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EXUERI ffl-R-DuMl COPYRIGHTED I9?5 Wl 1AM M C PAT RODtRT UIENOCU MICNICANENSIAN PUDLISUED Y TME v -- UNIVERSITY O MICHIGAN ANN ARDOR VOLUME 70== FORE WO R D ' N publishing this nineteen thirty-five Michiganensian we are not merely carrying on a tradition conceived in th e dim past of some former student ' s desire to remember these days; we want to picture for burself and for you, the uni- versity, the campus, the haunts of the irresponsible, and the temples of thought. It is Michigan as we see it and as you see it. The book is not concerned with themes or motifs, nor is Michigan. We have tried to picture for you not any group of stone and brick buildings, but the underlying, in- definable substance which makes it this university and not any university. WILLIAM J. McFATE, March 31, 1935 TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION 15 FEATURES 31 ACTIVITIES 57 Organizations 83 Women ' s Activities 103 ATHLETICS 115 Intramural Athletics 155 Women ' s Athletics 165 CLASSES 178 Senior Class 179 Lower Class Officers 257 FRATERNITIES 269 Sororities 329 Dormitories 353 SATIRE 361 LEGAL RESEARCH LIRRARY ! f I v V K ' % I iii s ii - ' ? A TV G E L L HALL ARCHITECTURAL 1 1 I I I I 4 . - SFta ' , ' S MAIN LIBRARY UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MICHIGAN UNION - .- . ' . . - - BM HILL AUDITORIUM STATE STREET ENTRANCE TO LAW CL1K ADM N 5TDAT ON ALEXANDER GRANT RUTHVEN MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT WHEN the Michiganensian makes its appearance on the campus, the seniors, whose book it chiefly is, are reminded that in a few months they will cease to be students and will become alumni. This book. I know, will be a treasured possession for years to come. May those who keep it thus, when they turn its pages, not only be reminded of their own days at Michigan but remember that in the University generation closely follows generation and, as they did once, so now others, impelled by the same ambitions of eager youth, are thronging its classrooms and seeking the satisfactions of the associations which it affords. ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN Page 15 THE BOARD HONORABLE CHARLES F. HEMANS of Detroit, Mich- igan, attended the University of Michigan; received the degree of LL.B. from the Detroit College of Law; served as Second Lieutenant in the United States Army during the World War ; is associated with the Law Firm of Steven- son, Butzel, Eaman, and Long; was elected Regent of the University of Michigan in 1933 and has received much note in the fields of horticulture and farming which are his hobbies. HONORABLE JAMES O. MURFIN of Detroit, Mich- igan, graduated from the University of Michigan with an A.B. degree in 1895 and with an LL.B. degree in 1896; served as one of the Circuit Judges of the County of Wayne (Detroit) from 1909 to 1911 and as Chairman of the District Draft Board in Detroit during the World War; has been a Regent since 1918 and has the University of Michigan as his hobby. HONORABLE JUNIUS E. BEAL of Ann Arbor, Mich- igan, received an A.B. degree from the University of Mich- igan in 1882; was manager of the Port Huron Gas Company and the Ann Arbor Electric Company in the nineties; was Chairman of the Washtenaw County Board of United States Fuel Administration during the World War; has been a Regent of the University for twenty-seven years and a member of the Ann Arbor School Board for twenty-one years and collects best printed books as a hobby. HONORABLE EDMUND C. SHIELDS of Lansing, Mich igan, received the degree of B.L. and LL.B. from the Uni- versity of Michigan ; served as Second Lieutenant in the Spanish-American War and chairman of the Michigan Four-Minute Men during the World War; is a member of the Shields, Silsbee, Ballard, and Jennings Law Firm; was appointed Regent in 1933 and has fishing as one of his hobbies. Page 16 O F i : i . i i HONORABLE RALPH STONE of Detroit, Michigan, received an A.B. degree at Swarthmore CoUege and the degree of LL.B. from the University of Michigan; served as Private Secretary to the Governor of Michigan from 1899 to 1901, Director of the Bureau of Trustee of the Chemical Foundation during the World War; was elected Regent in 1924; is vice-chairman of the Board of the Detroit Trust Company and has sports and the University of Michigan as his hobbies. HONORABLE FRANKLIN M. COOK of Hfflsdak, Mich- igan, received his education hi Hillsdale College and the University of Michigan; for twelve years was a mem- ber of the Hillsdale City Board of Education; for eleven years was a member of the Board of Trustees of Hill ' da If College: has been connected with the Hillsdale Savings Bank for twenty-one years; is a member of the Michigan Society of Mayflower Descendants; has gardening as his hobby and was elected to the Board of Regents hi 1933. HONORABLE RICHARD R. SMITH of Grand Rapids, Michigan, graduated from the University of Michigan with the degree of MJ). ; studied abroad for eighteen months and returned to Grand Rapids where he is a practicing surgeon; organized and commanded a hospital unit during the World War; is Regent of the American Gynecological Society; is President of the Michigan State Medical So- ciety; Regent of the University since 1931 and plays golf as his hobby. HONORABLE ESTHER M. CRAM of Flint, Michigan, graduated from Alma CoUege and University of Michigan with A.B. degrees; taught in the public schools of Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Calumet for a total of six years; is a member of the Board of Governors of the Woman ' s League of the University of Michigan and the State Psychopathic Board; was appointed to the Board of Regents in 1929 and has as her hobby the collecting of old brass and copper. Page 17 ALICE C. LLOYD Dean of Women CHARLES A. SINK President, School of Music JOSEPH E. BURSLEY Dean of Men UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION any organization which is thoroughly alive, as is the University of Michigan, never attains a form which remains completely fixed for all time. Such things vary with the times and circumstances and also in accordance with the ideas of the persons who have the responsibility of leadership in the institution. Since President Ruthven took office in 1929 his theories of administrational organiza- tion have been taking shape. During the past year several additions were made to the struc- ture which bring it much more closely to the finished product which Dr. Ruthven has had in mind. He has not, of course, cast into the discard all of the old methods, but his policy has been rather to rearrange and regroup existing agencies in such ways as to make the whole structure more logical and to produce a more smoothly running machine. The theory of the University of Michigan ' s administration begins, of course, with the postulate that the general direction of the institution is in the hands of the Regents, whose executive officer is the president of the university. This, in fact, is determined by the fun- damental law of the State. The University, however, is made up of a large number of individ- uals officers, professors, students and groups composed of these individuals. The organization of this large body is made clearer if we distinguish three functions, the ad- visory, the executive, and the legislative. Under the first heading come all of the individuals and groups who are called upon to advise the president and through him the Board of Regents upon the general policies of the Univer- sity, to determine what use shall be made of its funds, what educational undertakings shall be projected, and the like. The executive group includes those individuals and com- mittees to whom are delegated by the president and Regents the duties of carrying out university poli cies and actually superintending the work which is done on the campus of whatever kind. To the legislative division belong the larger groups of faculty and staff members who under the consti- tution of the University are charged with the responsibility of passing regulations on subjects with which the University is concerned as an educational organization. HERBERT C. SADLER Dean of Engineering Page 18 EDWARD H. KRAUS Dean, Literature, Science, and the Arts CHALMERS J. LYONS Director of Dentistry T. HA WLEY TAPPING Secretary, Alumni Association Of the above the first category has been made especially prominent during President Ruthven ' s administration because it is comparatively a new thing. The major advisory staff, consisting of the three vice-presidents, the director of plant extension, and the director of alumni relations, is entirely a development of the past four years. In recommending thi s innovation to the Regents the president has, of course, had in mind to some extent the prac- tice of large business organizations in which, subject to the chief executive officer who must bear the ultimate responsibility, there are others who are placed in general charge of specific interests, or groups of interests, throughout the whole organization. So in the University of Michigan the field of one of these officers is the University ' s physical property and finances, that of the second its educational policies, that of the third its relations, chiefly educational, with outside groups and individuals, that of the fourth matters relating to plant extension, and that of the fifth and last to be appointed the University ' s relations with its students outside of their classrooms and with its alumni. Before the director of student-alumni rela- tions was appointed an actual count showed that there were 17 different offices, bureaus, committees, or other groups concerned with this one field of the University ' s interests. With such diversity it was hopeless to expect any real concentration upon a unified program. It was also very difficult for the president, among his other duties, to give the proper attention to all these various agencies. The duty of the new officer is not to administer student-alumni affairs, but by supervision and advice, on the one hand, to coordinate them and, on the other, to advise with the president and the Regents upon the proper policy for the whole institution to follow. In addition to the advisory staff the president can call upon the Conference of the Deans, which has existed since the first days of the Burton administration, and likewise upon several divisions, such as those of Fine Arts, English, and Social Sciences, which have been created in order to co- ordinate the work of instructional departments whose fields are somewhat similar. The executive staff is something which is more familiar. EMIL I ii It i II Director of Architecture Page 10 HENRY M. BATES Dean, Law School CLARENCE S. Y OAKUM Dean, Graduate School ALBERT C. FURSTENBERG Dean, Medical School The University has always had major administrative officers such as the vice-president and secretary, deans, directors, librarian, registrar, and the like. There have also been in the past a number of committees, of which the Board in Control of Physical Education is perhaps the best known example, which are in effect executives. The legislative organization of the University is likewise less novel. For years there have been faculty organizations in the various schools and colleges and the more general Uni- versity Senate, in which all persons of professional rank hold membership. Since 1931, how- ever, there has been in existence the University Council, which is in effect an executive com- mittee of the Senate organization with a membership partly composed of administrative officers and partly of representatives of the various faculties. Although the Council was not actually created until some time after President Ruthven ' s inauguration the need of such a body had become very evident some years before and the matter had already been under discussion. The unwieldy size of the University Senate, the difficulty of assembling any large proportion of the group at one time, and its unsuitableness as a place for the effective dis- cussion and determination of major policies were the reasons behind the innovation. The University Council has been given all of the legislative powers of the Senate, the latter body, however, retaining as a safeguard the right to review any action of the Council. The general administrative structure of the University of Michigan at present is what has roughly been set forth in the above sketch. The president is the one to whom the Regents look as the officer in general command. In execut- ing his duties he has the advice of his cabinet, each member of which is particularly informed upon one phase of the University ' s activities. The legislative functions of the Uni- versity in the meanwhile are carried out by the University Council, the Senate, and the other organizations of school and college staffs. With the exception of the fact that there is no specially defined judicial power, the structure is not unlike that of the national government. Contributed by DR. F. R. ROBBINS HOWARD B. LEWIS Director of Pharmacy LI I Page 20 S A M I ' E L T. D A A Lull- A. HOPKINS Director ( Summer Session JA: I E S B. EDMO ' DSON Dexa of Education RETIREMENT PLAN NEWLY-ADOPTED University policy relieving faculty members in certain adminis- trative positions from these responsibilities at the end of fifteen years, and thereby allow- ing them to concentrate on " teaching and scholarly pursuits " hi their respective fields, was initiated this year. The new measure passed by the Board of Regents was prompted by the belief that the administrative burdens of deans, directors, and department heads, conventionally extended indefinitely, are heavy and bound to interfere both with teaching and productive scholar- ship if they are properly bourne. The policy adopted by the Regents is as follows: Deans, directors, and heads or chairmen of departments of teaching and research are eligible for relief from administrative duties upon the completion of fifteen years of such service. They may. at the end of this period, be appointed to distinguished professorships in their respective fields of study. Several distinguished Professorships have already been created by the Regents. The appointees describe the plan as " excellent. " Dr. Ruthven described the new policy as being based upon the opinion that " men are added to the academic staff primarily as teachers and investigators, that administration is an added burden placed upon them, not a promotion in a hierarchy of an acad emic scale : that release from an admin- istrative position does not mean demotion; and that, after a reasonable period of satisfactory service in an executive capacity, a member of the teaching faculty who has retained his capability for creative work should be eligible for relief from administrative duties under conditions favorable to the continuation of teaching and scholarly pursuits. " Commenting on the advantages of the new plan. Dr. Ruthven pointed out that " it should serve to increase the number of young men in administrative positions and to permit the older men who have been handicapped by such burdens to develop in their special fields. " CLARE E . GRIFFIN ' Dean of Bu-ine-- AdminUtratiB Page 21 UNIVERSITY LIBRARY URING the early years of the University there was no regular library. Twelve books were owned by the institution and they were in care of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees. The first attempt to found a library was in 1837 when Reverend Henry Colchazer was appointed first librarian by the Board of Regents. Between 1828 and 1840 three thou- sand seven hundred books were bought in Europe by Dr. Asa Gray. The Regents also pur- chased a few books at home. For twelve years there were few additions to the library. In those trying days the Regents had more pressing demands for the meagre funds at their disposal than the de- mand for books. A revival of interest came in 1852 when Dr. Tappan became President. He took an active interest in the Library and appealed to the citizens of Ann Arbor for funds with great success. Also the Regents soon began to make regular appropriations for the library. In 1856 the north wing of University Hall was remodeled and set aside for Library pur- poses. In 1863 the books were transferred to the Law Building, now Haven Hall, and in 1883 to the first Library building, constructed at a cost of one hundred thousand dollars. On January 6, 1920, the present General Library was completed. The beautiful new building contains one hundred twenty-five thousand square feet of floor space, and is so designed that additions can be easily made as future needs demand them. At present the General Library contains about six hundred thousand volumes. The total number of books contained in all the University libraries is nine hundred thou- sand, and between thirty-five and forty thousand books are added annually. Michigan ranks seventh in size among American University Libraries. Counts taken in the reading rooms show that about seven thousand persons is the average daily attendance at all the libraries of the University. The libraries are open four- teen hours a day, creating a tremendous amount of work, which is handled very capably by the Library Staff under the direction of Mr. Bishop, present Librarian. Page 22 CIRCULATION DESK Page 23 UNIVERSITY OBSERVATORY HEBER D. CURTIS Astronomy founding of the Observatory of the University of Michigan in 1855 was due solely to President Tappan, and was a definite part of his plan to provide the young institution with improved facilities for research in engineering and the sciences. Mr. Henry Walker and other Detroit citizens contributed $15,000 to which $6,000 was added by the Regents. The main instruments of the original observatory were installed in 1855. They were the Walker meridian and a twelve inch telescope. Modern astronomy has become about ninety-five per cent photographic, so that both these early instruments are now outmoded and are used principally for instruction. It is to the late Professor William J. Hussey, who assumed the directorship in 1905, that we owe the Observatory as it stands today. Numerous additions were made to the structure of 1855 and particularly to the equipment. A new dome was built housing a thirty- seven inch reflecting telescope equipped with spectrographs. It was under Hussey, also, that the Observatory first became a plural rather than a single structure. A well equipped students ' observatory was built on Angell Hall for pur- poses of instruction. The plot of land secured for the Observatory site in 1853 was then well outside the small city of Ann Arbor, but the growth of Ann Arbor and the University out and around this site could not have been foreseen. The Observatory is now surrounded by University buildings, chief among which is the University Hospital, whose lights in combination with the street lights of a greatly enlarged Ann Arbor now make many lines of photographic re- search impossible. Realizing the necessity of moving the Observatory to a more favorable location, the University has purchased an excellent site of several hundred acres about fourteen miles northwest of Ann Arbor. For financial reasons the move to the new location has been post- poned, but the designs for the new telescope have been completed, and the disk has been cast. This reflector will be of eighty-four inch aperture, and will be third in size in the world after the completion of the proposed California two hundred inch telescope. Page 24 AX CELL HALL TELESCOPE Page 25 UNIVERSITY BROADCASTING SERVICE ..NIVERSITY Broadcasting began in 1925 in a makeshift studio in a room on the top floor of old University Hall. The studio was a tent made of painter ' s drop canvasses. Storage batteries, microphones, and other equipment were carried up four flights of stairs before each broadcast. Ten programs consisting of educational talks by faculty members were broadcast that year. During the ten years intervening between the first presentations and the current pro- grams, University Broadcasting has progressed a great deal. Under the direction of Profes- sor Waldo Abbot, programs now originate in a soundproof studio in Morris Hall, from which they are carried by special wire to WJR in Detroit, where they are broadcast over the facili- ties of that station. Twelve programs a week are presented during the scholastic year. The programs broadcast by the University of Michigan are rated as one of three best college broadcasts in the United States. The Broadcasting Programs are of four general types. " Laboratory " programs are designed to give parents and prospective students a view of campus life at the University. These programs are prepared and announced entirely by students in speech classes of the Broadcasting Department under the supervision of Professor Abbot. The second type of program is designed for students of junior and senior high school age. Talks are given by members of the faculty. In answer to a recent questionnaire sent to forty-one high schools in Michigan, a total of twelve thousand five hundred daily listeners was reported. The third type of program, broadcast in the evening, is addressed to adults and alumni and tells of research projects conducted at the University. The fourth type is the Sunday Parent Education Program designed primarily for the Michigan Congress of Parents and Teachers. Professor Abbot believes that the use of radio in the field of education is in its infancy and that in the future University Broadcasting will be more extensive. Page 26 I F. E . R. A. S PART of the Government plan for aiding men and women in obtaining an education, nine hundred fifteen students or nearly one-eighth of the entire enrollment of the University, have obtained F.E.R.A. jobs. All of the work carried on under the F.E.R.A. project must be University work, and because the chief purpose of using relief funds for student aid is to increase the number of young men and women going to college, funds allotted shall not be used to replace college funds heretofore used for student aid. The Committee in charge of the F.E.R.A. project consists of Chairman Lewis A. Gram of the Engineering school. Dean Joseph A. Bursley, and John C. Christensen, assistant sec- retary of the University. Miss Elizabeth A. Smith has direct charge of the F.E.R.A. placements. Miss Smith is advised of the action of the committee on projects for which applications have been made, and also has the personnel cards of students whose requests for relief employment have been approved. There are about three hundred and forty projects employing students. Types of jobs range from those requiring technical knowledge and skill, such as laboratory technicians and assistants, to manual labor in raking lawns and washing windows. There is a great deal of clerical work such as filing records, magazines, newspapers, compiling of statistical data, typing, work hi libraries, and cataloguing and correcting test papers. Also many students are employed in painting, cleaning and repairing instruments, and in landscaping work on the campus and in Nichols arboretum. The building of the heating tunnel, connecting the University High School and the Archi- tecture Building with the central heating system, was a C.W.A. project from which the Uni- versity benefited last year. Construction of a walk and other landscaping work was com- pleted on the surface ground. The completed project is shown below. Page 27 PROMINENT (Upper Left) Maurice R. McGarvey, M.D. Physician in Health Service and Medical Adviser to class of ' 38 Specializes in Division of Hy- giene and Public Health Has students and golf as his hobbies. (Second Left) Moses Gomberg, Sc.D. Profes- sor of Organic Chemistry Chairman of the De- partment of Chemistry Specializes in theoretical Organic Chemistry President of the American Chemical Society in 1931. (Near Left) James K. Pol- lock, Ph.D. Professor of Political Science Only American appointed to Board of Elections of Saar Valley Authority on Polit- ical Parties Author of " Money and Politics Abroad. " (Left) Cyrus C. Sturgis, B.S., M.D. Professor of In- ternal Medicine Director of Simpson Memorial Insti- tute Director of Depart- ment of Internal Medicine Specializes in blood dis- eases. (Right) Laylin K. James, A.B., J.D. Professor of Law Specializes in Corpor- ation Law Spends his summers working with the New York law firm of Cra- vath, de Gersdorff, Swaine, and Wood. (Lower Left) Richard R. Coursey. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics First Lieutenant in United States Army Drill Master of Varsity Band A very genial southern gentle- man. Page 28 P 1C O F E S S O 1C S (Upper Right) Robert M. Petrie, Ph.D. In- structor in Astronomy Spends summers with the McMath Hobart Observatory Interested in Solar photography and is working in Spectro- scopic Double Stars. (Second Right) Alfred H. White, B.S.(Ch.E.) Professor of Chemical Engineering Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering Presents interesting course on Materials of Construction Has fine understanding of Student Views. J (Near Right) Gail E. Densmore, A.M. Associate Professor of Speech Con- ducts Extension Courses in Detroit A naturally excel- lent public speaker Col- lects pictures of prominent men. (Right) Shirley W. Allen, M.F. Professor of Forestry Active in starting the For- estry work in Michigan C.C.C. camps Active in Natural Park work on the Pacific Coast, his old stamp- ing ground. (Left) J. A. C. Hildner, Ph.D. Associate Professor of German Conducts an interesting informal evening class Likes music and takes the Advanced German Class Christmas Caroling. (Lower Right) Leonard L. Watkins, Ph.D. Professor of Economics Collects books and old coins Presents interesting course in money and credit. Page 29 EARL V. MOORE PRESTON W. SLOSSON OSCAR J. CAMPBELL Earl V. Moore, A.M., D.Mus. Professor of Music Musical Di- rector of the School of Music Musical Director of the University Composer of many Michigan songs. Preston W. Slosson, Ph.D. As- sociate Professor of History Has interesting course in Modern His- tory Excellent Lecturer Was a member of the Committee to Ne- gotiate Peace in 1918. Oscar J. Campbell, Ph.D. Pro- fessor of English Enthusiast for the drama theatre Working on the drama in the Henry E. Hunt- ington Library in San Marino, California. PROMINENT PROFESSORS BURTON D. THUMA ROBERT C. ANGELL ARTHLR D. MOORE Burton D. Thuma, Ph.D. As- sistant Professor of Psychology Specializes in Physiology of Sense Organs Has interest in Mechan- ical Engineering Designs most of apparatus used in his field. Robert C. Angell, Ph.D. Asso- ciate Professor of Sociology In- terested in Theoretical Analysis of Social Institutions -- Author of " The Campus " and " A Study in Undergraduate Adjustment. " Arthur D. Moore, M.S.(E.E.) Professor of Electrical Engineer- ing Conducts Freshmen Engineer ' s meetings Head mentor for Fresh- men Engineers Has fine sense of humor. Page 30 CCATUDCS FOREWORD WE HAVE attempted in this sec- tion to give the readers a kalei- doscopic picture of the Univer- sity. It is not within our power to be humorous, and humor is quite outside our conception of what a feature section should contain. Here is Michigan as Michigan is. neither glossed over with Chauvinism, nor painted black with malicious criticism. WHEN you read this book twenty years from now, you will have forgotten the 1934 football season, we hope, but you will probably remember its weather. The five Saturdays during the fall when you got soaked to the skin, ex- posed the tender membranes of your throat to myriads of germs, and en- joyed yourself generally. Here are cer- tain bits that you may remember: The State boys trying to get our goal posts, Kipke eating grass, the roly-poly gent from the coast guard station. The games? Oh yes, well, you ' d better turn to the athletics section. u SHADES O F 4. A It It I 4 K VERSATILITY marks the productions of our theatre during the 1934-35 season: Start- ing with The Royal Family, and follow- ing in rapid succession with Street Scene, lolanthe, (in conjunction with the Music School), Outward Bound, Doctor Knock, A Midsummer Night ' s Dream ( again with the Music School), and Alien Corn. Play Production is a department in the Uni- versity which is very much awake and offers the campus productions that are far in advance of what is generally demanded or expected of college dramatics. This situation is due primarily to Mr. Yindt whose picture we have reproduced here, and to whom much gratitude should be extended for his splendid dramatic work. PLAY II O T T I O WE TAKE this opportunity to make an appropriate bow to Miss Sarah Pierce, by far the most outstanding actress the University has had in a number of years. It is the policy of Play Production to play no favorites. They have no stars. Nobody is featured in any production. But with ability such as Miss Pierce ' s this policy loses its significance through popular acclaim of the theatre goers. be rl II E E 1C JEKYLLS AND HYDES? No, just col- lege boys. By day they wander with a certain amount of assurance from one building to another on the campus, by night they well, judge for yourself at the bottom of this page. And such clean, upstanding young men, too. But that is college, and if you don ' t like beer, but, dog- gone it, you do like beer, and the various dispensaries on the nether side of Division Street will linger longest in the memories of many. Joe Parker ' s is only a refrain in a song now, but someday there will be new songs; which of your favorite haunts will be named by them? The one that rhymes best. Such is the price of immortal glory. Bacchus. WE INTENDED to devote this page to all the campus BMOC, but most of our out- standing men and women are too bashful and retiring to allow themselves to be photo- graphed. We were fortunate in catching the captain of the basketball team with a characteristic expression. He alone, of those at his table. was able to face the terror of the camera with unassum- ing dignity. The Gargoyle master of destinies props a supercilious chin on his col- lar at the upper right. The Union Formal, sorority dears and beer complete what we couldn ' t fill with men about campus. Perhaps as well. ii o r J-Hop of the 1936 class. Women decked out in their finest formals. rouged, curled and cor- seted for five hours of escape from reality. Men patiently enduring confining shirts and palisade collars. They dance. Dancing to the sound of orchestras culled from the nation ' s restaurants at the lowest possible price. Danc- ing to the songs of this year, last year, and any year that Weeks or Kassel care to play. It ' s the same run of gaiety that has invaded the high spot of Michigan ' s social season last year and the year before and many many years past. Styles change, faces change, let them. The J-Hop rides on. staggers on, and bleary eyed co-eds, play boys drag themselves home at five or six to a bed all too welcome. They have done their duty. They have carried on Michigan ' s tradition. The Big Dance. iiF i r r r Winter Sports Club Frederick Graham . Hi. T-. MI Fellowship Winner William 11. Buclerus, Jr. Administration Building John Abbott Mural in the Architectural School painted by the Life class under the direction of Myron Chapin Still Life, Paul Brown Mural Design. Margaret Culver Still Life, J. E. Ralston I 1 Modern Interior. Helen Maynard French Interior, Elizabeth Ebcrt ANN ARBOR, the town with the nastiest weather in the United States, really does house an educational institution. Its students slop through the streets, go to classes, study and play with the gay abandon of youth. Wet feet and sniffling noses cannot dampen the zest for knowledge. We call your attention to the S.A.E. football game, one of the fall classics. " I ' LL ne ' er forget my Michigan . . . " and to make sure that you don ' t forget, these pictures, picked at random, carry your own particular associations to you. Mosher- Jordan. Library or Angell Hall; somewhere on this page you will find a scene that will call back an incident in your life at Michi- gan. Such is its purpose, and we think it succeeds. J. G. P. We felt called upon to censor this ebullient account written by a Junior. The parentheses are ours The Editors. A PIGEON ... a park bench ... a policeman ... a lonely young man and the 1935 Junior Girls ' Play swings into action. But things don ' t really start happening until the arrival of the feminine element (and quite some time thereafter, perhaps when you were getting in your taxi), the heart-interest motif sweet little Amy Peabody who accidentally, or almost accidentally, drops her handker- chief. She and He, the susceptible Walter Beggs, win the title of America ' s Dream Couple in the love contest spon- sored by the twelve catering Timkins Brothers. But life is not the bed of roses it might be. A mother-in-lawish Mother-in-law, a horribly bratty little sister, and poor anaemic brother Chester would make a tornado look like a study in still life beside the bedlam they create at Honeymoon House. Day after day of canned romance on the air, from 9 to 5 with an hour out for lunch can grate horribly. Meal after meal of Thinsie Winsies, the easy-digesting breakfast food, crackled up in a bowl with sugar and cream, would break a stronger spirit than Walt ' s. Strangely enough in musical comedies, though, every- thing turns out all right in the end, and Walt and Amy wend their merry way despite herculean obstacles. Professor Potkin ' s dog barked at the right time ... (He did not 1) Horace P. Timkins remembered his cane . . . Janie and Chester refrained from maiming each other in their scramble on the floor . . . the announcers gargled diligently to ward off laryngitis germs . . . Amy remembered to drop her handkerchief . . . Walt remem- bered to kiss Amy at the finale. And " Tune in on Love " was the superb, sensational, epochal, colossal performance Julie Kane, general chairman, knew all the time it would be. (Was it, we ask laconically?) I IS I II I THE climaxing event of the school year, Michigamua, all campus senior honor- ary society, initiates its young bucks into the powerful tribe. Twenty-three outstanding seniors were taken from the class of nineteen thirty-five at the annual gathering about Tappan Oak. The initiation was an unprecedented one in as much as the initiates broke long standing traditions and amused the large crowd of spectators by riding to the ceremony the sa me horses that the old braves had used the night be- fore to announce their choices. Jack Healey, shown in the center of the group about the oak, was chosen Sachem of the tribe. Professor Louis Strauss of the English department was initiated as an honorary sachem, and T. Hawley Tapping, Alumni Secre- tary of the University, was initiated. I I 1 1 M . N x CULTURE THE University has been considered by many as for- tunate in being able to procure for her students, faculty and townspeople of Ann Arbor certain cultural facili- ties. This good fortune is the result of many years of concentrated effort on the part of the School of Music, the Oratorical Association, Robert Henderson, and many many others. The programs offered are prob- ably better than many that are offered at other schools of the size of Michigan, and they have been respon- sible for giving the University a reputation for culture; that elusive quality that makes all the difference between existence and living. The Oratorical Associa- tion brought a number of excellent lecturers, despite the handicap they had in competition from the Xational Student League. The Association could bring much more influential and more timely speakers to Ann Arbor, but they should be commended for their work, even though we are getting mighty tired of travel lectures. Choral Union keeps the music lovers of Ann Arbor in a constant dither with a full and well balanced program throughout the year and winding up with the extraordinary talent of the May Festival. Robert Henderson does contrive to bring some very worthy stars for his Dramatic season, which is very popular in Ann Arbor and expectantly awaited every spring. Xazimova was his headliner this year. Schnabel. Iturbi. Tibbett, Ponselle, and many other concert stars were brought by the Music School. THE students busy at work. Scholarship is ever upmost in the Michigan student ' s mind and he keeps his nose to the grind- stone through thick and thin for four years to be rewarded for his generous in- dustry by a doting family and a paternal University. We call attention to the couple evidently enjoying their dancing on the lower left. What more need be said in defense of education? So do we. MICHIGAX-S MEN ' S C L t B USE your Union! has been the cry for years exuding from that institution. And for years Michigan men have been using their union for sundry duties necessitated by its being the only logical place to order group dinners, drop in for a coke or milk-shake, bowl, or swim if you ' re nowhere near the Intra-mural building. Every time we ' ve been in the Union it has been full and we wonder why we should use it to any fuller extent. But maybe we ' re just old reactionaries. THE freshman-sophomore tilt, the tra- dition of class rivalry which has in recent. years come close to gasping its last breath was carried on this year (ex bfficio) with more violence and spirit than ever before, much to the dismay of the Dean ' s Office. Is the rivalry of the 20 ' s being revived, or is this merely a puerile exhibition of com- ing into man ' s estate? Time will tell. s o i 1 1 o M o i : i A B A K E T SEUDO PSILLY PsYMPHOXY ( don ' t bother to pro- lounce the " p ' s " ) was carried out in that new. driving force in American humor originated by an extremely clever young man on the west coast, Walt Disney. Mr. Disney was probably tearing his hair if he knew that his characters were being linked with Max Fleischer ' s prodigy. Betty Boop. But the decorations, costumes and dancing of the chorus fully justified the piracy. And to make the evening complete, each lone male had the cockles of his heart warmed at the door with a barage of anxious- to-please smiles from a phalanx of sweet hostesses. STUDENT journalism, con- cerned with the honest ex- pression of student opinion, conceives and brings forth its publications in that im- posing edifice on Maynard Street. Too little has been said of the work done on these publications and much more could be said for their real attempt to give Michi- gan good, sanguine editorial comment minus interference. IT I O THE second production of the Union Opera, following its revival last spring, departed radically from former offerings by the infusion of the danse modernc and a minimizing of the story and the some- what outmoded attempt at humor by put- ting burly men in a female chorus. The opera this year was far more successful than last year ' s production and definitely points towards more artistic renderings and a serious attempt to offer something worthy of the term " Opera, " we hope. OPERA THERE are two courses in Sculpturing given at Michigan. The work reproduced here is by Harry Furst, a gentleman who has been doing consistently good work for a number of years. Some of the pieces have been exhibited, others are new or are in preparation at the present time. His ability is clear. ACT V T IIOAKII IX rO.VTKOL of STl ' DEXT PI m .H i m s NON-RESIDENT MEMBERS LEIGH A WHITE STEWART H. PARKY FACULTY MEMBERS PROFESSOR Louis A. STRAUSS, Chairman PROFESSOR EDSON R. SUNDERLAND PROFESSOR WILLIAM A. MCLAUGHLIN D-.AN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY PROFESSOR STRAUSS STUDENT MEMBERS HERBERT B. LEGGETT JACK L. EFROYMSON GEORGE VAN VLECK Page 57 MICHIGANENSIAN i WILLIAM MI-FATE STELLA GLASS Managing Editor WILLIAM McFATE Women ' s Editor STELLA GLASS Art Editor ' MARGARET CULVER EDITORIAL STAFF ! RUSSEL WALKER Activities ... . j DOROTHY ROTH Administration ... KEITH LANCE ( GERARD BOGART j ELEANOR YOUNG Features j WILLARD E BLASER ( DOROTHY SHAPPELL Fraternities A. COLTON PARK Sororities MARY ALICE BAXTER Classes R. FOSTER CAMPBELL, JR. D , . . , ( WILLIAM CURRY Photography j WALTER A. CROW ART STAFF MARCELLA ORR LAURA JANE ZIMMERMAN RICHARD STICKNEY CHARLES STOCKING PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF ROBERT NEWCOMB JOHN GEORGE WALTER SCHAEFER MEN ' S LOWER STAFF JACK K. PEDIGO CHARLES PENZEL ROBERT MURRAY MILTON CAMPBELL ROBERT EWELI. FRANK SIMES WALTER PLEISS THOMAS AYERS FRANKLIN DANNEMILLER Louis BELDEN SCIIAEFF.R BAXTI-.K SHAPPELL CAMPBELL BOGART WALKER YOUNG LANCE ROTH Page 58 M M II H, V I M Y ROBERT H EK OCH MARY i i-B R I E Business Manager , ROBERT J. HENOCH Women ' s Business Manager MARY O ' BRIEN BUSINESS STAFF Accounts Manager . IRENE McCAUSEY Advertising Manager ROBERT SULLIVAN Women ' s Advertising Manager ... JEAN LAITNER Organizations Manager JAMES WILES Women ' s Organizations Manager JEAN SHAW Sales Managet ROBERT O. THOMAS Women ' s Sales Manager JANE PETER CARL FISCHER ROBERT KKICBT MEN ' S LOWER STAFF SAXFORD LADD Lixm STRICKLAND STANLEY THOMAS THOMAS W ACKER ::;.; McCACsrv THOMAS WILES SCLUTAX Page 59 MICHIGAXEXSIAN FOSTER CAMPBELL MARGARET CULVER Editor of Student Directory R. FOSTER CAMPBELL, JR. ADELAIDE GALLERY Avis DAY EVELYN EHRLECHMAN LILLIAN GARDNER BETTY ANN BARTHEL BETTY JANE FLANSBURG JANE FLETCHER ELOISE FLITCRAFT WOMEN ' S LOWER EDITORIAL STAFF DOROTHY GELDART MAE HERNDON BETTY MILLER BETTY GOUTREMONT VOLTAIRNE HIRSCH JEAN MCLEAN MARTHA KNOX CAROL ROCKWELL MARY LAMBIE HELEN SCHMIDT OLIVE GRIFFITH CHARLOTTE HAMILTON MARY BETH TARBELL MARGARET WHITE R ITA WELLMAN WOMEN ' S LOWER BUSINESS STAFF MARY ELIZABETH KING FLORENCE SCHENCK MARY MONTGOMERY DOROTHEA SPRAU DOROTHY OOSTDYK LOUISE SPRAGUE MARSINAH PIERCE ONA THORNTON JEAN BONISTEEL ELIZABETH EVANS GAIL EVEREST WOMEN ' S ASSISTANTS DOROTHY LYNDON WINIFRED TREBILCOCK RUTH SONNANSTINE DOROTHY UTLEY MARY LOUISE WILLOUGHBY LAURA JANE ZIMMERMAN LOUISE FLOREZ MARGARET SHARPE DOROTHY WIKEL EDITH ZURBE MARY AGNEW MARY CATHRYN ANDREWS CHARLOTTE BAXTER MARY JANE FIELD WOMEN ' S BETTY GROOMES ELEANOR HECKATHORN ELIZABETH HENDERSON VIRGINIA KENNER TRYOUTS MARY ELLEN McCoRD ROBERTA MELIN CHARLOTTE MITCHELL HELEN NEBERLE RICHARD KLEIN JERRY BALLAS ROBERT CAMPBELL EDWARD D ' ApRix MEN ' S EDITORIAL STAFF TRYOUTS JOHN E. MCFATE STEPHEN J. MADDEN G. A. SHALBERC MEN ' S BUSINESS WARREN EMLY WARREN GLADDERS HENRI GRIER STAFF TRYOUTS IRVING MATHEWS JOHN MOONEY DAVID RANK MARIAN REYNOLDS ADELINE SINGLETON PRISCILLA SMITH EILEEN WOLFF LOWELL E. KRIEC LAWRENCE ROTH CHARLES SEIDENSTEIN CLARK BARTHEL STRICKLAND FISHER LADD WILLOUGHBY FLITCRAFT WHITE CAMPBELL KING SCHMIDT HAMILTON JOHNSON OBERFELL DEISLEY MURRAY SPRAU SIMES AYERS KNOX FLOREZ DANNEMILLER CROW Page 60 GARGOYLE ERIC HALL JOE BOEAK Managing Editor ERIC W. HALL Business Manager J. E. HORAK, JR. Assistant Editor DON C. MILLER Art Editor RUSSELL ANDERSON Women ' s Business Manager MARGARET MUSTARD Women ' s Editor . MARGARET MORRISON CHARLES LEVDJE ROBEKT FRIEDMAN EDITORIAL STAFF CHASLES BROWNSOS BYKON DALRYICPLE WALKER GRAHAM GILBERT TILLES JOHN STRAYER DWTCHT BOWLES BUSINESS STAFF HELEN ZECK Dos STEWART XORMAN WiLLLVllSON DAVE RANK TRYOITS RODLEY CRAIGHEAD B INti Cumcu, Ibun COCHKAXE GBKSINGEI MOSXISON Bowixs TILLES JOHXSOX Bxnrxsox GXAHAII Page 61 M iin. TECHNIC Managing Editor Editor . Business Manager . JOSEPH C. WAGNER ALBERT E. MARSHALL . ROBERT W. SLOANE JOE WAGNER ROBERT SLOANE ALBERT MARSHALL PROFESSOR MILLER ADVISORY BOARD PROF. H. W. MILLER, Chr. PROF. R. D. BRACKETT PROF. J. E. EMSWILF.R PROF. J. R. NELSON EDITORIAL STAFF ARTHUR WILL NOBLE ASHLEY CHARLES A. DUERR ROBERT M. RIGG PHILIP R. EWALD H. W. UNDERWOOD A. FRANCIS KLUTE BUSINESS STAFF OLIVER S. SPARK ROBERT E. MERILL ALLEN B. STEVENS ROBERT L. TAYLOR TUNIS C. Ross HlLLARD A. SUTIN JAMES H. WALKER FRED A. JENNINGS HAROLD A. WEGGEL JUNIOR STAFF JOHN W. SHOR TER DON P. REYNOLDS ROBERT H. BALDWIN MAURICE TAYLOR VINCENT C. TRIMARCHI JOSEPH KEMPTON NEWTON C. MCFAYDEN ALLEN MEISENHEIMER F. WILLIAM DONOVAN CONRAD E. HOLBEN HOWARD C. BRAUN TRIMARCHI WIEGAND BALDWIN DONOVAN MEISENHEIMER WHEELOCK SUTIN MCFAYDEN WALKER Ross UNDERWOOD MERRILL R. TAYLOR HOLBEN M.TAYLOR EWALD SPARK SLOANE MARSHALL WAGNER WEGGEL DUERR KLUTE Page 62 MICHIGAN DAILY Managing Editor . City Editor . . Editorial Director Sports Editor . NIGHT PAUL J. ELLIOTT COURTNEY EVANS JOHN J. FLAHERTY THOMAS E. GROEHN DAVID G. J SPORTS MARJORIE WESTERN- JOEL NEWMAN . WILLIAM G. FERRIS JOHN HEALEY RALPH G. COULTER . ARTHUR CARSTENS EDITORS THOMAS H. KLEENE JOHN M. O ' CONNELL ROBERT S. RUWITCH ARTHUR M. TAUB ASSISTANTS WILLIAM REED ARTHUR SETTLE REPORTERS JOHN H. BATDORFF ROBERT B. BROWN RICHARD CLARK CLINTON B. CONGER SHELDON M. ELLIS WILLIAM H. FLEMING ROBERT J. FREEHLING SHERWIN GAINES RICHARD HERSHEY RALPH W. KURD JACK MITCHELL FRED W. NEAL MELVIN OATHOUT ROBERT PULVER ROBERT ECKHOUSE ALPERN E. BRYCE CHARLES M. ARONSOHN GUSTAV BAER MARK BEACH LEONARD BLEYER, JR. WILLIAM A. BOLES JAY S. BRESLER RICHARD COHEN- LLOYD S. REICH MARSHALL SHULMAN DONALD SMITH BERNARD WEISSMAN JACOB C. SEIDEL BERNARD LEVICK GEORGE ANDROS FRED BUESSER ROBERT CUMMINS FRED DELANO ROBERT J. FRIEDMAN- RAYMOND GOODMAN- MORTON MANX WILLIAM FERRIS RALPH COULTER JOHN HEALEY ARTHUR CARSTENS ARNOLD DANIELS WM. DELANCEY JOHN FREDERICK RONALD FREEDMAN THOMAS FRIEDMAN ROBERT GOLDSTINE WELLINGTON GRIMES JAMES GRAM EDITORIAL TRYOUTS HUGH HAYWARD ARNOLD HOROWITZ S. LEONARD KASLER EDWIN S. KESSLER ABRAHAM LEVTNE HERBERT W. LITTLE ALFRED LOVELL, JR. JOE MATTES ERNST MCK.ENZIE ARTHUR A. MILLER JOHN MOSER JEROME MYSEL STEWART ARTON GEORGE QUICK ROBERT D. ROGERS WM. SCHOLZ, JR. W. E. SHACKLETON IVAN SHADKO WM. C. SPALLER STANLEY SCHLESINGER ISRAEL SILVERMAN JACK THOM STARR THOMAS TUIVRE TENANDER ROBERT WEEKS O ' CONNELL PULVER SMITH GOODMAN PARKER WEISSUAN BUESSER DELANO REED SETTLE NEAL FLAHESTY GROEHN KLEENE HEKSHEY FREEHLING BROWS HURD FLEMING CLARK SHULMAN FRIEDMAN CONGER MACDONALD ELLIOTT TAUB RUWITCH Page 63 Mil II 14. A. DAILY RUSSELL READ ROBERT WARD Business Manager RUSSELL B. READ Credit Manager ROBERT S. WARD DEPARTMENT MANAGERS Local Advertising JOHN OCDEN Classified Advertising GEORGE ATHERTON Advertising Contracts JOSEPH ROTHBARD Advertising Service BERNARD ROSENTHAL Accounts CAMERON HALL Circulation and National Advertising DAVID WINKWORTH WILLIAM JACKSON WILLIAM BARNDT TED WOHLGEMUTH LVMAN BlTTMAN BUSINESS ASSISTANTS JOHN PARK F. ALLEN UPSON WILLIS TOMLINSON HOMER LATHROP TOM CLARKE GORDON CONN MERRELL JORDAN STANLEY JOFFE TRYOUTS WM. McHENRY D. R. KNAPP LAWRENCE MAYESFELD MARVIN KAY PAUL SCHOENBERGER ROBERT COOPER WILLIAM C. KNECHT JACK R. GUSTAFSON MORTON JACOBS JOHN C. CLARK CHARLES BARKDULL D. G. BRONSON SAMUEL KRUGLIAK RICHARD SAMUELS THOMAS GUERNSEY JOHN MCLEAN, JR. HERBERT FALENDER JEROME BALAS LAWRENCE STARSKY LEWIS BULKSLEY, JR. JOHN CORNELIUS NORMAN STEINBERG DAN J. WIENER FRANCIS MEIER ERNEST A. JONES HENRY KLOSE DAN BEISEL LAWRENCE ROTH WM. R. MANN RICHARD CROUSHORE RICHARD KRONENBERGER COHN TOMLINSON WOHLGEMUTH JORDAN HALL ROSENTHAL BITTMAN PARK BARNDT UPSON JACKSON JOFFE CHADDOCK OGDEN WINKWORTH ROTHBARD ATHERTON Page 64 ll IIH. DAILY ELEANOR BLUM JA.NE BASSETT Women ' s Editor . BARBARA L. BATES DOROTHY BRISCOE MARYANNA CHOCKLY FLORENCE DAVTES DOROTHY GTES HELEN L. ARNER MARY ESTHER BURNS MARY L. CAMPBELL JOSEPHINE CAVANAUGH ANNE Cox PRISCLT.LA CROSHETT ELEANOR BLUM Women ' s Business Manager .... . JANE BASSETT WOMEN ' S EDITORIAL STAFF ELAINE GOLDBERG BETTY GOLDSTEIN- OLIVE GRIFFITH FLORENCE HARPER HARRIET HATHAWAY SHIRL CROSMAN PHYLLIS DEVOY HELEN DOUGLAS JANE EVANS BEATRICE FISHER FLORENCE FREEMAN MARY E. GARVIN MARION HOLDEN ELEANOR JOHNSON Lois KING SELMA LEVIN JOSEPHINE MCLEAN ELIZABETH MILLER TRYOUTS BETTY J. GROOMES HOPE HARTWIG ROSALIE KANNERS VIRGINIA KENNER BARBARA J. LOVELL MARJORLE MACKINTOSH MELBA MORRISON MARIE MURPHY MARGARET D. PHALEN ELSIE PIERCE CHARLOTTE REUCER LOUISE MARE MARY ELLEN McCoRD ROBERTA J. MEUN MARION PEEPALAS MARION REYNOLDS HELGA SAHLMARK BARBARA B. SPENCER BETTY CA VENDER MARGARET COWTE MARY BURSLEY WOMEN ' S BUSINESS STAFF BERNADLNE FIELD MARY Lou HOOKER BETTY GREVE MARJORLE LANGENDERFER EDITH HAMILTON HELEN SHAPLAND JANE SCHNEIDER DOROTHY SHAPPELL MOLLY SOLOMON LAURA WLNOGRAD JEWEL WUERPEL BETTY STRICKROOT THERESA A. SWAB PEGGY SWANTZ FLORENCE V. VENABLE JOAN E. WHITNEY MARTHA A. WISE BETSY BAXTER MARGARET BENTLEY ANNE Cox JANE EVANS TRYOUTS RUTH FIELD JEAN GIUON MILDRED HAAS RUTH LIPKLNT BETTY SIMONDS GRACE SNYDER MARY ELLEN McCoRD JANE WLLLOUGHBY FIELD LANCENDEBFER HAMILTON HATHAWAY MUKPHV SHAPLAND WOODWOKTH SNYDER CLAKK GRIFFITH VALE HOLDEN KING WCOIFEL REUGE PIERCE SHAPPELL BRISCOE QUABTON WINOGRAD SOLOMON GOLDSTEIN DAVTES BURSLEY CAVENDEI GOLDBEKC SCHNEIDER HARPER GIES JOHNSON MCLEAN HEATH LEHMAN HOOKER SIMONDS TROSPER Page 65 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of the UNIVERSITY of MICHIGAN EMORY J. HYDE MRS. M A I R K BOARD OF DIRECTORS President EMORY J. HYDE, ' 04 , Ann Arbor, Michigan V ice-President MRS. FLORENTINE COOK HEATH, ' 17, Detroit, Michigan V ice-President ALBERT J. HETCHLER, ' III, Attorney, Detroit, Michigan Secretary Louis P. JOCELYN, ' 87, Teacher of Mathematics, Ann Arbor, Michigan Treasurer OSCAR A. EBERBACH, ' 06, Manufacturing Chemist, Ann Arbor, Michigan ROGER SHERMAN, ' 94, Attorney, Chicago, Illi- nois WILLARD E. Dow, ' 18e, President, Dow Chem- ical Company, Midland, Michigan HUGH WHITE, ' 99, ' 02 , Chairman of the Board, George A. Fuller Co., New York, New York MRS. MARGUERITE CHAPIN MAIRE, ' 20, Chair- man of the Alumnae Council, Detroit, Mich- igan MASON P. RUMNEY, ' 07e, Vice-President, De- troit Steel Products Co., Detroit, Michigan DON T. HASTINGS, ' 07e, Consulting Engineer, Detroit, Michigan HARRY D. NUTT, ' 96, District Manager, Amer- ican Book Co., Ann Arbor, Michigan EDWARD L. CLEARY, ' 07 , Attorney, Roches- ter, N. Y. JAMES W. FOLLIN, ' 13e, M.S. ' 16, Secretary, Construction Code Authority, Washington, D. C. ROY H. WILLIAMS, ' 97 , Justice of Ohio Su- preme Court, Columbus, Ohio ERNST L. SCHAIBLE, ' 08m, Physician, Gary, Indiana FRED W. POTTER, ' 001, Attorney, Peoria, 111. JOHN F. SCOTT, ' 161, President, Minnesota Building Loan Assn., St. Paul, Minn. JOHN L. CURTIS, ' 24, Division Manager, Con- tinental Oil Co., Kansas City, Mo. WILLIAM C. MULLENDORE, ' 14, ' 161, Vice- President, Southern California Edison Co., Los Angeles, California J. EVENS CAMPBELL, ' 18, Publisher, The Ar- gus-Press, Owosso, Michigan LAURIE O. TELFER, ' 20 , Attorney, Port Hu- ron, Michigan ARMEN S. KURKJIAN, ' 08e, Sales Manager, Oliver Machinery Co., Grand Rapids, Mich- igan HAROLD L. MEAD, ' 12d, Dentist, Menominee, Michigan EXECUTIVE OFFICERS T. HAWLEY TAPPING, ' 07- ' 09, ' 161, General FRED S. RANDALL, ' 19- ' 21, Council Secretary Secretary and Editor of The Michigan and Assistant to the General Secretary Alumnus MRS. LUCILE BAILEY CONGER, ' 04, Executive Secretary of the Alumnae Council. FRED S. RANDALL Page 66 MRS. CONGER T. H. TAPPING MM IIH, I IO E. C. SHIELDS STANLEY C. WALTZ BOARD OF DIRECTORS President AT t TV D. McCoMBS Recording Secretary DOUGLAS R. WELCH Ijterar Vice -President LAWRENCE G. CLAYTON Engineering Vice-President HENRY W. FELKER Medical Vice-President EDWARD B. WETNMAN Lav; Vice-President JOHN E. GLAVLN Dental Vice-President MLT.TOS CONVERSE Combined Vice-President JAMES C. HILLS Alumni Secretary T. HAWIXY TAPPING Financial Secretary PROFESSOR PAUL A. LEIDY Faculty Members PROFESSOR ROBERT G. RODKEY PROFESSOR LEIGH J. YOUNG PROFESSOR Wif. A. MCLAUGHLIN Alumni Members DR. DEAN W. MYERS DON C. MAY Regent Member EDMUND C. SHIELDS Dean of Students DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY Manager STAVLEY G. WALTZ FINANCE COMMITTEE 1934-1935 PROFESSOR PAUL A. LEIDY, Chairman DEAN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY EDMUND C. SHIELDS PROFESSOR ROBERT G. RODKEY ALLEN D. McCoMBS CLAYTON HILLS LEIDY MYERS MAY WELCH FELKES McCoMBS WALTZ BUISLEY ROOKEY CONVERSE MCLAUGHLIN WEINMAN Page 67 MICHIGAN UNION ALLEN McCOMBS DOUGLAS WELCH Co-operative Committee WILLIAM DIXON ROBERT JOHNSON MORTON ALSHULER Dance Committee GEORGE WANTY HAROLD STRICKLAND ROBERT ATKINS Reception Committee HOWARD UNDERWOOD NATHAN WERTHEIMER ROBERT COLE NEUMANN ALSHULER COLE ATKINS WANTY BARKDULL UNDERWOOD STRICKLAND Publicity Committee WILLIAM HAAS FRED MITCHELL JAMES BARKDULL JOHN MCCARTHY House Committee WENCEL NEUMANN JAMES COOK ELWOOD MORGAN Page 68 MICHIGAN Sophomore Committeemen KEN ALTMAN WILLIAM ANDERSON F. ROGER BACON JOHN BADGER FRED BUCHANAN- FRANK EAGER H. W. GREENWAY WILLIS PLAYER DAVID DUNLAP ROBERT ECKELBERGER ARDO FRIEND MCCARTHY HENRY GLLFILLAN JOHN GRIFFIN HOWARD HAWLEY RUSH BOWMAN ROBERT DAILY RONALD HAYES CHARLES HOLKINS ROBERT HOWELL LOREN KADET CHESTER IDEMA RALPH HELPER JOHN OSGOOD WILLIAM STRUVE RICHARD THOMAS FLINT WATT HERBERT WOLF MERLIN WOODRUFF FRED WALTER ROGER LONGLEY Louis GOLDBERG CHARLES LADow BERT LEBEIS GEORGE M ALONE FRANCIS MARCERO LEBEIS BOWMAN HELPER DAILY LADow GRIFFIN WATT HAVES THOMAS IDEMA ANDERSON DUNLAP STRUVE BACON BUCHANAN HOLKINS MALONE HOWELL WOODRUFF HAWLEY GILFILLAN KADET GOLDBERG MARCERO OSGOOD GREENWAY EAGER LONGLEY BADGER ALTMAN FRIEND MINNEAR Page 69 i Mum. it m ATI COUNCIL CARL HILTY Chairman CARL HILTY ALLEN KNUUSI DAVID G. MACDONALD WILLIAM FERRIS JOHN C. HEALEY KATHLEEN CARPENTER MAXINE MAYNARD BETTY AIGLER STERLING KNUUSI AICLER SINGLETON HISCOCK HEALEY MACDONALD DILLON CARPENTER FERRIS NEUMAN SABIN HILTV MAYNARD McCoMBS Page 70 I MM It . It VIM Y I I M A Y S A B I Secretary MARY SABIN ALLEN McCoitBS O ' XEn. DILLON PHILIP A. SINGLETON GALE O. STERLING WENCEL A. NEUMANN, JR. MARGARET HIPCOCK COMMITTEE Page 71 WATKINS (Left) French Horns D. J. PARRY K. B. ENCLE K. B.SAGE W. A. CROW R. M. STEVENS D. A. PHILIPPI D. BURCHUCK R. W. WARD Percussion A. G. SMITH E. A. SCOTT F. B. HOUSE M. A. MORTENSEN H. L. WECKLER R.J.SIBILSKY J.W. HAYS O. C.ZAHNOW W. L. STRICKLAND UNIVERSITY of MICHIGAN BAND Director . . . NICHOLAS D. FALCONE Acting Director . . BERNARD B. HIRSCH Drill-master . LIEUT. RICHARD R. COURSEY, U.S.A. Business Manager HERBERT G. WATKINS Basses M. R. DEMERS W. A. JENSEN N. D. SAICEON J. L. KEEGAN R. G. ATKINSON C. K. MAUDSLEY J. HOUDEK G. H. HEIBEIN Trombones EG. BRUCK W. C. NELSON W. G. KOSTER E. D. BEYNON R. L. JOHNSON A. JEFFERSON R. L. ANTHONY R. E. ONWELLER H. L. WELCH Baritones H. H. HATHAWAY F.J. SWEET F. C. SUDA G. H. HAMM J. W. LUECHT Cornets E. D. KISINOER O. N. REED W.M.JONES W. M. CLEMENT E. A. JONES J.C.HALL E. R. KITES D. L. KLEIN R. T. ALLEN J. L. SHANNON R. W. BYRN E. D. HOWELL G. S. GLASS D. M. BACHELOR D. K. COOK W. B. RICHARDS CONCERT BAND Page 72 UNIVERSITY of Mil MM. Y BAND Manager . Drum-major Librarian GEORGE X. HALL DONALD A. STROUSE MAURICE DREIFUSS, JR. ROBERT B. WATERS Assistant Managers RoLAXD M _ WATERS Clarinets T. F. LEE J. D. KARP A. N. BENNER R. S. HAWLEY C. YROMAN H. M. CAMPBELL L. H. AUERBACH H. L. COHODES B.A.GOLDBERG E. E. MORROW S. Z. GOLDEN E. S. RICE R. G. HERSHEY J.D. STAPLE K. L. BOVEE F. E. SUNDSTROM M. G. HYATT VV. R. YOUNG, JR W. L. VAN WINKLE J. BECKERMAN J.C.KRELL Contra-Bass Reed H. L. HAWLEY Oboes C. E. GILBERT L. F. CASNER J.MOSAJGO E. R. SLLFIES H. GREENE W. E. OLSEN W. J. LlCHTENWANGER M. C. SLEET F. S. TAFT D. W. MATHER R. J. PENNONI Saxophones F. S. BUCHANAN A. W. ACKER J. M. MUDGE L.C. LlPSETT Flutes and Piccolos L. E. FELDKAMP T. F. MILLER HALL Right) P. W. PlNKERTON G.B. WHEELER G.P. BENJAMIN Bassoon A. MILLER Herald Trumpets J.A.SALISBURY T. MICLAUTSCH Signalman H.M HERTZ FOOTBALL BAND Page 73 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN GLEE CLUB HERBERT GOLDSWORTHY SHERWOOD MCHOLS Director PROF. DAVID MATTERN President HERBERT J. A. GOLDSWORTHY Vice President LAWRENCE E. QUINN Secretary ROWE A. BALMER Treasurer JOHN W. STRAYER Business Manager SHERWOOD C. NICHOLS Faculty Business Manager HERBERT G. WATKINS Assistant Business Manager RICHARD W. HARRIS Librarian RICARDO D. RAMIREZ Librarian PAUL D. ROBINSON SEYMOUR DEMBINSKY HARVEY WALKER KENNETH BOVEE A. F. KXUTE STEWART CRAM WALTER JONES W. N. JONES WARREN MAYO JOHN STRAYER WILLIS HASTY First Tenors HERBERT GOLDSWORTHY BURREL SAMUELS First Bass HAROLD STRAW MARRIOT WALKER PAUL ROBINSON ISADORE BURSTEIN JACK BRINER ROBERT DAVERMAN EDWARD KATZENMEYER RICARDO RAMIREZ SHERWOOD NICHOLS ROBERT BEAL JOHN RICHARDSON RICHARD MEEK MAXWELL COLLINS Second Tenors LAWRENCE QUINN JEROME CZAJKOWSKI WILLIAM SAWYER BRUCE MACDONALD RALPH MATTHEWS FREDERICK FORD JOHN KITCHEN ROWE BALMER WILLIAM BRADLEY WILLIAM MONTGOMERY Second Bass RICHARD HARRIS LAWRENCE SPERBERG FREDERICK HUNT HENRY AUSTIN ROBERT BUNCE WILLIAM WAGENSEIL CHANDLER FAIRBANK RICHARDSON DAVERMAN BRINER FAIRBANK FORD SAWYER WAGENSEIL MATTHEWS ALAIMO STAGNITTO ROBINSON COLLINS CRAM KLUTE STRAVER PROF. MATTERN SPERBERG BUNCE BURSTEIN JONES BRADLEY HUNT HASTY HARRIS SAMUELS BEAL MACDONALD RAMIREZ WALKER QUINN GOLDSWORTHY NICHOLS MAYO Page 74 CLASS OF I :t r, siMOK BALL CHARLES BAR NOT GEORGE I ' I I I I v i . H x M Co-Chairman CHARLES G. BARNDT GEORGE DILLINGHAM Secretary ........... EDWARD T. DOWNS Tickets ....... ... ALLEN D. McCoxres Favors { Louis A. BOSWORTH ' ANN E. MITCHELL ( JAKE BRUCKER j GERALD FORD RUDOLPH MATTERN OLIVER S. SPARK ( BETTY TALCOTT ( LUCAS MIEL ( RUTH KASER Decorations Invitations Floor JOE WHITMER ARTEMUS W. WOOD Budget ALICE E. MORGAN !;. :-. : LESSEE McCouBS SPAKK DOWNS MITCHELL FOKD Mnx WHTTUES TAICOTT BOSWOKTH WOOD BANDT KASEK MOKGAS Page 75 LEVITT FRICK BUNCE MORRIS LITCH FIELD Z ECK HARRIS General Chairman Tickets Booths Music CLASS OF I ! :; -i-iior EDWARD LITCHFIELD EDWARD LITCHFIELD ( CHARLES FRICK HAROLD NIXON CHARLES MARSCHNER KIRKWOOD WHALEY f IRVING LEVITT . { WILLIAM DIXON GEORGE HARRIS J-HOP ORCHESTRA Page 76 CLASS OF IBCIH .1-1101 ' WINIFRED BELL CAMPBELL W HALEY GERKESSMEYER Vice Chairman . Programs and Favors Publicity . Floor .... Decorations . FOSTER CAMPBELL ( DOROTHY ROTH { HELEN ZECK WILLIAM BAGBY 1 RICHARD GERKENSMEYER RAYMOND BUNGE ( ROBERT MORRIS ROBERT SPEER THE GRAND MARCH Page 77 SOPHOMORE PROM JOHN MANN MARY LOUISE WILLOUGHBY General Chairman JOHN MANN [FRED BUESSER Orchestra -j DEAN ASSELIN [ RALPH BOEHNKE Ticket Chairman WALKER GRAHAM Publicity j JOHN FREESE CARL ABBOTT Louis GOLDSMITH Decorati ons | J OHN PARK Floor ALLAN DEWEY Invitations, Patrons, Programs NANCY OLDS Page 78 F R O S H FROLIC WALTER TRCC ELEANOR HEClLATHOR General Chairman WALTER TRUC, JR. Orchestra EDWARD FOOTE Tickets . . Louis G. HOFFMAN . MARSHALL SMITH Publicity FRANCIS READY JS. (FR Decorations MARGARET CURRY Floor WARREN ROTHER Invitations, Patrons, Programs JOHN LUECHT PAUL HENNING K :;;; X ' : -: -. SMITH CUMV HEKXING LUECHT HOFTMAN FOOTE Page 79 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION RUSSELL ANDERSON LAWRENCE OUINN President RUSSELL F. ANDERSON Vice-President PATRICIA L. WOODWARD Secretary LAWRENCE E. QUINN BOARD OF TRUSTEES Chairman IRA M. SMITH Treasurer FRANK E. ROYCE GEORGE E. CARROTHERS EUGENE S. CLARKSON FERDINAND N. MENEFEE ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN, (ex officio) RUSSELL F. ANDERSON PATRICIA L. WOODWARD STUDENT CABINET WILLIAM O. WARNER RICHARD S. CLARK ELEANOR E. PETERSON JOHN H. JEFFRIES WALTER PLEISS JR. ELIZABETH EVANS WILLIAM G. BARNDT GEIL DUFFENDACK VERNON JOHNSON RICHARD L. HERSHEY WILLIAM H. WILSNACK ELDON R. HAMM ROBERT W. JOHNSON JUSTIN CLINE EVELYN MALOY CLINE PLEISS R. JOHNSON JEFFRIES BARNDT WOODWARD V. JOHNSON PETERSON ANDERSON QUINN CLARK WARNER EVANS Page 80 I I , I I I It I . I COUNCIL President Vice President Secretary . Treasurer . O. ALLEN KNUUSI . YM. C. MILLER ROBERT R. WARNER LAWRENCE W. LENTZ Faculty Representative PROFESSOR EDWARD L. ERIKSEN ALLEN KNIJIJSI PROFESSOR ERIKSEN ELECTED MEMBERS {O. ALLEN KNUUSI WM. C. MILLER Joex W. HOLDEN 7-fcr Representatives Sophomore Representative ROBERT H. BALDWIN Class Presidents SALVADORE M. TRAMONTANA NELSON R. DROULARD DONALD E. HILLJER HUBERT C. FONES Editor Michigan Technic JOSEPH C. WAGNER Organization Representatives: A. S. C. E JAMES A. MUNRO A. S. M. E LAWRENCE W. LENTZ A. S. M. E. (Aero Branch) TACE O. JACOBSON A I. Ch. E ROBERT R. WARNER Transportation Club PAUL E. KISSINGER Glider Club FLOYD J.SWEET Tau Beta Pi RICHARD M. RICE Yulcans . M. Atvue MORTENSEN Sigma Rho Tau ROBERT A. LOWE Triangles FOSTER CAMPBELL LOWE DIOCLAID BALDWIN WAGNER FBICK RICE FONES KNUUSI KISSINGEB TEAMONTANA LENTZ MORTENM-N MUNRO WARNE HOLDEN HlLLIER JACOBSON Page 81 ENGINEERING HONOR COMMITTEE ROBERT II AMMAN Chairman WILLIAM CHAPMAN Secretary . ROBERT J. H AMMAN WILLIAM C. CHAPMAN SENIORS RUSSELL HOUVENER JOSEPH C. WAGNER ROBERT J.HAMMAN JUNIORS WILLIAM C. CHAPMAN SOPHOMORES BENJAMIN Cox CHARLES HOLKINS SHELDON DRENNAN FRESHMEN KENNETH BOVEE NEIL LEVENSON EX OFFICIO EDWARD JAROS Cox BOVEE DRENNAN LEVENSON CHAPMAN HOUVENER HAMMAN HOLKINS JAROS WAGNER Page 82 O 1 1 . I I I O X DRUIDS HONORARY MEMBERS RAY E. FISHER MORRIS F. TILLEV ARTHUR L. CROSS THE ORDER OF JACK EFROYMSON DEXTER GOODIER GEORGE HALL FRED HERTRICH WlLLARD HlLDEBRAND JOSEPH HUME FRED JONES GEORGE LAWTON HERB LEGGETT WILLIAM MORGAN- LEWIS KEARNS COLTON PARK CLAYTON PAULSON ROBERT ROUSE SAMPSON SMITH GEORGE VAN VLECK FRANKLIN E. BRISTOL PAUL BABCOCK JOSEPH BAILEY CHESTER BEARD DONALD BIRD WILLIAM BORGMANN ARTHUR CARSTENS LARRY CLAYTON RALPH COULTER O ' NEIL DILLON Senior Literary Honorary Society Page 84 WH.BCI R. HUMPHREYS KOBEST A. CAMPBELL WALDO M. ABBOTT HONORARY MEMBERS HARRY C, CARVER FRAXKLIN C. CAPPON CHARLES B. VIBBERT Louis G. VANDE " ELOE JOHN A. C. HELDNER ROBERT M. FETME CHAKLES K. WAGXER ACTIVE DAVE MACDONALD, Pkaraok DON MILLER, lUhy-Palmt. Keeper oj I!K SkeJteit BILL DCSON, PkmlUPkooey. Tke. Btrems ' Pknarite Toil KXEEXE, Little Egypt, Gtrbler oj Ike Pren JOHN STKAYEK. Btctr BeUie, Qtafer oj tkr Pkoamixs Brae DAVEHCKS, Uummy ltUter. Leafier over Pkemtes BOB THOUAS, PUapaS Flounce, ScuriUnu Scmb Scntflter CHELSE TOHAGNO, Sct-roo-tt, Vtterer of tke Ctmeli MIKE SAVAGE. Pkaotball Phtmbia, Wauhrer am Ike Sidelines TEX ROSEKTSON, Ptrog-Lcgged, Swimmer i Ike Ue JOHNOcoEN, Pkemale PkrigUener, Gluzcr it Ike Sun JEUY BOGAHT. Pkatkrr Tikmf. Ketper oj Ike Arcknes MEMBERS DAN HULGAVX, DcpUe Dai, Ike SUhefrfs NOM Wn-LUMSoN BtbtT-Dashrr, PhtMcier oj Pk xkions WHITEY AUG. Pktmgie, Pkmrius Phace PUat- BoBScLLiVAN, Smtty, St llijyi c SltiemiU SlipUer TOM GKOEHJJ, Carping Goon, WtUovxr on tke Wagon JACK McCuTHT. Dimpled Aionis, PnmoriU of tke Pktrofk ' s Harem N ' tzHAAS. Baas-Bet . Propcfttor of Publicity Mouv HUNT, Bigt Topper, Tripper Over TaU Timbers FRANK FEHSENFELD. Flasky Flapper, Blmu- dering Board Boxncer FKED MITCHEL, Dubbie-Wubber, Keeper of Ike Concnbines DICK EVANS. Roly-Poly, FoOmeer o) tke Bouncing B ill JOHN JABLOXSKI, Rnhber llakn, Reathcr jar Ike Roof JIM WILES. Gypa. Bungler oj tke Bills Jmt A I ii ii i i Literary Honorary Soeiety Page 85 HONORARY VULCANS H. C. SADLER W. C. SADLER J.S.WORLEY HUGH KEELER H. C. ANDERSON J. A. CISSEL M.E. COOLEY H. H. HlGBIE VULCANS OF 1935 JOHN GARRELS ALVIN MORTENSEN ALFRED OTIS PHILIP SINGLETON JOSEPH WAGNER ROBERT ZAPP HENRY MERKER GALE O. STERLING JOHN DONALDSON ALLEN KNUUSI ROBERT SLOANE EDWARD JAROS DELBERT HESLER OLIVER SPARK Senior Engineering Honorary Society Page 86 HONORARY TRLANGLES H. C. ANDERSON H. H. HIGBIZ M. E. RIGG J. A. BCBSLEV A. H. LOVHL H. C. SADLEB A. E. WHITE TRIANGLES OK 1935 WENCEL A. NEUMANN ABTHVB WILL TO J. XOBDENSON NEREE D. ALIX GEORGE H. ATHERTON ROBEBT J. ACBCSN R. FOSIEE CAMPBELL MASVIN A. CHAPMAN NELSON R. DKOOJUCD ROBEKT S. Fox CHALES A. FSAMBUKG HAKOLD M. HESTZ RICHAKD H. J RlCHASD S. JOSLIN CHABLES A. KELLY ROBEKT E. MESBILL EL WOOD M. MOKGAN DONALD B. SrEWABT CEDWC C. SWEET FLOYD J. SWEET ROBEKT L H. WAKREN UXDEIWOOD Junior Engineering Honorary Soeiety Page 87 A . S . M . E . MECHANICAL JOHN F. SCHMIDT. . . . ALBERT C. HAISCH. . . LESTER V. COL WELL. . LESTER V. COL WELL. . LAWRENCE W. LENTZ. ORLAN W. BOSTON. . OFFICERS AERONAUTICAL President WILBUR C. NELSON V ice-President ROBERT J. AUBURN Secretary WILLIAM M. McCANCE Treasurer RUDOLPH L. THOREN .Council Representative TAGE O. JACOBSON Faculty Adviser BURDELL L. SPRINGER MEMBERS of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers HOWARD C. BRAUN ROBERT L. BREHM JAMES B. CLARKE ALLEN T. COLE RICHARD F. COOPER JOHN L. CRAMER RAYMOND S. DOERR ARCHIE H. EASTON AUGUST FRANKENA JOE A. GAY CLARENCE R. GREEN CHARLES H. GREER FREDERICK A. JENNINGS CHIEN KAO HENRY K. KERR FREDERICK E. KING ANTHONY F. KLUTE, JR. LEONARD C. KROES JOSEPH A. KRYSIN FRED J. NEWBERG ELLIOT H. OTTERBACHER KARLR. PARADZICK I. FRED PATT GEORGE L. SHEFFOLD PHILIP A. SINGLETON CARLYSLE P. SPIESZ PHILIP K. STEFANOWSKI ALLEN B. STEVENS JOHN F. SWAN IRVIN TANN LOGAN E. TUTHILL STEINAR VAKSDAL JOHN W. Vos.jR. JOE C.WAGNER E. STANLEY WATERBOR RANDOLPH M. WILKENS BUSH S. WINFIELD DAVID E. WITHERIDGE JOHN YOUNG ROBERT YOUNG MEMBERS of the Aeronautical Engineers Division of A. S. M. E. DON ALEXANDER LORENZO ALOOT ELWYN BEACH ALFRED BELLAMY KENNETH BOVEE PAUL BREMER HOWARD COOK CARL CUPHAVER FRANK DENISON FRANK DuLYN C. J. EGGSTAFF ALTON FARR EUGENE FROST FRANK FURRY GEORGE GILES GEORGE GOLDMAN EUGENE GRAY SERGEI GUINS WILLIS HAWKINS GEORGE HINCZ LEON HOFFER TAGE JACOBSON RUFUS KEISER TEX LINES STLiu LESTER LUEKING ROBERT MAGEE THAD McCuLLOCH EDWIN MIDDLETON BERNARD MINTZ DAVID MOWRER THOMAS PETERSEN JOHN REEDER JOE ROBINSON ARNOLD RUBIN NORBERT RUSZAJ PAUL SANDERSON ROY SANDSTROM CHARLES SCHULTZ JACK SHEETS JOHN SHORTER CARL SORGEN ROBERT STEERE E. W. SUTHERLAND THADDEUS SZYMANSKI VIRGIL TOWER R. R. TRENGOVE GLENN VESCELUS JOHN VOGEL WESLEY VYVYAN PAUL WAGNER FRANCIS WALLACE DENISON, HOFFER, BRAUN, GREER, STEVENS, FRANKENA, VAKSDAL, COOPER, KROES, NEWBERG, KEISER TANN, KING, REEDER, GOLDMAN, J. YOUNG, EASTON, SPIESZ, R. YOUNG, WITHERIDCE, GREEN, BEACH, SUTHERLAND, FARR TOWER, DALZIEL, JACOBSON, DUFFENDACK, COLE, WAGNER, WALLACE, GILES, KLUTE, SWAN, BILLHARZ, PARADZICK ALOOT, MINTZ, LINES. TRENGOVE, SANDSTROM, SORGEN, SHEFFOLD, STEFANOWSKI, SINGLETON, MOWRER SANDERSON, COLWELL, LENTZ, HAISCH, SCHMIDT, BOSTON, SPRINGER, NELSON, AUBURN, MCCANCE, THOREN Page 88 . A I I N S Honorary Upper Class Medical Society President MARK S. DONOVAN Vice-President EDWARD B. WEINMAN Secretary HARRY L. ARNOLD JR. Treasurer PAUL S. SLOAN Prefect DR. ARTHUR C. CURTIS HONORARY MEMBERS DR. JOHN ALEXANDER DR. CARL E. BADGLEY DR. ALBERT M. BARRETT DR. JAMES D. BRL-CE DR. CARL D. CAMP DR. FREDERICK A. COLLER DR. DAVID M. COWIE DR. F. BRUCE FRALICK DR. ALBERT C. FURSTENBERG DR. HARLEY A. HAYNES DR. FRED J. HODGES DR. G. CARL HUBER DR. HOWARD B. DR. ROLLO E. McCoTTER DR. NORMAN F. MILLER DR. REED M. NESBIT DR. Louis H. XEWBURGH DR. FREDERICK G. XOVY DR. MAXM.PEET DR. REUBEN PETERSON DR. CYRUS C. STURGIS DR. HAROLD G. WALLER DR. CARL V. WELLER DR. UDO G. WILE ACTIVE MEMBERS HARRY L. ARNOLD, JR. ROBERT J. BANSOW FLEMING A. BARBOUR W. FARREL COOK MARK S. DONOVAN DAVID H. DRUMMOND DONALD J . FRANCIS RALPH F. HELZERMAN GEORGE B. HIGLEY LORIN E. KERR, JR. CHARLES W. KNERLER DUGALD S. MAClNTYRE JOHN A. MACXEAL LAWRENCE C. MAXNI JOHN T. MASON HUGH D. MCEACHRAN JACK G. OATMAN JOHN G. REID YIRGH, D. SHEPARD R. MONTGOMERY SHICK WlXOM S. SlBLEY PAUL S. SLOAN EUGENE W. SPRINGER DAVID F. WEAVER JEROME E. WEBBER, JR. EDWARD B. WEINMAN FREDERIC W. WILSON JOHN B. WOOD REID MANNI FRANCIS WFAVER SLOAN WEBBER WILSON HELZEBJIAN S:BLEY KNERLER MAC EAL MAC!XTYRE OATMAN HIGLEY BANNOW MASON SPRINGER SHEPARD COOK BARBOUR MCACHAN WOOD DONOVAN DR. CURTIS ARNOLD WEINMAN SHICK DRUMMOND Page 89 ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA Honorary Medical Scholastic Fraternity FREDERICK G. Now ALBERT C. FURSTENBERG CYRUS C. STURGIS FREDERICK A. COLLER UooG.WiLE JOHN ALEXANDER MAX M. PEET PAUL S. BARKER GEORGE H. BELOTE MARGARET BELL JOHN C. BUGHER WILLIAM BROMME ARTHUR C. CURTIS RUSSELL N. DEJONC RICHARD FREYBERG EUGENE A. HAND CARL P. HUBER JOHN F. HUBER RAPHAEL ISAACS FACULTY AND GRADUATE MEMBERS FRANK N. WILSON LEWIS H. NEWBURGH ALBERT M. BARRETT NORMAN F. MILLER FRED J.HODGES CARL V. WELLER CARL D. CAMP HAROLD W. JACOX FRANKLIN D. JOHNSTON NORMAN R. KRETZSCHMAR WALTER MADDOCK DON MARSHALL RUSSELL L. MALCOLM JAMES H. MAXWELL HENRY K. RANSOM PAUL SAMSON JOSEPH SACKS RALPH G. SMITH HAROLD G. WALLER D. MURRAY COWIE CHARLES W. EDMONDS ROLLO E. McCOTTER JOHN SUNDWALL HOWARD B. LEWIS JAMES D. BRUCE JEROME CONN GEORGE HAMMOND HARRY HIGHMAN JOSEPH C. JAUDON ISADORE LAMPE L. W. SHECKLES ROBERT M. BARTLETT ABRAHAM BECKER JOHN BERGHORST JOHN A. HOSMER WILLIAM D. ROBINSON MEYER TEITELBAUM WILLIAM G. GORDON SOL R. BAKER HYMAN S. SUGAR MARK S. DONOVAN ACTIVE MEMBERS M. CATHERINE MAGEE DON J. BULMER MARCUS WEINER KENDALL B. HOLMES RAYMOND A. SOKOLOV PAUL E. DERLETH ISADORE BRANDES HARRY L. ARNOLD, JR. BRANDES WEINER MAGEE BULMER SOKOLOV DERLETH HOLMES DONOVAN BAKER DR. RANSOM GORDON SUGAR ARNOLD Page 90 TAU BETA PI Honorary- Engineering Scholastic Fraternity OFFICERS President PHILIP SINGLETON Vice-President HENRY MERKER Corresponding Secretary ALBERT CONVISOR Recording Secretary RONALD CULVER Cataloguer MAURICE DEMERS Treasurer . . PROF. A. D. MOORE FACULTY MEMBERS M. E. COOLEY H. C. ANDERSON H. BOUCHARD H. L. CAMPBELL J. E. EMSWILER L. M. GRAM W. C. HOAD W. E. LAY J. C. PALMER C. S. SCHOEPFLE R. H. SHERLOCK A. E. WHITE G. L. ALT I. X. CALHOUX D. E. HABANT C. T. OLMSTED E. J. ABBOTT R. V. ROCKEFELLER A. A. JAKKTJLA H. C. SADLER S. S. ATTWOOD G. G. BROWN J. H. CANNON E L. ERIKSEX R. S. HAWLEY C. T. JOHNSTON H. W. MILLER H. E.RIGGS C. UPTHEGROW E. LORCH A. H. WHITE W. E. BACHMAN W. G. Dow W. L. MCCABE E. S. PETTIJOHN F. L. EVERETT J. H. WALKER C. D. JONES D. H. YOUNG A. H. LOVELL W. L. BADGER J.A. BURSLEY A. J. DECKER H. J. GOULDTNG H. H. HIGBIE H. W. KING A. D. MOORE V. C. SADLER E. A. STALKER J. A. VAX DEN BROEK J.S.WORLEY H.S.Buu. C.W.Gooo A. MARIX M. B. STOUT K. KAMMERMEYER L. O. CASE T. S. PETERSON MAURICE DEMERS RICHARD WILCOX ALBERT CONVISER Ar.i FV Kxvrsi WlLBERT BUOD KENNETH COGGER RICHARD RICE JOSEPH E. GAY EDGAR C. YARDON ISADORE F. PATT CARROL H. YANHARTESVELDT JOSEPH W. SMITH WARD L. PAINE LEWIS A. BOSWORTH ROBERT W. SLOANE HENRY MERKER RONALD C. CULVER HAROLD R. LEGATSKI JAMES LOUGHMAN MEMBERS JOHN MOORE DELBERT HESLER ALBERT MARSHALL RUSSEL W. HOUVEXER WILBUR C. NELSON WM. P. KENNEDY JOHNE. SOENKE RAYMOND B. FOLEY LAWRENCE W. LENZ Ross C. PLEWES WAITER T. BUHL ROBERT R. WARNER JOSEPH C. WAGNER JOHN SCHMIDT LESTER COL WELL MARTIN MORTENSON PHILIP SINGLETON GEORGE SERVIS PHILIP STEFANOWSKI RUDOLPH L. THOREN AUGUST FRANKENA GORDON C. SNYDER FREDERICK W. BATTEN XATHANTEL BATTER GEORGE A. DAXKERS ALBERT C. HAKCH NELSON R. DROULARD ARCHIE H. EASTON RATTO W. VE EASTOX THOEN BATTEN BVHL XELSON- MAKSHAU. GAT HAISCH HESLES PLEWES STEFANOWSKI DBOULAKD SCHMIDT BOSWOKTH WrLCOT KXUCSI FOUtS SOMKE HOCVEKEK SMITH DEKIOSON PADCE COLWELL PATT KENNEBV LOCGHMAK SEKVIS BTOD SLOAXE MOBTEXSEK LENTZ WAGNES Crux STNCLETON MEKKEI CONVISE V.UDON DANEEXS Page 91 ALPHA I : I I I . O Mil Honorary Musical Fraternity President GEORGE N. HALL Vice-President ALVIN N. BENNER Secretary-Treasurer W. STODDARD WHITE Usher RALPH V. MATTHEWS ROBERT A. CAMPBELL NICHOLAS D. FALCONE JAMES HAMILTON SAMUEL LOCKWOOD HANNS PICK ASSOCIATE MEMBERS JOSEPH E. MADDY DAVID MATTERN EARL V. MOORE ALEXANDER G. RUTHVEN E. MORTIMER SHUTER CHARLES A. SINK OTTO STAHL CAPTAIN HIRAM B. TURNER CAPTAIN WILFRED W. WILSON STUDENTS IN THE UNIVERSITY ROBERT T. ALLEN, JR. ROWE A. BALMER JAMES L. BAUCHAT G. POPE BENJAMIN ALVIN N. BENNER KENNETH L. BOVEE FREDERICK S. BUCHANAN ELMON L. CATALINE WILLIAM M. CLEMENT DAN K. COOK STEWART CRAM MAURICE R. DEMERS MAURICE DREIFUSS, JR JOE DUFENDACH CECIL B. ELLIS Jo B. GARDNER HERBERT J. A. GOLDSWORTHY, JR. GEORGE N. HALL J. CAMERON HALL RICHARD W. HARRIS EDWIN D. HOWELL FREDERICK JONES KARL F. JEAN ROBERT KIMBALL EVERETT D. KISINGER