESSORS M. M. PEET Prof, of Surgery H. K. RANSOM Associate Prof, of Surgery H. H. RIECKER Associate Prof, of Internal Medicine M. H. SOULE Prof, of Bacteriology JOHN SUNDWALL R. W. WAGGONER Prof, of Hygiene and Public Health Associate Prof, of Neurology C. V. WELLER Prof, of Pathology U. J. WILE Prof, of Dermatalogy And Syphilology F. N. WILSON Prof, of Internal Medicine AT WORK IN BACTERIOLOGY LABORATORY 193 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS ' FREDERICK H. FEHLMANN President A WARD B. CHESLEY Vice-President LINUS J. MAINO Secretary DAVID H. SAXE Treasurer CHAIRMEN OF COMMITTEES EXECUTIVE Howard A. Schaneman (Chmn.) CANE Frederick W. Palmer (Chmn.) STUDENT AFFAIRS Wayne O. Martin (Chmn.) HONOR Benjamin R. Van Zwaluwenburg (Chmn.) PICTURE Gertrude P. Finkelstein (Chmn.) INVITATION Joseph Sklaver (Chmn.) CAP AND GOWN Edward R. Nell (Chmn.) 194 CALENS OFFICERS ). ROBERT WILLSON President CELMER A. VanNOORD Vice-President J. SHERRILL BETZ Secretary PETER CRABTREE . . .Treasurer ROW I Day, Pierpont, Razzano, Shilling, Jacoby, Culick, Howell, Black, Foster ROW II Denham, Benedict, Howe, Eichhom, Trimby, Fehlmann, Booth, Rieth ROW III VanZwaluwenberg, Root, Coventry, Crabtree, Willson, Dr. Hooges, Betz, Marsden, Dubuy HONORARY MEMBERS DR. HERMAN H. RIECKER DR. CAMERON HAICHT SENIOR MEMBERS J. SHERRILL BETZ GEORGE T. BOOTH MARKHAM B. COVENTRY PETER CRABTREE CARL T. DUBUY FREDERICK H. FEHLMAN CHARLES S. MARSDEN, JR. WAYNE O. MARTIN ITALO C. RAZZANO GROSVENOR T. ROOT HOWARD A. SCHANEMAN GELMER A. VanNOORD BENJAMIN R. VanZWALUWEN- BURG J. ROBERT WILLSON JUNIOR MEMBERS ARTHUR L. BENEDICT, JR. KYLE E. BLACK A. JACKSON DAY ROBERT H. DENHAM, JR. JOHN PHILLIP EICHHORN D. BERNARD FOSTER ARTHUR E. GULICK IRVIN M. HOWE ROGER WILLIAM HOWELL JACK M. JACOBY JOHN PIERPONT GEORGE F. RIETH M. ATLEE SHILLING ROBERT H. TRIMBY 195 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIORS HENRY B. ABBOTT M.D. Brooklyn, New York Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Al- pha ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Vic- tor Vaughn Society. SIDNEY ABRAMSON M.D. Passiac, New Jersey HARRY ARNKOFF ' M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. MARY T. ARNOLD M.D. Santa Barbara, California AMY S. BARTON M.D. .Miirlton, Xe v Jersey Alpha Epsilon Iota, Pros. Alpha Epsilon Iota; Secre- (4). tary C-). ARTHUR L. BENISON M.D. Flint, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. MATTHEW 0. BENNETT M.D. Marquette, Michigan Phi Chi ; Alpha Omega Al- pha ; Phi Kappa Phi. JOHN S. BETZ M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma; Galens; Class Treas. (1). RICHARD C. BOELKINS M.D. Muskegon, Michigan ROBERT E. BOG TIC M.D. Washington, D. C. Alpha Kappa Kappa: Class Pres. (1). GEORGE T. BOOTH M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi; Galens. ISADORE BOTV1NICK M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. DONALD J. BOURG M.D. Detroit, Michigan Chi Phi; Nu Sigma Nu. DAVID BREZIN M.D. Paterson, New Jersey JOHN A. CETNER M.D. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi TVta Kawa Psi ; Victor Kappa Phi. Vaughn Society. 196 WARD B. CHESI.EY M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Chi; Class Viee-pres. (4). GEORGE R. CLINTON M.I). Mason, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma; Vic-inr Vaughn Society. RAYMOND W. CONN M.D. Detroit, Michigan RALPH R. COOPER M.D. Detroit, Michigan Trigon : Phi Eta Sigma : Al- pha Omega Alpha ; Victor Vaughn Society. Sec ' y. CHARLES J. COURVILLE M.D. Detroit, Michigan Nu Sigma Nu. MARK B. COVENTRY M.D. Duluth. Minnesosta Phi Kappa Psi : Nu Sigma Nu; Galens: Victor Vaughn Society: Hockey (2) (3) (4); Class Pres. (3). PETER CRABTREE M.D. San Diego. California Alpha Kappa Kappa ; Ga- It-ns: Alpha Omega Alpha: Phi Kappa Phi; Union Vice- pres. (4) ; Victor Vaughn Society. MORRIS B. DAITCH M.D. Newark. New Jersey Phi Lambda Kappa. CHARLES B. DARNER M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta; Nu Sigma Nu. FREDERICK H. FEHLMANN M.D. San Di?go, California Alnha Kappa Kappa; Gal- ens. JOSEPH FEINGOLD M.D. Brooklyn. New York Phi Delta Epsilon ; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kapna Phi; Vice-pres. (3). GERTRUDE P. FINKELSTEIN M.D. Flint, Michigan Alpha Epsilon Iota. GEORGE S. FISHER M.D. Iron River, Michigan Phi Chi. WILLIAM D. F-ROSTIC M.D. Wyandotte. Michigan Theta Kappa Psi. JOE H. GARDNER M.D. Lansing, Michigan Alpha Kappa Kappa. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIORS s , - " 19 7 VICTOR GINSBERG M.D. Brooklyn, New York Executive Comm. (1). IRVING J. GORDON M.D. Hollis, New York Phi Chi. MERVIN E. GREEN M.D. Toledo, Ohio LEON GREE-NSPAN M.D. New York, New York CARL M. GROSSMAN M.D. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Delta Tau Delta Phi; Class Treas. Phi Lambda Kappa. Epsilon. CHARLES D. HERSHEY M.D. Findlay, Ohio JEANNE HIBBARD M.D. Oberlin, Ohio CHARLES J. HONG M.D. Bangkok, Siam Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Alpha Epsilon Iota; Phi Financial Committee (3). Nu Beta Kappa; Assoc. Sigma Xi. HARRY Y. KASABACH M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan LEWIS D. KAUFMAN M.D. Flint, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. ARTHUR P. KELLER M.D. JOHN E. KEMPF M.D. Ellwood City, Pennsylvania Ann Arbor, Michigan Pi Lambda Phi. Nu Sigma Nu. LESTER L. KLAPPER M.D. Brooklyn, New York MORRIS D. KLOPFENSTEIN M.D. Toledo, Ohio Phi Chi. KOERT KOSTER M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa; Victor Vaughn Society. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIORS 198 y v. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIORS HASKEL L. MAIER M.D. Ttii-a. Xt-w York LINUS J. MAINO M.D. Detroit, Michigan Th eta Kappa Psi ; Victor Vaughn Society. MILTON J. MARMER M.D. Bay City, Michigan CHARLES S. MARSDEN M.D. San Diego, California Theta Kappa Psi; Galens; J-Hop Comm. WAYNE O. MARTIN M.D. Paw Paw. Michigan Theta Kappa Psi; Galens; Exec. Comm. (3). HARRY C. MATTHEWS M.D. Detroit, Michigan Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa. JOSEPH M. MITTELMAN M.D. Detroit. Michigan DARVAN A. MOOSMAN ARTHUR K. NORTHROP M.D. M.D. AVaterville, Ohio Detroit, Michigan Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Al- Theta Chi; Nu Sigma Nu; pha; Phi Kappa Phi; Track (2) (3) (4). Chrmn., Social Comm., Al- pha Omega Alpha; Chapter Editor, Phi Chi publication. DOROTHY R. ORR M.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan ROBERT A. OSTRANDER RAYMOND L. PAINE FREDERICK W. PALMER ROBERT V. PHILLIPS CHESTER M. RAPHAEL M.I). MIX M.D. M.D. Roanoke, Virginia Lyons. New York Exec Comm. (1): Cross P Kappa Phi; Nu Sigma rhi Chi Country (2) (3) (4), Capt (4). Newberry, Michigan M.D. Big Rapids. Michigan M.D. New York, New York Theta Kappa Psi; Class Tau Delta Phi. Pres. (1). 199 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIORS c- i CARMINE I. RAZZANO M.D. Westbury, Long Island Phi Beta Pi; Galens; Pres.. Phi Beta Phi. HAROLD J. REESE M.D. Youngstown, Ohio Phi Delta Epsilon. HELEN L. RHETTA M.D. Baltimore, Maryland Delta Sigma Theta. HILLIS D. RIGTERINK M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Chi Phi; Phi Rho Sigma. ADAM AV. ROKITA M.D. Larksville, Pennsylvania GROSVENOR T. ROOT M.I). Detroit, Michigan Chi Psi; Xu Sigma Xu ; Galens; Victor Vaugiin . Class Treas. (2). MICHAEL S. ROWDA M.D. Detroit, Michigan WILLARD M. RYPKEMA Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa. DAVID H. SAXE M.D. Bay City, Michigan Class Treas. (4). NORMAN SCHKLOVEN M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. ALEXANDER N. SCHNEIDER M.D. Detroit, Michigan CHRISTIAN F. SCHRIER M.D. Kalamazoo, Michigan Theta Kuppa Psi; Honor Comm. (1). HOWARD A. SCHANEMAN M.D. lit. Clemens, Michigan Phi Rho Sigma; Galens; Chrmn., Exec. Comm. OSCAR U. SHAPIRO M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. JOSEPH SKLAVER M.D. Boston. Massachusetts Phi Delta Epsilon; Honor Council (1) (2). 200 ARTHl ' R M. SXVDER M.D. rait, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa. SAUL C. STEIN M.D. Detroit, Michigan Phi Lambda Kappa: Pne . (4). GEORGE W. STEWART M.D. Saginaw, Michigan WILLIAM L. TALK M.D. MosVegon. Michigan Victor Vaughn Society. GELMER A. VAX NOORD M.D. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa; Galen (3) (4). BEXJAMIX R. VAX ZWAU ' WEXBrRG Ann Arbor, Michigan Galens: Victor Vaughn So- Honor Comm. (3); Chrmn.. Honor Comm. (4). EHWIX M. WILLIAMSON ' M.D. Tecumseh, Michigan Theta Kappa Psi. J. ROBERT WILLSOX M.D. Flint, Michigan Phi Chi: Galen ; Victor Vaughn Society. JOHX P. WCRZ M.D. Grand Rapids, Mich. FRED ZAFF M.D. Chelsea. Massachusetts Phi Lambda Kappa. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SENIORS C 201 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS : RODERIC B. HOWELL President A ARTHUR E. CULICK Vice-President IRVIN M. HOWE Secretary WILLIAM S. THAL . _ .Treasurer EXAMINATION COMMITTEE DAVID D. DE WEESE (Chmn.) WILLIAM T. SMITH BAIRD D. JAY HOWARD C. HIGH, JR. JAMES E. CAMERON PAUL W. RUNCE TONY J. TRAPASSO PAUL C. LIPSCHUTZ TREASURY WILLIAM S. THAL (Chmn.) PANFILO C. DILORETO ROBERT O. NORTHWAY WILLIAM W. HENDERSON J. HOP PAUL F. STOLLER EXECUTIVE DAVID D. DE WEESE (Chmn.) EMIL H. SCHNAP PANFILO C. DILORETO EDWARD STEIN MARTIN L. BIERY ELIZABETH J. KITCHEN RICHARD W. ASHLEY HOWARD C. HIGH, JR. SOL SELEVAN BAIRD D. JAY WILLIAM J. SMITH JAMES E. CAMERON HONOR COUNCIL WARREN K. SIMMONS HARVEY M. ANDREE 202 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 3- OFFICERS EDWIN M. WRIGHT President A JOHN PHILIP BERCER Vice- President ANNE VIRGINIA LUFKIN Secretary SAMUEL STEARNS - - -Treasurer HONOR MEN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE First year LINCOLN BRUCE DONALDSON ALBERT NELSON SARWOLD JOSEPH H. KERZMAN WILLIAM DAVIS KNAPP VERNE CHARLES WAITE , . v WILLIAM NICOLLS MAURICE CHARLES WYNES Second Year HARRY ARNOLD LUSK WILLIAM HENRY BATES 203 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS ROBERT E. BOCUE President A JEAN K. FIELD Vice-President JAMES A. ORBISON Secretary JOHN L. KITZMILLER . ..Treasurer HONOR COMMITTEE EDGAR A. WEBB |ACOB L. CHASON JOHN B. SPRICCS (Chmn.) ROSE HERRMANN ROBERT BYRNN CHARLES BRANDMAN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE KENNETH MUEHLIC RALPH BLOCKSMA LAWRENCE COMSTOCK JOSEPH SAHLMARK 204 ALPHA EPSILON IOTA PATRONESSES MRS. R. BISHOP CANFIELD MRS. A. C. FURSTENBERC MRS. ROBERT CESELL MRS. HOWARD B. LEWIS MRS. FREDERICK C. NOW MRS. CYRUS C. STURCIS MRS. CARL V. WELLER MEMBERS IN FACULTY MARGARET BELL. M.D. ELIZABETH C. CROSBY, PhD. TRYPHENA HUMPHREY, M.D. LAVINIA MacKAYE. M.D. EMETH SCHUTZ, M.D. ELIZABETH THOMPSON, PhD. RUTH C. WANSTROM. M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY W I NONA BARROWS MRS. D. M. COWIE L. DELL HENRY, M.D. LAURA LANE, M.D. MRS. DON MARSHALL MRS. W. I. MclVOR MRS. L. W. OLIPHANT MRS. DeWITT PARKER MARIANNA SMALLEY. M.D. JEANNE C. SOLIS, M.D. MRS. JOHN D. STEELE, JR. MRS. STEPHEN WINDER MELISSA WORTH. M.D. ROW I Poe-Eng Yu, Maclntyre, Nash, VanDyke. Kitchen. Kowal, Ting ROW II Hibbard, Finkelstein, Arnold, Burton, Barton ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors MARY T. ARNOLD AMY S. BARTON GERTRUDE FINKELSTEIN JEANNE HIBBARD Juniors ALICE R. BURTON MELDON EVERETT ELIZABETH KITCHEN ANNE KOWAL LEONORA NASH WILHELMINA VanDYKE Sophomores KATHLEEN MaclNTYRE VUNG YUIN TING DORIS WHITNEY POE-ENG YU 205 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA I ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Founded Dartmouth College 1888. Established 1906. 52 Active Chapters. ROW I Schultz, Miller, Eichhorn, Biery, Trimby, Schmale, Lerchen, Merritt, Breed ROW II Stanley, Hastings, Dewees, Wohlgemor, Lawrence, Finton, Briggs ROW III Anderson, Lourie, Wurz, Fehlmann, Crabtree, Gardner, Nell, Matthews ROW IV Morrel, Sullivan, Bogue, Wendelken, Bauer, Sahlmark, Feldcamp, Tooker, House MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors PETER CRABTREE, A.B. FREDERICK FEHLMAN, A.B. HARRY MATTHEWS, A.B. JOE GARDNER, B.S. EDWARD NELL, B.S.E. JOHN F. WURZ, A.B. Sophomores MARION S. DeWEESE, B.S. ROBERT FINTON, A.B. WARREN HASTINGS, A.B. JAMES LERCHEN, A.B. JAMES MILLER, A.B. ELMER SCHULTZ FREDERICK LOWRIE, A.B. JOHN WOLGAMOT (uniors MARTIN BIERY, B.S. ERNEST BREED, A.B. J. PHILIP EICHHORN, A.B. ARTHUR STANLEY, B.S. ROBERT TRIMBY, A.B. JAMES LAWRENCE, Ph.D. GEORGE ANDROS R. BAUER, B.S. R. BOGUE, A.B. F. BRIGGS L. FELDKAMP E. GENETTI F. HOUSE W. JOHNSON I. VENIER DR. M. M. PEET DR. H. FIELDS DR. L. H. NEWBERG DR. A. CURTIS DR. H. G. WALLER DR. G. WINDLER DR. D. SMITH DR. I. THOMPSON DR. N. F. MILLER DR. O. TODD Freshmen F. ANDERSON, A.B. W. LOGAN H. MERRITT W. MORELL J. SAHLMARK, B.S. H. WENDELKEN H. SCHMALE R. SULLIVAN E. TOOKER MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. W. E. BROWN DR. H. STRYKER DR. J. LAW DR. H. A. TOWSLEY DR. F. H. MELLENCAMP DR. D. F. WEAVER DR. S. BRADEN DR. C. KEENE DR. J. BELSLEY DR. R. SHAW DR. S. RIFE DR. G. H. BELOTE DR. R. CESELL DR. J. BEAN DR. H. C. NICHOLSEN DR. H. M. POLLARD DR. T. H. HILL DR. P. BYWATERS 206 Seniors DONALD |. BOURG, A.B. CHARLES J. COURVILLE. A.B. MARKHAM B. COVENTRY, A.B. CHARLES B. DARNER. A.B. ROBERT H. CUMMINGS. B.S. CHARLES D. HERSHEY. A.B. J. EMMERSON KEMPF A. KIMBALL NORTHROP, JR., A.B. RODERICK A. NORTON, A.B. RAYMOND L. PAINE, A.B. GROSVENOR T. ROOT. A.B. Juniors KENNETH A. BERKAW. A.B. JAMES E. CAMERON, A.B. ANDREW J. DAY, A.B. ROBERT H. DENHAM, A.B. NORMAN L. DeWITT CHARLES N. HOYT, A.B. ROBERT G. MaclNTYRE. B.S. WILLIAM F. NORTHRUP, JR., A.B. ROBERT O. NORTHWAY, A.B. PAUL W. RUNGE, A.B. THOMAS R. SHOUPE, A.B. WILLIAM T. SMITH, A.B. PAUL F. STOLLER MEMBERS IN FACULTY FREDERICK G. NOVY, M.D.; Sc.D.; L.L.D. REUBEN PETERSON, A.B.; M.D. CARL D. CAMP, M.D. DAVID MURRAY COWIE. M.D. C. W. EDMUNDS. A.B.; M.D. HARLEY A. HAYNES. M.D. MALCOLM H. SOULE, Sc.D.; L.L.D. CARL V. WELLER, M.S.. M.D. UDO J. WILE. A.B.; M.D. FRANK N. WILSON. B.S.; M.D. PAUL S. BARKER. A.B.; M.D. EDGAR A. KHAN. B.S.; M.D. HERBERT W. EMMERSON, B.S.; M.D. CAMERON HAIGHT. A.B.; M.D. FRANKLIN D. JOHNSTON, B.S.E.; M.D. JAMES H. MAXWELL, A.B.; M.D. WILLIS S. PECK. B.S.; M.D. Sophomores RICHARD C. ARMSTRONG, B.S. Eng. L. B. DONALDSON, B.S. JAMES A. FERGUSON WILLIAM D. KNAPP JOHN C. LILLIE, A.B. ROW I Allen, Kiehn, Newton, Munuoe, Nichols, Peabody, Warner, Ferguson ROW II Nigg, Wessels, Strayer, Douglas, Weeks, Lewis, Fisher, Paine, Thompson ROW III Stoller, Locklin, Walker, Knapp, Armstrong, Lillie, Warren, Donaldson, Mac- Intyre ROW IV Denham, Northway, Cameron, Day, Hoyt, Runge, Northrup, Smith, Dewitt ROW V Shoupe, Berkaw, A. Northrup, Courbille, Root, Coventry, Paine, Darner, Hershey, Bourg NU SIGMA NU ALPHA CHAPTER Founded University of Michigan. 1882. Active Chapter Establi shed, 1882. 40 Active Chapters. H. E. ALLEN JAMES B. DOUGLAS JOSEPH S. FISHER GUERDON D. GREENWAY CLIFFORD L. KIEHN, D.D.S. KING LEWIS, B.S. Freshmen NATHAN D. MUNRO CHARLES W. NEWTON, JR., B.S. JOHN W. STRAYER, A.B. JOHN H. WALKER, B.S. WILLIAM F. WEEKS Sophomores WALTER K. LOCKLIN, A.B. HERBERT L. NIGG, A.B. C. S. PEABODY. A.B. JAMES B. THOMPSON, A.B. WILLIAM |. WARNER, A.B. ROBERT R. WESSELS, A.B. JOHN W. WARREN, A.B. 207 PHI BETA PI MEMBERS IN FACULTY ALBERT C. FURSTENBERC, B.S., M.D. CARL E. BADCLEY, B.S.; M.D. ERWIN E. NELSON, Ph.D.; M.D. WALTER A. KEIT2ER, M.D. VERNON S. DICK, M.S.; M.D. FRED J. HODGES, B.S.; M.D. JOHN SUNDWALL, Ph.D.; M.D. FRANK D. LATHROP, A.B.; M.D. RALPH C. SMITH, M.D.; PhD. CHARLES F. INCERSOLL, A.B.; M.D. MAX L. DURFEE, M.D.; A.B. JOHN C. BRAZER, A.B.; M.D. FRANK N. WILSON, M.D.; B.S. WILLIAM C. CORDON, A.B.; M.D. CARLTON B. PEIRCE, M.S.; M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY GEORGE MUEHLIG, M.D. THEOPHILE KLINCMAN, M.D. HAROLD W. RICCS, A.B.- M.D. WALTER BELSER, A.B.; M.D. DORMAN E. LICHTY, M.D. WILBER MUEHLIG A B M.D. BETA CHAPTER Founded University of Pitts- burgh, March 10, 1891. ROW I Johnson, Williams, Kambly, Dryer, Thompson, Arscott, Holstein ROW II Forsyth, Berger, Gordon, Bates, Griffith, Poulos, Brown ROW III Black, Stephenson, Howe, Razzano, Stobbe, Hooper, Romence, Koykka Seniors CARMINE I. RAZZANO Juniors KYLE E. BLACK FREDERICK J. ABBISS HOWARD C. HIGH, JR. KENDALL HOOPER IRWIN M. HOWE WILLIAM J. FULLER GODFREY D. STOBBE HARVARD L. ROMENCE Sophomores WILLIAM H. BATES WAYNE P. BEARDSLEY JOHN P. BERCER RICHARD C. BROWN H. FRANCIS FORSYTHE RAYMOND J. KOYKKA DEVITT L. CORDON PETER G. POULOS ROBERT M. GRIFFITH JOHN H. SEABURY ELLIS H.-STEFFENSEN ALBERT N. SARWOLD Freshmen EDWARD F. ARSCOTT ARTHUR P. HOLSTEIN CLYDE K. DRYER TOM D. JOHNSON ARNOLD H. KAMBLY JOHN B. GRAHAM ALBERT W. KANDELIN HAROLD F. KRUGER NICKOLAS J. THOMPSON EDWARD T. WILLIAMS RICHARD C. WIXSON ai 208 Seniors HENRY B. ABBOTT MATTHEW C. BENNETT GEORGE T. BOOTH WARD B. CHESLEY GEORGE S. FISHER IRVING J. GORDON MORRIS D. KLOPFENSTEIN DARVAN A. MOOSMAN FREDERICK W. PALMER J. ROBERT WILLSON PHI CHI Juniors KENNETH H. BEACH KARL H BECK ARTHUR L. BENEDICT WILLIAM W. HENDERSON EDWARD F. KELLY EDWARD R. MARSHALL HARRY G. McGAVRAN ROBERT J. McKEEVER SPENCER W. NORTHUP JOHN PIERPONT ALBERT E. QUARTON JOHN A. RYAN LYLE G. WAGGONER LEO W. WALKER GEORGE WYNN Sophomores GEORGE D. ALBERS JAMES c. COOK CONWAY MAGEE LEONARD A. POZNAK ROBERT G. RICKERT JOHN D. SCHMALTZ MAHLON S. SHARP EDWARD ). SHUMAKER WILLIAM R. SLENGER GEORGE E. SMITH LOUIS W. STAUDT Freshir WILLIAM H. REIERWALTES DAVID F. BOHR ROBERT W. BYRN ROBERT P. CLIFFORD JAMES H. DeWEERD IVAN F. DUFF PAUL T. FORTH JOHN B. GLERUM JAMES B. HENDERSON ARTHUR W. HOYT FLOYD B. LEVAGOOD JAMES A. ORBISON ROBERT T. PLUMB FREDERICK W. RAU IVAN J. ROGGER GERALD ROTTSCHAFER JOHN L. SPALDING HENRY C. TELLMAN PHILLIP R. TURNER ALBERT G. WAGNER GEORGE E. WEICK WILLIAM J. YETZER it. t? 1 t I f . 9 1 t f f f ROW I Wagner, Byrn. Bohr, Plum, DeWeerd, Rottschafer, Spaulding, Clifford, Glerum, Albers, Schmaltz, Turner, Hoyt ROW II Rau, Duff, Yetzer. Cook, Ruegnitz, Staudt, Smith, Sharp, Rickert, Levagood, Roggen, Orbison ' ROW III Quarton, Beach, McGavran, Waggoner, Walker, Northup, Henderson, Kelly, McKeever, Benedict ROW IV Bricker, Abbott, Moosman, Bennett, W illson, Klopfenstein, Gordon, Booth, Palmer PSI CHAPTER Founded University of Vermont, 1 889. Established 1905. 61 Active Chapters. MEMBERS R. N. DeJONG, M.D.; M.S. F. BRUCE FRALICK, M.D.; M.S. W. FORSYTHE, Ph.D.; M.D. L. E. HIMLER, M.D. V. C. IOHNSON, M.D. A. C. KERLIKOWSKE. M.D. W. G. MADDOCK, M.D. R. E. McCOTTER, M.D. R. M. NESBIT. M.D. H. K. RANSOM, M.D. IN FACULTY H. H. RIECKER. M.D. E. W. SINK, M.D. C. C. STURGIS. M.D. R. W. WAGGONER. M.D. W. S. PERHAM. M.D. S. H. WAGAR, M.D. O. M. PHILLIPS, M.D. G. K. WASSELL, M.D. R. W. DAVIS. M. D. C. E. FOLSOME. M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY PAUL H. BASSOW, M.D. H. H. CUMMINGS, M.D. C. GEORGE, JR., M.D. L. A. H. KNOLL, M.D. S. L. LaFEVER, M.D. W. E. BADGER, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JOHN D. REID. M.D. LAWRENCE E. RECK. M.D. JOHN W. BRICKER, M.S. LORANCE B EVERS, M .D. CHARLES B. RUEGNITZ, M.S.P.H. 209 PHI DELTA EPSILON J ; MEMBERS IN FACULTY REUBEN L. KAHN, Sc.D.I. JEROME HAUSER, M.D. I. MILTON COLDHAMMER, M.D. ABRAHAM BECKER, M.D. JESSIE O. HALPERN, M.D. MOSES COOPERSTOCK, M.D. OMEGA CHAPTER Founded, Cornell University, 1904. Established 1922. 52 Active Chapters. Seniors MERVIN E. GREEN HASKELL L. MAIER JOSEPH FEINGOLD HAROLD J. REESE JOSEPH SKLAVER ROW I Chason, Friedman, Deutsch, Weisman, Brandman ROW II Sherwin, Isberg, Kuhn, Shargel, Kahn, Demuth, Silverman ROW III Miaer, Green, Halpern, Sklaver, Ferngold, Reese ACTIVES Juniors EDWIN L. DEMUTH EMIL M. ISBERG DAVID KAHN ROBERT KUHN IRVING E. SILVERMAN Sophomores SOL CHERWANSKY JOSEPH KERSMAN M. GEORGE SHARGOL Freshmen LEONARD J. BRANDMAN CHARLES BRANDMAN WILLIAM L. DEUTSCH DAVID B. FREEDMAN JAY L. CHASON AVERY D. WEISMAN 210 PHI RHO SIGMA ACTIVES Seniors JOHN BETZ WILLIS D. RICTERINK HOWARD A. SCHANEMAN GEORGE CLINTON Juniors RICHARD W. ASHLEY JACK M. JACOBY REED C. PRUGH GEORGE F. RIETH EDMUND T. BOTT Sophomores GEORGE T. BRITTON THOMAS B. BOLITHO THOMAS B. CARLILE NORMAN F. GEHRINGER ALBERT F. MILFORD HERSCHEL L. BROWNS LEO B. RASMUSSEN EDWARD THOMPSON WALTER L. BRYANT B. JEFFRIES VEDAL G. CHABUT ROBERT C. CARNEY SHELDON R. NEWCOMER RALPH S. STEFFE Freshmen WARREN R. AUSTIN ARBY L. BAILEY JOHN W. BALUSS JOHN C. BENSON LAWRENCE A. COMSTOCK F. DALE CROSBY CLIFFORD J. JAASKI HAROLD JESURUN DONALD S. PATTERSON JOHN B. SPRIGGS CHARLES A. SCHOFF STEPHEN J. LANGE WILLIAM ANDERSON WILLIAM ANGER ZETA CHAPTER Founded, Northwestern University, 1890. Established 1897. 34 Active Chapters. ROW I Crosby, Benson, S. Lange, Anderson, Austin, H. Lange, Baluss, Jesurun ROW II Anger, Bolitho, Carney. Rasmussen, Spriggs. Carlile. Thompson, Jeffries ROW III Bott, Britton, Gehringer, Bryant, Newcomer, Browns, Milford, Chabut ROW IV Jacoby, Schaneman, Regterink, Betz, Clinton, Prugh, Ashley, Rieth MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. JAMES D. BRUCE DR. ROBERT H. BAYLEY DR. A. PARK McGINTY DR. JOHN M. SHELDON DR. THERON G. RANDOLPH DR. WILLIAM D. ROBERTSON DR FREDERICK A. COLLER DR. SHERWOOD B. WINSLOW DR. N. R. KRETZSCHMAR DR. FERDINAND GAENSBAUER DR. DONALD MARSHALL DR. HARRY RICHTER DR. JACK TOLAN DR. ARTHUR D. GIBBON DR. ROBERT McGILLICUDDY DR. JOHN C. BUGHER DR. CHARLES H. FRANTZ DR. BRUCE W. STOCKING DR. ROBERT R. DIETERLE DR. WILLIAM M. BRACE DR. JAMES S. SNOW Member in City DR. S. H. DONALDSON 211 THETA KAPPA PS I MEMBERS IN CITY C. C. ALWAY, M.D. H. McD. BEEBE, M.D. T. H. BLAIR, M.D. D. W. MYERS, M.D.; F.A.C.S. T. L. THOMSON, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY THEODORE BERNTHAL, A.B.; M.S.; M.D. DAVID A. BOYD, A.B.; M.D. E. W. DAVIS, M.D. HARLEY HAYNES, M.D. W. B. HINSDALE, M.D. CAYLE MEHNEY, M.D. CHARLES ROSS, M.D. HERBERT SWEET, A.B.; Ph.D. JEAN K. WESTON, A.B.; Ph.D. LUIS YCLESIAS, A.B.; B.S.; M.D. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY GEORGE PHILLIPS BISHOP KUHN RUSSELL FISHER AL BREWER MU SIGMA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded, College of Virginia 1879. Established 1888. 60 Active Cha ers. Seniors JOHN CETNAR WILLIAM D. FROSTIC LINUS MAINO CHARLES S. MARSDEN, JR. WAYNE 0. MARTIN ROBERT W. PHILLIPS C. FRANKLIN SCHRIER HERBERT C. SWEET HOWARD R. WILLIAMS Swenson, Czeresko, G. Phillips, Kuhn D. Thomson, Kitzmiller, La Chance, Nelson, Dawson, Fisher lomson, Hasty, Herschelmann, Foster, Doerr, Shilling, Haas, Hodgson tic, Sweet, Williams, Schrier, Martin, Marsden, Cetner, Maino, R. Phillips iVES Juniors LOUIS E. DOERR, JR. D. BERNARD FOSTER REYNOLDS L. HAAS ROY F. HERSCHELMANN DONALD FLOYD MOORE M. ATLEE SHILLING Sophomores WILLIS A. HASTY JOHN W. THOMSON FRANCIS BIRD EDWARD CAWLEY ANTHONY R. CZERESKO DOUGLAS DAWSON JACK R. HODGSON JOHN L. KITZMILLER Freshmen CARLYSL La CHANCE JAMES MOY DARWIN NELSON LOUIS E. SIGLER, JR. LELAND SWENSON FREDERICK VanWAGNEN DAN THOMSON 212 N Interior of Legal Research Library. | HE law students at Michi- gan are found as a com- placent group living exclusive- ly by themselves in their beautiful new dormitories. Their exclusion extends furth- er to their studying, classes and lectures, and even their social activities, provision for all of which is amply made in their quadrangular location. Here these students of legal inclinations burn their respec- tive midnight oils in as pleas- ant a situation as possible in attempting to maintain a scholastic standard rightly merited by such surroundings. Sister and Dad Apply Finishing Touches Before " The Occasion r Case Club in Court Session. " " " " " A,, e , . Bi, r c.. -TO SUPPLEMENT the legal training accorded to Michigan law students by the usual academic methods of books, lectures, and classes, interesting and valuable prac- tical experience is gained through actual court sessions. From procedures both in the regular required practice court work in which all parti- cipate, and that of the Case Club it can readily be seen that such fore-shadowing of the practice of actual law serves a very definite purpose. HENRY M. BATES DEAN OF LAW SCHOOL WITH increased emphasis being placed upon the applica- tion of law to modern life in all its phases the law school in its methods conforms to this situation by giving the greater part of instruction through what is called the " case " system. This consists of extensive free discussion of legal principles, as disclosed in reported cases, statutes, and other legal materials and the standards of rules of law are thus absorbed in close contact with our actual scheme of social control. In still further following this principle a consideration is given to the light thrown upon our legal system by economics, political science, and the social sci- ences, and by psychology, psychiatry, and biology. From the standpoint of procedure, instruction is re- ceived in pleading and practice, by means of the practice courts and case-club courts which not only give a working knowledge of form and method but coordinate the princi- ples of analytical and procedural law in a broadly profession- al way. In addition to this primary function of affording a broad adequate training for the practice of law this school also amply provides for the development of law teachers, scholars, and writers by offering advanced instruction in all of the great divisions of the law. Henry M. Bates, who introduced the case-book system to the University, after a number of years as professor be- came Dean of the Law School in 1910 and has ably continued in this distinguished capacity to the present time. 217 SCHOOL OF LAW PROFESSORS R. W. AIGLER H. M. BATES J. P. DAWSON J. H. DRAKE Prof, of Law Dean of Law School Assoc. Prof, of Law Prof. Emeritus of Law and Tappan Prof, of Law E. C. CODDARD Prof. Emeritus of Law C. C. CRISMORE Prof, of Law P. A. LEIDY Prof, of Law B. SHARTEL Prof, of Law L. M. SIMES Prof, of Law E. B. STASON Prof, of Law E. R. SUNDERLAND Prof, of Law and Legal Research j. B. WAITE Prof, of Law 218 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS I Crease Ball C. CRAIG SPANCENBERC. Law Re- view. Co-Chmn. LaMAR FORSHEE. Dance, Co-Chmn. Finance DANIEL D. TUCKER. Chmn. Cap and Gown RALPH M. BAHNA. Chmn. OFFICERS KENNETH K. LUCE President A JAMES H. ROBERTON Vice-President KEITH ATHERTON Secretary MALCOLM L. DENISE Treasurer SAMUEL L. TRAVIS ..Permanent Class Secretary COMMITTEES Executive ELBERT R. GILLIOM. Chmn. Invitations WALTER F. PROBST. Chmn. Pictures DUANE D. FREESE, Chmn. Social CYRENUS G. BUNTING. Chmn. Commencement and Reunion CLIFFORD ASHTON. Co-Chmn. MILTON RABINOWITZ. Co-Chmn. 219 KEITH ATHERTON LL.B. San Diego, California Class Sec ' y (4). RICHARD W. BARRETT LL.B. Cincinnati, Ohio Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Delta Pr,i. P. S. BOTIR LL.B. Holland, Michigan Lawyers Club. LOUIS R. COFFMAN LL.B. South Bend, Indiana Lawyers Club ; Tau Epsilon Rho; Crease Dance Comm. RALPH M. BAHNA LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Lawyers Club; Arab Students Union, Pres. (4) ; Chrmn., Cap and Gown Comm. WILFRED G. BASSETT LL.B. Jackson, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Theta Phi; Scabbard and Blade (1) (2) (3); Barristers; Crease Dance Comm. (3). WALTER F. BRACKEL LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Nu; Adelphi. BENJAMIN E. CUENY LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan ROWE A. BALMER LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Theta Chi; Delta Theta Phi; Lawyers Club; " Alpha Epsilon Mu; Kappa Phi Sigma; Bar- risters; Glee Club (3) (4) (5); Crease Dance Comm. HERBERT J. BECKENSTEIN LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Tau Epsilon Rho ; Lawyers Club. CYRENUS G. BUNTING LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Zeta Psi; Daily (1); Senior Ball; Mimes (1) (2) (3) (4). GEORGE E. BAILEY LL.B. Canandaugua, New York Lawyers Club. WALTER N. BIENEMAN LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Lawyers Club. JAMES E. CARTWRIGHT LL.B. Saginaw, Michigan Kappa Sigma. DAVID G. BARNETT LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Phi Kappa Psi; Football (2) (3). HERMAN J. BLOOM LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Tau Epsilon Rho. HARRY CASSELMAN LL.B. Detroit, Michigan SCHOOL OF LAW SENIORS ROBERT N. CURTIS LL.B. Jackson, Michigan Lawyers Club. FREDERICK C. DAEHLER LL.B. Portsmouth, Ohio Delta Tau Delta. MALCOLM L. DENISE J.D. Lansing, Michigan Alpha Kappa Lambda : Bar- risters ; Law Review (5) (C) ; Class Treas. (6). 220 T. WYMAN FIXLEY LL.B. Kendallville, Indiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Lawyers Club; Barristers. HENRY E. HALLADAY J.D. Battle Creek, Michigan Phi Sigma Kappa: Mich. Law Review; Crease Dance Comm. BEATRICE .TAEGERMAX LL.B. Xew York. New York Kappa Beta Pi, Registrar. AAROX LOWEXSTEIN LL.B. Xegannee. Michigan Tau Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma PAUL H. ELLEMAX LL.B. Columbus, Kansas sisrma Xu : Lawyers Club; Phi Beta Kappa. THEODORE D. FOSTER LL.B. Lansing. Michigan Exec. Comm. WILLIAM J. HEYXS LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Theta Phi, Pres. (3) ; Barristers. THOMAS B. ESTEP LL.B. Los Angeles, California Alpha Tau Omega: Alpha Kap- pa Delta; Alpha Pi Zeta ; Law Exec. Comm. (6). ELBERT R. GILLIOX J.D. or LL.B. Indianapolis, Indiana Phi Delta Theta; Barristers; Michigan Law Review; Board of Governors, Lawyers Club; Case Club Comm. ROBERT S. HOGUELAXI) LL.B. Kansas City, Missouri Phi Delta Phi. MALCOLM M. LaMAR FORSHEE LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phi Eta Sigma; Michiganen- sian : Soph Prom Comm.; J-Hop Comm; Crease Dance Chrmn. WILLIAM C. HARTMAX J.D. Kalamazoo, Michigan Lawyers Club; Barristers; Holmes Cage Club Judge (4) ; Social Chairman, Lawyers Club (4). JOHN R. KEMPER LL.B Richmond, Indiana KENNETH K. LCCE J.D. Elko, Nevada Trigon ; Phi Beta Kappa ; La Review; Class Pres. (6). Erie, Pennsylvania O VV Theta Xi. tf -: XU N S WILLIAM S. GORDOX LL.B. Liberty Center,. Indiana Phi Delta Phi; Senior Invita- tions Comm. (6). MILTOX M. HOWARD J.D. Detroit, Michigan Lawyers Club, Council (3) ; Michigan Law Review Board; Vice-pres., Lawyers Liberal Club (3). KERIX KEXXEDY LL.B. Buffalo, Xew York Lawyers Club: Barristers; Pres., Lawyers Liberal Club (6). HAROLD F. KLfTE LL.B. Richmond. Indiana Alpha Tan Omega; Lawyers Club; Alpha Epsilon Mu ; Law- yers Club Council. BERXARD E. KOXOPKA LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Theta Phi. Treas. (2) (3); Kappa Phi Sigma; Crease Dance Comm. SCHOOL OF LAW SENIORS 221 WILLIAM A. McCLAIN LL.B. Springfield, Ohio Alpha Phi Alpha; Case Club Judge. FRANK H. MASTERS, JR. LL.B. Joliet, Illinois Phi Delta Theta. RANDOLPH B. MONROE LL.B. South Haven, Michigan JAMES L McCORMICK LL.B. New Salem, North Dakota RICHARD B. MAXWELL J.D. Ann Arbor, Michigan Beta Theta Pi; Law Review- Phi Kappa Phi ' ; Committee. CHARLES R. MOON, JR. LL.B. Detroit, Michigan s jg ma Alpha Epsilon; Ph Bv- ' ' Ka PP ft Si ma : p i Delta Phi pha Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Barris ters ; Law Review Beta Gamma Sigma. LLOYD D. PARR LL.B. St. Johns, Michigan SANFORD A. PEYSER A.B. Brooklyn, New York Trigon; Michiganensian (1) Daily m f.Sl Summer Tv,n,. (2) (3), Administration Editor (3) Wrestlimr ' ($ Dally (3); Crease Dance Comm.; Case Club (1) (2). GEORGE w. MCDOWELL LL.B. Pittsford, Michigan Delta Theta Phi. CHARLES C. MENEFEE LL.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Kappa Epsilon; Druids; Golf (4). ALFRED E. MOTTA LL.B. Providence, Rhode Island Invitations Comm. WILLIAM J. McFATE LL.B. Greenville, Pennsylvania Phi Gamma Delta ; Michi- gamua ; Michiganensian. PHILIP H. MITCHELL LL.B. Jackson, Michigan Phi Gamma Delta. ROGER H. NIELSEN A.B. Muskegon Heights. Michigan Case Club (4). ARCHIBALD W. McMlLLAX LL.B. Bay City, Michigan Sigma Phi; Lawyers Club. ROBERT W. MOLLOY LL.B. Grand Rapids, Michigan Crease Dance Comm. FRANK A. ORBAN, JR. LL.B. Hoovers ville, Pennsylvania Lawyers Club; Case Club (1) (2). SCHOOL OF LAW SENIORS ELBRIDGE D. PHELPS J.D. Steele, North Dakota Pi Kappa Delta; Law Review (3). ALFRED H. PLUMMER LL.B. Wabash, Indiana Phi Gamma Delta; Sphinx; Michigamua ; Basketball (2) (3) (4), Capt. (4); Lawyers Club. VIRGINIA REMY LL.B. Erie, Pa. 222 HARVEY L. SCHOLTEX LL.B. Spring Lake, Michigan Lawyers Club. Dance Comm. Crease Dance Comm. DANIEL D. TUCKER A.B. Chicago, Illinois 8TAXLEY C. 8MOYER LL.B. Akron, Ohio Psi Upsilon. Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. CHARLES B. VARCO LL.B. Sidney. Montana Lawyers Club. JAMKS H. ROBERTO X LL.B. Rushford. Minnesota Class Tice-pres. (4). MILTOX SAMORODIX LL.B. Brooklyn, Xew York Lawyers Club: Tan Epsilon Rho, Vice-pres. GEORGE R. SCHMIDT LL.B. Los Angeles, California Lawyers Club. c CRAIG SPAXGEXBERG LL.B. Wethersfield, Connecticut Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kappi Phi; Law Review: Gargoyle (1); Crease Dance, Co-Chrmn. (3). AUSTIX A. WEBB LL.B. Cadillac, Michigan Beta Theta Pi. KATHERIXE A. STOLL LLB. San Diego, California Kappa Beta Pi; Delta Sigma Rho; Senior Comm.; Omega Upsilon. JACK L. WHITE LL.B. New Castle, Pennsylvania Beta Theta Pi; Crease Dance Comm. SAMUEL L. TRAVIS LL.B. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Rho. Pres. (6) : Adelphi: Varsity Debating (2) (3), Capt. (4) ; Adelphi, Speak- er (5), Honor Award (5). HOUSTON L. WOOD LL.B. Maysville. Kentucky Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Lawyers Club; Barristers: Chrmn., Gen- eral Affairs Comm.. Lawyers Club: Member, Dance Comm., Lawyers Club. SCHOOL OF LAW SENIORS 223 LAW CLUB COUNCIL OFFICERS CHARLES B. VARCO President PETER S. BOTER Vice-President LEWIS MEYER Secretary HARVEY D. TRIMBLE . ..Treasurer MEMBERS ROBERT S. FELDMAN ELBERT R. CILLIOM DANIEL CLUCK MILTON M. HOWARD J. RICHARD KEMPER HAROLD F. KLUTE HUGH B. KUDER JOHN V. MORAN RAY L. POTTER ROBERT M. PRINCE WILLIAM K. RICHARDSON EDWARD W. SCHRAMM PAUL R. TRICC HOUSTON L. WOOD ROW I Moran, Cluck, Wood, Kuder, Potter, Trigg, Klute, Howard, Kemper, Prince, Schramm, Richardson ROW -Feldman, Trimble, Varco, Boter, Meyer, Cilliom DELTA THETA PHI CHRISTIANCY SENATE CHAPTER. Founded Cleveland Law School, 1901. Established 1912, 72 Active Chapters. MEMBERS IN THE UNIVERSITY Seniors CILFFORD L. ASHTON ROWE A. BALMER WILFRED C. BASSETT RUSSELL V. CARLTON HARRY H. HALEY FRANCIS W. HASKELL WILLIAM |. HEYNS BERNARD E. KONOPKA GEORGE w. MCDOWELL PAUL PROUD, JR. PATRICK J. QUEALY juniors GARFIELD C. BARNETT, JR. ANTHONY L. DIVIDIO DOUGLAS L. EDWARDS EDMUND K. HEITMANN PAUL E. JACKSON MILTON J. KELLY GEORGE H. KEOUGH CHARLES E. MARSH HOWARD A. McCOWAN JAMES W. MEHAFFY GERALD L. STOETZER ALLISON K. THOMAS PAUL A. WRIGHT Freshmen JOHN C. GRIFFIN KARL F. JEAN HICKS G. GRIFFITHS PAUL C. KEETON JUAN RODRIGUEZ, JR. ROW I Keeton, Jean, Rodriguez. Marsh. Griffin, Wright, Stoetzer, Dividio ROW II Bamett, Haley, Jackson, Carlton. McDowell, Kitchen, Keough. Griffiths. McCowan ROW III Hasketl. Thomas. Kelly. Edwards. Heyns, Balmer, Konopka. Heitmann ftp - V m. it ? t f JIM It n G Dentistry Student Working on Patient. Partial Denture Lab Work. 228 AT THE intersection of Wash- tenaw Avenue and North University stands the imposing brick structure which houses the School of Dentistry. Within its walls Director Russell W. Bunt- ing and his colleagues are faced with the problem of molding com- petent dentists, skilled in every artifice of modern dentistry. For- tunately, through exceptional teaching and clinical facilities, their efforts have been more than RUSSELL W. BUNTING DIRECTOR OF DENTISTRY SCHOOL amply rewarded. University an- nals disclose that this task has been going on ever since 1875. It was then that the College of Dental Surgery become a distinct part of the University. Since it was one of the units requiring two years of general college work for admission, its name was changed in 1 927 to the School of Dentistry. Entrance to Dentistry Building SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY PROFESSORS IN 1935, after experimenting with different length dental curricula, a four-year period of professional train- ing was made compulsory. Dental stu- dents now have opportunities for pur- suing any branch of study they may de- sire. The most obvious example of their work is the valuable assistance which they render in the physical ex- aminations for all entering students during Orientation Week. Cases need- ing attention are then referred by the Health Service to the dental staff for diagnosis, and patients are assigned to student dentists for further treatment. The operative clinic is open to anyone, patients being charged a fee which ap- proximates the cost involved. How- ever, this clinic, with its 190 complete dental outfits for junior and senior stu- dents, is primarily one for teaching. P. H. Jeserich Prof, of Operative Dentistry R. H. KINCERY Assoc. Prof, of Denture Prosthesis J. W. KEMPER Prof, of Oral Surgery C. R. MOORE Assoc. Prof, of Orthodontics Students, Professors and Patients in Dentistry Clinic f 1 1 U. C. RICKERT Prof, of Diagnosis F. B. VEDDER Prof, of Crown and Bridge Prosthesis Students Watching Oral Surgical Operation. THE SCHOOL of Dentistry, in con- junction with the Medical School and the University Hospital, affords ex- cellent opportunities for research, its laboratories offering as many branches of study as may be found in clinical in- struction. Annually the School is grad- uating very able dentists. Although the majority of its graduates practice in Michigan, other large groups have be- come established in New York, Ohio, and California. Not only does the School extend its methods to almost all other sections of the United States but it also goes beyond to its possessions and various foreign countries the world over. Notable in the distribution of its graduates are some seventy dentists now practicing in South Africa. Michi- gan ' s sphere of influence is constantly expanding. PROF. R. F. SOMMERS Assoc. Prof, of Operative Dentistry M. L. WARD Jonathan Taft Prof, of Dentistry E. L. WHITMAN Prof, of Technics SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY PROFESSORS 231 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES OFFICERS GEORGE E. MARIN President AERVIN F. GARDNER vice-President FRANK GREENBAUM Secretary THOMAS D. CLEMENTS _ ..Treasurer ROBERT L. HARDING, JOSEPH Representatives on T. TAWTER Student Council INVITATIONS RAYMOND E. SOMERS, Chmn. JEROME ]. MALLON EDWARD G. PIERCE PUBLICATIONS LAURENCE J. SIMMONS, Chmn. DELOS R. KERVIN FRANK GREENBAUM CAP AND GOWN FRANK GREENBAUM, Chmn. WILLARD P. HAIST RICHARD V. CURTIS SOCIAL HAROLD W. HELD, Chmn. ROBERT L. HARDING CHARLES BROWLEY FINANCE DONALD A. KERR, Chmn. LEONARD A. GRAHAM ANTHONY D. KOLBERG CANE AND PIPE CHALMERS F. JOHNSON, Chmn. JOSEPH T. TAWTER RAYMOND N. DANCER SMOKER COMMITTEES THOMAS D. CILSON, General Chmn. Properties DELOS R. KERVIN, Chmn. LAURENCE J. SIMMONS NORMAN NAIRMARK Scenery EDWARD J. BENJAMIN, Chmn. NORMAN H. TAYLOR CLIFFORD E. SHUGARS Ticket IVAN E. WILCOX, Chmn. EDGAR LEE BIGELOW GORDON F. CHISHOLM Costumes LOUIS C. PINNEY, Chmn. HARLOW F. BATES ALFRED E. MILLER Refreshments ROBERT L. HARDING, Chmn. ERVIN GARDNER MILTON GREENWALD 232 SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT GEORGE MAR IN i INDEPENDENTS Senior Class ROBERT L. HARDING JOSEPH T. TAWTER lun.or Class DANIEL J. KLEINMAN |. EDWARD MARCEAU Sophomore Class MYRON J. VAN LEEUWEN ELIAS FRIEDMAN Freshman Class PAUL BONNETTE GILBERT J. PLASMAN FRATERNITY MEN Delta Sigma Delta IVAN WILCOX HARRY HORNBERGER Xi Psi Phi HERMAN L HUVINGER RAYMOND E. SOMERS Psi Omega ROBERT O ' SHAUGHNESSY RAYOND DURKEE Alpha Omega FRANK GREENBAUM SAM STULBERG 233 IRENE J. ANDERSON D.H. Detroit, Michigan JEROME B. CASEY D.D.S. Erie, Pennsylvania HARLOW F. BATES D.D.S. Rogers City, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. Sec ' y. (3). EDITH A. COOK D.H. Ashtabula, Ohio HELEN J. BEARD D.H. Tale, Michigan Albion College (1). ALICE C. CURTIS D.H. Alpena, Michigan Kappa Phi. SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY SENIORS C . n % EDWARD C. BENJAMIN D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. f -f ' H I EDGAR L. BIG D.D.S. ; p Detroit, M ichigan ' $ ' LAWRENCE D. B D.D.S. ;K ' Jackson, Michigan V Delta Sigma Delta. BEN DISKIN ' D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan CIS J. DORN ' ER D.D.S. iroe, Michigan a Lambda. - JAKMOND F. DURKEE D.D.S. Otsego, Michigan Omega; Sigma Nu; Alpha Phi Pamnia ; Student Council. CHARLES H. BROMLEY D.D.S. Grand Rapids, Michigan Psi Omega. MARGARET R. FLORY D.H. Adrian, Michigan 234 ERVIN F. GARDNER D.D.S. Battle Creek, Michigan Senior Vice-pres. of Class. THOMAS D. GIL3ON D.D.S. Lake Odessa Delta Sigma Delta; S Treas. JOSEPH H. GOSSMAN D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega. WILLARD P. HAIST D.D.S. Pigeon, Michigan ROBERT L. HARDING D.D.S. Bradford. Pennsylvania appa Phi ; Alpha Epsilon Ma ; hestra (1) (2). GER.VLJUNE J. HARRISON D.H. Flint, Michigan Alpha Xi Delta. SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY SENIORS r ' W tt. LEONARD A. GRAHAM D.D.S. Bad Axe, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. EVELYN F. INGLE D.H. Knoxville, Tennessee FRANK GREENBAUM D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Omega; Sr. Class Sec ' y. JAY A. JELTES D.D.S. Grand Rapids. Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa. DOROTHY M. GREENHOUSE D.H. Chicago, Illinois DONALD A. KERR D.D.S. Xorthville, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. MILTON F. GREENWALD D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan DeLOS R. KEKV1N D.D.S. Bad Axe, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta; Chair. Odon- to Ball (3); Pres., Delta Sigma Delta (4). 235 ANTHONY D. KOLKRG D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Psi Omega. ALFRED E. MILLER D.D.S. Iron River, Michigan Alpha Omega, Vice-pres. ; Treas. of Jr. Dental Class (5) ; Chair. Photograph Comm. (5). JANET M. LANDON D.H. Olivet, Michigan Olivet College (1); Rockford Col- lege (2). YOUNG 0. MORRIS D.D.S. Bad Axe, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. SAMUEL J. LAUBACH D.D.S. Ann Arbor, Michigan Psi Omega. MARTIN NAIMARK D D.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega. SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY SENIORS MAX L. McCONNELL D.D.S. Coldwater, Michigan JEROME J. MALWBlf ROBERT L. O ' SHAUGHNESSY D.D.S. Coldwater, Michigan Delta Sigma Phi; Psi Omega; Stu- dent Council (3). -s-..-. C. PINNEY D -- s - . Detroit, Michigi| CaS City, Michigan Phi Alpha ; Alpha Omega Phi Kami ' a Sigma; Delta Sigma ; : $; ' TOHta. JFJ i i. ' Vi - ' : .-. ' jto MECA M. D - H - Detroit, Michigan r- ,f ., ' Kappa Delta; Zeta Phi Eta (2 (S); Choral Union (2); Man Gras (1); Soph Cabaret (2). " -VIR13INIA M. POST D.H. . Detroit, Michigan 1 House. GEORGE E. MARIN D.D.S. Manistique, Michigan Senior Pres. Class; Student (Dental) Council (3). JULIUS L. RIBYAT D.D.S. Utica, New York Alpha Omega. 236 MARIE M. RIDDLE D.H. Oaseville, Michigan ERNESTINE M. SE D.H. Detroit, Michigan CLIFFORD E. SHUGARS D.D.S. Marcellus, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. GEORGE P. SWAN D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan O.SEPH T. TAWTER D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Epsilon ; Student NORMAN H. TAYLOR D.D.S. - " Detroit, Michigan ..Omega. SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY SENIORS LAWRENCE J. SIMMONS D.D.S. Flint, Michigan Xi Psi Phi. ALBERT D. WEBER D.D.S. Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega. RAYMOND E. SOMERS D.D.S. Mt. Morris, Michigan Beta Phi Sigma; Xi Psi Phi, Pres. (3) ; Dental Vice-Pres. of Michi- gan Union (3). IVAN E. WILCOX D.D.S. Algonac, Michigan Delta Sigma Delta. LEO L. STEINBERG Detroit, Michigan Alpha Omega. NORA BOYD D.H. Weldron, Michigan 237 ALPHA OMEGA CHI CHAPTER Founded Philadephia College, 1906. Established 1926. 32 Active Chapters. OFFICERS FRANK CREENBAUM ..Chancellor ALFRED E. MILLER, Vice-Chancellor JOSEPH H. COSSMAN Quaestor SAMUEL STULBERC Scribe JOSEPH STEIN Editor HAROLD KOCHANSKY . __Macer Seniors JOSEPH H. COSSMAN FRANK CREENBAUM JEROME J. MALLON ALFRED E. MILLER MARTIN NAIMARK JULIUS RIBYAT LEO L. STEINBERG ALBERT D. WEBER ACTIVES Juniors HERBERT LEBOVITZ SIDNEY A. SACKETT JOSEPH B. STEIN SAMUEL STULBERC GERALD R. WALKER Freshmen RAYMOND M. KOST SIDNEY WOLK Sophomores ALEX CHERTOFF HAROLD KOCHANSKY ARTHUR LEVY RAYMOND RISMAN SAMUEL ROOD ALFRED J. STERNFELD SAMUEL S. WILLIS ROW I Kochansky, Kost, Sternfeld, Wolk, Willis, Chertoff, Levy ROW II Risman, Lebovitz, Walker, Stein, Stulberg, Sackett, Rood ROW III Mallon, Weber, Miller, Creenbaum, Gossman, Ribyat, Naimark DELTA SIGMA DELTA Seniors EDWARD BENJAMIN LAWRENCE BOWLER CHARLES CURDY RICHARD VON EVERY CURTIS THOMAS CILSON LEONARD GRAHAM HAROLD HELD CHALMERS IOHNSON DONALD KERR DELOS KERVIN STANLEY MILLER YOUNG O. MORRIS R. NOBLE PECKHAM LEWIS PINNEY IVAN WILCOX (uniors DONALD ENGEL WALTER GAGER HARRY GARDNER KITTELL. JR. PAUL EDGAR RIDINGER ALLEN RUTTLE CHARLES SAUNDERS. JR. ALPHA CHAPTER Founded University of Michigan, 1882. Established 1882. 45 Active Chapters. Sop h oin ores RICHARD CHRISTL THOMAS CLARKE MARK COGGAN HARRY HORNBERGER JOHN JONES DONALD SHORNO BYRON H. SKELLENGER PAUL SMITS R. CHARLES VALLU2ZO Freshmen EMIL BOLLINE RICHARD CALDWELL STANLEY CREGO HENRY C2YSZ SIMON GLERUM HUGH GODFREY THOMAS HESS ROBERT JONES WILLIAM MANN EDSON POOL GUNNER RANSTRUM WELLAN STANTON MEMBERS IN FACULTY OLIVER CLARK APPLEGATE. D.D.S. LOUIS BENSON BRISTOL, D.D.S. RUSSELL WELFORD BUNTING, D.D.Sc. KENNETH ALEXANDER EASLICK, D.D.S.; M.S. LOUIS PHILLIPS HALL, D.D.S. GEORGE STAFFORD HARRIS, D.D.S. PAUL HAROLD JESERICH, D.D.S. JOHN WILLARD KEMPER. D.D.S.; M.D. RICHARD HENRY KINGERY. B.S.; D.D.S. LLEWELLYN PARKINSON LEIGH, A.B.; D.D.S. ROLAND OSWALD NISSLE. D.D.S. PHILIP MUNRO NORTHROP, D.D.S.; M.S. GEORGE WAYNE OGLESTONE, D.D.S. U. GARFIELD RICKERT, A.M.; D.D.S. RALPH FREDERICK SOMMER. D.D.S.; M.S. FRANCIS BUNKLEY VEDDER, A.B.; D.D.S. MARCUS LLWEWLLYN WARD, D.D.S.; D.D.Sc. ELMER LEROY WHITMAN, D.D.S. HfisT Stanton, Godfrey, Mann, Sherwin, Clarke. Wolf oole, Glerum, Ranstrum, Crego, Oatley, Bolline, Czysr, Saunders iristl, Caldwell. Jones, Hornberger, Shomo, Skellenger, Ruttle IV Oglestone, Valluzzo, Kittell. Curdy, Ridinger, Coggan, Smits. Engel RO " W V Harris, Graham, Benjamin, Kervin, Wilcox, Pinney, Johnson, Morris, Curtis DENTAL HYCIENISTS AND LOWER CLASS OFFICERS DENTAL HYCIENIST CLASS OFFICERS Hygienisrs MRENE J. ANDERSON President A JANET LANDON Secretary and Treasurer 1938 CLASS OFFICERS Juniors HARRY C. KITTELL, )R. President ROBERT CLEMENTS Vice-President PAUL E. RIDINCER Secretary SAMUEL STULBERC Treasurer DANIEL ). KLEINMAN, |. EDWARD MARCEAU Rep. on Student Council 1939 CLASS OFFICERS Sophomores MARK COCCAN President ROBERT B. DAVIES Vice-President BYRON H. SKELLENCER _ Secretary RAYMOND RISMANN Treasurer MYRON ). VAN LEEUWEN, ELIAS FRIEDMAN ._ Representatives on Student Council 1940 CLASS OFFICERS Freshmen ROLAND SYKES President SIMON CLERUM Vice-President HERBERT OATLEY Secretary JOSEPH GRANT Treasurer PAUL BONNETTE, GILBERT J. PLASMAN Reps, on Student Council 240 n n n too IN THE few moments between class periods, the corridors of Tappan Hall assume the appear- ance of a small Stock Exchange. It is then that students of Busi- ness Administration gather in var- ious groups to discuss the different problems of the business world. As they lean against the walls or sit about in the smoking room, they complain about the difficulty of their course in Marketing or quote from Moody ' s or the finan- cial page of the Wall Street Jour- nal. They seem to feel the weight of a nation ' s financial problems as they chat dreamily about how each is going to be a big executive some day, after earning some money to invest. Then there is no escaping the Wall Street atmosphere. Entrance to Tappan Hall Business Administration Library UNDER the guidance of Dean Clare E. Griffin, this School has been constantly expanding since 1924, when it was established as a profes- sional unit of the University. Whereas most business schools are of an undergraduate nature, Michigan ' s School of Business Administration re- quires a bachelor ' s degree for admittance, if not through a combined curriculum. To acquaint stu- dents with the typical situations that arise in busi- ness relationships, instruction is based upon the case or problem method. These cases are drawn from actual experience in a wide variety of fields. Students are further trained for positions of responsibility in business by the lectures of visit- ing industrial executives and by conferences of various groups of business men frequently held under the auspices of the School. In this way, an opportunity is provided for supplementing the students ' regular class instruction with the pre- sentation of subjects of current business and pro- fessional interest by men actively engaged in sev- eral fields of business. Through the efforts of an efficient placement bureau, graduates in Busi- ness Administration help to establish business methods and principles taught at Michigan in a large number of place s, easily making this School speak well for itself. CLARE E. GRIFFIN DEAN OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SCHOOL 243 O. W. BLACKETT Prof, of Business Statistics MARGARET EL- LIOTT Prof, of Personnel Management E. H. GAULT Associate Prof, of Marketing C. L. JAMISON Prof, of Business Policy J. W. RIEGEL Associate Prof, of Industrial Rela- tions R. G. RODKEY Prof, of Banking and Investments F. E. ROSS Associate Prof, of Accounting E. S. WOLAVER Associate Prof. t f Business Law SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PROFESSORS Tappan Hall SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS OFFICERS ]. HERMAN FLES President AJACKSON B. HOLDEN ...Vice-President CATHINCS STEWART Secretary FRANK A. HORNER Treasurer Senior Ball WENCEL A. NEUMANN, JR. Finance GEORGE W. PECK, Chmn. JOHN S. HALSTEAD MAX R. FRISINGER EDWARD J. STEVENS COMMITTEES Commencement DALE C. CAMPBELL, Chmn. WENDELL ERICKSEN PEI L. LEE JAMES SCHERR Social FRANCIS H. BROWN, Chmn. WALTER P. SULLIVAN ROBERT O. KINSMAN Executive ROY LYON, Chmn. GEORGE B. WELLS JOHN G. STEELE ELLSWORTH H. MORSE Cap and Gown ELMO L. VINCENT, Chmn. HOWARD W. HOOLIHAN HENRY F. SILVER SPENCER J. WILKIE Invitations LaLANDER S. NORMAN, Chmn. HOWARD R. DOUD ROBERT A. FRYE ARTHUR W. RALSTON 245 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS GORDON H. BOYLAN M.B.A. Richmond, Indiana Hermitage. JAMES H. FLES M.B.A. Grand Rapids, Michigan Phi Alpha Kappa ; Beta Gam- ma Sigma; Pres. Senior Class. ARCHIBALD W. BROWN M.B.A. Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Phi Alpha. MAX R. FRISINGER M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Tennis (1). FRANCIS H. BROWN M.B.A. Grand Rapids, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi, Headmaster; Junior Executive ' s Club, Sec ' y and Treas. DALE C. CAMPBELL M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres. ; Vice- Pres. Junior Class. JACK DWORKIN M.B.A. Cleveland, Ohio Wrestling. ROBERT E. FRY M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan JOHN S. HALSTEAD M.B.A. Brookston, Indiana JACKSON B. HOLDEN M.B.A. Parkersburg, West Virginia Quadrangle; Junior Executive ' s Club; Vice-Pres. Senior Class (Bus. Ad.) WENDELL ERICKSEN M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Michigan HOWARD W. HOOLIHAN M.B.A. Jonesville, Michigan Craftsman Club ; Young Demo- crat ' s Club. 246 FRANK A. HORXER. JR. M.B.A. Jackson, Michigan Alpha Kappa Pi : Treat. Senior Class. RUSSELL E. LAITALA JJ.B.A. Ironwood, Michigan ROT LYOX M.B.A. Cleveland. Ohio Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa. KEITH B. MAC KICHAX M.B.A Applegate, Michigan A.I.E.E. (2) (3) (4). WEXVEL A. NEUMANN, JR. M.B.A. Royal Oak, Michigan Delta Tan Delta: Soph. Prom Chairman (2) ; Triangles. Pre . (3); Mimes (3) (4) : R.O.T.C. (1) (2) (3) (5): Lieut. Col. (5) ; Scabbard and Blade; Un- dergrad. Council (3); Men ' s Council (4) ; Judiciary Comm. (4); Senate Comm. on Student Affairs (4); Michigan Union (2) (3) (4): Union Opera (3); Executive Council (3); Presi- dent (4): Finance Comm. (4): Michigan! ua. LALAXDER S. NORMAN M.B.A. Valley City. North Dakota Theta Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. GEORGE W. PECK M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Theta Delta Chi. RICHARD X. PREY M.B.A. Kalamazoo, Michigan Theta Chi; Delta Sigma Pi: Tau Kappa Alpha ; Junior Executive ' s Club: Pres. Junior Class : Treas. and Headmaster of Delta Sigma Pi. ROBERT W. MARRA M.B.A. Fnlton. Xew York Junior Executive ' s Club (5). HYMAX SAPAKIE M.B.A. White Plains, Xew York Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Kappa ; Pres. Jr. Executive ' s Club, (5): Sec ' y Bd. of Dir.. Mich. Wolverine (2) (3) (4) (5). ELLSWORTH H. MORSE M.B.A. Shelby. Ohio Alpha Kappa Psi ; Phi Beta Kappa. JAMES SCHERR M.B.A. Richmond Hill, Xew York Class Sec ' y (4); Gargoyle (2). SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS I c- 247 SEYMOUR SIEGEL M.B.A. Miami, Florida Dukes; ' M ' Club; Tennis (1) (2) (3) (4) ; Basketball (4) ; Captain Tennis (4). KDWARD I. STEVENS M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan Delta Sigma Pi; Scalp and Blade; Tennis (1); Class Sec. (2). SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS HENRY F. SILVER M.B.A. Detroit, Michigan ELMO L. VINCENT M.B.A. Marshall, Michigan Alpha Kappa Psi. NATHAN STEINBERG M.B.A. Chelsea, Massachusetts ALBERT WAXMAN M.B.A. Miami, Florida J. GORDON STEELE, JR, M.B.A. New York, New York Alpha Kappa Lambda; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sig- ma. GATHINGS STEWART M.B.A. Dallas, Texas Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Sec ' y Senior Class. GEORGE B. WELLS M.B.A. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Delta Sigma Pi. SPENCER J. WILKIE M.B.A. Dearborn, Michigan Theta Alpha Phi. WINFRED P. WILSON M.B.A. Ann Arbor, Michigan It. ' i-uroh Assistant, Bureau of Business Research; Rending Assistant. 248 ALPHA KAPPA PS I ROW I Bosworth, Hart, Kelly. Holmes. Draper, Loysen, Steigleman ROW II Troxel. Mayer. Mucenski, Flick, Bidelman, Davey. Finly. Trubey ROW III Stewart. Kinsman. Homer, Campbell, Crow, MacRae, Parry. Vincent, Morgenroth PHI CHAPTER Founded New York University, 1904. Established 1920. 58 Active Chapters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. P. Briggs. M.B.A. E. M. Fisher, Ph.D. E. H. Cault. M.B.A. C. E. Griffin. Ph.D. C. L Jamison. Ph.D. S. B. Mead. A.M. W. A. Paton. Ph.D. I. L. Sharfman, A.B. S. W. Smith. A.M. H. F. Taggart, Ph.D. SENIORS Dale C. Campbell Frank A. Homer Ellsworth H. Morse Cathings Stewart Elmo L. Vincent JUNIORS Walter A. Crow Norman B. Davey Robert O. Kinsman Alex MacRae Vincent Muczenski Donald J. Parry LITERARY SCHOOL STUDENTS Wallace E. Bidelman Wanzer D. Bosworth Willard C. Crittenden Thomas C. Draper Albert W. Finly. Jr. Jesse E. Flick Richard M. Mayer William M. Morgenroth Paul E. Steigelman Jay C. Troxel Stanley R. Trubey PLEDGES John W. Hart Russell Homes Kingsley Kelly Alton J. Loysen IMS DELTA SIGMA PI f j ROW I Garrison, Seldon, Pierpont, Mason, Hoffman, Hall, Rohn, Raseman, Landon, Bailey, Archer, Could ROW II Yenner, Bratton, Haugh, Thor ne, Grossman, Doelle, Parsons, Erhardt, Conrad, Kil- gore ROW III Halsted, Frisinger, Stevens, Prey, Professor, R. G. Rodkey, Doud, Winchell, Bona- vito XI CHAPTER Founded New York University, 1907. Established 1921. 