HAROLD F. KLUTE SAMUEL D. KNOX KEITH C. LANCE CHARLES C. LEMERT, JR. GODDARD LIGHT LAURENCE C. LIPSETT CLAIR L. MAGOON JOHN L. MARLEY DAVID W. MATHER RALPH V ' . MATTHEWS THEODORE F. MILLER WILLIAM H. MONTGOMERY M. ALVIN MORTENSEN LADIMIR J. MOUDRY RUDOLPH H. NICHOLS, JR. DONALD J. PARRY RICARDO D. RAMIREZ OWEN N. REED EDWIN S. RICE KENNETH SAGE DONALD A. STROUSE FREDERICK E. SUNDSTROM CHASE R. TEABOLDT WILLIAM L. VAN WINKLE W. STODDARD WHITE ALBERT T. ZBINDEN BENJAMIN KNOX REED MATHER JEAN PARRY KIMBALL CRAM DUFFENDACK JONES RAMIREZ CLEMENT COOK SUNDSTRUM STROUSE HARRIS ZBINDEN RlCE MAGOON MILLER BENNER HALL WHITE MATTHEWS GOLDSWOKTHY BOVEE SAGE Page 02 QUARTERDECK Honor Society of Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Commodore G. C. SNYDER Vice-Commodore - B. C. DENNISON Purser . ,-v V. R. LAURENSON Steward H. J. SUTTON FACULTY MEMBERS DEAN H. C. SADLER PROFESSOR H. C. ADAMS, II PROFESSOR E. M. BRAGG PROFESSOR L. A. BAIER HONORARY MEMBERS MR. A. A. LIMPERT DR. J. H. LAMBLE STUDENT MEMBERS B. E ALLEN E.W. ALLEN J. G. BATTING J. H. CLARKE G. A DANKERS M. M. EARLE R. S. Fox V. H. MCKENNY D. A. GRAESSER A. L. HARTSIG G. D. HERTNER C. F. HAUCHEY R. F. LADD J. J. LAWRENCE J. H. MCCRIMMON BATTING E. ALLEN GRAESSER B. ALL EX Fox EAKLE DANKEBS LAWRENCE DENNISON CLARK HAUGHEV MCKENNEY McCRiMMON HEETNE HAETSIG SCTTON LIMPERT BAIEE BRAGG SADLES ADAMS L AMBLE SNTDE Page 93 PI TA U PI SIGMA National Honorary Signal Corps Fraternity President FRANCIS W. DuLvN V ' ice-President EMMETT J. KELLY Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary CARL A. CUPHAVER Recording Secretary CARLTON J. EGGSTAFF Historian ALLEN E. CLEVELAND FACULTY MEMBERS PROFESSOR JOHN C. BRIER LIEUTENANT M. G. WELLINGTON LIEUTENANT R. R. COURSEY PROFESSOR LEWIS N. HOLLAND COLONEL F. C. ROGERS PROFESSOR BENJAMIN F. BAILEY R. J. AUBURN H. BOWMAN E. A. CHAPIN A E. CLEVELAND L. E. COULTER C. A. CUPHAVER M. W. DADD T. A. DOOLING F.W. DuLYN M. M. EARLE MEMBERS C. J. EGGSTAFF A. E. FARR T. W. HEILALA E.J.KELLY E. V. KING W. I. LABA W J. C. LOUGH MAN W. B. MARSH A. F. PROPER L. READING D. J . REISINGER T.Ross H. SERVIS S. SHELLY A. J. STONE C. W. SWARTOUT S. M. TRAMONTANA J. W. Vos W. F. WATSON COULTER Ross SERVIS PARK SWARTOUT LT. WELLINGTON LABAW AUBURN Vos PROPER BOWMAN MARSH KING READING HEILALA REISINGER LOUGHMAN DOOLING TRAMONTANA LT. COL. ROGERS CUPHAVER DuLvN EGGSTAFF LT. COURSEY SHELLY CLEVELAND Page 94 SCABBARD A X D BLADE National Honorary Military Fraternity HONORARY MEMBERS PRESIDENT A. G. RUTHVEN DEAN M. E. COOLEY PKOFESSOR W. H. HOBBS COLONEL H. W. MILLER PROFESSOR FIELDING H. YOST MAJOR PHUJP C. PACK MA jORj.C. BRIER DEAN WALTER B. REA COLONEL A. H. WHITE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS LIEUTENANT COLONEL F. C. ROGERS MAJOR J. L. WORLEY MA TOR FRANK MICKLE MAJOR W.C. LAY MAJOR K. L. HALLENBECX CAPTAIN W. B. FARES FIRST LIEUTENANT FRED S. RANDALL MAJOR W. C. SADLER CAPTAIN C. B. PIERCE FIRST LIEUTENANT R. R. COURSEY FIRST LIEUTENANT M. G. WALLTNGTON CAPTAIN R. E. HARDY J. F. BARTUS D. D. FREESE R. J. KOYKKA ROBERT McKrsvEN R. W. THORNE W. L. PADJE R. B. BROWN A. E. FARR S. H. HAZELTON E. J. KELLEY L. F. SARNES W. J. JUDSON D. P. HESLER W. W. CROSBY H. W. UNDERWOOD C. A. FRAMBUXC G. J. DEGELLEKE R.J.AUBURN J. W. BELLAMY FIRST LIEUTENANT S. W. WALZ ACTIVE MEMBERS C. A. CUPHAVER FRANK FLORES E. P. HALL D. A. POMEROY J.C. WAGNER W. D. HOCTZ M. CROSMAN C.B.HASS E. F. JAROS J. G. MCDONALD SIDNEY SHELLEY J. P. COURSEY W. A. NEUMANN J. T. SIMPSON K. C. MOSIER T. C. Ross J. F. GOODRICH R. M. BURNS E. V. KING A. J. DECKER T. A. DOOLXNG F. F. JONES P. W. JEDELE D. G. REISINGES R. E. WOLFS R_ BRADLEY F. W. DuLys P. E. HALBEKSTADT R. D. REISER D. P. NORTON R. SAWYER W. G. BASSETT R. S. Fox W. H. EASON R. J. PFOHMAN J.B.HELES A. G. RAYMOND J. H. WILES R. BENTOJT KOTUA, LT. JCDSOS. POMEBOY. DrLJ. LT. JABOS. BEXTON. BURNS, KING, KFTSF. Hourz, BAETUS, NOSTON, HALI., PAINE LT. JEDELX, HESLEK, COUISET, DOOLDJG, WILES, HELES, SHELIEY, SAWTEIL, REISIXGEI. NECMAJ, FKAHBOC FknsE, AUBCSN, Fox, Mosnjt. FAUL DEGELLE KE, PTOHIIAN, JONES, EASON, UNDETWOOO, WOLFE RATMOND, CSOSBY, Ross. SIMPSON. CUI HA -EK. LT. Lvos. LT. AKGUE, SAGEK, TEABOLT, THO XE, Bsowx, WAGNEX LT. SAIXES, LT. WALLINCTON, DEAN REA, LT. COUSET, CAPT. HAKDT, COL. ROGEKS, CAPT. FAUSS, MAJ. SADLEK, LT. WALTZ, LT. MCDONALD Page OS L E CERCI. E FRANCAIS Composed of Upper Classmen excelling in the study of French President BERTHA E. CARRY Vice-President MAURICE R. DEMERS Secretary DOROTHY E. WIKEL Treasurer JOHN F. SCHMIDT JAMES C. O ' NEIL JOSEPH ALLI ELEANOR ANDERSON ROBERT ANDERSON DOROTHY HERMAN CAROL BIRD MARGARET BLUME MARGIE BODE RUTH BOOMHOWER MILDRED BUTLER BERTHA CARRY CONSTANCE CAVENDER MARGARET COBB PAULINE COHEN ELIZABETH COSOLIAS JAMES CHRISTENSON HELEN CRAWFORD FAITH CRITTENDEN MURIEL CURTISS VIRGINIA DAVENPORT MAURICE DEMERS KENNETH Dow JEANETTE DUFF BERNARD ETKIND FRANK FUNK HARRY FURST DOROTHY GIES MARGARET GOODRICH RUTH GOUTREMONT REBECCA GREGORY FACULTY ADVISERS CHARLES E. KOELLA MEMBERS ELIZABETH GREVE KATHERINE M. HALL RICHARD HAMBURGER ROBERT HAWLEY FRANCES HILL ALICE HUMBERT ROBERT JOHNSON MARGARET KASLEY VIRGINIA KIRKWOOD SHIRLEY E. KRIPKE JOSEPH LACAVA ELIZABETH LAUB MONROE LEVINE SELMA LEVIN ESTHER LOEWENBERG ANNE JEANNE MCCAMPBELL JANET MCPHEE Ross MAC PHERSEN Sirei MATTSAN JOHN MAULBETSCH ROSANA MELOCHE WILLIAM H. MENGER DOROTHY MITTELSTAEDT WINIFRED MOFFETT MARY MORGAN ROBERT MORGENROTH WILLIAM MORGENROTH WILLIAM MILLER COLETTA MOUW DOROTHY OOSTDYK RENE TALAMON LEONORE OSLANDER RETA PETERSON MARSINAH PIERCE ROSALINE POZARZYCKI ELIZABETH PUGLISI RICARDO RAMIREZ VALERIE RANCU GERTRUDE RODGERS MADELEINE ROUSE HELEN ROSENBERG BEHICE SADIK HART SCHAAF ELIZABETH SCHERLING JOHN SCHMIDT FAIZE SHEVKET GERTRUDE SCHUTZ THELMA SOLOSTH HELEN SPRAGUE HARLOW STEVENS JOSEPHINE STORTI ONA THORNTON ALISON TENNANT MARY TOSSY JACK TURNBULL CARLOTTA WEITBRECHT GUY WHIPPLE DOROTHY WIKEL HELEN WILSON HARRIET WOJTOWICZ MELOCHE LEVIN KIRKWOOD TOSSY R. MORGENROTH W. MORCENROTH ETKIND MOFFETT CURTISS SCHERLING ROSENBERG KASLEY PIERCE HUMBERT GREGORY SPRAGUE HERMAN JOHNSON KOELLA CARRY SCHMIDT LEVIN MORGAN OOSTDYK PUGLISI HALL Page 96 SCALP I BLADE National Organization for Buffalo Students President WILLIAM A. THOMPSON Initiatory Master E. REED Low Secretary . PAUL I. KRANS Treasurer ALFRED E. HILLBURGER Junior V ice-President WALDROX E. ELDRIDGE Sophomore Vtce-President WILLIAM O. LOWELL MEMBERS ALFRED MUELLER HARVEY C. BAUSS GEORGE W. DREXXEX RALPH EDWARDS RICHARD V. BOEBEL WALDROX E. ELDRIDGE WILLIAM A. THOMPSON PAUL J. GORMAX WILLIAM A. KEETCH LAURENCE E. LIPSETT ALFRED E. HILLBURGER WILIJAM O. LOWELL EDWARD ScHMnrr NORBERT I. RUS2AJ PAUL J. KEELER PAUL I. KRAXS E. REED Low JULLW ORR HAROLD MILLER NELSOX STILLER OWEX WOODRUFF HAROLD B. GAXDEL LlPSETT HlLLBERGER BOEBEL RCSZAJ EDWASAS HELLESI BALSS ELDRZDCE THOIIPSOS- GOUIAX Low Orat KBAKS KlXTCH Page 97 MIMES Union Opera Honorary Society President WILLIAM BROWNSON Vice-President J. GORDON MCDONALD Secretary and Treasurer STEWART M. CRAM HONORARY MEMBERS ALEXANDER GRANT RUTHVEN H. C. ANDERSON PAUL LEIDY JOHN L. BRUMM DAVID MATTERN JOSEPH A. BURSLEY EARL V. MOORE O. J. CAMPBELL DANIEL QUIRK R. A. CAMPBELL FRANK E. ROBBINS BRUCE DONALDSON E. MORTIMER SHUTER DONAL H. HAINES L. A. STRAUS HOMER HEATH T. HAWLEY TAPPING ROY HOYER STANLEY WALTZ HERBERT KENYON A. J. WHITMIRE ACTIVE MEMBERS EDWARD L. ADAMS WILLIAM B. ANDERSON GERALD BUNTING JACK BUNTING KYRIL CONGER ROBERT B. CON WAY WILLIAM N. CUTTING DOMINICK DEVlTO WILLIAM A. DICKERT O ' NEIL L. DILLON A. L. DREW HENRY W. FELKER JOHN J. FLAHERTY WILLIAM N. HAAS ERIC W. HALL HENRY W. HALL STEWART M. CRAM ROBERT B. RUTHERFORD E. D. HARSHBARGER JOHN C. HEALEY STEWART JOHNSON SHIRREL KASLE JOHN E. KERR CHARLES G. LIVINGSTON ALLAN D. McCoMBs RICHARD F. MORAIRTY WENCEL A. NEUMANN ROBERT D. SLACK TRUMAN C. SMITH DEWITT C. SNYDER HAROLD A. STRICKLAND VAUDIE V. VANDENBURG AUSTIN WEBB DOUGLAS R. WELCH DAVID ZIMMERMAN PAUL BAUER I I I t I 1 I I ft M 7 fl CONGER FLAHERTY LIVINGSTON BAUER NEUMANN RUTHERFORD ADAMS JOHNSTON KASLE KERB SNYDER DREW SMITH McCoMns DILLON WELCH BUNTING BUNTING HEALEY HARSHBARGER CONWAY FELKER BROWNSON CRAIN MORAIRTY VANDENBURG Page 98 ALPHA OF KAPPA PHI SIGMA National Speech Society First Semester Second Semester KARL R. NELSON President ..... ARTHUR C. MARLOW EDWARD DOWNS Vice-President PAUL VON BERGEN FRANK C. ALDRICH . . . . . Secretary ROMAN WIATKOSKI JAMES K. EYRE Treasurer RALPH DANHOF ROBERT J. JANDA Senior Critic . . . WILLIAM A. GROENING, JR. HONORARY MEMBERS ALEXANDER GRANT RUTHVEN PRESTOS W. SLOSSON FACULTY J UNITS E. BEAI GAEL G. BRANDT GAIL E. DENSMORE EARLE W. Dow WILLIAM H. EGLY Louis M. EICH MEMBERS GROVER C. GRISMORE RICHARD D. HOLLISTER THEODORE HORNBERGER CLARENCE T. JOHNSTON HENRY MOSER JAMES K. POLLOCK CARLION WELLS DONALD ADAMS FRANK ALDRICH GILBERT ANDERSON, JR. ORVILLE ARONSOX RICHARD ASHTON ROWE BALMER JOHN R. BANISTER LEWIS W. BERRY JOHN BIGELOW CHARLES A. BROWNSON JOHN CLARK CHARLES A. Cox RALPH DANHOF EDWARD T. DOWNS J. RICHARD EARLY RALPH EDWARDS RICHARD EISERMAN JAMES K. EYRE JAMES V. FINKBELNER STUDENT MEMBERS CLIFFORD H. GREVE WILLIAM A. GROENLXG, JR. PAUX HARVEY RICHARD G. HERSHEY JOHN H. Huss ROBERT J. JANDA J. RANDALL JONES WILLIAM W. Kxox LOWELL KRIEG RAYMOND W. LAMARCA JOHN W. LEDERLE CHARLES C. LEMZRT ALBERT LOWERY KENNETH K. LUCE ARTHUR C. MARLOW WALTER E. MORRISON GEORGE MULLIGAN FRED WARNER NEAL KARL R. NELSON JOHN PATTERSON CHARLES A. ROGERS, JR. CLINTON D. SAXDUSKY EDWARD SCHADE EDWARD SCHMIDT BERNARD E. SCHXACKE GEORGE SIPPRELL HARRIS C. STEVENS WHE. TON STROM SHELDON TAYLOR PAUL VON BERGEN LEO W. WALKER ROBERT S. WARD DOUGLAS R. WELCH JOSEPH WHTTMER ROMAN WIATROSKI EDWARD YENSHUTSKI ALVLN ZANDER SCHADE Cuujc DANHOF L M BCA BIGELOW SIFFUXL vox BEKCEX YENSHUTSKI DOWNS BAXISIEK PATTESSON Ksitc EISEIMAN HAIVET JONES TATKJB NEAI. GE -E WiArBosia HEISHET NELSON GIOENINC EvE XLAILOW ALDBCH Page 99 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN GLIDER CLUB OFFICERS President ROBERT J. AUBURN Secretary and Treasurer NELSON N. SHAPTER Engineering Council Representative FLOYD SWEET Custodian of Club Equipment HENRY WIGHTMAN INSTRUCTORS ROBERT J. AUBURN CHRISTIAN R. HAAS DAVID A. MOWRER EDWARD I. RYDER PAUL A. SANDERSON NELSON N. SHAPTER FLOYD SWEET HOWARD W. UNDERWOOD HENRY WIGHTMAN FRANKLIN J. WOOD MEMBERS DONALD M. ALEXANDER KENNETH M. BOVEE GLENN H. BRINK WALTER T. BUHL DANIEL BUSCH WILLIS M. CRUMRINE CHARLES B. EGOLF ROBERT S. ELKENBERR PHILIP EWALD GENE FARRAH WILLIAM F. FARRELL REEVE R. HASTINGS RICHARD S. HARDENBROOK MELVIN G. HELLERT LEON E. HOFFER WILLIAM R. HOGAN FRANK E. HOWARD WILLIAM JANESHEK CHARLES G. JENNINGS FREDERICK A. JENNINGS WILLIAM M. McCANCE ROBERT L. MORGANROTH WILBUR C. NELSON JOHN C. O ' CONNOR GEORGE T. PETERSON CHARLES A. SCHULTZ MONROE SCHWARTZ NICHOLAS SESTOK JACK H. SHEETS MARSHALL D. SHULMAN JOHN E. SOENKE CARL C. SORGEN RUDOLPH L. THOREN VIRGIL L. TOWER VINCENT C. TRIMARCHI DON J. WAUGELIN ARTHUR A. WHITING HADLEY K. WIARD ARTHUR WILL ROBERT E. WOLFE ARNOLD C. WOODRICH ALFRED WRIGHT, JR. ROBERT F. YEE LEAH T. ZEIGLER Page 100 II I MM V| | || | . M s Milt President .... V ice-President Corresponding Secretary Treasurer .... Recording Secretary . C. C. HSIAO MRS. R. B. CHEN . WILLIAM Q.Wu . TELLSOX CHENG TSAI H VA CHUNG Publicity Chairman Social Chairman Newspapers and Magazines Chairman Directory Chairman Fund Ch iirm jn . . R. B. CHEX . . . S.L.MA . . C. P. CHANG TSAI HWA CHIASG EDWARD G. YEE MEMBERS CHI SHING BANG Daws Y. CHAN TSUNG X. CHAN Tzu C. CH.N CHI P. CHAXC Es H. CHANG Mo TAN CHANG CHUNG C. CHEN Ft HUA CHEN MBS. R. B. CHEN REN B. CHEN XTIH S. CHEN PEN D. CHEN- S ' V. CHEN VE V. CBEN TELLSON CHENG PEI P. CHEO HEI C. CHEUNG PAO S. CHI TEH W. CHIA TSAI H. CHLANC XAI T. CHIEN CHING S. CHOW FRANK K. M. CHOW Hsi T. CHOW LAN C. CHOW EDITH J. H. CHU CHING Y. CHC SLAO S. DJANG BEATRICE R- C. DjENG Foo S. FEI CHEN R. FENG WAN H. FENG XG Wu. HING Dn R. Ho I. D Ho CHEE J. HONG CHJH C. HSIAO CHI T. SHU Dous SHU HWEI C. Hu KUAI Hu SOONC HUANG TAO HUANG FLORENCE HWANC, M.D. JENNIE HWANG KUH C. HWANG CHIN C. JAO PONG C. JEN CHIEN RAO CHO S. K.WAS RUDY LAU CHAO H. LEE CHEN L. LEE FUNG L. LEE HOEN Z. LEE KAY LEE Kuo C. LEE TSENG W. LEE CLAYTON LEM IKENE LEONG CHECK WA LEUNG M N K. Li TA Li K.HE T. LIEU PETES Liu BING C. LING ANG T. Liu CHENG Y. Liu CHVAN C. Lie LIANG T. Lro SHIH T. Liu VINCENT H. Lru SHIH C. Lo CHUEN M. Loi Foo F. Louis LAWSENCX Louis SHIH L. MA ROBERT F. MAH You Y. MARK YUAN H. MEI CHACLES T. Y. PAN YIN H. PANG Tso F. POON FERN A. QUON SHAN W. SHAO CHING L. SHEN K.YA S. SHEN YE SHEN Foo SHIAO HESBEST C. C. San MINNIE SooHoo SENG C. SUNG HSUN C. SUNG KUAN H. TING Mss. P. H. YONG KWAN H. WANG Yu K. WANG LnjiAN WANG ARNOLD X. C- WONG PONTSUNG Woo BLANCHE Wu WILLIAM Q. Wu CHING K. YANG Ju CHI YANG SIMON YANG CHTH H. YAO EDWARD G. YEE ROBERT F. YEE SYLYLA YEH HSTEN D. YEN- WILLIAM M. L. YIN- YEN CHUN YIN- CANNING K. M. YOUNG CECIL M. YOUNG POE ENC Yc SHIH C. Yc SHU L. Yu SHUN W. Yu SHAO W. YI-AN Feng. T. X. Chin. H. Chow. Bang. C. Lin. H. Lsc. K. Ho, Pa, Young. Mih. T. C. Chan. F. Louis. Lau. Ktran. Y. Yen, H. Hu, Cheung. T. Lee, Lim, Wong, L. Liu. X. Chang. Jao. Shiao. Fei. Fei, E. Chang. Snn, T. Huang. Pang, Mark. Shao. Shu. Yin. Lrm. Mei. Hwang. Jen, Chu. A. Liu. S. Liu. S. Huang. L. Louis. Leing. Loi, Ho. K. Chow. Yane, Yao, Yu. Lo. ChL Liem, K. Shen. Sung. C. Chang. R. Chen. Y. Shen. Hsu. Li. K. Y. Wang. L. Wane. Ma. Yuan. Y. Liu. F. Chen. K. H. Wang. C. Lee, Yeh. Djeng, Chiang, Mrs. R. Chen, Hsiao, Wu. Cheng. Y. Chen, Yong, D. Chan. Page 101 MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW Published by the Law School of the University of Michigan Editor-in-Chief BURKE SHARTEL ASSOCIATE EDITORS EGBERT R. ISBELL KATHERINE KEMPFER FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD HENRY M. BATES WILLIAM W. BLUME RALPH W. AIGLER JOHN P. DAWSON LAYLIN K. JAMES STUDENTS APPOINTED BY THE FACULTY ELLSWORTH WAYNE ALLISON, of Michigan RICHARD THORNE ANGELL, of Minnesota WILLIAM ARTHUR BABCOCK, of Idaho HORACE F. BLACKWELL, JR., of Missouri JAMES WILL COULTRAP, of Illinois WD.LIAM H. CRACO, JR., of Colorado GILBERT WARREN DAANE, of Michigan THOMAS MARTIN DAVIS, of Ohio MLLTON CARL DENBO, of New York JOHN EDMUND GLAVIN, JR., of Indiana MARVIN F. A. HARTUNG, of Ohio CHARLES PACKARD HENDERSON, of Ohio WILLIAM LESTER IRONS, of Indiana WILLIAM WALLACE KNOX, of Pennsylvania MICHAEL LEWLNSON, of Michigan MILTON JACK MLTXER, of Michigan SHERIDAN MORGAN, of Missouri CHARLES MICHAEL NISEN, of Wisconsin JAMES EDWARD O ' BRIEN, of Pennsylvania LEONARD H. WEINER, of Michigan WILLIAM JOSEPH WEIPERT, of Michigan MORRIS WELLER, of Michigan ORDER OF THE COIF Law School University of Michigan RICHARD THORNE ANGELL, A.B., Williams College WILLIAM ARTHUR BABCOCK, JR,. A.B., University of Idaho JAMES WILL COULTRAP, A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University GILBERT WARREN DAANE, A.B., Princeton University MILTON CARL DENBO, A.B., University of Pennsylvania JOHN EDMUND GLAVIN, A.B., University of Michigan WILLIAM LESTER IRONS, A.B., Indiana State Teachers College WILLIAM WALLACE KNOX, A.B., University of Michigan MILTON JACK MILLER, A.B., University of Michigan SHERIDAN MORGAN, A.B., University of Missouri JAMES EDWARD O ' BRIEN, A.B., St. Thomas College BIRNEY MILLS VANBENSCHOTEN, A.B., University of Michigan LEONARD HARVEY WEINER, B.Bus.Ao., University of Minnesota M.B.A., University of Michigan MORRIS WELLER, A.B., University of Michigan Page 102 WOMEN ' S ACTIVITIES PAN- HELLENIC BALL COMMITTEE JANE SF. RVIS Chairman .... Tickets Chaperones Programs .... Floor and Refreshments Music Publicity .... Decorations . JANE SERVIS MARGARET MUSTARD BETTY RICH JEAN LAITNER . MADELYN COE . JEAN SHAW . MARGARET COWIE LOUISE FRENCH . A I T N E R COWIE SHAW RICH SERVIS FRENCH MUSTARD COE Page 104 .11 MO 15 GIRLS ' PLAY CENTRAL COMMITTEE JULIE K A X E I General Chairman JULIE KANE V ' ice-Chairman ELIZABETH CHAPMAN Chairman of Finance MARGARET HISCOCK Chairman of Properties GRACE BARTLING Chairman of Programs MARJORIE MORRISON Chairman of Publicity FLORENCE HARPER Chairman of Costumes JOYCE BLACK Chairman of Music BARBARA BATES Chairman of Dance JANE FLETCHER Chairman of Make-up KATHRYN RIETDYK Chairman of Ushers SUE THOMAS Author DOROTHY SHAPPELL Director RUSSELL MCRACKEN Advisor . . Miss ETHEL MCCORMICK MORRISON HISCOCK THOMAS FLETCHER HARPES BATES KANE BLACK RIETDYK CHAPMAN BAKTLING SHAPPELL Page 105 MI r ii i i, A . LEAGUE COUNCIL M AX I N E MATNAKD President of the Michigan League MAXINE MAYNARD Corresponding Secretary BARBARA SUTHERLAND Vice-President MARY FERRIS V ice-President . BILLIE GRIFFITHS Vice-President CHARLOTTE WHITMAN President of W.A.A RUTH ROOT Chairman of Reception Committee MARIE METZGER Chairman of Theater-Arts Committee SUE CALCUTT Chairman of House Committee SUZANNE MAHLER Chairman of Merit System Committee GEORGINA KARLSON Chairman of Publicity Committee MARGARET PHAIAN Chairman of Undergraduate Fund MARY SABIN Chairman of Orientation Committee HILDA KIRBY Chairman of Social Committee ANN OSBORN Women ' s Editor of the Michigan Daily ELEANOR BLUM Chairman of Judiciary Council . . . . KATHLEEN CARPENTER President of Pan-Hellenic Association HELEN ELIZABETH AIGLER President of the Assembly ELEANOR PETERSON Other Committees of the Michigan League Chairman of Student -Faculty Relationship MARIE MURPHY World Fellowship Committee PAULINE WOODWARD FERRIS CALCUTT METZGER PHALAN BLUM ROOT KIRBY SABIN OSBORN MAHLER PETERSON KARLSON WHITMAN SUTHERLAND MAYNARD GRIFFITHS AICLER CARPLNTER Page 106 LEAGUE JUDICIARY ol II KATHLEEN CARPENTEK Chairman KATHLEEN CARPENTER Senior Member BETTY TALCOTT Senior Member HELEN MACDONALD Junior Member RUTH RICH Junior Member WINIFRED BELL Page 107 THE LEAGUE BOARD PAX-HELLENIC OFFICERS BETTY A I G L E R President Secretary . Treasurer . Rushing Chairman . BETTY AIGLER . RUTH ROOT . VIRGINIA CLUFF . JANE BRUCKER MEMBERS EMMA ALPER EVELYN ARNOLD JANE ARNOLD JOYCE BLACK RUTH BRADNER ELAINE COBO MADELYN COE BARBARA COVENTRY LILLIAN N. FINE STELLA GLASS JEANETTE GREENE FLORENCE HARPER RUTH HESS MARGARET HISCOCK VIRGINIA HUGG JULIE KANE KATHERINE KIRWAN IRENE LYONS GLADYS MARGRAF BETTY MF.RRELL MARY O ' NEIL MARY JEAN PARDEE EUNIE PARKER RUTH RICH CECILIA RICHARDSON KATHERINE RUCKER JANE SERVIS CATHERINE SHANNON MARJORY SOLOMON SALLY STAPLETON BETTY WALZ MARJORIE WARNER MARJORIE WARREN RITA WELLMAN JULIA ANN WILSON HELEN WOODWARD COE WELLMAN ANSLEY SHANNON WARNER RICH MERRELL YOUNG WALZ BROOME MARGRAF WARREN HUGO HAMILTON DUGGAN SHAW SERVIS ARNOLD ROOT AIGLER BRUCKER GLASS HESS Page 108 41 F REPRESENTATIVES ASSBMBLY - OFFICERS President . ELEANOR PETERSON Vice-President BETTY HILL Secretary-Treasurer DOROTHY TRIPLETT ELEANOR PETERSON MEMBERS E. 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SCHMIDT HELEN SHAPLAND BARBARA SPALDING EVA SPENCER GLADYS SCHULTZ VIRGINIA SWIFT MARION TOMPKINS MARY THOMPSON WINIFRED TREBILCOCK DOROTHY TRIPLETT ALMA WADSWORTH ELIZABETH WALZ RITA M. WELLMAN DOROTHY WIKEI, CLARA WILSON JANET WRAY TREBILCOCK, GELDART, WIKEL, HADCOCK, KRAUSE, EARTH, REED, SHAPLAND, SAWYER, SCHMIDT, FLANSBURG, COMPTON SWIFT, RAY, TOMPKINS, THOMPSON, HILDEBRAND, ROGERS, EHRLICHMAN, MARTINEK, WADSWORTH, KING GRAY. WALZ, DECKLER, PECK, MOORE. WELLMAN, GREENWALD, GRAM, BLODGETT, TRIPLETT, DICKSON WRAY, BLIGHT, FELTES, BAXTER, McOMBER, KASER, EARNSHAW, RICH, HANLON, SPENCER, OOSTDYK, ROCKWELL Page 114 ATUILCT HOARD IN CONTROL OF ATHLETICS RALPH W. AIGLER, Chairman FIELDING H. YOST IRA M. SMITH JOHN ALEXANDER HENRY C. ANDERSON- ROBERT C. ANGELL LEWIS M. GRAM A. E. R. BOAK ELMER D. MITCHELL JAMES E. DUFFY THOMAS S. HAMMOND CHARLES B. DUCHARME RUSSELL D. OLIVER FRANK B. FEHSEXFELD FRANK FEHSENFELD RALPH W. AICLER RUSSELL D. OLIVER Page 115 FOOTBALL COACHES RAY COURTRIGHT FRANKLIN CAPPON CLIFFORD KEEN FIELDING H. YOST BENNIE OOSTERBAAN RAY FISHER Page 116 Harry Kipkf, former All American football slur, hat inspired the Michigan football teamt for more than fix rears. With a capable staff of coaches. Kipke has acquired one of the most enriable record in the country, four conference and ttco national championships. Page 117 ACTION Page 118 MANX POSES SULLIVAN BURNS WHITE HOKAK CHEERLEADERS Lnder the able leadership of Joe Horals. the cheerleaders this year did much to rerire a Michigan spirit that had become passire through many seasons of constant rictories. In spite of the poor showing of the football team they succeeded in rejuve- nating both cheering and general enthusiasm. Page 119 VARSITY F O O T B A L L CAPTAIN TOM AUSTIN ' J, WILL not be just another opening game for Michigan, but a test of, as yet, untried units in the machine which Kipke hopes to have ready for the important conference and intersectional games this fall. " This statement appeared in the Michigan Daily the day before the first game of the season. It shows that Michigan was fully aware of the short- comings of its team before the season began. The squad was an enormous question mark and the results of the year merely bore out the worst fears of the spectators. When the season ended, Michigan had won one game and lost seven, the most unsuccessful season in the memory of most students. Many reasons were given for the downfall of the team, the first in Coach Kipke ' s Michigan career. But most overlooked the fact that of the eleven men who returned with letters in the fall, only six had had any real practical experience in games. The most memorable and lasting thing was the realization that Michigan has a loyal BISSELL ELLIS PATANELLI EVERHARDUS SEARS ROBERTS SWEET REMIAS HANSHUE Auc AMRINE DUFFY BEARD Fuoc BORGMANN HILDEBRAND FORD WARD JACOBSON OLIVER TRIPLEHORN SAVAGE COACH KIPKE AUSTIN YOST REGECZI VIERGEVER BOLAS JENNINGS Page 120 i MANAGER GEORGE DUFFY and understanding alumni body. During the entire season of unprecedented defeats, there was not a word raised against Coach Kipke, no demand for a revamping, nor a demand for his head. Notice was taken of this benevolent attitude throughout the country, and both Buffalo and Boston papers ran editorials com- mending Michigan Alumni. Student spirit ran high at the same time, seemingly in inverse proportion to the success of the team. Throughout the season the team was handicapped by injuries to the outstanding players. Regeczi and Renner were both on the injured list before the season began, and the team was twice rebuilt. Hope was entertained that Renner might recover from his ankle injury early enough in the season to be of use. When the season was half over hope was given up, and Renner decided to stay for another season. He was subsequently elected captain. The fans refused to lose hope until far into the season. It was not until the Minnesota game that an adverse prediction appeared in the Daily. After the fourth game it became apparent that the team was not destined to win many games. Kipke pre- dieted five losses but throughout the season expected to come through and defeat one of the Big Three, Minnesota, Illinois, or Ohio State. Midway in the season much sentiment arose for rebuilding the team in expecta- tion of the 1935 season. No startling changes were made, although much sophomore talent was uncovered during the season in the person of Patanelli, Jennings, Sweet, Everhardus, Ellis, Hanshue, and Amrine. Everhardus did so well in the Wisconsin game that Ohio State noted it, and smothered him completely. The attendance on the whole was larger than usual. Sixty-eight thousand fans watched Ohio march over the Wolverines when Austin led his team into his home town. The Minn- esota game drew 60,000. After Michigan had met both these strong teams, the only question in the mind of the players was as to which of their opponents was the greater. Letters were given to 10 sophomores, 4 juniors, and 1 1 seniors. Austin, Regeczi. Ward, Ford, Borgmann, Hildebrand, Fuog, Beard, Jacobson, Oliver. Triplehorn. and Soodik played their last game for Michigan this year. The annual football bust given by the Alumni in Detroit, strangely enough drew more patrons than in any of the last few highly successful seasons. Ward was the only player to receive Conference mention, while Ford was voted most valuable player of the team. I C A P T A I Ji-E LECT BILL RE.NNER Page 121 MICHIGAN STATE JOHN VIERGEVER FERRIS JENNINGS Patanelli got ahead of his interference on this play met a stone wall, the State safety man. The skies icere heavily overcast and the crowd despondent at the opener, which the Spartans took, 18-0. A riot followed an unsuccessful attempt to re- move the Michigan goal posts. Page 122 G E O R I A TECH ! U8S II OC Behind the effertire block- ing of Jennings. Aug gain ground from Georgia. At the right Regeczi leares hit oppo- nents behind and picks up speed to get Michigan out of a tight spot. Jennings, diminu- tire quarterback, tras the thin- ing light of this contest, which the Wolverines tt O . 9-2. Page 123 II I . O HOWARD TRIPLEHORN Jay Berwanger, Chicago star half, dives for a fumble, while Fuog is hot in pursuit. At the left, Ward is seen just after dropping a lat- eral pass in the second quarter. Fumbles seemed to predomi- nate in this game in which Michigan was downed 27-0. Page 124 ILLINOIS STEVE RLMIAS R I S OLIVER These Itco telescopic shot shoic Regeczi searching for an opening in the Illini line: tchile beloK Jennings strings his hips to mititil an alert tackier on a punt return. Hopes rose in the first half only to go glimmering as the JTolrerines trere dotcned. 10-6. Page 125 MINNESOTA BILL BORGMA1SN CHRIS F. VERHARDUS JERRY FORD Kostka, steam-roller back, is stopped by a brilliant Michigan defensive play in the first half. Ward lends his tveight in the foreground while Viergever shows malicious in- tent toward the runner. Michi- gan ' s defense cracked at the half and Minnesota ran rough- shod over the Wolverines, 34-0. Page 126 wise o s i TAGE JACOBSON There icere not many holes such as this in the Michi- gan line, although this Wis- consin runner seems destined to go places. The Badgers gained only 48 yards from scrimmage, but beat the Wol- rerines, 10-0, mainly on the strength of their touchdoirn return of the opening kickoff. MIKE SAVAGE Page 127 OHIO STATE JOHN REGECZ1 An enormous crowd filled the stadium at Columbus to witness a game character- ized by wide open plays. Regeczi thrilled the 65,000 people with his outstanding form, but his toe could not halt the rushes and well planned passing attack of the Buckeyes, who icon, 34-0. Page 128 O R T II W I s I I 15 WILLIS YARD Regeczi barely got this kick airay as his team- mates reposed on the ground about him. At the right Solas over-estimates his height as he attempts to take a long pass out of the trailing arms of Patanelli. After a gallant fight the Wolverines dropped this heartbreaker. 13-6. Page 129 VARSITY BASKETBALL COACH CAPPON supremacy of Big Ten basketball over the " common garden " variety outside the Conference was definitely established by this year ' s basketball team. The scores of Mich- igan ' s season play verify this statement, for the Wolverines won two of twelve in the Con- ference and six of eight games with outsiders. The arrangement of the schedule clearly divides the fortunes of the team into two groups. Through the first seven games it seemed that they were to have a successful season; but the tide turned abruptly when they hit Conference competition. After that they won only two games while dropping ten. The margin of victory over non-Conference foes was five points, while the margin of loss to Conference competitors was over nine. For the entire season the team won eight of twenty games, considerably better than last year ' s record of five and fifteen. They scored 525 points to 598 for the opposition. The greatest fault of the team, it seems, was its incon- sistency. It showed flashes of form on occasions throughout the season that cheered the fans and brought expectations of future stellar performance. But the encouraging play never lasted. Halfway through the season the benching of five members of the regular team for alleged violation of training rules caused a great deal of comment. The group of substitutes came through three games later to bag Michigan ' s first Conference win. The SMITH OLIVER PATANELLI TAMAGNO MEYERS EVANS JOSLIN OOSIERBAAN PLUUXIER COACH CAPPON GEE ROBERTS RUDNESS Page 130 M I I 1 1 I . A 25 27 26 31 30 24 20 22 19 29 CAPTAIN A L PLIMMER MANAGER SMITH 22 Calvin 26 Ypsilanti 25 Western State 25 Michigan State 30 33 Ohio State 30 31 Minnesota 29 34 Wisconsin 33 34 Illinois 36 11 Northwestern 29 27 Iowa 37 Syracuse 44 Colgate 41 Buffalo 21 performance did not last, however, and the team won only one more Big Ten contest. Within a week after Ohio State had defeated the league-leading Purdue Boil- ermakers. Michigan came within two points of downing the Giant-Killers from Columbus. This occurred after a thoroughly discouraging performance in the preceding games. On many occasions the team showed lack of stamina and followed a strong first half with a discour- aging second half performance. Much criticism was directed toward the team for this failing, and the shake- up at the middle of the season was a direct result of this weakness. The team was composed of twelve men of apparently equal ability, and the lack of a starting lineup obviously handicapped the squad. Practically any substitution would see a man of equal ability inserted, but the frequent changes caused a lack of team play that was inevitable. Coach Cappon continued his policy of preference for tall players, and the tallest of them all. Johnny Gee. went through his first varsity season. At the close of play letters were awarded to Plummer. Oliver, Tamagno, Rudness, Evans, Joslin, Meyers. Patanelli, and Gee. CAPTAIN-ELECT T A M A C N O Page 131 Gee starts the pivot play Evans made this basket in spite of Rieck ' s efforts to guard him. During the season his accurate shooting pulled many a game out of the fire. Page 132 A pause before the tipoff. the Illinois game. Belotr Patanelli speeds into thf group trailing for the ball from the backboard, irhile at the right Tamagno attempts a " dog " shot. fPM| IB Page 133 Evans breaks loose from his guard and shoots. Rutlness and Pntanelli, two of the more prominent Michigan courtmen. I ' age 134 VARSITY TRACK COACH HOVT ' EGIXXIXG their 1934 outdoor season rather inauspiciously at the Drake Relays, the Michigan trackmen nevertheless succeeded in rolling up a cred- itable record. They won both their dual meets deci- sively and placed third in the Western Conference Meet. Ward was the only Wolverine to place hi the Drake relays, taking second in the 120 high hurdles. In the first dual meet Michigan took eight firsts and eight seconds to defeat Illinois at Ann Arbor, 73-53. Ward led the team with firsts in the 120 high hurdles and the high jump, and a third in the 100-yard dash. Hunt and La mb followed with a first, second, and third apiece. Cook of Iowa broke the Ferry Field record for the shot put. The following week Michigan defeated Ohio State, 80 2 to 45 I 2, taking eleven firsts and a tie. Ward, recovered from his injuries, again entered the broad jump and placed second. He also took firsts in the 120 high hurdles and high jump, and second in the 100-yard dash. Lemen of Michigan followed Ohio ' s Arnold in his record-breaking 440 run. In the annual Big Ten Meet at Evanston the Wolverines landed third. Ward took Michigan ' s only first in the broad jump, leaping 23 feet 2 T 4 inches. A number of Conference records fell in this meet. Fuqua of Indiana broke his own 440 record. Kamm of Illinois raised the shot put distance, and the Indiana mile relay team broke Michigan ' s former record. Hornstobel of Indiana also broke the 880 record in the trials. Page 135 1934 O I T II O O 1C DRAKE RELAYS MICHIGAN LAST MICHIGAN 73 ILLINOIS S3 MICHIGAN 80J ' OHIO STATE 455 2 BIG TEN MEET MICHIGAN THIRD, 28.6 POINTS 1 3 5 I n o o it MICHIGAN 57 MINNESOTA 28 MICHIGAN 72J 2 MICHIGAN STATE NORMAL 26J 2, MICHI- GAN STATE 24 MICHIGAN 63 OHIO STATE 32 BIG TEN INDOOR MEET MICHIGAN FIRST, 49J 2 POINTS BUTLER RELAYS MICHIGAN FIRST, 34J4 POINTS CAPTAIN ELLERBY, 1931 SCHWENGER DROULLARD HAUFFMAN HUNT WENDLANII McMANUS PARVIN STAR ALEXANDER ETCHELS SILVERMAN STONE SCHELL GORMAN ALIX HOWELL WARD KOSETCHEK HUNN SERAKOS PATTON KEMP BLUMENFELD LEMEN ELLERBY COACH HOYT SMITH CHILDS LAMB Page 136 I ' nder the leadership of Captain Harrey Smith, the 1935 indoor track team rote to neic heights in Big Ten Competition. The Volrerines climaxed an undefeated season by taking the Con- ference croirn irith an all-time high mark of 49 2 points. The team shotted excel- lent balance, irith sophomoret performing in moft of the leading roles. Records fell at almost erery meet. The Ohio State dual meet prored the most popular when thousands watched the thrilling 60-yard dash icith Ward. Otcens. and Stoller. CAPTAIN HARVEY SMITH, 1935 MANAGER MORGAN Page 137 Dave Hunn, star pole-vaulter. Osgood on the high hurdler. W aril surprised Michigan fans this year with his brilliant performance, after recovering from a leg injury. Page 138 The meet with Ohio Stale teas the most popular of the indoor season. An enor- limn crowd fair Michigan riVforious. at records fell in the sprints and distance runs. Page 139 VARSITY BASEBALL CAPTAIN OLIVER COACH FISHER breaking even on the spring training trip, the 1934 baseball team hit its stride in the regular season and won all of their 19 games. Wistert and Patchin did most of the pitching, while the catching fell to Captain Artz, who also contributed his share of hits. The regular season opened with two losses, to Western State, 3-2, and Northwestern, 3-1. Wistert scored all of Michigan ' s runs in these two games. The following day Michigan downed Northwest- ern, 7-5, in a ten-inning struggle. Patchin, in a pinch-hitting role, began the fireworks in the seventh with his triple. Two in the ninth tied the score, and a hit by Waterbor in the tenth won for the Wolverines. Michigan divided four games with Ohio State, displaying some of their most erratic playing. Fifteen hits and nine walks won the first of these contests for them, 17-2. The following day Ohio turned the tables to win 16-2. The Wolverines continued their high score policy in the Michigan State game and won, 13-3, Patchin allowing but five hits. The Wolverines next took over Illinois, 5-4, Wistert allowing them but three hits. Patchin did as well against Ypsi- lanti in holding them to four. Oliver scored the winning run in this 3-2 thriller when he scored after tripling in the ninth. Wistert had his best day of the season, allow- ing Ohio one hit. Michigan extended its winning streak to four by downing the Buckeyes, 13-1. The single hit came with two out in the ninth, spoiling a perfect day. Wistert fanned 16 batters, nine of them in a row. The following day Ohio repeated its procedure of the previous series and took Michigan, 7-4. Patchin struck out seven batters, but allowed 13 hits. Two Indiana schools next defeated Michigan, Indiana beating them 10-9, and Purdue, 10-7. This losing streak continued as Michigan dropped a decision to Illinois, 7-6, and one to Western State, 5-2. The latter game ended their losing streak for good. A five-run rally in the ninth wiped out Toledo University ' s lead in a night game. Michigan won, 5-3. Wistert scored two runs and limited Indiana to five hits to win, 5-2, in the following game. The Wolverines next downed Ypsilanti, 9-5, and Michigan State, 5-1, in comparatively easy games. At the conclusion of the latter game, Petoskey and Wistert were chosen as the team ' s most valuable players. Wistert proved the wisdom of the team ' s judgment in the final, when he held Iowa to two hits and struck out nine. Wistert drove in the winning run in the sixth to win his own game, 2-1. Page 140 I ! i : I I SEA SOX MICHIGAN 2 WESTERN STATE MICHIGAN 1 NORTHWESTERN MICHIGAN 7 NORTHWESTERN MICHIGAN 17 OHIO STATE MICHIGAN 2 OHIO STATE 16 MICHIGAN 13 MICHIGAN STATE 3 MICHIGAN 4 ILLINOIS 1 MICHIGAN 3 MICHIGAN NORMAL 2 MICHIGAN 13 OHIO STATE 1 MICHIGAN 4 OHIO STATE 7 MICHIGAN 9 INDIANA 10 MICHIGAN 7 PURDUE 10 MICHIGAN 6 ILLINOIS MICHIGAN 2 WESTERN STATE 5 MICHIGAN 5 TOLEDO 3 MICHIGAN 4 INDIANA 2 MICHIGAN 9 MICHIGAN NORMAL S MICHIGAN 5 MICHIGAN STATE 1 MICHIGAN 2 IOWA 1 CAPTAIN ABTZ, 193 PATCHIS Wv PAULSON REG PETOSKEV WISTEST CHAPUAN WILSON OLIVE IAN CAPTAES ASM COACH FISHES TILLOTSON LE XE Page 141 Three prominent Wolverines, Ted Chapman behind the plate, Ed Wilson on the rubber, and Russ Oliver guarding the sack. Page 142 Petoskey and Wiftert trere the out- standing indiridual stars of the 1934 season. Both trere chosen most valuable on the squad and both were signed by the Cincinnati Reds. At present they are rith Fort Worth of the Texas League. Page 143 VARSITY SWIMMING CO-CAPTAINS 1:1 M i: AND DRYSDALE 7, COACH M A N N " EAM records and individual marks fell by the score this year as Michigan ' s swimmers took their fifth consecutive Big Ten title. In the Conference meet they more than doubled the points of their nearest opponent, scoring 59 markers. Michigan men placed in every event but the 50-yard dash, while setting new marks in the 300-yard medley relay, the 150-yard backstroke, the 200-yard breaststroke, and the 440 free style. Records began falling as early as the first meet. The climax came at the Iowa meet, where the Wolverines established two new American records and three National Intercollegiate marks. The medley relay team lowered pool records wherever it went. Throughout the season Michigan ' s opponents had difficulty in gaining a single first. The Wolverines won every event in the first two meets. The closest battles were fought with the Canadian All-Stars, who came within seven points of Michigan. Johnson and Diefenilorf demonstrate the " Flying Dutchman " and the " Swan " dives. Page 144 - Tiro record breakers, Tex Robertson in thf 444). and Taylor Drvtdale in the backttroke. MICHIGAN 57 INDIANA 27 MICHIGAN 62 MICHIGAN STATE 22 MICHIGAN 55 BUFFALO 29 MICHIGAN 47 CANADIAN AIX-STARS 39 MICHIGAN 41 CANADIAN AIX-STARS 34 MICHIGAN 53 BRITISH EMPIRE CHAMPIONS 31 MICHIGAN 55 IOWA 29 MICHIGAN 52 OHIO STATE 32 MICHIGAN 58 NORTHWESTERN 26 BIG TEN MEET MICHIGAN FIRST 59 NATIONAL INTERCOLLEGI- ATE MEET MICHIGAN Fntsr 49 i -:::: BACX.UD KASELY Page 145 VARSITY HOTKEY COACH L O W E R Y MICHIGAN hockey reached its height this year when the Wolverines took the Conference title, concluding the most successful season in history. The Wolv- erines tied and defeated Minnesota twice to win the title. This yearly series is the outstanding winter sports event at both schools. Michigan also took the mythical state championship. Their season record was twelve victories, three defeats, and two ties. Johnny Sherf concluded his Michigan career by out-scoring all the opponents combined. Heyliger followed Sherf in goals and was the main spring of the defense. The latter half of the season was characterized by defensive play when Goalie Jewell was taken sick. Coach Lowery built an entirely new defense to protect Bill Chase as substitute goalie. Lack of spares bothered the team all season and the six regular men carried the entire bur- den of play. Sherf, Heyliger and MacCollum were named on the Mid-West team. SMITH MERRILL E. CHASE BERRYMAN W. CHASE BROSOMHH COURTIS MACCOLLUM JEWELL LOWERY SHERF DAVID HEYLIGER Page 146 CO-CAPTAINS SHERF AND JEWELL MICHIGAN 6 ESSEX FRONTIERS 2 MICHIGAN- 1 LONDON- A. C. 3 MICHIGAN 2 CHATHAM A. C. 3 MICHIGAN " 6 WISCONSIN- MICHIGAN- 2 WISCONSIN- 1 MICHIGAN- 2 MINNESOTA 2 MICHIGAN 4 MINNESOTA 3 MICHIGAN 3... . . POINT EDWARD MICHIGAN- 2 ONTARIO AGGIES MICHIGAN 2 MICHIGAN- TECH. 1 MICHIGAN- 2 MICHIGAN- TECH. 3 MICHIGAN- 1 MINNESOTA 1 MICHIGAN- 3 MINNESOTA 1 MICHIGAN 3 MICHIGAN TECH. MICHIGAN 7 MICHIGAN TECH. 1 MICHIGAN 8 ST. THOMAS A C. 3 Page 147 VARSITY WRESTLING CAPTAIN HARROD COACH KEEN m r GINNING with an inexperienced squad and later handicapped by injuries and ineli- gibilities, Coach Keen was unable to do much with his varsity wrestling team this year. The squad took but three of its eight matches when injuries to Captain Harrod and Wright crippled the team as early as the fifth meet. Wally Heavenrich was the individual star for the season, winning eight consecutive matches in the 135-pound class. The first loss of the team was undoubtedly due to inexperience, but Coach Keen showed disappointment when Michigan State downed the Wolverines a second time. In the Northwestern contest the Wolverines scored four falls, but narrowly escaped defeat by Chicago when Wright ' s vic- tory in the final match decided the winner. They divided two contests on the trip South, winning from West Virginia and losing to Washington and Lee. The final meet of the sea- son, with Ohio, was the most dis- astrous. Two Wolverines entered the finals in the Big Ten Meet, but both Harrod and Rubin went down to defeat. Page 148 MICHIGAN 14 MICHIGAN STATE MICHIGAN 23 NORTHWESTERN MICHIGAN 19 CHICAGO MICHIGAN 12 MICHIGAN STATE 18 MICHIGAN 22 WEST VIRGINIA 8 MICHIGAN 13 WASHINGTON AND LEE 19 MICHIGAN 6 INDIANA 22 MICHIGAN 7J OHIO STATE 20% Watty Hrarrnrirh. newly elected captain of thf Wolrerine trrettling team. irn the moft successful of all Michigan ' s representative this year. He took eight consecutive decisions. MARK BEKKYUAX MASCGKCSKUS HILDEBEAXD MEKKILL K -- LOWELL HEAVE.NIICH HASKOD WEIGHT SLOCCM KELLUAN RUBDJ Page 149 VARSITY O ACH JOHN STONE T E I S INNING all but one of its conference matches, the 1934 tennis team again set up a splendid record for itself. The netmen fared not so well in outside competition, and dropped four decisions in this type of play. They earned second place in the Conference Meet. Appelt, Kean, Kahn, Sandusky, and Siegel alternated at number one position in dual matches throughout the year. Three of them, Appelt, Kean, and Siegel, reached the quarter finals in the Conference Meet, while Siegel went through to the finals, only to lose to Davidson of Chicago. He had pre- viously been undefeated in singles competi- tion throughout the year. Appelt, Bowles, Durand, Kahn, Kean, Sandusky, and Siegel were awarded letters at the close of the sea- son. Siegel was chosen captain for the 1935 season, while Don Appelt was proclaimed the most valuable player on the squad. C A P T A I N E G E L ESKOWITZ DURAND SIEGEL SOLOMON SANDUSKY COACH JOHNSTONE APPELT KAHN KEAN BOLES Page 150 MICHIGAN 12 YPSHANTI MICHIGAN 4 MICHIGAN STATE 5 MICHIGAN 3 IU.INOIS 3 MICHIGAN 2 .WESTERN STATE 5 MICHIGAN 4 ..NORTHWESTERN 2 MICHIGAN 9 OBERUN MICHIGAN 4 ..OHIO STATE 2 MICHIGAN 4 WESTERN STATE 5 MICHIGAN 2 MICHIGAN STATE 7 MICHIGAN 4.. ..CHICAGO 2 1934 CAPTAIN SAKDl ' SKY Page 151 VARSITY GOLF COACH TRUEBLOOD 1934 CAPTAIN MARKHAM ' EPRIVED of the services of their star player, Johnny Fischer, the 1934 Michigan golfers never- theless swept through their schedule for an unde- feated season and the Conference title. The cham- pionship was their third since 1922. They have won 51 dual meets, lost seven, and tied two dual meets since the inception of the sport at Michigan in 1901. During the 1934 season the golfers won eight dual meets without a loss, scoring I55y 2 points to their opponents ' 22 l 2 . Kocsis, Dayton, Malloy, Markham, and Sweet turned in consistently low scores all season, hovering around the 80 mark and below. Captain Fischer was replaced by Eddie Dayton when he was called to the Walker Cup squad. Kocsis rose to stardom during the season. He took the individual Big Ten title, and was runner-up in the National Inter-collegiate Meet at Cleveland. MENEFEE DAYTON SWEET WARD DAVID MARKHAM TRUEBLOOD Kocsis COURTRIGHT MALLOY SCHLOSS Page 152 MICHIGAX 27 MICHIGAN STATE MICHIGAN 15J4 XOBTHWESTEKX MICHICAX iy i ILLINOIS MICHIGAN 21 Ji OHIO STATE MICHIGAN 15 Prw n; MicHia x Vf t YPSILAXTI MICHICAX 18 YPSHAXTI MICHICAX 26J4 MICHIGAN STATE 1935 CAPTAIN KOCSIS Page 153 ' MINOR AWARDS GEORGE BABBIN JOSEPH BARASA DAVID BARNETT FRANK DUTKOWSKI JOHN FISHER HERMAN FISHMAN HUBERT FONES STEPHEN FOWDY GEORGE GHESQUIERE EDWARD GREENWALD FOOTBALL PAUL GLEYE JAMES HAYES ERNEST JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSON ARTHUR LEADBEATER WALTER LILLIE JAMES LINCOLN EARLE LUBY GEORGE MARZONIES CHARLES MURRAY ALEXANDER MUZYK WINFRED NELSON NORMAN NICKERSON HARRY PILLINGER JOHN RIECK JOSEPH RINALDI STARK RITCHIE JOHN SMITHERS HARRY WRIGHT FREDERICK ZIEM WILLIAM BARCLAY KENYON BEVAN DONALD BREWER HERMAN FISHMAN ROBERT HILL FERRIS JENNINGS BASKETBALL ROBERT JOHNSON WILLIAM LANE NORMAN NICKERSON JOHN RIECK JOSEPH RINAI.DI STARK RITCHIE MANUEL SLAVIN HARRY SOLOMON JACK TEITELBAUM EARL TOWNSEND JOHN TOWNSEND WILLIAM WHITEHEAD FREDERICK ZIEM CARL ABBOT VINCENT Auc CHARLES BALLANCE RICHARD BERRYMAN FRANK CAMPBELL GRANT CHENEY CHRIS EVERHARDUS LESLIE FISH BASEBALL JOHN GEE FERRIS JENNINGS WALTER PARKER MATTHEW PATANEI.LI JOHN POWELL GERALD RAMSKY HERBERT READER HAROLD ROEHRIG ARTHUR SETTLE HARRY SOLOMON CHESTER STABOWITZ HARRY VERBEEK KIM WILLIAMS HERBERT WILSON HAROLD ZIMMERMAN WILLIAM BALTER RICHARD BABCOCK HOWARD BRATT ROBERT COOPER ANTHONY CZERESKO WALTER DENNIS ERWOOD EDGAR SANFORD FARRELL RAYMOND FINK FREDERICK GEIB TRACK EDWARD JOHNSON RAY LOHTI JOHN LIVINGSTONE STEPHEN MASON LLOYD McKAY MORRIS MORGAN ROBERT MUELLER ROBERT SCHROEDER THOMAS SEARLES ISRAEL SILVERMAN FRED SMITH WILLIAM STAEHLE EDWARD STANNARD HAROLD STEIN HAROLD SYVERSON JOHN TOWNSEND WILLIAM WIKLE ALBERT WITTENBERG ORLDJ ZAHNOW EDWARD CHASE JOHN FABELLO HERBERT FONES HOCKEY GILBERT JAMES JACK MERRILL FRITZ RODFORD IRWIN SHALEK ROBERT SIMPSON JAMES SMITH WlLLARD HlLDEBRAND WILLIAM LOWELL WRESTLING Louis MASCURUSKUS EDMUND SLOCUM ABE LEVINE EDWARD KELLMAN ROBERT ADELMAN ROBERT ANDERSON RALPH BALDWIN LEONARD COHEN TENNIS JARVIS DEAN ROBERT EDMONDS MILTON ESKOWITZ DONALD NICHOLS HERBERT NITKE JOHN RODRIGUEZ MILLER SHERWOOD ROBERT WILDER ARTHUR FELLINGHAM ARTHUR FISHER GOLF JOHN PALMER ALLEN SAUNDERS GEORGE WATERMAN Page 154 INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS INTRAMURAL SPORTS -HE Intramural Department each year plays an important part in the recreational and athletic life of the University. Since the com- pulsory physical educational program of the University does not extend past the freshman year, the Intramural Department is especially important to the students. It provides means of recreation to many students who would otherwise get none. The Department annually offers facilities in thirty-four sports, a variety that provides at least one athletic interest for each student. Of this number, instruction is provided in sixteen sports. The importance of the Intramural schedule is forcibly brought to the mind of the entering freshman by a scheduled inspection of the athletic plant during Orientation Week. Champions are de- clared in each sport at the close of Orientation activities. Besides the Orientation Week Program, the Department arranges year-round competition for groups from the Faculty, the fraternities, the independents, and the cosmopolitan students. A fifth class of contests goes by the name of All-Campus competition and is open to students of all classes except those participating in varsity competition in those sports. Estimates claim that 5,000 men yearly avail themselves of the facilities of the Intramural Building. Each group wishing to enter a team in competition appoints a manager who thereafter INTRAMURAL BUILDING LOBBY RlSKEV WEBSTER DIRECTORS OF SPORTS COPP MITCHELL JOHNSTONE JAMES SMITH Page 156 I deals with the Department concerning sched- ules. Teams are rated on a point system which allows a stated number of credits to each team as it proceeds through the competition. Most branches of sport allow a maximum of 150 points, running the teams through a league schedule and winding up with a bracket play- off. Champions are declared in each sport, and general champions are proclaimed at the end of each year. Ribbons and cups are awarded to the championship teams. The importance of the recreational facili- ties of the Department should not be over- looked. Although most students who use the Building participate in competitive sports, many go there only for recreation. Squash and handball are probably the most important of the recreational type. The pool is also a favor- ite of the students desiring recreational activ- ity. The Building is open almost every evening for the benefit of this type student. Activities are in the charge of seven men, members of the Department. Four of these are regularly employed and three divide their time between varsity sports and intramural. Elmer Mitchell holds the position of director and is assisted by Earl Riskey. A. A. James and R. W. Webster act as supervisors of individual sports. Harold Copp. John Johnstone, and Ernest Smith are the three part time members. A staff of fifteen student managers cooperates with the Department members throughout the year. Charles Atkins and Leland Coulter lead this group in the capacity of senior managers. Rob- ert Atkins. Millard Kaufman. Grove Ginder, Marvin Sentnor, Dan Cook, Robert Sobel, Robert Speer. Jack Briner, Louis Goldberg, Tom McGibbon, Leopold Snyder, Howard Stein, and Charles Friedman make up the staff of undergraduate intramural managers. SENIOR MANAGERS LELAND COULTER CHARLES ATKINS GOLDBERG UNDERCLASS MANAGERS GINDER SPEER STEIN Page 157 THIS high speed silhouette photograph shows two fraternity entrants in the basketball league engaged in a practice scrimmage. Fraternities are divided into two classes and keen competition is displayed in the contests, although most houses enter teams more for the recreational value of the sport than for the title at stake. Permanent trophy awards are made yearly to the winning contenders in each of the two classes. THIS remarkable action photograph shows Mclntosh, of Alpha Kappa Lambda, in the act of pinning his oppo- nent, Selin of Phi Beta Delta, in the finals of the Interfraternity wrestling meet. The quality of wrestling dis- played in these meets is remarkable, the weight of the wrestlers ranging from 112 to well over 200 pounds. Fraternity men hold sway in the fall, while in the spring the field is thrown open to the entire campus. INTRAMURAL HERE on the Intramural Entry Board are born all of Michigan ' s individual and intergroup athletic events. The board contains rules, information, and entry slips for each sport. It is here that the intramural sportsman begins his trek through the sports year, a schedule of 34 events, leading to Sigma Delta Psi, the goal of every Intramural athlete. INDOOR tennis is one of the more popu- lar of the winter athletic events. Each afternoon will find a score of followers of this sport busy at their game. Championship contests are held on the Faculty and All-Campus schedules. This event represents another attempt of the Intramural department to pro- vide a year-round schedule for the fol- lowers of every sport. Page 158 PANORAMA ALTHOUGH the University does not sponsor a varsity boxing team, the sport has a large following on the campus. Many freshmen participate in the All-Campus boxing matches late in March. Practice sessions are held both at Waterman Gym and the Intra- mural Building. The accompanying photo shows two of the prospects going through their paces. SQUASH and its close competitor, hand- ball, lead the field of recreational in- door sports in popularity. Here are shown two players in the midst of their game, completely oblivious to the pres- ence of the ever wary photographer. The Intramural Building provides more than fourteen separate courts for the followers of these two sports. Students play in the All-Campus meet in Decem- ber, and the faculty in mid-January. BOWLING is another important item on the Intramural schedule of the year. Contests are held in this sport on both the fraternity and the All-Campus schedules in January. The first is a competition of teams, while the latter is for the individual championship of the campus. The matches are played on the five alleys at the Union, inas- much as the Intramural Building is provided with none. SIGMA DELTA Psi is the end of the trail for every proficient Intramural athlete. We have traced the athletic year from the entry board to the goal on these two pages. This honorary fraternity was established to give recognition to those unsung athletes who perform en- tirely within the walls of their college. The majority of the instructors on the Intramural staff are honorary members of this organization. Page 159 FRATERNITY T HAS become almost a tradition for Phi Kappa Psi to win the fraternity Cross Country title, and this year proved no exception. Brels- ford, DeVine, and Mason of the Phi Psi con- tingent took first, second, and fifth places re- spectively, Brelsford leading the field in 9:28. Gerkensmeyer and Thome, Theta Xi ' s repre- sentation, gave their team second place in the meet. Three men must finish before a house can place. Twenty-one men entered the meet, representing eight fraternities. The course was shortened this year to 1.75 miles. The event is one of the oldest on the intramural schedule. PHI PSI CROSS COUNTRY ' ELTA UPSILON this year won the fraternity speedball championship by defeating the former titlists, Theta Chi, 11-9, in the final game of the season. The contest was close throughout, with scores of 4-3, 6-6, and 8-7 at the end of the quarters. From the begin- ning the competing teams were divided among five separate groups. At the end of this league season, Theta Chi, Delta Upsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Lambda, and Alpha Omega were declared champions of their respective divisions. These five teams then proceeded through a playoff to determine the titlist. Speedball has taken a definite place in Michigan intramural athletics in the past few years. It attracts more individual entrants than any of the other fall fraternity events, lasting from early in the school year until late November. The sport combines the most interesting features of several other well-known athletic events. It is speedy, requires much skill, and is full of interest for the spectator. DELTA UPSILON SPEEDBALL CHAMPIONS Page 160 M M ll 7, THE HRESTLIXG CHAMPS KAPPA EPSILOX emerged victorious this year in Fraternity Wrestling, the annual pre-Christmas sport. The winners scored 16 points to top their nearest competitor, Alpha Omega, by two. Theta Chi and Theta Xi com- pleted the list of placements. A hundred men entered the meet. Eliminations were speedy, the finals being completed within an hour. Two members of the winning team came off with individual titles in their respective weights. Cash, of the winning team, was titlist in the 165 pound class, and Boebel downed all comers in the 175 weight. LAYIXG their final game as a part of the 1934 Intramural Open House, Theta Chi beat Alpha Delta Phi decisively, 21-10, and set themselves up as Class A Fraternity basket- ball champions. Coward and Tillotson paced the winners, and accounted for 15 of the team ' s 21 markers. By beating the Alpha Belts, Theta Chi changed places with them in the fra- ternity basketball standing. In the previous season they had trailed Alpha Delta as runner- up. The 1934 season began with thirteen leagues, the winners of which were paired off in the play for the championship. Alpha Sigma Phi, Chi Psi, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Gamma Delta. Zeta Psi, Theta Chi, Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Sigma, Phi Psi, and Alpha Omega were winners of their respective divisions. Theta Chi emerged from this group through a long period of match play. A consolation tournament was also run off for the losing team. THETA CHI BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS, 1934 Page 161 FRATERNITY Y WINNING the dual competition and the Fraternity Meet, Psi Upsilon successfully defended its swimming laurels. The Hill Street tankmen took the dual championship by de- feating Pi Lambda Phi, 25-16, in the final engagement. AKL at one time threatened their supremacy by tying them. In the re- scheduled meet Psi U came back convincingly to win, 26-15. The 100-yard relay team of Knapp, Watkins, Haughey, and White came within four seconds of the Intramural record. In the Fraternity Meet, all teams compete at the same time rather than on the elimination basis. Psi U took three of the eight firsts in the meet, to score twenty-nine points, four points ahead of Alpha Kappa Lambda. PSI L ' SWIMMERS ONE of the closest finishes in recent Intramural history, Chi Psi took the 1934 hockey championship by defeating Lambda Chi Alpha, 1-0. The game was tied at the end of the regulation play and required an overtime period to break the deadlock. Bud Brien scored the lone goal to break a scoreless tie that had lasted a hundred minutes. Two days earlier the teams had battled undecisively in four overtimes. The title game was a replay of the former tie. Muzzy, Pillinger, and Brien of the Chi Psi forward line were outstanding throughout the season, as was the play of Curt Matthews, goalie. Whisler, Kocsis, and Reed were standouts for Lambda Chi. Seventeen teams began the season. The Rinkey-Dinks of the first bracket were early favorites to take the title, but fell before the Lambda Chi ' s, 2-1. CHI PSI HOCKEY CHAMPIONS, 1934 Page 162 W1.XXERS PHI BETA DELTA HANDBALL their matches much earlier than in previous years, Phi Beta Delta took the fraternity handball title for the second straight year. In their final engagement of the 1935 season, they defeated Alpha Omega, two matches to one. They were undefeated throughout the season. They qualified for the finals by dropping Phi Lambda Kappa, last year ' s professional fraternity champions, 3-0. The final match was the closest fought of the season. Al Blumenfeld, Isadore Cohen, Arthur Cohen, and Howard Kahn were members of the winning team. Last year the same group won the title at the Intramural Open House. IGMA XU. with Estil " Zit " Tessmer doing the hurling, repeated its feat of the two previous years by again winning the baseball championship, defeating Alpha Tau Omega in the finals, 4-0. Tessmer opened the season auspiciously with a no-hit, no-run victory over the Zeta Beta Tau club, his mates collecting 15 runs. The defending champions then clubbed their way to 14-3, 9-1, and 11-7 wins over the DAE, Sigma Phi and Lambda Chi teams to enter the playoffs. A late rally by Sigma Xu enabled it to eliminate Psi Upsilon, by a score of 10-5. Two days later in the quarter-finals Pi Lambda Phi fell, 9-5, before Tessmer ' s excellent hurling and Sigma Nu ' s great hitting. Chi Psi was eliminated in the semi-finals with little trouble, 9-3. As a result Sigma Nu entered the finals for the third successive year and retained the title by shutting out the ATO ' s. An air tight defense let few men get to third, while the battery of Tessmer-Bates kept the hits well scattered. SIGMA M SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS. 193 Page 163 CHAMPIONS PROFESSIONAL FRATERMTY failing to place first in any single event, Phi Lambda Kappa amassed 899 points in the 1933-34 season to win the professional fraternity title. Teams representing this house participated in every sport but cross-country. They placed teams in the finals in handball, vol- leyball, baseball, tennis, and horseshoes. INDEPENDENT -LTHOUGH the D.D. ' s did not take the title in the independent division last year, their perform- ance in both last year ' s and this year ' s sports war- rants the publishing of their picture. At present they are leading the pack in quest of the 1935 title. Twenty-eight representatives of this team entered ten events and played 24 separate contests. They came in third in the horseshoes tournament, softball competition, foul throwing, and basketball. The D.D. ' s are the oldest team in independent intra- mural competition, having competed during four years. In 1932 they landed second; in 1933, fifth; in 1934 fourth. Their championship in touch football and their second place in volleyball have set them up as the outstanding team of the present season. GENERAL FRATERNITY CHI won the Intramural Championship in the general frater- nity class in 1934. Its teams scored 1,158 points, topping its nearest competitor and neighbor, Theta Xi, by more than 300 points. Theta Chi has ever been a power in intergroup athletics. Teams bearing its name won the major basketball title, the fraternity swim meet, and the speed- ball title. In addition they were well up in all other events, with teams entered in almost every sport. With- out a doubt Theta Chi has exhibited much more interest in the Intramur- al program in the long run than any other single fraternity on campus. Page 164 W O 31 E X 9 S ATHLETICS PALMER FIELD HOUSE AT NIGHT WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS OMEX ' S Athletics on this campus have always been overshadowed by the great inter- est in the activities of the men in this line. However, until you have followed the sports of the feminine sex, you don ' t realize how large a factor they really are. This year more than ever before, the intramural sports have all drawn a surprising number of teams. The various dormitories and houses have actually seemed interested in getting out to win, regardless of whether they have " phys-eds " on their teams or girls who have hitherto majored only in spectator sports. Although the new ruling has gone into effect that Sophomore women need not take physical education, there have really been an encouraging number of upperclass women who have registered in the various classes for their own enjoyment. The fall season opened immediately after orientation week with hockey, archery, tennis, riding, volleyball, and golf as the principal attractions. Tennis had its usual popularity, and the Mosher-Jor- danites seemed to favor this sport particularly because the courts are accessible to the dorm. The riding classes under Miss Burr were enthusiastically attended and they varied the routine of regular instruction with breakfast and moonlight rides. The Crop and Saddle Club, which Jane Brucker worked up last year, resumed its activities in the spring. The interest in golf mounted somewhat due to the new idea of awarding free entrance to the University Golf Course to the eight girls who held the highest scores in the competitive tournament. Hockey and volleyball, the two sports involving cooperative play, were of more interest in the intramural and interclass fields than any required sport. The greater part of the volleyball tournament was played outside on the court near Palmer Field House, but the last few games had to be played in Barbour Gymnasium. The indoor season began about Thanksgiving time and offered an entirely new group of activities. The dancing classes, including tap dancing, rhythms, composition, and tech- nique, drew a large number. The tap classes are popular because the training received is good preparation for a part in class activities such as the Sophomore Cabaret and Junior Girls ' Play. Other athletics given in this season are basketball, badminton, bowling, ice hockey, rifle, and swimming. All these have tournaments of some kind, either for teams or individual competition. Changes in the Michigan League merit system give merit points to the managers of the houses and allow 250 W.A.A. points to be transferred into one permanent League point. Page 167 PHYSICAL EDUCATION STAFF DR. BELL Professor DR. MARGARET BELL Assistant Professor ... Miss LAURIE CAMPBELL Assistant Professor DR. MABEL RUGEN Instructor Miss DOROTHY BEISE Instructor Instructor Miss HILDA BURR Instructor Miss IRENE FIELD Instruct or Miss MARIE HARTWIG Instructor Miss VIRGINIA PEASELEY Miss EMILY WHITE BURR FIELD HARTWIG DR. RUGEN PEA SELEY DR. BELL BEISE CAMPBELL WHITE HANLEY Page 168 KITH BOOT President RUTH ROOT Vice-President JANE ARNOLD Secretary SUE THOMAS Treasurer BEATRICE DE " IXE Intramural Manager LUCILLE BETZ Hockey Manager LAVINIA CREIGHTON Basketball Manager . . . ELIZABETH OBERDIER Swimming Manager ELIZABETH HOWARD Dancing Manager JULIA WILSON Bowling Manager JANE HABER Rifle Manager PATRICIA WOODWARD WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Outdoor Manager BETTY EVANS Tennis Manager MARY TOSSY Golf Manager MARGARET CONNELLAN Archery Manager ..... CLARABEL NEUBECKER Riding Manager JANE BRUCKER Badminton Manager .... GERTRUDE MORRIS Ice Hockey Manager MARY POTTER Fencing Manager BETTY BELL Ping Pong Manager EMILY PARIS Publicity Manager JOSEPHINE McLEAN Point Recorder . . BRENDA PARKINSON A.F.C.W. (American Federation of College Women) MARGARET CUTLER EVANS MCLEAN ' . ' . ' ::; N McFzE HABEK Form PAKTSSOX WOODWAID Miss Fnxo Miss HASI-WK OKKHTON Rm DIVINE ROOT IBHOU HOWARD TOSSY XEV: THOMAS Page 169 BASKETBALL " basketball season is the longest sport season sponsored by the Physical Education Department. Practice and team play began in the middle of November and continued until March. According to the statistics this year, basketball had as much appeal as any intramural sport. The inter-sorority program proved to be very popular, and practically every house entered a team. To provide opportunity for more advanced competition and to develop greater skill in basketball technique, a system for selection of teams has been instituted which is sponsored by a committee under Elizabeth Oberdier, W.A.A. manager for the s port. Members eligible for interclass play are selected through this committee. The greater number of girls participat- ing in the sport this year was evi- denced by the continuous activity in Barbour Gymnasium, where one could always find a basketball game in progress in the afternoon and the early evening. The season reached its climax in the interclass and in- tercollegiate games. Participation in these games is an honor that comes to the most deserving girls in each class. The intercollegiate program is an innovation in wom- en ' s athletics which has met with appreciation from the students. 1 1 M K I : Y HE greatest interest in hockey came from the interclass field. The best material in the various classes turned out, but new players were also encouraged to enter the game. Beginners were divided into a sepa- rate class for practice and experi- ence. Hockey improved greatly this year because of the excellent ma- terial available for this sport. After strong competition and fine playing on the part of all teams, the Seniors captured first place. The fine instruction and equipment for hockey that was avail- able for the girls gave hockey a prominent place in women ' s athletics Hockey has de- veloped an outside program including num- erous games played with Detroit and Ann Arbor clubs, Michigan State College, and University High School teams. Excellent hockey was played, and a great improve- ment was noticed in the Michigan women ' s hockey teams. After the last interclass game the girls were honored with a spread, and at this time the numerals were awarded ac- cording to merit and participation in this sport. Hockey has always been enthusias- tically taken up by the women students, and it is beginning to rival tennis in its popular fall and spring position. This interest has brought out many Freshman girls who con- tinue the sport throughout their college life. Page 170 , O I I RS. STUART HANLEY, head of the golf department, is en- thusiastic about the new plan for women ' s golf, which was put into effect for the first time this year. This system provides for a tourna- ment of medal play, which awards the women with the eight best scores free memberships to the Uni- versity Golf Course. The competi- tion is not limited to the students of the golf classes alone, although the majority of the women entered are mem- bers of classes displaying the fruits of their instruction. The Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation awards the memberships at their annual spring banquet. For the past few years women golfers and the golf depart- ment of the University have been agitating for a practice putting green. Next year the University Appropriations Committee has provided the funds necessary for the con- struction of such a green at the north end of Palmer Field. Michigan, because of its superior equipment and instruction, has de- veloped many excellent golfers, two of whom went on to gain national recognition. With the inauguration of the new plan and the improvement of already excellent equip- ment, golf will attract and instruct greater numbers of co-eds, who will find in it the recreation and outdoor exercise that they seek. T E I S popularity of tennis is due to its in- dividual aspect, stressing each girl ' s own ability in the game. The instruction aims at developing the individual sport and is or- ganized accordingly. Experimentation in tests at the beginning and end of the sea- sons are being used to determine the value of the modern methods of teaching tennis. The girls are divided into three classes: be- ginners, intermediates, and advanced. In this way each may receive the needed in- struction and opportunity for advancement. Upon improvement in their games, the stu- dents are advanced to the next section. The great value of tennis is in its carry-over into recreational activities, being one of the few sports played on campus that the girls can continue after college. Tennis is the most popular of fall and spring sports among the women. To cope with this great demand, the university has furnished excellent courts and equipment at Palmer Field. Tournaments begin shortly after the first week of practice and lim- bering up. They attract a large number, and the finals bring out the best material of the university. The excellent playing is an indica- tion that the season ' s training has been profitable. The instruction is well organ- ized, and consequently the results are most encouraging. Page 171 ARCHERY ACH year the archery classes of the university attract from seventy to one hun- dred women. The initial event of the 1934- 1935 season was the trip to the Michigan Archery Association district tournament held at Eaton Rap ids, Michigan on October twentieth. All five of the archers represent- ing Michigan made excellent showings, leav- ing their records boldly imprinted on the annals of the Association. The campus tournament was held during the first three weeks of November. The participation in this tournament was invitational. Compe- tition was keen throughout with Lillian Scott, ' 35, taking first place with 156 points; and Martha Bragg, ' 37, gaining second place with 134 points for the advanced students. Louise Lockeman, ' 37, and Rosanna Me- loche, ' 36, came out first and sec- ond in a large field of contestants in the beginners ' tournament. All participants attended the annual Archer ' s Breakfast held at the League the Sunday morning follow- ing the termination of the contest. The regular inter-collegiate tele- graphic archery meet was post- poned this year because of ad- verse weather conditions prevailing on many of the campuses, but the Michigan archers were conceded a moral victory because of their fine previous showing. RIFLE HE Women ' s Rifle program has been greatly improved by the general enlargement of the Wo- men ' s athletic activities as spon- sored by the Physical Education Department and the Women ' s Ath- letic Association. The government has also helped through the Na- tional Rifle Association contribut- ing rifles and ammunition, and the instruction by Captain Hardy of the Reserve Officers Training Corps. This year the girls have shown rapid improvement. At the beginning of the year, the classes are composed of about sixty girls who practice at the regular class periods. Those with the fifteen best records are chosen for the team and enter into com- petitive matches. The most important tour- naments of the year are the twenty-five inter-collegiate telegraphic meets. They are run on the same principle as those held by the swimming team namely, the compari- son of scores and results by telegraph. Then a strong competitive match is held with the men ' s rifle team of the R.O.T.C., in which the women made an excellent showing. A successful year was recorded for the rifle team because of the splendid sponsorship of the Women ' s Athletic Association and the fact that five veterans of last year ' s team were participating again this season. _ Page 172 VOLLEYBALL OLLEYBALL proved to be one of the most popular of the co- operative games this year, due largely to the fact that a great many girls received training in this sport in high school. The long vol- leyball season begins out of doors in the fall and continues inside throughout the first winter season running from the end of November until the close of the first semester. Intramural volleyball drew a large number of entrants, not only because any number can play on a team, but even a beginner in the sport can make a good showing. Eighteen teams signed up for the tournament, which ran for several weeks starting November twentieth. In the finals. Gamma Phi Beta of the one division played Alpha Gamma Delta of the second division. The two teams were evenly matched, but the Alpha Gamma Deltas won the title 31-29 in a hard fought contest. Oftentimes when one team failed to show up in the tournament, the girls on the other team would divide up and play a game of their own. These spontaneous games furnished opportunity for practice. Volleyball can be played at all times regardless of the weather, for there are outdoor courts on Palmer Field and indoor courts in Barbour Gymnasium. BADMINTON ADMINTON has had a surprisingly rapid rise in popularity during the last few years although it was only recently intro- duced on campus. Not only is it greatly favored as a class sport, but also as a W.A.A. activity and for inter-sorority tournaments. The class program in badminton has a defi- nite structure. The first few weeks are spent in acclimating the girl to the game, and learning the rudiments of correct play. After this preliminary training the girl is ready for practice competition. Then a definite program of class tournaments is introduced, and continued throughout the remainder of the season. W.A.A. sponsors an inter-soror- ity tournament that has acquired considera- ble interest the past two years, especially in the doubles contests. Badminton is another sport that has great in- dividual value. It is of great phys- ical benefit to a girl, and it places more responsibility upon the indi- vidual. We find the upper-class women continuing the game even though they do not participate in class play. Also, it is a carry-over sport for later life. This game, along with tennis, becomes an ac- cessible form of recreation for club women. Page 173 SWIMMING swimming schedule was planned so as to give a complete program for all classes of swimmers. The Barbour Gymnasium pool is used exclusively for the beginners, who are carefully instructed in the rudiments of the sport. The advanced classes are held in the Union pool. In addition to the regular swimming classes, there are the Saturday practices in connection with the Women ' s Athletic Association. These classes develop the material for the teams participating in intramural competition. This is a prominent women ' s athletic activity. As a result of this training the girls have developed a great outside field of competition. This year they had meets with University High School, Yp- silanti, and Michigan State. The Green Splash Club from Michigan State defeated the university team, 47- 46. Many schools enter the Tele- graphic meet held in the second se- mester, which is an added step in women ' s intercollegiate athletics. Each team races at its own school, and the best scores are compared by telegraph, and the results are de- termined from these figures. The varied women ' s swimming program of the university has increased the number of girls participating in aquatic sports, but the instructors still have time to give each girl the necessary individual attention. It I II I IDING has become a popular year round sport at the university through the able sponsorship of W.A.A., the Physical Education Department, and private acade- mies. All these interests have de- veloped a great individual concern for the activity as is evidenced by the numerous participants in the classes and clubs. The Crop and Saddle Club of W.A.A. is one of the most enthusiastic activities of the Association. An efficient organization with a student manager has greatly helped to build up its large membership. A very definite sytem of promotion is used by the club. Girls who have ridden little are al- lowed to perfect their skill with the Novice group. When they are able to pass an ad- vanced test in horsemanship, they are pro- moted to formal membership in the Cr op and Saddle Club. Breakfast jaunts and moonlight rides are the favorite pastimes of the members. The year ' s events culminate with the main project of the year the horse show. The show is sponsored by the Crop and Saddle Club, but all members of the student body and faculty participate. Stu- dents are given able instruction in the regu- lar Physical Education program for their in- dividual interest and for participation in Crop and Saddle Club. Page 174 Page 175 Page 176 Page 177 MODERN DANCE CLUB Pagi 178 CLASSES s I . I O H CLASS 1935 TRIBE OF l I II I 4. A l I SACHEMS bl TEN AlGLEa WISE COUNCIL ANDERSON BATTLE TINDER BARTHELME ORIAT BUILDER. BATES FRIENDLY YVORD CAMPBELL. ffclENDLY CHIEF COOKY PfACt MAKER. RUTHVN CANOE BUILDtRSAOLfB. RtADUM BIRCMBARHSTRMJSi COUNCIL PLIAOIR. SUNOiRLftN D MANY COUNCILS TAfPINC- GHtAT-5CLPt.R YOST TIGUTING-bRAVES WILD QUILL MiAteY TOAM MAKES. RENNER. YAPPIN DOG- WARD WADOLfc DUCKHILTY SATCHEL HAUNCH AU5TIN BUffALO HERDER DUffY LONG f IN DRYSDALf SIGNAL MAKER KEB.I5 f L1PPUW BACK fORD NO SCALP HALL STRAY UCKHENOC fit AP WHOOP -HORAK DtAD PWCK JtWtL TOW R SCOUT WcCOMB5 MOU5ETACS McFATt. MANY SCALPS OLIVER. TROUBlt AAKlR PLUMMtR NO CAN RtAO f LA5HINGWIT 5RF. HOPPINQ JAY SINGLETON f IYINO MOCCASIN SMITH LITTLE SQUIRRtLSMITH TOIUNQBEAVtB. WtlCH. ALL CAMPUS SENIOR HONORARY Page 180 ELIZA6ETH AIGLiB. fLEANOH LUM KATHLEEN CABPENTP. 5EATHICE DEVINt NAN DIEbL MAXINE MABI MURPHY MA Y OMEN MARY SABIN SUTWULAND I Page 181 1935 LITERARY OFFICERS President GEORGE LAWTON Vice-President . . MARGARET MUSTARD Secretary .... MARION BERTSCH Treasurer LEE SHAW GEORGE LAWTON MARION BERTSCH MARGARET MUSTARD LEE SHAW COMMITTEES CHARLES G.BARNDT j Co _ chairmen GEORGE DILLINGHAM ALICE MORGAN Senior Ball EDWARD DOWNS ALLEN MCCOMBS BETTY TALCUTT JOSEPHINE WHITMER JOSEPH FESSER RUTH KASER GERALD FORD ANN MITCHEL FLOYD COOK, Chairman HELEN CLARK Executive OLIVE WEBB ROWENA GOLDSTEIN WILLIAM BORGMAN WILLIAM MORGAN VIRGINIA MORGAN, Chairman DOROTHY HALL Cap and Gown SUE MAHLER ELSA VAN SLYKE EDWARDINE HOYT RUTH HOLFER CLARK HANNON, Chairman GEORGINA KARLSON Invitations NED WELCH EVIE M. ANSLEY Lois ZIMMERMAN MARIE MURPHY CHARLES GRENING, Chairman KATHERINE RUCKER Finance BEATRICE DEVINE ELEANOR BLUM ELIZABETH SEIBERT RICHARD SHOOK MARY SAVAGE, Chairman MELINDA CROSBY Commencement MARION BROOKE STELLA GLASS PHYLLIS HARR MARJORIE SOLOMON LEE SHAW, Chairman MARCIA HIMES Class Dues MARION WIGGIN ROBERT WARD DONALD NORTON LARRY CLAYTON JAMES EBERLY, Chairman HAROLD ANDERSON Canes JEANETTE GREEN E. S. RICE BLLLIE GRIFFTHS MAX ETKIND Page 182 1935 I . I I I I M . OFFICERS President . . . SAM M. TRAMONTANA Vice-President . . . JULIUS F. BARTUS Secretary .... FRANK W. DuLYN Treasurer . . . ROBERT J. PFOHMAN SAM TRAMONTANE FRANK DULYN JULIUS F. BARTUS ROBERT PFOHMAN COMMITTEES RICHARD M. RICE, Chairman ROBERT W. SLOANE ALBERT BELLAMY, Chairman ROYER SCHLTNGMAN TAGE O. JACOBSON, Chairman BRUCE W. KLEIN WH.LHM C. MILLER, Chairman HUGO E. JOHNSON Executive KENNETH O. COGCER Cane DON A. POMEROY Invitations EDWARD W. MACRUM Finance DELWIN HEISINGER JOE S. CRATN WILBUR C. NELSON ROY EMERSON WILLIAM W. McRoy EDWLN RICHARDSON CARL C. SORGEN LELAND H. COULTER PAUL E. WAGNER RUDOLPH L. THOREN GLLBERT SHAW, Chairman JACK L. GUTTERMAN A. WARD WOOD Cap and Gown RICHARD D. FONDA Senior Batt LEWIS A. BOSWORTH ARTHUR S. IRWLN ALBERT E. MARSHALL OLIVER S. SOARK Honor Council JOSEPH C. WAGNER Engineering Council JOHN W. HOLDEN OSCAR A. KNUUSI Page 183 1935 i : i M i i ; OFFICERS President . . . WILLIAM N. TAYLOR Vice-President .... SOL BAKER Secretary .... MARKUS WEINER Treasurer MARK S. DONOVAN WILLIAM TAYLOR MARKUS WEINER SOL BAKER MARK DONOVAN COMMITTEES IRVING A. FIELDS, Chairman RUSSEL M. ATCHISON Executive RICHARD H. LYONS LAWRENCE C. MANNI JEROME E. WEBSTER, JR. Honor WILLIAM A. BELLAMY, JR., Chairman MERRIL W. MICHELS EDWIN R. MCKNIGHT Invitations RICHARD C. PECKHAM, Chairman EDWARD B. WEINMAN STANLEY M. PEARSON, Chairman Cane MORRIS J. MINTZ FENIMORE E. DAVIS MARSHALL Y. SOLDINGER, Chairman Finance KEITH F. BENNETT RAYMOND A. SOKOLOV RUTH KABRISKY, Chairman Cap and Gown ZYGMUNT A. ZOWADSKI JOHN NYBOER PAUL E. DERLETH, Chairman Student Affairs WILLIAM G. GARDON KENDALL B. HOLMES Senior Ball EDWARD F. DRAVES Page 184 1935 DEXTISTRY OFFICERS President .... BRUCE F. FULLER Vice-President . . . VON K. FROWINE Secretary .... DWIGHT A. JACKSON Treasurer . BERNARD M. WEINTRAUB BRUCE FULLER DWIGHT JACKSON VON FROWINE BERNARD WEINTRAUB COMMITTEES Executive STEWART MILLER, Chairman MILTON J. CONVERSE HERBERT J. BLOOM JOHN T. SCHWARTZBEK HENRY W. YOUNG Publicity ARCHIE L. MCNAUGHTON, Chairman FRED MILLER LACHLAN NOBLE DAVID BEGELMAN Photographs BERNARD SCHMIDT, Chairman LLOYD N. CODY CHARLES G. BEKTEMIRIAN NICHOLAS JELLES, JR. Cane and Pipe RICHARD D. HILLS, Chairman CLYDE K. WOLF ROBERT L. O ' SHAUGHNESSY MORRIS KOORHAN Finance FREDERICK A. HENNY, Chairman RONALD B. Fox GLEN E. WARD Athletic DALLAS C. SIGWART, Chairman HARRY COOK ROBERT F. MERRIMAN LLEWELLYN P. LEIGH Invitations ANDERSON ARBURY, Chairman JOHN M. ALDRICH HELEN H. HARMAN DOUGLAS T. CROWE Cap and Gown HARRY E. RUSH, Chairman CLARENCE L. RUSSELL HAROLD H. BOYERS ARTHUR J. Cox Social TITUS VANHAITSMA, Chairman BRUCE COOK STEWART I. SWANTON Louis H. BAUM Page 185 EDUCATION OFFICERS President KEITH J. DAVIS V ice-President . . BARBARA SUTHERLAND Secretary . . . CHARLOTTE SIMPSON Treasurer OSCAR FROWEIN KEITH DAVIS CHARLOTTE SIMPSON BARBARA SUTHERLAND OSCAR FROWEIN COMMITTEES Finance HELEN C. GII.LESPIE, Chairman HENRY P. PENDORF HELEN CRAWFORD M. VIRGINIA POWELL MARY ELIZABETH SMITH GERTRUDE M. MORRIS Commencement LAVINIA E. CREIGHTON, Chairman WILLIAM J. FAVEL MARY M. MURPHY H. CLAYTON PAULSON MELINDA G. CROSBY Page 186 III SIM. ss ADM I M MKVIION OFFICERS President .... ORVILLE ARONSOX Vice-President .... ROBERT SHAW Secretary Louis KLASS Treasurer ROBERT ALLMAXD ORVILLE ARONSOX LOUIS KLASS ROBERT SHAW ROBERT ALLMAXD COMMITTEE;- Executive WILLIAM X. BROWN, Chairman ROBERT S. DAVIS COXSTAXTIXE S. SLAVBOPACTAS KEXSETH W. MICHAEL Cane BEX B. CAKXOX, Chairman DONALD F. BLAXKERTS DONALD L. POWERS RALPH J . O ' HARA Senior Ball ROGEK C. THOKPE Finanace FRANKLIN- H. LxRows, Chairman DONALD I. FELDSTEIN JACK A. M INTS ALICE M.MAHXKE JOHX W. WESTIXC, Chairman Cap and Goum WILLLAM J. WILLL MSON CHAWXS R. ASHTOX JAMES C. WILLS, Chairman Invitations GEORGE M. GOLDSMITH KEXXETH G. YETTEK Page 187 1935 MUSIC SCHOOL ' OFFICERS President . MARETTA LOUISE MARTINEK Vice-President .... ELDON SCOTT Secretary .... KENNETH BOVEE Treasurer . . . LEONA HAEFNER MARETTA MARTINEK KENNETH BOVEE ELDON SCOTT LEONA HAEFNER COMMITTEES Finance Committee LEONA HAEFNER, Chairman ELMER BRUCK MONA HUTCHINGS Invitation Committee MADELINE HADCOCK, Chairman HELEN HARROD GLADYS SCHULTZ VICTORIA TOTEFF Cane Committee A. ACHILLES TALIAFERRO, Chairman DAVID BURCHUK RAYMOND KONDRATOWICZ Picture Committee ALVIN BENNER, Chairman CARL FREDERICKSON ARDELL HARDY MARY MORRIS ON, Chairman Social Committee MARION DICKSON RUBY PEINERT MARGARET HERTRICH FRANK SUDA, Chairman Cap and Gown Committee EMILIE PARIS HARRY SIEGEL KENNETH SAGE ELIZABETH WALZ, Chairman Senior Gift Committee HOWARD PARK SUZANNE MALVE FRANCES DELL Advisory Committee MARK BILLS, Chairman ABE OSSER LEONE SAXTON Page 188 01 III It si ioi! CLASS OFFICERS 1935 LAW President WILLIAM BABCOCK Vice-President HERBERT MILLIKEN Treasurer ELSWORTH ALLISON Secretary MILTON J. MILLER 1935 ARCHITECTURE President FRED M. Cox Vice-President FREDERICK H. GRAHAM Treasurer SAMUEL SCHIENER Secretary RICHARD M. ROBINSON 1935 PHARMACY President ROBERT G. KRAFT Vice-President DON E. FRANCKE Treasurer FLORENCE E. HARTSUFF Secretary BELLE C. STAMAN 180 ' Marie Amanda Abbot A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Phi; Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play Robert Alfred Alltnand DETROIT, MICHIGAN Delta Sigma Pi; Class Treas. (5) M.B.A. Thomas J. Abele A.B. SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Lambda Chi Alpha Alfred W. Acker B.S. in Chem. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Band (2) (3) (4) Morton Abraham Adinoff A.B. PORT HURON, MICHIGAN Interpretive Arts Society (3); Board Chairman, Mich. Wolverine (4) Helen Elizabeth Aigler A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Delta Gamma; Wyvern (3); Mortar-board (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Mich. Daily (1) (2); Panhellenic (2) (3), President (4); Bd. of Representatives (2), Chair- man (4); Chmn. League Hosiery Shop (2); House Organization Comm. (2); Class Sec ' y (3), League Bd. of Directors (3); Undergraduate Council (4); Vice- Pres. Sociedad Hispanica (4); Orientation Comm. (4); League Council (4); Fresh- man Girls Glee Club; Freshman Pageant Comm.: Soph Cabaret Comm.: Junior Girls Play Comm. Chorus; Children ' s Theater Comm. (3); Chairman, Instal- lation Banquet, (3) Addison B. Aldrich M.D. HOUGHTON, MICHIGAN Phi Rho Sigma John M. Aldrich D.D.S. HOUGHTON, MICHIGAN Ellsworth Wayne Allison LL.B. MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN E. Lucille Aim A.B. GALESBURG, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Pres. (4); League As- sembly Board (4) ; League Orientation Comm. (4) Lois Evadnah Altaian SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO Gamma Phi Beta A.B. Charlotte Kennard Anderson, A.B. MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Alpha Xi Delta: Freshman Pageant; Athena; Junior Girls Play; Chairman, League Library Comm. (3) Eleanor Louise Anderson A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; League Publicity Comm. (4) Emiline June Anderson A.B. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Adelia Cheever; Eta Sigma Phi; Rifle Club (3) (4); Fencing; Pres. Zone 5; Choral Union (3) (4) Harold David Anderson DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Sigma; Basketball (1) A.B. Robert Olof Anderson A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Tennis; Le Cercle Francais Page 100 Harvey M. Andre B.S. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Charles Richard Ashton M.BA. HrNTiNCTOK WOODS, MICHIGAN Lambda Chi Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Xu (4) (5) I Erlin Andrews A.B. BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN Political Science Club John Lewis Arend SALINE, MICHIGAN Beta Sigma Psi; Baseball (1) BS. Charles H. Armstrong B.S. in E.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Delta Alpha Epsilon; A.I.E.E. Francis Goodell Armstrong CHELSEA, MICHIGAN Beta Theta Pi A.B. Harry Loren Arnold, Jr. M.D. HONOLULU, HAWAII Zeta Psi: Xu Sigma Xu: Alpha Omesa Alpha: Mimes; Galens, Victor Vaughn Society: Society for Clinical Discussion Ruth Katherine Arnold JACKSON. MICHIGAN Martha Cook: Black Quill A.B. Orville Roy Aronson M.B.A. ESCANABA, MICHIGAN Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Xu: Kappa Phi Sigma: Daily (1) (2) (3); Class Pres. (5): Advertising Sales Mgr.. Daily Russell MacRae Atehison M.D. NORTHVILLE, MlCHICAN Honor Committee (2); Executive Comm. (4) Charles J. Atkins, Jr. GARY, INDIANA Theta Chi AS. Ralph Augusovitz NILES, MICHIGAN MJD. Samuel C. Azen M.D. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Victor Vaughn Society; Society for Clin- ical Discussion Earl Paul Babcock A.B. GRAND HAVEN, MICHIGAN Sigma Phi; Druids; Track William A. Babcock, Jr. TWIN FALLS, IDAHO Lawyers Club; Class Pres. (4) LL.B. Frederick Baessler A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Alpha Rho Chi Page 191 Ralph Michael Bahna A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Lawyers Club Joseph Randle Bailey, Jr. TOLEDO, OHIO Sigma Chi; Phi Sigma; Druids A.B. Herbert Bandes B.S.inChem. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 4ft ., Theodore Barash A.B. NEW YORK, NEW YORK Pi Lambda Phi; Daily (1); Track (1); Hillel Players Charles Addis Baird A.B. HOLLY, MICHIGAN Sigma Delta Chi; Daily (2) (3); Edi- torial Director, Summer Daily (3); Union Opera (3); Play Production (3) (4) Oscar Wilson Baker LL.B. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Sol R. Baker M.D. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Omega Alpha (4); Phi Kappa Phi; Class Vice-Pres. (4); Executive Comm. (1) Theodore Charles Baker ALTADENA, CALIFORNIA Delta Alpha Epsilon B.S. Willard James Ball B.S. in Ch.E. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Sigma Phi Charles Guernsey Barndt A.B. LIMA, OHIO Phi Kappa Sigma; Blackguards (4); Chairman, Senior Ball; J-Hop Floor Com- mittee; Daily (1) (2); Ass ' t Basketball Mgr. (3); Pres., Freshman Glee Club; Varsity Glee Club (3) (4); " Rebin Hood " (1) Frances Marie Barnett DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Xi Delta A.B. Walter Lee Barningham LL.B. VERMONTVILLE, MICHIGAN Roy Wilson Barns B.S. in Ch.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Isabell Barrus A.B. CARLETON, MICHIGAN Delta Delta Delta; Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret; League Reception Comm. (4) Gordon Wesley Balyeat M.D. SPARTA, MICHIGAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Rho Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Society for Clinical Discussion; Class Pres. (1); Chairman, Exec. Comm. (3); Band (2) (3) Donald K. Barstow M.D. ST. Louis, MICHIGAN Phi Beta Pi Page 192 Julius Francis Bart us B.S. inC.E. HOLLAND, NEW YORK Scabbard and Blade (3) (4). A.S.C.E ; Vice-Pres. Class (4); Poknia Literary Circle Glen Thomas Bashore COLEMAN, MICHIGAN B.S. Jane Bassett A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpba Phi; Daily Business Staff (2) (3). Manager (4); Hockey (1) (2); Class Sec ' y (1); Ass ' t. Mp-. Summer Director)- William Henry Bates DILLON, MONTANA B.S. Frederick William Batten B.S. in Ch.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi Nathaniel Batter B.S. in E.E. WEST HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Pi Lambda Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma: A.I.E.E.; Swimming (1) (2); Water Polo (1) (2) J. C. Graham Batting B.S. in Naval Arch. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Theta Xi: Quarterdeck; Sigma Rbo Tau James L. Bauchat A.B. PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Theta Chi; Alpha Epsilon Mu: Glee Club Louis H. H.I ii in l L .S. FLINT, MICHIGAN Theodore Philip Bausehard A.B. ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Trigon H. Elwyn Beach B.S. in AeroE. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Kenneth Otto Beach A.B. Curt .SEA, MICHIGAN R.O.T.C. Robert E. Beal B.S. in ChJ2. HUDSON, MICHIGAN Thru Delta Chi; Glee Club (3) (4) Wayne Peter Beardsley JONES, MICHIGAN B.S. Melvin Peter Beaudette FLINT, MICHIGAN Phi Tau Alpha A.B. John Curie Becker DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Tau: Phi Eta Sigma A.B. Page 193 Harold Kline Beecher, Jr. B.S. in Arch. POTTSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Alpha Rho Chi Alvin N. Benner B.M. ADRIAN, MICHIGAN Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Mu: Ass ' t Director Alpha Epsilon Mu (4); University Symphony Orchestra (2) (3) (4); Varsity Band (2) (3) (4) David Begelman D.D.S. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Omega Keith French Bennett KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN M.D. John Avis Beierwaltes B.S. inChem. SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Sigma Charles G. Bektemirian D.D.S. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Albert Henry Bellamy, Jr. B.S. inA.E. MILFORD, MICHIGAN John Walker Bellamy B.S.inCh.E. EVANSTON, ILLINOIS Chi Phi: Triangle; Scabbard Blade: A.I.Ch.E.; Daily, Con. Adv. Mgr.; Pres., Triangles; Band; Undergrad. Coun- cil Leonard Berman NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi M.D. John M. Bermel DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.B. Joseph Bernhardt A.B. BUFFALO, NEW YORK Sigma Alpha Mu; Intramural Mgr. (1) (2) (3) Marion Louise Bertsch A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Alpha Kappa Delta: Senior Society. Vice-Pres. (4); Class Sec ' y (4): Choral Union (3); Stanley Chorus (3): Junior Girls Play; Social Chairman and Vice-Pres., Martha Cook (4): Choirister (3); League Orientation Comm. (4) William Arthur Bellamy M.D. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon ; Alpha Kappa Kappa: Alpha Epsilon Mu; Chairman Honor Comm.; Varsity Band (1) (2) (3) Rose Mary Best B.S. in Arch. HOPE, INDIANA Alpha Alpha Gamma; Vice-Pres. (4); Class Vice-Pres. (3) Jeffries Benjamin A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Tau Omega; Gargoyle (1) (2) Lucile Margaret Betz A.B. MONROE, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Omega: Michiganensian (1) Freshman Girls Glee Club: Freshman Pageant. Committee (1); Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play: Penny Carnival (2) (3): W.A.A. Board (4); League Merit System Comm. (4) Page 194 Edward Bipg LATROBE. PENNSYLVANIA Pi Lambda Phi M.D. Roger William Billharz B.SinM.E. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Ruth Marie ISinh DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Kappa Alpha A.B. Don Richard Black CANTON, OHIO Beta Theta Pi: Basketball (1) A.B. Joseph George Black. Jr. A.B. GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN Zeta Psi: Basketball: Boxing Eleanor Mav Blodgett A.B. HIGHLAND PARK, MICHIGAN Martha Cook: Athena Literary Society, Treas. (4): Glee Club: Stanley Chorus (4); Choral Union (3) (4); Junior Girls Play: League Reception Comm. (4); Interpretive Arts Society (3) (4) Herbert Jerome Bloom DETROIT. MICHIGAN D.D.S. Herman J. Bloom DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.B. 7 A Eleanor Bertha Blnm A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Theta Phi Alpha. Pres. (4) Wyvern; Mortarboard: Daily (1) (2) (3) (4); Women ' s Editor Daily (4); Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play Comm.: Athena, Src ' y (2), Vice-Pres. (3): Theta Sigma Phi (3) (4): Delta Sigma Rho. Sec ' y-Treas. (4); Women ' s Varsity Debating (2) (3) (4) I nil a Louise Bobertz A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Delta Pi: Theta Sigma Phi; Junior dirk Play Charles Dean Bohrer M.D. TOLEDO, OHIO Phi Beta Pi: Society for Clinical Dis- cussion: Honor Committee (3) William Knight Boice E.E. LANSING, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Phi; Swimming (1) (2) (3) (4) Beulah Frances Borgerding SCHOOLCRATT, MICHIGAN R.N. illiam F. Borgmann FORT WAYNE, INDIANA A.B. Delta Tau Delta: Druids: Football (1) (2) (3) (4) Mildred Jeanne Bosma AJJ. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Alpha Phi: Political Science Club: Soph Cabaret Ruth Bosse A.B. EVANSVILLE, INDIANA Pi Beta Phi: Freshman Girk Glee Club, Sec ' y: Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Orientation Comm. Page 195 Philip E. Bourland CALUMET, MICHIGAN Alpha Delta Phi; Nu Sigma Nu M.D. Kenneth LeVere Bovee B.M. ITHACA, MICHIGAN Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Symphony Orchestra (2) (3) (4); Choral Union (3) (4); Varsity Band (2) (3) Camilla Shanahan Bowman A. 8. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Pi Beta Phi; Junior Girls Play Harold Henry Beyers D.D.S. MORGANTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA Kappa Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta Hugh W. Brace, Jr. SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN Delta Tau Delta A.B. Albert Arthur Bracht LENNON, MICHIGAN A.B. Gwendolyn M. Braekett A.B. in Ed. NORWAY, MICHIGAN Randolph Leman Bradley B.S.inM.E. PAVILION, NEW YORK Scabbard Blade; Wrestling (3) (4); Boxing (1) Stewart L. Brants BAY CITY, MICHIGAN A.B. Esther F. Brandon EDON, OHIO Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret A.B. Robert Louis Braunsdorf M.D. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Phi Rho Sigma John Grierson Brazer M.D. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Beta Pi Paul Henry Breiner B.S. in Aero.K. TOLEDO, OHIO Aero Club division of A.S.M.E.; Wres- tling Eugene Stedman Brewer, Jr. A.B. Owosso, MICHIGAN Delta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma Franklin Edward Bristol A.B. OAK PARK, ILLINOIS Theta Delta Chi; Druids; Tennis (1); Exec. Comm. Interfraternity Council (4); Interfraternity Ball Comm. (3) Marion Louise Brooke A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Jordan Hall; Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play; League Bd. of Representatives Page 196 John Mills Brookhart CLEVELAND, OHIO Delta Pfci: Phi Eta Surma BS. Lois M. Brookman NORTHVUXE, MICHIGAN COUM-DS HU; Scalpel Staff (4): Gen- rral Chairman. Junior Bazaar Ella May Broome A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Kappa Delta: Pan Hellenic (2) (3) (4); Freshman Girls Glee Club; Soph Cabaret George Emerson Brown A.B. ROCHESTER, MINNESOTA Phi Rho Sigma; Chnnn., Executive Com- mittee (1) John Brown B.S. in E.E. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Tan Beta Phi W. Durand Brown B3. in Ch.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Gamma Delta; A.I.Ch.E. William Looker Brown A.B. CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Phi Delta Theta William Nelson Brown DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Phi M.B.A. R. Lee Browning LL.B. IRON MOUNTAIN, MICHIGAN Charles Bruce Brownson A.B. FLINT, MICHIGAN Sigma Xu; Alpha Xu (1) (2) (3); Blackguards (4); Daily (1) (2); Gar- soyte (4); J-Hop Committee, Sec ' y (3): Varsity Debating (2) Jane Hedges Brueker A.B. MANSFIELD, OHIO Delta Delta Delta; Daily (1); Michi- eanensian (1) (2) (3), Junior Editor (3); W.A.A. Board (2) (3) (4); Leaeue Reception Comm. (4); Pan Hellenic Ball Comm. (3); Rushing Sec ' y. Pan Hellenic (4); Freshman Pageant: Freshman Girls Gle Club: Junior Girls Play, Chrmn. (3) Committee Freshman Orientation (4) Senior Ball Comm. (4) Robert Stowell Brumnieler A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Allen Eugene Brunson GANGES, MICHIGAN Alpha Kappa Kappa M.D. Wilbert Henry Budd B.S. in E.E. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E. Wesley Andrew Buehl B.S.inC.E. SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Phi Pi Phi Walter Theodore Buhl B.S. UTICA, NEW YORK Tau Beta Pi: Fencing (1) (2); Glider Club (3) (4) Page 197 Dan Jayne Buhner M.D. ASPINWALL, PENNSYLVANIA Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Xu; Alpha Omega Alpha Russell Burton Bunn A.B. WlLLIAMSTON, MICHIGAN Alpha Tau Omega John Harold Burgess B.S. in Arch. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Alpha Rho Chi Mary Louis Burgess A.B. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Jordan Hall Robert Lee Callard B.S. in Ch.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN John Peter Campbell JACKSON, MICHIGAN Delta Sigma Pi A.B. Ben B. Cannon M.B.A. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Sigma Chi; Class Pres. (4); Chairman, Cane C omm. (5) Irving James Cantrall A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Mildred Butler A.B. SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Sidney Lewis Caplan A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sigma Alpha Mu; Hillel Players Dale Winfred Button B.S. in Ch.E. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO A.I.Ch.E. Evelyn Olga Bychinsky A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Carl Russell Carlson B.S. in E.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.I.E.E. J. Stanley Carlson A.B. OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA B. Sue Calcutt A.B. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Delta Gamma; Wyvern; Gargoyle (3); Stanley Chorus (3); Comedy Club (2) (3); Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play. Costumes Chairman; Chairman, Theatre Art Com., League (4) Robert Gibson Carney A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Phi Page 198 Florence Loraine Carpenter BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Pi Beta Phi: Children ' s Theater A.B. Kathleen S. Carpenter A.B. BLISSFIELD, MICHIGAN Delta Gamma: Phi Beta; Wyvern. Treas. (3): Mortarboard, Sec ' y (4); Class Sec ' y (2): Judiciary Council (3), Pres. (4); Comedy Club (1) (2) (3) (4), Sec ' y (3); Board of Directors Women ' s League (3); Comm. on Student Affairs (4): Administrative Bd. of University (4); League Council (4); Undergraduate Coun- cil (4): Freshman Pageant, Committee: Soph Cabaret, Comm.; Art Cinema League (2): Junior Girls Play, and Com- mittee: Children ' s Theatre, Comm. (3) Arthur J. Carr A.B. BAD AXE, MICHIGAN Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi: Inland Review: Choral Union (3) (4) Bertha Eugenie Carry A.B. Axx ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Lambda Delta; Eta Sigma Phi: Le Cercle Francais, Pres. (4), Vice-Pres. Arthur William Carstens A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi: Druids: Sports Staff. Daily (2) (3): Sports Editor (4); Sec ' y, Sigma Delta Chi (4) Abram Allen Chalfin LL.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Tau Epsilon Rho Rosalynn L. Chapel A.B. FLINT, MICHIGAN Kappa Phi Eleanor Sarah Chase A.B. BOYNE CITY, MICHIGAN Zeta Phi Eta, Pres. (4); Poetry Reading Contest (3) Dwight Martin Cheever MBA. Sigma Phi, Glider Club (2) (3) Fu Hua Chen B.S. in C.E. PEIPING, CHINA Alpha Lambda Willard D. Carter B.S. in M.E. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN A.S.M.E.. Sec ' y-Treas. Harry Casselman DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.B. Constance Jane Cavender A.B. RIVER FOREST, ILLINOIS Le Cercle Francais: Junior Girls Play: League Social Committee Henrietta Cherrington B.S. in Ed. GALLIPOLIS, OHIO Pi Beta Phi: Physical Education Club, Vice-Pres. (4) James J. Christensen A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Le Cercle Francais: International Relations Club, Treas. Chris Christopher A.B. SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Delta Epsilon Pi Page 199 Martha Jane Cissel A.B. LANSING, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Michigancnsian (2); Daily (2); W.A.A. (3) (4); Basketball (1) (3); Golf (1) (2) (3) (4); Finance Committee (1); Soph Prom Comm. (2); Freshman Girls Glee Club (1); Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play, and Comm. David Clinger-Smith A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Delta; Earhart Scholarship (3) (4) Clyde Eugene Clark SPRINGFIELD, OHIO Phi Chi M.D. Fred P. Clohset LL.B. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Alpha Kappa Lambda; Football Helen Clark A.B. UPPER MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY Helen Newberry; Vice-Pres., (3): Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4); Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls Play James Bevan Clarke B.S. in M.E. ST. THOMAS, ONTARIO Virginia Dae Cluff A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Kappa Kappa Gamma; Theta Sigma Phi; Michiganensian (1); Daily (3); Pub- licity Chrmn., Freshman Pageant: Food Chairman. Soph Cabaret; Prop. Chairman, Junior Girls Play; Pan-Hellenic, Treas. (4); W.A.A. Swimming Manager (2); Pres., Kapp a Kappa Gamma; Class Fi- nance Comm. (1) (3) Margaret Cobb A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Cordon William Claussen CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Delta Phi A.B. Lloyd Nelson Cody D.D.S. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Delta Sigma Delta William Richard Clay KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI A.B. Madelyn Phyllis Coe A.B. GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN Delta Gamma; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Pan-Hellenic Ball (4); Chair- man Lawrence Gray Clayton A.B. ILION, NEW YORK Phi Gamma Delta; Druids; Tower Club; Senior Class Comm.: Ass ' t Football Mgr. (2); Vice-Pres., Michigan Union, Exec. Council (3) Allen Edgar Cleveland B.S. in E.E. ADRIAN, MICHIGAN A.I.E.E.; Sigma Pi Tau; Pi Tau Pi Sigma John Scott Cole A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Rifle Team (1) (2) (3), Capt. (4); Sec ' y-Treas., Deutsche Verein (2) (3) (4); Cadet-Major R.O.T.C. Ruth Helen Coles A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Gamma Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Eta Sigma Phi Page 200 Maxwell Robert Collins Chem. Mr. MORRIS, MICHIGAN Varsity Glee nob (3) (4); Choral Union (3) (4); Quartette, Varsity Club (4) Ix uis Joseph Colombo. Jr. LL.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi: Michisamna; Sphinx; Barristers Lester Vern Colwell B.S. in M.E. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Kappa Delta Rho: Tan Beta Pi; A-S.M.E. Harr Train Com ins FUNT, MlCHIGAX Aipha Kappa A.B. Ellen Jean Conover EVART, MICHIGAN Delta Gamma A.B. Fiord H . Cook, Jr. A B . MiDDLETOWN, NEW YORK Delta L ' psilon; Chairman, Exec. Comm.. (4) Harriette Elizabeth Cook BS. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Alpha Alpha Gamma, Pres. Harrr Cook D.D.S. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Omega Martha W. Cook MALTA, OHIO Alpha Delta Pi A.B. William Ferrall Cook M.D. SHEPHERD, MICHIGAN Phi Beta Pi; Gatens Milton Jennings Converse D.D.S. Mr. PLEASANT, MICHIGAN Xi fa Phi; Class Pres. (4); Vice-Pres.. Michigan Union Albert A. Conviser B S. in Aero.E. BROOKLYN-. NEW YORK Pi Lambda Phi: Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. Corresponding Sec ' y. Donald Clarence Cook M.B.A. ESCANABA, MICHIGAN Theta Xi; Union (1) (2); J-Hop Com- mittee (3) (5); Chairman, Banquet Comm. (4); Gargoyle (1) (2), Publi- cation Manager (3): Chairman, Finance Committee (2): Cane Committee (S) William Warner Cook A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon Roselvnn Ellen Cooke A.B. BAY CTTY, MICHIGAN Everett Chambers Copier A.B. BUFFALO, NEW YORK Phi Delta Theta; Mgr., Golf Team (4); Union Opera (4) Page 201 John Shaw Cort, Jr. B.S. in Ch.E. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Sigma Kappa Leland Everett Coulter B.S.inM.E. NEW KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA Delta Sigma Phi; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Senior Intramural Manager Ralph Girard Coulter A.B. MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Sigma Delta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Druids; Daily (2). Night Editor (3), Editorial Director (4) James Will Coultrap GENEVA, ILLINOIS Phi Delta Theta; Phi Delta Phi J.D- Walter Folger Courtis B.S.inE.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Trigon ; Hockey Robert Edmund Cowden, Jr. LL.B. DAYTON, OHIO Lawyers Club; Barristers Arthur J. Cox SEARS, MICHIGAN D.D.S. Fred M. Cox B.S. in Eng. Arch. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Arch Society (3), Pres. (1) (4) Joe Stcdnian Grain B.S. in M.E. GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN Delia Sigma Pi C. Rov Cramer B.S. in E.E. CARSON CITY, MICHIGAN A.I.E.E. Eugene E. Crawford M.S. in Forestry CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Les Yoyageurs; Forestry Club Helen Crawford A.B. in Ed. PORT CLINTON, OHIO Martha Conk: Pi Lambda Theta: Classi- cal Society: Phi Kappa Phi; Le Cercle Franca is Paul R. Crawford B.S. in Arch. WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA Alpha Rho Chi: Choral Union (1); Glee Club (2) Lavinia Eileen Creighton B.S. in Ed. PATCHOGUE, NEW YORK Pi Lambda Theta: Senior Society: Phys- ical Education Club; Hockey (1) (2) (3) (4); Basketball (1) (2) (3); Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls Play Melinda G. Crosby A.B. in Ed. BYRON, MICHIGAN Senior Society; Mosher Hall, Pres. (4); Social Chairman, Mosher Hall (3): Fresh- man Project Comm.; League Merit Sys- tem Comm. (4); Commencement Com- mittee (4); Junior Girls Play; Soph Cabaret; Freshman Advisor (3) (4); League Assembly Board (4) George E. Crossley B.S. in E.E. CORNWALL, CONNECTICUT Page 202 Thomas Crowe D.D S SEVENOAKS, NATAL, SOUTH AFRICA Xi Psi Phi Margaret C. Culver B.S. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Tui Sisma DelU; Alpha Alpha Gamma: Art Editor. Michiganensian Ronald H. Culver B.S. in E.E. Axx ARBOR, MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi, Secretary; Sigma Xi Carl Anton Cuphaver B.S. in Aero Eng. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Thru Xi: Aero. Div. A.S.M.E.: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Scabbard Blade; Glider Clul. (I) (2) (3) Isabelle Jessie Carrie A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Helen Xewberry: Senior Society: Pres.. Helen Newberry (4): Sec ' y. Senior Society (4); Freshman Pageant. Costume Comm.: Chants, Junior Girls Play: Co-chairman Candy Booth (4); Orientation Advisor (4) Nelson Otis Cashing ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN Alpha Epsiloo A.B. William Maas Cutting A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Delta Phi: Mimes: Gargoyle: Freshman Frolic; Union Opera Mary Elizabeth Daane A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Gamma Phi BeU C. Warren Daane LL.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Phi DelU Phi; Phi BeU Kappa; Bar- risters Melvin W. Dadd B.S. PERRY, NEW YORK Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Genesee Club; Cornelius Donovan Scholar; Robert Camp- bell Gemroell Scholar Ogden Rafferty Dalrymple A.B. NEW YORK, NEW YORK Swimming Team Philip Smith Dalziel B.S. in M.E. WINDSOR, ONTARIO Pi Kappa Phi; A.S.M.E. George A. Bankers, Jr. B.S. in Marine Eng. Mr. CLEMENS, MICHIGAN DelU Alpha Epsilon; Quarterdeck; Tau BeU Phi Dorothea Eleanor Davenport A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Omkron Pi; Choral Union (I) (2) Virginia Adele Davenport A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Manha Cook; Freshman Pageant; French Club Sidney Louis Davidow M.D. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Phi Delta Epsilon: Executive Comm. (2) Chairman. Finance Comm. (3); Social Committee Page 203 Mary Margaret Davidson A.B. WAYNE, MICHIGAN Carl K. Davis B.S. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Edith B. Davis A.B. SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Alpha Xi Delta; President, Cheever House; League Board of Representatives Femimire Edison Davis M.D. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Acacia; Phi Chi Keith Truman Davis B.S. in Ed. SOUTH OTSELIC, NEW YORK Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Class Pres. (4) Newman Davis A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Basketball (1) Robert Shean Davis M.B.A. KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN Sigma Phi; Triangles; Vulcans; A.S.C.E. William Brooks Davis A.B. BELDING, MICHIGAN Chi Psi; Ass ' t Track Manager William Edward Davis B.S. in Arch. Eng. SOUTH MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Sigma Pi Tau; Glee Club (3) (4); Choral Union (3) (4) Betty Jane Dawson ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Kappa Alpha Theta A.B. Rusel Ramon deAIvarez SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND Nu Sigma Xu M.D. Dorothy Carolyn Deckler A.B. WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Choral Union; Stanley Chorus Gerrit James deGelleke B.S. in Arch. MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Alpha Rho Chi; Sigma Chi; Scabbard Blade Maurice Holland Demers B.S. in Eng. Physics MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Triangles; Phi Eta Sigma; Michigan Technic (2) (3); Band (1) (2) (3) (4); Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4) Malcolm Lawrence Denise LANSING, MICHIGAN Alpha Kappa Lambda A.B. Virginia Merrill Denne A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Xi Delta, Pres. (4); Athena Lit- erary Society, Treas. (2); Class Auditing Comm. (1): Freshman Girls Glee Club; Freshman Pageant; Chairman Ushers, Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre (2) (3); Sociedad Hispanica (3); Pan-Hellenic Delegate (2) (3); Junior Girls Play Page 204 Boyd t i it- Dennison, Jr. B.S. in Naval Arch. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA John William Detwiler B.S. in Arch. Eng. GROSSE POINTE PARK, MICHIGAN Delia Phi Beatrice A. DeVine A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Chi Omega; Mortarboard; Wyvern; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Michiganen- sian (2); League Board of Directors (3); W.A.A. Board (3); Treas., W.A.A. (4) James M. DeVine OCDEN, UTAH Phi Kappa Psi A.B. Rodney Walter DeVore B.S.inC.E. MEADVTLLE, PENNSYLVANIA A.S.C.E.; Donovan Scholar Leon Diamond CEDAR FALLS, IOWA A.B. William Bruce Dick ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Chi Gamma Phi A.B. Marion Bryant Dickson B.M. GARY, INDIANA Pi Beta Phi; Sigma Alpha Iota; Choral Union; Stanley Chorus Nan Elizabeth Diebel A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Delta Gamma; Wyvern; Mortarboard ; Sec ' y, Mich. League (3); League Bd. of Directors (2); Bd. of Governors, Mich League (2); Freshman Pageant, Ass ' U Gen ' l Chairman; Soph Cabaret; Pan- Hellenic Ball Comm. (3); Junior Girls Play ; Le Cercle Francais George Stearns Dillingham A.B. EGGERTSVILLE, NEW YORK Phi Kappa Sigma; Co-chairman, Senior Ball Gilbert L. Dobson Psi B.S.inM.E. M.S. in I.E. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Upsilon; Triangles; Vulcans Raymond Sylvester Doerr B.S.inM.E. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Theta Chi; A.S.M.E. Mark Simon Donovan M.D. NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Galens, Pres.; Yicter aughn Society; Class Treas. (4) Edward T. Downs A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Trigon; Delta Sigma Rho; Alpha Nu; Senior Ball Comm., Pres., Trigon (4); Vice-Pres., Alpha Xu (4); Varsity De- bating (3); Univ. Broadcasting (4) Edward Francis Draves M.D. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA George W. Drennen B.S. in Ch.E. LANCASTER, NEW YORK Scalp and Blade Page 205 Albert Philip Drouillard BAY CITY, MICHIGAN A.B. Charles Arthur Dwyer A.B. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Jcanette Duff A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Xi Delta; Daily (2); Traditions Comm. (2); Le Cercle Francais (4); Soph Cabaret Henry Charles Dykema A.B. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Delta Sigma Pi George Young Duffy A.B. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Chi Psi; Michigamua; Sphinx; Varsity Football Mgr. (4); Junior Manager (3); Pres., Bd. of Directors of Athletics; Vice- Pres., ' M ' Managers Club Roy A. Dugan COLUMBUS, OHIO B.S.F. Francis W. DuLyn B.S. in Aero.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Aero. Div. A.S.M.E.: Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Class Sec ' y (4); Pres., Pi Tau Pi Sigma Adeline Anne Dunbar A.B. GALLIPOLIS, OHIO Gamma Phi Beta; Daily (2) (4); J-Hop Comm. (3); League Comm. (2) (3) Russell Martin Dunnaback ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Baseball (1) A.B. Casper S. Early A.B. CARLISLE, PENNSYLVANIA Daily (2) Mary Elizabeth Earnshaw A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Gamma Phi Beta; Freshman Girls Glee Club; Stanley Chorus (2) (3) (4). Treas. (4); Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Archie Barter Easton B.S.inM.E JENISON, MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.K. James Lyman Eberly A.B. THREE RIVERS, MICHIGAN Alpha Tau Omega Edwin Joseph Eckert, Jr. A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Kappa Sigma Elizabeth Durfee ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Collegiate Sorosis A.B. Abe James Edelstein M.D. NANTY-GLO, PENNSYLVANIA Tau Epsilon Phi Page 206 Horare John Mm.m.l- SAIT.T STE. MARIE, MICHIGAN Theta Xi: A.S.C.E.: Band (1) (2) Ralph E. Edwards BSE in Math. EAST DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sigma Xu: Scalp ft Blade. Treas. (3): Vice-Pres. (4) . lpha Nn of Kappa Phi Sigma. Sec ' y (3): Class Comm. (2) Jack I . EfroTmson A.B. IXDIAXAPOLIS, IXDIAXA Zeta Beta Tan: Druids: Daily Bus. Staff (1) (2) (3): Bd. in Control of Student Publications (4); Cnkm (1) | Charlotte Lncile Endlirh A B. Drntorr, MICUIGAN Zeta Tau Alpha: Historian. Zeta Tau Alpha (3) (4): Soph Cabaret Hester Catherine England A.B. JACKSON, MICHIGAN Mosber Hall: Costume Comm., Junior Girls Play: League Bd. of Representa- tive : League Assembly: Finance Chair- man. Assembly Banquet: Sponsor, Mosher Hall Edith Elizabeth Engle A B FLIXT, MICHIGAN Martha Cook: Alpha Kappa Delta: Black Quill Carlton John Ejtg-taff B.S. in Aero. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Pi Tan Pi Sigma, See (4): Aero. Dhr., A-S.M.E. Allyn Lvle Khni- B5.inCh.E. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAX A.I.Ch.E.: Soph Prom. Comm. (2) Donald Barnett Elder A.B. Xnxs, MICHICAX Delta Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Gargoyle 2); Daily (1) Jerome Wilbur Engle M.D. YONKERS, NEW YORK Arne Alfred Eriekson NEWBERRY, MICHIGAN AS. A.B. Bernard Etkind EUORA, NEW YORK Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: Tan Alpha: Le Cercle Francais (3) (4); Avukah (3) (4); Sec ' y, Phi Tau Alpha (4) Phi Marv Louise El?pa A.B. LAKEWOOD, OHIO Dcha Delta Delta: Ensian (1) (2); W_A_ . (1): Zeta Phi Eta: Freshman Paerant: Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play Marr-Alice Enunett A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Omicron Pi; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Philip Robert Ewald B.S.inEng. Phys. PTITSBCRC, PENNSYLVANIA Sigma Rho Tau: Technic (3) (4); Glider Oub (3) (4); Carnegie Tech (1) (2) Either Jeanne Falk A.B. HHXSOAIX, MICHIGAN Sigma Alpha lota: Sec ' y. Jordan Hall; Stanley Chorus: Junior Girls Play Page 207 Alton Edwin Farr Aero. Eng. B.S.inMech. Eng. PORTLAND, MAINE Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Scabbard Blade; Aero. Div., A.S.M.E.; Cadet Captain, R.O.T.C. (4) Charlotte Faulkner A I; JACKSON HEIGHTS, NEW YORK Mosher Hall; ' Ensian (2) . M. Faull MOHAWK, MICHIGAN Couzens Hall R.N. Frederick Howard Faust PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Lawyers Club LL.B. Jane Margaret Fauver A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Omega; J-Hop Comm.; Pan- Hellenic Comm.; Mummer ' s Club; Fresh- man Pageant; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; League Honor Point Comm. Donald Irwin Feldstein M.B.A. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Phi Kappa Phi Henry Wheeler Felker B.S.inM.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Delta Phi; Triangles; Mimes (3) (4); Class Vice-Pres. (1); Union Exec. Council (3): Vice-Pres., (4); Publicity Chairman, Union Opera (3), Production Chairman (4) JAB Milton M. Fenner, III FREDONIA, NEW YORK Psi Upsilon A.B. Mary Ferris Ed. HICKSVILLE, OHIO Delta Gamma; Play Production (2) (3) (4); Comedy Club (3) (4); Soph Caba- ret; Make-up Chairman, Junior Girls Play; Vice-Pres., League (4) William L. Ferris A.B. NEW YORK, NEW YORK Michigamua; Sphinx; Editor, Daily; Un- dergrad. Council; Senate Committee on Student Affairs; Electoral Board Howard Lincoln Fettes DETROIT, MICHIGAN Lambda Chi Alpha; Gargoyle (2) Comedy Club (3) (4) A.B. (3); Frieda Marie Fiegel ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN A.B. Genevieve Frances Field A.B. FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Phi Sigma Sigma; Daily Business (1) (2) (3); Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls Play; Athena; Hillel Social Committee (2) (4) Irving Anatole Fields M.D. CLARINDA, IOWA Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Chair- man, Exec. Comm. (4) Wan Hsi Feng JORDAN HALL M.D. Peter Field, Jr. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Delta Phi A.B. Page 208 Paul M. FUchly B.S.F. LAKEWOOD, OHIO Sigma Cta: Forestry Club; Basketball (I) Zenda Dana Fish MBA. EAGLE RTVER, MICHIGAN Helen E. H mi A.B. EAST NORWALK, CONNECTICUT Alpha Omicron Pi; Michiganensian (3): Onhr. Girls Glee Club (2); Freshman at; Soph Cabaret John Donald Flynn M.D. GLADWTK, MICHICAN Phi Beta Pi Raymond B. Foley B.S.inE.E. PETOSKEY, MICHICAX Tau Kappa Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi: Alpha Phi Gamma: A.I.E.E. Richard DOM Fonda B.S. in E.E. CANAJOHARIE, NEW YORK Sigma Phi Epsikm; A.I.E.E.; Cap and Gown Committee Clinton Banker Ford A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Hermitage I.amar Forshe A.B. ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN ' Ensian Staff; J-Hop Comm. (3) Allen F. W. FOBS B.S.inArch.Eng. MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Alpha Rbo Chi: Architectural Society, Vice-Pres. (3); Class Pres. (2) Maurice Hamilton Fouracre . S. JACKSON, MICHIGAN Lucille Fern Fox A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Martha Cook Ronald Bowen Fox D.D.S. HOLLAND, MICHIGAN Psi Omega, Class Pres. (2) James Slaughter Frankd B.S. in Arch. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Xi Sidney Frankel A.B. JEFFERSONVIIJ.E, NEW YORK Daily (1) (2) (3); J-Hop Comm. (4) Eugene Franklin B5. in E.E. LIMA, OHIO Wallace M. Frankowski CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Baseball (1) (4): Football (1) (2) A.B. Page 209 James Hogg Frazier B.S. in Ch.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sigma Phi Epsilon Duane Darwin Freese A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Union Opera (3); Scabbard Blade David (.MI- lii-lil French A.B. CARO, MICHIGAN Pres., Presbyterian Young People ' s So- ciety; Political Science Club Henrietta Freund A.B. KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE Delta Delta Delta; Swimming Club; League House Comm.; Martha Cook Helen A. Frick TOLEDO, OHIO Martha Cook A.B. Bernard Hirsh Fried A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Daily (3) Morton L. Friedman A.B. HIGHLAND PARK, MICHIGAN Daily (3) Virginia Mary Frink A.B. TORONTO, ONTARIO Alpha Gamma Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; Comedy Club; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play f t Oskar John Peter Frowein B.S. inPhy.Ed. CENTRE MORICHES, NEW YORK Phi Epsilon Kappa; Class Treas. (4); Football Trainer (1) Von K. Frowine D.D.S. BOWLING GREEN, OHIO Si ma Chi; Psi Omega; Tau Kappa Alpha; Class Vice-Pres. (4); Pres., Psi Omega Gertrude H. Fuchs A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Bruce Franklin Fuller D.D.S . GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Delta Sigma Delta; Class Pres. (4) Clark Weyburn Fulton A.B. PARMA, MICHIGAN Delta Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Phi Sigma Frank Wesley Funk A.B . AKRON, OHIO Phi Delta Thela; Play Production; Comedy Club; Le Cercle Francais Harry Robinson Furst A.B. FREEPORT, ILLINOIS Phi Chi; Le Cercle Francais (4) James J. Fusco . B.S.E. in C.E. GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK A.S.C.E. Page 210 David Putnam Gage SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Phi Chi; Victor Vaughn Society M.D. John Thompson Gamon WHEATON, ILLINOIS A.B. John Carlyle Carrels, Jr. B.S. in Ch.E. GROSSE ILE, MICHIGAN Theta Delta Chi; Vulcans: Ticket Comm., J-Hop Walter W. Garrett A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Interpretive Arts Society (3); Sociedad Hispanica (2) Kearny Rodgers Garrison B.S.F. PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Psi Upsilon; Forestry Club John Abram Cast B.S. in Ch.E. DUNKIRK, NEW YORK A.I.Ch.E. 4 If- Mary M. Gaylord A.B. ALGONAC, MICHIGAN Chi Omega Philip Henry Geier B.S. in M.E. CLEVELAND, OHIO Alpha Delta Phi; Gym Team (1) (2); Athletic Advisory Comm. (2) Carola Ruth Gibson A.B. KALAMAZOO, MICHICAN Theta Sigma Phi; Kappa Tau Alpha; University Symphony (3) (4) O. Josephine Gibson A.B. PORT HURON, MICHIGAN Betsy Barbour; Zeta Phi Eta; Junior Girls Play; Interpretive Arts Society (4); League Assembly Banquet Comm. (4); Play Production (4); Women ' s Debating (4) Irene Minna Giffen A.B. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Sigma Sigma; Daily Business Staff (2): Hillel Players (2) (3) (4): Athena; Black Quill Betty Gillard MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Delta Gamma; Junior Girls Play A.B. Henry James Gaston B.S. in Math. SAULT STE. MARIE, MICHIGAN Joe Anthony Gay B.S. in M.E. BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Kappa Sigma; A.S.M.E.; Tau Beta Pi Helen Cecelia Gillespie B.D. in Ed. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Theta Phi Alpha: Hockey: Swimming; Basketball ; Athletic Manager Robinson McDowell Gilmore A.B. INGOMAR, PENNSYLVANIA Zeta Psi; Michigan Daily (2): Cross Country (1) Page 211 Doris Ella Gimmey A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Pi Beta Phi; Wyvern; Daily Bus. Staff (1) (2) (3); W.A.A. (2); Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Comm. Robert John Gingrich A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Phi Sigma Kappa William Harner Goetz B.S.inCh.E. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN A.I.Ch.E.; Treas. (2) Virginia Chapman Goetz A.B. TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN Comedy Club; Play Production; Junior Girls Play Maurice Meyer Ginzler B.S.inCh.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN The Socialist House Hazel Irne Goff A.B. MT. MORRIS, MICHIGAN Alpha Gamma Sigma; Beta Kappa Kho Tom Mercer Girdler, Jr. SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Sigma Gamma Epsilon B.S. William Charles Goggin B.S. inE.E. ALMA, MICHIGAN Delta Helen Glass A.B. LYNBROOK, NEW YORK Alpha Omicron Pi; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; League Social Comm. (4) Stella Artus Glass A.B. LYNBROOK, NEW YORK Alpha Omicron Pi; Commencement Comm. (4); Social Comm., League (4); League Bd. of Rep. (4); Ensian (2) (3), Women ' s Editor (4); Pan-Hellenic Rep. (3) (4); Exec. Comm. (3); Commencement Comm. (4) Freshman Girls Glee Club; Stanley Chorus (2); Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Crop Saddle Club (3) (4): League Dance Club (2); Freshman Advisor (3) Victor A. Goedicke A.B. RIVERTON, WYOMING Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Observa- tory Journal Club Morton Trefftzs Goetting Rio GRANDE, OHIO B.S.F. Carl Edwin Gold A.B. ROXBURY, MASSACHUSETTS Tau Delta Phi LL.B. Dorothy Goldberg DETROIT, MICHIGAN Kappa Beta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Phi Eta Jerome Goldman M.D. MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY Phi Sigma Delta Rowena Harriet Goldstein A.B. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Sigma Sigma; Athena, Treas. (3); Pres., Hillel Foundation (3); Hillel Play- ers (3) (4); Junior Girls Play; Soph Cabaret; Finance Comm. (1) (4) Page 212 Carl Dexter Goodier A K CANTON, OHIO Delta Upsilon; Druids; Basketball (1): Unin Exec, Council (3); Comm. (2) 1 1. I. in Cram A B. LAKEWOOD, OHIO Martha Cook: Senior Society; University Girls Glee Club (1) (2) (3) (4); Chora] Union (1) (2) (3) (4); League Recep- tion Comm. (4);League Grill Dance Comm. (4); Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Assembly Banquet Central Comm. (4); League Bd. of Rep- resentatives (4) Alice Adams Goodwin A.B. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Chi Omega; University Symphony Orches- tra; Choral Union Benjamin William Grant DETROIT, MICHIGAN Lawyers Club; Tau Epsilon Rho LL.B. Devitt L. Gordon EAST CHICAGO, INDIANA Phi Beta Pi; Track (1) A.B. Margaret C. Grant MONROE, MICHIGAN Alpha Phi A.B. William George Gordon M.D. WASHINGTON, D. C. Phi Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard Blade; Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Omega Alpha: Victor Vaughn So- ciety; Soc. for Clinical Discussion Pearl Grant DETROIT, MICHIGAN Jordan Hall A B. Bertha Goss ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Cosmopolitan Club; Economics Club A.B. Theodore Wesley Graske DETROIT, MICHIGAN Political Science Club A.B. Frederick Hinton Graham B.S. in Arch. MUNC IE, INDIANA Arch Society; Class Vice-Pres. (2) Pres. (3); Vice-Pres. (4) Beatrice Butler Graham A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAX Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Girls Play M. Jeannette Greene A.B. OWOSSO, MlCHIGAN Alpha Chi Omega; Mich. League Comm.; Junior Girls Play Julius Greenberg B.S. in Chem. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Avukah, Vice-Pres. (4); Sec ' y (3) Grace Virginia Graham A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Delta Delta Delta; League Merit System Comm. Rosalind T. Greenberg A.B. BUFFALO, NEW YORK Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Social Comm. Hillel Foundation (1) (2) (3), Sec ' y (4) Page 213 Harriet Elizabeth Greenwood A.B. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Pi Beta Phi; Black Quill; Contemporary Editorial Staff (4) Charles Henry Greer B.S.inM.E. MILFORD, MICHIGAN Triangle; A.S.M.E. Edith Rebecca Gregory A.B. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Jordan Hall; Le Cercle Francais (3) (4); Freshman Girls Glee Club; League Bd. of Representatives (4); Scholarship Chair- man Jordan (3) (4); Choral Union (1); Freshman Advisor (4); Jordan Council (3) (4); League Assembly (4) Joseph Mayer Gross M.D. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi Arthur Elroy Gulick A.B. GOODLAND, KANSAS Dick Gustine LL.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Lambda Chi Alpha; Lawyers Club Billie Leonora Griffiths A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Omicron Pi; Wyvern; Daily (1) (2) (3); Hockey Mgr., (1); Pres. W.A.A. (3); Vice-Pres. League (4); Comedy Club (3): Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Joseph G. Griswold, Jr. A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Alpha Delta Phi Madeline Grace Hadcock B.M. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Mu Phi Epsilon; Stanley Chorus (4) Leona Mae Haefner B.M. DECATUR, MICHIGAN Choral Union; University Symphony Or- chestra Mary Ellen Groesser A.B. TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN George W. Hagerman M.D. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Dorothy May Groff A.B. ST. JOHNSVILLE, NEW YORK Alpha Xi Delta; Gamma Sigma; Crop and Saddle Albert Carl Haisch B.S. in M.E. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E., Vice-Pres. Harold M. Gross A.B. KOKOMO, INDIANA. Zeta Beta Tau; Adelphi; Daily (1); Golf (2) (3); Vice-Pres., Class (3) Dorothy J. Hall A.B. HIGHLAND PARK, MICHIGAN Mosher Hall ; Michiganensian ( 2 ) ; Senior Class Comm.; Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret ; Junior Girls Play ; Freshman Girls Glee Club ; Choral Union ( 4 ) ; Costume Comm., Junior Girls Play; M hrr Hall Sponsor (3) ; League Grill Dance Comm. (4) Page 214 Edward Payson Hall B.S.inAero.E. RmcEWOoo, NEW JERSEY Sigma Rbo Tan: Scabbard and Blade; Home Sec y, Sigma Rbo Tan (3) Eric Winston Hall A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Michigamua: Daily (1); Gargoyle, Editor Wrestling (1) George Neltnor Hall A.B. JACKSON, MICHIGAN Alpha Sigma Phi: Druids; Band (1) (2) (3) (4); Mgr.. Band (4); Alpha Epsilon Mu Irene Elizabeth Hall A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Xi Delta: Alpha Lambda Delta: Freshman Pageant: Soph Cabaret Frederick Ellis Harlow B5. In Ch.E. MIDLAND, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Tail William F. Harlton, Jr. DETROIT, MICHIGAN LL.B. Helen Haves Harman D JD.S. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Omicroo Kappa t ' psilon; Phi Kappa Phi Helen Far Harrod ALBION, MICHIGAN Mu Phi Epsilon B.M. Kilborn Lothrop Hall B.S. in Ed. RAYXHAM, MASSACHUSETTS Phi Epsilon Kappa; Football (1) (3); Wrestling (2) (3) Robert Franklin Hall M.D. PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Alpha Kappa Kappa; Victor Vaughn Society Clark Frederick Hannon BUFFALO. NEW YORK Phi Delta Tbeta A.B. Ardell Lee Hardy B.M. HUDSON, INDIANA Delta Delta Delta: Soph Cabaret: Junior Girls Play; University Srmphonv Or- chestra (1) (2) B.S. Floyd W. Hart man n WAUSEON, OHIO Lambda Chi Alpha: Deutscher Verein (3) (4). Pres. (4); Sophomore and J Caucus (2) (3) Florence E. Hartsuff Phann. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Iota Sigma Pi: Rbo Chi: Sec ' y (2)- Sec ' y-Treas. (3); Treas. (4); Kappa Phi Pres. (3) (4) Samuel Gabriel Harvith DETROIT, MICHIGAN B.S. Wilfrid Henry Haughey BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Psi I ' psilon Page 215 Maurice J. Hauser M.D. FLINT, MICHIGAN Phi Sigma Delta Raymond C. Hauser B.S. in E.E. WOODHAVEN, NEW YORK A.I.E.E. Robert Barrows Hawley A.B. GLASGOW, SCOTLAND Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Le Cercle Francais Charles Preston Hayes B.S. in Arch. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Architectural Society Charles Jeremias Hedetniemi A.B. CHAMPION, MICHIGAN Kappa Tau Alpha; Mich. Alumni Under- Krad. Scholar Lois Patricia Heffron A.B. FLINT, MICHIGAN Rifle Team (3); J-Hop (3); Senior Ball Comm. (4) Robert D. Heitsch, Jr. B.S.inC.E. PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Hermitage; Council, Architectural Society M. Manuel Helfman DETROIT, MICHIGAN LL.B. Jean E. Hay ward A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sam H. Hazleton, Jr. B .S. in E.E. DUBUQUE, IOWA Sigma Chi; Scabbard and Blade; J-Hop Comm. (3); Frosh Frolic Comm. (1) John Carelton Healey A.B. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Alpha Delta Phi; Michigamua; Sphinx; Sigma Delta Chi; Mimes; Daily (1) (2) (3). City Editor (4), Summer Daily (2); Undergrad. Council (4); Disciplinary Comm. (4); Union (1) (3), Exec. Council (3); Class Treas. (2); Military Ball Comm. (2); Varsity Cheerleader (2) (3); Major, R.O.T.C. (4 ) Eleanor Grace Heath B.S. CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Alpha Omicron Pi; Freshman Girls Glee Club; Stanley Chorus (2) (3); Choral Union ' (1) (4); Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Ralph Franklin Helzerman M.D. TECUMSEH, MICHIGAN Theta Kappa Psi: Galens; Victor Vaughn; Class Pres. (2); Boxing (2) Charles Packard Henderson YOTJNGSTOWN, OHIO Phi Delta Phi LL.B. Esther Elizabeth Henks DETROIT, MICHIGAN Martha Cook A.B. Elsie Lucille Hennigar A.B. EAST TAWAS,. MICHIGAN Page 216 Frederick Alfred Henny D.D.S. FLINT, MICHIGAN Delta Sign Delta; Oats Vice-Pres., (4) Robert J. Henoeh A.B. INDIANA Deha Tan Delia: Sphinx; Michigamua; Mirhinnmsiln (1) (2) (3), Bus. Mgr. (4) Leo John Henry AJJ. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Charlotte J. Herringer B.S. in Ed. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Frederick William Hertrieh, Jr. A.B FLUSHING, MICHIGAN Pi Kappa Alpha: Druids: Daily (1) (2) (3). Adv! Manager (3) Margaret H. Hertrich EM. FLUSHING, MICHIGAN Delta Gamma Charles Cooper Hewitt LL.B. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Delta Tau Delta Kathryn-Marie Hildebrand A.B.inEd. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Zeta Tan Alpha; Delta Omjcrop: League Social Comm.; Choral Union (2) (3) (4); Stanley Chorus (3) (4); University Girls Glee Club (2); Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; " Gon- doliers " ; " lolantne " Willard Henry Hildebrand B.S. in Forestry SACINAW, MICHIGAN Alpha Kappa Tjunhda; Druids; Frestry Club; FooAaD (2) (3) (4); Class Pras. (4) Florence Elizabeth Hill A.B. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Kappa Alpha Theta; Vice-Pres., Assem- bly Frances Lillian Hill ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN A.B. J antes Caleb Hill M.BA. Delta Alpha Epsiloo; Wrestling (1) (2) (3); Vice-Pres., Union Delbert Preston Heder KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; Scabbard and Blade Thoma- Stephen Hession, Jr. LL . PEORIA, ILLINOIS Lawj-ers Club: Newman Club (4); Case Club (1); Crease Dance Comm. Richard David Hills DETROIT, MICHIGAN Xi Psi Phi D.D.S. John Carl Hilty A.B. BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Psi; Sphinx: Michigamua; Ass ' t. Football Manager; Pres. Under- graduate Council; Business Manager Sum- mer Directory; Judiciary Comm.; Senate Comm. on Student Affairs Page 217 Marcia Louise Himes B.S. inChem. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Senior Representative; Class Dues Comm. (4) David Morse Hinks A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Zeta Psi Alexander Herzog Hirsch A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Epsilon Pi; Adelphi House of Rep- resentatives (1) (2); Daily (1) (2); Varsity Debating (1) (2) (3); Earhart Scholar (3) Florence Hirschowitz A.B. NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK JohnW. Holden B.S.inM.E. HILLSBORO, NEW HAMPSHIRE Engineering Council (3) (4) James Peter Holm B.S. in E.E. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Delta Phi Alpha; A.I.E.E. Kendall Bennett Holmes M.D. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Nu Sigma Nu; Alpha Omega Alpha; Society for Clinical Discussion (4) ; Victor Vaughn Society, Pres. (4) Dorothy Kathryn Hood DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Omega A.B. Douglas Homer Hoard I.I.I!. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Acacia Theodore S. Hodgins B.S.inCh.E. FLINT, MICHIGAN A.I.Ch.E. Ruth H. Hoefer A.B. in L.S. KENOSHA, WISCONSIN Alpha Xi Delta; Sec ' y-Treas., Landscape Design Club (4); Children ' s Theatre Comm. (4) Herbert William Hoerauf B.S.inChem. BIRCH RUN, MICHIGAN Emil Walter Hoppe A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Joseph E. Horak, Jr. A.B. PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Chi Psi: Phi Eta Sigma; Sphinx; Michi- gamua; Gargoyle, Bus. Mgr. (4); Head Cheerleader (4); Pres., Chi Psi (4). Pres., Phi Eta Sigma (1) Ruth H. Horine A.B. FLINT, MICHIGAN International Relations Club Phyllis Jean Horr A.B. JACKSON, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Commencement Comm. Page 218 Mary Jeannette Horton WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN Betsy Harbour; Educational Club A.B. Russell Webster Houvener B.S. in Ch.E. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Engi- neering Honor Comm.; A.I.Ch.E. Llewellyn Salvador Howe B.S.inCh.E. ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Rifle Team (1) Roderic B. Howell B.S. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Theta Chi; Sphinx: Track (2) (3) (4); Cross-Country (2) (3) Charles Noye Hoyt A.B. GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN Sigma Phi: N T u Sigma Nu; Hockey (1) Edwardine Frances Hoyt JACKSON, MICHIGAN Martha Cook A.B. Ruth Hurwitz FLINT, MICHIGAN A.B. Mo ii a Beatrice Hatchings B.M. BIRMINGHAM:, MICHIGAN Martha Cook: Delta Omicron; Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4): University Symphony Orchestra (1) (2) (3) (4); String Ensemble (2) (3) (4): Glee Club (0 (2) Elizabeth Burr Hutchison B.S. KENMORE, NEW YORK Delta Zeta Mary Emma Hutchinson A.B. BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN Collegiate Sorosis; Junior Girls Play (3); Soph Cabaret Finance Committee Elizabeth Rose Immel DETROIT, MICHIGAN Theta Phi Alpha; Junior Girls Play A.B. Arthur Samuel Irwin B.S. in Eng. Mech. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Tau Kappa Epsilon; Cap and Gown Comm. Virginia Elizabeth Hugg A.B. PLEASANT RIDGE, MICHIGAN Gamma Phi Beta Joseph Springer Hume A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Theta Delta Chi: Druids: Daily (1); Gargoyle (2) (3) Morris Mark Isaacs A.B. OTTAWA, CANADA Varsity Glee Club (2) (3); Hillel Players (I) (2) William Joseph Isaacson A.B. GALLITZEN, PENNSYLVANIA Sigma Alpha Mu; Towers (3) (4); Union Comm. (2), Ewe. Council (3); Treas., Sigma Alpha Mu; Frosh Frolic Page 219 Marjorie June Israel B.S. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Basketball; Hockey; Swimming; Fencing; Masher House Council and League Assem- bly; Junior Girls Play; First Two Years New York University Janet B. Ivory B.S. in G.S. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Phi Benjamin Jackler B.A. UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY Dwight Abram Jackson D.D.S. CANDOR, NEW YORK Xi Psi Phi (Dental) Isabel F. Jackson B.S. in Ed. ALLECAN, MICHIGAN Helen Newberry Residence Helen Jane Jacobs A.B. SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Delta Delta Delta; Sophomore Class Arrangements Committee; (4) Activity Committee for League Tage Jacobson B.S. in Aero.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Kappa Sigma; A.S.M.E. Eng. Council- Football (4); Junior Class President Beatrice Jaegerman B.A. BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT Assembly Board; The League Edward F. Jaros B.S. Transp. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vulcans Charles Godwin Jennings DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.B. William Edwin Jennings B.S.E. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Helen Johnson A.B. WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN Hugo Ellwood Johnson B.S.M.E. ISLE ROYAL, MICHIGAN Nancy Elizabeth Johnson A.B. BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN Kappa Delta; Hockey (2) (3) (4); Swimming Club; Basketball (2) (3) (4); (Sorority President) Crop and Saddle, (3) (4); Junior Girls Play; Sophomore Cabaret William Robert Johnson YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN Spanish Club A.B. Frederick Frazier Jones A.B. ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Druids; Scabbard and Blade; Assistant Basketball Manager (3); Baseball Mgr. (4); Athletic Board of Directors (4); " M " Manager ' s Club (4); Varsity Band (1) (2); Class Executive Committee (3) Page 220 Mary Lois Jotter A.B AWN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Phi Sigma: Alpha Lambda Delta; Senior Society; Michigan Daily (2) (3) William John Judson B.S.M E. ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN Delta Alpha Epsflon; Scabbard and Blade Francis Stanlake Jury AJJ. DETROIT, MICHICAN Alpha Tan Omega; Union Committee Jack Kahaner Mb. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Phi Lambda Kappa; Honor Comittee (1); B. 5. Columbia University 1932 Warren Stanley Kahlbauni B.S. in Ch.E. CARLETON, MICHIGAN Kappa Sigma Elizabeth Langley Kanter DETROIT, MICHIGAN Collegiate Sorosis A.B. Isabelle Campbell Kanter A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Kappa Kappa Gamma; Michigan Daily (3): Dance Club (2) (3); Interpretive Arts (3) Georgina Louise Karl-on B A DETROIT, MICHIGAN Jordan Hall: Vice President of Class (2) (3); President of Jordan Sophomore (2); President of Jordan (4); Chairman of Merit System (4); Assembly Board (3) and (4); Decorations Committee for Soph Cabaret; Jordan Hall Council (2) (3) (4); Activities Chairman of Jordan (3) ' orbert Marvin Karmana B J. For. DEARBORN, MICHIGAN Forestry Crab; Michigan Forester ' 32; Secretary ' 3S Margaret Jane Kasley A.B. OAK PARK, ILLINOIS Martha Cook; Senior Society: Assembly; Board of Representatives; Board, Martha Cook; Junior Girls Play; League Orien- tation. Reception Committee (4) Herbert Irving Katz PATERSON. NEW J Phi Delta Epsikn M.D. Lewis Kearns FLINT, MICHIGAN Delta Tau Delta; Phi Delta Phi A.B. Virginia Lois Keddv BA. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Jordan Hall Council: Library Chairman; Social Committee; Leagoe Sponsor (3) (4); League Dance Comittee (4); Junior Girls Play, Finance Committee; Kappa Phi Jean Elizabeth Keller A.B. JJASTTNGS-ON-HUDSON, NEW YORK Delta Gamma; (Transfer from Wheaton College, Massachusetts) (3); Ensian (3); Freshman Advisor (4); Children ' s Theater (4); Junior Girls Play Author; Hopwood Award (3) Melvin John Xempner. Jr. A.B. LJTTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Zeta Beta Tan; Union Committeeman; Union Executive Council (4) William Patton Kennedy B.S. in Aero.E. BUFFALO, NEW YORK Phi Eta Sigma; Tan Beta Pi Page 221 Gale O. Kenyon B.S. in C.E. PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN A.S.C.E. Marquis Albert Kirk B.A. HIGHLAND PARK, MICHIGAN Henry Kirby Kerr B.S. in M.E. TORONTO, ONTARIO Virginia Mabel Kirkwood PORT HURON, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Le Cercle Francais B.A. Lorin Edgar Kerr, Jr. M.D. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Phi Chi Medical Fraternity; Galens; Secretary (2) in Fraternity and President (l)-fraternity. Has a B. A. degree at present Harriet E. Kesselnian B.A. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Epsilon Phi; Black Quill; Con- temporary, Hillel News; Dance Recitals, Intersorority Athletics; Play Production, Hillel Players; Women ' s Varsity De- bating : Junior Girls Play; Children ' s Theatre Louis Klass M.B.A. Sioux CITY, IOWA Secretary Senior Class, Business Admin- istration John Cooper Keyser PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; (1) (2) A.B. Daily Bruce William Klein B.S. in M.E. WILMETTE, ILLINOIS Trigon; Freshman Athletic Committee (1); Senior Invitations Committee (1); Freshman Swimming Team (1) Howard B. Klein A.B. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Pi Lambda Phi; Lawyers Club; Michigan Daily (1) Betty King FLINT, MICHIGAN A.B. Philip M. Klein B.S. in M.E. EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Delta Theta Charles G. Kinnison A.B. BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN Beta Theta Pi; Pi Eta Sigma; Ohio State University (1) Winifred M. I. Klenk B.S. in Ed. SPARTA, MICHIGAN Martha Cook Hilda Kirby A.B. NEWTON CENTER, MASSACHUSETTS Delta Gamma ; Wy vern ; Soph Cabaret (Gen ' l Chrmn.); Junior Girls Play, Fi- nance Chairman; Treas. Women ' s League (3); Chrmn. Orientation Committee (4); Freshman Pageant; Class Basketball (1) (2); Class Hockey (1) (2); League Board Representatives (2) Anthony Francis Klute, Jr. B.S. in M.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Xi: Phi Kappa Phi; A.S.M.E. (4); Assoc. Ed. The Michigan Technic (2); Varsity Glee Club (2) Page 222 David W. Knight A.B. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Theia Chi Leonard Willard Koplin A.B. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Phi Beta Delta; Gargoyle Circulation Manager; Wrestling; Track; Hfllel Dra- matics: Business Manager Hillel News; First in all Campus Wrestling (1) William Wallace Knox J.D. ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Trigon; Phi Beta Kappa; Michigamua: M.-.ginf Editor, Micliiganensian (4); Michigan Law Review (7) Oscar Allen KnuuM B.S. in Cb.E. MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN Phi Sigma Kappa: Tao Beta Pi; Vulcans: Triangles; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma: Michigan Daily (1) (2) (3): Undergraduate Council (4) Engineering Cocfl (2) (3) (4). President Jodie. Committee; LUXE. Sigma Rho John B. Koch DETROIT, MICHIGAN (4): Tan: A.B. Catherine Virginia Koch A.B. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Delta Gamma; Choral Union (3) (4); Glee Club (2); Junior Girk Play; Soph Cabaret; Theater-Arts Committee (4) Lois Mae Koehl B.A. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Glee Club (2): Grand Rapids Junior College, Calvin College Robert Jacob Kositchek BA. LANSING. MICHIGAN Pi Lambda Phi: ' -M " Club: Track (1) (2) (3) (4); Basketball (2) (3) (4) Football (3) Daniel R. Kovac B.S. in E . LITTLE FALLS, NEW You Raymond John Ko kka B_ . ASHTABCLA, OHIO Scabbard and Blade (3) (4); Varsity Band (I) (2) Jack Jacob Kraizman LL.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Avukah President 1932-1934; A.B. Mich- igan 1933 William Thomas Krebs MJX YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN Tau Kappa Kpsilon Albert Jacob Komishane A.B. ELIZABETH, XEW JERSEY Phi Eta Sigma (1); Michigan Journalist (3) (4); Intramural Independent Basket- ban (2) Leonard Cornelius Kroes B.S.inM.E. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN A.S.M.E. Morris Koorhan D JD5. NEW YORX CITY, XEW YORK Alpha Omega (Chancellor) (3) and (4) Carl Ferdinand Kreuger B.S. in Arch. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Delta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Rho Chi Page 223 Joseph Anthony Krysin B.S.M.E. GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Sigma Phi Epsilon Frederick Earl Kunzi M.B.A. KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN Hilda Barbara Kurtz A. 8. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Xi Delta I ill ir Anna Laniarca A.B. DEARBORN, MICHIGAN Frank A. Lamberson M.D. COLON, MICHIGAN Theta Chi; Nu Sigma Nu Jack J. Lande LL.D. in Law FLINT, MICHIGAN Phi Sigma Delta; Lawyer ' s Club Stella Lande B.A. FLINT, MICHIGAN Alpha Kappa Delta Frank M. Landers A.B. HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS Phi Kappa John R. Langenbach B.F. WEST BEND, WISCONSIN G. Robert Langford B.S. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Psi U. Meier Frederick Langhang A.B. LITTLE VALLEY, NEW YORK Phi Eta Sigma Franklin Hewitt Larowe M.B.A. MAYWOOD, ILLINOIS Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Band (2) John H. Laun A.B. MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Beta Theta Pi; Hockey (1); Band ' !) (2) Anna Jane Lawrence A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Delta Delta Delta John Jacob Lawrence B.S. PASADENA, CALIFORNIA Phi Gamma Delta; Quarterdeck Elizabeth Broad Lawry A.B. ISHPEMING, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Vice President Eta Sigma Phi (4) Page 224 George Frederick Lawlon A.B. ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN Tricon; Druids; Blackguards; Toast- masters; Wrestling (3) (4); Baseball (1) (2) (4); Football (1); Class Pres. (4); Inierfraternity Council (2) (3) Arnold Leslie Lazarus A.B. REVERE, MASSACHUSETTS Phi Eta Sigma Dorothy Anne Leake B.S. NEW YORK, NEW YORK Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret Herbert Boynton Leggett A.B. JEPTERSOX, OHIO Druids; ' Ensian (2) (3); Board in Con- trol of Student Publications: Band (1) Francis Patton Lemery B.S.inMath. NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Sigma Xu Nicholas Lentini LEVERING, MICHIGAN A.B. Mabel Lennon A.B. Axx ARBOR, MICHIGAN Earhart Scholar; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; League Assembly (4) Lawrence Walter Lentz B.S.inM.E. ALGONAC, MlCHIGAN Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Council; A.S. K In, .l,it., Alice I . pi-l.. A.B. HANCOCK, MICHIGAN Z ta Tau Alpha; Jordan Hall (2); Vice- Pres. Zeta Tau Alpha (3) (4) 1 1. .1 1 1- M. I M M-IIII A.B. BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS William Charles Levenson A.B. NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Sigma Alpha Mu Monroe B. Levin A.B. HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Union Committee (2) Selma R. Levin A.B. PITTSTON, PENNSYLVANIA Le Cercle Francais (4); Rifiery (3) (4): Junior Girls Play; Mosher House Council David J. Levy, Jr. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Hockey (2) (3) A.B. Michael Lewinson JJ5. FLINT, MICHIGAN Michigan Law Review; Campbell Case Club Award Margaret Deana Lewis R.N. KALKASKA, MICHIGAN Scalpel (3); Student Council (1); Vice- Pres. (3); Dramatic Club (2): Outing Club (2); Bridge Club (2) Page 225 Goddard Light A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sigma Chi; Comedy Club; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Glee Club (1) (2) (3), Treas. (3); Choral Union (1) (2) (3) Rudolph Lodeesen-Grevinck ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN A.B. Esther Jane Lincoln JACKSON, MICHIGAN Delta Gamma A.B. Esther Loewenberg A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Robert B. Lindberg B.S. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN James Wallace Logie M.D. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Delta Kappa Epsilon; Nu Sigma Nu; Victor Vaughn Society (4); Society for Clinical Discussion (4) Victor I in i n . -i i Linden JACKSON, MICHIGAN M.D. Caroline Martha Looniis COLDWATER, MICHIGAN Kappa Phi; Junior Girls Play A.B. M. Althea Lisle B.S. in Ed. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Basketball (4); Hockey (3) (4); Swim- ming (3) (4); Fencing (4); Athletic Manager Mosher Hall (4); Junior Girls Play; Dance Club (3) (4); Swimming Club (3) (4) Gertrude Elizabeth Little A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Kappa Alpha Theta; Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Dance Club (3) (4) James William Little M.D. PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Alpha Kappa Kappa; Victor Vaughn So- ciety; Class Treas. (3) Helen Myrta Looniis B.S. WlLKINSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Chi Omega Olga Lucie Loppenthien LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN Eta Sigma Phi; Freshman Pageant A.B. Roy Albert Lockeman M.B.A. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sigma Phi Epsilon; Interfraternity Council (1); Band (1) (2); Archery Club (5) James Chisler Loughman B.S.inE.E. LEETSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA Theta Xi; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Pi Sigma: Outdoor Club, Pres. (4); Sigma Rho Tau; Vice-Chairman, A.I.E.E. (4) Whitney Lowe A.B. HIGHLAND PARK, ILLINOIS Delta Upsilon; Gargoyle (1); Cross- country (1) (2) (3); Track (1) (2) Page 226 Zaven Lncassian B.S. in E.E. TEHERAN, PERSIA Pres. Armenian Student Association Frederick Edwin Ludwig LANSING, MICHIGAN Alpha Kappa Kappa M.D. Mary Elizabeth Loony A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Phi Beta Kappa; Eta Sigma Phi; Phi Kappa Phi: Wesleyan Guild (1) (2) (3) (4); Kappa Phi; Pi Lambda Theta Don W. Lyon B.S. in Arch. YERMTLLION, SOUTH DAKOTA Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Rho Tau: Phi Eta Sigma, Pres. (1): Scabbard and Blade. Trea?. i 51 (6); Architectural So- ciety, Pres. (6): Daily (2) (3): Michigan Technic. Xat ' l Advertising Mgr. (4), Art Editor (4) (5): Class Pres. (2); Glee Club (1) Slide Rule Dance Comm. (4); Senior Ball Comm. (5t: Architects Ball (4) (5); General Chan-man (5); Military Ball (5) (6), Co-Chairman (6) Richard Hugh Lyons M.D. ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN Phi Gamma Delta: N " u Sigma " u: Friars Allen D. McCombs A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Lambda Chi Alpha: Mimes; (3) (4): Michigamua. Sec ' y-Treas. (3): Undergrad. Council (4): Judiciary Comm. (4); Senate Comm. on Student Affairs (4): Union Eiec. Council (3), Pres. (4): Senior Ball Comm. (4): Union Opera (3); Union Finance Comm. (4), Sec ' y (4); Class Finance Comm. (3) Darwin C. McCredie FLINT. MICHIGAN Theta Delta Chi A.B. Francis Joseph McCue, Jr. HUDSON, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa: Phi Rho Sigma M.D. Bruce Duncan MacDonald M.BA. BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN Sigma Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; Daily (1): Varsity Glee Club (3) (4); Choral Union (4); Union Opera (4) Colin Campbell MacDonald A.B. GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN Chi Phi; Delta Sigma Pi Helen Elizabeth MacDonald A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Senior Society: Ensian Editorial Staff (2); Junior Girls Play; Soph Cabaret Comm. (2); Senior Member. Judiciary Council (4) John Cordon McDonald A.B. FLINT, MICHIGAN Delta Kappa Epsilon: Mimes (3) (4); Scabbard and Blade (1) (2) (3) (4); Vice-Pres.. Mimes; Union Opera (3) (4) Marion M. McDougall HARVEY, JJJJNOIS Delia Gamma A.B. Robert B. McElwaine HOWELL, MICHIGAN Pi Kappa Alpha AJB. William J. McFate AS. On. CITY, PENNSYLVANIA Phi Gamma Delta: Michigamua: Sphinx; Toastmasters; Michiganensian (2) (3) (4), Managing Editor (4); Managing Ed- itor, Student Directory (4) Elizabeth McKay ASHTABTJLA, OHIO AS. Page 227 Dwight Murray McKee DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.B. Isabelle E. McKellar A.B. FREELAND, MICHIGAN Adelia Cheever; Alpha Lambda Delta; Senior Society; Junior Girls Play Comm.; League House Comm.; League Assembly John Douglas MacKenzie B.S.inE.E. YPSII.ANTI, MICHIGAN A.I.E.E. Keith B. MacKichan B.S.inE.E. APPLEGATE, MICHIGAN A.I.E.E. Evelyn Lilah McManus A.B. CHELSEA, MICHIGAN Zeta Tau Alpha; Pan-Hellenic Delegate (3) Kathryn Adelia MacNaughton A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Delta Delta Delta Elizabeth McOmber A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Gamma Phi Beta; Stanley Chorus; Sec ' y; Ent. Comm. of League; Junior Girls Play Alexander Mills McPherson A.B. HOWELL, MICHIGAN Psi Upsilon Katherine Victoria Macks B.S.inEd. DETROIT, MICHIGAN M. Catherine Magee M.D. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Epsilon Iota; Alpha Omega Alpha; Sigma Xi Suzanne Mahler A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Betsy Barbour; Social Chairman, Betsy Harbour (3); Soph Cabaret; Finance Chairman, League Fair (2) (3); Junior Girls Play; Choral Union (1) (2); Chrmn., League House Comm. (4); League Council (4) Alice M. Mahnke M.B.A. PORT HURON, MICHIGAN Delta Zeta Robert Cameron Mair M.B.A. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Theta Xi; Scabbard and Blade; Varsity Band (1) (2) (3) John S. Malcolm MILFORD, MICHIGAN B.S. Vincent John Malnoski B.S.inM.E. MUNCIE, INDIANA Sigma Nu Curtis Alexander Manchester YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Phi Kappa Sigma A.B. Page 228 William George Mandelaris B.S. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Delta Epsilon Pi, Sec ' y (3), V ice- Chancellor (4) Edith Marie Manger LAURIUM, MICHIGAN Jordan Hall A.B. Maretta Louise Martinek B.M. TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN Jordan Hall; Mu Phi Epsilon; Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4); Stanley Chorus (3) (4); University Symphony (1) (2) (3) (4) Frank H. Masters, Jr. JOLIET, ILLINOIS Phi Delta Tbeta A.B. Eleanor Edith Mann A.B. DICKINSON, NORTH DAKOTA Theta Sigma Phi, Pres. (3) (4); Kappa Tau Alpha; Daily (2); Choral Union (2); Girls Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Soph A.B. Lorraine Maxine Mark DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sigma Delta Tan Clarence Watson Markam M.B.A. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Delta Kappa Epsilon; Golf; Class Pres. (4) Etta Marks A.B. BRADFORD, PENNSYLVANIA Carl Banning Marr B.S. in Arch. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Psi Upsilon ; Cross-Country ( 1 ) ; Track (1); Wrestling Mgr.; J-Hop Comm. Albert Edward Mar-hall B.S.inE.E. GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E.; Michigan Tech- nic. Editor; Class Sec ' y (3); Sec ' y, A.I.E.E. Rudolph Albert Matern B.S.inArch. WOODHAVEN, NEW YORK Sigma Kappa Tau; Senior Ball Comm.; Rendering Club Albert Derr Malheson DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Sigma Alpha A.B. Mary Virginia Mathews A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Omicron Pi; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Elizabeth Ann Mayer DETROIT, MICHIGAN Martha Cook A.B. Helen Kathryn Maynard B.S. A.vx ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Alpha Gamma; Senior Invitation Comm. (4); Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Student Art Exchange Maxine Ethel Maynard A.B. LANSING, MICHIGAN Pi Beta Phi; Wyvern: Mortarboard; Acolytes; Pres., Mich. League (4); Pres., Wyvern (3); Vice-Pres., Freshman Girls Glee Club; Stanley Chorus, Mgr. (2); Pres. (3); Music Chrmn., Junior Girls Play; Varsity Women ' s Hockey (3); Chrmn. Freshman Pageant Comm.; Soph Cabaret Comm. (2); Mich. League Bd. of Governors (3) (4); Undergrad. Council (3) (4); Choral Union (1) (2) (3); Chrmn., Exec. Comm. (3) Page 229 Virginia Mayo INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA B.A. Arthur H. Messing Arch.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Michigan Technic (2) Ann Elizabeth Mendenhall A.B. FLUSHING, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK Theta Sigma Phi; Board of Representa- tives; Junior Girls Play, Finance Com- mittee (3) Joseph William Menzie LL.B. MANHATTAN, KANSAS Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Barristers Marie Metzger A.B. BELLEVUE, PENNSYLVANIA Delta Gamma; Wyvern; Soph Cabaret (2); Vice-President W.A.A. (3); Chrmn. Penny Carnival (3); Junior Girls Play, Chairman Ushers (3); Chairman of Re- ception-League (4) Fred Meyer B .S. in Chem. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Henry Martin Merker B.S. in E.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Delta Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Vulcans; Vice-Pres., Tau Beta Pi- Chairman A.I.E.E., Student Branch (4) Betty Thomas Morrell A.B. SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO Alpha Gamma Delta; Choral Union (3) (4); Pan-Hellenic (3) (4); Junior Girls Play Esther Meyers A.B. WESTFIELD, NEW JERSEY Kappa Delta; President of Kappa Delta; Junior Girls Play, League Hosiery Shop (3) Kenneth Warren Michael M.B.A. FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Douglas Merriman ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Lambda Chi Alpha; Fencing A.B. Edna Lucile Miller LL.B. GENOA, OHIO Martha Cook Building; Kappa Beta Pi Robert Francis Merriman D.D.S. HORNELL, NEW YORK Xi Psi Phi Esther Alice Miller A.B. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Theta Phi Alpha Clarence Erwin Merritt JACKSON, MICHIGAN LL.B. Fred Hale Miller D.D.S.-B.S. inM.E. OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY Xi Psi Phi; Student Orchestra Page 230 Milton Jack Miller J .1 DETROIT, MICHIGAN Tau Epiiloo Rbo. Chancellor; Treasurer of Senior Class Stewart W. Miller DJXS. ALLEGAN, MICHIGAN Xi Psi Phi: Omicron Kappa Upsilon; Phi Kappa Phi; Vioe-President William Curtis Miller B.S. in M.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Trigon; Vice-Pres. of Eng. Council (3) Herbert A. Milliken JJD. FUST, MICHIGAN Chi Phi: Vict-Pres. ' 35 L.; Comedy Club Robert D. Minteer B.S. in Ch.E. KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Acacia; Sigma Rho Tau Jack A. Mini M.BA. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa Morris Joseph Mintz M.D. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Cane Committee (4) Ann Elizabeth Mitchell A.B. Axx ARBOR, MICHIGAN Kappa Alpha Theta; Michigan Daily (3); Chrmn. of music for Sophomore Cabaret Senior Ball Committee: Freshman Pageant: Junior Girls Play: Publicity Committee for Junior Girls Play John Albert Moelke B A DETROIT, MICHIGAN Zeta Psi: Phi Eta Sigma; Adelphi; Varsity Debate (4) C. Winnifred Moffett A.B. FLIXT, MICHIGAN Betsy Barbour House; Le Cercle Francais; Betsy Barbour Basketball and Baseball trams: Choral Union: World Friend- ship Department of Stalker Hall Charles Redman Moon, Jr. A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Kappa Sigma; Phi Alpha Delta; Dart- mouth Transfer t -I. M.I. .11 H. Moon B.S.Ch.E. POXTIAC, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Sigma; Pres. A.I.Ch.E. (4) John Joseph Mooney, Jr. LL.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Delta Theta Phi; Council (Law Club) Frederick Hatton Moore DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sigma Chi B.A. John Clarke Moore B.S. in Ch.E. LANSING, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma Winston Cook Moore LUDLOW, VERMONT Zeta Psi; Track (3) (4) A.B. Page 231 Marcelle Claire Morford A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Pi Beta Phi; Sophomore Cabaret Chorus; Junior Girls Play, Nurse Chorus; League Social Committee Alice Elizabeth Morgan A.B. GROSSE POINTS, MICHIGAN Delta Gamma; Wyvern; Comedy Club (2) (3); Sec ' y (4) Senior Ball Virginia Helen Morgan A.B. SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Collegiate Sorosis; Finance Committee Junior Class ; Chairman of Cap and Gowns Committee of Senior Class; Junior Girls Play; Soph Cabaret William Francis Morgan A.B. CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA Psi Upsilon; Sphinx; Druids; Phi Kappa Phi; Track (1); Manager of Track Team (4) Gertrude Mary Morris B.S. in Ed. MONROE, MICHIGAN Robert Albert Maynard Morris B.S. in Phys. AURORA, ILLINOIS Phi Kappa Phi Mary Evangeline Morrison B.M. SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK Chi Omega; Choral Union; Stanley Chorus; Junior Girls Play; Sophomore Cabaret; University Symphony (3) (4); League Social Committee, Summer 1934 Virginia Anna Morse ST. JOSEPH, MICHIGAN A.B. Martin Alvin Mortensen, Jr. B.S.E.E. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Delta Upsilon; Triangles; Vulcans; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Varsity Band (1) (2) (3) (4); Engineering Council (4) Ladiniir John Moudry A.B. SYCAMORE, ILLINOIS Phi Gamma Delta; A.E.M.; Glee Club Wilbur Andrew Muehlig M.D. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Phi Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; Victor Vaughn Society Warren Sucher Mueller E.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN James A. Munro B.S. in C.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Tau; A.S.C.E. Engineering Council Marie J. Murphy A.B. STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT Gamma Phi Beta; President (3): Theta Sigma Phi, President; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer; Wyvern; Vice-President Mortarboard; Daily (1) (2) (3) (4); Class Hockey (2) (3) (4); Council W. A.A. (1) (2) (3); Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Cabaret; Penny Carnival; Junior Girls Play, Central Committee; Chairman League Comm. Sophomore Prom Committee Mary Mildred Murphy A.B. FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Theta Phi Alpha; Eta Sigma Phi; Athena Literary Society; Athena Literary Society Vice-President; Newman Club; Under- graduate Fund Committee Kathleen Marguerite Murray WASHINGTON, D. C. Delta Sigma Theta A.B. Page 232 Kathleen Virginia Murray A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Martha Cook Wayne . M. h..l- B.S. in E.E. HASTINGS, MICHIGAN Triangle; A.I.E.E. Margaret Garvin Mustard B_V BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Pi Beta Phi; Daily (3); Gargoyle (3) (4); Woman ' s Easiness UuagCT (4); Vice-president (4); Sophomore Cabaret; Pan-Hellenic Ball (4) Gerhard Brandt Naeseth B A MORRISVTUX, WISCONSIN Herbert Lee NIK A.B. BIRMINGHAM, MICHIGAN Chi Phi; Scabbard and Blade Harold William Nixon M0NCIE, INDIANA Sigma Chi; J-Hop A.B. Willard Vincent Nash SAGINAW. MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Sigma LL.B. Wilbur C. Nelson B.S. in AeroJE. FLINT, MICHIGAN Delta Chi: Chairman Aeronautical Div. of A.S.M.E. (4); Taa Beta Pi: Varsity Band (3) (4); Glider Club (3) (4) Harley Mark Neweomb B.S. in E.E. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Kappa Delta Rho; A.I.E.E.; A.I.E.E Represenuti % to Stvident Engineering C .-.: Margaret Usher Newman GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN Sorosis. Dance Club (3) (4) Anita Maria Noble A.B. JACKSON, MICHIGAN Theta Phi Alpha; Sociedid Hispanic ; Penny Carni -al Publicity Committee; Junior Girls Play; Junior Girls Play, Costume Committee; Undergraduate Fund Committee; Xewman Club Larhlan William Noble D.D.S. FREMONT, MICHIGAN Delta Sigma Delta A.B. Gertrude C. Not-cross KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN Theta Sigma Phi; University Symphony Nelle Elizabeth Nordstrom B.A. EAST AURORA, NEW YORK Sherwood Clyde Nichols B.S. and M. in For. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Forestry Club (3) (4); Business Sufi Michigan Forester (3); Secretary Junior Forestry Class (3); President Forestry Club (4); Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4); Business Manager (4); Choral Union (2) Lalander S. Norman A.B. VALLEY CITY, NORTH DAKOTA Theta Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa Page 233 Clark Frederic Norton A.B. LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN Phi Delta Kappa; Basketball (1); Cross- country (3); Simon Mandelbaum Scholar (4); Political Science Club (4) Donald Peck Norton A.B. MADISON, CONNECTICUT Trigon; Scabbard and Blade; Ass ' t. Basketball Manager (3); Union Commit- teeman (2); Cap Night Committee (1) Class Dues Committee (4) Wanda Tamar Novinski A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Lambda Delta ( 1 ) ; Theta Sigma Phi (3); Kappa Tau Alpha (3); Phi Kappa Phi (4) Mary Elizabeth O ' Brien B.A. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Kappa Alpha Theta; Wyvern; Mortar Board; Michiganensian (3) (4); Wo- men ' s Sales Manager (3); Women ' s Business Manager (4); Freshman Glee Club (1); Sophomore Cabaret; Financial Chairman; Junior Girls Play; League Board of Directors; Sophomore and Junior Representative Ward Henry Oehmann LL.B. WASHINGTON, D. C. Delta Tau Delta; Football (2) (3); Wrestling (1) Russell Dwight Oliver A.B. PONTIAC, MICHIGAN Alpha Delta Phi; Sphinx; Michigamua; Football (2) (3) (4); Basketball (2) (3) (4); Baseball (2) (3) (4) Clay Frick Olmstead LL.B. LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN Lambda Chi Alpha Robert Sylvan Olson A.B. PEORIA, ILLINOIS Sigma Nu; Alternate Assist. Jr. Football Manager (4) ; Treasurer Bus. Adm. School (4) Ruth Virginia Oh In. IV A.B. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Choral Union (4); Stanley Chorus (3) Pat Onesto CANTON, OHIO A.B. Mabel Marjorie Oostdyk A.B. GROSSE POINTE PARK, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta; Stanley Chorus and Freshman Glee Club; Fresh- man Pageant, Finance Committee; Chrmn. Fun Alley (2); Penny Carnival Booth Chairman (2); Chairman Midway (Soph- omore Cabaret-Extra) (3); Ticket Com- mittee Installation Banquet (2) Robert D. Oppenheimer B.A. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Phi Epsilon Pi; ' Ensian Business Staff (1) (2) Marvin Oransky NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Combined Medicine A.B. Sidney Orkin A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Michiganensian (3); Avukah, Councilor (3) Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi Edward Harrison Olsaver B.S.Arch. WlLLOUGHBY, OHIO Phi Kappa Psi; Arch. Studio Club Presi- dent (4); Class Pres. (3); Arch. Student Council (4) Ann Osborn A.B. SAULT STE. MARIE, MICHIGAN Pi Beta Phi; Girls Glee Club; Junior Girls Play: Vice-Chairman Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee (3) Page 234 Rosemary Osborne Mf s " " J , MICHIGAN A.B Delta Gamma; Girls Play Choral Union (3); Junior Alfred Leighton Otis BS. in M.E. KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN Psi I ' psilon; Volcans Marion II Avaitt MIDLAND, MICHIGAN Gamma Phi Beta AS. Clayton Francis Paquette B3.inM.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Karl Robert Paradzick B.S.inMJE. BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT Deutscber Zirkel; A3.M.E. I. in il ii- Baford Paris PORTLAND, OREGON Chairman, Women ' s Ping Pong (4) BM. Eleanor Baldy Owen A.B. DANVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Collegiate Sorosis Barbara Gene Owens AS. Owosso, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Omega; Wyvern; Freshman Girls Glee Club; Freshman Pageant; Scribe-. --? : JHU : GUt Plaj Ward L. Paine B 5. in Ch .. NTJNDA, NEW YORK Tan Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; A.I.Ch.E. William Gosnell Paine ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Kappa Lambda; Wrestling (1) BS. Gordon Carl Palmqnist IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN A.B. A. Colton Park A.B. GROSSE PODJTE FARMS, MICHIGAN Phi Sigma Kappa; Druids: ' Ensian (1) (2) (3) (4); Student Director, Editor (3); Soph Prom. Comm. Howard Harold Park B.M. PETOSKEY, MICHIGAN Band (2) (4); Symphony Orchestra (3) (4) Harold B. Parker A.B. MIDDLEVTLLE, MICHIGAN Lambda Chi Alpha Kenneth Chester Parker A.B. GLADWIN, MICHIGAN Sigma Delta Chi; Daily: Glee Club; Choral Union Leonard Parks A.B. WILLOUGHBV, OHIO Le Cerde Francais Page 235 Lloyd Dart Parr A.B. ST. JOHNS, MICHIGAN Trigon; ' Ensian (1) (2) (3), Adm. Ed. (3); Spring Parley Kathleen Guthrie Paterson A.B. BUFFALO, NEW YORK Mosher Hall; Choral Union (2) (4); Junior Girls Play Ralph Perkins DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.B. Eleanor Elizabeth Peterson A.B. CHANNING, MICHIGAN Theta Sigma Phi: Alpha Kappa Delta; Senior Society, Pres. (4); Daily (2); League Assembly Pres. (4); League Council (4); Children ' s Theatre (3); Junior Girls Play; Sociology Chrmn., S.C.A. (4); Undergrad. Council (4) I. FredPatt B.S.inM.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E. H. Clayton Paulson B.S. in Ed. WINNETKA, ILLINOIS Druids; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Baseball (3) (4); Football (2); Basketball (3) (2) (2) Bruce Emerson Peasley A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Beta Theta Pi; Class Comm. Chairman Ruby Victoria Peinert TOLEDO, OHIO Mu Phi Epsilon, Vice-Pres. versity Symphony (1) (2) Choral Union (1) (2); (3) B.M. Uni- (4); Henry Plantz Pendorf B.S. in Ed. ROME, NEW YORK Phi Epsilon Kappa Helen Frances Penhale ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN A.B. Reta Marie Petersen A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Zeta Phi Eta; Sec ' y (3); University Girls Glee Club (2); Le Cercle Francais (4); Dance Club (1) (2) (3) (4); League Publicity Comm. (4) Ross Bechaud Petrie B.S. in Arch. FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN Class Treasurer Robert John Pfohman B.S.inC.E. BUFFALO, NEW YORK A.S.C.E.; Scabbard and Blade; Class Treas. (4); Rifle Team Margaret Dorothy Phalan A.B. ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Theta Phi Alpha; Theta Sigma Phi; Athena Literary Society; Daily, Editorial (1) (2) (3); League Publicity Chrmn. (4); Junior Girls Play Comm. and Chor- us; Freshman Pageant Sarah Florence Pierce A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Delta Gamma; Comedy Club, Vice-Pres. (4) Roy Arthur Plant LL.B. MIDLAND, MICHIGAN Society of Industrial Lawyers, Sec ' y (2); Pres. (3); Mich. Patent Law Ass ' n; Craftsmen ' s Club Page 236 Roes Charles Plewes B.S. in E.E. ZEELAND. MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi; A.I.E.E., Treas. (4) Alfred Harvey Plumnier . . WABASH, INDIANA Phi Gamma Delta Sphinx ' Michigamua ' Basketball (1) (2) (3), Capt. (4); Soph Prom Comm. Ruth Evelyn Poat AS. BATTLE CREEK. MICHIGAN Collegiate Sorosis; Zeta Phi Eta Don Allen Pomeroy, Jr. B.S.inM.E. LAKZWOOD. OHIO Phi Delta Tbcta; Scabbard and Blade; Triangles; Class Pres. (2) K .it h I MI LucUe Porter A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Martha Cook Peter George Poolos B.S. SANDUSKY, OHIO Delta Epsikw Pi, Vice-Chancellor (3), Secy (4) Virginia Powell DETROIT, MICHIGAN Martha Cook A.B. Elijah G. Poxson, Jr. LANSING, MICHIGAN Alpha Tau Omega A.B. Lawrence Harry Pratt ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN A.B. Vastly D. Prianishnikoff ScJX in Mi. HARBIN, MANCHURIA Vice-Pres.. Russian Student ' s Club 1 1 1 1., m H. Pries A. in L.A. JACKSON, MICHIGAN Landscape Club; Union Opera Elizabeth A. Poglisi A.B. BCTFALO, NEW YORK Beta Kappa Rho; Cosmopolitan Club (3) (4); Le Cercle Francais (2) (3) (4); Freshman Girls Pageant Morris Crawford Pordy CAKO, MICHIGAN Beta Theta Pi Jeanette E. Pntman A.B. WlLLIAMSTON, MICHIGAN Senior Society; Junior Girls Play; Alpha Gamma Sigma; League Merit System Comm. Ricardo D. Ramirez A.B. SAN GERMAN, PORTO Rico Alpha Epsilon Mn; Varsity Glee Club (2) (3) (4) Virginia Randolph A.B. WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Pi Beta Phi Page 237 Leonard A. Rappaport A.B. CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY Phi Beta Delta; Math. Club; Gargoyle; Swimming, Intramural Sports Frederick Joseph Rauscher ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA B.S. Russell B. Read A.B. PINCKNEY, MICHIGAN Sigma Chi; Michigamua; Daily (1) (2); Publications Manager (3), Business Man- ager (4) Mary R. Reeder IRON RIVER, MICHIGAN Mosher Hall B.S. John Michael Regeczi B.S. in Ed. MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN Football (1) (2) (3) (4); Basketball (1) (2) (3); Baseball (1) (2) (3) (4) John David Reid IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN Phi Chi M.D. Robert Willard Remez B.S.inChem. LANSING, MICHIGAN Kappa Nu Albert S. Ricca NEW YORK, NEW YORK B.S. Edwin Stevens Rice A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Epsilon Mu; Band (1) (2) (3) (4); Cane Committee (4) Mary Janice Rice A.B. ALGONA, IOWA Pi Beta Phi; Finance Comm. (3); League Social Comm. (4); Stanley Chor- us, Bus. Mgr. (4); Social Chairman (3); Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Richard Mills Rice B.S. in M.E. FERNDALE, MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Council; A.S.M.E. Silas Stofer Ringo A.B. MX. STERLING, KENTUCKY Delta Kappa Epsilon Henrietta Eugene Roberts A.B. SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Alpha Kappa Alpha; Sociedad Hispanica; Cosmopolitan Club; Club Sec ' y. Educational Warren Ellsworth Roberts M.S.F. WYNCOTE, PENNSYLVANIA Le Voyageurs; Michigan Foresters; Vice- Pres., Forestry Club Paul Demotte Robinson PELLSTON, MICHIGAN Varsity Glee Club B.S. Richard Morgan Robinson B.S. in Arch. MONROE, MICHIGAN Architectural Society; Treas. (5); Class Sec ' y (5) Page 238 Forrest A. Roby B.S. in Aero.E. OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY Harold naii-t Roehrig B3.inC.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Baseball (2) (3) (4); Class Vice-Pres. (3); A.S.C.E. Crelchen Roelhke A .B . in Ed . SAGLNAW, MICHIGAN Helen Beatrix Rosenberg A.B. MrsKEcox, MICHIGAN Betsy Barbour: Le Cercle Francais (4); ' Ensian (1) (2); Sororities Editor (3); Freshman Pageant, Costume Comm. (1): Soph Cabaret; Hostess Comm. (2); Junior Girls Play; Choral Union (2) Seymour Irving Rosenberg A.B. MrsKEcox. MICHIGAN Chrmn., Literary Finance Comm. (3) Emma Jane Ross DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.B. June Roethke SAGLNAW, MICHIGAN A.B. Harold Ross A.B. HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Phi Eta Sigma; Football: Wrestling: Adelphi; Phillips Classical Scholarship Edward Foot t- Rogers JACKSON-, MICHIGAN Theta Chi A.B. Hubert K . Ross MILAN, MICHIGAN Alpha Kappa Psi M.B.A. Ruth M. Root B.S. in Ed. MONROE, MICHIGAN Chi Omega: Hockey (1) (2); Basketball (1) (2) (4); Sec ' y, Phys. Ed. Club (3): Pres. W.AA. (4); Sec ' y Pan-Hellenic Ass ' n (4 : Leastie Council Comm. (4); W.A..V Hnu f MCT. (2) (3). Swimming Mgr. (51: Pan-Hellenic Delegate (3); Soph Cabaret Comm.: Junior Girls Play, Chorus and Comm.: Fun Alley (3); Penny Carnival Finance Comm. (3) Robert Frederick Rouse A.B. EAST CHICAGO, INDIANA Beta Tbeta Pi: Druids Lester Herbert Rose JOPLTN, MISSOURI A.B. Robert William Rowe A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Frank Ro enbaum LL.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Tan Epsilon Rbo; Adelphi House of Rep- resentatives: Ettc. Council, Hillel Found- ation, Vice-Pres. Seymour Jeffrey Rubin AJJ. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Phi Beta Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi: Wrestling (1) (2) (3) (4) Page 239 Myron Morris Ruby TULSA, OKLAHOMA Sigma Alpha Mu; Adelphi (1) Gargoyle (1) (2) Hillel Foundation A.B. (2); (3); " Baseball (2); S. {Catherine Rucker GROSSE ILE, MICHIGAN Alpha Xi Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Hellenic Comm.; W.A.A. Publicity (2); Daily (1) (2) ' Ensian (2) A.B. Pan- Mgr. (3); Features Editor (3); Soph Class Basket- ball; Class Comm. (2) (4); Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Eustis W . Ruddick A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Sigma Phi Kenneth Burr Sage B.M. CENTRAL LAKE, MICHIGAN Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Epsilon Mu; Pres., Phi Mu Alpha; Varsity Band; University Symphony Orchestra Helga Elizabeth Sahlmark A.B. LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Omega; ' Ensian (1) (2); Junior Girls Play James Alfred Salisbury B.M. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN University Symphony (1) (2) (3) (4); Band (3) (4) George Rugge B .S. in Transp. LARNED, KANSAS Pi Tau Pi Sigma; A.S.C.E.; Transpor- tation Club; Pres. Club (4) Gustavo Saliva, Jr. B.S. in E.E. MAYAGUEZ, PORTO Rico Theta Xi; Wrestling (2) (3); All-Campus Cabaret (2) Clarence Lane Russell FLINT, MICHIGAN Xi Psi Phi D.D.S. Josephine E. Saltzman A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Chairman Zone VII; League Assembly Board Frank James Russell, Jr. A.B. MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN Phi Delta Theta; Kappa Tau Alpha, Pres. Jacqueline Sanborn TOLEDO, OHIO Sigma Kappa; Basketball (3) (4) A.B. Robert Simon Ruwitch A.B. HIGHLAND PARK, ILLINOIS Zeta Beta Tau; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Editorial (1) (3), Night Editor (4) MarySabin A.B. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Collegiate Sorosis; Alpha Lambda Delta; Wyvern; Mortarboard; Phi Kappa Phi; President Mortarboard; Chrmn., Decora- tions, Soph Cabaret; Chrmn., Undergrad- uate Fund (4) Paul Albert Sanderson B.S. in Aero .E. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Aero. Div., A.S.M.E.; Glider Club (2) (3) (4) Charles Anson Sanford LL.B. CANTON, OHIO Alpha Tau Omega Page 240 Albert Herbert Saperstein LL.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Tau Epsilon Rbo; Junior Law Review Julius Victor Saperstein DETROIT, MICHIGAN B.S. ValR. Saph A.B. MARINE CITY, MICHIGAN Delta Upsikm Lowell F. Sarnes B.S. in M.E. WHTTMORE LAKE, MICHIGAN Scabbard and Blade; Student S.A.E.: Rifle Team (2) (3) (4), Capt.; Union Opera (4) Dorothy Merle Saunders A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Athena, Delta Sigma Rho; Comedy Club; Interpretive Arts Society Mary Ward Savage A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Gamma Phi Beta. Pres.; Penny Carnival (2) (3); Pan-Hellenic Ball, Publicity Chairman (3); Junior Girls Play; Chrmn.. Commencement Committee (4) Robert Nute Sawyer LL.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Delta Theta Phi: Barristers; Crease Committee: Case Club Winner; Varsit . Debate (1); Case Club Advisor Mary Louise Schaake A.B. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Mosher Hall; Zeta Tau Alpha John Copley Schaberg KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN Psi Upsilon A.B. Carl Schaeffer B.S. SOUTH NOR WALK, CONNECTICUT Vice-Pres., Mich. Chapter Hillel Indepen- dents; Connecticut Club Walter Charles Schaefer, Jr. A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Delta Tau Delta; Sociedad Hispanica (2) (3) (4); ' Ensian Photog. Staff (3) (4); Treas.. Sociedad Hispanica (3) (4) Richard David Scheer B.S. in Aero.Eng. GLEN RIDGE, NEW YORK Sigma Phi Epsilon Samuel Seheiner B.S. in Arch. HiCKSvnxE, NEW YORK Architectural Society; Junior Eiec. Coun- cil: Class Treas. (4): Architectural Ball Comm. (4) Clark Cordon Schell A.B. HIGHLAND PARK, MICHIGAN Alpha Tau Omega; Track (2) (3) (4) R. Leone Saxlon B.M. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Choral Union (3); Adelia Cbeever Schol- arship Dorothy Elizabeth Schiller A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Sigma Eta Chi (3) (4); Frosh Pageant; Soph Cabaret; League Assembly Club Page 241 Alvin Harold Schleifer A.B. NEW YORK, NEW YORK Pi Lambda Phi; Daily (1) (2); Sec ' y- Treas., Interfrat. Council; Play Produc- tion; Union (1) (2) Roger James Schlingman B.S.inCh.E. GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN Sigma Phi Epsilon; Class Exec. Comm. (3); A.I.Ch.E. (3) (4) Gertrude Merrill Schutz A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Martha Cook Bldg.; Junior Girls Play; Basketball (3) (4) Donald Lavine Schwartz B.S.inCh.E. FORT WAYNE, INDIANA Sigma Alpha Epsilon Erna F. Schmidt SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Alpha Lambda Delta A.B. Gunther Gustav Schmidt B.S.inCh.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Chi Phi; A.I.Ch.E. John Ferdinand Schmidt B.S.inM.E. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; A.S.M.E. Chairman (4); Le Cercle Francais (1) (2) (3) (4); Treas. (3) (4); Deutscher Zirkel, Treas. (3) Maurice C. Schmidt A.B. in Ed. SAGINAW, MICHIGAN John Theodore Schwartzbeck D.D.S. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Delta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Delta; Sec ' y Delta Sigma Phi (2); Pres., Delta Sigma Delta (5) Daniel Roger Schwenger A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Beta Delta; Track (2) (3) (4) Eldon Arthur Scott B.M. LAPORTE, INDIANA Theta Chi; Alpha Epsilon Mu; University Symphony (1) (2) (3) (4); Varsity Band (1) (2) (3) (4) Sarah Elizabeth Scott A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Xi Delta; Junior Math Club; Junior Girls Play Ann Jane Schneider A.B. BELLEVUE, PENNSYLVANIA Theta Phi Alpha; Daily (2) (3) (4); Treas., Theta Phi Alpha (4); Freshman Girls Glee Club; Freshman Pageant; Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play, Costume Com- mittee; Publicity Comm., Penny Carnival (3) Marjorie Louise Schaffstaedt A.B. FRESNO, CALIFORNIA Virginia Marie Scott A.B. CLAYTON, MICHIGAN Zeta Tau Alpha; Theta Sigma Phi; Sum- mer Daily (3) (4) Dana Poole Seeley A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Delta Phi; Golf (1) (2) (3) (4); Basketball (1) (2) (3) Page 242 Elizabeth Sophia Seibert A.B. GROSSE POINTE, MICHIGAN Martin Cook; Junior Girls Play; Senior Sol Selevan DETROIT. MICHIGAN Tau DelU Phi; Swimming (1) (2) (3) A.B. V, t h ., i, i . I Share DETBOIT, MICHIGAN A.B. Chester Dougla Sharp LL.B. KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Tiimt Alpha Epsiloo; Phi Alpha Delta: Barristers: Pns., Phi Alpha Dcha; Crease Dance Comm. Libby Rose Selin A.B. IRON RTVEK, MICHIGAN Jordan Hall: Alpha Lambda Dcha; Alpha Kappa Delta: Phi Kappa Phi: Dormitory Corridor Capt. Leslie Howard Selin IRON RTVER, MICHIGAN Phi Beta Delta A.B. Abdurrahim Sen ei B.S. in C E. INSTASBUL, TURKEY Transportation dob George Hoyt Sen is B.S. in E.E. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Tan Beta Pi: Pi Tau Pi Sigma Samuel Stanley Shaer A.B. WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Xu Catherine Crowdes Shannon STEUBENATJ.I.E, OHIO Delta Delta Delta Lee Charles Shaw B.S. COLDWATER, MICHIGAN Phi Delta Theta; Wrestling: Class Treas. R. Nelson Shaw SAULT STE. MARIE, MICHIGAN Theta Xi; Class Vice-Pres. (5): Class Eire. Comm., (4); Judiciary Comm., Interfrat. Council (4); Exec. Council, Tnion (3); Comedy Qub (2) (3) (4) Sidney Shelley B.S. in C E. PATERSOS, NEW JERSEY American Road Builder ' s Ass ' n; Scabbard and Blade: Pi Tau Pi Sigma; A .C E : Sigma Rho Tau; Wrestling (3;; Class Vice-Pres. (2) Nancy Virginia Sheppard DETROIT, MICHIGAN Pi Beta Phi A.B. Ann Williams Sherk AJB. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Kappa Delta: Freshman Girls Glee Club: University Girls Glee Club: Freshman Pageant: Soph Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Robin Hood Richard Montgomery -hi. k MJJ. LAPORTE, INDIANA Phi Gamma Delta: Xn Sigma Xu: Galens; Druids; Friars; Varsity Cheer- Page 243 Cora E. Shoecraft A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Gamma Delta Richard L. Shook A.B. SPENCERVILLE, INDIANA Quadrangle (3) (4); Earhart Scholar (4) Thomas Richard Shoupe A.B. FlNDLAY, OHIO Delta Tau Delta; Nu Sigma Nu; Union Exec. Council (3) Edward Sigerfoos M.D. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Delta Upsilon; Phi Rho Sigma; Wrestling (1) (2) (3) (4); Class Sec ' y (3) Dallas Charles Sigwart D.D.S. FLINT, MICHIGAN Delta Sigma Delta; Wrestling (1) Carolyn Aurora Simcock A.B. BELLEVILLE, MICHIGAN Louis Wendell Simmermacher A.B. WlLLARD, OHIO Erwin S. Simon A.B. LANSING, MICHIGAN Lawyers Club; Tau Epsilon Rho +iMm Charlotte Mill Simpson U.S. in Ed. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Senior Honorary Society; W.A.A. Scc ' y (3); Sec ' y. School of Ed- ucation (4): Hockey (3) (4); Basket- ball (3) (4); Class Sec ' y (4); Children ' s Theatre Comm.; Dance Club; Junior Girls Play: League Bd. of Representatives (4); Chrmn., Cap and Gown Comm.; Fresh- man Orientation Leader (4) Isabel Singer A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Junior Girls Play Paul R. Sissman M.D. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Paul Stuart Sloan M.D. CHARLEVOIX, MICHIGAN I ' hi Chi; Galens; Victor Vaughn; Treas., Galens (4) Robert Woodard Sloane B.S.inM.E. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Sigma Phi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Tri- angles; Vulcans; Mich. Technic (2) (3) (4), Bus. Mgr. (4); Class Treas. (3) Barbara Paton Smith A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Choral Union (1) (2) Bertrade Smith B.S. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Kappa Phi Harvey Homer Smith M.S.F. LAKEWO ' OD, OHIO Phi Gamma Delta; MichiRamua; Forestry Club: Track (3) (4), Capt. (4); Cross- country (3) Page 244 Laurence Decker Smith A.B GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Abba Delta Phi; Phi Delta Phi: Michi- caaraa (4); Basketball Manager (4) I u.-iii.i.i A. Smith A.B. PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA Alpha Xi Delta Truman Clinger Smith A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Kappa Delta Rbo: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Eta Sigma; Sec ' y-Treas.. Phi Eta Siena (2); Play Production (3) (4); Children ' s Theatre (4); Union Op- era; Dance and Make-up Committees (4); Military Ball Committee (3) William Thayer Smith TULSA, OKLAHOMA Beta Theta Pi; Xn Sigma Xu A.B. Margaret Crozer Smith A.B. TRENTON, NEW JERSEY Martha Cook: Sigma Chi, Pres. (4); Council of Religion, Sec ' y-Treas. (3) (4) Mary Elizabeth Smith B.A. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Pi Lambda Theta (4); Delta Sigma Rho; Phi Kappa Phi; Athena Lit. Society (3) (4); Choral Union; Member Women ' s Varsity De- bating Team Milton Crego Smith A.B. BROOKLYN, MICHIGAN Phi Gamma Delta; Class Pres. (I); Mimes (1) Cordon Gumming Snyder B.S., N.A. Mar.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Lambda Chi Alpha; Quarterdeck (3); Tan Beta Pi (4) Richard Alan Snyder B.S. in Chi. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Lambda Chi Alpha; Vulcan Raymond A. Sokolov M D. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Omega Alpha; Senior Finance Com- mittee: A. B. Wayne University ' 31 Muriel Gleneva Smith MIDLAND, MICHIGAN A.B. Paul Lewis Smith ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Sigma Rho Tan (1) (2) (3) B.S. Marshall Yerrocl Soldincer MIX FREMONT, OHIO Phi Beta Pi; Society for Clinical Dis- cussion; Treas., Sophomore Class Eric E. Sommer B.S. in Ch . BTJTTALO, XEW YORK Tau Beta Pi; Toast masters; Sigma Rho Tau: A.I.Ch.E. A.B. Sampson J.un. - Smith DETROIT, MICHIGAN Beta Theta Pi; Druids; Hockey Manag EliSoodik B.S.inExl. NEW BRIGHTON, PENNSYLVANIA Kappa Xu: Sigma Delta Psi; Play Pro- :.: Page 245 Carl C. Sorgen B.S. in Aero.E. BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA Invitations Committee, Senior Eng. Class; A.S.M.E. (2) (4); Glider Club (3) (4) Jessie A. I. Stalker B.S. in Ed. MARCELLTJS, NEW YORK Kappa Delta; Junior Girls Play; Sopho- more Cabaret Samuel S. Sorscher FLINT, MICHIGAN B.S. Belle Claire Staman B.S. Pharm. ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Class President (3); Secretary (4) Marie Soucaze A.B. NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK Charles Craig Spangenberg B.A. WETHERSFIELD, CONNECTICUT Phi Kappa Phi; Tennis (1); Phillips Classical Scholarship Oliver S. Spark B.S. in M.E. LAKEWOOD, OHIO Sigma Epsilon; Triangles (3); Vulcan (4); Technic (2) (3) (4); Chairman Fi- nance Committee (3): Auditing Comittee (2); Senior Ball Committee; A.S.M.E. (3) (4) Mary Elizabeth Spencer A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Gamma Phi Beta; University of Wisconsin (1); President of Women at University of Wisconsin; Refreshment Committee for Sophomore Cabaret; Property Committee for Junior Girls Play Estelle Jane Standish A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Omega; Finance Chairman, Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Cabaret; Junior Girls Play, Music Committee; Girls Play, Chorus; Basketball Junior (1) Cynthia Fay Stark B.S. in Ed. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Gamma Phi Beta; Junior Girls Play Edith B. Starke NILES, MICHIGAN Couzen ' s Hall R.N. Margaret Louise Starr A.B FLINT, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Omega; Junior Finance Comm. (3); Choral Union (3) (4); Interpretive Arts Society (3) Carlysle Philip Spiesl B.S. in M.E. WLLLIAMSVILLE, NEW YORK Acacia; A.S.M.E.; Scalp and Blade Helen Mary Sprague A.B. HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS Jordan Hall; Le Cercle Francais (3) (4); Black Quill (4); Sec ' y of Jordan Hall Council (3) (4); Point System Commit- tee of League (3); Orientation Student Advisor (4); Assembly Representative (4); Social Committee of Jordan Hall (2) Louis Wells Staudt AURORA, ILLINOIS Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Phi; Michiganensian (2) (3); Beta Kappa A.B. Phi Phi Constantine S. Stavropoulos M.B.A. HIGHLAND PARK, MICHIGAN Delta Epsilon Pi Treasurer; Finance Com- mittee, Bus. Adm. (5); Orchestra (4) Page 246 Philip Karl Stefanonski B.S. in M.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi Hi]..- Dunbar Stegenga B.S.,Aero.E.,M.E. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Kappa Delta Rho Spencer Paul Stegenga A3. Axx ARBOR, MICHIGAN Morris Steinman M.D. MASSACHUSETTS Gale Owrey Sterling B.S. in M .. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Pbi Sis ma Kappa: Vulcans; Triangles; J-Hop Committee: Tennis Manager; Sec ' y of Board of Directors of Athletics; Under- graduate Council Dorothy Adele Stern B.S. in Bact. WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN Jordan Council; Hillel Program Chairman Helen May Stetson A.B. CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS League Assembly Board (4) Allen B. Stevens B.S. in M.E. M S.inLE. PORT HURON, MICHIGAN Triangle Fraternity; Michigan Technic (4) (S); A.S.M.E. Helen Stevenson B.A. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Sorosis; Business Staff of Contemporary; Junior Girls Play; Rifle Mary Caroline Stirling AJB. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Kappa Alpha Theta; Wyvera (3); Vice- President Freshman Class; Pres. Dance Club (3); League Board (3); W.A.A. Dance (3); Sophomore Cabaret, Costume Chnnn.; Junior Girls Play, Manager Godfrey Dorr Stobbe DETROIT. MICHIGAN Phi Beta Pi A.B. Katherine Adams Stoll A.B. SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA Martha Cook: Kappa Beta Pi Pledge; Athena; Comedy Club; Varsity Debate Josephine C. Storti ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Le Cercle Fractals (4) A.B. Donald Albert Strouse A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Alpha Sigma Phi: Alpha Epsilon Mu; Band (2) (3) (4); Drum Major Varsity Band (3) (4) Frank Charles Suda B.M. ECORSE, MICHIGAN Intramural (1); Varsity Band (1) (2) (3) (4); University of Michigan Symphony; Manager of Symphony Orchestra (1) (2) (3) (4) Joseph Solman Sudow B.S. ABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA Pi Lambda Phi (President): Daily, Busi- ness : Adelphi Page 247 Hyman Saul Sugar M.D. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Lambda Kappa; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi Irvin Tann B.S. in M.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Fletcher Hall; A.S.M.E. Walter Patrick Sullivan WHITING, INDIANA Sigma Alpha Epsilon A.B. Eleanor Louise Tarbell B.S.E.(C.E.) JACKSON, MICHIGAN Sigma Alpha Gamma Matthew A. Surrell, Jr. NEWBERRY, MICHIGAN Phi Rho Sigma M.D. Arthur M. Taub B.A. FORT MEADE, FLORIDA Sigma Delta Chi; Michigan Daily (3) (4) Barbara Sutherland B.S. in Ed. MARBERTH, PENNSYLVANIA Collegiate Sorosis ; Wyvern ; Mortar Board ; Vice-Pres. Ed. (4); Sophomore Cabaret; Chrmn. Junior Girls Play; Sec ' y League Hal J. Sutton B.S. Mar.E., M.E. FLINT, MICHIGAN Chi Phi; Quarterdeck Alice E. Taylor A.B. CHARLOTTE, MICHIGAN Eta Sigma Phi; Junior Girls Play, Cos- tume Committee Jim Mabury Taylor M.D. OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA Phi Beta Pi John Francis Swan B.S. in M.E. SAGINAW, MICHIGAN A.S.M.E. Carroll Fuller Sweet, Jr. A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Golf Team (2) (3) (4); Wrestling Team (2) (3) i4) Jack I i-i i i ll t: i M in B.S. in Ed. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Basketball (2) (4); Baseball (2) (4); Football (1); Baseball (1); Basketball (1); ' -M " Club Esther Marie Theurer B.A. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Elizabeth Lee Talcott A.B. BUFFALO, NEW YORK Michiganensian (1) (2) (4); Treasurer, Mosher Hall (4); Choral Union (3) (4); Senior Representative on Judiciary Coun- cil; Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Caba- ret; Junior Girls Play; Publicity Com- mittee Chrmn. of Senior Ball Allison Kent Thomas A.B. LANSING, MICHIGAN Page 248 Alvin Bevan Thomas BS. in M.E SACINAW, MICHIGAN Sigma Chi; Treas., Class (1): Chimn. Finance Committee (1); Social Commit- tee; Finance Committee Charles Fred Thomas A.B. BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA Swimming Rudolph Lawrence Thoren Aero. M.E. XEGAUXEE, MICHIGAN Tan Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Aeronauti- cal Engineers Division of A-S-M.E.; Glider Club; Treas. Aeronautical Engi- neers Division of A.S.M.E.; Engineering Mechs. Assistant; Engineering Room Assistant Wesley Chares Tunm B.S. in Ch.E. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN George Howard Thoma B.S.inCh.E, DETROIT, MICHIGAN George M. Todd. Jr. TOLEDO, OHIO Alpha Delta Phi AS. Ralph Blake Thomas APPLE TON. WISCONSIN Psi Cpsilon A.B. Oliver J. Todd, Jr. BEACMONT, TEXAS A.B. William Richard Thomas ELBERTA, MICHIGAN Debating Club (Ferris Institute) Institute (1) (2) B_Y : T:: - B_ . Mary Virginia Tossy DETROIT, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Le Cercle Francais; La Sociedad Manager Board Tennis Othello DuBoi Thompson LL.B. WASHINGTON, D. C. Alpha Phi Alpha Ralph Hunter Tracy DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.B. Roger L. Thompson B.S.inE.E. BUCHANAN. MICHIGAN Theta Delta Chi: A.I.E.E.; Gargoyle (2) (3); Varsity Band (1) Royal Edwin Thompson MUSKECON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN Sam M. Tramontana B.S. in Arch. SIL -ER CREEK, XEW YORK Phi Kappa Fraternity; Triangles; Pi Tan Pi Sigma; Senior Class President; Sopho- more Prom Committee Vernon Charles Tree B.S. in Arch. GAKY, INDIANA Chi Psi; Sigma Rbo Tau; Sec ' y Junior Class Page 249 Logan E. Tuthill B.S. in Aero.E. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Alpha Tau Omega Blaine Elton Tuttle B.S. in M.E. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Sigma Rho Tau Arthur R. Twiss ST. CLAIR, MICHIGAN Delta Upsilon; Nu Sigma Nu M.D. Turrell Uleman B.S. in Phys. SOUTH BEND, INDIANA Virginia Ruth Ulrich A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Pi Beta Phi Robert Vanderkloot A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Psi; Sphinx; Michiganensian (2) (3) Birney M. Van Benschoten LL.B. FLINT, MICHIGAN Lawyers Club; Phi Phi; Michigan Law Review; Comedy Club Hubert Van Dongen FLINT, MICHIGAN A.B. Titus Van Hoitsma D.D.S. ZEELAND, MICHIGAN Psi Omega; Class Sec ' y (3); Frat. Sec ' y (4) Carroll Henry Van Hartesveldt B.S.inCh.E. HIGHLAND PARK, MICHIGAN Tau Beta Pi (4); Phi Kappa Phi; Vice- President A.I.Ch.E. (4) Elsa Van Slyke BRONXVILLE, NEW YORK B.A. Helen Newberry; J Hop Ticket Com- mittee (3) Treas., (4) Social Chrmn. (3); House Representative (3); Banquet Chairman of W.A.A. for Hockey (1); Faculty Chrmn. (3) Reception Commit- tee (4); Ushering (4) George Bayle Van Vleck A.B. HINSDALE, ILLINOIS Theta Delta Chi; Druids; Phi Eta Sigma (1); Michigan Daily, Night Editor (3); Board in Control of Student Publications (4) Edgar Charles Vardon B.S.inE.E. PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Tau Beta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi John Charles Varrone M.D. NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Alpha Phi Delta; Phi Chi Medical Kathryn Elise Veneklasen B.A. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Martha Cook; Secretary Martha Cook; Executive Board Martha Cook Joseph Edwin Vercoe B.S. in Trans.E. FLINT, MICHIGAN Transportation Club Page 250 Shirley Verner DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Omega A.B. Kenneth Guy Vetter M.B.A. LAKEWOOD, OHIO Phi Mu Alpha: Alpha Kappa Psi; Vice- President Jr. Bus. Adm. (5) Alesander Vida DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.B. Vivian Visscher B.S. in Zool. HOLLAND, MICHIGAN Betsy Barbour House Robert Charles Von Maur TORONTO, ONTARIO Psi Upsilon B.S. John W. Vos, Jr. B.S. in M.E. MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Pi Theta Pi Sigma John M. Vyn B.S. in Ch.E. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN A.I.Ch.E. Alma Margaret Wadsworth B.A. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Senior Society; Daily (1) (2); Stanley Chorus (3) (4); Choral Union (2) (3); Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Joseph Charles Wagner B.S.inM.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa; Phi Ela Sigma: Tail Beta Pi; Triangles; Vulcans; Scabbard and Blade: .S.M.E. Michigan Technic (1) (2) (3); Managing Editor (4); Chrmn. Class Exec. Committee (3): Member Honor Council (4); Engineering Council (4) Paul Edwin Wagner B.S. in A.E. LIMA, OHIO Delta Sigma Phi; A.S.M.E.; Finance Committee (4) Virginia E. Wagner A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Kappa Delta Cameron Walker ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS Delta Theta Phi A.B. Ralph David Walker B .S. in E.E. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Hermitage; Phi Eta Sigma; Tennis (1); A.I.E.E. Kenneth Gordon Walsworth ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Sigma; Les Voyageurs A.B. Evelyn Catherine Walsh A.B. PACHUCA, MEXICO Gamma Phi Beta; Spanish Club (2) (3); Junior Girls Play (3) Elizabeth Louise Walz B.M. SAGINAW, MICHIGAN Delta eta: Kappa Phi; Delta Omicron; President Delta Zeta (4) Vice-President Delta Omicron (3); Choral Union (1) (2) (3) (4); Stanley Chorus (2) (4); Sopho- more Cabaret: Freshman Pageant; Pan- Hellenic Delegate (3) (4); Board of Rep- resentatives (4) Page 251 Clenn E. Ward D.D.S. CLAY, WEST VIRGINIA Xi Psi Phi Robert S. Ward A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Theta Delia Chi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Sphinx; Michigamua; Daily Bus. Staff (1) (2) (3), Credit Mgr. (4), Service Mgr. (3); Kappa Phi Sigma Woodrow Wilson Ward ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN A.B. Marjorie Elizabeth Warner A.B. CINCINNATI, OHIO Chi Omega; Dance Club (3) (4); Re- ception Comm. (4); Junior Girls Play William James Warner B.S. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Trigon; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Union (2) William O. Warner A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Frosh Bible; Student Christian A ' ssn. Marjorie Hyde Warren A.B. YONKERS, NEW YORK Kappa Kappa Gamma; ' Ensian (3); Gar- goyle (3); Junior Girls Play; League Bd. of Representatives (4); Pan-Hellenic Delegate (4) David Frazee Weaver DOVER, KENTUCKY Alpha Kappa Kappa; Galens M.D. Olive Ingrid Webb A.B. MANISTEE, MICHIGAN Betsy Barbour, Pres. (4); Executive Comm. (4); Assembly Board (4); League Bd. of Representatives (4) Jerome E. Webber, Jr. M.D. STURGIS, MICHIGAN Phi Beta Pi; Galens; Victor Vaughn Harold Arthur Weggel B.S. in C.E. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Phi; A.S.C.E.; Ass ' t. Notes Editor, Michigan Technic Leonard H. Weiner J.D. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Michigan Law Review; Class Sec ' y (2) Charles Weinfeld B.S.inM.E. Phi Epsilon Pi; Chrmn., Advisory Comm. (2); Track (1); Frosh Frolic Chairman (1) Edward Becker Weinman M.D. STEUBENVILLE, OHIO Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Rho Sigma; Galens: Victor Vaughn Society; Medical Vice-Pres., Michigan Union Howard Weinstein A.B. NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Pi Lambda Phi William Joseph Weipert LL.B. MONROE, MICHIGAN Lawyers Club; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi; Law Review; Adelphi House of Representatives, Treas. (2) Page 252 Averr Danto Weisman DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.B. My er Lewis Weiss A .B . DETROIT, MICHIGAN Adelphi House of Representatives (2) (3) (4); Political Science Club (1) (2) Jacob Ira Weissman A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Kappa Xu; Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; Delta Sigma Rho; Varsity Debate (2) (3) (4) Douglas Reynolds Welch A.B. IONTA, MICHIGAN Michigamua; Sphini; Sec ' y-Treas. Mich. Union Ned Warren Welch A.B. BUTFALO, NEW YORK Sigma Alpha Epsilon Eugenia E. Wellman A.B. HIGHLAND PARK, MICHIGAN Edward Davis Wells LL.B . GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Lawyers Club Herman Christian Wendland ELMHURST, ILLINOIS Theta Delta Chi; Track (3) (4) A.B. Robert Raymond Wessela DETROIT, MICHIGAN Phi Kappa Psi B.S. Helen Agatha Weston BAY CITY, MICHIGAN A.B. Louis William Westover B.S. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Chi Psi: Triangles: Tau Beta Pi; Foot- ball; Class Sec ' y (2), Class Pres. (4) Guy Montrose W hippie. Jr. A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Phi Sigma Kappa; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily (1) (2) (3), Night Editor (3) Carl Foster White M.BA. CLEVELAND, OHIO Theta Kappa Xu: Delta Siema Pi; A-S-M.E.; Michigan Technic; Class Pres. (1); Engineering Council Charles Sanford White LL.B. NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK Delta Chi Caroline Ruth Welz A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Chi Omega: Vice-Pres., Masher Hall (3), House Council; League Bd. of Representatives; Choral Union Frederick Willett White Ai.inEd. NEW BRIGHTON, PENNSYLVANIA Page 253 Martha White B.A. CINCINNATI, OHIO Adelia Cheever; Alpha Kappa Delta; House President Adelia Cheever; Acting Athletic Manager, Martha Cook (3) (4) Joseph Landon Whitmer A.B. BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN Theta Chi; Kappa Phi Sigma: Cross- country (2) (3); Track (1) (2) (3); Senior Ball Committee: Executive Com- mittee, Interfraternity Council Eugene Chapin Whitney B.S. inE.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN American Institute of Electrical Engi- neering (3) (4); Sigma Rho Tau; Engi- neering Speech (3) J. Arthur Widmer B.S. in Chem. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK John L. Wierengo, Jr. A.B. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Alpha Delta Phi Marian Preston Wiggin A.B. BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS Jordan Hall; Black Quill (3) (4); Tualand Review (3); Contemporary (4); Senior Ball Comm.; Orch. (3); Assembly (4);Board of Representatives (4); Out- door Club (3) (4); Board of Directors (3) Dorothy Elizabeth Wikel A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Xi Delta; Robin Hood (1); Fresh. Pag. (1); Sophomore Cab. (2): Junior Girls Play. Singing Chor. (3); Children ' s Theater Ticket Comm. (3) (4); Social Comm. of League (4); Ensian (2) (3) (4); Budget Comm.; Ice Hockey (2) (3); Finance Committee (3); Tennis (1) (2) (3) (4); Doubles Champ. (2); Glee Club (1) (2); Choral Union (3) (4); Stanley Chorus (3) (4); Le Cercle Francais (1) (2) (3) (4), Sec ' y (4) Robert F. Wikle ANN ARBOR, Glee Club B.S.inPsy. MICHIGAN Richard Harold Wilcox B.S. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK Phi Sigma Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Tennis (1); Engineering Honor Committee (1) (2); Genesee Club (1) (2) (4) Vice-President (3); A.I.Ch.E. Genevieve Marie Wilkowski B.S. in Ed. GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN Pres. of Zone 9 of Women ' s League: Beta Kappa Rho; International Relations Club Arthur Roy Williamson B.S.inC.E. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Triangle; American Society of Civil Engi- neers; Ireas. of A.S.C.E. (3) (4) Charles Richard Willis B.S. inE.E. HIGHLAND PARK, MICHIGAN Collin Margaret Wilsey A.B. HEMPSTEAD, L. I., NEW YORK Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta: Eta Sigma Phi; Dance Club (3) (4): Spring Parley Com- mittee (2); Freshman Pageant Helen Dehn Wilson A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Lambda Delta; Choral Union; Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Cabaret; Junior Girls Play; Le Cercle Francais (4) Velma Amelia Wilson A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Lambda Delta; Choral Union; Fresh- man Pageant; Sophomore Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Margaret Zerilda Windham A.B. PORT HURON, MICHIGAN Collegiate Sorosis; Freshman Glee Club Page 254 Jerome Winegarden A.B. FLINT, MICHIGAN Pi Lambda Phi; Soph Prom: Frosh Frolic; Union Margaret Wineman A.B. BLOOMFIELD Hnt-s MKHIGAN Dtlu Gamma B.S.F. Lawrence M. Wines DETROIT, MICHIGAN Forestry Clnb. Sec ' y (4); Michigan For- " Hop Comm. ' Party (3) esters; " ! Hop Comm. (4); Canon., For- : ' .. ftl Laura Winograd A.B. PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND Masher HaU; Hille] News (4); Daily (3) (4); Hfflri Dramatic Soc. (2) (3) Masher HaU Social Comm. (4): Ch (4) Clyde Kirkbv Wolf DDS. DAVKBURG, MICHIGAX Delu Sigma Delta Isabel Jane Wolhtein M.D. ATLANTIC Cnr, NEW JERSEY Alpha Epsflon Phi; Vice-Pres.. (3) Fi- LTnan A. Woll ast B.S. in E.E. DETROIT, MICHIGAN A.IX.E. Eileen C. Wood A.B. in Ed. DEARBORN, MICHIGAN Susanna Marie Wood WASHDJCTON, D.C. Phi Delta Delta LL.B. Patricia Lueile Woodward A.B. WILKINSBURC, PENXSYLVASIA Alpha Omicran Pi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Rifle Team (1) (2) (3) (4); Mgr.. V.A_ . (4); Tce-Pres-, Stndent Christian Ass ' n: Freshman Pageant; Junior Girls Play: Freshman Orientation Comm., Cos- mopolitan Club (4) Pauline Elizabeth Woodward A.B. WILKINSBURC, PENNSYLVANIA Alpha Omkron Pi: Women ' s Editor. Frash Handbook (3); WJLA. (1) (2) (3) (4); Outdoor Clob, Pres. (3); League Comm., Chrmn. (4) Albert Cadwallader Worrell B.S in F. PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Michigan Forester (3), Editor (4): For- estry Gab (3) (4); Les Voyageurs (4) Carolyn Elizabeth Wose A.B. SYRACUSE, XEW YORK Alpha Phi; Daily Bus. Staff C); Junior Girls Play Harriet Wojtowiez A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Helen Xeirberrv; Frosh Pageant; Soph Citaret A. Ward Wood B.S. in Marine Eng. UERKIMER. NEW YORK Kappa Sigma; Senior Ball: Class Ewe Council (3); Interfratemity ComMJl (3) Margaret J. Wray EVANSTON, ILLINOIS Gamma Phi Beta A.B. Page 255 Helen Marie Wright A.B. DELANO, FLORIDA Delta Sigma Theta; Interpretive Arts (3); N.S.L. I Hazmer B. Wright B.S. inC.E. LARNED, KANSAS Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Bond (1); A.S.C.E. Bernice Marie Wubbena A.B. BAY CITY, MICHIGAN Eta Sigma Phi Edward Raymond Young FLINT, MICHIGAN Theta Delta Chi B.S.C.E. Helen Doris Young B.A. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Gamma Delta Henry W. Young D.D.S. NORTH MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN Psi Omega: Class Treasurer ' 34 Marian Marguerite Wuerth A.B. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Alpha Xi Delta Betty Carolynn Wunsch A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Alpha Phi: Freshman Pageant; Sophomore Cabaret; Junior Girls Play Lucile Wyman B.S.Ed. BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Pi Lambda Theta (4);Phvsical Education Club (3) (4) Agnes Marie Yax A.B. HOWELL, MICHIGAN Couzens Hall Robert L. Zapp B.S. FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY Phi Kappa Psi; Vulcans Zygniiint August Zawadzki M.D. BUFFALO, NEW YORK Soc. Clin. Discussion; Polonia Literary Circle Leroy Howard Ziegler B.S.Ch.E. MANCHESTER, MICHIGAN Lois Zimmerman A.B. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Zeta Tau Alpha: Delta Omicron; Glee Club (1) (2); Freshman Pageant; Sopho- more Cabaret; Gondoliers, lolanthe Mark You Yong B.S. C.E. CANTON, CHINA Louis Zlatkin M.D. SOUTH HAVEN, MICHIGAN Phi Delta Epsilon; Victor Vaughn His- torical Society (4): Chairman Executive Committee (2), President (3) Page 256 LOWER CLASS OFFICERS OKI.A.M ATIOXS .i: OF 4 LASS I I I I IO s CARL HILTY JOHN C. HEALEY WILLIAM FERRIS GALE STERLING UNDERGRADUATE COUNCIL WENCEL NEUMANN O ' NEIL DILLON ALLEN McCoMBs KATHLEEN CARPENTER ALLEN KNUUSI PHILIP SINGLETON DAVID MCDONALD MARGARET HISCOCK MAXINE MAYNARD ELEANOR PETERSON MARY SABIN MICHIGAN UNION WILLIAM MCCARTHY MORTON ALSHULER WILLIAM DIXON NATHAN WERTHEIMER WENCIL NEUMANN GEORGE WANTY HOWARD UNDERWOOD ROBERT JOHNSON NESBITT HAAS JAMES COOK FREDERICK MITCHELL ENGINEERING COUNCIL ALLEN KNUUSI JOSEPH WAGNER ROBERT H. BALDWIN NELSON DROULARD SALVATORE M. TKAMONTANA TAGE JACOBSON RICHARD RICE ROBERT WARNER ROBERT MERRILL FOSTER CAMPBELL CHARLES FRICK MARTIN A. MORTENSEN FLOYD SWEET LYLE READING WILLIAM C. MILLER DONALD HILLIER JOHN W. HOLDEN LAWRENCE LENTZ PAUL KIFFINGER HERBERT FONES Page 25S i : L I T E R A It V OFFICERS President RUSSEL COWARD Vice-President . . . HAZEL HANLON Secretary RUTH RICH Treasurer .... BENJAMIN CHARIN RUSSEL COWARD RUTH RICH HAZEL HA XON BEMAMLX CHARIN COMMITTEES VIRGINIA YARD CLARABELLE NEUBECKER Executive GERTRUDE VEXKLESEX ROBERT SULLIVAN RUTH SOXXAXSTOTE ROBERT JOHXSTOX JAXE HABER JAXET NEAMAR MARIAX EDGERTOX Finance JAMES RICHARDS GRACE BARTLLXG OGDEX DWIGHT ELEAXOR YOUXG ESTER GREEXWOOD ; Page 259 I 36 i : . i i i : 1 8 i . OFFICERS President .... NELSON DROULARD Vice-President . . ROBERT REED-HILL Secretary .... LAWRENCE DAVID Treasurer ALBERT HARTSIG NELSON DROULARD LAWRENCE DAVID ROBERT REED-HILL ALBERT HARTSIG COMMITTEES WILLIAM H. EASON, Chairman RICHARD S. JOSLIN Executive NELSON N. SH AFTER DAVID D. WALKER ROBERT C. HARNDEN ROBERT J. HEUSEL FREDERICK E. KING, Chairman YERNON F. PETERSON Finance ROBERT R. WARNER ARTHUR WILL FRANCIS W. BELL ANSON G. RAYMOND Honor Council ROBERT E. MERRILL CHARLES FRICK Page 260 I ! : M i I I n M I I OFFICERS President .... HAROLD F. FALLS Vice-President . . . ANNE S. BOSMA Secretary .... SAMUEL COHEN Treasurer OSCAR U. SHAPIRO HAROLD FALLS SAMUEL COHEN AIVHE BOSMA OSCAR SHAPIRO COMMITTEES VIRGIL D. SHEPARD, Chairman HARVEY LYNX HUGH D. McEACHERAN Extfuttie ANTHONY J. ROVRKE SAMUEL DTE NER ERXEST EICHORN CHARLES W. KXERLZR GEORGE FAIN EDWLS R. SCHOTTSTAEDT RAYMOND G. BUJJCE, Chairman ALBERT W. HEVSTIS, JR. Social JOHN F. BUNTING ROSALIND EBERSBACH HERBERT HOLMAN JOHN A. MACNEAL OSCAR SHAPIRO, Chairman JESSE O. HALPERN Financial HENRY R. Mooi DANIEL DANCIK HARRY J. WIENER Two Year Honor Man HARRY JUROW One Year Honor Man HENRY V. DAURLOO J-Hop RAYMOND G. BUNCE Page 261 1938 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OFFICERS President . . . CLARENCE MARKHAM V ice-President .... HAROLD GROSS Secretary .... MARY GAYLORD Treasurer . ROBERT OLSEN CLARENCE MARKHAM MARY GAYLORD HAROLD GROSS ROBERT OLSEN COMMITTEES Executive FRANK S. FLORES, Chairman HARVEY NICHOLSON ALEX MCPHERSON ROBERT WEISENFLUE HAROLD X. SCHREDER Finance GEORGE HALL, Chairman RICHARD BRANDT WILLIAM F. MORGAN HERSHON FREEMAN ROBERT WARD Page 262 LITEKAIIY President . . FREDERICK G. BUESSER FREDERICK BUESSER DEAN ASSELIN JOHN PARK LOUIS GOLDSMITH EXECUTIVE COUNCIL DEAN R. ASSELIN JOHN R. PARK Louis GOLDSMITH SOPH PROM COMMITTEE JOHN R. MANN, Chairman NANCY OLDS ALLAN DEWEY WALKER GRAHAM FREDERICK BUESSER DEAN ASSELIN JOHN PARK Louis GOLDSMITH Page 263 1937 ENGINEERING OFFICERS President DON HILLIER V ice-President .... RALPH SMITH Secretary .... JOHN INGOLD Treasurer PAUL NIMS DON HILLIER JOHN I NG O LD RALPH SMITH PAUL NIMS COMMITTEES Executive HOMER WILLIAMS, Chairman HAROLD UPSON BRUCE CLARK JACK SINN WILLIAM LOWELL RALPH BOEHNKE STEVEN ABBOTT Sophomore Prom JOHN FREESE Finance RICHARD KNOBI ?. JOHN BRINER CARLETON SHERBURNE, Chairman FRED WALTERS BENJAMIN BUGBEE BURTON COFFEY GEORGE MALONE Jacket JORDAN CAWTHRA, Chairman ROBERT MARKS ARTHUR WHITING HENRY GILFILLAN FRANK PERSON Honor CHUCK HOLKINS Page 264 Ml IMMM OFFICERS President .... GEORGE J. BOOTH Vice-President . . . JOHN A. CETNAR Secretary .... AMY S. BARTON Treasurer LEON GREENSPAN GEORGE BOOTH AMY BARTON JOHN C E T N A R LEON GREEN STAN FREDERICK H. FEHLMAX. Chairman RICHARD A. BOELKIXS ISADORE BOTVIXICK GERTRUDE P. FIXKELSTEIX COMMITTEES Executive BEXJAMDC R. VAX ZWALCWEXBUBC, A ssist ixt -Chairman MERVTS E. GREEN CARMIXE I. RAZZASO W AYXE O. MARTEU GROSVEXOR T. ROOT ROBERT A. OSTRAXDER J . ROBERT WH.LSOK RALPH R. COOPER JOHX S. BETZ Finance LEON GREEXSPAX, Chairman HASKEL L. MAIER CHESTER M. RAPHAEL S .:. GBOS -EXOR T. ROOT J. ROBERT WELLSOX Pmge 265 LITERARY WILLIAM MANN THOMAS GUERNSEY President . . WILLIAM R. MANN JANE WILLOUGHBY JANET KARLSON W. ELLIOTT CHAPMAN SHIRLEY E. CROSMAN Financial Committee J. THOMAS GUERNSEY, Chairman SAMUEL I. KRUGLIAK EDWARD B. THOMPSON F. JANE WILLOUGHBY EDWARD F. BRUNA SAMUEL M. CHARIN Executive Committee JANET F. KARLSON, Chairman BETTY J. GATWARD MARY B. JOHNSON CHARLOTTE E. MITCHELL Page 266 if Kin I X.IM I IMN. OFFICERS President .... HUBERT C. FOXES Vice-President . . JAMES HALLOWELL Secretary .... FREDRIC OLDS Treasurer . . CARL CLEMENT HUBERT FOXES FREDRIC OLDS JAMES HALLOWELL CARL CLEMENT COMMITTEES Executive BOYD CARR, Chairman BRUCE A. ROHN DICK GRIGGS P. STRICKLAND GEORGE L. MCALEVY Finance WARREN FREAS, Chairman JOHN F. ZEDEK THOMAS B. FRIEDMAN EDWARD H. REPLOGLE GLEXX B. MORSE FRANCIS READY VARREX ROTHER Frosk Frolic MARSHALL SMITH EDWARD FOOTE PAUL HEXXIXG Page 267 1938 MEDICINE OFFICERS President CARL SAVAGE V ice-President .... Louis DOERR Secretary ALICE BURTON Treasurer EMIL ISBERG CARL SAVAGE ALICE BURTON LOUIS DOERR EMIL ISBERG COMMITTEES ERNEST BREED HELEN HAGEY PAUL STOLLER Executive GEORGE BROWN, Chairman RICHARD SCHOUPE HOWARD HIGH GEORGE RIETH ATLEE SHILLING JOHN PIERPONT RUSSEL PAALMAN ROBERT KUHN Finance EMIL ISBERG, Chairman RODERIC HOWELL WlLLIAM NORTHRUP ROBERT TRIMBY KENNETH BEECH Social JOHN MORGAN DAVID DE VEESE Second Year Honor Man GODFREY STOBBE First Year Honor Man RICHARD ASHLEY Page 268 I VI I ICI 1C A I I It Ml 1 PHI IIP SINGLE-ION A L V 1 SCHLEIFER President Secretary PHILIP SINGLETON ALVIN SCHLEIFER EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE JOSEPH BAILEY FRANK BRISTOL WILLIAM BROWN- JOSEPH BURSLEY CHARLES GRAHAM LEE SHAW LEIGH YOCNC JOSEPH WHITMER UNDERGRADUATE STAFF CARL FERNER IRWIX GLASSER JOSEPH HINSHAW JOHN MANN- EARL E. MORROW NELSON XEIMAX CHARLES PENZEL PAUL PHILIPS ROE WATSON- GEORGE WILLLVMS MANN Page 269 MICHIGAN CHAPTER OF ACACIA FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1904 ESTABLISHED 1904 29 ACTIVE CHAPTERS R. W. BUNTING, D.D.S. M. E. COOLEY, LL.D. F. D. CURTIS, PH.D. H. W. EMERSON, M.D. H. H. ATWELL J. E. BEAL R. A. CAMPBELL L. G. CHRISTMAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. W. HAMMETT, M.ARCH. C. T. JOHNSTON, C.E. F. G. Now, M.D. R. G. RODKEY, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY L. EMDE O. D. LEFFERTS R. E. GRANVILLE J. LINDENSCHMITT W. C. HOLLANDS H. C. MORTON D. H. KURD R. NORRIS C. A. SINK, M.E. M. B. SMALL, A.B. E. A. STALKER, M.S. T. HAWLEY TAPPING, LL.B. R. C. PRYCE F. STEGATH W. STEWART F. H. WISNF.R MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DOUGLAS H. HOARD PAUL MANNING C. P. SPIESZ Seniors ROBERT D. MINTEER ROBERT E. CLARK J. EDWARD HUTCHINSON Juniors JOHN JABLONSKI JAMES R. LIENTZ JOHN REED CHARLES W. SWARTOUT HOV ARD BRATT WEIMAR CHRISTMAN Sophomores DAVID B. DUNLAP WILLIS PLAYER TOM L. EVANS RICHARD POMEROY Freshmen WILLIAM COGGER MACKELLAR GRAHAM DONALD GRAHAM HAROLD KING MELVIN KRAMER LOREN McOlIBER McOMBER DUNLAP CLARK CHRISTMAN COGGER POMEROY M. GRAHAM REED D. GRAHAM HOARD SPIESZ EVANS SWARTOUT HUICHINSON MINTEER LIENTZ MANNING Page 270 PEMNSULAR CHAPTER OF ALPHA IH I I PHI FOUNDED HAMILTON COLLEGE 1832 ESTABLISHED 1846 27 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. M. BATES, PH.D., LL.B., LL.D. J. I. REEVES, PH.D., L.H.D., LL.D. V. H. BUTTS, PH.D. P. F. WEATHERILL, PH.D. B. W. WHEELER, A.M. J. A. IXGLIS MEMBERS IN CITY F. K. KLEENE A. G. REEVES ROBERT T. BAXTER OWEN V. CRVMPACKER WILLIAM M. CUTTING HENRY W. FELKER FRANK W. AIKENS ROBERT G. ALEXANDER SHELDON DRENNAN DUDLEY K. HOLMES MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY E. A. HAND, M.D. R. L. MALCOLM, A.B. Seniors PETER F. FIELD JR. KENNETH S. HOLMES PHILIP GEIER RUSSELL D. OLIVER JOSEPH G. GRISWOLD COLEMAN J. Ross JOHN C. HEALEY DANA P. SEELEY Juniors HOWARD S. HOLMES JAMES A. KIDSTON MOREAU C. HUNT THOMAS H. KLEENE RICHARD JAMES FRED W. NORTON RICHARD S. JOSLIN DEAN C. SMITH LAURENCE D. SMITH GEORGE M. TODD JOHN L. WIERENCO DAVID F. ZIMMERMAN DELBERT W. SMITH JAMES B. TALCOTT GEORGE P. WANTY RICHARD COOMBS H. REED HARTZ RICHARD HERSHEY Sophomores DONALD HUTTON SAN FORD M. LADD HOMER C. LATHROP RICHARD OLIVER HAROLD W. SEARS JOHN H. UHL KENNETH BEVAX ROBERT H. CROCKER EDWARD C. D ' APRIX WILLIAM J. DEL.ANCEY Freshmen DEAN E. GLIDDEN LEROY HASKELL MAX H. GRAFF JOHN M. KOLHG RICHARD C. GRIGGS DAVID C. LOMASNEY JOHN E. MILLS EDWARD C. STANNARD WILLIAM B. WARNER ff MM! f f CRQOKER STANNARD D ' APRIX HASKELL GRIGGS DELANCEY MIILS GLIDDEN WARNER SEARS HUTTON COOMBS LADD HARTZ D. OLIVER UHL WIDDICOMBE WFERENGO LATHROP KIDSTOS D. SMITH WANTY AIKENS DRENXAN HUNT KLEENE SEELEY TODD ZIMMERMAN Ross FELKER GRISWOLD K. HOLMES L. SMITH CUTTING FIEXD Page 271 ALPHA IOTA OF ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA FOUNDED DARTMOUTH COLLEGE 1888 ESTABLISHED 1906 52 ACTIVE CHAPTERS J. W. BEAN, A.B., M.S., PH.D. G. H. BELOTE, B.S., M.S., M.D. SPENCER BRADEN, M.D. P. S. BRADSHAW, A.B., M.D. R. I. CLARY, A.B., M.D. W. H. CRADDOCK, B.S., M.D. A. C. CURTIS, B.S., M.D. R. G. W. DALEY, A.B., M.S. T. M. CURANT, B.S., M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. FIELD JR., B.S., M.D. R. O. GESSELL, A.B., M.D. R. L. GLASS, A.B., M.D. T. S. HILL, M.D. K. W. HORN, B.S., M.D. J. L. LAW, M.D. C. H. MAC!NTYRE, M.D. N. F. MILLER, B.S., M.D. W. E. BROWN, A.B., M.D. C. H. KEENE, A.B., M.D. WILLIAM A. BELLAMY JR., B.S. ALLEN E. BRUNSON, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY C. S. RIFE, M.D. D. S. SMITH, A.B., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors ROBERT F. HALL, A.B. JAMES W. LITTLE, A.B. DAVID F. WEAVER JR., A.B. L. H. NEWBURGH, A.B., M.D. H. C. NICHOLSON, A.B., M.S., M.D. M. M. PEET, A.B., A.M., M.D., F.A.C.S. H. M. POLLARD, M.D. D. O. POTH, B.S., M.D. L. W. SHECKLES JR., B.S., M.D. N. M. SMITH, A.B., M.D. H. A. TOWSLEY, M.D. H. G. WALLER, M.D. O. E. TODD, M.D. K. E. WEIER, M.D. FREDERICK E. LUDWIG, B.S. DAVID A. VAN DER SLICE, B.S. FLEMING A. BARBOUR, B.S. WALTER R. FINTON, A.B. Juniors FREDERICK L. FORD, A.B. FRED M. JAMESON, A.B. ALBERT E. HEUSTIS JR., A.B. CHARLES W. KNERLER, A.B. KENNETH R. SANDY, B.S. EUGENE W. SPRINGER PETER CRABTREE, A.B. FREDERICK H. FKHLMAN, A.B. Sophomores JOE H. GARDNER, B.S. HARRY C. MATTHEWS EDWARD R. NELL, B.S.E. JOHN F. WURZ Freshmen FREDERICK J. ABBISS ERNEST S. BREED JOHN D. MORGAN ELMER C. SCHULTZ FERDINAND W. ANDERSON, B.S. HOWARD C. HIGH JR. GARY S. PEABODY ARTHUR L. STANLEY. B.S MARTIN L. BIERY, B.S. JAMES O. LAWRENCE, A.B., M.S., PH.D. CARL M. SAVAGE. A.B. ROBERT H. TRIMBY, A.B. WILLIAM J. THALER GARDNER WURZ SAVAGE TRIMBY FINTON STANLEY KNERLER JAMESON FEHLMAN SANDY SPRINGER CRABTREE HEUSTIS MATTHEWS FORD HARBOUR VAN DER SLICE BRUNSON LITTLE WEAVER LUDWIC BELLAMY HALL MORGAN THALER SCHULTZ HIGH ANDERSON BIERY BREED LAWRENCE VOELLMIG Page, 272 ZETA OF ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA ForXDED I ' xrvERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 1914 ESTABLISHED 1924 10 ACTIVE CHAPTERS D. V. BAXTER. PH.D. R. L. LIDDICOAT, B.S. G. G. ALDER. A.B. F. B. FISHER, S.T.D., LLJ . KARL H. BECK H. H. BLOOMER. M.A. MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. C. MAUGH, M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY H. C. JACKSON, B.S. A. L. KLAER, J.H.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY R. W. CLARKE, A.B. F. P. CLOHSET. A.B. V. E. ELDIED H. Y. MCCLUSKY. PH.D. K. C. PIERCE, M.D. L. C. REIMAXX. A.B. C. D. SAMPSON, B.S. V. H. HENDERSON H. C. POWERS, A.B. ROBERT T. ALLEN RICHARD C. BRANDT HARRY T. COMINS JAMES C. COOK FRANCIS J. DORNER RAYMOND GELINAS McK. WILLIAM BURROUGHS D. JARVIS DEAN GEORGE V. BRUMBAUGH i Seniors MALCOLM L. DEXISE TAYLOR DRYSDALE J. EUGENE EISENBOUR WlLLARD H. HlLDEBRAND Juniors GORDON F. JEYNES JOHN H. REIFEL JOHN L. SHANNON Sophomores EARL G. GETKIN ROBERT S. RETNHART CHARLES M. HASKJNS H. SHUMWAY STEELE Freshmen O. WALLIX LADD NEIL B. MACINTOSH J. ROBERT JACKSON- WILLIAM G. PAIXE GORDON H. STOW J. GORDON STEELE JR. DAVID J. WINKWORTH CHARLES W. ZINK G. B. WHEELER JAMES R. WINKWORTH RERMIT M. WEBB SHALL WEBB LADD BKCUBACGH BECK HASKINS WHEELEK REIKHAST DSYSDALE BAXTEK DOKNES JEYXES On - DENISE STOW PAINT. ALLEN EISENHOUB MACINTOSH ZINK SHANNON- DEAN GETKIN H. S. STEELE WINKWOKTH J. G. STEELE REIFEL BRANDT COMINS JACKSON HILDEBIANH Page 273 CHI OF ALPHA OMEGA 3(3 FOUNDED BALTIMORE MARYLAND 1906 ESTABLISHED 1925 24 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN CITY HARRY COOK MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors DAVID BEGELMAN MORRIS KOORHAN HARRY COOK BERNARD SCHMIDT BERNARD WEINTRAUB Juniors BERNARD M. FELDMAN JOSEPH D. FOOTE Louis CANS MILTON L. KAMLER MILTON M. LAPPIN BENJAMIN G. Pi x JULIUS L. RIBYAT SAM B. STONE Freshmen JOSEPH H. GOSSMAN FRANK GREENBAUM IRWIN HONIGFELD SIDNEY KLAHR J. DANIEL KLEINMAN HERBERT M. LEBOVITZ SEYMOUR LIPSITT JEROME J. MALLON ALFRED E. MILLER MARTIN NAIMARK SIDNEY SACKETT MAURICE L. SOLOMON JOSEPH B. STEIN LEO STEINBERG SAMUEL STULBERG GERALD R. WALKER ALBERT D. WEBER MALLON SACKETT SOLOMON GROSSMAN FOOTE CANS SCHMIDT NAIMARK WEBER MILLER STULBERG FELDMAN STONE BEGELMAN STEIN GREENBAUM STEINBERG WALKER RIBYAT LAPPIN KOORHAN WEINTRAUB KLAHR LEBOVITZ PINX HONIGFELD KAMLER COOK Page 274 ! FOTTXDED AT MICHIGAN AND ItXJXOIS 1914 10 ACTIVE CHAPTESS IKTINOS OF ALPHA RHO Mil MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. BABNES, A.M. Enn. LOICH, A.M. WELLS BENNETT, M.S. GEOSCE McCoxKiv, B.A.E. RALPH HAMMETT, A.M_ BCH. T. S. TAXXEE. B.S. A. MASTIO VALEUO MEMBERS I CITY BAXOVIE AVBIEY LEON MAKIELSKJ LVNN W. Fy C. MASON WHITNEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors F. BAESSLEK J. BUBGESS H. K. BEECHEI. J. P. R. CBAWFOBB C. F. lutcEGEm G. J. DEGELLEKE A. F. Foss J. D. Junior R. POLLMAN D. A. SEELEV O. KERSCHBAUJI H. RUIFIOCK Sophomo R. SPACE J. VAX DB X. K. VINCENT J. T. Freshmen L. B. MILTON S. WAKI CKAIC MILTOX KZXSCHBACII VAX Dis SPACE WHITXEV Hniir BASXES VAI.EUO SEELET VINCENT BAESSLEX BEECHES Foss CKAWTOKD Brxcrss KKCZCIX Page 275 THETA OF ALPHA SIGMA PHI FOUNDED YALE UNIVERSITY ESTABLISHED 1908 1845 30 ACTIVE CHAPTERS W. M. BBACE, A.B., M.D. J. P. HESTON, A.B. J. N. CONLIN MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. P. HOBER, A.M., M.D. B. G. OOSTERBAAN, A.B. A. F. SHULL, PH.D. J. F. HUBER, A.M., M.D. H. V. ROHRER, A.M. F. B. WAHR, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY D. P. HAMMIAL R. H. HOWARD H. G. RASCHBACHER H. S. BENJAMIN FRANCIS J. COAXES DAN K. COOK GEORGE N. HALL FOREST E. HAVER MARVIN A. CHAPMAN WILLIAM H. EASON JOHN L. EVANS LESTER D. BARTLEY HENRY CONLIN EUGENE W. DEMING ROBERT H. JUDSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY S. K. WILLIAMS Seniors WARREN E. HILL THOMAS K. JEFFERIS WILLIAM A. McCLiNTic ROBERT J. RENNER Juniors HAROLD M. HERTZ CARL S. NIELSEN ANTHONY L. SERAKOS Sophomores RICHARD R. GOLDCAMP THOMAS E. McGiBBON THEODORE F. MILLER CHARLES A. MORGAN Freshmen ROBERT C. MORRELL MAXWELL R. STOUT V. C. WILLIAMS WILLIAM W. RENNER DONALD A. STROUSE THOMAS P. WALBERT LAWRENCE SPENCER ROBERT B. THORNLEY OTTO J. WOLFF ERNEST A. PEDERSON GORDON W. ROEGLIN C. DURRELL SlMONDS JR. ROBERT D. WALSER SPENCER JUDSON WALSER MILLER LYON CONLIN EVANS HILL SERAKOS PEDERSON THORNLEY EASON McGiBBON SIMONDS HARTLEY WOLFF HERTZ ROEGLIN WALBRIDGE COOK JEFFERIS HAVER HALL STROUSE MCCLINTIC RENNER CHAPMAN Page 276 BETA LAMBDA OF ALPHA I V I OMEGA FOUNDED VntcrsxA MILITARY INSTITUTE 1865 RE-ESTABLISHED 19O4 93 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY DAVID B. ANDREWS, B.S. WILBUR R. HUMPHREYS, A.M. JOSEPH H. CANNON, B.S. LIEUT. COL. F. C. ROGERS, USA HERBERT W. EMERSON, B.S.. M.D. LEWIS M. SIMES, PH.D., SJ.D. MEMBERS IN CITY J. ALLISON, A.B. H. H. RLECKER, M.D. ROBERT A. CASS JAMES CHAPMAN JEFFERIES BENJAMIN- JAMES P. BOLTON RUSSELL B. Buss MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HAROLD F. KLUTZ PAUL RUNGE EDWIN MAR CEAU HARRY STINESPRING Seniors JAMES L. EBERLY BENJAMIN P. JACOBS FRANCIS S. JURY WARREN A. BADE WILLARD M. CORNELIUS ROBERT L. FITZER Joniorg ROBERT D. HANDLEY ROBERT H. Kwis WILLIAM A. MILNE LOGAN E. TUTHILL FRANK P. ZENDZIAN JOHN C. KEYSER ELIJAH G. POXSON, Ji CLARK. G. SCHELL GILBERT T. PATRICK STEVE REMIAS RICHARD W. RYAN WILLUM M. BURNS TOM B. CLARKE ARTHUR CUTLER CARL A. BENZ GLENN H. BRINK JOHN C. CLARK FRANK C. GIBBS, JR. W. MORRIS MORGAN DONALD S. PATTERSON WLLMARTH S. SLOOTMAKER Sophomore WILLIAM H. FLEMING SAM B. MAXWELL PHILLIP H. JACOBS BURTON H. MILLER GEORGE M. MALTBY Freshmen FRANK E. HOWARD GUSTAVUS A. SHALLBERG, JR. DONALD R. KNAPP WILLIAM T. SLATTERY SIGURD R. LYNNER DON J. WASGELIN STEPHEN J. MADDEN CROSBY WYMAN, JR. RICHARD A. SCHAUS WASGELIN Kwis MILLER PATTERSON BENZ BRINK KNAPP MALTBY KLUTE MAXWELL FLEMING T. CLAKKE Ccrrur SLOOTJIAKZR MORGAN TCIHILL Poxsox BUSN JCEY BOLTON SCHEU. MILNE BENJAMIN HANDLEY J. CLARK SHALLBERG SLATTERV LYNNER MADDEN SCOAUS Bozo GIBBS HOWARD WYMAN Page 277 LAMBDA OF BETA THKTA PI FOUNDED MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1839 E. W. Dow, A.B. E. BEAL J. E. BEAL E. R. MARSHALL DON BLACK R. H. CUMMINGS, A.B. ESTABLISHED 1845 MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. GOODRICH, PH.D. K. McMuRRY, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY W. S. CLARKSON C. MCCALLUM R. A. HEAPS W. H. WAIT 86 ACTIVE CHAPTERS F. ROBBINS, PH.D. M. H. WHEELER A. S. WHITNEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. GOLDSWORTHY C. G. KlNNISON D. RANSOM WM. T. SMITH JOSEPH HARKINS, A.B. R. J. LANDRUM BOB ROUSE A. A. WEBB TOM HOWER, A.B. R. MAXWELL J. G. RUTH, A.B. K. YOURD, A.B. MAX PRIBIL, A.B. CLARKE ANDREAE F. G. ARMSTRONG Seniors DON E. CHARLESWORTH J. P. HORISKY J. H. I.AUN B. E. PEASLEY J. V. Auo DANIEL BRYANT WM. DERAMUS R. C. DEVEREAUX GEO. HUNTZICKER RUSSELL S. JONES Juniors PHILIP MCCALLUM JIM MORGAN JOHN PERKINS JESSE FLICK FRED HARRIS ROBERT HOWELL STEWART JOHNSON TOM MACKEY TOM OYLER Sophomores JOHN PARK JOHN D. SEELEY MIKE SHARP PARKER STETSON J. K. WHALEY CALVIN STETSON FRED TALCOTT FRED BOYNTON FRED GUSHING SCOTT DAILEY PAUL GLEYE Freshmen WALTER SCOTT HARKINS WILLIAM LOOSE JACK OHRT EDWARD REPLOGLE M. C. PURDY SAM SMITH NORMAN WILLIAMSON RICHARD WOLFER ROBERT YATES JOHN WELLINGTON GEORGE STARK WILLIAM UPHAM 1. 1 I. M f T t f ft HOWELL TALCOTT OYLER FLICK PARK JOHNSON DERAMUS MACKEY CRAWFORD C. STETSON PERKINS MCCALLUM Auo WOLFER HUNTZICKER DEVEREAUX P. STETSON JONES WHAI.EY YATES BRYANT LAUN PURDY PEASLEY HORISKY ARMSTRONG MORGAN WILLIAMSON LOOSE WELLINGTON OHRT DAILEY BOYNTON GUSHING HARKINS UPHAM COOPER BREWER REPLOGLE GLEYE Page 278 ALPHA TAU OF Mil PHI FOUNDED COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY 1824 RE-ESTABLISHED 1921 29 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY JOHX R. BATES, PH.D. F. F. BLICKE. PH.D. R. B. HALL, PH.D. JOHN L. LAW, MJX DR. R. H. BAYLEY A. A. HEALD MEMBERS IN CITY B. W. MAXWARING H. R. REED DR. C. W. STRICKLER DONALD J. BOCRG, A.B. HERBERT A. MILLIKEN, JR., A.B. JOHX W. BELLAMY O ' XEIL L. DILLON HARRY R. FURST WILLIAM W. FARR CHARLES R. FOREMAN- A. ANDREAE GEORGE J. ANDROS CHARLES L. BROOKS ROSWELL G. CURTIS, JR. MEMBERS IX UNIVERSITY COLIN MAcDoNALD DUNCAN SHEPHERD, A.B. HlLLIS RlGTERINK JOHN T. SPENCE, A.B. Seniors JOHN D. MORGAN HERBERT L. Nice JOHN H. MORGAN ROBERT B. STEWART VENABLE D. JOHNSON GUNTHER SCHMIDT Juniors HOWARD GERMONPREZ ALBERT O. GOODALE, JR. ANDREW W. ORR JOSEPH C. SMITH ROBERT H. TRTMBY, A.B. J. K. POLK, A.B. HAL J. SUTTON ARTHUR L. TRAPHACEN FRANCIS WALLACE BEREND VON BREMEN- CHARLES B. WHITE Sophomores DON B. EFFLER JOHN M. NICOL JACK P. RICHARDSON WILLIAM B. FORCEY JOHN A. MUMFORD JOSEPH T. SINCLAIR HERBERT K. LEACH ROBERT B. OWEN MASON STEVENS ALBERT B. CARLISLE WALTER COMBS NED FULLER. JR. ROBERT M. HAMMOND Freshmen CHARLES W. HENDERSON- GEORGE S. HARRIS JOHN E. MOSER WALTER R. CROW CARLETON B. JOHNSON- JOHN H. SEELEY STUART G. WADE STEVENS MOSER FULLER COMBS MUMFORD HARRIS CARLISLE JOHNSON CKOW FORCEY HEXDERSCN WADE SEELEY BROOKS XICOL SINCLAIR HAMMOND EFFLER SMITH ANDROS CURTIS OWEN ORR FARR VON BREMEN FOREMAN TRIMBY GERMOS-FREZ RICHARDSON ANDREAE TRAFHAGEN J. D. MORGAN RIGTERINK SCTTON FURST XIGG DILLON J. H. MORGAN BELLAMY SCHMIDT Page 270 ALPHA EPSILON OF CHI PSI FOUNDED UNION COLLEGE 1841 ESTABLISHED 1845 25 ACTIVE CHAPTERS WALDO MACK ABBOT, A.B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY LAFAYETTE Dow, A.B. RAYMOND FISHER, A.B. DAVID DAVENPORT MEMBERS IN CITY C. H. MCDONNELL FREDERICK S. RANDALL H. SEGER SLIFER LAWSON E. BECKER WILLIAM J. BELKNAP, JR. ROBERT C. BOURLAND, JR. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM B. DAVIS Rosco A. DAY, JR. GROSVENOR T. ROOT WILLIAM G. SMEDLEY GORDON L. TINSMAN Louis W. WESTOVER NORMAN L. DE WITT GEORGE H. ATHERTON RICHMOND S. BLAKE ROBERT M. BURNS GEORGE W. ALLEN- JOHN S. BECKER JOHN B. DONALDSON GEORGE Y. DUFFY JOHN A. CAWLEY HARRY V. COLLINS, JR. FREDERICK E. DIEFENDORF JAMES G. BRIEN COLLINS E. BROOKS FRED R. ARZT JOSEPH F. BARTLEY, JR. ROBERT H. CAMPBELL ROBERT B. DUNN Seniors ROBERT K. HILL JOSEPH E. HORAK Juniors HOWARD H. ELLIS CHARLES P. HUNT JOHN C. LILLIE Sophomores JOHN L. COCHRANE WILLIAM P. OLIVER WILBER W. MERKEL DONALD T. NICHOLS DAVID G. MACDONALD LLOYD G. McKAY FREDERICK A. MITCHELL JOHN P. OTTE JOHN S. PALMER JAMES D. PARKER ERNST L. SCHAIBLE HARRY J. PILLINGER DEWiTT C. SNYDER RICHARD T. SNYDER THOMAS C. SULLIVAN Freshmen JOHN F. HEINZELMANN CHARLES F. HIBBARD III JOHN F. MCLEAN, JR. DONALD A. MYERS FLETCHER N. PLAIT TOM P. SEARLE FRED A. SMART THOMAS STARR ROBERT C. UTTER V H ELLIS HIBBARD PLATT McLEAN COCHRANE UTTER STARR SEARLE DEBERG ARZT SMART ALLEN WARREN McKAY MYERS BROOKS HARTLEY HEINZELMANN BECKER BRIEN OTTE OLIVER PALMER R. SNYDER SULLIVAN BURNS LILUE D. SNYDER MITCHELL MACDONALD BLAKE CAWLEY COLLINS PILLINGER NICHOLS MERKEL HILL HORAK DUFFY DONALDSON SCHAIBLE DAVIS ATHERTON Page 280 OMICRON OF DELTA KAPPA I I ' M ION FOUNDED YALE UNIVERSITY 1844 ESTABLISHED 1855 45 ACTIVE CHAPTERS ROBERT C. ANGELL, PH.D. ALFRED B. CONNABLE ROBERT CARSON Louis J. COLOMBO WILLIAM J. BECKWITH DAVID H. CON KLIN- JOSEPH FISHER CARLTON A. MEWBORN MEMBERS IN FACULTY OSCAR J. CAMPBELL, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY HORACE S. JOHNSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT H. DENHAM Seniors GERALD FORD CHARLES B. GREENING Jnniors STOFER RTNGO GEORGE ROBBINS HOWARD M. ERHMANN. PH.D. FIELDING H. YOST, J . BETHEL B. KELLY CHARLES MENEFEE J. GORDON MCDONALD CLARENCE W. MARKHAM EARL TOWNSEND PHTLIP T. VAN ZILE SWIFT C. CORWIN CHRIS EVERHARDUS ROBERT A. HAASS J. FREDERICK COLOMBO ROSCOE C. CRAWFORD, JR. JOHN W. CUMMISKEY Sophomores DONALD E. HILLIER FREDERICK C. STILES WlLLARD W. HuBBARD III CHESTER M. THALMAN Louis A. RENAUD JOHN P. WALKER III JOHN W. POWELL, JR. Freshme JOHN B. HAMMOND ARTHUR F. HARWOOD, JR. FRANK C. MCPHERSON LEON H. MOORE HOWARD A. NUSBACM JOHN W. SAVAGE JOSEPH M. HINSHAW, Jm. WILLIAM G. LYON CARL PLETSCHER JOHN TOWNSEND SETH R. WARNER C. HAROLD WILLS, JR. COLOMBO MCPHEISON HILUEB STILES FISHES MEWBOKX CUMMISKEY MOOSE J. TOWNSEND WARNER CfUVTOXD HASWOOD SAVAGE HAMMOND NOSBACM PLETSCHES LYON HAASS POWELL RENACD THALMAN WALKER HCBBAXD RINGO E. TOWNSEND ROBBINS DGCHAKME VAN ZDIE MCDONALD MARKHAM GREENING FORD BECKWITH Page 281 IOTA OF mil PHI FOUNDED UNION COLLEGE 1827 ESTABLISHED 1855 15 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY WARREN E. FORSYTHE, M.D. WALTER V. MARSHALL, B.A.E. PAUL L. ADAMS, A.B. JOHN W. DETWILER, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY BURTON T. HORD, A.B. JAMES B. OSBORNE, A.B. JAMES ROBERTS, A.B. Seniors JOHN P. BERGER WILLARD E. BLASER EUGENE S. BREWER JOHN M. BROOKHART GORDON W. CLAUSSEN DONALD B. ELDER JACK H. KELLEY HENRY M. MERKER Juniors GERALD S. BOGAHT WILLIAM M. CLEMENT CHARLES H. EMLING HENRY N. WIGHTMAN ALBERT M. AMMERMAN Sophomores DOUGLAS G. CALKINS NEWTON MCFADYEN Freshmen JUSTIN GUSHING ROBERT McFADYEN GUSHING AMMERMAN CLEMENT CALKINS N. MCFADYEN R. MCFADYEN EMLINO ELDER BREWER WILLIAMS CLAUSSEN BOGART WIGHTMAN DETWILER BLASER MERKER BROOKHART KELLEY BERGER Page 282 ALPHA OF DELTA SIGMA DELTA FOUNDED UNIVERSITY or MICHIGAN 1882 ESTABLISHED 1882 45 ACTIVE CHAPTERS OLIVER APPLEGATE, D.D.S. ROBERT K. BROWN, D.D.v RUSSELL V. BUNTING, D.D.S. KENNETH EASLICK, D.D.S. PAUL JESERICH, D.D.S. H. K. BURCH. D.D.S. J. D. GRACE, D.D.S. L. P. HALL, D.D.S. JOHN CHAPTERS, D.D.S. R. A. COLBY D. K A MEMBERS IN FACULTY JOHN KEMPER, D.D.S.. M.D. U. GARFIELD RICKERT, D.D.S. RICHARD KINGERY. D.D.S. RALPH SOMMER. D.D.S. CHALMERS LYONS. D.D.S. FRANCIS VEDDER, D.D.S. ROLAND XISSLE, D.D.S. MARCUS WARD, D.D.S. ELMER L. WHITMAN, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN CITY L. HELLMAN, D.D . J. M. OSBORNE, D.D5. W. B. SUTHERS, D.D . B. HOWELL, D.D.S. X. F. RTTTERSHOFEE. D.D . J. J. TRAVIS, D.D.S. J. LOGAN, D.D.S. C. A. RUEGER, D.D.S. W. F. WOOD, D.D . MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EDWIN FRITZ, DJXS. M. Z. MALLON, H. P. KIMBALL, D.D5. ALFRED REHFIELD, EDWIN T. RICE, OTTO L. RICKER, ANDERSON ARBCRY LLOYB CODY L. BENSON BRISTOL EDWIN DEER GEORGE S. HARRIS EDWARD BENJAMIN EDGAR BIGELOW LAWRENCE BOWLER BRCCE F. FULLER FREDERICK A. HENNY Seniors LLEWELLYN P. LEIGH LACHLAN NOBLE HARRY E. RUSH JOHN T. SCRWARTZBEK DALLAS C. SIGWART STUART J. SWANTON CLYDE K. WOLF RICHARD HUFFMAN LEONARD KLACSMXYER FRANCIS LETCHFIELD Juniors ROBERT MACGREGOR EDWARD McMAxitox GEORGE W. OGLESTONE Freshmen CHARLES CURDY ' LEONARD GRAHAM DELOS KERVIN RICHARD CURTIS J HAROLD HELD GARDNER KITTELL THOMAS GILSON [CHALMERS JOHNSON STANLEY MILLER MILLARD PUGH FRANCIS W. RENNELL CHRISTOPHER E. SMITH YOCNC MORRIS LEWIS PINNET JOHN MUZZALL PAUL RIDIXGER R. XOBLE PECKHAM IVAN WILCOX BICELOW GII.SON MILLEI KtDlNca GUHAM READER : . Slew ACT Kat ix CCRDT BENJAMIN JOHNSON KITIELL Crsns PECKHAM Moms HAKUS OGLESIOXE MAcGst oR KLAITSMETEX McMAXMox Hfin BOWLEX DEE HUFFMAN WOLF NOBLE LETCBFIEIJJ BRISTOL RENNELL Wncox ARBCRT SWAXTOX ScHWAtnmKK RVSH FULLER HENNV ' ..i: I 283 XI OF DELTA SIGMA PI FOUNDED NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 1907 ESTABLISHED 1921 57 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. BOWERS, A.M. T. K. HAVEN, M.B.A. L. L. LAING, M.B.A. J. H. MCBURNEY, A.M. D. M. PHELPS, PH.D. R. G. RODKEY, PH.D. C. N. STAUBACH, A.M. M. H. WATERMAN, PH.D. L. L. WATKINS, PH.D. C. S. YOAKUM, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY C. BACHELOR W. HARRIS R. A. CAMPBELL W. WHITE J. COON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. LONG, A.M. J. MARTIN, A.B. SENIOR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROBERT A. ALLMAND HAROLD M. BEAM ROLAND GALLAGHER LEON KERCHER JUNIOR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION STANLEY KILGORE LAWRENCE MCCAMPBELL COLIN C. MACDONALD FLOYD MONAWECK CARL F. WHITE ROBERT S. WEISENFLUE WILSON B. ARCHER ERNEST BATESON JOHN P. CAMPBELL BERNARD L. GARY JOE S. GRAIN LITERARY SCHOOL STUDENTS MAX W. CROSMAN HENRY DYKEMA GUNNARD FELDT RICHARD HOLYER KENNETH KILGORE RUSSELL LAITALA FRANCIS McQuiLLAN DONALD ROHN BENJAMIN WINCHELL K. KILGORE S. KILGORE KERCHER FELDT GALLAGHER BATESON WINCHELL MACDONALD CAMPBELL BEAM WHITE DYKEMA MCQUILLAN BELL CROSMAN ARCHER CRAIN WEISENFLUE ALLMAND CARY STEPHENSON Page 284 DELTA OF IN I I I I DELTA FOUNDED BETHANY COLLEGE 1858 ESTABLISHED 1874 72 ACTIVE CHAPTERS J. ALEXANDER, M.D. F. E. BARTELI. PH.D. P. J. BURROUGHS R. D. CUTTING MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. D. CURTIS, M.S. F. M. GAICE, A.M. J. L. POWERS, M.S. C. M. DAVIS, A.M. C. E. GUTHE, PH.D. H. H. WILLARD, PH.D. R. FASQUELLE W. W. FLORER MEMBERS IN CITY A. J. GlLLINGHAM A. M. HlGHLEY G. McCALLUM F. L. OAKES L. J. Yocxc, M.S.F. S. PLATT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY R. B. BEESLEY S. H. CLINK J. O. GREENWAY C. D. HERSHEY W. G. XICOLLS D. J. Bl ' LMER W. P. CURRY C. R. HENDERSON L. KEARNS V. W. XOBLE WlLLLAM F. BORGMANN Seniors H. WILLIS BRACE, JR. HAMILTON E. DOXEY R. O. KORTHWAY T. R. SHOCTE W. H. OEHMANN ROBERT J. HENOCH J. ROBERT COLVILLE, JR. ALFRED D. FENSTERIIAKER CHARLES A. FRAUBURG LAURENCE M. HALLZCK DAN F. HCLCRAVE JEAN McCLiNTic WESCEL A. NEUMANN- JOHN M. O ' CONNELL ROBERT B. RUTHERFORD WALTER C. SCHAEFER ROBERT E. SCOTT ANSEL B. SMITH, JR. Sophomores W. PHILLIP ABBEY FREDERICK S. BUCHANAN FRANKLIN T. DANNEMILLER C. DUDLEY KING, JR. KEITH H. TUSTISON JOHN C. BEECHLEY FREDERICK G. BUESSER GUERDON D. GREENWAY ROBERT B. KNIGHT B. ALLEN WELCH Louis H. BELDEN OR TLLE L. CLUCK XORMAN C. HALLECK JOHN A. SCHAUIIBERGER JOSEPH A. YAGER ROGER M. BOWMAN H. MURRAY CAMPBELL ROBERT C. CRAWFORD WARREN E. EMLEY. JR. Freshmen JOHN B. XICOLLS JACK A. PROCT WILLIAM S. SARGENT PETER WARD WILLIAM L. WARREN ROGER WELCH WABREX R. WELCH BOWMAN CRAWFORD Pour XICOLLS X. HALLECK CAMPBELL GREENWAY BELDES KNIGHT SCHAUMBEXGER Knee YAGEE B. WELCH EMLEY WARD BUCHANAN RUTHERFORD FENSTERMAKH CLCCK Scon HULCRAVE O ' CONNELL McCLixnc SMITH BUESSER COLVILLE FKAMBCRC BORCMAXX SCHAEFEB HENOCH Bucx DOXEY XECMANN L. HALLECK Page 285 MICHIGAN CHAPTER OF III II UPSILOX FOUNDED WILLIAMS COLLEGE 1834 ESTABLISHED 1867 52 ACTIVE CHAPTERS 0. BLACKETT, PH.D. G. M. BLEEKMAN, M.S.C. A. L. CROSS, PH.D. C. F. DEISS, A.B. J. 0. BERGELIN A. E. GRKEN MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. H. DRAKE, PH.D., LL.B. W. HOAD, A.B. VV. M. FORD, PH.D. C. A. KNUDSON, JR., PH.D. E. P. GREEN, PH.D. K. LITZENBERG, PH.D. P. HADLEY, PH.D. C. MEADER, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY J. H. HOAD H. W. XICHOLS E. J. HUNTINGTON H. G. PRETTYMAN H. D. GROVE E. B. KAY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY R. D. MlNNICH E. V. SlGERFOOS Seniors FLOYD H. COOK, JR. E. DEXTER GOODIER BRUCE R. LAFER WHITNEY LOWE M. ALVIN MORTENSEN VALENTINE R. SAPH GEORGE A. BOLAS HAROLD G. CLAYTON RUSH A. BOWMAN BENJAMIN C. BUGBEE FREDERICK A. BLASS WILLIAM H. CARPENTER FREDERICK A. COLLINS REEVE R. HASTINGS BERTRAM H. LEBEIS Juniors CHARLES F. MARSCHXER HEATON B. OWSLEY H. RANDALL, PH.D. W. B. SHAW, A.B. F. B. VEDDER, D.D.S. H. D. SCOTT DEAN TITUS A. R. Twiss JOHN E. SOENKE WILLIAM F. REUTHER JOSEPH H. WHITE HAROLD A. STRICKLAND Sophomores HENRY W. GILFILLAN ELBERT E. HAIGHT EDWIN D. HAGUE WILLIAM P. SCHNORRACH Freshmen JOHN E. CORNELIUS F. E. ELSTOB HUGH L. HAYWARD WILLIAM MATHEWS RICHARD MAY RICHARD MEEK THOMAS H. WAGNER JAMES D. RITCHIE WILLIAM WILSON HAYWARD WILSON ELSTOB CARPENTER CORNELIUS HAGUE MAY MATHEWS RITCHIE COLLINS BLASS WAGNER MARTIN HASTINGS GILFILLAN MEEK CLAYTON WHITE MARSCHNER LEBEIS BUGBEE BOWMAN REUTHER OWSLEY STRICKLAND MORTENSEN SOENKE COOK GOODIER LOWE LAFER SAPH Page 286 HERMITAGE CHAPTER OF HERMITAGE FOTJXDED USTVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1907 RE-ESTABLISHED 1917 1 ACTIVE CHAPTER R. A. AIGLEK. LL.D. L. A. BAIEX. B.MAX. E. Grv S. KASEI ROBEKT W. ACKEXMAN. M.A. RALPH B. BALDWIN, B.S. ALLEN E. CLEVELAND CLINTON B. Foxo ROBEIT D. HEITSCH GOKOON H. BOYLAN CHAXLES H. EGELEX LESTEX W. LUEKING FXANK C. ALDXICH, Jx. LANE EMEKY LESTEX R. INGRAM MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. V. COWDEN. M.A. L. M. GXAM. B.S.E. L. PXEUSS, PaJ . MEMBERS IN CITY HEKBEKT M. SHAW MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAMES C. HENDLEV, A.B. CHAKLES M. XISEX, B.S. . iiinr- KAIL F. JEAN RALPH W. KKCTH WILLIAM F. MEISTEI Jimiors HOWAXD A. MOOXE WILLIAM G. PIEKCE GOXDON E. REYNOLDS JOHN RODRIGUEZ, Jx. Sophomores ROV V. JlANXOTT EXNEST A. JOHNSON Lotus MASCUXCSKCS A. RICH-AXD MEACHAM, Jx. A. G. RCTHVEN, PH.D., LL.D. H. C. SADLEX, Sc.D. LA " EKNE H. TAYLOX WALTEX H. POWEXS, B.S. IN LEO H. WALKEX, A.B. WALTEX D. POOL ROY C. SMITH HI RALPH D. WALKEX IVAB E. STXAND ANTONIO VALLES DA TD E. WITHEXIDGE JOSE G. Moscoso DONN D. PAXKEX GILBEXT S. SMITH E.E. G. SMITH JIAXNOTT INGRAU I ' SKLK Moscoso MHACHAM JOHNSON EICLKY LUEKINC REYNOLDS MASCUSCSKCS BOWEKS PIEKCE MOOSE WITHEUDGE Rocucuti VALLES L. WALKEB BALDWIN HETTSCH R. WALKEK CLE TLAND .lux BOYLAN R. SMITH MEISTEB KNUTH Page 2S7 MU OF KAPPA DELTA RHO FOUNDED MTDDLEBURY COLLEGE 1905 ESTABLISHED 1923 19 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY BENJAMIN A. DEGRAFF, A.M. EARL E. KLEINSCHMIBT, M.D. Louis M. EICH, PH.D. CHARLES E. KRAUS, B.S.E. FRANKLIN L. EVERETT, PH.D. WALTER E. LAY, B.M.E. NEIL H. WILLIAMS, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY WILLIAM E. BADGER, A.B. STANLEY F. ZUCK MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHARLES R. NELSON, M.S.E. HARVEY G. STARKEY Seniors LESTER V. COLWELL JOHN T. SIMPSON HARLEY M. NEWCOMB TRUMAN C. SMITH DELOS D. STEGENGA Juniors DAVID D. CORNELL CONRAD HOLBEN JOHN S. BADGER ROBERT L. BOYNTON HENRY V. LINABURY MALCOLM W. LOVELAND G. ROBERT SEVERY Sophomores MORDANT E. PECK DAVID E. STAUB CHARLES H. WEISSERT Freshmen ROBERT J. DEMUND FRITZ RADFORD ZUCK CORNELL STAUB RADFORD BOYNTON LINABURY DEMUND DEGRAFF HOLBEN SEVERY LOVELAND BADGER WEISSERT SMITH STEGENGA NEWCOMB SIMPSON COLWELL KRAUS PROF. WILLIAMS Page 288 FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER 1911 ESTABLISHED 1919 17 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IRA W. LEVY, A.B. LAWRENCE LEVY, A.B, IN UNIVERSITY JEROME PERL, A.B. NELSON SHARFMAN, A.B. ROBERT V. REIIEZ SAMUEL S. SHAER MANUEL COGGAN EDGAR M. DAVIDSON JOSEPH H. FEIN-COLD ROBERT S. FRIEDMAN IRWTN L. GLASSES SHELDON M. ELLIS ROBERT J. FRIEDMAN ARDO M. FRIEND ARNOLD L. FRIEDMAN DAVID B. FRIEDMAN Seniors ROBERT A. SLOMAX Juniors MILTON KEINES MILTON A. KRAMER BURNETT B. LEVICK CHARLES J. LEVTNE HOWARD B. LEVINE Sophomores SAM POZIN ROBERT ROSENBLUM ROBERT P. SAX Freshmen ROBERT V. HARRISON MORTON JACOBS DAVID L. KLEIN ELI SOODIK JACOB I. WEISSMAN IRVING F. LEVITT PAUL H. RE IT MAN- RICHARD ROME DAVID H. SCHNEIDER CHARLES WEINSTEIN BERNARD SERVER NORMAN L. SHAREMAN BERNARD WEISSMAN J. XORMAN SOODIK STEPHEN A. STONE A. FRIEDMAN D. FRIEDMAN HAMISOX JACOBS KLEIN J. X. SOODIK STONE POZTN ROSENBLUM FRIEND SERWEX SHAEPMAN R. J. FRIEDMAN ELLIS WEINSTEIN COCCAN ROME GLASSES FETNGOLD REITMAN LE TNE SCHNEIDER LEVICK FREIDMAN REMEZ SHAEE SLOMAN WEISSMAN LEVITT KETNER E. SOODIK SHARFMAN DAVTDSON LEVDJE Page 289 MEMBERS IN FACULTY FERDINAND N. MENEFEE, B.S. FRANK H. STEVENS, B.S. W. FREDERICK PETERSON, A.M. ARTHUR A. WOOD, PH.D. JOHN B. AMES WAYNE R. JOHNSON AUBREY E. BOYD, A.B. JOHN ENGLISH MEMBERS IN CITY WILLIAM C. MANCHESTER CECIL MARTELL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAMES C. HARDYMON, A.B. ALFRED J. KOCH, A.B. MAYNARD A. NEWTON ALEXANDER RUELLE III ROBERT LADD, M.S. RALPH J. O ' HARA, A.B. EDWIN J. ECKERT, JR. ROY EMERSON Seniors EDMUND K. HEITMANN WARREN J. KAHLBAUM TAGE O. JACOBSON FREDERICK W. SCHAFER II HENRY K. THOMAS A. WARD WOOD Juniors J. WILLIAM BURKE WILLIAM R. DIXON MURDOCH M. EARLE NESBIT HAAS JOHN R. STEIN VAUDIE V. VANDENBERG JOSEPH 0. CALLOUETTE ROBERT M. ECKELBERGER MANUEL A. FRAU, JR. FREDERICK W. BEVILAQUA II Sophomores WILLARD H. JONES ROBERT A. LACROIX JACK R. MERRILL Freshmen BENNETT M. COONS ALEXANDER F. MUZYK LUIS O. SOUFFRONT FRANK J. WOIGDKA JAMES W. DRIVER, JR. BEVILAQUA CALLOUETTE JONES LACROIX DRIVER EAKLE COONS MUZYK VANDENBERG KAHLBAUM THOMAS WOIGDKA BUKKE SOUFFRONT EMERSON LADD JACOBSON STEIN ECKERT WOOD ECKELBERGER ALPHA ZETA OF KAPPA SIGMA FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA ESTABLISHED 1892 105 ACTIVE CHAPTERS Page 290 FOUNDED BOSTON UNIVERSITY 1909 SIGMA ZETA OF LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ESTABLISHED 1913 84 ACTIVE CHAPTERS F. M. CALHOON, M - M. D. CHAPIN, PH.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. V. CBEECHILL, PH .1). }. H. McBuRNEY, A.M. R. I. CLARY, M.D. W. G. SMEATON, A.B. C. WOODY, PH.D. P. GIBSON, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY J. KACEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. F. SAHLMARK C. R. ASHTON, A.B. A. G. BAKER R. X. BOWER, A.B. THOMAS D. AUSTIN THOMAS J. ABELE KEITH T. DAVIS HOMER G. BARBER NEIL J. GILLES HAROLD O. BURNETT RONALD E. HAYES EDWARD F. BRUNA EDWAPD W. FOOTE H. L. FETTES R. GUSTINE, A.B. THEODORE JONES. A.B. WILFRED C. DRESSER FLOYD W. HARTMAN DONALD W. LYON ROBERT J. HEUSHL CHARLES Kocsis C. F. OLMSTED. A.B. P. L. PROUD. B.S.E. A. F. SCHMALZRIEDT. A.B. Seniors ALLAN D. McCoMBS GILBERT D. MCACHERN DAVID D. MERRIMAN Jiirm.r- ROBERT L. McKlNVEN STUART W. REED Sophomores BURDETTE R. JOHNSON CHARLES F. PARKER J. STEWART MITCHELL VIDIAN L. ROE WILLIAM S. STRUVE MELVILLE R. THOMPSON J. W. SMITH. M.A. F. MATSON, B.S.E. HAROLD B. PARKER RICHARD A. SNYDER DOUGLAS R. STANLEY HOWARD W. TAFT ARTHUR W. TYLER ARTHUR W. WHITING EDWARD JAMES WILLIAM J. MACL.EOD Freshmen WALTER J. TRUC, JR. ED T. WAGNER EVERETT C. VALLIN NEUMANN TBUC VALLIN WAGNER BRUNA TYLER JAMES BURNETT WHITING HAYES STRUVE MACLEOD FOOTE C. PARKER THOMPSON ROE STANLEY HELSEL REED MITCHELL MATSON OLMSTED MARANECK SAHLMABK SNYDER BOWIK ASHTON BARBER DAVIS ABEI.E DRESSES Lv ;s McCovss HARTJIAN MERRIUAN H. PARKER AUSTIN Page 291 FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1882 ESTABLISHED 1882 36 ACTIVE CHAPTERS P. S. BARKER, M.D. B. F. BARNEY, M.D. A. M. BARRETT, M.D. A. M. BOYDEN, M.D. J. D. CAMERON, M.D. C. D. CAMP, M.D. L. C. CARPENTER, M.D. J. K. COLMAN, M.D. A. B. COMBS, M.D. D. M. Cowre, M.D. J. M. DORSEY, M.D. D. H. ECHOLS, M.D. C. W. EDMUNDS, M.D. H. W. EMERSON, M.D. R. H. FREYBERG, M.D. J. L. GILLARD, M.D. L. GROSH, JR., M.D. C. HAIGHT, M.D. G. HAMMOND, M.D. E. A. HAND, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. HAYNES, JR., M.D. G. C. HUBER, M.D., Sc.D. F. D. JOHNSTON, M.D. J. C. JONES, M.D. E. A. KAHN, M.D. W. K. LAMB, M.D. J. D. LITTIG, M.D. R. MALCOLM, M.D. J. H. MAXWELL, M.D. THOMAS McKEAN, M.D. C. MCDONNELL, M.D. F. G. NOVY, M.D., Sc.D., LL.D. W. R. PARKER, M.D., Sc.D. W. S. PECK, M.D. R. PETERSON, M.D. P. C. SAMSON, M.D. M. H. SOULE, M.S.CH., Sc.D., LL.D. JOHN STFELE, M.D. C. V. WELLER, M.D. U. J. WILE, M.D. F. N. WILSON, M.D. R. B. BIGELOW, M.D. S. L. BIGELOW, M.D. R. S. BALLMER, M.D. S. H. GARDINER, M.D. V, MEMBERS IN CITY J. F. BREAKEY, M.D. K. D. MALCOLM, M.D. C. D. LOREE, M.D. M. MARSHALL, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY L. HEIZER, JR., M.D. G. R. LAMB, JR., M.D. C. G. PARNELL, JR., M.D. T. THIEME, M.D. G. A. MAY, M.D. C. C. WORDEN, M.D. J. A. HOSMER, M.D. HARRY L. ARNOLD, JR. PHILIP E. M. BOURLAND DAN J. BULMES KYRIL B. CONGER GILBERT E. FISHER DONALD J. BOURG CHARLES J. COURVILLE MARKHAM B. COVENTRY KENNETH A. BERKAW JAMES E. CAMERON W. B. MARTIN, M.D. R. J. PATTON, M.D. Seniors R. R. DEALVAREZ KENDALL B. HOLMES FRANK A. LAMBERSON Juniors EARLE B. KAY DUGALD S. MAClNTYRE Sophomores ROBERT GUMMINGS EMERSON J. KEMPF CHARLES B. DARNER A. KIMBALL NORTHRUP CHARLES C. HERSHEY RODERICK NORTON Freshmen CHARLES N. HOYT ROBERT 0. NORTHWAY ROBERT E. MAC!NTYRE PAUL W. RUNGE WILLIAM G. NICHOLS T. RICHARD SHOUPE JAMES W. LOGIE RICHARD H. LYONS R. MONTGOMERY SHICK JOHN B. PATTERSON JOHN G. RUTH A. JACKSON DAY ROBERT H. DENHAM NORMAN L. DEWITT ARTHUR R. Twiss WALTER P. WORK V. DUNCAN SHEPARD A. MINTY WALDRON RAYMOND L. PAINE GROSVENOR T. ROOT WILLIAM T. SMITH PAUL F. STOLLER STOLLER RUNGE NICHOLS DAY DENHAM CAMERON SHOUPE SMITH COURVILLE DE WITT NORTHWAY HOYT COVENTRY BERKAW R. MAC!NTYRE BOURG NORTHRUP HERSHEY DARNER ROOT FISHER CUMMINGS KEMPF NORTON RUTH CONGER KAY Twiss SHEPARD WALDRON PATTERSON D. MAC!NTYRE LAMBERSON WORK DEALVAREZ Loon: SHICK BULMER BOURLAND ARNOLD LYONS Page 292 ALPHA OF PHI ALPHA KAPPA FOUNDED UNIVERSITY or MICHIGAN 1929 ESTABLISHED 1929 1 ACTIVE CHAPTER MARTIX BATTS, JR., A.B., M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY HENRY MEYER, A.B., A.M. CLAUDE J. KEMINK, A.B., D.D.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAMES J. DE JONGE, A.B. CLARENCE KOOISTRA. A.B. KOERT ROSTER, A.B. EVERETT T. WELMERS, A.B., A.M. NICHOLAS JELLES, JR. LAWRENCE C. MANNI, A.B. Seniors GERARD W. MULDER, A.B. THEODORE L. VANDER VELDE, A.B. OLIVER R. BCESING ABE J. BOTTING, A.B. HENRY W. DEURLOO, A.B. Juniors EDWARD H. LASS HARVARD J. VAN BELOIS, A.B. GARRETT C. VAN DE RIET, A.B. RICHARD C. BOELKINS, A.B. Sophomores WILLARD M. RYPKEMA, A.B. GELMER A. VAN NOORD, A.B. JAY A. JELTES Freshmen KARL E. SEIDEL, A.B. VANDEK VELDE RYPKEMA MULDEK VAN DE RIEI SEIDEL JELTES KOSTES BUESING BOTTING LASS DEUBLOO VAN BELOIS BOELKINS MANNI JELLES, JR. VAN XOORD MEYER WELMESS KEMINK Page 293 OMICRON OF PHI BETA DELTA FOUNDED COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 1912 ESTABLISHED 1921 32 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ALBERT M. BLUMENFELD, A.B. HOWAHD GOULD, A.B. ARTHUR COHEN, B.S. LEONARD MELDMAN, A.B. Seniors EMANUEL FISHMAN LEONARD KOPLIN JOSEPH LESSER LEONARD A. RAPPAPORT SEYMOUR RUBIN OSCAR SCHWARTZ DANIEL SCHWENGER LESLIE SELIN JACK COHEN HAROLD GINSBERG Juniors HOWARD KAHN JAY KATZ ARTHUR LEVITAS JOEL P. NEWMAN Sophomores JAMES M. COHEN- ALEX GROSSINGER MILTON LONDON LEONARD F. OBERMAN MAX PACKER HERBERT SAVITCH MORTON SOOKNE SAM STOLLER MORTON WOLFF Freshmen WILBUR ALDERMAN NORMAN ROSEN JULIAN BARISH BARNEY SCHWARTZ ARTHUR COHEN DAVID SELIN HERMAN FISHMAN DANIEL C. SIEGEL ALLAN MITTELMAN SEYMOUR WEITZMAN ROY WOLFF GINSBERG LONDON PACKER SAVITCH MELDMAN NEWMAN KAHN LESSER L. SELIN M. BARISH OBERMAN BLUMENFELD J. COHEN ROMANOFF RAPPAPORT J. COHEN A. COHEN FISHMAN ALDERMAN STOLLER J. BARISH SCHWARTZ D. SELIN SATOVSKY Page 294 BETA OF PHI BETA PI FOUNDED UNIVERSITY or PITTSBURGH 1891 ESTABLISHED 1898 39 ACTIVE CHAPTERS C. E. BADCLEY, B.S., MJ). C. L. BROWN. B.S., MJ). A. C. FURSTSNBERG, B.S., M.D. F. G. HODGES, B.S., MJ). D. E. LICHTY, MJ). G. F. MUEHLIG, M.D. THEODORE KLINGMAN. M.D. DONALD K. BARSTOW, A.B. C. DEAN BOH BEE JOHX G. BRAZES, A.B. V. FERRALL COOK, PH.D. LEO J. BOBBOWSKI CARL E. FALK, A.B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. W. JACOX, VS., MJ). B. B. KING, MJ). G. E. LOUPEE, A.B., MJ). MEMBERS IN CITY VERNON DICK, A.B., M.D. R. C. HJLDRETH, B.S., MJ). C. F. INGERSOLL, A.B., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors J. DONALD FLYNN WILLIAM G. GORDON, A.B. WILBUR A. MUEHLIC, A.B. E. E. NELSON, PH.D., M.D. C. B. PEIRCE, M.S., M.D. J. SUNDWALL, PH.D., M.D. R. G. SMITH, PH.D., M.D. F. D. LATHEOP, A.B., MJ). C. S. MILLS, A.M., M.D. L. M. SIMONSEN, A.B., M.D. EDWARD G. SEYBOLD MILLARD S. ROBERTS FRANK J. SHAFFER, A.B. HAROLD A. MILLER MARSHALL Y. SOLDINEER JIM M. TAYLOR JEROME E. WEBBER, JR., A.B. FREDERIC W. WILSON- JOHN B. WOOD CARL DVBCY Sophomores I. CARMINE RAZZAKO KYLE BLACK HARVEY J. DUBACLT WILLIAM FCLLER Freshmen ARTHUR R. GERSABECK IRVINE M. HOWE SCOTT T. HARRIS LOREN MILLER KENDALL HOOPER EDWARD W. SANDERS ELLIS H. STEFFENSEN GODFREY D. STOBBE TONY J. TRAPASSO HOWE HAIRIS HOOPEX XEWSOM BEAHDSLEY KELLEY GORDON BLACK FCLLER MILLER SIXFFEKSEX STOBBE RAZZ. NO DCBACLT BERCER GERSABECK SANDERS BoMowski SEYBOLD WOOD TAYLOR COOK H. MILLER FALK SHAFFER BOHRER MUEHLIG SOLDINEER WILSON WEBBER BRAZES GORDON FLYXN BARSTOW Page 295 FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT 1889 ESTABLISHED 1906 61 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. N. DEJONG, M.D. L. E. HIMLER, M.D. R. E. McCorxER, M.D. E. W. SINK, M.S., M.D. G. E. FARRAR, JR., B.S., M.D. V. C. JOHNSON, M.D. R. M. NESBIT, A.B., M.D. C. C. STURGIS, B.S., M.D. F. BRUCE FRALICK, M.D. A. C. KERLIKOWSKE, M.D. H. K. RANSOM, A.B., M.D. R. W. WAGGONER, Sc.D., M.D. W. FORSYTHE, PH.D., M.D. W. G. MADDOCK, A.B., M.D. H. H. REICKER, A.B., M.D. W. S. PERHAM, B.S., M.D. PAUL H. BASSOW, M.D. H. H. CUMMINGS, M.D. W. E. BADGER, A.B., M.D. K. M. BROWNSON, B.S. DONALD A. COWAN, M.D. R. W. DAVIS, A.B., M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY C. GEORGE, JR., M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM F. DELP. M.D. C. E. FOLSOME, A.B., M.D. G. S. FRAUENBERGER, B.S., M.D. M. E. GUMP, B.S., M.D KENNETH HEITTMAN, A.B., M.D. L. A. H. KNOLL, M.D. S. L. LAFEVER, M.D. VICTOR F. KLING, M.D. O. M. PHILLIPS, M.D. S. H. WAGAR, A.B., M.D. GEORGE WASSEL, M.D. CLYDE E. CLARK FENIMORE E. DAVIS ROBERT W. CLARKE CHARLES W. CORY HENRY B. ABBOTT MATTHEW C. BENNETT JOHN W. BRICKER DAVID P. GAGE LORIN E. KERR, JR. JAMES H. CURTS ERNEST M. EICHHORN GEORGE T. BOOTH ROBERT M. CARTER WARD B. CHESLEY Seniors RICHARD K. MCLEAN LAWRENCE E. RECK Juniors WILLIAM B. ELLER DONALD J. FRANCIS Sophomores GEORGE S. FISHER IRVING J. GORDON MORRIS KLOPFENSTEIN JOHN D. REID PAUL S. SLOAN HAROLD W. GEHRING WALTER R. MERZ CONWAY S. MAGEE DARVAN A. MOOSMAN FREDERICK W. PALMER JOHN C. VARRONE WILLIAM F. WANGNER CARL REX MOE JACK G. OATMAN PAUL RION LYLE G. WAGGONER ROBERT WILLSON KENNETH BEACH ROBERT BOWSHER KARL BECK GERHARD BURDE ARTHUR L. BENEDICT, JR. WILLIAM HENDERSON Freshmen ELVIN KEETON EDWARD MARSHALL EDWARD KELLY SPENCER XORTHUP ROBERT MCKEEVER JOHN PIERPONT ALBERT QUARTON GLENN SMITH JOHN A. RYAN LEO WALKER EDWARD SHUMAKER SHUMAKER BEACH HENDERSON PIERPONT MARSHALL WALKER BECK BOWSHER MCKEEVER BURDE MOOSMAN BENEDICT WAGGONER CHESLEY ABBOTT BOOTH KLOPFENSTEIN GORDON BRICKER MACEE BENNETT CURTS MERZ CORY WALDERS EICHHORN ELLER FRANCIS CLARKE RECK WANGNER KERR REID SLOAN CLARK GAGE SCHUCK Page 296 OMEGA OF PHI DELTA I I ' M I o FOUNDED CORNELL UNIVERSITY 1904 ESTABLISHED 1922 52 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. L. KAHX, M.S.. Sc.D. S. M. GOLDHAMMER, B.S., M.D. M. COOPERSTOCK, A.B., M.D. I. J. HAUSEB, A.B., M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY A. BECKER, A.B., M.D. SIDNEY L. DAVIDOW, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors HERBERT I. KATZ, A.B. Locis ZLATKIN, A.B. Juniors SAMUEL COHEX JESSE O. HALPER.V. A.B. MORTON- HELPER, B.S. HERBERT H. HOLUAN, A.B. JOSEPH M. KLEIN Sophomores JOSEPH FEIKGOLD, A.B. HAROLD REESE, A.B. MERVIN GREEN, A.B. LESTER SEGAL, A.B. JOSEPH SKLAVER, A.B. Freshmen JOSEPH M. FAUST DAVID KAHN, A.B. EMIL M. ISBERG ROBERT KCHN IRVING E. SILVERMAN HAI.PEXK GREEN COHEN KATZ ISBERG SKLAVEI BECKEI FAOST KLEIN K_HN KUHN HELPER SEGAL FEINGOLD HAUSER DAMDOW HOLMAK Page 297 MICHIGAN ALPHA OF PHI DELTA Ml I I A FOUNDED MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1848 RE-ESTABLISHED 1887 103 ACTIVE CHAPTERS WILLIAM L. AYES, PH.D. E. C. CASE, PH.D. H. M. BEEBE, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. H. COPELAND, A.B. HARRY G. KLPKE, A.B. C. W. EDMUNDS, M.D. EARL V. MOORE, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY EDWARD FRENCH JAMES A. KENNEDY, JR. SAMUEL B. BABTLETT ROBERT R. BENNETT WILLIAM L. BROWN EVERETT C. COPLEY STEWART M. CRAM JAMES M. BARKDULL EDWARD G. BEGLE WILLIAM B. ANDERSON FRED R. CHARLTON HARRISON A. CHURCH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ELMER BERRY DOUGLAS D. CRARY HAROLD LOVE, A.B. W. RODES CLAY ROBERT HOOVER, A.B. FRANK H. MASTERS FRANK W. FUNK RUSSELL J. Fuoc CLARK F. HANNON THOMAS BOYD BOLITHO ROBERT C. CAREY Seniors PHILIP M. KLEIN DON A. POMEROY WILLIAM C. RORKE HENRY A. SANDERS, PH D. A. E. WHITE, Sc.D. FRANCIS M. WISTERT HARRY G. McGAVRAN EDWARD J. SCHUMACHER FRANK J. RUSSELL, JR. LEE C. SHAW HORACE N. WHITNEY Juniors DAVID S. HUNN CHARLES T. KLEIN D. KING LEWIS LAWRENCE E. LLOYD STANLEY W. WELSH ROBERT YOUNG Sophomores CHESTER F. IDEMA, JR. RICHARD C. MAVIS PAUL JAMES KEELER ARTHUR J. Ross E. REED Low, JR. ALLEN SAUNDERS JAMES P. SCHAUS ROBERT H. WEISERT EDWARD W. WOHLGEMUTH EDWARD S. BIGGAR ROBERT J. BRINDLE ROBERT L. DOUGLAS CHARLES C. FOSTER Freshmen Louis G. HOFFMAN WILLIAM R. HOGAN WILBUR D. JONES JOHN G. KINGDON EARL G. MOSES GEORGE T. PETERSON EDMUND A. STEENBERG WILLIAM N. VALENTINE JOSEPH W. WRIGHT, JR. MAVIS STEENBURG WRIGHT BRINDLE BIGGAR FOSTER MOSES KixcroN- PETERSON CHARLTON VALENTINE DOUGLAS SCHAUS BENNETT HOCAN BARKUULL HOFFMAN CHURCH Low KEELER ANDERSON WEISERT SAUNDERS Ross WOHLGEMUTH YOUNG LEWIS CAREY BEGLE BOLITHO HUNN KLEIN WELSH FUOG COPLEY WHITNEY BROWN KLEIN FUNK CRAM SHAW HANNON POMKROY RUSSELL Page 298 FOUNDED COLLEGE or CITY or NEW YORK 1904 ESTABLISHED 1921 32 ACTIVE CHAPTERS ALPHA GAMMA OF Pill rrsi i.o PI MEMBERS IN FACULTY JEROME KAHN, A.B., M.D. ANDREW PROPPER, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY LEWIS Kusrs, A.B. Seniors ALEXANDER HIRSCHFELD ROBERT OPPENHEIMER GEORGE LVKIE CHARLES WEINFELD JAMES K. DAVIS ROBERT COHEN GORDON COHN ROBERT FISCHGRUND LOOTS GOLDSMITH Juniors EDWARD LOEB Sophomores MARVIN HIRSCH STANLEY JOFFE SHLRREL KASLE WILLIAM KLEIN BRUCE KRONENBERGER BERNARD ROSENTHAL MARTIN OPPENHEIM STEWART ORION LLOYD REICH DAVID SCHIFFER ROBERT FRANK THOMAS FRIEDMAN MARVIN KAY Freshmen RICHARD KRONENBERGER BURYL LAZAR L. JOHN MAY LAWRENCE A. MEYERFELD PAUL SCHOENBERGER RICHARD L. STONE DAVID STRAUS MEYEKFELD FRANK R. KKON-ENBERGEI FREIDMAN SCHOENBEIGEK OETON STRAUS COHEN JOFFE OPPENHEIII KASLE COHN Hntscn K ' - KLEIN FISCHGBUND SCHIFFER HKSCHFELD OPPENHEIME WEINFELD ROSENTHAL KAY MAY GOLDSMITH LOEB B. KSONEKBEXGES Page 299 ALPHA PHI OF I ' ll I GAMMA DELTA FOUNDED JEFFERSON COLLEGE 1848 ESTABLISHED 1885 73 ACTIVE CHAPTERS THEODORE HORNBEHGER, PH.D. JOSEPH N. LINCOLN, PH.D. CHARLES F. MEYER, PH.D. HENRY W. MILLER, M.E. R. W. BABCOCK MEMBERS IN FACULTY WALTER B. REA, A.B. HENRY E. RIGGS, C.E. HERBERT C. SADLER, D.Sc., LL.D. SHIRLEY W. SMITH, A.M. CYRUS C. STURGIS, B.S., M.D. EDSON R. SUNDERLAND, A.M., LL.B., LL.D. CLARENCE S. YOAKUM, PH.D. C. A. CAVE MEMBERS IN CITY H. H. MAGOON WILLIAM T. BUCHANAN STUART EAGLESTON F. G. CADWELL WILLIAM CRAGO CHARLES DARNER JOHN C. GEORG W. DURAND BROWN LAWRENCE G. CLAYTON L. L. FORSYTHE F. P. McCLELLAN WARD D. PETERSON C. RAYBURN C. A. SMITH JOHN STOKLEY HERBERT H. UPTON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EARL KIGHTLINGER BEN McFATE JACK LAWRENCE R. M. SHICK WARREN H. MAYO MILTON C. SMITH Seniors JAMES McCoLLUM WILLIAM J. McFATE CHARLES W. SPOONER G. MENNEN WILLIAMS LADIMUR MOUDRY ALFRED H. PLUMMER R. FOSTER CAMPBELL, JR. FREDERICK E. DENSMORE GUY C. CONKLE RICHARD H. ERLEWINE Juniors RICHARD L. HARMAN THOMAS H. KINKEAD ROBERT E. MERRILL JACK K. PEDIGO Louis W. STAUDT DONALD B. STEWART JACOB C. ALDINGER GEORGE G. BORNEMAN WILLIAM G. BRUNT RIPLEY BOWMAN ROBERT S. BRADLEY WELLINGTON V. GRIMES JACK B. HENDERSON WILLIAM C. KNECHT JOHN W. MADDOCKS Sophomores H. JORDAN CAWTHRA BERT L. COFFEY DOUGLAS B. MACALPINE Freshmen GEORGE L. McALEVY JOHN E. McFATE GLEN B. MORSE ALLEN H. MEISENHEIMER LAWRENCE M. SORENSEN MARCUS W. STODDARD JACK K. MOONEY ROBERT C. MUELLER ARNOLD E. SOUTHARD JACK C. THOM SOUTHARD BOWMAN KNECHT MADDOCKS MOONIY MUELLER MORSE MCALEVY HENDERSON BRADLEY STODDARD SORENSON MEISENHEIMER COFFEY BORNEMAN J. McFATE THOM MACALPINE CONKLE PEDIGO BRUNT CAWTHRA STEWART ERLEWINE HARMAN CAMPBELL SMITH CLAYTON W. McFATE PLUMMER LAWRENCE STAUDT MERRILL KINKEAD Page 300 Forxi ESTABLISHED 1924 UNIVERSITY 1889 23 ACTIVE CHAPTERS J. P. BUCKLEY G. J. BURKE MEMBERS IN FACULTY T. A. MoGui E. A.M. R. L. WILDEI. Pn.D. MEMBERS IN CITY FR. T. CAREY J. B. KFKFIFR R. F. SMITH F. L. DEVIXE T. R. O BRIEX MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITi C. A. DIEUL B.SJE. F. J. McCtm. A.B. J. A. MVITAGH. J . A.B. L. L. GOBDOS. A.B. G. C. MVXCEB. A.B. P. C. RVAX. A.B. E. W. WASIELEWSKI, JAMES J. CBKISTENSEN HABOLO L. GOSDOS WALTEI AXICKA WILLIAM J. COATES Senior Junior- FEANCIS M. LAKDEIS AM M. TlAMOXTAXA THOMAS A. DOOLING PAUL J. Goui AN JOHX P. BBOWNE DANIEL CKEMIX JOSEPH P. AXOXIOLA JAKES D. DIAPEK Sophomores F. WILLIAM DOXOVAN JfHN A. MclxTOSH Freshmen JOHN W. DKAPEX JOHN J. EAILLY CHAHLES F. MAXWELL FEED E. SUXDSTSOM ACEL A. MONET WILLIAM F. SULLIVAN Dura DCEU AV G AN BMITKZ DONOVAK MONET Mclvrosa CHUSTEXSEX MrXGE GOEDOX COATES WASOXEVSKI TIAMOXTAXA LAMIBBS Page 301 MICHIGAN ALPHA OF PHI KAPPA PSI FOUNDED JEFFERSON COLLEGE 1852 ESTABLISHED 1876 52 ACTIVE CHAPTERS R. G. ADAMS, PH.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. B. CALDERWOOD, PH.D. E. H. KRAUS, PH.D., Sc.D. W. C. TROW, PH.D. H. E. COVERT MEMBERS IN CITY P. R. KEMPF M. OLIPHANT FREDERICK W. BATTEN JAMES BRAGAW W. J. ARTHUR BATTEN GEORGE BURKE RICHARD ELLERBY DAVID G. BARNETT CLAYTON BRELSFORD HARRY BRELSFORD JAMES ADAMS R. CRAIGHEAD PAUL FORSTER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY M. B. COVENTRY R. J. PATTON JAMES M. DEVINE JOHN C. HILTY Seniors WALTER McM. MERCER EDWARD H. OLSAVER PHILIP A. SINGLETON ROBERT VANDERKLOOT ROBERT WESSELS ROBERT WOLFE ROBERT ZAPP Juniors H. DERWOOD HARRIS ROBERT D. HILTY CHARLES A. KELLY DON C. MILLER RICHARD MORAIRTY LELAND SHINAR EDMUND G. SLOCUM GEORGE M. WELCH, JR. RICHARD WUNSCH ROBERT BROWN JAMES C. BRIEGEL BENJAMIN G. Cox CARL F. FISCHER CHARL ES GRAY WALTER JENSEN ARTHUR LUNDALL Sophomores THOMAS K. FISHER THERON F. GIFFORD WILLIAM A. GRIFFITHS CHARLES H. HAYNES JOHN McKEE ROY PATTERSON CHARLES F. PAYTON JOHN RUSSELL ROBERT SANKEY JAMES H. WALKER ROBERT C. WATTS Freshmen STEVEN MASON WILLIAM MARTIN DAVID RANK JAMES RITTER FREDERICK SCHWARZE RUSSELL STRICKLAND CATLIN WHITEHEAD GEORGE ZAPP RUSSELL G. ZAPP STRICKLAND SANKEY JENSEN FORSTER McKEE SCHWARZE ADAMS Cox GIFFORD BRIEGEL RANK GRAY MARTIN MASON RITTEK WHITEHEAD LUNDAHL BROWN HAYNES GRIFFITHS E. DEVINE JEWELL CODY FISCHER FISHER BARNETT WATTS WALKER WUNSCH B. HILTY SLOCUM KELLY MORAIRTY BRAGAW SHINER MILLER A. BATTEN BURKE MERCER DAWSON ELLERBY R. ZAPP WOLFE J. DEVINE VANDERKLOOT C. HILT F. BATTEN SINGLETON WESSELS OLSAVER DENNISON Page 302 ALPHA OMICRO1V OF I ' ll I KAPPA SIGMA FOUNDED UNIVERSITY or PENNSYLVANIA ESTABLISHED 1 905 . ' 5 ACTIVE CHAPTERS J. L. BRUMM, A.M. H. A. KENYON, A.M. W. F. ANGELL V. E. BROWN R. O. BONISTEEL W. M. COOPER H. R. BRENISER W. G. COWELL D. Dow, A.B. J. B. GARDNER, A.B. HAROLD D. ANDERSON SAM S. BAGLEY CHARLES G. BARNDT MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. A. MCLAUGHLIN, A.M. E. D. MITCHELL, A.M. MEMBERS IN Mil E. H. CRESS H. J. LEPARD R. F. HUTZEL P. C. PACK C. W. LEPARD C. J. RASH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY G. GOWAN, D.D.S. K. LAUGHLIS, B.S., M.D. Seniors JOHN A. BEIERWALTES GEORGE S. DILLINGHAM EDMUND G. LOVE CURTIS A. MANCHESTER P. C. SAMPSON, B.S., M.D. R. E. RASH B. L. THOMPSON P. VAN BOVEN R. W. WAGNER F. C. WAITERS B. G. WHITE V. NASH, A.B. FRANKLIN A. PARK, JR. GEORGE B. RICHARDS KENNETH G. WALSWORTH GEORGE A. KOHLER CHARLES A. LEONARD JOHN A. BARNETT RICHARD X. DENNIS WALTON BARRY WILLIAM BEIERWALTES ROBERT C. MAY JOHN P. OCDEN JAMES V. GRAHAM MERRILL H. JORDAN Juniors MANLEY OSGOOD, JR. JAMES S. RICHARDS CHARLES BROOKS THOMAS DARTON Sophomores C. BRUCE K.ELLEY FRANK J. SEMES Freshmen THOMAS GUERNSEY JAMES HOLLOWELL WINTON R. SMITH RICHARD K. THOMAS RAYMOND LEEVER WILLIAM MANN FRANK. M. ROLLENGEI ERNEST WAKEFELD JOHN C. WESSBORG ROBERT MANGFIELD LYNN PARKEK BROOKS MANX GUERNSEY V. BEIERWALTES JORDAN DENNIS MAY THOMAS MAN-GFEH-D HOLLOWELL BEKKY LEEVER PARKER D ASTON RICHARDS SMITH WI BOKG SIMES GRAHAIC KELLEY BARNETT OCDEN ROLLENGER WALSWORTH ANDERSON BASNDT J. BEIERWALTES DILLINGHAM LOVE MANCHESTER KOEHLER BACLEY Page 303 TAU OF PHI KAPPA TAU FOUNDED MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1906 ESTABLISHED 1923 41 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. HELLWARTH, B.S. A. MARTIN, B.S. M. MANN F. A. MICKLE, M.E. V. CHRISTENSEN MEMBERS IN CITY N. MARIN J. CHILDS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. BECKER F. BARNAKO F. HARLOW W. BLOME W. VICARV V. STILSON Seniors WILLIAM E. MOSHER JOHN E. JOHNSON CHARLES LYLE RICHARD ROTH ROBERT F. WIKLE JAMES A. MUNRO MELVIN BAUMHOFFER DON H. HILL Juniors EARL MEYERS JOHN REICK WILLIAM WAGENSEIL Sophomores WILLIAM APPLEGATE HARRY L. STEBBINS HILLARY EVERSON PHILLIP A. WAGNER PAUL W. PINKERTON HOMER M. WILLIAMS ROBERT OSGOOD GEORGE FRANK Freshmen WILLIAM HARDLEBEN HARDLEBEN JOHNSON BARNAKO EVERSON PINKERTON STEBBINS CHILDS BECKER MUNRO WAGNER FRANK WILLIAMS OSGOOD HARLOW WIKLE REICK ROTH RALSTON MANN HILL MICKLE WAGENSEIL MOSHER VICARY SCHIMANSKY Page 304 EPSILON OF PHI Mr ALPHA FOUNDED XEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF Music 1898 ESTABLISHED 1902 58 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY WILLIAM BROMME, A.B.. M.D. ROLAND O. XISSLE, D.D.S. ROBERT R. DIETERLE, M.D. PETER O. OKKELBERG, PH.D. EARL V. MOORE. A.B.. A.M., Mus.D. CHARLES A. SINK, A.B., M.ED., LL.D. OTTO J. STAHL, A.B., A.M. VICTOR A. ALLMENDTNGER ROBERT A. CAMPBELL JACK W. CON KLIN HAZEN DICK ROMINE G. HAMILTON, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY MELVIN N. DICK GEORGE N. EARLE ROMINE G. HAMILTON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY KENNETH G. VETTER, A.B.. M.A. DONALD H. REED ARTHUR SCHLANDERER PAUL SCRLANDERER CARL H. SMITH ARTHUR R. WRAGBY, A.B. ALVIN X. BENNER KENNETH L. BOVEE Seniors WILLIAM C. BOYD RAYMOND KONDRATOWICZ KENNETH B. SAGE DONALD G. ULOTH RALPH V. MATTHEWS CHARLES F. SANER Juniors E. ROLLIN SlLFIES MARSHALL C. SLEET ROBERT B. WATERS ROLAND M. WATERS Sophomores CHARLES E. GILBERT JOHN A. WILSON DAVID W. MATHER ALBERT T. ZBINDEN SU.FIES GILBERT MATHEH ZBINDEN WasoN KONDRATOWICZ SANER R. B. WATERS R. M. WATERS WRACBT MATTHEWS SLEET ULOTH BENNER HAMILTON BOYD SAGE VETTES BOVEE Page 305 ZETA OF PHI RHO SIGMA FOUNDED NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY 1890 ESTABLISHED 1897 41 ACTIVE CHAPTERS WILLIAM BAILEY, M.D. WILLIAM BRACE, M.D. WILLIAM BROMME, M.D. JAMES D. BRUCE, M.D. JOHN BUGHER, M.D. FREDERICK A. COLLER, M.D., F.A.C.S. WINDSOR S. DAVIES, M.D. ROBERT DIETERLE, M.D. CHARLES H. FRANTZ, M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY FERDINAND GAENSBAUER, M.D. N. L. HERSEY, M.D. CARL P. HUBER, M.D. JOHN F. HUBER, M.D. JOHN W. KEMBER, M.D., D.D.S. DAVID C. KIMBALL, M.D. XORMAN L. KHETZSCHMAR, M.D. WARREN P. LOMBARD, M.D., S.C.D. FRANCIS MARTIN, M.D. DON MARSHALL, M.D. JOHN McGiNTY, M.D. ROBERT J. McGiLLicuov, M.D. GEORGE OLSEN, M.D. GROVER C. PENBERTHY, M.D., F.A.C.S. EUGENE B. POTTER, M.D., F.A.C.S. JOHN M. SHELDON, M.D. CYRUS STRICKLER, M.D. JOHN C. VOLDERAUER, M.D. PAUL WINDER, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY A. S. BARR, M.D. S. W. DONALDSON, M.D. T. S. LANGFORD, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY W. W. NEWCOMB, M.D. REED 0. DINGMAN, D.D.S. A. D. GIBBON, M.D. GEORGE R. KING, M.D. ADDISON B. ALDRICH, A.B. GORDON W. BALYEAT, A.B. ROBERT L. BRAUNSDORF, B.S. THERON RANDOLPH, M.D. HARRY RICHTER, M.D. WILLIAM D. ROBINSON Seniors FRANCIS J. McCuE, JR., A.B. EDWARD SIGERFOOS, A.B. BRUCE W. STOCKING, M.D. JOHN F. TOLAN, M.D. SHERWOOD B. WINSLOW, M.D. MATTHEW A. SURRELL, JR. EDWARD B. WEINMAN, A.B. ROBERT J. BANNOW, A.B. JOHN W. BUNTING, A.B. FRANKLYN D. BURGER, A.B. J. SHERRILL BETZ, A.B. GEORGE R. CLINTON, B.S. RICHARD W. ASHLEY VERNON G. BALDWIN Juniors PAUL CLARK, A.B. REED 0. DINGMAN, D.D.S. HOMER A. HOWES, A.B. DONALD LEONARD, A.B. Sophomores Louis W. PUTZIC, B.S. HOWARD A. SCHUNEMAN, A.B. HlLLIS D. RlGTERINK WILLIAM L. VALK, A.B. Freshmen JACK M. JACOBY GEORGE E. BROWN DAVID A. HULTQUIST JOHN T. MASON, A.B. J. BENTON MORRIS, A.B. J. GILBERT REID, A.B. DONALD J. WITHERS, A.B. GEORGE F. RIETH, B.S. REED C. PRUGH, A.B. JACOBY BROWN BETZ SCHUNEMAN PUTZIC RICTZRINK PRUGH RIETH WITHERS MASON BANNOW BURGER VOLK ASHLEY HOWES SIGERFOOS ALDRICH WEINMAN BRAUNSDORF BALYEAT CLINTON Page 306 ETA OF PHI sl. M DELTA FOUNDED COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 1909 ESTABLISHED 1915 22 ACTIVE CHAPTERS DAVID P. CATSMAN. B_ . BERNARD H. DAVIDSON, B_V BENJAMIN R. CHARIN HERBERT J. FABRICAKT HENRY FINE THEODORE G. KADIN MEMBERS IN FACULTY M. S. GOLDHAMMER, B.A., M.D. MEMBERS IN UMVERSITY JEROME GOLDMAN. B.A. MAURICE J. HAUSER, B.A. JACK J. LAXDE, BA. Seniors ABE OSSEK Juniors MORRIS LEMKIN BERXARD B. LEW SAMTEL D. LIPSKY LEO RUTENBERG SAUL XADLER, B_ . GILBERT Y. RUBENSTEIN, B.A. RICHARD J. SCHIFF HOWARD SCHWARZFELD MABVTJJ H. SENTXOR SEYMOUR Z. GOLDEN LOREN J. KADET DONALD J. KAIZ CHARLES P. ARONSOHN SAMUEL M. CHARIN MAURICE GAINES Sophomores ALEX MARION ERNEST S. MOLIN ROY D. PAUL Freshmen EDWARD G. GINSBERG JOSEPH KAPLAN RICHARD I. KLEIN SlARVIN H. RUTTEXBERG SIDNEY J. STIEGEL GILBERT TILLES PAUL J. MH.NER MANUEL SLAVIN KALMAN SMALL Mn.XE KLEIN RUTTEXBF.BG SLA IN ARONSOHN GINSBERG GAIXES S. CHARIN TILLES MARION MOLTS KATZ PACI. GOLDEN STDIGEL KADET LEW SENTNOI KAOIN LIPSKY RUTENBERG RCBENSTEIN FINE HAUSER B. CHARIN SCHWARZFELD FABRICANI Page 307 DELTA DEUTERON OF PHI SIGMA KAPPA FOUNDED MASSACHUSETTS AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE 1873 ESTABLISHED 1915 52 ACTIVE CHAPTERS P. H. JESERICH, D.D.S. W. P. COMSTOCK I. AYERS, A.B. P. S. BOTER MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. D. THOMPSON, B.S.E. H. G. WALLER, M.D. A. H. WHITE, B.S.E. MEMBERS IN CITY C. 0. CREAL E. C. FINGERLE G. O. WHITE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY W. B. CHESLEY, A.B. D. GAGE, A.B. E. W. DEER R. A. MAY, A.B. R. D. SLACK Seniors LEWIS BOSWORTH JOHN DERSCH FREDERICK JONES BRUCE MACDONALD GALE STERLING RICHARD WILCOX JOHN CORT ROBERT GINGRICH ALLEN KNUUSI A. COLTON PARK GUY WHIPPLE W. CRAIG BROWNE THOMAS DANAHEY JOHN DE YOUNG JAMES FERGUSON VERGIL GLOCHESKI ROBERT GOEBEL MILTON CAMPBELL EDWARD CHASE WILLIAM CHASE BRUCE CLARK CECIL GELDBAUGH PAUL HENNING Juniors HENRY HALLADAY JOSEPH KARPINSKI JOHN MARLEY Sophomores ROBERT DEISLEY JOHN FREESE RICHARD HARDENBROOK JOHN HELLABY DIXON LATHROP Freshmen WILLIAM KELLY NED KILMER EDWARD PRESTON HERBERT STEVENS ROBERT SULLIVAN CLARK TEEGARDEN RUSSEL WALKER JEROME WATTS FREDERICK MAGNUSSON FRANCIS MARCERO JAMES PARK, JR. RICHARD SCHUMO LEE MOORE WILLIAM SCHOLZ MARLEY PRESTON GOEBEL GELDBAUGH GLOCHESKI HENNING KILMER MAGNUSSON KELLY STEVENS DANAHEY MORGAN FREESE WATTS CLARK HARDENBROOK LATHROP J. A. PARK MARCERO MACDONALD HELLABY WALKER SCHUMO SULLIVAN TEEGARDEN DEISLEY CAMPBELL CORT BOSWORTH WILCOX WHIPPLE SLACK A. C. PARK JONES HALLADAY STERLING KNUUSI GINGRICH Page 308 ! FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA 1868 ESTABLISHED 1922 77 ACTIVE CHAPTERS BETA TAU OF PI KAPPA ALPHA HARRY R. ALLEN, A.B. RALPH L. BELKSAP, Sc.D. DANIEL J. MORTON HUDSON T. MORTON MEMBERS IN FACULTY NEWTON S. BEMENT, PH.D. RUSSELL C. HUSSEY, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY BENJAMIN D. RAMSDELL CARLISLE F. RUEGER D. MAYNARD PHELPS, PH.D. EVANS S. SCHMELIXG, M.S. DALE SEYMOUR DALTON SEYMOUR ORVIL A. ARONSON JOSEPH B. GILLARD, JR. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAMES FRANKEI PEYTON STAPP Seniors FREDERICK V. HERTRICH, JR. JOHN P. JEWELL W. EDWARD LEMEN HERBERT W. BAKER, JR. MEIGS W. BARTMESS EDWARD C. FERCH WILLIAM D. FIRMAN- ROBERT W. ALLRED WILLL4M R. COMPTON Juniors D. PETER BOWLES GEORGE E. BONEFELD Sophomores ARTHUR M. FISHER, JR. JAMES XICHOLS Freshmen HARRY W. COPENHAVER ROBERT L. MCLWAINE JOHN F. SHERF WILBUR A. CHAPMAN LLOYD S. LUDWIG BENNETT E. THAYER ROBERT W. VANDEMARK GEORGE W. HANSEN DONALD M. WOODWORTH BAKER COPEXHAVEK COMPTON FISHER GILURD LEUEN ARONSON HANSEN STAPP ALLIED VANDEKMARK THAYER DCFFENDACK McELWAiNE HEHTRICH BOWLES LUDWIC Page 309 EPSILON OF PI LAMBDA PHI FOUNDED YALE UNIVERSITY 1895 ESTABLISHED 1913 18 ACTIVE CHAPTERS PHILLIP JAY, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY REUBEN KAHN, Sc.D. THEOPHILE RAPHAEL, M.D. EDWARD BIGG, B.S. H. A. GREENSTONE, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ARTHUR P. KELLER, B.S. THEODORE T. ROSE, B.S. HOWARD B. KLEIN PHILLIP C. SHORR, A.B. CHARLES K. WOOLNER, A.B. THEODORE BARASH NATHANIAL BATTER HOWARD G. BRESSLER ALBERT C. CONVISER Seniors ROBERT J. KOSITCHEK ALVIN H. SCHLEIFER JOSEPH Z. SUDOW HOWARD WEINSTEIX JEROME VAN WINEGARDEN GEORGE E. WYMAN Louis L. AVNER HOWARD J. BRETT ROBERT J. ADELMAN LEONARD COHEN MARCUS GINSBURG BENJAMIN K. HARRIS Juniors JAMES D. H. REEFER MARSHALL D. SILVERMAN Sophomores SIDNEY FINGEH, JR. NELSON K. NEIMAN MORTON R. MANN ALFRED I. RIBNICK JAY S. BRESLER CYRUS K. ELKES RICHARD M. FISCHER ELMER M. FRANKEL ROBERT I. GOLDSTINE Freshmen LOREN I. GREENBLATT FREDERICK I. HAUSHAN IRVING A. MATHEWS ALLAN J. RIPPNER RICHARD M. SAMUELS G. A. WEINBERGER, JR. HOWARD L. WOLTON WILLIAM L. SOBOROFF ALLEN SCHULMAN ROBERT P. SMOLIAN DANIEL J. WIENER M. EDWIN WEINER WILLIAM F. OI.FNER FISCHER WIENER FRANKEL HAUSMAN SCHULMAN SAMUELS SMOLIAN ELKES RIPPNER MATHEWS WEINER SOBOROFF WOLPE GOLDSTINE J. BRESLER WOLFNER FINGER RIBNICK SILVERMAN ADELMAN COHEN REEFER AVNER NEIMAN MANN BRETT WOLTON WINEGARDEN SCHLEIF WEINSTEIN HARRIS GINSBURC WEINBERGER WYMAN KOSITCHECK BARASH CONVISER SUDOW H. BRESSLER SHORR BAITER KLEIN Page 310 PHI OF PSI I I ' M ION FOUNDED UNION COLLEGE lj 33 ESTABLISHED 1865 26 ACTIVE CHAPTERS H. F. ADAMS, PH.D. GEORGE G. BROWN, PH.D. E. B. BARRETT C. W. GRAHAM MEMBERS IN FACULTY S. T. DANA, M.F., Sc.D. GEORGE MEYERS, M.A. F. LVMAN, M.D. V. XEWCOMB, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY C. E. IRVIN X. S. POTTER, JB. V. H. LANE X. S. POTTER III G. M. STANLEY, A.M., PH.D. F. B. Rices F. R. WALDRON V. B. BARNES, A.B. G. CLINE, A.B. G. L. DOBSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. H. EMMONS E. B. GALLOWAY, A.B. L. B. GASCOIGNE, A.B. S. H. GARDNER F. MUNGER, A.B. A. M. WALDRON, A.B. MILTON M. FENNER WILFRED HAUGHEY SAMUEL HOLMES REGINALD D. BARNES ROBERT B. CONWAY ALFRED M. DAVOCK COURTENAY D. AlLINGTON DEAN R. ASSELIN HERBERT H. BAKER, JR. Seniors GEORGE R. LANGFORD ALEXANDER M. MCPHERSON CARL B. MARR WILLIAM F. MORGAN ALFRED L. OTIS JOHN C. SCHABERG Juniors ARCHER KING RICHARD E. LORCH ROBERT D. GUTHRIE DARWIN R. XEUMISTER WILLIAM G. KNAPP WILLIAM G. ONDERDONK Sophomores KINT BRADFORD ELMER D. HARSHBARGER ROBERT DALLEY PHILLIP C. HAUGHEY ARTHUR H. EMERSON, JR. CHARLES W. LADow RALPH B. THOMAS ROBERT C. VON MAUR PHILLIP H. ORDWAY ROBERT W. ROGERS WILLIAM L. RIKER XATHAN D. MUKBO CHARLES A. PENZEL EDWARD F. PERKINS, JR. GEORGE A. WATERMAN LAWRENCE BRIGGS JOHN DALTON WILLIAM GUTHRIE JOHN R. HOLMES JAMES KINGSLEY HERBERT LITTLE Freshmen WILLIAM LORD WILLIAM O ' XEILL JAMES ROCKWELL JOHN SANDERS JOHN P. SAVAGE STEWART VANKEUREN JOSEPH WALSH SANFORD B. WHITE THOMAS WATKIKS A AGE DALION SANDERS BRIGGS ROCKWELL LITTLE LORD, JR. HOLMES WHITE, JR. O ' XELLL, JR. WALSH KINGSLEY PERKINS, JR. EMERSON HARSHBARGER DAILEY MONROE P. HAUGHEY W. GUTHRIE WATKINS, JR. BAKER. JR. PENZEL ALLINGTON, JR. XEUMEISTER ONDERDONK LADow WATERMAN THOMPSON BRADFORD KING ORDWAY R. GUTHRIE LORCH ROGERS CONWAY RIKER DAVOCK BARNES VON MAUR W. HAUGHEY SCHABERG MORGAN Ons THOMAS MCPHERSON LANGFORD Page 311 IOTA BETA OF SIGMA ALPHA I r s 1 1 FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA 1856 ESTABLISHED 1889 110 ACTIVE CHAPTERS K. E. FISHER A. S. BARR, M.D. E. CUSHING, A.B. W. A. BELLAMY, A.B. B. B. COOK, A.B. MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. D. MOORE, M.S. C. OLMSTED, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY O. H. HANS, A.B. R. R. NOSRIS, A.B. J. S. MYERS, A.B. E. B. POTTER, M.D. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY C. H. DOMKE, A.B. F. A. KING, A.B. T. S. HEYWOOD, A.B. G. R. KING, A.B. D. M. REED, M.A., A.B. E. RUSHMER, A.B. J. McXlFF B. E. SCHNACKE OTTO A. BIRD WILLIAM W. COOK NELSON O. GUSHING ARTHUR J. DECKER, JR. Seniors ROBERT B. HAWLEY EDWARD F. JAROS ROBERT MITCHELL REED B. SCOTT WALTER P. SULLIVAN GEORGE W. BALLANTINE II CARL F. FERNER HENRY H. ALEXANDER, JR. WILLIAM F. BECK KNOX BROOKFIELD JOHN CALL STANLEY C. Cox JOHN F. GILLER Juniors RICHARD L. GALLAGHER KARL W. GILLER Sophomores RICHARD E. CHADDOCK ROBERT H. CLARKE GEORGE W. DEWOLFE ROBERT M. GAULT H. C. RIEGLER G. W. TOURTELLOT III JOHN GRAHAM PAUL E. HALBERSTADT SPENCER HINDS Louis HUNTER JAMES S. VAN PELT NED W. WELCH JAMES WILES ROBERT WOPAT GORDON F. KEYES EDWARD G. Lucius FRANK W. PERSON WAYNE H. STEWART JAMES GODFREY WILLIAM S. KARSTENS Freshmen HENRY J. KLOSE HUDSON R. TOURTELLOT CHARLES K. VAN VINKI.E STEWART F. GILLER H. TOURTELLOT HINDS CALL CLARKE BALLENTINE FERNER HAWLEY GRAHAM KARSTENS VANWINKLE KILAS KLOSE PERSON DEWOLFE GAULT RIEGLER G. TOURTELLOT KEYES HALBERSTADT BROOKFIELD ALEXANDER WELCH COOK JAKOS WILES K. GILLER WOPAT Page 312 SIGMA IOTA OF SIGMA ALPHA MU FocifDED Crnr COLLEGE OF NEW YORK 1909 ESTABLISHED 1923 35 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY HAKSY ROTHBARD, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY HAROLD GOLDMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY WILLIAM J. ISAACSON, A.B. Lotus MEYER, A.B. MERVTN E. GREEN, A.B. NORMAN BERKOWITZ JOSEPH BERN HARDT M. MARTIN ALEXANDER Seniors SIDNEY L. CAPLAN Juniors H. HARVEY GASS Sophomores MYRON RUBY MILLARD KAUFMAN CHARLES BRANDMAN JEROME J. DICK IRVING EDELBERG JESSE CAREER RAYMOND A. GOODMAN ARNOLD GROSS BRYCE E. ALPERN RALPH I. BARR BLAIR M. FISHER STUART O. HIRSHBERG Freshmen S. LEONARD KASLE EDWIN S. KESSLER SAMUEL I. KRVGLIAK RICHARD F. SIDDER DONALD M. STEIN- BURREL SAMUELS HOWARD M. STEIN B. STEINBERG LEONARD STERN LIONEL J. TACHNA SIDNEY TUSHBANT SrooER KASLE FISHER TUSHBANT HISSHBESG ALPERN STEINBERG BARR TACHXA SAIIUELS D. STEIN SHAVLAN KRCCLIAK STERN BRANDMAN H. STEDJ BARKETT GOODMAN EDELBEKG Gioss HARRIS GASS DICK CAPLAN BERNHARDT ALEXANDE R KAUFMAN RDBY ISAACSON Page 313 THETA THETA OF SIGMA CHI ESTABLISHED 1877 FOUNDED MIAMI UNIVERSITY 1855 96 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. C. ANDERSON, B.M.E. R. O. COURTRIGHT, A.B. L. M. GRAM, B.S. J. S. WORLEY, M.S., C.E. F. H. YOST, LL.D. MEMBERS IN CITY P. F. ICERMAN MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY R. M. BAILEY H. R. BEGLEY S. R. COVINGTON W. F. ELLIOTT J. HALSTEAD J. M. SECORD H. STOVER C. BAKER B. B. CANNON D. D. DE VEESE P. CARVER A. D. KENNEDY A. W. SEMPLINER R. C. THORPE JOSEPH R. BAILEY SAMUEL H. HAZLETON Seniors JOSEPH P. LACKEY HERBERT MASON, JR. GODDARD LIGHT RUSSELL B. READ WHEATON L. STROM ALVIN B. THOMAS FRANK B. FEHSENFELD PAUL M. FISCHLEY ROBERT Y. AMRINE THOMAS BALDWIN LYMAN W. BITTMAN, JR. EDWARD H. BOYLE WILLIAM F. ANDERSEN JAMES E. BLACK RAY G. DEIFENDERFER BEN A. FOWLER JOHN B. HELES EDWIN V. KING JAMES M. BROWN GEORGE W. COSPER JOHN P. COURSEY ROBERT 0. EBERBACH ROBERT F. FREMONT ROLAND E. FULTON HERBERT J. GIBBS G. WARREN GLADDERS Juniors ELWOOD M. MORGAN HAROLD W. NIXON PAUL W. PHILIPS NORMAN F. SMITH ROBERT O. THOMAS Sophomores JOSEPH O. ELLIS ROBERT C. KENNEDY ROBERT E. GRAPER JOHN B. LEONARD FLOYD C. GUSTAFSON JACK L. LIFFITON RAYMOND C. HUSBAND ROBERT C. MARKS EARL E. MORROW FRED H. SHAFFMASTER STANLEY R. THOMAS Freshmen JACK R. GUSTAFSON JOHN F. HARRIS JOHN P. HINCKLEY KENNETH LANDIS DAVID D. MILLER DONALD D. MCCRACKEN GILBERT PHARES HUGH RADER, JR GOFF SMITH ttBflMHIHHHU r ANDERSON GLADDERS J. GUSTAFSON FREMONT HARRIS G. SMITH GIBBS FOWLER NIXON EBERBACH LEONARD HINCKLEY HUSBAND KENNEDY COSPER BLACK RADER LANDIS S. THOMAS BITTMAN N. SMITH BALDWIN GRAPER MORROW HALSTEAD BROWN HELES KING PHILIPS R. THOMAS MORGAN AMRINE FEHSENFELD BOYLE ELLIS COVINGTON BAILEY HAZLETON LACKEY READ A. THOMAS STROM SHAFFMASTER STOVER FISCHLEY Page 314 GAMMA NU OF M, M M FOUXDEO VIRGINIA MILITARY ISSTITVTE 1869 ESTABLISHED 1902 96 ACTIVE CHAPTERS L. J. CARE, PH.D. C. C. CRAIG, PH.D. T. V. BYWATERS R. F. DOBSOX, JR. J. F. DUNX C. H. BADER, B.B.A., A.B. W. F. BRACKEL, A.B. G. O. DEWOODY MEMBERS IN FACLXTY E. R. ISBELL, LL.B., PH.D. R. W. XOYES. M.S. B. MEIXECKE, PH.D. G. S. PETERSON, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY R. L. HAWKINS D. J. MCLEAN W. G. SWARTS M. J. HUME E. R. MCRBACH E. S. TESSMER H, C. MATTHEWS H. C. RUFUS R. H. UPSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY P. H. ELLMEX, A.B. J. L. MARTIN, A.B. C. E. FRISIXCER, A.B. LIEUTENAXT W. L. MCPHERSOX O. J. HORGER C. M. SAVAGE, A.B. PAUL I. BAUER CHESTER C. BEARD CHARLES B. BROWNSOX RALPH E. EDWARDS Seniors GEORGE M. HOLMES FRAXCIS P. LEMERY H. M. POLLARD, M.D. V. C. RUFUS, PH.D. W. C. WALZ G. S. WATKIXS R. M. WEST C. H. SCHAAF, A.B. F. A. Smoxsox, A.B. B. A. SMITH VIXCEXT J. MALXOSKI ROBERT S. OLSON- CHARLES S. WINTER J. BRUCE BASSETT Louis P. BEXUA II W. RICHARD BOYCE Juniors ROBERT A. BUXCE FREDERICK D. GOUDIE RICHARD K. OWEXS OCDEX G. DWIGHT EUGEXE K. GRAY ERXOX F. PETERSON CHARLES H. FRICK ROBERT E. LEAHY WILLIAM C. BATES RALPH O. BOEHNKE ROWLAND P. BOLTOX FRAXK X. BURXS GEORGE R. CARLSOX Sophomores FRED H. DELAXO ROBERT G. EWELL PAUL S. DOD JACK H. Sixx Freshmen RICHARD F. DOXALDSOX THOMAS L. HIXDSOX JAMES T. DUFFY, JR. JULIUS H. JOHXSOX ROBERT G. GUSTAFSOX ROBERT H. JOHNSON ROBERT B. STAGC CHARLES G. KILLIXS WILFRED F. RICHARDSON RICHARD W. SINN J. JOHXSOX DOXALDSOX DUFFY R. JOHXSOX BOLTOX RICHAKDSOX GUSTAFSOX SINN KITLINS WOOSIER CAU.SOS BOEHXKE DELAXO BATES J. SINN EWELL STAGC AJLIVELLA PETTRSON FEICK GOUDIE LEAHY BASSETT BOYCE BENUA DWIGHT BCNCE OLSOX HOLMES B.ADEI MARTIN WINTERS Biowxsox MALNOSKI EDWARDS BE.AKD LEMEBY Page 315 ALPHA OF SIGMA PHI FOUNDED UNION COLLEGE 1827 ESTABLISHED 18S8 10 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. D. MERRITT, PH.D. R. WINNACKER, A.M. M. E. COOLEY E. M. DUFF MEMBERS IN CITY E. G. HILDNER C. A. HOWELL D. C. MlLLEN O. P. BERGELIN A. J. BITHER, A.B. WILLARD J. BALL MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY L. C. CARPENTER, M.D. R. S. DAVIS, B.S. GEORGE B. HAMMOND, M.D. Seniors E. PAUL BABCOCK DWIGHT M. CHEEVEH HARRY M. BLACKBURN, JR. ROBERT P. COLE VAN A. DUNAKIN Juniors WALLACE R. GAIL FRANK LUSK CERDRIC E. MARSH DANIEL SCHURZ A. W. MCMILLAN, A.B. BRACKLEY SHAW, A.B. EUSTIS W. RUDDICK ROBERT R. SEAMAN RAY L. SPITZLEY GEORGE R. WILLIAMS C. THOMAS ABBOTT CLINTON B. CONGER HOWARD R. DAVIDSON Sophomores ROBERT F. LAITNER MILLER G. SHERWOOD RUDOLPH C. RIEDER THEODORE B. STEINHAUSEN STANLEY R. SEE DONALD N. SWEENY, JR. Freshmen WILLIAM AIGLER WILLIAM T. BOURKE RICHARD KENDRICK RICHARD BABCOCK SANFOHD FARRELL WALTER LILLIE WILLIS TOMLINSON LEONARD D. VERDIER, JR. R. D. WATSON JOSEPH S. MATTES EDWARD M. WATSON VERDIER SEAMAN BOURKE R. BABCOCK MATTES E. WATSON LUSK TOMLINSON LILLIE AIGLER KENDRICK ABBOTT FARRELL LAITNER SWEENY SHERWOOD DUNAKIN BLACKBURN CONGER R. WATSON RIEDER SCHURZ BERGELIN BALL RUDDICK P. BABCOCK CHEEVER COLE WILLIAMS Page 316 FOUNDED RICHMOND COLLEGE 1901 ESTABLISHED 1912 68 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MICHIGAN ALPHA OF SIGMA PHI I rx 1 1 o MEMBERS IN FACULTY ROBERT K. BROWN, M.S., D.D.S. RALPH K. HUE, PaJ). FBA.VKLEN C. CAPPON, A.B. R. L. MILLIGAN, A.B., MJ . MEMBERS IN CITY G. L. HABDCHOVE J. B. MOBBIS IBVEN R. SANBORN, B.S. CARI. R. LIEBERT F. C. XAYLOB WESLEY S. STEEB LESLIE J. WESSINCE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY E. F. BEAKOSLEY ROBERT K. MUELLER GLEN TAGUE RICHARD D. FONDA PAUL E. KISSINCEB XOBLE ASHLEY, J. WTLLUM A. COMBE ELLIS ADAMS ROBERT W. BOWLEB ROY A. LOCKEMAX RICHARD D. SCHEEB Seniors ROVEB J. SCHLIKGMAS ROBEBT W. SLOANE Juniors ALFBED X. JAMES, JB. JOSEPH A. KRYSIX ROBERT I. KSEPP FREDERICK K. OLSON Sophomores WILLIAM KEETCH WALDO RUNNEK DABRELL PHILLIPPI XOBMAN SPRINGETT ROBERT PALMER ROBERT J. ROWE Freshmen MABSHALL SMITH OLTVEB S. SPARK HOZMER B. WRIGHT GEORGE S. SPENCER WILLABD H. TEMPLE ALFBED WRIGHT JAMES WEBSTER OSWALD R. YOBK BOWLER MUELLER ASHLET SPENCEB JAMES ADAMS FOKDA WEBSTER SCREES KSYSIX SPARK A. WRIGHT TEMPLE SLOAKE COMBE KUTSCHE IllFFI LOCKEMAN KlSSINCEI SCHLCNGMAK OLSON H. WRIGHT Page 317 UPSILON OF TAU KAPPA I IM I 0 FOUNDED ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1899 ESTABLISHED 192S 38 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY RUSSEL A. DODGE, M.S. CARLTON B. PEIRCE, M.S., PH.D. RICHARD C. FULLER, A.M. IRVING D. SCOTT, PH.D. WILLARD C. OLSON, PH.D. NATHAN SINAI, M.S., PH.D. CHARLES H. STOCKING, M.S., Pn.C. C. BARCLAY R. B. FINDLAY MEMBERS IN CITY A. GOUTY F. HUESHAN CHARLES J. McGAW R. WILSON R. BASNOW H. BAUSS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. DART W. GORDON C. ROYS D. C. GATES B. HIRSCH C. STOCKING ALBERT C. BORST MELVIN G. HELLERT RICHARD W. BOEBEL WILLIAM E. DAVIS GEORGE C. CASH ROBERT C. BOEBEL LESSWING E. DREWS Seniors ARTHUR S. IRWIN JULIAN H. MESERVE Juniors WALDRON E. ELDRIDGE WILLIAM I. LABAW Sophomores WILLIAM 0. LOWELL Freshmen DELMAR A. FEIL JAMES G. KIRBY C. TAPPAN GILBERT SHAW WILLIAM A. THOMPSON BARTON W. WARDELL DAVID N. SCOTT SCOTT FEIL C. BOEBEL DREWS WILLSON HIRSCH DAVIS THOMPSON HKLLERT ROYS LOWELL ELDRIDGE IRWIN W. BOEBEL LABAW BAUSS CASH Page 318 ALPHA GAMMA OF UNIX CHI FOUNDED NORWICH UNIVERSITY 1856 ESTABLISHED 1919 44 ACTIVE CHAPTERS ARNO L. BAOEK, PH.D. JAMES H. CISSEL. B.S. GEORGE E. CARROTHERS. PH.