49 Active Chapters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY D. M. Phelps, Ph.D. J. W. Riegel, Ph.D. R. G. Rodkey, Ph.D. C. N. Staobach, A.M. M. H. Waterman, Ph.D. L. L. Watkins, Ph.D. C. S. Yoakum, Ph.D. R. Bowers, M.A. L. L. Laing, M.B.A.; C.P.A. MEMBERS IN CITY Mayor R. A. Campbell W. Shankland SENIORS Francis H. Brown Howard Doud Max Frisinger Richard Prey Edward Stevens G. Byron Wells Edward Yenner JUNIORS Irwin Bailey Harry Brattin John Campbell John A. Doelle Jack Erhardt Milton Garrison Robert Halsted Kenneth Kilgore Frank Mason Howard Parsons Wilbur Pierpont Edgar Raseman George Seldon Robert Thome Charles Hoffman LITERARY SCHOOL STUDENTS Willson Archer Joseph Bonavito Raymond Conrad Max Crosman Frederick Gould Calvin Haugh Louis Landon Donald Rohn Benjamin Winchell Henry Hall 250 f9trt!r--aiL- - - n to s Fire Tower And Cabin At Saginaw Forest % k 1ICHTY oaks from little acorns grow. " And if students of the School of Forestry snd Conservation are unable to explain the pro- cess, then they hardly deserve to wear those blue and gold emblems of axes on their jackets. How- ever, the foresters with Samuel T. Dana at the head of a competent staff, really have little to fear as to the meriting of their insignia. Added to class-room instruction and laboratory research, these students learn the practical side of forestry by attending the summer camp at Iron River, Michigan, and by field trips to various land tracts in the neighborhood of Ann Arbor that have been granted to the School for forestry activities. And so these fellows become the great outdoor men of the University. The University of Michigan has the honor of having been the first institution in the United States to offer formal instruction in forestry. As early as 1881, when our forest resources were still generally regarded as " inexhaustible, " for- estry was made a definite part of the School of Political Science organized that year. As the movement expanded, forestry courses were first offered in 1903, increasing in scope and number until 1926, when the present School of Forestry and Conservation became a separate unit of the University. Now, forestry students from all parts of the country are attracted here by the prestige of this School. After a thirty year record of con- structive accomplishment, the University may well expect to participate actively in any new forward movement in forestry and conservation. I i SAMUEL T. DANA DEAN OF FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION SCHOOL 253 SCHOOL OF FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION PROFESSORS S. W. ALLEN Prof, of Forestry WILLIAM KYNOCH Prof, of Wood Tech- nology D. V. BAXTER Prof, of Silvics and Forest Pathology 1 . M. IIATTHKWS Prof, of Forest Manage- ment ROBERT CRAIG, JR. Assoc. Prof, of Forest Utilization V. F. RAMSDELL Prof. (if Forest Land Management L. J. YOUNG Prof, of Silviculture " O o, Sy Timber Testing Machine in Operation 254 Natural Science Building Trucks and Students Leaving on Field Trip 255 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ,- WILLIAM YOST President A RICHARD FOERSTER Vice-President JULIAN BUCHER Secretary ARTHUR KUESEI ..Treasurer INVITATIONS COMMITTEE HARRY JOLLY CHARLES McCRECOR SENIOR BANQUET COMMITTEE ROBERT BURWELL R. WILSON HUTCHISON FINANCE COMMITTEE JOSEPH SCHAVILJE CLIFTON COFFMAN LLOYD McKAY 256 JOHN W. BABRKTT B.S.F. Columbus, Ohio Scabbard and Blade: Forestry Club; Pi Tan Pi Sigma. JOHN " CAHOW B.S.F. Ladysmith, Wisconsin Phi Eta Sigma. GILBERT S. BIBLER B.8.K. Columbus, Ohio CLIFTON S. COFFMAN, JR. B.S.F. Lewisburg, West Virginia Forestry Club (2). SCHOOL OF FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION SENIORS STANLEY C. BIRKHOLD B.S.F. Conover, Ohio JOHN W. BLACK B.S.F. Dearborn, Michigan Forestry Club; Varsity Band (2) ; Intramural Athletics. JULIAN H. Bt ' CHER B.S.F. Kansas City, Missouri Les Voyageurs ; Forestry Club; Secretary Senior Forestry Class. WELLINGTON R. BURT B.S.F. Jackson, Michigan Si ma Alpha Epsilon ; Beta Phi Sigma. JOHN E. CORATHERS B.S.F. West Union, West Virginia Forestry Club. CHARLES E. COVEL B.S.F. Grand Rapids, Michigan Forestry Club. DONALD P. DUNCAN B.S.F. Chicago, Illinois Forestry Club (3) (4). RICHARD H. FOERSTER B.S.F. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Vice-Pres. Sr. Class Forestry School; Les Voyageurs; For- estry Club. 257 ROBERT H. GENSCH B.S.F. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Forestry Club (3) (4). LLOYD G. McKAY B.S.F. East Tawas, Michigan Chi Psi ; Freshman track num- erals ; Forestry Club. BASILISO GREGORIO B.S.F. Ann Arbor, Michigan W. MORRIS MORGAN B.S.F. Youngstown, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega; Track (3) (4) ; Les Voyageurs Society. tf IP v% n , SCHOOL OF FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION SENIORS ARTHUR E. GRUHL B.S.F. Monroe, Michigan GEORGE H. HEIBEIX B.S.F. Ann Arbor, Michigan Varsity Band (1) (2) (3) (4). R. WILSON HUTCHISON B.S.F. Ann Arbor, Michigan Forestry Club (2) (3) (4); Michigan Forester (4) ; Sec ' y Forestry Club (3). ARTHUR R. KUESEL B.S.F. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Les Voyageurs; Forestry Club; Swimming; Class Treas. WARREN E. OCHS B.S.F. Dearborn, Michigan Forestry Club (3) (4). LOUIS A. PATROXSKY B.S.F. Ann Arbor, Michigan JOHN R. PIERCE B.S.F. Berlin, New Hampshire WILLIAM C. POSTLE B.S.F. Columbus, Ohio 258 WILLIAM H. REID B.S.F. South Charleston, Ohio Sigma Chi; O.8.U. Foresters (2) (3); U. of M. Forestry Clnb (4) ; Freshman Class Pres. JOSEPH P. SOHAVILJE B.S.F. M.S.F. Chicago. Illinois Forestry Club. Treas. : Forestry School Annual. Bus. Mgr. ; Treas. PAUL E. SLABAUGH B.S.F. Chicago, Illinois NORMAN F. SMITH B.S.F. Ann Arbor, Michigan Sigma Chi: Editor " Michigan Forester " (5): Forestry Class Pres. (4); Choral Union (2); Comedy Club (2) (3); Union Committee (2) ; Union Vice- Pres. (5); Forestry Clnb (3) (4) (5). WALTER STONE B.S.F. Lynbrook, New York GEORGE VITAS B.S.F. Dearborn, Michigan Forestry Clnb (1) (2) (3) (4). FRANK H. WADSWORTH B.S.F. M.S.F. Chicago. Illinois Forestry Club. R. D. WATSON. Ill B.S.F. Alton, Illinois Sigma Phi: Druids; Basketball. Mgr. (2) (3). SCHOOL OF FORESTRY AND CONSERVATION SENIORS LAURENCE M. SOREXSEN B.S.F. Watersmeet. Michigan Phi Gamma Delta ; Forestry Club (1) (2) (3) (4); Hia watha Club (3) (4). WOLF K. WE1NHOLD B..S.F. Milwaukee. Wisconsin WILLIAM P. YOST B.S.F. Beloit, Wisconsin Les Voyageurs: Forestry Club. Vice Pres. (3); Pres. (4); Men ' s Council. 259 ' . FORESTRY CLUB J- 9 ? t if f ROW I Schowalter, Whittier, Miller, Lannan, Barienbrock, Bercaw, Fleischer, Rosapepe, Wood, Mathiak, Cady, Weinhold, Birkhold, Corathers, Wandell. ROW II Yost, Ochs, Render, Tonti, Foerster, Carow, Wixson, Frye, Cashin, McMaster, Sylvester, Censch, Ellertsen, Rynolds, Morgan, Cruhl, Coffman ROW III Gearharf, Ceib, Reid, Johnston, Byrd, Solomon, Vinson Postle, Wadsworth, An- derson, Slabaugh, McKay, Mitchell, Bibler, Barrett, Jolly, Pierce ROW IV Caldwell, Weller, Bucher, Benedict, Meek, Burwell, Crawmer, Spooner, Rivers, Stokey, Henzler, Eschmeyer, Covel, Clark, Turner, McGregor, Ellerby ROW V Allen Schoermann, Ramsdell, Wight, Craig, Matthews, Mosby, Murray, Baxter, Young, Graham, O ' Roke, Kynoch ROW VI Kelker, Smith, Schavilje, Train, Vitas, Sorensen, Spike, Young, Hutchison, Hur- sey, Duncan, Kuesel MICHIGAN FORESTRY CLUB HENRY MOSBY President WILLIAM YOST Vice-President CECIL YOUNG Secretary JOE SCHAVILJE _ .Treasurer THE MICHIGAN .FORESTER NORMAN SMITH Editor )OE SCHAVILJE _ ..Business Manager SOCIAL COMMITTEE WILLIAM YOST, Chmn. BOB BURW ELL WILSON HUGH I SON FRED GEIB PROGRAM COMMITTEE HENRY MOSBY, Chmn. RICHARD FOERSTER GRAHAM BENEDICT 260 n u n o i I A TRIUMPHANT tale records the march of Michigan athletes. These men have made for achievements that are envied by every educa- tional institution. From Stanford to Harvard. Minnesota to Tulane, Wolverine gridiron heroes have established repute. The Olympic torch has crested Michigan tracksters. In the tank Michigan paces the field with consecutive National Intercollegiate titles. Michigan golf- ers have ranked themselves with national stars. And so continue the records through Michigan ' s athletic curriculum. HEAD CHEERLEADER Tom Sullivan David Beach Norman Soodik Leslie Eames Lawrence Roth Robert Williams Robert Canning Robert Dimler Arthur Johnson It is not the purpose of j For the following pages only to depict the past and present laurel held ' :y Michigan Men. The true spirit and pur- pose of this section ii one o portray an athletic institution that does more than attempt to fU| Tstands with collegiate pepsters. It is an institution with a record iJ al I enges any of its closest rivals in providing a well- rounded pro or the entire student body. From the enthusiastic intra- mural participant, to the Olympic winner, Michigan ' s facilities are so incor- pora ed. Defected and organized that the " Champions of the West " sym- spirit reigning over the Michigan athletic plant. 265 MICHIGAN ' S ATHLETIC PLANT, OUTSTANDING IN THE COUNTRY, INCLUDES . . . MICHIGAN FOOTBALL STADIUM UNIVERSITY GOLF COURSE INTRAMURAL SPORTS FIELD YOST FIELD HOUSE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING OF THE BOARD IN CONTROL O F ATHLETICS BASEBALL DIAMOND AND STANDS FERRY FIELD TRACK AND TENNIS COURTS INTRAMURAL SPORTS BUILDING MICHIGAN ICE SKATING RINK BARBOUR AND WATERMAN GYMS WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC BUILDING PALMER FIELD FOR WOMEN FACULTY MEMBERS Ralph W. Aigler Henry C. Anderson Fielding H. Yost Ira M. Smith John Alexander Lewis M. Graj A. E. R. STUDENT MEMBERS John Townsend Ferris G. Jennings ALUMNI MEMBERS James E. Duffy Thomas S. Hammond Charles B. DuCharme 266 t BACK ROW Stanton, Levine, Jordan, Siegel, Valpey, Vandewater, Ziem THIRD Bates, Marzonie, Luby, Janke, Rinaldi, Smithers, Brennan, Lincoln SECOND Cooper, Garber, Coach Kipke, Captain Patanelli, Coach Yost, Ritchie, Stabovitz FRONT Hook, Barclay, Phillips. William C. Barclay, ' 38 Flint, Mich. Quarter-back John C. Brennan, ' 39 Racine, Wis. Guard Robert E. Cooper, ' 38 Detroit, Mich. Quarter-back Jesse C. Garber, ' 37 Brookline, Mass. Guard Elmer j. Cedeon, ' 39 Cleveland, Ohio End Wallace R. Hook, ' 39 Grand Rapids, Mich. Half-back Fred C. Janke, ' 39 Jackson, Mich. Tackle John D. Jordan, ' 39 Evanston, III. Center LETTER WINNERS Louis Levine, ' 39 Muskegon, Mich. Quarter-back James H. Lincoln, ' 38 Harbor Beach, Mich. Tackle Earle B. Luby, ' 38 Chicago, III. Tackle George A. Marzonie, ' 38 Flint, Mich. Guard Matthew Patanelli, ' 37 Elkhart, Ind. End Edward J. Phillips, ' 39 Bradford, Pa. Half-back Joe M. Rinaldi, ' 38 Elkhart, Ind. Center Stark C. Ritchie, ' 38 Battle Creek, Mich. Half-back Don J. Siegel, ' 39 Royal Oak, Mich. Tackle Dan Smick, ' 39 Hazel Park, Mich. End John A. Smithers, ' 38 Elkhart. Ind. Half-back Chester C. Stabovitz, ' 37 Chicago, III. End Edward C. Stanton, ' 39 Charleston, W. Va. Full-back Cedric C. Sweet, ' 37 Fremont, Mich. Full-back Arthur L. Valpey, ' 38 Detroit, Mich. Guard Clarence VandeWater, ' 39 Holland, Mich. Guard Fred C. Ziem, ' 38 Pontiac, Mich. Guard 267 MICHIGAN 7 MICHIGAN STATE __21 The initial season tilt submerged hope that Michigan would regain grid- iron prestige in 1936. Though Wolverines dominated action during the first half, inexperience and the let down in the last period allowed the Spartans to build up a winning margin. The workings of Sweet and Valpey showed well before the largest crowd of the season. -. Sebo, Spartan halfback, circles Michigan ' s end as Smithers and Marzonie close in. Stanton stops Huffman, In- diana ' s hard running back after short gain as secondary closes in. Cooper ' s return of punt is stopped by Brandstatter, State fullback. Ritchie returns Huffman ' s kick as team mates set up blocking. COACH HARRY KIPKE JESSE ' 37 ARTHUR VALPEY ' 38 Michigan mistakes spell victory for Indiana. Early lead enjoyed by Wolverines through place kick by Everhardus. Hoosiers retalliate in sec- ond quarter with two scores. Seesaw battle in final periods fails to muster a Michigan goal. MICHIGAN 3 INDIANA _14 Columbia blockers block out Patanelli and Seigel as Luckman crashes off Michi- gan tackle. Minnesota attack stopped on one foot line by stubborn Michigan defense. Ritchie scores second touchdown on intercepted pass with help of blocking mates. Stark Ritchie picks up four yards around left end in the annual Brown jug tilt. CAPTAIN MATTHEW PATANELLI ' 37 JOHN EARL LU ' 38 STARK RITCHIE ' 38 FRED ZIEM ' 38 MICHIGAN MINNESOTA _26 Powerful Gophers take advantage of Michigan ' s impotence to win twentieth straight game. A courageous fight by the Yellow and Blue held the great Minnesota team to four touchdowns, Spirit of the Wolverine eleven received great revival. Though outplayed in every department, Michigan displayed a type of ball that raised the standard of its stock for the remaining season. With new gridiron spirit, Michigan computed season ' s first victory over Columbia. Ballplay was marked with improvements and lack of mis- takes. Wolverines held for nine downs inside ten yard line marker, four of which on one yard line. MICHIGAN 13 COLUMBIA . . MICHIGAN ILLINOIS 6 9 Homecoming crowd watched Wolverine eleven outgain Illinois, though the visiting tribe emerged victorious. Scoring opportunities for Michigan came in the last of final period when play was limited. Mistakes again dominated the Michigan ' s attempted drives at winning goal. Kuhn of Illinois breaks up pass intended for Barclay as Smick draws Sayre deep. Elverson of Pennsylvania scores the Easterners ' first touchdown as Barclay fails to stop him. Joe Rinaldi breaks up Illi- nois runner in attempted drive before I Mini score fatal three points. Smick tackles Murry of Penn. on Michigan ' s 28 yard line as Quakers fail to block out Smick and Ritchie. CAPTAIN ELECT JOE RINALDI - FRED JANKE Jhio Defeat here marked Michigan ' s first intersectional loss in ten years. Siegel and Forrest Jordan played well as Michigan was constantly on the de- ' mes fense. Wolverines held by the Quakers ' best brand of ball for the year. f a IOUS MICHIGAN OHIO STATE . .21 Pass of " Tippy " Dye to Cumiskey, Ohio State end, scores the first touchdown of the Buckeyes ' against Michi- gan. Loiko leaps high in air to catch pass, but Heap, North- western halfback, knocks ball to ground. Sweet breaks through hole in Ohio State line, but is tackled on 3 yard line by Cumiskey, Buckeye end. Jefferson, shifty North- western halfback, hit hard by Michigan secondary. COACH FIELDING H. YOST DON SI ROBERT COOPER MICHIGAN 6 ILLINOIS . 9 Undaunted, Michigan ' s varsity played the greatest game of the season, the v ith outstanding play of Sweet and Barclay, the local eleven held Confer- came ' Ce Champions to nine hard earned points. Northwestern feared Michi- domi ' n s i m P r ved attack. % " J w. " v ; , - A clever and perfect type of ball made Michigan dangerous to Ohio State in first half. Such ability faded in the second half as Wolverines muffed various scoring opportunities. Out-classed, Michigan fought a game and stubborn battle. The team showed the effects of the strenuous Northwestern battle as season curtain came down in defeat. MICHIGAN OHIO STATE -21 Technological Defense Cook checked out of play by Michigan Tech. puckmen. Coach Eddie Lowrey A character- istic Canadian who gives and takes with his boys in the daily scrimmage. HOCKEY MICHIGAN 4 MICHIGAN 4 MICHIGAN 8 MICHIGAN 6 MICHIGAN 2 MICHIGAN MICHIGAN 8 MICHIGAN MICHIGAN 3 MICHIGAN 7 MICHIGAN 4 MICHIGAN 4 MICHIGAN 4 MICHIGAN 1 MICHIGAN 3 MICHIGAN 8 MICHIGAN 2 MICHIGAN . . 8 11:6 CHATHAM A.C. BRANTFORD A.C. 5 UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO 1 McMASTER UNIVERSITY 3 SARNIA A.C. 1 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 3 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 1 OF TECHNOLOGY 1 OF TECHNOLOGY 2 ONTARIO AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE 3 UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO 2 MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY 1 MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY 2 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 3 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 2 LONDON A.C. 1 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO 4 CHATHAM A.C. _ 8 BACK ROW Merrill, E. Chase, Simpson, Cooke, Man- ager Olson. FRONT B. Chase, Fabello Captain Heyliger, Coach Low- rey, James, Smith. CAPTAIN VICTOR HEYLICER ' 37 GILBERT JAMES ' 38 HEYLICER HEADS INTERCOLLEGIATE SCORERS WORKING in a small arena and on a limited amount of hockey capital, the Michigan Icemen skate against the stiffest foes this section can offer. This year, the first step to stretch geographically the season ' s schedule was made, with a match with Toronto. A slow season start, due to lack of practice, resulted in defeat in the two opening encounters. Chatham Maroons, 7-4, and the Brandford Hockey Club, 5-3, were the losses that marred the openers bai e Mm winning stride got under way, which resulted in sharing the Big Ten honors. Perfection on ice soon made headway, and, in the season ' s nuHIKIee against the Western Ontario crew, Michigan registered the firWiJB Outstanding in this play was Heyliger who served well with four goals and two assists. Continuing such accomplishment, Michigan outskated McMaster University to win, 6-3, and took an overtime fracas from Sarnia A.C., 2-1. Included in this en- counter was a " manly art " exhibition between Heyliger and Franer of Sarnia. Priming all ice talent and tactics included in the Michigan cur- riculum, the Wolverines prepared themselves for the first of the annual two game series with Minnesota. Thwarted by the stellar performance of the Gophers ' goalie, Wilkinson, who made 32 saves, Michigan fell 3-0. For revenge, on the following evening, the Varsity turned in a triumphant 8-1 win. WILLIAM CHASE ' 38 Perfection On The Ice Aided by perfect pass of James, Captain Heyliger begins shot that netted him a goal. Tech Puck Pirates Ed Maki of the Miners, robs junior iceman Fabello of goal. JOHN FABELLO ' 38 BURT SMITH ' 38 BROWN JUG ON ICE SERIES EVEN AT TWO With the season over the halfway mark, Michigan participated in a four game winning stretch: Ontario Agriculture College, University of Western Ontario and a two game series with Michigan. The sweep of the Tech. series gave Michigan the mythical State Championship. This four- some of victories featured the outstanding play of Fabello and Wood. De- tails of the Tech series include an overtime period during the first session resulting James and Colle scoring the three extra markers in the extra pe- riod. Solo work on Heyliger ' s the Tech skaters. The return rw another interchange of scores tl ond, a close 3-2 win for the CAPTAIN-ELECT ROBERT SIMPSON ' 38 ted for the second triumph over ries with Minnesota resulted in 3-1 win for the Gophers, the sec- Play was dominated during the first of the series by the inflicting 6T major penalties. Fabello accounted for the Wolverines only score on an assist from Heyliger. In the second game, a last minute scoring sprint, stimulated by the workings of Heyliger, gave Michigan opportunity to tie up the Big Ten race. London A.C., the next opponent, failed to offer much competition. Fabello scoring twice and Cooke once before the game was five minutes on the clock resulted in a final score of 8-1. A powerhouse from the University of Toronto possess- ing too much talent made for great hockey, but a somewhat discouraging result. Bill Chase playing a classic game kept the score down to 4-2 with thirty-five saves. A thrilling anti-climax marked the close of a successful season as Michigan battled Chatham Maroons to a win via an 8-8 tie. Cooke saved the game by his final scoring with the aid of James. 279 BASKETBALL 16:4 BACK ROW - Manager Bristol, Thomas, Smjck, Bee- be, Trainer Capt Coach Cap fch Oos t MICHIGAN -.61 MICHIGAN . 34 MICHIGAN 23 MICHIGAN 34 MICHIGAN 39 MICHIGAN 41 MICHIGAN 36 MICHIGAN 26 MICHIGAN 34 MICHIGAN 43 MICHIGAN 35 MICHIGAN 32 MICHIGAN 32 MICHIGAN 38 MICHIGAN 55 MICHIGAN 34 MICHIGAN 31 MICHIGAN 38 MICHIGAN 27 MICHIGAN . _-41 MICHIGAN NORMAL COLLEGE 12 MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE __21 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON . -40 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON ___ ._32 UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON r _. __33 TOLEDO UNIVERSITY __33 BUTLER UNIVERSITY .,21 PURDUE UNIVERSITY _.. __37 WISCONSIN 31 CHICAGO 29 OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY .-37 UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO .-19 MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE __31 INDIANA UNIVERSITY -.31 NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY _-. .-32 PURDUE UNIVERSITY ._16 OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY _-24 INDIANA UNIVERSITY .-31 UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN _ _27 Controlling The Tip Cee way above Hosier to start rout of Indiana, 55 to 31. Coach Franklin Cappon Succeeds in polishing a quintet that agitates Conference dopesters. . GEE BREAKS INTO THE 100 CLUB MICHIGAN cagers, with high basketball am- bitions, made a strong bid for Big Ten Con- ference honors this year. Roaring off to a start against Michigan State Normal, with a score of 61-12 and setting a new Field House mark, Cap- pon ' s hardwood workers played a brand of ball throughout the season that merits mention and makes for a dangerous threat to Conference con- tenders. Flashing against the Ypsi boys, Fish- man and Gee set the pace in registering the record mark. A few nights later, in far from perfect form, the Wolverines defeated Michigan State, 34-21. Michigan ' s height and scoring ability proved too much for State. U. OF WASHINGTON ' S INTERSECTIONS. RECORD SHATTERED During the Christmas holiday lay-off, the Varsity travelled 2500 miles to the Pacific coast to play a series of games with the University of Washington. Outclassed in the first game of the series by the Westerners, the visiting aggregation fell, 40-23. Play in the series was handicapped by the absence of Captain Gee who had tempo- rarily given up activity due to a broken nose. Re- taliating in the next encounter, the Wolverines made themselves at home and took the second, overtime, 34-32. Here the workings of Sopho- more Ed Thomas proved to be outstanding. Mich- igan taking the rubber game, overtime, 39-33, upset the laurels of the Washington institution. It was the first time that the Huskies had ever lost an intersectional series. THE TALLEST FIVE IN THE CONFERENCE Returning to the Midwestern collegiate stamping grounds, the travelling cagers polished off the University of Toledo, 41-33, and a few nights later, the same, against Butler University, by 36-27. After these seasonal warm-ups, Michi- gan made her first move in the conquest of Con- ference honors. Though Michigan dominated with height, it was of no avail. The Purdue five led by Jewell Young succeeded in marring the first Big Ten encounter, 37-26. Michigan annexed the lead only once and lost it almost immediately. The Boilermakers succeeded in bottling up Town- send throughout the entire night ' s skirmish. CAPTAIN JOHN GEE ' 37 W I ' ATANEl! I ' 37 MATTHE HERMAN FISHMAN ' 38 282 TOWNSEND UNANIMOUS AS ALL CONFERENCE Against Northwestern Michigan showed a complete reversal of form to win, 34-31, and established their first claim for the title. Town- send also began his bid for scoring honors, lead- ing both lineups with thirteen points. A thrilling finish of 1 1 points in the last six minutes by the Wolverines summarizes the style of victorious play. Following in Conference clashes, Michigan emerged on the long end of the Wisconsin session, 43-31. Starting slow, the Wolverines came to life in the second half and displayed first class ball. Ball play dominated with calling of personal fouls. The Chicago Maroons forced the Michi- gan five into an extra period before the Cappon cagers could tally 35-29 for a final score. MICHIGAN, INDIANA TRADE UPSETS 55-31 31-27 Returning to the home court, the Maize and Blue were upset by an Ohio State quintet, 32-37. The Ohioans engaged in a speedy brand of bas- keteering and exhibited an uncanny art of ac- curacy in shooting. Entertaining as host to the University of Chicago, the boys were hesitant in starting, but eventually wound up in taking the South Side institution in a slow and uninteresting game. In the Chicago fracas, Townsend con- tinued his point pacing, followed by Gee in this encounter. Michigan won its fourth straight from Michigan State, 38-31. An engagement with local interest made it one packed with forty minutes of thrills and last minute threats. PURDUE ' S DEFEAT, FIRST SINCE ' 32 BY U. OF M. Resuming Big Ten activities, the Wolverines won over a stubborn Indiana team, 55-31. Out- standing work of Patanelli and Townsend in con- trolling the maneuvers of Huffman, made it one of the best games Michigan played during the year. Repeating their first Northwestern per- formance, the Varsity reverted to the same de- layed tactics. Coming from behind, a 34-32 win was marked up. Outstanding work of Patanelli and a potent passing attack realized a 31-16 triumph over Purdue. With a 38-24 victory over Ohio State, the Conference hopes of the Wolver- ines were strengthened. However, just as fast as these hopes had been elevated, they were blasted by Indiana ' s triumph of 31-27. By virtue of a last game win over Wisconsin, Michigan ended the season Third in the Big Ten race. CAP JOHN WILLIAI EDMUN 283 NATIONAL INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONS Co-Captain Frank Barnard A point winner in the National Intercolle- giates and a leader of mermen. Co-Captain Jack Kasley The World ' s record holder of the 200 yard, 300 meter breast stroke. Record Relayers Mowerson, Kasley and Cody hold Big Ten and Inter- collegiate medley record with 2:57.8. Tom Haynie, sophomore star, was voted the " outstanding collegiate swimmer " by the National College Swimming Coaches ' Association. His winning of the 2.20 and 440 yard free-style championships in the National Intercollegiate Meet, combined with an unusually successful season of competition behind him made their choice a well deserved one. Records in the American 300-meter and 150-yard individual medley swims and in the 250-yard free style distance are other factors which contribute to the prestige of this young star. Haynie ' s consistent work along with a well balanced squad brought the winning honors of the world to the University of Michigan. 284 SWIMMING 10:0 MICHIGAN 64 MICHIGAN 58 MICHIGAN 47 MICHIGAN 67 MICHIGAN 45 MICHIGAN 55 MICHIGAN 49 MICHIGAN . -_53 INDIANA UNIVERSITY 20 MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE 22 NEW YORK A.C. 28 UNIVERSITY 20 kTE UNIVERSITY 39 STATE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA 29 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA . _-35 OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY 31 CONFERENCE MEET AT INDIANAPOLIS WON BY MICHIGAN NATIONALS AT MINNEAPOLIS WON BY MICHIGAN MICHIGAN SECOND BY ONE POINT AT A.A.U. BACK ROW Bryant, Sauer, Em- mett. Coach McCaffery, Haughey, Tomski, Farnsworth, Kirar. SECOND - - Osgood, Mowerson, Captain Kasley, Coach Mann, Cap- tain Barnard, Grady, Cody. FIRST Haynie, Wreford, Staley, Robinson. Coach Matt Mann The producer of more champions than any other swimming co ch in the world. BIG TEN CHAMPIONS 9 OF 1 1 YEARS THE BLUE ribbon for acquatic prowess still rests with the University of Michigan. Once again, the Varsity swim- ming team garnered the National Intercollegiate Swimming Championship. Previous to the National meet, Michigan ' s team had gone through the flawless season, most of the meets falling to it with ease. Indiana was the first luckless opponent. In this meet the " M " men won all first places and all but two seconds. The medley relay team Cody, Kasley, and Bryant set the only new record of the meet. After conquering the Hoosiers 64-20, and the Michigan State Spartans 58-22, the natators travelled to New York. Here they encountered the New. York Athletic Club which for thirty-three years had not been beaten in dual competi- tion. The Maize and Blue, led by co-captain Jack Kasley, triumphed 47-28. Two nights later, Colgate University was polished off by the score of 67-20. The 300 and 400 yard relay teams turned in the best performances of the evening. Ohio State ' s Buckeyes shot a scare into the Varsity when they came within seven points of victory the final score being 45-39. The sprint relay team set a new Big Ten rec- ord of 3:33.4 and Waldemar Tomski hit 2:16 in the 200 yard free style for a new mark. After drubbing the Univer- sity of Iowa 55-29, the mermen took Minnesota for all but one first, with the final score standing at 49-35. Having thus finished their regular schedule, the team travelled to Indianapolis for the Big Ten Conference meet which added further to the laurels of the Michigan men. Conference marks in the 220 and 440 were broken by Tom Haynie and the relay team of Tomski, Bryant, Kirar, and Mowerson set a new record of 3:35.6. Matt Mann ' s boys had won their ninth conference title in eleven years. Then they were off to the Nationals. This year, the University of Minnesota plaved host to Michigan as thev r?n up a total of 75 po : nts to Ohio State ' s 39 and Yale ' s 38. Two new national records were set by the 300 yard medley relav team and thp 400 yard free style team with marks of 2:57.8 and 3:32.2, re- spectively. Tom Haynie set two new national records in the 220 and 440 yard free style to climax his spectacular year. 286 Stylers- record 400 yard held by Kirar. Mowerson. Haynie and Tomski in Confer- ence and Intercollegiates. Outstanding Tanksters Bill Famswort ! and Baker Bryant sprint stars with individual honors. Diving Determination ;tent training won National Intercollegiate -; -meter diving title for Ben Crady. Power With Back Stroke Fred Cody contributes time of 1.1 to record making medley relay combination. BACK ROW Lardner, Danner, Ochs, Jordan, Lincoln, Schuman, Mericka, Kellman. SECOND ROW - - Tasch, Hird, Coach Keen, Captain Bissell, Morgan, Manager Stiegel, Nichols. FIRST ROW Thomas, Speicher, Cameron. CLAYING host to Big Ten matmen gave the Wolverines wrestlers a chance to participate in an active season that was distinguishable be- cause of its success. A loss of only one meet to Lehigh University, and a second to Illinois in the Conference meet held in the Yost Field House, totals the merits of the season. The New York Athletic Club was Michi- gan ' s initial opponent and was deemed to be a very formidable one. The sting of the d efeat of the previous season had made the Cothamites de- termined to conquer the Mid-Western invaders. However, the underdog was not to be taken lightly, and the Michigan team upset the New York Athletic Club for the second successive year. After conquering next, the Dearborn Athletic Club, the matmen traveled to Lehigh early in January only to leave there on the short end of a 23-13 score, and with Forrest Jordan on the injured list. Franklin and Marshall, Ohio State, and North- western were the Varsity ' s next conquerable foes. This victory string of mat activities follows the schedule season through February. A major scare was thrown into the matmen on the first of March when Indiana forced Michigan to take a win by a slim ' one point margin. The evening was featured by a good share of wild and rough wrestling. Closing the season ' s matches the Wolverines blanketed the Michigan State squad. Both as host and strong competitors, the opening of the Big Ten meet saw Michi- gan as a favorite to conquer new Conference fields, The Big Ten Wrestling title. However, a powerful and well balanced tribe of I Mini picking up points in all but one of the eight classifications registered a total of 24 points. Michigan followed in second place with 19 markers. Interesting totals for the season reveals Captain Bissell and Danner tied on top of the squad scoring with 31 points. These point pacers along with Speicher con- cluded the season ' s activities with clean records. Coach Clifford Keen An instructor of the holds with an enviable record. 288 WRESTLING MICHIGAN 23 MICHIGAN 28 MICHIGAN 13 MICHIGAN 22 " 2 MICHIGAN 33 MICHIGAN 20 MICHIGAN 17 MICHIGAN 13 ' 2 MICHIGAN . ..24 8:1 NEW YORK ATHLETIC CLUB 11 DEARBORN 8 LEHIGH UNIVERSITY 23 IN AND MARSHALL ' . . 7ft ESTERN 5 FATE 6 OHIO UNIVERSITY 11 INDIANA 12Vi MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE . _ Captain Frank Blssell - - Technical prowess and physical stamina won the 1 55 pound Conference title. Nichols Groans Through - The Michigan soph pins Borlog of Min- nesota with a bar arm and scissors. Downfall of Indiana Big Ten wrestling match held in Yost Field House deprived Hbosier ' s of pos- sible sixth title in seven years. The Reliable Veteran Bissell at- tempts to maneuver behind oppo- nent by use of the pile driver. Aggressive Harland Danner Applies the cross scissor as Gopher fights off the eventual pin. ROW JHibbard, Stahle, Martin, Townsend, Miller, Robinson. RD Morgan, Pinkerton, Stoller, Stiles, Davidson, W. Stone, Devine, Birleson. oach Doherty, Brelsford, Fink, Fisher, Drouillard, Dworsky, Starr, Peckelsma, " Allen. FRONT Hurrf, A. Stone, Savage, Aikens, Coach Hoyt, Osgood, Etchells, Patton. INDOOR TRACK 1937 THE WOLVERINE record breakers roared off the starting mark this year with a smashing victory over the Spartans. Setting a new Field House record for the mile in 4:17.1, Brelsford with the aid of Watson, Birleson, and Osgood won an overwhelming victory. A duplication of the above, followed with the next scheduled meet against Ohio State. Here Michigan realized the dividends of winning firsts in all but two events. Sophomore Bill Watson made history in Michigan track annuals, by being the first Michigan athlete to break the 50 foot marker with the shot put. Aligning themselves with track dopesters, the mile relay team turned in a perform- ance of great promise. In the same night, Captain Osgood emerged with high earnings of the meet. Outstanding of his evening ' s running was tying the 65 yard hurdle mark of :08. Another tie of records resulted from the efforts of Stoller who equalled :06.2 in the 60. . By running over the thin- clads from the University of Pittsburgh, Hoyt ' s collection of trackmen maintained a Michigan seven year string of victories in dual meets. The track treat of the evening was the threat by the Davidson brothers who pushed Woodruff, the Pitt sensation, in the half mile. Scoring slams in both the mile and broad iump, and a first in the pole vault by Kingsley, Michigan annexed the ' 37 Pittsburgh dual crown. With a victorious dual season, Coach Hoyt and his boys primed their track techniaue for the Con- ference Indoor Meet held in Chicago. Michigan emerged with the Con- ference title by a narrow margin. The record-breaking time of 3:20.3, chalked up by Mason, Faulkner, Osgood and Birleson in the Mile relay started the play of points which grand totaled in our favor. Sheer man power on the part of Watson, who heaved the shot 50 feet, 4 inches, and Birleson and Mason who ran one-two in the 440, resulted in Michigan ' s narrow win margin over Indiana. Considering it a tradition, Michigan ' s track team won the Butler relay for the fourth straight year. Its annexation this year was the result of taking points in every event in which Michigan stars were entered. Watson continued to push the shot out and here set a new record of 50 feet, 5 inches. The initial appearance of stars, many coming stars, the continuance of dual meet winnings, and the breaking and tying of en- vious track records bespeaks a highly successful season. 290 INDOOR RECORD MICHIGAN 67 MICHIGAN 62 MICHIGAN . __66 MICHIGAN STATE COLLEGE 28 STATF UNIVERSITY 33 OF PITTSBURGH _ ..38 CONFERENCE MEET W ffllC tO WON. BY MICHIGAN BUTLER RELAYS WON BY MICHIGAN Captain Frank Aikens Always cer- tain for a blistering leg in the Mile Relay. Coach Charlie Hoyt A builder of stars and a handler of men. Assistant Coach Ken Doherty, the initial molder of stars to be. Captain Elect Bob Osgood an artist at the hurdles. -An asset to any relay team and Versatility Watson, a high and broad jumper of note, holds Big Ten shot put record. OUTDOOR TRACK 1936 MICHIGAN ' S thinclads terminated the outdoor track season last year in a position second only to a veteran Indiana squad. Coach Hoyt ' s 15 man team initiated the campaign by an excellent showing in the Penn Re- lays, placing in every event in which they were entered. Two quartets Aikens, Patton, Osgood, and Birleson in the one mile relay and Stone, Fink, Stahle, and Brelsford in the four mile relay won their event. Walter Stone, participating in the 3000 meter steeplechase for the first time, came from behind to win this entry. Second places were annexed by John Town- send in the shot put and Sam Stoller in the 100 meter dash and broadjump. Next week, Michigan opened the Big Ten season with Ohio State. Led by Jesse Owens, Ohio State won 12 I 2 -53 I 2- This defeat by the Buckeyes, the second such result in the history of track competition between the two schools, came despite the supreme efforts of Stoller and Osgood. In the next meet Michigan turned the tables and won an overwhelming victory over Illinois. Led by Osgood, who turned in a 14.3 in the high hurdles to set a National Intercollegiate record, the Maize and Blue won 79 -46 . In doing this Michigan won nine first places and registered five slams. Sam Stoller turned in two excellent performances in the next meet with Indiana. In addition Michigan won nine firsts but they were unable to overcome Don Lash and the remaining Hoosiers. The latter squeezed out a 67 - 63 2 victory. Two weeks later Michigan ' s 30 man track team journeyed to Columbus with hopes of winning their 1 5th Big Ten Crown. They fin- ished in a tie for second place with Ohio State, trailing Indiana. Led by the stellar Don Lash, Indiana amassed a total of 47 points to Michigan ' s 39. The outstanding performer of the afternoon, Jesse Owens, won four events the broadjump, 100 yard dash, 220 yard dash, and the 220 low hurdles. Michigan won only two events Etchells at the shot and Osgood at the high hurdles. In winning the high hurdles, Bob Osgood broke Percy Beard ' s world record by traversing the distance in 14.2 seconds. 292 Dependable Jake Places the shot and discus for needed tallies. An English Pacer Stan Birle- son has custody of Conference Quarter Mile Championship. OUTDOOR RECORD 1:2 MICHIGAN 53 MICHIGAN 79 MICHIGAN 63 ' 2 I " E UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS NIVERSITY . --67 " j Record Holder With 4:17.1 Brelsford possesses the Field House mile title. 293 Captain Berger Larson Michigan ' s and The Big Ten ' s Most Valuable Player. A Scoring Combination Brewer converts on the double blast of Uricek. CONFERENCE CLASHES 9:1 MICHIGAN 12 MICHIGAN 3 MICHIGAN 4 MICHIGAN 4 MICHIGAN MICHIGAN MICHIGAN 2 MICHIGAN 9 MICHIGAN 5 MICHIGAN . _ 8 -_ 4 O M OHIO STATE 9 WISCONSIN 2 OHIO STATE 2 OHIO STATE 2 HIO STATE 2 URDUE 3 ILLINOIS 3 ILLINOIS 3 NORTHWESTERN 3 IOWA 6 294 BACK ROW Kidston, Kramer, Gee, Patanelli, Jablonski, Brewer. FRONT Heyliger, Miller, Rudness, Coach Fischer, Captain Larson, Uricek, Ferner. Fishman, Lerner. i [r BASEBALL WINNING nine of their ten conference starts. Coach Ray Fischer ' s fence- busters climaxed the 1936 season on top of the heap champions for the second time in the annals of Michigan baseball. A Southern Tour, as a warm-up, for conference clashes, included Ohio Wesleyan, Roanoke, Rich- mond, Virginia, William and Mary, and Maryland. The Wolverines, though lacking practice, won five of the seven games played, totalling 102 hits, and allowing only 52 hits for the Southern sluggers. The composite batting average was .338. The Conference struggle opened with a loose game be- tween the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan, which resulted in the latter holding down the heavy end of a 12-9 bracket. Captain Larson went the opening route for Michigan and was hit freely late in the game. Contrary to his initial Big Ten performance, in his next go against Wisconsin, Lar- son was accredited with 1 1 strikeouts, leading the way for a 3-2 victory. Jablonski, Rudness, and Lerner did the scoring. Pounding out a twenty hit attack, including three home runs, the Wolverine ball club swept a 12- 7 game from Michigan State Normal College at Ypsilanti. Mike Miller, playing second base in place of Steve Uricek, out with a leg injury, accounted for two of the non-stop blows, Fishman, the winning pitcher. Although the first appearance in the two game series was a run fair, Michigan met with Ypi ' s trouble in the second game when Lahti, Andronik, and Rudness, tak- ing turns at the square, allowed the Normal Men seven unearned runs, dropping their fourth game of the year, 8-2. At Hillsdale, Merle Dremer, stocky Michigan left fielder, paced the Wolverines to a 14-5 triumph by slamming a home run with the bases loaded in the seventh and turned what for six innings had been a tight ball game into a pure rout. Fischer, attempting to get his pitchers in shape for the big Ohio State series of the following week-end, used each of his three mound aces for three innings There were no grounds for anxiety over the outcome for that series, how- ever, for when it cam e around. Captain Berger Larson so completely baffled Ohio State with his sharp-breaking curve ball, that he struck out eleven men, giving Michigan the game with a two point margin. In the double header on the following day, John Gee and Herm Fishman gave the Buck- eyes more southpaw pitching than the Columbus aggregation could solve, cinching two more victories for the Blue and Yellow with scores of 4-2, and 14-2 respectively. 295 v 1 - o ' r e6 pur e as , e d J si af . nOO . --n S 5 i -, N !!r ii%SSS 4 ?Ss Captain Elect Kim Williams A heavy slugger back in health. %- Potent Slugger Scores Uricek, bat bomb of ' 36, crosses the plate stand- ing up. The Attempted Double Getting one, Lemer pegs for another. Triumvirate Tactics - - The " Gas- House Gang " in action, Larson, Lerner and Uricek. Calling ' em Close Lemer pins it on him at first. 297 BACK ROW Phillips, Cap- tain Kocsis, Barclay, Coach Trueblood, Coach Court- right. FRONT David, Karpinski, Saunders, Malloy. GOLF MICHIGAN 19 MICHIGAN l6 ' 2 MICHIGAN 16 MICHIGAN 6 MICHIGAN 12 MICHIGAN . ._12 M .... 5:1 MICHIGAN STATE 5 PURDUE 4 ' 2 IO STATE 2 ISIANA STATE ___! 1 ' 2 NORTHWESTERN 9 ILLINOIS _ _ 6 CONFERENCE MEET AT EVANSTON ILLINOIS, WON BY MICHIGAN. MICHIGAN 121 2 MICHIGAN STATE 8 ' 2 Captain Chuck Kocsis a National Intercollegiate and Big Ten Champion. Captain Elect Al Saunders Shoots an easy 7) on a stiff 72 par course. A Big Ten Placer Both in ' 34 and ' 36 Malloy wins second in the Conference. An Intercollegiate Competitor Barclay first try wins him the quarter finals. CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS PACING the golf squad through a brilliant 1936 season. Captain Chuck Kocsis led Michigan to the Western Conference Championship, and distinguished himself as one of the nation ' s foremost amateurs. Michigan has led and continued on this schedule to lead the Big Ten offer- ings on the links. Michigan State suffered in the tradi- tional season opener 1 9-5. Tom Brand. State ' s West Virginia Amateur titlist, won the only match among the ranks of the opposition. Later on in Mav. Brand, in a re- turn match, met defeat with Malloy, subbing for Kocsis. carding a brilliant 70. The Meet score favored Michigan with a 12 -8 2 advantage Two days after the open- ing victory with State, the Varsity crew made their initial move for the Conference Championship. Pu-due launched the first of the Big Ten competition and the Michigan men looked impressive with a 16 -4 4 victory. Kocsis and Saunders parred the University acres and paced the en- tire field of competition. Continuing outstanding golf Michigan encountered Ohio State in their second Big Ten play. Here the Varsity golfers registered a sweeping vic- tory, 16-2. For the first time in five years, Michigan ' s National Collegiate and Big Ten Champions lost a dual meet to Louisiana State University. Fred Mass, mainstay of the Louisiana State team, carded a 75 to defeat Cap- tain Kocsis by one stroke: the final score totalling 11 - y 2 . On the following day, Michigan triumphed over Northwestern. The Wildcats won three out of five single matches, but Michigan won both of the doubles to score a 12-9 victory. Kocsis closed the local season as medal- ist with a victory over Illinois, shooting a brilliant 71. On May 19 and 20, Michigan won its fifth consecutive Big Ten Championship at Kildeer Country Club, Evanston, Illinois. In conjunction with the fifth straight win. Cap- tain Kocsis swept the entire field and won his second Western Conference Individual Championship. His score was 286, six over par. Malloy trailed the leader with a 291, which captured second place. Michigan ' s four man total was 1 1 90, which bettered the nearest contender. Northwestern, by 50 strokes. This pacemaking of the Wolverine golfers gained headway in 1932, and has con- tinued to lead Big Ten par breaking combinations since that date. 299 Captain Howard Kahn Steadiness as a mighty mite won him many a battle. BACK ROW Coach Johnstone, Rodriguez, Thorward, Captain Kahn. FRONT Flick, Levenson, Sherwood, Dean. TENNIS HOWARD Kahn, captain of Coach John Johnstone ' s 1936 tennis squad, led his seven teammates to third place in the Big Ten conference matches. Of the thirteen non-conference matches scheduled, Michigan won three, lost nine, and tied one. Opening at Lansing, the Spartans avenged their defeat of the 34-35 season by trouncing the Varsity 6-3. Rodriguez, troubled with his forehand, lost to Klunzinger in a close match: 6-4, 6-4. Kahn, playing in number two position against Ross went down to the score, 6-4, 7-5. Ted Thorward, Cleveland Ace, stopped the Spartan seige with a 6-3, 6-3, win over Eissler, and, with Jesse Flick, won the doubles match, 6-3, 11-9. Miller Sherwood, up and coming Junior netman, played the only three-set match of the day against Schultz and won 6-1, 5-7, 6-3. The second road trip for the Varsity netmen took them to Kalamazoo with a 4-2 defeat by the Hilltoppers. Better prepared for the en- counter with Illinois after intensive outdoor practice, the team cleared its rut for a 5-2 win. Kahn, in a close match with Moll, suffered the only defeat. May 1st saw John- stone ' s men invade Northwestern with a challenge for the famed Ball brothers and Don Leavens, former junior champion and one of the first five ranking junior players in the country. The Wilcats proved far too polished for the invaders and took every set. Kahn, at his best in tough competition, provided the real battle of the day against Leavens, holding the Northwestern star to sets of 8-6 and 7-5. The meet with O.S.U. at Columbus was stopped short by rain with the score tied, two up. Ypsi- lanti was blanked 9-0 in the first home game of the sea- son, both Kahn and Sherwood showing excellent style. Only one set that in doubles was conceded to the op- ponents. Purdue, hopelessly outclassed by Michigan ' s squad, was the next to fall. Kahn, swamped Nikolich, the Boilermaker ' s shot artist, by 6-3, 6-1. Sherwood and Flick were likewise easy winners. Rodriguez ' win made for a complete sweep with the match exception of Dean, who was handicapped by a back injury. A far different story tells of Michigan ' s next net mix. A title-bound Chicago aggregation meant business. Captain Lickle in his match with Kahn forced every play and took the point by an easy placement. Burgess, number two man for the Maroons, deluged Sherwood with a fast backhand and forehand volley, winning easily. In the 6-0 match, Michigan managed to salvage only 21 games. On May 15th, Michigan State dominated Ann Arbor courts and again routed the Wolverine squad this time scoring 8-1. A number three doubles team scored the lone vic- tory for the local interests. Not so decisive was the 5-2 defeat delivered by the Detroit Tennis Club on the fol- lowing day. Kahn and Rodriguez took their singles matches Kahn defeating George Reindel, holder of the Detroit city title and Rodriguez downed johnny Reindel. Thorward and Flick fell short in their matches. At the end of the first round in the conference triangle, Jesse Flick and Miller Sherwood took two victories in both singles and doubles to break the tie for third place be- tween Michigan and Wisconsin. The University of Chi- cago, defending titlists, alone remained unbeaten as the first round ended. Michigan ' s books were definitely closed when Don Leavens of Northwestern turned Sherwood back, 6-3, 6-1. Sherwood looked good, however, in los- ing, and with the aid of five returning lettermen and the adoption of six man teams, he will lead the Wolverine netters this year in quest of the Big Ten title. 300 Captain Elect Miller Sherwood Dogged determination and a strong forehand pilots the ' 37 netters. TENNIS MICHIGAN __ MICHIGAN __ MICHIGAN ._ MICHIGAN __ MICHIGAN __ MICHIGAN __ MICHIGAN __ MICHIGAN __ MICHIGAN __ MICHIGAN __ MICHIGAN ._ MICHIGAN __ MICHIGAN A Veteran Campaigner - years of Varsity experience has made for Dean ' s steadiness. 3:9 MICHIGAN STATE 6 WESTERN STATE 4 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 2 NORTHWESTERN 6 2 CLUB 2 UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 6 MICHIGAN NORMAI 6 MICHIGAN STATE 8 DETROIT TENNIS CLUB 5 GROSSE POINTE COUNTRY CLUB ___ 7 WESTERN STATE _ - 5 MICHIGAN PLACED THIRD IN CONFERENCE MEET AT CHICAGO The Dynamic Porto Rican A flashing smile and a cannon ball service: Rodriguez. 301 MINOR AWARDS FOOTBALL FRANK S. BISSELL ROBERT D. CAMPBELL ROBERT B. CURREN DOUGLAS A. FARMER HAROLD J. FLOERSCH EDWARD J. CREENWALD RALPH I. HEIKKINEN FORREST A. JORDAN MELVIN KRAMER ALEX LOIKO NORMAN J. NICKERSON DONALD M. PAQUETTE ROBERT PIOTROWSKI ERNEST A. PEDERSON, JR. NORMAN PURUCKER BASEBALL EDMUND L. ANDONIK ROBERT C. HARNDEN PAAVO LAHTI WILLIAM B. LANE MANUEL SLAVIN TENNIS MISCHA D. BAROWSKY LEONARD D. VERDIER, Jr. GOLF WILLIAM A. GRIFFITHS R. F. MORAIRTY E. HARRISON WILLIAMS TRACK EDMOND F. DeVINE JOSEPH V. FISHER PAUL J. GORMAN CHARLES F. HIBBARD MOREAU C. HUNT FREDERICK MARTIN CHARLES I. MILLER HARRY O ' CONNELL ROBERT E. PEKELSMA PAUL W. PINKERTON, JR. HAROLD I. ROBINSON MICHAEL SAVAGE SANFORD B. WHITE, JR. 302 DIRECTOR OF SPORTS BACK ROW Johnstone, Mitchell, Webster. FRONT - James, Smith, Riskey. UNDERCLASS MANAGERS BACK ROW -- Keppelman, Culbertson, Canning, Nelson. FRONT Briner, Goldberg. THE INTRAMURAL MICHIGAN ' S intramural department was instituted in 1913, leading the way for all other Big Ten establishments. Waterman Gymnasium was then the center of all athletic activity and facilities for thirteen sports were offered. Such activity is now housed in its own plant, the largest in the world. With the exception of swimming meets, it is used exclusively for intramural sports. The facilities of the department are many and varied. Besides the administration offices, the building contains gymnasiums, a swimming pool, wrestling and boxing rooms, courts for basketball, tennis, squash, volleyball, badminton, and handb all. On Ferry Field, archery ranges, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, speedball fields, and tennis courts are available. Then, in addition, the department has the use of the Union bowling alleys, the University Golf Course, and the Varsity Coliseum. Through this department, the University of Michigan offers its men students and faculty members equipment for a complete sport coverage. Every year students have an opportunity to take part in the extensive league and in- dividual elimination contests. It is estimated that over 5000 men take part in the thirty-four sports listed on the I.M. calendar. The management of this enormous plant is in the hands of a competent staff of men, trained for instruction in all fields of athletics and physical education. Elmer D. Mitchell is Director of the entire organization, and is assisted by Earl M. Riskey, A. A. James, R. W. Webster, John Johnstone, and Ernest B. Smith 304 o T o student t th ! truC tors 6 ' ork ' P u n- ' - ' " 305 BASEBALL GOLF VOLLEYBALL CREEK MEDAL MEN AY Intent on capturing the general frater- nity championship, ten D.U. ' s led by their All Star battery of pitcher, Bolas, and catch- er, Clayton, batted out a total of 48 runs in 6 games to become softball champs for the " 36 " season. One of the most popular sports offered by the intramural department, base- ball drew 48 general fraternities down to the Ferry Field diamonds. Twelve leagues con- sisting of four teams each played off the elimination round, and the league winners competed in a play-off series. Delta Upsilon, easily winning their league elimination, went on to the play-off series to dust off Phi Beta Delta, Phi Delta Epsilon, and Sigma Phi three up and three down to the respective scores 6-0, 7-5, and 6-5. With Michigan ' s varsity golf squad pacing the way for other university squads the country over, the intramural department was not long in adding golf to the already long list of sports for inter-fraternity competi- tion. The first call in the fall of 1936 re- sulted in a field of 76 contestants. After it had chased the white pellet all over the Uni- versity course, Phi Kappa Psi emerged the victor, taking only 341 strokes. The Phi Psis, Dick Moriarty, Bill Whitehead, Ben Cox and Bob Sankey were followed closely by Chi Psi, with a score of 350. Then came Theta Delta Chi and Delta Sigma Pi, having scores of 352 and 353 respectively. Medal- ist honors went to Dick Moriarty who totaled 76 for the afternoon. Bud Fisher was sec- ond with a 77. AXA Lambda Chi Alpha emerged victorious last year in fraternity volleyball, one of the scheduled sports that is played before the holiday shut-down. Interest along the Vol- leyball court showed a decided increase la st year. This is evidenced by the fact that 316 men, totaling 36 teams, entered the Frater- nity league struggle last year. The winners claimed two straight games in the final match to defeat the contenders, Phi Kappa Sigma. The winning team was composed of the following: Arthur Tyler, Edward Edronic, Roy Neff, Charles Barkdull, Hanley Statley, and William MacLeod. Competition was stiff throughout the play-off and the Wash- tenaw lineup in the final match made possi- ble ball volleying that was of championship caliber. AY AXA 0X Puzzled participants spend ten minutes to the half in the cosmopolitan of ball games speedball. Originated at Michigan in 1921, speedball has since spread throughout the country to, be offered on many intramural programs. Approximately 300 men read rules, argued, and eventually took part in the annual inter-fraternity championship in the 1 936 season. At the completion of the fall season of kicking, passing, and rushing, two teams had worked themselves to the finals. Combining a variety of talents and tactics, Theta Chi emerged the victor over Delta Upsilon by the score of 7-3. The win- ning team was composed of Jack Briner, Dick Schraf, Robert and Roderic Howell, Walker Graham, and James Ashley. This win made the third in the past four years for Theta Chi. 4 BA Phi Beta Delta upheld an old tradition by winning the annual inter-fraternity hand- ball championship. This combination has de- feated every fraternal challenger in the finals for the past ten years, except one. Alpha Kappa Lambda in company with Phi Beta Delta climbed the ladder to the finals in the 1936 season. The latter ' s team, composed of Jim Cohen, Dave Borin, Herm Fishman, and Wilbur Alderman, conquered Alpha Kappa Lambda in two straight matches. That triumph made the fourth consecutive year its team has won the inter-fraternity title. 