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY PRESTON E. JAMES. PH.D. HAROLD H. MCFARLAN. B.S.E. WILLIAM B. PALMER. A.M. M. B. STOUT. M.S. CHARLES B. VIBBERT. A.B. ROBERT M. WHITMER, A.M. KENNETH MARASTETTE ROBERT BEX TON- JAMES P. BACON ROWE BALMER KEITH BENNETT MEMBERS IN CITY EUGENE B. POWERS XETL STAEBLER HERBERT TWINING LEONARD WILSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HENRY BERGSTROM WILLIAM HOWELL GILBERT CHAVANELLE ROBERT EDGAR FREDERICK FAUST FRANK LAMBERSON KlMBALL N ' ORTHRUP ELDON SCOTT HARRY TILLOTSON ROBERTSON TOWNSEND STANLEY WATERBOR PARKER WRAITH CHARLES S. ATKINS, JR. WILLIAM K. BOICE JAMES BAUCHAT Seniors ALBERT BELLAMY RAYMOND DOERR GEORGE FORD RODERICK HOWELL EDWARD F. ROGERS JOSEPH L. WHITMER Juniors ROBERT W. ATKINS ROBERT BOYER RUSSEL COWARD GROVE CINDER LEWIS GREINER GEORGE FRID JOHN BATDORFF JOHN BRINER FRANK FURRY WALKER GRAHAM Sophomores PAUL KRANS NORMAN LAWTON CHARLES PETERSON SAM PEET GORDON DRUMMOND WILLIAM WELLS WILLIAM F. SHEEHAN JOHN SHORTER WrLLARD BOWERMAN WATSON GELPLN Freshmen THOMAS KEPPLEMAN JOHN PICKERING JOHN SPEICRER t I t f f I f WELLS LAWTON BATDORFF WRAITH BOWERMAN SPEICHER SHOSTER GILPIN GRAHAM KRANS BRINES FURRY PICKERING KEPPLEMAN FRID EDGAR GREINER CINDER R. ATKINS BOYER BENTON BADCHAT ROGERS KNIGHT WHITMER BOICE C. ATKINS BELLAMY DOERR Pigr 319 GAMMA DEUTERON OF I II I I A DELTA CHI FOUNDED UNION COLLEGE 1847 ESTABLISHED 1849 30 ACTIVE CHAPTERS FRANCIS P. ALLEN, B.A. HACKLEY BUTLER MEMBERS IN FACULTY ERNEST F. BARDER HARLEY A. HAYNES JOSEPH A. RUSSELL MEMBERS IN CITY B. E. GROVES H. O. POTTER FRANK F. VANTUYLE EDWARD J. DONOVAN, B.A. RICHARD H. FLEMMINC, B.A. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CARL FOHSYTHE, B.A. FREDERICK W. GEORGE, B.A. ROBERT E. BEAL FRANKLIN E. BRISTOL JOHN C. GARRELS, JR. GEORGE R. APPLEYARD FRANK D. BATTISTINI JOHN T. BISHOP HUBERT M. BRISTOL JOHN FINLEY ROBERT GAHRELS JOSEPH S. HUME CHARLES F. KENNEDY DARWIN C. McCREDiE Seniors F. WILLIAM SCHATZ ROGER L. THOMPSON GEORGE B. VANVLECK W. GRAFTON SHARPE, B.A. ROBERT S. WARD HERMAN C. WENDLAND, JR. EDWARD R. YOUNG Juniors C. BRADFORD CARPENTER F. WEMMER GOODING THOMAS E. GROEHN THAD E. LELAND, JR. JOHN C. MCCARTHY, JR. JOHN W. STRAYER Sophomores ROBERT GEYMAN SHELDON A. TAYLOR EDWARD HIGGINS RAYMOND VINCENT JOHN PORTER ROBERT W. WARD WILLIAM F. WEEKS GEORGE PECK ROBERT WELLS JAMES WILDE FREDERICK ALLEN BOYD H. CARR MARSHALL CASE CARL CLEMENT ROY E. FRAZIER HOWELL McAFEE Freshmen WILLIAM MCHENRY JOHN ROBERTSON BRUCE TELFER EDWARD B. THOMPSON ROBERT WEEKS DONALD WILSHER JOHN S. WINDER B. CARR ALLEN FINLEY CASE THOMPSON CLEMENT MCHENRY WILSHER McAFEE FRAZIER ROBERTSON R. GARRELS R. WEEKS TELFER VINCENT PECK H. BRISTOL GEYMAN WARD PORTER WILDE WINDER WELLS TAYLOR MCCARTHY BATTISTINI BISHOP W. WEEKS GROEHN STRAYER APPLEYARD CARPENTER GOODING KENNEDY F. BRISTOL HUME THOMPSON BEAL YOUNG VANVLECK WARD McCREDiE WENDLAND J. GARRELS SCHATZ Page 320 MU SIGMA ALPHA OF THETA KAPPA I ' M FOUNDED COLLEGE OF VIRGINIA 1879 ESTABLISHED 1888 60 ACTIVE CHAPTERS T. G. BERNTHAL, M.S., M.D. D. A. BOVD, A.B., M.D. E. W. DAVIS, B.S., M.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY H. GOBDON, L.M.C.C., MJ) R. B. MEYER, A.B., MJ). H. A. HAYNES, MJ . C. H. Ross, MJ). G. H. MEHNEY, MJ). S. J. SMITH, A.B., M.D. H. C. SWEET, A.B. P. T. WALTERS, M.D. LOTS YCLESIAS, A.B, MJ). H. M. BEEBE, M.D. T. H. BLAIR, M.D. MEMBERS IN CITY E. C. GANZHORN, MJ). W. B. HINSDALE, MJ). D. W. MYERS, MJ). Seniors DAVID H. DSVMMOND RALPH F. HELZERMAN THEODORE S. FANDRICH CHESTER R. LCLENSKI Juniors JOHN A. MAC " EAL PERRY S. MACNEAL BORIS M. PROCKIW WIXOM S. SIBLEY JOHN A. CETNAR WILLIAM D. FROSTIC Sophomores CHARLES S. MARSDEN, JR. ROBERT W. PHILLIPS WAYNE O. MARTIN C. FRANKLIN SCHRIER Louis E. DOERR, JR. D. BERNARD FOSTER GEOBGE G. DRESCHER DONALD W. FRTTI Freshmen REYNOLD L. HAAS ROY F. HERSCHELMANN HERBERT C. SWEET HOWARD R. WILLIAMS EDWIN M. WILLIAMSON DONALD F. MOORE M. ATLEE SHILLING Pre-Medical Pledges JACK R. HODGSON JOSEPH H. McCANN JOHN L. KITZMILLER WILLIAM G. PAINE C. WALTER PARKER JACK W T OOSTER PAD.-E KITZMILLEK DOESS FOSTEB MOORE HERS-CHELMAXN HAAS SHILLISC MctAxx MAKTIN WU.LIAMS PHTLLIPS SCBEIES CETNAS FBOSTIC HODGSON WOOSTEX MARSDES SWEET DKUMIIOND LCLENSKI J. MAC " EAL P. MACXE.AL SIBLEV PKOCKTW Page 321 SIGMA OF I II I i XI " FOUNDED RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE 1864 ESTABLISHED 1914 36 ACTIVE CHAPTERS B. F. BAILEY, PH.D. MEMBERS IN FACULTY S. D. HODGE, PH.D. H. H. HIGBIE, E.E. W. C. HOAD, B.S.C.E. H. M. KENDALL, PH.D. MEMBERS IN CITY B. F. BAILEY, JR. C. E. DEEKER L. L. FRISK J. C. MATHES H. R. BEUHLER W. R. DRURY R. HIGBIE G. W. DUNN R. H. GJELSHNESS E. M. SPENCER D. C. COOK, A.B. M. M. FARNSWORTH, B.S. J. W. FREEMAN, B.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY R. C. FRAUNBERGER, A.B. E. W. McCoRMicK, A.B. A. A. LOWEHY, A.B. R. K. MCGILLIVRAY, A.B. R. C. MAIR, A.B. R. N. SHAW, A.B. Seniors J. G. GRAHAM BATTING HORACE J. EDMANDS RICHARD H. GERKENSMEYER LALANDER NORMAN CARL A. CUPHAVER DAVID A. GRAESSER JAMES C. LOUGHMAN GUSTAVO SALIVA, JR. E. SAURBORN, B.S. W. H. STEFFY H. H. NICHOLSON, B.S. ROBERT W. THORN C. DAVID BARNES FRANCIS BELL RICHARD D. BURT NELSON DROULARD TOR J. NORDENSON KENNETH J. NORMAN Juniors ROBERT E. REED-HILL TUNIS C. Ross RUSSEL L. RUNDQUIST WILLIAM RYGG H. WARREN UNDERWOOD FLOYD J. SWEET A. MARRIOT WALKER THEODORE T. THORWARD FRANKLIN J. WOOD CARL A. ABBOTT KENNETH W. ALTMAN HORACE W. GREENWAY HOWARD HAWLEY C. GRANT BARNES GEORGE BUTLER Sophomores CHARLES HOLKINS JOHN N. MERCHANT IRVING R. IRELAND JOHN NAFE FRED S. JENNINGS J. ALEXANDER NEILL JOHN KNAPP WALTER PLEISS Freshmen ROBERT R. COOK WARREN FREAS, JR. NEIL T. LEVENSON WILLIAM H. MASON PAUL A. SIMPSON HUGH WELD LYLE WILLIAMS MERLIN W. WOODRUFF WHITNEY PRALL L . BARNES MASON RYGG UNDERWOOD SIMPSON SHAW DIXON WALKER DYKEMA FARNSWORTH WOODRUFF IRELAND REED-HILL ABBOTT THORWARD NAFE HOLKINS FRAUNBERGEK WOOD RUNQUISI NORDENSON K. NORMAN BURT ALTMAN G. BARNES MAIR WELD SALIVA LOUGHMAN THORN GERKENSMEYER L. NORMAN BATTING EDMANDS CUPHAVER GRAESSER TOWER KNAPP PRALL NEILL FREAS HAWLEY GREENWAY BELL R. COOK LEVENSON JENNINGS Page 322 , ' FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 1907 ESTABLISHED 1925 15 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MICHIGAN CHAPTER OF i m .i i HARRY BOUCHARD, B.S. EDWARD L. ERICKSEN,. B.C.E. MEMBERS IN FACULTY VlLLlAM MlKL ' LAS, M.S. WALTER C. SADLER, M.S., C.E.. LL.B. EDWARD A. STALKER, M.S. MEMBERS IN CITY SHERMAN COOK WITHRED COOK. M.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY CHRI STIAN B. HAAS, B.S. CHARLES C. GREER RAYMOND B. MALOY ALLEN T. COLE CHARLES S. COOK KARL A. BEERS HOWARD C. BRAUN WILLIAM E. BARTLOFF JOHN G. McQi-Aio Seniors WAYNE A. NICHOLS HAROLD G. SEAMANS ALLEN B. STEVENS Juniors FREDERICK E. KING HAROLD SYVERSON Sophomores MELVILLE G. HYATT RICHARD H. KNOBLE Freshmen JAMES RUTH FRANK G. TAYLOR STEINER R. VAKSDAL ARTHUR R. WILLIAMSON- CHASE R. TEABOLDT HOWARD C. SHARP JOHN M. STEVENS CLARENCE J. WICKS C. COOK SHARP BEESS TAYLOR WICKS COLE McQuiD KNOBLE TEABOLDT GREER NICHOLS KING WILLUMSOX MALOY VAKSDAL STEVENS BrAUN HYATT Page FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1905 1 ACTIVE CHAPTER S. L. BIGELOW, PH.D. W. O. HOAD, B.S. W. K. PARR, B.S. D. E. ADAMS, A.B. R. R. COOPER, B.S. MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. C. KERLIKOWSKE, M.D. O. PARKER, A.B. MEMBERS IN CITY C. PIERCE, A.B. J. K. POLLOCK, PH.D. H. G. WATKINS, A.B. A. SHAW, A.B. IN ED. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY V. W. KNOX, A.B. H. J. MERRY, A.B. J. W. LEDERLE, A.B. C. D. SANDUSKY, A.B. K. K. LUCE, A.B. THEODORE P. BAUSCHARD WALTER F. COURTIS EDWARD DOWNS JACK E. COOPER J. RICHARD EARI.V PRICE S. INNES KEITH C. LANCE THOMAS AYERS LEO V. CORKIX ROGER M. DOLESE Seniors BRUCE W. KLEIN GEORGE F. LAWTON WILLIAM C. MILLER DONALD P. NORTON Juniors EDWARD H. LITCHFIEI.D JAMES MERRY Sophomores ROBERT J. HILL RCBERT W. MURRAY Freshmen LOWELL E. KRIEO LLOYD D. PARR CHARLES H. WALKER WILLIAM J. WARNER ROBERT R. WARNER WILLIAM F. WATSON- RALPH W. HURD JOHN R. MANN JOHN W. LUECHT LUECHT INNES MURRAY HURD AYERS KRIEG MANN CORKIN HILL R. WARNER ADAMS LITCHFIELD LANCE WATSON COOPER MERRY DOLESE NORTON LAWTON PARR COURTIS DOWNS MILLER W. WARNER KLEIN BAUSCHARD WALKER Page 324 ALPHA OF XI PSI PHI FOUNDED UNIVERSITY or MICHIGAN 1889 ESTABLISHED 1889 65 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY D. J. JAMISON, D.D.S. G. R. MOORE, D.D.S., M.S. H. W. McCAUGHRix, D.D.S. J. W. SEEBURGEB, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN CITY H. G. WINIU.EE, D.D.S. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY F. N. WEBEE, D.D . MILTON J. CONVEBSE DOUGLAS T. CEOWE RICHARD D. HILLS Seniors D WIGHT A. JACKSON ROBEBT F. MEEBIUAX FEED H. MILLEK STEWAET W. MILLEE CLARENCE L. RUSSELL GLEN E. WARD Juniors GEORGE F. ATWELL JAMES P. BAKER BCBTON T. FOBSTEB CLARENCE C. GREGG HENRY J. MAXWELL J. VICTOB OLSON Freshmen HABLOW G. BATES BERNARD O. BLACK ROBERT W. CLEMENTS ERVTN F. GARDNER HEINZ O. GOLDBECK HERMAN L. HUBINGEK LAWRENCE J. SIMMONS RAYMOND E. SOMERS GOLDBECK SIMMONS CLEMENTS BATES GARDNER HrBixcFR SOMERS BLACK GBBOC MANWELL OLSON MEBRIMAN JACKSON HILLS BAKER FORSTEX ATWELL CONVERSE S. MILLER F. MILLER MCCAUGHRIN JAMIESON CROWE SEEBCRCER WEBER RUSSELL WARD Page 325 PHI OF ZETA BETA TAU FOUNDED COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK 1898 ESTABLISHED 1912 33 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. SHARFMAN, LL.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY I. S. FRANK, JR., A.B. HENRY MEYER, A.B. AENER FRIEDMAN, A.B. WILLIAM THAL, A.B. JACK L. EFROYMSON ROBERT ENGEL Seniors HAROLD M. GROSS MELVIN J. KIMPNEH, JR. MORTON ALSHULER Louis C. BRAUDY, JR. SAM FANTLE, JR. JULIAN M. GOODMAN Juniors BURTON JOSEPH, JR. ROBERT R. MENDEI.SON BENJAMIN AARON WILLIAM N. ANSPACH ROBERT J. FREEHLING SHF.RWIN GAINES JEROME B. GROSSMAN HENRY BACHRACH G. F. BAER RICHARD L. COHEN ROBERT J. COOPER ROBERT M. ECKHOUSE Sophomores WILLIAM K. JACKSON HERBERT JOSEPH CYRUS P. KLEIN SOL LEWIS EDWARD MARDER Freshmen JAMES G. ECKHOUSE HERBERT D. FALENDER HENRI B. GRIER LEE LYON ARTHUR P. MILLER ROBERT S. RUWITCH JOSEPH I. ROTHBARD NATHAN A. WERTHEIMER ROBERT H. PULVER STANTON S. SCHUMAN EDWARD S. SOLOMAN HERBERT WOLF SEYMOUR L. MORRISON WILLIAM B. SEAMAN HARRY J. TRAUGOTT ROBERT G. WATEL TRAUGOTT LEWIS H. JOSEPH GAINES FREEHLING PULVER WATEL WERTHEIMER ALSHULER BRAUDY AARON SOLOMON ROTHBARD MARDER COHEN GOODMAN KLEIN JACKSON GROSS EFROYMSON RUWITCH ENGEL ANSPACH GROSSMAN SEAMAN J. ECKHOUSE LYON FALENDER COOPER BACHHACH GRIER MORRISON R. ECKHOUSE BAER Page 326 FOUNDED NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 1847 ESTABLISHED 1858 30 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY P. E. BURSLEY, M.A. MEMBERS IN CITY R. B. BIGELOW S. B. CONGER, JR. T. V. HTNSHAW J. RICE W. A. COMSTOCK A. W. DIACK T. W. HEFFERMAN J. M. SCOTT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. L. ARNOLD J. W. BUSTLKC, A.B. C. G. BUNTING R. C. CARR, A.B. G. F. FISK, JR., A.B. W. O. GAGER JOSEPH BLACK H. GROVE CANNON Seniors R. ilACl)OWELL GlLMORE DAVID M. HlNKS ARTHDR D. GORDON WH.LUM W. McRov JOHN A. MOEKLE WINSTON C. MORE THOMAS J. ANKETELL, JR. WILLIAM CHAPMAN A. LESLIE DREW E. L. ANDERSON III ALLEN DEWEY GORDON H. HAYES CLAUDE E. BEEBE GEORGE L. HOFF Juniors WOODWARD GROVE ROBERT H. JOHNSON CHARLES G. LIVINGSTON Sophomores RICHARD E. HINKS JOHN B. OSGOOD DONALD T. SMITH Freshmen A. Louis O ' CONNOR, JR. CHARLES W. STONE GEORGE I. QUIMBY J. NATHAN SCHAEFFER SIDNEY B. TREMBLE RICHARD B. SWEGLES F. AI.LEN UPSON WARREN UPTON- JAMES B. WEC.SEY GUMOSE ANDERSON CANNON R. HINJCS D. HINKS ANKJETELL GOKDON J. BUNTING BLACK CHAPMAN HA -ES MOEKLE McRov GBOVE HINSHAW C. BDKTIKG DEWEY DREW SWFGLES UFTON SCHAEFFER JOHNSON LIVINGSTON SIONE O ' CoNNOK HOFF UPSON WILSET TKEMBLE QCTUBY Page 327 DELTA GAMMA T H E T A ENTRANCE ALPHA CHI OMEGA SORORITIES PA N - H E L L E N I C A S S O C I AT ION President Secretary Treasurer Rushing Chairman . . . BETTY AIGLER .... RUTH ROOT .VIRGINIA CLUFF . . JANE BRUCKER RUTH ROOT VIRGINIA CLUFF JANE BRUCKER BETTY AIGLER CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP Sorority Representative Date KAPPA ALPHA THETA j Joyce Black ( Mary Jean Pardee I i " 1879 GAMMA PHI BETA ( Virginia Hugg I Florence Harper I 1882 DELTA GAMMA ( Madelyn Coe ' ( Sally Stapleton 1 ) 188S COLLEGIATE SOROSIS j Julie Kane ' 1 Jane Servis | 1886 Pi BETA PHI Ruth Bradner ' ' Margaret Hiscock { 1888 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Marjorie Warren . . 1890 ALPHA PHI J Helen Woodward ' | Barbara Coventry I ) 1892 DELTA DELTA DELTA 5 Catherine Shannon 1 Ruth Rich ) J 1894 ALPHA CHI OMEGA J Cecilia Richardson Jeanette Greene I 5 ' 1898 CHI OMEGA j Marjorie Warner ' 1 Jane Arnold J 1905 THETA PHI ALPHA f Mary O ' Neill { Evelyn Arnold 1 } ' 1912 ALPHA Xi DELTA ( Katherine Rucker I Julia Ann Wikon ( J 1919 ZETA TAU ALPHA ( Lois Zimmerman ' ' ( Katherine Kirv an I " 1920 KAPPA DELTA Elaine Cobo ) Glades Margraf | 1921 ALPHA EPSILON PHI ( Emma Alper | Marjorie Solomon 1 " 1921 ALPHA OMICRON Pi Ruth Hess ' ) Stella Glass . J 1921 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Betty Merrell Helen Doris Young ) r.; 1922 DELTA ZETA ( Betty Walz Irene Lyons | 1922 PHI SIGMA SIGMA Lillian Fine 1922 ALPHA DELTA Pi $ Eunie Parker | Rita Wellman i i 1929 Page 330 THETA CHAPTER OF ALPHA CHI OMEGA FOUNDED DEPAUW UNIVERSITY ESTABLISHED 1898 MRS. CHESTER BARNES Miss- HELEX BROWN Miss LYDIA CONDON MRS. WAYNE COWELL MRS. VERNON CRANE MRS. CARL J. EKSTROM MRS. J. V. FOPEANO MRS. F. S. GILBERT Miss EDITH HICBIE 56 ACTIVE CHAPTERS PATRONESSES MRS. C. C. GLOVER MRS. PETER OKKELBERG MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. GEORGE RHEAD MRS. U. J. WILE MRS. R. B. HOWELL MRS. LESLIE KINDRED MRS. CHARLES KYER MRS. EVERETT LOFBERG Miss DOROTHY MALCOLM MRS. KARL D. MALCOLM MRS. RUSSELL MALCOLM MRS. HOWARD McCLUSKY MRS. LEONARD MILLER MRS. HARRY MILLS Miss MARY MIXER MRS. MAYNARD NEWTON MRS. HENRY W. NICHOLS Miss MARION NICHOLS ELIZABETH BINGHAM. A.B. VAVALYX BRASK, SCHOOL OF NURSING LUCILE M. BETZ DOROTHY K. HOOD JANE FAUVER RUTH J. KASER M. JEANNETTE GREENE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ELIZABETH HANSON, A.B. MAKJORLE VIVIAN, A.B. MARY WEBBER, A.B. Seniors MARJORIE M. OOSTDYK BARBARA G. OWENS MRS. R. O. NISSLE MRS. BENJAMTN OOSTERBAAN MRS. CARLISLE RUEGER MRS. EMERSON SHROYER MRS. WALTER STAEBLER Miss RUTH TICE MRS. HAROLD TROSPER MRS. WM. CLARK TROW CLARA WILSON, A.B. KATHARINE ZABRISKIE, A.B. ESTELLE J. STANDISH MARGARET L. STARR DOROTHY A. ADAMS DOROTHY ANDERSON MARYBELLE BOUCHARD HELEN A. BRANDT VIRGINIA M. CALLOW BILLIE F. CARR FLORENCE H. DAVTES SAXON L. FLNCH KAY L. BURGESS BETTY C. COOPER HELEN J. DTT.HT. . ELIZABETH M. DORNER ELEANOR L. GESSNER RUTH HART JEANNE K. JOHNSON Juniors RUTH DORSEY HAZEL M. HANLON MARJORIE KRESS GRACE LAMB Sophomores BETTY KAY JONES MARIE E. METTE JANE MUTSCHLER MARY E. MORGAN MARJORIE W. MORRISON EVELYN M. NEIL JEAN L. NELSON HELGA E. SAHLMARK SHIRLEY T. VERNER CAROLINE A. WELZ MARGARET S. NORCROSS JOYCE J. O ' LEARY BETTY M. RICH CECILIA W. RICHARDSON MARGARET J. CAMPBELL MARGARET CURRY DOROTHY L. OOSTDYK DOROTHY E. SHUTT HELEN G. ROWE EVA SPENCER FLORENCE M. SCHENCK DORIS N. WISNER JEWEL W. WCERFEL Freshmen MARY JANE FIELD MARJORIE R. INGRAM LAURA SPENCER MARY A. HUNTINGTON SARAH C. PAINE JEANNE E. STEERE GESSNER INGRAM DORSEY KRESS FIELD CALLOW CURRY HUNTINGTON SPENCER COOPER WUERFEL BURGESS SHDTI JONES CAMPBELL PAINE ROWE SPENCER O ' LEARY SCHENCK JOHNSON ZABRISKIE MUTSCHLEK CARR DAVIES NELSON LAMB OOSTDYK RICH RICHARDSON HANLON BRANDT BOUCHARD DORKER MORRISON WISNER XORCROSS MORGAN METTE NEH. STARR WELZ VERNER SAHLMARK BETZ OWENS GREENE FAOVER OOSTDYK KASER ADAMS Page 33} BETA ETA OF ALPHA DELTA PI t-r s ' ' FOUNDED WESLEYAN FEMALE COLLEGE ESTABLISHED 1929 58 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MRS. T. A. DILLMAN MRS. H. HASTIE PATRONESSES MRS. A. R. MORRIS MRS. J. F. SHEPHARD MRS. J. W. SCHOLL MRS. C. R. SMITH MRS. T. A. DILLMAN, JR. MRS. J. J. EVANS Miss L. KINGSTON MEMBERS IN FACULTY MRS. U. J. FARNSWORTH, A.B. MRS. R. A. SEYMEN, A.B. W. GWINNER,A.B. L. WILSON, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY Miss B. O ' TooLE MRS. F. C. SHIEL MRS. T. H. REED MRS. C. R. SMITH MRS. L. RlTTERSHOFFER MRS. H. D. SMITH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY EVIE MAE ANSLEY, A.B. PAULINE BUCKLAND, A.B. MARJORIE EVANS, A.B. IRMA BOBERTZ TONE HUNT, A.B. HELEN McKEE, A.B. HELEN MITCHELL, A.B. Seniors MARTHA COOK Miss H. SPEDDING Miss M. TAYLOR Miss M. WILLIAMS DORIS PAULSON, A.B. IRMA RANTAMAA, A.B. MRS. H. WILBUR, B.S., M.S. JOHANNA WIESE LUCY COPE JEAN FINLAYSON Juniors JEAN MACGREGOR ROSEMARY KLUG EUNIE PARKER Sophomores MARIAN BAKER JANE ELLEN ROGERS RITA WELLMAN Freshmen HARRIETT THOMPSON McKEE MITCHELL MACGREGOR WIESE ANSLEY ROGERS EVANS WELLMAN BAKER BOBERTZ THOMPSON PARKER COOK PAULSON BUCKLAND Page 332 1 ALPHA CHAPTER OF ALPHA I I ' M I o IOTA FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OP MICHIGAN ESTABLISHXD 1890 21 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MRS. ROBEKT GESELL MRS. HOWARD B. LEWIS PATRONESSES MBS. FREDERICK G. Now Mis. CYRUS C. STURGIS MRS. CAL V. WELLER MARGARET BELL, B.S., M.D., FACP (BETA) ELIZABETH C. CROSBY, PH J . (Assoc.) ANNA C. Cowiz, MD. GLADYS J. KLELNSCHIDDT, M.D. ELOISE E. MclvoR, (NON-GRADUATE) KATHRYX E. HOFFMAN, A.B. M. CATHERINE MAGEE. AJJ., MS MEMBERS LN FACULTY TRYPHENA HUMPHREY, A.B, A.M., MJ). LA TXIA M. MACKAYE, A.B., M.D. MARIANXA E. SMALLEY, M J). MEMBERS INOTY L. W. OOPHAXT, MX)., (BETA) M. V. PARKER, (SON-CRADUATE) DOROTHY L. SMITH, MJ). MEMBERS LN UNIVERSITY Seniors RUTH KABRISKY, AJJ. HELEN ROBERTS, AJi MJ). H. E. SCHTTTZ, ., MJX, (BETA) E. L. THOMPSON, PH.D.,(Assoc.) RUTH C. WANSTSOM, AJ4., M.D. JEANNE C. Sous, M J). EVELYN M. WEEKS, M.D. MELISSA H. WORTH, MJ). ANNE B. BOSMA, A.B. ROSALIND EBERSBACH, A.B. Juniors A. ESTHER JOHNSON, A JJ. AHEEN L. McQnxN, AJi. ISABEL J. WOLPSTEIN, A.B. VAHIBE RZMZI. A.B. B. LILLIAN SHUTSKY, A.B. Sophomores M. RY T. ARNOLD. A.B. WINONA M. BARROWS, A.B. AMY S. BARTON, A.B. GERTRUDE P. FINKELSTEIN. A.B. ELEANOR C. SPRINGER, A.B., M_ . WOLFSTZIX ElEESKACH BAKTON BAUOWS FlXKELSTTCJ BOSUA Mi : AlNOLO HOFFMAN SHCXSKT RMZI Page 333 PI CHAPTER OF ALPHA I r s 1 1 O PHI FOUNDED BARNARD COLLEGE ESTABLISHED 1921 27 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MRS. WILLIAM S. ADLER MRS. AUGUSTA G. BROWN PATRONESSES MRS. HERMAN FINSTERWALD MRS. R. ISAACS MRS. MORITZ LEVI MRS. L. LEO SHARFMAN ROSALIND T. GREENBERG BERNICE N. KAVINOKY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ISABELLE J. WOLFSTEIN Seniors HARRIET E. KESSELMAN Juniors HELEN S. LEVISON MARJORIE SOLOMON EMMA R. ALPER SYLVIA R. BUBIS EVELYN BLUESTEIN ELAINE L. GOLDBERG JANE P. COHEN JUDITH C. LASSER CHARLOTTE KAHN RUTH H. LAZARUS HELENE LINDENBAUM ELLA J. MILLER BEATRICE RABINOWITZ BETTY J. SETRON MIRIAM P. STARK Sophomores FRANCES LEVISON MARGUERITE R. MERKEL GERTRUDE D. ZEMON RUTH LIPIS MELBA MORRISON ADA ZOLLA IRENE BRONSTELN PHYLLIS DEVAY KATHRINE FETCHEIMER RUTH FRIEDMAN Freshmen BETTY GROSSMAN MILDRED HAAS ADELE POLIER HELEN VERA PRENTISS FLORENCE SALZMAN LOUISE SAMEK IRMA SYKES MARTHA ANN WISE " " f tt Vi ft I t f?j. - - t. t GOLDBERG MERKEL LEVISON KAHN LASSER ALPER SETRON STARK BUBIS RABINOWITZ ZEMON LAZARUS MORRISON SOLOMON KAVINOKY H. LEVISON GREENBERG KESSELMAN LIPIS BLUESTEIN BRONSTEIN PRENTISS WISE DEVAY POLIER FRIEDMAN GROSSMAN SALZMAN FETCHEIMER SYKES SAMEK Page 334 ALPHA BETA OF ALPHA GAMMA DELTA FOUNDED SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY ESTABLISHED 1922 48 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MRS. WALTER L. BADGER MBS. JOHN C. CHRISTEXSOX PATRONESSES MRS. WALTER B. FORD MRS. GROVER C. GRISMORE MRS. LEWIS KEELER MEMBERS IN CITY EMILY BUTTERFTELD JOSEPHINE COMPTON FLORENCE HISCOCK RUTH PENCE HELEN CHAPIN MARY ELLEN HALL MRS. A. J. PARKER CATHERINE RENTSCHLER FRANCES THORNTON HELEN D. ZIEFLE Lois ARNOLD, A.B. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARGARET CUNNINGHAM, A.B. BARBARA NELSON, A.B. VIRGINIA FRIXK KATHRYX E. KIKX EDITH BOWMAN GLADYS M. DRAVES Seniors BETTY T. MERRELL HELEN DORIS YOUNG JUNIORS JEAN FLECKENSTINE MAUREEN FRIAR ELIZABETH WAGXER EILEEN LAUTZENHISER, A.B. CORA SHOECRAFT ALMA L. HARBICAN MYRTLE C. TRUNK Sophomores PEGGIE DUFFY ALICE HISCOCK ON A J. THOPNTON VntGDOA E. GWEVNER GRACE SENKUS MYRTLE V. W T ICHT HAZEL WLVKELHAUS Freshmen EDITH CHUBB BETTY J. YOUNG DRAYES B. YOVNG SlXKDS HISCOCK WlNKELHAl-S EDITH CHUBB WIGHT FLECKZNSTINE TrxK WAGKEE THOENTON MESKEII. KIBN FEINK H. D. YOUNG HAKBICAN Page 335 OMICRON PI OF ALPHA OMICRON PI FOUNDED BARNARD COLLEGE ESTABLISHED 1921 42 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MRS. P. BUCKLEY MRS. R. W. BUNTING PATRONESSES MRS. J. C. CRISTY MRS. W. INGLIS MRS. W. W. KRAG MRS. E. F. LLOYD MEMBERS IN FACULTY LA VERNE HAYES, M.D. MRS. C. T. OLMSTEAD MRS. W. E. UNDERDOWN MARY ALICE BAXTER JEAN DURHAM ELIZABETH EVANS Miss A. B. ATKINSON MRS. B. BACON DAVIS Miss. E. M. FRALICK MRS. E. HAM DOROTHEA DAVENPORT MARY ALICE EMMETT HELEN FLYNN EDITH FORSYTHE DELTA GLASS RUTH HESS MEMBERS IN CITY Miss J. HENRY MlSS E. McDERMOTT Miss C. MOORE MRS. N. NELSON MRS L. M. WALLS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Miss HELEN GRAY, A.B. Seniors STELLA GLASS BILLIE GRIFFITHS ELEANOR HEATH Juniors HELEN HOLDEN REBECCA LOTRIDGE DOROTHY OHRT Miss M. SCHNEIDER MRS. M. UNDERWOOD Miss R. VAN TUYL MRS. C. WAGNER VIRGINIA MATTHEWS PATRICIA WOODWARD PAULINE WOODWARD RUTH SONNANSTLNE GERDA STANGER MARY LOUISE STEVENS LAURA J. ZIMMERMAN Sophomores LILLIAN GARDNER JANE KRETSCHMER BETTY MILLER MARY LOUISE MANN Freshmen CHARLOTTE BAXTER PHYLLIS JEAN CAMPBELL MARTHA JANE HOWARD LAURA KING CHARLOTTE MITCHELL 9 t ' v i .. 1 VI Jt % C. BAXTER KING MILLER GARDNER STANGER HESS KRETSCHMER BAXTER MITCHELL HOWARD DURHAM HOLDEN ZIMMERMAN GRAY MATTHEWS DAVENPORT FORSYTHE EVANS GRIFFITHS P. E. WOODWARD SONNANSTINE S. GLASS EMMETT P. L. WOODWARD HEATH FLYNN D. GLASS Page 336 THETA CHAPTER OF ALPHA PHI FOUNDED SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY ESTABLISHED 1892 MRS. J. BEAL MRS. H. HALNES MRS. W. AYERS MRS. A. ARBERRY MRS. E. BEAL MRS. M. BLAKE MRS. E. M. BRAGG MRS. R. BASSETT Miss G. BENSON- MISS E. W. BLAKEMAN Miss E. CLARK MRS. C. DOMBKE MARIE ABBOT BERNICE ANDREAE MARY AGNEW BLANCHE ARNOLD FLORENCE BINGHAM MARGARET ANNAS DORIS EVERETT JEAN KEINATH MARY NEAL 34 ACTIVE CHAPTERS PATRONESSES MRS. A. LLOYD MRS. R. PETERSON MRS. R. BITTINGER MRS. R. WENLEY MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. B. CANFILED MRS. E. H. CRESS MRS. B. DAVIS MRS. C. DAVIS MRS. W. W. FLORER MRS. D. D. LOREE Miss B. Bos WORTH Miss J. CROW Miss F. FLORER MRS. D. FRANZ MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MlSS C. GlEFEL MRS. K. HOLMES MlSS H. HUESEL Miss C. INGLIS Miss B. KANE Miss K. KOCH Miss J. KYER MRS. A. J. LOGAN MRS. C. LITZENBERGER MlSS F. McKlNNON MRS. D. C. MAY MRS. MARTELL Miss C. MILLER MRS. W. PETERSON MRS. F. RANDALL MRS. J. RAIKES MRS. F. B. RIGGS MRS. B. P. ROSENBERRY Miss K. REIGHARD Miss M. SMITH MRS. TOWSLEY MRS. M. P. TILLEY Miss M. WILLIAMS MRS. WILLIAMS MRS. GEORGE WYMAN Miss A. GODFREY JANE BASSETT ELLEN BICKNELL BARBARA COVENTRY MARGARET COWIE JANE HALL VIRGINIA NIMMO MARIAN PATERSON JANE PITCHER Miss M. L. KESSBERGER Seniors MILDRED BOSMA BETTY FETTERS Juniors MARGARETTA KOLLIG BERTINE LEHMAN JANE REED Sophomores DOROTHY ROTH CAROLYN SHERMAN BETTY SHTERSON Miss A. HINSHAW MRS. M. KOLLIG MARGARET GRANT HELEN WOODWARD ELIZABETH ROE Lois ROSENBERRY BARBARA SMITH ANNE SMYTH LILLIAN THOMPSON JUDY TROSPER CAROLYN WOSE BETTY WUNSCH BARBARA STEWART ELEANOR TAYLOR ALISON TENNANT HELEN VAN DYNE BETTY WALSH MARIAN WHITNEY NANCY CASSIDY LUCY CHAMBERLAIN JEAN COLER Freshmen RUTH FOWLER VIRGINIA JACKSON NORMA PIOCH MARY JANE FRYE JANE LEWIS MIRIAM ROBERTSON JANE HOLMES KATHERINE LOOMIS LENORE WERMUTH I f f i I S fit iff ' } i NB 3 T I FRYE PIOCH WERMUTH ROBERTSON- CASSIDY VAN DYNE EVERETT PITCHER ROTH CHAMBERLAIN SHIERSON WHITNEY FOWLER WALSH LOOMIS COVENTRY BINGHAM COWIE KEINATH JACKSON SHERMAN TAYLOR LEHMAN TROSPER NEAL ANNAS REED AGNEW STEWART THOMPSON SMITH ROE NIMMO PATERSON SMYTH BASSETT KOLLIG ROSENBERRY ABBOT WOSE FETTERS GRANT KESSBERGER BOSMA BICKNELL WOODWARD TENNANT Page 337 ALPHA EPSILON OF ALPHA XI DELTA FOUNDED KNOX-LOMBARD COLLEGE ESTABLISHED 1920 54 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MRS. F. A. COLLER MRS. H. E. KEEI.ER MRS. M. S. BEVAN Miss J. M. BENTLEY MRS. C. P. BRIGGS Miss F. BRITTAIN MRS. R. W. COWDEN MRS. J. J. Cox PATRONESSES MRS. T. S. LANGFORD MRS. J. R. NELSON MRS. C. J. LYONS MRS. W. W. NEWCOMB MRS. N. H. WILLIAMS Miss M. VAN KI.EEK MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. D. CREAL MRS. D. KELSEY MRS. A. R. CRITTENDEN MRS. F. C. KUENZEL Miss R. GALLMEYER MRS. G. C. KYTE MRS. R. B. HALL Miss R. MARSHALL MRS. W. HINDMAN Miss E. OLSON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY IRENE THOMAS, A.B. MIRIAM HALL, A.B. Seniors CHARLOTTE ANDERSON JEANETTE DUFF RUTH HOEFER FRANCES BARNETT VIRGINIA DENNE DOROTHY GROFF IRENE HALL KATHERINE RUCKER ELIZABETH SCOTT FAITH CRITTENDEN DOROTHY GIES JANE HALL JULIA ANN ELLIS Juniors ANNE LETSON AMBER JOHNSON MRS. H. H. SEELEY MRS. C. C. STURGIS MRS. H. H. SCHMIDT Miss C. SCHULTZ MRS. A. F. SHULL MRS. W. STEERE MRS. A. D. THORPE MRS. B. D. THUMA LUCINDA SMITH DOROTHY WIKEL MARIAN WUERTH ALICE MEADER VIRGINIA MINSKER RUTH ROWELL JULIA ANN WILSON JEAN FIELD MARGARET BELL Sophomores JEAN FRIEDERICI THERESA JAYCOX MARY SHAW Freshmen KATHERINE BUCKLEY MARIDA HOBART ELEANOR LEIGHTON SHAW CRITTENDEN WUERTH HALL LEIGHTON BURKE HALL FRIEDERICI FIELD MINSKER WILSON JAYCOX SMITH SCOTT BARNETT RUCKER HOEFER DENNE DUFF ANDERSON WIKEL MEADER GROFF BELL HOBART ELLIS JOHNSON ROWELL BUCKLEY Page 338 ETA CHAPTER OF MM OMEGA FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF As KANSAS ESTABLISHED 1905 88 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MRS. M. Bnu MRS. J. BOURQUIN DR. M. COLBY Miss I. BOWLER, A.B., Miss L. AUSTIN MRS. F. BARTELL MRS. S. DANA MRS. H. EMERSON Miss M. HACLE PATRONESSES MlSS E. HOYLZ MRS. A. JACOBY MRS. L. KARPINSKI MRS. C. KAUGMAN MRS. P. LEIDY MRS. L. OLIPHANT MRS. A. STOCKARD MRS. C. WASHBUKNE MEMBERS IN FACULTY MlSS M. SCHLOTTERBECK, A.B B5., L.S. MRS. W. BENDER MRS. H. CHEEVER MRS. J. ERVTN MEMBERS IN CITY Miss M. Fox MRS. E. GODDARO MRS. F. HADLEY, M.S. MRS. R. THOMPSON, B.S. MRS. R. GREGORY MBS E. GILMORE MRS. F. HANSON MRS. C. KEENE MRS. F. LIVERMORE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Miss E. XELLSON, A.B. NANCY I. ATKINSON DOROTHY B. COWLES JANE T. ARNOLD WINIFRED BELL RUTH BOOMHOWER BEATRICE A. DEV ' TNE MARY M. GAYLORD SALLY BROWNE FRANCES C. DRAKE DOROTHY P. HART Miss X. HILL Seniors ALICE A. GOODWIN- HELEN M. LOOMIS Juniors HELEN E. HAXTON ANNA C. HENCKEL MBS V. BULLOCK, A.B. MARY E. MORRBON DOROTHY E. PARK RUTH M. ROOT MARJORIE E. WARNER JEAN SNYDER GARNET P. WAGGONER KATHERINE E. YAW MARTHA BURKS CATHERINE EICHELBARCER JEAN CARLISLE MARY CULLEN JEAN H. KELSO WILMA A. LESTER RUTH A. PARDEE Sophomores FRANCES EVERARD RUTH E. GODTREMOTJT BARBARA B. SPENCER BILLIE FAULKNER MARGARET J. GUEST ROSALIE STECH Freshmen DOROTHEA DEWrrr BARBARA KING KATHERINE RODERICK PAULINE TACKELS H. RRIET DOUGLAS BARBARA LEIDY FLORA SPROAT (,- } I EVLKUID GOVTSEIIOUT BOOIIHOWEI DOUGLAS LEIDV CULLEN DEWITT RoDESJCK SPMMT KING WAGGOXEI CASLISLE HESCKEL SPEXCE LESIEB AUSTIN BKOWNE TACKZLS FAVI.KXEK PAEI.EE HAST ASNOLD YAW Krrso STECH HAICTON DLAKE BELL SNVDEK PAEK COWLES GOODWIN Looms ROOT GAYLOUD DE " INE ATKINSON MOSXISON Page 330 O I I I . I A I I SOIEOSIS COLLEGIATE SOROSIS ESTABLISHED UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1886 MRS. HENRY BATES MRS. R. C. ANGELL Miss L. BREAKEY MRS. R. BACHER MRS. J. A. BURSLEY MRS. C. D. CAMPBELL Miss L. CONDON Miss C. CHAMBERLAIN Miss M. CHRISTY EMILY CAMPBELL ELIZABETH KANTER MRS. JESSE REEVES PATRONESSES MRS. WLLLIAM FAUST MRS. HERBERT SADLER MEMBERS IN FACULTY MRS. RENE TALAMON Miss A. LLOYD Miss F. HARRIMAN MRS. A. W. DIACK, JR. MRS. E. W. Dow MRS. T. M. DTJRANT MRS. E. N. DURFEE MRS. C. E. GEHRING MRS. C. E. GUTHE MRS. H. HARLEY MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. H. HAWLEY MRS. J. C. HAYS MRS. T. HlLDEBRANDT MRS. G. HEFFERAN Miss E. LADD Miss V. LADD MRS. E. V. MOORE Miss I. HUBBARD MRS. G. W. PATTERSON Miss C. PATTENGLLL MRS. T. L. PURDOM MRS. H. M. RANDALL Miss G. RUSSELL MRS. E. SEIGERFOSS MRS. W. H. SELLEW MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ANN EDMUNDS, A.B. MRS. A. C. FURSTENBURG MRS. A. SHEPARD MRS. C. D. SMITH MRS. A. TEALDI MRS. P. VANBOVEN MRS. J. VANTYNE Miss F. WALDRON MRS. M. W. WHEELER MRS. W. WHITEHEAD ELIZABETH DURFEE MARY HUTCHLNSON KATHERINE LEOPOLD Seniors VIRGINIA MORGAN MARGARET NEWNAN RUTH POAT ELEANOR OWEN MARY SABIN HELEN STEVENSON BARBARA SUTHERLAND MARGARET WLNDHAM DOROTHY BOLTON MARY BURSLEY BETTY ANN BEEBE MARIAN DONALDSON NANCY COOK MARGARET DUGGAN HARRIET KANOUSE GAYNO LAUB Juniors JULIE KANE JOSEPHINE MCLEAN JANE SERVIS DOROTHY UTLEY BETTY LAUB MARY ROBINSON BETTY SONKE ELEANOR WASEY JUNE FRASER FLORENCE KEAN JEAN LILLEE So phomores MARY ELLEN MENARD JANET MILLER MARY Lou MILLER JANE O ' FERRALL Freshmen KATHERINE PURDOM BETTY JANE TAYLOR BETTY WHITNEY NANCY QUIRK JOSEPHINE WILCOX CHARLOTTE RUEGER RUEGER KANOUSE DONALDSON O ' FERRALL QUIRK BEEBE WILCOX MILLER LAUB ROBINSON MCLEAN UILEY BURSLEY SERVIS COOK DUGGAN KANE WINDHAM HUTCHINSON CAMPBELL OWEN KANTEH SABIN SUTHERLAND POAT STEVENSON DURFEE MORGAN MILLER WASEY LAUB SONKE TAYLOR WHITNEY KEAN FRASER PURDOM LILLIE MENARD Page 340 IOTA CHAPTER OF HELTA DELTA DELTA FOUNDED BOSTON UNIVERSITY ESTABLISHED 1894 REESTABLISHED 1915 MRS. H. ABBOTT MRS. S. ALLEN MRS. S. ATWOOD Miss I. BOZARTH MRS. J. BRUM MRS. M. BUEL MRS. A. COVERT Miss E. COVERT MRS. J. CROUSE Miss H. DALLSCAN MRS. S. DIACK MRS. C. BRAUN MRS. J. CHRISTEN SEN- MEMBERS DR. MRS. C. FRIES Miss A. GRAHAM Miss E. JARROLD Miss E. JEFFERES MRS. H. JACKSON MRS. H. JENNINGS MRS. H. KING MRS. F. LAMB 82 ACTIVE CHAPTERS PATRONESSES MRS. W. COMSTOCK MRS. A. Goss MRS. E. KRAUS IN FACULTY D. HARD Miss LOUISE NELSON MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. T. LOWRY Miss S. LUTES Miss H. MCCALLUM Miss A. MERRICK Miss R. MERRICK Miss A. MONTGOMERY MRS. O. MONTGOMERY MlSS E. MORRELL Miss K. ORT Miss C. POLLACK Miss H. PROBECK MRS. T. PRYER Miss H. RICH Miss G. ROWE MRS. W. SAMS MRS. F. SHILLING MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MRS. J. LAWRENCE Seniors MARY LOUISE ELSPASS VIRGINIA GRAHAM ARDELL HARDY HENRIETTA FRUEND KATHRYN MACNAUGHTON Juniors LOUISE FLOREZ JANE KAUFFMAN PHYLLIS PRICE JANE BRUCKER LOUISE KRAUSE RUTH RICH KATHERIXE M. HALL NINA POLLOCK Sophomores ELEANOR BIERKAMP MARGARET COMPTON BETTY JANE FLANSBURG BETTY GRIFFITH BETTY Krsc MARTHA BRAGG Avis DAY DOROTHY GELDART JEAN HARRISON MARTHA KNOX PHYLLIS BRUM GAIL DUFFENDACK JEAN GREENWALD MAE HERNDON MARY MONTGOMERY Freshmen KATHRYN ANDRUS MARGARET FORSYTHE JANE HIGBIE MARY ELLEN McCoRD BETTY Ons JANE RUDY MRS. T. REED MRS. W. REICHART MRS. P. SLOSSON MRS. H. Souix Miss M. STOWE Miss Axx " ARDEN MRS. A. WAGNER MRS. R. WILLIAMS MRS. C. WOODY Miss R. WORK MRS. L. YOUNG MYRA ADKENSON ISABELL BAKRUS MARIAN ANDERSON- JEAN CRAIG GAIL EVEREST CATHERINE SHANNON CHARLOTTE WHITMAN MARY LOUISE SCHWENDT DOROTHY SHAPPELL DOROTHY SPRAU LOUISE STONE MILDRED SHAPLEY WINIFRED TREBILCOCK MARY BETH TARBELL JANET WH.LOUGHBY BETTY WOOD WORTH BETTY WAHL BKVMM TARBELL WILLOCGHBY GRIFFITH HARRISON MONTGOMERY FORSYTHE DUFFENDACK HIGBIE RUDY DAY WOODWORTH GELDAKT HESNDON EVEREST RING COMPTON KNOX FLANSBURG SCHWEKDT WAHL Ons TKEBILCOCK GKEENW.ALD BRAGG BIERKAMP FLOREZ KRAUSE POLLOCK ANDERSON PRICE McCoRD RICH SPRAU CRAIG SHAPPELL BRUCKER WHITMAN STONE HALL SHAPLEY HARDY FRUEND MACXAUCHTOX K.trFFM.AX ELSPASS YOUNG SHANNON BARRUS GRAHAM ADKINSON Page 341 XI CHAPTER OF DELTA GAMMA FOUNDED OXFORD INSTITUTE ESTABLISHED 1885 48 ACTIVE CHAPTERS PATRONESSES MRS. B. GUTHE MRS. H. THIEME MRS. Miss MRS. MRS. Miss MRS. Miss MRS. MRS. R. AICLER E. BARNARD M. BISHOP W. E. BROWN, JR. E. BURGESS H. CALDERWOOD J. CLARY A. CONNABLE J. GlLLARD MEMBERS MRS. O. E. GUTHE Miss O. KNOWLSON MRS. LAKE Miss M. LEWIS MRS. R. LOVELAND MRS. N. MILLER MRS. A. B. MOEHLMAN Miss H. NORRIS IN CITY MRS. C. PIERCE Miss H. PLATT MRS. N. POTTER III MRS. T. RAPHAEL MRS. C. J. RASH MRS. H. RASCHBACHER Miss B. SCOTT MRS. I. SCOTT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY H. ELIZABETH AICLER BETTY SUE CALCUTT KATHLEEN CARPENTER MADELYN COE ELLEN JEAN CONOVER MARY FERRIS BETTY GILLARD MARGARET HERTRICH Seniors JEAN KELLER MARION McDouoALL HILDA KIRBY MARIE METZGER C. VIRGINIA KOCH ALICE MORGAN ESTHER LINCOLN MRS. S. W. SMITH MRS. R . M. SHICK MRS. S. W. TAGGERT MRS. R. THOMPSON MRS. M. H. WATERMAN- MISS M. WINSLOW MRS. CHAPPELE MRS. F. CURTIS MRS. GORE ROSEMARY OSBORNE SARAH PIERCE MARGARET WINEMAN MARJORIE KOPF ROSANNA MANCHESTER BARBARA MILLER WINIFRED ARNOLD KATHERINE BISHOP LUCY CARTOZIAN BETSY BAXTER DOROTHY CORSON MARYANNA CHOCKLEY GERTRUDE DOWNING JEAN HATFIELD DOROTHY CURTIS ESTHER ANNE DEWITT Juniors JANE PETER BETTY STIMSON JEAN ROYCE LOUISE STEVENS SALLY STAPLETON JEAN TAYLOR Sophomores HARRIET HATHAWAY KATE LANDRUM OPAL MCCREDIE Freshmen VIRGINIA EACLESFIEI.D KATHERINE TAYLOR MARTHA HANKEY VIRGINIA VAN DYKE SUE THOMAS HELEN ZABEL VIRGINIA ZUIDERHOOK NANCY OLDS HARRIET OSTERGREN ELSIE PIERCE MARY L. WILLOUGHBY BETTY CRIST JANE WILLOUGHBY MARION FITZGERALD OSTERGREN BAXTER K. TAYLOR HANKEY CORSON J. WILLLOUGHBY VAN DYKE EAGLESFIELD ZABEL FITZGERALD CURTIS DEWITT M. L. WILLOUGHBY OLDS ARNOLD HATFIELD BISHOP CRIST DOWNING E. PIERCE LANDRUM CHOCKLEY HATHAWAY ROYCE STEVENS MILLER STAPLETON KOPF MCCREDIE STIMPSON CARTOZIAN J. TAYLOR ZUIDERHOOK MANCHESTER THOMAS LINCOLN CATCUTT KELLER KIRBY KOCH McDouGALL PETER S. PIERCE CONOVER GILLARD OSBORNE COE AIGLER MORGAN WINEMAN HERTRICK CARPENTER METZGER DIEBEL FERRIS Page 342 FOUNDED MIAMI UNIVERSITY ESTABLISHED 1923 58 ACTIVE CHAPTERS ALPHA ETA OF DELTA ZETA MRS. J. C. BRIER MRS. B. C. HALL MRS. V. R. HUMPHREYS E. P. ANDERSON G. H. ARNOLD C. BACKUS D. BACKUS M. CORNELL M. D. COULTER PATRONESSES Miss NORA CRANE HUNT MRS. R. ISAACS MRS. C. KESSLER MRS. C. LOVE MEMBERS IN CITY D. HAAS D. HERBERT L. R. HUMPHREYS A. ISACCS R. KEIXY A. B. KESSLER MRS. VV H. MAURER MlSS M-MUAN McCLENCH MRS. L. ROUSE V " . KREIN BRING E. MASSELINK L. M. MOCK M. READING M. THOMPSON M. C. SPRINGER JANET BRACKETT MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY J. CURRIE, AB. V MAHNKE, A.B. M. MAREE, A.B. Seniors HARRIET CROW ELIZABETH HUTCHENSON ELIZABETH WALZ Juniors DOROTHY COGGER YIRGDCIA SOLOMON BARBARA WHITFORD JEANETTE WH.L Sophomores ADELE G.KRDNER IRENE LYONS Freshmen LOUISE MARS MARS BRACKET! Cow KELLY MAHNKE SOLOMON GAKDNEI SMITH WILL LYONS WALZ WHTITOD CCKSIE Page 343 BETA CHAPTER OF GAMMA PHI BETA FOUNDED SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY ESTABLISHED 1882 41 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MRS. W. ABBOT MRS. E. ADAMS MRS. F. ALFORD Miss G. ANDERSON Miss R. ANDERSON MRS. J. BERGELIN MRS. J. BREAKEY MRS. E. BROWN MRS. H. DOUGLAS Miss L. EBERBACH Miss E. FARRELL Miss L. FINLEY Miss M. HOHN MRS. W. Ho AD PATRONESSES Miss R. ANDERSON MRS. R. WINNACKER MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss M. L. HOHN, B.S. MEMBERS IN CITY Miss H. HOLMES Miss F. KUEBLER MRS. A. KLAER MRS. H. KORTENHOFF Miss L. LEWIS Miss E. LORCH MRS. D. MYERS MlSS E. O ' HARA MRS. J. O ' NEILL MRS. N. POTTER Miss M. RANDALL MRS. F. SERGEANT MRS. W. SHAW Lois E ALTMAN MARY E. DAANE A. ANNE DUNBAR MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY A. I. BOURQUIN A.B. J. BOURQUIN, A.B. R. EBERSBACH, A.B. Seniors MARY E. EARNSHAW VIRGINIA HUGO MARIE J. MURPHY MARY W. SAVAGE ELIZABETH MCOMBER MARION OVAITT MARY E. SPENCER Miss M. SHEARER MRS. C. STEVENS MRS. C. WAGNER Miss M. WAGNER MRS. W. WALLACE MRS. R. WINNACKER MRS. E. WOLAVER BEATRICE B. GRAHAM VIRGINIA C. ALLMAND ELIZABETH H. CHAPMAN ADELAIDE L. CROWELL GERTRUDE SAWYER EMMA SCHMID JEAN M. SHAW WILMA BERNHARD CHARLOTTE HAMILTON AGATHA HARDY JEAN C. HOFFMAN MARY LAMBIE MARGIE L. LANGENDERFER CAROLYN BELTRAMINI ELIZABETH A. EBERSBACH SHIRL CROSMAN SALLY ESCHBACH CYNTHIA STARK EVELYN C. WALSH M. JANET WRAY Juniors ELIZABETH FURBECK CATHERINE MC!NERNEY FLORENCE HARPER ELOISE MOORE LORRAINE LENHART A. JEAN ORR MARGARET A. SPENCER Sophomores ALICE OSTERMANN MARY P. POTTER MARY L. REED Freshmen MARY E. GARVIN CHARLOTTE HORTON JANE KIMMEY MALENE TUTTLE VIRGINIA HANDEYSIDE PAMELA HOOKER MARY PERKINS VIRGINIA WEIDLEIN MARGRETA REID BETTY ROBERTSON HELEN E. SCHMIDT BARBARA SPALDING LOUISE SPRAGUE DOROTHY WEBB HORTON KIMMEY EBERSBACH HANDEYSIDE HOOKER CROSMAN GARVIN TUTTLE PERKINS POTTER BERNHARD HARDY LANGENDERFER LAMBIE SCHMIDT HAMILTON CROSBY WEIDLEIN ORR SCHMID SPRAGUE WEBB SPALDING LAY HOFFMAN REED FURBECK ROBERTSON SAWYER SHAW SPENCER CROWELL MOORE OVAITT DAANE ALLMAND HARPER CHAPMAN MC!NERNEY GRAHAM STARK WRAY WALSH ALTMAN SAVAGE MURPHY DUNBAS SPENCER EARNSHAW HUGO MCOMBER Page 344 ETA CHAPTER OF KAPPA ALPHA Til ETA FOUNDED DE?AUW UNIVERSITY ESTABLISHED 1879; REESTABLISHED 1893 59 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MRS. H. HOLMES MRS. H. C. HUTCHLNS MRS. J. IXGLIS MRS. H. C. ADAMS MRS. W. G. BLANCHARD MRS. O. V. BOSTON- MRS. L. BREDVOLD MRS. R. J. CARNEY MRS. A. CANFIELD MRS. R. O. COURT-RIGHT BETTY JANE DAWSON JOYCE BLACK LOUISE BURKE GERALDTNE FITZ-GERALD JANE FLETCHER MARY GARRETTSON JOSEPHINE HADLEY PATRONESSES MRS. J. F. LAWRENCE MRS. I. C. WHEAT MRS. L. S. NEAL MRS. H. C. WILGUS MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. M. F. CRARY MRS. J. W. LINCOLN MRS. X. E. HARTWEC Miss M. HICHLEY MRS. A. M. HIGHLEY MRS. T. KLLNCMAN Miss H. LADD BETTY LITTLE Seniors Axx MITCHELL Miss N. NEWTON Miss D. NORMS MRS. W. K. O ' BRIEN Miss A. OLSON Miss O. OLSON MRS. L. C. STUART MRS. A. WOODBRIDCE MRS. J. B. WORLEY MRS. F. H. YOST MRS. R. C. SWATN Miss J. TREMBLEY MRS. J. B. VEDDER MRS. J. J. WALSER MRS. E. WIEMAN MRS. H. WORKING MRS. C. S. YOAKUM MARY O ' BRIEN MARY STERLING Juniors CHRISTINE KENNEDY MARY JEAN PARDEE JEAN LAITNER JEAN PERRY ELIZABETH NICOL MARION SAUNDERS CORA NEILSON BETTY SCHLUCHTER BETSY O ' DELL JEAN SEELEY KATHERINE SHIELDS BETTY SINCLAIR ANN TnofONs MARGARET VAN VLECK HARRIET WOLFS MARGARET ABBOTT BETTY BARTH Sophomores MARY MARGARET CAMPBELL HELEN HANLEY JEAN KEPPEL EDITH HAMILTON MARYA HOFFMAN MARY MclvoR MARION NEILSON MARGARETA WARD JEAN BONISTEEL HELEN DODENHOFF HOPE HARTWIG EDITH HERRICK DORIS HOLT MARY JOHNSON Freshmen PATRICU NELSON EMILY LOUISE PHELPS MARY ELIZABETH PORTER BETTY RONAL HARRIET SHACKELTON ADELAIDE SINGLETON IRENE STLLSON McIvAS KEPPEL M. NEILSON HAMILTON HOFFMAN ABBOTT CAMPBELL PEMY FITZ-GERALD GARRETTSON BURKE FLETCHER SINCLAIR SEELEY NICOL SAUNDERS EARTH VAMVLECK WOLFS HADLEY LAITNER MITCHELL STKLIMG O ' BRIEN DAWSOX TIMMOKS SCHLUCHTEB C XEILSON SHACKLETON HEKBICK PORTEH BONISTEEL HAKTWIG NELSON PHELPS STH.SON DODENHOFF JOHNSON HOLT Page 345 SIGMA ZETA OF KAPPA DELTA FOUNDED VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL ESTABLISHED 1921 71 ACTIVE CHAPTERS PATRONESSES MRS. H. BACKER MRS. R. COWDEN MRS. C. EDMUNDS MRS. B. BAILEY MRS. B. DAVIS MRS. W. HUNT MEMBERS IN FACULTY MRS. GEORGE STANLEY, M. S. MlSS E. McCORMICK MRS. C. MELOCHE MRS. H. BEISIEBLE Miss V. BOGART MRS. H. BROWN MRS. H. COATS Miss M. COLE Miss L. COSSAR MRS. C. CROSBY MRS. M. DAHLBERG Miss K. EVANS Miss A. FIELD MlSS M. HORRELL MRS. K. HUBER MRS. J. HUBER MEMBERS IN CITY Miss M. HUNT Miss E. HYMANS Miss A. INGLIS Miss W. KALMBACH MRS. A. KERLIKOWSKI Miss M. MACINTOSH MRS. L. MAKFELSKI Miss C. ANNING MRS. C. MELOCHE Miss D. OGBORNE Miss A. REEK MRS. C. RUFUS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Miss HARRIET JENNINGS, A. B. Seniors ELEANOR K. BAKER NANCY E. JOHNSON JESSIE A. I. STALKER ELLAMAY BROOME ESTHER MEYERS VIRGINIA E. WAGNER Miss C. SCOTT Miss H. SCOTT MlSS A. SUNDERLAND Miss E. SUNDERLAND MRS. E. SUNDERLAND MRS. H. TWINNING MRS. L. WILSON MARY M. ADAMSKI MARGARET E. BALLARD GRACE I. BARTLING MARGARET BUELOW Juniors ELIZABETH BELL JOSEPHINE KEHOE EUDORA B. FRASEE CAROL McGARY EI.MA FOSTER ELIZABETH C. MOORE ANNA MAY QUINE HELEN E. RANKIN HELEN I. STRAM MILDRED N. STROUP ELAINE E. COBO GLADYS C. MARGRAP MECA MAPLE DORIS MOWAT Sophomores ELIZABETH A. OBERDIER BARBARA L. OTTE Freshmen EDNA NEIKIRK J. CATHERINE REYNOLDS HELEN C. SHAPI.AND JOY A. SNYDER E. JEAN SCOTT SCOTT ADAMSKI OTTE MARGEAF MOWATT SNYDER COBO MAPLE STRAM FRAZEE KEHOE MOORE STROUP BELL BROOME MEYERS McGARY RANKIN JOHNSON BARTLING BAKER REYNOLDS FOSTER SHAPLAND STALKER P age 346 BETA DELTA OF KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA FOUNDED MONMOUTH COLLEGE ESTABLISHED 1890 68 ACTIVE CHAPTERS DR. MARGARET BELL MRS. J.D.BRUCE PATRONESSES MRS. B. COXGER MRS. O. E. HUNT MRS. J. SUXDWALL MRS. A. B. WHITNEY Miss I. FIELD MEMBERS IN FACULTY MRS. E. GREENE MRS. H. MALLORY Miss Y. PEASLEY MRS. R B. BIGELOW MRS. J. BRADFIELD MRS. V. B. BUCHANAN- MISS M. BROOK MRS. E. A. CHAPMAN- LOLA CAMPBELL MRS. K. C. McMuRRAY MRS. E. E. NELSON- MRS. P. PACK Miss S. PARKER ELIZABETH ALLEN- GRACE BEXN-ETT MARGARET COXNELLAN MARY COXXOR MEMBERS IN CITY Miss F. CROCKER MRS. H. C. EMERY Miss C. CVDLIP Miss A. HARRJSOX MRS. S. W. DOXALDSOX MRS. F. HUGHES MRS. J. DORSEY MRS. J. Lrmc MRS. P. S. LOVEJOY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY AN-NE E. HARSHA, A. B. MARGARET KIMBALL, B. M. Seniors ISABELLE KANTER MARJORTE WARREN Jnniors KATHERIXE HUXTER ELIZABETH Loxc JAXET JACKSOX IRENE McCACSEY RUTH LOEBS ELEAXOR NOYES MRS. E. B. POWER MRS. H. S. SLLFER MRS. B. WALKEK MRS. V. C. WALZ MRS. P. WINDER VntciNTA D. CLUIT LOUISE H. FRENCH ALICE J. HANNON LAVTXIA HOWELLS GAY ABBOTT BETTY Axx BARTHEL BETTY BASSE MABEL CAMPBELL JANE EDMONSOX ANN FITZGERALD ELOISE FLTTCRAFT EDITH FREDERICK Sophomores JEAN HASKLNS ROSE HERRMANN- DOROTHY IMRIE VIDA PATTEN, B. M. KATHRYX RIETDYK DOROTHY SCHWARZE JOSEPHIXE SCOTT ALICE, SLIXGLUTF VrRGrxiA SPRAY MARY J. SULLIVAX DOROTHY WILSON ELEAXOR ANTBAL MARY ELLIOTT BETTY FAUVER RUTH HASKIXS PAULLXE MITCHELL FR.VXCES ODELL VIRCIXIA RAPP VntcixiA SMITH Freshmen ELEANOR HECKATHORX KATHERIXE JOHXSTOX CAROL MAHOX PATRICIA WARD VIRGIXIA HUXT ELEANOR LLNDPRIN NELSON PERSOXS i FLITCUFI SMITH LONG RAPP WILSON FITZCHUJ) RASKINS FEZCEBICK IVRIF CAMPBELL ODELL BAKTHELL HAXSOS Cossoi FIESCH ROTDVK XOYES HESHMANN SPBAY MITCHELL SCLLR-AN LOEBS JACKSON L. CAMPBELL MCCACSEY COSXELLAN W.uutzs CLCPF KAXTEE SCHWAKZI SCOTT BEVSETT JOHNSTON . BBOTT ANTBAL HUNT HECK.XTHOSS ELLIOTT HCNTE R. HASKINS SLINGLCPF HO-ELLS PEISONS BASSE Page 347 ETA CHAPTER OF PHI SIGMA SIGMA FOUNDED HUNTER COLLEG E ESTABLISHED 1922 21 ACTIVE CHAPTERS PATRONESSES MRS. W. ANGELL MRS. H. HOOTKINS MRS. M. ULLIAN MRS. M. UPHAM MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROSE LEVINE GENEVIEVE FIELD FRANCES S. BTIRNSTLNE BERNADINE FIELD Seniors I. MINNA GUTEN Juniors LILLIAN FINE GLADYS HORNUNG ROWENA GOLDSTEIN LILLIAN MAGASINER LILLIAN VINACOW THELMA CHASMAN SYLVIA GINSBERG Sophomores MILDRED GOLDBERG GLADYS SANDICK SALLY A. LEAVITT FRANCES R. SEITNER Freshmen PAULINE COHEN EMELIE MARCUS SHIRLEY POTTS RUTH FIELD HORTENSE Moss MYRA ROSENBERG EVA SHNIDERMAN SYLVIA ZEIDMAN RITA SCHAFF JUNE SMARGON MAGASINER ROSENBER,-, LEAVITT GOLDBERG MARCUS SMARGON VINACOW SANDICK FINE SEITNER POTTS COHEN R. FIELD GINSBURG SCHNIDERMAN HoRNUNG GOLDSTEIN G. FlELD BufiNSTlNE B. FIELD ClIASMAN Page 348 MICHIGAN BETA OF PI BETA PHI FOUNDED MOXMOUTH COLLEGE ESTABLISHED 1888 MRS. A. W. DIACK Miss D. CHIPMAX Miss H. CHIPMAX 79 ACTIVE CHAPTERS PATRONESSES MRS. M. L. D ' OocE MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss H. HALL MRS. R. KELLER Miss J. X. HIGBEE Miss M. McKnfXEY MEMBERS IN CITY MRS. F. W. KEISEY Miss T. MILLER MRS. F. ALDRICH MRS. J. BIRK MRS. D. C. CHIPMAX MRS. P. CHRISTIAN MRS. C. COCHALL MRS. W. COOK MRS. J. CORK MRS. F. CROSS MRS. R. CURRY MRS. W. DOTY MRS. C. FISHER MRS. F. FISHER MRS. R. FISHER Miss M. FrrzpATRicK MRS. H. GAUXT MRS. L. HARRIS MRS. H. HEATH MRS. D. VAX WINKLE MRS. L. WATERMAN MRS. T. HORNBERGER MRS. G. C. HUBER MRS. C. JAMISON Miss M. KELLER Miss J. LAXG MRS. G. LEWIS MRS. R. MILLER MRS. W. MARSHALL MRS. R. W. XOYES MRS. S. PROCTOR RUTH BOSSE CAMILLA BOWMAX FLORENCE CARPENTER HENRIETTA CHARRIXGTOX BARBARA BATES RUTH BRADNER MARGARET BARTLEY VIRGINIA BENEDICT MARY MARGARET BARNES VIRGINIA BELL BETTY BOWMAN ALICE BOUCHERLE MARLAX DICKSOX DORIS GLMMY HARRIET GREENWOOD VIRGINIA HARTZ MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARGARET YOUTZ, A.B. Seniors MAXINE MAYNARD MARCELLE MORFORD MARGARET MUSTARD ANN OSBORX Juniors AMELLA MARTIN BETTY MCLURE EDITH MERICKEL MRS. T. C. QUTNN MRS. A. RICHARDSON MRS. H. Rices Miss G. SATTERTHWAITE MRS. H. SHAW MRS. A. Swiss MRS. H. UPTOX MRS. V. WARTHLN MRS. A. H. WHITE VIRGINIA RAXDOLPH JANICE RICE NANCY SHEPPARD HELEN STRAND " IRGIXIA ULRICH ELIZABETH WOODHAMS LUCILLE WRIGHT SARAH MILLER DOROTHY ROTH ELIZABETH SCHERLLNG BETTY BERTOLI RUTH ANN CHRISTIANSEN ESTHER GREENWOOD JANE HEATH MARGARET HISCOCK GERTRUDE JEAN Sophomores HARRIET HEATH Lois KING MARIOX HOLDEX JEANE MCLEAN- RUTH ANN JERNEGAN MARY E. MOORE SUZANNE JOHNSON MARGARET ROGERS Freshmen BETTY GATWARD BETTY MORGAN MARTHA STEEN ELIZABETH VAN WINKLE ELIZABETH WOOLMAN JOSEPHINE CAVANACH JEANNE CURTIS MARGARET DODDS BARBARA HAXXA GRACE SXYDER BARBARA STRAND MARJORIE TURNER EDITH ZERBE HATTIBEL GROW PRISCILLA SMITH LOUISE TAYLOR BARBARA THOMAS CCRTE BENEDICT MEUCKEL TAYIOK BERTOLI MORGAN BABTLEV H. HEATH J. HEATH KTSG CAVANACH HOLOEN MILLZE GATWARD iLutnN ROCEKS JOHNSON DICKSON Sim E HAXXA ZESBE TCNE McLEAJJ BOCCHEKXX BAINES JERNEGAS BELL RANDOLPH HISCOCK JEAN E. GREENWOOD STZEN ROTH BRADNER BATES SCHILLING WEIGHT VAN WINKI.E WOOLMAN RICE BOWMAN CARPENTEK ULRICH SHEPPARD Gnocv OSBORX Bossi. HAITZ MOSFOSD MVSTXKD MATXAXD Page 349 ALPHA CHAPTER OF Till: I A PHI ALPHA FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ESTABLISHED 1912 18 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MRS. GEORGE BURKE MRS. FRANK DEVINE PATRONESSES MRS. WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN MRS. O. A. MOE MRS. GEORGE MOE MRS. ALLEN SHERZER MRS. ARTHUR STACE MRS. W. W. WEDEMEYER ELEANOR BLUM MARGARET DUNN M. E. Bo WEN K. M. CONLIN HELEN GILLESPIE BETTY IMMEL MEMBERS IN FACULTY I. M. DUNSTONE, R. N. MEMBERS IN CITY R. S. HlGLEY AMELIA PERKOVITCH MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DOROTHY REEVES A. R. PETERS J. A. WEDEMEYER Seniors ESTHER MILLER MARY MILDRED MURPHY Juniors MARY O ' NEH.L ANITA NOBLE MARGARET PHALAN EVELYN ARNOLD MARY O ' NEH.L MARY ESTHER BURNS Sophomores MARY ALICE MCQUILLAN EILEEN O ' RiLEY THERLE WAGNER Freshmen HARRIET BELSER MARGARET CAMP MARY DAVIDSON HELEN CAMP THERESA SWAB MILDRED LIVERNOIS JANE SCHNEIDER MILLER MURPHY O ' REILLY GILLESPIE KUNN MCQUILLAN BURNS DAVIDSON SWAB REEVES O ' NEILL WAGNER ARNOLD BELSER NOBEL PHALAN BLUM SCHNEIDER IMMEL LIVERNOIS Page 350 FOUNDED VIRGINIA STATE NORMAL ALPHA GAMMA OF ZETA TAU ALPHA ESTABLISHED 1920 71 ACTIVE CHAPTERS MRS. L. J. CARR MRS. EDWLN DICKINSON MRS. ROBERT GREVE PATRONESSES MRS. CLARE GRHTIN MRS. ROY MCALWXE MRS. JAMES HODGES MRS. RODERICK MRS. RUSSEL HTTSSEV MRS. WILLIAM PATOJT MRS. RALPH SAWYER MRS. FRANK STEVENS MRS. FRANK WILSON MEMBERS IN FACULTY MARGARET G. BRANCH, A. B. NINA K. PRESTOS DOROTHY SEIFERLELN, A. B. MEMBERS IN CITY MIRIAM CAREY MARIE FTNGERLE PHYLLIS FTNGERLE MRS. ROBERT GLENDLVXING JEAN KRAMER KEEXE ELVA PASCOE CAROL SOVERHILL CORNELIA VANDORN MRS. ROBERT WUERFUL BETTY FERSTER MARSH CHARLOTTE ENDLICH KAY HlLDEBRAND EVELYN FORSHEE MEMBERS I UNIVERSITY LORRAINE CORBETT MARY LOUISE SCHAAKE Seniors RHODETTA LEPISTO EVELYN McMANrs Juniors JANET KAPPLER JANE WELSH WOOD VIRGINIA SCOTT Lois ZIMMERMAN DOROTHY PRAY DOROTHY BROMLEY ELLEN CHAPMAN Sophomores KATHRYN KIRWAN THERESA MACKEY LVCY MARSHALL JEAN SCHMIDT Freshmen BETTY LOUGHBOROUGH BEATRICE OBERGFELL PEAY OBEKGFELL CHAPIUX MACKEY SCHIUDT HttDEBRAXD FoSSHZE KIWAX KAPPLE McMAXcs SCOTT SLkBSHALL LEPISTO LOCGHBOBOCCH PASCOE ESDLICH Page 351 ! o it i i T o it i e s MICHIGAN ASSEMBLY President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . ELEANOR PETERSON . BETTY HILL . AUDREY TALSMA CATHERINE ENGLAND ELEANOR PETERSON BETTY HILL CATHERINE ENGLAND MELINDA CROSBY THELMA BUELOW RUTH SANDUSKY CLARABEL NEUBECKER MARJORIE ISRAEL SALLY THOMPSON CATHERINE ENGLAND MAUREEN KAVANAGH MARGUERITE KNOB E. LUCILLE ALM CATHERINE PECK AUDREY TALSMA MARIAN SCHULTZ HELENE GRAM BETH TURNBULL GEORGINA KARLSON JANE HABER LETA PRICE MARIAN WICGIN HELEN STETSON GENEVIEVE WILKOWSKI HELEN STENEVSON REBECCA GREGORY JANET LAMBERT SYBIL MAGIELSKE KATHLEEN MC!NTYRE OLIVE WEBB ISABELLE CURRIE KATHERINE CHOATE CATHERINE BELKER WILMA RATTENBURY GERALDINE RUF FERN NELLES EMILINE ANDERSON VICTORIA TOTEFF FLORENCE COHEN ADELE FRIEDMAN JOSEPHINE SALTZMAX DOROTHY GOLDSMITH MARGARET KASELY LILLIAN MAY SCOTT BEATRICE JAGERMAN Page 354 MARTHA TOOK m. sim. i. OFFICERS President E. LUCILLE ALM Vice-president MARION BERTSCH Treasurer VIRGINIA WHITNEY Secretary KATHRYN VENEKLASEN Senior Representative MARCIA HIMES Junior Representative . BARBARA LUTTS . igkt Chaperon ROSETTA HIMLER Health Chairman FLORENCE BUNTON BOARD OF GOVERNORS MRS. JAMES DEACON BRUCE MRS. STUART GORDON BAITS MRS. DELOS PARKER HEATH DIRECTORS Social Director MRS. GEORGE CODD House Director Miss SARA LOUISE ROWE E. LUCILLE ALM ELEANOR ANDERSON RUTH ARNOLD MARION BERTSCH CAROLYN BIRD ELEANOR BLODGETT FLORENCE BUNTON MARY J. CLARK HARRIETTE COOK ROSELYN COOKE LUCY COPE HELEN CRAWFORD VIRGINIA DA -ENPORT DOROTHY DECKLER EDITH ENCLE LUCILLE Fox HELEN FRICK HELENE GRAM JULIA M. HACKETT MADELINE HADOCK ESTHER HENKS MARCIA HIMES RUTH HORINE PHYLLIS HORR EDWARDINE HOYT MONA HUTCHINGS Seniors ANNA Lou JOHNSTON Lois JOTTER VIRGINIA KIRKWOOD WINIFRED KLENK MARY KOHLAS JANE LANCENDERTER ELIZABETH LAWRY ALGA LAPPENTHIEN ELIZABETH McKAY SUZANNE MALVE ELIZABETH MAYER KATHLEEN MURRAY KATHLYN PORTER M. VIRGINIA POWELL ERNA SCHULTZ GERTRUDE SCHUTZ ELIZABETH SEIBERT CHARLOTTE SIMPSON MARGARET SMITH MARY ELIZABETH SMITH KATHERLNE STOLL MARY TOSSY KATHRYN VENEKLASEN GL T ILDA WARSHAWSKY VIRGINIA WHITNEY EILEEN WOOD Juniors KATHERTNE ALEXANDER DOROTHY ANDERSON MARGARET BARTLEY EMMA E. BROWN- SHEILA BURGHER ELEANOR BUTZEL HELEN L. CLARK MARION EDGERTON RUTH EMREY GERALDLNE FITZ-GERALD MARIAX GORDON CLAIRE GORMAN ELIZABETH GREEN- LOIS GREIG HELEN Jo HALY IDA HANXAX JANE HEATH SARAH HOLLAND LAVTNIA HOWELL ELIZABETH JONES MYRNA KERN MINA JEAN Kxursox MARJORIE KRESS HILDA LANE RUTH LAVEXDER RUTH LsRoux REBEJCCA LOTRIDCE BARBARA Lurrs JEAN MACGREGOR DOROTHY Me DONALD ROSAXA MELOCHE BARBARA MILLER NELLIE MINIFIE EMTLY PTTTTTTPJ; VALERIE RAXCU T. KAREN SOLOSTH MARY LOUISE STEVENS ELIZABETH STIMSON AUDREY TALSMA ELIZABETH TODD MARGARET " AN " LECK GERTRUDE VENEKLASEN ELIZABETH WAGNER EDNA WINES ELEANOR VRIGHT VIRGINIA YORK HELEN ZABEL Sophomores JEAN JACKSON CATHERINE PEEK KATHERLNE SHIELDS GRADUATES DORIS BUELL MILDRED JOHXSOX MDUAM CI ' LLER EDXA MILLER ROSETTA HIMLER LILLLAX OGAROSKIX INEZ STEVENS MARGARET SWANTZ MARY Lou RUMSEY MARION SLIMONS JANE Page 355 HELEN NEWKEICIKY RESIDENCE Ifctf BOARD OF DIRECTORS MRS. HENRY VV. DOUGLAS MRS. JAMES G. HAYS MRS. HENRY B. JOY MRS. FRANCES C. OSBORNE Miss ALICE LLOYD HOUSE STAFF Director Miss RUTH PFOHL Dietitian Miss VERA HOWARD HOUSE OFFICERS President ISABELLE CURRIE V ice-President KATHERINE CHOATE Treasurer ELSA VAN SLYKE Secretary DOROTHY BRISCOE Social Chairman HARRIET WOJTOWICZ MARY ADAMS KI RUTH ALDERIGE HELEN JANE BARR NATALIE BAUM CHARLOTTE BAXTER ELIZABETH BAXTER BETH BAZANT ELIZABETH BOULT DOROTHY BRISCOE MARY JANE BROTHERTON MARGARET CAMPBELL BETTY CAVENDER CONSTANCE CAVENDER KATHERINE CHOATE RUTH CHRISTIANSEN HELEN CLARK RUTH CLARK ISABELLE CURRIE MARGARET CUTLER PHYLLIS DEVAY YVETTE DEVlLLIERS ELIZABETH EBERSBACH PHYLLIS EISEMAN JEANNETTE ERLEWINE JANE EVANS BETTY FAUVER MARION FIELD MARY JANE FIELDS RESIDENTS FLORENCE FREEMAN RUTH FRIEDMAN MARJORIE FULLER MARION GARNER JEANE GIBBS EDITH GOLD MARY GRAHAM JEAN HAYWARD ELIZABETH HENDERSON BETTY HILL MYRA HILPERT MARY Lou HOOKER MARION IDDINGS ISABELLE JACKSON CHARLOTTE KAHN ELIZABETH KELLEY BARBARA KING GERALDINE LEHMAN MURIEL LEVY JEAN LILLIE RUTH LIPIS MARION MAZER MARY ELLEN McCoRD CAROL McGARY EILEEN MCMANUS JOYCE MACDONALD CAROL MAHON MARY MORRISON MARJORIE MORROW R TTY NEUMAN BETTY OTIS ANN PARKER MARY PARSONS MARJORIE PETERS MARY ELIZABETH PORTER BETTY QUARTON SHIRLEY REDDING JEAN SCHMIDT MYRA SCHWAN HELEN SCHWARTZ ROSALIE SILVERMAN MINNIE SOLOMON ALICE STEBBINS FRANCES SULLIVAN RUTH TAYLOR HELEN VAN DYNE ELSA VAN SLYKE CAR ' LA WEIMAN MARJORIE WESTERN DOROTHY WHITE ' MARGARET WHITE JANE WILLOUGHBY HARRIET WOJTOWICZ BETTY WOODWORTH POE-ENG Yu Page 356 BETSY It It Itni li IIOI M Miss ALICE C. LLOYD MRS. DEAN W. MYERS BOARD OF GOVERNORS Miss MERCY J. HATES MRS. HARRY B. EAKHAST MRS. CHESTER D. BARNES HOUSE STAFF Director Miss ANN VARDON Asastant Dietitian Miss VIRGINIA POCZIK Sight Chapfron and House Nurse ' Miss HAZEL ALTMAX HOUSE OFFICERS President OovEWEBB Vice -Prt ' sidetu LAVTNLA CREIGHTON Secretary ELIZABETH ROURA Treasurer ELEANOR JOHNSON Social Chairman BETTEKA RIGHTMIRE LAVEVU CREIGHTON JOSEPHINE GIBSON MIRIAM HAMILTON MARY HORTOSI RUTH BOOMHOWER KATHERINE BURGESS JOAX CAMPBELL BETTY Lou CHAMBERLLV GAIL EVEREST ELIZABETH HOWARD RESIDENTS Seniors SUZANNE MAHLER WLVXIFRED MOFFETT WAXDA XOVLXSKI Juniors ELEAXOR JOHXSOX IRENE KOROPAS KATHLEEX MAC!XTYRE EDITH MERICKEL CORA NEILSEN BETSY O ' DELL HELEX ROSEXBERG VIVL X VISSCHER OLTVE WEBB COLI.LX WLLSEY JAXET PEABODY LorrELLA PERKINS JANE REED BETTLXA RIGHTMIRE LILLIAN ROSEX MARa RET SHARP HAZEL ALTMAX DOROTHY BLAXKEXBCRG ELIZABETH BROOMTTELD MARTHA BURKS ADELAIXE GALLERY MAKT LOUISE CLANCEY SARA CLAXCEY ADELAIDE ELY DORIS EVEREST BILIIE FALT.KNER MARGARET BENTLEY PHYLLIS CAMPBEII. LUCY CHAMBERLAIN- ESTHER AXN DEWrrr VotciNiA EAGLESFTELD FRANCES EVERARD KATHRYX FECHEIMER M-ION FITZGERALD RUTH FOWLER BETTY GATWARD Sophon MARCOT GOODRICH JEAN GOURSLAY MABEL HOWARD MARY LOUISE JOHNS RACHEL LEASE GRETCHES LEHMAXN JANE MACDONALD Axx NERACHER ALICE OSTERMAXN- MARGARET PARMETER Freshmen VERA GRAY JEANNE Guiox EWTH HERRICK DORIS HOLT MARY HUXTIXGDOX HARRHCT MAY FLOREXCE MIDWORTH EVELYN NACHLAS HELEN NEBERLE DOROTHY XOVY DOROTHY OXTOBY JANE PITCHER MARGARETTA REID ELIZABETH ROURA MARY Lou TRAYWICK DOROTHY VALE LOUISE VAX EVERA BETTY VLVTON SOPHIA WASZAK ROSE WEISS GERTRUDE ZEMON HELEN VERA PREXTISS HELEN PURDY BETTY RONAL ADELINE SINGLETON VIRGINIA SNELL LAU LA SOENCER JANESTELXER DOMC E SUTFRIX MARGARET WATERSTON MARY HELEN WENDEL Page 357 M OS II I It HALL HOUSE STAFF Director Miss KATHLEEN HAMM Assistant Director Miss MARCELLA SCHNEIDER Social Director MRS. MARTHA L. RAY Assistant Social Director Miss KATHERINE KOCH HOUSE OFFICERS President MELINDA CROSBY First V ice-President MAXINE HUTCHIXS Second Vice-President SALLY THOMPSON Third Vice-President MARGARET CURRY Secretary MINA WYDLER Treasurer BETTY TALCOTT COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Social MAUREEN KAVANAGH Activities JEANETTE PUTNAM Scholarships ELAINE COBO Music JEAN HOOVER Library MARGARET GUEST Athletic ALTHEA LISLE Health NATALIE SMITH Art RUTH FOLGER Publicity LAURA WINOGRAD Kitchenette . . . MARIAN LOTZ JEANETTE PUTNAM HELEN ZECK SPONSORS CATHERINE ENGLAND KITTY JANE MILLER BETTY TALCOTT BETTY MORGAN CORRIDOR REPRESENTATIVES BETTY SWEENEY ALICE MEADER MARJORIE WINCH THELMA MERMELSTEIN RUTH BATTER MINA WYDLER BETTY WILSON SELMA LEVIN MARJORIE ISRAEL ALICE TAYLOR HOOVER LOTZ ISRAEL LEVIN SWEENEY FOLGER WINOGRAD WILSON ZECK GUEST WINCH MORGAN MERMELSTEIN TAYLOR ENGLAND PUTNAM TALCOTT CURRY CROSBY THOMPSON WYDLER KAVANAGH MILLER Page 358 .1 OK II AX HALL HOUSE STAFF Director Miss KATHLEEN HAMM Assistant Director Miss MARCELLA SCHNEIDER Social Director MBS ISABEL DUDLEY Assistant Serial Director Miss Cnx MILLER HOUSE OFFICERS President GEORGINA KARLSON First Vice-President ELIZABETH LONG Sicond Vice-President BETH TURNBULL Third V ice-President SHIRLEY CROSSMAN Recording Scci clary HELEN SPRAGUE Corresponding Secretary ESTHER JEAN FALK Treasurer MARY LOUISE BURGESS COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Social Chairman MARION BROOKE Library Chairman MARIE LAWRENCE J MARETTA MARTINEK " ( LUCILLE JOHNSTON Athletic Chairman HELENEKTPF Scholarship Chairman REBECCA GREGORY Activities Chairman JANEHABER Publicity Chairman BETTY GOLDSTEIN Health Chairman . . VIRGINIA SKELTON Music Chairmen MARION BROOKE RtBEccA GREGORY SPONSORS Lois KEDDY JANE HABER HELEN SPRACUE ELLA MILLER GEORGINA KARLSON CORRIDOR REPRESENTATIVES M. MOHNEY E. LONG B. COSOLIAS E. J. FALK D.GOLDSTEIN C. MATTSON V. Swirr F. ZWIRNBAUM D. STERN E. KEDNEY J. GROSSBERG GREGORY MATTSON SPRAGUE BBOOD SWIFT KIPF HABER JOHNSTON KEDDY MILLER TURNBCLL KARLSON STERN MOHNEY MABTINEK ZWIRNBAUM COSOLIAS KEDNEY LONG GROSSMAN FALK BURGESS Page 359 COUZENS HALL Social Director President of Student Government Miss RUTH T. MILER . NADA R. JACKSON WINIFRED BARBER BEULAH BORGERDING HELEN BREIMAYER Lois BROOKMAN LUCILE CHASE JEAN ENYERT KATHRYN FAULL LORETTA GARNER MARGARET HAMBLIN DORIS HOLMES P. ELSBETH HOLT JACQULYN ALLEN LOUISE ANDREE CHARLOTTE BESSMER VAVALYNN BRASK HARRIE T FEETHAM CLARA FLAUTZ FLORENCE FOGG VERNETTA FOSTER ELIZABETH FRIESNER CLAIRE GASTON WANDA GLAZEK Seniors NADA JACKSON DOROTHY JENKINS MABLE KRUGMAN SYLVIA KEMPAINEN WINIFRED LAGDEN MARGARET LEWIS ZYLPHA LEHNER AMELIA LYSCZYK LILLIAN MATWAY ELEANOR O ' KoN MARGARET OESTERBLOM Juniors FRANCES HIRSCHY ANN HODGMAN JEAN HOFFMAN MARY JANE KERR KATHLEEN KESSELER VIRGINIA KNEPP MARGARET LADA NELLIE LAUNSTEIN HELEN LOCKWOOD ELIZABETH LYDAY JENNIE MARSHALL LUCILLE MAY MARY POTTER RUTH READ ETHEL SCHREMSER RACHEL SELFRIDGE ARLENE SPRINGMAN EDITH STARKE JULIA VESTRE ELLEN WARG MAXINE WEIMER AGNES VAX AGNES MITCHELL MARGARET NICKLESS ESTHER OSGERBY HILDA OVERHOLT ELSIE PRYSER HELEN CHRISTIE SMITH RUTH SMITH MARJORIE SPAULDING LOUISE STONE MAUDE STRATTON FRANCES VEZINA LOUISE BERNTHAL WILMA BRANDON HARIETTE CLARK CLARABELLE DATES MABLE ENGLISH MARCELLA GEIGER VIRGINIA GLASGOW ESTHER GORDON ERNESTINE GRINDATTI EDYTHE HALLOWAY GERTRUDE HAUGH IVA HOLMES WILMINA HOLMES MARGARET KARSHENS JEAN KIRTLAND Sophomores MOLLY KOWALISZYN LORETTA LAWRENCE BETH McARA DORIS MCDONALD RUTH MEURIN KATHERINE MILLER ANNABEL NEUMANN SADIE PER KOLA LUCILLE PERRY STELLA POLASKY ALTA POTTER RUTH PULVER DOROTHY RIE BETTY ROCHE ALMA SELFE MARIE SEXSMITH SARAH SHAVER LAURA SIMONEN HELEN LOUISE SMITH FERN STANTON MARY TUCK ELBERTA TWITCHELL WINIFRED WESTOLA RUTH WHITTEN Lois WILCOX MARY WILLS CATHERINE WUBBENA Lois WUBBENA BEATRICE ZINGLE PHYLLIS ACHESON MARGARET BRADFORD ON ALEE CALLIHAN ALICE COOMBE JOSEPHINE ENGSTROM Freshmen FRANCELIS GILBERT ELIZABETH HODSON LucnxE HOWE ELEANOR KRELL GERTRUDE LUTTINEN HELEN MARTIN Lois TOFFT LUCILLE WIDMAN CARMEN WOODSON Page 360 J lte s I inctcen HALL ' it OF F A 31 E EDITOR ' S NOTE: This student satire section has become somewhat of a tradition and so the 1935 Michiganensian has deemed it both prudent and necessary to list a few reasons why those who think themselves B.M.O.C. ' s claim a right to that title. Perhaps we would be more correct to " damn with faint praise, " rather than to " nominate for our Hall of Fame " but whatever the case may be we had to fill the extra ad space, so if by chance you glance through the section at least read the much more important advertisements . . . Jack Healey . . . because the Alpha Delts pledged him when he was top man for the Daily job and be- cause everyone felt sorry for him when he failed to get the Managing Editor- ship; because he tried hard to be a Beau Brummel and so joined the R.O.T.C. to charm freshman co-eds with his medals and khaki soldier ' s suit ; because he had more activities than any other man in the senior class and thought he was indis- pensable to even-thing he was connected with ; because he enjoyed sitting in his private booth in the Parrot with a cynical smile on his face so people would know that he was city editor of the Daily: because he was president of Michigamua; because he ' s very pugilistic and thought he would go ten rounds with Bud Rea and the Union bouncers; and because he ' s the " biggest of big shots " and day by day makes a better Alpha Delt than he did an S.A.E. Allen McCombs . . . because he began his career as a politician de luxe and as the champion of the rejuvenated Washtenaw machine finally succeeded in getting " his man " Lawton in; because no one was more surprised than he when the Board elected him president of the Union; because he always did have the Union at heart and was a most ardent enthusiast for making it a big, lovely playhouse; because he proposed the un- biased Union Plan for student government with himself as President and his six vice-presidents as other mem- bers; because Daily Editor Ferris had him under his thumb and so (contrary to tradition) he never showed up in the press building with his following of " yes men " ; because as president of the Lambda Chi house the brothers depended on his " sales talk " for enticing gullible freshmen; and because we couldn ' t find a pic- ture that looked anything like him Alfred Plummer . . . because he falls somewhere in that category half way between an athlete and a play- boy; because the members of the basketball team called him " Cappy " in honor of his good friend the coach; because the coach thought he had evil intentions when he kept the rest of the team out after nine thirty; because he was a potential star and Phi Bete and fell short of both because of his weakness for " wine, women, and song " ; because as pres- ident of the Phi Gam house he enjoyed tell- ing the brothers " what a swell date he had " and coming around the next day with a story of " I think I ' ll get a new girl " ; because Michigamua rightly named him " Trouble Maker " when he nearly caused a riot at their initiation: and because he ' s " THE GREAT " Plummer who under- neath it all is a very conscientious lad with far-reaching ambitions. Robert Henoch . . . because he has worn out more swivel chairs per hour of work than any of his predeces- sors in the publications building; because he considered it a hard day ' s work to sign his name to a purchase order; because he became known as the campus clothes horse and to quote the Gargoyle " sets all styles for last year " ; because he ' s president of the Delt house where the brothers swear they have never known him to own a pack of cigarettes, a tube of tooth paste, or a bottle of hair oil ; because he ' s the leading socialite of the press building and haunts the corner booth of the Betsy Ross; because he lets a girl drag him to church regularly on Sunday and admits rather shyly that he would rather be in bed; because he is delightfully absent minded and thinks he can forever keep a step ahead of Bud Rea with varied yet pitifully weak ex- cuses for bringing his car to Ann Arbor on " Ensian business. " Page 361 GAGNIER PAINT COMPANY Paints Colors Brushes r+j 164-166-168 Congress East DETROIT, MICH. Courtesy of JOHNSTON OPTICAL CO. 319 First National Bank Bldg. ANN ARBOR Makers of high grade glasses sinc e 1876 612-61 The Campus Fashion Center EAST LIBERTY William Ferris . . . because he ' s the one and only would-be journalist in the press building, and when the Board made him Managing Editor of the Daily, he subscribed to the New York Times so he could have a legitimate excuse to prop his feet (newspaper style) on his private desk; be- cause he never did do anything on the Daily but chase down a few clues on Student Gov- ernment and attend important afternoon tea meetings ; because he spent a whole year at Brown where all he learned was that the Michigan freshman should never again wear pots; because he was the great cham- pion of fraternities; because he held a soft spot in his heart for the presumptuous National Stu- dent League; because he tried all his senior year to be a big shot with the women on the strength of his office and failed miserably; because he was the power behind the press and once in awhile took time out from more important business to write an editorial; and because he always did brag about the realistic pictures the Michiganensian took of him. Russell Read . . . because he made it a strict rule to allow none but good-looking girls to work on the Daily business staff and consequently spent half of his time dictating letters in big business fashion ; be- cause somehow or other he was elected president of the Sigma Chi shanty ; because " What ' s Doing " and " Contempory " nearly put his daily sheet in the red ; because when the Board appointed him business manager he enrolled in the Busi- ness Administration school and sat in the front row to scowl at the professors who didn ' t take his advice ; because he tries to act like an aristocrat and hails all the way from Pinckney, two and one- half miles out in the country ; because he ' s one of the more energetic Michigamuas who enjoys going off on a tangent; and because we, like everyone else, think he ' s a good guy. Douglas Welch . . . because he ' s one of the Big Shouts of the campus if not the biggest ; because he ' s the only recording secretary of the Union we ever heard of; because he comes from Ionia, Michigan, and since he founded their University of Michigan Club, has been known as the " local boy who made good " ; and because from his orations they gather that he ' s some- what of a dictator at the University and has some guy by the name of McCombs for his assistant; be- cause he drew up the " new deal " Union Plan for Stu- dent Government and never could figure out why no one voted for it, and because both Sphinx and Michi- gamua decided they couldn ' t get along without him. Page 362 ; BARNES GIBSON RAYMOND Incorporated Manufacturers SPRINGS FLAT AND WIRE Detroit Division Detroit, Michigan Cook-Spring Co. Division Ann Arbor, Michigan Page 363 G u ' Protect Your Funds When Traveling Insure Your Money By Using AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVELERS CHECKS Sold by ANN ARBOR SAVINGS BANK N. Main and West Huron Sts. 707 N. University Ave. Compliments of W. S. Butterfield and E. C. Beatty Michigan Majestic Wuertb Harvey Smith . . . because he spent two years at Il- linois where he became the only Michigan man to beat Michigan out of a conference track championship; be- cause he decided to come to Michigan and be a forester and inci- dentally to show the coaches what a superb track man he was; be- cause the coaching staff persuaded him to come back for another year and be a " master for- ester " and because he admits to a very few of his close friends that he never would have had such ambitions if it hadn ' t been for the A.O.Pi president who later decided he spent too much time train- ing for championships; because he ' s a Phi Gam and incidentally a Michigamua; and because he added an All Conference Medal to his lengthy string of victory charms. Jerry Ford . . . because the football team chose him as their most valuable player; because he was a good student and got better grades than anyone else on the squad; because he put the D.K.E. house back on a paying basis; be- cause he never smokes, drinks, swears, or tells dirty stories, qualities quite novel among the rest of his fraternity brothers; because he ' s exceedingly bashful but broke forth the mid- dle of his senior year with a date; because he has decided to coach football at Yale and incidentally to study law ; and because he ' s not a bit fraudulent and we can ' t find any- thing really nasty to say about him. Robert Ward . . . because he ' s the most locquacious lubricator that we know of; because he was the big gun in the Senior State Street Party (hired airplanes, jackasses and the like) and then after taking a terrific beating per- suaded the Washtenaw boys to let him take over their treasurer ' s job; because he pretends to be a woman hater but has an enviable appeal to the weaker sex; be- cause he took all the available ad writing courses to qualify him- self for the Daily job but had to be content with writing ads for Goldman ' s ; because he ' s the originator of the famous Friday after- noon beer lecturers and can wield two full glasses with with the best of them. Page 364 I on giving the tudents at 3Y[ichigan Unexcelled Quality (photographs Official Michiganensian Photographers entschler : 2)ey : pedding (photographers ALL NEGATIVES KEPT ON FILE SO THAT ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS MAY BE ORDERED AT ANY TIME Page 365 Motors Metal Mfg. Co. 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Liberty Joe Horak . . . because he ' s our best example of the home town boy who made good; because he started out in his sophomore year to enter every plausible activity so that he couldn ' t JB BHHHH[ IHHI| I help but succeed ; be- jwBWii cause his greatest ac- jf complishment was be- W I ing able to lead his - white clothed under- lings onto the football field to rip cheers from the unwilling student body ; because he quit being a politician when the famous football players sent his State Street party to its final resting place ; because he was sorely pressed when he found that there was another lit- erary magazine on the campus besides his be- loved Gargoyle but he finally succeeded in putting it on a paying basis. Thomas Austin . . . because the Lambda Chi ' s didn ' t pledge him until thirty-six hours after he was elected football captain; because many years ago (Before our time) he came all the way from Columbus to captain a Michigan football team ; because when Sphinx came to pull him out of that lonely house on the golf course he didn ' t know whether to in- vite them in or kick his " granger guests " out ; because it was his idea to ride horses to the Michigamua initia- tion ; because after he got there he couldn ' t crawl; because he has a voice that reminds us of the war cry of a gorilla ; and because he ' s a nice robust boy and we rather like him. Russell Oliver . . . because he is hailed as the greatest Culver athlete of all times; because as an erstwhile military man he came to Michigan to demonstrate his glory and somehow the athletic system of Michigan and Culver didn ' t coincide so the Rover boy spent four years in a vain but glorious attempt to be- come the all American half back the army men knew he would be ; because he is one of Michigan ' s elite nine letter men ; because he ' s Pontiac ' s greatest addition to Alpha Delta Phi and Michigamua ; and because he ' s one of those stout hearted lads whose ambition it is to remain young and return a seventy-five year-old alumnus to tell the bovs how thev did it when he was in school. Page 366 HEN a piece of print- ing comes to the Ann Arbor Press it gets the personal attention of our staff from top to bottom. The work of producing the job is consid- ered in the same light as a game that must be won by producing better printing than our competitors can turn out! Page 367 PUBLICATIONS We present the best inducements to Michigan Alumni for the purchase of Library and General Book Supplies that can be secured anywhere in the United States. OUR MAIL ORDER BUSINESS Extends to every State in the Union and to all Foreign Countries. LIBRARIES BOUGHT AND SOLD Estimates furnished for Secondary School, College and University Libraries. Discount of 10 per cent and up from publishers prices are allowed to school libraries on all publi- cations. Transportation charges prepaid on all orders, large or small, received through the mail. GEORGE WAHR BOOKSELLER IMPORTER PUBLISHER 103-S N. Main St. 216 S. State St. ANN ARBOR, MICH. COMPLIMENTS of THE STROH BREWERY CO. Manufacturers of BOHEMIAN BEER ' America ' s Favorite " Served Wherever Quality Counts Eric Hall . . . because he ' s the one man who spent two years working on the Daily and was finally ap- pointed Managing Editor of the Gargoyle; because he rode cattle boats to and from his " bally old England " and vainly tried to entice the press building co-eds with his " South Battle Creek " accent; because he fell in love with a Delta Gamma that fateful week-end at the Ohio State game and because it may have been the fact that he put the wrong letter in the wrong envelope that she had a sudden change of heart; be- cause he stayed awake nights thinking up such quaint ideas as " official blackballing " to enjoy seeing his victims storm about in pugnacious rage; be- cause he rose to Michigamua fame ; and because he was responsible for one of Michigan ' s better Gargoyles. John Sherf . . . because he ' s one side of the co- captains of Michigan ' s championship hockey team ; because he ' s probably the best wing Michigan ever had and has high ambitions of playing pro hockey or maybe coaching some gullible college ; because he comes all the way from Calumet and belongs to Mich- igamua, Sphinx and all other important honor organizations ; because he spent half of his time advising incum- bents at Fletcher Hall; because, like his friend Jewell, he ' s a Pi K.A.; and because he ' s what ' s known as a whiz with the ladies and one more argument for the old adage about a co- ed falling for the broad shouldered athlete. Philip Singleton . . . because he became known as the white hope of both the Engineering School and the Phi Psi country club; because he brought his many talents to a grand cli- _l__| _l___ _ max j n n j s junior year with the chairmanship of the J-Hop; because we all know there isn ' t Kit sdB sucn a thing as a poli- tician in the Engineer- ing school even though he might be a Phi Psi and so he led the grand march because he was such a sterling good fellow and so retiring by nature; because he wore -out three slide rules and four exercis- ing machines before he was qualified to be president of Tau Beta Pi; and because he was the president of the In- ter-fraternitv Council. Page 368 SERVICE ENGRAVING COMPANY ana its ajjiliatea organizations in dJetroit is stajjed ana ecfuif f ed to assist in ihe preparation ana production of -2 earbooks designed to accent originality, imagination ana expert lianaling, more tnan is customaiy in G lnaenl Csiiblicahons Page 369 ACOUSTICAL AND SPECIALTIES CONTRACTING CO. DETROIT Suppliers of Acbugfi-CELOTEX to the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN DRUGS KODAKS Quality Service Dependability Complete Stocks Lowest Prices Interested and Intelligent Service We have served Mich- igan and her Students for over Fifty Years. Calkins-Fletcher Drug Company CANDIES SODA WATER ' We supply linen for all occasions. MARATHON LINEN SUPPLY CO., INC. 3433 E. Warren Ave. Plaza 2727 DETROIT John Jewell . . . because he ' s the other half of the co- captains of the great hockey team and is even more of a whiz with the ladies than his good friend Sherf ; because as a member of Sphinx and Michigamua he has learned to wield a beer stein with the best of them ; because the boys all call him " Butch " ; because he comes from the north woods and has a reputation for being able to talk him- self in and out of spots ; and because he had the reputation of being the most popular guy on the squad as well as the best collegiate goalie in these parts; and be- cause he ' s a Pi K. A. and is forever shouting out praises for the Ann Arbor High School girls who have finally named him " our hero. " Carl Hilty . . because he ' s a nice quiet chap who ostensibly minds his own business; because he tried awfully hard to be appointed Business Manager of the Michiganensian and succeeded in clinching the manager- ship of the Summer Directory ; because he ' s a Phi Psi and president of the great Undergraduate Council; be- cause we don ' t blame him for its ineffectiveness since he made such a gallant fight to reorganize it but thought better about the matter; because he ' s a Michigamua and all that goes with it; and because he ' s pleasingly meek and humble and we rather like the commanding way he tries to do things without causing any hurt feelings. George Law ton . . . because he has looked thus far with heartbreaking expectancy for his name ; because he must have been a big man in High School since he carried so many of its traits with him into college ; because he gave up second string wrestling to carry on the duties of president of the senior class; be- cause we all know the job has finally become a political farce; be- cause he never got over the fact that his father wrote the " Varsity " ; because he was the big hope of the Trigon house and Druids felt they had to take him in; and because he ' s perhaps the greatest do nothing relative to cubic feet of hot air expended in talk of doing things that this campus has ever seen. Page 370 PATRONS ' PAGE B. E. Muehlig Ann Arbor O. D. Morrill Ann Arbor H. D. Edwards 6 1 Co. Detroit The Upjohn Co. Kalamazoo Edwards Letter Shop Ann Arbor The Domestic Linen Supply and Laundry Company Detroit Page 371 neeA, C " t Ike j: tk ' I ' J ickiqan ate adie J auatelu KLlleJibu tke j:ive ' eutnaU nblu J ' I Aai lu, etlu and, u u .... The Michigan Daily Gargoyle Michigan Technic Contemporary Michiganensian rat v a I CHOLARLY BOOKS Annuals and all school work require the careful selection of type faces to conform to the paper stock and paper stock to conform to the type faces. Printing is an Art, the principal ingredient of which is cold, hard common sense. There is no estab- lished form which printing should take. Every new book requires new thought- new form new style based on that common sense thinking which only comes from long years at the case and at the press. We aim to give this kind of service. ANN ARBOR PRESS The 1935 Michiganensian Covers and Binding By THE MICHIGAN BOOK BINDING CO. Detroit The New Merriam-Webster KEG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 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Patron ' s Page Francisco-Boyce Photo Co .............. 366 Gagnier Paint Co ................ 362 Jaco bson ' s ................. 362 Johnston Optical Co ............... 362 Marathon Linen Supply Co., Inc ............ 370 G. C. Merriam Co ........ ....... 372 Michigan Book Binding Co ............. 372 O. D. Morrill .............. Patron ' s Page Motors Metal Mfg. Co. .... .......... 366 B. E. Muehlig ............. Patron ' s Page Rentschler Studio ............... 365 Service Engraving Co ............... 369 Spedding Studio ................ 365 Stroh Brewery Co ................ 368 Student Publications .............. 372 Truscon Laboratories .............. 366 Upjohn Co ............... Patron ' s Page George Wahr 368 Page 373 GENERAL INDEX Editor ' s Note: This index has been compiled as carefully as possible so that everyone listed within might be located as easily as possible. It may prove helpful when using this index if it is used in conjunction with the Table of Contents which is located in the opening section. Then, too, we hope that you can make allowances for a few errors. Aaron, Benjamin .... 326 Abbey, W. Phillip. . .285 Abbiss, Frederick J..272 154-322 Abbot, Carl A 78- Abbot, Mrs. W 344 Abbot, Waldo M....26- 85-280 Abbott, C. Thomas.. 316 Abbott, E. J 91 Abbott, Gay 347 Abbott, Mrs. H 341 Abbott, Henry B 296 Abbott, John 38 Abbott, Margaret 345 Abbott, Marie... 190-337 Abbott, Steven 264 Abele, Thomas J 190- 291 Acacia 270 Acker, Alfred W.. 73-190 Ackerman, Robert A. .287 Adams, Donald E 99- 324 Adams, Dorothy A... 331 Adams, Mrs. E 344 Adams, Edward L....98 Adams, Ellis 317 Adams, H. C. II 93 Adams, Mrs. H. C...345 Adams, H. F 311 Adams, James 302 Adams, Paul L 282 Adams, R. G 302 Adamski, Mary 346 Adelman, R. J... 154-310 Adinoff, Morton A... 190 Adkinson, Myra 341 Adler, Mrs. William S. 334 Agnew, Mary 60-337 Aigler, H. Elizabeth. 181- 330-342-190-106-108 Aigler, R. A 287 Aigler, Ralph W 180- 102-115 Aigler, Mrs. R 342 Aigler, Wm 316 Aikens, Frank W 271 Alder, G. G 273 Alderman, Wilbur .... 294 Aldinger, Jacob E. ...300 Aldrich, A. B... 190, 306 Aldrich, Mrs. F 349 Aldrich, Frank C., Jr. 287-99 Aldrich, John M.. 185-190 Alexander, Donald M. 88-100 Alexander, H. H.. Jr. 312 Alexander, John.... 11 5- 89-90-285 Alexander, Martin M. 136-313 Alexander, Robert G 271 Alford, Mrs. F 344 Alien, Corn 34 Alix, Neree D 87-136 Allen, Boyd E 93 Allen, Elbert W 93 Allen, Elizabeth 347 Allen, Francis P 320 Allen, Frederick 320 Allen, George W 280 Allen, Harry R 309 Allen, Robert T 273- 72-92 Allen, Mrs. S 341 Allen, Shirley W 29 Alii, Joseph 96 Allington, C. D 311 Allison, Ellsworth W. 102-189-190 Allison, J 277 Allmand, Robert A.. 284- 190-187 Allmand, Virginia C..344 Allmendinger, V. A.. 305 Allred, R. W 309 Aim, E. Lucille 109- 110-190 A loot, Lorenzo 88 Alper, Emma. 108-330-334 Alpern, B. E 313 Alpha Chi Omega... 331 Alpha Delta Phi. 161-271 Alpha Delta Pi 332 Alpha Epsilon Iota.. 333 Alpha Epsilon Mu....92 Alpha Epsilon Phi.. 334 Alpha Gamma Delta. 335 Alpha Kappa Kappa. 272 Alpha Kappa Lambda 273-158-160-162 Alpha Nu 99 Alpha Omega 160- 161-274 Alpha Omega Alpha.. 90 Alpha Omicron Pi... 33 6 Alpha Phi 337 Alpha Rho Chi 275 Alpha Sigma Phi. . .276- 161 Alpha Tau Omega.. 163- 161-277 Alpha Xi Delta 338 Alshuler, Morton 68- 258-326 Altman, Kenneth W. .322 Altman, Lois E.. 190-344 Alumni Association ... 66 Ames, John B 290 Amrine, Robert Gu..l20- 314-121 Anderson, Charlotte K. 190-338 Anderson, Dorothy .. .331 Anderson, E. L. Ill 327 Anderson, Eleanor L. 96-190 Anderson, E. M 343 Anderson, Emiline. . . 109 Anderson, Ferdinand W. 272 Anderson, G 344-99 Anderson, Harold .... 1 82 Anderson, H. C.. 91-115- 180-190-86-314-87-98 Anderson, H. D 303 Anderson, Marian... 341 Anderson, R 344 Anderson, Robert O. 154-190-96 Anderson, Russel F. 80-61 Anderson, W. B....314- 298-98 Andre, Harvey M. ...191 Andreae, Bernice. . . .337 Andreae, Clark 278 Andreae, Wayne A. ..279 Andrews, David B...277 Andrews, Edward E..191 Andrews, Mary C 60 Andriola, Joseph P. .301 Andros, George J. ...63- 279 Andrus, Kathryn 341 Angell, Richard T...102 Angell, Robert C. ..281- 115-30 Angell, Mrs. R. C...340 Angell, W. F 303 Angell, Mrs. W 348 Anibal, Eleanor 347 Anicka, Walter 301 Anketell, Thomas J., Jr. 327 Annas, Margaret 337 Anning, C 346 Ansley, Evie M.. 182-332 Anspach, William N. 326 Anthony, R. L 72 Appelt, Joseph E 150 Applegate , Oliver 283 Applegate, William.. 304 Appleyard, George R. 320 Arberry, Mrs. A 337 Arbury, Anderson. . .283 Archer, Wilson B 284 1935 Architecture 189 Ardlip, C 347 Arend, John L 191 Armstrong, Charles H. 191 Armstrong, Francis G. 191-278 Arner, Helen L 65 Arnold, Blanche 337 Arnold, Evelynn. . . .330- 108-350 Arnold, G. H 343 Arnold, Harry L., Jr. 292-191-89-90-327 Arnold, Jane T 108- 339-111-169-330 Arnold, Lois 335 Arnold, Mary T 333 Arnold, Ruth K 191 Arnold, Winifred 342 Aronsohn, Charles M. 63-307 Aronson, Orville 99- 187-191-309 Arton, Stewart 63 Artz, Avon 141 Arzt, Fred R 280 Asbury, Anderson. ... 185 Ashley, N., Jr 62-317 Ashley, Richard 268 Ashton, Charles R...187- 191-291 Ashton, Richard. .99-306 A. S. M. E 88 Asselin, Dean 78- 311-263 Assembly of the League 109 Asser, Abe 188 Atchison, R ussell M. 191-184 Athena 112 Atherton, George H..64- 87-280 Atkins, Charles S., Jr. 157-191-319 Atkins, Robert W...157- 319-68 Atkinson, A. B 336 Atkinson, Nancy I... 339 Atkinson, R. G 72 Attwood, S. S 91 Atwell, George F 325 Atwell, H. H 270 Atwood, Mrs. S 341 Aubrey, Banquire. . . .275 Auburn, R. J 95-100- 94-87-88 Auerbach, L. H 73 Aug, V 120-85-123- 278-154 Augusovitz, Ralph. . . 191 Austin, L 339 Austin, Henry 74 Austin, Thomas D. ..120- 121-291-180 Avner, L. L 310 Ayers, Thomas . . . 58-308- 324 Ayers, William L....298 Ayres, Mrs. W 337 Azen, Samuel C 191 Babcock, E. Paul 84- 316-191 Babcock, R. W.. 300-3 16 Babcock, Richard E..154 Babcock, Wm. A., Jr. 191-102-189 Bachelor C . . . . 284 Barkdull Charles 64 Barkdull, James M...298 Barker, P S 292-90 Bachelor DM 72 Bamako F ....304 Bacher, Mrs. Bryl F..111 Bacher Mrs H ..346 Barnard Ralph . . 145 Barndt, Charles G 75- 182-192-303 Barndt, William 64-80 Barnes, Mrs. Chester. 331 Barnes, C. David 322 Barnes, C. Grant 322 Barnes E 275 Bacher, Mrs. Harry.. 114 Bacher, Mrs. R 390 Bachman WE 91 Bachrach, Henry 326 Backers, D 343 Backus, C 343 Bacon James P ...319 Bade Warren A 277 Barnes, R. D 311 Barnes Roy W 192 Bader Arno L 319 Bader C H 315 Barnett, Frances . 338-192 Barnett, J. A 303 Badger, John S 288 Badger, W. E 296-288 Badger W F 91 Barney B F . . 292 Barr, Dr. A. S... 306-312 Barr, R. 1 313 Badger, Mrs. Walter L. 113-335 Badgley, Carl E... 89-295 Baer, G. F 326 Barrett, A. M.. 292-90-89 Barrett E B 311 Barrows, Winma M..333 Barrus, Isabell. .. 341-192 Barry Walton 303 Baesler, Fred 275 Bagby S S 303 Bagby William 77 Barstow, Donald K..192- 295 Bartell Mrs F 339 Bahna, Ralph 192 Baier, L. A 93 Bailey, B. F 322-94 Bartell F E 285 Bailey Mrs B 346 Earth, Elizabeth. 114-345 Barthel, Betty Ann.. 60- 347 Bartlett, Robert M 90 Bartlett, Samuel B.. .298 Bailey, Joseph R., Jr. 192-269-314-84 Bailey R M 314 Bailey, Wm 306 Bainard, E 342 Baird, Charles A . . 192 Bartley, Joseph F., Jr. 280 Bartley, Lester D 276 Bartley, Margaret .... 349 Bartling, Grace. . 1 11-105- 346-259 Bartmess, M. W 309 Bairiett, David. .. 154-302 Baker, A G 291 Baker C 314 Baker, Eleanor K 346 Baker, H. W Jr 311 309 Barton, Amy S... 333-265 Bartus, J. F.. .95-183-193 Baseball, Varsity 140 Baker, Oscar W 192 Baker Sol R 192- 184-90 Baker, Theodore C. ..192 Bashon, Glen L 193 Basketball, Varsity. . . 130 Basma, Mildred 337 Baldwin, Ralph. . 154-287 Baldwin, Robert H. 258- 62-81 Baldwin, Thomas D. .314 Basset, Mrs. R 337 Bassett, Jane B 193- 337-315-65 Bassett, W. G 95 Ball, Willard J... 192-316 Ballamy, Albert 319 Bassow, Paul H 296 Batdorff, John 319-63 Bates, Barbara. .349-105- 111-65 Bates, H. M.. 180-20-271 Bates, Harlow G. 325 Bates, Mrs. Henry... 340 Bates, Henry W 102 Ballance, Charles 154 Ballantine, G. W. IIT 312 Ballard, Margaret .... 346 Ballas Jerry . . 60 Ballmer, R. S 292 Balmer, Dan J 292 Balmer, Rowe 319-92- 99-74 Baiter William 154 Bates, Wm. H 193 Bates, William C 163- 315 Bateson, Ernest 284 Batten, F. W... 193-302- 91 Batten, W. J. Arthur 302 Batter, Nathaniel 91- 193-310 Batter, P. S 308 Balyeat, Gordon W..192- 306 Bandis, Herbert 192 Bang, Chi Shing 101 Banister Tohn R . . 99 Bannow, R. J... 306-318- 89 Barash, Theodore. .. 192- 310 Barber, Homer G 291 Barbour, Fleming A. 272-89 Barclay C 318 Batting, Graham. ... 193- 93-322 Battistine, Frank D..320 Batts, Martin, Jr 293 Bauchanan, F. S 73 Bauchat, James L...193- 319-92 Bauer P I 315 Barclay, William 154 Barder, Ernest F 320 Baringham, Walter Lee 192 Barish. Ttllian . . ..294 Bauer Paul . 98 Bauhoffer, Melvin. . . .304 Baum. Louis H 193-185 Page 374 Bauschard, Theodore P. 193-324 Bauss, H 318-97 Baxter, Betsy 342-65 Baxter, Charlotte. .336-60 Baxter, D. V 273 Baxter, Mary Alice.. 336- 58-114 Baxter, Robert T. ...271 Bayens, Harold H...155 Bayley, R. H 279 Beach, H. Elwyn. 193-88 Beach, Kenneth O... 193- 296 Beach, Mark 63 Beal, E 278 Beal, Mrs. E 337 Beal, Junius E 99-16- 270-278 Beal, Mrs. J 337 Beal, Robert.. 74-193-320 Beam, Harold M 284 Bean, J. W 272 Beard, C. D 315-84- 120-121 Beardsley, E. F 317 Beardsley, Wayne P.. 193 Beaudette, Melvin P.. 193 Beck, Karl 296-27 ' 3 Beck, W. F 312 Becker, A 297-90 Becker, Catherine 109 Becker, J 304 Becker, John C 193 Becker, John S -..280 Becker, Lawson E. . . 280 Beckerman. J 73 Beckwith, William J. 281 Beebe, Betty Ann.... 340 Beebe, Claude E 327 Beebe, H. M 298-321 Beech, Kenneth 268 Beecher, H. K., Jr.. 275- 194 Beechley. John C 285 Beers, Karl A 323 Beesley, R. B 285 Begelman, David 274 Begle, Edward G 298 Beierwalts, J. A.. 303-194 Beise. Dorothy 168 Beisel, Dan 64 Beisieble, Mrs. H 346 Bektemirian, Charles G. 185-194 Belden, Louis 58-285 Belknap, R. L 309 Belknap, William J., Jr. 280 Bell, Elizabeth... 169-346 Bell, Francis 322-260 Bell, Margaret 90-168- 333-338-347 Bell, Virginia 112-349 Bell, Winifred 77-111- 339-107 Bellamy, Albert. . 183-194 Bellamy, Alfred 88 Bellamy, J. W 95-194- 279 Bellamy, W. A.. 312-194- 272-184 Belote, G. H 272-90 Belser, Harriet 350 Belsford, Harry 302 Beltramini, Carolyn.. 344 Bement, N. S 309 Bender, Mrs. W 339 Benedict, Arthur L., Jr. 296 Benedict, Virginia. .. .349 Benjamen, Edward... 283 Benjamin, G. P 73-92 Benjamin, H. S 276 Benjamin, T 194-277 Benna, L. P. II 315 Benner, A. M 194 Benner, A. N.. 73-92-305- 188 Bennett, Grace 347 Bennett, Keith F 184- 194-319 Bennett, Matthew C..296 Bennett, Robert R. ..298 Bennette, Wells 275 Benson, G 337 Bentley, J. M 338 Bentley, Margaret 65 Benton, R 95-319 Benz, Carl A 277 Beran, Kenyon 154 Bergelin, J. " 0 286 Bergelin, Mrs. J 344 Bergelin O P 316 Board in Control of Athletics 115 Berger, John P 282 Board in Control of Student Publications 57 Bergstrom, Henry.... 319 Berkaw, Kenneth A. .292 Berkdull James 68 Berkowitz N .. 313 Bobertz, Ima 332-195 Bobronski, Leo J 295 Bode, Margie 96 Berilagna, Frederick W II ... 290 Boehnke Ralph 78 Herman L 194 Boebel, Richard W...97- 161-318 Boebel, Robert C 318 Boehnke Ralph 264 Bermel, John M 194 Bernhardt J 194-313 Bernhardt, Wilma 344 Bernthal T G .. ..321 Boelkins, Richard A.. 265 Boelkins, Richard E..293 Boenke R. O 315 Berry, Elmer 298 Berry Lewis W . . 99 Berryman, Richard. . 146- 149-154 Bertoti Betty 349 Bogart Gerard S 58- 85-282 Bohrer, Charles Dean 195-295 Boier, L. A 287 Bertsch, Marion S. . . 194- 182-110 Berwanger Jay 124 Boice, W. K 195-319 Best, Rose Mary 194 Beta Theta Pi 278 Bolas, Geo. A 129-286 Boles, William A.. 63-1 50 Bolitho, Thomas Boyd 298 Bolton Dorothy . 340 Betz John S . 265-306 Betz, Lucile M.. 169-194- 331 Beuhler H R .322 Bolton, James P 277 Bevan, Kenneth.. 271 Bolton, R. P 315 Bevan, Mrs. M. S...338 Beynon, ED 72 Bonefeld, G. E 309 Bicknell Ellen.. .337 Bonisteel R O 303 Beirkamp, Eleanor. . .341 Beiry, Martin L 272 Big Ten Meet 135 Broomhower, Ruth.. 339- 96 Booth George J 265 Bigelman, David. 185-194 Bigelow, Edgar 283 Booth, George T 296 Borgerding, Beulah F. 195 Borgman. William . 84- 120-121-126-182-285-195 Borneman, George G. 300 Borst, Albert C 318 Bigelow John 99 Bigelow, R. B 292-327 Bigelow, Mrs. R. B..347 Bigelow, S. L 292-324 Bigg, Edward 195-310 Bigger, Edward S 298 Bigley, H. R 314-195 Bills, Mark 188 Bosma, Mildred J 195 Bosse Ruth 195-349 Bingham, Elizabeth . . 33 1 Bingham, Florence. . .337 Birch, Ruth M .195 Boston, Orlan W 88 Boston, Mrs. O. W..345 Bird, Carol 96 Bird Donald 84 Bosworth, Louis A. ..75- 91-183-308 Botvinick, Isadore ... 265 Bird, Mrs. M 339 Bird, O A 312 Birk. Mrs. J 349 Bishoo. John T 320 Bouchara. Marybelle.331 Bouchard , Harry ..91-323 Bishop K 342 Bishop, Mrs. M 342 Bishop, William W 22 Bissell, Frank 120-149 Either, A. J 316 Bourg, Donald J 292- 279 Bittinger, Mrs. R 337 Bittman, Lyman W., Jr. 64-314 Black, Bernard O 325 Black, Don R 194-278 Bourland, Philip E. M. 292-196 Bourland, Robt. C., Jr. 280 Bourquin, A. 1 344 Black, Joseph G., Jr. 195-327 Black, Joyce 105-108- 330-395 Black, Kyle 295 Bourquin, J 344 Bourquin, Mrs. J 339 Bovee, Kenneth I 92- 305-196-188-82-73-74-88 Bovee, Kenneth M...100 Blackburn, H. M., Jr. 316 Blackett O . . 286 Bower, R. N 291 Bowerman, Willard.. 319 Bowler, 1 339 Blackwell, Horace F., Jr. 102 Blair, T. H 321 Bowler, Lawrence. .. .283 Bowler, Robert W...317 Bowles, D. P 309-61 Blake Mrs M 337 Blake, Richmond. 145-280 Blakeman, E. W.. 337 Bowman, Betty 349 Bowman, Camilla 349- 196 Bowman, H 94 Blanchard ' , Mrs. H. C. 345 Blanckerss, Donald F. 187 Blaser, Willard E.. 58-282 Blass, Frederick A... 286 Bleekman G. M 286 Bowman, Rip . . 300 Bowman, Roger M...285 Bowman, Rush A 286 Bowsher, Robert 296 Boyce, W. R 315 Bleyer, Leonard, Jr... 63 Blicke, F F 279 Boyd, Aubrey E 290 Bovd, D. A 321 Blight Virginia 114 Boyd, Wm. C 305 Blodgett, Eleanor M. 112-114-195 Blome, W 304 Bovden, A. M 292 Boyers, Harold H 196 Boyer, Robert 319 Bloom, Herbert J 185- 195 Bloomer H H 273 Boylan, Gordon H...287 Boyle, E. H 314 Boynton, Fred . . 278 Bluestein, Evelyn. ... 334 Blum, Eleanor B 65- 106-112-181-182-195-350 Blume, Margaret 96 Boynton, Robert L. ..288 Bozart, V 346 Bozarth, 1 341 Brace, H. Willis, Jr. 196-285 Brace, Wm. M. . . 306-276 Bracket. W. F 315 Blumenfeld, Albert M. 136-294 Boak. A. E. R 115 Brackett, Gwendolyn M. 196 Brackett, Jovet 343 Brackett, R. D 62 Braden, Spencer 272 Bradfield, Mrs. J 347 Bradford, K 311 Bradley, Randolph L. 196-95 Bradley, Robert S 300 Bradley, William 74 Bradner, Ruth 108- 330-349 Bradshaw, P. S 272 Bragg, Mrs. E. M....337 Bragg, E. M 93 Bragg, Martha... 172-341 Brams, Stewart I 196 Branch, Margaret G..351 Brandes, Isadore 90 Brandman, O 313 Brandon, Esther F...196 Brandt, Carl G 99 Brandt, Helen A 331 Brandt, Richard C...273- 262 Brask, Vavalynn 331 Bratt, Howard 270 Braudy, Louis C., Jr. 326 Brann, Howard C 62- 88-323 Bransdorf, Robert L. 196-306 Braun, Mrs. C 341 Brazer, John G. .196-295 Breakey, Mrs. J. F..344- 292 Breakey, Mrs. L 340 Bredvold, Mrs. L....345 Breed, Ernest 268-272 Brehm, Robert L 88 Brekford, Clayton 302 Brelsford, Harry. 160-302 Bremer, Paul 88-196 Breniser, H. R 303 Bresler, Jay S 310-63 Bressler, H. G 310 Brewer, Donald . . 1 54-278 Brewer, Eugene S., Jr. 196-282 Bricker. John W 296 Brier, John C 94-95 Brier, Mrs. J. C 343 Briegel, James C 302 Brien, James G.. 162-280 Briggs, Mrs. C. P...338 Briggs, L 311 Brindle, Robert J 298 Briner, John G.. 157-264- 74-319 Brink, Glenn G.. 100-277 Briscoe, Dorothy. .65-112 Bristol, Franklin C..320 Bristol, Franklin E..84- 196-269 Bristol, Hubert M...320 Bristol, L. Benson.. 283 Britt, H. J T..310 Brittain, Miss F 338 Bromley, Dorothy. . .351 Bromme, William 90- 305-306 Bronson, D. G 64 Bronstein, Irene 334 Brook, M 347 Brooke, Marion L...110- 182-196 Brookfield, K 312 Brookhart, John M..197- 282 Brookman, Louis M. .197 Brooks, Charles L. . . 279- 303 Brooks, Collins E 280 Broome, Ella M.. 197-346 Brosovitch, Steve.... 146 Brown, Mrs. Augusta 334 Brown, C. L 295 Brown, Mrs. E 344 Brown, George Emerson 197-268-30-300 Brown, George G....91- 311 Brown, Helen 331 Brown, Mrs. H 346 Brown, John 297-314 Brown, Paul 39-301 Brown, Robert B 63- 95-302 Brown, Robert K...283- 317 Brown, W. C 308 Brown, W. Durand.300- 197 Brown, W. E.... 303-272 Brown, Mrs. W. E., Jr. 342 Brown, William L..197- 298 Brown, William N..197- 187-269 Brown, Mrs. Victor K. 113 Browne, Sally 339 Browning, R. L 197 Brownson, Charles A. 99-61-197 Brownson, Charles B. 315 Brownson, K. M 296 Brownson, William ... 98 Bruce, James B 89 Bruce, James D.. .90-306 Bruck, Elmer G... 72-188 Brucker, Jane H 75- 108-167-169-197-330-341 Brumbaugh, George U. 273 Brumm, Phyllis 341 Brumm, John L... 98-303 Brumm, Mrs. J. L...341 Brummeler, Robert S. 197 Bruna, Edward F...291- 266 Brunson, Allen C...197- 272 Brant, William G 300 Bryant, Daniel 278 Bryce, Alpern E 63 Bubis, Sylvia R 334 Buckland, Pauline 332 Buckley, J. P 301 Buckley, Katherine. . .338 Buckley, Mrs. Paul. 11 3- 336 Buchanan, Frederick S. 92-285 Buchanan, Mrs. W. B. 347 Buchanan, William T. 300 Budd, Wilbert 91 Budd, Wm. H 197 Buderus, William H., Jr. 38 Buehl, Wesley A.... 197 Bueldon, Margaret. . .346 Buelow, Thelma 109 Buesing, Oliver R...293 Buesser, Fred 63-78- 263-285 Bugbee, Benjamin. . .264- 286 Bugher, John C... 90-306 Buhl, Walter T.. 91-100- 197 Bulksley, Lewis, Jr... 64 Bull, H. S 91 Bull, Mrs. M 341 Buffalo, University of 131 Bullock, Miss V 339 Bulmer, Don J... 90-198- 285 Bunce, Robert A.. 74-315 Bunge, Raymond. .77-76- 261 Bunn, Russell B 198- 277 Bunting, C. G.... 327-98 Bunting, John F 201 Bunting, J. W... 306- 327 Bunting, R. W... 270-283 Bunting, Mrs. R. W..336 Burch, H. K 283 Burchuck, D 72-188 Burde, Gerhard 296 Burger, F. D 306 Burgess, John H 198- 275 Burgess, Kay L 331 Burgess, Mary L 198 Burke, George J.. 301-302 Burke, Mrs. George.. 350 Burke, Louise 395 Burke, J. William... 290 Burks, Martha 339 Burnett, Harold O...291 Burns, F. N 315 Burns, Mary Ester.. 350- 112-65 Burns, Robert M 95- 119-280 Page 375 Burns, William M...277 Burnstine, Frances. . .348 Burr, Hilda 167-168 Burroughs, McK. Wil- liam 273 Burroughs, P. J 285 Bursley, Mrs. J. A... 390 Bursley, Joseph A.. 18-27- 67-98-57-87-91-269 Bursley, Mary 340-65 Bursley, P. E 327 Burstein, Isadore 74 Burt, Richard D 322 Burt, V 342 Burton, Alice 268 Busch, Daniel 100 1935 Business Ad 187 1936 Business Ad 262 Butler, George 322 Butler, Mrs. Hackley 113 Butler, Hackley 320 Butler, Mildred.. .96-198 Butler, Rilay 136 Butterfield, Emily 335 Button, Dale W 198 Butts, W. H 271 Bychinsky, Evelyn O. 198 Byrn, R. W 72 Cadwell, F. G 300 Calcutt, B. S... 342-198- 106 Calderwood, H. B 302 Calhoon, F. M 291 Calhoun, I. N 91 Calkins, Douglas G..282 Call, John 312 Callard, Robert L 198 Callery, Adelaide 60 Callonette, Joseph O. 290 Calvin College 131 Cameron, J. A 292 Cameron, James E. ..292 Camp, C. D 292-89-90 Camp, Helen 350 Camp, Margaret 350 Campbell, Mrs. C. D. 340 Campbell, Dale C 284 Campbell, Emily 340 Campbell, Frank 154 Campbell, H. L 91 Campbell, H. M... 73-285 Campbell, J. Evens... 66 Campbell, John P...198- 284 Campbell, Laurie. ... 168 Campbell, Lola 347 Campbell, Mabel 347 Campbell, Margaret J. 331 Campbell, Mary M...345 Campbell, Milton. .58-308 Campbell, O. J... 170-98- 281-30 Campbell, Phyllis J..336 Campbell, R. A... 305-98- 85-60-284-270-92 Campbell, R. Foster, Jr. 300-258-87-77-60-58-81 Campbell, Robert H..280 Canfield, Mrs. A 345 Canfield, Mrs. B 337 Cannon, Ben B 198- 187-314 Cannon, Joseph H. . . 277 Cantrall, Irving J 198 Caplan, Sidney L...198- 313 Cappon, Franklin C. .85- 116-130-317 Carey, Fr. T 301 Carey, Miriam 351 Carey, Robert C 298 Carlisle, Albert B 279 Carlisle, Jean 339 Carlson, Carl R 198 Carlson, G. R 315 Carlson, J. S 198 Carney, Robert G 198 Carney, Mrs. R. J 345 Carpenter, C. Bradford 320 Carpenter, Florence. 349- 199 Carpenter, K 342-1 06- 107-258-181-199 Carpenter, L. C.. 292-316 Carpenter, Wm. H...286 Carr, Arthur J 199 Carr, Billie F 331 Carr, Boyd H 320-267 Carr, L. J 315 Carr, Mrs. L. J 351 Carr, R. C 327 Carrothers, George E. 80 319 Carry, Bertha E.. 96- 199 Carson, D 342 Carson, Robert 281 Carstens, Arthur 84- 63-199 Carter, Robert M 296 Carter, Willard D 199 Cartozian, Lucy 342 Carver, Harry C 85 Gary, Bernard L 284 Gary, Charles W 296 Case, E. C 298 Case, L. 91 Case, Marshall 320 Cash, George M 161- 318 Casner, L. F 73 Casper, G. W 314 Cass, Robert A 277 Casselman, Harry 199 Cassidy, Nancy 337 Cataline, Elman L 92 Catsman, D. P 307 Cavanagh, Josephine 349-65 Cave, C. A 300 Cavender, Betty 65 Cavender, Constance. .96- 199 Cawthra, Jordan .... 264- 300 Cetnar, John A... 265-321 Chaddock, R. E 312 Chalfin, Abram A.... 199 Chamberlain, C 340 Chamberlain, Lucy... 337 Chan, Doris Y 101 Chan, Tsung N 101 Chan, Tzu C 101 Chang, Chi P 101 Chang, En H 101 Chang, Mo Tan 101 Chapel, Rosalynn L..199 Chapin, M. D 291-39 Chapman, Elizabeth. 105- 344-111 Chapman, Mrs. E. A. 347 Chapman, Harvey ... 141- 142 Chapman, James 277 Chapman, Marvin A. 276-87 Chapman, W. A 309 Chapman, W. Elliott. 266 Chapman, William ... 82- 327 Chappele, Mrs 342 Charin, Benjamin. .. 259- 307 Charin, S. M.... 307-266 Charlesworth, Don E. 278 Charlton, Fred R....298 Charters, John 283 Chase, E 308-146-154 Chase, Eleanor S 199 Chase, W 308-146 Chasman, Thelma 348 Chavanelle, Gilbert. . .319 Cheerleaders 119 Cheever, D. M... 316-199 Cheever, Mrs. H 339 Chen, Chung C 101 Chen, Fu Hua. .. 199-101 Chen, Nyih S 101 Chen, Mrs. R. B 101 Chen, Ren B 101 Chen, Shu V 101 Chen, Ye Y 101 Cheney, Grant 154 Cheng, Tellson 101 Cheo, Pei P 101 Cherchill, R. V 291 Che rrington, Henrietta 199 Chesley, W. B 308 Chesley, Ward B....296 Cheung, Hei C 101 Chi, Pao P 101 Chia, Teh W 101 Chiang, Tsai H 101 Chicago, U. of 124 Chien, Nai T 101 Childs, Jack 136-304 Chinese Students Club 101 Chi Omega 339 Chi Phi 27.9 Chi Psi 101-162-280 Chipman, Mrs. D. C. .349 Chipman, H 349 Chypman, D 349 Choate, Katherine 109 Chockly, Maryanna. . .65- 342 Chopin, E. A 94 Chopin, Helen 335 Chopman, Ellen 351 Choral Union Series. .47 Chow, Ching S 101 Chow, Frank K. M..101 Chow, Hsi T 101 Chow, Tan C 101 Christensen, John C. ..27 Christensen, Mrs. J. C. 335-341 Christensen, V 304 Christenson, James... 96- 199-301 Christian, Palmer 114 Christian, Mrs. P 349 Christiansen, Ruth A. 349 Christman, L. G 270 Christman, Weimar.. 270 Christopher, Chris... 199 Christy, M 340 Chu, Ching Y 101 Chu, Edith J. H 101 Chubb, Edith 335 Chulock, Violet 112 Church, Harrison A.. 298 Cissel, J. A 86-319 Cissel, Martha J 200 Clancy, Sarah 112 Clark, Bruce 308-264 Clark, Clyde E... 200-296 Clark, E 337 Clark, Helen 182-200 Clark, John 99-277-64 Clark, Mary J 113 Clark, Paul 306 Clark, Richard S... 80-63 Clark, Robert E 270 Clarke, James B... 200-88 Clarke, J. H 93 Clarke, R. H 312 Clarke, Robert W...296- 273 Clarke, Tom 64-277 Clarkson, Eugene S. ..80 Clarkson, W. S 278 Clary, R. 1 291-272 Class Games 50 Claussen, Gordon W. 200-282 Clay, W. R 200-298 Clayton, Harold G...286 Clayton, Lawrence G. 182-84-200-300-67 Cleary, Edward L 66 Clement, Carl 320-267 Clement, William M. 282-72 Clements, Robert W..325 Cleveland, A. E 94- 200-287 Cline, Justin 80 Clinger-Smith, David. 200 Clink, S. H 285 Clinton, G. R 306 Clohset, Fred P.. 200-273 Cluck, Orville L 285 Cluff, Virginia D....347- 200-330-108 Coates, Francis J. ...276 Coates, William J 301 Coates, Mrs. H 346 Cobb, Elaine 330 Cobb, Margaret... 200-96 Cobo, Elaine. 112-108-346 Cochrane. John L 280 Cody, Lloyd N 200- 283-185 Coe, Madelyn... 108-200- 104-342-330 Coffey, Bert L... 300-264 Coffey, Hobart R....102 Coggan, Manuel 289 Cogger, Dorothy 343 Cogger, Kenneth. .91-183 Cogger, William 270 Coghall, Mrs. C 349 Cohen, Arthur . .249-163- 294 Cohen, Florence 109 Cohen, Isadore 163 Cohen, Jack ' i Cohen, James M 2 Cohen, Jane P 3 .294 .294 .334 Cohen, L 310 Cohen, Leonard 154 Cohen, Richard 63 Cohen, Richard L 326 Cohen, Robert 299 Cohen, Samuel. .. 261-297 Cohen, Pauline 96-348 Cohn, Gordon 299 Cohodes, H. L 73 Coif 102 Colby, M 339 Colby, R. A 283 Cole, Allen T 88-323 Cole, John S 200 Cole, M 346 Cole, Robert 68-316 Coles, Ruth H 200 Colgate, Univ. of . ... 131 Collegiate Sorosis. . . .340 Coller, Frederick A...89- 90-306 Coller, Mrs. F. A 338 Collins, Frederick A.. 286 Collins, Harry V., Jr. 280 Collins, Maxwell R..201- 74 Colman, J. K ..292 Colombo, J. Frederick 281 Colombo, Louis J...281- 201 Colville, J. Robert, Jr. 285 Colwell, Lester... 9 1-201 - 288-83 Combe, Wm. A 317 Combs, A. B 292 Combs, Walter 279 Comins, Harry T...273- 201 Compton, Helen 114 Compton, Josephine. .335 Compton, Margaret. .341 Compton, W. R 309 Comstock, Mrs. W..341 Comstock, W. A 327 Comstock, W. P 308 Condon, L 340-331 Conger, Mrs. B 347 Conger, Clinton B...63- 316 Conger, Kyril B... 292-98 Conger, Mrs. L. B 66 Conger, S. B., Jr... 327 Conkle, Gay C 300 Conklin, David H....281 Conklin, J. W 305 Conlin, Henry 276 Conlin, J. N 276 Conlin, K. M 358 Conn, Gordon 64 Conn, Jerome 90 Connable, Mrs. A 342 Connable, Alfred B...281 Connellan, Margaret . 1 69- 347 Connon, H. Grove... 327 Connon, J. H 91 Connor, Mary 347 Conover, Ellen J 342- 201 Converse, Milton J..325- 67-185-201 Conviser, Albert A.. 201- 91-310 Con way, Robert B...98- 311 Cook, Bruce 185-312 Cook, Charles S 323 Cook, D. K 72-157- 276-92-322-201 Cook, Howard 88 Cook, James 68 Cook, Floyd H., Jr. .266- 201-182 Cook, Franklin M 17 Cook, Harriette E 201 Cook, Harry 274-201 Cook, James 258-273 Martha Cook 201-332 Cook, Nancy 340 Cook, Robert R.. ' . ...322 Cook, Sherman 323 Cook, Mrs. W 349 Cook, William F 201- 89-295 Cook, Wm. W... 312-201 Cook, Withred 323 Cooke, Roselyn E 201 Cooley, M. E.. .91-86-95- 270-316-180 Coombs, Richard 271 Coon, J 284 Coons, Bennett M 290 Cooper, Elizabeth C..331 Cooper, Jack E 324 Cooper, Ralph R.. 265-324 Cooper, Richard F 88 Cooper, Robert E.. 64- 154 Cooper, Robert J....326- 278 Cooper, W. M 303 Cooperstock, M 297 Copeland, A. H 298 Copenhaver, H. W...309 Copley, Everett C...298- 201 Copp, Harold.... 156-157 Corbett, Lorraine. ... 351 Cork, Mrs. J 349 Corkin, Leo W 324 Cornelius, John. . .286-64 Cornelius, William M. 277 Cornell, David D 288 Cornell, M 343 Cort, John 308-202 Corwin, Swift C 281 Cosolias, Elizabeth 96 Cossar, Miss L 346 Coulter, Leland 157- 202-183-94 Coulter, M. D 343 Coulter, Ralph 84- 63-202 Coultrap, James W..102- 202 Coursey, J. P 314-95 Coursey, Richard R...72- 94-95-28 Courtis, Walter 146- 324-202 Courtright, R. O 314- 116-152 Courtright, Mrs. R. O. 345 Courville, Charles J. .292 Coventry, Barbara. .. 108- 337-330 Coventry, M. B.. 302-292 Covert, Mrs. A 341 Covert, E 341 Covert, H. E 302 Covington, S. R 314 Cowan, Donald A 296 Coward, Russel 259- 161-319 Cowden, Robt. E., Jr. 202 Cowden, Mrs. R 346 Cowden, R. W 287 Cowell, Mrs. Wayne. 331 Cowell, W. G 303 Cowie, Anna C 333 Cowie, D. M... 292-89-90 Cowie, Margaret. .. .337- 65-104 Cowles, Dorothy B...339 Cowley, John A 280 Cox, Anne 65-65 Cox, Arthur J 202-185 Cox, Benjamin G.. 302-82 Cox, Charles A 99 Cox, Fred M 202-189 Cox, J. J. Mrs 338 Cox, Lucille F 209 Cox, S. C 312 Crabtree, Peter 272 Craddock, W. H 272 Crago, William H., Jr. 102-300 Craig, C. C 315 Craig, Jean 341-275 Craighead, Rodkey .61-302 Grain, Joe S.. 284-183-202 Cram, Esther M.. 17-113 Cram, Stewart M.. 98-74- 92-298 Cramer, C. Roy 202 Cramer, John L 88 Crane, Mrs. Vernon..331 Crary, Douglas D 298 Crary, Mrs. M. F....345 Crawford, Bartlett. . .278 Crawford, Eugene .... 202 Crawford, Helen 96- 186-202 Crawford, Paul R...202- 275 Crawford, Robert C..285 Crawford, Roscoe C..281 Page 376 Creal, C. 308 Creal. Mrs. D 338 Creighton, Lavina ... 1 69- 186-110-202 Cremin, Daniel 301 Cress. E. H 303 Cress, Mrs. E. H....337 Crist, Betty 342 Cristy, Mrs. J. C 336 Crittenden, Mrs. A. R. 338 Crittenden, Faith. .96-338 Crittenden, Villard. . 145 Crocker, F 347 Crooker, Robert H...271 Crosbett, Priscilla 65 Crosby, Mrs. C 346 Crosby, Elizabeth C..333 Crosby, Melinda G..202- 110-109-182-186 Crosby, W. W 95 Crosman, Shirl 65 Cross, Arthur L... 84-286 Cross. Mrs. F 349 Crossley, George E...202 Grossman. M 95-284 Crouse, Mrs. J 341 Croushare, Richard 64 Crow. Harriet 343-113 Crow. T 337 Crow, Walter 279-72 Crowe. Douglas T...325 185 Crowe. Thomas 203 Crowell. Adelaide L..J44 Crumpacker. Owen W. 271 Crumrine, Willis M..100 Cullen, Mary 339 Culver, Margaret C..203- 60-39-58 Culver, Ronald H...203- 91 Cummings. H. H 296 Cummings, R. H 278- 292 Cummins, Robert 63 Cummiskey, Tohn W. 281 Cunningham, Margaret 335 Cuphaver, Carl A... 322- 95-94-88-203 Curant, T. M 272 Curdy, Charles 283 Currie, Isabelle J...203- 109-110-343 Curry, Margaret ..331-79 Curry. Mrs. R 349 Curry, W. P... . . .285-58 Curtis, Arthur C... 89-90- 272 Curtis, D 342 Curtis, F. D 270-285 Curtis, Mrs. F 342 Curtis, Heber D 24 Curtis, James H 296 Curtis, Jeanne 349 Curtis, John L 66 Curtis, Richard 283 Curtiss. M Uriel 96 Curtiss, Roswell G., Jr. 279 Cushing, E 312 Cushing, Fred 278 Cushing, Justin 282 Cushing, Nelson O. .203- 312 Cutler, Arthur 277 Cutler. Margaret 169 Cutting, R. D 285 Cutting. William M..203- 98-271 Cuyler. Louise E....113 Czajkowski, Jerome 74 Czereska, Anthony 154 Daane, G. Warren.. 102- 203 Daane, Mary Elizabeth 203-344 Dadd, Melvin W...203- 94 Dahlberg. Mrs. M...346 Dailey, Robert 311 Dailey, Scott 278 Dalby. R. G. W 272 Dallman, H 341 Dalrymple. Byron 61 Dalrymple, Ogden Raf- ferty 203-145 Dalton, John 311 Dalziel Philip Smith. 203 Dana, Mrs. S 339 Dana, Samuel T. 21-311 Danahey, L 308 Uancik. Daniel 261 Danhers, George A... 91 Danhof, Ralph 99 Daniels, Arnold 63 Dankers, George A., Jr. 203-93 Dannemiller, Franklin T. 285-58 D ' Aprix, Edward C..271 Darner, Charles .. 300-292 Dart, J 318 Darton, L 303 Daurloo, Henry V 261 Davenport, David 280 Davenport, Dorothy, 336- 203 Davenport, Virginia. .96- 203 Daverman, Robert. . . .74 David. Lawrence S. . 1 52- 146-260 Davidow, Sidney L..297- 203 Davidson, B. H 307 Davidson, Edgar M..289 Davidson, H. R 316 Davidson, Mary .. 350-204 Davis, Mrs. B 336- 337-346 Davis, Mrs. C 337 Davis, Carl K 204 Davis, C. M 285 Davis, Edith B 204 Davis, E. W 321 Davis, Fenitnore E. . 296 204-184 Davis, Florence H 65- 331 Davis, Tames K. 299 Davis, Keith T 186- 291-204 Davis, Newman 204 Davis, R. S.. 3 16-204- 187 Davis, R. W 296 Davis, Thomas M 102 Davis, William B...280- 204 Davis, William C 204 Davis. William E....318 Davis, W. S 306 Davock, A. M 311 Dawson, Betty Jane. 345- 204 Dawson, John P 102 Day. A.. Jackson 292 Day, Avis 60-341 Day, Rosco A., Jr 280 Dayton, Edward 152 deAlvarez, Rusel R..204- 292 Dean, D. Jarvis. .273-154 Dearloo, Henry W...293 Decher, A. J.. .91-95-312 Deckler, Dorothy. 114-204 Decker, C. E 322 Deer, Edwin 283-308 De gelleke, G. J 95- 204-275 DeGraff, Benjamin A. ttfl Deibel. Nan E 205 Deifenderfer, R. G...314 Deisley. Robt 308 Deiss, C. F 286 Deiterle, Dr. Robt... 306 De Jonge, James J...293 De Jong, Russell N..90- 296 DeLancey. Wm... 63-271 Delano. F. H 315-63 Dell, Frances 188 Delp, William F 296 Delta Alpha Epsilon.163 Delta Delta Delta 341 Delta Gamma .... 342-329 Delta Kappa Epsilon.231 Delta Omicron 113 Delta Phi 282 Delta Sigma Delta... 283 Delta Sigma Pi 284 Delta Tau Delta 285 Delta Upsilon 1 60-286 Delta Zeta 343 Dembinsky. Seymour.. 74 Demers, M. R 72 Demers, Maurice ..91 -92- 96-204 Deming, Eugene W..276 DeMund, Robert J...288 Denbo, Milton C 102 Denham, Robert H..281- 292 Denise, Ma lcolm L..204- 273 Denison. Frank 88 Denne, Virginia M..204- 338 Dennis, R. N 303 Dennis, Walter 154 Dennison, Boyd C., Ir. 205-93 Densmore, Gail E.. 99-29 Densmore, Frederick E. 300 1935 Dentistry 185 Deramus. William. 278 Derleth, Paul E... 90-184 Dersch, John 308 Detwiler, John W...205- 282 DeVare, Rodney W..205 Devereaux, R. C 278 De Vine, Beatrice 339- 171-169-182-205 DeVine, Edward 160 DeVine, Mrs. Frank. 350 Devine, F. L 310 DeVine, James M...205- 302 DeVito, Dominick 98 Devoy, Phyllis 65-334 DeWeese, David. 268-3 14 Dewey, Allen . 78-263-327 De Witt, Dorothea 339 DeVVitt. E. A 342 DeWitt, Norman L. .292- 280 De Wolfe, G. W. 312 DeWoody, G. 315 De Young, John 308 I Hack. A. W 327 Diack, Mrs. A. W..349- 340 Diack, Mrs. S 341 Diamond, Leon 205 Dick, Hazen 305 Dick, T. J 313 Dick, M. N 305 Dick, Vernon 295 Dick, William Bruce. 205 Dickert, William A.. .98 Dickinson, Mrs. Edwin 351 Dickson, Marion B..205- 188-349-114 Diebel. Nan 181 Diefendorf, Frederick . 280 Diefendorf, Ned.. 144-145 Diehl, Helen J 331 Diener, Samuel 261 Dietule, R. R 305 Dillingham, George.. 75- 182-205-303 Dillman. Mrs. T. A.. 332 Dillon, O ' Neil I 279- 84-258 Dingham. Dr. R. O..306 Dixon, Aland 113 Dixon, William 258- 290-76-77-85-68 Djang, Siao S 101 Djeny, Beatrice R. C. 101 Dobson, Gilbert L...205 Dobson, R, F., Jr... 3 IS Doctor Knock 34 Dod, Paul S. 315 Dodenkoff, Helen 345 Bodge, Russel A 318 Doerr, Louis 268-321 Doerr, Raymond S. . . 88- 205-319 Dolese, Roger M 324 Dombke, Mrs. C 337 Domke, C. H 312 Donaldson, Bruce 98 Donaldson, John. .86-280 Donaldson, Marian ... 340 Donaldson, R. F 315 Donaldson, S. W 306 Donaldson, Mrs. S. W. 347 Donavan, Edward J..320 Donovan, Mark S 89- 205-90 Donovan, W T illiam F. 301-62 D ' Ooge, Mrs. M. L..349 Dooling. T. A.. 95-94-301 Dorner, Elizabeth M. 331 Dorner, Francis J 273 Dorsey, J. M 292 Dorsey, Mrs. 1 347 Dorsey. Ruth 331 Doty, Mrs. W 340 Douglass, Harriet 339 Douglas, Helen 65 Douglas, Mrs. H 344 Douglas. Robert I 298 Dow Mrs. Alex 113 Dow D 303 Dow E. W 278 Dow Mrs. E. VV 340 Dow Earle W 99 Dow Kenneth 96 Dow Lafayette 280 Dow WUlard E 66 Dow W. G. 91 Downing. Gertrude. .342 Downs, E. T 342-99- 182-205-75 Doxey, Hamilton E..285 Drake, Frances C 339 Drake. J. H 286 Drake, Relays 135-136 Draper, James D 301 Draper, Tohn W 301 Draves, Edward F. . . 184- 205 Draves, Gladys M....335 Dreifuos, Maurice, Jr. 73-92 Drennan, Sheldon. 82-271 Drennen, George W. 205-97 Drescher, George G . 321 Drew, A. Leslie. .327-98 Drew, Charles 145 Drews, Lesswing E..318 Driver, James W., Jr. 290 Drouillard, Albert P.. 206 Droulard. Nelson. .. .260- 258-91-322-87-136-81 Druids 84 Drummond, David H. 89-321 Drummond, Gordon.. 319 Drury, W. R 322 Dry sdale, Taylor 1 44- 145-180-273 Ducharme, Chas 115 Duerr, C. A 301-62 Dufendach, Joe 92 Duff, E. M 316 Duff, Jeanette. 338-96 206 Duffendack, Gefl 114- 80-341 Duffy, Geo 120-121- 180-206-280 Duffy, James 115 Duffy, Peg 335 Duffy, T. J 315 Dugan, Ray A 206 Duggon, Margaret 340 DuLyn, Francis W.. .206 DuLyn, Frank W...183- 95-94-88 Dunakin, Van A 316 Dunbar, A. Anne. 344-206 Dunlap, David B 270 Dunn, G. W 322 Dunn, J. F 315 Dunn, Margaret . . 1 12-350 Dunn, Robert B 280 Dunnaback, Russell M. 206 Dunstone, Laura M. . 350 Durand, Harvey S...150 Durant, Mrs. T. M...390 Durfee, Elizabeth . . . 206- 340 Durham, Jean 336 Du tow ski. Frank 154 Dwight, O. G 315-259 Dwyer, Charles A 206 Dykema, Henry C...206 Eaglisfield, V 342 Eagleston, Stuart 300 Earle, George N 305 Earle, Murdock M..290- 93-94 Early, Casper S 200 Early, John J. 301 Early, J. Richard . 99-324 Earnshaw, Mary E. . 206- 344-114 Easlick, Kenneth 283 Eason, William H...276- 260 Easton, Archie H...206- 88-91 Easton, W. H 95 Eberly, James L 277- 182-206 Eberback, L 344 Eberbach, Oscar A 66 Ebersbach, Elizabeth A. 344 Ebersbach, Rosalind. 261- 333-344-314 Ebert, Elizabeth 39 Echols, D. H 292 Eckelberger, Robert M. 290 Eckert, Edwin J., Jr. 290-206 Eckhouse, James G. . . 326 Eckhouse, Robert 63 Edelberg, Irving 313 Edelstein. Abe J 206 Edgar, Erwood 154 Edgar, Robert 319 Edgerton, Marion 259 Edmands, Horace John 207-322 Edmands, Robert 154 Edmonds, Charles W. Edmondson, Jane.... 347 90 Edmondson, James B.21 Edmunds, Ann 340 Edmunds, C. W.. 298-292 Edmunds, Mrs. C....346 1935 Education 186 Edwards, Ralph . . . 97-99- 315-207 Effler, Don B 279 Efroymson, Jack L..326- 206-84-57 Egeler, Charles H 287 Eggstaff, C. J 88-94 Egly, William H 99 Egolf, Charles B 100 Ehedon, Mrs. Sara... 113 Ehnis, Allyn L 207 Ehrlechman, Evelyn . . 60- 114 Eich, Louis M.... 288-99 Eichelberger, Catherine 339 Eichorn, Ernest . .261-296 Eisenhour, J. Eugene. 273 Eiserman, Richard 99 Ekstrom, Mrs. Carl J. 331 Elder, Donald B....207- 207-282 Eldred, W. E 273 Eldridge, Waldron E..97- 318 Elkenberry, Robt. S..100 Elkes, C. K 310 Eller, W 7 illiam B 296 Ellerby, Richard 302 Ellerby, Tom 136 Elliott, Mary 109 Elliott, Paul J 63 Elliot, W. F 314 Ellis, Cecil B 92 Ellis, Howard H 280 Ellis, Tulia Ann 338 Ellis, J. 314 Ellis, Sheldon M 289- 63 Ellmen, P. H 315 Ellis, Jos 120-121 Elma, Foster 346 Elspass, Mary I 207- 341 Elstob, F. E 286 Emde, L 270 Emerson. A. H., Jr.. 311 Emerson, Mrs. H 339 Emerson, Herbert W. 277-292-270 Emerson, Roy. . .290-183 Emery, Mrs. H. C...347 Emery, Lane 287 Emery, Ruth 109 Emley, Warren E., Jr. 285-60 Emling. Charles H...282 Emmett, Mary A... 336- 207 Emswiler, J. E 91-62 Endlich, Charlotte L. 207-351 Engel, Robert 326 1 935 Engineering . 183 1936 Engineering .... 260 1938 Engineering .... 267 Engineering Council 81 Engineering Honor Comm. 82 Page 377 England, Catherine. . 109 England, Hester C. ..207 Eng-le, Edith E 207 Engle, Jerome W 207 Engle, K. B 72 English, John 290 Erhmann, Howard M. 281 Ericksen, Edward L. 323-81-91 Erickson, Arne A 207 Erlewine, Richard H. 300 Ervin, Mrs. J 339 Eschbach, Sally 344 Eskowitz, Milton J..150- 154 Etchels, E. W 136 Etkind, Bernard. .96-207 Etkind, Max 182 Evans, Courtney 63 Evans, Elizabeth 80- 112-60-336-169 Evans, Jane 65 Evans, Mrs. J. J 332 Evans, John L 276 Evans, K 346 Evans, Marjorie 332 Evans, Richard. . .85-130- 131-132-134 Evans, Tom L 270 Everard, Frances .... 339 Everest, Gail 60-341 Everett, Doris 337 Everett, Franklin L..288- 91 Everhardus, Chris 120- 126-121-154-281 Everson, Hillary 304 Ewald, Philip... 100-207- 62 Ewell, Robert 58-315 Eyre, James K 99 Fabella, John 154 Fabricant, H. J 307 Fain, George 261 Fairbank, Chandler ... 74 Falcone, Nicholas D. } 92-72 Falendcr, Herbert D. 64-326 Faley, Raymond B...209 Falk, Carl E 295 Falk, Esther J 207 Falls, Harold F 261 Fandrich, Theodore S. 321 Fantle, Sam, Jr 326 Fariss, W. B 95 Farnsworth, M. M...322 Farnsworth, Mrs. U. S. 332 Farr, Alton. .88-94-95-208 Farr, William W 279 Farrah, Gene 100 Farrar, G. E., Jr 296 Farrell, E 344 Farrell, Sanford 154 Farrell, William F...100 Farrill, S 316 Fasquelle, R 285 Faukner, Billie 339 Faulkner, Charlotte. .208 Faull, Kathryn M 208 Fauqua, Ivan 135 Faust, Frederick H..208- 319 Faust, Joseph M 297 Faust, Mrs. William. 340 Fauver, Betty 347 Fauver, Jane M.. 208-331 Favel, William J 186 Fehlman, Frederick H. 265-272 Fehsenfeld, Frank B..85- 115-145-314 Fei, Foo S 101 Fell, Delmar A 318 Feingold, Joseph H..289- 297 Feldkamp, L. E 73 Feldman, Bernard M. 274 Feldstein, Donald J..208- 187 Feldt, Gunnard 284 Felker, Henry W....98- 271-67-208 Fellingham, Arthur ... 1 5 4 Feng, Chen R 101 Feng, Wan H... 101-208 Fenner, Carl 269 Fenner, Milton M. Ill 208-311 Fenstermaker, Alfred D. 285 F. E. R. A 27 Ferch, Edward C 309 Ferguson, Mrs. James W. 113 Fergusson, James .... 309 Ferner, Carl F 312 Ferris, Mary. 208-106-342 Ferris, William. .258-180- 208-63 Fesser, Joseph 182 Fetchheimer, Katherine 334 Fetters, Betty 337 Fettes, H. L 291-208 Fiegel, Freida M 208 ' Field, Bernadine. .65-348- 112 Field, Genevieve . 348-208 Field, H., Jr 272 Field, Irene 168-347 Field, Jean.... 338-33 1-60 Field, Peter F., Jr.. 271- 208 Field, Ruth 65-348 Fields, Irving A.. 184-208 Finch, Saxon L 331 Findlay, R. B 318 Fine, Henry 307 Fine, Lillian 108-348- 330-112 Finger, S., Jr 310 Fingerle, E. C 308 Fingerle, Marie 35 1 Fingerle, Phyllis 351 Fink, Raymond 154 Finkbeiner, James V. .99 Finkelstein, Gertrude P. 333-265 Finley, John 320 Finley, L 344 Finsterwald, Mrs. Herman 334 Finton, Walter R 272 Firman, W. D 309 Fischer, Carl F... 302-59 Fischer, R. K 310 Fischer, Ray 116 Jischgrund. Robert.. 299 Fischley, Paul M....209- 314 Fish, Leslie 154 Fish, Zenda D 209 Fisher, A. M., Jr 309 Fisher, Arthur 154 Fisher, B. M 313 Fisher, Beatrice 65 Fisher, Mrs. C 349 Fisher, F. B 273 Fisher, George S 296 Fisher, Gilbert E 292 Fisher, John 154 Fisher, Joseph 281 Fisher, K. E 312 Fisher, Mrs. R 349 Fisher, Raymond. . . . 140- 141-84-280 Fisher, Thomas K 302 Fishman, Emanuel. . .294 Fishman, Herman 294- 154 Fisk, G. F., Jr 327 Fitzer, Robert L 277 Fitzgerald, Ann 347 Fitz-Gerald, Geraldine 345 Fitzgerald, Marion ... 342 Fitzpatrick, M 34 9 Flaherty, John J 98-63 Flansburgh, Betty J. 114-60-341 Flarer, F 337 Flarer, Mrs. W. W..337 Fleckenstein. Jean ... 335 Fleming, William H..63- 277 Flemming, Richard H. 320 Fletcher, Jane. . .105-111- 60-345 Fletes, Carol .114 Flick, Jesse .278 Flitcraft, Eloise. . .347-60 Florer, W. W 285 Flores, Frank 262-95 Florez, Louise. .. .60-341 Flynn, J. Donald 295 Flynn, Helen 209-336 Flynn, John 209 Foley, Raymond 91 Follin, James W 66 Folsome, C. E 296 Fonda, Richard. .317-209- 183 Fones, Hubert C 154- 267-258-81 Football Coaches 116 Football Varsity 120 Foote, Edward W 79- 267-258-81 Foote, Joseph 274 Fopeans, Mrs. J. F...331 Forcey, William 279 Ford, Clinton B.. 287-209 Ford, George 319 Ford, Gerald.... 12 1-126- 182-75-281-120-180 Ford, Mrs. W. B....335 Ford, W. M 286 Foreman, Charles R..279 Forsher, Evelyn 351 Forsher, Lamar 209 Forster, Burton 325 Forster, Paul 302 Forsythe, Carl 320 Forsythe, Edith 336 Forsythe, L. L 300 Forsythe, Margaret. . 341 Forsythe, Warren. . .282- 296 Foss, Allen F. W....209- 275 Foster, Charles 298 Foster, D. Bernard.. 321 Fouracre, Maurice. . .209 Fowdy, Stephen 154 Fowler, B. A 314 Fowler, Ruth 337 Fox, M 339 Fox, R. S 87-93-95 Fox, R. B 185-209 Fralick, E. M 336 Fralick, F. Bruce. 296-89 Framburg, Charles A. 87-285 Francis, Donald J 89- 296 Francke, Don E 189 Frank, George 304 Frank, I. S., Jr 326 Frank, Robert 299 Frankel, E. M 310 Frankel, James S 209- 309 Frankel, Sidney 209 Frankena, August . . 88-9 1 Franklin, Eugene 209 Frankowski, Wallace M. 209 Frantz, C. H 306 Frantz, Mrs. D 337 Frasee, Eudora 346 Fraser, June 340 Frau, Manuel A., Jr.. 290 Frauenberger, G. S...296 Fraunberger, R. C...322 Frazier, James H 210 Frazier, Roy E 320 Freas, Warren, Jr. . . 322- 267 Frederick, Edith 347 Frederick, John 63 Frederickson, Carl... 188 Freedman, Ronald.... 63 Freeman, Florence .... 65 Freeman, J. W 322 Freeman, Hershon. . .262 Freese, Duane D.. 210-95 Freese, John 78-264 Frehling, Robert J...63- 326 Freidman, Robert J. .289 Fremont, R. F 314 French, David G 210 French, Edward 298 French, Louise H. ..347- 104 Freund, Henrietta 210 Freyberg, Richard. 90-292 Frick, Charles 76-315- 81-260-258 Frick, Helen A 210 Fried, Bernard H 210 Friederici, Jean 338 Friedman, Abner 326 Friedman, Adele 109 Friedman, Arnold L. .289 Friedman, Charles. .. 157 Friedman, David B...289 Friedman, Morton L. 210 Friedman, Robert J. .61- 63 Friedman, Robert S..289 Friedman, Ruth 334 Friedman, Thomas.. 299- 63 Friend, Ardo M 289 Fries, Mrs. C 341 Frid, George 319 Frink, Virginia. .210-335 Frisinger, C. E 315 Frisk, L. L 322 Fritz, Donald W 321 Fritz, Edwin 283 Framburg, C. A 95 Frosh Frolic 79 Frost, Eugene 88 Frostic, William D...321 Frowein, Oskar J...186- 210 Frowine, Von K 185- 210 Fruend, Henrietta 341 Fruse, John 308 Fry, Lynn W 275 Frye, Mary Jane 337 Fuchs, Gertrude H...210 Fuller, Bruce F 283- 185-210 Fuller, Ned, Jr 279 Fuller, Richard C 318 Fuller, William 295 Fulton, Clark W 210 Fulton, R. E 314 Funk, Frank W 298- 210-96 Fuog, Russell... 121-120- 123-124-298 Furbeck, Elizabeth . . . 344 Furry, Frank 88-319 Furstenberg, Albert C. 20-295-90-89 Furstenberg, Mrs. A. C. 340 Furst, Harry 56-96- 210-279 Gage, David P 296- 211-308 Gager, W. 327 Gaige, F. M 285 Gail, W. R... 316 Gaines, Sherwin. . .63-326 Gains, Maurice 307 Gainsbauer, Dr. F. ..306 Galens 89 Gallagher, R. L 312 Gallmeyer, R.. 338 Gamma Phi Beta 344 Gamon, John T 211 Gandel, Harold B 97 Gans, Louis 274 Garber, Jessie 313 Gardiner, S. H 292 Gardner, Adele 343 Gardner, Ervin F 325 Gardner, J. B 303-92 Gardner, Joe H 272 Gardner, Lillian. . .60-336 Gardon, William G...184 Gargoyle 61 Garrels, John C., Jr.. 86- 211-320 Garrels, Robert 320 Garrett, Walter W...211 Garrettson. Mary.... 345 Garrison, Kearny R. .211 Carver, P 314 Garvin, Mary E... 65-344 Gass, H. H 313 Cast, John A 211 Gaston, Henry J 211 Gates, D. C 318 Gatward, Betty J...266- 349 Gault, Mrs. H 349 Gault, R. M 312 Gay, Joe A 88-211-91 Gaylord, Mary M...211- 262-339 Gee, John 154-130- 131-132 Gehring, Mrs. C. E...340 Gehring. Harold W..296 Geib, Frederick 154 Geier, Philip 271-211 Geldart, Dorothy. 60-114- 341 Geldbaugh, Cecil 308 Gelinas, Raymond 273 Georg, John 58-300 George, C., Jr 296 George, Frederick W. 320 Georgia Tech U 123 Gerkensmeyer, Richard H.. 322- 160-77 Germonprey, Howard 279 Gesell, Mrs. Robert. 333 Gessel, R. 272 Gessner, Eleanor L. .331 Getkin, Earl G 273 Geyman, Robert 320 Ghesguiere, George.. 154 Gibbon, Dr. A. D 306 Gibbs, Frank C., Jr.. 277 Gibbs, H. J 314 Gibson, Carola R 211 Gibson, O. Josephine. 211 Gibson, P 290 Giefel, C 337 Gies, Dorothy 65-96- 111-338 Giffen, Minna. .. 112-211- 348 Gifford, Theron F. . . . 302 Gilbert, C. E 73-305 Gilbert, Mrs. H. S...331 Giles, George 88 Gilfillan, Henry. .264-286 Gillard, Betty 211-342 Gillard, Mrs. J 342 Gillard, J. B., Jr 309 Gillard, J. L 292 Ciller, J. F 312 Ciller, K. W 312 Gilles, Neil J 291 Gillespie, Helen C...186- 211-350 Gillingham, A. J 285 Gilmore, E 339 Gilmore, R. M... 21 1-327 Gilpin, Watson 319 Gilson, Thomas 283 Gimmey, Doris E...212- 349 Cinder, Grove 157-319 Gingrich, Robt. J...212- 308 Ginon, Jean 65 Ginsburg, E. G 307 Ginsberg, Harold 294 Ginsburg, M 310 Ginsberg, Sylvia 348 Ginzler, Maurice M..212 Girdler, Tom M., Jr. .212 Gjelshness, R. H 322 Gladders, G. W... 314-60 Glass, Delta H... 212-336 Glass, Irvine 269 Glass, R. L 272 Glass, Stella... 336-58-72- 108-330-212-182 Glasser, Irwin L 289 Glavin, John E 67-102 Glendinning, Mrs. Robt. 351 Gleye, Paul 278-154 Glidden. Dean E 271 Glider Club 100 Glocheski, V 308 Glover, Mrs. C. C 331 Goddard, Mrs. E 339 Godfrey, A 337 Goebel, Robert 308 Goedicke, Victor 212 Goetting, Morton J. ..212 Goetz, Virginia C 212 Goetz, Wm. H 212 Goff, Hazel J 212 Goggin, Wm. C 212 Gold, Carl E 212 Goldbeck, Heinz O...325 Goldberg, B. A 73 Goldberg, Dorothy ... 2 1 2 Goldberg, Elaine L..334- 65 Goldberg, Louis 157 Goldberg, Mildred ... 348 Goldcamp, Richard R. 276 Golden, Seymour. .307-73 Goldhammer, S. M..297- 307 Golding, H. J 91 Goldman, George 88 Goldman, H 313 Goldman, J 212-307 Goldsmith, Dorothy. . 109 Goldsmith, George M. 187 Goldsmith, Louis 299- 78-263 Goldstein, Betty 65 Page 378 Goldstein, R 310 Goldstein, Rowena . . 348- 182-212 Goldstine, R 63 Goldswortny, Herbert J. 74-92-278 Combers, Moses 28 Good, C. W 91 Goodale, Albert O., Jr. 279 Goodier, Dexter. .84-213- 286 Gooding, F. Wemmer 320 Goodman, Julian M. . 326 Goodman, Raymond. .63- 313 Goodrich, C 278 Goodrich. J. F 95 Goodrich, Margaret 96 Goodwin, Al ice A... 213- 339 Gordon, Arthur D 327 Gordon, Dewitt 213 Gordon, Harold L...301- 321 Gordon, Irving J....296 Gordon, L. L 301 Gordon. W 318 Gordon, William G...90- 233-295 Gore, Mrs 342 Gorman, Paul 1 97- 136-301 Goss, Bertha 213 Goss, Mrs. A. .341 Gossman. Joseph H..274 Goodie, F. D 315 Gould, Howard 294 Goutremont, Betty 60 Gomremont, Rath. 96-339 Gouty, A. 318 Gowan, G 303 Grace, I. D 283 Grady, Ben 145 Graesser. D. A 322-93 Graff, Max H 271 Graham, A 341 Graham, Beatrice B..213- 344 Graham, C. W... 311-269 Graham, Donald 270 Graham, Frederick ... 38- 213-189 Graham, Grace V 213 Graham, J. V 303-312 Graham, Leonard 283 Graham, MacKellan. .270 Graham, Virginia. .. .341 Graham. Walker. .61-319- 185-78 Gram, Helene. .. 1 10-109- 213-114 Gram, James 63 Gram, Lewis M.. 27-115- 91-287-314 Gram, Mrs. Lewis M 113 Grant, B. W 213 Grant, Margarete C..213- 337 Grant, Pearl 213 Granvifle, R. E 270 Granzhora, E. C 321 Graper, R, E 314 Graske, Theodore W. 213 Gray, Charles 302 Gray. E. K. 88-315 Gray, Grace 112-114 Gray. Helen 336 Green, A. E. 286 Green, Clarence R 88 Green, E. P 286 Green, leannette. . . . 182- 213-331 330-108 Green, Mervin O 265- 297-313 Greenbaum, Frank... 274 Greenberg, Julius .... 21 3 Greenberg, Rosalind T. 334-213 Greene, Mrs. E 347 Greene, H 73 Greening, Charles B..281 Greenspan, Leon 265 Greenstone, H. A.... 3 10 Greenwald, Ed 154 Greenwald, Jean 112- 114-341 Greenway, Guerdon D. 285 Greenway, Horace V. 322 Greenway. J. 285 Greenwood, Ester ... 259- 349 Greenwood, Harriet E. 214-349 Greer, Charles H 88- 214-323 Gregg. Clarence C...325 Gregory, Edith R....214 Gregory, Rebecca . 109-90 Gregory, Mrs. R. 339 Greine r, Lewis 319 Grening. Charles 182 Greve, Clifford H 99 Greve, Elizabeth . . . 96-65 Greve, Mrs. Robert.. 351 Grier. Henri 60-326 Griffin, Clare E. 21 Griffin. Mrs. Clare. -.351 Griffith. Betty 341 Griffith, Olive 60-65 Griffiths, Billie.. 106-182- 214-336 Griffiths. William A.. 302 Griggs, Richard C...267- 271 Grimes, Wellington . . 63- 300 Grismore, Grover C. . . 99 Grismore, Mrs. G. C- 335 Griswold, Joseph G., Jr. 214 Groehn, Thomas. . .85-63- 320 Groening, William A. . 99 Groesser, Mary E....214 Groff, Dorothy M...214- 338 Groomes. Betty J... 65-60 Grosh, L., Jr 292 Grosman, Shirley E..266 Gross, Arnold 313 Gross, Harold M 214- 326-262 Gross. Joseph M 214 Grossinger, Alex 294 Grossman, Betty 334 Grossman, Jerome B. 326 Grove, H. D 286 Grove, Woodward 327 Groves, B. E 320 Grow, Hattibel 349 Guernsey, J. Thomas. 64- 266-303 Guest, Margaret J...339 Gains, Sergei 88 Gulick, Arthur E....214 Gump. M. E. 296 Gustafson, F. C 314 Gustaison, J. R... 64-314 Gustafson, R. G 315 Guthe, Mrs. B 342 Guthe, Mrs. C. E 340 Guthe, C. E. 285 Guthe, Mrs. O. E....342 Gnthrie, R. D 311 Guthrie, Win. 311 Gustine, R. 214-291 Gutterman. Jack L...183 G winner, Virginia 335- 332 H Haas, Christian.. 323, 100 Haas, D 343 Haas, Mildred 65-334 Haas, Xez 85-290-258 Haas, Reynold L 321 Haas, Robert A. 281 Haas, WilHam NT... 98-68 Habant, D. E 91 Haber, Jane. .109-169-259 Hadcock, Madeline. . .188 Haddock. Madeline G. 214 Hadley. Mrs. F 339 Hadley, Josephine. . . . 345 Hadley, P 286 Haefner. Leona. .188-214 Hage, M 339 Hageman, George W. 314 Hagey, Helen 268 Hague, Edwin D 286 Haight, C 292 Haight, Elbert E....286 Haines. Donald H 98 Haines, Mrs. H 337 Hais ch, Albert C.....91- 214-88 Halberstadt, P. E...312- 95 Halkins, Chuck 264 Hall, Mrs. B. C. 343 Hall, Dorothy J.. 182-214 Hall, Eric W.... 21 5-180- 61-98-37 Hall, E. P 95-215 Hall, George N... 73-215- 92-84-262-276 Hall, Henry W 98-349 Hall, Irene E 215-338 Hall, Jane 338-337 Hall, J. Cameron.. 64-92 Hall, Katherine M...341- 96 Hall, Kilborne L 215 Hail, L. P 283 Hall. Mariam 338 Hall, Mary E 335 Hall, R. B 279-338 Hall, Robert F.. 272-215 Halladay, Henry 308 Halleck, Lawrence M. 285 Halleck, Norman G..285 Hauowell, James 267 Halpern, Jesse O 201- 297 Halstead, J 314 Ham. Mrs. E. 336 Hamburger, Richard. .96 Hamilton, Charlotte . 344- 60 Hamilton, Edith .. 345-65 Hamilton, Tames 92 Hamilton, R. G 305 Hamro. Eldon R- 80 Hamm. G. H. 72 Hamman, Robert J 82 Hammett, R. W. " ..270- 275 Hammial, D. P 276 Hammond, George. . .90- 292-316 Hammond, John B...281 Hammond, Robert M. 279 Hammond, Thomas ..115 Hand, Eugene A 90- 292-271 Handeyside, Virginia. 344 Handley, Robert D...277 Hankey, M 342 Hanley, Helen 345 Hanley, Mrs. Stuart. 171 Hanlo ' n. Hazel M...331- 114-259 Hanna, Barbara 349 Harmon, Alice T 347 Harmon, Clark F 215- 182-298 Hans, A. H 312 Hanson, Mrs. F 339 Hanson. Elizabeth ... 33 1 Hanson, G. W. 309 Harbuan. Alma L. . .335 Hard, D 341 Hardenbrook, Richard S. 100-308 Hardgrove, G. L. 317 Hardleben, W. R 304 Hardy, Agatha 344 Hardy, Ardell. .. 341-188- 215 Hardy, R. K 95 Hardyman, James C. .290 Harger, O. J 315 Harkins. Joseph 278 Harkiss, Walter Scott 278 Harley, Mrs. H 340 Harlow, Ellis H 215 Harlow, F 304 Harlton, Wm. F., Tr..215 Harman, Helen H..215- 185 Harman, Richard L..300 Harnden, Robert C...260 Harper, Florence 111- 105-65-108-344-330 Harr. Phyllis J.. 218-182 Harriman. F 340 Harris, B. K 310 Harris, Fred 27S Harris, George S 283- 76-279 Harris, H. Derwood.302 Harris. J. F 314 Harris, Mrs. L 349 Harris, Richard W...74- 72-284 Harrison, A. 347 Harrison, lean 341 Harrison, Robert V..289 Harrod, Helen Fay. 215- 18% Harrod, Jack 148-149 Harsha, Anne E 347 Harshborger, E. D...98- 311 Hart, Dorothy P 339 Hart, Rath 331 Hartmann, Floyd W. 215-291 Hartsuff, Florence E. 189-215 Hartwig, Mrs. N. E..345 Hartwig, Hope 65-345 Hartwig, Marie.. 110-168 Hartwig, Marvin F. A. 102 Hartz, E. Reed 271 HarU. Virginia 349 Hartzig, Albert . . . 200-93 Harvey, Paul 99 Harvith, Samuel G...215 Harwood, Arthur F., Jr. 281 Haskell, LeRoy 271 Haskin, Charles M...273 Haskins, Jean 347 Haskins. Ruth 347 Hass, C. B 95 Hastie, Mrs. H 332 Hastings, Don T 66 Hastings, Reeve R..100- 286 Hasty, Willis 74 Hatfield, Jean 342 Hathaway, Harriet . . 342- 72-65 Haughey, C. F 93 Haughly. W.. 311-162-215 Hauhgy, P. C, 311 Hauser, I. J. 297 Hauser, Marvin J 307 Hauser, Maurice J...216 Hanser, Ravmond C..216 Hauslme, Cloyce. 121-120 Hausman, F. 1 310 Haven, T. K. 284 Haver, Forest E 276 Haviland. John 286 Hawes, H. A 306 Hawkins, Willis 88 Hawkins, R. L 315 Hawley , Robert . . 90- 3 1 2- 216 Hawley, H. L 73-322 Hawley, Mrs. H 340 Hawley, R. S 73-91 Haxton, Helen F 339 Hayes, Charles P 216 Hayes, Gordon H....327 Hayes, James 154 Hayes, Laverne 336 Hayes, Ronald E 291 Haynes. Charles H...302 Haynes, Harley A.. 320- 321-89-292 Haynes, J. W 72 Haynes. Mrs. J. C...340 Hay wood, Hugh.. 63-286 Hay wood, Tean E....216 Hazelton, Samuel, Tr..95- 216-314 Heald, A. A. 279 Healy, John C 63-98- 216-180-46-258-271 Heaps, R. A 278 Heath, Eleanor. . .336-216 Heath, Mrs. F. C 66 Heath, Mrs. H. . . 349-349 Heath, Homer 98 Heath, Jane 349 Heavenrich, Wally..l48- 149 Heckathorn, Eleanor. 347- 60-79 Hedetniemi, C J 216 Hefferan, Mrs. G 340 Hefferrnan. T. U 327 Hefferon, Lois P 216 Heibein, G. H 72 Heilala. T. U 94 Heinzelmann, John F. 280 Heisinger, Delwin 183 Heitman, Edmund K. 290 Heitsch, Robt. D.. Jr. 216-287 Heittman. Kenneth . . . 296 Heirer, W. L. 292 Held, Harold 283 Heles, J. B 314 Helfman, M. Man -ml. 216 Helis, J. P 95 Hellaby, John 308 Hellert, Mdvtn G...318- 100 Hellman, D. L 283 Hellworth, A. 304 Helper, Morton 297 Hezerman, Ralph F..321- 89-216 Hemans, Charles F 16 Henckel, Anna C....339 Henderson, Charles P. 102 Henderson, C R 285 Henderson, Charles W. 279 Henderson, Elizabeth . 60 Henderson, Jack B...300 Henderson, Mrs. Xellie 113 Henderson, William H. 296-273 Hendley, James C 287 Hennigar, Elsie L 216 Henning, Paul. . .79-267- 308 Henning, Frederick A. 217-185-283 Henrock, Robert J 59- 217-180-285 Henry, Leo J 217-336 Herbert, D .143 Hermitage 287 Herndon, Mae 60-341 Herrick. Edith 345 Herringer, Charlotte J. 217 Herrmann, Rose 347 Herschelmann, Roy F. 321 Hersey, Dr. N. L 306 Hershey, Charles C..292- 285 Hershey, Richard G..63- 73-99-271 Hertner, G. D 93 Hertrich, Frederick, Jr. 309-84-217 Hertrich, M 342-217 Hertz, Harold M.. 87-73- 276 Hesler, Delbert 86-95- 91-217 Hess, Ruth.. 330-336-108 Hession, Thomas S., Jr. 217 Heston, J. P 276 Hetchler. Albert J 66 Heusel, Robert J 291- 260 Heustis, Albert E...261- 272 Hewitt, Charles C 217 Heyliger. Victor 146 Heywood, J. S 312 Hibbard, Charles F. .280 Higbee, Edith. . .331-349 Higbee, H. H 322-86- 91-87 Higbee, Tane 341 Higbee, R. 322 Higgins. Edward 320 High, Howard C.. Jr. 272-268 Highley. A. M 285 Highley, Mrs. A. M..345 Highley, George B 89 Highley, M 345 Highley, R. S 350 Highman, Harry 90 Hildebrand, Kathryn M. 351-114-217 Hildebrand. Willard. .84- 273-120-121-149-154-217 Hildebrandt. Mrs. T..340 Hildner, A. C 29-85 Hildner, E. G ..316 Hildreth. R. C 295 Hile, R. K. 317 Hill, Betty 110-109 Hill, Don H 304 Hill, Florence 217 Hill, Frances 96 Hill, Francis 217 Hill. N 339 Hill, Robert J 324 Hill, Robert K... 280-154 Hill, T. S 272 Page 379 Hillburger, Alfred E..97 Hillier, Donald... 81-258- 281-264 Hillier, J. D 275 Hills, James C... 67-187- 217 Hills, Richard D....325- 217-185 Himber, L. E 296 Himes, Marcia L. ...182- 218 Hinex, George 88 Hindman, Mrs. W. H. 338 Hinds, S 312 Hindson, T. L 315 King, Ny Win 101 Hinkley, J. P 314 Hinks, David M.. 327-218 Hinks, Esther E 216 Hinks, Richard E....327 Hinsdale, W. B 321 Hinshaw, A 337 Hinshaw, Joseph. 281-269 Hilly, J. Carl... 302-217- 180-258 Hilty, Robert D 302 Hirsch, Alexander H. 218 Hirsch, Bernard B...73- 318-72 Hirsch, Marvin 299 Hirsch, Voltaire 60 Hirshberg, S. 313 Hirschfeld, Alexander 299 Hirschowitz, Florence 218 Hertrich, Margaret. . . 188 Hiscock, Alice 335 Hiscock, Florence. . . 335 Hiscock, Margaret. .105- 108-111-258-330-349 Kites, E. R 72 Hockey 1 6 Ho, Dzi R 101 Ho, I. D 101 Hoard, Douglas H..270- 218 Hobart, Morida 338 Hobbs, W. H 95 Hodge, S. D 322 Hodges, J ( ' 0 Hodges, F. J 89-295 Hodges, Mrs. James. 351 Hodgins, Theodore S. 218 Hodgson, Jack R....321 Hoefer, Ruth H.. 218-338 Hoerauf, Herbert W. 218 Hoff, George L 327 Hoffer, Leon E... 100-88 Hoffman, Jean C 344 Hoffman, Louis G 79- 298 Hoffman, Kathryn E. Hoffman, Marya 345 Hogan, William R...298- 100 Hohn, M 344 Holben, Conrad E 62- 288 Holden, Donald 258 Holden, Helen 336 Holden, John W 218- 81-183 Holden, Marion ... 349-65 Holfer, Ruth 182 Holkiss, Charles.. 82-322 Hollands, W. C 270 Holiand, Lewis N 94 Hollister, Richard D..99 Hollowell, J 303 Holm, James P 218 Holman, Herbert H..261- 297 Holmes, Dudley K...271 Holmes, G. M 315 Holmes, Howard S..271- 344 Holmes, Mrs. H 345 Holmes, Jane 337 Holmes, J. R 311 Holmes, Kendall B...90- 292-218-184 Holmes, Kenneth S..271 Holmes. Mrs. K 337 Holmes, S 311 Holt, Doris 345 Hong, Chee J 101 Honigfeld, Terwin ... 274 Hood, Dorothy K...331- 218 Hood, J. H 286 Hood, W. C... 322-286-91 Hood, W. 324 Hood, Mrs. W 344 Hooker, Mary Lou... 65 Hooker, Pamela 344 Hootkin, Mrs. H 348 Hoover, Robert 298 Hopkins, Louis A 21 Hoppe, Emil W 218 Horak, Joseph E.. 61-218- 180-119-280 Hord, Burton T 282 Horine, Ruth H 218 Horisky, J. P 278 Horn, K. W 272 Hornberger, Theodore 300-99 Hornberger, Mrs. T..349 Hornung, Gladys. .. .348 Horowitz, Arnold 63 Horton, Charlotte 344 Horton, Mary J 219 Hosmer, John A. .292-90 Houdek, J 72 House, F. B 72 Houtz, W. D 95 Houvener, Russell W. 91-219-82 Howard, Elizabeth. . .169 Howard, Frank E...100- 277 Howard, Martha Jane 336 Howard, R. H 276 Howe, Irvine M 295 Howe, Slewelhyn S...219 Howell, C. A 316 Howell, Edwin D... 92-72 Howell, Grant 136 Howell, Robert B...278- 283 Howell, Roderick B. 319-268-219 Howell, Mrs. R. B...331 Howell, William 319 Howells, Lavinia 347 Hower, Tom 278 Hoyer, Roy 98 Hoyle, E 339 Hoyt, Charles N....292- 135-136-219 Hoyt, Edwardine F..182- 219 Hsiao, Chih C 101 Hu, Hui 101 Hubbard, 1 340 Hubbard, Willard W. 281 Huber, Carl P... 90-276- 306 Huber, G. C 292 Huber, Mrs. G. C....349 Huber, John F... 90-276- 306 Huber, Mrs. J. F....346 Huber, Mrs. K 346 Hubriger, Herman L. 325 Huesel, H 337 Huesman, F 318 Huffman, Richard 283 Hugg, Virginia.. 108-219- 330-344 Hughes, Mrs. F 347 Hulgrave, Daniel F...85- 285 Hultquest, D. A 306 Humbert, Alice 96 Hume, Joseph S. .84-219- 320 Hume, M. J 315 Humphreys, L. R. ...343 Humphrey, Tryphena 333 Humphreys, Wilbur R. 85-277 Humphreys, Mrs. W. R. 343 Hunn, David S... 85-298- 136-138 Hunt, Charles P 280 Hunt, D 332 Hunt, Frederick 74 Hunt, Morean C.. 85-135- 136-271-346 Hunt, Nora Crane.. 343- 114 Hunt, Mrs. O. E. ..113- 347 Hunt, Virginia 347 Hunt, Mrs. W 346 Hunter, Katherine. . . . 347 Hunter, L 312 Huntington, Mary A. .331 Huntington, E. J....286 Huntzicker, George.. 278 Husband, R. C 314 Huss, John II 99 Hussey, R. C 309 Hussey, Mrs. Russel C. 113-351 Hutchings, Mona B..113- 188-219 Hutchins, Mrs. H. C. 345 Hutchinson, Elizabeth 343-219 Ilutchinson, J. Edward 270 Hutchinson, Mary... 219- 340 Hutton, Donald 271 Hutton, Hal J 279 Hutzel, R. F 30.1 Hurd, D. H 270 Kurd, Ralph W... 63-324 Hurwitz, Ruth 219 Hwang, Florence. . . . 101 Hwang, Jennie 101 Hwang, Kuh C 101 Hyatt, M. G 73-323 Hyde, Emory J 66 Hymans, E 346 Icerman, P. F 314 Idema, Chester F., Jr. 298 Illinois, University of 131-135-125-140-136-141 Immel, Elizabeth R. 219-350 Imrie, Dorothy 347 Indiana, Univ. of... 141- 140-135 Ingersoll, C. F 295 Inglis, Mrs. A 346 Inglis, C 337 Inglis, Mrs. J 345 Inglis, J. A 271 Inglis, Mrs. W 336 Ingold, John 264 Ingram, Lester R....287 Ingram, Marjorie R..331 Innes, Price S 324 Interfraternity Council 269 Intramural Sports. ... 156 lolanthe 34 Iowa, University of. 141- 140-131 Ireland, Irving R 322 Irons, William T 102 Irvin, C. E 311 Irvin, Tom 248 Irwin, Arthur S 183- 219-318 Isaacs, A 343 Isaacs, Morris M 219 Isaacs, Raphael 90 Isaacs, Mrs. R... 343-334 Isaacson, Wm. J 219- 313 Isbell, E. R 315 Isberg, Emil 268-297 Israel, Marjorie J...109- 220 Ivory, Janet B 220 J J-Hop 38-39-76-77 Jablonski, John 85-270 Jackler, Benjamin. .. .220 Jackson, Dwight A.. 220- 325-185 Jackson, Mrs. H 341 Jackson, H. C 273 Jackson, Isabel F 220 Jackson, J. Robert... 273 Jackson, Janet 347 Jackson, Virginia .... 337 Jackson, William .. 64-326 Jacobs, Benjamin P. .277 Jacobs, Helen J 220 Jacobs, Morton . . . 64-289 Jacobs, Phillip H....277 Jacoby, Mrs. A 339 Jacobson, Tage 88-81- 220-121-258-127-120- 290-183 Jacox, Harold W. .90-295 Taegerman, Beatrice. .220 jakkula, A. A 91 James, A. A 156-157 Tames, A. X., Jr 317 James, Edward 291 James, Gilbert 154 James, Laylin K..28 : 102 James, Preston E 319 James, Richard ... 27 1 -87 Jameson, Fred M....272 Jamison, Mrs. C 349 Jamison, D. J 325 Janda, Robert J 99 Janeshek, William ... 1 00 Jao, Chin C 101 Jaros, Edward 86-95- 312-220-82 Jarrold, E 341 Jaudon, Joseph C 90 Jaycox, Theresa 338 Jay, Phillip 310 Jean, Gertrude 349 Jean, Karl F 92-287 Jedele, P. W 95 Jefferes, E 341 Jefferis, Thomas K...276 Jefferson, A 72 Jeffries, John H 80 Jelles, Nicholas, Jr.. 185- 293 Jeltes, Jay A 293 Jen, Pong C 101 Jennings, Mrs. A. ...341 Jennings, Charles G..100- 200 Jennings, Ferris. 122-123- 125-120-154 Jennings, Frederick A. 88-62-100 Jennings, Fred S 322 Jennings, Harriet .... 346 Jennings, Wm. E 220 Jensen, Walter A 72- 302 Jernegan, Ruth A. ...349 Jesserich, Paul II... 283- 308 Jewell, John P.. 180-309- 147-146 Jeynes, Gordon F. ...273 Jiannot, Roy W 287 Jocelyn, Louis P 66 Joffe, Stanley 64-299 Johns, Mary L 114 Johnson, Amber C...338 Johnston, A. Esther. 333 Johnson, Burdette R. 291 Johnson, Carleton B..279 Johnson, Chalmers. .. 283 Johnson, Edward. ... 154 Johnson, Eleanor. .65-1 14 Johnson, Ernest A. ..287 Johnson, Helen 220 Johnson, Horace S. ..281 Johnson, Hugo E. ...220- 183 Johnson, Jeanne K...331 Johnson, John E 304 Johnson, Julius H....315 Johnson, Mary B....266- 345 Johnson, Nancy E...220- 346 Johnson, Robert. .96-154- 144-145-154-258-68-315- 327 Johnson, Robert L 72 Johnson, Robert W. ..80 Johnson. Stewart. . 98-278 Johnson, Suzanne. .. .349 Johnson, Venable D. .279 Johnson, Vernon C. ..80- 296 Johnson, Wayne R...290 Johnston, Clarence T. .91- 99-270 Johnston, Mrs. Clarence 113 Johnston, Ernest 154 Johnston, Franklin D.. 90- 292 Johnston, Katherine . . 347 Johnston, Wm. R 220 Johnstone, John 156- 157-150 Jones, Betty Kay 331 Jones, C. D 91 Jones, Ernest A. ..64-72 Jones, Frederick F...84- 92-95-220-308 Jones, J. C 292 Jones, J. Randal: 99 Jones, Russell S 278 Jones, Theodore 291 Jones, Walter 74 Jones, Wilbur D 298 Jones, Willard H 290 Jones, William M.. 72-74 Jordan, Merrell H...64- 303 Jordan, Myra B 110 Joseph, Burton, Jr. ..326 Joseph, Herbert 326 Joslin, Richard S. ...87- 260-130-131-271 Jotter, Mary L. .221-110 Judiciary Council of the League 107 Judson, Robert 276 Judson, W. T 95-221 Junior Girls ' Play. .42-43 Junior Girls Play Central Committee. 105 Jurow, Harry 201 Jury, Francis S.. 221-277 K Kaarhan, Morris. 185-223 Kabrisky, Ruth. . 184-333 Kach, K 337 Kadet, L. J 307 Kadin, T. G 307 Kagey, J 291 Kahlbaum, Warren S. 221-290 Kahler, G. A 303 Kahn, Charlotte 334 Kahn, David 297 Kahn, E. A 292 Kahn, Howard. . 150-163- 294 Kahn, Jerome 299 Kahn, R. L 297-310 Kahner, Jack 221 Kalliz, Mrs. M 337 Kalmhach, L 346 Kamler, Milton L. ...274 Kamm, Illin 135 Kammermeyer, K 91 Kandratowicz, R 305 Kane, B 337 Kane, Julie 105- 330-340-108-111 Kanners, Rosalie 65 Kanouse, Harriet. .. .340 Kanter, Elizabeth . . . 340- 221 Kanter. Isabelle. .347-221 Kao, Chien 101-88 Kapf, M 342 Kaplin, Leonard W..223 Kappa Alpha Theta 345-329 Kappa Delta 346 Kappa Delta Rho...288 Kappa Kappa Gamma 347 Kappa Nu 289 Kappa Sigma. .. .161-290 Kappler, Janet. . .114-351 Karlson, Georgina L. 221-182-109-106 Karlson, Janet F. ...266 Karmann, Norbert M. 221 Karp, J. D 73 Karpinski, Mrs. L.... 9 Karpinski, T 308 Karstens, W. S 312 Kasely, Jack 145 Kaser, Guy S 287 Kaser, Ruth J .131- 182-114 Kasle, S. L.. .313-98-299 Kasler, S. Leonard... 63 Kasley, Margaret J. .221- 96-109-110 Katz, D. J 307 Kazt, Hubert J.. 221-297 Katz, Jay 294 Katzenmeyer, Edward. 74 Kauffman, Jane 341 Kaufman, Millard. . .157- 313 .Kaugman, Mrs. C....339 Kavanagh, Maureen.. 109 Kavinoky. Bernice N.334 Kay, Earle B.... 292-286 Kay, Marvin 299-64 Kayser. Ruth 75 Kean, Daniel G 150 Kean, Florence 340 Kearns, Lewis. 84-285-221 Keddy, Virginia L...221 Keegan, J. L 72 Keeler, Mrs. H. E....338 Keeler, Harry 145 Keeler, Hugh 86 Page 380 Keeler. Paul James. 298- 97 Keen, Clifford ...... 116- . . . . Keene, Mrs. C ...... 339 Keene, C. H ........ 272 Keene. Jean Kramer. 