2X Water polo, the fastest of all water sports, showed a gain in interest over the " 36 " season, attracting twenty teams for the inter- fraternity championship play-off. Sigma Chi, seeking revenge for its defeat last year in the finals by Psi Upsilon, put forth a determined effort to cinch the title which they had so narrowly missed. In the finals, they met a strong aggregation from Lambda Chi Alpha which furnished plenty of good, stiff opposi- tion and made the game one of the fastest and most exciting of the season. The pace, however, was too much for the Lambda Chi ' s and they fell to the Sigma Chi team of Har- ris, Dale, Pioch, Brink, Sherrill, Hinckley, Bohn, Raab, and Fehsenfeld by a score of 4-0. SPEEDBALL HANDBALL WATER POLO X J BA SX 307 Since n use ove r n a ther -o or. for a there deavors to 308 e very the v ii Qtan u oaS oO, " ,,th ' ' tUtrtn S JS afeais a oog ith a pe S oet e . c rec u ' tri ta b - . r te ve . . roat v ., D t er s ' ,A nft to vAuch lfl the " the p u .a o - e c are sW . ( ac ' r eu n en .unv ngP . rt , a ra . o " v,e W " lSuM CELLS OF HANDBALL AND SQUASH WITHIN THESE WALLS . . . LBS. MINUS DELTA UPSILON D.D. ' s ALPHA OMEGA I .M ' S. BIG 3 FIRSTS in wrestling, the Sigma Delta Psi events, and base- ball netted Delta Upsilon a total of 1,165 points and clamped their claims on the general Fraternity Championship for 1936. The outstanding performance of Harold Clayton, cinched the cup for his organization with Psi Upsilcn trailing in second by a minus 68 points of the pay-off. Both houses offered strong competition in all 18 sports of the intramural contest. Repeating their " 34-35 " performance, the D.D. ' s by vir- tue of scoring 890 points became independent champions for the year " 35-36 " . Winners in six of a possible ten events viz: football, volleyball, tennis, horse shoes, foul -shooting, and handball, this team not only succeeded in defeating the Wol- verines with their 867 points but also established the prece- dent of winning the Independent Championship for two suc- cessive years. Fifty-seven independent teams competed in the all year program. Alpha Omega, dental fraternity, placed first among the professional group despite a failure to fall in the win column in any of the major sports. A second in handball, added to the fact that 1 5 of the 1 8 sports were entered, accounts for the point total of 680, which, landed a paltry fifteenth place among all fraternities. This was a drop from the fraternity ' s record in 1934 when it won first place among both the social and professional societies. The business men from Delta Sigma Pi were close seconds in the professional league. n n U n o WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS THE responsibility of keeping that bloom of youth and health on the cheeks of the Michigan co-ed falls on the shoul- ders of the Physical Education Department and the Women ' s Athletic Association. It is through their combined efforts that there are offered to the women on campus no less than twenty-three activities from which to choose their recreation. All freshman girls are required to take part in one year of athletics, but the excellent facilities in Barbour Gym and Palm- er Field House are by no means used by the freshmen alone. In fact, the complete elective programs including intramural, in- terclass, and W.A.A. participation serve every year about forty per cent of all women registered in the University. It is in the intramural program that the Women ' s Athletic Association concentrates most of its activities, and here also are offered opportunities for instruction in individual and team sports as well as competition through tournament play. The W.A.A. also sponsors clubs in almost every sport which plan their own programs for the year that includes ac- tivities ranging from tournaments to afternoon outings. Mixed play is carried on in as many sports as possible, and an event of a social nature usually climaxes the season. Under such a varied program, with the mornings taken up by major school students, forenoons by regular classes, late afternoons and evenings by intramural and recreational play, it is easy to understand why the athletic facilities are constantly in use. More important to the girl even than the instruction in individual and team sports offered and the physical exercise they afford, is the function the department performs in teach- ing her to recognize the value of sport as a recreation. 312 IN THE spring and fall the Women ' s Athletic Build- ing is a splash of color; on entering it any afternoon of the outdoor seasons one is caught in a whirl of pass- ing streaks of yellow, blue, and white. It is only the campus co-eds garbed in their flashy gym outfits and dashing off to their bi-weekly work-outs. The lobby is filled with girls dressed in theij yuntiest riding at- tire and waiting to be transporte one corner a group of outdoor spo bating as to whether can to be the order of day. F 1 music, followed by a sligh is only the tap stiAients in the small and e stables. In nts are de- or bicycling is ieard some swing f the building, which ' Bring up. Upstairs, too, A. Board may be meeting activities of these very sports. The locke mis in a state of hubbub, the con- versation traveling quickly from golf scores to last night ' s date and back again. One group of girls, leav- ing to barrage the Palmer Field courts, are chasing elusive tennis balls down the steps. Another noisy bunch follow closely on their heels, and, golf bags slung carelessly over their shoulders, saunter off in the direc- tion of the putting greens. A few archers and hockey players returning from the far end of the field to the Field House for a quick shower bump into the new ar- rivals. Looking out from the steps of the building, one sees spread over the field a panorama of activity, a hundred girls or so engaging in invigorating sports with the enthusiasm of youth. W.A.A. Board in council Palmer Field House BACK ROW Miss Burr, Miss Bloomer, Miss Peasley, Miss Hartwig. FRONT Dr. Rugen, Dr. Bell, Miss Campbell, Miss Beise. PHYSICAL EDUCATION STAFF DR. MARGARET BELL Women ' s Physical Education Director MISS LAURIE CAMPBELL Major School Education Instructor DR. MABEL RUCEN General Education Instructor MISS DOROTHY BEISE Individual Gymnastics Instructor MISS RUTH BLOOMER Modern Dance Instructor MISS HILDA BURR Hockey-Badminton Instructor MRS. VIOLET HANLEY Golf Instructor MISS MARIE HARTWIG General Academic Instructor MISS VIRGINIA PEASELEY General Academic Instructor MISS FLORENCE SHAW . ..High School Program DR. MARGARET BELL BACK ROW White, Cray. Eppstein, French. O ' Dell, Bonisteel. SECOND Anderson, Curtis. Mueller, Baxter, McLean. FIRST H. Hartwig, Spreen, Kenny, Landrum, Johnson, Miss M. Hartwi g. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION KATE LANDRUM President SALLY KENNY Vice-President LOIS SPREEN Secretary MARY JOHNSON Treasurer BETTY WHITNEY Intramural Manager BETSY ANDERSON Publicity Manager CHARLOTTE BAXTER Awards Chairman BARBARA EPPSTEIN Archery Manager BETTY LYON Badminton Manager ELIZABETH WHITE Baseball Manager NORMA CURTIS Basketball Manager LOIS McLEAN Bowling Manager BEATRICE LOVEJOY Dancing Manager GRACE CRAY Fencing Manager MARY JANE MUELLER Golf Manager JEAN COURLAY Hockey Manager (CATHERINE BUCKLEY Outdoor Sports Manager ELEANOR FRENCH Riding Manager FRANCES O ' DELI Rifle Manager HELEN HARP Swimming Manager HOPE HARTWIG ..Tennis Manager KATE LANDRUM TENNIS FOR real action, fun, and honest-to-goodness exercise, tennis is the thing the sport that keeps the many courts on Palmer Field continually filled. This is a sport as well adapted to women ' s skill and strength as it is to men ' s, a sport that is universal and always exciting. It is without a doubt the most satisfying way of letting off steam over that unexpected bluebook and for obtaining perfect relaxation after a long day of classes. The interest in this sport is growing rapidly, and excellent instruction and equipment has caused tennis to become one of the leading athletic ac- tivities for women. Shivery November days and bright May mornings run a close race for enticing players out to the courts and into the game. The fall tournament, of which Frances Albert was champion, is one of singles competition, while doubles and mixed doubles are played off in the spring, and the amount of interest is shown by the fact that so many players signed up for the fall tournament that all could not enter. As in the other sports there is a club organized for the better and more interested players. The opening meetings were held last spring, and they shortly began to play some real tennis. Ann Arbor Tennis Club was challenged and defeated, a very auspicious beginning for a new organization and an excellent visible example of the growing enthusiasm among the wom- en for athletics. GOLF THE women on campus have set their hearts on becoming golfers, if the num- ber of girls seen on the athletic field knock- ing balls about is any indication. Coif is ap- parently one of those sports that one must at least make an attempt at learning if one is to be an up-and-coming co-ed. As a result, the girls fairly monopolize the University course, and the beginning classes, becoming more and more popular, have changed practically the whole of Palmer Field into a practice course, endangering hockey players and archery fans indiscriminately as they learn to straighten out their hooks and slices. Mary jane Mueller, the student manager, has started something new and different for the golf fan this year. Under the supervision of Mrs. Hanley, she has organized a Pitch and Putt Club, membership in which is open to advanced players in the many golf classes. Social gatherings, and dinners held for the purpose of awarding a prize for the lowest golf score of the month are regular occur- rences. In the spring and fall the girls participate in a tournament. All those that qualify are given permission to use the University Coif Course without charge, and they automatical- ly become members of the varsity golf team. Those fortunate in receiving the privilege this vear wpre Harriet Dean. Marjorie Merk- er, Mary |ane Mueller, Steohanie Parfet, Frances Sutherland, Marjorie Tate, and Bar- bara Teall. The Hanley Trophy is awarded annually to the player who has made the most improvement during the year. That golf is one of the finest sports de- partments on the campus is largely due to the excellent instruction of Mrs. Hanley, who was woman champion of Michigan four times and in 1930 managed the United States Women ' s Golf Team during their play in England. THE activities of the many women ' s sports are spread out all over Ann Arbor. Barbour Gym is the headquarters for the department, and here most of the sports of the indoor season are dayed. The bowling alleys and riflery range, however, are housed by the Women ' s Athletic Building, and the swimming classes, held at the Union PA even more isolated from the other activities. The winter o door sj fts groups spend part of their time skating at the Coliseum, am Mfc tikin around the outskirts of town or tobogganing in the Arboretum.m In the spring and fall,)wevq the department practically changes its place of residence and Pfelmer FieldWHouse becomes the center of activities. Most of the sports are played on spacious Palmer Field adjoining the Field House, but again the outdoor sports classes take to hiking in the woods and canoeing on the Huror iver, while riding classes are transported to stables at the edge of town, close to trai ls that are loveliest in the spring and fall. 318 ARCHERY Archery as it is pursued here on campus has been con- siderably tamed down since the days that Robin Hood in- dulged in his favorite pastime with the long bow, but it is no less popular. In the spring and fall, targets are set up at the far end of Palmer Field where erstwhile archers are free to shoot at their hearts ' content without endangering anything more valuable than Mosher-Jordan windows. Barbara Eppstein, student manager, encourages competition not only by means of ladder tournaments within the Archery Club, but also by interclass contests in which the best marksmen of each class vie for honors. Requiring unusual skill and accuracy as well as steady nerves, the sport is one particularly suited to the girl athlete. BADMINTON The Badminton enthusiasts relinquish the Barbour Gym courts to basketball classes only under extreme pressure these days. Badminton is still a comparatively new sport, and the ability to judge the speed and direction of the elusive white bird and to time the subsequent swing of the. light racket is an art indeed. Betty Lyon is managing this most fascinating of women ' s sports, and interest is growing in the Badminton Club which meets every Monday after- noon of the indoor season under the supervision of Miss Burr. During the year the girls compete for the cham- pionship of the University, as well as participating in lad- der tournaments of mixed doubles and meeting Univer- sity High School and other clubs in competition. FENCING Fencing as a means of settling gentlemen ' s agree- ments has long been a part of the romantic past, but on the Michigan campus it still flourishes as a sport that af- fords plenty of good exercise and one that places a premium on muscular co-ordination and lightning-quick reaction. Un- der the management of Grace Gray and the instruction of Miss Hartwig and Dr. May, the Fencing Club carries on its activities. Fencers ' seals of gold crossed foils on a blue background are awarded to participants in the tournaments held each semester, and seals with numerals are presented to wjroiers. By its en- thusiasm 1 jexcejlent sports- manship f theiJfencinjg Club con- tributes ' greatly 46 the athletic spirit . developing among the Michigan wOmen. SWIMMING The aquatic activities of the Michigan women have ex- panded greatly in response to general demand, with swim- ming ranking first in popular- ity of all sports. As a result the Union Pool was reserved exclusively for the girls every afternoon of the first semes- ter from one to three as well as Tuesday and Thursday eve- nings and Saturday mornings. Another new development is the Michigan Women ' s Swim- ming Club managed by Helen Harp, a group of fine swim- mers who, slim and straight in their uniform turquoise suits, monopolize the pool every Thursday evening. Form, speed, and diving are thsir fields of concentration, and perfection in all three is their aim. With Miss Campbell ' s assistance and Matt Mann ' s occasional sug- gestions, they are insured a smooth and speedy sailing. 319 320 BOWLING The roll of the ball down the alley and the clatter of the pins as they knock about over the polished floor is music to the ears of the bowling fan. This is one of the lighter sports on the physical edu- cation program, but to be an ex- pert requires perfect equilibrium and muscle control. Of all its fine equipment for the many sports, the Women ' s Athletic Building has good reason to be proudest of the excellent alleys it nouses. Al- though there are no regular classes in which a student may register, the alleys are open four hours of the day during the late afternoon and evening to anyone who wishes to make use of them, and those who require it may receive in- struction at these times. Several bowling leagues have been formed throughout the past year, includ- ing various graduate and under- graduate groups as well in intra- mural teams, within which there is keen competition. According to Miss Beise and Lois MacLean. the student manager, the interest in bowling this year is greater than ever before, and it bids fair to be- come one of the most popular of the sports. MODERN DANCE The modern dance, otherwise known as rhythms, is an activity designed to develop grace, muscle co-ordination, and appreciation of dancing as an art form. For lim- bering and relaxing the body, an hour of intensive work in tech- nique of movement is more than sufficient. The classes, which in- clude music and dramatic students as well as freshmen, are fortunate in having Miss Bloomer as a di- rector, who was trained under Martha Graham at the dance cen- ter at Bennington, and the more advanced students of these groups are asked to participate in the Modern Dance Club, managed by Beatrice Lovejoy. During the year the club presents a number of demonstrations showing t e c h- niques. rhythms, and dance forms, and their excellent work in all these phases of the dance is well- recognized throughout this part of the country. The group has been invited by various dance organiza- tions to give recitals at their col- leges, and to take part in programs presented by many civic groups in- terested in the dance. The sea- son is climaxed by a spring recital in which is combined talent from the school of Music and Play Production, and the program is greatly enhanced by the work of fine men dancers. FIELD HOCKEY Field hockey is a game for the very physically fit girl, for it is un- questionably one of the most strenuous of sports. Not rough if properly played, it is similar to soccer; the teamwork is very much the same, only more difficult. A call issued at the beginning of the fall season urges all girls in- terested in hockey to turn out for practice. From them and from the regular classes are chosen the best players to make up a University team which meets various other groups over the state in competi- tion. Under Jean Gourlay, student manager, and Miss Burr, an exten- sive program for the year was planned. The Michigan girls lost to the Ann Arbor Club and won from three University School teams. Games with Ypsilanti, Battle Creek, and the University of To- ledo were scheduled and at the end of the season the team was in- vited to act as hostesses for the Great Lake Sectional Tournament run off here at Ann Arbor. A highlight of the year ' s activities was the annual challenge from a brawny team recruited from the ranks of the Lawyers ' Club, who only managed to beat the well- seasoned co-eds in a closely fought game. RIFLERY The thrill and satisfaction that comes with the truest accuracy through co-ordination of hand and eye is afforded by no other sport more than riflery. A cluster of tiny holes about the bullseye of a paper target is the ultimate of goals to aspiring rifle enthusiasts and indicates a markmanship achieved only with steady prac- tice. The rifle season lasts from December to March, during which period this year twenty-five stu- dents fired for half hour periods twice a week at the range in the Women ' s Athletic Building. This is more than twice the number who turned out last year. Frances O ' Dell captained the team and Major Kelly of the R O.T.C. was in- valuable in giving instruction two days a week. Matches with the R.O.T.C. firing squad are held twice during the season, and the Michigan girls also take part in an intercollegiate telegraphic meet in which thirty colleges are repre- sented. Although riflery is an in- dividual sport, the element that generally makes for the best pos- sible performance, that of compe- tition, is always present, for the shooter has always his past scores to better and so he is his own op- ponent. ings BASKETBALL Basketball is a game which re- quires real vitality and lots of wind, and some of the less hardy participants are usually found wheezing on the bench. An intra- mural tournament features the first indoor season and interclass competition the second, so that basketball ' s popularity as a com- petitive team sport keeps student manager Norma Curtis busy with its activities. 322 RIDING For Michigan horsewomen the outdoor sport season brings with it afternoons of brisk cantering along wooded paths, a moonlight ride on a cool evening, or a cross- country jaunt early Sunday morn- ing followed by breakfast in town. Indicative of the enthusiasm for the sport is the fine horse show presented each May by Crop and Saddle, a group of advanced riders. 323 KytlCHICAN women no longer take their athletics as dull routined ex- ' I ercise. The fact that one year of gym is compulsory for the entering freshmen does not dampen their enthusiasm, but rather they actually do look forward to their two hours a week of vigorous athletic activity. This genuine spirit of enthusiastic participation has been developed no less by the vitality and interest of the instructors than through the excellent fa- cilities of the physical education department and the varied program it of- fers to the students. This is shown by the fact that an increasing number of upperclassmen are enrolled in the regular sports classes, and that more teams than ever before have been drawn into intramural play. As a con- sequence, Michigan ' s sports facilities see heavy duty. The Women ' s Ath- letic Association is seriously campaigning for the much needed addition of a swimming pool to the Palmer Field House, and when this is achieved, the women may boast one of the most complete athletic plants of any univer- sity. 324 n u n :o 3 4 V LOUIS A. STRAUSS WILLIAM A. MCLAUGHLIN EDSON R. SUNDERLAND JOSEPH A. BURSLEY FACULTY MEMBERS LOUIS A. STRAUSS, Chairman WILLIAM A. MCLAUGHLIN EDSON R. 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ALEXANDER 336 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS EMORY J. HYDE. ' 04, Ann Arbor _ -President MRS. MARIE WINSOR STEBBENS, ' C6, Marshall, Mich., Vice-Pres ' dent , HAROLD S. BROWNE, ' IDE, Detroit, Mich. Vice-President LOUIS P. JOCELYN, ' 87. Ann Arbor Secretary OSCAR A. EBERBACH, ' 06, Ann Arbor Treasurer Mason P. Rumney, ' 07E, Vice-President, Detroit Steel Products Co., Detroit, Mich. Don T. Hastings, ' 07E, Consulting Engineer, Detroit, Mich. Ormond E. Hunt, ' 07E, M.S.E. (HonJ ' 32, Vice-President, General Motors, Detroit, Edward S. Rogers, ' 95L, LL.M. (Hon.! ' 10, LL.D. (HonJ ' 30, Attorney, Chicago, III. H. Beach Carpenter, " 14, 1 14- ' 15, General Counsel, American Sugar Refining Co., New York City. Mrs. Ruth Manville Sinclair, ' 04- ' 06, Detroit, Michigan. Harry D. Nutt, ' 96, District Manager, American Book Co., Ann Arbor. Mrs. Elizabeth Maloy Furstenberg, ' 21 - ' 23, Ann Arbor. Ernst L. Schaible, ' 08M, Physician, Gary, Ind. Armen S. Kurkjian, ' 08E, Sales Manager, Oliver Machinery Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. Edward L. Clean , ' 07L, Attorney, Rochester, N. Y. John S. Curtis, ' 08E, District Manager, Continental Oil Co., Kansas City, Mo. James W. Follin, ' 13E, M.S.E. ' 16, Research Department, Home Owners ' Loan Corp., Washington, D. C. Ralph M. Snyder, ' 12, ' 14L. Attorney, Chicago, III. Frederic C. Matthaei, ' 14, Manufacturer, Detroit, Mich. Morris J. Robinson, ' 04L, Investments, Seattle, Wash. Christian F. Matthews, ' 21 L, Attorney, Mt. Clemens. Mich. Charles M. Humphrey, Jr., ' 28, Attorney, Ironwood, Mich. Karl Zoellner, ' C6, Merchant, Portsmouth, Ohio. John F. Scott, ' 16L, President Minnesota Federal Savings and Loan Ass ' n, St. Paul, Minn. EMORY J. HYDE MRS. LUCILE B. CONGER T. HAWLEY TAPPING ROBERT O. MORGAN MRS. MARIE W. STEBBINS BOARD OF DIRECTORS HERBERT B. WOLF .__ President WILLIAM S. STRUVE Recording Secretary RICHARD C. HERSHEY Literary Vice-President ROBERT C. 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Piaster, Grossman ROW III Edelberg, Dean, Waltz, Acker 341 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION RICHARD S. CLARK ..President ROSE PERRIN ... -- Vice-President DOROTHEA CERISCH Recording Secretary JANET McLOUD Corresponding Secretary RALPH SECALMAN Social Service Chairman WILLIAM BARNDT Social Chairman FRANK McDONALD Foreign Students DUFFENDACK Devotional IE KRESIN Peace Marital Relations WALTER LH. Fresh Air Camp JULIAN FREDERT . Forums CHARLES BUCK ___ tfealth Service Visitation JOHN McCONACHIE . __ _ Publicity RICHARD CLARK ROSE PERRIN ROW I Segalman, Frederick, Potochnik, McDonald ROW II Wilsnack, McLoud, Clark, Perrin, Hamm 342 President MILLER C. SHERWOOD Secretary and Treasurer WILLIAM STRUVE ROBERT BEUHLER JAMES H. WALKER DICK CLARK MARSHALL SHULMAN JOE MATTES THOMAS K. FISHER BILL YOST HUBERT FONES TOM SULLIVAN HERBERT B. WOLF GEORGE COSPER RICHARD G. HERSHEY SANFORD LADD GEORGE SPRAU JOHN KRELL MILLER SHERWOOD WILLIAM STRUVE MEN ' S COUNCIL ROW ROW Mattes. Fisher, Fooes, Sprau, Yost an Wolf, Sherwood. Struve, Walker, Beuhler 343 INTERFRATERNITY BALL JEAN KEINATH GEORGE COSPER MARY LOU WILLOUGHBY JOHN MANN GEORGE COSPER, JOHN MANN __Co-Chairmen HOWARD ARK JAMES BARCO JACK COLLINS RICHARD KENDRICK Committeemen LOWELL KRIEC ROY FRAZIER MALCOLM LEVENSON BUD LUNDAHL WILLIAM McHENRY GOFF SMITH ROBERT STUART 844 SENIOR BALI JEAN SEELEY JOSEPH HINSHAW JOSEPH HINSHAW Co-Chairman JOHN OTTE Co-Chairman FREDERICK BUESSER Publicity ELLA WADE Program ANNE KEELER Program WILLIAM LYON Decoration ROSS CURTIS Patrons CERRY BUNTING Project WILLIAM ANSPACH Music ALECK NEILI Tickets SERGE MARPH Tickets JAMES GOODRICH Assistant Publicity ROW I Anspach, Buesser, Curtis ROW II Wade, Hinshaw, Keeler, Otte MAY LEWIS JENSEN RUIFROK CURRY WASSON CLAbb Oh 1938 J-l LOUIS C. HOFFMAN Chairman SAMUEL M. CHARIN Secretary JANE LEWIS Patrons FREDERICK V. GEIB Booths HUBERT C. FONES Tickets RICHARD MAY Music PAUL F. STOLLER Publicity ANN CORDON Music MARGARET CURRY Programs FRED WIEST Building GILBERT K. PHARES Building HENRY RUIFROK Decorations RICHARD WASSON Floor 346 Part of the hustle and bustle that makes the J-Hop the event of the social year . . . Chairman Hoffman and his guest . . . the crowd milling into place for the official photograph of the grand march . . . the popular band leaders autographing programs . . . the promenade of the year as students enter beneath the canopy. 347 SOPH PROM DAVID DRYSDALE, General Chairman and Tickets BUNTY BAIN Ballroom and Decorations RICHARD FOX Music Committee SAUL KLEIMAN Publicity NELSON LINDENFELD Patrons ROBERT MORGAN Ballroom and Decorations FRED REINHEIMER Printing BEN ROOT Ballroom and Decorations HARRY SWAN Floor Committee ROBERT VANDERPYL Publicity DAVID DRYSDALE MARGUERITE RICHTER ROW I Lindenfeld, Fox, Morgan, Reinheimer ROW II Swan, Bain, Drysdale, VanderPyl, Root 348 FROSH FROLIC ROBERT MIX ROBERT MIX Chairman ROBERT GOODYEAR Tickets HERBERT SOTT Decorations MATTHEW REA Publicity JANET LADD Programs ALBERTA WOOD Patrons KENNETH MEYER Floor Committee DWICHT ADAMS . - -Music SUZANNE WELLS ROW I Son, Goodyear. Adams ROW II Myers, Ladd, Wood, Rea 349 350 HM.F-k- I I6 Tttl AISLE-ft. WI5E- COVHCtL AKBta.;Cn Mrru- ewe- CMOS-IK UtE-l HMJtl ttABU MlfUMS ITMUM COUNCIL PtWDtiLJ nrttinD -- .:.--: . ----- : - Jtt AT SCALP H.Y05T DALOWIM PtW-lt 6006 t15H 6A WILD tOOT t lLt5On TAH6LE- TOH Ut P8I5TOL POTIOtl MAigct COLIATZ uu6um6 tot wnntwiit -r: ' " .-.:: -..::- IN-tLOUDi 6tt OFF HtYU6E_ . 5KIB5 O36OOO WEAK 5QUEM. MEAL 5QUAW WHOOP W K, TWISTtt) HOin PATAHE-LLI LIHLt NQ.KIE- i VUh6 RX 5HULMAH A oo5t tYt STCKAunf Kfii JUUIVAM TH.EB TAIL Tints 616 AAD WOLF CAMKU. 351 UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB OF MICHIGAN OFFICERS PROF. DAVID MATTERN ___Director ROBERT C. WILLIAMS President THOMAS A. JENSEN Vice-President HOWARD C. CARROTHERS Secretary HUDSON C. DUNKS Treasurer HERBERT C. WATKINS Faculty Business Manager EDWARD L. SINCLAIR Student Business Manager LEO S. LUSKIN Accompanist ISADORE BURSTEIN . ..Librarian ROBERT C. WILLIAMS ROW I Cillis, Swann, Bradford, Spencer, Roberts, Viehe, Collins, Lodge, Wolfe, LaSalle, Harwood ROW II Manley, Gardner, W. Morris, Twyman, Epstein, Hirshberg, Van- denburg, Anderson, Rankin, Metcalf ROW III Barrett, Fraunfelder, Czajkowski, Martin, Moore, Mason, Hall, Hunerjager, Tyrrell, Race ROW IV Hendrick, Johnson, Caldwell, Silfies, Koljonen, Soldofsky, Haapa, Walter, Draper ROW V Burroughs, Philo, Kinkead, Rudness, Pratt, E. H. Williams, Mont- gomery, Tustison, Miller ROW VI Yergens. )ensen, Kent, Mattern, Carrothers, R. Williams, Bur- stein, Sinclair, Dunks. Luskin FIRST TENORS R. L. BARRETT W. M. BURROUGHS I. BURSTEIN W. A. FRAUNFELDER C. E. HARWOOD D. LISTON M. ). MILLER H. MORRIS W. E. MORRIS R. M. OLIVER I. PRIOR E. R. SILFIES M. THOMPSON W. B. TYRRELL E. I. VANDENBURG EDWARD L. SINCLAIR SECOND TENORS E. L. ANDERSON G. J. BRADFORD |. W. COLLINS | ]. CZAJKOWSKI T. G. DRAPER F. M. EPSTEIN E. J. HAAPA A. L. IOHNSON A. W. KOLJONEN J. E. MacARTHUR S. MASON R. A. MEEK ). W. METCALF R. S. MOORE H. O. ROBERTS H. O. SPENCER A. SWANN R. C. WILLIAMS BARITONES R. D. CLARK R. L. GILLIS E. P. GOODRICH L. B. HALL S. HIRSHBERG P. I. KENT R. L. KIMBALL E W. KOWALKA H. A. LUSK R. B. MANLEY S. S. PHILO E. D. RACZ R. P. RANKIN A. W. RUDNESS K. W. TUSTISON H. F. TWYMAN F. R. WALTER E H. WILLIAMS BASSES H. R. AUSTIN R L CALDWELL H. G. CARROTHERS H. G. DUNKS J. E. GARDNER R L HUNERIAGER T. A. IENSEN T. H. KINKEAD E. C. LaSALLE R. E. LODGE S P. MARTIN R G MONTGOMERY W. F. PRATT E L. SINCLAIR M. J. SOLDOFSKY C. S. SPOONER C. A. VIEHE V. J. WOLF P. E. YERGENS 352 ROBERT PERLMAN GEORGE HANSON LEO KAYSER, JR. BENJAMIN LEOPOLD ROBERT ROSA ROBERT KAMM LANGDON BERRYMAN WILLIAM SMITH CHARLES ORMSBY RICHARD BROWN ROBERT CILLIS JAMES IRELAND ALVA RUSH NELSON LINDENFELD JOSEPH CARDILLO FRANKLIN SHULL SAUL KLEIMAN ARTHUR ALLEN, JR. WILLIAM LYMAN. JR. MEMBERS DONALD COOPER ROBERT TAYLOR ROBERT MAY IRVING HELMAN HEM ' Z DAVID HERBERT ARMONI LEONARD. EDWARD ZBERG EHAMEL ARTHU HftRTHOLOMEW, JR. WILLIAK HERBERT PAUL BRIC WALTON ODGER ROBERT NABATOFF OTTO MUSALL CHARLES DOLPH ROBERT WOLFE BENNETT ROOT SHELDON SILVERMAN GEORGE MUTNICK CHARLES LOVETT PHILLIP BUCHEN PAUL ZURIS JERE FARRAH ZYGMUNT ZIMNY JAMES DUESENBERRY ALBERT MAYIO MURRRAY LIPSCHITZ WILLIAM WOOLSEY BRONIS ONUF BEN KLATCH MARVIN REIDER LEIGH WORTHING DONALD BELDEN ROBERT TUCKER JAMES NICHOLS LOUIS POPLINGER OFFICERS BENNETT ROOT President ROBERT MITCHELL Vice-President PETER IPSEN Secretary EARL BRENN . ..Trasurer PHI ETA SIGMA ROW I Wolfe. Zuris, Woolsey, Ormsfoy. Allen. Leopold. Nichols. Ireland. May ROW II Taylor. Zimmy, Musall. Hanson. Rodger. Lebeis. Klatch. Lovett, Mayio ROW III Bartholomew, Poplinger. Silverman, Pariser. Goldstein, Gllis, Reider, Lipschitz Cardillo, Rosenman ROW IV Nabatoff. Rosa. Lyman, Rhodehamel, Root, Mitchell, Brickley, Belden, Dolph 353 ADELPHI BRUCE A. IOHNSON THOMAS C. VAN SLUYTERS HENRY FOLEY . _ -Speaker Clerk -Treasurer ROBERT BUCKMAN NEWTON BURROWS WALTER CROW JOE DASCOLA ISRAEL FINKELSTEIN HENRY FOLEY COLVIN GIBSON EUGENE GRESSMAN BRUCE JOHNSON WILLIAM KELLY PETER LA DUKE ROSS LEVIN MAURICE LEVITSKY ALEX LEWIS DRAGON MITROVICH HOWARD MEYERS HAROLD OSSEPOW PHILIP OSTROW JAMES RAWLEY JACK SESSIONS HARRY SHNIDERMAN KARL SJOLANDER JOHN STONER HENRY VANDERVELDE THOMAS VAN SLUYTERS VICTOR WEIPERT SAUL ZIFF ROW I Shniderman, LaDuke, Gressman, Sjolander, Levin, Ziff, Gibson ROW II Dascola, Burrows, Ossepow, Lewitzky, Osrrow, Lewis, Sessions, Finkelstein ROW III Rawley, Stoner, Weipert, Mitrovich, Johnson, Sluyters, Foley, Meyers, Crow 354 OMEGA UPSILON DRAMATIC SORORITY WALDO M. ABBOT Patron and Advisor OFFICERS HELEN ROWE President IEANETTE ANN STRAUSS Vice-President JEANNE PRAY Secretary |ANET KAPPLER . __ Treasurer ROW I Rail, Stoll, Appel ROW II Lehner. Jesperson, Platte, Christy, Ayers ROW III Kirwin, Pray. Rowe. Strauss. Kappler. Galloway MEMBERS KAY KIRWIN JANET KAPPLER DOROTHY GALLOWAY HELEN ROWE JEANNE PRAY JEANETTE ANN STRAUSS JANE CHRISTY MARGARET ROBERTON MARGERY LEHNER (CATHERINE STOLL MARGARET ANN AYERS HELEN IESPERSON LILLIAN PLATTE MADELYN APPEL MARY RALL ROBERTA MELIN 355 RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS REGIMENTAL STAFF COLONEL ]. R. CUSTAFSON CAPT. M. C. HYATT LIEUTENANT-COLONEL W. A. NEUMAN, JR. CAPT. W. F. WOLFNER CAPT. R. O. BOEHNKE ROW I Boehnke, Hyatt, Wolfner ROW II Custafson, Neuman BATTALION STAFF ROW I Shappel, Kempton, Adams, Hammond, Wittan, Morrow ROW II Stoner, Williams, Abbott, Coursey, Hays, Townsend FIRST BATTALION STAFF MAJOR J. P. COURSEY LT. H. E. MOERMAN LT. J. W. BARRETT LT. J. W. HAYS LT. N. W. TRAVIS SECOND BATTALION STAFF MAJOR C. S. ABBOTT LT. E. L. ADAMS, JR. LT. R. M. HAMMOND LT. J. V. T. KEMPTON LT. W. S. WITTAN THIRD BATTALION MAJOR H. E. WILLIAMS LT. R. F. SHAPPEL LT. R. H. TOWNSEND LT. J. D. STONER LT. E. E. MORROW COMPANY COMMANDERS ROW I Graves, Buckminster, Eshelman, Person, Sinn, Stephenson, Bentley ROW II King, Haughey, Speer, Briner, Jensen, Cannon, Sullivan, Fischer R. J. Beuhler J. G. Briner P. N. Buckminster G. H. Cannon R. L. Eshelman COMPANY COMMANDERS R. M. Fischer G. A. Graves P. C. Haughey T. A. lensen F. E. King D. J. Parry F. W. Person J. H. Sinn R. E. Speer O. W. Stephenson, Jr. D. J. Sullivan ROW I Sherburne, Wilkowski. Payton, Parry, Countryman, Cousineau, Madigan, Phillippi, Braun ROW II Emery, Scovern, Reed, Campbell, Pennoni, Vogel, Margwarth ROW III Donovan, Yee, Smith, Gary, Markham, Griffin, Carle, Achtenberg, Bjork I. Achtenberg W. G. Bassett W. F. Beck S. Birkhold E. L. Bjork D. B. Blue, Jr. H. C. Braun S. W. Bush C. W. Campbell G. W. Carle W. B. Wilson COMPANY OFFICERS F. B. Cline W. G. Countryman E. |. Cousineau F. B. Cork F. W. Donovan D. C. Eisendrath E. E. Emery G. Gary E. H. Getkin H. W. Gilfillan R F. Yee B. A. Goldberg J. C. Griffin H. L. Keeler, Jr. R. L. Kimball D. F. Madigan S. P. Martin P. J. Markham C. F. Payton R. J. Pennoni W. H. Pleiss A. H. Zonars N. W. Reed C. E. Scovern W. F. Sheehan C. D. Sherburne G. S. Smith C. C. Sweet H. D. VanderPutten J. F. Vogel A. J. Wilkowski, Jr. J. H. Wiegand ROW I Bjork, Kempton, Sweet, Snyder, Smith, Perry, Sheehan, R. Sinn, Pinkerton ROW II King, Shappell, Crusey, J. Sinn, Abbott, Eshelman Briner, Morrow, Jensen, Haughey ROW III Nelson, Janura, Yee, Beuhler, Buckminster, Underwood, Coursey, Custafson, Adams, Cetkin, Braun, Speer ROW IV Dean Rea, Lieut. Waltz, Capt. Fariss, Maj. Simkins, Mai. Worley, Col. Rogers, Maj. Kelly, Maj. Hardy, Capt. Wallington, Maj. Mickle, Eichelberger HONORARY MEMBERS PRESIDENT A. C. RUTHVEN DEAN E. M. COOLEY PROFESSOR W. H. HOBBS COLONEL H. W. MILLER T. HAWLEY TAPPING PROFESSOR FIELDING H. YOST MAJOR PHILIP C. PACK MAJOR J. C. BRIER DEAN WALTER B. REA COLONEL A. H. WHITE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS LIEUTENANT COLONEL F. C. ROGERS MAJOR J. S. WORLEY MAJOR F. MICKLE MAJOR E. C. LAY MAJOR K. L. HALLENBECK CAPTAIN C. B. PIERCE FIRST LIEUTENANT S. W. WALTZ FIRST LIEUTENANT C. M. DAVIS FIRST LIEUTENANT F. S. RANDALL MAJOR T. D. SIMKINS MAJOR R. E. HARDY MAJOR P. K. KELLY CAPTAIN W. B. FARISS CAPTAIN M. G. WALLINCTON CAPTAIN R. R. COURSEY LIEUTENANT B. R. WIMER PROFESSOR M. B. EICHELBERGER MAJOR W. C. SADLER 358 ORLANDO W. STEPHENSON, JR. President ROBERT |. BEUHLER Vice-President ROBERT F. YEE Secretary HENRY W. GILFILLAN _ ..Treasurer DONNAN E. BASLER ROBERT J. BEUHLER HOWARD C. CARROTHERS CRANDVILLE R. CONRAD WILLIAM L COGCER JEROME J. CZAJKOWSKI HENRY W. GILFILLAN EDWIN V. KING JAMES H. MURRILL ROBERT F. YEE DELWIN J. REISINGER ORLANDO W. STEPHENSON, JR. ROW I Swartout, King, Czajkowski ROW II Wicks. Conrad, Carrorhers, Basler ROW III Reisinger, Capt. Wallington. Stephenson, Glftllan. Yee 359 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS MADALYN APPEL JAMES BARCO PHYLLIS BENNETT JULIA BREED FLOY BRICSTOCK BECKY BURSLEY RUTH CHRISTOPHERSEN MISHA CHIMACOFF FRED A. COLLINS BETTY COSOLIAS MEYER DAVIS JEAN FRIEDERICI ELIZABETH HUNTINCTON ADRIAN JAFFE LILLIAN JAFFE FLORENCE JOHNSON LUCIE KILLIN ROSAMOND LANG JOHN McCABE ELEANOR McCOY BARBARA MclNTYRE THELMA MERMELSTEIN ROBERT MITCHELL DOROTHY OSTDYK JENNY PETERSEN CATHERINE PURDOM RUSSELL RADFORD DOROTHY OSTDYK President ONA JANE THORNTON Secretary WILLIS PLAYER . ..Treasurer ROW I Huntington, Bursley, Verner, Lang, Killan, Friederici, Traywick ROW II Mitchell, Thornton, Chimacoff, Ostdyk, Player HARRIET SHACKLETON MARJORIE SLADE ELIZABETH SMALLMAN WILLIS PLAYER HELEN SMITHSON GEORGE SOLOVSKOY ONA THORNTON MARY LOU TRAYWICK NIKOLAY TURITZIN MURIEL SANDERS JOHN SHINDEHETTE JANE VERNER WINFRED P. WILSON WINIFRED WILSON 360 ROW I Y. K. Chow, Lew, K. Hsu, C. Y. Sieh, S. Z. Wu, Dong, J. Chang, C. Yang, Y. S. Wang T T. Chen, Y. D. Pan, P. C. Hsu, Yen, T. Huang. K. P. Huang, Chew ROW II Shu, K. T. Chao, S. Huang, Yoh, Juan, T. C. Woo, E. Tsao, S. C. Shen, L. R. Mao, Sha, H. Y. Liu, Ma, Y. Chang, J. C. Chien, Tang, C. S. Chow ROW III Y. K. Lee, Yung, Lu, Y. T. Kao, C. K. Lam, Szto, L. Chang, T. N. Chan, C. D. Tung, T. K. Wu, Chiu, W. Sun, T. C. Pan, H. W. Chin D Yang Cheung Kwan. Moy, Joe, T. S. Chang. P. L. Lee. Djao. M. L. Woo, K. Wang! H. C. Pang. TK ' J. Hsu ROW VI T. Chen, C. S. Pan, R. Han, H. S. Chen, S. C. Hwang, A. T. Liu ROW VII Y. C. Wang, T. L. Sun, E. Chin, Lem, Zau, U. Tsao, V. Y. Ting, W. Mao, Mrs. Y. Z. Chang, Hu. C. H. Shen, Lay, H. H. Ting MISS V. Y. TING Chairman MISS T. Z. ZAU Vice-Chairman U. TSAO Corresponding Secretary S. HUANG Treasurer W. MAO Recording Secretary PROF. Y. Z. CHANG - Advisor CHINESE STUDENTS CLUB DORIS Y. CHAN KWOK CHUE CHAN WINGS CHAN TSUNG NIN CHAN CHEN-TING H. CHANG JUI CHANG LIEH CHANG SHIOU TSHOU CHANG TEH SING CHANG WEI KOO CHANG YING CHANG YUAN WEI CHANG C. Y. CHAO KUANG TSENG CHAO HARDING S. CHEN TOH CHEN TSUNG Tl CHEN CLARA T. CHEN TEH-PENG CHENG LAI TAT CHEUNG YIT PANG CHEW TSAI HWA CHIANG TSENG LIANG CHIANG JO CHING CHIEN NAI JEN CHIEN ETTIE L. T. CHIN HSI WU CHIN SHEN-YUEN CHIU HUI CHIU CHOU CHING SHIANG CHOW CHU TA CHOW I. PING CHOW YUEN KOA CHOW MIN SHENG CHU ROSE D. CHU TING-SHU DJAO I -REN DJOU SIH-SING DJOU PHILIP LEE DONG RUBY TU HAN NG VIOLET HING WILLIAM HING DZI-REN HO I-DJEN HO CHARLES J. HONG CHIEN KUO HSIA HUEI JU HSIA KAI HSU ,OHN HSU PAI CHUAN HSU JERRY SINNAN HU KUANG-PU HUANG SOONG HUANG TAO HUANG TSU KUEI HUANG WEN HSI HUANG SHAO-CHI HWANG WEI JING HWANG PONG CHEH JEN WEI CHUN JEN HONG JOE KANG CHENG JUAN CHIEN KAO YONG-TSIANG KAO FU CHEN KE PAO-CHENG KING KWONG PUI KWAN CHI-KAN LAM FRANCIS LAM HONG LAU RUDY T. LAU YUAN LAY BOW YIM LEE HERBERT K. H. LEE HOEN ZAU LEE KAY LEE KUO CHU LEE PEI LIANG LEE YUNG KUNG LEE CLAYTON LEM CHEUK WA LEUNG WAH LEW SHAO WEI LI BING-CHUNG LING ANG-TSUNG LIU CHIH FAN LIU HSUAN TIEN LIU HSIANG YUNG LIU YEN EN LIU SHIH CHING LO SING LO YU LU LO FOO F. LOUIS LAWRENCE LOUIS TSUNG LIANG LU S. C. LUI TSENG LI MA COLLINS SEKAY MAH ROBERT F. MAH LI REI MAO WEI MAO YUAN HSIANG MEI WA TO MOK CHESTER C. MOY CHAO WEN PAN CHUNG SIU PAN TSE CHI A PAN YU-DJAI PAN HSUEH-CHANG PANG YIN HONG PANG FERN ANN QUON FENG-CHI SHA CHANG HUAN SHEN FELIX T. C. SHEN SHU-CHI SHEN WEN PO SHEN HSI-YIN SHENG HERBERT C. SHU CHIN YUNG SIEH FUNG TSIANG SIEH DAVID C. C. SUN TUNG LU SUN WALLACE SUN HON-YIN SZTO SIK-LING TANG HSIEN HU TING VUNG YUIN TING EUGENE TSAO UTAH TSAO YUNG-HSIU TSENG MUNG YOK TSOI CHEN DAO TUNG " JO-FEN TUNG TSUNG KWAN WANG Yl SAN WANG YU CHIH WANG BON L. WONG CHARLES WONG KOON NGOK WONG MUR-LOH WOO RICHARD T. C. WOO CHIA YING WU SHANG ZHIH WU TSE KAO WU VIOLET LANG WU WILLIAM QUO WU CHING YANG CHING KUN YANG TUNG-DEH YANG ROBERT F. YEE EN CHU YEN FENG CHI YOH C. M. YOUNG KEH-JIN YU KUEI FAN YU POE-ENG YU SHU LUN YU PEI LIN YUNG TSO-ZUE ZAU 361 DELTA EPSILON PI ' FRATERNITY OF HELLENIC STUDENTS " RALPH M. BAHNA President SARI SAKAKINI Vice-President ADIL DURRAYDK Secretary FUAD AJRAM SAMUEL ALBERT BAHOUTH BAHOUTH MICHAEL ELLIS EDWARD CORRA ANWAR HASANI LEO HENRY AYOUB HOWIE ALFRED JACOBS MICHAEL JOSEPH IBRAHIM KHATIB BAHIJ KHURI-MAKDISI VICTOR KIRK WILLIAM MERHAB HASAN RUFAI HUSSEIN SAFFAR JAMES SIRCANY FRANCIS YAMAN ARAB STUDENT UNION J. C. POULOS President A. H. ZONARS Vice-President A. DEMETRIADES Secretary T. C. MANOS _ _ -Treasurer ROW I Joseph, Bahouth, Hasani ROW II Henry, Corra, Sirgany, Howie, Saffar ROW Ml Durrayk, Kharib, Bahna, Dakakini, Rufai, Khuri-Makdisi PETER RAFT POLYDOROS ANDREAU PETER POULOS NICK THOMPSON ANTHONY DRAKE PETER D. CARRAS NICK SAKELLAR 362 MICHIGAN UNION BUS BOYS ROW I Blackstock, Kelly, Kirar, Noel, Kerr, Lenz, Woodruff, Grill, Purucker, Davidson, McNamara, Morton, Weinburg ROW II Schultz, Marzonie, Johnson, Payne, Bacon, Waltz, Crosman, Reader, Taylor, Thomas ROW III Uricek, Pendorf, Allen, Zak, Hartrick, Egle, ). Goodrich, Walsh, K. Goodrich, Rutt, Brigham, Kaler STANLEY G. WALTZ ORIN S. BACON MAX CROSMAN . Union Manager -Tap Room Manager __Tap Room Pianist GEORGE BLACKSTOCK JAMES KELLY ED KIRAR ROBERT NOEL JACK KERR STUART LENZ OWEN WOODRUFF DOUGLAS GRILL NORMAN PURUCKER HOWARD DAVIDSON JACK McNAMARA VICTOR SCHULTZ GEORGE MARZONIE JOHN JOHNSON EDWIN PAYNE HERBERT READER WENDEL TAYLOR EARL THOMAS STEVE URICEK JOHN PENDORF FLOYD ALLEN GORDON HARTWICK EDWARD EGLE JAMES GOODRICH JOSEPH WALSH KENNETH GOODRICH R. G. RUTT EDWARD ZAK DONALD HORTON MAX WEINBERG JACK BRIGHAM WALTER KALER THE MICHIGAN UNION TAPROOM IS A CENTER OF ACTIVITY FOR A SELDOM HEARD OF GROUP OF STUDENTS. THE JOB OF THESE STUDENT EMPLOYEES IS THE FEEDING OF 1500 to 2000 MICHIGAN STUDENTS AND ALUMNI DAILY. FOR MOST OF THEM, UNIVERSITY ATTENDANCE DEPENDS UPON THIS EXTRA-CURRICULAR AC- TIVITY. HOWEVER, FOR THESE STUDENTS THE TAPROOM IS MORE THAN JUST A PLACE TO EARN THEIR BOARD; IT ALSO AFFORDS SOCIAL RECREATION. 363 V- n n u n Knudson McConkey Douglas Fleming Krieghoff Sanders Lambert COMMITTEE JANET KARLSON General Chairman MIRIAM SANDERS Assistant Chairman JUNE FLEMING Finance HELEN DOUGLAS Publicity BERTA KNUDSON Decorations FLORENCE McCONKEY Programs JANET LAMBERT Tickets VIRGINIA KRIEGHOFF . ..Patrons 366 AN-HELLEN Whitney Loomis Shutt Smith Friedman Renal COMMITTEE BETTY KING Chairman BETTY RONAL Finance BETTY WHITNEY Publicity RUTH FRIEDMAN Decorations PRISCILLA SMITH Floor DOROTHY SHUTT Patrons (CATHERINE LOOMIS Music 367 MICHIGAN LEAGUE COUNCIL CHARLOTTE RUECER _ President of the Michigan League JANE O ' FERRALL Vice-President MARY LAMBIE Vice-President GRACE WOODLEY Vice-President LOIS KING --_- Secretary-Treasurer HARRIET HATHAWAY Chairman of House- Reception Committee JEAN HATFIELD Chairman of Orientation Committee RITA WELLMAN Chairman of Merit System MARJORIE MACKINTOSH Chairman of Publicity HARRIET HEATH _ Chairman of Social Committee MARGARET GUEST Chairman of Theater-Arts Committee MARYANNA CHOCKLEY _ Chairman of Judiciary Committee MARY ANDREW President of Assembly BETTY ANNE BEEBE President of Pan-Hellenic KATE LANDRUM President of W.A.A. JEWEL WUERFEI Women ' s Editor of Michigan Daily ROW I Guest, Landrum, Wellman, Wuerfel, Andrew ROW II Hatfield, Beebe, Heath, Mackintosh ROW III Woodley, King, Rueger, O ' Ferrall, Chockley CHARLOTTE RUEGER MARYANNA CHOCKLEY Row I Maliszewski, Johnson R OW || Kolle, Chockley, Hamilton LEAGUE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE MARYANNA CHOCKLEY Chairman CHARLOTTE HAMILTON Senior Member JACQUELINE KOLLE Senior Member MARY JOHNSON Junior Member ANCELENE MALISZEWSKI Junior Member I Row I Neikirk, Evans, Friedman, King, Shutt, Spencer Row II Peckinpaugh, Pence, Bassett, Fromm, Jaskulek, Hamilton, Ronal Row III Beltramini, Bluestein, Knudson, Coe, Loomis, Wentz, Kief, Kandelin Row IV Jaycox, Connell, VanDyke, Hatfield, Beebe, Maclvor, Barth, Bromley, Loughborough OFFICERS BETTY ANNE BEEBE President RY Mac IVOR Secretary HATFIELD Treasurer IA SPRAY Rushing Secretary THE LEAGUE OF PAN-HELLENIC CAROLYN BELTRAMir EVELYN BLUESTEIN DOROTHY BROMLEY PHYLLIS CAMPBELL MARJORIE COE MARCIA CONNELL MARY EVANS DORIS EVERETT BETTY FAUVER RUTH FRIEDMAN BETTY FROMM MARGARET HAMILTON MEMBERS IRENE JASKULEK THERESA JAYCOX NA KANDELIN KIEF KING KNUDSON AMBIE LOOM IS GHBOROUGH LOIS EDNA NEIKIRK JANE BETTY JEAN PENCE JENNY PETERSEN HARRIET POMEROY JANE ROGERS BETTY RONAL DOROTHY SHUTT PRISCILLA SMITH VIRGINIA SMITH LAURA SPENCER VIRGINIA VAN DYKE JOAN WENTZ BETTY WHITNEY BOARD REPRESENTATIVES ASSEMBLY OFFICERS MARY ANDREW President MARY ELLEN HEITSCH Vice-President HELEN JESPERSON. ..Secretary-Treasurer JEAN BELL MARY BENNETT RUTH BERTSCH JULIA ANN BROWN ELOISE CAMPBELL JANE CARSON MAURINE COFFEE JANE DELANO JEWEL DRICKAMER MARJORY EVANS JEANNE GOMON DORIS GREENSPAN BETSY GUILD MEMBERS JOYCE HARRISON JANE HERRICK JO KIFT JOANNE KIMMELL BERTA KNUDSON MADELINE KRIEGHOFF JEANETTE LINDSAY JANE MacDONALD MARIE McELROY ANNA MILLER SYLVIA MOORE MARGARET MYERS MARY PARSONS IDA REINWASSER DORICE ROBBINS ELIZABETH ROURA HELEN ROWE RUTH SANDUSKY SALLY SECREST GRETCHEN SLACK MARJORIE SLADE LOIS SPREEN BETHANY THOMAS BETH TURNBULL VIVIAN WALLER LOUISA WESTERDALL VIRGINIA WITTERS DORIS YODER MARY ANDREW Row I Slade, Gomon, Delano. Evans, Sandusky. Herrick, Lindsay, Carson Row II McElroy, Witters, Thomas, Tumbull, Myers. Parsons, Secrest, Reinwasser, Moore, Westerdall Row III Bennett, Brown. Drickamer, Slack. Guild. Krieghoff, Kimmell, Knudson. Spreen, Bell Row IV Waller, Yoder, Rowe, Harrison, Heitsch, Andrew, Jesperson, Bertsch, Greenspan. Robbins ELIZABETH BINCHAM JOSEPHINE CAVANACH FLORENCE DAVIES HELEN DOUGLAS HARRIET HATHAWAY MEMBERS LOUISE HERALD ESTHER JOHNSON MARY C. JOHNSON LOIS KING BARBARA LOVELL MARJORIE MACKINTOSH CHARLOTTE RUECER BETTY STRICKROOT MARTHA STUCKEY ELIZABETH A. WILLS ALICE ZINGG MARION HOLDEN Row I M. Johnson, Lovell, Bingham, Nash, Douglas Row II Cavanagh, Zingg, Hathaway, E. Johnson, Wills Row III Herald, Mackintosh, Holden, Davies, Dole, Gesner OFFICERS MARION HOLDEN President JANE DOLE Vice- President JEAN NASH Secretary ELEANOR GESNER_. ..Treasurer THETA SIGMA PHI NATIONAL HONORARY PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM FRATERNITY 372 WYVERN JUNIOR WOMEN ' S HONORARY SOCIETY OFFICERS HOPE HARTWIG President JANET ALLINCTON Secret ary BETTY STRICKROOT Treasurer MRS. BYRL F. BACHER Adviser MRS. MYRA B. JORDAN Honorary Patroness Row I Shackleton, Whitney, Douglas, Kimmell, Ferries, Purdy Row II Lovell, Maliszewski, Johnson, Kover, Ayers Row III Melin, Curry, Strickroot, Hartwig, Allington, Catward HOPE HARTWIC MARGARET ANN AYERS MARGARET CURRY HELEN DOUGLAS MARGARET FERRIES BETTY GATWARD MEMBERS VIRGINIA HUNT MARY B. JOHNSON JOANNE KIMMELL NANCY KOVER BARBARA LOVELL ANGELENE MALISZEWSKI ROBERTA MELIN HELEN PURDY HARRIET SHACKLETON BETTY WHITNEY 373 374 JUNIOR GIRLS ' PLAY CENTRAL COMMITTEE HOPE HARTWIG General Chairman MARGARET ANN AYERS Assistant Chairman MARGARET FERRIS Chairman of Finance )ANET ALLINGTON Chairman of Tickets JOANNE KIMMELI Chairman of Properties NANCY KOVER Chairman of Programs BETTY STRICKROOT Chairman of Publicity RUTH BERTSCH Chairman of Costumes VIRGINIA HUNT Chairman of Music MARIE SAWYER Chairman of Dance JO-CLARK KIMBALI Chairman of Make-Up BETTY GATWARD Chairman of Ushers SARAH PIERCE Director DEAN ALICE LLOYD . Advisor HOPE HARTWIG Row I Strickroot, Bertsch, Kover, Gatward Row II Kimmell, Ferries, Kimball ROW (I) Allington, Hartwig, Miss Pierce, Ayers 375 EILEEN LAY Row I Hayes, Wilson, Park, Lacoste, MacLean Row II Byrn, Turner, Putnam, Jaldersma, Novy, White, Matthews Row III Allington, Croth, MacDougall, Bingham, Beltramini, Ranger Row IV Rupeter, Parrish, Morrison, Lay, Fingerle, Johnson, Perkins STANLEY CHORUS OFFICERS EILEEN LAY President MARY MORRISON Soprano Vice-President MARLENE FINCERLE Alto Vice-President ELIZABETH PARRISH Secretary-Treasurer FRANCES BURGESS Librarian WILMOT F. PRATT Director HELEN E. BYRN __. ..Accompanist Ruth Allderige Janet Allington Carolyn Beltramini Elizabeth Bilby Elizabeth Bingham Elizabeth Boult Frances Burgess Harriet Dean Ceil Duffendack Olive Croth Mildred Hayes MEMBERS Arlene Jaldersma Mary C. Johnson Pauline Kalb Rowena LaCoste Mary MacDougall Lois MacLean Carol Mahon jean Mastin Margaret Matthews Helen Lou Mosher Dorothy Novy Janet Park Lou Perkins Pauline Putnam Marian Ranger Margery Roebeck Florence Rogers Helen Rupeter Jean Samuelson Blanche Tobin Elizabeth Turner Elizabeth White Grace Wilson Pauline Zlavin 376 n n n o INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT George Cosper SECT. -TREASURER John Mann EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE William Fleming Dean Joseph Bursley Walker Graham Mr. Charles Graham Charles Haynes Mr. Paul Icerman Francis Marcero Professor Leigh Young LOWER STAFF Howard Ark James Barco Jack Collins Roy Frazier Richard Kendrick Lowell Krieg Malcom Levenson Bud Lundahl William McHenry Goff Smith Robert Stuart Row I Collins, McHenry, Ark, Lundahl Row II Levenson, Frazier, Smith, Barco Row III Kendrick, Krieg, Cosper, Mann, Stuart 381 ACACIA MICHIGAN CHAPTER Founded Michigan, May, 1904. Established May, 1904. 27 Active Chapters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. W. Bunting, D.D.S. M. E. Cooley, LLD. F. D. Curtis ' , Ph.D. H. W. Emerson, M.D. R. W. Hammett, M.Arch. C. T. Johnson, C.E. F. C. Novy, M.D R. C. Rodkey, Ph.D. C. A. Sink, M.Ed. M. B. Small, A.B. E. A. Stalker, M.S. T. Hawley Tapping, LL.B. MEMBERS IN CITY H. H. Atwell J. E. Beal R. A. Campbell L. C. Christman L. Emde R. E. Cranville W. C. Hollands D. H. Hurd O. D. Lefferts H. C. Morton R. Morris R. C. Pryce F. Stegath W. Stewart F. H. Wisner MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Robert E. Clark ). Elward Hutchinson James R. Lientz SENIORS Tom L. Evans Richard W. Pomeroy John D. Reed Charles W. Swartout JUNIORS Weimar Christman William L. Cogger Donald D. Graham MacKellar K. Graham Melvin G. Kramer Howard Lawrence Shannon D. Lientz Duncan B. McKee Walter Munster John Munn Arthur L. Valpey, Jr. Benjamin Werry Roy Whiteley Lee Widman SOPHOMORES Paul Brickley Tracy V. Buckwalter John B. Green Fred W. Luebke Francis MacDonald John Mulkey Vernon Poest Tom Reed John Highland Gilbert A. Runkel Alva Dale Rush Carlton S. Shier Row I Cound, Farrens, Seyfried, Conners, Johnson, Hunt, Redwine, Snow, Mann, Edgar Row II Gibson, Kelley, Runkel, Buckwalter, Luebke, T. Reed, Poest, McDonald, Mulkey, G. Valpey Row III DeFries, Rush, Wheeler, Christman, Whiteley, Highland, A. Valpey, Lawrence, Munn, Cook Row IV Werry, Dunlap, S. Lientz, M. Graham, Green, D. Graham, Widman, Cogger, Kramer, Shier Row V Evans, McKee, Hutchinson, Pryce, Swartout, J. Lientz, Manning, j. Reed, Good FRESHMEN Richard Conners Allen Cook John Cound Fred De Fries Frank Edgar |ohn Farrens Theodore Gibson lohn Hunt Donald Johnson Robert Juhl Tom Kelley Richard Mann John Redwine Fred Seyfried Grant Valpey Dean Snow 382 ALPHA DELTA PHI PENINSULAR CHAPTER Founded Hamilton College, 1832. Established 1846, 27 Active Chapters. UNDERGRADUATES SENIORS Robert Alexander Richard Coombs Richard C. Hershey Howard S. Holmes, Jr. Richard S. Joslin Sanford M. Ladd Homer C. Lathrop Richard M. Oliver James B. Talcott John H. Uhl Robert Burhans H. Reed Hartz JUNIORS Edward William Dean E. Richard Walter lohn M John E. Edward William Wavne William Walter C. D ' Aprix J. DeLancey Clidden C. Criggs L. Haskell, Jr. . Kollig Mills C. Stannard B. Warner E. White Wilson Myers SOPHOMORES Charles C. Bowen Russell H. Cole Horace W. Cilmore Russell W. Hook, Jr. Julian Kilman j. Edward Luders v Q Edward P. MrcKenzie l John M. Hamilton Bert D. Reedy Frank W. Spicer, Jr. Jay S. Stag William W. Widdicombe John D ' Arcy, Jr. Davis B. Allen Mike Chadwick Burc MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. M. Bates, Ph.D., LL.D., LL.B. W. H. Butts, Ph.D. J. S. Reeves, Ph.D., LL.B., LL.D. P. F. Weatherill, Ph.D. B. W. Wheeler, A.M. R D. Malcolm, M.S., M.D. Don Marshall, M.S., M.D. E. A. Hand, M.D. MEMBER IN CITY J. A. Inglis MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY John S. Howland Lawrence D. Smith Bruce L. Donaldson John L. Wierengo FRESHMEN Otto R. Becker Hal T. Benham Dan W. Bowen A. C. McCraw Carter James C. Everett, Jr. Lloyd M. Forster John K. Kleene Frank K. Mabley Earl V. Moore, Jr. William G. Parfet Thomas C. Tussing David J. Watson, Jr. Robert J. Winter Theodore T. Leonard, Fredrick H. Wagner Row I Tussing, Becker, Watson, Everett, Allen, D. Bowen, Carter, Mabley, Underdown R ow || Forrester, Kleene, Parfet, Winter, Leonard, Stagg, C. Bowen, D ' Arcy, Hamilton, Benham ROW III Widdecombe, Reedy, Cole, Cilmore, Mills, Kilman, MacKenzie, Spicer, Hook Row IV D ' Aprix, White, Haskell, DeLancey, Alexander, Aikens, Clidden, Stannard, Kollig, Warner ROW V Talcott, Uhl, Hartz, Burhans, Hershey, Ladd, Lathrop, Oliver, Coombs 383 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA ZETA CHAPTER Founded University of California, 1914. Established 1924, 10 Active Chapters. Dow V. Baxter, Ph.D. Harlan H. Bloomer, Ph.D. George G. Alder Karl H. Beck Justin ). Cline James C. Cook MEMBERS IN FACULTY Richard T. Liddicoat, B.S. Lawrence C. Maugh, M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY Louis C. Reimann MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Malcolm L. Denise Francis J. Dorner William W. Henderson Charles W. Zink Howard McClusky, Ph.D. Kenneth C. Pierce, M.D. Claude D. Sampson William G. Paine John H. Reifel J. Gordon Steele, Jr. Phillip N. Comins D. Jarivs Dean Robert L. Evans William M. Burroughs Roswell J. Campbell Thomas M. Buermann John S. Eisner Windsor T. Anderson John D. Austin SENIORS Earl H. Getkin Charles N. Haskins Robert C. Magee JUNIORS Ernest A. Jones O. Wallin Ladd Neil B. Macintosh SOPHOMORES John F. Johnson Arthur C. Oakes FRESHMEN Arthur L. Bennett John W. Goldsberry Joseph C. Vergho Robert S. Reinhart Robert R. Shirley George B. Wheeler, Jr. J. Robert Small Kermit M. Webb Charles O. Probst Wallace G. Wheeler Wimburn L. Wallace John A. Wilson Row I Wilson, Bennett, Wallace, Goldsberry, Austin, Anderson, Lentz Row II Zink, Oakes, Eisner, Johnson, Buermann, Probst, W. G. Wheeler R OW HI Ladd, Burroughs, Small, Webb, Dorner, Black, Macintosh Campbell, Maugh Row IV Comins, G. B. Wheeler, Haskins, Magee, Dean, Denise, Evans, Shirley ALPHA SIGMA PHI THETA CHAPTER Founded Yale University 1845. Established 1908. 33 Active Chap- ters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY William Brace, A.B.. M.D. J. F. Huber. A.M., M.D. C. P. Huber. A.M.. M.D. B. C. Oosterbaan. A.B. A. F. Shull. Ph.D. F. J. Sparrow F. B. Wahr. Ph.D. W. R. Brandemer J. N. Conlin MEMBERS IN CITY D. P. Hammeal R. H. Howard H. G. Raschbacher T. Wuerfel Lester D. Bartley Edward D. Be ynon Henry T. Conlin Malcolm ). Ellis Donald C. Branson Roland Crans Francis Anderson Stanley P. Anderson Melville L. Clark Howard R. Colby Harry Lindbloom Erwin Morse MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY SENIORS Richard R. Coldcamp Theodore F. Miller Ernest A. Pederson Cordon W. Roeglin JUNIORS Robert Hayes Robert H. Judson Robert McCloud SOPHOMORES M. Paul Cook John Luley Theodore Madden FRESHMAN Edward Parrish C. Dun-ell Simonds Howard Taft Harry Way Otto J. Wolfe Robert C. Morrell Max R. Stout Finn Olsen John Olsen Guy H. Pitts Carl Utnoff Fred Pearce Carl Wisner Row I Wisner, Lindbloom. Pearce, |. Olsen, Morse Row II Clarke, Maddon. Colby, S. Anderson, Luley, P. Cook, F. Anderson, Uthoff, F. Olson Row III Way, McCloud, Stout, Ellis, Branson, Caans, Judson, Taft Row IV Conlin, D. Cook, Pederson, Wolff. Beynon, Miller, Morrell, Simonds, Rogglin ALPHA TAU OMEGA MICHIGAN BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER Founded Virginia Military Institute College, 1865. Established 1888 Re-established 1904, 93 Chapters. David B. Andrews, M.S. Joseph H. Cannon, B.S. j. Allison, A.B. H. H. Riecher, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Herbert W. Emmerson, M.D. F. C. Rogers, U.S.A. Wilbur R. Humphreys, A.M. Lewis B. Simes, A.B., ).S.D. Lt.Col. MEMBERS IN CITY Milton A. Kendricks, A.B. Hugh Wellman, A.B. Steven Remias, A.B. ROW I Carle, Morgan, Maxwell, An- derson, Soucaze, T. Clarke, Slootmaker, Cutler, Ryan, Fle- ming, Knoblauch, H. Clark. ROW II Knapp, Clark, Warren, Krumm, Wyman, R. Wangelin, Fraser, Maltby, Brink, Lynner, Schuh, Weber. ROW III Meyer, Madden, Spaller, Shaw, Ironsides, Cibbs, Mac- Lean, D. Wangelin, Powers, Howard, Cillem, M. Norton. ROW IV Marsh, Stalter, Graham, W. Knapp, Edwards, Newhouse, Costello, Poxson, Mann, Mc- Neil, McCain. ROW V D. Fleming, Moore, Brandt, Sullivan, Gossard, Conrad, Spro- gel, Higj ;ns, )ones, Angle, Par- sons. Jeffries Benjamin, A.B. Ben Jacobs, A.B. Harold Klute, A.B. Charles Anderson George Carle Tom Clarke Arthur Cutler William Fleming Glenn Brink John Clark Franklin Edwards William Gabriel Edward Fraser Frank Gibbs Frank Howard John Costello Douglas Graham Wallace Knapp Ben Marsh John Angle William Black Arthur Brandt Harry Clark Stanley Conrad Spencer Fenton MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Walter C. McNeil, B.S. Elijah Poxson, A.B. Paul Runge, A.B. SENIORS Richard Knoblauch Russel Krumm George Maltby Sam Maxwell Burton Miller JUNIORS Donald Knapp Ian Ironside Edward Gillem Sigurd Lynner Wren MacLean Stephen Madden Oswald Powers SOPHOMORES ). Harlan McCain Neil Mann Jerome Newhouse David Poxson FRESHMAN David Fleming Lewis Garrison Peter Gossard Richard Higgins George Jones r-f 1 i.;t ;? i:M ft ' r I t f t - Richard Ryan, A.B. Clark Schell, A.B. Charles Yoakum, B.S. Morris Morgan Donald Patterson Ted Rosenlund Wilmarth Slootmaker Hdward Soucaze Richard Schaus William Shaw William Spaller Don Wangelin Richard Wangelin William Warren Crosby Wyman Charles Schuh Frank Sprogel Frederick Weber John Wood Hubert Jerome Martin Kenneth Meyet Russel Moore Roger Norton Richard Parsons Robert Sullivan BETA THETA PI LAMBDA CHAPTER Founded Miami University, 1839. Established 1845, 89 Chapters. E. W. Dow, A.E E. Beal J. E. Beal W. S. Clarkson MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. Goodrich, Ph.D. K. McMurry, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY R. A. Heaps C. McCallum F. Robbins, Ph.D. W. H. Wait M. H. Wheeler A. S. Whitney MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Campbell Andrews R. H. Cummings, A.B. S. Harrington E. R. Marshall R. Maxwell Phil McCallum John Montgomery Jim Morgan Bob Rouse Brad Tyrrell W. A. Warrick A. A. Webb John Barker Jesse Flick Robert Hemmingway SENIORS Robert Howell Stewart Johnson Thomas Mackey John R. Park lohn Seeley Calvin Stetson Fred Talcott Fred Boynton Fred Cashing Douglas Farmer Robert Ferries Robert Clidden JUNIORS Andros Guide Walter Harkins Russel Heyl Paul Kane Mendel Kitzmiller Phil Loomis William Loose John McDonald Edward Replogle John Wellington Richard Black Harry Caves Richard Cottle SOPHOMORES James Crawford lack Deering Ed Derby Robert Fuller Robert Griffin Pete Rennie Ben Wampler Julius Beers Al Conrath William Devereaux Robert Goodyear John Haigh FRESHMEN Brad Heyl Robert Johnson Lorenzo Jolly Harrison Lowrey C. Barton Myers Jack Rice Robert Straub Perry Tenney Lynn Townsend ROW I Loose, Cottle, Derby, Glid- den, Kane, Black. ROW II Harkins, Tyrell, Replogle, Farmer, McDonald, R. Heyl, Boynton, Loomis. ROW III , Gushing, Talcott, Park, See- ley, Johnson, Mackey, Flick, Howell, Stetson. ROW IV Wampler, Fuller, Beers, Ten- ney, Townsend, H. Heyl, Fer- ries, Guide. ROW V Myers, Conrath. R. Johnson, Jolly, Goodyear, Rice, Dever- eaux, Lowrey, Haigh. CHI PHI ALPHA TAU CHAPTER College of New Jersey (Princeton!. Established 1824, Re-established 1921. 34 Active Chapters. R. Bates, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. F. Blickle, Ph.D. R. B. Hall, Ph.D. L. Law, M.D. Dr. R. H. Bayley D. J. Bourg, A.B. W. W. Farr C. MacDonald ). B. Morgan A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY A. A. Heald B. W. Manwaring MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. H. Morgan, A.B. H. L Nigg, A.B. J. K. Polk, A.B. H. Rigterink, A.B. Dr. C. W. Strickler D. Shepherd, A.B. ). T. Spence, A.B. R. H. Trimby, A.B. C. B. White, A.B. Wayne A. Andreae George J. Andros Roswell J. Curtis, Jr. SENIORS Donald B. Effler William C. Forcey Herbert K. Leach John A. Mumford Robert B. Owen John P. Richardson Joseph T. Sinclair Albert B. Carlisle Walter C. Combs Robert M. Hammond George K. Harris Carleton B. Johnson JUNIORS John E. Moser Robert W. Procter, Jr. Wilbur E. Roberts John Henry Saemann John H. Seeley Henry J. Spieker John D. Staple, Jr. Stewart Van Keuren Stuart G. Wade Benjamin G. Bechtel Robert J. Canning Carleton R. Cummings John F. Droege Philip S. Durfee Richard E. Fox SOPHOMORES John E. Frost H. Stewart Fitch Charles H. McHugh William N. Mundy, III R. Alan Palmer Charles W. Pe ckinpaugh, H. Martin Peckover A. William Rhodes George E. Stone Harvey Wadsworth Walter H. Wendell, Jr. Glendon F. Swarthout Frank S. Black Randall F. Braun Dennis Flanagan John G. Goodell Thomas R. Hancock FRESHMEN Thomas G. Hutton Harland N. Jarvis |ohn M. Lorenzen Chester L. Meyers Harry K. Mulholland Edward D. North Robert H. Pepper Wallace B. Ratliff John D. Taylor, Jr. Perry A. Vaughan, Jr. Robert Windsor Row I North, Vaughan, Lorenzen, Mulholland, Windsor, Black, McHugh, Procter, Meyers, Roberts, Palmer, Hutton, Braun Row II Taylor, Frost, Wendell, Peckinpaugh, Droege, Bechtel, Rhodes, Wadsworth, Stone, Hancock, Ratliff Row III Jones, Flanagan, Fitch, Cummings, Carlisle, Seeley, Fox, Swarthout, Canning, Peckover, Jarvis Row IV Mundy, Combs, Staple, Saemann, Hammond, Johnson, Richardson, Van Kueren, Moser, Wade, Harris, Durfee Row V Rigterink, Andros, Curtis, Leach, Effler, Owen, Sinclair, Furst, Forcey, Andreae CHI PSI ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Founded Union College, 1841. Established 1 845, 25 Active Chapters. Waldo M Abbot, A.B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Robert E. Carson. A.B., M.A. Raymond Fisher, A.B. Lafayette Dow, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY C. H. McDonnell, A.B., M.D. Frederick S. Randall H. Seger Slifer, A.B., M.A., J.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Richmond S. Blake, A.B. Collins E. Brooks Robert M. Bums John S. Becker John L. Cochrane Lloyd C. McKay, Jr. Joseph F. Bartley, Jr. Robert H. Campbell Robert B. Dunn Waldo M. Abbot, Jr. Clement H. Barnes Edward I. Book James E. Brown Brooks Buderus John F. Cole, Jr. Harry B. Crawford Donald W. Dressel Raymond J. Fraser Norman L. Dewitt, A.B. George Y. Duffy, A.B. SENIORS William P. Oliver, Jr. John P. Orte, Jr. JUNIORS Edward J. Creenwald Bryan S. Moats John F. McLean, Jr. Donald A. Myers SOPHOMORES John H. Duxbury John F. Heinzelmann FRESHMEN Henry A. Houston, III Joseph W. Kennicott Robert W. King Fredrick Manning, Jr. Robert A. Palmer Alfred L. Perkins Larhrop Perkins, Jr. John C. Lillie, A.B. Crosvenor T. Root, A.B. John W. Warren John S. Palmer Ben Starr Thomas C. Sullivan Fletcher N. Platt Thomas Starr Benton Urmston Robert C. Isgrigg George L. McCain, Jr. James W. Rae Harry Rees, Jr. Chase O. Sanderson John A. Schoen Robert R. Smith Lawrence Vandenberg Hugh S. Wagner Row I Sanderson, Smith, Rae, Vandenberg, Shoen, Cole, Fraser, Brown Row II Rees, Kennicott, Manning, Dressel, Book, Buderus, King, B. Palmer, Houston Row III Isgrigg, Duxbury, N. McKay, McCain, Barnes, Crawford, Heinzelmann, A. Perkins Row IV Dunn, Urmston, Bartley, Campbell, Moats, Greenwald, T. Starr, Abbot Row V Platt, Becker, ). Palmer, Bartlett, Cochrane, L. McKay, Otte, Oliver, McLean f ' I Jlj m. - i II . . . , !w . - J I t I 1 t DELTA KAPPA EPSILON OMICRON CHAPTER Founded Yale, 1844. Established 1 855, 47 Active Chapters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. C. Angell, Ph.D. H. M. Erhmann, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY A. B. Connable H. S. Johnson F. H. Yost, Jr. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Robert E. Carson Robert H. Denham Joseph V. Fisher Alan S. Foust Bethel B. Kelly Charles C. Menefee Charlton A. Mewborn Earl Townsend, Jr. Phillip T. VanZile SENIORS Swift C. Corwin Chris Everhardus Robert A. Haass Donald E. Hillier Joseph M. Hinshaw Louis A. Renaud Frederick C. Stiles Chester M. Thalman JUNIORS Hiram N. Collins J. Frederick Colombo Arthur F. Harwood, Jr. Thomas E. McCann Leon H. Moore John F. Townsend C. Harold Wills, Jr. Row I Boucherle, Canfield, Darmstaetter, Delbridge, Davidson, VanName, Howard, Meyn, Savage, Hart, Osborn Row II Lindgren, Buchen, Weaver, Mitchel, Townsend, Hohman, Wise, Ratterman, Drysdale, Grace Row lolombo, Everhardus, Renaud, Thalman, Stiles, Corwin, Hinshaw, Wills, McCann SOPHOMORES Philip W. Buchen Malcolm G. Daniels David C. Drysdale Edward R. Grace, Jr. Charles G. Hohman Robert D. Lindgren William W. Mitchell Pat Ratterman Ben J. Weaver Harold C. Wilmarth, Jr. Harry D. Wise, Jr. FRESHMAN Charles H. Boucherle William B. Canfield Armin A. Darmstaetter, Wilbur S. Davidson William M. Delbridge James W. Grace Jerome F. Hart Guy Howard Richard E. Long Walter K. Mevn Chase S. Osbern Donald E. Savage Robert VanName 390 DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA CHAPTER Founded in Bethany College, 1858. Established 1 874, 74 Active Chapters. ' ' -! L ? SENIORS Louis Belden Frederick Buchanan Frederick Buesser Franklin Dannemiller Dan Hulgrave Walter Schaefer, Jr. Keith Tustison JUNIORS Mark Beach Murray Campbell Ned Emley Don Craves Freeman Lathrop Dale McAfee John Schaumberger lack Walker Burton Wellman SOPHOMORES Linden Albrecht Dan Belden Don Belden Vincent Butterly John Campbell Robert Christie Austin Censor William Cunderson William Hockett James Hollinshead Robert Homer William Hutton Fred Kintzer William Nimnicht Charles Parsons William Steytler, Jr. William Taft Jack Van Deusen Erie Whetsell William Warren Arthur Zuehlke FRESHMEN Cus DannemiMer Henry Dighton Jack Erickson Charles Hedges William Helmrich Ben Jones John McCallister Cus Miller Arthur Moss Howard Parker Robert Schellhase Donald Smathers Robert Stuhr Rudy Van Dyke Carl Wheeler MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. Alexander F. E. Bartell F. D. Curtis C. M. Davis F. M. Caige C. E. Cuthe J. L. Powers H. H. Willard L. J. Young MEMBERS IN CITY P. J. Bourroughs R. D. Cutting R. Fasquelle W. W. Florer A. J. Cillingham A. M. Highley C. P. McCallum F. L. Oakes S. Platt H. H. Smith MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY William F. Borgmann Guerdon D. Creenway Robert J. Henoch Lewis C. Kearns Robert B. Knight Wencel A. Neumann, Jr. William Nicolls Robert O. Northway Ansel B. Smith, Jr. T. Richard Shoupe Joseph A. Yager Row I Rumney, Miller, Dighton, McCallister, VanDyke, Hedges, A. Dannemiller, Erickson, Helmrich, Shaefer Row II Schellhase, Moss, Lathrop, Whetsell, Jones, Parker, Kintzer, Stuhr, Wheeler Row III Zuehlke, Beach, Butterly, Albrecht, VanDeusen, Parsons, Belden, McAfee, Hockett Row IV Horner, Christie, Censor, Nimnicht, D. Belden, Steytler, Hollinshead, Cunderson, Taft, Hutton Row V Walker, Campbell, Emley, Craves, L. Belden, F. Dannemiller, Buchanan, Tustison, Schaumberger, Neuman, Wellman 391 DELTA UPSILON MICHIGAN CHAPTER Founded Williams College, 1834. Established 1876, 61 Active Chanters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY O. W. Blackett, Ph.D. C. M. Bleekman, M.S.C. A. L. Cross, Ph.D. J. H. Drake, Ph.D., LL.D. W. B. Ford, Ph.D. W. F. Cook J. O. Bergelin E. B. Greene, Ph.D. S. B. Hadley, Ph.D. W. C. Hoad, A.B. C. A. Knudson, Jr., Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY A. E. Green E. J. Huntington H. W. Nichols K. Litzenberg, Ph.D. C. L. Meader, Ph.D. H. M. Randall, Ph.D. W. B. Shaw, A.B. F. B. Vedder, D.D.S. H. G. Prettyman D. W. Titus ROW I Livingston, Flynn, Adams, Lansdale, Thierwachter, Tread- well, M. Steere, Larson, Over- hoff, Smith. Harold G. Clayton Hugh B. Kuder MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Bertram H. Lebeis Roy A. Reabuck Joseph H. White Henry W. Gilfillan SENIORS William L. Schnorbach Harold A. Strickland Thomas H. Wagner James W. Barco Bruce W. Benedict Frederick A. Collins John E. Cornelius JUNIORS John R. Haven Hugh L. Hayward David B. Lansdale Richard A. May James D. Ritchie Frank W. Steere William S. Wilson Allen Andrews Charles D. Clark Urbane W. Hird SOPHOMORES William W. Lyman Richard F. Overhoff Loren D. Packer Robert H. Ritter John T. Thompson Arthur E. Warner Richard M. Adams Hugh H. Estes James H. Flynn FRESHMEN Douglas A. Larsen )ohn C. Larson Richard Livingstone Homer W. Smith Morris R. Steere Douglas W. Thierwechter Donald H. Treadwell ROW II Estes, Packer, Clark, Ritter, Lyman, Benedict, Hird, Thomp- son, D. Larson. ROW III Andrews, Warner, Collins, Ritchie, Hayward, Blass, May, Haven. ROW IV Wilson, Cornelius, Lebeis, Strickland, Gilfillan, Wagner, Barco, F. Steere, Schnorbach. HERMITAGE MICHIGAN CHAPTER Founded University of Michigan, 1907. Re-established 1917, 1 Chapter. R. W. Ackerman, A.M. R. W. Aigler, LL.B. F. C. Aldrich, B.A. James H. Hendley Guy S. Kaser MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. A. Baier, B. Mar. E. R. W. Cowden, M.A. L. M. Gram, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY Walter H. Powers L. Preuss, Ph.D. A. G. Ruthven, Ph.D. H. C. Sadler, Sc.D. Herbert M. Shaw LaVerne H. Taylor Ralph B. Baldwin Gordon H. Boylan MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Karl F. Jean Walter D. Pool Juan Rodriguez, Jr. Leo W. Walker John E. Burch Donald G. Davis Roy W. Jiannott Ernest A. Johnson SENIORS Lester R. Ingram A. Richard Meacham, Jr. Jose G. Moscoso Franklin A. Nelson Gordon E. Reynolds Gilbert S. Smith An ton i a Valles Ralph E. Becker JUNIORS Walter G. Cramer Charles F. Keen Robert L. Johnson SOPHOMORES Arthur S. Murray, Jr. John B. Saxton Charles L. Bowers FRESHMEN Harry Moscoso ROW I Keen, Ingram, Boylan, Bow- ers, Murray, Valles. ROW II Mascuruskus, Cramer, Beek- er, Moscoso, Saxton, Smith. ROW III Burch, Davis, E. Johnson, Meacham, Jiannott, Reynolds, R. Johnson. KAPPA DELTA RHO MU CHAPTER Founded Middlebury College, 1905. Established 1923, 19 Active Chap- ters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY B. A. DeCraff, A.M. L. M. Eich, Ph.D. F. L. Everett, Ph.D. E. A. Kleinschmidt, M.D. W. E. Lay, B.M.E. M. H. Williams, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY W. E. Badger, M.D. Grant Mickle S. F. Zuck MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Conrad E. Holben SENIORS James Badaluco John Badger S. Robert Bartnik Jack Elaine Robert Boynton Henry Linabury Waiter Moline John Sherman JUNIORS Robert Anthony Robert J. De Mund Fritz L. Radford Robert Van Nordstrand SOPHOMORES Earl Fields . Robert Huey William Parkinson Claire Paulson Harold Reiter David Smith Walter Van Hoek FRESHMEN John Bell Frank Haight Row I DeCraff, Badaluco, Van Nordstrand, Bell, Haight, Smith, Bartnik Row II Parkinson, Holben, Moline, Lay, Huey, Van Hoek, Everett Row III Blaine, Radford, Boynton, Badger, Fields, DeMund, Linabury 394 KAPPA NU MU CHAPTER Founded University of Rochester, 1911. Established 1919. 17 Active Chapters. SENIORS Donald Cohn Sheldon M. Ellis David Friedman Rubert J. Friedman Ardo M. Friend Norman L. Sharfman Bernard Weissman MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Milton Keiner. A.B. Milton Kramer, A.B. Robert Sloman. B.S.E. JUNIORS Philip Finkelstein Arnold Friedman Robert Harrison Murton Jacobs David Klein Lawrence Morse Alan Mittelman Norman Soodik Stephen Stone Seymour Weitzman SOPHOMORES Jerome Baron Fauman Nathaniel Holtzman Irving Isaacs Malcolm Levenson Louis Levine Sey mour Lubin Marvin Retder Seymour Rosenthal Bernard Rubiner Myron Wallace FRESHMEN Martin Frank -a-: - Cas- Alfred Glass Sanford Leff Harold Ossepow - - z 2 - : -. Robert Pollack Nathan Siegel Marvin Smith Herbert Sort Allen Waller Jack Weiner t t I t t ' rt ;ti ? f t f 3 Row I Weiner, Seigel, Waller, Ostrow, Sott, Glass, Leff, Pollack Row II Isaacs, Cast, Rubinar, Holtzman, Levine, Baron, Lubin Row III Friedman. Wallace, Levenson, Morse, Klein. Weitzman, Mittelman, Finkelstein Row IV Cohn, Weissman. Friend, Ellis, R. Friedman, Harrison, Soodik, Rosenman, Stone 395 KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA-ZETA CHAPTER Founded University of Virginia 1869. Established 1892, 108 Active Chap- ters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Allen Boyden, A.B., M.D. Rex E. Buxton, M.D. Ferdinand N. Menefee, C.E. Frederick W. Peterson, A.M. John M. Sheldon, B. S., M.D. Leon H. Strong, Ph.D. Arthur E. Wood, Ph.D. John B. Ames Harold J. Barnum Frank S. Carson MEMBERS IN CITY William C. Manchester Edward W. Meranda Maynard A. Newton Frederick Morns David E. Richardson Frank H. Stevens Elton E. Wieman James E. Cartwright )ames C. Hardyman MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Edmund K. Heitmann Alfred B. Koch William C. Stephens J. William Burke Walter Cline Robert L. Eckelberger SENIORS Russell Fisher Anwar Hasani Jack R. Merrill Robert F. Thomson Jack R. Stein Joseph Callouette Donald R. Creagan Mac A. Fuelber John Mack Griffith JUNIORS R. Sidney Jackson Harry D. Jolly Jack L. Keegan Lawerence B. Lackey Donald V. Marti John M. Miller C. David Roach William L. Smith Eugene C. Caldwell D. Paul Kingery SOPHOMORES Delbridge R. Lakin James A. Meese Robert P. Piotrowski Robert Smith Karl J. Wein J. Jeffries Pace FRESHMEN Jesse Anderson Ashburn Howard R. Stevens Leland C. Swart Row I Keegan, Piotrowski, Stevens, Creagan, Lackey, Eckelberger, Burke, Meese Row 1! Wein, Hasani, Lakin, Pace, Ashburn, Smith, Fuelber Row III Miller, Roach, Kingery, Jackson, Merrill, Marti, Griffith, Cline LAMBDA CHI ALPHA SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER Founded Boston University, 1909. Established 1913, 84 Active Chapters. Floyd N. Calhoon, M.S. Myron B. Chapin, Ph B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Ruel Churchill, Ph.D. James H. McBurney, Ph.D. Jesse Ormondroyd, A.B. William C. Smeaton, A.B. Clifford Woody, Ph.D. Rudolph I. Clary, M.D. Howard L. Fettes MEMBERS IN CITY Paul Gibson, Ph.D. Richard Gustine, A.B. John Kagey Lawrence W. Prakken, B.S. Thomas U. Abele. A.B. William F. Luce, M.S.E. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Frederick R. Matson, M.S. Paul L. Proud, B.S.E. Joseph F. Sahlmark, B.S. Wilfred J. Smith, B.S. Merrel Taylor, A.B. Ronald E. Hayes Edward James Charles Kocsis Edmund Andronik Charles W. Barkdull Rodgers A. Bradley Edward F. Bruna Edward W. Foote Roger Blake Morgan Gibbs Howard Becker William Hope SENIORS Robert McKinven, Jr. Charles F. Parker, Jr. Donald W. Schneider Chester P. Shelly JUNIORS Frank C. MacTeman Leslie McCraith Lawrence I. McKay W. Jack MacLeod, Jr. Julius T. Schmitt SOPHOMORES Richard Knowe Maurice McAuley FRESHMEN Frederick L ' nschid Daniel Moulton William S. Struve Arthur W. Tyler Arthur A. Whiting, Jr. Roland Simmons Hanley Staley Robert Townsend Walter J. True, Jr. Everett C. Vallin Elmer Schloot Charles C. Wolf Roy Neff, Jr. Charles W. Newman Row I Wolf, Becker, Linscheid. McCraith, Neff, Knowe, Moulton, Hope, Newman, Gibbs Row II MacLeod, Schloot, Taylor, Barkdull, McKay, Townsend, Staley, Simmons, Foote Row III James, Schmitt, MacTernan, Andronik, True, Bradley, Bruna, Luce Row IV Struve, Tyler, McKinven. Shelly, Whiting, Parker, Kocsis, Schneider, Hayes SlW ' ifei ! PHI ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded University of Michigan 1929. Dr. P. Dirkse D. Boelkins K. Koster C. Bontekoe MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. C. Kemink G. W. Mulder MEMBERS IN CITY W. Rypkema MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Dr. E. Welmers C. Van Noord C. Van Tamelin C. Kooistra H. Daverman J. Daverman SENIORS C. De Vries C. Van Loo H. Fles J. Jeltes H. Andree JUNIORS A. Bulthuis R. Paalman M. Slagh O. Bolt R. Blocksma S. Buist C. De Boer W. De Vries FRESHMEN C. Kelly R. Marlink E. Peters E. Postma R. Sieswerda L. Van Ess J. Vroon P. Westra ROW 1 Buist, Vroon, C. DeVries, Marlink, Westra, Van Ess, Bul- thuis. ROW II Shuyter, Postma, Wm. De- Vries, Bolt, Peters, Sieswerda, Bontekoe. ROW III DeBoer, Blocksma, Koster, Paalman, ). Daverman, Andree, Slagh, Van Loo. ROW IV Kemmink, Rypkema, Fles, VanNoord, Mulder, Kooistra, Boelkins, Jeltes, H. Daverman. f J I f I I f " Iff t f f PHI BETA DELTA OMICRON CHAPTER Founded Columbia University, 1912. Established 1921. Harold Cinsburg Jim Cohen MEMBERS IN CITY Bernard L. Hirsch MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY SENIORS Milton London Joel Newman Len Oberman Wilbur Alderman Julian Barish David Borin Harold Brown JUNIORS Arthur Cohen H. Lee Cohodes Herman Fishman David Grant Robert P. Nirenberg Harry Nayer Daniel Siegel Maurice L. Abramovitz SOPHOMORES Irving Bauer Irving Levine Seymour Ellman Murray Massin FRESHMEN Richard Oppenheim Martin Rudman Ernest Sal wen Charles Shmuveis ROW I Cohodes, Bartz, Siegel, Al- derman, Grant, Borin, Hirsh, Brown. ROW II Wirenberg, A. Cohen, Lon- don, J. Cohen, Oberman, Ba- rish, Nayer. ROW III Rudman, Salwen, Bauer, Massin, Ellman, Schneeweis, Levine, Abramovitz. PHI DELTA THETA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded Miami University 1848. Established 1864, 105 Active Chapters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY P. S. Barker, A.B., M.D. D. Crary, A.B. H. C. Kipke, A.B. E. V. Moore, A.B., D.Mus. D. Pomeroy, A.B. H. A. Sanders, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY Edward French Hugh Beebe MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Edward Begle Boyd Bolitho Charles Klein Frank Masters Harry McCavran Edward Shumaker Francis Wistert Row I C. Jones, Welliott, Kelley, White, McNicholas, Tobin, F. Wassell, Philbrick, Cox, Frye, Taylor Row II Newton, Rhed, Brown, Woodworth, Bowles, Clark, Yantis, Martin, Stewart, Laux Row III Splanger, Purdy, Davis, Smithers, H. Wassell, Biggar, Maxwell, Brindel, D. ]oncs, Cooper, Adams Row IV Trebilcock, Brewer, Lloyd, Charlton, Houghton, Weisert, Keeler, Barassa, Hoffman, Peterson Row V Mavis, Hurn, Ross, Williams, Church, Saundss, Wohlgemuth, Lowe, Hildebrandt 400 SENIORS Fred Charlton Harrison Church John Hildebrandt William Houghton David Hunn Paul Keeler Larry Lloyd Reed Low Richard Mavis Martin Newcomer Arthur Ross Allen Saunders Robert Weisert Harrison Williams Edward Wohlgemuth JUNIORS Lawrence Barasa Edward Biggar Donald Brewer Robert Brindel Robert Cooper Walter Davis, Jr. Louis Hoffman Dan Jones Gregory Maxwell Tom Peterson John Smithers William Trebilcock Harry Wassell Dolas White SOPHOMORES Gene Bowles Bailey Brown James Clark Robert Frye Roy Heath Curtis Jones Donald Kelley John Laux Jack Lobb Robert Martin Larry Newton Bruce Purdy Leland Rhed John Stewart Phillip Woodworth John Yantis FRESHMEN Tom Adams, Jr. Jack Bensley Stanley Cox William Elliot Jack Lutin James McNicholas Robert M ; x Edward Philbrick Robert Pope Arthur Sherman Ted Spangler Dekle Taylor Richard Tobin Frank Wassell PHI EPSILON PI ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Founded C. C, N. Y.. 1904. Established 1921, 32 Active Chapters. SENIORS Cordon K. Cohn Louis M. Goldsmith Shirrel Kasle Stewart Orton David A. Schiffer Stanley A. Joffe Robert J. Fischgrund MEMBER IN FACULTY Dr. Jerome Conn MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY James K. Davis Alexander H. Hirschfeld George W. Lurie JUNIORS Robert L. Frank Thomas B. Friedman Marvin Kay L. John May Richard L. Stone David A. Straus SOPHOMORES Joseph D. Haas James P. Levy Maurice Market Sol Rosenbaum David R. Weinstock Nathan Goldstein. II FRESHMEN Warren Brock Donald Freiberg Don Gelbard Emanuel Knobloch Lester Markel Bert Michael Leonard Newman Walter Pritz Row I Knobloch, Newman, Freiberg, Michael, Brock, L. Markel, Pritz Row II Haas, N. Markel, Weinstock, Goldstein, Rosenbaum, Levy, Gelbard Row III May, Frank, Friedman, Stone, Straus, Kay Row IV Schiffer, Goldsmith, Kasle. Cohn, Fischgrund, Joffe, Orton 401 PHI GAMMA DELTA ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Founded Jefferson College 1 848. Established 1885, 73 Active Chapters ). R. Hay den J. N. Lincoln, Ph.D. C. F. Meyers, Ph.D. H. W. Miller, M.E. R. W. Babcock W. T. Buchanon F. C. Cadwell C. A. Cave MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. B. Rea, A.B. H. E. Riggs, C.E. H. C. Sadler, C.Sc. MEMBERS IN CITY L. L. Forsythe H. H. Magoon F. P. McClellan W. D. Peterson S. W. Smith, A.M. C. Sturgis, M.D. E. R. Sunderland, LL.D. C. S. Yoakum, Ph.D. C. Rayburn C. A. Smith H. H. Upton J. A. Woodburn MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Thomas W. Breen, A.B. Guy C. Conkle, A.B. Fredrick E. Densmore, A.B. Richard Erlewine, B.S. George S. Harris, A.B. William Hunter ]ames M. Lambie, A.B. Warren H. Mayo, A.B. William McFate, A.B. lames R. McCollum, A.B. Phillip Mitchell, A.B. Ladimar J. Moudry, A.B. Myron Hawley Thomas Hill )ack K. Pedigo, A.B. Alfred H. Plummer, A.B. Louis Staudt, A.B. John Stokely, A.B. Jerry C. Barker George H. Borneman H. Jordan Cawthra Robert S. Bradley Charles E. Darling Robert Elliot Edward P. Goodrich SENIORS Burton L. Coffee T. Harrington Kinkead JUNIORS James B. Henderson William C. Knecht Robert Lindsey John E. McFate Glen B. Morse Allen H. Meisenheimer Lawrence M. Sorenson E. Sedgwich Stagg Robert C. Mueller E. Arnold Southard W. Waddington Spain John C. Thorn Robert Angley John C. Brennan Harvey W. Clarke Charles W. Crowe Howard Egert SOPHOMORES Ralph L. Gedeon Robert R. Holt William Horan William Jewitt Forrest Jordan William Layhe Hamilton Morris Walter Peckinpaugh John A. Rinek George D. Seymour John C. Appleton E. Mac Campbell John T. Gelder John R. Hulbert FRESHMEN Norman E. Kewley Jack G. Knecht James McCracken Edward O ' Connell Matthew T. Rea Lynn C. Riess Larry W. Rinek Stanley M. Swinton A. Burgess Vial Row I O ' Connell, L. Rinek, Vial, Appleton, J. Knecht, Brennan, Gelder Row II Swinton, Campbell, McCracken, Spain, Irish, Horan, Layhe, Crowe Row III Elliot, Holt, H. Morris, Hewley, Egert, Rea, Hulbert, Seymour, Clarke Row IV Lindsey, Angley, Jewitt, Gideon, Peckinpaugh, Southard, Jordan, G. Morris, Erlewine, Henderson Row V Darling, B. Knecht, McFate, Coffee, Mueller, Thorn, Borneman, Meisenheimer, Sorenson, Barker, Bradley PHI KAPPA PSI ALPHA CHAPTER Founded Jefferson College 1852. Established 1876, 52 Active Chapters. R. C. Adams. Ph.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. B. Calderwood, Ph.D. E. H. Kraus, Ph.D., Sc.D. W. C. Trow, Ph.D H. E. Covert P. R. Kempf MEMBERS IN CITY M. Oliphant N. Rogers R. J. Patton H. E. Wilson David Barnett Clayton Brelsford Harry Brelsford James Briegel Fred Cody Benjamin Cox Edmond DeVine UNDERGRADUATES SENIORS Carl Fischer Robert Sankey T. K. Fisher Theorn Gifford William Griffiths Charles Haynes John Russell James Walker Robert B. Brown William Jewell |ohn McKee Roy Patterson Charles Payton James Adams Charles Gray Walter Jensen David Blue Gene Cooke Ralph DuBois John Getz William Farnsworth Birum Campbell Robert Barnes Henry Barnett Jack Detwiler Russel Dobson JUNIORS Bud Lundahl Stevens Mason David Rank SOPHOMORES Ross Faulkner James Harper Robert Harris Robert Morgan John Parker FRESHMEN David Corlett Carl Franke Jack Holden Richard Hughey Richard Erwin Charles James, Jr. Fred Schwarze William Whitehead George Zapp Charles C. Patton James Sargent judd Spray, Jr. jay Sorge Eugene Shutts Robert George Howard Weber Ellis Wunsch Paul Strickland Ralph Zimmerman, Jr. Row I Schutts, Weber, George, Hughey, Barnes, Irwin, Franke Row I Gray. Parker. Corlett, Harris, Farnsworth, Sargent, James. Detwiler Row III Schwarze, Mason, Getz, Cooke, Patton, Faulkner, Harper, Morgan, DuBois Row IV Zapp, Strickland, Blue, Cody, Shinar, Moriarity, Walker, Whitehead, Lundahl, Jensen, Adams Row V Fischer, Jewell, McKee, Haynes, Gifford, Payton, Cox, Sankey, Griffiths, Devine, Barnett. Patterson PHI KAPPA SIGMA ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER Founded University of Pennsylvania 1850. Established 1905, 41 Active Chapters. ). L. Brumm, M.A. H. A. Kenyon, M.A. MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. A. McLaughlin, A.B. E. D. Mitchell, A.B. P. C. Samson, M.D. H. R. Breniser W. F. Brown, Jr. David Dow, A.B. Jo B. Gardner, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY W. Cooper E. Cress H. L. Lepard, Jr. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C. H. Cowen, Jr., D.D.S. J. R. Meadows P. Van Boven C. A. Manchester, A.B. R. C. May S. Winfield Bush James Graham John A. Gee, Jr. SENIORS C. Bruce Kelley Robert Krieghoff Frank J. Simes Ralph E. Smith Winton Smith Ernest Wakefield William Barclay Charles Brooks, Jr. Allen M. Crewson Clarence Eldridge, Jr. John Thomas Guernsey JUNIORS Ernest Huff William Krieghoff Frank Lapick William R. Mann Robert Mansfield George Marzoni Francis X. Meier, Jr. Reidar Norbom William Parsons Horace Pinney Robert Archer Arthur Bartholomew James Boozer Harry Hart SOPHOMORES Frank Huseman Frederick Janke Guy Nelson James Nichols Lynn Parker, Jr. Edward Phillips, Jr. Franklin Shull ROW I R. Smith, Williams, Thalner, W. Kreighoff, Schulte, Clapp, Penvenne, Cortney, L an g, Gordy. Roger Clapp Thomas Courtney David Cushing FRESHMEN Philip Gordy William Hawley Mai Lang Paul Penvenne John Schulte Robert Thalner Joel S. Williams ROW II Baldwin, Phillips, Parker, Cushing, Hart, Archer, Shull, Hawley, Boozer, Nelson, Bar- tholomew. ROW III Huff, Eldredge, Crewson, Mann, Pinney, Norbom, Meier, Nichols, Parsons, Mansfield, Lapick, Reinheimer. ROW IV Guernsey, Osgood, Smith, Gee, Bush, Graham, R. Kreig- hoff, Kelley, Wakefield, Brooks. PHI KAPPA TAU TAU CHAPTER Founded Miami University, March 17, 1906. Established 1922, 41 Active Chapters. Matt Mann MEMBERS IN FACULTY Prof. A. Marin Frank Mickle Prof. A. Morris W. Blome N. Chambers V. Christensen F. Heller A. Bach j. Becker C. Kennedy MEMBERS IN CITY S. Lukens D. Pierce F. Ronan MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C. Lyle C. Murray A. Smith A. Stoll O. Todd R. Wikle C. Pender C. Robinson B. Stymes Howard Carroll Cordon Colbers Hillary Everson SENIORS George Frank Robert Osgood Paul Pinkerton Donald Ralston Philip Wagner Frank Carstens Wilson Hardleben JUNIORS Richard Jay Harry Morris Carlton Sherburne Joseph Tate Clarence Hamilton William Jacobs Jack McAlister SOPHOMORES Frank Rote Walter Scholes Herbert Spiller William Staehle Homer Williams William Barr Stanley Kelly Douglas Morgan FRESHMEN Joseph Mulhiem Loren Parliament John Sherburne Wynne Steuernole Richard Weatherston Arthur Wood ROW I Weatherston. Barr, Kelley, Woods, McAllister, J. Sher- burne, Morgan. ROW II Pender, Becker, Lyle, Hardle- ben, Jacobs, H. Morris, Rote, Scholes, Ronan. ROW HI Carstens. Jay, Colberg, Frank, Murray, Williams, C. Sherburne, Tate. ROW IV Osgood, Carroll, Mickle. A. Morris, Ralston, Mann, Robin- son, Pinkerton, Wagner. PHI SIGMA DELTA ETA CHAPTER Founded Columbia, November, 1909. Established December, 1916; 20 Ac- tive Chapters. MEMBER IN FACULTY Milton S. Coldhamer, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY I. J. Mauser, B.A., M.D. M. J. Mauser, B.A., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Samuel Lipsky, B.S. SENIORS Seymour Golden Loren Kadet Emanuel Klein Alex Marion Sidney Stiegel Gilbert Tilles JUNIORS Howard Ark Charles Aronsohn Samuel Charin Manuel Fertman Maurice Gaines Edward Ginsberg Eugene Greenberg Jack Herman Richard Klein Herman Lohman Joseph Nellis Manuel Slavin Kalman Small iff I. S | Row I Brandt, Allen, Grant, Goldman, Ubvitch, Siegelman, Wolin, Wagner, Lesser, Rosenberg Row II Roth, Busch, Ginsberg, Wiener, Stein, Levine, Kopel, Hecht, Fertman Row III Nellis, R. Klein, Slavin, Gaines, Ark, Greenberg, Aronsohn, Herman, Small Row IV Braun, Golden, Marion, Stiegel, Kadst, E. Klein, Tilles, E. Ginsberg, Lohman, Charin SOPHOMORES Stanley Busch Emanuel Hecht Hugh Kopel Leonard Siegelman Martin Wiener FRESHMEN Lawrence Allen Leonard Brandt Leslie Cohen Myron Daniels Martin Dworkis Sidney Ginsberg Harold Goldman Samuel Grant Jack Kallas Lester Levine Norman Rosenberg Daniel Wagner Jack Wolin 406 PHI SIGMA KAPPA DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER Founded Mass. State College March 13, 1873. Established Feb. 27, 1915. 52 Active Chapters. SENIORS Charles L. Block Milton H. Campbell John A. Freese Richard C. Hardenbrook Joseph L. Karpinski Dixon M. Lathrop Frederick S. Magnusson James C. McAnulty JUNIORS Oscar E. Findling Paul H. Henning Ned A. Kilmer Donald L. MacNab Lee F. Moore Albert W. Richer Arthur J. Ricker William Scholz Frederick F. Yunck MEMBERS IN FACULTY P. H. Jeserich. D.D.S. R. D. Thompson, B.S.E. H. C. Waller, M.D. A. H. White, B.S.E. MEMBERS IN CITY W. P. Comstack C. O. Creal E. C. Fingerle C. O. White MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ross A. Beaumont, A.B. Peter S. Boter, A.B. Henry E. Halladay, A.B. Fred Jones, A.B. John L Marley Clark E Teegarden Russell T. Walker, A.B. SOPHOMORES Harold M. Adler LaVerne T. Bums Richard D. Faulkner Fred L. Kemp Randall S. Reynolds Harold A. Tubbs Erwin D. Ward L. Rodman Whitford FRESHMEN Einar Almdale Douglas Barrett George Bretzlaff John Bookout Albert Chadwick Willis Fos James Fromm James MacDonald Richard Morin Henry Stringfellow Row I Bretzlaff, MacDonald, Stringfellow. Bookout, Almdale Row II Fromm, Whitford, Burns, Reynolds, Adler, Ward, Yunck, Morin Row III Kilmer, Findling, Al Ricker. Faulkner, Art Ricker, Henning, Moore Row IV McAnulty, Magnusson, Freese, Block, Marcero, Haidenbrook, Beaumont, Karpinski 407 PI LAMBDA PHI EPSILON CHAPTER Founded Yale University, 1 895. Established 1913, 18 Active Chap- ters. Edward Bigg, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Philip Jay, D.D.S. Reuben L. Kahn, Sc.D. Louis L. Avner, A.B. Howard J. Brett Sidney Finger, Jr. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Benjamin K. Harris Arthur P. Keller, A.B. Robert J. Kositchek, B.S. William L. Soboroff Howard L. Wolton, A.B. Morton R. Mann SENIORS Alfred I. Ribnick Jay S. Bresler Cyrus K. Elkes Richard M. Fischer JUNIORS Robert I. Goldstine Loren Greenblatt Irving A. Mathews Richard M. Samuels Dan J. Wiener William F. Wolfner, I Burton R. Benjamin Earl Brenn Robert L. David SOPHOMORES Louis H. Goldman Maurice E. Hoffman John H. Mitchell Bernard R. Schweid Paul Soboroff Robert Berris Leonard Eastman Byron Cerson Joseph Goldberg Louis Grossman FRESHMEN Howard Kopel Lester Koploy Aaron Lipsker Clifford Livingston Mitchell Mandeberg Ellis Marcus Peter Morse Eugene Strauss Robert Weinberger Row I Kopel, Morse, Mandeberg, Strauss, Weinberger, Lipsker, Koploy, Berris, Livingston, Grossman Row II Cerson, Brenn, Schweid, Benjamin, Mitchell, P. Soboroff, Hoffman, David, Eastman Row III Goldman, Bresler, Fischer, Goldstine, Samuels, Mathews, Wolfner, Elkes Row IV Greenblatt, Brett, Harris, W. Soboroff, Ribnick, Mann, Avner, Kositchek, Hausman PSI UPSILON PHI CHAPTER Founded Union College, November 24, 1833. Established January 26, 1865, 27 Ac- tive Chapters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Henry F. Adams, Ph.D. George C. Brown, Ph.D. Samuel F. Dana, M.F., Sc.D. Sprague Gardiner, M.D. Frank Lyman, M.D. George Meyer, M.A. William Newcomb, M.D. George M. Stanley, Ph.D. Allan Seeger, M.A. E. B. Barrett C. W. Graham C. E. Irvin MEMBERS IN CITY V. H. Lane D. D. Loree C. Mack N. S. Potter F. B. Riggs F. R. Waldron MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Reginald Barnes Alexander McPherson John Schaberg Robert Langford Nathan Munro Stanley Smoyer Richard Lorch Charles Newton John Walker Herbert Baker Kent Bradford SENIORS Robert Dai ley Phillip Haughey Edward Perkins Charles Penzel John Dalton William Guthrie Russell Holmes James Kingsley JUNIORS William Lord, Jr. Robert Miller John Phelps Stark Ritchie John Sanders Joseph Walsh Thomas Watkins Roderick Webster Sanford White Henry Adams Charles Coe Charles Evans, Jr. William Everhard, Jr. SOPHOMORES Edwin Hoagland, Jr. Everett Houghton Richard Kurtz Robert Mitchell Joseph Osburn, Jr. Bradley Palmer Marshall Rogers, Jr. Phillips Whittemore William Wood Dwight Adams Donald Barnes Martin Brown John Chapman Frank Conway FRESHMEN James Hammond David Haughey Paul Keller, Jr. Arthur Kleinschmit, Jr. Roger Long Carl Macpherson, Jr. Newell McCabe Norman Parker, Jr. Samuel Perry Ganson Taggart Charles White Row I Conway Long, McCabe, Keller, Brown, A. Adams, Hammond, Macpherson Row II Taggart, Kleinschmit, Barnes, Parker, D. Haughey, White, Perry, Chapman Row III Rogers, Hoagland, Mitchell, Evans, H. Adams, Coe, Osburn, Wood, Whittemore Row IV Palmer, Holmes. Ritchie, Walsh, Sanders, Guthrie, Webster, Kurtz Row V Watkins, Lord, Bradford, Baker, Penzel, P. Haughey, Dailey, Perkins, Miller SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON IOTA BETA CHAPTER Founded University of Alabama 1856. Established 1889, 110 Active Chapters. ROW I Vandenberg, Brickley, Cam, Anderson, Hinckley, Kingsbury, Ciller. K. E. Fisher MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. D. Moore, M.Sc. (E.E.) C. Olmstead, B.Sc. D. M. Reed, A.B., M.A. A. S. Barr, M.D. E. Gushing, A.B. Hayatt Hagan Edward Lucius Henry H. Alexander, Jr. William F. Beck MEMBERS IN CITY O. H. Hans, A.B. J. S. Meyers, A.B. E. B. Potter, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Allyn Miller Ludwell Pierce Wayne H. Stewart SENIORS L. John Call Walter P. Sullivan James H. Wiles Frank W. Person Flint C. Watt Stanley C. Cox Robert D. Campbell |. Frazier Ciller JUNIORS William S. Karstens Hudson R. Tourtellot Harold Twyman Charles K. Van Winkle Paul E. Yergens Robert A. Emmett Harold L. Cam David L. Ciller James F. Godfrey Nelson W. Green Karl Kuehne SOPHOMORES Charles E. Laitsch Alexander D. McConnell Fred W. McCracken, Jr. William McDowell, Jr. George Maurer James Mebane Robert E. Moffatt Charleton W. Ray William J. Small, Jr. Robert Smith George W. Trendle, Jr. Carl A. Viehe William B. Wreford John Anderson Victor Chervin Nickerson Hinkley FRESHMEN George Kingsbury |ohn Kinsey James Meadows Lawrence Thomas Robert Vandenburg Redfield Zittle ROW 2 Meadows, Maurer, Green, Emmett, McConnel, Keuhne, Viehe, Mebane. ROW III Trendle, Wreford, Ray, God- frey, Twyman, McCracken, Smith, Moffatt. ROW IV Yergens, Call, Tourtellot, Beck, Watt, Alexander, Laitsch, Person, VanWinkle. SIGMA ALPHA MU SIGMA IOTA CHAPTER Founded C. C. N. Y., 1909. Established 1923, 35 Active Chapters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Harry Rothbard, M.D. M. M. Alexander A. Friedman MEMBERS IN CITY Harold Goldman MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. H. Gass M. E. Green W. J. Isaacson L. Meyer M. Rosenberg Melvin Barnett Charles Brandman Jerome Dick SENIORS Irving Edelberg Jesse Garber Raymond Goodman Arnold Gross Jerome Harris Howard Stein E. Bryce Alpern Leonard Bielfield Wallace Green Stuart Hirshberg JUNIORS S. Leonard Kasle Edwin Kessler Samuel Krugliak Richard Sidder Norman Steinberg Leonard Stern Sumner Willens Harry Block, Jr. Charles Colman Leo Klar SOPHOMORES Robert Platt Eliot Robinson Dexter Rosen Seymour Rudolph Marshall Sampson Richard Cohen Herbert Piaster Max Goldman, Jr. David Goldring FRESHMEN Raymond Kempner Arnold Kirshen Richard Levy Stanford Linde Peter Tucker, Jr. Kenneth Wax J. Robert Worms ROW I Kemper, Rosen, Tucker, Wax, Linde, Cohen, Goldman, Worms, Kirshen, Plaster. ROW II R. Levy, W. Levy, Robinson, C. Colman, Platt, Sampson, A. Colman, Rudolph, Feather, Goldring. f ft. t ' ff ROW III Steinberg. D. Stein, Green, Sidder, Hirshberg. Willens, Kessler. Kasle, Stern. ROW IV Alexander, Barnett, Good- man, Dick, Krugliak, Alpern, Harris, Stein, Edelberg, Brand- man. SIGMA CH THETA THETA CHAPTER Founded Miami University, June 28, 1855. Established 1877, 97 Active Chap- ters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Anderson, B.M.E. Courtright, A.B. H. C. R. O. L. M. Cram, B.S. C. A. Powell, E.E., M.S. J. S. Worley, M.S., C.E. F. H. Yost, LL.D. MEMBERS IN CITY P. F. Icerman J. C. Jenkins C. D. Keim F. M. Martin T. R. Peirsol R. D. Reekie W. D. Robinson L. T. Schaefer C. H. Smith A. C. Wilkinson S. B. Winslow MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Thomas D. Baldwin James E. Black Dave D. DeWeese John S. Halstead Elwood M. Morgan Robert E. Porkin Paul W. Philips Norman F. Smith Wheaton L. Strom Robert O. Thomas Row I Shields, Scoville, Long, Basse, Fehsenfeld, Dress, J. Cooper, Raab, Brink, Wilson Row II Schoetz, Phares, Bell, Cannon, Sherrill, Mason, Tremper, Dale, Bash Row III Forbes, Collins, J. Bulkeley, Wilkinson, L. Bulkeley, Nagel, Ireland, Bohn, Denyes Row IV Anderson, Smith-, Stuart, C. Phares, Cibbs, McCraken, Hinckley, Rader, ). Custafson, Harris Row V Brown, Coursey, Boyle, Strickland, F. Custafson, Morrow, Ellis, Cosper, Craper, Bittman, Harrington SENIORS Lyman W. Bittman Edward H. Boyle James M. Brown Robert O. Eberbach George W. Cosper John P. Coursey Joseph O. Ellis Robert E. Craper Floyd C. Custafson Franklin C. Harrington Earl E. Morrow W. Lloyd Strickland JUNIORS William F. Anderson Lewis E. Bulkeley Richard L. Croushore Herbert J. Cibbs Jack R. Custafson John F. Harris John P. Hinckley Donald D. McCracken William R. Nagel Gilbert K. Phares Hugh H. Rader Coff Smith Robert A. Stuart SOPHOMORES Wallace E. Bash John W. Bohn John G. Bulkeley Bruce L. Campbell George H. Cannon John W. Collins Donald R. Cooper Robert B. Curren David E. Dale Harry M. Denyes Bruce C. Forbes William R. Hall James R. Ireland Max C. Schoetz Edward C. Stanton Lloyd E. Tremper Frank R. Wilkinson Earl B. Wilson FRESHMEN Charles E. Bell William 0. Brink Irvin A. Busse Donald A. Cash Jack E. Cooper John E. Fehsenfeld John S. Heil Dair N. Long Charles F. Mason William S. Newkirk Philip E. Newman Donald W. Page Thomas K. Phares William F. Pioch Donald O. Press Robert C. Raab Walter A. Scoville Jack Sherrill Bernard C. Shields 412 SIGMA NU GAMMA NU CHAPTER Founded Virginia Military Inst., 1869. Established 1 902. 98 Active Chapters. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. B. Bassett C. C. Beard W. F. Brackel P. H. Ellemen F. Goudie G. M. Holmes B. A. Smith SENIORS Boyd Allen William Bates Ralph Boehnke Robert Bunce Frank Burns Fred H. Delano Ogden Dwight Robert G. Ewell jack Sinn Robert Stagg MEMBERS IN FACULTY l_ J. Carr, Ph.D. C. C. Craig, Ph.D. E. R. Isbell, Ph.D. B. Meinecke, Ph.D. R. W. Noyes. M.S. S. Peterson, Ph.D. H. M. Pollard, M.D. W. C. Rufus, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY T. W. Bywaters R. T. Dobson C. E. Frisinger R. L. Hawkins D. j. McLean E. R. Murbach H. C. Rufus W. G. Swarts R. H. Upson W. C. Waltz G. S. Watkins R. M. West JUNIORS John Adams Rowland Bolton Richard Donaldson Robert Hendricks Charles Killins John Livingston Richard Sinn SOPHOMORES William Archer Lester Linsz Charles Stuart FRESHMEN David Alrick John Andrews William Carlisle Sabin Crocker Henry Walters Row I Boyce, Stagg. Allen, Bunce, Burns, Altick Row II Archer, J. Livingston, Walters, Crocker, Carlisle, Adams Row III Boejnke, DeLano. Hendricks. Stuart, Andrews, Bassett, Donaldson Row IV Linsz, Goudie, Ewell, Bates, Dwight, D. Sinn, Killens, J. Sinn 413 SIGMA PHI ALPHA OF MICHIGAN CHAPTER Founded Union College 1827. Established 1857, 1 Active Chapters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Luther C. Carpenter, M.D. Dean Emeritus Mortimer E. Cooley Gilbert M. Bursley MEMBERS IN CITY Egmont C. Hildner Dewitt Clinton Millen Brackley C. Shaw Olaf P. Bergelin Harry M. Blackburn MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Andrew Howell Charles N. Hoyt Robert R. Seaman Leonard D. Verdier Clinton B. Conger Howard R. Davidson Robert F. Laitner SENIORS Cerdric E. Marsh Rudolf C. Rieder Stanley P. See Miller G. Sherwood Ray L. Spitzley Willis H. Tomlinson Roe Duke Watson William F. Aigler Richard E. Babcock William T. Bourke Sanford W. Farrell JUNIORS J. Richard Kendrick Walter I. Li I lie Joseph S. Mattes Ferrill Newman James Robinson Joseph H. Spitzley Edward M. Watson Jack Blackburn Harold E. Davidson Alfred G. Ellick, Jr. Douglas A. Hayes SOPHOMORES Charles N. Jacobson Newton H. Ketcham Lome H. Meisel William I. Mills William L. Newman Robert A. Reid Rufus H. Roys James B. Talman William L. Baringer H. Harrison Cole FRESHMEN William T. Gail Edward J. Hutchens Edward E. Mack Morris M. Miller Myron E. Neal ! Row Row Row ' Rgw IV eal olVliller, Mack, Cole, Baringer, Blackburn, Gale Ketcham, Ellick, Jacobson, Higginbottom, Talman, Roys, Meisel ie, Newman, Babcock, Bourke, Ferrel, Aigler, Robinson, Watson onger, Davidson, See, R. Watson, Sherwood, Rieder, Laitner, Tomlinson, Hendrick SIGMA PHI EPSILON MICHIGAN ALPHA CHAPTER Founded University of Richmond November 1, 1901. Established 1 858, 68 Active Chapters. R. K. Brown, M.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Franklin C. Cappon, A.B. Ralph K. Hile, Ph.D. R. L Miligan, A.B. C. l_ Hardgrove Carl L Liebert MEMBERS IN CITY J. B. Morris F. C. Naylor Irvvin R. Sanborn Wesley S. Steer Albert Collier ). B. Donnally Max N. Huber UNDERGRADUATES SENIORS Alfred James William A. Keetch John E. Kerr Darrell Phillippi Alfred Wright James R. Lee Ted Ling JUNIORS Russell Reed Robert C. Rowe S. Marshall Smith Norman Springett James L. Lee James Metcalf SOPHOMORES George J. Newcomb Lawrence Ouimet James Papulias Don Paquette Don Rudgers Robert Brockway FRESHMEN Samuel Hulett Robert Wheaton Row I Hulett, Brockway, J. R. Lee, White, Newcomb, Compter, Ouimet, Ling Row II Smith, Rudgers, Wesley, Springett, Ashley, Rowe, Reed. Papulias, J. L. Lee Row III Donnally, Huber, Collier, Keetch, Wright, Kerr, James, Phillippi THETA CHI ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Founded Norwich University, 1856. Established 1919, 50 Active Chapters. A. L. Bader C. E. Carrothers J. H. Cissell MEMBERS IN FACULTY P. E. |ames H. J. McFarlan W. B. Palmer M. B. Stout C. B. Vibbert R. M. Whitmer Gilbert Chavanelle Kenneth Marantette Rowe Balmer, A.B. James Bauchat, A.B. Robert Boyer, A.B. Lewis Greiner, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY Bruce Palmer Eugene Powers Neil Staebler MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Roderick Howell, A.B. William Howell, A.B. Maurice Isaacson, B.S. David Knight, A.B. Frank Lamberson, M.D. Herbert Twining Jack Wheeler Kimball Northrup, A.B. Harry Tillotson, B.S. Ray Van Dusen, M.S. A. Parker Wraith, A.B. Jack Briner Frank Furry SENIORS Walker Graham Paul Krans Jack Porter Robert Root William Sheehan James Ashley Clark Cottrell Robert Culbertson Robert Davison JUNIORS Watson Gilpin Thomas Keppelman John Pickering Carl Post John Speicher James Teahen James Wanless Thomas Aye Robert Barber Howard Crusey SOPHOMORES Robert Garrison Clare Graves Dale Kroeger Ralph Shelton Richard Shroth John Thompson Robert Vander Pyl ROW I G. Thompson, Walters, Cheever, Davis, C. Frost, Reid, Broders, Slater. Dicran Ackland Owen Broders Markham Cheever Edwin Connine Nelson Davis FRESHMEN Vincent Dunn Charles Frost Ruben Frost George Mann Robert Pabst Dan Ranney Alfred Reid Lewis Slater Harry Sonneborn Gardner Thompson John Walters ROW II Garrison, Aye, J. Thompson, Wanless, Kroeger, Barber, Son- neborn. ROW III Culbertson, Cottrell, Davison, Crusey, Graves, Ashley, Gilpin, Keppelman. ROW IV Pickering, Krans, Sheehan, Greiner, Graham, Briner, Furry, Porter, Post. THETA DELTA CHI GAMMA DEUTERON CHAPTER Founded Union College. Established 1889, 25 Active Chapters. E. F. Barker W. H. Butler R. Chambliss Edward Donavan Fred George Fred W. Gooding MEMBERS IN FACULTY Harley Haynes MEMBERS IN CITY B. E. Graves E. F. Tuyle MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY John McCarthy George Peck Grafton Sharp John Strayer J. A. Russell H. C. Potter George Van Vleck William Weeks Robert Ward T. E. Wilson Robert Ashe Fred Bither Hubert Bristol SENIORS Bradford Carpenter Robert Carrels Robert Geyman Edward Higgins Charles Kennedy Thad Leland Frederick Schairer Robert Adams Fred Allen Carl Clement JUNIORS Roy Frazier William McHenry Bruce Telfer Edward Thompson Robert Weeks Don Wilshire John Winder Ray Downs William Edwards Howard Johnson SOPHOMORES John Jordan Charles Kessler John McPherson Charles Novak Carvel Shaw Don Zimmerman Morell Bentley Walter Clement Richard Dick John Eldredge Peter Gerdes James Harlan FRESHMEN Walter Hinkle Edward Macal Duncan Mackintosh Douglas McFarland Walter Neilson John Rane Jack Reed Stewart Robson William Sours David Splengler James Wills ROW I Rane, Spengler, MacFarland, Bentley, Mackintosh, Eldredge, Wills, Harlan. ROW II Neilson, Gerdis, W. Clement, Hinkle, Robson, Sours, Dick, Reed. ROW III Shaw, MacPherson, Kessler, Macal. Novak, Jordan, Edwards, Zimmerman, Downs. ROW IV Allen, McHenry, Weeks, Tel- fer, Winder, Adams, Frazier, C. Clement. ROW V Thompson, Ashe, Geyman, Schairer, Higgins, Bristol, Bith- er, Garrels, Wilsher. THETA X! SIGMA CHAPTER Founded Rensselaer Polytechnic In- stitute, 1864. Established 1914, 36 Active Chapters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY B. F. Bailey, Ph.D. S. D. Dodge, Ph.D. H. H. Higbie, E.E. W. C. Hoad, B.S. J. H. Rushton, Ph.D. MEMBERS IN CITY ). B. Ames H. R. Beuhler L. Boddy W. R. Drury MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Douglas W. Bryant, A.B. W. Engelbrecht, A.B. M. M. Farnsworth, B.S.E. ]. W. Freeman, B.S.E. L. S. Norman, A.B. K. J. Norman, A.B. E. Saurborn, B.S.E. R. E. Reed-hill, B.S.E. R. Runquist, A.B. W. H. Steffy T. T. Thorward, A.B. f f ;? f Row I Weir, Eakins, Thorward, McCarty, Ellsworth, Underwood, Sweet, C. Simpson, Bennett Row II Sussex, Fechnay, Cauthier, Jenson, Clark, Anderson, Fake, Christenson, Smith Row III Dixon, Olsen, Huff, Tiedeman, Robinson, Lapp, Lane, McKinley, C. Alexander Row IV Pleiss, Creenway, Protz, Coda, Levenson, Bryant, Nelson, D. Alexander, Wohlwend, Worthing Row V Weld, L. Norman, Woodruff, Buckminster P. Simpson, Abbott, Holkins, Burt, Beuhler, Neill, K. Norman SENIORS Carl S. Abbott C. Grant Barnes Robert |. Beuhler Philip N. Buckminster Richard D. Burt Horace W. Greenway Charles E. Holkins Thomas A. Jensen John A. Merchant John E. Nafe J. Alexander Neill Carlton L. Nelson Robert B. C. Newcomb Walter H. Pleiss, Jr. Paul A. Simpson Floyd ). Sweet H. Lawrence Thackwell, Jr. H. Warren Underwood, Jr. John S. Williams Merlin W. Woodruff JUNIORS Donald M. Alexander Frederick A. Burdick William C. Eakins Carl A. Gerstacker Neil T. Levenson Marquis I. McCarty Donald L. Weir Albert Wohlwend SOPHOMORES Douglas S. Bathey D. Philip Clark Robert B. DeWitt John C. Fechnay R. Kenneth Gauthier Lester E. Goda Norman M. Huff T. Orland McKinley L. Willson Worthing FRESHMEN Cruzan Alexander M. Roderick Anderson Duane Bennet F. Hale Billings Edward P. Christensen Dayton C. Closser Harvey L. Ellsworth LeRoy E. Fake Kenneth B. Johnson Robert M. Lane Brooks R. Lapp Rowland H. McLaughlin Victor W. Olson, Jr. John R. Robinson C. Philip Simpson Robert G. Smith Clyde L. Sussex Robert K. Tiedeman Robert E. Tillmanns 418 TRIANGLE MICHIGAN CHAPTER Founded University of Illinois, 1907. Established 1 925. 1 6 Active Chapters. SENIORS Lloyd C. Berryman Allen T. Cole Rodney L. Eshelman Melville C. Hyatt Frederick E. King William C. Rielly Robert W. Steere Harold Syversen MEMBERS IN FACULTY Harry Bouchard, B.S. Edward L. Ericksen, B.C.E. Walter C. Sadler, M.S., C.E. LL.B. Edward A. Stalker, M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY Harold N. Gary Withred Cook Cletus j. Galloway Robert M. Harrison Lawrence H. Treuttner Willard I. Treuttner JUNIORS Howard C. Braun Granville R. Conrad Sherman Cook Richard W. Johnson John G. McQuaid Frederick W. Palmer James A. Ruth Edward L. Sinclair Edwin F. Snyder, Jr. Chase R. Teaboldt C. James Wicks SOPHOMORES James R. Bartlett William R. Blakley Walter A. Dennis Leonard D. Orr Webster L. Patterson Arthur C. Rissberger, Jr. John M. Stevens Frank G. Taylor Lansing Tuttle FRESHMEN Jay W. Johnson Arthur R. MacVittie Richard G. Morton Row I Mericka, Patterson, Bartlett, Tuttle, Orr, Blakley, Morton, J. Johnson, MacVittie Row II Conrad. Ruth, Cook, Teaboldt. Syversen, Steere, Sinclair, McQuaid, Palmer. Rissberger Row III Cole, Hyatt, R. Johnson, Wicks, Braun, Stevens, Taylor, Eshelman, Berryman 419 TRICON LOCAL CHAPTER Founded University of Michigan, Literary College, 1905. Established 1905. S. L. Bigelow, Ph.D. W. O. Hood, B.