351 Keetch. William A ____ 97 Keetoo. EiTin ....... 296 Kehoe, Josephine ---- 346 Keikirk. Edna ....... 346 Keinath, Jean ....... 337 Keiner, Hilton ...... 289 Keiser, Rufus ...... 88-95 Keisey, Mrs. F. W..349 Keller, A. P ........ 310 Keller, Jean ..... 342-22 1 Keller, M ........... 349 Keller. Mrs. R ...... 349 Kelley, C. B ........ 303 Kelley. E. J .......... 95 Krlley, Jack H ...... 282 Rellman, Edward E. 149-154 KeD y , Bethel B ...... 281 Kelly, Charles .V. 302-87 Kelly, E. J ....... 94-296 Kelly, R- ........... 343 Kelly, Wm .......... 308 Keisey, Mrs. D ...... 338 Kefco, Jean H ....... 339 ink, Claude J...293 Kemp, Cass ......... 136 Kemper, John ....... 283 Kempt. Emerson J...292 Kempf, P. R.. ...... 302 Kempner, Mdvin J., Jr. 221 Kempton, Joseph ..... 62 Kendall. H. M ...... 322 Kendrick, R. ........ 316 Kennedy. A. D ...... 314 Kennedy. Charles F..320 Kennedy, Christine. .345 Kennedy, James A., Jr. Kennedy, R. C ...... 314 Kennedy, Wm. P...221- 91 Kenner. Virginia 60-65 Ker.yon, Gale ..... 222 Rtnyon, H. A ____ 303-98 Keppel. Jean ........ 345 Keppleman, Thomas. 319 Kerfikowske, A. C..324- 296 Kerfikowske, Mrs. A.C. 346 Kerr. Henry K... 222-88 Kerr, John E ........ 98 Kerr, Lorin E.. Jr.. 222 -- - Kerschbanm. O ...... . Rervin. Delos ....... 283 Rerwan, Katherine ___ 330 Kef=berger. M. I _____ 337 Kessel. Elsie ........ 112 Kesselman. Harriet E. 334 Kessler, A. B ....... 343 .er, Mrs. C ..... 343 - er, Edwin S. ... 63- 313 Keyes, G. F ......... 312 Keyser, John C.. 277-222 -on. Ta-re A... 271 Kiffinger, Paul ...... 258 Kightlinger. Erie ____ 300 Kilgore, Kenneth ____ 284 Kfflins, C. G ....... 315 Kilmer, Xed ........ 308 Kimball. D. C ....... 306 KimbaD, H. P ....... 283 Kimball, Margaret ... 347 Rimball. Robert ...... 92 Kimber, J. W ....... 306 :ey, Jane ....... 344 Kimpner, Melt-in J..326 Kindred. Mrs. Leslie. 331 King. A ............. 311 King, Barbara K...339- 295 King, C. Dudley. Jr.. 285 King, E. V ____ 314-94-95 King, F. A. ........ 312 King, Frederick E..323- 26088 King, G. R .......... 312 King, G. P .......... 3O6 King, Mrs. H ....... 341 King, Harold ........ 270 King. H. V ......... 91 King, Laura ........ 336 King, Lois ....... 349-65 King, Mary E... 60-1 14- 341-222 Kingdom, John G...298 Kingery. Richard 283 Kingsley. J 311 Kingston. L 332 Kinkead, Thomas H. 300 Kinnison, C. G 278- 222 Kinwan. Kathrrine. . . 114 Kipke, Harry G.. 32-1 17- 120-121-298 Kirby, Hilda 342222 106 Kirby, James G 318 Kirk, Marquis A 222 Kirkwood. Virginia M. 222-96 Kirn, Kathryn 335 Kirschman 141 Kirwan, Kathryn. 35 1-108 Kisinger. E. D 72-92 Kisselman. Harriet E. 222 Kissinger, P. E... 317-81 Kitchen, John 74 Kitten. Gardner 283 Kitzmiiler, John L...321 Klaer, A. L 273 Klaer, Mrs. A. 344 Klahr. Signer 274 Klass, Louis 222-187 Klaosmeyer, Leonard 283 Kleene, F. K. 271 Kleene, Thomas H...63- 85-271 Klein, Brace V 183- 222-324 Klein, Charles T 298 Klein, Cyras P. 326 Klein. D. L 72-289 Klein, Howard B...222- 310 Klein, Joseph M 297 Klein, Philip M.. 222-298 Klein. R. 1 60-307 Klein. William 299 Kleinman, J. Daniel. 274 Kleinschmidt, Earl E. ;-- Kleinschmidt, Gladys J. 333 KKng, Victor F 296 Klingman. Theodore. 295 KJingman, Mrs. T...113- 345 Klink, Winifred M. J. 222 Klopfenstein, Morris. 296 Klose, H. J 64-312 King. Rosemarv 332 Ktete, Anthony F., Jr. 62-74-88-222 Klute, Harold F.. 92-277 Knapp, Donald R. 64-277 Knapp, John 322 Knapp, W. G 162-311 Knecht, Wm. C... 300-64 Knerler, Charles W..272- Knight, David W 223 Knight, Robert . . . 59-285 Knoble, Richard. 264-323 Knoll, L. A. H 296 Knndson. C. A. 286 Knuth, Ralph W 287 Knuusi, Allen.. 8 1-86-9 1- 183-223-258-308 Knowlson. 342 Knox, Martha 60-34 1 Knox, Samnel D 92 Knox, Wm. W... 99-223- 102-324 Kock, Alfred J 290 Koch, C. V 342-223 Koch. Tohn B 223 Kocsis, Charles.. 152-153- 162-291 Koehl, Lois M 223 Kodla, Charles E. 96 KoDeg, Margaretta. .337 Kolfig. John M 271 Komishane, Albert J. 223 Kondratowicz, Raymond 188 Kooistra, Clarence. ..293 Koorhan. Morris 274 Kopfin, Leonard 294 Kories, Leonard C...223 Kortenhoff, Mrs. H. . 344 Kositrhrk. Robert J. 136-223-310 Roster, Koert 293 Roster, W. G 72 Kostka 126 Kovac, Daniel R 223 Koykka, Raymond J..95- Kraft, Robert G 189 Krag, Mrs. W. W...336 Kramer, Melvin 270 Kramer, Milton A... 289 Krans, Paul 319 Kraus, Charles E 288 Kraus, Mrs. E. 341 Kraus, E. H 302-19 Krans, Paul 1 97 Krause. Louise. .341-114 Krazman. Jack J 223 Rrebs. William T.. .223 Kreinbring, V 343 Krekeler, J. B 301 Krell, J. C 73 Kress, Marjorie 331 Kretschmer. Jan 336 Kretzschmer, Norman R 90 Rreuger. Carl F 223 Krieg, Lowell E....324- 99-60 Kripke. Shirley E. 96 Kritzschmar, X. L. ..306 Kroes, Leonard C 88 Kronenberger, Richard 29964 Krueger. C. F 275 Rrugliak, S. J 313- 266-64 Krysin. Joseph A 88- 224-317 Knai, Hn 101 Kuenzel, Mrs. F. C..338 Ruhn. Robert 268-297 Ruler, Mrs. Lewis... 335 Runtz, Hilda Barbara 224 Runzi. Frederick E..224 Rurkjian, Armen S...66 Kuebler. F. 344 Kusin, Lewis 299 Kwang. Cho S 101 Kyer, Mrs. Charles. .331 Kyer, Jean 337 Kyte, Mrs. G. C 338 Kwis, Robert H 277 La Ban, W. 1 94 La Cava. Joseph 96 Lackey. J. P 314 La Croix, Robert A. 290 La Daw, C. W r 311 Ladd. E. 340 Ladd, H 345 Ladd, O. Wallin 273 Ladd, Robert B... 93 -290 Ladd, Sanford 271 Ladd, Sanford 59 Ladd, V 340 LaFever. S. L 296 Lafey, Bruce R 286 Laing, L. L 284 Laitner, Jean. 104-345-59 Laitner, ft. F 316 Lake, Mrs. 242 T-atnafwa Lillie Anna 224 La Marca, Raymond W. 99 Lamb, Mrs. F 341 Lamb, Grace R.. 33 1-292 Lamb, Hugh 135-136 Lamb, W. K. 292 Lambda Chi Alpha. 162- 163-291 Lamberson, Frank A. 292-224-319 Lambert, Janet 109 Lambertson, John G. 276 Lambie, Marv 60-344 Lambie, J. H 93 Lampl, Isadore 90 Lance, Keith C 58- 324-92 Lande, J. J. 307-224 Lande, Stella 224 Landers, Francis M. . 301 Landers, Frank M...224 Landis, K, 314 Landrum. Kate 342 Landrnm, R. J 278 Lane, V. H 311 Lane, Wm. 154 Lang, J. 349 Langenbach. John R. 224 Langenderfer, Mariorie 65-344 Langford. G. R 311 Langford, Robert 224 Langford, Dr. T. S..306 Langford, Mrs. T. S. 338 Langhans, Xeier Freder- ick 224 Levin, Abraham ..63-154 Levin, Monroe B 225 Lappin. Milton M...274 Levin, Selma. .96-65-225 La Rowe, Franklin He- Levine, Charles J...289- with 187-224 61 Lass. Edward H 293 Levine, Howard B...289 Lasser, Judith C 334 Levine, Monroe 96 I-athrop, D 308 Lerine, Rose 348 Lathrop, F. D 295 Levison, Frances 334 Lathrop, Homer C...64- Levison. Helen S...334 271 Levinson, Michael 225 Lau. Rudy 101 Levitas, Arthur 294 Laub, Elizabeth .. 340-96 Levitt, Irving F... 289-76 Laub. Gavno 340 Langhlra. K. 303 Levy, David J., Jr... 225 Levy, Ira W 289 Laun, I. H 224-278 Levy, Lawrence 289 Lanrtellot. H. R 312 Lew, B. B 307 Lautzenhiser, Eileen. 335 Lewinson. Michael 102 Law, John T 279-272 Lewis, D. King 289 Lawrence, Anna Jane Lewis, Mrs. G 349 224 Lewis, Howard B 20- Lawrence, Mrs. J. F. 89-90-333 345-341 Lewis, Jane 337 Lawrence, James O..272 Lewis, L 344 Lawrence, John Tacob Lewis, Margaret Deana 224-93-300 ' 25-342 Lawrence. W. R 93 Lewis. Sol 326 Law Review 102 Li, Man K. 101 Lawrv, Elizabeth Broad Li, Tu 101 224 Lichtenwanger, W. J. .73 Lawton, George Freder- Lichty. D. E 295 ick 84-324-182-225 Liddicoat. R_ L 273 Lawton. Xorman 319 Lidert, C. R 317 Lav, Eileen F 114 Liebold, X 317 Lay. W. E 95-91-288 Liem, Khe T 101 Lazer. Burvl 299 Lien t, James R 270 Lazarus. Ruth H...334 Liffiton, J. L 314 Lazurus, Arnold Leslie Light, Goddard . . 92-3 14- 225 226 Leach. Herbert K-..279 Lillie, Jean 340 Leadbeater, Arthur ..154 Lillie, John C 280 Leahy, R. E 315 Lillie, Walter 154-316 Leake, Dorothy Anne Limrv, F. P 315 225 Lmabury, Henry V. . 288 Leavitt, Sally 348 Lincoln, Esther Jane LeBaw, William I. 318 226-342 Lebeis. Bertram H...286 Lincoln, Joseph X. . . 300 Lebovitz, Herbert M. Lincoln. Mrs. J. W..395 274 Lindberg, Robert B..226 Le Cercle Francais 96 Linden, Victor Emmett Lederle, John W.. 99- 324 226 Lee, Chad H. 101 Lindenbaum. Helena 334 Lee. Chen L 101 Lindenschmitt, J 270 Lee, Fung L 101 Lindpris. Eleanor 347 Lee, Hoen F 101 Lines, Lex 88 Lee, Kay 101 Ling, Bing C 101 Lee, Kuo C 101 Lipts, Ruth 334 Lee, T. F 73 Lipkint, Ruth 65 Lee, Tsing W 101 Lipsert, L. C... 73-97-92 Leever. Raymond 303 Lipsitt, Seymour 274 Leggert, Herbert B..2 ' 5 Lipskv, S. D 307 Legatski, Harold R..91 Lislte. M. Althea. . . ' 26 Lehman, Bertine 337 Litchfieli E. H... 324-76 Leidr, Barbara 339 1935 Literary 182 Leidy. Paul A 67-98 1936 Literary 259 Leidv. Mrs. P 339 1938 Literary 266 Leigh, Llewellyn P.. 185- Littiu, T. D 292 - Lntig, Mrs. J 347 Leighton, Eleanor ... 338 Little, Bertrude Eliza- Leland. Thad E., Jr.. 320 beth 226 Lem. Clavton 101 Little, Bettv 345 Lemen, Charies C., Jr. Little, Herbert W...311- 99-92 63 Lemen, Wm. E 135- Little, James William 136-309 ' 72-226 Lemery, Francis Pattern Litzenberger, Mrs. C. 2 ' 5 337 Lemkin, M 307 Litzenberg, K. 286 Lempert, A. A. 93 Liu, Cheng Y 101 Lenhart, Lorraine 344 Liu, Chuan C 101 Lennan, Mabel " 5 Liu, Liang T 101 Leutine, Xichola. . 2 " " 5 Liu, Peter 101 Lenz, Lawrence W. .81- Liu, Shih T 101 91-88-258- 25 Liu, St. 88 Leonard, C. A. 303 Liu. Vincent H 101 Leonard, Donald 306 Livernois. Mildred 350 Leonard, T. B 314 Livernois. Mrs. F...339 Leong. Irene 101 Livingston, Charles G. Leopold, Katherine. . 340 327-98 Lepard, C. W 303 Livingstone, John 154 Lepisto, Rhadetta Alice Lloyd, Alice C... 18-114- 225-351 340 Lerner, George 141 Llovd, Mrs. A. 337 LeRonx, Ruth 112 Llovd, Mrs. E. F...336 Lesser, Joseph. . . 75- ' 94 Llovd. Lawrence E..298 Lester, W ilma .A 339 Letchfield, Francis . . . 283 Lo, Shih T 101 Lockman. Louise 172 Letson, Anne 338 Lockman, Roy Albert Leung. Chenk Wa..l01 226-317 Levenson, Hallis M..225 Lockwood, Samuel .92 Levenson, Xeil T. 82-322 Lodeesen-Grevinck, Ru- Levenson. William dolph - - (, Charles 225 Loeb, Edward 299 Levi, Mrs. Moritv...334 Loebs, Ruth 347 Levick, Burnett B..289- Loewenberg, Esther. 226- 63 96 Page 381 Lofberg, Mrs. Everett 331 Logan, A. J 283-337 Logie, James Wallace 226-292 Lohti, Ray 154 Loi, Chuen M 101 Lombard, W. P 306 Lomasney, David C..271 London, M ilton 294 Long, Elizabeth 347 Long, H 284 Loomis, Caroline, Mar- tha 226 Loomis, Helen M...339- 226 Loomis, Katherine. . .337 Loose, William 278 Loppen Thien, Olga Lucie 226 Lorch, Miss E 344 Lorch, Emil... 91-275-19 Lorch, R. E 311 Lord, Wm 311 Loree, C. D 292 Loree, Mrs. D. D...337 Lotridge, Riberca .... 336 Loughborough, Betty Loughman, James C. 322-226-91-94 Louis, Foo F 101 Louis, Lawrence 101 Loupee, G. E 295 Love, Mrs. Clyde E. 343-113 Love, E. G 303 Lovell, Alfred, Jr 63- 87-91 Lovell, Barbara J 65 Love, Harold 298 Lovejoy, Mrs. P. S...347 Loveland, Malcolm W. 288 Loveland, Mrs. R 342 Low, E. Reed, Fr...298 Lowe, Robert A 81 Lowe, Whitney 286 Lowe, Whiney 226 Lowell, William O..149- 154-264-318 Lower Class Officers. 257 Lowery, Albert A 99- 322 Lowery, Edward 146 Lowry, Mrs. T 341 Luby, Earle 154 Lucassian, Zaren 227 Luce, Kenneth K.. 99-324 Lucios, E. G 312 Ludwig, Frederick E. 272-227 Ludwig, L. S 309 Luecht, John W... 79-72- 324 Lucking, Lester W. 287-88 Lui, Ang T 101 Lulenski, Chester R..321 Lundall, Arthur 302 Lunny, Mary Elizabeth 227 Lurie, George 299 Lush, Frank 316 Lutes, S 341 Lutts, Barbara 112 Lyle, Charles 304 Lyman, F 311 Lyndon, Dorothy 60 Lynn, Harvey 261 Lynner, Sigurd R...277 Lyon, Donald W...227- 291 Lyon, Lee 326 Lyon, William G 281 Lyons, Chalmers J..283- 19 Lyons, Mrs. C. J 338 Lyons, Irene. 108-330-343 Lyons, Richard Hugh 292-227-184 H Ma, Shih L 101 MacAlpine, MacCollum, MacDonald, MacDonald, MacDonald, MacDonald, Douglas B. 300 Donald.. 146 Bruce.. 308- 227-74 Colin C. 227-.. 284-279 David G. 63-280-85 Helen.. 107- 110-227 MacGregor, Robert.. 283 Macintosh, M 346 Macintosh, Neil B..273 Maclntyre, C. H 272 Maclntyre, Dugald S. 292-89 Maclntyre, Robert E. 292 MacKaye, Lavinia M. 333 MacKenzie, John D. .228 Mackey, Theresa 351 Mackey, Thomas 278 MacKichan, Keith B.228 Mackintosh, Marjorie. .65 Macks, Katherine V. 228 MacLeod, Wm. J 291 MacNaughton, Kathryn 228-341 MacNeal, John A... 321- 89-261 MaeNeal, Perry S...321 MacPhersen. Ross 96 MacRum, Edward W. 183 Maddocks, John W..300 Madden, Stephen J..277- 60 Maddock, Walter G..296- 90 Maddock, Mrs. W. G. 113 Maddy, Joseph E 92 Magasiner, Lillian. . .348 Magee, Conway S...296 Magee, M. Catherine 333-90-228 Magee, Robert 88 Magielski, Sybil 109 Magnusson, Fred .... 308 Magoon, Clair L 92 Magoon, H. H 300 Mah, Robert F 101 Mahler, Sue. 228-106-182 Mahnke, Alice M...343- 187-228 Mahon, Carol 347 Maier, Haskel L 265 Mair, Robert C.. 322-228 Maire, Mrs. M. C....66 Makfelski, Mrs. L...346 Makielski, Leon 275 Malcolm, Dorothy. . .331 Malcolm, John S 228 Malcolm, Mrs. Karl D. 331 Malcolm, K. D 292 Malcolm, Mrs. Russell 331 Malcolm, R. T... 90-292- 271 Mallon, T. J 274 Mallon, M. Z 283 Mallory, Mrs. H 347 Malloy, Woodrow W. 152 Malnoski, V. J... 315-228 Malone, George 264 Maloy, Evelyn 80 Maloy, Raymond B..323 Maltby, George M...277 Malwe, Suzzanne. . . . 188 Manchester, Curtis A. 228-303 Manchester, R 342 Manchester, William C. 290 Mandelaris, Wm. G..229 Mandry, Vladimir J..92 Manfield, Robert 303 Manger, Edith M 229 Manley, John L 92 Mann, Eleanor E 229 Mann, John R... 269-324- 78-263 Mann, Lawrence. ... 118 Mann, Mary Louise. 336 Mann, Matt 144-145- 304-310 Mann, Morton 63 Mann, Wm. R... 303-266- 64 Manni, Lawrence C. .89- 293 Manning, Paul 270 Manwaring. B. W...279 Manwell, Henry J...325 Maple, Meca 346 Marantette, Kenneth.. 3 19 Marceau, Edwin. . ' .. .277 Marcero, F.... 308 Marcus, Emelie 348 Marder, Edward 326 Mare, Louise 65 Maree, M 343 Margraf, Gladys 330- 346-108 Marin, A 91-307 Marin, N 304 Mark, Lorraine M...229 Mark, You Y 101 Markham, Clarence W. 152-281-262-229 Marks, Etta 229 Marks, Robert. . .314-264 Marley, John 308 Marlow, Arthur C 99 Marr, Carl B.. . .149-311- 229 Mars, Louise 343 Marschner, Charles F. 286-76 Marsden, Charles S., Jr. 321 Marsh, Cedric 316 Marsh, Betty F 351 Marsh, W. B 94 Marshall, Albert E..183- 91-229-62 Marshall, D 306 Marshall, Don 90 Marshall, Edward R. 278-296 Marshall, Lucy 351 Marshall, M 292 Marshall, Ruth. .338-114 Marshall, Mrs. W 349 Marshall, Walter V..282 Martell, Cecil 290 Martin, Amelia. . 349-304 Martin, F 306 Martin, J. L 315-284 Martin, Pierce 286 Martin, Wayne O....321 Martin, William 302- 292 Marti nek, Maretta. .229- 114-188 Marzonies, George. . . 154 Mascuruskus, Louis. 15 4- 149-287 Mason, H., Jr 314 Mason, J. T 306-89 Mason, Stephen .. 1 54-302 Mason, William H...322 Masselink, E 343 Masters, Frank H., Jr. 229-298 Mather, D. W... 305-92- 73 Mathes, J. C 322 Matheson, Albert D..229 Mathews, H. C 315 Mathews, I. A 310-60 Mathews, Mary V...229 Mathews, William . . . 286 Matson, F 291 Mattern, David. 92-98-74 Mattern, Rudolph A.. 75- 229 Mattes, J. S 316-63 Matthews, Curt 162 Matthews, Harry C..272 Matthews, Ralph V..92- 305-92-74 Matthews, Virginia. .336 Mattson, Siiri 96 Maudsley, C. K 72 Maugh, L. C 273 Maulbetsch, John 96 Maurer, Mrs. W. H. 343 Mavis, Richard C 298 Maxwell, Charles F..301 Maxwell, James H..292- 90 Maxwell, R 278 Maxwell, Sam B 277 May, D. C 337-67 May, G. A 292 May, L. John 299 May, Richard A 286 May, Robert A 308 May, Robert C 303 Mayer, Elizabeth Ann 229 Mayesfeld, Lawrence.. 64 Mayo, Virginia 230 Mayo, Warren 74- 300 Maynard, Helen K...39- 229 Maynard, Maxine. . .229- 181-258-349-106 McAfee, Howell 320 McAlevy, George L..300. 267 McAlpine, Mrs. Roy. 351 McBurney, J. H....291- 284 McCabe, W. L 91 McCallum, C 278 McCallum, G 285 McCallum, H 341 McCallum, Philip 278 McCampbell, Anne J..96 McCance, William M. 88-100 McCann, Joseph H..321 McCarthy, John C..320- 68-85 McCarthy, Wm. H..258 McCaughrin, H. W...325 McCausey, Irene. .59-347 McClellan, F. P 300 McClench, Marion... 343 McClintic, Wm. A... 276 McClintic, Jean 285 McClusky, Mrs. H..331 McClusky, H. Y 273 McCollum, James. . . . 300 McCombs, Allen D..258- 180-182-67-68-291-98- 227-75 McConkey, George.. 275 McCord, Mary E...341- 60-65 McCormick, Ethel... 105- 322-346-110 McCotter, Rollo E..296- 89-90 McCracken, D. D 314 McCracken, Russell . . 105 McCredie, Darwin C. 320-227 McCredie, O 342 McCrimmon, J. H 93 McCue, F. J 306-227- 301 McCullock, Thad 88 McDermott, E 336 McDonald, David 258 McDonald, John G..98- 281-95-227 McDonnell, C. H...280- 292 McDougall, Marion M. 227-342 McEachern, Gilbert D. 291 McEachern, Hugh D. 89-261 McElwaine, Robert B. 227-309 McFadyen, Newton. 282- 62 McFadyen, Robert ... 282 McFarlan, Harold H. 319 McFate, Ben 300 McFate, William J..300- 180-227-58 McFate, John E. . . 300-60 McGarvey, Maurice R. 28 McGary, Carol 346 McGarran, Harry C..298 McGaw, Charles J...318 McGibbon, Tom.. 157-276 McGillicudy, R. J...306 McGillivray, R. J 322 McGinty, John 306 McGregor, Jean 332 McGuire, T. A 301 McHenry, William. .320- 64 Mclnerney, Catherine 344 Mclntosh, John A.. 301- 158 Mclntyre, Kathleen. . 109 Mclvar, Eloise E....333 Mclvor, Mary 345 McKay, Elizabeth ... 227 McKay, Lloyd G....154- 280 McKee, Dwight M...228 McKee, Helen 332 McKee, John 302 McKeever, Robert... 296 McKellar, Isabelle E. 228-140 McKenny, W. H 93 McKenzie, Mrs. Roderick 351 McKenzie, Ernst 63 McKinney, M 349 McKinnon, F 337 McKinven, Robt. L...95- 291 McKnight, Edwin R..184 McLaughlin, Mrs. W. 350 McLaughlin, Wm. A. 67-57-303 McLean, D. J 315 McLean, Jean 349-60 McMurry, K. McNaughton, McLean, John Jr. ...64- 280 McLean, Josephine. .340- 111-65-169 McLean, Richard K..296 McManmon, Edward 283 McManus, Evelyn.. 351- 228 McManus, Huron... 136 McMillan, O. W 316 McMurray, Mrs. K. C. 347 ..278 Archie L. 185 McNiff, J 312 McOmber, Elizabeth. 344-228-114 McOmber, Loren....270 McPhee, Janet 96 McPherson, Alex M. 311-228-262 McPherson, Frank C. 281 McPherson, W. L 315 McQuaid, John G...323 McQuillian, Francis . . 284 McQuillan, Mary A.. 350 Mcpuinn, Aileen L. .333 McRoy, William W..327- 183 Meacham, A. Richard Jr. 287 Mead, Harold L 66 Meader, Alice 338 Meader, C 286 1935 Medicine 184 1936 Medicine 261 1938 Medicine 268 Meek, Richard 286-74 Mehney, G. H 321 Mei, Yuan H 101 Meier, Francis 64 Meinecke, B 315 Meisenheimer, Allen H. 300-62 Meister, Wm. F 287 Meloche, Mrs. C 346 M eloche, Rosanna ... 1 72- 96 Meldman, Leonard ... 294 Melin, Roberta J.. .65-60 Menard, Mary E 340 Mendelson, Robert R. 326 Mendenhall, Ann E..230 Menefee, Charles. 281-152 Menefee, Ferdinand N. 290-80 Menger, William H...96 Menzie, Joseph W. ..230 Mercer, Walter M...302 Merchant, John M...322 Merickel, Edith 349 Merkel, Marguerite R. 334 Merkel, Wilber W...280 Merker, Henry M..282- 86-91-230 Merrell, Betty. .335-330- 108 Merrick, A 341 Merrick, R 341 Merrill, Jack R 154- 290 Merrill, Robert E. . . 146- 149-87-258-62-260-258 81-300 Merriman, David D..230- 291 Merriman, Robert F. 230-325-185 Merritt, Clarence E.230 Merritt, R. D 316 Merry H 324 Merry, James 324 Merz, Walter R 296 Meserve, Julian H...318 Messing, Arthur H..230 Mette, Marie E 331 Metzger, Marie 342- 106-230 Mewborn, Carlton A. 281 Meyer, Charles F....300 Meyer, Fred 230 Meyer, Henry. . .293-326 Meyer, J. S 312 Meyer, Louis 313 Meyer, R. B 321 Meyerfeld, Lawrence A. 299 Meyers, D. W 321 Meyers, Earl 130-131- 304 Meyers, Esther 346 Page 382 Meyers, George 311 Michael. Kenneth . . . 230- 187 Michels, Merril W...15U Michigamua 46-180 Michigan Daily. 63-64-65 Michiganensian Staff. 58- 59-60 Michigan League Coun- cil 106 Michigan State College 140-122-131 Michigan State Normal School 136-141 Michigan Technic 62 Michigan Union. . .67-68- 69 Mickle. Frank 304-95 Middled on, Edwin 88 M-iel, Lucas 75 Mijtlantsch. T 73 Mikulas. William 323 Mii:en. D. C 316 Miller, A 73 Miller. Alfred E 274 Miller. Arthur 326-63 Miller, Barbara 342 Miller. Betty 336-60 Miller, Burton H 277 Miller. C 337 Miller. D. D 314 Miller, Donald C....302- S1-8S Miller, Edna Lucile..230 Miller. Elizabeth 65 MUler, Ella J 334 Miller. Esther ... 350-230 Miller. Fred H 325- 185-230 Miller. Harold A.. 295-97 Miller. H. W... 95-62-91 Miller. Henry W....300 Miller, Tanet 340 Miller. Mrs. Leonard. 331 Miller. Loren 295 Miller, Mary Lou... 340 Miller. Milton J.. 102-189- 231 Miller. Mrs. M 342 Miller. N. F. . .272-90-89 Miller Mrs. R 349 Miller. Sarah 349 Miller. Stanley 283 Miller. Stewart W...325- 185-231 Miller, Theodore F...73- 92-349-276 Miller. William C...324- 81-96-183-231-258 Milligan. R. L 317 Milliken. Herbert A. 279-189-231 Mills. C. S 295 Mills. Mrs. Harry... 331 Mills. Tohn E 271 Milne. ' William A... 277 Milner. Paul T 307 Milton, T. B 275 Mimes 98 Minnesota, U. of... 121- 126-131-136 Minnich. R. D 286 Minor Awards 154 Minsker. Virginia. . . .338 Minteer. Robert D...270- 231 Mints. Tack A... 187-231 Mintz. Bernard 88 Mintz, Morris J 231- 184 Mitchell. Anne.. 345-231- 75-182 Mitchell, Charlotte E. 60-266-336 Mitchell. Elmer. 115-156- 157-303 M itchell, Frederick . . 280- 68-85-258 Mitchell. Helen 332 Mitchell, lack 63 Mitchell, j " . Stewart.. 291 Mitchell. Pauline 347 Mittelman, Allan 294 Mittelstaedt, Dorothy. 96 Mixer. Mary 331 Mock. L. M 343 Moe. Carl R 296 Moe. Mrs. George... 350 Moe. Mrs. O. A 350 Moehlman, Mrs. A. B. 342 Moekle, John A 327- 231 Moffet, G. Winnifred 231-96 Molin. E. S 307 Monet urcl A 301 Mueller Robert C. ..154- 300 Montgomery, Mary.. 341- 60 Montgomery, Mrs. O. Mueller, Warren S...232 Mulder. Gerard VV...293 Mullendore. William C. 66 Mulligan George 99 92-74 Moon, Henry R 261 Moon Charles R Jr Mumford, Tohn A 279 Munger, G. C 301 Munro X D 311 231 Moon. Clendon H...231 Mooney. Jack K 300- 60- ' 31 Munroe, James A. ..304- Murback, E. R 315 Moore, Arthur D...312- 30-91 Moore C 336 Murphy, ' Marie. . .65-106- 344-181-182-232 Murphv Marv M...112- Moore. Mrs. E. W...340 Moore, Earle V 305- 298-30-98-114-92 Moore. Elizabeth. 1 14-346 Moore Eloise . . 344 186-232-301 Murray. Chas 154 Murray, Kathleen M. 232 Murrav Kathleen V..233 Moore. Donald F....321 Moore Frederick H " Ml Murray. Robert. . .325-58 Murtagh T 301 Moore, G R 325 Mustard, " Margaret. . 104- e. Howard A... 287 Moore, Tohn C... 91 231 Moore Leon H .. 281 349-61-182-233 re, Marv E 349 Moore Ned 308 Xadler, Saul 307 Moore, Winston C..327- 231 Xaeseth, Gerhard B..233 Nafe John 322 Moosman, Darvan A. 296 Morford, Marcelle C. 349-2 5 ' Naimafk. Martin. .. .274 Xash. Willard V 233- 303 Navlor F C 317 Morgan, Alice. . .342-75- 182-232 Neal. Fred Warner. 63-99 Neal, Mrs. L. S 345 Xeal Marv 337 Morgan Charles 276 N earner fanet ...259 Morgan. Elwood. . 314-68- 87 Xeberle ' . " Helen 60 Neil Evelvn M 331 Morgan. Tames 278 Morgan. John D...272- 279-268 Neill. J- Alexander.. 322 Neilson, Cora 345 Neilson E 339 Morgan, John H 279 Morgan, " Mary 96-331 Morgan, Sheridan ... 102 Morgan. Virginia . . . 340- 18 7 - 9 ' 1 Xeilson, Marion 345 Neiman, Nelson. .310-269 Xell. Edward R 272 Neiles. Fern 109 Morgan, William F..84 18 ' -137-311-23 ' - 7 6 ' Xelson, Charles R 288 Nelson E 295 Morgan, W. Morris. 277- 154 Xelson. Mrs. E. E...347 Xelson JR. 62 M orgenroth. Robert . . 96- 100-96 Nelson ' , Mrs. J. R...338 Nelson Karl R 99 302-98 Morrell Betty T 230 Nelson, ' Mrs N 336 M..rrell E 341 Nelson Patricia 345 Morrell M 346 Nelson Wilbur C 183- Morris, Mrs. A. R...332 100-72-233-88-91 Nelson Winfred ..154 232-169-186 Morris, T. B 317-306 Nesbit. Reed M... 89-296 Xeubecker, Clarabel. 169- Morris, Robert ...77-76- 232 259 Neuman, Wencel A. . .68- 87-95-98-258-285 Morrison. Margaret ... 61 Morrison, Marjorie. . 105- 111-331 Morrison. Mary.... 114- 188-339-232 Morrison, Melba . . 334-65 Morrison, Seymour L. 326 Morrison. Walter E...99 Morrow Ear] E 73-314- Xewberg. Fred J 88 Newburgh, L. H.. 89-90- 272 Xewcomb, Harley M. 288-233 Newcomb, Robert 58 Newcomb. W. W...31I- 306 Newcomb. Mrs. William W . 113-338 269 Morse, Glen B.. 267-300 Morse. Virginia A. .232 Mortar Board 181 Newman, Joel P.. 294-63 Newman, Margaret U. 340-233-290 Newton. Mrs. Maynard Mortensen. M. A 92- 286-7 ' -81-86-91- 7 ' - ' 331 Morton D J 309 Nichols. Donald T..154- Morton, H. C 309-270 Mosajgo J 73 280 Nichols, Henry W..286- Moscoso Jose G . .287 331 Moser. Henry 99 Moser Tohn E 63-279 Nichols, James 309 Moses, Earl G . . 298 Nichols, Rudolph H., Jr. Mosher. William E..304 Mosier, K. C 95 92 Nichols, Sherwood C..74- Moss. Hortense 348 233 Moudry, Ladimur J. 300-232 Mouw. Coletta 96 Nichols. Wayne A... 233- 323 Nichols. William G..292 Mouwat, Doris 346 M owerson, George ... 1 45 M owrer. Da vid ... 88- 1 00 Mudge, J. M 73 Muehlig, G. F 295 Muehlig, Wilbur A. 295- Nicholson. H. C 272 Xicholson. Harvey . . 322- 262 Nickerson, Norman.. 154 Nicol, Elizabeth 345 Xicol John M ' 79 232 Mueller Alfred 97 Xicolls, Tohn B 285 Nicolls W G 285 Mueller. R.K 317 Xielson. Carl S... Xigg, Herbert I 233- 279 Ximme, Virginia 337 Nimo. Paul 264 Xisen, Charles M...102- 287 Nissle, Roland O...283- 305 issle. Mrs. R. O 331 Nitke. Herbert 15+ Niuminster. D. R....311 Nixon. Harold 76-77- 233-314 Xoble, Anita M.. 350-233 Xoble, Lachlan W...185- 233-283 Xoble, V. V 285 Xorcross, Gertrude C. 233 Xorcross, Margaret S. 331 Xordenson, Lor J 87- 322 Xordstrom. Nelle E..233 Xorman, Kenneth J. . 322 Norman, Labander S. 233-322 Xorris, D 345 Xorris, H 342 Xorris. R. R 270-312 Xorthrop, A. Kimball 319-292-296 Xorthrop, Xell 268 Xorthway, Robert . . . 285- 292 Northwestern University 141-140-131-129 Xorton, Clark F 234 Xorton, D. P... 182. 95- 234-324 Xorton, Fred V 271 Xorton. Roderick 292 Xovinski. Wanda T..234 Xovy, G. . . 90-270-292-89 Xovy, Mrs. Frederick G. 333 Xoyes. Eleanor 347 Xoyes. R. V 315 Noyes, Mrs. R. W...349 Nu Sigma Nu 292 Nusbaum. Howard A. 281 Nmt, Harry D 66 Xyboer. John 184 Oakes, F. L 285 Oathout, Melvin 63 Oatman. Jack G.. 89-296 Oberdier. Elizabeth .170- 169-346 Obergfell. Beatrice ..351 Oberman. Leonard F. 294 O ' Brien, Mary .. .59 234- 181-345 O ' Brien. T. R 301 O ' Brien, Mrs. W K. .34? O ' Connell, John M...63- 285 O ' Connor, A. Louis, Jr. 327 O ' Connor. John C...100 O ' Dell, Betsy 345 Odell, Frances 347 Oehmann, Ward H..234- 285 O ' Ferrall. Jane 340 Ogden. J. P... 303-85-64 Oglestone, George W. 283 O ' Hara, E 344 O ' hara, Ralph J 290- 187 Ohio State University 137-121-131-136-140-141 Ohrt, Dorothy 336 Ohrt, Jack 278 Okkelberg, Mrs. Peter 331 Okkelberg, P. 305 Olds, Frederic 267 Olds, Nancy 342-78- 263 O ' leary, Joyce J 331 Oliphant. Mrs. L 339 Oliphant, L. W 333 Oliphant, M 302 Oliver, Richard 271 Oliver, Russell. . 125-140- 141-142-130-131-121- 120-115-180-271-234 Oliver. William P 280 Olmsted, C 312-291 Olmsted. Clay F 234 Olmsted, Mrs. C. T..336 Olmsted, C. T 91 Olsaver, Edward H..302- 234 Olsen, A 345-338 Olsen, F. K 317 Olsen. Dr. George... 306 Olsen, Robert 262 Olsen. W. E 73 Olson, J. Victor 325 Olson, Miss 345 Olson, R. S 315-234 Olson. Willard C 318 Olthoff, Ruth V 234 Ommerman, Albert M. 282 Onderdonk, W. G...311 O ' Xeil, Dillon L 98 O ' Xeil. James C... 96-112 O ' Neill. ' Mrs. J 344 OXeill, Mary... 108-350- 330 O ' Xeill, Wm 311 Onesto. Pat 234 Onweller, R. E 72 Oostdyk, Dorothy L. 331-60 Oostdyk, M. Marjorie 234-331-114 Oosterbaan, B. G...116- 130-276 Oosterbaan, Mrs. Benja- min 331 Oppenheim. Martin. .229 Oppenheimer. Robert D. 234-299 Oransky. Mavin 234 Oratorical Association. 4 7 Ordway, P. H 311 O ' Reilly, Eileen 112 Organizations 83 O ' Riley, Eileen 350 Orkin. Sidney 234 Orr, A. Jean 344 Orr, Andrew W 279 Orr, Julian 97 Orr, Marcella 58 Ort, K. 341 Orton, Stewart 299 Osborn, Ann 349-106- 234-346 Osborne, lames B...282 Osbome, J. M 283 Osborne, Rosemary. 235- 342 Osgood, John B 327 Osgood, M., Jr 303 Osgood, Robert . . 304-1 38 O ' Shaugnessv, Robert L. 185 Oslander, Leonore . . . . 96 Osser, Abe 307 Ostrander. Robert A. 265 Ostergrin. H 342 Ostermann, Alice. . . . 344 Otis, Alfred . . . 86-235-3 1 1 Otis, Betty 341 O ' Toole, Miss B 332 Otte, Barbara 34 Otte. John P 280 Otterbacher, Elliot H. 88 Outward Bound 34 Ovaitt, Marion H...235- 344 Owen, Eleanor. ..340-235 Owen, Robert B 279 Owens, Barbara G...331- 235 Owens, Jesse 137 Owens, R. K 315 Owsley. Heaton B...286 Oyler, Tom 278 Paalman, Russel 268 Pack, P. C 30395 Pack, Mrs. P 347 Packer, Max 294 Paine, Raymond L. ..292 Paine, Sarah C 331 Paine, Ward L... 235-95- 91 Paine. William G....273- 235-321 Palmer. Frederick W. 296 Palmer, I. C 91-154 Palmer, John S 280 Palmer, Robert 317 Palmer, William B...319 Palmquist, Gordon C. 235 Pan. Charles T. Y...101 Pan Hellenic Ball Com. 104 Page 383 Paquette, Clayton. .. .235 Paradzich, Karl R...88- 235 Pardee, Mary Jean.. 108- 330-345 Pardee, Ruth A 339 Pardom, Katherine. . . 340 Paris, Emilie B 235- 169-188 Park, A. Colton 308- 235-84 Park, Dorothy E 339 Park, F. A. Jr 303 Park, Howard ... 1 88-235 Park, James, Jr 308 Park, John.. 64-278-263- 78 Park, S 347 Parker, Mrs. A. J....335 Parker, Charles F...291 Parker, C. Walter... 321 Parker, Donn D 287 Parker Eunice. .332-330- 108 Parker, Harold B...291- 235 Parker, James D 280 Parker, Kenneth C...235 Parker, Lynn 303 Parker, M. V 333 Parker, O 324 Parker, Walt er 154 Parker, W. R 292 Parkinson, Brenda. . . 169 Parks, Leonard 235 Parnell, C. G 292 Parr, Lloyd 324-236 Parr, W. K 324 Parry, Donald J 92-72 Parry, Stewart H 57 Pascoe, Elva 351 Patanelli. Matthew ..154- 121-122-129-133-134-120 Patchin, Arthur 141 Paterson, Kathleen G. 236 Paterson, Marion. .. .337 Paton, Mrs. William. 351 Patrick, Gilbert T...277 Patt, I. Fred 88-236 Patten) Vida 347-114 Pattengill, Miss C...340 Patterson, Donald S..277 Patterson, Mrs. G. W. 340 Patterson, John B...292- 99 Patterson, Roy 302 Patton, Harvey 136 Patton. R. J 292-302 Paul, Ray D 307 Paulson, Doris 332 Paulson, H. Clayton. 236- 141-186-84 Payton, Charles F...362 Peabody, Cary S 272 Peach, Norma 337 Pearson, Stanley M..184 Peasley, Bruce E...236- 278 Peasley, Miss Virginia 168-347 Peck, Mrs. Albert B. 113 Peck, Catherine.. 109-114 Peck, George 320 Peck, Mordant E 288 Peck, W. S 292 Peckham, Richard C. .184 Peckham, R. Noble.. 283 Pederson, Ernest A.. 276 Pedigo, Jack K... 300-58 Peepalas, Marion 65 Feet, Max M.. 89-90-272 Feet, Sam 319 Peinert, Ruby V 236- 188 Peirce, Carlton B.. .318- 295 Pemberthy, Dr. G. C. 306 Pence, Ruth 335 Pendorf, Henry P...236 Penhale, Helen F 236 Penney, Lewis 283 Pennoni, R. J 73 Penzel, Charles 269- 311-58 Perham, W. S 296 Perkins, E. F., Jr... 311 Perkins, John 278 Perkins, Luella 113 Perkins, Mary 344 Perkins, Ralph 236 Perkovitch, Amelia.. 350 Perl, Jerome 289 Perry, Jean 345 Person, F. W... 312-264 Persons, Nelson 347 Pool Walter D . 287 Poon Tso F 101 Peter, Jane. .. 111-59-342 Peters, A. R 350 Porter John . 320 Porter, Kathryn L...237 Porter, Mary Elizabeth 345 Posen, Sam 119 Petersen, Reta M...236- 96 Peterson, Charles 319 Peterson, Eleanor E. 236-258-80-110-109-106 Peterson, George T..100- 298-314 Peterson, Vernon F. .260 Peterson, R. 292 Poth, Do 272 Potter Dr E B 305 Potter E B 312 Potter Fred W 66 Potter H O . . 320 Potter, Mary P.. 169-344 Potter, Mrs. N. S., Jr. 344-311 Potter, Mrs. N. III. 342 Potter, N. S. III... 311 Potts Shirley . 348 Peterson, Mrs. R 337 Peterson, Reuben.... 89 Peterson, Thomas. .88-91 Peterson, V. F 315 Peterson, Mrs. W 337 Peterson, Ward D...300 Peterson, W. Frederick 290 Petoskey, Theodore. 141- 143 Petrie, Robert M... 29-85 Petrie, Ross B 236 Poulos, Peter C, 237 Powell, John W., Jr. 281-154 Powell, M. Virginia. 186- 237 Power, Mrs. E. B 347 Powers, Donald 1 187 Powers, Eugene B...319 Powers, H. C 273 Pettijohn, Mrs. Elmores 113 Pettijohn E S 91 Pfalen, Margaret D..65- 112-106-236-350 Pfohman, Robert J..236- 183-95 Phares, G 314 1935 Pharmacy 189 Powers, J. L 285 Powers, Walter H...287 Poxson, Elijah G., Jr. 277-237 Pozarzycki, Rosaline.. 96 Pozin Sam 289 Phelps, D. M 284-309 Phelps, Emily Louise 345 Phi Alpha Kappa 293 Phi Beta Delta. 294-158- 163 Phi Beta Pi 295 Prall Whitney .322 Pratt, Lawrence H...237 Prentiss, Helen Vera.334 Preston Ed 308 Preston, Veria K 351 Phi Chi 296 Phi Delta Epsilon. . .297 Phi Delta Theta . 298 Prianishnikoff, Vasily D. 237 Pribel Max 278 Phi Epsilon Pi 299 Phi Gamma Delta... 300- 161 Phi Kappa 301 Price Leta 109 Price Phyllis .. 341 Phi Kappa Psi.. .160-302 Phi Kappa Sigma... 303 Phi Kappa Tau 304 Pries, William H....237 Probeck H 341 Prockier, Boris M 321 Proctor, Mrs. S 349 Phi Lambda Kappa.. 163 Philippi, D. A 72 Philips, P. W 314 Phillips O M 296 Propper, Andrew ... .299 Proud, P. L 291 Phillips, Robert W...321 Prout Jack A 285 Prugh, R. C 306 Pryce, R. C 270 Phi Sigma Delta.... 307 Phi Sigma Kappa... 308 Phi Sigma Sigma.... 348 Pi Beta Phi 349 Pryce Mrs T. 341 Psi Upsilon 162-311 Publication Building. .52- 53 Pugh, Millard 283 Pick Hanns 92 Pickering. John ...319 Puglisy, Elizabeth. 96-237 Pulver, Robert H.. 63-326 Purdom T L . . .340 Pierce Mrs C . . 342 Pierce C 324-95 Pierce Elsie . ..342-65 Purdue, Univ. of. 140-1 41 Purdy M C 278-237 Pierce K C 273 Pierce, Massinah. . .96-60 Pierce, Sarah. .35-236-342 Pierce, William G. . . 287 Pierpont, John. . .268-296 Pi Kappa Alpha 309 Putman, Jeanette C..237 Putt Isadore F . .91 Putz ' ig L W 306 Q Quarterdeck 93 Pi Lambda Phi .162 Pi Lambda Phi 310 Pillinger, Harry 162- 154-280 Pinkerton, P. W.. 73-304 Pinx, Benjamin G....274 Pi Tau Pi Sigma 94 Quarton, Albert 296 Quimby, George I.... 327 Quinn, Lawrence E. ..80- 74 Quinn, Mrs. T. C 349 Quirk, Daniel 98 Pitcher Jane 337 Plant, Roy A 236 Plan, S 285 Quirk, Nancy 340 Player, Willis 270 Pleiss Walter 58-80- R Rabinowitz, Beatrice. 334 Rader H Jr . . 314 322 Pletscher Carl.. 281 Plewes, Ross C 91-237 Plummer, Alfred H...37- 180-300-130-131-237 Poat Ruth 340-237 Radford Fritz . 288 Raikes, Mrs J .. .337 Ralston J E 39 Polier, Adele 334 Ramirez, Ricardo D. 74-96-92-273 Ramsdell B D 30 9 Polk J K 279 Pollard, H. M... 315-272 Tollman R 275 Ramsky Gerald 154 Pollock C . 341 Pollock. J. K... 324-28-99 Pollock, John H 284 Pollock Nina 341 Randall, Mrs. F 337 Randall, Fred S. ..66-95- 280 Randall H 286 Pomeroy, Don A., Jr. 237-183-298-95 Pomeroy, Richard. .. .270 Pone. Yin H 101 Randall. Mrs. H. M..340 Randall M 344 Randolph. T 306 Randolph, Virginia. .237- 349 Rank, David. . .61-60-302 Rankin, Helen E 346 Ransom, H. K 296 Kantamaa, Irma 332 Raphael, Chester M..265 Raphael, T 310 Raphael, Mrs. T 342 Rappaport, Leonard A. 238-294 Raschbacher, Mrs. H. 342 Raschbacher, H. G...276 Rash, C. J 303 Rash, Mrs. C. J 342 Rash, R. E 303 Rathbard, H 313 Rattenbury, Wilma.,109 Ratterman, Lawrence 141 Rauscher, Frederick J. 238 Ray, Roberta 114 Rayburn, C 300 Raymond, Anson G. .95- 260 Razzano, Carmine I. 265-295 Rea, Walter B.... 95-300 Read, Russell 64-180- 238-314 Reader, F. X 317 Reader, Herbert 154 Reading, L 94-258 Reading. M 343 Ready, Francis 79-267 Reck, Lawrence E. ..296 Reed, D. H 305 Reed, D. M 312 Reed, H. R 279 Reed. Jane 337 Reed, John 270 Reed, Mary L 114-344 Reed, Owen N 92-72 Reed, William 63 Reed, Stuart. .. .162-291- 162 Reed, Mrs. T 322-341 Reed-Hill, Robert E. 260-322-322 Reeder, John 88 Reeder, Mary R 238 Reefer, J. H. D 310 Reek, A 346 Keekie, Mrs. Richard D. 113 Reese, Harold 297 Reeves, A. G 271 Reeves, Dorothy 350 Reeves, J. 1 271 Reeves, Mrs. Jesse... 340 Regeczi, John... 141-121- 123-12 5-128-120-129-125 Regents, The Board of 16-17 Rehfield, Alfred 283 Reich, Lloyd S 299- 63-299 Reichart, Mrs. W 341 Reicher, H. H 296 Reick, John 304 Reid, John D 238-238- 296-306-89-360 Reid, Margreta 344 Reifel, John H 273 Reishard. K 337 Reiman, T. C 273 Reinhart, Robert S. ..273 Reisinger, D. J 94-95 Reitman, Paul H 289 Remez, Robert W...289- 238-289 Remias, Steve. .. 120-125- 120-277 Remmell, H. L 312 Remzi. Vahibe 333 Renaud, Louis A 281 Renger, Charlotte 65 Rennell, Francis W..283 Renner, Robert J 144- 145-180-276 Renner, William W..121- 276 Rentschler, Catherine 335 Replogle, Edward H. 267-278 Reuther, Wm. F 286 Reynolds. Catherine. . 346 Reynolds, Don P 62 Reynolds. Gordon E. . 287 Reynolds, Marian. .60-65 Rhead, Mrs. George.. 331 Ribnik, A. J 310 Ribyat, Julius L 274 Ricca, Albert S 238 Rice, Edwin S... 92- 182- 238-73-283 Rice, Janice 327-349- 114 Rice, Richard M...8-91- 258-183-238 Rich, Betty 104-331- 114-111 Rich, H 341 Rich, Ruth. .107-108-114- 259-330-341 Richards, G. B 303 Richards, James S..259- 303 Richards, W. B 72 Richardson, Mrs. A. .349 Richardson, Cecelia. .330- 331-108 Richardson, Edwin. . . 183 Richardson, Jack P. .279- 74 Richardson, W. F. ...315 Richter, Dr. H 306 Ricker, Otto L 283 Rickert, U. Garfield. .283 Ridinger, Paul 283 Rieck, John 132-154 Riecker, H. H 277 Rieder, R. C 316 Riedy, Jane 341 Riegler, H. C 312 Rietdyke, Katherine. 105- 347 Rieth, George F 306- 268 Rife, C. S 272 Rigg, M. E 87 Rigg, Robert M 62 Riggs, Mrs. B. F...337- 311 Riggs, Henry E... 86-91- 300 Riggs. Mrs. H 349 Rigterink, H. D.. 279-306 Riker, W. L 311 Riley, Floyd K 112 Kinaldi, Jos eph 154 Ringo, Silas S 238-281 Rion, Paul 296 Ripner, A. J 310 Riskey, Earl 156-157 Ritchie, James D 286 Ritchie, Stark 154 Ritter, James 302 Rittershoffer, Mrs. L. 332 Rittershofer, X. F....283 Robbins, F 20-98-278 Robbins, George 281 Roberts, Helen 333 Roberts, Henrietta E. 238 Roberts. James 282 Roberts, Millard S...295 Roberts, Raymond V. 120-130 Roberts, Warren E. .238 Robertson, Betty.... 344 Robertson, John 320 Robertson, Miriam... 337 Robertson, Tex... 85-145 Robinson, Joe 88 Robinson, Mary 340 Robinson, Paul D.. 74-238 Robinson, Richard M. 189-238 Robinson, William D. 90-306 Roby, Forrest A 239 Rockefeller, R. W 91 Rockwell, Carol 60 Roderick, Katherine. .339 Rodford, Fritz 154 Rodgers, Gertrude. ... 96 Rodkey, Robert G. ...67- 270-284 Rodriguez. John. . 154-287 Roe, Elizabeth 337 Roe, Vidian L 291 Roeglin. Gordon V.._ ' 7 ) Roehrig, Harold A.. 154- 239 Roethke. Gretchen . . .239 Roethke, June 239 Rogers. Charles A., Jr. 99 Rogers, Edward F. ..239- 319 Rogers, F. C. . .94-95-277 Page 384 I Rogers, Jane E... 1 14-332 Rogers. Margaret 349 Rogers. R. W 311 Rohn. Brace A 267 Rohrer, H. V 276 Rollinger. F. M 303 Rome, Richard 289 RonaC Betty ....345 Ransom, D 278 Ransom, Henry K 90 Root, Grosvenor T..265- 2 0-292 Root. Ruth.. 106-108-169- 239-330-339 Rorke, William C....298 Rose, Lester H 239 Rose. T. T 310 Rosen. Lillian 112 Rosen. Norman 294 Rosenbau. Frank 239 Rosenberg, Helen B..96- 239 Rosenberg. Myra 348 Rosenberg, Seymour I. 239 Rosenberry, Mrs. B. P. 337 Rosenberry, Lois 337 Rosenbhnn. Robert... 289 RosenthaL. Bernard ... 64- 299 Ross. Arthur J 298 Ross, C. H 321 Ross, Coleman J 149- 271 Ross, Emma J 239 Ross, Harold 239 Ross, Hubert K. 239 Ross, Tunis C 62-94- 95-322 Roth, Dorothy 58-77- 337-349 Roth, Lawrence 60-64 Roth. Richard 304 Rothbard. Joseph I...64- 326 Rother. Warren. . .79-267 Rourke. Anthony J...261 Rouse, Mrs. L 343 Rouse, Madeleine 96 Rouse, Robert 84-239- 278 Rousseau. Mrs. Blanche 113 Rowe. G 341 Rowe. Helen G 331 Rowe, Robert W 239 Rowell. Ruth 338 Royce, Frank E 80 Roys. C 318 Rubin. Arnold 88 Rubin, Seymour. 239-148- 294-149 Rubinstein. G. Y 307 Ruby. Myron 240-313 Rucker. Katherine...l08- 182-338-240-330 Ruddick. E. W... 316-240 Rudness. George. 13O-131- 134 Rueger, C 309-340-283 Rneger, Mrs. Carlisle. 331 Rnelle. Alexander III 290 Ruf. GeraMine 109 Rufus. Mrs. C 346 Rnfus. H. C .51- Rnfns. W. C 315 Rngen. Mabel 168 Rogge, Goerge 240 Ruifrock, H Z73 Rumney. Mason P 66 Rundquist, Rnssel L..322 Rnnge. Paul W.. 292-277 Rush. Harry E... 283-185 Rnshmer. E 312 Rnssett, Clarence L..325- 240-185 Russell. Frank J., Tr. 298 Russell, G 340 Russell. John 240-302 Russell, Joseph A 320 Ruszaj. Xorbert I.. 97 -88 Ruth. John G 292-278 Rutherford, Robert B. 98-285 Rnthven. Alexander G. 95-98-287-80-99- 180-1 5- 18-21-92 Ruthven, Mrs. Alexander G 113 Ruttenberg, Leo 307 Ruttenberg, M. H....306 Ru witch. Robert S..240- 326-63 Ryan. John A. ....... 296 Ryan. P. C .......... 301 Ryan. Richard W ____ 277 Ryder. Edward 1 ..... 100 Rygg. William ....... 322 Rykkema, Willard M. 293 S Sabin. Mary ____ 181-258- 240-340-106 Saboraff, W. L. ..... 310 Sackett, Sidney ...... 274 Sacks. Joseph ......... 90 Sadik, Beatrice ....... 96 Sadler, H. C.. 300 287-18- 180-91-87-86-93 Sadler. Mrs. Herbert.340 Sad|er, W. C... 95-91 6 Sage, Kenneth B ..... 92- 305-2+0 18872 Sahlmark, Helga E...6S- 240 Sahhnark. J. F ...... 291 Saigeon, X. D ........ 72 Sokolov, Raymond A. 184-245 Salisbury. James A 73- 240 Saliva, Gustavo, Jr.. 240- 322 Saltzman, Josephine. 109- 240 Salzman, Florence ... 334 Samek, Louise ....... 334 Sampson, C D ...... 273 Sampson. P. C ....... 303 Sams, Mrs. W ....... 341 Samson, Paul C... 90-292 Samuels. Bund ... 3 1 3-74 Samuels, Richard XI.. 64- 310 Sanborn. I. R. ...... 317 Sanborn, Jacqueline. .240 Sanders, Henry A ____ 298 Sanders, John ........ 311 Sanderson. Paul H...88- II .;-: Sandick. Gladys ..... 348 Sandstrom, Roy ....... 88 Sandnsky, Clinton D. 324-150-151-99 Sandusky, Ruth ..... 109 Sandy, Kenneth R ____ 272 Saner. C. F ......... 305 Sanford, Charles A... 240 Sanky, Robert ....... 302 Saperstein. Albert H..241 Saperstein, JnHns V..241 Saph, Valentine R...286- 241 Sargent, William S..25 Sarger, Carl C ....... 246 Sarnes, Lowell F.. 24 1-95 Satterthwaite. G ...... 349 Saucaze. Marie ...... 246 Saunders. Allen. .154-298 Sannders, Dorothy M. 241-112 Sannders, Marion .... 345 Saunders. William ___ 295 Saurborn, E. ........ 322 Savage, Carl M ..... 268- 272-315 Savage. J. P ........ 311 Savage, John W ..... 281 Savage. Mary W ____ 241- 182-344 Savage, Mike. 85-127-120 Savitch, Herbert ..... 294 Sawyer, Gertrude ... 1 14- 344 Sawyer, R. ........... 95 Sawyer. Mrs. Ralph.. 351 Sawyer. Robert X ____ 241 Sawyer, WDliara ...... 74 Sax. Robert P ....... 289 Saxton. R. Leone... 188- 241 Scabbard Blade ____ 95 Scalp and Blade ..... 97 Schaaf, C. Hart... 96 315 Schaake, Mary I _____ 241- 351 Schaberg, John C ---- 241- 311 Schade, Edward ...... 99 Schaefer, Walter C..58- Schaeffer, Carl Schaeffer, J. X 241 327 Schafer, Frederick W. II 290 Schaff, Rita 348 Schaffstaedt, Marjorie L. 242 Schaible, Ernst L...280 66 Schatz. F. William.. 320 Schaumberger, John A. 285 Schaus. James P 298 Schaus. Richard A... 277 Schearze. Frederick .. 302 Scheckles, L. W... 90 272 Scheer, Richard D..241- 317 Scheiner. Samuel. 241-189 ScheU. Clark G 136- 241-277 Scbenck. Florence. 60-331 Scherling. Elizabeth . 349- 96 Schick, Richard M...243 Schiffer, David 299 Schiller, Dorothy E..241 Schlanderer, A. 305 Schlanderer. Paul 305 Schkifer, Alvin H...242- 269-310 Schlesinger, Stanley... 63 Schlingham, Roger J. 242-183-317 Schloss. Milton J 152 Schlotterbeck, H 339 Schlnchter. Betty 345 Schmalzriedt. A. F...291 Schmehng. E. S. Schmid, Emma 344 Schmidt, Bernard. 185-274 Schmidt, Edward. . .97-99 Schmidt, Erna F 242 Schmidt, Gunther G. 242-279 Schmidt, Helen E...344- 1144 C Schmidt, Mrs. H. H..338 Schmidt, Jean 351 Schmidt, John F 242- 91-88-96 Schmidt, Maurice C..242 Schnacke. Bernard E. 312-99 Schneider, Ann J 242 Schneider. David H..289 Schneider. Jane. . .65-350 Schneider. M 336 Schnosbach, Wm. P.. 286 Schoenberger, Paul.. 299- 64 Schoepfle, C. S. 91 Scholl, Mrs. T. W....332 Scholz, Wm 63-308 1935 School of Music 188 Schottstaedt, Edwin R. 261 Schoupe. Richard 268 Schroeder, Robert 154 Schreder, Harold X..262 Schrier. C. Franklin. .321 Schuhnan, Allen 310 Schnltz, C 338-100-88 Schultz, Elmer 272 Schultz. Gladys. .114-188 Schnltz, Marian 109 Schumacher, Edward J. 298 Schuman. Stanton S..326 Schuneman, H. A 306 Schurz, D 316 Schutz, Gertrode M..96- 242 Schntz, H. E. 333 Schwartz, Barney 294 Schwartz, Donald L..242 Schwartz, Monroe. . . . 100 Schwartz. Oscar 294 Schwartzbek, John T. 283-242-185 Schwarze. Dorothv. . .347 Schwarzfeld. Howard. 307 Schwendt, Mary L...341 Schwenger, Daniel R. : 16-342 Scott, B 342 Scott, C 346 Scott. David X 318 Scott. E. Jean 346 Scott, Eldon A... 72-319- 242-188 Scott. Elizabeth 338 Scott, H 346 Scott, H. D 286 Scott. Irving D 318 Scott. Mrs. J 342 Scott, J. M 327 Scott. John F 66 Scott, Josephine 347 Scott, Lillian M 172- 109 Scott, R. B 312 Scott, Robert E 285 Scott, Sarah E 242 Scott, Virginia M...242- Sculpture S6 Seaman. Robert R 316 Seaman. William B. . . 326 Seamans. Harold G...323 Searle, Thomas . . 280- 1 54 Sears. Harold W....271 Sears, Tom 120 Secord, J. M 314 See. S. R 316 Seeburger. J. W 325 Seeley, Dana P.. 242-271- 275 Seeley, Mrs. H. H...338 Seeley, Jean 111-345 Seeley. John D... 278-279 Segal, Lester 297 Sehlmark, Helga E..331 Seibert, Elizabeth... 182- 243 Seidel. Jacob C 63 Seidel. Karl E 293 Seidenstein. Charles ... 60 Seiferlein. Dorothv. . .351 Seigerfoss. Mrs. E...340 Selevan. Sol 243 Selin. David 294 SeKn, Leslie. 158-243-294 Selin. Libby R 243 Seilew. Mrs. W. H..340 Sempliner. A. W 314 Senior Ball 75 Senior Class 179 Senior Society 110 Senkus. Grace 335 Sentnor, Marvin H..157- 307 Serakos, Anthony J..136- 276 Sergeant. Mrs. F 344 Servet, Abdurrahim. .243 Servis, George 91-243 Servis, H 94 Servis, Jane 104-108 330-34O Serwer, Bernard 289 Sestok. Xicholas 100 Setron, Betty J 334 Settle, Arthur 63-154 Seven-. G. Robert. . .288 SeyboM, Edward G..295 Seyroor. Dale 309 Shackelton, Harriet . . 345 Shackleton. W. E 63 Shadko. Ivan 63 Shaer, Samuel S.. 289-243 Shaffer. Frank T 295 Shaffmaster. F. H 314 Shalek. Irwin 154 ShaBberg. Gnstavns A.. Jr. 277-60 Shannon. Catherine. 108- 330-341-243 Shannon. John L. .273-72 Shao. Shan W 101 Shapiro, Oscar A 261 Shapland. Helen. .65-114- 346 Shapley. Mildred 341 Shappefl, Dorothy ... 1 05 - 65-58-341 Shapt er. Xelson X...100- 260 Share, Xathaniel 243 Sharfman. L 326 Sharfman. Mrs. L....334 Sharfman, Xelson 289 Sharfman, Xorman L. 289 Sharp, Chester D 243 Sharp, Howard C 323 Sharp, Mahlon 278 Sharpe, Margaret 60 Sharpe, W. Graf ton.. 320 Sharr, P. C 310 Shartel. Burke 102 Shaw. A. 324 Shaw, B 316 Shaw, Gilbert 318-183 Shaw, Mrs. H 349 Shaw, Jean... 59-104-344 Shaw, Lee 182-298- 269-243 Shaw Mary 338 R. Xelson... 322 243 I at .187 - I Shaw Shaw Mrs. W 344 Shaw W. B 286 Shearer, M 344 Sheehan, William F..319 Sheets, Jack H 100-88 Sheffold. George L....88 Sheldon. Dr. J. M 306 Shelley. Sidney. 95 -94-243 Shen. Ching L 101 Shen, Kya S 101 Shepard. Mrs. A 340 Shepard, Virgil D 89- 292-261 Shepard, Duncan 279 Shepard. Mrs. G. F..332 Sheppard. Xancy V..349- 243 Sherbnrne. Carleton . . 264 Sherf, John L... 146-147- 180-309 Sberk, Ann W 243 Sherman, Roger 66 Sherman. Carolyn 337 Sherwood, Miller G..316- 154 Sherzer. Mrs. Allen.. 350 Sheyket. Faize 96 Shaio. Foo 101 Shick, R. Montgomerv 300-89-292 Shiel, Mrs. F. C 332 Shields. Edmund C...67- 16 Shields, Katherine ... 345 Shierson, Betty 337 Shiff. R. J 307 Shilling. M. Atlee. ..268- 321 Shilling. Mrs. F 341 Shinar. Leland 302 Shniderman, Eva 348 Shoecraft, Cora E...335- 244 Shook, Richard L...182- 244 Shorter, John W.. 62-88- 319 Shoupe, Thomas R. . 292- 285-244 Show. Herbert M....287 Shroyer, Mrs. Emerson 331 Shu. Chi T 101 Shu. Doris 101 Shu, Herbert C. C...10I Shun. Mrs. A. F 338 ShuU. A. F 276 Shulman, Marshall D. 63-100 Shnlsky. B. Lillian.. 333 Shumaker. Edward.. 296 Shumo. Richard MB Shuter. E. Mortimer. 92- 98 Shutt. Dorothy E 331 Sibilsky. R. J 72 Sibley, Wixsom S...321- 89 Sidder, R. F 313 Siegel, Daniel C 294 Siegel. Harry 18S Siegel. Seymour 150 Sigerfoos. Edward.. 244- 286-306 Sigma Alpha Epsilon.312 Sigma Alpha Mn 313 Sigma Chi 314 Sigma Delta Psi. 158-159 Sigma Nu 315-163 Sigma Phi 163 Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . 3 1 7 Sigwart. Dallas C. 244- 185-285 Silfies, E. R 73-305 Sirvennan, Ir -ing E. .297 Silverman, Israel. .154-63 SUverman, Marshall D. 310-136 Simcock. Carolyn A. .244 Simes, Frank J... 58-303 Simes. Lewis M 277 Simmermacher. Louis W. 244 Simmons, Lawrence J. 325 Simon. Erwin S 244 Simonds, Betty 65 Page 3SJ Simonds, C. Durrell, Jr. 276 Simonsen L M 295 Smith Richard R ....17 Stabowitz, Chester. .. 154 Stace, Mrs. Arthur. ..350 Staebler, Mrs. Walter 331 Staebler, Neil 319 Staehle Wm 154 Stinespring, Harry... 277 Stirling Mary C 247 Sweeny, D. N., Jr... 316 Sweet C F . . 152-248 Smith, Roy C. 1 1 1... 287 Smith, Mrs. S. W 342 Smith, Sampson J...245- 84-321 Smith, Samuel. . .278-146 Smith, Shirley W....300 Smith Sidney M 79 Stites, Frederick C...281 Stiller Nelson 97 Sweet, Cedric C. .87-120- 121 Sweet, Floyd. . .72-81-87- 100-258-322 Sweet H C . . 321 Simpson, Charlotte M. 186-244-110 Simpson, John T.. 95-288 Stobbe, Godfrey I). .268- 247-295 Stockard Mrs A 339 Stagg R B 315 Stahl, Otto J.. 305-1 13-92 Stair, John 136 Stalker, Edward A...91- 323-270 Stalker, Jessie A. I.. 346- 246 Staman. Belle C.. 246-189 Standish, Estelle J..246- 331 Standt Louis W 300 Stocking, IS. W 306 Stocking, Charles H. 318-58-318 Stoddard, Marcus W. 300 Stokley John 300 Swegles, Richard B..327 Smith, Truman C...245- 288-98 Smith, William T...278- 245-292 Smith W R 303 Sims Jack . 264 Swimming, Varsity ... 1 14 Swiss Mrs A .349 Szymanski, Thaddeus.8S T Tachna, L. J 313 Sinclair, Joseph T...279 Singer Isabel 244 Stoll, Katherine A.. 112- 247 Stoller Paul 268-292 Singleton, Adeline. 60-345 Singleton, Philip A...86- 88-91-269-302-180-258 Sink, Charles A.. 92-305- 18-270 Sink, E. W 296 Sinn J H 315 Snyder, DeWitt C 98- 280 Snyder, Gordon C 91- 93-245 Suyder, Grace 349-65 Tackels, Pauline 339 Stoller Sam 294-137 Taft, F. S 73 Stone, Charles W....327 Taft, Howard W 291 Taggert, Mrs. 11. F..342 Tague, Glen 317 Talamon, Rene 96 Stanley, Arthur 1 272 Stanley Chorus 114 Stone, Ralph 17 Stone. Richard L....299 Stone, Sam B 274 Stone, Stephen A 289 Stanley, Douglas R..291 Stanley, G. M 311 Stanley, Mrs. George. 346 Stannard, Edward C. 271-154 Staple J D . . 73 Sinn R W ....315 Snyder Jean 339 Talamon. Mrs. Rene. 340 Talcott, Betty 75-107- 182-240 Talcott, Fred 278 Talcott. James B 271 Taliaferro, A. A 188 Sipprell, George 99 Sissman, Paul R 244 Sitner, Frances 348 Sklaver, Joseph 297 Slack, Robert D... 98-308 Slattery Wm T 277 Snyder, Leopold 157 Snyder, Richard A.. 291- 245-280 Soark Oliver S ... 183 Storti, Josephine C...96- 247 Stour, Gordon II. ...273 Stout M B 319-91 Sobel Robert 157 Stapleton, Sally. 108-330- 342 Stapp Peyton 309 Soenke, John E.. .91-100- 286 Sokolov, Raymond A.. 90 Soldinker, Marshall Y. 184-245-295 Slavin, Manuel. . 154-307 Slavropoulos, Constantine S. . 246-187 Sleet, Marshall C 73- 305 Slifer H Seger 280 Stover H . 314 Tamagno, Chelso. . . . 130- 131-133 Stark, Cynthia F...344- 246 Stark, George 278 Stark Miriam P 334 Stowe, M 341 Stram Helen I 346 Strand, Barbara 349 Strand Helen J .349 Tanner, T. S. ..275 Tappan, C 318 Solomon, Edward S..326 Starke, Edith B 246 Starkey, Harvey G. ..288 Starr, Margaret L..331- 246 Starr Thomas 280 Strand, Ivar E 287 Straus David 299 Tapping, T. Hawley.19- 180-46-98-67-270-66 Tarbell, Eleanor L. ..248 Tarbell, Mary Beth. 341- 60 TatelT, Victoria 1 88 Tau Beta Pi.... 91 Slifcr, Mrs. H. S 347 Slinglerff Mice 347 Solomon, Marjory ... 108- 182-330-334 Solomon, Maurice L..274 Strause, Donald A... 276- 73-92-247 Strauss, Prof. L... 46-98- 180-57 Straw Harold 74 Sloan, Paul E. 296-244-89 Sloane, Robert W.. 86-62- 91-244-317-183 Slocum, Edmund G. .302- 144-154 Sloman Robert A . . 289 Starsky, Lawrence. .. .64 Staub. David E . . 288 Solomon, Thomas R..150 Solomon, Virginia. . .343 Solosth Thelma ....96 Staubach C X 284 Strayer, John W... 74-85- 61-320 Tau Kappa Epsilon.318- 160-161 Taub, Arthur M.. 63-248 Taurtellot, G. W. Ill 312 Taylor, Alice E . . 248 Staudt Louis W 246 Slootmaker, Wilmarth S. 277 Slosson, Preston W..99- 30 Slosson Mrs P 341 Somers, Raymond E. .325 Sommer, Eric E 245 Sommer, Ralph 283 Sonke Betty .. . .340 Stebbins. Harry L. ...304 Stech, Rosalie 339 Steele, H. Shumway.273 Steele, J. Gordon. Tr. 273 Steen. Martha 349 Strickland, Harold A. 286-98-68 Strickland Lloyd ... 59 Sonnanstine, Ruth . . . .60- 259-336 Soodik, Eli 245-289 Soodik, Norman. 121-289 Soo-Hoo, Minnie. ... 101 Sookne, Morton 294 Strickland P 267 Taylor, Betty Jane... 340 Taylor, Eleanor 337 Slymer, Mrs. R. A... 332 Smalian R P 310 Strickland, Russell ... 302 Strickland W L . . 72 Steenberg, Edmund A. 298 Steere, Teanne E 331 Steere, Robert 88 Taylor, Frank G 3 ' 3 Small M B 270 Stricter, C. W.. 306-279 Smalley, Marianna. . . 333 Smargon, June 348 Smart, Fred A 280 Taylor. Jim M.. .295-248 Taylor, K 342 Strom, Wheaton. .99-314 Stroup. Mildred N...346 Stuart, Mrs. L. C....345 Student Christian Steere, Mrs W 338 Taylor, La Verne H..287 Taylor, Louise . . 349 Smeaton, W. G 291 Sophomore Cabaret... 51 Sophomore Prom 78 Sorensen, Lawrence M. 300 Sorgen, Carl. .88-100-183 Sororities 329 Stefanowski, Phillip K. 247-91-88 Steffensen, Ellis H...295 Steffy, W. H . . . 322 Smedley, Wm. G 280 Taylor, M 332 Smith, A. G 72 Smith, Ansel B., Jr. .285 Smith, B. A 315-244- Stulberg Samuel . . 274 Taylor, Robert L... 87-62 Tavlor, Sheldon A. . . 320- 99 Taylor, William N...184 Teaboldt, Chase R...92- 323 Tealdi, Mrs. A 340 Stegarth, F 270 Stur W S 317 337 Smith, Bertrade 244 Stegenga, Delos D..288- 247 Stegenga, Spencer P. 247 Stein, D. M 313 Sturgis, Cyrus C.. 28-296- 300-89-90 Sturgis. Mrs. C. C..338- 333 Starve, William S....291 Suda, Frank. .188-72-247 Sudow Joseph S 247- Souffront, Luis O 290 Soule Mrs H 341 Smith Betty 110 Smith, C A 300 Soule M H 29 ' Smith, Mr s. C. A 340 Smith, Mrs. C. R 332 Smith, Mrs. Carl H..113 Smith, C. H 305 Southard, Arnold E. .300 Soverhile Carol ..351 Stein, John R 290 Teegarden. Clark 308 Teffers, O. D. 270 Space R 275 Stein, Joseph B 274 Spalding, Barbara. .. 114- 344 Spaller Wm C 63 Stein, Harold 154 Stein, Howard M...157- 313 Steinberg Leo 274 310 Sugar, Hyman S.. 248-90 Sullivan Mary J 347 Teitelbaum, Jack. 154-248 Teitelbaum, Mever....90 Telfer, Bruce 320 Smith, Christopher E. 283 Smith, D. S 272 Spangenberg, Charles C. 246 Spark, Oliver S... 62-75- 86-246-317 Spedding, H 332 Speer, Robert 157-77 Speicher, John 319 Spence, John T 279 Sullivan, Robert. .59-308- 259-85 Sullivan. Thomas C..280- 119 Sullivan, Walter P.. 312- 248 Sullivan, William F..301 Sunderland Mrs E 346 Telfer, Laurie 66 Temple W H 317 Smith, Dean C 271 Steinberg, Norman... 64- 313 Steinhausen. T. B.. . .316 Steinman. Morris. ... 247 Sterling, Gale O.. 86-308- 258-247 Sterling. Mary 345 Smith, Delbert W 271 Smith, Donald T.. 63-327 Smith, Dorothy L....333 Smith, Elizabeth A 27 Smith, Ernest 156-157 Smith, G 314 Tenander, Tuirre 63 Tennant. Alison. .. 96-337 Tennis, Varsity ISO Tessmer. Estil. . .163-315 Thai, William S... 326 Thaler. William J 272 Thalman, Chester M.. 281 Thayer, B. E 309 Theta, Chi. .. 160-161-164 Theta. Delta Chi 320 Theta Kappa Psi....321 Theta Phi Alpha 350 Theta XI. 161 Smith, Gaff 314 Spencer, Barbara B..65- 339 Spencer, Eva. 1 14-322-331 Spencer G S 317 Stern, Dorothv A.... 247 Stern, L . . 313 Sunderland, Edson R. 57-300-180 Sunderland, H 346 346 Sundstrom. Frederick E. 92-73-301 Sundwall, lohn. .. .90-295 Sundwall Mrs J 347 Smith, Gilbert S 287 Smith Glenn 296 Stetson Clavin ' 78 Smith, Mrs. H. D 332 Smith, Harvey H.. 180- Stetson, Helen. . .247-109 136-137 Smith, Ira M 115-80 Spencer, Lawrence. . .276 Spencer, Margaret A. 344 Spencer, Mary Elizabeth 246-344 Stevens, Alien B....323- 247-88-62 Stevens, Frank H 290 Stevens, Mrs. Frank. 351 Stevens, Mrs. C 344 Stevens, H 308 Smith, James 154 Sung Hsun C . . . 101 Theta Xi 164-322 Smith, Joseph C 279 Sung. Seng C 101 Surreil. M. A 306-248 Sutherland. Barbara. 106- 181-186-248-340 Sutherland. E. W 88 Slithers W B 283 Theurer, Esther M...248 Thieme, Mrs. H . . .342 Smith, Joseph W 291- 91 Smith, Lawrence D..180- 130-131-245-271 Smith, Lucinda A... 245- 338 Smith, M 337-245 Smith, Marshall.. 267-31 7 Smith, Mary E. .112-245- 186 Smith, Milton C. .245-300 Smith, Muriel G 245 Smith, N. F 314-272 Smith, Paul L 245 Thieme, T. . . 29 ' Stevens Harris C 99 Thorn Jack 63-300 Spiesl, Cariysle P...246- 88-270 Spitzley Ray L 316 Stevens, Louise. .342-336 Stevens, Mason. 279 Thome, Robert 1 60 Thomas, A. B 314 Thomas, Allison K...248 Thomas. Oliver B....249 Thomas, Charles F...249 Thomas, George E. . . 249 Thomas. Henry K....290 Stevens R M 72 Sutin Hillard 62 Spooner, Charles W. . 300 Sprague, Helen . . . 96-246 Sprague, Louise. . .60-344 Sprau, Dorothea. .60-341 Stevenson, Helen ... 34 0- 247-109 Stewart, Barbara. ... 337 Stewart, Donald B...61- 300-87 Stewart. Robert B....279 Stewart, W. H... 270-312 Stickney, Richard 58 Stiegel, S. J . . 307 Sutton, H. J 93-248 Sykes Irma ..334 Syracuse, Univ. of... 131 Svverson, Harold. ... 154 Swab, Theresa A.. 65-350 Swain. Mrs. R. C. . . .345 Swan, John F 88-248 Swanton, Stewart I.. 185- 283 Swanty, Peggy 65 Swartout. C. W... 94-270 Swarts. W. G 315 Springer, Rurdell I 88 Springer, Eleanor C..333 Springer, Eugene W. .89- 272 Springer M C 343 Thomas, Ralph B...249- .311 Thomas R K 303-85 Smith, Priscilla ... 349-60 Smith, R. F 301 Thomas, Robert O...314 Thomas, Stanley. .59-314 Thomas. Starr. 63 Stilson, Irene 345 Stilson, V 304 Stimson. Bettv.. ..342 Smith, Ralph G.. 264-90- 295 Sproat, Flora 339 Sproat, Genevieve. . . . 113 Thomas. Sue. 169-105-342 Page 386 Thomas. William R..249 Thompson, B. L 303 Thompson, Edward B. 266-320 Thompson, E. L. 333 Thompson. Harriett .. 332 Thompson, Lillian 337 Thompson. M 343-114- 291 Thompson. Othello D. 249 Thompson, Mrs. R..342- 339 Thompson. R. D 308 Thompson, Roger L. 249-320 Thompson, Royal .... 249 Thompson. Sally 109 Thompson. Witfiam A. 97-318 Thoren, Rudolph I 88- 249-100-91-183 Thorn, Robert V. . . 522- 95 Thornley. Robert B..276 Thornton, Ana . . . 335-60- 96 Thornton. Frances. . .335 Thorpe, Mrs. A. D..338 Thorpe, R. C 314-187 Thorward, Theodore T. 322 Thuma, Burton D 30 Thuma. Mrs. B. D. Tilles. Gilbert 61 Tilley, Morris F 84 Tiller. Mrs. XI. P 337 Tillotson, Harry T..141- 161-319 Timm. Wesley C Timmons. Ann 345 Ting. Kuan H 101 nan, Gordon F..280 Titus. Dean 286 Todd. George XI.. Ir. 271 Todd. Oliver T., Jr.. 249 Tolan, J. F 306 Toledo, University of. 141 Tomango. Chelse 85 :;nson. Willis. 64-316 Tompkins. XIarian . . . 114 Too, Huang 101 Tossy. XIary . . 169-96-249 Toteff, Victoria 109 Tow. E. Reed 97 Towell. William O 97 Tower. Virgil T... 100-88 Townsend, Earl. .154-281 Townsend. John.. 154 281 Tonnsend. Robertson. 319 Towriey. H. A 272 Track. " Varsity 135 Tracy. Ralph H 249 Tramantana, Salvadore XI 81-258 Tramontana, Sam XI. 183-94-249301 Trangott. Harry J 326 Trarasso. Tony I 295 Traphagen. Arthur L. 279 Trasper, Judy 337 Travis. J. J 283 Travis, XIrs. J. J 113 Trebilcock. Winifred 114-60-341 Tree, Vernon C 249 Tremble, J 345 Tremble, Sidnev B. . 327 Trengorre. R. R 88, Vincent C. 62-100 Trimby. Robert H -0-268 Triangles 87-323 Trigon 324 Triplehorn. Howard . 1 20- 121-124 Tn- lett. Dorothy. 109- 114 Trosper, XIrs. Harold 331 Trow. W. C 302 Trow. Mrs. Vm. C..331 True. Walter J., Jr.. 291- 79 Trueblood, Thomas C. Trunk. Xlyrtle C 335 Turnbell, Beth 109 Tnrnbell. Jack 96 Turner. Hiram B 92 Turner, Xlarjorie 349 Tushbant. S 313 Tustison, Keith H...285 Tuthill. Logan E 250 88-277 Tattle. Blaine E 250 Tuttle. Malene 344 Twining. Mrs. H 346 Twining. Herbert 319 Twiss. Mrs. H 346 Twiss. Arthur R 292- .- U Tyler. Arthur W 291 fhl. John H 271 Uleman. Turrell 250 Tllian, Mrs XI 3-JS Uloth. D. G 305 Ulrich, Virginia A-.250- 349 Underdown, Mrs. W. E. 336 Underwood, Howard. 68- 258 Underwood, H. Warren 322-87-62-100-95 Underwood. XIrs. XI. .336 Union. Michigan 49 Union Opera 54-55 University of Michigan Band 72-73 University of Michigan Glee Club 74 University Broadcasting Service 26 University Library. . . .22 University Observatory 24 Upham. XIrs. XI . ' 4? Upham, William 27S Upson. F. Allen.. 327 64 Upson, Harold 264 Upson. R. H 315 Upthegrove, C 91 Upton. Mrs. H 540 Upton, Herbert H 300 Uplon, Warren 327 Utlty. Dorothy... 340-60 Utter. Robert C 280 Vaksdal. Steiner. .323-88 Valentine, William X. 298 Valeris. A. XIastro. . . 275 Valk, Wm. L 306 Valles. Antonio 287 Vallin, Everett C 291 Van Banschoter, Birney XI 250 Van Belois, Harvard J. 293 Van Boven. XIrs. P.. 340 Van Boven. P 303 Vandenberg, Vaudie V. 290-9R Van den Brock. J. A.. 91 Van de Rict, Garret C. 293 Vanderkloot, Robert. 250- 302 Van der Slice, David A. 272 Vander VeWe, Louis G. 85 Vander Velde, Theodore I 293-145 Van Dis, J 275 Vandom. Cornelia .351 Van Dongen. Hubert. 250 Van Dyke, V 542 Van Dyne. Helen... 337 Van Haits-na, Titus.. 185 Van Hartesveldt. Carrol H 91-250 Van Hoitsma. Titus.. 250 Van Kleek. XI 338 Van Xoord, Gelmer A. 293 Van Pelt. J. S 312 Van Reurin. S 311 Van Sickle. XIrs. Arthur 113 Van Slvke, Elsa 182- 250 Van TyL R 336 Van Tuvle, Frank F. 320 Van Tyne, XIrs. O...340 Van Vleck. George. .84- 57-320250 Van Vleck, XIarearet . 345 Van Winkle. C. R 312 Van Winkle, XIrs. D. 349 Van Winkle, Elizabeth 349 Van Winkle, William L. 92 73 Van Zile. Phillip T...281 Van Zwaluwrnberc. Bery R. 265 Varden. Ann 341 Varden. Edgar C.. 9 1-250 Van-one. John C 250- 296 Vedder. Francis. .2S3 -286 Vedder, XIrs. J. B..345 Venable, Florence V. .t 5 Vendemark, R. W 309 Veneklasen. Kathryn E. 250 Venklesen, Gertrude. 259 Verbeck. Harry 154 Vercoe, Joseph E....250 Verdier, L. D., Jr... 315 Verner. Shirley . .251-331 Vershoor. XIrs. Charles 113 Vescelus. Glenn 88 Verier, K. G.... 305 187- 251 Vilbert, Charles B...319- Vicany. W 304 Vida. Alexander 251 Viergever. John . 1 20- 1 22- 126 Vinacow, Lillian 348 Vincent, X. K- 275 Vincent, Raymond . . . 320 Visscher, Vivian 251 Vivian. Xlarjorie 331 Vogel. John 88 Von Bergen, Paul 99 Von Bremen, Berend.279 Vong, XIrs. P. H....101 Von XIaur, Robert C. 251-311 Vos. J. W 94-251-88 Vroman, C 73 Vulcans 86 Vyn, John XI 251 Vyvyan. Wesley 88 W Wade. Stuart G 279 Wadsworth. Alma M. 114-110-251 Wagar. S. H 296 Wagenseil, William ... 74- 304 Waggoner, Garnet P. 339 Waggoner, Lyle G...296 Waggoner. R. W 296 Wagner, XIrs. A 341 Wagner. XIrs. C 336- 344 Wagner, Charles R 85 Wagner. Elizabeth ... 335 Waener. Joseph C....86- 88-62-82-81-95-91-183- 251 -. ! Wagner. XI 344 Wagner. Ned T 291 Wagner. Paul E.. 88-183- 251 Wagner, Phillip A... 304 Wagner. R. W 303 Wagner, Therle 350 Wagner. Thomas H. . . 59- 286 Wagner. Virginia. 251- 346 Wahl, Betty 341 Wahr. F. B 276 Wait. W H 278 Wake. S 275 WakefieH. E 303 Waldron. A. XI.. 292-311 Waldron, F 340 Waldron. W. F 310 Walker. A. XIarriot. .74- 322 Walker. B 547 Walker. Cameron .... 2 5 1 Walker. C. H 324 Walker, David D 200 Walker. Gerald R Walker. Harrey " 4 Walker. Tames H...302- 62-91 Walker. John P. II 1. 281 Walker. Leo W.. 287-296- 99 Walker. Ralph D....287 251 Walker. Russell. . .308-58 Wallace. Francis. .88-279 Wallace, XIrs. W....344 Waller. Harold G....272- 308-89-90 Wallington. M. G.. 95-94 Walls, Mrs. L. M....336 Walser, Mrs. J. J....345 Walser. Robert D 276 Walser. Evelyn C...344- 251 Walsh, Betty 337 Walsh. J 311 Walsworth. Kenneth G. 303-251 Walters. Fred 264 Walters. P. T 321 Walton. H. L 310 Waltz, Stanley G... 67-98 Walz. Elizabeth. 343-113- 251-188-114-108 Walz. S. W 95 Walz. W. C 315 Walz. XIrs. W. C...547 Wangelin. Don J 100- 277 Wangner, William F. 296 Wanstrom, Ruth C...333 Wanty, George P 68- 271-258 Wapat, Robert 312 Ward, Glen E... 185-252 325 Ward. Harold L 152 Ward, XIarcus 283 Ward. XIargareta 345 Ward. Patricia 347 Ward, Peter 285 Ward. Robert S.. 180-182- 262-252-320-94 Ward, Robert W.. 320-72 Ward, Willis 135-136- 138-120-129 126-I24-J21 Ward, Woodrow W..252 Wardell. Barton W..318 Warner. Xlariorie 252- 339-108 Warner. Robt, R 91- 324260-258-81 Warner, Seth R 28! AVaraer. William B..271 Warner. William J..252- 324 Warner. William O..252 80 Warren, XIariorie. . .252- 1 08-330-347 Warren. William L . : Vase. Carolyn 337 Wasey. Eleanor 340 Washburner. XIrs. C..339 Wasielewski. E. W...301 WasseL George 296 Watel, Robert G 326 Waterbor. Stanley .319-88 Waterman, XIrs. L- . . 349 Waterman, Georee A. 311-154 Waterman, M. H...2S4- 342 Waters, Robert B...305- 73 Waters, Roland M...73- 305 Watkins. G. S 315 Watkins. Herbert G. .324- 74-72 Watkins. Leonard L. 284-29 Watkins, Thomas. . .311- 162 Watson. E. XI 316 Watson. Roe D.. 3 16-269 Watson. William F...94- 324 Watters. F. C 303 Watts. T 308 Watts. Robert C 302 Weatherill. P. F 271 Weaver, David F., Jr. 272-252-89 Webb. Austin A... 98-278 Webb, Dorothy 344 Webb. Kermit XI 275 Webb, Olive T... 252-182 Webber, Albert D...274 Webber. Terome E., Jr. 89-252-295 Webber, Mary 331 Weber, F. X 325 Weber, Orma F 113 Webster. James 317 Webster. Jerome E., Jr. 184 Webster, R. W.. 156-157 Weckler, H. L 72 Wedemeyer, J. A 350 Wedemeyer, Mrs. W. W. 350 Weeks, Evelyn M....333 Weeks, Robert 320-63 Weeks. Wiliiam F...320 Weggel. Harold A.. 252- 62 Weidlein. Virginia ... 344 Weier. K. E 272 Weiner, Don J... 64-3 10 Weiner. Leonard A 252 Weiner, Leonard D..102 Weiner, Markus. . 184-90- 310 Weinfeld, Charles. . .252- 299 Weinman. Edward B. 67-89-184306-252 Weinstein. Charles . . . 289 W T einstein. Howard . . 252- 310 Weinstraub, Bernard M. 185-274 Weipert, William J..102- 252 Weisenflue, Robert. .262- 284 Weisert, Robert H...298 Weisman. Avery D. . 252 Weiss, Myer L " . 253 Weissert, Charles H. 288 Weissman, Bernard . . 63- 289 Weissman, lacob I..253- 289 Weitbrecht, Carlotta. .96 VVeitzman. Seymour. .294 Welch. B. Allen 285 Welch. Douglas R..253- 98-99-68-67-180 Welch, G. H 72 Welch, George M., Jr. 302 Welch. Hugh 322 Welch, Xed W.. 253-182- 312 Welch, Roger 285 Weller. Carl V.. 292-90-89 Weller. XIrs. Carl V..333 Weller. Morris 102 Wellman, Eugenia E. 253 Wellman. Rita . . 332-330- 108-114-60 Wellington. John 278 Wells. Carlton 99 Weils. Edward D....253 Wells. Robert 320 Wells. William 319 Welrr.ers. Everett T..293 Welsh. Stanley W...298 Welz. Caroline R 253 Welz. Caroline A 331 Wendlane, Herman C. 136-320-255 Wenley, XIrs. R. 337 Wenkworth. Hames R. 273 Wermuth. Lenore 337 Wertheimer, Xathan.258- 68-326 Wessborg. J. C 303 Wessels. Robert R..253- 302 Wessinger, L. J 317 West, R. M 315 Western. Xlarjorie. . 110- 63 Western State Teacher ' s College ...141-140-131 Westing. Tohn W 18J West on. Aden A 253 Westover. Louis W. 280-253 Whaley, J. K. 278 Whaley. Kirkwood. 76-77 Wheat. XIrs. I. C....345 Wheeler. B. W 271 Wheeler. G. B 73-273 Wheeler. XI. H 278 Wheeler, XIrs. XI. W. 340 Whipple. Guy. 96-308-253 Whisler. Ralih 162 White. A. E... 298-87-91 Page 3S7 White, Alfred H. . 29-308- 91 White, Mrs. Alfred D. 114 White, Mrs. Alfred H. 349 White, B. G 303 White, Carl F... 284-253 White, Charles B....279 White, Charles S 25.3 White, Emily 168 White, Frederick W. 253 White, G. 308 White, Hugh 66 White, Joseph H 286 White, Leigh A 57 White, Margaret 60 White, Martha . . . 160-254 White, Sanford 162 White, S. B 311 IVhite, U 284 White, W. Stoddard..92 Whitehead, Catlin...302 Whitehead, Mrs. W..340 Whitehead, Wm 154 Whitford, Barbara ... 343 Whiting, Arthur. 264-100- 291 Whitman, Charlotte. 341- 106 Whitman, Elmer L. ..283 Whitmar, Joseph L..319- 254-99-269-75 Whitmer, Josephine. . 182 Whitmer, Robert M..319 Whitmire, J 98 Whitney. Mrs. A. B..347 Whitney, A. S 278 Whitney, Betty 340 Whitney, C. Mason.. 275 Whitney, Eugene C..254 Whitney, Horace N..29S Whitney, Joan E 65 Whitney, Marian 337 Wiard, Hadley K....100 Wiatroski, Roman.... 99 Wicks, Clarence J...323 Widmer, J. Arthur... 254 Wieman, Mrs. E 345 Wiener, Harry J 261 Wierengo, John L., Jr. 254-271 Wiggen, Marian. 109-182- 254 Wight, Myrtle 335 Wightman, Henry . . .100- 282 Wikel. Dorothv. .60-114- 96-338-254 Wikle, Robert F 304- 254 Wikle, Wm 154 Wilbur. Mrs. H 332 Wilcox, Ivan 283 Wilcox, Josephine. .. .340 Wiicox, Richard. .91-254- 308 Wilde, James 320 Wilder, R. L 301 Wilder, Robert 154 Wile, Udo G 90-89- 292-331 Wiles, James 59-85- 312-95 Wilgus, Mrs. H. C..345 Wilkens, Randolf M..88 Wilkowski, Genevieve 109-254 Will, Arthur 87-100- 62-260 Will, Jeanette 343 Willard, H. H 285 Williams, George. . .269- 316 Williams, G. M 300 Williams, Homer... 264- 304 William, Howard R..321 Williams, Kim 154 Williams, Lyle 322 Williams, M 332-337 Williams, Mrs. X. H. 338 Williams, Neil H 288 Williams, Mrs. R 341 Williams, Roy H 66 Williams, S. K 276 Williams, V. C 276 Williamson, Arthur R. 254-323 Williamson, Edwin M. 321 Williamson, Norman. 278- 61-85 Williamson, William J. 187 Willis, Charles R 254 Willis, C. Harold, Jr. 281 Willoughby, Jane... 266- 342-65 Willoughby, Janet... 341 Willoughby, Mary Louise 60-78-342 Willson, J. Robert.. 265- 296 Wilse, Johanna 332 Wilsey, Collin M 254 Wilsey. James B 327 Wilsher, Donald 320 Wilsnack, William H..80 Wilson, Clara 114 Wilson, Dorothy 347 Wilson, Mrs. Frank.. 351 Wilson, Frank M 90 Wilson, F. N 292 Wilson, Frederick W. 295-89 Wilson, Helen D.. 254-96 Wilson, Herbert 154 Wilson, John A 305 Wilson, Julia 169-330- 338-108 Wilson, Mrs. L 346 Wilson, Leonard. 319-332 Wilson, R 318 Wilson, Velma A 254 Wilson, Wilfred W...92 Wilson. William 286 Winchell, Beniamin. .284 Winder, John S 320 Winder, P 306 Winder, Mrs. P 347 Windham, Margaret. 340- 254 Windt, Valentine B...34 Wineberger, G. A., Jr. 310 Winegarden, E. R 307 Winegarden. Terome D. 255-310 Wineman, Margaret .255- 342 Wines, Lawrence M..255 Winfiekl, Bush S 88 Winkelhaus, Hazel... 335 Winkler, H. G 325 Windworth, David. 64-273 W r innacker, Mrs. K. .344 Winnacker, R 316 Winograd, Laura. . 65-255 Winter, C. S 315 Winslow, M 342 Winslow, S. B 306 Wisconsin, University of 131-127 Wise, Martha A.. .65-334 Wisner, Doris. .. 112-331 Wisner, F. H 270 Wistert, Francis M..298- 140-141-143 Witheridge, David E. 287-88 Withers, D. J 306 Wittenberg, Albert.. 154 Wohlgemuth, Edward W. 298-64 Voigdka, Frank J...290 Woitowicz, Harriet. 255- 96 Wolaver, Mrs. E 344 Wolbert. Thomas P.. 276 Wolf, Clyde K... 185-255- 283-326 Wolfe, Robt. E... 100-95- 302 Wolfer, Richard 278 Wolff, Eileen 60 Wolff, Morton 294 Wolff, Otto J 276 Wolff, Harriet 345 Wolff, Roy 294 Wolfstein, Isabel J..255- 333-33 Wollgast, Lyman A.. 255 Women ' s Activities ..103 Wong, Arnold N 101 Wong, Kwan H 101 Wong, Lillian 101 Wong, Yu K 101 Woo, Pontsung 101 Wood, Artemus W 75 Wood. Arthur A 290 Wood, A. Ward. 185-255- 290 Wood, Eileen G 255 Wood, Franklin J...322- 100 Wood, Jane Welsh. ..351 Wood , Tohn B 295-89 Wood, Susanna M...25S Wood, W. F 283 Woodbridge, Mrs. A. 345 Woodhorns, Elizabeth 349 Woodrich, Arnold C. 100 Woodruff, Merlin W. 322 Woodruff, Owne 97 Woodward, Hellen . . 1 08- 337-330 Woodward, Patrica L. 80-336-255 Woodward, Pauline. 106- 336-255 Woodworth, Betty ... 341 Woodworth, D. M...309 Woody, C 291 Woody, Mrs. C 341 Woolman, Elizabeth. .349 Woolner, C. K 310 Wooster, Jack 321 Worden, C. C 292 Work, R 341 Work. Walter P 292 Working, Mrs. H....345 Worley, Mrs. J. B...345 Worley, J. L 95-314 Worley, J. S 86-91 Worrell, Albert C....255 Worth, Melissa H...333 Wose, Carolyn E 255 Wragley, A. R 305 Wraith. Parker 319 Wray, M. Janet. .344-255 Wrestling, Varsity. . . 148 Wright, A 317 Wright, Alfred, Jr 100 Wright, Harry T 14- 148-154 Wright, Hazmar B..256- 317 Wright, Helen M....256 Wright, Joseph W., Jr. 298 Wright, Lucille 349 Wright, Olga K 113 Wu, Blanche 101 Wu, William T 101 Wubebena, Bernice M . 256 W r uerfeel, Mrs. Robert 351 Wuerfel, Jewell W..331- 65 Wnerth, Marian. .338-256 Wunsch, Betty. ..337 256 Wunsch. Richard .... 302 Wurz, John F 272 Wyman, Crosby, Jr. .277 Wyman, G. E 310 Wyman, Mrs. George 337 Wyman, Lucille 256 Wyvern Ill Xi Psi Phi.. . .325 Yager, Joseph A Yang, Ching K.. Simon 285 101 101 101 101 259 Yan_, Yank, Ju Chi . . Yao, Ohih H... Yard, Virginia. . Yards, O. R 317 Yates, Robert 278 Yaw, Katherine E...339 Yax, Agnes M 256 Yee, Edward G 101 Yee, Robert F... 101-100 Yeh, Sylvia 101 Yen, Hsien D 101 Yenshutski, Edward.. 99 Yglesias, Lius 321 Yin, William, M.L...101 Yiu, Yen Chun 101 Yoakum, Clarence S..20- 300 Yoakum, Mrs. C. S..345 Yong, Mark Y 256 York, Virginia 112 Yost, Fielding. . .180-314- 115-116-120-95-281 Yost, Mrs. F. H 345 Young, Betty J 335 Young, Canning K. M. 101 Young, Cecil M 101 Young, D. H 91 Young, Edward R...256- 320 Young, Eleanor. . .58-259 Young, Helen D 256- 335 Young, Henry W...256- 185 Young, John 88 Young, Sirs. L 341 Young, Leigh. . .269-285- 67 Young, Robert. .. .298-88 Young, W. R., Jr 73 Yourd, K 278 Youtz, Margaret 349 Ypsilanti State Normal School 131-140 Yu, 1 ' oe Eng 101 Yu, Shih C 101 Yu, Shu T 101 Yu, Shun W 101 Yuan, Shoo W 101 Zabel, Helen 342 Zabriskie, Katherine. 331 Zahnow, Arlin C 154 Zahnow, Orlin C 72 Zander, Alvin 99 Zapp, George 302 Zapp, Robert L... 86-302- 256 Zawadzki, Zygmunt A. 256-184 Zbinden, A. A 305 Zbinden, Albert T 92 Zeck, Helen 61-77-76 Zeder, John T 267 Zeidman, Sylvia 348 Zeigler, Leah T 100 Zemon, Gertrude D..334 Zendzian. Frank 277 Zerbe, Edith 349 Zeta Beta Tau. .. 163-326 Zeta Psi 161-327 Zeta Tau Alpha 331 Ziefle, Helen 335 Ziegler, Leroy H 256 Ziem, Frederick 154 Zimmerman, David... 98- 271 Zimmerman, Harold. 154 Zimmerman, Laura Jane 60-58-336 Zimmerman. Lois... 113- 182-351-256 Zimmerman, Louis.. 330 Zink, Charles W 273 Zlatkin. Louis. .. 256-297 Zolla, Ada 334 Zuck, Stanley F 288 Zuiderhook, V 342 Zurk, Edith 60 Page 388

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