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. C. Kerlikowske, M.D. O. Packer, A.B. ). K. Pollock, Ph.D. H. C. Watkins, A.B. W. K. Parr, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY C. Pierce, A.B. A. Shaw, A.B. R. R. Cooper, B.S. Edward Downs, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY James (ones, A.B. Edward Litchfield, A.B. Kenneth Luce, A.B. Lloyd D. Parr, A.B. William Warner, A.B. Thomas Ayers lack Cooper Leo Corkin SENIORS Richard Early Robert Hill Ralph Hurd Price Innes John Mann Robert Murray Frank Coolidge Roger Dolese JUNIORS Lowell Krieg John Leucht Alfred Miller Roland Athay, Jr. J. Edgard Baxter Fitz Bridges Charles Kettler SOPHOMORES David Laing Charles Lovett Walton Rodger Dayton Slater Frederick Thomson Fred Wolcott Robert Wolfe Gilbert Van Schaik Thomas Anderson Lewis Briggs Douglas Brown Walter Dominey FRESHMEN Russell Ellis Randall |ones Eugene Klein Richard McCrath Fred Norfleet Stewart Scheurman Lenton Sculthorp James Warner Row I Ellis, Dominey, Anderson, Brown, Jones, Norfleet, Briggs Row II Wolfe, McGrath, Klein, Sculthrop, Scheurman, Kettler Row III Thomson, Warner, Slater, Dolese, Athay, Van Schaik, Bai Row IV Wolcott, Luecht, Miller, Lovett, Laing, Bridges, Coolidge, Row V Murray, Early, Cooper, Hill, Ayers, Mann, Innes, Corkin, fit If i rf s , : ZETA BETA TAU PHI CHAPTER Founded College of City of New York, 1898. Established 1912, 34 Active Chapters. D. Aron, A.B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY L Sharfman, LL.B. Henry Meyer, A.B. Morton Alshuler Robert Freehling Julian Goodman MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY L. Cross William Jackson Burton Joseph Stanton Schuhum William Thai Benjamin Aaron William Anspach Jerome Groosman SENIORS Cyrus Klein Solomon Lewis A. L. Schlesinger, Jr. Edward Solomon Herbert Wolf Henry Bachrach. II Gustave F. Baer Morlye Baer Richard Cohen JUNIORS Robert Cooper James Eckhouse Herbert Falender Henri Grier Lee Lyon Arthur Miller Seymour Morrison William Seaman James Barnard Irving Berlau SOPHOMORES Leo Kayser, Jr. Richard Kircheimer William Livingston Sam Speier Robert Tucker Burton Bielfield Herbert Blumberg Edmund Falk, Jr. Emil Hirsch FRESHMEN Robert Kann Laurence Kraus Charles Louer, Jr. Robert Levison William Pollak Richard Seirner Richard Woldow Charles Zolla Row I Kayser, Bachrach, Barnard, Cooper, Morrison, Hirsh, Livingston Row II Lyon. Tucker, Eckhouse, Grier. Falender, Seaman, Berlau. Pollak, Kraus Row III Speier, Lewis, Schlesinger, Klein, G. Baer, Anspach, Miller, M. Baer Row IV Blumberg, Zolla. Woldow, Kann, Seitner, Bielfield. Levison, Lover ZETA PS I XI CHAPTER Founded New York University 1847. Established 1858, 29 Active Chapters. R. B. Bigelow W. A. Comstock MEMBERS IN FACULTY P. E. Bursley, M.A. MEMBERS IN CITY S. B. Conger, Jr. A. W. Diack T. W. Hinshaw T. W. Heffernan I. T. L. Rice MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY E. L. Anderson, III H. L. Arnold, A.B., M.D. C. C. Bunting, A.B. ). T. Carriel, M.S. W. O. Cager, A.B. E. Holpuch R. H. Johnson, A.B. W. C. Moore, A.B. C. I. Quimby, A.B. Allen Dewey Arthur A. Ernst SENIORS Cordon H. Hayes Richard E. Hinks Robert Mitchell F. Allen Upson John Alden Claude E. Beebe JUNIORS Walter C. Harter Charles W. Stone James M. Scott ROW I Lockwood, Hinks, Bunting, Johnson, Banks, Alder, Stone. Robert J. Banks John L. Frost William J. Jones SOPHOMORES Karl Klauser, Jr. George M. Lockwood Thomas D. McGuire James C. Palms Charles S. Quarles Howard H. Rogers, Jr. Harry L. Swan, Jr. ROW II Carriel, Rogers, Klauser, Swan, Palms, Jones, Ernst. ROW III Frost, Hayes, Mitchell, Up- son, Dewey, Beebe, Quimby, Holpuch. ROW IV McCuire, Quarles, Parker, Boothby, Norris, O ' Connor, Urie, Kraetz, Martin. William M. Boothby George Fink William Kraetz FRESHMEN Edward Martin James Norris Joseph O ' Conner Willard Parker Thomas Urie t f n R n ALPHA CHI OMEGA THETA CHAPTER Founded DePauw University. Established 1898, 56 Active Chapters. " J Mrs. Lowell Carr Mrs. Chester Barnes Lydia Condon Mrs. Wayne Cowell Mrs. Vernor Crane Mrs. Carl Ekstrom Mrs. Frank B. Gilbert Lorraine Howard Mrs. Leslie Kindred Mrs. E. E. Lofberg Mrs. Carl Malcolm Ruth Dorsey PATRONESSES Mrs. F. R. Finch Mrs. C. C. Clover MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. Russell Malcolm Mrs. McCaffree Mrs. Leonard Miller Mrs. Harry Mills Mary Morgan Mrs. Maynard Newton Mrs. Harry Nichols Marion Nichols Mrs. Roland Niszle MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Isabel Wray Mrs. Peter Okkleberg Mrs. George Rhead Mrs. B. Oosterbaan Mrs. Emerson Shroyer Mrs. Walter Staebler Mrs. H. P. Trosper Mrs. William C. Trow Mrs. Ward Mrs. B. Wistert Mrs. Willison Mrs. Yutzy Helen Smithson Row I Mougey, Blaess, Bolton, Carrigan, Buelow, Ladd, Rich, Kelkenny, Adams Row II Bauer, Hanson, Staebler, D ' Arkos, F. Huntington, Allen, Hood, Verner, Wallace, Hulwick, Thompson, Davies Row III Robinson, Curry, L. Spencer, Midwroth, Steere, Strickroot, M. Huntington, Water- ston, Wakeman, Lehmann, Burgess Row IV Shutt, Johnson, Schenck, Mutschler, Wisner, Oostdyke, Callow, Cooper, Mette, Jones, Wuerfel, Welsh Kay Burgess Virginia Callow Betty Cooper Florence Davies Jeanne Johnson Phyllis Bauer Vivienne D ' Arkos Margaret Curry Mary Jane Field Jean Hanson M. K. Adams Virginia Allen Maxine Blaess Betty Carrigan Barbara Bolton Dorothy Buelow SENIORS Betty Kay Jones Cretchen Lehmann Marie Mette Jane Mutschler Dorothy Ostdyk Florence Schenck JUNIORS Mary Huntington Mary Kelkenney Florence Midworth Virginia Robinson Laura Spencer SOPHOMORES Nancy Hulwick Jane Mougey Eve Niles Maxine Peterson Mary Elizabeth Robinson FRESHMEN Betty Hood Francis Huntington Janet Ladd Dorothy Shutt Eva Spencer Doris Wisner Jewel Wuerfel Dorothy Welsh Jean Steere Betty Strickroot Martha Thompson Irene Wakeman Margaret Waterston Dorothea Staebler Virginia Wallace jane Benton Marion Stomler Jean Rich Lois Vernor 424 ALPHA DELTA Pi BETA ETA CHAPTER Founded Wesleyan Female College. Established 1929, 58 Active Chapters. Mrs. T. A. Dillman Mrs. H. Hastie Mrs. T. A. Dillman, Jr. Mary Engle Mrs. J. J. Evans Miss L. Kingston PATRONESSES Mrs. A. R. Morris Mrs. J. W. Scholl MEMBERS IN CITY ]ean MacCregor Miss B. O ' Toole Mrs. T. H. Reed Mrs. L. Rittershoffer Mrs. F. C. Shiel MEMBERS IN FACULTY Mrs. U. J. Farnsworth, A.B. W. Cwinner, A.B. Mrs. R. A. Seymen, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Rosemary Klug Mrs. J. F. Shephard Mrs. C. R. Smith Mrs. C. R. Smith Miss H. Spedding Miss M. Taylor Miss M. Williams L. Wilson Mrs. H. Wilbur, B.S., M.S. Row I Boon, Gotten, Hubbs. Row 1 1 Westendorf , MacArthur, Van Doom, Skinner, Rather Row III Upson, Rogers, Wellman, Finlayson, Kandelin, Coebel Jean Mather Finlayson SENIORS Mary Ellen Rogers Rita Wellman JUNIORS Corneli a Van Doorm Jayne Boon Dorothy Coebel SOPHOMORES Edna Kandelin Mildred MacArthur Julia Ann Upson jane Ann Rather Frances Hubbs FRESHMEN De Rhua Skinnner Virginia Skinner Madelaine Westendorf 425 ALPHA EPSILON PHI PI CHAPTER Founded Barnard College. Established 1921, 27 Active Chapters. Mrs. William Alder Miss Augusta Brown PATRONESSES Mrs. Herman Finsterwald Mrs. Raphael Isaacs Mrs. Moritz Lev! Mrs. Leo Sharfman MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. Jerome Cohn Mrs. Philip Jay ROW I Reinach, Warren, Fischer, Levy, Weinberg, Goldberg, Weissman. ROW II Cerber, Sanger, Davis, Fish- man, Rumizen, Chikovsky, Siff, Szold, Sharfman. ROW III Jedel, Finkleston, Hamburger, Jacobson, Weil, Greenhouse, Goodman, Shi Her, Glass. ROW IV Sive, Friedman, Meyer, Devay, Haas, Diamond, Frank, Touff, Jones, Lifland. ROW V Lazarus, Morrison, Brown- stein, Levison, Freeman, Ze- mon, Ogens, Bluestein, Zolla, Lipis, Sykes. Evelyn Bluestein Ruth Brownstein Elaine Bubis SENIORS Charlotte Kahn Ruth Lazarus Frances Levison Ruth Lipis Margaret Merkel Melba Morrison Louise Ogens Gertrude Zemon Ada Zolla Phyllis Deray Phyllis Diamond Ruth Adele Frank JUNIORS Florence Freeman Ruth Friedman Mildred Haas Beula Jones Jane Meyer Louise Samek Naomi Stone Irma Sykes Marion Touff Dorothy Arnold Margaret Greenhouse SOPHOMORES Jaros jedel Myrtle Lifland Betty Jane Sive Barbara Weil Florence Chikowsky Zelda Davis Virginia Finkleston Frances Fisher Shirley Fishman Jean Gerber FRESHMEN Dorothy Glass Dorothy Rose Goldberg Dorothy Goodman Betty Barbara Hamburger Ruth Jacobson Harriet Levy jane Reinach Helene Rumizen Jane Sanger Elaine Schiller Ruth Schwartz Leona Siff Maida Scharfman Miriam Szold Ruth Warren Miriam Weinberg Helen Weissman 426 Mrs. Walter L. Badger Mrs. John C. Christenson ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA BETA CHAPTER Founded Syracuse University. Established 1922, 48 Active Chapters. PATRONESSES Mrs. Louis M. Eich Mrs. Walter B. Ford Mrs. Crover Grismores Mrs. L. W. Keeler Mrs. Arthur Smith Mrs. B. Weaver Helen Chapin Margaret Cunningham Mrs. L L Finch Mary Ellen Hall MEMBERS IN CITY Alice Hiscock Florence Hiscock Mrs. B. W. Manwaring Barbara Nelson Mrs. Albert J. Parker Ruth Pence Mrs. J. E. Stowe Mrs. King Stutzman Mrs. Alden White Betty Jean Young Helen Ziefle Dorothy Ann Dundon, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Ruth Edison, School of Nursing ROW I Cadagan, Anderson, Shaefer, Wills, Kahrs, Kohl, Reshore, Bergers, Udell. ROW II Knudson, Miles, Pommeren- ing, Edsil, Laing, Hubbard. Cross, Stother. ROW III Johnson, Codlove, Pence. But- ler, Markland. Roosa, Vant. Kanouse, Harp. ROW IV Duus, Veazey, Thornton, Senkus, Wilder, Cwinner, Dun- don, Carlson, Engeman. Virginia Gwinner SENIORS Grayce E. Senkus Ona jane Thornton Fannie E. Wilder Margaret Carlson JUNIORS Thora Jane Duus Mary Engeman Dorothy Veazy Edith Butler Laurabelle E. Godlove Helen Harp SOPHOMORES Margaret Johnson Barbara Kanvuse Pauline Knudson Marcella Markland Elizabeth Roosa Jeanne Vant Frances Mary Anderson Elaine Bergers Madalyn Cadagan Katharine Cross Marjorie Edsill Louise Hubbard Frances Karr Elaine Kohl FRESHMEN Ruth Laing Donna Miles Margaret Pommerening Jane Reshore Marian Schaeffer Marybelle Strother Jean Wills Margaret Udell 427 ALPHA OMICRON PI OMICRON PI CHAPTER Founded Barnard College. Established 1921, 42 Active Chapters. Mrs. P. Buckley Mrs. R. W. Bunting Mrs. J. C. Cristy Mrs. B. Bacon Dick Mrs. Bruce Fralick Mrs. E. Ham Miss J. Henry Helen Flynn, M.A. Winifred Hall PATRONESSES Mrs. W. W. Krag Mrs. W. Inglis MEMBERS IN CITY Miss E. McDermott Miss C. Moore Mrs. N. Nelson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Mary Alice Shetter Caroline Mudd Mrs. C. T. Olmstead Mrs. E. F. Lloyd Mrs. W. E. Underdown Mrs. L. M. Walls Mrs. M. Underwood Mrs. C. Wagner Miss Billie Griffiths Rebecca Lotridge Margaret Underwood Row I Mudd, Clifford, C. Ross, D. Adams, Phelps, Anderson, B. Ross Row II Simpson, Cooding, Koch, Hodson, Fenlon, Bolger, Campbell, Scroggie, Lothridge Row III MacLean, Prescott, Miller, Morton, Sethney, Baxter, Mitchell, Wood Marjory Bolger Helen M. Holden Charlotte V. Baxter Phyllis Jean Campbell Cathleen Clifford SENIORS Mary Louise Mann Elizabeth B. Miller JUNIORS M. Armella Fenlon Marion Hodson Helen D. Morton H. Esther Sethney Doris Koch Charlotte Mitchell Laura Prescott Dorothy Adams Doris Cooding Lois MacLean SOPHOMORES Carolyn Ross Roberta Ross Phyllis Scroggie Henrietta Simpson Ruth Wood Cenevieve Adams FRESHMEN Ruth Anderson Jeanne Coman Doris Jean Phelps 428 ALPHA PH! THETA CHAPTER Founded Syracuse University. Established 1892, 34 Active Chapters. Mrs. J- Seal Mrs. R. Bittinger Mrs. C. L. Buhrman Maria Abbot Blanche Arnold Abagail Bassett Mary C. Blake Marion Blake PATRONESSES Mrs. B. Canfield Mrs. H. Haines MEMBERS IN CITY Jane Cress Betty Hayden Hilda Hensel Carol Inglis Jean Kyer Marjorie Litzenberg MEMBER IN UNIVERSITY Mary Jane Fowler, M.D. Mrs. A. Lloyd Mrs. R. Peterson Mrs. R. Wenley Francis McKinnon Marcis Peterson Virginia Shiers Margaret Smith Betty Thomas Row I Jackson, Loomis, Klein, Fowler, Robertson, Lelts, Callender, Brown, King, D. Day, R. Coier, S. E. Orr Row II B. Day, Carrigan, Larned, Closterhouse, Patton, Lyon, Abbott, Cleaner, Shee, Effler, Brooks Row III Stoner, Wade, Huntington, Ford, Bassett, Parfet, S. B. Orr, Downey, Pike, Cassidy, Powers Row IV Shierson, Neal, Trosper, Montague, Patterson, Crowley, Everett, Smyth, Lenman, Keinath, Pitcher, J. Coler Jean Coler Doris Everett Jean Keinath Bettine Lehman Nancy Cassidy Joan Closterhouse Mary Jane Crowley Marjorie Downey Ruth Fowler Priscilla Abbot Helen Barry Alice Bassett Sylvia Callender Edith Cleaver Mary Jane Danz Dorothy Agnew Mary Jane Austin Betty Brooks Betsy Brown Margaret Carrigan SENIORS Mary Sage Montague Mary Neal Virginia Nimmo Marion Paterson Jane Pitcher JUNIORS Virginia Jackson Kathleen Larned Kathryn Loomis Susan Orr SOPHOMORES Dora Ann Day Elizabeth Huntington Betty Jennings Phyllis Ludtke Elizabeth Lyon FRESHMEN Margret Cleland Ruth Coler Barbara Day Doris Effler Dorothy Roth Ann Siriyth Julia Trosper Ella Wade Janet Pike Elizabeth Powers Miriam Robertson Elizabeth Shierson Jane Stoner Stephanie Parfet Elizabeth Patten Palmer Patton Katharine Shee Alice St. John Nancy Stonington Margaret Ford Josephine King Betty Klein Virginia Letts Sally Orr ALPHA XI DELTA ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER Founded Knox-Lombard College. Established 1920, 54 Active Chapters. Mrs. F. A. Coller Mrs. H. E. Keeler Mrs. T. S. Langford PATRONESSES Mrs. A. Lee Mrs. C. J. Lyons Mrs. ). R. Nelson Mrs. H. H. Seeley Mrs. C. C. Sturgis Miss Van Kleek Mrs. N. H. Williams Miss ). M. Bentley Mrs. M. S. Bevan Mrs. C. P. Briggs Miss F. Brittain Mrs. R. W. Cowden MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. T. J. Cox Mrs. D. Creal Mrs. A. R. Crittendon Miss ). Duff Mrs. R. B. Hall Mrs. D. Kelsey Mrs. C. C. Kyte Miss K. Rucker Mrs. H. H. Schmidt Miss E. Scott Mrs. A. F. Shull Mrs. W. Steere Mrs. A. D. Thorpe Mrs. B. D. Thuma Miss M. Weurth ROW I Slatcher, Harrell, Friederici, Field, Harrison, Jaycox, Burke, Ellis, Johnson. ROW II Badger, Burch, Byron, Peck- inpaugh, Buckley, Unti, Steur- mal, Keenan. ROW III Lynn, Drickamer, Sommers, Casey, McCuillan, Leach, Jones, Thompson, Roberts. Mary Burke Jean Field SENIORS Jean Friederici Marjorie Harrel Ceraldine Harrison Theresa Jaycox Dorothy Slather Katherine Buckley Janice Burch JUNIORS Merida Hobart Jane Peckinpaugh Kathryn Steurnol Elinor Byron Phyllis Carey SOPHOMORES Betty Keenan Marguerite MacQuillan Elizabeth Unti Betty Badger Bett Johns FRESHMEN Grace Jones Meribah Leach Jean Lynn Ruth Roberts Mary Sommers 430 CHI OMEGA ETA CHAPTER Founded University of Arkansas. Established 1905, 88 Active Chapters. Mrs. M. Bird Mrs. ). Bourguin Mrs. S. Dana Mrs. H. Emerson PATRONESSES Mrs. W. Blume Miss E. Hagle Miss M. Hagle Mrs. A. Jacoby Mrs. L. Karpinski Mrs. C. Kaugman Mrs. P. Leidy Mrs. L. Oliphant Mrs. A. Stockard Mrs. C. Washbume Mrs. T. Smith Mrs. F. Bartell Mrs. W. Bender Mrs. H. Cheever Mrs. J. Corliss Mrs. J. Ervin Miss M. Fox Mrs. E. Goddard Mrs. F. Hanson MEMBERS IN CITY Miss M. Karpinski Miss C. Keene Mrs. F. Livermore Miss R. Kurtz Mrs. F. Menefee Mrs. D. Parker Miss L. Tinkham Miss M. Warner Winifred Sell Beatrice A. Devine MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Dorothy Hart Jean Kelso Wilma Lester Katherine Yaw ROW 1 McCabe, Henderson, Her- rick, Croasdale. Brady, Jensen, Kingston, Riekse, B. Guest ROW II McRae, Steiner, Stearns, Evelyn Mullen, St. John. Wat- kins. Beck, Elizabeth Mullin, Bruyere. . v - ROW III .4yentz, Cayia, Gray, Bent- 4fy, Leidy Kief, Frost, Carr. ROW IV k. King, Spencer, nt, M. Guest, Eichel- oberts, McFarland, Catherine Eichelbarger Betty Goutremont Margaret Guest )ean McFarland Ruth Pardee Barbara Roberts ' Barbara Spencer Grace Wood ley Margaret Bentley Helen Cayia Phyllis Carr Eloise Frost Vera Gray Barbara Johnson JUNIORS Marjorie Kief Barbara King Barbara Leidy Katherine Roderick Jean Stearne Joan Wentz Jeanette Beck Isabel Bruyere SOPHOMORES Helen McRae Virginia Meuholland Helen Jean Edwards Elizabeth Mullen Katherine Steiner Faith Watkins Jane Brady Ruth Crossdale FRESHMEN Hazel Jensen Barbara Guest Anne Kingston Alice Rieske 431 COLLEGIATE SOROSIS COLLEGIATE SOROSIS Established University of Michigan, 1886. Mrs. Henry Bates Mrs. William Faust Betty Anne Beebe Elizabeth Bingham Jeanice Byrne Marian Donaldson Adelaide Ely PATRONESSES Mrs. Jesse Reeves SENIORS Margaret Hamilton Cretchen Kantor Jacqueline Kolle Mary Lou Miller Mrs. Herbert Sadler Mrs. Rene Talamon Louise Nack Jane O ' Ferrall Nancy Quirk Charlotte Rueger Eleanor Wasey Row I Wheat, Nack, Daily, Skiles, Haff, J. Allington, Watson, B. Allington, Patterson, Sutherland, Hunter, J. Quirk Row II Ely, O ' Ferrall, N. Quirk, Osterman, Erickson, Lilley, Purdom, Whitney, Lee, Kean, Crandell Row III Bingham, Rueg er, Wasey, Beebe, Donaldson, Wilcox, Miller, Kanter, Kolle, Byrne, Hamilton, Bursley Row IV Turner, Titus, Tippett, Collins, Cage, Crawford, McClelland, Haislip, Thompson, E. Allington, Killion, Blodgett, King Janet Allington Florence Kean Jean Lee JUNIORS Catherine Purdom Jane Quirk Virginia Wagner Barbara Watson Elizabeth Whitney Josephine Wilcox Mary Blodgett Rebecca Bursley Carol Collins Elizabeth Crandall Marion Dailey SOPHOMORES Olga Erickson Patricia Haff Betty Hunter Jean Lillie Virginia Osterman Barbara Paterson Eleanor Skiles Frances Sutherland Mary Jane Tippett Mary Wheat Barbara Allington Elizabeth Allington Janet Crawford FRESHMEN Mary Gaze Patricia Haislip Julie King Nina McLellan Marguerite Richter Alice Stevenson Ellen Thompson 432 DELTA DELTA DELTA IOTA CHAPTER Founded Boston University. Established 1894; Re-established 1915, 82 Active Chapters. Mrs. H. Abbott Mrs. S. Allen Mrs. C. Braun Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Miss Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. S. Atrwood I. Bozarth j. Brumm M. Buell A. Covert J. Crouse H. Dallman S. Diack C. Fries A. Graham H. Jackson PATRONESSES Mrs. J. Christensen Mrs. A. Coss Mrs. W. Comstock Mrs. E. Kraus Miss E. Miss E. Mrs. H. Mrs. H. Mrs. F. Mrs. T. Miss S. Miss H. Miss A. Miss R. MEMBERS Jarrold Jeffries Jennings King Lamb Lowry Lutes McCallum Merrick Merrick IN CITY Miss A. Montgomery Mrs. O. Montgomery Miss E. Morrell Miss K. Ort Miss C. Pollack Miss H. Probeck Mrs. T. Pryer Miss H. Rich Miss C. Rowe Mrs. W. Sams Mrs. T. Reed Mrs. W. Reichart Mrs. F. Shilling Mrs. P. Slosson Mrs. M. H. Soule Miss M. Stowe Miss Ann Varden Mrs. A. Wagner Mrs. R. Williams Mrs. C. Woody Miss R. Work Mrs. L. Young Dr. D. Hard. D.D.S. Virginia Lane MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss Louise Nelson, M. Music MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Elizabeth Noldsr Phyllis Price Charlotte Whitman i f J 9 1 9 f f If 5 Row I M. Price, Fleming, Platt, Lobban, Longan, Cannon, McBeth, Harrington, Hyde, Smith, Wier Row II Elspass, McCall, Meloche, McDonough, Sudhoff, Lyon, Bierly, Bryant, Morgan, Rich- ardson, Davy Row III Brodbeck, Vallet, Forsythe, Petrash, Kalb, Prayer, Oesecke, Marsh, SommerviMe, Ray, Andrus Row IV Brumm, Celdart, Tarbell, Mogford, Steiner, Wahl. Coe, DeCroot, Stone, Wood- worth, Harrison, P. Price Row V Herndon, Knox, Schwendt, Compton, Flansburg, Montgomery, Creenwald, Griffith, McCord, Day, Berdan, Harrelson, King SENIORS Nancy Berdan Dorothy Geldart Mae Herndon Phyllis Brumm Jean Greenwald Mary E. King Helen Margaret Compton Olive Griffith Martha Knox Avis Day Jean Harleson Mary F. McDonough Betty Jane Flansburg jean Harrison Helen Mogford JUNIORS Hazel DeGroot R. Adele MacDonald Frances Everard Mary Ellen McCord S. Margaret Forsythe Dorothy Ray Jane Higbie Virginia Richardson K. Mary Andrus Violet Brodbeck Marjory Coe M. Elizabeth Davy Mary Montgomery Mary Louise Schmidt Mary Beth Tarbell Betty Woodworth Elinor Somerville Jane Steiner Mary Sudhoff Betty Wahl Jane Bierley Alice Prayer Frances Jane Giesecke Ruth C. Bryant Phyllis Cannon Jane Elspass Marion Fleming Elizabeth Harrington Hope Petrouleas Charlene Vallet SOPHOMORES Pauline Kalb Helen Marsh Jane Lyon Margaret McCall Mary Louise MacNeil Bettie Petrash FRESHMEN Carmelita Hatch Margaret McBeth Anna Platt Gertrude Hyde Mary Margaret Meloche Marion Price Eleanor Lobban Jeanne Morgan Ruth Smith Lois Longan Audrey Nisson Evelyn Weir 433 DELTA GAMMA XI CHAPTER Founded Oxford Institute. Established 1885, 48 Active Chapters. PATRONESSES Mrs. H. Thieme MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. R. Aigler Miss B. Aigler Miss E. Barnard Mrs. W. E. Brown, Jr. Miss E. Burgess Mrs. A. Connable Mrs. D. Cage Mrs. H. Calderwood Miss O. Knowlson Mrs. Lake Miss Lewis Mrs. R. Loveland Mrs. N. Miller Mrs. A. B. Moehleman Mrs. C. Pierce Miss H. B. Platt Mrs. N. Potter, III Mrs. T. Rapheal Mrs. C. ). Rash Mrs. H. Raschbacher Mrs. I. Scott Mrs. P. W. Smith Mrs. R. M. Shick Mrs. S. W. Taggert Mrs. M. H. Waterman Miss M. Winslow Mrs. F. Curtis Mrs. Core Mrs. C. Hammond MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Miss Jean Keller ROW I MacKenzie, Avery, Ferriss, Scoville, Wood, Kinnear, Cal- kins, Ward, Westermann, Leh- ner, Rail. ROW II Smith, jewett, Stowe, Bald- win, Dredge, Schuele, Elder, Hall, Bourg. ROW III Ralston, Johnson, Lavan, Barrett, Fitzgerald, Poock, Wil- liams, Bradfield, Schoener, M. Baxter. ROW IV Connell, DeWitt, Melin, J. Willoughby, Purdy, Hankey, Eaglesfield, Kimball, Van Dyke, B. Baxter, Young. ROW V Souter, Taylor, McCredie, Bishop, Pierce, Chockley, Hath- away, Arnold, Hatfield, Olds, Landrum, M. L. Willoughby. Miss Sally Pierce SENIORS Winnifred Arnold Katherine Bishop Maryanna Chockley Betsy Baxter Barbara Bradfield Dorothy Corson Dorothy Curtis Dorothy Barrett Marion Baxter Jean Bourg Marcia Connell Anabel Avery Betty Baldwin Ruth Calkins Annabelle Dredge Jean Hatfield Harriet Hathaway Kate Landrum Nancy Olds Elsie Pierce Margaret Souther JUNIORS Esther Ann DeWitt Jo-Clarke Kimball Virginia Eaglesfield Roberta Melin Marion Fitzgerald Helen Purdy Marthan Hankey Joan Schoener Phyllis Elder Helen Johnson Nancy Kinnear Mary Lavan Enora Ferriss Cletus Hall Jeanne Hayden Jane Jewett SOPHOMORES Marjorie Lehner Mary A. MacKenzie Charlotte Poock Mary Rail FRESHMEN Rosemary McArthur Helen Ralston Betty Schuele Mary MacScoville Jean Taylor Mary Louise Willoughby Virginia Van Dyke Betty Ward Jane Willoughby Marion Smith Eleanor Swan Marjorie Williams Ella Stowe Joanne Westerman Alberta Wood 434 GAMMA PHI BETA BETA CHAPTER Founded Syracuse University. Established 1882, 41 Active Chapters. Miss Rose Anderson Mrs. W. Abbot Mrs. E. Adams Mrs. R. Aflord Miss C. Anderson Anderson Bergelin Breakey Miss R Mrs. J. Mrs. J. Mrs. E. Brown A. Bourquin ). Bourquin PATRONESSES MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. H. Douglas Mrs. H. Kortenfoff Miss L. Eberbach Miss E. Farrell Miss L. Finley Miss M. Hohn Mrs. W. Hoad Miss H. Holmes Miss F. Kuebler Mrs. L. Lewis Miss E. Lorch Mrs. D. Meyers - Miss E. O ' Hara Mrs. I. O ' Neill Mrs. N. Potter Miss M. Randall MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY A. Dalton L. Finley R. Ebersbach C. Sawyer E. Schmid Miss Gladys Delhi Mrs. F. Sergeant Mrs. W. Shaw Miss M. Shearer Mrs. C. Stevens Mrs. C. Wagner Miss M. Wagner Mrs. W. Wallace Mrs. E. Wolaver E. Smith E. Watson t iff f ROW I Tibbits, Langford. Neafie, Donavin. Basset. Thompson, Hawley, Backus, Brigham. ROW II Henderson. Lord, Dean, Chissus. Talcott. McCoy Mr- Neil, Owston, Dean, Drake, McDonald. ROW III Rupper, Eschbach, Sanders. Bertraminie, Perkins, Criffin, Crosman, Crosby, James. Ayers, Handyside, Weidlein. ROW IV Roberts, Allderige, Lay, Lan- genderfer, Carver, Lambie, Sprague, Horton, Bernhard, Hugg. Johns, Hoffman, Osterman. Sherk, Whitney. ROW V Mackintosh. Orr, Sch midt, Spalding, Webb, Hamilton, SENIORS Wilma Bernhard Charlotte Hamilton Jean Hoffman Barbara Horton Mary Louise Johns Ruth Allderige Margaret Anne Ayers Carolyn Beltramini Janet Carver Roberta Chissus Harriet Dean Barbara Bachus Barbara Bassett Virginia Brigham Mary Lambie Margie Langenderfer Eileen Lay Marjorie Mackintosh Jean Orr Alice Osterman Mary Potter Helen Schmidt JUNIORS Phyllis Crosby Shirl Crosman Sally Eshbach Virgina Criffin Virginia Handeyside Patricia Hugg Mary Elizabeth James Betty Ltndegren Mary Perkins SOPHOMORES Helen Jean Dean Jane Lord Jean Drake Eleanor McCoy Mary McNeil FRESHMEN Carolyn Donavin Miriam Finkleday Anne Hawley Frances Henderson Jean Langford Ellen MacDonald Margaret Neafie Betty Sherk Barbara Spalding Louise Sprague Dorothy Webb Elizabeth Whitney Jayne Roberts Dorothy Rupper Catherine Sanders Virginia Weidlien Helen Owston Barbara Talcott Lilian Perkins Virginia Thompson Jean Tibbits 435 KAPPA ALPHA THETA ETA CHAPTER Founded DePauw University. Established 1879, Re-established 1893; 59 Active Chapters. Mrs. Howard Holmes Mrs. M. R. Hutchins Mrs. James Inglis Mrs. H. Mrs. W Mrs. O. Mrs. L. Mrs. R. Mrs. A. Mrs. R. Mrs. M. Mrs. N. C. Adams . C. Blanchard W. Baston Bredvald ). Carney Canfield O. Courtright F. Crary E. Hartweg Maxine Dennis Jane Carnett PATRONESSES Mrs. J. F. Lawrence Mrs. C. S. Neal Mrs. Ida C. Wheat Mrs. H. L. Wilgus MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. A. M. Highley Miss M. Highley Mrs. T. Klingman Miss H. Ladd Mrs. J. W. Liucalie Miss O. Narris Miss N. Newton Mrs. W. K. O ' Brien Miss A. Olson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Rose Nelson Jean Seeley Betty Sinclair Mrs. Alice Woadbridge Mrs. J. S. Warley Mrs. J. H. Yost Miss O. Mrs. R. Mrs. R. Miss ). Mrs. J. Mrs. J. Mrs. E. Mrs. H. Mrs. C. Olson D. Stuart C. Swain Trembly B. Veddar J. Walser Wieman Warking S. Yoakum Mary Stirling Betsy Thalman Row I Cies, B. Bonisteel, Riddell, McClure, Bertram, Pomeroy, Shaffer Row II Wickes, Johnson, J. Bonisteel, Singleton, Ronal, Holt, Fullenwider, Lambrecht Row III Nelson, Sinclair, Hartwig, Shackleton, Bolitho, J. Maclvor, Campbell, Stone, Dennis Row IV Thomas, Mason, Thorn, Saunders, M. Maclvor, Keeler, Barth, Adair, Peery, Kreiger Row V Jacobs, K. Maclvor, Leete, Penny, F. Bonisteel, Clise, Falkenstine, Hoist, Minor, Rutherford, Swartout Mary Frances Adair Betty Barth Mary Margaret Campbell Jean Bonisteel Doris Hall Hope Hartwig Jean Bertram Betty Bonisteel Louise Bolitho Janet Fullenwider Mary Cies Frances Bonisteel Mary Franceska Brown Martha Clise Lois Falkenstien SENIORS Kathryn Keeler Mary Maclvor JUNIORS Mary Johnson Janet Maclvor Betty Ronal SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Haas Crete Hoist Grace Lambrecht Mary McClure Harriet Pomeroy FRESHMEN Elaine Jacobs Roberta Leele Mary Minor Adelaide Neason Jean Perry Marion Saunders Katherine Shields Harriet Shackleton Adeline Singleton Louise Stone - Elise Reader Elizabeth Riddsl Betty Shaffer Sybil Swartout Mary Wickes Louisa Penny Jean Rutherford Harriet Thorn Mary Margaret Thomas 436 KAPPA DELTA SIGMA ZETA CHAPTER Founded Virginia State Normal. Established 1921, 71 Active Chapters. Mrs. H. Bacher Mrs. B. Bailey Mrs. R. Cowden Mrs. J. Becker Mrs. H. Bersiegle Miss V. Bogart Mrs. H. Coats Mrs. C. Crosby Mrs. M. Dahlberg Miss K. Evans Miss A. Field PATRONESSES Mrs. B. Davis Mrs. C. Edmunds MEMBERS IN CITY Miss Edna Hamil Mrs. F. A. Heller Mrs. K. Huber Miss E. Hymans Miss W. Kalmbach Mrs. A. Kirlikowski Miss Martha Mclntosh Mrs. B. Meuhlig Mrs. M. Meulig MEMBER IN FACULTY Mrs. George Stanley, M.S. Mrs. W. Hunt Miss E. McCormick Mrs. C. Meloche Mrs. C. Meloche Mrs. C. Rufus Mrs. ). Stein Miss A. Sunderland Mrs. E. Sunderland Mrs. H. Twinning Mrs. A. E. White Mrs. L. Wilson Row I Williams, Loughborough. Maul, Chatard, Sturtridge. Forrest, Carlisle, Clark, Lightfoot Row II Reynolds, Baker, Herald. Tripp, Ferguson, Maple, Johnson, Quine, Neikirk, Harber Row III Fitzgerald, Culver, Barton, Otte, Shapland, Veenboer, Henderson, Evans Carol Jane Barton Elaine E. Cabo Charlotte E. Culver Mary E. Evans Margaret Ferguson SENIORS L. Jane Fitzgerald Louise Herald Mary Catherine Johnson Meca Maple Anna Mae Quine Barbara L. Otte Helen C. Shapland Evalyn Tripp Margaret Veenboer Elinore Clark June Harber Betsy Henderson JUNIORS Florence Lightfoot Edna M. Neikirk Elizabeth Obedier J. Catherine Reynolds Jane E. Sturtridge Karhlyn J. Woidka Frances Baker SOPHOMORES Mary A. Loughborough Dorothy Maul Florence Rogers Frances Carlisle FRESHMEN Ruth M. Chatard Cecily Forrest Charlotte C. Williams 437 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA GAMMA BETA DELTA CHAPTER Founded Monmouth College. Established 1890, 68 Active Chapters. Dr. M. Bell PATRONESSES Mrs. S. Conger Mrs. O. Hunt Mrs. A. Whitney MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. W. Buchanan Mrs. S. Powers Miss K. Reidyke Miss R. Slifer Mrs. W. Walz ROW I Dall, Pierce, Cram, Saibert, Voorhees, French, Harris. ROW II Flitcraft, Hurley, Johnston, Anibal, Adams, Persons, Hicks, Odell. ROW III Skinner, Hunt, Fauver, Ceyer, Elliott, Stone, Ummet, Reed, Edmonson. ROW IV Spray, Mitchell, Smith, Basse, Rice, Dole, Frederick, M. J. Campbell, Rapp, Barthel. ROW V Williams, Brotherton, Schneider, Hill, Reiter, Dodge, O ' Roke, M. Campbell, Telling, Gregory, Tichenor. Betty Ann Barthel Betty Basse Mabel Campbell SENIORS Jane Dole jane Edmonson Edith Frederick Pauline Mitchell Virginia Rapp Frances Rice Virginia Smith Virginia Spray Eleanor Anibal Mary Elliott Betty Ann Fauver lean Geyer Natalie Hicks Virginia Hunt IUNIORS Mary Helen Hurley Katherine Johnston Frances Odell Nelson Persons lean Stone Betty Ann Ummel Carroll Adams Betty Bird Margaret Campbell Margaret Cram SOPHOMORES Nancy Dall Helen Flitcraft Eleanor French Betty Gregory Ruth Harris Marjorie Link Alys Pierce Nancy Saibert Mary Skinner Louise Williams Florence Brotherton Earla Dodge Betty Hill Mildred Hyde Beth O ' Roke FRESHMEN Jane Reitter Harriett Schneider Donna Short Barbara Telling Virginia Voorhees 438 PHI SIGMA SIGMA ETA CHAPTER Founded Hunter College. Established 1922, 21 Active Chapters. PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Angell Dr. and Mrs. Harry Hootkins Gladys Horning ROW I :man, Cuiness, Burston, , Fisher Eliasohn, Hornung. ROW II Steinhart. Podolsky, Hore- lick, Goldstein, Colburn, Hal- pert, Prussin. ROW III jaskulek, Fromm, Goldberg, Seitner, Leavitt, Weismann, Rose. Dora Eliasohn MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Eva Schniderman Charlotte Wolkoo Thelma C. Zwerdling Mildred Goldberg SENIORS Sally Leavitt Frances Seitner Beatrice Guiness JUNIORS Harriet Podolsky Lois Coburn Betty Fromm SOPHOMORES Rhoda Furman Sylvia Goldstein Martha Horelick Irene Jaskulek Helen Rose Florence Weism ann Hazel Burston Ida Fisher FRESHMEN Marjorie Foltz Frieda Halpert Myrtle Prussin Betty Steinhart 439 PI BETA PHI MICHIGAN BETA CHAPTER Founded Monmouth College. Established 1888, 79 Active Chapters. Mrs. A. W. Diack Mrs. F. Aldrich Mrs. R. Armstrong Mrs. P. Barker Miss V. Bell Mrs. J. M. Birk Miss V. Bury Mrs. D. C. Chipman Mrs. P. Christian Mrs. A. L. Clark Mrs. C. D. Cogshall Mrs. W. Cook Mrs. J. Cork Miss D. Chipman Miss H. Chipman Mary Beers Virginia Benedict PATRONESSES Mrs. M. L. D ' Ooge Mrs. F. W. Keisey MEMBERS IN CITY Mrs. F. H. Cross Mrs. C. C. Huber Mrs. E. W. Doty Mrs. C. Jamison Mrs. C. Elliot Mrs. L. Kisor Mrs. T. J. Everett Miss ). Lang Mrs. R. L. Fisher Mrs. C. Lewis Mrs. C. Fisher Mrs. W . V. Marshall Mrs. o. Haisley Mrs. R. W. Noyes Miss E. Harwood Mrs. B. Palmer Mrs. H Heath Mrs. S. Procter Mrs. R. M. Helton Miss V. Randolph Mrs. T. Hornberger Miss J. Rayen Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss H. Riggs C. Satterwaite H. M. Shaw A. Twiss H. Upton D. Van Winkle V. Warthin C. K. Wassel L. Waterman A. H. White Margaret Youtz L. Zeigler MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss H. Hall Mrs. R. Keller Miss J. N. Higbee Miss M. McKinney MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Anne Brown Lucille Freeh Marion Dixon, B.M. Betty Hurley Miss T. Miller Margaret MacCregor Mary McMann Row I Stevenson, Benedict, Allen, Nussbaum, Cook, Shipman, Foote Row II J. Smith, Washburn, Tobin, McCrory, Cifford, Ervin, Petersen, Hardy, Thomas Row III J Holden, Miner, Spangler, Mueller, Randolph, Chamberlain, Welch, B. Heath, Roebeck, Strikler Row IV Dodds, Crow, Howson, Lewis, Willard, Barnum, Edwards, Magill, Jones, P. Smith, Catward Row V McGregor, Strand, Moore, H. Heath, Barnes, Ranney, M. Holden, King, Zerbe, Jernegan SENIORS Mary Margaret Barnes Marion Holden Jean MacGregor Marion Barnum Ruth Ann Jernegan Lillian Magill Josephine Cavanagh Suzanne Johnson Mary E. Moore Margaret Edwards Helen Jones Beth L. Ranney Harriet Heath Lois King Margaret Rogers Alice Boucherle Betty Gatward Betty Ann Chamberlain Hattibel Grow Mar garet Dodds Joan Howson Doris Bolton Mary Ervin Ann Gifford Jane Hardy Barbara Heath Glade Allen Barbara Benedict Martha Jane Cook JUNIORS Flora Lewis Margaret Lorenz Mary Jane Mueller SOPHOMORES Jenny Petersen Jane Holden j ... 7 . ., , ... Mary McCory Jean Rheinfrank Marjorie Merker Margery Roebeck Phyllis Miner Frances Mary Robinson FRESHMEN Grace Foote Frances Roberts Jane Nussbaum Dorothy Shipman Grace Snyder Barbara Strand Susan Willard Edith Zerbe Mary Randolph Priscilla Smith Louise Taylor Betty Spangler Margaret Strickler Barbara Teall Blanche Tobin Julie Ann Welch Jean Smith Suzanne Stevenson Sally Thomas 440 ZETA TAU ALPHA ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Founded Virginia State Normal. Established 1920, 71 Active Chapters. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Margaret C. Branch, A.B. Katherine Kempler, A.B., J.D. Dorothy Seiferlein, A.B. Nina K. Preston Mrs. Earl C. Fingerle Mrs. Richard Hollister Mrs. Clifford Keene Frances Scullin MEMBERS IN CITY Elva Pascoe Miriam Carey Carol Sonerhill MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Cornelia Van Dorn Mrs. John Wood Mrs. Robert Wuerful Katheryn Young Row I Cole, Linder, Quick, Kirby, Freeman, Hughes Row II Livernois, Neberle, Marshall, Nelson, Bromley, Koch Row III Mackey, Kappler, Schmitt, Young, Kirwan, Obergfell, Loughborough, Higginbothem SENIORS Theresa Mackey Lucy Marshall Martha Nelson Dorothy Bromley Janet Kappler Katherine Kirwan Adrienne Higginbotham Helen Linder Betty Ann Cole Mavis Anne Freeman JUNIORS Mildred Livernois SOPHOMORES Ruth Koch FRESHMEN Marion Hughes Beatrice Obergfell Jean Schmitt Jane Rothman Betty Loughborough Helen Neberle Nan Kirby Mary Alice Quick 441 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mrs. E. L. Adams Mrs. John A. Bryant Mrs. E. B. Earhart Mrs. C. Grant Barnes Miss Alice C. Lloyd Miss Ann Vardon HOUSE STAFF HOUSE OFFICERS Miss Vera F. Howard BETTY ROURA President JANE MacDONALD Vice-President DOROTHY OXTOBY Treasurer CAROLYN PRIEHS Secretary FRANCES EVERARD__ . .Social Chairman Dorothy Blankenburg Mildred Fishier Gwendolyn Possum Jean Gourlay Alice Hendrick Mabel Howard Rachel Lease Dorothy Love Jane MacDonald Jean Matheny Ann Neracher Jane O ' Connor Jane Rollman Elizabeth Roura Mary Lou Traywick Rose Chu Bernice Brenn Myra Davis Frances Everard Kathryn Fecheimer Ruth Field Ann Gordon Vera Gray Jean Hanson Patricia Hugg Betty Le Blanc Barbara Leif Helen Neberle Laura Prescott Empress Scott Civili Sinhanetra Virginia Snell Mary Bell Virginia Bensley Jane Belser Helen Brady Betty Bricker Margret Cleland Martha Cook Doris Cranmore Ruth Dillman Earla Dodge Gwendolyn Dunlop Roslyn Fellman Miriam Finkeldey Margaret Ford Pattie Haislip Betty Hill Frances Huntington Anne Kingston Anne Kleiner Violet Brodbeck Charlotte Houk Lenore Johnson Jane Kidder Jean Belle King Dorothy Oxtoby Barbara Paterson Hope Petrouleas Carolyn Priehs Sybil Swartout Farley Ullrich Althea Wagg Dorothea Wassell Elizabeth White Barbara Allington Anabel Avery Esther Baker Helen Marsh Adelaide Mason Dorothy Neberle Marian Price Jane Reitter Dorothy Rice Jean Rutherford Harriet Sharkey Dorothy Shipman Alice Sinkins Ruth Mary Smith Barbara Telling Genevieve Thorn Mary Margaret Thomas Ellen Thompson Lois Verner Barbara Zapp TbY BARBOUR RtblDLNLt BOAF IF DIRECTORS Mrs. Donald Bleakley Mrs. Mrs. Henry W. DouglassMrs. I Ks G. Hayes Miss Alice Lloyd Hy B. Joy Mrs. Frances Osbome | SE STAFF Miss Ruth Danielson Miss Evelyn Heuvelhorst MAURINE COFFEE HOB OFFICERS I President ELIZABETH LAUER 1 Vice -President MARIAN EVANS B Treasurer FLORENCE ROGERS H- - _ Secretary DOROTHY BRISCOE _____ I Vr ' sl O aifmsm Gladys Garrison Carlal Hrtar Arlene Joldersma Jur Shinsil Kim Peg ll B hite Betty Lauer Jar Dorothy Briscoe Betsy 1 Herson Rose Florence Levy Ro Mary Jane Brotherton Helen! H Barr Mary Morrison Be Ruth Clark Beth 1 Bit Phyllis Miner M Maurine Coffee Betty 1 1- Lillian Marie Plane Jan Phyllis Eiseman Mary I Hn Bowman Lillian Politzer Do Marian Evans NissleB f ' ' Elda Potter (an Elda Faster Julia Leonora Racette Pal Dorothy Fogg Margi Campbell Frances Sullivan Jan Geraldine Lehmann Helerl :- Johanna Van Zanen Flo Janet Lillibridge Elinonl Krk Dorothy White Ellc Rose Mary McKay JeaneB aver Laura Adasko :: Betty Quarton Ee-s. I Hvford Margaret Carrigan Rul Minnie Solomon Anita 1 Hjstein Norma Curtis Ma Lois Sprecn Grace H Imes Lucille Flaum Bla June Fleming Jane Holden Rowena La Coste Betty Lindegrin Madeline Meyers Jane Mougey Dorothy Nichol Janet Park Palmer Patton Jane Ann Rather Florence Rogers Ellen Rothblart Betty St. John Ruth Seekamp Marjorie Tillinghast Blanche Tobin Meribal Ashdown Margaret Bremer Ruth Calkins Wilma Cope Jane Elspass Muriel Hess Marjorie Hood Mary Jayne Kronner Harriet Levy Ellen MacDonald Katherine Maclvor Hettie Jean McKay Mary Elizabeth Rouse Mary Jean Sanford DeRhua Skinner Sally Thomas Uli _EN NEWBERRY RESIDEN( HOUSE STAFF Mrs. Arthur L. Ray Miss Kathleen M. Hamm Miss Jean Keller Miss Maxine A. Boone HOUSE OFFICERS RUTH SANDUSKY President RUTH CARR First Vice-President MYRRA SHORT Second Vice-President ANN MURIEL VICARY Third Vice-President SALLY THOMPSON Secretary MARY ELLEN HEITSCH__ ..Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN JANET CROFT. ..Social ANNA THOMSON Activities BARBARA EPSTEIN Athletic CATHERINE BOHRN Library MARGARET FERRIES Publicity MARGARET MEYERS Scholarship VIRGINIA CARR Music JEAN McWORKMAN : Kitchenette BERNICE WISMER__ __Art Mary Andrew Elaine Cabo SPONSORS Mary Ellen Heitsch Margaret Meyers Sally Thompson Anna Thomson CORRIDOR REPRESENTATIVES Martha Berry Ruth Bransky Jean Edgerton Nancy Kover Louise Larrabee Thelma Mermelstein Kathryn Ransom Marjorie Tate Florence Wieder Roberta Wilson ROW I Edgerton, Larrabee, Berry, Myers, Ransom. ROW II Wieder, Groft, Merelstein, Kover, Andrew, Thomson. ROW III Wilson, Thompson, Carr, Sandusky, Short, Heitsch, Tate. Miss Kathleen Hamm HOUSE STAFF Miss Isabel Dudley Miss Ruth Barrett Miss Maxine Boone HOUSE OFFICERS BETH TURNBULI President BETTY MESSENGER Junior Class President MADELINE KRIECHOFF Sophomore Class President LUCILLE KAUER Freshman Class President MABEL ALLISON Secretary BETTY WILSON__ Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN RUTH HARTMAN Athletic JUNE HORA Social MADELINE KRIECHOFF Teas MABEL ALLISON Activities EDYTHE TURTLETANK Scholastic SALLY SECREST_. Music Miriam Miller Betty Messenger Charlotte Glatt SPONSORS Betty Wilson Mary Frances Adair Janet Karlson Mary Jane Frye Mabel Allison CORRIDOR REPRESENTATIVES Betty Jane Meyer Bethany Thomas Betty Messenger Phyllis Blauman Claire Rae Weil Sylvia Richie Gladys Briner Janet Karlson Bunty Bain Marie Wolf ROW I Thomas. Karlson, Krieghoff. Bam, Meyer, Macduff, Glatt. ROW II Richie, Briner, Messenger. Secrest, Blauman, Weil. ROW III Wolf. Turteltank, Allison, Turnbull, Wilson, Hora. r n HOUSE OFFICERS Mary Bennett President Virginia Wyatt Vice-President Catherine Peck Secretary Janet Lambert Treasurer Eleanor Falk Night Chaperone Georgiana Smith Senior Representative Barbara Mclntyre Junior Representative BOARD OF GOVERNORS Mrs. James D. Bruce Mrs. Delos P. Heath Mrs. Edward W. Maire BOARD OF DIRECTORS Miss Mary E. Gleason Miss Sara Louise Rowe Ida Hannan Mary Kohlhaas Dorothy McDonald Mary Stalker Vung-Yuin Ting Marjory Barber Mary Bennett Elizabeth Burd |?ne Carson Betty Lou Chamberlin Ruth Christopherson Elizabeth Cosolias Marguerite Creighton Phyllis Dye Evelyn Ehrlichman Agatha Fegert Clarice Fiebig Marjorie Fuller Eleanor Cesner Lois Creig June Harber Eraine Hemmeter Marjorie Heppenstall Jean Hollenbeck Doris Hurnie jean Jackson Bernice Kleiman Janet Lambert Ruth Lavender Jane Lombard Elizabeth Mclntyre Jean McKinnon Marian Manary Lois Mayer Sally Morrow Louise Mortimer Christine Michol Joan Niles Mildred Olson Maurine Palmer Mary Parsons Angela Patterson Catherine Peck Babette Potter Evelyn Robertson Shirley Sanford Irene Sartor Elizabeth Smallman Ceorgiana Smith Helen Smithson Peggy Swantz Gertrude Waehner Betty Warwick Gail Wellwood Lou White Elizabeth Ann Willsl Eleanor Wright Virginia Wyatt Barbara Wykes Virginia York Kathryn Zimmer Mary Albright Barbara Bale Betty Behler Margaret Bentley Ruth Bertsch Betty Bird Marjory Bishop Barbara Bradfield Ellen Clancy Joan Closterhouse Margaret Day Elizabeth Dedell Hazel DeGroot Ijeanette Edick JNaomi Fukuda ICarolyn Gallmeyer I Florence Genschmer Dorothea Gerisch Marian Gommesen I Jean Hart I Margaret Jack (Helen Jones I Doris Kaphan ISally Kenny lArdemis Kouzian I Ruth Kraft [Virginia Krieghoff 1 Jane Lamb Kathleen Lamed Margaret Limberg Alice McCutcheon Barbara Mclntyre Margaret McKinnon Arlyne Milligan Toyoko Nagashima | Carol Jean O ' Rourke Irma Poole I Phyllis Price Pauline Putnam Florence Russ Mildred Sartor Betsey Schneider Francesse Selter Helen Southon Marjorie Stebbins Florence Stevens Betty Ann Ummel Barbara Watson Terese Wozniak Phyllis Bennett Helen Jean Dean Eleanor Falk Mary Hinchman Louise Hooper Carol Mahon Marian Marsh Ruth Moore Frances Osborn Helen Peck Jean Samuelson Elinor Somerville Marjory Williams IUILDINC n - I Vol. LXI. No. 1 SLIME The Weekly Newsmagazine May 17, 1937 CAMPUS AFFAIRS PEOPLE OF THE YEAR Fairest Skyrocketed to fame as a result of his record-breaking standing in the male beauty poll conducted by Michigan Daily, wavy-haired, debonair Richard Renner (Pretty Boy) Goldcamp is far and away Slime ' s leading candidate for " Man of the Year " . Other campus bigwigs fade to insignificance in comparison to this dandy of the printed page. Campus returns showed him a heavy choice as large majorities thumped heartily in his favor. Slime takes no personalities into con- sideration, chooses each vear the most BEAUTY GOLDCAMP AND FRIEND Boncherle: " Truly this has been wonderful. " newsworthy character as evinced by pub- lic mention and discussion. Newshawks scurried, co-eds ' hearts fluttered as Fair Richard ' s picture was flaunted from coast to coast as most beautiful of Mich- igan males. Reports show mention of his name in such distant spots as New York, Hollywood, Youngstown. Begun as a humorous pastime, the contest gathered momentum rapidly, swept everything in its path, including Rich- ard. Picking him up in its onward rush, it bounced him unceremoniously upon page one of every reputable news sheet in the country. Climax of all this publicity came when the Hollywood spotlight broke harshly into the privacy of his modest State Street apartment and crooked a beckon- ing finger at him. Paramount Pictures, quick to recognize a prize prospect, sent requests for photographs, information on his dramatic ability. Interviewed on the subject, Alice Boucherle, Goldcamp ' s manager, declined to make a definite statement, indicated that she and her co- sponsor Pi Phi sisters were considering numerous similar offers. Said she: " Truly this has been wonderful, to have a sizeable sector of public opinion back- ing up our preference. " Youngstown-born, Goldcamp came to the University in September, 1933, led a normal college existence under the pro- tective wing of Manager Boucherle, was noteworthy only through his reputably large investments in cab companies, also his relationship to the now-famous broth- ers Renner. Through them he inherited membership in Alpha Sigma Phi. Most Able Sensation of the year came in the ap- pointment to the editorship of the Mich- igan Daily of the first woman in 18 years; slight, blonde, bespectacled Elsie EDITOR PIERCE . . . transcended her environment Alkin Pierce. For filling the most re- sponsible position on campus as capably as any of her male predecessors, Delta Gamma Pierce undoubtedly deserves ranking as Woman of the Year. Accustomed to herding their women tryouts into one small corner of the mas- sive Daily room of the Publications Building and limiting their efforts to an obscure page three, Daily editors were amazed early to find Elsie transcending her environment crossing over to the night desk where only men had dared preside. Campus honor organizations I and student governing bodies, accus- | tomed to seating editors of the campus paper, were stumped by the unprece- j dented parliamentary question of accept- i ing a girl, later assured themselves of j her executive qualities. Her character unimpeachable, her actions always mod- est, Editor Pierce strangely makes no- ; toriously poor copy. POLITICAL NOTES Far from exciting was the political battle waged this year in the name of ' the State Street Party by Ward-heeler Joseph MacMillen Hinshaw and wild-liv- ing, rosy-cheeked Allen Campbell Dewey for the presidency of the literary senior class. Rather was it the final cruise of a political steam roller slowly squeezing the breath of life from an opposing Wash- tenaw machine captained for full four years by frustrated Tom Ayers, long- time aspirant to that same office. Three times during its freshman year did the original State Street Party elect caucus chairmen only to have them booted out bodily by an opposing faction. Defeat seemed imminent as election ap- proached and no leader had arisen to as- suage the feelings of the warring fac- tions. Thither, fair-faced Peko Bursley, senior politician of no mean ability, cast worried eyes, determined to bring order out of chaos. With BMOC cohorts, he descended upon the group, plucked eight likely-looking politicos for secret con- ference, lectured loud and long on solid- arity, political tricks, watchful waiting. Net result was the organization of a group called the Elusive Eight under the leadership of long-departed Sigmaphi Walter McGuire, silently controlling every vote taken in general caucus. Fisticuffs marked the opening encount- er as, squeaking narrowly through the first test of strength, the infant party 452 SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 matched, ballot for stuffed ballot, the work of the opposing Washtenaw group, gained the prestige of victory. Following year at the helm of the Michigan Daily stood crusading William Ferris, determined to discredit the work- ings of campus politics. Searching about, his eyes fell upon the sophomore group, now reorganized with Gentleman Joe Hinshaw in power. State Street played into his hands with the prize trick of the year from the fertile brain of Chi- Psi ' s Bill Oliver. The plan called for the creation of an imaginary third party with candidates from unknowing Wash- tenaw houses, a party name similar to Washtenaw ' s, pluggers similar in color. Loud was the wailing, great the con- sternation among the opposition ranks at the discovei-y of the ruse, great the scur- rying to find the unwilling, unknowing candidates who alone could withdraw their names. Delighted, Editor Ferris manded action, got it in the disqualifica- tion of the entire election. Further can- didates were hand-picked by the Dean ' s Office from petitions. Undaunted, State Street slipped a candidate into the hop- per, divided honors with Washtenaw. Ensuing reaction eliminated the pe- tion for nomination, but put a firm hand upon the arm of mutiple voting through the use of the voting machine. Despite nominally clean politics, State Street has since continued to sweep post after post, entered the final balloting so strong it did not bother to organize until week before election. THE PRESS Libeled Laddies Late last week a block of prominent University of Michigan students entered joint suit of $500,000 for misrepresen- tation against Gargoyle, erstwhile cam- pus humor magazine, and Gargeditor, paunchy, fuzzyhaired Gilbert Tilles. Among the complainants were " such, widely known figures as Elsie, Alkin Pierce, Michigan Daily tycoon; Thomas Crofoot Sullivan, head cheer-leader; George Cosper, Inter-fratern x Counci! chief; Frank Edward Barnard and Jaeta Kasley, co-captains of Michigan ' |wf$ani- pion swim team; Frederick fjtistavus Buesser, Daily sports scribe and Mich- igan white hope for journalistic honors; Miller Garrod Sherwood, President of Men ' s Council; Fred Warner Neal, cam- pus newshawk; Herbert B. Wolf, Mich- igan Union organizer. At the same time appeared before Michigan Judge Edson R. Sunderland, Ensianeditor Franklin Thierry Danne- miller requesting a writ of injunction against Tilles, claiming Gargoyle plan- ned to carry scandalous material con- cerning him in the final issue appearing late this month. Judge Sunderland readily allowed the injunction. The de- fendants have protested the decision, charged it prejudicial, claimed that Judge Sunderland is a major stockholder in Ensian Inc. and thus biased. The plaintiffs in the former suit al- lege that the libelous material appeared monthly in the 1936-1937 series of Gar- goyle under the title, " Preposterous People " . Commented peeved Editor Pierce, " In his story, Tilles used this phrase, ' since the innocent days of her sophomore year ' . In my sophomore year I knew as much as the next girl. I can prove that, and will let no one print such slurs about my mental development. " Screamer Sullivan said, " In his scan- dal sheet, Tilles showed my face mounted upon the Ap polio Belvedere. While not disclaiming the undeniable resemblance, I do resent the scanty attire of the sta- tue; I never hava $ eared in public clad so scantily, ana when I do, I want GARGEDITOR TILLES and FRIENDS . . . slapped backs, smiled, praised it to be upon an occasion of my own choosing. " Growled co-crawlers Kasley and Bar- nard in a joint statement: " Tilles claims that one of us once held up the Dexter Express on two beers. This is a lie. " Their claims: the Dexter Express was early that night; they had but one beer between them; at the time a cab driver was lifting them into his car to take them home. Commented Councilman Cosper, " I see no reason why a person of my impor- tance on this campus should take any of Gil Tilles ' lip. I am able to stand up for my own rights, and I have no intention of letting this affair pass by. " Preposterous Person Sherwood threat- ened political doom to Tilles for the pointed allusion to the size of his feet. Miller has been sensitive on this point ever since the recent football season. At pep rallies custom required that he roll up his trousers before leading the cheers, thus revealing his monuments to the public gaze. Exulted he, " Tilles will pay for treading on MY toes. " Fred Buesser, who conducts his jour- nalistic affairs under the name of Bonth Williams, had this caustic comment, " This gent Tilles, he had me all wrong in that mag he runs. That crack about the printer ' s ink causing my face to ap- pear dirty was the final straw. It is common knowledge that I have a heavier beard than Tilles and he ' s just plain jealous. Tilles, having dodged summons serv- ers for three weeks, was finally cornered in the Garg office. Said he, brandishing one of the Gargoyle ' s shinier pairs of scissors, " It ' s a frame. I will fight it to the end! " Gargeditor Gilbert Tilles left his na- tive haunts after his freshman year, came to the University of Michigan from Columbia burning with a great desire to be a campus tycoon, started his career with that idea. For two years he slap- ped backs, smiled, praised, ran errands. With the approach of the election for the editorship, Tilles saw his chance as his only competitor was declared in- eligible. Gullible Gil had achieved his ambition. A steady patron of the Ruth- ven teas, Tilles has been long noted for his ability to meet and pall around with the bigwigs of the campus and adminis- tration. Gargoyle ' s 1936-1937 accomplishments: a threatened plagiarism suit by Esquire; a flare for the historical, as shown by the use of drawings by one Tom Powers, Garg head in 1932; a contest to decide the ten most beautiful co-eds at Mich- igan. Tilles conceived and carried this out, admits freely that he flipped coins to pick the chosen ten, which some claim is the only plausible defense for the en- tire affair. His latest venture is in con- junction with Bonth (Fred Buesser) Williams, a book concerning the B.M. O.C. When pressed, Writer Williams admitted that Tilles did little work, jerked the original story about himself wrote his own version of his work and importance to his eminent satisfaction. We have used but a few sentences of Mr. Casper ' s 77 page statement, while re- taining the essence Ed. SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 453 FIRST OF ALL A QUALITY CAR te OLDSMOBILE is recognized even-where as the Style Leader. It is distinguished for original and individual styling that is always attractive and everywhere in good taste. Oldsmobile is likewise known as the car that offers every modern and proved feature for greater comfort, extra safety, and thoroughly dependable as well as thrilling performance. Over and beyond every style and design fea- ture of this superb automobile is its Oldsmobile QUALITY. This Quality is born of Oldsmobile en- gineering research and experience. It is assured by the carefulness and thoroughness of Oldsmobile manu- facturing. It is ingrained in Olds- mobile construction, workmanship and materials. From such Quality as this you may confidently expect the performance, the economy and the long life which make Olds- mobile the favorite fine car of hundreds of thousands of owners. Its low price only a little above the lowest is one of the most at- tractive advantages of Oldsmobile. OLDSMOBILE 6 8 OLDSMOBILE DIVISION, GENERAL MOTORS SALES CORPORATION 454 SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 GAGNIER PAINT COMPANY PAINTS COLORS BRUSHES 164-166-168 Congress East DETROIT, MICH. Courtesy of JOHNSTON OPTICAL CO. 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR Makers of high grade glasses since 1876 AU REVOIR! Women of ' 37 we of Jacobson ' s bid you farewell with regrets. We have enjoyed your friendship beyond expression. The Co-eds of ' 37 have upheld the reputation creat- ed long ago that Michigan is the University of well dressed wo- men 616 to 618 E. Liberty PEOPLE " Names make news. " Last week these names made this news: Week after his resignation as newseditor of the Mich- igan Daily, Fred Warner Neal, Northville ' s favorite son, proudly displayed to newshawks the Marshal Shulman Jour- nalistic Award " for devotion to principle above expediency " . Newshawk Neal ' s articles were noted for scope, clarity, abundance. COUNCILMAN COSPER FRIEND . . . promoted, cajoled At the height of Michigan ' s annual drive for national swimming honors, distance-man Frank Fxlward Barnard at- tended a Sphinx beer party in an open field near Ann Arbor, drank two beers, sprained his valuable left ankle. Said he upon returning to action two weeks later, " Training rules were made to be broken. " Turning from his usual chores of keeping peace between 40-odd warring tongs on Michigan ' s highly fraternalized campus, Detroit-born George William Cosper promoted ca- joled roommate Lloyd Strickland into boosting one Marcia ( " Eloise " ) Connell as Michigan delegate to Northwestern ' s annual Big Ten beauty contest. Chosen by the Northwest- ern committee to represent Michigan, Beauty Connell de- clined when University authorities expressed active disap- proval, only to find that her refusal created more comment than would her acceptance. Result: An offer of marriage from some little-known sailor. Seeing a need for greater social activity on the campus, and wishing to live up to the planks of his 15-page platform, Union President Herbert B. Wolf this year instituted the Union Coffee Hour, the Sunday Supper. Most regular groups in attendance were Union junior and sophomore staffs, more than willing to escape the gloom of the upstairs student offices and mix with their superior officers. Second largest group included women activity heads imported as decoys for reticent outsiders. Exceedingly popular, these functions came to an untimely death with the coming, as the Union put it, of spring weather. o Wide were the smiles of acquaintances as fuzzy-haired, energetic psychmajor Lois Mae King, close friend of librarian Douglas Bryant, announced an intention of returning for graduate work, not in psychology, but in library science. No longer. SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 455 BARNES GIB SON RAYMOND Division of Associated Spring Corp. Manufacturers SPRINGS FLAT AND WIRE Detroit Plant DETROIT, MICHIGAN Cook Plant ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 456 SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 Don ' t Hesitate Scrub It - HARD! Even if the surface does get marred with pencil marks, ink, crayon - - you have nothing to fear if it is TRUSCON WASHABLE WALL COATING Because Asepticote is the only wall coating that will with- stand the most severe washing tests ever devised. And the reason for this is that Asepticote is not a typical, flat wall paint. It is a soft-finish interior coating especially designed to withstand years of use. The film is so dense that even grease or hand stains do not absorb and are therefore readily removed. It is so waterproof that even strong alkaline cleansing compounds do not affect it. For economy for beauty for permanence, use Asepticote on the walls and ceilings of your home or office. Ask Your Dealer THE TRUSCON LABORATORIES Detroit, Mich. MANY THANKS TO THE SENIORS FOR THEIR PATRONAGE DURING THEIR COLLEGE YEARS. MAY WE WISH YOU CON- TINUED SUCCESS IN YOUR CHOSEN FIELD OF LIFE. THE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS COMMERCIAL BANK Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System SPORT Butterfly Mainstay of Michigan ' s long winning, oft-challenged swim team for the past two seasons has been swarthy, glib- talking Co-captain John H. Kasley, known to intimates as " Rudder- Nose " or " Kazell " . Chicago-born, he packed bag and baggage, moved to Ann Arbor during his college days, lives conveniently near his beloved engine Arch, in which he stands, class or no class, from ten of until ten after the hour at each turn of the clock. His social accomplishments are matched only by those in the waters over which Matt Mann rules. Here he has fluttered to fame as the world ' s leading proponent of the flutter-six-coast-two method of winning 200-yard breast stroke events. More given to the gay social whirl and communication with his fellow beings than the general run of either athletes or engineers, Kasley in this respect is newsworthy. In spite of political activities and an addiction to puns, Kasley has made and held many friendships. JACK KASLEY . . . fluttered to fame Beaver Long a leading scorer and ace poke-checker on Mich- igan ' s dogged, two-fisted hockey team, Captain Victor ( " Beaver " ) Heyliger this year hung up a new all-time col- legiate scoring record for his three years of competition. Stocky, scrappy, fearing-no-man, Heyliger stopped cold the offenses of the leading teams of U. S. and Canada, set out on his own to tally high scores when pressed by teammate Gib James for scoring honors. Out of season and sometimes in, his recreation lies in a black cigar which seems a part of his physiognomy. A story teller of no mean repute, his inimitable accent of unknown origin adds greatly to his ef- fectiveness. Spare time finds him with quite a flare for the ladies, often spending hours on a postman ' s holiday es- corting likely-looking co-eds around the Coliseum rink. Eagle Beak Taken on an option four years ago from the Elkhart farm, Michigan ' s rookie Matthew Patanelli this year proved one of the most versatile and talented members of the Maize and Blue squad. Yost Field House became his permanent address as football, basketball, and baseball claimed his time. A spirited player, his only weakness lay in forgetfulness as to which sport he was engaged in at the moment. During one of these lapses of memory on the basketball floor, he put a flying block on an unsuspecting Indiana player, was bounced unceremoniously from the court. SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 457 Specializing in Finest Photographs and Giving Unequaled Service to Michigan Students " Official Michiganensian Photographers Rentschler : Dey : Spedding Photographers ALL NEGATIVES KEPT ON FILE SO THAT ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS MAY BE ORDERED AT ANY TIME 458 SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 PUBLICATIONS We present the best inducements to Michigan Alumni for the purchase of Library and General Book Supplies that can be secured anywhere in the United States. OUR MAIL ORDER BUSINESS Extends to every State in the Union and to all Foreign Countries. LIBRARIES BOUGHT AND SOLD Estimates furnished for Secondary School, College and University Libraries. Discount of 10 per cent and up from publishers prices are allowed to school libraries on all publi- cations. Transportation charges prepaid on all orders, large or small, received through the mail. GEORGE WAHR Bookseller 103-5 N. Main St. Importer Ann Arbor, Mich. Established Over Fifty Years Publisher 216 S. State St. Drugs Kodaks Quality Service Dependability Complete Stocks Lowest Prices Interested and Intelligent Service We have served Michigan and her Students for over Fifty-two Years. Calkins-Fletcher Drug Company The Dependable Stores Candies Soda Water MISCELLANY " Slime brings all things. " Malapropism In the last stages of their pledge training for the year, Theta Delta Chi ' s hopefuls were given a final general know- ledge quiz by their pledge king. Asked the meaning of " Michigras " , one freshman beamed proudly, " A senior honor- ary society. " Competition Campus scribe Bonth Williams, famous for his quart of liquor in every column, hard at work soliciting ads for his ill-fated BMOC Bluebook, found tradesmen strangely cool toward his proposition.. Questioning them further, he dis- covered t wo sophomores had covered the ground before him, offering space in a like publication. Retiring to the seclusion of the Publications building, Scribe Williams hastly reorga- nized his plans to include two others in an already thin two- way split. SCRIBE BUESSER . . . at work Rhythm Hummed Basketball manager Hubert Masters Bristol as he swept hordes of pennies from Michigan ' s oversized bas- ketball floor at intermission time in the Indiana game; " Pen- nies from Heaven " , " Plenty of Money and You " . Tarzan Appearing before friends badly scratched and bruised, campus carouser Thomas Crofoot Sullivan explained timidly that he had: consumed some beer; attempted to see one Har- riet Hathaway; found himself stranded on the Delta Gamma roof; taken the only course open to him; plucked himself from the bushes surrounding the sorority. Modest Confided shy, publicity-shunning Howard Davidson to every acquaintance at a party at the conclusion of the 1936 track season, repeatedly, " Although it is not generally recog- nized, I am probably the world ' s greatest half-miler. " Eight months later he narrowly missed fulfilling his jest as he and brother Harold Davidson chased Olympic Champion Johnny Woodruff home in a tight race. SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 459 Hi; irlio i has been tested by the measure of proven ability and consistent per- formance . . . Associate your J l annual with a company rec- ognized for its suprem- %frti LX acy in the produc- jp tion of successful , , yearbooks. wh m w INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY INC. Designers and tngrarers of yearbooks and School l ' n Miri in INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 460 SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 ACOUSTICAL AND SPECIALTIES CONTRACTING CO., DETROIT Suppliers of Acousti-Celotex to the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN C RASS E LL I R EAC E N TS C. P. Nitric C. P. Glacial Acetic C. P. Sulphuric Acid C. P. Hydrochloric Acid C. P. Ammonium Hydroxide E. I. DU PONT DE NEMOURS CO., INC. (JQJJIJ) Grasselli Chemicals Dept. (J)R||uJ) Wilmington, Del. 1530 E. Hancock Ave. DETROIT, MICHIGAN -. We Supply Linen for All Occasions. ' MARATHON LINEN SUPPLY CO., INC. 3433 E. Warren Ave. Plaza 2727 DETROIT MILESTONES Born. To prolific Willis Herrick Tomlinson, campus ballyhoo artist of long standing, a twelve-pound brain child in the form of the year ' s biggest promotional idea. This all-campus old-fashioned carnival with all the trimmin ' s, he sold subsequently to the Dormitory committee and WAA, which bodies christened it " Michigras " . Died. John Henry Hell-Week, Michigan oldster and sole surviving heir to Joe College, well-known character of the roarin ' twenties; of advanced age and a complication of diseases; in Ann Arbor. Long a raucous, publicity seeking creature, his name frequently linked with that of the Uni- versity, he spent his last years in seclusion. In small town- ish Ann Arbor a number of establishments closed their doors in commemoration of his passing. - Retired. Samuel Stanley (Singin ' Sam) Stoller, Mich- igan ' s contribution to the theatrical and musical world; from the line of duty; in order to conserve his strength for a stren- uous track schedule which makes demands upon him. Noted for speed and spryness, Sam once sang, " I ' ll be glad when you ' re dead, you rascal, you " in entirety while coasting home behind Owens in the 60-yard dash, which, for Stoller, takes 6.1 seconds. Awarded. To John R. Mann, outgoing Interfraternity secretary and man-about-campus; the John L. Lewis prize for endurance in the face of great adversity. Said to have originated the sit-down idea four years ago on a Delta Gam- ma couch, John disclaims this contention, asserts it beg an eight years ago on a couch in Detroit. . SPEEDSTER STOLLER . . . coasted home behind Owens Died. The traditional Frosh-Soph Brawl, last remaining remnant of red-blooded college spirit; at the hand of Mich- igan ' s erstwhile student governing body; at Ann Arbor. Dr. Miller Garrod Sherwood, attendant physician, laid the re- sponsibility squarely upon the shoulders of the class dance committees for their actions of appropriating every available fall weekend. Married. Frederick Stiles, DKE speedster, onetime member of Michigan ' s crack Western Conference champion relay team (1935); and Marya Hoffman, Theta siren and former student; at Angola. BEN TON REVIEW SHOP Fowler-. l d. 462 SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 KODAKS FILMS PHOTO SUPPLIES FRANCISCO AND BOYCE 723 N. University 108 E. Liberty Compliments of W. S. Butterfield and E. C. BEATTY Michigan Majestic Wuerth BUSINESS FINANCE Up Ensian Success story of the year lay in the rise of Ensian sales by fifty percent over the 1936 edition to a new high of 1800 copies. Early in the first semester figures swelled while large, mature-looking business-like Manager Lloyd Strick- land slept his afternoons away on an ample Sigma Chi couch. Waking from his lethargy midway in the semester, Strick- land put to practice principles currently learned in Market- ing I, wheedled, cajoled the campus into greater Ensian pur- chases, beat printers ' and engravers ' bids down to a new low. Disregarding the advice of marketing counsel he instituted a direct mail campaign of promotional letters to parents of seniors and freshmen, got an ample 13% return, startled the campus by offering purchasers individual gold names stamped upon copies of the book. Distant, difficult to know, he lets down on occasion and becomes a typical playboy (see cut). MANAGER STRICKLAND AND FRIENDS . . . at play Caro Flash In his yearly forecast of general business conditions be- fore the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, hard-headed holder of the Daily ' s purse strings, John Robinson Park, predicted a great future for Minnesota Dairy Farming, expressed an intention of entering the field upon graduation. Considered an authority on the dairy industry, Park has on numerous occasions interviewed representatives of milk companies at early morning hours, once wheedled one such into trading him a quart of milk for a bottle of beer. Caro-born, Beta Park has become infected with the spirit of college life, exists in a day lasting from 10 A. M. to 2 A. M. His term as exchequer of the Daily has been efficient, uneventful save for numerous attempts to run the editorial columns of the paper as inoffensively as possible for the benefit of the ad- vertisers. John has ordered deleted a number of letters to the editor on the touchy subject of baffle boards in campus drug stores. Garg Romeo Leading proponent of the theory that pleasure mixes well with business and that there is more than one way to skin a cat, slight, tight-fisted Claudius Grant Barnes this year offered to the reading public a Gargoyle notable mainly for its lack of thickness. Shadowed constantly by hand- holder Marion Stomler, he got untold amounts of secretarial work out of her at the expense of only a daily recess for tea. Aside from his business and romantic activities, Theta Xi Barnes spent most energy concealing his grandiose first name. SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 463 All the NEWS is printed in THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Official publication for Michigan ' s Alumni 1. 26 issues per year fortnightly. 2. 900 pages crammed full of material interesting to former under- graduates. 3. The Campus, the Faculty, Athletics, Undergraduate Activities, Alum- ni Association, Features and News Stories on Alumni. 4. The Quarterly Review Issues 4 in number, presenting the scholarly side of the University. An integral feature of the magazine. 5. Four Dollars per year. Order at Alumni Association Offices in Alumni Memorial Hall 464 SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 QUESTIONS about Hobbies, Play, Na- ture, Games, the Home, the Garden are just as fully and carefully treated as questions about pronunciation, definition, etymology, places and persons in Webster ' s New International Dictionary, Second Edition " The Supreme Authority " A New Creation 3,350 pages. 122,000 more entries than any other dictionary. 12,000 terms illustrated. Over 13,000 bio- graphical entries. Thousands of en- cyclopedic articles. 35,000 geographi- cal entries. Synonyms and antonyms. Kditi ' d by 207 authorities. Write for illustrated new booklet, " Through Wonderland with Webster " G. C. MERRIAM COMPANY SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS BOHEMIAN BEER " Served Wherever Quality Counts " THE STROH BREWERY COMPANY DETROIT, MICHIGAN FOR THE BEST IN COVERS SPECIFY " MOLLOY MADE " COVERS THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue CHICAGO ILLINOIS SCIENCE Tallest Man, Smallest Woman From Syracuse, New York, to Michigan ' s campus four years ago came a rival to the Alton giant in the person of large-boned, left-handed, John (Leviticus) Gee. Exceeding every other documented ease of gigantism in Michigan ath- lectic literature, he is described by departmental press re- leases as six feet nine inches in height with palms as large as those of two ordinary men, feet requiring size 15 casings. Untrained in athletic activity, he ' was hailed as a natural, submitted readily to the intensive training of Coaches Cap- pon and Fisher, mentors of basketball and baseball squads. LONG JOHN GEE . . . rode scooter like Like most giants he had trouble with legs and feet, slowly learned to co-ordinate them, finally becoming (1937) a 100-point scorer in basketball, a pitcher tight in the pinch- es. It is said of him that because of the length of his legs, the only comfortable way to motor is astride the vehicle. Witnesses reported him using this method on the recent spring baseball trip. Astride a horse (see cut), he has similar trouble, rides it scooter-like across the countryside. Obliged by his athletic pursuits to travel constantly, he has become embittered at hotel managers who fail to provide sleeping facilities proportionate to his size, cause him fre- quent colds. Smallest of the crop of seniors is tiny, four-feet-eleven- inch Maryanna Chockley, hustle-bustler of the year and ef- ficiency machine supreme. Remarkable both for size and for busyness, Delta Gamma Chockley has been dubbed " The Mighty Atom " by friends. Prize practical joke of the year would be the linking of Tallman Gee and Diminutive Chock- ley in a blind date. THE CHAS. A. STRELINGER 149 E. Lamed St., Detroit Machine Tools Plant Equipment Metals Shop Equipment Engineering Service at Your Command CO. SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 465 7S MOKE THAN A BUY- T A BARGAIN! TF YOU believe only an eight can give you the performance you want, here is the eight to see before you buy. This bigger, better, Silver-Streaked beauty has brought Pontiac an even greater repu- tation for smartness, smoothness, comfort, and brilliant engineering. And it will bring you at a price below that of some s xes length enough and width enough to make six passengers comfortable , . , the unexcelled riding ease of costly-car Knee-Action and big-car weight . . . the smartness and luxury expressed in its proud title of the most beautiful thing on wheels . . . performance equal in dash, smoothness, and quietness to any eight you can name . . . plus economy that very few cars built today can boast. That ' s Pontiac ' s idea of a bargain. One ride and you ' ll agree. PONTIAC MOTOR DIVISION, PONTIAC, MICHIGAN General Motors Sales Corporation 466 SLIME, MAY 17, 1937 PATRON ' S PAGE B. E. MUEHLIG Ann Arbor 0. D. MORRILL Ann Arbor H. D. EDWARDS CO. Detroit THE UPJOHN COMPANY Kalamazoo THE EDWARDS LETTER SHOP Ann Arbor GENERAL INDEX Aaron. Benjamin 64. 421 Abbiss. F .1 20 Abbott. Carlo S 110. 121. 356. 418 Abbott, E. J. 120 Abbott. H- B. 196, 269 Abbott. Mrs. H 433 Abbot, Maria 429 Abbot. Priscilla 429 Abbot, W. M. Jr. _ .94. 333. 355. 389 Abbot. Mrs. W 435 Abele. Thomas V 397 Abramovitz. Maurice .... 399 Abramson, S. 196 Acacia 382 Acker. Everett 341 Ackerman. R W. .393 Achtenberg. L 357 Activities ..325 Adair, Mary Frances 64-, 43C. 445 Adams. Carroll 438 Adams, Dorothy ....154. 332. 428 Adams. Dwight 95. 349, 409 Adams. Mrs. E. 435 Adams. Mrs. E. L 442 Adams. Edward L. Jr. 64 Adams. E. L. 35 Adams, Genevieve ..428 Adams, Prof. H. F. .48 Adams, James 403 Adams, Henry F. .. .409 Adams, Henry 1C9. 409 Adams. Mrs. H. C. 436 Adams. John 413 Adams. M. K. 424 Adams, R G 48. 403 Adams, R. M. 134 Adams. R. M 392 Adams, Robert 417 Adams, Tom Jr. -..400 Adasko. Laura 335. 443 Adelphi 354 Adelstein. Robert ... 341 Adler, Harold 339, 407 Adlong. R. C. ..110. 128 Administrative Heads.. .42. 43 Administrative Offici- als ...... 42, 43 Inst. of Aero Sciences .. 130 Aflord. Mrs. R. 435 Agnew, Dorothy 429 Aigler, Miss B. " 434 Aigler. R. V ...218. 266, 393 Aigler. Mrs. R. 434 Aigler, Wm. F 414 Aikens, Frank -290, 291, 292 Ackland. Dicran 416 Actor, Prof. A. S. - 48 Ajram. Fuad 362 Albers, G. D 209 Albert, Frances 316 Albert, James . . .. 153 Albert. Samuel 362 Albrecht, Linden 391 Albright. Alfred 339 Albright, Mary 446 Alden. G. G 384 Alden. John Alderman. Wilbur ..307, 399 Alder. Mrs. William 426 Aldrich. F. C. H7, 393 Aldrich. Mrs. F 440 Alexander. C. _ 336 Alexander. Cruzan 418 Alexander, D. M. .. 123, 130, 133. 418 Alexander, Henry H. Jr. 64, 410 Alexander. John 190 Alexander, J. 391 Alexander, M. M. 411 Alexander, R. 383 Alix, X. D. 110 .Allan, Virginia 332 Allderige, R. ..376. 435 Allen. A. _ 353 Allen. B. E. 110. 132 Allen, Boyd 413 Allen, D. B 383 Allen. Floyd ... 363 Allen. Fred 417 Allen. G 109 Allen. George E. 64 Allen. G. W 120, 128 Allen. Glade -.440 Allen, H. E. 207 Allen. Lawrence 406 Allen. Martha 96 Allen. Sarah 64 Allen. S. W. 254 Allen. Mrs. S 433 Allen. Ted 93 Allen. Virginia 424 Allington, Barbara 432. 442 Allington. Elizabeth .. _ 432 Allington, Janet, ....373 375, 376, 432 Allison. J 386 Allison. Mabel 445 Allmendinger. V 148, 150. 152 Almdale. Einar __ 4 i7 Alpern, E. Bryce 411 Alpert, Frances 177 Alpha Alpha Gamma .. _ 152 Alpha Chi Omega 424 Alpha Delta Phi 383. 425 Alpha Epsilon Iota 205 Alpha Epsilon Mu 170 Alpha Epsilon Phi 426 Alpha Gamma Delta .. 427 Alpha Kappa Kappa . 206 Alpha Kappa Lambda .. 307. 384 Alpha Kappa Psi ..249 Alpha Xu 97 Alpha Omega ..238. 310 Alpha Omicron Pi 428 Alpha Phi 429 Alpha Rho Chi . ...153 Alpha Sigma Phi ..385 Alpha Tau Omega 386 Alpha Xi Delta 430 Alquire. William 64 Alshuler. Morton ....421 Altick. David 413 Alt. G. L. 120 Altshul. E. M. 140 Alumni Association 336. 337 Alway. G. G 212 Ambrosio. B. F. 110 Ames. J. B 396, 418 Ammerman. Albert 1 6, 177 Anderson, Betsy 96. 315. 443 Anderson, C 129, 134, 386 Anderson, Charles G _ 150 Anderson, C. R. 110 Anderson, Elizabeth .... 334. 335 Anderson. E. L. 352 Anderson, E. L 352, 422 Anderson. F 206 Anderson, Frances Mary 427 Anderson, G. ... 435 Anderson. H. C 102 120. 134. 266, 412 Anderson. Irene J. 234. 240 Anderson, John 410 Anderson, Rachel J. 64 Anderson. M. Roderick 418 Anderson. Rose 169, 435 Anderson, Ruth 428 Anderson, S. P 385 Anderson, Thomas -420 Anderson, W. ..168, 211 Anderson, W. T. ..384 Anderson. Wm. 412 Andree. H. ... 398 Andreau. P. E. 110. 131 Andreau, Polydoros 362 Andreae, Wayne A- 64 Andraea, W. S. 388 Andrew, Mary V. . 64, 368 Andrew. X. 371 Andrew, Mary 374. 444 Andrews. A 133, 134. 392 Andrews, Campbell 387 Andrews, D. B. 386 Andrews, James C. ..64 Andrews, John 413 Andronik. Edmund 302. 397 Andros, George 63, 206. 335. 388 Andrus. K. Mary 332, 433 Angell. Prof. R. C. 48 Angell, R. C. _ 390 Angell. Mrs. W. F. 439 Angle, J. G. _ 134 Angle. J. 386 Angley. Robt. 339, 402 Anibal. Eleanor 438 Ann Arbor after Dark 32, 33 Anning. M. X 134 Anspach, William 62. 64. 345. 421 Anthony, R. L. ]7 Anthony, R. ....168, 394 Antilla, E. E. ..110. 128 Anton. J 128, 134 Appel, Madelyn 177, 355, 360 Appleton. John .... 402 Appleyard, J. O. 128 Applegate, Oliver C. _ 239 Arabs and Greeks ..362 Archer, Robert 404 Archer, Wm 413 Archer. Willson 250 Archery. Women ' s -319 Dean of the College of Architecture 145 Architectural Design .. 156 Architectural Profes- sors 147 Architectural Seniors .. 150 Architectural Senior Class Officers 149 Architectural Society .. 148 Ark, Howard -. 344, 381, 406 Armitage, George M. 64 Armstrong, Richard .... 207 Armstrong. Mrs. R. 440 Arnkoff, H. 196 Arnold, Blanche 429 Arnold. Dorothy 94. 426 Arnold. H. C. _ 422 Arnold, M. T. ..196. 205 Arnold. Winnifred -64, 434 Aron, D. 421 Aronsohn. Charles ..406 The Arrival 11 Arscott, E. F. _ 208 A. S. C. E 128 A. S. M. E. 129 Ashbough. Carolyn 332 Asberg, E. M 210 Ashburn. Jesse A. ..134. 396 Ashdown. Meribal ..443 A she. Robert M. 64, 168. 417 Ashley, James 307, 416 Ashley, R. W 202 Ashley, R. 211 Ashton, Clifford 219 Ashton, C. L 225 Askren, R. R. 134 Assembly _ 371 Assembly Ball 366, 367 Athay. Roland Jr. ..420 Athena Literary So- ciety 96 Atherton, Keith .. 219, 220 Athletics 261 Atkinson, R G 131 Attwood. S. S. 102. 120 Attwood. Mrs. S 433 Atwell, H. H. 382 Auger, Wm. 211 August. Conrad 333 Aupperle, Helen 167 Aus, D. 341 Austin, H. R. 352 Austin. J. D. .. 384 Austin, Mary Jane .429 Austin. W. 211 Auto Ban 21 Avery, Anabel 332, 434, 442 Avery, C. 169 Avery, G 168 Avner. Louis L. 408 Aye. Thomas 416 Avers. M. A. 355, 373, 375 Ayers, Margaret Anne 435 Ayers, Thomas 63, 64. 420 Ayers, W. L. 102 Babcock, Richard E. 414 Babcock, R. W 402 Bach, A. ..... 405 Bachelder. Frank 148 Bacher, Mrs. B. F. 373 Bacher. Mrs. H. 437 Bachrock. Henry 421 Bachus. Barbara ....435 Backman, W. E. 48, 120 Backwith, A. H. 128 Bacon. Francis R 64 Badaluco, J 394 Badcon, D. - 1C8 Bader, A. L 416 Badger, Betty 430 Badger, John S. 64 Badger, J .394 Badger. W. E. 209. 394 Badger. W. L. 102. 120, 134 Badgley, Dr. Carl 18 Badgley, C. E. 1 0, 208 Badminton 322 Badminton. Women ' s .. 319 Baery, Gustave F. ..421 Baer, Morlye 64. 421 Bagley, Dr. Robert X. _ 211 Bagwell, W 168 Bahlman. Henry ....341 Bahna, Ralph M 219, 220, 362 Bakouth, Bakouth ..110, 128, 362 Baler. L. A. 373 Bailey, A. _ 211 Bailey, B. F. . .102, 418 Bailey, Mrs. B 437 Bailey, George ...220 Bailey. Irwin 250 Bailey, J. R. 110 Bain, Bunty _ 96. 348, 445 Bain, Roberta 94 Baird, F. 168 Baker, Esther 442 Baker. E. M. 102 Baker, Frances 437 Baker. Herbert 409 Balaluco, J 110 Baldouf. Arthur 334 Baldo, Caspar 177 Baldwin, Betty 434 Baldwin. R. B 393 Baldwin, R. H. 110, 120. 121, 127 Baldwin. Robt. 351 Baldwin. Thomas 412 Bale, Barbara 446 Ball, J. J 110 Balmer. Rowe ..220, 416 Balmer, R. A 225 Baluso, J. 211 Banger, Mrs. Walter L. - 427 Banks. Robert J 422 Barasa, Laurence ..400 Baraty. Edward 64 Barber, Marjory E. 64, 446 Barber. Robert ..416 Barclay, William 123. 267, 273, 280. 283, 298, 299, 404 Barco, J. W. .344, 360. 381. 392 Harden. Lawrence ..182 Barecki. H. 110 Barienbrock, R. C. ..260 Baringer, Wm. L. ..414 Barish, Julian 399 Barkdull. Charles W. _ 97, 306, 397 Barker, Prof. E. F. ..48. 417 Barker, Jerry 402 Barker, J. C. -110, 120 Barker, John 62. 387 Barker, Paul S 190, 207, 400 Barker, Mrs. P. 440 Barnard. Miss E. ...434 Barnard, Frank 64, 284. 285, 351 Barnard. James . 421 Barndt, William G. ..64. 330, 342, 351 Barnes, Mrs, Chester _ 424 Barnes, C. Grant 65. 333. 418 Barnes, Mrs. C. Grant .. 442 Barnes, C. H. 389 Barnes. Donald 95, 409 Barnes, E. H. 153 Barnes, H. 129 Barnes, Mary Margaret 149. 150, 440 Barnes. R, 134 Barnes. Reginald 409 Barnes, Robert 403 Barnett, David 220, 403 Barnett, G. C. 225 Barnett. Henry 403 Barnett, J. W 110 Barnett, Melvin 411 Barnum, H. J. 396 Barnum, Marion E. 65, 440 Barnwell, J. B. 190 Baron. Jerome 395 Barowsky, Marjorie 333 Barowsky. Mischa 302 Barr, A. S. 410 Barr, Helen Jane 98. 443 Barr, William 405 Barrett, Dorothy ..330, 434 Barrett. Douglas ...407 Barrett, E. B 409 Barrett, James G. 65 Barrett, John W 257. 356 Barrett. Kathryn F. 65 Barrett, Richard 220 Barrett, R. L. 352 Barrett. Ruth .445 Barrington, Mary M. 65 Barrows, Winona 205 Barry. Helen 429 Bartell. F. E. __ 3H1 Bartell. Mrs. T 431 Barthel, Betty A. 65. 438 Barth. Betty 436 Barth. Mary E 65 Bartholomew. Arthur .. 339, 353, 404 Bartlett. B. .... .174 Bartlett, Prof. H. H. .. .48 Bartlett, James 419 Hartley, J. F. _ ... 389 Bartley. L. D 385 Bartnik, S. R 110, 129. 374 Barton, A, S. ..196. 205 Barton, Carol Jane 177. 437 Barver, S 169 Baseball. I. M. 294. 306 Baseball, Varsity .280. 323 Bash. Wallace 339, 412 Basketball, I. M 322 Basse. Betty L. . 65, 333. 438 Bassett. Abagail 429 Bassett, Alice 333, 429 Bassett. Barbara 435 Bassett, J. B. 413 Bassett. ' Wilfred 220 Bassett, W. G. 225. 357 Basspw, P. H 209 Bastian, M. C 128 Baston. Mrs. O. W 436 Bates. H. F. ..232, 234 Bates. Mrs Henry ..432 Bates, Dean Henry W 217 Bates, H. M. ....218, 383 Bates. J. R 48, 388 Bates, W. H. 65, 208, 351. 413 Bathey, Douglas S. 418 Bauchat, James 416 Bauer, Irving 333 399 Bauer, Linda M. 150 152 Bauer, Phyllis ... 424 Bauer, R 206 Baumann, J 134 Baxley, R V. . _ 122 Baxley, R 123 Baxter. Betsy 434 Baxter, Charlotte 92 315, 330, 428 Baxter, D. V. ..254 384 Baxter, Edgard ... 420 Baxter, Marion 335. 434 Baxter, Richard S. 65 Bayley. R H. . 388 Baylis, A. H. 110 Bazant, Beth .. 443 Beach, David 134 265 Beach, K. H. .. 209 Beach, Mark 391 Beach. R L. 110, 132 Beal. E, 337 Beal, Mrs. J. . 429 Beal, J. E. 97. 382 387 Beal. Regent J 44 Beals, Leslie R 65 Bean, J. 206 Beard. C. C. . 413 Beard. H. J. . 234 Beardsley, W. P 208 Beaumont, R A. . 407 Becktel, B. G. . 388 Beck, Jeanette 431 Beck, K. H. 209 384 Beck, Wm. F 65. 357, 410 Beckenstein, Herbert 220 Becker, A, . 210 Becker, Howard .... 397 Becker, John 62 Becker. J. S. _. 389 Becker, J. 405 Becker, Mrs. J. 437 Becker, O. R ... 383 Becker, R E. 393 Beckwith. A. H. Beebe, Betty Anne ..62, 65, 368. 370, 432 Beebe, Claude E. . 422 Beebe, Donald E. -65 Beebe, Hugh 212. 400 Beebe, L. W ...110 Beebe, Lucius ..129, 280 Beers, Julius 387 Beers, Mary 169, 440 Begin, Howard J. . 65 Begle. Edward ..400 Behler, Betty 446 Behringer, Margaret .. 176, 177 Beierwaltes, W. H Beise. Dorothy 314 Bela, A. 109, 110 Belden, Dan 3.11 Belden, Donald 339, 353, 391 Belden, Louis -65, 391 Bell. Charles 412 Bell, J 371, 374 Bell, Dr. Margaret 174, 205, 314, 438 Bell. Mary 442 Bell, Ralph S. 65 Bell, V. 440 Bell, Winifred 431 Bellinger. Zilpha M. 65 Belote, G. H. 190, 206 Belser, Jane 442 Belser, W 208 Belsley. J. 206 Beltramini, Carolvn .. . 370, 376. 435 Benavie, J. 169 Bender, MJ-S. W 431 467 Benedict, A. S 209 Benedict, Barbara 332, 440 Benedict, Virginia -440 Benedictine, B. W. ..392 Benford, R 134, 169 Benham, H. T 383 Benison, A. L. . Benjamin, Bud .. Benjamin, Barton R. .. 408 Benjamin, Edward C. .. Benedict, A. L 195 232, 234, 239 Benjamin, J 386 Bennet, Duane 418 Bennett, M. C 196 209, 371 Bennett, M 374 Bennett, Mary E 65 Bennett, Mary 446 Bennett, Phyllis ....360, 446 Bennett, Wells I. ..145, 153 Bensley, Jack 400 Bensley, Virginia ....442 Benson, J 211 Bentley, J. M 430 Bentley, Margaret ..431, 446 Bentley, More.ll 417 Benton, Jane 424 Berdon, Nancy T 65 Berdon, Nancy 433 Berg, A 168 Berger, A. A 110 Berger, J. P. ..203, 208 Berger, Milton M 65 Bergelin, J. 392 Bergelin, Mrs. J 435 Bergelin, Olaf P 414 Bergers, Elaine 427 Bercaw, T. E 260 Berkaw, Kenneth ..207 Berlau, Irving 421 Bernard, Dorothy Jane 96, 177 Bernhard, Wilma ....435 Bernthal, Theodore. 212 Berris, Robert 330, 408 Berry, L. W 97 Berry, Martha 444 Berryman, J. 1 110 Berryman, L. G Ill Berryman, L. ..129, 353 Berryman, Lloyd ....419 Bersiegle, Mrs. H. 437 Bertram, Jean 436 Bertsch, Ruth 92 Bertsch, R 371, 375 Bertsch, Ruth 446 Beran, Mrs. M. S. ..430 Besekirsky, Wassily .... Best, Hope E 150 Beta Theta Pi .. 387 Betsy Barbour 443 Betz, J. S 196, 211 Beuhler, H. R 418 Beuhler, Robert J. 109, 121, 357, 359, 418 Beunelt, A. L 384 Beyer, R. H Ill, 120 Beyer. R 131 Beynon, Edward D. 65 Beynon, E. D 385 Bibler, G. S 257 Bibler, Gilbert S. ..260 Bidelman, W. E 249 Bielfied, Burton 421 Bielfield, Leonard ..411 Bieneman, Walter ..220 Bierley, Jane 433 Biery, M. L 202 Biery, Martin 206 Bigelow, E. L. 232, 234 Bigelow, J 97 Bigelow, O. B. . 140 Bigelow, R. B 422 Bigelow, Prof. S. L. 48 Bigelow, S. R 420 Bigg, Edward 408 Biggar, Edward 400 Bilby, E 376 Billings, F. Hale ....418 Bingham. Elizabeth 65, 335, 372, 376, 432 Bird, Betty ....438, 446 Bird, C. E Ill Bird, C. F 128 Bird, Francis 212 Bird, Mrs. M 431 Birk, Mrs. J. M 440 Birkenstack, J. J. 122 Birkhold, Stanley C. 257, 2 " 60, 357 Birleson, Stanley 290, 292, 351 Bishop, Katherine E. 65, 434 Bishop, Marjory ....446 Bissell, Frank ..63, 288, 289, 302 Either, Fred 417 Bittinger, Mrs. R. ..429 Bittman, Lyman W. 63, 66, 329, 412 Bjork, E. L 357 Black, D 168 Black, F. S 388 Black, James E. 66, 412 Black, John W 257 Black, K. E 195, 208 Black, Laila L 66 Black, Richard 387 Black, W 386 Blackburn, Harry M. .. 414 Blackburn, Jack 414 Blackett, O. W. 244, 392 Blackstock, George 363 Blackwell, B. R 128 Blaess, Maxine 424 Blaine, J. D Ill, 394 Blair, T. H 212 Blake, Marion 429 Blake, Mary C 429 Blake, Roger ....389, 397 Blake, W. E 49 Blakely, Wm 419 Blanchard, Mrs. W. G. 436 Blanding, John E. ..132 Blankenberg, Dorothy 1 66, 442 Blauman, Phyllis E. .. 66, 96, 445 Bleakley, Mrs. Donald 443 Bleekman, G. M. . 392 Blicke, F. F. 139, 388 Block, C. L Ill, 129, 407 Block, C. L 129 Block, Charles 407 Block, Harry ..339, 411 Blocksma, R 398 Blodgett, Mary 432 Blome, W 405 Bloom, Edward 66 Bloom, Herman 220 Bloomer, H. H 384 Bloomer, Ruth .. .. 314 Blue, D. B. Jr. .. . 357 Blue, David 403 Bluestein, Evelyn M. 62, 66, 426 Bluford, G 129 Blumberg, Herbert 336, 421 Blume, Mr. W 431 Blumenthal, F. L. . 190 Boak, A. E. R. 49, 266 Boals, P. M Ill Boddy, L 4ig Boehnke, R. O. Ill, 413 Boelkins, D 398 Boelkins, R. C 196 Boer, E 129 Boersma, Milford ....66 Boettjer, Arthur 341 Bogart, V 437 Bogue, R. E 196, 204, 206 Bohn, John ....412 Bohr, D. F. . 209 Bohrn, Catherine ... 444 Bolger, Marjory . 428 Bolitho, Boyd 400 Bolitho, Louise 332, 436 Bolitho, T 211 Bolline. Emil . 239 Bolt, 398 Bolton, Barbara . 424 Bolton, Doris 155, 330. 332, 440 Bolton, Rowland ....413 Bonavito, Joseph 250, 341 Bonette, P 233 Bonisteel, Elizabeth .. 335, 436 Bonisteel, Frances 436 Bonisteel, Jean 436 Bonner. Cpmpbell ....49 Bonnette, Paul 240 Bontekoe, C 398 Borzarth, 1 433 Book, E. 1 389 Bookout, John 407 Boon, Jayne 425 Boone, Maxine A. ..444. 445 Booth, G. T 195, 196, 209 Boothby, William M. .. 422 Booyer, James 404 Borgle, Edward 412 Borgioli, Edmond H. 66 Borgmann, Wm. F. 391 Borin, David 399 Borneman, George ..66, 402 Boston, O. W. 102, 134 Bostwick, Don 341 Bosworth, W. D 249 Boter, P. S. ..220, 224, 407 Bott, E 211 Botvinick. 1 196 Bouchard, Harry ....102. 120, 419 Boucherle, Alice 440 Boucherle, C. H 390 Boult, Betty ....376, 443 Bourg, D. J 196, 207, 388 Bourg, Jean 434 Bourke, Wm. T 414 Bourquin, A 435 Bourquin, J 435 Bourquin, Mrs. J. ..431 Bourroughs, P. J. ..391 Bovise, Oscar A 66 Bowe, D 130 Bowen, C. C 382 Bowen, D. W 383 Bower, Carolyn M. ..66 Bowers, C. L 393 Bowers, R 250 Bowers, William T. 150 Bowler, L. D. 234, 239 Bowles, Gene 400 Bowling, I. M 308 Bowling, Women ' s ..321 Bowman, Mary Helen .. 443 Boyd, David A 212 Boyd, Nora 237 Boyden, A 396 Boyer, Robert 416 Boylan, G. H. ..296, 393 Boyle, Edward H 66 Boynton, F. W 122, 123, 387 Boynton, R. L. Ill, 374 Brace, Dr. William M. 211, 385 Brackel, Walter ....220. 413 Brackett, Margaret W. 66 Brackett, R. D 134 Bradfield, Barbara ..29, 332, 434, 446 Bradford, F. K 130 Bradford, G 129, 352 Bradford, Kent 409 Bradley, R 397, 402 Bradshaw. S. W 49 Brady, Helen 442 Brady, Jane 431 Braeck. T 131 Bragg; E. M 102 Branch, Margaret G. 441 Brandemer, W. R. ..385 Brandman, Charles ..66, 204, 210, 411 Brandman, Leonard 66. 210 Brandt, A 386 Brandt, C. G 97 Brandt, Leonard ....406 Brandt, Nissley 443 Bransky, Ruth E. ..66, 98, 444 Brater, E 133 Brattin, Harry 250 Braun, Mrs. C 433 Braun, Howard 419 Braun, R. F 388 Braun, T 131 Brazen, J. G 208 Breakey, Mrs. J 435 Breay, Harriett J 66 Bredvold, L. 1 49 Bredvold, Mrs. L. ..436 Breed, Ernest 206 Breed, Julia ....360, 443 Breen, Thomas W. ..66, 402 Breisford, Stanley ..293 Brelsford, C. F 121 . Brelsford, Clayton 290, 292, 403 Brelsford, H. W. ....Ill, 120, 403 Bremer, Margaret ..443 Berniser, H. R 404 Brenn, Bernice 442 Brenn, E. ..134, 353, 408 Brennan, J. C. 267, 402 Breton. Phillin 341 Bresler, Jay S 408 Brett, Howard J 408 Brew, Wesley M 66 Brewer, Al 212 Brewer, J. G 357 Brewer, Don 93, 294, 295, 406 Brezin, D 196 Bricker, Betty Ann 335, 442 Bricker, J. W 209 Buckley, Paul 339 Brickley, P 353, 382 Budge, Fitz :.420 Briegel, James C 66 Brier, J. C 103, 358 Briggs, Mrs. C. P 430 Briggs, F 206 Briggs, Lewis 420 Briggs, R. P 249 Brigham, G. B., Jr. 134 Brigham, Virginia ..435 Brigham, Jack 363 Brigstock, Floy 66. 360 Brindel. Robert 400 Briner. Gladys G 66, 445 Briner, Jack ....111, 305, 307, 416 Brink, G. H 130,386 Brink, Wm 412 Briscoe, Dorothy ....176, 177, 443 Bristol. Gilbert 351 Bristol, Hubert 62 Bristol, Hubert M 62, 66, 280, 417 Bristol, Louis B 239 Brittain, F 430 Brittan, G 211 Brock, Stuart 341 Broch, Warren 336, 401 Brockway, Robert ....415 Brodbeck, Violet 433, 442 Broders, Owen 416 Bromage, A. W 49 Bromley, C. H 234 Bromley, Dorothy L. 66, 370, 441 Bronson, D. G 385 Brooks, Betty 429 Brooks, C. E 389, 404 Broomfield, E. 140, 142 Brotherton, Florence 438 Brotherton, Mary J. 67, 443 Browley, C 232 Brown, Anne 440 Brown, Augusta .... 426 Brown, A. W 246 Brown, Bailey 400 Brown, Betsy 429 Brown, Douglas ....420 Brown, Mrs E 435 Brown, E. S 49 Brown, F. H 245, 246, 250 Brown, G. G 103, 120, 409 Brown, Harold 399 Brown, J. A 371 Brown, J. E 389 Brown, James 412 Brown, M 134, 169 Brown, Martin 409 Brown, Mary Francesca 436 Brown, Mrs. R 166 Brown, Robert B 67, 353, 403 Brown, R. C 208 Brown, R. K 415 Brown, W. E 206 Brown, Mrs. W. E., Jr 434 Brown, W. F., Jr. . 404 Browne, Harold S. 337 Browns, H 211 Brownstein, Ruth ..67. Bretzlaff, George 407 Bruce, James D 43 Bruce, Dr. Jones D 211 Bruce, Mrs. James D. 446 Bruce, Regent 44 Brueek, Robert . 177 Bruinsma, H. 162 163, 168 Brumm, Mrs. J 433 Brumm, J. L. . 49, 404 Brumm, Phyllis L. 67, 433 Bruna, Edward F. ... 397 Bruyere, Isabel . 431 Bryant, Baker 285, 286, 287 Bryant. Constance ..335 Bryant. Doug. W. . 418 Bryant, Mrs. John A. 442 Bryant, Ruth C 433 Bryant. W. L 211 Bryn, R. W 209 Bryon, Elinor 430 Bubis, Elaine ..163, 426 Buby, Grant H 67 Buchanan, Frederick 62 67, 391 Buchanan, Mrs. A. ..438 Buchanan, W. H 128 Buchanan. W. T. 402 Buchen, Fillip 336 Buchen, P. W. 353, 390 Bucher, Julian 256, 257, 260 Buck, Charles 342 Buckley, John 94 Buckley, Katherine. 315, 430 Buckley, Mrs. P 428 Buckman, R 354 Buckminster, P. N. 357 Buckminster, Philip N. 418 Buckwalter, T. V. 336, 382 Buderus. B 389 Buchler. Robert 343 Buell. Mrs. M 433 Buelour, Dorothy ....424 Buermann, T. M 384 Buesser, Frederick 16, 62. 63, 67, 334, 345. 391, 458 Bugher, Dr. John C. 211 Buhrman, Mrs. G. L. 429 Buist. S 398 Bulkeley. John 412 Bulkely. Lewis 412 Bull, H. S 120 Bulthuis, A 398 Bunce, Robert 413 Bunting, C. Gerry 219, 220, 345, 422 Bunting, R. W 229, 239, 382 Burch, Janice 430 Burch, John E 67 Burd, Elizabeth 446 Burdich, Fred A 418 Burgess, Mrs. E 434 Burgess, F 152, 376 Burgess, Kay 424 Burhans, Robert L. 67 Burhans, R 383 Burke, J. W. Ill, 396 Burke, Mary 430 Burke, R. E. .. 130 Burkland, C. E 103 Burns, Frank 413 Burns, La Verne 94 339, 407 Burns, R. M 389 Burns. W. J 134 Burnstein, Isadore 67 Burr, Hilda 314 Burroughs, William 170 Burch, J. E 393 Burrough, W. M 352, 384 Bursley, Gilbert M. 414 Bursley, Dean J 42, 120, 329, 338, 381 Bursley, P. E 422 Bursley, Rebecca . 98 360, 432 Burrows, Newton ... 339 354 Burstein, 1 352 Burston, Hazel 439 Burt, Richard D. ...419 Burt, R. D 131 Burt, W. R 357 Burton, A. R 205 Burwell, Robt 256 Bury, V 440 Burwell 260 Busch, Stanley 406 Bush, Gerald .. 182 Bush, S. Winifield 111. 129, 357, 404 Business 241 Dean of the School of Business Ad- ministration 243 Business Adminis- tration Professors 244 Business Adminis- tration Seniors ....246 Business Adminis- tration. Senior Class Officers 245 Business Adminis- tration Student Life 242 Busse, Irvin 412 Butler, Edith 427 Butler, Evelyn 67 Butler, Lee 149 Butler, W. H 417 Butterly, Vincent .. . 94, 339, 391 Butts, W. H 49, 383 Buxton, R 396 Bychinsky, S. E 134 Byrd 260 Byrn, H. E 167, 376 Byrne, B. J 163 Byrne, Jeanice 167 Byrnn, R 204 Bywaters, P 206 Bywaters T. W 413 Cadagan, Madalyn 427 Cadwell, F. G 402 Cady, W. R 134, 260 Cain, T 133 Calderwood, H. B 403 Calderwood, Mrs. H. 434 Caldwell 260 Caldwell, Eugene ....396 Caldwell, Richard 239, O K O Calhoon, Lloyd N. 397 Calhoun, I. N 120 Calkins, Ruth 434, 443 Call, John 410 Callahan, J. C ' ..128 Galloway. D 355 Callender, Sylvia ....429 Callouette, Joseph ..396 Callow, Virginia 62, 67, 424 Cameron, James ....202, 207, 288 Camp. Carl 190, 207 Campbell, Birum ....403 Campbell, Bruce ....331. 412 Campbell, C. W. 67, 357 Campbell, D. C 245, 246, 249 Campbell, E 311 Campbell, H. Murray 93, 340, 391 Campbell, H. L 103 Campbell, H. D 120 468 Campbell, John 250, 339, 391 Campbell. Laurie ....314 Campbell. Mabel 67. 438 Campbell. Mae 402 Campbell. Margaret 436. 438, 443 Campbell. Milton ....407 Campbell. Phyllis Jean 370. 428 Campbell, R. A. 12, 250. 302. 382, 410 Campbell. R. H. ....389 Campbell. R. J. _..384 Camping:. R. L. 130 Campus Politics 20 Cardillo. J. 353 Canfield. Mrs. A. .436 Canfield. Mrs. B. .429 Canfield. Mrs. R. Bishop 205 Canfield, W. B 390 Canning, Robert 2C5. MS Canning, R. J 388 Cannon, C. 1 8 Cannon, G. H. ...357 Cannon. George 412 Cannon. J. H. ...103, 38C Cannon, T. H. _.120 Cannon, Marion L. .. 67 Cannon. Phyllis 433 Cappon, Franklin C. 281 415 Carey. C. O. 103 Carey. Francis E. _ 67 Carey. Miriam 441 Carey. Phyllis 430 Carg. Harold 419 Carle, G 357, 38C Carlile. T .211 Carlisle. A. B. 388 Carlisle. Frances ....437 Carlisle, Wm _.4l3 Carlson. ...129 Carlson, Margaret ..427 Carlton, R V 225 Carlzen. C 129 Carmine. Edith M. .. 7 Carney. Frances 374 Carney. R. 211 Carney, Mrs. R. J. -.436 Carow. John 257. 260 Carpenter, Bradford 417 Carpenter, Charles R 7 Carpenter, Luther C. 414 Carr, Carl 177 Carr. L. J. 50. 413 Carr. Lowell. Mrs 424 Carr, Phyllis 431 Carr, Ruth 183. 444 Carr, Virginia 17, 444 Carras, D. Peter ... .3 2 Carriel, J. T. ...422 Carrigan, Betty ...424 Carrigan. Margaret 335, 429. 443 Carroll, H. S. ..111. 120 Carroll. Howard 405 Carrothers, Howard 352, 359 Can-others. G. E. ..174. 416 Carson. D 129 Carson. F. S. 396 Carson. Robert EL ..182, 389 Carson, Jane 47, 371. 44 Carson. R E 390 Carstens. Frank 130, 405 Carter, A. C. McG. ..383 Cartwright, J. E. -_22. 396 Carver, H C _ 50 Carver. Janet 435 Cascodden. L. E. 134 Case, A. C. 166 Case, E. C 50 Case, L. D _.120 Casey, J. B .234 Cash, Donald ... ....412 Cashin 260 Cassel. D. _.l8 Casselman. Harry ....220 Casselman. W. R ....134 Cassidy, Xancy 429 Caughey. C. W 130 Causey. A. 111. 131 : ' avanagh, J. _ 67. 372. 440 Cave, C. A. 402 Caves. Harry 387 Cawley. Edward .212 Cawthra, H. J. 111 Cawthra, Jordan ....402 Cayia, Helen 332. 431. 443 Cercle, Francais 360 Cetner. J. A. 196 Cetner. John .212 Centner, William 92 Chason. J. L. ....204, 210 Chatard. Ruth M. ....437 Chavanelle. Gilbert 416 Cheerleaders 265 Cheever, Mrs. H. 431 Cheever. Markham 169. 416 Inst. of Chemical Engineering 131 Chen. Clara L. 361 Chen. Harding S. .361 Chen. Toh 361 Chen. Tsung Ti 361 Cheney. G. W. Ill Chenev. G 129 Cheng. Teh-Peng ....361 Chertoff. Alex 238 Cherwansky. Sol 2M Chervin, Victor 410 Chesley. Ward B 194, 197. 20S Cheung. Hai Tot ....361 Chew, Yst Pang ....129. 361 Chi Omega 431 Chi Phi 388 Chi Psi 306, 389 Chiang, Tsai Hwa .361 Chiang. T. L. 130 Chiang. Tsing Hiang Chien. Jo Chtag 361 Chien. Xai Jen 361 Chikowsky. Florence .... ...426 Chimacoff. M 360 Chin. Ettie L. T 361 Chin. Hsi Wu 361 Chinese Student ' s Club ....361 Chipman, D 440 Chipman. Mrs. D. C. 440 Chipman. H. 440 Chisholm. G. F. 232 Chissus. Roberta 435 Chiu, Shen-Tuen ....361 Chockley, Maryanna 67. 350. 368. 369. 434 Chodosh, Nathan E. 67 Chomicz, J. Ill Chow, Ching Shiang 361 Chow, Chu Ta -Ill, 130, 361 Chow. Hui Chiu . 361 Chow, L Ping 361 Chow, Yuen Koa .361 Chabut, G 211 Chaddock, R E. Ill, 131 Chadwick, Albert ....407 Chadwick, M 383 Chainley, W. R. -.130 Chamberlain. Betty Ann 440 Chamberlin. Betty Lou 446 Chamberlin. Elizabeth 177 Chambers, N -405 Chambliss, A. 417 Champion. A. P ISO Champions, .306, 307. 310 Chan. Doris Y 361 Chan. Kwok Chue ....361 Chan, Tsung. Xin ....361 Chan. Wings 361 Chang, Chen-Ting H. Chang, Jus 361 Chang. Hieh 361 Chang, Shiou Tshau Chang, Teh Sing 361 Chang, Wei Koo 361 Chang. Yuan Wei 361 Chang, Ying 361 Chang. L. - 128 Chao, C. Y 361 Chao. Kuang Tseng 361 Chapin. Helen 427 Chaplin. Myron B. ..397 Chapman. John 409 Chapman, Wilber A. 67 Charin, Samuel 340, 346. 406 Charlton, Fred 400 Chase, B Ifl Chase. Ed. C. ..12S . Chase, William 128. 27! Chown. D 168 Chrisman, L. - 168 Christensen. Ed. P. 418 Christensen. Robert C. 67 Christensen. V. 405 Christensen. Mrs, John C. 427. 433 Christensen. Mrs. P. 440 Christian. Palmer ..160, 161 ...111 ..391 ...237 ...190 ...382 Ml Christian. S. G. . Christie, Robert Christe. Richard Christman. A. A. Christman, L. J. Christman. W. .. Christopher, Ruth M. 68 Christophersen, Ruth 360. 446 Christy, Jane E. 68 Christy. J 355 Chu, Min Sheng ...361 Chu, Rose 361. 442 Church, Harrison A. 63, 68, 400 Churchill, Ruel -397 Cissel, J. H. ....103, 416 Clancey, Ellen 446 Clancey, Mary L. .... 68 Clancey, Sara F 68 Clapp. Roger -.404 Clark, Mrs. A. L. ....440 Clark, C. D. 392 Clark, D. Philip ... 330, 418 Clark. Elinore 437, 443 Clark. Harriette L. 68 Clark, H. 386 Clark, James ....148, 400 Clark, J 97, 386 Clark, M. L. 385 Clark, Richard 68. 169. 342. 343. 352. 374. 382 Clark, Ruth _ 62, 68, 443 Clark, Thomas _239 Clark. Weldon 177 Clarke. C ...168 Clarke. Harvey 402 Clarke. Tom B 68 Clarke, 1 386 Clarkson, W. S 387 Clary. Rudolph L 397 Class Officers, Fresh- man Literary 95 Class Officers, Junior Literary 92 Class Officers. Sopho- more Literary 94 Clauser, H. 134 Clayton, H. G. 310, 392 Clayton, W. S. 130 Cleary. Edward L. 337 Cleaver, Edith 429 Cleland, Margret 429. 442 Cleland, Peggy 332, 335 Clement, C. H., Jr.. 122, 123, 133. 340, 417 Clement, Walter ....417 Clement. William ..170 Clements, L. V 130 Clements, Robert ..240 Clements, T. D 232 Clemmons, Jeane 95 Cleveland, R. ...129 Clifford, Cathleen 332. 428 Clifford. R. P. 209 Cline, F. B. Ill, 357 Cline, J. J. 384 Cline, Walter M. 68, 396 Clinton, George R. 197 Clinton. G. 211 Clise, Martha 436 Closser. Dayton C. 418 Closterhouse, Joan 335, 429, 446 Coats, Mrs. H. 437 Cobb, L. M. Ill Cobo, Elaine E. 68, 437, 444 Coburn, Lois 439 Cochrane, John 63 Cochrane, John L. 68, 389 Cody. Fred 63 Codv, Frederick K. -68. ' 285, 286. 287, 403 Coe, Charles - 409 Coe, Marjory 96. 370, 433 Coffee, B 127 Coffee, B. L. 131 Coffee, Burton 402 Coffee. Maurine 68, 371, 443 Coffman. C. S. 257. 260 Coffman, Louis 220 Coggan, Mark 239, 240 Conger, W. L. 359. 382 Cogshall. Mrs. C, D. .. ._ .440 Cohen. Arthur 399 Cohen, Florence 68 Cohen, James 307, 399 Cohen. Leslie 406 Cohen. Pauline G 68 Cohen. Richard 411. 421 Cohn. Donald .62, 68. 395 Cohn, Gordon K. . .68. 401 Cohn, Mrs. Jerome 426 Cohodes, H, Lee .. .168. 399 Colberg. G. W. Ill, 132 Colbers, Gordon ....405 Colby, H. R. . 385 Colburn. William H. .. 68 Cole, Allen 419 Cole, Betty Ann ....441 Cole, H. Harrison ..414 Cole, J. F. 389 Cole, K. E 163 Cole, R. H. 383 Coleman, Charles 94 Coler, Jean 429 Coler, Ruth 429 Colman. Charles ....336. 411 Collatz. G. T. ..35. 109 111, 120, 121, 131, 351 Collegiate Sorosis 432 Coller, Dr. F. A. 186. 190, 211 Coller. Mrs. F. A. 430 Collier, A. F -Ill Collier. Albert 415 Collins. C 168 Collins. Carol ...432 Collins. Floyd 392 Collins. Frederick .340 Collins, Fred A. .360 Collins. H_ N. . 390 Collins, Jack -344, 352. 412 Colombo. J. F 390 Colombo, James 93 Combs, W. G 388 Comfort, Samuel 339 Comins, Philip X. ..68, 384 Commencement _36 Compter, G. H, 130, 133. 134 Compton, Helen Mar- garet 433 Comstock. W. A 422 Comstock. W. P 407 Comstock, L. ..204. 211 Comstock, Mrs. W. 433 Concert Band 168 Concerts-Lectures 30 Conger. Clinton B. ..62. 414 Conger, Mrs. S 438 Conger, S. B. Jr. 422 Conkle, Guy . 402 Conlin. H. T. - ...385 Conlin, J. X. _ 385 Conlon, W. J. ..Ill, 129 Conn, Dr. Jerome ..401 Conn, Ravmond W. 197 Connable, A. R 390 Connable. Mrs. A. ..434 Connell, Marcia 333, 370, 434 Conners, H. 382 Connine, Edwin 416 Conrad, Grandville 359, 419 Conrad. Raymond ..250 Conrad. S 386 Conrath, AL 331, 387 Consor. Bud .330, 391 Contents _7 Conway, Frank 409 Cook, A. 382 Cook, Daniel 170 Cook, E. A. 234 Cook, Franklin 338 Cook, G 129 Cook,- J. C. 209, 384 Cook, M. P. 385 Cook, Martha Jane 333. 440. 442 Cook, Regent 44 Cook, S. H. -.130 Cook, Sherman 419 Cook, W. F. 392 Cook, Mrs. W. 440 Cook, Withred 419 Cooke, Gene _ 403 Cooke, George 277 Cooley. A. 134 Cooley, E. M. 358 Cooley. M. E. 120. 134, 382 Cooley. Mortimer E. 414 Coolidge, Frank, ....331. 420 Coombs, R. 383 Cooper. Betty 424 Cooper, Bob 93 Cooper, Charlotte. E. 68 Cooper, D 168. 353 Cooper. Donald -412 Cooper, E. 168 Cooper. J. E. ...112 Cooper, Jack 412. 420 Cooper, R. E 267 Cooper, Ralph R. 197, 420 Cooper, Robert 274, 400, 421 Cooper, W. ... 404 Cooperstock. M. 210 Cope. Wilma 443 Copeland, R. 134 Copley. A. B 134 Copp. Harold 182 Corathers, J. E. 257, 260 Corlett, David . ....403 Cork. F. B. _ 357 Cork, Mrs. J. _ . 440 Cork. M. J. 50 Corkin. Leo 68, 420 Corliss, Mrs. J 431 Corn, Leonore 183 Cornelius, J. 392 Correll. R. 168 Corson. Dorothy 98. 434 Corwin, Swift 62 Corwin. S. C. 390 Cosolias, Elizabeth 360. 446 Cosper, George 63. 69. 343, 344. 381. 412, 454 Costello, J 94. 386 Cottle, Richard 387 Cotton. B. 133 Cotton. R. B 130 Cotton, T. J. 130, 133 Cottrell, Clark 416 Coumrine, W. M. .112 Cound. J. 382 Countryman, Walter G. 69, 357 Coursey. Paul 63 Coursey. John P 69, 356, 412 Coursey, R R 358 Courtis, S. A. 174 Courtney, Thomas 404 Courtright. R. O. .412 Courtright, Mrs. R. O. 436 Courville, Charles.. 197, 20V Cousineau. E. J 109, 112, 131. 357 Cousins. R, T. 112, 136 Courtwright. Coach 298 Covel. C. E... 257. 260 Coventry, Markham 195. 197, 207 Covert, Mrs. A. 433 Covert, H. E. 403 Cowdon, Lydia 424 Cowden, R. W 50, 393 Cowden, Mrs. R. ....430. 437 Cowdrey, T. O. 129, 132 Cowell, Mrs. Wayne 424 Cowie, Mrs. D. M. 190, 205 Cowie. David 207 COT, C. J ..112 Cox, Benjamin 120, 121, 306. 403 Cox, C. A. 97 Cox, Stanley 400, 410 Cox, Mrs. T. J 430 Crabtree, Peter . 195. 197, 206, 338 Craig, C. C. 50, 413 Craig 260 Craig, D. 400 Craig, Robert, Jr. ..254 Crain, Margaret 332 Cram. Margaret ....438 Cram, Regent 44 Cramer, W 168, 169 Cramer, W. G 393 Crandall, Elizabeth 432 Crane, V. W 50 Crane. Mrs. Vernor 424 Cranmore, Doris 442 Crans, R. 385 Crary, Mrs. M. F 436 Craver, Jeanette 443 Crawford, Betsy 335. 443 Crawford, H. B. 389 Crawford, James 387 Crawford. Janet 432 Crawmer, J. R. .260 Creagan, Donald R 396 Creal. C. O. 407 Creal, Mrs. D. 430 Crego, Stanley ..239 Creighton, Marguerite 162. 167, 446 Cress, E. 404 Cress, Jane ...429 Crewson. Allen M. ..404 Crisman. Lee 169 Cristy, Mrs. 3. C 428 Crittenden, W. C 249 Crittendon, Mrs. A. R. 430 Crocker. Sabin 413 Crooks, R. 131 Crook. S. F. .112. 128 Crosby, Mrs. C. .. 437 Crosby, D. __ 211 Crosby, E. C. 191. 205 Crosby. Phyllis 435 Crosman, Max 250 Crosman, Shirl .. .. 29. 33. 435 Cross, A. L. 50, 392 Cross, Mrs. F. H. ....440 Cross, Katharine 427 Crossdale, Ruth ...431 Crossman, R. Stuart 3 4 1 Crouse. Mrs. J 433 Croushore, Richard 336, 412 Crow, Walter A. 63, 69 Crow, W. 169 249. 333. 354 Crowe, Charles 402 Crowley. Mary Jane 429 Crusey, Howard 129, 416 Cuccia, C. L. 134, 168 Cueny. Benjamin .220 Culbertson, Robert 305, 41 Culver, Charlotte E. 69, 437 Cummings, C. R. 388 469 Cummings, H. H. ... Cummings, R. H ...209 ..207, 387 Cummins, Barbara E. 69 ..334 Cummins, Robert Cunningham, Mar garet Curdy, Charles Curren, Robert .... Curriston, L. E. 129 Curry, Margaret 373, Curtis, A. C 206, Curtis, Dorothy .... Curtis, F. D 382, Curtis, G Curtis, H. D Curtis, John S Curtis, Miss H. Curtis, Norma 322, 332, Curtis, Richard V. Curtis, Robert Curtis, Roswell G., 62 Curtis, R. J., Jr. .. Gushing, David Gushing, E Gushing, Fred Cushman, Edward Cushman, L. F. Cuthbert, Ellen .. Cutler, Arthur H. . Cutting, R. D Czajkowski, J. J. ... Czeresko, Anthony, 69, Czysz, Henry ..427 ..239 .302. 412 , 130 .346, 424 .191, 234 ..434 174, 391 .169 . 50 ..337 434 .315, 443 232, 239 ..220 Jr. 69 .345, 388 ..404 410 ..387 .. 69 ..112 ..335 . 69, 386 ..391 .352, 359 R. 212 ..239 D Daehler, Frederick 220 Dahlberg, Mrs. M. 437 Dahlem, Virginia C. 69 Dahlstrom, C. L 103 Dailey, Marion 432 Dailey, Robert 109, 112, 338, 409 Daitch, Morris B. ..197 Darling, Charles 402 Daily 334, 336 Dale, David 412 Dall, Nancy ....332, 438 Dallman, H 433 Dalton, A 435 Dalton, John 409 Dana, Samuel T 253, 409 Dana, Mrs. S ..431 Dancer, R. N 232 Danhof, R 97 Daniels, Myron 390, 406 Davies, A. L 128 Danielson, Ruth 443 Dannemiller, Franklin ....2, 69, 330, 351, 391 Dannemiller, Gus ..330, 391 Danner, Harland .. ..288, 289 Danse, A. A 112 Danse, R 129 Danz, Mary Jane ....429 D ' Aprix, E. C. ..93, 383 D ' Arcy, J., Jr 383 Dardas, Leon R 69 D ' Arkos, Vivienne ..424 Darmstaetter, A. A. 390 Darner, Charles 197, 207 Dart, C. E 132 Dascola, J 354 Daud, Howard 250 Daverman, H 398 Daverman, G .398 Davey, N. B 249 David, Larry 298 David, Robert L 408 Davidson, Howard ..290, 351, 363, 414 Davison, Robert ....416 Davidson, W. S 390 Davies, F 372 Davies, Florence 69, 424 Davies, Robert B 240 Davis, B. M 51 Davis, Mrs. B 437 Davis, C. M 358, 391 Davis, C. 174 Davis, D. G. 112, 393 Davis, F 168 Davis, James K 404 Davis, Meyer .360 Davis, Myra 442 Davis, Nelson 416 Davis, R. W 209 Davis, Walter, Jr. ..400 Davis, Zelda 426 Davy, Betty 335 Davy, M. Elizabeth 433 Dawson, Douglas ....212 Dawson, J. P 218 Day, Andrew 195, 207 Day, Avis 69, 433 Day, Barbara 429 Day, Dody 335 Day, Dora Ann 429 Day, K. A 134 Day, Margaret 446 D. D ' s 310 Dean of Dental School 229 Dean, David J. 69, 384 Dean, H 376 Dean, Harriet 435, 317 Dean, Helen 335 Dean, Helen Jean.. 332, 435, 446 Dean, Jarvis 301 Dean, Lindley 341 DeBoer. C 398 Dechard, J. A 112 Deckinson, N. L Decker. A. J 120 DeClerck, O. G 134 Decorative Design ..154 Dedell. Elizabeth ....446 Deerkee, R. F 234 Deering, Jack 387 De Fries, F 382 De Graff, B. A 394 De Groot, Hazel ....433, 446 Dehlinger, H 134 Deihl, Gladys 435 Deike, Joseph 168, 170 DeJong, R. N 209 DeLancey, W. S 383 Delano, Fred 63, 69, 334, 413 Delano. J 371 Delbridge, W. M 390 Delta Delta Delta 433 Delta Gamma 434 Delta Kappa Epsilon 390 Delta Sigma Delta 239 Delta Sigma Pi 250. 306, 310 Delta Tau Delta 391 Delta Theta Phi 225 Delta Upsilon 306, 307, 310, 392 Dembrowski, A. G. 112 Demetriades, A 362 Demma, J. J 128 DeMund, R. J 394 Demuth, E. L 210 Denham, R. J 195 Denham, R. H. 207, 390 Denise, Malcolm 219, 220, 354 Dennis, Maxine 436 Dennis, Richard ....148, 150 Dennis, Walter 419 Densmore, Fred ....402 Densmore, G. E. 51, 97 Dental Co mmittees 232 Dental Hygienists ..240 Dental Lower Officers 240 Dental Professors ..230 Dental Seniors 234 Dental Senior Officers 232 Dental Student Coun- cil 233 Dentai Student Life 228 Denyes, Harry 412 Deray, Phyllis 426 Derby, Ed 387 Dery, J 129 Detwiler, Jack 403 Deutsch. Louis 69 Deutsch, M 168 Deutsch, W. L 210 Devereaux, Wm 387 Devine, Beatrice ....431 DeVine, Edmond 69, 290, 302, 403 DeVries, G 398 DeVries, W 398 DeWeerd, J. H DeWeese, Dave 202, 412 DeWeese, M. S 206 Dewey, Allan C 62, 63, 69 Dewey, Allen 422 DeWitt, Esther A. 434 DeWitt, Robert B. 418 DeWitt, Norman ....207, 389 Diack, A. W. . 422 Diack, Mrs. A. W. 440 Diack, Mrs. S 433 Diamond, Phyllis ....426 Diamond, Thomas ....174 Diaz, J 129 Dibble, Faye 69 Dibble, H 112, 129 Dice, L. P 51 Dich, Mrs. Bacon ....428 Dick, Jerome.. 69, 411 Dick, Richard 417 Dick, V. S 208 Dicker, A. J 103 Dickey, J. W 130 Dickey, Jr., J. W. ..133 Dickinson, L. C 51 Dickinson, N 109 Dickinson, N. L 120, 131 Dickinson, Marion ..167 Dieterle, Dr. Robert R. 211 Dighton, Henry 391 Diefendorf, Helen H. 69 Dillman, Ruth 442 Dillman, Mrs. T. A., Jr. 425 Dimler, Robert 265 Diloreto, P. C 202 Dimpff, R 134 Director of College of Pharmacy 138 Dirkse, Dr. P 398 Diskin, B 234 Dinidio, A. L 225 Dixon, Marion 440 Djao, Ting-Shu 361 Djou, Sib-Sing 361 Djou, I-Pen 361 Dobson, Russel 403 Dobson. R. T 413 Doctor, M. J 163 Dodds, G. C 128 Dodds, Margaret ....440 Dodge, Earla 442, 438 Dodge, R. A 104 Dodge, S. D 51, 418 Doelle, John A 250 Doir, E. W 97 Doerr, Jr., Louis E. 212 Doherty, Ken 291 Dolan, E 131 Dole, Jane 438 Dole, M. F 140 Dolese, Roger 420 Dolph, C 353 Domineg, Walter ....420 Donahoe, Bernard ..330 Donaldson, B. L 383 Donaldson, B. M 51 Donaldson, L. B 203, 207 Donaldson, Marion.. 69, 432 Donaldson, Richard 413 Donaldson, Dr. S. H. 211 Donavan, Carolyn ....435 Donavan, Edward ....417 Dong, Philip Lee 361 Donnally, J. B 415 Donovan, F. W. . 109, 134, 357 Dorsser, F. J. ... 384 D ' Ooge, Mrs. M. L. 440 Doorm, Cornelia Van 425 Dorner, F. J 234 Dorrell, G. E. 128 Dorsey, J. M, 191 Dorsey, Ruth . . 424 Doty, Mrs. E. W. 166, 440 Douglas, H 372, 373 Douglas, Mrs. H 435 Doud. H. R 245 Douglas, Helen 335, 366 Douglas, James ....207 Douglass, Mrs. Henry W 443 Don, David 404 Dow, E. W 51, 387 Dow, Lafayette 389 Dow, W. G 120 Downey, Marjorie ....429 Downs, Edward 420 Downs, Raymond ....339 Downs, Ray 417 Drake, Anthony 362 Drake, J. H 392 Drake, Jean ....332, 435 Draper, J. W 130 Draper, T. G. 249, 352 Drawing 155 Dredge, Annabelle 424 Dreifuss, Richard ' ..120, 341 Dressel, D. W 389 Drewes. Alfred 177 Drickamer, J 371 Droege, J. F 388 Drouillard, Nelson 290 Druids 63 Drury, W. F. 418 Druker, William 183 Dryer, C. K, 208 Drysdale, D. G. 94, 348, 390 Dublin, M 128 DuBois Ralph 403 Dubord, S. J 129 Dubord, A. J 134 Dubuy, C. T 195 Ducharme, C. B 266 Dudley, Isabel 445 Duesenberry, J. 353 Duff, I. F 209 Duff, J 430 Duffield, Edward 148 Duffendack. Geil H. 70, 342, 376 Duffendack, J. C. ..109, 112, 121, 130 Duffendack, O. S Duffy G. Y. ..389 Duffy, J. E 266 Dunbar, Vivian 360 Duncan, Donald 257 Dundon, Dorothy Ann 427 Dunham, C. N. . 134 Dunks, H. G 122, 123, 352 Dunlap, David B 70 Dunlap, Gwendolyn 442 Dunlap, J. F 51 Dunlap, Joseph 334 Dunn. R. B 389 Dunn, Vincent 416 Durfee, M 208 Durfee, P. S 388 Durkee, R 233 Durrayk, A. G. 112, 128 Durraydk, Adil 362 Dutcher, Donald E. .. 77 Duus, Thora Jane ....427 Duxbury, J. H 389 Dwight. Ogden 333, 413 Dworkin, Jack 246 Dworkes, Martin 406 Dworsky 290 Dye, Esther 332 Dye, P. L 162, 163 Dye, Phyllis .... 446 Eager, Frank R. . 70 Eaglesfield, --Virginia 434 Eakins, B 131 Eakins, Wm. C 418 Eames, Leslie 265 Earhart, Mrs. E. B. 442 Early, John R 70 Early, Richard 420 Easlick, Kenneth A. 239 Eastman, Leonard 408 Eberbach, H 435 Eberbach, Oscar A. 337 Eberbach, Robert O 70 412, 435 Ebert, Louise 96 Echelberger, R. L. 396 Eckelberger, Robert M. 70 Eckhouse, James ....122, 421 Eddy, R. W 128 Edelberg, Irving .. 70, 341, 411 Edgar, F 382 Edgerton, M. 70, 444 Edick, Jeanette 446 Edison, Ruth 427 Edmonds, Robert H. 70 Edmonson, Jane E. 70, 438 Edmunds, Mrs. C. 437 Edmunds, C. W 139, 207 Edmunson, J. B. ... 173 Edsill, Marjorie 427 Education 171 Education Administra- tion 173 Education Junior Class Officers 183 Education Professors 174 Education Senior Of- ficers 176 Edwards, D. L 225 Edwards, F 386 Edwards, Helen Jane 431 Edwards, Margaret 440 Edwards, Robert L 70 Edwards, William ....417 Eichelberger, M. B 358 Effler, Donald B. 70, 38S Effler, Doris 429 Egert, Howard 402 Egle, Edward 363 Egly, W. H. 97, 134 Ehlers, G. M 52 Ehlers, J. H 52 Ehrlichman, Evelyn 70, 446 Eich, L. M 52, 97, 394 Eich, Mrs. Louis M. 427 Eichelbarger, Catherine 70, 431 Eichhorn, J. Philip .. 195, 206 Eikenberry, R. S 130, 133 Eiseman, Phyllis ....70, 443 Eisendrath, D. C. ..112, 357 Eiserman, R. .. 97 Ekstrom, Mrs. Carl 424 Elder, G. B 112 Elder. Phyllis 434 Eldred N 131 Eldridge, Jr. Clarence.. 404 Eldredge, John 417 Eliashow, Dora 439 Elkes, Cyrus. K. 408 Ellemen, P. H. 221, 413 Ellertsen 260 Ellick, Alfred G. Jr. 414 Elliot, Mrs. C 440 Elliot, Mary 438 Elliot, Robert 402 Elliot, Wm 400 Elliott, C. M 122, 129, 134 Elliott, Margaret ....244 Elliott, Robert . 339 Ellis, Joe C 70, 412 Ellis, M. J 385 Ellis, Michail 362 Ellis, Russell . 420 Ellis, Sheldon M 70, 395 Ellman, Seymour ....399 Ellsworth, Harvey L. . 418 Eisner, J. S 132, 134, 384 Elspass, Jane 332, 433 Ely, Adelaide 432 Ely, Charlotte A 70 Emerson, Mrs. H 431 Emerson, H. W 382 Emery, E. E 357 Emery, K. G 109, 112, 120 Emery, K 121 Emley, Ned 391 Emley, W 129 Emmerson, Herbert 207 Emmerson, H. W. 386 Emmett, Robert . 285, 410 Emmons, W. J 104 Emswiler, J. E. ... 120 Endronic, Edward ..306 Engel, Donald .... 239 Engelbrecht, W 418 Engeman, Mary .. 427 Engineering Council .. 126 Engineer Freshmen Class Officers ....125 Engineering Honor Committee ....- 127 Engineering Junior Class Officers ....122 Engineering Pro- fessors 102 Engineering Seniors . 110 Engineering Senior Class Officers 109 Engineering Sophomore Class Officers ....124 Engle, Mary 425 English, Betty 335 Engstrom, J 109, 192 Engstrom, J. E. ... 112, 120 Ensian 330, 332 Enswiler, J. E. . . 104 Eppstein, Barbara 315, 319, 444 Epstein, F. M. 352 Erhardt, Jack 250 Erhmann, H. M 390 Erichsen, Edward 419 Ericksen. W 245, 246 Erickson, A 168 Erickson, A. C. .. 131 Erickson. Jack 336, 391 ' Erickson. Olga 432 Eriksen, E. L. 107, 120 Erlewine. Rich 402 Ernst, Arthur . ..62, 70 Ernst, Arthur A. 422 Ervin, Mary 440 Ervin, Mrs. J. 431 Erwin, Richard 403 Eshbach, Sally .. 435 Eshelman, A. L 112 Echelman, R. L 129 357 Eshelman, Rodney 419 Estep, T. B. .. 221 Estes. H. H 392 Etchells, Widmer ..290, 292 Evans, A. S 133 Evans, Alfred 305, 330 Evans, K 437 Evans, Arthur 177 Evans, Charles Jr. 409 Evans, Mrs. J. J. 425 Evans, M. 152. 370, 371 Evans, Marian D. ..150. 443 Evans, Mary E. 70 437 Evans, R. L 70, 384 Evans. Tom L. 70, 382 Evenson, K. R. 134 Everard, Frances 433, 442 Everett, Doris .70 429 Everett, F. L. 120, 394 Everett, J. C. Jr. 336 383 Everett, Meldon . 215 Everett, O 370 Everett, Robert B. ..70 Everett, Mrs. T. J. 440 Everhard, Wm. Jr. 409 Everhardus, C. 62, 390 Evers, L. B 209 Everson, Hillary ....405 Ewell, Robert G. 71 413 470 Eyre. J. K 97 Ezri, Marguerite ....335 Fabello. John -93. 183. 277, 278 Fajaus. K 52 Falender, Herb 336. 421 Falk. Edmund Jr. ..421 Falk. Eleanor 446 Falkenstein. Lois ..436 Fanah, J. T Farber. H. 168 Fariss, W. B. .168. 358 Farmer. Douglas -..93, 302. 387 Farnsworth, M. M. 221. 418 Farnsworth, Mrs. V. J. 425 Farnsworth, William .. 285. 287, 40S Fair. V. W 112. 388 Farrah, J 129. 353 Farrot, J. T ...120 Farrejl. E 435 Farrell, Sanford W. 414 Fasch 288 Fas-te. A 134 Faster. Elda ....443 Fasquelle, R. ....391 Faulkner, Ross H. 290, 403 Faulkner, Richard 132. 407 Fauman, Joseph ....395 Faust, Mrs. William - 432 Fauver, B 370 Fauver, Betv Ann 438 Fay. W. E. 105 Features 146 Fecheimer. Kathryn .. , 442 Fechnay. J. . 131 Fegert. Agatha 71. 446 Fehlman, Frederick H. 194. 195. 197. 206 Fehsenfeld. John ..412 Feiner. R. A. Feingold, Joseph ....197, 210 Feldkamp, L. E. 71. 20S Feldman, R. S 224 Fellman. Roslyn ..442 Fencing. Women ' s ..319 Fenlon, Armella 428 ton, S. 386 Ferar, Leonard ..336 Ferguson. C. E. .71 Ferguson, James ....207 Ferguson, Margaret 71. 437 Ferner 295 Ferries. Margaret ..444 Ferries, Margaret 335, 375 Ferries. Robert 387 Ferriss, Enora 434 Fertman, Manuel ....406 Fiebig. Clarice 71, 446 Fi ld. A 437 Fields. E 394 Field. Hockey 321 Fields. H. 20 Field. Henry 191 Field. J. K. 71, 204. 430 Field, O. F. ... 130, 133 Field. P 104 Field, Ruth 442 Finch. Mrs. L. R. ..424, 427 Findley. W 168 Findling. Gear 407 Finder, G. Jr 71 Finger. Sidney 408 Fingerle, Mrs. Earl C. 407, 441 Fingerle, M. ...376 Finheldey. Miriam 442 Fink. George ...422 Fink. Ray .... 290 Finkbeiner. J. V 97 Finklestein. Gertrude P. 194, 197, 205 Finkelstein, I. H. 71 354 Finkelstein. Philip 395 Finkleston. Virginia 426 Finlayson. Jean Mather 71. 425 Finley. Albert W. .71. 249 Finley. L. 435 Finley, W 221 Finkelday, Miriam 435 Finsterwald. Mrs. Her- man 426 Finton. Robert 206 Fischer, Carl ... 71, 403 Fischer, Richard M. 357. 408 Fisher. Bud 306 Fisher. Frances 426 Fisher. Mrs. C. 440 Fisher. E. M. . 249 Fisher, George S. ..197. MS Fisher, Ida 439 Fisher, Joseph 207, 302. 390 Fisher, K. EL 410 Fisher, Roy 295 Fisher, Raymond ....389 Fisher. R. . . .296 Fisher, Russell 212 Fisher, Mrs. R. 440 Fisher, T. K. 63, 71, 290, 343. 403 Fishgrund, Robert J. 401 Fishier. Mildred 71. 44- Fishman. Herman ..93. 280. 295, 296, 307, 399 Fishman, Shirley ....426 Fister, E. E. 71 Fitch. H. S. 388 Fitch, Stuart 334 Fitzharris, James 341 Fitzgerald, L. Jane .... - 178. 437 Fitzgerald, Marion 333. 434 Fitzhenry. Robert ....334 Flaherty, J. W. . 134 Flanagan. D 388 Flansburg, Betty Jane 433 Flaster. Herbert ....341, 411 Flaum, Lucille 443 Fleischer .260 Fleming. D .386 Fleming, June 335, 366. 444 Fleming, Marion ....332. 433 Fleming, W 71, 381. 386 Fles, J. H. . . .245, 296 Fles, H. 398 Fletcher, W. C. 162, 163 Flick, Jesse 71. 249, 300. 387 Flitcraft, Helen 332, 438 Florer. W. W 391 Flory. M. K. ....234 Floyd, H. R. 106 Flynn. J. H. 392 Flynn, Helm 428 Fodor, R. S 122. 131 Foerster, R. H. 256, 260 Fogg, D. J 71 Foley, H. 354 Folger, L M. 71 Follin. James W 331 Folsome. C. E. 209 Foltz, Marjorie .439 Fones, Hubert C. 122, 123, 340. 343 Football Band . 169 Football Squad 267-275 Football Season ..13-14, 14-15 Football. 1936 267 Foote, Edward W 128 397 Foote, Grace .... 440 Forbes, Bruce 412 Forbes, Charles 134. 336 Forbes, Stewart . 112 Forcey. W. C. 388 Ford. Mrs. Walter B 52. 392 427 Ford, Margaret 429. 442 Forest. S. S. . 390 Forestry _ g51 Forestry Club 60 Forestry, Dean of the School of . 953 Forestry Student Life 252. 255 Forestry Senior Class Officers 256 Forestry Seniors 257 Forestry Professors 254 Foreword g Forrens. J. .. 352 Forrest. Cecily 437 Forshee. La Mar ... 219 Forshee, L. Forster. L M. 333 Forsythe, A. F. (M Forsythe. L. L. 40 Forsythe. S. Margaret Forsythe. V 174 209 Forth, P. T. . 71 209 Fos. Willis _ Possum, Gwendolyn 1S2, 163! 442 Foster. D. B. 195 1 Foster, T. D " Fowler. Ruth . 55q Fowler. Mary Jane 42S Fox, A. S ]! Fox. Miss ... 431 Fox. Richard . . 94 Fox. R. S 132 Fox. Richard ....339, 388 Fralick. F. B 191. 209 Fralick. Mrs. Anne 428 Frank. Robert L. ....401 Frank, George ....71, 405 Frank, Ruth Adele 335. 426 Franke, Carl 403 Frantz. Dr. Charles H. _ 211 Fraser, E. 386 Fraser. R. J 389 Fraser. Ted 92 Frastic. William D. 197 Fraternity Life 16 Fraunfelder. W. A. 352 Frayer. Alice 332, 433 Frazier, Roy 128. 344. 381. 417 Freeh. Lucile 440 Frehling, R. J 71 Frederick, E. L. .. .. 71 Frederick, Edith ....438 Frederick. Julian ....342 Frederick, Raymond 336 Freedman. D. B. 210 Freedman, Joseph ..334 Freehling. Robert ..421 Freeman, B 130 Freeman, R. 131 Freeman, Florence 426 Freeman, J. W 418 Freeman. Mavis Anne 441 Freese. Duane D 219 Freese. John 407 Freiberg, Donald . .401 French. Edward .400 French, Eleanor ..315, 333. 438 Freshman Class Of- ficers Literary .... 95 Friederici. Jean 72, 430 Friedman. Arnold ..395, 411 Friedman, David 72, 395 Friedman, Elias . .233. 240 Friedman. Robert .... 62 Friedman, Ruth 367, 370. 426 Friedman. Thomas B. 401 Friend. A. M. 109. 112, 128. 395 Friermuth. R. H. .... 72 Fries. C. C 52 Fries. Mrs. C 433 Frisinger, C. E. 413 Frisinger. Max 245. 246. 250 Fromm, Betty 96. " 370, 439 Fromm. James 407 Frosh Frolic 349 Frost. Charles 416 Frost. Eloise ..183, 431 Frost. J. E. 388 Frost. John L. 422 Frost. Ruben .... 416 Frostic. William D. 212 Fry. R. E. 246 Frye, Mary Jane ....445 Frye. Robert ... 245. 400 Fryer. Robert ... 334 Fueher. Mac 396 Fukuda. Xaomi 446 Fullenwider. Janet 332. 436 Fuller. Marjorie ....72. 332. 446 Fuller. X. 130 Fuller. Robert 387 Fuller, W. J 208 Furer. P. G. 72 Furman. Rhoda 439 Furry, Frank ....130. 416 Furstenberg, Mrs. A. C. 205. 208 Furstenberg. Mrs. Eliz- abeth Maloy 337 Gabriel. W. 386 Gada. L. 1S1 Gaeckel. H. F. 131 Gaensbauer. Dr. Ferdinand 211 Gage, lira. D. _ 434 Gager. W. O. 239. 422 Guise. F. M. 52. 391 Gail. Wm. F 414 Gaines. Maurice 4O6 Galanor. T. P 134 Galbrahh. D. 134 Gale. Russel 3S6 Galens Society 195 Gallroeyer, Carolyn 446 Galloway, Cletus 419 Gamma Phi Beta 435 Garber. J. G. 72. 267. 269. 411 Gardiner. Dorothy 183 Gardner. Jo B. 404 Gardener. J. E. 97 Gardiner. Sprague 409 Gardner. A. M. 72 Gardner, E. F. 235. 232 Gardner, James 178.352 Gardner. Joe H. 197,206 Gargoyle .338 Garn, Harold ..334, 410 Garnett. Jane 436 Garrels. R. M. 72. 417 Garrison. Gladys 44 Garrison, L. 386 Garrison, Milton 250 Garrison, Robert 416 Garvin, N. _ 72 Gary, Gordon 341, 357 Gass H. H. 411 Cast, Harold 395 Gaston. H. P - 72 Gatward. Betty 92. 330. 373, 375. 440 Gaty. A. M. 72 Gault. E. H. 244, 249 Gaunt, O. M. 113 Gauthier. K. 131. 418 Gay, Laurence 129 Gaze. Mary 432 Gearhart _ 260 Gedeon. E. J 267, 402 Gee, John .176, 178. 280, 281. 282. 295, 296. 351, 404. 464 Gehringer, N -211 Geib, Frederick 260, 340. 346 Gelbard. Don 401 Geldart, D. R. . 72, 433 Gelder. Jack 402 Genetti. E. 206 Gensch, R. H -260. 258 Genschmer. Florence 446 George. C. Jr 209 George, Fred 417 George. Robert 330. 403 Gerber. Jean 426 Gerdes, Peter _ - 417 Gerisch. Dorothea 152. 342, 446 Gerson, Byron 408 Gerstaeker, C A 122. 123. 127. 131. 418 Gesell. Mrs. Robert 205 Gesell. R. _ 206 Gesner. E. E. 72, 446 Getkin. E. H 357. 384 Getoor. M. 169 Get . John 403 Geyer, Jean 448 Geyman. R. S. 72. 417 Gibbon, Dr. Arthur D...- 211 Gibbs. F. 386 Gibbs. Herbert 331, 412 Gibbs, Morgan 397 Gibson, C 354 Gibson, Paul _ 397 Gibson, T. 382 Gies. Joseph 334 Gies. Mary 436 Giesicke. Jane 332, 433 Gifford, Ann 440 Gifford. Theron . 403 Gilbert, Mrs. Frank 424 Gilles, Fraxier _ _ 410 Gilfillan, H. W 357, 392 Gilbert, James 278 Gillem. E. 386 Gilles. David 410 Giles. Frazer 410 Gillespie. H. B 72 Gillett. D. K. 113. 128 Gillingham, A. L. 391 Gilliom, Elbert R. . .219. 221 Gillis, R. L. 352, 353 Gillman, A. If. 72 Gilman, Earl 334 Gilmore. Horace 334. 383 Gilpin. Watson Gilson, T. D Ginsberg. Edward Ginsberg. Sidney Ginsberg, Victor Ginsburg, Harold Glass. Alfred Glass, Dorothy Glatt, Charlotte Gleason. Mary E. Glee Club Glerum, J. B. 416 232. 235. 239 305. 406 406 198 399 395 426 445 446 352 209 Glerum, Simon 539, 240 Glidden. D. E. 383 Glidden, Robert 387 Glider Club 133 Glover. C. C -139 Glover, Mrs. C. C. 424 Glover, J. W 52 Gluck. D 524 Goda. Lester E. 418 Goddard. E. C. 21? Goddard. Mrs. E. 431 Goddin. C. S.. Jr. 113 Godfrey. Hugh 239 Godfrey. James 410 Godlove, Laurabelle 98. 427 Goebel, Dorothy 425 Goldberg. Dorothy R. 426 Goldberg, A 168 Goldberg, B. A 72, 357 Goldberg. Joseph 408 Goldberg, L. S 72, 305 Goldberg. M. K. 72 Goldberg. Mildred 96. 439 Goldcamp, R. R. 385, 451 Golden. Seymour 406 Goldenson. M. D 72 Goldersma. Arlene 443 Goldhamer, Milton S. 406 Goldhammer. S. M. . .210 Goldman, A. A. . 72 Goldman. G. H. 133 Goldman. H. M. . 113. 131 Goldman, Harold 336. 406, 411 Goldman, Louis H 408 Goldman, Max 411 Goldon. S. Z. - __ 72 Goldring. David 411 Goldring. M. L. 72 Goldsberry. J. W 384 Goldschmidt, E 113 Goldsmith. Louis M. 401 Goldstein, Anita 44J Goldstein. H. 353 Goldstein. Nathan 401 Goldstein, Sylvia 439 Goldstine, Robert L 408 Golf, L M. 306 Golf, Men ' s 598 Goloff. Alix 129 Good. C. W -104. 120 Goodell. J. G. 388 Gooding. Doris 428 Gooding. Fred W 417 Goodman, Dorothy 426 Goodman, Julian .. 421 Goodman, Ray 62, 334, 411 Goodrich. C. 387 Goodrich. E. P 352, 402 Goodrich. J 109. 113. 121. 132, 345 Goodrich, K. 1 97, 363 Goodrich, M. 374 Goodyear. Robt. 349. 387 Goman. J 371, 428 Gomberg, M. 52 Gommesen, Marian 446 Gordin. D. L. _ 208 Gordon. Ann 183, 346. 442 Gordon, Irving J 198, 209 Gordon. W. G. 208, 221 Gordy. B. 107 Gordy, Philip 404 Gore, Mrs 434 Gorman. Paul _ 352 Gorra, Edward 362 Gorski, F. A 113 Goss, Mrs. A 433 Gossard. P 169, 386 Gossman, Joseph H 238 Gothier, K. 168 Goudie. F. 413 Goulding. H. J. 109, 120 Gould, Frederick 550 Gourlay. Jean 178. 315, 381, 374. 442 Goutremont. Betty _ 431 Gowen. G. H. Jr 404 Grable. Mary M. 96 Grace, E. R 390 Grace, J. W. 390 Grady, Ben 178, 285, 287 Graf. T. L 129 Graham. A. _ 433 Graham, C. 381. 409 Graham. D. D 382. 386 Graham. F. 156 Graham. J. B 208 Graham. J. V. 113. 404 Graham. K. G. 382 Graham. L. A. 232 Graham, L 235, 239 Graham. S. A. 53 Graham, Walker 307, 333. 381, 416 Gram, H. J 97 Gram, L. M. 104. 120. 266, 393, 412 Graner, A. W 128 Grant, David 399 Grant, Joseph 540 Grant, Samuel 406 Granville, R. E. 382 Graper. R. E. _ 113, 412 Grass, L. N 140. 142 Graves. B. E. 417 Graves, Clare 416 Graves, Don 391 Graves. G. A. 130, 357 Gray, C. 123, 403 Gray, Grace .... 96, 315. 319 Gray, Vera 431, 442 Green, A. E. 392 Green. C. R. 113. 129 Green, John 331, 382 Green. Mervin E. _ 198. 210. 411 Green, Nelson _ 410 Green. Wallace 411 Greenbaum, F. 232, 233. 235. 238 Greenberg. Eugene 4O6 Greenblatt, Loren 408 Greene, E. B. 392 Greenhouse, D 235 Greenhouse, Margaret ....426 Greenspan. Leon 198 Greenspan, O. 371 Greenwald, Edward 302, 389 Greenwald. Jean 96. 433 Greenwald. M. 232. 235 Greenway, Guerdon 207, 391 Greenway, Horace W 418 Gregorio, B. ..._ 258 Gregory. Betty ... 332. 438 Greig, Lois _ 446 Greiner, Lewis 416 471 Hammond. Mrs. G 434 Hammond, James 409 Hammond, R. M 356, 388 Hammond, T. S 266 Hamot D C 128 Hayes. Donald W 131 Hayes, Gordon H. 422 Haynes, H. A 191 Hayes, Mrs. Jam?s G 443 Hayes, M 376 Hayes, Ronald E 397, 385 Haynes. Charles H 62, 74, 381, 403 Haynes, Harley ......207, 417 Haynie, Tom 284, 285, 286, 287 Hays, J. W 356 Haywag, H. L 392 Hazerton U 131 Hill, Betty 335, 438, 442 Hill, Ralph K 415 Hill Robert J. 176, Housel, W. S 105 Greve C H 97 Houston, H. A 389 Gribble, J 168 Grier, Henri 421 Griffitts. C. H 53 Griffin, C. E 243, 249 Griffin. J. C 226, 357 Griffin, Randall 129 Griffin, Robert 387 Griffin, Virginia 435 Griffith, J. M 128, 396 Griffith, Olive 433 Griffith, R. M 208 Griffiths, Billie 428 Griffiths H. G 225 Houyener, W. J 122 Howard G 390 178, 420 Hill, T. C 113, 120 Hill, T. H 206, 402 Hillier, D. E 1011, 113, 121, 390 Hilpert, J. M 128 Himler, L. E 209 Hinchman, Mary 446 Hinckley John 412 Howard F 386 Hams, Mrs. E 428 Han, Ruby Tu 361 Hammial L. S. ... 74 Howard, Lorraine 424 Howard, Mabel 178, 221, 224, 442 Howard, R. H 385 Howard, Vera F 442 Houdek, J 168 Howe I M. 195, Hancock T R 388 Hand E. A. 383 Handball, I. M 307, 309 Handelben, W. R 128 Handeyside, Virginia ....435 Hankey, Martha 335 Hankey, Virginia 434 Hanmood H 74 202, 208 Howell, Andrew 414 Howell, H. M 134 Howell, Robert 307, 387 Howell, Roderick B 202, 307, 416 Howell, R. Wm. 195, 41fi Howie, Ayoub 362 Howland, J. S 383 Howson, Joan 440 Hoy Ruby 178 Hinckley N 134 410 Hazle, Miss E 431 Heald, A. A 388 Healy, J. H 128 Heaps R. A. 387 Hing, N. Violet 361 Hing William 361 Griffiths, Wm. A 148, 302, 403 Griggs, E. L 53 Griggs, R. C 383 Grill D. L 113, 363 Grismore, G. C 97, 218 Grismore, Mrs. Grover .427 Groft, Janet 98, 444 Groh, Jean Groosman, Jerome 421 Gross, Arnold 62, 411 Gross, L Grossman, Carl M. ... Grossman, J. H Grossman, Louis 336, 408 Grote, H. W 131 Groth, 376 Grow, Hattibel 440 Gruhl, A. E 258, 260 Guernsey, John T 404 Guest. Barbara 431 Guest, Margaret 350, 368, 431 Hinkle, Walter 417 Hams, O. H 410 Hanson, Mrs. F 431 Hanson G 353 Hinks, A. E 74 Hinks, Richard E 422 Hirsch V. E. 74 Heath, Barbara 440 Heath, Mrs. Delos P 446. 440 Heath, Harriet 350, 368, 440 Heath, Roy 3o4, 400 Hecht, Emanuel 406 Hedges, Charles 391 Heffernan, T. W 422 Heggie, G. D 128 Heibein, G 168, 258 Heikkinen, Ralph 302 Heil, John 412 Heine, John 305 Heinzelmann, J. F 389 Heitmann, E. K 225 Heitsch, M. E 74, iaO, 3il Held, Harold 2_9, 232 Helen Newberry .442, 443 Hellaby, J. A 113 Heller, Mrs. F. A 437 Heller, Julius 153 Heller F. 405 Hanson, Jean 333, 424, 442 Harber, June 437, 446 Hard, Dr. D 433 Hardin, A. G 74 Harnden, R. C 113, 302 Hardenbrook. Richard .407 Hardgrove, G. L 415 -Harding, R. L 232, 233, 235 Hardleben, Wilson 405 Handman, M. S 53 Hardy Jane 440 Hinsdale, W. B 212 Hinshaw, Joseph M 62, 345, 390 Hinshaw, T. W 422 Hiscock, Alice 427 Hiscock, Florence 427 Hird 288, 392 Hoyt A. W. 209 Hoyt, Charles 207. 290, 291, 292. 411 Hoyt, Doris 176, 178 Hsia Chien Kuo 361 Hirsch, Bernard 399 Hirsch, Emil 421 Hirshberg, S 352, 411 Hirshfeld, Alexander H. 401 Ho, I-Djen 361 Hoad Mrs W. 435 Hsu ' John 361 Hsu Kai 361 Hsu, P. C 128, 361 Hu, Jerry S 361 Huang, Kwang-Lu 361 Huang, Soong Huang, Tao 361 Huang, Tsu Kuei 361 Huang Wen Hsi 361 Hardy, R. E 358 Hardyman, J. C 396 Harington Betty 332 Hoad, Wm. C 105, 120, 418 Hoagland, Edwin, Jr 409 Hook, W. R 267 Harkins, Walter 387 Harlan, James 417 Harleson, Jean 433 Hubbard, E 75 Hubbard. Louise 427 Hubbard, R 109. 113, 131 Hubbs, Frances 425 Huber, C. P 385 Huber, Mrs. G. C. 440 Huber J F 385 Hobart, D. E 120 Hobart Merida 430 Guiness, Beatrice 439 Guide, Andros 387 Gulick, A. E 195, 202 Gunderson, Wm 339, 391 Gustafson, F. C 5 3, 113, 412 Gustafson, Jack 93, 356, 412 Haynes, Harley 212 Harp Helen 315 Hobbs, W. H 54, 358 319, 427 Harper, J. R 148, 153, 403 Harper, James 403 Harrelson, Jean 74 Harrel, Marjorie 178, 430 Harrington, Elizabeth ..433 Harrington, Franklin ... 412 Harrington, S 387 Harris, Benjamin K 408 Harris, Byron 341 Harris, George S 239 Harris, G. K 388, 402 Harris, Jerome 411, 74 Harris, John 412, 122 Hockett, William .330, 391 Hockey Squad 276-79 Hockey 276, 277 Helman, I. ... 353 Helmrich, Wm 391 Helton, Mrs. R. M. 440 Hemans, Regent 44 Hemmeter, E. R 74. 446 Hemingway, D 152 Hemmingway, Robert ....387 Henderson, Betsy 437 Henderson, Frances 435 Henderson, Helen 335 Henderson J B 209 Hockey, I. M 309 Hodge, Max 333 Hodges, F. J 191,208 Huber Mrs K 437 Huber M. N. 113, 415 Hodson, Jack R 212 Huey, Robert 331, 394 Huff, Ernest 404 Huff, Norman M 418 Hugar, N 134 Hugg, Patricia 435, 442 Hughes, Marion 441 Hughey, Richard 403 Hughson J D 114 Gustine Richard 397 Hodson, Marion 428 Hoenke, T. H 128 Hoffer, J 134 Guzewicz, E. 134 Hoffman. Charles 250 Hoffman, J 74, 435 Gwinner, Virginia 427 H Haapa, Edward 162, 163, 169, 352 Haas, Elizabeth .... 436 Haas, Joseph D 401, 336 Henderson, Jack 402 Hoffman Louis 400, 340, 346 Hoffman, Maurice ..94, 408 Hogueland, A. S 221 Henderson, W. W 202, 209, 384 Hendley, J. H 393 Hendrick, Alice 442 Hendricks, Robert 413 Huildin, Betty 345 Hulbert, A. D 134 Hulbert, John 331, 402 Hulett, R. B 114 Hulett, Samuel 415 Hulgrave Dan 391 Harris Robert 403 Harris, Ruth 438 Harrison, Beryl 167 Harrison, G. Y 235 Harrison, Geraldine 430 Harrison, H 168 Hohman, C. G 390 Hohn M. 435 Holben C E 394 Holden, Helen 428 Henoch, Robt. J 391 Henry, Leo 205, 362 Hensel, Hilda 429 Hertzberg. D 353 Holden, Jack 403, 245, 246 Holden, Jane 335. Hull, F 109, 120, 131, 114 Hulwick, Nancy 424 Haas, Reynolds L 212 Harrison, Jean 74, 96, 371, 433 Harrison, Robert 92, Haber W 53 440, 443 Holden, Marion 62, Humenczuk, W 129 Humphreys, Charles M. 337 Humphreys, Tryphena 205 Humphreys, Wilbur R 46, 54, 386 Hunerjager, R. 168, 352 Hunn David 400 395, 419 Hart Dorothy 431 Herz, Miss J. 428 Henzler 260 74, 440 Holkins, C. E 120, 113. 121, 131, 418 Hollands, W. C 382 Hollenbeck, Jean 446 Hillingshead, James 333, 339, 391 Hollis, R 153 Hollister, R. D 54, 97 Hollister, Mrs. Richard 441 Holtzman, Nathaniel ...395 Holmes, G. M 413 Holmes, Henry 336, 383, 435 Holmes, Mrs. Howard ...436 Holmes, R 169, 409 Haddad, W 134 Hadley, S. B 392 Haff, Patricia 167, 432 Hagan, Hayatt 410 Haight, Cameron 196, 207 Haight F 374 Hart, Harry .... .404 Hepp, Kevin ... 333 Heppenstall, M. 74, 446 Herald, L 437, 74, 372 Herbenor, A. W 131 Herkner, M. 74 Hart, J. F. 390 Hart, J. W 249 Hart Jean 446 Harter, Walter C 422 Hartman, Ruth 445 Hunt J 352 Hunt. Moreau 290, 302 Hunt, Ormond E ,.337 Hunt, Mrs. 438 Hunt, V 166, 373, 375, 438 Hunt, W. F 54 Haigh, John ' . ' . " .. 387 Haines, Mrs. H 429 Haisley, Mrs. 440 Haislip, Pattie 332, 442 Haist W P 232 235 Hartman, W. C 221 Hartweg, Mrs. N. E. 436 Hartwell W. 74 Herman, Jack 406 Hermitage 393 Herndon, Mae .150, 152, 433 Herrick, J 371 Herrmann, R 204 Herschelmann, Roy F 212 Hershey, Charles D 198, 207 Hershey, A. G. 74 Hartwick, Gordon 363 Hartwig, Hope 315, 319, 373, 375, 436 Hartwig, Marie 314 Hartz, H. R. 383 Harunogh, M. F 113 Harvey, P 97 Harvey, W. R 130, 133 Harwood, C. E 352 Halaka E 109 Hunt, Mrs. W 437 Hunter, Betty 432 Hunter, William .402 Huntington, Elizabeth 360, 429, 392 Huntington, Frances .424. 442 Huntington, May 424 Kurd, D. H 352 Kurd, Ralph 334, 420 Hurley, Betty 440 Hurley, E 75 Hurley, Mary 438 Haley H. H. ...225 Hall Mrs A. J. 166 Hall, Doris 436 Hall, Henry 250, 341, 440 Hall L B 352 Holpuck, E. 422 334, 338, 343, 383 Hertsch, Mary Ellen ....444 Hertzberg, Seymour 339 Hoist Crete 436 Holstein. A. P 208 Holt, Robert 402 Homes, R. 249 Harwood, E. 440 Hall, Louis P 239 Hall M 134 427 Harwood, A. F., Jr Hasoni, A 128, 362 Hess, Thomas 239 JlondeK, .linn] 170 Hong, Charles J 130, 198, 361 Honor Societies 34, 35 Hood, A. B 392 Hood, Betty 424 Hall, R. B. ... 388 Hall, Mrs. R. B 430 Haskell, F. W. 225 Heuvelhorst, Evelyn 443 Haskell, W. L., Jr 383 Haskins, C 129, 384 Hassard, Muriel 335 Hastie, Mrs. H 425 Hasting, Don T. 337 Hastings. Warren 206 Hasty, Willis A 212 Hatch. Carmelita 433 Hatfield, J 74, 368, 370, 434 Hathaway, H 74. 368, 372, ' 34 Haugh, Calvin 250 Hewett, A. 134 Heyl Brad 387 Hall, W. D. ... 140, 142, 412 Halladay, H. E 221, 407 Hallenbeck, A. J 74 Hallenbeck, K. L 358 Hollister M. 152 Heyl, R 133, 387 Heyliger, Victor 62, 176, 178, 295, 277, 278, 296. 351 Heyns, W. J 221, 225 Hibbard, Charles 302 Hibbard. Jeanne 198, 205, 290 Hicks, Natalie 438 Hietsch, M. E 374 Higbie, H. H. 105 Hurnie, Doris 446 Hursey 260 Hood, Marjorie 443 Hood, W. 420 Hook, R. W., Jr. 94, 273 38S Hoolihan. H. W 245 ' , 246 Hooper, K 208 Huseman, Frank 404 Hussey, R. C 54 Hutchens, Edward J 414 Hutchins, Mrs. M. R 436 Hutchinson, J. E 382 Hutchinson, R. W 256. .258, 260 Hutton, T. G 388 Hutton, Wm 391 Huvinger. H. L 233 Huguet, J. J 114 Hwang, S. C 114, 361 Hwang, Wei Jing 361 Hyatt M G 114, Halpern, J. 210 Halpert, Freda 439 Halstead, J. S 245, 246, 412 Halsted, Robert 250 Hamburger, Betty B 426 Hamil Edna 437 Hootkins. Mrs. H. 439 Hope. William 397 Hopkins, L. A. 105 Hora, June 178, 445 Horan. William 402 Horelich, Martha 439 Horenstein, L 75 Haughey, David 409 Haughey, E 152 Haughey, Phillip . 148, 149, 150, 235, 357, 409 Hanley, Violet 314 120, 134, 418 Higbie, J 152, 166, 433, 440 Higgins, E. H 113, 417 Higgins, Helen 332 Hamilton, Charlotte 74, 330, 350, 435 Hamilton, C 369, 405 Hamilton, E 131 Hamilton, F. R 113 Hamilton, J. M 74, 383, 370, 432 Hamm, Kathleen M. 444, 445 Hamman, R. J 113 Hammeal, D. P 385 Hammerlund, J 140 Hammermeyer, K 120 Hammersmith, G 129 Hammes, Grace 443 Hammet, R. W 147, 153, 382 Horn, H 109 Hawkins, R. L. 413 Hawkins, W. M., Jr 113. 120, 121, 130 Higginbotham, Adrienne 441 High, H. C., Jr 202, 208 Hishley, A. M. 391 Hornberger, H 233, 239 Hornberger, T 97 Hornberger. Mrs. T 440 Horner, F. A. 245. 247, 249 Horner, Robert 391 Horning, Gladys 439 Horton, Barbara 435 Horton, Donald 363 Houghton, Everett 409 Houghton, Wm 400 Houk, Charlotte 442 House, F. .... 206 129, 358, 41 Hvde, Emory T 337 Hyde, Gertrude 95, 433 Hyde, Mildred 438 Hawley, Myron 402 Hawley, R. S. 106, 120, 168, 170 Hawley, Wm 404 Haven, J. R 392 Hayden, Betty 429 Hayden, Jeanne 434 Hay( en, J. R 53, 402 Haye.;, Douglas 94, 414 Highland, J. 382 Highley, Mrs. M 436 Highson, J. D. 120 Hymans, E. 437 I Ice Hockey ...; ....323 Icerman, P 381, 412 Icheldinger, Eileen .. 167 Ilyin, B. .. 129 Hildebrandt, John 400 Hildebrant, T. H 53 Hildner, Egmont C 414 Hildner, J. A 64 Hiler, R. G. 140 Hill, A. J 163, 169 472 Ingalls. E. 75 Ingersoll. C. F. 5 8 Ingle. E. 515 Inglis Carol 459 Joe, Hang HI Joldersma. A 376 Joffe, Stanley A. 75. 401 Johns Betty 430 Inglis. J. A. 181 Inglis. Mrs. James 416 Inglis Mrs. W. ..428 Johns, M. L. 75. 435 Johnson. Arthur 565. 352 Johnson, B. A. 354 Ingold. J. 109. Johnson. Barbara 431 1J1. 129. 114 Ingrain. L. R. 393 Johnson. C. B .188 Johnson. C. F. ... 532, Innes. P. 75. 420 219. 382 Johnson D. 382 Engineers ...HI Inter-Fraternity Ball 344 Johnson. E. A. 132. 393 Johnson, E. J. ...75. 372 Inttrfraternity Council $81 Intramural Athletics 303 Johnson, E. G. .174 Johnson, E. L 128 Johnson. Florence 360 Ipsen. P 129. 353 Ireland -I 131, 140.142 153 412 Johnson. H S. 390 Ironside L 386 Irvin. C. E. 409 Johnson, Jay 419 Isaacs Raphael 191 Isaacs! Mrs. Raphael 426 Johns tone, John ..304 Isaacson. W. J 411 Isaley. Constance 92 Johnson. J. T. $84 Johnson. Kenneth B 418 Lsbell. E. R. {13 Johnson. Lenore .442 Isgrigg Robert 331. 389 Johnson. Mary 315. 331.369 Johnson M B 373 J Jaaski. C 511 Johnson. jHiargaret 427 Johnson. M. C 372. 75, 133. 376. 437 Jablonski 595 Johnson. P 131 Jaeger J A. 130 Johnson, R. H. 165. Jack. Margaret 446 Jackman. A R 75 422. 419. 393 Johnson. Robert . 187 Jackson C 129 Johnson Stewa rt $87 Jackson Mr H 413 Jackson. Jean .446 Jackson P E 225 Johnson. T. D 208 Johnson W 506 Jackson R. S 396 Johnson, V. C. 209 Jackson. Wm. 421 Johnston. C. T. 1 5. 120 Jackson Virginia 429 Johnston, Franklin 5 7 Jacobs. Alfred 362 Johnston. John P 560 Jacobs. B. 386 Johnston, Katherine 333. Jacobs Elaine 436 438 Jacobs, Morton 195 Jacobs. William 405 Jacohson C 129, Jolly Harry 556. 331. 414 Jacobson Ruth 426 260.396 Jacoby J 195 211 Jone. Mary Jane 424 Jacoby Mrs A 431 Jones Ben 391 Jaegerman, B 521 Jones. Beulah 426 Jaffe Adrian 360 Jones. B. K. 75. 424 Jaffe Lillian 360 Jones C D 120 Jakkula. A. A. 120 Jones Curtis 400 James A A. 111. Jones. D. H. 120. 4OO 304. 415 Jones Ernest 93. James, Edward 197 James. Gib 93. 277 James. Charles. Jr 43 James Mary Elizabeth 435 170. 336. 384 Jones. F. R. 97 Jones, Fred 407 Jones Grace 430 James P E. 54 416 Jones, Helen 96, Jamison. C. L. 244. 249 Jamison. Mrs. C 440 Janeshek W 13 440.446 Jones. H. M. 54.75 Jones. Jamas 420 Janke Fred 571. Jones. John 519 267. 4 4 Jones. Randall 420 Janson, R. 129 Jones, Robert .239 Janura, H C. 114, 129 Jones, S. 386 Jarcbow H. L. 1M Jones Wm. J 422 Jarrold E. 433 Jones. W. Moylan 170 Jarvis. H. N. 188 Jashulek, L 170 439 Jonkman. J. M. 75 Jordan Hall 445 Jay, B. D 502 Jav Richard 114. 405 Jordan. Forrest 573, 288. 302. 4 2 Jav. Mrs. Philip ..426 Jordan. J. D. 567. 417 Jay Philip 448 Jordan, Myra 54 Jaycox. M. T 75 Jordan. Mrs. M B 393 370. 43 Jean. K. F. 225.393 Jedel. Jams . 426 Joseph. Burton 421 Joseph, M. C. 75. 362 Joslin. R. S. $81 Jeffries, B. 511 Jeffries E. 433 Joy. Mrs. Henry B. 44$ Juan Kong Cheng 361 Jeltes. J. 235. 398 Judiciary Council 369 Jen Pong Cheh 361 Judson R, H. 385 Jen Wei Chan 161 Juhl R. 352 Jenkins. J. C 114. 134 Jenkins, J G. 42 Junior Class Officers Junior Girls Play 59. 375 Jennings. Betty 429 Jennings. C. A. 14O. 142 Jennings. F. .. .159 Jennings. Mrs. H 411 Jennings. J. A. 114 Jennings. J. G. 5C6 Jensen. Hazel 431 K Kadet. Loren . 75. 406 Kagay. John 397 Kahn. C. F 76 426 Jensen, J. K. ... 75 Kahn. D. ...510 Kahn E. A. 191 Jensen. T. A. 75. Kabn Howard 300 352. 357. 418 Jensen, W A. 122, Kahn. R. L. .510. 408 Kaihani M. K. 131 170. 131 346. 403 Kaiser, D. W. 130 Jernegan. Ruth Ann ... 176. i:i. 440 Jeserich, P. H 530. 407 Jesperson. H. ..... 371. 355 Jessrich, Paul H. 539 Jesurun, H. 211 Kalanatian, G. Kalb, P. ... 376. 433 Kaler. Walter 361 Koljonen, A. W. 164 Kollac. Jack 406 Kalle, J. 369 Jewell. W. H. 114. 129. 403 Kallig. J. M. 383 Kalmback W 457 Jewett, Jane . 434 Jewett, Wm. 402 Kambly. A. H. 208 Kamionka, J T 114 130 J-Hop 18. 19, 346. 347 Kamm, R. 353 KandeJin. A. W. _ Jiannott. R. W. 75, 393 Jocelyn, Louis P 117 Kandelin. E. 370. 425 Kane. Paul 187 Kann. Robert -421 Kanter. G. .76, 98. 432 Kanouse. Barbara 427 Kanwii. B. 7 Kao. Chien . Ml Kao, Yong-Tsian Ml Kaplan. Doris 446 Kaplan. S 7 Kappa Alpha Th.ta .436 Kappa Delta 4S7 Kappa Delta Rho 394 Kappa Kappa Gamma 438 Kappa Nu $95 Kappa Sigma S96 Karpinski. A. 123. 298 - Kappler. 1. ....... $55. 441 Karle. E. 1 Ill Karlson, Janet 366. 445 Karpinski. J. 76. 407 Karpinski. L. C. .55 Karpinski. Mrs. L. C 431 Karr. Frances 427 Karstens. Wm. 410 Kasabach. Harry Y 198 Kaser, G. S. 393 Kasle. Shirrel 62, 76. 401. 411 Kasley. Jack 109. 121. ISO. 284. 285. 286, 351. 456 Raster. Koert 198 Kauer. Lucille 445 Kaufman. Lewis D. 198 Kauffman, J. H. -..114 Kaugman. Mrs. C. 431 Kauppi, A. 162, 163.168 Kay, Marvin 401 Kayser, L 353. 421 Ke. Fu Chen 361 Kean. Florence 432 Keane. Miss 431 Kearns. Lewis 338,391 Kechansky. Harold .238 Keegan. Jack L. 396 Keeler, Anne 345 Keeler. H. E. 1 5 Keeler. Mrs. H. E. 430 Keeller. H. J.. Jr. 357 Keeler, Kathryn Ann ..62, 76.436 Keeler. L. W. 174 Keeler. Mrs. L. W 427 Keeler. Paul 63. 400 Keen. C. F. 393 Keenan. Bet y __ 430 Keene. C. ..168, 206.288 ' Keene. Mrs. Clifford 441 Keetch. W. A 114.415 Keeton. P. C 525 Klein, C. D. 412 Keinath, J _.76. 344. 335. 429 Keiner. Milton 395 Keisey, Mrs. F. W 440 Keitzer, W. A. 208 Kelkenney. Mary 424 Kelker 269 Keller. Arthur 198. 408 Keller, B. D. 114 Keller, Jean 434, 444 Keller. P. J. .. 76. 409 Keller, Mrs. R. 440 Kelley. C. B. 76. 404 Kelley. T. 382 Kellman. Ed. ---. 7- Kelley. B. B _ 390 Kelley. C _ 11 Kelly. Donald 400 Kelly, E. F. 509 Kelly. G. ....398 Kelly. James 363 Kelly. K. 249 Kelly. M. J. ..225 Kelly. P. K. 358 Kelly. Stanley .405 Kelly, W. W. 112 Kelly. W. _ .354 Keisey. Mrs. D. . 430 Kelso. Jean 431 Kern ink. Dr. C 398 Kemp. Fred 407 Kemper. J. R. 224.221 Kemper, John W. 239. 230 Kempf . John E. 207. 198 Kempf. Mrs. P. 166 Kempf. P. R. 4 3 Kempler, Katherine 441 Kempner. Raymond 411 Kempton, F. M 122 Kempton, J. V .114, 109 Kempton. J. V. T. 356 Kendrick. Jr.. Richard ..344 Kendrick, J. R. 414. 381 Kendricks, M. A. 386 Kennedy. C 417. 405 Kennedy. K .321 Kennedy. T. J 76 Kenner, Virginia 334 Kennicott. J. W 389 Kenny. Sally 446. 319 Kent, P. J. 352 Kenyon. H. A. 55, 404 Keough. G. H. 225 Keppelman. Tom 416. 305 Kerlikowske. A. C. 420. 209 Kerr, D. A 239, 235.232 Kerr, John E. 363,415 Kerschbau. O. J 153 Kersman. J. 210 Kervin. D. R, 239. Kerzman. J. H. 203 Kessler. Charles J 41 Kessler. C. F. Kessler. Edwin Kessler. L. _ Ketcha, N. 134 .411 ..76 168 414 114 Ketcham. Newton H. Kettener, E. F Kettler. Charles 42O. 331 Kewley. Norman 402 Khan. Edgar 207 Khateb. Ibrahiose 262 Khuri-Makdisi. Bahig .114. 362 Kidder. Jane 442 Kidston. 595 Kief. Marjorie 431 Kief, N. 370 Kift. J. 371 Kilman. J. 383 Kilmer. Ned 407 Killin. Lucie 360, 179 Kilgore, Kenneth 250 Killins. Charles 413 Kim. Shinsfl ..__ 443 Kimball. Jo Charles 375 Kimball, Jo-Clarke 434 Kimball, R. L. 352, 357 Kimmell. J. 375. 373, 371 Kindred. Leslie 182 Kindred. Mrs. Leslie 424 King. A. P 76 King. Barbara 431 King. Betty _.M7, 370 King. E. V 114.356 King. F. E. 114. 357. 419 King, Mrs. H. 4J3 King, H. W 120, 105 King, Jean Belle 442 King. Josephine ... ..429 King. Julie 432 King. Lois _ - 368. 350. 76. 372.4 50 King. M. E. 76, 443 King. Pao-Cheng 361 King. Robert S3. 389 King, S. R. ISO Kingery, D. P. 396 Kingery. Richard H 239, 230 Kingman. 131 Kingsbury, George 410 Kingsley, James 409. 290 Kingston, Anne 431, 442, 332 Kingston, L. 425 Kinkead. R. B. .....128 Kinkead, T. H. 352, 163 Kinnaman, E. B. Kinnear, Nancy 434 Kinsey, John 410 Kinsman, R. 549, 245 Kintxer. Fred 391 Kipf. Helene -.179 Kipke. H. ....569, 400 Kirar. Edward 586, 285, 123, 287. 363 Kirby. Nan Alice 342, 441 Kircheimer. Richard 421 Kirk. Victor S62 Kirkman, J. H. 132. 114 Kirlikowski, Mrs. A. ....437 Kirshen. Arnold 411 Kisinger. E. 170 168. 162, 164 Kirwan, Katherine -76 355. 441 Riser, Mrs. L. 440 Kitchen. Elizabeth J. . .502, 205 Kittel, Harry G. 539, 240 Kitxmiller. John L. 212. 204 Kitzmiller. Mendel 387 Klapferstein, Morris D. 198. 209 Klapper. Lester L. 198 Klar, Leo 411 Klasser, G. 120 Klatch. B. 353 Klauser, Karl Jr. 422 Kleene. J. K. 383 Kleiman, Berneict 446 Kleiman, K. B. 76 Kleiman. Saul 353. 346. 94 Klein, Babette 133 Klein. Betty 429 Kle=n. C. P. _ 76 Klein. Charles 400 Klein, Cyrus 421 Klein, David 395, 168 Klein, E. H- _ 76 Klein. Eugene 420 Klein, Emanuel 406 Klein, Irvine .$39 Klein, Richard 330. 406 Kleiner, Anne 442 Kleinman. Daniel J. .540. 233 Kleinschmidt, Arthur Jr. 409 Kleinschmidt, E. A 394 Kline. C. A. 114 K lineman, T. _ 508 Klingman. Mrs. T. 436 Klonoski. S. 129 Koeppel, Bruno Kohl, Elaine Kohlhaas. Man. Kolberry. A. P. Koljonen, A. W. Klufuss, Joseph _.....182 KluT. Rosemary 425 Khite, H. F. 524. 221. 386 Krab. Marguerite 179 Knapp. D. 133 Knapp. L. B. _ 7 Knapp. W. D. 203 Knapp. William 207, 386 Knott. J. E. ISO Knecht, J. 133. 402 Knecht, Wm. 402 Knight. David 416 Knight. R. B. 76, 391 Knoblanch, R. H. 76 Knoblauch. R. 386 Knobloch. Emanue! 401 Knoll. L. A. H. 209 Knowe, Richard 397. 336 Knowlson. Miss O. 434 Knox. Martha 76. 433 Knudson. Bert a 366, 154. 152. 371 Knudson. C. A. 392 Knudson. Pauline 427. 370 Koch. A. B. _ _...S96 Koch. Doris .... 428 Koch. Ruth 441 Kocsis. Clurles 299. 298, 397 ...150 427 162. 164, 446 232. 236 352. 168, 162 Kolle. Jacqueline 432. 77, 62 Komenda, F. J -.141 Knold. Mrs. G. 16 Konopka. B. E. 225. 221 Konzian, Ardenvs 446 Kooistra, C ..-. 398 Kopel, Howard 408 Kopel, Hugh 4O6 Koplay. Lester 408 Koratho, Zenovia 335 Kortenfoff, Mrs. H. _ 435 Kositchek. Robert J. .408 Kost, Raymond M. 538 Kostelak. M. A. 77 Koster. W. G. 17 Kcster, K. 398 Kover. Nancy. 373. 375 Kover. Nancy 444 Kowal. Anne 505 Kowalka. E. W. - .552 Koykka, R. J. ..._. 508 Kozmnn. Amelia 179 Kraetz, William 422 K ' -ft, Ruth _ 446 Krag. Mrs. W. W. 428 Kramer 595 Krans, P. _ 129 Kramer, Milton 395 Kramer. Melvin 302, 382 Kraus, Dean Edwcrd H. 46 Kraus, E. H. 4O3 Kraus. Mrs. E. 433 Kraus. Lawrence 336 Kraus. Laurence 421 Kraus. P. F. 114 Kraus. Paul 416 Krel!. John C. 162, 164. 168, 343 Kremer. Merle 183 Kresin, Clarence 97, 342 Kresse. A. L. ... 115 Kr ' eg. Lowell 97. 344, 381. 420 Krieger, M. A Krieger, N. 77 Krieghorf. Madeline .455. 371 Kriegboff. Robert 77. 404 Kriezboff. Virginia 446. 336 Kriegboff. Wm. __ .404 Kritzschmor, Dr. N. R...211 Kroeger. Dale _ 416 Kronner. Mary Jayne ... 443 Krueger. W. R. 77 Krugliak. Stmuel 92. 411. 333 Krumm. R. $86 Kruoa, T. 168 Krutz. M ' ss R. ... 431 Kubow. J. J 115. 131 Kuder. H- B .524, 392 Kuebler. F. 435 Kuccbenmeister, G. A.. ...111. 115. 109 Kuehne. Karl " in Kuesel. Arthur ...556. 258 Kuesel. 560 Kuhn. Bishop 512 Kuhn, Clifford 507 Kuhn, R _ 51 Kunetz. Robert 179 Kurkjian. Armen S 337 Kurtz, Richard 409 Kwan. Kioong Pui S61 Kyer, Jean 429 Kynast. R. W 115 Kynoch, Wm. 560. 254 Kyte. Mrs. G. C. 43 LaBoskey, D. P. ... LaCaste. R. LaChance. Carlysl .376 512 473 Lackeman, Louise 179 Lacky, Lawrence 156, 396 LaCoste, Rowena 443 Ladd, D. W 384 Ladd Miss H 436 Leavitt, Sally 439 Lebeis, B. H 392 Lebeis, E 353, 131 LeBlanc, Betty 442 Leboritz Herbert 238 Ladd, Janet 95, 349, 424 Ladd San M 62 63 77, Lectures-Concerts 30 Lee, A. O. 55 329 343 383 Lee Mrs A. 430 LaDuke P 354 Lee, Bow Yien 115, LaFener, S. L 209 Laker R 169 128, 361 Lee, H. Z 115 Lahti, Paavo 302 Laidlow, L. 134 Laing David 97, 330, Lees, Haeu Jau 361 Lee, Herbert R. A 361 332 420 Lee Jean 432 Lee, Ray 361 Laing| L. L 250 Laing, Ruth 427 Laitala, R. E 247 Laitner, Robert F 77, 414 Laitsch, Charles 410 Lee, Kuo Chu 361 Lee, Pei, Liang .. ..245, 361 Lee, Tsung Liang 361 Lee, Yung Kung 361 Leete, Roberta 436 Leff Sanford 395 Lake! Mr 434 Lakin, Delbridge 396 LaMarca Raymond 97, 179 Lefferts, O. D. 382 LeGros, Marijane 332 Lehman, Bettine 429 Lamb, Mrs. F 433 Lamb, Jane 446 Lambda Chi Alpha 306, 307, 397 Lamberson, Frank 416 Lehman, G. C 77, 350 Lehmann, G. L 77 Lehman, Jerry 335 Lehmann, Geraldine 443 Lehmann, Gretchen 424 Lambertsen, J. G 131 355, 434 Ledy Barbara 431 Lambie Mary 150, 368, Leidy Paul ....218, 338 370, 435 Lambrecht, Grace 436 Landon Janet 236 240 Leidy, Mrs. P 431 Leigh, Llewellyn P 239 Leiter F 77 Leland Thad 417 Landon, M 78 Landrum, Kate 17, 77, 315, 368, 434 Leltzer, L. Z 130 Lem, C. H. Y 128 Lem, Clayton 361 Lenabury H 374 Leng Stuart 363 Lenin R 78 Lenine L 267 Lane Wm 302 .no- ' T 440 Lenzner A S. 77 Lang Mai ....404 Leonard V. 129 Lang ' A B - 77 Leonard T. T. Ill 383 Lang, Rosamond 360 Lange, H 21 Lange, S 211 Langenderfer, Margie Langfo rd, Jean 435 Langford, Robert 409 Langford Mrs T S 430 Leopold, B 353 Lepard, H. L. Jr 404 Lerchen, James 206 Lerner, Joseph .... 295, 297 Lerner, Vivian 335, 133 Leslie, A. M 131 Leslie E A 166 Lannan, 260 Lansdale, D. B 122, 129, 392 Lapick, F. P 97 Lapp, Brooks R 418 Larber, Gertrude Lesselyong, J. E 77 Lester, Wilma .....431 Letts, Virginia 429 Leucht, John 420 Leung, Cheuk Wa 361 Lev, Herbert 305 Levagood, F. B Lamed, Kay 335 Lamed, Kathleen . .446, 429 Larrabee, Louise 444 Larsen, D. A 392 Larson, A. W 115 Larson, Berger 295, 294 296, 297 Levenson, A 78 Levenson, Malcolm 344, 381, 395 Levenson, Neil T 123, 121, 418 Levi, Mrs. Moritz 426 Levin R 354 Larson, J. C 392 LaRue, E. D 55 LaRue, G. R 55 LaRue, J. M. 77 LaSalle E C 169, 352 Levine, Irving 399 Levine, Lester 359, 406 Levison, Frances ....781, 426 Levison, Robert 421 Levitsky M. 354 Lathrop ' , Dixon 407 Lathrop, F. D Lathrop, Freeman 391 Lathrop H C 77, Levy, Arthur 131, 238 Levy, Florence 335 Levy, Harriet 426, 443 168, 382 Latz M 78 Levy, Richard 411 Levy Rose Florence ...-443 Lau Haug 361 Lew Wah 361 Laubach S . .236 Lauer Betty ..335, 443 Lewis Charlotte 167 Lavan, Mary 330, 434 Lavender, R 77, 374 Lavender, Ruth 446 Lavergne, E. D. 115, 128 Law Chi-Kau 361 Lewis, Flora 440 Lewis, Mrs. G 440 Lewis, H. B 191, 138 Lewis, Mrs. Howard B. .205 Law ' Club Council 224 Law, E. R. 78 Lewis, King 207 Lewis, Mrs. L 435 Lewis P 78 Law " J L 206, 388 Lewis R E. 115, 129 Law ' Club Council 224 Law Professors 218 Law, Rudy T 361 Law School Dean 217 Lewis, S. C 115, 129 Lewis, S. D 115 Lewis, Solomon 421 Lewis T 166 Law Seniors 220 Law Senior Class Officers 219 Law Student Life 214 Li, Shao, Wei 361 Lichtenwager, W 78, 168, 162, 170 Lichty, D. E. ...208 Laworre, J. C 130 L ' ddicoat, R. T 384 Liebert, Carl L 416 Lawrence, Mrs. J. F 436 Liedholz, G. A 134 Lief Barbara 332 Lawton, J. F 15 Lientz, I. D 382 Lay, Eileen 167, 358, 376, 435 Lay, W. E 120, 394 Lientz, J. R 382 Lifland, Myrtle 426 Lightfoot, Florence ...437 Lay Yuan 361 Lillibridge, Janet 443, 179 Layhe, William 336, 402 Lill ' e, Jean 389, 432 Lillie John 207 Lillie, Walter I. 414 Leach H. K. 388, 77 Lieu, Aug-Tsung 361 Leach, Meribah 430 League Council 368 League Judiciary Comm. 369 Lease. Rachel 162, 164, 442 Leavitt. I. . ... 77 Liu, Chih Fau 361 Lieu, H. F. 128 Lieu, Hsiang Yung 361 L ; eu, Hsuan Tier 361 Lieu, Yen Eu 361 Limberg. Margaret 446 Linabury, H. V 115 Liucalie, Mrs. J. W 436 Lincoln, James 288, 267, 402, 273 Lindblad, B 153 Lindbloom, H 385 Lindegrin, Betty 435, 443 Lindenfeld, N ..94, 348, 353 Linder, Helen .441 Lindgren, R. D 390 Lindsay, G. A 55 Lindsay, J 371 Lindsey. Robert 402 Ling, Bing-Chung 361 Ling, Ted 415 Link, Marjorie 438 Linscheid, Frederick .397 Linsy, Lester 413 Linus, Maino 212 Lipis, Ruth 78, 426 Lipschutz, P. C 353. 202 Lipsett, Lawrence 78, 170 Lipsher, Aaron 408 Lipsky, Samuel 406 Lisagor, Irving 334 Listen. D 352 Litchfield. Ed 420 Literary Seniors 64 Literary Freshman Class Officers 95 Literary Junior Class Officers 92 Literary Professors .48, 61 Literary Sen ; ors 69 Literary Sr. Class Officers 62 Literary Seniors 44. 48 Literarv Sophomore Class Officers 94 Little, R. S 132, 115 Litzenburg, K 392 Litzenberg, Marjorie 429 Livermore, Miss 431 L ; vernois, Mildred 441 Livingston, Clifford 331, 408 Livingston, John 413 Livingstone, R 3P2 Livingston, Wm 421 Lloyd, Mrs. A 429 Lloyd, Dean Alice 43, 375, 442, 443 Lloyd, Mrs. E. F 428 Lloyd, Larry 400 Lo, Shih Ching 361 Lo, Sing .361 Lo. Yu Lu 361 Lobb, Jack 400 Lobban, Eleanor 433 Locklin, Walter 207 Lockwood, George M 422 Lodge, Robert 170. 336, 352 Lofberg, Mrs. F. F 424 Legan, Lois 433 Logan, W 206 Lohman, Herman 406 Loiko, Alex 302, 274 Lombard, J 78 Lombard, Jane 446 Lombard, W. P 192 London. Milton 399 Long, Dan 412 Long, R. E 390, 409 Longhurst. June 96 Loomis, Katherine 333 Loomis, Katherine 367 Loomis, K 570 Loom ' s, Katherine 429 Loomis, Philander 333, 93 Loomis, Phil 387 Loose. Wm 387 Lopick, Frank 404 Lorch, E. ' ....435, 120, 153 Lorch, Richard 409 Lord, Jane 435 Lord, William Jr 4 " 9 Loree, D. D 409 Lorenz, Margaret 440 Lorenzen, J. N 388 Lotridge. Rebecca 428 Louer. Charles Jr 421 Loughborough, Betty 441. 92 Loughborough, Mary A. 370, 437 Louis, Lawrence ...361 Love, Dorothy 442, 179 Love, C. E 106 Lovejoy, Beatrice 321, 315 Loveland, Mrs. R 434 Lovell, A. H 120. 134, 106 Lovell, B 335, 373, 372 Lovenheim, E 78 Levering, T. S 55 Lovett, Charles 353, 420 Lovoff, A 115 Low, Stuart M 94 Low. Reed 134, 400 Lowell, W. O. 115 Lowenberg, K. 133 Lowenstein, A 221 Lowenstein, Dor ...335 Lowery, A 97 Lowrey, Eddie 276 Lowrey, Coach Ed 277 Lowrie, Frederick 206 Lowrey, Harrison 387, 330 Lowry, Margaret 98 Lowry, Mrs. T 433 Loysen, A. J. 249 Luby, E. B. 93 267 McFadyen, N 129 McFarland, Doug 417 McFarlan H J 416 Luby, E. 270 Luce, K. K 420, 97, 219, 221 Luce, William F 397 Lucius, Edward 410 Luck S F 394 McFarland, J. E 142, 141 McFate John 402, 330, 93 McFate, W. J 402, 222 McGavran, H. G 400, 209 McGill, E. R 78 McGillicuddy Robert Dr Luders, J. E. 383 211 Ludtke, Phillis 429 Luebke, Frederick 339 Lueblse, F. W 382 Luecht, John 92 McGinty, A. Pork Dr. .211 McGrath, Richard 420 McGregor 260 McGregor Chas 256 Luff, E ... 78 McGuire, Thomas D. 422 Lufkin, A. V 207 Lui S. C. 361 McHenry, William 417 344 381 Luide, Stanford 411 McHugh, C. H. 388 Lukens, S. 405 Mclntosh J. A 78 Lulenski, E. 78 Mclntosh Martha 437 Lulin, Jack 400 Luly, J 385 Lundahl, Bud 34, 93, 330, 332, 344, 381, 403 Lurie, George W. 401 360 Mclntyre, Elizabeth 446 Mclntyre, M. E 78 Mclvor, M. 370 Lusk, H. A 352, 203 Luskin, L 131 Mclvor, Mrs. W. I. 205 McKay, R. M. .. . 78 Luskin, H. 134 McKay, Hettie Jean 443 Luszki, Walter 342 McKay John 403 Lutes, S. 433 McKay 260 Luthe, H. 129 Luthe W. O. 115 McKay G 258 256 Lyle, C 405 McKay, L. G. 389 Lyman, Frank 409 Lyman, W. W. 358, 392 Lynn, Jean 430 Lyman, William Jr. 148 McKay, Rose Mary 443 McKee, D. B 382, 131, 115 McKee Dwight 341 Lynner, S 386 Lyon, Betty 94, McKee, J. Jr. .. ... 78 McKeever, R. J. 209 315, 319, 429 Lyon, Jane 433 McKenzie, J. M 134 McKenzie, R. D. 55 Lyon, Lee 421 Lyon, Ray 245, 247 Lyon, William 345, 149 Lyons, Mrs. C. J 430 M McAfee, Dale 391 McKinley, Charles 341 McKinley, T. Orland ... 418 McKinney, M 440 McKinnon, Francis 429 McKinnan, Joan 446, 79 McKinnon, Margaret 446 McKinven, R. Jr. 397, 115 McLane, Gene 179 McLaughlin, D. B. 55 McAlister, Jack 405 McAnulty, J. C 109, 115, 120, 129, 407 McArthur, Rosemary ....434 McBeth, Margaret 433 McBurney, James H. 397 McCabe, J. H 78 McCabe, John 360 McLaughlin, Rowland ....418 McLaughlin, W. A 56 McLaughlin, Prof. Wm. A. 329 McLaughlin, W. A. 404, 338 McLean, D. J 413 McLean, J. F. 389 McLean, Lois 376, 321, 315 McCabe, Newell 409 McCabe, W. L 120, 106 McCaffree, Mrs 424 McCaffrey, W. T 285, 128, 115 McCain, G. L 127, 389 McCain, Harland 334 McCain, J. H. 386 McLellan, Nina 432 McLeod, W. Jack 340 McLoud, Janet 342 McMachan, B. V 79 McMann, Mary 440 McMaster 260 McMillan, A. W 222 McMurray, K. 387, 56 McCall, Margaret 433 McCallister, John 391 McCallum, C 387 McCallum, G. P. 391 McNamara, Jack 363 McNeil, Mary 435 McNeil, ' W. C 386, 132 McNeill, C. T. 164, 162 McCallum, H. 433 McCallum Phil 387 McNitt, L. F. 133, McCance, W. M 115, 130 McCann, T. E 390 McCarthy, G. S 115, 129 McCarthy, John 417 McCarty M. I 123 128 418 130, 115 McPherson, Alexander 409 McPherson, John 417 McQuaid, John 419 McQuillan, M. A. 79 McCarthy, W. H 78 McClain, W. A 222 McClellan, F. P 402 McCloud, Janet 167 McWorkman, J 79 McWorkman, Jean 444 MacArthur, L. E 352 MacArthur, Mildred 425 McCloud, R 129, 385 MacDonald, C 388 McClure, Mary 436 McClusky, Mrs. H 166 McClusky, H 174, 384 McConachie, John 342 McConkey, Florence 152, 148, " 366 McConkey, G. M 153, 147 McConkey, R. 152 McConnell 236 McConnell, Alex 410 McCord, Mary Ellen ...433 McCormrck, E. 437 McCormick, J 222 McCory, Mary 440 McCotter, R. E 209, 192 McCowan, H. A. 225 MacDonald, Ellen 443, 435 MacDonald, F 382 MacDonald, J 407, 371 MacDonald, Jane 442 MacDonald, R. Adele .433 MacDonald, T. A 78 MacDougall, M 376 MacFarland, Jean 431 MacGregor, Jean 440, 425, 78 MacGregor, Margaret ....440 Macintosh, N. B 384 Maclntyre, Kathleen ..205 Maclntyre, Robert 207 Maclvor, Janet ..436 McCoy, Eleanore 435 Maclvor, M. E. 78 360, 332 McCracken, Don 412 McCracken, Fred 410 McCracken, James 402 McRae, Helen 431 Maclvor, Mary 436 MacKaye, Lavinia -... 205 MacKenzie, Edward 94 MacKenzie, E. P 383 MacKenzie, Mary ..434 McCraith, Leslie 397 McCredie, O. G 78 McCrory, Mary 167 MacKichan, K. B. 247 MacLean, L 320 MacLean, Lois 428 MacLean, W. 386 McCutcheon, Alice 446 McDermott, Mr 428 McDonald, Dorothy 446 McDonald, Frank 342 McDonald, J. F 182 McDonald, J. F. 374 McDonald, J. F 387 McDonald, C. H 389 McDonough, Mary F 433, 167 McDowell, G. W. ... 225, 222 McDowell, Wm. 410 McElrov. M. . 371 123, 122 MacLeod, W 129 MacLeod, William 306 MacLeod, W. Jack Jr 397 MacNab, Donald 407 MacNeil, Mary Louise ....433 MacQuiHan, Marguerite 430 MacRae, Alex 249 MacScoville, Mary 434 MacTernan, Frank C 130, 397 MacVittie, Art 419 Ma. T. L 361. 130 474 Mabley. Frank 383. 336 Macal, Ed. 417. SSS Mark. C. 409 Mack. Edward E. 414 Mackenzie. Mary 335 Mackey. T. L. 441. 109. 79 Mackey. T. F. ..387, 115 Mackintosh, Duncan 417 Mackintosh. M. M. 79 Mackintosh. Msrjorie 435. 372. S68 Macpherson. Carl Jr. 409 Madden. T. 385 Madden. S. 386 Maddock. W. G. 209 Maddy. J. E. .160 Madigan, D. F 357, 131. 115 Madison. Marcella 179 Magee. R. C 116 Magee, C 209 Matree. R. C. 384 Matrill. Lillian 440 Magnusson. F. S. 407, 79 Magoon. H. H 402 Mah. Collins. S 361 Mah. Robert F 361. 151 Mahon. C. 446, 376 Mair. J. -116 Maier. Haskel L. ...310. 199 Maier. H. P. _ 134 Maier. M. ..134 Maimark M. 236 Mair. 1. 128 Maino. Linus J 199. 194 Maine. Mrs. Ed. W. 446 Maloy, E. J 79 Malcolm. R. D. 383 Malcolm. Mrs. Russell 424 Malcolm, Carl 424 Maline. W. ...394 Maliszewski. A. 373. 369 Mallon. J. L. 336, 232 Mallon. Jerome J. 238 Malone. G. 134. 109, 121 Malone. Helen 179 Malloy. Woodrow 399. 298 Mallby. G. ..386 Malve. Suzanne 167 Manas. T. G 362. 128 Manary. Marian 446 Manchester. C. A 404 Manchester. W. C. 396 Mandelberg, Mitchell 408, 333 Manley. R. V 352 Mann. George 416 Mann. John 381. 344. 79. ?- a Mann. Coach Matt 319. 286. 285. 465 Mann. M. L. ... 4-v T Mann. M. R. . 408. 79 Mann. N. 3-6 Mann. R. ..382 Mann. William 404. 239 Manning. F 389 Mansfield. Robert 404 Manwaring, Mrs. B. W. 427 Mao, Li Rei 361 Maple. Meca 437. 236. 98 Marantette, Kenneth ..416 Marceau. J. Edward ...233. 240 Marcero. Francis 381. 6 2 Marcero. Bud 63 Marcus. C. M ISO Margwarth, J. A 133, 120, 116 Marin. A. 405. 134, 120, 106 Marin, G. E. 236, 233. 232 Marin. Mrs. G. 166 Marion A. 406, 79 Markel. Lester 401 Markham. P. J. 357 Markland. Marcella 427 Marley, John 407 Marlink. R. 398 Marlow. A. C. 79 Marlowe, A. ... 97 Manner. Milton J 199 Manwaring. B. W. Marph. Serge . Marra. R. W. Marriner, J. E. Marrs. Donald .... Marsden. Charles S. Mz-rsh. C 134. 131. 121. 109, 116, 120, 225. 414 Marsh. B. J86 Marshall. D. Dr 211. 142 Marsh, Helen 442, 433 Marsh. Marian 446 Marshall, D. E. 383, 141 Marshall. Mrs. Don 205 Marshall. E. L. Marshall. E. R. 387. 209 Marshall. H. 79 Marshall. Lucy 4 Marshall. Mrs. W. V. 440 Marsden. C. S. 212, 195 Martha Cook 446 Marti. Donald 396 Martin. Edward 322 Martin. Frank 395 Martin. Frederick 412. 302. 290 Martin. J 376 Martin. H. D __ 168 Martin. H. J 386. 168 Martin. Robert .... .400 Martin. S. P 357. 352 Martin. Wayne 212. 199. 195. 194 Marzonie, G 363, 274, 267. 123. 404 Margwarth. J. A. ISO Mascoco. J. G. 395 Mascuruskus. L. 116 Massie, C. C 116 Mason, Adelaide _ -442 Mason, Charles ..... 412 Mason. Frank .250 Mason. J. 129 Mason. Steve ...... 403. 352. 290 Massin. Murray 399 ...388 345 247 32 .169 199 Mastens. F. H 222 Masters ... 400 Mother, D. W 79 Mather. David 170 Mathews. Irving . ..408. 331 Matheny. J. E. 79 Matheny. Jean 442 Mathiak. 260 Matson. Frederick R. 397 Mattern. D. E. 352, 160 Mattes, Joe 340. 334, 93. 343. 414 Matthaei. Frederic C. 337 Matthews. Christian F. ..337 Matthews, D. M .254 Matthews. Harry C. .506. 199 Matthews, Merrill A. ...360 Matthews. M. 376 Maugh. L. C 384, 128 Mcul. Dorothy 437 Maurer. George 410 Markel. Maurice -.401 McAuley, Maurice 397 Marrs. D 168 Mavis. R. C 400. 79 Maxwell. Gregory 400 Maxwell. James 307 Maxwell. R. B 387. 222 Maxwell. S. D 386, 79 May, Don 338 May. George 174 May. James 312 May. L. John 401 May. Robert Carroll ....149. 148, 353, 151, 404 May. L. F. __ 134 May. R. H. 97. 346. 392 Ma no. A 353 Mayio. Robert 334 Mayer. Lois 446. 167 Mayer. R. N. 249 Mayo. Warren 402 -Meacham. A. R. Jr. 393. 116 Mead. S. B. ..._ 249 Meader, C. C. 128, 116 Meader, C. L. 392, 56 Meadows, J. R. 410, 404 Means. R. P. Jr. 116 Mebane, James 410 Mechlinski, Florence 335 Medical Bldg. East 188 Medical Bldg. West 188 Medicine. Dean o f 189 Medical Senior Class Officers 194 Medical Seniors 196 Medical Junior Class Officers 202 Medical Sopho. Class Officers 203 Medical Fresh. Class Officers 204 Medicine. Prof, of the School _ 190 Meek. R. A. 352. 170. 260 Meese. James 396 Mehaffy. J. W. 225 Mehney, Gayle 212 Mei. Yuan Hsiang 361 Meier. Francis X. Jr 404 Meinecke. B. 413 Meisel. Lome H. 414 Meisenheimer. Allen .. 402 Melin, R. 434. 373, 355 Mellencamp, F. H. 306 Meller. Mrs. 4S4 Meloche. Mrs. C. 437 Meloche. Mary Margaret 433 Mendelson, R. 169 Menefee, C. C 390, 222 Menefee. F. W 396. 106 Menefee. Mrs. T. 431 Meuhl ' g, Mrs. B. 437 Meulig. Mrs. M 437 Men ' s Council 343 Meranda. E. W. ... 396 Merchant. Barbara 180 Merchant. J. A. 418. 79 Mericha _ 388 Merhab. William ... 362 Merkel, M. R. 426. 79 Merker. Marjorie .440, 317 Mermelstein, T. M. 444. 360, 79 Merrich, A. 433 Merrick, R. 433 Merrill. J. R. 396 - 79. 63 Merritt. H. _ 306 Messenger, B. A. 445. 152 Metealf. J. W 415. 352 Mette. M. E. 424. 79 Meuholland. Virginia 431 Mewborn. C. A. 390 Meyer. C. F. _ .56 Meyer, B. J 445. 79 Meyer, George .... .409 Meyer, Henry 421 Meyer. Jane 426 Meyer. K . , 49. 386 Meyer. L. 411, 224 Meyering. Harry 182 Meyers. C. L. __ 388 Meyers, Mrs. D 435 Myers. D. W. 312 Meyers. H. J54, 80 Meyers, J. L. 410 Meyers. Madeline 443 Meyers, Margaret 444 Meyn. W. K 390 Michael. Berk 401 Michalowski. S. S 116 Michigamma 35. 351 Michigenen ian 332. 331, 330 Michigan Daily Michigan Union 334, 335. 336 340, 339, 338 ......... 131 Michalowski, S. Michlinski, Florence ..... 96 Michel. Christine .......... 446 Mickle, F. A- ................ 394 405. 358. 106 Midworth. Florence ........ 424 Mielke. F. C ................... 80 Miles. Donna ............ 427, 332 Miles. Vaden _ ............ 182 Milford. A. ..................... 311 Miligan. R. L. ..... 415 Miller. A. 371. 236, 133 Miller, A. E. 420, 238, 232 Miller, A. J ..... 116 Miller, A. S ..... _ ........... 80 Miller. AUyn .. ________ 4U Miller, Arthur ................ 421 Miller, B. B. ............ ______ 80 Miller, Burton ............... _.S86 Miller. Charles ................ 3O2 Miller. DavM .................. 153 Millen, Dewitt Clinton 414 Miller. Elizabeth ......... 428 Miller. G ......................... 168 Miller. Gus 391 Miller, H. W. 134, 120, 106. 328, 402 Miller. James 306 Miller. John 396 Miller. Mrs. Leonard .424 Miller. M. L. .................... 80 Miller. Mary Lou ..... 432 Miller. Miriam .............. 445 Miller. Morris M, ........ 414 Miller. M. F. .................. 352 Miller. N. F. 206. 192 Miller. R. B. .................. 80 Miller. R .................. 166 Miller, Stanley ............. 239 Miller, T. F. ................. 385. 170. 80 Miller. T. ......... 440 Milligan. Arlyne 446 Mills. Mrs. Harry 424 Mills. J. ..... 333, 134- Mills. J. E. 383 Mills. Wm. J. .414 Milton, Lee B .......... 153 Miner. Phyllis ..... .......... 443. 440. 335 Minor Awards ............. 302 Minor. Mary ................ 436 Mitchell ........ 360 Mitchell. Charlotte ......... 428 Mitchell, E. D ..... 404. 266. 175 Mitchell. Elmer 338, 304 Mitchell. James ............ 148 Mitchell. J. E ............ 153 Mitchell John 333 Mitchell, John H. ...... 408 Mitchell, M. .168 Mitchell. Pauline 438 Mitchell, P. H. ... 222 Mitchell. Phil 402 Mitchell, P. S ..... 80 Mitchell. R. F. ...... 353, 334, 109, 360. 409. 422 Mitchell, W. 390, 129 Mittelman. Alan ........ 395 Mirtelman. Joseph M. 199 Mitrovich. D. 354 Mix. Robert 400. 349. 95 Miller. Robert 409 Moats, B. S. 389 Modern Dance ............... 321 Moehlman. H. B. 175 Moehlman. Mrs. H. B ..... 434 Moerman, H. E. ...... 356 Moffatt. Robert ........ 410 MoKford, H. ________ 433, 80 Morns, F. S96 Morris. Y .............. 336 Mok. Wa To ......... ________ 361 Mollory. Robert ..... 222 Monet, A ...... _ ................. 80 Montague, Mary Sage ....429 Montgomery. R- G 433. 128 Montgomery, John 387 Montgomery. L. D. 133 Montgomery ' . Mary B 433. 151 Montgomery. Mrs. O. .. .433 Montgomery, R. G 352 Mook, L. C ISO Moon, C. R. 322 Moore. A. D. ... 410, 134. 120. 106 Moore. Miss C 428 Moore, Donald Floyd .312 Moore. Earl 4OO. 383. 161. 15 Moore. G. R, 330 Moore. J. K. .116 Moore. Katherine ... 335 Moore. L. H. 390 Moore, Lee 4O7 Moore. M. E. 440. 80 Moore, R. 386 Moore, Ruth 446 Moore. R. S 352 Moore. S. .371 Moore. W. C. 422 Moone. W. J 128 Moorstein, Ben 334 Moosman. Darwan A. 209, 199 Moran, J. V. 224 Morarity, R. F 302 Mordmeyer, H. W 56 Morehous. M. 168 Morell, W 206 Morgan 290, 288. 260 Morgan, Douglas 405 Morgan, Elwood 412 Morgan, Frank 341 Morgan. J. B 388 Morgan, J. H. 388 Morgan, Jeanne 433 Morgan, Jim 387 Morgan. M. 386 Morgan, Mary 424 Morgan, Robert 403, 348. 94 Morgan, W. Morris 358 Morgenroth. W. N 349 Moriarty, Richard 306 Morin. Richard 407 Morrell, E. 433 Morrell, R. C 385 Morris. A 405 Morris. Mrs. A. R 425 Morris. H. 352 Morris. Hamilton ....402. 330 Morris. Harry 405 Morris, J. B 415 Morr- ' s, Miss 436 Morris, Stanley O. 239 Morris. W. E. ..... 352 Morrison, E. _ 109 Morrison. E. L. Jr. 116 Morrison, G 131 Morrison, M 376. 116, 80 Morrison. Mary 443 Morrison, Melba 426 Morrison, R. L. ..134, 107 Morrison, Seymour 421 Morrow, E. .412, 356. 80 Morrow, S. E. 446, 80 Morse, E. 385 Morse. E. H. 249, 247, 245 Morse, Glen 402 Morse. L. 395, 168 Morse, Peter 408 Mortarboard ..... 350 Mortimer. L. M 446. 80 Morton, H. D 164 Morton, Helen 162, 98 " Morton, Richard 419 Mosajgo, F. 168 Moscaso, H. 393 Moscaso. J. G. _ 141 Moser. H. M 97 Moser. J. E. 388 Moser. R. S 141 Mosher Hall 444 Mosher. H. L. 376 Mosier. R. H. 80 Moss, Arthur .. 391 Motta. A. E. _.322 Moudry, Ladimar 402 Mougey, Jane 443. 424 Moulton, Daniel 397 Mower, Jane 335 Mowerson, Robert 63. 180. 284, 285, 286. 287 Moy. Chester C. .361, 151 Muczenski, V 249 Mudd. Caroline 428 Mudie. J. G. ... 116 Muehlig. G _ 308 Muehlig. K 304 Muehlig, W 208 Mjeller, Mary Jane 317. 315, 183, 440 Mueller, Robert 402 Mu!der. G. W. 398 Mulhiem, Joseph 405 Mulholland, H. K. 388 Mulkey. J 382 Muller. Ralph .. 182 Mullin. Elizabeth 431 Mumford, J. A 388. 80 Mummerv. Sam 180 Mundy. W. N. Ill 388 Mungester, W. i 192 Munn. John 382. 92 Munro. N. D 409, 207, 80 Munroe. R. B 322 Munster, W. 382 Mu Phi Epsilon 166 Murbach. E. R. 453 Murdick, Olin 183 Murdock. J. 129 Murfin. Regent -.... 44 Murray. A. S. Jr. 373 Murray. C 405 Murray. Robert 420. 180. 176 Murrell. James _ .356 Murtland, Cleo 175 Musall. O _ 353 Music. Professors of the School 160 Music Senior Class Officers 1SZ Music School 157 Music Seniors . ... 161 Mutn=ck. G. _ 353 Mutschler. F. J _ 80 Mutschler. Jane 424 Myerow, B 80 Myers, Barton 387, 331 Myers. C. T. _ 402 Myers. D. A. _ 389 Myers. Dean W. 338 Myers. George E. ..... 175 Myers, G. 128 Myers, G. S. 116 Myers. J. O. _ 164 Myers. M J71 Myers. Margaret 92 Myers. W. L. 383 Murray 260 N Nabatoff, Robert 353, 339 Nack, Louise 80, 432 Nafe, John E. 418 Nagashima, Toyoko 446 Nagel, Norman 341 Nagel. Wm. 412 Nagler. C. A. 131, 116. 109 Naimark, Alfred E. 338 Nairmark. N. . 332 Nash. J go Nash. Leonora ... 305 Nayer. Harry 399 Naylor. T. a 415 Neafie, Margaret 435 Neal, Mrs. C. S. 456 Neal, F. J. ... go Neal, Fred W 351, 334, 97, 35 Neal, M. A. go Neal, Mary 429 Neal, Myron E. 414 Nealon. E. J. .131, 116. 109 Neason, Adelaide ... . 4S6 Neberle, Dorothy 442 Neberle. Helen 442, 441 Neff. Roy Jr. 397, 306 Neikirk, Edna M. ... 320, 437 Neill, Aleck 345, 109 Neill, J. Alexander 418. 116 Neilson. Walter 417, 336 Nell. Edward R. ... 206 194, 134 Nellis, Joseph 406 Nelson, Mrs. 428 Nelson. Barbara 427 Nelson. C 109 Nelson, Carlton L. .418, 128, 116 Nelson. Darwin 212 Nelson, E. E. ... 308 Nelson. F. A. ..341, 393, 116 Nelson, Guy 305 Nelson, J. R. 1S4, 107 Nelson, Mrs. J. R. 430 Nelson. K. R. 97, 81 Nelson, Louise 433 Nelson, Martha 441 Nelson. R. 81 Nelson. R. H. .... 81 Nelson, Rose 416 Nelson. W. C. 134 Nelson. W. ..._ 133 Nemi rovsky, G. L. 116 Neracher, Ann 442 Nerr. Jack 363 Nesbit. R. M. 209, 192 Neuhaus. R 81 Neumann. W. 356 Neumann, W. A. . 391. 247. 245 Newberg. L. H. .192, 206 Newcomb, George J 415 Newcomb, R. B. 418. 133, 130 Newcomb, Wm. 409 Newcomer, Martin 400 Newcomer, S. 211 Newhouse, J. 386 Newkirk. William 412 Newman, Charles W. .397 Newman. Ferrill 414 Newman, Joel 399 Newman, M 81 Newman, Leonard 401 Newman. Phillip 412 Newman. William 336 Newman, William L. 414 Newton. Charles .409, 207 Newton. Larry 400 475 Newton, M. A. 396 Newton, Mrs. Maynard .424 Newton, Miss N 436 Nichol, C. W 81 Nichols, Don 341 Nichol, Dorothy 443 Nichols, Harold 341 Nichols, Mrs. Harry ....424 Nichols, James .404, 353 Nichols, Marion 424 Nicholsen, H. C 206 Nickerson, Norman 302 Nicolls, Wm 391, 203 Niehuss, M. L Nielson, R. H 222 Nigg, Herbert .... 388, 207 Niles, Eve 424 Niles, Joan .... 446, 81, 62 Nill, J 169, 134 Nimmo, V. P 429, 81 Nimnicht, Wm 391 Nims, P 116, 109 Ninchols, H. W 392 Nirenberg, Robert 399 Nissle, Roland O. Nisson, Audrey 433 Nissle, Mrs. Roland 424 Noda, S. Y : 81 Noel, Robert 363 Nolder, Elizabeth 433 Norbom, Reidar 404 Nordman, Charles 176, 169, 164 Norfleet, Fred 420 Norman, K. J 418 Norman, L. S 418, 247 Norris, James 422 North, E. D 388 Northrop, O. K 199 Northrop, A. X -207 Northrop, Philip M 239 Northrop, Kimball 416 Northrup, S. W 209 Northrup, William 207 Northway, G 129 Northway, R. 391, 207, 202 Norton, H. 382 Norton, Roderick 207 Norton, R 386 Novak, Charles 417 Novy, D 376 Novy, F. G 382, 207, 192 Novy, Mrs. Frederick G. 205 Noyes, R. W 413 Noyes, Mrs. R. W. 440 Nu Sigma Nu 207 Nussbaum, Jane 440 O Oakes, A. C. 384 Oakes, F. L 391 Oatley, Herbert 240 Obedier, Elizabeth 437 Obergfell, B. W 81 Obergfell, Beatrice 441 Oberman, Len 399 O ' Brien, J. H 81 O ' Brien, Mrs. W. K 436 Ochs 288, 260 Ochs, W. E 258 O ' Connell, Edward 402 O ' Connell, H 302, 131 O ' Connell, J. E 81 O ' Conner, Joseph 422 O ' Connor, Jane 442 O ' Dell, Frances 438, 321, 315 O ' Donnell, A. B 13 O ' Ferrall, J. R 81 O ' Ferrall, Jane ....432, 368 Offenbach, H. M 81 Ogens, Louise 426, 81 Oglestone, George W 239 O ' Hara, E 435 Okkleberg, Mrs. Peter 424 Okkleberg, R. B 56 Olding, G. Ross ... 153, 128 Olds, N. E 81 Olds, Nancy 434, 62 Oliphant, Mrs. L. W 431, 205 Oliphant, M 403 Oliver, R. M 352, 81, 383 Oliver, J 129 Oliver, W. P. Jr 389, 81 Oik, J. C 81 Olmsted, C. T 410, 120 Olmsted, Mrs. C. T 428 Olsen, F. 385 Olsen, J 385 Olsen, W. E 109 Olsen, W. E 128, 116 Olson, A 436 Olson, L. M 81 Olson, Mildred 446, 180, 176, 98 Olson, Miss 436 Olson, Victor W 418 Olson, W 277 Olson, W. B. Jr. 81 Olson, W. C 175 Omega Upsilon 355 O ' Neil, L 129 O ' Neill, Mrs. J 435 Onuf, B 353 Oosterbaan, Bennie 385. 280 Oosterbaan, Mrs. B 424 Oppenheim, R 134 Oppenheim, Richard 399 Orban, F. A 222 Orbison, J. A 209, 204 Ormondroyd, Jesse 397 Ormsby, C. ...... 353 O ' Roke, B. L 438, 260 O ' Rourke, Carol Jean .446 Orr, A. J 435, 81 Orr, D. R 199 Orr, J. H. 340, 81 Orr, Leonard 419 Orr, Sally 429 Orr, Susan 429, 335 Ort, K 433 Orton, S 81 Orvis, James 180 Osbern, C. S 390 Osborn, Frances 446, 443 Osborn, H 134 Osburn, Joseph Jr. 409 Osgood, M 82 Osgood, R. D 121 -Osgood, Robert 292, 290, 116, 351, 405 O ' Shanghnessy, R 236, 233 Ossepow, Harold 395, 354 Ostdyk, Dorothy 424, 360, 81 Osterman, Alice 435, 82 Osterman, Virginia 432 Ostrander. Robert A 199 Ostrow, Philip 395, 354 Osview, L 82 O ' Toole, B 425 Otte, Barbara L 437, 82 Otte, John P 389, 345, 82, 63, 62 Ouimet, Lawrence 415 Outdoor Sports 322 Outdoor Track 292 Outwater, Kenneth 82 Overhoff, R. F 392 Owen, Mary Evalyn 96 Owen, Robert B 388, 168, 82 Owens, V. R 134 Owston, Helen 435 Oxtohv, Dorothy 442 Paalman, R 398 Pabst, Robert 416 Pace, J. J 396 Pack, P. C Packer, L. D Packer, O Page, Don Page, E. L Paine, Raymond L Paine, W. G. .. Paine, W. L Painter, M Palmer, A. E Palmer, Bradley Palmer, Bruce Palmer, Frederick W. 194, 209, Palmer Field House .. Palmer, Mrs. B Palmer, J. S 389, Palmer, M Palmer, Maurine Palmer, R. A 389, Palmer, W. B Palms, James C Pan, C. W 361, Pan, Chung Sin Pan, Tse Chia Pang, H. C. 361, Pang, Y. H 361, Pan Hellenic Ball Pan Hellenic Ass ' n. ... Papulias, James Paquette, Donald ....415, Pardee, Ruth 167, 162, Pareles, H Parfet, Stephanie .429, Parfet, W. G Pargment, M Parsir, H Park, J Park, Janet Park, John R. 336, 62, 351, Park, Paul Parker, Mrs. Albert J. Parker, C. F 397 Parker, Mrs. O Parker, Mrs. DeWitt Parker, D. H Parker, Howard Parker, John 403, Parker, Lynn, Jr Pprker, Norman, Jr. .. Parker, W. R Parker, Willard Parkinson, W. C 168, Parliament, Loren Parr, L. D 420, Parr, W. K 392 .420 ..412 134 207, 199 .. 84 ..120 .. 82 130 409 .416 199, 419 313 .440 120 .. 82 ..446 388 416 ..422 128 361 .361 130 128 .367, 366 .371, 370 .415 , 302 164, 431 .141 317 .383 . 56 353 .376 .443 82, 387 336 427 82 431 ..205 .. 56 .391 339 404 409 192 422 394, 134 405 222 .420 Parrish, E. S 385, 376, 167, 82 Parry, D. J 357, 249, 170, 82 Parsons, Charles 391, 339 Parson, E. H 132 Parsons, Howard 250 Parsons, Marjorie 167 Parsons, M. T 446, 371, 332, 82 Parsons, R 386 Parsons, William 404 Pascoe, Elva 441 Patanelli, M. L 270, 267, 82, 280, 282, 295, 351 Paterson, Barbara 442, 432, 335 Paterson, Marion L 333, 82, 62, 429 Paton, D 166 Paton, W. A 249, 56 Patrick, J 134 Patronsky, Louis 258 Patten, Elizabeth 429 Patterson, Ange.a J 446, 82 Patterson, D. S 386, 211, 82 Patterson, J 97 Patterson, Roy 403, 82 Patterson, Webster 419 Patton, Charles C 403 Patton, Harvey 292, 290 Patton, Polly 335 Patton, Palmer 443, 429 Patton, R. J 403 Paulos, J. G 362 Paulos, Peter 362 Paulson, C 394 Payne, Edwin 363 Payton, C. F 403, 357, 82 Peabody, C. S 207 Pearce, F 385 Peaseley, Virginia 314 Pecherer, B 82 Peck, Catherine L 446, 82 Peck, George W 417, 247, 245 Peck, Helen 446 Peck, M. E 82 Peck, Willis 207 Peckham, R. N .239 Peckinpaugh, C. W. Jr. 388 Peckinpaugh, J 430, 370 Peckinpaugh, Walter 402 Peckover, H. M 388 Pederson, E. A. 385, 346, 302, 82 Pedigo, Jack 402 Feet, Dr. Max 206, 193, 186 Peet, S. C 117 Peinent, R 166 Pe : rce, C. B 208 Peirsol, T. R 412 Pekelsma, R. E 302, 120 Pence, B. J 370 Fender, C 405, 260 Pendorf, John 363 Pennell, R. R 82 Pennoni, R. J 357, 130, 117 Penny, Louisa 436 Penvenne, Paul 404 Penzel, Charles 409, 62 Pepper, R. H .388 Perham, W. S 209 Perkins, A. L. 389 Perkins, Edward 409 Perkins, L 389, 376, 164, 162, 435 Perkins, Mary 435 Perl, Theodore 83 Perlman, Robert .353, 334 Perrin, E. S 130 Perrin, Rose 342 Perry, Jean 436, 83 Perry, Samuel 409 Perry, Stuart 329 Person, F. W 357, 117 Person, Frank 410 Persons, Nelson 438,98 Peterman, Milton 333 Peters, E , 398 Petersen, Jenny 370, 360, 335, 440 Peterson, Charles F 83 Peterson, F. W 396 Peterson, Marcus 429 Peterson, Maxine 424 Peterson, R. J 207, 134, 129, 117 Peterson, Mrs. R 429 Peterson, S 413, 57 Peterson, T. J 117 Peterson, T. S 120 Peterson, Tom 400 Peterson, W. D 402 Petrash, Betty 433, 333 Petrouleas, Hops ..442, 433 Pettijohn, E. S 120 Peyser, S. A 222 Pflughoeft, E 168 Phares, G. K 346, 169, 168, 122, 412 Phares, Thomas 412 Pharmacy Professors ....139 Postle W. C. 258 Officers 142 Pharmacy Seniors 140 Phelps D M 260 Potter, Babette 446, 83 Potter, E. B 410 Potter Elda 443 Phelps Doris 428 Potter, H C. 417 Phelps, E. D 222 Potter, Mary 435, 162 Phelps, G 129 Phelps, John 409 Phi Alpha Kappa 398 Phi Beta Delta 399 Potter, N. S .409 Potter, Mrs. N. Ill 435, 434 Potter, R. L 224 Poulas P G 208 307, 308 Povall, William .341 Phi Beta Pi 208 Powell C. A. 412 Phi Chi 209 Powers Elizabeth 429 Phi Delta Kappa 182 173 Powers, J. L. 391 Phi Delta Theta 400 Phi Epsilon Pi 401 Phi Eta Sigma 353 Phi Gamma Delta 402 Powers, O. 386 Powers, Mrs. S 438 Powers, W. H 393 Poxson, D. 386 Phi Kappa Psi 403 306 Poxson, E. 386 Philip Paul 412 Poznak L A 209 Phillippi, Darrell A. 415, 83 Phillips, Dorothy A 83 Phillips, E. J., Jr. 404, 267 Phillips, George 212 Phillips, O. M 209 Phillips, Robert W. 212,199 Philo, S 352, 83 Phi Rho Sigma 211 Pratt, W. F 376, 352, 161 Pray, Jeanne A 355, 83 Prentice, J 134 Prescott, L. 442, 428, 166 Pres. School of Music ... 159 Presidents Tea 31 Phi Sigma Delta 406 Press, Donald . 412 Phi Sigma Kappa 407 Preston, Nina K 441 Prettyman H I 392 Physical Education Staff 314 Pi Beta Phi 440 Preuss, L 393 Prey, Richard 250,247 Price H. T. 57 Pickering, John 416 Pierce, Alys 438, 332 Pierce C. 420 Price, Marion . 442, 433 Price, Phyllis 446,433 Priehs, Carolyn 442 Pierce, Mrs. C 434 Prince, R. M 224 Pierce, C. B 358 Pierce, D 405 Prior, J 352, 169 Prity, Walter 401 Probeck H. 433 334, 83, 434, 451 Pierce, E. G 232 Pierce John R 258 Probert, F. P 83 Probst, C 384, 134 Probst Walter F. 219 Pierce, K. 384 Pierce, Ludwell ....410 Pierce, Sally 434, 375 Pierpont, J. 209, 195 Pierpont, Wilbur 250 Procter, R. W. Jr 388 Procter, Mrs. S 440 Proos, G. M 129, 117 Protter, M. H 83 Proud, P 397, 225 Proudfoot, C. B. 83 Prugh R 211 Pi Lambda Phi 408 Prussin, Myrtle 439 Pryce R. I. 382 Pillsbury W B 57 Pryer, Mrs. T 433 Pinkerton, Paul W. 302, 290, 83, 405 Pinney, Horace 404 Pinney, L. C 239, 236, 232 Pioch, William 412 Piotrowski, Robert 396, 302 Pipitone, S. J 130, 117 Pi Tau Pi Sigma 359 Pitcher, Jane 429 Psi Upsilon 409, 310, 307 Publications 26, 27 Purdom, Catherine.. 432, 360 Purdom, T. L 175 Purdy, Bruce 400 Purdy, Helen 434, 373, 335 Purkiss, W. W 83 Purucker, Norman .363, 302 Pitts, G. H 385 Plasman, G. L 240,233 Plah Anna 433 Putnam, P 446, 376 Platt F. 389, Q 133, 130, 123 Platte Mrs H 434 Quarles, Charles S. 422 Platte L 443 355 Quarterdeck 132 Platt Robert 411 Quarton, A. E 209 Platt S 391 Quarton, Betty 443 Quealy P J. 225 Player Willis 360 Quick George 333 Pleiss, Walter H 418, 357, 83 Plummer A H 402 222 Quick, Mary Alice .441, 332 Quigley, Frances 180 Quimby G I 422 Plumb, R. T 209 Pochkhanawalla, A. M...117 Quine, Anna Mae 83, 437 Quinlan, W. E 83 Quinsey W. E 117 Podolsky, Harriet 439 Poe Edna M 83 Quinsey, W. E 128 Quirk, Jane 432 Poert V 382 Quirk Nancy 432 Quon, Fern A. 361 Politzer, Lillian 443 Polk J. K. ... .388 Pollack C. 433 R Pollack Robert 395 Pollak, William 421 Polland, Richard A 148 Pollard, H. M 413,206 Pollock, J. K 420, 97, 57 Pomeroy D 400, 129 Raab, Robert 412 Pabinowitz, Milton 219 Racette, Leonora 443 Racz, E. W 168, 352 Rader, Hugh 412, 340 Radford, F. L. 394 Radford, Russell 360 370, 335 Radio, M 83 Pomeroy Richard W. 382, Rae, J. W. 389 83 Raft, Peter 362 Rail Mary 4X4 427 Pong, Y. H 116 355, 332 Ralston, A. W 245 Poock, Charlotte 434 Pool, Edson 239 Pool W D. 393 Ralston, Donald 405 Ralston, Helen 434 Ramsdell, W. J. 260, 254 Poole, Erma 446 Randall, F 389, 358 Poor, N. C 107 Pope Robert 400 Randall, H. M. . 392, 57 Randall, M. ... 435 Poplinger L 97 Poriss, J 128 Porkin, Robert 412 Porsche E 109 Randolph, Dr. Theron G. 211 Randolph, V. 440 Porter, A. 131 Rane. ' John 417 Porter Jack W 416 Rank David 403 97, 83 Porter, Mary 167 Post, Carl 416, 92 Post V 236 Rankin, R. P .352 Rannev, Beth L 440, 151 Ranney, D 416, 134 Ransom Dr. 186 Postma E 398 Ransom, H. K. 209, 193 Postle, Vinson 260 Ransom, Kathryn 444 476 Ranstrum. Gunner 239 Ranzer. M. 316 Rapaport. R. N 83 Raphael. C. M 199 Raphael. Mrs. T 434 Rapp. V. R. 84 Rapp, Virginia 438 Rapson, R. E 153 Raschbacher. Mrs. 434 Raschbacher . H. G 385 Raseman. Edgar 250 Rash. Mrs. C. J. 434 Rasher, J 169 Rashleigh. W. 129 Raskin. M 84 Rasmussen. L. .211 Rather, Jane Ann 443 Ratliff. W. B 388 Rattenbury, W 84 Ratterman, P 390 Rau. F. W 209 Rawley. J. 354 Ray. Mrs. Arthur L 444 Ray. Charlton 410 Ray. Dorothy 433 Rayburn. C. 402 Raven. J. 440 Razzano. C. I. 208, 200. 195 Rea. Matthew 402.349 Rea. W. B 402. 358 Reabuck. R. A. 392 Reader. Elsie 436 Reader. Herbert 363 Reading. L. M 134 Reck, L. E 209 Redwine. J 382 Reed. D. M. 410 Reed. J. D 417.382 Reed. N. W 357. 130 Reed, Owen N. 168. 164. 162. 170 Reed. Russell 415 Reed. T. H. 382. 57 Reed. Mrs. T. H. 433. 425 Reeder. J. P. 130 Reed-Hill. R. E 418 Reedy, B. D 383 Reekie. R. D. ..412 Rees. H 389 Reese, H. J 210, 200 Reeves. J. S 383.57 Reeves. Mrs. Jesse 432 Regents, Board of 44 Registration 12 Reiber. J. B 133 Reidart, W. A. 57 Reichart. Mrs. W 433 Reid. Alfred ..... 416 Reid. J. D. 209 Reid, R. 414. 129 Reid. Wm. H 260,259 Reider. Marvin 353, 339 Reifel. J. H 384 Reighard. J ... 57 Reilley. W. C 128 Reimann. L. C. 384 Reinach. Jane 426 Reinhard, J. R 58 Reinhart. R. S. 384.84 Reinheimer, Frederick 348, 94 Reinwasser, I 371 Reisinger. Delwin 359 Reiss, Lynn 402 Reiter, H 394 Reitter. Jane 442. 438 Remas, Steve 386. 180 Remy. V. 222 Renaud, L. S. 390 Rennie. Pete 387 Replogle, E. H 133, 123. 122. 387 Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps 356 Reshore, Jane 427 RevelH, Wm. D 16g Reynolds. D. P. 128 Reynolds. Dan 341 Reynolds. G. E 373. 84 Reynolds, J. Ca therine ..437 Reynolds. Marion 332 Reynolds. Randall 407, 331 Rhead, Mrs. George 424 Rhead. M. R 160 Rhed. Leland 400 Rheinfrank. Jean ..440, 335 Rhetta. H. L 200 Rhodehamel, A. ... 353, 169 Rhodes, A. W. 388 Rhodes. William, 331 Ribnick. A. I. 408. 84 Ribyat, J 238. 236 Rice. Dorothy 332 Rice, F. M 84 Rice. Frances 438 Rice. Jack 422. 387 Rice. W. G 58 Rich. D. D 58 Rich. H. 433 Rich. Jean 424.332 Richards. S 168 Richardson, D. E. 396 Richardson. J. P 388, 84 Richardson, S. " " 134 Richardson, Virginia 433 Richardson, W 224 Richer. Albert 407 Richie. Sylvia _ 445 Richter, Dr. Harry 211 Richter, Marguerite 432, 348 Rickert. R. G 209 Rickert, U. G. 239.231 Riddel. Elizabeth 436 Riddle. Marie M. 237 Rider. D. 170. 168 Riding 323 Ridinger. P. E. 240, 239 Riecker. H. H 209, 195, 193, 386 Reider. R. C. 414, 117 Rieth. G. F. _ 195 Rieth. G 2y Riegel. J. W .250, 244 Rieger. Morris 341 Rieske, Alice 431 Rieke, H. 123 Rielly. William 419 Rife. S -206 Riflery 321 Riggs. F. B 409 Riggs. H. E 402, 120 Riggs. Mrs. H 440 Riggs, H. W 208 Rigg. J. F 153 Riggs. V. E. 84 Rigterink, H. D 388. 211. 200 Riley, S. L 128 Rinaldi. Joe 273. 267. 93 Rinek. J. A. 402, 133 Rinek, L. W -:02, 133 Riskey. Earl 304 Risman. Raymond 238, 240 Rissberger. Arthur Jr. ..419 Ritchie. J. D. 392 Ritchie, Stark, 270. 267. 93. 409 Ritter. R. H 392 Rittershoffer, Mrs. L. 42. Rivers 260 Roach. C. D ' 96. 132 Roach. G. 169. 108 Robbins. D 371 Robbins, F. 387 Robbins, Regent 44 Roberton, James H 223. 219 Roberts, B. F - 86 Roberts. Barbara 431 Roberts, H. 352 Roberts. Frances 440 Roberts, Jayne 92 Roberts. Jane 435 Roberts, Ruth 430 Roberts. T. ..169 Roberts. Trainer 280 Roberts, W. E. 388 Robertson, Evelyn 446 Robertson. H. 131 Robertson, M 355 Robertson, Miriam 429 Robertson, Dr. William D 211 Robinson 290. 285 Robinson, C 405 Robinson, Eliot 411, 339 Robinson, Frances Mary 440 Robinson, Harold 302 Robinson, J 414. 130. 129 Robinson. John R 418 Robinson. May E. 424 Robinson. Morris F. 337 Robinson, Paul 170 Robinson, Virginia 424 Robinson, W. D 412 Robson. Stewart 417 Rockefeller, R. W 120 Roderick. Katherine ....431. 148 Rodger, W. 420.353 Rodkey. R. G. 382, 244 Rodriguez, J 373. 301. 300, 225 Rodzianko, B. _ .... 131 Roebeck. M 440,376 Roeglin, G. W 385 Rogers. Edward S 337 Rogers, F. C. _ 386, 376, 358 Rogers, Florence ... 443, 437 Rogers, Howard H. Jr. .422 Rogers. Jane 370, 162 Rogers, J. E ..165 Rogers, Margaret 440 Rogers. Mary Ellen 425 Rogers. Marshall Jr 409 Rogers. N 403 Rogger. I. J 209 Rohde. E. 129 Rohn, Donald 250 Rokita. A. W. 200 Rollman. J. E 84 Rollman. Jane 442 Romence, H. L 208 Ronal. Betty 436. 370. 367 Ronan. F 405 Rood, Samuel 238 Roosa. Elizabeth 427 Root. B. _ 353, 348, 169 Root, G. T 389. 207. 200. 195 Root. R. S 117 Root, Robert 416 Rosa, R. 353 Rosapepe _ 260 Rose. Helen 439.96 Rosen, D 411, 133 Rosenbaum, D. 84 Rosenbaum. Sol 401 Rosenberg, A. 84 Rosenberg. C 134 Rosenberg. Norman 411. 406 Rosenblum. P. 134 Rosenlund. I. T 386. 117 Rosenman, L. .... 353 Rosenthal. Seymour 395 Ross, Benjamin 94 Ross. Charles 212 Ross. Carolyn 428. 333 Ross. F. E. __ 244 Ross. Roberta 428 Rossman. G 84 R. O. T. C 356, 357 Rote. Frank _ 405 Roth, A. 332. 154 Roth. Dorothy 429 Roth. Lawrence 265 Rothbard. Harry 411 Rothblatt, Ellen 443 Rothman. Jane 441 Rottschafer, G. ... 209 Roughley, T. H. 134. 117 Roura. Betty 374, 62 Roura, E. 442, 371, 84 Rouse, Betty 332 Rouse, Mary Elizabeth 443 Rouse. Bob ...387 Roush. L. F 84 Route), S. 168 Rowda. M. S 200 Rowe. G .433 Rowe. H. G .371. 355.84 Rowe. Robert C 415 Rowe, Sara Louise 446 Rowinski. H. 84 Rowland. R. H 131 Roxborough, E. P 84 Royce. R. S 130 Royce, S. 133 Roys. Rufus 414,330 Rubin, A. E 130, 117 Rubener, Bernard .339 Rucher, K 430 Rudgers, Don 415 Rudmon, Martin 399 Rudners. Richard 295 Rudness. A. W 352 Rudolph, Seymour 411. 333 Ru dyke. Miss K 438 Rueger, C. D 372, 368. 350. 84, 432 Ruegnitz, C. B. 209 Ruettinger, T. 129 Rufus. Mrs. C 437 Rufai, Hasan 362 Rufus, H. C 413 Rufus. W. C 413 Ruifrok. Henry 346.153 Rugen. Mabel Dr Rumizen, Helene 426 Rupeter. H 376 Rumney, Mason P 337 Rumsey, M ..84 Runge, P. W 386. 207. 202 Runkel, J. A 382 Runninger. T. R. 107 Rupeter, Helen ..180 Rupper, Dorothy .435 Runquist, R. 418 Rush. A 382, 353 Rushing 13 Rushton. J. H 418 Russ. Florence 446 Russell, John 417, 403 Ruszaj. N. F. 130 Ruth. James 419 Ruth. R. G. .. 363 Rutherford. Jean 442. 436 Ruthven. Mrs. Alexander 31 Ruthven, Dr. Alexander 44, 41. 31. 134, 358, 393 Ruttle. Allen 239 Ryan. J. A. _...209 Ryan. R. 386 Ryuo. G 168 Rypkema. W. M 398. 200 S Sackett. Sidney A 238 Sadler. H. C 120, 134, 393, 402 Sadler, Mrs. Herbert 432 Sadler. W. C 120, 134. 358 Sadler, Walter 419 Saemann, J. H. 388 Saffar. Hussein ..362 Safir. S. R 84 Sahlmark. J. 204, 206 Sahlmark. Joseph T. 397 Saibert. Nancy 438 Sakakini, Sari 362 Sakellar, Nick 362 Saltman, W 131 Saltz. C 134 Salwen, E 169,399 Samek, Louise 426 Samorodin. M 223 Sampson, C. D 357 Sampson, Marshall 336.411 Samson. P. C 404 Samuelson, J 376 Samuelson, Jean 446 Sams. Mrs. W. 433 Samuels. Richard M. 408 Sanborn. Irwin R 415 Sanders. Catherine 435 Sanders. H. A. 58. 400 Sanders. John .409 Sanders. Miriam .... 96. 360. 366 Sanders. M. M. 84 Sanders, Muriel 360 Sanderson. C. O. 389 Sandusky, R ... 84, 371. 374 Sandusky, Ruth 444 Sanford. Mary Jean 443 Sanford. S. S 84 Sanford, Shirley 446 Sanford. White 409 Sanger. Jane ..... 426 Sankey. R. C 85 Sankey. Robert 306, 403 Sapakie. H. 247 Sargent. James 403 Sartor, Irene 446 Sartor. Mildred 446 Sarwold, A. N 208.203 Satterwaite, G. ... 440 Sauer. Robert 285 Sauls. M. S 85 Saunders. A. 85 Saunders, Allen 298. 299. 351. 400 Saunders. Charles Jr. 239 Saunders. M. G. 85 Saunders, Marion 436 Saurborn. E. 418 Savage, D. E. 390 Savage. Michal 290 Savage, Michael 302 Sawyer. G 435 Sawyer. Marie 98,29 Sawyer. R. A- 58 Sawyer. R. K. 117 Sawyer. R 131 Sawyer. W 168 Saxe. David H. 200, 194 Saxton. J. B. 393 Scabbard and Blade 358 Schaberg. John 409 Schacht. B. C 85 Schacht, B .374 Schade, E. 97 Schaefer, Lee 336 Schaefer, L. T. 412 Schaefer, Walter Jr. 391 Schaefer, Marian 427 Schaible. Ernest L 337 Schairer. F. M. 117 Schairer, Fred 417 Schaneman, Howard A. 195. 194 Schaneman. H 211 Scharfman. Maida _ 426 Schaumberger. John 391 Schaus. R. 386 Schavilje, Joseph 256 Schavilje, J. P .259 Schavilje, 260 Scheibe, J. R 85 Schell. C 386 Schellhase, Robert 391 Schenck, F. M 85 Schenck. Florence 424 Scherr, J 245 Scherr, James 247 Schetzer, Julius 339 Scheule, Betty 332 Scheurman, Stewart 420 Schiessler. M. J 85 Schiffer. D. A. 85 Schindehette, J. M 85 Schindehette. John 360 Schiffer. David A. 401 Schiller. Elaine 426 Schkloven, N. 200 Schlesinger, A. L., Jr. 421. 85 Schloot, Elmer 397 Schmale. H 206 Schnaltz, L. D 209 Schmid. E 435 Schmidt, E 97 Schmidt, E. W 85 Schmidt. G 223 Schmidt, H. E. 430, 85 Schmidt. Helen _ 435 Schmitt, J. G 141 Schmitt, Jean 441 Schmitt. Julius T. 397 Schmidt. Mary Louise 433 Schmoekel, C. F 85 Schnap. E. H 202 Schneeweis, Charles 399 Schneider. A. N 200 Schneider. Betsy 446 Schneider. D. W 397. 85 Schneider. Harriett 332, 438 Schniderman, E 86 Schniderman. Eva 439 Schnorbach, W. L. .392 Schoen, J. A. 389 Schoener, Joan 434 Schoepfle, C 58 Schoermann, Allen 260 Schoepfle. C. S 120 Schoetz. Max 412 Schoff, C .211 Scholes, Walter 405 Scholl, Mrs. J. W. 425 Scholl. J. W. 58 Scholten, H. L. 22t Scholz. Wm. 407 School of Medicin.- Seniors 194 Schorling, R. 175 Schottenfeld. A. C 85 Schowalter 260 Schraf. Richard 307 Schramm. E. 224 Schrayer, F. 133 Schrier. Franklin 212 Schuele, Betty 434 Schuh. Charles 334 Schuh. C 386 Schuhum. Stanton 421 Schuler, John ... 341 Schull. F 59 Schulte, John 404 Schulthorp. Lenton 420 Schuttz, Elmer 206 Schultz, Katherine 96 Schultz. V. P. . . 131 Schultz. Victor 363 Schuman 288 Schunenan, H. A 200 Schurr, C. L. 85 btnuitz. t;nuth 205 Sch wader, C. F. 131 Schwartz, J i ' .. 85 Schwartz. M. P. ...... 133 Schwartz, Ruth 426 Schwarze, Fred 403 Schweitzer, M. S. 85 S hwendt. M. L. 85 Schweid. Bernard 331 bcnwied. Bernard R_ 408 Scott, C. G 132, 117 Scott, E 430 Scott, Empress 442 Scott. I. D 58 Scott, James M. 422 Scott, John F. 337 Soott. Mrs. T. 434 Scotti, Tina _ 335 Scovern, C. E. 357. 85 Scoville. Walter 412 Scroggie. Phyllis 428 Scullin. Frances 441 Sculthorp, Lenton 330 Seaman. Robert R. 414 Seaman. Wm. 421 Secrest, S. J71 Secrest. Sally 445 See, Stanley P. 414 See, S. R. 85 Seeger. Allan 409 Seekamp. Ruth 443 Seeke. Ernestine 237 Seeley, D. A 85 Secley, Mrs. H. H. 430 Seeley. Jean 436, 345 Seeley. J. D 85 Seeley, John _ 387 Seeley. J. H 388 Seeley, R. K 128, 120, 117 Segalman. Ralph 342 Seiferlein. Dorothy 441 Seigelman, Leonard . 330 Seitner. F. R. 85 Seitner, Frances 439, 96 Seitner, Richard ..... 421 Seldan. George 250 Selevan, S 202 Selfies, E. R, 352 Sflikson, E 131 Sellars, R. W 58 Selter, Francesse 446,96 Seltzer, L. Z 133 Senior Ball .... 345 Senior Class Officers ....140. 149. 62 Senior Class Officers .-..162 Senior Class Officers Law School 219 Senior Class Officers Med. School 194 Senior Manager 305 Seniors L. S. A, ... 67. 66 Seniors ..142. 150, 151. 165, 141, 164, 165 Senior Society 374 Senkus. Grayce E ..427 Sergeant, Mrs. F 435 Sessions, J 354 Sestok. N _.._.117 Sethaney, H. E. 86 Sethaney, Esther Seyfried. F Seymen. Mrs. R. A. Seymour, George .... Sha, Feng-Chi ... Shackleton, Harriet 428 .382 425 ..402 361 360. 436.29 Shackleton. H. ... 373 Shackleton. W. F. ..... 134 Shackleton, Wm. 334 Shacter, B 134 Shafer. E. E. _ 117 Shaffer, Betty 436, 332 Shakarian, George 183 Shalek, I. E. 86 Shands. F 134 Shankland. W 250 Shapiro, O. U 200 Shapland. Helen C 151 Shapland, H. 152 Shappell. R, F. _ _86 477 Sharfman, I. L 249, 59 Sharfman, L 421 Sharfman, Mrs. Leo 426 Sharfman, Norman L 395 Sharfman, N. L 86 Shargol, M. G 210 Sharkey, Harriet 442 Sharman, J. R 175 Sharp, Grafton 417 Sharp, M. S 209 Sharpe, G. M 86 Sharpe, L. M 86 Sharpland, Helen C 437 Shartel, B 218 Shaw, A 420 Shaw, Brackley C 414 Shaw, Carvel 417, 339 Shaw, Florence 314 Shaw, H. M 440,393 Shaw, R 206 Shaw, W 386 Shaw, Mrs. W 435 Shaw, Wilfred B 42 Shaw, W. B 392 Shearer, M 435 Sheekman, E 168 Shee, Katharine 429 Sheehan, W. F 357 Sheehan, William 416 Sheets, T. H 120 Sheets, J. H 130 Sheill, S. E 86 Sheldon, Dr. John M 211 Sheldon, J. M 396 Sheldon, W 131 Shelly, C. P 86 Shelly, Chester P 397 Shelton, Ralph 416 Shephard, Mrs. J. F 425 Shephard, D 388 Sherburne, C 109 Sherburne, C. D 357, 117 Sherburne, Carlton 405 Sherburne, John - 405 Sherk, E. H 86 Sherk, Betty 435 Sherlock, R. H 120, 107 Sherman, Arthur 400 Sherman, J 374 Sherrill, Betz, J 195 Sherrill, Jack 412 Sherven, V 168 Sherwood, Miller G 117 Sherwood, M 121 Sherwood, Miller 300, 301, 343, 414, 351 Shcrzer, A. F 157 Shelter, Mary Alice 428 Shen, Chang Huau 361 Shen, Felix T. C 361 Shen, Shu-Chi 361 Shen, Wen Po 361 Shena, Hisi-Yeu 361 Shick, Mr. R. M 434 Shiel, Mrs. F. C 425 Shields, Bernard 412 Shields, Katherine 436 Shields, Mary 180 Shier, C. S 382 Shiers, Virginia 429 Shierson, Betty 333 Shiles, Eleanor 432 Shilling, Mrs. V 433 Shilling, Ida Mae 98 Shilling, M. A 195 Shilling, M. Atlee 212 Shipman, Dorothy 440, 442, 332 Shipman, W 169 Shirley, R. R 354, 86 Shlesinger, Abe 39 Shniderman, H 354 Shaak, G. K 128 Shorno, Donald 239 Short, Donna 438 Short, Myrra 444 Shorter, J. W 130 Shoupe, Thomas 207 Shoupe, T. Richard 391 Shroth, Richard 416 Shroyer, Mrs. Emerson .424 Shu, Herbert C 361 Shu, Tung Lee 361 Shuford, M. W 165 Shugars, C. E 232 Shugars, Clifford E 237 Shuler, J 134 Shull, Mrs. A. F 430 Shull, Franklin 404 Shull, A. F 385 Shull, F 353 Shulman, A. L 86 Shulman, Marshall 334, 343, 351 Shulman, M. D 86 Shultz, William 182 Shumaker, E. J 209 Shumaker, Edward 400 Shutt, D. E 86 Shutt, Dorothy 367 Shindehette, J. 360 Shutt, 370 Shutt, Dorothy 424 Shutts, Eugene 403 Sidder, Richard 411 Siegel, D. J 267 Siegel, Daniel 397 Siegel, Don 274,273 Siegel, Nathan 395 Siegel, Seymour 248 Siegelman, Leonard 406 Sieli Chin Yung 361 Smite Paul 239 Sieloski M C 128 Smithers J. A 267 Soodik, Norman 395, 265 Sieswerday R 398 Smithers J 270 Soot Herbert 95 Smithers John 400 Sorensen L M. 259 Sigler Louis E Jr 212 Smithson, H. F. 87 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 410 Sigma Alpha Theta 167 Smithson, Helen 446, 424, 360 Sorenson, Lawrence 402 Sorge Jay 403 Small Kalman 406 Sorosis 432 Sigma Chi 307 Smoyer S. C. .223 Sororities Dorms 17 Sigma Chi 412 Smoyer Stanley 409 Sott Herbert 395, 349 Sigma Delta Psi 310 Smyth Ann 429, 180 Soucaze, E. L. . -.87 Sigma Nu 413 Smith 260 Soucaze E. 386 Sigma Phi 414 306 Smith A 405, 168 Soulc Malcolm 207 Smith Ansel B 391 Soule M H 193 Sigma Rho Tau 134 Smith A E. 128 Soule Mrs. M. H 433 Silbar H J 86 Smith H W 59 Sours Wm. . 417 Silfies Rollin . 162 Smith Bert .277 Souter, M. M 87 Silfies R 16X Smith Burt .279 Southard, A. E 131 Silver A 169 Smith B A 413 Southard Arnold . . 402 Silver, B. 141 Smith C. A 402 Souther, Margaret 434 Silver H. F. 248. 296 Smith C H. 412 Southon, Helen 446 Silverman I. E. 210 Smith C S 357 Space, F. G 130 Smith, B 206 Space, Robert L 148 Silverman S 353 Smith D 394 Space Robert 153 Silverman, Sheldon 339 Simcock, Mary E 151 Simcock, M 162 Smith, Evelyn 435,98 Smith, Ernest 182 Smith E. B 304 Spain, Waddenton 402 Spalding, B. G 87 Spalding, Barbara 435 Simes Frank J. 404 Smith. F. 131 Spalding, J. L 209 Simes L B 386 Spaller, Wm 334 Simes L M 218 Smith G E 209 Spaller W. 386 Simkins T D 368 Smith G M 87 Simonds C D 385 Smith ' G S 87 Spangenberg C C. 223 Simonds C D. Jr. 86 Smith ' G 127, Spangler Betty 440, 332 Simmons L J 232 123 122 Spangler T R 133 Smith Goff 412, 344 Spangler ' Ted ..400 Smith G S 393 Sparrow F J 385 Simmons W K 202 Smith ' H H 391 Spaulding G R - 87 Simon A I 86 Smith H W 392 Spedding H 425 Smith Ira M 42 Speedball I M 307 Smith I M 266 Speedball I M 309 Simpson, Henrietta 428, 332 Smith! G 381 Speer, R E 357 Speicher Ed ..288 Simpson M. 129 Smith Jean 332 Simpson Paul A 418, 86 Smith V 370 Speier Sam 421 Simpson, Robert ....279, 277 Sinai N 59 Smith, L. D 383 Spence, J. T 388 Sinclair, Betty 436 Sinclair, E 129 Sinclair E L 352 Smith, Margaret 429 Smith, Marion 434,335 Spencer, Barbara 431 Spencer, E. M 87 Smith ' Mrs Arthur 427 Spencer H O 352 Sinclair J T Jr 86 Smith Mrs C R 425 Sinclair J T 388 Smith Mrs P W. 434 Smith ' Norman 412, 338 Marville 337 Smith Mrs T 431 Spencer R 129 Singleton Adeline 436 Smith Priscilla 370, Sphinx 93 Sinhauetra, Civil! 442 Sink Charles A 159 367, 330, 440 Smith R E 118 Spicer, F. W. Jr 383 Spicer J 134 382, 30 Smith Ralph E. 404 Spicer N R. 165 Sink E W 209 Smith R G 131, Spieker H J 388 Sinn J H. 117 208, 127 Spike 260 Smith Robert 396 Spiller Herbert 405 Sinn J H 357 Smith Avhert 410 Spitzer W J. ..87 Sinn Richard 413 Smith Robert G. 418 Spitzley J 129 Sinnatt, M. J 131 Smith, Regent, R.R. 389, 44 Spitzley, Joseph H 414 Sipprell G 97 Smith Ruth 433 Spitzley R L. 129 Sisson C 166 Smith ' S Marshall ..415 Sitts M. R. . . 86 Smith Shirley W 42 Spoden, H. T 127, 128 Smith S W 402, Spoden H 133 Sive, Betty Jane 426 249, 97 Spooner 260 Siyemore Wm 334 Smith Virginia 62 Spooner C S. 352 Skellenger Byron H 239 Smith V M 87 Sprezue L S 87 Sjolander, K 354 Skellenger Byron H 239 Smithi Virginia 333, 438 Smith W 353 Sprague, Louise 435 Sprau Geo 343, Skellenger, Byron H 240 Skinner, DeRhua 443,425 Skinner G 86 Smith, Wilfred J 397 Smith, William 396,207 Smith W J. 202 156, 153, 148, 151 Spray, Judd Jr 403 Spray V J 87 Skinner Mary 438 Smith Winton 404 Spray V 370 Smith W R 87 Sklansky R 134 Smith W T. ....202 Spreen L E. 87 Snell R D 118 Spreen L 374, 371 Sklaver J. 210, 200 Snelf A. D. 128 Slabaugh J 260, 259 Spriggs J B 204 Slabkowicz, L. L 134, Snethkamp, B. M 87 Spriggs, J 211 131, 117 Snow D. 382 Slack J 371 Snow Dr James S 211 Slade, M 371, 86 Snyder, A. M 201 Sprogel, F 386 Slade, Marjorie 360 Slagh M. 398 Snyder, Eugene 94 Snyder G O. 87 Stabovitz, Chester C 176, 180, 267, 269 Sh appel R F 356 Snyder Grace 350 Staebler Doris 180 Slatcher, Dorothy 180 Snyder, Grace 440 Staebler, Dorothy 335, 424 Staebler Neil 416 Slater Dayton 420 Soboroff Paul 408 Staebler Mrs W 424 Slater W M 130 Soboroff W L 87 Staehler Bill Slather, Dorothy 430 Slattery Thomas 336 Soboroff, William L 408 Sokal M 130 (William) 93, 290, 405 Slavin Mannel 406 302 Soldofsky M 162 Stag J S 383 Sleator W W. 59 Soldofsky, M. J 165 Stagg Robert ... 413 Slee Betty 332 Soldofsky Mannel 169 Stagg Sedgwick 402 Slenger, W. R 209 Soldofsky, M. J 352 Stagnith, R. 1 87 Slezak Edward 183 Solis J C 205 Staley Hanley 397 Slifer H S 389 Solomon ... 260 306, 286 Slifer M 438 Solomon Ed 421 Stahl Otto 161 Sloman Robert 395 Solomon Ida 333 Stable, William 292 Solomon M. ....87 Stalker E A 101, Slootmaker W S 86 120 382, 419 Slootmaker W 386 Stalker Mary 446 Slosson Mrs. P. 433 Solovskoy, Geo. 360 Standt, L W 209 Small J R 384 Soloway A J. 131 Stanke E 168 Small, M. B 382 Somers, R. E 233, 232 Stanley, Arthur 206 Small Mrs M 166 Somers Roy E 239 Stanley George M 409 Small Wm. Jr. 410 ' Stanley Chorus 376 Smalley, Marianna 205 Smallman, E. E 86 Smallman, Elizabeth ....446, 360 Somerville, Elinor 446, 433 Sommers, Mary 430 Sommer. Ralph F 239 Sonerhill, Carol 441 Stanley, Mrs. Geo 437 Stannard, E. C 383 Stanton, E. C 267 Stanton, Ed 412 Smeaton, Wm 69 Stanton Wellan 239 Smeaton William G. 397 Soph Cabaret 28 Staobach C N 250 Smick D. 267 Soph Class Officers 94 Staple J 123 Smick Daniel 273 Stapel J D 131 Smick, Dan 280..274 Engineering 124 Staple, Jr. J. D 388 Staple, Fred 182 Starr, Ben 389, 290 Starr, T 389, 133 Stason, E. B 218 Standt, Louis 402 Steabury, J. H 208 Steame, Jean 431 Stearns, S 203 Stebbens, Mrs. Marie Windsor 337 Stebbins, Marjorie 446 Steding, H. A 134 Steegstra, J. R 118 Steele, Edith 98 Steele, Mrs. John D., Jr. 205 Steele, J. G 248,245 Steele, J. G., Jr 384 Steinberg, Leo L 237 Steene, R. W. Jr 120 Steer, F. W 392 Steer, Wesley S 415 Steere, Jean 424, 148 Steere, M. R 392, 134 Steere, R. W 170, 131, 130 Steere, Robert 419 Steere, Mrs. W 430 Steffe, R 211 Steffensen, E. H 208 Steffy, W. H 418 Stegats, F 382 Stegats, W 382 Stebens, Walter 336 Stehle. P 134, 129 Steigelman, P. E. 249 Stein, E 202 Stein, Mrs. G 437 Stein, H. M 87 Stein, Howard 411 Stein, Jacob R 396 Stein, Joseph B 238 Stein, M. 134 Stein, S. C 201 Steinberg, Leo L 238 Steinberg, Nathan 248 Steinberg, Norman B. ..411, 336 Steinborn, S. 128 Steiner, H. H 87 Steiner, Jane 335 Steiner, Kathryn .431, 96 Steinhart. Betty 439 Stephan, F 133 Stephens, W. C 396 Stephenson, D. W 175 Stephenson, Orlando 359 Stern, Ed 330 Stern, Leonard ---.411 Sterner. M 129 Sternfeld, Alfred J 238 Stetson, Calvin 387 Steuernole, Wynne 405 Steurnol, Kathryn 430 Stevens, Mrs. C 435 Stevens, E. 1 248 Stevens, E. J 245 Stevens, Edward 250 Stevens, F. H 396 Stevens, Florence 446,332 Stevens, H. C 97 Stevens, Howard 396 Stevens, John 419, 129 Stevens, R. M 130, 120 Stevenson, Alice 432 Stevenson. Suzanne 440 Stewart, E 168 Stewart, G 249, 248, 245 Stewart, G. W 201 Stewart, John 400 Stewart, M. C 134 Stewart, Orton 401 Stewart, Wayne 410 Steytler, Wm. Jr 391 -Stiles, Fredrick 290 Stiles, F. C 390 Stiegel, S. J 288, 87 Stiegel, Sidney 406 Stirling, Mary 436 St. John, Alice 429 St. John. Betty 443 Stabbe, G. D 208 Stockard, Mrs. A 431 Stoetzer, G. L 225 Stokely, John 402 Stokey 260 Stocking, Dr. Bruce W. 211 Stocking, C. H 139 Stoll, A : 405 Stoll, E. J 128 Stoll, K. A 223 Stoll, K 355 Stoller, P. F 202 Stoller, Paul 346, 207 Stoller, S. S. 87 .Stoller, Sam 460. 292, 290, 63 Stoller. T. R 88 Stomler, Marion 333 Stomler, Marion 424 Stone, Charles W 422 Stone, G. E 388 Stone, 3ean 438 Stone, Louise 436 Stone, Naomi 426 Stone, Regent 44 Stone, Richard L 401 Stone, J 134 Stone, Walter 292, 290, 259, 63 478 - Stoner, Jane 429, 254 Stout, M. B 101 Stowe, Mrs. J. E 427 Stout. M. R 385 Stone, Stephen 395 Stoner, J. D 356 Stonington, Nancy 429 Stout, M. B 416, 120 Stowe, Ella .434,332 Stowe, M 433 Strand, Barbara 440, 98 Strand, L. B 88 Standhagen, A. G 132 Straub, Robert 387 Straus. David 330 Straus, David A 401 Straus, Prof. Louis A. 329 Strauss, Eugene 408 Strauss, L. A 59 Strauss, J. A 355 Strayer, John 417, 207 Streigg. A. J. 118 Strickland, H. A 392 Strickland, Lloyd 462. 412. 351,331 Strickland, Paul 403 Strickland, W. L .118 Strickland. W. L 120 Strickler, C. W 388 Strickler, Margaret 440 Strickroot, Betty 373, 372, 335 Strickroot, Betty 424, 375 Stringfellow, Henry 407 Stroh, Lester 339 Strom, W. 97 Strom. Wheaton 412 Strong, L. H 396 Strother, Marybelle 427 Struve, W. S 88 Struve, William 397, 343, 338 Stryker, H 206 Stuart, Charles Stuart, J 129 Stuart, Robert 412, 381, 344 Stuart, Mrs. R. D 436 Stuckey, M. E 372,88 Student Publications, Board of Control 329 Student Christian Association 342 Stuhr, Robert 391 Stulberg, S 233 Stulberg, Samuel .240, 238 Stultz, H. R. 88 Sturgis, Mrs. Cyris C. 402, 209, 205 Sturgis. Mrs. C. C 430 Sturtridge, Jane E 437 Stutzman, K. C 88 Stutzman, Mrs. King ..427 Stymes, B 405 Sudhoff, Mary 433 Sullivan, D. J 357 Sullivan, Frances 443 Sullivan, J. C 88 Sullivan, R 286,206 Sullivan, T. C. 389 Sullivan, Tom 351, 343, 329, 265 Sullivan, Walter 410 Sullivan, W. F 88 Sullivan, W. P 246 Summerfelt, K 168 Sun, David C. C 361 Sun, Wallace 361 Sunderland, A 437 Sunderland, Prof. Edson R 329 Sunderland, Mrs. E 437 Sunderland, E. R 402, 218 Sundstrom, F 170, 168, 162 Sundwall, John 208, 193 Sussex, Clyde L 418 Sutherland, Frances 432, 317 Sutin, H 129, 121, 109 Sutin, H. A 120, 118 Sutin, Hillard 341 Sutta, D. M. ... Swain, D. V 88 Swain, Mrs. R. C 436 Swan, Eleanor 434 Swan, Geo. P 237 Swan, Harry 348 Swan. Harry L., Jr 422 Swann, A. - 352 Swann, D. H 88 Swantz, P 88 Swart, Leland 396 Swartout, Chas 359 Swartout, C. W 382 Swarthout. G 388 Swarthout, Sybil .442, 436 Swarts. W. G. 413 Swartz, F. G 88 Sweet, C. C 357, 274, 11 X Sweet, C. C 269, 267, 121 Sweet, F. J 418. 133. 130, 118 Sweet, Herbert 212 Swenson, Leland ..... 212 Swimming .. 284 Swimming, I. M 308 Swimming Squad ... 284-87 Swimming. Women Swinton, R. S Swinton, Stanley - Switzer, M. R Sydnor, A. R Sykes, Irma Sykes. Roland Sylvester Symmes, Frances Synder, Edwin Jr. - Syversen, Harold Szold, Miriam Szto. Hon-Yin 131, 319 107 402 88 118 426 240 260 181 419 419, 118 426 361 Taft. H 385 Taft, Wm 391, 18 Taggart, Ganson .409, 336 Taggart, H. F 249 Taggart, Mrs. L. W 434 Take. LeRoy E 418 Talamon, Mrs. Rene 432 Talcott, Barbara 435 Talcott, Fred 387, 88 Talcott, J. B 383 Talman, James B 414 Tang, Sik Ling 361. 129 Tann, L 88 Tanner, T. S 153 Tanzer, E. K 131 Tapping, T. Hawley 338 Tapping, T. H. 382, 358 Tarbell, Mary Beth ..433, 88 Tarbell, R 134 Tarte, R. J 129, 120, 118 Tate, Joseph 405 Tate, Marjorie 444, 317 Tate, Mary L. 181 Tatum, Stewart 339 Tau Beta Pi 120 Taubman. Samuel 130 Tawter, Joseph 237, 233. 232 Taylor, Dekle 400 Taylor, Frank 419 Taylor, T. S 219 Taylor, H. E 118 Taylor, N. H 232 Taylor, Jean M 434, 151 Taylor, John D. Jr 388 Taylor, Lav. H 393 Taylor, Louise 440 Taylor, M 425, 134 Taylor, Merrel 397 Taylor, Norm H 237 Taylor, S 97 Taylor, R 353 Taylor, W. F 118 Taylor, W. R 59 Taylor, Wendel 363 Teaboldt, Chase 419 Teahen, James 416 Teall, Barbara 440, 332, 317 Technay, John C. 418 Teegarden, Clark L. 407, 151 Teeter. Wm 129 Teeng, Yung Hsiu 361 Teeple, H. 118 Telfer, Bruce 417, 340, 93 Telling, Barbara 442, 438, 332 Tellman, H. C 209 Tenander, Tuure 334, 93 Tenney. Perry 387 Tennis 300, 301 Tetter, Howard 397 Thachwell, H. Lawrence 418 Thai, Wm. S 202 Thalman, Betsy 436 Thalman, Chester 62 Thalman, C. M 390, 88 Thalner, Robert 404 Thalmer, L. H. ... 88 Thai, Wm 421 Theobald, P 129 Theta Chi 416, 307 Theta Delta Chi . .417, 306 Theta Kappa Psi 212 Theta Sigma 372 Theta Xi 418 Thierwechter. D. W 392 Thorn, Genevieve 442 Thorn. Jack 402, 340, 93 Thorn, Harriet 436 Thomas, A. T. 225 Thomas, B 445, 371 Thomas, Betty 429 Thomas, Earl 363, 288, 280, 93 Thomas, Edmund 283 Thomson, Fred 420 Thomas, Lawrence 410 Thomas, Mary Margaret 442, 436 Thomas, Robert 412 Thomas, Sally 443, 440 Thomas, William 182 Thome, Robert .._ 250 Thompson, E 211 Thompson, Edward 417 Thompson, Elizabeth 205 Thompson, Ellen ..442, 432 Thompson, G 169 Thompson, Gardner 416 Thompson, J 206 Thompson, J. T 392 Thompson, James 207 Thompson, John 416,94 Thompson, M 352 Thompson, Martha 424 Thompson, N. J 208 Thompson, Nick 362 Thompson, R. U 407 Thompson, Sally ..-444 Thompson, S. B 88 Thompson, Virginia 435 Thomas, Anna ... 444 Thomson, Dan 212 Thomson, F. 97 Thomson, John W 212 Thomson, Robert F 396, 118 Thomson, T. L 212 Thorner, R. 133 Thornton, J. E 134, 108 Thornton, Una 360, 332, 88 Thornton, Ona Jane 427 Thorpe, Mrs. A. U 430 Thorpe, C. D 60 Thorpe, R. A 130 Thorward, Ted 418, 300, 88 Thuma. Mrs. B. D 430 Tibbits, Jean 435, 332 Tiedeman, Robert 418. 133 Tientz, S 131 Tilles, Gilbert 452, 406, 333, 88 Tilley, M. P 60 Tillinghast, Marjorie .443, 335 Tillmanns, Robert E 418 Tillotson, Harry 416 Timpf, H. A 142. 141 Ting, Hsieu-Tu 361 Ting, Vung Yuin 446. 361, 205 Tinkham, Miss 431 Tippett, Mary Jane 432 Titus, D. W 392 Titus, H 166 Tobin, Blanche ..... 400, 443, 376, 440 Todd, 405,206 Togg, Dorothy 443 Tolan, Dr. Jack 211 Tolbert, C 168 Tolhurst, Lillian 96 Thomlinson, Willis 88, 62, 63,414 Tomski, Waldemar 287, 286, 285 Tooker, Ellie 206 Tauff, Marion 426, 96 Tourtellot, Hudson ..410, 340 Towell, W 109 Towne, J. A 165 Townsend, Jr., E 390 Townsend, John 283, 280, 266, 93, 290, 293, 390 Townsend, Lynn 387, 336 Townsend, Robert H 397, 356 Towsley, H. A 206 Track 93v290 Tracy, W. L 129, 133 Trapasso, T. J 202 Travis, N. W 356 Travis, Samuel L. .223, 219 Traywick, Mary Lou . ..442, 360, 89 Treadwell, D. H. 392 Trebilcock, William Trembly, Miss J 436 Trempey, Lloyd 412 Trendle, George Jr 410 Trengove. Russell 130 Treuttner, Lawrence ....419 Treuttner, Willard 419 Triangle 419. 35 Triangles 123 Trigg, Paul R 224 Trigon 420 Trimarchi, V. C 130, 118 Trimble, H. D. 224 Trimby, Robert H 338, 206, 195 Tripp, Evalyn M 437, 89 Trojanowicz, E. F. ... 118 Trosper, Mrs. H. D 424 Trosper, Julia K 429, 89 Trow, W. C 403, 175 Trow, Mrs. Wm. C 424 Troxel, J. C 249 Trubey, S. R 249 True, Walter 93 True, Jr., W. H ...97 True, Walter J., Jr 397 Truchen. Miller W. C 131 Trueblood, Joseph 134, ' 130, 341 Trueblood, Coach Thomas 298, 60 Trytten, John 182 Tsao, E 361, 131 Tsao, Utah 361, 131 Tsoi, Mung Y 361 Tubbs, Harold 407 Tucker, Daniel D 223, 219 Tucker, Peter 411 Tucker, Robert 421, 353 Tung, Chen D 361 Tung, Jo-Feu 361 Turitzin, Nicolay 360 Turnbull, Beth ... 37 Turner. Elizabeth Turner. Marjorie D. Turner. P. R Turtletank, E. D. Tussing, F. C Tustison, Keith H. 170 Tuttle, Lansing ... Tuyle, E. T. Twining, Mrs. H. . Twining, Herbert .. Twiss, Mrs. A Twyman, Harold F. Tyler, Arthur Tyrrell 445, 1, 89, 62 376 350, 89 209 445, 89 383 391. , 89. 352 419 417 437 .416 .440 410. 352 397. 306 387, 352 U Udell, Margaret 427 Uhl. J. H 383, 89 Ullrich, Farley 442 Ummel, Betty Ann 446, 438, 92 Underdown, Mrs. W. E. 428 Underwood, H. W 418, 133, 128 Underwood, Margaret .428 Union Bus Boys 363 Union Directors 338 Union Junior Council ....340 Union Officers and Sophomores 339 Union Waiters 341 University, The 37 University Hospital 188, 187 University of Michigan Glee Club 352 Unti. Elizabeth 430 Upson, F. Allen 442, 118, 109 Upson, R. H 413 Upthegrove, C 120, 108 Upton, H. H 402 Upton, Mrs. H. H 440 Uricek, Steve 363, 297, 295 Urie, Thomas 422 Utnoff, C 385 Urmston, Ben 398, 330 Valeric, A. M 153 Valk, R 129 Valk, W. L 201 Valles, A 393, 128, 118 Vallet, Charlene ....832, 433 Vallin, Everett C 397 Valluzzo, Locco 239 Valpey, A. L., Jr 269, 267, 382 Valpey, J 382 Van Boven, P 404 Vandenberg, E 352, 168 Vanderberg, H. J 89 Vandenberg, L 389 Vandenburg, Robert 410 Van Den Broek, John 120, 108 Vanderbilt, Charlotte .181 Vander Putten, H. D 357, 118 Vander Pyle, Robert .416, 348, 94 Vandervelde, H 354 Vandervelde, L 60 VanDeusen, Jack 391 Vandewater, C 267 Van Dis, John 153, 151. 149 VanDorn, Cornelia 441 VanDusen, Ray 416 VanDyke, V 434, 376 VanDyke, Rudy 391 VanDyke, W 205 VanEss, L 398 Van Hoek, W 394 Van Keuren, S 388 Van Kleek, Miss 430 Van Leenwan, M. J 240, 233 VanHas, G. G 118 Van Loo. C 398, 129 Van Loon, Donald 339 Vanmaren, L 168 Van Name, R 390 Van Noord, Gelmer A. .398, 201, 195 Van Nordstrand, B 314 Van Schaik, Gilbert 420 Van Slnyters, T 354 Vant. Jeanne 427 Van, Tamelin C 398 Van Vleck, George 417 Van Wagner, Frederick 212 Van Winkle, Charles 410 Van Winkle, Mrs. D 440 Van Wormer, Josephine 92 Van Zanen, Johanna 443 Van Zile, P. T. 390 Van Zwaluwenburg, Benjamin 195, 194, 201 Vardan, Ann 442, 433 Vareo, C. B. 224,223 Varnum, P. C 142, 141 Varnum, R Varsity Tennis Vaughn, Perry S Veazy. Dorothy Veddar, Mrs. J. B Vedder, Francis B Veenboer, Margaret Venier, J Verdier, Leonard D Vergho, J. C Verner, Jane Verner, Lois ............ Vial, Burgess Vibbert, C. B Vibbert, C. B Vicary, Ann Muriel Vidok, H. K Viehe, Carl A ......... Vincent, E. L Vincent, Nicholas Vine, B Vitas, Geo ................. Vogel, J. F .......... Volleyball, I. M Volew, F. J Von Bergen, P. K Voorhees, Virginia Vreeland, R Vroman, C 168, Vroon, G Vulcans Vyoyan, W. W 134 300 388 427 436 392, 239, 231 B. 437, 89 206 414, 302, 89 384 360 442, 424 402 60 416 ........ 444 89 410, 352 .249, 248, 245 153 134 260, 259 357, 130 306 89 97, 89 438. 355 169 182, 165, 162 398 121 130 W W.A.A. Building 313 W.A.A. Board in Council 313 W.A.A. Staff 315 Waek. Ella 62 Wade, Ella 429. 345, 181 Wade, R 169 Wade, S. G 388 Wadsworth. H 388 Waehner, G. E 176, 446, 89 Waelmer, V. A 91 Wager, S. H 209 Wagg, Althea 442 Waggoner, L. G 209 Waggoner, R. W 209, 193 Wagner, A. G 209 Wagner, Mrs. A 433 Wagner, C. P 60 Wagner, Mrs. C 435, 428 Wagner, Daniel 406, 336 Wagner, F. H 383 Wagner, H. S 389 Wagner, J. C 118 Wagner, T. C 120 Wagner, M .435 Wagner, Philip A 405, 89 Wagner, T. H 392, 89 Wagner, Virginia 432 Wahl, Betty 433 Wahr, F 60 Wahr, F. B 385 Wait, W. H 387, 60 Waite, J. B 218 Waite, V. C. _ 203 Wake, S. G 153 Wafcefield. E. H 404, 89 Wakeman. Irene .-424 Walcott, Fred 182 Waldchen, A. H 131 Waldron, F. R 409 Walfner, W. F 356 Walk. Sidney .... 238 Walker, Gerald R 238 Walker, J. G 97 Walker, J. H 403. 343, 129, 121, 118 Walker, S. H 120 Walker, John 409, 207 Walker, L. W 393, 209 Walker, M 162 Walker, Russel 407 Wallace, J 341, 168 Wallace, Mary 181 Wallace, Myron 395, 339 Wallace, Virginia 424 Wallace, W. L 304 Wallace, Mrs. L 435 Waller, Allen 395 Waller. Dr. H. G 407, 206, 190 Waller, V 371 Wellington, M. G. 359, 358 Walls, Mrs. ... 428 Walser, Mrs. J. J. 436 Walsh, J. J 409, 97,89 Walter. E 134, 60 Walter, F. R 352. 170, 120, 118 Walters, Henry 413 Walter, John 416 Waltz. Stanley 358. 341, 338 Waltz, W. C 413 Walz, Mrs. W 438 Wampler, Ben 387 Wanberg, H. S 130 Wanchell, W. N 260 479 Wang, Tsung Kuan 361 Wang, Yi Sau 118, 361 Wans, Yu Chih 361 Wangelin. D 386, 133 WanRelin, R 386, 129 Wanless, James 416 Wanstrom, Ruth C 205 Ward, Betty 434 Ward, Erwin 407 Ward, M. L 239,231 Ward, Robert 417 Warley, J. S 358 Warner, A. E 392 Warner, F. A 431 Warner, James 420 Warner, R. P. 119 Warner, William 420, 383, 207 Warns, J. T 89 Warren, James 389, 330 Warren, John 207 Warren, Ruth 426 Warren, W 391, 386 Warrick, W. A 387 Warthin, V 440 Warwick, Betty 446. 181 Wasey, Eleanor 432, 89 Washburne, Mrs. C 431 Washburn, J. A 89 Washkiewicz, Leon S 182 Wassell, Dorothea 442 Wassell, Frank 400 Wassell, G. K 209 Wassell, Mrs. G. K 440 Wassel, Harry 400 Wasson, Richard 346 Waterman, L 61 Waterman, Mrs. L 440 Waterman, M. H 250 Waterman, Mrs. M. H. 434 Waterman, Richard 331 Water Polo Ind 307 Waterston, Margaret 424 Watkins, Faith 431, 96 Watkins, G. A. 413 Watkins, Herbert G 420, 43 Watkins, L. L. 250, 61 Watkins, Regents 44 Watkins, Thomas 409 Watson, Barbara 446, 432 Watson, D. J. 383, 63 Watson, Edward M 435, 414 Watson, J 131 Watson, R. D 414, 259 Watson, Wm 290 Watt, Flint 410. 63 Watt, R 134 Wax, Kenneth 411 Waxman, Albert 248 Way, H. D 385, 89 Weatherill, D. F 383 Weatherston, Richard 405 Weaton, Robert 415 Wiatroski, R 97 Weaver, B 390, 61 Weaver, Mrs. B 427 Weaver, D. F 206 Webb, A. A 387, 223 Webb, D. M 89 Webb, Dorothy 435 Webb, E. A 204 Webb, K. M 384 Webber, M 166 Weber, Albert D 237, 238 Weber, E. C 130 Weber, F 386 Weber, Howard 403 Webster, Randolph 304, 182 Webster, Roderick 409 Wedell, C. G 128, 119 Weeks, Robert 417, 334, 93, 26 Weeks, William 417, 207 Weick, G. E 209 Weidlien, Virginia 435 Weidner, W. D 119 Weil, Barbara 426 Weil, C. R 89 Weil, Claire Rae 445 Weimar, C. V 443, 90 Wein, K. J 396, 130 Weinberg, Max 363 Weinberg, Miriam 426 Weinberger, Robert 408 Weiner, E 134 Weiner, Jack 395 Weiner, L. T 90 Weinhold, W. K 260, 259 Weinstock, David 401 Weipent, V 354 Weir, Don L 418 Weir, Evelyn 433 Weisman, A. D. 210 Weismann, Florence 439 Weiss, R. M 90 Weissman, 395, 90 Weissman, Helen 426 Weist, F 168 Weistent, Robert 400 Weitzman, Seymour 395 Welch, Julie Ann 440 Welch, P. S. ... 61 Welch, R. K 119 Welch, T. D 129, 119 Weller, C. V. 207. 193 Weller, Mrs. Carl V. 205 Weller, W. E 90 Wellington, John 387 Wellman, Burton .391, 340 Wellman, H 386 Wellman, R ta, 425, 368 Wellman. R. M 90 Wells, C. F 97 Wells, G. B 248, 245 Wells, Byron 250 Wells, Suzanne 349 Wellwood, G. T 446, 90 Welmers, Dr. E. .... 398 Welsh, Dorothy 424, 90, 62 Wendell. W. H. Jr 388 Wendelken, H 206 Wenger, C. N 108 Wenley, Mrs. R 429 Wentz, J 431, 371 Wepman, D. F 90 Werner, R. C. 131 Werry, B 382 Wessels, Robert 207 West, L 119, 109 West, R. M. 413 Westbrook, P 97 Westbrook, Phil 336 Westendorf, Madelaine 425 Westerdall, L 371 Westerman, Joanne 434 Weston, Jean K 212 Westra, P 398 Weurth, M 430 Wheat, Mary 432 Wheat, Mrs. Ida C. 436 Wheeler, B. W 383 Wheeler, Carl 391 Wheeler, G. B 168, 119 Wheeler, J. B. Jr. 384 Wheeler, Jack 416 Wheeler, M. H 387 Wheeler, W. G. 384, 168 Whetsell, Erie .391, 330 White, A. E 120, 108 White, Mrs. A. E. 437 White, A. H 407, 358, . 120, 108 White, Mrs. Alden 427 White, Mrs. A. H 440 White, C. B 388 White Charles 409 White, Dolas 400 White, Dorothy 443 White, Elizabeth 376, 323, 315, 442 White, F. A 153 White, G. O. 407 White, J 168 White, J. H 392 White, J. L 223 White, L. A 61 White, Law 162 White, Lee 329 White, Louise 167 White, Lou .446 White, M. L 90 White, Peg Lou 443 White, R 129 White, Sanford 302 White, W. E 383 Whited, Clark 181 Whitehead, Phillip 341 Whitehead, William 403, 306 Whitely. R. W 131 Whiteley, R 382 Whitford, Rodman 407 Whiting, A. A 130 Whiting, Arthur A. 397 Whitman, Charlotte 433, 167 Whitman, E. L 231 Whitman, Elmer L 239 Whitman. R. M 416 Whitney, A. S 387 Whitney, Betty 373, 370, 367, 315 Whitney, Doris 205 Whitney, E 435, 432, 90 Whitney, Mrs. A 438 Whittemore, H. D. 147 Whittemore, Phillips 409 Whittier, David B 260 Wickes, Mary 436 Wicks, Clarence 359 Wicks, James 419 Widdicombe, W. W. 383 Widman, L. E 382, 128 Wieder, Florence 444 Wiegand, J. H 357, 119 Wieman, Mrs. E 436 Wiener, Dan J 408 Wiener, Martin 406, 333 Wierengo, J. L 383 Wiesner, J. B 119 Wiest, Frederick 346, 109 Wigertman, H. N 130 Wightman, H. N 133 Wikle, R. 405 Wilbur, Mrs. H 425 Wi lcox, I. E 233, 232 Wilcox, Ivan E 239, 237 Wilcox, Josephine 432 Wilder, Fannie E. 90, 427 Wilder, R. H. .. 90 Wilder, R. L. . 61 Wile, U. J 207, 193 Wiles, Flint 410 Wilgus, Mrs. H. L 436 Wilhelm, F. B 90 Wilkie, J. .. 109 Wilkie, S. J. 248, 245 Wilkinson, A. C 412 Wilkinson, Frank 412 Wilkowski, A. J 357. 97, 90 Willard, H. H. 391, 61 Willard, Susan 90, 440 Willens, Sumner 411 Willis, J. C 127 Williams, Alfred 333 Williams. B 131 Williams, Charlotte 437 Williams, C. E 128 Williams, Edward 339 Williams, E. H. 352, 128, 119 Williams E. T 208 Williams, Harrison 400, 302 Williams, H. E. 356 Williams. Homes 405 Williams. H. R 212. 90 Williams. J 95, 131 Williams, Joel S 119, 109, 404 Williams, John S. 418 Williams, Louise 438 Williams, Malcom 182 Willi ams, Margaret 425 Williams, Marjorie ....446, 434 Williams, M. H. 61, 394 Williams, Mrs. N. H 430 Williams, P. C 134 Williams, Mrs. R 433 Williams, R. C 352, 90 Williams, Robert 341, 265 W ; lliamson, E. M 201 William, Kien 296 Willis, Samuel S 238 Willison, Mrs 424 Willoughby, Jane 434 Willoughby, M. L. 90, 17 Willoughby, Mary Lou 434, 344, 331 Wills, C 390 Wills, Elizabeth ... 62 Wills, E. H. ... 90 Wills, Elizabeth Ann 372, 446 Wills, James 417 Wills, Jean 427 Wilsher, Don 93 Wilsher, Donald J 336 Wilshire, Don 417 Wilsnack, Will : am 342 Willson, J. Robert 201, 195 Willson, J. R 209 Wilmouth, H. C 390 Wilson, Mrs. A Wilson, Betty 445 Wilson, Earl B 421, 339 Wilson, F. N 208, 193 Wilson, Frank 207 Wilson, Grace 167, 376 Wilson, H. E 403 Wilson, J. A 384 Wilson, L 425 Wilson, Mrs. L 437 Wilson, R. W 129 Wilson, Roberta 444 Wilson, T. E 417 Wilson, W. B. . . 357 Wilson, W. H 383 Wilson, W. P 248 Wilson, W. S. 392 Wilson, W. T 90 Wilson, Winifred 360 Wilson, Winifred P. 360 Wimer, B. R 358 Winchell, B. W 132, 119 Winchell, Benjamin 250 Winder, John 417 Winder, Mrs. S. 205 Windier, G 206 Windsor, R 388 Winslow, L. B. 412 Winslow, Miss M. 434 Winslow, Dr. Sherwood 211 Winter, J. G. 61 Winter, R. J 383 Winter Sports 22 Wise, H. D 390 Wisler, C. 108 Wisler, J. F 134 Wismer, Bernice 444 Wisner, C 385 Wisner, D. N 90 Wisner, Doris 424 Wisner, F. H 382 Wisniewski, E. T. 91, 90 Wistert, Mrs. B 424 Wister, Francis 402 Wittan, W. S 356, 91 Witters, V 371 Wixson, R. C 208 Wohlgemuth, E. W 400, 91 Wohwend, Albert 418 Woidka, Kathlyn J 437 Wolaver, E. S. 244 Wolaver, Mrs. E 435 Wolcott, Fred 420 Woldow, Richard 421 Wolz, Charles C 397 Wolf, H. B 91 Wolf, Herbert 421, 343, 338 Wolf, Marie Wolf, V. J 352, 134 Wolfe, O. J 385 Wolfe. R 353 Wolfe, Robert 420 Wolfner, William F 408 Wolgamot, John 206 Wolin, Jack 406 Wolkoo, Charlotte 439 Women ' s Activities 365 Women ' s Athletics 312, 311 Women ' s Athletic Associ- ation 315 Women ' s Golf 317 Women ' s Tennis 316 Wong, Charles 361 Wong, Bouh 361 Wong, Koon N. 119 Woo. Mur-Loh 361 Woo. Richard T 361 Wood, A. E 396, 61 Wood, Alberta 434. 349, 95 Wood, Arthur 405 Wood, H. L 224, 223 Wood J 386 Wood, Mrs. John 441 Woo d. Ruth 428, 332 Wood, Wm. P 409. 279, 108 Woodbridge. Mrs. Alice 436 Woodburn. J. A 402 Woodhams, R. G 134 Woodhead, V. M 91 Woodley, Grace 368, 181, 176, 96, 431 Woodruff, M. W 418, 131, 119 Woodruff, Owen 363 Woodward, P 128 Woodworth, Betty 433 Woodworth, Phil 400 Woody, C 397, 266, 175 Woody, Mrs. C 433 Woog, David 336 Woolsey, W 353 Work, Miss R 433 Worley, J. S 412, 134, 120, 108 Worley, Mrs. J. 166 Worms. J. Robert 411, 336 Worrell, W. H 61 Worth, Barbara 181 Worth. Melissa 205 Worthing, L 353, 131 Worth ' ng, L. Wilson .418 Wozniah, Terese 446 Wraith. A. Parker 416 Wray. Isabel 162 Wray. I. R 424, 167, 165 Wreford 285 Wreford, W 353 Wreford. Wm 410 Wrestling 288 Wright, A. Jr 128, 119 Wright, Alfred 415 Wright, E. M. 203 Wright, Eleanor V. 151 Wright, Eleanor ....152, 446 Wright. P. A 225 Wu, Chia Ying 361 Wu. Shane Zlik 361 Wu, Tse Kas 361 Wu, Violet L 361 Wu, William Quo 361 Wuerfel, J 424, 368, 335, 91 Wuerfel. T 385 Wuerful, Mrs. Robert .441 Wunsch. Ellis 403 Wurz, J. F 206, 201 Wyatt, Virginia 446, 181, 176 Wvrtlers. M 91 Wykes, Barbara 446, 181 Wyman, C 386 Wynes, M. C 203 Wynn, G 209 Wyvern 373 Yager, Joseph A 391, 91 Yaman, Francis 362 Yang, Ching 361 Yang, Ching Kun 361 Yang, Tung-Deh 361 Yantis, John 400 Yaw, Katherine 431 Yee, Robert 359, 357, 361, 130 Yen, Fu Chu 361 Yenner, Edward N. 250, 97, 91 Yergens, Paul 410, 352, 92 Yetzer, W. J 209 Yglasias, Luis 212 Yoakum, Clarence S. 250, 44, 43, 386, 402 Yoakum, Mrs. C. S 436 Yoder, D. . 371 Yoh, Feng Chi 361 York. Virginia 446, 181 Yost, Fielding H 266, 260, 175. 274, 358, 390, 412 Yost, Mrs. F. H 436 Yost, William 343, 259, 256 Young, Betty Jean 427 Young, C. M 361 Young, D. H 120 Young, J. G. 129, 123, 122 Ycung, Kather n 441 Young, L. J. 391. 381, 338, 254 Young, Mrs. L 433 Young. R. 129, 123 Young. W. R. 119 Young, Margaret 440 Yu, Keh, Jin 130 Yu, Keh-Jin 361 Yu, Kuei Fau 361 Yu, Poe-Eng 361, 205 Yu, Shu Lun 361, 119 Yunck, Fred 407 Yung, Pei Liu 361 Yutzy, Mrs 424 Zaff, F 201 Zajonc, F. H 91 Zak. Edward 363 Zahnow, 168 Zander, A. ... 9, ' Zapp, Barbara 352, 442 Zapp, George 403, 122 Zastrow, G. H. 119 Zau, Tso-Tu3 361 Zbinden, Albert 170. 165. 162 Zeigler, L. 440 Zelker. John isi Zemon, G. D 426, 91 Zendzian, F. P. Jr. 119 Zerbe, E. A. 440, 350 91 Zeta Beta Tau 421 Zeta Phi Eta 98 Zeta Psi 422 Zeta Tau Alpha 441 Ziefle, Helen 427 Ziem, F. C 270, 267 Zlff . J 354 Z mmer, K 445, 91 Zimmerman, Don 417 Zimmerman, Ralph Jr. 403 Zimmy Z 353 Zingg, A. M. 91 Zingg, S 372 Zink, C. W. 384 Zittle, Redfield ... 169 Zlanin, P. . 375 Zolla, Ada 95 Zolla, Charles 421 Zoellner, Karl 337 Zonars, A. H. 362 357 Zuehlke, Arthur 391 . z " ris - P S.-.3. 129 Zwerdlmg, T. C. 439 91 Zwick, Charles 28 480 , . . - .

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